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Full text of "Epigraphia carnatica. By B. Lewis Rice, Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore"

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Epigraphia Carnatica. 


Coorg Inscriptions 




Inscriptions at Sravana BelgoJa 



, in the Mysore District, Part I . . 



) )) 11 )i -^J- • • 



, Hassan „ (in 2 sectious) 



, Kadur „ 



, Shimoga „ Part I . . . 



) )) )) )) -^^ • • • 



, Bangalore „ 



, Kolar ,, 



, Chitaldroog „ 



, Tumkur „ 







'pttHisIjeVfor ^otjcrnment 



Lale Director of Public Inslruction in Mysore and Coorg: Fellow o( llie Unioersily of Madras, 

Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore. 



On sale by )he Curator, government ^ook "Depot, ^angalore. 

^. /0 


Kolar . 

Mulbagal . 


Malur . . 




Bagepalli . 



Comprising ihe following Jaluqs-' 
.V< No. of Inscriptions 256 











f .-■ 


















^%^_g,^^-i^ jj^ii^ j 

,^ ,=^COt^ cv.:Oif> ^=?^~C-*:T -f^-^G '^* f^^ 








Preface. Pag» 

List of IUustrations. 

Introduction i — xl 

Mahavalis, ii; Gaiigas, viii; Chalukyas, xiv; Pallavas, xvii; 

Kaduvetti, xx; Kadambas, xxi; Ganga Pallavas, xxi; 

Vaidumbas, xxii; Avani, xxii; Rashtrakuta, xxiii; 

Cholas, xxiii; Hoysalas, xxxi; Nripatunga-kula, xxxiii; 

Vijayanagar, xxxiii; Avati, xxxvii; Sugatur, xxxvii; 

Rayadurga, xxxvii; Gummanayakanpalya, xxxvii; Mahrattas, 

xxxvii; Bijapur, xxxviii; Mughals, xxxviii; Tadigol, xxxix; 

Kottapalya, xxxix; Ralapadi, xxxix; Itikedurga, xxxix; 

Halakur, xxxix; Mysore, xxxix. — Architecture, xxxix. 
Classified List of the Inscriptions, arranged in chronological order xli — Li 
Text of the Inscriptions in Roman characters, arranged to 

show the compositiou 1 — 357 

Translations of the Inscriptions 1—285 

Addenda et Corrigenda 1 — 2 

Alphabetical List of Towns and Villages where the Inscriptions were 

found 3 — 9 

Index to Introduction H — 18 

Separately boimd. 

Text of the Inscriptions, arranged as in the original, 

in Kannada characters 1 — S^^O 

in Tarail characters 1 — 1^0 


The many clianges tbat bave passed over this District — now so widely 
known for its gold mines — are reiiected in the variety of its epigraphic records, 
and the different languages in which they are inscribed. The Tamil inscrip- 
tions have been translated by my Assistant, Mr. R. Narasimhacbar, M. A., who 
is well acquainted with that language. There are also many in Telugu, in 
addition to those in Kannada and Sanskrit, which of course form the bulk. 

The bistory of the Mahavali or Bana kings, who were first brougbt to light 
by my discoveries here, is made pretty clear, especially for the 8th and 9tb 
centuries. Tbere are importaut contributions to our knowledge of the Gangas 
in the Nonamangala, Hosiir and Narsapura plates, as well as iu several of the 
stone inscriptions. For the Cbalukyas and Pallavas the Vokkal eri glates are 
an exceptionally valuable record, which, besides supplying much new informa- 
tion about tbe early Chalukyas, opened the eyes of scbolars to tbe significance 
of tbe Pallavas, till then scarcely known even iu name. The continuation 
of the Paliava power in the Nolambas is well illustrated, and the prominence 
of Vira-Mabendra, who was the son of a Ganga princess, and bad for his 
queen a Kadamba princess. 

The Gaiiga Palla vas and Vaidumbas are new families, and the part 
played by Avani is of interest. Also the inscriptions relating to Nandi and 
Nandidroog. Tbe Chola inscriptions are varied and numerous. They show the 
great regard which tbe Cholas paid to the local goddess Pidariyar , now called 
Kolaramma . Tbe extensive conquests of tbe Cholas, embracing tbe whole of 
Southeru India, with parts of Burma and the islands in the Indian Oceau, are 
grandiloquently described. It was from Mysore that the data for tbe cbrono- 
logy of tbese kings was first obtained. Under tbe Hoysalas we have a series 
of records of Ramanatba , wbo, on tbe partition of bis father's domiuions, 
received the Tamil districts and Kolar. 

TJie Nripatuuga-kula is new, and testifies to the iutimacy that existed be- 
tween the Rasbtrakutas under Amogbavarsba and the Gaiiga s. The prominent 
position whicb Mulbagal held as tbe seat of the viceroys of Vijayanagar is 


brought out by the inscriptions of that empire. There are also several inter- 
esting Mahratta meiuorials of the time of Sivaji and other members of his 
family, Kolar being part of the jagh- of his father Shahji. 

Information going back to an early period is obtained regarding the Bet- 
mangala tank on the Palar, now taken up for the water-supply of the Kohvr 
gold fields. The name is a contraction of Vijayadityamangaha, so naraed after 
the Mahavali or Bana king who probably constructed it. Froui Bp 4 we find 
that it breached and was restored by a Vaidumba king in the lOtli century 
under orders of the Pallava Nolaniba king. Bp 9 shows that it had again 
breached and was reslored in the I2th century by a victorious general of the 
Hoysala kings. The tank breached again recently, in 1903. More than one 
inscription shows that the water-suply was a matter of concern to former 
rulers. An interesting case is that recorded in Gd 6 (which has somehow 
escaped notice in the Introductiou). When the prince Bukka-Raya was 
governor of Penugonda in 1388, he ordered the hydraulic engineer to bring tlie 
Henne river (the northern Penuar) to the city. Accordingly a channel was 
made from Kalludi to the Siravera tank, 10 miles to the north. How the 
water was carried beyond that does not appear. An arausing account is 
given of the accomplishmeuts of the engineer, who was niaster of ten sciences. 

Bangalore, Xmas, 1904. 


1. Inscriptions on Kolilramma temple (Kl 112 and 109) Frontispiece 

3. J. Sivarpatna stones (Kl G, 7 and 9) Ronian text, p. 2 

5. Sivara stone (Mr 96) „ , 2 

6. Bairakfir Vatteluttn stone (Mb 211) ] 

7. Baiigavadi ancient Tamii stone (Mb 227) J " " 

8. Nouamangala plates (Mr 72) 207 
9- . „ (Mr 73) „ , 208 

10. Hosiir Gariga „ (Gd 47) „ „271 

11. Voklialeri „ (Kl 63) Translations, „ 15 

12. Narsapiira „ (Kl 90) „ „ 25 

13. Mudiyaniir „ (Mb 157) „ «112 

14. Hostir Chalulcya plates . (Gd 48) „ „ 222 


■ Gulganpode stones (Sp 5 and 6) „ „ 272 


The present volume contains the very varied inscriptions of the east of the 
Mysore State, a part of the country where the Kannada, Tamil and Telugu 
languages meet, and vvhich was also once subject to Taniil sway under tho 
Chola kings. Accordingly, out of the total of 1347 inscriptions in the District, 
422 are in Tamil, wh ile 211 are in Telugu. But the oldest are in Kannada. 
This was the original language. Tamil came in with the Cholas in the llth 
century, and Telugu with Vijayanagar kings after the 15th. The period 
covered by the inscriptions is from tbe 4th to the ISth century. Such as 
can be assigned to specific dynasties and dates may be arranged as follows : — 




D. 338 

to 961 




„ 1336 



„ 890 




„ 757 

Pallavas ■ 






„ 1049 



„ 1297 

Ganga Paliavas 




„ 900 





, 1100 





„ 1007 




Cholas ,^;._^ 



„ 1408 




„ 1343 




„ 1378 




„ 1665 




„ 1792 




„ 1669 







„ 1769 




„ 1775 







„ 1712 








„ 1767 



■ 1735 

„ 1775 










„ 1798 




, 1798 



Under the foregoing heads the inscriptions are here reviewed, as far as 
possible, in chronological order, drawing attention to such matters as are 
entitled to notice. In order to save space, the following abbreviations have 
been adopted for the uames of taluqs:— ^/= Kolar; ilf6= Mulbagal; Bp^ 
Bowringpet; i/>- = Maliir; (S(i=Sicllaghatta; C'.6= Chik-Ballapur; (?(/ = G6ri- 
bidnur; Bg =Bagepalli: CV =Chintaniani; 6ij = Srinivaspur. 


These rulers occupied the country east froin the Pah\r river and north into 
the Madras disfricts from a very early period. According to one inscviption 
{Ind. Ant. XIII, 6), their territory lay to the west of the Andhra or Telugu 
country, and Mb 157 describes it as a Seven-and-a-half Lakh couutry, 
containing twelve thousand villages, in the Andlira-mandala. It seeins to 
have heen known as the Yadugavali 12000 (So. Ind. Lis. Vol. III. Part I. 90)". 
They claim descent froni Mahavali or Maha Bali (Bali the Great) and his son 
Biina, whence they are also called Banas. They may have been connected 
with Mahabalipnr, known as the Seven Pagodas, on the coast south of Madras. 
They had a black flag and_a buU crest (Mb 126). 

Bali was a Daitya or Danava king, who by the power of his penance 
defeated Indra, humbled the gods, and dominated the three worlds. The 
gods having appealed to Vishnu for help, he assunied tlie Vamana or Dwarf 
incarnation, and appearing before Bali as a Brahnian dwarf, begged for only 
three paces of ground. This being granted, he assuraed his godlike dimensions, 
and with two strides having covered heaven and earth, there being no pLace 
for the third, pLaced his foot on Bali's head and forced him down to Patala" 
or the lower regions, which on account of certain virtues were leu in his 

Baiia was Bali's eldest son, a giaiit with a thousand arras. He propitiated 
Siva, who agreed to live in his capitaP', and Bana appointed him as guardian 
of the gates, or doorkeeper, as the inscriptions put it^'. Bana"s daughter 

" Vadtigavali is translatod by Dr. Hultzsch — ' the. Telugu road ' — to correspond with the Sanskrit 
An driit valh ah of tho Udayendiram plates (Kp. Iiicl. III , 76). 

''The sage Narada <says the Vishnu PuidHa, Bk. II. cli. v), afler liis return from the lower 
regions lo the skies, deorarcd amongst the celestials that Patala was mueh more delightful than 
Jndra'9 heaven. 

" For the wliole story sce Muir's Oi-irjiiial Saiiskrit Texls, Vol. IV, p. 130 //'. The germ of llio 
legend is found in the Rig-veda, where Vishnu is represented as taking three steps over heaven, 
earth and the lowcr regions — typifying perhaps the rising, culmination, and setting of the sun. 

*' According to the Vishmt Piirdiia (Bk. V, ch. xxxiii), this was Sonitapura, said to bo 
Devikota, near thc mouth of the Coleroon, on the Madras coast. 

^' The expression referring to this, which occurs in all the inscriptions, was originally 
translated by me — 'tlic .MHlirivali-kulA, made doorkeepers by Paramesvarn, worsliipped by all tlie 
three worlds, chief lord of gods and deraons'. But though it may be so translated, and Dr. Hultzsch 


Uslui became enamoured of a prince slie saw in a dream, and on being sliowu 
a number of portraits identified him witli Krishna's grandson Aniruddha. 
To allay her imssion her female friend Chitralekha contrived to introduce 
him clandestinely into her apartments. When discovered, he was seized and 
iraprisoned by Bana, and a war ensued. Krishna came in person to besiego 
the capital. Siva guarded the gates and fought for Bana, who worshipped 
him with his thousand hands. But Krishna found means to overthrow Siva, 
and having taken the city, cut off Bana's thousand hands, except two, with 
which he obliged him to do homage. 

This line of kings tirst came to notice with my discovery of the two 
Giilganpode inscriptions (Sp 5 and 6), originally published by me iu 1881 
{Ind. Ant. X, 36)". They are engraved on large and massive stones, iu deep- 
cut characters, as if the work of giant hands. They were well preserved 
through being completely buried in the ground when I excavated them, only 
an inch or two of the upper edge of the stones appearing above the surface. 

The information regarding these kings was considerably added to by the 

Udayendiram pl.ate s, published in 1884 hy the Rev. T. Foulkes {Ind. Ant. 

XIII, 6)". In these plates we have the following genealogy. Beginning with 

Bali, the regent of the Asuras, whose son was Bana, in his line (it says) was 

born Banadhiraja. After he and many other Bana kings had passed away, 

there was born in the family Jaya-Nandivarmma, whose son was Vijayaditya, 

whose son w^s Malla-Deva surnamed Jagadekamalla, whose sou was Bana- 

<l \l y i^J Vidyadhara, whose son was^ Prabhumeru-Deva, whose son was Vikramaditya,. 

H — ' whose son was Vijayaditya, also named Pugalvippavar-ganda, whose sou was 

>\ — •• . . 

— V ijayahahu Vik ramadityar,-the frieud of Krishna Raja. 

Thou^h these inscriptions are not dated, the latter allusion afibrds a clue \l ,^ iA)'>A/' 
to their period, as there is little doubt that it refers to the Rashtrakiita king 
who ruled from about 884 to 913. Going back eight generations, this would 

has done tho sarae {So. Ind. Ins. Vol. III, Part I), it seema that the tradition, as brought to my 
notioe by my Assistant Mr. R. Narasimhaehar, m. a., is quite tlie other way, and that ParamSsvara 
or Siva was made his doorlceeper by Bana, the son of Mahabali. The original authority for this 
has not been found, but is eaid to be in the Skunda-Purana. Thc Matsya-Puriiua and the Ilari- 
vnmsa state that Siva was pleased with Bana's penance, and agreed to live in his capital for his 
protection. But that the matter is one of general popular knowledge raay be gathered from aa 
allusion in ICanaka-Dasa's Mdltana-tarahgini (16th century), where Bana says — 

vilasitavagi kang-esedirpa ramyachala-vasava tiraskarisi | 

alasade bandu piriyadall enna bagila kad iru kelu Deva II 
Also in a song in a MS. collection In my possession, composed about 150 years ago, — 

puliya oharmavan utta Puraharage | 

olidu Banana biigila kaydage II 
'' In the fac-similes there published, the upper border of one of the stones has becn 
embellished with a small linga. But there is no such emblem in the original, as I have satisfied 
myself by porsonal examination. 

" Published again by Dr. Kielhorn in ISDi (Ep. Ind. III, 74). 



place Jaya-Nandivarmma in the 7tli century, But there are allusions to the 
Banas in other inscriptions which refer to a rauch earlier period. Thus, iu 
the Mallohalli pla tes, puhlished by rae in 1876 {Ind. Ant. V, 136), Kongani- 
varmma, the progenitor of the Ganga line, who probahly belongs to the end 
of the 2nd century, is said to have been a wild tire in consuming the stubble 
of the forest Bana; and the plates of Hastimalla (Salem Manual, Vol. II, 
App. 369) state that the Ganga king Kongani was consecrated to conquer the 
Bana-raandala. In the Talgunda inscription (Vol. VII, Sk 176), Mayiira- 
sarmma, the progenitor of the Kadamba line, whose period is not far removed 
from the above, is said, when he betook himself as an outlaw to the forests 
of Sriparvata, to have levied tribute from the great Bana and other kings. 
In the Haidarabad plates , obtained by Sir Walter Elliot'\ the Chalukya king 
Vikramaditya (655 — 680) is said to have conquered Rajamalla of the Maha- 
malla-kula, that is, the kings of Mamallaipura, the common name for Maha- 
balipura, — in other words, the Mahavalis. In the Devarhalli p lates of 776 
(Vol. IV, Ng 85)*' the Nirggunda Yuvaraja Dundu is said to have confounded 
the Bana-kula. 

Among the Mahavali inscriptions in the prescnt volume the earliest is 
the Mudiyanur plat es of 338 (Mb 157), tirst published by me in 1886 (Lid. 
Ant. XV, 172). It is all in Sanskrit, and begins with praise of Siva whose 
throne is on the lofty peak of the mountain called Nandi, no doubt a 
reference to Nandidroog, considered as a personification of Nandi, the bull of 
Siva. An object of the mercy of Siva was Mahabali, lord of the Danavas, the 
munificence of whose gifts was the sole cause of Vishnu starting to take the 
three stiides and manifesting desire with his hands and feet extended. A 
promoter of Mahal)ali's race, Nandivarmma obtained the crown and the throne, 
gaining the blessings of Brahmans, and possessed of mighty elephant and 
other forces which secured him against conquest by the most powerful kings. 
He was succeeded by his son Vijayaditya-Deva. Then followed his son, who 
is said to have roused up tbe Bana-vamsa, and among other praises is 
conipared, in compassion for all living things in the three worlds, vvith Bodhi- 
sattva, — a very uncommon and ancient looking allusion. His name was 
Vadhuvallabha-Malladeva-Nandivarmma. Being in the town of Avanya (Avani) 
in the Saka year 261, the 23rd of his owu i'eign, he granted to 25 Brahmans, 
of whom four are named, the Mudiyanur village in the Ilodali-vishaya. The 
graut was engraved by tlie carpenter Nandivarmmacharyya, by order of 
Vadhuvallabha-Malla; and tbe king himself repeats at the end iu the first 

" Published by Dr. Fleet in Ind. Ant. VI, 75. But his translation disguises the refcrenoe 
as indicated by Sir "Walter (see Seven Pagodas, 12 7). 

" Originallj published by me in 1873 (Iiid. AiU. II, 156). 


person, naming hiniselt' Vadhuvallablia, that he grants tbe Cbiida-grama 
(Sauskrit for Mudiyanur) in perpetuity. The decree was carried out by the 
sariwapradhdua Vaivasvata-dandadhipa. At tbe end are apparently tlic words 
vyddhan Mullegam ; what they indicate is not clear". 

The village whicb is tbe subject of tbe grant still bears tbe sauie name, 
and the boundary villages can easily be identified, one of tbem, Kantaiiadvara, 
being a Sanskrit translation of Mulubagi] Xtjiorn gate). Of the_Brabman _ 
donees that are uamed, three are described as of tbe sdmdnya-charana. Of 
this I am unable to obtain au explanation. But there is a sect of Dravida 
Brahmans called Bnliachcharaiia. Tbe story is that Agastya bad been 
engaged for the performance of a great sacrifice by a Pandya king, who sent 
invitations to Brahmans in distant places to attend. Tbose who came early 
were called brihaf-charana or fast walkers. Those who came late may 
tberefore bave been called sdmdnya-charana or ordinary walkers. 

This inscription would, from its date, be of special iuterest, if ^[s^could 
be reHed on. Tlie date bas been examined by Dr. Kielhorn {Ind. Ant. XXIV, 
10), who says it is irregular {Ej). Ind. VII, App. 112), and by Dr. Flee^ 
{Ind. Anf. XVII, 239), who finds the week day does not agree. But exacti- 
tude in the date cannot be insisted on as a criterion of genuineuess, as there 
has often been a tendency to do. For even Dr. Fleet admits {ifjid. XXXII, 
223),— a conclusion at which I bad myself arrived long ago,— that "neither 
does a date wbich is incorrect in respect of its details prove that a record is 
spurious, nor does a correctly recorded date prove that the record in which 
it is put forward is genuine, or that the matter recited in connection with it 
is authentic." Turning to tbe plates now under review for any other indication 
of tbeir period,— it is curious that the outer side of the first plate, which as 
regards the present inscription is meant to be blank, bears traces of what 
was evidently a Gaiiga inscrip tion, and it can be made out that it contained 
tbe usual phrases iu tbeir copper plate grants, down to Harivarmma. This 
was the tbird king of tbe line, who ruled in the 3rd century. Tbere are two 
grants of his time, belonging to 247 and 266^'. The Baiia iuscription liere 
is not tberefore discredited by the date of Harivarmma. And^at^^Avani^jvhere 
tliis grant was made, is tbe only place in whicb a Gaiiga stone inscrip tion 
has been found containing phrases similar to tbose employed in their copper 
grants. It is only a fragment witbout beginning or end (Mb 263), and is on 
tlie basement of one of the group of Rama temples which bave evidently been 
rebuilt in later times, and inscribed stones used in reconstruction witbout 
regard to the contents. But so far as tliis one goes it ends with Vishnug6pa's 

'' It we may read Vyddhanam ullegam, they might possibly mean Vyiidhaiia's writing. 
') Ind. Ant. VHI, 212 ; Kp. Carn. Vol. III, Nanjangnd 122. 


son. This we know was Tadangala Madhava, and there is a grant of his giving 
the date 357.'^ Here, too, there is a near coincidence in the time, and some 
connection may exist with the eilaced Ganga grant on the tirst plate. 

So far there seems nothing to be said against the plates on the score of 
the date. The kings mentioned in it are Nandivarmma, his son Vijayaditya, 
and his son Vadhiivallabha-Malladeva-Nandivarmma, the donor of the grant. 
These names correspond pretty nearly with tlie first three in the Udayendiram 
plates. But Nandivarmma is there cailed Jaya-Nandivarmm.a, and as i-egards 
Malladeva there is nothing common to the two except their name. He is there 
said to be surnamed Jagadekamalla, but there is no sign of such a title 
here, while on the other hand several very distinctive ones are here assigned 
to him, which have nothing corresponding in the other. There seems therefore 
some ground for the conjecture that the succession of kings here may be 
older than the one in the Udayendirani plates, which expressiy state that many 
Bana kings had passed away before the appearance of Jaya-Nandivarmma. 

The remaining Mahavali or Bana inscriptions here are not dated, except 
two at the end of the list iu the lOth century. But there are allusions 
contained in them which afford a clue to the period of some, and they all 
belong to the 8th and 9th centuries. In Mb 261, when Mahavali Banarasa 
was ruling, the cows of a certain place having beeu carried oti' by the orders 
of Prithuvipati, some man recovered them and died. Prithuvipati was the 
Ganga king who preceded Sripurusha. The date of this inscription would 
therefore be about 715, In Bp 13 we have the Gauga prince Madhava 
Muttarasa, who was governing various districts, one of which was Avanya 
(Avani), marching agaiust Mahavali Banarasa. Muttarasa was the name of 
Sripurusha, and this may indicate him before he came to tlie throne. We niay 
therefore say about 725 for the date."' Kl 235, Bp 48 and 86 show a 
Mahavali Banarasa ruling the Gauga 6000 proviuce", and from the last it 
appears that he was contemporary with Sripurusha. We may therefore assign 
him to about 750, and lie would represent either the first Vijayaditya or his 
son Malladeva Jagadekamalla of the genealogy above given. 

Then comes Mb 92, of the 2nd year of Baiia-Vidyadliara, who, according 
to the genealogy, was tlie great-grandfather of the second Vijayaditya, or 
Bijeyitta, for whom we have in Mb 229 the date 909- He may therefore 
be put in about 780^'. That he follows the Banarasa last above mentioned 

') Ep. Carii. Vol. VII, Shik.arpur 52 ; Iiul. Ailt. VII, 172. 

" On the other hanU Sp 40 shows Bijiiyittayya rising up ngainst Maila-M attarasa' s son, 
which would be in about 900. But the names niay not be the same. 

■'' Srtpuru5ha'3 son DuggnmAra Ereyappa ruling It at one time (Sp 67). 

*' Biinn Vi(lyadhara's queen was Kundavvai, daughter of Prntipatl Arniyar (conjectured 
to be the Gongn king Prithuvipati), son of SiTamaharaja-Perumanadi (? Sivaniiirn). See So. liul. 
Ins. Vol. 111, Part I, 98. 


raay be gathered from a man named Attani bein g tlie donor in both Bp 48 
and in this". Sp 5 and 6 are of the tinie of a Mahavali Banarasa who is 
described in the latter as Vikramaditya Jayameru, and as having received 
from kings the name Bana-Vijyadhara, no doubt meant for Vidyadhara, though 
iii Sp 5 we also have the form Vijyadhara, evidently taken from the king's 
name. He may be identified with the same king as in Mb 92. Bana- 
Vidyadhara's son, in the genealogy, is Prabhumeru, and here we have, in botb, 
Prabhumeru evidently in conimand of his father's army. Ct 107 may be 
actually of Prabhumeru's reign, as Poteva has assumed that name, of course after 
theking's. In Sp 6 there isareference t o Kaduvatti, wh icli we know from previ- 
ously published inscriptions was a comraon designation for a Pallava king. 

The grant here for the man who sacrificed his life was made on the birth 
of his posthumous son, whose mother also had a share in it. In Sp 5 the 
grant is called a bal-galclm , literally a sword washing. Either the grant was 
made with washing of the fallen man's sword, or more probably the grant 
was considered as a purificatiou of his sword from the stain of slaughter. 
This term has been met with in many instances (see Kl 79, 200, and 
Mb 225). But the common term in inscriptions for grants of land for 
warriors who fell in battle is kalndd or kalndtu (as in Mb 244 and Bp 13). 
In the north-west of Mysore, however, the word siva ne s eems to be used to 
denote them. 

In Mb 265 a Banarasa appears ruli ng Kuvalala and Kongu, and at the 
same tinie Ponipala rulin g Vegur. Now in Kl 79, in the reign of the Ganga 
king Nitimargga, Nolambadhiraja was ruling the Ganga 6000, and by his 
order Pompala fought with Banarasa and lost his life. He is called lord of 
Beiiga, and said to be of the Venga family. These names may no doubt be 
identified with the Vegiir above. This Nitimargga mtist have been the 
grandson of Vijayaditya, and the victor at Rajaramadu (Kl 90). We must 
conclude then that Kuvalal a (Kolar) was not in the Ganga 600 0, and that 
Bana, baving been driven out of that province, had retired to the east and 
south. As we have 870 for the date of Nitimargga's successor (Nj 75), this 
Bana may be about 850. He is no doubt also the one in Kl 200 
who was at war with Maharaja, and the one in Mb 228 from whom Permma- 
nadi (that is, the Gaiiga king) captured the Maharajara-nad. Tbis is called 
the Marajavadi Seven Thousand in Ct 30, with its capital at Vallur . The 
province was chiefly in the Kadapa Distiict, and Valliir was eitlier the one in 
the north-east of Pavugada taluq or the oue near Kadapa. 

Mb 86 mentioiis a Vikramaditya, who niay or may not have been a Bana. 
The succeeding Bana inscriptions contain nothing of importance until we come 


'' There is an Attani mentioned in Kl 229 in Srtpurusha'^ time. AIso in Kl 232. 


to Mb 243 and 244. Tlie first part of eacli of these is followed by a grant 
made by Bijayitta-Banarasa, who must have made them immediately after 
succeeding tlie king (his fathez-) in the first part, wlio is tbus identified witli 
Vikramaditya. Bijayitta is of course Vijayaditja. He appears also in 
Sp 40, but Mb 229 is the most important, as it gives us a fixed date, 909, 
for his reign. With tbe help of this the approximate date of the preceding 
inscriptions hecomes manifest. 

The Last of the inscriptions of this line of kings is Mb 126, dating in 
961, in which we find Sambayya of the Mahabali-kula ruling Bidirur under 
Iriva-Nolamba. He is described as the lord of Paruma-pura, having h black 
flag and the buU crest. 

The Banas seem to bave lost thoir independence at the end of the 9th century, 
when the Chola king Vira-Narayana is said to have suddenly uprooted the 
Banas. But they by no means disappear from history. For in the person 
of Hastimalla the line was restored by the Ganga king Kesari or Prithuvipati" 
who was the sou of Marasiriiha and grandson of Prithuvipati. The Bana 
kingdom is meutioned along with others in southern India of the 12th century 
in Vaidyanatha's Pratdpa-Rndriya. Trivikrama-deva, tlie author of the 
Praki-it grammar Trivikrama-vrUti of probahly the 15th century, claims to be 
a descendant of the Bana family ". Moreover, inscriptions at Srivilliputtur in 
the Tinuivelly District sliow tliat two kings named Sundara Tol and Mutta- 
rasa Tiruraala, who obtained possession of the Pandya throne in 1453 and 
1476, call themselves Mahavali Vanadhiraja^'. 


The earliest Ganga inscription is the fragment (Mb 263), already referred 
to, on a teniple at Avani. It has no beginning nor end, and is evidently part 
of one, the reniainder of wliich has beea destroyed in the rebuilding of the 
temple in after times. It is the only stoue inscription that has heen found 
containing the phrases almost uuiforraly employed in their copper plates. It 
presents the usual succession of kings from Konganivarmma to Vishnugo£a,''^ 
aud breaks off in going ou to his son. This we know was Tadangala Madhava,' » 
for wliom in thc Tag arti plates (Vol. VII, Sk 52) we have apparently the 
date 357. Mr 73 is a copper plate grant of the 13th year of his reign, found 
iu the buried ruins of the Jain basti discovcred at Nonaraangala in 1897*^ 

'' See Appcndix to Salem Manual, above referred to, nnd So. Iiid. Ins. II, 379. 

" Ind. Ant. XIII, 13. ^) ihiiJ. XV, 173. 

■" The ryots of Nonainaiigala, wlien ploushing near thoir village, came upon traees of a 
wrtll, and the spot being cxoavateX, there was liiid bare the base of a Jain temple. Tlie walls wero 
composed of very large sized bricks, which wcre only about 11 inch in Ihickness. Near the 
doorway on the east, stuek in a crevioe of the wall, were foand thc plates Mr 73. In the north 


Tbe king's nanie appears in tlie form Madhavavarmraa, and all the introJuctory 
part corresponds with what is usual in the Ganga plates, except that the 
second king is also called Madhavavarmma. The grant consisted of the 
Kumarapura village and land uuder the hig tank given for the Arhad temple 
of Perhbolal in the Mudukottur-vishaya, and was made on the advice of the 
acharj^ya Vira-deva. Mr 73 is another set of plates found in the same place 
at the same time. They record a granthy Madhavavarmma's son Konganivarmma 
(Aviuita) in the Ist year of his reign, ? 425, to two Arhad temples, made on 
the advice of his preceptor Vijayakirtti. To the temple at Uraniir, established 
by Chandranandi and other Jains, was given the Veunelkarani viUage in the 
Korikunda-vishaya. To Evani-adigars temple at Periir was given one-fourth 
o( the karsluqmna vea,\isei from the outside customs duties. These are stated 
(in Piapson's Indian Coins) to he copper coins belonging to the earliest native 

We have next to notice the very singular inscription CB 29. It is engrav- 
ed in fine characters on a large boulder on a low hill called Gopinatha-gutta, 
at the north-east base of Naudidroog. The boulder is over a sort of cave temple 
dedicated to Gopalasvami. The inscription begins with the words generally 
employed at the opening of the Ganga copper-plate grants, and the characters 
are those of the Gaiiga period- These are the reasons for placing it here, 
though it contains no date, nor any reference to the Gangas. After invoking 
Vrishabha, the first Tirthaiikara, it says that "//(/.s chaitya-bhavana of the 
adorable Arhata", — which indicates a Jain temple in the spot where the Gopala 
temple now is, — was established by Rama, the sou of Dasaratha, in the 
Dvapara-yuga of the Kali-avasarppini. At a later period it was rebuilt anew 
by Kunti-Devi, the mother of the Pandavas. Then follows a panegyric of 
"the best of uiountains", an ornament to the Earth-goddess, purified by the 
presence of a Jinendra-chaitya, a supreme tirtha (or sacred bathing place), 
having caves suited for the ahode of great rishis intent upou penance. 
Apparently it is said to have the name Srikunda or a name beginuing with 
Srikunda, for the inscription abruptly stops here without any apparent reason, 
there being plenty of room on the boulder for continuing it. The above 
descriiition can in no wise apply to the little hill on which the inscription is, 
and must refer to Nandidroog, to which it is altogether suitable (except that 
there is no Jain temple there now), and which is the finest hill in this part of 

wall, near the side of the shrine, was a small charaber or oupboard, partly projecting from the wall. j 
In this were found the plates Mr 72, together with a number of other articles. These were a •-_ 
melal elephant, eight (or an octavc) of couoh-shells pierced for use as rausical instruments, five 
metal Jain images of different sizes, and pieces of other metal articles, suoh as, beUs, larap-stands, 
dish, finial and plinth. On one ot the conch-shells was insoribed, in Hala-Kannada oharacters, the 
word pelnmdi, which might be to distinguish it as having a large volute; or it might be a name 
either of the iastrument, or of ita plaoe iu the ootave, or of the performer on it. 



tlie Mysore State. It seems probable that the Gopalanatha-gutta was fonnerly 
conuected with Naodidroog, from which it is now ouly separated by a road, and 
was considered a part of it. But Naudidroog never, so far as the records go, 
had tlie name Srikunda. Ou the contrary, from the earliest times it was 
named after Nandi (see Mb 157), and Vrishabha (at the beginning here) has 
tlie same meaniug. But during the Jaina ascendency of tlie Gangas it was 
called Nandagiri, as they invariably have the title '•lord of Nandagiri"'. It 
seems not unlikely that a fresh statemeut was about to begin where the 
inscription breaks ofl', relating to some liue of gurus of the sri-Kunda\i.nn(\a,n- 
vaya, and that tlie uame Srikuuda is not nieant to apply to the mountain. 
The reference to Rama, the son of Dasaratha, as founder of the temple reminds 
one of the Chikka-Hanasoge basadis (Vol. IV, Yd 26), which are also said 
to have beeu establislied by him, endowed by tlie Gaiigas, and rebuilt l)y the 

Tiiere are some 19 iuscriptions of the time of Sripurusha, all on stone, 
except one, the Hosiir plates (Gd 47). Four are dated, Kl 78 in bis 26tli 
year, Kl 6 in his 28th year, Gd 47 in S aka 684, Mb 80 in lii s 42nd year . \l|;)C ^/v^ 
The earliest is probaljly Bp 13, where he appears as tlie praiseworthy and 
honourable Madhava Muttarasa, ruling tlie Elenagar-nad Seventy, the Avanya- 
nad Thirty, and the Ponkunda Twelve. This was probably before he came to 
the throue, or about 725. The ne.xt five are of no si^ecial importauce. Then 
comes Mr 96, iu whicli he appears under the full uame Pritliivi-Kongani 
Muttarasa Sripurusha. Mr 74 is imperfect, aud gives only Kougaui. But 
Kl 78 is of the 26th year of Konguiii Muttarasa, 751. Kl 6 is of Ivouguui 
Sripurusha's 28th year, 753. lu tiiis, Sivamara (his son and successor) appears 
as goveruor of Kadambur. lu Kl 8 and 11 Lokaditya or Lokaditya-Ela- 
arasa is ruling Kadambur. He may have been another son, or else the king of 
the Elenagar-nad above mentioued. Kl 7 shows us L6kaditya's sou ^lalladi. 

We next come to Gd 47, the Hosiir p lates, originally published by nie iu 
1878 '^ They are dated wlieu the Saka year 684 had expired. Dr. Kielhorn's 
calculation {Ind. Ant. XXIV, 11) makes it the 13th of April 762, but then 
the week day does not agree. . To make this correspoud we may take the 24th 
of April 761. Ou neitlier day was there au eciipse ol tlie uiooii, as statcd iu 
the plates. But there seems no reason to questiou tlie geuuineness of the 
record. The genealogy and description of the Ganga kings are thc same as 
in many others already published, such as the Javali aud Devarhalji plates 
of tlie same reign-'. Sripurusha, the first so named, Prithuvi-Kougani-maha- 
raja, recognising that all the living world was as unstable as a bubble, when 


'' In tlie Mmiras Joiinnil of Scieiur aiid hileiatiiye for 1878. 
«' Vol. VI, Mg 36; Vol. IV, Ng 85. 


residing in Manyapura (Maniio i n Nelamangala taluq), niade a grant to a 

Brahman named Madhavasarmma, a resident of Tolur, the son of Marasarmma. 

He was given a certaiu extent of land for cultivation in each of the four 

villages named Elam-Gudalur, Mariyachi-Gudalur, Paruvi and Sripura. The 

witnesses are the existiug officials of the Ninet^-sk Thqusand visJiaya, that is, \ '^ CX/wt 

Gahgavadi. The pLites were engraved by Visvakarmma, the usual designatiou 

of the court engraver. The situation of these villages is not given, but in the 

Devarhalli plates Sripura is mentioned as the place where the Jina temple 

was built for which the grant was made. The only Gudalur of any importance 

kuown to me is the one to the west of the Nilagiris. There is a Kudaltir 

mentioned in Mysore No. 25 (Vol. III), in the time of Sripurusha. 

With Mb 80, which is dated in the 42nd year of the Sri-rajya, 767, we 
come to severai inscriptions in which Sripurusha's son Duggamara Ereyappa 
was a governor uuder his father. In Sp 65 he was ruling Kovalala-uad. 
In Mb 80 he was ruling the Kuvalala-nad Three-Hundred and the Gahga 
Six Thousand, while his queen (maliddevl) is also said to be ruling Agali. In 
Mb 255 he was ruling the same districts, and the army was sent against 
Kampii i. This is on the Tuhgalthadra, north of Bellary. In Sp 57, besides 
the above two districts, he was also ruliug the ..taya-nad, Paune-nad, 
Belattur-nad, Vimala ..., the Pulvaki-nad Thousaud, the BepOdu Thousand, 
and the Mu. ..nad Sixty. 

Kl 231 brings us to the reign of Sivamara. Gd 54 specifies a year for 
him corresponding with 815. We then come to the reigu of Nitimargga in 
Kl 79. The Paliava king Nojambadhiraja was uuder liim ruling the Gauga 
Six Thousand. Tbis is the inscription, already uoticed above, which relates to 
Pompalla's dea th in a battl ewith Banarasa. Mb 228 informs us that 
Permmanadigal, that is the Gaii ga king, had captured Banarasa's Maba- 
rajara-nad . > > ■-"'{] 

We next pass on to the reign of his son; Rajamalla Satyavixkya, in Kl 90, 
the Narsapura plate s. They are dated in the Saka year 824, the 5th day 
of the bright fortnight of Phalguna, the imkshatra being Rohini. Unfortunately 
one plate is missing, but they so closely resemble the Maniie plates'' in that 
part that the raissing portion cau be supplied from them. Down to Sivamara 
the information is similar to that contained in other Gaiiga copper plate 
grants already published, as above referred to. Of him it is said that he 
puUed down his enemy Vallabha (thc R.ishtrakuta king) with the band of his 
sword. Brought into this world, mingled with troubles like matted pairs of 
top-knots, he was a supporter of the fine arts, beloved by the learned, esteemed 
as a poet, and skilled in poetry. He acquired great fame by a victory at 

■' To appear In the Bangalore District volurae. 


) Mudugundu r (Mandya taluq) over tbe army of Vallablia, which was comraanded 
by Rashtrakuta, Chajukya, Haihaya, and other brave leaders. His brother 
was Vijayaditya, whose son was Raiamalla, suruamed Satyavakya. His sou 
was Nitimargga, who gained a great victory at R ajaramadu (to the north of 
the Kolar District). His son was Rajamalla, who from his ability even as a 
boy, had obtained the rank of Yuvaraja. When he had come to the throne, 
and was ruling with the title of Satyavakya-Permmanadigal, he made a grant 
for a Jain basadi at Kannamangaja, erected by Megante-Nandaka Gadeya for 
Kamuiigare-kanti, the female disciple of Uttanindipuri Mandala-bhatara. 
He also made a grant for another basadi erected by Srivarmmayya. Another 
man also gave some land. The events of the period from Sivamara to this 
Rajamalla, which are here briefly passed over, are very fuily uarrated in the 
Gattava dipura plates (Vol. XU, Nj 369) which are less than two years 
later in date. 

Gd 4 coutains a record of the death of the Ganga prince Anni, son of 
Pilduvipati (a form of Prithuvipati), who had joiued the Pallava king Bira- 
Nolamba in iighting against the Santara king, and lost his life in the battle. 
Bp 47 is of the time of Marasiiigha-Deva, aud Mb 84 mentions his death 
in 974. In Sp. 59 we have Rakkasa-Gaiiga Racbamalla ruling, and under him 
Puliga governing the Nolambavadi Thirty-two Thousand. If the inscription 
indicates that this province extended so far as the Srinivaspur taluq, the 
situation hitherto assigned to it must be considerably stretched out to the east 

Here ends the original main line of the Gangas. The inscriptions that 
follow belong to a later line of rulers, two centuries after, descended 
from them, who were under the Hoysalas, though except in two instances 
(Kl 95, Sd 36j their supremacy is not acknowledged. We know that Kolar 
fell into the hands of the Cholas when they overthrew tlie Ganga power in 
1004. But the Cliolas in their turn were driven out of Mysore in 1116 by 
t he Hoysalas , the general who assisted in the capture of Talakad being a 
Gaiiga-Raja of the Gaiiga family. The Hoysalas in course of time entrusted 
Gaiiga princes with authoriiy in various provinces. The present inscriptions 
do not name any country of which they were the rulers, but it was evidently 
in the Kolar District, as the records occur raostly in Kolar and Mulbagal 
taluqs. with a few in Bowringpet and Sidlaghatta taluqs, and one in Chik- 
Ballapur. They are all in Tamil, and the dates ruu from 1198 to 133 6, 
which was the date of the foundation of the Vijayanagar empire. These 
Gaiigas continue to bear Chola titles, and we know that it was the iuvariable 
policy of the Cholas to impose their name in some form on tbe countries and 
kings whom they subdued, but there is no sign that they held any office 
under the Cholas. 


The first to be noticed here is Vira-Ganga, alias Uttama- Sola-Ganga, claim- {) 
ing to be of Ganga descent, and bearing the ancient Ganga titles of lord of 
Kuvalala (Kolar), lord of Nandigiri (this being now the forra instead of the 
forraer Nandagiri), Kaveri-vallabha, etc. We have for him dates from 1198. 
But as Kl 121 is of the 46th year of his reign, the year Tarana, which is 
1225, he musthavebegun to reign in 1179. Viia-Gaiiga was the name assumed 
by the Hoysa]a kiug Vislinuvarddhana on his capture of the old Ganga kingdom 
from the Cholas. Uttama-Chola was a designation of Rajendra-Chola, who iirst 
subdued the Ganga kiogdoni. So that the name of the prince now in question 
was a co mbination of those of the two kings vvho played the most important 1 
part in acquiring the original Ganga soverei^nty./ In Kl 131 we have a 
distinguished merchant priuce uamed Vikrama-Gan^a, who from Kl 129 
appears as the servant of Vira-Ganga Uttama-Sola-Gauga. He claims to be 
lord of the To nda-valana d (the Madras country below the Ghats to the east 
of the Kolar District), and to be the possessor of troops of victorious elephants. 
He is also said to be the first chief merchant who settled people in the great 
city of Kuvalala or Kolar. This points to some important development in the 
trade of the place at about this date. He had the god Subrahmanya set up 
at ? Indalur, and placed his endowments for it under the protection of the 
Mahesvaras or Saiva priesthood, and the Five Hundred. These are the five 

^^j^j^^^j^jHgPMy ■ ■ I iii- L.. i >ii* nr ii m w - i- <ii> w ■ n. 

hundred svamis of Ayyavale'^ who are frequently mentioned in inscriptions 
as the heads of the Vira-Banafiju or niercbant class. His son, in Kl 129, 
seems to utter a formidable threat, but it is somewhat obscure, In 1216 Vira 
Gahga Uttama-Sola-Gahga set up two gods G ahgisvara a nd Jalakantesvara, 
the former on the Muchukunda hill and the latter at its foot (Kl 120, 130). 
Tbe hill is described as near Kuvalala in tbe Kuvalala-nad of Gahga-manda- 
lara, and was one of the range of Kolar hills called the Satasringa or hundred 
peaks. The reraainder of his grants are for the first of these temples. The 
Sella-Gahga Uttama-Sola-Gahga of Mb 212 may be the same person, as the 
date is apparently 1222. 

In Kl 171 and 243 of ahout 1270 we have Selva-Gahga, who has the title 
Eaja-Narayana-Brahmadiraja. The former praises the Chojas, saying that 
they would not chauge even if the moon and the sun changed their course. 
Raja-Narayana was a title of Kulottuhga-Chola I. At the same period we have 
in Kl 244 Padumiseyau Uttama-Sola-Gahga, and in Kl 242 Gahga-Perumal, 
son of Padima-deva Uttama-Sola-Gahga. In Sd 110 of 1278 appears Gahga- 
Perumars son Kuttadun-deva or Kariya-Gopala, with the title Raja-Narayana- 
Brahmadiraja and others, who claims to have gained wealth and victory in 
all regions. In Kl 49 of 1279 is Kariya-Gahga-Perumal, son of Selva- 

•' Aihole in the Kaladgi district. 


Ganga, who must be the same persoii, and Selva-Gaiiga identical with Ganga- 

With Kl 69 we come to a number of inscriptions of about 1280 of Vettum- 
marabana'^ Uttama-Sola-Ganga. In Kl 110 he remits all taxes on the teraple 
endowmeuts of the Kuvalala-nad. Mb 218 calls him the son of Uttama-Sola- 
Gariga, and Bp 55 the son of Uttama-Sola-Ganga Vira-Gariga. Kl 48 and 
47, of 1280 and 1281, give us Vasudeva Raja-Narayaua-Brahmadiraja, the 
son of Gauga-Perumal. In 1283 we have (Kl 46 and 50l a Gariga-Perumal 
Kaja-Narayana-Brahraadiraja. In 1284 a Vira-Gariga Uttama-Sola-Gariga again 
appears (Kl 137), and with him is associated Gariga-Peruraal as a signatory. 
In Kl 143 of the same period Uttama-Sola-Gariga Gariga-Perumal is said to 
be ruling the earth, and Kuvalala-nad is said to be the Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, 
wbich was the name given to it by the Cholas. In Mb 16 Gariga-Perumal 
is described as the son of Adi-Sola, and a grant is made to Nulambappa, son 
of Nulambadiraya of Avanya-nad. In Kl 55 of 1285 we have again Gariga- 
Pe"umal Raja-Narayana-Brahmadiraja. He makes a grant to the sons of the 
raja-giiru Viivesvara-Siva-udaiyar, a disciple of Surami-deva alias Prasanna- 
Sivattaiyar, who was descended from Lakshadhyaya-mudaliyar, guru to the 
Chola and Pandya kings. Vasudeva Raja-Narayana-Brabmadiraja appears 
again in Kl 45 in 1286. 

In the same year, the 32nd of Poysala Ramanatha-Deva, we have. . .nna- 
Gariga-Perumal, son of Savasi-Nayan, making a grant for the gods at Velliyur 
(now Beilur), which was an agrahara called the Vishnuvarddhana-chaturvedi- 
marigalam. In Ct 117 Gariga-Perumal Raja-Narayana-Bralimadiraya makes a 
grant to bis guru Sakala-Siva-pandita in 1289. In Bp 54, of about 1300, a 
Gariga-Perumal Uttama-Sola-Gariga again appears making a grant. Also a 
Perumal Vikrama-Gauga-velau. Sd 36 of ? 1312 is of tbe reign of tbe 
Poysala king vira-Ballala, aud sbows au Uttama-Sola-Gariga leading an expedi- 
tion. In Kl 77 of ? 1321 Vikrama-Gariga, son of Uttama-Sola-Gauga, conti- 
nues some grants made in the time of iiis grandfather (not named), and of 
lands set apart for a god in the time of Gariga-Perumal. In CB 18 of 
? 1333 we have a uew name, — Kumara-Chikka-Deva. Also in Kl 38 and 
Mr 14 we bave in ? 1298 and 1336 Rajaraja Karkataka-maharaja alias Vettai- 
yir-Sokkar, and Karkata-maraya alias Uttama-Sola-Garigan Virundar. In 
Mr 15 Karkataka-raya is a signatory and calls himself Sembondiyar. 


Of these rulers tbere are only two inscriptions, but they are early ones, 
of much importance and interest. The first is Gd 48, of about 640, plates 

^l Tbe nanio means — cutter-through of the arrowo of Mura (the god of love). A mistaku hns 
been made in printing Baua with a oapital B. There is no oonneotion whatover with the Bnnns. 


at Hosur, originally published by me in 1879". It begias with the mentioa 
of Folikesi, surnauied Rana-Vikrama,_who was purified by the final ablutions 
after the horse-sacrifice, and was a glory to the Chalukya race, who (as in 
other inscriptions) are said to be of the Manavya-gotra, sons of Hariti, 
nourished by the group of Motliers, and worshippers of the feet of Svanii 
Mahasena-'. After him'' was Satyasraya, the conqueror of Harshavarddhana. 
On the application of his l)eloved daughter, in her own language called 
Anibera, when he was in Saugania-tirtha, he granted to 31 Brahmans the 
village of Periyala in the K onikal-visha ya. This is evidently the present 
Kunigal, but I caunot trace the village. Of this daughter of Satyasraya we 
have no other informatiou, and it is not clear what lauguage is meant as that 
of her name. It niay be Kannada. The names of the Brahman donees are 
not given, but they are clubbed together under their respective gotras. 

The second inscription is Kl 63, known as the Vokkaleri plates, originally 
published by me in 1879"'. It is dated iu the Saka year 679 expired (2nd 
September 757j_as calculated by Dr. Kielhorn), the llth of the reign of Kirtti- 
varmma-Satyasraya. The publication of this grant may be said to have 
opened the eyes of scliolars to the significauce of the Pallavas, whose name 
even vvas at that time scarcely known, while it added much to our knowledge 
of the Chalukyas^'. lu addition to the statemeuts above given connected 
with their origin, the Chalukyas are here said to have obtained from Narayana 
(Vishnu) the Boarcrest, at sight of which all kings were brought into 
subjection in a moment. First is mentioned Polekesi. His son was Kirtti- 
varmma, who overcame the Vauavasi (that is, the Kadamba) and other kings. 
His son was Satyasraya, who defeated Harshavarddhana, the warlike lord of 
all the north, and thus acquired the title of Paramesvara. His son was 
Vikramadit^a-Satyasraya, who, mouuted on his single thorough-bred charger 
called Chitrakantha, destroyed ali whom he wislied to conquer. Haviug 
secured the royal fortune of his father, wliich had been obscured by a 
triumvirate of kings"', he subdued the Pandya, Chola, Kerala, Kalabhra" and 

" Ind. Anl. VIII, 96; IX, 30'». 

-' The raothers aie the Seven Mothers (identified with the Pleiades) who nourished Kdrtti- 
keja or Svanii Mahasena, the son of Siva. 

^^ Not his immediate sucoessor, but he was the secoud Polil<esi or Pulikesi. 

* Ind. Ant. VIII, 23. Thoj were produced by a residentof Vokkaleri as I was riding away 
from the viUage, who said ho had bought them for 4 annas frooi a ryot wlio turned tliem up when 
ploughing. But nothiog would inducetbe owner to part withtheni. He, bowever, freely lent them 
to me, and I tliink Dr. F.eet had an electrotype of tbem made in England which was given to the 
India Museum. Tbey were agaiu publisbed in 1S99 by Dr. Kielhorn (Ep. Ind. Y, 200). 

^' Sonie necessary rectifications in part of the translation were madeby Dr. Hultzsch 
(.So. Ind Ins. I, 146). 

"' The Chola, Pandya and Kerala kings (see Dr. Fleefs Kan. Dyn. 362, note 6). 

'> Perhnps tbe Kalabhnrya or Kalaeburya kings. 


other kings, and forced the (Pallava) king of Kanchi, who had never bowed 
to another, to kiss his feet with his crown. 

His son Vina yaditya -Satyasraya had again to put a stop to the overgrown 
power of Trairajya, the (Pallava) king of KaiichT, and levied tribute from the 
rulers of Kavera, Parasika, Simhala and other islauds. By churning all the 
kings of the north he ga.\Tied tiie pdli-dhvaja*^ and all other signs of supreme 
power. His son Vijayaditya-Satyasraya early mastered the science of weapons, 
uprooted enemies still left in the south which his grandfather had conquered, 
and carried on war in front of his father who desired to conquer the north. 
While gaiuing for his father the emblems of the Ganga and Yamuna, and the 
pdli-dhvaja, together with the insignia of the (drums) dhakka aud mahdsabda, 
rubies, elephants and other spoils, he was assailed by enemies whom he had 
put to fiight and somehow through fate was made captive. But without the 
assistance of any other he made his escape, and assuming the government, 
averted the danger of anarchy. 

His son Vikr amadity a-Satyasraya, on coming to the throne, resolved to 
completely uproot the Pallavas, the obscurers of the splendour of the former 
kings of his line, and their natural enemies". He therefore reached with 
great speed the Tundaka province (Tonda-mandala), and in a battle with the 
Pallava king Nandipotavarmma, fighting in the van he put him to flight, and 
captured his ill-sounding trumpet, his special drum calied "roar of the sea", 
his flag of Siva"s club, uiighty elephants and clusters of rubies which by their 
own brilliant rays were able to dispel the darkness. He theu entered Kanchi 
(the capital) in triumph, and instead of destroying it, made liheral gifts of 
gold to the Brahmaus, the destitute, and the Rajasiriihesvara and other temples 
which Narasiriihapotavarmma had erected of stone. Proceeding on, he 
consumed with his glory the Pandya, Chola, Kerala, Kalabhra and other 
kings, and set up a pillar of victory on the shore of the southern ocean, 
called Ghurnnamanarnna (the rolling ocean), which is graphically described. 

His son Kirttivarmma-Satyasraya, on being made Yuvaraja, implored his 
father to let him fiually subdue the king of Kanchi, the enemy of their family. 
On obtaining permission, he marched forth and broke the power of Pallava, 
who, unable to stand against him, took refuge in a hill-fort. The prince 
carried away his elephants, rubies, and treasures of gold and delivered them 

" A special arrangemeQt of flags, indioating supremacy. See Pathak'8 ezplanation, Ind. Aiil. 
XIV, 104. 

'' The name Pallavas indicBtes Parthivas or Parthians. It my oonjecture that Chalukyas 
represent Seleukians be corroot, this vpould aooouut for their natural enmity. Dr. Uoernle says — 
" Despite the attempted Sanskrit derivation of the genealogists, I would suggest that the nnme 
(Chalukya) is not a Sanskritio word at all, but of foreign (Gilrjara or Hunic) origin,"— and adds, — 
" Might it be connocted with the Turki root chdp, gallop, chupdul, a plundering raid, a charge of 
oavelry?" (J. /?. A. S. for 1903, p. 12). 


to his father. Thus in due time he succeeded to the throiie and gained the 
ranlf of Sarvvabhauma or universal emperor. In the llth year of his reign, 
as before stated, while encamped at Bhandara-Gavittage " ou the north bank 
of the Bhimarathi, — on the application of Dosi-Raja, — he inade to a Brabman 
named Madhavasarmma a grant of three villages in the Panuugal-vishaya-'. 
The sasana was writteu by the great miuister for peace and war, Auivarita- 
Dhananjaya punya-vallabha. 

It is evident that this inscription (like the one at Talgunda) is of more than 
ordinary historical value, and throws great light on events in the south, not 
previously known, from the 6th to the 8th ceutury. Its acquisition in the 
casual manner above related was a piece of special good fortune. The 
statements of the Chalukya triumphs related in it are partly borne out by 
other evidence, for Dr. Hultzsch has found^* a proof that Vikramaditya really 
entered Kanchi aud visited the Rajasiriihesvara temple, in a much obliterated 
Kaunada inscriptiou in the Kailasanatha teniple there, engraved on a pillar 
iu front of the Rajasiihhesvara shrine. ^,,-^'"^ 


Tbe earliest Pallava mentioued is Nandipotavarmma, who was so heavily 
defeated by the Cbalukya king Vikramaditya II at tbe beginning of his reigii, 
or in about 733, as related in the Vokkaleri plates (Kl 63). There is a 
Pallava-niaraja in Bg 77, but no clue by wbich to identify him. 

Nuraerous inscriptions occur of the Nolambas , wbo claim to be Pallavas 
aud continued the succession when the origiual inain liue of the Pallavas 
came to an end. They gave tbeir name to the Nonambavatli or Nolambavadi 
Tliirty-two Thousand province*', wbich corresponded with the Chitaldroog 
District and other parts north and east of it, even, as now appears, far into 
the Kolar District. Unfortunately only a few of their inscriptions are dated. 
But from the Hemavati pillar (Si 28, Vol XII) we bave a genealogy of tbe 
kings to 943. The fi.Ked dates obtained in tlie Cbitaldroog, Tumkur, and 
Kolar volumes are— 878 for Maheudra, 897 and 920 for Ayyapa, 931 for 
Bira-Nolamba, 943 to 966 for Dilipa or Ii.iva-Nolaniba, 975 for Nanui-Nolamba, 
and 974 and 1010 for Nolambadbirajii ChOiayya. /In Chitaldroog we have 
farther a number of dates fioni 1022 to 1074 for a succession of Nolamba- 
Pallava-Permmanadi^' kings with various names, vvho were under the Clialukyas. 

" Identified by Dr. Fleet with Bhandar-Kawte in the Sholapur District (see Ep. Ind. V, 201). 

^' Panuhgal is now Hangal in Dharwar. 'i So. Iiid. Ins. I, 1 47. X 

■*' The earliest mention of Nolambavadi or Nonambavadi seems to be in 920 (Jl 29, Vol. XI). 

The cxisting Nonabas are representatives ot its former subjects. 

^' The title Permmanadi was taken away from the Pallavas by the Gahgas on Srlpurusha's 

victory over Kiiduvetti in the 8th century. The Gahgas being now overthrown, the Pallavas resume 
the use of it. 



It seems cleav tliat when the Cholas were overthrowing the Pallavas and Gaiigas, 
and hefore they acquired possessiou of the K6h"ir District early in the llth 
century, the Nolambas had retired to the west, aiid appear withoutany overlord, n 
ruling the Nolamiiavadi Thirty-two Thousand in 920 (J129). In 1022 their ^ 
seat of government was at Kampili (Mk 10), which is on the Tungabhadra, 
north-west of Bellary. But during this period the Rashtrakiita power had 
conie to an end, aud the Cbalukyas had regained tlie erapire. We tiierefore 
find tlie Nolambas from 1035 (Dg 71) ruling various provinces under tliem, 
untilin 1072 tliey are again governing Nolambavadi (Si9). The Udayaditya who 
wasrulingin 1035 (Dg 71) is bere in 1049 said to be the binder of Chola-maraja 
(Gd 67), butin 10721ias Vira-Rajendra asa title, whicb seems to beCh61a(Si 9). 
Of tbe inscriptions of the Nolamba kings liere, the earliest are tiiose 
of Nolambadiyarasa and Nolambadhiraja. This is uot sufticiently distinctive, 
and though it is tbe name of tlie first Nolamba king according to the 
list on the Hemavati piliar, yet it is a designation that may apply to 
almost any of tlie line. The principal bint as to liis identity is contained 
in Kl 79, where he is under tlie Ganga kiug Nitimargga and ruling 
the Ganga Si.v Thous and. Tiie approximate date of tbis is 850, and Iie was 
no doubt Polalchora Nolamba, tlie Nolaml«dbira,ja wbo married Niliniargga's 
sister. For their son was Mahendra, and bere in Sp 30 we have Nolainba 
and Mayinda or Majiendra, together with a Cli61u-Permnu"iiuiiji, all three ruling 
up to the Kiru-tore or little river as their boundary''. In Mb 248 the Gaiigas 
and Pallavas are said to have both opposed Paudya (of Uchchangi). 

Tiie actual territory ruled by tlie Nolambas is seldom specified, most of 
tbe inscriptions merely saying that tliey were ruling the kingdom, or the 
kingdora of the world. But Kl 79 above shows Nolambadhiraja ruling thc 
Gahg a Si.s Thousan d under llie Gaiigas, and in Bp 64 Mahendra (his son) 
is ruling the same province, though not acknowletlging Gaiiga supiemacy. It 
seems evident that he assuraed independencc in 878, for Si 38 (Vol. XII) of 
that year says that he had uprooted and destroyed Ch6ra and other rivals 
(also in Si 24), and in token of Iiis success made au ofleriiig of his palace 
to ^lahadeva, setting up tlie god Mabendresvara. lu support of this view we 
are told (Nj 269) that B utuga, the younger son of Nitimargga, defeated Iiim 
iu several battles. Eventually he was kiUed in war by Biituga"s son Ereyapp a, 
who thence has tlie title Mahendran taka. After continual fights wbich followed 
between tho Gaiigas aud Nolambas (see Mi 71^ 27, 39, Si 26 r', tlie Gaiiga 
king Marasimha claims to have destroyed the Nolambas (in about 970), and 

'' What river is intended is not cloRr. Perddore or the hig river is the Krishna, though some- 
times it appears to indicate the Tuhgnbhadra, and in Cg 2 nnd 4 seems to mean the Lalfshmniia- 
tirllia. The Kiru-dore is also mentiuncd in Bg 62 ns Iht- Vnidumba boundary. 

^' The arca of tlie wars was apparontly bctweoo tlie Nortliern Pennar and tlie ^'t-dnvati. 


is therefore distinguished as Nojanibalailantaka. Meanwhile, Mahendra's son ' ^ 

Ayyapa appears in 920, as before statcil, ruling the Nolanibavadi Thirty-two , \0' 

Thousand, with bis own son Annayja as a governor under hinr (Jl 29)- Iii 
about 9 25 Annayya Bira-Nolaniba was hiniself on the throne (Cl 6, 56). 
When in 1072 the Nolamba king was again ruling Nolambavadi, as above 
stated, he is also said to be extending the Pericheru" kingdom (Si 9). 

To continue the notice of inscriptions in the present volume, — CB 26 
informs ns that it was in the reign of Nolambadhiraja, or about 860, lliat a 
tower was crecjted to tlie temple at Nandi, which shows the antiquity of that 
building. Iii Bp 64 we have Mahendradhiraja ruling the Ganga Six Thousand. 
In Mb 237 there appears a Mayindira-Vikrama, and in Sd 39 a Mayinde 
Dharmmarasi-Raja. These niay be Mahendra hiraself or subordinates with 
his iiame attached. la Bp 41 Mabendra-Nolamba is ruling the kingdom of 
the world. Si 38 of 878 (Vol. XII) has already informed us of his indepen- 
dence aud how lie tried to increase his territory by sowing dissensions among his 
neighbours. Mb 38 relates to bis death and supplies a number of details. His 
niother (the Gaiiga princess), on his death, had a pond raade in his name. 
She seeras to have survived both her son and her grandson, for it says that by 
the erection of temples to Siva and Vishiui she was promoting dliarmma, and 
looking forward to the time when her younger son (properly great-grandson) 
should come to the kingdom. Mahendra's wife was a Kadamba princess, 
named Divalabbarasi or Diyambika. Her greatness was increased, it says, on 
the birth of a son Iriva-Nolaraba. But this must bave been her grandson. 
For according to the Heraavati pillar Mahendra's son was Nanniga or Ayyapa, 
whose sons were Anruga (Bira-Nolamba) and Dilipa or Iriva-Nolamba, his 
wives according to Si 39 being Nagiyabbe and Heleyabbe. Moreover, at the 
beginning of tbe inscription it says that .she established an agrahara in her 
husband's name, while her son was acting worthily iu the kingdom. On the 
death of Vira-Mahendra-Nolambadhiraja, who has the title Nolamba-Narayana, 
she, in addition to otlier works of charity, had a Nolamba-Narayanesvara 
temple made in Avani, and prasented it with a sin-destroying bell. Among 
the inscriptions of Ayyapa-Deva's time, Mr 53 mentions Ereyappa. 

We next come to Annig a or Eira-No lamba-'. In Sp 28 he is called [Pallavja- ~7 
ditya sri-Annayya. Gd 4 represeuts a Gaiiga prince, Pilduvipati's^' son, as ^ 
having joined Bira-Nolamba against the Santara king, whom he slcw and deli- 
vering Santara's head and shield to his ruler (Nolamba), died. Sp 64 seems 
to attribute Santara's death to a Battamarasa, whose son appears in Sp 58. 

'' Penjeru or Heiijeru, now Hemavati, on the northern border of Sira taluq. 
. -' Of this period, though no king is mentioned, are the two insoribed stonos dated 901 and 9-13 
(Bp 1 and 2) which are worshipped in a teinple under the naine of Oangamma. 
'' That is PrithuTlpathi'3. 




V I The most numerous are the inscriptions of Dilipayya or Iriva-Nolamba, 

two of which, near the end of liis reign, are dated, namely Mb 126 in 961 
and Kl 345 in 9GG. In Kl 198 he is also called Nolipayya, and under 
him Vi kramaditya-Tiruv ayya was ruling the Ganga Six Thousand. Bp 4 shows 
that Tiruvayya was a Vaidumba, and in Mb 198 we have his son Chandra- 
sekhara. Tiruvayya repaired the breach in the Vijayadityamangala (or Bet- 
mangala) tank, which must have been in ahout 950. Aud in order to ensure 
it against daniage in the future he granted the bittuvatta (or permanent right 
of sowing) of the rice fields bounded by lines forming the common boundary 
of the A^ijayadityamaugalara village, Kannanur and Mauayiir, to theiivehundred 
Brahmans of Kayvara, whose interest it thus became to see that no injury 
befell the tank. Betmangala and Kayvara must thus have both been included 
in the Ganga Six Thousand. Kayvara is in Chintamani taluq, near the head- 
waters of the Palar, by daniming which the tank is formed'\ In Mb 51 Dili- 
payya remitted for the god tlie twelve petty taxes of the Avani temple, and 
set up an iron post. Mb 93, 94, and 264 show that Tribhuvanakarttar was 
the head of the Avani religious establishment. Mb 162 records the killing 
of a big tiger which had carried ofi" a young cow. Having made a vow to kill 
it, Maudikal Kumbaladana slew it in one watch, the tiger and his dog dyiug 
together. Several inscriptions mention Vikramaditya as the engraver, famed 
for liis good qualities. Kl 245 calls him a hdsiga (or stone-cutter) of Koyatur 
(V Coimbatore). Mb 108 gives his father's name as Bijayitachari. He also 
engraved Mb 161, 162 and 163. 

Mb 126, dated 961, shows the Mahavali king Sambayya ruling Bidirur 
under Iriva-Nolamba. The Banas had therefore .Ipsjt their independence. 
The last of Iriva's inscriptions is Kl 245, dated 966. 

In 969 Nanni-Nolamba, son of Dilipa Iriva-Nolamba, had come to the throne 
(Mb 122). He may be the Nolarabadhiraja Chorayya mentioned in Mb 84 
in 974 and in Ct 118 iu 1010. Also the Nolambadhiraja of CB 45 in 977. 
lu Sp 7 maharaja-Nolambarasa is styled the best of the many famous door- 
keepers (j)ratiJi&rar). This seems to point to the supremacy over the Mahavalis 
or Banas, who, as we have seen above, had become subordinate to the Nolambas. 
According to. . .he was killed in the rout of Ahavamalla's army at. . . .In 1000 
and a few years after we find Nolambas as generals under the Cholas (Mb 208, 
Sp 14). 


Here may appropriately be added a few lines about Kaduvetti, a name 
frequently used for the Pallavas or some branch of them, and which is repre- 

'^ Tbis tank has now been taken up for the water supply of tbe Kolar Gold Fields. 



sented in tlie modern Karveti-nagara in North Arcot District. The earliest 
mention of Kaduvetti occurs so far back as about 480 in the Siragunda stone 
(C m.60, V ol. VI). The Gariga king Sripurusha slew a Kaduvetti in battle in about 
750 (Nr 35), anJ Rakkasa-Garig a's granddaughter Chattala-Devi was marriedto 
aKaduvettiin about 1050 (Nr 35), whence she obtainedthe title of the Kadava- 
mahadevi. Kadava is used to designate the Pallavas to much later times. 

In the present volume tho first mention of Kaduvetti is in Sp &, of about 
750. Then in about 850 there is mentioned in Kl 79 a Pomgalla who is 
said in Mb 84 to be of Kaduvetti descent. In Sp 30 of about 880 a Kaduvetti 
appears. In Ct 143 is Rachala Pompala in ? 956. Mb 84 has already 
been referred to, where in 974 is a Nanna. . ., who is of the Pompala-kula and 
Kaduvetti-vamsa. In Ct 31 the death is recorded of Rajendra-Chola Pompala- 
maraya in about 1050, on the occurrence of which his servant Chelva-ganda 
had his head cut off in order to die with him, in accordance with a custom 
mentioned in previous volumes. There is a reference to Kaduvetti again, lord 
of Kaiichipura, in 1123 (Ct 160). And in Ct 45 and 53 of 1297 we have a 
Mukkana Kaduvetti, who in the former is subordinate to the Hoysala king 
Visvanatha, but in the latter, which is of about the same date, styles himself 
champion over the three worlds, sun among the Pallavas, glory of the Pallava 
race, and ornament of the Pallavas, 
"" '-^ 


The Gariga plates Gd 47 and Kl 90 mention Krishnavarmma as the 
Kadamba king whose sister was married to Tadarigala Madhava, 4th century. 
Krishnavarmma is described in the Bennur pla tes (Bl 345) as the fifth king 
of the Kadamba line, while Madhava was the fifth of the Garigas. 

Mb 38 and 50 contain notices of the Kadamba princess Divalabbarasi 
or Divambika who was married to the Pallava king Vira-Mahendra Nolamba- 
Narayana. An account is given of the memorials she erected to him on his 
death, in about 890. These were an agrahara, and in Avani the temple of 
Nolamba-Narayanesvara, which she endowed, and preseuted with a sin- 
destroying bell. 

Ganga Pallavas. 

This is a conjectural name for certain kings who appear to have been 
Pallavas under the Garigas. We have here Mb 337 of the 24th year of 
the king Vijaya -Naras i m hav ik ramavarma, written in old Tamil characters", 
and Mb 211 of the 12th year of the king Vijaya-isvaravarma, written in 
Vattejuttu characters.'' Both are virakal, and contain references to Banarasa, 

'^ AIso published in Ep. Jnd. VII, 22, 24, with one of the 17th jear of Vijaja-Ievaravarma 
at p. 23. One of tbe ISth jear of NarasimhaTarma appears in IV, 177. 


while the former mentioDS also Mayindiraraikkiramar or Mahendra-vikraraa. 
Their period is thus ahout 880 and 900. They are of special interest on 
account of the antique characters in which they are inscribed. 


Not much is known of these kings. They may have been connected with 
Tumba in North Arcot. The Chola kings Parantaka and Vira-R ajendra subdued 
Vaiduraba kings'^ in the lOth and llth centuries, and the Kalinga Gaiiga 
king Kaniaruava VI had for his queen V inaya -raahadevi, a Vaiduniba princess, 
who becarae the mother of Vajrahasta V", crowned in 1038. 

In the present volume we have in Bg 63 a Vaidumba-maharaja, described 
as Ganda- Trinetr a, ruling the kingdom ot the world (that is, independent), with 
the Kiru-dore or littie river as his boundary. This river I am unable to 
identiiy'. Me niade a grant for some one who died in battle with the Nolambani- 
maharaja. lu Sp 8B we have Vaidumba-juahajiaja, also ruling tbe kingdom 
of the world. In this case Pallava-maharaja makes a grant for some one who 
feil iu fight. The dates of these two inscriptions raay be about 900. In 
Bp 4 we have Vikramaditya Tiruvayya under Iriva-Nolamba, and he repaired 
the breachcd tank at Vijayadityaraangala or Betraaiigala, as already noticed 
above. Ct 49 gives us the fixed date 951 for Tiruvayya, and he niakes a grant 
in association with Nolaraba. In Mb 198 we have Tiruvayya's son Chan_dra- 
sekhara, under Diiipayya, who was the same as Iriva-Nolamba. 

In Ct 9, of about 1100, it is stated that the title Vaiduraba-gamunda was 
given by the lord of the Kalavara-nad to Virudakaran or Kongiraiyam, together 
with the grant of Madiraaiigalam in the Koygaikkuj;ai-nad of Melai-Ma raja- 
padi*'. Several generations of his successors are named. 


The religious estahlishment at this place was of iraportance from a very 
early date (see above, under Mahavalis). The head of it is generally described 
as ruling the kingdom of penance. Two of their inscriptions have fixed dates, 
931 in Mb 65 and 1007 in Mb 91- The earliest appears to be Mb 67, in 
which Mabendra-bhatta is said to have niade a temple for the Kali-yuga Rudra. 
This tille belonged, according to Mb 65, to Tribhuvanakarttara-deva, who, 
having ruled the Avani sthdna for 40 years, duriug which lie had erected 50 
temples and constructed 2 big tanks, died iu 931. In Mb 93, 94 and 364 

" So. Ind. his. II, 379; III, 68. " Ind. Ant. XVIII, 164, 175. 

'' See abOTe, p. 18. 

*' This means Upper Mah&rajavadi. For Maharajavadi see a bOTe, p._ ^ 1!. 



we have a Tribhuvanakartta ruling under (the Nolamba king) Dilipayya. 
In Mb 91 a Tribbuvanakarttara-bhatara was ruling in 1007, with no overlord 
mentioned. Tribhuvanakartta seems to have beeu the stariding designatiou 
of the high priest of the place. 


The only inscription to be placed under this head is Mr 94, in which sorae 
one is mentioned as Kannara's Java (or Yama). 

' I ■! ' . '» .. l A.J ... I 


The Chola inscriptions, as might be cxpected, are numerous. Some are in 
Kannad a, especially early ones, but t he majority are in Tam il. A certain 
number contain Saka dates, but as a rule the regnal year alone is giveu. 
It was the custom witli the Cholas to have their inscriptions engraved, not on 
separate slabs of stone prepared for that purpose and set up at the site of 
the grant, but on the basement and wall s of temples. These, for example the 
ones on the Kolaramma temple at Kolar, are not continuous in one place, bnt 
inscribed wherever there was a vacant space. It is ouly by joining the 
connecting words that the continuation of the inscriptions can be determined, 
especially where there are many on the walls of one building, as at Kolar, 
interniingled with one anotlier. This incthod adds greatly to the difficulties 
of decipherment, and of course increases the chances of error, as parts of 
different inscriptions may be similar. For the dates of the Chola kings the 
calculations of Dr. Kielhorn are the autliority, based upon inscriptions in tlie 
present series and others supplied to him from the Tamil country". Tlie first 
definite date was discovered in the Atakur stone'', Mandya taiuq (Md.41), 
and others in Mysore District furnished additional clues (see Mysore volume, 
Part I). One difficulty in identifying the kings arose from thei r adopting as 
surnames what are ordina rily mere royal titles, su ch as, Rajaraja, Rajadhiraja, 
Rajendra and so forth. Another difiiculty which arises in connection with 
Tamil inscriptions is the mimerous aliases for the names of persons, not only 
of kings, but of men of all degreos. 

It was in the middle of the lOth century that the Cholas first came into 
contact with Mysore, and in 1004 they captured Talakad and brought to an 
end the Gaiiga sovereignty which had lasted for over eight centuries. This 
was followed by the conquest of t he south and east o f the State, up to a line 

" Ep. Ini. IV, V, VI and VII, eiiding •yvith p. 169, and App. M, 113 //■. A connected pedigree 
13 given by Dr. HuUzsch in &o. Iiid. Ins. III, 196. 

-' Now ia tho Bangalore Museum. Also published in Ep. Ind. — Hie last time in VI, 50. 


roughty from Arkalgud in the west to Seringapatam, and from there north to 
Nidugal. But in 1116 Talakad was takeu by the Hoysalas and the Cholas 
expelled from Mysoie territory. Their dominioii in so nuich of this country 
as they had acquired continued therefore for little raore than a century. 

The earliest Chola inscriptions are three belonging to the local chiefs of 
theNidugal aud Hemavati couutry styling themselves Chola-maharajas, of 
whoui many records have been presented in the Tumkur District (Vol. XII). 
We have here, as there, Choliga Muttarasa (Q-d 76), and he was ruling the 
? Ra[java]di Six Hundred, which included the llamadi Three Hundred. Gd. 69 
shows a Mayindama Chola-maharaja, and 73 and 75 niay refer to the same 

The iniperial Cholas begin with Mb 203, which is of the 28th year of 
Madire-gonda (the capturer of Madura), K6-Parakesarivarmma. This indicates 
Parantaka I, who came to the throue in 906. The date would thus b e 934 . 
But this is an isolated inscription of such earl.y date, and £21?!^^.— ..i^^ftJ^- 
belong to a later kiug. It is in Kannada. 

The inscriptions of Rajaraja I. follow. He came to the throne in 985, 
and in his reigu the overthrow of the Gaugas and the conquest of the south 
of Mysore by the Cholas took place. The first is KI 75, of his 7th year, in 
which he is said to be lord of seven beautiful cilies, whatever they were". 
Rajendra-Chola Pallavaradilya Mukkarasa-Kaduvetti has a temple built and 
endows it. The inscription shows Kuva}ala-nad in Nigarilic hola- mandalam, 
the name given to the Kolar District by the Cholas. Kl 106'^ is of his 12th 
year. In Mb 208 and 209, which are of his 16th year, and in Kannada, 
he is called Rajaraja Mummadi-Chola. He sent his army and conquered 
the circle of the nine continents, a conventional name for the earth, that is 
India. His general was Nolambadhiraja, who gave Perbanna (Hebbani) to the 
plunderer of Kadiyanna (? Kaduvetti), and a farmer there repaired the big 
tank, which was breached. Mb 123 is of his 19th year, and he has the title 
Rajakesarivarmma. Ile was rejoiced that the Earth goddess had become his 
faithful wife, as well as the goddess of Fortune. The exploits of his reign are 
described as — the destruction of the ships at Kandalur-Salai (a seaport iu 
Kerala, on the Malabar coast), the conquest of Veugai-nad (the Eastern Cha- 
lukya territory near Rajamahendri and the lower course of the Godavari), 
Gaiigapadi (the Gaiiga kingdom in Mysore), Nulambapadi (the Nolamba territory 
in the north of Mysore), Tadigaivali, Kollam (Quilou), Kalingaui, Kudamalai- 
nad (Coorg and the Western Ghats). His army then crossed the deep sea and 
captured the impregnable N i. . njiram, and deprived the Selinar or Paudyas 
of their glory. Kl 106* is of his 22nd year, when he made a grant for the 

'' pit mariiviya polil Hu — -this epithet bas not been met with eUewhere. 


goddess Pidariyar (Kolaramma). Ct 118 is of his 27lli year, given as Saka 
933. The Pallava king Nolambadhiraja Cliorayya was ruling. 

With Sp 14, 17, and Ct 153 we como to the reign of Rajendra-Choja- 
Deva, distiiiguished as Gaugaigonda, the capturer of Gaiiga, as he was in 
command of his father's army when it took Talakad and overthrew the Gaiiga 
power. Kl 28 is of his 6th year, and Kl 106« of his 8th year. In the 
latter he has the title Parakesarivarma. He was rejoiced that the goddesses 
of Fortune, the Earth, Victory, and Fame had becorae his great queens, and 
tbe following were his achievements. He connuered Idaiturai-nad cyedatore 

*■ • I - - iMi i i r 1111 : 1 -f , III 

on the Kaveri), Vanavasi (Banavasi in the north-west of Mysore), KoUipaklcai, 
Mannai-kkadakkam (Manne in Nelamaugala taluq, Bangalore District, the 
Ganga royal residence in the 8th century); captured the crown of the king of 
Il_ani_£Cej_lon) and the more beautiful crown of his queen, also the splendid 
crown and necklace of Indra which the king of the South (the Pandya) bad 
formerly given up to the kings of ilam. He also took tbe whole island, and 
captured the celebrated crown and riiby garland wbich were heirlooms of tbe 
Keralas ( tbe kings of Malabar). He farther conquered many ancient islands, 
and secured tbe crown of pure gold wbich Pa r asurama had deposited for 
safety in tbe inaccessible Sandima island, when be twenty-one times uprooted 
the race of kings in l)attle. Nigarilicbola-mandalam is here made to extend 
to Nulambapadi or Nolambavadi. A grant was made for tbe goddess Pidariy ar, 
amoug otber tbings, of tive good she-buffalqes, which it says "must neitber die 
nor grow old'', — that is, they must not be allovved to do so, but be renewed 
from time to time. Kl 112« is of his llth year, and describes bim as having 
taken tbe East country and Gaiiga. Seated iu a templc at Kaiicbi, be inade 
for the goddess Pidariyar of Kuvalala or Kolar a grant of a village witb effect 
from bis 7th year. This order was communicated by the royal secretary to 
tlie chief secretary, who with three others having passed it, directed that it 
should be entered in the revenue register. Accordingly tbe revenue officers 
(eleven named) and the revenue accountants (seven named) met togetber and 
made tbe entry in tbe revenue register on the 29tli day of tbe IStb year (of 
the reign). Tbis indicates a praisewortby minute attention to busiuess routine, 
but a considerable amount of circumlocution in the government offices. A 
diificulty must no doubt bave arisen from tbe unusual course of antedating 
the endowment four years, tbe revenue accounts of that period having probably 
been closed sorae time before''. Ct 47 is also of tbe king's 11 tb year, and in 
addition to the East country aud Gangai, he is bere said to bave taken 
K adaram (apparently iu Bur ma or Fa rt bei- Ind ia) ". 

'J See below, under Kl 111. *' See So. Ind. Iris. III, 195. 


Kl 44, of his I2tb year, repeats the statements in Kl 106« above, and 
continues the recital of his exploits, from tbe seizure of the crown deposited 
by Parasurama, as foUows: — He gained the renowned Irattapadi Seven-and-a- 
half Lakh country (Rattavadi, the territory of the Rattas or Rashtrakutas), 
together with the unbounded fame of Jayasii iga (tlie Western Chalukya king), 
wlio turned his back (that is, fled) at Mu yanc:! and hid iiiniself; captured 
Sakkaragottam ('C bakrako.tta . in Central India), Madura-mandalam (the Pandya 
territory), and various other places, including nt t3-vi<^1]a,y a ^Oi-issn) Vangala- 
desa (Bengal) from whicb Govindachandra fled, and Uttara-Ladam ( Lata in 
Gujarat). Eventualiy he seeias to have made a grant for tlie god on the 
Sripati hill (Siti-betta in the west of tbe Kolar taluq), which is said to be in 
Nulambapadi. CB 13 is dated in Saka 949. Here the king is described as 
capturer of Gaiiga and tbe East country. Tiie inscription is in Kannada. 
Kl 111 is of the same year, and is dated on the 240th day of the 16th year. 
Kadaram is added to the above two conquests. Tbe king was in tbe palace 
at Vikramacholapura in Kaivara-nad (Chintamani taluq) and granted a viliage 
for tlie goddess Pidariyar of Kuvalala. The method of carrying out the order 
was similar to that in Kl 106« above, but from the grant not being as in 
that case antedated, and tbe king being in residence close at band, the record 
in the revenue register was more expeditiously effected, namely on the 28lst 
day of the same year, or only 41 days after the order was given. 

Kl 109« is of tlie 22nd vear, and makes clearer some of the conquests 
mentioned in Kl 106« and 44 above towards the end. Thus, he subdued 
Masuni-desam ) and in a battle at Adinagaravai captured Indirasan of the 
Lunar race, togetber with his relations and family treasures. And besides 
Otti-vishaya (Oriss a), he took Kosalai-na d (in Central Provinces), Tandabutti 
after destroying Dharraapala, Southern and Northern Lata (in Gujarat), 
defeated in battle Mahivala of ? Sangottal and captured his women and 
treasures. He also sent sliips across tlie sea and captured Cbangiraraa Vijayo- 
ttungavarma, the king of Kidaram, together ^vith bis elephants and the riches he 
had bonestly amassed, with a tdrnna and two jewel-set doors as trophies. 
Several other places he captured are nanied, of which tbe following are 
identilied, — Ma-Pappala (a fort iu Jhe Talaiug country of Burma), Ma-Nakka- 
va,ram (the Nicobar islands). By order of the king, the general Uttama-Chola 
had tlie brick portions of tbe temple of Pidariyar or Kolaramraa at Kolar 
rebuilt with stone, and made grauts for it. CB 19 is of the sarae date, 1033, 
aud states that the people of a certain sect assembled at Periya-Nandi in 
Kalavara-nad, and baving constructed a sluice on the west of tbe outer gate 
and converted the land into a ifower garden, raade a grant of it. Kl 14 
is of the king's 24th year, and Kl 149 b of his 30lh year. 


Ct 30 is dated in Saka 970 (1048 A. D), aud brings us to tiie reign of 
Rfijadliiraja-Deva, who has the title Rajakesarivarma. His notablo deeds aro 
the taking of Vira-Pandya's head, and of Serama's (the Chera klng's) Sale. 
This is called the 30th year of his reign, as he ruled coujointly with his father 
Rajendra-Chola from 1018. We have here the daiidanayaka Appimayya as 
governor of the Marajavadi Seveu T housand, with V a llur as his chief s eaf^ 
CB 21 is of the king's 32nd year. He assisted iiis father in conquering 
Gaugai iu the north, llaugai in the south, Mahodai in the west, and Kadaram 
in the east. He cut off on the field of battle the head, whicli was adorned 
with large jewels and never without the golden crown, of Manabharaiiam, the 
famous king of the south (Pandya), sent the king of Venad to heaven, slew 
the kiug of Kaliuga, destroyed the ships at Kaudajur-Salai ou the (western) 
sea-coast, and gained the name of Jayangonda-Chola. An ofificer of his 
presented a gold band to be worn by the god on the Nandi hill. Mb 106 c, 
of the 33rd year, farther credits the king with the conqest of Ilaiigai and 
I rattap adi. Kl 19, of the 34th year, i-ecords a grant made on the 222nd day 
and recorded in the revenue register with procedure similar to what has 
been described above (p. xxv) so soon as the 223rd day, which seems very 

Kl 112h is of the 3'5th year, but relates to Vijaya-Rajendra-Deva, Para- 
kesarivarma, who is credited with the same exploits as his brother above, 
and is farther said to have set up a pillar of victory at K alyana (the capital 
of the Western Chalukyas, in tlie Nizam's dominions). He was evidently 
associated with his brother and succeeded him on the throne in this year. 
For Kl 107 is of his 3rd year. He is here said to have conquered the 
Rattavadi Seven-and-a-lialf Lakh country, and set up a pillar of victory at 
Kollapuram; also territied Aliavamalla (the Chalukya king) at Koppam on 
the Perrar or big river*', and captured his elepliants, horses, women and 
treasures. A grant of two lamps for Kolaramma was made on the 86th day. 
Mb 107 of his 6th year gives farther details of the above exploits. 

In Ct 161 we come to the 6th yea r of Vira-Rajendra-Deva, 1069. He 
assumes all the usual C halukya tit les, and describes hiraself as glory of the 
Solar race, the best of the Pola race. This latter has not elsewhere been 
met with. He claims to be the destroyer of the Pandya race and to have five 
times vanquished Ahavamalla (the Chalukya king). He also has the titles 
Rajasekhara, Rajasraya, Rjajarajendra Vira-Chola and Karikala-Choja. On the 
death of a landholder in Melai-Marayapadi", this man's wife entered the fire 
and was burnt with his body. 

'' See above, p. vii. "' See nbovc, p. xviii. 



With Kl 108 begiii tlie inscriptions of Rajendra-Chola II, afterwards 
known as Kulottuiiga-Choia. This is of his 2nd year, 1071, and he has the 
title Rajakesarivarina. He overcame the deceit of his eneniies'', captured 
troops of elephants at Vayiragaraui, took tribute froni the king of Dh ara at 
Chakrakotta, and swayed his sceptre over evcry land in Jambu-dvipa or ludia. 
An officer of his held an inquiry in the temple of Pidiiriyar (or Kolaramnia) 
into the distribution of grain froni tho eudowment lands of the temple, and 
gave orders for its proper allotment to each of 14 separate deities (naraed), 
laying down long and minute regulations for various ceremonies, which are 
continued in 106 d. Mb 49» is of the 3rd year. The inscription records that 
tlie heads of the Right-han d class of the Eigb t een dist r icts had the sasana 
engraved, notifying that there was no tax on cows or she-bu£faloes ever since 
the rise of the Chola family, in theCh6}a- manda la 78 niids, orin the Jayaiigonda 
ch61a-mandalam_48000, in both of which they had settled by the favour of 
Rajendra-Chola, — and that consequenlly uo such tax should be paid in the 
Rajendrachola 18 district s aud in Kandamadam in which they were now settled. 
They also specify that the government share is one-tifth of the produce of 
forest tracts and dry crop lands, and one-third of tliat of rice-lands under a 
tank. They also go on to state tlie rate of tax for kmnari cultivation, for 
washermen, cattle, Jains, etc. ;~that the female servaflt in a house, and every 
house in whicli there are two women should supply free labour;— the tax to 
be levied on houses, except those of the schoolraaster, the temple manager, 
the village watchmen, and those who have paid the above minor tolls. Finally, 
that land is to be measured with a rod of 18 spans, each span 12 fingers 
broad. Mb 119 and Sd 92 are other similar inscriptions of the same date. 
In Mb 105 6 of the 4th year we have the designation of tlie queen,— Puvana- 
niulud-udaiyal (mistress of the whole world). 

Kl 91 is of the 7th year and gives the Saka date. From this time the 
king is always called Kulottunga-Chola-Deva (though this title is also given 
to him in one instance in the 4th year, Mb 1056). In CB 24 a gold plate 
given to the god Nandisvara of Nandi is said to be weighed by the standard 
of the city, and to be of gold superior in tineness to the gold coin called 
Madurantaka'*. Mb 426, of the 29th year, gives a detailed account of the 
king's exploits whicli have also been to some extent mentioned in the preceding 
inscriptions. When still a Yuvaraja he had wedded the goddess of Victory 
by his lieroic deeds at Chakrakotta, and captured troops of elephants at 
Vayiragaram. He also put to flight the army of the kings of Kuntala, and 
put on the garland of victory over the North, and inherited at tbe same time 

■'Tbe translation to be oorrected aocordingly. Also in Mb 49 aud 119, 

" Theu, as now, gold secms to have beeu of special importance in the Kolar oountrj. 


the crown of the South aud of the country adorned with the Ponni (or Kaveri). 
His white umbrella shone like moonlight over the whole earth, and his 
tiger banner fluttered as far as on mount Meru- Rows of elephants stood 
before him given as tribute by kings of reraote islands in the sea, while 
outside his golden city lay the head of the runaway king of the South 
(Pandya), pecked by kites. The taunt of Vikkalan (the Chalukya king 
Vikrama), — who had said that his glory should be tarnished like the spots on 
the moon, the emblem of his former family", — he falsified, and without bending 
his bow drove hira back to his own kingdom iu the West, only too ghad to get 
there, leaving his elephauts dead aloug the whole way from Nangili (in ths 
east of Kolar District) as far as the Tungabhadra in Manalur , his pride 
broken, his boasted valour gone, by the passage of his defeated armies the 
backs of the mountains being bent and the rivers driven to breach their banks. 
He thus seized the two countries Ganga-mandalara and Singanam (? Sindavadi). 
He then resolved on the conquest of Pandi-mandalam, and invaded it with an 
immense army that appeared as if the northeru ocean was coming to overflow 
the southern oceau. The live Pandyas turned their backs and fled in terror, 
taking refuge in the forests, where they were laid up with fever. These forests 
lie cleared, subdued the country and took possession of the pearl lisheries, 
with all the south as far as the Podiyam mountain, where the three forms of 
Tamil (prose, poetry, and drama) flourished, the Sahya (Western Ghats) abound- 
ing in elephants, and Kanni. He established colonies in Kottaru and all other 
directions, the western hill chiefs being sent to heaven, and the Kungalar 
scattered. He next took possession of Kaliiiga, the land of many rivers, — 
and then permanently seated himself on the throne, with his queen Puvaua- 
mulud-udaiyal on his left, and his queen Elulugam-iulaiyal (niistress of the 
seven worlds), an accomplished musician, ou his right. A grant was made by 
some persou for the god Ramesvara of Avani. Mb 54 of the 33rd year 
coutains the same history. In Sd 91 the donors swear by Tiru (Lakshmi) 
and by Avanimulud-udaiyal (the queen) uot to do anything opposed to the 
conditions of the graut. The last of this king's inscriptions is Sd 30 of his 
49th year. 

We theu come to Vikrama-Chola-Deva, called Rajaraja. Sd 86 and 9 are 
of his 2nd year, and have the Saka date. In the latter a chief of Nallur 
erects a temple of Somesvara at Suguttur aud has it consecrated with much 
ceremony. Ct 160, of his 5th year, credits him with the destruction of 

'^ On his fatliei's side, wlio was tlie Eastorn Chalulcya king, he was of the Lunar race, but 
on his mothDr'8 side, who was a Chola princess, he was of the Solar raee, and he sncoeeded to the 
throne of the Cholas, into whose empire the Eastern Chalukya kingdom was absorbed. 


Kaliiiga and tlie conqiiest of Kadalmalai. Sp 61 is of liis lOth year and has 
the Saka date. The queen is styled here aud in Ct 70 Mukkokilanadigal 
(she who has the heads of the three kings at her feet). 

But the authority of the Cholas iu Mysore had now passed away and the 
next of their records, Mb 44^, though dated in the 12th year of Kulottunga- 
Chola II, with the Saka equivalent, says that (the Hoysala king") vira -Ballala- 
Deva was ruling Ihe earth. Mb 126 is dated even in his 32nd year. 

Meanwhile, in Kl 218 we have a maha-mandalesvara Timmaya- Deva 
Choja-maharaja. He is prohably the same as the Tirumalarasa of CB 34, 
who had the Narasimha crest, and whose son has engraved his crest — the 
Gajasiraha — on the Kandi hill. 

We theu have a large number of Tamil inscriptions of the 13th century 
connected with Jayangonda-Chola Ilavaiij^i-rayau and his descendauts, to 
whom or to whose time by popular tradition is attributed a general restoratiou 
of the temples in the K6!ar couutry. But from the inscriptions their donations 
seem to be confined to Avani, Tekkal and Kuru dima lai, iu each of which there 
are groups of temples. Kl 221 calls him a Mudaliyar, also Mb 246. 
Mb 53 anil 56« of 1225, the first tliat are certainly dated, mention Kuttadun- 
devar. In Mb 70 we have his wife Sengandai. According to Mb 73 the 
first of the family was named Maralvar, whose son was Kuttadun, and he 
married Sangalvar, daughter of Vasudeva, the Nulambada-raya of Avani-nad. 
From Bp 36b of 1228 Kuttadun-deva is represented as if independent, ruling 
the earth. In Bp 79 of 1231 comes in Tekkal-rayan or Sembondayagi. In 
Mb 18 of 1234 we have the rajadhiraja maharaya, raiser up of the Kaiichi- 
vamsa, iuaharaya-Vira-Raya's son Yalavanji-Raya, restoring and liberally 
endowing the Somesvara temple, but this is only a copy of a copper plate 
which is not forthcoraing, and is therefore of doubtful authenticity. More 
reliable is the Vasudeva or Jayaugonda-Sola Ilavaiijiya-rayau of Mb 61 in 
1254. Mb 178 shows that he was the son of Kuttadun . His w-ife was 
Settalvar, who was the daughter of Selvandai (Bp 32). In Bp 37'' he is said 
to bo ruling over the earth. In Mr 33 Tekkal-rayan appears again. In 
Bp 60 of 1268 we have once more a Kuttadun, sou of Nayan Vengadai, and 
the next year Ilaiya (or the juuior) Vasudevar, his son (Bp 34) ruliug the 
earth. Also in Mb 429. In Bp38a there appears to be another member 
of the faniily. In Mr 36 of 1281 we have Kuttadun, son of Tekkal-rayan, 
making a grant, and in Bp 37 the people add to the grant, for the benefit of 
the Poysala king vira-Ramanatha-Deva. 

In Ct 13 is mentioned some one, whose name is gone, who was the family 
guru to the Chola Pandya and Kerala kings. This and a group of six other 
Tamil inscriptions are of the time of a Vira-Narayana whose name was 


Ragliava-Deva. He was tlie mandalika of Koygaikkuru-n afl. In Ct 38 he is 
styled maha-mandalesvara, and claims a victory in J280 over Ganga-Perunuil. 
From Kl 92 and 99 he might be put under t he Hoysaja s. In Kl 239 Ilavanji- 
raya himself is said to be one of the ministers of the Poysala king. 

With Mb 189 we go on again with Kuttadun , son of Vasudevan, Jayau- 
gonda-Chola llavaiiji-rayaD. As previously noticed, the family was evidently 
Mudaiiyar (see Bp 26). In Mr 7 we liave a Cholappa-Perumal ia 1336, and 
in Mr 15 of the same date Sembondiyagan. The Vijayanagar empire was 
established in this year and soon absorbed ali the couutry. But Gd 58 
and 69, whicli are in Kannada, (the employment of Tamil now comiug to an 
end), contain a reminiscence of the Cholas in a Pommana, who had been 
aradhya or priest to Raja-Kajendra-Chola. 


The Hoysala inscriptions in tliis District, with very few exceptions, are 
in Tamil (which had beeu the official language diuing the Chola occupation), 
aud the greater number b el ong to the time of Ramanat ba-Deva. He was one 
of the sons of the Hoysala king Somesvara, who on his father's death in 1254 
received as his half share Kohtr, along with the Tamil country down to 
Srirangam, near Trichinopoly, while the other son Narasimha III at the same 
time inherited the ancestral kingdom in Mysore and the Kannada country. 

The first inscriptiou here is CB 17 of the time of Vira-Gaiiga Bitti-arasa, 
better known as He is described as capturer of Talakad 
(with which victory began his expulsion of the Cholas from Mysore), and as 
having conquered Kongu (the Salem and Coimbatore districts), and set up a 
pillar of victory. When he was at Koppa in Talakad, he confirmed certain 
endowments for the templo at Nandi. 

Then follow several inscriptions of the time of his son Narasimha, who 
receives his father's titles, including the credit of his conquests. In Kl 100« 
and others, grants are made to the god at Velliyiir or Bellur, which was an 
agrahara named Vishnuvarddhana-chaturvedimangalam. Kl 169 is about 
the big Somambudhi tank on the Palar, but the details are unfortunately 
effaced. Bp 9 on the other hand is complete and of much interest and 
importance. The senior general Chokkimayya, who calls himself Vishnu- 
varddhana-Deva's Garuda, was encamped at Naiigili, apparently after signal 
victories over kings named Sankha and Panarjotta, and over the rulers of 
Kanchi and Koiigu, in which he had captured superior elephants. He may 
have been invested with some share in the government, as he is said to be 
exercising authority over the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand. In order to 
commemorate his success, he distributed gifts among the poor and helpless, 


and also — a most worthy undertaking — restored in a sound manner the great 
tank at Vijayadityamangalam ( Betmaiigalam) , which had been breached for 
a long time", had the big sluice built, and erecting there a temple of Durgai- 
yar, endowed it with lands, and established the maha.-giama. This was in 1155. 
Some years later, iu 1167, tbe commander-in-chief Amaresvara-dandanayaka 
built a perman eut encampment at Eetmangala and lived there (Bp 8)- 

Kl 159 brings us to Ballala-Deva. lu Gd 41 a certain Pochiya Keriya- 
nayaka seems to have giveu his head in order to ensure success to a force 
that was marching to war. Kl 446, although of Ballala's reign, is dated in 
the year of Kulottuuga Cliola. Ct 46 is probably of the time of Narasiriiha 11- 

With Mb 121« begin the inscriptions of Ramanatha-Deva. This is of 
his ? 14th year. They become more numerous from the 30th_jrear (Bp 82). 
AU the titles of the other Hoysalas are given to him in Kl 27. In Kl 234 a 
Kaduvetti makes a grant. Ilavariji-rayar is mentioned as one of the kiug's 
ministers in Kl 239, along with Manjiya-mavuttar, who in Bp 23 and 25« 
is called the king's son. The last of Ramanatha's inscriptions is Bp 25«, 
of his 41st year, 1295. Ct 45 foUows, of the 3rd year of (his son) Visvanatha- 
Deva, 1297, in which Mukkanua-Kaduvetti makes a grant. 

But meanwhile in Kl 102 has appeared, in 1293, Baliappa-dannayaka, 
son of Narasinga-danuayaka, son of vira-Ballala-Deva, This seems to deny 
the royal title to Ballala III and his father Narasiriiha, who was Ramanatha's 
rival. But whatever designs may have been formed on the part of Rama- 
natha's family to contiuue the partition of the Hoysala territories, they must 
have been frustrated. For in Gd 49 we iind Ballala III securely seated on 

■ iii iiiMAiim^ii^ I 

the throne, and no more is heard of the other branch. The Hoysala territories 
were once more united under one head. Ballala is here said to be in Hossj- 
vidu, in Kl 173 called ru dapadaivid u in Tamil, which has the samemeaning, — 
new camp or capital, as opposed to Ilalebidu, the old capital. It may possibly 
be Hosur in Goribidnur taluq, or perhaps the Virupakshapattana-Hosadui'gga 
(new fort) mentioned in other later iuscriptious, and coujectured to be, from 
the name, Hosadurga in Chitaldroog District. In 1301 the king, perhaps 
with the object of securing the support of the priesthood, issued notificatious 
(CB 20, Mr 71 and 100) remitting the taxes on temple endowments, and 
making fresh grauts to the temples, throughout all the nads of which a list 
is given. These probably formed the territory of Ramanatha above the 
Ghats, called apparently the Kundani kingdom. Kundaui was Ramanatha's 
royal residence, and may be the present Kundana iu Devanhalli taluq. 

') Wo have already seen above, p. xx, that this (ank had brenched nnd wns repaired in 
about 950. It lately breached in 1903. 


Mr 100 calls it tlie Hesar-Kundaui kingdom. Hesar appears in tiie name 
Hesarghatta in Nelamangala taluq- Kl 10 nientions the big tank of Vitti- 
marigala (Betmarigala) in 1.S23. 

Then foUow several Tamil inscriptions dated 1328 (Mr 10, 13, 13 1 of 
Ballappa-danna^aka, who is described as the 3'ounger brother of Dati-Siriga- 
danuayaka, the son of the Poysala king vira-Baliaja-Deva. He seems a 
dififerent person frora the Ballappa-dannayaka above mentioned, under Kl 102. 
He appears also in 1333 (Mr 28), in 1337 (Ct 53), 1338 (Bp 10), and 
1339 (Bp 28) 'K In Mr 18 and Mb 160 we liave Vanan, the son of Ballappa. 
In Gd 16 the king's minister, his son-in-law Mac hiya-dannayaka's son Garigi- 
deva-dannayaka, was ruling in Penugonda. 

In Mr 82 of 1341 vira-Ballala is said to have erected a pillar of victory 
at Setu (Adam's Bridge at Ramesvaram, between the Madura coast and Ceylon). 
Tho last Hoysala inscription here is Mr 16, dated in 1343, where we have 
Ballappa-dannayaka again. 

In CB 41 we have in 127u'' a Vembi-Deva, evidentiy the same as the 
Byembi-Deva of CB 14, where he is said to be of the Nripaturiga-kula. In 
the former he is styled maha-mandalika, Tribhuvanamalla, and in both lias 
the title 'lord of Nandagiri'. From inforraation given in Ep. Ind. IV, 181, it 
would appear that Nripaturiga was of Paliava descen t, but traced liis remote 
origin to the Garigas. Hence their title of 'lord of Nandagiri' borne by his 
descendauts. He might therefore be put under Gariga Pallavas. His grand- 
father is said to have been Dantivarman, aud his f ather Nandivarma n. The 
former may be identical with the Pallava kiug Dantiga whom the Rashtrakuta 
king Govinda claims to have conquered in abou t 804". Nripaturiga's mother 
was Sankha, daughter of the Rashtrakuta king Nripaturiga Amoghavarsha, 
after whoni he was probably nauied. 

Vembi-Deva lias also the epithet annun-ahkakdra, elder brother's warrior, 
but no mention is made as to wlio Iiis elder brother was. Pei-haps the Bemba- 
rasa of Ct 68, dated 1378, may be conuected with tlie same family. The 
latter was under Vijayanagar. 


Of the Vijayanagar inscriptions, some are in Tamii, but the majority in 
Kannada. Bg 70 professes to be of the date 1336, the very year in which 

'' Kl 54 calls him Periya-VaUappa-dannayaka, son of vira-Vallala-DeTa. 
'' This date is fixed from an inscription of his in Devanhalli taluq (Bangalore Distriot) 
dated 1283. 

" See hul. Anl- XI, 12«. 


Vijayanagar was foundec], and givos a story to account for tlie foundatiou. 
But no original of tlie inscription is forthcoming, and the copy cannot be 
received as authentic. So far as the genealogy goes it is supported by several 
other inscriptions (Mb 158 Gd 46, etc). In a line of kings descended from 
Yadu of the Lunar race was Bakka, vvhose wife was Magambika. Their son 
was Sangama, usually nained as the progenitor of the family. By liis wife 
Manambika he had live 5flxi& — Harihara, Kampa, Bukka, Mara and Mudda. 
The eldest of these became the ruler of the nine continents. On one occasion he 
crossed the Tuiigabhadra in order to hunt, and in the forest saw a wonderful 
sight, namely, a tierce dog with long teeth and iu its conipany a hare. He 
informed this to Vidyaranya, the yati in the temple he discovered there of 
Viriipaksha Pampa, in order to get an explanation. And the sage, smiling, 
said it indicated a phxce worthy of the residence of a liue of great kings, and 
advised him to build there a city. This he did and called it Vidyanagara. 
Ho also formed agraharas, among which the grant relates to one named 

Mb 158 of ]344 contains the grant of a village to a great poet (mahd- 
kavi) named Soma, the son of Nachana. He is said to have acquired much 
wealth by the success of his poetry in eight languages. Gd 46 of 1370 
records another grant to the same man, and here also he is said to be a poet 
in eight languages. It would have been of special interest if these had 
been nained. 

It appears from various inscriptions, as in Kl 203, tliat Muluvayi 
(MiUbae^ was the scat of government for tlie district under the Vijayahagar 
empire, and that the king's son vvas generally the viceroy. Thus, Harihara's 
son Kampan a was ruling there from 1351 (Kl 202), aud Bukka's son Kampana 
from 1356 (Kl 222) to 13CiC (Kl 162). Karapaua"s son Kattaiya makes a 
grant in 1359 (Bp 31), Kauipana hiuiself in 1373 (Kl 205), and another 
son Jommanna iu 1375 (Qt 94). Nagauua-Vodeyar ruling t iie Sadali kingd om 
(CB 63) and his sou Depanna-Vodeyar (Kl 80, 67) are prominent persons 
during this period. Hariliara II's sou Immadi-Bukka appears as the viceroy 
at Mujavayi in 1388 (Bp 17), and he was still there in 1397 (Mb 74j- His 
daughter Virupa-I)evi's daughter Jomma-Devi had a channel made to Tirumani 
in the Pe nugonda kingdo m, of which undertaking interesting particulars are 
given (Bg 10). The contractors were to returu the advances and no payment 
would be made to them if water did uot tiow properly throu^h the channel 
between certain fixed points, and tliey were to forfeit the gifts of laud, horse 
aud bracelets. 

In Bg 33 Deva-Raya is said to be in the Si ra kingdo m iu 1 406. When 
he had beeu permanently anointed to the crown iu Vijayanagar, which perhaps 


took place in 1408, tlie date given in Mb 175, bis son Vijaya-Raya was 
installed as viceroy at Mnluvagii. From Mb 7 we tind tlie great minister 
N aganna-dan nayaka in possession of tlie Muluvagilkingdom in 1416. Ttie 
temple priests of the goddess Nachi there entered into an agreement with 
certain Brahmans for the restoration of the Arali dara on the Palar river, 
which had been breaclied from tinie iuimeniorial and ruined down to the 
ground level. On the Brahmans at their own expense restoring tlio dam and 
the reservoir behind it, and building there an agrahara naraed after the 
goddess, they were to receive rent-free three-fourths of the rice lands under it, 
one-fourth being reserved for the goddess. And further they were to receive 
rent-frec land on which they could cut down the jungle and form fields; If 
the tank should be damaged, the Brahmans were to repair it. 

Bp 15 informs us that Vijaya-Raya's son (Deva-Raya see Sd 94) was 
viceroy of the Mu luvavi k ingdom in about 1417. After he had come to the 
throne, L akkanna -Vodeyar appears making a grant in 1428 (Kl 104), aud 
Bp 72 shows him in possession of the Mulub agil-Tekal-n ad. He and his 
brother Madaniia -danna yaka, called the H eggade-dev as, are frequeutly 
meDtioned as in power. See betvveen 1431 and 1433 (Mb 3, 96, Bp 87). 
In 1440 Madanna-dannayakar is said to have gained somc victory at 
? Sanupakapattanam. 

Meanwhile, iu Mr 3 and 1 we are brought into contact with Gopa-Raj a, 
to whom, by order of the king, Lakkanna a nd Madanna made over Tekal . 
He was a maha-mandalesvara, of the Saluva family . His father Tippa-Raja 
has fhe titles Kathari-Saluva, establisher of Sambu-Raya, and subduer of the 
southern Suratala (or Sultan). These are explained by Mr. J. Ramayya, in 
connection with the Devulapalli plates, by reference to the Telugu Jaimini- 
Bhdrata and Vardha-purdHum (sec E}). 7«rf. VII^ 76). The earliest historical 
person mentioned in the Saluva faraily, who were of the Yadava-varhsa, is 
Vanki, whose son was Gunda, who had six sons. Of these the greatest was 
Mangu or Mangi. He gained success for Sampa-Raya or Sambu-Raya, whose 
son Telunga-Raya made certain grants in 1428. The Sultan of the South, 
who was at war with Sampa-Raya, was the Bahmani Sultan Muhanimad 
Siiah II. Maiigu had six sons, one of whom, Gauta, had four sons, the eldest 
being Gunda and the youngest Tippa. Gunda's sons were Timma (of whom 
there are inscriptions dating 1455 to 1463), aud Nrisiiiiha-Raya. The latter's 
son was Immadi-Nrisiriiha. 

The course of events seems to have been that in the reign of Viriipaksha- 
Rfiya, Saluva-Nrisiiiiha, the Saluva chief called Narasinga-Raya-Vodeyar, was 
the most powerful in Karnata and Telingana. As a general of the Vijaya- 
nagar kingdom he had defended it against the Muhammadans, but iiimself 



usurped the tlirone, taking tlie name Nrisiihha. Ilis son Tmm adi-Nrisim ha 
succeededhiui, but being murdered, tlieir general, also called Narasinga, of a 
T uluv a family, in his turn usurped the kingdora. In the time of Nrisimha- 
Raya, the Ba hmani Sultan invaded the Vijayanagar territories, and had 
advauced so far as to lay siege to Maliir (Kolar District), said to be "the 
greatest of the forts of that country'"'. Nrisimha took to tliglit, aud 
afterwards tendered his submission, but the Sultan marched on to I^gich i. 
'•situated in the centre of the dominions of that malignant one", and plundered 
the town and temples " which were the wonder of the age". 

Mr 3 informs us tliat G6pa-Raja's minister had the image of Ganda- 
bherunda brouglit from the pLice where it was in Pala-nad, and set it up at 
Tekal in 1431, in a mantapa opposite the Varadaraja temple. In Mr 1 
Gopa-Raja directed his minister to rebuild the inner and outer forts of Tekal, 
originally erected in the time of Ballala-Raya, but which had been overturned 
and gone to ruin. On the completion of the bastion called Raja-garabhira, 
Gopa-Raja and iiis son Tippaya had tigers brought there aiid hunted them. 
In this their hound named Sarapige distinguished itself by its courage (Mr 3). 
In 1435 tbe ininister made a tank called Gopasaraudra, and buill palaces for 
Gopa-Raja and for liiraself, from which they could see the spire of the 
Varadaraja temple. 

Kl 33 states that in 1467 Kathari Saluva Narasinga-Raja (the above 
Nrisiiiiha) restored to the Bhairava temple at Sihatti (Siti-betta) the villages 
formerly granted as endowments by Rajendra-Chola and Vira-Ballala, but 
which had fallen into the hands of raischievous persons, causing the worship 
to cease. This temple is held specially sacred by the Morasu-wokkalu tribe. 

In Gd 77 we have an account of the origin and gene alogy of the Narasiiiga 
dynasty. Narasa's couquests, and the numerous places in which he made 
the great gifts, are detailed. Particulars are also given of the gifts made by 
his son Nrisimha. The inscription was coraposed by Narasiriiharya, and difiers 
in some respects from the nuraerous ilowory conipositions of Sabhapati. There 
is nothing of importance calling for special notice in the iuscriptions which 
follow. Mb 1 is of sonie interest in connection with the Mulbagal Sripada- 
r aya ma tha of the M adhva sect. Mb 60 is a grant by Sri-Raiiga-Raya in 
1645 to the Avani math a, whicli belongs to tlie Smarta sect. It contains 
the long account of the origiu and genealogy of the Raraaraj a dyn asty of 
Vijayanagar, which have been already published in several other iuscriptions. 
It was composed by Sabhapati's grandson, and Kamak6ti's son, the poet Rama, 
Somanatharya, grandson of Kamaya Gauapayarya, wrote the sasana. 

'' See Mnjor King's acoount of the Burhdn-i Ma'asir (Ind. Ant. XXVIII, 134). 



There are several inscriptions of tbe Avatinad prabhus. CB 40 shows 
iis Karepura Baire, son of Dodda-Baire-Gauda, grandson of Mari-Gauda, and 
great-grandson of Mari-Baire-Gauda. It states that N andi-mandala, five 
leagues in extent, which was assigned for the god Paficha-Nandisvara, had 
been favoured to him,— and as a proof that he was devoted to the maintenance 
of its worship, he raade ? in 1428 a grant of Karepura, south of the Nandi 
mountain, to Nandisvara-guru, son of Nandisa-guru, grandson of Skanda-guru, 
and great-grandson of Gaura-guru, descended in the line of Agastya, through 
a Skanda-guru who was origiually brought by the chief of the gods to the 
Pancha-Nandi-sthala to regulate the worship. 

In 1565 Sonapa-Gauda made a grant (Gd 53), and others down to 1792 
(Sd 96). In Bg 36 a grant was made to Chalamayya in 1753, at the time 
of making the sixteen great gifts on the birth of a son to the cbief, in 
consideration of his being an old dependent, and bis stating tbat be had not 
euougb to live upon. 


Tbe Sugatur chiefs have the general name Tamme-Gauda. For some 
military service tbe title of Chikka-Ray a was conferred upon tbem by Vijaya- 
nagar. The earliest grant belonging to tbem bere is dated in 1451 (Mb 241), 
and tbey continue down to 1 669 (Mb 114). In Mb 76 the chiefs sister 
through ber piirohita made offeriugs in 1500 at Avani, wbich is called the 
Boutbern Gaya, and offerings in whicb are, it is said, declared by Valraiki to 
secure tbe same reward as ofterings made in Kasi, Gaya and Prayaga. And 
in 1629 the chief, witli his wife and otbers, bad the agnishtdma sacrifice 
performed in the same place by Krisbna-somayaji (Mb 62). 


The only inscriptiou of this family is Mb 97, dated 1527, in which we 
have Tipparasa and his son Bbogarasa. 


There are a number of inscriptions of tbis family, but they contaiu nothing 
of special importance. 


Kolar formed a part of the jagir bestowed on Shahji, the fatber of Sivaji, 
by the Bijapur State, and he committed the charge of tbe district to his son 
Sa mbba ji or Sambhoji. Of his time there are several inscriptions, dating 




from 1653 to 1680. Kl 237 calls him the son of Sivaji, of the Bhosala-nila, 




and Mb 154 mentions a son of his. In Kl S19 he makes a grant for the 
restoration of the Holiir tank. 

One of the most interesting is an inscription of his on th e Nandi hil l 
(CB 32), dated IGSO. It begins with a description of the hill. In the east 
of the Karnataka country (it says) is the mountain named Nandi, very lofty 
and impenetrable, with only one path, and fiUed with chanipaka, fig, orange or 
citron, and tamdla or Jtonge trees. At the very top of the huge cliff is a 
temple. This great mountain was made a hill-fort for the Balhipura kingdom, 
being considered secure from the fear of enemies. Oa one occasion a 
Mlenchha (no douht a Muhammadan) came with a great force to seize it, but 
was driven off greatly distressed. Ou tlie date of the inscription Siva-chatra- 
pati's (Sivaji's) son Sambhoji was ruling there, and Bala -ii Krish-na. the 
governor of liill forts, who had charge of the Jagadeva hill-forts (those of the 
Channapatna kingdom), took over conimand of this fiue hill-fort, in accordance 
with orders received from Raghunatiia-pandita. This was Sivaji's minister. 

Kl 227, 224 and 254 are grants by Ja yita-Bay i, the wife of Sambhaji- 
Raja. Ct 54 is a grant hy his son Malukoji, who had received sorae nad, the 
name of which is partly gone, as a mirasi frora the illustrious Chetrapati 
Sivaji-maharajadhiraja. Kolala is said to be one of the seven nads under the 
government of Sivaji. 

Bg 45 of 1775 is a grant by order of Murariji Hindu-Ravu Ghorapade , 
the Mahratta chief of Gutti (Gooty), who was aii ally of the Ballapur family. 
They are mentioned in CB 54. 


Of the Bijapur period there are a few inscriptions. Mb 98 relates to a 
dispute in 1703 betweeu two Sivachar gurus, one the head of the origiual or 
western Tiruvalangadu, and the other that of the new or eastern Tiruvalaii- 
gadu. Both claimed the Bhava Bheri merchants of Belur as their di^ciples. 
Gulam Ali Khan Saheb took depositions from both parties, and from witnesses 
summoned from the Nagar country, and after inquiring into the old and new 
institutions of the sect, decided that tiie western branch was the oldest and 
the old disciples belonged to it, but that the people of Nagar belonged to the 
new or eastern branch. Apparently it was the same oflicer who made a grant 
in 1712 for a man who had been killed in the public service (Kl 74). 


Only two inscriptions come under this head. CB 9 records a grant on 
account of the coustruction of a pond in 1730. 



This pctlya was in the Srinivaspur taluq, and in Sp 37 is called the 
Tadigolla-Yerukaluve-siine. The inscriptions all belong to the 18th century, 
and call lor no special remark. 

K otlai tatjja. 

Very similar to the above. 


Only one inscription, of no importance. 



The jdgirddr of this place, which was in Bagepalli taluq, was a Muham- 
madan. In Bg 32 he malces a graut in 1770 on account of a pond and wells. 


This place is in Goribidnur taluq. The jdgirddr here also was a M^ulm,m- 
raadan. Two inscriptions, of 1793 and 1798, refer to grants made to hira for 
building a fort and a tank (Gd 43, 44). 


There are only two inscriptions of the JMysore rulers, both of the tirae of 
Tipu Sultan. In 1786 the Amil at Kolar made a tank, the water in which it 
is said was like the water of a river in heaven (Kl 119). In 1798 a grant 
■was made to the Halakur jdgirddr on account of a new tank he had caused 
to be constructed (Gd 44). 


The raost important building in the District, architecturally, is the Nan- 
disvara temple a t Nandi. It contains a mantapa of black stone with some 
very ornamental carving. The origiual temple vvas older than the 9th ceutury 
(see CB 26). But the numerous iiiscriptions at and on the building show 
that it was extended in the Chola and Hoysala period, the llth and 12th 
centuries. The god is called Bhoga-Naudisvara iu distiuction from the Yoga- 
Nandisvara on the top of tlie Nandi hill, which is counected with it aud to 



which a Chola officer gave a gold plate in 1049 (CB 21)". From CB 29 it 
niay be conjectured that they were originally perhaps Jain teniples. 

The other building of most interest, though of ordinary construction, is the 
Kolaramma temple at Kolar. This was a local deity, called in the Tamil 
inscriptions Pidariyar, and the Chola kings, on their conquest of Kolar, 
evidently attached great importance to patronising it. The former brick 
wallsof the temple were rebuilt in stone by their orders in 1033 (Kl 109a). 
Under the entrance is a pit fuU of scorpions, wliich can be heard to hiss when 
disturbed. A silver scorpion is the orthodox offering to the goddess. The 
entire walls are covered with inscriptions, nearly all in Tamil. The Somesvara 
temple is a finer building, but more modern, of the Vijayanagar period. 

The group of temples at Avani are also of interest, and their walls are 
likewise covered with Tamil inscriptions. There are separate temples dedi- 
cated to Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Satrughua, Vali, and Sugriva. 

Of Muhammadan buildings the best is the tomb of a Bijapur noble at Hire- 
Biduur, near Goribidnur, of the 17th century. There is also the Imambara, 
the mausoleum of Haidar Ali's father, at Kolar. 

" A similar g\St wbs made tor tho Bh6ga-Nandt8Vara in 1092 by another person (CB 24). 

Classified List of the Inscriptions, arranged in chronological order. 


Date A. D. Nanie of Ruler 

Tflluq No. Date A. D. 

Name or Uuler Taluq No. 





Vadhflvallabha Malla- 
deva Nandivarmma 
Mahavali Banarasa 

Mahavali Banarasa 

Mahavali Banarasa 
























Mavali Banarasa 
Maliabali „ 
Mabali „ 

Mahabali „ 
Mahavali , 
(Karoniri Vanarasa) 
(Kanda Vanadi-arasa) 
Bijayitta Banarasa 

Bijeyitta Banarasa 




c 360 
-^ c 370 
y? 4 25 


Vishniig6j>a'8 sou Mb 

Madha va varm ma 
Madhava Muttarasa 


Muttarasa Srtpurusha 

Kouguiii Muttarasa 
„ Sripurusba 


Srlpurusha ^ • ^'^f » \ 


Rajamalla Satyavakya 
Pilduvipati's sou 


Gd 47 

Sp 65 

Mb 80 

Sp 57 

Sd 11 

Kl 231 

Gd 54 

Kl" 79 

Mb 228 

Kl 90-f<fi.»-rG.V«*/^ 

Gd 4 

Bp 47 

Mb 84 

Sp 59 


c 1220 

(Vikkirama Gangan) 



c 1220 

. . . Gangan 






? 1222 




Ti y) 



? 1225 




1 B 



c 1250 

. ■ > 




c 1270 







?c 1270 

11 1) 





Date A.D. 

Name of Rulcr 



Datc A. D. 

Namo of Ruler 



?C 1270 

Uttama-Sol a-Craiigan 



C 1284 

Vira Gafigan 



? 1273 




?c 1284 








?c 1284 





„ Gafiga-Peruma) 







c 1280 

Vet tummarabana 







c 1280 





. nna-Ganga-peruma] 



c 1280 








c 1280 




? 1298 

Irajaraja - Karkkata - 

c 1280 







c 1280 




c 1300 








? 1312 








? 1321 








? 1333 




c 12S3 












c 390 
c 390 





c 890 
c 890 




c 640 Satyasraya 

Gd 48 

757 I Ktrtivarmma-Satya- 



c 733 



?c 755 



c 800 

„ Rama 


c 800 



c 800 



c 815 



c 820 



c 850 



c 850 



c 860 



c 870 



c 870 



c 880 






c 880 



c 880 






c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 880 
c 890 
c 890 
c 890 

c 900 
c 900 
c 900 








_.!' . - 


No)amba and Mayinda 



Mayinda Vikrama 



,, Dharnimaiasi 









Mahcndra Nolamba 









Vira-Ma liend ra-No)am- 









112' V 








Dato A. D. 

Nnme of Rulor 



Date A. D. Namc of Ruler 



/V| c 920 
^ c 920 




C 950 







C 9.50 




c 920 




c 950 




c 920 

Aniiiga ., 



c 950 




c 925 




c 950 

Dilipa Nolamba 



c 925 



c 950 




c 925 



c 950 




c 930 



951 Iriva-Nolambadhiraja 



c 930 



c 951 




c 930 



? 956 

Nolambadhiraja Nola- 





payya, Dillpayya 











f^)c 950 




^^., 966 




>/■ c 950 




i^]) 969'Nauiu-Nolamba 



c 950 

974 .NoUiiiihadhiraja Cho- 

c 950 







c 950 

„ Nolipayya 







c 950 

1' u 



c 985 

Pri[thvi] - Nolambadhi- 

c 950 







c 950 

„ Nolamba 



? 988 




c 950 

DUipa Nojamba 







c 950 




1010 Nolambadi Chorayya 



c 950 




c 1015 




c 950 








c 950 





c 780 



c 850 



c 880 



? 956 

Rachala Pompala 

Ct 1 


Naniia. . . 







c 1050 

Ra jendra - Chola- 









? 1200 





11 11 


c 1297 

11 » 








c 880 

c 900 
c 900 
c 950 

Yijaya - Narasimha - 


Vikramaditya Tiru - 

Ganga Pallavas. 

I c 900 1 Vijaya-Isvaravarma j Mb 211 
Mb 2271 I 






c 960 
c 1100 












Date A. D. 

Jfarae of Rulei' 

Taluq No. 

Date A. D. 

Natne ot Ruler 

Taluq No. 

c 920 

c 950 

Tribhu vanakarttara- 



Mb 67 
„ 65 

„ 93 

c 950 j Tribhuvanakartta 

c 950 ' 



Mb 94 
„ 265 

I " 


c 950 I Kannara 

1 Mr 94 I 




?c 750 

Choliga Muttarasa 



c 1030 

c 900 

Mayinda Chola - inaha- 

c 1030 




c 1030 

c 900 




e 1030 






c 900 











?c 1033 




? 996 


c 1035 


„ Mummadi-Ch6\a 




c 1000 

11 n 




c 1000 

1) ji 



c 1047 









106 b 

c 1050 






c 1015 





c 1015 




? 1051 

c 1015 




? 1052 

? 1017 




? 1017 

. . . 













rc 1069 

c 1020 








112 fl 

? 1071 






? 1023 





? 1023 





c 1025 





c 1025 





c 1025 















Rajad hiraja-Deva 















109 a 










149 6 










105 c 


106 a 




112 6 












106 d 


49 a 










105 6 





Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Dnte A. I). 

Nftine of Ruler 


q No. 




Jayangonda-Chola Ila- 


Mb 47 






Sd 66 


V n 


.85 6 



Kl 43 


fl V 


37 a 



„ 149 a 


rt n 





CB 24 


n n 





Mb 42/ 


n n 


35 a 

? 1096 


Bp 16 


, Tekkal-rayan 



'i 1098 


Mb 42 b 

y 1234 




c 1100 


„ 49 c 

? 1254 


c 1100 


Ct 166 






Mb 54 

? 1256 

11 11 





Sd 91 


11 11 





Mb 42 c 

c 1260 

Ilaiya Vasudevan 


37 6 



Sd 83 


n 11 





Mr 101 

? 1264 




CB 25 






Sd 30_ 







7 86 

Ilaiya Vasudevar 











Ct 78 







„ 160 







„ 162 







Sp 61 







Kl 186 







Ct 70 
Kl 218 

? c 1280 



? 1140 


38 a 

?c 1150 

Tirumalarasa „ „ ) 

CB 34 












Mb 44 6 





? 1200 

Jayangonda-Chola IJa- 






;K1 221 





?c 1200 

Mb 236 6 










42 rf 


„ 125 




57 a 


Jayangorida-Ch6\a Ija- 



„ 53 







„ 56« 

c 1408 

. . . 





„ 41 






„ 70 

c 1135 1 Vira-Ganga 

1150 Narasimha-Deva 







Kl 100 a 
„ 169 



Date A. D. 

Nanio of Ruler 

Taluq No. 





c 1180 




? c 1200 

? c 1200 

? c 1230 

? 12G8 

? 1269 

_ 1271 

c 1280 

c 1280 

' 1281 



















_ 1290 


? 1291 

c 1300 




























Mb 121 & 
„ 121 a 


Mb 171« 
Mr 37 


















D.ile A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

T.iluq No. 


. 1293 

? c 1300 

? 1314 
c 1330 



CB 41' ~' 1378 
„ 14 



























































































































Ct 68 



Date A. D. 

Narao of Rulor 

Talu(i No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 




Bg 70 



Mb 34 



Mb 158 


n " 

Bg 10 



Ct 89 



Mb 74 

? 1346 


Kl 201 



Kl 248 



Mr 39 


r) V 

Mb 29 



11 61 



Gd 2 



KI 202 



1, 23 







Bp 31 



Ct 86 




Ct 75 
„ 76 



Kl 73 


? 1406 

Deva-Raya ^ 

Mr 87 



Kl 203 


Bg 33 



Mb 58 



Kl 94 



Ct 95 



11 240 



Kl 101 



Ct 39 

? 1366 


1, 162 



Gd 59 


Bukka 11 na-Udaiyar 

Mr 79 


,1 58 



Kl 134 



Mb 175 


Bukka n iia-Udaiyar 

„ 12 

c 1410 


Bp 22 

? 1370 


Gd 46 



Ct 81 

? c 1370 


Mb 36 



Mb 7 



CB 63 



Kl 83 



Kl 205 



Bp 61 



Ct 94 

c 1417 
c 1418 





Sd 112 

Bg 19 



Kl 113 
CB 43 

Kl 80 " 

? 1422 


Kl 178 


1 .1423 


Sd_ _1 ,_ 


Deva-Raya ^ 


Bp 83 


. . . 

CB 10 


Kl 104 



Sp 12 



Bp 72 



Mb 11 



Mb 2 


11 11 

Gd 6 



1, 96 


» n 

Bp 17 



Mr 3 


'1 n 

Mb 11 



Gd 17 

? 1389 

H 11 

,1 12 



Bp 87 



Kl 105 



Sd 94 


n n 

Bg 16 

? 1434 


Mr 1 


" 11 

„ 15 

c 1435 





Gd 68 



Mb 130 


11 11 

Kl 150 



„ 101 


. . ■ 

Ct 114 



Ct 157 



Sp 54 



Bp U 



Date A. P. 

Nnme of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A D. 

Name of Ituler 


q No. 



Gd 50 
„ 22 





? 1454 




Bp 24 





11 11 

1, 18 







Kl 33 




Mb 20 






1, 147 




? 1470 


:i 253 






Bp 19 






1, 69 






Mb 104 
Bp 14 







Kathari Saluva . . . 






Gd 80 





1) :■) 

Kl 34 




c 1495 

11 11 

11 11 

Gd 78 





Kl 1 







Mr 5 
Gd 38 












Mb 242 




Gd 77 







Mr 6 








Gd 28 




CB 4 





? 1511 


•1 12 







Kl 22 







Sp 88 







Mb 19 







Ct 62 rt 







Mb 3 

c 1550 






Sd 10 







„ 79 

■t 1552 






Gd 36 







Ct 56 







Mb 240 












,1 97 







11 37 

? 1568 






Ct 57 







Bp 5 







Sd 15 




c 1530 









11 22 





? 1532 


Mb 201 







Sd 104 

■! 1577 







Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 


iq No. 

Date k. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

? 1578 




1617 iRama-Deva 

Bg 75 







Kl 204 


.- 1578 







Mb 177 
„ 62 

A^ ^ 







Kl 164 

: ? c 1580 






,. '6'^ 

1631 ! Venkatapati-Raya 

„ 251 


11 1) 



? 1635 


Gd 45 

? 1585 






Kl 246 

? 1605 


? 1640, 

Sd 31 


? 1641 Srt-Ranga-R^ya 

Kl 86 


11 yt 




,1 225 


" >i 





„ 163 

? 1609 

11 n 





Mb 60 


11 11 - 





„ 139 





Gd 3 


























1698 Gopala-Gauda 













? 1578 


Kl 184 




? 1585 


Sd 51 

? 1452 

Chikka-Raya , „ 




Immadi- „ 

1, 14 

? 1494 

Mummadi- „ „ 




Mummadi- „ 

Kl 241 

? 1497 

Chikka-Raya „ „ 




11 11 

Sd 5 

?c 1500 

11 11 11 




Ayapa . . . 

Kl 145 







1, 157 









Ct 155 






Chikka-Raya „ 

KI 204 






11 11 

1, 220 

? 1552 





Immadi- „ 

Mb 62 






Chikka-Raya „ 

Kl 164 

? 1565 





? 1637 

11 11 
Immadi- „ „ 

„ 165 



,1 247 

? 1578 




r 1669 

Chikka-Raya „ 

Mb 114 


Bato A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Talun No. 

Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

ib21 Bhogarasa 

Mb 97 I . . I 


Krishnappa „ 
Gumma- „ 
Narasimha „ 
Kadirappa- „ 

Tippa- „ 

Narasiiiiha- ,, 

[Hh ■ 11, , 

? lfi37l(Samanna) 

? 1662 































Narasiiiiha- „ 






















Bg 22 

„ 31 

„ 52 

„ 53 

„ 71 

„ 50 

„ 54 

„ 55 

Sp 96 


1G80 Sambhaji-chakravartti 

1680 „ rat 

I G85 Malukoji-Raja 


1739 lchetrapati-sahib 

1767 Mallari-Ravu 


? 1646 1 

ICB 54 I 

Mb 169 

„ 117 
CB 32 
Ct 54 
Kl 254 

„ 63 bis 
Sp 77 
Bg 45 

1703|Gulam AliKhan 

IMb 98 I 1712|AliKhau 

t Kl 74 

1730|Mir Laliya 

ICB 9 1 17361PakharKhan 

Kl 1G7 



11 I) 

Ramappa- „ 

Tirnmalappa- „ 







? 1731 






? 1733 

Kadiripati- „ 
Ramanna- „ 

Ramappa- „ 

Sp 101 

„ 38 

„ 35 

„ 74 



Date A.D. 

Namo of Ruler 


j(l No, 

Date A. D. 

Namo of Rulei- 

Taluq No. 

? 1747 
?C 1750 







•? 1752 


Rangappa- ,, 

Sp 43 
„ 102 
„ 76 





110 V 1754 
83 1773 

Sp 84 
Ct 1 







Bg 32 



iGd 43 I nySlMtrHusen 

IKl 119 I 1798|TipuSultan 

iGd 44 

iGd 44 



- vu^^ss^i,^— I 


At Alahalli (Vakkal^ri hobli), on a stone to the north-west of the village. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusba 1418 neya Raksbasa-saiiivatsarada 
Magba-ba 30 lii *dharma-mabri-maiidalesvara medini-raisara-ganda Katbari- 
Saluva Saluva-Yimmadi Narasiiiga-Raya-mabarayaru rajyaiii geyiuttiralu 
Muluvaya-Amritanata-bagara-matbada sri-Ramachandra-devara amritapadi- 
nandadipake Vivanasamudrad Apparasaru kotta bbu-dana namma nayakatanake 
saluva Hosakote-simeya Alaballi-gramavanu tatbatitbi-siirya-grabana-punya- 

kaladalu sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakavagi a-cbandrarkavagi sarva- 

manyavagi anubhavisudu endu kotta dharma-sasana sri-Raghunatha 


At the same village, on a stone near the villag-e gate. 

subham astu Angirasa-saihvatsarada srimatu maharaja-Chikkaraya . 

Rajayyanavaru kofta darmadaya 


At Tirumalakuppe (same hobli), on a stone in kodige-flsld, north of the village. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sakabdah 1668ne Aksbaya-sauivatsara- 
Jeshta-su 7 llu srimatu Vakkaleri Channannauavaru Dyavarapa-gaudage 
iiaki kota surage-nianya-sasana Kolala-rajadhaiiige saluva Vakkaleri-hobali- 
vojagana Tirumalakupa-grama kodagi-manya-hola 3 mtigala gade 3 mugala yi- 
prakara putra-pautra-paramparavu anubhavisikondu yiruvadu 


At Sivarapattana (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Isvara temple. 
svasti sri Goiigui.ii-inaharaja-Sripurusha prithuvi-rajya Vijaya-saiiivatsara ip- 
pada^ent^aneyolu Sivamara Kadambdraale Kadarabu. bbumottayon Kalukante- 
svaiiku poyta mammenta kalani kandugam eltu palu aytu-mase ponnindali- 

* So in the oopy . 

2 Knlar Tahaj. 

alidantattara Kodimeuururii alva-arasanu madisuvor pokkisuvorai ponnila- 
nunni sirudulla . kannibodu atuma. .yu poliye kondu daltipu. .uvodu talikka 
tiiikall oman-i^ittuvodu mudal niirkkanduga-bhakta poliye koiid-uttuvodu i- 
dharmamanu irakshichchidunn-adi en-mande.lo i-dliarniumaun alivOn paucha- 
maha-patakan akku . . ikkauduga ayupuda poytoilu 


At the same villag^e, on a stone in the corner of the pond of the Ramesvara temple. 
svasti sri Sripurusha-maharajar prithuvi-rajya geye Kudaliirppadi-odeya 
Nandikadana Eranagana vyavaharad-antararii salam illam ekke sakshi Lokadi- 
tya-Ela-arasar mmagandir mMalladiyurii Kadambura nalpadinbaru Vidattiiru 
navida pandemu ariya iredettara porulta. . . la munig ittu 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Anjaneya temple. 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-[ma]ha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prituvi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilaka srimat-Bira-Nolamba pritu[vi]-rajyaria geye Tombuvvoyana 
makkal Nagayyanu Kondayyanu sri-Mendimangalada mahajanauge padinaru- 
gadyana poii gottu konda dharmma irbba-P^rahmanan ikkauti undadharmma 
nelauu chandranuv ujjina salvudu idann ajidorii paucba-malia-patakau akkurii 


At Udupunetta, north-west of the same village. 

(Urantha aiid Tarail characters.) 

svasti sri Posala-vira-Vallala-devar pritvi-rajyam panni arulauilkka Sakabdam 
1244 idin mel sellaninra Dundubhi-sariivatsarattu Pangguni-masam 5 tiyadi 
srimanu-maha-samantadhipati Pemrai . . Varada-bbuppali-nayakkarum Tekkal- 
nattu-nattavarum sri-Vittimaugala-parru Settipalli naiijai puujai nal-p-pal-ellai 
yum sri-Vittimangala peri-eri-kile periya kandaga-virai vilukkirattaga-k-kanda- 
ga-k-kalani oru paiigaga Totti sri-Krishnanukku paiigu 1 Maligai Varadaru- 
kku 2 Karrare Alailakku 2 Gomathattu Piljarukku 1 Uruppuda Inasatannukku I 
Kanjikkuri Varadarukku 1 Irungandi Alailakku 1 Arappurattu Ijaiyarukku 1 
Kokkarai Andannukku 1 Gomathattu Tambikku ] Mudumbai Asatunpi}aikku 


At Ramenahalli, on a stone near the above villa^^e. 
svasti sri Korigoni-maharaja-Sripurushar prithuvi-riijya geye Lokiidity-Ela- 
arasar kKadambur ale Lokakhyala-arasar ttamma varsbana kKattige Kapuli- 

l. . 





















' te::. ' 



^>truiy:2 *C Oi9 G=i 



;^^ ^c 









xL^G^a>^^ n3 





T^^-^^mo^CXi: i 

Kolar Taluq. 3 

kKuriinkki-bliataiaka poyda pon nuru-gaclyaiiame Sikka-Banura. .nura. . 
ttu entara konda kalani urvakkaratti kalani .pendi kundalu miidi padinelv- 
ambum oppalliya senjevallakaj padi-tiimbu MoragaKira-maltiyull ay-dCibu intu 
tage muradi-tumbuui deva-bhogaiii i-kalani plialama kondu belesi nag-ommeyuih 
sale ujuvadu idarke sakshi Belatura mahajanamuiii Kadatiira mahajauamum 
Kadambura. nalvadinvarurii i-dharmmama kondu salisuvo. . padaiii enna tale- 
mcganavu idan alidon paficha-mahapatakan akku 


At Vemgal (Vemgal hobli), on the bund of the Talikere, 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacteis.) 

1 sellaninra Sommiya-varushattu Vaiyyasi-madam mudal tiyadi 

sri-vira-Bukkanna-udaiyar prithvi-rajyam pannrmirka srimanu-maha-samanta- 

dhipati Sonneya-uityakkarum Nonapa njasa dar uljitta nattava- 

rum Tambi-nayanukku Vemamangala lan-eriyai kudaiigaiy-akki kuduttom 

a-sandraditi-varaikkum .sellakkadavadu nayakka vanatha natta- 

var-oppam sri-Bhayiravanatha. ........ 


At the sarae village, on a stone below the Agasarakatte to the north-west. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Poysala-vira-Ra davarkku yaudu vatsarattu Vai. 

devar raagan Kiiga vvo . ngal ai 

vai pi 


At Purahalli (same hobli), on a stone in a village grove. 
svasti sri Garigeyuui Kadaramuiii Purvva-desamurh konda udayar sri-Rajendra- 
Chola-Devarggeyanduirppatta-nalkavudu Kayvara-nadaBebugallaba-Bukayyan- 
alu Maniyachariya aliya Palpaduvina Cliolachari Tagadun-nada Volleylira 
turuvi kallar kondu poge turuva votti kallan-orbbanaih kondu turuva magujchi 
Mandiyachariy-aliyarii Palpaduvina Ch6h'ichari iridu sarggastan adarii 



At Kesavinayakanahajli (same hobli), on a stone near the village. 
Subhakritu-saihvatsaradaChayitra-su I lu Bhayirava-devara entu-mandi stanika- 
ru Chehjimaleya gaunda Chimi-jiyana maga Bayiranna a-tamma Choku Bayicha 
yi-muvarigekotta sadanada kramav ent endode niii Sihatti-hiriya-muripandaya 
kelage hostagi karu-siili kattuva Bayichakereyanu kati tiibanu yikki kileriyalli 
ayakattanu katti tiddida gaddey-ayadolage devara-bhandarake darama bhagise 

* 8o in the oopy. 


4 Kolar Tahiq. 

magad ondu-bhagcyagi vutama-madhyamadhama-phalake nela hanchikondu 
nimraa makkalu-makkalu-piirampare a,-chandrarka-sthayigalagi anubhavisudn 
kale bahalavagi kere tumbi vodadaru endendu kere nimma bhagavagi katti- 
koiidu panya-gaddeyanu bitti beledukombuvadu stana-manya purva-maryada 
sva-hastada vappa sri-Bayirava-devaru barad;\ta seuabova-Hiriyananu sri sri 
subham astu punya maha iri sri sri Chenjimaleya simeyalli Baichananu kattida 
hosa-kere sri sri 


At Mallandahalli (same hobli), at the northern outlet of the tank. 

(Grantlia aud Tainil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand ayirattoruni^irru-t-tonnurru on . . ram andana Sukla-vasha- 
ttu Atti-ayauattiniuru Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-k-Kaivara-nattu Sripatiyil mu- 
daligal Maraipukkaramau Sipati-nayanum Vairattammanum ivviruvomun-gudi 
eiigal go-bhiimi Nengarkuttaiyum idil edirvay nirkoppum kileri nirpayu-nilan- 
galum Penmukkan-pulaltir padinelu kandaga-k-kollaiyum sarvvamanyamaga . 
gamaga Maraipukkarama-ch-chaturvvedimangalattu bhattargal padineluvarkum 
sandiradityavarai danamaga-k-kuduttom i-dharmatai rakshippar sripadamkkal 
talai-mele i-dhammattai-k-kcduttavan Gangai-karaiyil k-kura-i>pasu konra 
pavattai kelvan i-kallu ippadi.nekkanarasagi. 


At Kalluhalli (same hobli), in Gangabasappa's field. 

((jrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattiruniarrorupattanju senru aram andaua Vijaya- 
samvatsarattu Tai-madamirubadan-diyadiyil tiyadiyil Tribhuvana-vidanga-Kshe- 
trab;xla-p-pillaiyarku manu-mahapradhani mandalika-amarsan Tribhuvanfidan 
mfivarayar gandan Sikkadevana-dannayakkan Anuamalaidevarena in-nayanar 
devadanamana Kallippalliyana Tirumadaivilagattil tari-irai tattar-p-pattam 
Asuva-k-kadamai nattar-varivu iir-p-palachcham irayasa-nimandi kelvi-nimandi 
vasal-nimandiyin-ayam sekkirai kadai-irai unmarrattam raarrum epperpatta 
varivugalum devar Iramanada-devar valukkun-dolukkum nanraga-p-pusai-konda- 
rulugira nayanarku sandiraditta-varai sarvvamanyaii-jellumbadikku udakam- 
pai.ini-k-kudutten Sikkad("'vana-dannayakkan Aniiamalaidevanena it^tanmattai 
ma.rriuavan Gamgai-k-karaiyir kurar pasuvai-k-konran 


At Mallappanahalli (same hobli), in Chikkamuniya's fleld. 

(Qrantha and Tnmil characters.) 

yiii.idu 34 vadu mudal Karikfila-Sola-nallur enuum peyaral vanta 

Parantakanana Rajaraja-ch-ChOla-vc-daiiukkum ivan varkattarkum yandu 34 

Kolar Taluq. 5 

vadu mudal tarma-k-kaniyaga kuduttom enru tirumantiraolai Jayangonda- 
S61_a-p-Parambur-nrittu muventavolan eluttinal pirasiidan-jeydaruli vanda niuga- 
ppadiyum udankuttattu puravuvaritinaikkalattu variyil ittu-p-puravuvaritinai- 
kkalattu mugavetti Virattur-kudi-kilavan eluttinS,! yandu 34 vadu nal 222 
nal vanta ulvarippadi variyil idugav-enru adikarigal Viravichchadara-mu- 
ventavelar eva pura[vu] varitinaikkala-k-kankani Nallambar-udaiyan Anayaru- 
ttaman ana Parapasulamani-muveDtavelanum puravuvaritinaikkala-nayagam 
Ittaikudi-udaiyan Kidantan Suppiramanniyanum mugavetti Sirrankad-udaiyan 
Pattagai Niraniutanum varippottagam Pallavanaranapuram-udaiyan Aiiiiiurru- 
van Aravamudum variyil itta puravuvaritinaikkala-nayagam Ittaikudi-udai- 
yan Kidantau Suppiramanniyanum pattolai Kolvaymangalam-udaiyan Mullur 
Venkadanum iruntu yandu 34 vadu nal 223 


At Sulidenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Banappa's back yard. 

svasti sri vijaya-Sakabda-varusha 1421 Raudri-saiiivatsara-Chaitra- 

. . . . sri-maha-aracha-saraiia Liiigasara. . .prithuvi-rajyav aluvantayaiii . .dya- 

Narasinga-Raya-mahipala-rayara putra idaiii. (back) . . .amritapadi 



At the same village, on a stone in the inamati field of the worshipper 
of the Gauresvara temple. 
svasti sri vijayaljhyudaya-Salivahana-.saka-varushaiigalu 1434 ya Aiigirasa- 
saiiivatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 1 srimat-rajadhiraja raja-parame.svara sri-vira- 
pratapa-Krishna-Raya-maharayara palaneyalu Nara. .ni-Nayakara nayaka- 
tanake saluva Neluvagila sime-volagana Gauresvara-devara stanake saluva 
Surabhidevanapurada grama 1 Urubuvanahallige pratinamavada Somasamu- 

drada grama 1 ubba gra 2 ke..deya hiriya-kereya kelage kela hakida 

madi tri-kaladallu devara amritapadi-naivedya-nanda 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil charauters.) 

ttu irai-tandugira Koyirramaiiey adu onrukku tandam pon airi- 

galaiiju kamuttina adugalal tandi-k-kojvaragavum ip-parisu adu idakkadavan 
ip-parisu tandikolanagil pasu-k-konra Brahmavatti paduvanagavum Ajginaral 
yirramanukku nattu-k-kamundanum ivv-ur iir-k-kamundanum Koyirramanukku- 
ch-chellanagil poppon nurruk-kalanju pon nivanda-p-paduvargal ivargal nivan- 

6 Kolar Taluq. 

dappatta pon Alginaral yirraman tandi-k-kolban ip-parisu i-dharmattai rakshi- 
ttan sipadavan sri Rajpndra-Sola-devarkku ik-Kai 


At the sam3 place. 

(Graatha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

varmarana udaiyar sri Rajendra-Sola-devarkku yandu aravadu 

Nulamba-padiyana Nigarili-Sola-padi Gaugapalla-purattu Kaiy vara-nattu-nattom 
in-nattu-k-Kurattiyar Seyangonda-Sola-ch-chaturpedimaiigalattu bhattaraki. . 

mundesvarikku ik-Kaivvara-nattu-nattom i-devarkku Sevvaytorum 

Sevvay-torum oradu kkavadu kudukka-kadavomagavum ip-parisu ku- 

dukka in-nattukku nattu-k-kamundu-seyvannaga irukkalam padindu kudukka 
ivan ip-pari 


At Madivala (same hobli), at the village gate. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka 
Dvaravati-pura-varadliisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvajfia-chvidamani 
malaraja-raja malaivorulu ganda gandabherunda kadana-prachanda ekaiigavira 
Sanivara-siddhi giridurga-malla chalatamga-Rama vairibha-khanthirava Makara- 
rajya-pratishthacharya Pandya-kula-samuddharana iiissaiika-pratapachchakra- 
vartti Hoyisala-bhujabala-sri-vira-Ramanatha-devar-arasarukku yandu 31 avadu 
Masi-mildattu apara-pakshattu Nayarru-lt-kilamaiyum Panjamiyum perra Atta- 
ttin nal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kaiyvara-nattu Ambadakki-p-parru-p-Periya- 
nattavarom Kuritti Ulaguyya-vanda-perumalukku-t-tiruppanikku vaittu-k-kudu- 
ttapadi koli kiivina ur eiigum ural oru panam sandraditya-varai sellakkada- 
vadaga vaittu-k-kuduttom it-tanmattukku langananjeydavan Gengai-k-karai- 
yil k-kural-pasuvai-k-konran papattile pogakadavan 


At the same village, at the Channakesava temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharauters.) 

yandu 37 vadu ttu Adi-masa-mudal Alagiyalan Kuritti 

Madavilagattu Ulaguyya-vanda-perumiilukku muii-ual Vanniyar kalam tudarigi 
in-nayanarukku ivv-uril tari-irai tattar-p-pattam Asuva-k-kadamai ur-p-pala- 
chcham Kattigai-p-padi sekkirai manibamaga kudakkayil namuni ivv-iiril 
Kiittigai-p-padi dr-palachcham tari-irai tattar-p-pattam Asuva-k-kadamai .sekki- 
rai kadai-irai marrumm ullana avalambalamum devar tolukkum valukkum 

Kolar Tahiq. 7 

jayamaga-t-tirunantavilakku-ch-chandraditya-varai selvadaga vitten Alagi- 
yalan it-tammattai vilakkinavan Gei'igai-k-karaiyil kura.v-pasuvai konran pava- 
ttilf' viluvau 


At Madivala (same hobli), on a stone in the kodige-field to the west. 
Prajotpatti-saiiivatsara-Magha-ba 2 Guruvara Appaji-Rayaru Guudappage saha 
bita kere-katu-kodige-hola bijavari ka l^ 


At Hosur (same hobli), on Uppu-bande. 

(Grantha aiid Tamil characterB.) 

sva. . .Sakarai-yandu. 215 Nandana-varushattu Tai-masattil Palaparayyan- 
avaiyaiigal-m-magan . .... 


At Holerahalli (same hobli), on a rock south of the village. 
svasti sri Saka-varusha 1264 ra mele Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Asvija-su 13 

So Hoyisala-sri-vira-Ballalarasa-Devaru prithvi-rajyam ge Soma- 

ya-dannayakarakuma,raBalappa-daiinayakara pradhana-kalavatirajha Chavadiy- 
akkanavaru prahhu-Bairi-Deva-bhii 


At Sitibetta (same hobli), at the bottom of the hill. 
subham astu Narasinga-Raja-vodeyaru sarvamanyavagi kotta dharma-sasana n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusu 1388 sandu vartamaua-Vyaya- 
saiiivatsarada Pushya-ba 1 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara medini-misara goiida 
Kathari-Saluva Saluva-Narasiiiga-Rayar-ayyarada maha-arasu Sihattiya Bayi- 
rava-devarige puduvattige kotla dharma-sasanada kramav ent endare praku- 
purvadalu Rajendra-Cholanu vira-Ballalanu devarige nayivedya-anga-ranga- 
bhogake kotu yidda Vesara-Naganana. . . . yalapanada-volagana Kaivara-nadalu 
bittu yidda gramagalu a. . . .ra kala nadadu-bandu naduve havalikararu . . . . 
tiyahagramagalanu kattikondu modalinda devarige puje-punaskara-aiiga-ranga- 
vaibhoga nadiyade yinitu piirva-maryadeylii graraagala koteka-puje-puuaskara- 
tsavaugalanu krama-tappade nadisi hosatagi namraa hesaralu madyanada ava- 
sarakke nalku-harivana-nayivedya vondu-harivana-payasa vondu-harivana appa 
tiru-nialyaya-dande aru naadadipa aru alaiikara-dipa innura hanneradu-mandi- 
Brahmarige chhatravanu nitya-stiti nadisutta bandeii puna[h] pratishteyagi 

8 Kolur Taluq. 

i-dharma saguva hage gramagaja kotta-prakara (4 lines uiegibie) (back) pratapa 

Rajendra-Cholanu Hoyisana-vira-Ballfilaru kotta Naganana Havadiya 

Rusu-nada-volagana IJaranada Sihattiya-grama 1 (othera named) antu grama 13 
i-gramagalige salluva kilerisaha hurubaliyalu devarige banda kauikeyalii maha- 
maiigalaku purva-mariyadeyalu tappade niadi hostitgi madhyannada avasarake 
nalku-harivana-naivedya ondu-harivana-payasa ondu-liarivana appa tirumtilye- 
dande aru nandiidipa aru alaiikara-dipa innuru lianneradu-mandi-Braiiiharige 
Brariihana-bhojanavanu saha stiti a-chandnirka-stayiagi chittayisodu n 

sva-dattaiii para-dattaui va yo hareta vasundhararii n 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimih n 

dana-piilanayor madhye danachchhrey6'nupalanarii n 

daufit svargam avapnoti palanad achyutam padaih n 


At the same place. 
subharii astu sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabaua-saka-varusha 1414 neya Ananda- 
sarhvatsarada Pushya-ba 5ralu sriman-maha-mandalesvara medini-misara ganda 
Kathari-Saluva Saluva-Yimmadi-Narasiiiga-Raya-maharayaru prithuvi-rajyarii 
geyiuttiralii sriman-maha-mandalesvara Timmaya-Deva-maha-arasugala ko- 
mara Narasaya-Deva-mahii-arasugalu Sihattiya Bhayirava-devara stauikaru 
Giiliya-pramukharada stanikarige kotta sasanada kramav ent endare namma 
nayakatanake saluva Kolalada simege nivn pr;iku teruva kavalu-kuli-bedige- 
kanike saha ga 28 aksharadallii yippattu-entu honnannu niuima stanada 
Bayirava-devara palunakosara tirunalanu host:igi rathotsahavauii maduva 
sammanda rathotsahada vombhatu-dinada y;igasale-nandadipa-piije-adhika- 
mahci-neyivedy;x-munt;ula vechag;ilige tath;i-tithi-ekadasi-punya-k;\ladalu Nara- 
siiiga-Raya-maharayarigu namma tandegalu Chikka-Timraa-R;\jagaligeii dharma- 
vagabeku yendu naniage teruva kavala-kuli-bedigeya yippattentu-honnanu sa- 
hirany6dak;i-d;xna-dhara-purvakavagi varusha-varusharh-prati rathotsahavanu 

m;xd6du endu dhareyan eredu kottev;\gi nimma pariyantavaii ;i-chandr;i,- 

rka-st;iyiyagi rathotsavavanii varusha-varushaui-prati madi sukhadalii yihadii 
eudu kotta dharma-sasana n 

sva-dattad dvi-guiiarii punyarii para-dattriiiup;\lanarii | 

para-datt;\paharena sv;i-dattarii nishphalaiii bhavet n 

(u8«ai finai verses) maugala maha sri. 


On a rock in front of the kalyana-mantapa at the bottom of the same hill. 
Sarvadhari-sariivatsarada Jeshta-ba 2 A lu sriman-mah;\-savantadhipati hadi- 
nentu-mammara ganda Sfimbyaya-Nayakara kum;\ra Chivuya-Nayakaru Sihatti- 
ya Bayirava-dt'varu(ge) kotta sasanada kraniav ent endade ;\-B;iyirava-devaruge 

Kolar Taluq. 9 

vondu-suvarnnada-patrakke vondu-nandadivigegeii vondu. . . .gulinda turuv- 
ayanu a-Bayirava[-deva]rige dhareyan cradu kotta saiii. . . .Maravalahaljige 

vombhatu datta beddalu aramane 

. . . .dhareyan eradu kottu 


On a rock at the bottom of the same hill. 
Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Jeshta-bahula 2 A-Uu srimatu-mariya-aramaneya- 

Ilamarasara mane-adhikari Apparasaru Basavanna Sihattiya-Bayirava- 

devarige kotta-sasanada kramav entendade a-Bayirava-devarige bandu 

vada nandadivige vondanu stanikan ada Bayirayyanu nadasi bahudu kaigondu 

Puli-uada Turuvajahalliya-gramade aksharadaliu muru-honnu-mu- 

ppanavanu naii dhareyan eradu kotteu .... alisidata papadalli 



On a stone in the way to the hill. 
svasti sri Saka-varusha 13. . neya Vikrama-saiiivatsarada Kartika-ba 9 Adi. . . 

Prativasattiya Baludaya-makkalu Mada-nayakaru Sihattiya Bayirava-deva- 

rige madida-dharma. . . vagi amritapadi Aditya-Adityavara dina 1 neya 

suiikakke saluva-grama-tereyalavanu Bayirava-devarige manyavagi kotta-dharma 


On the same hill, at the Bhairava temple. 

(GrantLa and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sripatiyii; Tribhuvana-vidariga-Kshetrabala-p-pillaiyarkku svasti sri 
Irajaraja-k-Karkataka-maharajan Vettaiyir-Sokkar ena dana-pramanam panni- 
k-kudutta parisiivadu Maliyur-p-parril Nusavakkirai nanjey purijey narpal 
ellaiyilum kiuokkina kinarum mel nokkina maramum utppatta nilattil devada- 
nam tiruvidaiyadam nikki allada nilara adarigalum namakku ayur-aroggiya- 
aisvariyam undaga Vilambi-samvatsarattu Margali-madatil inda Kshetrabala- 
p-pillaiyark ttasama 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1315 diu mer-chella.nin_i;a Kali-varasam 4494 idau me. .. 
lia,ninra Srimukha-varushattu Ani-masam 15 ti Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kaiva- 
ra-nattu . . . Tandakara rayar-ganda Naganna-udaiyar kumilrar Naganna-udai 
pradhanar Brahmarasar magan Rajarasarum Kaiyara-nattil nayagari-jeyvar ana 

10 Kolar Taluq. 

Pattiyur Sokkappan inagan kkappanum Kurumburil Vaiyyappanum 

palarum uljitta nilttavarum Sripatiyir stanattar yannarum 

Seudabattar Niirasanua Kalisiyar Sonnamattiyanna Somaudai Vaiya- 

nna Avaiyandai ivargal ullit rapati- 

Vaisyar aua vanikapada-manakar ana Vaisiya-vaniya-nagara-nantaral Poyyangi- 

lar Pammi-settiyar magan Periyaperumal-settiyar 

i-uayanar tiruvidaiyattamana Sipatiyil peri eriai kattugaiyil inda peri eri 

terkka-k-kai-k-kodiyilePeriyaperumal kku iru-kaudagakoUai kudukka 

kadavar inda nilattile kattinal indav-uril irai sunkam yadonrum. 

padi inda - p- periyeri ulpada varusam 

onrukku yirukkuni ga 13 ip-pon padimunrum kuttagaiyaga m onru 

ru mudal ettu varushattalavu sarvamaniyamaga nadatta-k- 

kadavar idan mel inda eri kilil kalani kudaiigai sella-k-kada- 

vadu inda tanmam Pammi-settiyar magan Periyaperumfil. 

40 a) 

At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil charncters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-orunurru-t-tonnurrana Prabhava-sariivatsarattu 
Masi-mada-mudalaga svasti sri Maraipukka-Raman Settidevar magan Sipati- 
nayanum Vaduganagan magan Vaiyaritamraanum Siripati-nayanarkku tiru- 

mandira-pon 1 amudupadikkum mudaiya. . . .Solakattai vittOm Settidevar 

magau Sipati-nayanum Vaduganagan magan Vairittammanum yinda tanma- 
ttai marrinavan Gaiigai-k-karaiyil kurar-pasuvai-k-konra pavatte poga kadavan 

40 i) 

At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-orunurru-t-tonnurru-muvvam andana Pramodiita- 
samvatsarattu-p-Pauguni-madam aru senra nal mudal svasti sri Marapukka- 
Raman Vaduganagan raagau Vayirittammanena Sipati-nayanarku-t-tiruuanda- 
vilakku vaitten 


At tbe same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters ) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oruuiirr-enbattonbadu senra ediram andana Pra- 
bhava-samvarcharattu Sittirai-masa-mudal Sipati-Bairava-nayanarku uchchi- 
sandikku amudupadikku-ch-Chambu-kulorbhavan Godaviri-valhivan virudaraja- 
bhayankara Trailokka-rayau tiya Tamraajayaneua Siriyanallalam naiijey punsai 

Kolar Tahq. 1 1 

narpalalaiyum piirvainaga udakam-paniii-k-kuflutten Tammajayauena sanclra- 
ditya-varai niutttimal sella-k-kaclavadu ittai marrinavan Gemgai-k-karaiyil 
kurar-pasuvai koLiran Maniyasari magan Sipati vettina eluttu 


At the same place. 

(Gruntha ftml Tamil characters.) 

va yo liareta vasundhara sliashti varsha-sahasrani visht;iyam jayate 



At the same place. 

(Graiitha nnd Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kulottuiiga-Sola-devarku yandu 13 iivadu Kuvalala-nattu-ch-Chatta- 
nur palan Saundalya-gotrattu. . vijyauana Vira-Sola-Brahmarayan pudukkuvitta 
Kshetrapalar maiulapamum pidamum 


At the sarae place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Tiru mauni valara iru-Nila-madandaiyum poru-Seyar-pavaiyum Sir- 
t-tani-ch-chelviyun-dan perundeviyar agi inb-ura neclu-tuyil-uliyul Iclaiturai- 
nannark aru-muran-MannaikkacIakkamu m poru-kaclal-Ilattarasar-tam-mudiyum 
ang-avanreviyar ong-elil mucliyum munn avarpakkal Tennavar vaitta sundara- 
mucliyum Indiran-aramum tenflirai-lla-manclala-mulubadum eri-pa(Iai-k-Kera- 
lar muraimaiyir-chuduii-guladanam agiya palar pugal-mucliyum sen-gadir- 
malaiyum sang-adir-velai-t-tol-peruii-gaval pala palan-divum seruvir-chinavi 
irubattoru-kal arasu katta Parasuraman melvaruii-Jandima-t-tivaran karudi 
iruttiya sem-bon Tiru-tagu-mudiyum payaii-goclu pali miga Muyangiyil mudug- 
itt olitta Jayasiiigan alapparum pugaloclu picliyal Irattapacli elarai-ilakkamum 
nava-nidi-k-kula-p-peru-malaigalum vikkirama-virar Sakkaragottamu-mudira- 
pacla-vallai Madura-manclahimum ka-miclai-vali Namanaiyakkonaiyum veii-jilai- 

vira-Panjappalliyum pasiclai Masu yadinagavaiyil sandiran-tol- 

kula tu kilaiyoclum piclittu pala-danatto m seri- 

mulai-Otta-vishaiyamum pusura-ser-nal-Kosala vancl-urai-solai 

Danclabuttiyum Iranasuranai mura mu Govintasantan mav-ilind- 

ofla tangarasa nal Vaiigala-desa jama-vilagatt aiijuvitt-aruli ondiral- 

yanaiyu kadall Uttara-Ladamu veri-malar-tirttatto 


12 Kolar Taluq. 

r-konda Kop-Parakesari-parmar agiya sri Iraje vadu Nulamba- 

padiy-ana Nigarili-Sola ttu sri-nama-grama Sripati-malaiyir 


At tbe same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-irunurr-ombad ana Vyaya-samvatsarattu Ani- 
masattu Sripatiyil Tribhuvaua-vidanga-Kshetrapala-p-pillaiyarkku. . .ukakkara 
tuttar-aditta Raja-Narayana-Brahmadliirajanena mMuvarrukk-adaitta naiijai 
punjai nar-parkellaiyum sarvamanyan-jellunibadikku udakam-panni kudutten 
Bhairavarku Vasudevarena idh-dliarmattai marrinavan Gamgai-karayir-kurar- 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-irunurr-arana Svabhanu-samvatsarattu-p-Pu- 
rattasi-masattu Sripaliyil Tirupuvana- vidanga-Kshetrapala-p- piliaiyarku 
Maman-ankakkara-t-tu ttar-aditta Raja-Narayana-Brahmadhirajanena Madakki- 
raikku adaitta nanjai puiijai nar-parkellaiyum sarvamanyaii-jellumbadikku 
udakam-panni kudutten Bhairavarku-k-Kaiiga-p-perumalena idh-dharmattai 
marrinavan Gamgai-k-karaiyir-kurar-pasuvai-k-konranran 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamll characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-andu ayiratt-irunui\ru-nal-ana Vishu-varushattu Ani-mudal 
Ayyan-ankakkara-t-tuttar-aditya Iraja-Narayana-Brahmadirasar ana Gaiiga-p- 
perumal magan Vasudevanena Sripatiyil Tribhuvana-vidanga-Kshetrapala- 
pillaiyarkku amudu-padikku Mudugiraiyum i-erikku Koyilanukku niiigina 
pufijai-pulattii nar-pal-ellaiyil yen upadiyum Gaiiga-p-perumal-devarku itta 
tiru-mugapadiye vitten Vasudevanena i-taumam irakkuvan Gaiigai-k-karaiyil 
kural-pasuvai konran 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-irunurru-munrana Vikrama-saihvatsarattu-k- 
Karttigai-niasattu Sripatiyil tTirupuvana-vidaiiga-Kshetrapalaka-p-pillaiyar- 

Knlar Taluq. 13 

kku amudu-padikku Aiyan-ankakkara-t-tuttar-aditta Raja-Narayana-Brabmadlii- 
raja Ganga-p-perumal magan Vasudevanena Kaivara-nattu-p-Puliyappalli uafi- 
jai puiijai naj;-parkkellaiyil en pangum Iiigurukkiyil Agiliisan eriyura ij;aiy-ili 
devadanam aga vitten Vasudevaneua it-tanmattai marrinavan Gengai-k-karai- 
yil kurajt'-pasuvai-k-konran 


At the same place. 

(Giantha and Tamil charaoterB ) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-irunuj;j;-andana Pramadi-saiiivatsarattu Aui- 
ankakkai;a -t- tuttar - aditta Raja-Narayana - Brahm;\dhiraja - ch - Chel va - Gangan 
magan Kariya-Ganga-p-perumaleua tiru-mandapaii-jeyvitten idai;ku iin aga 
Kaivara-nattu Puliyyamballi nanjai puiijai nai.'-pal-ellaiyil ennopadi paiigu 
ij;aiy-ili devadanam aga sandraditta-varai selvad aga udakam-panui-k-kudutten 
Kariya-Ganga-p-perumalena it-tanmattai mai;j;inavan Gaiigai-k-karaiyir-kurai;- 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charBcters.) 

svasti sri Maman-aiikakara-t-tuttar-aditta Raja-Narayaiia-Brabmadhirayan 
Ganga-perumal ch-Chipatiyil Tirupuvana-vidanga-Kshetrapala-pillaiyarkku. . 

iraiy-ili devadanam aga vitten ittai marrinavan Gamgai-k-karayil 

kuraj;-pasuvai konjran 


At the same temple, on the outer wall to the right of the wicket gate in the east. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-varusham nal-ayirattu-nanui'i;u-nai;padu idanuniiigiya 
Sakabdam riyiratt-irunui-ruttouru inmei; chellanini;a Pramadi-saiiivatsarattu 
Kattigai-madam mudal sri-Posana-vira-Vallala-Devar kumaran Periya-Vallappa- 
dannayakkar v.alukkum tolukkum jayam aga Kodanibuliyur Devapparena 

Sripati Kaljapalli ivv-iranduril ttar-pattam unmarattam marj;uni epper- 

patta terigaiyum Sripatiyil Tribhuvana-vidahga-Kshetrapiila-pillaiyarku sarva- 

manyam aga vitten idil selutta-k-kadavar it-tanmattai. . . van Geiigai- 

k-kai;aiyi];-kui;aj;-. . vai-k-koni;an 

14 Kolar Taluq. 


At Kadagattur (same hobli), in Kanagala sthala. 

(Grantlia and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri gotra-go . .ra santana-suddhar ana srimal-Lakshaddhyayi-mudaliyara 
santanattu simat-Prasanna-Sivattaiyar ana prathvisura-Chola-Pandyargalukku 
gurukkal ana Surami-devar sishyargalil Sandalya-gotrattu raja-gurukkal ana 

sri-Visvesvara-Siva-udaiyar pijlaigalil nayanmar nayanarukkum S6- 

misvara-devarukkum svasti sri Maman-aiikakarau tuttar-adittan Iraja-N;\rayana- 
Brahmadhirajar ana Ganga-p-perumalena Patipa-varshattu Aipasi-miidam Kai- 
vara-nattil Kadaikkattiirkku adaitta nanseyum punsey Dar-pal-ellaiyum kil 
nokkina kinarum menokkina maramum idarku adaitta kuttaigalum idayar- 
ayamum iv-urkku adailta Suvarnnamangalattil yullav-evum irai-ili-kaniyaga 
sarvamanyam aga puUum pudayum sandiraditta-varai sella-k-kadavad aga 
kudutten Ganga-p-perumalena 


At Kyalanftr (same hobli), at the side of the north sluice of the Mailasandra tank. 

(Grantba and Tamil oharacters.) 

it-tiru landu .... padi lomum gattu 

vilaugumarai nadu virrirunda Jayaiigo Kov-Irajakesa 

.... sri-Rajadhiraja-devarku li-Sola-mandalattu sri-Vikkirama- 

Sola-Brahma Rajadhiraja-cli-Chola sel 

kali ip-parisu gamundu siranum ulla 

k-kadavaragavum seydamai i-darma alitta ip- 

parisu adi p-paduvittal. . . .dayan velan kilavanaga 

aram-aravarku aramalladu tunaiy ille 


At Kyalanlir (same hobli), on a stone below the Mailasandra tank. 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha 
Paliavakula-tilaka srimat-Ayyapa-devana magarii Bira-Nolambarii sukhanu- 
ragadim rajyarii geyyutt ire Patmariigerey-odeya Vachcha-gotrada Kannam- 
mayyana maga Nirugammayyanurii Madukammayanurii Akkanu. . . . Kerantira 
mahajanam ayva-dimbarggarii ippattu-gadyana pon gottu padadar nichchal 
ondu-parivadiyan avargge ayvadimbaralli yeldurii nadayisala saltor . . . i- 
dharmmarii Irugammayyag ondu Manukamayyaiigarii Avvabbega vondu-bhagam 
salvudu nelanu chandriidityarkkal ullinarii salvudu idan alidorii Varanasiyaiii 
alidom sriman Meyyarii barado maiigaja maha sri 

Kolar Taluq. 15 


At the same village, on a stone in the patte-gadde. 
subham astu Nala-saiiivatsarakke saluva Paiiigala-samvatsarada Bhadrapada- 
su 7 Uu Kaiyivara-iiada-prabhu Kelani^iraChokkappa-gaundara Parvata-gauuda- 
ppanu Tirhvadabana-Haiigalinganige kotta-kunte . .karunati-sammanda yi- 

kunte-baliyalii 4 holavanu gaddeya samanyavagi kottev gavudapana 

dharma sri 


At the same village, on a stone in the inamati field near dodda-kere. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilaka srimatu-Bholati-Rajara dharma. . . .1-kereya bhumiyolada 
bittukattina rattavan nana-ko tagi tri-bhuvana-gu 


At the same viilage, in Papa's wet land under the Mailasandra tank. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

Koniiril nayanayanar Sangichchuram-udaiyarku vitten Maiyilgamundarena 
Maiyilsamuttirattiie kandaga-k-kalani 


At the same village, on a stone in Appaiya's field. 
svasti sri Koranuru turugalola Koranura Mapaliiira Sindavariya makkala 
Kadamim chandavam tulagidola sattarana. . . .patti posa-kere modal kattinul 
aygulam kalani idan alisidaiii 


On copper plates of Vakkaleri village. 
[I IjJ svasti 

jayaty avishkritara Vishnor vvarahaiii kshobhitarnnavarii | 

dakshinonnata-dariishtragra-visranta-bhuvanaiii vapus n 

srimatarii sakala-bhuvana-sariistiiyamana-Manavyasa-gotranam Hariti-puti*anarii 

sapta-loka-matrjbhis Sapta-matribhir abhivarddhitanarii Karttikeya-pari- 

rakshana-prapta - kalyiina-paramparauam bhagavan-Narayana-prasada-samasa- 

dita-varaha-laiichhanekshana-kshana-vasikritasesha-mahibhritaiir Chalukyanarii 

kulam alaiJkarishnor asvamedhavabhritha-snana-pavitrikrita-gatrasya sri-Pole- 

kesi-vallabha-maharajasya sunur parakramakranta-Vanavasy-adi-para-nripati- 

16 Kolar Tahiq. 

manflalah pranibaddha-visuddha-kirtti-sn-Kirttivarmma-prithivi-vallablia-maha- 
rajas tasyatmajas samara-saihsakta-sakalottarripathesvara-srt-IIar shavard dhaua- 
parajayopatta-paramesvara-sabdas tasya Satyasraya-sri-prithivi-va[7/rt]lhibha- 
maharajadhiraja-paramesvarasya priya-tanayasya prajiiatanayasya khadga- 
matra- sahayasya Chitrakanthabhidbana - pravara-turahgamenaikenaivotsadita- 
sesha-vijigishor avaui-pati-tritayantaritam sva-guros sriyam atmasatkritya 
bhattarakasya priya-siinor Balendusekharasya Tarakaratir iva daitya-balam ati- 
samuddhatarh trairajya-Kanchi-pati-balam avashtabhya karadikrita-Kavera- 
Parasika-Simhaladi-dvipadhipa [II 6] sya sakalottarapatha-natha-raathanoparjji- 
torjjita-palidhvajadi-samasta-paramaisvaryya-chiuhasya Vinayaditya-Satyasra- 
ya-sri-prithivi-vallabha-maharajadhiraja-paramesvara-bhattrirakasya priyatma- 
jas saisava-evadhigataseshastra-sastro dakhinasa-vijayini pitamahe samunmu- 
lita-nikhila-kantaka-samhatir uttara-patha-vijigishor guror agrata evahava-vya- 
param acharanu arati-gaja-ghata-patana-visiryyamana-kripana-dharas samagra- 
vigrahagresaras susahasa-rasikah paraiimukhikrita-satru-mandalo Gaiiga- 
Yamuna-palidhvaja-pata-dhakka-maha-sabda-chinha-manikya-mataiigajadin pi- 
trisa.t-kui'rvan parair ppalayamanair asadya katham api vidhi-vasad apanito 
pratapad eva visha [///«] ya-prakopam arajakam utsarayan Vatsaraja ivana- 
pekshitapara-sahayakah tad-avagrahan uirggatya sva-bhujavashtambha-prasa- 
dhitasesha-visvambharah prabhur akhandita-sakti-trayatvat chhatru-mada-bhan- 
janatvad udaratvan niravadyatvad yas samasta-hhuvanasrayas sakala-paramai- 
svaryya-vyakti-hetu-palidlivajady - uj vala - prajya - rajyo Vijay aditya-Satyasraya- 
sri-prithivi - vallabha-maliarajadbiraja - paramesvara-bhattarakasya priya-putras 
jata-mahotsahah atma-vamsaja-purvva-uripati-chhayapaharinah prakrity-ami- 
trasya Pallavasya samul6nmiila[ii/6]naya krita-matir ati-tvaraya Tundaka- 
vishayam prfipyabhimukhagata-Nandipotavarmmabhidhanam Paliavam rana- 
mukhe samprahritya *prapalasya katu mukha-vaditra-samudraghoshabhidhana- 
vadya-visesban khatvaiiga-dhvaja- prabhuta -prakhyata -hasti-varan sva-kirana- 
nikara-vikasa-nir§,krita-timirarii manikya-rasiii cha haste-kritya Kalasabhava- 
nilaya-harid-angauaiichita-kahchiyamanarii Kanchini avinasya pravisya satata- 
pravritta-dananandita-dvija-dinauatha-jano Narasiriihapotavarmma-nirmmapita- 
silamaya - Rajasiriihesvaradi - deva-kuja-suvaruua-rasi-pratyarppanoparjjitarjjita- 
[/Frt] bhriti- rajauyakah kshubhita-kari - makara-kara-hata-dalita-suktimukta- 
muktaphala-prakara-maiichi-jala-vilasita-velakule Gluuunamanarunobhidhane 

♦ P«rhaps a mistake for prapaldyya. 

Kolar Taluq. 17 

ilakshinarnnave sarad-amala - sasadhara - visada -yaso-rasimayam jaya-stambham 

atishthipad Vikramaditya-Satyasraya-sri-prithivi-vallabha-maharajadhiraja- 

paramesvara-bhattarakasya priya-sunur balye susikshita-sastra-sastras satru- 

shad-vargga-nigraha-paras sva-guna-kalapanandita-hridayena pitra samarOpita- 

yauvarajyah sva-kula-vairinam Kafichi-pater nigrahaya mam preshaya ity- 

adesani prarthya habdhva tad-anantaram eva krita-prayanas sann abhimukham 

agatya prakasa-yuddhaiii kartura asamarttharh pravishta-durggam Pallavam 

bhagna-saktim kritva matta-mataiigaja-manilvya-suvarnna-kotir adaya pitre sa- 

marpitava[iF6]n evaih kramena prapta-sarvvabhauma-padar pratapanuraga- 

vanata- saman ta - makuta - maht - rajar - punja - piiijarita - charana - sarasir[u]hash 

Kirttivarmma-Satyasraya-sri-prithivi - vallabha -maharajadhiraja- paramesvara- 

bhattarakas sarvvan evam ajnapayati viditam astu v6'smabhir nava-saptaty- 

uttara-shatchhateshu Saka-varsheshv atiteshu pravardhamana-vijaya-rajya-sam- 

vatsare ekadase varttamane Bhimarathi-nady-uttara-tatastha-Bhandoragavittage- 

nama-gramam adhivasati vijaya-skandhavare Bbadrapada-paurnamasyam sri- 

Dosi-raja-vijnapanaya Kamakayana-gotraya Rig-Yajur-vveda-paraga-sri-Vishnu- 

sarmmanar pautraya Krishnasarmmanar putraya Madhavasarmmane Panungal- 

vishaye Aradore-nadi-dakshina-tate Tamara[ 7a]muge-Panungal-Kiruvalli-BaIa- 

vuru-ity etesham gramanam madhye Nehgiyur-nNandivalli-sahitas Sulliyur- 

nnama gramo dattas tad agamibhir asmad-vamsyair anyais cha rajabhir ayur- 

aisvaryyadinam vilasitam achiramsu-chanchalam avagachhadbhir achandrar- 

ka-dhararnava-sthiti-sama-kalam yasas chichishubhis sva-datti-nirvvisesham 

paripalaniyam uktaii cha bhagavata veda-vyasena Vyasena 

bahubhir vvasudha bhukta rajabhis Sagaradibhih | 

yasya yasya yada bhumis tasya tasya tada phalam n 

svan datum sumahachchhakyaiii dushkham anyasya palanam | 

danam va palanam veti danachchhrey6'nupalanam n 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharaiii i 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimir n 

iti maha-sandhivigrahika-srimad-Anivarita-Dbananjaya-punya-vallabhasyalikhi- 
tam idaih sasanam i 

64 (his) 
At the same village, on a stone in the kodagi-garden. 

Sidarti-samvatsara-Pushya-ba 7 lu raja-sri Chatrapati-sahebara dinadalu raja- 
sri Yantaji-basale-subhedaru Mari-gavudage kotta kattukodige Daserahalli- 
vuru-mundana kere kattisidakke manya bola kha J gadde yi-kere-kelage kha 1 
yi-hola-gadde sarvamanyavagi kottu yidheve kerege mannu-kelasa kallu-kelasa- 
dinda channagi kattisikondu sukhadalu yihadu yandu katu-godage 


18 Kolar Tahq. 


At Garudanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the suragu-manya. 

subham astu Ananda-samvatsarada Sravana-baliula 5 llu narama i-ajyada siiii- 
hasauakke aptarada Pattada Guru-Nanje-devarige Sugutura Mummadi-Tamnia- 
ya-gaudaru sarvamanyavagi kotta Garudanahalli jaya-pura 


At Gollahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the suragu-manya. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya Salivahana-saka* ]540ne Bahudhanya-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-su 10 Sriraiiga-Deva-maharayaru ratna-siriihasanarudharagi prithvi- 
rajyam gaiyuttam iralu Sugatura Tammaya-gaudaru binnahade Virya. . .kara 
makalu Chikka-VirabhadrayyagekottaKolahala Tumbikunte •. . . . 


At Setti-Kottanuru (same hobli), on a stone in the netta-hunisemara-field. 

svasti sriman-maha-raandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada Yiuduraya-Suratrana bha- 
shige-tappuva-rayara ganda rajadhiraja paramesvara chatus-samudradhipati 
Harihara-Rayanu prithivi-rajyarii geyut-iralagi khandikara-rayara ganda Na- 
ganna-Vodeyarige ayur-arogyaisvaryabhivriddhi agabekendu Naganua-Vodeyara 
kuma-ra Dipanna-Vodeyarige yishta-kamyarttha-siddhi agabekeadu Nigirali- 
Chola-mandalada dakshina-Dvarapuri-pattana-vrikshasraya-sevitam appa Kolala 
nada maha-prabbugalu adhikari Sadaliya-Lakkarasappa-Muickkanna-jiyaru- 
Sorana-jiyaru-Yiri [gi]-settiyar-olagada-samasta-gavudu-prajegalu vobiyavagi 
vottara-pramanarii madiSakabda 1306 neyaRudhirodgari-sariivatsarada Magha- 
su 15 So soma-grahana-punya-kaladalli Kolala nada Haleya-Kottanura-gramada 
chatus-sime-volagada gadde beddalu tota tudike padavareyalu guyyalu nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashana-siddha-sadhya-akshina-agarai vurdhva-mukhavada vriksha 
adho-mukhavada bhavi asbta-bhoga-teja-svamya-sahitavagi dliara-purvakavagi 
a-chandrarka-sthayi agi ta 7 bageya madi ko.vuya hadinaru bhagiya vivara | 
ada-vritti 1 Vishnu-sthanake vritti 1 Sadaliya Nagarasara Lakkarasarige 
vritti 2 (siines gone) antu vritti IG 


At the same village, on a rock to the south-west. 

Prabhava-nania-sarii | Sravaua-bahula , , . Sugnturu-sammattu desa-kulakarni 
Vehkata-Ramayyanavaru kotta surugu-mauya ko gavuda 

* bo in the original. 

Kolar Taluq. 19 


At Chikkaiyur (sarae hobli), on Jara-bande. 

(Qrantha aniJ Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-puraDdarau Ganga-iiulorbhavan Kaveri-vallavan Nandigiri- 

nadan Uttama-Sola-Gangan ana Veda banan Nadeuril daur 

iiaiijai punjai nal-pal-ellaiyil padi inaivaraga vitten i-darumam mari-jna avan 
Garigai-karaiyil kural-p-pasuvai konra pavattil povan araraara illai 


At Harabi Kottanur (same hobli), on the walls of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-varushattu nahi,yirattu-nanurru-muppattoDrin.mel sellani- 
nra Pramadota-varushattu Vaigasi-madam 5 ti Tirigat-kilamaiyum Dvadasiyum 

Attamum perra Vira-Vallala-devar pradanaril Sirigaya-dennayakkar 

makkalil mauuma-Prasayittam Sedila.ka. ninra nal Kottanuril. . mma.setti 

ena erigal tamaiyanar-peral pi'atishthichcha Irukisvaram-udai ku . . . . 

. . . .kauiy-aga Kottanurku vada-purattil nan kathivitta Iruga-samuttiram 

erikkum kalanikkuni edirvakkum.ku kku ellaikku utpatta puiijai- 

nilamum Vinavanakiraiyil Ala-perungalani vidaippadi pattu-k-kulaga 

eriyile vidai pattu-k-kulaga-kalaniyum Palaiya-Kottanurile settiyar 

eriyile vidaippadi airigu pallattil eriyile airigulaga-kajaniyum Kuvalala- 

nattu adikari Pemmaiianum Kuvalala-nattavarum Mukkaii settiya- 

rum nalu-talattu stanikarum Mahesvararum Sevidapadiyil Mahesvararum 

Kaivarattu Vimasuram-u nattu stanikarum Mahesvarum Sripati-devar- 

nayinar koyil stanikarum Mahesvararum pratishta-kalattile mu udakam- 

paniii-k-kudutta padi pu sandiraditta-varai selluvad aga vitten Pemma- 

settiena Kaivara-nattu Kurukkimugaran eriyile vidaippadi pattu-kulaga-kala- 
niyum vitten in-nayanarai erigal nayanar Ulagukku-nuitta-nayanar maganar 
Sellappillaiyar Tirumudugunrattunrum vandu tiru-pratishtai pannugaiyil 
i-koyil kaniy-aga nayanar Sellappillaiyarrkum ivar tambiyar Tirumudugunram- 
udaiyarkum nayanar magal Nachchiyar magan Peramananukkum immuvark- 
kum Siva-p-Piramana-k-kaniyum pansa-Saivachariyaraum marrum epperp- 
padanavum udaka-purvam aga sandiraditta-varai selluvad aga vitten Pemmi- 
settiena in-nayanarkum padinettu samaiyam vaittu kudutta pattana-p-pagudi 
anaikku pattu panamum kudiraikku oru panamum selaikku irandu kasum 
pakku-podi onrukku narpadu pakkum milagu-podi onrukku alakkum verrilai- 
podikku oru kavaligaiyura uppu-podi onrukku alakkum tavasa-podi onrukku 
uriyum adimai onrukku kasu irandu pachchavadattu irandu ka.sum selaikku 
5 kasum marru ujavaiyum nayanarku kudutom i-tanmattukku leriganam- 
panninavan Gemgai-k-karaiyil kural-p-pasuvai koD.ra pavattile povan 

20 Kolar Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha^and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri-manu-maha-patta-viyapari ubaya-nana desikku mukkiyam ana Pammi- 
settiyar tangal tamayanar Irugi-settiyar Sukla-varshattu Margali-madam 21 ti 
Siva-loka-prapti pannugaiyil Pramodfita-varshattu Vaigasi-madam Siva-linga- 
pratishthaiyum pannuvittukoyilum-ediippittu eriyun-gattivittu Nadavagira-k-Ku 
varapa-kuttan magan madapattiyan-jeyyum Pammananukku dhara-purvam 
aga udakapanni kudutten madapattiyattukku Iruga-samuttirattile. .p-padin- 
kulaga-kalani sandirtlditta-varai nadakka kadavadu it-tanmattai marriuavan 
Gengai kura-p-pasuvai-k-konran 


On the basement of tbe same temple. 

svasti sri Sakabda 1327 neya mele saluva Partthiva-sariivatsarada Jeshta-ba 1 
Bu sriman-maha-vadda-byavahari ubhaya-Nana-desiyargge maha-prabhu-mu- 
khyar appa Yirige-settiyara makkal Yirigi-settiyaru Yirugesvara-devara Sivalya 
jirnnavag iralagi Tendatta sri-Mulasthana-devara sthanikaru Kappagavatta 
Nandiyappa-Bami-jiya-Chamana yivaru-volagadavaringe a-Yirugesvara-devara 
Sivalya jirunoddharavanu avare madidavar agi a-devarige saluvanta kshetra- 

vanu a-devara piije-punaskara yallavanu madikombiri. . bhagadalli 

uUantha-kshetra-ellavanu nimage nadasi bahevu i-dharmma chandradityavara 
end endigu nadadu sukhadirii yihudu endu sila-liptavagi kottevu 


At the same village, on a rock to the west of the Virabhadra temple. 

svasti sri Sakabda 1325 neya Tarana-sariivatsara-Jeshta-su 1 So-lii sri vira- 
Harihara-maharayaru rajyarii geyuvalli sriman-maha-vadda-byavahari ubhaya- 
Nilna-desiyarge maha-prabliu-mukbyar appa Yirigi-settiyara makkalu Yirigi- 
settiyaru Virabhadra-devara Sivalyavanu madisi a-Virabhadra-devara amrita- 
padige kottanta kshetra Benavangereya kelage gadde khaiii ^ (here foiiow detaiis 
of gift) antu gadde yikkanduga hoia hadimii-galavanu kottev a-V^^irabha- 
dra-devara stanavanu Adinatha-vodeyarige dhara-piirvavagi yeredeu a-devara 
puje-punaskaravanu maduvaru yi-dharmma a-chandrarkka-stayiyagi kottev yi- 
dharramakke ar ajupidaru Gangeya tadiyal abaleya konda piipadali hoharu 
mangala maha sri 

Kolar Taluq. 2 1 


At Holerahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Chandakka's fleld, 

svcasti sri vijayahliyiidaya Salivahana-saka-[varslian]ga!u 16o3ne Khara-nama- 
saravatsai"a-Magha-su 15 Ra Patapannaha subhedaru Lajaphara Bijapura-sam- 
matu Haveli-paragane K(51ahara saraka Karuataka Aliyakhanu-sahebaru 
sannu 1121 lu Vakaleri Tamnianna-komara Bayichannage netra-godige palisida 
vivara yi-Bayichnnanu svami-karyada mele bandu nirvahisi antarisida-karana 
sahebaravaru tamma karakunaru phavujada Karokabegu-Vobayya-Samana- 
sahebaru Vakkaleri Devanna yivarige netra-godigeyagi vondu grama kododii 
yandu appane agalagi yivaru Kolala-rajadhanige saluva Haveli taraphu Vakka- 
leri-valagana-Holerahalli-grama 1 ndu netra-godigege bittu yi-gramakke saluva 
yale-chatus-sime-valagana nidhi-nikshepa-akshina-agami-jala-taru-pashana- 
siddha-sadhyarigal emba ashta-bhoga-teja-svamyarigalannu achandrarka-stayi- 
yagi nimma putra-pavutra-paramparyavannu sarvvamanyavagi anubhvisi 
sukhadallu yihadu yandu hakisi kotta sila-sasana 


On Kendatti Hill (same hobli), on the basement of the Chandramall^avara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaotei'9.) 

svasti sri pu maruviya polil elu Rajaraja-devakku yandu elavadu Karijipura- 
paramesvaran Mukkarasar Kaduvettiyan Rajendra-Sola-Palvaradittanena Niga- 
rili-Sola-mandalattu Kuvalala-nattu Surur Vira-sri-tiru-malaiyil Somisvaram- 
udaiya Mahadeva-koyil eduppichchu Mahadevakkum pala-padi-nimandakkarkum 
Purakuttaiyai devadanam aga vitten it-dharmam yirakkinan Garigai-k-karaiyil 
kui-al-pasu-k-konran Brahmavatti-paduvan yidukku kadavan Udaiyabattar 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anil Taniil charaoterB.) 

svasti sri Kuvalalapura-paraniesvaran Gari[ga]-kuI6rbavan Kaveri-vallavan 
Nandi-giri-nadan Uttama-S61a-k-Kan[ga]nana Vedummarabana ena Sururil 
Somisvaram-udaiya-nayanarku devadanattukku nilavari avichchu-p-patta 
valapana manaipanam epporpatta varivu vitto ittai larikhanam-panninavan 
Gangai-karaiyil k-kurar-pasuvai vadhichcha Brahmahattiyile viluvan it-tanmam 
sandiradittavarai sela-k-kadavadu pala-Mahesvara-rakshai 

22 Kolar Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tainil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Kuvalalapura[ra]-paramesvaran Ganga-kulodbhavaa Kaveri-vallabhan 
Nancligiri-nathan Uttama-S61a-k-Kangan magan Vikkirama-Ganganum eii pra- 
dhanarar Sananadal van Komuttan ana Talaisiya-rajanum avan tambi Vimau ana 
Gaugada-rayanum im-muv6mum Rodri-sariivatsarattu Taiy-masattu-k-Kuvajala 
nattu-ch-Chiiruril malai-raelir-Chomisvaram-udaiya-nayanarku-ch-chen-ner-padi 
kku en pattau pode devadanam ay varugira Purakkuttai-k-kil-nihtttulle sri- 
Mulastanam-udaiyarkku-ch-chen-ner-padikku. ga-k-kalani elu kandagamum 
narrukkal nilan-gandagaraum aga nilam ettu-k-kandagamum nikki allada nila- 
nium eriyum en piittan pode kaniyalau ay varugira Siva-Rralimanan Haritava- 
gotrattu Bahudhanya-siitrattu-p-Ponnabattanukku-k-kaniy aga-ch-Churur-p- 
parril Pallavakattil udaiyar Sri-Kai[yi]lasam-udaiya-nriyanarku-ch-chen-ner- 
padikku devar Gangapperumal podu ningina nilam Vandarpa.nal kalani aru- 
kandagamum vada-parril Mudugiraiyil Vimisvaram-udaiyarkku-ch-chen-ner- 
padikku Mudugiraiyil niiigina kalani aru-kantlagamum devadanara aga vittom 
en pradhanaril Talaisiya-rayanum Virudar-kovan ana Gangada-rayanura sila- 
legai it-taumam irakkuvar Gangaiyir-kurar-pasuvai-k-konrar pavattile vilu- 
var aramaravarku aram alladu tunaiy illai tila-sarshapa-matrena devasvam 
bhakshaye nara narakanata vartateyavat-chandra-divakarau sri-pan-Mahesvara- 


At the same village, on a virakal in Nanje-gauda's field. 
svasti sriman-Kongoni-Muttarasarkku ip patta-arane-varsh a Du . . . puli n6di 
aptada vakkilul sagu. . .nede eladu vildo 


At Madivaja (same hobli), on a stone near the pond of the Mvllesvara temple. 
svasti Nitimargga-Kongonivarmma-dharrama-maharajadhiraja paramesvara 
Nandagiri-natha Kovalalapura-varesvara srimat-Permmanadigal Gangavadi- 
tombhattaru-sasirama pratipalisi prithuvi-rajayaui geye 1 svasti samadhigata- 
paiTcha raaha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha Pallava-kola-tilaka sri- 
Nolambadhirajam Gaiiga-aru-sasiravuman aluttire Nolambadhirajara besadirii 
svasty-aneka-gun6 satya-sancha-silachara-sampanna Bengadanatha-srima[t] 
Pompallam-Odeyara urgge padiyol oddi Banarasarul kadi palaran iridu bildu 
bira-lokam eyditla adakke mechchi Nolambadhirajara binuapadinda Nitimargga- 
Permmanadigaju Nolambadliirajaru Siiruraui balgarchchu gottar Gaiigara- 

Kolar Tiduq. 23 

Nolambara okkal a-chandra-tarakam arsu geyvannegaiii i-dattiyam Pompalla- 
vengadara okkalge salipo satyamanta idan alivo Baranasi alida pancha-maha- 
patakan akkum 


On the left entrance of the same temple. 
svasti sri Sakabda 1306neya saiiivatsarada mele saluva Raktakshi-saiiivatsarada 
Bhadrapada-su 3 lu svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege- 
tappuva-rayara ganda sri-vira-Bukkanna-Vodeyara kumara rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara Harihara-maharayaru prithuvi-rajyaih maduvalli srimatu kanti- 
kara-rayara-ganda Naganna-Vodeyara kumara Debanna-Vodeyarige ayur-aro- 
gya-aisvarya-abhivriddhi-sakala-sararajya ilgabekendu avara maneya adhikari 
Sadaliya Lakkarasara Nikarili-ChOla-mandalada Kolala-nada-prabhugalu Mum- 
kanna-jiya Sonna-gavunda Yirigi-settiyaru Tendatta sri-Kayilasavada sri-Mula- 
sthana-devarige amritapadi-anga-rahga-bhogakke yi-K61ala-nada Chikka-Hayu- 
rige saluva iirdhva-mukhavada vrikshangalu adho-mukhavagidda bhavigalu 
akshini-aganii-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-sahitavagi sri-Miilasthana-devarige 
kotta-darmma i-darmmakke aru tappidaru Gahgeya tadiyali kapileya konda- 
papadali hoharu sri mahgala maha sri 


To the right of the same doorway. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1315 mel Bhava-samvatsarattu Ani-raadam 25 ti 
Tendaftu-Madaivilagattil sri-Mulastanam-udaiyar kovilil sthanattaril Kasyapa- 
gotrattil Miidavabattar pijlaigal nayinar Madavabattar Nachchiyappan Karaa- 
nan Ponni-p-pillaiy-ullittarora eiigalil-ch-chammadittu Sfiriiru-ch-Chomisuram- 
udaiyar kovilil sthanattaril Haritapa-gotrattil Samandabattar magan Siru-ch- 
Chomananukku nahgal kshetram virra pacli ehgal tarapurvani ana sri-MuIa- 
sthanam-udaiyar devadanattil ehgal pangu inda stanattil edam vonrum idil ulla 
manai manai-i3-padaimbu go-pracharam agami go-bhu-hiranyridi vastra-tana 
grama-tataka-uidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashanam nanjai puhjai nar-p-pal-ellaiyuni kil 
Dokkiya kinaru mel nokkiya marahgalum surrulla pidagaigaluin bhuta-vatta- 
mana-bhavishya-kalaiigalil nadakkum svamyaugalum epperppatta sakala-samu- 
dayahgalum ulpada nahgal ivarkku darapurvam aga-p-ponn ara-k-kondu mann- 
ara-k-kuduttom sandiradittiya-varai sella-k-kadavadu 


On the basement of the same temple. 

(Giantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri kalattu Siddhatti-saihvatsarattu Vaigasi-masani 5 tiyadi svasti 

sriman-mahamandalesvara maleraja-raja maleprabhu-ganda chatu-samudradhi- 

24 Kolar Taluq. 

patiy-ay ulla sri-Vira-Vallala-devar pritbuvi-rajyam-pannanirka svasti[sti] srt 
vatta-viyapari ubeya-nana-desiyarku mukkiyar ana Kolliyadipan Uppanelli-pura- 
varadisvaran Nadavar-adityan Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kolala-nattu nattu- 
nayagafijeyvar Irugi-settiyar Kolala-uattu Kottauiir-kil Teudattu-Madaivilagattil 
sri-Kailasam ana sri-Mulastauam-udaiyar koyil eduttu inda Madaivilagattukku- 
cli-cbelluiT-jiilakkallukkul chatus-simaiyum Manguttai Tattan-kuttai Purakuttai- 
yil niunril oru pangu Arakkirayil kandagamKottanuril Vi. .ngiraiyil iru-kanda- 
gam kalani inda kshetrattukku udaiyavargal Malliyiiril Kasyapa-gotrattil 
Maniyabattar pillaigal Periya Karpakabattar Siru-Ka.rpakab:ittar iruvarkum 
nalattonru Kasyapa-gotrattii Keralabbattar Kausya-gotrattil Kanakasvabhapati- 
alvar magau Mulastlianam-udaiyarku udakam-vattu kudutta kshetram nalat- 
tonru Prajapati-varushattu Kattigai-masattil Kasiya-gotrattii Palabattar 

magan Sami-nayan Haritava-gotrattil Nachchabattar maga Tiru. mu- 

maiya nayanarku. .lum. .trattil kani ena pagurri ulladu ivarku nan udakam- 
panni kuduttom Nayiuar Nallappan Somana im-miivarum paguud-unna kada- 


On the left wall of the same temple. 

svasti sri Kali-varuslui 4518 Sakabda 1339 neya mele saluva Hevilambi-sam- 
vatsarada Ashadha-su 1 So sriman-nialiar.ajadhiraja raj.a-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa-Deva Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyava maduvalli sriman-maha-pradha- 
na-Naganna-danuayakara nirupadim Bayacheya-danu.ayakara kaladallu sriman- 
maha-savantadhipati-Hebbare-nayakara Appaya-nayakaru srimatu Kolala-nada- 
prabbu-Mukkanna-jiya-Sonna-gaunda-Yirigi-settiyaru svasti sri abhinava-Kaila- 
savada Tendatti-Madivalada sri-Mulastliana-devarige sriman-maha-prabhu- 
Yirigi-settiyara makkalu Bayiri-settiyaru kotta-dharmma-sasanada kramav 
entendare Nikarili-Chola-mandalavada Kolala-nada Tendatti-samipada Madiva- 
lavanu a-Madavalakke saluvanta gadde-beddalu-tota-tudake-vitalu-ayalu-guyalu 
akshina-agami-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-vriksha-bhavigalu-sahita a-Madava- 
lavanu. sarvamanyavagi sri-Mulasthana-devarige anga-ranga-bhoga-amritapadi- 
vaibhavakke dhara-piirvakadim a-chandrarkka-stbayiyagi kottevu (uauai finai 



At the same place. 

subham astu sri vijayabhyudaya Salivahana-saka-varusha 1466 neya Krodhi- 
samvatsarada Si-avana-suddha I5lu sriman-maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa-Sadasiva-De va - Raya - raaharayaru prithvi - r.ajyam geutam yiralu 
avara palana 

Kolar Taluq. 25 


At Pemmalettihalli (same hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 

Sidharti-nama-sariivatsara-Sravana-ba 5 Bhanuvara namma vajiratanada 
sime . hasina Saradara-Khanaravaru Kottanilra dalavayi Vire-gaudana komara 
Liuge-gaudanige Pemraasetiballi-grama sarvamanya kottadu sasana-patra Sali- 
vahana-saka 1661 ralu putra-paramparya anubbavisodu 


At the same place. 

(Telugu characters.) 

srimate Ramanujaya namah Visu-sariivatsaraiii ]2yalu sriman-Nalan-chakra- 
varti Venkatacharyulayyavariki Sriraiiga-Rayaluvaru Pemmisettihalli-gramarii 
dhara-purvakanga yichitimi sila-sasanarii sri 


At Sfllfir (same hobli), on a rock called Kajigunte-bande. 
Bilambi-samvacharadali Somavaradali Basetiya komara Bayire-Setiyaru Lakimi- 
bavina Jambukadi-Mappanakaru Kasmira sri-Sargaki-vodala-Sataya-Depayyage 
punyavagi bhumi-danava yidana vadeyava 


At the same village, on a stone in the north-east. 
Raktakshi-sariivatsara-Ashadha-sudda. .-rallu srimatu Kottanura-dalavayi Bha- 
dre-gaudana kere kattukodige-hola kham ayigu || 


On copper plates in possession of the syanabhoga of Narasapura. 
(i 6) svastijitambhagavatagata-g[h]ana-gag(h)anabhena Padmanabhena srimaj- 
Jahnaveya-kulamala-vyomavabbasana-bhaskarah sva-khadgaika-prahara-khan- 
dita-maha-sila-stambha-labdha-bala-parakramo darunari-gana-vidaranopala- 
bdha-vrana-vibhushana- vibhushitah K(h)anvayana-sa-gotrah srimat - Koriguni- 
varmma-dharmma-mahadhirajah tasya putrali pitur anvagata-guna-yukto 
vidya-vinaya- (vinay a)vibita-vrittas samyak- praja-palana - matradhigata - rajya- 
pra(i/ a)y6jan6 vidvat-kavi-kancbana-nikashopala-bhiito niti-sastrasya vaktri- 
pray6ktri-kusal6 Dattaka-siitra-vritteh praneta sriman Madhava-mabadhirajah 
tat-putrali pitri-paitamaha-guna-yukt6'neka-chaturddanta -yuddhavapta- 
chatur-udadhi-salilasvadita- yasah srimadd-Harivarmma-mahadhirajah tat- 

26 Kolar Taluq. 

putro dvija-guru-devata-pujana-paro Narayana-charananudhyatah srimad- 
Vishnugopa - niahridhirajah tat - putrah Tryambaka-charanambho [ru] ha-rajah- 
pavitrikritottamahgah sva-bhuja-bala-parakrama-kraya-krita-rajyah Kali- 
yu {II &)ga-bala-pahkavasanna- (d)dharmma- vrishoddharana-nitya-sannaddhali 
sriman Madhava-mahadhirajah tat-putrah Kadamba-kula-gagana-gabhasti- 
maliaah Krishnavarmma-mahadhirajasya priya-bhagineyo vidya-vinayatisaya- 
paripiiritantariitma niravagraba-pradhana-sauryyo vidvatsu prathama-ganya[h] 
sriman Kohguni-niahadhirajah Avinita-nama tat-putro vijrimbhamana-sakti- 
trayah Andari-Alattur-pPorulare-Pelnagarady-aueka-s(h)amara-mukha-makha- 
hu ta - prahata - siira-purusha - pasiipahara - vighasa - vihastikrita-Kritautagni-mu- 
khah Kiratarjjuniya-pahchada(JJi" a)sa-sargga-tikakaro Durvvinita-namadheyas 
tasya putro durddanta-vimardda-vimridita-visvambharadhipa-mauli-mala-maka- 
randa-puhja-pihjarikriyamana-charana-yugala-nalino Mushkara-namadheyah 
tasya putrah chaturddasa-vidyilsthanadhigama-vimalamatih viseshato'nava- 
sesbasya niti-sastra-vaktri-prayoktri-kusalo ripu-timira-nikara-nirakaranodaya- 
bhaskarah Srivikrama-prathama-namadheyah tasya putrah aneka-samara- 
vijaya -lakshana-lakshmikrita-visala-vakshasthalah samadhigata-sakala-sa- 
strarttha-tatvah samaradhita-trivarggo niravadya-charitah pratidinam abhi- 
varddhamaua-prabhavo Bhuvikrama-namadhe(JJJ ^)yah api cha n 
dharasvada-pramatta-dvipa-sata-charana-kshoda-sammardda-bhime | 
sahgrame Pallaveudran narapatim ajayad yo Vilandabhidhaue 
raja Srivallabhakhyas samara-sata-jayavapta-lakshmi-vilasah n 
tasyanujo nata-nareudra-kirita-koti- 
ratnarkka-didhiti-virajita-pada-padma[h] | 
Lakshmya svayaih-vrita-patir nNava-Kama-nama 
sishta-priy6'ri-gana-darana-gita-kirttih n 
tasya Kougani-maharajasya Sivamarapara-namadheyasya pautrah samavanata- 
samasta- samanta - makuta - tata - ghatita - bahala- ratna - vilasad- amara-dhanuh- 
khanda - mandita - charaua - uakha - mandalo Narayana - charana -{IV a)nihita- 
bhaktih sura-purusha-turaga-nara-varana-ghata-sahghatta-daruna-samara-sirasi 
nibitatma-kopo bhima-kopah prakata-rati-samaya-samanuvarttana-chatura- 
yuvati-jana-loka-dhurtto loka-dhurttah su-durddharaneka-yuddha-murdhni 
labdha-vijaya-sampad ahita-gaja-ghata-kesari raja-kesari | api cha i 
yo Gahganvaya-nirmmalambara-tala-vyabhasaua-prollasa[n]- 
marttand6'ri-bhayahkaras subha-karah san-margga-rakshakarah | 
saurajyam samupetya raja-samitau rajan gunair uttamaih 
raja Sripurushas chiraiii vijayate rajanya-chu(JT' ?;)damanih || 
Kamo ramasu chape Dasaratha-tanayo vikrame Yamadagnyah 
prajyaisvaryye lialarir bahu-mahasi ravis s[v]a-prabhutve Dhanesah | 

Kolar Taltiq. 27 

bliiiyo vikliyata-saktili spliiitataram ak[h]ila-pranabhajam vidliata 

Dhatra srishta-prajanam patir iti kavayo yaih prasariisanti nityaiii | 
sa tii prati-dinaiii pravritta-inaha-dana-janita-punyaha-mukiiarikrita-mandiro- 
darah Sripurusha-prathama-namadheyah Prithivi-Koiigani-maharajali tat-putrah 
pratapa - vinamita - sakala - niahipal a - maiili - mala- lalita - charanaraviuda-yugalo 
nija-bhuja-virajita-nisita (Stu piate is missing) 
{VI a)kritah n api cha 

*jatanam saiighatair iha bhuvi kritonyiina-vipadarii 

kalanarii kshodo budha-jana-hito . . naya-parah | 

gunanarii suddhanam api niyatam utpatti-bhavanarii 

nripanarii neta yah kavir iti matali kavya-kusalah || 
guru-charana-sar6ja-vinamana(h) - pavitrikritottamaiigali Mudugundiir- nnama- 
Vallabha-sainya-vijaya-vikhyata-prabhiivali sri-Sivamara-Devah | tasya bhrata 

tasmad abhiit suta-varo jagato hitaya 

tejo-hatanya-timiro nuta-Rajamallah | 


rajambudher iva sasi sakalarii gatoghah n 
sri-Rajama^^F/ 6)l]a-dvitiya-nama Satyavakyo tat-putrah api cha 

*cbap6nmukta-sarotkaraugha-varshe chandasi-vidyut-tato 

kopoddama-gajendra-nila-jalade rakta-pravahe sane | 

bhime yudda-ghanagame haya-maha-vate ripuu urjitarii 

raja Ramadu-namni yas samajaya rajagrani lilaya || 
sri-Nitimargga[s] tat-putrah api cha | 

tasyabhiid balya eva kshiti-bharana-saho yauvarajya-prapannah 

putras sri-Rajamallas sasi-visada-yaso-ruddha-dik-chakravalah n 

Lakshmya svechchha-vritatvat patir akhila-dhara-mandalasya pratapa(h)- 

pradhvastarati-varggas sakala-guna-nidhir vvandinarii kalpa-vrikshah || 
sri-Satyavakya-Pe(FJ7 rt)rmmanadigal prithivi-rajyarii geye Sakubdam entu- 
nura irppatta-nalkaneya Phalguua-masada sukla-pakshada panchami-dinarii 
Budhavararii Rohini-nakshatrani age udaka-piirvvakarii dattarii | Kamungareya 
Kadahura-bhatara-sisbyar Uttanindipuri-mandala-bhatarara sishyantiyar 
kKamurigare-kantiyargge Polmada Hadade-uandakara magan Ayyammade- 
uandakara magarii Tenandaka-g;ideyara Kannamangaladol vasadi madisi a- 
basadige kotta mannu basadiya paduvaiia ele-dontamurir paduvana-toreya 
Miidaganeya posa-dontamum kereya kelage tembelattapalla-kalani mti- 
ganduga-vede n Sottiyiir-Ereyama(F/7 /^) Dammayyaua maga Srivarmmayya 
Kannamangaladol basadi madisi .... kotta mannu basadiya poragana pittil 

*8o in the original. 


28 Kolar Taluq. 

dontamum *tembaladolu engola-vede Elenomme-Divyaya magam Ayyapanam- 
nieyana kotta niannu basadige paduvana tenga-tontamuria temvoladol ualgola- 
vede palla-kalani 

sarvvan etan bhavinah partthivendran 

bhiiyo bhiiyo yachate Rama-devah | 

samany6'yarii dharmma- setur nripanarii 

kale kale palaniyo bhavadbhih n 


At the same village, on the wall of the Banesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

Sakarai-yiindu 99 . svasti sri K6-v-Irrijakesari-pammarana sakkiravattigal sri- 
Kulottunga-Sola-devarkka yandu ejavadu Nigarili-Sola-maiidalattu Kaivara- 
nattu Velliyiir ana Jananata-ch-chatuppedi-maiigalattu Kumaraadai Kattamai- 
yanna Iru. .di-S61a-Mayalatti Velliyiir-t-toru mittu iir aliyamai kattu sva- 
ggastar anar avar magan Kettirapalanau Irumudi-Sola-Mayalatti kal nirutti- 
nan Kuvallala sala 


At Bellfir (Narasapura hobli), at the doorway of the Kanvesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-irunurru-orupatt-ouru senra Kaliyuga-varusha 
ualayarattu-munurru-tonniiru sera nal sarvabhiima-chakravatti sri-P6sala-vira- 
Ramauada-devarkku yandu mudu-nalavattu Sarvadhari-varushattu Kattigai- 
masam mudal svasti sri-Bhujabala-Vira-Narayanau Toyyakura-nattu-mandala- 
kan Annan-aukakara ualergandan S6mana-devar magan Gangadarena Velli- 
yur ana sri-Vishnuvaddhana-chaturvedi-mangalattu sri-Kailasam-aua Tiru-k- 
Kambisvaram-udaiya nayanarkkum sri-Miilastanam-udaiyarkkum uchchi- 
samddhi amudupadi nali arisi amudu-sevvippadaga Kaivara-nattu Ambadakki 
pangu kallu Velliyiirille onna .diyal ulla yirai antarayamum sarvamaniya- 
uuim udaiyarkku vittom k-Kaiigadaraneua 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters ) 

hita srimau-mahamandalesvara Tribhuvanamalla Talaikkadu 

Koiigu Naiigaliy-Uchchangi Vanavasi Panuiigal Pejvalaii-gonda Bhujabala- 

*8o in the original. 

Kolar Tahiq. 29 

Vira-Gariga-pratapa sri-Narasiriiha-Posajisvara pritevi-rajyam-panni arulanirka 
Sarvajit-sariivatsarattu Aili-mmusattu irubattelan-tiyadiy-ana Nayairu-k-kila- 
mai nal Kaiyva. 


At Bellur (Narasapura hobli), on a stone at the entrance of the Kanvesvara temple. 
Saka-varusba 1328 mele Vyaya-samvatsara-Margasira-su 15 Guruvarayandu 
soma-grahana-punya-kaladali sriman-maha-pradhana Bommanna-dannayakara 
kumara Deva-Rayara dharma-nirupadirii sri-Visbnuvardhana-chaturvedimariga- 
lavada Bellura Somaya-devarige ariga-rariga-bboga-amrita-padige Kannara- 
Deva-Rayaru kotta Bellura sthalada Bayilanakunte emba halli a-Deva-Rayaru 
bitta Sujilahalliyauu i-yarad-urige saluva chatus-simeyanu gadde-beddalu-tota- 
tudike - nidhi-nikshepa - jala-pashana - aksbini - agami-m u n tagi asbta-bboga - teja- 
svamyavanu dhara-piirvakavagi a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi bittaru a-nirupadirii 
Duli-Nidivaraniyara maga Malideviraniyaru a-simeya devara stbanikadalu 
stbanikara mane-modalada madavalike salu. .raya-kanike surika teravalike 
saha sarvama. .a-devara galu teruva vibhtiti 


On the basement of the same temple. 

(Grantlia and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Posala-vira-Ramannata-devaruku yanddu muppatt-irandavadu Vyaya- 
sariivasarattu Margali-masattu Velliyyur ana sri-Vishnuvaddbana-cb-cbaturvedi- 
marigallattu sri-Kailasam (sam)-udaiyyarkkum sri-MuIastanam-udaiyarkum 

Aiyan-arikakara tudaratta Savasi-nayan maga nna Garigaperumal- 

enna iv-uril ennopadil Kailasam-udaiyarkum sri-Miilastana-udaiyarku 

dhanam viten vitta iraiyaiy marinagavanagal g-Gamkai-karai kura-pasuvai 
korana pavatile povan 


At the same place. 

(Grantlia nnd Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Irajarajapurattu Kurukkaiy-udaiyar magalai.chcha.kettara-vittal 
Ponnandal ik-koyir-palliyirai-Nachchiyarai ugandarulavittu tiru-kalliyanam- 
pannuvittu amudu-padi nitta . naliy-arisiyal selvadagaum Parigini-Uttiram 
grama-pradakshanam elundaru 


On the basement of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarva-bhuvana-sakavattigaj Posala-vira-Ramanata-devarku yandu 
muppat-onravadu Tarana-varusattu Margili-madam arijan-tiyadi Velliyiir h 

30 Kolar Taliiq. 

sri-Vishnuvaddhana-saturvedi-manalattu nayanar Vavanda-perumalukku Tokka- 
rai-saniyena tiru-vilakkuy udal iiga vitta kuli ararai araraiyum kulakkaraiyir- 

k-kalukku kilakku kku merku Irayurargalukku terku sandraditya- 

varai sella kadavad-aga vitten Nedungal-eri kile Villiyarukku iru-kandaga-k- 
kalani sandraditya-varai sella-kadavadu Adittagondan-eri vadakudaiile elu- 
kulagam Nellikirai Sfimandai kudangai padinain-gulagamum Valavanda-peru- 
malukku marrinavan Gengaiy-karaiil kural-pasuvai konradai kadavan 


At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil charaotere.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-orunurruy-irubadu-onru senra nal Kaliyugam 

nalayirattu sarva-bhuvana-sakkaravatti sri-Poysala- vira-Rama- 

natha Sarvadhari-varusham Kattigai-madam sri-Bhujabala-Vira- 

nukku nattu raandalika Anna tiru-amudu-padikk-udal-aga 

Ambadakkikku ivv-urille di munru tori iv-ura in- 

nayanar Valavauda-perumalukku tiru-amudu-padikkum aga vitten 

inda dhammattai karaiyil kural-pasuvai konran pattudu padu- 

vargal u 

100 (') 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srimanu-mahamandalesvara Tripuvauamalla Talaikkadu Kongu 
Naugili Gahgapadi Nulambapadi Uchchangi Vanavasi Panuhgal konda 
Bhujabala-ViraGauga Jaganekamalla sri-Narasimha-Poysala-devan prativi- 
rajjyam-panuiy-arulanirka Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kaiyvara-nattu Velliyiir- 
ana sri-Vishnuvatdhana-.satuppedi-maugalattu Tigupelikoyihxn si-Narasihga- 

Vinnagara n vitta vritti ouru sabaiyar vitta vritti onru Madeva-setti 

kondu vitta vritti onru ivv-iir Bliagasuvami Perayiram-udaiyan-bhattan 
Brahmani Alvanangai-saui Vennaikkamayaruliya-v-Emberumanukku tiru-i>padi- 
marrukku vitta vritti arai iv-vritti araiyum Srimuka-sariivatsarattu Sittirai- 
madattil tiru-p-Punarpusatti-nal kuduttadu idil ivv-Alvanaiigai-sani kudutta 
ivv-arai-bhagamum Bhava-sania . ttile Periyapillai saunidhiyile sri-Vaishnavar- 
oduiiguda ival kolundan 


100 (&) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactcrs.) 

svasti .sri Sakabdam 1302kku mel sellaninra Raudri-varusham Arpasi-madam 
13 tiyadi svasti sri Vcl! sri-Vishnuvaddhana-saturvcdi-mahgalattu 

Kolar Taluq. . 31 

perumat Valavanda-perumaj kovilil nambimar Valavanda-perumal Periya- 
perumal Siugar ullittar ivv-uril Sivappansari Nallapillai magan Mandala- 
purusarukku ik-kOvilil tiru-p-pani-nimittam-aga-k-kOttiram periya-eri Kesa- 
vapillai-t-talaiyittu Odaiyar-pallattukku-t-terkku Senbekayanukku terkku koUai- 
yum..Iai manaigalil melaiy-agamum sarvaman iyam-aga udakam-p-panni-k- 
kuduttom sandiraditta-varai sella-k-kadavadu idukku alla enravan kural- 
pasuvaiy-k-konran-aga kadavan 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anJ Tamil characters.) 

svasti samasta-vijaya-prasasti-sabitar-ana sriman-maba-mandalesvara bariraya- 
vibbata bbasbakku tappuva rayara ganda ubbaya-samudradbipati sri-vira- 
Bukkanna-udaiyar kumarar Kampanna-udaiyar pritbivi-rajyam-pannanirkka 
ivar aramanaikku sarva-nirvabakan Abbauga-Garuda-Narayana-Cbakrakola- 
vijaya-cbudamani Duggannan Sakabdam 1284 kku mel sellanJDra Sobbakrit- 
varusbattu Ani-masattu purva-paksbattu Uttirattadiyum Ve]Ii-(ki)kiJ_amaiyum 
Dvadasiyum perra nal Velliyur-aua sri-Vishnuvaddbanas-cbaturvedi-mamkalattu 

perumal Valavanda-perumalukku iuda Velliyfir stba naiijai punjai 

nal-p-parkk-ellaiyill ullanuvum mel-pon stavara makka-tirai im sakkirai 

kku piirvayam apurvayam ulladuvum marrum epperppatta pala-varivum ulliir- 
p-pulattil ulla prapti nanjai punjai nal-p-pal-ellaiyum sarvamanyam-aga. . .inda 
Valavanda-perumalukkum Villiyarkum tiru-v-aradbanai tiru-vilakku amudu- 
padi sattu-p-padi nritta-gita-vadya kkum sarvamanyara-aga vittom 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anJ Tamil charactere) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1215 yidin mel sellaninra Vijaya-sariivatsarattu Aippisi- 
masam 2 m tiyadi svasti sri-pratapa-cbakravatti sri-Posala-vira-Vallala-devar 
kumiirar Narasiiigapa-dannayakkar kummarar Vallapa-danuayakkar Velliyiir- 
p-perumal Valavanda-perumajukku pramanam-panni kudutta padi Kanyauar 
Alaikku stri-dayama tanta Kesava-p-pillai . . .Allai-pakkal nam konda kuli 
onrukku ou orukal-panam aga pon pattukku konda paiigu onrukkum adaitta 
Veljiyiir yerikil totta-k-kurril kuli 8.talai-idu irandam-idu miinru-idu nalam- 
idu sbambrantam ToUappai-kuttai marrum iv-ur-k-kuttai Kadalli-kuttaigal 
iv-ur-kollai-manai iv-iiril kil-uokkina kinarum mel-nokkiya maramum ip-paiigu 
orukkum varum praptigalu marrum agami-aua go-bbii-birannyadi-sakala- 
praptigalum ip-pon pattum pon ara kuduttu niann ura konda-p-pangu onrum 

32 Kolar Taluq. 

ip-paugu onrurn Valavanda-perumalukku araudu-pacli sattu-p-padi tiru-vilakku- 
kku udal aga vittom Vallappa-danuayakkar 


At Talagunda (same hobli), on Kanigala-bande. 
Krodhana-saiiivatsarada Phalguna-su 1 Budhavaradalu Chimarasara maga 
Chokkarasanu madisida mejagali 


At Achattanahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the west of the Nagalakere bund. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsa 1350neya Kilaka-samvatsarada 
Vayisakha-su 15 lu srimatu Lakhauiia-Vodayaru Asvalayaua-sxitrada Atreya- 
gotrada Ruku-sakheya Siugarasara makkalu Anuadatagalige gotta dharma- 
sasana Mulavayi-rajyakke saluva Beljtira simeyalu nimma Danakani-deviya 

kattida kereyanu Vayisakha-su 15 lu Tungabhadra-tiradalu heruha sri- 

Viriipaksha-devara sannidhiyalu Deva-Raya-maharayarigedharmavagabek endu 
sahiranyodaka-dana-dhara-piirvakavagi kottevagi a-kere-kelage niru harivashtu 
gadde yidakke saluvanta holana Pohta-bhoga-teja-svamya-sahitavagi ii-chaudrar- 
ka-sthayi agi sukhadi bhogisudu yidan alidava 


At Garudanapalya (same hobli), on a stone to the west of the tank. 
svasti sri Sakabda 1312 mele Kali-yuga sanda 4491 myale salluva Pramodiita- 
samvatsarada Asvija-ba 30 lu uparaga-surya-grahana-kaladalli bitta dharrama 
svasti sri-maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya-vibhada 
bhashege tappuva rayara gauda sri-vira-Bukka-Rayara komara chatus-samudra- 
dhipati Haril)ara-Ra.ya su-pritadi rajya-maduvalli srimatu kantikara-rayara 
ganda Naganna-Vodeyarige saluva Nigarili-Cholamaudala-dakshina-Dvaravati- 
vata-vrikshasraya-sevitam appa Kolala-nada Mantrigundiyada Lakshminatapura- 
vanu srimatu Hibbare-Lakumayya-Nilyaka hakidda dharma Kolala-nada 
prabhugaju Mukkaua Souna-gauda Yirigi-Setti pattanasvamiyu mattu iddanta 
dharma-purusharu mukhyaviigi a-Lakshmiuatapurake saluva chatus-siuieyola- 
gana gadde-beddalu-yeta-yereyalu guyyalu (stops iiere) 

106 (a) 

At Kolar, on the outer wall of Saptamatrike temple. 

(Grantha aud Tamil charaotors.) 

svasti sri Tiru raanni valara iru-Nila-madautaiyum por-Saya-p-pavaiyun-Jir- 
t-tani-ch-chelviyun-tau-perun-teviyar agi inb-ura nedu-tuyal-uliyul Idaiturai- 

Kolar Taluq. 33 

naflun-tiular-vana-veli-p.paflar-Vanavasiyum sulli-ch-chul-madit-Koljippakiiai- 
y um naniiark - arum-aran-Mannaiklcaflakkamum poru -kadal - llatt-araisar - tam- 
mufliyum aiig-avan-dSviyar-ong-elil-mutliyum munn-avar-pakkal Tennavan 
vaitta suntara-mudiyum Intiran-aramum tendirai-ila-mandala-muluvadum 
eri-paclai-k-Keralan murairaaiyir-chfidum kuladanam-agiya palar pugal-mudi- 
yum sen-gadir - malaiy u n - jang-adir-velai-t-tol - perun-gavar-pala palan -tivun- 
jeruvi.r-chinavil-irubattorukill-araisugalai katta Parasuraman raevarun-Janti- 
mat-tiv-arau-karudi iruttiya semborriru-t-tagu-mudiyum ma-p-poru-danclar- 
koiula K6-p-Parakesari-pammar-una uclaiyar sri-Ilajentra-Sola-devarkku yandu 
ettavadu Sola-manclalattu UyyakkoncIar-vala-nattu-t-Tiraimur-nattu-ch-Chatta- 
maiigalattu-ch-Chattamahgalara-ucIaiyan Araiyan Rajarajan-ana Vikkiraraa- 
Sola-ch-Choliyav-araiyar Nulambapacliy-ana Nigarili-Sola-manflalattu-k-Kuvala- 
la-nattu-k - Kuvalalattu - p - Pidariyarku sandiraditta - vara erikka-kaclavad-aga 
vaiytta tiru-nundavilakku onrukku vaiytta sava muva nall-erumai aihjum 
ivai it-tevarai aradikkum Siva-Brahmanar Kausika-gottirattu-ch-Chornapuliya- 
num Vinakkaianum ivv-iruvaruh-gaiykkoiulu erikka-kacjava tiru-nundavilakk- 
ouru idu pam-Mtlhesvarar rakshai 

106 (&) 

At the same place, 

(Qrantha nnd Tamil charaotera.) 

svasti sri Ko-Rajakesari-pamraar-ana udaiyar sri-Rajaraja-devarkku yandu 22 
avadu Gahgasayarattu-k-Kuvalaia-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu-p-Piclariyarku-t-ta. . . pemburama. .it-tevarai aradikkum Siva-Brahmanan Kausikan... 
litta bliattan kaiyyil dharai-atti-k-kuclutt-arulina devadanam Kuvalala-nattu 
Araiyurai sarva-badlui-pariharam-aga-k-kudutt-arulinar 

106 (c) 

At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil charactcrs.) 

y«lidu 10 2.1 nal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu 

Pakkam in-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu-p-Padariyarkku venclum nivantangalukku 

yantlu 12.vadu iruppatl-aga devadanam-aga pugunta kelvi variyil itta 



At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

pala-pani-nivanta-k-kararkku maclapattiyam Kannata. . . .onrukku 

nel t&ni-p-padakk-tlga. . . .nurr-arupadiuukku nel nuir-enbadin kalam tiruva- 


34 Kolar Taluq. 

radanai-seyyu hmanau Gautama-gottiran Marasinga-battanukku nal onru- 

kku nel padakkaga nal munnii. . . .nukku nel arupadin kalam-agappada kasu 
irandukku nel aiii-galane-tuni-p-padakku pa. .hara-manigaj nfilvaikku nal 
onrukku ain-naliy-aga nal munnurrukku nel elupatt-ain-galam-agapada visa. . 
. . 1 kasu araiy-aga kasu irandukku nel aiii-galane-t-tuni-p-padakku tiru-maiijana- 
nir vaip. .oruvauiikku nfvl onrukku nel nal munnurr-arupadi- 
nukku nel padinaiu-galam tiruppalli-t-tamam parittu-t-tiruppalli-t-torigal- 
iduvar iruvarkku nal onrukku-p-. . .nel nanaliy-aga nal munnurr-arupa. . .ku 
nel rauppadin kalam tirumey-kappar muvarkku-p-peral nel kkuruniy-aga nal 
munnurr-arupadinukku nel ttonniii\ru-kka. . . .gappada visam peral kasu onraga 
kasu muurukku nel en-kalane-mukkuruni tiru-nantavana-k-kudigal iruvarkku- 
p-peral nel kuruniy-aga nal munniirr-arupadinukku nel arupadin kalam yogi- 
nigal nal. . .kku-p-perrd nel nanaliy-aga nfil munniirr-arupadinukku nel aru- 
padin kalam yogesvarar nalvarkku-p-peral nel aru-nali. . .ga nal munnurr-aru- 
padinukku nel ttonnurru-k-kalara Bhayirava-mudalivi - Rajentra-k-Kaliyuga 
-Bhayiravanukku nal onrukku nel padakk-aga nal munniirr-arupadinukku 
nel arupadin kalam Bhayiravar muvarkku-p-peral nel kkuruuiy-aga nal raun- 
nurr-ai;upadinukku nel ttonnurru-k-kalam uvaichchan talaipparai-kottuvan 
oruvanukku nal onjukku nel kkuruni-naliy-aga na) munniirr-arupadinukku 
nel narpatt-airigalam mattalari-gottuvar iruvarkkuri-garadigai-kottuvan oru- 
vanuii-jegandai-kottuvan oruvanuri-gaimmani-kottuvan oruvanum sangut. . 
uduvar iruvarum aga al elukku-p-peral nel nanaliy-aga nal munnurr-aru- 
padinukku nel niirr-airi-gala kambadaviyan oruvanukku ner-kuruuiy-aga naj 
munnurr-arupadinukku nel muppadin kalam nadavavan oruvanukku nal 
onrukku nel kkuruiu-iru-naliy-aga nal munniirr-arupadinukku nel muppatt- 
elu-kalane-t-tiini-p-padakku.gappada visattukku-k-kasu onrukku nel iru-kalane- 

iru-tuni-k-kuruni karanan oruvanukku nal onrukku y-aga nal munniirr- 

arupadinukku nel muppadin-kalam-agappada visari-gasu orukku nel iru- 
kalaney-iru-tuni-k-kuruni devar-adiyar pendugal irupattu-nalvarkku-p-peral 
nel aru-naliy-aga nal munnurr-aruimdinukku nel airiiiurru-narpadin kalam tiru- 
madaippalikkukusa-kulam ullittu veu. .ui. . ri-gusavan oruvanukku nal onrukku 
nel nanaliy-aga nal munniirr-arupadinukku nel padin-airigam parisattam- 
vattum kararigolli oruvanukku nal ouiukku nel nanaliy-aga nal muunurr-aru- 
padinukku nel ppadinairi-galam jodishari-jolluvan oruvanukku nal onrukku 
nel. .runiy-aga nal munuurr-arupadinukku nel muppadin kalam-agappada 
visan-gasu onrukku nel iru-kalaney-iru-tuni-k-kuruni vyakaranamum yamala- 
mura vakkanippan oruvanukku nal onrukku nel kkuruniy-aga nal munniirr- 
arupadinukku nel muppadin kalam agappada visari-gasu onrukku 
kalaney-iru-tiiiii-k-kuruni devakamrai oruvanukku nal onrukku nel kkuruniy- 
aga nal raunniirr-arupadinukku nel muppadin kalam koyil-ppudukkum 

Kolar Taluq. 35 

taclichan oriivanukku nal onrukku nel kkuruniy-aga nal munnurr-arupadi- 
nukku nel muppadin kalam n aga ippadi niva. . . .seydamaikku ivai puravu-vari- 
tinai-k-kalattu mugavetti Nirupa-sikamani Viluppa. .yann clut. .ivai Vira-sika,- 
mani muventa-velann eluttu || svasti sri 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Irattapadi-elarai-ilakkamun-gondu KoUapurattu jaya-stamha-natti 
Perarran-garai Koppattu Ahavamallanai anjuvitt-avan auaiyun-gudiraiyum 
pendir bandaramun-gaikkondu vijaya-abishekam-panni vira-siiigasanattu virr- 
irund-arulina K6-p-Parakesari-pammar-ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-devarkku 
yandumunravadu Vijaiya-Rajentra-mandalattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu- 
p-Pidariyar pidaligaivariyal yandu munravadu nal enbattaru-varai kudi 
mudal-ana pasu-nadai uru arupattu-munrum dandanayaka-kangani Sola- 
mandalattu Pandi-kulasani-vala-nattu Vila-nattu Tandaugurai Taudaugurai- 
udaiyan Vettan Panchanedi-vanan-ana Madurantaka-t-Tamil-pperaiyan nilaiyuru- 
k-kondu sandiraditta-vara erippad-aga it-tevarai aradikkum Siva-Brahmanar 
Kausika-gottirattu Sankaran Tiyambakan-ana Bupalaraja-Brahmamarayanum 
Alan Marasingan-ana Rajaparakkirama-Brahmamarayanum erippad-aga vaitta 
tiru-nuntavilakku irandu ip-pasuval vanda akka-p-perukkam tangalidaga- 
vum ip-parisu vaitta tiru-nundavilakku irandu ivai pam-Mahesvarar raksbai n 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sriTiru manni vilaiigum-i. .ku. . . .na.tan tolum vajun-tunaiy-ena-kKeli. . 
nai kadantu Vayiragarattu-kkuiTjara-kkiilam pala vari aiijali-Sakkaragottattu- 
tTaravarasanai-ttikku nigala-ttirai-kond-aruli arukkan-udaiya-ttisaiyil irukkuii- 
gamalam-anaiya Nila-raagal-tannai munniv-an-nal tiru-Mal-adi-kkelil-agi yadu- 
ttanav-iyaduri-jaliyavagaiy-inid-eduttu-t-tan kudai-nilalil-inb-ura irutti tigiri- 

yum puliyun-tisai-toru nadatti-p-pugalun-tarumamum uii;utti viramun- 

tiyagamu mauamun-garunaiyum urimai. .yattala nigala jayamun-tanum vij;r- 
iruntu kulamani-makuta muraiyii;-cbixdi-t-tau-kalal tarjulivar suda-ch-chengol 
Nava..m puvitorum nadattiya K6-Rajaice§arivarmar-ana. .dayar sri-Rajentra- 
Sola-devarkku yandu irandavadu adikari . . la-mandalattu-k-Kaliyur-kkottattu- 
p-Pembuliyiir-nattu-p-Pandiyampakkattu-p-Pandiyampakkam-udaiyar Ambala- 
van Tiruppontaiyar-ana Vira-sikamani-muventavelar Vijaiya-Ra,jentra- 

mandalattu-k-Kuvalala-na ttu-p-Pidariyar koyilin-ullal ttiru-ch-churru- 

maudapattu-k-koyir-karuma-marayar. .ruutu it-tOvar devadauam-ana urgalal 

36 Kolar Taluq. 

vanta madai nell-akki it-tevarkkum patipadamula-ppattudaiya. . . .pala-pani- 
Divantakkai-kkum nivantan-jeydapadi undo-v-enru it-tevarkku madapattiyaii- 
jeygira Kannataka-panditaraiy um patipadamula- ppattudai-p- paiichachririya- 
t-tevakammigalaiyun-getka udaiyar sri . . . . la-devarkku ytindu irandavadu- 
varaiyum nivantaii-jeydad-illaiy-enru soUa merpadiyargalaiyum puravu-vari- 
tinai-kalattu mugavetti. . .yur-k-kottattu Araninilai Mummudi-Sola-Nallur i. . 
velan Kanbu. . .mana Nirupa-sikamani Vilupparaiyanai vaiyttu-kkoda. .tu adi- 
karigal Vira-sikamani-muventa-velar nivantan-jeydapadi devadanam kuruni nel 
madai nurr-enbattele-munru-ma ii Parakkamballi madai iruuurru-irande-makani || 
. .raiyiir madaipatt-araiye- oru-mava. . .kalai. . .manran pa. . .ennliiT-oruparto 
.... 1 aga . aiiiiiurr-orupattele-munru-makaniyinal madai onrukku kasu irand-aga 

kasu ayirattu-muppattu-nalelum-ma-v-araikku kas-onrukku Raja nellu. 

ira.tit. .nellu irandayirat. . .ne-tuniyinal kalan-galane-tiini-nanali vasi...i:ri 
Arumolidevan marakkalal nellu irandayiratt-ennurru-narpattu-mukkalaney- 
iru-ttini-mukkurunikkum nivantaii-jedapadi || Virabhadra-devarkusa. . . onrukku 

tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamu irandum adaikkaya mudu nalum 

Brahmaniyarkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu 
irandum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiyamudu nalum Isvariyarkku santi 

onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi kariyamudu irandum adai ndum ilaiyamu 

arkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu iran- 

dum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiyaraudu nalum Vaiyishnaviyarkku santi 
onrukkn tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum adaikkayamudu. . 

..ilaiyamudu nalum Varahi yamudu irandu adaikkayamudu 

irandum ilaiyamudu nalum Indraniyarkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi 
nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiyamudu nalum 

sri-Cha desvariyarkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi na kuruni- 

nanaliyum arda-yamattukku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum santi nalukku kariya- 
mudu ettuni adaikkiiyamudu ettum ilaiyamudu padinarum Ganapatiyar 

Arumukkiya. . .tu arkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum 

.daikkayamudu iraudum ilaiyamudu nalum Miilasthanattu Chamundesvari- 
yarkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum 
adaikkayamudu iraudum ilaiyamudu nalum Yogesvariyarkku santi onrukku nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum m ilaiyamudu nalum 

Kshetrapahi-devarkku santi onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi naualiyum kariyamudu 
irandum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiyamudu nalum Mahasastavukku tiru-v- 
amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiya- 

mudu na kku tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum adai- 

kkayamudu irandum iiaiyamudu nalum Siirya-devarkku santi onrukku tiru- 
v-amudarisi nanaliyum kariyamudu irandum adaikkayamudu irandum ilaiya- 
mudu nalumaga devargalukku ual onrukku munnurr-arupadinukku tiru- 

Kolar Taluq. 37 

v-ainudarisi irunurr-elupadin-kalattiiial irand-afijukki nel arunurr-elupatt- 
ain-galam kariyamud-onrukku nel ulaklv-aga nal onrukku nel kuruni-oru-nali 

.... muuniirr-a.rupadinu . . muppattu-mu rukku adaikkayannidu 

muppattar-aga nal munnurr-arupadukku adaikkayaraudu pannir-ayirattu-tola- 
yiratt-arupadukku adaikkayamudu pattukku nel naliy-aga padin-mukkalane- 

turii-p-padakku nal ODrukku ilaiyamudu oru. . . . nal munnu kku- 

t-tolayirattu-irupadukku ilaiyamud-irupadukku nel naliy-aga nel padin- 
mukkalane-tiini-p-padakk-aga devargalukku 6r-attaikku nellu eluntirru-muppatt- 

aiu-galau6y-iru-tiini-k-kuruni uttaram-ayaua. . .nti ual gaikku kalasa- 

ttin kil atta nel tflni arisi nanaliyiil nel kuruni snapana-dravyam venduvana 
kolla-k-kasu kalukku nellu iru-tiiniy-iru-naH piradana-kumbaii-jiila-p-pudavai 
onrukku-k-kasu arai. . .kku nellu tuni-oru-nali perun-tiru-v-amudarisi tiini. . 
. .nd-anjakki nel kalane-mukkuruni kariyamudu nalukku nel-iru-nali 
adaikkayamudu irupadukkum ilaiyamudu narpadukku nel nanrili Yogiai- 
Yogesvara-pujaikku mattiya-panam iru-kalattukku nel kala. .tuniyinal irand- 
aiijakki nel iru-tiini-p-padakku . . kasu kale-araikkalukku nel kalane- 
munnali daksbanam-ayana-samkranti nal snapanam adi arulugaikku kalasa- 
ttin kil-atta nel tiini arisi naualiyal nel kuruni piradana-kumban-jula-p-pudavai 
onrukku kasu araikkalukku nel tCini-oru-nali snapana-dravyan-golla-k-kasu 
kalukku nel iru-tiini-iru-nali perun-tiru-v-aniudukku arisi tiini-p-padakkinal 
irand-aiijakki nel . .kalane-mukkuruni kariyamudu nalukku nel iru-nali adaikka- 
yamudu irupadukkum ilaiyamudu narpadukkum nel nanali Yogini-Yogesvara- 
pujaikku mattiya-panam iru-kalattinai ner-kalam arisi tdniyinal irand-aiijakki 
nell-iru-tiirii-p-padakku ad-ourinal kasu kale-araikkalinal ner-kalane-munnali 
siirya-grahanattu nal snapanam-adi arulugaikku kalasattin kil-atta nel tuni 
arisi nanaliyiiial nel kuruni. . . .mbati-jula-p-pudavai onrukku kasu araikka- 
lukku nel tiini-oru-nali *snapana-dravyattukku venduvana kolla-k-kasu kalukku 
nel iru-tiini-iru-nali perun-tiru-v-amudukku arisi tiini-p-padakkinal irand- 
aiijakki nel kalane-mukkuruni kariyamudu nalukku nell-iru-nali adaikkaya- 
mudukkum ilaiyamudu narpadukkum nel nanali Yogini-Yogesvara-pujaikku 
mattLya-panattukku iru-kalattukku ner-kalam arisi tiiniyinal irand-aiijakki 
nell-iru-tiini-p-padakku ;id-onrukku-k-kasu kale-araikkalukku ner-kalane-mii- 
nali Karligai-k-Kartigai nal snapanam adi arulugaikku kalasattin kil-atta 
ne.tiuii arisi nanaliyinal ner-kuruni piradana-kumbaii-jula-p-pudavai onrukku- 
k-kasu araikkalukku nel tiini-oru-nali snapana-dravyam venduvana kolla-k- 
kasu kalukku nell-iru-tiini-iru-nali perun-tiru-v-ainudukku arisi tiuii-p-p. . 
kinal irand-aiijakki ner-kalane-mukkuruni kariyamudu nalukku ne. .1-iru-nali 
adaikkayamudu irupadukkum ilaiyaraudu narpadukkum nel-iru-nali vilakk- 
ida ennai padinalikku ennai nalikku ner-padakk-aga ner-kalane-iru-tuni 

* The succeeding portion of this insoription is b; mistalse printed as No. 112 a in the Tamil text. 

38 Kolar Taluq. 

Yogini-Yogesvara-pujaikku mattiya-panam iru-k. .tukku ner-kalam arisi 

tuiiiyinal irand-aiijakki ncll-iru-tiiuikku nrukku-k-kasu kale-araikkalukku 

ner-kalane-miiuali 6r-attai-nalil Sevviiy. .rukku nal ourukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi 

kuruniyum balikku arisiy-iru-naliyum Astradevarkku-t-tiru-v-amudarisiy-iru- 

naliyum tirunal onrukku arisi kuruni-nanaliy-aga nal aimbattirandukk- 

arisi aru-kalane-tuni-p-padakkinall-irand-anjakki ner-padinaru-kalane-mukku- 

ruui nal onrukku-k-kariyamudu irandukku nel-iru-naliy-aga nal aimbatt- 

irandukku nel tuni-p-padakku-nanali nal onrukku adaikkayamudu nalaga 

ual aimbattirandukku adaikkayamudu irunurr-ettukku ner-padakk-annali nal 

onrukku ilaiyamudu ettaga nal aimbattiraudukku ilaiyamudu nanurr- 

orupatt-arukku nel padakk-aniiali aiigara-balikku nal onrukku ad-onraga 

nal airabattirandukku ad-aimbattirandu ad-onrukku kasu kalaga kasu 

padinmunrukku kas-onrukku nel iru-kalane-iru-tuni-k-kuruniy-aga nel 

muppattaiu-galane-iru-tuni-k-kuruni bali-podu . . pattu-vilakkukku nal 

onrukku ennai uriy-aga nal aimbattirandukku ennai irupattaru-nali ennai 

ualikku ner-padakkaga nellu nar-kalane-tiini kanniya-pujaikku-p-pen-pilaigal 

eluvarkkum Vikkesvara-mani oruvanukkum nal onrukku arisi kuruniy-iru- 

naliy-aga nal aimbattirandukku arisi ain-galane-aiu-guruniyinal irand-aiijakki 

ne.padinmukkalane-tuni-p-padakku-nanali nal onrukku-k-kari na.lukku nel 

nanaliy-aga nal aimbattirandukku nell-iru-kalane-padakku nal onrukku 

veruiigaya p9,dinar-aga nal aimbattirandukku veruiiga yannurru-muppatt- 

irandukku nell-iru-tuni-p-padakku-munnali-ulakku nal onrukku verrilai 

muppattirand-aga lutl aimbattirandukku verrilai ayiratt-arunurr-arupattu- 

nalukku nell-iru-tuni-p-padakku-munnali-ulakku 6r-attai-nalil tirigal-sam- 

kranti pattukku sauikranti onrukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi kuvuni-naualiy-aga 

nal ppattukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi kalane-mukkuruniyinal irand-aiijakki nel 

mukkalane-kuruni-uanali nal onrukku kariyamudu irandukku nel naliy-aga 

aiJi-iiali nal onrukku adaikkayamudu irandaga nill ppattukku adaikkaya- 

mudu irupadukku nell-iru-nali nal onrukku ilaiamudu nalaga nal ppattu- 

kku ilaiyamudu narpadukku nel iru-nali tiiigal tiruual tiruvilarp-pann- 

irandukku nal onrukku tiru-v-amudarisi padakk-aga nal pannirandukku 

tiru-v-amudarisi iru-kalattinal irand-anjakki nel aiii-galara nal onrukku 

kariyamudu nalukku nel iru-naliy-aga nal pannirandukku nel raukkuruni 

nal onrukku adaikkayamudu narpattettukku nel nanali-mulakku nal onru- 

kku ilaiyamudu ettaga nal pannirandukku ilaiyamudu tonnurr-arukku nel 

nauali-mulakku nal onrukku tiru-vilakku ennai nanaliyaga nal ppann- 

iraiidukku ennai narpattennalikku nell-en-kalam Yogini-Yogesvara . . . . nal 

onrukku mattiya-panani iru-kalattukku ner-kalam-aga nal ppannirandukku 

ner-panniru-kalam naj onrukku arisi tuniy-aga nal pannirandukku arisi 

nar-kalattiniiU-iraud-anjakki ner-padiukalam nal onrukku ad-onraga nal 

Kolar Taluq. 39 

ppannirandukku ad-onrukku kasu kale-raikkal-aga-k-kasu nalaraikku 
ner-panniru-kalane-tuni-nanali Panguni-Uttira-t-tiruna. . vila- v-eluntarula- 
t-tiru-k-kodi er ugaikku-t - tiru - mulaiyatta-p - paligaiy - ida-kkil-atta ner - kuruni 
arisi naliyinal nel iru-nali Saniundri-kunibau-jiila-p-pudavai onrukku-k-kasu 
arailckalukku nel tuni-oru-nali tiru-v-amudarisi iru-nalikku nel aiii-nali 
kariamudukkum adaikkayamudukkum ilaiyamudukkum nel nali tiru-k- 
kodikku-p-panniru-mula-p-pudavai onrukku-k-kasu araikku nellu-kkalane-mu- 
nnali dlivajam-eluduvanukku kasu araikkalukku nel tuni-oru-nali asariya- 
nukku udaiyum uttiriyamum ida-p-pudavai irandukku-k- kasu kalukku 
nell-iru-tuni-iru-urili tiru-nayana-moksliam-pannu. . . .kku dakslianaikku-k-kasu 
araikkalukku nel tuni-iru-nali Dhvaja-devarkku-k-kalasattin kil atta nei 
nanfili Dlivaja-devarkku nal onrukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi iru-naliy-aga nal 
elukk-arisi kuruniy-aru-naliyinrd irand-anjakki nel tvini-oru-nali nal onru- 
kku adaikkayamudu iraudu ilaiyamudu niilum-aga nal elukku adaikkay- 
amudu padinalura ilaiyamudu irupattettukkum nel munnali nal onrukku-k- 
kariyamudu onj.ukku nel ulakk-aga nrU elukku nel nali-mulakku. .rum 
nalukku Dhvaja-devarkku adu onrukku-k-kasu kalukku nel iru-tiini-iru-nali 
dhvajam-ilichchu-nal M-onrukku-k-kasu kalukku nell-iru-tuni-iru-nali Astra- 
devarkku-ch-chartti arula-p-pariyattam onrukku-k-kasu araikkalukku nel 
tiini-oru-nali santi onrukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi iru-naliy-aga sauti irandukku- 
t-tiru-v-amudarisi nanaliy-aga nal elukku arisi mukkuruni-nanaliyinal irand- 
aiijakki nel iru-tiini-aru-nali santi onrukku-k-kariyamudu onriiga santi 
irandukku-k-kariamudu irandukku nel uriy-aga nal elukku nel munniili-uri 
tiruvila-v-araivanukku-p-pudavai onrukku-k-kiisu kalukku nel iru-tuniy-iru- 
nali elanal-t-tiruvilav-edukka-t-tiru-mulaiy-atta-p-paligai-k-kil atta nel 
kuruni arisi naliyinal nel iru-nali Samunda-kumban-jula-p-pudavai ourukku 
kasu araikkalukku nel ttuni-oru-nali tiru-v-amudukku arisi iru-niilikku ncl 
ain-iiali kariyamudukkum adaikkayamudukkum ilaiamudukkum nel nali 
Samunda-homattukku santi onrukkum uriy-aga santi irandukku ney naliy-aga 
nal elukku ney elu-nalikku ner-kalane-padakku homa-chcharu onrukku arisi 
iru-nali aga santi irandukku arisi nanali aga nal elukku arisi mukkuruni- 
nanaliyinal iratti nel el.u kuruni ellukkum porikkuni toraikkuni nal onrukku 
ner-kuruniy-aga nal elukku nel elu kuruni homattukku ual onrukku adu 
onriiga niil elukku adu elaga adu onrukku kasu kal-aga kiisu onre-mukkali- 
nal nel niir-kalaney-iru-tiini-k-kuiuni-aru -nali Nava-devataiga. .kku santi 
onrukku peral tiru-v-amudarisi iru-naliy-aga santi irandukku arisi tuni- 
uanaliy-aga nal elukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi iru-kalaney-elu-kuruni-nanaliyinal 
irand-aiijakki nel aru-kalaney-iru-tuni-k-kuruni-aru-nali nal onrukku-k-kariy- 
amudu irandukku nel niili iiga u;il elukku nel mukkuruni-niinali nal 
onrukku. . . .kkayamudu muppattiir-aga niil elukku adaikkayamudu irunii},T- 

40 Kolar Taluq. 

aimbattettukku adaikkayamudu pattukku nel ualiy-aga nel mukkuruni-oru-uali- 
mul.akku nal onrukku ilaiamudu elupattirand-aga nfdelukku ilaiamudu ainiiurr- 
orupatt-arukku ilaiyamudu irupadukku nel naiiy-agamukkuruni-nanali-mulakku 
sartti arula-p-pudavai onbadiuukku-k-kasu onre-araikkalukku uol mukkalane- 
kuruni-oru-nali sartti arula-t-tirukkappu nal ourukku-p-pon munru manja- 
dikku-k-kasu araiyinal ner-kalane-tuni-nanali bali-cbcharuvukku santi 
onrukku arisi iru-ualiy-aga santi iraiulukku arisi nanaliy-aga nal elukku 
arisi mukkuruni-nanaliyinal irand-aiijakki nel iru-tuni-aru-nali nitta-bomam- 
pannuvan oruvanukku daksbanai nal onrukku-k-kasu araikkal-aga nal elukku- 
k-kasu mukkale-araikkalinal . . .1. . .lane-tirni-elu-nali nitta-t-tiruvilav-eluntaru- 
lum nal santi onrukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi padakk-aga santi irandukku-t-tiru-v- 
amudarisi tiiniy-aga nal elukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi iru-kab^ue-tiiniyinal irand- 
anjakki nel aiii-galane-iru-tuni-p-padakku nal onrukku-k-kariyamudu irandu- 
kku nel iru-naliy-aga nal elukku ner-kuruni-aru-nali nal onrukku adaikkay 
amudu ettaga nal elukku adaikkayamudu aimbat. . . .nal nel aiii-nali-uri nal 
onrukku ilaiy amudu padinar-aga ual elukku ilaiy amudu nurr-orupa. . .ndi 
nal nel ain-nali-uri tiruvilav-eluntarulum idattu tiru-vilakk-erikka nal 
onrukku ennai padinaliy-aga nal elukku ennai elupadinali ennai nalikku 
ner-padakk-aga ner-padiuoru-kalaney-iru-tuni kaputtirttam adi arulumpodu 
sattiy-aru|a-p-pudavai onrukku-k-kasu araikkalukku nel tuni-oru-na . . . .tirtt. . 
. . .di sartti arula-p-pariyattam onrukku-k-kasu araikkalukku nel tuni-oru-nali 
Brabmatvam-panuvau oruvanukkum mautra-japam-panuuvan oruvauukkum 
stotram vinnappan-jeyvan oruvanukkum peral daksbanaikku-k-kasu kalum 
Irukkuvedi oruvanukkum Samavedi oruvanukkum Yasurvedi oruvanukku 
daksbanaikku-p-peral kasu araikkal-aga kasu onre-araikkalukku uellu mukka- 
lane-kuruni-oru-nali tiruviiavil sevittarum adiuarkkum padinarkkum prasa- 
dan-gudukka-p-parisattan-golla-k-kasu nalukku ner-padinoru-kalam matiru- 
santi seyya-t-tiru-mulaiy-atta ner-padakku toraiyum uluntum ullittu venduvana 
kolla ner-padakku podadikkum idattu kan. . .ytw-oruttikku savvapara. .tukku- 
l>pon arai-k-kalaiajukku-k-kasu onrukku nel iru-kalaney-iru-tuni-k-kuruni 
udukka-k-karai onrukku-k-kasu kalukku nel iru-tuni-iru-nali blieri-vettiklca- 

p-puda nrukku. . . .su kalukku nel iru-tuni-oru-nali bberi-kkil atta ner- 

kuruiii . sa-kkodikku-p-pudavai onrukku-k-kasu araiyiual nel kalane-tuni- 
nanali bali ida adu onrukku-k-kasu. . .lukku nel iru-tuni-iru-nali tiru-v-amu- 
dukku santi onrukku arisi iru-niili aga nal elukku-t-tiru-v-amudarisi lcuruni- 
aru-naliyinal nel tuni-munnali santi onrukku ivariyamudu onrukku nel 
ulakk-aga nal elukku nel nali-mulakku santi onrukku adaikkay amudu 
irandaga nal elukku adaikkay amudu padinalukku nel nali-uri sauti onrukku 
ilai amudu nalaga niil elukku ib\i amudu iru. . .ttettukku nel uali-uri 
santi onrukku-t-tiru-vilakku onrukku ennai oru sevid-aga nal Clukku onnai 

Kolar Taliiq. 41 

oru-sevid-aga nal clukku ennai alakke-iru-sevidukku nel iru-nali-uri yaga- 
salaiyil irukkum Samunda-kalasam onrum nava- . . mbaiigalum irukkura 
sayana-vedikai mel atta nel padakku arisi nanaliyinal ner-kuruni kumbaa- 
jula-p-pudavaikku-kkasu onr-araikku nel nar-kalane-kuvuiii-nanali nal onrukku 
nantavilakku onrukku ennai ulakk-aga nal elukku ennai nali-mulakkinal 
nel mukkuruni-nauali kumba-devataigal padinmarkkum Astra-devarkkum 
santi onrukku-pperal tiru-v-amudarisi iru-naliy-aga nal onrukku arisi 
padakku-nanaliy-aga nal elukku-ttiru-v-amudarisi kalane-aiu-guruni-nanaliyi- 
nal irand-anjakki nel mukkalane-elu-kuruui-aru-nali santi onrukku-kkariy- 
amudu irandukku nel naliy-aga nal elukku nel elu nali santi onrukku 
adaikkayamudu irupattirand-aga nal elukku adaikkayamudu nurr-aiym- 
. .ttu-nalukku. . .runi-elu-nali-uri santi onrukku ilai amudu narpattu-nal- 
aga nal elukku ilai amudu munnurr-ettukku ner-kuruni-elu-niili-uri siru-kalai- 
ppalikku arisi iru-naliyum madbyana-balikku arisi iru-naliyum udira-balikku 
adu onrum antiyampodu arkki . . balikku arisi iru-nali ardba-yama-balikku 
arisi iru-naliyum adu onrum aga nal elukku arisi kuruniy-aga nal elukku 
arisi elu-kuruniyinal ner-kalane-ain-guruni . . nali adu padinalinal adu 
onrukku-k-kasu kal-aga-k-kasu mfinr-araiyinal nel onbadin-kalane-elu- 
kuruni-nanali gralia-santikkum arputa-santikkum nal onrukku adu onraga 
nal elukku adu elinal kkasu onre-mukkalukku nel nar. . lane-iru-tuni-k-kuruni- 
aru-nali balipodu pidattu-ppidivilakku irandukku ennai mulakk-aga nal 
elukku ennai aiii-iiali-ulakkinal nel iru-tiini-p-padakku-nanali nava-homattukku- 
ch-charu onbadukku ual onrukku arisi padakk-iru-naliy-aga nal elukk-arisi kala- 
ne-mukkuruni-aru-naliyinal nel mukkalane-mukkuruni-mun. .li homattukku 
nal onvukku ney nanali-uriy-aga nal elukku ney muppattoru-nali-uriyinal 
ney nalikku ner-padakk-aga nel ain-galane-mukkuruni Samunda-homattukku 
nal onrukku adu onraga nal elukku adu elinal adu onrukku-k-kasu kal-aga 
kasu onre-mukkalinal nel nar-kalane-iru-tiini-k-kuruni-aru-na. . .yamu. . .sikku 
nal onvukku-p-perunti tiru-v-amudarisi kuruniy-aga nal elukku tiru-v-amud- 
arisi kalane-mukkuruniyiual irand-anjakki uel mukkalane-kuruni-nanali nal 
onrukku-kkariy-amudu irandukku ne. iru-naliy-aga nal elukku ner-kuruni- 
aru-nali santi onvukku-ttiruvilakku irand-aga santi munrukku tiruvilakk- 
arukk-ennai alakke-iru-sevad-aga nal elukku eiinai nali-iru-sevittukku ner- 
padakk-ovu-nali samaptiyil erumaiy-ettu erumai onrukku-k-kasu irandukku 
nel aiii-galane-tuni-p-padakku. .pasuvukku aclu onrukku-k-kasa kalinal nel 
iru-tdni-iru-nali. . .nya-vadaikku adu onrukku-k-kasu kalukku nel iru. .iii-iru- 
nali muttirasariyanukku uclaiyum uttiriyamum itta puclavai iranclukku-k- 
kasu araikku nev-kalane-tuni-naDali dakshanaikku-p-pon mukkalaiijukku-k- 
kasu arukku nel ppadinaru-kalane-tuni-p-padakku su..nukku uclaiyum uttiri- 
yamum-ida-p-pudavai iranclukku-k-kasu araikku ner-kalane-tiini-nanali udaiy- 
um utti. . . .mum-ida-p*-p . . . irandukku-k-kasu araikku ner-kalane-tuni-uanali 

42 Kolar Taluq. 

idu irattippu dakshanai-p-pon kalanjukku-k-iiasu irandukku uel aiu-galane- 
tiini-p-padakku bali-idum asariyanukku udaiyum uttiriyamum-ida-p-pudavai 
irandukku-k-kasu nalukku uel iru-tuni-iru-nali dakshanaikku-p-pon kalafijukku- 
k-kasu iraudu..nel aiu-galane-tuni-p-padakku nava-homam-pannuvar onbadin- 
markku dakshanaikku-p-peral kasu araiy-aga-k-kasu nal-araikku ner-panniru- 
kalane-tuni-nanali santi-seyyum elu nalum Yogini-yogesvara-pujaikku nal 
onrukku mattiya-panan-galam-aga nal elukku mat. .panam elu kalattuk. .nel 
mukkalane-tuni-p-padakku nal onrukku ad-araiy-aga nal elukku adu munr- 
araikku kasu mukkale-arai-araikkalinal nel iru . .lane-tiini-elu-nali nal onrukku 
arisi padakk-aga ual el ukku arisi kalane-padakkiual iraud-anjakki uel iru-kalane- 
iru-tiini-mukkuruui santi-seyyum elu nalum mu. . .rkkuii. . .kkum padinarkum- 
adiuarkum sorrukku nal onrukku ai-isi tiiui-ppadakk-aga nal elukku arisi 
mukkalane-tuni-ppadakkinal iratti 

109 («) 

At the same place. 

(Grnntha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Tiru. . .valara iru-Nila. . . .ntaiyum por-Chaya-p-pavai ui-ch. . 

. . . . perun-teviyar-agi iub-ura ne. .ti 1-Idaiturai-nadun-tudar-vana-veli-p- 

padar-Vanavasiyuii-juUi-sul-madit-Kollippakkaiyum nannark-arum-aran- 
Mannaikkadakkamum poru-kadal-llatt-araiyar-tamudiyum aiig-avan-de. . . . 

kkar Teuuavan vaitta suntara-mudiyum I te. . rai-Ila-mandala- 

muluvadum eri-padai-k-Keralan muraimaiyir-chudun-guladanam-agiya palar 

tivun-jeruvir-chinavil-irupattoru-kal araisugalai kat tiv-aran-karu- 

di iruttiya sembor-Tiru-t-tagu-mudiyum bayarigodu pali migaMusangiyilmudug- 
itt-olitta Jayasingan alapparum pugalodum pidiyal Irattapadi-elarai-ilakkamum 
nava-nedi-k-kula-peru-malaigalum vikkarama-vira. Sakkaragottamum mudira- 

vada-vallai Madu. .ndalamuu-ga-mi yum veri-jilai-virar Farija-p- 

palliyum pasadai-p-palana Masuni-desamum ayarv-il van-ktrtti Adinagaravaiyir- 
chantiran-rol-kulatt-Intirasunai vilaiy-amar-kalattu-k-kilaiyodum pidittu-p-pala- 
danaltodu nirai-kula-dana-kkuvaiyuri-gittaruii-jeri-milai Otta-vishaiyamum 
pu. . .ser nar-k-K6salai-nadun-Tanmapalanai vemmunai alittu vand-urai-s6Iai-t- 
Tandabuttiyum Iranasurauai mura.u-uga-t-takki-t-tikk-auai-kirtti-t-Takkana 

Ladamun-Govi du-kalar-Chaugottal-Mahipalanai ven-jamar-vila- 

gatt-aiijuvitt-aruli ondiral-yanai. .m pendir-banda la-neduri-gadal-Utti. . 

Ladamum veri-malar-t-tirttatt-eri-punar-Karigaiyum alai-kadal-naduvut-pala- 
kalan-jelutti Sarigirama-vijaiyorturiga-panman-aua Kidaratt-araiyanai var-ka- 

yam. r ppirakkamum artt-avan-aga-nagar-p-p6r-t-toliI vasalili 

Vichchadira-t-toranamum pottoli-punai-mani-p-pu ua-maui-kkadavanium 

Kolar Taluq. ' 43 

(ni)uirai-sri-Vijaiyaimin-tui;ai-nii;-Pannaiyum van-malaiyuraiyir-ron-Malaiyurum 
al-kadal-a. .l-sul Mayirudingamuu-galaiiga-val-vinai Ilangasobamuu-gapp-uru. . 

ppappalanui mum vilai-p-pain-tur-idai Valaippanduruu-galai-t- 

takk6r-puga| talai-t-Takkolamun-tida-maval-vinai Madamaliugamuii-galamudir- 
kadun-tiral Nil. muri-desamun-tenakkala-polil Manakkavaramun-todu-kalar- 
kavar-kadu-murat-Kidaramu-ma-pporu-dandar-konda Ko-pParakesaripanmar 
agiya udaiyar sri-Rajeutra-Sola-Devarku yaudu 22 avadu. . . .Sola-mandalattu- 
k-Kaugasayarattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu -p-Pidariyar koyi . . munbu 
ittigaiyal-eduttu ninradu . . ugi uclaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devar arulichcheyya 
eduppittan S61a-ma. .lattu Uyyakkoudar-valauattu Vennattu Amanakudiy-ana 
Keralantaka-chaturvedi-mamgalattu Narkkana-sri-Krishnan Raman ana Rajen- 
tra-Sola-Brahniamarayan magan Marayan-Arumoliy-ana senapati Uttama-S61a- 
Brahma-marflyan ik-koyil eduppittu i-devarku chantraditya-vara erikkakada- 

vid-akki Janavarkalijagam-ennu ta tirununtavilakk-onrinukku ik-k6yilil 

Siva-Brahma(ma)nan Alan Vinaganun-Jaiikaran Tiyanibakanum ullittar-vasam 
vaitta sava muva nall-erumai elu iv-vilakku uiur-eriya itta nuntavilakku 
nirai Ayiravanadu . . k61al niirru-p-palam ivarkay-t-tirukkoyil-eduppittan 
Jayaiigonda-Sola-raandalattu Seiigattu-kkottattu Maginur-nattu-k-Kattumana- 
pakkattu Brahmanan MCitta-vagaittudan Tiruppori Ambalattadi Kshatrisika- 
mani-valanattu Velauattu Eyinangudaiyan-ana Mfttta-vagai-ttiruppalli-t- 
tongal-udaiyan Sintamani Saiikaran Kuvalalattu-p-Pidariyarkku chantra- 
ditya-vara erippadaga it- tevarai aradikkum Siva-Brahmanar-vasam oru santi 
erippadaga vaitta santi-vilakku onru 

109 {h) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Taniil ohavacters.) 

svasti sri i2)-pidan-jeyvittau Aiida. .daiyan Madavau por-eru 


At Kolar, on the outer wall of Kolaramma temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactei's.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Gariga-kul6i;pavan Kaveri-vallabhan 
Nandigiri-nathan Uttama-S61a-k-Kaugan-ana Vettummara-Bauanena Kuvalala- 
Nachchiyar devadauangalilum devargal devadanangalilum marruii-Kuvalala- 
nattil-ulla devargal devadanangalilum tiruvidaiyattam pa}lichchantangalilum- 
ulla nila-vari avichchu-p-pattamuni manai-panamum va. .panamu-raarrulla vari- 
vugaluni vitten it-tanmattai yarakkuuiin Gemgai-k-karaiyir-kurar-pasuvai-k- 
kouj;an Piramavattiyile viluvan-aga idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai. .sivam-astu 
aram-arivark-aram-alladu tuuaiy-illai 


44 Kolar Talitq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characterB.) 

svasti sri Purva-desamun-Gaiigaiyuri-Gadaramun-gonda K6-Parakesaripanmar- 
ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devar yaudu l.avadu.240 nal Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalattu Kaivara-nattii Vikkirama-Sola-iiurattu vitt-arulina koyilin-ullal 
attattu-v-velikkudattu eluntaruliy-iruntu Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu-k-Kuvalala- 
nattii-p-Piragampalli vejlan-vagaiyil mudalil yandu padinaravadu mudal tavirn- 
tu ivv-ur kani-kkadan nellu nurru-elupattaru-kalaue-na-ttuni-p-padakku-nanali- 
mulakkum pon niirru-muppattiru-kalaiije-munru-manjadiyum aru makkani 
yam in-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu-p-Pidariyarkku vendum nivantaii. . . .yandu padi- 
naravadu mudal iruppadaga devadanam-aga variyilittu-k-kudukka-v-enru tiru- 

vaymolintarulinar enru tirumantirav61ai Nittavinoda-vala-nattu Vei.i 

Gaiigaikonda-S6la luttinalum tirumantiravolai-nayagam Gaiigai- 

konda-SoIa-purattu Rajavijjadara-pperunteruvil Sonakansavur Paranj6ti ana 
Rajentra-S61a-kKantiruvapperayauum Uyyakkondar-vala-nattu Vennattu Kera- 
lantaka-ch-charuppedi-mangalattu Narkkana^marayan Rajarajan-ana Rajaraja- 
Brahma-marayanum Kovanachchan-ana Gangaikonda-Sola Animuri-nad-alva- 

nuni Uyyakkondar-valanattu dayan tama-S61a. . . .karanum 

oppittu-p-pugunta kelvippadiye variyilittu-k-kolgav-enru Uyyakkondar-vala- 
nattu Vennattu Kei-alautaka-ch-charuppedi-maiigalattu Narkkana-marayan 
Jananadanar-ana Rajentra-S61a-Brahmadirayar eva ivar evinapadiye udan- 
kuttattu adikarigal Mummadi-Sola-manclalatt- Aiijippontak61ai adikarigal 
Nittavinoda-valanattu Avur-kiirrattu Kiliiialiir-kilavar Vidangan Devanar ana 
Jayaiigonda-S61a-miiventavelarum Kshatriyasikamani-valanattu-t-Tirunaraiyiir- 
nattu-ch-Chembiyaualur-iulaiyar Ninran Pattanarum vidaiyil adikarigal Ksha- 
triyasikamani-valanattu Velanattu Siruki^ir.runalliir-kilavar KoUaiputtanar- 
ana Uttama-S61a-p-Pallavadarayaruni Uyyakkondar-valanattu Ambar-nattu 
Perumpola-udaiyar Kuditaiigi Settanarum Pandikulasani- valanattu Eyinattu 
Pugaiyunikudi-udaiyar Alangulavan Sangamaniyarum Aruinolideva-valanattu 
Teiibali-nattu Sentamaiigalam-udaiyar Kuru. . .rriyar-ana Kadaraii-gonda-S61a- 
miiventavelarum Nittavinoda-valaiiattu Vira-S61a-valanattu Sentamaiigalam- 


udaiyar Attik^van-Adittanarum. . .li-deva-valanattu Puliyur-nattu Muruganal- 
lur-udaiyar Kadan Ganavatiyar-ana Irumadi-S61a-muventavelarum Kshatriya- 
sikamani-valanattu Pattana-k-kurrattu . . . ladagai-udaiyan Ninran Aranganarum 
Rajentrasiiiga valanattu-t-TiruvintalCir-nattu Madurantakanalliir-udaiya. . . 

kadavan Erintodiyar-ana Parakesari-nniventavelarum . . . kkum di-nattu 

Ira.jentra-S61a-valanAttu S61a-Pancliya-valanattu-t-Tirupputtur. .lachchan Va- 
sautayaji sri. . .shnapura-Narayana-battarum eva-p-puravuvari-tinai ni 

KoUir Taluq. 45 

Rajaraja-Pancli-nat.tu Rajentra-S61a-valanattu-k-I01kunfla.i;ru-cli-Cliolasikainani- 
nallur-udaiyan Asanakampanum Sola-maiulalattu Arumoli deva- vajanattu 
Valivilakkuriattu Vikkirama-Sola-nallur-udaiyan Baladovan Lokasiilamaniyuin 
puravuvaritinaikkalam Arumolideva-valanattu Puraiigarambai-nattu-k-Kula- 
lur-udaiyan Nagana...yum Rajaraja-Pandi-nattu Madurantaka-valanattu 
Alarrur-nattu Jananadanallur-uclaiyan Kaiyilayan Ambalamum mugavetti in- 
nattu Muclikoncla-Sola-valanattu Venclaikkucli-nattu Ilavenmai-uclaiyan Uttaman 
Aranganum Aiiinurravan Aravamurdum varippotta-kkanakku Sola-manclalattu 
Rajentrasirii,'a-valauattu Manni-nattu-ppattam-uclaiyaa Sevurka. .puramum 
variyilidu Nittavinoda-valanattu Mudi-chChonattu Valuva. .ka. .clayan Torigal 
Ambalamum pattolai Puliyarigudaiya.n Siriyan Venkadanum devadanam variyil- 
iduvitta pura. . varitinaikkalattu mugavetti Aniiurruvan Aravamudum vasitta 
varippottaga-k-kanakku Sola-manclalattu Rajentra-siuga-valanattu Innambara- 
nattu-p-Periyariguclaiyan Tiruvisaliir Kuttacliyum pattolai-eludina Pancli- 

kulasani-valanattu Eyil-nattu Kovvaimarigalam-udaiyan Battan Batta 

yanclu padinaravadu nal irunurr-enbatt-onrinal yanclu padinaravadu 

mudal devadanam aga variyilittadu ivai puravuvaritinaikkalattu mugavetti 
Ainnurruvan Aravamudan-en eluttu ivai puravuvaritinaikkalattu mugavetti 
Ilavenbai-udaiyan eluttu 

112 («) 
At the same place. 

(Graotba and Tamil characters.) 

yanclu padinonru nal irunurru-elupadu Purva-desamuri-Garigaiyuri-goncIa 
K6-pParakesaripanmar aua uclaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devar Kanchi-purattu- 
k-koyilin-ullal attattu veli melai-manclapam Rajeutra-Solanil eluntaruli 
iruntu Nigarili-Sola-mancIalattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu Pasaipala karanmai miyatchi- 
yum migudi-k-kui;aimaiyum ulladariga vellan-vagaiyil niudal yanclu elavadu 
mudal tavirntu ivv-ur kaai-kkadan nellu nii_i;r-elupatt-en-kalane-oru-naliyum 
pon nurr-orupatt-iru-kalanje-iranclu-manjadiyum iranclu makkaniyum in- 
nattu-k-Kuvalalattu -p-Padariyarkku vendu -nivantarigalukku iruppadaga 
yanclu elavadu mudal devadanam-aga variyilittu-k-kudukkav- enru tiru- 
vaymolintarujinar-enru tirumantiraolai Rajentra-Sola-nallur-kilavan elutti- 
nalum tirumantira61ai-nayagam Rajentra-S61a-kKantiruvapperaiyanum Raja- 
raja-Brahma-marayanum Madurantaka-p-Pallavaraiyanum Uttama-S61a-ch- 
Ch61ak6num oppittu-p-pugunta kelvippadiye variyilittu-k-kudukkav-enru * 
Uyyakkondar- valanattu Vennattu-k-Koralantaka-ch-charuppedi-marigalattu 
Narkkana-inarayan Jananadanar-ana Rajentira-Sola-Brahmadhirajar cva ivar 
evinapadiye udarikiittattu adikarigal Uyyakkondar-valanattu-t-Tiruvaluntur- 
nattu Mantai-kilar Maran Mananilaiyar-ana Nittavin6da-muven'ta-velarum 

46 Kolar Taluq. 

Sayangouda-S61a-mandalattu-k-Kaliyur-k-kottattu-p-Pagiir-nattu Ukkal-udaiyar 
kumarar Kalan Vasudevaiuirum Pandikulasani-valanattu Arkkattu-kkiirrattu 
Arkkfidu-kilar Puganidi Rajadittanar ana Uttama-Sola-Arkkattu-muventavela- 
rum Arumolideva-valanattu Inganattu Ilaiyankudaiyar Rajadittau Kuttadiyar- 
ana Parakesari Vilupparaiyarum Rajaraja-pPandi-nattu-k-Kidachchembi-nattu 
Sembil-nadu-kilavar-kilavan Saturanar-ana Vanavan-muventavelarum Arumoli- 
deva-valanattu-p-Puliyur-nattu Muruganallur-udaiyar Kadan Ganavatiyar-ana 
Irumadi-Sola-muventavelarum naduv-irukkum Nittavinoda-valanattu-k-Kilar- 
kkurrattu-p-Pulla-maiigalattu Paramesvarabatta Savva-kkirutu-yajiyarum vidai- 
yil adikarigal Nittavinoda-valanattu Avur-kkur.rattu-k-KiUnallur-kilavar Vidaii- 
gan Devanar ana Sayangonda-Sola-miiventavelarum Kshatriyasikamani-vala- 
nattu Velar-nattu-ch-Chirukurranallur-kilavar KoUaiputtanar ana Uttama-Sola- 
p-Pallavadaraiyarum Jayaugonda-S61a-maudalattu-ch-Cheng;\ttu-k-kottattu 
Maganiir-nattu Valamaiigalam-udaiyar Vengadavan Erinjodiyarum S6.1a- 
maudalattu Arumolideva-valanattu Vandalaiventar-k-kiirrattu-p-Panangadi- 
kudi-udaiyar Sadaiyan Puttanarum eva-p-puravuvaritinaikkalattu-k-kaukaui 
Jayangonda-S6Ia-mandalattu-t-Tirumunaippadikkunratttir-nattu Arrur-udaiyan 
P6dan Echchilum Baladevan L6kasulamaniyum pavarvaritinaikkalam S6}a- 
mandalattu Arumolideva- valanattu Purangaranibai-nattu-k-Kulalilr-udaiyau 
Nagan Nantiyum mugavetti Rajaraja-p-Paiidi-nattu Madurantaka-valanattu 
Venbaikkudi-nattu Ilavenbai-udaiyan Uttaman Araiiganum varippottaga-k- 
kanakku Jayahgonda-S6Ia-mandalattu-p-Puliyur-k-kottattu-t-Tudarmuni-nattu- 
p-Pelur-k-Kumarantai Karanane-Kadiranum variyilittu Sola-raandalattu Saya- 
singakulakala-valanattu-t-Ten-Panangadu-nattu Sattanur-udaiyan Viraranan 
Araiiganum patt61ai Pandikulasani-valanattu-k-Kiliyur-nattu-k-K6vaimahga- 
lam-udaiyan Battan. . palakanum iruntu yandu padinmiuiravadu ual irupatt- 
onbadinal Nigarili-S6]a-mandalattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu-p-P. . . .la vellan-vagaiyil 
mudal yaad-elavadu mudal tavirntu ivv-iir kani-kkadanellu uiirr-elubatt- 
en-kalane-oru-nalikkum pon niirr-orupatt-ir u- kalaiije-iranclu-manjadiy um irandu 
makkaniyum Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu-k-Kuvalala-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu-p-Pada- 

riyarkku vendum nivantaugalukku iruppadaga mudal devadanam-aga 

variyilittu-k-kuduttadu ivai puravuvaritiuaikkala-nayakan Kulaliir-udaiyan 
eluttu ivai mugavctti Ilavenbai-udaiyan eluttu \\ 

112 {b) 
* At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil obaracters.) 
svastisri Vira-Pandiyantalaiyuii-Je. . .n Salaiyum Ilahgaiyum Irattapadi-elaraiy 
-ilakkamuii-gondu Kalliyitna-purattu jaya...m natti vira-siiigasanattu virr- 
iruntu Vijai-Rajeutran-enr-abhishekafi. . . .liua K6-pParakesaripanmar ana 

Kolar Taluq. 47 

udaiyar sri- Vijaiya-Rajentra-Deva. . .muppattainjavadu Vijaiya-Rajentra- 
mandalattuk-Kuvalala-nattu sri Kuvala 

112 ic) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha aiiil Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Arumolideva-valanattu Tevur-nattu Andakiiudaiyan Madavan por-eru 

112 (d) 
At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

tiru. .shekam o. .nal J.anju tiru-nerriyir-padam onrinal 

niraiponnarpadin-kalanju malai. .munnadi.ra maikkaraiyim aga-p-pon 

aymbattelu kalanjum patta munrinar-pon irul)attu. . .laiiju n patton- 

badin kalanje-mukkalu tiruttolir-k-kattina pattam ettinar-pon. . .pon. . . .lan- 
jum...l onrina nirai pon padin-mukkalaiTjaraiyum vellikkachche. m onrinal 
nirai . . lanje .... idu ivv-iir . . . ti . . . yarum-ippandaram . .rakshikkakadavar 
agavum valanjiyattukku . . kkandu rakshippa . . radu o. . . .bhi . . idha kondu 
erikka kadava nuntavilakku.miinru-santiyum erikkuii-janti-vilakku 12 nisatam 
. . . .amudu aivumu. . .hmanar. . . .devadanam Pasaivala urar nekkadamaikku 
erikka nuntavilakk-onru iviar vaniyar.ti. .ttun-jekk-irandinal nuntavilakku 2 i 

de raiyurar nekkadamaikk-erikku-nuntavilakk-onru.kalai-vilakku i. 

rumbukani vilakku 4 maga maui. .rum-irumbum-utpacla 

113 (e) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail cliaracters.) 

daiturai-nadun-tudar-vana-veli-p-padar-Vanavasi sang-adir- 

malaiyuu-jaiig-adir-velai-t-tol-perun-gava ttu-k-Kuvalalattu-p-Pattala- 

gakku-t-tiru kku .... melal 

112 {f) 
At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters.) 

konda K6-pParakesaripanmar agiya udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola- 

Devarkku yandu 1 .vadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kuvalala-nattu-k-Kuvalalattu 

Bhattarukku kku saiiti mianrukku erikka oru vilakki. . ,ik-k6yilil tiru- 

Y-aradanai-seyyum Siva-Brahma(ma)nar-vasam tiruvilakku onrukkum 

Kshatrisikamani-valanattu Tirunaraiyur-nattu Nanti-purattu Vira-Sola . . . 

48 Kolar Taluq. 

At the same place. 

(Orantha aod Tarail cliaracters.) 

nnavar pakka ma kkonda k-Kollippakkaiyu 

naimark-arum-aran Mannaikkadak vir-chchinavil irubattoru-kal 

araisugalai katta Para ^W^ R^j^ • • • }.^ 

turae ten . . ku 


In Kolar, on the left wall of the inner entrance of the Kolaramma temple. 
Kali-yuga nalku-savirada nanura embhattondaradolage Saka-varusha savirada 
muniira vondaneya Siddbartti-samvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 S6 svasti srimanu- 
maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada raya-gaja-mastaka-siila virodbi-raya-nir- 

dhiima rana-Bhayirava sangara-Virabbadra-. .raya-Rala prithivi-pati-raya- 

bhayaiikara Harihara-sadana . podivanda . . . miira-rayara ganda Naganna-voda- 
yara kumara Depanna-vodayaru dara-prutuvi-mahantugalu Depanna-vodaya- 
Mammalaga-rahutaru Kolala-nada-prabhu-Muttanna-jiyaru Sonna-gauudaru 

Yirigi-setti pattanasvami-Amarandala-jiya raa Hogariya Manirunda-jiyara 

maga Bayyappa Nayainia Kimbavadiya Mara-deva Abbinevira makalam 
Hambuyi-jiyauu Hudakulada Valandi - jiyyara maga Vobannauu volagada 
samasta-gaundu-prajegalu Kolaladaliya stanikaru Vasudeva-marayanu . . 
kantha-marayanu olagada stanikarii a-deviya stauake mukhyarada Devappa- 
jiyarige kotta sasanada kramav entendade nimage deviya stauika jiyya^pattavanu 
katti. .a jiyya-pattake navu nimage dara-purvakavagi Kolala-nada Andigana- 
hariya-grama 1 kam saluva chatus-simeyanula gadde beddalu muntagi vondu 
melu-vonnu sakala-suvarnnadaya sarva-bada-pariharavagi nadavudu yi-darma 
a-chandrarkka-stayiyagi nadeyaluladu a-jiyya-pattakke staua-stanadalu jiyyaru- 
galige avava sime vuntu a-simegalu yi-stanada . . Devappa-jiyage saluvudu 
i-dharmake aradarii tappidaru Gangeya tadiyalu kavileya kon 


In the same temple, on the outer wall in the north. 
subham astu | svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha HSQneya 
Vilarabi-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 2 Ma Rohini-nakshatradalu sriman-maharaja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa-sri-Achuta-Raya-raaharayarii prithivi- 

rajyarii gayiutam vira-bhatarige dharmavagi vitta. . .yanavaru avara 

parupatyadallu .... sri Kolalake pratiuamavada Kolala-Bhargava- 

Parasurama-pratishthe Kolala-devi chatur-yuga-pujita punya. . .kshetra. . . . 
deva-stanada gramagalige 

Kolar Taluq. 49 


At the same temple, around the figure of lotus on the top slab of the first doorway. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Rajendra-Sola-devar tiru-namattal Kadanibanakkai-nattu Kauaka- 
pavvadam ana-ch-Chulkalmalai-kkil Ittakirai Tribuvanaiyan magal Jakki- 
yappai eduppitta-ttiru-ch-churru-mandagam sri-Rajentra-Sola-devan 


On the Bagu Baodi in Kolar. 

(Persian charactera.) 

1200— Huval Haiiz 

lculo shayin hata nal mayi katabuh 


At the tank in Kolar. 

(Persian characters.) 

Zil ullahil malik il malnan Tipu Sultan 

padshah e ghazi khal adallahu mulkahu o saltanatahu 

ba farman e Sultan e Shah e jahan 

ke Saiyid Budan 'Amil e janfishan 

cho dar sal e Sahir ba mah e Taki 

ke barbast e talab e Kansar davan — 1201 Hijri 


At Teruhalji on the Kolar Hills, on the basement of the Gangadharesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Gaiiga-kulotbhavan Kaveri-vallabhan 
Nandigiri-natan Uttama-Sola-kKangan-ana Vira-Gaiiganena Gauga-manda- 
lattu-kKuvalala-nattu-kKuvalalattu Muchukunda-giriyin mel Vira-Ganga- 
nalluril udaiyar Vira-Gaiigisvaram-udaiya-nayanarai-ttiru-pratishthai-paimi- 
ttiru - kkar raliy un-jatti - chChakarai - yand - ayiratt - oru - nurr u - muppatt - onbad u 
Dhatra-samvatsarattu Chittrai-masattir-padinettan-tiyadiyun-Tingal-kkilamai- 
yum-apara-pakshattu Attamiyun-Tiruvonamum perrav-anru in-nayanarkku-ppu- 
saikkun - tiru ppadimarrukkun - tiru vilakkukkun - tirumer puchchukkum marrum 
pala-nimandaugalukkum-aga Kuvalalatt-eriyil melai-ttumbininrum pura- 
ppattu vadakku nokki-ppona Mettukkalukku-kkilakku Mavadi-pparrun-Jekku- 

50 Kolar Tahiq. 

rali - pparrun - Gulichclievagan - parru m Koraichcher u vum peruvaykkalukku - 
kkilakku Aiyadeviyum Amarapperunjcruvum-Elumichchampalaiyum-agappada- 
kkuH nal-ayiram Panattiyil Periyeri-kil-kkuli ayiran-Jirreri-kil-kkuli ayiram 
Musuvanmulaiyil-Ammaiy-alvarum Agattiyandaiyun-gattina eri-kil-kkuli 
ayiram . . . vamudu Parutti-eri-kil-kkuli ayiram Uttama-Sola-kKanga-ch-chatui'- 
vedi-maiigalam-ana Pulal-eri-kil-kkuli ayiram edirvayil-ettam-irandinal nilam 
ettu-kkandagam Putturir-Chirreri-kil-kkuli ayiram Puttiir-ettattil-ettam- 
anjinal nilam-irupadin-kandagam aga varisai-kkGlar-kuli padin-ayiramum etta- 
nilam-irupattettu-kkandagamum vitten sandiraditta-varai selvadaga in-naya- 
narku nityotsavattukku masotsavattukkuu-Gettai-nakshatrotsavattukkun- 
Jittirai-masattu-kKettai-tittha-nakshatram-a. .mahotsavattukkum pala-pani- 
nimandakkararku m - aga - ch - Chakarai-yand - ayiratt -oru nurru-narpattirand-ana 
Pramati-samvatsarattu-tTiiigal-kkilamaiyun- Jittirai-vishuvum-anav-anru Pal- 
lavakatteri-kil nir-payu-nilam-adanga vittten Muttakattu. .nsey punsey nar- 
j)al-ellaiyin tottam-utpada vitten Manikattiyir-Padumakattu vitten Kuvalala- 
nattil nar-pal-ellaikk-utpatta sullisudi palamari irattai-kkanr-inranavu marrum- 

ippadiy-oppanav-ellam in-nayanarke vitten-ivaiy-ellam-ikkoyir tar. .rattit- 

tum piclittun-gollakkadavargal sandiraditta-varai selvad-aga vitten idu pan-Mahe- 
svara-rakshai koduttan-aram perran karravana. .ppinnaiy-aduttan-arau-gattal 
venduu-gadutt-adanai marrinan-arra naragalu-marr-adanai-pporrinan pan . . . 
. . . kavam 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Uttama-Sola-Gangan-ana Vira-Gangan Muchukunda-giriyil Vira- 
Gaiigapurattil Vira-Gaiigisvaran tali-ttanam-aga udaiyar Vira-Gaugisva- 
ram- udaiya- uay anarai- chchevikka- ttali panuirandukku- ttaliy ilal Tillainayaka - 
ttalaikkoli Periya-nachchiyum Vira-Gaiiga-ttalaikkoli Palliyai;ai-uachchiyum-ut. 
pada-pper panniruvarku-pper-oruvaiku-k-kuli ayiram-aga-ppannirayiraii-guli 
Pallavakatteri-kile vittu ivv-eriyai-chcher. . .Muttakattilum-aga-pper-oruvarku- 
ppunsey-nilam iru-kandagam-aga irubattunar-kandagam nansey-nilamum-itta 
Vira-Ganganad-andu narpattaru perra Tarana-samvarsarattu-tTai-mraasattu- 

ppadinalan-tiyadiyuii-Jevvay-kkilamaiyun-Gettaiyum vanrutali-kkaniy- 

aga vitten Padumandarku kuli ayiratt-ainiiru idu pa 


At the same place. 

(Grautha niul Tamil cliaraolera.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-nattil piranda mappu-marikk-aiiju-panamum kuuamerkku 
miinyu panamum-in-nattil virra marikk-oru-ponnum toruvunisu nadaivali 

Kolar Taluq. 51 

kudiraiy-arukkum ki kudirai-chcliarigai . . .kkoyil tiruppanikkum sandira- 

ditta-varai selvadaga vitten Puli-nattil Sakkili-eri-kil-irandu veli nilamum-oru- 
puttaiyum Kuvalalatt-eri-kil vitta-v-irandu-veli nilamum Porkunrattu-kKudirai- 
chclievagar-eriyile Kattaikaraiyum Kallattiiril periyeri-kil kudaugaiyum palaiya 
devadanam-irandu nikkiy-allada nilamum nikki va. . . .-nilavariyum vichchu- 
ppattamum-agappada-ttiruvamudupadikku vitten 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Vettummara-Bananena Kuvalala . . . .tiirmai-chChenkaranadu tiru 
nundavilakkukku vitten 

124 («) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri maha-mandalisuran Uttama-Sola-kKangar Selva-Gangar mamanar 
Polala-dannayakkar tambi Sikka-ttaunayakkar magan Vallala-devanena udaiyar 
Vira-Gangisvaramu-udaiya nayanarkku Vira-Gauga-pputteri edirvayil tottam 
tiru-nanduvanam-agavum idil puvanadu tiruppalli-ttamam-agavum marr-ulladu 
tiruvilakkukku avudagavum ip-padikku Isvara-varushattu-tTai-mmadam muda. 
. . . .n Vaduka. . . .n ulladanai. . . .yyakkadavar 

124 (i) 
At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1244 sellaninra Dunmati- saiiivatsarattu Vaigasi- 

madam 8ti tirunalu Nayarru-kkilaraai purva-pakshattu miyum. . 

....udaiyar Vira-Gaugisvaram-udaiya-nayanakku tirunalukku devar vira- 

Vallala-Devar pradanigalil Ka yar kumarar Kariyay-Ii'amaiya-naya- 

kkar adikarigal Tarukkema. . . .rru Kempapadi Mara-devarum. . . .ttil Kuma- 
ratta Kiittandai-porerum Kuvalala . . sri-pPeriya-uadavarum tirunalukku 

nisata. . .tta raja. .ndalattil. . . .kum pon. . .m yiu-nattavarum tiru- 

kkaroliyum na t-tirunalum. .Sonniyar miiiiran-tirunalum Ubliai- 

ya-nanadesigalukku muppana Yiruga-settiyar nalan-tirunalum y-anjan- 

tiruualum Kuvalalam. . . .adi-pattanatta rru .... aran-tirunalum Mi- 

nadai lan-tiruna . . lum Yira Tiruttattanarum yin 

Periya-nattavar tiruvelichchikku tiru saudum Tiruvanarapurattukku tiru- 

chchalagamum ullappada venduna-um Tiruvanandal-nayauarum tiru- 

vve koyil tiru tiru kadava . . . 


52 Kolar Taluq. 

nukkum seyyad-olindavan Gamgai-karaiyil kurar-pa. .vai-kkon- 

ran Bramavatti kolakkaclavan Maliesvara-rakshai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri MarudCir-udaiyan Kamban Villavarayauena udaiyar Vira-Gangisuram- 
udaiya-nayanarkku oru tiru-vilakku iru-sandi erivadaga-ppottasam vele 
Adakkaiyanena kar-kalani vitten sandiraditta-varai sellakkadavadu idu sri- 
Mahes V ar a-r aksh ai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactors.) 

svasti sri Bhujabala-Vira-Narayanau Koygaikkuru-nattu-raaiidalikan Malai- 
yandai-siyan magan Devandai-siyanena udaiyar Vira-Gangisvarara-udaiya- 
nayanar Vaiygasi-ttirunal tirukkaroli en janma-uakshatram ana Ayiliya-nal- 
ttirukkaroli elundaruluvikka-pPagar-eriyil munb-ulla devadanattukku kil" 
arugc vitta kuli munurrukkum irubattu-oru-panattal ujla vibhavam sandra- 
ditta-vaiai sellakkadavad-aga Viya-samvarcharattu Vaiygasi-madam mudal 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri devar Uttama-Sola-kKangara. .ti-nayan Tiniyar. . . Gangan Viluppar 
Narayan Kuvalalatt-eriyil Aiymiidevi kuli nurru-oru-padum Sekkuralikku 

vadakkil kalani ka. .irupadum in-nayanar. . . .tava. . . .na id-iraivan ra 

sandi-vilakku yirandum santaraditta-varai selvadaga vitten sri-Mahesvara- 
rakshai ittai marrinan 


On the outer wall of the same temple. 
1244 Durmati-samvatsara-Vaisakha-masa, . . . vira-Vallala-devarapradhana kali- 
Lakkuraai-dannayakaua kumara Kariya . . . . Ramai-nayakar adhikari Halla 

Kolar Taluq. 53 


On a rook on the way up to the same village. 

(Qrantha anJ Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Gaiiga-kulorbliavan Kaveri-vallavan 
Nandigiri-nadan Uttama-Sola-Gangan-ana Vira-Gaiiganukku Vikkirama-Gangan 
Kali magan . .kkayena Vira-Gaiigan velaikkaranena velaikkarara 6di-pp6var 
minattiyin-ala. .ittai-cbcholli ivarku pinbu savadey-irundeuagil 6di-pp6.... 
velaikkararku en minattiyai-kkudutten aven 


At Vibhfitipura (Kolar hobli), on the basement of the ruined Jalakanthesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacterB.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Ganga-kulotbbavau Kaveri-vallabhan 
Nandigiri-nadan Uttama-Sola-Gangan ana Vira-Gaiiganena Gaiiga-maadalattu- 
kKuvalala-nattu-kKuvalalattu Muchukunda-giriyin kil adivarattil Vira-Gaiiga- 
nalluril udaiyar Jalakantesvara - n ay anarai - ttiru - pratishthai - panni - ttiru - k- 
karraliyuii-jatti-cbCbakarai-yand-ayiratt-orunurru-muppattonbadu Dhatra- 
varusbattu Sittirai -madattir- padinettan - tiyadi Tiiigal-kkilamaiyum-apara- 
X^aksbattu Asbtamiyin tTiruv6namum perrav-anru yin-nayanarukku naive- 
ttiya-amudupadikkum ttiruvilakkum ttirumeni-ppucbcbukkum marrum pala- 
nimandaiigalukkuni-aga-kKuvalalattu-pPeriyayeri-kkil uiiru kuli nilam 
vitten punjikkaga-kKuvalalattukku-cbchernda Vibbutipura-kkiramattai vitten 
idakku satus-simai-kkilakku-kKuvalalam terukku Kilkk6tte merkku Muchu- 
kunda-giri vidakku Khadiripuram ittai Kausika-g6tra Siva-Brahmanan piisikka- 
kkadavan ittai mayattinavan Gaiiga-kkaraiyil kkura-ppasuvai-kkonna paLa- 
uarakaiigalai anubhavippiin sri-Jabakantesvaran Uma-Mahesvara-raksbai 


At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri alai-kadal-uduttav-ama . talaiy-ulagatt-enn-aruii-gitti I . . saiyar-adipan 
annal-eiigulandaiy-amaran-kadalan kod-il-pugat-Kuvalala-ma-nagaran-gudi 
y-erriya adi-vanikesan Alagai-ppadiyun-tan-udaiyon pai.yan Trailokya-pattana- 
svami Aiyyan-arut-cbir-Asaittevanudan avataritta ayilaiyal Uyya.ndai Arundati- 
yey-anaiyal tantay-tiru-vayirr-uditta tulaiigu-mani-ttirumarman seii-gamala- 
ppunal pudai sul selun-Tondai-vala-nadan engal periyark-inaya periyan marr- 
ind-ulagil opp-ariya Sakarai-yaud-6r-ayirattu mer-cbepp-ariya niiru kadand- 
irupadu tan senradar-pin veuri-punai .. dar-kkalirru Vikkirama-Gangan 

54 Kolar Taluq. 

kunj;-ei;inda kii.r-ilai-ver-Korravanai iduvittu-kkott-alarum pura-punal sul 
Kuvalalatt-eri-tanil uttamatte Dir-nila-ma.rroru-veliyum-alu solaiyadu tanakku 
vada-merke viduvittu-ttiru-chchelvam pala perukki-chchi. .liyu-muppoluduu- 
garutt-amaiyav-elundarulumpadi nimandan-gattuvittu-chchandiraditta-varai 
tirupugal nirutti. . niudalurilattiu-intu valg-enave sri-Mahesvararum Aiunurru- 
varum rakshai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Tiru-magal-tuuaivan Jaya-magal-nayakan irunilan-gavalan-ilaii- 
gondalai. .sainian vada-tisai Meruvil varanam-poritton kuda-tisaiy-induvin 
kula- miidar-chirandon ten-tisai-kKaviri-chchelu-nir-kadandon vandisai-ppurin- 
dan vanavar-kon-rau senniyir-kaiyavan. . kattavand-irukkira. .ponnin-aramum- 
iramum-punaindoD en-disaiy-amararum-Iyamanu naduugi-ppandu ven-Gali- 
parikalam-paritton ninedun-guDragan-tunittu Nagar kiuilaiyal-agame pasay- 
anmaiyil-arasu-ppediya-ttakkiy-aiig-avar muraisam kavandu madagalatt- 

amara. .yan mu-tTamit-parunitan Muchukunda-giri-nadan vandar parava 

kkaudanadanavarttana-pura-varadisan Selvan-peyaral marr-avan tirumagal 
palavalangu karpin-Madevi-enbal Panchavar-tudan para-nari-puttiran veii- 
jilai-ttadakkai Vira-Gangan nadu. .rra sirrandanar Saraman todu-kadar-ranai- 
ttonrark-ilaiyaval ven-ganan Vikkiramadittarku-ttangai Kuttarku-ttan mun 
sirandaval odakkorra-ttongiya mukkadaga. . Varadan-gon Kachchi-kavalan 
naru Tennanaiy-adukalatt-attu venr-amar-kadanda Panaviriyur-vendan pon 
panapon pun keduve pangakkum elir-Kanga-pperumal attai. . . valiy-agal-idat- 
ella-chchelvamum torramum yavaiyu-niUav-ennum nilamai-edi arundavam- 
purinda sindaiyal-agiy-irund-aran-jeyivaradiyal penna surrum purisai- 
yun-torana-vayadaluii-garraliy-aduvun-gavin perav-amaittu nandana-vanamun- 
tirumadaippajliyum-amaindanikkulanuini madaivilagamum paguttu orraiy- 
isarigum irattai-taraiyum marrum pala pala viichchiyarigalum pattamum-ani 
pumbarikal-pagarumade Purrakattum pala-padi-nimanda- parisinuk-aruliy- 
anr-elir-Chakarir ayirat-orunur-onrena arinarum uraitta nalil aniyun-janda- 
mum-agilum-aramu-maniyuni ponnum varu-punar-charar-korigalar kuvalai 
kun.r-idaiy-Umaiyodu Sarikaran-rannai tapittanale. 

133 («) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaractcrs.) 

svasti sri Sadharana-vnrushattu Masi-madam 9 udaiyar Sellva-Garigisvaram- 

udaiyarku .... vam .... Soma. . .da. r magan laval eriga 


Kolar Taluq. 55 

133 (i) 

At the same place. 

(Oraotha and Tamil characters,) 

svasti sri Sadharana-varusliattu Masi-madam 9 udaiyar Sellva-Gan. .svaram- 

udaiya . . kuratta pparasari Verigadavark-attani alachchi kuduttom 

malaiyil nelai . . koyilluku kallu serigal tattodum . . pe . . m-mariyadayitta . . 

mirigalil varku . . nalakkottaiyil raadaivilagatil solai sembu . . lluku 

Sakhara-yandu . .lam varu. . . . mun . . . koUaikum . . sandrilditya-varai sarva- 

manyam kollai ku 5 kalani veyi . . koUai . . mariyadi .... am 

. . . .lai ku 5 kalani ku 2 Sevva. .ppalli. .16 kollai ku 5 kalani ku 5. . . .koUai 

. . . kshetram-aga chandraditta-varai sarvamanyam-aga kuduttom Idaipalli 

erile kalani ku 5 . . . nilakkottaiyil koUai . . sri 


At Gavimatha (same hohli), on a stone near the wet land, to the east. 
svasti sri Saka-varusha sasirada yinnuru-yembat-entaneya Plavariga-samvatsa- 

A. ^ 

rada Asvija-ba 5 A sriman-maha-mandalesvaram ari-raya-vibhada bhasege 
tappuva rayara ganda vira-Bukanna-Odeyara kumara vira-Rajendra-Vodeyaru 

prithivi-rajyam gayiuttiha-kaladalu a danikoskara khandu^gajv eradu 



At Dodda-Hasala (same hobli), on the outlet of the Votekere. 

Durmati-nama-samvatsarada Margasara-ba G lu. .ka-gonda sri-Jaya. .gara. . . 
. . . .kavi subata. . . .baruyanu Hasalada Moti-Gaudanige barayisi katu godige 
yinamu hola kha \ gadde kha .J idu prakara anubhavisuvadu 


At Dimba (same hobli), on a stone near Kodla-Gauda's well. 

Pramadicha-nama-samvatsarada Maga-su 10 lu srimatu Da || Suranaranappana- 
varu Dimbada Dyavannanige kotta surugu-manyada va. . prakara hola 
4 gadde 4 yi-prakara putra-pautra-paramparyavagi anubhavisikondu yiruvadu 
yandu barasi-kotta sasana 

56 Kolar Taluq. 


At Cholaghatta (same hobli), in Muninaganna's field 
to the south-west of the village. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svusti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Gaiiga-kulorbhavan Kaveri-vallabhan 

Naiiti-giri-nadan Sola-Gaiigan-ana Vira-Gangauena vikku Solakattai 

idukku adaitta nanjai pal-ellaiyum poun-ara-kkondu mann-ara kudutten 

Uttama-Sola-Ganganena Sakarai-yandu 1206 Tarana-samvatsarattu Sittirai- 
masam mudal pattonbadu Piramanarukkum perumalukkum danam-aga kudu- 
tten Talai . . kadu Jeyaniraviena ippadikku pattonbadu kudiyum . . . ta. . . 

vi-mangalattu kudi-irundu anubavippadu ippadi-kkudu ttama-Sola- 

Gaugan-ana Vira-Gaugau. . . .ppadikku ivai Ganga-pperumal cluttu ippadikku 

. . . ndaimau eluttu ippadikku rayan eluttu ippadikku. .konda 

landanena seluttakkadavun 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

la-vari vichchuppatta-marrumu ulla ayangalayum agappada vitten 

Vira-Gauganena inta Iravi. .mangala asaippattavanum Gengaiyir- 

kural-pasuvai konra papattai puguvan tan-tayai aniyaya-nintai sonnapadi 
sandira-aditta-varai sellakkadavadu idu padinettu-nattu viyaparigal ettu 
sva-dattam pai-a-dattam va. . . .reta vasuddhara shashtim varsha-saliasrani 

vishta tekrimih | hiranyam-ekam . .m-ekam ramharan narakam- 



In Kri8hnagauda's field to the north-west of the same village. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhauma-chchakkiravartti sri-Poysala-vira-Ramana-Devark-iyandu 

32 ndavadu Sakabda ana Sarvajit-saiiivatsarattu Vaigasi-madam patton- 

badan-tiyadiy-ana Rohiniyum Budhau-galam-ana piirva-paksha Prathamai iu- 

nal Gaugapadiy-ana Kuvalala-nattu rama chCholakattu . . 

in-nalile Bhagavan-Narayanan-ana Nagadeva. . .ua sri-vira-Ramana-Devarkku 

sarva .... mattham-aga Kidambi matta machcha .... Andan- 

battanum Kidambi ppijlai magan . . chchamutti. . . . num ivar 

ttarakku. .nai nam-aga Sola gattu. . kku adaitta naiijai punjai. . . 

1-ellaiyum kil nokkina kinarum mel nokkina maramum. .ba-kshetraramangalum 

Kolar Taluq. 57 

sarvama . . yara-aga . . nichchai pala-varivu . . teii sangama-sakai 

uttarana . . . vichchappattam pasu. .daram ulppa llam-iraiyili- 

danam Janam-aga-kkudutten Naga-devarena . . . .sandiraditta-varai sallakkada- 

vadu podikku pattu-ppakku ka van Gangai-karaiyii likural- 

pasuvai-kkonna pavattil pogakkadavau 


At the same place. 

(Qrantlia and Tatnil cbaracters.) 

svasti sri sri-Pumi-devikku pudalvar agiya Sittar-Umesasya 

sasanam sri-Pumi-devikku puttara. .giya uttama-nidiya-mut-Tamil-alaiy-adi. . 

. .ni ter. . . . m-inri-ttattam perugi ga Kali meliya pugal peruga- 

ppagai naiya-ttikk-anaittum seviduvidamal seii-gole munnagavum tiyagame 

aniyagavum sitram-eliyade. . pava maruga n eydiya dina-mani 

yam sevidu ninra Gaiiga-vala-nattu-kKuvalala-nattu-pPeriya-nada. . . . 

sri-vira-Ramana-Devar-ttolukkum valuklcum jayam-aga Solakatte kil kalani. . 

tti magan . . . . su mman ana Andan-battan sri-pan . . . nnale Ki- 

dambi Echchamurata-battanum nam sotlanian magan Andan-battan 

sri-vira-Ramana-Devar tolukkum valukkum vittom 

vira-Ramanada-Devarkku ya . . . 2 . . Solakatte 


At Kliteri (same hobli), on Jaru-bande in the south-west. 
Angirasa-samvatsarada Ashada-ba 8 srimatu Tirumala-somayajalu Tamakam 
Prasanna-Veiikatesvaruniki Naginayinicharuvu saniarpistimi 


At the same village, 
on the basement of the north vyall of the Somesvara temple iu the east. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharactera.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Gaiiga-kulorpavan Kaveri-vallaban 
Nantigiri-nadan Uttama-Sola-kKaiigan Gaiigapperumal piruthivi-rajyam-panna- 
nirka Nigarili-Sula-mandalam ana Kuvalala-nattu-kKutteriyil Ma. . . .livala. . 

Paridevan magan ena mandalikkan ivv-ur Akkappisvaram-udaiya 

Mahadevar koyil Siva-Brahmana . . kkani velar-Kasyapan Kuma...n magan 

58 Kolar Taluq. 

Punisuvanam-udaiyauukku uttaram-ayana-saiikiramattu kanaka dUarS,- 

purvakam-aga chandraditta-varai selvadaga-kkuduttu it^tevarku-ttiru-chchenni- 
dai-puram-aga ivv-iir-eriy-ana ik-kudikappa . . . .salileda. . . .kkattanadi kalani- 
yum merkir Tattar-katteyum vittu Siva-Brahiuauanukku archanabogam-aga 
yiru-kaudaga kalaniyuii-koyil kalani-kkoUaiy -iru-kandagamuii-gudutten-idu 
pan-Mahesvara-rakshai aram-aravark-aram-alladu tuuaiy-illai Parame tunai 


At Tamaka (same hobli), on a stone in Kachetti Munivenkata's field. 
subhaui astu svasti samasta-sakala-subhodaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu 
sandadu 1480 ne Kalayukti-saiuvacharada uiuvva-rayaragauda ari-raya-vibhada 
Sadasiva-Raya-karya-kartarada sriman- maha-mandalesvara Rama-Rajaya- 

karyya-kartarada Diluvara-Khanana Karya-kartarada Sitapana- taparu 

Virayyage Kolalada-simeyolu kodi[ge]-Ramasamudra bata-agraharavagi kottaddu 
a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi kodige-Ramasamudrava bata-agraharavagi kottadu 
Turukanyada doregalu tapidare pandi tindavaru Karuatakada doregalu 
tapidare- Kasili tande-taya konda papakke hoguvaru bata-agraharake ava-dore 
tapidava kapileya konda papake hohanu 

149 («) 

At the same village, in Biidigere Rangaiya's field to the west. 

(Grantha aud Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Pugal-madu vilaiiga Jaya-madu virumba Niha-magal nilava Malar- 
magal puuara urimaiyir-chiranta manimudi-siidi Villavar nilai-keda minavar 
kulaitara Vikkalan Siiiganau mel-kadal-paya-ttikk-anaittun-tan sakkara-uadatti 
vira-simhasanattu -pPuvana-mulud-udaiyalodum virrirunt-aruliya Kd(vi)v- 
Irajakesaripanmar ana chakkaravattigal sri-Kulottuiiga-Sola-DOvarkku 
yandu 20 avadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-kKuvalala-nattu-kKalauiyiir-tiru-v- 
Iramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku ivv-iir-udaiya Brahmanau Kausika-go- 
trattu Bahudauya-sutrattu Karaik-kanda-Ramadeva-kamivittanan Jayaiigonda- 
Sola-Brahma-marayanena i-devarkku avi-bali-archana-bbogattukku ivv-uru. . . . 
nanjeyi-nilatil uau risha. . . rittu uaduvitta kallauukkum nadu utpatta nilam 
padineu-san-kolal vitta nilam kuli ayiram ayiramum it-tevarai anidhikkum 
Siva-Brahmanan Bharadvaja-gotrattu Bahudhanya-sutrattu Irugan Muttan- 
ana U. .ka-bhattanukku udaga-piirvvam pauni-kkuduttu yivanukkum ivvan 
varsa. .ttukku. .yal. . . .virai nanum-en vargattaru mey-poga-kkiirupadahavum 

ivan vitti kottanam pala-pauividai kolla nagavum sarva-pariharam-panni- 

kkudutteu Jayam-kouda-Sola-Brahma-marayaueua 

Kolar Taluq. 59 

149 {h) 

At the same place. 

(Graiitha and Tarail oharacters.) 

svasti sri Purva-desamun-Gangaiyun-Gadaramun-gonda K6-pParakesari- 
panraar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarku yandu 30 avadu Kalaniyur 
Mahadevar tiru-v-Iramisvaram-udaiyarkku vitta puiijai nar-parkellaiyum 


At Gaddekannftru (same hobli), on a stone in Avula Muniga's lield. 

Kali-yuga * nalku-savirada-nanura-aruvattararolage Saka-varusha savirada- 
munniira-hadiuayidara volagiya Srimukha-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 1 So sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara sri-vira . . . . ka - Rayaru prithivi-rajyam gayiva kaladalli 
srimatu Kolala-nada-volagana Kajaniyiira prabhu Sintaka-Chaundi-jiyaravara 
maga Chokkappanu namm-ui-a badagi-kula-samudra. . . .villada Gandoji Nacho- 
jana maga Sivadiyojage kotta sasanada kramav eut endare tanu namage mali- 
geya etti kodalagi nau priyavagi namma kodige-holadalu (back) volage nagola 
kotteii chandradityar [iruvjavarige sarvamanyavagi kotteii idake aradaru tappi- 
dare Gaiigeya tadiyali kapileya konda papadali hoharu i-manyava kedasidavaru 
bramhmatya-doshadali hoharu 


At the same village, on a stone in Vankadari Venkataehalayya'8 fleld, 

Salivahana-saka-varusha 1443 ueya Vikrama-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada - ba 
5 Vobu-Narasimpurada mahajanangalu . .ya sta(baoi!)nikaru Dyapa-Kadu- 
rappanavarige kottadu sarvamanya hola hattu-kolaga gadde hattu-kolaga mane 
vondanu kotadu sahita anubhavisal ullavaru 


At the same village, on a stone in the Tajari-manya. 

Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 1 S6-Iu sri-maha-mandalesvara. . 
Ramaya-Devaru . . .hanuru Mallappa-gaundaru-volagadavaru vappi Balagaiya- 
guru Ediura dandige Virann-odaya(back)rige. . . .biimi idakke aru tappa- 
lagadu Kasapa baraddu 

*Should be 4494. 


60 Kolar Taluq. 


At Kamadenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Tajavara^s field. 

subliam astu svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbangalu 1502neya 
Vikrama-samvatsarada Ashada-su 12 lu srimad-rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sri-Ranga-Deva-maharayaru prithivi-rajyam geyiutaiii 
yiralu sriman-maha-mandalesvara Rama-Rajaya-Timma-Rajayyana pautrarada 
Kosala-Rajayana putrarada Chinna-Timma-Rajayyanavaru Kamadevanahalli- 
Tirumalanatba-devara amritapadi-nayivedyake samarpisida manya-holada 
sasana tamage. . . .yagi salluva Kamadevanaballi. .yalu . . tamm-ayyana. . vara 
appaneyalu devara amritapadi-nayivedyakke samarpisida manya-hola-sas!ina 
yi ■• sasanada bolavanu gadde saguvali . . . . surya - cbandraru iruva kalaii 
manyavagi. .samarpisida maQya-hola-gadde-dharma-sasana 


At the same village, on a stone in nettara-kodige field. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusangalu 1487 neya 
Krodhana-samvatsarada Pushya-sudba 10 srimatu Sugatura Tamma. .gauuda- 
ru Karagada Mayilappa-gaundarige nagaru-godagu-hola kham \ hattu-kolaga 
yidake aru tappidarii tamma tande-tayige sarirbarava madida papakke hoguvaru 


At Kallandiiru (same hobli), on a stone in Talavara Rama's field. 

subhani astu Raghunatba-Rajaya . . . Kannada Bharati-agrabara Kalandiiru 
achaudrarka-stayigalagi nilagu .... Tammappa-gaudaru madida dharmma 


At the same village, on a stone to the north of the Gopalasvami temple. 

svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsbangalu 1536neya Ananda-sarii- 
vatsarada nija-Jesbta-su 12 lu srimad - rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara piirva- 
paschima-dakshinottara-chatus-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira- 
Venkatapati-maharayaru ratna-siriihasanarudhar agi pritbivi-rajya-gayuttam 

iralu. .Sugutiira Tammappa-gaudara raya-simeye Venkarassa- 

marajagalu. . . .jagala. . . .sita pratigrama baruva terege kottu (reet iUegibic) 

Kolm- Taluq. 61 


At the same villag^e, on a virakal. 
svasti sri Iriva-Nolamba prithvi-rajyara geyyutire . . . . 


On a rock at the same village. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri ■Hojana-vira-Vallala-Devarukku . . . . Kuvalala-nattu , 


At Bussenahalli (Sugaturu hobli), on a stone in the south. 

svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu * 1288 sanda vartamana- 
Bhava-sarhvatsarada Chayitra-su 13 Su-dalu sriman-maba-mandalesvara ari- 
rayara vibbacla bhashege tappuva rayara ganda purva-paschima-chatu-samudra- 
dbipati sri-vira-Bukkauna-Vodiyara kumara sri-vira-Kumara-Kampanna-Vodi- 
yaru Avasai^ada Ankappanavaru madid-agrabara Kolala-nad-olagaiia Kiloru- 
galiyada Devalapurada asesha-mabajanaiigalige kotta dbarma padeda sasana 
agraharake purvadali saluva cbatus-sime-volapatta gadde-beddalu-kere-kunte- 
kate-kaluve-guyyalu eda-ereyalu tota-tudiki-nidbi-niksbepa-jala-pasbana-akshi- 
na-agami-sidda-sadbya-slhavara-jaiigama-saha Avasarad Aiikappanavaru raadi- 
da nana-gotrada-Brahraara vrittigaju deva. . .yirisi vritti 2 DevannaiigaJige 2 
Bommannaiigalige puranada-Kali-bhattarige 1 paricbaraka (rcst contains detaiis of 



At Madavagurchenahalli (same hobli), on a rock in the south. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushammulu 1566ra Cbitrabhanu- 
samvatsara-Chayitra-su 1 Sukravarain srimad-rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa-sri-Sri-Raiiga-Deva - mabaraya-ayyavaru prithvi-samrajyarii chayu- 
cbunnagaObi-Raja-Ramana-Rajayya-Deva-mabaraja-ayyavaru Bhaskara-Sidbe- 
svara-bbattavarikiyi-tatba-titbi-suryoparagam-punya-kalamandu Digu-Tirupati- 
purvamandu tamaku tandradulu punyaiiga bu-danarii dara-posi yichcbivundiri 
ganuka tamaku Sri-Raiiga-Raya-Deva-mabaraya-ayyavaru amara-umbali palifi- 
china yi-K61aIa-simaI6ni Hogari-Chitanipalle-gramarii sa-hiranyodaka-dana- 
dhara-purvakaiiga drira-p6si yistini gramamu putra-pautra-paramparyarauga 
a-chandr;irkamuga anubbavincbukoni (stops here) 

*8aka t288 = Parabhava; Bh&va=I317. 

62 Kolar Taluq. 


At Sugatnru (same hobli), on a stone in the vegetable garden in the north-east. 
svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varushaiigalu 1552 neya rramoduta- 
saifavatsarada Vayisakba-su 15lu srimad-rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa sri-vira-Rama-Deva-Rayaru pritbvi-sambrajyarii geyutiralu Sugatiira 
Cliika-Raya - Tammaya-gavudaru dalavayu-Sonnaya-gavudarige kotta netara- 
godege-sasanada kramav ent endade ninu uamma karyagalige barada sasanada 
patti namma doi'atanakke prayasa-pattu nirvabisida nimitya nimige Sugatura- 
gramadolagaua Santa . . naii uinage . . . (back) netara-kodige kottev ada 

karaua (rest illeglble) 


On a stone in the centre of the same village. 
svasti vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varusbangalu 1553 neya Pramodiita- 
sariivatsarada Vayasaka-su 15 lu srimad-rajadbiraja paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa-sri-vira-Rama-Deva-Rayaru pritbvi-sambrajyam geyyuttiralu Sugatura 
Chikka-Raya-Tammaya-gaudaru dalavayi-Sonnaya-gaudarige kotta nettara- 
kodige-sasanada kramav entendade (rest niegibie) 


At Kolaganjihalli (same hobli), on a stone in the grass kaval. 
Nala-sariivatsara-Vayisakba-sudda 15 lu bajarat-Pakbaru-Khanu-Sabebaru ya. . 
dekatu Arani - Gopan na - Naranappa - Bhaskarayya - Subanna - Vidarayyauavar u 
kodisi-kotta manya-bola kbarii | batu-kolaga Tavarigeli Timmappa 

ardbapalu (rest iUesible) 


At BantiganahalH (same hobli), on a stone below the tank. 
Subbakritu-samvatsarada Sravana-babula 5 lu srimatu-raja-manya raja-sri 
Narasiriga-Raja . . . Bayire Keiiche-gauda (rcst gone) 


At S6mambudhi Amanikere (same hobli), on a stone built into the bund. 

(Grantha and Tamit characters.) 

svasti sri vijaya-prasasti-sabita srimanu-maba-mandalesvara Tribbuvanamalla 
Talaikkiidu Korigu Narigali Ucbcbarigi Vanavasi Panarigal-kottai konda Jaga- 

Kolar Taluq. 63 

dekamalla Poyisala- sri-Narasimha - Devar prathivi - rajyam - panniy - arulanirka 
Sakarai-yaiulu ayiratt-elubatt-elu senra Bava-samvatsarattu Paiigini-masattu 

munrau-tiyadiy-ana Viyala-kkilamai larana sri lattu periy- 

eri u 


At Somambudhi agrahara (same hobli), on a stone at the Isvara temple. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya loka-vikhyata pancha-sata-vira-sasana-labdhaneka- 
guna-ganalaukrita naya-vineya-jyana-vijyana-Bira-Banaiija-dharmma-prati- 
palana visuddba-gudda -dhvaja-virajamana saha- samaliugita- vakshastala-bhu- 
vana-para . . . nuta Vasudeva-Khandali-Mulabhadrodbhava-dvatrimsa-vela . . . 
m ashtadasa-pattanamu chavusatti-yogapithamu nana-dcsabhyantaram-ull- 
aravattu-nalku-ghatikastanamurii Enenada-padinaruvarum nalva-deseya gava- 
rega-pungatrigarum gandigarum gavunda-svamiyum settigalii settiguttaru 
senabhovarum ekeka-biraru kanat-kanaka-samirddharurh samasta-baluiikeya- 
danda-hastarum acbara-galigaluiii kalahasa-purnar anneye beliyage bengeleye 
nelalage beriye mandaliyage prithuviye kalanage samudrame nirggadigeyiige 
Javage sarige-vallanage adityaua balame mabalam age chaudrane chandra- 
balam age nakshatra-tara-ganagale tongajage tettisa-koti-devarkkale notakar 
age vivaram emba kavachamaiii to. .nney emba palageya pididu nanam bayal- 
udam vodedu Chera-Chola-Pandya-mandalika-samanta-maha-samanta- chakra- 
varttigal-modalage nama-dbarmma-sila-charu-gunagali[ge] kavaragi pasubeye 
japa-sila . . ndu . . . . balam kitti kota . . khacliakranan iridu kadi gelva Bhagavatiya 
makkal priya-kula-ayyavajarum Ayyavalapura-Paramesvariya makkal appa 
Ayyavvayigala raodalagi 


At Matnahalli (same hobli), in J6didar's iield. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Iraja-Narayana-Brahmadhirajan Selva-Gaiigan Setu-Iramisuram-udai- 
yarku terridum chChelva-Gaugan tiru-v-Iramichchurarku torriya unavu-kadanu 
. . . . varadita nalla . . . . lattan sarriya . . . . lufi-jandira-suriyar tam padavi- 

marrilu-marra Solar. .va . . .iri. . . .ramanilatte kku nanjai 

fijai tten marrinau Gamgaikkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonra pa 



At the same village, on a stone at the Jsvara teraple. 
svasti Kottimbar dala-manegal Anniuranii valalalulla eridu vildar 

64 Kolar Taluq. 


At the same village, in the field of Channara,yasvami's pujari. 

(Grantha and Tainil charaeters.) 

ra ayiratt-iru-nurru-narpa ndu senr-ediram-an ndu-samvar- 

sarattu Paiiguni. .da-mudal svasti samasta-bhuvanasiaya sri-prithivi-vallabha 
maharajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka Yadava-kulambara-dhumani 
sarvajiia-chudamani malaraja-raja malaporulu ganda ganda-lxTunda kadana- 
prachanda ekangavira asahaya-siira Sanivara-siddhi Giridugga-raalla chala- 
damga-Rama vairipa-kandirava Makara-rajya-nirmuLa Pandya-kula-samud- 
dharana Sola-rajya-pratishthacharya Poysala-sri- vira-Vallala-Devar Puduppa- 
daivittil irundu suka-rachchiyam-pannugira nalil-Idavaiigattukku mukkiyarana 
miivar-ganda Pesani-Anuman Genaka-sakkaravatti srimanu-raaha-mandalesvara 
Mur;lri-dOvar kumarar Pammarasar llavaiipalliyil Vayiri-devarku-pPahirril 
naiijai puiijai nar-palillaiyil konda 3 kuli-ppaiigal-ulla nilamum perieriyil nam 
paiigum kudaiigai a kuduttom chandratya-varai sellakkadavadu inda-kkudaii- 
gaiyai marrinavan Gamgai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai .kkona pavatti pugirakka- 


At Gottehalli (same hobli), on uppina-bande. 
sakarayandu nalku-savirada-naniira-tombhattu Krodhana-samvatsarada Pushya- 
suddha 5 ralu Gottihalliya-gauda sri-Macharasara maga Paiigarasaru hoyisida 


At the same village, on a stone in Sonne-Gauda's field. 
Sarvari-samvatsara-Asvija-sudda 12 lu srimatu Sembaji-Rajaravaru Sugatura- 
hobaiiya Akaladarasaya Antraji-panditaru vritti vandu Samba 


At Madamangala (same hobli), on stones on the two sides of Vira°;udi, 
alias Chokkanagudi. 

(Qrantha aud Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri samasta-prasasti-sahita srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Talaikkadu 
Kongu Naiigili Koyarrur Uchchaiigi Vanavasi Velvalan-gonda bhujabala Vira- 
Gaiiga Pola Narasimba-Devar prativi-rajiyam-panniy-arulanirka Sagarai- 
yandu ayiratt-enbattaru Svabhanu-saihvarsam Nigarili-Sola-mandaU\ttu Puda- 

Kolar Tnluq. 65 

nattu Maclamangalattu m;uUi toru-ppoganirka ()..ta..ttur kaniyalan Siru- 
ttondar magan Orri-grimuiKlan nani adukku kal-niruttine 

Madamangalattu kaniyalan Kachchuvarasar ta yan. . . . N;igappa.raiya 

. . . .kku Kachchuva-Naga-giimuiKlar kudaugaiy vitta kalani muppadin-kulaga 
. . . .tana Kachchava-gamundan maga Naga-gamuiidane en niachchananukku. . 


At Jangamagurjihalli (same hobli), on a rock known as kokile-gundu. 

subham astu svasti sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya-vibhada 
bhasige tappuva rayara ganda pixrva-paschima-samudrridhipati vira-Deva- 
Rayara kumara-raya Bukka-Raya prithivi-r;TJya maduva kfilada. . . . ? 1344 neya 
samvatsarada nadeyuva Subhakritu-saiiivatsarada Asvayuja-ba 14 Budhavixra 
.... ya punya-kiiladallu Vijaya-Bukka-Rayara maha-pradhana Bayicheya- 
dannayaka-odeyaru prituvi-rajya maduvalli a-Turavida-Ravige sriman-maha- 
saraantadhipati .... Arehalliyavolage Uttamasamudrada grama 1 kkarii 

aha chatus-sime-vojagada gadde-beddalu .... kadarambha-nirarambha 

jala-pilshana-asbta-bhoga-tejas-sv^imya- vriksh;\di-agami-sahiranya 


At Velgalbure (Kuruburu hobli), on a stone in the roof of the Marigudi-mantapa. 

Srimukha-nama-sariivatsara-Phalguna-suddha 5 Sthiravara-subha-dinadallu 
Velagalal)urre-gr;\ma-madhye sri-Maremmana devastana katisidavaru sanbhaga 
Subbanna Baire-gaudana maga Honne-gaudanu silpi Basavana maga Mallachari 


At the same village, on a stone in the Karitimmanahalli-bidu, 
svasti .sri vijayaljhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshangalolu nadavanta Nala-nama- 
sariivatsara-Bh;ulrapada-su 2 lu ra n GGvind;x-Ravu sekadaranu 


At the same village, on a stone in the Doddana-bidu. 
Sobhakrutu-nama-sariivatsara-nija-Snlvai.ia-su 5 lu raja-sri-Khaji-sahebaru 
srimukhada - Sivarada - hobali gavudagala Karitimmanahalli - Motanahalli- 
Bayirappa kotta stala-manya 

6 6 Kolnr Tahiq. 


At the same village, on a virakal in the Biidinatta field. 
svasti srimaiiu Gaggar-okkala Madalura Kuppan torugolol bidu sattu saggi- 
adaud avakke mu-tiimbu-kalani parihara kottar 


At the same place, on the top of the virakal. 
svasti sri Valigal amhura 


At the same village, on a stone in the Dasavanda-field. 
subliam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangaju ? ISOOBa- 
hudbanya-saiiivatsarada Pusya-su 15 Sugatura Tammeya-gauda 


At Dalasaniir (Dalasaniir hobli), 
on a stone in front of Karaga house in Karaga street. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaiia-saka- varushaugalu 1673 llu adantha 
Augirasa-nama-saiiivatsarada Vaisakha-su 13 Uu raja-sri Masteuahajli-Ayama- 
gaudanavaru desa-kulakarani-gumasta. .pa-Veukatesaya Dalasanuru-hobali- 
kulakarani Annappa hobali-gavudaugalu modaUxdavaru saha Karagada Tamma- 
nna Ajanna jaua-yibarige haki-kotta stalada-manyada hola kha i vura-mun- 
dana kere-kelage gadde J ubhayaiii kha 1 kottu-yiddheve sukhadalli anu- 
bhavisikondu yiruvadu n Kempannana rujuvu 1 (back) yi-manya Kadivaua- 
davaru tekondaddu 300 aksharadalu munniiru-varaha yidaralii Tammanna- 
nadu muppagada palu Ajannanadu hagada palu yi-kartaru anubhavisikondu 
yiruvadu yidake bhagadigalu palige bandare tamma palige banda haua kottu 
kattodu Kempanna kodade yiddare badhyate yilla vura munda 


At the same village, on stones lying at the outlet of Doddakere. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sakkivarttigal Vikkirama-Sola-Devarku yandu pattavadu Nigarili- 
Sola-mandalattu-pPuda-nattu nattu-gamundau Rajentra-Sola-pPuda-nattu- 
raandalikan sor-padiyal Eruttilau ..ugnn ana Alagiya-Sola-pPuda-uattu-velan 

Kolar Tahiq. 67 

uiagan Maran ana Vana-Vichchaclara-pPuda-nad-alvan Tiladanur-pperi-eri-kil- 
kkadu-vetti-kkrimb-aruttu ivv-ur Aukakkarisvarara-udaiya Mahadevarku-tteva- 
danam-aga vitta kuli munnurr-aiymbadu munnui\r-aiynibadu kuliyum vitten 
Vana- Vichchadara-pPuda-nad-alvaceua it-taumam irakkuvau Gengaiy-idai- 
kKumariy-idai-kkurar-pasuvai-kkonran Brammottiye paduvan Siva-Brahmanan 
Bharattuvaji-gottrattu Pichcha-deva-battan magan Aditta-deva-battanukku 

kaniy-aga nir-varttu-kkuduttom maya-gamundanum Vana-Vichchadara- 



At the same place. 

(Grantha aiid Taiuil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Ti valara iru-Nila yuni p6r-Se nedu- 

diyal-ii, .yul-Idaitu dum tudar. .ua-veli mudiyu- 

munnava 1-tTennavan vaitta 


At Nfllupurakote (same hobli), on a stone near the villag:e entrance. 

Saumya-sarhvatsarada Kartika-ba 7 lu Dalasanuru-hobali nada-gauda Ayima- 
gaudaku kulakarani-Antiapagari Chaiiamesi Hidiyana-modaladavaru Naba- 
bu-Sayira Janu khijamatahara Nuru-Mahamadge Garidlahalli Muchalakunte 
bhiimivalage elle-nirnaya madi kottu yidlirve a-bhirmivalage grama-katle akara 
nodikoudu masidige darma salisikoiKlu sukhadalli yirodu yidake yfiru tapidarii 
Hindii tapidare Kasivalage brahmatya-raadida papadalli hoguru Musilamanaru 
tapidare handi tindahage nalugu-iiruia yallasaradu yichinadi 


At Koudenahalli (same hobli), 
on a rock in the sanb6g:'s inam wet land in the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

sri-Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Puga-nattu Pulla-devar-irasiyam- panniy-arula 
Somandau ana. . ttira-palaneua Pouduraiidu perieri-kile ivv-iir Kolli.suram- 
uclaiyarkku nar-kanclaga-kalani-vitten-i-danma-yirakinavan Gangai-tadi kurar- 
pasu-konra Piramavatti-paduvan 

68 Kolar Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone lying in front of the Isvara temple, 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mauflalattu Puga-nattil Ponarel tiru-kKollisuram-udai- 
yar koyilil kaniy-ana Siva-Brauiaiia A. . . .ya-go . . .ttu Kakkunayaka-batta. . . 


At Muduvadi (same hobli), on a stone near the sluice of Mallasandra tank. 

Jaya-saravatsara-Asvija-ba 5 Bra-lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-manya raja-sri 
Samboji-Raja-maharajaraiyanavara kar. Kolala-sime sarahadalada 
Kanayaja-pantaru-modaladavaru Kolalada K6mati...alu Chandaya Tambara- 
halli-Adepa-gaudanavarige Muduvadi-Mallasamudrada kere-kelage hakista- 

katunadali sasana vagi yiralagi suvahage matli Balaji-panditar- 

ayyanavaru apane-kottadu MallasamudradalKi hola kha 1 alida gadde kha 

9 a-Mallasamudraddalu sa. .ke kha 3 Muduvadi. .ke kha 6 ubliayaiii 

saha ualavattombhattu-kaiiduga gadde sasana 


At the same village, on a stone near the village entrance. 

sri subhani astu Saka-varusha *1404 ueya Sukla-saiiivatsara-Chayitra-sudha 5lu 

srimatu Muluvayi-rajya ra Devarayapuravada Muduvafli-agralia. . . .aseia- 

vidya-vihara . . liku .... maha-naya . . . yelana era . . nigiiri Obuli-uayinigaru 
Chinnama-nayanigaru danda-veti yikina-darma-sasanam miru niaku yichiti- 
kavalini Raghunatha-sripatigauu 


At Tora-Devandahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 

snbham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1463 neya 
Plava-sarhvatsarada Bhadrapada-su-2 lu sriman-maharajadhirrija raja-para- 
mesvara sri- vira- pratapa sri-vira- Achchuta-Deva-marayaru prithvi-i-ajyaiii 
geyutam iralu Ramabhatta-ayyanavara kayyalu Kolalada maraya Kolala-deva- 
teya sriktlryakc bidisi Devandahali-grama yi-dharmake aru tapidaru tamma- 
tayi-tandegala tapidarfi 

*Sukla=H92; PlaTa=1404. 

Kolar Taluq. 69 


At the same place, on a 2nd stone. 
Yuva-saiiivatsarada Asvija-su 5 lu Tammapa-gaucla-ayyanavaru Linga-anna- 
navarige pura-madi vita grama 


At Gandlahalll (same hobli), on a pillar in front of the Isvara temple. 
(east fBoo) svasti samadhigata- paiicha- malia- sabda Pallavanvaya-sri-prithuvi- 
vallabham Palla[va]-kula-tilakan eka-vakya sriman-Nolambadhirajar Iriva- 
Nolamba Nolipayya (west face) prithuvi-rajyaiii geye srimat-Vikramaditya- 
Tiruvayyaiii Gaiig-aru. . .siranian aluttire Baiigava(iiorth faco)diya-kerege bittu- 
kattu bittudu idan alido Varauasiyuma kapileyuman alidon 


At Nukkanahajli (same hobli), on a virakal in Venkataramana's field. 
svasti sri sakala-jagat-trayabhivandita-surasuradliisa-Paramesvara-pratihari- 
krita-Mahavali-kulodbhava-sri-Mahavali-Vanarasar prithivi-rajyam geye Bana- 
rasaruiii mahaja[na]rumkaduttire Nekkandi-uadan iriyim endu atte Banarasara 
dandu Pulikurikkiyulle eradu-dandu kitti ereyuttire Naga-Guttarasam tamma 
erida kudureyan magule atti balam kiltu nadadu palaran iridu sattode 
Bellamparavi ma.balagalchu-age kottodu sarvva-pada-pariharaiii idam alivon 
Baranasiyan alidonum sasirvvar-parvvarurii sasira-kavileyarii konda pancha- 
maha-piitakan akku 


At the same village, on a stone in Sanabh6ga's fleld. 
svasti sri Sakabda ? ]268neya . . .mele saluva Vyaya-samvatsarada Asvija-ba 5 
S6-Iu sriman-maha-manda .... rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Bukka- 
Rayaru prithivi-rajya geyivalli avara kumara pratapa-Harihara-Rayara niriipa 
dirii pradhani-Mallarasaru ko[tta] sasana Nikarili-Chola-mandalada Kolala- 
nada prabhu Yirigi-Settige purvadalli ma.... ligakke saluva Nukkanahalli- 
yanu kodageyagi kotteli a-iirige saluvanta udda-mukha . . . -sathalaugalu 
ado. . .vada bhavigalu aksh!ni-agami-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashaua-sahitavrigi 
Yirigi-Settige kottevu yidake aru tappidarii Gaugeya tadiyalli kapileya konda 
papadalli hoharu (usuai finai verses) maugala maha sri 

70 Kolar Taluq. 


At Edahalli (same hobli), 
on a stone set up in the manya fleld of the Isvara temple. 

(Grantba and Tamil charactera) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu 1207..mel sellaninra Khara- varushatti. krishtha- 
pakshattu Chaturdasi Guru-varamum. . . .nakshatramum perra nal sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara hari-raya-vibhala bhashaikku tappuva riiyara ganda sri- 
vira-Kumara Kampan. . . udaiyar sunttu adikari .... lattumila . . tariyanta 

seyvar. .rayasa-hasta-kamalla Idaipalli sarvama- 



At Chikkapura (same hobli), on a stone set up in 
Ramayanada Vasantaiya's Inam field to the south-east of the village. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactcrs.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-andu ayirattu-iraniirru-enbattu-miinra. .n mer-chellaninra 
Palavauga-varushattu Atti-masam 3 ti TriyOdesiyum Viyala-kilamaiyuiii sri- 
manu-maha-mandalesura ari-raya-vibada basaikku-ttappu va rayara ganda purva- 
dekshina-pachchima-uttara-nalu-semudradhipati sri-vira-Bhukana-udaiyar 
kumarar Kamana-udaiyaru Mulamayil-pattanattil rajiyam-pannina kalatil 
avar araimanai-maha-pradhani Somappa-udaiyavar niruvadinda. . .Vittappan 
ivar tamaiyanar Kopparasarum Nigarili-Sola-mandalam. .Puda-nattil Periya- 
nadavarum Sivandikan Sennanan Sokanna Kattipalli Sesanna u|litta nfivarum 
Taunichchaipalli-pura padi Aruvattu-mfivar Virabhadra-devar-mmagan Vira- 
ppanukku sila-sasanam tara Tannichchaipalli-purattukku purvattil sellum 
naiijai pufijai nal-ppal-ellaiyu satu-sirmaikku kallum natti vittom sarvamani- 
yam-aga sandira-aditta-varai uadakakadavudu inda dhammattai keduttavar- 
gal Geugai-karaiyil kurar-pasuvai-kkonravan pattile povargal Kopparasar 
dhamma mangalamaha sri 


At Gummaraddipura (same hobli), 
on a stone near the pond at the village entrance. 

subhani astu n a-vighnam astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- 
varshangalu 1541 neya Siddharthi-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha 121usrimad- 
rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Rama-mahadeva-Rayaru 
Penagondeya ratna-siriihasanarudharagi prithvi-sambrajyaih geyivuttiralu 
Chaturtha- sa-gotrada Sugatiira Tammaya - gaudara pautrarada Yimmadi- 

Kolar Talnq. 71 

Tammaya - gaudara putrarada Chikka-Raya - Tammaya-gauflaru Bharadvrya - 
sa-gotrada Cliandisvara-vamsada Ramajana pautrarada kavi-sammata Narasa- 
Rajana putranada B:ilakrishnayyage kotta bhatagrahara-bhu-dana-dharma- 
sasanada kramav ent andare Ramarasa-maharayaru tamage amara-nayaka- 
tanake palisida ura-chavidige saluva Yelunada-simeyolagana Kolala-simeya 
. .rahali 


At V§.narasi (same hobli), on a stone in Patel Vetta'8 fleld. 
Paridhavi-samvatsara-Piialguna-su-5 Gu srimatu maha-mandalGsvaram sri-vira- 

Kampanna-Vodeyaru Duvale. . . .rigekotta sarii saluva Hode-nad-olagana 

Varanasiyamba urauu nimage ma..puravagi kotta-sammaudha sarvamanyav- 

agi vubhaya horagagi u. . . . sarva-yagati-saha sarva-badha-pariharavagi a- 

chandrarka-stayiyagi sarvamanyavagi mada vagi kotta sthana-manya. . 

. . . .mariyade 


At Bangavadi [same hobli), on a stone below the chikka-kere-bund, 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivaliana-saka-varushangalu 1583 neya Sarvari- 
sariivatsarada Maga-su 10 lu srimad-raja-manya-raja-sri Vila.ji-pandi[taJ Vira- 

yanavaru. . .vedigeya Ganapatiya nallige kotta-kattu-kodige-kaulu-kra- 

mav ent endare namma Dalasanura-stalake saluva Barigavadi-kereya nivu 
kattisiddakke batya-kodige kottalli varusha 1 keri-kelage achukatu-sudda-vali- 
gala (back) yallavu vomba. . . . dasalullavaru yidarolage ya.du phala sarvamanya 
(here foUow detaiU) yi-prakara nadasalullavaru endu kotta-sila-sasana yidake yaru 
tappidaru paiicha-maha-patakaru stana-manya ma,va 


At Ternahalli [same hobli), on a stone in Nacheg'auda's Karaga-field. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1647 aguneti Krodhi- 
sariivatsara-Sravana - sudha 2 lu kota-manyarii Parichananarii-Tiramulaya- 
komaradu Kondaya chenu kha a Mastepalli-Ayyama-gaunivilo khai 


At Bflragahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Karaga-Hanumappa's honge-kan. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu 16.. Bahudhanya- 
nama-sarii-Bhadrapada-ba-5 lu . . . . janavaru kulakarni .... Bariguvadi-majare 
Buragahalli kota-manya Sambaji-maue Buragahalli Gude-gavuda jana..lioIa 
kha. . gunte-kelage gadde kha i kotu-yidheve 

72 Kolar Talnq. 


Kuppenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the forest to the east. 

Yisvara-sariiTatsara-Phalguna-su. . . sriman-maha-mandalesvara-Timmayya- 
Deva-Chola-maharajalu Tirumala-devara raanyamu yavaru tisinanu vari a. . . . 


At Holur (Holfir hobli), 
on a stone lying in the panchangi vret land below the tank bund. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- varushangalu 1585 Sobhakrutu- 
sariivatsarada Vaisakha-su 5 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-sri Sambhaji-Eaja- 
sahebaru Alambagiri Tippi-Setti-Varanasi-Channe-gaudagu kotta . kodige-sasana- 
kramav ent endare Kolalake saluva Holuru-hiriya-keriyannu niii jirnnoddharav- 
agi bahusa kattisida nimitya praku saluva achukattu gadde (here foiiow dotaiis) 
ubhayam aru-khanduga gadde sarvamanya nadasalullavaru yi-manyake ava 
parapatyagararu tappidaru Kasiyalli akaja kouda papakke hoguvaru hosa achu- 
kattu ye (back) shtu sagidaru ashtu gaddeyu yantu-phahx nimage sarvamanyavagi 
nadasi-kodaluUavaru yantu-phala sandamele nirnaya khandugav eradake 
katu-kodige gadde kha • ayadu-kolaga-lekhadalu nadasalullavaru hoha 
aramane palinolage kha J agraharada palinali kha \ ubhayaiii kha 1 hola 
khandugavanna sarvamanyavagi tappade nadasalullavaru yidake yava para- 
patyagara tapidaru Kasiyali akala konda papake hoguvaru 


At the same village, 
on a stone in Desakulakarani Veiikatanaranayya's kandayam wet land. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1549.... Prabhava- 
saihvatsarairi Phalguna-suddha 10 lu srimatu raaha-nayankacharyalayina Kovara 
Avubala-Nayani-koraara Nagu-NayanigaruSugatiiri-Chika-Raya-Tammaya-gavi- 
nivari apanakuda Holuriki agraharam mahajanala sammatina NaLabayi-raddi- 

Cl)inabayi-raddi Dasapa-raddi . . . .keiich.ayaniki janulu nalugariki katu- 

godagi dharma-sasana-vivaram etlennanu ma-kulavuranuku yichina Holiiru- 
gramana Chalapada charu-kinda kodi-stalana Kamade. .lega.bana konipiiichi 

vidichina madi kha 1 ralu. .kiraki vayiiichukoni padilaih sesukoni 

yi-madi phala-samyam putra pautra-pararii a-chandrarka-stayiga sukhana 
anubhaviuchukoni vundedi ani yichina-dharma-siUVsasanarii (usnai nnai verse) 

Kolar Taluq. 73 


At the same villag^e, on a stone lying near Bairasetti^s tope in the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

sotti siri Mudaliyar Jayaiigoncla-Sola.Iavaiijiyar kalattil Nigarili-Sola-manda- 
lattu Puda-nattil Poliuril Kaclichi-Mukkana-Kriduvetti Pallavaditan Kama- 
rasar magan Kuttarasar Iravuttira-varasattu kattinar-i-Udaiya-samuttiramu 
Sama-samuttira. .m i-ur nayanar devadana kalani onru Yidarpatta kalani. . 
. . . vitta 


At Domasandra (same hobli), on a stone 
lying in the Paters field to the north-west of the villag^e. 

(Grantha and Tarail charaoters.) 

svasti sri Saka-varshaiigalu 1277 Manmatha-saiiivatsarada Magha-su 6 Sa | 
sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhala bhasege tappuva rayara ganda 

uttara-dakshina-purva-patsima-samudradhipati va 

kaparddaka. .rakridaiii Gaiiga-sriiigara-sekhara | 
karotu jagataih pritim tatasyandinakala || 
asid asirvadair edhita-rajyas sataiii mahipala | 
Sangama-nripendra-sunuh Bukka. . . .pala. . . .guni. . . .man n 
tasyiibhud amita-pratapa-taranis sakshat prasade sasi 
sarigitaika-nidhis samasta-vi. . .sham anyeshu kalpadruma[h] | 
dharma-sthapana-sila-buddhi . .ritah samrajya-lalcshmi-pa. .h 
namna vira-Kumara-Kampana-iti-prakhyahvayo bhubhritam || 
mantri tasya mahanubhava-mati-bhamatyo gunanarii kulaih 
satyachara-samasta . . .turas sampuriia-biiagyonnatah | 
sreyan Somapa ity udara-mahima prakalpayat sreyase 
nitijno. .luvadhipur-adhipati-sri-S6manathaIaya[m] n 
kadachid atha kalyanatamam kamala-Iochanam | 
Somavara-vrate devam Somanatham avaikshata \\ 
niriksha nipraha tu tarii sva-lakshya 
sva-mantri . .ptalaya-saukhya-bhajarii | 
devam daya-va. . .Somanatham 
asmai tada graraam adan mahantarii n 


At Annenahalli (same hobli), on a stone lying in Patel's field. 
Sadharana-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 10 lu srimatu matusri Jayitabay i-ammana- 
vara appaneli Sugatura-hobali havaludara raja-sri Vithala-pandit arayyanava- 


74 Kolm- Tahiq. 

runnu a(baok)graharacla maha.janangalu salia Annenahalli Sankarayyage neta- 
ra-kodigi-hola-sasana ayidu-kolaga-hola sarvamanyavagi anubhavisikondu sukha- 
dali yihadu 


At Jannappalli (same hobli), 
on a stone lying to the south of the Gopalasvami temple. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1563 
aguneti Vishu-samvatsaram Asvija-ba 301u Atreya-sagotra Apastamba-sutra 
Yajuh-sakhadhyayilaina Araveti-Rama-Raju-Raugapa-Rajugari pautralaina Go- 
pala-Rajugari putralaina sri-Raiiga-Raya-Deva - niaharayal - ayyavaru Atreya- 
sagotra Apastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayilaina Nandyala-Phanipati-somaya- 
jula pautrulu Raghunatha-somayajula putralaina Veukatagiri-sastruluku 
i-tatha-tithi-suryoparaga-punya -kalamandu dhara-posi ichina Janapalle- 
grama-dana-dharma-sasanam sri-Rama 


At Nenamanahalli (same hobli), on a virakal in Hiranyayya's kandayaih land. 
svasti sri Belurara magarii Madappan prabhu-gaudi Beliira emmeya tokalol 
guddi ant iridu sattan tanarii podandad okkala . . . 


At Huttur (Huttur hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varushaiigalu 1588 ne Visvavasu- 
sariivatsarada Pushya-ba 10 . . . .daya-punya-kaladalu srimat-Kausika-gotra 
Bhosala-nilaSivaji-RajaraputraradaSambliaji-Rajarakula-stri Jayitii-Bayamman- 
avaru Kasyapa-gotra Kapathali Goviuda-panta-pautrarada Virupaksha-Sarikara- 
putrarada Bhavuji-pantarige kotta bhri-dana-dharma-sasanada kramav ent 

endare Kolara-chavadige saluva. . . .lada simevalage Uttura-gramavannu 

agraharavagi dana-adhi-kraya-bhogya- . . . . kairikaryavagi sa-hiranyodaka-dhara- 
purvakavagi sada sa-putra-pautra-paramparyavagi chatus-sime-valitavada kada- 
gal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya- . . . .putra-pautra-paramparyaa-chandrarka- 
sthayiyagi anubhavisikoudu baraviri [.. .] baresikottevagi (siinee gone) 


At the same village, on a stone lying below the tank bund. 
subham astu Vyaya-sariivatsarada Vaisakha-ba 5 Sugatura Tamapaya-Gavuda- 
ayanavara (8 lines gonc) 

Kolat- Taluq. 75 


At Medutambihalli (same hobli), on a stone in the Gopali-hulbanni. 
svasti Sripiirusha-maharajadhiraja-paramesvara-bhataru prithuvi-rajyam geye 
Puttura JettamugoluttilcUi Puttur-Attanige aydumbu-kalaniyum aydumbu- 
tottappattum kottar idan alidor pancha-maha-patakar appar parihara 


On the right side of the sarae stone. 
svasti sri Puttiirolu Kannarii Giilarasa Kanakarige miigolarii kalani Bhagava- 
tige kottod alivo ppancha-maha-patakan akkurii ida saliyage dharmmaui 


At the same place, 

srimat-sri-Siva haraja prithuvi-rajya geye Puttiir-ude Sivamaram- 

marh Dundagerggarii Nallattur-ode Ogga mane-balegamuiii aydiimbu-meda- 
kalaniyu eltxunbu bale-tottapattu Brahma-deyaiii kottodu sarvva-badha-parihara 
idon rakshippOra padam enna tole mele 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Indapparasan-alan ;iriikkultire Putturato Bhuvauasirigiyara maga 
Somanam . . . . Kamavikunarii bandu toru-golvalli palaruman odisi ivvattala 
a. .kkondu taka avandariill aldudu i-sura-gati petta arasum Attaniyum osadu 
anola kalaniyurii i-koha-palu-mane pariharamum kotta ida salisid0n-pa|da] 
enna tale megaudu idan alidon pancba-maha-patakan akku toruvan ikisidiu 


At the same place, 
svasti sri Nolambadiyarasa prithuvi-rajyarii geye Puttiira torukolul pettorii 
bali-mindan a-settiyara magan ara-pattari-gatti arasu liruiii ildu aygula-kalani- 
yurii kottodu idan alidon paiicha-maha-patakan akkurii 


At Neranalli (same hobli), on a stone below the tank bund. 

(Grantlia and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhfima-sakkaravattigal sri-Bhojala-vira-Ramana-Devarkku 
yandu 37 vadu Kara-sammasarattu Peruuiaugalam-udaiyan Araiyan Vinduvar- 


76 Kolar Tahiq. 

perumal ana Kaduvettiyena Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Puda-nattu Puttur- 
parril en-daga. . . .attaiyarkku naur-aga elundaruluvitta Pillai-alva-isuram- 
udaiya-nayanarkku nan kattina Kiinakattai dedanam aga vittu i-nayanar 
koyil Tondai-ma . . . lattu Illattur-nattu Nenamali Siva-Briilimanan Pa..gava 
nayana-ppillaikku kaui aga kudutten Kaduvettiyena 


At Sisandra (same hobli), on a virakal in the gauda's field. 
svasti sri Maiiabali Banarasar gGaiig-aru-sasiramum ale (stops hero) 


At J6di-Yarang;atta (same hobli), on a stone in Varadappa's inam land. 
Manmatlia-saiiivatsarada Kartika-ba 5 lu Kolala-koteya Sambaya-Nayakaru . . . 
. . .Bayirapa. . .taya. . . .kattu-godagi yaramanya 


At Sahapura (same hobli), on the Kavalana-bande. 
sri-Chikka-Raya Tima-Gavudanige kotta manya punyav agabek endu (stops here) 


At the same village, on the virakals in the Viralagudi fleld. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhuvana-cbakravattigal sri-Poysala-vira-Ramanada-Devarukku 
yandu 37 vadu Adi-mada-muda. .n-tiyadi nal muppatt-aravadu Sittirai-madam 
devar pradbana ..1 Maiijiya-mavuttarum Ilavafijirayarum Vircbuuaiyil ptisal- 
seygaiyil Nambi-settiyar pijlaigalil Virakkalal-niugiyar anusaram ana Menran- 

palli Vi n Villi pusalukku-ppoy madan-agi minpedugaiyil ivan pillaikku 

makkal ulladanaiyum tan kattina kuttaiyun-gandaga-kkoUaiyum avicbcbu- 
ppattam irai utpeda sarvamaniyam aga-cbchandiraditta-varai sellakkadavad- 
aga kuduttom Virakkalal-mugiyarum ivv-ur rayarum 


At Bichagondanahalli (same hohli), at the pond near the village gate. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharactors.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1210 idan mer-cbellaninra Sarvachid-varusbattu Adi- 
raadham sri-vira-Hariyam-udaiya vira-Bukkana-udaiyar pritbivi-rajyam-panna- 

Rolar Taluq. 77 

nirkkaiyil svasti sri Seravaran-nattukkum Sonneya-nayan-saturvedin-nattavar 

Pattiyur Pemmi-setti Sura kisa-gavandar Minarasan Mailandai 

mar.i;um-ulitta nadavarum Pammapetta-nattu Sirramaradiyai sarvamaniyam- 
aga kudangaiy-akki vittom chaudraditta-varai sellakadavadu 


At Kotfir (same hobli), on a stone lyiug at the sluice of the Basavapura tank. 

sri-Basava-Liugaya namali subha. . .svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- 
varushaugalu 1530 neya Kilaka-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha 15 Somavaradalu 
srimaa-maharajadhiraja rfija-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa- Veukatapati-Deva- 
gaiiitiralu *Charta-g6trada Sugutiira Yimmadi-Tammaya-Gaudara putrarada 
Mummadi-Tammaya-Gaudaru tamma Amara-Nayakatanake saluva Kolala- 
sime-volagana Kotura-Hosahalliya-gramavanuu *Chatra-g6trada Siva-putrar- 
ada a-Nagaratesvara-devara sishyaru (ma)Mahadevarige naii namma tayi-tande- 
galige punyav agal endu Virapurav endu pratinamavan ittu Basava-Liiiga-devara 
gudiyanu nimage matavag irabek endu tri-vachartri-karana-sudhavagi nimage 
patta kattisideii nivu nimma sisya-parampari a-chandrarkavagi anubhavisikondu 
sukhadali yih6du yidanuu aru tapidarii Kasi-Gangeya tadiyali go-Brahmana- 
rige konda papake hoharu 


At Abbani (same hobli), on stones lying at Basavana-dinne. 

(Gr.intha and Tamil eharaotcrs.) 

svasti sri Uttama-Sola-kKangar Padima-devar magan Gaiigapperumalena 
Vauniyakattattir Damodara-pperumalukku Srimuka-savvarsarattu Ani-mada- 
mudal Karaipalliyil visa mudal iir nansey punjey nar-pal-ellaiyum Appanai- 
eri-kil kudaiigai panniru-kandagattu pattu-kkulagamum utpada-ttiruvidai . . . 
tam aga kudutten Gangapperumalena 


At the same place. 

(Urantha and Tamil characters.) 

va-Gaiiganena Karai Vikrama-S6Ia-Gangan svasti sri Aru- 

gellaiyam svasti .... visa mudal .... palakku Tirunandavanapuralapurattu 

*Perhaps a mistake for Chalurlha. 

78 Kolar Talitq. 


At Haralakunte (same hobli), on a stone lying' at Sankaranarayana-dinne. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Uttama-Sdla-kKangan ana Padumisejanena Mamadimudaligalil Api 
. .yil ivan. . . . magan Uyya-vanda-pillaikku Kuvalala-nattil Nariyanpallikk- 
adaitta nanjai puiijai uar-pal-ellayy-um Kannandai-kuttaiyil nir payum nilamu- 

marrum epperpattanu . . m pon-aj;a-kkaikkondu mann-a kodutten. . . . 

ttil Nayanjeyvanpalliyil ppanar po tta valaiyil Vel. . 

svaram-udaiyarku devadauam aga sa. .lamum-adittu eluto-vetti 

kkallu-uatti-kkudutteu idil Brahmanarku-ppanniru-kandaga-kkalaniyum 

panniru-kandaga-kkollaiyum . . .ki kudutten 


At Haralakunte (same hobli), on a stone lying in the Sankaranarayana-dinne. 

svasti sri Iriva-Nolambaiii prithuvi-rajyam geyyutt ire ganigara Perundali- 
settiyara magam Gauge-setti Kalasyare Pauatiya turugolol kondu puyyal 
vogi ant iridu saggam eridani Sakha-varshaiii 888 bese-geydom Koyatura 
kasigaiii Vikramadittan bahu-gunake . . . 


At the same village, on a stone at the village entrance. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1559. .ya 

Isvara-nama-samvatsarada srimad-rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 

pratapa purva-paschima-dakshina-uttara - chatus- samudradhisarada sri- vira- 
Venkata-Deva-maharayaru Penugondeya ratna - simhasanarudharagi prithivi- 
rajyaru geyutt iralu chaturtha-gotrada . . . .Timmaya (rest gone) 


On two pieces of a stone at the same village entrance. 

(ist piece) sri Sugutura Immadi-Tammaya-Gaudara pautrarada Chika-Raya- 
Satasringa-parvatada Antara-Ganga-tiradalu uavu kattisida devasthanadalu 
Yekambranathanuu Kamakshamraannu pratisbtheyanuu madi a-kaladalu 
Holalipatadeya Haralakuntege pratinidhiyadantha Sivakanchipurav emba 
agrabaravannu nuuli. . . devata-sannidhyadalli gana-sankhya 33 murtigalannu 

Kolar Taluq. 79 

madi Brahmaranu griharigala kattikondu kutumba-sametava(2nd piece)gi iru- 

vahage madi nrivu namma tande Chika-Raya-Tammaya-Gaudaraiyya- 

navarigu dharma-svarupiy tldantha Halasammanavarigu punyav agi yi-gramake 
saluva valaya-Vamana-mudrage valagada kadarambha-nirarambha-ashta-bhOga- 
tejas-svamyavannu sakala-suvarnadaya-bhattadaya-turu-kauike-virubha-bCdige- 

bijavari-manudere-maggadere-suhka-sodige-ulu adaya - biti - begara-ka- 

badu-kudure-suiika yivu-modaladav elhi . .lavu tri-purushadiyagi tri-karana- 
suddhiyagi tri. .kadalu namma antahkaranadalu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara- 
piirvakavagi dhareyan eradu kotta agrahara-bhu-dana-dharma-sasana sri higey 
endu navu sadyah-parichchhedava madidevagi yi-dharmavanu (etops iioie) 


At Andigenahalli beeharakh (same hobli), on a stone at the border of Harati. 
svasti sri Sakiibda 1319. . ke mele saluva Yisvara-sariivatsarada Kartika-su 1 
So-lu sriman-maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira - pratapa-Harihara-maha- 

rayaru prithivi-rajyaih geyuvalli -Rayarige ayur-arogya-aisvaryabhi- 

vriddhiy agabek endu sriman-Mahesvara-panditaradhyaru Mudda-Girinatha- 

ayyagaligekottadharma-sasana Kolala-nadaprabhugalu piirvarada 

Ballala-Devana kala-modalagi halagidda Aiidiganahalliyan ta. . .a-urige saluva- 
nta urdhva-mukhavada vrikshagalu akshini-agami-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana- 
sahitavagi Mudda-Girinatha-ayyagalige kottanta dharma yidakke aru tapi- 
davaru Gahgeya tadiyalli kapileya konda papadalli hoharu 


At Haradi (same hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshaugalu 1553 neya Prajapati- 
samvatsarada Chaitra-su 2 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa-sri-vira-Vehkatapati-Raya-maharayaravaru prithivi-samrajyarii geyutt 

iralu srimat-sujana Ampeyyanavarige nivu kotta 

Tamme-Gaudaru .... gramagala dana-videya kramav ent endare namma 

aluvikege saluva Kolala-sime-volagana Hanati-sthalada Adiganahalli 1 

(others named) antu grama llnu navu nimage dharmavagi. . .dagala satyava 
madi sasanava haki samarpistev ada-karana praku gramagalige saluva chatus- 

sime-volagada kadarambha[ke] salu[vaj holada nirarambhake saluva 

keregalu kuntegalu anegalu yyalu tota tudike kudure-sunka sakala- 

suvarnadaya (aiinesgone; usual fiual verses) 

80 Kolar Taluq. 


At Timmasandra (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Gopalasvami temple. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah svasti sri vijayabhjudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 
1390 ya Sarvadhari-saiiivatsarada Magha-ba 14 Sivaratri-punya-kaladalu sri- 
man-maha-raandalesvara pode-raya bhupa-Narayana-raya Hulihaliya Ramaya- 
arasugalu Sriparvatada Kamideva Virana-vodeyarige podavondu kotta dharma- 
sasanada kramav eut endare Teppada Naganana gadi . . . chavadiya Kolala-nadige 
sandu-baha Timmasamudrada grama 1 danu sri-Mallikarjuna-devara sri-karyake 
a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi chandradityar ullannabara sa-hiranyodaka-dhara- 
purvakavagi vodambattu kotta dharma-sasanada pura (usuai finai veraes) subhani 


At Neranahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village. 
svasti sri vijayabda-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu I5..neya Srimukha-sam- 
vatsarada .... mahodaya-punya-kaladalu srimat-raja-sri-Ja Yi ta-Ba yamm anavaru 

Kailasa-vasi (reet effaced) 


At Agrabara-Somarasanahalli (same hobli), on a stone on Kurukalkatte Udugutta. 
Plavanga-samvatsarada Chaitra-su . . . srimat-Somarasanahalli kereya 
nakkala-hola matina-mara-holavam madikondu baral ura gavudaru . . . koiidu 
sukhadali yiharu yi-hola ayikolaga Bilanakudi hola gadde ubhayaiii stala- 

ganike hanneradu-kolaga dana-madi Tammarasayyana appaneyinda kotta 

kodagi. .lagaiii sukhadalu yiharu Tammarasaya-appaneyinda 

(rest illegible) 



In Mulbagal, on a copper-plate in the Sripadaraya-matha. 
subham astu 

namas tuiiga — etc. \\ 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-daridas sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

kalyauayastu tad dhuma pratyuha-timirapaham [ 

yad gaj6'py Agajodbhutam Harinapi cha pujyate n 
svastisri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sakabdangalu ? 1499 sandu vartamanav ada 
Yisvara-samvatsarada Kartika-su 15 Guruvara-Rohini-uakshatra-Priti-nama- 
yoga-Kaulavakarana-yukta-punya-kaladalli srimat-parama-hamsa-parivrajaka- 
charyar ada pada-vakya-pramana-paravara-parinar ada sarva-tantra-svatantrar 
ada srimad-Vaishnava-siddhanta-pratisthapanacharyar ada srimad-Gopinatha- 
devara divya-sri-pada-padmaradhakar ada srimad-Adiraja-tirthara prasishyar 
ada srimat-Saiikarshana-tirthara sishyar §,da srimat-Suvarnavarna-Parasurama- 
tirthara Mulabagala-mathake srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara raja- 
martanda raja-kanthiravapratima-pratapa vira-narapatigal ada Asvapati-Gaja- 
pati-mano-bhayankarar ada nara-loka-ganda Vijayanagara-Karnataka-siriihasana- 
dhisvarar ada Atreya-gotrar ada Asvalayana-sutrar ada Ruk-sakhadhyayigal ada 
Narasihva-Rayarayanavara pautrarada Virupaksha-Rayarayyanavara putrar 
ada Vijaya-Veiikatapati-Rayarayyanavaru i Mulabagala-mathakke yi-Kartika- 
su 1 5 Guruvara-Rohini-nakshatra-Priti-nama-yoga-Kaulavakarana-yukta-punya- 
kaladalli barasi kotta bhu-dana-sasana-kramav ent endare Vutakiiru-sihvasanada 
paschima-kote bagalige saluva Paramati-sthalake serida Vadaga-Ratura h6(on the 
baok)balige hondida Veiigere-grama Vadatanapiilyakke piirva Sirakanapalyakke 
dakshina Pandimangalake paschima Kaverige uttara yi-chatus-sime-madhya- 
dalli yiruva upagrama-sahita Verigere-gramakke purva-dakshina-paschim6ttara- 
galalli danda-kamandalu-mudra-Vamana-mudraukita-silegalanu pratishthapita 
madista chatus-sime-valagina Verigere-grama yidakke serida upagramagalu 
kara saha Mulabagala-mathada sri-Gopiuatha-devara diparadhanege srimad- 
Adiraja-tirthara prasishyar ada srimat-Saukarshana-tirthara sishyar ada srimat- 
ra pautrar ada Viriipaksha-Rayanavara putrar ada Vijaya-Verikatapati-Rayar- 
ayyanavaru Paudurariga-kshetra-vasi sri-Vithala-svamiyavara divya-sri-pada- 
sannidhiyalli sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakaui ^gi kotevu karana yi-chatus-sime- 

82 Mnlbagal Taluq. 

valagina tota tudige gade bedalu mavade maravade nidhi-nikshepa-jala-taru- 
pashana-akshin[y]-agami-sidha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyagala- 
nnu nive anubhavisikondu baralullavar eudu Mulabagila-mathake Vijaya- 
Venkata-pati-Rayarayyanavaru barasikotta bhu-daua-sasaua | 

ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhubhujiliii | 

na bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara n 

(usual final verses) 

na vishaiii visham ity uhur Brahma-svam visham uchyate | 
visham ekakinaiii hanti Brahma-svaiii putra-pautrakaih || 



In Mulbagal, on a copper-plate in possession of Krishnappa. 

sri-Prasanna-Viriipaksha subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- 
varushangalu 1353 ne Sadharana-nama-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 10 lu yi- 
Prasauna-Virupaksha-devarige devalaya-prakara-gopuraiigalu sikharada chin- 
nada hodike Manmatha-pushkarani ahga-rauga-bhoga-vaibhava-agrahrira-gra- 
raahgalu mantapaugaju bhiksha-mantapa-muntada-sakala-dharmmaiigalu Vija- 
ya-Rayara dharmadinda Vishnuvardhana-gotrada Heggade-devangalu Vomma- 
yammahgala makkalu Lakhanna-danayakaru Madanna-danayakaru sri-Prasan- 
na-Virupaksha-devarige paditara-diparadhane-nityotsava-pakshotsava-masotsa- 
va-rathotsava-muntada ahga-rahga-vaibhogaugalu nadebek enda-karana Uthana- 
12 punya-kaladalli dhara-dattav agi ko (back) tta gramahgalu Muluvayi-sime- 
ge saluva Viriipukshapura 1 Guttehalli 1 Suradevihalli 1 Mahadevanahalli 1 
Kumudevanahalli 1 Kuiichibandetaraphu 1 sahitavagi dhara-dattav agi kottu- 
yiddheve ada-karana yidakke saluva yalle chatus-sime-valagana nidhi-nikshepa- 
jala-taru-pashana-akshina-agami-siddha-sadhyaugalannu divya-bhoga-svamyan- 
galannu anubhavisikondu sakala-suvarnadaya-sakala-bhattadayagalunnu sri- 
Prasanna-Virupaksha-devarige Vomraayammanavara makkalu Lakkana-dana- 
yakaru Madana-danayakaru madida dharnia n (usuai Hnai verses) 


In Mulbagal, on the outer wall of the Ramadeva teniple in the Ahjaneya temple. 

(West sido) sri-Hanumate uamah n subham astu sri- vira-Ramacliandra-pate 
nam6'stu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varuslia 1443 neya Vishu- 
sariivatsarada Kartika-su 121u sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-(6outii iside)para- 
raesvara sri-vira-pratapa-sri-vira-Krishua-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyan gaiii- 

Mulhagal Taluq. 83 

tam iralu Muluvaya mudana-pariseya Hanumanta-devaravara gudiya dakshina- 

bhagadali Udayagiri-sthalada senabova-Hariyapa-vodeyaru chavadige. . . 

Kaya (westBide)sasana-kramavent endarenamma vodeya Raya-Sidhanna- 

vodeyaru sime-volagana Tatagata-gramavanu Kondamarasa-arasinava- 

rige dharmavagi ayanavarige binuabaui madi avara apaneyinda a-gramavanu 
Uttliana-dvadasi-punya-kaladalu devara amri(south 8iiie)ta-padi-nayivedya-aiiga- 
raiiga-vayibhogakke samarpisi kotev agi a-Tatagata-gramake saluva chatus- 

sime-volagana kupc-kirukula nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshiiia- 

agami-sidba-sadhyaiigal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya-sakala-suvarnadaya- 

sakala-blioga- . . .(east side) pratishtheya madida sri-Ramanatha-devaru Sita- 

Paramesvari-Lakshmana-devara pratishteyanu madi gudi-gopura-mantapavauu 

katisi yidake sri-Hariyapa-Rajagalu vodambattu kotar alliya sri 

dhareyan eradu kotev agi a-Tataghatada gramaii devara pujege a-chandrarka- 
sthayiyagi nadal uladu endu podavattu kotta dharma-sasana n (usuai finai verse) 


In Mulbagal, on a stone in front of the Vithala-Narayana temple. 

subham astu 

namas tuiiga — eto. n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1469 neya Parabhava-sarh- 
vatsara-magha-ba 4 Bu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa-sri-Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyaiii geyilittam yiralu Mula- 

vagila-rajyada hadinentu nad olagada devarugalige srima devara 

Atreya-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yejus-sakhadhyayigal ada sriman-maha- 

mandalesvara Nandyalada Vira-Raja Sri-Raiiga-Rajagala makkalu pura 

maha-arasugalu namma Nayakatanake saluva Muluvagila-rajyada padinentu- 

devasthanada jaru bandu dGvasthanake devaru .... 

rajana rajyada salu Sadasiva-Rilyara nirupa sarvamanyav 

agi yi-devasthauada amrita-padi-naivedyake ru samarpana 

. . , ud endu kote 


On the basement of the same temple. 
Vyaya-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 12 lu srimatu Hariyapagalu madida nirnaya. . 

. . vodeyarige dharmava yara Vitha . . . . ya grama vibhfiti-ganike 

. . . .kararali sraya gala haua raravari bidu salu 

. . .dharma-sasanavauii koteu. . . .ainrita. . . . a-chandrarka-sthayi 

, .(usuai finai phrases) a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi . . . .agrahara 


84 Midhafjal Taluq. 

In Mulbagal, on a rock attached to the Nacharamma temple. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabliyudaya-Saka-varusha 1339 neya Durmukhi- 
samvatsarada Margasira-su 10 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
maharayaru prithivi-rajyam geyiiitt iralu sriman-maha-pradhana-Naganna- 
dannayakara Mulavagila-rajyadalu srimatu Annadani-Odeyaru nyaya-dharma- 
galanu palisuta sthiran agi Muluvagila-rajya-paripalanava maduttaiii iddalli 
Muluvagilige mida-sthanav agi yidda gramadhidevatey ada a-Muluvaya 
Nachi-deviyara nirupadalu a-Muluvaya Nachi-deviyara sthanikaru Kesava-Peru- 
maleya makalu Balepanu Maniyaru Marapa Kesava-Perumaleya tamma Avaiii- 
bala tamma olag ekasthar agi Srivatsa-gotrada Devarasara maklcalu Sivaratreya 
Vithannagalu Mallaniiagalu olagada-mahajanangalige kota dharma-sasanada 
kramav ent endare Mujavagila-rajyakke saluva Hode-nada olage namma Mulu- 
vaya Nachi-deviyarige saluva Katariyahaliya sime-olage Palara-haladali Ara- 
liya-aney embndu anadi-kala todagi odadu nela-saritav agi halagi yida sam- 
mandha a-aneyanu nimma kayya bahala-dhanavanCi yiki kereyagi katisi alli 
Muluvaya-Nachipurav emba gramavanu katuvadakke nimage simeya madikota 
vivara Yalachiyakunte nimmolagagi a-Yalachiyakunteya mudaiia-kodiya ara- 
liya-mara mereyagi holada barabina mele dara huniseya saritadalu a-marada mele 
adakke miidalu holada baribina mele mudana-kadeya Hayanahala-pariyantara 
a-balakke paduvalu darahunisege teukalu namage saluva simey-ashtanii nivu 
katuva kereya kelayinke simeyanii madikotu nimma gramake holada sime 
nimma Yalachiyakunteyaunidana-kodiyaaralij^a-mara modalagi badagalu bana- 
huniseya mele jolada-holada baribina huniseya mele badagana haraludindala 
medu pariyantara alinda paduvalu Nagana anege paduvana huuase modal agi 
Halara-tore pariyantara namage saluva paduvana-simeyanu adaviyanu niii 
kadidu holananu madikombadake simeyanu madikotev agi niii katida kereya 
kileriyalu olageriyalu hutidashtu-gaddeyanii uaku-bhagava madi yi-naku-bha- 
gada olage ondu bhageyanu namma Muluvaya Nachi-deviyara bhandarake 
saluvudu kerege uimma kayinda bahala-dhauavan iki katidiragi mikka miiru- 
bhaga-gadde naii nimage simeya madikota holananu nimma mahajanarigalige 
namma Muluvaya Nachi-devi kota sarvamanyada agraharav agi kotev agi a- 
muru-bhaga-gadeyani^i a-holananu a-Muluvaya-Nachipurav emba niii katida 
gramavanii yidake saluva ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavanu a-chandrarka-sthayiy 
agi sarvamanyada agrabarav agi anubhavisudu nimma kshetrangalu danadhi- 
krayarigalige saluvudu nimma kerege tina-manav adare niii mahajanarigalu 
katal ullavaru yi-patra-sasanada mariyadeyali namma Muluvaya-Nachiyara 
munde sila-sasanavanu madikotev agi niii yi-agraharavanfi sarvamanyav agi 

Mulhagal Taluq. 85 

a-chanclrarka-sthayiy agi anubhavisi sukhadim baliid endu narama stri-putra- 
jnati-savanta-dayadyanumatadinda arasina anumatadinda tamma sva-ruchiy- 
inda odambattu dhara-purvakavagi kota dharma-sasana || (usuai finai verses) yint- 
appudakke a-sthanikara su-bastada oppagalu 


In the darga of Haidar Vali. 
khase Haq farmuda Murbagal mokham 
razdane zikre ikhfa wa jali 
farkhe aada miburad sahin sanash 
bud gauje roze Haq Haidar Vali — 668 


On the south wall of the Lakshmi-Narayana temple, near the Sankara-tirtha. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1321 neya Pramathi-sarhvatsarada Chayi- 
tra-su 1 A sriman-maha-pradhana Asvalayana-siitrada Atreya-gotrada Heggappa- 
gala maga Mallarasaru sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara pratishthe devalaya-sikha- 
ra saha a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi madida dharmma-sasana n (usuai flnai vorse) 


On the wall of the ruined temple near the same tirtha. 
6m namas Sivaya n 

para san-nidhiiii san-nidhim yah 

sriman-maha-Saukaras sankaro |) 

.... Sakabda-bhaji Vibhave saihvatsare Srfivane 

mase chasita-paksha-Manmatha-dine vare Brigos sobhane | 

pratapemmadi-Bukka-bhiipa Kriyasaktir ity 

akhyatasya guror Guror iva satam Sakr6'bhyadhatta kramat || 


srimaty Ahabaniyake janapade Kummayipally-akhyaya 
khyatarh gramam asesha-dana-subhage kale tadanim subhe | 
Vidyasankara-vigrahaya gurave vidyadhika-vyaktaye 
pratapemmadi-Bukka-bhupatir asesh6padhi-muktam muda n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1312 neya Sukla-samvatsarada Ashadha- 
ba 8 Su sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Harihara-maharaya- 

ravarakumara sriman-maha-mandalesvaramsri-vira vaya Yimmadi-Bukka- 

Raya-Odeyaru Vidyasaiikara-devarige kotta dana-patra-sasanada kramav ent 
endare Muluvaya-rajyada Avani-nada Kummadeviyahalliya-gra- 

86 Mtdhagal Taluq. 

ma vandanu Vidyasanka amrita-paclige a-ura chatus-sime-olage ullantha 

kere kunte bhavi tota-sahitavagi a-ii. . . nii Vidyasankarapuravagi a-Vidyasan- 
kara-devarige a-chandrarka-sthayiy agi dhara-purva. . .gi kotteii a-iiralu yen 
uljantha devara amrita-padige anubhavisiidu yi-mariyadege. . . .sasana-tamra- 
sasanavanu baradu koteii a-Yimmadi-Bukkanna-Odeyara oppa n sri-Harihara n 

(usual flnal verse) 


On the east wall of the same temple. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha savi Yimmadi-Bukkanna-Odeyaru 

prithivi-rajyava maduva 


At Mulbagal, on a rock on the Mulbagal hill. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters ) 

Sobakiri. .-sammarcharattu-pPauguni-masan ti u . . .yar Madevarkku 1. . 

nachchi nena ivanukku piub-irunden agil i. .pukka .... nda. 

. raich-chan 

15 & 

At the same place. 

(Grautha anJ Tamil characters.) 

machchan-ankakkara Ka . . na . . raiyena Kuttadun-devar ana mandali- 

karku velaikkaran na. . .ra ppan tangal ammaikku-ttane manalau 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anJ Tamil charaotors.) 

svasti sri Vi . . yakonda-Sola Avaniya-uattu Nulambadi-rayar magan Nulamba. 

panukku Adi . . . la . n magan Gaiigaperumallena chchan ivarku 

nena ivan-tangal . . . . ta . . ma 


At Mulbagal, near the Jayastambha on the Hanchukallu hills. 

(Grautha and Tamil oharactcrs.) 

.ti-varsha. .ppada. . . .ua. . . .da. .tai. . . .ttar vitta tanmam 

Mullxujal Tahiq. 87 


Copy of a copper plate in possession of Munisami-dikshitar archaka 
of the Somesvara temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu ? 1 1 56 neya Jaya-nama- 
saiii I Asvija-su 10 llu sri-Prasanna-Somesvara-svamige jirnnoddhara-devalaya- 
prakara -sikhara - Manmatha - pushkarani - ahga-ranga - vaibhavaugalu gramah- 
galu bhiksha-mantapaugalu muntada-sakala-dharmahgalu sri-rajadhiraja-ma- 
harayar adantha Kaiichi-vamsoddharakarada sri-Ekambaresvara-svaniiyavara 
prasadakar adantha maharaya-Vira-Rayara komararu Yalavaiiji-Rayaru sri- 
Prasanna-Somesvara-svamiyavarige paditara-diparadhane-nityotsava-pakshotsa- 
va-masotsava-rathotsava-varushotsava-nritya-vadya-muntada ahga-rahga-bhoga- 
bhagya-vaibhavahgalu nadebek endu pratishtha-kaladallu dhara-dattavagi kotta 
graniaugalu Muluvayi-chavadige salluva Yiudlahalli-grama 1 Gummakallu-gra- 
ma 1 Marandahalji-grania 1 Kondenahalli-grama 1 Gadipalli-baliya Nellikuiite- 
grama 1 Kugganahalli-grama 1 Tirumalahalli-grama 1 Palenahalli-grama 1 
Toladi-grama I Melu-Tayaluru-grama 1 Tyakallu-simey-olage Kamppasamudra- 
grama 1 kasabevolage Somesvara-kere 1 kere-kelage gadde khanduga 10 hattu- 
khanduga kasabe-hola Muddanakunte baliyallu liola 6 aru-kbanduga saha dhara- 
dattavagi kottu idheve ada-karana idakke salluva yalle chatus-sime-volagana 
nidhi-nikshepa-jala-taru-i^ashana-akshina-agami-siddha - sadhyahgalannu divya- 
bhoga-svamyahgalannu sakala-dhanyadaya — sakala-suvarnadayavaunu sri-Pra- 
sanna-Somesvara-svamiyavara nimitta archakaru Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada B6- 
dhayana-sutrar ada Bharggava-gotar ada Mandana-Kalesvarada Chandrasekhara- 
dikshitaravarige maharaya-Vira-Rayara komararu Yalavanji-Rayaru madida 

(usual final verse.) 

sri-Rama-svami-vakyam |i 

mad-vamsajah para-mahipati-vaihsaja va 
yad-vaihsa-jah parama-dharma-rataika-chittah | 
mad-dharmam eva paripala. . .chitta-vritte 
tat^paduka-dvayam aham sirasa namami n 

(other final vorses) 


In Mulbagal, on a south virall of the Somesvara temple of Somesvarapalya. 
subham astu svasti sri jayady-udaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1440 neya 
Bahudhanya-sanivatsarada Vaisakha-su 15 lu srimau-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvarasri-vira-pratapa-sri-vira-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prithuvi-rajyam gai- 
yuttam iralu Muluva-ya-rajyakke saluva Yalavanji-nad-olagaua Mandaragonte 

88 Mulbagal Taluq. 

yemba gramavanu Salageya-devanu bekendu KrisLna-Raya-maharayarige 

binnaham madalagi a-binnaliaunu palisi a-Mandaragonteya-grumavanu Some- 

devarige kotevagi karanika Naga ge nirupavanfi kodalagi Krislina-Raya- 

maharayara nirupadinda Muluvaya kalad annada 

naivedyake kottevu 


On the same wall. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1389neya Sarvajitu-sam- 
vatsarada Magha-ba 1 4 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara gaja-mri- 
gaya-vihara purva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa-Viru- 
paksha-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyam gaiiitam yiralu Narasinga-Raja-Odeya- 
rige dharmmavagi Sivaratre-punya-kaladalu Muluvaya Hariyappagalu Mulu- 
vaya-pattanada Banajiga-Dandapana maga Yaleya-Sankapa-Settige kotta dhar- 
mma-sasana niuu teruva siddhaya eradu hana yi-punyagala bembaliya vaddi 
.... gavuda-suiika raagga . . talavarike-kanike-kaddaya-bidagolu hostu 
haladu eradu-ettina heru manya sahavagi sarvamanyavagi bittevagi ninu 
Muluvaya Someya-devarige dina-oudakke eradu-vileyanii putra-pautra-param- 
pareyagi a-chandrarka-stayi agi nadasutta bahudu endu kotta dharmma-sasana 
(usuai imprecatory phrases) Hai'iyappana baraha II 


At Kappalamaduvu (same hobli), on a stone near the Basavanna temple. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1466 neya 
Krodhi-saihvatsarada Yaisakha-su I4lu srimatu rajadhirajaraja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-Sadasiva-Deva-maharaya prithvi-rajyaui geyuttam iralu 

Muluvagila santeya ya Tiruvengalauatha-devara amrita-padi-nayivedyake 

Rama-Raja-ayyanavaru pa-Riijagalu (baok) ra nirupa- 

dinda suvarnadaya vanu Tiruvengalanatha-deva[ra] amri- 



At AUalasamudra (same hobli), on a rock near the Talavaramanya wet land. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

srtmanu Arulala-nadar AUala-samuttirama. .pa. .ta.sukum. .kaiyil navi.... 
mavom .... nalvarku . . . sa 

Midhacial Taliiq. 89 


At Padmagatta (same hobli), on a stone below the Hanumanakere. 

srimatu Muluvagila Tuluva Gummana-Nayakara makkalu Krushnama-Nayakaru 
Pramadi-sarhvatsarada Asvija-baliula 5 lu Biri-jiyana maga Kariyanna-gaudagu 
Belevayana maga Vemaya-gaudagu kotta katu-kodagiya manyada kramav ent 


At Tatakallu (same hobli), on a virakal in the Nettaru-bidu. 

svasti sri jagat-tritayabhivandita-surasuradhisa-Paramesvara-pratiharikrita-Ma- 

vali-Banarasa prithuvi-rajya geye Pallava .... ikki Hondikalla turu 

Niiiga-Rayan almi satta 


At the same village, on a big rock in the east. 

(Graiitha and Tamil charaoters.) 

. . . . . ko.dalagiya perumal svasti sri.dhikesa maha-vira tvat-bana- 
vadaba-mukhe hasto hatah kathannashte nissesham makara. .yah venri adikan 

vi.ka. . . .giyana sau .... pasatta ko . . . . nrauavu madu . . tepa 

mmaruiigum madu 


At Kavuttanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Somesvara temple. 
svasti sri Harihara-Rayara Saka-varsha 1319 neya Isvara-sariivatsarada Magha- 
su 3 Bha Avani-nada Kaiitanahajliya Some-devara pratishthe-kaladalu a-hallige 
miidalu Mavinakunte adake badagalu Nagagatta-volagMa Maclahi Kachuvana- 

halli-sime-pariyintara Mavinakunte-chatus-sime saha adake teiikalu 

Godiyahalliya-sime-pariyantara. . a-chatus-simeyanu Vithapa-Vode 


On a stone at the same place. 
subham astu sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1468 neya Para- 

bhava-sariivatsarada Magha sriman-maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira- 

pratapa sri-Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaru pruthuvi-rajyarii geyiiUtarii yiralu 

. .varada Atreya-gotrada Ipastambha-sutrada Yajus-sakhadhyayigalada sriman- 

90 Mtdhagal Taluq. 

maha-maiulalesvara rajagala sri. . .riijagala. . .Timmappagala 

bhattaru piriya 


At the same village, on a virakal in Venkatappa's field. 
svasti sri Iriva-Nolamba prithivi-rajyam geyyutt ire Eradayura ur-alivinole 
Bara Madhavayya aut iridu sattu svarggasthau adam 


On a stone at the same place. 
svasti sri Iriva-Nolamba prithivi-rajyam geyyutt ire Ballada turu-gond ode 

Kobbeyayy ariduiii Olipayyaiix turuvau ikki bidalli Olipa 

devana mk. . .yyana Chola turuvan ikki. , . . 


At the same village, in the Karaga Inam wet land. 

(Grantba and Tamil oharaoters.) 

Datu-varusattu Sittirai-madam uakin-tiyadi siri-vira-Bukkana-udaiyarkku sella- 
niura kalattu Avaniya-uattil Kavuttarpalliyil Kavuttar-setti Sixmindar Sa- 
vundappar Odu..num Savundapparum Sivadiyum marrula yuravarum Ega. 
ttimaya. .yakanum Mulavayil nagarattaril Kadandai vanigan Saypa. .lavi-kun- 
ram-udaiyarkku saudirayatti-varaiy-aga olai-kudutta parisavadu Vachchagatta- 
ttil Lokakumfiranuenadu.pari kattugaiyil ivv-eri kilodu kudaiigai Alattarril 
ten pasirattal ualu kalani panuiru-kulaga kalaniyum sandirayitta-varai selu- 
ttakadavadaga sadanam kuduttoin idukku yiyadoruttan am-allav-enravau Geu- 
gai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai konra pavattile povargal tan taykku tane min..n 
i. .kku sauru Ponuaminclar . . gamindar sadumapai. .ku Sadasariyum Sivadi- 
tattanum ivai Savuttan.luttu 


At the same village, on a stone in Tamme-Gauda's fleld. 
srimat-Pingala-sanivatsarada Ashadha-su 13 Somavaradalu Viramarasaru Mulu- 
vagila rajyake saluva Kaiittanahalliya gramadali Takkuru Virayyage bhata- 
vrittiyagi kota hattu-kolagada gadde 


At the same village, in Timmaiya's field. 

(Grautha nud Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Virupannudaiyar alugira kalattil Vittappadaiyar vi ttil 

KoUanam Appaiya-nayakan . .Kavattanpalliyil 

Mulbagal Taluq. 91 


At Sonnavadi (same hobli), on a stone in front of Venkatappa's house, 
subham astu Sarvajitu-saiiivatsarada Vaisaklia-su 5lu srimat-IIanumappa- 
Nayakaru sri-Krishna-Raya-maharayarige dharmav agabek eudu kota kodagi- 

manyada hola (nsual imprecatory phrases) 


At Avani (Avani hobli), on a pillar lying 
below tamarind tree, near the main entrance of the Ramesvara temple. 

(Kast facc) 

Sri-vadhu Dhare Polalcho- | ravanipahg agra-mahishi Bhuvanambike 

Vag- I 
deviyara doreyar enisida | Divabbarasiyara doreg eldar perar olare n 
atisayamage tamma pesarol nei;e tat-pati-namadim yaso- | 
rjjitara enip agraharam avinasi uamasyame macli rajyadol | 
sutan anukulanagi besakeyye gunonnatiy oppi nind Aru- | 
ndhati dore Divalabbarasiyar jjagati-talak em pavitraro || 
viditam lokakke munnam Raghu-kula-dahanogreshuviiii kaydu tinnaiii 
kudigond alk itt Agastyam kudiyut uguldan iiii kattupattildud int a- n 
ppudu pempan taldit end and ariyare lavanambhodliiyarh polisal ved | 
iduv ettan ettal embant atibahala-jalan Divalabbasamudrarii n 
paded iiyasakke pakk agire gada piridu-bhrantinim p6 . . d ond-a- | 

bdadol int entanum eydutt irad Amaranadi-kanteyarii kanbar | 

...desar sayp id erii sambhavisito namag app alkaririi Gaii(south facc.)ge 

tehkang | 
idirarii band ildud embant atibahala-jalarii Divalabbasamudrarii n 
Manu-charitarii Mahendra-nripaninde parokshadol a-mahatmyana | 
janani Mahendra-namade kolam nija-namadolirii tatakam I- | 
sana bhavanarii Mukunda-bhavanahgalan imbine madi dharmma-va- | 
rddhanade kaniya-nandanana rajyaman ikshisug ava-kalamurii n 
nettaue Kadamba-variisarii i 
puttida mane Pallavendran Iriva-Nolambaui | 
puttida magan ene mugilarii i 
muttipudurii pempu Divalabbarasiyara n 
svasti srimad-aneka-divya-guna-saundaryalaya sa yato 
bhulokagrya-Kadamba-variisa-tilaka sadbhis sada vandita | 
srimad-Raja-]\Ian6ja-bhupa-mahishi Divambika visruta 
pCita nuta-pativrata stuta-guna dedipyamanajaui n 


92 Mulbagal Taluq. 

(West face) 

kritva devayatanain Maliesvararppanam ananta-papa-vinasa | 

glianta Divambiliaya Nolamba-Narayanesvaraya sudatta n 

svasti samadliigata-panclia-maha-sabda Pallavauvaya sri-prithvi-vallabha 

Pallava-kula-tilakaiii Pallavabharanan ahava-durggan ahitara Javan amogha- 

vakyam Nolamba-Narayana sri-vira-Mahendram Nolambadhira(north face)jana 

parokshadol Divabbarasiyar pPolalchoramaiigaladol Divabbasamudravam 

kattisiy alliye Vishnu-grihamam madisiy Avanyadol Nolamba-Narayanesvara- 

mam madisi yi-devargg Elanagaramam sarbba-badha-pariharam agi kottar 

nelanum chandranum ullinam salgum i-dharmmava liyadava kavile Bana- 

rasiyan alida pancha-maha-patakam nbaredam Naraayyam n 


On tbe basement of the south wall of the same temple. 

svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Saka-varusha 1291 neya Saumya-samvatsarada Ashadha- 
su 1 Budhavaradandu srimatu Anantappanavara makkalu Avasarada-Aiikappa- 
navarige Avaniya Ramayi-devara Soma-jiyau-olagada sthanikaru kotta sasaua- 
da kramav ent endade a-Avaniya Ramayi-devara munde a-Ankappanavaru 
dharma-chhatrakagi Avaniya volage Ramayi-devarige saluva deva-danada Kalu- 
vangereya keregalu gadde-beddalu-muntada chatus-simeya bhfiiuiyanu tat-kalo- 
chita-kraya-dravyavanu kondu a-kshetrada a-chatus-simeya volagada uidhi- 


At the same temple, at the southeru doorway. 

(Grflntha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oruuurru-enbattelu sellaninra Raktakshi-sam- 
vatsarattu-chCbittirai-masa - mndal tiru v-Iramisuram - udaiya - nayanaiku yiv- 
vuril viyaparigalil Manali-kilavanudaiya pillai magan Alagarena Tiruppurak- 

kudaiyil vaichcha tiru-nundavilakku .... kudutta kada 

vadu Mahesura-rakshai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaraotcrs.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-orunurr-aimbattonr-ana Sarvvadhari-sammatsa- 
rattu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyattu udaiyar tiruv-Irami- 

suram-udaiyar koyil adiy-arulugirakuttarku Sayaiigonda-So ... 

Vasitta-gottirattu Madeva-battan marugan Muttippijlaiyum Devapinllai- 

yum Parattuvfisi-guttirattu-pPirau-battar peran Mara-de 

Midhagal Taluq. 93 

42 (n) 

At the same temple, to the north of Ganji-mantapa. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti si'i Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-irunii.rru-arupattu-onbadu idiu mer-chella- 
ninra Pramadi-samvatsarattu Sittirai-madam mudal purva-paiisbattu Nayarruk- 
kilamaiyun-Tiruvonamum perra nal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniyattu udai- 
yar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-uaya(naya)uarku Avaniya-nattu nattu-nayagan- 
jeyvar Ponna-gamindar Aiika-gamindan ullittavarom udaka-pramanam-paunik- 
kudutta parisavadu in-nattukkul ur-vali kudi-kkoyilukku-pPagaikanrundevar 
liula. .mavv-urk-adaitta dana-maniya.uigarittu voliya. . ka . -. paga . ri s&lnta su- 
.sadai irattaik. . . deva-mandalattil Van. . . .kkan Sadumban eluttu Kama. .pi 

tadai Arasanpilai eluttu. . . kan yar nadu-kilan Ula ya. . .la- 

rai kural kali. .tuvaipa. .til . . madiruvam . . vai . . ppallappanam Tippandai 
Nacbchiyar .rukku pallikk-oru panam ivaiy-ulladu seluttuvaraga sanntradittya 
(ya)-varaiy-aga sellakkadavadaga udaka-pramanam kallilun-jembilum vetti- 
kkuduttom nattavarom ippadikku inda tanmattukku ilanganan-jonnava.Gam- 
gai-karaiyil kkural-ppasuvai-kkonra Pramavattiyar doshat. .16 viluva..Pon- 
na-gamundar eluttu A. .gamuudar eluttu ivai Na. .raiyau eluttu ivai Ella. . . . 

eluttu ivai eluttu ivai Milra. . . .ttavar eluttu. . . .mau eluttu ivai. . . . 

san eluttu ivai Vallatti kkum eluttu tan taykku tane mana- 

lan si-Mahesvara-rakshai 

42 i 
At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri pugal-suluta punari agal sulnta puviyil Ponnemi alavum tannemi 
nadappa vilangu-Jayamagalai ilaii-go-pparuvattu Sakkaragottattu vikkiramat- 
tolilar pudumanam-punarntu maduvaraiy-ittam Vayiragarattu vari ayinunai- 

kKondalavaraiyar risai-ttemaru-Kamalappu-magal-podumaiyum 

tam urimayir-chudi-ttannadi-irandun-tadamudiyaga-ttonnila-veutar suda. . . . 

nuvaru tu tiru-nilal vennilat-tigala oru tani-Meruvir-puIi vilaiyada 

varkadar-rivantarattu pupalar tirai viduta.ta kadan-jori-kaliru murai nirpa vi- 

langiya Tennavan karuntalai ka. .kkidappa yir-kula. . rai tudangi 

kkidappa venganum patta veiigaru vitta tan manamun-gurina vira- 

muii-gidappa erina malaigalum mudugu nelippa ilinta nadigal sulanr-udaint-oda 
vilunta ka. .ka. .lai virittal amara-kkuda-tisai ka. . .naga-ttanum tanaiyum 
pannal itta pala pala mugum bayant-edir-mariya Jayapperun-tiruvum paliy- 
ugantu kudutta pugalin Selviyum vanarar vonkana-madandaiyar-ittamum mila- 

94 Mulbagal Taluq. 

rntu kudutta vengari-niraiyun-Ganga-mandalamuS-Jinganav-enum pani iran- 

dum oru-misai-kkai ndiya pugf^loclu Pandi-mandalan-gola-ttiruvi- 

latt-adaittu vellavaru parita. .ligam poru-kari-ttalangalum polatantira-variyum 
udaittay vaatu vada-kadal ten-kadal padarvadu pola-ttan perun-jenaiyai evi- 

pPanjavar aivarum poruda nji uelitt-odi ara ttu nattu. 

. . .duttu marravar tammila. vanasarar tiriyum. .porra rri korra vibha- 

vavantamum-ettisai-toru nirutti muttiu salapamu.tTamil-pPodiyanum marra 

vanakari padumayyan-Jaiyyamuu-Ganniyuu-gaikkond-aruli katti 

ku . . malai-natt-ulla saver-ellau-tani-visumb-era maverittinakaru ttalai varai- 

kKuiigalar kulaiya-ldvottaru. . ram ueri-toru uilaigal ittaruli. . 
laii-gaiypa . ttu tiral-kol-aramum tiruppuyatt-alaiigalum pola viramun-tiyaga- 
mum tola-chChivanidatt-Umaiyena Puva-mulud- 
udaiyal iruppa avauudan Gaiigai virriruutena maiigaiyar tiladam elisai- 
vallavi El-ulagam-u.daiyal vali valatt-iruppa uliyuli Puvana-mulud-udaiyaludan 
.vira-siiiihasauattu virrirunt-aruliya Kov-Irajakesari-panmar ana sakkiravatti- 
gal sri Kulottuiiga-Soja-Devarku yandu 2.avadu Nigarili-Sola-maiidalattu Ila 
. .gar-nattu Aliyattu Kasyapa-gottirattu Annaman Atti..Ia.n ana Ilanagar- 
nattu nattu-kkamuiidan Sola-mattanda-Bramma-marayar Aviniya-nattu Avini- 
yattu tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-Mahadevarku tiru-uuntavilakku onrukku-ch- 
chava muva-pperad-aga vitta pasu irubattuurdu ip-pasu irubattunalum sta- 
nam kani.daiya Siva-Brahmanan Vasishtha-gottirattu Sivakkoluuta-battauum 
Pumideva-battanum Paratuvasi Iruga-batta.immuvom ivv-irubattuualu pasu- 
vum kaikkondu tiru-nantavilakku onrum santiraditta-vara seluttakkadavom 
aga kaikkoudom im-muv6m pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 

At the same place. 

(Graiitlia and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri pugal-siijnta punari agal suQjnta puviyil Ponnemiy-alavum tannemi 
nadappa vilaiigu Saya-magalai ilan-go-pparuvattu Sakkaragottattu vikkirama- 
ttolilal pudumanam-punantu maduvaraiy-ittam Vayii'agarattu vari ayinunai- 
kKontalavaraiyar tantalam iriya val urai-kalittu-ttol-vali-katti padum pari 
nadatti ttiyai nitti vada-tisai vagai-si^idi-ttenrisai-ttemaru Kamalappu-magal 
podumaiyum Poniyadaiyum tan Nilappavaiyum tanimaiyun-tavira punidarriru- 

maiii-makutam urimaiyir-chudi toruii-jella ven-kudaiy- 

iru-nila-vilagamum vegaiuim tanadu tiru-uilal veiinila-ttigala oru-tani-Meruvir- 
puli vilaiyada var-kadar-rivantarattu pupalar tirai vidun-tantata kadaii-jori- 
kaliru murai nirppa vilaiigiya Tennavan karun-talai parunt-alaittida. . . .pir- 
kula-ppirai pola nir-pilaiy-enum soU-edir kodiirallada tan kai vill-edir koda 
Vikkalan kallagara-Naiigili tudaiigi Manalukkadu venda Tungaptittiraiy-a. . 

Mulbcuinl Tdlnq. 95 

vu. .ntanta ponnagara .... kkklappa veiiganum padavelukanu vi. .tan mana- 

muii-gurina viramun-gidappa erina naiyum pinnal itta 

pala pala mudugum bayant-edir-mari Jayapperun-tiruvum paliy-ugandu kudu- 
tta pugalin Selviyum vanara. vankana madaudaiyar-ittamu . ladu kudutta 
vengari-niraiyun-Gaiiga-mandalamun-Jingalav-ennum paniy-irandum oru visai 
kaikkond-incliya pugalodu Pandi-mandalan-golla-ttiruvilatt-adaittu vellavaru 
puritalangam poru-karittalangalum pola-ttandira - variyu . mudaittay vaudu 
vada-kadal ten-kadal padarvadu pola-ttan perun-jenaiyaiy-evi-pPafija-Pandava- 

rum poruda pokkalatt-anji nenitt-odi aranena. .puga. .rattu kat. .ppa 

tiyanum matta-vana -kari padum. .ch-Cliaiyamun-Ganniyun-gai- 

kkondaruli-ttennad-elai-katti. . .malai-natt-ulla saver-ellan-ta.visumb-era mave- 
riya tinakarunilai varai-kKungalar kalaya-kKottar-utpada neritorum nilai- 
gal ittaruH varu-punal Kalinga-mandalan-gaippaduttu-ttiral-kol-aramun- 
tiruppuyatt-alangalum pola viramun-tiyagamum vilaiiga-ppar tola-chCliivani- 
datt-Umaiyena-tTirusintamani Puvaua-mulud-udaiyal iruppa avanuda Gan- 
gai virriruudena maugaiyar. .ladam elisai-val. .El-ulagam-udaiyal vali valatt- 

inid-iru Sola-Devarkku yandu 35 avadu Nigarili-Sola-man- 

flalattu Ilanagar-nattu Aliyattu Kasyapa-gotrattu Arumolidevan nar 

Ilanagar-nattu nattu-kkamundan Rajentra-Sola-Brahma-marayan Avauiya-na- 
ttu Aviniyattu-ttiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevaj.ku tiru-nuntavilakku on- 
rulvku-chchava muva-pperad-aga vitta pasu irubattunalu ip-pasu irubattu- 

nalum stanan-gani-udaiya Siva-Brahmanau ntu-battanum 

Pumideva-battanum Parattuvasi Iruga-battanum im-muv6m ivv-irubattunalu- 
pasuvuii-gaikkondu tiru-nantavilakku onrum santiradita-varai seluttakadavom 
aga kaiyikkondom ira-muvom idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai. 

42 (d) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarnil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-iruniirru-irubattu-anju senra Subakri. .san 
masarattu Sittirai-masam pattan-tiyadi Narru-kilamaiyum Uttiradamum Dasa- 
miyum piirva-paksharaum pevra nal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-nadu 
Avaniyattu udaiyar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-nayanarku svasti sri Jayangonda- 
Sola Ilavaiijiyar ana Vasudevar maganar Kuttadun-devarena in-nayanarku Ava- 
niya. . .Avaniyattu. eriyum idukku adaitta uanjai puiijai nar-lellaiyum kino- 
kkiya kinarum menokkiya maramu. . . .daiyar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-naya- 

narku namakku naniaga-ttiru-Masi-ttirunalum elundaruluvittu puja 

ta padi pujaikkum devadauam-aga vitten Kuttadun-devarena peri-eri 

nilattil ilc-koyilil kaniy-udaiya kkunilam panniru-kandagamura 

ttukkum. . . . terikil kandaga lam narpattettu kandaga- 

96 Mnlhagal Tahiq. 

mum nilam .... kai.iflagamum ttu tonnu .... ndaga- 

mum nikki ninra nilam a. . . .kaikonda tirunalu kani 

vi. .ttil viluvar ippadikku idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 

42 (e) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Jayangonda-Sola Ilavaiiji-rayarena nalu-nattil niyayattarkun- 
jantanam- illa udaimai kolla-kkadavom 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

la mudugumbayand-edir-mari Jaya-pperun-(ti)tiruvum pali- 

y-ugantu ku . . . . pugalun-jelviyum vana madantaiyar pattamum 

maladu kudutta veugari-uiraiyun-Ganga-mandalamun-Jingalav-ennum paniy- 
irandum ovisai-kkaikkond-indiya pugalodu Pandi-mandalau-golla-ttiruvilatt- 
adaittu vellavaru-pari-taraugam poru-karittalangaluni pola-ttantira-variyum 

udaittay vantu vada-kadal teu-kada yai evi Panja-Pandavvarum 

poruda por-kalat-anji nenitt-odi arane. .pugara-parattu nattadi-ppaduttu mar- 
ravar tamalam vana-sarar tiriyum porra ven-juram-erri korra vibhava-van-tam- 
bam tisaitorum nirutti muttin sapamum mu-tTamil-pPodiyanu matta-vana- 

kari padumayya-chChaiyamuu-Ganniyuii-gaikkondaruli ten-natt-alai 

r-ellan-tani-visumb-era maveriya tina-karunilai-ttalaivarai-kKuu- 

galar kulaiya-kKottar-utppada neritorum nilaigal ittaruli varu-punal-Ka- 
linga-mandalau-gaiyppaduttu-ttiral-kol-aramun-tiru- ppuyatt-alaugalum pola 
viramun-tiyagamum vilanga-ppar-tola-chChivan-idatt-Umaiyena-tTirasinta- 

mani Puvana-mulud-udaiyal iruppa avanudan kai sai-vallabi 

El-ulagam-udaiyal villi valatt-inid-iruppa uliyum Puvana-mulud-udaiyaludau 
ma. .vira-sirhhasauattu virriruntaruliya Kov-Irajakesaripanmar ana sakkira- 
vattigal sri-KuIottunga-Sola-Devarkku yandn 27 avadu Sola-mandalattu ten- 
kana Nittavinoda-vala-nattu Kamu. .kurrattu Nariyauur Nariyanii. .daiyan Su- 

riyan Sakkarapauiy-ana Vikkarama-Sola-muventa-velan Nigarili-So 

Rilmisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku tiru-nuntavilakku onrukku sava muva-p- 
perad-aga vitta pasu irubattunalum i-devar koyilil Suryya-devarku santi- 
vilakku miuirukku. . viri Pidariyarkku sauti-vilakk-onrukkum Tukkaiyarkku 
santi-vilakk-onrum aga santi-vilakku aiajukkun-java miiva-pperad-aga vitta pasu 

aiiju vyapari Arrumu.n Siralandevan tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya ru- 

kkum sava miiva-pp6rad-aga vitta pasu irubattunalu iv-vilakk-elukku-k- 

Mullmfial Taluq. 97 

kuttuvilakku utkaru utpatla Ayiravanal nirai elu palam iv-vilakkugalukku 
aiyimunru ik-koyil kaniy-udaiya Siva-pPiraraanan Vasishthan Sivakoluuta- 
battanum Vasishthan Piunideva-battanum Paradvasi Sami-battanum im-mu- 
vomum ip-pasu kaikkondu santiraditta-varai .... ttuvoni idu pan-Mahesvara- 

42 (r/) 

At the same place. 

(Grnnth.T and Tamil characteis.) 

maganar Ilaiya-Vasudevar prithivi-rajyattil Nigarili-Sola-man- 

dalattu Avaniyattu-ttirumadai-vilagattu-ttiruv-Iramisuram-udaiyar koyilil pan- 

changattil-eluttu-vettinapadi Avaniya-nattil santanam illada udaimai 

santanam-illa udaimai tanmam aga sentraditta-va kkadavom . . it- 

tanmam perumal Ilavanjiya-rayar. . . 

At the same place. 

(Granthn antl Tamil cliaracters.) 

rum ligal it-tevarku vendum nivandaiigalukku i.raiy- 

iliy-aga variyilittamaiyal ivv-urgalal puravu-vari-tinaikkattu.k seka. . . . 

Viluparaiyan.eluda antarayakata . . muppatt-elaraiyinal nellu nurru-mukka- 
Lane-kuruni-nanali Avaniyant-u. .rigattu nilam Rajendra-kuli-vilagam kuli iru- 
padi.nbadin enbadinal veli patte-mukkaninal veli onrukku Aruraoli-de mara- 
kkal nellu narpadin-kalam aga nellu naniirroru-kah^ney-irutuni-kkuruni aga 

nellu ;\ga nellu ayirattu pattunar-kalane-ain-guruni iru-nalikku ni- 

bantara-seydapadi malaimel tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku santi 
onrukku- ttiruv-amudarisi nanaliy-aga santi munrukku-ttiruv-amudarisi ku- 
runi-nanalikku nal munnurr-arubadinukku-ttiruv-amudarisi narpattaiii-gala- 
ttinal irand-aiiijukku nelluniirr-orupatt-irukalane-tuni-ppadakku santi onrukku 
kariy-amudu irandaga santi munrukku kariyamudu arukku nal onrukku nellu 
iru-naliy-aga nal munnurr-arubadinukku nellu elukalane-tiini-ppadakku santi 
onrukku neyyamudu iru-sevidaga sauti nuinrukku neyyamudu alakke-iru-se- 
vidaga nal raunnurr-arubadinukku neyyamudu aimbattunanalikku neyyamudu 
nalikku nellu-ppadakk-aga nellu mukkala.santi onrukku-ttayiramudu uriyii- 
ga santi munrukku-ttayiramudu nali-uriy-aga nfil munnurr-arubadinukku- 
ttayiramudu ain-galane-ain-guruni-nanaliyinal tayiramudu nalikku nellu n;ili- 
yaga nellu ain-galane-aiii-guruni-nanali santi onrukku adaikkayamudu irand- 
aga santi miiDrukku adaikkayamudu aru aga nal munnurr-arubadinukku adaik- 
kayamudu irand-ayiratt-orunurr-arubadukku adaikkayamudukku nellu naliyaga 
nellu iru-kalane-mukkuruui santi onrukku ihaiyamudu nalaga santi munrukku 


98 Mulhafial Taluq. 

ilaiyamudu pannirandaga nal munnurr-arubadinukku ilaijamudu nalayirattu- 
munnurr-enbattainjukku ilaiyamudu irubadukku nellu naliyaga nellii irukalane- 
niukkuruni . . nali santi onrukku-ttiru-vilakku iraiidaga sauti munrukku- 
ttiru-vilakku araga-ttiru-vilakku ourukku eniiai oru sevidaga nal munnurr-aru- 
badinukku eiinai aimbattunanalikku ennai nalikku nellu-ppadakkfiga nel 
onbadin-kalam aga it-tevarkku 6r-attaikku nellu nurru-narpattoru-kalaney-iru- 

tuni-mukkuruni-nanali malai . . ttiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya Mabadevar- 

ku nal onrukku-ttiruv-amudarisi mukkuruniyum artta-yamattukku tiruv- 
amudarisi iru-naliyum aga nal munnurr-arubadinukku-ttiruv-amudarisi tonnu- 
rrelu-kalane-tuni-ppadakkinal irand-aiiijukku nellu 
lane-iru-tuni-kkuruni nall-onrukku kariyamudu padinarukku nellu naualiy- 
aga nal munnurr-arubadinukku nellu-i^padinain-galam nal onrukku neyyamudu 
ulakk-alakke-oru-sevidaga nal munniirr-arubadinukku neyyamudu nurru-nar- 
pattu-nanalikku neyyamudu nalikku nellu-ppadakkaga nellu irubattunar- 
kalam nal onrukku-ttayira(ya)mudu nrmaliyaga nal munniirr-arubadinukku- 

ttayiramudu padinaiii-gala naraga niil munnurr-arubadinukku adai- 

kkayamudu aiyyayiratt-elunurr-arubadinukku nellu nalikku adaikkayamudu 
pattaga nellu aru-kalam nal onrukku ilaiyamudu muppattirandaga nal mun- 
nurr-a^fulsadinukku ilaiyamudu padinorayiratt-aiiiiiurr-irubadu ilaiyamudu iru- 
badukku nellu naliyaga nellu aru-kalam nal onrukku santi-vilakku muppadum 
arttayama-vijakku anjum iiga vilakku uiuppattaiiTjukku vilakk-ennai mulakke- 
alakkaga nal munnurr-arubadinukku ennai munnurr-orupatt-aifiiialikku. .rpa 

kku nall-onrukku-ppidivilakku aru . . . kku-ppidivilakku 

irandum aga-ppidivilakku ettukku ennai uriyaga nal munntirr-arubadinukku 
ennai nurr-enbadinalikku nellu muppadin-kalam sattu-ppari. .ttam irandukku 
kasu irandun-tirumerkapa-ppudavai onrukkun-tiru . ni.-ppudavai onrukkuii- 
gasu onrum aga kasu miinrukku nellu aiii-galane-mukkuruni aga it-tevarkku 
or-attaikku nellu munnurru-ttonniiiTelu-kalane-tuni mattiyanattukku-chcbatti- 

cbcboru onrukku arisi naliyaga na kalane-tiini-ppada- 

kkum sri . . li eluntarulum Arkaliiiga-devarku nal onrukku arisi ulakkaga 
nal munnurr-arubadinukku arisi iru-tuni-mukkuruni-irunaliyinal nellu iru- 
kalane-tuni-oru-nali sri-Bali eluntarulum Santirasekara-devarku santi onrukku 
tiruv-amudarisi iru-nalikkum neyyamudukkum taiyirkkum karikkum adaikka- 
yamudukkum santi-vijakku irandukkum aga inta devarku Or-attaikku nellu 
irubatt . ru-kalane-elu-kuruni nanali tiru vila - el undarulum Uma-sahita-Irajan- 

tira nanaliyum santi onrukku neyyamudu iru-sovidukku 

tayiramudu urikkum santi onrukku kariyamudu irandukkum adai. . . .iriidu- 
kkum verrilai nalum santi-vi|akku irandum aga i-devarku 6r-attaikku nellu 
nalpatten-kalane-iru-tuni-kkuruni Ganapatiyarkku santi onrukku tiruv-amud- 
arisi iru-naliyaga nal onrukku arisi aru-nali nekkum tarkkum karikkum adai- 

Midhagal Taluq. 99 

kkay amudukkuni santi-vilakku onrukku aga it-tevakku 6r-attai-najaikku nel 

elubattunar-kalane-tuni-pi)adakk-oru-nali m tayirukkum 

karikkum adaikkayaraudukkum santi-vilakkum iiga it-tevarku 6r-att,aikku nel 
nurr-irubattu-mukkalane-mukku.runi . . Kanimruiikka-devarku santi onrukku 
arisi na narpatten-kalanc-iru-tuni-kkuruni 

4S («•) 

At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Taniil charactere.) 

tiruppadimarrukku i-kkollai nila .... mbajjikku-ppom valikku 

tekkil tangal eri-kkatti tiimbum iduvittu-kkojlavum ivv-eri-kil . kadi vilai-nila 
. . . .ta. . . . seydukolla ivv-iir a . . su-kkolal konda kuli miivayirara i-kkuli 

muvayirattukkum ivv-eri-kkil ivar pakkal .tu ta. . . .ttapadi kudi. .kal 

nirai pon iru-kalaiiju pon iru-kalaiijum ivar-pakkal ara-kkondu . . iija . . tti 
ivv-eriyum ivv-eri-kil nilan kuli muv;iyiramum nar-pal ellaiyum silii-lekai-panni- 
kkondu Vibhi. . nisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku tiruv-araudu tiru-ppadimar- 
rukku sandiraditta-vara selvadaga ivar-pakkal pon 


At the same temple, top line on the north wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

galom Sola-mandalattu daya Mahadevarku tiru 


At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Gr.intha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhuvana-chakravatti Posnla sri-vira-Iramana-Devarkku yandu 
34 avadu Sarvadhari-saiiivatsarattu Tai-mrida(mu)-mudal Avaniyattil irukkum 
viyapari Tirunalangilavar Valiiyalvarena udaiyar Annisvaram-udaiya-naya- 
narku ivar devadanam amudakkadaitta mel.nam ippodu itta pon 5 i-ppon 
aiiijukkum in-nayanarkku uchchi-chchandikku nal onrukku nali arisi amurdu- 
seyivikkakadavom chantiraditta-varai sellakkadavadu it-tamatai irakkinan 
Geiigai-kk. .suvai konran pavam-kovan 


At the same plaee. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-orunurru-orupattonru senyu yirandavad- 
ana Sauraiya-sanuvarcharattu Kanni-nayarru elan-tiyadiyura apara-paksha- 


100 Mulhagal Taluq. 

ttu Saptamiyum Rolianiyum Nayarru-kkilamaiyu sri-Kulottunga-SWa- 

Devarkku yandu pannirandavadu sri-Vallala-Devan pritivi-raclicbiyan-jeyya- 

nirka Nigarili-Soia-maiidalattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyattu svaram- 

udaiya. . . .varku Sirimalaiyalau Sattangandan Avamya-uattu. . rralvar-ana, . 
. .yakkonda-Sola. . . . 


At the Bharatesvara temple, on the basement. 

(Grantha and Taitiil ohnracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yaudu airattu-oru-nuri:elu sellaninra Visvfivasu-sammarsa- 
rattu Aippasi-masattu Paurnnamiyum Brahaspati-varamum perra Asvati- 
nakshattirattu nal svasti srimanu-maha-mandalechcliaran Talaikkadu Ganga- 
vadi Nulambavadi Vanavasi Panungal Uchcliangi konda pusabala-Vira- 
Gaiiga asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi Giridurka-malla saladanka-Rama nissaiika- 
pratapa Poysala vira-Vallala-Devar pridhivi-rajyam-panni arulanirka-pPoysala- 
vira-Vallala-Devar pradanan Jeyangonda-Sola-mandalattu-pPuliyiir-kottattu- 
pPuliyur-kilava Nayaka-ttevan ana srimanu-maha^pradana sarva-adikari 
samasta-chetrapati vavuttara niyogadipati maha-pasayattan srikaranattu 
Vallala-dandanayakkanudaiya(n) dandanayakkichchi Pemmiyakkanena Niga- 
rili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyattu tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-naya- 
uarkku tiru-nandavilakku onrukku nan ik-koyilil kaniyudaiya Siva-Bramma- 
nan Bharadvaja-gottirattu Saivachariyan Malaiyalvan-bhattan vasamum Vasitta- 
gottirattu Saivachariyan Mahadeva-bhattan vasamum kudutta..pon onrukku 
paga-vatti polivadaga polisaiyal ulludu kondu sandiradita-varai iv-vilakk- 
onrum sri-Mahesvara-raksliai Puriidan-gondar ana Nulambadaraya-rakshai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cbnraoters.) 

svasti sri nayanar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiy.arku Kellala. . . na 

sarattu vaichclia sandi-vilakkn onrukku kudutta n Saiva- 

chariyau Parattuvaja-gottira ttau vasaraum Vasitta-gottirattu 

Saivachariyau Madeva-battan vasamum kudutta pon oru. . tte . 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and TamU charactors.) 

svasti sri pugaj sulnta punariy-agal sulnta puviyil Ponnemiy-ajavun-tauuenii 
uadappa vijaugu-Saya-magalaiy-ilan-go - pparuvattu vikkirama - ttoliU"ir-pudu- 

Mulhayal Taluq. 101 

niaiiam-punarntu niaduvaraiy-ittamVayiragarattuvariayiranunai-kKontalavara- 
sar tantalam-iriya val urai-kalittu-ttol- vali-katti-pporpari-naclatti-kkirttiyai 
nirutti vada-tisai vagai-sudi - ttenrisai-tten-maru - Kamalappu - magat-podumai- 
yum Ponniyadai nan-Nilappavaiyum tanimaiyun-tavira-ppunidarriruniani- 
raakuta-muraimaiyir-chudi-ttannadiy-iranduu - tadamudiyaga - ttonnila-vGntar 
siida munnai Manuv-aru peruga-kKaliy-aru varuppa-chcliengol tisaitorufi-jella 
veu-kudaiy-iru-nila-vilagam euganun-tanadu tiru-nilal vennila-ttigala oru- 
taui-Meruvir-puli vilaiyada varkadar-rivantarattu-ppuvar tirai-vidu tanta ka- 
dan-jori-kaliru murai nirpa vilaiigiya Tennavan karun-talai parunt-alaittida- 
ttan ponuagarapurattidai-kkidappa in-nal pirkula-ppirai .... nirpilaiy- 
ennuu-joll-edir-kodirr-alladu tan kai viil edir-koda Vikkalan kall-agara Nan- 
gili tudarigi Manalur naduvenda Tuugapattiraiy-alavum veugaiuira patta veri-ga- 
lirum vitta taii manamuri-gurina viramuri-gidappa erina malaigalu mudugu 
nelippa ilinta nadigaluii-julaur-udaiut-odi vilunta kadalun-talai-virittal-amara- 
kkuda-tisai-ttan-nal-ugantu tanun-tanaiyum pan-nal-itta pala-pala raudugum 
bayatt-edir-mariya Saya-pperun-tiruvum paliy-ugantu kudutta pugaluri-Jelvi- 
yum vala vitta luadantayar-ittamu miladu kudu.ta veri-gari-uiraiyuri-Gariga- 
mandalamuii- Jiriganav-ennum pauiy - iraudum oru visai -kkaiykkond-aramun- 
tiru-ppuyatt-alarigalum pola viramun-tiyagamum vilariga-pparmisai mevalar 
vanariga virriruat(arunt)-aruliya Kov-Irajakesari-varmarana udaiyar sri-Kulol- 
turiga-Sola-Devarku y:\ndu 10 avadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-nattu 
Avaniy-attu-ttiruv- Iramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku Sola-mandalattu-kKalli- 
yana-purari-gonda Sola-vala-nattu-pParabuni-kkurrattu Nidur Nidiir-kilavan 
Arinji-sadaiyanana Sembiyan Tenkirai-nattu miiventa-velan i-devarkku-ttiru- 
nanta-vilakku onrukku sava miiva-pperad-aga vitta pasu 24 ip-pasu irubattu- 
nalum pati-pada-mfila-ppatt-udai-pparichacbarya-devakanmigal vasam vittana 
idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai yiindu 10 i-devarkku ivv-iir Viranukkar tiru- 
nantavilakku onrukku-chcbava miiva-pperad-aga vitta pasu 24 irubattunaluii- 
jandradittavara selvadaga | idu pan-Mrihesvara-raksbai || aram-aravarku aram 
alladu tuuaiy-illai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri srirvabhuvana-chchakkaravattigal sri-Poysala-vira-Ramana-Devarku 
iyaudu 34 avadu Sarvadhari-samvatsarattu Tai-masam mudal Avaniyattil 
irukkum viyapari Tirurialarigilavan Villi-alvrire Karkuttai Velliri-kkuttaikku 
nan itta pon ettu ip-pon ettukkum i-kuttai 

102 Mulhagal Taluq. 

At the same pUce. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Tiru raanDi valara iru-kuvad-anaiya-ttau-tolum valun-tunaiyana Ka- 
lavasanai kadantu Vayiragarattu-kkuiijirajam pala-vilri aiijalli Sakkara-gotta- 
ttu-tTaravarasanai-ttikku nigala-ttirai - kondaruli arukkan-uyaittaraisai iru- 
kkun-gamalam-anaiya Nila-magal-tannai munnir kulippav-annal tiru-Mal-adi- 
kelal agi eduttad-iyaduii-jaliyavagaiy-inid-eduttu-ttau-kudai-nilar-kil inb-urav- 
irutti-ttigiriyum puliyun-tisai-toru nadatti-ppugalun-tarumamum pu..toru 
niritti viramun-tiyagamu-manamum karunaiyum urimai-chchurram aga-ppi.. 
yattalai nigala jayamun-tanum virriruntu kulamani-makuta muraimaiyir-chii- 
di-ttan kalal taradivar siida-chchengol Navalam-puvi ser nadattiya Kov-Ira- 
jakesari-vanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarku yandu miinravadu 
sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devar tiruvaruli. .desam ellan-tiru-meli kudi vantu nirnta 
Sola-mandalam elubatt-ettu nadum Jayangonda-Sola-mandalani narpatt-enna- 

yiram pumiyum perumbadai valaiigai maha-se tarkku nirnta sri-Rajen- 

tra-Sola-ppadinen-punii-pperiya vishaiyaii-gandamadam Solakala tiru-kkulan- 
tonrirru mudal pasuvukkum erumaikkum ij;aiy-iliai ip-padinen-piimiyil illadav- 
irai kattattu. . .rku adikarigal. .giya Sola-muventa-ve(nta)lar pasuvukkum eru- 
maikkum illadav-irai kani ivv-irai irukkavendavenrum kadu punsaiy vilainta 
nilaiigaluku aifijil-onru mel-varam iduvadagavum eri-kil nel vilainta nilattu- 
kku munril-onru . . .i;u mel-varam iduvadagavum vedar kummari vilainta nilam 
ayiratt-ainiiiiru kulikk-oru pudavai kolvadagavum lir-kkil iru . . ku magach- 

chanam vannar nall-erudu nar-pasu nllitta anta ku.ral irandu kas- 

iduvadagavum siru-sungattukku Asuvi-makkal asuvam-unnum peral oru kas- 

iduvadagavum.raiyavittal oru kas-irippadagavum . . . . nru ttukku lir 

mudali. .adiyal vidum iru-pendir vid-onrum ulamai-saivadagavum uvatti-vidum 
tiru-kkoyil-udaiyan vidum talarar-vidum siru-suiigattukku irutta vidu tavira 
nikki niura vidugalukku vittal kasu kolvadagavum . . .kku . .ri nilam-aia- 
kkum pattu-ppanniru. . .kondadu san-aga-ppadinen -siin kondadu kol-aga- 
kkondu nilam-ajappadagavum ippadikku-ppadinettu vishaiyamum perumbadai 
valaiigai maha..naiyum padaiigandum agappada kal-vetti i-sasanan-jeydom 

padinen-piimi-pperiya pperukki urum perumbadai maha-senaiyum evv- 

irai.littu. . .n ii-ai.m iruppanum Gaiigai-karaiyil go-Biahmanaraiyum narai- 

yam kuraluii-go yalittau Brahmavattiyum paduvadagavum periya 

vishaiyattukkum perumbadai 

Mtdhafjal Taluq. 103 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yantlu 1 Devarpritivi-rriclichiyan-jeyya.nirJjaNiga- 

rili-Sola-mandalattu Aviniya-nattu Aviniyattu Aluflaiyar tiruv-Iramisvaram-uflai- 

ya Maliadevarku . . .na tiru-nundavilakku onrukku Arangan 

Tirukkalalti-udaiyan maga midc. .yar Panappillai-perumal itta nokki- 

madai ettum ik-koyi.kkaniyudaiya Siva-pPiramanan ttanum Iruga- 

ppattanum i. . pon en-kalaiijum nangal kaikondu mu ppadi. .sandiradita- 

varai seluttakkadavom anom tiru-nundavijakku onru ivar. . . .kka Nu. . .bada- 
rayan iraksbai idu Valanjiyar irakshai Varanasiyil kapilai-konriin idu alippan 

49 (c) 
At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tarail characters.) 

Nila-ppavaiyun-tani ppuvani-narrirumani-makutamu 


On the south 'basement of the same temple. 


. .mad-Raja-Manoja-bhupa-mahishi Divanibika visruta ) 

khyata nuta-pativra manajani n 

sadhviti manoharini 

san-marggargala-bhedini nirupama sat-patra-dananvita | 
sat-Kadamba-mahanvaye samabhavad deviha Divambika 
kirii dhatri-makutagra-mandana-manih kirii Kama-de. . . || 
kritva devayatanarii Mahesvararppanam ananta-papa-vinasa | 

ghanta Divambikaya Nolamba-Narayanesvara n 

. . samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithvi-vallabha Pallava- 
kulatilaka Pallavabharanan ahava-durggan ahitara Javan amogha-vakyan 

Nolamba-Narayana Divabbarasiyar nNolamba-Narayanesvaramarii 

niadisi pujeyariikonclu Ejanagaraniarii sarbba-badha-pariliaram agi. . . 

. .alipidava- kavileyuma Banarasiyuman ajkla-paiicha-maha-patakarii n 

104 Mnlhagal Tahtq. 


At the same place, on the south basement of the Satrughna temple. 
srimad-Dilipayyam prithuvi-rajyaiii geyyutt ire Avanyada-sthfuiada panneradu- 
kiru-dereyaiii bittar Mahadevargge salageyan ettisi idan alidoih Varanasiyan 


At the same place. 
sthanad urggalge Nolaniba bittam 


At the Satrughna temple, on the basement. 

(Grantlia and Taniil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt- orunurru-narpattettu-chchenra Parttiva- 
sammarcharattu udaiyar tiruv-Iramisuram-udaiya-nayanarku Jayangonda-S6- 
la-IIavaiijiya-rayanana Kuttadun-devar agambadiyaril Tantirapalan Periyudai- 
yanena in-nayanarku-ttiru-ppaljiy-elicbchikku nal onrukku naliy-arisi amudu- 
padi sella-kkadavud aga ainjarai-ppon kudutten ip-ponnal ulla palisai kondu 
sandiraditta-varai selutta-kkadavora ik-kuyilir-kaniy-udaiya Siva-pPiramanan 
Vasitta-gottirattu Madeva-battar marugan Muttippillaiyum Devappillaiyum 

Parattuvaja-gottirattu-pFiran-battar peran ndippillaiyum Piran-battarum 

kojidom i-cbchandikku irandu tiru-vilakk-erruvud aga oru pon kudutten Tan- 
tirapalan tamaiyan Niraniiijanena it-tanmattaiy-irakkinrm Geiigai-kkaraiyir- 
kurar-pasuvai-kkonran Piramotti-ppaduvan pan-Mabesura-raksbai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha nnd Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri pugal siilnta puiiari agal sunta puviyil Ponnemiy-alavun-tannemi 
nadappa vilangu-Jaya-magalai ilan-go-pparuvattu Sakkaragottattu vikkirama- 
ttolilal pudu-manam-punarndu maduvaraiy-ittam Vayiragarattu variy-ayira- 
nunai-kKontalavaraiyar tantalam iriya val urai-kalittu-ttol-vali-katti-ppor- 

pari vada-tisai vagai-sudi-ttenrisai-ttemaru-Kanialappu-magal podu- 

niaiyum Ponniyadaiyum tan-Nila-ppavaiyum tanimaiyum tavira-ppunitarriru- 
mani-makutam urimaiyir-cbudi tannnadiy-irandum tadamudiyaga-ttonnila- 
vendar suda munnai Manuv-aru peruga-kKaliy-aru varuppa-clicbeiigol tisai- 

toruii-jella ven-kudaiy-iru-nila-vala nila-ttigala oru tani-Meruv- 

ir-puli vilaiyada varkadarrivantarattu piipalar tirai-vidu tanda kadan-jori- 

Mulbac/al Taluq. 105 

kaliru murai-murai nirpa vilangiya Tennavan karun-dalai parund-alaittida- 
ttan ponnagara-ppuratt-ani kidappa pinnal pirkula-ppirai pola nir-pilaiy- 

ennun-joU-edir-kodirr-alladu tan kai-vill-edir-koda velakulatt-araiyagal 

m pattamum pariyum vitta tan manamum kuriya viramum kidappa 

eriya malaigalum mudugu nelippa ilinda nadigalum sulanr-udaind-oda vilnda 
kadalgalum talai-virittal-amara-kkuda-tisai tao nad-ugandu tanum tanaiyum 
pannal itta-ppala pala niudugum bayand-edir-mariya Jaya-pperunderuvum 

paliy-ugandu kudutta pugalin Selviyura valara onkana-madandai kari- 

niraiyum Gariga-maudalamum Siriganav-ennum paniy-irandum oru-visai-kkai- 
kkondu indiya pugalodu Pandi-mandalan-golla-ttiruvilatt-adaittu vellavaru- 
pari-talarigalum poru-kari-ttalarigalum pola-ttantira-variyum udaittay vandu 
vada-kadal ten-kadal padarvadu pola tan perun-jenaiy-evi . . varaiyalarum 

poruda p6r-kkalatt-aiijiy-6 ttu na. . . .ttu marravar. .mai. . .tiri- 

yum pochchai-ven-juram-erri korra saiya-ttambam tisaitoru nirutti muttin 
salapamum mut-Tamil-pPodiyamu matta-vana-kari padummai. .chChe. .mun- 
Ganniyum kaikkond-aruli Teda-natt-eljai-katti Kudamalai-natt-ulla saver-ellam 

tani-visumb-era maveriya tan varupani-ttalaivarai e r-utppada neri- 

torum nilaigal-itt-aruli varu-punal-Kalinga-mandalam kai-paduttu tiral-kol- 
aramum tiru-ppuyatt-alarigalum pola viramum tiyagamum vilauga-ppar tola- 
chChivan-idattuyainda Tiyaga-vallavitarum Avani-mulud-udaiyal iruppa avan- 
udan Gangai virriruudena marigaiyar-tiladam el-isai-vallapi El-ulagam-udai- 

yal valisai malarnd-inid-iruppa uji-uli-toru sanattu Avani-mulud-udai- 

yalodum virrirund-aruliya Kov-Irajakesarivanmar ana chakravattigal sri- 
Kul6tturiga-S61a-Devarku yandu 33 yavadu Jayarigouda-Sola- mandalattu 
Urrukkattu-kkottattu -tTirigadu-pakkattu Tirigadu-paga-kilan Araiyan Aran- 

darigiy-aua Rajentra-Solan ana Garigeya-rajan Nigarili-S61a-ma Avaniya- 

nattu Avaniyattu-ttiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku tiru-nantavilakku 
onrukku sava muva-pperad-aga vitta pasu udal irubattunalum pati-pada-mula- 
ppatt-udai panchachariya devakaramigal vasara vittana ivai sant(ra)raditta-vara 
selvad-aga pan-Mahesvara-rakshai. 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-nurru-ttonnurru-irandu senra Pramadauta- 
samvatsarattu Pariguni-masam mudal Brahmadi-rajara Selvandai-devar magalar 
ana svasti Jayarigonda-Sola Ilavaiijiya-rayar aua Kuttadun-devar-ramaganar 
Ilaiya Vasudevar narabirattiyar Settalvareua Avaniyatt-udai . . Uava-Ramisva- 
ram-udaiyarkku amudu-padikkum archanab6gara devakanmakanukkum Totti- 


106 IMhagal Taluq. 

ganpallikku ulla ettam-ulpada nanjai puiijai nar-pal-ellaiyum vittu tiruppani 
seyvvitta Siva-Brahmanan Bharadvaja-gottirattu-kKondibatan Vasudeva-bata- 
nukku-kkani mujudum devakanmamu udakam-panninen Settalvarena pan- 

56 C^) 
At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-nurru-narpattettana Parttiva-sammarcha- 
rattu svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyattu udaiyar 
tiruv-Iramisuram-udaiyar koyilil adiy-arulugira kuttarku svasti sri Jayaiigon- 
da-Sola Ilavanjiya-rayar ana Kuttrulun-devar adiyan Surriyalvar magan Tiru- 

daiyaneua ik-kiittarku u kku amudu-padi naliy-arisi sandirtidi- 

tta-varai sella-kkadavadaga aru pon kudutten ip-po. . .kkondom Vasitta-go- 

ttirattu tan Madeva-battar marugan Marimutti-ppillaiyum Deva-ppillai- 

yum Parattuvaja-gottirattu-pPiran-battar peranmaril Kondi-ppillaiyum Piran- 
battarun-Giittadum-piljaiyuni it-tanmattaiy-irakkinau Gengai-kkaraiyil kural- 
pasuvai kourau Piramotti-ppaduvan pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 

56 {b} 

At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

. .deva daiya Avaniyattu. .rndatti nangalu. . pati-pada-miila- 

ppatt-udai-ppancha . . . .ya nmerkil nadu-vettu-kkil-mitlai. . . .parkellai. . 

ppaiy-kuttaikku ten-merk-ellai Ip^Ui • ■ suravichchunai .... kku . . . 

onru idan vadakku .... laikku kilakku 


At the Gauri-devi temple, on the basement. 

(Grautha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-iru-uurru-irubattettu-chchellaninra Parabava- 
sammachcharattu Sittirai-masam padinalan-tiyadi Tingat-kilamaiyum Utti- 
rfidamumTrayodasiyum perra nal svasti sri Jayangonda-Sola Ilavanji-rayar ana 
Kiittaduu-devar prithivi-rajyam-panniy-arulaninra Nigarili - Sola-mandalattu 
Jayangonda-Sola-vala-nattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyattu udaiyar tiruv-Irami- 
svaram-udaiya-nayanar devadanam peri-eriyil ik-koyil tiru-ppanikku munninru 
seyvitta Vira-Solavanukkaril Perra-pillai magau Simandaikkum Vayirandai 
magan Settiyannanukkum ivv-iruvarkum Manidfiriyum Panrimukka uar- 

Mulbar/al Taluq. 107 

kantUiga-kkalani chandraditta-varai selvad-aga vittom ippadi anubavippadu 
idukk-ilaiiganam-pannavan tan tayku yirandu-ninaittavan idu tanatta-rakshai 


At the Angada temple, on tbe basement. 

(Grantha ancl Tamil charactors.) 

. .rvabbai. . .cbakravatti sri ma machcbarattu Avani-madam mudal. .ru- 

iiauaiigilavan Valli-alva siri-erikku rael-nagaram . . . . pon aiiiju ip-pon- 

nukku i kondu nal onrukku oru uil. .nellu amudu. . . .vum idu ilaiiga. . 

.... n-Mahesvara-raksbai 


At the same village, on the basement round the Amraana-gudi. 
svasti Saka-varusbambulu 1284 sanda Subhakritu-saiiivatsarada Kartika-su 
11 Gu-dinadalu svasti sriman-maha-maiidalesvara ari-raya-vibbala bhasege 
tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-Bukkanna-Vodeyara sri-vira-Kumara-Kampanna- 
Vodeyara aramaneya .sriman-maha-pradhana Somappa-Vodeyara uirupadim sva- 
sti srimat-samantadhikari Avaniya Ramaya-devanavaru Avaniya sri-Ramanatha- 
devarige Avauiya-grama 1 Kambudimba-grama 1 ubhayam grama 2 kahi salu- 
vantu sri-Kumara. . . .kondu tala. . . .pari yishtanu tiddikondu sri-Ramanatha- 

devarige yanu dandeya kottaru (uBuai finai phrases) sri-Ra- 



At the same village, on the Garuda-kambha, to the west of the Vali-Sugriva temple. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicba-mahri-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha Pal- 
lava-Rama-pada-paiikaja-bhramara pratyaksha-Kanjasana sahgrama-doraygam 
bira-Trinetra gaja-raja-malla palar-aiije ganda srimat-Chaladahkakara-Devana 
perggede-Basavayyan ahkana bhattanu madisida mana-stambham uttarottaraiii 


At the same village, on copper plates of the Avani-matha. 

(Nagart characters.) 
[/y] sri Vehkatesaya namah | 

yasya samparka-punyena nari-ratnam abhucb clihila i 
yad upasyam sumanasam tad-vastu-dvandvam asraye n 
yasya Dviradavaktradyah parisbadyah parassatarii | 
vighnam nighnanti bhajatam Visbvaksenam tam asraye n 


108 Mulhagal Taluq. 

jayati kshira-jaladher jatam savyekshanaiii Hareh | 

alambanam chakerauam amarayushkaram mahah n 

pautras tasya Pururava Budha-sutas tasy Ayur asyatmajas 

sanjajne NahushO Yayatir abhavat tasmach cha Purus tatah | 

tad-vamse Bharato babhuva nripatis tat-santatau Santanus 

tat-turyo Vijay6'bhimanyur udabhut tasmat Parikshit tatah n 

Nandas tasyashtamobhut samajani navamas tasya rajnas Chalikka- 

kshmapas tat-saptamas Sripati-ruchir abhavad Raja-purvo narendrah 

tasya sri-Bijjalendro dasama iha nripo vira-Hemmali-Rayas 

tartiyiko Murarau krita-natir udabhut tasya Mayapurisah n 

tat-turyy6'jani Tata-Pinnama-mahipal6 nijalokana- 

trastamitra-ganas tat6'jani harau durgani saptahitat i 

ahnaikena sa Somi-Deva-nripatis tasmach cha jajne suto 

viro Raghava-Devarad iti tatas sri-Pinnam6'bhun nripah || 

Araviti-nagari-vibhor abhud 

asya Bukka-dharanipatis sutah | 

yena Saluva-Nrisimha-rajyam apy 

edhamana-niahasa sthirikritam || 

sri-Rama-Raja-kshitipasya tasya 

chintamaner arthi-kadambakanaui | 

Lakshmir ivambh6ruha-16chanasya 

Lakkambikamushya mahishy alasit n 

tasyadhikais samabhavat tanayas tap6bhis 

sri-Ranga-Raja-nripatis sasi-vamsa-dipah | 

asan samullasati dbamani yasya chitraiii 

netrani vairi-sudrisaiii cha nir-anjanani n 

satim Tirumalambikaih charita-lilayarundhati- 

pratham api titikshaya vasumati-yas6-ruDdhatim | 

Himaihsur iva R6hii_ii]u hridaya-liarinirii sad-gunair 

amodata sadharniinim ayam avapya viragranih n 

rachita-naya-vichararii Rama-Rajam cha dhirarii 

vara-Tirumala-Rayarii Venkatadri-kshitisarii i 

ajanayata sa etan anupurvya kumaran 

iha Tirumala-Devyam eva raja mahaujah n 

sakala-bhuvana-kantakan aratin 

samiti nihatya sa Rama-Raja-virah | * 

vyarajata sri-vara-Vehkatadri- 

Rajah kshitau Lakshmana-charu-murtih || 

trishu sri-Ranga-kshmaparivridha-kumareshv adhi-ranarii 

*Tho80cond half of thiB Terso nnd the first half of the noxt aro in defect here. AIso in 
eoDie other plaoes in tbis iosoriptioD. 

Mulbagal Taluq. 109 

vijityari-kshmapan Tirumala-maharaya-nripatih | 

mahaujas samrajye [iia] su-matir abhishikto nirupame 

prasasty urvirii sarvam api tisrishu miirtishv iva Harih || 

yasasvinam agrasarasya yasya 

pattabhisheke sati parthivendoh | 

danambu-purair abhishichyamana 

devi-padarii bhumir iyarii dadhati n 

Samadayo Vidhi-mukhad iva satya-vachah 

samady-upaya-nivaha iva sariiyuginat | 

Ramadayo Dasarathrid iva raja-mau}eh 

tasmad ameya-yasasas tanaya babhuvuh n 

taja tat6'bhiid Raghunatha-nama 

sri-Rariga-Rayas srita-parijatah | 

sri-Rama-Rajas sisiramsur urvyah 

vikhyatiman Verikata-Deva-Rayah n 

sri-Rariga-Rayas sahajeshu teshu 

pararigato uiti-payah-payodheh i 

ashtasu dikshu prathitas sa lebhe 

pattabhishekarii Penugonda-rajye n 

atha sri-Verikatapati-Deva-Rayo nayojvalah | 

avanim asishat kirty;i diso dasa visobhayan || 

taj-jyayasas sura-druma-lajjavaha-charita-Rama-Raja-vibhoh | 

jatas Tirumala-Rajah khyatas sri-Rariga-Rayopi || 

tayos sri-Rariga-Rayasya tanaya vinayadhikah | 

ajayanta dayavantas srutavanto yasasvinah n 

sri-Rariga-Raya-nripates tanayeshu teshu 

paraih giram adhigatah kavi-purigavanarii | 

ratneshu Kaustubha ivambudhi-sambhaveshu 

sri-Rama-Raya-nripatis suchirarii vyalasit n 

purvarii visruta-Rama-Raja-nripates sri-Ramabhadrakriteh 

kalyanodaya-salinas tanubhavah pancha prapanchavane | 

daksha niti-pathanugas samabhavan Kshirapaga-kamino 

girvanalaya-bhuruha iva bhudha-srenishta-danotsukah n 

vikhyata-charyeshu nripeshu teshu 

sri-Rariga-Rajas sisirariisur urvyah | 

visva-traye visruta-kirtir asit 

saureshu saleshv iva parijatah n 

sri-Rariga-Rajasya tapo-viseshais 

santoshinas Seshagirisvarasya | 

karunya-bhumna kamaniya-sobhau 

1 1 () Midhagal Tahtq. 

putrav abbuttim Purubuta-bbogau || 


iti-namakau prakriti-pfdanotsukau | 

kbara-dusbana-prabati-daksbinav ubbau 

dadatah pramodam iva Rania-Lakshmaiiau n 

sri-sali Peda-Venkatendra-nripatir jyesbtho vayobhis tayos 

sauryaudarya-gabhirata.-dhriti-kala-purvais cba sarvair guiiaih | 

[ 11] 


virottame Veukata-Deva-Raye | 

pattabbisliikte Penugonda-rajye 

tadabbisbiktas su[dbi]y6pi hemna n 

khyatas tasya pitamahanujataya sri-Venkatadri-kshama- 

pala-sri-lalana-svayamvrita-pater jatanukami]a.spadam | 

asid uddhata-satru-gandba-karati-pradhvariisa-baddba-vrato 

haryakshah kavi-loka-raksbana-kala-pratyagra-Bhojakritih n 

tasya sri-Rangapati-ksbouipatir atmabbiir gunabdbir atha | 

yasyaudarya-mabimna kalpa-taruh kvapi Nandane vasati n 

rajiias tasya gunadbhutasya sukritaib prachina-janmarjitaih 

putrCbhfit Puruhuta[ Ji6]kalpa-mahima Gopala-Rajagranih | 

sarvesharii vidusbarii samibita-phalarii datva jagatyaiii svayaiii 

yo vismarayati sma dana-cbaturan Bbojadiman parthivan n 

s6'yarii priya-sahacharas sukriti tapobhir 

aradbayad Veiikata-saila-natharii | 

pritas tadanirii agadid abhisbta- 

data sa devah kripaya tam enarii n 

putras san dharanim avapam adhuna sri-Veiikatabhikhyaya 

vikhyatas Cbina-Verikatendra-nripater ugrais tap6-vaibbavaih l 

piirvarii sri-Vasudeva-bbu-Valarip6b Krishnabbidh6'bam yathfi 

Nandah prag iva taiii sutarii kalayatarii sri-Raiiga-Rayabhidharii n 

sri-Rariga-Raya-ksbitinayakarii tam 

Srikauta-ruparii ksbiti-rakshanaya | 

avapya tarii tat-kula-vriddhi-hetor 

Gopala-Rrijas samabhiit i)rabrisbtab n 

s6'yarii sri-Rariga-Rriya-ksbitipatir aviturii saj-janau dur-jananam 

garva-dhvarrisaya Kariasasura-raada-garima-dhvariisin6 riipa-dhari | 

prajyarii sariirajya-siriihasanam adhivasati pratyahairi bbakti-piirvarii 

nana-desS.vanisair vinutam anupamarii prapta-pattabbishekab n 

sri-Rarigesvara-datta-rajya-mabiraa sri-Rauga-Rayagranih 

padambboja-vinamra-Bhoja-Magadha-ksbmaparpita | 

Mulbac/al Taliiq. 111 

sarvesham prithivibhujam adhi-siro-vinyasta-padambujah 
prithvim palayate nayena mahata saptarnavi-mekhalam n 
Chaurasi-durgaika-vibhala-varyali | 
bhayankaras Sarngadharantaraiigah n 
hata-ripur animeshanokalio yachakanara 
hosa-birudara-gando raya-rahutta-mindah | 

[ n 

sara-vira-raraaya samuliasan 
Araviti-pura-hara-nayakah | 
kundalisvara-maha-bhujah srayan 
mandalika-dharani-Varahatam n 
Atreya-gotra-janam agrasaro bhubhujam udara-yasah i 

[ 11] 

s6'yam niti-jitadi-bliupati-tatis Sutrama-sakhi sudhi- 

sartbauam bhuja-tejasa sva-vasayan Karn^ta-simhasanam | 

a Setor api cha-Himadri vimatau sariiiiritya sasan muda 

sarvorviiii prachakasti sindhu-parikharii sri-Ranga-Rayagranih || 

randhrartu-bana-chandrakhya ganite Saka-vatsare | 

vatsare Parthivabhikhye mase'smin Margasirshake n 

pakshe valakslie punyarhe dvadasyarii cha malia-tithau | 

sri-Verikatesa-padabja-sannidhau sreyasarii nidhau n 

para(ma)-hamsa-parivrajakacharyanara mahaujasarii i 

sishya ye Visvarupakhya-Bharati-svaminam ami n 

srimad-Vitthala-namano Bharati-svarainah priyah | 

tach-chhishya-Ramachandrakliya-Bliarati-svamin(Vbhavan n 

asesha-vidushaiii teshaiii mathaya mahad-ojasarii | 

srimat-Kolala-desiya-grameshu ganitarii janaih n 

manohararii Devapalyah prachiui disam upasritarii | 

sva-namagasya sailasya dakshinam disam asritam || 

Chiukabhidhana-grauiasya paschimasam upasritarii | 

Tammepaly-akliya-ghoshasya uttarasara upasritarii n 

Narasiriilia-iti khyatarii pratinaraa-saraanvitaiii | 

Chinanikallu-namanarii gramam araraa-sobhitarii n 

sarvamanyarii chatus-sima-sahitarii cha samantatah | 

nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitarii n 

akshiny-agami-saihyuktarii rishi-bhogyarii sa-bhiiruharii | 

vapi-ktipa-tatakais cha kachchhararaais cha sariiyutarii \\ 

sishya-prasisbya-saiubhojyarii kramad a-chan[/iZfi]dra-tarakarii i 

112 Mulbagal Taliiq. 

danadhamana-vikriti-yogyaiia vinimayochitarii n 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih purohita-purogamaih | 
vividhair vihudhais srauta-patbikair adhikair gira | 
srf-Raiiga-Raya-bhupalo mananiyo manasvinam | 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-purvakaiii dattavan muda n 
vira-sri-Ranga-Raya-kshitipati-varyasya kirti-dhuryasya | 
sasanam idam sudhi-jana-kuvalaya-chandrasya bhu-Mahendrasya n 
vira-Sri-Ranga-Rayoktya praha pautras Sabhapateh i 
Kamakoti-suto Rama-kavis sasana-vanmayam n 
vira-Sri-Ranga-Raya-kshmiipa-nidesena Somanatharyah ] 
sasanam alikhat Kamaya-sri-Ganapayarya-pautra-manih n 

(uaual final verses) *Sri-Rama 


On a Tock behind the Avani Matt. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Ananda-sammachcharattu Karttigai-masam Jayangonda-Soja Ilavan- 
jiya-rayan ana tan-vasi-kattiya Vasudevan samantaril Kulottunga-Solavanukkan 
Udaiyandai maga Nulamba-devarku varaikaran Sitti. .me. .panditan magan 
Devaneua velaikkaran und-6di-pp6m variyixtkal nayau 


At the same village, on a rock in front of the Nagarakunte. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1550 agunedi Vibhava- 
samvatsaram Magha-ba 30 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pra- 
tapa-sri-vira-Rama-Deva-maharayalu prithivi-samrajyam cheyichundaganu cha- 
turtha-gotraih Suguturi Tammayagari pautrulu Yimmadi-Tammaya-gauni bhar- 

ya Bairakuri Chokkanna-gauda sakka tammulu Chikkaraya-Tammaya- 

gaudu. . . .bhatta-komarudu Tirumala-somayaju-bhattala komarudu Umapati- 
somayajulu ayana tammudu Krishna-s6mayajula chata Avani-Ramesvara-Kasi- 

Visvanathuni sannidhini Agnishtomam ane yajnaiii cheyiiTchi yivaka De- 

varayasamudraiii Lakshmipati-komara Apayapa 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Isvara temple near the Antaragange. 

Sarvajitu-nama-samvatsaram Asvija-suddha 121u sriraat-Marigopanagaridi rolu 
vura-kunta di 

*In Kannada obaraoters. 

Mulhmjal Taluq. 113 


On another stone near the same Antaragange. 
sri-Rania Mogali-Veukatagiri-Daddi-VegganDa-komarudu Liggachari akkagaridi 
devattanaih .... 


At the same village, on a rock to the west of the Ginditirtha. 
svasti srimad-Avanyada sthauamam nalvattu-varshaman ald ayvattu-degulaiii 
madi piriyav-eradu-kereya katti Saka-varsham entu-nur-embhatta-mur adand 
utkranti geydu sri-Tribhuvana-karttara-Devara Kali-yuga-Rudraiika Rudra-loka- 
praptan adam 


At the same place. 
Saka-varsham entu-niir.enbatt-ayd adandu Muddakana Nasaka-Bliogi agni-pra- 
vesa geydarii 


At the same place. 
Mahendra-bhatta madidam Kali-yuga-Rudrange kiriya-degulamaiii 


At the same plaee. 
a Kailasa-girindra-kuta-nikatad Gauri-padapy ancliitat 
a Seto Raghavesa-pratanita-visadottunga-kirtti-pramurtteh | 
a pratah-parbbatendrat savitur udayato yavad a paschimadreh 
ko vadi sastra-vit ko gamaka-guna-yutah ko dhari. . . . || 


At the same village, on a rock on the way to the hill. 
Paridhavi-samvatsarada Vaisakha-sudha lOllu srimatu Sugatiira Ayaraa-Gau- 
darii vulegada SilavantaChikkanu hakisida gadubu bija vokulake guji aru .... 


On the Avani hill, over the south door of the Ekanta-Ramesvara temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil cbaracters.) 

svasti sri Jayangonda-Sola Ilavaiijiya-rayan ana Kiittadun-devar deviyar Saii- 
gandai patta-tiruvasilum tirutte..m inda. .ttiyaga. .niruttinar sandiraditta- 


114 Mtilha(/al Tahiq. 


At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Grantha and Tauiil oharacters.) 

svasti sii Nigarili-Sola-inandalattu Avaniya-nattu Avaniyatt. . . .rukku svasti 
sri Jayaugonda-Sola llavaiTjiya-rayan ana Kiittadun-devan agambadiyan Surriy- 
andan magan Periyudaiyaa ana Tantira-palanena svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 
ayiratt-oru-nurru-narpatt-onbad - ana Sarvadari-samvatsarattu Tai-masattu sva- 
sti sri nayanar tiruv -Iramisvaram-udaiyarkku tiru-ppalliy-elichchikku nal 
onrukku naliy-arisiy-amudupadi santraditta-varai sellakadavad-aga Vasi(si) 
shta-gOtrattu Madeva-batta 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-nurr-aimbattu-nalu sellaninra Kara-sam- 

marcharattu Nigarili-Sola-raandalattu Avaoiyattu ya-rayar ana 

Kuttudun-deva Siva-pPiramaua Vasitta-gottarattu Madeva-battan 

maruga.maril Devappillai vasamu 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oru-nurru. .rpatt-onbadu senra Sarvajit-sariivar- 
sarattu Tai-masattu svasti Jayaugonda-Sola Ilavanjiya-rayar ana Maralvar ma- 
gan Kuttadun-devar ana Ilava.jiya. .yar nambirattiy-aua svasti sri Nigarili- 
Sola-mandalattu Avani-nattu Vasudevar ana Nulambadarayar raaga..rSan- 
galvarena svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Avaniya-natt-Avaniyattu malai- 
melil sri-Mulattanam ana Aludaiyar tiruv-Iramesvaram-udaiya-nayanarkku 
nitta-niyamam fma amudu-padi sattu-ppadi tiru-vilakkum pala-padi-ni. .ndatu- 
kkum nan ponn-ara ittu mann-ara-kkondu vitta devadanam avana Solakkuttai- 
yana Sokkakkattum Nulamba-marayan kuttaiyum Avaniya-nattu-marayan 
kuttaiyum Kunapikkuttaiyura Tudariyii; Samakiraiyum ivaiyirril-ulla nilattal 


On a rock to the north of the same temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai. .ndu 1318 mel sellaninra Dhatu-samvatsarattu Taiy-madam 
5 ti sri-vira-Arihara-rayan kumaran Yimmadi-Bukka-rayan prithivi-rajyam- 

Mulhagal Taluq. 115 

panna.niDra kalattu Jayangoncla-Sola-vala-nattu Avaniyattu Mulattanam-udai- 
yar koyilil madapattiyaii-jeyvar Muttarandar Muttarum Vasandai magan Pach- 
chai-nayauum Mulavayil Sanmata. .perunderuvil Vanikapurat. . .natar ana 
vaisya-vaniya-nagarattaril vadavaniyan Periya-perumill Kamandai-settiyar 
ivargal tanam-aga naltorum oru tiru-perkum onbadan-tirunalile oru poludum 
padaippad-aga vangina pon irubattonrum kondu chandraditya-varai nadatta- 
kkadavem idu laiiganan-jonnavan Gengai-karaiyil karal-pasuvai-kkonran papa- 
ttile povan idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 


On the same hill, on a rock north of the Janaka-rishi temple. 

Salivahana-saka-varusha 1447 Vyaya-samvatsarada Magha-ba 14 lu srimat- 
maha-mahattinolagada Holalakereya-muntada .... Kailasa-Marulappayya- 


On the same hill, on a rock to the north of the Dhanushkoti-tirtha. 
Vana-devatalu vachchi Sita-bhagavatiki prasannamai nilichina 

tavu Sugaturu-Chikka-Tammaya-Gauduvari akkagaru Halasa-Ratama purohita- 

Krishna-bhatta-Tirumala-somayaju-chata devatulapadalu dakshina-Gaya- 

tilodaka-pinda-pradanam chesi Kasi-Gaya-Prayaga-andu chesina phalam Val- 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

ma . . payitta Vilupparaiyanukku-ppinb-iren Viruda - mandana Madevanena 
Vallavaraiyan sattiyam 


At the same place. 

(Orantba and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Vasidevan ana Ilavanjiya-rayan samantaril Kulotturiga-Soj.avanukkan 
Udaiyandaikku Pallimukkannan magan Kamanena velaikkaranau ena ivarku 
pinb-irunden agil Vallavaraiyan sattiyam 


116 Mulbagal Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaractors.) 

svasti sri Vikriti-saiiivatsarattu Vaiyigasi-madam mudal udaiyar tiruv-Irami- 

svaram-udaiyarkkum ta. .ttukku. .Mahesva pa.ta. .sarana. . . .la 

tiru vala. . . .nena kkuttaiyir nel 

madattukku anju tiru-pper amudu-sevikira. . . .livu 

kondu aru tiru-pperukku amudu-padaikkavum nalu panaii-gondu miinra.yi. 

poli . kondu iru ku yi tta dai 

. .na gai-kkaraiyil kurar-ppasuvai-kkon. .papan-golvar Mahesvara- 

rakshai it-tanmattukku ila 

79 (J) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail charaoters.) 

svasti sri Savummi. .samarsarattu Avani-madam mudalil . . Ilavanjiya-rayar 
Vasudevar samattaril Kulottunga-Sola-anukkan Udaiyandai magan Nulamba- 
devarkku und-6di-pp6m variyak, . .nayan Uraikarumugane velaikaranena 


At Mel&gani (Avani hobli), on a stone lying near Venkataramana-Gauda'8 straw-heap. 
svasti srimat-Sri-rajya-Vijaya-sambatsararii nalvatt-eradaneyandu Sripurusha- 
niaharajadbiraja paramesvara-bhatara pruthivi-rajyarii geye avara magandir Du- 
ggamar-Ereapp6 Kuvalala-nadu-munuruui Gang-aru-sasiramum ale avara 
maha-devi Kaiicbiabbe Agaliy ale Maduregila Vellasammaiige kott6du kandu- 
gad-aygula-kalauiyurii channa-kalaniv ele-totta pattu saman-palin-mele en-kan- 
dugarii apurvva-paribaram age kott6du idake padeyarii aggishtageyurii arava. . 
. .yurii idan alidon Barana vararii sasira-kavile 



At the same village, on broken stones lying in front of the Gopalasvami temple. 
Sripu. . . raja parame. . . .sasiramuma Narendrarasar aravattum ale. .rangali 
gode .... Jannayyauge sasi 


On a stone at the same place. 
subbam astu Raiidri-sanivatsarada Jeshtha-ba 7 Gu-lu srimat-Narasanna-Na- 
yakarige dharmmav agabek endu Muluviiyali Senaramara makkalu Ramapa- 
Bayireyagalu. . . .yanu Krishnarpauav agi kotevu 

Mulhagal Tahiq. 117 


At the same village, on a stone near the well. 

svasti Saka-bluipalakraata-samvatsara-satanga 896 neya Bhava-samvatsaram 
pravarttise Ashadha-masa. . . .svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda Pallavaa- 
vaya sri-prithivi-vallabharn Pallava-kula-tilakarii Pallavadityain sriraan-Nolam- 
badhirajaui Chorayya Nolambar-tande miivarum Stiryya-Miniyurol ildu Mara- 
singha-Permmadiy atitan adan embudarii keldu svasti samasta-nema-sangashta- 
nopetarii Pompala-kula-tilakarii Kaduvatti-variisodbhavarii Kanchi-puradbisarii 
rana-mukha-pidugarii Nandiya Javarii Nanna 


On a virakal at the same place. 

svasti sri Anuva sa ya Lokan embudu elpattaidu-pandiyarii kondattu 

idu verasi yi-nayaka Dhalagan embudu Pirisandi maga yippattaru-pandiyarii 


At Kij&gani (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Chaudesvari temple. 

(The top portion gone) ndu-mandaiavaih pu . .mar-anta-ripu-baladol tagi . . . ridu 

sarggasthan adarii Chiliyaiii Cho rajya-sriyol nindu Januayyana kelava- 

marii madityaba kramadityarii gotra , . . .Ida devara Vanige padirkula 

...kodange gottarii Jannayyaua. . iichi Haryya-Birannage vuluga. . .kallarii 
nirisidarii svasti bha 


On a rock to the*north of the same village. 

Sarvari-samvatsarada 10 lu srimat-Guru-Tammannanu Aganiya 

Bayirava-gaiidage kota nettara-godagiya sasana-kramav ent endare 

nimma rayara bandeya pala . . . kottalada mura kulada muranu 

yanu ninna ga. . . .ganiya. . .nirisi kala melularu malara Muluvagilu 

Halageri .... Kilaganiyanu Baladiya ninu .... aruba . . . . ra va. . .yala-madi 
Nanjunda-Nakaru sari vondu ha . . . lala .... grama. . . .Chinnaya halagade 

manyake. . . .nabo. . . . vara makkalu tama . . .hala staru mara. . . 

da papake hogalulavaru 

118 Mulbagal Taluq. 


At thc same village, on a stone in Quttapalli Timme-Gauda's field. 
subham astu chandra-siiriyal ula-pariyantralu Desayiyavaru baradu kotta 


At Sangandahalli (same bobli), on a stone to the east of the Eiilikunte-balla. 
Hevalambi-samvatsai-adaSravana-suddha 2 lu srimat-Timma-Rayanu Tipaturu- 
sime nirnayakkagi 


At tbe same village, on a rock near tbe Ajjavirappa temple. 
svasti Virodhi-samvatsarada Phalguna-ba 5 lu sri-maha-Arasana-gotra .... 
Venkatappa-Nayakaru. . .vagi. . .a-pattana 


At Balla (same hobli), on a virakal near the Isvara temple. 
svasti Saka - vai'isha vombaynura irppatt-ombattaneya varisham pravarttise 
Tribhuvanakarttara-bhatarar Avanyada sthanaman aluttire Masekali . . . 
ppa-devara. . .jigana magam Nolamba-gamunda Ballada-ur-alivinol kadi sattu 
svarggasthan adaiii 


On a second virakal at the same place. 
svasti sakala-jagat-trayabhivandita-surasuri\dhisa-Paramesvara-pratiharikrita- 
Mahavali-kulodbhava-sri-Bana-Vidyadharauge Vijaya-sambatsaram eradane- 
yad age Ranamukhaduttana magan Karapuran bandu Ballada turu-gole ura 
toruvallam Uvalan turuv-alti idire nadad eridu bildan avaiige Masarakutti- 
yaru Attaniyum osedu aygula keyyu okkilul okkulamum age kottar idan ali- 
vonu ikkadonu pancha-maha-patakan akkum 


On a third virakal at tbe same place. 
svasti si-i Dilipayya prithuvi-rajyaii geyye Tribhuvanakarttara sthanaman alutt 
ire Ballada Mammeya turugolol Basalvera maga . . kayya kadi sattod ataiige 

Mulha(/(d Taluq. 119 

bhatarar mmechchi kotta kodange padir-kkola-ka}ani Mamakachiya kelage pa- 
dir-kkola-palu idan alidom Varanasiyum kavileyuman alida 


On a foarth virakal at the same place. 
svasti sri Dilipayya prithivi-rajyau geye Tribhuvanakarttara-panditar tapa- 
rajyan geye Bannur-chavariya maga Pala Ballada turugolo kadi turuvan ikkisi 
svarggiy ada 


On a fifth virakal at the same place. 
Ballad-ur-alivinole Mudda-Settiyara maga. . .Malama. . . kadi sattu svargga- 
sthau ada aygula-kodige kottar idan alida Banarasiya kavileyan alida 


At Virfip9,k8hapura (same hobli), 
on the basement of second tower of the Virupaksha temple. 
subham astu | svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1353 neya Sadharana- 
samvatsarada Phalguna-su 10 lu yi-Prasanna-Virtipaksha-devarige devalaya- 
prakara-gopuragalu sikharada chinnada hodake Manmukha-pushkarani-anga- 
ranga-bhoga- vaibhava-agraharagalu mantapagalu bhiksha- matha-muntada 
sakala-dharmmaiigalu Vijeya-Raya-maharayara kumararu gaja-bentek£lra Deva- 
Raya-maharayara dharmmadinda Vishnuvardhana-gotrada Heggade-devagalu 
Vommayammagala makkalu Lakhanna-dannayakaru Madannagalu yi-Prasanna- 
Virupaksha-devarige madida seve subham astu n 


On the stones of the tower of the main entrance of the same temple. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusba sa 1449 neya 
Sarvajitu-samvatsarada Kartika-su 12 lii sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Viriipaksha-Deva-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyan gai- 
iittam yiralu Rayadurgada Tipparasara makkaju Bhogarasaru tamma ali- 
dantha-svami Tipparasa-Vodeyarige dharmav agabek endu Muluvaya-chava- 
dige saluva Kundani-sime-volagana Mukundasagara-Kalavekallige pratinamav 
ada Tippasamudrav emba gramavanu Utthana 12 dvadasi-punya-kaladalu sri- 
Prasanna-Virupaksha-devarige yibbala-akki-nai(another 8tonc)vedyaii eradu- 
nandadipakii dhareyan eradu kotevagi yi-Kalavekalige pratiuamavada Tippa- 

120 Mulhagal Taluq. 

samudrada-gramake saluva chatus-stme-volagaiia nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana- 
akshini-agami-muntada sakala-suvarnadaya-sakala-chatur-ayavanu yi-Prasanna- 
Virupaksha-devarige Rayadurgada Tipparasara makkalu Bhogarasaru madida 


On a rock in the compound wall of the same temple. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1624 aguneti Svabha- 
nu-sarhvatsaram Ani-nela 16 tedilo veda-marga-pratishthapanacharyyul ayni 
adi-Tiruvalangadu - pi'atiayya padamati-Virupakshapuraiii dharama-Sivachar- 
yul ayni Yimmadi-acharyulavari nayabuvartti Sahaya-sastrulavari Tiruvalan- 
gadu turpu abhinava-dharma-SivacbaryuIavari nayabu Vira-Rajapa-sastri 
vrasi yichchina patrika padamatanunti Veluri-Bhava-Bheri-vartukuIu mi-si- 
shyul ani miru vachchi vuntiri memu turpununcbi ma-sishyul ani vachchi vuntimi 
ganaka mana ubhayatralachata Gulam-Alli-Khan-Sahebalavaru karttabulu puch- 

chukoni naluguru sadhyal ani kudi ubhayatrula kartapalu koni mana 

achari-mukhamuna nadulu vini a-vartamanam Nagaraiiivarini pilipiiichi acha- 
rivarichata kartapalu puchchukoni vari mukha-vachanam vini purvapurva- 
vicharidchi telasi niiru purvikalu ani nischayinchi .... Nagaraiiivaru ma-si- 
shyalu sidham memu paga. . Siva-dana-patramvalla kottalara aitimi anduna 

Yimmadi-kula timi memu yichchina pra naku miru 

purvikalu siddhaih ayinanduna terugade ayinavi piirvapurvarii midi miku pa- 

nik eyni. . mundara Nayaka. . . . Veluripai videsarii sahasra-gotrarii 

Subba-sastrulu mana Nagarariivaru ma-sishyul ani muttaledu itlani vrasi ichchi- 
na terugada-patrika. . . .sakshalu Siiiihadi-Narana B6. . . . jaggambala Anua- 
yya n Antajivanteya Vasudeva-Pantalu 


At Kambihatti (same hobli), on the rock called Milyde-bande. 

(Qrantha and TamU oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yaiulu ayirattu-iru-nurru . rubattu-munru sellaninra sri- 
Poysala- vira-Ramana-Devarku yantlu muppattu-aru sellaniura Vikirita-sarii- 
vasarattu Karkataka-nayarru piirva-pakshattu Budan-kilamaiyum Uttiramum . . . 
tutthiyu perra nal udaiyar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-nayanar devarku Tamatt- 
idaiyil-irukku Nagapattanam-udaiyau Sayan Devanagakuttanena udaiyar 

tiruv-Iramisva gal pakkal ivv-uril Kavirikuttaikku adaitta iianjai 

pufijai nal-pal-ellaiyum ponn-ara kuduttu mann-ara koi.idu ivv-iiri udaiyar 
Kumbi. .ram-udaiya-nayanarku devadanam-aga chandraditya-varai sellakkada- 

Mulhagal Taluq. 121 

vada-ga vitten Devanagakuttanena it-tamattai vilakkinan Gengai-kkaraiyil 
kural-pasuvai konran pukka narakam puguvan it-tanma Mahesvara-raksbai 
subham astu 


At the same village, on a rock below the katte. 

(Orantha and Tamil cbaraoters.) 

subham astu sriman irajadirasan iraja-paramesvaran gaja-vettai-kanda sri 
vira-Deva. .ra-maharayar pridhuvi-rajyam-panni arulaninra Sagabdam 1362. 
mel sellaninra Iravuttiri-varusham Avani-masam 10 tiyadi Avaniyattil udaiyar 
tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-nayanarkku-chchellum Avauiya-nattu Tammatt-idai- 
yil nilattil Pulil-eriyil eduvayil taunir iraittu vilaiyum nilam satu-sirmai 
ulladum udaiyar tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-nayanarku tiruvotta-samattil amu- 

dukku maha-pradana Madana-dannayakkar pattanam i. .jayam agaiyil 

Deva-Kayar maharaya . . niam-aga - kkudukkaiyil idu santraditya-varaiyum 


At the same village, on a rock called Kindrigutte. 
svasti samadhigata-panch-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha Palla- 
va-kula-tilaka Nolambadhirajarh prithuvi-rajyani geyyutt ildu Puttiira Kongu- 
ni-samiyage Belamballiyol raja-mana mu-gandugam (etops hare) 


At Devarayasandra (same hobli), on a rock in the big grove to the south-east. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1407 neya Visvavasu-sam- 
vatsarada Sravana-ba 2 A-Iu srimatu Vishnuvardhana-gotradaiAsvalayana-sutra- 
da Umbana-Vodeyara makalu Lingauagalu Kasyapa-gotrada Apastamba-siitrada 
Aiibalanathagala makalu Siiiga-Perumalege kota dharma-sasana namage. . . .ba- 
liyagi nadadubaha Devarayasamudrada . . . mmeya ma .... (boundaries speoified) 
chatu-sime-volagana . . . .holada. . . .kolannu todisi nandavananii . .(right side). . . 

ya Viriipaksha-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyam geyutaih yiralu 

Narasimha-Raja-Vodeyara palaneyalu namma Ummauna-Vodeyarige 

105 (ff) 
At Yeldfir (Yeldfir hobli), on the baseinent of the Somesvara temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Pumiyum Tiruvun-tame punara vi.kiramatta. . .n-kudai-kki. .la- 
magal nilava Malar-magal punarntu seiigo. . . .chchi-kkarun-Gali-kadintu. . . . 


122 Mulhagd Taluq. 

inai .... ntirai . . mauta . . narivan clicho motta viramun- 

tijagamum aramena-ppunaintu vijaiyav-abhishegam-panni vira-simhasanattu 
Puvani-mulud-udaiyalodum virrirunt-aruliya Kov-Irajakesari-parmar ana udai- 
yar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarku yandu 4 vadu Nigari-Sola-mandalattu-pPuda- 
nattu Ammangaiyalvar tiru-madaippalli-ppuram ana Iratiyur Virarakshasa- 
Brahma-marayar ullitta nagarattom ivv-ur Isanisvaram-udaiya . . . hadevarku 
Ammaugaiyalvar tirumeni kalliyana-tirumeiiiy-agav-enru vaitta sekku onrinal 
..sadam ulakk-enuaiy-aga vaitta tiru-nuntavilakkal ennai toniuirru-naliyura 
Ganavatiyarku santi-vilakk-onrinal enuai aru-nayum aga ennai tounurr-aru- 

naliyum i.ta surar saramadittu in-nagarattil munbu ninrome 

dittavarai Arumolideva-naliyal tonnurr-aru-naliyum ittu.t. . .m 

Iratiyur sanga mukkiyarom Sirala.Tiruvarangadevan ana Nulamba- 

madevi-kkone. .nadalvan vaippitta dhanmam 

105 (&) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

Pugal-madu vilanga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava Malar-magal puna- 
ra urimaiyir-chiranta mani-mudi-sudi-ttikk-anaittun-tan-jakkara-nadatti vira- 
simhasanattu . . ni-mulud-udaiyal6dum virrirunt-arulina Kov-Irajakesarivan- 
mar ana udaiyar . . .Kulottuhga-Sola-Devar. .yandu 4 vadu Pillaiyar Ammahgai- 
yalvar tiru-madaippalli-ppuram ana Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Pudal-nattu 
Iratiyur kaniy-udaiya Brahmanan Irugan Sambi-devan ana Raja-Vichchadira- 
Brahma-marayanena ivv-ur Pidari Samuii. .svarikku.rii-santi. . . . v-arisi iru- 
nalikku kariya 

105 (c) 
At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

. .Pandiyan-talaiyun-Jeralan-Salaiyumm-Ilahgaiyum.rattapadiyum konda Ko- 
Rajakesarivanmarana udaiyar. . . Rajadhiraja-Devarkku yandu muppattu-miin . . 

vadu devar sri-Rajadhiraja r tirumadai. .li-puram y-ana 

Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-pPudal-nattu Ira. Brahmana ,deva. . . .m-udaiya Madevarkku. .vich- 

cha. . . .yarkku m Jayahgonda-Sola-mandalattu niyana. , 

ttiiril kku-kkaniy-aga nagara anubavippan aga vaichchu-kkudutta 

nilattukku. . . .park-ellai. . . .tukkumerkkum ten-parkellai . .Saukara 

. . .yan nilattukku vadakku kku kku-kkilakkum kku. . . 

. . .kkum inta eri-kkil-ppalla. . . .kkum terkkum i kku naduvu vitta 

Mulhagal Taluq. 123 

nilam kuli padinen-san-kolal kkuli . . . ,ayix'attu-muniiuru kuli. . . .kondu. . . . 

pa ku .nilattukku m nellu kkum li nellu ku- 

runiyu, l.iyum naliyum . . . .nal onrukku uellu mu- 

kkuruninanaliyumkondu santi kkadavar agavumin-nilam pa. .sen- 

ridu senra. . , .nellu ivv-iir, . . ,rkku gavum ip-parisu kaniy-aga 

nila-nivantam seydum iva kalpidiyum mukkaiyum mutti.kkaniyum ma- 

naiyum manai-pada.paiyum tarai-seydu kudutten. . . .n kuda navatikku 

Samundan Irugaiyan na . . Virarakshasa-Brahma-marayannena. . . .yyamudun- 

tayiramudukku ri-kil vaitta nilam padinen-san-kolal munnurrukku. 

vada-parkellaikku nilattilka.sappattiyarkku. . van Vila. . kan Kettaniikku 

vitta kuli nurr-irubadu deva-gehattukku p. .nta siru-kalukku terkum kil-park- 
ellai KoUaga Vilakkan kalanikku merkum ten-parkellai va. ,b6d-adainta. . 
llukku vadakkum mel. . . . peru-varambod-adainta navalukku kilakkum 

106 (ff) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Vira-Pandiyan talaiyun-Jeralan-Salaiyum Ilaiigaiyum Irattapadiii- 
gonda K6-Rajakesari-vanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajadhiraja-Devarka yaiidu mu- 
ppattu-munravadu udaiyar sri-Rajadhiraja-Devarku devar tiru-madaippalli- 
ppuram Nulambapadiy-ana Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu Pudal-nattu Iratiytir. .ve 
. . .ndiliya-gottirattu Samundan Irugaiyann-ana Virarakshasa-Brahma-marayan- 

ena ivv-ur Isanisvaram-udai Mahadevarku tiruv-amirdu tiru. .chcha 

. . , , vaitta paris-avadu nana , , . . pperiy-eri-kkil . . . , deva kil-park- 

ellai Talaimaduv-utpada . , . . kum te . . . . k-ellai Muchukunta-Sola-vilagattukku- 
ppanta vakkalukku vadakkum meli . parkkellai tumbu ninru..rku n6kki.,nta 

Sarva , . pper uvay kkalu vada-parkellai Sarvade . . periy-eri . . terkum in-nar pal- 

ellaiyuUum agappatta kuli ennurum Muchukunta-S61a-vilagattukku kil-park- 
ellai terkun6kki-ppayuta vaykkalukku merkum ten-parkellai Sevaga-pparrukkum 

1 Perungollan . .ttukkuvadakkumel-parkellaiaiyamanangalukkukilakkum 

vada-parkellai Talaimaduv-utpada terkum in-nar-pal-ellaiyullum agappatta kuli 
aru-nurum Tiiiga. , , .daiyan.daiyan nilattukku kil-parkellai Sevaga-parr-aua . . 

ma. . kkundiligalukku parkellai Sevaga-pparrukku vadakkum mel-parkellai 

, , , .ninru terku nokki-ppanta kkfilukku kilakkum vada-parkellai Talai- 

maduv-utpadavum Sarvadeva-pperiy-erikku. . . .kum in-nar-pal-ellaiyullum aga- 

ppatta kuli ennurr-aimbadu . . . . Brahma-marayan . . . .tti ntara-deva-vila- 

gattukku-kkil-parkellai Vala. .ttarrugalukku merkum ten-parkellai 

sariyana Rajadhiraja-pperu. . .nilattukku vadakkum mer-parkellai Sarvadeva. . 
. vakkallukku kilakkum vada-parkellai Isanisvaram-udaiyar tiru . . nduvanattu- 


124 Mulhagal Taluq. 

kku laij-u jlum agappatta kuli nur . . mbadu maduv- 

utpada-ppadinen-san-kolal ku. .irand-ayiratt-aifinii rand-ayiratt-ainnuru- 

kuliy uu-gondu .... svaram-udaiya Mabadevarku nivanta s-avadu si . . kalai- 

santi tu santi tiruv-amudarisi santi 

t tiruv-amurdu ka.lai tiruv-amudarisi J.iyum 

kariya. .du onrum naliyum naliyum vadaiy-amirdu najl- 

onrukku verrilaiy-amirdu irubattunallukku nellu Brabmana- 

.... kku nellu nrili . . . .yarkku kku nali sri-Bali ehmt- 

arulumpoludu pidivilakku onrukku nellu. .liyum aga nal (y)on.rinukku udaiyar 

bandarattukku , . . . van marakkalal nellu ain-guruniyum ichcbo kuli 

23adinen-san-k61al -kuliyuu-gondu varkku 

nivantan-jeluttakadavargal Jayangonda-Sola-mandalattu Ku..vattan koya- 
. .tTillattiir-nattu Nenmaliy-ana . .saturvedi-maiigalattu Siva-Brahmanan Bha- 
radvaja Muppattiruvan Santira. . . battanum Siva-Brahmanan Bharadvaji. . . . 

, .num sri. .ni. . . .gal . . . nila-nivautam-aga yattarku .... devar kaniy- 

§,ga deva ttu. tanana kkum ivv-iruvarkum. .nivantan-jeydu 

kudutten Samundan Irugaiyann-ana Virarakshasa-Brahma 

106 (b) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Pumiyun-Tiruvu. .me tta vira.n-tiyagamum aram- 

ena abhi. . . .nni vira lodum vi.rrirunt-aruliya Kov-Iraja- 

kesari. . . .r ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarku. .ndu 4 vadu Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalattu. . . . Ammaiigaiyalvar tiru-madaippalli-puram ana Iratiyur Isana- 
isvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku . . yar Ammaiigaiyalvar arta.yaman-ja. . . .kku 
iiitta-nimandam aga vaitt-arulina Sevagan-perral ivv-urar bandarattukku Aru- 
moli-devan marakka. . .vu niraitt-alavu alakkakada. . . .m. .rappadin.naliyun- 

go svaram-udaiyar niyum ka.iiyamu irandukku. . . ya- 

vamudu iru-sevid-araikku nellu naliyum tayiramudu u. .kku nellu . . .m adai- 
kkay amudu ve.rungaya. . .kkum ve.r.rilai nalukkum nellu mul.akkum &ga atta- 
samam sandi onrukku nellu-kkuruni-irunali-mulakkum orr-attaikku 
narpimdiu-kalane-elu-kuruni-nanaliy-aga ivv-iir vilaiyilum vilaiyad-oliyilum 

att-anduto.rum Sevagan-perral . . .Ilu deva.rku Iratiyiiri tiruv-am- 

urdu tiruchchennadaikkum . . . .tiru-nontavilakk-on.rukkum 


At Viragudi, to the east of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti §ri Tiru-magal maruviya seiigolavan. .munnon senai pinnaduv-aga mu- 
nn-edir..nru Irattapadi elarai-ilakkamuii-gondu KoIIapurattu jaya-stamba- 

Mulhagal Taluq. 125 

natti edir-amar-peradu endisai nigalum paraiyadu karanga Ahavamallan . . 
dar-chenaiy-ellam paradu nigala-ppasum-pinam-akki Pera. . . .karai-kKoppattu 

A. . .mallanpurakkitt-oda. . . .yun-gudiraiyum ot ngalum agappada- 

ppi. . . .kkond-aruli vira-sin virrirunta. . . .K6-pP na udaiyar 

ndu 6 vadu mudal la Malavaraja 

. .Iratiyur ur irand-ayirapatti panapparai ur-kanakka ppon. . . 

. . . .lanj-arai ponnal kasu irubadarum nall-erudu .... ndinal kasu muppadu 

neyy-en rai-ppadi-nc\liyum sepperu deva nellu . .va. . 

mum katt-arambam anjil onru svami-bhogam kolvadagavum i lla . . 

naduvvar yiraiy-erriya. . nu vankura-pasu konran pavattir- 

paduvar ivai kanattan Sembiyan Sola-muventa-velan eluttu 


On a stone at tbe same place. 
svasti sri Iriva-Nolambam prithivi-rajyam geyyutt ire Srimangali-Singaparakra- 
mana magaih Tiruvengadayyan Erediyiira peldurugolol ant iridu sattan Saka- 
varisharii 871 svasti Prithivi-Gamunda-svamiya magarh Gamunda-svamiya ta- 
mmarii Vamayya-devange kotta kodahge kandugarh kalani kandugarii palu idan 
alidorii pancha-maha-patakan akku besahgeydoih Koyatura Bijayitachariya ma- 
garii Vikramadityarii 


At the same village, on a stone near the stone pillar in front of the K6daridar3,ma-dgva. 
Vyaya-sariivatsararii Ashadha-ba 5 dinarii Raghunathudu . . .devalayamu Muni- 
Bhoyagaru Yaladuri-sariisthanarii Ana-Bhoyulaku kondarukunnu sahayamuga 
yichchinadi madalu nantira- inamuga yichchinadi 


On a stone in the veranda in front of the door of the same temple, 


Ananda-sariivatsarada nija-Jeshta-ba 1 Palaki-Kempa-Channaya-gaudanu Raghu- 
natha-svami-mantapa nadavara bagyenana-su-dharma-bhaktarugalu sada kodu- 
vantha samantadigalu yesaru .... 


At the same village, on the way in front. 

(Grantlia and Tamil charaoters.) 

yandu. .20 kal kada. . .1 sape. .kku mandi kattu 

mandi . kudutta toppu pin taduttal veliyidu Vikkira- 

126 Mtdbagal Taluq. 

markarayan he manadu Igal yinamati kudutta 

. .m tam kudutta-ppadam kattinar mandiyil yinam ku. .r mel kandapadi 

id-ellam yinam kudukkapattadu .... davul tannadu .... magal kudukkapatta- 
dayi yirukkiradu 


At the same village, on a stone near Yarappa-8etti's grove. 

Sidharthi-smvatsarada Jeshtha-su 10 lu sriman-maha-nayakachariya ra 

yya Hava-Nayakarige kotta sasana-kramav ent endare nammage nayaka- 

tanakke saluva bhumiyanii ge punyav agabek endu kotevu 

113 («) 

At the same villag^e, in Kh^dar Khan's iield. 

(Orantba and Taiail characters.) 

svasti sri Chakara-yandu 1.30 sella. .nra Prabhava-samvatsarattu Sittirai- 

masam Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Punattu-mandalika. .ki PalH- 

deva-mandalikar magan. .rasakki. . . .ndalikama. . .magan. . Palli-deva-manda- 

likar ana Vara-gu. .pperumal ttadu sri-Mallikarchuna-devarku Iratiyu. 

samudram m kura-pasuvai-kkonran pavattil 

povan da rra . . tta . . la madattuk .... battan eluttu 

113 (b) 

At the same village, on a stone lying on Lachmi's ground. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

id-da..ttai marrinavan Gamgai-karayir-kurar-pasu pattudu padakkadavan 


At Uttanur, on a stone in the inam field of Varadaraja-svami. 
Kilaka-samvatsarada Magha-bahula 14 lu srimatu Chikka-Raya Tammappa- 
Gavudaru Sivaratri-punya-kaladali Hiriya-Gavudarige punyav agali yendu 

Varadaraja-devarige kotta (usual impreoatory phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone lying in Duggalamma's wet land below the tank. 
svasti srimatu jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha ? ]5571u Yuva-sariivatsara-Phalguna- 
su 5lu srimatu Hode-nada Uttanura Madavalada Kavabba-deviyara sthanika 

Mulhagal Taluq. 127 

nayaka .... Pallavodarai-nayanaru a-ura samasta-gauda-prajegalu nalla . . . ge 

Suriyapage barasikota sasana . . . yanaru-devaru Mudigura 10 ka 

yida sasana Yidageriya kereya kelage (grant specifleJ) ishtanu manyavagi 

yi-uru prajegalu anubhavisiidu yendu baradu kotta 


At the same village, on a rock in the field of Madivala. 

svasti sri Saka-varushaiigalu 1602 Raudri-samvatsarada Sravana-suddha 15lu 
rajasri-Sambhoji-chakravarti Kolala-karukunaiige maduva nirupa Katyayana- 
sutrada Parthiva-sa-gotra Yajus-sakhadhyayi Goviuda-bhattara kumara Channi- 

bhattara putra Venkatesa-sa,strige Vuttuniiru Madavala hola nidhyady- 

ashta-bhogangala anubhavisikondu yihadu embadagi kotta bhu-dana-dharma- 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

.... Tiru ma. ni vila .... kuvad-anaiya-ttan-to tunaiy-ena-kKelila- 

vaiijanai kadantu Vayiragarattu-kkurijara-kkulam pala vari . . njalil Sakkara- 
gottattu-tTarav-araisanai-ttikku nigala-ttirai-kond-aruli arukkan-udaiya-ttisai 
. . . yirukkuii-gamanaiya Nila-magal tannai munni ku . mavan .... Mal 
adi-kelal agi edutta . . yadun-jaliyavagaiy-inid-eduttu tan-kudai. . . .nb-urav- 
irutti tigiriyum puliyun-tisaitoru nadatti .... lun-taruma . . m puvitorum 
nirutti viramun-tiyagamu . . namuii-garunaiyum urimai-chchurra . . ga . . 
riyattala niga . . jayamun - tanum virriru .... mani-makuta muraimayir- 

chudi-ttan kalal. .radi. .suda seiigol torum nadattiya Kov-Iraja- 

kesarivanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarku yandu munravadu 
sri-Rajentra-SoIa-Devar tiruv-arulinal desam ellan-tirumeli kudi vantu . . 
nta Sola-mandalam elubattettu-nadum Jayaiigonda-Sola-mandalam narpat- 

tennayirara pumiyum pe. . . .dai maha nta sri-Rajentra-Sola-ppadinen- 

pumi-pperiya vishaiyamum perumbadai-maha-senaiy .rru mudal 

. . varku lada irai katta adikarigal Alagiya-Sola- 

muventa-velar pasuvukkum erumaikkum illav-irai . ivv-irai irukka-vendav- 
enrum kadu punsey vilaintanattukku mel-varam ainjil onrum eri-kil nel 
vilaintana miinrittonrum mel-varam vasiy-inri-kkolvadagavum vedar seyda 

kummari ayiratt-aiii kulikku o. . pudavaiy-iduvadagavum . . rak-kalanju 

kumari ka ppari. .nall-erudu ntai-ayaiigalukku eral oru kasu 

iduvadagavum ttukku Asuvi . . kkal Asuvi,muniia nattukku 

varamudali ga vidum ulavu-sevagar vidum iru-pen nrum tiru- 

128 MuTbagal Taluq. 

kkoyi. . . .vidum uvatti-vidum . .var vidum tavira nikki niiiva vid-onrukku vitta 

.kal kasu kolvadagavum nilam kai la randu-viral-kondadu san- 

aga padinen-san-kondadu kol-aga-kkondu nilam amaivadagavum ippadikku- 
ppadinen-bhumi-pperiya vishaiyamum perumbadai-maha . .naiyun-gandaraadam 
..kal-vetti sasanan-jeydom padineu-bhumi-pperiya vishaiyamum perumbadai- 

maha vanum iva hmanaraiyum niraiyun-guralum Va- 

ranavasiyum alittavantu maha-patakar avar periya vishaiyattukkum perumba- 
dai-maha-senaikkum varka-ppagaivar avar-agavum inta sila-lekai-ppa . . niruttinar 
sasvaume. .ntumatapalam peruvar agavum ippadi sila-lekai-seydom padinen- 
bhumi-periya vishaiya . . . perumbadai-maha-senaiyum aram-aravark-aram-alladu 
tunaiy-illai sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundhari shashtim varsha- 
sahasrani vishtayan chayate krimi samanyoyam dhamma-setu nrijjanam kale 
kale pala savvan etan bha. .nah patthi 


At the same temple, on the basement of the western doorway. 

(Grantba and Tamil characters.) 

Uttanur ana Rajendra-Sola-chchaturvedi-mangalattu-kKaru- 

manikkalvar koyilir tiruv-aradanam-pannum nambimarir-Kasyapa-gotrattu 
Karumanikkal varena iv-Al varukkum . .perumal nambiyaril. . . .ntiruva. .uganta 
manikka . tar pakkal eiigal vasa. .kki. . .ngina. . . .-ppanam pattukkum Karu- 

manikka 1 u mu . . ppa . . ti nila payir ru 

santi-vilakku errakkadaven agavum santi-ttiruvila. .kku sa. . . .tta-varai engal 
pitakkal-ullitta. .Ua sammadittu. .ttileeluttumvetti nom 

121 («) 1 

At the same place. 

(Grantha aod Tamil characters.) 

sarvabhuma-sakkaravattigal sri-Pdsala-vir a-Bamanada -Devarkku y§,ndu 1 . . . Ta 
sariivatsarattu . i :■ w. . 

121 (?o . "y 

At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

. .Nigarili-Sola-mandalattum Vikkiraraa-SoIa-mandalattum yandu 14 

Midhagal Taluq. 129 


At the same village, on a stone near the southern steps of the 
Varadarajasvami temple. 

svasti Saka-varisha 890 entu-n&ra-tombliattaneya Sukla-saiiivatsararii pravar- 
ttise Chaitra-suddha-parichami-Somavaram srimat-Nanni-Nolambarii . . . ttan- 
gatti prithvi-rajyan-gejyuttire Sakapadig elava Pogalmalle-Nambe magarii 
Nolamba-setti Uttanura mahajanarii-pannirbbai-ggarii uuru-gadyanam ponna 
kotta nichchav ayvar-atitigal parivadiy-unbar avar bbarada divasa uralu ay- 
vara-sa-Brahmanar unda-phalam chandra- suryar-ullavaranadevudu . . . rbba 
Paramesvarige nitya-nivedya . .nanda-divi . .yu. . . nalvattu-gadyana. .bhumiya 
konda kottarii Mahadevana nitya-sthiti-nivedyakarii padinaydu-gadyana Bada- 

nurandu Badanura mahajana chanda. . .nuvara. . .nya kalihada . . 

Machavalli.tavo. .r pritiyinda bhumiyarii. .harita.m archandra. .irvvara dasa 


At the same temple, to the west of the prakara. 

(Giantha aud Tarail charactei-s.) 

svasti sri . .ru . . . .1 . pola-pperu-Nila-chchelviyun-tanakkey-urimai-pundamai 
raanakkola Kantalur-chChalai kalam-arutt-aruli Veiigai-naduri-Gariga-padiyum 
Nulamba-padiyum Tadigai-valiyum Kollamum Kalirigamum Kudamalai-naduri 
al-kadal kadant-arig-aru Ni. . njiramun-gonda tindiral-venri-ttandar-konda tann- 
elil valaruli vali uliy-ella yanduri tolutagai vilarigum yande Seliriarai-ttesu- 
konda sri-Kov-Irajarajarajakesari-paumakk-iyandu pattonbadavadu Gamga- 
sayarat. .1 Pudal-nattir. .bara. . ril Arumolideva-saduvedi-marigalam ilari .... 
. . .kala 


At the same villag^e, on a pillar of the Anjaneya temple. 
Mahabali Banarasara karaniga Valurigavammana kambarii 


At Yedarflr (same hobli), behind the Somesvara temple in ruins on the tank bund. 

(Qrantha and T.amil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu 1133 tribhuvana-chchakkaravattigal sri-Kulotturiga- 
Sola-Devarku yandu 32 Pramadoti-sarirvachcharattu Ani-masattu mur-pakkattu 
Soraa-varattu svasti sri Rajentra-Sola-pPudanattu mandalikar ana Sakki-devar 
maganar Pulla-devar maganar Sakki-devar maganar Pulla-devar ana Puda- 


130 Mulhagal Tahq. 

nattu mandalikar Nigarili-Sola-maiKlalattu Puda-nattai suka-rajya(ya)m-panniy- 
arulanirka (y)ip-Puda-uattil Vidiriirir-Puiigani . .lan Atiratametti Kongirai. .na 
Gangai-gamundan magau aua Mara-gamuudan magan Sola-gamuiulan magan 
Sedilmarakolvan magan Pamma-gamundan magan Setti-gamundan magan 
Ayira-kkamundan magan Kasava-gamundan magan Nama-gamundan Vayira- 
gamuudan ivargalukku iv-Vidirtir sempadikkubavar vasatile i. .u kaniy-ala. .va 
.kaiyinale ivargalukku Pulla-devan ana Puda-nattu mandalikanena kaniy-aga- 
chcliantradita-varai selvadaga kudutten idukk-oru alivu-seydavar Geugai- 
kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonra Brahmavattiyile puguvar 


At the same village, on a stone on the bund of Chikkakere. 
svasti Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satangal enta-nur- erabhatta-muraneya 
amvatsaram pravarttise Iriva-Nolamba prituvi -rajyan - geye svasti sakaja- 
jagat-trayabhivandita surasuradhisa Mahabali-kulodbhava Paruma-pura-para- 
mesvaram paysachika-pataha . . . .Nandagi[rj]-natam Ivrishua-dhvaja-vrishabba- 
lanchanam sriinat-Sambayyam Bidirurau alutt ildu kerege bittukattaih bitta 
i-dharmmavan alido Varanasiyan alidom 


At the same village, on a pial of the pillar in the Venkataramana temple. 

Svalthanu-samvatsarada Ma,rgasira-bahula .t> Gu-diuadalu srtmat-Yadarura-Ya- 
rapa-Nayakarusri-Vehkataramana-svamige kotta bhumi kha 1 . . .nadevudu idan 


At Kolattiir (same hobli), on a stone in Kambala Chinnayya's field to the south. 

Pramadi-samvatsaram Asvija-ba 121u srimatu maharaja-sri-Desapande-Krishna- 
ppavaru Kolatturu Orugalaya-komarudu Nagarajappaku yichchina nettara- 
godige krama 


At the same village, on the north wall of the Somesvara temple, 

(Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

. .bham astu svasti srimau-maha-maudalesvara hariraya-vibhatla. . riraya-vibha- 

da purva-dakshiiia-paschima-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa kumaran 

Deva-llaya-maharayau prituvi-rajyam-pauniy-arula. . .Sakabdam ayirat 

Mttlba(/nl Takiq. 131 

pa . .munrukku me . chellanirka Si. . . rtlii-varushattu . .tra-masamum 

purva-pakshattu Ashtamiyuni mum Makha-nakshatramum 

na Mulaviiyi 


At Vaniganahalli (same hobli), on a rock below the Mullukunte tank. 
svasti sri Saka-varusha 1329neya Sarvajitu-saiiivatsarada Jeshta-ba 10 Gu sri- 
matu Gautama-gotrada Mahadevagala maga Maiigarasage Uttanura Madavala- 
da Gauri-deviya sthanika kuraikola adapugalii nagarattarii Maugarasage kotta 
kereya kattu-kodagiya manyada gaddeya sasana Gauri-devige Hode-nada Vani- 
yarahalliya simeyalii kere-kattida-sammandha Hiri-Maiigasamudrava kattida- 
sammandha a-kereyalu volagereyalu adantha gaddeyali hattakke eradu kattu- 
kodagi hattakke yaradara-Iekkha ayidaralii vondu-bhaga-gadde sarvamanyav 
agi a-chandrarka-sthayiy agi Mangarasana makkalu-makkalugalige tapade 

Saluvudu (usual impreoatory phrases) 


On the same rock. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1417 Ananda-samvatsara- 
da Karttika-ba 12 lu srimad-Amritatma-prabhugala sri-mathada Girijeyagalige 
sri-Somadarasara Lakshmivallabha-devagalu kotta bhii-dana praku Mangarasa 
. ninna mege dayavagi banda Vaniyanahalliya kereya kelagana kattu-godagiya 
gaddeyanii dharen eradu kottevagi yi-yikhanduga-gadeyanu niii nimma putra- 
pautra-parampareyagi a-chandrarka-sthayiy agi sukhadim anubhavisiidu endu 
kotta bhu-dana-sasana srir astu 


At the same village, on a stone near the Isvara temple. 

Kilaka-samvatsarada Ashadha-ba 5 lu srimatu Uttanura Ganavaniganipalli 
. . Mummadi-Tamme-Gaiindaru samarpisida Kempapura yidake tapidara 


At NallAr (same hobli), on a stone in the kattugodige wet land to the south. 

Vyaya-saiiivatsara-Asvija-su 12 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira- 
pratapa sri-vira-sri-Ranga-Raya- Deva-maharayar-ayyavaru nadu-kartaraina 
Chinna. . . .ru Naliira China-Jaya-gauniki 


132 Miilbaffdl Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the Government wet land. 
Bahudhanya-sam-Phalgu-su 6 lu srimatu Tammappa-Gaunigaru Elache-gauniki 
yichchina kattu-kodige-manya-madi kha 4 kolaga kha . . (baok) sarvamanya- 
muga a-chandrarka-varavaku galava 


At Kottanur (same hobli), on a broken stone to the east of Buttyappa'8 field. 
subliam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1391neya Virodhi-sarii- 
vatsarada Ashadha-su 12 lu sriman-raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya- 
vibhada bhashege tapuva rayara ganda gaja-betegara Virupaksha-Raya-maha^ 
raya prithivi-rajyam-geyiuttiralu sriman-maha-mam 


At Hosahalli attacbed to Koladevi (same hobli), on a stone under a tamarind tree. 
Payingala-samvatsarada Chayitra-suddha 5 lu srimatu Sadasiva-Rayala-ayiyavari 

niriipam Gurumurtti-Vitthala-Raja-ayiyavaru Tirumalapalle-Appala- 

charya-ayiyavariki Kottapalli-gramam dhara-posi yichchitimi (usuai impreoatory 



At Kondipalli (same hobli), on the Boti-bande. 
subhamastu sri-Saka-varusha 1442 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Phalguna-ba 10 

yalu sri-Konga-janara-dinneya bandeya megana Someya-devaru . . . .Areya 

varu modalagi Hadiyada Somaya-devaru gundige Annadana-Vodeyara nirupa 
vididu ba. .kotta patranu a-hola-Somaya-devaranu punah-pratisthe madi deva- 
rige Upukunteya chatus-simeyanu kalanu nadasikottu devara piije-punaskara- 

madahudake Kausika-gotrada Chandrapayara maga Dadugana stanika 

. . . devarige odayarige sarvamanyavagi koteii (usuai impreoatory phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone behind Doddakere. 
Vijaya-sarhvatsara-Kartika-bahula 1 1 lu srimad-rajadhiraja-raja-raja-sri-Sambaji- 
Raja-maharajara kumara Kannarayaji-Pandita Saka-varusha . . . dana-dharma- 
. . . .diganahalli vraya kondu vatige kotta kattu-kodagi 

Mtilhar/al Taluq. 133 


At Seshapura (same hobli), on a rock near the Timmaraya-svami temple. 

Pingala-saiiaVcatsara-Kartika-ba 11 lu srimatu Sugutura Chika-Raya Tammaya- 
Gavuni-ayavaru Madevara Madapaya China-Basavapuraiii yi-puraniki kaligina 
svamyamun i-devara-ayavaru surya-chandra. .lu kaliginavaruku yi-sreya- 
munu anubhavinchukoni sthiramuga sukham undavaleyaai vrasi yichina sasa- 

naiil (usual imprecatory phrases) 


At Mudiyanfir (same hobli), on oopper plates in possession of Venkatarama-sastri. 
[I6]6m iiamali Sivaya | 


Mandakini-varinidhir ddharesah i 

- padaravindo jayati pranamyah || 
svasty astu bhu-Bhudharadhisatanayalingya -vaksha-sthala-Sivasyamrita-bhu- 
chandra-dharino day;\ya bhuvah sakala-bhuvana-prasadhanibhuta-yasaso 
bhasuratara-taranga-tarala-jala-jaladhi-sthita-bhujanga-sayana-sayinah Kama- 
lanabhasya vikrama-trayaramblia-lobha-pra . . . rita-kara-charana-saroja- 
lanchhanalokanaika-hetubhuta-dana-vibbavasya Mahabali-namadheya-dana- 
vendrasya vamsa-samriddhi-karanolbanah krita- .... rana - labdha-sukritopa- 
ibha . . liga-dalaha- vijrimbhamana-turanga-nata-nirudhiladhikurvan-vakra- 
sainya-samasta-narendra-loka-vandyamana-pratapah prabhutvatha-vivaksha 


chande8a-nirjji[II a]ta-karala-khalgali | 


kirita-haripitha-labdha-sa-Nandivarmma dhrita-raja-dharmmah n 

tatah tasyottama-sunumad-bhanu-mayukha-jala,-prdtphulla-pauke[ru]ha- 
sannibhasyah | 

pranam a - krita - kshaniya - mauli - mala - nighrishta - prabha-mandala- 
padapithah || 
namna Vijayaditya-Devo nija-bhuja-bala-vilupta-durvvara-vividha-vairi-vibhavah 
naga-khadgas chatula-ranaranayamana-nipatita-praharana-jauita-vraua-ga- 
nabharana-vapusha virajamanah kritavau adhijyam asit tasya tadrisah srimad- 
Bana-vamsa-kamalakara-prabodha-nalina-karasya sunos tribhuvana-madhya- 

* This insoription abounds in miBtakes. 

134 Mulbagal Taliiq. 

varttinaiii praninam parama-karunya-kathaya bodbi- satvopamanasya virataya 
[// 6] Hara-bita-Virabbadra-sannibbasya rajadharataya Mahesvaropamanasya 
mukta-phala-sevitayam varirasi-sadrisasya Meru-pratinidby -ekachalaisvaryyat 
Karttikeyanukarinah pratidinam Uma-nirupita-pramoda-betob n api cha 

yuddbye(va) paryyabbavanti dvisbata iva gajab kriddha-siiiibasya saktyti 
babu-prodgbata-kbadga-dhruta-pavana-bribacbcbauda-gbatena yasya i 
sroni-bbaraLasatvas cbalita-gati-man6bari-[ . Jnaiii vadbunam 
yasmin lagnani chetanisy amala-kuvalayaksbiui naivapayanti n 
tasya tadrisasya visvambhara-valayabharana-dirgba-babor abarabar abhi- 
varddhamana-sakti-trayasya Andbra-mandale dvadasa-sahasra-grama-sampa- 
dita-saptarddba-laksba - vishay adbipater aparimita - cbaturasraraa - vyavastha - 
charana-karana-sri-Vadhuvallabha-Malladeva-Nandivarmmana Avanya-pure 
stbitva eka-shashty-uttara-dvaya-sate Sakabdab pravarddbama[IZ7o]Qatmanab 
trayoviinsati-varttamane Vijambi-samvatsare Karttika-sukla-pakshe trayo- 
dasyam Somavare Asvinyam nakshatreti Bharadvaja-gotra-samanya-cbarana-sri- 
Rudrabhatta-sarmmana Kausika-gotra-Trilochanabbatta-sarmmana Kaunda- 
lya-gotra - samanya-charana - Trivikramabhatta-sarmmana Kasyapa-gotra-saraa- 
nya-charana-Narayanabbatta-sarmma cha saba nana-gotrebbyah pancha-vimsati- 
viprebhyas tat-pada-prakshalanam kritva Hodali-vishaye Mudiyanur-unama- 
gramam udaka-dhara-purvvam maya dattam asya gramasya simocbyate (detaiu 

of boundaries) 

bhumim yah pratigribnati yas cha bhumim prayachchhati | 
ubhau tau punya-karmmanau niyata-svargga-gaminau n 
bbiimi-danat tu yat puuyam na bhiitam na bhavishyati | 
yasaiva baranat papaiii na bbutaiii na bhavisbyati n 

(usual final Terses) 

Brahma-svam pranayad bbuktarii dahaty a-saptamam kularii i 
tad eva cbauryya-rupena dabaty a-chandra-tarakam | 
vikramena tu bhoktrinarii dasa purvvan dasaparan n 
loba-cbiirnasma-cburnaii cha visbaii cha jarayen narah | 
Vadbuvallabba-Mallasya vacbanenaiva sasanarii i 
tvashta Nandivarmmacbaryyo danasyasya likbamy aharii | 
yavat soma-sabasrariisu tavat tisbtati sasvatarii i 
Cbuda-gramarii pradasyami Vadbuvallabha-bhupatih n 
ittharii kritarii sarvva-pradbanarii Vaivasvata-dandadhipena || 
vyadhan MuUegarii | 

Mulhagal Tahiq. 135 


On copper plates of the same village. 

[I />] sfi-Ganadhipataye namali | 

avyad avyahataisvarya-karano Varanananah | 
varadas tivra-timira-mihiro Hara-nandanah n 
sriman adi-Varaho yah sriyam disatii bhuyasim | 
gadham alingita yena medini modate sada y 
asti Kaustuhha-manikya-kamadhenu-sahodarah | 
Ramanujah kala-nathah kshira-sagara-sambhavah \\ 
udabhud anvaye tasya Yadur nama mahipatih | 
palita yat-kulinena Vasudevena medini n 
tat-kule Bukka-nama yah kirti-saurya-vichakshanah | 
Magambikabhavad rajni Lakshmir iva Harer yatha n 
abhut tasya kule sriman abhangura-gunodayah | 
apasta-duritilsangas Sangamo nania bhupatih || 
Malambikabhavad rajni tasya rajnas suchi-smita | 
Damayanti Nalasyeva Indrasyeva yatha Sachi |i 
asan Hariharah Kampo Bukka-Raya-mahipatih | 
Marapo Muddapas cheti kumaras tasya bhixpateh n 
panch:\nani madhyagas tesham prasaste Bukka-bhupatih 
prachanila-vikramo madhye Pandavanam ivarjunah \\ 
bhaiigah Kalirigamita-saurya-vritter 
Variga vibhinnariga-vighurna-netrah | 
Andliras cha randhrani visanti yasya 
bahugra-kliadgena visiryaraanah n 
Turushkas sushka-vadanah Pandya-bhupah palayitah | 
sva-bhujarjita-viryena tasmin riljyam prasasati n 
Bukka-Ray6'bhavachchhriman bujarjita-parakramah ) 
medini cha praja yeua sva-putra iva rakshitali n 
rajadhirajas te[H «Jjasvi yo raja-paramesvarah | 
bhasha-larighita-bhiipala-bhujarigama-viiiarigamah n 
raja-raja-bhujarigo yah para-raya-bhayarikarah | 
Plindu-raya-Suratrana ity etair upasobhitah n 
Vidyabhidhana-uagari vijayonnati-salini | 
Vidyaranya-krita tasyaui i'atna-simhasane sthitah n 
yasmin shodasa-dananarii dharayam parisobhitarii | 
danambu dharaya tasya vardhate dharma-padapah n 
alarikrita-Sakasyabde ra[sartu]-nayanendubliih | 
Taranabde Chaitra-mase navaniyarii sukla-pakshake n 

136 MulhagaJ Taluq. 

Pampayarii Bhaskara-kshetre Virupaksliasya sannidbau | 
Apastambakhya-sutraya Bharadvajanvavayiue || 
Yajushanam varenyaya sakalagama-vedine | 
ashtadasa-purananara abhijnatartha-Tedine || 
ashta-bhasha-kavitva-sri-Sri-Vani-jita-sampade | 
Somaya Nachanambodhes somayamita-tejase n 
Guttidui-gabhidhe rajye Kodurakhya-mahitale | 
Penamagani-vikhyatara sarva-sasyopasobhitarii n 
Kodiiru-Nagaraallakhya-dinnabhyara api paschimarii | 
gramottamad Valuiikuroh prachyarii disi samanvitam n 
Urachintala-namnas cha gramad dakshina-sarirsthitarii i 
Vauganur-Kodatalabhyarii uttarasam upasritarii n 
Pinakini-tate Paiichakaladinnahvayarii pura | 
Bukkarayapurakhyata-pratinamna cha sobhitarii n 
nidhi-nikshepa-sariiyuktaria jala-pashana-sariiyutam i 
akshiny-agami-sahitarii siddha-sadhya-samanvitarii n 
ashta-bhogam idarii sarva-svamyam a-chandra-tarakarii | 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-ptirvakarii dattavan mudii || 
sriman Nachana-Somakhya-mahakavi-varopy atha | 
rajanam asishach chaiva chira-jivi bhavatv iti n 
svayam anvakarod vrittirii dasottara-satarii kavih | 
shad-viriisad atra bhiigas syur yajamanahvayas tatali n 

(here follow names of vrittidars and details of boundaries) 

idam akhila-raja-sekhara-raadhukara-jbeiikara-gita-mahatmyarii i 
srimad-Bukka-Rajendra-nripates sasanam achalaika-parijatasya | 
Atreyanarii Yajushah Kotideva- 
radhyacharyasyangajo Madhamiirtih | 
chakre saiuyak sarva-sastra-pravinah | 
slokan etan Mallanaradhya-varyah | 
tvashtraitach-chhasanarii svami-sasanena vinirmitarii | 
sasanacharya-varyeua Nagi-deveaa silpina n 

(usual fiual verscs) 

(in Kannada) sri- Virupaksha 


At the same village, at the entrance of the Somesvara temple. 

(Orantlia and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri samanyoyan dharmma-setuh nripanam kale kale palaniyo bhavatbhi 
sarvau etau bhamina patthiveudran bhiiyo bhiiyo yachate Ramabaddha 

Mulhagal Taluq. 137 


At the same temple, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

dan mel. . .ninra Valiudhanya. . Kattigai svasti sriniat-pratapa- 

clichakravatti Posala-sri-vira-Vallala-Devar pritbivi-rajyam-pannaninra kalattu 
devar pradhanigalsrimanu-maha-pradhanan Dadi. .llappa-dannayakkar kumara 
raja-gaja-simha papandya-raja-kumakami sadha-ganda Somanatha-devar divya- 

sri-pada-padmaradaka na sa. .haniyarena Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu- 

pPudi-nattu Mudiyaniir-nama Kuttadu-daiva-chchaturvedi-mangalattu udai- 
yar Somisvaram-udaiyar nayanarkku 


At Tavarekere (Duggasandra hobli), on a first virakal in Tammanna's field. 
svasti sri Dilipa-Nolambam pritivi-rajyam geyyuttire Magarayyam panni 
pendiran udey ulchalum eltina turugololum almi sattan besageydoiii Koyatura 
Vikramadityan bahu-guna-tejan 


At the same place, on a second virakal. 
svasti sri Dilipa-Nolambam prithivi-rajyaiii geyyuttire Mandikalla Kambala- 
Danavarmme kadasam perbhuli kond ode a-puliyaria kolven endu pratijiie kadidu 
jamadind olage kondam puliyum nayum oda sattan besageydom Koyatiira 
Kasigaiii Vikramadityaiii bahu-guna-tejan 


At the same place, on a third virakal. 
svasti sri Dilipa-Nolambam prithivi-rajyam geyyuttire Nelmalliyura Chamay- 
yam pati-hitan panni pendiran udey ulcbalum eltina turugolalum almi sattan 
besageydom Vikramadityan 


At the same Tillage, near the southern outlet of Doddakere. 

(Orantha and Tamil oharaoterB.) 

svasti sri tinga . . nattu-ttongal veukudai-kkil Nila-magal nilava Malar-magat- 
punarndu-chchengol-ochchi-kkarun-Gali-kadindu mannu-pall-uliyul Tennavar 

138 Mulhagal Taluq. 

muvarul Manabharanan pon-mucliy-ana-pparu-mani-ppasun-dalai poru-kalatt- 

arindu vira. . . .lanai a Gangadaranum vand-amar-kalirrodu ma- 

diya tindiral-virudar Vikkiyum Visaiyaditanu 


At Banasamudra (same hobli), on tbe outer wall to the soutb 
of tbe Chaudeivari temple. 

maharayaru pruthvi-rajyavam aluvalli Saka-varsha sa 1323 neya 

Pramadi-saiiivatsarada Karttika-suda 12 Guruvara-punya-kaladalu Boraman- 

nagalu Muluvaya sthaladalli sriman-maha-pradhana Virappayyagala . .m 

makkalu Rajasekhara-De . . galu Muluvaya- . . . nadavolage nadava.vumbalige 

saluva Balasamudrada. . . .a-stlialakke salluva chatus-sinievolage dariya 

halla saha sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvvakavagi kottevu a-halava 

samudra. . . .kereyanii Bramharu tamma kayya dhanavanu ikki katti anu- 

bhavisuva Vrittimautara vivara (here come details of vrittidars) 


At tbe same village, in Sunnanguri Tammanna's wet land in tbe soutb-west. 

(Grantha and Tamil cbaracters.) 

svasti sri ur-udaiya.mudaliyarkkun-tiru . .ttuvan pu. .maga vi. . 

sekara-namachchivaya-devarkkum vitta nilam 


At tbe same village, on a stone on tbe tank bund to the west. 
subham astu sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangal 1439 neya Isvara- 

saiiivatsarada Kartika-ba. . . 13 lu sriman-maha^nayaka Chabuya-Nayaka 

(back) vanu agumadikondu i-kerege varusha-varushake tagu- 

magige kallu-mannannu kattisikondu bahudu 


At Kutandapalli (same hobli), 
on a rock under the Bliraga tree to the west of tbe village. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

subham astu Sakabdam ayirattu-munurru-na.patetti.mel sel....ra Paraba- 
varushatu Tai-masam irubattirandadu tiyadi Mu. .vayil Somisuramm-udaiyar 

sta vatti Siva. . . .na ta. .devar NaKiril. . .na-peru- 

maluku. .ti. . .niyum pattu kulaga 

Midbuf/al Tuluq. 139 

171(«) V 
At the same villagre, on the north wall of the Isvara temple in ruins. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhauma-chchakkiravattigal sri-P6sala-vira-Ramanatha-De 

udaiyar Peiigisvaram-udaiya-nayaiiar tiru-madaivilagattu . ya ya 

nayanarukku pada-toyam alil patt-alukku 6r-al vaichchu-kkudutte 

171 {h) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

Adaippan-alavanda-pillaiyeua udaiyar Pengisvaram-udaiya-uayanarukku en 
kuttaiyile a. .ppadi kandaga-nilam vilakka. .ppatta. .vitten 


At Rajagundlahalli (same hobli), 
on a boulder to the south of the Venkataramana-svami temple. 
subham astu kereya kattu-kodagiya sadhanada prati svasti sri vijayabhyudaya- 
Salivahana-saka-varusha 1419 neya Nala-samvatsarada Vayisakha-ba 10 lu 
srimatu Allapagala makkalu Narasiiiiha-devagalige Narasimha-devara sthani- 
karu Kondapa Timmanagala makalu Devapagalu kotta kattu-godagiya sadha- 
nada kraraav ent endare namma Kadiri-Lakshmi-Narasiriiha-devara amrita- 
padi-nayivedyake sahiva Hode-nadolagana Narasirhhapuravada Gundalahaliya- 
gramavanu nanu Narasimha-devara nirupadinda nambigalu Apachi-Anantappa- 
galige kaniyachiyagi kotadu devara amritapadi-nayivedya-katalegeii paruva- 
tithigala katalegu devara visesha-nayivedyakeii gandhada krayakkeii paficha- 
paruvadalu maduva sevey iii-muntfida-paricharakara jita yiii-muntada-seve- 
galige madudake nambigalu yitandadavarigu nela-thara-kaniyachiyagi kota 
Gundalanahaliya-gramadalu hiriya-kerege paduval ada Mavinahalavanu nimma 
kaiyalii dhanavanu yiki Karukoli-kanne-kereya«iu katisuva sammandha uivu 
a-haladalii kereyanu katisi kerege mannanu bahalavagi haki kalu kateyanu 
kati kalu-tiimbanii yiki a-tubige yitige rasavarga suuna saha yiki tubanu 
jatanavagi madi a-kereyanu purayisi a-kereya kelage achukatina gadeyanii 
tidi a-kereya kelage hutidantha achukatina gadeyanu belada-bhaga nalku- 
bhaga manyavagi anubhavisikorabiri a-nalku bhagaii tumbida balika utu 
nimage koduva dasavanda a-kereya kelage putidantha gadege vola-dasavanda- 
vagi hatake miirara vola-dasavandada maryadeyalu katu-godageyanii tirichi 
a-katu-godageya gadege uttama-madhyama-kanistavagi tri-stanadalu sila- 
stapanavanu madisi-koduveii yi-kereya katu-godage-manyavagi kotta holanu 


140 Mulha</al Taluq. 

yiga vyavasayava madi ragiya bituva boladolage nimage katu-godage-mauya- 
vagi kota bolanu kha t tarisu boladalu manyav agi kota bolanu kba a 
ubliayara kba 1 kbanduga-holavanu katu-godageya manyavagi sila-sthapana- 
vannu mac]isi koduveii uimma bhaga-manyada ualku-bhagada volage a-niii 
niu katisi kerege una-manav adare a-kereyanii nive katisikondu nimma bhaga- 
manyada gadeyanu nalku-bhaga tegadukombiri nimma manyada nalku-bhagau 
tumbida balika a-kerege lesu boleyav adare a-kereya kelana gadeya mele nimma 
dasavandada gade sahavagi viradisi gadeya mele roka-bbattavanii variyanikki 
etti kereyanu katisuveii nimma katu-godageya gade-holake namma stbana- 
dinda banda tirunala-kanike baladu bostu grama-vecba biti birada soUage 
audii yilla elli elli matii munde nira tidi haridu yasbtu gade hutidarii tidida 
tidida stbaladalu nalku belada bhaga-manyavanfi anubhavisi adakii yi-maryade- 
dasavandavanu tirichikondu mikkada gadeyanCi eudendigu nimma sagubali- 
yagi nadasibabeii sagida gadege nere-maryadeyalli vara-gutageyanu yikabahiri 
yi-kereyalti sagida gadege sthanada bedige birada bijavari biti solage yidaii- 
daku nimage sammandhav illa niii katista kere dbriva-jalavadare adike-tengu- 
modalada stbavaragalanu nimma katu-godageyalu sthavaragalanii yiki nive 
anubhavisikombiri yi-dasavandake hatake murara vola-dasavandada gadege 
kere tumbade yidare kodage niru-saridiyalu gadeyanii anubhavisalulavaru 
nimma dasavandada gade-holavanti maduva vokalugalige maneyanii katuvadake 
stbalavanu torisikodalulavaru a-vokala kayalii mane-dere biti begara kanike 
kadaya enanii naii kola-salladu yi-katu-godageya gade-bolavii nimage a- 
chandrarka-stayiyagi nimma putra-pautra-paramparabhivriddliiyagi danadhi- 
krayarigalige yogyav abantagi salaluladu endu vodambattu kota katu-goda- 
geya sadbana yint apudake sakshigalu (names of witnesBeB) yint ivar-ubhayanu- 
matadim sadhanava baradata Putarasara maga Devarasanu su-bastada 
vopa sri-Narasimha-kaniyachikara nambigala voppagalu Apachiya baraha 
*Cbunachappana baraba sakshigala vopagalu vodeya vopa tRagli^magha- 
garaiii *16ka i-sakshiua Deva-Rayagala sakshi Timmayaua sakshi sri-Kadiri- 
Narasimha marigala maba sri sri sri 


On the north side of the same boulder. 

subbam astu kereya gadeya sagubaleya voleya prati Rudbirodgari-samvatsa- 
rada Jeshtba-ba 12 Bu-lu srimatu Muluvagila Kadiri-Narasimha-devara stba- 
nikaru Vitbayagalu Anantappagala aliyandiru Kuppayagalu Ramasamudrada 
Kadari-Narasimha-devagalige kota sagubaliya voleya kramav ent endare namma 
Narasimba-devara amrita-padige saluva Guudlahaliya-gramadalu niii hostagi 

* In Tamil oliaracters. f Iu Nagari characterB. 

Mulbagal Taluq. 141 

kattisita kereya kelage nimma dasavandada gadeya kalade nimma devastha- 
nada gadeyanu nimma sagul)aliyi1gi sagista vivara nere-mariyade Chika-Aubha- 
la-s6mayajigala kereya gadeya guttage-varige aru-khanduga-kodage elu-khan- 
dugadalu nadeyalagi niii katista kereya kelagana gadeya ajateya kolina vasige 
naii hecha katidu khanduga sahakara-bhaga 1 ke kha 1 ke guttage kha 7 
kod[ag]eya bhaga 1 ke gade kha 1 kke guttagekha 8 aksharadalu karige elu-kha- 
nduga koclage 8 khandugada maryadeyalu kadu-guttageyagi salisalulavaru 
kerege niru salade savihodare gadege sari-varavanii ikkalulavaru kereyali 
niru saladidare gude yereyal adare nere-maryadeyalii guttageyanu yilihi- 
kodalulavaru kabu-gade s~ i ke guttage roka 1| alla arasina e~ 1 kegutage ^ 1a 
hana-vada yi-maryadeyalu devasthanada bandarake amritapadige roka-bhatta- 
vanu mar-alate bahahage aladu kodalulavaru yi-maryadeyalii sagisi rupa-ma- 
dikondu yihudu endu kota sagubaliya vole *Vithayana baraha Kachchayana 
baraha *sri-Kadiri-Narasimha maiiga|a maha sri sri sri 


At the same village, on a rock near Holageri to the east. 
subham astu Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Sravana-ba 8 lu srimatu Muluvagila 
Kadiri-Narasimha-devaru Chiratakunte sri-Samajiya maga Raghava-bha . . . . 
bhli-dana-patrada kramav ent endade Narasimha-devara amritapadige saluva 
Narasirhhapura-grama Kurujili-gramada naduvana Siva. . sammandada Sami- 

. .chatraga aliara-svasthyeyam Narasimha-Kurujili . .eya Sriyasarige 

pura-niyoga-sambala-vechchagalige nimma kaiyyalli viira mundana hola-grama 
khanduga 1 hola-gade kha^ vubhayam hola-gadde agamadikondu a- 

chandrarka-sthayiyagi putra-pautra-paramparyavagi hadu yendu kotta 

dharma-sasanarh (usuai finai phrdBes) sri-Narasimha 


At Agara (same hobli), on a stone in the Ganigara-topu near Madigara-palya 

to the north-east. 
svasti sri subham astu sri-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappu- 
va rayara ganda purva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhipati Hindu-raya-Suratala 
vira-rajadhiraja paramesvara sri-Harihara-Raya-kumara sri-vira-Deva-Raya- 
Vodeyaru prithivi-rajyaru geyva kala Vijayanagariyali sthira-pattabhishekavagi 
yiha-kala Sakabda-(varusha) 1000 munntira-miivattaramele nadava Sarvvadhari- 
samvatsarada Sravana-ba 1 Mangalavaradallu sri-vira-Vijaya-Rayaru Mulava- 
gilali prithivi-rajyam geyiva kaladalli sriman-mahanayaka-Bayira Kathari-Sa- 
luva Sambe-NayakaraTirumale-Nayakaru Murari-Nayakara maga Tammaya-Na- 
yakaru jana yekastaragi namage saluva Ho (baok) da-nadu volagana . . . 

* In Tamil oharacters. 

142 Mulhagal Taluq. 

li Agarada kere chikka-kere haladalli katti Mattikasatnudra samudra 

. .ba vuru chatu nalku-kalimane Bharadvaja-gotra Ya- 

ju . . . . dhika maga Singa-Perumalu kotta dharma-sasanada kra- 

mav ent endode .... Agarada kere-ola-kereya Horanakereya katte koda. . . . 
miidiya yi-dana yi-sasana baradata 


At Mandikallu (same hobli), on a stone near the Gopalasvami temple. 

su 1 lu srimau mesvara Sudakapali Bachiya-Deva-maha- 

ara Nageya-Nayakarige ama ta Mandikala Sasaveya . . . Papeya- 



At the same village, on a stone in PatePs house in the fort. 

subbam astu Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1542 ne Raudri-sam. . . . 

. .rallu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Deva-Raya 

. . . sampannarada Deva gauda Srirangap . . . -Deva-gaudage 

Hampayanavarige. . . .gaudaru tamma amrita-gaudage punyavagabeku yendu 

nagi samarpisida graraagalu MaiKlikallu idara Kurupahalliya 

Harapanahalliya-grama 4 Duggasamudra 


At Kurudumale (same hobli), on the basement of the Channaraya-svami temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oru-niirru 82 senra miivam and-aua Raudiri-sa- 
marchcharattu tiru-Kattigaiyin nar-kkalattu Jayangonda-Sola Ilavanjiya-rayara 

Kuttadun-devar maganar Vasudevar nambirattiyar Settalvarena 

Puda-nattu-kKurudimalaiy - ana Kuttadun-deva-nalluril sri-Vasudeva- pperu- 
malukku sandraditya-varai selvad-aga vaitta tiru-nandavilakk-onrukku Irati- 
yuril periy-eri-kil vitta nilam aru-kandagamum Selva-Gopalarku Sittirai-padi 
amudukku nirram naliy-arisi tiru-pponagattukkum ivv-eri-kil vitta nilam ain- 
gandagamum aga vichchu vilukkadu nilam padinelu-kandagamum nirkkala 
viluka. . . .nade iru-pu vilaivad-agavum tiruv-aradanam-pannum nambimaril 
Kasyapa-gotra Narayana-battanum Kausika-gotratu-kKaruma. .kka-battanum 
kaikondu chandraditya-varai seluttakkadavargal aga vitten Settalvarena i- 
dharmam irakkanavan Gaiigai-karaiyil kural-pasuvai konran papattale viluvan 

Mulbagal Taluq. 143 


On a door-post in the south-east of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti . . . Iravattira-sanmai;charattu Ilavaiijiya-rayan samattan dannakkan 
Vasanukku Anantanena ve. .karan vi.t6m.p6. .nayan 


At the same villag^e, in front of the Nagaresvara temple. 
Durmukkbi-saiiivatsaraiii Chayitra-suda 7 lu srimatu-Kuridimala Ganapaya 
Avani-Ganapaya Chinnayya i-janam mugurunnu yekastulai Baugaru Mudaya 
katiiichina gudi linga-pratishthe cheyiiichi i-Nagaresvara-devuniki svasti mu- 
. . .archana-vrittitogodungu-mani-chenu kharii a yi-devalanuku archananakuga 
raemu niku krayanuku yichinaram a-svasti memu (atops here) 

181 («) 

At the same village, on the basement of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1233 idau mel sellaninra Kaliyuga-samvatsaram 4412 idan 
mel Virodhikrit-samvatsarattu Makara-nayarru purva-pakshattu Dasamiyum 
Budhan-kilamaiyum R6hiniyum ana nal Tondai-raandalattu-tTiruvallattu-kkani- 
udaiya Gautama-gotrattu Paramesvara-bhattan-devau Nigarili-Sola-manda- 
lattu Puda-nattu-kKurudimalaiyil udaiyar Pengisvaram-udaiya^nayanarku mu- 

daliyar Ilavanjiyar ana Kuttadun-devan. .kku periya eriyil udaka- 

purvam aga-ttanda nilam a. .ppadi ettu-kkandagamum devadanam aga chaa- 
draditya-varai selvad-aga-kkudutten inda dharmmattukku sri - Mahesvarar 

181 Qj) 

At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandali laiyil udai 


In front of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Kurudimalaiy-ana Kuttadun-deva-nalliiril mo. .yelundarina mada- 

ttukku yivv-uril ennai-vauiyar palarum ti malaiyaru n sekku on- 

rukku arai-chcholigai enuai 

144 Midbagal Taluq. 


At the same temple, on the basement of the south outer wall. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1195 n mel sellaninra Srimukha-samvatsarattu Vaigasi- 
madam mudal svasti sri Jayamkoiida-SOla llavanjiya-rayau Vasudevan Vasu- 
devan svasti sri Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu-pPuda-na,ttu-kKurudimalaiy-ana 
Kuttadun-deva-nalluril udaiyar Kuttadisvaram-udaiya-nayanarkku-ppujaikkum 
pala-pani-nimandangalukkum udal aga in-nattil Tamaraippallikku adaitta 
nansey punsey nar-parkellaiyil devadanan tiruvidaiyattam batta-virutti nikki 
ivv-ur chandraditya-varai sarvamanyam-aga devadanam-agakkudutten sri 
Mahesvara-raksbai sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam shashtir- 
varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih sivani astu 


At the same temple, on the basement cf the west outer wall of the Gauri temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil charaoters.) 
svasti sri Siruppillai Saraasandan Pramamoda-varushattu nammudaiya .mbi- 
rattiyar koyilil madapattiyamum avarkku. .namum kuduttom Tambiratti-eriyile 
mu-kkandaga-kkalauiyum tirut. .kan. .gamum mu-kkandaga-kkoUaiyum vittom 
ippadi kaikkond-anubavippadu 


On the south basement of the outer wall of the Isvara temple to the 
north of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srih Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-nurru-tonnurru-ettam and-ana Dhatu- 
varushattu Makara-ravi irubattumunran-tiyadi Nayarru-kilamaiyum purva- 
pakshattu Ekadasiyum Mrigasirshamum ana irrai-nal Jayaugonda-Sola Ilavanji- 
rayar mudaligalil Ponnappillai magan Tanimai-nikkinarena ammau Vayi- 
randai pratishthitta nayanar Pengisvaram-udaiyarkku siru-kalai-sandhi amudu- 
seyd-aruluvad-aga Kalppalimaduvil en-kkuttaiyil kalaniyile mu-kkandaga-kalani 
devadanam aga santraditta-varai selvad-aga vitten Tanimai-nikkinanena i-dhar- 
mmam sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the same village, on the south basement of the Amma temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti Sri Sakarai-yandu 1192 sella Iviindai-devar maganar Jayan- 

gonda-Sola Ilavanji-rayarana Ilaiya-Vasude . . . nambirattiyar Settiilvarena udai- 

Mulhagnl Taluq. 145 

yar nachchi nikkum amudupatlikkum tiru-manjanattukkum 

tiru-ppallittamattukkum tiru- vilakkukkum kariyamudukkum Vishuvayana- 

samkramaugalukkum a tase narai kulagamum Vishuvaya- 

na-samkramangalukku varushattukku nellu ettu-kkandamum . , . . rayar kani- 

udaiya Siva-Brahmanaril Kausika-gotrattil ttukkum Kasyapa-gotrattil 

Na piljaikkum i-mmuvarukkum achchanavritti nilam nar-kandagattu- 

ppattu-kkulagam devakanmi. .kku. . nja-pillaikku nila-mu-kkandagam senga 

.... porpa ka . . . . nai dagam tiru-maiijanattukkum tiru . . 

ttukkum nilam iru-kandattu-kkulagam sandi-vilakku-ppattukku nilam . . . . 


At the same village, on the basement of the gateway to the 
Kasi Viivesvara temple. 

(Grautba and Tami! oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1288 mel sellaninra Parabhava-varushattu Ani-madam 
20 ti . . Kurudimalai . yil udaiyar-kKuttadisvaram-udaiya-nayauar koyilil tiru 


On the west basement of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1220 n mel sellaninra Vilambi-varushattu Ani-masa-mii- 
dal Kurudimalaiy-ana Kuttaduu-deva-nalluril udaiyar Kuttadisvaram-udaiya 
nayanarku svasti sri Jayamgonda-Sola Ilavaiijiya-rayan Vasudevan Kuttadun- 
devan ivv-urku merkil Sola-kuttaikku adaitta nansey punsey nar-parkellaiyil 
mun-nalil devadanam tiruvidaiyattam Somanata-devar nila mu-kkandagamu- 
nikki in-nayanarku ivv-iiril vilai-nilaii-gollai kalani tottam ellan-jandraditya- 
varai devadanam sarvamanyam-aga-kkudutten 


On the east basement of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1283 mel sellaninra Pila-varushattu Kattigai-masam 8 ti 
Puda-nattu nattu-nayagan-jeyivar Silandikan Sennanan Sokkanan. .siyar Tiru- 
Mar-perudaiyar magan Alagiyar Veiigadavasarikku sasanam-panni-kkudutta 
padi nayakar nachchiyarai eriy-arulappannina vidattu tiruppani kiiviyil seppu- 
pani miinratonru dasakiyai nalattouru kalichchu kudu..ttukku uayanarku 
sellu devadanattile kaudaga-kalaniyum pattu-kulaga-kollaiyum nadattakada- 


146 Miilbagal Taluq. 

vomm-agavum Kurudimalai sellumbodu Paraikuttaiyum vada-purattil pattu- 
kkulaga-kollaiyuDi saudradittj^a-varai sellakadavadu subham astu om 


At the same villag^e, on tlie north basement of the Vighnesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1295 mel sellaninra Praraadi-varshattu Vaigasi-madam 
2 ku nagaravarkku nadattakkadavadu ivanukku nadattum simai ivan adai.. 
.... li-Sola-maudalattu-pPuda-nattu-kKurudimalaiyil Atirekavirappillaiyar- 

Appuppillaiyarkum Deva-mandalattil ain-gulaga-kalani ain-gulaga-to 

koyilil ttanattar Delishinamutti Vinayakar Siva-mudaliyar Kuttadundellaiyum 

Appukku-chcheluttakkadavom devar. .maikku-kkandaga-ni var Appa- 

chchiyar eva. .nuuai nayanar Malaipperuman magan Irugarukku-chcha. .m 

ain-gulaga-kollaiyum nadattakkadavora tTiruvalattatti nam-panni- 

kkudutta padi murppatta adaippa murpatta Devarammai. .nirrum pala murai 
raudal-odukku ivarukku 


At the same village, on the 
Brindavana-katte in front of the Vinayaka temple in the south-east. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Nala-samvachcharattu Seyaiigonda-Sola Ilavaiiji-raya. .1 manidaril 
dannakkar ana Vasananukku Parpaduvil irukkum Vasudevappadai. .n magan 
Somananena Variya. . . .nena und-Gdi-ppom .variyakka. . . . 


On a rock at the foot of the hill to the south-east of the same viJlage. 

(Grantha and Tamil cbaracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-nurru-aiijavadu senra Visvavasu-sam- 

vachcharattu Avani-mada-tTingaj-kilamai . .1 Sakki-deva. . . .ivan patta 

. .deva. .ndalikan pPuda-nattai suka-vinoda mum pritivi-rajyam-seda- 

rila ivan Sakki-devan ana Tantira-pala ivarilai n-ana Tantira- 

palan . . va devar mandalikan tiru . . . .ta. .ksharamu se . . 

. .naga malaiyi rkku sarvama. .ya kku . .tt-arula 

. . . .dan malaiyir a. .n kandu mel lco laiyum . . . . la Ira. . 

i--eriyum Kadakkulamum kil-koda. .uulauu kattugi mbu yiraudu 

pudukkuvittu ivv-urani-seyden Soma Tantira-palanena 

Mulhdf/al Taluq. 147 


At the same village, on a black stone to the south of Arakere wet land. 
sri-Raiigasami-sila-tisinavudu Vaishnava-Timmappa-kumarudu Bairana Kempa- 
puram-Papanna-cbata veyinchina-silaksharalu Narayana 


At the same village, on a rock below Talekunte. 
Visvavasu-nama-saiiivatsarada Parabhava- nama-samvatsaraiii Kartika-sudha 
3 lu srimatu-Kuridimala-Ganapaya Chinnaya Lingapa jana-muguru yekastulai 
Arasaye-gavuni-Krishna-gauniki Talakunte-charuvu-kindanu katu-kodagi-madi 
raudu-stalala modati-katanu (grant epecified) a-cbandrarkaugauu anubhaviiicbedi 


At the same village, on a rock near Madigara-kunte. 
yi-dariyanii Sovarasara dbarmade Birarasa madistanu 


At Kurubarahalli (same hobli), on a stone lying on the bund of the tank. 
svasti sri-Dilipayya pritbivi-rajyam geyye Tiruvayyana magaiii Cbandrasekaram 
Mandigalla-kerege bittukattu bittam (usuai fiuai phrases) 


At Kannasandra (same hobli), on a rock near Chadiga's field- 
Krodbana-samvatsarada Vaisakba-ba 12 lu Yittayyanu Kanayyage bitta karaga- 
manya-bola klia 1 


At the same village, on a rock near T6ti's field to the south. 
Rakshasa-nama-samvatsarada Pusbya-suddba 6 lu srimatu sri-Kesava-Rayage 
Desa-liulakarani-Venkata-Rayaru barakotta-kagada ... 14 Raiiganna Bimaya- 
navara Bayachanna jana. . . .ma-samudra kota-manya bola kha 1|^ gadde kha ^ 



At Bairakfir (Bairakfir hobli), on a stone in the enclosure of the Anjaneya temple 

attached to the Kodanda-Ramasvami temple. 
svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varusbaiigaju ? 1454 neya Nandana- 
samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 1 lu sriman-mabarajadhiraja paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Raya-Deva-maharayaru prithivi-rajyaiii geyiiittaiu 


148 Mulhagal Taluq. 

iralu akhilaudakoti-brahmaiirla-Tiayakaracla . pattada srimad-anadisvararada 
Bairakura Raghunatha-Hanumanta-devarige sriman - maha -nayakacharjarada 
Yara-Timma-Nayakara kumara Mutyala . . ji-Nayakara pautra .... adhikari 

N§,ga Timmapa-gaundara karya Yekambra Santapa 

. . pa-gaundara kai-ya-kartar ada Chikapa-Seti Tambiyapanu saha Elavaiiji .... 

yakarigu Tammapa-gaudarigu gaundarigu punyav agabek endu sahi- 

ranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakav agi dhareyan eradu kotta-dharma-sadhana . . 
. . . (usual final versee) 


On the wall to the left of the door of the same temple. 
svasti sri Parthiva-sariivatsara-Jeshtha-ba 10 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara . . . 
raja-Rama-Rajayya-Deva-maharajulayavari karya-karttnlai .... garu Bayiraku- 

ri Raghunayi-kula-svamiki Narayanagari janulu nalugiriki katada . . 

.... deva va chetalo charuvu-kinda 


At the same village, on a stone lying to the south. 
. . svasti sri Madire-gonda-Ko-Pparagesarivarmmarige varisham irppatt-om- 
bhattarol Baydakura Ravi-nada Maryamma mamma Ganipa Rama turuvan 
ikkisi alki sattan avange kal-natu Permmadiya Samantappan kotta kalani 
okkaudugarii kereya kelage. . .ndadiiig uyyala . . . popa (ueuai finai phrases) 


At Sikur (same hobli), on a stone built into the BHruga tree jagali. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svastti siri Vi . . . varushattu . . kkiyil Pillaiyar koyil . . mesuraril arubattu- 
nmvar se . . en pillaigalum i-ttiruppani . . yakkadavargal 


On a stone on the hill of the same village. 
svasti srimat-Rama-Rajayyagari bantarotu Sadharaua-sauivatsaramlo Chaude- 
svari-ammavariki tana bhakutiniiichi cheyichchina mautapaui suri-chandulu- 

adiga VUndedi (imprecatory phrases) 


At Hebbani (same hobli), on broken stones built into rachche-katte. 

svasti sri Dosi-arasara be. .Kalaja-ga . . . yaug erava he vi-Raman-. . 

le-gora al Meudi-arasa bira-satya ge. . napo Iga tale . 

. . kotta .... kala . . . kotta . • . ttodu pe . . pudu . . . gola 





MB- Sk7 / 

Mulhagnl Taluq. 149 


At the same village, on a pillar near Doddasidda's house, 
svasti sri Navaklianda-mandalamurii dandatti-konda Rajarajam Mummadi- 
Cholana pattangattida padinaraneya saiiivatsaram age srimat-padey-ankakara 
Nolambadhirajam Perbbennayam ta . . . surekara-Kadiyannange kottode hiriya- 
kere odanu . . . Mandeya-gamundana magam Prithivi-Rava-Setti odavam 
kattisidode mechchi Nolanibana besadole Perbbenneya purvva-siddaya pattu- 
gadyana ponnuiii irparu-bhattavuiii Tiruvantage Kadiyannam kottaiii oddargge 
mu-gandugam galde-kodange salvudu ella kfilakkarii int i-pravahava tappa- 
salla idan alidorii kavileyumam Banarasiyuman alidorii maiigalarii kerege 
bittukatta nadevudu idan alidorii paiicha-maha-patakan akkurii 


At the same village on a pillar near the Uma-mahesvari temple. 

sri Rajaraja Mu[mma]di-Ch61a pritivi-rajyarii geye Perbbenneya Mandayya- 
gamundana maga Prithi[vi]-Rama-setti tanna gamundugeyvo-kaladolu.ri.nama 
.livu madisi munnina deva-bhogada piriya-galdeya kelagana. . .ya bitta 


At the same village, on the hali-pitha in the prakara of the Channakesava temple, 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoterB.) 

. Pulur Piramandai-pillai tanmam 


At the same village, ou the virakal lying near the Gop&Iakrishna temple. 

( Yatteluttn oharaotera.) 

KQ-Visaiya-ichchuvara-parumarki panuirandavadu Karoniri Vanarasar-ppor- 
chChirai-u . . riya Vanarasar . . ya pattar A . ya 


At Gummakallu (same hobli), on a rock to the north of the village- 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

svasti sri maha-mandalisvaran Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Ganga-kulo.bavan 
Kaveri-vallavan . .ndigiri-nadan mandalikan Devendiran sattiya-vasaka. . . .tan- 
gakan sangirama. .ran ubaya-tala-metta me. .dar gandan Uttama-Sola-kKarigan 
ana Sella-Gaiiga . . . . n Sipatiyil Ti . . puvana-vidanga-Kshetrapala-pillaiyarku 

150 Mulhagal Taluq. 

Kummai. .1. . . .1 devadana ui. .kki nansai punsai nav-pal-ellaiyum kil nokkina 
kinarum mel nokkina maramum utpada-kkaikkondu ivv-u. . . . tirai-vaiiga 

ko . . . . kki . . taud-irai tari-irai tattru--ppattam pera .... var ip- 

.... nayanarkku tiru-mer-puclichu-clichandanattukkum pa . . karppura . . 
ttukkum kuduttom Sitirabanu-varushattu-chChittirai-mada-mudal sandiradita 
. .rai kaikkondu Mahesvara-kankani-batan satu..tu idai marrinavan Gaiigai- 
kkarai kura-pasuvai konran pavattile viluvan iv-urai ali . vu-seydavanai .... 


At Byataniir (same hobli), on a stone in Gidda-Muniyappa's field, 

Raudri-samvatsarada Margasira-su 13 yalu srimatu-Ramayya-nayakaua appane 
Tiruveiigala-devarige kotta manyada hola 


At the same village, on a rock at the village entrance. 
Timmana-gaudarige Nayakaru kotta stala-manya-ho kha 1 gadde kha 1 


On a pillar to the north of the 
Gopalasvami temple at the entrance of the same village. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

koiiaiyum veii-jilai- virar Panjappalliyum pasadai-ppalana- 

Masuni-desamum ayvar-il m nirai sri-Vijaiyamum turai-uir- 

pPanuaiyum. . n-malaiyur-aiyirron-Malaiyuru • 


At the same village, on Channapurada bande. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigaju 1669 neya Prabhava- 
nama-samvatsara Asvija-sudha 5 Bhiiuuvaradalu Bayirakuru Tammappa-gauda- 
navara kumara Liiiganna-gaudanavarige gavuda-manyakke yi-Channapura- 
graniadalli manya-hoLx-kha 8 gadde kha 7J putra-pautra-paramparyavuunu 

anubhavisikondu yihudu (imprecatory pbrasos) 

Miilhagal Taluq. 151 


At Nangali (same hobli), on the basement of the Gopalakrishna temple, 

(Grautba and Tamil charaotcrs.) 

svasti Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Ganga-kulorbavan Kaveri-vallavan Uttama- 
Sola-Gangar magan Vettummara-Bananena Tenpuli-nattil Virrirunda-perumal 
kOil devadanam vitten 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

na-varana-krama-vidhav-alana-sala-drumah sa dhakama 

dhavalaschatrendu-bimba-grahe Rahu-bahurasam su-sahasa-nidhi- 



At the same village, near the Ilvara temple. 

Muluvagilu. . .smajadul bai. . . .lara. .Nagamraarasaruiii Kundaraarasa- 

rum embar. . .didu. .da.satta. . . pebbanara kotta. . . 


At the same village, on a rock called Marave-bande at the outlet of the tank. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

Atireka-manava . .yaka nata. .m svastisri kalikal. .dari . . . . kejiruka . kku . . , 
1-erinda valum iru.kavadai.kkara kelir irutol. .nga. . .ntira. . .si. . .ru tolun- 

Gangarudai . . nai a . ppayum daiya ti . . ru perra y- 

anjiy-odi-ppala . . pa vargal . . ppada-pperi linda. .tanjil .papa 

. . . . ri. . . ■ va . . . . n-tiral puyan. .na nadaiyagala pa 

vaugil dar verinda .... Ganga 


At the same village, on a rock called Chattu-bande. 
Tarana-samvatsarada Pushya-ba. .siiuiau-niaha-mandalesvara Ramappa-Raja 
Aradi-Tammayya Yarade-Vengatesvara Naugali-. . . . tisinandu kota-raanyam 


At the same village, on a boulder to the west of the Chaudesvari temple. 
Parabhava-saravatsarada Kartika-su . . . sriraatu .... Rajayyauu. . . .devarige 
raanyavagi. . . .bittadu 

152 Mnlhagal Taluq. 


At the same village, on a first stone in Nattada-hola to the north-west. 
subham astu svasti sri Rakshasa-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 1 Malla-gavudara 
makalu Chava-gavudaru Krishnamangalada Padumayage manyavagi kotta hola 
kha 1 


On a second stone. 
Nangaliya Kayilasam-udeyara Someya-devara Madavalada kere suhka-suvarna- 

daya (asual imprecatory phrases) 


On a rock to the south of the same villag^e. 
sri-Rama Manmatha-saihvatsarada Chaitra. .5 llu srimatu Nahgali-Kempaya. . 

. .Mudda-Veukatayya Negavara-Ramayya . . . .Timraa-Raju.Tondapalli yi- 

mahajana . . . kere . . . kattu-kodagiyagi .... Nahgali-gramada .... Manmatha- 
samvatsara-Durmati-sam-HevalarQbi-samvatsaragala kala . . . a - chandrarka- 
sthayiyagi . . anubhavisi 


At Bangavadi (same hobli), on a virakal at the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantba and Tamil oharaoters.) 

K6-Visaiya-Narasiuga-vikkiramaparuma . . yandu irubattu-nalkavadu Dadi- 
yahga . . Vanarasarum Mayindira-mikkiramarum eranda tonru Kanda-Vanati- 
arasar sevakari Se . ligar erinda pattar adu Kaunadagaruh-gahga idark-ali . . h 
r pada 


On another virakal. 
svasti sri sakala-jagat-trayabhivandita-surasuradhisa-Paramesvara- pratihari- 
krita- Mahavali - kulodbhava-sri - Mahavali - Banarasar Permmanadigal Bana- 
rasara maha-rajaran odagondu Nolamba-Rachamalla Mayindadiya Dadigaua 
mege pandam ildu Mandavuda kalegadul page Kaliyaru-magan Beja[yi]ttaa 
gauda-prakaran kail)isida-kajega aniyul kudureyul tagi palaran iridu sattode 
mechchi Kahgavadiyan kal-natu kottadu idaiii salipana padaugal enena talaiya 
megam idan alivorii Baranasiyan alidon pancha-maha-pataka Vadala Raniara 
challa Kuvalagi Vattanura Nagemitran 

Mulhanal Talnq. 153 


At Manigatta-Gollarahalli (same hobli), on a virakal in Vaddara Subba's fleld. 
svasti ? ueka Saka-nripa-kalatita-sambatsarangal entu-niira-miivatta-ondaueya 
varisham pravarttisuttire Bejeyitta-Banarasar prithivi - rajyam geyyuttire 
Dakkaytayyaui iiram aluttam ire Manighattiya manika Mendimudula-gamun- 
dara magaiii Kasavayya aldona besadol maruvakkada Mulkadinol kadi inparam 
kondu tauurii saggiyadan ivaiige kotta kalaui geyyalolagage kaudiga idaii. . ali- 
pon asvamedha-phala aHvo Baranasiyau alula-patakan akku 


On another virakal at the same place. 

.... sri Mabhali-Banarasa prithu. . . . makku rakkosi alvandu torugollo 

. . . rbhivol sattar 


On a rock at the same villag^e. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 14 . . neya Vikari-sariivatsa- 
rada Magha-ba 14 lu srimatu Rama-Rayarige punyav agabek eiulu Viranua- 
Vodeyarii Soniesvara-devarige yi-Maha . .pura-gramavanu sarvamanyavagi 

kottaru (usual final phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone of the sluice of Dodakere. 

svasti Srimukha-samvatsara-Jeshtha-su 7 lu Koni-jiyara maga Subba- 

jiyaru Maniga-jiy? kiya niaru. . . .karana niaga 


On a stone in blacksmith's inamti land of the above tank. 
Vikari-nama-sauivatsara-Ashadlia-su 12 lu Pedda-charuvu Chinna-charuvu 
rendu-cheruvulu tegipoyi karabi kaga Veggali-gavudu katifichi akara-parasa- 

ganu katugodigi nirnnayinchina madiki chaturbhaga. .vidipiuchi gavuni- 



At the same village, in the voralu-bande field to the north. 

srimatu Mulavagila Jamevaludararu rajesri-Gopala-Tirumala. .ga karakonaru 


154 Mulhagal Toluq. 


At Pedda-Negavara (same hobli), on a pillar of the masque. 
[Soutii sidc] svasti .Saka-varisha 968 neya Vyaya-samvatsaraiii pravarttisuttire. . 

Puli-nada [east] ya muni maha Igonclan-ayana- 

varu Mallikarjjuna-deva . . . [north sidc] . . i;u tonta svaram-ocleya-maba- 

devargge nandadivigey-ondakam bitta Puli-uada Hagara kaluveya. .(west side) 
.... i;u kamma Hiriyakereya kelagana nelakke sime (here foiiow boundnries and 
nsuai finai phrases) idaiii Perggade Narauaya 

236 («) 

At the same village, at the Chaudesvari temple. 

(Granlha and Tarail characters.) 

. . .madi Bhimana . n sakkaram 

236 (h) 
At the same place. 

((rrantha and Taniil eharacfers.) 

Solan nai \mi . . 


At Gudipalli (same hobli), on the basement of the Isvara temple. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha sa 1356 neya Rakshasa- 
saiiivatsarada Phalguna-sudha 3 So-dalu srimatu Pratapa-Devarayapuravada 
Gudipalliya asesha-vidvan-mahajanaiigalu Brahmasagaya Vithappagala makkaju 
Bavappa[ge] kotta kereya kattu-godageya sasanada kramav ent cndare namnia 
Gudipalliya Hiriyakereya volagana kodiya halada kalala gudeya 


At the same villag^e, on the wall of the mantapa of the Rama-deva temple. 
subhani astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1447 neya Par- 
thiva-samvatsarada Pushya-su 13 lu sriniatu Muluvagila riljyake saluva Hore- 
nadolagana Pratapa-Devarayapuravada Gudupalliya sarvamanyada agraha- 
rada asesha-vidvan-mahajanangalu Raniachandra-devarige amrita-padi-naive- 
dya-diparadhanege kota hola gaddeya dharma-sasanada kramav ent endare 

Mtilha(/al Tahiq. 155 

namma agraharada srenivolage devastana yillade yiralagiii Janardana-deva- 
ranu teiiicalu . . . btlrad enalu . . .nagaja maga Soyannagala sreni-madiiyadalli 
gudiyanu kattisi Ramacliandra-devara su-pratishtlieya madid i-sammandha 
a-Ramachandra-devarige navu mahajanangalu amrita-padi-naivedya-diparadlia- 
nege madi kotta svasti-vivara (here foiiow detaiis of gift) 


At Chinnahalji (same hobli), on a stone in the wet land to the south. 

(Nagnri cbaracters.) 

Parabhava-samvatsarada Vayisakha-sa 13 lu srimatu Muluvagila Anantappagalu 

. .Hariyapage kotta sasanada kramav ent endare nau Hanumanta-deva- 

rige sarvamanyavagi yi-Chinnahaliya kereya kelage lcham a gaddeyanu kottevu 

(iisual final phrases) 


At Budideru (same hobli), on a stone in Vaddara Papa's field. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1446 neya Tarana- 

nama-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba 1 lu . . . srimatu .... sada Sadasiva . . . -Raya- 

maha . . . kotta .sasana. . ..sri . . . Virana-gaudana makkalu Tiuimapa-gaudaru 


At Kodihalli (same hobli), on a stone near the rachche-katte 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1373 Angira-sarh- 
Pushya-su 10 lu srimatu SugaUira Yimmadi-Chikka-Raya-Tamma-Gaunayya- 

garu sambalamugiX stalaiu .... Yisaphajivariki manninchina dana- 

patraiii Kodipalli-gramam chenu kha 12 Bhangavadi-clieruvukinda madi kha 
12 sasaua-grastanga yichinaru mi-putra-pautra-paramparya auubhavihchchedi 
(usuai Bnai phrasej) yiuduku sakshulu Hari-Haradulu 


On a rock of the nirukunte, west of the same village. 

1427 neya KrOdhana-samvatsara ya ti. . . .srimatu Nara- 

singa-maharayarige Narasiiiga-Nayakarige vuttama . . .agabek endu Muluvagila- 
nadu Cliinta 

156 Midhagal Taluq. 


At Ramachandrapura (Malinayakanahalli hobli), on a virakkal near the halla. 

svastisrisakala-jagat-trayabliivandita dhisa-Paramesvara-pratiharikrita- 

Maha kulodbhava-sri-Mahabali-Banara. . . prithivi-ra. .geye Kimdattura 

turugolo Karita-pegade . . ant iridu . .iru. . . .ge kotta kana . . . si-arasa- 

runi Bijayitta-Banara . . . prithivi-rajyam geyutt ildu okkandugam kalani Ava- 
nneyam. .pada kottar Puli-nad-arruvattum j)adedu kotta 


On another virakal at the same place. 
svasti sri sakala-jagat-trayabhivandita-surasuradhisa-Paramesvara[. . . .Jkrita- 
Mahavali-kul6dbhava-sri-Mah;ivali-Banarasar prithivi-rajyam geye Kundatura 
turugolol aiit iridu satto Tampeya Pigalam 

Bijayitta-Banarasa prithivi-rajyam geye Dosi-arasara kali Puli-uad-aruvattuiii 
padedu kottodiim okkandugam kalani kalnatu mundana ane. .yol bahasi. . . . 
. .dikallum todariyum (hsubI 6nai pbrases) emba.lte-varisha . . . 


At Maila£ura (same hobli), on the south wall of the Channigaraya temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu ayiratt-iru-niiru senra Isvara-varsham Sittirai-madattu 
purva-pakshattu Saptamiyum Uttiramum ana Nayarru-kilamaiyil Ilavanji-nattu 
,Tayangonda-S61a llavaiijiya-rayar pakkal pallichchandam-udaiyan Alagai-kk6n 
Tiruvengada-pperumalena Mudaliyar kudutta tiru-mugappadi. .kunratturile 
perumal Tiruveiigadam-udaiyanai . . ugand-arula-ppanni-tTattaikurukkikku- 
kkilai Arasampallam ponn-ittu kattnvichchu Yauiyankuttai . . . edirvayilum 
idukku vada-merkil Attikkuttaikku-kki . . tTandukaraiyilum terku-ttenmerkil 
Velungangollaiyilum ten-kilakkil Vallalasetti-palliyir-kollai ellaiyilum ivv-eri 
edirvayilam . . ta . . yilum tiruv-ali-kkal nattuvichchu-tTiruvengadam-udaiya- 
uukku-ttiruvidaiyattam aga vitten Alagai-kk6n Tiruvengacla-pperumalcna 
i-ttanmattukku laiiganaii-jonnar undagil Gangai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai- 
kkonran pavaii-gollakkadavan 


At the inosque in the same villag'e. 

(Persiau charaoters.) 


Shekh Muhammad sakt dar Muhainmadnagar kard bahare sale tamirash 

afzud farkhe zohd o goft — masjide tamir az bahare khuda. . ravan sue sama 
be guman shut kaabae sani bina 

Mulhayal Taluq. 157 


At Motagapalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Chaudesvari temple. 

svasti samasta-bliuvana-vikliyataiii vitarananeka-guna-ganalaukrita. . . . 

charu-charitra samaya-sampurna paramesvara-parama-bhattaraka 

ka Brahma. . . .ra-chakra-chatur-bbhuja-sannibhar appa sriraad-aynurbbarurii 
sri-Mahendra-cbaturvvedimangalavarii Ayyavole maclidake mangalarii 


On a stone built into the roof of the same temple. 
. . . samadhigata-paiicha-maha-.sabda Pallavanvaya sri-Nolambridhirajarii sukarii 
baluttire avargagi . .ditarasar Amaniya-nadu-rauvatturii Duggaraaram. . .n 
aluttire avargagi Malderiy aldu Maydadiyarasara. . .yam Arumbara gandarii 
Gariga-mandalamurfi Kaiiclii-mandala. .eradurii Pandyana meg eldalli kalga- 
pinavaran-ode . . . yan iridu kanda-kandamagi sattan atange kalnatu. .chandra- 
dittaru. . . .Tayalura kere. . .geydo sarvva-bada-pariharam idan alivorii pancha- 


At Madivala (same hobli), on a broken stone near the Somesvara temple. 
. . . mayyapa-devar . . .ttire varaduta Mallura . .jatti Kanne-gamunda .... sag- 
giy ada 


At Dammasandra (same hobli), on a stone in the street near Timme-gauda's house. 

(Grantha and T.imil characters.) 

Ananta-varushaltu Masi-madam modal-tiyadi Kulaiya-nayakkar magan puli- 
vettai Vam. .likamacbcliar nayi 


At the same village, on a stone west of Timme-g-auda's cocoanut garden. 
Srimukha-nama-samvatsara Kartika-su 5 lu n ra n Syamappagaru Dharraasanui- 
drarii Sannappagarki yicbchina kota-manyarii madi kha 3 anubhavinchukoni 
vundedi • 


At Motakapalli (same hobli), on the basement of the Chaudesvari temple. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha *1388 neya Vikratu-Mar- 
gasira-ba 10 lii srlmau-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya-vibhada pur- 

*3aka 1388 expired = Vijaya; Vikriti = 1392, 

158 Mulhagal Taluq. 

va-claksliina-pascluma-samiidraillnsvara gaja-betegava Virupakslia-maharayarii 
prithuvi-rajyavarii gaiuttam iralu Narasiuga-Raja-vodeyaru Devavarada Yisva- 
ra-Nayakara niriipadinda Betaiuaugalada adhikari Agasti-Pile Avaniya-nada 
Tayaliiru Tayaliira Madivalada Someya-devaru Chaiindesvari-devarige kotta 
dharma-sasanada kramav ent endade praku Someya-devaru Chaiindesvari-de- 
varjge saluvanta hola kha. . volagada pata-eriyalu hola-gadde Madevalada 
cbatus-simeyanu hakisi kottaru liiriya-kereya kelage gadde kha 5 Voduvana- 
kuTiteyauu devara mahotsavake anumadi kodisiu praku teruva vibhuti-ganike 
hanneradu-honnu hanneradu-ichanduga-bhattavauu Narasiiiga-Raya-vodeyaru 
Yisvara-Nayakarige dharmav agabek endu yi-honnu-bhattavanu hostagi kottu 
ayiganduga-gadde Melu-Tayiliira kunteya Somaya-devaru Chaiindesvari-devari- 
ge nayivedya - piije-punaskara-aiiga-ranga-bhoga-paiicha-parvavada mahotsava- 
ke yi-honnanu bhattavanu bitteii yi-mariyadige devara mahotsavana madi- 
kondu siikhadaiu yihudu endu vodambattu kotta dharmma-sasaua (usuai finai 
verse and phrases) 


At Ag^ara (same hobli\ under the bund of Dabbakere. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srih tatakasyasya balyascha yavatu-simavadhi vyadhata . . mabadhe . . 


At Bissanahalli (Dug-gasandra hobli), on a virakal in the field to the south. 
svasti sriuiat-Sripurusha-maharajadliiraja paramesvara-bhatara prithivi-rajyarir 
geye avara magandir Duggamara Ereyappon Kovalala-nadu-miinururii Gang- 
aru-sasiramurii alutt ire Kampilige pade vodalli Komalara magan Pandappan 
kalegadol sattalli avauge Duggamarara keyda prasadam appadu Santanuriirfi 
Erediyurulurii vandu-tumba kalaniyuui avara maneyum valgalchurii prasadan 

geydar idu slokam (usual final verses) 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Rajaraja-Mummadi-Chola-Devar prithivi-rajyarii geyyutt ire Elavarada 
Kadliavabura Maya-gavundara maga. .ttama Dani-gavunda Mai.idikalla xir-ali- 
vinol kiidi satta.m 


At Mulbagal, on a rock near the Hadi-Hanumanta temple. 

vatsarada Jeshta-ba 1 3 lu arima Raja- Vodeyaru 

Muluvaya-rajyavanu Hiri navarige palisal agi Na . . . nake bandu i. . 

Midhagal Taluq- 159 

Madivala hal^gi iralS,gi vakalu. .barasi kota. .kodagiya hola. 

da valage sTmeli nimma putra-pautra .... kondu ihari .... 

konda rige sadhanava 


At Lingapura (kasba hobli), on a stone. 
Durmukhi-sariivachharada Margasira-sudha 5 Sukravaradalu srimatu Mavina- 
kuuteya Mallikarjuna-devarige sriman-maha-pradhani Macha-dannayakaru 
devara naivedyake kota kunte (usuai finai pinases) 


At Siddhagatta (same hobli), on a stone. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1364 Dundubhi-sam- 
vatsarada Margasira-su 10 lu srimatu Kurudimaleya stanikaru Sidhappa- 
gala makalu Timmanuagalige kota kraya-dharma-sasana Kuruclimaleya simeyalu 
Kasugoda badagana halavauu Sidasamudravendu kannegere katuva sam- 
mandha a-kileriyali gade hutuva nelanu Tfidaghatada sime ada karana namma 
Kurudimaleya simeya x)lage Tudaghatada varige pala holava kotu yi-sime. . . 
. . .ge kala hoyisi kotevagi yi-sime. .li hutida gadege hattake murara ola-dasa- 
vandada mariyadeyalu nimma dasavandada gadeya kaladu mika gade-holananu 
nivu krayava kondu nimma dharmavagi Vinayaka-devara sannidhiyalu chhatra- 
van ikkisabek endu nivu helalagi nimage navu ayivattu-honnige krayava 
kondu yi-ayivattu honnanu salisi kondevagi navu valaya-sasanava padadu 
kota yi-kere chatus-simeya olagana ashta-bboga-tejas-svamyavauu anubhavisi- 
kondu Vinayaka-devara sannidhiyali dinaniprati aru mandi Brahniai-ige chha- 
travanu ikisi uimma putra-pautra-parampareyagi a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi 

anubhavisudendu kota kraya-sasana Tudaghata radi kunteya simegalalu 

uimma kraya-danagalige seti konda simeya olage. . .Iiola-gaddeyanu nive anu- 
bhavisikondu sukhadim balodu 

vag dattarii mano-dattarii dhara-dattarii dine dine | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krimih n 

(iisunl fiual plirases) 


On a second stone in the same place. 

salasamudrada lu mora- 

deyagi . dattiyagi yidda stalada si nna-gavunda 

serisi kotta. . . .sasanada vivara Meladevihali-siraege paduvalu Muluvaya Nachi- 
yarige saluva adi kelagana gadege . . . (Jetaiis of bounJaries) yi-chatus-sirae- 

160 MuWaf/al Taliiri. 

olagulla kuute-kere-liallagalu hola gaJde di-sahavagi. .kotu kalla nadisi 

kottevagi yi-dharma-sasauada pramanada. . .nu auubhavisi kataleya prakara 

mandi Brahmarige satravan ikkisi ninima putra-pautra-paramparabhi- 

vriddhiya sthanikarappa sri-Vinayaka-devaru 


At Tatikallu (kasba hobli), on a stone in Venkatappa's fisld. 
svasti sri sakala-jagatrayabhivaudita surasuradhisa-Paramesvara-pratiharikrita- 
Mahavali-kulodbhava sri-Mahavali-Bana[rasa]r pritivi-rajyaii geye sri-Preja- 
pati. . . .sandali. .man-maha. . .cha viuda. . .mmani turuvaa ikkisi satta 


At Avani (Avani hobli), on the basement of the Satrughnesvara temple. 
(The first piirt is gone) gotra srimat-KoDganivarmma-dharmma-mahadhirajas tasya 
putrah Purandar. .guua-yukto vidya-viuaya-vihita-pratapa . .-praja- palaua- 
matradhigata-rajya-(pra)pray6jan6 jadikritari-jana-nikashopala- phalo niti- 
sastrasya vaktri-kusal6 Dattaka-siitra-vritti-pranetri-sriman-Madhava-mahadhi- 
rajas tat-putrah priyo taaaye maha-guna-yukt6'neka-chaturddanta-yuddha- 
vapta-chatur-udadhi-valaya. . . srimadd-Harivarmma-maharajadhirajas tat- 
putrah dvija-guru-devata-pujana -para-ya(ra)sa Narayana-charananudhyata 
srimad-Vishuug6pa-maharajadhirajas tat - putrah(s) Tryambaka- charanambh6- 
r uha - rajai; - pavitrikrit6ttamango s va - bhu ja - bala - parakrama - kraya - krita - ra- 
jyatvam ? hemoshta-nisitasita-britti 


At Balla (Avani hobli). 
svasti Dilipayya prithivi-rajyam geyye Tribhuvanakartta. . . tapa-rajyaih geyye 


At Yedururu (Eldfiru hcobli), on a virakal behind Chikkakere. 
svasti Guvalalam Goiiguih Vauarasa ale Vegiirum Pompularh ale turu kole 
Palli Arakkaman turu vittu viltama raani 


At Mailapura (Mallanayakanahalli hobli), on a stone by the side of the channel. 
svasti sri Kundatiira tor-alivinol. . . .Salaga Tiramanda-Gavundara Muddayam 
kadi svargastan ada 



At Betamangala (Betamangala hobli), 
on a stone to the right of the Gangamma stone. 

svasti sri Saka-nripa-kalatita-sambatsarangal entu-niira-ippattaraneyolage 
Chayitra-masam ad(h)iyagi miiraneya masam pravarttisuttire Sramana-masa 
ad(h)iyage kKarbbonda Kundaunange tiiigal ippadimbar Brahmanar . . . pari 
. . .teiikal-geri mahajanam chandradityasritam salvudu dharmma ivage idan 
alido paiicha-maha-patakan akkuria 


On a stone to the left of the same stone. 
svasti Saka-nripa-kalatita-sambatsarangal eutu-nura-aruvatta-araneya varisha 
pravarttisuttam ire Bhijayadityamaugalada mahajana. . .mba dharmma Ottika- 
devaru oudu-polt obba-parvvan uiula dharmmam nadavudu idan alidorii Vara- 
nasi alidom 


At the sarae vjllage, on a piece of stone behind the Gangamma temple. 
vanvaya-sri-pri lombadhiraja 


At the same village, on the basement 
of the eastern wall of the Vijaya-Rangasvami temple. 

svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabli.a 
Pallava-kula-tilakaika-vakya srimad-Iriva-Nolambadhirajan Nulipayyana besa- 
dol svasty aneka - samara - saiighattanopalabdlia - vijaya-lakshmi-samaliiigita- 
visala-vaksha-sthala . .rana-Triuetram mada-kari-mallarii Vaidumba-sikhfi- 
mani srimad-Vikramadityan Tiruvayya Vijayadityamaiigalada piriya-kereya 
bhinna-ppratisandhanan-geydu sthirikarisi vaiydodarkke chandra-suryyar ullan- 
negarii alivu seldu biyam muttade nadayisuviragi kKay.ra mahajanam 
aiynurbarg Vijayadityamangala-niaha-gi'amadol kudal Kannaniiru Maniyura 
chatus-simeyindolagada bitta-kattuma kottam i-dharuimakk aranuni ahitam 
nenevatarii paiTcha-maha-patakau akku 


16 2 Bowrinffpet Talnq. 

svan datum suraahachchliakyam duhkham auyarttha-palauam 
danaiiiva. palauaiii veti danach-chhreyonupalauaiii n 


On a stone in front of the same temple- 

subham astu svasti srl vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1450. 

anavarata pujitarada sri-vija 

Krishiia-Rayara (reat iiiegible) 


At the same temple, on the wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yaudu ayiratt-iru-nurr-oru-padu senra Sarvadhari-samvar- 

sarattu Appasi Kaundiua-gotrattu na Virriru-perumal ni. . 


7 («) 
At the same place. 

(Grantha aud Tarail charactors.) 

nilam iru-kandagamum .ta m nilam .kandaga- 

mum akki nilam aru-kandagaraum kaikondu ettu-ttiru-vilakku vaippadagavum 

i-ttanma sandiraditta-varai selva ga kudutten Vasarena i-ttanmattai 

alivu-seydavan Geiigai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai-kkonran papattilc pugakkadavan 

7 ih) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-aiidu llQSsenra Yuva-varushattu uttarayanattu Ilavanji- 
nattu Vijayaditta-mangalattu Virrirunda-perumalukku ivv-uril bhagasvami- 
galil Harita-gotrattil Talakkuttai Virrirunda-pijlai magan Ilaiya-peruraal va- 
chcha sandi-vilakku I Senai-mudaliyar tiru-munbe sandiraditta-varai selvad-aga 
ubhaiyam-aga-kkudutta pon 1 kku paga-vatti palisaikku i-kkuyilil nauibimar Kau- 
sika-gottirattu nalattonr-udaiya Tiruvengada-bhattanum Kasyapa-gottirattu 
Narayana-bhattanum kaikkoiulu tiru-vilakku rauttamal erikkakadavOm i- 
ttanma Sri. .shnavar rakshai 

Bowrinffpet Taluq. 163 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti srimanu-maha-manflalesvara Talaikkadu Kongu Nangali Nulambapadi 
Vanavasi Panungal-kottai-kkoncla bujahala vira-Gauga-pratapa-sri-Narasinga- 
Poysala-Devar suka-samkata-vinodadim pritivi-rajyam -panniy- arulanirka sri- 
manu-maba-sarvadikari samasta-senapati Amaresvara-dandanayakkar Vijai- 
. . . .maiigalattile padaividu-katti irunda nalil Sarvajitu-sammarcbarattu Ani- 
masattu Paunnamiyum Nayiiru-kkilamaiyu Mula-uakshatramum perrav-anru 
Mana. .lalvarkku Pirattiyai kaliyanam-pannuvichcbu de. . . .devarkkum tiru- 

ppadi-marrukkum piisai-f)unaskarattukku sha-masauangal pakka.Peri- 

yeri-kile mudal-madaiyile ponn-ara ittu mann-ara kondu devadanani akki- 
kkudutta pumiyavadu. .pu Virrirunda-perumal tiruvidaiyattattil ayiraii-guliy- 
udane serttu migaiya ninra kuli aimbadu. . .kilai miilaiyile. .ndu itta kuli 
nalpattanjum ti 


At the same village, on a rock at the eastern outlet of the tank. 

(Grantha and Taniil charaoters.) 

svasti sriman-maba-pradhana sarvadhikari senadbipati periya-padavala- 
chChokkimayan Gamgapadi tombattaru-sasiramuni dushta-nigrahamum sishta- 
paripalanamum panni-tTamaraichcheruvali. .1 Nangili padaividu-seydu utta- 
rayana-samkramattil Aditya-varamum Amavasyaiyum perra maha-tithiyil 
dinanatha-visishtarku maha-danam-panni irundu Vijayaditya-mangalattu maha- 
tatakam aneka-kalam jirnnamay-irunda idattu Yuva-samvatsarattu eriyaiyu 
snigdham-aga katti pasapuriyun-jeyvittu periya tumbufi-jeyvittu Durgaiyar 
koyilum eduppittu Durga-devikku amudupadi nittam iru-nali arisi erraikkun- 
jelvad-aga Mudalakkattil vitta kuli munnuru kilai-pPeriya-Semmukkiyil vitta 
kuli niiru aga kuli nanurum viduvittu maha-gramattaiyum su-pratishtatam 
akki tannudeya. . . .1 chandrarka-sthayigala-mannam pauninan sri-Vishnu- 
varddhana-Deva-Garudan anaperiya-padaivala-cbChokkimayyan — 
Samkhakhyam sahasa nripam saha Pa . . . . ttam tu jitva rane 
banddhva mrishta-tatakam atra Vijaiyadityabhidbana svayam 
Kanchi-Komkadhipau vijitya tarasa labdhva gajan uttaman 
srimad-Vishnuvivarddhanasya Garudas Sokkiti namajayat n 


At Nallur (same hobli), in the Nattada hola. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

Om svasti sri svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithivi-vallabha maha-rajadhi- 
raja raja-paramesvara parama-bhattaraka Dvaravati-pura-varadhisva(ra) Yadava- 


164 Boivringpet Taluq. 

kulambara-dvimani sarYajna-chuclamani mala-raja-raja malaporulu gancla ganda- 
beruucla kadhana-prachanda ekaiiga-vira hasahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi Giri- 
durgga-malla chaladamga-Rama vairipa-kanclirava Makadha-rajya-nirmulaka 
Pandya-kula - samuddharana Chola-rajya - sthapanacharya nissamga - pradapa- 
schakravatti Hosala-sri-vira-Vallala-Devar iirithivi-rajyam-panni arula..ruka 
Isvara-samvatsarattu Pamguni-masam . . . srimanu-maha-pradanan Dati-Singe- 

dhannayakkar " tambiyar Val nan maha-pra nji- 

nattil Vijayadita-mangala- ppurril Tollanpalliy-ana Rupa-Narayana-Vallala- 

nallurkku adaitta nanje. .iljai nar-pa. . . .1 devar danam nokki. . .ru. . 



At Raraasagara (Ramasagara hobli), on a stone lying in front of the 
Parvati temple in the enclosure of the Virnpakshesvara temple. 

subham astu svasti si-i vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1367 ueya Raktakshi- 
samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 5 lii srimatu Annappa-Vocleyaru Bukkasagarada 
Prasanna-Virupaksha-devarige kotta dharraa-sasanada kramav ent endacle 
sriman-niaharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa purva-paschima-dakshi- 
na-samudradhisvara gaja-bentekara sri-vira-Pratapa-Deva-Raya-maharaya. . . 

pritivi-1'ajyam geyyutt iralu Mulavayi-rajyadalu Bukkasagara- 

da vira-sri ya vivara (here come detaii8) a-totavaih srikaryake 

ma aramane sarvamanyavagi ya- 

maharayarige bek endu samvatsarada Kartika arama- 

nege kotlev agi amrita-padige tirunala-muntada 

karyakke rma-sasana . . sthani 


At the same village, on the north wall of the Cbaunakesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoterB.) 

Ilaiyur kilavan Vira-Rarau-ppillai itta panam 15 


At Tallappajli (same bobli), on a stone near the holageri. 
svasti asesha-bhuvaua-vidita-Gaiiganvaya-stuyamana-manodaya sri-Madhava- 
Muttarasar Elenagar-nnacl-elpattum Avanya-nadu-miivattum Ponkundu- 
panaeraclum aluttu[mi]re Mahavali-Banarasara mege pacle vogi Koyattur 
iridalli Kogaliya okkal sri-Ermmeyara maga Bolva-Gauga-Gamundan iridu 
bildan ataiige Palpaduvinul pacluvana kereyul Tamarekattin-kelage miivattu- 

Bowringpet Talnq. 165 

gulam kalani kalnadu sarvva-pariliara prasadaiii geydar (usuai impreoaiion «nd 
finai verse) Tayalur-kkammarar-magan Perannan negaldan 


At the same village, on the pedestal of the SomSsvara temple. 

(Nagari charaoters.) 

svasti srt vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana 1412 neya Saumya. . .sam- 

vatsarada Pushya-su 7 sriman-maha-mandalesvara Katbari-Saluva 

vanara (rest e£faced) 


At Kodigehalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Gopalasvami temple. 

(N4gart oharactere.) 

subbam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-(2 lines gone) . . . . paramesvara purva- 
daksbina-pascbima-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa-Vijaya-bhupati-raya-maha- 
rayara kumara sriman-maba-mandalesvara sri-vira. . .rigi. . . .yaru Muluvaya 

ra makalu Yoga ent endare Muluvaya- 

sime agrabarav agi sandu vaba 

sri-Somanatba-devara maha-mabi Somanatba-devara sannidbiyali 

natbapurava madi nima manyavagi. , . 

(back) maga-dere kula ganike-mun- 

tagi purvaya-apurvaya-sajala-suvarnadaya aksbina-agami-siddha-sadbya- 

asbta-bboga-tejas-vamya du-sabitavagi sarvavii sa. .vagi sarvamanyavagi 

a-cbandrarka-stbayiyagi anubhavisudu yendu kota dharma-sasana (uauai finai 

verses and imprecntory phrases) 


On a stone at the houiidary of the two villages, Sundarapalya and 
Gandlapalli (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sakkiravarttigal sri-Kul6ttunga-S61a-Devarku yandu irubatt-elavadu 
Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Ilanagar-nattu-pParpaduvil ivv-eri kalluvittan Sola- 
mandalattu Arumoli-deva-vala-uattu-kKannavidu Mukkannangudaiyan Adich- 
cban Kappa-devan ana Narpattennayira-nilam . . ivv-eri Nana-desiyau 


At Rayasandra (same hobli), on a stone near the holag^eri. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

subbam astu Sakabdam ayirattu-munnurru-onbadin mel sellaninra Vibbava- 
samvatsarattu utarayana-samkramattu desa-kalattile svasti sriman-maha-man- 

166 Boivringpet Takiq. 

dalisvaran hariraya-vibliata bhashege tapuva rayara gamda sri-vira-Harihara- 
raya-kumarau Iminadi-Bulikanna-udaiyar Mulavayil padaivittile prithivi- 
rajyam-pannaninrakalattile udaiyar valukkum tolukkum nanr-ambadikku svasti 
sri Muvaraya vi. .vasamkaran miivarayar-athisvara-nayanar Virappa-nayakkar 
kumaran sri-Vengada-nayakkar tambiyar Nageya-nayakkar stisva Nigarili- 
Sola-mandalattu Ilavanji-nattu-pPalpaduvil simaiyil Dakshiiia-vira . .ttil Garu- 
daveriy-ana Irama-samudrattai siddham-aga-kkattivitta Alanguttai Valandan- 
kuttaiy-aua Naga-samudramum Iraya-samudrattu vada-kodiyil tala-kollai . . 
1 kalukku-tterkkil tala-kollaiyum kalani tirutti-kkolvadagavum kilakku Kon- 

dalar-kuttaiyil vada-kodi-mavil . . .mettukku merkku Merandai kudi 

kku kilakku terkku-chChamanakkaran-palli ellaikku 
inikku terkku inda simaikk-ulppatta uanjai puiijai nar-pal-ellaiyura sarvama- 
nyam-aga dhara-purvam aga padinaru bhagam aga vittom idil bhagattayam gi'a- 
madhidevataiy-ana udaiyarku bhagam 1 Perumaluku bhagam 1 Kasyapa-gotra- 
ttil IravCir Varadar bhagam 2 sri-Bhasai Gautama-gotrattu upadhyar Mandala- 
purushar bhagam 1 Bharadvaja-gotrattu Tatamburattu Hastigiri-nadar bha- 
gam 1 Kundinya-gotrattu Kumandur Narayanappanavar bhagam ^ Gautama- 
gotrattu sri-Bhasai Ilaiya-perumal bhagam i Bharadvaja-gotrattu Tatambura- 
ttu Sokkar bhagam 1 Gautama-gotrattu .sri-Bhasai sri-Ranganatar bhagam 1 

ttu Shathamarushana-gotrattu Irattaimudali bhagam 1 Bharadvaja-go- 

trattu Tatamburattu Sokkar bhagara 1 Kuudina-gotrattu Gomathattu Varudar 
Allalanadar bhagam 1 Kundina-gotrattu Gomathattu Alagiya Manavala-peru- 
nial bhagam 1 Kapi-gotrattu Kundur Mannfi. Varadar bhagam 1 Atrayi-gotra- 

ttu Mangaliir bhagam Attri-gotrattu M. .galur Pranatattiharan bhagam 

1 Gantama-gotrattu sri. . .uppar bhagam 1 Kasyapa-gotrattu Soyur Varadar 
bhagam irandukkul Iramarkum sama-bhagam onrum Bharadvfija-gotrattu 
Tattamburattu Hastigiri-nadar . . .ttira. .koncla bhagam 1 aga deva-bhagam 2 
Nandigrama-bhagam 14 subham astu.dana-palanayor madhye danat si'ey6nu- 
palanam danat svargam avapnoti palanad-achchutam padam 


At Madivala (Kyasamballi hobli), 
on the basement to the north of the door of the Svayambhavesvara temple. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1387 neya 
Parthiva-samvatsarada Jeshtha-ba 10 lu srimatu Muluvayi-rajyakke saluva 
Eluvaiiji-nada olagana Kesambalada Madavalada sthanada Svayambhunatha- 
devarige Mulavaya Jannarasaru podamatu kota dharma-sasauada kramav ent 

endare Mulavaya-rajyada devasthanagalinda aramanege ettibaha vari 

vibhuti-ganike hounu kadayada-hiituvaliyanu devara dipa-uaiyivedya-anga- 
rauga-bhoga-tirunala-mahotsava- tiruvaui-muntadavake Mallikarjuna-Raya- 

Bowringpet Taliiq. 167 

maharayarige darmmavagi bitu darmma-sasanagalanii barasi-koda heli Vira- 
Saiiga-Raja-Vode (atops hcre) 


Around the basement of the same temple. 
svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1393 neya Khara-samvatsa- 
rada Pushya-ba 30 suriya-grahanadalu siinian-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Virui)aksha-Ra,ya-mabarayaru rajyani geiita-yiralu 
sriman-maha-mandalesvaraiii medini-misara ganda Kathari-Saluva Saluva-Nara- 

siiiga-Raja-Vodayarige darmmav agabek endu Yisvari-Nayakaru Ela 

Madavalada Svayam devarige tapavanu valayisuvadake Yisvari- 

Nayakara nayakatanake saluva Hiriya-Kasambalada gramadalu nayakara 
nirupa-pramanagi Betamaiigalada adhikari Liiiga-Rajanu yi-Kasambalada 

simeya volage (detaiis of boundaries) tri-kaladalu ola- 

yisikondu yiha hage kataliyanu madi nadaiitta yiralagi Singarasa-apayanavaru 
yi-Bhavasi- vadayanu nadasuta yiralagi Betamangalada . . . . [Si]ngarasaru 

baralagi stanadavaru bandu yi-simege la-stapanavanu madi devara 

satiyali paiichangadavara dharrama-sasanavanii barasikodabeku endu koral 
agi Siiigarasaru a-chatii-simeyanu madisi adake nuidre masakhara 


On the basement to the right of the doorway of the same teraple. 

Yiravi Hariyapa-arasarige sammukhada apaneyali niriipava kotadake namma 

Nanjamma sasanavanu barasikoda heli Hariyapa-arasa ma hesara- 

lu niriipava kalibida sammanda a-nirupa-pramanage Kesambalada Mada- 
valadadevastanadalu aramanege hatibaha viblmti-ganike (further detaiie) yi-khandu- 
gada yibalavanu . . . Svayambhunatha-devara puje-punaskara-nayivedya-aiiga- 
ranga-bhoga-amrutapadi-tirunalu-mahotsavada -tirupani-muntada srikarya 
sarvamanya sarvatidaravagi bitevagi a-cliandrarka-stayiyagi Svayambhunatha- 
devara sri- karyake sala. . .ad endu podaraatu kota dbarma-sasana yi-sasanake 
(usuai imprecatiou) yi-sasanake adikavagi yidu barasidavaru Athavane-Devarasara 
makalu Timmarasaru 


On the southern side of the same place. 
srimau-niaha-pradhanarada Tipparasayyanavaru nammage saluva Jakarasana 
kasbada gramavanu Svayambhunatha-devara amrutapadige (stopa here) 

168 Bowringpet Taluq. 


At the same temple, left side of the doorway. 

(Grantba and Tamil characterii.) 

mandalasvaran hariraya-viblia . .n bliashaikku tappuva rayar gandan ira- 

jadirajan irasa-pa . . . svaran dhisvaran sri - vira-Harihara-i'ayar 

kumaran Devaraya-udaiyar brithuvi-rajyam-pauni arulaninra sa 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaraeters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-iru-nurru-oru-pattu-ainju senra nal sarva- 
bhfiraa sakkaravattigal sri-P6.sala-vira-Iramanata-Devarku yandu muppatton- 
badavadu Vijaya-samvatsarattu Purattadi-niada-mudal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu 

Ilavanji-nattu Kesavan-parvatattu udaiyar Svayambhu-na kkodiy-itta-na- 

yanarkku Iramanata-Devar kumara Manjeya-maguttarena i-devar tiru-menikku 
nanr-aga-ttevar tiru-nakshatrattu-chChadaiyam tirttam aga-kkanda Purattadi- 

tirunalukkun-diruppanikkum udal-aga marudaka ppunsey nar- 

pal-ellaiyum menokkina maramun-ginok ga-chchandiraditta-varai selvad- 

aga vitten i-ttanmattai 


At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Grantha anJ Tamil charactcrs.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yantlu ayirattu-munnurru-enbaiiju sellaninra kalattu Sittira- 
banu-varusa.m W.igasi. .dal sriman -maha-muva-irayar gandan bashaikku- 
ttappuva irayar gandan Deva-iraya-maha-irayar kumaran Malikarchuna-irayar 
siiigadanattu tiribuvana-Kattari-Saluvan Narasiiiga-irasa-udai ma maha-pa . . 
karan Tirumalai. .nna-talapar palanaiyil Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Mulavayil 
irukkum Arayalamalla-iraguttar magan Tamma-irattareua Kesavan-palla- 
ttai enna . . . .-ttanattu . . Tirumalai-anna-talapala . . . yil merpadiy-uril Suvindavai 
.yan ubaiyam aga merpadi . . . sellum nilam udaiya Vadasan kayil Ponnayan 
kollai nilam kandaga inda nilam kandagamum inda-ttiru-madaivilagattil irutt- 
idai-kkolmudal Talal-maduttalai manatta Tammanan inda 

nilam ulladu kaikkondu Avudaiyar amadu nayanar pa.tan.tirunal 

mfinran-tirunalil undana vechcham uljadu.ittu anta . . . . . nayanmarukkum 

aniudum padai vena nadattakadavar aga-chchandiraditta- varai 

sarvamanibam aga vitten inda-ttanmattai yavan oruttan marrivan Gengai- 
karaiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonran papattile vilakkadavan i-ttanmam irasapin 

Bowringpet Taluq. 1G9 

85 («) 

At the same place. • 

(Graiitlia and Taniil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayittu-iru-niirru-oruttu-ainju senra nal sarvabhuvaua- 
chchakkaravatti vira-Iramana-Devarku yanclu narpattu-onravadu Manmata- 
samvarsarattu-pPurattadi-madam mudal Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Ilavailji- 
nattu-kKesavan-pallattu udaiyar Svayambhu-nayakar Adi-kkodi-itta-nayanar- 
ku Kesavan-pallattu-pPeriya-eriyil devadanam uikki pandaram ana nilamum 
idukku utpatta maramum kinarum devar tiru-menikku nanr-aga santraditta- 
varai devadanam-figa vitten Iradeva-kumaraManjaya-mavuttarena inda-ttanma- 
ttai irangal-seyidavau Geiigai-karaiyil kura-pasuvai-kkonra pavattile vilakka- 
davau sri-Mahesvara-rakshai svabham astu 

25 (i) 
At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri yaudu narpattu-onravadu Arpasi-mada-mudal i-nnayanar devadana- 
chchekkil eniiaiyauadu munnal ei'iyun-jandi-vilakk-eriyavum sekkilakkittai3'-ana 
irai devar tiru-menikku nanr-aga Mudaliyar tiru-munbu oru tiru-nandilvilakku 

erivadagavum Pusakiraikku-kkilil Dasankuttai. .uir-panja nilaii-gu Ga. 

da-G6i)ala-sandikku-chchandiraditta-varai selvad-aga vitten Iramana-Deva- 
kumara MaiT(ja)ya-maguttarena inda-ttanmattai ilanganam-pannina avan 


At the same place, south side. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-andu (y)ayiratta-iru-nuri;u-irubadu sellaninra nalil Visuva- 
vari-varusattu-kKattigai-mada-mudal Ilavan-nattu udaiyar Suyambu-nayi- 
narku mudaliyar Kuttadun-devaiku nanr-aga Urigayattil Karuppulan Perra- 
pillai magan Nachchiyalavan vaitta tiru-nundiivilakku onrukku vitta pasu- 
ppanniranduii Munnaru. .diyir Siva-pPiramanarum kaikkondu sandiradhitta- 
varai seluttakkadavom 


At the same place, south side. 

(Grantlia and Tamil charactors.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-irunurru-orupatt-anju sellaninra kalattu 
sarvabhuvana-schakravatti sri-Poysala-vira-Iramana-Devarku yandu luuppattu- 


170 Boivringpet Taluq. 

onbadu avadu Arpasi-masa-mudal Tiruppalliyarai-Nachcliiyarkku amudu 
padikku arisi. .vvulakkum Periya-mudaliyarku amudupadikku arisi muv-ula- 
kkum aga arisi oru kulagamum patra-sesha-arisi oru kulagamu Mahasvararku 
irandu odukkum nattavarku oru odukkum nittam ippadi selvadaga ivv-iiril 
irai adai iratti pala varivu puttirai pudu..nikkai marrum epperpattanavum 
sarvamaniyam aga vittom Ijavanji-nattu-pPeriya-uadavaru Vanakiyadaiyarum 
i-ttanmattukku lenganam-pannina avan Gengai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai- 
kkonran Brahmavatti i-ttanmam sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the same place, south side. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srioianu-maha-pradhunan Dati-Siiigaya-dannayakkar tambiyar Vallappa- 
dainiayakkar valukkum tolukkum nanr-riga Praiuadi-varushattu Sittirai-mada- 
mudal ivar ayattukkum magamaikkum kadava Karikala-Sola-Nerumur-nattu- 
velan Kambarum Ponnur Mannai-devaramamugiyan Suriya-Jevarum Tenna- 
vadaraiyan Sirariga-pperumalum Malaiyannan Vasandaiyum Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalattu Ilavaiiji-nattu-kKesavan-parvatattu udaiyar Jayambu-nayana. . . . 
. .urgalukkuui adaitta pattadai-surigam tan}'-ii;ai tattar-ppattam Asuvam aula- 

mbala rigai kudirai-chcharigai idukk-adaitta pala raagamaiyu utpada- 

kkaikkondu sandiraditta-varai mu m aga-kkuduttom i-nnalvarom inda- 

ttanmattai marrinavan Geriga-ka 


At the same place, west side. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu ayiratt-iru-nui\v-elu sellaninra Dharuiia-samvarsarattu 
Pariguni-masa-mudal Ilavanji-nattu Pudaviiril irulikum vellalaril Kallagara- 
Pudavur velar Madevar magan Vayirandaiena Avadaiyar Svayambhu-naya- 
karkku-ttiruvottasamattukku tiruv-amudu-padikku-kkudutta pon nalukku- 
Xjponn-onrukku-ppalisai paga-vattiy-aga madam onrukku nal onrukku naliy- 
arisi-yay amudupadi uriyum patra-sesham uriyum seluttuvom aga i-kkoyil 
Siva-Brahmanaril Gautama-gotrattu Saivachariyan Sarikara-devar magan 
Virunda-battarum i-kkottirattu-cliChariga-battar magan Kamba-battarum 
Bharadvaja-gotrattu Nelli-bhattar magan Nailli-bhattarum i-ppon kaikkondu 
pon onrukku paga-vattiyal vanda palisaikku chandraditya-varai amudu . .selutta- 
kkadavom ivv-anaivom i-ttanma sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 

Boivrinf/pet Taluq. 171 


At the same place, north and west sides. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu ayiratt-iru-nun;-elu sellaninra Dharana-samvarsarattu- 
pPaiiguni-masa. .dal Kaiiclii-puradipan Tatasudran Kachchivannakkan Vana- 
kirai-udaiyar Sokka-nayan magan Sirunayanena Avudaiyar Syayambhu-naya- 
narku oru tiru-nandavilakkukku nalu ponnum kuduttu Vanakiraiyile kandaga- 
kkalaniyum vitten ponn-onrukku-ttingal paga-vattiyal vanda palisai panam 
onrukku sandiraditya-varai tiru-nundavilakk-erikkakadavom i - si- Mahesvara- 


At the saine place, north side. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayarattu-irunurru-enbattirandu sellaninra kalattu 
svasti si-i bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara gandan sattiyattukku-ttappuva rayara 
gandan Kattari Saluvan vira-Bukkanna-udeyar kumarar Kampanna-udaiyar 
kumaran Kattaiya-nayakkar Vikari-varushattu Vaigasi-madai-mudal udaiyar 
Sembu -nayinarku tiruvottasamam amudu-seyya amudupadikku Kesavan- 
pallattil Kamakattil mudal-madaiyil vitta kalani niunrinal kulagam panni- 
randum periy-eri vada-kadaiyil kilai-kkoUaiyum Karuppadi-kkollaiyum idan 

merkil Vatti-kkollaiyum n kuttai ulleriyil terkil koUaiyura sanna tarum 

va. . kku melai-mfilaiyil sanna tarum i-kkalani koUai adangalum 

Mudigavichchara Vasaiidai kadi niiiga devadanam aga tam payir-seyidu iru- 

talai-varamum kkaikkondu nal onrukku iru-nali arisi alakka ku 6r-odukku 

uri arisi soru perakkadavaragavum i-kkalani nir-kkil nilam nina- 

van vauksham nirmmiilam am i-ttaumam Kattai 


At the same place, north side. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoterfl.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-orunurr-enbattu-nal-ana Dunmati-samvatsara- 
ttu-pPauguni-masa-mudal Jayamkonda-Sola Ilavaiijiya-rayar ana Kiittadun- 
devar maganar Siru-Vasudevar nambirattiyar ana Brahraadhirajan Selvandai 
magalar Settalvarena udaiyar Svayambhu-nayanarku-ttiru-nandavilakk-onru 
sandraditya-varai selvadaga nan kudutta pon pattum i-kkoyilil Siva-Brahma- 
naril Gautama-gotrattu Saivacharyar Viruda-bhattan magan Sankara-devarum 
ik-gotrattu Sauga-bhattan maga.Svayambhu-bhattaru Bharadvaja-gotrattu Pe- 


172 Bowrinf/2)et Taluq. 

riyalvar magan Mara-bhattarum i-ppon kaikkondu poa ourukku-ppaga-vatti- 
yal vanda polisaikku-ttiru-naudavilakku sandiraditya- varai seluttakkadavom 
ivv-anaivom i-ddhamam pan-Mahesvara-rakshai i-ddhammattai lam .... pannina- 
van Gengai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonran papam-kolvan 


At the same place, north side, 

(Grantha and Tamil oliaraoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-iru-niirru-oru-patt-aiiiju sellaninra kalattu 
sarvabhuvana-sakkaravatti sri-P6sala-vira-Ramanada-D6varku yandu muppatt- 

A A 

ettavadu Tai-madam mudal-ttiyadi nal Kesavan-pallattu Avudaiyar Adi-kodi- 
itta-nayanarkku siru-kalai-sandikkum uchchi-sandikkum andu onrukku amudu- 
padikku nellu aimbattunar-kkandagattukku pattira-sesham arisi nali-uri- 
yum amudu-padikku arisi nali-uriyum seluttavum Tai-ttirunalaikku pon iruba- 
du panam onrum aga-ppon irubattainju panam anjukku ivv-uril Siva-pPirama- 
nar si-kariyaii-jeyvaru irukkum pon irubattainju panam ailjum vitten Kaiichi- 
puradipan Kachchivannakkan Vanakirai-udaiyar Sokka-nayan magan Viruda- 
Murari Ainayan tanraam ippadi seyyum idattu siru-kalai-sandi amudupadi 
Vanakirai-udaiyararkku odukku uchchi-sandi amudu desantarigalukku odukku 
i-ttaummat. .kkonran Pimavattiyile vilakkadavar agav-idu.Mahesvara-ra. . . 


At the same place, on the somasfttra. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu ayiratt-oru-niirru-ttoninirr-iraridavadu nadakkinra 
Sukkira-sammachcharattu Sittirai-masattu Jayangonda-S61a Ilavaiijiya-rayan 
Kuttadun-devar maganar Ilaiya-Vasudevar prithuvi-rajyattil Nigarili-S61a- 
mandalattil Ilavanji-nattu Kesuvan-pallattu tiru-madaivilagattu Alavudaiyar 
Sambu-nayakar koyilil paiichangattil eluttu-vettina padi IlavaiTji-nattil santa- 
nam-illav- udaimai nalu-uattil niyayattarkun-jantanam - illav-udaimai tanmam 
aga saudiraditta-varai kollakkadavom i-ttanma Siva-pada-sekara-pperumal ana 
Ilavaiijiya-rayar irakshai 

At the same temple, on the wall to the left of the doorway of the Parvati temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oru-nurr-aimbatta-nalavadu nadakkinra Khara- 

A ^ N, 

samvatsarattu Ani-masattu Jayangonda-Sola Ilavaijjiya-rayan ana..ralvan 

Boivringpet Taluq. 173 

magan Ktittadun-devan prithivi-rajyattil ivar agambadiyaril Surriyalvan 
magan Periyudaiyan ana Tantirapalanena nayanar Svayambliu-nayanar koyilu- 
kkullu tiru-ppurakkudaiyil o. .tiru-nandavilakku vaittu (y)idukku-ppoliv-utt-aga- 
kkudutta ponn-onbadu (y)i-pponn-onbaduu-gondu seluttakkadavom i-kkoyilil 
Siva-Brahmanaril Gautama-gotrattu-tTeva-battan magan Svayambhu-battanum 
i-kkotrattu-chChanga-battan magan Svayambhu-battanum Bharadvaja-gotrattu 
Periyalvar magan Mara-battanum i-mnuiv6muii-jendraditta-varai tiru-nanta- 
vilakku . . . . kkadavom anom (y)idu-kkaikko.d-iduv6m idu pan-Mahesvara- 

35 (i) 
At the same place, right side of the doorway. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoterB.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oru-nurru-aimbatt-onravadu nadakkinra Sarva- 

dhari-sa ttu Jayarigonda-Sola Ilavanjiya-rayan ana Maralvar magan 

Kfittadun-devan prithivi-rajya . . 1-ivar agambadiyaril Surriyalvan maga Nira- 

iiinjanu . . ndi-pPeriyudaiyan ana Tantirapalanum ivv-iruvomum 

niyarkum kum. . .risiyu .... nila kkudutt6m ivv-iruvo . . . na- 

mun-gondu seluttakkadavom .... pala kkum motta vadu sri- 

Mahes vara-r aksh ai 

35 (c) 

At the same place. 

(Grantba and Tamil oharacters.) 

riyil mudal-madaiyil tumbum i-vvS,ykkalukku-tterkil.kalani 

nurr-aimbadu kuliyum aga. kku airi-gandaga nellum-i kku nalu-panamum 

rku-kkaikkond6m i-kkoyilil Siva-Brahmanaril Gautama-gotrattu . . 

battan magan Sayambu-battanum i-kkottirattu-chChariga-battan magan Sey- 
ambu-battanum Bharadvaja-g6trattu Periyalvar magan Mara-battanum i- 
mmuvomum santraditta-varai seluttakkadavom idu pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 

35 (d) 
At the same place, inside. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Tuvarapati-nadan . . . . dai magan Sangandai Nayakarku vaichcha 
sandi-vilakku onru 

174 Boivringpet Taluq. 

35 (e) 
At the same place. 

(Orantlia and Tamil oharaoterB.) 

svasti sri Tuvarapati-nadan Vima . . . . ma . Saugandai rku oru sandi- 

vilakku vaichclien Jambu-nayakarku 

At the same place, left side of doorway, inside. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Irasapuratt-amaichchan Sottaiyalvar magan Puliyalvarena. . . 
pallattu-chChoyambu-nayanarku i . ta kom . irandu 

35 (» 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Tuvarapati-nadan . . . .va-nayakkan magan Sanda.dan. . . .atta. 


On a stone in the wall of the same temple. 
subham astu Parthiva-saiiivatsarada Kartika-sudha-uthaua-dvadasilu Svayambhu- 
natha-devara Parvati-deviyarige nanda-dipakke Valurahaliya sime ura mundana 
alada hola kha \ mavinakariiii koteya hola kha Jq (■'^^' iiiegibie) 


At the same temple, on the pillars of the mantapa leading to the Farvati temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yancl-ayiratt-oru-nurru-nai;pattonbadavadu se nada- 

kkira Sarvaji-samvai;sara(ra)ttu-pPangini-masattu Jayaiigonda-Sola Ilavan. .ya- 

rayan ana Kuttadun-devan prithivi-rajyattil ivar 1 Periyudaiyan ana 

Tantirapalanena nayanar devarku siru-kalai-chchandikku aniudupadi. . . 

ten aru ponnal vanda polisai kondu nitan naliy-arisi seluttakkadavom i- 
kkoyil Siva-Brahmanaril Gautama-gotrattu Viru. .battanum i-kkottirattu Saiiga- 
. . . .Bharadva. . .gotrattu Kali-battanum aga i. . .u-gondom saudiraditta-varai 
seluttakkadavom idu pan-Masvara-rakshai 

Bowrinfipet Taluq. 175 

37 (i) 

At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Jayangonda-Sola Ilavanjiya - rayan Kuttadun-devar magan Ilaiya 
Vasudevar pratuvi-rajyattil udaiyar Svayambhu-nayakarku Ilavanji-nadum 
Ilauagar-nattilum ulhi Pagalmariyuii-Juljikudiyu. .kannalattil i. rand-idatta 
i. . .ku pauamun-gudutta pattoru-panamum ivai nayanarku kuduttom i-ttanma- 
ttai irakkunavan Geiigai-kkaraiyir-kural-pasuvai 

37 (c) 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

melai miilai kunrangallum madaparaiyum vadakku erikku-ppay 

• . nir-ttal .kku-kkilakkum eri . . vaykku-tterkuii-jimaiy-aga vittu-ttiruppadimarru- 
kkum tiruna. .dikkum pala-padi-nimandakkarar jivitattukkuii-Ke. .n-pallattu- 
ppidagai Kannaniir ana Jayambu-nayaka-nalluru . .m si. . ppidagai . . . . ki . . 
yana Tandonisvara-nalliirum Veli. .ya-mangalattu-ppidagai Maran-kuttaiy-ana 
Siva-pada-.sekara-nalliirum Pasakiraiyum idukku-kkudiyiruppu vadakkir-ko . yir- 
punseyum ivaiy-ellam devadanam sarva-pariharam aga vitten ivv-ur periy-eri- 
kil iraiiga. .m-ittan merkil. .mbukku merku mudal-madaiyil oru veli nilamum 
Urigayatt-eri-kil Nulambakattilum . .kattilum aga oru veli nilamum 
riya-maiigalatt-eriyil vadakkir. .mbil mudal-madaiyil ayiraii-guliyum Kuva. . 
mangalatl-eri-kil mudal-madaiyil iru-niiru-kuli. . . sikkai-eri-kil mudal-madaiyil 
iru-nuru-kuliyum ivv-ur ka. .nda eri. .mudal-madaiyii iru-niiru-kuliyum ida 

38 («) 

At the same place. 

(Grautha and Tamil charactere.) 

svasti sri Kaiichi-puradipan antara-siittiran Vannakkan Saiigandarasau Mara- 
siiigan Siva-pada-sekaran aua Jayangonda-Sola Ilavanjiya-rayan Jayambu-uaya- 
kar koyilil nirutta-mandapamun-diru-nadai-maligaiyun-diru-madilun-diru-kko- 
puramuii-jeyvittu i-kkoyilukku vendun-dirumenigalum elund-aruluvittu-ppa- 
rikala-parichchinnangalun-diru-uaudavilakku nalum vaittu nimaudakkarar 
Saivachfiriyan mudal aga Siva-Brahmanar nalvarum nattavau mudal aga ugai- 
chcha . . yavarun-devar-adiyar irubattu-nfilun-Diruppadiyam-paduvanuu-diru- 
natakam-aduvipPanum a-pPadiyara japa. . ta-homangalukku Brahmanar panni- 

176 Botvrincjpet Taluq. 

randu kudiyum Brahmaiiai'kku jivi. sesham. . .riyum vittu tiru-nandavanan- 
jeyvanun-gusakkudi iranduu-goyil-kanakk-oruvanum aga-kkudi aimbattirandum 
nayanarku-ttevai-seygaiykku sarva-pariharam aga vitten tiru-madaivilaga sii 
. . .kilai mulai kil sri vaykkalukku-tterku Manniyeri kalanikku nierkum mer- 
. .kkodikku vadakkun-de. ...... 

88 (h) 
At the same place, 

(Grantba and Taniil characterB.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-oru-niirr-enbattu-nal ana Dun . . ti-sammachcha- 
ratt-Ani-mada-mudal. .yanar Seyambu-na. .ku nayan Marandai magan Seyambu- 
nayakanena. .kkayattil Saviranatterikku-tterkil Kurukkiyile. . .ku kadaichchan 
. .fijai. .madi.mandi. . . .ttukku nal onrukk-iru-kuui nellum irandu sandi-vila- 
kkuii-jellakkadavud aga vitten i-kkoyilil Siva-pPiramanan Gautama-gottirattu 
Saivachariyan Viru.da-battan maga. .nkara-devanum Nitta-viratti . . tu . , ra 

battan magan Seyambu-batanum Parattuvasi-gotra muvo 

. takkadavom i - ttanmattaiy-irakkinan Geugai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai-lvkonran 


At Vanahalli (same hobli), on a stone behind the Gopalasvami temple. 

Saka-va 1455 neya sanda. . . .da Sravana-suddha 12 lu Achuta-Raya- 

rige dharmavagi Venkatanathana sannidhiyalii Kiilfira Rama-Rayanavaru 
Muluvagila Channa-Kesava-devarige dareyan eredu kotta Baliiranahalli-grama 


At Hulikunda (Dasarahalli hobli), on a virakal in Dimmal-dinne. 

svasti sri Dilipayya pritivi-rajya geyyuttire Pokkundada turugole Koiiga- 
maiigalada Medayya kadi sattu saggeyyada 


On a second virakal in the same place. 
svasti sriman-Ma[he]udra-Nolamba prituvi-rajyam geyuttire Pokundada turu- 
gololu .Machirayya turuva . .luchi satu saggastan ada 

BotvriiKjpet Taluq. 177 


On a third virakal in the same place. 
svasti sri Nolambadhiraja Ayyappa-Deva prithuvi-rajyam geyuttire roiikuiida 
Belmadangam sri-KaiTchi-sayi Narasiga Mangalada torugolol sattam muva- 
tibbariirii nal-gula kalaiii kottar 


On a fourth virakal in the same place. 
svasti sri Dilipayya pritivi-rajya geyutire Ponkundada torugole kadi Belura 
Madayya satta saggastan ada 


On a flfth virakal in the same place. 
svasti sri Dilipayya prituvi-rajya geyuttire Ponkundada Barandaravayya Taga- 
diira keleya kalegadole Basavayyana munde kadi sattu saggeyada itake a[y]- 

gola kalani kodailge. .(usual impreeatory plirases) 


On a sixth virakal in the same place. 
svasti samadliigata- paiicha-mabri-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha 
Nolambadhi-arasa sa....galol ire Beunagiira karvvuve Banasami-magan 
Purekaman nuiu-manasa oda pogutire Aradiyol sattan 


On a seventh virakal in the same place. 
svasti sri Nolamba prithuvi-rajya geyu 


Ou an eighth virakal at the same place. 
svasti sri Marasiiigha-Deva prithuvi-rajyarii geyyut irePo[n]kundada emme-turu- 
golo enamade Kuppana kadi sattu saggiyada 


On a ninth virakal at the same place. 
svasti sri Mahavali-Banarasa ale. .naganiya Matti 
Gangara Naga-Devan Poiikunda-paimeradum a-devaru ett-onde ivvara toruga- 
lol ikkisi Khildeva Yamilegeyarasu mattaniyu kottodu nal-gola kalani idan 
alidon pancha-maha-patakau akkurii 


178 Bowrinypet Taluq. 


At the same village, on the Chaudelvari-bande. 

(Grantha and Taniil characters.) 

Sarvari-varushattu Vaiyyadi-madam 10 ti Iramai-devar sirimaiyile Maduvara- 
sayyan sor-pa tUilamai.nitta. . .damma 


On a varalu-bande at the same village. 

Jaya-saihvatsarada j\Iargasira-su 2 lu srimatu Nikhili-Bannata-Nayakara 

Virapanu madisida khambara 


At the same village, on a rock south of the Gopalasvami temple. 

ra II stalam Timmirayappagriri kumara Banupali Raya Vyaya-samvatsa- 

ram Pushya-su 13 Mangalavaraiii Naranaya titu-vakiliki petiuamu 


At the same village, on a rock in Baicha's field. 
Pramadicha-saihvatsa[ra]-Chaitra-ba 5 lu srimatu Konama-nayani Krishnappa- 
nayanihgaru Ayappa-komarudu Chintayaku kodaga-manyam vivaraih (rest 

contains detaile of gift) 


At the same village, on a rock in betel-leaf garden. 
svasti srimat Pohkundada niiyaka Dereyapa (stops here) 


At the same village, on the basement of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Porkunrattil Torisrim-udaiyarku-kkurudai-sevakka sarattu 

Gahga-pperumal ana Uttama-Sola-kKahga podu peri....ri kil-kalukku vada- 
kkum Tedakallukku teiku tirutta vitta kuli nuru adukku-kkilakku kalukku 
vadakku Panikkuniukku-kkilakku Anaikkaraavil Perivaseruvukku merku sri- 
Piran magau Vikkiramadittanena ftrku vadakku en kuttai-kkil mudal-madaiyil 
vitta kuli nurr-aiymbadum Vilivu. r-udaiyiin Sadaiyan kuttaiyum idan vada- 
kkil puhje-nilamum Deva-Sola-suvamiyena Torisrim-udaiyarku vittora ivarrai 
irakkuvan Gehgai-karaiyil kural-pasuvai kuttinan pavattil paduvan Talaisaiya- 

Bowringpet Tahiq. 179 

rayanum Aninadamurivanum Nittanum Aganayakanum Kuttaduvanum Ka,- 
ttanum Selvanum Miidevanum Vikkiramadicliclianum Uyyavandanum Seyya- 
num Pammanum ivv-anaivonnni-gudi-ttirutti varisai-kkuUal vitta kuli aiiinuru 
ittai vilakkuvan Geiigai-karaiyil kural-pasuvai kuttinan pavattil paduvan . 
varku visesha-pusaikku vitten Perumal ana Vikkirama-Ganga-velanena Sami- 
kirai mudal-madaiyil kuli munnurum vitten peri-eriyil muda-madai tumbukku 
terkku palaiya ni. .ii-guli ainnurum 


On the bande of the same temple. 

(Grantlia and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Ganga-kulorbhavan Kaveri - vallavan 
Nandigiri-nadan Uttama-Sola-kKarigan Vira-Garigan magan Vettum .ppara- 
Bananena Kuvalala-nattil Porkundattil udaiyar. . .svaram-udaiya nayanarku 
tiruppadimarrukkum paia-padi-nimandakkararkum Silikkinum Allikuttaiyuni 
Kulaiiijanai-kuttaiyum Kougunipalliyum Navula-kuttaiyum vittu marru- 
munb-ula devadanarigalukkum avichchuppattamum nila-varivum vittu i- 
kkoyilil Siva-Bramhanarkum niraandakkararkum vala-panamura u . . panamum 

marrum ulla varivugalum on. . .kollakkadaven vena i-ttanmattai ira- 

kkuvan Gerigai-idai-kKuma . . vidai kural-pasuvai-kkonran Bramhavattiyil 
paduvan pan-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the same temple, on the south wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri maha-pradana Mudali-piljaiyum Ila-nattu Periya-nattavarum Nattan- 

ena kkunrattu . .yil TOrichchurara-udaiyarkku . . tteva-tiru-menikku 

nanr-aga oru tiru-uandavijakkukku nilam. .yuttandan-pillai-kkudu. .vitten 


At the same place, 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdara l.S.seura Pattbiva-sarivatsarattu Pariiguni-masa-raudal 

Porkunratu Nayanar T6risvai'am - udaiyarkku Tiruvanidirappakkil manu- 

maha-pradhani Silavida-dandanayaka siri-kariyatuku kadava Tiruvai-iyaru-udai- 


180 Boivringpet Taluq. 


On gavi-bande behind the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamii characters.) 

svasti sri Anamda-varushat . . . ra-uclaiyar ni- 

udaiyar Neduugal iv-tiril sri-Mulastauam-u .... vibbogha-praptiyi 


At Uriga (same hobli), on the basement of the Balasomesvara temple in the vfest. 

(Grantha aud Tamil charactcrs.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yand-ayiratt-iru-nurr-oruvadavadu sarva-puvana-chchakkira- 
vattigal P6sa|a-viray-Iramana-Devarku yandu 33 avadu Sarvachir-samvarch- 
charattu Tai-madam irubattu-nalan-diyadi Pusattu nal Urigaiyattu udaiyar 

Somana-devaruldcu ivv-uril sangattai amudupadikku santraditta-varai 

sellakkadavad-aga vitten 


At the same temple, south side. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactorB.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yan.ayiratt-oru-uurru-tonnurru-ouravadu nadakkinra Vibha- 
va-samvasarattii Nigarili-Sola-mandalatt-Ilavaiiji-natt-Urigayattil udaiyar 
Jayamkoiida-Solichchuram-udaiyarku Nayan Vengadai magan Kuttadun-devan- 
cna devadanam aga Vattakuttai Urigayattil vada-pakkil Adalikkuttaiyai .... 


At Hosakote (same hobli), 
on a stone in the enclosure v?all of the Gopalasvami temple. 
subham astu Durmukhi-samvatsarada Phalguna-bahula 10 srimatu Rayasada 
Ramachandra-devaru Vijaya-Raya-maharayarige maha-dharma 


At Bowringpet (Bowringpet hobli), in frout of the Basava temple. 

(Grautha aud Tamil characters.) 

Aiigi-varusbatu Aippadi-madam . .tiyadi udaiya. .Gangi. . . .ku Tekkal-nattavar 

Bowringpet Tnluq. 181 


At Yalavahalli (same hobli), in the Honge field. 

(Grantlia and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Hoyisala-vira-Valiala-Devarku sellaninra Isva. . Purattadi .... rva- 
pakshattu Velli-kkilamaiyum .... Ekadesiyum . . . .ual srimanu-maha. .danan 

Data-Singa. .dennayaka ruii-gudi inda eri Uavappalli 

Vaiyanna manal olukki-kkattu vitta kudaiigai idu sandira-aditta-varai i- 

nna. .kallukku uaduve 


At Karubele (same hobli), on a stone in the rakta-kodige inam field. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallava-kula-tilaka sri-prithivi-vallabha- 
Mahendradhirajani Gang-aru-sasiraman alutt ire Marangal-Odeya Kanda- 
mmayyana magan Vilagandayyanu . . . palagam torugolol satto i-kalia raadisi 
bhadisido Divakarayyanu Nagojanayyanum 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Nagarjunayyanan Vijjeyadeya magal Savin immadi sarvva-sastra- 
prasiddhi sri 


At the same village, on a stone in the hongemara-field. 
Vibhava-sariivatsarada Ashadba-ba 1 lu Karimangahada Timmappa-Nayakaru 
Karubaleya Nachappa-Gavudage kotta nettara-godage-gadde-kramav ent endare 
namage saluva Maragalla-kereya kelagana ka gaddeyanu niuage ne (rest 



At Kilukoppa (same hobli), on a boulder in Yaraguruva's field. 
srimatu Sugatura Mummadi Tama-rayanu Pandita-Balapa-Vodeyarige namma 
bhakti-priyadindallu kottanta manya hola hattu-kolagada manya hattu-kolaga 

68 (a) 

At the same village, in the kodagi-manya field. 

(Qrantha and Tatnil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-anclu ayiratt-iru-niir.r-orupattu-nalu. svasti sri sarvabhauma- 
sakaravattigal sri-Pdsala-vira-Iramana-Devarku yandu. . . . Khara-sariivatsarattu 

182 Botvringpet Taluq. 

Me. . .nayarru. . . .ttu Dvadasiyum Budan-kilamaiyum Uttirattu na..mauu- 

maha-pa. .sayitta ubaya-nana. .si taril . var ana nambi taka. .sri 

kattuvit .kkalani mu-kka mutti varku amu. 

68 (h) 

At the same village. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

ta iiiiiirr-ettukku mer-chella sekk-irai. . . 

i.....irai tattar-ppattam . . m-avichcbu-ppattam sarigai marrum epperpatta 
varivugalum vitta kunda ttu. . .hauaiti . .va kku sandiradi 


At Benganuru (Bowringpet hobli), on a rock to the west of wasteweir of the tank. 

Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1399 ya Vilambi-samvatsarada. . . .ba 30 

. . . ari-raya-vibbada bhtishege tappuva rayara ganda sri-Viru- 

paksba-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyam geyutt iralu (rest effaced) 


At Mayigere (same hobli), on a stone below the tank. 
Jaya-sariivatsara-Phalguna-su 1 lu srimatu Anantappayanavaru Magereya kere- 
ya kelage Nalapa-Gaudagu Kempana-Gaudagu kota katu-kodige Pavuchikala- 
Nayakanu kota-gade-stalake kha li aksharadalu muvattu-kolaga yidake bija- 
vari bedigeyali sarvamanya (usuai imprccatory phrases) 


At Maragallu (same hobli), on a stone near the village entrance. 

Sadharana-samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 1 lu sriman-mabrirajadhirrija paramesvarar 
. , . .-raya katbari-Trinetra purva-dakshina-paschima-uttara-samudradhipati sri- 
vira-Vijaya-raaharayara kumara Deva-Rayar simbasanadalli Lakkanna-Vode- 
yara Mulabagila Tekala-nada Junjirugannagalige saluva Maragalalu ayivatta- 
ru-desada Salumule-samasta-halaru panchala-sahitayagi kudi santeya kattisida 
sambandha a-santeya pattana-svami Cbiyiya-Bassettige manyavagi Yeleya-Naya- 

Settiya magaChiyiya-Bassettige manya salubaholanu kban'i [, gadde kham 

I (bnck) sadu-darusana-volagadavarum kottu yettu tottu kudure kondadii 

maridadii sarvamanya kabbina-kelasa mara-kelasa akkasale asaga navinda 
holeyanu yint ivaru sarvamanya salisuvaru (ueu^i impreoatory phrases; rest iiicgibio) 

Boivrin(ix>et Taliiq. 183 


At Yelavahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the south-east. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu 1703ya Plava-sam- 
vatsara. . .Chaitra-su 14. .Peddayala Balamune-gauniki kattu-kodage chenu s~3 
madi kha -^^ ichiuamu anubhaviiichukoni sukhana vundedi 


At Mugulabele (same hobli), on a rock near Sulikunte. 
Vijaya-sauivatsai-ada M:\gha-su. . .srimatu Vitala-Nayakaru Mugulabeleya. . . . 
mmaua-Gaudagu Nachappa-Gaudagu (rest iiiegibie> 


At the same village, on a stone on Busanuru-dinne. 
svasti sri. .degeli Pidima-sasira . . .ale kan. . .te veri torupe Banara irido tegi 
Mareyan pagere loke evvaka erit ittom sarva-pariharani itak alivo pancha- 
maha-patakan akku prithvi-ma.. 


At the same village, on a stone in Bhagavantaraya's field. 
subhani astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu 1501 
Pramathi-sariivatsarada Ashada-su 12 Somavaradallu sriman-maharajadhi-raja 
raja-j)aramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-liaiiga-Raya-maharayaru Pinugondeya 
(siriihasana) ratna-siriihasanarudbaragi prithuvi-rajyarii geyutt iralu srimatu 
Karimangalada Chikana-Nayakara maga Krishnama-Nayakaru Mugulabaleya 
Konapa-Gaiidarige Timmanna-Gaudarige kereya kattu-kodageya nianyada 
sila-sasauada kramav ent endare (here foiiow detaiu of gift; rest iiiegibie) 


At Madigarahalli (same hobli), on a rock. 
Konyapura Holerahaliyal iha Tammaya-dauhitrana maga Tammaya-Gaudanu 
Nandana-saihvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 lu hoyisida kal-oralu 1 


At Madimangala (same hobli), in Nanjappa's field. 

(Grantha and Tamil ebaracters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1154 Kara-sauiiasarattu Sittirai-masam Jayangonda- 
Sola-tTekkala-rayan aua Sembondayagiyena Madamangalam naiiijai puiijai 

184 Boivrincipet Taluq. 

nar-pal-ellaiyum ula . .ra talav-irai nila-variv-aviclicliu-ppattamum marrum 
ujla. . .yam agappacla tanma-danam aga vitte . Tekkala-rayanena ma-jaaaiigal 
padikava pettu pon idakkaduvadu idukku mel pagachchinnaram-aua . mum anni- 

yayam ninaichchavan Geiigai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvai konran Piramava.tti 



At Sulukunte (Sulukuate hobli), on a rock below Anagalakere. 

Sadharana-samvatsara-Ashada-ba 10 lu Tamma-Gavudage kotta kattu- 

kodage gadde kha 1 


At the same village, on a stone in Syamaraya's grove. 
. . . sri jayabhyudaya svasti Raktakshi-saruvatsarada Margasira-sudha 5 yalu 

srimatu Sulakunte-hobali Yaha , . . panditaru Chude-Gaiidage 

kasabe-Anagalakereya katu-kodige-kramav ent endare praku padeda hola 

(reet effaced) 


At the same village, in the wet land of the patel of Madivala. 

(Gruntha and Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Devar tolukkum valukkuii-jeyam aga S.vadu Tekkal-uattu-pPeriya- 

natta. . .m adikari Ku . . .nayauu kku Karamangalattu-pperi. . . 

yile kandaga-kka , . . v-udaka-puniam aga 


At Kamasamudra (Kamasamudra hobli), on a stone south of the Anjaneya temple. 
Parabhava-saiiivatsarada Asvija-sudda 5 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara sri-vira- 

Vijaya-Vodeyarakumarapada Deva-Raya-Vodeyaravara Junja-Vobe- 

ya-Naykara kumara Chitivoyya-Naykaru pattana-svami-Nachi-Settiya maga 
Budapa-Settige pattana-svamitanavanu kottu atana manege (rest contains detaiis 

of gift and uhuai finai phrases) uaykara voppa sri-Chenua-Kesavaru baraha n 

Papojanu madidanu n 


On a rock south of tbe same temple. 
Prabava-samvatsarada Palguua-su 1 lu srimatu Narasappa-ayyanavara niriipa 

ettidu tone. . . .yidu Kakkemaduvina koteyan ikisi avauan obba 

yi-ura parapatyadavauu yi-ara-koteyauu katti koteya komme ho (stops here) 

Boivrhigpct Tahiq. 185 


At Btidikote (Budikote hobli), on a stone iu the wall of the westera village entrance. 

svasti sakala-jagat pratiharikrita-Mahavali . . . mat-l]anai'asar 

Gaiiga-aru alutt ire Racharaalla-Peumana saclol Kaiichiya me- 

ge pade geyda keydocle kadu mege eltandavu adara mege. .Banarasar 

Tekal Nan, cleyon Aggala-arasara besasidocle besanade tu. .a-balam ant 

odi eradu bildar bildocle mechchi Okuuda mabal kalchu kotta idam banavarii 
sandan avananu kecli...n paiicha-maha-pataka akku avananu alivon sasira- 
kavileyu sasirvva-parvvaruma konda lokakke salgu Baranasiya alidon akku 
svasti Sripurusha kalvan 


At Mittahalli [Budikote hobli), on koti-bande near the village. 

Paridhavi-saravatsarada Phalguna-su 1 lu srimatu Lakkanna-Vode- 

yaru Tekala-rajya Kiramaiide pana maga Sotappa 

kottadu gadde kharii i hola . . .hannondu kolaga (lest iiiegibie) 


At Balamande (same hcbli), on a rock near Golvara-doddi. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushahgalu 1486 neya sarii- 

vatsarada Bhadrapada-bahula 5 lu srimatu Mallappa-Nayaka 

amaranayaka. . . .siddaya murisidam avana (rest iiiegibie) 


At Ukkunda (same hobli), on a rock in the east. 
Vrikodara-Hanumanta-rayaniki Varamala-Nayakara Channa-Gauclaniki sana- 
bho. . .Manipali Raktakshi-samvatsara 





At Tekal (Tekal hobli), on the huli-bande west of the Varadarajasvami temple. 
svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Saka-varsha *1438 Pramadicha-samvatsarada Phal- 
guria-sii 1 Gu siimanu-maha-mandalesvara raedini-misara ganda Kathari-Siil uva 
Tribhuvana-Raya gaiida-guli Sambu-Raya-stapanacharyya dakshina- 
vibada raya-pakshi-saluva Saluva-Tippa-Raja-Vodeyara komara Gopa-Rajange 
Deva-Raya-maharayara nirupadini Lakana-Vodeyaru Madana-Vedeyaru a-Salu- 
va-G6pa-Rajange Tekalanu kotali hinde Ballala-Rayana pradhana-Vallappa- 
dannayakaru Singi-dannayakaru yikisida kala-kote tala mattavu biddu laya- 
vagi hodali Varadaraja-devara nirupadiiii Gopa-Rajanu puna-pratishteyanu 
agabekendu cliitayisidali a-pradhaua-Singa-Rajanu vola-kote hora-kote yara. 
danu yikisi Varadaraja-devara mukha-mantapada sannidliiyalu Rajagambhiran 
emba kottalavanxi yikisidali a-Gopa-Rajanu a-kumara Tippayanu huligalanu 
hidi tarisi benteyan aclida avasarada kotala niangala maha sri sri 


At the same place. 
yi-Sampigey emba ganduganu huligala balana hididu yalavahahge yalaiidu yi- 
sasanagalu huyida kalukuti-Tiruraalage Varadaraja-devara niriipadini Setta- 
haliyalu gade ^ 3 holanu ^ 3 vauu koteii yi-gade-liolavanu Varadaraja-deva- 
ra niriipadiiii saudu bahudu subham astu 


On a stone near the mahadvara of the same temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1352 neya Sadharana-sariivatsarada 
Magha-su 10 Gu sriman-mah;\-mandalesvara medini-misara-gaiida Kathari- 
Saluva Tribhuvana-Raya gandara guli Sambu-Raya-stapanacharya dakshina- 
Suratrana-vibada raya-pakshi-saluva Saluva-Tippa-Raja-Vadera kumara Gopa- 
Raja Vadera pradliana Mallaraa-Rajana maga Singa-Rajanu Pala-nacla Duclana- 
iialiya pacluvana Maragaiidanakatte-melana Ganclabherundan emba mali. . . . 

Varadaraja-devara nuikha-mantapada gopurada kadavige tarsi 

Avikalla baclagi Buvojana maga Chaja-ojagala kayyalii mara gelasavanu maclsi 
kammara Anjala-DivihgOjagala kayyalu kadav ikki kabuuada kelasagalanu ma- 
disi a-v6jugalige kudure-sattigegalanu kottu IcAni-bhumiyagi B6ja-Dev6jagajige 
Gopa-Rajana P6nada ]\Iadanahaliyalu kottadu (iicre foiiow dctaiis of gift) ishtu sandu 

* So in tlie original. 

Malur Taluq. 187 

bahudu I-stha TOkala-pattanake bijayam maclisi- 

kondu banda hitiya-Chok-Perumali-dasara aliya Haril-devara magam 
Chok-Perumali-dasara aliya Nayanaru-dasaru yi-devarige puje-paricharava 
maduva Tigula-Brahraaru Varadaraja-bliattaru Devaraja-bliattaru Samannanu 
Varadaraja-bhattaru paricharaka Ramaru devarige bouava maduva Alagi- 
Vakadaru devara-nama-sanyaya maduva Srivaishiiavaru. . Ayi-Pili Banniira- 
ghattada bali tiruvaiijanakke Banjana-dasa Pili . .-devarige huvina dandeya 

kattuva daSUgalu Tirumala-dasaUU (othora named; and rest illogible) 


On the south side of the same stone. 

.... praja-parivara sri-padakke tapida 

a-kalade Vijaya harayara a-rayara kumara Deva-Raya-maharayaru 

chatus-samudradhipatiyagi simhasana tali a-rayanige balada-buja- 

pratapauagi vadada Saluva-Tippa-Pifija- Vodeyange kumara GOpa-Raja- 

Vodeyaru yi-Tekala-pattanavau aluvalli a-Singa-Rajanu yi- 

pattanada eradu-suttina koteyan ikkisi yipana na-svamiyagi Nayinaru- 

devara uirupava hididu sarva-jaQagaligeli kanisuva hage a-kalake 

. . .katti Gopa-Rajana maneya pradbana Singa-Rajanu devara tirumanake 

devalayak hindana-mundana-bhagada mantapa . , . Gopa-Rajana 

hesaralu Gopasamudrav emba kolanu katisi a-kolana paduvana-bhagadalu a- 
Gopa-Rajarige aramaneyanii katisi devarige balada bhagadalu Siriga-Rajana 
aramane atanu udaya-tri-sandhya-kaladalu eradu-hottina snana-aupasana 
maneya deharavanii madi Varadaraja-devara sikhara-sandarsanava nodi 
devarige naivedya-tambiila-muutagi a-stanakke bandu devarige samarpisi tolasi 
tirthavanii kondu ariga-rariga-bhogavanu pratishthe madi devara mukha- 
mantapada mundana Kundapa-dannayakaru kattisida mundana-gopurake. . . 
. .tattina kadake nama udaya-kalada Siirya-Narayana . . . . yeka-bhagada tattiua 

kade deva nii saha rayarige Lakha- 

nna-Vodeyarige Madanua-Vodeyarigeii Saluva-Tippa-Raja-Vodeya- 

rige. . . .Saluva-Gopa-Raja-Vodeyarigeii sakala-samrajyav agabek Raja- 

nam Varadaraja-devarige madisida kadaga-stanada dharma-sasana Chikati- 
marigalada agraharadalu Vara rige saiuva gadde kha 12 


At the same place. 

(Qrantlia anil Taniil characters.) 

subham astu svasti sri Sakabda-varusham 1421 n mel-chchellaninra Siddhatti- 
varusham Vaigasi-masam 5 ti srimau -maharajadhiraja raja - ijaramesvara 

188 Malitr Taluq. 

Medini-misara-ganda Kathari-Saluva-Narasimha-rayan kariyattukku kattan 
ana Narasa-nayakkan prithiyi-rajyam-pannanirkayil Kasyapa-gotra Naga- 
siddhaya-vamsa mandalika-ravi-Rahu Visvanatha-rahuttan kuiuaran Rama- 
rahuttan Tekkal Arulala-nadarkku Mulavay-savadikku-chchellum Tekkal- 
nattil Tammattakkerai-gramattukku-clichellum chatus-simai ulppatta naiijai 
nar-parklcelaiyum sarva. . . . nyam aga Tekkal Arulala-uadarkku amudupadi 
sattuppadi tiru-vilakku tiru-ppanikku sarvamanyam aga chandraditya-varai- 
yum sellakkadavad-aga dana-sadanam Sokkapperumal-tadarkum pramanam- 
panni kudutten iuda dhammattukku lamghanam-panninavan Gangai-kkaraiyil 
kural-pasuvai konran pavattai kolluvan i-ttanmam nadattihan padara irandum 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaracters.) 

Subham astu svasti sri Sakabda-varusham 1430 n mer-chellaniran Sukla- 
varusham Sittirai-masam 10 tiyadi sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
piirva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa vira-Narasirhha-raya- 

maharayan prithivi-rajyam-pannanirkayil svara Yadava-Narayana 

Yadava-kulambara-dyumaiii sarvajfia-chiidamani malaraja-raja malaporulu 
khanda ganda-berunda 


At the same place. 

(Grautha and Tamil characters.) 

Sagapta-varusham \'2 llaninra Dhatu-varushattu Avani-madam 

20 tiyadi apara-pakshattu Tiugat-kilamaiyum Ashtamiyum perra nal svasti 
sri irajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Gangaikonda-Solan Iriije. . . Solas-chakravatti 
Solappa-perumal kumaran Sittanadar ana Solappa-perumalena svasti sri 

Tekkal Arulala-nadan koyir tarkum Sokkapperuma. .'. . .nam-panni 

kudutta parisavadu i-nnayanarku amudupadi sattuppadi tiru-vilakku tiru- 
ppanikkum santraditta- varaiyum sarvamanyam aga vitta-tTama-nattu-pPuli- 
kkurichchi kallilum sembilum eluttu-vettikkollakkadaivargal aga-chchamma- 

dittu pramanara-panni kudutten tanattarkum Sokkapperumal-tadarkum 

. Solappa-peruma ganara-panninavan Geiigai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai- 

kkonran pavattai kolluvargal ippadikku clutlu schabham astu 

Malur Taltiq. 189 


At the same place. 

(Grantha aml Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sagapta-varusham 1259 mer-chellaninra Pramadi-varushattii Pura- 
tadi-madam 20 tiyadi siimanu-maha-pradhanan Dhati-Singe-dennayakka .... 
. .1 nayakkapadigalil Konaiyappemme-nayakkanena svasti sri Tekkal Arulala- 
nadan koyir tanattarkum Sokkapperuraal-tadarkum pramanam-panni-kkudutta 
parisavadu i-nnayanarku amudupadi sattuppadi tiru-vilakku tirn-ppanikkum 
Ponmanika-nattu-pPnttiir-chantraditta-varaikkum sarvamanyam aga-kkallilum 
sembilum eluttu-vettikkollakkadavargal-aga- chchammadittu pramanam-panni 
kudutten tanatarkum Sokkapperumal-tadarkum Konayappemme-nayakkanena 
idukku ilaiiganam-panninar undagir-Kengai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai konran 
pavattai kolluvargal ippadikku ivai Peninie-nayakkan eluttu subham astu 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

Sagaptam 12.3 n mel sellaninra svasti sii Sadharana-varushattu Ani- 

madam 2 tiyadi Tekkal Varadarujan koyilil stanikar srimanu Sokka-pperumal- 
dasar i-kkoyilil nambimar battar-kariyam-seyuvar Varandarum-pPerumal 
Alvarkum melpadi Damodara-perumal Arulala-nadarkkum Varandaruvar 
Iramarkkum Sokkar Periya-perumalukkum . . . .Kesava-perumalukkum Karu- 

nakara iv-aru kottukkum sasanam-panni kudutta parisavadu nambi- 

marukk-aga Varandarum-Perumal-AIvar agudal Damodara-pperumal Arulala- 
nadan agudal iruvaril oruvar . .nnu. .na sri-kariyam-pattu nadattakadavar 
agavum ivv-aru kottukkum sri-kariya . . . vatipalliyil periyay-eriyile kudi 
niiigal-aga mu-kkandaga-kalaaiyumnal-vali iru-padi prasadamum chandraditta- 
varai sellakkadavad-aga sa 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Vibhava-varshattu Vaigasi-madam 27 ti svasti srimat-pradhapa- 
chchakkiravatti Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar kumarar Dati-Siiige-dannayakkar 
tambiyar Vallappa-dannayakkar Sokkapperumalukku pramanam-panni-kkudu- 
tta parisavadu Tekkal Varadarukku Tekkal-nattil Alamba. .nanjai puiijai nar- 
park-ellaiyum kinokkina kinarum menokkina maramu(mu) utppatta nilam 

190 Malur Tahiq. 

aflangalum urura uayanar Varadarkku ainudupadi sattuppadikkum tiru-mer- 
puclicliu-ttiru-vilakkukkum tiru-ppanikkum dara-purvam-aga i-nnal mudal 
chchandiraditta-varai sarvamanyam-aga-kkuduttom ippadikku iduve sadanam- 
aga-kkondu kallilum senibilum vettikkollavum i-ttanmam marrinar undagil 
Geiigai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvai-kkonrau pavatte-kkollakkadavargal i-ttanman- 
dappamal nadattinavanudaiya padam irandum en-talai-mele 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Vibhava-varshattu Vaigasi-madam '21 ti Tekkal-uattu-nattavar 
Sokkapperumalukku pramanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu Tekkal Varadarkku 
i-nnattil Alamba. .naiijai punjai nar-pakkellaiyuii-kil-nokkina kinarum menokki- 
na maramum utpatta nilam adaiigalum ivv-urum i-nnattil chChiratti-maiigalattii- 
pperiy-eri mudal-madaiyile pattu-kkandaka-kkalaniyum nayanar Varadarkku 
amudupadi sattuppadikkum tiru-mer - puchchu - ttiru-vilakkukkum tiru-ppani- 
kkum dara-purvam-aga i-nnal niudal sandiraditta-varai sellakkadavad-agavum 
yavar oruttar i-nnadu pervuvarum avargalukku ivv-iirkku varum anniyayam- 
ulladu uaiigaley-iruttu-ldcappa.rri-ttarakkadavom ippadikku iduve sadanam-aga 
kondu kallilum sembilum vettikkollavum i-ttanmattukku ilaiiganam-pannir- 
undagil Geiigai-karayil kural-ppasuvai-kkonran pavattai-kkolvargal ippadikku 
nattavar Vaiyanan eluttu Maralvuli eluttu Madi-siyan eluttu Malaidevar eluttu 

Sikka-chchetti eluttu Koiidalan eluttu gamundan eluttu Sokkanan 

eluttu ippadikku nattu-kkanakkan Tiruvor.riyur-udaiyan eluttu 


At the same place. 

(Grantlia and Tamil cliaracters.) 

Vibhava-varushattu Avani-madam muda ti srimar-piratapa-chchakavatti sri- 
vira-ValUila-Devar kumarar Dati-Singaya-dennayakkar tambiyar Vallappa- 
dennayaklcar Varadarukku udaka- piramanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu 
ivarkku Kaivvara-nattu-kKarpallikk-adaitta naiijey punsey nar-parkellaiyum 
kinokkina kinarum menolckina maramum utpatta nilam adaiigaluii-gaikkondu 
Varadarukku amudupadi sattuppaditiru-mer-puchchu-ttiru-vilakku-ttiru-ppani- 
kkum tiru-malaikkum d?ira-pi^irvam-aga i-nnal-mudal chandraditta-varaikku 
sarva-maniyam aga kuduttom ippadikku iduve sadanam-aga-kkondu kallilum 
sembilum vettikkollavum i-ttanmattukku ilaiiganan-jonnar undayil Gengai- 
kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai-kkonran pavattai-kkolvargal ippadikku i-ttanraam 
nadattinan padam iraiulum en . talai-mele ippadi 

MHlur Tulnq. 191 


At the same place. 

(Grantlift nnil Tamil obaracters.) 

svasti sri Viblia-varushattu Arpasi-madain 18 ti svasti srimanu-pradliapa- 
chchakiiaravatti Hoysala-vIra-Vallala-Devar kumarar Dati-Siiige-dennayakkar 
tambiyar Vallappa-dennajakkar Sokkapperumalukku pramanam-panni-kkudutta 
parusavadu Tekkal Varadarukku Kodambuliyur-talattil Piivaipalli nachchai 
puiijai nar-parkellaiyir-kinokkina kinarum menokkina maramum utpatta nilam 
adangalum i-nnayanarkku amudupadisattuppadi tiru-mer-puchchu-ttiru-vilakku- 
ttiru-ppanikku tiru-malaikkum dara- pCirvam-aga i-nnal-mudal chaudraditta- 

varai ippadikku iduve sadanam-aga-kkondu kallilum sembilum vetti- 

kollavum i-ttanmattukku ilanganan-jonnar undagil Gehgai-karaiyir-kurar- 

pasuvai-kkonra ptivattai kollakkadavargal i-ttanmam tappamal nan 

padam irandum en-talai-mele ippadikku. ippadiku 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sagapta-varusham 1256 mer-chellaniara Dliatu-varushattu Avani- 
madam 20 tiyadi svasti sri Tekkal Arulala-nadan koyir tanattarkum Sokka- 
pperumal-tadarkum svasti sri Kuvalala-pura-paramesvaran Nandigiri-nadan 
Satya-vachakan Uttama-Sola-Gahgan Virundar ana Karkata-marayanena pra- 
manam-panni-kkudutta parisilvadu i-nnayanarku amudupadi sattuppadi tiru- 
vilakku tiru-ppanikkum Talaimalai-nattu-chChamandarpalli santraditta-varai- 
kkum sarva-manyam aga-kkallilum sembilum eluttu - vettikkollakkadavargal- 
aga-chchammadittu pramanara-panni-kkudutten tanattarkum Sokkapperumaj- 
tadarkum Karkata-marayaneua idukku ilauganam-panninar undagir Gaiigai- 
kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonran pavattai kolvargal ippadikku ivai Karkata- 
marayan Virundan eluttu subliam astu 


At the sarae place. 

(Grantha anrl Tamil eharacters.) 

svasti sri Sagapta-varusham 1256 mer-chellaninra Dhatu-varushattu Avani- 
madam 20 ti apara-pakshattu Tihgat-kilamaiyum Pusamum perra nat svasti 
sri KuIottuhga-SOla-tTagadadhirasan Sembondiyaganena svasti sri Tekkal 
Arulala-nadan koyir tanattarkum Sokkappernmal-tadarkum pramanam-panni- 
kkudutta parisavadu i-nnayanarku amudupadi sattuppadi tirn-vilakku-ttiru- 

192 Malw Taluq. 

ppanikkum pala-padi-nimandakakkum Simida-parru Malaimundiagaram san- 
traditta-varaiyum sarva-manyam-aga-kkallilum sembilum eluttu-vettikkondu 
perumal tiruvidai attara aga-ppullum pumiyum (y)ulladanaiyum nadappad-aga- 
chchamraadittu pramanam-panni-kkudutten tanattarkum Sokkapperumal- 
dasarkum Sembondiyaganena inda-tdhammattukku ilaganam-panninavan 
Geugai-kkaraiyii-kurar-pasuvai konran pavattai kolluvargal ippadikku ivai 
Sembondiyar ana Karkataka-rayan eluttu subham astu 


At the same place. 

(Granthft aiul Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Sagaptam 1260 mer-chellaninra Sittarabhanu-vanishattu Tai- 
mraadam 5 tiyadi svasti sriraanu-maha-pradanan Dati-Siiige-uennayakkar 
tambiyar Vallappa-dennayakkar valukkum tolukkum nanr-aga svasti sri Tekkal 
Arulala-nadan koyir stanikaril srimatu Kaliyuga-Prahladan samaiya-diisakar- 

gandan Sokkapperumal-dasarena i-kkoyil nambimaril m Kanchi Yara. . 

. .ja-bhattan Varandarura-peruraalukkum. .var tam . . Varandarum-perumal 
Varandaru va . . . Periya-perumal Kesava-perumal Karunakara-bhattar ivargalum 
ku. . . .udaga-pramanara-panni-kkudutta parisavadu ivargalukku saraadhana- 
kshetrara-agavum tirunal. . . .bandaratte perakkadavar agavura perumal tiru- 
vidaiyattam-ana Karpalli naiijai punjai nar-pal-ellaikk-utpatta nilam adaiigalum 

kaikkondu. . . .gattu ga-ttevaikkum per onrum aga-pper ettukku. . . . 

. . . .gavum ivargalukku sarvamanyam-aga pramanam-paniii-kkuduttom nambi- 
markun-tanattarkum Sokkapperumal-tada. . . . ilanganam-pauuinar undagil 
Gengai-karai kurar-pasuvai-kkonra pava 


At tbe same place. 

(Grauiha and Tainil characters.) 

svasti sri Sagaptam 1278 n rael sellaninra Manmata-samvatsarattu oru nal 
Varada-akkan bhatta Komarigalam-udaiyan Stiriya-devar ana Tiruvayrao_li-da- 
sarukku dhrira-purvam aga Ilavaiiji-nattu Malachchappalliyil i»riya eriyil 
ain-gandaga-kkalaniyura Tekkal-nattu Siipatipalli periya eriyil iru-kandaga- 
kkalaniyum merpadi iiril iru-kandaga-kkollaiyum nal-vaH irandu taligai iru- 
nali. .prasamum ivarukku kani-atchiy-aga chandraditya-varai nadakkakadavad 
aga-kkuduttom sthanamuni Sokkapperuraal-dasarura Tiruvaymoli-dasarukku 

Malnr Tahiq. 193 


At the same place. 

(Grautha «lul Tarail charactcrs.) 

svasti srl Scagapta-varusliaiii 1252 ii mel sellaninra Suicla-varushattu Tai- 

madani. .tiPaiicliamiyuiTi Atta-nalcsliatramumBudan-Icilamaiyumperra na 

vattigalil Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar ]<umarar Dati-Sii\gaya-dennayakkar 

tambiyar Vallappa-denuayakkar kumarar Tauanena Tekkallil 1 Solc- 

kapperuraal-tada . . malaiyattai pperu malai seyvonuk- 

kum piramana savadu taugal-kkoyilukku P]mberuman kkum- 

idattu i-nnalvarkkum aga ndaga-kkalaniyum kandaga-kkollai- 

yum ru-nali pi.sadaraum ippadi nada 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tainil characters.) 

svasti sri Sagabdam 1265 mer-chellaninra Subhanu-varushattu Kattigai-ma- 
dam 15 tiyadi svasti sri Tekkal Arulala-uadau koyilil tanattarum .srimatu- 
Kaliyuga-Prahladan samaya-diichaka-gandan Sokka-pperumal-dasarum Alagi- 
yan Maraseyyappaiyum Alagiyarukkum pramanam-panni kudutta parisavadu 
i-kkoyillukku (y)Emberuman. . . .lay Tiruppallandum sevittu tiruv-andi-kappum 

eduttu . . k6yi,Uikku rukkumm-idattu mmaikku padin- 

nai-kulaga-kalani kollaiyum nam-panni kuduttom. . . .ta- 

rum so Sokkapperuraal-tadar eluttu 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anJ Tamil clinracters.) 

svasti sri Sagapdam 1265 mer-cliellaninra Subhanu-varushattu Avani-madam. 

tiyadi svasti sriraanu-maha-naya bhashaikku tappuva rayakka. . 

Eramaiiji Peramaya-nayakkar-kkumara-pPeriya-Pemmaya-nayakkar 

Tekkal Arulaja-nfidarkku dara-purvam-iiga pramanam-panni kudutten Tekkal- 
nattu Sipatipalliyum Govinda-nayakkar kattina peri-eriyum naiijai puiijai 
nar-parkellaiyu kinokkiua kinarum mel nokkina maramum chatu-chchirmaiyum 
utpada Arulala-nadarkkii amudupadi sattupadi tiru-vilalcku tiru-malai tiru- 
ppanikku pala-padi-nimandatukkum sarvaraanyam aga praraanam-panni-kkudu- 
tte tanattakkum Sokkapperumal-tadarkkum Peinmaya-nayakkanena inda 
dhammattukku ilahganam-panuiuavan Gengai-kkarai. . . .rar-pasuvai konrau 
pavattai koUuvan dhammattai rakshippau(pan) padam en-talai-mele subhain 


194 Mahr Tahiq. 

astu Sipatipalli chantraditta-varaiyum sarvamanyam aga nadatti-kkudukka- 
kadavora Tekkal-nattu-nattavaroin ippadikku ivai Somappan eluttu ivai Sembi- 
nayan eluttu ivai Jayanayan eluttu ivai Vai n 


At the same place. 

(Grnntha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakaptam 1278 n mel sellaninra Dummakhi-sariivatsarada Ani- 
masaui mudal-tiyadi Emberuman adiyaril Sendikka-dOvi . . magaj Maiaiyattai 
Sriranga-nayakiyar M:inikkattukku Arulala-nadan kovil mun-muraiyum Alam- 
balil peri-eriyile padinain-gulaga-kkalaniyum laerpadi lirile kandaga-kkoUai- 
yura ival tangai Varadikku Nachchiyar koyilil mun-muraiyuin Ahxm 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sagaptam 1278 n mel sellanin.ra Dummakhi-sariivatsarattu Avani- 

masam periya Rajamanikkattukku Tekkal-nattu ALarabalil periya e. . . 

1 padinaiu-gulaga-kkalaniyum merpadi urile kandaga-kkollaiyum sandraditya- 
varai sellakkadavad-agavum nal-vali nali.prasadamum sellakkadavad-agavum 
kuduttom sthanamum Sokkapperumal-dasarum Varadikku 


At the same place, 

(Grantha and Tamil chnracters.) 

svasti sri Vibha-varushattii Tai-madam ti svasti sri Sola 

rajan. .nattu Sonnai-nayakkan Iruga-.setti Sokkapperumallukku 

sadaiia kuduttapadi Kuvallala-nattu kanpalli iitpatta nanjal 

puiijai nar-pal-ellai kinokkina kinarum ineuokkina maranuini utpada nilam 

adaiigalun-gaikkondu kadavar sarvamaniyani aga 

i-ttanmattukku Geiigai-karai kura-pasuvai pa- 

vattai kolvar ivai Sonnaiyan eluttu ivai gayi.ift eluttu ivai Iruga-setti 

eluttu ivai Vimandai. . . .eluttu 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaraclers.) 

svasti sri Sakapta-varusham 12.8 n mel sellaninra Dhatu-varushattu Arpasi- 
madam 20 tiyadi i-kkoyil-udaiya Sokka-pperumal-tadarena i-kkoyilil (y)Emberu- 

Maliir Taliiq. 195 

riflan-adlyilril kku pramanam kiulutta parisavadu i-kkoyil (y)Emberuman- 

adiy-al-ay makkal talaiya gavum sevikkum idattu i-kkoyir tiruch- 

cliur. . .le. ,ru malaiyum iru-nali prasadamum nam 

.vanda. . . .rukku mmadittu pramanam-panni kudutten Sokkapperumal- 

tadarena Sokkapperumal-tadar eluttu 


At the sarae place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacterB.) 

svasti sri Prajapati-varusbattu-pPauguni-mada muda ti Sokkapperumaleua 
Malai. . ,rkku Alambalale Kachchi-konda 


At the same village, on the wall of the Singapperumal temple to the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti 1256 n mOr. . . .ninra Simuka-varushattu Vaigasi-madam si- 

manu-maha. . na Tekkalil. . . .kesuram-udaiya-nayanar tanataril Kutta- 

battarkum Pala-battarkum tanattarkum udaka-piramanam-panni-kkuduttapa- 

di i-nnayanarku-chchattuppadi tiru-mer-puchchu tiru-vilakku tirunal tevai- 

kku ttukkum nadakkumbadi viduvitta devadanam Tekkal Malai-nattu- 

nayakaii-jeyvaru Vaiyananum Marakuliyum marrum ullitta na- 

ttavarom. ttil onbadu kulavi muttil ur. .Tekkalil rai-kkala- 

niyil vitta kandaga 4 idukku vada-parkellai kil-pavkellai Nandik- 

kuttaiNandi-kkil ku merku mel-parkellai Ilalikuli arrukku kilakkum ten- 

parkeliai Attikkuttaikku vadakkum kalani kandagara nalum lai 

periya na 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1250 idan mel-chchellaninra varushattu Vaigasi- 

mada mudatti udaiyar Singisvara-udaiya-nayanar k6yir-tt:\nattarum Pala-batt 
. . . .NaUasarikku. . . .chchangirai-kile devadanattil ivanukku kaniy-aga kudu- 
tta kalani kaudagam tta-varai nadakka idukku-kkurai ilai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti Saka lauinra Srimuka-varushattu svasti sama sraya sri- 

prithuvi - vallabha maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Yadhava-kulambara- 


196 3Mur Taluq. 

dvimani sarva-chulamiiui ma pracliaiula ekauga-vira asabaya-siira 

sattaka. . . .tunga-Rama va.yiripa-kanda Makara-rajya-nimmula Sola-raya-stha- 

panasari Pandiya-raya-pratishthasari. .nga-pratapa-chchakia 

sala-vira-Ballala - Uevar prithu vi-rajyani - paiinanirka Dati - Some-dannayakkar 
makka. . . . Vallappa-dannayakkar Tekkalil nayanarSifigisvaram-udaiya-nayanar 

kuyil-ttanattarkum PaLvbattarkkum prama ni-kkudutta parisavadu 

Vaigasi-madam mudal-aga i-nnayanarkku amudupadi sattuppadi tiru-me. .... 
ttiru-vilakkum tirunal-ttevaikkum tiru-ppanikkum koyil parikarattukkum nada- 
kkum padikku Masandi-nattil devadanam aga Vittirullandai-palli-kKavunda- 

karaipalli. .aga i-nuattil iir irandura Eruma vidubitta Kummalur.Tekkal 

nuittil.onbadu kulaga aga ur 2 Kuvalaha-nattil viduvitta kora. . 


At the same village, on a rock at the north end of Isvarakere bund. 
Ungi-Settiya maga Baiyari-Setti katisida kere 


On the same rock. 
Manmata-samvatsaradalli kere jirnavagi hogi yiralagi aramanera adhinavagi 
yidu araraaneru modalu kallugotiga dayadi Muniyana kere katusu yendu 
aramaneru kelalagi avanu tanage avakasa yillanda yida. . badalagi aramaneru 
jirna-udhara madi yandu kotar ada-karana kere katisidora Tipayana maga 
Kaduripati ai'da-palu arda-paluvalage Dore-gauda Halepete asaga Chinua 


At the same village, on a rock at the west foot of the Bhflpatiyamma hill 
in the bechirakh village Kondarajahalli to the north. 

(Urantlia and Taiuil characters.) 

srimatu To. .suramm-udaiyar koyil tanattu-ppattar 


At the same village, on the wall of the Kamathesvara temple, north of the village. 

(Tamil charaotors.) 

subham astu svasti vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1464 neya Subha- 
kritu-saihvatsarada Ashadha-su 12 lu srlman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
purva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhipatisri-vira-pratapasri vira-Achuta- 

Maltir Taliiq. 197 

Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyaiii gaiiitaih yiralu Pareyadava Rama-Nayakara 
maga Yerapa-Nayakaru Tekala Somaya-devara Ramaya-Linga-devara stani- 
ka Nayinaraiya. . . kota darma-sasana-kramav ent endare (niBt uiegibie) 


At Eruvaguli (same hobli), on a rock called Jogi-gutta. 

(Grantha and Tainil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Jayangonda-Chola Maman-aukakara-tTekkal-rayanena Raktakshi- 
sammachcharattu Kattigai-madam mudal Pangal-velar magan Madevarkku pu- 
dis-aga kadu-vetti pirppadu ittu iir-aga katti karu-ppudaichchu Ilavariguli eru- 
per-akki IlariguH Madevarkku ivv-Ilavariguli narijai puiijai nal-ppal-elai(lai)yum 
Tekkal-nattu Anaya-nayakkar mariyadi patt-alu. .sevagam aga kuduttetaii 


At the same place. 

(Orantba and Tamil characters.) 

suvatti sirettiri Radari-samma. .rattu Amannan. .dutta Ilavakuli. .arigal-velar 

ke gau Madevarkku vaita pa nattu. .yarittu pokku- 

mai'a nadaka kudutte 


At Ullerahalli (same hobli), on a stone v?est of the Varadaraja-svarai temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusharigalu 1447 Parthiva-nama- 

samvatsarada Bhadrapada[ jViranna-rahutaru tamage Krishna-Raya- 

maharaya nayakatanakke palisida Tekala-sirae-volagana Ulleyarahalli 

■ .kolada tambige sarvamanyada bhata-vrittiyagi kotteii (usnai imprecatory phrases) 


At the same village, in Sasana-hola. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Tekkal-rayar Sembondiyagiyar raaganar Kiittadun-tevar ana Jayarigon- 
da-Sola Maman-arikakara Tekkal-rayanena Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-irunurru- 
irandu idanmel sellanira Vishu-samvatsarattu Mesha-ravi Sittirai-madam niu- 

dal Varigi-ppurattu Varadarasa-ppatta rarkku nedurigattu aga Kutta-sa- 

mudramum idukku nilamum idukku adatta narijai punjai nal-pal- 

(y)ellaiyum kil nokkina kiuarum menokkina maramum epperpattaduvum 
santiraditta-varai ujladiney-alavum sellakkadavad-aga darma-danam aga daua- 


198 IMtir Taliiq. 

piramanam-panni-kkudutteu Jayaiigonrla-Sola Mamau-arikakara Tekkal - rayan- 
ena nila-vari avicbcliu-ppattam marrum uHa ayaugalum agappada vitten Tekkal- 

rayanena asai - ppattavanum pilai- ninai- 

clichavan Gerigai-karaiyir-kural-pasuvai konra papattil pukkar-aga ippadikku 
ivai Jayarigonda-Sola . , Maman-arikakara Tekkal-rayar eluttu ippadikku ivai 

Varada-deva ippadikku ivai Mudaligal eluttu sva-dattam para-dattam 

va yo hareta vasundhara shashtim varsha-sahasrena vishtaya.jnayate krimi. . . 


At the same village, on a rock called Sasana-kallu-gundu. 

(Grantha and Taniil oharacters.) 

svasti sri sarvabliuma-chchakkaravartigal sri-Poysala-vira-Ramanr»-Devar tolu- 
kkum valukkuri-jeyam aga Tekkal-nattu-pPeriya-nattavarum Kelvi-mudaliyarum 
munb-ulla adikarigalum Viruvi-nayanum (y)iv-anaiv6mum Varigi-ppurattu Va- 
radarasa-battarukku makkal marumakkalukkun-dana-ppiramanam- panni- 
kkudutta parisavadu nedurigatt-aga Kutta-samuttirain (v)irandu malaikku iiadu 
Pananvandaikku-kkilakku Tammatti-kunra. . . merku idukku naduv-ulla ku- 
ttai kularigalu. .narijai purijai nar-pal-ellaiyum marrum epperpatta nila-varivu- 
galum ulppat. .dumdanam aga Tekkal-rayar dana-ppiramanam-ppanni-kkudu- 
ttapadiye narigalum devar tiru-menikku nanr-aga (y)i-Dual ulla varivugal kaui- 
kkai Kattigai-ppadi iur-palaichcham avalambalam Asuvika-kadamai (y)irasa- 
nivandi kelvi-nivandi marrum ullapala-varivugalum utpada udaka-ppiramanam- 
panni-kkuduttom Valandalvarku (y)ivar vitta Piramanarukkum idu sandiradi- 

ta-varai sellakkadavadu i-ttanmam yidukku alivu-pilai-ninaittavan 

Gerigai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai konran pavari-golvar 
sri-Bhumi-devir-putrasya Vaturvaua-kulotbhava ] 
svasti sarva-loka-hitatthaya Chitramela .sya sasanam || 


At Chambe (same hobli), in barber Muni Venkata's garden. 

(Grantha and Tamil charncters.) 

svasti sri saruvabiima- chchakkaravattigal sri-Poysala- vira-Ramana-Devark- 
iyandu 30 avadu mun-nal Aiyyan-arikakkara-tTekkal-rayar ana Narana-devar 
Sakarai-yaudu 1200 senra nal Bahudhanya-samachcharattu Sittirai-madam Sem- 
ba-samittiram-ana Amara-Narayana-saturvedi-marigalattukkum Tottiganpalli- 
kku adaitta nanjai puiijai nar-pal-ellaiyum ka. .ttugalukku. . . .devar tiru-me- 
nikkum valukkun-dolukkun-jeyara aga Tekkal-nattu-pPeriya-nattavarum adikari 

. . Viruvi-nayanum maha-janarigalukku udaka-ppiramanam-panni-kku- 

duttom Asuvam avalambalam ur-ppalachchari-Gattigai-padi 

Maliir Talng. 199 

....varivu kanikkai marrum epperpatta sil-varivugalum atta-purnam aga 
udaka-pramanam-pai.ini-kkuduttom Tekkal-natf u-pPeriya-uaflavarum adikarigal 
Viruvi-nayanum idu sandiraditta-varai sellakkadavadu i-ttanmattai alivu- 
pilai-ninaichcbavan Gengai-kkaraiyil-kkural-ppasuvai-kkonrau pavan-golvan 


At Halepalya (same hobli), on a rock to the w^est. 

'• (Grantha aml Tamil chai'acters.) 

svasti sri hari-raya-vibhaju bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara gandan sri-Hari- 
appa-udaiyarum Muttana-udaiyarum Tekkal-nattu nattarkku kudutta muttirai- 
irayasa-p. . .tangal-nattu-nattu-nayagan-jeyvar Vaiyyanan Komuppanukku 
tangal nattil Madaraisanpalli Veya-varushattu Vaigasi-madam mudal ivanukku 
kudangai manibam aga ivv-urkk-adaitta nansey puusey nar-paikellaikk-utpatta 
mel nokkina maramu . . nokkina kinarura dana-maniyam nikki epperppatta 
nilam adangalum tan vendum payir-cheydukollakkadavar agavum ivv-urukku 

variim putti tu-kkanikkai nal-yerudu nar-pasu kanikkai kattayam Asu- 

vam tari-irai ulraarattam vetti vidaram kil-tandu mel-tandu pCirvayam apurva- 
yam. . . epperpatta varivum utpada sarva-maniyam aga ivanukku sandira- 
ditta-varaiyum nadattakkadavad-aga-kkallilum sembilum vetti-kkuduttom 


At the same plaoe. 

(Grantlia auil Tamil cliaraoters.) 

Komuppar kudangai Madarasanpalliyil Pattiva-varushattu Panguni-madam 
23 ti Sani-kkilamai Tiruvonatt-anru Ilandevan Sittara-devan Siva-Ioka-pavritti- 
pannugaiyil Ulagarum Adichcharum Per-ayiram-udaiyarum kanda Sivalayamu 
nandavanamum kinarum 


At the same village, on a rock of Rajabhavi to the south-sast. 

svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1500 neya Bahudhanya- 
saiiivatsarada Kartika-su 10 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara Salaka-Raja- 
Chikka-Tirumala-Rajayyanavara komara sri-Ranga-Rajayyanavara koneri gutta 

200 Maliir Taliiq. 


On the same rock. 
Yiruganna-Vadeyara bavi Kilaka-sariivatsarada Asvaija-su 15 Bhauma[va]ra 


At Makarahalli (same hobli), on Kurusiddanahajli-dinne to the east. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarvabbunia-chchakkaravatti sri-Poysala-vira-Ramana-Devarku yandu 
37 vadu Khara-sammachcharattu Arpasi-madam Tekkal-nattu-pPeriya-natta- 

varum adikari villalum devar tolukkum valukkum 

jayam aga Setta-samuttirattil asesha-mabajanaugalukku iiiun-nal Setta-samu- 
ttirattilkala. . . . pangal ana Alappalli nanjai puiijai nar-pril-ellaiyun-gil-nokkina 
kinarum mel-nokkina maramum marrum epperpattanavum sandiraditta-varai 
seHakkadavad-agatanma-danam aga dana-ppiramanam-panni-kkuduttom Tekkal- 

nattu-pPeriya-nadavarom ippadikku Viruvi-nayan eluttu idarku 

alivu-pilai kural-pasuvai-kkonran pavatte povan 


At the same village, on a rock to the west. 

(Gratha and Tamil characters.) 

Mavan-ankakaran-pajli svasti sri Sagabdam 1305 idan mer-chellaninra Rudbi- 
rotgari-sariivatsarattu Tai..5 ti srimanu-Tekkal-nattu-nattu-nayagaii-jeyvan. . 
.yandai-siyarum. .kundatil Sirigaya-nayakkan Kambananum Bhatta-bhagava- 

tikku sasanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu ivarkku A...pajliyil urukku 

kilakkil Mariguttai sarvamanyam aga cbantraditya-varai sellakkadavad-aga 
sasanam-panni kuduttom i-ttammattai keduttinavan Gerigai-kkarai-il kural-pasu- 
vai-kkonran pavattile povan 


At Baunahalli (same hobli), on a rock to the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sarvabhuvana-chchakkaravatti sri-Posala- vira-Ramana-Devarkkii 
yandu 16 avadu Tai-madam 10 vadu nal mudal Tekkal-nattu-pPeriya-natta- 

varu nattu-nayagari-jeyvar vejar Mayilandaiyu nattu-nayagari-jeyvar 

Sembi-devarum Mayilandai(y)-tTekkal-nattavarukku sri-Mahesurar- 

kum kudutta parisavadu Tedakkal-nattil devar-danam tiruvidai- 

3faJiir Taluq. 201 

yattam palHchchantara batta-viritti iillittanavum (y)iraiy-ili . . . . vittomm- 
Iramana-Devar toliikkum valnkkum nanr-aga amuduparli sattuppacli tiru.. 

pajlikk-uflal-aga-chchellaklcaclavad-aga .ruvi-nattu varum .... 

. nangalum sarvamaniyam-aga vittom tangalum aniudupacli sattu- 

ppacli tiru-ppaniyuii-jeyvittu anubavippadu idu sandiraditta-varai sellakkacla- 
vadu inda tadana-kariyam (y)ilanganam-panninar undagil Gengai-kkaraiyil 
kural-pasuvai-kkonran pavan-gollakkadavaji 


At Timmanayakanahalli (Tekal hobli), on a rock near the wasteweir of the tank. 
subhara astu vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1430 neya Vibhava-saihvatsarada 5 lu srimatu Tekaiu-simeya devaru stlianika neyada 

Rama Tippaya yage kotta sa sri-devara tida 

Tiramasamudra kij-eriya gaddeyanu nirama putra- 

pautra-paramparyavagi anubhavisalullavaru yi-kil-eriya nitya- 

amrita-padige sarvamanyavagi (on another side) sasanada 

Gopa-Raya hadinaidu - kola[ga] - gaddeyannu 

nivu putra-pautra-paramparyavagi nimage danadhi agi a-chandra- 

sthayiyagi anubbavisikonclu sukhadalu ihudu sthanika-Nayanarayyage 

yakke yogyavagi auubhavisuvadu Tambayyanige yikkala-gadde Gummayyanige 
yikkala-gadde danada gaddegalige vopa sri-Nandi-Kempanna-baraha 


At Niitava (same hobli), on a rock near the fort gate. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushagalu 1679 Isvara-sariivatsara- 
da Karttika-su 10 Sukravaradallu kempina Tambi-Setra sampradayadalli Vi- 
ranna ettisidanta uru-bagilii maiigala maha sri sri sri-Jayanatha 


At Hiriraale (same hobli), on a rock in the kodige iield north-west of the villaje, 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushahgalu 1762 neya Sarvari- 
sarh II Magha-su 7 rallu Hirimale-kote-mannyada vivaravu 


At Huladenhalli (Hujadenhalli hobli), on the bund of the kodige tank. 

(Qrantlia and Tamil oharacters.) 

nar-pal-ellaiyuh-gil nokkina kinaru mel nokkina maramum 

vira-Vallala-Devar . .nnakka ... 1 nattu-nayagaii . . . var 


202 Malur Taluq. 

nan adikari Ponnaya nayan 

sandraditya-varai sella dliara-purvam aga udakam-panni 

nninavan Gengai-karaiyir suvai konra 



At Gandagehalli (same hobli), on a rock to the uorth-east of the village. 

svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusliangalu 161) li Kanda- 

na-sarii H Chayitra-su 15 Uu sri. . Raja-nayakitti Yira. . . .nayani vaiiisa-.dra- 

gagana alipu cbaruvu kindinu. .20. . . naluni putra . . . 

. , .paraUi mbukoni sukhiga. . . . vuunadi 


At Boramanahalli (same hobli), on a rock to the south of the villaje. 
svasti sri vijayal)byn(laya-Salivi1ba[na]-saka- varusba 145G neya Jaya-saiii- 
vatsara-Magba-su T Uu srimann rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratiipa 


At Chamanahalli attached to Huladeaahalli (same hobli), on a stone 
on the Chamanahalli dinne. 
svasti samadbigata-paiicba-maba-sabda Pallavanvaya-sri-pritbivi-vallabba Palla- 
va-kula-tilaka Padmagasraya srimad-Ayyapa-Deva pritbivi-rajya geyye Ereya- 
ppana paripanthi Navilura Sitiyapendran arasarava band attidar att irid ulid 
antar antu vadadu katu kadu sattaru duuilu paraniagatta 


At Goniir (same hobli), on a stone lying; to the west of Pillegauda'3 
kuute in the jungle belonging- to the villag-e. 

(Grantha ainl Tnmil cliaracters.) 

oru te. .na Siriya, . .markku i-nanjai mmuttamal nadakakadavadu ippadi ivai 
Tamarai. . . .na.palavan Avndaiyarkku. .sri-Mabesvara-raksbai 


At Chakalahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Gopalasvami temple. 
svasti sri sakalabbyudaya-Salivabana 1522 ane Sarvari-samvatsara-Asbada-su 
5 yandu sri-G6 . .yimmadi-Tammaya-Gauni-ayyavaru babasida rajaka agra- 
bara yinu yicbina . 

Malur Tukiq. 203 


At Mekalanayakanapalya (same hobli), on a rock to the north-west of the village. 
Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1 .32 lu Pramadi-nama-samvatsaramBadrapada- 

su. .llu balada Veiikata-Vira-Nayaka Narayanare kotaramann etire 

Channa . . sasana 


On the same rock. 
sri-rayalu miracha Viramana-koraarudu Sriramana-kotara-banda 


At Masti (same hobli), on copper plates in possession of the sanabhoga. 

(I h) namas tuiiga-etc. n 
svasli sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-sakabdali 1499 t | eli vartamana-Isvara-na- 
ma-saiiivatsarada Phalguna-ba 30 Sanivara sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Tirumala-Deva-Raya-mahaiayar-ayyanavaru Cban- 
dragiriyallu ratna-siriihasanarijdharagi ijritlivi-samrajyaiii gaivutt iralu chatur- 
ttba-gotrada Yalahanka-nada-prabhugalada Nanje-Gauclaravara pautrarada 
Kempa-Naiije-Gaudaravara putrarada Hiriya-Kempe-Gaudaravaru Srivatsa-go- 
trada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus-sakbadbyayigalada Varadayyangara pautrarada 
Timmappayyanavara putrarada Tirumalayyanavarige barasikota bhu.-dana- 
dharma-sasana-patra-kramav ent endare nararaa alivike Bengaluru-simege sa- 
luva Voratdru-hobaliyalu i-Voraturu-grama 1 Soruhunise-grama 1 Haruva- 
halli-grama 1 an[tu] grama 3 nnu sarvamanyavagi suryoparaga-punya-kaladalu 
dakshina-Varanasiy enipa Kakudgiriyalu sri-Gangadharesvara-svauii-sannidhi- 
yalu Pararaesvararpana-buddhiyinda sarvamanyavagi sa-hiranyodaka-dhara- 
purvakavagi dhareyan eradu kotev adakarana i-sarvamanya-agraliara-grama 
3 klce saluva chatus-simey-olagada nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshina-agami- 
siddha-sadhyagalemba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyagalannii danadhi-kraya-vinima- 
ya-bhogyaiigalige yogyavagi nivu nimma putra-pautra-paramparyavagi a-chan- 
drarka-sthayiyagii-Varutiiru-Soruhunise-grama 2kke ashtaka 8ke gana-sarikhe- 
vritti G4 ke yajamanarii[H «]sa ardbake kshetra 32 vulida ashtaka 4 ke kshe- 
tra 32 prakara Haruvahalli-graraa 1 ke uiniage yeka-bhojya-prakara anubha- 

visikondu Sukhadalli yihadu (Jonees' .ind donor's Jesoent etc. twice repeatcd) yendu 

barasikotta tamra-dharma-sasaDa-patra n (usuai finni verses) 
asvamedha-sahasrani vajapeya-satani cha | 
kritva yat pbalam apnoti bhumidanat tad asnute n 
ganyante parirsavo loke ganyante varsha-bindavali | 
na ganyate Vidbatrapi vipra-datta vasundhara n 


204 Malio- Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the fort- 

varisba vo. .974 Nandana-samvatsa ra-akhya sundaNukkiyura 

Maraya Suiigilura banasa yandu raana ratiya batta Rajen- 

dni lika lingi Kalvalya. .likappa . . Kali-nivarana 


At the bechirakh village 'Vomraasandra (same hobli), in a field to the east. 

(Grautha and Tanul characters.) 

svasti sri niaha-maiulalisuvaran Tirupuvanamalla-puradirayan Attiyandai tan- 

gai. . . -Ivarena Melai-ma. . . .gaikku vadakku Naga. . . 

. . . .merkku tanma-danam-aga vitten idukku van Gaiigai-karaiyil ku- 

ral-pasuvai konra pavan-golvau 


At TrinisK same hobli), near the oil-mill to the south-east. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti siimauu-uiaba-mandalesura ariraya-vibhala basbaikku-ttappuva rayara 
gandan sri-vira-Ariappa-udaiyavarkku Sakabtam 1268 mel sellaninra Veya- 
varushattu Avani-masam 20 tiyadi srimanu-maba-mandalesuran Ariya-Vallappa- 
deniiayakka svepatta Vallapparkku pramanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu Ma- 

sandi-nattil toru pon 80. . . .dalanpalli pon 30 m figa ur irandukkum 

pon 110 m kaikkondu ivv-urgalukku adaitta naiijai punjai nar-pak-kkellaiyil 
devadanam tiruvidaiyattam ningal aga kil nokkiya kinarum mel nona mara- 

mum ut nilattil ka, . . .kai. . .riya kel ka nall-erudu nar-pasu 

. . . .ttar-pattam ivv-uril. .ngal kol. . . .ka ul. . 

. .ttamum ve ya kon koHa 

Vil,0 62 

At Mukkadegutte (same hobli), on a rock to the north-east of the villag^e. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varusha 1164 neya 
Subhakrit-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 12 llu sriman-maharajadhiraja riija- 
paramesvara . . purva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhisvara sri-pratapa-sri-Ven- 

Mulur Takiq. 205 

kata-Ra.ya-mahara.yaru prithvi-rajyarii geyuttarii iralu Masitti-AUajanatha- 
devarige petheyava-Rama-Nayakara maga Yarada-Nayakaru kotta dharmma- 
sasana Vandinakayya-nadinolagaua Tekal-kofeya Mukkare-gramakke sahi[va]- 
chatus-simenu kramavagi . .siiryya-grahana-punya-kaladallu Tirumala-Raya- 

VodeyarigedharmavagiAllalanatha-devara naivedya-puje yakke 

dhareyan eradu kotta dharmma-sasana-manya (usuui Hnoi vorae) 


At KojaUi (sarae hobli), on a stone near the Kanchugara-tank 
to the north-west of Bajenahalli. 
svasti sri Dilipayya prithivi-rajyarii geyye Ayappa-Deva Dadiga vade. 


At Ahanya (same hobli), at the Timmarayasvami temple. 

(Urantha and Tamil charaoterf.) 

Veguda mada-muda prasayi 

magan Pamma anasuui .... rva kku pra padi . 

na tan pulattil samuttiramum kku maniyam li. 

kanda yaraagavu dana i-kandamu 

y a . . . . tu dana ... ndu . . . . ka 


At the same place. 

(Qrantba and Tauil characters ) 

manimai ippadi. . . . ppam pratapa-sri lu vettu Pamma- 

yana tiru-mugappadi iduku tambi 


At the same village, on a rock at Govu-dinne. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

Bahudhanya-varshattu Margali-madam srimanu-maha-prasayitta Irama-naya- 

kkar kumara srinianu-Pammaya-nayakka ku kallu-natti kudutta 

parisavadu ivarku Setti-gamun dinaiu-gulaga. . katti ma. . . .giyum sarva 

. • . . lalla ttOn ral kon ku va Pammay a 

206 Malur Tahiq. 


At Dodda Kalhalli (same hobli). 

(GrnDtha anJ Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri svatti-chcliiri SakabJa.1224 idan mel sellaninra Plava-var- 

shattu Margali-madaia 22 ti Soma-varattu nal srimat-pratapa-chakravatti sri- 
Posala-vira-Ballala-Devar. . . .nattu-kKundaiiiyil tiruv-Iramisvaram-udaiya-na- 

yanarkku Masandi-nattu Nilala Kalpalliyum idan galum 

naiijai puiijai nar-pal-ellaiyum sittayamum pala-varivu kanikkai anaitt-ayaiiga- 

luni udaka-purvam aga sarva uiyam-aga kuduttom i-ttanmattai marrina- 

van Geiigai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvai konran pavatte povan sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the beehirakh village Bakarhalli (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil chnracters.) 

svasti srimanu-maha-prasayittan. . .rayaunena Siiigarukku 

kkum dana-pramanam parisavadu rshattu Sittara-masa-mudal 

nattil Periya-nattavarum gamiudarum adikari Vayaua Vallala-Devar 

tolukkum valukkum jayam-aga Masanti-nattil Toralpalji aaiijai punjai nar-pal- 
ellaiyum nubhavi . . 


At Lakkur (Lakkur hobli), on a stone near the Narasimhasvami temple. 
raja-sri-Lachir.ama-Jamedaravarige kote-kodige kotadu hola-kha 2 kauduga yi- 
jaru putra-pautra-paramiiariyagi kotu (usuai impreoatory phrases) 


On a rock in the field of Munivenkataiya to the south-west of the same village. 
Madappa-Nayakaru go . . . . Gaudage ho. .gaddeya kodisidanu (usuai 

imprecatory phrases) 


At the same village, on the basement of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grautha and Tamil obaracters.) 

srimat-pratapa-chakravatti sri-Hoysala-vira-Vallala-Deva-arasar Kundaui- ra- 
jyam Virivi-nadu Murasu-nadu Masandi-nadu Sokkanayan-parru munnana 
ella va-sthanaiigalil mada-patigalukkum sthanapatigulukkum vinnappan- 

-^ ^ 


t l^ hs- 

ovr ?-,^ 

^ ^ .r 

WO ffc 

5 fe 






Malur Taltiq. 207 

jeyya-ppera nokki yur Tinikkandisvaram-udaiya-nayanrir devadiinam 

mada-ppuram iina koUai kalani ulladukku dara-purvam-a,ga udakani-paniii sarva- 
manyam-aga-kkuduttom Plava-varusliattu Margili-madam 22 nti Tingal-kilamai 
nal mudal-aga svasti sri Parichchhedi-kandi-isvaram namakkum nammudaiya 
rajyattukkum nanr-aga pujaiyura amudum pogarigajum tiru-ppaniyum kuraiv- 
vara nadatti namakku arpudaiyara-aga valttiy-iruppadu 


At Nonaman^ala (same hobli), on *copper-plates of the Jaina-basti in ruins. 
(\b) svasti jitaiii bhagavata gata-ghana-gaganabhena Padmanabhena srimaj- 
JS.nhaveya-kuIamala-vy6mavabbasana-bhaskarasya sva-bhuja-javaja-jaya-jani- 
ta-sujana-janapadasya darunari-gana-vidarana-ranopalabdha-vrana-vibhiishana- 
bhfishitasya Kanvayanasa-gotrasya srimat-Koriganivarmma-dharmma-mahadhi- 
rajasya putrasya pitur auvagata-guua-yuktasya vidya-vinaya-vihita-vrittasya 
samyak-praja-palana - matradhigata - rajya-prayojanasya vidvat-kavi-kanchana- 
nikash6[IIa]pala-bhutasya viseshat6'py anavaseshasya niti-sastrasya vaktri-pra- 
yoktri-kusalasya suvibhakta-bhakta-bhritya-janasya Dattaka-sutra-viitti-prane- 
tuh sriman-Madhavavarmma-dharmma-mahadhirajasya putrasya pitri-paita- 
maha-guna-yuktasya aneka-chaturddanta-yuddhavapta-chatur-udadbi-salila- 
svadita-yasasah samada-dvirada-turagarohanatisayotpanna-karinmanah dhanur- 
abhiyoga-sampad - vilesliasya §rimadd -Harivarmma-mahadhirajasya putrasya 
guru-g6-Brahmana-pujakasya Narayana-charananudhyatasya srimad-Vishnu- 
gopa-mahadhirajasya putrasaya pitur anva[II6]gata-guna-yuktasya Tryambaka- 
charanambhoruha-rajar-pavitrikritottamarigasya vyayamodvritta-pina-kathina- 
bhuja-dvayasya sva-bhuja-bala-parakrama-kraya-krita-rajyasya chira-pranaslita- 
deva-bhoga-Brahmadeya-naika-sahasra-visarggagrayana-karinah kshut-ksham6- 
shta-pisitasana-pritikara-nisita-dharaseh Kali-yuga-balavamagna-dharmmo- 
ddharana-nitya-sannaddhasya srimato Madhavavarmma- dharmma-mahadhi- 
rajasya putrena jaaani-devatarika-paryyarika-tala-samadhigata-rajya-vibiiava- 
vilasena nija-prabhavariisu-chakravalakhandita-satru-nripati-mandalenakhanda- 
[III a]la - vidambi - sauryya - viryya - dhairyya - yas6 - dhama - Ijhutena gaja-dhuri 
haya-prishthe karmmuke chadvitiyena lalana - nayana-bliramaravali-nitya- 
kritauuyatrena praja-paripalana-krita-parikara-bandhena kiua bahuna idari- 
sreyase pravarddhamana-vipulaisvaryye prathame sariivatsare Phalguna-mase 
sukla-pakshe tithau pauchamyam sopadhyayasya param-Arhatasya Vijaya- 
kirtteh sakala-diri-mandalavyapi-kirtter upadesatah Chandranandy-acharyya- 
pramukhena Miila-sarighenanushthitaya Uranur-Arhatayata [III&]naya Kori- 
kunda-vishaye Vennelkarani-gramah Perur-Evani-Acligal - Arhadayatanaya 

*Found in tbe earth. 

208 3Ltln)- Taluq. 

sulka-bahishkarshapanesliu padas cha deva-bhoga-kramenadbhir ddattah yo'sya 

lobhad pramadad vapi hartta, sa paiTcha-raaha-pataka-samyukto bhavati api- 

chatra Manu-gitah slokah 

sva-dattam para-dattaih va yo hareta vasundharam l 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani ghore tamasi varttate n 
bhumi-danat param danaiii na bhutam na bhavishyati | 
tasyaiva[IVa]haranat papaiii na bhutaiii iia bhavishyati |i 

(two usuai verses) maharaja-mukhajiiaptya Marishena tvattakarena likhiteyaiii 



On copper plates of the same placs. 
[I&] svasti namas Sarvvajiiaya H jitam bhagavata gata-ghana-gaganabhena Pad- 
manabhena srimaj-Janhavoya-kuhimala-vyomavabhasana-bhaskarasya sva-bhuja- 
javaja-jaya-janita-sujana-janapadasya darunari-gana-vidarana-ranopalabdha- 
vrana-vibhushana-bhushitasya Kanvayanasa-gotrasya srimat-Konganivarmma- 
dharmma-mahadhirajasya putrasya pitur anvagata-guna-yuktasya vidya-vinaya- 
vihita-vrittasya [Ila] samyak-praja-palana-matradhigata-rajya-prayojanasya vi- 
dvat-kavi-kanchana-nikashopala-bhiitasya viseshat6'py anavaseshasya niti-sastia- 
sya vaktri-prayokri-kusalasya su-vibhakta-bhakta-bhritya-janasya Dattaka-sutra- 
vritti-pranetuh sriman-Madhavavarmraa-dharnima-mahadliiiajasya putrasya 
pitii - paitamalia - guna - yuktasya aneka - chaturddanta - yuddhav:ipta - chatur. 
udadhi - salilasvadita -yasasah samada - dvirada - turagarohanatisayotpanna - 
karmmanah srimadd-Harivarmma-mahadhirajasya putrasya guru-go-Brahmana- 
piljakasya Narayana-charauanudhya [116] tasya srimad-Vishnugopa-mahadhi- 
rajasya putrena pitur anvagata-guna-yuktena Tryambaka-charanambhoruha- 
rajali-pavitrikritoltamaiigena vyayamodvritta-pina-kathina-bhuja-dvayena 
sva-bhuja-bala-parakrama-kraya-krita-rajyena kshut-kshauioshtha-pisitasana- 
pritikara-nisita-dharasina srimata Madhavavarmma-mahadhirajena atmanah 
sreyase pravarddhmana-vipulaisvaryye trayodase samvatsare Phalgune mase 
sukla-pakshe tithau panchamyam srimad- Vira-deva-sasanambaravabhasana- 
sahasrakarasya acharyya- Vira-devasya [Illa] nija-kritanta-para-raddhauta- 
pravinasya upadesduat Mudukottura-vishaye Pebbolal-grame Arhadayatanaya 
Mula-sanghanushtitaya maha-tatakasya adhastat dvadasa-khandukavapa- 
matra-kshetraiii cha Totta-kshetraiu cha Patu-kshetrarii cha Kumarapura- 
gramascha etatsarvvam sa-sarvva-parihara-kramenadbhir ddattah y6'syal6bhat 
pramadad vapi hartta sa paiicha-maha-pataka-samyukt6 bhavati apichatra 
Manu-gita[li] sl6ka[h] 

sva-dattaiii para-dattaiii va y6 hareta vasundharam | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani gh6re tamasi varttate || 

(other usual final Tersee) 


O r\ 



s;<^;z>>^^^^ ^^.gS;r^^^-^ ^^ 




(mR-7 3^ 

Malur Taluq. 209 


At the same village. 
. Koiigani pritliivi-rajyaiii geyuttire kottor (impreoatory phrases) 


At Pura (same hobli), on a stone north-west of the village. 

vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saiva-varusliangalu 1488 neya salluva Aksliaya-sam- 
vatsarada [. . . .]ba-dasamiyallu sri-maharajadhiraja raja - paramesvara sri- 
. . . . Deva-Raya-mabarayaru rajyam Pura 


On a stone at Tambuhalli (same hobli). 

sri-Venkatesvarasya svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-S§,liva- 

bana-saka-varushangalu 1685 neyallu Cbitrabhanu-nama-samvatsara-uttara- 

yana-Chaitra-ba 5 Stbiravara-Jesli,tba-nak-;batra sa- 

kulabdbi-chandrarada Gopala-Singaravara pavutrarada Ramacbandraravara 

putrarada Hridaya-Ramaravara sri-svami akbyatavagi sada barat. . . . 

Bhairagigala Brabmarugalige ni nitya avara vechcbakke agi paragaua 

Hosakote sammatu Haveli tarapb Lakkiirige salluva mavuje Tanibiballi- 
grama 1 kke Sarvari. . 1583 rallu varushakke salluva yalle chatus-sime 


At the boundary of Channarayapura and the jodi village G6nfir^(8ame hobli). 

(Grantlia ainl Tamil cliaractcrs.) 

svasti sri maha-mandalesvara Tribbuvauamalla-puravadarayar ana Kamattalu' 
var tiru-menikku nanr-aga Subhakrit-saiiivarsara-mudal-aga Masandi-nattu- 

k ngala Audanukkum amu. . Ii"agavanukkum Allala-pperu- 

nialukkum Ko. .valar-kuttauukkum Siriya AUala-pperumalukkum Vangi. . . 
ttu-tTiruva. . . .pperumalukku makuttagai Alagiyauukkum aga-pPiraniaiiar 
eluvarkum tam aga.ain-gaudaga-kkollai te..ugal padikku-tten-kilakku-ppega 
. .tta. .vitten Kam. . . .raagan Nallandaiy-ana Komuttanena i-ttanmattai mar- 
ra ninakkum avan Geugai(gai)-karaiyil kural-pasuvai vadittan pavattu viluvan 


210 Malnr Tahiq. 


At Kodihalli (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Taniil charaoters.) 

Sakaptam 8 Kaliyuga-varushani 4468 idan mer-chellaninra Plavaii- 

ga-varushattu Sitra-miisam 15 tiyadi svasti sriman-maha-mandalesyara ariraya- 
vibhata bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-Bukkanna-udaiyar Mulavay- 

padaivittil pri. .virajyam-pannanikka ya-dhannayakkanim Dukkannana- 

varum Erumarai-nattil nattavarum 


On a stone in the boundary of Varadaiiduhalli to the north of the 

western sluiee of Malur Doddakere. 

sri-Ganadhipataye namah 

namas tunga — etc. n 

svasti vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1685 neya Chitrabbanu- 

samvatsarada uttarayane Vasanta-ritau Chaitra-masa-krishna-pakshe 2 Sthira- 

vare srimatu maha-puuya-kaladalu Bharadvaja-gotrada 

pautrarada Ramacbandraravara pulrarada Hridaya-Rama- Jamadarravaru 
barasi kotta dharma-sasana-kramav ent endade paragana Hosakote bavelige 
saluva taraphu Maluru-hobalige salluva Varadanduhalli-grama Maluru sri- 
Saukara-Narayana-svami-sevarthav agi. . .dipika-yautra-sishya-paricbaraka. . . 
kottu yide-Malura-gramakke yalle chatus-ssime 


At the same village, a sannad in possession of Jodidar. 

sri-Rama sri-Veukatesvara-svami svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-var- 
shaiigalu 1683 Vikrama-nama-sam- 1 rada Kartika-suda 1 5 somoparaga-maha-puii- 
ya-kaladallu Bharadvrija-g6traradaChayisa-kuU\bdhi-chandraradaG6pala-Siuga- 
navara pautrarada Ramachandra-putrarada Hridaya-Rama-Jama[tta]darara- 
varu II Kaundinya-sa-gotrarada Apastamba-sutrarada Yajus-sakhadhyayigalada 
Ramachandra-bhatara pautrarada Govinda-bhatara putrarada Veiikatacharya- 
ravarige barasi kotta bhii-dana-dharma-sasana-dana-patra-krama beg andare 
tarapa Maluru-sammatu Haveli-paragane Hosakotege saluva Varadandahalli- 
gramadalli su-kshetravagi yiruvanta ragi-hola ba 30 kasabe-kere-kelage yi- 
gramada pate-gadeyalli gade kha J yi-hattu-kolaga-bhumi-svasthyavannu sa- 
hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakavagi . . . divya-sri-padaravindagalige pritiyagi 
nimage dana-rupakavagi kottu yidheve yi-svasthyake saluvanta nidhi-nikshepa- 

Malur Taluq. 211 

jala-taru-pashana-akshina-agami-sitlclha-saclhyagal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-sva^ 
myagalunnu griharama-kshetra-sahitavagi danadhi-kraya-bhogya-yogyavagi ni- 
mma putra-pautra-paramparyavagi anubhavisikondu nammana asirvada madi- 
koiidu sukhadalli yiruvadu yendu tri-karana-tri-vachakadayinda barakotta 

dana-patra H (usual finnl verses) 


At C hannaray apura (same hobli), on a stone lying to the north-west 
of Gavi-gutta of the Channaraya temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-varusham 4442 idil selhxninra Sakabta 1263 mel sellaninra 
Vishu-varushattu Sittirai-madam mudal svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam prati- 

vi-valiabam maharajadeva raja-paramesvara parama. .tta.ka ganda Ya- 

dava-kulambara-dyumani sa. . . .ga-chu. .manikka malairaja-raja Malaiporulu 
gaiida ganda-berunda Sula-raya-stripanachariya Pandiya-raya-pratishthachariya 
Setu-mula-jayastamba nigalanka-pratapa-chchakkaravatti sri-PoysaJa-vira-Va- 
Uala-Devar sa. . rajyam-panni arulaninra nalil srimanu-ma-pradhana Dati-Sin- 
gaya-dennayakar tambiyar Vallappa-dennayakar vasalil pradanigalil Taluva- 

chchitta Vittappanavar svasti sri Pullaytir-nattil yagaii-jeyvar Turavar- 

nayanukku-ttanda. . . .vittadukku kudaiigaikku-chchadana-pramanam-panni- 
kkudutta parisavadu i-nnattil Tattilikk-adaitta nafijey punsey nar-park-ellaikk- 
utpatta nilam adangalum sarvamanyam-aga sandira(dira)ditta-varai seliakka- 

davad-aga-chchadana-pramanam-panni-kkudutom inda llilum sembilum 

duttom Vittapparum Nadapparum 


At Dodda Kadatur (same hobli), in Basanna's field. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar prithivi-rajyam-panui arulanira kalattu 
Plavainga-varshattu Rishabha-nayarru purva-pakshattu Trayodasiyum Brihas- 
pati-varamum Avittamum Subha-yogamum Balava-karanamum perra irrai-nal 
Nigarili-Sola-mattalattu Masanti-n.attil Melamukkil Tirumarai-iJarril i-nnattu- 
kku kadavar ana manu-ma. . . .Pramanananum. . . .vari Allappara. .nganna- 
num Machchannanum Kumarannanum Vira-Vallala-Devar-nattin nayam-sai- 
viir Villa-gamuttar Veppur Tamma-chcliiyar Silma-samuttar Veiigainellimalai- 
devar Vedikuppaiyil Saimbayar Gaiigai-kon Mali-setti-devar i-nnattakku kij_ 
adikari aua Kovanddai ivv-anaivarom 


212 Malur Tduq. 


At Jahagir-Bavanahalli (sarae hobli), 

on a stone near the garuda-kambha of the Gopalasvami temple. 

Subliakrit-saiiivatsaracla Maga-baiila. .Sanivaradalu srimatu kolagara Bayicha- 

ya-Nayakara maga Bayinelliya Malleya-Nayakara nilisida dipa-male-kamba 

urindacliaf. .vii tOrav. .ha 


At Bairanahalli (same hobli), on a stone north of the village entrance. 

Jeya-samvacbara 8 lu Achyuta yaru prutbivi 



At Koranahalli (same hobli), on a stone behind the Bhimesvara temple. 
svasti jayabhyuJaya-Saka-varusbangalu ualku-savirada-naniira-nalvatta-nalka- 
neyalu nada varttamana-vyavaharika-Vyaya-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 ara- 
bhyavagi sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Bukka- 
Rayara kumara pratapa-Harihara-Rayara nirupadim pradhana Yalarasa-Ode- 
yaru HuUiyilra-nada Hattiyvira Virappaiige kotta sasanada kramav ent endare 
nimma HuUiira-nadalu ninna bageyalu Toravasamudrada-grama 1 nii ninna 
dayirya-kodagiyagi sarbba-(back) manyavagi a-cbandrarkka-stayiyagi sila-likitav 
agi kotteii a-mariyadeyali sukadini bogisodu (usuai imprccatory phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone near the Jail1i-sab's wet land. 

Svabhanu-samvatsarada Pushya-su 10 lu Subba-Raya Havadige kotta 

halli kere-katte gadde . . 1 liola kha 3 mdru-kbandaga sahi 


At Nosekere (same hobli), on a stone iu the channel west of the village entrance. 
Raktakshi-samvatsara-Jyesbtha-su 2 lu Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1666 

rallu rajyam ir. . . . Mammad Ali basa-. . . Chikka abala 

navara. . . .Kempannage barasi kotta rakta-sasana 


At Channakallu (same hobli), on a rock to the west. 
Sarvari-samvatsarada Sravana-suda 1 llu sri-Malura sri-Timmaji-Raja Hampa- 
Rayaravaru kavala vira-kallu-gavi 

Malur Talnq. 213 


At the same village, on a stone west of the Varadaraja temple. 

Ananda-samvatsaracla Chaitra-su 3 lu Channa-Dasiya Dekabe satra-mathakke 
bitta svasti yiclakke tappidare para-loka-niartya-lokakke horagu yi-prakaradali 
silrya-chandradigal ulla pariyantravu nacliyal ullavaru 


At Mailandahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the west. 
Hulimaiigalada elleyolagana bhumiyanu krayakke kotta sammanda. . . . 


At the same village, on a stone in the natta-hola to the west. 

sri Visvavasu-sairivatsarada Kartika-su 1 Raya yara 

ganda hannondu-manclalikara gancla . . .mpala. . . Pandya- .... Raya jaya- 

ratnakara, Raya-sampad-achai-yya rahutara gancla sri- 

virya-Nagayya-Nayakara maga maclidakamba yi-kamba. . . . 

(usual impreoatioD) 


At Sivara (same hobli), on a virakal on the jarugu-dinne to the west of the tank. 

svasti sri Kannara-Javaiii Volanam mel eddu kadi kondu Chikkaurada koteya 

kondu melpacliyocla katakav ildandu SivavCirada gavuncla Pulinal- 

iiram Nijaravayyana .... maga Mudayya katakadandu banda tala padaha 
kebanala pokk iridara satta svaya vfirakke purvva Chinda-Gavundara maga 
Nada-Gavundi gavunda geyvandu kali-Vitta .... endu vesa-geyde lavanyada 
Rama-Saralachariya maga Kovaliya 


On a second virakal at the same place. 

svasti Huli-Gavundana mayduna KuragoUa Budda-Gavuncla Virapurada 

modalu turu-goncla tama guli maha .liya-Gavundage 

madida maga . . . 

214 Malur Taliiq. 


On a third virakal at the same place. 
svasti srimatu Prithuvi-Kongoni-Muttarasar Sripurusha-maliarajarkka . Nelli- 
vara Kalakanna Kalikaiigaran irid odisi Gaiiji-nada Kkalidore-galuiii Gombu- 
kki-arasaruiii padedudu . . . Vuseyanura idan alivon paiicha-maha-patakan 
akkum kanduga kalani idan vare ponna kotta kela me pa Kene-ttachchan- 
magan eleyon Mada-ttachchann avanpesarajjan idan aliyal 


At Madivala (same hobli), 
on the basement of the Gangadharesvara temple to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Posav-Iramana-Devarkku yandu 3. . . Sarvadhari-vani . .ttu Kattigai- 
masa-raudal svasti sri Maduranta-Sola- Viruvi-nad-alvar Palandai - nayanena 
Gaiigesvara-udaiyarkku tiru-nundavikkum kala-chchandi amudupadikkum aga- 
pperi mudal-madaiyile kandaga-kkalaniyum kandaga-kkollaiyum vitt-amaitta 
Palandai-nayan tanmam 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

sarvabhuvana-chakravattigal sri-Poysala-vira-Ramana-Devarukku yiindu 38 
Nandana-sammarcharattu Tai-madam Maliur Madaivilagattil udaiyar Garigisu- 
ram-udaiya-nayanarkku Tamarai-kilar Ambalavar magan Al-udaiyarena nan 
manal olukki kattina Ponnarabala-pputteriyil nan vitta tiruvudaiyattamum 
batta-virutiyum uiada-ppuramum Pillaiyar nilamum nikki iv-erikku adaitta 

nilam oru kolukkutti nilam nayadi kuravantana vargal poiiarkala 

chchan poru . . sriyavasiman 


At the same temple, in the north-east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srimar-pratapa-chakravatti Poysala- Villala-Devan Hesar-Kundani- 
rajyam Virivi-nfidu Masandi-nadu Murasa-nadu Sokkanayan-parru-pPennai- 
yandar-mada-nadu Aimbulugiir-nadu Elaviir-nadu Kuvalala-nadu Kaivara-nadu 
Ilaiyakka-nadu munana elhvnadugalum ulla devastanaiigalil mada-patigalu- 
kkum stanikarkkum vinnapan-jeyya-ppera Sakabdam 1224 idan mel sellaninra 
Kaliga-varusham 44.3 ana Plava-varushattu Margali-masam 1 ti Tiugat-kila- 
mai nal mudal inda rajyatu devadanan-diruvidaiyatta mada-ppuram pallich- 

Malur Taluq. 215 

chantam ana danangalil irukkum siddhayam kanikkai tariy-irai tattar-pattam 
sarigaiy-utpatta pala-varivugalu marrum epperpatta iraigalum tavittu indanda 
vibhavangaj indanda devargalukku piijaikkum amudukkum bhogamgalukkum 
tiru-ppanikkum dhara-puruam-aga udakam-panni kuduttom tangalum indanda 
devargalukku pujaiyum amudu bhogaihgalun-diru-ppaniyun-guraiv-ara nadatti 
namakkum nam irajyattukkum arbudhaiyam aga valtti sukhamey-iruppadu 

101 * 

At the same temple, on the wall to the left of tbe doorviray. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Pugal-madu vilauga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava Malar- 
magal punara urimaiyir-chiranda maiii-mudi-sudi Minavar nilai-keda Villavar 
kulaitara enai-mannavar iriyal-irr-ilitara-ttikk-anaittun-dan sakkara-nadatti 
vijaiyabhishekara-panni vira-simhasanattu Avani-mulud-udaiyalodum virrirund- 
aruliya Kov-Irajakesaripanmar ana sakkiravattigal sri-Kul6ttunga-Sd}_a-Devar- 
kku yandu 43 avadu Vikkirama-Sola-mandalattu-kKurukundadachchi-nattu 
Maiiyur Gaiigaigondisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku Arikesari-vala-nattu Jaya- 
varanalivir ana Kulaliir-udaiyan ana Rajarajan Piran ana Rajentra-Sola 
Atimurkka-chChengiraiena inda Maliyiir Gaugaigondisvaram-udaiya Maliade- 
varkku ivv-ur-pperi-eri-kil inta Mahadevarku-ttiruchchennadaikku devadanam 
aga vitta nilam oru veli nilainum i-tdevarkku Rajarajan Kulottuiiga-Solan 
Kulottunga-Sola Atimiukka-chCheiigiraiena Maliyur Gangaigondisvaram- 
udaiya Mahadevai'kku i. . . .Vilamahga. .va. .yir-churru-murrura naiijai punjai 

§rkkada siru-su. .kan-tiruvamudam i m Vedar kummari Parai- 

yar tari-pudavai marrum epperpatta pala-vidarayangalum utpada devadanam 
agave vitten ippadi seluttade i-ttanmattai alippan Geugai-idai-kKumari-idai 

kurar-pasuvai-kkonran pavam paduvan aram araverkku tan . . 

chchana. .sagaraii-jul-vaiyyagattir kanamachchan karuraa. .araymin pan.... 
....seydan seydan arau-gattan padam tirumbamar-chcbenni-mel vaittu idu 




At Gollahalli (Jangamakote hobli), on a stone in Sanabh6g's field 
to the south-east of the Balla tank. 

svasti sri gata-Kali-yuga-varusha 4524 neya Sobliakritu-saiiivatsarada Vai- 
sakha-su. . sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara piirvva-dakshina-pascbi- 

mottara-samudradhipati sri-vira-pratapa-Vijaya-Raya-maharaya sri- 

vira siva-Deva-Rayara danda-bashe Raya chalavaiii 



At Kurubarahalli (same hobli), on a stone near Venkatappa's garden. 

nija-Bhadrapada-su 15 rada grahana-kaladalu sriman-maha- 

mandalesvara niedini-misara ganda Kathari-SalvaKaruataka-Telugana-Dravida- 
tri-rajya - rakshamani ripu - raya - sarva - sarhhara Arata - Raya - mana - mardana 
dushta-nigraha-sishta-paripalakar-ada sri-Sadasiva-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam 
gevutta yiralu svami-Murti-Rayana Rajayage nayakatanake palisida Ballada- 
sthaladolagana raaha Annapaaahalliya (rest gone) 


At the same village, on a stone in Kangundi Tanappa's garden, 
Krodhi-nama-saiii-Maga-ba 12 lu Hajarat-Mira Jatundi-Sa n Mali-Nayakage 
kotta netra-kodige hohi «" 3 Jangamakoteyali kottevu putra-parampare anu- 
bhavisodu Hindfl Musalamanu yaru tapidare avara devara mele taliika nama 


At the same village, in Venkataramanappa's garden near Timmegauda's well. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

Karkirai tan kile niclumuyar mapa sri 

.vada-pala tar-arum nandavanan-gand-adanu tapan-gandu tana-miga 

Attiraiyarkulam iiga-chchir-aruii-Jivan Somichcharan koyilai 

sen-Damil-alaiyan pugalan senilattu 

Sidlaghatta Taluq. 217 


At Busanahalli (same bobli), on a rock near the pond, south of the villa^e. 
sri subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsa 1532 Saumya- 
samvatsara-Chaitra-su 1 1 lu sriman-maharajaclhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-Verikatapati-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyvutt iralu Sugatura Yimmadi- 
Tamraayya-Gavudara putrarada Mummadi-Tammaya-Gavudanavaru Sosaliya- 
guru-mathada Devanaradhyaravarige yi-Busanahalliyu sarvamanyavagi Sivar- 
pitavagi kottaddu 


At Nagamangala (same hobli), on a stone in Talavara^s fleld, 

south-west of the village. 

Svabhanu-sa II Ashadha-ba 30 lu Mammataki-Sahebaru Maluyage hakikota 

manya yi-hola uta madikondu tota kapadikondu sukhadalu yihadu surya- 

cbandradigalu yiha-paryantra anubhavisikondu yiruvadu 


At the same village, on a stone near the fort-gate. 
Tarana-nama-saiii I Asvija 121u Nagamarigalada hobli stalada sanabbaga 
Dodappage Nagamarigalada kere-kattu-kodagi-manyada hola kha| gade kha2 
putra-pavutra-paamparyadalu anubhavisikondu sukhadalli yiruvadu i| 


At Sug^atur (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil obaracters.) 

a) vippira-sikamani -pparigaya-kula mudaliya. .n 

perum-pugal Samayan . . . . pa. . nda mey-mmoli-Vediyan kod-il 

h) rpattirandu Pii-magal Jaya-maga Na-magal punara 

Vedi ramesvaran tribhuvana-chchakkaravatti sri-Rajarajan sri-Vikkirama- 

Sola-Devar rigodai-kKaivara-nattul Adhichchattira-pundavarttanam ana 

Tenki ttol-padiy-ana Arumoli-deva-chchatuvvedi-ma. . lattu- 

pPodiya ra-Vyediyar dhamma-niyayar madura-vasakar mama lar 

tiruv-arul pu kattalai kalai-ter nipunau . . . tumaue polvarut-pana 


c) yyutalam porri Vadimuttaya ku yandu iran. . .la 

. . . .Nigarili niya poli pilai n polum Vediyar 

uilavu yun-jitta sa Manu-neri tappa , 


218 Sidlar/hatta Taluq. 

d) rkaii- uumaiyir 

e) enaiya tanmaiyiliya 

/) m pugal vaya vinaiya. 


At the same village, in Bairanna^s field to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Saiia-varsbam ayirattu-narpattirandu Pii-magal punara-pi)ugal adu 
valara-ppuviyor porra ven-Gali-kafliudu seugol-ocbchi-pPuli-veudan Koliyar 
kula-pati sri- Rajayar ana sri-Vikkirama-Sola-Devarkk-iyand-irand-adanil nara 
Nigarili - Sola-raandalattu -kkara-vayal sul Kaivara-nattul mada-maligai 

mandapani ougiya kuda. .korra-vayadal Pagattftr m pavaiyar nadani- 

payil Sugutturil ton-nila-nigala-ttaruraoli-nalgun-danania. .lan Arumoli-deva- 
chchatuppedi-mangalattu-ppallor pugalum Nallur-mudalvan mattiraiy-adauil 
ma-nedi-nalgumm Attiraiyar kon tad-ula-salai pa. .namattum Pappana-pperu- 
mal Samundaiyanran peruu-devi pu-chclieii-kulalal Vichchamai payanda tan- 
Damil-alaiyan tarani ettum endisai nigalum. .m-irappalan kondal-anna Kuva- 
laiya-tantiran auav-ongu-pugalan Udaiyamattanda-Brahma-marayau ten- 
kamal-tarou selu-marai-Vanan tan-riru-ttamaiyan-ran peyariile pon-puri-sadai- 

yana-ppunniyan vinnavar uamichchara nid-ettiya Somichcharan tiru- 

kkoyil eduppit sirandu. .lanam isaippa tiru-pratishtai nigala-ppanni- 

ttiruvadi-nilaiyun-jem-bonal amaitt-uruvadu valarav-Uma-sahitan tirumeniy- 
iru-nilam porrav-elundaruluvittu-kketagai malligai kiiijuka-maiijari padari 
punuai paraiyara-magila sidalai mauval serundi senbaga madavi enr-ivai valani 
perav-amaittu - chcheiigau - Vidaiyon seuni mannuii - Gaiigai -niru - mannun- 
gunarndu gurukkal kulira-kkoyil mel-parriru-kkulam aga-ttirttan-gandu 
selu-nilam etta-kkottun -dattun-gulavi uilaviyav-irupiJU . . m-adi}'ar mevi 
mun sirakka-ttiruppadimarrukku-ttevar danam aga-pPeri-eriyil nilam oray- 
iramun-Jirreriyil nilam orayiramuii-jirasen-Damilor kalipparav-irayiraii-guli. . . 
nirragala-kkunapatiyay engurrang-amayuh-Ganavatiyarkum akk-irunuru-kuliyu 

Marayan ana pira na an-jolla .... 

tatava seyvanrirukkalattu rael-par-palai nan-nilam oru-veliyu nar- 

pannaiyum. .lina. pennai mel-par-Pasuvur nar-pal-elaiy-utpada nansey punsai 
nan-nila nigala nan-maraiyavar-par-ponn-ara vittu mann-ara-kkondu tarani 
nigala-ttan-kilai valara sandradityar tam ujlalavum iili iiliyu..ravu perav- 
araaittanan vali vali vaiyyagatt-iuide. a....inda dhanmam iyavarayinum . 
ndu yavarilum vilakkuvar, . .sen-Damil pasiya sri-Vanarasiyil kanrodu kavilai 
irandaiyum alitta paiija-ma-patakar enappaduvore . . . ndicbcharar-olai 
sagaraii-jul vaiyyagattar kan. . cbchandichcharan . . .mmaraya. . ndey-aran-jey- 
dan..ydan aran-gatta n padan-dirambamar-chenni-mel vaittu 

Sidlm/hatta Taluq. 2 1 9 

bahubhir vasudba datta rajabhis-Sagar;idiI)hih i yasya yasya yatha bhiimi tasya 
tasya tatha phaUxm || sva-dattam para-dattriin vil yo hareta vasuriidharam 
shashtir-varsha-sahasraui vislithayrim jayate krimih i 


At the same viliag^e, on a stone in l?antappa's field. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-salca-varsha 1443 neya Chitrabhanu- 
saiiivatsarada Bhadrapada-su 13...radalu sriman-maharajadliiraja raja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Krishna-Deva-maliarayaru sri. ...varanagi prithvi- 

rajyaiii gaivutiralu Hosabana rada Krishnama-Nayakaru namage 

Krishiia-Raya-maharayaru Nallura-simey-olagana Mundabeliya-sthalakke 

saluva Vodahalli-gramada ma ya Chenna varige ava. . 

diga diparadhane anga-raiiga-va . . . .cha tiru tirunalige aga. ..uu sarva- 

manyavagi kottevu Hosabana-Nayakage yarada Krishnama-Naya. .soma- 

graliana-punya-kaladali putra-pautra-parampareyavagi chandraika-stayiyagi 

(5 lines g^one)-(usual final verses and phrases) 


At Hosapete (same hobli), on a stone near the eastern wastevyeir of Bhadranakere. 

ya Duggamarara padeyul. . . .Karggotttirarum avar-mmaganuih Rana- 

meriyum . . . .maiigalatt erida marggam 


At the same place, on a pillar of the ruined Kallesvara temple. 

ni bhri. .tya Maniga Basunni pesuve chala-bhiishanan eltu 

. paralframana pudida kallu Kottali Suddain-vadeyaram mangalarii 


At the same village, on a stone in Talavara's inamati-field to the east of the village. 
Kalayukti-saiiivacharadaPushya-su 9 srimatu Nandi-NayakanamagaMarappanu 
Varada-Gaundana maga Chokkannanige kotta (baok) kraya kotta gadde ko 10 
kottadu sukadirii balvadu 


At the same village, on a stone in sauabh6g's inamati field. 
Sul)hakritu-saihvatsaradalu Sugatiira Imma. . Tammaya-Gaudayyauavaru ava- 
saradali sayisava madi Gopa. . Hiriya-Chennaiyanu siiyalagi atana makalige 
ko. .vara-gaudage ma yanjalu tindavaru 


220 Sidlaghatta Taluq. 


At Hosapete (same hobli), 
on a stone in Tammanna's field near the Channarayasvami temple. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhj'ucla3'a-Salivaliana-saka-varusliaugalu 1450 neya 
Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 13 yalu sriman- maharajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Achuta-Raya- maharayaru prithivi-ra- 
jya geyutiralu Rama-bhattara Ar . . . . ayagarige Achuta-Raya-maharayaru 
nayakatanakke palisida Belura chavadige saluva Kolala-sime-valagana Arama- 
lada-stalake saluva iri-Kamanahalli emba gramavanu Akimafigalada 
Tammappa-Gaundarige gauvundikeya dandige-umbali sarva-manyavagi kotevu 
yi-gramavauu nimma putra-pautra-parampariyagi a-chandrarka-sthayigaragi 

Sukhadali anubhavisuvudu (usual impreoatory phrases) 


At the same village, in the field of the patel of Tammagalagadde to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-kKaiyvara-nattu Suguttur ana Arumoli- 
deva-chchatuppedi-maiigalattu-ttattan Vilamahgalavan Palaa Pamban ana 
Savaiyasarikku-kkudaiigaiy-aga Peri-eri-kil kuli iru-niirum Karkiraiyil kuli 
munniirum aga-kkuli ainnurum eka-boga anubavikka sabhaiyar karuiia . . 
yaii-jedar idukk-alivu-seydar sri-Vanarasiyil kaurodu kavilai irandaiyum alitta 
paiija-maba-patakar enappaduvorey 


At Sundrahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the villag^e. 

Ananda-nama-sam-Asvija-ba 5]u Ha n Mahammada-Mendikhana-Sa n Sun- 

daraha|li Bira komara Channayage suragu-manyavagi kotta hola kha 

-^\n putra-pautra-]iaramparyavagi 


At Dodda-ChokkoiidahaUi (same hobli), on a stone in 
front of the Basavanna temple. 

daya sriraan-maliarajadhi paramesvara sri-vira- 

pra. . .sri-vira-Achuta-Deva-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyaui geyavut iralu 
Kasyapa-gotrada S&rya-vamsodbhCitarada sri-Tivuda-Behara-mahapatre sri- 
Somasila-devu Rahutta-raya-mahapatreyaru Vadigihajliya Somesvara-devarige 

Sidlaghatta Taliiq. 221 

amritapadige kotta bhu-dana-dharma-sasanada kramav ent endare Achyuta- 
Deva-Raya-mauarayaru uamage umbaliyagi palisida Nallura-siraey-olagana 
Mundibele-stalada Chokkanahalli-emba gramavanu Kartti 


At the same village, on a pillar of the village gate. 

srimatu Yannauguru Chokandahalli Yale-Baire-Gaudaru Chitrabhanu-sam- 
vatsarada Kartika-su 5 divasadalli prarambhamadi kattisiddu Chokkandahalli 


At Ennanguru (same hobM), 
on a stone in the kodagi field near the road north of the village. 

Tarana-sam- || Chaitra-ba 10 lii Nagaraahgalada-hobali-stalada sanabhaga 

Dodfijpage Y'annahguru-kere-kattu-kodagi hola kha \ gadde kha 1»- 

saha putra-pautra-paramparya 


At Bairasandra (same hobli), on a stone of Bendiganahalli-Ramanna^s field. 

Parabhava-samvatsara-Ashadha-suddha 12 IIu . . .Tiramayyage kotta nettara- 
kodige hola 2^ 


At Basavapatna (same hobli), on a stone in the bush, east of the village. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushahgaju sa 1453 ne Khara- 
samvatsarada Asvija-sudda 13 lu sriman-raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
uttara-dakshina-purva-paschihia-chatus -samudradliisvara sri-vira - pratapa sri- 

Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru sri-Ti hara sri-Somasiia-devu Ravutta-raya-maha- 

ayyanavara karyakke kartarada (gai-bha) (back) Garbhasaru-mahapatre-ayya- 
navaru Veliira Bairapa-gavudana raaga Timmapage santigiya-umbali-raani 
kotta sadanada kramav ent endare namraa Ravutta-raya-mahapatreyarige 
umbaliyagi Nallura-simege saluva Mundibele-stalakke saluva Basavapatta- 
nada-gramavanu navu nimage umbajiyagi a-chaudrarka-stayiyiigi putra-pautra- 
paramparyavagi navu niraage umbaliyagi kottevu (usuai finoi phrases) 

222 Sidlaglmtta Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the manya of the Chandrasekhara temple. 
Pramoda-nama-saiii-. . . .te 14 lii Ghatamaranahalli-bhumiyalli Dodda-Vunga- 
raluga Chikka-Vuugaraluvarige kotta manja hola 


At Arikere (same hobli), on a stone lying in Venkamma's field in the north-east. 

(Grantlia and Taiiiil characters.) 

le udaijar svaram-iKlaiya-nayanarukku-ttevadana- 

kkalani nilam 2. . . .i-ttanmam marriuan Gengai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvai-kku- 
lai-seydan pavattile viluvau 


On a stone set up at the boundary of Attiganahalli and Arikere (sama hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil characlers.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1263 n me,i;-cl>ellanini;a Vishu-saiiivarsarattu Margali- 
(mada)madam mudar-tiyadi Ambadakki-nattu nayagan-jeyvar Pappi-siyar 
Sotti-siyar Machclii-siyar . . . . vasi.yar ullitta nattavarum svasti srimanu-maha- 
samantadipati Manje-nayakkar kumarar Sipati-nayakkar Sipati-nayakkar 
kumarar Anke-nayakkar nammudaiya tambi Vettappanukku tanda Amba- 

dakki-nattu Attiga Vettappan-Attigapalli enru peruii-guduttu ivv- 

urku naiijai puiijai nar-pal-ellaiyum Tevapperumal-tadarkum Pe. . 

mmadarkum dhara-purvam pauni-kkuduttom idu santraditya-varai sellakkada- 
vadu inda dharmmattukku laraiiglianam-panninavan Gamgai-kkaraiyir-pasu- 
vai-kkonra papatte povan. 


At the kayam^utta village Nadapauayakanahalli (same hobli), 
on a round pillar in Nandigutii Sinappa's kayamgutta land to the south. 

(Grautlia and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Duttar-aditlan Aniian-ankakarau Raja-Narayana-Bramhadirayau 
Selvandai Ponueya-nayakkan magau Siiigandai Jvilaka-sammasarattu Aypasi- 
masattil natta medam 


At Amaravati (same hobli), on a virakal in a thorny bush to the west. 

(Graiitha and Ttiuiil characters.) 

Sakarai-andu ayirat-oru-niirru 25 senra Rudir6rkari7varushattu Margili- 
inada kudirai-kutti niiudu vira-soggam-perrar 

SidlayhaUa Taluq. 223 


At Sidlaghatta, on the toranada-kambha near the kemmannu-baofilu. 
Subhakritii-samvatsarada Bhadrapacla-su 12Saniva svasti sri Kandamaiigalada 
Bayire-Jiyara maga Venkatapana kaladalli Koiikojana maga . .yya Eiikojanu 
nilisida torana sri 


At the same village, on a stone placed in the veranda of the Taluq Kacheri. 

(Grrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kov-Irajakesari-varraar ana chakkiravattigal sri-Kul6tunga-S6}a- 

Devarku yaudu narpattonbadavadu Kaivara-nattu ninana 

Kurapur nansiy-vetti kuttuvittan perum-pu .... 


At Budihalu (Sidlag-hatta hobli), on a stone to the south of Chintamani road. 

svasti srijaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1563 neya saiiivatsarada 

Chaitra-suda 1 dalu srimatu mandalesvara rajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa sri-Veiikatapati-Devaru pritvi-rajyara geyyuiitiralu avara varga- 
palakar-ada Avati-nada prabhu Bhaire-gaudara putraru Yimmadi-Baire- 
gaudaru kotta pura-vargada sasanada kramav ent endade tanna Vadigehalliya- 
sthalakke salluva Budihala-grama vondannu sriraatu sajana-guru-Sibachara- 
sampanna sri-Liiiga-chakri Srisaila-Kailasa yallaha 


At Bhaktarahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Telagars' fleld. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-ballava Nolam- 
badhirajan pritliivi- rajyaii-ge[ye] Kakkara Madalur-eridu tor-u-gondode 
Tingani-Mara sri-Meli Tiiiganiyurullagi palarao . .echchu vil muridode surigge 
. .lchi palaran eridu sagam eridan avage elpatta-nalbaru koldadu ay-golarh 
kalaniyuiii ay-golam palu idan alivo pancba-maha-patakan akkum sri- 
Anandura Mudachchari madidan 


At the same village, on a virakal in Tammanna's field south of the village. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda sri-Pallava-Nolambadhirajan prithivi- 
rajyaiii ge[ye] kalidu . . ru go . . de poliyanade palan eridu 

224 Sidlaghatta Taluq. 


At Hittalahalli, on a stone in Marayya's field. 
svasti sri Kandainma-bbattar Aneur-ale Aneur-alivinol mandeyau page.... 
tammutt-irbbarum eridu sattar 


On the back of the same stone. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangahi 1470 Kilaka-sarii- 

V A. 

vatsarada Sravana-su 14 A sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyiiitt-iralu Aliya-Linga- 

rajaya-Nayakarige Ketsalura Hittilalialiyanu du Machapa-gavu- 

dana kumara Maleyapa-gavuda gonda-sammandha kotta nettaru-godige-hola 
kha li hadinentu. .honnu. . . .harada sasana (ueuai finai phraBes) 


At the same village, on the wall at the entrance to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-maudalattu Kaiyvara-nattu sri-vira-Vallala-Poysala-k. . 
.... manikka-Brahmadirayar tiruv-irajyam-panniy-arula Paridavi-sammarsa- 
rattu Anaiyuril Maniyandan ana Vainarvana-clichetti mel Amaraiyanukkaga 
Uttama-Sola-kKaiigarumSannai-nad-alvan Kiittaruin eduttu vandu porukadattu 
Brahmadirayar palaiyau Sanayan Vainarvani-chchettittiyalai Kaliyasinaivan 
tamaiyan Vainarvana-chchetti-munbey-eydi pattan ivinukku nettal-pattu 
mu-kkandaga-kalani sandiraditta-varai selvad-aga ittaiy-alichchan Gengai- 
kkaraiyil kura-pasuvai konran Brammottiya povau Sanayanukku kalnadu 
seyvittan tambi Kaliyasinaivan kalani iruvarkum podu 


At the same village on a stone in Nanjayya's field. 
Sadharana-samvatsarada Ashadlia-ba 30 srimat-maha-mandalesvara Kaibarada 
sri-Raja-Deva-maha-arasugalu Tingani-Chavudeya-gavudage kotta kei:eya 
kodage-manyada hola ba ... kolaga (usuai finai phrases) 


At Settihalli (same hobli), on a virakal in Patel Gule-6auda's field. 
svasti sri Mayinda. .mmarasi-Ra. . prituvi-rajyam geye Vinumaiigalada Emma 
toru koleva told atti kadeyam palaran ant iridu sattu saggayadar 

Sidlaghatta Taluq. 225 


At Vankamaradahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Chikkiranna's field, 
Sivaraja-vodeyarige Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Chayitra-sudda 15 lu srimatu 
Miimmadi- Nayakara maga Timma-Raya Vodeya Rama- 

Gavuda (uaual fiiiftl phrases) 


At Varahusenahalli (same hobli), on a stoue in Nanjundayya's field, 
srimatu Maddi-Nayakana komara Nallapa-Nayakana nettara-kodagi 


At Namanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Anjaneya's inS,mati field. 
srimatu Ananda-samvatsarada Sravana-sudha-pa-Bu 9 yalu Sivane-Gaud- 
aiyanavara Appayanige kota . . . kodagi-manya (usnai finai phraBee) 


At Taladummanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Venk6ba-Rav's inam field. 
Sobbanu-samcharadallu Sitayakote Ramannage kotta gauda-nianya. 


At the same village, on a stoue below the huvvarasi tree. 
Sobbakritu-samvatsarada Chayitra-ba 30 Su. . . . Yimmadi-Sivaya-Gaudaru Tale- 
diiganahalliya Chokkaya-Gavudana maga Baireyage kotta nettara-godagi- 
manya hola kha i hattu-kolaga yi-holavanu nimma putra-pautra-paramimryav- 
agi anubhavisuvadu 


At the same village, on a stoue in Andaralli Marappa's field. 
Subliakritu-samvatsarada Chayitra-sudha 5 lu srimatu Erikoja-Rajara aluvikeli 
Rahadurgada havaludara raja-sri-Baranaji-Rajaru Simangalada Chikka-Deva- 

maga Timmapanige kotta nettara-kodi sana Kutiganaliya varigii Valigura 

Chikka gramavannu kotta 


At Hujagflr (same hobli), on the base of the garuda-kamba. 

...neya sauivatsarada Husagurali Hadilojana maga Biunoja uilisida 

kamba madidava 


226 SitUaghaUa Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the sauabh6ga's field. 
Isvara-sam- I Kartika-ba 12 Uu nia | ra | Sriniantaravaru Desakulakarani 
Samaiina kotta manya Husugura bbuiuiyalu bola44 anubavisikondu sukbadallu 
iruvadu yandu kottuyidbeve yidakke yaru tapi (stops Uere) 


At Malfiru (same hobli), on a stone in Venkataramana's field. 
srimate Ramanujriya naniah | subbam astu l svasti jayabbyudaya-Salivabaua- 
sakha-varsbambulu ? 1507 aguneti Parthiva-samvatsara-Dhanu-saukranti-puuya- 
kalauiandu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sri-Rauga- 
Raya-ayyavaru pritliivi-samrajyam seyucbundanganu Sugaturi Tammappa- 
Gauni-ayyavaru dbarma-rajyam seyuchundaganu Maluri Site-Gaudu Planu- 
manta-rayaniki cbenu putedu madi putedunu Hanumanta-rayanikiga vesina 

dbarmma-sasanam (usual fiual phrasos auJ verse) 


At the same village, on a stone in Angarada Chinnappa's field. 
srimate Ramanujaya namah subbam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana 
saka-varshambulu 1464 agu naduva Subbakritu-samvatsara-Pusbya-babula- 
ekadasilu sriinad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Veiikata- 
pati-Raya-maharaya pritbivi- rajyam seyucbuudaganu Sugutura Timmapa- 

Gauni . . . .komaradu Yimmadi-Sanua-Gauni Chandam-Gau . .Mallura 

desaniku Paranda Biri-Gauda 


At the same village, on a stone near the village gate. 
subham astu sri-Gopala | 

Harer lila-varabasya damsbtra-dandas sa patu vali | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chbatra-sriyam dadhau n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sakba-varushaiigalu 1G19 ne varusbakke 
saluva Yisvara-nama-sanivatsarada Maga-su 15 Sthiravara maha-parva-kala- 
dalu sri-Madana-Gopala-svami-deva-sri-pada-padmangalige nimma mukhya- 
dasarada chaturttba-gotrada sriman-maha-Avati-nada prabhugalada Mudu- 
Bayira-Gaudara pautrarada Yimmadi-Sona-Bayira-Gaudaradliarma-patni Sam- 
pammana putrarada Gopala-Gaudaravaru sri-Gopala-svamige paditara-dipa- 
radhanege nityotsava-pakshotsava-masotsava-rathotsava-sakala-viniyogaku . . . 
mahajanaru Devanapurada - rajyada Vodigenahalli-hobalige saluva Madluru- 
Meluru ubbaya-grama 2 nu 

Sidlaf/Jiatfa Taluq. 227 


At Melfir (same hobli), on a stone near the village gate. 
subham astu sri-Gopala | 

Harer lila-varahasya dariishtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Heiaadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyaiii dadhau || 
svasti srivijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaiigalu 1619 ne varushake 
saluva Yisvara-nama-samvatsarada Maga-su 15 Sthiravara-maha-parva- 
kaladalu sri-Madana-Gopala-svami-paditara-diparadhane-nityotsava-paksho- 

tsava-masotsava-ratbotsava-viniyoga sahitavagi kotladu Devana- 

purada-rajya Vadigehalli-hobalige saluva MeKiru MadKiru ubhaya-grama- 
2 palaki-chatra-cbamara-divatigeyavarige . . rahalli-sahitavada kshetra- 
svastiyu sakala- vinayaiigalau svami-seve madabeku yendu idake tapidare 
badaUi bakabeku Brabmana-Kshatriya-Vaisya-Siidraru yaru tappidaru avara- 
vara matakke durastbaru 

deva-dravyam guru-dravyaiii vipra-dravyarii tathaiva cha | 
apekshya narakara yanti bhakshanarii cha kula-kshayarii n 
sri-Madana-Gopala-svami-pada-padmangalige nimma mukhya-dasarada cha- 
turtba-gotrada sriman-maba-Avati-nada prabbugalada Yimmadi-Bayira-Gauclara 
pautrarada Yimraadi-Sona-Byira-Gaudara putrarada Gopala-Gaudaru samarpi- 
sida dharma-sasanarii 


At the same place. 

Corresponds with No. 56 abovc, adding a few more viUages. 


At Mallisettipura (same hobli), on a virakal in the grove east of the village. 
svasti sri Pusugur-mMaramanata. . .-uiudada ..Viyaiina turugalol turuvann 
ikkisi kadi svarggam ajdarii 


At the same place, on a second virakal. 
svasti sri Nolamba arasugeyyuvandu Brahmasiva-batararu Pusugura ale 
Sayilara Kojayya Kolarara aliya Sirimere turuvann ikkisi kadi satta 


At Bellotti (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village-chJivadi. 

sri-Ganadbipataye namab | subham astu svastisri vijayabhyudaya raii- 

galu 1468 neya Parabhava-samvatsara-Vayisakha-su 15 lu sriman-maharajadbi- 
raja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Raya-mabaraya pri- 
tbivi-rajyam geyuttam ire (rest iUegibie) 


228 Sidlaghatta Taluq. 


At Gudihalli (same hobli), at the south-east corner of the Somesvara temple. 

(Orantlia and Taniil cliaractcrs.) 

svasti sri Pugal-madu vilanga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava Malar- 
magal punara urimaiyir-chinta mani-mudi-sudi Minavar kulaitara Villavar 
nilai-keda Vikkalan Siuganan mel-kadal-pa. . tikk-anaittu tan sakkara-nadattiya 
vijaiyabhishekam-panni vira-siiigasanattu Puna-mulud-udaiyalodu virrirunt- 
arulina Kov-Irajakesari-panraar ana udaiyar sri-Kulottunga-Sola-Devarkku 
yandu 1 1 avadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kalavara-nattu Arpalam Sangai- 
yanum Basavaiyanum Arpalam Tigurpala Kamananukku ai-mann-iraiyum 
pumiyum nir-varttu tarma-kkaniy-aga kudutom Palan Machchan Naganarena. . 
na Rajamanikka-velan Talivasai arai-kurai kollum idattil pattan ivan magan 
Irugan. .rajamauikka-velan sevitta kal talai. . . .maikku Machchann-ana Vira- 
settiyar magan Vetta-gamundan raagan Irugann-ana Arpalani-udaiyan magan 
Mudikona. .m Rajamanikka-vellanum Palanum Kemuttar magan Silanum 
Rajaraja-velan sevitta kal 


On the basement of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kali-yuga-samvatsaram 4447 kku sellaninra Sakabdam 1268 ana 
Vyaya-va. .Aipasi. . 15ndi apara-pakshattu Traiyodasiyum Velli-kkilamaiyum 
Attamum perra nal Seiigaiyil Iriijentra-Sola-Tekkisvaram-udaiya-nayanar 
pujaikkum tiruppadimarrukkum Kadali-devar kaiyyil dara-piirvam aga kallu- 
vetti-kkuduttapadi i-nnattu Aniark-adaittadu svasti sri Ambadakki-nattu natta- 
var Pappi-siyar Sotti-siyar Kannuva-siyar Machchi-devar Ketti-siyar Malai- 
yanan Sanandai . . . nii-siyan ullitta nattavarum svasti srimanu-ma-samantadi- 
pati Maiijaya-nayakkar kumarar Ankaya-nayakkarum i-nnattu Anurukk- 
adaitta nafijai punjai nar-pal-ellaiyum sarvamaniyara agavum tariy-irai tattar- 
ppattam Asuvam avalambalam ul-raarattu-ppura-marattu tappu-ttagudi nir 
neii epperppattaduvuin utpada kallil vetti-kkuduttom ippadikku natt-oppam 
Settisvara-devar uattu-kanakku Nilappau eluttu ippadikku uayakkar. . .am 
sri-AUalanadar Anaiyappan Adimtilam eluttu ij^padikku ivai Allai-siyar 
Madava-battar Sami-nayakkar raaga Kilavan Ulagu-tola-ninrar Tirunangilavan 
Tiruveugadam-udaiyan eluttu i-dharmraattukku iyavan oruvan ilaiiganam 
sonnavargal Gangai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai-kkonran 

Sidlaghatta Taliiq. 229 


On a stone set up to the east of the same temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Singayanum avan magan Vasavayanum avan magan Pa m 

iva Tekka sri-Mahadevarkku devadanam aga. 

palattilum ttilum ttilum nila. . .iigi ivarku na- 

nade . . . pari nnaikku ru-chchanadaikku Tekka gamundar 

. .dayar Mahade. . . .vallai na gamunda 


On a virakal to the south of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

Vijaiyarajentra-mandalattu-kKalavara Rajaraja-velar. . . . 



At Namanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the bechirakh village site. 

(Qrantha and Tarail characters.) 

varshattu pattflu-diyadi kaniya 


At Chikka-Dasenahalli (same hobli), on a stone lying to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 
svasti sri Kali-yuga-varusham 4447 idunul miigiya Sakabdam 1268 ana Vyaya- 
varusam Tai-masam 23 tiyadi inirva-paksbattu Cbatutthiyum Brahaspati- 
varamum perra na Ambadakki-nattu nattavar Pappi. . .r Machchi-devar 

Ketti-si. . . .nnuva-siyar ullitta na. . .m svasti srimanu-ma-sama Maiijaya- 

nayakkar kumarar Ankaya-nayakkarum i-nnattil Dasaiyanpaljiyai Vayiri- 
siyar magan Ketti-siyarukku kudarigaiy-aga ivv-urukk-adaitta munb-ulja dana- 
maniya-nikki allada nilara nanjai purijai nar-pal-ellaiyu sarvamaniyam-aga- 
kkudarigaiy-aga-kkallii-vetti natti-kkuduttom ippadikku natt-oppam Settisvara- 
devar ippakku nayakkar oppam sri-AUalanata ippadikku Aneyappan Adiratilam 
eluttu nattu-kkanakkan Nilappan eluttu 


At Ganjigunte (Ganjigunte hobli), 
on a stone built into the roof of the verandah of the ChandramaulisvaJra temple. 
sriyarii vitanvatam uityam Sambhoh padabja-renavah | 
arikurarpaua-bijani visva-srishtau bhavanti ye i) 

230 Sknaghatta Taluq. 

svasti Siinatlia-nabbi-kamalaja-bhavanasyayur-ardcle pare'sminn 
adau Varaba-kalpe parinama.. Manor antare saptaraasya | 
ashtavimse yiigesmin Kamalaja-kalite punya-paiicbanga-lagne 
karmedam kurvatam no vidadbatu satatam maiigalani Bbaskaradyab n 
bana-go-rasa-sitamsu-Sake Vijaya-vatsare | 
Karttike dbavale paksbe dasamyam Induvasare || 
Satatarakbya-naksbatre Kita-lagne subba-prade | 
vriddbi-yoge garabbikbye karane subba-karane || 
evam sad-guna-sampanne muhurte sukha-dayake | 
Asvalayana-siitrasya Bbaradvajasya gotrinab n 
nirnita-niganiartbasya nikbilagania-vedinab | 
purobitasya pauraiia-Gaffjagunta-nivasinab || 
Krisbna-vidvat-kesarino naptarab tripta-samvidab |i 
pautras Subbakhya-sarikbyavad-agrani-Brabma-vedinah || 
srimad-Venkatakrisbnakhya-sastrinas tu mahatmanah | 
dharma-patni charu-sila pati-bhakti-parayana n 
Akkambeti samakbyata yatba Laksbmir Muradvisbab | 
tasya garbha-sudlia-sindbu-sukti-mukta ivababbub n 
chatvaras satya-dbarmajiiah nitya-yajna-parayanah | 
Subbaraya-budbah purvam paschad Verikata-panditab n 
Narayana-manishi syad anujanma tatah paraifa | 
teshaiii pada-sarojata-Siva-bhakti-parayanab n 
Ambayas cbaranambhoja-bambbarayita-manasab | 
garabbira-vacha-samrambba-sambhavad-rasa-gumbbanab n 
su-dharala-sudha-syandi-kavitvaika-diiurandharah i 
guru-daivata-viprarighri-bbajanananda-kandalah || 
sri-Ramakrisbna-sastriti vikbyato vimalasayah l 
tena sri-Cbandramaulisa-devata (side of the stone) stbana-mantaparii \\ 
bboga-moksbartba-sartha . .kritani a-chandra-tarakarii i 
tatra Durga-Ganadbyakslia-Cbandikesvara-Bhairavab n 
Virabhadra-raahoksbabliyam sarigatas Cbandrasekharah | 
pratisbtbitab prakamara syad Raraacbandra-manishina n 

ye santab Chandramaujir vidadhatu nitararii sadbu-cbaran 

tesliarii vamsablii-vriddliir niravadbika-sukharii mandire sris sthira syat | 
ante Sambboh padabje nivasatir anisarir sambbaved eva satyarii 
vedah svastba yadi syus sasi-divasakarau satyasandhau bhavetarh || 

Raraakrishna-sastri Arukatirabina Chandramaulisvara-devasthanakke subbam 


Skllayhatta Taluq. 231 


At Nandanahosahalli (same hobli), on a stone 
built into the roof of garbaha-gudi of the Visvesvara temple, 

Saka-varsha 975 Vijaya-samvatsarada Siahayol svasti sa 

maha svasti maha-mandajesvaradhipati Okkattu-ganda-Naraya srimad- 

dandauajaka Machimayyanappa Rajaraja-Brahma-maraya yerpa- 

s§,siramam Vallura bidinale suklia-saukatha-vinodadiii Maharajavadi . . 

ru-sSsirada balim . . . kore-gavunda Bumbagalla 

Nattura Talayai-gavundana magani Maleyama-gavunda Male- 

yana magaiii Talayyan . . Raya-gavundange arasa baragi Vallura 

biddan adira mechchi kotta san . . . i-nada . . deyahaljiya karuchi kalum 
nadeyuttam ire yidakke visesha. .chiyan eragottan i-. . .jaya chandradityar 
uldannega (usuai finai phrases anii verse) idani baredani Kali-Deraayya 


At Kundalagurike (Ganjikunte hobli), on a rock west of the village. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah | Raiidri-samvatsarada Chayitra-suda llu srimatu 
Kundalagurige-pratinamavada Ramasamudrav emba sarvamanyada agraharada 
asesha-vidvan-mahajanaiigalu Bagturahalli Tamma-gaudarige kota kodige- 
hola kha 1-S~.gadde Hiriyakereya kelage kiia 1 gadde yi-hola-gadde nimma 
putra-pautra-paramparyamagi a-chandrarka-stayi. . . .sasvata-sukhadalu anu- 
bhavisuvudu endu kotta sasana yidakke Virupaksha-linga sakshi 


On a second rock at the same place. 

Sarvajitu-saurvatsarada Kartika-ba 11 Ki srimatu Bayicharasanavaru 

nge GoIahalli-Dasenalialli-hola-gadde saluvautadu Bayicharuge bagaii 

archaka-Bayicharasarige vondu-baga yida adola prakku Chikka-Bayicharasage 

bitta gadde ai vadeda bali Bayicharasara maga Tippayyanu arda- 

Ijliaga baga halliya Bayirideva-Gavunda Bayichepa-Gavunda (rest 



At the same village, on a rock behind the Basava temple. 
Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Pusya-ba 3 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara Krishna-Deva-Raya-maharayara nirupavidida Krishnama-Nayakaravaru 
hakista dharma-sasana Nallura-nadige saluva Malalura-sthalada Kundalaguri- 
keya gramagalige ar-obbaru maduveya madidaru suiikav illa endu aada 
gavundapagala mundittu hakista dharma-sasaaa (usuai imprecatory pUrases) 

232 SkUaf/hatta Taliiq. 


At the same village, on a tomb-stone in the grove of the thorny plant. 
(West face) sri - Prabbava - samvatsarada Jj^eshta-su 15 Somavaradalu Kiri- 
jiyyana maga Hej^anana samadbi (south facc) Hiriyanana maga Ma . . . 
ramyappana samadbiya kelasavauu Divancl. . maga Jiyojanu madida lcelasakke 
mangala maha 


At Chilakalanerpu (Chilakalanerpu hobli), 
on a virakal near Errakunte in Kambam dinne. 

(Grantlia and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri tiru-kkala nirppa eruma. .na pudava. . . .metti Kannara-setti magau 
Marama-setti Marama-setti magan Jagi-setti Jagi-setti magan Sola-setti Sola-setti 
magan Ketta-setti Ketta-setti magan Palaiyan ana Gangaigonda-Sola-kkamun- 
dan Gangaigonda-Sola-kkamundan makkal Samundaiyanuu-Gaiigaigonda-Sola- 
kkamundanum Kettayan ana Kulottuuga-Sola-kkamundanum eugal tambi 
Vimaiya-gamundan vettai-poy panri-kutti idanal er-undu pattamaiyil engal 
tamappanar eduppitta Gangaigonda-Sola-isvaram-udaiya Madevar koyil tuva- 
rakku purambe n.attinom i-ppani-seyda Ocbchikoiidan Kavaiyasarikku nir- 
varttu Tirttakiniyil kudangaiy-aga nuru kuli kuduttr^m Samundaiyan ana 
Gangaigonda - Sola - gamundanena nam-pinnu vayam ulalavum nirutlinan 
nanr-aga svasti sri 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and TainU characters.) 

vilaiiga Jaya-madu vi Malar-magal puiiara uri mudi-stidi 

Miuavar r kulaitara enai-mau tara tikk-anaittu ta vijaiya- 

apisbekam pa ngasauattu Avani-mulu dum vi.rr-irund-aruliya K6. . 

nmar ana sakkiravartti sri-Ku Sola-Devarkku yandu mu 

davadu Irattapadi ko mandalattu Melai-Maraya yyakurai-nattu 

tiru-kKaiiga maiyan pasuvan metti si kkaran tandu . . . kan 1 

amaicbcbi. .ndan Gan . . . nda-Sola-isvaram udaiya-devar koyil mun maudapat. . 
terku i. .r talai-mandapam Kettiyan Palaiyan Ana Gangaigonda-Sola-gamundan 
makkal Stxmundaiyan ana Gangaigoiida-Sola-kkamundanum Ketiyan ana 
Kulottutiga-Sola-gamundanum engal makkal Periya-Palaiyanum Siriya-Palai- 
yanum Gangaigonda-Sola-isvaram-udaiya Mtidevarkku devarkku devadanam 
aga tiru-nandavilakkukku sekk-onrum tiruvamirdukku sri-koyil kilakkil eri 
onrum eri-kil nanjai puiTjaiykku mel-parkellai sri-koyilukku-kkilakkum 

Sidlaghatta Taluq. 233 


At Burudagunte (same hobli), on a stoae in the Madigas' field. 

subham astu sri-Ganadhipataye namah Manmata-samvatsaram Vayisaka-su 
1 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara Peda-Tirumala-Deva-maharajala karya- 
kartalayina Bukarapayyavari Annayani samukha deviya (rest inegibie) 


At the same village, on a stone at the 

entrance of the Anjaneya temple at the fort gate. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1529 aguneti 

Plavauga-sanivatsara-Chaitra-ba . .lu srimatu Burudakuntaloui kOta-vakila 

niundara Hanumanta-rayaki diparadhana (leat iUegibie) 


At the same village, on a stone to the right of the Ramesvara temple. 

namas tunga-ete. || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1492 aguneti Pramoda- 
sarhvatsara-Vaisaka 5 Soma-punya-ktilamundu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-parame- 

svara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Raya-Deva-maharayalu Gajape 500 

sa-hiranyodaka-daua-dhara- purvakanga (rest iiiegibie) 


At Naadanavana (same hobli), on the basement of the Chennikesvara temple. 

(tiriintha and Taiiiil cliaraoters.) 

svasti sri Pugal-madu vilaiiga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava Malar- 
magal punara urimaiyir-chiranta ma-mudi-siidi Minavar nilai-keda Villavar 
kulaitara enai-maunavar iriyal-urr-ulitara-ttikk-anaittun-tan sakkara-nadatti 
vijaiyabhishekam-panni vira-simhasanattu Avani[-mu]lud-udaiyalodum virr- 
irund-aruliya K6-Rajakesari-varmar ana chakravattigal sri-KuIottumga-Chola- 
Devarku yandu muppattu-munravadu Irattapadi-konda Sola-mandalattu Melai- 
Marayapadi-kKoyyakkurai-nattu Vema. .ugal ana Rajendra-Sola-ppettaiyil 
Iradumaraya. .rukkun-tiru-mer-koyil aga Jayangonda-Sola-mandalattu Urru- 
kkattu-kkottattu Velimanallur-nattu Peruvanjiyur-chchavukkam Virakkilan 
Kamban Tiri-chChirrambalam-udaiyan ana Vayiragarajan eluutaruluvitta sri- 
Kulottunga-Sola-nanadesi-ttiru-Vinnagar-alvan koyilum madaivilagamun-juluta 
salaigalum utpada ivv-iirir-chetti Iraiyadan-duttar-gandan ana Virarajendra- 
mandaladitta-settikku vilai-kuduttu merpadiyar iraiy-ilichchi-kkonda nilattu- 


234 Sidlaghatta Taluq. 

kkii. . . .iKlappadi kil-pal-ellai-kkilai-kkopura-vasal asarudiy-agavum ten-pal- 
ellai terkir tiru-madilukku-tterku irubadin-san-kolal irubadin-kol-nilamum 
mer-pal-ellai melai-tiru-madilukku merku-ppadinaiii-gol-nilamura vada-pal-ellai 
vadakku-ttiru-madilukku vadakku aiii-gol-nilamum i-nnar-pal-ellaikkum utpatta 
nilam ittanaiyum Kamban Tiri-chChirrambalam-udaiyan ana Vayiragarajar 
pakkal emmil isaintu ponn-ara-kkondu vilaiy-ara virru i-nnilam ivarkku iraiy- 
ilichcbi-kkudutten Iraiyadan-duttar-gandan ana Virarajendra-mandaladitta- 
settiyena.varkku virru-kkudutta nilattil irukkuni tiruvaradanai-pannuii-Gura 
vasari-tTiruvarangamananaiyuiii ivau vanisattaraiyum pala-padi-nimanta- 
kkararaiyum devar-adiyaraiyum para-desigalay-irukkum Brahmanaraiyum 

midararalaiyum marrum epperppattaraiyum kolladen-agavum 

e-cbchorrupadi kottaiiamum ualiya-pperaden-agavum uanum en varkattarum 
ippadi seluttuvon-Tiruv-aiiai Avani-mulud-udaiyar-anai. . .i-ttanmam ippadiy- 
alladu marr-edenum adarku seyya ninaippom agir-Kangaiy-idai-kKumariy- 
idai na. .vu-seydar seyda papamum vanam-adittu-kkodu-pom Vedar seyda pa- 
pamum anubavippom marrum i-kkoyil nokka-chcheydar-cheyda dhanmangalu- 
kku virodham-pannuvar mur-cbollappatta papam anubavippar ivv-iirir-Kada- 

kkattu Malla-setti-kuttaiyum idi dukku ellai avadu vadakku aru asaru- 

diy-agavum mel-pal-ellai Samun kollaiyagavum kil-pal-ellai peru-valiy- 

asarudiy-agavum naduv-utpatta nilamun-tiru-nandavaumum 


At the same village, to tbe south of the tamarind tope. 

(Qrantha and Taniil cliaracters.) 

duttad-iyadu taduttu tan-kudai-nilar-ki}_ inb-ura 

ni yum puliyun-disaitoru na. .tti-ppugal-taru-tarumamum viramun- 

diyagamun-garunaiyum urimaiy-an-jurramum aga-ppiriyattalai nigala-cbchaya- 
mun-danum virr-iruudu kula-mani-makuta muraimaiyir-chiidi-ttan kalal taradi- 
var suda-cbchengol Navalam-puvitoru nadattiya Kov-Irajakesari-panmar ana 
udaiyar sri-Kajendra-Sola-Devarku yandu munnivadu Irattapadi-konda Sola- 
nuxndalattu Melai-Marayapadi Vemapaugal ana Attauinalliir Tiru-mfilasthauam- 
udaiyar Mahadevar sri-koyilin munb-irundu adikarigal Rajamanikka-miivenda- 

velar koyir-karumam-arayav-irundu i-uuatti vattira 

nattu-kkamundu . . . vamsattu . • . laiyan Malaiyanan Mudikonda-Sola- 

gamundan ivan magan Talayaa ana Rajaraja-gamundan ivan magaa Malaiyanaa 
ana Vijaiyarajendra-kKoyyaikkurai-nad-alvan 

SkllagliaUa Taluq. 235 


At Vangima|lu (same hobli), on a stone in the bed of Horakunte to the south. 

(Grantlia and Tamil chnraoters.) 

svasti sri Irattapafli-konda Sola-mandalattu Mel-Marayapadi Devandi rajyam- 
alun-galattu Turaiyaraisan Talivaiigimadu-kutta ur-alivil pattar Sunaiya-konar 
niagan Vayira-kkonar . . iidamaiyin Sola-konar magan Kasava-kkonar. .ur 
aliyamar-kattu pattar ivaiku. .pper vaiiiyar Kanamanedi-maiigalam Vayira- 
kkonar magan Kasavandan seyarvittan 


At Sadali (Sadali hobli), on copper plates in possession of Ghadiyara Venkannachar. 

(Niigart charactere.) 

sri-Ganadhipataye namah i sri-Sarasvatyai namah | sri-Ramachandraya 
namah | a-vighnam astu | 

namas tunga-etc. || 

etad rajadhirajasya tratur ambhodhi-mekhalam | 

saiigrame Tarakarater Deva-Rajasya sasanarii n 

avyat tvam anane hasti drishtya yasya daya-duha 1 

nadimatrikatam yanti naranarii karya-bluimayah || 

kalyanani kare karotu vasudharii varakarad uddharan 

daiiishtra-kanti-tatir yato disi-disi vyatanvati chandrikaiii | 

visva-grama-vidbana-sadara-dhiya krodikrite Vedhasa 

sute vyomani sutra-pata-sushumarii s6'yarii Kiri-gramanib || 

asti chuda-manis Sambhor ambhorases tanubhavah | 

Mabendra-nagari-nari-maiigalya-sthapacaushadharii n 

tato Yador abhud vaiiiso bhajan parvabhir unnatirii | 

yaso-dhauta-disaiii raja-ratnauarii yatra sambhavah || 

tatrabhiid Bukka-bhupalo Vritrari-sama-vikraniah | 

kridaputri-kritaratih kirti-valli-mahiruhah || 

palayan yah prajas sarvah pakshapata-paraiiraukhah | 

chakara sithilotkantharii chakravartishu medinirii n 

agranili punya-silanam asid asyatmasambhavah | 

hara-gaura-yasah-pura-hari Hariharesvarah n 

arthanubandhini Tuiigabhadra yad-dana-dharaya | 

parjanyopajiia-saubhagyah pratyadisati nimnagah n 

udvahan yo vasumatim uro bhindan virodhinah | 

akraman vikramenrisa hanti Brabmaparridhinah n 

kodanda-sachivah kurvann urvim uddhrita-kantakarii | 

pratham apratimaliasya prathayamasa yah Prithoh n 


236 Skllaghatta Tahiq. 

vichchhinna-veda-santana-sandhanodgliosha-janmaua i 
pratishtham prapito yena (11«) chaturbhis charanair vrishah n 
bhadra yad-rajadhani mani-nivaha-maho-maiijaribhir Vasantam 
karagarari-sramsan-mukha-pavana-tarangoshmabhih Grishmam eti | 
kasturi-kalikabhih jahadhara-suhridam kalam ullasi-padmam 
kanta-vaktrendu-kantya kalita-hima-bharam ghanasaraih paragaih || 
asyasid ixtmajas sriman Deva-Raja-naradhipah | 
a Setor a cha Kailasat avyahata-parakramah || 
akarnya yasya sannaham aratinam pradbavatam | 
araiiyanam cha satvanam avase'bhud viparyayah || 
ajnavajiiata-Sugrive yasmin rajyarii prasasati | 
bbaktarii cbora-srutih prapta bbasbayarii daksliina-pathe n 
jata nibadhnan cbcbliirasi vane vasarii prarocbayan | 
bbaikshe paricbayarii kurvan viraktirii vishaye disan n 
valkale vasasi tanvaon anastham avahariis tanau | 
acharyakara aratinam akarod yasya vikramab || 
tasya Demauibika-janeh putro Vijaya-bhupatih | 
purvesbam punya-rasinaih vipakasyeva vigrahah n 
yasya bahau vasumati rasanayarii Sarasvati | 
pratyaksbe paramarii jyotih parokshe para-yoshitab n 
ardbauga-Lakshmir asyasit sarvariga-subha-lakshana | 
namua Narana-Deviti rama-nirmana-matrika || 
atba Vijaya-blmmipalad alabbata sa Deva-Raya-naranatbam | 
tanayarii vinaya-nidbanarii vijayarii nitir iva vikramollasat || 
Karnata-rajya-laksbmi-kalyanollasa-karane yasmin i 
vasudha varidhi-tanayair virahaiii vijahati vitaranacbaryyaih n 
saptanam saiia-mallanam ashtanam adi-dantinam | 
bharo dbara yasya bhuje kasturi-makarayate n 
sammukbyarii chira-sariiseva svastlty ucbcbarane srutih | 
dehiti darsana-vyakhya yasya uissima-daninab n 
maliarajadbirajeso rajanya-paramesvarah | 
Deva-Raya-maharayah para-raya-bbayarikarah n 
adhiruhya bhadra(II^)pithim avauim avinita-mada-haro rakshan | 
adhivasati Vijayauagarim adbivasita-sapta-sagararii yasasa n 
arthi-chintamanis s6'yam asritananda-chandramah | 
avyaja-bandhur bhiitanam apara-karuna-nidhih \\ 
atali pararii purobita-svamyavatam dhara-gribitasj^a Brahmanasya gotra- 
siitra-namani cba likhyante i svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-var- 
shambulu* 1254 aguneti Augirasa-samvatsara-Vaisakha-babula 30 lu srimad- 

* So in tbc original. 

Sidlaghatta Talug. ■ 237 

riijrulhiraja raja-pciraniesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-sri-D(5va-Raya-maliarayal- 
ayyavaru Vijayanagaramandu yeka-chchhatra-joritbvi-samrajyam cheyuchunda- 

A A 

ganu Atreya-g6tra(m)-Apastaraba-sutrebhy6 mahadbhyah vividhabhidha. . . 
kusalebhyah kulachare sutrebhyah shatsu karmasu | 
adhyatma-vidya-nishthebhyah varenyebhy6 vipaschitam n 
atah Srivatsa-g6tram Apastamba-sutram Yajus-sakhadhyayilaina Chakravartti- 
bhatta-pautrulaina Sriranga-bhatta- putrulaina Chokana-bhatta-josyuluku 
Atreya-g6trani Apastamba-siitram Yajus-sakhanuraatulaina Nalla-Timma-Raju- 
gari pautrulina Yara-Timma-Rajugari putrulaina Timma-Rajugaru sri-Virii- 
paksha - sannidhiua siiryoparaga - punya - tithiyandu Rayalayyavari - munduga 
yichchina tamra-patrika-dharma-sasana-kramam Sadali-pithikayam Mukkunda- 

yuktani sima-chatushkena bhoganam ashtakepi cha | 
atraite ashta-bhoga . . nidhi-uikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhya- 
.... bhu-sva . . ya-svamyena Kamarasamudra-gramam Varasamudra-gramam 
Lakasamudra-gramam evaiii graraa-trayam bhii. . .sadhya-svamyena Isanyadi- 
chaturdasa-sthala-grama-pur6hita-svamyam agrahara-kshetranam svamyena 
cha (Illrt) chatvari agraharanam trayastriihsat-puranam purohita-svamyena 
Chokkana-bhattasya sri-Virupaksha-sannidhyena si^iryoparaga-samaye sa-hira- 
iiy6daka-dana-dhara-piirvakaiii tamra-datta-diyamana-grama likhyante desa- 

bhashaya | (usual finnl verses) 

Saurer iva maha-Lakshmih Saiikara-priya-Parvati | 

purusha anagha-piirva-janma-tapah-phalam n 

vidya-nidhir visesha-jiio vir6 Vijaya-bhiipatih | 

daya-nidhir abhiit tasya devi Narayanambika n 
vidya-nidhi-bhiiraiyandu Rayalayyavari-munduga yichchina tamra-patrika 
(usuai finai vbrses) yi-BurucIa-sthalantastha 14 sthalalaku chuttu-valaya-vivaraiii 

(hero follow details of boundaries of gift and usual final verse) mangala maha sri Sri jayatu || 

Sri-Virupaksha (in KaoDada cbaracters 


At the same village, on a rock in the nagarakallu-katte. 

sri svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1714 ne varushakke 
sallatakka Paridhavi-nama-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 15 Sthiravaradallu sriman- 
maha-Avati-nada prabhugaladantha Dodda-Baire-Gavudaravara pautrarada 
Channanappayyanavara putrarada Ramasvamiyaru Vasishta-g6trarada Apa- 
stamba-sutrarada Rama-sastrigala pautrarada Chenna-sastrigala patrarilda 
Raraa-sastrigalige yi-punya-divasadallu sri-Nandisvara-svami-charanaravinda- 
galigo pritiyagi Hari-Haradigalu sakshiyagi Sadali-gramada baliya Nagara- 

238 . Sidlagliatta Tahiq. 

katte-hola solige 3 kke kha 3 saha sa-hiranyodaka-dhare yeradantha hola- 
gaddeyannu anubhavisi yiruvadu yendu barasi kotta dana-patrike dana-manya 



At the same village, on a stone in the Kote-g^adde-hola. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1468 anati 

Parabbava-samvatsarada Maga 15lu sriman-mabarajadhiraja raja- 

paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sadasiva (rest gonc) 


At Iragappanahalli (Sadali hobli), on a stone near Basavanna's well, 

(Nagarl characters.) 

sriman Muppa-raahipatir guna-nidhih sri-Malla-bbupatmajah 
pautras Soma-naresvarasya palita-sri-Madhavasyagrajah | 
Ramamba-tanayah Sadesvara-Sivacharyas tadiyah priyah 
chakre Sambhu-mahabhisheka-vidbaye purnam imarii vapikara n 
subbam astu sri sri 


At the same village, on a stone north of Basavanna's field. 

(Nagari cbaractcra.) 

sriman Muppa-mabipatir guiia-nidhih sri-Malla-bbupritmajah 
pautras Soma-naresvarasya palita-sri-Madbavasyagrajah | 
Ramamba-tanayah Sadesvara-Sivacharyas tadiya-priyas 
chakre papa-layam Sivalayam amuih sarddham mahil-Nandina n 
varshe Vikarini cha Kartika-masi krishne 
pakshe Visakba-tithi-samyuta-Saumyavare | 
tenaiva Muppa-narapaLwarena samyak 
sri-Mallikarjuna-Sivasya krita pratisbtba n 

(uBual final verse) srih Srih 


At Uppaguntahalli (Sadali hobli), on a rock north of the village. 

subbam astu Vishu-sariivatsara-Maga-su 13 lu sri-Ganga-Raya-Deva-maharayal- 
ayyavaru bommalata-Paruvati-Puranaiu- Virapa- komarudu Krishnapaku 
Sadali-chetO Upakuntipale sarvamanyauga manincbina darma-sila-sasanarii 

Sidlaglmtta Taluq. 239 

Kaflaranchanilo bornma (left sido) bomma- 

lativariki vikriuchina-vadu 


At Timmanayakanahalli [Basettihalli hobli), 
on a stone built into the roof of mukha-mantapa of the Ramadeva temple. 

svasti sri Maharajara nacla mege Mayinclana sama . . . valamurir eltare sri- 
Ereyammara. .ra mane-makkal Allaggijara Parameiuli Kaligge-pervvayila 
to. .yenenrlade Vommanchurul niltu . . ntacli ericlu palaran koudu sa. . . .Para- 
mencliyam Sadevanurii tammunt-irvvar. .Paramencii Madeyam alckaman 
nirisi. , .dolu-kallan 


A A 

At Anemadagu (same hobli), on a stone in the north wall of the Isvara temple. 
. .svasti sri Mahara. . . .masta-talamu . . .magan . . . luli. . , manclmrul ni. . . 
palaran kondu sa. . . .mme-arasar da. . .ygula kalani ve. . . .dayarii kottodu 


On a stoue in the east wall of the same temple. 
. . . .tta. .ndun eridu. . .ttire Manchu. . . .kalani. . .mapatakan akku 


At the same village, on the wall of the Channigesvara temple. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusambulu 1454 Nan- 


dana-sariivachara- Jesbta-ba 7 Adivaram-naclu Acbuta- Raya- maharayalu 
pruthvi-samrajyarii yeluchundaganu vari kinda Gumma-Nayani-Chinamma- 
Nayani - kumara Narasiriiha- Nayani-Narasappa - Nayanigaru Burudagunte- 
simalonu samrajyaiii yeluchunclaganu vari karya-kartulaiyanavari bantu 
Bancli-Tippa-Nayani-kumaralu Maduraya Kotte-Channaya-Timmayagaru vari 
kinda Buruclakunte-sima-parupatyarii chesi uiuli Auemadugu aneti gramana 
tama samalu Narasimha-Nayani-Narasapa-Nayanigariki pu....ganu .... 
ravurii peti Chenna-Kesavarayani antaralikam . . sri-mantapa. . m aneti 
sila-mantapalu gucllache Chenna-Kesavarayaniki samarpiriistimi || 


At the same place, 

(Grflntlia aiid Tamil characters.) 

mana-devar-purattukku Somanadan parigu 2 Lakanadan parigu 1 

. .rigan paiigu 1, , .lagan parigu2. ,nayan parigu 1 Vasavadevan paugu I Vira- 

240 Sidlaghattn Talug. 

inalaiyau pangu 1 Somanadan pangu 1 Kalaiyan pangu 1 Attaigan parigu 1 
Kuttaiyan pangu 2 Tevaran pangu 1 Pambaiyan paiigu 1 Madaiyan pangu 1 
Viraiyan pangu 1 Virabattara-devar paiigu 1 pCisari Maliain paiigu 1 


On the rock of the Ramaliriga hill to the north-east of the same temple- 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Tiruvuii-Jeyamun-disaiy-anaittuii-jella veruvum pagai seguttu mel-anar 
maruva Kaliy-ayira-nal-kond-araimbatt-andiu mel elubatt-6r-anclu senra 
Bhagudanya-varusham uayanar Irannsvaram-udaiya-nayauar si-padattaiy- 

etti sindai tapodanar tan .... vanaiigun-dondu-tolir-Kiittadun-devan 

vandaliral vasaii .r uiral malarinal mandirattal piisanai-seydu puram-alit. . 
ton-ueriyum valanga-moliyum viri-tirai-velai-ttalaii. . .valuu-danadey-aga tesa 

nigala ai talaivan Brahma-Kshatriya-Ganga-pperumal-devar magan 

Maman-aiiiiakara-tTuttaradittal. . .ja-Narayana-Brahmadirajan Kariya-Gopalan 

ganch\-ppandara-ka rayan . . llakaiula Kfittaclun-devanena Iramisvara- 

Siva-purattuk. . . .tta nansey punsey nar-pal-elaiyum Siva-puram aga vitten 

idu .i;.viii'*ir Geiigai-karaiyir-kural-pasuvai-kkonrar puklca uarakam- 



On the same hill, on a stone lying 
by the side of the outer prakara of the temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

yum namam vilaiiga-moliyum viri-tirai. . velai-ttalau-gavalun- 

danadey-aga-chchilaiigalakara. . .gi sindai-sed-uyar Gaiiga-kkumara . . . .li 

mandala . . deva bhuja Vira-Narayanan Toy nattu-mandalikar sak .... 

vatti Vira-Ragava-devauena Ko nsey punsey nar-pal-elaiyum 

tiruv-Iramisaram-uclaiya-narukku sandiradita-varaiyil vitten (y)i- 

ttanma-marrinavan Gengai-karaiyil kurar-pasuvai konraupavattepugakkadavan 


At the same village, on a stone south of the Ramesvara temple- 
svasti sri jayabliyudaya-Saka-varushaiigalu 1300 Kalayukti-sariivatsarada 
Sravana-ba 12 Su sriman-niaha-mandalesvara niiiru-rayara ganda sri-vira- 
Bukkanna-Vodeyara kumara Hariyappa-Vocleyaru pruthuvi-rajyavan aluva- 
kaladalli Khatikara-Rayara ganda Naranna-Vodeyara kumara Depanna-Vode- 
yaru prithuvi-rajyavau aluttalu Sadaliya-nacla Ramesvarada-gramadalu yikki- 

Skllaghatta Taluq. 241 

sida santhe (back) svasti samasta-l)huvana-jana-nija-na[nia-]mali]{ri-prasasti-saliita- 
vada Sadaliya-nafla gaiidu Kanna-Gauda Raniesvarada Rayappan-olagada 
saniasta-gaudugalu Sereya ayvaru-settigalu mindagudda a-Baivi-Setti-volagada 
Salumiileya samasta-halarugalu baisanige yikki inadidantha santheya ho- 
kantha bhandakki varusha-pariyantara sarbbamanya alindam raele yattuvantha 
ayagalu Sadaliya mariyadeyalu rajaya 1 nathaya 1 ayvaru-settiru-aya 1 
mindaguddarige 1 yi-ayagalanarii yetti Depanna-Vodeyaru a-chandrarka- 
kala-stayiyagi sukhadiiii balvaru sri sri 


At Yalagalahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Krishna-Reddi's field. 
Sarvadhari-samvachara-Chaitra-sudha .... lu i srimatu Nagi-nayadu Malla- 
pagaru yinka sarava-pasulaku Virayaku kalachi-mauyam yi-manyaku tapina. . 
(imprecatory phrasee) . . . . vani somniu . . . . vani bidaku 



At Chik-Ballapur (kasaba hobli), on the north-east basement of the wall 

of the Chitravati well. 

adoBandeBaiichalapakallinamalige kattisidu. .Chikannage anekavagi yinamu- 
galu kotu sautosha-madidaru avaru avara makalu ayisvaryavantaragi yiruvadu 


On a rock to the west of the same. 

Maiichenabale Devaiigada Dodda-Mudanna kallina bavi kattisidu Chik- 

kannage bahalavagi udagare madi santosha-madidaru avara avara makkalu 
ashtaisvaryar agi tannagey iruvadu 


On a stone on the bund of Gopalakrishnanakere (same hobli). 
svasti Saka-varsha entuniira Pramadi. . . .yarasara rajyanam 
doreyelu.... Aladiivuna hendati Alvabbe kattisida kereyan ...sida arasina 
kodaudeyu kerege salvu ar aldoda .... (usuai finai phrases) 


At Manchanabale (same hobli), on a stone to the east of the third gate 

of the village. 
a-vigbnam astu subham astu n 

bemasvam hema-garbham kanaka-kari-ratharh pancha-laugaly atanit i 
s6'yara sri-Krishna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikritya nitya Nrigadin | 

saua-sthah | 

a purvadrer athasta-kshitidhara-katakad a cha Hemachahlntat i 
a Setor .... arthi-sarttha-sriyam iha bahulikritya kirtyii babhase | 
Salivahana-niriiite sakabde sa-chatushtaye | 
dvatrimsata cha samyukte sankhyate dasabhis sataih i 
Pramoda-samjnite varshe Kartikahvaya-samjnite | 

sukla-pakshe cha na-dvadasi-tithau i 

Tungabhadrapaga-tire Virupaksha[sya] sannidhau i 

punyaya yasase chapi l 

. . . .somani samaneua Santanaya sakulina. . i 
sarathi-Timmabhidhanena bhoja. . . .-salina | 
. . .mada. .jane.yam kararii Gopa-kulodbha . . . | 

G!t.ik-Balla2)ur Tahiq. 243 

a-chandra-tilrakam c]li;\ra-purvakam | 

yopi rajye cha Guti-iajye cha visrute | 

r§,jye[. .] Kanda-narlakhye Ghantik6ta-sthale'pi cha | 

Siddavatakhyaya Siddhapura-sima. . visrute | 

Chintesaryakliya-rajyasya Nagamangala-simakam | 

Mulavaya(khya)-maha-rajye Jayadurgi-mahat. . . . | 


vivaha-samaye nijo | 

vadhii-vara-janaih sarvair karii | 

a-chandra-taram dhara-purvakam | 

Nandinayanikotaku Timmarasayyana Adepa- 

Nayadunu Raya sarvamanyam . .china dharma-sasana 

risa-deva-maharaya-bhumipasya sasana | 


At Sabbenahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the ale-mane. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah raahadevi satyadevi durodya . . -madarna-mantra 

anadya-mantra deva-devi 6m nam6 mado nivipa parupi korisida jonima mada 

mantraja vadanaga mantro bayisike kolasike gudikoga parapparemadiya 
yantradinda mantra edagahiragacha saguna-vaga-devi de harihahava kaputa 
rivakachakatuve akasava katuve munnuru-devakela katu nava koti-sidara 
kattuve baha rakshisiya katuve Garuda-gandarvar katuve kannc-deva Kinnara- 
Kimpurushara katu oiii namo Mahankfiliyara katuve Bayiruvana katu 
Durgiya katuve patadarasiya katu 6m nam6 bhagavate 6m namas Sivaya 


At the same village, on a stone in the Mallikarjjuna Chikkaviraiina's fleld. 
svasti sri Saka-varsha ? 1235neya Prama. .samvatsarada Pushya-su 10 Guru- 
varadandu srimatu pratapa-chakravartti sri-Hoyisaiia-bhuja-bala sri-vira- 
Ballala-Devara .... (rest uiegibie) 


At Kavuruhalli (same hobli), on a stone in Bajja-Krishnappa'8 field. 
Sadharana-sariivatsarada Margasira-ba 10 lu srimatu Mira Laliya Tarulemma- 
dahalliyavarige barasi kota sannadu adagi || Harubandehali .... Kavuvahali- 
baliya nimma kaiyinda hana mutisi kate katisidarinda hukuriiname appane 
stala-karya-kartarige kere-kelage sagina bhumiyalli chatur-bhaga-gadeyannu 
dasavandavannu putra-pautra-parampareyagi anubhavisikondu yiruvaduyandu 
barasi kotta dana-sasana (usuai flnai phrases) 


244 CUk-BaUapur Tahtq. 


At Mutturu (same hobli), on a stone in the Masalti Muniyappa's field. 
Racbai-asaru mrirtida clliarmma sri Krodana-saiiivatsaraila Marggasira-su 1 Va 
srimatu Kliantikrira-Rayara gaiida Naganna-Vodeyara kumara Depanna-Vode- 
yaru Kandavarada Varadaraja-devara amrita-padi-anga-ranga-bliogakke Muttu- 
rana sarvamanyavagi kotteii (usuai fiimi phrnBos) mangala mahix sri 


At Auakaniiru (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Rangasvami temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaye Sa | da *1609 Jaya-saiiivatsara-A-su 5 saura-Karkata- 
kale srimad-rajadbity-adi Venkatesab pritbvim sasati Aiuikanura-Ranga- 
natbasya sannidbau nitya-Ramanujakutfirtbam Harita-gotra Apastambety-adi 
sri-Parasara-bhatara ardhaihsakarta-Tirupati-bbataru (others named) yi 5 guru 
variki Anakanuru munugu-bbumi-kana yavattu hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purva- 
kanga stri-putrety-adi tri-karanety-adi kulam regadalu vina konni maddikaiii 
regadalu vina samarpinchinamu a-chandrety-adi-purvakam. .desantaralaku 
anna-danaiii cbesukoni vundagalavaramu 


At Marasanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the western wasteweir of Mavakere. 
svasti sri Saka-varisha 949 samvatsaram pravarttise Gaiigeyura Purva-desamum 
konda odeyum sri-Rajendira-Chola pritivi-rajyam geyye Magundaya Magaveyara 

Palage-Settiyara magaiii Tii kerege nallata mechcbe 

ganda Sakayya tiunlian ikkisida Sirivurada nilebam kattisidaiii 


At Nandi (Nandi hobli), on a stone to the north of the Kamathesvara temple. 
svasti sri Nandesvarana Kailasapura-vasini Nripatuiiga-kuLa-tilaka Nandigiri- 
natba Byerabi-Deva tasya putra. . .Saka-samvatsarada ]'223 Pusya-masada. . . 
Yeraba-kote yambattu-simeya iide suiika nadige (rest effaced) 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Taniil characlers.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1212 senra Virodhi-samvachcharattu masam 

1 ti svasti sri garili-Sola-mandalattu Kalavara- 

* So iii the origiual, but the number of the ycar does not oorrespond witb Jaja. 

Cliik-Balkqnir Taluq. 245 

nattu Daksbina-Kailasam aua Tirunantisvarain-urlaiya-nayanar sthanattarom 

nadii le i-ttaiiattil . . . maha lilcum viyii- 



At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil cliarncters.) 

svasti srimanu-raaha-manrlalikesvara Talaikkadu-koncla bhuja-bala- Vira- 
Gaiiga Poyisalan ana Vitti-araisanena Koiig-erintu jaya-stambham-natti-tTalai- 
kkattil Koppattill iruntu Tirunandisvarani-udaiya Mahadevar devadanam ana 
Vikkiraraa-Sola-mandalattu-chChannai-nattu vada-kurru-kKuyil . . pogattu Nedu- 
maniirura idir-paljigalumm ulpada iraiigi. . . .nta irangal sil. . . .ngaiidu sa. . 

ppadi devar varusham a ttiru kada- 

vadu chchantiraditta-va. .vadaga ttu kudutten. . . .Vira-Ganga 

n ana Vit. . . .sauena idai. . . .kkuvfin Gaii karaiyi kurar-pasu. . .ttan 

Bralimava. . .ppaduvan oram-aravark-aram alladu tunaiy-iUai .tame tunai. . . 
. . .dakon Karikama. kann ana Rajartija. . .n ana Virudaraja-payankara Va. . 
varajanena stisanan-gandu sasanam Posala-Devar ana Vitti-araisarku-kkatti 
irangalam-itten Virudaraja-pa. .nkara Valavarajanena. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tauiil characters.) 

svasti sri Sarai-andu 1..5senra Srimu-samachcharatu Appasi-niadam Niga- 
rili-Sola-mandalattu Kalavara-nattu tiru... Samu. . .yyan. .nanena svasti si 

maha-maiidalesvaran Tribhuvana-malla Nandigiri-nata. .iiga-kuia-tihx 

Dushtaraditta .... ganda Annan-ankakara Kumara-Sikka-devar deva- 

danam paligal ulpada nar-pal-alai. m ula sarigai vida nanum viten sunkada 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Ko-pParakesarivanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarkku 
yaudu 22 avadu Irajentra-Sola-Brahma-marayar ennai-vaniyaridai-ppo.kondu 
..viyapari Viralaiyan tarikka Koiigan enru vandu Samaiya-senapati-chchetti- 
yar Kanda-purattil vattaiyum Aiur vatayu. . .madi vatayu sehigai ida-salagai- 
kkudarru-ppey. .kudutamaiya selagai virarkku soru kiirai. . . . v-vattamaiyahui- 
Galavara- nattu-pPeriya-Nantiyut-kiidina Irajentra -Sola-ijPerunirivi-samaiya 

246 Chik-BaUapiir Taluq. 

ttom pPeriya-Nautiyut-talai-vasal mer-paclaniadai ittu Aiyyapolil akki vachchu 
kuduttasavva-pariyaram a. .du. .duva. . . .dagavumruva. . . . pperuvar-agavum 
sangu se . . yum pe. .vadagavum ivv-ur va . . . iijiya varivu sarva-pariharam 

agavum samayattai ugantu. . . natta, .setti. . .kuni Aruran Aranga 

pediya eluntarula setara Vidanga-devar i vum ivv-ur-ppasu 

Valanjiya . . . ndam i. . . . ra Vidanga-devare peruvadaga i-pparisu sila-lekai- 

20 y vov 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characteis.) 

svasti sri srimat-pratapa-chakravatti sri-Hoysala-vira-Vallala-Devar Hesar- 
Kundani-rajyam Virivi-nadu Murasa-nadu Masanti-nadu Veppixr Erumarai- 
nadu Ilaippakka-nada Kalavara-nadu Ambadakki Nondaiiguli Kaivara-nadu 
Kuvalala-nadu Tekkal-nadu Aimbuluga-nadu Elavur-nadu Eyil-nadu Tagadai- 
nadu Puramalai-nadu iina Adigai-ma-nadu Paiyyur-pparru-pPennaiyandai"- 
madam Pulliyur-nadu munnana ela nadugalil ulla devastanaugalil ulla mada-pati- 
galukura sthanapatigaluklium vinnappaii- jeyya - ppera - kKaliyuga- varusham 
4479 mel sellaninra Sakabdam 1 224 avadu Pla-varushattu Margali . . 22 ti Tiiigat- 
kilamai nal inda rajyattu . . .devadanan-diruvidaiyattara randa-ppuram palli- 
chchandam ana dana-manyaugalil siddhayan-gauikkai tariy-irai tattar-ppattam 
nall-erudu nar-pasu sarigaiy-utpatta pala varivugalum marrum epperpatta 
i.raigalum tavirtu indanda vibhavangal indanda devargalukku-ppusaikkum 
amudukkum bhogamkkura tiruppaiiikkum dhara-punnam-aga udakam-panni- 
kkuduttom ippadikku Dak.shina-Kayilayam ana Tirunaudisvaram-udaiyar 
koyili.r mada-patigalum stanapatigalum Tirunandisvaram-udaiya-nayanar deva- 
dana naiijey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyu mel nokkina maramun-ginokkina kinarum 
inda nayaaar devadana iirgahim sarvamaniyam agav-anubavittu inda naya- 
narku piijaiyum amud-upabhogamuu-diru-ppaniyuu-guraiv-ara nadatti namak- 
kum na-rajyattukkum arpudaiyam-aga valtti sukhamey-iruppadu ippadikku 
inda dhammam irajar rakshai nattavar rakshai ippadikku sri-Mahesvarar 
rakshai sivam astu inda dhammam vilakkinavan Gengai-karaiyil kural-pasu- 
kkon.ra papaii-golvan ippadikku idu Tirukkan 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri tiiigal er-pera vajara veii-gadir-kkadavut-tol-kulara vilaga-ttonri 
malgiya vada-tisai-kKangaiyun -denrisai Ilaiigaiyun-guda-tisai Mahodaiyuii- 
guna-tisai-kKadaramun-dandar-konda tadai tan mandala-muluvadum ven-kudai- 

Chik-Ballapur Taluq. 247 

nilar-kil-ttan-kuflai-niLarrUtiSaitoruiT-jen-gol-ochchi-ttisai-kelu Tennavanai 
Manabaianan pon-mudiy-ana-pparu-mani-ppasuntalai pOkalatt-arintu Venatt- 
araisai-chchenatt-odukki-kKa . . ngatt-araisaisengan-dulaittu velai-kelu Kandalur 
.chchalai kalam-aruppittu-ttudi-kelu Jayangonda-Solan uyarnda perum-pugal 
madi-kelu Kov-Irajakesarivanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajadhiraja-Devarkku 
yandu muppattiraiulavadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-kKalavara-nattu Nanti- 
malai mel. .Maha-Nantisvamm-udaiya Mahadevarkku adikarigal Mattiir-udai- 

y'^'' ^^'^' lauar aua Viravichchadira-muventa-velar sandiraditta-vara 

i-ttevar sartli aru-ttiruv-abaranam aga itta pattam. . na.onbadu mari kudisai- 
kkal nirai pon iru-kalaiijaraiye manja 


At the same place. 

(Grantha aiid Tamil charaoters.) 

9"?'^" Ponnaiyan Palaiyan Rajadhiraja-velanura A gamundanum 

ullitta iirar polisaiyal tingal ne munnali santiraditta-vara attakkadavargal 
aga ivanidai-kkonda kasu irandum Siriya-Nanti-maniyan Vasavayan ana Ka- 
jadhiraja-chChola-gamunda. .jlitta lirar tingal ney nanali uri santiraditta-vara 

attakkadavargal aga ivalidai-kkon vettinan Periya-Nanti-ttachchan 

Malaiyan Samundan ana Pandita-asari i-pparisu isaintu kallil elutt-ittu- 
kkudukkav- enr-irand-urarun-jolla elutt-itten Sola-maiidalattu Rajentrasiiiga- 
vala-nattu-ttiru-kKalumala-nattu-tTengaiigudi-kKalumalam-udaiyan Kesavan 
Kolakkavanena ivai en eluttu idu alippar Gangaiy-idai Kumariy-idai ullar 
seyda pavan 


At the same place. 

(Qrautha and Tarail characters.) 

kkattarkkum Nulambapadiy-agiya Nigarili-Solapadiy-agiya 

Kalavara-nattu devadanam Peru-Nanti Machchaya-gamundauum Ira- 

yamanum Ponnayanum ullitta ftrom o .lividakaittittu ittu-kkudutta parisa- 
vadu ivv-iir iirkkal ainjum Vannarpparaiyum iv-ur Ma-Nanti-isvaram-udaiyar- 

kku tiru-no otti ittu-kkuduttom Mayanum Iraiyamanum Ponna- 

yanum litta urom i-pparisu isaiud-ittamaikku va. .kkaittittu itta- 

mai arivar i-nnattu Irajaraja-gamundan magan Samundanura merpadi-nattu 
Siru-Nandi Vana-gamundanum Kottanur Mayamanum Velakirai Kannayanum 

dakalam Ma.santi-nattu-kkamundan Brahma-marayan ma- 

gan .... Manik kattittu iduvitten i-nnadu nayagafi-jeygira 

araisa. nena ivai enn-eluttu ivv-iir. .garasari vettina eluttu 

248 Chik-Ballapur Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Pugal-raadu vilaiiga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava Malar- 
inagal punara urimaiyir-chiranta mani-mudi-sCidi Viliavar kulaitara Minavar 
nilai-keda Vikkala Singanan mel-kadal-paya-ttikk-anaittun-tan sakkara-nadatti 
vira-simhasanattu Puvani-mulud-udaiyalodum virr-irunt-aruliya Kov-Iraja- 
kesarivanmar ana sakkaravattigal sri-KuiOttuuga-SoIa-Devarkku yandu 23 
avadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-kKalavara-nattu Tirunantisvaram-udaiya Ma- 
liadevarkku Jayangonda-Sola-mandalattu . . . .kkattu-kkottattu Tamadur-nattu 
Sembiyan Tiiigadupakkattu Tingadu. . .kkilan Tirumari-Madurantakan ana 
senapati Gajigeyarajan sattiy-arula itta pattam onrinal Madurantakan madai- 
kku a. . . .marru nalladu kudiiiai-kkal nirai . . en-kalanje-kunri idu sri-Mahes- 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri virame tunaiy-agavun-diyagame aniy-iXgavun-jengol-ochchi-kkaruu- 
Gali-kadindu Pugal-madu vilanga Jaya-madu virumba Nila-magal nilava 
Malar-magal punara uriraaiyir-chirauta mani-mudi-sudi Villava kulaitara 
Minavar nilai-keda ena-mannavar iliyal-urr-ilitara tikk-anaittun-tan sakkara- 
nadatti vijaiyabhishekam-panni vira-simhasanattu Avani-mulud-udaiyalodum 
virr-irunt-arujiya Kov-Irajakesarivanmar ana chakavattigal sri-Kulottunga- 
Sola-Devarku yandu 44 avadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-kKalavara-nattu Tiru- 
nantisvaram-udaiya Mahadevar sri-koyilil pati-pala-mula-ppatt-udai-ppancha- 
sariya-devakanmigalum Vira . . miivatya . . . . kon Rajasekaran ana Virudaraja- 
bhayankara Malavarajanum Periya-Nanti Jayarigonda-velan ullittar samma- 
dikka it-devar devar-adiya. .devan Si. . .ndi-malaiyau Kandanena it-devar 

maniyarattil Madurantakan madaippadi pou kalanje-araikkalum 

odukki-pPeriya-Nanti eri-kij_ nir-nilam konda parisavadu tirtta-kkulattukkum 

taraaraikku pay peru-varambukku merkum tiru-nantavanattukku- 

pperiya. . .rrukku vadakkum vadakku nokki pona taniii-kkalukkum vadakku 

nokki pona varambukku-kkilakkum kilakku nokki-p tta nilam padinen- 



At Nandi, on a stone in the enclosure of the Bhog^a-Nandisvara temple. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilaka srimat-Nolambrtdhiraja prithivi-rajyam geyyuttam ire 

ChiJc-Ballapur Tahiq. 249 

srimad-Dharmasakti-panditara Kiramaya-gamunda (others named) nmkbyar appa 
..Idu Ainurvacbariya maga Paliyanna Nandi-bhavaranada hig...gana gOpa 
katti padeda stiti bbu. .Ui mare Pillaya ma idan 


At the same village, on a stone to the north of Golla Timmaya's well. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha sa 1497 Yuva- 
samvatsara-Asbadha-ba 1 lu srimad-rajadhiraja paramesvara raja-sri-vira-pra- 
tapa Sri-Ranga-Deva-mabarayaravaru prithivi-sambrajyam geyyutta yiralu sri- 
matu-maha-Avati-nada-prabhu Moleya Bayiraya-Gavudara kumararu Bayiraya- 

Gavudara tammandiru Maraya-Gavudaru lokadallu Srikanthesvara- 

devarige dharmavagi kotta Saka tamma tande 

Mole-Bayira-Gavudarigu tamma tayi Hiriya-Bayaku tamma pitrigaligii punyav 
agi sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dbara-purvakavagi sarva-paricbchedavagi hakista 

dbarma-Sasanakke (usual flnal phraBes and verses) 


At the same village, on a stone in the Kbaji-Said Husen Sabi's field. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1497 neya 
Yuva-samvatsarada Asvija-suda 5 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara raja- 
sri-vira-pratapa-Sri-Raiiga-Deva-mabarayaru pritbvi-sambrujyam geyyutta yiralu 
srimanu-maha-Avati-nada-prabbu Moleya Bayiraya-Gavuda komararu Bayiraya- 
Gavudara tammandiru Maraya-Gavudaru | (reat iUegibie) 


At the same village, on a rook near the Gopalasvami temple on tbe Gopinsltha hill. 

svasti srimat jitam bhagavata Jina-vara-vrishbhena Vrishabbena pura Kali- 
avasarppinnyan Dvavare yuge loka-sthiti-raksharttbam kanksbita-manushya- 
janmana purushottamena Siirya-vamsa-vyoma-suryenamaharathena Dasarathina 
Rama-svamina pratishthapitaya bhagavat6'rbatab Paramesbtbinah sarvvajfia- 
sya chaitya-bha(ga)vanaya paschat Pandava-jananya Konti-Devya punarnna- 
Tikrita-samskaraya Bhumi-devyas tilakayamanaya svarggapavargga-padayos- 
sopana-padavibhiitaya dhara-dbara-Dbaranendragya pbana-mani-lilanukarine 
dharadbara-varaya Jinendra-cbaitya-sannidbyat pavanaya parama-tirtthaya 
tapas - charana - parayana - mabarshi - ganadhy asita - kaadai'aya Srikundakhyaya 
(atops here) 


250 Chik-Balla])ur Taluq. 


On Nandi hill, on a stone to the south of the Yoga-Nandisvara temple. 
svasti sri jayabliy iidaya - Salivaba na - saka-varsliaiigalu 1 459 neya Du rmukbi- 
saiiivatsarada Bbadrapada-ba 14 Gu lii srimatu Padirikuppada Pratapa-Anan- 
tangala kumararii Yammarasaru sri-Nandigirisvarana sri-pada-seveyanu madi 
a-chandrarka-stbayiyagi devara sannidbiyalli sada seveya madikondu yidaru 
maiigala maba sri 


On the doorframe of the southern gate of the same temple. 
Simmoji Baicbu maga Bayiru madida kada 


On a stone to the west of the same temple. 

(Nagari characters.) 

sri-Nandisvaraya naniab | 

dese Karnatake purve parvato Naudi-namakab | 

aty-unnato abbedyas cba raargenaikena samyutab | 

cbampakasvattba-nariuga-tamalaib paritas sritab | 

atyucbcbhrayo nuiba-vapro devalaya-vibbi^isbitab j 

rajye Ballapurasyaiva durgam kritva maba-girim n 

mene satru-bbayat tratuiii svayam asti viniscbitaiii | 

gribituiii durgam agrabyaiii Mlencblio babu-bablnvitab n 

agama. .tato jatah tadit6'tyanta-vimhvalah | 

.. .Sakfibda-sabasram dvi-tri-sata-dve-varshe Raudrau Sravana-suddba- 

shasbtbyam n 
Budhe cha vare Siva-cbhatrapateb kumaro Sambhoji-rad atra mudanusastil 
durgadhikari-Jagadeva-sudurgakani Balaji-Krishno by anusasti yatra n 
ajnanusari Raghunatha-supanditasya jagraba durgottama-yajamanyam 

iti II 


On the Nandi hill, ou a rock to the west of the Vishnu teraple. 
yi-giriya luele Sanyavara puja nadisuvadu 


On a rock to the south of the same temple. 
sriman-maha-mandalesvaravaru Narasimba-mudrankita-Cboja-variisa-kulod- 
bhavaru. . . .Buradapampeya Nala-Tirumalarasara kumara Tirumalarasa-Deva 
Cbola-maha-arsara biridu Gajasimha maiigala maha sri 

Chik-Ballapur Taluq. 251 


On the same hill, on a stone to the north of the Kayi-Basava temple. 
ora Damas Sivaya Sriparvata-vasi Malia-parasu-maha-danduligal illi bratain 
[gejydu goheyul ildar Kalattigal einljor Kalilamatti-guruvara sishyar 


On a rock near the same temple. 

uaraas Sivaya siya Kartti. .bahuja 4.. pakslia naraa bata 

Mahantiya Konga-raja tasya kirtih . .sri-Vasva baraha 

. .raksha 


On the same hill, on a stone in the way to Nandi village. 
. . . Sidiyura Tamniayya tauna tarama ubayauumatiya bavi raadisida sasana 
subham astu sri 


On the same hill, on a stone on tbe door in the Virabhadra temple. 

svasti sri Kali-yuga-samvatsara 4497 rolagana Saka-varusha 1319 neya Datu- 
samvatsarada Jyeshta-su 14 Somavaradalu svasti sriraatu Kannanappa-. .yara 
maga Devayyanavaru Virabhadra-devara vastukavanu chandrarka-taram-baran 
ullannega. . . maiigala. , . 


On the same hill, on a rock near nalku-kalu mantapa on the way to the hill 

from Kuduvatti. 
Timmayanu paiicha-Nandiyu Brahmagiri Divigiri Nandigiri. . . . 


At Kuduviti (same hobli), on a copper sasana. 

srimad-ananta-kalyana-guua-sampurna sakala-charachara-Kushmanda-Skanda- 
Brahraa-Vishnu-Indradibhih sada sevyaraana prasanna Parvati-sameta dakshina- 
Kailasa-vasa Para-Brahma-riipadantha Paiicha-Nandisvara-svamige agamarcha- 
nartha saluva .nanige karunisi sakala- 
sreyassu kottaru nammage kula-daiva Bhairavara janaka tanu mane devaru 
Karagadammana pati tan ada karana nammage devatantarav illa uavu yi- 


252 Chik-Ballapur Taluq. 

rajya-paripalane niadikondu tammage sakala-puja-raahotsava-vrata-danadigalu 

madikondu iruteve tappalilla yendu gurukkalige kotta grama-svasthyada 

sasana Salivaliana-sakakke saluva 1350* savirada munnura-aivattu Dhatu-saiii- 

vatsara-Magha-bahula 14 yallu i 

Kailase Siva-mandire sthiratara-sri-Parvati-sannidhau 

Skando nama gurus cha Saiva-nipunah sri-Paiiclia-Nandi-sthale i 

anitas sura-pungavena cha tada nirnita-pujartliatah 

sapta-stho rishi-pungavadhika-maha-Agastya-vamsodbhavah n 

nirantara agamarchana-karakar ada Gaura-gurukkala naptrarada Skanda- 

gurukkala pautrarada Nandisa-gurukkala putrarada Nandisvara-gurukkalige 

sri-maha-Mari-Baire-Gaudara naptrarada Mare-Gaudara pautrarada sri-maha- 

Avati-nadu-prabhu Dodda-Baire-Gaudara putrarada Abavati-vamsa-payah-para- 

vara-paripurna-sudhakara srimad-Devi-vara-prasadaka Karepurada Baira-bhu- 

paiaru Nandi-parvatakke dakshinadallihantha Karepurakke saluva Kuduvati- 

grama Sivaratri-pujanantara acharya-pujeyam madiNandisvararpitavagi tirtha- 

kshate-suvarnagalinda dattavam madi yi-gramada dhanyadi-sakala-suvarna 

sarva-kala nivu anubhavisikondu navu kotta sakala-padartha svamige kala- 

kala samarpane raadikoudu sukhadalli yiri yandu putra-pautra-parampareyu 

tappadahage barasikotta tamra-sasana 

Saiva-svam Saiva-desa-svam Sankaraya vinirmitam | 

yo dadyad anya-devaya narakarii yati tat-pita || 

visharii na visham ity uktarii Siva-svarii visha-sankularii | 

ekakinarii visharii hanti Saiva-svarii variisa-uasanarii || 

acharya-Sivayor bhedam ubhayor antararii na hi | 

yah pasyed ubhayor bhedarii narakaui tasya kirttitarii || 

Siva-dvijasya yad danam Siva-danarii tad uchyate | 

Sivena sthapitas Saivah Saivena sthapitas Sivah | 

Saiva-danadi vidhina putra-pautrabhivardhanarii h 
Avati-nadu-prabhu Devi-vara-prasadaka Karepurada Baire-Gaudara vappita 
Amritapuram Angachari chakkina dana-patramu 


At the same village on a rock near Sunnada Papanna's garden to the west. 

(Orantbn nnd Taniil oliaractors ) 

Pi'amadauta-varushattu Arpisi-madam svasti sri maha-mandali Tribhuvana- 
malla Nandigiri-nata Annan-ankakara Vembidenena Tondai-mandalattu Pu. . 
valuril Sambu-battar Kasyapar AUala-devarku Kuduvatti-pulattil ivar tarnm- 
attam-ittu kattiua eri ivarku pullum pumiyum kallum Kaveriyum ulladanaiyu 
■ raarramaikku danam aga kuduttun ivv-eri vaiisavali seluttuvad-aga kudutta 
*So in the origiDal: lS50 = KUaka; I)hatu = 1378. 

Chik-Ballapm T.aluq. 253 

sasanain idakk-oruttar iraikkunittar undagil Gangai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai- 
kkonravargal avar ivv-erikk-ellai kilaku paraiyum puliyum merku..kaluin 
puliyum aluui terku na. .mum paraiyum ippadikku tappamal nir-va. tu kudu- 
tten Vembayyanena 


At Kandavara (same hobli), on a Garuda-kambha in the Kukkulu 66vindayya's garden 

to the east of the Jvaraharesvara temple. 
svasti srimatu Saka-varuslia 1281* neya Pingaja-samvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 Sa 
srimatu Teppada Naganna-Vodeyara kumara Devannana sakala-sambrajyadhi- 

pati taradalii ...degulada uttaravagi Vaisya-kula Nagarada Divi- 

settiya ma. . . darmada karyam emba chatur-vida jaya-stamba Banasanda- 
purada Varadaraja-devara munde dipa-maleya kambha yattisidanu raangala 
maha .sri sri sri 


In the same garden. 

subham astu svasti sri Saka-varsba 1 302 neya Raiidri-samvatsarada 

. . . .yalu Naganna-Vodeyaru rajyabbyudayarii geyuttihali devara 

Racbarasa Devappagala darmadalu su maga Cbinnamalu 

nilisida dipa-male-kambhakke mangala maha sri sri 


At the same village, on a virakal to the north. 
svasti sri kulji torugolul sattam 


At the same village, on a stone in the field to the north. 
svasti Saka-nripa-kalatita-saiiivatsarangal entu-niira tombhatt-ombbattaneya 
isvara-samvatsararii pravarttise tad-varasbabhyantarada Chaitra-sudda-pan- 
chami-Somavaradandu svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha. . .Pallavanvaya-sri- 

prithivi-vallabha Pallava-kula-tilaka srimad Nolambadirajar 

. .kotta. . .kereg i-batta gadyanada. . . 


At Yalavahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the east of Bangalore road. 
Yalavahalli Dodda-Maralli yi-madhye Ballarige Chanuapattanakke hoguva 
rasteli Ananda-sauivatsarada Ashada-masada 8 Pokanati Jogi-Basappa kattista 

*So in the origiaal : Pingnla^ 1300 ; 1281= Vilambi. 

254 Giil^-BaUapnr Taluq. 

mantapa sedo-bavi giindu-topu salu-maradalli 6 . govugalu niru-kudiyatakka 
totti 1 niluvu-kallu 3 kelasa Nandisvara-svami-saunidhiyalli madisi-yideve 
yidakke Hari-Haragalu sakshi 


At Kottaniiru (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 
Vijaya-sarhvatsara-Magha-baliula 10 yallu srimat-Komara-Modalappayagaru. . 
.... sri-Ajalisvarundu Kottauuri-grama Anumantaraya-gudi Akkagari-gudi 
yi-rendu-gullu katti aiiiruta.. . .maunaraunu khaiii ^ chenu . . niadi khaiii 
i sukhana anubliaviiichedi yistimi (usuai finai piu-ases) 


At Dibburu (Piirnasag^ara hobli), on a stone near the asvattha-katte. 
subbam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambalu 1468 neya 
Parabhava-sara Karttika-su 4 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-Sada^ 

siva-Rayalu pritlivi-rajyam seyaganu gavara Nilayari Timmaya. . . . 

a sri-jaya. . . punya-kalamandu (rest iiiegibie) 


At the same village, on a stone near the Eeiava temple. 
sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varushangalu 1381* neya Vikari-sam- 
vatsarada Maga-su M srimanu-maha-pradhana-Maiigapa-dannayakara kumara 
Sidaya Chadanaka-Vodeyaru stira-rajyam aluvali srimanu-maba-mandalesvara 
Yajarasa-deva- Vodeya Porarsara makkalu Virarasarige Dibbiira Buvaya- 
Nayaka. . . .vagi kotta iha ga 


At Gangarakalave (same hobli), on a stone east of the village gate. 

Saka 1438 neya Havali Baire Sonnaya 

desakala katu achakatu . . .chatu 


At Gollu (same hobli), on a stone. 
Vyaya-naraa-samvatsarada Karttilca-su 2 sri Maluipatanake Gaudana maga 

ge daksiiinada baliya Balapurada doregalu kotta bali parapatya 

....aiigake nna nure 1 ru surugu-manyangala kha 4^ . . .gararanam 

aravinda-ko. .-danam 

♦So in the orisinal: Vikari=U01: 1381 = Pramathi. 

Chik-Ballapur Taluq. 255 


At Elagalahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Rayappa's tank. 

svasti sriSaka-varushaiigalu 1293 ne Virodhikrutu-samvatsarada Kartika-suddha 

15 Su srimanu-maha-mandalesvara purva-paschima-samudradhipatiyappa sri- 

vira-Bukkanna-Odeyaru prithvi-rajya maduvalii srimatu Kantikara-Rayara 

ganda Naganna-Vodeyaru Sadaliya rajyavanu iijuva kaladalli srimatu Kaveri- 

vallabha karad-iva-dani pekkandru-rajula okkettu gaiida Chola-kataka-chure- 

kara birudara bayi bandi mandalika-. . . raja Pogarura Poche-Nayakana makkalu 

Hiriya-Chile-Nayaka-Chika-Chile-Nayakanavaru tamma tayi Periyava-Nayakitiya 

hesarinali kattida Periyasainudravanu kattida vokkala Chile-Nayakara kamma- 

tada baiidi vondu Chokojana maga yiyura gavundauu Bairojana bandi vondu 

vuppilika-Papana . . .senabovagala bandi vondu Muttiira Bayyanna Mildiga 

Madaiyanavara bandi vondu antu nalku-bandi avarigevu kotta mariyade hosa- 

tiddu mui;u-i)ala sarvamanyavagi yunibaru muru-paladinda mele aramanege 

varavan ikkuva gaddege kattu-kodage kandugakke miigola-mariyadeyali salisu- 

vevu yava yava kaladalli hosa-tidduy agi niadida gaddenu muru-muru- 

bogavanu kandugakke (baok) mula - mariyadeyali koclageyanu 

bhoga-bhogagalanu sfiriya-chandran ullanua-bara kereya kattidavarige 
saluhudu Saka-varusbaiigalu 1293 neya Virodhikrutu-samvatsarada Kartika- 
suddba 15 Sukravaradali soma-grahana-punya-kaladali Periyasamudradali 
Chile-Nayakaru tanna kammatada bandiya kattu-kodageya-valage tamma 
tande Pochi-Nayaka tayi Periyava-Nayakitigevu punyavagi kotta Brahmana- 

Vnttlgalu (here follow names of Vrittidars and the details of their vrittis and usual flnal phrases) 

int ivara matav ididu baradatanu Devojana maga Biroja 


At bechirakh Baadahalli (saine hobli), on a stone in the field to the south-east. 

Sakabda-varsha 1248*ne Sukla-vatsara sara. . . .srimatu-Kesava-Ravaya. , . . 
Naganna-maneya Rukadevaiige 1 madidu (imprccatory phrases) 

*So in the original: but Sukla= 1252 ; 1248 = KBhaya. 



At Goribidnur (kasaba hobli), on a stone south of the Government school. 

(The first part i3 effaced) 

(Back) . . . .tama dana-patram polinchina ya Tiruvengala-nada- 

devuniki sarvamanyanganu nadapu . . vara. .mani ma peranu niruparii palin- 
china . . . chiuaru ganuka. .muuuu yi-K6tapale-gramanukunnu china-kaluva- 

kunnu chatus-si sa-biranyodaka-dana-dhara- 

purvakanganu dana. . .a-chandrarka-sthayiga (rest iiiegibie) 


At Goribidnur (same hobli), 
on copper plates in possession of Kalludi panchangada Narana-bhatta. 

(Nagarl oharacters.) 

namas tuiiga-etc. i 

Harer lila-varahasya damsbtra-dandah sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyaiii dadhau n 
bbuyasyai bbavatam bhiityai bbuyad ascharya-kufijarah i 
abur vibara-kantaram agaman yasya yoginah || 
kalyaiiayastu tad dhama pratyuha-timirapabarh | 
yad gaj6'py Agajodbhtitam Paiicbasyenopahxlitam n 
jayati ksbira-jaladher jatam savyekshanam Hareh | 
alambanam chak6ranam amarayusbkaraui mabah || 
pautras tasya Pururava Budba-sutas tasy Ayur asyatmajah 
sanjajne Nahusho Yayatir abhavat tasmach PCirus tatah | 
tad-vamse Bbarat6 babhuva nripatis tasyabbavachchhantauus 
tat-putro Vijayabhimanyur udabbut tasmat Subota nripab n 
Nandas tasyasbtam6'bbiit Sibir iti narapas tasya rajfio^tha Likka- 
kshmapas tat-saptamas Sripati-rucbir abbavat Raja-putro narendrah | 
tasyasid Bijjalendro dasama iha nripo vira-Hemmali-Rayas 
tartiyiko Murarau krita-natir udabbut tasya Mayambarisiiah n 
tat-putras samabhuch cba Pinnama-mabipalo nijal6kana- 
(s)trastamitra-ganas tat6'jani baran durgani saptahita. . | 
tasyaik6 jaya-S6ma-Deva-nripatis tasmach cha rajiias sut6 
viro Ragbava-Deva-Raya-nripatis sri-Chiunamo bhiipatib n 
Araviti-nagari-vibhor abhut tasya Bukka-dharanipatis sutah i 

* Ibis is printed from a copy farnished b; the owuer, whioh is full of mistakes. 

Goribidnur Taluq. 257 

yena Saluva-Nrisiriilia-rajyam apy edhamana-mahasa sthirikritam i 
tasya Svarnambikrijanes tanayo vinayonnatah | 
hara-gaura-yasah-pura-hari Hariharesvarah n 
yat-shodasa-maha-dana-yasasam dig-viharinam | 

bhuyasam abhavan nalam bluivanani chaturdasa n 
Pratapa-Deva-Ray6'bhut tasya putr6'ti-visrutah | 

pramoda iva murtobhut prajanam svair gunais subhaih n 

pratyartlii-samidho hutva pratapagnau ranahkane | 

praptas sri-vira-vijaya-Lakshmi-panigrahotsavarii || 

tasya Gaurambikajanes tanayo vinayanvitah | 

vidya-nidhir visesha-jno viro Vijaya-bhiipatih n 

vidya-nidher abhiit tasya dayitaLaiikrita gunaih | 

Saurer iva maha-Lakshmi's Saiikarasyeva Parvati n 

putra-ratnarii tatas slaghyam purva-janma-tapah-phaLarii | 

Madhavan Madanarii Padma Senanim Adrija Sivat n 

Jayantam Amaradhisachchachivalabhatatmajarii | 

Deva-Rayarii mahipalam daritarati-mandalarii n 

vikrame Vikramadityam bhoge Bhojam ivapararii | 

Rajarajarii vitarane rajanarii yam prachakshate n 

yasasvinam agrasarasya yasya pattabhisheke nija-parthivendoh i 

danambu-purair abhishichyamana devi-padarii bhumir iyarii dadhati n 

rajadhirajas tejasvi sri-raja-pararaesvarah | 

muru-rayara-gandakhyo Meru-langhi-yaso-bharah n 

para-dareshu vimukhala para-raja-bhayaiikarah | 

aribha-gandabherundo Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih || 

sishta-samrakshana-i)ar6 dushta-sardula-mardanali | 

bhashatilaiighi-bhupala-bhujaiiga-birudonnatah n 

sri-Tuiigabhadra-nikate nagare Vijayahvaye | 

pitryarii siriihasanaih prapya paLayan prithivim imam n 
punya-sl6kagragany6'sau D.eva-Ray6 mahipatih | 
Tmigabhadra-nadi-tire sri-Viriipaksha-sannidhau n 
veda-netragni-bhu-samjria-ganite Saka-vatsare | 
Chitrabhanan tu Vaisakha-paurnamyarii Bhaumavasare n 
srimad-Ghanagirer dese Pinakinyas cha sannidhau | 
Bidalur grama-valite paschime samupasthitarii || 
sri-Chanuaraya-devasya Mudugiryas cha purvatah i 
Maraliir-agraharasya dakshine chaiva saihsthitarii || 
gramarii Kadahivenyakliyarii sarva-sasy6pas6bhitam | 
dattavan dvija-varyebhy6 Deva-Rayo mahipatih || 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-samanvitarii | 


258 Goribidnur Taluq. 

akshiny-agami-samyuktaiii vipra-bhogyam su-bhuruliam ii 
sarvamaiiyaiii chatus-sima-samyutarii cha samantatah | 
sri-Deva-Raya-bhupalo mananiyo manasvinaiii ii 
sri-Viriipaksha-su-prityai deva-devasya bhaktitah i 
nana-gdtreshu jatebliyo Brahnianebhyo maha-yasah || 
sahiranya-payo-dliara-purvakarii dattavan muda | 
vritti-sankhyas cha likhyante vipra-sarikliya yatha-kramarii || 

(hore follow nameg etc. of vrittidars) 

nagadri-saiikhya vrittis cha bhoktaro Brahmanottamah | 
putra-pautraih parivritah sukhaiii tislithantu te vararii \\ 
tad idarii dharma-yuktasya Deva-Raya-maba-pral)h61i | 
sasanarii sreyase nityarii bhaved a-chandra-tarakarii n 
simanosyagraharasya likhyante desa-bhashaya | 

(here follow detaiU of gift aiul usual fiiial verses) 


On copper plates in possession of Yajna-Narayana-Sastri at Goribidniir. 
sri-Ganesaya namah Saradayai naniah n 

Harer liUWarahasya dariishtra-dandas sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyarii dadliau || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusharigalu 1587 ne varushada 
Vis vavasu - samvatsara - Margasira - bahula - amavasye - siiryoparaga - punya-kala- 
dallu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sri-Rariga- 
Deva-maharayar-aiyanavaru Chandragiri-durgadalli simhasanarudharagi sarii- 
rajyarii gaiyutta yiralu sriman-maha-nayakacharyarada gaviy-arika-Bhima 
chaudera chaudi Keyiua Chaudappa-Vadeya-prapautra Timma-Nayaka-Vadeya- 
pautra Narasappa-Vadeya-putrarada Immadi-Narasappa-Vadeyanavaru Bhfi- 
radvaja-gotra Asvalayana-siitra Rik-sakhadhyayigalada Malla-joisara prapautra 
Liriga-joisara pautra Liriga-joisara putrarada Chiklcaiyanavarige dhara-dattav 
agi kotta bhCi-svaste-gramagala kramav entendare suryoparaga-punya-kala- 
dalli tamma pitrigalige punya-lokavapti agabeku yendu kottantha gramagala 
dana-patra-kramav ent endare Penagonde-siriihasanakke saluva Koramurugala- 
nada Karigiridurga-sthalad-olagana Siddhapura-grama ondu Giilurige saluva 
Sirivara-sthalad-olagana Kalenahalli-grama ondu ubhayam grama yeradarannu 
Ke. . . Immadi-Narasappa-Vadeyanavaru Gulura Liriga-joisara kumara Chik- 
kaiyanavarige sarvamanyavagi yi-gramagalige saluva bhumivolage iddantha 
jala-sila-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyagal emba ashta-bhoga-svamyavannu nimma 
putra-pautra-paramparyavu a-chandrarka-sthayigalagi sukhadalli ibaru yendu 
suvarnodaka-purvakavagi kottaddakke tambra-sasana | 

aho Raghava-rajendra sapta-kalpanujivinah | 

Gorihidwur Taltiq. 259 

na srinomi na pasyanii svayani clattApahaiMnah || 
Indrah prichchbati clianrlaliih Itim idan'i pacliyate tvaya | 
sva-niariisaih suraya, siktam kapalena chitagnina n 
deva-Brahmana-vrittinam harane niratas cha ye | 
tesharii pada-rajo-bhitya charmana pihitarii maya || 
(nBnai finai verses) sri-Mahammayi 


At Hiri-Bidnfir (kasaba hobli), on a virakal in Kalludi-Narasappa's field. 
svasti samadiiigata-pariclia-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha Palla- 
va-kula-tilaka sriman-Nolanibadbiraja Ayyapa-Devana niaga Anniga-Bira-Nolam- 
ba svasti samasta-bhuvana-vinuta Gaiiga-kiila-tilaka rajanya-cliiidamani Kolala- 
pura-paramesvara srimat-Pilduvipatiya maga Nanniya-Gangan-Anniy-emba- 
ganda Bira-Nolambam tagi Santaran-ereyar attidode Nolambani nuilidu Gatav 

eldu Isaviira dati edeye ane rada kalegadol Santarana talt iridu 

taleyumarii oreyuinan odagondu aldorig oppisi Gariga satta Bira-Nolamha me- 
chchi Kilka-nada Piriya-Bidirura kalnadu gottaih Garigana niakkala maklcal- 
varegarii salgurii 


At the same village, on a stone in the Chaude-gauda's field. 
svasti sri Nolambadhiraja pritbuvi-rajya. . .geye. .Tumannolagana mannidu 
Bramadaya Rajamana padirkkolag al desege Gundala-ur aliyum okkalu salipo 

(usual imprecatory pbrases) 


At Kallfldi (same hobli), on a stone near the G6rug'atte, east of the village. 
sri ayur-arogya-dataram bhava-vaidyain jagad-guruiri | 

adhi-vyadhi-haraui vande para-saktiyutaui Sivarii n 
svasti sri Saka-varusba 1311 neya Vibhava-samvatsarada Asvayuja-ba 10 
Guruvaradalu piirvva-paschiraa-samudradhipati rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-Harihara-Raya-kumara sri-pratapa-Bukka-Rayaru Pengunde-pattana- 
dalli sukha-rajyarii geyuttalu elia-prajegalii sukhadali irabekagi jivarigalig ella 
udakave pranavagi Penugondege Henneya-nadiyanu tarabekendu sri-vira-pra- 
tapa-Bukka-Raya chavadi-olage dasa-vidya-chakravartti jala-sutrada Sirigaya- 
bhattage nirupava kotta. .a-Sirigaya-bhattanu a-kaluveyam Siruverada kerege 
tandu a-kaluveya hesaranil Pratapa-Bukka-Raya-mandalada kaluveyagi madisi 
sasanavanu barasidanu n 


260 GoHMdnur Tahiq. 

yavan Merur ddliarri yavad yavach chandrarkka-maiidale | 
Pratt%pa-Bukka-bhupala tavad raja bhavanagha || 
jala-sutra-svara-sastre rasa-vaidye satya-bhashayaria | 
Rudraya-Singari bhavatah sadrisah ko va mahitalc surah n 

sri-Ramachandraya namah | 

yasya keseslni jimuta nadyas sarvringa-sandhishu | 
kukshau samudras chatvarah tasmai tOyatmane namah || 

mangala maha sri sri sri 


At Hudflti village (Goribidnur hobli), 
on the basement of the Garuda-kambha near the Anjaneya temple. 

ya namah subham astu n Saka-varuslia 1353 neya Sadharana-sarii- 

vatsara-Bhadrapada-su 10 Sauivara Hudutiya kammala Boramojana maga 
Sauioja nilisida Tirumala-devara kamba maiigala maha 


At Idagfiru (Goribidnur hobli), on the top of the door of the Bhimesvara temple. 
sri-Ganiidhipataye naniah Sakabliyudaya-saka-varushugalu 1330 neya Virodhi- 

sauivatsara-Asvija-su bagila svarasanayana madidavaru Sanna- 

Timma-vojana ku mara Sivamoja Visvamitra-pravara 

Yajus-sa raja Rajendra-Cholage aradhyarada avara rajyada Kurubiira 

Ayyagala kiitegala darmma (rost iiiegibie) 


At the same village, on a beam of the roof of the veranda of the Ramedeva temple. 
sri-guru-Ganadhipataye namali n sri-Rama svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana- 
saka-varushangalu 1767 ne Visvavasu-nama-samvatsara-Chaitra-suddha-sri- 
Rama-navami i-subha-divasadalli Hidimbapuri-gramadolage sri-Rama-devarige 
niitauavagi kasi-kelasadinda 12 aiikana-devasthana katisuvabagye kelavu janaru 
bhaktadigalu i-punya-kelasa-madisidantaddu Saka-varshaiigalu 1769 ne Pla- 
vanga-saihvatsara-Phrilguna-bahula 10 varige sampurna 


At the same village, on a stone near the Mallikarjuna temple 

maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithvi-vallabha Pallava-kula-tilakaua. . . . 

.maga Vira-Nolamba prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttire Irubudalaya (rcst nicgibie) 

Goribidnur Tahiq. 261 


At Velapi (Goribidniir hobli), on a stone in the Dodda-bhavi sthala. 

svasti sri Perumala-Raja. . . .pu-Deva sri-nia Kallahaji-muniiru 

alge Ereyammarasara Bennattur alge Bhupiimu kereyu kattidode osedu kottodu 

(baok) hi . kalani (usual imprceatory phrases) 


At Chigatigere (Goribidnfir hobli), on the basement of the Garuda-kambha 
of the Narasimha temple. 
sri-Kaduri-Narasimha-devara kambava uillisiddu Tarana-samvatsara-Kartika- 
ba lOlu I . . .rasaya ma. . . .Basavi Rada. . .la seve mangala maha sri sri 


At the same village, on a stone near Lakkamraa's well. 

Parabhava-samvatsara Bhadrapada-su 5 lu srimatu Chigatigere Vodorayyana 
hendati Lakkamma kattista bhavi sri 


At Hunisenahalli (same hobli), on a pillar in the bharti-dinne east of the village. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsham 1255 neya Srimukha-sarhvatsarada Chai- 
tra-su 3 Su-varadandu srimatu-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala-sri-vira-Ballala- 
Devarasara pradhaua aliya-Machiya-danayakara kumara Gaugi-Deva-danaya- 
karu Penugoiuleya nelavidinalli (south faoe) sukha-saukatha-vinodadim rajyarii 
geyyuttam iddu Indeya Sautisvara-devara kumara Bommi-deva-vodeyarige 
Hai'uhe-Hosiira-nadolagana Maruvakagoukanu Balalapuravagi a-chaudrarkaii 
sarvamauyavagi dhara-plirvakavagi kotteii raaugala niaha sri sri (usuai ficai ver»e) 


At the same place, on a second pillar. 
subham astu 

namas tuiiga-eto. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varushangalu 1354 Paridhavi-saiiivatsarada Kar- 
ttika-(south fttce) su 1 sriman-maha-mandalesvara sriman-maha-rajadhiraja para- 
mesvara sri-vira-Deva-Raya-maharayaru sthira-rajyam geyutt iralu Baliila- 
purada nana-jatiya maduveya (east face) sunkavauu darmakke bittar agi yi-madu- 
veya sunkavanu aru koudare (uBuai impreoatory phrases) maugala niaha §ri sri 

262 Goribidnur Taluq. 


At Haluganahajli (same hobli), on a stone north of the Chaudesvari temple. 

subham astu Parabhava-samvatsarada Cbaitra-su 1 lu srimatu Narayaiia-Gau- 
dana maga Hiri-Timmappanu virara kallu-gudi kattista gudi maiigala maha sri 


At Chikka-Kurag^odu (same hobli), on a stone near the Aiijaneya temple. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaja-Salivahana-saka-varusba sa 1468 Visvavasu-samvatsara- 
da Cbaitra-su 10 srimatu Sadasiva-Rayarige punyav agabeku yendu Kauda^ 
cbarada nayaka Timmappa-ayanavaru Kurugodiya volagag idda devadaya 

Brahma-daya nu tamma tande-tayige punyav agabek endu bitteii endu 

bakida sasana-manyakke ar obbaru tappidaru (usuai imprecatory pUrases) 


At Marupadagu (same hobli), on a stone lying in front of the village entrance, 

Nandana-samvatsara-Cbaitra-suddha-paiicbami sri-rajadhiraja paramesvara sri- 

vira-pratilpa- Venkatapati-Raya aliya Marupadugu-gramam magu 

(2 lines gone) . . haraiii . . . fiyavala . . .tudike maduru anyaya 

.... (rost illegible) 


At Gangasamudra (kasaba hobli), on a stone behind the chavadi. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka 1472 ne 

. . .sri-vira-pratapa sri-Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaru pritbvi-rajyam gaiyutta 

(rest illegibie) 


At the same villa^e, on brass plates in possession of Chikka-Sannakempa. 
Yittadi-sasanam II 

namas tunga-etc. |{ 

na dbarnimad adbikarh santi na samudbbavali | 

(6 lines are left out as tliey are quite uninteUigible) 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka- varushambulu 1212t neya Bbava- 
saihvatsaram Cbaitra-sudha 5 Budhavaram sri-vira-pratapa-vira-Bukka-bhu- 

*ThiB inscription is full of mistakes. fSo in tbe original. 

Gorihidnur Taluq. 263 

pati-Rayalaviiru | Deva-Rajalavai^u Guiiclama-Rayalavaru | Konthala-desarii 
Manakapatnain purri dora Vulelu-Raya | vani kodukulu yeduguru 
andalalu yekinavaru | vari.. Saiikugonda Timmana-godu | Chinna-Timniana- 
godu I Dasana-godu | Channa-Kesava-godu ) Channana-godu | Yirana- 
godu I Narayaiia-godu | Vuhivuloru -nada-gotrarii | panneiidu- velu-bala- 
gurii guralu 100 yintivi | yabai-dandu | nalgu-avuda-yenugalu i yedu-gudlu 
avulu I yedu-bhandhi vaka-bhandi-minda dravyarii erugukoni Vijanagrarii 
patiianiki puyiri | rayula bheti ayiri | Rayuhi varini chuchi chala santosbarii 
padiri | vudharana chesiri | bandi vapagiiichiri | Rayalavaru variki yinamu | 
gurarii I chhatri | chaurilu | bimu-pendemu | avudha-yenugalu miidu | .. . . 
Virupaksha-Somesvarunigudilo nalla-niiupa-rayi-sasanarii | Rayadattyartharii | 
narepuyaramulaku apana ayanu | malato vachi digiri | Saiikhunugonda Tim- 
mana-gaudu | Badagala-nadi Narasapa | (others named) pannendu-ayagandlu | 
mala kotti santi chesi Rayala kanama i Deva-Rayalu apana-tisukoni | Vade- 
Ramana-Boyidu | Bhimana-Boyidu i bhandhi 30 kotataram 12 aralu | 
charavu 1 kotalo Changaraya-svami-gudi 1 Timapa-gudi 1 Yiragandlu-gudi 1 
Ganagiri-simhasanarii Tirumalige Tirumalacharyalavariki tochikoni-vachi | 
nalgu-siriihasauarii | 70 yedu-sariistanarii doraluuu toduvaclii i svampannaru- 
desa-gaudahkam todukoni vachi desamukhi-desapandyavuhmu piluchukoni vachi I 
Ganagiri | Dhavagiri | Mumudi-patnarii Chikkapa-Gauni piluchikoni vachiri | 
Vupalagiri-patnamu . . Peda-Kempa . . -Gauduni todukoni vachi | paiicbangam 
Tipa-bhatluvarini todukoni vachi | Karkataka-lagnam nichhayirii chesi vuru- 
peru Kurudi ane peru pettiri guru-svamulavariki Timmana-gaudu yichindhi 
gurarii pada-kanaka yiravai - varalu ninda - vudagara (here follow details) 
kotataraniki yesinadi sasanam rallula. . godumanyam chenilo baduvulo 
sasanarii rayi 1 pandeudu ayagandlu vappitamu || vuriki bali-pila yichi-(back) 
navadu Dyavaua-gaudu | bali-chelinavadu madiga-Jfara-Papadu | Bogapa 
kadava Sahku..konda Timmana-gaudu | vani nagurulo vugranamu-yintilo 
agni-miilalo kanajauilo yesivundedi dravyarii yesivundedi kadayilu yedu | 
bhaugaru-pratimalu yedu kailchu-koramutlu yedu-baruvu | kanajarii .... 
tyala-rayi | panneudu-ayigandluku manyarii katakinda | dinna-manyaiii | 
Brahma-manyarh | deva-manyarii i batu-manyaih | gauni kuta-manyarii | 
gramaniki mutuvali Ramataiikilu 10080 Lakshmipati-varalu reiiduvelu 
puttalikasulu 10050 Buku-bhupati-Rayalavaru | Gundama-Rayalavaru i 
Amboji-Rayalavaru | viri apanachatanu yittadi-sasanam . . . .yana Badagala- 
nadi-sima Virachari | anuniatiiichi yittadi-sasanam Timmana-gauniki yichiri | 
putra-mitra-kalatradulu sametariganu anubhavirichukoni sukaiiga-vundumani 
yi-mugguru-rayalavaru yichiri (usuai finai phrases) desamukhi-desapanduvulu 
vapitanru Kondavadi Kondama-Nayiclu ariki doraku Kuradi Channaraya- 
svami-gudilo yichinadi sasanamu |i sri-Ramu-gatti 

264 Goribidmr Tahiq. 


At Manchenahalli (Mancbenahalli hobli), on a copper plate in 
possession of Yajamana-Timmana-bhatta. 

(Nagari cliaracters.) 

namas tuiiga-eto. n 

Harer lila-varahasya daiiisljtra-dandas sa patu vah i 

Hem. . . . kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 

kalyana. . . tad-dhama pratyuha-timir:\paharii | 

yad gaj6'py Agajodhhutaiii panchasyen6pah"ilitaiii n 

jayati kshira-jaladher jataiii savyekshanaiii Hareli i 

alambanam chakoranam amarayushkaram mahah n 

tasyasit tanayas tapobhir atulair anvartha-nama Budhah | 

pautras tasya Pururava Budha-sutas tasy Ayur asyatmajah | 

sanjajne Nahusho Yayatir abhavat tasmach cha Purus tatah i 

tad-vamse Bharat6 babhuva nripatis tasyabhavachchhantanuh | 

tat-putro Vijayobhimanyur udabhiit tasmat Suhota nripah n 

Nandas tasyashtam6'bhuchchhibir iti narapas tasya rajatha Likka- 

kshmapas tat-saptamas Sri-patir iti samabhiit Raja-putro narendrah | 

tasyasit Vijjalendro dasama iha nrip6 vira-Hemali-Rayas 

tasmad ek6 Murarau krita-natir udabhut tasya Mayapurisah n 

tasyaik6'jani S6ma-Deva-nripatis tasmach cha rajnas sut6 

viro Raghava-Deva-raya-nripatis sri-Chinnamo bhiipatih n 

Araviti-nagari-vibh6r abhiit tasya Bukka-dharanipatis sutah | 

yena Salava-Nrisimha-rajyam apy edhamana-mahasa khilikritara n 

tasya Gaurambikajanes tanayo vinay6nnatah i 

vidya-nidhir visesha-jno vir6 Vijaya-bhiipatih || 

daya-nidher abhiit^asya dayitalaiikrita gunaih i 

Saurer iva maha-Lakshmis Saiikarasyeva Parvati n 

putra-ratnam tatas slaghyam purva-janQia-tapah-phalara | 

Madhavan Madanam Padma Senanim Adrija Sivat n 

Jayantam Amaradhisat Sachivahabliatatmajam i 

Deva-Rayam mahipalam daritarati-mandahim n 

vikrame Vikramadityam bh6ge Bh6jam ivaparam | 

Rajarajam vitarane rajanam yam prachakshate n 

Yasasvinam agrasarasya yasya pattabhisheke nija-partbivend6h | 

danambu-purair abhishichyamaua devi-padaiii bhumir iyaiii bibharti n 

rajadhirajas tejasvi sri-raja-paramesvarah i 

m&ru-rayara-gandakhyah para-raya-bhayaiikarah n 

bhashatilaughi-bhiipala-bhujanga-birud6anatah | 

sishta-samrakshana-paro dushta-sardfila-mardanah n 

Goribidnur Taluq. 265 

aribha-gancla-bherunrl(j Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih | 
pratjartlii-saniidhu hutvil pratapagnau ranankane | 
praptas sri-[vira]-vijaya-lakshmi-pani-grah6tsavam | 
sri-Tungabhadra-nikate nagare Vijayahvaj^e | 
pitryarii siriihasauarii prapya palayan prithivim imaiii | 
punya-sl6kagragany6'sau Deva-Rayo mahipatih \ 
Tuiigabhadra-nadi-tire Viriipakshasya sannidhau i 
veda-netragni-bhii-samjiia-ganite Saka-vatsare | 
Chitrabhanan tu Vaisakhe pauniamyarii Bhaumavasare | 
srimad-Ghanagirer dese Pinakinyai cha purvake | 
Mafichepally-antarvalite nairityaiii saraupasthitarii | 
Kotaganakhya-sailasya paschirae chaiva saiiisthitarii | 
Kotagarapalli-gramasya vayavyarii samupasthitarii | 
Sadepally-agraharasya purvatas chaiva sariisthitam ] 
gramarii tu Brahmapally-akhyarii sarva-sasyupast">bhitarii | 
dattavan dvija-varyaya veda-vedanta-vedine | 
nijasritaya vipraya Bharadvaja-sa-gotrine | 
Bahvriche Subbanaryaya Veiikataidiya-prapautrine i 
Raraa-l)liat tarya-pau t ray a N a rija-hh attary a-p u tri ne | 
sri-Virupaksha-su-prityai Deva-RayO mahipatih | 
sa-hiranya-pay6-dhara-piirvakarii dattavan muda | 
nidiii-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-samanvitarii | 
akshiny-agami-sariiyuktarii vipra-bhogyarii sa-bhuruhaiii | 
danasyadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi sammatarii i 
vapi-kupa-tatakadi-jalasaya-samanvitarii | 
sarvama,nyarii chatus-sima-sariiyutaiii cha samantatah | 
dattavan dvija-varyaya Deva-Rayo raahipatih i 
putra-pautradibhis chaiva bh6jyam a-chandra-tarakaih | 
tad idarii dharma-silasya Deva-Rayo maha-prabhuh i 
sasanarii pradadau nityarii bhaved a-chandra-tarakarii | 
siiaanosyagraharasya likhyante desa-bhashaya | 

(rest contains details of boundftries and usual final lerses) 


At Dyavaratondapalli, 
majare of Halehalli (same hobli), on a rock in Bombaga's iield. 
subham astu Hajeyahalige pratinamavada Yimmadiuarasiiigarayapurada 
kaluvali Varadanahalli 


266 Gorihklmir Taluq. 


At Upparahalli (Manchenahalli hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana saka-varushaiigalu 1506.... 
.... rana-samvatsarada Kartika-su r21u Sri-Rauga-Rayaru Tirumaleya 

Penagondeya ka-puravolage Upparahalliya-graraavanu sarvaraanya- 

agraharavagi a-chandrarka-sthiiyiyagi dharey eradu kotaru amritapadi 

tamma tande Hiriya-Borappa-gaudarigu tamma gurugaligu 

IJunyav agabek eudu sarva-uaniasya-agraharavagi dharey eradu koteii (asuai 
finai phrases) kotta sila-sasana mangala maha sri sri 


At the same village, on a stone near the Basavana katte. 

subhara astu svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbaiigalu sa 1506 

Sadbarana-saiiivatsarada Kartika-su 12 lu Tirumaleya Pena- 

gondeya ayanavarige Upparaballiya-grama agraharavagi 

(rcst illegible) 


At the same village, 
on a stone at the boundary of Basavanahalji and Chilenahalli. 

Saumya-samvatsarada Vaisakba-su 15 lu srimad-rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratiipa sri-vira-Venkatapati-Deva-mabarayara karyakke kartarada 
Hadapa-Venkatapa-Nayaka-kumararada Hadapa-Papi-Nayaka-kai-ya-kartarada 

Giriyajapa Upparaballiya gauda Si vakahaliya 

prajagalu... (bi>ci<) sasanada vole-kramav ent endare yi-Easavanahalli padu- 
valu Sudekunte kelagana holavanu Chilenahalli-gadde ^ I gaddenu ninage 
manyavagi kotev ada-kaiana ninu putra-pautra (rest iiiegibie) 


At Minakanagurki (same hobli), on a rock in Patel's karaga-fleld. 

(Nagttr! cliaracters.) 

subham astu svasti sri Salivahana. . . . 1433 neya Pramnioda-vatsarada 

Asvayuja-suddha 15 Rahu-grabana-punya-kaladalli srijuan-maharajiX- 

dbiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Krishna-Raya-maharaya prithvi- 
rajyam geyuvadaralli sri-Krisbna-Raya-maharaya (4 lines eflaced) mauyavagi 
dharey eradu kota chatus-sima (rcst cfl^aoed) 

Goribidnur Taluq. 267 


At Arakunda (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Anjaneya temple. 
siimate Ramanujaya namah veda-mfirga-pratishthacliary Alvtir sri-Tiruiuale- 
PenugoiKle-Narasiiuha-Tatacharya-ayyanavarige llama-Raja-apaueli Sona- 
gaudara sarvamanyada Arikunda sri 


At Kadiridevarahalli (Tondebhavi hobli), on a stone in front of the 
Narasiihhasvami temple. 

Srimukha-sariivatsarada Maga-su-padyadalu srimatu Kova-Nayakara Gayyapla- 
Niiyakaru Kadiri-devara gudiya mantapavanu katisidanu 


At Halkuru (Bommasandra hobli), on a wall of the Somesvara temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varusha 1445 ne Svabhanu-saiiivat- 
sarada Vaisaka-su 1 5 lu sri-maharaja-paramesvara sri-Krishna-Raya-mahara- 
yara iiligada Malapa-Nayaka-ayaaavarige dharmavagi pradani-Sarvarasaya- 
navaru Haluktira Somesvara-devarige pratipalisi madisida jirna-uddharada 
kalu-vesada seve ara adhikari Vanasayana uligada Siddayanu 


At the same village, on the door frame of the Somesvara temple. 
sri Alakuru sri-Channa-Somesvara-svami-mandira-dharma-sthanamaiii Benga- 
liiru srimad-Vira-Saiva-Gubbi-Rudrakhya-taniija Totadaryah karya-karta n Sali- 
vahana-saka 1809 ne vartamana-Sarvajitu-samvatsara-Vaisakha-masadalli nir- 
misidanu n san 1887 ne isvi n 


At the same village, on a stone attached to the Basavanna katte. 
sri-Somesvara Salivahana-saka-varusha 1426 ne varushadalu Raktakshi-samvat- 
sarada Kartika-su 15 Guru-soma-grahaua-punya-kaladalu LakyadaLiii. .Vode- 
yaru Somesvara-devara gudi-gopura-prakara-ratha-iitsaha-paditara-anga-raiiga- 
vaibhavanu tri-sandhya-kalada naivedyakk ivaru vodeyarige liiigarchaneya 
Rudra..avanu madikondu Nanja-Rayage helalikkagi a-Naiija-Rriyanu vira-pra- 
tapa-Narasiiiga-Rayarige helaliigi Somesvarage Haluki^ira sa-hirauyodaka-dana- 
dhara-piirvakavagi a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi samarpisidaru i Somesvara (usuai 

finnl vcrBe) . Uan 


268 Goribidnur Taluq. 


At Siiiganahalli (same hobli), on the Arijaneya stone in the Godehola. 

Si sariivatsarada Margasira-ba I Adivaradandu. ....... pratapa 

Hoysana sri-vira-Baliala-Devarasaru sukha-sanltatha-vinodadim rajyarii geyyu- 

ttav iralu (stops hero) 


At Kachamachenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Survey No. 93. 
Hanurigall-Uchchaiigi-gonda Hoysala-vira-Ballala-Devara rajyada Sarvari- 
sariivatsaradallu sriman-niaha-pradhanarii sri-karanada heggade Yerayannanurii 
dandanayaka Bila-Govindarasarurii Ummadiya bavarakke nadadalli Pochiya- 
Keriya-nayakalu tale-gottu hadada netra-ppattu Nagachariya kereyanu Kiida- 

liira mahajanaiigalu nakara-nana-desiya munde makkalu-makkalu tara- 

a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi kotta bhiimiyan alidavaiige (usuai finai phraees) 


At Kondapura (same hobli), on a stone in KodIa-Nayaka's assessed land. 

Virodhi-nama-sariivatsarada Asvija-su 10 lu Hosura-sammatina 

desa-mukhi desapande desi-karaui Sahigonda-Nayakage barasi kotta kagada. . . 
kramav ent endare Hosura simege saluva' Erapanahallige pratinamadheyava- 
da Kondapuravannu nutanavagi kote kattisi praje tandn grama tumbu-madisi 
vechcha aramane kipayatu tilidu yi-grama-baliya kattu-kodagi-maiiyavagi 
manu *~ ^^holavannu nemuke madi kottu yiruvadarinda yi-gramada kote katti- 

si madi yi-holavannu ninna putra-pavutra-paramparyavagi anubha- 

visikondu yiruvadu 


At Dyavarahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Venkataramanappa's grove. 

namas turiga-eto. || 
svasti srivijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusharigaju 1715 sandu vartamanav- 

ada Pramadicha-sarii-Margasira-su 15 Halukuru-jahagirudaru Mira- 

Ahammada-Sa-komaru Mira-Husena-Sa-rige ra n Makalidurgada subhedaru 
Mira-Ali-Bega-Sa barasi kotta kattu-kodagi-manya Devarahalli-gramakke va- 
yavyakke nutanavagi kote kattisidarinda nimage raanuvu-halita bijavari ha 

(rest illegible) 

Goribidnur Taluq. 269 


At the same villag^e, on a stone in the Venkataramanappa's assessed field. 
Hajaratu Tipu-Sulatana-Pachavaravara appaneyalu svasti sri vijayabbyudaya- 
Salivahana-saka-varusba 1719 ne vartamanavada Kalayukti-samvatsarada nija- 
Sravana-suddha 5 yalu .srimatu Makalidurgada araaladara (y)Abumada Vusa- 
niana-Sahebaravaru Halukuru-Mira-Husena-Sahebaravarige barasikotta kere- 
kattu-kodagi-syasana-kramav ent endare Makalidurgada simege saluva Malada- 
kere-bobaji Dyavarabajli-gramada baliya hostagi nivu katisi yiruva kerege 
katu-kodage-bage bajiiru hukkum . . a-prakarakke nimage kodisiyiruva bhiimi 
yi-Dyavaraballi-gramakke uttaravagi Timmanabajli-kerey-olagana gadde-bhumi 
manuvu kha ^- halli vupagrama-ChandrabalH-baliya beddalu bola- 

bbumi (rest illegible) 


At Kenkere (same hobli), 

on a stone at the entrance of the Lakshmi-Narasimha temple. 

subbam astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbambulu ? 1556 

aguneti Yuva-saiiivatsara-Pushya-ba 2 lu sriman-mabaraya Deva-Raya . 

Vijayanagara (rest effaced) 


At Hosfiru (Hosflru hobli), 
on copper plates in possession of Jatavallabha, Patel of Ramapura. 
[\b] sri-Ganadbipataye namah n namas tuiiga-etc. n 
avyad avyahataisvarya-karano Varanananah ] 
varadas tivra-timira-mihiro Hara-nandanab n 
sriman adi-Varabo yab sriyam disatu bhuyasim i 
gadham alingita yena medini modate sada n 
asti kaustubba-manikya-kamadhenu-sabodarah | 
Ramanujah kalanathah kshira-sagara-sambhavah n 
uda[bliud] anvaye tasya Yadu-nama mabipatib | 
palita yat-kulinena Vasudevena medini || 
tat-kule Bukka-nama yah kirti-sauryya-vichakshanah ) 
*Magarabikabhavad rajiii Lakshmir iva Harer yatha n 
abhut tasya kule sriman abhaiigura-gunodayah | 
apasta-durita . . . Saiigamo nama hhupatib n 
Malambika bhavat patni yasya rajnah sucbi-smita 
Damayanti Nalasyeva Indrasyeva yatha Sachi n 

*So in the original. 

270 Goribichiitr Taluq. 

asan Hariharah Kampo Bukka-Raya-mahtpatih ( 
Marapo Muddapas cheti kumaras tasya bhupateh n 
paiichanaih madhyagas teshaiii prakhyato Bukka-bhupatih 
prachanda-vikramo madhye Pandavanam ivarjunah n 
bhangab Kaliiiga mita-saurya-vritteh 
Vaiiga vibhinnanga-vighiirna-neti*ab | 
Andhras cha randhrani visanti yasya 
bahiigra-khadgena visiryamanah n 
Turushkas sushka-vadanah Pandya-bhiipah palayitah | 
sva-bhujarjita-viryena tasmin rajyam prasasati || 
Bukka-Ray6'bhavachchhriman bhujarjita-parakramab | 
mediniva praja yena sva-putran iva rakshilali n 
rajadhirajas te[IIrt]jasvi yo raja-pararaesvarab | 
bhasha-langhita-bbupala-bhujangama-vihangamah || 
raja-raja-bhujango yah para-raya-bhayankarah | 
Hinduraya-Suratrana ity etair upasobhitab n 
Vidyabliidhana-nagari vijayonnati-salini | 
Vidyaranya-krita tasyam ratna-simbasane sthitah n 
yasmin shodasa-danauaiii dhara^^am parisobhite | 
danambu-dharaya tasya vardhate dharma-padapah n 
alankrite Sakasyabde *rasa-bhii-nayanendubbih | 
Taranabde Cliaitra-mase uavamyam sukla-paksbake || 
Pampayam Bhaskara-kshetre Viriipakshasya sanuidhau | 
Apastambakhya-sutraya Bharadvajanvavayine || 
Yajuslianarii varenyaya sakalagama-vedine | 
asbtadasa-purananarii abhijiiatartha-vedine || 
ashta-bhasha-kavitva-sri-vani-vijita-sampade i 
Somaya Nachanambodheh somayauiita-tejase || 
Guttidurgabhidhe rajye Kodurakliya-mahitale i 
Penna-magani-vikhyate sarva-sasyopasobhite || 
Kodi^iru-Nagamallakhya-diunabhyam api paschimam | 
graniottama. . . .makiiroh prachyaui disi samanvitarii n 
Urucliintala-nanmas cha gramad dakshina-sariisthitarii | 
Vangaliir-Kodutalabliyam uttarasam upa.sritarii || 
PinSkini-tate Peiichukaladinnahvayarii pura | 
Bukkarayapurakhyatarii pratinamna cha sobhitarii || 
nidhi-nikshepa-samyuktam jala-pasliana-sariiyutarii | 
akshitiy-agami-sahitarii siddlia-sadhya-samanvitam n 
aslita-bhogam idarii sarvamanyam a-chandra-tarakarii | 
sa-hiranya-payodhara-purvakarii dattavan mudti n 

*§o iu the original. 




©2 ^ 


w Rj 0«SiJf>j,W' 

HJ T ft, ^f o<i 

C O >>'-' 

]^c?o (7 6 

OJ ^ 


© 'tru 









Gorihidnur Taluq. 271 

sriman-NacIiana-Soniakhya-maIia,-kavi-var6'pyatlia | 
rajanam asishaiii chaiva chirajivi bhavatv iti || 
svayani anvakaroil vritlir clasottara-satam kavih | 
shat-triiiisacl atra bhagah syuh yajamanahvaya tatah n 

(here follow names etc. of vrittidars and tbe details of their vrittis) 

idam akhihi-Raja-sekhara-raaclhukara-jhenkara-gita-niahatniyaih | 

srimad-Bukka-RajenJra-nripates sasanam aclialaika-parijatasya n 

Atreyanaiii Yajushi Kotideva- 

radhyacharyasyangajo Vadha-nuirtih | 

chakre samyak Sarva-sastra-praviuah 

slokan etan Mallanaradhya-varyah n 

tvashtra tachchhasaiiam svami-sasanena viuirmitaiii i 

sasanacharya-varyeua Nagi-Devena siipina n 

(usual final verses) 

Sri-Viriipaksha (In ICannada characters) 


At the same villag^e, on copper plates in possession of Patel Jatavallabha. 
veya-kulamala-vyomavabhasaua-bhaskarah sva-khalgaika-praliara-khanclita- 
maha-sihi-stainbha - lahdha - bala - parakraino daruuari -gana - vidaranopalabdha- 
vrana-vibhiishaiia-vibhiishitah Kanvayana-sa-gotrah srimat-Kongani - varmma- 
dharmma-niahadhirajah tasya putrah pitur anvagata-guna-yukto vidya-vinaya- 
vihita-vrittah samyak-praja-palana-matradhigata-rajya-prayc^jano vidvat-kavi- 
kaiichana-Dikashopalabhuto niti-sastrasya vaktri-prayoktri-kusalo Dattaka-sutra- 
vriter praneta sriman Madhava-niahadlurajah tat-putrah pitri-paita[JJa]maha- 
srimadd-Harivarmma-mahadhirajah tat-putro dvija-guru-devata-piijana-paro Na- 
rayana-charananudhyatah sriman Vishnugopa-mahadhirajah tat-putrah Tryam- 
baka-charanambh6ruha-rajar-pavitrikrit6ttainaiigah sva-bhuja-bala-parakrama- 
kraya-krita-rajyah Kali-yuga-bala-pankavasanna-dharmma- vrishoddharana- 
nitya-sannaddhah siiinan Madhava-maliadhirajah tat-putrah sriniat-Kadaniba- 
kula-gagana-gabhastimaliuah Krishnavarmnia-mahadhirajasya priya-bhagineyo 
vidya-viDayatisaya-paripiiritantavatma uiravagraha-pradhana-sauryyo vidvatsu 
prathama-ganyah srinian Koiigani-inahadliirajah Avinita-nama tat-putro vijrim- 
mukha-makha-huta- prabata-s&ra-purusha-pasupahara-vighasa- vihastikrita- 
Kritantagnimukhah Kiratarjjuniya - pahchadasa -sargga - tikakaro Durvviuita- 
namadheyah tasya putr6 durddanta-viniardda-vimridita- visvambharadhipa- 
mauli-mala-makaranda-puiija-pinjarikriyamana-charana-yugala-naliuo Mu- 

272 Goribidnnr Talaq. 

shkara -namadheyah tasya putrah chaturddasa- vidyasthanadhigata-viinala- 
matih viseshattVnavaseshasya niti-sastrasya vaictri-prayoktri-kusalo ripu-tiniira- 
nikara - nirakaranodaya -bhaskarah Srivikrama- prathita - namadheyah tasya 
putrah aneka-saraara-sampadita-vijrimbhita-dvirada-radana-kulisabhigbata- 
vrana - samrudha - bhasvad - vijaya - lakshana - lakshikrit a - visala - vakslias-sthala- 
sama[ii/«]dhigata-sakala-sastrarttha-tatva-samaradhita-tri-varggo niravadya- 
charita - pratidinam-abhivarddhamilna prabhavo Bliuvikrama-namadheyah api 
cha I 

dharasvada-pramatta-dvipa-sata-charana-kshoda-saniraardda-bhime | 
sangrame Pallavendram narapatim ajayad yo Viiandabhidbane 
Raja Srivallabhakhyas samara-sata-jayrivapta-lakshmi-vilasah n 
tasyanujo nata-narendra-kirita-koti- 
ratnarkka-didhiti-virajita-pada-padmah | 
Lakshmya svayam vrita-patir Nava-Kama-nama 
sishta-priy6'rigana-darana-gita-kirttih n 
tasya Kongani-maharajasya Sivamarapai-a-uamadheyasya pautrah samavanata- 
samasta-samanta-makuta-tata-ghatita-bahala-ratna- vilasad-amara-dhanush- 
khanda-mandita-charana-nakha-raandaloNrirayana-charana-nihita-bhaktih sura- 
pu[IJ//*]rusha-turaga-nara-varana-ghata-sanghatta-daruna-samara-sirasi nihi- 
tatma-kopo Bhima-kopah prakata-rati-samaya-samanuvarttana-chatura-yuvati- 
jana-loka-dhurtto loka-dhurttah su-durddharaneka-yuddha-murddha-labdha- 
vijaya-sampad ahita-gaja-ghata-kesari Rajakesari api cha n 

yo Ganganvaya-nirmmalambara-tala-vyabhasana-proilasan- 
marttando"ii-bhayankarah subhakarah san-margga-rakshakarah | 
saurajyaih samupetya raja-samitau rajan gui.iair uttamaih 
raja Sripurushas chirarii vijayate rajauya-chudamanih n 
Kamo raniasu chape Dasaratha-tanayo vikrame Jamadagnyah 
prajyaisvarye Balilrir bahu-roahasi ravis sva-prabhutve Dhanesah | 
bhfiyo vikhyata-saktis sphutataram akhihi-prana-bhajarii vidhata 
Dliatra srislitah prajanarii patir iti kavayo yarii prasamsanti nityarii || 
te[IV'n]na pratidina- pravrilta-maha-dana-janita-punyaha-ghdsha-mukharita- 
raandirddarena Sripurusha- prathama- namadheyena Prithuvi- Kongani-niaha- 
rajah n tenedam akhihirii budbuda-chaiarii jiva-ldkara avalokya cliatur-asity- 
uttareshu shat-chhateshu Saka-varsheshu samatiteshu Manyapuram adhivasati 
vijaya-skandhavare Vaisakha-masi soma-grahane Visakha-nakshatre Sukravare 
Kasyapa-gdtraya Marasarnimanah putraya Tdlur-vvastavyaya Madliavasar- 
mniane Vajasaneya-veda-vi[IV i<]de Ejan-Gh"idalur-mMai;iyachi-G udalur- pParu vi- 
Sripuram iti chaturshu grameshu gramarii prati-dvadasa-khandikavapana-sani- 
mita-salyadi-vapana-ydgyarii bhiimi-tri-kudaba-sammitavapana-raatrarii griha- 

Goribidnur Taluq. 273 

sthanaiii trimsa-kiulaba-sammitaih mtirpal dvi-khandika-vapana-sammitaih 
tota-kshetram triiusat-khandika-vapana-sammitampriyaugav-adi-vapana-yogyaiii 
arauyam cha dattarii etat sarvvaiii sarvva-pariharopetarii udaka-piirvvarii 
*dattah | asya danasya sakshinah Shannavata-sahasra-vishaya-prakritayah \\ 
[Vajapi chatra Manu-gitas sloka (usuai finai verses) yo rakshati sa punyabhag 
bhavati Visvakarmmena likhitaih 


On copper plates of the same village. 
[1 6]svasti sri-Manavya-sa-gotranam Hariti-piitranaih matri-gana-saihvarddhi- 
tanariiSvami-Mahasena-padanudhyatanaih ... Chalukyanaih samriddhimad-rajya- 
paramparayata-vaihsa-tilako asvamedhavabhritha-snana-pavitrikritottamangah 
Polakesity-abhikhyata-namadheyo Raua-Vikrama-dvitiya-[ lla] hamadheyah tad- 
anantaraih Harshavarddhana-jita-Satyasrayarii sva-priya-suta sva-bhashaya 
Amberety avijnapitas san Maha-Magha-paurnuamasyaya Saiigama-tirthe soma- 
grahane sa-hiranya-s6dakam Atreya-gotrebhyo trayodasebhyah Kausika-gotre- 
bhyah pafichabhyah Kasyapa-gotrebhyah tribhyah Kaundinya-gotre tri[bhyah] 
[H 6]Kausika-g6trebliyas tribhyah Savarnnika-gotrabhyaih dvabhyaiii Bhara- 
dvaja-g6trah ekah Saunaka-gotrah ekah etebhyo maha-Brahmanebhyah vidita- 
veda-vidbhyah shat-karmma-niratebhyah eka-triihsadbhy6 Brahmanebhyah 
Kanikal- vishaye sva-bhashaya Periyala-nama-gramarii dattaih Manu-gita- 
slokam udaharanti || ( IH a) (ueuai finai verses) 


At the same village, on a stone in the burial ground. 

svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti Hoyasana sri-vira-Baliaia-Devarasaru Ho- 

savidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadirh rajyarii geyvuttam 


At the same village, on a pillar of the raosque in the fort. 
(South face) svasti sriiiiatu rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Deva- 
llaya-maharayaru samrajyadi (west face) svasti srimatu Kr6dhana-samvatsarada 
Magha-suddha 5 A srima-sri-maha-pra (stops hcre) 


At Malaluru (same hobli), on the Basavanna-stone behind the Isvara temple. 
svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravarti Hoyisana-sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinoju sukha-sahkatha-vinodadirii rajyaih geyuttam iddalli 

*So in the original. 


274 Goribichmr Tnhiq. 

sriman-mabiVsamantaclhipatiy Appagalli Palyeya-Nayakana maga Kallaya-Na- 
yakanu tan aluva Haruhe-Hosaura-nadolage Malalura sthalavanu chatus-si 

(rest illegible) 


At Mudigere (same hobli), on a stone right-side of the main entrance 
of the Chennakesvara temple. 

sabham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-vai-ushangaju 1487 neya 
nada. . Krodhana-saiiivatsarada Kartika-suddba 15 lu somoparaga-kaladalli sri- 
man-maharajadbiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Raya-maha- 
rayaru prithvi-samrajyarii gaiyutt iralu Sadasiva-Raya-niabarayara nirupadin- 
dalu Tirumala-Rajayyanavara appaneyindalu sriman-maha-Avatiya-nada prabhu 
rigu komtlrarigu akshayavada punya agabek eudu tamma mata-pitrigaligii aksba- 
ya-punya-Ioka-praptiy agabek endu soma-grabana-punya-kaladalli chatur-dasa- 
chbappannadbisvaranada Hosaura-nada Mudigereya sri-Chenna-Kesava-devara 
amrita-padi-diparadbane-pancbaparva-ratha-utsaha-muntada seve a-cbandrarka 
vagi nadiyabek endu Mudigereya-gramavanu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara- 
piirvakavagi Chenna-Kesava-devara sri-padakke samarpisidevu (usuai finai phrases) 
sthana-manya purva-mariyade n sloka (usuai finai verses) 


At Gundapura (same hobli), on a rock in the Aijaneya-gutta east of the village. 

sri Tiruvengalappa svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivaliana-saka-varusbangalu 
1403 sanda Plava-sariivatsarada Mi\gha-su 4 Somavaradalu Penugondeya pra- 
dhana Mallarasara umbaliya Kadalaiinniya-gramadalu betey-avasaradalu cbi- 

ttayisi Vasishta-gotrada Rik-sakbeya gala maga adbikari Na- 

rana-devana kai^-alu konda kalasadi dipa-nialeya kalla- 

kambba khilava.... kunteya devar-amrita-padi-naivedyake Mal- 

larasa-Vodeyara kaiyyalu diparadhanege vondu-bonna bolanu sarva- 

manyavagi Brahmana galu gauda-Somaya-Yanipa-gaunda- 

muntada gauda garasa Basavaya yi-kereya pratinama Mallasamudra 

halli Narasapa (rest iiicgibie) 


At Vaichagfir (same hobli), on a piece of stone in the Vodasilamma temple in ruins. 
[Siva]niara-Permanadi Jaya-sariivatsa umbaliyu 

Goribidmr Taluq. 275 


At Kadalaveni (same hobli), on a stone lying at the outlet of the tank. 

(Grantha and Tnmil cliaraoters.) 

svasti srrman-ma-mandalesvara Tribhvana-malla Talaiivkaclu-konda bliujabala- 
Vira-Gamga Poysala-Narasimha-Devar pri 


On copper plates of the sarae village. 

(This is the same as No. 2 of tliis taluq.) 


At Dadinayakanapalya (Dadinayakanapajya hobli), on a stone 
standing near Viranagudi. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Sola-maraja-katti Nulamba-Udaiyaditta-De- 
var prituvi-rajya-pannanirka Virodi-saihvarsarattu Virape. .panaradittan Vali- 
kolaradittan Paruvaipura-paramesvaran Nandigiri-natan Tuttar-okkettu-gaiidan 
Irumadi-nattu Nugapat.tiyai Poysala-Devar dandanayakka Vittiyanan urai-kku- 
tti poganikka tudarndu kuduraiyaiyu alayum konran Somarasar magan 
Siiijarasan Sihjarasar magan Echcharasan svaggastan anan Ecbcharasar ma- 
gan Pulladevar jestabha-niruttina 


At Gulaganji (same hobli), on the right wall at the entrance 
of the Visvesvara temple. 

svasti sriman-maha-suddiia-Saivagamachara-sampannarugalum appa Kaiisika- 
gotra Visvamitra-pravara Siva-gochara Yaju.s-sakhe Bahudliayana-siitra. . . 
mukhara Raja-Rajendra-Cholage aradhyarada Pummana-aradhyara makkalu 
Sivamurti-ayyagalu madisida sasanada Benakanavamma-appagalu Piimanna- 
aradhyara (rest iiiegibie) 


On a rock in front of the same temple. 
sri-Ganadbipataye namali | 

namas tuhga-etc. || 
svasti sri Sakabhyudaya-Saka-varshahgalu 1330 neya Sarvvadhari-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-su 5 Gu sri-vira-Harihara-Rayaru Kadlajapuradali Gulagaiijihaliya 


276 GoriUdnur Taluq. 

mahajanaiigalu Vasishtlia-gotrada Bhaskara-putra Lakshmana-Appana-Dechana- 
Chauilaharyaru-muntada yellarigeu Narasi. .ha-devaru saha punyakkosukara a- 
. .Barura. .ru vibhaktarada balika svarjita-dhanadinda tataka-devalayangalanu 
madisi Varanasiyinda bana-lingavanu tarisi Visvesvara-Lakshmi-Narayana- 
devara pratishtheyanu madisi a-devarugalige tri-kaladalli sri-gandha-dhupa- 
dipa-naivedya-tambula-muntada shodasopacharangalige kota devara mundana- 
kshetra (here foUow detaiis of gift) yendu stanadavaru sariyagi liaiichikombaru 

Visvesvara-devara sthanavanu kayiva jaga Kurubura chaturamaiigalada 

Raja-Rajendra-Cholage aradhyar ada Kaiisika-gotrada Visvamitra-pravara Ya- 
jus-sakhe BodbayaDa-&utra Siva-gocha . . . kadasuddali. . . . cbaryarugalu 
Pumma. . . .ayyagala makkalu Sivamiirtti-ayyagalanu karisi koteii Lakshmi- 
NS,rayana-devara sthanavanu Kanchisamudrada Vaikhanasa Atreya-gotrada . . 

Lakshmi-Narayana-devarige Nalari-devagala makkalu Kesavanatha- 

devagalige koteii yi-eradu-sthanadavarii sariyagi tha-devarige .... 

masugalu uladdakondu tri-kaladalliii devata-samaradhane- 

yanu madikoudu naru-sevegeyan iduvina sukhadali yiharu i- 

devalyagalanii madida kalukutiga Tipajana maga Mudddjage ' 

Baireya-kujada gaddeyauu chandra-suryyar ullannabara koteii 

yi-devata-kshetragalige uikarigeii (usuai finai piirases and vcrae) maiigala maha 

sri sri 


At Bommasandra (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 

subham astu svasti sri ja.yabhyudaya-Saliviihana-saka-varushangalu 1454 neya 
Nandana-samvatsarada Sravana-suddha 11 Su-dalu srimatu vira-pratapa 
Achyuta-Deva-maharayarige darmavagi Rayasada-ayanavara makkalu Maras- 
aiyanavaru Penugondeya Kesava-devarige tamma ubhayavagi madhyahna- 

aroghanakke paiicha-bhakshya-paramanna-munt;\da visesha Brahmana- 

chatrakagi Bommasamudravanu adakke saluva hajligalu-muntada 

chatus-simenu dhara-piirvakavagi Penugondeya Kesava-devarige a-chandrarka- 
vagi samarpisida vaharu (usual final phrases and verse) 


At Kadabiiru (same hobli), on a stone near the Virara-gudi. 

svasti .srimanu Saka-varushaiigalu 1304 ne Dundubhi-saihvatsarada Asvija- 
suddha 5 Su srimatu Kenkereya Tiparasaru KadabCira jotisha Vira-panditarige 
solige 13 aksha (rest niegibie) 

Goribidniir Taliiq. 277 


At Marappanahalli (same hobli), on a rock. 
Machanna-gauda (others named) yi-nalvarige kota sa-patra niii namma kayya 
koncla kudureya ga 65 honua patra hoyitagi a-patra sa-patra 


At Voddenahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Hanumanta temple. 

(Nngari chnraoters.) 

subham astu Voddenahallige pratinamavada Ramachandrapurav emba sarva- 
manyada agraharada grama-yajaraanaru Konda-dikshitaru 


At Nagaragere (Nagaragere hobli), 
on a stone at the main entrance of the Ramesvara temple. 
Ramauathane saranu svasti sri Saka-varusha 1314 neya Aiigirasa-samvatsarada 
Margasira-su 1 Guruvara srimanu-maha-mandalesvaram ari-raya-vibhada 
bhashege tappuva rayara ganda rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa 
Harihara-Rayana kumara pratapa-Bukka-Rayanu Penugondeyalii nelevidinalu 
sukha-saiikatha-vinodadinda rajyam geyuta tamma mava Malla-Odeyarige 
Nagaragereyanu. . .ndeya vrittiyagi kotteu a-Malla-Odeyaru tamma maneya 

ni Kada-devarasarige kottu yiddalli a-Kada-devarasaru Ramaya- 

devara gudiya sotheyanu a-Hiriyakereya terikana-kadeya kalla-tiibanu madisida 
sasanakke marigala maha sri 


At the same village, on a stone near the Kodi-Irala-gudi. 

(imprecation) svasti sri Mayindama Chola-maharajana mane Malegula 

ndana i-..esageya padeduduke ra siddhi salvudu miiru-degu- 

lakka muvattu-gola-galde Tavara yarolage salvudu 


On a stone at the same place. 
svasti sri Chandayyara 


At the same place, on a stone. 

svasti sri Medu-kula pararaesva patti paramavaru. . Erigalla Mutturul 

. . Bhiipaditya . . . pannanda .... 

278 Gorihidnur Taliiq. 


On a stone at the same place. 
svasti sri Chola-raaharajan-ayya Ayyana. . . . 


At the same place, on a stone. 
svasti sri Chola-maharajange Chateyaparasina . . kanda kotta Ramadiya talaru 
Mindapodiya Pillaya taled. .garamum . . 


On a stone at the same place. 
sri Kannakuli-arasara dala 


At the same place, on a stone. 
svasti sri Chola-maharajana al Dadiyan Dadiga Mahendraroj . . nadi daja 

mannu (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a virakal in a viragudi in Naranappa's field. 

svasti sri Choliga Muttarasa Ra. . . .di arunurum ale a-Chokk-o}_d enibara sri- 
Ramara Ramadi-nadu-mu-nurara Nandarasa aje avara magan Donnamaran 

Chorada Nachchayannol tattu pannirvvara dandu vod atti Rattivadiya 

besavettu edirum turaga-samuhama pokku eridu svargga 

pokku kele tejan 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of Samudralu-Bhaskara-bhatta. 

(N&garl characters.) 

(16) namas tunga-etc. n 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah i 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyam dadhau || 
Vrishadi-gana-samsevyah .sri-Vrishakapi-nandanah | 
apayebhy6'dya nah payat vara-do Dviradanauah n 
svasti-darii sarva-jagatam astitvavana-khelanam | 
nistulam Srisakharii nityam a.sti Brahniahvayaui mahah n 
bahu syam iti tat-kaman nabhi-padme Svabhur abhut i 

Gonhidmr Taluq. 279 

Ajad Atri-munis chatrer Indur Indor Budho Budhat n 

Pururavas tatas chAyur Ayor Nahusha-hhudliavah | 

tastnad Yayatir etasmat tu Turvasur abhut prabhuh n 

bhupates tasya santanah Kuru-deseshu santatah | 

tasmin jata nripah ke chit Kishicindhayaih Raghuttamarii || 

Sugrivaradhitarii Sita-Ramam nanturii samagatah | 

ramaniyalvam aloltya desasyasya tu te nripah n 

uvasafichakrire Hemakuta-prantopavartane | 

Tungabliadrapaga-vari-samitantara-tamase || 

tesharii Tulava-variisabdhi-chandranarii saurya-salinarii | 

khyato Dilipa-bhup6'bhut ratnanam iva Kaustubhah n 

tasmat tu Devakijaner jajfTa-isvara-bhupatih | 

a-trasam a-guna-bhrariisarii mauli-ratnarii mahibhujajii || 

tasniad Isvara-bhupalan Narasavanipalakah | 

avirasit sarva-gunaramo Rama ivaparah || 

Vidyaranya-krite purvarii sri-Vidyanagari-vare | 

ratna-siriihasanasino rajyarii samyag apalayat || 

jitv§, Gajapatirii Rayarii birudaiii prapa sahasat | 

Gajapaty-akliya-Rayebha-ganda-blierunda ity amurii n 

pratapograrii Turushkendrarii yuddhe jitva parakramat | 

dushta-ran-mriga-sardula ity-adi-birudan agat || 

Madhura-vallabharii Mana-bhupaih nirjitya sariiyuge | 

karadikritavan Pandya-Chola-Cheradi-bhiipatin || 
kiiicha | Sriraiige Hastisaile Garudagiri-vare Kumbhaghone Vrishadrau 

Srisaile Ramasetau mahati Hariliare Sangame Nandi-tirthe | 

Gokarne Kalahastisvara-sadasi Virupaksha-devalaye yas 

chalire danani yani svayam amala-girash shodasahur mahanti n 

tasman Narasa-Rajendrat Tippaji-Nagamambayoh i 

kramad vira-Nrisiriiliendra-Krisbna-Rayau babhiivatuh n 

anyonyopamayos sarva-sad-gunaugha-samudrayoh | 
(II a) tayor vira-Nrisiriihendrah pitryarii siriihasanarii sritah n 

palayaty avanirii sarvarii praja dbarmena rafijayan | 
asau khalu n uitau Jivah sa Ramah sarana-krid-avane vikrame Bahuleyah 

prajyaisvarye Balarir dravina-vitarane Karna evadri-dhaii-yah | 

gambbirye dugdha-sindhu ripu-hanana-vidhau Bhargavo vachi Seshah 
• saundarye Pafichabano jagati vijayate sahase Vikramarkah || 

yasmin prayatavati rosha-vasaria mahise 

yanti kshanad ahita-bhupati-varya-sanghah | 

antravali-valaya-bhishanam antakasya 
api cha n vaktrambujaria kshataja-kardama-durnirikshyarii n 

280 Gorihidnur Taluq. 

Kanchi-Sriraiiga-Seshachala-Garudamahibhrin-mukhe punya-dese 
Gokarna-Srinagendrarunasikhari-Viriipaksha-devalayadau | 
atanin Narasiriiha-kshitipatir asakrit shodasapy adarena || 
no Gaiiga-sarid-oghato na cha Saravaty-adi-dhuny-ambuto 
no rakendu-karavamarsana-vasad vriddhirii sadapnoti yah i 
purair riddhim ativa yati satatarii srotasvini-vallabhah n 
yat-shodasa-maha-dana-vari-puriar mahitale | 
nadimatrikatarii prapte varddhante dharma-salayah \\ 
Anga-Vanga-Kalihgadi-rajabhis sevyate cha yah i 
chamarady-akhila-kshmabhrich-chhina-vyaprita-panibhih || 
rajadhiraja-raja-srir yo raja-paramesvarah i 
bhashatilahghi-bhupala-bhujariga iti yas srutah n 
muru-rayara-gandakhyah para-raya-bhayahkarah | 
Hindu-raya-Suratrana ity-adi-birudaukitah n 
s6'yarii vira-Nrisiriihendras chandra-variisabdhi-chandramah | 
sthira-bhagye Sakasyabde Krodhanahvaya-vatsare n 
Nabho-mase purnimayaih Sronayam Arkivasare | 
srimal-Lakshmi-Nrisiuihasya pratishtha-divasantare n 
Tuhgabhadra-nadi-tire Hemakutopasobhite i 
sarva-karma-samriddhyartharii sri-Virupaksha-sannidhau n 
nana-gotrodbhavanarii cha nana-svadhyaya-vedinarii | 
nana-sutranuvrittanarii vidusharii naika-sarmanarii n 
Ghanasailapuri-rajye Bati-nagara-nivriti \ 
Midigesy-adri-valite sarva-sasya-phalair yute \\ 

(here follow boundaries) 

Gahgullavayi-namna su-grameiiapi cha sauiyutaiii | 
vapi-kupa-tatakadri-nirjharadibbir anvitaria || 
Nalabanclehalli-nama-gramarii vidvan-manohararii | 
Narasiriihapurara cheti pratinamna prakasitarii |i 
sarvamanyarii cha paritas chatus-siraa-virajitarii | 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jaladibhih n 
ashta-bhogais cha sariiyuktarii yuktarix pushpa-phala-drumaih | 
putra-pautradibhir bhojyarii kramad a-chandra-tarakarii n 
sri-vira-Narasimhendro mananlyo mabaraanah | 

sa-hiranya-payodhara-purvakarii dattavan muda n • 

grame paiicha-dasa-kshetra-mite'sminn agraharake | 
vritti-pratigrihitrinarii vakshye namany anukramat n 

(here foUow names of donees and details of gifts and their boundaries in the Karnataka language) ya 

etaui paripalayati sa datri-samana-phala-bhagi bhavati | yas tu lobhan mohad 

Gorihidnur Taluq. 281 

vapaharati sa pancha-maha-pataka-phalam anubhavati n tathaiva Manu-gita- 

slokah II (usualfinal verses) 

si"i-vira-Narasiriihencira-sasanachchhasanaia tv idaih | 
babliana Narasiiiiliary6'likhat karur Janardanah || 

Sri-Virupaksha-(in Kannada characters) 


At Sadarlahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Tirumala-deva temple. 
subham astu | sriman-maha-mandalesvara medini-niisara ganda Kathari-Saluva 
Saluva-Immadi-Narasinga-Raya-rnaharayara bokkasada Devappa-Nayakara mak- 
kalu Balanatha Kaya-NaiTjinatha-dikshitara niakkaju Narasiuiha-dikshitarige 

rayarige Narasinga. .yakarige dharmavagi Kempa halinii Narasambu 

. . . .graharavanii madi Kindana-valalu Tuiigabhadra-tirada Vara- 

nasi-Bhiraesvara-devara. . . .dharen eradu kota sarvamanyada .... 


At Vatada-Hosahalli (same hobli), on a rock belov? the Divige-betta. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-.Salivahana-saka-varusha 1415 neya Pra- 
madicha-sarhvatsarada Asvayuja-su 15 lu somoparaga-grahana-punya-kaladalu 
Vatada Kesava-devaru Hanunianta-devara divya-sri-pada-padraaiigalige sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara medini-misara ganda Kathari-Saluva Sajuva-Immadi-Nara- 
siiiga-Raya-niaharayara liligada Kasaveya-Ntiyaka ...sta bhu-dana-s;isana 

devara abliisheka-ratha-utsaha radhaua-nayivedyagalige Vatada volagana 

Nandiyakunteya simeyanu Immadi-Narasiiiga-Raya-maharayarige dharnimav- 
agi somoparaga-punya-kaladalu kotevagi a-kunte alli huttuva achchukatu 

kadarambha nirarambha galanu nadapi mikada chhetravam sahita. . 

. .dharma ratha-utsaha-abhiseka-nayivedya. . . . ttevagi a-chandrarka-stayi agi 


At Channarayanahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhy udaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu ? 1 474 neya 
Paridhavi-samvatsarada Kartika-ba 1 Soraavaradalu sriraan-mah.arajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri- vira- pratapa-sri-Sadasiva -Rayara nirupadinda sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara .... raaha-arasu (rcst iUegibie) 


At Mudalodu (same hobli), on the Garuda-kambha near the Anjan^ya temple. 
svasti sriinatu Buma-gondana maga Yara-gaundanu madista dipa-male-kaniba 
mangala niaha sri 


282 Gorihidmir Taliiq, 


On the same Garuda-kambha. 
Bubham astu svasti sri Saka-varushaiigalu 1344sanda samvatsarada Chayitra- 

su 3 Gu sriman-maha svara-devara divya-sri-pada-padmaradhaka Tim- 

marsa-setara maga Bedi-setiyara magaBommi-settiyaru sri-Va devarige 

ahhisheka madisida mahgala maha sri sri sri 


At the same village, on a virakal near the Isvara teraple. 

svasti sri Appiya-settiya maka Nagajavamamana Palega 

Bira-Nolambaua rajyadole turugole kadi satta 


On a second virakal at the same place. 

svasti sri Sri-settiyar-aua ....-Nolamba Bira-Nolambaua rajyadolu 

turugole kadi sattu ka. . kondava Nolamba. . . . kalu 


On a third virakal at the same place. 
svasti sri Vikkapa-ganda Bira-Nolambana rajyadol 



At Nancharalu (Gudabandi hobli), on a rock in the Naganiia'8 field. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1459 agu- 
neti Hemalambi-saiiivatsarada Sravana-su 1 1 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-sri-Achyula-Raya-maharayalu prithvi-rajyaiii seyu- 

chundugane Achyutaraya Mallapannagariki Bharadvaja tyayana su.. 

yulaina Bhandararii Apparasarij. . . .komaru Timmarasa 

Rayappangarunnu Kondappangarunnu Ramappaiigarunnu jana nalugurunu 

tamalOnu ichchina gramaih dana-patra Penugonda-rajyarh Kara- 

kurike stalam Burudakunte simalonu maku Bhikshava-Tippaniiayagarivalanu 

vara prahitamuganu vachchinatuvanti varu Virupakshapuram 

ani pratinamangala Nandicharuv ane graniamu (names ami grant repeated three 

timcs) kraya..stimi ganuku yi-gramamul6 simaloni griharama-kshetra- 

nidhi-nikshepa-jala bul ane asbta-bhoga lii . . . . sarvotpatti- 

samasta-bali-sahitamuganu stri-putra-dayadi-jnati-samantulu anumatauga . . 
sarva. .kta-anasvaramugauu sadya-periclichheda . . ganu kraya-danaui .... 
mi gana miru yi-gramamu danadhi-vinimaya-vikrayalu bhogyam ayinatugana 

anubhaviii. . . .avaru odambadi yichina kraya-dana-patraiii yinduku 

sakshilu (names of witnesses) Basa .yajiiana sakshi sri sri 


On the same stone. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbambulu 1459 aguneti 

samvatsarada Sravana-su 3 lu sriman-maliarajadiiiraja raja-pararaesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa .sri-virAcliyuta-Deva-Raya-maharayalu pritlivi- rajyaiii seyuiich- 
unduga Penugonda siraaloni Lepalcshi Viresvaruniki Acliyutaraya-Malapanna 

bhu-dana-dharma-sasana-kramam etlananu ma. . Bhaiularaih Appa- 

rasu kodukulu Timmappa Rayappa Kondapa Ra nu maku kraya. . . 

sasanasthmaina Virupakshapuram ane Nandicheruvu-gra- 

mam Lepakshi Viresvaruniki Achutaraya-Mallappannagaru sahiranyodaka- 

dana-dliara-purvvakaiiganu yitsimi ganuka loni grihartiina-kshetra- 

nidhi-uiksliepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyalu aneti ashta-bhoga- 
tejas-svamyalunuu sarvotpatti-samasta-bali-saliitamuganu Lepakshi Viresvaru- 


284 BagepalU Taluq. 

niki ararita - padi-naivedya - clipriradhana .... anga-ranga-vaibhavalakunganu 
Achyutaraya-Mallappannagaru a-svami Achyuta-ruabarayalaku punyanganu 

sadyah-pariche. . .g;\nu a-chandrarka-sthayiganu nadache badi yich- 

chiua gra dana-dharma-sasanam (usuai flnai verees) yi-dharma-sasanamu 

yichchina Achyutaraya-Mallappannagariki. .mangala maha sri 


At the same village, on stones set up in Halligedde field. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters.) 

njama-vilagat juvittarujiondiral-yanaiyum pendirbandara- 

]num nittila-nedun-gadal Uttira-Ladamum veri-malar-tlirtteri-punar-Kangai- 
yum alai-kadal-naduvut-pala-kalaii-jelutti-chChangirama-vijaiyattunga-panmar 
agiya Kidarattarasanai varkam poru-kadar-kumba-kkariyodum agappadutt- 
urimaiyir-piragiya peru-nedi-ppirakkamum artt-avan-aganaga-pi)6r-ttolil-vasa- 
lali Vichchadira-toranamum moytt-oli-punai mani-ppudavamun-gana-raani- 

kkadavamum niraijijeyamun-durai-nir-pPannaiyum vanmalaiyiir n-Malai- 

yiirum al-kadal-agal .... Mayirudingamun-galahga-val-viuai Ilahgasokamun- 
gappa. .ni. . . punal Ma-pPapalamuh-gavalam-pura. . .Mevilipaiigamum vilai- 
ppaindur-udai Valaippaindiiruh-gidama-val-vinai Madamalihgamuh-galamudir- 
kadundiral II . . mudir-desamun-deuakkavar-polil Ma-Nakkavaramun-dodukadar- 
kavar-kadu-murattaramum ma-pporu-tandar-konda Ko-pParakesari-panmar ana 
udaiyar sri-Rajentra-Sola-Devarkku yandu 22 avadu Nulambapadiy-ana Niga- 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

Sola- mandalattu-pPa va-nad-ana Rajentra-S6. . vala- 

nattu Irumadi-uattu-pPi. .kkiidal pannirandil. . .Tasarippanman Kattamanena 
ennudaiya kaniy-ana Tasari- eri-katti-ttumb-ida Irumadi-nadu munnurura 
udaiya Irumadi-chCh61a-rajar kudahgai vitta nel-vilai-pumi nar-kandagam i- 
nnilara nar-kandagamum ivv-ur Mahadevarkku-ttevar-pogam vitta nel-vilai- 
piimi kandagamum idu alippau kapilaiyum Varanavasiyum alitta Brahma- 
vatti - pperum-bavattai - ppaduvan Gangaiyidai - kKumariyadai - ppattar seyda 
Brahmavatti-pperum-bavattai-ppaduvan ivan solla eludineu Jayahgonda-S61a- 
mandalattu-chChembur-kkottattu-chChembur-nattu-chChembur agiya Suntara- 
Sola-nalliir vellalan Mugaiyur-udaiyau Sevidan Sattisattanena ivai en eluttu 

Bagepalli Taluq. 285 


At the same place. 

(Grantha aud Tnmil charaoters.) 

lanai vem vand-urai-sOlai puttiyum Iranasu 

nuga-ttakki-tti Dakkana-LMamu dan mav-iUnd ral 



At Tirumani (same hobli), on a stone in the place called Nadamagadde, 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-SalivabaQa-saka-varusliambulu 1318 aguneti Dbatu- 
saihvatsara-Maga-su 5 lu sriman-maba-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-pararaes- 
vara sri-vira-Bukka-mabaraya-kumartti Virupa-Devi-kumartti Jomma-Devi 
Penugonda-rajyamandu Karakuriki-stalamulo .... chunna a-Tirumaniyuri 
mundati .... kaluva . .ppanu yyagiiichi tama pradbani Bomma-raju 
koduku Naga-rajunnu tama pina. . Nayi-nayini koduku Mayi-nayini. . .dariii- 

chiri tovimpum anaganu varu toliti-voju-kodukulu Peda-Bayira nu 

Pina-Bayirappojunnu pilupincbi variki a-kiiluva guttaganichina Peda- 

Nandisariyuri mundati niiti diguva loga kaluva tavi nindu-charu- 

vuku parapanu Siiigayalu ga 130 mada Singaya tiimuna pandumu ma- 

dinni guramunnu gauda sa katiyalunnu petuvaramu nindu-cberuvuku para- 

parikunna Annadanamuchadiuni modalunnu Yimadiyura .... 

badi nindu-cberuvuku para-pariganavariki .. udalim . .vatuiii . . . . simi 
a-dasavandamu Singaya-pandumuma sri-Tirimaniyiiri mun. .ti cheruvu venaka 

piditim. . . . priti lu kalantagalamunnu sarvamanyamuga 

a poiugariki jelunu yi-madiki ye-vvarayina (rest iiiegibie) 


On a rock south of Savaralagadde below the same tank. 
subbam astu Angira-sariavatsaram Jeshta-ba 5 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja 
sri-Yimmadi-Kadamba-Raya-Vodayalu-ayyavaru Dinnapuri Chinnappa-raddiki 
yicbchina kapu-manyapu sasanarii kramam elannanu ma-Tirumani cheruvu 

venaka mastalam madi Sirigayi tumuna. .yi 2 .... madi kapu- 

manya Honaletiki kha \ . , a-madi siirya-cbandradulugal-anta-kalarii 
anubhaviiichi. . . . 


At Bichaganahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the Channa-Kesava temple. 

subbam astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambuIu 1493 agu- 
neti Arigirasa-sauivatsararii Magha-suddha 7 lu srimau-maba-uayakacharyyala 

286 BagepalU Taluq. Gabi-Nayani-Basava-Nayani-ayyavari anumatini Garuda-Nayani Devata- 
Nayanigaru Bicbaganapalli Mandeiii Channa-rayaniki amrita-padi Bogalapalli- 
ki pratinamani ayina Cbeunasamuclraiii ane gramam dara bosi yistimi ganuka 
(usual fiual phrases) 


At Devaragudipalli (Bagepalli hobli), on the east basement of 
Gadidem Venkataramana-svami temple. 

subbara astu 

etat surasuradhisa-mauli-mala-vilolitaiii || 

Gadida-Srinivasasya deva-devesa-sasanam | 
sriraan - maba - mandalesvara rajadbiraja raja-pararaesvara purva-dakshina- 
pascbima-saraudradhipati sri-vira-Haribara-Rayara samrajya-vira-siiiibasanadaii 
Teppada-Nagana-odeyara pratipalanadali Teppada-Nagana-odeyara momma 
Tirumalanatbagalu tamage saluva Gadidadolagana Tirumalapuradalli prasanna- 
vada Tirumala-devara kalla-devalayava madid adakke kotta dbarmma-sasanada 
kramav ent endade svasti sri Saka-varshangalu 1314 neya Angira-saiiivatsara- 
da Sravana-su 5 Budbavaradalu kalukutiga Nayonde Kamoja Bairoja jana- 
muvarigeii kota Gadida teukana-kadeya taru. .-kala Bomraanakoteya chatus- 
simeyanii nidhi-niksbepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadbya-ashta-bboga- 
tejas-svamya stri-putra-jnati-samanta-dayadadyanuraatavagi sri-Tiruvengala- 
natliana sannidhiyali sarvvamanyavagi dbara-grihitavagi kotta dharmma-sasa- 

Ua (usuftl final verso and phrases) 


On the west basement of the same temple. 

subbam astu svasti sri Saka-varsbangalu 1313 neya Prajotpatti-samvatsarada 
Chaitra-su 12 Guruvaradalu sriraan-mabarajadbiraja raja-paraniesvara sri- 
vira-Harihara-mabarayara sakala-samrajya-vira-simhasana sriman-maha-pra- 
dhana-Mangappa-dannayakara rajya-pratipalanadalu Teppada Nagannagala 
rajya-stbapanadalli Gadidada Prasanna-Srinivasa-pratisbtba-kaladali sri-Tiru- 
veiigalanatba-devara sannidhiyalu Teppada Nagannagaja momma Gadidada 
Tirumalanathanu dhara-puruvakavagi kotta dharraraa-sasanada kramav ent 
eudare Tiruvenga]anatba-devarige veda-parayanava raadikondu tri-sandhya- 
kaladalu mantra-pushpavan ikkikondu Tirumala-devara sannidbiyalu Tiruma- 
lapurav endu agrabarava katikondu yihantba deva-Brahmarige kotta vrittigala 
vivara Gadidada Mulastbanada Somaya-devarige kbanditavagi gade manuvina 
mugala-gade Iiolanu miigala sri-Tiruvengalanatha-devara srikariyake vritti 
2 Varadaraja-devara amrita-padige vritti 1 | (here foiiow detaiis of vrittidnras) 

Bagepalli Taluq. 287 

antu vritti 22 aksharadalu vritti yipata-eradake kotta kshetrada vivara namage 
saluva Gadidada-graraada volagana Malapagalakunta a-kunte kelagana Ta- 
nimadikunta a-vubliaya-kunta yaradu | . .yaradake saluva cbatus-sime-vivara 

(here follow detoils of boundarios aud usual final verges and phrases) 


At Mangasandra (same hobli), on a rock south of the Anjaneya temple. 
subbam astu Hemalambi-sariivatsara-Pbalguna-sudha-paurnami-nadu vaja- 
peya-sarvatOmukba-prativasanta-yajulayina Sarvakratu-Somanatba - dikshitulu 
sarvaprisbtbaptoryamarii yupa-stambbarii 



On the same rock. 
subbam astu i Marigasamudram Oddapalli saba agrahararii sila-sasanamu 
Kasyapa-gotrarii Riku-sakbadbyayulaina Devaru-somayajula kodukulaina 
vajapeya-sarvatomukha-prativasanta-yajulayina Sarvakratu-Somanatha-diksbi- 
tulu sesina agraharamu nuta-iruvai-vrittula gana-sarikhya 



At the same village, on a rock north of the northern wasteweir. 
Marigasamudra-agi-abarada vala.. .Narasiriga-Devarn madistaru 


At Yellampalli (same hobli), 
on a rock in front of the Isvara temple south of the village. 

srimad-vijayabbyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varusba 1527 saluvarii niya. . . . 


pratapa-sri- Verikatapati-Raya ratnamaya-simhasana mandu 

sta. . mu kappakke Ellampallelona Yimmadi- 

Kadirappa-Nayanigaru Kadirappa stajava kadalu. . . 

sanarii kramamu Ellampalli, . . .sanuu led aniyi sasanarii 

(uauai finai phrases) ani yicbina dharma-sasanam a-cbandrarka-stayiganu yi 

marigala niaha sri 

288 BcuiepaUi Taluq. 


At Kaiakuru (same hobli), 
on a stone lying in patel Babireddi's inam field to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

Solaka dat 1 Sola-mandalattil nagam 

muttirale kolal ainuru kuli kandaga padi. .kan. .ga-kalani. . . 

ni sam ttile Brahmanari nam Siva nn-ana 

. . . .dhama irakinan Gangai-karaiyil kural-pasuvai papattile povan 


At Balaraddihalli [same hobli), 
on a rock on the hill near the south vrasteweir of the tank. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1658 aguneti Nala- 
nama-saiii | Margasira-ba 5 Sthiravasaramandu sriman-maha-nayakacharyyu- 
laina Guramma-Nayani Kadirappa-Nayani Narasiiiiha-Nayanigaru Layamanta- 
pana kumarudu Verikatapatiki vrayiiichi yichchina . . .tataka-nirmmaua- 
nirnaya-sila-sasanam ma- nayarikosaku lopalai Penumala-sthalamloni Bali- 
reddipalle paikalo navinamuga charuvu kattinchinavu ganuka yi-charuvu- 

kinda achchukattu terina madi yi-sa padu saiu . . hola paryyan- 

tarh sarva-bhuktamga nadipiuchagalavaramu pimmata Nagfichari sagaih 
miku sagaiii yi-prakaram sasvitamuga uadipistamu nsi.... putra-pautra- 
paramparyantara anubhavinchukoni sukbana vundedi yi-Balareddipalle- 
sthalain reddi-Sakkannaku nutanaraugaui kurpa-chesi-yichchinaram-gavuna 
yinduku raanyam chenu salav ichchinamu sasvatarauga anubhavinchi cheyirichu 

. . . Jvale-Narasiiiiha-svami darma ani vrayinchi yichchina 



On a rock near Kuntliirappa's cave (same hobli). 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1746 Tarana-saiii- 
vatsara-Vaisakha-ba 12 lu siimatu Bagepalle-sthalaiii kammara Garigappa 
Baiamma-kumarudu Kuntlurappagariki yi-sthalaiii redlu karanalu saha vrasi 
yichchina dana-patra-kramam em annanu | yi-Gadidamu-kondalo gavi kattiri- 
china gaviU") Yisvara-pratistha cheyinchi chai-vralutO yiclii vauantaram 

veyinchukoui. . . .koni punya hobali-valitamaina Bagepalle charuvu 

kindauu achchukattu madilo reddivari 

Bagepalli Taluq. 289 


At Pedda-Tumukepalli (same hobli), on a stone near the villag:e entrance. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivrihana-saka-varusbambulu 1455 
aguneti Vijaya-samvatsara-Bbadrapada-su 12 A srimatu srimad-rajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Achyuta-Raya-mabarayalu pritbvi-rajyam 
cheyucbu undagiinu Gadidanaku pratinamamaina Krisbuarayasamudra-agra- 
baram sri-Tiruvengalanathuni divya-sri-cbaranalaku Bharadvaja-gotra Katya- 
yana-siltram Ruku-Yajus-sakhadhyayulaina Chandaram Tipparasayyagari 
kodukulu Kondamarasugaru dandam betti samarppiiichina bhu-dana-patra- 
kramam etlannanu Achyuta-Raya-mabarayalu maku nayaiikatananaku palifi- 
cbina Cheliiri cbavadiki cballe Buradakunta-simaloni Koyikuriki-stiialaiii 
Sadali valitam Gadida-stbalamandali Tumikipalli-gramam ma Pina-Timma- 

Nayavariki punyamuganu (baok) dvadasi-punya-kalamandu Gadi- 

dam sri-Tiruveugalanatbuniki Bbaradvaja-gotram Katyayana-sutra Euku- 
Yajus-sakbadbyayulayina Krisbnapparasuvari gara-kodukulu Kondamarasugaru 
tamma Krisbnappaku punya Tirumalapura 


At Giiliir (Giilur hobli), on a stone near the barber Nanja's house. 

svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varushambulu 1575 aguneti Vijaya- 
samvatsaram Chaitra-su 3 Sukra-lu sriman-maba-nayaukacharyulayina Gumma- 
Nayani Kadirapa-Nayani Vasanta-Nayanigarunu Guyaliiri radi-karanalunnu 
Guyaluri Magala Narapa-Cbinapagariki yicbina sasanain miru acbe apanam 

. .putra-pautra-paramparyantramu sarvamanyaiiganu a-cbandrarkanga 

. . varam ani vesina sasanaiii 


At the same village, on a stone in Donti Narasayya's field west of the village. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbangalu 146G neya 
Krodbi-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 Sukravaradalu sriman-mabarajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Sadasiva-Rayara niriipadinda sriman-maba- 

mandalesvara Rama-Rajayya Deva-maba-arasugalu ge kota sasana 

purva. .namage kanike badigeyanti na..tamage bittu sarvamanyavagi 

sasana (usuai finai phrases). . . . nimage kota sarvamanyada sasana 



290 Bagepalli Taluq. 


At Nallabalammanakunte (same hobli), on a rock called 
Hanumantarayanagundu, north of the village. 
srimad-akbilandakoti-Bralimancla-nayakulaina sri-Parusha-Venkatesvara-svami 
taligba-diimradhana-nityotsavaku paksbotsava-masotsava-arcbaka-stbiti-moda- 
laina kaiiikaryamulakai svasti sri vijayabbjudaya-Salivabana-saka-varsbambu- 
lu 1659 agunaneti Paingala-nama-saiiivatsara-Magba-su 15 lu srimad-yajanadi- 
shat-karma-niratulaina Parasara-gotrulaina Bodbayana-sutrulaina Yajus-sakha- 
dbyayulaina Pahcbaratragama-sastra-praviiuilaina Tiracbauuri Tinivehgalacba- 
ryubivari xjautrulaiua Ranulcbaryula putrulaina Krisbnamacbaryulavariki sri- 
man-maba-nayakacbaryulaiaa Acbyuta-gotra-pavitrulaina Narayana-sutrulaina 
Dhanus-sakbadhyayulaina Gummi-Nayani Timma-Nayanivari pautrulaina 
Kadirappa-Nayani putrulaina Narasiihba-Naya. . . .ru ma-nayaukanku cballe 
Guyaluri-stiialamlo cballe . . Potuladoddi-gramamunu cbelle kadarambba-nir- 
arambba -sakala-suvarnnadayamulunnu praku yi-gramann\i Morutupalle 
cberuvu kinda nadicbe yauimidi-tumula madi gaka nutanamuga yiddumu antu 
pandumuunh yi-gramam sarvamauyamuga nadipincbutu Ramanidurgam midi 
Ranuvavariloktida nisbkarsha-paricbi vrayiiachina sila-sasanaih (usuai finai piuases) 



At Madappagarapalli (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession 

of Vadigi-Reddi Rangappa. 

namas tuiiga-etc. n 

svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varsbambulu 1690 aguneti Virodhi- 

nama-sarhvatsara-Magba-su 5 llu Yitikedurggam taluku jabagirudarudu Yisu- 

mala-sabebulavari Talu- Vumma-sahebalavaru reddi-karaiu"ilu Vadige-Reddi 

Cbannayyaku vrayihcbi yicbcbina dasavanda-sasana-kramam etlannanu ^L\ru- 

gauikuntla-valitamaina majara Madappagaripalle daggara nivu cbetiuuiicbi 

rukalu vecbcbaiu cbesi kunta 1 bavulu 3 saba durastu cbeyihcbinandu ayina 

ayikattu nirarambbam-jaminulo kunta-kinda reddi-karanala yinamatilo paiga 

nilava bliiimi kbahi | yanimidi-tumulintiki cbaturbbagam niadi mani-bbaviki 

turpu mita genime abadu cbesukoni yetiloni madi *~ 2 yidumu-madi niku dasa- 

vandam nisbkarusba cbesi yicbcbinamu gauuka yi-madinni yidi gaka kadaram- 

bbaih-jaminulo redlu-karanalu-vagaira ayigandba yinamati-cbenulu paiga sa- 

rakaru-jamiuulo vCiruvenaka cbeuu saguvali manyanni uirarambbahi ^ 2 yi- 

cbenu saba ni-putra-pautra-paramparyantaram anubbavihcbukoni gramam 

abadu cbesukoni sukkana vundedi ani vrayicbcbi (Uuck) nadasavandamsasanamu 

Sarabbu Peddanna vesina tambra-sasanamu 

BwicpalU Taluq. 291 


At Devikunte (same hobli), 
on a rock to the left of the path to Akkammanadone on Ittig^iraya-durga. 

V A 

Saka-varusa 1328 Veya-sariivatsara-Asvija-su 10 Guruvaradalu Deva-Raya-Vo- 
(leyaru stira-rajyadalu Lakhumannagalu Yitigekoten aluvali Kannari-Devana 
Malapagalu katisida Lakhumannagala bagilu done-sopanake mangala maha sri 


At Itikaldurgga (same hobli), on a rock below Sultan's battery. 

svasti samasta-bhu. .bhuvana. .kararum ekanga- viraruih samasta-tola- 

gucluvaruih chandradityaram kasalaiii msiduvaruiii aakshatra-raaleyam sale 
mudivaruih sidilaih pode-sendu todevarum saptarnnavaiigalan intuvaruih kula- 
parvatahgalam miruvaruih Mariya barada bhavaiii barisiivaruih Javana nittu 

mittuvaih hidivarum vindiya nettiya sodivarum Kulikaragana. . 

behkolvaruiii sakala-lokaika-bhikararum sri-Rudrara sfdcararum appa Nandi 
Nandi-Mahakalapadante Virabhadra-pramukha-praniatha-ganahgalum niattara 
bhakta-jana-pada-sekhararurii puta-bhata. . . .sekhararuih prati-paksha-bheda- 
narurix pratibhe-sampadanarurii vira-bratigalagi bhujahga-bhiishanarii todeda 
jaladhi tam-inajjanakk ilivarurii maravadade danahgalarii toravaruih karula- 
raaleyarii suttuvaruih rana-niva.. .tarfi varuih siraman taridu pujiparuih tola 

bineyaih bhajisuvarurii Kali-yuga-Ravana ya vidravitarum appa 

asaukhyata-ganaugalasri-pada-padmaradhakanuihpunya-Didana-sadhakanuih n 
svasti. . . .sriman-maha-pradhanarii sarvvadhikari maha-pasayitarii paratna- 

visvasi. . . .sri-Lahka vodeya . . . Hiriya-Lahka khyata-bentekaram . . 

patta-sahanadhipat . . Irugona-Deva-karakara Chenna-Sadasiva-devara dibya- 
sri-pada-padmaradhakaru para-bala-sadhakarh paiijara bava aditya-pendeyarii 
Marabo . . . yya bara 


At Maraganakunte (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of 
Krishnamma, wife of Eanabboga Krishnappa. 

namas tuhga-o(o. n Harer lila-etc. n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1675 agunaneti Sri- 
mukha-uaraa-saih | Chaitra-sudha 5 lu sriman-maha-Havati-nada prabhuvulaina 
niaharaja-sri-Chana-Baire-Gavunivari pautrulaina Muddu-Narayanasvamivari 
putrulaina Rahgappayya-Gavunivar ane memu Apastainba-sutruhxina Yajus- 
sakhadhyayulaina Kanva-sa-gotrodbhavulaina Tammannayyagari pautrulaina 
Vehkatapatayyagari putrulaina Chalaraayyagar ane miku vrayinchi yichchina 


292 Bagepalli Taluq. 

Lhu-dana-dharma-sasaaa-kramam etlannami miru bahu-dinamulanunchi mam- 
munu a,srayiiichi anna-stiti chalad ani cheppukuutu vuntiri ganuka ade-praka- 
ranga maku putrotsava-kalamaudu aneka-Brahmanulaku shoclasa-maha-danalu 
chese kalamandu miru jnapakam chesinanduna Vudayahhanuchakravartti-dur- 
gganaku pratinamamaina ma-Yitikidurgganaku challedi kasapa Maruganikuiitla 
valitamaina majara Honnampalle Gopatipeta polamu Anupakunta kinda nir- 
arambham-bhumi yi-polamlo vunde chinta-topu saha ma-divaninaku tisukoui 
nilichina Honuampalle miku sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-ptirvakanga ma-yishta- 
devata-pritiga yichchinaramu ganuka yi-palleku chelle bhumi (boundaries and 
other detaiis) mi-putra-pautra-paramparyaifaga palle anubhavinchukoni sukhana 
undedi n nagiri-karinikamunnu miku nishkarasha-chesi dana-purvakanga 
yichchinaramu ganuka ma-Durggam-taluka athavana-kandacharam bokkasam 
lekkhalu saha vrasukoni nirvailchanaga vundedi ani vrayiiichi yichchina bhii- 
dana-dharma-sasanamu \\ (usuai finai veraes) sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-svami \\ 


At the same villag^e, on a stone in front of the Venkataramanasvami temple. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1461 agu- 
neti Vikari-samvatsara-Kartika-su 12 lu srimatu svasti sri-chaturdasa-bhuva- 
nadhisvara sringara-varannidhi akhilanda-koti-Brahmanda-nayaka deva-devo- 
ttamulayina Maraganikunta Tiruvengalanatha-devuniki sriman - maharajadhi- 
riija raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Achyuta-Deva-maharayalu prithvi- 
rajyam seyachundagiinu Bhandararii Aparasaya-kumaru Timmarasayya-Konda- 
ppayavaru tama nayakatanaku chele Penagondaku tfirppu Guyyaluri-sima- 

lonu Maraganakuntalo gramam chatus-simalonu ayina kaluvalu saha 

na-dvadasi-punya-kalamandu Achyuta-Deva-maharayaluku punyauganu kunta- 
16 Tiruveiigalanatha-devuniki eka-bhoganganu aihrita-padi aragimpulu anga- 
nga-masochavalaku dhara posi yistimi (grant repcated three timee) nidhi-nikshepa- 
..lunnu eka-bhoganganu devuni amrita-padi aragimpalu anga-raiiga-vaibha- 
valakunnu tri-vachanu siddham paricha. . .ganu a-chandrarka-stayiganu 
anubbavin , . mani yichina dharma-sasanam (usuai finai phrases) 


On the jarubande in the field of Haidar-Sabi, vrest of the same temple, 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varshambulu 1514 agu- 
neti Khara-sanivatsaram Magha-su 7 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratapa-sri-Venkata-Deva-maharayalugaru Mandi-Nayani Vasanta-Naya- 
kalu vinnapam sayaganu Sri-Ranga-Rayalavariki punyanganu Hari-punya- 

BagepalU Taluq. 293 

tithi-nadu Pemigonfla Tirumala-Tatacharyyal-ayyavariki Maraganikunta ane 
yi-gramam sarvamanya-agraharaiiganu dhara pasi yichchi veyiiichina sila- 
sasanam (usual final phrases) 


At Vokkavarapalli (same hobli), on a rock south of Gavilagundlu. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1539 aguneti Pingala- 
samvatsararii Bhadrapada-ba 10 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-Ramachandra-Raya-Deva-maharayal -ayavaru pritivi-rajyaih 
seyuch undaganu sriman-maha-Avati-nadu-prabhu Yimmadi-Havali Bayire- 
Gauni-ayyavaru Maraganikuntla Chinnapa-Rediki yichina godagu-vumbali- 
grama-sasana-kraraam etlannanu ma-yelubadiki chele Maraganikuntaku chele 
Godagu-chintapale-gramaih Bayiravuni. .du sahaganu ni-vumbaliganu yinduku 

chele chatu-sima chenu madinni vumbaliganunnu. . . .manya kanganu 

putra-pautra-paramparyahganu a-chandrarka-stayiganu anubhavi yinduku 

chatu (on a Biiie). . .ganu anubhogalunnu anubhavinchagalavildavu (usuai finai 

phrases) ani yichina vumbali-sasanarii sri mangala maha sri jaya 


At Pdtenahalji (same hobli), on a stone near the Chaudesvari temple. 
sri subham astu | namas turiga-eto. n 

sri svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1458 aguneti 
Durmukhi-samvatsara-Ashadha-su 1 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 

sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Achyuta-Deva-maharaya. . jya cheya 

....hganu palle Nanja-Gavunigariki sasuta kanu vija-Vire- 

svara-sri-Bana sriman -mahanayana- 

charyalaina Lakki-Nayaka-Krishnappa-Nayaka. .nga Parichamesvarani gaiichi 
nena sri-Achyuta-Deva-maharayalu 


At Devikunte (same hobli), on a rock on Kuyaralugutta. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambuIu 1694 agu- 
neti Khara-nama-sariivatsara-Asvija-ba 3 lu Vudayabhanudurggarii polimera 
hadu nirnayarii chesinadi vivararii Chintalakuntaku agneya-mula Kolarati- 
guttana paschima-mukhahga vuiide nala-banda surya-chandra-bimbamulu 
vrasinadi pratima-sasanarii akkadinuiichi Chintalakunta kinda rendu vahkalu 
kalasina stalarii modalu chesukoni paschima-guttanu Peddagunta sasanarii yi- 
kuntaku turpuna kattu-kaluva sarahadduna Svayambhu-gunduku sasanam 

294 Bagepalli Taliiq. 

akkaclinunchi vuttaram Cbakkaniguttaku pascliima-bhagana amada-rallaku 
sasanam yi-padamaraku vidikkuna Nallaguutiki sasanamu 


At the same village, 
on a pillar near the north g-ate of the fort on Itigirayanadurgg^a. 

svasti sri Jaya-samvatsarada Sravana-ba 8 Ma Maddikereya Asadada Nagara- 
sara maga Nidugalla karanika Rechappagaja tamma Sovappagala maga Mala- 
panu Yitigakoteli Kanuara-Devana Malappagala senahovan agiddu vira-pari- 
varake dharmav endu madista Maba-Lakshumi-gudi-dipa-male-kambbake 
mangala maba sri sri 


At Gajalapalli belonging: to 
Pichchalavaripalli (same hobli), on a rock on the mound. 

avigbnam astu subbam astu svasti sri vijayahbyudaya- Salivabana-saka- 

varshamhulu 1696 aguneti Vijaya-nama-samvatsara-Jeshta-ba 5 lu sri 

Mu . . ru ravu taluku Vudayagiri Vummari-sahebuhavaru Marugani- 

kuntla Subbi-Reddi Venkatanarasugaru Pichchalareddivaripalle-gramana 
Dui-gam-Papanna Kolakunta Timmi-Reddigariki vrayifichina sila-sasana- 

kramam etlannanu yi-palle .... cbese tiru naiii ka yindu- 

ku dasavanda-manyam kha sasananiki turpu vanka-gaddana 

a-chandrarkanga putra-pautra-paramparyauga anubhavinchu- 

koni sukhana vundedi (usubI finai phrases) pandendu ayagandha oppitamu 


At Pokamakalapalli (same hohli), on a rock near Panchangi-Subbayya's wet land. 

avigbnam astu subham astu || svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka- 
varshambulu 1697 aguneti Manmatha-nama-samvatsara-Asvija-bahula 10 lu 

Ajam-Vummara. .bi killedar kille Vudayabhanudurgam Vusamana- 

Khana suhedar gholini sakbata Srimauta-Raja-sri-Murariji Hindu-Ravu Gbora- 
pade senapati-sahebulavaru kasaha Maraganikuntla-talCiku majara Pokamakala- 

kuntapalle dasari u chakkaraMariyappa vrayichchi yichchina 

dasavanda-sasana. . . .m etlannanu. . . .cballe bbavulu dasavanda 

kavali sahaga. . . .cbcbi manivi chesukontivi ganuka dasavandarii 


Bagepalli Taluq. 295 


At Kondamvaripalli (Billur hobli), on a stone below the tank bund. 

svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Saka-varsLambu 1340* yagu Jaya-samvatsara-Vayisa- 
kha-su 10 lu sriman-mabanayankacharya Valappa Bommi-Nayadunnu Singama- 
Nayadunnu Peda-Chinnama-Nayadunnu yekamugani Kodumadukunnu Bala- 
maddu Kodamaddukunnu yichchina basha-patra-kramara etlannanu Kondama- 

ru gudi chotanu Gahgasamudram cheruvu-gadi-sammaudbaih 

acbchukattu karhsala vadunnu yenta nanu pandommidinni 

rachavariki balunnu yistimi palamulunnu .... vak-oka-palu miga- 

galadi (baok) redu palu rachavariki voka-pala lekbanu ko va- 

ram ayavayalu. .miru viiru dasavandarh madiki na 2 yidumu. . . .madi 

48, 49 

(Samo as Ne. 46 above.) 


At the same village, on two stones near Gosinayanakatte. 

(I) sri-Rama svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1682 
aguneti Vikrama-saihvatsara-Asvija-su 15 lu srinian-maha-nayankacbaryulayina 
Gummi-Nayani Narasimba-Nayanivari Vasanta-Nayanigaru ganakaiii Vehkata- 
paku vrayinchi yichchina chavatu-sasanaih mi-tandri Chinnaua Tummalavari 

karyamlo mritamaya ganuka Chakivela-gra (baok) mamlo chelle Kondamaru- 

pallelo nadiche kadarambha-nirarambha- . . . .la suvarnnadaya. . .lavu yichchi- 
namu ganuka mi-putra-pautra-parampariyantarii a-cbandrarka-stayiga anu- 
bhaviiichukoni ma .... tappaka koluvu koluchukoni sukhana (II) vundedi yinduku 

luvulu Ivoluvu praku-prakararii manyalu (back) piirva-maryada 

. .bedigelu yinduku sakshulu Hari-Haradulu (on the upper portiou of 

the Ist stone) 


At Chakavelu (same hobli), 
on a rock near the tamarind tree below the Brahmanana-kere. 

sri Durmati-saih | Vayisakha-ba 7 lu sriman-maha-nayahkacharyulayina 
Timmi-Nayani Kadirappa-Nayani Narasumha-Nayanayavari karya-kartalayina 
Dalavayi Narasurhhannagaru Vustikayala Bayitataku vrayiiicbi yicbina cha- 

vata-sasana-kramam etlannanu mi-tandri Borravadu chacbipoya-ga- 

nuka vani koluvuganu chenu madi selav ichcliinamu 

mi-putra-pautra-paramparyantam auubhaviiichukoni sukbana vundedi yi- 

*So in the original: but it is quite wrong. 

296 Bagepalli Taliiq. 

koluvuku kanike kotligelu pani leclu sarvamanyaiuuga nadi yinduku 

sakshulu Hari-Hai-adulu 


At the same village, on a pillar in Doddavanke. 
sri Durmati-samvatsara-Vayisaklia-ba 7 lu sriman-maha-nayarikacliaryulayina 
Gummi-Nayani Kadirappa-Nayani-Narasumha-Nayanayyavari karya-karta- 
layina i raja-sri-Dalavayi Narasunihannagaru Vustikayala Bayitataku vrayirichi 
yichchina chavatu-sasanamu mi-tandri ...vari karyamulo chachipoya ganuka 
yitamani madagu (on the other side) na madi ^ 1 Balijapallenu chenu ga }, salav 
ichchinaraniu mi-putra-pautra-parampariyantamu anubhavinchu-koni sukhana 
vundedi yi-koluvuku kanike kodigelu pani ledu sarvamanyamuga nadipincha- 
galaviiramu yinduku stikshulu Hari-Haradulu 


At Buddalavaripalle (same hobli), 
on a rock near Buddala-Ramaraddi's inamati wet land. 

subham astu sri-Rama n svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsham- 
bulu 1682 aguneti Vikrama-samvatsara-Bhadra-su 10 lu || ra |i Vasanta-Naya- 
nivaru Buddula-Timmayaku vrayinchi yichchina chavatu-sasana-kramam 
etlannanu mi-tandri Bali-redi Tummalavari karyamlo mritamaya ganuka 
anduku chavatu. .Buddalavaripalenu gunta kinda yarra chenu ^ 1 tumedu 
Yarramaradikunta kinda madi nianya bhavi madi ^ 1 tumedu sarvamanya- 
muga seluvu yichinamu ganuka rai-putra-pautra-paramparyarii anubhavinchu- 
koni sukhana vundedi sakshulu Hari-Haradulu 


At the same village, on a rock in Ramayya's inamati land. 
sri II Vikrama-sani [ Bhadrapada-su 10 lu sriman-maha-uayarikacharyiilayina 
Gummi-Nayani Narasiriiha-Nayani Vasanta-Nayanigaru Buddula-Timmayaku 

vrayinchina cha (on thc left side) vatu-sa mi-tandri Bala-redi Buddula- 

varipalle cheuu ^ 1 tumedu anubhavinchukoni sukluina vundedi 


At Kottampalli (same hobli), on a stone near Chinnakadari-kunte. 
sri-Rama svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varshambulu 1682 aguneti 
Vikrama-sarii | Karttika-su 10 lu n ra || Vasanta-Nayanigaru Pichchali-Muni- 
ganiki salav ichchina chavatu-sasanamu mi-tandri Ghina-Papaya Tummalavari 
karyariilo mritam aya ganuka anduku katada (back) Kottampalle jonnu-chenu 

BagepalU Taluq. 297 

^ 1 Chinakadirayakuntalonu niadi ^ 1 tumudunu paramparyaiii anubha- 
viiichukoni sukhana vundedi yinduku sakshulu Hari-Haradulu 


At Goddampalli attached to 
Kadarannakote (same hobli), on a rock in Marappa^s inamati field. 

Pramrulicha-saihvatsara-Asvija-ba 10 lu Pulasamudram Yarraya Tummalavari 
karyaihlonu sanipoyaganuka adi-nimityaiigauu Gadampalle Sida. . . .yichina 
nettara-guti-manyam . . ntana-manyalu purvaih . . . 


At becharak Yarragudi (same hobli), on a stone to the north-east. 
svasty aneka-samara-sahghattanopalabdha-jaya-lakshmi-samrdingita-vakshas- 
sthalarii ganda-Trinetra sri-Vaidumaba-maharaja Kiru-dore maryyade age 
prithivi-rajyam geyye Nolambani-mahai-ajara Murumalkivina kalegadule 
mrosavoyara kondeyara pratiganda Navagan toruv-alvon iridade 
gandam marumakkal aniyan aneyahi kudurey andolevin-udi yerid eldett eragive 
kunta vasayadauta n Vaidumbava kaidullan intu kalandu mrosavoyar . .kkale 

maharajar Tummali toruva savva-pariharam gottar ill ide 

baharu n 


At the same village, on a rock near the sunkada-katte. 

(Telugu cUaracters.) 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambuIu 1666 agunaneti Rudhi- 
rodgari-nama-sam | Bhadrapada-su 15 lu srimatu-Gumminayanipalyam-talluku 
Sahana-Papanuagari putralayina dalavayi-Narasimbannagariki svasti samasta- 
nija-samanta-malika-prasasti-sahitulayina Bhimanam. .Pagonda Pedda-Balapu- 
ram China-Balapuram Kondigiri Gudibanda Kaivaram Kolala Puhganiiru Ma- 
dalapalle Gurrariikonda Rachavidu Biraiigi Kottakota Tummala Kadirapana- 
yanipalyam modalayina chatur-dikkula vidilayina chilaru-desariivaru vrayiil- 
chi-yichchina magarii sasanam gavatila sauuka vi-desamvari naudi. . dammadalu- 
. . mami gopatilaku chelladani patinanduku miru desarh pati sabhimanarii 
vuiichi desa pa. . . vompinaru ganuka samasta maua desariivarii santoshaya- 
ta-chitulai yika magarii nirnayarii chesina-vivararia sthala-manyamulaku sara- 
varganaku gone 1 ki ^ 9 vantu yi-sarir gone 1 ki '^ 7 vantu. . .nadipihcha- 
galavaramu (usuai imprecatory phrases) yitaui vrayihchiua magarii sasanarii srir 


298 Bagepalli Tahq. 


At the same village, on a beam of the Gauramma temple. 

(Telugu characters.) 

sri-Rama svasti sii vijayabhyuclaya-Salivahana saka-varushambulu V 1673 aguna- 
neti Prajotpatti-saravatsara-Kartika-suddha \ lu sri-Aiijaneya-svami-devasthanam 
kattiiichinavaru Peddibhatlu Veiikata-jossulu yi-devasthananaku nadiche nian- 
yala vivaramu kanake sunkhaki sasanam kotiiichinamu teliyavalasiiiadi n 


At the same villag^e, on a rock near the gali-done. 

(Telugu oliaracters) 

sri-Rama svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1G84 aguna- 
neti Chitrabhanu-sariivatsara-Asvija-su lOlu sriman-maha-nayinacharyu- 
layina maharaja-sri Gumrai-Nayani Narasiriiha-Nayanivari dharma-hitu-patni- 
ayina Eamakka-ammayagari putnilayina ^'asantappa-Nayanigari menamama 
Yirikula-variisodharakulaina Appannathagari dharma-patni-ayina Kadiramma- 
garbhabdhi-chandrodayalayna Dalavayi Siibbappagaru Kalyanagiriyandu a-chan- 
drarka-stliayiga vundavalen aiii petiiichina Kasi-pani-kumbhi-vaka japasala- 
satram kota kottakamulu 


At Patakote (same hobli), on a rock north of the Hiranya-devasthaua. 

(Telugu charaoters.) 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varushambulu 1547 neti Krodhana- 
saiiivatsara-Kartika-bahuIa-amavasya-kada-Kartika-punya-kalamandu .... 

Prasanna-Nandisvara-svamiki Gumrai-Nayaka Kadirapa-Nayani Nara- 

siiiiha-Naya varu viri talli Kadiramma-ammagaru Balijapalle 

svamiki tajige mudralu a-chandrarka-sthayiga . . . sarvamanya. . . 

ku Sivarpitaiiga yi ma mi.putra-paiamparyyantaraih nadapiiicha- 

galaviiramu ani vrayinchi yichchina sila-sisanarii 


At Bestarahalli (same hobli), copy of a copper insoription.* 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah | 

amnaya-sandarbha-kala-kaviudram Anaiiga-garvapaha-phala-netrarii | 
ardliaiiga-bhag;id avarodhavantam asasmahe'bhishta-pbalaya devarii n I n 
prachina-Viik-sadhaka-pOtri-potam paro-rajo-manasa-padma-hariisarii | 
Mandeliavarindu-hutasa-netrarii vandamahe Varanarajavaktram || 2 n 
*Supplied by the peuple. 

Bagepalli Tahiq. 299 

damshtraraayara yasya tu kaitakagrara dadhati sarvam avanini apurvam | 

sa yesha devas sumamjbhivandyas sanatanah patu patih kitinilm n 3 n 


sasauka-lekliOIlasitalakagraiii | 

Sukadi-sevyam suka-lalayitrim 

vinavatim naumi vaclnVdhidevim n 4 n 

vamsamburaseh kula-tantur Indur Harasya kotira-vatarhsa-ratnam i 

adakshinam chakshur AdhokshajasyavichakshanassampratichakshateyariiH 5 i| 

tasniad udiyaya Budhabhidhauo 

vismapaniya-sva-maha-prabhavah | 

yam bodharupamrita-sindhu-bandhurii 

prachakshate santatam eva santah || 6 || 

tam anvayarii kaschid alamchakara samanvayo bhu-valayasya gopta l 
Pururavali puhkhita-iaga-vritya Pushpeshu-rflpalisva-vasorvasikah n 7 II 
asmad abhiid Ayur iti pratitah pratyarthinam bhupatir arthinam cha i 
sahgrama-bhiimau samakalam eva sampadayamasa mahapadarii yah || 8 II 
ajayatasman Nahushabhidhauo bhuja-balad yo bhuvam abdhi-kaiichirii | 
naradhipair namya-padas sasasa na kevalarfi nakasadarii cha rajyarii n 9 || 
nayatiriktopy ahito. . tasmad Yayati-nama nripatih pratitah j 
dayadhiko danava-sasano va striya sa preme saha Devayanya n 10 II 
chatus-samudradhipates sut6'bhiit tatas chatush-shashti-kala-pravinali | 
namnii, Yaduhk6'pi naradhipendro diiamna prathatita-bhuja-pratapahl|ll|| 
tad-vamsa-muktamanayo babbuvus chaturvidhahgais sahitii mahipah | 
Yad6h pratapahimabhanunasta pratipa-dara-smita-chandrikasit n 12 y 
tesham kule kaschana Bukka-naraa tejo-durapas samabhiin mahipah | 
Magambika tasya babhuva rajrii mediuy-udanvat-tanayadhivinna || 13 || 
tasyabhavat Saugama-namadheyas Sarasvati-gita-bhujapadanah | 
saurye yam ahuh kila Kartaviryam dhairye Himadririi mahasiha siiryarii || 14|| 
Manambika tasya babhuva patni Mahesvarasyeva Mahidhra-kanya | 
Vidarbha-putriya Nalasya VishnorLakshmirivendrasyaPuIomajeva || 15 || 
tenodapadyanta suta mahishyarii tasyarii prasasyakritina nripena | 
panchahita-kshmapati-kuiijaranarii panchananah Panchasarabhiriipah ||16|| 
parivridha-Mara-bhuramana-Mudda-nripah khalu te i 
anagha-guneshu teshu nava-khanda-mahisvaratam 
abhajata purvajas sa [hi] Yudhishthiravan mahasa n 17 li 
s6'yarii vijityakhila-dig-vibhagau 
Sutrama-dhamahga-Kaliuga-pi^irvaih i 
upasyamanah kshitipais cha sarvam 
urvim asat Kuhjarak6na-puryarii || 18 || 


300 BagepalU Taluq. 

kadachid ultirya sa Tungabbadram 

ksliamadhipalo mrigayabhilashat | 

asadya sainyais saha tiram asyas 

tad-dakshinam kananam ikshate sma ]| 19 n 

tasmin vane kanchana sarameyam 

sadanisanaikagra-radagram ugraiii | 

sa Saiigamesabdhi-sasi sasam cha 

visismaye vikshya visam adhisah n 20 n 

kshonipalo Harihara-patis sri-Virupaksha-devam 

Pampa-devi-sahacliaram amurii vikshya bhaktya pranunnah | 

sariivin-murtim mahita-tapasam tasya devalayantar 

Vidyaranyarii yatim abhajata sri-Mahesanam anyarii n 21 n 

pranamya tasyantika-simni bhaktya 

tapomayarii jnaua-kala-nidhanarii | 

vrittantam aty-adbhuta-hetum enaiii 

vijiiapayamasa visesha-vedi n 22 n 

tri-kala-vijnana-nidhir yatindro 

vihasya kiiichit tam uvacha dhirarii | 

rajan maharaja-kulasikarha- 

simeyam atyauta-balaika-miilam n 23 n 

Vidyabhidhanam Alakanavadyam 

atravaninatha puririi vidadhyah | 

puririi nava-dvaravatim upetya 

Purandara-sris sakalarii cha prithviui || 24 u 

vira-sriyo yuddha-samahritaya 

vihara-bhuma. . . .tam upaiti | 

bhuje bhujarigendra-same bibhartu 

bhavan iti kshmapatim adidesa || 25 n 

tada Hariharesvaras sa virachayya tachchhasanarii 

nripasauam upagatah srita-sitatapati'6jvalali | 

vidhaya khalu shodasa-pratinidhini danany aho 

vyarochata visala-simui nagare hi Vidyabhidhe || 26 n 


sariiyute Saka-nripasya vatsare | 


ahni saty-auagha-lagna-tarake n 27 n 

phalabhishekotsavatah purastat 

Pampa-Virupaksha-Mahesvarasya | 

chakre . . Akhandala-vikrama-sris 

sat-patrasad bh&patir agraharan n 28 n 

Bagepalli Talug. 301 

sriEiad-Bharadvaja-kulodbhavaya purogamayakhila-Bahvrichanaih | 
Aslayanam sutram upasritaya samastu-sastra-smriti-paragslya n 29 n 
vedanta-vedyaya dayakaraya nityanna-dane cha vichakshanaya | 
Arekerendraya cha Bhaskaraya sutaya Pampa-Virupaksha-namnah || 30 || 
bhu-dana-yogyaya mahisuraya dvij6ttamayamita-tejase'smai | 
*Ghanasaila-puri-namani rajyake Yakuriti nivriti bhaji | 
Kondakamala-Valluri-simani sri-Tummadamala stala-namni || 31 il 

(here foUow boundaries) 

arama-vapi-sahitarii tatakam a-chandra-tararkam ativa-bhogyarii i 
gramottamarii Yaraguditi namna vikhyatim asritya virajamanarii n 35 || 
Vidyabhidaranya-purani prasastarii purakhyaya nutanayanavadyarh ] 
nidhana-nikshepa-jalopalakshiny-agami-siddhair atha sadhya-yuktaih | 
samanvitaru santatam ashta-bhogaihsasyottararama-tataka-yuktarii n 36 || 
subhodaye rajya-mahabhisheka-kriya-dine Harihara-Raya-bhupatih | 
dadaumudasasya-phalaissamanvitariichirayatasmai sahavaridharaya || 37 n 
samasta-devasura-pujitasya nirasta-loka-traya-netra-dhamnah | 
svayambhuvah pada-saroja-bhringas sri-Sailanathasya Mahesvarasya n 38 il 
pra-Bhaskarena Chchiravarapallirii puja-vidhanaya Sudhariisu-mauleh | 
idam akhila raja-sekhara-madhukara-jhenkara-gita-mahatmyarii | 
srimadd-Hariharendra-nripates sasanam achalaika-parijatasya || 39 II 
tvashtra tachchhasanarii svami-sasanena vinirmitarii l 
sasanacharya-varyena Naga-devena silpina | 40 | 
asyagrahara-varyasya chatus-sima-vinirnayah | 
sarvesharii sukha-bodhaya likhyate desa-bhashaya II 41 II 

(here foUow details of boundaries in Telugu, and uaual final verees) 



At Mittemari (Mittemari hobli), 
on a copper plate in possession of Gantlanna, son of Bommi-reddi. 

(Telugu characters) 

sri-Rama Dhatu-sarii jj Bhadrapada-su 10 lu sriman-maha-nayakacharyulayina 
Gummi-Nayani Narasirfiha-Nayani komara Kadirappa-Nayanigaru Mittemarri 
Mekala-Bommuganiki vrayifichi yichchina dasavnadarii vappa Mittemarri- 
sthalaiiilonu Liiiganu-vadu sithilamayi vundaga niitanarauga vistaramayina 
pani cheyistivi ganuka anduna achchu-telina madi dasavandarii chatur-bhagaih 
salav ichchinamu ni-putra-pautra-paramparyanga anubhavinchukoni sukhana 
vundedi kavali bodigelu hortu 

* So in the original. Versea are numbered as per original cop;. 

302 Bagepalli Taluq. 


At the same villag^e, on a stone near the village gate. 
sri-Narasimhaya namah sri jayabyiidaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambu 1455 
aguneti Vijeya-samvatsara Asvija-ba 7 lu svasti sri chaturbhuvanadhisvar- 
uudayina sriiigara-varamnidhi akhilaiula-koti-brahmanda-nayakuuclayina deva- 
devottamundayina sri-Karali-Narasihva-de. . . Timmarasayyavaru ma uayanka- 

tananukucliele. . ru-rajyaml6ai piirvana chele gramala akhilamaiii unda- 

ganu 1 svasti sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyu- 

ta-Raya-maharaya Pallekunte-grama ache sthalamlo. . . .a-gramfi- 

lu gramalakuunu kaluvalu maharayala gauu i-gramalo 

. . .punyaiiga. . . devuniki samarpistimi (rest effaced) 


At the same village on a 
copper plate in possession of Virabhadrayya, brother of Nanjundappa. 

Virodhikritu-sarnvatsara- Jeshtha-ba 10 llu Gummi-Nayani Kadurappa- 
Nayani Narasimha-Nayanigaru Kuntluri Bhairavesvara-svami archikadu 
Muddayakku vrayiiichi yichchina tamra-sasanaih Bagepalli-stalana yi-devu- 
niki nadache manyamulakku chala badu yichche kanku bedigelakku aru- 
vela ranpa mato devasthanamlo raanvi chesiri ganaka mauniiichi sarva-manya- 
muga salav ichchinaram yindakku yavvaru achchedinchina meme tappina yi 
devuni talige prasadaiialo visham bettina papana boduru yindakku Hari- 
Haradulu sakshilu 


At Palyakere (Chelflr hobli), 
on copper plates in the possession of Archaka Kodanda-Ramachar. 

(la) sri-Raraa i svasti sri- vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varshambulu 1607 
aguneti Raktakshi-samvatsara Karttika-su 12 punya-kalamandu srimad-akhilau- 
dakoti-brahmanda-nayakulaina purana - purushottaraulaiua Chitiganapalle sri- 
Jauardana-svarai-divya-sri-pada-padmambulaku sriman-maha-nayakacharyula- 
yina Gu(76)mmi-Nayani Kadirappa-Nayani Peda-Vasanta-Nayanigaru samarpin- 
china nitya-kaiiikarya-bhu-dana-dharma-sasana-kramam etlannanu Palecheruvu 
Kondukkonda Cheluru CheiTchalipattu gramala pola-merla-cheluvim gatinchi- 
valayava mana sasanamulu epinchi mi-pada-padmambulaku samarpiiiistimi 
ganuka mi polaiiilo viseshiiichi palle cheruvulu (Hrt) kuntalu bavulu nirminchu- 
koni nitya-kaiiikarya. .-chchulu mahotsavamulu avadhariiichi veiichesi vundedi 
sarva-manyamuganu nadepinchagalavaru itani saraarpiiichina bhu-dana- 
dharma-sasanam nalugu-stalalavariki karinikalu pani ledu (usuai fimu verses) 

Bagepalli Tahig. 303 


At the same village, 
on a stone lying in front of the Venkataramana-svami temple. 

Saliviihana-saka-vanishambu 1538 aguneti Nala-sariivatsara Phalguna-su 15 lu 
sriniad-rajaclhirrija raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Rama- Deva-maha- 
rayahvyyavaru prithvi. . . . cheyachuiulaganu sriman-maha-nayakacharyyalaina 
sriraanu . . . Gummi-Nayani Kadirappa-Nayani Krishnappa-Nayani. .ya kariya- 

kartalaina Chakivela garu chepifichina dharraa-sasanarii Tirumalapuri- 

clieruvu agraharaih ciieyaga. . .tahalo. . . .Channaraya-sri-Tiruvengala. . .gari 

modalaina devata-manyala. . . .bijavari . . .kuntalu nyaiiga miku chepi- 

stimi. . .lanuvi 


At Nimmakayaiapalli (same hobli)) on the Appana-kunte rock, west of the village. 

Kilaka-saiiivatsara Maga-.sudda 10 Va Saraiiga-Deva-Raniyara maga Lakhappa- 
rahuttagaru yi-cheru kattiiichiri yi-charuvuku peru Lakhasamudramu ani 
peru petiri yi perana biluvanivaru (imprecatory phrases) 


At Venkatapura (same hobli), on a virakal in Bfldidigudda south of the village. 

svasti sri Pallava-maraja prithivi-rajyarii geye Chentalapallina ureki Devin- 
narama .... Ciientakapulla Nachikara. . . .chi sattu bir. . . 


At Hosihiidya (same hobli), on a rock near the Kottakunte wasteweir. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah | svasti sri jayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusham- 
hulu ? 1G42 aguneti Vikari-saiiivatsararh Chaitra-su 10 lu Krishnasagararir 
charuvukinda kapulu Gumminayakapalyamlo Samba . . . ya yichchina . . . 
cheruvulo tota gutta ^ 10 ga U . . . . katikarii mattalo . . .subharii raaiigalam 
(sojth side). . . tota padibalu cheruvu 


At the same village, on a rock near the north sluice of Gudibaadeya Gavakuny. 

(Granlha and Tamil eharaoters.) 

Sellura-Garigaden magan Ka. .liden Kasava-p magan ma- 

gan Marasirigan Marasirigalame. . . .tti itta. .mandalilca. .ncli-devan(y)adiyan 
iiia..rigana kattina eri kil devadanam pattu-kkulagam ittai alippan Gerigai- 
karaiyil kural-pasuvai kuttina pavattil paduvar 

304 Bagepalli Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoterB.) 

Kasava-p. . . .yan maga Marasingan Somaiyya kuta. .kii Kam- 

banu oru kalani. . 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaotere.) 

nar kayya . . sa . . ta ppadiu rukuragiyattil . . ppa . . . 

Ppai.idi magan Gamga-devan 




At Munganahalli (^Munganahalli hobli), on Yendavalu-bande. 
sri Rania svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivaliaua-saka-varushambulu 1697 agu- 
naneti Manmatha-samvatsara Vaisakha-su 12 lu sriman-maha-nayaukacharyu- 
laina Kottapalyaiii Venkatapa-Nayini Rangappa-Nayinivaru Raiiga-Nayini dala- 
vayi Appa-Nayjdu Muhganipalli-karanam Narayanappa Narasappa Jonuagadla- 
NagaHiia Pabiki-Narayana Mugili-Dasauna Kesarla-Annaya Gopalu-raddivari- 
Madappa Timme-Timmayya Ketta-Cliinnayya Puhganuri-Gummaya Garige- 
Bayyana Jalannagaram.-Bayyana Katipalli-Sihganna Bora-Muranna Kuruba- 
Malaya Timma-Gudanna Yera-Chinnaya china-Kama-raddi Kamanna Runa- 
bira-gaudu Chokkanani-Bayyana Padiraddi-Apaya Machiraddi-Ramayya moda- 
laiuavariki vrayihch ichina cbaruvula dasavanda sila-sasana-kramamu-etlan- 
nanu ma-nayahkana. . . i Muhgauapalli-daggara nutanauga kotta-cheruvu Ara- 
kunta-pani nutanahga chayinchinaru ganuka kalechana adyantamu yenta- 
muditi ...nagariki randu-palu dasavandanaku pala-vagati vubhayahi mudu- 
pala-prakaram mi-ma-putra-pautra-paramparyantararii a-chaudrarka-stayiga 
nadapagalavaram ani vrayinchina sila-sasanamu yinduku sakshi surya-chan- 
dradulu yi-prakaramunaku vubhayatralalo yavaru tappina ma-yilu-velpu- 
Khadra-Nrisimha-svami-padaravindamulaku tappinatlu Kondayagari Timma- 
palleya Kadiripati karta 


At the same village, 
on a stone at Kononatette on the boundary of the Mysore State. 

Silagatadinda yellege Krishnaraja-haridari 9 Muhganipalliku topuku polimaru 
Gurraihkonda-taluku Buchapalli sarahada gadiki Krodana-nama sam | 
Bliadrapada ba 5 


At the same village, below the tank bund. 

(Grantha and Taniil oharaclers.) 

svasti sri Bhujabala-vira-Narayana-kKo ku da. . . . laga- 

nara-devar pramaua padi na mar- 

ko ta. .ma yil ttamamana. . . . va, . . . 

ta. . . .ttai. . . . var pa. .adu mana. .nu. .ra. . .Mutturil Tamman-eriyum ad- 

306 Chintamani Taltiq. 

ark-adaitta nanjai puujai nar-pa. . . .laiyum ga-kalani pattu-kkujagam 

ningiy-ulla nilam adangalum cUiamraa-danam aga Mudalijar Aijyar. .Alagai- 
Sellappillai-nayan ullittar padiaoru-i^erukku pannirandarai-ppaiig-aga udakam- 
panni chaudraditya-va. .sella-kkuduttom i-ddhammattukku lamghanam-ninai- 
ttar narakat. . . . vilakkadavar. . . .palana nat pala 


At Bodigundlahalli (same hobli), on Yendapalu-bande, east of the village. 
sri-llama Nandana-sariivatsara-Sravana-su 2 lu sriman-maha-nayankacharyya- 
layina Kotapalem Veiikatapa-Nayani Rangapa-Nayinigaru Kondamarla Yerra- 
paku vrayiiichi yichinadi nitya ma-saiusthanaiii nimittam kashtapadi nir- 
vakaiii chaisinavu ganaka Bodigundapalle yinamuga selavichinaram ganuka ma- 
mi-putra-pautra-paramparyantaraih anubhavinchukoni sukhana vundavalaui 
vrayinchina-sasanamu sthana-manyalu purvam-maryada . . . sri-Krishnappa-Na- 
yinivari vappitamu 


At the same place, on a rock uear Patradone at tbe sauthern foot. 

(Grautha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Irattap;\di-konda Sola-maiidalattu Melai-Marajapadi Koygaikurai-na- 
ttu Madamaiigalattukku kaniyalan Koiigiraiyan Soma-devan ana Kulottuiiga- 
Sola-Madamaiigalam-udaiyan i-kkalum i. . . . rai kottai kand-irundan 


At the same place, near Kaluvalu-done in the west. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Irattapadi-konda Sola-mandalattu Melai-Marajapadi Koygaikkurai- 

nattu Madamangalattukku kani-udaiya Koiigiraiyan ana Vi gamundan 

vansattil Vima-devan ana Kulottuiiga-Sola-Madamaiigalam-udaiyan i-kkalum 
i-mmalaiyir-kottai pangandu maligai-eduttu irundau 


At the 5ame place, near Nettaru-done. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Irattapadi-konda Sola-mandalattu Kalavara-nattu kaniyalan Koiigi- 
raiyan Kalavara-nad-alvan virudama. . . .ndarkolan Melai-Marajapadi-kKoygai- 

kkurai-uattu Madamaiigalattukku virudakaran raja . . Vaidumba- 

gamundan enru tiru-namamum Madamaiigalaii-ganiyum pidikkum vi- 

Chintamani Tahiq. 307 

rudu ellara pidikkavum ippadi ellatn nir-vartu-ppe . . .rrudaiyana Madamanga- 

lattukku-kkilniyalana. . . . -kKongiraiyan Vaidumba-gamundan irundau ia 

kan Aita .... gamunda gamun . . . magan Arumoli-gamundan 

gan Vikkirama-Sola-gamundanum.v-eri-kandu tumbu .... vittan ivan 

magau Gangaikonda-Sola-Madamangalam-udaiyan Pu. .daiy-eri-kandu tumbu 
iduvittu pu..dai kandan ivan magan Gengaikonda-Sola-Madamaugalani-udai- 
yan Putteri-kandu tumbu iduvittan ivan raagan . . madevan ana Kulottunga- 

Sola-Madamangalam-udaiyan tan peral Vimakatt-enru kattuvittu tumbu 

.vittu....ta teriyum Navaleriyun-gandu tCimbu iduvittu Vimanerikku 

edir-kal. .ndu i-mmalai. .1 kottaiyun-diru-kkoyilun-gandu tirttamum idukku v. 

. . . .du ivaiy-ellam tannale kai edutti. .ndan Vimadevan ana Ku- 



Near the same done at the lower part. 

(Gtrantha and Tamil cbaraoters.) 

svasti sri Irattapadi-konda Sola-Mandalattu Melai-Marajapadi Koygaikkurai- 
nattu Madamangalam Ma-Bima-gamundan vansattil Vimadevan ana Kulottun- 

ga-Sola-Madamaugalam-udaiyan . ... i-mma dai pangandu ma 

kku i Vimadevan aua kKulottunga-sola-Madamanga 


At N^garajahosahalli (same hobli), on Yendapalu-bande. 

subham astu sri-Kirikota . . . . loniki. . . .Pramoduta-samvatsara nayan- 

kacharya Voba-Nayini Rama-Nayinivari Krishnappa Rajupalli 

yichina Kodikallu-simaloui. . . .a-chandrarka-stayi pritiganu Raghupati-sanni- 
dhanalo (usuai imprecatory phrases) maiia sri sri sri 


At Kcduffallu (same hobli), on a rock behind the Narasiihha temple in ruins. 
subham astu Vibhava-samvatsara-Magha-su 15 sriman-maba-mandalesvara 

rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa- Raya-maharaya . . . .sri- 

man-maha-pradhana Ranapanna-danaya .... nim sriman-maha-mandalesvara 
misara-ganda Kathari-Saluva. . . maharajulunuu Peddaya-Deva- maharajula 
bala..daya deva-masalu. .ma-nayakaku. .milo mmaku chi. . .Kodagallu-gra- 
mamu tat-samvastara-Kartika-su 1 a-. . . . Kadiri-Narasimha-devaraku suryya- 
grahana-punya-kalaiiilo Gupa-rajukunnu Peddayaku raabarajulukunnu tama 

• • .punyamu a-chandrarka-stha sarva-svamyavalunnu sa (usuai 

finai verse) Auumanapalli Mavukeranu 


308 Chintamani Taluq. 


At Mavukere (same hobli), on Tokabande to the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti srimat-SadasivMisa. .guru-va. . . .ntanmaka aviclihinna-suddha-Saiva 

svara-Chola-Pandya kula-gurukkal anasrimat-Rajakkal- 

nayanarku svasti sri bala-vira-Narayana Koykaikurii-nattu ma..likan 

samataral . . . nana . . sanu Madamangala-pparril Mava . . 

yum Marasakasavan-palliyum aga urin nsey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyum. . . 

nikki sarvamaniya rarku. .Mada kudutten Irajakkal 

samanyoyam dharma-setu nripanam kale kale palaniyo bhavatbhih sarvan 
otan bhavinah parthivendran bhuyo bhuyO yachate Ramabhadrah n 


At Bodampalli (same hobli), on a rook near the Burronakunte wrasteweir. 

sri-Rama svasti sii vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-variishambulu 1668 aguneti 
rrabhava-sariavatsara-Chaitra-ba 10 lu sriman-maha-Avati-nada-prabhu-Venka- 
ta-Narayanapa-gavunivari karya-kartalayina Sindunimalla-Hanimi-Nayani K6- 
nama-Nayauigaru karanam Ramadasu Tole-Sitaya Chaunaya Timmadasari Ye- 
dula-Murenna Timma Timmaya gurarii-BayannaTimme-GudenaBoda-Murenna 
ma-komarudu chinna-Appe-Nayidu Tora-Bayiragaduyi-mudalaguvariki vrayiiichi 
yichchina-charuvu dasavanda sila-sasana-kramam etlennanu ma-nayani Kona- 
kuntali Bodampale-stalariilo peda-charuvu kanya kalasi vundaga yi-dinarii 
mundari . . . melararii pani cheyiiichunani mi-vasana yichchina nirnayaiii ga 
100 nuraki praku madilo vuttamarii nadania Bommaraja kha J madi nutanari- 
ga achchutire madi sari-palu dasavandaiii nadapagalavaramu Vibhava-sariivat- 
sara-Karttika-su 5 lu charu-gandi poyinanduna pani-cheyichchina niruayamu ga 
50 varahaluku praku madilo bo kha a madi vubhaya Bomma kha | padiyai u . . mu 
niadi dasavandarii mi-ma-putra-pautra-parampariyantarii a-chandrarka-stayiga 
nadapagalavaram ani vrayinchi yichchina sila-sasanamu yiuduku sakshulu 
surya-chaudradulu yinduku (usuai finai phrases) stana-many;\lu purva-mariyada 
Animi-Nayani Appe-Nayanigaru Manmatha-sariivatsara-Ashadha-su 3 lu Muii- 
ganipalle karanamu Narayanapagariki ma-pedala kadaram . . . tuganu . . 
. . . madi manyarii yichchinaram-ganuga putra-pautra-parampariyantarii na- 
dapagalavaramu pallu 10 ki vivaramu chinna-Ape-Nayini palu 1 Ramadasu- 
palu 1 Sitaya Channaya pa 1 Timmadasuri munna pa 1 Tinima Timmaya palu 1 
Boda-Maranna pa 1 gurram-Murrenna pa 2 Gerigagudina palu 1 tota-bayani 
pa 1 

GJiintamani Taluq. 309 


At the same village, on a stone fixed into the asvattha-jagati-katte in front. 

(Grantha aiul Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Bhujabala-vira-Narayana-kKoygaikkuru-nattu mandalikan ana Deva- 
ndi-chchiyanena Sakabtam 1214 Kaliyuga-varisham 4393 idan mei;-chellanin- 

ra Nantana-varushattu Ani-mada. .n-ti. .di palli malai-mel udaiyar Mu- 

ttisvaram-udaiya-nayanarkku tanapatiy-ana Sadasiva-devarku ivv-ur pulattil 
Siva-purattu eri-kilil pallam eri-katti ivv-eri nir paynda nilam adaiigalum 
chandraditta-varai mada-ppuram aga udaka-purvam aga dharma-danam-aga- 
kkuduttom sri samanyoyam dharma-setu nripanam kale kale palaniyo bhavat- 
bhih sarvan etan bhavinah parthiventran bhuyo bhuyo yachate . .Ramabhadrah | 

yacheha. .tu v6 raja . . bhavina svaran palaniya dvija-kshetra 

danat sreyonupalanam n akki vaitten arattin porul idanal idanai-kkada.lurru- 

kkadam-pundavan tal-irandum talai etti vaitten awor-kalatt-ularumm 

adaikkalame sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundhara shashti-varsba- 
sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih inta dharmattukku alivu-seydavan Gemgai- 
kkaraiyil kavilai-ppasuvai ffjeydavan pukka narakam-pugakkadavan. . 


At the same village, in Palimarukayya's field. 

(Orantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Bhujabala-vira-Narayana-kKoygaikkuru-nattu mandalikan ana 
Raghava-devarena Bharadvaja-gotrattu-chChellappillaikku Mutta- 

kkan eriyil mudal mba. .maduvedi nrum aga. . . .dina 

1-aga mu-kkandagamum ur-arugu kadi irandal kollai kandagamum dhamma- 

danam-aga-kkuduttom sri Mahesvara _. kural-pasu- 

vai-kkonra papatti.l pugakadavan yacheha .v6 raja bhavina 

svaran palaniya dvija-kshetram danat sreyenupalanam su-dattam para- 

dattam va yo vasundha. .sashtharvarsha-sahasra. .vishtayam jayate. . . . 


At Gundigere (Irugampalli hobli), 
on a stone lying near the outlet of the Palukunte tank. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

91 se.laninra Vikriti-samvatsa. .ttu Katigai-masa til 

maha-janamgalukku Se..samudram ana Vira-Narayana-chchaturvedi-manga- 
lat. . .kk-adaitta nanjai punjai nar-pal-ellaikkullu udaga-purvaka 

310 Chintamani Taliiq. 

. . . .samanyoyam dhamma-setu nripaiiam kale kale palaniyo bhavatbbih 
sarvan etau bhavinah parthivendranbhCiyo bhuyo yachate Ramabhadrah suukam 
. . . .kai ma. .m epperpatta. . . .m sarvama 


At the same village, on a stone 
lying near the ruined Isvara temple to the south of the old fort. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri vira-Naraya rkkanda gaikkuru ndalika. . . 

. . . .vanena tsaram nru me ga dharma- 

daua vi . . . . n i sellak yachaiham raja bha 

vesva yad vi 


At Yagavakote [same hobli), on a rock in front of the Viranarayana temple. 

subham astu Plavanga-saravatsara Chaitra-su sriman-raaha-nayanka- 
charyalayina Mukonda Kadiri-Vobali-Nayaniki Kadarepa-Nayanigaru tania.. 
yalu bata-rajyam prajelu yichina-dharma-sasanam Mukonda . . . valana 

rokha-danyalu tisukonani. . chadi niti tappu. . sagalavararii yimara. . . . 

kara nadichevaru laba yichinavaru yiduku sakshyalu saudya chandra. . 

. . . .bhavisi. .konda bapparu 


At the same viUage, on a stone on the bund of Setti-kunte, 

subham astu | srimatu-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1400 aguueti Vilarabi- 
sarhvatsara Ashada-su 11 Gu Narapa-Nayani-China-Laki-Nayanigaru Mukonda 
Tiruvehgadanathani ariiritapadiki a-chandrarka-stayiganu Setikonda samar- 


Copy of a sasana from Mindagal-jodidar. 
namas tuhga-etc n 

Harer lila-Varahasya dariishtra-dandas sa patu vah i 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dbatri chhatra-sriyarii dadhau || 1 || 
kalyanayastu tad-dliama pratyuha-timirapaharii i 
yad-gaj6'py Agajodbhutarii Harinapi cha pujyate n 2 n 
asti Sripatina devair mathyamanau maharabudheh i 

Chintamani Taluq. 311 

navanitam ivodbhutas cbandras sarva-tamopahah n 3 n 

tasyasit tanayas tapobhir atulair anvartha-nama, Budhab | 

punyair asya Fururava bhuja-balad Ayur dvishfuii nighnatah n 4 n 

tasyasin Nahushas sut6'sya tanayah khyato Yayatir nripah i 

jatas tasya tu Turvasur Vasu-nibhas srt- Devayani-pateh n 5 || 

tad-vamse Devakijanir didipe Timma-bhupatih | 

manavendresbu sarveshu Yadoh Krishna ivabhavat n 6 || 

tat6'sya devyoh Kausalya-Sumitra-nibhayor bhrisarh | 

abhutam Timma-bhujanes tasmat Paiitirathad iva n 7 n 

virau vinayinau Rama-Lakshmanav iva nandanau | 

bhratarau sri-Nrisimhendra-Krishna-Raya-mahipati n 8 || 

Ranga-kshitindrachyuta-Deva-Rayau raksha-dhurinav iva Rama-Krishnau i 

Ramambikayarii Narasa-kshitindrad ubhav abhutam uragendra-sarau || 9 || 

viras sri-Narasiriihas sa Vijayanagare ratna-siuihasanasthah 

kirtya nitya nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahushan apy avanyarii dhurinah i 

a-Setor a-Sumeror avanisura-nutas chaivam a chodayadrer 

madhye yad-rajyam etat kshitisura-vibudhais stuyamanas sasasa n 10 || 

nana-danany akarshit Kanaka-sadasi yah sri-Virupaksha-deva- 

sthane sri-Kalahastisitur api nagare Venkatadrau cha Kaiichyirii | 

Srisaile Sonasaile mahati Harihare'h6bale Sarigame cha 

Srirarige Kumbhakone maUati cha sa-Maha-Nanditirthe pavitre n 11 n 

Gokarne Rama-setau jagati tad-itareshv apy asesheshu punya- 

kshetresbv arabdha-nana-vidha-bahula-maha-dana-vari-pravahaih | 



svarna-kshniarii yo hiranyasva-ratham api Tulapurusharii go-sahasrarii 

hemasvaui hema-garbharii kanaka-kari-ratham paricha-langaly atanit || 

prajyara prasasya nirvighnarii rajyarii dyam iva sasitum | 

tasmin gunini vikhyate kshitindre cha divarii gate || 13 || 

tat6'py avarya-virya-sri-Krishna-Raya-khitisvarah | 

a-trasam a-guna-bhrariisarii mauli-ratnarii mahibhujarii n 14 || 

sarasad udabhut tasman Narasavanipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kam6 Devaki-nandanad iva || 15 n 

vividha-sukritoddame Ramesvara-pramukhe muhur 

mudita-hridaya-sthane sthane vyadhatta yathavidhi | 

budha-parivrito nana-danani y6 bhuvi sh6dasa 

tri-bhuvana-jan6dgitarii spliitarii yasah punaruktayan || 16 n 

Kaverim asu badhva bahula-jala-rayarii yo vilarighyaiva satrurii 

jivagraharii grihitva samiti bhuja-balat tarii cha rajyarii tadiyarii | 

* Two Unes are gooe here ; aad verses are numbered as in the original. 

312 Chintamani Taluq. 

kritva Sriranga-purvaiii tad api nija-vase pattanam yo tabhase 

kirti-stambham nikhaya tri-bhuvana-sujana-stuyamanapadanah n 17 n 

. .Cholam cha Pandyam tad api cha Madhura-vallabham mana-bhiisham 

sauryodagramTurushkamGajapati-nripatiriipanchajitvatad-anyau || 18 n * 

a-Ganga-tira-Lankantam sriyaih Krishna-mahipatih | 

bibharti raani-keyura-nirvisesham mahiiii bhuje || 19 n 

kirtya yasya samantatah prasritaya visvam ruchaikyam vrajed 

ity asaiikya pura Purarir abhavat Phalekshanah prayasah | 

Padmaksh6'pi chatur-bhuj6'jani chatur-vaktr6'bhavat Padmabhuh 

Kali khadgam adhad Rama cha kamalam vinam cha Vaui kare n 20 || 

satriinam vasara ete dadata iti rusha kin nu saptaraburasin 

nana-sena-turanga-trutita-vasudhara-dhulika-palikabhih | 

sams6shya svairam etat pratinidhi-jaladhi-srenikarh yo vidhatte 

Brahmanda-svarna-Meru-prHmukha-nija-maha-dana-t6yair ameyaih || 21 n 

stutyaudaryas sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratua-simhasanasthah 

kshmapalan Krishna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikritya nitya Nrigadin | 

a^purvadrer athastachalam avadhi-dhara-rakshane daksha-sauryad 

a-Setor arthi-sartha-sriyam iha bahulikritya kirtya babhase n 22 n 

kritavati-sura-16kaih Krishiia-Raye nitantam 

tadanu tad-anujanma punya-karmachyutendrah | 

akhilam avani-lokaiii palayan raja-nitya 

vilasati Hari-cheta vidvad-ishta-pradata || 23 n 

ambhodhis sa nipiyamana-salil6'gastyena pit6jjhitas 

tapt6 Raghava-sayakagni-sikhaya santaijyamanas sada | 

antasthair Badava-mukhanala-sikha-santapa-sushk6 dhrivarii 

yad-danambu-ghanambudhir virachitah piirnas samujjrinibhate n 24 n 

samajani narapalas satya-dharma-pruvishto 

Vijayanagara-raja ratna-simhasanasthah | 

Nriga-Nala-Nahushadiu nichayan raja-nitya 

nirupama-bhuja-viryaudarya-bhur Achyutendrah n 25 || 

oshadhipaty-upamayita-gandas toshana-rupa-jitasamakandah | 

bhashege tappuva rayara gaiidal) p6sliana-nirbhara-bhii-nava-kliandah || 26 | 

rajadhiraja-birudo Rajaraja-samunnatah | 

Svaraja-rajamana-sri raja-sri-paramesvarah n 27 n 

muru-rayara gandahko Meni-langhya-yas6-bharah | 

saranagata-mandarah para-raya-bhayankarah || 28 || 

karadikrita-bhupalah para-dara-sahodarah ] 

Hiudu-Raya-Suratrano Yadu-vamsa-sikhamanih || 29 || 

gajaugha-gandabherund6 Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih | 

* Two lines aru gone bere ; and verses are numbered as in the criginal. 

Chintaniani Taluq. 313 

vardhamana-vadanya-srir ardhanari-natesvarah n 30 n 
ity-adi-birudair vandi-tatya nityam abhishtutah | 
Kambhoja-Bhoja-Kalinga-Karahat^ldi-parthivaih |i 31 ii 
sovidalla-padam praptaih sandarsita-nripapathah j 
s6'yani niti-visaradas surataru-spardhalu-visrananah 
sarvorvisa-nutah sadacbyuta-raaharayah ksbama-nayakah n 32 || 
*b&,hadrindu-gajagni-yukta-ganitebhikhy§ Sake bhu | 
Salivabanake mauoliara-sadacharaika-sevye bbuvi n 
saila-bana-samndrendu-vatsare Saka-ganyake | 
Jaya-saiiivatsare masi Sravane pauriiami-dine n 33 jj 
Tungabhadra-nadi-tire sarva-papa-hare vare | 
somoparaga-samaye Vithalesvara-sannidbau || 34 | 
Haritanvaya-pathodhi-harinankatisayine | 
yajanadi-su-sbat-karma-nirataya mabatmane || 35 || 
vihitasesba-vedanta-pratishthacbarya-maulaye j 
vikbyatobhaya-vedantacbaryaya subha-dhimate || 36 n 
Sribhasbya-veda-siddhanta-cbinta-sarasa-cbetase | 
Dripendra-makuti-ratna-nirajita-nijaiighraye n 37 || 
nirnita-nikhilartliaya nigamagama-vedine | 
niti-sastra-viseshartha-nirajoUasa-bhauave || 38 jj 
nityanna-dana-santushta-nikbihi-dvija-samsade | 
Nalikanabbi-padabja-keli-bharita-chetase || 39 || 
Sesbaya-uara-veshaya Bali-sasana-miirtaye | 
Sribhatta-Chikkayacharya-vipaschid-anujanmane || 40 ij 
srimate Peddayacharya-sindbu-sitala-bhanave | 
Chikkayacharya-varyaya chintaratnaya dhimatarii ii41 || 
gramasya sima-maryada likliyate desa-namabhih j 
Penagonda-maharajye Kolala-pura-simani n 42 || 
Anigallu-sthale jatarii sila-sasana-sariiyutarii | 
Kantyarllapallikayas cha prachirii disam upasritaiii n 43 || 
Gutturor agni-dig-bhage Yaglupallyas cha daksbine | 
Yirugampallyas cba Nairrityarii disi simantam asritarii n 44 ji 
Miigalamarriti-vikhyata-desa-simanta-sariisthitaria | 
sva-desa-madbya-vabinyah Papaghnyah pascbime tate \\ 45 n 
Digavapalliti vikbyatarii puram ity aparajitarii ] 
Mindagallv iti vikbyataria sila-sasana-sariiyutarii || 46 || 
sarva-manyarii chatus-sima-sariiyutam cha samantatah ] 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitarii || 47 n 
akshinagami-sariiyuktani eka-bhogyarii sa-bhurubarii | 

*So in the copy, 


314 Chintammi Tahiq. 

vapt-kupa-tatakais cha lasacl-gramais cha sariijutam n 48 n 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyaiii kraniad a-chandra-tarakarii | 
danadhi-vikrayanam cha yogyam vinimayochitarii n 49 || 
Gumma-Nayaka-sariisthana-siriiha-pithadhivasina | 
Krishna-Nayaka-ratnena sahitasya mahatmanah n 50 n 
Papalivyakari-variisa-paravara-sudhanidheh | 
Tarigondapuri-rajye jaya-samrajya-salinah n 51 n 
sat-kirti-piiritajanda-bhandasyakbanda-chetasah | 
Rama-Nayaka-bbujaner vijfiaptim auupalayan n 52 n 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih purohita-purogamaih | 
vividbair vibudhais srotra-pathikair adhikair gira n 53 n 
sadachyuta-maharayo mananiyo manasvinarii | 
sa-hirany6daka-dbaranu-purvakari\ dattavan muda n 54 n 
sarasa-sad-Achyuta-Raya-kshitipati-varyasya-kirti-dburyasya | 
sasana. . . .-sarasanam idam Dasaratber amita-modamana-mateh n 55 n 
mridu-padam iti tamra-sasanartharii sahitam athachyuta-Raya-lasanena | 
abhanad anugunarii vacho-mahimna sarasatarena patih Svayambhuh i| 56 | 
tadachyuta-maharaya-sasanad Viranatmajah | 
tvashta sri-Viranacharyo vyalikbach cha sila-tale n 57 || 
(usual final Terses) 


At Diguvapalli, attached to the 
same village, on a stone to the west of the Somesvara temple. 

svasti sri-Saka-varisha 970 neya Sarbbajitu-sariivatsaradal srimat-Vira-Pandi- 
yana taleyurii Seramana Saleyurii konda Kov-Irajakesaripadmarana Udeyar 
sri-Rajadbiraja-devargge yandu muvattaneya srimat-dandanayakarii Appimayyan 
appa orkkettu-ganda ganda-Narayana Cholana singha Rajeudra-Chola-Brahma- 
marayar Marajavadi-elu-sasiravan alutta Valliira-bidiual sukha-saiighata- 
vinodadirii ahittire Muruganamaleya Muddarasara maga Bairayyan appa Ra- 
jendra-Chola-Pompala-marayara Koyyakore-nada JSIindugallal Paliavakatt eudu 
hosa-kereya kattisi tubau ikkisi bhumiyarii tildi Somesvara-devara degulava 
alivarii sodisi soteyan ikkisal Appimayyanappa Rajendra-Chola-Brahma-mara- 
yar i-yura Somesvara-devargge Pallavagattina tumbiua modalal Cholana-sirigarii 
kolagadal kandugarh galdeyurh badagana Pompalakattendu kereyarii katti 
tfimban ikkisi a-kereyal ai-golagam galdeyurii nanda-divigege i-yiira ganam 
ondurii bbatarige pattu-kolagaiir galdeyuvam Somesvara-devargge arasar damraa- 
dattiyage bittar i-dammavan alidavar kavileyurii Banarasiyuvau alida papakke 

Chintamani Taluq. 315 


On a stone under a tamarind tree to the north of the same temple. 
svasti srt i-yurin odeya Rajendra-Chola-Pompala-marayar saggaye dadivar-ala 
Chelva-ganda. . taleyaiii kadiyisi satta ivange kodage kanduga salvudu 


At Chinnappareddipalli bechirak (same hobli), on a stone near DSvirappa's tope, 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambalu 1468 veyinui nanut-aru- 
vai-yenimid ayina Parabhava-saihvatsara-Vayisaka-ba 3 Budavarani srimatu 
nayakacharya Kadarini Nambaya-Nayinivaru Jayarajapu . . . karana-Govin- 
dayaku yichina (rest niegibie) 


At Nekkundi (Chintamani hobli), on the basement of the Som^svara temple. 
svasti Saka-nripa-Kairitita-samvatsara-satangal entu-uura elpatta aydaneya 
Rakshasa-sarhvatsaram pravarttise uttarayanada saiikrantiyandu gamunda S6- 
mi-devabhogigalgu nichcha-nivedyakkam sodarggarii Irugasamudradol ay-gandu- 
gam kalani deva-bhogaluih devargg ellarii muranteyuih sodarurh eradu-poltuih 
sauka. . . geyda kasiyan uttu tri-pundaman ittu pannirandu gidduge gottu 
stitigalol pujegattuvom eradu-parvvadolaih pattam gattideve yandu panamarii 
kerege hararii gottar arasara tereyarii bittu parihararii gottudu ivarggarii 
puyyal-saluman ikkavu kere vittigeyda i-mereyarii sale geyyadevag ondu 
panarii dandam diruvar i-mereyaiii dandavaih Baranasiyan alidaih parivesarii 
bittaih devarolg a-bittiyarii geydaih mangalarii 


At the same village, on a virakal at Dimbala-gadde. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-pritivi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilaka srimat-Nolambadhiraja pritivi-rajyam geye Kundayyam 

Nekkundi-nadale Kongereya. . . .gavundana maga Kovareya gole palarau 

iridu svarggalaya pokkan avange arasa. . . .umbhali kottandu aygola kala- 

ni. . (usual final plirases) 


At Hiranyapalli (same hobli), on RSgade-bande to the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Nalerkkandan Vira-Ragava tti konda Periyannapalli nanjai 

punjai nar-pal-ellaiyum Bimesuram-udaiyarkku vittem 


316 Chintamani Taluq. 


At the sams place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil cliaraoters.) 

unnadam padam uuyatyai bbutyai bhfiya. .mam padam . paksha jatadi . . stava 
sri. .bhavane sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundhara sashti-varusha- 
sahasrani vishtayan-jayate krimi || svasti .sri Kaliyuga-varusham uala. . .ttu- 

munnurru - tonniiru idii na Sakabdam ayiratt-irunurr - orupa . tonru 

idan mer-chellaninra Virodi-varushattu Kanni-nayarru apara- pakshattu 
Saptamiyum Budau-kilamaiyum perra R6. .ni ua. svasti srimanu -maha- 
maudalisvara . . bhujabala-vira-Narayana Aiy . . n-aukakkaran Koygaikkuru- 
nattu-mandalikan Nalerkkandan Iragava-devanena Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu- 
kKaivarattu udaiyar Bhimisvaram-udaiya-nayanarkku . . . kku nanr-aga Naler- 
kkaiidan sandiy-aga pujai-sevvadaga iraiy-iliy-aga udaka-purvam-aga udakam- 
pauni kudutta tiravadu nan Tanda-nattil Ambadakkiyil . . .ngan-pperumalau 
Tiruchchirrambala-iiala-nayan Brahmarayarudan yuddham-panni jaya..tile 
Vik . .varusham Nala. . ttai-kkondu andu varudi Muruusevalai-parrum vanapu 
. . . .tara vira-Ramana. .devane. . . .seyvar Naya. . .rrnui Ambadakki-parrum 
kuduttu irayasamun-da . . nda . . nam ippadi nam andu varugura urgalil Peri- 
yannapalli naiijey putijai nar-pal-eliaiyum menokkina maramun-ginokkina 
kinarum idukku adaitta periy-eriyil munbu selluii-galaui padinaiii-gaiidaga- 
mum chandraditta-varai sella udakam-paniu kudutten ippatlikku sasanamum 
nattu kudutten ittai marrinavan Gaiugai-kkaraiyile paiicha-iuaha-padakanga- 
lum paiini tan taykku tane. .mai.ialagakiiadavan sri-Mahesvarar rakshai 


At Fluvadi (same hobli), on the eastern wall of the Gopinatha temple. 

(ist Btone) subliam astu svasti sri jayabda-Saka-varusha *1351 neya Sarvajitu- 
saihvatsarada Kartika-su 1 lu sriman - maharajadhiraja raja - paramesvara 
purva-paschima-uttara-daksluiaa-chatus-samudradhisvara sri-vira-pratajja Deva- 
Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajyaiii maduttiralu Muluvaya-chavadeya Manneya 
sriman-maha-nayankacharyara Magodeya Siiigaya-Nayakara makkalu Vobayya- 
Nayakaru Huleyahala Gopiaatha-devara amritapadige namma nayakatanakke 
saluva (2nd stone) Gondauahaljiya kaluvali-Vobasamudravanu a-stanika Maud- 
galya-gotrada Akaiikaniyara maga Kadarinatharige nada-gauda Timmanna 
Katipaya Marachayanavaru muntagi a-chandrarka-stayiyagi dhara-piirvvaka- 

vagi kottevagi (usual finnl phrnses) 

* So in the original: SarTajita= 1329; 1351 = Saumya. 

Chintamani Tahiq. 317 


On the northern wall. 
Sobhakntu-saiiivatsarada Margasira-sii 5 lu srimatu-Gopinatha-devarige V6- 
baya-Nayakaru madida-damma-seve devarige archana-vittiyagi Kadarioatage 
namma Kakattiya simeya stala Nekundeya chatus-simeya gadde a-badagana 
hola 1 kha 1| nanda-dipakko Malikunteya teiikana-kodiya Siugeya-Nayakara 
banada vottina ha..nauu kotteu sante-aya niotte-yanue masati bitteu namma 

haligaua deva-golagavanu salsuveu devarige u-dotakke Sabbume-Nayakara 

tamraa gadeya-teiikana Amara-Dasana totavanu koteii 


At the same village, on the mukhasara of Range-Gauda's stone-mantapa. 
sri-Rajagopala-svami Salivahana-sakabdah 1735 aguneti Srimukha-samvatsara 
Vaisakha-ba 6 Sukravaradalu Gubbi Subedarru Bore-Gavudaravara dharma 


At Kurubliru (same hobli), on a stone in the inam field 
of the Somesvara temple, south-east of tank-bund. 
svasti Saka-nripa -kalatita-sambatsara-satangal * entu-nura-ay vatta-miiraneya 
Raudriy-emba-sambatsaram pravarttisuttire n svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha- 
sabda Pallavauvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha Pallava- kula-tilaka srimat-Bira- 
Nolambadhirajar sukhanuragadim dushta-niggraha-visishta-paripalanam geydu 
prithivi-rajyam geyyuttire Kanvayana-gottra, Komaramangalam-odeya Naga- 
mayyana magaiii Kannayyanurii Sankarayyanum Kurumbura mahajanarh 
nur-enbarggam padinaydu-gadyana ponna kottar nittya-stiti ondu-parivadi 
Kurumbura gutteyol ar ildodam chandradittyarkkal ullinam salvud ar ittor 
iduv idakke sakshi nara-sasanam niir-enbare ivarggala ubhaya-sammatade 
baredoiii kabbada Nagamayya i-dharmmaman alido Varanasiyan alidom 


At the same place. 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabdarii Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilaka srimat-Bira-Nolambadhirajar sukanuragadirii dushta-nig- 
graha-visishta-paripalanam geydu prithivi-rajyarii geyyuttire Saka-nripa- 
kalatita-sambatsara-satangal *entu-niira ayvatta-ratiraneya Raudriy emba 
sambatsara pravarttise Marggasira-raasada sukla-pakshada tadigeyu Briha- 
spativararaum Revati-nakshattramum age Komaramangalam-odeya Naga- 

*So in the original: Saka 853 expired= Khara ; Eaudri = 883. 

318 CJiintamani Taliiq. 

mayyana magarh Chandayyanurii Siriyannanum Kurumbura mabajana nur-en- 
bargge ponna kottar nicbcha-stiti ondu-parivacliyam chandradityarkkal uUi- 
nam nadayisuvor iduvidarkke saksbi nara-sasanam nur-enbare ivarggala ubbaya- 
sammata baredo Nagamayya (baok) idan alidom Varanasiyan alidom n sri 


At the same village, on the basement of the Basavesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1218 senra ual sarubhuna-chcbakravartti Hosala-sri-vira- 
Visvana-Devarku yandu 3 avadu Dummuki-varusbattu Tai-raadam patta 
Mukkana Kaduvetti Pallavadittan Kurumbiir Kitarasar magan Sipati-nayan- 
ena Vijayamadisvaram-uclaiyarku ivv-ur kil-palli ana Kattigaipalli deva-danam- 
aga vitten Sipati-nayanena santiraditta-varai sellakkadavadu idukku langa- 
nam-pesinarkku-ppanninar Gangai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvin Brabmahattiyil 


At the same village, on a stone lying in front of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kurumburil Vijayamadisvaram-uclaiyarku Mudaliyar sri-Narasiiiga- 
Poysala-Brahmadhirajar arulichcheyalpadi perkkacli Ilaiyan eluttu i-dbarma- 

ttaiy-irakkinan Gangai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai konra pavattil povar 

Ivar magan Set. .devarum vitta devadauan-gollai panniru-kandagam ivv-uril 
kaniyalar Siva-Brahmanar Nediyalvarum Nambiya .rundalvarum ivargal 
vasam vitten perkacli I .setti-deva. . .ippadikku ariven Kurumbiir mandalikan- 
ena peruma Irugal va niyanena 


At the same temple, on a stone lying below the honge tree to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

sri Purva-desamum Garigaiyum Kaclaramuri-gonda K6-pParakesarippammar 

ana udaiyar Rajentra-Sola-Devarku yanclu 1 1 avadu Kurumbur 

gamundan. . .kanaril 


At Anfir (same hobli), on the sluice of the tank. 
svasti sri Aneiira Kritagurasara magaiii Prasurasara madisida tiimbu n 

Cliintamani Taluq. 319 


At the same village, on a stone south of the Somesvara temple. 
svasti Saka - nripa - kalatita - saiiivatsara - satangal entu-nura - el pa-muraneya 
* Virodhiy-emba sambatsara-pravarttisuttire svasti samadhigata-paiiclia-maha- 
sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallabha Pallava-Rama palarode gandan eka- 
vakya srimad-Iriva-Nolambadhiraja dushta-nigraham visishta-paripalanam 
geydu prithivi-rajyam gayuttire Rajamayyana maga Bhimayya Bhimesvarakke 
deva-bhoga Nolambanu Tiruvayyanu AneuroJ kotta deva-bhoga kanduga 
galdeyu padirkolatii palu chandradityarkal ullinarii salvodag ittor i-dharmman 
aHdo kavileyurii Varanasiyan alidom ida baredo Gonachittara Kandayya 


At the same village, on a stone in Vajara Subba Raya'8 fleld, north of the village. 
svasti sii Aneiira Kandayya aytara Java Pallavol-ganda Pallavaditya Iriva- 
Nolambarii bhage ay-gola kalani pannasu bitto Bijaitamaiigalada aynum. .chari 
besageyda . . . 


At the same village, in front of the Isvara temple. 

(Grantha aod Tarail cbaracters.) 

svasti sri Devagamba-vara-prasada sri-Kanchipura-paramesvara Mukkana- 
Kaduvetti munru-loka-gandan Pallavaraditya Pallava-kula-tilaka Pallava- 
bharaua Pallava-Nulamba Amattiyarasar Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Nerkundi- 
nattu Anaiyur Sola. . svaram-udaya Mahadevarku vadakkil tumbil kalani aru- 
kandaga-kkalaniyum iv-eriyil devar tiru-munbil kollai mu-kkandagamum. .sri 

Narasiuga-Poysala-pura. . .tiram aga yagavum tiru. . . ttina 

Siva-Brahmanan Kasyapa-gottira Marunti-battarku i-nnayana.kum devadana- 
mum kaniy-aga sandiraditya-varai vitten Amattiyarasar inda tarmmattai 
seluttadavan Gamkaiy-idai Kumariy-idai kural-pasuvai-kkonra pavattile povan 
idukku sri-Mahesvarar irakshai 


In the honge tope on the way to Doddapura (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-andu nalayirattu-naniirru-enbattu 5 yidil senra Kaliyuga- 
varusham ayirattu-nanurru 85 Isura-varushattu Arpasi-madam 20 ti sri- 
vira-Bhalala-Devan prituvi-rajya(ya)m-seyum kalam Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu 
Kaiyivara-nattii Anaiyur-purattil ttar magan Virapammanan 

*So in the original: but it ahonld be Virodhilirit. 

320 Chintamani Talnq. 

li stala aclarattu settaduku srimanu-maha-prathana Dati SirigeA'a-dannayakkar 
tambiyar Valappa-dannayakkar . . toluickum chcliayam-agavum srimanu-ma- 
prasa. .ttan Mat. .te. pa. .denayakkarum svasti. . . .vara-nattu-pPeriya-natta- 

va ppam Varada-Pemmi-setti. . .m maga ttanum Kettai-gamunrla- 

num Tirumasimarach rika-gamundar ullitta ellorum Maga. . 

. .mavakuttan magan Virapamanan kai .tta. . . .m. . . .tayava. .ra selakkada- 

vadu yi-ttanma n Kerigai-kkaraiyil pasuvai konra pavattil povan tan 

takku tane mindan chchuva dannayakkar eluttu Kaiyvara- 

nattu Periyana var eluttu 


At Alamgiri (same hobli), on the northern wall 
of the Ammanavara temple in the yard of the Vehkataramanasvami temple. 

sri-Tiruverigalanatha-svilmiya padave gati svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana- 
saka- varsharigalu IGOTneya Krodhana-samvatsarada Pushya-bahula 5 lu 
sriman-mahaiajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa akhilanda-koti- 
Brahmanda-nayaka sri-purana-purushottama sri- Verikatesvara-svamiya sri- 
pada-padmaradhakarada Bhosala-vamsa Samboji-Iiajara putrarada Malukoji- 
Rajaruda raja-sri-Sivaji-Raja-maharajara alavikeyalu Hosa. .lu-chavadige saluva 
yelu-nada-volagana-Kolala-simege saluva Kaivara-sthala-virajita chetrapati- 
Sivaji-maharajadhiraja sri-Malukoji-Rajarige mirasiyagi kotta Kaivarada sthalake 
saluva-Avalambagiriya - gramavanu Tiruverigalanatha - svami .... sarvamanya- 
vagi samarpisidevu ratha-mahotsavake nadava nirnayagalu dhvajarohana-dina 
vondu ga 2 Garudotsava. . .yaradu seveya ko 2 . . . stlialad-aseslia-setti setipa. . . 
tamage saluva-manya sarvamanyavagi anubhavisikondu mutuvali mutisi nimma 
kaiyinda maduvadu dhvajarohaua arambba pushpa yaga pariyanta. . .salege. . . 
Avalambagirige saluva Kondadarahalli-grama sarvamanyavagi anubhavisikon- 

du Yerakalaveya . . .mutisi madabeku hamsaro kote. . . .Nagaiijuru-Veri- 

katadri-modahida entu . . .kaiyinda mutuvali mutti madalulavaru 

Alambagirige saluva mutidaru Mudikere-sthalada Yerappa-Nayakaru Kai- 

varada. . . .lavaru mutidaru vi.nadavaru madalula. . .idakke aru tappida- 

rii sri-Verikatesvara-svamiya talige-prasadake vishav ikkida papake lioharu 


At the same village, on a wall of the Vehkataramanasvami temple. 

(Nagari charaotera.) 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabliyudayaSalivahana-saka-varsharigalu 145.5 neya 
Vijaya-sariivatsarada Asvija-suddha dvadasiyalu sriman-raaharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-riijyam geyyutt 
iralu Sani-Padumappa-Nayakara kumara Chinnappa-Nayakaru Nayakaru 

Chintamani Taluq. 321 

Vasulada Ramarasara maga Naiijapparasu Sametada Timmappa-Nayakaru . . , 

kotta valiya Tiruvengalanatha-devara sthanada sthalada 

naya . . . . kotta dharma-sasanada kraraav entendare varige salluva 

yalleya olagaiia Kolalada-simeyalulla rada Salahalli Aiavalliyalu 

Sumantaliajli Tiruvengalanatha-devara sthanada sthalada kelagada 

keyanu prathama kalada navu nimage niadida yala 

sthaladolage varusa ondake salu 


At the same place. 

(Nagart oharactera.) 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- varsha 1447 neya 

Svabhanu-samvatsarada Magha-ba halliyali 

sasana ka vada Kola sasana . . gramangala Tiru- 

veiigalanatha-devarige ko hala punya-kaladalu sriman-maha- 

rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva-rayara ganda 

ba-Rama devara Koyalakkiya kotta chatus- 

simeya vanu gramake saluva hola. . . .dakshina-paschima- 

samudradhipati bhashege tappuva-rayara ganda sri pratapa 

sri-Krishiia-Deva-maharayarige pariyavagi simeyolagada 

. . . .gramake saluva-gadde kere-kunte-sahi srimad-Adi-Narayanasya 

akhiianda-koti-brahmanda- nayakasya nimma .... kereyanu 

kelikondalli a-kereya chatus-sinieyolagada-Channasamudra Chan- 

nasamudrada kerege saluva ha. . . kere vondu Tiruvengalanathasya 

naivedya vagi naivedyadi-sevartiiarii sriman- maharajadhiraja sri- 

Krishna-Raya bekendu. . . .kereyolage gadde-klianduga kathe- 

kaluve Halambagereya Tiruveiigala Timmapa-Nayakaru 

samarpisi. . .(soutu aide) hola-khanduga a-Channasamudradakereyakelagegadde- 

khanduga dina-ondakk-ondu harivauadavarige Dodda-Chinnapa- 

Nayakaru Kausika-Visvamitra-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus-sakheya 

Sivagura-svamigali. . . . mahalli-graraadalu hu. . .rige vagi namma Dodda- 

Chinnapa-Nayakarigu Timmapa-Nayakarigu dharmav agabekendu . . .kage salu- 

vadu. .kham hattu .... khanduga ondu dikkinalli kham 

hattu-khanduga-hola khanduga-gadde olagana nidhi-uikshepa-jala-pashaiia- 

akshini-a,gami-siddha-sadbyagalemba-ashta-bh6ga-tejas-svamya Timmappa- 

Nayakara kumara Chinnapa-Nayakaru Kausika-Visvamitra-gotrada Apastamba- 

sutrada Yajus-sakheya bhattara maga. . .nalu. . .mandi gavu. . . .bara- 

du-kotta . .gramadim mudalagi. . . .galige nivu anubhavisikondu sri- 

devara puje madikondu kotta Alambagiriya Tiruveiigalauatha- 

devara vartanada muntadavarig aganya-punya-dharma-sasaua (usuai finai verses) 


322 Chintmnani Tnhiq. 


On the west wall of the same. 

(Nagar! characters.) 

subham astu svasti srl jayabhj^udaya-Srilivabana-saka-varshaugalu 

1449 neya-Sarvajitu-samvatsarada Asbada-suddha-padyadalusriuian-maha- 

rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Krishna-Raya-maharayaru chavadige 

saluva-Yelu-nad-olagana Kojala-simey-olagana makkalum natha 

vara bhandara kelalagi variya sarvamanyada agrahara- 

dalu .... Dasapaya gereya .... padige nodeya .... srima vodadu 

. . . .llavagi stri koudukondu Karttika-masada diparadhanege 

svarai-bbaudarake Bangahalli ge amritapadi. . . .naivedyake Rania. . 

sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-piirvakavagi Tiruveiigalanatha-devara 

bhandarakke a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi kothevagi nimma amrita- 

padi naivedyake. . . .nadeyalu vodambattu kotta-bhii-dana-dharma-s;\sana 

ninua raha Singayyana baraha Timmayyana baraha 

niangaja maha sri (usuai Snai versee) 


At the same place. 

(Sagari characters.) 

naniah svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varuslia 1473 ne 

Virodhikritu-sariivatsarada Chaitra-su 12 .gada Chika-Mariya- 

Nayakara kumara Avubhala-Nayakaru Halambagiriya Tiruvengalanatha-deva- 

rige kotta janakke yarasagalu Nayaka. . . .Halambagiriya 

Tiruvengalanathana madhyahnada avasarakke . . 4.J honnanu a-chandra- 
rka-sthayiyagi Tiruniala-devara sri-karyakke muntada bhogada 

(usual final phraees niid \erses) 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characterg.) 

subham astu svasti sri-vijayabhyuda. .Salivahana-Saka-varsha savirada nauura 
aivatana. NandaNandana-saiuvatsarada prathama Bhadrapada-Krishnashtami- 
yalu siimau-maharajadhirtlja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa sri. . Achyuta- 
Devaraya-maharayaru prithivi-rtijyam-gaiyyuttam iralu ava .palanayinda. . 

. .rppa tamma ru Gautama-gotrada na- 

sastri ri-bhattara maga archaka Timma-bhattarige kotta bhii- 

dana-dhamma-sasana-kramav-ent-endare . . naina svtxmi Achyuta-Devarayara ka 

roga . . .sarva Gokuia-Ashtami-punya-kaladalu Alam- 

bagiriya Tiruvenga devara sanadhiyali racha ge saluva 

Chintamani Taluq. 323 

. . . .r-olagana. . . .ralada simayolu gam rasa. . . .da Halambagiriya. . . . 

Timma-bhattara. Gautama-gutrada. . . .svasti ya . . . .Geri 

archaga Timraa-bhattarige sa-hiranyodaka-daiia-dhara-purvakav-rtgi Go- 

kula-Ashtami-punya-kaladalu make saluva chatu-simai. . . .lag- 

ada. .nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana akshini agjimi siddha-sadhyamgal emba 

ashta-bhoga-teja-svamya nayakara kuma Timniapa-nayakaru 

Gotama-gotrada nada-sutrada Yajus-sakha. . . .Geri-bhattara raaga 

archchaka Timraa-bhattarige kada Aiambhagiriya Tim. . 

ra. . . . kottev-agi nivu nimma putra-pautra-parampa. yyav-agi a chan- 

drarka-sthayi gi salalulja dana-palanayor madliye danat 

sreyonupalanam danat svarggam avapnoti palanad-achchyutam padam sva- 
dattam para-dattara va yo hareta vasundharam shashtir varsha-sahasrani 
vishtayam jayate krimih ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhu-bhujam na 
bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara aho Raghava-rrijendra sapta- 

kalpanujivyaham na .srinomi na pasyami svayam dattapaharinam 

sakala nam 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil ohaiaoters) 

srimau - maha- mandalesvara Tribhu .... malla ta 

sala ri rva tamage punyav-agale gana. . . .ggu 

gala grama Alambagiriya Tiruveuga. . .natha-deva 

ppa gi Alambagiri Tiru natha-devarige a-chandrarka-stha. . . .gi 

saluva kotta bhu-dana-dhammam 


At Hosahalji (same hobli), in the Arjuna temple. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varusha 1440 neya 
Pramathi-saiiivatsarada. . .lOIu sriman-raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-vira-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru . . . . rajyaiii geyiuttirea-Krishna- 

Raya Hosuru-simevajagana laya-gramavanu Bochana- 

Nayakaru sri- vira Deva vasa . . jaiigama . . . .paya palisida 

dharma-sasana (usuai finoi phrascs) 


At bechirak Kongatimmanahalli (same hobli), on a rock 

south of the Venkatappana-kunte. 

sri-Raraa ii Venkatesvarauni padame gati Sarvari-samvatsara-Cheyitra-su 5 lu 

srimatu-rajaraanya-raja-sri Sakunoji-Raja sri-Manoji-pandita . . . . naiig atan 

324 CMntamani Taluq. 

asayinchinavaru . . . paramparya-putra-pautralu , . yitalu . stala-Sanganna nada- 
pagalavaram ani. . vinchina-dharma-sasanarii 


At the same village, on Kothari-bande to the north-west. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Dushtaraditya Raja-Narayana-Brahmadirajan rajyan-jeyaninra sel. . 

Murungaimalai-naya(naya)nar sri-Mallikkarchunam-udaiya-nayanarkku 

deva-danam Mallikkarchuna-setti ponn-ara ittu-kkondu vittan it-dhamma 

. .van Va go papa 


At bechirak Vadigenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Patel's inam land. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshaiigalu 1496 neya Bhava-sarii- 
vatsarada Magha-ba 30 lu Kaveri-hole-sannidhiyalu srimad-rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara purva-paschima -dakshinottara-chatus-samudradhisvara sri-vira- 
pratapa sri-vira-Sri-Ranga-Riiya-maharayaru prithvi-sambrajyam gaivuttiralu 
chaturtha-gotrada Sugutura Devapa-Gaudara pautrarada Tamappa-Gaudara 

putrarada Tamma-Gaudarayyanavaru trarada talavara 

lagana halige saluva 


At the same village, on the sluice of the fiachchavarahalli Nagalakere tank. 
srimatu-Kalayukadda-sarirvatsarada-Vaisaka-su 15 Mangalavara Hariyappa- 
Odeyaru rajya aluva-kaladali Kakattiya Bembarasara (bask) Yara-Nayannanu 
Rayasamudrake tubanu yikkisidaru Kakattiya Agati Bhairojana maga 
Nadojanu mara-kabuna-kelasake vittikararu yivaru tuba madidaru yivarige 5 
gola gadde manya saluhudu 


At Dodda Nanjflr (same hobli). 

(Grnntha and Tamil charaoterB.) 

va madu mala na. . . .urimaiyil 

mana kal senru tisaitorum ven-Gali niiiga ra 

talaippa-kKaliugam iriya-kKadalmalai gattu valaiigola uli nadatti... 

. . . ma . . . . m oru-kudai nilarra vira-simhasanattu Mukkokkilanadigalodiim 
virrirunt-aruliya K6-pParakesari-panmar fi,na tiribhuvana-sakkiravattigal sri- 
Vikkiraraa-Sola-Devarku yandu pannirandavadu Nigari-Sola-mandalattu . . , . 
..kuni-nattu nattu-kkamundar Ponnambalakkuttan ana Garigaikonda-Sola- 
Brahma-niarayan magan Yirugan ana Garigai 

Chintamani Taluq. 325 


At the same village, in the bed of the tank. 

(GrRnth» and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sarvari-varushattu Purattadi-madam 6 ntiyadi srimanu-mahS,- 
mandalesura hariraya-vibhada bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara ganda §ri-vira- 
Bukkanua-udaiyar prithuvi-rajyam-pannaninra kalattu svasti srimanu-maha- 
samantadipati Sipati-uayakkar kumarar Sonneya-nayakkarum svasti srimatu 
Ambadakki-nattu nattu-nayagafi-jeyivar Papa-chchiyar Sokki-siyar Ketti-siyar 
M. . . .yanan Kannuvan ullitta nattavarum Ku..turai Vaiyi. . .siyar magan 
Sanandaikku sasanam-panni-kkudutta pa. .savadu Ambadakkikku. .dakku. . . • 
nandaipallikku-tter Puiiganguttaikkum adaitta nar-park-eilaiyum Sanandaikku 
kudangai-aga sarva-maniyam-aga-kkuduttom ivv-eri chandradetar-varai sella- 
kkadavadu nattavar oppam Settesuram-udaiyar nayakkar oppam Allalanadan 
nattu-kkanakku Nilappar eluttu 


At the same tank, near the old outlet. 

(Qrantha and Tamil ofaaracters.) 

Sarvari-samvatsara(ra)ttu Parattasi-madam 6 ntiyadi srimanu-maha-mandale- 
sura hariraya-vibhada bhashaikku tappuva rayara ganda sri-vlra-Bukkanna- 
udaiyavar pirutivi-rajiyam-pannaninra kalattu svasti srimanu-maha-samantadi- 
pati Sipati-nakkar kumarar Sonnaiya-nayakkarum Amdakki-nattu nayagaii- 
jeyvar Pappi-siyar Sokki-siyar Ketti 


At Jagatanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in R4machandraya's vret land. 
svasti sri Pandamayya Alattalli ullandu sa.muraja Semba-DSvanvavayara 
maganum Mirari toru kolu sattan baredan Kajacharin 


At the same village, in l8vara's field to the north-east. 

(Grantba aud Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Vikkirama-Sola-Deva. . . .yaudu munravadu ana rukkum 

va- virakan kko tu ku 

na yu van a. .yan Nattu-Muttaraiyan vettai-poy panriyu. . 

. . padukku kal-niruttinan Nattu-Muttaraiya 

326 Chintamani Taltiq. 


At Katariguppe (same hobli), 
on a stone lying: under a bfirja tree near the Anjaneya temple. 
svasti sri Kali-yuga-gatabda 4514 Salivahana-sakabtla 1335 neya Vijaya-sarii- 
vatsarada Sravana-ba 8 Robini-nakshatra kiidida Budhavara punya-kaladalu 
sriman-maha-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Harihara-Rayara kumara 
Deva-Raya-maharayaru pritbivi - rajyain geyuttiralu sriman-maha-muvaru- 
rayara-ganda Balavankada Aiikiya-Nayakara kumara Timaya-Nayakaru Vadigi- 
baliya Rama-devarige aiiga-ranga-bbogakke (baok) namage saluva Ambattakki- 
nadinolagana Kattarikuppeya chatus-simege uUanta gadde beddalu-ane- 
acbchukattu-nidhi-niksbepa-jala- pashana-akshini - agami-siddha-sadhya-ashta- 
bhoga-tejas-samya-sabitavagi hiranyodaka-dbara- purvvakavagi Kattariku- 
ppeyanu tri-vacba kotteii (usuai finai versesand piuases) maiigaja maha sri sri sri 


At Bhagatarahajji (sarae hobli), on a stone north-west of the Venkatesvara teraple. 
subbam' astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-varushaiigalu 1497 
neya Yuva-sariivatsarada Magha-ba 10 lu n sriman-maha-rajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara .sri-vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaru ratna-siriihasanarudbaragi 
pnthvi-rajyara geyivuttarii yiralu Atre-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus-sakheya 
Vodigehajliya senabbova Hiriyannarasara makkalu Keraparasayyage vaya. . . . 
Lakkodeyara karyake kartarada Haridevayarige kotta. . . (rest inegitie) 


At Uparapete (same hobli). 

(Orantba and Tainil characters.) 

svasti sri ten aruii-jen-Gamala-madu punarun-dolan kau arum Vindai-magan 
kasalan am pu-nadum vand-ariya-tTamaraiyon tan marabil vand-uditta 
gaudan Kavundalliya-gottiratton en-disaiyum sali-vayal-pugundu sanba-piin- 

jolaitorum palimani sindippan torigiyiila tu-chcheyyarku . . . .pulakki- 

chcheri-gamala-ppoygai-puguri-Gaiyvara-nadan miguu-garrae poyyada Garigai- 
yilun-duya piran gandar-vallavan am arigai-mugil-amudan tan pudalva. . . . 
rigalukku madar maraiyon Manu-neri i-mmanilattin tadadayar valarkkun- 

danna nji rakkirama na . . . rudi ku . . . . tamarai- 

l'pu ,la Duttaradittan durkkula-nakulan Setti-devan n rafid-aru- 

matt-ulavu-nagaiT-juraandida iialam-elan-danigalu kan Piramadi-rayan 

migav-ogaiyodu raadaviye mullai varukkai magala sandaname cbiita-vaname 

Chintamani Taluq. 327 

ta punnai potl-alanim solai vayaltorun-jurumb-inaiigal pan-pada velaiyadu 
polum Vidirachchettil al-ilai-mer-palli-konda Malum Padumattonuii-gana 
Vellimalai-nadan miga virumlta vollu-tirukkarrajiyu muga-mandapamu-rau. . . 
. . . .ru-ppera-chcheyd-uli pala vala-pperukkuii-Jaka-varusham ayiratt-orunfirr- 

onru raiga nallavadu Vikari pugalum Idaba-nayajTu-ppir-pakkara pon 

. . .tidam ana titigai tiru . . . .la miirttam pannuga ligai pasa-ttiru 

magalum unnu-kamalav-enav-ugappa-ppau-maraiyor padattii; ti. . . ve. . 

. . . .lum virriruppa madavargal Settichcharam-enru si ttu-ttisaikkum 

elil-vilakk-ay-chcbittar tola mannum valaii-jurappa raa-maraigal tan-dalaippa 
vinnu-malai-poliya ven-Gali poy enniya sir-araruii-Gausi. . . .n Rajaraja-bhattan 
vallaippuman sir-ar-Siva. . . .raiyon tanakku nir ara-ppaniyile varttu-pPasu- 
patiyai-ppusittuii-gaiiiyaduvuii-goduttu kal-vetti ninilattu-kkongaluii-jolai sula 
Solan . . por ana Koiigar-Kodimangalam-udai .... ntaiigu-kala Tillai-ppiran Ari- 
vadattayandararku koyil mallai nedi mada. . .pattiyaii-godutu sollariya Para- 
Sivan Pammanukku-ppalliyarigal vasikka-ppera-pperuii-gani tana-kuduttu sir-ar- 

tiruv-abaranam pon ain-gala. . . .1; pattam poru-mal-Vidaiyorku rum 

verruppadada parikala-parichchinnam nurru-ppala venkalam-alittu-ttorriya 
nar-chanti mfinrinukku nal-vilakk-or-pattakki-kkar-chekk-irandil yaiinai taii- 
goduttu-kkoiigi . . . .ligola-ppolil pudai siil Koltanuruii-giraiyun-dalava. . . .tu- 
chchala nal Sokkasamuttirattir-chomapadiyuii-goduttu. . . .kkum Vidarasettil 
Araudakattu Madakattum nikkiya pin koUaiy-iru-kandagamun-danaii-goduttu 
ellaiyala-ttanmam-iyarriyapin pallaivaiyor soll-ar-pugat-tanma. . . , laiyidu 

sora peygal mel-eluduii-ganaka sollarta mu-tTamil6r tam pugalu-miinru- 

nattu-mandalikan Attan-ari kkor-akaram-am nittan-daruvar kodai-ttada- 

kkai-ttiiyiu Duttar-gandan tiruvaymolind-arula-kkettu iruma. . . .n-jor-pulav6r 

tam pu dalurmanmaraiy6n vittaga-narpuntu Tulay-marbanukku-chchittan- 

dalaradavan pi sem-bon-arul Namberumal alavili AriiTanaran eluttu 

pinnum pilaiyada vaymai-pPiramadarayan setti malaiyar-mugil-aiigai madani 
palaiya maraiyaluii -ganavonna-ppadau Aran tiruraeni koyil kuraiyad- 
ilakkanaiigalar-chamailta arinan arul-kurnta-nerijinon. . . kima. . . . ttanama 
pon perugu-pugat-Chaiikara. . . . tti-ppeyar Irayasariy-enru peyar sittar palar 

seppa-cbchirappittu matt-ulavu sir-ar-polir nra kiraikku-tterkirkil-eri 

Sittaiigiraiyuii-goduttan i-ddhammangal c!iantniditya-va 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri pridhivi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka 

malaraja-raja malapo. . . .ganda bhe ekaiiga-vira asahaya-siira 

Sanivara-sidhi Giridurgga-malla jaladaiika-Rama vairiva-kandira Makaraja- 

328 Ghintamani Taluq. 

nirmula bhujabala sri-vira-Ramauatha - Devar muppattaravadu 

Vikritti-varusattu Marga Margali-masa tiyadiyil Prabha. .nayana . . . . 

yanar Settisvaram-udaya-nayanarkku Ambadakki-pparru Amba- 

dakkil migai naiijai puiijai uar-pal-ellaiyum me k-adaitta epper- 

pattanavum i-nnayanarku tiruch tanam na-kkudutten sitagara- 

gandan Mallaya-niiyakkan Avaniya-nattu mandalikan magan ittai marrinavan 
Geiigai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai konran pavatte pOvan puttirai pudu-kkanikkai 
i-nnayanark-adaitta devadanattill-onru kondavan tan taykku tane mindau 


At the same place. 

(Granths and Tsrail characters.) 

svasti srl Ku . .rai Vaiyiri-siyan magan Sanandai Ishva-devarai pratishte- 
pannuvittan panninavan Irasasari peran Perumappillai 


At Kaivara (Kaivara hobli), 
on a rock south of the Durgamma temple on the Chikka-betta. 

svasti sri Sakabda 1325 neya Kaliyuga-samvatsarada 4504 neya. . .Svabhanu- 
saihvatsarada Vayisakha-ba 10 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada 
bhashege-tappuva-rayara-ganda rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa 
Harihara-maharayaru prithivi-rajyarii geiittam yiralu avara maneya nayakkaru 
..sira maneya-pradhani Varadappagalige ayur-arogya-aisvarya-abhivriddbiy 
agabekendu Ekachakranagaravada Ivayivarada nadiya Durga-deviyaau su- 
muhurtadalli pratisbteyanu madi a-pratishteya amritapadige Kayivarada 
hiriya-kereya kelage gadde grama kharii l bola khaih J yidauu a-chandrarka- 
sthayiyagi nadiyalu (usual final phrases and ?erse) maiigala maha sri sri sri 


At the sarae village, 
on a Btone to the right of the main entrance to the Bhimesvara temple. 

sri subbani astu svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushahgalu 1 459 ya 
Vilambi-sarhvatsarada Jeshta-bahula 1 sriman-maharajadhiraja paramesvara 
ari-raya-vibhada uttara-dakshina-piirva-paschima-chatus-samudradbisa sri-vira- 
pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru dharma-siihhasanadalu prithvi - rajyarii 
gaiuttaih yiralu Chivana-bhattara makkalu Rama-bhattarige Dammathaseni 
Jamarasara makkalu Bhaskara-devaru dharnima-parupatyadalu . . . srimat-Sa- 
karsara maga. . .Ekachakrapurakke pratinamavada Kayivaradalu Bhimasena- 
pratisbtita-Dvapara-yuga- pujita-srl-Bhimesvara-devarige saluva gramagalalh 

Omdamani Tahiq. 329 

raja-dharraa-kaiiike-kandayakke eradu-hoanu. .birada muutada hontui 5 
Bhimesvara - devara uitya-nai vedya - ariga - rauga - vail)hava-mas6tsaha-muii tada 
utsahagalige yogyavagi Bhimesvara-devara saiinidhiyalu bittu kotteii endu 
hakida dharnia-sila-sasana (usuai finai phrasos) hige endu hakida dharma-sasauakke 
niaugala maha sri-Bhimesvara-linganige Achyutappa-sada-sevege maiigala 
raaha sri sri iri Viraraarasara adhikara-parupatyadalu hakisida dharraa- 
sasanakke mahgala raaha sri sri 


At the same temple, on the wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti Sakabdam ayiratt-irunurru-orupatt-aru idanmer-chellaninra Jaya-sam- 
varsarattu Karkataka-nayarru svasti sri samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithivi- 
vallabha maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Dvaravati- pura-varadhisvara 
Yadava-kulambara-dviraani sarvajna - chfidamani malaraja-raja malaiparolu 
ganda ganda-bberunda kadhana-prachandan-ekaiiga-vira asahaya-siira Sanivara- 
siddhi Giridurgga-malla chaladamka-Raraa vairibha-kanthirava Magadha-rajya- 
nirmmfila Pandi-kula-sarauddharana Cholarajya-pratisbthacharya nissaiiga- 
pradapa-chchakravartli Poysala-vira-Kamanata-Devarkku yandu narpadavadu 
svasti srimanu-raaha-pradhani mandalika-Yamarajan uirbhbhaya-nadan miiva- 
rayar-gandan Sikkadevva-dannayakkar Annamalai-devarena Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalattu-kKaivara-nattu-kKaivvarattil(m)udaiyar Bhimisvaram-udaiya-naya- 
narku deva tirumeuikku nanr-aga Sittirai-madattile devar tiru-nakshatran- 
dirttham-aga-ttirunaluu-garpittu inda tirunal chandraditta-varai selvadaga- 
vum tirunal aHvuu-guraivaruttu nikki ninradu Mudaliyarkku-ttiruppaniyaga- 

vura aga nattil Kaiyvara-ppangil Siyanpalliyum idukku niugi nahjai 

puiijaiyum nar-par-ellaiyum Mudukiraiyil niiigina kala. . . . menokkina mara- 

raum kinokkina kinarura uirum uirodu-kalu-manrura. . . .uruuilai mar- 

i'ura eppei-patta urimaigalura (y)irayasa-nimaudi kelvi-niraanti vasal-alivum 
miu-ayamura adikarigal varivura tariy-irai tattar-ppattam Asuva-kkadamai 
urppalachchara Kattigai-ppadi nattar-varivu ul-marattara raarrura ivv-urkku 
varum epperpatta varivugalum ellam sarva-maniyam-aga udakam-panui- 
chchandraditta-varai-chchelvadaga Nayanpalliyile tiru-chchula-sthapanamum 
pannuvittu panchaiigattile kallum vettuvittu devar tirumenikkum tiru-ttolu- 
kkum uanr-aga-ttirunaraattu-kkani aga vitten Annainalai-devanena i-ttanma- 
ttukku ilaiiganam-pauninar uudagil Gamgai-kkaraiyil kura.r-pasuvai-kkonran 
papattaiyum kondu suvarai-tturohiyum iraja-tturohiyum guru-durohiyum aga- 
kkadavan taumam jayikka ippadikku Anuamalai-devau eluttu 


330 Chintamani Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha anil Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Kalcayukti-saihsarattu nalayarattu-nanuru-narpattettu idanmel 

sellaninra Ta svasti sriman-maa-raandalesuran Ariara-rayan kumaran 

Pakkarayan valukkun-dolukkum jayam aga Attavattaittudattil Varandarum- 

pevumalum Sendan m svasti sri Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu Kai- 

vara-nattu Kaivarattu udaiyar Bhimisvaram-udaiyarku ..sellum Silandadan- 

palliyum sellum Nayan ulla Paraiyar-makkam 

sellum ulladu Tarana-varusbattu Ma lattattini 

. . .ttevarai sarva-manyavam aga sellakadavad-aga vittom inda-ttanmattai 
tnarrinava Gariigai-kkaraiyir-kural-pasuvai kon 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1267 idan mer-chellaninia Kaliyuga-varusham 44.7 
idau mer-chellaninra Partiva-varushattu-pPariguni-mada. .tarri svasti sri 
Anuan-aukakkara-tTuttaraditta Rasa-Narayana-Brahmadirayar ana. . vasinayan 
kumaran Sutti-nayanum. .yanayakkan magan Sonniya-nayakkanum Kaivarattil 
naya. . .Bhimasvaram-udaiyarku mun-nal deva-danam aga-chchellaninra Salan- 
dayanpalliyil mer-pou kanikkai kaiidayam denda-mundigai tariy-irai tattar-ppa- 
ttam Asuva-kkadamai epperpatta pala varivum santraditti-varai sellakkadavad- 
aga sarva-maniyam-aga vittom yidukku vighnam-panninavan Gamgai-karaiyir- 
kurar-pasuvai-kkonra dosham-panninavau Bramavatile povax"gal 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

labha maharajadhiraja pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dvimani 

sarvajna-chiidamani Malaraja-raja malaiparulu ganda ganda-prachanda ganda- 
bherundan-ekariga-vira asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla chala- 
damka-Rama vairibha-kanthirava Ma. .ra-rajya-nirmula Pandya-kula-samud- 

dharana Cholarajya-pratishthacha ku yaiK}'' i»'.' vadu Tarana- 

varushattu iittarayanattil ivar pradhanigalil Kadaichchettiyena Kaivarattil 
nayantir Bhimesvaram-udaiya-nayanariikku i-nnattil Vaiyirakkur nar-pal-ellai 
nil tiruchchula-sthapanamum tiru-munbil kal-ve 

Chintamani Taluq. 331 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail oharactors.) 

Sakabdam 1206 idanmer-chellaninra Taruna-varushattu uttarayanattil svasti 
sri Maman-ankakkara Dushtaraditya Raja-Narayana-Brahmadbirajan ana 

Ganga-pperumalena Kaiyvara m-aga vittu-ttiruchchula-sthapana- 

nuim pannuvitten Ganga-pperumalena inda dhanmamu parayanadu 
idukku laiighanam-panninavan Gengai-karaiyir-kurar-pasuvai-kkonran Brahma- 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactors.) 

liakkadavad-aga kallum vetti ii. .ie tiruchchiila - sta- 

panamum pannuvittu vitten idukku langhanam-panninar undagil Gamgai- 
karaiyil kural-pasuvai konra doshattil vilakka 


At the same temple, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-samvatsarani 4475 idanu) niiigiya Sakabdam 1296 idan- 
mel sellaninra Ananda-.samvatsarattu Panguni-raadam 23 ndi sriman-malia- 
mandalesvaran ariraya-vibhadan bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara gandan satu- 
samudradhipati sri-vira-Kampanna-udaiyar kumaran Jommanna-udaiyar 
pritbvi-rajyam -pannanirka sriman-_maba-pradhani Devanna-udaiyar tangal 
toppanar Isvara-devarku punyam-aga tamum Kaivara-nattarum Kaivarattu 
Bhimisum-udaiya-nayanarku tirunaluii-garpittu i-ttirunal alivukku-kKaivara- 
nattu-chCbikka. kallukku adaitta nanjey punjey nar-pal-ellaiyum mel nokkina 
mai"amum kil nokkina kinarum pon-vali puravadai Kampanna-udaiyar-kani- 
kkai Jomraanna-udaiyai'-kanikkai sarigai magaraai raakka-tirai Kiittigai-ppadi 

ullayam nada nai adu-tirai tana. . . .gai dendara undigai a. , . . . 

yam kanipattu nar-yennai nall-erudu nar-pasu nall-erumai. . . .nani . . . 

. . nda dagu irumbu Sakkili-tirai verrile mmai marrumra-ivv-iir. . . 

- . . .pa kanikkaiyum sarva-raaniyam-aga le tu dhara- 

piirvam-aga chandra 


332 Chintamani Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone lying to the north-east of the Amaranarayana- 

svami temple. 
svasti sri Saka-v.inishambulu 1283 aguneti Plava-saiiivatsara-Phalguna-su II 
Guruvarana srimanu-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibala basege-tappuva-raya- 
ra-ganda pfirva-paschima-samudradhipati sri-vira-Bukkaniia-vodeyara kuma- 
rundu Kamppanna-Vodeyaru prithivi-rajyaniu seyuchundaganu vari nagari 
Balumanne-Rajulu svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Tumbalada-gova bava- 
Sankara ane-mandalikara-ganda. ra bala-ravutara . . jangula. . .ra ganda Sala- 
rana-deva Nilakka-Raju-kumarundu Rachaya-(back) Deva maharajula anati 
srimanu-maha-Kayivara-nada samasta-gavundu-prajalunnu svasti samasta- 
nija-namanka-malika-prasasti-sahitarii ubhaya-nana-desi-samasta-pekkandrunnu 
padunenimidi-samayalavarunnu Kayivarana sauta gattinchi i-santaku pattana- 
sami-Marappa-Setti-tammundu Periya-Nayana pattanasamiuga nilipi ataniki 
Kayivararii pedda-charuvu-venaka parii . . ma . .vari niadinni Talagavai'a deva.. 
enta paduva . . pannumu chenunnu sarava-manyanga nilpiri i-manyarii 
tappaka a-chandrarkariga nadapaiigalavararir i-meraku tappinavaru Amara- 
Narayana-perumalaku tappinaru maiigala maha sri 


On a stone near the same temple. 

subham astu svasti sri Sakabda 1336 Kali-varsha 44 Jaya-nama- 

sariivatsarada . . . krishna sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 

vira-pratiipa-maha-Harihara-Raya Yerapagala niaduva 

odeyara kalu Naganna Ekachakrapuriyada 

Kayivarada Aniara-Narayana-devarige madda-nada sasana 

yenujla . . . a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi sri-devaru- 



At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri Sakara-yandu ayaratt-orunurr-enbattaru senra. .nmer-chellauiura 
Raktakshi-sammatsarattu-tTai-nimasatn irubattu-nalu ti naj addha-udayam ana 
anru Selvandai-devar ugandaruluvitta Amara-Narayana-pperumalukku Raja- 
N&rayana-Brahmadhirajan ana Gariga-pperumalena Tondikaraiyir- padiyum 
Vikkiyandiyi. . . .padinairi-gandaga-kkalaniyumappulattile panniru-kandagattu 
pattu-kkulaga-kkoUaiyum.chandraditya-varai selvadaga vitten inda dharmattai 
mariina Gariigai-kkarayir-kura-suvai konra narakattile pnguvar i-dhammattai- 
pporriuar punya-kammav-am 

Cliintamani Taluq. 333 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil oharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1178 idanmer-chellaninra Kalayukti-varushattu Ani- 
mudal svasti sri Dushtai-aditya Raja-Narayana-Brahmadhirayargal ana Gaiiga- 

pperumal-devaru devarum Amaresvara-devarum-aha Kaiyvarattil Amara- 

Narayana-pperumalukku-ttiruvidaiyattam aha i-nnattil Tanaturil deva-dana- 
nikki nikki ninra nanjai punjai nar-pal-ellayuii-jandraditya-varai sella udakam- 
panni vittom 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil cliaraoters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1206 idanmer-chellaninra Tarana-varushattu Masi-mudal 
Maman-ankakkara Dushtaraditya Raja-Narayana-Brahmadhirayar ana Ganga- 
pperumalena Kaiyvarattil Aniara-Narayana-pperumalukku-tTanatur nar-pal- 
ellaiyum mun-nalile tiruvidaiyattara-aha vittamaikku sadhanau-gaiidapadiyinale 
ivv-uril nammopadiyil uljur nayanar deva-dana-nikki ninra nanjai puiTjai 
nar-pal-ellaiyuii-jaiiidraditya-varai sella udakam-panni vitten 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharaoters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam 1208 idan mer-chellaninra Vyaya-varushattu Aipasi-vishu- 
vil svasti sri Aiyyan-ankakkara Dushtaraditya Raja-Narayana-Brahmadhi- 
rajar ana V3,sudevarena Amara-Narayana-pperumalukku-tTanaturil nammo- 
padiyil ujlur nayanar deva-dana-nikki nikki ninra naiijai puiijai nar-pal-ellai- 
varai sella udakam-panni-ttiruvidaiyattam-aha vittom subham astu i-ddham- 

mam mulukka ttu ittai marrinavan Gengai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai 

vadhittavanudaiya Brahma-hatya-doshattile viluvan Harih 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

svasti sri. .Sakabdam 1207 svasti sri saraasta-bhuvanasraya prithivi-vallabha 
maharajadhiraja srima-Dvarapuri . . pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyu- 

mani sarvajiia-chudamani malairaja-raja malaiparu nda ganda-prachan- 

da ganda-bherunda anekanga-vira asahaya-siira Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga- 

malla cbhaladariiga-Rama vairibha-kaiidirava Ma Patthiva 

tu-chChittirai-vishuvil ivar pradhanigajil pperumalena Kaivarattil 

334 Chintamani Taluq. 

Amara-Narayana-pperumalukku-ttiruvidaiyattam aha i-nnattil Ta le vi- 

ttamaikku sadhanan-gandapacliyinale Kondanguli-ppangil nammopadiyil naii- 
jai puiijai 


At the same village, on the basement of the Nakulesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-raandalattu Kaivarattu Annan-aiikakara-tTuttaraditta 
Brahmadhirayar ana Selva-Ganga-devar tiruv-irajyatil Kumarandai Tiruvalar- 
ena e. .rteluvichcha. .IJaiyararku ponn-aray-ittu mann-ara konda nilam kan- 

dagam periy-eri-kil mudal-madai i-ttammattai marrinan tariga kkum.. 

la tiruvidaiyat. . . .kilakkil gai-karaiyil kurar-pasuvai konran 

i-kkani Purr-idan-gondarku kudutten Tiruvalarena 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yaudu 1208 idan mer-chellaninra Vyaya-varushattu Aippasi- 
vishuvile svasti sri Aiyan-ankakkara Dushtaraditya Raja-Narayana-BrahrQadhi- 

rajar ana Vasudevarena Kaiyvarattil Subra.hmanya(ya)-devar va mbu 

. . . .m ana Tannapalliyile. . .rupa. .ni mudalukku ningina nanjai punjai nar- 
pal-ellaiyun-guttaigaluii-jandraditya-varai sella udakam-panni vittom subham 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

Tondai - mandalattu - tTiruppasur Vaiyisiya-vaniga-nagarattaril Kumarandai 
Tiruvalanena nan elundaruluvitta Pillaiyarkku Tai-piisattu Vaiyisiya-vaniga- 
. .garataril podikku mu-kkulakkum . .daiyile muttai arisiyum 


At the same place. 

sri-Prabhumeru-Potevana maga Eloya-magam Avakhatana viltad Aralimullul 
svargay odan 

Chintamani Taluq. 335 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Kolattura torugole Savega Mududa toruva ikkisi sattan idak amange 
kottodu aygola-kalani 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha nnd Tamil characters.) 

Rajentra-Sola -gamuiidan yan Marasingandaik ma 

tanda kanukku tiru 


At Perumaohanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Kattukodagi fleld. 
Ha 1 Kiian-Saliebaru Payingaja-sam | Yaisakha-b 2 Perumachanahalli-kere 
katisidakke Krishnapage kota kattu-kodige-hola kha * gadde kha 1 anubhavisi- 
kondu barodu 


At the same village, in Shekdafs field- 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

llaiyum iraiy-ili deva-danam pa. .virutti nikki e 

satu-sirmaiyum Kaivarattu Savundan Suravan-malaikku kudangaiy-aga kudu- 
ttom ivarku sandiraditta-va . . . sellakadavadu 


At Konganahalli (same hobll), on a stone in Kambada hola. 

svasti vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha. . . .saluva-Kali-yuga-samvatsara4495 neya 
Augirasa-samvatsarada Pushya-ba 7 Adivara-Sravana-nakshatra VyatipatayO- 
ga. . .karana intu i-paiichanga-sahitavada arunodaya-punya-kaladallu sriman. 
maha-mandalesvara Indu-raya-Suratrana bhashige-tappuva-rayara-ganda raja- 
dhiraja paramesvara purva-dakshina-paschimottara-samudradhipati sri-vira- 
Bukkana-bhiipala-sunu sri-vira-Harihara-Rayaru sthira-siiiihasanadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyivuttiralu a-rayana senapati Khantikara-Rayara ganda Naganna-Vo- 
deyarige ishta-karyartha-siddhiy agabekendu Depanna-Vodeyara kumara 
Naganna-Vodeyarii sarvva-sampat-samriddhiy agabekendu a-Naganna-Vodeyara 
pradhana Srivatsa-gOtrada (rest aiegiuie) 

336 Chintamani Talnq. 


At Muttakadahalli (same hobli), 
on a stone on the boundary line of Kempe-6auda's lield. 

svasti sri Sripurushau Ambalakar alda alippon pancha-maha- 

patakan appo 


On a virakal in the same Gauda's field. 
svasti sri Mahendradhiraja Gaugara uiege parim pariye Attannavar Tolugalla 
Morappura prapu . toluvva ikkisi sattan 


At By^ladahalli (same hobli), on a rock near kolami tamarind tree. 

(Grantba aDil Tnrail cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Aiyyau-ankakkara-tTuttaraditta Iraja-Narayana-pPirama.dirayan 
Gauga-pperumalena e. .gal nayanar Sakala-Siva-panditarku Madirakkal Poysala- 
sri-vira-Iramana- Devarkku yandu muppattu-aiiijavadu Yirodi- varushattu 

Vaigasi-iuadani-mudal sarva-maniyam-aga kudutten idu. .rrum ttu kolla- 

kadavad-aga sihVtapanam-panni-kkuduten sandiradita-varai sellakkadavadu 


At Kallahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Guttahalli Muniyappa's field. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maiia-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-pritlivi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilak aika-vakyaiii Kanchi-pura-varesvara sriman-Nolambadhiraja 
Chorayyam rajyale . .vaudali Balalchora-Nolamba-Setti Nanniya-bhupaKolatura 
kaluadu avara magaih Jebayyau Keyamaugaladiiralivinol kadi sattam 
andina Saka-kala 933 neya Sadharana-samvatsaram pravarttisuttire Mummadi- 
Cholage yandu ippattela. . tamm annana kalla Nelligereyali kala Nirggunda- 
setti nirisidan 


In the same field. 
svasti sri Vinuugo..sar ale Kolattiirani Peramenda magam Modayarssa 
Nemalada tore golul iridu svarggala. . . 


In tbe same fleld. 

(The top of the stone is brolceQ.) 

. . .takkeyaChakiladiir alivinole kadi satta Havalisingatii tama ayyange 

kallan ikkisi. ... 

Chintumani Taluq. 337 


In the same field. 
svasti sri Sevomajala torugolole vidda . .voleya Revam Koragova 


In the same fleld. 
svasti sri Nalulgiinda Chatamraan torugola irvva Vedara kondu toruv ikkisi 
sura-lokam pukka 


In the same field. 
svasti Saka-varisha 933 ne Sadharana-saiiivatsara-Chaitra-masa Padumpaya 

salipadu. .ganeyyanna yya. bbayila kudareysi almi satta atanga akka 

Hagalayakkal . .kolpara kaypavadu kottan (usuai impreoatoiy phrases) 


In the same fleld. 
svasti sri Nolambadhirajar prithivi-rajyam geye Banaranada . . . seneyam Tila- 
man iriye Dugicherakkan almi sattan atange elpadirum kottudu . . . . kalani 
mti-gola palum ida.. pancha-maha-patakan akku 


In the same field. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

dir-velai-ttol m seru vil sinavi Parasuraman 

mel. . . .v-aran bayangodu pali miga Musa gan alapparum pugal- 

odu mum nava-nedi-kkula-ppe 


In the same field. 
svasti srimach-Chola-na . . .Tennare a-vCir Kkuvala. . .lattura. .lattur. .vara. . 
. . . .Kanchiya. .le. . .riyolk ildu balva. . . Velattur. . . .la. . Kay vara-nada sene 

ba dore Ambala Bayiramaiigalavan padinay-diimbu-kalaniyu . . . 

tumbu-palu pattu pesu (usuai flnai phrases) barcdon Kambi-Uran 

126 & 

In the same field. 
svasti sriman-Vinnu-Govarasar. .Duggamarar sene maga. . .nalvadinvar kasa- 
pra. . .pontore bittadu (usuai flnai phrases) Kambi-Uran varedan 


338 Chintamani Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the Basavesvara teinple. 
sri-Basavesvara-devara sanjpradayakaradanta Virappanu katista-devasthana 
Akshaya-samvatsara-Magha-sudda 10 Sukravara. . . . 


At Guttahalji (same hobli), on a stone behind the old chavadi. 
sri Sarvadhari-saiiivatsarada Chayitra-su 15 lu Guttahalliya kere Adina-gauda 


At the same village, on a rock east of the Karagada nir-bhavi. 
svasti sri sainasta-lokaika-natha Ekachakrapura-nivasa Pandava-pujita-linga 

Bbimesvara-devara stanika Nadanda-jiyaru tanikaru Huntagekoritada 

namma Bhimesvara-devarige salu .kanakam gaiia 

yanuka (rest illegible) 


At the bechirakh village Eramantepalli (same hobli), on a stone near the 
eastern outlet of D^dda Allikunte tank. 

(Grantlia and Tamil cliaracters.) 

svasti sri Rajentra-Sola-Devar piriti-rajyatil . .napa. .kulattil Munivaraditta- 

naya Malaimuudai-araisar magan Selva- araisar Selvasamuttira- 

kattuvittu tumb-iduvittar Malai-Selva-araisar ivv-eriy-achchukattu ivv-ei'i. . . . 

dadu vitta pogamu sasanamu alichchan kapiiai . . Varanavasiyu 

Piramanaraiyu alichcha Brahmatti-paduvan taiigal-amku-tt&.ne ma 


At Muddalahalli village (same hobli), on a stone to the east of Buraga tree 
below kottakunte in Podalapalli-gadde. 
. . . Saka-varisha-samvatsara-satangal entu-nCira . .lijatt-entaneya . . prava . . . 
ttire svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-valla- 
bha Pallava-kula-tilak eka-vakya sri-Nolambadhiraja Nolapayya pritJiivi-rajyaiii 
geyyuttire Rachala-Pojupala-Chalvana ttamma Muddayyauuih Ereyammau 
esuvar-adittaiii tu.ruvan ikkisi sattoiige Dilipayya. . . . kodange. .ndugam 


At Gullakunte (same hobli), on a stone lying in a bush north of the village. 
Ilevilambi-samvatsarada Sravana-sudha-padyadalu srimau-nuiha-maiidalesvara 
Annadata-Badiyaru prithivi-rajyavanu madi aluve-kaladalli Hoda-nadin 

Giintanumi Taluq. 339 

olagada GujlahaHiyaMuttarasana maga Devannana maga Mariappanu madisida 
dipamale-kamba . . . . Devannana Mariappana maga Davanna Mariyappanu 
yibbaru makicalu 


At Settipalli (same hobli), on a rock to the west of the sluice, in the bed of the tank. 
svasti sri vijayabliyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1536 aguneti Ananda- 
samvatsaraiii Ashada-su 15 lu sriman-maha-nayannavarul ayina Ganjaguli 
Papi-Nayani Cl)innaya-Nayanigaru yi . . . .Basa-seti Vopayana. .Pdli-setiki 
yichina katu-kodagi-dasavandarii diiarma-sasanarii 


At the same village, on the rock called Totoni-bande, west of the village. 

srimate Ramanujaya namah svasti sri vijayabhyndaya-Salivahana-saka-varsham- 
bulu 1 . . . Pramodiita-samvatsara- Vaisakha-suddha-dvadasilo srimatu-Siiri-China- 
Tammappa . . . sri-Sadasiva-Deva-maharayalu mannirii. .nama, . .sthalamloui 
Gavvipaliki pratinamamayina Krishnapura. . .boga-teja-svamanu sri-Bhataru 

Yarabiru. . .a-chandrarka niliniganu danadhi-kraya-vikrayamuga putra- 

pautra-paramparyamuganu anubhaviiichigalavaru. .tri-vachakamuganu. . .dha- 
ram bosi ichina bhu-dana-dharraa-sasananiu . (ueuai finni phrases) 


At the same village, on a rock south-east of the village. 
svasti sri Salivahana-saka- varshambuln 1432 agu ... Pramoduta-samvatsara- 
Magha-ba 14 Sivaratri-punya-kalamandu srimatu- Sankepalli-Veugalivaruni 

kumaru. .Tipa-Nayanigaru Viraya-danayaka-Vodeyalaku dharma Viraim- 

Odeyalaku sarvvamanyamuganu yichchina. . .(ueuai fiuai phrases) 


At Gavipalli (same hobli), on a rock north of the Muktesvara temple. 

svasti samasta-prasasti srimat-Gangegonda Rajendra-Chola-Devar prithivi- 
rajyarii geyyuttire Kolada munivar-aditya kayvaraditya Chelvarasara maga Male 

sarggatar age avara magarii Chelvarasarii madisida i-mathakke me- 

chchi. .Mangataudali-kereyol bittubila niugola-galdeyurii mu-gola palum 

bittar (usual final phrases) 


340 Chintamani Taluq. 


At Tadagodlu (same hobli), on a stone in Mekala-gadde. 
svasti sri vijayabhyu. . . Salivahana-saka-varsha 1538 Nala-samvatsarada Asvija- 
ba 7 srimatu-Sugutura Mummacli-Tammaya-gauni-ayavari Avagauni-Chinna- 
gayuku Gangi-Nayadu yichina rakta-goclugu-manyam chenu 


At the same village, on the Donikalave-gadde. 
Sarvadhari-samvatsara Chaitra-su 15 lu sri-Ranga-Rau-ayyavari karyakarta- 
laina Basavayyavaru Tatapa-gauda. . .goclagu-manyamu. . . 


At the same village, on a rock near the Jarake-hande. 
sriraatu-Dundubhi-samvatsarada Margasira-su 1 lu Deva-Raya-maharayara 
kaladali Mulavagila Madannaykara kala Harihara-Raia-maha-arasugalu 
Maiigalabhuri-sthala Basava. . .ragi a-asagara chatu-sime bande. . . . 

(uBaal final phrases) 


At Pottapalli (same hobli), in Viralagudi fleld. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

svasti srt Pu-madu punara Puvi-madu valara Na-madu vilanga Jaya-madu 
nilava-ttan tiru-ppadu-malar mannavar siicla Kalingam iriya Kadalmalai . . . 
gaittu valangola raiivarai ali-naclatti sengol senru tisaitoru naclappa veii- 
Gali ningi meyy-ara talaippa vira-singasanatu Pukkokilaunadigallodum virr- 
iruat-aruliya Kov-Irajakesarivanmar ana chakravattigal sri-Vikkirama-Sola- 
Devarkku yaudu anjavadu sri-Kanchi-pura-pai-amesvara Kaduvetti Pulikurukki- 
kaniyalan Muttiy-araisan magan Somaraisan . magan gan Vasavaraisan Vasa- 
varaisan magan Somaraisan Somaraisan magan. .saraisan tan kani Muruga. . 


At the same place. 

(Oraotha and Tamil oharacters.) 

svasti sri sakala-bhuvanasraya sri-pritivi-vallabha maharajadhiraja para- 
mesvara parama-bhattaraka Ravi-kula-tilaka Pola-kula-sekhara Pandya-kulan- 
taka Ahavamalla-kula-kala Ahavamallanai ai-mmadi ben..nda raja-sekhara 
rajasriya raja-rajendra Vira-Chola Karikala-Chola sri-Virarajendra-Devarku 
yandu aravadu Irattapadikonda-Sola-mandalattu Melai-Marayapadi-kKoyyar- 
kurai-nattu-pPulikkurukkiyir-kaniyalan Muttiy-araisan magan Somaraisan sava 

CJiintamani Taluq. 341 

ivan manavatti-pPillaiponnakkan udane tiyil panjal ivar gatikku-ttanmam-aga 
Mahadevarku Arakkiraiyile vitta nir-nilam kuli aimbadum katt-aramban-guli 
ayiramura vitten Somaraisan magan Masaiyaaena idu alippan Gaiigaiy-idai- 
kKumariy-idai-ppattar seyda pavan-golvar 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tarail characters.) 

svasti sri sri-Kulotturiga-Sola-Devarku yandu narpattaiiijavadu Irattapadi- 
konda-Sola-mandalattu Melai-Marayapadi-kKoyyakkurai-nattu-pPulikkurichchi- 
kkaniyalan Kamamuttaraisannena Munivaradittan puli-kutti-ppattan ivan 

magan Devamutta nnan varkku narigallu yadu 

ttom Putteri yura nar-puli 


At the same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri sakala . . vanasraya sri 


At Nekkundi (same hobli), on a stone in Hunase-topu. 
. . Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satarigal enta-niij;-ay vatt-ombattaneya varisha- 
dandu Sed. .yol Aramuvara-Devanu. . . .madi sa. . . .mali. . .daye. . .Matanta- 

ma-mandaladoIeKadarau ale. . . .di. .nikkalva. kondu vayvattapara 

kottora .... varamali (rest iiiegibie) 


At the same village on a stone to the north of the Nagesvara temple. 
svasti sri Nirupama-Chola-maharajara raane-magatin Marettigala magan Erala 
avan vidam.tti rararigegadu okula...garu vilasa. . .pu. .kala-kammara 

. . . .valida (rest iUegible) 


At Digavapalli (Iragampalli hobli), on a stone. 

svasti sri Belurara maga Mabha gottiya teko. . . .ant iri podandu. . 

Belvira eme. .1 madidu sattan. . . . 



At Srinivasapur (Srinivasapur hobli), on a stone lying south of Ichalakunte. 

(Front) subham astu Sukla-samvatsara .... na su 1 Adivaradalu . . . . tu 
Marappa-Nayakara maga Tipana-Nayakaru BapaDam-Timmeya-Nayakana 
maga Deveya-Nayakage kota-kattu-kodageya sasanada kramav entendare 
narama nayakatanakke sallu nimnia Papanahajlige miiclana Koranelliya K6- 

vandam-haladalli kereli..kati a-kere-kelage gaddeyanu. . . . ge (back) 

gaddege holakke . . . dasavandavanu sa vagi endu kota . 

..saliha mikka gaddej^^anu vokkaligeru . . .ramanege. . . .geyalu koran ikki 
sukhadalli anubhavisuviri Tippanna-Nayakara baraha sri Mahadevarii 


At the same village, on a stone attached to the wall of the Ramasvami temple. 

(Grantha and Taniil charaoters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Puda-nattil Kulandiiril Siva. liga 

chchiram-udaiya .devarku. . .nau-gandaga-kalanimudal-madaiyil vitten 



At Aralukdte, belonging to Guluganapode, east of the same village. 

svasti sakala-jagat-trayabhivaudita-surasuradhisa-Paramesvara-pratiharikrita- 
Mahavali-kulodbhava sri-Mahavali-Brinarasar prithivi-rajya geye Mauasur 
Arali-Kaype-maganan Prabhu-Kaype tulige-vasantan ganda-padichandan Viyala- 
Vijyadhara tannan alva Prabhumeru besase Damarigaran atti iridu kudurege 
pagilla age kudureyind ilidu nadad irid otti keydu bildan avage bal-galchu 
kottodu Kulanellura savva-paribara (usuai finai verse) 


At the same place, on another stone. 

tasya sri-Vikramaditya-Jayameror mmahibhritali | 

Bana-Vijyadhara-khyata-uamadheyasya rajabhih n 
sri-Mahavali-BaTiarasar prithivi-rajyam geye aui-chelvan Anuraa-parakraman 
vira-raaba-Meru Pokkiri-Voradoga-Rajan tannan alva Prabhumeru besase 
Mavindiurul Kaduvattiya samasta-balamu meg eltare taninia pade gettu 
bettan adare tan idirane nadadu nayakarul tajt irid Odisi bildan tamma pade 

Srinivaspur Taluq. 343 

halikke bandu kolgala gonclattu avange vaiiisotpattiyage daya gottudu Made- 
giilum Biladeyu (usuai imprecntory phrases) i-dliammadi Davana-Perundavvange 
kottodu aiguja kalani parihara 


At the same place, on a stone-pillar 
broken into four pieces and lying near the Aralukote-cave. 

jayaty avishkritam Vishnor Varaham kshobhitarnnavam | 
dakshinonnata-dariishtragra-visranta-bhuvanam vapuh n 
svasti sakala-bhuvan6tkirna-abhidhan6'neka-pratita- pratihararkke uttania-sri 
prithvi-vallabha maharajar Nolarabarasar prithivi-rajyam. . . .90 neya. .rbbari- 

samvatsa. . .lu Nolamba-.Taya-gonda nara nanda (back) . . . .ta vishaya 

sasana nade ganda isalya-trikiita pamma nele. . .teiika-vasi. .piirbbadi. .hubina nadevam. .hallada daduga . . alliria tenka kuribar bitta Bidira-kula 
dharmma nadihe degula 


Near the same pillar. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-S61a-mandalattu Puda-nattu-pPulladeva-mandalikar padai- 
vittil Sittr.svarani -ndaiyarkku sri-Kaiichi-ma-nagavattu vanigan kudi-kilan 
Saiiga-nayaka-ttevan eri-katti payirudan devadana .sandiraditta-varai selvad- 
aga vitteo idu vilakkuvan Gerigai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasuvai konra pavattile 


At the same village, on a stone near the sluice of the tank. 

svasti sri Sakabda 1 . .8 Kali-yuga 4487 neya mege Akshaya-sariivatsarada 
Asvija-su 10 Budhavaradandu sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada 
bhashege tappuva-rayara ganda rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara purvva-dakshina- 
paschima-uttara-cbatus-samudradbipati sri-vira-Hariyanna-Vodeyara kumara 
Yinuuadi-Hari-Rayanu prithivi-rajya maduva-kaladalu a-Ba.. . Vodeyara Mara- 

ya-Nayka .... (back) rayage nada niariyadi vara-kere-kodage 

hattu voravan ikki dadimagekattu-kodagiyeradara mariyadiyalu nadasaluUava- 
ru Bemannanigu kanduga-gadde-nianya yi-mariyadige namma 
Nimbuhada stana-manya piubba-mariyadi (usuai imprecatory phrases) yi-kereya 
kattidadu ayiniiru honnii pancha-kelasake mukhyanagi madidatanu Tillarada- 
Birigojiya maga Chinnojanii (rest iiiegibie) 

344 Srinivaspur Tahiq. 


At Nambihalli (same hobli), on the ceiling; of the ranga-mantapa 
of the Somesvara temple. 

ndra-ChoIa-Deva-rajyattu svasti Choraya-Devana kalagadol 

Belagattura konda Arasigaya-gavundara nia. .Ereya-gavunda toragolalu 
pendiran ude uchchalu kadi sargatan ada iva Mangapaleya-gavunda. .disida 


At Chaladiganahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the entrance to the pond. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-vilasa-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu (figures gone) ne 
varushadalli Sukla-sariivatsarada Jeshta-ba 12Iu srimau-maharajadhiraja sri- 
Desamukhi-Ghana-Syama-Rayara gumasta raja-sri-Naraso Ambaji Kolala-sime 
Desamukhi sannayabiya. . . . Veranahlli Sonamma-uranu Chaladagana-halli 
Ayge-gauda Kri. . .ge . .manya baki kotta manya-hola kha | aksharadalu 
hadinaidu-kolaga-hola yi-manya anubhavisikondu koti-arayike madikondu 
sukhadalli yirodu 


At Kiravara (same hobli), on two pieces of stone near the 
western sluice of the tank. 

[i] svasti sri Gange-gonda-Rajendra-Chola-Devar prithivi-rajyam geyyuttire 

palarodeganda alivinge ganda kalega-mallaiii Nanniya-Gaiigam gadi 

.... [77] Gattura Aramamma. .ra magaiii Uttama. . .avara magam Prabhu- 
karasam Prabhukarasara magaiii Madalasa avara tammaiii Macharasara 
magam Pudiyanna (baok) Gaiigesvarakke bitta deva-bhogadi galde mugandii 
gaiii II bittu-kattu kerege salisuvangaiii .... (usuai impeoatory phmses) 


On a rock west of the same village. 

Sarvadhari-nama-saihvatsara-Sravana-ba 8 lu stalaih paurohitam Subba- 
bhattuku Kari-Manikya-Nayauivaru maku chelle-simeloga Krishnashtami - 
punya-kalamandu ichina bhu-dana-dharma-sasanam Bommaraja kha l^ 

Srinivasj)nr Taluq. 345 


At Venkatapura, attached to the same village, on a virakal in the kan below the tank. 
svasti sri Mayindam-arasa prithivi-rajya geye Mara. . rapari-nada megge vandada 
Kiru-Paraviyodeya per-Ggangaran-all-ibbara sanidhi Mallapariy odane tagi 

kadi saggiyadam palarode-ganda kakariga-malla Anaudura Srikoti-achari 



At Kallur (same hcbli), on a stone in G6pala's fleld, north-west of the village. 
svasti srimat-Sripurusha-maharajar prithivi-rajyan keye Mandu-viira toru 
kolvalli vildor Perankovar avange padi-tupu kalani netta-padi (usuai finai phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Isvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

si-Nigarili-S61a-niandalattu Pudi-nadu Kalliyiiril.daiyar Nandisvaram- 

u . . . . Kaila devanan-tiruvi nar . . . Pula-devar ana 

manda. .kaa Nantisaram-udaiya-devarku kana napa 

. . nsaiy pu 


Behind the same temple. 

(Grantha aiul Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Pudi-nattu Kalliyur Jayangonda-Sola- 
Gangan mraagan Rajendra-Sola-Gaiigar maga Mumudi-Sola-Gaugan magan 

Somasan magan Kettarasan magan Soma ya Madevarkku periy-eri-kil 

de . . danam panuiru-kandagam achchanapo iru-kandagam Solakattil . . ru- 

kandagam ttya-gotrattu Siva-Bramanan Pama-battar Mahadeva-hattar 

magan Nayaka-battan Alva, 


At Hebata (same hobli), on the sluice of the tank. 
svasti sri Dilipa-Nolamba prithivi-rajyam geyyuttire sri-Kondala-garaundara 
magal Annariyar Kadema-gamundange kottar Annariyu madisida tiimbu 


At the same village, in Chandappa's grove. 
svasti sri Nandi-Vemman Perbattam alav. .tina puyyalul Aviyapoyarum. 
punya-pavittan eridu vildan 

346 Srinivaspur Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in Gattapalli Muniga's field. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi-vallava Palla- 
va-kula-tilakam srimat-Nolambadhirajar prithivi-rajya geye svasti samadhigata- 
paficha-maha-sabda parama-bhatta. .ka maharajadhiraja paramesvara Ata- 

niya mata. .pana nvita Siva-sastra-tapo-vananuraga sri-Padhi- 

vala-grama - vinirggata Bhagavatpadaika-saraua srimat-Brahma-Sivacharyyan 
. . .tta Perbbattakkam Bidirura aggalam ilivalli aukake kadida Bideyitta 
sattan atahge batararu kottudu Inguuamedinol okulam kalani sarvva- 

pariharam (usual final phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone in Muniga's fleld. 

ditya Sri. .nnayyam pri. .vi-rajya geyye. . anavadya-vidyarnna. . bhi- 

kshana mana-pranuua-kuvalaya-karnuavatamsa rajah-[patapasaritasesha-dig- 
manini-mukha-kalauka (b,ick) pahara. . . . prasasta-Si . . . . charyyara sthana 

. . .hutt ildu Pervvatta . .ke . . ge bittuva . . . ma. .ttar Agala-turu (usuai finai 
phrases) idau a-Kuunaya 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Ayyapa-Deva rajya geyye Bhava Siva-tapa-rajya geye Perbbata turu- 

gola satta agga kotta Agala-turukeyida a-pancha-Mahantara gelasarge 

idan a-Kunnayya 


At Bayyapalli (same hobli), on a stone in Subba's field, north of the village. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-suddanvaya sri-prithivi-valhibha Nolamba 
daya-rasa-chitta-Cliolu-Permmanadigalu Mayindanu intu i-muvaru Kiru-tore- 
mariyade ale matta Kaduvatti kalageydan endu munidu Vallevarasa-Devaya 

miidala-govau Baruman attida agalu Pandiyaua mege eldu Pare- 

yarur ii-ido sri-Valleyarasar. . eligutti arasan ... popalli tanna al popalle 
visase Aneyur tagi echchu eridu aneya e..tti kadu satta avage kottudu 
vira. .val-galchu kottodu idan alido pancha-ma. . . . vaua-Peruudavvan 


At the same village, on a stone under Kumbakunte tank near the sluice. 

svasti sri Ari-Pemarasa Ramaradi Ari-Pemarasark agida niisara. .lar 

viltar a. .ke kauduga-kalaniyura sarva-pariharadu kottar (usuai improcntory phrases) 

Srinivasjnir Taluq. 347 


At Brahmanapalli (same hobli), on a stone in 66palayya's field. 
sri-Rama svasti iri vijayabhyudaya-Salivaliana-saka-varushambulu 1654aguneti 
Paridhavi-samvatsara-Margasira-su 10 lu TadigollH-Ramappa-Nayani-Ramanna- 
Nayanigaru Brahmauapalle-Yiragayaku vrayiiichi yichchina manya-sasanam 
ni-tammudu Totauna Digavakota va. .ma kara. . . . vittaya ganaka ni-gramaml6 

ka (rest illegible) 


At the same villag^e, on a stone on the bank of Rajalialuve. 

(Grantlia and Tamil charaoteis.) 

svasti sri sarva-bhuvana-chchakravatti sri-Poysala-vira-Ramanatha-devarku 
iyandu muppattu-nalavadu Sarvadari-varushattu Arpisi-mada-mudar Vir. . 
naiyil Kesi-arasarena Kuranelliyii-. .tadumidannai magan Sama. . . .ku udai- 
yar Tiruvalisuram-udaiya-nayanar devadanam Tandikuttaikkum tiruchchiila- 
kkal-paraikkum vadakku tei;ku merku Aiigaraundar kuttaikku kilakku batta- 
virutti danam-aga vitten i-ttaumattai marrinavan Gaiiigai-kkaraiyir kura- 
pasuvai-kkonran Pirama-vadai . .1 povan 


At Adavichambukiiru (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village. 
srl-Rama svasti ari vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambu 1632 aguneti 
Vikriti-nama-samvatsara-Margasira-ba 14 ralu Achyuta-gotra-pavitrulayina 
sriman-maha-nayakacharyulayina Tadigolla Ramappa-Nayanivari pautralaica 
Raghunatha-Najanivari putralaina Ramappa-Nayanigaru Mallamambasamu- 
dram-agraharam gana-sankhya 25 guru-mahajanaluku vrayinchi yichchina 
bhu-dana-dbarma-sasana-patra-kramam Pellagonda-rajyam Gudagiri-sima Koy- 
yaguriki bhiimini ma-nayaukanaku chelle Tadigolla Erukaluva-simalo Boya- 
kanalo Adavi-Chambukuriki pratinamamaina Mallamarabasamudram-agra- 
haranaku Kiitalanayani-charuvu Kottakunta-Liiiganikuntalato kiida kad- 
arambha-nirarambhamulu yalla chatus-sima-valaya-Vamana-mudra-sasana- 
mulu silaksharamulu vrayiiichi miku gana-sankhya yiruvai-ayidu vrittulu 
chesi ma talli Mallayakkagari charama-kalamandu (rcst iiiegibie) 


At Yalagamanapenta (same hobli), on a stone in Ra,maraddi's field. 
Virodhikritu-nama-samvatsara-Asvija-ba 6 lu rajasri-Ramappa-Nayani-Kadiri- 
pati-Nayanivaru Machcha-Vedauna-koduku Yira-Kadiriganiki manyaiii yich- 


348 Srinivaspur Tahiq. 


At Muttakapalli (same hobli), on a virakal in Raddi-m:\nya field. 
svasti sri Bijayittayyam Mada-Mattarasara Polalammana meg eldu Mudekalla- 
kajegadul Garavar al Avadhirara magan Chataguddiyarum Pulikurukiyara 
Duggamaran ma. .anivarum ant iridu sattar 


At the same village, on a stone near a tamarind tree on the village frontier. 
sri-Rama Angirasa-nama-samvatsara- Jeshtha-su 13 lu sriman-maha-nayaiikar 

charyulaiua Tiidigolla-Raghiinatha-Nayani Rama-Nayani Kalappa 

Bayaparedi-ko . . sasana-kramam etlam 


At the same village, on a stone in P(ijari's inam field 

(Front) sri subham astu shtha su 12 . . .redigala Vobali-Nani Kaliya- 

Manikya-naugarudu Yerukala-rajyaiiilo Nadi (baoU) malapalli. .Vasavanta- 


At Guttapalli (same hobli), on the basement of the Valelvara temple 
on the Valesvara hill. 

(Qrantha and Tarail oharaoters ) 

Hara Saka-varsham ayiratt-oru-nurr-aimbattunalu sellaninra Khara-sam- 
vatsarattu Ani-masattu svasti sri Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-pPuda-nattu rajapati 

Sakki-deva- mandalikan magan Makkovaitavi Varaguna-pperumal ana 

Pulla-deva-inandalikanena.-nnattu- kKuranelli -malaiyil sikharasinasthan-ay- 
kkoyil-kond-aruliya Tiruvalisvaram-udaiyar tiru-kkoyi pafichanga-sahitam-aga 
upanadi . . . payyan .... chantraditya-varai sellakkadavad-aga vitten Orumanur- 
periy-eri-kil Kaman kudi onra..kuli iru-nurum Tandikuttaiyum idarku na 

utpatta-kkuli ayiratt-aru-niirum koUai-nilam orupattu-nar-chan- 

kolal Kuranelli-parrile kuli ayiratt-afinurum likauenaKuranelli- 

pperi-eri-kilill-anaiyum idark - adaitta punsey - nilamum Tiruvalisvaram- 

udaiyarku vitten inda -ttiruppani rumam-aga-kkoyiluu-diru- 

mandapamum tiruppani-seyvitten i-nnayauarkkum Palaiya Kuranelli U16. . 
svaram-udaiya-nayanarkkum Kurauelliyy-eri-kil melai padakal nir payndu 
vilai-nilatti. .nda punsey-nilamum Tiruvalisvaram-udaiyar tamey-udaiyar 

inda-kKuranelli-pparril koyil kaniy-udaiya Siva-Brii uchchagattu 

sey vittea Saiigi-batta 

Srinivaspur Taluq. 349 


At Tinnili (same hobli), on a virakal in Venkatarayappa's field. 

ncha-maha-sabda. .Pallava-kula-tilakasrimat. . .Raja prithivi-rajyamgeye 

. . . Bhima . . . ne-nadu-mii-nuru Podal-nad-aruvattuman ale Talnellara . . mandeya- 

ra Srikandiyja turu-gondalli puyalgagi turu almi satta kottudu ok-kan- 

duga-kalani aygolam palu (usuai imprecntory pbrases) Vanarasara mane-ma 


At the same village, on a stone near the villag^e entrance. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu ? 1551 neya Sukla-sam- 
vatsarada Sravana-ba 141u sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara .. 
Rama-Deva-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-rajya geyuttam iralu (rest effaced) 


At the same village, 
on a stone near the Venkataramana temple, south of the villag;e. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah sri-gurubhyu namah svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka- 
varushangalu savirada mu-niira hadinentaneya Yuva-samvatsarada Asvayuja- 
sudda 10 Guruvaradalu | sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bbasege 
tappuva-rayara ganda purvva-dakshina-paschima-uttara-samudradhipati aha 
sri-vira-Harihara-Rayanu sri-Vijayanagariyali sri-Viriipaksha-devara karunadali 
vira-Iakshumi-vilasadalli paramanandadalli prithvi-rajyarii geyilittiralagi a- 
rayana kumara Yimmadi-Bukka-Rayanu Muluvayalli Somayya-devara karuna- 
dalli paramanandadinda prithvi-rajyarii geyiiittiralagi a-Mula (back) vayi-rajyad 
olagana Bilusone-nad-olagaua Hodaliya-gramadalli sri-Macha-gaundana makka- 
lu Marappana Chinnananu a-Hodaliya-gramadalli prayatanava maduva dinafi- 
galalli tamma tande Macha-gaundageyu tamma tayi Maloyakkangeyii punyav 
agali yendu sri-Vighnesvaraiige nilisida dipa-maleya kalu-kambha-pratishte 
a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi yirali yi-darnimakke Kattigeya Nagappalu a-BiIus6na- 
nada prabhu Tinnala-Chokkappanu yi-dharmmakke sahayigalu (usuai imprecatory 
phrases) maiigala maha sri sri sri Pinganana maga Piiiganana baraba 


At Madivala, bechirak (same hobli), 
on a stone near the western sluice of Devarakere. 

svasti sri Sripurusha-mabaraja pri...jyarir geye avara magandir Duggamar- 
Ereyappo Kovalala-nadu-mu-niirum Gaiig-aru-sasi . . . .taya-uadu Paune-nnadu 

350 Snnwaspur Taluq. 

Belattur-nnadu Vimala. . .yuiii Pulvaki-nadu-sasiramu Bepodu-sasira Mu... 
nad-aruvattuman aluttire Srivallava Koro. . . .luttire Srivallava binnapparh 
geye Kera. . .tTondisvarada bhataraiige Duggamar-E[reya]ppo kottodu modal- 

kattinull i. . .nduga go|ul okk i-dhammam agi mu-ganduga. . . . 



At the same village, on a stone in Kamacbar's inam wet land. 

Devara svasti samadhigata-pancha-ma . . . Pallavanvaya sri-prithivi- 

vallabha Pallava-kula-tilaka srimat-Bira-Nolamba pritivi-rajya geyye Kandaya 

kaduvali Battammarasa ma. .Mendamarasara basapede. . . .iripan alare 

polava madisi. .kalani deva. . . .van bitta kula kaladi (rest effaced) 


At the same village, on a stone in Talavar^s inam field. 

svasti sriman lala-pura-paramesvara Rakkasa-Ganga-Rachamalla prithivi- 

rajyam geyye Puligaiii Nolambavadi-muvattirchchasiraman alut ildu Karanaki 

Bitturalji-kerege bitta (usual impreoatory phrasos) 


At the same village, on a stone lying in front of the Isvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

ne m-udaiya daya-nayanarku 

Vashuvi nal sriNa Pulladeva-mandala rumaluii-Guranelliyir- 

Tiruvasa nayum TJlokis daya. . . .jikkuni Siva-Brahmanan 

Bahudhanya-sutrattu yum pufi kudu 


At the same place, on the south basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Saka- varusham ayirattu-narpatt-onbadu Mukkokkilanadigalodum 
virrirund-aruliya K6-pParakesarivarmar ana tribhuvana-chchakkiravattigal sri- 
Vikkirama-Sola-Devarkku yaudu pattavadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu-pPuda- 

nattu nattu-kkamundan Muduvarayan Marayan ana Rajentra-Sola-pPu 

pPuda-nattu manda. . .n magan ta. . . .na Vikkirama-Sola-vira-Nulamban 

Kuranelli Ulokisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku . . . pauadistavi-pariyantam sri- 

vimanam elund-aruluvittu devarku sri-pa.tamum sartuvittu deva 

viba nelli-pperi-eri-kil pe 

Srinivaspur Taluq. 351 


At the same place, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Sakabdam ayirattu-irunurru-orupattu-nalu senra nal raudal svasti 
sri sarva-bhuvana-chakravattigal sri-Poyjala-Iramana-Devarkku iyandu muppatt- 
ettavadu Nanda-samvatsaratu Ani-masam mudal svasti sri Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalattu Puda-nattu Kura 


At the same place, on the west basement. 

(Orantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

, kan magan svasti sri Nigariii-Sola-mandalattu-pPuda-nattu 

adi-mandalikan ana Sakki-deva-mandalikan magan Rajasraman Pulla-deva- 
mandalikan uua Varaguna-pperumalena Sakarai-yan. .yiratt-oru-nurru-narpatt- 
ettu-chchellaninra Pat. . va-sariivatsarattu Ani-masattu i-nnattu-kKuranelli 
malaiyil elundaruli irunda nayanar Tiruvalisvaram-udai 


At the same village, virakal belovir Kornallikattu-kaluve. 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-niaha-sabdam Pallavanvayam sri-prithivi-vallabha 
Pallava-kula-tilakarii sriman-Bira-Nolamba prithivi-rajyam geyye Santarana 
meg eldu hasti-ghate geydu kale[ga]dol anchiya kadu va . . Battamarasar 

marme eradu sattar anakan dadeye badidu surariganeyol neredan 

atage kotta kaln. . .nilivu Bugiyura palu 


At Himbal (same hobli), 
on a stone south of the Isvara temple at the east end of Rouur tank bund. 
svasti sriman-Sripurusha-maharajar prithi. . . .geye Duggamar-Ereappa Kova- 
lala-nad ale Vejja-Pe. .arasar ROiuir ale . .Sagara-Mikkane mane-odeorendu 
pattaiii gatti gottudu sarvva -pariyaram ok-kandugarii kalani kottar (usuai 
uuprecator; phrases) 


At Erukaluve (Nelavanki hobli), 
on the basement stones lying in front of the Anjaneya temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

a tten i-ttanraattaiyum ivvanayum 

b gandan Kanchi-pura. . . . 


1 ( ', 

352 Srinwaspur Taluq. 

c dayar devadanam ana Tandi ku kaniy-aga kudutte.n inda 

ta . . . . 
d . .'. .ru. .ttu iva. . . .r ana vitta. .nierkuni idukk-ulppada. . . . 


At Kusandra (same hobli), on a stone at the Channesvara temple. 
Prajotpa . . . . ra Cliajitra. . sriraan-malia-na , . . .aj-iua Tadigola-Ra. . .yini 
Ramappa-Nayiniga . . . Tanduriki-Cliinna-Krishnappanigar . . icliina grama- 
sasana-damma-krama Cliannasami-a. . .yyagari dinamu arabhyaiii achandrarka- 

putra pautra-paramparya vesini Tiruyappa Annappa-redivar ichina 

Kusandra Redimagar i (rest iiiegibie) 


At the same village, on a rouk south of the same temple. 
sri-RamaPraj6tpatti-sariivatsara-Chaitra-su. . . . sriman-maha-nayaukacbaryula- 
yina Nija-Ramanatha-Nayini Ramappa-Nayinigari ana-tammandi Biru-gavuni- 
gariki ichina sasana-kraniam etlayanu mi-putra-paramparya (lest iiiegibie) 


At Tiipalli (same hobli), on a stone in Papa's field, north of the village. 
Paridhavi-samvatsara-Phalguna-su 5 lu sri-Tadigola-Ramappa-Nayanivaru. . . 
. .Sabi-redi. . . .suruga-manyam kha ba I ar-ddumu 


At Addagallu (Addagallu hobli), 
on a rock near Kolime tamarind tree, east of the village. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varshambulu 1689 aguneti. . . .saiu- 

vatsara-Bhadrapada-su 3 Guruvaram maharaja-raja-sri Nayinivaru 

Gajala-Chinnayya-Kondayyaku vrayinchi yichina (rest iiiegibie) 


At the same village, on a rock in Chinna-Eondaiya's wet land. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1689 aguneti Sarva- 
jitu-sariivatsara-Bhadrapada-su 3 Guruvara maharaja-raja-sri-Jai-Ravu Ma- 

Uari-Ravu (rest illeglble) 

Srinivaspur Tahiq. 353 


Under the bund of the Vasantanayina 
amani-kere, on a stone at Balaparalla-g^utta, near the sluice. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsliambulu 91669 aguneti Prabbava- 
samvatsara-Sravana-ba 8 punya-kalamandu Tadigola-Tirumalappa-Nayinigaru 
Tippaya-vibhu-gaudula ayya Makalatave taligaru Tiniaya-putrala. . dhara 
bosi yichina Timmasamudram agraharaiii 


At Kottflru (same hobli), on a stone lying to the south of the chavadi. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters.) 

suvatti siri Puvanekamalla mandalika Kesava-devan irasiyattil Punilur-kilan 
Sivanandi-setti kattina eri ava magan Pulialvan seyppittar ivara vangusadali 
yivar ke. .tti. . . .davanu Goiigeya tadiya kavileya konda pappadalu p6 


At Tenamalapadi (same hobli), on a stone at Mallappa's well. 
srimaj-jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambul agunaneti Parttiva-samvat- 
sara-Kartika-su 2 Bu-lu srimaa-maha-nayankacharyalayina Kotapalem-Raghu- 
natha-Nayini-Kadurappa-Nayinivaru Raya-pantu Tataya Munganipalli 
karunniya-bhu-dana-krama. . . .ganakaani nimityamayina netra-ko. .gu-raanya 
Kanuga-cheravu kaiiu-chenanu ba 21 chenu bayi vrayinchi. . .cheruvu. . . 

madi . . .Kamahivara arasara manyamu nadapagalavar. . . vrayiiichi bhu- 

dana-patrika-sasanam, . .chedu-Vengannayaku. . . .(usuai finai phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone under a tamarind tree at Yenumalavara-bhavi- 
sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu ? 1676. . .sri-BhS,va-sarii- 
vatsara. . .sriman-maha-nayankacharyya Kottapalya-Rama-Nayini Narasimha- 

Nayi kunku-Devirayaku yichina chavata-manyamu anubhavinchi tari 

madi. . . .a-chandrarkamu putra-pautra-parampariya (rest goue) 


At Bhairaganapalli (same hobli), on a stone in Sanabh6g's inam fteld. 

samadhi .... bda samalingita-vakshastala. . . . male Vaidumba- 

maharaja prithivi-rajyam geyye grahagondu Pulinadu Rasamayya Halayur- 


354 Srinivaspur Taluq. 

arasaram danduv eldode. . .Koggadi-Moligaran atti iridu satta. .lli sattode 

srimat-Pallava-inaharajan . . . duranikalnatumiiyuni-iialavataraka. .sali' 

nalnuru-kola (usuai fioai phrases) pelasagi salvudu padi re bhupa 

sana dadida manikemuna. . 


At Bajjireddipalli (same hobli), on a stone in Bachimpalli-gadda. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1435 
aguneti Srimukha-samvatsara-Asvija-su 12 punya-kalamandu sriman-maharaja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru sukha- 
nuragam sri-rajyam geyyuchundaganu srimad-Raghupati-Nayankacharyyalaina 

. . . Voba-Rayanna Ramanna. . .Hariyappa ku yantraku Belegundlu. . . 

Bachimpalliki pratinamarii Ramapurarii agraharauganu sri-Raghupati-sannitiui 
sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-piirvakanganu samarppincheuu sri-Ramachandra || 
(usual flual verses) 


At the same place. 
Saumya-sariivatsara-Karttika-su 5 So srimatu-Krishna-Deva-Vodeyala aneti 
Bachimpalilaki Nayaku Mali-redigadu Jaiigam- Maliuatha-ayyaku yichina 
sasanarii . . . . kayya- puja-dhtipa-dipa-nayivedyanaku sajana-vritti aven- 
dakshinambenu siugaii 42 naya. . .nni a-chandra-stayiganu. . . . | 

(usunl impreoatory phrases) 


At Chilarapalli (same hobli), on a rock near Rendu-tiibina-kunte. 

(Grantha and Tamil obaracters.) 

svasti sri Devandi-siyauena pogada-vedattarku vitta danam 


At Diguvapalli (same hobli), near the hill to the north. 

(Qrantba and Tamil obaracters.) 

lil Vaisiya-vaniyannena kudi-pper soUiya Kaviri Marandann- 

ena Andanayanai agala-ppov-ena a. . .soUi kudiraiyai kuttikodu patten iduv- 
illaiy-enran vayil kutta-ppulu-chchorivan Kaviri-varigisattukkum Sakkali- 
varigisattar aga, .agil a-ppavattilepovargal Sivan enu sii-padam-sernden Kaviri- 
kilaivar maga 

Srinivaspur Taltiq. 355 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharacters.) 

soUi rai muunuruni mum surr-ulla man ka 

. . . . le Irajentira si . . Ganga kku mele na. . .lil Dundu- 

senmasarattil kulan-joi 


At Boyalpad, od two stones in a field in front of Gangama-gudde. 
(I) Salivahaua-saka-varusiiambulu 1G91 aguneti Virodlii-samvatsara Ashada-ba 

3 lu sunnagantivari karyalu kalap ganuka . . . srimatu - Lakslimi- 

Nayinivaru daya (II). .chenu. .sasanam yilavaru sukbaua anubhavinchu- 

koni sukhana vunde sarvadhikari . . . mukhautaram. . . .sasanam vesinadi. . 


At the same village, on a rock near the raja-kaluve. 
sri-Rama Tarana-samvatsara-Magha-su 5 lu sriman-maha-nayankacharyulayina 
Tadigola - Vasauta-Nayani - Tirumalapa - Nayanigaru Yanumula-Yarama-radi- 
komarundu Timma-radiki yi-Korikapalli stalaua tamu kattinchina cheruTU- 

kinda (usual improcatory phrases) 


At Raddivarapalli, in Niraganti Channiga's field. 
Manmatha-sarhvatsara-Ashadha-sudha 2 lu sriman-maha-nayankacharyalayina 
I ra I Tadigola Tirumalappayyani kumara Tirumalappa-Nayinivaru Kurige- 

palli-stala Tela-Venkata-komarudu Venkatapagariki rasiiichi yichchina 



At Mattevarapalli (same hobli), on a rock in Banta-Virappa's field. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varushambulu 1631 aguneti Virodhi- 
samvatsara-Margasira-su 13 lu sriman-maha-nayaukacharyulayua Tadigola 
Tirumalappa-Nayani kumara Tirumalappa-Nayanivaru Bouta-Chinaya-komaru- 
du Virappaku vrayinchina cbavatu-manya-kramam etlennanu kota gatti vari 
karyamlo Sravana-su 3 lu mritamaya ganuka ma nayankatanamuuaku chele 
Mokuvaripaliku. . . .ammanivari kattadanaralo vinkiarakatadi salav ichchinaru 
putra-pautra-pararaparyautarii anubhavinchukoni sukhana vundedi kanike 
kampadalu paui ledu 


356 Srinivaspur Taluq. 


At the same village, on a rock in the Pulimanyada chenu. 
subham astu Ktlaka-saiiivatsara-Magha-bahula 3 Soma | a-Virappa puli 
champiuanduku mechchi Tirumalappa-Nayadu dalavayi-Rangappa Yirappaya 
viru mechchi ma vura Vabayakunta-mundara tiirpu . . . puli-manyam (rest 



At the same village, on a stone on the borders of H. Majesty's territories. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1676 aguneti Bhava- 
nama-samvatsara-Magha-su 11 lu sriman-maha-nayaiikacharyulayina Tadigodlu 
Tirumalappa-Nayani-Venkatappa-Nayanigaru Appa-Naya. . .ku vrayinchi yich- 
chinadharinma-sasana-kramam etlannanu ma Dayarikatanamunaku chelle Mudi- 

madagu-sariisthanalo Motavaripalli kuppa. .bagamunaku raada Malle- 

devara chervu (rest iiiegibie) 


At bechirak Maralapalli (same hobli), on a stone in the old village site. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivabana-s:ika-varsI)ambulu 1687 agiineti Parthiva- 
saihvatsara Chaitra-su 5 lu Ralapadi-stala-Kadiri-maharayani Ramappa- 
Nayinigaru Lokati-Verikatappaku vrayiiichi yichina sasana Yirukal-seti . . . 
dana nela 


At bechirak Nallaguttpalli (same hobli), on a rock in Subba's field. 
subhara astu ii svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu 1679 
aguneti Dhatri-saih | Margasira-su 2 lu sriman-maha-Narasimhachuryulayina 
Kasipa-gotrala Bimarii-Nayani Batapa-Nayanigaru. . . .Kadirampalli Eguvapalli 

Komati paravanishtula pada-gani chesinaru gana yi-agrahararii 

Trimala-Na . . . koraku sukrita cherunattiga a-chandrarka-sthayiga anubha- 
vinchukoni sukhana vundedi (usuai finai phmses) 


At Baddipalli (same hobli), on a rock in Subba's netraVatti inam land. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushambulu. . . Rakshasa-sariivatsa- 

ra Kottapaleriivaru Badipalli-kotalaggapetinapudu dajuvayi-Bayanappa. . 

vachi chachchinadu ganuka manya-chenuni varu yi-Bayina kumaruniki 

Snnivaspur Tahiq. 357 

Randi-rediki Nadimpali polana kha 1 chenu nalina Kadulanu raadi kha. . . pata- 
uianyara yichchina 


At Balatamari (same hobli), on a rock at Devara-gadde, north of the village. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saii. . . rshambulu 1634 aguneti Nandaiia-saiiivatsara 
. . . .sriman-maha-nayaukacliaryalayina Tippa-Nayiui-kumara-Tiku-Tippa 
Nayini-varu ti. . . .Balimari-Virabhadra-svruuiku yichina manyamu chaudrar- 

kaniunaku Mudimadagu yichina Ayyanapalli Virabhadra-deva putra- 

pautra anubhaviiichi 




Date 1496 A. D. 
Be it well. (Oq the date specified), wlieii the dharma-maha-maiKlalesvara, 
champion over the mustaches of the world, Kathari-Saluva Immad i-Nara singa- 
Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom : — for the oiferings and perpetual 
lamp of the god Ramachandra of the Amritanatha-Bagara-matha of Muluvayi, 
Vivanasamudra Apparasa granted land as follows. — The AlahalU village of 
the Hosakote-sime which belongs to our oftice of Nayak, have we granted at 
the meritorious time of the eclipse of the sun, with pouring of water and a 
coin, to be enjoyed free of all imposts as long as sun and moou endure. Such 
is the dharma-sasana given. Sri-Raghunatha. 


Date?1452 A. D. 
May it be prosperous. (In the year specified), the maharaja Chikka-Raya 
. . . .rajayya granted the revenue {dddya) for dharma. 


Date 1746 A. D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), Vakkaleri Channanna gave to Dyava- 
rapa-ganda a surage-mdnya sasana (as follows): — in the Tirumalakupa village 
in Vakkaleri-hobali attached to the royal city (^rdjadlidiii) Kolilla, the kodigi- 
mdnya field of 3 . . and rice-land of 3 . . may you enjoy to sons, grandsons and 


Date 753 A. D. 
Be it well. In Koiiguni-maharaja Sripurusha's reign in the world, the 28th 
victoriousyear; — when Sivamara was rulingKadambur, — KadamburKhudaram- 
mala for Oiikaru Kantesvara granted by measurement a kauduga of rice-Iand''. 

*^ After this point most of the expressions are difficult to understand, and seem to be partly Tamil. 


2 Knlar Talnq. 

Bullocks will work the well for five montlis so that the point (of the plough) 
inay enter. Kantesvara and the ruling king will regulate and protect this. 
(What foUows is unintelligible.) 

Whoso willingly protects this dliarmma, his feet do I place on my head. 
Whoso destroys this dharmma is guilty of the five great sins. 

Half a kanduga is given for 


Date about 760 A. D. 

Be it well. When Sripurusha-mahriraja was ruling the kingdom of the 

world: — in the dispute {vyavahdra) between Kiidalur Padi-Odeya and Nandi 

Kadava Eranaga no debt remains. Witnesses to this, — L6kaditya-Ela-arasa's 

son Malladi, the forty of Kadambur, the renowned Pandumu of Vidattur, . . . 


Date about 753 A. D. 
Be it well. When Ko[iiguni]-maharaja Sri[puru]sha was ruling the 
kiugdom of the world: — Lokaditya-arasa having raised ? Kadambur and made 
au attack, for this he gave rice-lands (as specified). 


Date abont 925 A. D. 
Be it well. When, entitled to the liand of five chief instruments, of the 
PaUavanvaya, favourite of earth and fortune, glory of the PaHava-kula, Bira- 
Nolamba, was ruling the kingdom of the world : — Tonibuvvoya's sons Nagayya 
and Kondayya, gave to the Brahmans of Mendimangala 16 gadyana of gold to 
provide for feeding ? daily two Brahmans, to continue as long as earth aud 
moon. Whoso destroys this is guilty of the five great sins. 


Date 1323 A. D. 

While Posala vira-Vallala-Devar was pleased to rule tlie earth,— thc viahd' 
sdmantddhipati Pemmi. . Varada-bhuppali-nayakkar and the inhabitants of the 
Tekkal-nadu made (on the date specified) a graut of tlie wet and dry lands 
included in the four boundaries of the village of Settipalli, situated in the 
Vittimangala-parru, and of the lands below the big tank of Vittimaugala, 
having formed them into shares of one kandaga wet land each. (Then follow 
names of the donees and details of the shares.) 

Kolor Taliiq. 3 


Date about 758 A.D. 

Be it well. Wheu Koagoni-maharaja Sripiirusha was ruling the kingdom 
of the world: — and Lokaditya-Ela-arasa was ruling Kadauibiir;— the world- 
renowned Arasattamma, iu Kiirttika of that year, gave to Pulikkurukki-bhatara 
100 gadyana of gold only — which was paid and land bought in Chikka Banur 
and divided into 17 shares. And deducting the five sluices of Marasalur, the 
three reraaining sluices are for the enjoyment of the god. On this land, 
cultivating it so as produce fruit, one row in four will bo ploughed. Witnesses, 
the Brahmans of Belatur and Kadatiir and the forty-two of Kadambur. 

Whoso understanding cavries this out, his feet be on my head. Whoso 
destroys this is guilty of the five great sins. 



Date 1369 A. D. 

When vira-Bukkanna-udaiyar was ruling the earth, — (on the date specified) 
we, the mahd-sdmantddliipatl Sonneya-nayakkar and the inhabitauts of the 

nddu, including Nonapa made to Tambinayan a grant of. . . .neri 

near Vemamangala, as a kudangai. This is to continue as long as the moon 
and the sun endure 

The signature of the inhabitants of the nddu,— Sri-Bhairavanatha. 


Date about 1280 A. D. 

(The inBcriptioD is mostly defaoed.) 

Be it well. In the year of the reign of Poysala vira-Rama(natha- 



Date 1035 A. D. 

Be it well. In the 24th year of Rajendra-Chola-Deva, the lord who captured 

Gange, Kadara aud the east country : — Kayvara- nad. Bebugal Bukayya's palace 

priesfs son-in-law Palpadu Cholachari, when robbers carried off the cows of 

VoUeyur in T agadu-nad, coUected the cows, slew one of the robbers, recovered 

the cows, and being stabbed, went to sartjga. 




4 Kolar Taluq. 


Date ? 1482 A. D. 

(On the date specified), the eight priests of the god Bhayirava gave to the 
Chenji hill gaunda and his two sons (named) — -to these three^ an agreement 
(sddana) as follows: — You having built anew the Baichakere (tank) below the 
old breached one of Sihatti, made a sluicc, and fixed the money payment for 
land under it,— from the revenue of the rice fields so formed one share is due 
to us as the grant for dharma to the god's treasury; the remainder, according 
to best, middling and inferior soil, you may divide among yourselves and enjoy 
to children and posterity as long as sun and moon endure. Eveu if through 
much rain the tank should be filled and breacb, the tank is for ever yours to 
build, and to sow and raise crops on the rice fields of the estate. Local rent- 
free grants to be according to former custom. Sign manual — Bayirava-Deva. 

Written by seuabhova Hiriyana. May it be prosperous. 

In the Chenji hill country Baicbana built a new tank. 


Date 1269 A.D. 

(From tbe date specified) we two, Maraipukka-Raman Sipatinayan and 
Vairattamman, the headmen of Sripati of the Kaiv ara-n§,d u iu Nigarili-S ola- 
mandalam, bave jointly made a gift of lands (specified), exempt from all taxes, 
to the 17 bhattas of Maraipukka-Riima chchaturvedi-maiigalam, for as long 
as the moon and the sun endure. 

The feet of those that protect this charity shall be on our head ; and he 
who injures this charity shall incur the sin of one who has kiiled a tawny 
cow on the banks of the Ganges. Tiiis stoue 


Date 1294 A. D. 
(On the date specified) I, Sikka-Devana-dannayakkan Annamalai-devar, the 
great minister, councillor of tnandalikas, lord of the three worlds, and champion 
over the tbree kings, gave with pouring of water, for the god Tribhuvana- 
vidauga-kshetrabala-ppiljaiyar, who is worshipped for the success of tbe sword 
and arm of king Ramanatha-Devar, to continue as long as the moon and the 
sun endure, the tax on looms, the tax on goldsmiths, the tax on Ajivakas 
(or Jains), the tax on oil-mills, the tax on shops,'' as well as all other kinds 
of taxes in Kaljipalli, otberwise called Tirumadai-vilagam, which is a deva-ddna 
of this god. 

') The namos of somo moro taxes ocour; bnt tlieir moaning is not clcar. 


Kolar Taluq. 5 

He who injures this charity has killed a tawny cow ou thc bauks of the 


Date ? 1051 A. D. 

(This inscription has neither beginning nor end. It is dated in the 34th 
year of the Cbola king? Rajadhiraja.) 

Being directed by the revenue officer Vira- 

vichchadara-muvenda-velar to make an entry in the revenue register, — accord- 
ing to the royal order that has been received, signed by the royal secretary, 
the Miivenda-velan of J ayaugonfla-Sola-pParambur-nadu , to the effect that from 
the 34th year, ? (the village) known by the name of Karikala-SoIa-nallur has 
been granted as tax-free property to Parantaka alias Rajaraja-Chola-velan and 
his descendants; and according to the ul-vari that has been received, written 
by Virattur-kudi-kilavan, the imraWr-vari-tinaikkalam mugavetti, after having 

been entered in the register , and dated on the 222nd day of the 

34th year — Nallambar-udaiyan Anayaruttaman alia.^i Parapa-sulamani-mti- 
venda-velan, the puravn-vari-tiHaikkalam overseer, Ittai-kudi-udaiyan Kidandau 
Suppiramanniyan, the puravii-vari-tinaikkalam superintendent, Sirran Kad- 
udaiyan Pattagai Niranindan, the mugavetti, Pallava-Naranapuram-udaiyan 
Ainiiurruvan Aravamudu, the keeper of the land register, and Kolvaymangalam- 
udaiyan Mulliir Veiikadan, the writer of documents, having assembled, on the 
223rd day of the 34th year 


Date 1500 A. D. 

Be it well. (On tlie date specified, when, protected by the great king, 
Lingarasa'^ was rulingthe kingdom of the world: — Hadya Narasiuga-mahipala- 
raya's son (niade a graut for offerings to some god). 


Date 1512 A. D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), in the reign of the rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa Krishna-Raya-mabaraya: — the villages of Surabhi- 
devanapura belonging to the Gaurisvara temple in the Nel uvagila-sim e attacbed 
to the nayaka's office of Nara. .ni-Nayaka, and Urubuvanahalli otherwise 

named Somasamudra, these two villages, with the. . . under the old tank 

for the offerings to the god at the three seasons, the perpetual lamp 

■' The namea are doubtful, the insoription being very rudely engraved, andKannada words 
used spelt in Tamil f.ishiou. 


6 Kolar Tahiq. 


Date ? ahoiit 900 A. D. 
For tbe holy god Alala, Boyicha grauted the foUowing estate. Killayya 
halted at Uvarur and gave to the elder sister's son of Tribhuvana-bhujaganna, 
land. . . 


DateflOl? A.D. 

This is a duplicate, expressed in Kannada letters, of tbe Tamil iuscription 
No. 25 foUovving. 


Date?1017 A.D. 

(This iuscription is only a fragmeut, without beginning or eud.) 

Koyirraman, the collector of taxes, shall recover for 

every goat (or sheep) (that they fail to supply) a fine of 5 kalanju of gold, 
and in case he fails to recover the fine, he shall incur the great sin of killing 
a cow. If the gdmimda of the nddu and the gdmunda of this village do not 
supply the goats (or sheep) to Koyirraman, they shall be liable to a fine of 
100 kalahju of gold; and Koyirraman shall recover the said fiue from them. 
The feet of him who protects this charity To Rajendra-Sola-Devar 


Date loi; A. D. 

In the 6th year of the reign of varman alias Sri-Rajendra-Sola- 

Deva, — in Gaiigapallapuram of Nulambapadi alias Nigarili-Sola-padi, we, the 
inhabitants of Kaivara-nadu , bind ourselves to give one goat (or sheep) on 
every Tuesday to Chamundesvari, the goddess of Jayangonda-Sola-chchaturpedi- 
maugalam and the guardian deity of this nadu; and the gdmunda of this nddu 
shall be held responsible for this gift. 


Dafe 1286 A. D. 

In the 31st year of the reigu of the favourite of earth and fortune, maha- 
rajadhiraja-paramesvara parama-bhattaraka, lord of the excellent city of 
Dvilravati, sun in the sky of the Yadava family, crest-jewel of the all-knowing, 

Kolar Tahig. 7 

king of the hill kings, champion over the iiill chiefs, terrible to warriors, 
fierce in war, unassisted bero, Sanivara-siddhi, Giridui-ga-malla, a Rama in 
tirmness of character, a liou to the elephants his enemies, establislier"' of the 
Makara kingdom, raiser up of the Pandya family, the fearless pratapa-chakra- 
varti, the strong-armed Hoyisala sri-vira-Rfunanatha-Devarasar, we, the inliabi- 
tants of Periya-nadu belonging to Ambadakki-parvu of Kaivara-nad u in 
N igarili-Sola-maiidala m, have (on tho date speciliedj agreed to pay for the 
service of the god Ulaguyya-vanda-perumal, for as long as the moon and 
the sun endure, one pammo for every village where the cock crows. 
(Usual final imprecatoi-y sentence.) 


Date ? 1291 A. D. 

In the 37th year of the reign of while in this village the tax 

on looms, the tax on goldsmiths, the tax on Ajivakas jJains), urpalaclLcham, 
the grain in Karttigai and tbe tax on oil-mills, had been paid to the teraple 
at Madavilagam of tbe god Ulaguyya-vanda-perumaj from the time of the 
V annias, — I, AJagiyalan also gave (from the date specified) the above taxes 
(named again) togetber with the tax on shops and other taxes in this village 
for maintaining a perpetual lamp in the above temple, for victory to the arm 
and sword of the king'^ 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) 


Date 1294 A. D. 
(On the date specified) tbe son of Palaparayyan 


Date 1342 A. D. 
Be it well. (On tbe date specified), when Hoysala vira-Ba llalara sa-Deva 

was ruling the kingdom of the world: — S6ma-dannayaka's son 

Balappa-dannayaka's minister Kalavati Chavadiyakka? gave land to Bairi-deva. 


Date 1467 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. Dharma-sasana granted by Narasinga-Raja-Vodeyar, 
free of all taxes. 

'' 'The uprooter' in other inBOriptions. *' Apparently R&manatha Deya. 

8 Kolar Taluq. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), the maha-mandalesvara, champion 
over the mustaches of the world, Kathari-Saluva Narasinga-Rayarayya-maha- 
arasu granted for the god Bayirava of Sihatti as au eudowment {^piidivatfiffe) 
a dharma-sasana as follows .- — Whereas the villages formerly given by Rajendra- 
Chola and vira-BaUala for the offerings, decorations aud illuminations of the 
god, in the name of Naganna, in Kaivar a-nad in. . . .nad, continued in their 
time; — And since then troublesome men (lidvnlikdraru) having built. . . . 
villages, and the worship and offerings of the god having ceased;— Now, in 
order that the worship, ceremonies and festivals (specified) may be carried on 
according to former custom, and that in our name new trays of offerings 
(specified), six perpetual lamps, six ornamental lamps, and the chhatra for 
daily feeding 218 Brahmans which we have carried on, may be confirmed, we 

have given the foUowing villages: — {On the back) Villages given by 

Rajendra-Chola and Hoysala vira-Ballala (here follows the list) — altogether 
13 villages. The old and new ceremonies to be performed for the god, as 
above given, are repeated. Usual final verses. 


Datel495 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (On the date specified), when the maha-maiidale- 
svara, champion over the mustaches of tbe world, Kathfiri-Saluva Immadi- 
Narasinga-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — the maha- 
mandalesvara Timmaya-Deva-maha-arasu's son Narasaya-Deva-maha-arasu 
gave to Giiliya and the other priests of ihe god Bhayirava of Sihati a sasana 
as follows: — Tbe 28 gadyana that you formerly paid for watchmen's wages, 
alms and tribute to t he Kolala-sime belonging to our office of Nayaka, we 
grant for the offerings of your god Bayirava of your temple, and for a new 
car festival to be held for nine days, and for the expenses of extra sacrifices, 
lamps and ofterings, — in order that merit may accrue to Narasinga-Raya- 
mabaraya and to our fatber Cliikka-Timma-Raja. The grant is repeated. 

Usual final verses. 


Date?1468 A.D. 
(In the year specified), the maha-samantadhipati, champion over eighteen 
.... Sambyoya-Nayaka's son Chivuya-Nayaka gave to the god Bhayirava of 
Sihati a sasana as follows: — for one golden dish, one perpetual lamp, one. . 

. .wbich we bave given for that god Bhayirava, we give in Amaravala- 



Kolar Taluq. 9 


Date? 1468 A.D. 
(In the year specified) the househokl officer of Ramarasa of the Mari 
palace, Apparasa, and Basavanna grauted for the god Bayirava of Sihatti, to 
the priest Bayirayya, 3 honnu and 3 pana from the revenue of Turuvalahalli 
in Puli-nad. Imprecation. 


Date? 1400 A.D. 
(On the date specified) Baladaya's son Mada-Nayaka made a grant for the 
god Bayirava of Sihatti to provide certain offerings on every Sunday. 


Date'? 1298 A.D. 
(On the date specified) I, Irajaraja-kkarkataka-maharajan allas Vettaiyir- 
Sokkar, gave, for my long life, health and wealth, to the god Tribhuvana-vidanga- 
Ksbetrabala-pPillaiyar of Sripati all the dry and wet lands, exclusive of former 
gifts to temples, including the wells undergrouud and the trees overground 
within the four boundaries of Nusavakkirai which belongs to Maliyur-parru. 


Date 1393 A. D. 

(The meaning of this insoription is not qnite clear, on accouDt of the gaps.) 

The inhabitants of the nddu, including Naganna-udai-pradbanar, son of. . 
. . tanda-kara rayar-ganda Naganna-udaiyar of Kaivara-nadu in Nigarili-Sola- 
mandalam, Rajarasar, son of Brahmarasar, and others (some named), as well 
as the managers (many named) of the shrine at Sripat i, having met together, 
it was decided (on the date specified) that when the big tank in Sripati which 
was the tiriividaiyattam of the god was built, Periya-perumal-setti, son of 
Poyyangilar Pammi-setti, a leading Vaisya merchant, was to give ? to the god 
two kandugas of dry land near the southern outlet of the big tank; that in 

case built on the laud, no taxes in the village ; that tbe \Z pon 

paid annually including the big tank. ..; tbat had to be 

treated as a sarva-manya for a period of 8 years from ; and that thence- 

forward the wet lands below tbe tank should become kudangai lands. 

This is the charity of Periya-perumal, son of Pammi-settiyar. 





10 Kolar Talnq. 

40 a 

Date 1268 A. D. 

(From the date specified) we — Sipati-nayan, son of Maraipukka-Raman- 
Settidevar, and Vaiyritamman, son of Vaduganagan — gave Solakattai to 
provide for offerings of rice and . . . . for tbe god Siripati-nayanar. 

Usual final imprecatory seiitence. 

40 6 

Date 1271 A. D. 

(From tbe date specified) I — Vayirittamman, son of Maraipukka-Raman- 
Vaduganagan — gave a perpetual lamp for the god Sipati-nayanar. 


Date 1267 A. D. 

(From the date specified) I — Tammajayan, a desceudant of Sambu-kula, 
lord of Godaviri, terrible to titled kings, trailokkardya (king of the three 
worlds) — gave, witb pouring of water, all the dry aud wet lands within the 
four boandaries of Siriya-Nallalam, to provide for tbe noonday oS^erings of 
rice for the god Bairava-nayanar of Sipati. This shall continue unobstructed 
as long as tbe moon and the sun endure. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 

Engraved by Sipati, son of Maniyachari. 


(The first portion of this inscription is gone, and we bave ouly a portion of 
the usual final imprecatory verse.) 

He who confiscates land is born a worm in ordure for 60 thousand 



Date 1082 A. D. 
In the 13th year of the reign of sri-Kul6ttuuga-S61a-Deva, — Vlra-Sola-Brab- 
marayan, a Vaisya of tbe Sandilya-gotra and tbe lord of Sattanfir in Kuvalala- 
nadu, renovated this mardapa and tbis lutha (pedestal) of the god Kshetrapalar. 

Kolar Taluq. 1 1 


Date ? 1023 A. D. 

(This inscription is very niuch defaced in parts, and tlie last portion 
recording probably some grant is completely gone.) 

In the [? 12th] year of the reign of K6-pParakesariparmar alias sri-Irajendra- 
(Sola-devar) who, — while the goddess of Fortune having become constant, in- 
creased, and while the goddess of the great Earth, the goddess of Victory in 
battle, and the matchless goddess of Fame, having becomo his great queens, 

rejoiced — in his extended happy lifetime, conquered with Idaiturai- 

nadu; Vanavasi, shut in by a fence of continuous forests; K ollipakkai , whose 
walls were surrounded by sulli trees; the fortification of Maiinai, of unapproach- 
able strength ; the crown of the king of llam (Ceylon) which was surrounded 
by the impetuous sea; the exceedingly beautiful crown of his queen; the 
beautiful crown and the necklace of Indra, which the kings of the South (the 
Pandyas) had previously surrendered to the kings of llam; the whole of the 
Ila-mandalam surrounded by the clear sea; the crown praised by many and 
the garland of ruddy rays, which were family treasures worn in succession by 
the warlike Keralas ; many ancient islands securely guarded from time imme- 
morial by the sea resounding with conchs ; the crown of pure gold, worthy 
of Lakshmi, which Parasurama, who in anger weeded out kings twenty-one 
times in battle, had deposited in the inaccessible Sandima island, having 
considered it a secure place; the renowned Irattapadi Seven-and-a-half lakh 
(country), together with the immeasurable fame of Jayasiuga, who, out of fear 
and to his disgrace, turned his back at Muyangi and hid himself; the great 
mountains filled with the nine treasures; Sakkaragottam, whose warriors were 
brave; Madura-mandalam, whose fortresses had cloud-kissing banners; Nama- 
naiyakkonai, which was fuU of groves; Paiijappalli, whose warriors possessed 

cruel bows; Masu green ; together with many treasures, 

after having captured, along with his relatious, of the okl race of the 

moon, at Adinagavai; Otta-vishayam, dense bamboo thickets; 

the fine Kosala . . . . where Brahmans coUected together; Tandabutti, whose 

gardens abounded with bees ; Iranasura; V angala - 

desam, from wliich Govindasandan, dismounting from his horse, fled; 

elephants of great streugth, after having frightened on a. . .battle-field 

; Uttara-Ladam, the sea ; and whose sacred waters 

abounded with fragrant flowers; — on the hill of Sripati, a village 

of blessed name, situated in nadu of Nigarili-Soja . . . . aZias Nulamba- 






1 2 Kolar Taluq. 


Date i^86 A. D. 
(Oa the date specified) I — ... likakkara Tuttaraditta Raja-Narayana- 
Brahmadhirajan — gave, with pouring of water, for the god Tribhuvana- 
vidaiiga-Kshetrapala-pPillaiyar of Sripati, all the vvet and dry lands adjoining 
Muvaru, with their four boundaries, as a sarvamdnya. I, Vasudevar, (gave 
this) to the god Bhairava. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date 1283 A. D. 
(On the date specified) I — Maman-ankakkara''-tTuttaraditta Raja-Narayana- 
Brahmadhirajan — gave, with pouring of water, for the god Tribhuvana-vidanga- 
Kshetrapala-pPillaiyar of Sripati, all the wet aud dry lands, with their four 
boundaries in the village of Madakkirai, as a sarvamdnya. I, Gaiiga-pPeru- 
mal, (gave this) for the god Bhairava. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date 1281 A. D. 
(From the date specified) I — Vasudevan alias Ayyan-ankakkara''-tTuttara- 
ditya-Iraja-Narayana-Brahmadirajar, son of Gauga-pPerumal — gave according 
to the order of Gaiiga-pPerumal, to provide for offerings of rice for the god 
Tribhuvana-vidauga-Kshetrapala-Pillaiyar of Sripati, Mudukirai aud my portion 
within the four boundaries of the dry lauds set apart for the temple-manager 
. . .this tauk. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date 1280 A. D. 
(Ou the date specified) I — Vasudevan alias Aiyan-ankakara-tTuttaraditta 
Raja-Narayana-Brahraadiraja, sou of Gaiiga-pPerumal — gave, to provide for 
offerings of rice for the god Tribhuvana-vidaiiga-Kshetrapalaka-pPillaiyar of 
Sripati, my portion within the four boundaries of tlie wet and dry lands in 
Puliappalji of the Kaivara-nadu and the Agilasan tank in Iiigurukki, as tax- 
free temple property. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 

*' Maman-ankakkara = champion of his maternal uncle or father-in-law. 
" Ayyan-aiikakkara = champion of his father. 





^o^«r Taluq. 13 


i9aCe i^79 A. D. 
(On the date specified) I— Kariya-Ganga-pPerumal alias Annan-ankakara'*- 
tTuttaradita Raja-Narayana-Bralimadhiraja, son of Selva-Gangan — caused a 
mantapam to be built for the god Tribhuvana-vidanga-Kshetrapala-pPillaiyar 
of Sripati. To keep this mantapam in good repair, I gave, with pouring of 
water, my portion within the four boundaries of the wet and dry lands in 
Puliamballi of K aivara-nad u, as tax-free temple property, to last as long as 
the moon and the sun endure. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date ahout 1283 A. D. 
I — Ganga-pPerumal alias Maman-ankakara-tTuttaraditta Raja-Narayana- 
Brahmadhirajan — gave, for the god Tribhuvana-vidaiiga-Kshetrapala-pPillaiyar 

of Sripati, as tax-free temple property. Usual final impre- 

catory sentence. 


Date 1339 A. D. 
(From the date specified) I — Devappar of Kodambuliyur — gave for the 
success of the sword and arm of sri-P6sana-Vira-VaIlaladeva's son Periya- 
Vallappa-dannayakkar, to the god Tribhuvana-vidanga-Kshetrapala-pPillaiyar 

of Sripati, the tax on goldsmiths, untnardttam, and all other kinds 

of taxes in the two villages of Sripati and Kallapalli, Usual 

final imin-ecatory sentence. 


Date 1285 A. D. 
(On the date specified) I — Ganga-pPerumal alias Maman-ankakara Tutta- 
raditta Iraja-Narayana-Brahmadhirajan gave, as tax-free property and as a 
sarvamdnya, to last as long as the moon and tbe sun endure, all the wet and 
dry lands with their four boundaries, the wells underground and the trees 
overground, the adjoining ponds, and the tax on shepherds, in the village 
of Kadaikkatttir situated in the Kaivara-nadu, and all (the lands) in Suvarna- 

mangalam bordering on the above village, to nayanar and Somesvara- 

devar, sons of the raja-guru sri-Visvesvara-Siva-udaiyar of the Sandilya gotra, 

'' Annan-ankakara = cbampioD of his elder brother. 


14 Kolar Taluq. 

one of the disciples of Surami-devar alias Prasanna-Sivattaiyar, wlio was horn 

in the family of si'imal-Lakshadhyayi-mudaliyar of pure lineage and 

was ffurii to the Chola and the Panclya kings (prithvisura-Cftdla-Pdndyargalukku 


Date about 1020 A. D. 
(This inscription is mostly illegible.) 
la the...year of the reign of Kov-Irajakesarivarma alias sri-Rajadhiraja- 


There is no guide but virtue to thoso who uuderstand virtue. 


Date about 923 A. D- 

Be it well. When, entitled to^ the band o f five chief instru ments, of the 

Pallavanvaya, favourite of earth and fortune, glory of the Pallava-kula, Ayyapa- 

_\ Deva's son Eira-Nolamba was ruling the kingdom in peace: — The lord of 

Patmafigere, of the Vachcha-gotra, Kannamayya's son Irugamayya, and others 

(named) gave to the fifty Brahmans of Kelaniir 20 gadyana of gold for one 

daily to be kept up by the fifty. Repeats the names of those who shared 

iu making the grant. Imprecation. Written by Manmeyya. 


Date .? 1497 A. D. 
(In the year specified) the K ayivara-nad-prabh u, Kelanur Chokkappa- 
gaunda's (son) Paravatu-gaunda gave a well to Linga, together with the field 
and rice-land under it. 


Date7 abont 900 A. D. 
Be it well. (With titles as in No. 57 above), glory of the Pallava-kula, 
? Bholati-Raja grauted the right of cultivation iu the land under this tank 



Date ? about ISOO A. D. 
I, Maiyil-gamunda, gave, for the god Sangichchuram-udaiyar of Konur, one 
kandaga of wet land at Maiyilsamuttiram. 


«^ 3^^^^^^ ^sj^^^^^^^^^^^y 








^^ (f ^[j (P ij a 


vq,-^ ap'^''^^'. 

-0 ^j 

/.» r ■r' T , . _ / n ' ^' _ ^ . ^ /-,-7 T -7 




l .-^;n'?5'^ i^ (i^-^7J5^^^fm^^ ^a^m 







Kolar Taluq. 1 5 

■■ ''i 

63 \iLU. - 

Dute 757 A. D. f- . / A 

Be it well. Victorious is the manifested Boar fonn of Vishiin, which agi- 
tated the ocean and bore up the peaceful earth on the tip of his strong right 

Of the Manavya-gotra praised in all the world, sons of Haritl, nourished 
by the Seven Mothers the mothers of the seven worlds, through the protection 
of Karttikeya having acquired a succession of good fortune, having in a 
moment brought all kings into their subjection at sight of the boar crest ob- 
tained from the favour of the adorable Narayana, (were) the Chalukya-kula, — 
an ornament to wbich, his body purified by the final ablutions after the 
horse-sacrifice, was sri-Polekesi-vallabha-maharaja, — whose son, his pure fame 
established in the countries of the Vanavasi and other hostile kings overcome 
by his prowess, was sri-Kirttivarmma prithvi-vallabha-maharaja. 

His son, who by defeating sri-Harshavarddhana, the warlike lord of all the 
north, acquired the title of Paramesvara, was Satyasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha 
maharajadhiraja paramesvara. 

His dear son, known for his policy, his sword his only help, on bis single 
thorough-bred horse called Chitrakantba destroying all he desired to conquer, 
baving made his own the fortuue of his father which bad been obscured by a 
trio of kings, splitting with tbe thunderbolt his valour the mountains the 
Pandya, Chola, Kerala, Kalabhra and otber kings to their utter confusion, 
his lotus feet kissed by the crown of the king of Kanchi who had bowed to no 
other, — was Vikramaditya-Satyasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja 
paramesvara bhattaraka. 

His dear sou, who, even as Balendusekhara's son Tarakarati the overgrown 
power of the Daityas, so put a stop to the power of Trairajya the king of 
Kanchi'^ levied tribute from the rulers of Kavera, Parasika, Simhala and other 
islands, and by churning all the kings of the north (or the lord of all the 
north) had acquired the exalted paU-dhvaja^'' aud all the other signs of 
supreme power,— was Vinayaditya-Satyasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha mabaraja- 
dhiraja paramesvara bhattaraka. 

His dear son,who even in childhood had mastered all the scienceof weapons; 
uprooter of the clumps of thorns in the south, of which his grandfather was 
the conqueror ; in carrying out the operations of war even in front of his father 
who desired to conquer the north, having the edge of his sword worn away 
in splitting the skulls of the enemies' elephants; foremost in all battles; 

" Or tlie king of Kancht, possessed of three kingdoms. 

2' A special arrangoment of rows of tiaga. See Pathak'8 explanation, Iml. Anl. XIV, 104. 

1 6 Kolar Tuluq. 

imbued with true energy; causing the hosts of his enemies to turn their 
backs; who, while acquiring for his father the emblems of the Gaiiga Yamuna 
and pali-dhvaja, the insignia of the dhakka and maha-sahda, rubies, elephants 
and other spoils, being assailed by enemies who were fleeing, somehow through 
fate was carried away, but by his valour averted the danger of anarchy 
in the country, and like Vatsaraja, not needing the assistance of auy other, 
escaped from those obstacles and gratified the whole world with the protection 
of his own arm; who being the lord, by possessing in fuU the three powers 
of government, by breaking the pride of his enemies, by liberality and blameless- 
ness, was the refuge of all the world {samasta-bhuvanasraya^^y, having the 
pdli-dhvaja, a sign of all supreme power, and other (insignia) of a mighty 
kingdom; — was Vi|ayaditja-Satyasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja 
paramesvara bhattaraka. 

His dear son, who upon being anointed as the self-chosen of the Lakshmi 
of the dominion of the whole world, acquired great energy ; who, determined 
to completely uproot the Pallavas, the obscurers of the splendour of the 
former kings of his line, and by nature hostile, — reached with great speed the 
Tundaka-vishaya, fought in front of the battle and put to fiight the Pallava 
named Nandipotavarmma who came against him, captured his ill-voiced 
trumpet [katumuklia-vdditra), his special drum called 'roar of the sea', his 
flag of (Siva's) club, (khatvdnga-dhvaja*^), huge and celebrated elephants, and 
clusters of rubies which hy their own brilliant rays dispelled the darkness, — 
entered, without destroying it, Kanchi, like a beautiful zoue (kdnchi) to the 
lady the region of Agastya's abode (the south), and having gratiiied the tw ice- 
born, the destitute and the helpless with continual gifts, acquired great merit 
by pi'esentiDg heaps of gold to the Rajasimhesvara and other temples which 
Narasirhhapotavarmma had caused to be made of stune,— by the unimpeded 
progress of his povver (pratdpa), having burnt up (pratdpita) Pandya, Chola, 
Kerala, Kalabhra and other kings, — set up at the southern ocean called 
Ghurnnamanarnna (the roUing ocean), whose beach glittered with the rays of 
pearls scattered from their shells beaten about and split by the trunks of 
terrified elephants aud crocodiles, a pilla r of vic tory ", like the embodiment of 
the mass of his fame pure as the briglit autumn noon,— was Vikramaditya- 
Satyasraya sri-prithivi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara bhattaraka. 

His dear son, in youth well instructed in the use of arms, perfect in sub- 
duing his enemies the six kinds of passions, who through the joy which his 
father felt on account of his good qualities had obtained the rank of Yuvaraja, 

'' This became a title of the Chalukya kings. 

" A olub or staff with a skuU at the top of it, considered as an emblem of Siva, and carried 
by T6gi8. 

'' ¥or jayaslainbham, the origiual has jayamawib/iam. 

Kolar Taluq. 1 7 

praying for an order saying, "Send me to subdue the king of Kaiichi, the 
enemy of our family," immediately on obtaining it, marched forth and broke 
the power of Pallava, who coming against him was unable to engage in open 
battle and took refuge in a hill-fort, — and capturing his rutting elephants, 
rubies and treasures of gold, delivered them to his father; — thus in due time 
having gained the rank of Sarvvabhauma, the lotuses his feet dyed yellow with 
abundant poUen from the chaplets on the crowns of feudatories bowing down 
before him attracted by his valour; — Kirttivarmma-Satyasraya sri-prithivi- 
vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvarabhattaraka — thus commands all people: — 

Be it known to you, that by us, — seventy-nine beyond six hundred Saka 
years having passed, and the eleventh year of our victorious reign being 
current,— in our victorious camp stationed at the village named Bhandara- 
Gavittage '^ on the norlhern bank of the river Bhimar athi, ou the full moon 
day of Bhadrapada, — on the application of sri-Dosi-Raja, — is given to Madha- 
vasarmma, son of Krishnasarmma and grandson of Vishnusarmma, of the 
Kamakayana-gotra, versed in the Rig and Yajur-vvedas, the village of Sulliyur, 
together with Neiigiyiir and Nandivalli, situated in the midst of the viilages 
Tamaramuge, Panuiigal, Kiruvalli and Balavuru, on the southern bauk of the 
river Aradore, in the Panuiigal-jishaya'^ 

This let future kings, whether of our own race or of any other, reflecting 
that life, riches and such other tbings are as transient as lightning, and wish- 
ing to acquire fame that shall endure as long as sun and moon, earth and sea 
exist, maintain in all respects as if their own. And it has been said by the 
venerable Vyiisa, arranger of the Vedas:— By many kings has the earth been 
enjoyed, Sagara and others: whosesoever at any time is the land, his is then 
the fruit. To make a gift oneself is very easy; difficult to maintain another's: 
but of making a gift or maintaining one, the maintaining one is the better. 
Whoso seizes on land presented by himself or by another is born a worm in 
ordure for sixty-thousand years. 

By the great minister for peace and war, srimad-Anivarita-Dhanafijaya 
punya-vallabha was this sasana written. 

63 iUs) 
Date? 1740 A.D. 
(In the year specified), in the time of Chetrapati-Saheb,— the Subedar 
Yantaji-Basale granted to Mari-gavuda as a kattii-godige land (specified) for 
having a taok built in front of Daserahalli. This land is granted free of all 
imposts. That having the earth work and stone work of the tank well built, 
you may be at peace, is this kattu-godige. 

'' Identified by Dr. Fleet witfa Bhandar-Kawte in the Sh ol apur Di atrict (Bp. Ind. Y, 20 1). 
'' H&nugal in Dharwar Distriot, 

18 Kolar Taluq. 


Date ? 1494 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. (In the year specified), to Nanji-deva, the special 
crown guru to the throue of our kingdom, Sugatiir Mummadi-Tammaya-Gauda 
granted Garudanahalli Jayapura, free of all imposts. 


Date ? 1578 A. D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when Sri -Ranga-Dev a-maharaya, seated 
on the jewel throae, was ruling the isingdom of the world: — on the application 
of Sugatur Timmaya-Gauda, he granted to Chikka-Virabhadraya, son of Vira. 
Tumbikunte. . . .in the Kolahaia (country). 


Date 1384 A. D. 

Be it well. When the maha-mandalesvara, subduer of bostile kiugs, the 
Suratrana of Hindu kings, champion over kings who break their word, rajadhi- 
raja paramesvara, master of the four oceans, Harihara-Raya was ruling the 
kingdom of the world: — iu order that life, health and wealth might be increased 
to Naganna-Vodeyar, the champioa over Khandikara-Raya, and that his 
wishes and desires might be fulfilled to Naganna-Vocleyar's son Depanna-Vode- 
yar; — -the nad- mahaprab hus of Kolala, the southern Dvarapuri-pattaua, 
frequented by hermits of the Nigirilichola-manda la, Adhikari Lakkarasapa of 
Sadali, Mukanna-jiya, Sovana-jiya, Yiri-Setti and all the farmers and subjects 
being agreed, made a promise, aud (ou the date specified), at the time of the 
eclipse of the moon, made a grant of all the lands (specified) belonging to the 
Haleya-Kottaniir village in Kolala-nad , with all the usual rights, as far above 
ground as the loftiest tree, and as far below as the deepest well, to continue 
as long as sun and moon, — and dividing the lands into 16 shares, distributed 
them according to the following list (here comes the list) — altogether 16 shares. 


Date about 1280 A.D. 

I, Vedummara-Banau, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangau, the Purandara of the 
city of Kuvalala, a descendant of the Gaiiga family, Kavuri-vallabha, and the 
lord of Nandigiri — gave half of the wet and dry lands included in the four 
boundaries of the village of Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Kolctr Taluq. 19 


Date 1330 A. D. 

I, Pemmi-setti, the great Pasayitta, oae of the sons of Singaya-dannayakka, 
who was one of the ministers of vira-V allala- Deva, confirmed (on the date 
specilied) for the god Irugisvaram-udaiyar set up in the name of ray elder 
brother at Kottanur, for as long as the moon and the sun endure, the grant 
of lands (specified) made with pouring of water at the time of consecration, 
in the presence of Peramana, the revenue officer of K uvalala-nadu^ the inhabi- 

tants of Kuvalala-nadu, Mukkan settiyar, and tbe Sthanikas and Mahe- 

svaras of the four places (naraed). I also granted ten kulaga of wet lands 
below the Kurukkimugaran tank in the Kai vara-nadu. 

Further, I granted, with pouring of water, for as long as the moon and 
the sun endure, the Siva-Brahmana lands, the Fancha-Saivdldriyam and all 
other kinds of rights to Sellappillaiyar, son of our (/iiru Ulagukku-miitta- 
nayauar who, baving corae from Tirumudugunram, consecrated this god, to 
his brother Tirumudugunram-udaiyar and to his daughter Nachchiyar's son 

The 18 samayas also granted for this god the following dues:— 10 ^awas 
for an elephant, one pana for a horse, 2 bdsu for a womau's cloth, 40 nuts for 
every bullock-load of areca-nuts, 1 dldkku for every load of pepper, 1 kavaligai 
for every load of betel-leaves, 1 dldkku for every load of salt, 1 uri for every 
load of grain, 2 kdsu for every slave or servant, and 2 kdsu for every pair 
of cloths. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date 1330 A. D. 
I, Pammi-settiyar, the great Pattavyapari and chief of the Ubaya-Nanadesi, 
having (on the date specitied) caused a Siva-linga to be consecrated, a temple 
to be built aad a tank to be constructed, for tlie benefit of my elder brother 
Irugi-settiyar who had attained to Siva-loka on the 21st solar day of the month 
of Mclrgali of the year Sukla (1329 A. D.), made over the same, with pouring 
of water, to Pammana, son of Kuvarabakuttan of Nadavakirai, and granted 
to him certain wet lands (specified) in Iruga-samuttiram for conducting the 
? worship (mdddpattiyain) in the temple. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date 1404 A. D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), when vira-Harihara-maharaya was 
ruling the kingdom: — the mahd-vadda-byavahdri, mahaprabhu of both sects of 


20 Kolar Taluq. 

Nana Desis, Yirigi-Setti's son Yirigi-Setti had the Sivalaya of the god Vira- 
bhadra made, and for the offerings to the god granted lands (specified). The 
Virabhadra temple we have made over to Adinatha-vodeyar, and have granted 
this dharmma for those who conduct the worship of that god, for as long as 
sun and moon endure. Imprecation. 


Date 1712 A.D. 
Be it well. (On the Saka date specified), Patapanna being Subedar, — in 
(the Governnient of) Bijapur, in the sammat haveli pargana K olahar, and the 
sarkdr Karnataka, Ali Kban Saheb, in the year 1121 (/. e. of tbe Hijra), 
favoured to Vakkaleri Tammanna's son Bayichanna a uetra godi^e as follows: — 
This Bayichanna having come on the kiug's business, and been killed in the 
performance of it, the Saheb gave orders to his karakuns, the Faujdar Roka 
Beg and otbers (named) to give a village as netra godige. Whereupon they 
gave the Holerahalli village in the haveli-taraf Vakkaleri belonging to the 
royal city {rdjadhdni) Kolala, together with all rights, to continue as long as 
sun and moou and be enjoyed by his posterity, free of all imposts. 


Dafe? 1139 A.D. 
Be it well. In the 7th year of the reign of Rajaraja-Deva'^ (the lord) of 
the 7 beautiful cities, — I, Rajendra-Sola-Palavaradittan, alias Mukkarasar 
Kaduvetti, lord of Kanchi-pura, having caused to be built for the god Somisvaram- 
udaiya Mahadevar a temple on the hill called Virasritiruraalai at Surur, 
situated in Kuvalala-nad u of Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, granted Purakuttai as 
a devaddna for the god Mahadeva and tlie temple servants. (Usual final 
imprecatory sentence.) Udaiya-batta shall be the owner of this [property]. 


Date ahout 1280 A. D. 

I, Vedummara-Baua, alias Uttama-Sola-Ganga, the lord of the city of 
Kuvalala, a descendant of the Ganga family, Kaveri-vallabha, and the lord 
of Nandigiri — remitted the land tax, avichchiipdttam, the tax on sugarcane 
mills, the tax on houses, and all other kinds of taxes in the deva-dana of the 
god Somisvaram-udaiya-nayanar of Siirur. 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) This charity is to continue as long as 
the moon and the sun endure. (It is placed under) the protection of all 

'J Taken to be Rajaraja II. 

Kolar Taluq. 21 


Date ? 1321 A. D. 

I, Vikkirama-Gangan, son of Uttama-Sola-Gangan — the lord of the city of 
Kuvalala, a descendant of the Gaiiga family, Kaveri-vallabha and the lord of 
Nandigiri — Talaisiyarayau, alias Sananadalvan Komuttan, one of my mini- 
sters, and his younger brother Gangadarayan, alias Viman, we three granted 
(on the date specified) to provide for offerings of rice for the god Somisvaram- 
udaiya-nayanar on the hill at Surur in the Kuvalala-nad u, the remaining 
lands and the tank out of the lands situated below Purakkuttai which had 
continued as a devaddna from the time of my grandfather, after excluding 
8 kandaga lands (specified) for offerings of rice for the god sri-Mulasthanam- 
udaiyar. We also granted as tax-free temple property to Ponnabatta, a Siva- 
Brahmana of the Harita-gotra and Bahudhanya (Bodhayana?) sutra, who had 
been the landholder from the time of my grandfather, the lands (specified) 
set apart during the time of Gaiigapperumal to provide for offerings of rice 
for the god sri-Kailasam-udaiya-nayanar and the lands (specified) set apart 
for offerings of rice for the god Vimisvaram-udaiyar. 

This stone inscription [was put up by] Talaisiyarayan, one of my miuisters, 
and Gaiigadarayan, alias Virudar-kovan. 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) There is no guide but virtue to those 
who understand virtue. 

If a man eats up as much as a sesamum or a mustard seed of the property 
of a god, he shall uot return from hell so long as the moon and the sun 
endure. The protection of all the blessed Mahesvaras [is sought for this charity]. 

* 78 

Date 751 A.D. 
Be it well. In the 26th^ear of Kongoni M uttarasa ,— in Vakkilu belonging 
to Pulil-nad . . . slew and fell '^ 


Date ahout 890 A. D. 
Be it well. When Nitimar gga Kougonivarmma dharmma-maharajadhiraja 
paramesvara, lord of Nandagiri, boon lord of Kovalala-pura, srimat Permmana- 
cjigal, protectiug the Gangava di Ninety^six Thousand, was ruling the kingdom 
of the world: — 

'' The insoription is only legible here and there. 

22 Kolar Taluq. 

Be it well. When, entitleJ to the band of five chief instruments, of the 
Pallavanvaya, favourite of earth and fortune, glory of the Pallava-kula, sri- 
Nolambadhiraja was ruling the Gaiiga Six Thou sand; — by order of Nolamba- 
dhiraja — Be it well. Possessor of many good qualities, truthfiilness, purity 
and virtuous conduct, the lord of Benga, srimat Pompallam-Odeyar, making a 
stand in Mur^epadi, fought with Banar asa, slew many, fell and ascended to 
the world of heroes. 

Pleased with that, on the application of Nolambadhiraja, Nitimargga-Perm- 
manadigal aud Nolambadhiraja made a grant of Surur, washing his sword. 

Whoso of the Ganga and Nolamba farailies, as long as moon and stars 
endure, may be ruling and continues this gift to the Pompalla Venga family 
is a righteous man. 

Whoso destroys this has destroyed Baranasi, aud is guilty of the five 
great sins. 


Date 1384 A. D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), wheu the maba-mandalesvara, subduer 
of hostile kings, champion over kiugs who break their word, viraBukkanna- 
Vodeyar's son, tlie rajadhiraja paramesvara Harihara-maharaya was ruling the 
kingdom of the world : — in order that increase of life, health and wealth, and 
universal empire might be to tlie champion over Kantikara-Raya, Naganna- 
Vodeyar's sou Depanna-Vodeyar,— bis household officer Lakkarasa of Sadali, 
and the nad-prabhus (named) of Kolala in N ikarili-Cbo Ia-mandala, for the 
offerings and decorations of the god of the Mulasthana which is Kailasa, made 
a grant of the lands belonging to Chikka Hayur in this Kolala-na d, with all 
rights, as far above (ground) as the loftiest tree, and as far below as the 
deepest well. Imprecation. 


Date 1394 A. D. 
(On the date specified), we, — Madava-batta, son of Madava-batta, of the 
Kasyapa-gotra, Nachchiyappa and others (named)— the sthdnikas of the temple 
of sri-Mulasthanam-udaiyar at Tendattu-madaivilagam, having agreed among 
ourselves, thus sold our kshetra to Siruchchomana, son of Samanta-batta, of 
the Haritapa-gotra, a sthdnika of the temple of Somisuram-udaiyar at Surur. — 
Having veceived full payment, we made over to him, with pouring of water, 
fuU possession of the tract of land in this place which forraed our portion in 
the devaddna of the temple of sri-Mulasthanam-udaiyar, including the houses. 


Kolar Talwj. 23 

the gardens attached thereto, the gomal lands, the wet and dry lands with the 
four boundaries, the wells underground, the trees overground and the surround- 
ing bamlets, together with all kinds of rights (specified). 
This is to last as long as the moon and the sun endure. 


Date 1319 A.D. 

While the maha-mandalesvara, king of the hill kings, champion over tbe 
hill chiefs, lord of tbe four oceaus, vira-Vallala-Deva was ruling the earth. — 

Be it well. The Vattavyapari, chief of the Ubaya-Nanadesiyas, lord of 
Kolli, lord of the excellent city Uppanelli, Nadavaraditya, superintendeut of 
Kolala-nadu in Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, — Irugi-settiyar, — bavingbuilt the teniple 
of the god of sri-Miilastlianam, otherwise called .sri-Kailasam, at Tendattu- 
madaivilagam to tbe east of Kottanur in Kolala-pad u, granted (on the date 
specified) some lands (specified with details) a fourth of which was to be enjoyed 
by Periya-Karpaka-batta and Siru-Karpaka-batta, of the Kasyapa-gotra, sons 
of Maniya-batta of Malliyur, and another fourth by Kerala-batta of the Kasyapa- 
gotra and Kanakasabha,pati-Alvar's son Mulasthanam-udaiyar of the Kausya- 

Date 1331 A. D. 
Another grant made to some others (names given). Nayinar, Nallappa 
and Somana — these tbree sball divide aud enjoy it. 


Date 1417 A. D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), wben the maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara vira-pratapa Deva-Raya-mabaraya was ruling the kingdom of the 
world: — by order of the great minister Nagauua-dannayaka, in the time of 
Bayichaya-dannayaka, — the maba-savantadhipati Hebbere-Nayaka's (son) 
Appaya-Nayaka, the nad-prabhu of Kolala and others (named) made a grant 
for the Miilasthana god of Kendatti Madivala whicb is a new Kaihxsa, — and 
the maha-prabhu Yirigi-Setti's son Bayiri-Setti gave a dharma-sasana as 
foUows: — Madivala which is near to Kendatti in the Kolala-nad whicb is the 
N ikarilicboja-manda la, together with all tbe lands and rigbts (specified) 
belonging thereto, have we granted, free of all imposts, for the decorations 
and illuminations, offerings and festivals of the Mfilasthana god. Imprecations. 

24 Kolar Taluq. 


Date 1544 A. D. 
May it be prosperous. (On the date specified), when the maha-rajadhi- 
raja paramesvara vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Deva-maharaya was ruling the kingdom 
of the world: — 


Date 1739 A. D. 
(On the date specified), in the country attached to our office of vazir, 
Sardar-Khan of Hasina gave to Linge-Gaucla, son of the dalavayi Vire-Gauda 
of Kottanur, the Pemmisettihalli village, free of all imposts, with a stone 
sasana, — to be enjoyed by his posterity. 


Z)afe? 1641 A.D. 
Obeisance to Ramanuja. (In the year specified), to the ualan-chakravarti 
Venkatacharya, sri-Rauga-Raya granted the Pemmisettihalli village with this 
stone sasana. 


Date ? 1658 A. D. 
(In the year specified), Baseti's son Ire-setti and Lakimi-bayi's (son) Jambu- 

kadi Mappa-Nayaka gave to Depayya of the Kasmir-sarga , land for the 

sake of merit. Imprecation. 


Date 1744 A. D. 
(In the year specified), Kottanur dalavayi-Bhadre Gauda's kattu-godifie 
fiekl for the Bettana-kere. 


Date? 1726 A. D. 
(In the year specified), the honourable Subedar of the Settis of Kolala, 

90 (' 

Date 903 A. D. v,. 

Be it well. Success through the adorable Padmauabha, resembling (in 
colour) the cloudless sky. 



fh ; 

r^ Qs- 

i i ^^' 




2^^s< &r^ 



T^ <!>< ,2§ 

g^ (£, (^ G^^ i,03 




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^03 .fes- 






^{{'^^tn }pS^ 

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% ^.C? 





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^'^^ 1 rrs 

<), ^ ^ ^ Rx o-^^ 

ao q< P^ 


ao r 

;$5 b^ 






Kolar Taluq. 25 

A sun illumining the clear firmameut of the Jahnavi^or Ganga)-kula, 
possessed of strength and valour from the great pillar of stone divided with 
a single stroke of his sword, adorned with the ornament of a wound received 
in cutting down the hosts of his cruel enemies, of the Kanvayana-gotra, was 
sriinat Kongoriivarmma-dhammia-mahMliirdjali. 

His son, inheriting the qiialities of his faiher, posses-ing a character for 
learning and modesty, having ohtained the himnurs of the k ugdom only 
for the sake of the good governtneiit of his suhjects, a touchstone for (testing) 
gold the learned and poets, skilled among those who expound and practise 
the science of politics, author of a treatise on the law of adoption (dattaka-sutra), ''^ 
was sriman Mddhava-mahddhirdjah. 

His son, uniting the qualities of his father and grandfather, having entered 
into war with many elephants (so that) his fame had tasted the waters of the 
four oceans, was srimad Harivarmma-nialiadhirdjah. 

His son, devoted to the worship of Brahmans, gurus and gods, praising 
the feet of Narayana, was srimad Vishuitgdpa-mahddhirdjah. 

His son, whose head was pui*ified by the pollen from the lotuses the feet 
of Tryambaka, having by personal strength and valour purchased his kingdom, 
daily eager to extricate the ox of merit from the thick niire of tlie Kali-yuga in 
which it had sunk, was sriman Madhava-mahddhirdjah. 

His son, the beloved sister's sou of Krishnavarmma-mahddhirdjah, — who 
was the sun in the tirmament of the Kadamba-kula, — his miud illumined with 
the increase of learning and modesty, of indomitable bravery, reckoned the 
tirst among the learned, was sriman Konguni-mahddliirdjah, named Avinita. 

His son, having the three powers of increase, who had brought anxiety to 
the face of Yama on account of the smallness of the residue left after the 
countless animals offered to him as a tribute (namely) the brave men 
consumed in the sacrifice of the face of the many wars waged for Andari, 
Alattur, Poralare, Pelnagara and other places, author of a commentary on 
tifteen sarggas of the Kirdtdrjuniya, was named Durmintta. 

His son, the lotuses of whose feet were yellow with the swarming bees the 
lines of the crowns of savage kings rubbing against one another, was named 

His son, of a pure wisdom acquired from his beiiig the abode of fourteen 
branches of learning, distinguished for his skill among those who teach and 
practise the science of politics in all its branches, a rising sun in dispersing 
the clouds of darkness his enemies, was Srivikrama, the first so named. 

His son, whose broad chest bore on itself the tokens of victory in the 
shining scars of wounds received in many battles inflicted by the tusks darting 
like lightning of huge elephants, possessed of the essence of all the sciences. 

26 Kolar Taluq. 

having gained the three objects of worldly pursuit, of virtuous life and daily 
increasing glory, was named Bliiivikrama. ^Yho, moreover, had conquered 
the Pallavendra king in a terrible battle in (the place) named Vilanda, 
trodden to dust by the feet of a hundred elephants maddened with streams of 
blood issuing from the door of the breasts of the warriors forced open by all 
manner of weapous; called the Rdja-Srlrallabha, in the enjoyment of fortune 
obtaiaed by victory in a hundred iights. 

His younger brother, whose lotus feet were irradiated with the brilliance 
of the myriad jewel suns in the diadems of the great kings bending down 
before him, the self-chosen lord of Lakshmi, was named Nava-Kdma, beloved 
by the good {sishta-priyah), his fame in destroying the hosts of his enemies 
being the theme of song. 

Of that Konffaui-mahdrdja, whose other name was Sivamdra , the grandsou, 
the groups of the toes of whose feet were illuminated^with a rainbow light 
from the rays of the uumerous jewels set in the bands of the crowas of prostrate 
kings; who had fixed his faith on Narayana; ragiug with fury in the front of 
war horrid with the assault of horses, heroes, men and elephants; terrific in 
anger (or, Bhimakopah); no less a captivator of the glances of young womeu 
the most skilled in the joyful art of love than a subduer of the world; laden 
with spoils of victory gained in mauy uiost arduous wars, a liou to the herd 
of elephants the hostile kings, a lion among kings (or, Rdjakesart). Moreover, 
a sun greatly illumiuing the clear firmament of the Gaiiga race, a terror to 
hostile kings, a protector of the fortunate ways of good men, liaving obtained 
a good kingdom, a kiug of superior qualities among all kings, ever victorious 
is the Rdja Srlpurnsha, a head-jewel among princes. To women, a Kama (Cupid); 
iu the use of the bow, the son of Dasaratha (Rama); in valour, the son of 
Jamadagni (Parasurama); in great wealth, Baliiri (Indra); in great glory, 
Ravi (the sun); in government by himself, Dhauesa (Kubera); of a mighty and 
splendid energy ; the benefactor of all things living, whom the poets daily 
praise as the creator Brahma. He, also, the middle of whose palace echoed the 
sounds of the holy ceremonies which accompanied his daily rich gifts, — was 
S ripuriisha, t he first so named, FritJiivi-Kongani-mahdrdjah . 

His son, the pair of lotuses his feet caressed by the chaplets on the crowns 
of all the kings bowing down to bis glory ; the sharp bright sword in his arm — 

(a ylate missiug lierey^ 

•' The loBii of the plate at this point is unfortunate, bnt the Manne plates (Nelamangala 
No. 60) enable us to supply the gap as follows: — embraocd by the goddess of viotory on pulling 
down his onemy kiug VaUabha with its band, the pillar his arm streakod red with the drops of 
blood oozing frora the tcmples of the elephants of opposing hostile kings split open in the front 
of battle; having his enemies overthrown with sliowers of arrows from his bent bow drawn baok to 
his ear; the sky filloJ with hundreds of banners won by viotory in war; a king who on his 
becoming angry, the hostile kings go in a momcnt into the mouth of Antaka (Yama), horrid to 

Kolar Taluq. 27 

..Moreover, brought into this world mingled with troubles like matted pairs 
of top-kDots, supporter of the fine arts, beloved by the learaed, devoted to 
policy, a birthplace of pure qualities, leader of kings, esteemed as a poet, 
skilled in poetry, his head purified by prostration at the lotus feet of gurus; 
of distinguished fame from victory over tlie army of Vallabha, commanded by 
Rashtrakiita Chalukya Haihaya and other brave leaders, which had entered the 
village named Mudugundur , — was Sivam dra-Deva. 

His brother was Vijaydditya. From him was born a good son, beloved by 
the world, his glory dispersing the darkness his enemies, the praised Rdjamalla, 
his feet illumined with the (crowns on the) heads of prostrate kings, a raja 
free from all fault like the moon from the ocQ2i.n,—srl-RAjamalld, with the 
second name Satyavdkya. 

His son, moreover, who with showers of arrows from his bow like a deluge 
of rain, the flashes of his sword like lightning, the infuriated elephants like 
bhxck rain-clouds, the streams of blood like (the path of) thunderbolts, in a 
terrible battle resembling the burst of the rains, with a great wind of horses, 
the foremost of kings, defeated as in sport his powerful enemies in (the place) 
called Rajaramadu, — was iri-Nitimdryga. 

His son, moreover, born from him, who even as a boy being able to 
support the earth, had obtained the rank of Yuvaraja, was the son srt- 
Rdjamalla, his fame as bright as the moon iiluminating all the points of the 

When, having become lord of all the world from being the self-chosen 
of Lakshmi, destroying the host of his enemies by his valour, a mine of good 
qualities, a tree ofplenty to eulogists, sri-Satyavdkya-Permmdnadigal, was ruling 
the kingdom of the world, — in the eight hundred and twenty-fourth Saka year, 
in the month Phalguna, the 5th day of the bright fortnight, the nakshatra 
being Rohini, — this grant was madc with pouring of water. 

For Kamungare-kanti, — female disciple of Uttanindipuri Mandala-bhatara, 
the disciple of Kamuiigare Kadahura-bbatara, — Polmada Madade-Nandaka's 
(son) Aiyyammade-Nandaka's (son) Megante-Nandakagadeya had a basadi made 
in Kannamangala, and for that basadi granted (the following) land,— the betel- 
leaf garden west of the basadi, the new garden of Mudagare on the western stream, 
and below the tank a plot of three kandugas of the Tembelatta-palla land. 

behold, filled with twining entrails and streams of blood; lighting up also the ten cardinal pointa 
with the glory of his fame as unspotted as the rays of the moon ; distinguished by all the marks 
of an eniperor; desirous only of benefitting others, without seeking any benefit for himself ; having 
by his administration of justice rooted out the evil practices of the Kali age; surpassing Brihaspati 
in skill in his measures of policy; his charaoter like a stono pillar for protecting dharmma from 
ruin tbrough the myriad cunning devices of a host of evil kings ; surrounded by the twice-born 
gratified with his continual bestowal of gifts ; flowing on withont intermission and benefitting 
all the world, his gifts outdo the streams of rut from the regent elephants. 



28 Kolar Taluq. 

For the basadi the Sottiyur-oreya Madamayya's son Srivarmmayya had caused 
to be made, was given (the following) land, — the back garden outside the 
basadi, and a plot of eight kolagas in Terabala. Elanomme-Divve's son Ayya- 
pananime gave (the following) land, - a cocoa-nut garden west of the basadi, 
and in Tumpohi four kolagas of Palla land. 

Thus does Rama-Deva beseech all future kings,— Z)/iam»jffl is a common 
bridge for kings; this from age to age should you maiutain. 


Date 1076 A. D. 

The Saka year 998. 

In the 7th year of the reign of Kov-Irajakesarivarma, alias the emperor 
sri-Kul6ttunga-S61a-Deva — Kumarandai Kattamaiyanna Irumudi-S61a-ma,ya- 
latti of Jananada-chchatuppedi-mangalam, alias Velliyur, of the Kai vara-nad u 
in Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, having rescued the cattle of Velliyur and saved the 
village from destruction, attaiued to svarga. His son, Kettirapalanan Irumudi- 
S61a-mayalatti set up this stone 


Date 1288 A. D. '^ 
In the 34th year of the reign of the universal emperor sri-Posala-vira- 
(V' ^^ 'i^ Ramanada-Devar,— I, S6mana-deva's son Gangadara, the strong-armed Vira- 
Narayana, mandal ika of Koyyakura-nadu, Annan-aukakara Nalerganda — to 
provide for a ndli of rice for the noonday offerings for the god of Tirukkambi- 
svaram, otherwise called sri-Kailasam, aud for the god sri-Mulasthanam-udai- 
yar, in sri-Vishnuvardhana-chaturvedi-mangalam, alias Velliyiir— gave (from 
the date specified) a fourth of Ambadakki in the Kaivara-nad u and tho taxes 
(uamed) in Velliyur. 


Date 1167 A. D. 

^ While the maha-mandalesvara, Tribhuvanamalla, capturer of Talaikkadu, 
Kongu, Nangali, Uchcbangi, Vanavasi, Panuhgal and Pelvala, the strong-armed 
vira-Gahga-pratapa sri-Narasiriiha-Posalisvara was pleased to rulo the earth — 
(on the date specified) 

'' The Saka year given is 1221 oorresponding to Sarvadhari. But Sarva(ih&ri= 1210. The 
Kali yoar givon is 4390 whioh oorrosponds to the Saka year 1211. So, 1210 is the year meant. 


Kolar Taluq. 29 


Date 1406 A. D. 

(Ou the date specified), at the time of the eclipse of tbe moon, — the great 
minister Bommanna-dannayaka's son — by order of Deva-Raya, — for the god 
Soma of Belliir, which is the Vishnuvardhana-chaturvedimangala, granted thc 
two villages of Bayilanakuute belonging to Bellur-sthala, given by Kannara- 
Deva-Raya, and Tujilahalli, given by Deva-Raya, — together with all the lands 
and rights (specified) pertaiuing thereto. 

And by that order, Dulinidava-Rani's son Malidevi-Rani remitted the taxes 
(specified) payable for the houses of the priests in that country and the other 
sacred buildings 


Date 1286 A. D. 
lu the 32nd year of the reign of Posala-vira-Ramanada-Deva — I, Aiyan-aiika- 
kara Tuttaraditta . . .nna-Gaiigapperumal, sou of Savasinayan, grauted (ou 
the date specified) for the gods sri-Kailasam-udaiyar aud sri-Mulasthanam- 
udaiyar of sri-Vishnuvardhana-chchaturvedi-maugalam, alias Velliyur, the 
? taxes in this village. 

(Usual fiual imprecatory sentence.) 


Date? about 1280 A.D- 
Ponnandal, daughter of Kurukkaiy-udaiyar of Irajarajapuram, having set 
up Palliyarai-Nachchiyar (the goddess of tho bed-chamber) in the temple and 
celebrated the sacred marriage festival, made a grant of hxnds to provide for 
a daily offering of 1 ndli of rice, aud when the goddess was taken in procession 
round the village on the day of Uttard-nakshatra in the month of Paiiguni. . 


Date 1284 A. D. 
In the 31st year of the reign of the emperor of the whole world, Posala- 
vira-Ramanada-Devar — I, Tokkaraisani, granted (on the date specified) 6i kuli 
of land (the boundaries given) to provide for a sacred lamp in the temple of 
Vala-vanda-perumal at Velliyur, alias sri-Vishnuvardhana-chaturvedi-mangalaui. 
Another grant of land (specified) for the god Villiyar and a second graut of 
land (also specified) for the god Vala-vanda-perumal, are also mentioned. 
(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) 

30 Kolar Taluq. 


Date 1288 A.D." 

In tlie . . . .of tbe reign of the emperor of the whole world, sri-Poysala-vira- 

Ramanatba. . . ., I , the strong-armed Vira-Na , mandalika of. . . 

. .nadu, Anna , granted (on the date specified) lands (specified) to 

provide for offerings of rice for the god Vala-vanda-perumal. 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) 


Date 1153 A. D. 

While the maha-mandalesvara, Tribhuvanamalla, capturer of Talaikkadu 
Kongu Nangili Gangapadi Nulambapadi Uchchaugi Vanavasi and Panuiigal, 
the strong-armed Vira-Ganga Jaganekamalla sri-Narasimba-Poysala-Deva was 
pleased to rule the earth — To the temple of sri-Narasinga-vinnagara . . . alias the 
Tigubeli temple, at Velliyur, alias sri-Visbnuvarddhana-chaturvedi-mangalam, 
in the Kaivara-nadu of Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, one vr-ltti was granted by. . . 
. . . . , one by the members of the assembly, and one was purcbased and 
granted by Madeva-setti. Half a vritti was granted (on the date specified) by 
the Brahmani Alvanaiigaisani, wife of the bliatta Perayiram-udaiyan, who was 
the bhagasvami of the village, to provide for ? oflerings of rice for the god 
Vennaikkamayaruliyav-emberuman. This half share granted by Alvauaiigaisani 

aud her husbaud's brother along with the Srivaishnavas in the presence 

of Periyapillai in the year Bbava 

100 i 

Date 1380 A.D. 

(On the date specified), we, the pfijdris (three named) of the temple of 
Vala-vanda-perumal at Vejliyur, alias sri-Vishnuvardhana-chaturvedimaiigalam, 
gave, with pouring of water, lands (specified) and a house (specified), exempt 
from taxes, to Sirappanachari Nallapillai's sou Mandalapurusha of this village 
for work done to the temple. This is to coutiuue as long as the moon aud 
the sun exist. 

(Usual final imprecatorj seutence.) 

'^ The Saka year 1121 is given as corresponding to Sarvadhari. But Sarvadh&ri oorrespond- 
ing to 1210 is meant. See No. 92. 1121 is a mistake for 1211. 


Kokir Taluq. 31 


Daie 1363 A.D. 

While tlie possessor of all victorious titles, tlie nmhri-mandalesvara, subduer 
of hostile kings, champion over kings who break their word, lord of both tlie 
oceans, sri-vira-Bukkanria-udaiyar's son Kampanna-udaiyar was ruling the 
earth — the sole manager of his palace, Abhaiiga-Garuda Narayana-chakrakola 
vijaya-chudamani Dugganna granted (on the date specified) for the gods Vala- 
vanda-perumal and Villiyar of Velliyur, alias sri-Vishnuvardbana-chaturvedi- 
mangalam, to provide for worship, sacred lamps, offerings of rice, sandal, 
dancing, vocal and instrumental music, all the dry and wet lands included 
within the four boundaries of Velliyur together with all kinds of taxes (many 
named) sucb as the tax on looms, tbe tax on oil-mills, etc. as a sarvamdnya. 


Date 1298 A. D. 

(On^the date specified) the pratapa-chakravarti sri-P6sala-vira-Vallala-Deva's 
son Narasirigapa-dannayakka's son Vallappa-dannayakka made tlie foUowing 
grant for the god V^ala-vanda-perumal of Velliyur to provide for offerings of 
rice, sandal and sacred lamps :— one share of lands wbich he bougbt after fuU 

payment of 10 pieces of gold at. .i pana for eacb kuli from Kesavapillai 

Allai who bad received it as ber portion from Kanyanar, including. . .kulis of 
tbe garden lands and the superior and inferior lands below tbe tank of Velliyur, 
and the knttais (named), the dry lands, the wells underground aud the trees 
overground in the same village, togetber witb the present and tbe future profits 
(named) that accrue to the sbare. 


Date 1428 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On tbe date specified), Lakkanna- 
Vodayar granted to Sirigarasa's son Annadata tbis dharmma-sasana:— the tank 
built by your Danakaui-devi in the Bellitr-sime belonging to the Mulu vayi 
k ingdom,— in the presence of the god Viriipaksha on the bank of the Tuuga- 
bhadra, in order that dbarmma may be to Deva-Raya-mabaraya,— we have 
granted to you, together witb all tbe rice-land below it as far as the water 
flows, and the dry fields attached thereto, with all rights, free of all imposts. 


32 Kolar Taluq. 


Date 1390 A. D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), at the time of tlie eclipse of tlie sun, — 
when the maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara, subduer of hostile 
kings, champiou over kings wlio break tbeir word, vira-Bukka-Raya's son, 
master of the four oceans, Harihara-Rayarasu was ruling the kingdom of the 
world: — Lakshminathapura, which is Mantrigundi in Kolala-nad, the southeru 
Dvaravati-pattana, frequented by hermits, of Nigarilichola-mandala belonging 
to the champion over Khantikara-Raya, Naganna-Vodeyar, — Hibbari 
Lakumaiya-Nayaka granted for dJiarnima. The nad prabhus of Kolala (several 
named) and other men disposed to dharmnia granted all the lands belonging to 
that Lakshminathapura. 


Date 1019 A. D. 

In the 8th year of the reign of K6-pParakesaripammar, alias sri-Rajendra- 
Sola-Deva who, — while the goddess of Fortune, having become constant, 
increased, and while the goddess of the great Earth, the goddess of Victory 
in battle and the matchless goddess of Fame, having become his great queens, 
rejoiced — iu his extended happy lifetime, conquered with his great aud war- 
like army Idait urai-nad u; Vanavasi, shut in by a fence of continuous forests; 
Kollippakkai, whose walls were surrounded by liiUi trees; Mannaikkadakkam, 
whose fortification was unapproachable; the crovvn of the king of Ilam (Ceylon) 
which was surrounded by the impetuous sea; the exceedingly beautiful crown 
of his queen; the beautiful crown and the necklace of Indra, whicli the king 
of the South (the Pandya) had previously surrendered to the kings of llam; 
the whole of the Ila-mandalam surrounded by the clear sea; the crown praised 
by many and the garhxnd of ruddy rays, which were family treasures worn in 
succession by the warlike Kerala; many ancient islands securely guarded 
from time immemorial by the sea resounding with conchs; and the crown of 
pure gold, wortliy of Lakshmi, which Parasurama, who in anger extirpated 
kings twenty-oue times in battle, had deposited in the iuaccessible Sandima 
island, having considered it a secure place; — 

Araiyan Rajarajan, alias Vikkirama-Sola-chcholiyavaraiyan, of Satta- 
maiigalam in Tiraimiir-nadu of Uyyakkoudar-valanadu in Sola-mandalam, 

■ I " ■ftTWirta w 

gave one perpetual lamp, which was to burn for as long as the moon and the 
suu exist, for the goddess Pidariyar of Kuvalalam in tlie Kuvalala-nadu of 
Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, alias Nulambapadi, and, for the maintenance of the 
lamp, made over 5 good she-bufi'aloes which must neither die nor grow old to 



Kolar Taluq. 33 

the worshippers of the goddess, Sornapuliyan aud Vinakkalan, Siva-Brahmanas 
of the Kausika-gotra. 

This is under the protection of all Mahesvaras. 


Date 1006 A. D. 

In the 22nd year of the reign of Ko-Rajakesaripamma, allas sri-Rajaraja- 
Deva, for the goddess Pidariyar of Kuvalalam in the Kuvalala-ua du of Ganga- 
sayaram, the king was pleased to grant, with pouring of water, the village of 
Araiyur in the Kuvalala-nadu, as a devaddna, with exemption from all imposts, 

and to make it over to the hands of tlie worshipper of the goddess, , 

a Siva-Brahmana of the Kausika-gotra. 

106 c 

Date ? 996 A. D. 

(This inscription has neither heginning nor end. The regnal year 12 is 
given, perhaps of Rajaraja of No. 106 6 above.) 

Agreeably to the entry made in the revenue register in accordance with 
intimation received dated on the . . . day of the 12th year of the reign of . . . 

to the effect that Pakkam .... in the Kuvajala-nadu of Ni garili- 

Sola-mandalam was granted as a devaddna from the 12th year for defraying 
the expenses in the temple of Pidariyar at Kuvalalam in the Kiivalala-nadu. . 


106 d 

Dafe about 1071 A. D. " 

(This inscription may be a continuatiou of No. 108. It merely gives the 
details of the allotment of allowance in rice and money to the various servants 
in the temple of Pidariya,r) 

[The following is the allotment of allowance] to 

the servants performing.various duties in the temple: — to the Kannata-pandita 
who conducts the mdddpattiyam of the temple, 180 kalam of paddy for 360 days 
at the rate of 1 tiini and 1 padakku a day; to the Brahman Marasinga-batta 
of the Gautama-gotra who conducts the sacred worship, 60 kalam of paddy for 
360 days at 1 padakku a day, together with 2 kasu, the equivalent of which 

*' The witnesses are the same officers who apportion allowanoes to Yarious temple servants 
in No. 108. 


34 Kolar Taluq. 

in paddy is 5 kalam 1 tiini and 1 padakku ; to the four Bralimacharins who 

, 75 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 5 nali each a day, together with 

2 kasu, at % kasu each, the equivalent of which in paddy is 5 kalam 1 tuni 
and 1 padakku ; to the man who supplies water for the sacred batli of the 
goddess, 15 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 4 nali a day; to the two men who 
gather flowers and hold the sacred parasol, 30 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 
4 uali each a day; to the three watchmen of the temple, 90 kalam of paddy 
for 360 days at 1 kuruni each a day, together with 3 kasu, at 1 kasu eacb, 
the equivalent of which in paddy is 8 kalani and 3 kuruni; to the two men 
who work in the sacred flower-garden, 60 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 
1 kuruni each a day; to the four Yoginis, 60 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 
4 nali each a day; to the four Yogesvaras, 90 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 
6 nfili each a day ; to Bhayiravamudali Virajendra-kKaliyuga-Bhayirava, 60 
kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 padakku a day; to the three Bhayiravas, 
90 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruni each a day ; to the drummer who 
beats the drum ? bound on the head, 45 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruiii 
and 1 nali a day; to the two men who beat the tabor (mattalam), to the man who 
beats the double-drum (karadigai), to the man who beats the gong, to the 
man who rings the liand-bell, and to the two men who blow the conch — to these 
seven men in all — 105 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 4 uali each a day; to 
the ? kamhddaviyan, 30 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruni a day; to the 
dancing-master, 37 kalam 1 tiiiii and 1 padakku of paddy for 360 days at 
1 kuruni and 2 nali a day, together with 1 kasu the equivalent of which in 
paddy is 2 kalam 2 ttini and 1 kuruni; to the ac^countant 30 kalam of paddy 
for 360 days at .... a day, together with 1 kasu, the equivalent of which in 
paddy is 2 kalam 2 tuni and 1 kuruni; to the twenty-four dancing-girls, 540 
kalam of paddy for 360 days at 6 nali each a day; to the potter who supplies 

pots to the temple-kitchen , 15 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 4 nali 

a day; to the washerman who washes the vestments of the goddess, 15 kalam 
of paddy for 360 days at 4 nali a day ; to the astrologer, 30 kalam of paddy 
for 360 days at 1 kuruni a day, together with 1 kasu the equivalent of which 
in paddy is 2 kalam 2 tuni and 1 kurui.ii; to the lecturer on vyakarana and 
yamala, 30 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruni a day, together with 
1 kasu the equivalent of which in paddy is 2 kalam 2 tuiii and 1 kuruni ; to 
the ? pujdri, 30 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruni a day ; and tothe mason 
who repairs the temple, 30 kalam of paddy for 360 days at 1 kuruni a day. 

Thus has the allotment been made. This is the signature of Nirupa-sika- 
maiii Yilupparaiyan, the puravu-vari-tinaikkalam-mugavetti. Tliis is the signa- 
ture of Virasikamani-muvenda-velan. 

Be it well. 



Kolar Taltiq. 35 


Date 1054 A. D. 

In tbo 3rd year of the reign of K6-pParakesaripammar, alias sri-Rajendra- 
Deva — who, having conquered the Irattapadi seven and a half lakh (country) 
and set up a piilar of victory at Kollapuram; having terrified Ahavamalla at 
Koppam on the bauk of tbe great river and taken possession of his elephants, 
horses, woraen and treasures; and having performed the anoiutment of victory, 
was graciously seated on the tbrone of heroes — 

On the 86th day of the 3rd year of the king's reign, , the overseer 

of the dandanayakas, Vettan Paiichanedi-Vanan, alias Madurantaka-tTamil- 
pperaiyau of Tandaiigurai in Vila-nadu belonging to PandikuhYsani-valanadu 
of Sola-mandala m, granted two perpetual lamps for the goddess Pidariyar of 
Kuvalalam in the Kuvalala-nadu of Vijaya-Rajendra-mandalani, and, haviug 

? purchased 63 cows , made them over to the two worshippers of the 

goddess, the Siva-Brabmanas — Saiikarau Tiyambakan, alias Bhupalaraja- 
Brahma-marayan and Alan Marasiiigan, alias Rajaparakkirama-Brahma- 
marayan — of the Kausika-gotra, for maintaining the lamps for as long as the 
moon and the sun exist. Any profit accruing from these cows was to be theirs 
(the Siva-Brahmanas'). 

These (lamps) are under the protection of all Mahesvaras. 


Date 1071 A. D. 
In the 2nd year of the reign of K6-Rajakesarivarmma, alias sri-Rajendra- 
S61a-Deva'^ who— having as companions his sword and arms which resembled 
two branches and abiding in which the goddess of Fortune became resplendent — 
conquered Keli ... ; seized many troops of elephants at Vayiragaram ; gracious- 
ly took tribute, the fame of which spread to ali the regions, from the king of 
Dara at Sakkaragottani which had beeu free from fear of attack; placed under 
the shadow of his umbreUa, to her great joy, the goddess of the earth resera- 
bling a lotus which was in the direction of the sunrise, having gently raised 
her without disturbing anything that Vishiui, having become the primeval 
Boar, had formerly raised; sent the wheel of his authority and his tiger 
bauner to every region; established his fame and charity in every land; sat 
iu state with victory for his companion, while valour, liberality, honour and 
mercy became prominent as his inseparable attributes; riglitfuUy wore his 
family crown of jewels, while other kings wore on their lieads his feet as a 
crown ; and caused his sceptre to sway over every land in the Jambii-dvipam — 

') Kuldttuhga I. who ia Bo oalled in inscriptions of the early years of his reign. 

36 Kolar Taluq. 

When tlie officer, Ambalavan Tiruppoudaijar, alias Virasikamani-muvenda- 
velar, of Pandiyambakkam in the Pembuliyiir-nadu of Kaliyiir-kottam in. . .la- 
mandalam, beiog seated in a mandapam within the enclosure of the temple of 

Pidariyar at in the Kuvalala-nadu of Vijaiya-Rajendra-mandalam, 

questioned the Kannataka-pandita who was couducting the mdddpattiyam for 

the goddess, and the panchdchdriya pfijdris who , whether any allotment 

of the paddy which was the equivalent of the revenue in gold (madai) coUected 
from the villages which were devaddnas of the temple bad been made to the 
gods and to the servants performing various duties in the temple, they replied 

that no allotment had been made until the 2nd year of the reign of 

la-Deva. Thereupon, the officer Virasikamani-muvenda-velar made the follow- 
ing allotment in the presence of the above temple servants and of Nirupa- 

sikamani Vilupparaiyan, alias , of Araninilai-Mummudi-Sola-nallur in 

. . . .yiir-kottam, the puravu-vari-tinaikkalam muyavetti: — (Here foUow details 
of the revenue in gold from the different villages and of its equivalent in 
paddy.) To each of the deities— Virabhadra, Brahmani, Isvari, Kaumari, 
Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, sri-Chamundesvari, Ganapati, Chamundesvari of 
Mfilasthana, Yogesvari, Kshetrapahi-deva, Maha-sasta, and Siirya-deva — 4 nali 
of rice, 2 dislies of curry, 2 areca-nuts and 4 betel-leaves for each offering, 
(Then follow totals calculated for one year in measures of paddy.) On each of 
the days of the summer solstice, the winter solstice and the solar eclipse — for 
the sacred bath of the goddess, 1 tuiii of paddy, together with 4 nali of rice the 
equivalent of whicli in paddy is 1 kuruni, is required for putting below the 
kalasa; ^ kasu the equivalent of which in paddy is 2 tiini and 2 nali, for 
buying the uecessary drugs for the bath ; and ^ kasu the equivalent of which 
in paddy is 1 tiini and 1 nali, for a cloth to fasten round the chief kumbha; 
for the great offering, 1 tuni and 1 padakku of rice, or at the rate of two to 
five, 1 kalam and 3 kuruni of paddy; for 4 dishes of curry, 2 nali of paddy ; 
for 20 areca-nuts and 40 betel-leaves, 4 nali of paddy ; for 2 kalam of intoxi- 
cating drink required for Yogini-Yogesvara-pujai, 1 kalam of paddy, together 
witli 1 tuni of rice the equivalent of which in paddy, at the rate of two to 
five, is 2 tvini and 1 padakku; and for one sheep required for the same pCijai, 
|- kasu the equivalent of which in paddy is 1 kalam and 3 nali. 

'^The same items are repeated for the day of the Karttigai (Krittika) 
nakshatra in tbe month of Karttigai with the addition of an allowance of 1 
kalam and 2 tuni of paddy for 10 nali of oil required for lamps, at the rate 
of 1 padakku of paddy for every uali of oil. 

" This is printod in the Tnmil as No. l]2o. 

Kolar Taluq. 37 

On every Tuesday in tbe year — for offerings 1 kuruiii of rice, for oblation 
{bali) 2 nali, and to Astradevar 2 nali; two dishes of curry; 4 areca-nuts and 
8 betel-leaves ; for burnt offering (ahgdra-baU), 1 sheep valued at |- kasu ; 10 
lamps to be lighted at the time of performing the sacrifice; for the worsbip of 
the Virgin (Kanya-pujai), 7 women and 1 Brahmachari (Vikkesvara-maiiij to 
be employed; 4 dishes of curry; 16 ? areca-nuts (verungay) and 32 betel- 
leaves. (The totals calculated for the 52 Tuesdays of the year are also given 
in measures of paddy.) 

On each of the 10 remaining sahkrdnti days'' (the solstices having been 
already provided for) in the year — 1 kuruni and 4 nali of rice, 2 dishes of 
curry, 2 areca-nuts aud 4 betel-leaves. (The totals are given for one year.) 

On each day of the 12 monthly festivals — 1 padakku of rice, 4 dishes of 
curry, 48 areca-nuts and 96 betel-leaves ; 4 nali of oil for lamps; for Yogini- 
Yogesvara-pujai, 2 kalam of intoxicating drink (the equivalent in paddy being 
given as 1 kalam), 1 tiini of rice, and I sheep (valued at | kasu). (The totals 
for one year are given). 

For hoisting the sacred flag in the festival of Dttara-uakshatra in the mouth 
of Panguni, 1 kuruni of poiddy together with 1 nali of rice (the equivalent of 
which is given as 2 nali of paddy) for piitting below the pots containing 
sprouting seeds (pdligai); ^ kasu for buying a cloth to fasten round the 
Chamunda-kumbam; offerings of rice, curry, areca-nut and betel-leaves; and J 
kasu for buying a cloth of 12 cubits for the sacred flag; to the man who paints 
the flag, 'g kasu ; for two cloths, one to be tied round the waist and the other to 
be thrown over the shoulders, to be presented to the priest, \ kasu; for present- 
ation to the man who performs the ceremony of opening the eyes (of the 
image of the god), | kasu; for the flag-god (Dhvaja-devar), 4 nali of paddy 
for putting belovv the kalasam; ofterings of rice, curry, areca-nuts and betel- 
leaves, (totals given for the 7 days of the festival) ; and 1 sheep on the day of 
hoisting the flag and another on the day of taking it dowu. 

For Astra-devar, | kasu for buying a cloth for his vestments; and offerings 
of rice and curry twice a day, (totals for 7 days given). J kasu for a cloth 
to be presented to the man who proclaims the festivah For concluding the 
ceremonies on the 7th day, I kuruiii of paddy together with 1 nali of rice for 
spreading below the pots containing sprouting seeds; ^ kasu for buying a 
cloth to fasten round the Cliamunda-faoK&am, and offerings of rice, curry, 
areca-nuts and betel-leaves. 

For the Chamunda-oblation (hdnia) to be offered twice a day, 1 nali of 
ghee. For the oblation of ricc, to be offered twice a day, 4 nali of rice. For 
sesamum, parched rice and torai (a kind of rice), 1 kuruni of paddy. For 

" The day of thc passage o( the sun from one zodiacal sign into another. 

38 Kolar Talnq. 

burnt offei-ing, 1 sheep. (Totals for 7 days given in measures of pacldy for 
all tliese.) 

For the nine gods (Nava-devataigal), offerings of rice at two times of the 
(lay, of curry, areca-nuts and betel-leaves; ]a kasu for buying 9 cloths for 
their vestments; i kasu for 3 raaiijadi of gold for their tirukkdpini and for 
the oblation of rice to be offered twice a day, 4 nali of rice. (Totals in 
measures of paddy given for 7 days.) 

For presentation to the man who ofters the daily oblation in fire, J kasu. 
On each of the festival days when the deity is taken ont in procession, offerings 
of rice at two times of the day, of curry, areca-nuts and betel-leaves ; oil for 
burniDg lamps at the place to which the deity is taken ; | kasu each for two 
cloths to be used for the deity, one during the sacred bath and the other after 
the bath. 

To the man who officiates as Brahma, to the one who repeats niantras and 
to the man who recites hymns before the deity, | kasu each. To oue Rigvedi, 
to one Samavedi and to one Yajurvedi, ^ kasu each. For buying cloths to be 
given ? along with boiled rice etc. offered to the deity to those who performed 
services, to those who danced and to those who sang, during the festival, 
4 kasu. 

For performing the sandi for the divine mother {matiru-sandi), 1 padakku 
of sprouting paddy; and auother for buying twai., the pulse ulundti a,udi other 
necessary things. 

At the phice , 1 kasu for buying i^kalafiju of gold for a complete 

set of oruaments for a virgin ; and |kasu for buying a cloth for her. 

I kasu for a cloth to wrap round the kettle-drum; 1 kuruni of paddy for 
putting below the kettle-drum; ^kasu for a cloth for....flag; J kasu for 

1 sheep required for sacrifice; offerings of rice, curry, areca-uuts and betel- 
leaves — (totals given for 7 days in measures of paddy) ; and oil for lamps. 

I padakku of paddy and 4 nali of rice for putting below the Chamunda- 
kalasam in the sacrificial hall and below the 9 kumhas (pots) on the sacrificial 
altar on which the fire is kept; l-Vkasu for buying cloths to wrap round the 
kumhas; and oil for one perpetual lamp. 

For the 10 Kumba-devatas aud for Astra-deva, oti^erings of rice, curry, 
areca-nuts and betel-leaves— (totals given in measures of paddy for 7 days) ; 

2 nali of rice for the morning oblation ; the same for the noon-day oblation, 
together with 1 sheep for the bloody oblation : 2 uali of rice again for the 
evening obhition ; and the sauie with 1 sheep for the Ardha-yama oblation — 
(totals given again). 

For (/raha-sdnti and arpuda-sdnti, 1 sheep per day ; and oil for two hand- 
lanips at the time of sacrifice. 


Kolar Taluq. 39 

For the nava-Mma, rice for the nine oblations and gheo; for Chamunda- 
homa, 1 sheep per day. 

For. . yamu. . .si, offerings of rice and curry, and oil for lanips. At the 
conclusion, eight she-buffaloes valued at 2 kasu each, one sheep for ? victim 
and 1 sheep for meritorious sacrifice (pimya-vadai). For tbe. . .priest, i kasu 
for two cloths, one to be tied round the waist and the other to be thrown over the 
shoulders, to be given to him; and 6 kasu for 3 kalanju of gold to be presented 

to him. For Su , ^kasu for two cloths similar to the above, and 2 kasu 

for 1 kalanju of gold to be presented to him. 

For the sacrificiug priest, i kasu for two cloths, and 2 kasu for 1 kalafiju 
of gold to be presented to him. 

To the nine priests who performed the nava-homa, > kasu each. 

Ou each of the 7 days during which the sdnti is performed, 1 kalam of 
intoxicating drink and | sheep for Yogini-Yogesvara-pujai, also 1 padakku of 
rice. On each of tiie above days, I tuni and 1 padakku of rice for feeding 
the dumb, the blind, those who sang and those who dauced. (Totals given in 
measures of paddy in all the above.) 


Date 1033 A. D. 
In the 22nd year of the reign of K6-pParakesaripanmar, alias sri-Rajendra- 
Sola-Devar who, etc. (see Nos. 106« and 44), conquered with his great and 
warlike army Ic^^iturai-naclu etc. (see Nos. 106 a and 44); M asuni-de sam, 
whose paddy-fields were green; a large heap of family-treasures along with 
many other treasures, after having captured, together with his relations, 
Indirasan of the ancient race of the moon, in a battle which raged at 
Adinagaravai of unceasing great farae; Otta- vishaiyam, surrounded by 
dense ? bamboo thickets which were difiicult to approach; the fine Kosalai-nadu, 
where Brahmans are collected together; Tandabutti, whose gardens abounded 
with bees, after having destroyed Danmapala in a hot battle; Dakkana-Ladam, 
whose fame spread in all directions, after iiaving so attacked Iranasura that 
his stubbornness vanished; [Vaiigala-desam, of unceasing drizzle, from which 
Govindasandan, dismounting from his horse, fled;] elephants of great strength, 
women and treasures, after having been pleased to frighten on a hot battle- 
field Mahivala of ? Sangottal, who wore the warrior's ankle-rings; Uttira-Ladam, 
surrounded by the vast sea which abounded with pearls; the wave-throwing 
Gangai whose sacred waters were full of fragrant flowers; and who— having 
sent many ships in the midst of the billowing sea and having [captured] 
Sangirama-vijaiyottungapanma, the king of Kidaram, [along with his elephants 

40 Kolwr Taluq. 

],— took [the large heap of treasures which he had rightfully amassed], 

the Vichchadira-ttorana at the war-gate of the eiiemy's exteusive city, the 
wicket door set with jewels of great splendour, and the door set with large 
jewels; the extensive sri-Vijaiyam ; Pannai, watered by the i-iver; the ancient 
MaLaiyur, whose fortress was on a high hill; Mayirudingani, the moat around 
which was the deep sea; Ilangasobam, of undaunted heroicdeeds; Mappappalam, 
having abundant waters as its guard; [Mevilimbaiigam, whicli had fine 
fortifications as defence]; Valaippanduru, situated in the midst of green jungle; 
Talaittakkolani, praised by great men versed in the sciences; Madanialingam, 
of steady heroic deeds; Nilaniuri-desara, whose fierce strength was increased 
by enmity; Manakkavaram, having gardens the tlowers in which were fuU of 
honey; and Kidaram, of fierce strength, guarded by men who wore the 
warrior's ankle-rings; — 

According to the command of sri-Rajendra-Sola-Deva, the general Uttama- 
S6_la-Brahnia-m:\rayan, alias Marayan Arunioli, son of Rajendra-Sola-Brahma- 
marayan, alias Narkkana sri-Krishnan Raman, of Keralantaka-chaturvedi- 
maugalani, alias Amanakudi, in Vennadu belonging to Uy yakkond ar-valanadu 
of Sola-mandalam, caused to be built [of stone] what had formerly been built 
of bi"ick in the temple of Pidariyar at Kuvalalam in the Kuvalala-nadu of 
Gaiigasayaram in [NigariliJ Sola-mandalam. He also granted a perpetual 
lamp known by the narae of Janavarkalpagam to be burned before the goddess 
for as long as the moon and the sun endure, and, for its maintenance, made 
over 7 excellent she-buiialoes which must neither die nor grow old to the 
Siva-Brahmanas (two named) of the temple. For this light to give a steady 
flame, a lamp was given weighing one hundred palam by the scales of Ayiravan. 
On his behalf, the sacred temple was caused to be constructed by the Brahman 
Muttavagaittiidan Tiruppori Ambahattadi of Kattumana-pakkam in the Magi- 
nur-nad u of Sengattu-kkottam in Jayaugonda-Sula-maiidalam. 

Sintamani Sankaran, the possessor of the Muttavagai sacred parasol, of 
Eyinangu in Vela-nadu which belonged to Kshatri-sikamani-valanadu, gave 
over to tlie charge of the Siva-Brahmanas worshipping in the temple a twilight 
lamp to be burned at one sandi (one of the three times of the day), as long 
as the moon and the sun exist, before the Pidariyar of Kuvalalam. 

109 i 

Date ? about 1200 A. D 
The hero Madavan of Anda . . . . , got this pidam (pedestal) made. 

Kolar Taluq. 41 


.^^t^'^' ^ate about 1280 A. D. 

I, Vettummara-Banan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan (witli usual Gauga titles)", 
remitted the land-tax, the tax on avichchu (?), the tax on houses, the tax on 
? sugarcane mills and other taxes in the devaddnas of the goddess and gods of 
Kuvalalam, and in the devaddnam, Uruvidaiydttam and pallichchandam granted 
for gods in the Kuvala la-nadu. 

(Usual linal imprecatory sentence.) This (charity) is under the protection 
of all Mahesvaras. May it be prosperous. There is no guide but virtue to 
those who understand virtue. 


Daie 1027 A. D. 

On the 240th day of the 16th year of his reign, K6-Parakesaripanmar, alias 
sri-Rajendra-Sola-Devar, who took the Eastern country, Gangai and Kadaram, 

being graciously seated in the outer hall of the ? stage within the palace 

at Vikkirama-Sola-puram in the Kaivara-nadu of Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, was 
pleased to order that the village of Piragampalli in the Kuvalala-n adu of 
NigariJi-Sola-mandalam , excluding the ? portion of the ryots, should be entered 
in the revenue register as a devaddna and that the revenue in paddy and gold 
(specified) hitherto paid by the village should, from the 16th year of the reign, 
be paid for the requirements of the gqddess Pidariyar o f Kuv alalam in the 
same nadu. The royal secretary (named) having written that the king had 
been pleased to order thus, and the chief secretary (named) along with three 
others (named) having approved of it, Rajendra-Sola-Brahmadirayar, alias 
Narkkana-marayan Jananadanar of Keralantaka-chcharuppedi-mangalam in 
Vennadu of Uyyakkondar-valanadu, ordered that it should be eutered in the 
revenue register in accordance witb intimation received. This order having 
been communicated by tlie revenue officers (ten named), the revenue accountants 
(twelve named) made an entry in the revenue register ou the 281st day of the 
16th year that the village was a devaddna from that year. 

This is the signature of Ainnurruvan Aravamudan '', the puravu-vari- 
tinaikkalam mugavetti.. This is the signature of llavenbai-udaiyan, the puravu- 
vari-tinaikkalam mugavetti. 

'^ See NoB. 69, 7G, and 77. 
" AIbo mentioned in No. 19. 


42 Kolar Tahq. 

112 a 

Date 1022 A. D. 

On the 270th day of the llth year of his reign, K6-pParakesaripanmar, 
alias sri-Rajendra-Sola-Devar, who took the Eastern country and Gaugai, 

being graciously seated in the outer western mandajMm called Rajendra- 

Solan inside the temple at Kanchi-puram, was pleased to order that the ? village 
of Pasai. . . . in the Kuvalala-nadu of Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, — excluding 
the ? portion of the ryots, including kardnmai, mlydtchi, excess and deficiency — 
should he entered in the revenue register as a devaddna from the 7th year of 
the reign and that the revenue iu paddy and gold (specified) of the village 
should be paid for the requirements of the goddess Pidariyar of Kuvalalam in 
the same nadu. The royal secretary, Rajendra-Sola-nallur Kilavan, having 
written that the king had been pleased to order thus, and the chief secretary, 
Rajendra-Sola-kKandiruvapperaiyan, along with three others (named) having 
approved of it, Rajeudra-Sola-Brahmadhirajar '^ ordered that it should be 
entered in the revenue register in accordance with intimation received. This 
order having been communicated by the revenue oiJlcers (eleven named), the 
revenue accountants (seven named) having met together made an entry in the 
revenue register on the .29th day of the 1 3th year to the effect that the village 
was a devadana from the 7th year and that its revenue in paddy and gold 
(specified again) should be paid for the requirements of the goddess Pidariyar 
of Kuvalalam. 

This is the signature of the puravu-vari-tinaikkalam superintendent, Kula- 
lur-udaiyan. This is the signature of the mugavetti, Ilavenbai-udaiyan. 


Date ? 1052 A. D. 

In the 35th K6-pParakesaripanmar, alias sri-Vijaiya-Rajendra- 

Deva'^ who — having taken the head of Vira-Pandiyan, the Salai of Serahan, 
Ilangai and the Irattapadi seven and a half lakh (country), and set up a 
pillar of victory at Kalliyana-puram, — took his seat on the throne of heroes 

and got himself anointed as Vijaiya-Rajendra — 

Kuvala ... in the K uvalala-nadu of Vijaiya-Rajendra- 


'J The same that is mentioned in the previous number. 

''Mulbagal Nos. 105 c and 106 a, with almost the same historicnl intro<luction, are dateJ in 
the 33rd yoar of Rnjadhiraja, eldcr brother ot Rajeudradeva. This insoriptiou may refer to the 
reign of the same king; Rajeudra may have been a oo-regent. 





Kolar Taluq. 43 

112 c 

Dfflfe ? ahont 1200 A. D. 
The hero Madavan of Andakku (?) in Tevur-nadu which belongs to A rumQl i- 
d eya-vala-na du. 

112 d 

Date ? about 1025 A. D. 

(This insoription is frngmentary. It oontains no date and no name of any king.) 

Details of the number and weight of some gold and silver ornaments pre- 
sented to some god are given. Some grants are made for burning perpetual 
lamps before the god of some place. 

112 e 

Date about 1025 A. D. 

(Contains only a fragment of the historioal introduction giveu iu No. 109 a.) 

Rajendra-Ch61a's time. 

112 f 

Date ? 1023 A. D. 

(Tbis is also fragmentary. All tbe bistorical introduction is gone.) 
In the l[2]th year of the reign of K6-pParakesaripanmar, alias sri-Rajendra- 

Sola-Devar, who conquered — Vira-Sola. . . .of Nandi-puram in 

T irunaraiyur-nad u belonging to Kshatrisikamani-val a-nadu, made over 

to the Siva-Brahmanas worshipping in the temple for burning a lamp before 
the ? Bhattar of Kuvalalam in the Kuvajala-nadu of Ni£arili-S6J_a-mandalam. 


Daie ahout 1020 A. D. 

This is similar to No. lJ2e. The name of the king, Rajendra-Sola, can 
be made out. 


Date 1379 A. D. 
(On the date specified), — Be it well. The maha-mandalesvara, subduer of 
hostile kings, a spear for the head of royal elephants, a smokeless pit for 
hostile kings, Bbairava in battle, the servant of Virabhadra-Raya, terrifier of 
Prithivipati-Raya, statue at the door of Harihara's abode, champion over the 
three kings, Naganna-Vodeyar's son Depanna-Vodeyar, the mahantas of all the 


44 Kolar Taluq. 

world and otliers (named), with all tlie farmers and siibjects, and the temple 
priests in Kojala (named), gave to Devappa-jiyya, the head of the Devi temple, 
a sasana as follows: — Having bound on you the badge of Jiyya of the Devi 
templc, on account of that Jiyya badge we grant to you all the lands and 
dues belonging to Andiganahari viUage in Kolala-nad, free of all imposts, to 
continue as long as sun and moon. 

Whatever lands of the jiyyas of the various temples are attached to that 
Jiyya badge will also belong to Devappa of this temple. 



Date 1538 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. (On the date specified),— when the maharajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom 

of the world: — during his p&rnpatya granted to the brave soldiers .... 

.... in the villages of the .... temple in the piuiiiu-kshetra of the goddess 
Kolala, worshipped in the four yugas, set up by Parasurama in this old time 
Dahana Kolala, giving it another name of Kolala Bhargava'\ 


Date ? about 1030 A. D. 

This is the sacred outer mandapam called sri-Rajendra-S6_la-devaa after 
the name of (the king) sri-Rajendra-Sola-Devar, caused to be erected by 
Jakkiyappai, daughter of Tribuvanaiyan of Ittakirai, at the foot of Sulkal-malai, 
otherwise called Kanaka-imvvatam (the golden mountain), in the Kadambanak - 


Date about 1030 A. D. 
Tribhuvanayya's son Jakeya had it made (a lotus ornament). 


Dutel785 A.D. 

(Persian)— God is the Protector. AU things exist by water. Thus is it 

') Some of the inscription being defaoed, parts of the tranelation are unoertain. 

Kolar Taluq. 45 



(Persian) — The shadow of God, Tipu Sultan, emperor of the faithful, — 
may his counti'y and erapire last for ever. 

By order of the Sultan, who is the king of the world, Saiyid Budan, a 
devoted Amil, in the year Sahir and the mouth Taki, constructed the tank, 
whose water is like the water of Kansar (the river of heaven). 


Date 1216 A. D. 
I, Vira-Gangan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan (with usual Ganga titles), having 
set up the god Vira-Gangisvaram-udaiya-nayanfir iu the villagc of Vira-Ganga- 
nallCir on tlie hill called Muchukunda-giri near Kuvalalam of the K uv alala-nitdu 
in Gauga-mandalam and having also built a stone-temple for the god, made 
(on the date specified) a grant of 10,000 kuli of wet land, as measured by the 
rod varisai-kkol and of 28 kandagam of eito-land" (all specified) for the 
worship, ofiferings, lamps, unguents and other various requirements of the god. 
May this last as loDg as the moon and the sun endure. 

Date 1219 A.D. 
And (on the date speciiied) I also made a grant of various lands (specified) 
to provide for the daily and monthly festivals, the festival on the day of 
Kettai (Jyeshtha)-nakshatra, aud the great festival on the day of the holy 
Kettai-nakshatra in the month of Sittirai, of this god, and to provide for 
the temple servants. The temple authorities shall take possessiou of these 
lands. This grant is to last as long as the moou and the sun endure. This 
is placed under the protection of all Mahesvaras. The giver obtains merit; 

his successor should protect the charity; he who rashly injures it will 

long suffer in hell ; but he who protects it 


Date 7 1225 A. D. 
I, Vira-Gangan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan, granted (on the date specified) 
in the year Tarana corresponding to the 46th year of my reign, 12,000 kuli of 
wet land and 24 kandagam of dry land (all specified), exempt from taxes, 
to twelve dancing-girls (two of whom are uamed), at the rate of 1000 kuli 
of wet land and 2 kaudagam of dry land each, in order that they 

') Land irrigated by water-levers (f). 




46 Kolar Taluq. 

might serve iu the temple of Vira-Gangisvaram-udaiya-nayanar at Vira-Gaiiga- 
puram on the hill called Muchukunda-giri. I also granted 1500 kuli to 
Padum-andan (the songster Andan ? ). This is under the protection of all 


Date ahout 1280 A. D. 

I (no name given) made a grant of the following dues for the sacred service 
in the temple, to last as long as the moon aud the sun exist: — 

5 pana for evei-y foal. . . .born in the Kuvalala-nad u; 3 pana for ; 

I pon for every foal sold in the same nadu ; and the taxes on fodder, ? on foot- 
paths, on horse-tracks and on horses. 

I also granted, to provide for offerings of rice, lands (specified) excluding 
former devadanas and including the taxes ou land and on avichchu (?). 


Date about 1280 A. D. 
I, Vettummara-Banan, granted, for the perpetual lamp of Senkara, . 
of Kuvalalam. 


Date ? 1218 A. D. 
I, Vallala-devan, son of Sikka-dannayakkar, who was the younger brother 
of Polala-dannayakkar, who was again the father-in-law of the maha-manda- 
lisura Uttama-Sola-Gauga (alias?) Selva-Gaiiga — made (from the date specified) 
a grant of a garden (specified) to be converted into a flower-garden for the 
god Vira-Gangisvaram-udaiya-nayanar. The flowers in the garden were to be 
utilised for the temple garlands and the other produce for maintaining sacred 


Date 1321 A. D. 

The officers (two named) under Kariya-Iramaiya-nayakkar, son of Ka 

yar, who was one of the ministers of vira-Vallala-Deva, and the inhabitants of 
P eriya-nad u in Kuva lalam , agreed (on the date specified) to defray the 
expenses in connection with the various festivals of the god Vira-Gangisvaram- 

'' In this and the following inscription thore is an orthographical peculiarity — the writing 
of bindu, for the first member of conjunot cousonants, e. g. vimta for vitta. 


Kolar Taluq. 47 

udaiya-nayanar. (Names of men who agreed to bear the expenses of the 
festivals on different days are given with other details.) The expenses of the 
fourth day festival wero agreed to be borne by Iruga-settiyar, the headman 
of the Ubhaya-Nanadesigal. (Usual final imprecatory sentence.) The protection 
of Mahesvaras (is sought for this charity). 


Date ? about 1250 A. D. 

I, Marudur-udaiyan Kamban Villavarayan, [? alias\ Pottasam Vele Adakkai- 
yan, made a grant of land'' (specified) for the maintenance of a sacred lamp 
to be burned at two times of the day before tbe god Vrra-Gangisvaram-udaiya- 
nayanar. This is to last as long as the moon and the sun exist. This is 
under the protection of Mahesvaras- 


Date 'i 1286 A. D. 

I, Malaiyandai Siyan's son Devandai Siyan, the strong-armed Vira-Narayana 
and mandalika of Koygaikkuru-nadu, granted (from the date specified), for 
as long as the moon and the sun endure, 300 kuli of land (specified), in order 
that its income, viz., 21 pana, might be utilised for ? carrying in procession 
the god Vira-Gangisvaram-udaiya-nayanar in the month of Vaigasi and on the 
day of Ayiliya (Aslesha)-nakshatra, the star under which I was born. 


Date ? abont 1220 A. D. 

I,. . . .Gangan Viluppar Narayan, Uttama-Sola-Ganga. . ., granted 

for as long as the moon and the sun exist, lands (specified) for maintaining 
two twilight lamps to be burned before the god [Vira-Gangisvaram-udaiya- 
nayanar]. (Usual final phrase and imprecatory sentence.) 


Date 1321 A. D. 

(On the date specified), vira-Ballala-Deva's minister Kali-Lakkumai-Danna- 
yaka's son Kariya. . Kamai-nayaka's oificer Halla. . . . 

" It i3 called karka.lani — stony wet land. 



48 Kolar Taluq. 


Date ahout 1220 A.D. 
I, Vikkirama-Gangan . . . .'s son . . kka, the servant of Vira-Ganga, allas 
Uttama-Sola-Gauga (with usual Gaiiga titles), am the hushaucl of the wives of 
those servants who run away. Having said this, if I survive hira not dying 
with hini, I shall incur the shame of giving my wife to the servant who 
[does not] run away. 


Date 1216 A. D. 

I, Vira-Gangan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan (with usual Gaiiga titles), having 
set up the god Jalakantesvara-nayanar in the village of Vira-Ganga-nallur at 
the foot of the hill called Muchukunda-giri, near Kuvalalam of the Kuvalala- 
nadu in Gauga-mandalam, and having also built a stone teuiple for the god, 
made (on the date specified) a grant of 100 kuli of land (specified) for offerings 
of rice, lamps, unguents and other requirements of the god. I also granted 
the village of Vibhutipuram adjoining Kuvalalam to provide for the worship 
of the god. (Then follow the boundaries of the village.) The Siva-Brahmana 
of the Kausika-gotra shall enjoy this (village). 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence.) (Signed) sri-Jalakantesvaran. (This 
charity) is under the protection of Uma-Mahesvara. 


Date 119S A. D. 

Be it well. Vikkirama-Gangan, — who vvas the lord of 1 . .saiyar of immense 

fame on this earth girt by the wavy sea; who was the friead of ; 

who was the first chief merchant (adi-vanikesan) that settled people in the 
great city of Kuvalalam of spotless fame; who owned the city of Alagai also; 
who was born from the womb of his Aruudati-Iike mother, the lady Uyyiindai; 
who had been born along with? Sirasai-ttevan to the Trailokya-pattana-svami 
Aiyan; who had his breast decorated with bright jewels; who was the lord of 
the fertile Tondai-vala-uadu, surrounded on one side by waters abounding in 
red lotuses; who was greater than the great; and who possessed troops of 
victorious elephants; — having (on the date specified) caused to be set up 
at ? Indalur the god of the sharp-edged spear, who pierced the mountain 
(Subrahmanya), granted one veli (specified) of the best lands below the 
Kuvalalam tank whose waters were fuU of blooming flowers, made many rich 
eudowments, caused provision to be made for taking out Sibali (the secondary 

Kolar Taluq. 49 

image) in procession at tlie tliree times of tbe ilay, and tlius established bis 
fame for as long as tbe moou and tbe sun exist. 

Tbis cbarity is under the protection of tbe Mabesvaras and of the Five- 


Date 1179 A. D. 

(The meaning of portions of tliia inscription ia not quite clear.) 

Be it well. In the name of Selvan — who was tbe companion of tbe goddess 
of Fortune, tlie husband of tbe goddess of Victory, and the guardian [of the 

goddess] of the great Eartb; ; who had the elephant [of his banner] 

sketched on the Meru of the nortli; who was tbe most celebrated in the lunar 
race of tbe west; wbo crossed tbe fertile waters of tbe Kaveri of tbe soutb; 
tbe singer of wbose praises became a king of tbe gods; in obeisance to wbom 

the man that raised liis joined bands to his bead ; wbo wore 

golden necklaces and was fuU of grace; wbo on oue occasion captured 

by force the ? army (parikalam) of Veugali to the panic of tbe gods of tbe 
eigbt directions and of lyama (the god of deatb) ; wbo, baving pierced the 

long mountain range and gone to tbe uether region of the Nagas, 

attacked ; who was well versed in tbe three forms of Tamil'^; and 

who was the lord of Mucbukunda-giri aud of tbe excellent city of puna- 

varttanapura extolled by bards — his daugbter, Madevi of renowned cbastity, 
younger sister of tbe implacable Vikkiramadittan, — the younger brotber 

of tbe leader of ? Saraman's beroic army and ? of Vira-Gaiigan wbo 

was the ? messenger of tbe Panjavar (Pandyas ?), tbe son of others' wives aud 
the bearer of the cruel l)ow, — the celebrated elder sister of Kuttan, and the 

paternal aunt of the youtbful Gaugapperumal — who king who 

was the lord of Kacbcbi. . . . and who vanquisbed Tennan (Pandya) on the battle- 

field , — baving come to tbe firm conclusion that wealth, rank and 

all tbings of tbis wide world are fleeting, practised severe austerities, and witb 
a desire to do some act of charity, built a beautiful stone-temple with the 
torana-gate and the surrounding walls. Having provided the temple with a 
flower-garden, kitchen, pond, suitable environs, musical instruments (two named) 
and ornaments (some named), and having made provision for tbe expeuses of 
worship, she set up (on tbe date specified) the god Saiikara together with bis 
consort Umai near the hill on wbicb fragrant Vilva (kuvilai) trees grew and 
tbe foot of which was wasbed by the river whose waters brougbt sandal, 
agil, pearls., jewels and gold. 

'' Frose, poetry and drama. 



50 Kolar Taluq. 

133« aiid 133 h 
Date ? 1311 A. D. 

(The inscriptions are fragmentary. The meaning is not quife clear.) 

(On the date specified) grants of land (speciiied) were made for the god 


Date 1367 A. D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), at the time when the maha-mandale- 
svara, subduer of hostile kings, champion over kings who break their word, 
vira-Bukkanna-Odeyar's son vira-Rajendra-Vodeyar was ruling the kingdom of 
tlae world: — a grant of land. 


Date 1284 A. D. 

I, Vira-Gangan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan (with usual Ganga titles), having 
received full payment iu gold, gave fuU possession of certain lands (specified) 
to vi. 

I, Talaikkadujeyaniravi, granted (from the date specified) the above lands 
as a gift to 19 Brahmans and the god of the place. These 19 families of 
Brahmans sliall enjoy the lands, residing at. . . . vi-mangalam. 

This is the signature of Vira-Gangan, alias Uttama-Sola-Gangan. This is 
the signature of Gangapperumril. This is the signature of Tondaimiin. This 
is the signature of . . . rayan. I, .... landan, shall carry out this. 


Date about 1284 A. D. 

(The first part of the inscription is gone.) 

I, Vii-a-Gangan, granted, together with certaiu taxes (named) 

. . . .this Iravimangalam He who covets. . . . shall incur the sin of 

having slaughtered a tawny cow near the Ganges. He shall incur the sin of 
having unjustly slandered his own mother. This charity is to continue as 
long as the moon and the sun endure. This is the signature of the merchants 
of the 18 nadu. He who confiscates land, whether given by himself or by 
another, is born a worm iu ordure for 60 thousand years. The man who takes 
away a cowrie (hiranyam), a cow [or even an inch of land] goes to hell 

Kolar Taluq. 5 1 


"^T^ Dafe 1287 A. D. 

In the 32nd year of the reigu of the universal emperor sri-Poysala-vira- 

Ramana-Devar — I, Naga-devar, alkis Narayaiian, Solakattu 

K uvalala-nadu, aUas Ganga-padi, granted (on the date specified), for the 

prosperity of sri-vira-Ramana-Devar, the wet and dry lands belonging to 

with the four boundaries, including the wells underground, the trees over- 
ground, the houses, sacred places and gardens, together with certain taxes 
(named) to Andan-bhattan and to . . . chchamutti-bhattan, son of Kidambi . . . 
ppillai, as a sarvamanya exempt from taxes. This is to last as long as the 
moon and the suu exist. For every bullock-load of [areca-nuts] 10 areca-nuts 
(Usual linal imprecatory sentence). 


Date 1287 A. D. 

(This insoription is gone iu parts.) 

«n*^ This is the edict of Sittarumesa, the son of the goddess of the eartb. 

f who is the son of the goddess of the earth ; who knows the essence 

of the three forms of Tamil which form an excellent treasure ; 

who has caused his sceptre to sway over every region without leaving even 
the smallest space, so that the Kali age languished, his fame increased and 

his enemies grew feeble; whose ornament is liberality For victory 

to the arm and sword of sri-vira-Ramana-Devar, we, ? the inhabitants of 
Periya-padu in the Kuvalala-nadu of Ganga-va,Ia-nadu, V including Andan- 
bhattan and Kidambi Echchamutti-bhattan, granted some land (specified) 


In the [3]2nd year of the reign of vira-Ramana-Devar— Solakatte 


Date f about 1284 A. D. 
While (witli usual Ganga titles) Uttama-Sola-Gangan Ganga-pperumal was 

ruling the earth — I, Ena mai.idalikkan, son of pari-devan, of Kutteri 

in Kuvalala-naclu, otherwise called NigariIi-S61_a-mandaIam, made a grant, 
at the time of the summer solstice, with presentation of gold coins and 
pouring of water, to last for as long as the moon and the sun exist, of certain 
lands (specified), to provide for offerings for the god Akkappisvaram-udaiya- 
Mahadevar of Kutteri, to the Siva-Brahmana (named) worshipping in the 
temple. I also made a grant of some other lands (specitiied) for tiie mainten- 


52 Kolar Taluq. 

ance of the Siva-Brahmana-piijari. This charity is under the protecton of all 
Mahesvaras. There is no guide but virtue to those who understand virtue. 
God alone is tho protector. 


Date 1611 A. D. 
Be it Avell. (On the date specified), Sugatur Ayapa. . . 


Date 1558 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), the champiou 
over the three kings, subduer of hostile kings, Sadasiva-Raya's agent the maha- 
mandalesvara Rama-Rajaya's agent Diluvar Khan's agent Sitappa. . . ., granted 
to Virayya, Kodi-Ramasamudra in the Kola la-sime, as a bata-agrahara, to 
continue as long as sun and moon. 

If kings of the Turuka race fail iu this, they have eaten hog's flesh. If kings 
of Karnataka fail in it, they will incur the guilt of murdering father and 
mother in Kasi. Whatever king fails in it incurs the sin of slaughteriug cows. 


Date 1089 A.D. 
In the 20th year of the reigu of Kov-Irajakesaripanmar, alias the emperor 
sri-Kul6ttuiiga-S61a-Deva, who — while the goddess of fame became conspicuous, 
while the goddess of victory desired him, while the goddess of the earth 
became bright, and while the goddess of fortune wedded him — rightfuUy wore 
the excellent crown of jewels ; caused the wheel of his authority to roU over 
all regions, so that the Villavar (Cheras) lost their position, the Minavar 
(Pandyas) became disconcerted, and Vikkalan and Siiiganan plunged into the 
western ocean ; and was graciously seated on the throne of heroes along with 
his queen Puvana-mulud-udaiyal — To provide for oblation, burnt ofierings and 
expenses of worship in the temple of Tiruviramisvaram-udaiya Mahadevar at 
Kalaniyur in the Kuval ala-nadu of Niganlv-Sola-mandalam,— I, Jayangonda- 

Sola-Brahma-marayaD, of Karaikkanda-Ramadevakami, a Brahman of 

the Kausika-gotia and the Bahudanya (Bodhayana ?) siitra of the same 
village — made a grant of 1000 kuli of wet land, as measured by the rod of 
ISspans, situated in the same village within the four bouudary stones caused 
to be set up by me with the figures of bulls carved on them ; and, with 
pouring of water, gave it, with exemption from taxes, and the right to exact 
unpaid labour, such as beating the husk from paddy and other kinds of service. 


Kolar Taluq. 53 

to the Siva-Brahmana (named with his gofra and sfdra) worshipping in the 
temple, to be enjoyed by him and bis descendants. 

149 i 

Date 1041 A. D. 
In the 30th year of the reign of Ko-pParakesaripanmar, alias sri-Rajendra- 
Sola-Devar, who took the East coantry, Gaugai and Kadaram— . . . .the 
dry land with the four boundaries granted for the god Mabadevar, alias 
Tiruviramisvaram-udaiyar of Kalaniyur 


Date 1393 A. D. 

(On the date specified), at tbe time when tbe maha-mandalesvara vira. . . . 
Raya was ruling tbe kingdom of the world:— the prabbu of Kalaniyiir in 
Kolala-nad , Sintaka-Chaundi-jiya's son Chokkappa made a grant of land 
(specified) to tbe carpeater Gandoji Nach6ja's sou Sivadiyoja for erecting an 
upper storey for him. Imprecation. 


Date 1520 A. D. 
(On tbe date specified), tbe Brabmans of Volu-Narasiiiibapura and the priests 
gave to Dyapa-Kedurappa land (specified) and a house. 


Date ? 1528 A. D. 
(In the year specified), the raaha-mandalesvara Ramaya-Deva, with certain 
gaudas (named) raade a grant of land (specified) to tbe guru of tbe Right- 
hand (sect), the Ediyur dandi, Virann-odeyar. 


Date 1580 A. D. 
May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On tbe date specified), when tbe 
rajadbiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa vira-Sri-Ranga-Deva-maharaya was 
ruling the kingdom of the world:— the raaha-mandalesvara Rama-Rajaya- 
Timma-Rajaya's grandsou, K6sala-Rajaya's son, Chinna-Timma-Rajaya granted 
for the offerings to tlie Timmalanatha of Kamadevanahalli land (specified), 
free of all imposts. 

54 Kolar Taluq. 


Date I060 A. D. 
May it be prosperous. Bc it well. (Ou the date specified), Sugatiir 
Tammaya-Gauda gave to Karaga-mayilappa-gaunda a nag&ru-godagu field of 10 
kolagas. Imprecation. 


Date ? about 1565 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. Raghunatha-Rajaya confirmed our Kannada Bharati 
agrahara Kallandur for as long as sun and moon exist. . . .Tammappa-Gauda's 
work of merit. 


Date 1614 A. D. 

Be it well. (On tbe date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara, 
master of the eastern western southern and northern the four oceans, vira- 
pratapa vira-Veiikatapati-maharaya, seated on the jewel throne, was ruling the 
kingdom of the world :— Sugatur Tammappa-Gauda (made some grant). 


Date about 950 A. D. 
Be it well. When Iriva-Nolamba was ruling tlie kingdom of tbe world:— 


Date about 1180 A. D. 
In the of Hojaua-vira-Vallala-Devar, of the Kuvalala-nadu. 


Date ? 1366 A. D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), the maha-mandalesvara, subduer of 
hostile kings, charapiou over kings who break their word, master of tbe eastern 
western and the foiir oceaus, vira-Bukkanua-Vodeyar's son vira-Kumara-Kam- 
panua-Vodeyar granted to all tlie Brabmans of Devalapura, wbich is Kiluru- 
gali in Kolala-nad. the agrahara made by Avasarada Aiikappa, all the lauds 
and rights (specified) formerly pertaiuing to the agrahara, and confirmed the 



Kolar Taluq. 55 

shares formcd by Avasarada Aiikappa for Brahmans of various gotras, with 
extra shares for the purana Brahman, the servants, 


Date 1642 A. D. 
(Telugu) — Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa Sri-Ranga-Deva-maharaya-ayya was ruling the empire 
of the workl: — Obi-Raja Ramana-Rajayya-Deva-maharaya-ayya, at the time 
of the eclipse of the sun, made to Bhaskara-Sidhosvara-bhatta, a grant at the 
side of the lower Tirupati, of the Hogari-Chitanipalle village in the Kohxla- 
simj^which Sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maharaya-ayya had favoured to hira as an 
amara-umbali, — to be enjoyed to his posterity. 

164, 165. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja-parame- 
svara vira-pratapa vira-Rama-Deva-Raya was ruling the empire of the world: — 
Sugatur Chikka-Raya Tammaya-Gavuda granted to the Dalavayi Sonnaya- 
gauda a netara-godige sasana as follows; — You having taken great trouble 
and carried out for our government the list of orders written out for our 
affairs, we grant to you