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Volume 104 

Lehigh University 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

In Memorium 

by Karen Berry 

When John Steckbeck died last October, Lehigh lost a man 
of enormous spirit and enthusiasm who cared tremendously 
for the people of the University. 

Affectionately known as "Steck", his love and concern for 
each member of every class was apparent from a student's first 
days on campus. Steck took pride in being one of the first 
faculty members or administrators to meet incoming freshmen 
as a body. At the Freshmen Rally he tried to make these anx- 
ious and homesick students "feel as if they had been at Lehigh 
for 100 years." He tried — and usually succeeded — in making 
one of a student's first experiences on campus a memorable 

This concern continued throughout a student's four years at 
Lehigh. Steck not only provided athletic programs and ser- 
vices for the student body, but was available to every student 
on a personal basis. "The students are my main concern and 
interest. I give them every bit of service I can muster, but I 
only pray I have enough to offer." 

Steck tried to instill a sense of pride and spirit in the stu- 
dents and the people he worked with. "I try to teach them 
there is comfort in knowing the courage and spirit to stay with 
something until it is done." He added, "What you do, do 

He was a person who epitomized the spirit of Lehigh. He 
once called himself "A Lehigh University man." As President 
Deming Lewis said, "John Steckbeck was a rare and marvel- 

ous person who not only did his own job very well, but added 
also a contagious energy and enthusiasm to everything he did. 
Generations of students have been motivated by Steck in ways 
that went far beyond the conventional classroom. He cared 
that people learned — on the playing field as well as in the 
classroom. He wanted them to get the wisdom to live on." He 
once said, "I only wish I could give the students a slice of the 
experiences I have had." 

And if John Steckbeck was a part of Lehigh, it was also a part 
of him. He once said, "I will never get Lehigh out of my blood. 
It is the one place I found where I can express myself honesdy 
and work with young people." He said he was fully convinced 
that Lehigh had been his life and the feeling he felt here could 
not be found anywhere else. 

The Freshmen Rally. The intramural track meet. The Tur- 
key Trot. The bonfire. And finally, at graduation, singing the 
alma mater. Steck was always there. 

Upon retiring last year Steck devoted his numerous ener- 
gies to many other activities but said, "To say I don't miss 
Lehigh would not be the truth. I miss the energy of the cam- 
pus." And the campus — its students, administrators and fac- 
ulty — will surely miss his. 

John Stohler Steckbeck 


















Life and Living 











Pamela A. Cleaver 

Diane Poles 
Managing Editor 

Clarice May 
Business Manager 

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- - 

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At the TOP 

President & 
Vice Presidents 

DR. W. DEMING LEWIS. Lehigh's 
tenth chief executive officer holds 33 
U.S. patents and has worked on 
technological projects ranging from the 
development of radar in World War II 
to the Apollo project. Before coming to 

Austin Gavin 

the University in 1964, Dr. Lewis was 
Managing Director of Bellcom, Inc. in 
Washington D.C. 

President Lewis, who is responsible 
to the Lehigh Board of Trustees, meets 
and discusses Lehigh matters with all 
members of the University campus and 
with many people from off campus. He 
enjoys his job "because of the great 
values which a fine University can 
give to people and to society and be- 

W. Dewing Lewis 

cause of the daily challenges of trying 
to solve the problems of operations. 

Commenting on the value of a 
Lehigh education, Dr. Lewis quoted 
Alfred North Whitehead: "In the con- 
ditions of modern life, the rule is abso- 
lute: the race which does not value 
trained intelligence is doomed." 

and vice-president Zettlemoyer holds 
the second highest post in the Univer- 
sity. He lists Freshman Seminars and 
the Teaching TA's to Teach program as 
notable developments during his ten- 
year reign. Zettlemoyer views Lehigh 
as "an institution which is going to 
meet the problems of the 80's head on 
and solve them." 

AUSTIN GAVIN. The executive 
consultant "consults on anything any- 
one thinks might be helpful." The 
former executive vice-president of P.P. 
& L. has held his current position for 
six years. Of his job, Gavin said, "It's 

Albert C. Zettlemoyer 


Paul J. Franz, Jr. 

PAUL FRANZ. The vice-president 
of development raises money by work- 
ing with alumni, corporations and 
foundations. During the 36 years that 
he has held his position, Franz raised 
for Lehigh almost $100 million in gifts. 
"Great product" is the reason Paul 
Franz likes his job. 

JOHN WOLTJEN. Treasurer John 
Woltjen is responsible for all areas of 
the University's financial structure 
with the exception of the endowment 
fund. During his two-year stay at the 
University, the former treasurer of 
Dickinson College has developed new 
budget techniques and procedures. 

Concerning the University's future, 
Woltjen said, "Lehigh will be facing a 
difficult era during the eighties, how- 
ever, this period may also be Lehigh's 
opportunity for further greatness. 

Joseph F. Libsch 

Through cooperative efforts and re- 
sourcefulness, Lehigh has the poten- 
tial to join the top group of universities 
in America." 

president for administration and plan- 
ning is responsible for the promotion, 
coordination and synthesis of the Uni- 
versity's academic, physical and fiscal 

JoKn W. Woltjen 

plans. In addition to the introduction 
of a computer-based planning model, 
there have been significant improve- 
ments to buildings and grounds during 
the six-year period that Ottervik has 
held his present position. 

JOSEPH LIRSCH. Libsch is vice- 
president for research. 

PRESTON PARR. Parr is vice- 
president and dean of student affairs. 

Preston Pan- 

Erie V. Ottervik 


Deans & 


WILLIAM QUAY. The dean of stu- 
dents deals with students' problems 
and needs outside the classroom. In 
the ten years Quay has held his current 
position, Lehigh has become a more 
comprehensive institution through 
minority recruiting, coeducation and 
new student housing. 

Concerning his job, the dean said. 

William L. Quay 

"It's not routine. There's variety. It's 
not a typical desk bound job with a lot 
of paper work." As for the University 
— "Lehigh is an extremely vigorous 
place where students work hard, study 
hard, party hard and compete hard. 

ROBERT COHEN. Associate dean 
of students Cohen works with students 

on academic matters and serves as case 
officer of the University Committee on 
Discipline. Since his arrival in 1979, 
he has revived the College Bowl Com- 
petition and established an Honors 

"Lehigh seems to me a place where 
the wisdom of the past, energized by 
the searching quests of the present, 
can have an impact on our personal 
and collective future." 

NATHAN HARRIS. Assistant dean 
of students Harris coordinates and 
provides leadership in the area of stu- 
dent activities such as the Student Ac- 
tivities Council and the Black Students 
Union. Harris has enjoyed his job of 
ten years because of the tremendous 
diversity of duties and the dealings 
with students. He hopes he has 
"bridged some gaps and made life a 
little easier for the students." 

Robert D. Cohen 

Nathan W. Harris 


Warren Soare 

dean of students Whitcomb is a re- 
source person for women students and 
women's issues. She advises the 
Lehigh University Volunteers and 
works with the Gryphons. Whitcomb 
enjoys "the constant stimulation of 
working with bright young people — 
and never knowing what's going to 
come through the door." She has held 
her current position for four years. 

WARREN SOARE. Associate dean 

of students Soare is responsible for all 
residence halls, fraternities and 
sororities. He works with residence 
halls staff and officers of the Interfra- 
ternity Council. Before coming to the 
University in January 1980, he was di- 
rector of housing at Rider College. 

JOSEPH PETRONIO. The busar is 
responsible for the billing and collec- 
tion of student accounts and the pro- 
cessing of all payments to the Univer- 
sity. Before coming to Lehigh in 1968, 
Petronio was an accountant with West- 
ern Electric. 

director of financial aid, attempts to 
draw into the University as much 
grant, loan and employment income as 
possible. He enjoys his job of 12 years 
because he is a masochist who thrives 
on the challenge of keeping the Uni- 
versity from running afoul of the in- 
credible line of administrative pro- 

"Lehigh is a very sound institution 
from the standpoint of financial aid and 
finances. While many other colleges 
may cease to exist within the next 10 
years, Lehigh will continue to provide 
a quality education." 

*■ m- 

^D9t«w. v A * 

'■■ ^^r 


*^^ ■*- l 

Joseph Petronio 

Muriel Whitcomb 

William E. Stanford 


Administration & 
Academic Deans 

SAMUEL MISSIMER. Missimer re- 
cruits and selects new students. He 
cites maintaining sanity as his noted 
accomplishment during 18 years at 

"I love the feeling that I'm able to 
help some people at an important stage 
in their lives — when they are select- 
ing a college and a possible career." 

IW ~° 1 

Samuel H. Mi 

Janus }]. Wagner 

JAMES WAGNER. The registrar is 
responsible for registration, gradua- 
tion, scheduling, selective service, 
transcripts and computer liaison. His 
job of 31 years allows him to combine 
math aptitude with an interest in gov- 
ernment. In the early 1950s, Wagner 
simplified the registration process. 

business and economics sees his job as 
coordinating the activities of the fac- 
ulty and providing leadership for the 
college. This necessitates his involve- 
ment in curriculum planning, aca- 
demic policies, faculty performance, 
budgeting and raising funds externally 
to enable the college to function more 

The former professor and associate 
dean at Northwestern University has 
been at Lehigh for one-and-a-half 
years. Looking to the future, Barsness 
said, "I think the challenge for the Col- 
lege of Business and Economics is to 
take a good quality program and trans- 
form it into an excellent one. 

JOHN KARAKASH. The dean of en- 
gineering and physical sciences de- 
fines the functions of his office as "en- 
suring the integrity and effectiveness 

John J. Karakash 

of the college's degree programs and 
striving for a competent and concerned 
college faculty vis a vis the students 
the college serves." 

Concerning developments during 
his 15 years as dean, Karakash said, 
"The college has been striving to en- 
large its capacity to educate through 
improved classroom opportunities and 
improved facilities. Much of the prog- 
ress, especially in the latter, is due to 
the loyal support of our alumni who 
have come to realize that our commit- 
ment to them during their student 
years was total and unequivocal." 

Richard W. Barsness 


John W. Hunt 

"Education at its best is not meas- 
ured by what we do, but rather by 
what happens to students as a result of 
what we do." The dean describes 
"teaching students" as "a) helping 
students develop their capacity to 
think and to reason; b) encouraging 
them to search for and develop a set of 
values by which to live; e) develop 
their ability to apply knowledge intel- 
ligently; and d) help them acquire the 
habit of work in converting ideas and 
concepts into consequences." 

"I cannot think of many stations in 
life as satisfying as the opportunity to 
help young people grow into compe- 
tent, confident individuals and con- 
cerned citizens." 

JOHN HUNT. The dean of arts and 
sciences describes his job as attending 
to the quality of the college's educa- 
tion program by maintaining the best 
possible faculty and executing an ef- 
fective budget. Programs introduced 
since his arrival in 1972 include the 
Law and Legal Institutions minor and 
the Mathematics and Geology majors. 
In addition, existing departments such 
as Art, Religion, and Speech and 
Theater were strengthened. 

As to the University's future, Dean 
Hunt declared, "Lehigh is in a golden 
position because of size, history, and 
location to give the kind of education 

that is crucial to our society both 
humanistically and technologically." 

ROBERT STOUT. The duties of 
dean of the graduate school include 
administration of the graduate pro- 
grams, awarding of scholarships and 
fellowships and maintenance of 
standards of admission and degree re- 

Commenting on his 20 years as dean, 
Stout said, "I have enjoyed my work 
because it is varied, I have been able 
to do research and professional work in 
my special field, metallurgy, and I had 
the opportunity to contribute modestly 
to the operation of a respectable grad- 
uate program." 

"After 41 years at Lehigh, I venture 
only to make this point: all of us be- 
come disgruntled at one time or 
another with some aspect of the 
Lehigh enterprise, but if we will con- 
duct ourselves with the realization that 

Perry A. Zirkel 

Lehigh should and must continue to be 
a great university, we will avoid many 
follies in our own actions in the short 
time we are on the staff.' 

PERRY ZIRKEL. The dean of the 
school of education seeks "to provide a 
mesh between the student and instruc- 
tion; the faculty and effective instruc- 

tion; and the administration and fiscal 
balance' In his three years as dean, 
Zirkel has established a greater sense 
of unity with alumni through place- 
ment services, a newsletter, alumni 
day, and an alumni council. 

Zirkel has mixed feelings about his 
job. He likes dealing with the different 
branches of the University, but he 
feels there has been a decline in the 
need for a school of education and that 
it is not always considered a part of 

When asked his feelings about the 
University, Zirkel said, "Lehigh is the 
kind of place that you either love or 
hate. Many hate it while they're here 
but miss it when they're gone." 

Robert D. Stout 


Accounting and Law 

ROW 1: S. Webster, R. BainbridgeJ. Tobah, L. S'teedle, 
B. Brockwaii, C. Moore; ROW 2: M. GerdesJ. Hull, J. 

Paul, R. Mill's. 


ROW 1: Ccipi. Janorski, Maj. Deatherage, Col. 
Hasbrouck, Maj. KjbHco, Capt. Sotak; ROW 2: Sgt. 
Nowak, Mrs. Huseman, Sat. Carvef, Sgt. Bonneu. 



R. Romich, R. Basilici,]. Locuscio, A. Phelan, F. 
Schultz, R. Prevost, C. Meyer, A. Miller. 

Art and Architecture 

ROW 1: R. Viera; ROW 2: N. Adams, P. Felder, G. Burnley. 



ROW 1:/. Leeman, B. Fetterman, R 

Kline, G. Shultze, W. Leckonby, C 

McNaron, B. Gardiner; ROW 2: J 

Covert, B. Lipkin, C. Anderson. S 

Shultz; ROW 3: S. Sterret. C. Ice, J 

uckhardt, T. Turner, W. Whitehead,] 



SEATED: R. Malsberger, S. Barber; 

STANDING: B. Hargraves, B. Bean, 

B Iskonitz, D. Cindall, H. Pritchard. 


Chemical Engineering 

SEATED: W. Schiesser, L. Wenzel, C. Clump; 
STANDING: H. Coram, L. Sperling, T. Stein, A. 



SEATED: S. Schaffer, C. Kraihanzel, F. Foukes, N. HeindelJ. 
Meckel; STANDING: R. Lovejoy, T. Young, J. Manson, G. 
Barringer,J. Vanderhoff, ) '. Sturm. 


Civil Engineering 

ROW I: J. Daniels. T. Huang, Lewulu, D. VanHorn, L. Beedle, 
J. Fischer, J. Uebig, G. Driscoll; ROW 2: /.. Martin, K. Wu, V. 
Chen, R, Gabriel, G. Siefering,J. Tedesco, A. Brune, R. 

Chaneij, C. Kostem, B. Hoffman, M. S alley, P. Usinowicz, A. 
Collins. R. Slutter, R. Weisman, D. Mertz, S. Kicinski, H Fanx, 
A. Ostapenko, O. Yucel, B. Yen, A. Richards, G. Dinsmorc. 



D. Feaver, C. Phillips, E. DeAngeli. 

Computer Science 

Dr. Hillmim, S. Gulden. A. Kasarda 


SEATED: L. Kantor, E. Schwartz, J. Innes; STANDING: W. Pillsbury, R. 
Moran, N. Balabkins, P. Lambert, R. Aron$on,J. McNamara, R. Thornton, D. 


Electrical Engineering 

ROW I: J. Ondria, W. Halter, K. Tzena, F. Fret/, B. Fritchman, N. Eberhardt, A. Susskincl: 
Heilschen; ROW 2: D. Talhelm, P. Ota, J. Not Pictured: A. Larkey, W. Dahlke. 
Simmons, D. Leenou, C. Holzinger, D. 

ROW I: A. Hartung, F. Hook, E. FiferJ. Fergus, 
E. Wolf, B. Buck- ROW 2: H. Bidler, K Long, T. 
Parks, R. Arbor; ROW 3: A. Brass, R. Harson, S. 




ROW 1: B. Scamman, K. Kodaman, M. Uolpi, S. Fielding; ROW 2: C. 
Sclarcham, K. Carney. B. Carson, D. Simpson, S. Gawarcck, j. 
Parks, D. Chapin, E. Evenson. 

i- "*■»»*+ *»f^ 




M. Buy/or, R. SimonsJ. HaightJ. 

Ellis, A. Spinosa. C. McCoy. 

Industrial Engineering 

Row l.G. Kane, A. Gould,]. Krobock, W. Richardson; ROW 2: 

S Monroe, L. Long, E. Eitnmers, M. Groover, L. Plebani.J. 

Adams, R. PuUing, K. Monroe. B. Weehsler, A. Kreutzer. 



R. Wylie, Z. Slouha, M. Hodges, R. 

- ■■ 


S. Friedman, W. Trimble J 
McFadden, R. Sullivan. 



Management and Finance 

*Y° — 


C. H siting, A. Papantonopoulou, G. 

Rayna, B. Eisenberg, (',. McCluskey, S. 

Gulden, ('.. Stengle, S. Purisch, A. 




ROW 1: L. Krouse, D. Falcinelli, S. Buclt. B. SmackeyJ. Hobbs; ROW 2: H. 
Duulick, J. Bonge, R. Horton,]. Hansz, I. Tucker, j. Stevens, M Kolchin, B. 
Litt, J. Greenleaf, M. Dollinger. 



ROW I: J. Owczarek, R. Benner.J. Nichols, D. 
Abbot; ROW 2: R. Lucas, A. Schachenmunn, A. 
McPherson, F. Brown, T. Jackson, F. Beer; ROW 3: 
T. Delph, XI. Foster, R. Hartraft, R. Sarubbi, D. 




\V. Hahn, G. Conrad. R. Chou, D 

Smythe, D. Williams. D. Thomas, A 

Pense,J. AniUand 




J. VanEerde, D. Lewis. A. Wal- 

denrath, V. Valenzuela, L. Lef- 

kowitz, A. Van der Naald. 



;. Broun, K. Reichard, R. Cutler,]. Bidlaek 



D. Wheeler. R. Shaffer, Y. Kim, A. Kanofsky, B. Benson,]. McLen- 
nan, G. Boise, W. Finder, G. Watkins, S. Ratlin. 



ROW 1: R. High, E. Kay, L. StaplinJ. Nyby, A. Brody; ROW 2: M. RichterJ. 

Clark, L. Fchr, G. Shortens. 



Chaplain Fletcher, A. Eckardt, P. McGinty 

Speech and Theater 

SEATED: J. Milet; STANDING:;. Woods, T. 

Barker, A. Ripa. 


Social Relations 


R. HerrenkohlJ. Mcintosh. J. Gatewood, R. Williamson R 
Rosenwein; MISSING: B. Frankel. 

Urban Studies 




by Varuni Nelson 

No matter where we came from or 
why we came here, we all had some 
preconceived notions on what college 
and Lehigh life would be. To many of 
us the first few weeks at Lehigh were 
periods of readjustment. To others col- 
lege was exactly what was expected 
and more. But it is undoubtedly true 
that we all made some EARLY DIS- 
COVERIES that have remained with 
us for the entirety of our stay at Lehigh. 


sadly lacking in most dormitories — al- 
ternatives: fans, showers, iced tea, sit- 
ting and sweating, wishing for winter 


First Impressions 

a place where freshmen rush in when 
upperclassmen fear to tread. After just 
a few hours spent waiting in line, they 
emerge a little older, a litde wiser and 
a lot poorer 


to go or not to go, that is the question 


a privilege of the upperclassmen — 
legal age at Lehigh is sophomore, not 


fairly respectable excuse for hating 

and/or sleeping through a class 

quickly replaced by other assorted 


Fear of eating chuckwagon (name of 
something served in the UC at dinner) 

Fear of not making it through 
freshman orientation 

Fear of getting hopelessly lost on the 
way to class 


famous last words, "what is this stuff? 
Tastes like fruit juice — I want some 
real booze." 


as in "how the — am I supposed to do 

all this work without going crazy." 


— an engineer, business major, pre- 
med, idiot 

— from New York, Philly, New Jersey, 

— living in Dravo, Taylor, Palmer, 


no major or minor offered 


supposedly upperclassmen (especially 

gryphons) are full of it 


1. forget what your mother tried to 
teach you — just throw it all in together 
(save your energy to fight for a 

2. don't stare when the guy next to you 
starts taking lacy black underwear out 
of his laundry bag 

3. if you forget to remove your clothes 
from the dryer, someone else will 
surely take them out — however, 
chances are that they will not be lov- 
ingly folded 



you're on your own 


usual answer to the following ques- 

— Want to take this test for me? 

— Is Organic a gut? 

— Pick up anyone last night? 


a fight between any student and the 


at least until the first hourly 


not to be found at Linderman 


some of die people, maybe, but none of 
the dogs 


usually the worst possible arrange- 
ment of classes 


white and abrasive 


if you don't understand, underline 


flunk an hourly or two — and you'll get 

yours before February 14th 


yes, there are classes on Friday, but 
many still prefer to start it on Thursday 


same as in high school — not a good 
sign if red, on a test and made by a 


the beginning of many questions: 

— Why did I come here? 

— Why don't I leave? 

— Why do I like this place? 


in greek, it's zeta 




by Varuni Nelson 

Why did you come to Lehigh? Sure, you have a carefully 
thought out, well-rehearsed and fairly intelligent (albeit dull 
and predictable) answer ready for purposes of impressing 
job interviewers and other Very Important People. But what 
was your REAL reason? 

Why did you come to Lehigh? Were you a star wrestier or 
a calculator freak? Maybe free beer was your idea of 
Paradise? Was attending Lehigh a family tradition from way 
back or did someone you hate go to Lafayette? Maybe 
Bethlehem was just far away enough from home? Was it 
because you knew about the ratio or because you didn't 
know about the ratio? Maybe you were a mountain goat in a 
previous life? 

If ' 

Ml**!*- ass v\v 

Why did YOU come to LEHIGH? 

— Leslie Praver — The people were very friendly and my 
guidance counselor told me to go to the best school I got 

— Beth Pianucci — There were no essays on the application 

— Jeff Bernstein — I wanted to play football and I wanted to 
go to a school with a good academic reputation. Lehigh 
offered the best combination for me. 

— Nancy Lehrhaupt — I liked the name. 

— Jack Archibald — Because of the low social budget. — 

— Bebe Herbert — I didn't get into the University of Vir- 

— Matt Berg — I loved the town. 

— Lori Cohen — I told my guidance counselor I liked math 
and science. He said, "You want to be an engineer, you 
want to go to Lehigh." (Lori is now a finance major, but 
don't tell her guidance counselor.) 

— Chas Wolf — Because of the ivy on the walls. 

— Barb Stein — It was the first school I got into. 

— Bob Epstein — Because the world screws you over and 
Lehigh really prepares you for that! 




The pros and cons of the Equal Rights 
Amendment were hotly debated by Karen 
DeCrovv and Phyllis Schlafly. DeCrovv, 
former president of the National Organiza- 
tion for Women, said that only a federal ERA 
could guarantee women constitutional pro- 
tection. Schlafly, who favors individual state 
adopted ERA, countered, "Women are fully 
included in the Constitution." The ERA 
guarantees that "equality of rights under the 
law shall not be denied or abridged by the 
United States or by any state on account of 

George Takei, best known as Mr. Sulu, 
helmsman of the Starship Enterprise on Star 
Trek, discussed the impact of the television pro- 
gram. Takei observed that Star Trek, which 
"tried to give television some meaning", helps 
"to lessen future shock." He cited the touch-tone 
phone system as an example of Star Trek in- 
spired technology. 





John Michael Novak wants to free the 
science of hypnosis from mysticism and 
meaningless ritual. However, to the many 
students who attended his lecture, the feats of 
the famed hypnotist seemed nothing less than 

One of Novak's subjects, believing himself 
to be a steel rod, did not flinch when the 
hypnotist jumped on him. Another was 
convinced that Novak was invisible. Novak 
thinks all people can be hypnotised. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren 

When unexplainable horrors drove a Long Island family from its 
Amityville home, the New York news media asked Ed and Lorraine 
Warren to study the strange situation. To the veteran ghost hunters, 
Amityville was just another occurrence of the occult. 

Lorraine, a recognized clairvoyant, and Ed, a prominent 
demonologist, did not solve the mystery of Amityville. However, the 
Warren's proof-packed discussion of their experiences with the 
unknown gave many students cause to wonder. 


1 "■•^fc.'^w 






*?fe* < 




Women Advance To Nationals 

by Karen Lelinski 

A revolution has taken place in 
women's field hockey at Lehigh. In 
1979, the field hockey team finished 
fourth in Division II in the national 
tournament held at Princeton from 
November 28 to December 1. This was 
the first time in the history of the 
women's athletic program at Lehigh 
that a team competed on a national 

As co-captain of the squad, I have 
seen many changes take place over the 
past four years. A coaching change in 
1977, an upgraded schedule, and in- 
creasing student interest have contri- 
buted to the team's advancement. 

In addition, a change in the structure 
of the national tournament has im- 
proved Lehigh's chances for a title. 
Formerly, all colleges competed in the 
same national tournament, regardless 
of size. Now the teams are divided into 
three divisions based on the number of 
scholarships awarded. Before the 
change, Lehigh qualified for regional 
play four out of five years but was 
ousted shortly thereafter. Now that the 
regional and national championships 
are strictly divisional, Lehigh has a 
much greater chance for success. This 
year, we captured the Region IB title 
by defeating LaSalle in the finals, 1-0. 

As the first place team in the region, 
we automatically 

earned a berth in the 
national tournament. 
Our seeding was de- 
termined by teams 
ranking one through 
eight in the previous 
year's competition. 
Since our region was 
represented by the na- 
tional champion last 
year, the first place 
team in our region was 
seeded first in the na- 
tional tournament this 
year. That was us! We 
— temporarily! 

Fifteen anxious 
players took off for 
Princeton, site of the 
tournament. There 
were no well-wishers 
to send us on our way; 
however, we had 
enough enthusiasm 
among us. 

We were scheduled 
to meet Southern Il- 
linois (Edwardsville) 
in our first game. De- 
spite muddy field con- 
ditions and strong 
winds, we defeated 
them, 2-1. Having con- 
quered that initial hur- 
dle, we were more re- 
laxed and eager for the 
next contest to begin. 

Early the following 
afternoon, we were 
slated to meet 
Bucknell, the third 
place finisher from our 
region. We avenged 
our regular season loss 
to the Bisons by shock- 
ing them, 3-0. 

After losing our next 
game to the eventual 
champion, Southwest 
Missouri, 4-0, we faced Bentley Col- 
lege of Massachusetts for third place. 
We scored first, but Bentley tied the 
score with two seconds of play remain- 
ing. A seven-and-a-half minute over- 
time period ensued, during which 
Bentley scored on a penalty comer. We 
ended our pursuit of a national title 
with a fourth place finish. 

Although we were ecstatic upon re- 

turning to Lehigh, a sense of frustra- 
tion could not help but creep into our 
hearts. In spite of the fact that we had 
represented Lehigh in a national tour- 
nament, there were no banquets, no 
crowds to meet us, not even a newspa- 
per article acknowledging our return. 
However, we, the athletes, will always 
cherish the memories surrounding this 
historical event. 

Cost Benefit Analysis of Parent's Weekend 

PROS . . . 

— Getting a good meal 

— Getting your winter clothes 

— Maybe an extra ten spot 

— A chance to get behind the wheel again 

— Watching the football team destroy a hapless oppo- 

— Getting to meet brothers' sisters (or your sisters' 

CONS . . . 

— Having to stay sober Friday night 

— Having to clean your room 

— Having to conceal contraband 

— Worrying about faux pas and other 
social blunders 

— Getting end-zone seats . . . again 

— Hoping that Dad listens to Mom 
and gives her the keys 

by Wally Smerconish and Jack 



! ' 


| • roCS&k +%&&£* 







#5 i'i 

• vi 

• i&I^vVS 









~5i<t-^± ! ~*f£'g^ 

"— - • 

■ — S*ov.^ 



,;' ■ ■ * - ^ 

■ .~^ 





3 *■ * 




Glittering costumes, extravagant backgrounds and superb 
skating characterized the first major entertainment event at 
Stabler. Irvin Feld and Kenneth Feld presented the 35th 
edition of "Holiday On Ice." 

The sensational act of Jill Shipstad and the precision skating 
of the Ice Holidettes entertained the audience. But skating into 
the hearts of kids — 3 to 30 — were the Sesame Street 
characters — Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie and 
the whole gang. 

Magical . . . elegant . . . breathtaking — "Holiday On Ice. 


Lafayette Week 

Anxiety and anticipation of final exams overwhelm each one 
of us every November. The pressure surmounts. The work 
never ceases. But, amidst all of this, the time to enjoy our- 
selves arrives. Lafayette Week is that time. 

And what is Lafayette Week? It is . . . house decorations . . 
the turkey trot . . . guarding the football field . . . 2.9 miles . . 
excitement . . . building the bonfire . . . guarding the bonfire 
from the Lafayette Leopards . . . tailgates . . . the game . 
115th game ... a rivalry . . . alumni . . . the last 3 minutes . 
suspense . . . the goal posts falling . . . beating Lafayette . 
going crazy . . . post-game jollies . . . partying . . . fraternity 
fountain . . . pub nights . . . cocktail parties . . . grain parties . 
dawn to dusk to dawn parties . . . Sunday recoveries . 


* w 

■ -M 




: v- 



& «*>, ^ 

> ^ 





. . . other issues from Fall 

Reeves, Dorney Leave 

Two positions in the Dean of Stu- 
dents' office were left vacant following 
the resignations of Robert Reeves and 
Hershel Dorney. Reeves left his job as 
Assistant Dean of Students during the 
summer break. Dorney, assistant to the 
Dean of Students, announced he was 
leaving in October. 

Reeves said that deciding to accept a 
position as vice president for student 
affairs at Worcester Polytechnic Insti- 
tute was not easy. However, after 
spending 13 years — his entire profes- 
sional life — at Lehigh, he was "not so 
sure" that remaining at the University 
was "entirely conducive to being able 
to grow." 

Dorney, who did not have a job wait- 
ing, declined to elaborate on the "per- 
sonal and professional reasons" re- 
sponsible for his resignation. He said 
his accomplishments at Lehigh in- 
cluded helping the sororities get estab- 
lished at SMAGS, ironing out differ- 
ences between fraternities and work- 
ing with the Gryphon Society. 


1979 was designated "the best year 
we've had yet" for campus improve- 
ments by Eric Ottervik, vice president 
for Administration and Planning. Over 
$750,000 was spent during the summer 
on 16 varied projects. 

The costliest project ($200,000) was 
the two-part — inside and outside — 
renovation of Packer Memorial 
Church. Half that amount was spent on 
updating the Taylor Gym wrestling 
room and converting the fencing room 
into a wrestling locker room. These 
improvements were financed by gifts 
from the Pew Foundation and the 
Lewis brothers, respectively. 

Two other major renovations cost 
$75,000 each. The redesigning of the 
snack bar included the introduction of 
self-service and pizza ovens. New to 
Williams Hall were ten computer ter- 
minals and an ecology lab. 

Association Formed 

The 660 University students who 
live off-campus received representa- 
tion as a living group in September 
when the Off-Campus Students As- 
sociation became an officially recog- 
nized University organization. 

The organization has the dual goals 
of informing and unifying off-campus 
students. Proposals include a bulletin 
board providing material on commu- 
nity living and coffeehouses where stu- 
dents can get to know one another. In 
addition, off-campus residents will be 
able to obtain tickets for events such as 
Lehigh-Lafayette football games 
through campus lotteries. 


-*- r3 


fir."*-:. »■ "T~*-- 
i ' --*-•■ "■•£■ 


The Pope Visits 

"I greet you, America the beautiful," 
said Pope John Paul II to a crowd in 
Boston. During his seven-day visit to 
the U.S., the pontiff praised the values 
at the base of the Republic — and 
criticized the materialism and self- 
centeredness that are also part of the 

The Pope took a strong stand on the 
divisive issues facing the Catholic 
Church. He declared that, regarding 
priestly celibacy, the ordination of 
women and artificial contraception, 
there would be no liberalization of 
church policy. In Washington, priests, 

nuns, and lay Catholics who disagreed 
with his views protested outside the 
White House and St. Matthew's 

John Paul II discussed many of the 
world's most pressing problems. Re- 
garding the Middle East, he said, "Be- 
ing necessarily based on equitable 
recognition of the rights of all, (A gen- 
eral, overall peace in the area) cannot 
fail to include a consideration and just 
settlement of the Palestinian question. 
Speaking on the disparity of nations, 
he emphasized the need for "a unity 
inspired by an authentic perspective of 
peace." The millions of Americans 
who fought bad weather and huge 
crowds to see the pontiff responded to 
his pronouncements with fervent emo- 

A Peek At 

In September, after a six year, two 
billion mile journey, Pioneer II ap- 
proached Saturn's atmosphere — 
enabling man to take the closest look 
yet at the intriguing planet. 

The aim of the spacecraft is to obtain 
information that telescopes cannot 
provide. Its mission is one of 39 un- 
manned space probes that have, since 
1961, revolutionized human beings' 
understanding of their solar system. 
The vast amount of material capable of 
being gathered by Pioneer's electronic 
design is expected to keep scientists 
busy for years. 

The Iran Crisis 

The country faced a crisis in No- 
vember when militant students took 
over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, 
Iran. As the blindfolded American cap- 
tives were marched around the em- 
bassy compound, the mob outside the 
gates screamed "Death to Carter." 

Claiming to act in the name of the 
Ayatollah Khomeini, the students de- 
manded that the U.S. return the exiled 
Shah to Iran. Lying in a New York hos- 
pital, the Shah himself offered to leave, 
and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat 
offered his asylum. However, the Ad- 
ministration said he should not be 
handed over to the Iranians or hurried 
to any other country. 

Secretary of Defense Harold Brown 
and representatives of the Joint Chiefs 
of Staff ruled out the possibility of an 
attack similiar to the 1976 Israeli raid 
on Entebbe. Carter made saving the 
lives of the hostages his first priority 
and cautioned U.S. spokesmen not to 
do or say anything that might anger the 

Americans responded to the incident 
with tremendous rage. Some burned 
the Iranian flag. At several ports, Ira- 
nian ships were not unloaded. But the 
Administration was helpless, knowing 
it could do nothing but watch and wait. 




Stabler Dedicated 

Lehigh's new 6000 seat, $3.7 million Sta- 
bler Athletic and Convocation Center was 
officially dedicated on December 1, 1979. 
The Lehigh trustees voted to have the 
facility named in honor of nationally 
known industrialist Donald B. Stabler, a 
Lehigh alumnus and trustee, who was the 
major donor of funds for the Center. 

The Center was first used for Lehigh's 
1979 Commencement in May. In Novem- 
ber, the spectacular "Holiday On Ice" 
show was staged in the building. Follow- 
ing the dedication, the wrestling and 
men's and women's basketball teams made 
their debuts in Stabler. 


Harlem Globetrotters 

The "fun, fantastic and fabulous" Harlem Globetrotters 
stopped for a game at Stabler Center during their 1980 World 
Tour. The Globetrotters are now on their second half century 
as one of the world's most popular sports teams. During the 
1980 tour, the team will visit Australia, New Zealand, Europe, 
and 46 states and six Canadian provinces in North America. 


Lehigh Returns 
To Playoffs 

By Larry Reisman 

With only seven starting seniors, get- 
ting into the playoffs was no easy task 
for the Engineer gridders. However, 
once involved in post season competi- 
tion, the job ahead looked simple — for 
a while. 

In their last playoff game, the 1977 
NCAA Division II finals, the En- 
gineers whitewashed Jacksonville 
(Ala.) State, 33-0. In the first game of 
this year's playoffs, the gridders looked 
unstoppable in a 28-9 triumph over 
Murray (Ky.) State University. 

The Engineers' 14-0 halftime lead 

over Murray was mainly due to the 
superb work of their offensive line and 
backs. Running back Joe Rabuck's 
one-yard plunge and quarterback Rich 
Andres' six-yard scramble resulted in 
the Engineers' first two touchdowns. 
Ted Iobst converted two extra points. 
The defensive unit was as tough as 

The Racers' comeback attempt saw 
the Engineer lead diminished to 14-9 
by late in the third quarter. However, a 
Mark Yeager touchdown reception 
from ABC Offensive-Player-of-the- 
Game Andres built the Lehigh edge up 
to 21-9. A 37-yard run to paydirtby Bob 
Romeo then clinched the game. Jeff 
Bernstein led all Engineer rushers on 
the day with 80 yards on just 1 1 carries. 

The Engineers prepared to face East- 
ern Kentucky University the follow- 
ing week for the national champi- 
onship. Unfortunately, Lehigh was un- 

lucky in the Orlando fog, bowing to the 
Colonels, 30-7. 

Dean of Students William Quay 
moved all of the afternoon finals to the 
evening so that students could watch 
the game. This only increased the 
number of disappointed spectators 
when Lehigh, favored to win, lost. 

Halfback Alvin Miller's romp of the 
Engineer defense resulted in a 14-0 
Colonel lead. Late in the second quar- 
ter, the Engineers gained momentum, 
scoring on a Romeo one-yard jolt. The 
scoreboard read 14-7 at intermission. 

After allowing the Colonels to score 
at the outset of the third quarter, the 
Engineers settled down and held them 
twice. However, just as Lehigh 
seemed to regain control, a fumbled 
punt resulted in the game getting out 
of hand. 30-7 was the final score on 
which the Engineers' fine season 



+ Bill 




That Final Week Of Hell . . . 

Ready, set, procrastinate . 

by Linda Pickens 

Today: One more week until finals 
begin. Plan I is to coast through the last 
week of classes and then begin the in- 
evitable studying this weekend. Plan 
II is to spend the weekend partying 
and crack the books on Monday when 
RCS really begins. (Only hopeless 
nerds chose Plan I.) 

Monday: RCS has really begun. 
However, the first exam isn't until 
Thursday. No use rushing things. Be- 
sides, going to the gym to work off 
those beers from the weekend's cele- 
brating is a better idea. There's two 
whole days left and only five chapters 
to read . . . 

Tuesday: The alarm rings at 8 a.m. 
Last night you finally got around to 
Christmas shopping and didn't leave 
the mall until 10 p.m. The vow was to 
get up early and hit the books before 

breakfast. Instead, you bash off the 
alarm and sleep until lunch. So much 
for the vows. 

After lunch, you're determined to 
get down to the real thing. After pack- 
ing up the books, sharpening the pen- 
cils and grabbing the highlighter, you 
head to Mart for the first time this se- 
mester. Surprise — your roommate in- 
forms you that all the seats were filled 
by 9 a.m. You trudge back up the hill to 
Linderman, the zoo. 

After fifteen minutes in the torturous 
zoo chairs, you begin to look around. 
This proves to be a mistake, as Fred, 
the crashing bore, misinterprets this to 
mean you want to talk to him. He 
comes over and in a loud voice begins 
relating his finals schedule and how it 
compares to past finals throughout the 
millenium. You suddenly remember 


exercise, when 


does no harm 

to the body; 

but knowledge 

which is 

acquired under 


obtains no hold 

on the mind. 

— Plato 


you have to get the mail. 

You trudge back to the dorm, where 
a hot and heavy backgammon tourna- 
ment is raging — for money. What the 
hell — there's always after dinner. Be- 
sides, if you don't win, mom may get 
an IOU for Christmas. 

Dinner is at the Tally-Ho, they in- 
form you. It seems that the winner is 
treating somewhat against his will. 
When you get back, there's no way you 
can stand up, let alone study. Besides, 
you've got all day tomorrow . . . 

Wednesday: The alarm goes off 

again at 8 a.m., splitting your skull in 
half. After staggering from the bed, 
consuming several aspirin and with- 
standing several hours in agony you 
make it to lunch. 

The afternoon is spent trying to stay 
awake by moving the highlighter a- 
cross the pages. Anxiety begins to rear 
its ugly head, and you search for con- 
structive diversions. You settle for 
clipping four fingernails. 

The reading — which amounts to 
skimming — is finished by midnight. 
The big question is whether an all- 

nighter is a good idea when the test is 
at 2 p.m. Once again, you vow to rise at 
8 a.m. 

Thursday: This time, you make it out 
of bed at 8. As a reward, you take your- 
self to breakfast for the first time since 
midterms. You take your notes with 
you, but somebody with a 9 a.m. exam 
decides to release his paranoia on you. 
By the end of breakfast, you're a ner- 
vous wreck too. 

Five hours to go: You begin to study 
frantically, but it seems to take forever 
to get through the notes. Somehow 
there's a lot more after the second 
hourly than you remembered. 

Three hours to go: The phone rings. 
It's your mom, wishing you luck on 
your first final. She starts to go on 
about the relatives coming over for 
Christmas. You just about hang up on 

One hour to go: Lunch looks like it's 
out of the question. Only an hour to go 
. . . now where is the exam? Fifteen 
minutes later, you find out that some- 
body down the hall has confiscated the 
schedule. You're going to need a mira- 
cle to get through this test. What's the 
use? You water the plants to waste time. 

5:30 p.m.: It's finally over. You did 
okay, but probably didn't improve the 
grade at all. Maybe slipped a little. You 
should start studying for the next test 
on Saturday, but what the hell? You've 
got all day tomorrow . . . 


Although finals and 

Christmas conflict, 

students always 

manage to find time to 

get into the holiday 

spirit. And what could 

be better than 

Christmas in 

Bethlehem? It's the 

next best thing to being 




Spirit of 




. . . and other issues from Winter 

Student Assaulted 

Following 90 days of psychiatric 
evaluation at Allentown State Hospi- 
tal, Larry Bradshaw, '82, was declared 
fit to stand trial on charges of attempt- 
ed homicide, aggravated assault, and 
recklessly endangering another per- 
son. The charges stemmed from the 
December 20 attack on Bradshaw's 
roommate, Fred Salloum, '82, in 
McClintic-Marshall House. 

Salloum was found semi-conscious 
on the floor of his room, bleeding from 
at least two head wounds. A hammer 
covered with blood and hair lay on a 

Investigator Howard Smith of the 
Bethlehem police testified that Brad- 
shaw, in a statement following his pre- 
liminary arraignment, said he as- 
saulted Salloum because the victims's 
Alpha brain waves had been entering 
his brain and controlling him since Oc- 
tober. Smith added, "He did say he 
ruined him. He didn't seem to under- 
stand he had done anything wrong be- 
cause he was defending himself." 

Salloum has undergone two opera- 
tions — one to repair a skull fracture, 
the other to mend a broken jaw. He 
will return to Lehigh in fall, 1980, as a 


Hikes in tuition and room and board 
will bring total charges for the 1980-81 
academic year to $7200 for most resi- 
dent students. Tuition is to rise by 
$580 to $5130. Dining service charges 
will increase by $90 and residence hall 
fees by $80-$ 120, depending on the 
individual living unit. 

John Woltjen, treasurer, said that the 
increase in tuition was below the aver- 
age of 16 schools with which the Uni- 
versity actively competes for students. 
Inflation and rising energy costs were 
named the two biggest reasons for the 
increase in tuition and other fees. 

New Provosts 

At a January meeting, the Board of 
Trustees approved the appointment of 
Donald T. Sawyer, an internationally 
famous chemist and educator from the 
University of California, as provost- 
elect. The ten-month search had been 
conducted by a nine-member commit- 
tee headed by Carey Joynt, professor 
of international relations. 

Sawyer was to succeed Vice Presi- 
dent and Provost Albert Zettlemoyer 
on July 1, 1980. Zettlemoyer was retir- 
ing, at his own request, after 38 years 
of service to the University, including 
11 as Provost. He wanted to return to 
research as a University Distinguished 

The position of Vice President and 
Provost is the second highest in the 
University. The Provost is the chief 

administrative officer of the Universi- 
ty's academic programs. 

In late February, Sawyer resigned 
because of "continuing and active op- 
position to my appointment from 
within the administration." President 
Deming Lewis explained that there 
had been "differences of opinion be- 
tween (Sawyer) and some members of 
the faculty and when the faculty made 
these known to me I though it best 
they be made known to Dr. Sawyer." 
The areas of disagreement included 
Sawyer's views on affirmative action 
and the correlation between the num- 
ber of professors and the number of 
courses in the arts college. 

Numerous administrators denied 
that a power struggle between Sawyer 
and Joseph Libsch, vice president for 
research, over control of the dean of 
the graduate school led to Sawyer's 

In March, Arthur Humphrey, dean of 
the College of Engineering and 
Applied Science at the University of 
Pennsylvania, was appointed provost- 

Humphrey will also teach and transfer 
all of his research to the University. 

There will be a few changes in the 
duties of the provost. "Coordination 
and cooperation" will replace the di- 
rect reporting by other vice presidents 
to the provost. 


Winter Olympics 

Some called it the upset ofall times. 
In Lake Placid, New York, the U.S. 
Olympic ice hockey team heat the 
Soviets and went on to win the gold. 
The emotional impact of the victory 
was summed up in the phrase 
"America beat the Russians." 

Eric Heiden was another big win- 
ner, raking in five gold medals in 
speed skating. Ice skater Linda 
Fratianne delighted the crowd but had 
to settle for a silver. 

Disappointment was personified by 
the figure-skating pair of Randy Gard- 
ner and Tai Babilonia. Gardner suf- 
fered a pulled groin muscle before the 
pair's performance and was unable to 

Soviets Invade 

As Russia went deeper and deeper 
into Afghanistan, Carter declared, 
"'This is the most serious threat to 
world peace during my Administra- 
tion.'' Calling the invasion a "callous 
violation of international law and the 
United Nations Charter," the Presi- 
dent asked that strong economic and 
political action be taken against the 
Soviet Union. 

In a twelve-minute televised ad- 
dress to the nation. Carter said he 
would postpone the opening of a new 
Soviet consulate in New York City and 
a U.S. consulate in Kiev. He barred 
new sales of high technological items 
and cut back grain sales. He believed 
support from Congress and U.S. allies 
would enable the enforcement of these 
and other sanctions. 

The President did not promise to go 
to any lengths in order to counter the 
Soviet aggression. However, he did 
vow that "The United States will meet 
its responsibilities." 



Prime J 
: Rate ■ 


January | February 

| March 

Gold Skyrockets 

Precious metals went on a roller- 
coaster ride. After hitting $850 an 
ounce, gold plunged $112.50 in a 
single day, then continued with more 
ups and downs. The price of silver 
underwent similar rises and falls. 

Prices on goods ranging from gold 
jewelry to photographic film in- 
creased. Buyers of metal items were 
overwhelmed by the number of people 
willing to sell. However, many who 
did not pause to get their precious ob- 
jects appraised lost out on the deals. 

Experts said future gold prices 
would depend on the international po- 
litical climate and the degree of infla- 


J?4l*-.'***' e> 


; ***5s 

» '■ 



/>y Larry Reisman 

The Engineer grapplers once again 
proved they were the best in the East 
one cold March evening before a loud 
and partisan crowd. The wrestlers 
swept the Eastern Intercollegiate 
Wrestling Association tournament held 
at Stabler Arena, taking six individual 
championships and qualifying eight 
for the National tournament. 

Winning for the second consecutive 
time, the Engineers scored 155.75 
points — 62.25 points ahead of second 
place Navy and 72.25 points ahead of 
Wilkes. It was the largest margin of 
victory' ever in the EIWA. 

126-pound Steve Bastianelli, 134- 
pound Darn 1 Burley, 158-pound Jim 
Reilly, 177-pound Colin Kilrain, 190- 
pound Mike Brown, and heavyweight 
Drew Keiser all won individual titles. 
Freshman 118-pounder Rich Santoro 

lost a heartbreaker in the finals to 
finish second while 142-pounder Den- 
nis Reed placed fourth. 

Bastianelli had lost in the finals the 
last two years to former NCAA champ 
Gene Mills of Syracuse. He won his 
last EIWA tournament by defeating 
East Stroudsburg freshman Alan Reto, 

Burley, who won the NCAA cham- 
pionship as a freshman, won his sec- 
ond EIWA title in impressive fashion 
as he mauled Wilkes' Brian Billig, 

Freshman Reilly, seeded third in the 
tourney, surprised the crowd as he sent 
defending champion Mark Densberger 
of Wilkes to his back after trailing 5-0. 
Reilly ended up with a 12-7 win and a 
trip to Corvallis, Oregon, to wrestle in 
the NCAA tourney. 

After red-shirting a year, Kilrain won 
his second EIWA title by defeating 
Temple star Ton Mantella, 9-0. Brown, 
troubled throughout the tournament 

by nagging injuries, edged out 
Franklin and Marshall's Craig 
Blackmail, 5-4, by virtue of riding time. 
Fourth-seeded Keiser surprised some 
as he won his first championship by 
defeating second-seeded Bob Matzelle 
of Wilkes, 11-3. 

In one of the most exciting and dis- 
puted matches in recent Engineer his- 
tory, Syracuse's Dale Mills handed 
Santoro a 7-7, 3-0 overtime defeat. A 
standing ovation to Santoro when he 
was awarded his second place trophy 
lasted well over two minutes. 

Senior Reed, who had never before 
finished higher than sixth in the East- 
erns, was selected by the coaches as 
the EIWA wildcard representative to 
the Nationals. 

Brown won the John Fletcher Me- 
morial Award for the most career 
points in Eastern tournament action. 
Temple's 142-pound champion won 
both the Most Outstanding Wrestler 
and Quickest Pin awards. 












Consumer advocate Ralph Nadar spoke on 
"The Use and Abuse of Educational Testing." 
"The U.S.'s toughest customer" said that 
multiple-choice aptitude tests "do not predict 
significantly the students' first year grades in 
college, and predict even less significantly 
their grades in future years." 

Inaccuracy was just one of the faults Nadar 
found with multiple-choice aptitude tests. He 
also charged that they discriminate against 
students from lower income families. The 
secrecy surrounding the testing process was a 
third objection. Finally, Nadar criticized the 
tests' inability to evaluate qualities like 
judgement and creativity. 

"I am not saying that all tests are bad," said 
Nadar. "I am saying that multiple choice tests 
are defective and should be replaced." 


Pat Metheny 



Spring Fling 


The first annual Spring Fling began 
at 10 a.m. on April 26 with the John 
Steckbeck Memorial Run-a-thon. The 
approximately 600 runners who 
followed a motocycle escort over the 
Fahy bridge and through Bethlehem 
were urged on by members of the 
community. Money raised by the 
run-a-thon was donated to the United 

Afternoon activities included a blue 
grass band, a lacrosse game, and a 
baseball game. Despite cool, rainy 
weather, Joe McCarthy, run-a-thon 
chairman, and Brad Horn, Spring Fling 
chairman, were content with the 
events' organization. 



Greek Week . 

Toga Race 

Campus Crawl 




Individual Beer Chugging 


Leaving Lehigh 

With classes and finals finished and summer 
approaching, everyone is breathing the same 
sigh of relief — it's over! Only one thing 
remains to be done, packing the car and 
leaving Lehigh. 

Whether we've been here for one year or 
four years it's always the same, extra junk has 
collected everywhere. Theoretically, 
(remember Conservation of Matter in Phys. 
11?) if it took one carload to move in then it 
should take one carload to move home, right? 
— Wrong! 

We can sort through our paraphanalia, throw 
out non-essentials here and there, and pack 
the car (so that there is barely room to sit in the 
driver's seat) but somehow it still doesn't all 
fit. Well, there's only one thing left to do . . . 
"Hello, Mom. Do you think you could drive 
down here with the station wagon?" 





and other issues from Spring 

College Bowl Revived 

The 1980 Lehigh University- College 
Bowl Championships were won by 
four Pike brothers. The trivia contest, 
which returned to the University after 
a few years absence, was revived by 
Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman honor so- 

Letters were sent out to living 
groups to form teams for the competi- 
tion. The questions were provided by 
the College Bowl Company. Dean 
Robert Cohen and Professor Jack De- 
Bellis acted as judge and moderator. 

18 enthusiastic teams signed up for 
the competition. Pike's captain, Dave 
Stafford, '82, made his team's victory 
seem simple. "All it took was our tri- 
vial minds to answer the trivial ques- 

Security Problems 

The problem of providing adequate 
campus security was raised following 
assaults that included the January 19 
attempted rape of a University woman. 
An escort service and later bus service 
to SMAGS on weekends were two 
short-term solutions suggested by 
Eugene Dax, chief of campus police. 
However, neither possibility has as yet 
been discussed by campus governing 

An ad-hoc student security commit- 
tee that met widi representatives of the 
Office of Physical Planning and the 
Dean of Students' Office voiced four 
major concerns; lighting, additional 

part-time help for the campus police, 
additional responsibilities for resi- 
dence halls security teams, and in- 
creased student awareness. 

The Forum subcommittee on se- 
curity and lighting is "not doing any- 
thing except trying to get the lights up 
around Packard Lab," according to its 
chairman, Mark Altaian, '80. He added 
that "the Forum's at a stage where 
everyone is wondering if it's going to 
survive and so not much is going on. 


Is Co-sponsorship 


In November, 1979, following a 
dearth of concerts at Lehigh, IFC Presi- 
dent Ken Hollen proposed that the 
IFC and SAC co-sponsor concerts in 
the future. SAC President Laura Schrier 
agreed to discuss the idea. Dean of 
Students William Quay suggested that 
the final decision regarding co- 
sponsorship would be up to the SAC. 

At a luncheon meeting. Quay sided 
with the IFC, for co-sponsorship, and 
assistant dean of students Nathan Har- 
ris with the SAC, against co- 
sponsorship. It was decided that the 
SAC would vote on the co-sponsorship 

The vote was unanimously against 
co-sponsorship. Schrier said Hollen 
seemed "surprisingly agreeable" to 
the decision. 

However, in January, 1980, Schrier 

discovered that Dean Quay had given 
both the IFC and RHC the right to 
sponsor concerts. She claimed that the 
SAC was never officially notified of the 

Hollen listed contacts, manpower, 
and a strong communications network 
as the IFC's reasons for wanting to do 
concerts. He added, "The administra- 
tion saw no reason why our plan 
wouldn't work. In fact, it would have 
been hypocritical for die administra- 
tion to vote against cooperation." 

The IFC and RHC have appointed 
Scott Farrell, '81, as their concert 
chairman. By the IFC getting involved 
in co-sponsorship with the SAC, Far- 
rell said, there would be a larger 
money pool from which to purchase 
acts, because there would be a con- 
glomeration of SAC, IFC, and RHC 

Quay said he saw the whole situa- 
tion as a "battle over territorial rights." 
He added that all concert booking 
should be coordinated under Richard 
Fritz, director of events at Stabler 
ACC, since "booking concerts requires 
very special skills which are above and 
beyond student leadership." 

However, Quay emphasized that 
student organizations are as important 
as ever because they provide "the 
broadest base of student opinion" to 
Fritz, who could be the mediator be- 
tween the students and the concert in- 


Cubans Leave Home 

By early May, the number of ref- 
ugees who had fled from Cuba to 
Florida already added up to more than 
30,000. Carter said the United States 
welcomed them, but harried local offi- 
cials felt that the Administration was 
not backing up its generous declara- 
tions with the necessary supplies. 

Florida residents worried about the 
effect of the influx on their own wel- 
fare. The refugees had increased the 
demand for already scarce jobs and 
housing. Confusion about the Cubans' 
status as refugees added further to the 
problem of settlement. 

Edward Kennedy - D 

Mount St. Helens 

In March, 1979, Washington State's 
Mount St. Helens erupted for the first 
time since 1857. The U.S. Geological 
Survey warned of possible dangers, in- 
cluding damage to crops from heavy 
accumulations of ash and floods 
triggered by the melting of the snow 
on the mountain. 

Area geologists were not disturbed 
by the event. "It's a spectacular natural 
event," said Brian Baker, a geologist at 
the University of Oregon, "and so far, 
that's all it is." 

Roiudd Reagan - R 

1980 Presidential 

As the 1980 conventions ap- 
proached, the candidates made their 
presence and platforms known to the 
American public. 

President Jimmy Carter 


1 fr T , 



f ' M 

i i-' x 





George Bush - 









■I '■' 


Leads Engineers 

To Playoffs 

In 1979, following a fine 9-2 season, 
the football team made the NCAA 
division 1AA final. Coach John 
Whitehead's brown and white clad 
marauders earned a playoff bid by nar- 
rowly edging out Boston University 

The season's first game did not start 
off well. At half time, a stubborn West 
Chester squad led 7-6. In the second 
half, however, quarterback Rich 
Andres connected with tightend Dave 
Rarig on several key passes. Kicker 
Ted Iobst's two field goals turned 
Lehigh into a 12-7 winner. 

A week later, Slippery Rock was 
overwhelmed 44-9 when the gridders 
staged a scoring exhibition reminis- 
cent of the National Championship 
year of 1977. Running backs Mike 
Ford, Jeff Bernstein, Steve Plucinsky, 
Joe Rabuck, Bob Romeo, and Jim 

Evanko combined for 258 yards rush- 
ing as the offense pounded out 405 
total yards. 

Any premature hopes of an unde- 
feated season were dashed in a 10-3 
loss to Division 1A Colgate. The En- 

gineer defense, recipient of many 
Taylor Stadium ovations throughout 
the year, managed to hold back the 
Red Raiders. However, the offense 
was unable to put points on the board 
despite outgaining Colgate 275-178 in 

■ff^ a 



/ I J 


. ;. ■ %' 



.i"7^i"8-i9^b£2i i$a$V&!finS&&9zai^ , 

2 r 3 #2 7 TT, 8 7! 9 "figi «S«BJ MfiKff !§T 

ROW 1: W. Verost, I. Macellara, R. Andres, L. Micholski, M. Yeager, K. 
ConleyJ. Bernstein, B. Lcuis, E. Tulski, B Mills, M. Tuohey, ROW 2: B. 
Glenn, B. Dehler, B. Bambo. I. Evanko, K Jones, D. Ryan, M O'Hogen, S. 
Placinsky, T. Tobst, /. Dunn, P. Smith, G. Manion, C. Monk; ROW 3:7. 
Rabuck, P. Mercuri.J. O'Sullivan, M. Ford. K Allwood, T. Lambert, W. 
Parker, Leu D'Annibale, V. Rogusky, B. Romeo, M. Roust, /. Ashler, R. 
Wilt, I.. Krasley, M Ricketson; ROW4: /. Butkus, B Gams. M. Morgan, K. 
Rosen, F. Rudisill, P. Bruxelles, B. Rang, E. Yaszemski, S. Faith, B. 
Manning, I) Szablowski, M. Sitar, B. Nutile, C. Booth, T. Roman, J. 

Sehenrer. /). WfrtHng; ROW 5: L. Miksiewicz, B. Rubino, l Mahlbacher, D. 
Malone, B. Cohan. B. Palsgrave, B. Crudeli, K. Green, K. Sturn, P. 
Garibaldi, M. Crowe, T. Nickles, D. Rang,]. Metiers. R. Titus, D. Darrou ,]. 
McCormick; ROW 6: P. Boss, C. McNaron (trainer), J. Patterson, B. Atlatns, 
M. Borden. B. Petkus, T. Miller. M. W'halett. P. Anastasio. E. Fallon. R. 
Becker,]. Bednarik, S. Hefle, M Orcult, C. Miran, G Menio; BOW!. J. 
Street (coach), B. Fetterman (coach), J. Whitehead {head coach),]. 
Luckhardt (coach), B. Klein (coach), W. Whitehead (coach). 


total yards. 

The gridders piled up 413 total yards 
in their next contest, thrashing 
Pennsylvania 31-7. Rabuck's 112 yards 
led the 21-0 second half surge. Line- 
man Mike Crowe, John Butkus, Rich 
Titus, Eric Yaszemski, linebackers Jim 
McCormick, Dave Dorrow, Bruce 
Rarig and secondary Keith Conley, Jeff 
Dunn, Charlie Marck, Lou D'Annibale 
held Penn to a single digit point total. 

Delaware triumphed 21-14 the fol- 
lowing Saturday. The Engineer de- 
fense excelled at limiting the powerful 
Blue Hen offense to 14 points. The 
other touchdown was scored on an 
Andres' pass interception return. 

During a 10-0 Parents' Weekend vic- 
tory over Davidson, the gridders inter- 
cepted three of Wildcat quarterback's 
Al Rhyne's passes. The Engineer run- 
ning game piled up 307 yards but 
faded inside the Wildcat 20 yard line. 

The next Saturday, after falling be- 
hind New Hampshire 3-0, the En- 
gineers rebounded to win 16-3. Iobst 
kicked two field goals and "long" 
place kicker Roger Penske drilled a 42 
yarder through the uprights to account 
for nine of the Engineer points. 

An unusual and exciting Bucknell 
game ended in a 14-13 Lehigh victory. 
With the exception of a 91 yard Hassen 
Abdellah touchdown run, the En- 
gineer defense had held Bucknell to 
just two first downs and 17 total yards 
yet the Engineers trailed with less 
than two minutes left in the game. Ab- 

dellah returned a Dan Ryan punt 83 
yards to paydirt for the other Bison 
score — but with 1:08 left the En- 
gineers scored on a fourth down when 
Andres hit Ford on a five-yard pass. 

With this victory Whitehead's team 
edged closer to a playoff bid. However, 
to stay in contention they had to win 
the remaining two games of the season. 

A victory over Maine was followed 

by a 24-3 win over Lafayette. Only 94 
yards were given up to the Leopards in 
the 115th Lehigh-Lafayette meeting. 
Rabuck gained 113 yards on the day 
and was named the game's Most Valu- 
able Player. 

Two days later, the gridders got the 
good news. They had been selected for 
the NCAA playoffs. 

— By Larry Reisman 




West Chester 



Slippery Rock 














New Hampshire 






C.W. Post 








Murray State 



Eastern Kentucky 


Coach of the Year — John Whitehead 


Bernharil J. Sue 

Field Hockey 

A team full of standouts combined 
efforts to bring the field hockey team to 
their best season in history. Ending 
their mediocre 5-4-4 regular season, 
Lehigh shutout all competitors in the 
Regional tournament to win a trip to 

The All-Star Regional team chosen 
included four Engineers, Co-Captain 
Karen Lelinski, MVP Cheri Novak, 
scoring star Joyce Kohlhepp and 
outstanding Freshmen goalie Brenda 
Sirois. Sirois was successful in 
stopping 86% of the goals attempted 
this season. 

Coach Judy Turner, a member of the 
U.S. National Team, used her skill and 
experience to produce winning results 
in this successful and greatly talented 
women's team. 


Bernharil I Sue 











F& M 














Trenton State 
















Southern 111. 




Southwest Missouri 





Bernhardt Si, 

ROW 1: M. Must, K. Lelinski; ROW 2: K. Powell, N. Horlacher, D. 
VillwockJ. Kohlhepp, L. Adams, B. Lewis,]. Weer, S. Slaff. A 
Hackenberg, C. Novak, C. Flicker; ROW 3: K. Metzler (Trainer) S 

Killian, W.Jones, S. Davis, T. Banet, K Tale, S. Brucher, L. Batesole B. 
Sirois, H. Steelman, S. Denton, C. Moon. M. Buth. S. McMennanim \l 
Axlerod, N. Butler, J. Turner (Coach). 


NCAA Championships 

The event of the season for Lehigh Cross-Country fol- 
lowers was the hosting of the NCAA Division One Cham- 
pionships at the Saueon Fields course. On November 19, 
more than 5000 spectators lined the course to watch 250 
runners, representing 29 schools, chase the title in the 41st 
annual championship. 

As everybody expected, the race over the rolling 6.2 
mile course was a duel between two men; Henry Rono of 
Washington State University, and Alberto Salazar of the 
University of Oregon. Rono, holder of four world distance 
records, pulled away from Salazar in the final mile to win 
in a time of 28:20. Salazar came in seven seconds behind. 
Freshman Kipsubi Koskei of the University of New 
Mexico finished third, Jim Rotitch of Texas El Paso 
finished fourth, and Thorn Hunt of Arizona rounded out 
the top five. 

The winning time posted by Rono shattered the course 
record by 1:44. It was the Kenyan's third NCAA cham- 
pionship in four years. Last year, at the University of Wis- 
consin, Rono made a wrong tum on the course. He then 
stepped in a hole while trying to find his way back. The 
result was a sprained ankle and a very low finish. 

The team championship was won by Texas El Paso in a 
tight battle with Oregon. The final score was 86 to 93. It 
was the second team championship in a row, and fourth in 
seven years for UTEP. Finishing third was Penn State, 
Fourth went to Colorado, and Auburn captured fifth. 

An outstanding job of organizing the meet was done by 

Lehigh Cross-Country Coach John Covert and his assis- 
tant, Jim Gibbons. Everything ran very smoothly and 
many of the coaches were very impressed. It won't be long 
before the NCAA's will make another appearance at the 
Saueon Valley Complex. 

by William Harrop 




Cross Country 

The Engineer Cross Country Team 
had it's ups and downs. On the way to a 
6-7 overall record the harriers were led 
by co-captains Dave Rohr and Larry 

The team got off to a strong start by 
upsetting Delaware, leading to a 3-1 
record. But key injuries slowed the 
team, as they lost to six of their next 
eight opponents. The harriers closed 
their season by crushing Lafayette 
16-47, sweeping first through fifth 

During the championship season the 
harriers finished third in the East 
Coast Conference and tenth in the 
IC4A meet despite the loss of top 
runner Dave Rohr. 



















St. Joseph's 


















Seton Hall 





Paul Short Memorial Ru 

i — Ninth 

IC4A Ch 

ampionships — 


ECC Ch; 

impionships — 


ROW 1: L. Ullrich, P. Miller, S. VanWhy, T. Campbell, D. Rohr, A. Hubsch R. 
Devine, M. Murray, D. Dunn, B. Flynn; ROW 2: J. Donahue, M. Salley, K. 
Talhelm.J. Conescenti, R. Vanderoalk, D. Thomson, J. Merrill- ROW 3: B. 
Parhes, P. Bukowski, D. Sternum, J. Fuerstmon, G. Shipley, L. Miller, T. 
Breen; ROW 4: G. Dunzer.John Covert (coach). 



The soccer team completed a disap- 
pointing 5-7-2 season after last year's 
Mid-Atlantic, 11-2-3, championship 
season. Ten of eleven starters from the 
1978 team returned. Hopes of an 
NCAA bid to the National Tournament 
were high. 

The team got off to a fast start, 
recording shutouts against Cheyney 
State and Swarthmore. Three loses 
during the mid-season dashed any 
hope of making the playoffs. 

The season highlight came when 
Engineer Bob Belshaw scored the 
winning goal in overtime against the 
16th ranked Monarchs of Old Domin- 
ion. After this win the Booters strug- 
gled through the second half of the 

The Engineers were led by co- 
captains Mike Robinson, Bob Buckheit 
and Kris Talgo. 

Robinson finished his four year ca- 
reer with a East Coast Conference 
record of 41 goals. He led the team this 
season in scoring with 10 goals and 
four assists. He will persue a profes- 
sional soccer career with the Philadel- 
phia Fury. 

Bucheit, second in scoring with five 
goals and eight assists, is only a soph- 
omore and will be back next season. 

For Talgo it was a comeback season 

after breaking his leg last season. After 
working back into shape over the 
summer, Talgo regained his starting 
position and recorded a shutout in his 
first game. He notched two more shut- 
outs in a season he wasn't sure he 
would be playing. After this remark- 
able comeback Kris may be joining his 
teammate Robinson in the pro ranks. 

The returning players are a little 
more cautious about next season, but 
seven returning starters should insure 
a fine season. 

ROW 1: Rhodes. L. Carlson. P. Ho. T. Whyte, M. Fucci, D. Vernocchi, B 
Belshaw, M. Robinson, B Colville, D. Dantuono, B. Tool; ROW 2: S. 
Schultz (trainer), R Goesz, B Thomas, A. Mclntyre, S. Schwarz, T. 

McDaniel, H. Klein. C. Ritter. K. Talgo, T. Ogren, S. Hagglund, D. 

Mi Cowan. B. Buckheit. Jim Harrington (asst. coach). Manny Tavormina 
(head coach). 



" » " » M*IMV>|W«»< y. 

,*»f J . , m >n»' 









Cheyney State 


FDU (Teaneck) 













Old Dominion 






West Chester 

















ROW 1: L. Anderman, C Crowe, D. Barrant; ROW 2: 
C. Sepaphur, K Hinker, P. Spratt, P. Rcillii, R. Weidner; 
ROW 3: P. Gedney (Asst. Couch), K. lunar. C. Paul, K. 

Talbert, P. Chain. S. Foster, B. Nulty, M. Blackstone, 

Barbara Lipkin (Head Coach). 

Coach Barb Lipkin brought the 
women's volleyball team to an out- 
standing 24-9 match record this season. 
MVP Pat Glavin led the team as she 
tied Co-Captain Cheryl Paul with 40 
blocks and had a total of 361 spikes — a 
team high. A runnerup finish in the 

consolation bracket at the Temple In- 
vitational and a third place finish at the 
LaSalle Collegiate Invitational marked 
major successes of the season. With the 
return of all but two seniors, the En- 
gineers have high hopes for next year. 





















F& M 





















Seton Hall 




Cedar Crest 





e Invitational — consolation 




e Collegiate Inv 

rational — 

3rd pi. 



Fall IM'S 


2 • t 


lift 1 


HOW 1: Rrim, Hill (coach), C. Blur. M. Powell. /. Campsi, R. Epstein, /' 
Unger, J McCarthy, D. Adrachek, F. Sullivan; ROW 2: F. Ketch,,. R 

Coppola, /. Vandemark, P. Hunks. M. Findley, R Collins. W. Kosyak, K. 
Reilly, D. Roberts, W. Griffin. 


Men's Basketball 

The 5-19 basketball season was dis- 
appointing for the Engineers. Starting 
out with a respectable 3-2 record, the 
bad luck began with the Rutgers game. 
MVP Jeff Vandemark, who at the time 
was averaging 18 points and 7 re- 
bounds per game, suffered severely 
torn ligaments in his ankle. The injury 
put him out of action for most of the 

The team could not get together after 
the loss of Vandemark's scoring 
strength. Despite his short season, 
Vandemark was 5th on Lehigh's all- 
time scoring list with a career total of 
1104 points. 

Mike Power, a transfer student, will 
be relied on heavily next year and 
Coach Brian Hill hopes for a stronger 
Lehigh squad. 




























East Stroudsberg 












St. Joseph's 



West Chester 


















West Chester 
















Due to the loss of the assistant coach and a 
small, injury prone squad, the women s 
basketball team finished with a 11-10 record. A 
54-53 last-second victory over Trenton and a 
win over archrival Lafayette for the second 
consecutive year were two of the seasons most 
satisfying victories. 

The team will feel the loss of Co-Captains 
and MVP's Karen Lelinski and Sharon Beltz. 
In Lelinski's four-year career at Lehigh, she 
accumulated an amazing 943 points and 770 
rebounds. Coach Annette Lynch is confident, 
though, that the experience of the under- 
classmen will be sufficient to continue 
the winning tradition of the women's 
basketball team. 

Bernhardt Suess 




41 . . *| *? 

3l| \ 4b | 

/) <\ 


& ' # 

ROW 1: L. 

Broderick, K. Lelinski (Co-Capt), S. BeZtz 
A/. Waltermire; ROW 2: Annette Lyncn 

(Coach), L. Gregg, At. Zdroffcoff, D. Leitner, H. Schlape, 
M. McHugh, L. Fabiny. 




Allentown College 



F & M 















Slippery Rock 














































of the 


Thad Turner 



"Dawg Eat 

The Engineer grapplers found a new 
home across South Mountain at the Sta- 
bler Athletic and Convocation Center 
— and the 1980 edition of Lehigh 
wrestling was one of the most exciting 
in the University's illustrious history of 
intercollegiate competition. Coach 
Thad Turner molded a team of blue 
chip freshmen and seasoned veterans 
that earned a 12-2 dual meet record, 
including a 29-12 victory over number 
one ranked Wisconsin. 

Co-Captains Mike Brown and Steve 
Bastianelli turned in stellar perfor- 
mances throughout the season. Brown 
became Lehigh's first four-time Ail- 
American while setting a staggering 95 
victory career record. As a four-time 
Eastern Champion, he joined an elite 
club that includes Lehigh's Mark 
Lieberman and Yale's George Dole. 

The team was awesome in the first 
annual Sheridan Invitational hosted by 
Lehigh. Individual champions for 
Lehigh were Bich Santoro at 118 
pounds, Darryl Burley at 134, Tommy 
Bold at 142, Colin Kilrain at 177, and 
Mike Brown at 190. 

Stabler was also the site of the 1980 
EIWA Championships. Lehigh ran 
away with the title for the second con- 
secutive year, crowning six champions. 
Steve Bastianelli, who had lost his 
118-pound position to Bich Santoro 
early in the season, captured the East- 
ern title at 126. Darryl Burley cap- 
tured his second 134 pound title in as 
many tries. Freshman Jim Beilly con- 
tinued his torrid streak of decisive vic- 
tories, defeating defending 158-pound 
champion Mark Densberger for the 
EIWA crown. Colin Kilrain, who red- 

shirted last season, returned to claim 
the 177 pound title. Mike Brown over- 
came several injuries in capturing his 
fourth title, and heavyweight Drew 
Keiser stormed past four opponents in 
earning his first. Bich Santoro placed 
second and Denis Beed, fourth to 
round out the field of NCAA entrants 
to the Nationals. 

The Engineers placed sixth in the 
NCAA tournament. More importantly, 
they had six Ail-Americans. Denis 
Beed delighted Engineer fans by win- 
ning three bouts on the first day of 
competition. Beed lost to the eventual 
champ in the quarterfinals but 
bounced back to place seventh. Bich 
Santoro wrestled tenaciously in a 

tough 118 pound class and finished in 
sixth place. Darryl Burley outclassed 
five opponents before surrendering his 
title to his old nemesis Bandy Lewis of 
Iowa in the finals. Jim Beilly bumped 
off a second seed enroute to his eighth 
place finish. Colin Kilrain shook off a 
head injury to finish at third. Mike 
Brown ended his brilliant wrestling 
career by placing seventh. 

The Lehigh contingent at the Na- 
tionals applauded Coaches Turner and 
Leeman for the team's fine perfor- 
mance. With four All-Americans re- 
turning, Turner has a fine nucleus of 
talent to build on for the future. 

by Mike Neivbimi 


ROW 1: T. Sloan, D. Burley, P. Schuyler, F. Vracssics, R. Santoro, T. 
Bold, D. Reed; ROW 2: B. Dudek, J. Reilly, K. MilliganJ. Allegar, L. 
Martucci, P. Sclar; ROW 3: Thad Turner (coach), D. Dillilo, T. 

Hensler, D. Kaiser, C. Kilrain, M. Brown, Lance Leonhardt (asst. 
coach), D. Erlenhorn, jerry Leeman (coach). 



34 Wilkes 


28 Michigan 


25 Wisconsin 


47 Southern Illinois 


11 Iowa State 


6 Iowa 


47 Pittsburgh 


27 Penn State 


44 Springfield 


32 Army 


25 Navy 


38 Temple 


46 Cornell 

29 Syracuse 


Sheridan Invitational 

— First 

EIWA Tournament — 


NCAA Tournament — 

■ Sixth 


Ice Hockey 

ROW I: J. Lavender, S. Dog, P. Rinaldi, M. Kipness, B. Sett, M. 
Chandell; ROW 2: Steve Penman (coach), J. Schwanda, S. Edwards 

S. Allinson, A. Stein, J. McCarthy, G. BiscollJ. Cillo- ROW 3:7. 
Holmes, M Weller, T. Nelson, T. Freda. K. Taiga. 

Lehigh's ice hockey team had an av- 
erage season, ending with a disap- 
pointing 5-7-1 record. Injuries de- 
pleated the ranks of the team, leaving 
the team with only two regular de- 
fenseman at the end of the season. A 
fine nucleus of freshmen and sopho- 
more stickers will he returning, so they 
are optimistic about next season. 







































The Rifle team enjoyed another suc- 
cessful season in Lamberton Hall. The 
shooters compiled a 9-2 record, losing 
only to powerful Army and upstart 
Kings College. The Engineers were 
led by co-captains John Schabel and 
Russ Saygue to a first place finish in 
the Mid-Atlantic Rifle League Tour- 
nament and a 19th ranking nationwide. 

Most of the team will be returning 
next year and they are looking forward 
to another fine season. 




Phi la. Pharm. 



Penn State 



Penn State 






Johns Hopkins 


















antic Coast Confe 


Championships — First 

Row 1: D. Haime.J. Schnable (capt.), R. Sayue, G.Jonas, S. Rosen- 
berry; Row 2: C. Mason, K. MeMinn, Sgm. Ronald Prevost (coach), 

N. Richards, M. Bingaman, D. Bauer; Row 3: D. Shea, N. Berger, M. 
Allen, T. Lally, S. Keller. 







West Chestei 





















East Strouds 

lurg 40 







The men's swim team never had a 
dull moment this season. This year 
they established seven pool records, 
six team records and a win over rival 
Bucknell for the first time in 20 years! 
Bruce Gardiner coached the team to an 
impressive 8-2 record, owing to good 
depth and strong underclass relays. 

The Most Valuable Swimmer went 
to sophomore Steve Peene. Randy 
Beals was awarded Most Outstanding 
Freshman. Gardiner also relied heav- 
ily on freestyler Tom Shewell who 
contributed a valuable effort to this 
young, but talented Lehigh team. 

ST Si5£>?« 

Row 1: H. Hotz, B. Steitz, B Alch, D. Rathbun; Row 
2: Bruce Gardiner (Coach), J. CanavanJ. Hamblin, 
H. Bvals, D. Trost, P. Brussock, S.Jones; Row 3: (;. 

Sherry,]. Peene; Row 4: K.Ackerbopm.T. ShewettJ. 

Hint ihs. 



Although finishing with 5 wins and 5 
losses, the women's swim team set a 
total of 8 new records this season. After 
an exciting win over LaSalle, 71-69, 
Coach Bamett said that the team times 
began to improve. The 200 Medley 
relay consisting of Susan Andrews, 
Susan Schlicht, Vicki Murk and 
Maggie Rosch set a new pool and team 

Most Valuable Swimmer Susan 
Andrews, besides swimming in the 
record breaking Medley relay, also set 
individual backstroke and individual 
medley records. Co-Captains Andrews 
and Schlicht will both be returning 
next year. 



























52'/ 2 

Bryn Mawr 





ROW 1: M. Ruth. V. Murk; ROW2:A. Kosco, M. 
Rosch, E. Fountain, L. Yearsley; ROW 3: B. 
Notts, H. Steclmtin, K. Anselmin, K. Berk, J. 

Egleston, K. Tate; ROW 4: S. Perkins, S. 
Andrews, S. Schlicht 






\g ak^ *? A a r f^l^ 



HOW 1: B. Rankin. /. (.'<>/Jte/. F. Moore (captain), T. Stanier, Schriver, D. Spoont, K. Lucas, C. Srivisarvacha, D. 
J. McClay; ROW 2: Peter Sleeman (coach), A. Bencharit, B. McCleod, 1. Mahmud. 

The squash team had out- ofits finest seasons, finishing with 
a 8-12 record. The Engineers were guided by second year 
coach Peter Sleeman, who has shown steady improvement 
during his two years as coach. 

Team captain and number one player, Rick Moore, led the 
team to a 5-4 upset of 17th ranked Columbia. Moore won an 
exciting five game match to seal the victory. This was the first 
time Lehigh had defeated Columbia. 

In post season play, Todd Stanier, Bruce Rankin and Adit 
Bencharit, led the squad to a 22th ranking in the nation. 

Sleeman is looking forward to a winning season next year 
with seven starters returning. 






F &M 












Penn Charter 








Stevens Tech 








George Washii 

gton 1 

F& M 














onal Tournament - 



Winter IM's 


Well-Trained Athletes 

by Sharon L. Beltz 

Who is the Lehigh athlete's den mother, confidant, and 
nursemaid? The training room trio of Charlie McNarra, 
Karen Metzler and Steven Ice. 

Charlie McNarra, who has been in charge of "fixing up" 
the football and wrestling teams for eleven years, thinks 
the athletes are some of the most well-rounded people at 
Lehigh. Unlike kids from state schools, the athletes here 
combine brains with brawn. 

Karen Metzler, in charge of all women's sports, agrees 
with Charlie. Required to go to all games with the women, 
she knows how hectic a student's schedule can get. The 
reward is seeing "what determination can do." 

In charge of basketball and baseball is Steve Ice, com- 
pleting his first year in the training room. He likes working 
in a college but finds it a frustrating job. When two athletes 
are injured, both must be treated equally — even though 
one may not be severely injured. He also says that it's 
"hard to treat someone that you don't care for personally." 

After seeing athletes sit in 30°F whirlpools, ultrasound 
bruised ankles, dip hands in hot paraffin for heat treatments, 
and strain to get to number ten on the Orthotron, it's easy to 
see that dedication is essential to be a Lehigh athlete. Charlie, 
Karen and Steve all agree that they can only guide and advise 
the rest has to come from within. 



Look out Lehigh, Quay's boys are moving 
up to Varsity! Against 13 schools, Lehigh 
produced 4 champions and came in second 
place overall in the Eastern Collegiate Boxing 
Tournament held at Grace Hall. 

Andy Okada at 119, Steve Alonso at 165, 
Mike Giduck at 180 and John Young at 190 all 
earned first place in 4 of 13 weight classes. Of 
all the champs, 3 will be returning next year as 
Giduck is the only senior. 

The boxing squad has a season extending 
from mid-January to mid-March and meets are 
in the form of invitationals. This year, Lehigh 
participated in 3 such tournaments involving 
4-6 teams each. The squad placed third in the 
two Dickinson Invitationals and first in the 
Lehigh Invitational. 

In 1972, Lehigh and West Chester were the 
first schools in the East to start boxing 
programs. Although most teams are now on a 
Varsity level, Lehigh has yet to receive this 
recognition. After their spectacular 
performance and increased participation, 
Co-Coaches Dean Quay and John Popsovic 
will finally be rewarded. 

ROW 1: M. Stutzman, M. Bertuch, A. Okada, M. Viandi; 
ROW 2: Dean Quay (Co-Coach), J. Young, J. Shuer, S. 

Alonso, A. Pignataro, S. Peck, M. Giduck, J. Macellera, M. 
Whalen, John Popsovic (Co-Coach). 


Track and Field 


The indoor track team enjoyed 
another undefeated season in the 
Raueh Fieldhouse. The team ran to an 
8-0 record on the strength of their 
middle distance runners and freshmen 

The Engineers were led by Andy 
Hubsch who set three school records 
in the 880 yard run, the 440 yard dash 
and as anchorman in the outstanding 2 
mile relay team. Other members of the 
record setting two mile relay team 
were seniors Joel Wummer, Rick 
Devine, and Tom O'Shea. 

The depth of the squad's jumpers 
made the difference in several meets. 
Freshman Jim Driscoll in the high 
jump, Rusty Fulford in the long jump, 
and Larry Mercadante in the triple 
jump were all outstanding during the 


After a fifth place finish in the East 
Coast Championships the team was 
looking forward to a fine outdoor 


Row 1: T. O'Shea, J. Eggert, D. Dunne, D. Thomson, L. Ulrich, M. 
Holmes, B. Falk, A, Hubsch (co-captain), R. Devine (co-captain), W. 
Whitley, D. Rohr, G. MenioJ. Moloney, K. Harmon, J. Driscoll. Row 

2: Jim Gibbons(coach), K. Gaines, P. Sanhirico, B. F "»'•£, 
Wummer D. Sternum, D. Melone, R. Folford, J Merrill, D Blount, 
J Fuerstman J. Vivian( manager), John Covert(head coach). 












East Stroudsburg 

















ECC Championships — Fifth 



West Chester 











ECC Championships — Third 


The track and field team had a 2-2 
record during their brief outdoor 
season. The Engineers started well 
with a win over West Chester. Two 
loses to track powerhouses Bucknell 
and Penn sent the team into its final 
duel meet against Lafayette needing a 
win to even their record. The team 
crushed Lafayette 93-70 to end the 
season on a fine note. 

In post season competition the 
Engineers finished third in the East 
Coast Conference Outdoor 
Championships. Individual 
championships included Rick Devine 
with a track record in the 1500 meters, 
Larry Ulrich in the steeplechase, Jim 
Driscoll with a Lehigh record in the 
highjump, and Rusty Fulford with a 
school and track record in the long 








The women's lacrosse team was invited to Nationals 
this year. They regretfully had to decline the invita- 
tion for University policy would not allow the women 
to miss their finals. Having beaten the eventual Na- 
tional Champs, Lafayette, the women knew they were 
number 1. 

Kim Powell let the scoring attack with 33 goals. 
Bonnie Lewis and Lisa Adams each had 21 and 18, 
respectively. MVP and Co-Captain, Ann Gaydos, was 
a valuable asset to the team for four years. 

Coach Judy Turner was very pleased with the 7-3-0 
record; since all of the losses came from Division I 
schools. With the National Tournament being spon- 
sored by the AIAW next year, everyone will be looking 
at Lehigh. 











F& M 













ROW 1: S. BerimJ. Siebold, S. Killian, C. Crowe, A. Gaydos, M. 
Blust, N. Lehrhaupt, K. Sloan, M. Axelrod; ROW 2: B. Sirois, S. 
Bond, L. Gregg, M. Helmold, S. Shoop, B. Lewis, S. MacMenamin, 

L. Adams, M. Wehner, C. Flicker; ROW 3: K. Metzler, M. Ruth, A. 
Kellette, D. Veras, K. Powell, C. Novak, K. Hinks, D. Stix, M. Trost, 
S. Brookerjudy Turner (Coach). 



The men's lacrosse team completed a disappoint- 
ing 6-7 season this spring. The Engineers suffered 
key injuries, including the loss of starting goalie 
Paul Brambilla with a broken leg, which slowed the 

The team was paced by tri-captains Gary Bechtel, 
Doug Mancosh, and Scott Helgans. A fine effort was 
also given by freshman Trever Bond who replaced 
Brambilla in goal. 








Perm State 



FDU Madison 


















Montclair State 



West Chester 











Row 1: Pete Von Hoffman (coach), R. DeAntonio,]. Butkus, G. 
Bechtel (captain), D. Mancosh (captain), S. Helgans (captain), K. 
Alley, A. Grande, C. Hopkins. Row 2: B. Flood, T. Bond, K. Bohan, 
B. Levine, K. Haarrnan, R. Weaver, H. Katz, B. DentusJ. Marhoefe, 

D. Moyle, P. Brambilla. Row 3: Harry Price (head coach), D. 
Varrelman (coach), B. Patterson, M. Asimos, C. Newick, A. Chin 
Lee, B. Muff, E. Brochman, M. Smith, T. Cappraro, S. Bradley, D. 
Irwin, G. Wilkinson (coach). 








F & M 








West Chester 















A new coach and veteran players combined to bring 
the Lehigh women's tennis team to 3rd in the AIAW 
Division II Championships. Karen Adams produced 
great first year results with the squad, coaching the 
team to a 9-2 record. 

MVP Mary Jay Farmer will be graduating, but the 
team will still be able to build on Co-Captains Debbi 
Banks and Elise Braceras. This year the team won the 
Albert C. Zettlemoyer Triple "A" Award, which is 
given to the team with the highest GPA. This award 
has always been won by a women's team. 







ROW 1: L. Bute-sole, K. Connors, D. Bunks, A. Braceras, B. 
Stein. M. Connor; ROW 2: Karen Adams (Coach), W.Jones, 
M.J. Farmer, L. Weisman.J. Schwitter, B. Farb. 



ROW 1: K. Shramko, P. LaurerJ. Speer, B. Wi/ckoff. 
M. Romisher; ROW 2: John Rhine (Couch), G. 

Huffman.}. Wright, M. Daniels, D. Dalttm, K. Kopp, 
]. Luna, B. Kelly (Asst. Couch). 


The men's tennis team finished with 
an 11-9 record this season. Jeff Lang 
played the number singles position 
and number one doubles team along 
with MVP Brad Wyckoff. Wyckoff has 
played on Lehigh's tennis team for 
four years and Coach John Ridge 
depended on his consistency. 

The team has good depth, and with 
Lang, the netters will continue to be 
strong. Coach Ridge is looking for 
valuable contribution from Keith 




Clark Institute 













Old Diminion 



Jas. Madison 


















Franklin Marshall 























The Lehigh Baseball team was miss- 
ing something this season as they fell 
to a 5-18 record. Weak pitching and bad 
breaks combined to hold the Engineers 
from the win column until their tenth 
game. A 21-4 win over Bucknell spur- 
red hopes that the sackers would turn 
their season around, but hopes died as 
they dropped dieir last four games. 

A bright spot on the team was junior 
Del Markward who was elevendi in the 
nation in hitting at one point in the sea- 
son with an average of .450. He will be 
returning next season with a team con- 
sisting mostly of sophomores and ju- 
niors hoping to improve on this years 

Row 1: S. Butz (score keeper), C. Vlachos, F. CassavellJ. 
Lanzoni, K. Schoepflin R. Craig, B. Cohen, D. Ocorr, C. 
Andrews, D. Markward, T. Bucci, P. Sclar (manager). Row 

2: S. Ice (trainer), Craig Anderson (pitching coach), M. 
Sheehan, T. Freeman, C. Dax, S. Gedney, B. Lawton, T. 
Crawford, M. Evans, Stan Schultz (coach). 





Forfeit W 




Georgia Southern 



West Chester 


Georgia Southern 



West Chester 





































Trenton State 















ROW 1: A. Yuelys, L. Fabimj, M. McHughJ. Jordan, K. 
Sciascia, B. Klemmer; ROW 2: P. Reilly, M. Lesslie, C. Klacik, 
K. Lelinski, S. Herman, S. Heister, Pat Zajac (Coach). 































F & M 












Pat Zajac, the third new softball 
coach in four years, managed an 7-6 
record for the Engineers. The team 
adapted quickly with a constantly 
improving pitcher, Sonia Heister, and 
veteran MVP Karen Lelinski at first 
base. After some verbal persuasion by 
Co-Captain Karen Sciascia, the 
rain-soaked diamond was ready for 

Bouncing back from a 3 game loss to 
Penn, Lafayette, and Villanova, the 
team won five of its last six games. 

The addition of a full-time softball 
coach next year and the return of Pat as 
an assistant will enable the women to 
continue improving. 









444 ! 


Franklin Marshall 















St. John's 









West Chester 



























FDU Madison 





The golf team had their most 
successful season, finishing 18-2. They 
also received a bid to the National 
Qualifying Tournament after having 
finished second in the ECC 

Coach Jerry Leeman chose Tim 
Bums as MVP, who is going to be a 
junior. The deciding factor for the 
All-Sports Trophy between Lehigh 
and Lafayette was the golf team, where 
Lehigh won 409-415. 

ROW 1: C. Matics, K. Warshaw, T. Burns; ROW 
2: F. Kerr, R. Lerner, C. Mason, D. Shillaber, B. 
Beck, Jerry Leeman (coach). 


i Spring IM's 








Diane Poles, Managing Editor 

John Gicking, Photography Editor 



Clarice's hundred mile per hour mouth 
. . . Where's that list? ... An editor 
Sets a new nose ... 5 forms of color 
. . . Brian, could you PLEASE reprint 
these pictures . . . Did Gick take those 
pictures? Oh, you mean the blurry 
ones-yea, he took them . . . Alligator 
Staff . . . Loudest banquet on record 
. . . 32 pages in May . . . Miss Lehigh 
Valley . . . WHITE OUT . . . Where's 
the "crapper"? . . . Is copy Palatino or 
Caledonia . . . Noses, Phoons, and 
Pucks . . . Petty Cash . . . We'll 
change it on the proofs . . .Hello, this 
is the Epitome. Will you please let us 

ROW 1: K. Mouther, Seniors Editor; C. Muij, Business 
Manager; P. Cleaver, Editor-in-Chief; D. Poles, Managing 
Editor; S. BeltZ, Snorts Editor; ROW 2: B. Allston. 
Academies Editor; J. Gicking, Photography Editor; B. 

Rankin, Sports Editor; S. Komarow, Activities Editor; R. 
Kaminsky, Identification Editor; V. Nelson, Copy Editor; 
MISSING: C. Ehrens, Seniors Editor. 



Editor-in-Chief - 
Managing Editor - 
Business Manager - 
Editorial Page 

Editor - 
Senior News Editor 
News Editor - 

Sports Editor - 
Asst. Sports Editor - 
Desk Editor - 

Photo Editor - 

Associate Editor - 
Layout Editor - 

Features Editor - 


Jim Morrison 
Linda Pickens 
Mike Goldberg 

Sharan Daniel 
Peter Schilling 
Ed White 

William Morris 
Larry Reisman 
Kevin Kenna 
Linda Horn 
Boh Youngentob 

Jerry Miller 

Mary Ellen Hagan 


Peter Schilling 
Sharan Daniel 
Mike Goldberg 

Jerry Miller 
Ed White 
Barb Robertson 
Jennifer Wilson 
Larry Reisman 
Felicia Sherbert 
Andrew Swanson 
Steve Homey 
Andrew Ginsburg 
Dave Fauntleroy 
Jim Morrison 
Linda Pickens 
Mimi Castaldi 

ROW 1: A. Ginsburg,]. Miller, E. While; ROW 2: B. Robertson, ] '. 
Wilson, L. Pickens, S. Daniel. A. Swanson, L. Reisman, /. Morrison, 
K. Caldwell; ROW 3: P. Schilling. 


Brown and White 
Business Staff 

ROW 1: B. Wiesenberg, M. Slesenger,]. Koble.S. Spin,]. Issacson, 
M. Goldberg,]. Klein; ROW 2: H. Strauss, J. A.gen, D. Israel. 

Michael Goldberg, Business Manager 



Social Group 

ROW 1: B. Yurko, C. Wasko, B. Stacker, B. Luncher; Row 2: B. 

Santo, B. Gray, B. Jacques, M. Short, M. Shestok, J. Wycosky, M. 
Anderson, S. Hess, M. Angelstein, M. Agentis, /. Dematos, R. 
Arnold; ROW 3: C. UngerJ. Hoffman, G. GolflwadJ. Vresies, K. 
Anderson, J. Vresies. 

ROW 1: C. Palenchar, C. Unger; ROW 2: D. Clarke, J. Becker, M. 
Allen, E. Flueso. T. Divras, D. Nicholas. 


Alpha Phi Omega 

National ROW 1; Dr H Smith, C. Schneider. D. Bartsch, L. Maurer, W. 

Neiman; ROW 2:./. Bolkin, /. Evans, C. Filz, B. Gents. L. Brett. G. 
Service Sutcliffe, B.James; ROW 3:/. Hayes, S. Courtright, P. Michniewicz, 

^ ., E. Gordon, M. Satteson, I. Butterlyj. Steiglefest, C. Slembarski, M. 

r raternity Apt, c. Gorbunoff. 

American Chemical Society 

ROW I: J. Byorick, B. Lanciano, D. Langdon, K. Kedzie, G. Nassar, 
S. Kuncio, S.Perusich; ROW 2: B Best. B. Bartos.J. Wadsworth.A. 
Brodner, M. Bi/tin. S. Sajer. M. Scozzafaua, B. Pianucci, L. 
Demarco, F. Kuyan; ROW 3: B. Thune, M. Thune, E. Shulman, P. 
Sih. M. Conroy, K. Sieged . G Newhart, F. Loncaf, B. Grimm. 


Institute of 
Chemical Engineers 

ROW 1: K. Branting, D. Bartsch; ROW 

2: D. Fries, Dr. M. El-Aassar. 

American Institute of Industrial Engineers 

C. Paul, A. Fcituhi, M. Kusmin, N. Fluhr, Dr. M. Groover, P. Ockert. 


American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers 

ROW 1: G. Brown, G. G(ftes, N. Berger, S. Courtright; ROW 2: Unknown, R. 
Hotz, G. Dillemuth; ROW 3:/. Cecil, B. Tolosko, D. Kuhus, T. Buehrer, G. 
Unger, B.Johnson; ROW4: B. Gehret.A. Prince. B. Casparian, D. Barada, M. 
Carboy, R. Petercsak, D. Fronheiser, D. Pfiel, G. Vivino. 

Arnold Air 

ROW I: C. Barberis, L. Pticilou ski, S. 

Hautzinger, S. Sasak, C. Edlin, B. Poppe; ROW 

2: B, union, M Allen. Ogden, B. Kulp, T. Gates; 

Rt)W 3: Nichols, Dairies, McGee, K. Shelly, 

Gordon, Martin, (.'. Slembarski, Hautz. B. Card, 

L. Merchadente, Quinn,]. Hildebrant, 

Brumbaugh, E. Dougherty, Basso,]. Satroai, L. 






ROW 1: L. Mahawk, M. Snowden, R. Davis, K. Tate, L. Davenport, D Viera 
B Downs, R. Murry, L. Boetius; ROW 2: V. Myers, K. Harmon, C. Leech S. 
Merk, D. Harris, A. Monroe. 




if H H< 




Civil Engineering Honorary 

ROW 1: Prof. Yen, F. Soen, K. Sturm, Prof. Skitter, 
S. Watkins, B. Fawcett, U. Anglestein, Prof. 
Liebig; ROW 2: D. Htiri, M. HembarskyJ. Larson, 
R. Failmezger, M. Bak, R. Swoyer; ROW 3: M. 
Broun.]. Kieffer.J. Hanke, D. Stumpp, M. Von 
Bradsky; ROW 4: B. Spengler, M. Spengler, R. 
Haist, D. Melone, B. Rurig. 

Cycling Team 

Members: J. Holmes, C. Bakis, N. Melchert, M. Brown, D. 
Landman, F. Scioscia, D. Quinn, S. Cawareeki, G. Mackie, 
B. Leggon, S. Butler. 




ROW 1: M. Inglis, D. Lammex, C. Updegrave, D. Kuchka, K. 
LaPaglia, P. Feaver, B. Ablaza, P. Dura, D. Barker, L. Hunter, Mr. 
Sametz; ROW 2: C. Edlind, K. Lindquist, N. Butts, D. CirilloJ. de 

Jesus, S. Lagan, C. Martin, M. Herman, C. Brown, B. Devondi, K. 
Wright, R. Craft, S. EberhardtJ. Apgar; ROW 3: L. Lenthe, N. 

Phillips, L. Hayes, B. Karolti, K. Branting, D. Symnoski, R. George, 
J. VanderhoffJ. Baxter, /. Cole, /. Dutton, P. Finkel, B. 
Blumenscheid,]. Frey; MISSING: L. Francis, B. Murphy,]. Konat, 
I. Smith, I. Swope, D. Beehtel. 


Equestrian Club 

ROW 1: B. PhitnikJ. Byorick, B. Fawcett, L. Rebollo, A. Weston,]. 
Cecil, M. O'Reilly; ROW 2: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, T. 
Buehrer, E. Fluesco. 

Eta Kappa Nu 

a 9 

■ ■■#■/ 1 




ROW 1: A/. Wagner, M. Griffin (Bridge Correspondent), M. Nu, P. Fox, R. Loughridge, C. Podarus, S. Gretter, T. 

M. Preperuto (President), M. Thoma, Unknown, Unknown, Bailey,]. Wykosky (Treasurer), Unknown,]. Apgar, G. 
T. Slegel, C. Huettner, R. Strawsburg; ROW 2: C. Mason, Derbyshire. 



ROW 1: S. Glaser, S. Welter; ROW 2: R. Yerk, G. 
Yuhus,J. Porta, D.Jones, N. Volant 


Forum X 

Ruth Kossin, Secretary-Treasurer 


Caryn Gorbunoff, Vice-Chairman 

David Lewis, Chairman 



Row \ L Andreach.K. Warshau),K, Ignar, M. Gordon, D. Greenblatt, 
B Engel, B. Horn, T. Geier, S. Escott, S. Schwab; ROW 2: S. Kreider, 
G Smith,]. Drexinger, R. Donohue, L. Rubenstein, R. Superfine, C. 
Schantz C. Jones, R. Honens, L. Levy, K. Greenwalt, k. Leitgeb, M. 
Spengler; ROW .3: B. Woolford, B. Glenn, B. Schratz, P. Ernco, B. 

Blier U. HagenJ. Dean, D. Pietruszynski, G. Menio, D. Joint, D 
Melone, T. Shea, L. Hunter, M. Mazelsky, K. Hartman, S. Maddock, 7 . 
Bonarrigo; ROW 4: D. Campbell, S. LongsonJ. Gennusa, T. Hartij, P. 
Proctor, J. McGovem, B. PuzcniskieJ. Capraro,A. Berg, E.Johnson, G. 
Meiier, S. Haimowitz, B. McGraw. 


ROW 1: M. Shapiro. S. Brown, K. Burk, G. Zellman,). Tarmet, L. 
Lipka, B. Noseman; ROW 2: D. Wire, D. Mendekon, R. Zenkle, B. 
Wetzncr, B. Mendelson. 


Hockey Club 

ROW 1: P.Arienti, P. Mongoven, T. McGuire, M. Wheatall, M. Peck; 
ROW 2: C. Bayer, D. Pitney, D. Barada, T. Saltan, G. Weitxel, T. 
O'Donnell, R. Klein, S. McMahon, M. Turner, K. Behrend; 
MISSING: R. Freeman, T. Pignataro, H. StrichlerJ. Stewart, K. 



Institute of 
Electronics and 


D. Talhelm, D. Berberian, ] '. Oonk, P. Schragge 

Investment Club 

ROW 1: C., J. Reimschissel, A. Padjen, D. Sgambelluri; ROW 
2: K. Schuelein, M. Greenhill, E. Freij, C. Reninger, M. Hewitt, 
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, L. Herald, D. Fiore, M. Zimmer E 



ROW 1: C. Madsen, K. Hollen, B. Thornton- ROW 2: D. Varrelman, 
J. McCarthy, F. Wentworth, E. Steifell, D. Salter. 


Junior Class 

Karate Club 

/. AigenJ. Davidson; MISSING: B. Harris, L. Silver. 

' "... ~ s ' J *Ul. 


Lehigh University Volunteers 

ROW 1: B. Rainaldi, H. Lewis, M. Benz, M. Zvanut, P. Scobbo; ROW 2: J. 
SkodnikJ. Carter, A. Matturri, S. Sager, D. Poles, K. Wright, M. Brown A 
Mishkin, D. Fink, S. Teitelbaum, P. Walbert. 

Lehigh Valley Grotto 

M. Fitzgerald, Lauri, G. Bell. T. Brown, T. Minnick, T. 
Kerns, D. Leavitt, K. Kowalsi. 


Mustard and Cheese 

Mustard and Cheese, Lehigh's drama orga- 
nization, was founded in 1884 and is the third 
oldest drama society in the country. Currently, 
its members form the backbone of theater ac- 
tivity on campus. Students in the club act, di- 
rect, stage manage, and design sets, lights and 
costumes, as well as work behind the scenes in 
the shop, box office and stage crews. 

Major productions this year included "The 
Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, 
"American Buffalo" by David Mamet, "The 
Death of Bessie Smith" by Edward Albee, and 
"The Wayside Motor Inn" by A.R. Gurney, Jr. 
Mustard and Cheese officers for 1979-1980 
were Patty Spugani, president; Scott Tax, vice 
president; Pain Cleaver, secretary; Rose 
Caraway, treasurer; and Nancy Butts, drama 
major representative. _ 



Marketing Club 

&. ^i 

ROW 1 : P. Fioretti, W. Willard,A. Lefhowith, L. Archer, L. 
HostelterJ. Hansz; ROW 2: F. Goldberg, Unknown, J. 
Reimschissel, W. Van Nostrand, M. Hewitt. 

Panhellenic Society 

ROW 1: L. Eisenhart, S. Nagle; ROW 2: V. O'Neill,]. Frank. 


Newman Association 

ROW 1: M. Connor,]. Burke, G. Vivino, A. Maturri; 
ROW 2: D. Chizmadia, M. Rajkowski, R. Lanciano, S. 
Hautzinger.J. Schwab, C. Paul, A. Saitta, A. 
Blackler; ROW 3: Father R. Schware, D. Fries. D. 
KievitJ. Gabuzda, B. Tolosko, G. Romanik.J. Fuller. 


Orchestra & 
String Quartet 

ROW 1:7. Chen, E. Fontaine. N. Wortzel, C. Updegrave, L. Clark, X 
Yaeger, L. Simpson, A. Shulman, L. McCracken,J. Tanen; ROW 2: 
B. Locke. D. Yeras, S. Hjorth, K Berk. L. Lipka; ROW 3: IV. Phillips. 

D. Depew. C. Edlind, M. Blaekstone. L. Lenthe, D. Daniel, Prof.]. 
Bidlack, K. Brantinu; MISSING: J. Baranchok, S. Somkuti.J. Cole, 
M. Turhij, K. Hinker. 

N. Wortzel. J. Chen,]. Tanen, K. Wright. 



E. Metz, F. Ruth. 


ROW 1: B. Benjevin, D. Schmiedel, N. 
Ostapenko, B. Rankin; ROW 2: M. Berger, N. 
Gracin, N. Romanov, R. Cantor, L. Slavish, G. 


Residence Halls 

Residence Halls Council . . . RHC 
. . . 6:00 Wednesday . . . Please he 
prompt . . . attendance . . . menus 
. . . minutes . . . $4.25/person/year 
. . . energy conservation . . . watch 
your wasteline! . . . TV repairs . . . 
multi-hall funds . . . Security Council 
petition . . . night walk . . . new 
lounge furniture . . . laundry rooms 
and soda machines ... is there a sec- 
ond? . . . Lafayette sheets . . . outside 
activities . . . all in favor? . . . all op- 
posed? . . . Barbary Coast and ice 
cream . . . Shuttle Bus to the Lehigh 
Valley Mall . . . Dinner Theatre at 
Rathhone . . . It's not the $30, it's the 
principle . . . old business . . . new 
business . . . motion to adjourn? 

T. Braunstein, K Selinka, P Gaston, K. Branting; MIS- 
SING: S'. 

MEMBERS: P. Marotto, S. Farrell, P. Silt. C. Monaghan, C. 
Foitz, D. Erlenborn, D. Haggardy, M Bergan, M. Pester, S. Sonic. 
E. Raley, I. Lyman, C. Bayer, K. Depew, B Gallagher, C. Fasick, 
M. Moore, M. Evans, L. Palagyi, T. Messina. B Rosen. F. 
Kovalick,]. Baglivo. M. Faust, I. Marida, P Livney. F>. Whin-. J. 
Cniini. L. Whitworth, D. Sgambelluri, S. Kraihanzet, \1. Rom, A. 
Singh, V. Hemes. S. Hosono, S. Yee, G. Novek, B. Clifton, S. Brnd- 

/ci/, '/'. Albright, A. Hess, I. Adams, R. Ragoza, S. Pedigo, S. 
Sehliehl. D. Fink, B. Anthony, P. Sanchirico, D. Skaller, P. Starer, 
J. Dean, B. Bruemig, S. Burgnoff. L. Bcrtan, B. Martin. V. Chou, 
V. Henehel, C. Ellsworth. D. Billiar. L. Beamon. K. McArdle, C. 
Xiclscn. S. Sonkuti, G. Schmaoz, B. Reitz, E. Waldman, V. Jef- 


Scabbard and Blade 

ROW 1: R. Thomas, E. Howlett, T.Jeske, B. Tutu ROW 2: 
Maj. F. Schultz, C. Levan, F. Mastracchio, R. Scheffert, R. 

Graves, M. Mark, R. Creyer.A. Barclay, C. Jones, G. Doan. 

Senior Class Officers 

W. Smerconish, L. Hammond, T. Haase, S. Fortney. 


Sigma Tau Delta 

English Honorary 

ROW 1: D. KleistJ. Schwab, L. Zver; ROW 2: R. Mundhenk, P. 

Ski Team 

F. Bieber, R. Stijs.J. Heidenreich, S. 
Fellenzer.J. Moore, D. Kaelber. 


Society of Women Engineers 


ROW 1: A. Segatti, A. Fatula, M. 
lannucci, N. Lonski; ROW 2: J. Fisher, 
Unknown, K. Branting,J. Michelin, H. 

Class Officers 

K. Manik, T. Hammond, \V Moyer; MISSING: B. 


Student Activities Council 

Freshman Orientation 
Activities Night 
Amityville Horror 
John Michael Novak 
Jefferson Starship 
George Takei 
Pat Metheny 
Tom Koenig 

Frank Zappa 
Isaac Asimov 

ROW 1: A.'. Miller, L. Schrier, L. Brett, T. Amoruso; ROW 2:./. 
Nersesian, R. Rothenberg, R. Savitsky, A. Fitzpatrick, D. Slutsker; 
MISSING: D. Foley, G. Dantzer, K. Benner. 



Student Metallurgy Society 

ROW 1: Dr. W. Hahn, L. Clark. J. Fisher, T. FennicleJ. Gardener; ROW 2 
Dilip, W. Herman, C. Alfano.J. Powell,}. AadlandJ. Peters. 

rp n , n- Engineering 

TaU Beta ri Honorary 


Ammeter, Indicater, Wye 

Level Wye. 
Slide Rule Dynamo, Tau 

Beta Pi! 
Calculate, Innovate, Try, 

Try, Try. 
Integrity, Honesty, Tau 

Beta Pi! 

ROW I: R. Sullivan, S. Chakeres, C. Paul, F. Benson, K Fox, J. Grube, D. SeegerJ. Fuller; ROW 4: Unknown, A. 

Branting, R.Johnson, M. Hembarsky; R()\V2:J. Wykoski, Brodner, R. Moyer, C. Rndu. D, Lindsay, D. Boyuka, (.'. 

B. Woolford.J. Wummer, Unknown. \. Lonski, C. Alfano, Vivino; ROW 5: S. Gretter, R. Loughrid'ge, D. Blanset, R. 

M. Preperato; ROW 3: Unknown, M Zvanut, A. Futula, P. Snyder, D. Pfeil, B. Tutt, M. Ryan, R. Haist. M. Brown. 


Visiting Lectures Committee 

B. Bronster, T. Amoruso, K. Krischke, B. 
Kerman; MISSING:;. Kuss, P. Ford. 

Water Polo Club 

> ™"'«»r 

ROW 1: B. Notis, Laura, L. Martin, E. Fuuntaine,]. Egleston, 
S. Perkins; ROW 2: A. Smith, S. Michels, P. Marzi, T. Monica, 
S. Peene, G. Musser; MISSING: V. Murk, D. Mull, S. West, D. 
Trust, T. Summer, T. Williams. 


ROW [.M. Figgins,A. Spinosa,A. Gesner,A. Lchren.R. 
Schilder; ROW 2: Unknou n, D. Van Kirk, C. Smoot, R. 
Stuloff. K. Caldwell, J. Creedon, P. Maker. R. Allston; 
ROW 3: K. Fenstermacher, K. Moore, D. George, D. 
Lebo, R. Grad. 


Women's Soccer 

ROW 1: H. Ritter (coach), E. Witherford, L. Taylor, S. Sajer, M. 
Filon, C. Pomeroy, D. Owczarek, D. Patten (coach); ROW 2: P. 
Tripp, L. Carlson, M. Guay, S. Smith, S. Royer, D. Quinn, A. 

Zimmer, T. Median, A. Hill; MISSING:/. Campo (coach), M 
Corbet, M. Helmond. C. Holoubek, E. Klemmer. A. McCoy, L. 
Reider, K. Thompson, L. Gregg, V. Murk. 


Prime Time Activities 





"Do It" With LUV 

For eleven years, in many and varied 
ways, the Lehigh University Volun- 
teers have served the University and 
the Lehigh Valley. To a student who 
wants to help, L.U.V. offers an oppor- 
tunity for personal growth — the 
chance to make or be a friend. 

The organization's several activities 
are selected and coordinated by the 
L.U.V. officers and project heads. 
Through social events and DO IT, a 
monthly newsletter, volunteers keep 
in touch with each other and recent 

L.U.V. 's newest project is the North- 
ampton County Association for The 
Blind. Volunteers assist at parties and 
activity groups for the blind. Another 
new project, the Lehigh Valley Rape 
Crisis Council Hotline, has volunteers 
answering the telephone and dealing 
with rape victims. 

Those with a knack for teaching can 
tutor at Holy Infancy, St. Cyril's or 
Broughal Junior High School. Amateur 
paramedics may help out on the Com- 
munity Nine Ambulance Corps. Sym- 
pathetic ears are needed on Listening 
Line — a listening and referral service 
staffed by extensively trained volun- 


Youth with special problems may be 
reached through three institutions. At 
the Allentown State Hospital, volun- 
teers work with mentally disturbed 
children in the classroom or the gym. 
Runaways, foster children and pro- 
bationers receive guidance at the Valley 
Youth House. Boys living at the Alter- 
native House are driven by volunteers 

to recreational activities. 

L.U.V. is associated with two medi- 
cal organizations. Volunteers may either 
work in the emergency room of 
Muhlenberg Medical Center or with 
the Miller Memorial Center Blood- 

Day care and recycling centers are 
popular options. Other possibilities for 
volunteers include being scout leaders 
and Big Brothers or Sisters. 

Special projects are available to vol- 
unteers on a heavy or erratic academic 
schedule. These are temporary as- 
signments that do not require a long- 
term commitment. 

L.U.V. sponsors several annual 
events. The fall Pumpkin Sale raises 
funds for the Lehigh University Child 
Care Center. In the spring, Olympic 
Day benefits underprivileged children 
of the southside and Daffodil Day aids 
the American Cancer Society. 

L.U.V. is a good way to help others 
while making the most of one's college 

by Bill Rainaldi 





by Jerry Miller 

It was a long four years — years full 
of good times and bad. More than any- 
thing else, though it was a four years 
full of change. We changed, and 
Lehigh changed around us. 

It is change that binds us together 
the only factor that cuts across majors, 
living groups and colleges. We became 
one in change. 

The campus itself has changed since 
that first sweltering day in August 
1976. None of us checked into Warren 
Square. In terms of the University, 
there was no Warren Square. It came to 
life a year later to handle the overflow 
crowds of the class of '81. 

The face of the campus changed 
slowly. So slowly that we often did not 
notice it! 

Remember the Freshman picnic? 
The verdant fields of Saucon Valley 
have since been overrun by the Stabler 
Center, roads, parking lots and sorority 
houses. The peaceful stillness of the 
athletic fields has passed. 

Also gone is Memorial Drive. As 
freshmen we knew it as that strange 
little road below Williams Hall. With 
the University's dedication of Sherman 
Fairchild Laboratory in 1976, it be- 
came a sidewalk. 

1976 also saw the beginnings of ren- 
ovations in Packard Lab — an attempt 

to modernize much of the buildings 
medieval interior. 

Renovations have been effected in 
other buildings over the years; Lin- 
derman as it was in 1976 is but a fading 
memory, and the old, noisy snackbar 
has taken on a madicum of re- 
spectability with last year's face life. 

Despite predictions that it would 
soon slide into the University Center, 
RH-11 (as many of us still call it) 
stands, leakily, below the Sayre Park 
gates. Now known as Trembley Park, 
the apartment complex was home to a 
good number of the class of '80. 

Few of us, though, got the chance to 
taste life in Brodhead House. In 1979, 
after much argument, the University 
planted the six-story dorm on the site 
of the College Theater. Along with the 
city highrise down the block, 
Brodhead added to the stark difference 
between lower and upper campus ar- 

Minor wrinkles of change have con- 
tributed much to the campus' overall 
appearance. None of us will soon 
forget the steel tiees in the valley, rust- 
ing quietly in the middle of the cross- 
country track. Last winter, more art 
from the same contributor made its 
debut between Maginnes Hall and 
Mart Library. The Turkey Trot course 
is now obstructed by three rusty rings. 

During the fall of 1979, in one of the 
last changes we witnessed, a set of 
steps and sidewalks rose out of the 
mud below the U.C. Finally, the Uni- 
versity had acknowledged the tradi- 
tional shortcut — and saved the lawn 
from the ravages of student feet. 

The changes have extended far be- 
yond the physical structure of the Uni- 
versity. The Lehigh staff and adminis- 
tration has changed greatly since 1976. 
It happened so gradually, though, that 
few of us realized the number of names 
no longer listed in the campus di- 


The turnover in the Dean of Stu- 
dents OfBce began when David Lee, 
director of Residence Operations, left 
in October 1978. Over the next 18 
months, Associate and Assistant Deans 
Arthur Mann, Robert Reeves, Hershel 
Dorney and Nathan Harris followed 

Both Albert Zettlemoyer and 
Richard Spriggs stepped down from 
vice-presidential positions in the ad- 
ministration. Elmer Glick resigned 
from his post as Treasurer in 1978. 

University President Deming 
Lewis' intention to stay on until 1982 
upset 17 professors scheduled for re- 
tirement at age 65. The University has 
the legal right to enforce retirement on 
professors but, as an administrator, Dr. 
Lewis, 65, is exempt. 

Perhaps the saddest loss to the Uni- 
versity was that of John Steckbeck. An 
imposing yet gentle man, Steck smiled 
on us at the Freshman Rally and 
helped us on the way to truly becom- 
ing the class of 1980. As long as we live 
on as a class, so will his memory and 
the memory of his services to the Uni- 
versity and the community. 

The spirit Steck worked so hard to 
build in us finally came to fruition in 
1977 at Wichita Falls. How many of us 
imagined Lehigh a football pow- 
erhouse as we sat watching that first 
game versus Kutztown in 1976? Four 
seasons, two championship games and 
one national title later, we are all be- 
lievers in Lehigh football. Coach John 
Whitehead's gridders have stolen 
some of the spotlight from the Univer- 

sity's fabled wrestling squad. 

Not all change is as welcomed as the 
reversal in our football fortunes. De- 
spite six sell-out showings and support 
from student organizations, the 1977 
showing of "Deep Throat" on campus 
angered many, especially alumni. In 
response, the Cultural Review Com- 
mittee was established to determine 
^'aesthetic goals and guidelines for 
campus film series." Dean of Students 
William ua > countered accusations of 
censorship with assertions that no such 
prior restraint was intended. The SUi- 
dent Activities Council has not since 
sponsored anodier X-rated movie. 

Various student activities suffered 
during the time we made our home on 
South Mountain. WLVR was virtually 
abandoned by the administration; the 
Forum's image grew worse; and the 
SAC's losing battle with organizational 
problems, poor facilities and inflation 
resulted in a less than spectacular con- 
cert series. 

The "Me Decade" made its mark on 
campus; students concentrated on aca- 
demics, passing up many of the oppor- 
tunities to expand beyond the confines 
of the classroom and the library. The 
Activities Spirit Association was 
created to fight lagging student inter- 
est in athletic and cultural activities. 

Happy Hours and weekend parties, 
however, continued to garner great in- 
terest. Marijuana remained a part of 
celebrating for many, but alcohol, the 
drug of our parents, made a grand re- 
surgence among the student body. 

Fashion, always conservative at 
Lehigh, swung back to the dressy 
styles rejected by our 60s generation 
compatriots. As we grew from 
freshman into seniors, fewer jeans 
were seen on campus. 

Hair gradually became shorter on 
men, longer on women. Far more male 
ears and female legs were exposed in 
1980 than in 1976. 

As the 80's opened, the problems 
facing America included Iran, Af- 
ghanistan and a worsening economy. 
Meanwhile we, the Class of 80, pre- 
pared to leave the protection of the 
University's closed society. 

Lehigh changed us — and we 
changed Lehigh. It was good for both 
of us. 


Patience M. Abrahamsen — West Chester, Pennsylvania; Bio- 
logy; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Equatation Team; Le Corn- 
pane; Ski Club. 

Jeffrey C. Ackemann — Croton-on-Hudson, New York; Fi- 
nance; Sigma Chi; Rugby Club; Boxing Club; Senior Class 

Jeffrey T. Adams — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; International Re- 
lations; Vice-President, Chi Psi. 

Steven Marc Agin — New Hyde Park, New York; Finance; 
Treasurer, Social Chairman, Sigma Alpha Mu; WLVR; Brown 
and White; SAC; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Horia Constantin Albulescu — Essex Fells, New Jersey; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Dean's List; AlChE; American Chemical Soci- 

Bruce Elliot Alch — Huntington, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME; Co-captain, Swimming Team. 

Cataldo L. Alfano — Pittston, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Student Metallurgy 
Society; ASM-AIME. 

Jeffrey W. Allegar — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineer- 
ing; ASCE; Wrestling. 

Margaret Marshall Allen — Andover, Massachusetts; Geology; 
Steward, Alpha Gamma Delta; Co-captain, Varsity Volleyball. 

Rodger Wayne Allen — West Chester, Pennsylvania; Philoso- 
phy; Social Chairman, Congdon House; Dean's List; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; Concert Band; Lehigh 
Christian Fellowship. 

Kenneth Random Alley — Richland, Pennsylvania; Finance, 
Government; Rush Chairman, Phi Gamma Delta; Lacrosse. 

Estelle M. Alpago — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 
American Chemical Society. 

Mark Steven Altman — Rockville, Maryland; Mathematics/ 
Electrical Engineering; Rush Chairman, Tau Epsilon Phi; Forum. 

Paul M. Altman — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Smiley House, Intramural Manager; Dean's List; Alpha Beta Psi, 
Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Charles Emory Alwine, Jr. — New Oxford, Pennsylvania; Gov- 
ernment; WLVR. 

John Amarilios — New Canaan, Connecticut; Business. 

Brian Thomas Andersen — Bernardsville, New Jersey; Man- 
agement; Delta Chi. 

Barry Douglas Anderson — Corapolis, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa; L.U.V.; Gryphon Society. 

Judith Whitney Anderson — Timonium, Maryland; Chemical 
Engineering, Applied Science; Ski Club; Big Sister Program. 

Richard D. Andres — Millville, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Delta Tau Delta, Steward; ASCE; Varsity Football, Captain. 

Lisa Pierre Ansilio — Kingston, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi, 
Vice-president; Women in Business Society; Pre-law Society; 
Soccer Club; Ski Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Forum. 

Stanley John Antiskay, Jr — Frenchtown, New Jersey; 
Management/Marketing; Brodhead House, Resident Assistant. 

Michael Joseph Antunes — Phillipsburg, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Campus Crusade 
for Christ; Bioengineering Society. 

Robert Brian Austin — Cranford, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Rush Chairman; Soph- 
omore Honors; Beta Alpha Psi; Investment Club. 

Patience M. Abrahamsen 

Jeffrey C. Ackemann 

Cataldo L. Alfano 

Jeffrey W. Allegar 

Mark S. Altman 

Paul M. Altman 

Judith W. Anderson 

Richard D. Andres 


Jeffrey T. Adams 

Steven M. Agin 

Horia C. Albulescu 

Bruce E. Alch 

Margaret M. Allen 

Rodger W. Allen 

Kenneth R. Alley 

Estelle M. Alpago 

Charles E. Alwine, )r. 

John A. Amarilios 

Brian T. Andersen 

Barry D. Anderson 

Lisa P. Ansilio 

Stanley |. Antiskay 

Michael J. Antunes 

Robert B. Austin 


Frederick O. Barrant 

Barry R. Bartle 

Thomas A. Bartlett 

Debra D. Bartsch 

lames E. Baxter 

Lawrence N. Bazrod 

David D. Beard 

Gary A. Bechtel 

Peter O. Belevich 


Alberto R. Belli 

Sharon L. Beltz 

Harry C. Benner, Jr. 

Jeffrey S. Baranchok 

Lisa M. Barkhorn 

Stephen Bastianelli 

Gregory S. Baumann 

Gary E. Behler 

Karl A. Behrend 

Frances H. Benson 

Mary L. Benz 

Susan Sheldon Baglow — Penfield, New York; Accounting; 
Dean's List; Sophomore Honors; Equestrian Club, Treasurer 
and Co-founder; Big/Little Sister Program. 

H. Theodore Bahr 111 — Bronxville, New York; Urban Studies; 
Sigma Phi, Vice-president, Secretary; Young Democrats, Presi- 
dent; Forum VIII; Ed Pol. 

Craig Wolf Banet — Merion, Pennsylvania; Finance; Sigma 
Nu; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Investment Club. 

Albert George Bantley — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Theta Xi, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Forum, Ski Club; I.R. Club; Invest- 
ment Club. 

Jeffrey Scott Baranchok — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
AlChE; Amateur Radio Society; Orchestra; Nu Rho Delta. 

Lisa M. Barkhorn — Short Hills, New Jersey; Psychology; 
Sophomore Honors; Psychology Club; Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign; L.U.V. 

Frederick Orlando St. Elmo Barrant — St. Croix, U.S. Virgin 
Islands; Chemical Engineering; Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Barry Russell Bartle — Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

Thomas Albert Barlett — Madison, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Theta Delta Chi, Rush Chairman; AIIE; Varsity Ten- 
nis; Rugby Club; Brown and White. 

Debra Bartsch — Manheim, Pennsylvania; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; Phi Eta Sigma; AlChE; American Chemical Society, Vice- 
president; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Society of Women En- 
gineers; Off-campus Housing Committee. 

Stephen Bastianelli — Georgetown, Delaware; History; Soph- 
omore Honors; Dean's List Phi Alpha Theta; Wrestling, Co- 

Gregory Scott Baumann — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE. 

James E. Baxter — Rose Valley, Pennsylvania; Geology; Kappa 
Alpha; Freshman Honors; Geology Club; Choir; Photo Club. 

Lawrence Nathan Bazrod — Radnor, Pennsylvania; Econom- 
ics; Dean's List; Pre-law Society; Ski Club; I.R. Club. 

David Daniel Beard — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Gary A. Bechtel — Newark, Delaware; Civil Engineering; 
ASCE; Varsity Lacrosse, Captain; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Gary Edward Behler — Center Valley, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman; Tau Beta 
Pi; Pi Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Band. 

Karl Anthony Behrend — Wellesley, Massachusetts; Chemical 
Engineering; Phi Delta Theta, Social Chairman; AlChE; Hockey 

Peter Oleg Belevich — Carversville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 

David G. Bell — Coppersburg, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering, (not pictured) 

Alberto R. Belli — Managua, Nicaragua; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; AIIE. 

Sharon L. Beltz — Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Accounting; Women's 
Basketball, Co-captain; Epitome, Sports Editor; Women's Ath- 
letic Council. 

Harry C. Benner — Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

Frances H. Benson — Pineville, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi, Alpha 
Pi Mu, Secretary; AIIE. 

Mary Louise Benz — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mathematics; 
Dean's List; Sophomore Honors; L.U.V. 


Albert P. Berg IV — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; WLVR. 

Michael Patrick Bergan — Aidsley, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Congdon House, President; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Russian Club; 

Nancy Lynne Berger — Union, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Society of 
Women Engineers; Varsity Rifle Team, Co-captain. 

Pamela R. Berner — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Backgammon 
Club; Psychology Club; Ski Club; Tau Lambda Chi. 

Blair R. Bernhardt — Springtown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE. 

George M. Bensenyei — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrial En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; IEEE; Arnold Air Society. 

James Francis Betzwieser — Albany, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; AIIE. 

Jay E. Black — Flanders, New Jersey; Accounting and Finance; 
. Phi Kappa Theta, Treasurer; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

David Ray Blanset — Annapolis, Maryland; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu; Schlumberger Foundation 
Award; Karate Club; Philosophy Club; Computer Society. 

Alison Carla Blew — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Alpha Gamma Delta, Guard; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Lambda Mu Sigma; Marketing Club, Treasurer. 

William Matthew Blier — York, Pennsylvania; Economics/ 
Psychology; Zeta Psi; Gryphon Society, President; Dean's List; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Psi Chi; Junior Varsity Baseball. 

Megan Clare Blust — Rydal Pennsylvania; Marketing; Varsity 
Field Hockey, Co-captain; Varsity Swimming; Varsity Lacrosse; 
Marketing Club. 

Mitchell Lee Boden — Paramus, New Jersey; Marketing; Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Steward; SAC. 

Betsie Bolger — Ridgewood, New Jersey; English; Sigma Tau 
Delta; Equestrian Club; Sigma Eta Psi; Amaranth. 

Wendy Beth Bollman — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Gamma Phi Beta, Secretary, Steward; AIIE; Senior 
Class Executive Council. 

Jonathan Stuart Bomze — Crece Coeur, Missouri; Finance; 
Alpha Chi Rho. (not pictured) 

Thomas J. Bortolotto — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Intramurals. 

Paul Damian Bosco — West Hartford, Connecticut; Electrical 
Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho, Vice-president; IEEE, Vice Chair- 

Lawrence A. Bowman — Arlington Heights, Illinois; Industrial 
Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta; Dean's List; I.E. Council; AIIE, 


Albert P. Berg IV 

Michael P. Bergan 

Pamela R. Berner 

Blair R. Bernhardt 

lames F. Betzwieser 

Jay E. Black 

Mitchell L. Boden 

Betsie Bolger 


Nancy L. Berger 

George M. Besenyei 

David R. Blanset 

ii riii ri W n yl I I MM I I P '' 

a i > r-m **f -*-' BWMig* - j i .ij < iw«» i' j '— « nftr^3 

Alison C. Blew William M. Blier 

Megan C. B lust 

Wendy B. Bollman 

Thomas |. Bortolotto 

Paul D. Bosco 

Lawrence A. Bowman 


David A. Boyuka 

Katrina L. Branting 

Susan E. Bregstein 

Donald W. Breisch 

Jeffrey A. Brooks 

Bernard Brown 

David L. Brown, ]r. 

Gregory A. Brown 

Michael W. Brown 

Robert S. Brown 

lohn K. Brubaker 

Randall C. Brust 

John C. Buckingham 

Randall G. Buckley 

Melissa M. Buckmaster 

Minh Nguyen Bui 


Thomas ). Brennan III 

William D. Brennan 

Paul |. Bruxelles 

Mark ). Bubel 

David Andrew Boyuka — Walnutport, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Dean's List; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. 

Katrina Louise Branting — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Scott Paper Award; Class of 1904 Scholarship; 
Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; 
AlChE, Secretary-Treasurer; Residence Halls Council, Presi- 
dent; Epitome, Scheduling Editor; Choir; Orchestra; Society of 
Women Engineers; Music at Lehigh. 

Susan Ellen Bregstein — Scarsdale, New York; Marketing; Mar- 
keting Club; Marching Band; Concert Band; Woodwind Quin- 
tet; Wind Ensemble. 

Donald William Breisch — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Kappa Sigma, House Manager; Dean's List; Alpha 
Pi Mu; Sophomore Honors; AIIE; Hockey Club; Epitome, Living 
Groups Editor. 

Thomas J. Brennan III — Scranton, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE; Bioengineering Society. 

William Doig Brennan — Old Westbury, New York; Account- 
ing; Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Investment 
Club; Sailing Club. 

Jeffrey A. Brooks — Fairview Park, Ohio; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Steward; AlChE; Varsity 
Swimming; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Bernard Brown — Somerville, New Jersey; Accounting; Zeta 
Psi; SAC; BSU. 

David L. Brown — Fayetteville, New York; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Gregory Allen Brown — Baltimore, Maryland; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Sophomore Honors; ASME. 

Malissa Anne Brown — Tinton Falls, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. 

Marcus Fair Brown — Schenectady, New York; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors; L.U.V.; Ski Club; Harrisburg Urban Semes- 

Michael W. Brown — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Wrestling, Co-captain; EIWA Champion. 

Robert S. Brown — Green Lane, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 

John Kimmell Brubaker — Essex, Connecticut; Finance Smiley 
House, Social Chairman. 

Randall C. Brust — Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors. 

Paul Joseph Bruxelles — Wilmington, Delaware; Finance; Chi 
Psi, Secretary; Varsity Football; Senior Class Gift Campaign; 
Investment Club. 

Mark J. Bubel — Media, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; Theta 
Chi; ASCE; Varsity Rifle Team; Ski Club; Photography Club. 

J. Christopher Buckingham — Westminster, Maryland; 
Mechanical Engineering; Bishopthorpe; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma; ASME. 

Randall George Buckley — Danville, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Wilbur Mathematics Prize; Dean's List; Tau Beta 
Pi; Junior Varsity Baseball. 

Melissa Marsh Buckmaster — Westfield, New Jersey; Chemis- 
try; ROTC Scholarship; Presidential Prize Scholarship; Tau Beta 
Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; ROTC. 

Minh Nguyen Bui — Palmyra, Pennsylvania; Biology; Dean's 
List; Sophomore Honors; L.U.V.; International Club; Health 
Professions Society. 

John Mark Bula — Erie, Pennsylvania; Finance; Investment 
Club; Judo Club. 

Gregory John Buragino — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metal- 
lurgy; Sophomore Honors; ASM-AIME. 

]ohn M. Bula 

Gregory J. Buragino 


Joseph D. Burke — West Pittston, Pennsylvania; Economics/ 
Government; Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Law Society; Gryphon 

Karen Mary Burke — Torrington, Connecticut; Journalism/ 
Government; Alpha Phi; Brown and White. 

Frank R. Burnette ill — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Accounting' 
Finance; Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-president; Investment Club. 

Mitchell J. Burte — Bayside, New York; Industrial Engineering; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward. 

Jack L. Burwick, Jr. — Peterborough, New Hampshire; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; AlChE; Boxing Club; Ski Club; Rugby Club. 

Lauretta Marie Bushar — Havertown, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Williams, Social Chairman; L.U.V.; Class of '79 graduate. 

Paul F. Bushway — Framingham, Massachusetts; Finance; Psi 
Upsilon, Vice-president; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; IFC. 

John Christopher Butkus — Maplewood, New Jersey; Fine Arts; 
Delta Upsilon; Art and Architecture Society; Varsity Lacrosse; 
Varsity Football. 

Sandra K. Butler — Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Williams Prize Acting; Davis Award; Mustard and 
Cheese; Forum. 

John Nicholas Butterly — Short Hills, New Jersey; Electrical 
Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Freshman Honors; IEEE; Alpha 
Phi Omega; Railroad Club. 

Nancy Louise Butts — Levittown, Pennsylvania; Psychology 
and Theater; Sophomore Honors; Williams Acting Prize; Choir, 
President; Woodwind Quintet; Music at Lehigh; Concert Band; 
Psychology Club; German Club; Mustard and Cheese, Theater 
Representative; L.U.V. 

Antonia Lynn Caimi — Northbrook, Illinois; Accounting; La- 
crosse; Senior Class Executive Committee; Judo Club; Ski Club; 
Women in Business. 

Kimberly Ann Caldwell — North Haven, Connecticut; Journal- 
ism; Brown and White; WLVR; Rho Gamma Kappa. 

Robert J. Campbell — North Brunswick, New Jersey; Account- 
ing; Brodhead House. 

Thomas Justin Campbell, 1st — White Plains, New York; 
Accounting/Finance; Theta Delta Chi, Secretary; Varsity 
Swimming; Rugby Club. 

Brian T. Camperson — Haddonfield, New Jersey; Social Rela- 
tions; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Basketball; ROTC. 

Alan Drew Cander — Wynnewood, Pennsylvania; Urban 
Studies; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Forum. 

Lisa Joy Capalli — Brookhaven, New York; Government; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Lehigh Listening 
Line; Brown and White; Pre-law Society. 

Franklin P. Capuano — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; L.U.V. 

Bruce E. Card — Warrington, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Brodhead. 

James H. Carter, Jr. — Sussex, Wisconsin; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; AIIE; Junior Varsity Soccer; Investment Club; Gryphon So- 
ciety; Outing Club. 

Robert John Casparian — Boonton, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Chi Phi, Secretary; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 

Jeffrey D. Cass — Clark, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; Junior 
Varsity Baseball. 

Noreen Rita Cassidy — North Wales, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Sophomore Honors; Women in Business; SAC. 

loseph D. Burke 

Karen M. Burke 

Paul F. Bushway 

John C. Butkus 

Kimberly A. Caldwell 

Robert |. Campbell 


Franklin P. Capuano 

Bruce E. Card 

Frank R. Burnette 

Mitchell I. Burte 

Jack L. Burwick, Jr. 

Lauretta M. Bushar 

Sandra K. Butler 

John N. Butterly 

Nancy L. Butts 

Antonia L. Caimi 

Thomas J. Campbell 

James H. Carter, Jr. 

Brian T. Camperson 

Robert J. Casparian 

Alan D. Cander 

Jeffrey D. Cass 

Lisa J. Cappalli 

Noreen R. Cassidy 


Peter P. Chromiak 

Glenn A. Cianci 

Dennis P. Clark 

Lois |. Clark 

Peter D. Cleff 

lohn P. Clough IV 

Peter S. Cohen 

Robert W. Cohen 


Gary K. Chan 

Owen A. Chang, )r. 

|udy D. Chesney 

Vivian K. Chou 

Mindy S. Clearfield 

Pamela A. Cleaver 

Stella Diane Chakeres — Staten Island, New York; Metallurgy; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, 
Secretary; Mustard and Cheese; Epitome; Student Metallurgy 
Society; Society of Women Engineers. 

Gary K. Chan — Queens, New York; Chemical Engineering; 
Tau Epsilon Phi, President, Rush Chairman. 

Owen Andrew Chang, Jr. — Cinnaminson, New Jersey; 
Mechanical Engineering; Beardslee; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Frisbee Club. 
John Y. Chen — Ridgewood, New Jersey; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; Freshman Honors; String Quintet; Orchestra; Karate Club. 

Judy Diane Chesney — Cilbertsville, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; AlChE. 

Vivian Kathleen Chou — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Health Professions Society; L.U.V.; Lehigh Christian Fellow- 

Peter P. Chromiak — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 

Glenn Angelo Cianci — Boonton, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; AlChE; Junior Varsity Football. 

Dennis Paul Clark — West Chester, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-president, House Manager; 
National Merit Scholarship. 

Lois Jean Clark — Easton, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Student Metallurgy Society; Society of 
Women Engineers; ASM-AIME; Swim Team. 

Mindy Sue Clearfield — Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania; Biolo- 
gy; Alpha Phi; Girl Scout Leader. 

Pamela Ann Cleaver — Boyertown, Pennsylvania; Mathe- 
matics; Williams Prize in Acting; Freshman Honors; Dean's 
List; Omicron Delta Kappa; Epitome, Editor-in-Chief; Mustard 
and Cheese, Secretary; Russian Club, Treasurer; Forum IX; 

Peter Daniel Cleff — Moorestown, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Nu, Vice-president. 

John Paul Clough IV — Sayre, Pennsylvania; Economics/Urban 
Studies; Psi Upsilon; Investment Club; Sailing Club. 

Peter Steven Cohen — Old Westbury, New York; Government; 
Phi Gamma Delta, President; Junior Varsity Football; Pre-law 
Society; Brown and White. 

Robert William Cohen — Blauvelt, New York; Sociology; Beta 
Theta Pi; Dean's List; Student Research Assistant; Varsity Base- 
ball; Pre-law Society; L.U.V. 

James KenyonColket— Gladstone, New Jersey; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Kappa Sigma; ASCE; Varsity Squash; Junior Varsity Tennis; 
Ski Club; Epitome; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Donald Alan Collins — Southampton, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Beardslee; Freshman Honors; AlChE. 

lames K. Colket 

Donald A. Collins 


Michael John Connor — Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Ac- 
counting; Phi Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary; 
Freshman Honors; Newman Association, President; Pre-law 
Society; Brown and White; IFC; Senior Class Executive Com- 
mittee; RHC. 

William Christopher Conyers — Severna Park, Maryland; Biol- 
ogy; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Johnathan B. 
Elkins Freshman Cup; Concert Band; Marching Bands; Orches- 
tra; Brass Quintet. 

David James Cook — East Berlin, Pennsylvania; Biology/ 

Walter R. Cook — Shamokin, Pennsylvania; Social Relations; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Social Relations 

Joseph John Cooke — Melville, New York; Finance; Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Vice-president, Treasurer; Junior Varsity Soccer. 

James Timothy Cooper — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Manage- 
ment; Delta Chi; Karate Club. 

Michael G. Cosmos — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Lambda Omega-Tau Lambda Chi, Vice- 
president; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Suzanne M. Courtright — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; ASME; Society of Women Engineers; Alpha 
Phi Omega; Sail Club; Off-campus Housing Association. 

David Burton Cox — Baltimore, Maryland; Civil Engineering; 
Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer; Track; ASCE; Mustard and Cheese. 

Elizabeth Helene Crits — Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania; Market- 
ing; Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; 
Marketing Club, Secretary. 

Arthur R. Croucher II — Linden New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Bridge Club; Skydiving Club; Lehigh Valley 

Carol Marie Crowe — Woodbury, New Jersey; Metallurgy; 
Student Metallurgy Society, Secretary; Women's Volleyball/ 

Charles E. Crowley — Wellesley, Massachusetts; Finance; Phi 
Delta Theta, Vice-president; Social Chairman. 

Marie-Laure F. Cunliffe — Maplewood, New Jersey; Account- 
ing; Sophomore Honors; French Club. 

Wayne Tyler Curry — Woodstown, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta; AlChE. 

David Charles Dalnodar — Wayne, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors. 

Sharan L. Daniel — Indianapolis, Indiana; Journalism/French; 
Alpha Gamma Delta; Army ROTC Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Women's Swim Team; Choir; Brown and White, Managing Edi- 
tor; ROTC. 

Louis J. D'Annibale — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Business; 
Delta Upsilon; Varsity Football. 

Leamon Louis Davenport — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 
Chemical Engineering; AlChE; B.S.U. 

Brian A. Day — York, Pennsylvania; Electrical Engineering; 
IEEE; Bridge Club. 

David A. DeCrosta — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemistry. 

Mark Thomas DeCrosta — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemis- 

Aaron C. Deditch — Lewiston, Maine; Electrical Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu, Vice-president; IEEE, Vice-Chairman; Pre-law Soci- 
ety; Ski Club. 

Thomas Fred Dehel — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Engineering; AFROTC President's Award; Air Force ROTC. 


Kfct.N SM 

Michael |. Connor 

Michael C. C< 

Suzanne M. Courtright 

Charles E. Crowley 

Marielaure F. Cunliffe 

Leamon L. Davenport 

Brian A. Day 

David ). Cook 

Walter R. Cook 

Joseph ). Cooke 

James T. Cooper 

he**-:' t ■'■ Baas 

David B. Cox Elizabeth H. Crits 

Arthur R. Croucher II 

Carol M. Crowe 

Wayne T. Curry 

David C. Dalnodar 

Sharan L. Daniel 

Louis |. D'Annibale 

David A. DeCrosta 

Mark T. DeCrosta 

Aaron C. Deditch 

Thomas F. Dehel 


David Anthony Del Guercio — North Caldwell, New Jersey; 
Biology; Phi Gamma Delta; Soccer; Rugby Club, Treasurer; Ski 
Club; Brown and White; Newman Society. 

Carol Ann Delia — Lebanon, New Jersey; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; Alpha Gamma Delta, Activities Chairman; Ski Club, Secre- 

Donna Marie Delio — Hamden, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME; Society of Women Engineers. 

Lucinda DeMarco — Blue Bell, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry. 

Laura Sue Dembicer — Ardsley, New York; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Mustard and Cheese. 

Christopher John DePhillips — Upper Montclair, New Jersey; 
Psychology; Alpha Chi Rho, Pledge Master; Sophomore Hon- 

Anthony Joseph DeRiso, Jr — Cliffside Park, New Jersey; Bio- 
logy; Beta Theta Pi, Steward; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; L.U.V. 

Louis Michael DeStefano — Devon, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Sophomore Honors; Health Profession Society; L.U.V. 

Paul Craig DeStefano — Berwyn, Pennsylvania; 
Management/Marketing; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Pre- 
law Society; Forum; Brown and White. 

Terese Rose Deutsch — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Economics; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Cheerleaders; Powder Puff; Senior Class 
Executive Committee; Investment Club. 

Janet B. Dezube — Colon ia, New Jersey; Fundamental Science. 

Richard R. DiAntonio — East Hanover, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi, Vice-president, Secretary; 
Freshman Honors; ASME; Varsity Lacrosse; IFC. 

John Edward Dickol — Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; WLTN; German 

Dean A. Dilillo — Chesterland, Ohio; Industrial Engineering; 
Varsity Wrestling. 

John Joseph DiPietro — Valley Stream, New York; Accounting; 
Dean's List; Brown and White; Accounting Internship. 

Kirk Joseph Dischino — Fairfield, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Skydiving Club. 

Gilbert Everett Doan III — Narberth, Pennsylvania; Technical 
Theater; Davis Award in Theater; Scabbard and Blade; Army 
ROTC; Lehigh Rangers; Mustard and Cheese. 

Robert Benedict Doherty — Berwick, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Cross-Country; Republican Club; Forum. 

J. Christopher Dolan — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Engineering; IEEE; WLVR. 

Scott Ronald Doila — Wernersville, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; AlChE; Ski Club. 

Mario Ferreira Domingues — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Me- 
chanical Engineering; AFROTC Scholarship. 

James A. Donahue III — Glenside, Pennsylvania; Journalism; 
Beardslee, Secretary; Cross-Country; Track; Brown and White. 

Robert Aloysius Donohue III — Summit, New Jersey; Interna- 
tional Relations; Gryphon Society; Dean's List; Pre-law; IR 
Club; Frisbee Team. 

David M. Donovan — Westport, Connecticut; Marketing; 
Alpha Sigma Phi, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; Varsity 
Swimming; Water Polo Club. 


David A. DelCuerico 

Carol A. Delia 

Anthony J. Deriso, Jr. 

Louis M. DeStefano 

John E. Dickol 

Dean A. Dilillo 

Donna M. Delio 

Paul C. DeStefano 

)ohn J. DiPietro 

Lucinda Demarco 

Terese R. Deutsch 

Laura S. Dembicer 

Kirk J. Dischino 

Gilbert E. Doan III 


Christopher J. DePhillips 

Robert B. Doherty 

Mario F. Domingues 

lames A. Donahue III 

Robert A. Donohue 

David M. Donovan 


lames M. Downs 

Stanley A. Dranginis 

Robert L. Drummey 

Frances V.A. Dudman 

Michael |. Dugan 

Jeffrey P. Dunn 

Richard W. Dunne 

loseph |. Durkin 

Margaret L. Ehrich 

Loris A. Eisenhart 

Amr M. El Agizy 

Douglas E. Elia 

Susan L. Erickson 

lohn B. Evans, )r. 

Richard A. Evans 

Rosalind Evans 


Cordon D. Duff 

Patrick D. Duff 

Richard H. Earl 

Katharine S. Eberhart 

lohn F. Emmitt 

Robert L. Epstein 

oseph V. Fagan, Jr. 

James M. Downs — New Providence, New Jersey; Civil En- 

Stanley Anthony Dranginis — Levittown, Pennsylvania; Chem- 
istry; Leavitt; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Foot- 

Robert Lloyd Drummey — Simsbury, Connecticut; Electrical 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Steward; Freshman Honors; 
Chess Club. 

Frances V. Dudman — West Auburn, Maine; Finance; Swim- 
ming Team; Ski Club; Gymnastics Club; Women in Business. 

Gordon Davidson Duff — Simsbury, Connecticut; History; Chi 
Psi; Lacrosse. 

Patrick Duff — Waldwick, New Jersey; Accounting; Beta Theta 
Pi, President, Rush Chairman; Dean's List. 

Michael J. Dugan — New Milford, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Phi Gamma Delta, Recording Secretary; Freshman 
Honors; Varsity Football; Senior Class Investment Committee. 

Jeffrey Paul Dunn — Kenilworth, New Jersey; Industrial En- 

Richard William Dunne — Harwich, Massachusettes; Civil En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta, Secretary; ASCE; Cross Country, 
Co-captain; Track. 

Joseph J. Durkin — Middletown, New Jersey; Finance/ 
Accounting; Smiley, Vice-president; Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; L.U.V. 

Richard H. Earl — Valley Stream, New York; Journalism; Phi 
Gamma Delta; Roy Lewis Trophy; Brown and White; 
Wrestling; Rugby Club. 

Katharine Sue Eberhart — Westfield, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Margaret L. Ehrich — Wilmington, Delaware; Finance; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
L.U.V. ; Forum; Marketing Club; Women in Business. 

Loris Anne Eisenhart — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; History; 
Alpha Phi; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Phi Alpha Theta; Panhellenic. 

Amr Mostafa El Agizy — Clifton, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Arabic 
Club, President; National Science Foundation Research Assis- 

Douglas E. Elia — Staten Island, New York; Civil Engineering; 

John Franklin Emmitt — Leola, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Beta Theta Pi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; Judo Club. 

Robert Lewis Epstein — York, Pennsylvania; Finance; Theta 
Delta Chi; Varsity Basketball, Tri-captain; Investment Club. 

Susan L. Erickson — Kingston, New York; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; AlChE; Society of Women Engineers; Varsity Swimming. 

John Benjamin Evans, Jr. — Riverside, Connecticut; Civil En- 
gineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; ASCE; Alpha Phi Omega; Sky- 
diving Club; Chess Club; Sailing Club. 

Richard Alton Evans — Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Sigma Phi, President. 

Rosalind Evans — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Geophysics; 
Gamma Phi Beta, House Manager; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Field Hockey; Lacrosse; Geology Club. 

Elysa P. Fabian — Fairfield, Connecticut; Government; Dean's 
List; Pre-law Society; Equestrian Club. 

Joseph Vincent Fagan, Jr. — Allentown, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha; AFROTC Scholarship; IFC; 
International Relations Club. 


William J. Falk — Great Neck, New York; Marketing; Delta Tail 
Delta; Sophomore Honors; Varsity Track; Hillel Society; Mar- 
keting Club. 

Mary Jay Farmer — Glen Ridge, New jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; AlChE; Society of Women En- 
gineers; Varsity Tennis; Ski Club; Backgammon Club; Percus- 
sion Ensemble; Marching Band. 

Alexandra Fatula — Reading, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; 
AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; Alpha Phi Omega; Activities 
Spirit Association; Brown and White. 

David Wiek Fauntleroy — Geneva, Illinois; Metallurgy; Alpha 
Chi Rho, President; Brown and White, Photography Editor. 

Ruth Marie Feaver — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; British Litera- 
ture: Williams Essay Award; Sigma Tau Delta; Mustard and 
Cheese; Lehigh Christian Fellowhip. 

Basil John Fedynyshyn — Clayton, California; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu, House Manager; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu, President; AIIE; Newman 

Deborah Ann Feiertag — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Information 
and Communication Science; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List. 

Joseph M. Feller — Trenton, New Jersey; journalism/ 
Psychology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master; Psychology Club; 
Mustard and Cheese; Brown and White; Epitome. 

Theodore William Fenicle — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metal- 
lurgy; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; 
Student Metallurgy Society, Treasurer; ASM-AIME. 

Edward John Fiedler — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Journalism; 
Dean's List; WLRN, Business Manager; Brown and White, Fea- 
tures Editor. 

David George Figueroa — Chappaqua, New York; Accounting; 
Sigma Phi, President, Rush Chairman; Brown and White. 

Donald Arthur Fink — Scotch Plains, New Jersey; Finance; 
Smiley, President; Cross Country; Track; L.U.V.; Investment 
Club; IRCIub. 

Seth Joseph Finkel — Livingston, New jersey; Finance/ 
Marketing; Sigma Alpha Mu; Dean's List. 

Michael J. Finley — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Psychology/Social Relations; Dean's List; Varsity Basketball. 

Jean Marie Fisher — Wyoming, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Tau 
Beta Pi; Student Metallurgical Society; Society of Women En- 

James M. Flanagan — Summit, New Jersey; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Phi Delta Theta, President, Secretary; AIIE; IFC. 

Edie J. Flueso — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Psychology; Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Equestrian Club; Psychology 
Club; Backgammon Club; Tau Lambda Chi; Town House; 
Pan-Hellenic Society. 

Nancy Susan Fluhr — Wanamassa, New jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE; judo Club; Powder Puff. 

S. Perry Fooskas — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Biology; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Junior Varsity Base- 
ball; Ski Club; Health Professions Club. 

Timothy F. Forcey — Woodland, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean,s List; AlChE; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

Michael Wendell Ford — Kansas City, Missouri; Psychology; 
Varsity Football; B.S.U.; Forum; Le Compane. 

Donald L. Forker — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME. 

Mark L. Fortney — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

Sarah L. Fortney — Wilmington, Delaware; journalism/ 
Government; Gamma Phi Beta, Pledge Master; Powder Puff; 
Senior Cla>;s Secretary; Brown and White; Big Sister Program. 


William |. Falk 

Mary J. Farmer 

Deborah A. Feiertag 

Joseph M. Feller 

Seth J. Finkel 

Michael ). Finley 

Stephen P. Fooskas 

Timothy F. Forcey 

Alexandra Fatula 

David W. Fauntleroy 

Ruth M. Feaver 

Basil ). Fedynyshyn 

Theodore W. Fenicle 

Edward ). Fiedler 

David C. Figueroa 

Donald A. Fink 

lean M. Fisher 

lames M. Flanagan 

Edith J. Flueso 

Nancy S. Fluhr 

Michael W. Ford 

Donald L. Forker 

Mark L. Fortney 

Sarah L. Fortney 


D.ivid P. Fox 

Paul |. Fox 

leffrey W. Frankenburg 

Guy S. Frankenfield 

Thomas R. Friebus 

Donald |. Fries, |r 

Barbara A. Froberg 

lames M. Fuller 

Margaret A. Gaydos 


Richard H. Freeman 

Robert M. Frey 

Craig ). Garen 

Peter P. Garibaldi, |r. 

Patricia L. Gaston 

Thomas G. Gates 

Kermit K. Gehman, )r. 

Steven N. Geiger 

David Perry Fox — Holmdel, New jersey; Finance/ 
Management; Theta Xi, Secretary; Investment Club; Marketing 

Paul Gaston Fox — Oakmont, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Frisbee Team; Philosophy Club; Computing Center Assis- 

Jeffrey Walter Frankenburg — Wilmington, Delaware; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Delta Chi, Social Chairman; Freshman Hon- 
ors; AlChE. 

Guy Samuel Frankenfield — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Phi Delta Theta, Vice-president, House Man- 
ager; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; ASME; Varsity Baseball- 
Russian Club; Ping Pong Club. 

Richard Hunter Freeman — King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; 
Chemical Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Treasurer; 
Freshman Honors: Ice Hockey Club; IFC; WLVR; L.U.V. 

Robert Martin Harold Frey — Freehold, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Psi Upsilon, Steward; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; AlChE; Mustard and Cheese. 

Thomas Richard Friebus — Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Theta Delta Chi; Sophomore Honors. 

Donald J. Fries, Jr. — New Providence, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-president, Secretary; AlChE, 
President; Newman Association; IFC; Glee Club. 

Barbara Ann Froberg — Easton, Pennsylvania; Psychology/ 
Natural Science; Dean's List; Psychology Club; Women's 
Caucus, President. 

James Michael Fuller — Spring Grove, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Outing Club; Ameri- 
can Chemical Society; Newman Society. 

Craig Joseph Garen — Bay Shore, New York; Electrical En- 
gineering; Alpha Chi Rho, Steward; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE. 

Peter P. Garibaldi, Jr. — Cranbury, New Jersey; Biology; Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Vice-president, Steward; Varsity Football. 

James Owens Gaston — Westport, Connecticut; Finance/ 
Economics; Pi Lambda Phi; Chess Club; Rugby Club; Invest- 
ment Club; L.U.V. 

Patricia Louise Gaston — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Finance; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Presidential Prize Scholarship; 
Leonard Pool Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma, 
President; Phi Beta Kappa; Residence Halls Concessions, Man- 
ager; RHC. 

Thomas Gregory Gates — Manheim, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Psi Upsilon, House Manager; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Cut and 
Thrust Society; Arnold Air Svciety. 

Margaret Ann Gaydos — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Varsity Lacrosse; Varsity Swimming; Ski 
Club; Senior Class Executive Committee. 

Kermit K. Gehman, Jr. — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Foreign Ca- 
reers; German House, Steward; Alpha Lambda Omega-Tau 
Lambda Chi. 

Steven Neal Geiger — Telford, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Psi Upsilon, House Manager; Freshman, Sophomore 
r-Jonors; IEEE. 


Amy Jo Geltzeiler — Mountainside, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Marketing Club; 
Women in Business; L.U.V. 

William Louis Ceosits — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; WLVR; SAC. 

Scott Dexter Geraghty — Columbia, Maryland; International 
Relations; Aipha Sigma Phi, President, Steward; IFC. 

Anne Patricia Gerber — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Social Rela- 
tions; Dean's List; Brown and White; I.O.U.S.W., Volunteer. 

Glenn C. Gershenson — Rockville, Maryland; Accounting; 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Junior Var- 
sity Soccer; Ski Club; I.R. Club. 

Kevin Henry Ghezzi — Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Football; Boxing Club. 

John Morse Gicking — Conyngham, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Chi Phi, Steward; Epitome, Photography Editor; Investment 
Club; Photography Club. 

Richard Michael Giduck — Aston, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Delta Tau Delta, Vice-president; Freshman Honors; 
Junior Varsity Football; Boxing Club. 

Marc P. Giguere — Westfield, New Jersey; Management/ 
Marketing; Kappa Alpha, Vice-president; Varsity Track. 

Stephen Vincent Gimigliano — Haddonfield, New Jersey; 
Accounting/Finance; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi, President; 
Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-president; I.R. Club; IFC. 

Stanley Lloyd Glaser — Westbury, New York; Finance/ 
Marketing; Delta Upsilon; Junior Varsity Soccer; Junior Varsity 
Track; Rugby Club; IFC. 

William H. Glenn — New York, New York; Government; 
Gryphon Society; Varsity Football. 

Ann Marie Glynn — Medway, Massachusetts; Foreign 
Careers/French; Women in Business; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

Jean Elizabeth Goddess — Media, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; 
Society of Women Engineers. 

Ronald K. Godshalk, Jr. — Bangor, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Engineering; Smiley, Vice-president. 

Frederick Charles Goldberg — Merrick, New York; Marketing; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Social Chairman; Brown and White; Market- 
ing Club. 

Michael David Goldberg — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Marketing; Sigma Alpha Mu; Leonard Pools Scholarship 
Award; Brown and White, Business Manager. 

Eric H. Goldstein — Yonkers, New York; Accounting; Invest- 
ment Club;. 

Jay Harris Goldstein — Oakdale, New York; Accounting; In- 
vestment Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

George A. Gollub, Jr. — Easton, Pennsylvania; Music; 
Chandler Chemistry Prize; Phi Eta Sigma; Music Ensembles. 

Charles Grey Goodman — State College, Pennsylvania; Indus- 
trial Engineering; Theta Xi, Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu. 

Caryn Lee Gorbunoff — Edison, New Jersey; Government; 
Forum, Vice-Chairman; Brown and White; RHC; AETT Little 

Robert Cary Gordon — North Miami Beach, Florida; Funda- 
mental Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; American Chemical Society; L.U.V. Vice-president; 
Kiwanis Club; Hillel Society, Vice-president. 

Daniel Lee Gorenc — Marlboro, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; ASME; Football; judo, Ski, Sky- 
diving Clubs. 

Amy |. Geltzeiler 

William L. Ceosits 

John M. Gicking 

Richard M. Giduck 

Ann Marie Glynn 

lean E. Goddess 


lay H. Goldstein 

George A. Gollub, Jr. 

Marc P. Ciguere 

Ronald K. Godshalk, Jr. 


Glenn C. Gershenson 

Kevin H. Ghezzi 

Stephen V. Gimigliano 

Stanley L. Glaser 

William H. Glenn 

Frederick C. Goldberg 

Michael D. Goldberg 

Eric H. Goldstein 

Charles G. Goodman 

Caryn I. Gorbunoff 

Robert C. Gordon 

Daniel L. Gorenc 


Joseph A. Gorman 

Brian H. Graver 

Michael |. Gough 

William E. Grady III Douglas B. Graff 


Stacie M. Graves 

Scott A. Grayson 

William L. Grimm 

Kathleen A. Grogan 

Daniel |. Gross 

Diane C. Greco 

Bernard L. Grove III 


Yvonne M. Green 

Robert D. Creenbaum 

Francis V. Griffin Jr. 

Mark S. Griffin 

(effrey H. Grube 

Craig ). Guiffre 

Joseph Anthony Gorman — Darien, Connecticut; Finance/ 
Marketing; Phi Gamma Delta, Social Chairman; Track and 

Michael James Gough — North Plainfield, New Jersey; Indus- 
trial Engineering; Sigma Chi, Steward; AME. 

William Edward Grady III — Union, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Zeta Psi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi, Secretary. 

Douglas Brian Graff — Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey; Govern- 
ment; Beta Theta Pi; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-law Soci- 
ety; Hillel Society. 

Allan Keith Grande — West Hartford, Connecticut; Account- 
ing; Delta Phi, Secretary; Varsity Lacrosse; Boxing Club. 

Elizabeth S. Grasso — Kendall Park, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Women in Business; Brown and White. 

Brian Howard Graver — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Delta Tau Delta. 

Stacie M. Graves — Red Bank, New Jersey; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; AlChE; L.U.V. 

Scott Adam Grayson — Springfield, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Phi Gamma Delta, Social Chairman; Varsity Golf; Varsity Ten- 
nis; Boxing Club; Brown and White; Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign; Junior Class, Vice-president. 

Diane Catherine Greco — Armonk, New York; Government; 
Women's Tennis; Off-campus Housing Association; Brown and 

Yvonne M. Green — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Spanish; 
Gamma Phi Beta, President; Powder Puff. 

Robert David Greenbaum — Framingham, Massachusetts; 
Government; Washington Semester Program; Pre-law Society; 
Mustard and Cheese; Forum IX; Brown and White; Hillel; Mar- 
keting Club. 

Anthony William Greener — Allentown, Pennsylvania; 
Marketing/Mechanical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi; Marketing 
Club; ASME. 

John Joseph Grelis IV — Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania; ESRM; Phi 
Kappa Theta, Vice-president; Varsity Track Team. 

Steven R. Gretter — Mountainville, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; 

Carol Louise Griffin — Short Hills, New Jersey; Finance; In- 
vestment Club; Big Sister Program; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Francis V. Griffin, Jr. — Erdenheim, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; ASCE. 

Mark Steven Griffin — King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Lehigh 
Radio Network; WLVR. 

William L. Grimm — North Wales, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; American Chemical Society. 

Kathleen Ann Grogan — Staten Island, New York; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE. 

Daniel James Gross — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Sophomore Honors; IEEE. 

Bernard Lee Grove III — Frederick, Maryland; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Phi, Vice-president, House Manager; ASCE; Outing 

Jeffrey Hayden Grube — Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Ski Club. 

Craig J. Guiffre — Stanford, Connecticut; Marketing; Marketing 


Kari Kristine Gulgrandsen — Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey; 
Geophysics; Society of Physics Students; Cross-Country; Track- 
Geology Club. 

Charles E. Gutshall — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; Economics/ 
Finance; Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, Rush Chairman; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Pre-law Society. 

Robert Martin Gutstein — Clit'fside Park, New lersey; Account- 
ing; Tau Epsilon Phi, Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Robert Theodore Haase — Martinsville, New jersey; Market- 
ing; Phi Gamma Delta; Senior Class, Vice-president; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Claude Joseph Hafner II — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 
Government/International Relations; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Democratic Club, President; Pre-law So- 
ciety; Sailing Club; L.U.V.; I.R. Club; Skiing Club; Equestrian 

Mary Ellen Hagan — Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Journalism/ 
Government; Sophomore Honors; Brown and White, Features 
Editor; Gryphon Society; Forum; Pre-law Society. 

David V. Hagenbuch — Holland, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sophomore Honors; Epitome; Brown and White. 

Mark David Hagler — Helena, Montana; Accounting; Sigma 
Nu, Steward; Sophomore Honors. 

Randall Matthew Haist — Ivyland, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Chi Epsilon, President; Tau Beta Pi; 

Kenneth J. Hall — Bedford Village, New York; Finance; In- 
vestment Club, Vice-president; Marketing Club. 

Stacy Elizabeth Hall — Villanova, Pennsylvania; Economics/ 
Theater; Powder Puff. 

Lynn A. Hammond — Wyckoff, New Jersey; Chemistry; Senior 
Class, Treasurer; Freshman Honors; American Chemical Soci- 

Michael Alex Hamouz — Paramus, New Jersey; Government; 
Sigma Chi; Pre-law Society; S.A.C. 

David Patrick Harbove — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi. 

Michael ). Harding — Suffern, New York; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Zeta Psi; AIIE. 

Dorene Joyce Hari — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Geology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Choir; ASCE; Geology Club; Soci- 
ety of Women Engineers. 

David R. Harkins, Jr. — Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Psi Upsilon, President. 

Jay Meredith Harper — Malvern, Pennsylvania; Urban Studies; 
Sigma Phi, Vice-president, Secretary; Freshman Honors; Dean's 
List; Rugby Club; Ski Team. 

Jo-Anne Sue Harris — Swampscott, Massachusetts; Marketing; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Powder Puff, Tri-captain; Marketing Club; Senior 
Class Executive Committee; London Semester; Brown and 

Kathleen Helen Hartman — Pompton Lakes, New Jersey; Ac- 
counting; Sophomore Honors; Field Hockey; Powder Puff; 
Gryphon Society; Women in Business; Forum. 

Kari K. Gulbrandsen 

Charles E. Gutshall, |r. 

David V. Hagenbuch 

Mark D. Hagler 


Robert M. Gutstein 

Robert T. Haase 

Claude J. Hafner II 

Mary E. Hagan 


Randall M. Haist 

Kenneth ). Hall 

Stacy E. Hall 

Lynn A. Hammond 

Michael A. Hamouz 

David P. Harbove 

Michael J. Harding 

Dorene J. Hari 

David R. Harkins 

Jay M. Harper 

Jo-Anne S. Harris 

Kathleen H. Hartman 


Douglas R. Hartz 

I*- - 
lay R. Hawekotte 

John F. Heidenreich 

Donald S. Heimstaedt 

Mark R. Hembarsky 

Jonathan |. Henry 

Thomas |. Hensler 

Caroline C. Herald 

William A. Herman 

Karen M. Hespell 

Wayne S. Hessler 

|. Martin Hewitt 

Bruce C. Higley 

loseph S. Hildebrant 

Ronald A. Hinton 

Robert |. Hirschhorn 


Scott A. Helgans 

David P. Hellekjaer 

Peter A. Herkenham 

Michael C. Herman 

Holly R. Heyser 

Damon ). Hicks 

Thomas W. Hoens 

Richard W. Hogg 

Douglas R. Hartz — Lititz, Pennsylvania; Fine Arts; Phi Delta 
Theta, Steward, Social Chairman. 

Jay Robert Hawekotte — Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; Natural 
Science; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dean's List; Swimming. 

John Frederick Heidenreich — Duxbury, Massachusetts; Fi- 
nance; Theta Xi, Social Chairman; Ski Team, Co-captain, 
Brown and White; Investment Club; IFC. 

Donald Spencer Heimstaedt — Summit, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Chi Psi, Steward; AIIE; FMA. 

Scott Arthur Helgans — Scarsdale, New York; Marketing; Pi 
Lambda Phi, President; Varsity Lacrosse, Co-captain; Marketing 

David Per Hellekjaer — Bethesda, Maryland; Geology; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Varsity Track, Captain, In Memorium. 

Mark Robert Hembarsky — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer; Class of 1904 Schol- 
arship; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi, Vice-president; Chi Epsilon; 
Phi Eta Sigma; ASCE, Treasurer; Boxing Club. 

Jonathan Joseph Henry — Bethesda, Maryland; Biology; 
Squash; Epitome; Brown and White, Assistant Photo Editor; 
Forum grant. 

Thomas Joseph Hensler — West Orange, New Jersey; Electrical 
Engineering; Wrestling. 

Caroline Gale Herald — West Chester, Pennsylvania; Market- 
ing; Alpha Gamma Delta, Recording Secretary; Marketing 

Peter Andrew Herkenham — New York City, New York; Urban 
Management; Psi Upsilon, Recording Secretary; WLTN; RHC; 
Residence Halls Security, Director; Army ROTC; Campus 

Michael Gordon Herman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Phys- 
ics; Theta Xi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Society of Physics Students; Choir; Brown and White. 

William Alexander Herman — Clark, New Jersey; Metallurgy; 
Psi Upsilon; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Student Metallurgical Society. 

Karen Marie Hespell — Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania; Biol- 
ogy; Varsity Swimming. 

Wayne Stephen Hessler — Media, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; AlChE. 

J. Martin Hewitt, Jr. — Chappaqua, New York; Marketing/ 
Finance; Marketing Club; AMA. 

Holly Ruth Heyser — Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Varsity Tennis; Cheerleader; RHC. 

Damon John Hicks — Colts Neck, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Pi Lambda Phi, Treasurer; Eta Kappa Nu; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; IEEE; L.U.V. 

Bruce Gray Higley — Shaker Heights, Ohio; Civil Engineering; 
Delta Tau Delta, Secretay; L.U.V. ; Skiing Club. 

Joseph Stephen Hildebrant — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Kappa Alpha, Recording Secretary. 

Ronald Allan Hinton — Levittown, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Dean's List. 

Robert J. Hirschhorn — Jericho, New York; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Ice Hockey Club; Bridge Club. 

Thomas W. Hoens — South Orange, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Orienteering Club; Lehigh Rangers. 

Richard William Hogg — Scranton, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Leonard Pool Scholarship; Amateur Radio Society, 


Eric Hokenson — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Journalism; Pi 
Lambda Phi; AMA; Marketing Club; Brown and White. 

Kenneth E. Holien — Bernardsville, New Jersey; Finance; Zeta 
Psi, President; Class of 1904 Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Freshman Basketball; IFC, President; Forum. 

Andrew David Hollingsworth — Wilmington, Delaware; 
Chemical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman Honors; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; AlChE; Sailing Club; Forum. 

Stephen Louis Homey — Ridgewood, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; AlChE; Junior Var- 
sity Basketball; Brown and White, Desk Editor. 

Linda Christine Horn — Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania; Journal- 
ism; Alpha Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Brown and White. 

Paul R. Horning — Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Kappa Sigma; ASCE; Ski Club. 

Barbara Jean Horvath — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sailing Club; IR Club. 

Joseph Hotung — Woodbury, Connecticut; Accounting; Tau 
Epsilon Phi. 

Andrew Robert Hubsch — Westfield, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Delta Phi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Beta Alpha Psi; Cross-Country; Track, Co-captain. 

Charles F. Huettner — Towaco, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Sophomore Honors; IEEE. 

Gregory A. Huffman — Thiensville, Wisconsin; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; ASCE, 

Steven E. Hussmann — El Paso, Texas; Electrical Engineering. 

Todd K. Ichihara — Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Kappa Alpha; Photography Club; Glee Club. 

Margaret Louise Idecker — Coraopolis, Pennsylvania; Envi- 
ronmental Science and Resource Management; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; Outing Club. 

Hiromu Imaeda — Livingston, New Jersey; Biology; McConn. 

Mary Christine Inglis — Dover, New Jersey; Accounting; 

Joel S. Isaacson — Roslyn, New York; Accounting; Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Freshman Honors; Beta 
Alpha Psi. 

Duane E. Ising — Ocean Gate, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; German House, Manager; Sophomore Honors; De- 
an's List; German Club; ASME. 

Gilbert Craig Jacobs — Wayne, Pennsylvania; Economics. 

Clayton J. Jacoby — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Zeta Psi; Sophomore Honors; IFC; Pre-law Society; WLVR, 
News Director. 

Andrew R. Hubsch 

Charles F. Huettner 


Hiromu Imaeda 

Mary C. Inglis 

Eric K. Hokenson 

Kenneth E. Hollen 

Andrew D. Hollingsworth 

Stephen L. Homey 

Linda C. Horn 

Paul R. Horning 

Barbara J. Horvath 

Joseph Hotung 

Gregory A. Huffman 

Steven E. Hussmann 

Todd K. Ichihara 

Margaret L. Idecker 

Joel S. Isaacson 

Duane E. Ising 

Gilbert C. )acobs 

Clayton ). lacoby 


Jonathan S. Jaffe 

Richard |. Jakielski 

lohn D. lefferis 

Virginia M. lefferis 

Judith A. Johnson 

Robert S. Johnson 

Richard S. Johnston 

Andrew C. Jones 

Bradford S. Kaune 

Mary Beth Keating 

Peter B. Keating 

Charles C. Keck III 


David Jesurun 

Doriann C. Johnson 

Brice E. lones 

Dale E. Judd 

A i i 

David M. Katz 

David M. Kaufman 

Jonathan Seth Jaffe — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; Biol- 
ogy; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Beta 
Kappa; L.U.V. 

Richard John Jakieiski — Whippany, New Jersey; Government; 
National Merit Scholar; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Pre-law Society; Philosophy Club; Chess Club; VVLVR. 

John D. Jefferis — Berwyn, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 

Virginia M. Jefferis — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

David Jesurun — Cedar Grove, New Jersey; Physics; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Society of 
Physics Students, Secretary; Lehigh Christian Fellowship, Presi- 
dent; Gryphon. 

Doriann C. Johnson — West Chester, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Choir; Mustard and Cheese; L.U.V. 

Judith Ann Johnson — Massapequa, New York; Accounting/ 
Finance; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Forum Grant; Sailing 
Club, President; Bridge Club; Russian Club; Marketing Club; 

Robert Scott Johnson — Edison, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta 
Pi, President; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. 

Richard S. Johnston — Orchard Park, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Gryphon Society; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; ASME; Ski Club; Tour Guide. 

Andrew Charles Jones — Bernardsville, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Zeta Psi; Junior Varsity Tennis, Captain; Forum X. 

Brice Emerson Jones — Granby, Connecticut; Finance; Psi Up- 
silon, Social Chairman; Sailing Team. 

Dale E. Judd — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering. 

Linda Kaiden — Scarsdale, New York; Government/Religion; 
Pre-law Society; Swim Team; Track Club. 

Eric Donald Kane — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Alpha Pi Mu; Al IE. 

James G. Kane — Rockville Centre, New York; Finance; In- 
vestment Club; Frisbee Team. 

Barbara Kathryn Karoly — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemis- 
try; American Chemical Society; Choir. 

David Mark Katz — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Mathematics; 
Dean's List; Computer Society; L.U.V.; Tennis. 

David M. Kaufman — North Wales, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; WLVR. 

Bradford Scott Kuane — Long Beach, California; Finance. 

Bruce M. Kautsky — Littleton, Colorado; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, (not pictured) 

Mark Beth Keating — Willingboro, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Phi, President; Freshman Honors; AIIE; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Peter Brian Keating — Ridgewood, New Jersey; Civil 
Engineering/Architecture; ASCE. 

Charles Clifford Keck III — Allison Park, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; luclo Club; WLVR. 

Karen Marcella Kedzie — Timonium, Maryland; Biochemistry; 
Bishopthorpe; Sophomore Honors; American Chemical Soci- 
ety, President; Women's Volleyball Team; WLRN. 

Marlon D. Keller — Harleysville, Pennsylvania; Management; 
Psi Upsilon, President, Social Chairman; Frisbee Club; Invest- 
ment Club. 

Karen M. Kedzie 

Marlon D. Keller 


Mark Ernest Kennedy — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Management; Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Charles Joseph Kentler, III — Naperville, Illinois; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Phi, Social Chairman; Brown and White. 

Frank Armstrong Kerr — Waynesboro, Virginia; Mechanical 
Engineering; Theta Delta Chi, Steward; Freshman Honors; 
ASME; Varsity Colt. 

Helene Ann Kertavage — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemis- 
try; ALO-TLC Recording Secretary; American Chemical Soci- 

et\ . 

Steven Howard Kessler — Pittstown, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Alpha Chi Rho, Steward; ASCE. 

John Mark Kieffer — Northumberland, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Chi Psi; Dean's List; Chi Epsilon, Secretary; ASCE. 

Michael Christopher Kieszek — Forty Fort, Pennsylvania; En- 
gineering Physics; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Society of Physics 
Students, President. 

Melanie P. Kimak — Mountainside, New jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; AlChE; Ski Club; Off-campus Association. 

Joanne M. Kind — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Accounting; Soph- 
omore Honors; Dean's List; RHC; Senior Class Gift Campaign; 
London Semester. 

Charles Benjamin King — Englewood, New Jersey; Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; WLVR, Program 

Jeffrey Alan Klein — Valley Stream, New York; Government; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Sophomore Honors; Pre-law Society; Brown 
and White; Epitome. 

Victor R. Kleppinger, Jr. — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Man- 

Sara C. Knapp — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Electrical Engineer- 

James Frederick Koester — Glen Rock, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Theta Chi; ASCE. 

Andrew William Kohnke — Cheshire, Connecticut; Finance; Pi 
Lambda Phi, Rush Chairman. 

Shari Komarow — Williston Park, New York; Psychology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Epitome, 
Activities Editor; Mustard and Cheese; Brown and White. 

Janet Rose Konat — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Psychology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Psychol- 
ogy Club; Mustard and Cheese; Choir. 

Leslie Ann Konigsberg — Rye, New York; Social Relations/ 
Psychology; Gamma Phi Beta; Dean's List; Varsity Field Hock- 
ey; Basketball; Lacrosse; L.U.V. 

Oavid Mark Koogler — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; A 1 1 E ; Pre-law Society; Judo Club; Ski Club. 

Michael Kopistansky — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE. 

John Joseph Kosch — Hometown, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Theta Xi, President; Secretary; Freshman Honors; 
IEEE; Judo Club; SAC. 

Ruth E. Kossin — Forest Hills, New York; Accounting; Alpha 
Phi; Dean's List; Sophomore Honors; Beta Alpha Psi; Forum, 
Secretary-Treasurer; VLC. 

William John Kovacs, Jr. — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Town Council; IEEE. 

Meredith A. Kramer — Port Washington, New York; Manage- 
ment; Women in Business. 


Mark E. Kennedy 

Charles J. Kentler III 

Michael C. Kieszek 

Melanie P. Kimak 

Sara C. Knapp 

lames F. Koester 

David M. Koogler 

Michael Kopistansky 

Frank A. Kerr 

Helene A. Kertavage 

Steven H. Kessler 

John M. Kieffer 

Joanne M. Kind 

Charles B. King 

Jeffrey A. Klein 

Victor R. Kleppinger, Jr. 

Andrew W. Kohnke 

Shari Komarow 

Janet R. Konat 

Leslie A. Konigsberg 

John J. Kosch 

Ruth E. Kossin 

William J. Kovacs, Jr. 

Meredith A. Kramer 


Charles A. Kreyer 

Kirby C. Krischke 

Ayuth Krisqnamara 

4\ ,^J 

Donald T. Krom, Jr. 


Stephen J. Kuncio 

Waller M. Kunz III 

Harry A. Kunze 

Timothy A. Kunze 

•:.* : .v.';'.'r i >; 

Michael T. Kusmin 


Gerald H. Laatsch, Jr. 

Daniel H. Krouse III 

Dennis R. Kuhns 

Mark L. Kupeski 

Jeffrey S. Kurtz 

Frank A. Kuyan 

Nancy E. Kuzmak 

Charles A. Kreyer — Far Hills, New Jersey; Finance; Bish- 
opthorpe, Treasurer; Yacht Club. 

Kirby G. Krischke — Houston, Texas; Chemical Engineering; 
Zeta Psi; Freshman Honors; AlChE; Lehigh Valley Grotto, Pres- 
ident; VLC, Chairman; IFC, Secretary; Model Railroad Club; 
Cycling Team. 

Ayuth Krishnamara — Bangkok, Thailand; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; International Club. 

Donald T. Krom, Jr. — Poughkeepsie, New York; Civil En- 
gineering; Kappa Alpha; ASCE; Marching 97, Drum Major; 
Concert Bands; Campus Crusade for Christ, Vice President. 

Daniel Harvey Krouse III — Hatboro. Pennsylvania; Metal- 
lurgy; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, Social Chairman; ASM; 
Student Metallurgy Society; IFC. 

Dennis R. Kuhns — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; ASME. 

Stephen Joseph Kuncio — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman; Freshman 
Honors; American Chemical Society, Vice-President. 

Walter M. Kunz — Edina, Minnesota; Mechanical Engineering; 
Theta Xi, Steward, Social Chairman; ASME. 

Harry A. Kunze — Allison Park, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Beta Theta Pi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Swimming Team. 

Timothy A. Kunze — Metuchen, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE; Junior Varsity Soccer. 

Mark Leon Kupeski — Trappe, Pennsylvania; Engineering 
Physics; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Society of Physics 
Students; RHC. 

Jeffreys. Kurtz — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Finance; Chi Phi. 

Michael Thomas Kusmin — Westwood, Massachusetts; Indust- 
rial Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho, Secretary; AIIE, President; 

Frank Anthony Kuyan — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Biochemis- 
try; American Chemical Society. 

Nancy E. Kuzmak — Edison, New Jersey; Biology; Women's Soc- 

Gerald Henry Laatsch, Jr. — Enola, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Nu, IM Manager; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; GM Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi; IFC. 

Robert Joseph LaBuda — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Chess Club; L.U.V. 

RachelleM. Lanciano — Springfield, Pennsylvania; Biochemis- 
try; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; American Chemical Soci- 
ety; Young Woman of America; Women's Choir; Newman As- 
sociation; RHC. 

Robert J. Labuda 

Rachelle M. Lanciano 


Jeffrey W. Lang — Holmdel, New Jersey; Finance; Phi Sigma 
Kappa; Varsity Squash; Varsity Tennis. 

David Mark Langdon — Pleasant Valley, New York; Biochem- 
Chi Phi, Vice-president; American Chemical Society; Var- 
sity Swimming; Computer Society. 

Lori Ann Langton — Stamford, Connecticut. 

Eric L. Laquer — Gardenville, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Delta Chi; Freshman Honors. 

Jay William Larson — Arlington, Virginia; Civil Engineering; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean's List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. 

Katherine Armistead Latimer — Wilmington, Delaware; Me- 
chanical Engineering; General Motors Scholar; Tau Beta Pi; Pi 
Tau Sigma; Pi Eta Sigma; ASME; Women's Choir; Golden 

Frederick Charles Laudenslager — Allentown, Pennsylvania; 
Management; Theta Xi, Vice-president; Pledge Master; L.U.V.; 

Ann Deborah Lefkowith — Tenafly, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Dean's List; Marketing Club. 

James W. Leiser — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; History; Phi 
Gamma Delta; Wrestling, (not pictured) 

Karen Louise Lelinski — Levittown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Mary O. Hurley Award; Sophomore Honors; Varsity Field 
Hockey, Co-captain; Varsity Basketball, Co-captain; Varsity 
Softball, Co-captain; Women's Athletic Council; National As- 
sociation of Accountants; L.U.V.; Big Sister. 

Louise Katherine Lenthe — Springfield, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Choir; Woodwind Quintet; String Orchestra, 
Manager; L.U.V. 

Mark Allen Lesswing — Buffalo, New York; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Barry Jay Levine — Wappingers Falls, New York; Accounting/ 
Finance; Zeta Psi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Edmund Li — Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Alpha Mu; AIIE; Forum. 

Lauren Marie Lieb — Briarcliff Manor, New York; Marketing; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Lambda Mu Sigma; Marketing 
Club; Mustard and Cheese; L.U.V.; Women's Choir. 

Melvin Laurence Liebergall — Tenafly, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman; Marketing Club; ASA; 
WLVR; Concert Publicity Committee. 

Doug E. Lilly — Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Model Railroad Club, President; March- 
ing Band; Concert Band; Jazz Band; Campus Police, Security. 

Joan Caryn Lindegren — Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Interna- 
tional Relations; Alpha Phi, Pledge President; I.R. Club; Sailing 
Club; Ski Team. 

Charlotte H. Lohrenz — Golden, Colorado; Journalism/Science 
Writing; German House, Secretary, Steward; Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; L.U.V.; Brown and White; VLC, Chairman. 

David Drew Loizeaux — Virginia Beach, Virginia; Computing 
and Information Sciences; Russian Club; RHC; Residence Halls 
Judicial Board. 

Francis V. Loncar, Jr. — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; American Chemi- 
cal Society, Treasurer; National Science Foundation Research 

William H. Lorowitz — Brooklyn, New York; Biology; B.S.U. 

Russell C. Loughridge — Pepper Pike, Ohio; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; Davis Award; GM 
Internship; Band; Mustard and Cheese, President; Sailing Club. 

Mark H. Loukides — Fords, New Jersey; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Congdon House, House Manager; Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; ASME; Coronet. 

Stephanie Ann Louras — Rutland, Vermont; Finance/ 

Thomas Franklin Lowe — New Preston, Connecticut; Com- 
I r and Information Science; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master. 

Jeffrey W. Lang 

David M. Langdon 

Frederick C. Laudenslager 

Ann D. Lefkowith 

Edmund Li 

Lauren M. Lieb 

Francis V. Loncar, )r. 

William H. Lorowitz 

Lori A. Langton 

Eric L. Laquer 

Jay W. Larson 

Katherine A. Latimer 

Karen L. Le I i n ski 

Louise K. Lenthe 

Mark A. Lesswing 

Barry J. Levine 






Mel L. Liebergall 

]oan C. Lindegren 

Charlotte H. Lohrenz 

David D. Loizeaux 

Russell C. Loughridge 

Mark H. Loukides 

Stephanie A. Louras 

Thomas F. Lowe 


Marge F. Lundgren 

Scott D. Maddock 

Peter D. Maloney 

Lee D. Margerison 

Debora |. Lusardi 

Michael R. Lyman 

Joseph A. MacDonald 

Michael W. Madison 

Craig M. Madsen 

lames M. Mahlbacher 


William ). Maloney 

Douglas G. Mancosh 

Richard B. Manning 

David B. Margolis 

Mardi U. Mark 

Kathleen R. Marker 


George C. Machikas 

Glenn A. Mackie 

Margaret M. Majewski 

Nahid Malekzadeh 

Stanley ). Marcewicz, Jr. 

Robert L. Marcinkowski 

Marge Lundgren — Weston, Massachusetts; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors; Women in Business. 

Debora J. Lusardi — Springfield, New Jersey; Psychology; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Social Chairman; Dean's List; Powder Puff 
Football; Women in Business; Psychology Club; ASPA. 

Michael Robert Lyman — Madison, New Jersey; Finance/ 
Marketing; Zeta Psi, Historian; Marketing Club; Varsity Swim- 
ming; Rugby Club. 

Joseph Anthony MacDonald — Wyckoff, New Jersey; Finance; 

George C. Machikas — Berwyn, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Delta Upsilon; Football. 

Glenn Allen Mackie — Martinsville, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Leavitt, President; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary; ASME; 
Cycling Team; Chess Club. 

Scott D. Maddock — Darien, Connecticut; Accounting; 
Gryphon Society, Treasurer; Campus Radio News Director. 

Michael William Madison — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Fi- 
nance; Delta Upsilon, Vice-President, Secretary; Leonard Pools 
Scholarship; Easterns Boxing; FMA, Chairman, Secretary; IFC, 

Craig Mogens Madsen — Toms River, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice-president; Freshman Honors; 
Dean's List; Marketing Club; IFC, Secretary. 

James J. Mahlbacher — Wilmington, Delaware; Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Upsilon, President; Varsity Football. 

Margaret Mary Majewski — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biolo- 
gy; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Health Profes- 
sions; L.U.V. 

Nahid Malekzadeh — Tehran, Iran; Social Relations/French; 
Sophomore Honors; French Club, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega; 
International Club. 

Peter D. Maloney — Stamford, Connecticut; Psychology. 

William J. Maloney — Clarence, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman; AIIE; Varsity Ice 
Hockey; IFC, Social Chairman. 

Douglas G. Mancosh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Sigma Nu, President, Pledge Marshal; Lacrosse, Captain. 

Richard Bradley Manning — Annadale, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Freshman Honors; Chi Epsilon; 
Varsity Football; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Stanley Joseph Marcewicz, Jr. — River Vale, New Jersey; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Theta Chi, Treasurer; AIIE. 

Robert L. Marcinkowski — Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho, Pledge Master; IEEE. 

Lee Daniel Margerison — Florham Park, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Delta Phi, Social Chairman; ASME. 

David Bruce Margolis — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Psychol- 
ogy Club; Off-campus Housing Committee; Fencing Club. 

Mardi Unice Mark — Jermyn, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; 
Distinguished Military Student; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; 
Women's Basketball; Women's Softball; ROTC. 

Kathleen Ruth Marker — Wind Gap, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering/Mathematics; AIIE. 

Geralyn Marotta — Fort Lee, New Jersey; Biology; Gamma Phi 
Beta, Vice-president; Phi Eta Sigma; L.U.V., Project Head. 

R. Gregory Marquardt — Short Hills, New Jersey; History; Chi 
Psi, Social Chairman. 

Geralyn Marotta 

R. Gregory Marquardt 


Cynthia A. Marrah 

Ellen B. Marshall 

Joseph F. Martino 

Anthony R. Mastroianni 

Robert L. May, Jr. 

Samuel D. Mayberry, |r. 

Kevin J. Maydick 

Melanie A. Mazelsky 


Amy C. McCoy 

Bryan A. McCoy 

Timothy M. McDaniel 

Cathleen M. McDonald 


Neil A. Marshall 

Clifford R. Martin 

Alexander I. Matturri 

Cheryl L. Maute 


George T. Mazsa 

lames P. McCormick 

Cynthia Ann Marrah — Little Silver, New Jersey; Psychology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Psychol- 
ogy Club; Pre-law Society; Marching Band; Varsity Band; 
Brodhead Resident Assistant. 

Ellen Baldwin Marshall — Madison, New Jersey; Finance; 
Sophomore Honors; L.U.V.; Women in Business. 

Neil Anthony Marshall — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Delta Upsilon, Secretary; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Rugby Club. 

Clifford R. Martin — Toms River, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Theta Delta Chi, Treasurer, Steward; Dean's List; Wrestling 

Joseph F. Martino — Malvern, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta, Vice-president; Freshman Honors; 
AlChE; L.U.V. 

Anthony R. Mastroianni — North Plainfield, New Jersey; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; 

Alexander J. Matturri, Jr. — Allenhurst, New Jersey; Finance; 
College Republicans, Chairman; Pre-law Society; Young Amer- 
icans for Freedom, Vice-Chairman; Pre-law Society; Newman 
Association, Treasurer; L.U.V.; Ski Club. 

Cheryl Lynn Maute — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineer- 
ing; ASCE, Secretary; Varsity Volleyball; Track Club; Soccer 

Robert L. May, Jr. — Short Hills, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Brown and White. 

Samuel David Mayberry, Jr. — Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; 
Management; Delta Upsilon; Dean's List; Football; Investment 
Club; Marketing Club. 

Kevin John Maydick — Staten Island, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-president; ASME. 

Melanie A. Mazelsky — Monroeville, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Freshman Honors; Sigma Tau Delta; Gryphon Society, Tutorial 
Chairman; Marketing Club; Marching Band. 

George T. Mazsa — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Harvey Burkee Scholarship. 

James P. McCormick — Millville, New Jersey; History; Delta 
Tau Delta; Varsity Football, Co-captain. 

Amy Carol McCoy — Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Alumni Relations; Women's Soccer Club; 
L.U.V.; Women in Business; Christian Science Organization. 

Bryon A. McCoy — Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Metallurgy Society. 

Timothy Monroe McDaniel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Varsity Soccer; ASCE. 

Cathleen M. McDonald — Westport, Connecticut; Biology; 
Williams Essay Contest Winner; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta. 

John Joseph McFadden III — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; AlChE; SAC; Town House; WLRV, Program 

Andrew P. Mclntyre — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Varsity Soccer. 

lohn |. McFadden III 

Andrew P. Mclntyre 


David N. McNeely — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Boy Scouts, Assistant Scoutmaster. 

Thomas James McParland — Rosemont, Pennsylvania; Ac- 
counting; Beta Alpha Psi; WLVR. 

Diane Joyce Melega — East Brunswick, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Alpha Phi; Freshman Honors; Society of Women 
Engineers; Panhellenic Council; SAC; Forum. 

James P. Mellody III — Union, New Jersey; Industrial Engineer- 

David Daniel Melone — Weston, Massachusetts; Civil En- 
gineering; Chi Psi; Dean's List; Class '04 Scholarship; Chi Epsi- 
lon; ASCE; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Gryphon Society; 
IFC; NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship. 

Mark Paul Merkel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. 

James Reuben Merrill — Waterford, Connecticut; Accounting; 
Bishopthorpe; Varsity Cross-Country; Track and Field. 

Kenneth Stephen Meyer — River Vale, New Jersey; Biology; 
Kappa Alpha; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Junior Varsity Soccer; Junior Varsity Indoor Spring Track. 

Robert James Meyer — Thompson, Connecticut; Natural Sci- 
ence; Beardslee, President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Lehigh Valley Grotto; Frisbee Club; Equestrian Club; T.V. Station; 

Jennifer Ann Michelin — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Society of Women Engineers. 

Stephen Harrison Michels — Short Hills, New Jersey; Interna- 
tional Relations; Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball; I.R. Club. 

Niel Frederick Miele — Manhasset, New York; Electrical Engin- 
eering; IEEE; Marching and Concert Band; Computer Society; 
Karate Club. 

Anthony Gordon Miller — Ocean, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Varsity Baseball; Gryphon Society. 

Bart Stephen Miller — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AlChE. 

Carol Anne Miller — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Gamma Delta, House Manager; AlChE; Rus- 
sian Club; Society of Women Engineers. 

Gerald W. Miller — Owego, New York; Journalism/ 
Government; Delta Chi, Recording Secretary; Freshman, Soph- 
Dmore Honors; Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; 
Brown and White, News Editor, Managing Editor. 

Jeffrey L. Miller — Summit, New Jersey; Computer Engineer- 
ing; Phi Kappa Theta, Steward, Vice-President; Dean's List. 

Peter W. Miller — Fleetwood, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Kappa Alpha; Freshman Honors; Student Metallurgy Society; 
Cross-Country; Track; Glee Club. 

Ilene B. Minnich — Coral Springs, Florida; Computing Science; 
Dean's List; Computing Society Club; RHC. 

Nicholas J. Miron III — Aston, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary; Freshman Football. 

Neil S. Mitchell — Merrick, New York; Economics; Sigma 
Alpha Mu; Brown and White; SAC. 

Scott Mitchell — Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Tau Omega; AIIE; Wrestling Team; Rugby 

Mark Robert Mjaatvedt — Burnt Hills, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, Correspondence Secretary; 
ASME; Baseball; Big Brother Program. 

Craig T. Monaghan — Dover, Delaware; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; ROTC Scholarship; AIIE: Society 
of American Military Engineers, President. 


David N. McNeely 

Thomas ). McParland, Jr. 

lames R. Merrill 

Kenneth S. Meyer 

Anthony G. Miller Bart S. Miller 

Ilene B. Minnich 

Nicholas ). Miron III 

Diane |. Melega 

lames P. Mellody III 

David D. Melone 

Mark P. Merkel 

Robert ). Meyer 

Jennifer A. Michelin 

Stephen H. Michels 

Niel F. Miele, )r. 

Carol A. Miller 

Gerald W. Miller 

leffrey L. Miller 

Peter W. Miller 

Neil S. Mitchell 

Scott Mitchell 

Mark R. Mjaatvedt 

Craig T. Monaghan 


Thomas |. Monica 

Frederick C. Moore, Jr. 

William R. Morris 

lames R.B. Morrison III 

Gene W. Mulvihill 

Robin C. Murray 

Nancy A. Nakonechny 

Robert Necarsulmer, |r. 

David H. Nelson 

Kent D. Nelson 

Michael E. Newborn 

Gary P. Newhart 

lohn A. Nersesian 

Kathy L. Neti 

Thomas J. Monica — Livingston, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Delta Upsilon; Varsity Swim Team. 

Frederick C. Moore, Jr. — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Kappa Sigma, President; All E; Varsity Squash, 
Captain; Varsity Golf; IFC. 

William R. Morris, Jr. — Washington, District of Columbia; 
Journalism; Football; B.S.U., Vice-president; Brown and White, 
Sports Editor; Lehigh Horizons; WLVR. 

James R.B. Morrison III — Auburn, Pennsylvania; Journalism; 
Zeta Psi, Vice-president, Secretary; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Brown and White, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor; 
Epitome; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Ralph Kettel Morton — Baltimore, Maryland; Electrical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. 

Albert Mozeyko — Glenshaw, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu, Secretary; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Alpha Pi Mu, Vice-president; Basketball. 

Gene Walter Muvihill, Jr. — New Vernon, New Jersey; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Delta Chi, House Manager; Ski Team. 

Robin C. Murray — New York City, New York; Electrical En- 
gineering; Wrestling. 

Nancy Ann Nakonechny — Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Jour- 
nalism; Equestrian Club; Sigma Eta Psi. 

Warapong Nandabhiwat — Bangkok, Thailand; Industrial En- 
gineering; Smags. (not pictured) 

Robert Necarsulmer, Jr. — Scarsdale, New York; Government; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Pre-law Society; IR Club. 

Richard Filbert Neff, Jr. — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho, House Manager; 

James S. Neimeister — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Delta Phi, President, Rush Chairman; AIIE. 

David Harlow Nelson — Madison, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Theta Delta Chi. 

Kent David Nelson — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; Fi- 
nance; Zeta Psi, House Manager; Sophomore Honors; Swim- 
ming; Marketing Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Forum. 

John Ara Nersesian — Livingston, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, House Manager; Marketing Club; SAC; Con- 
cert Choir; Forum; ASA; Brown and White; IFC. 

Kathy L. Neti — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; IEEE. 

Michael E. Newbern — Virginia Beach, Virginia; Technical 
Theater; Varsity Wrestling; Football; Mustard and Cheese; 
Brown and White; Epitome. 

Gary Philip Newhart — Cape Coral, Florida; Chemistry; Bish- 
opthorphe; Pre-law Society; American Chemical Society; 
Geology Club; Ecology Club; L.U.V. 

Ward James Nial — Scotia, New York; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta 
Pi; Water Polo Club. 

Steven E. Nichols — Rockville, Maryland; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Arnold Air Society; IEEE; Highland Guard; LUFT; Photog- 
raphy Club. 

Ward |. Nial 

Steven E. Nichols 


Brian Glenn Nyerges — Bay Village, Ohio; Environmental Sci- 
ence; Kappa Alpha; Wrestling Team; a 
eehigh Christian Fellowship. 

Paul Hershey Ockert — Hamden, Connecticut; Industrial En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; AIIE, 
Treasurer; Fencing Club; Tutor; GM Internship. 

Martin J.O'Donnell — Blue Bell, Pennsylvania; Mathematics; 
Smiley; Freshman Honors; AFROTC, Arnold Air; Sky Life. 

Matthew Cockrill Oetken — Greenwich, Connecticut; Indust- 
rial Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, Steward; AFROTC Schol- 
arship; Junior Varsity Baseball; Ski Club. 

Sara Oh — Bellrose, New York; Computer Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Society of Women Engineers. 

William O. Oliver — Wantagh, New York; Accounting/ 
Finance; Sigma Chi. 

Virginia M. O'Neill — Middletown, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Alpha Phi, Social Chairman; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pamhel- 
lenic Council, President; Marketing Club; AMA; Brown and 

John Preston Onnen — Ruxton, Maryland; English/Theater; 
Mustard and Cheese. 

John M. Oonk — Belford, New Jersey; Electrical Engineering; 
Alpha Chi Rho; IEEE, Secretary. 

Margaret Jane O'Reilly — Bethesda, Maryland; Architecture; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; Art and Ar- 
chitecture Society; Ski Club; Equestrian Club; Sigma Eta Psi. 

William Dumbauld O'Shurak — Bedford, Pennsylvania; In- 
dustrial Engineering; AIIE. 

Jeffrey Daniel Ost — Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Science; Sigma Nu, Social Chairman, Historian; SAC; WLVR; 
Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Thomas Mason Owlett — Wellsboro, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Sophomore Honors; Pre-law Society. 

Jeffrey Leo Papach — Audubon, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Marketing; Kappa Sigma, Vice-president; Freshman Honors; 
Dean's List; Junior Varsity Football; L.U.V. (not pictured) 

Elizabeth P. Patch — Owego, New York; Economics; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

Constance S. Paul — Rockville, Maryland; Industrial Engineer- 
ing; Alpha Gamma Delta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; De- 
an's List; AIIE, Vice-president; Alpha Pi Mu, Secretary; Society 
of Women's Engineers; Panhellenic; Newman Council; Wom- 
en's Choir. 

Jill Valorre Paul — Wilmington, Delaware; Science Writing/ 
Journalism; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Collegiate Press 
Award; Brown and White; Epitome. 

Joseph F. Pavlinsky — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

John H. Peck — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Pi Lambda Phi; ASME; Bioengineering Club; Ice 
Hockey Club. 

Scott David Peck — Greenfield, Massachusetts; Finance/ 
Marketing; Phi Gamme Delta, Rush Chairman; Freshman Hon- 
ors; Rugby Club; Boxing Club; IFC; Junior Class President; 

John Charles Pedrotty — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman; Dean's List; Junior Varsity Foot- 
ball; Forum. 

Fernando Perez - 

Lambda Phi; ASCE. 

Susan L. Perley — Livingston, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Women in 

Steven Perlmutter — Springfield, New jersey; Accounting; 

Stephen Albert Perusich — Bound Brook, New Jersey; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Saunda Foundation Scholarship; Freshman 
Honors; American Chemical Society; AlChE; Tennis; Varsity 
Band; Chess Club. 

Quito, Ecuador; Civil Engineering; Pi 

Brian G. Nyerges 

Paul H. Ockert 

Virginia M. O'Neil 

John P. Onnen 

Thomas M. Owlett 

Elizabeth P. Patch 

' fife 41 

Scott D. Peck 

lohn C. Pedrotty 

Martin J. O'Donnell 

Matthew C. Oetken 

Sara Oh 

William O. Oliver 

John M. Oonk 

Margaret J. O'Reilly 

William D. Oshurak 

Jeffrey D. Ost 

Constance S. Paul 

Fernando Perez 

Jill V. Paul 

Joseph F. Pavlinsky 

Susan L. Perley 

Steven Perlmutter 

John H. Peck 

Stephen A. Perusich 


Randolph A. Petercsak 

lames C. Peters 

Linda S. Pickens 

Louis W. Pierro 

N.C. Podaras 

Steven R. Poehlein 

Joseph P. Polaha. Jr. 

Diane Poles 

Paul V. Potako 

William M. Pottenger 

Cindy L. Powell 

John C. Powell 

Dale R. Pullis 

Douglas D. Randolph 

Mark N. Ranek 

Sandra L. Rapp 


Anthony S. Pignataro 

Douglas P. Pilney 

David C. Poole 

Jonathan R. Pope 

Michael J. Preperato 

Alan G. Prince 

David L. Rarig 

Terri A. Rauch 

Rudolph Andrew Petercsak, Jr. — Flemington, New Jersey; 
Mechanical Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME. 

James Carl Peters — Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Kappa Alpha, Vice-president; Sophomore Honors; Cross- 
country; Track. 

Linda Susan Pickens — Princeton Junction; New Jersey; 
Finance/Journalism; Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice- 
president; Cross-Country Club; Brown and White, Managing Edi- 
tor, Layout Editor; Army ROTC. 

Louis W. Pierro — Hudson, New York; English; Delta Tau 
Delta, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Football; 
Pre-law Society; IFC. 

Anthony Steven Pignataro — West Seneca, New York; 
Mathmatics/Biology; Phi Gamma Delta, House Manager; 
Pre-Med Society; Boxing Team; Hockey Club, Captain. 

Douglas Philip Pitney — Basking Ridge, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Steward, Social Chairman; 
ASCE; Hockey Club, President. 

N. Charles Podaras — Newton Square, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Presidential Prize; Eta Kappa Nu; 
IEEE; Soccer; SAC. 

Steven Ray Poehlein — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Marching Band. 

Joseph P. Polaha, Jr. — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE. 

Diane Poles — Scarsdale, New York; Chemistry/Biology Inter- 
disciplinary; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Epitome, Managing Editor; Sailing Club; L.U.V. 

David Charles Poole — Summit, New Jersey; Finance; Chi Psi; 
Vice-president; Varsity Tennis; Investment Club; Senior Class 
Gift Campaign. 

Jonathan R. Pope — Westfield, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman; ASCE; Lehigh 
University Sports Car Club, Secretary; WLVR. 

Paul Vincent Potako — Churchville, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Sigma Chi, Vice-president, Social Chairman; Junior Varsity Foot- 

William M. Pottenger — Denver, Colorado; Religion; Dean's 
List; Lehigh Christian Fellowship. 

Cindy Lynn Powell — Sparta, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 

John Christopher Powell — Gaithersburg, Maryland; Metal- 
lurgy; McConn, Vice-president. 

Michael Joseph Preperato — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, President. 

Alan G. Prince — Weston, Massachusetts; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Chi Phi, Social Chairman; ASME. 

Dale Robert Pullis — Winter Springs, Florida; Accounting; 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Douglas D. Randolph — Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Elec- 
trical Engineering; IEEE; Marching Band; Varsity Band. 

Mark Norman Ranek — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. 

Sandra Lee Rapp — Old Bridge, New Jersey; Accounting. 

David L. Rarig — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; Chi Psi, Steward; Varsity Football. 

Terri Ann Rauch — Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
Gryphon Society; Varsity Softball, Captain; Powder Puff; 
Women's Athletic Council. 


)enis Edward Reed — Enola, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; 
J.C. Gorman Scholarship; ASCE; Varsity Wrestling. 

Donna Marie Reed — Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AlChE. 

James W. Reid — Coral Springs, Florida; Arts. 

John Spence Reid — Elysburg, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; ASME; Gryphon Society; Forum; 

James Frank Reimschissel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; 
Marketing/Finance; Sophomore Honors; Investment Club; 
Marketing Club. 

Richard William Reinaker — Danville, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Psi Upsilon, Treasurer, Recording Secretary; IEEE. 

Carol Ann Renninger — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting/Finance; Tau Lambda Chi, President; Panhellenic, 
Vice-president; Investment Club. 

Bruce Jeffery Rhoades — St. Davids, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; AlChE; Lehigh Christian Fel- 

Eileen Jane Richards — Easton, Pennsylvania; Psychology; Psy- 
chology Club; L.U.V.; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Nancy Kay Richards — Alburtis, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Rifle 
Team; Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Lambda Chi. 

Leslie M. Richardson — South Seaside Park, New Jersey; 
Foreign Careers/Spanish; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Soccer Club; Women's Choir; IR Club; College 
Republicans; WLRN, Business Manager; WLVR. (not pictured) 

G. John Richdale — Jensen Beach, Florida; Civil Engineering; 
ASCE; Junior Varsity Tennis; Senior Class Executive Committee; 
Off-Campus Association. 

Steven F. Rickerich — Weston, Connecticut; Geology; Beta 
Theta Pi, House Manager. 

Matthew Ricketson — Liverpool, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Chi Psi, Pledge Master; AIIE; Varsity Football; IFC. 

James Thomas Rieger — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Delta Chi, President; AIIE; Town House; IFC. 

Linda Anne Rissel — Hallowell, Maine; Civil Engineering; 
ASCE, Vice-president; Society of Women Engineers. 

Harry Maximillian Ritter II — Allentown, Pennsylvania; 
Marketing/Finance; Congdon, Social Chairman; Sophomore 
Honors; Marketing Club; Cheerleader; Soccer Club, Coach. 

Mark C. Rittmayer — Haddonfield, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Alpha Chi Rho, Social Chairman; Varsity Soccer; Boxing Club; 
Ski Club; Investment Club; Bridge Club. 

Andrew S. Robbins — Teaneck, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; 
Residence Halls Security. 

Anita Jeannette Roberts — Clemmons, North Carolina; 
Architecture/Civil Engineering; Dean's List; Soccer Club, (not 

Eliot Stephen Roberts — Flushing, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Lehigh Listening Line; ASME. 

Frank F. Roberts, Jr. — Chatham Township, New Jersey; Phi 
Kappa Theta, Social Chairman; Investment Club; Junior Varsity 

Denis E. Reed 

Donna M. Reed 

James F. Reimschissel 

Richard W. Reinaker 

Eileen J. Richards 

Nancy K. Richards 


Harry M. Ritter II 

lames W. Reid 

John S. Reid 

Carol A. Renninger 

Bruce J. Rhoades 

Guy J. Richdale 

Steven F. Rickerich 

Matthew W. Ricketson 

(ames T. Rieger 

' # J 

Mark C. Rittmayer 

Andrew S. Robbins 

Eliot S. Roberts 

Frank F. Roberts, Jr. 


Pamela R. Roberts 

Michael |. Robinson 

Richard B. Rogers 

Vincent |. Rogusky 

Thomas D. Rose III 

Cynthia L. Rosen 

Frank A. Roth 

Richard C. Rouleau 

Karl F. Ruoff 

Clarke D. Rupert 

Wayne M. Rush 

William |. Rutecki 

Jeffrey H. Sands 

Robert |. Santo 

Stephen W. Saunders 

Roberta Savitsky 


Eric A. Rohtla 

David A. Rohr 

George |. Rudy 

Stephen G. Ruffi 


Catherine M. Salines 

Mark Sandor 

Russell C. Sayegh 

Frank A. Scattene III 

Pamela Rene Roberts — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Psycholo- 
gy; Psychology Club; B.S.U.; L.U.V.; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

Michael James Robinson — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Ac- 
counting; Theta Delta Chi, Social Chairman; Soccer, Captain; 

Richard Blair Rogers — New Providence, New Jersey; 
Biology/Economics; Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman; Sopn- 
omore Honors; Wrestling; Rugby Club, President; Pre-law So- 

Vincent Joel Rogusky — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Chi Psi; Varsity Football. 

Eric Alexander Rohtla — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Finance; Smiley; Investment Club; L.U.V. 

David A. Rohr — Rochester, New York; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Varsity Cross-Country, Co-captain. 

Thomas Duncan Rose III — Baltimore, Maryland; Chemical 
Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Outing Club; L.U.V. 

Cynthia L. Rosen — Larchmont, New York; Finance; Gamma 
Phi Beta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Market- 
ing Club; Women In Business; Forum. 

Frank Albert Roth — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Government/ 
Urban Studies; Alpha Lambda Omega; College Scholar Pro- 
gram; Pre-law Society, President; Young Democrats, 

Richard Charles Rouleau — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASME. 

George Joseph Rudy — Bausman, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta 
Pi; ASME. 

Stephen George Ruffi — West Hartford, Connecticut; Man- 

Karl Frederick Ruoff — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering;ASCE; Skiing Club. 

Clarke David Rupert — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Govern- 
ment; McConn, President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Pre-Law Society; IR Club. 

Wayne Michael Rush — York, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; 
Sigma Nu; Marching Band. 

William John Rutecki — Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Theta Delta Chi. 

Catherine Mary Salines — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Market- 
ing; Marketing Club. 

Mark Sandor — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Management. 

Jeffrey Hilton Sands — Princeton, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Bishopthorpe; Sophomore Honors; Pre-law Society. 

Robert J. Santo — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Lambda Omega, President, Rush Chairman; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Nu 
Sigma; AlChE. 

Stephen William Saunders — Westfield, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Theta Chi, Secretary; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Phi Eta Sigma; AlChE. 

Roberta Savitsky — Merrick, New York; Biology; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Class 
Gift Campaign; SAC, Publicity Chairman. 

Russell Charles Sayegh — Poughkeepsie, New York; Account- 
ing; Varsity Rifle Team, Co-captain; Skeet Club, President. 

Frank A. Scattene III — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Theta Xi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta 
Alpha Psi; WLVR, Sports Director. 


Curtis L. Schehr — Silver Springs, Maryland; International 
Relations/Spanish; Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Marching Band; Concert Band; Brown and White; Semester in 

Israe! Marc Schepps — Holyoke, Massachusetts; Marketing/ 
Management; Alpha Chi Rho, Pledge Master; Frisbee Team; 

Marketing Club. 

Jeffrey S. Schiefer — Reading, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Delta Sigma Phi, President, Treasurer; Alpha Pi Mu; 
Tan Beta Pi; AIIE. 

Richard Martin Schilder — Newton Centre, Massachusetts; 
History; Beardslee, Social Chairman; Mu Omicron Beta; 
Cross-Country; RHC. 

Peter MacDonald Schilling — Toms River, New Jersey; Journal- 
ism; Williams Scholar; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Junior Varsity Bas- 
ketball; Brown and White, Editor-in-Chief. 

James Edward Schilthuis — Salem, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. 

Michael Alan Schlesinger — Great Neck, New York; Account- 
ing; Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; 
Pre-law Society; SAC; Brown and White. 

Paul Richard Schlotterbeck — Fairfield, Connecticut; Architec- 
ture; Art and Architecture Society; IFC. 

Jayne Catherine Schnalzer — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting/Finance; Alpha Lambda Omega-Tau Lambda Chi, 
Social Chairman; Investment Club. 

Christine Marie Schneider — Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Freshman Honors; AIIE; Society of 
Women Engineers; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-president. 

Lauren Schnorbus — Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Women in Business; Softball; ASA. 

Joel Bennett Schoenberg — Teaneck, New Jersey; Manage- 
ment; Bishopthorpe, House Manager; Marching Band. 

Howard B. Schoenberger — Roslyn, New York; Chemical En- 
gineering; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, House Manager; 
Freshman Honors; Epitome. 

Paul Alfred Schragger — New Tripoli, Pennsylvania; E.E.E.P., 
Psi Upsilon, Steward, Pledge Master; IEEE, Chairman; Society of 
Physics Students. 

Mary Beth Schratz — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Gryphon Society; Vice-president; Alpha Phi Omega; Ski Club; 
Bridge Club; L.U.V.; Hotline. 

Charles Harold Schreiber III — St. Louis, Missouri; Account- 
ing; Delta Chi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; WLVR. 

Laura Sue Schrier — Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; SAC, President; 
Marketing Club; RHC; Ski Club; VLC. 

Richard Charles Schulz — Piscataway, New Jersey; Computer 
Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Social Chairman; Water Polo; 
Senior Class Gift Campaign; IFC. 

Robert Allen Schultz — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Alpha Lambda Omega, Social Chairman; American Chemical 
Society; Town Council. 

Judith Anne Schwab — Broomall, Pennsylvania; English; Alpha 
Gamma Delta, President; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice- 
president; Forum; L.U.V.; Newman Council. 

Peter David Schwab — Briarcliff Manor, New York; Finance; 
Investment Club; Gryphon Society; RHC. 

Steven Kieran Schwabe — Huntington, New York; Biology; Pi 
Lambda Phi, Pledge Master; Freshman, Sophomore Honors. 

Karen M. Sciascia — Phillipsburg, New Jersey; Biology; 
Sophomore Honors; Junior Varsity Basketball; Varsity Softball, 
Co-captain; L.U.V.; Health Professions Society. 

William Bradford Scott — Upper Montclair, New Jersey; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, Steward, Social Chair- 
man; Varsity Ice Hockey, Captain. 

Curtis L. Schehr 

Isreal M. Schepps 

Michael A. Schlesinger 

Paul R. Schlotterbeck 

Howard B. Schoenberger 

Paul A. Schragger 

Robert A. Schultz 

Judith A. Schwab 


{ \ LI 

Jeffrey S. Schiefer 

Richard M. Schilder 

Peter M. Schilling 

Jayne C. Schnalzer 

Christine M. Schneider 

Lauren Schnorbus 

James E. Schilthuis 

Joel B. Schoenberg 

Peter D. Schwab 

Steven K. Schwabe 

Karen M. Sciascia 

William B. Scott 


Sally Jo Searfoss 

Donald E. Seeger, Jr. 

Robert H. Seela 

William C. Selick 

Thomas A. Shank 

Rosene J. Shenk 

Charles L. Sheppard II 

Charles M. Sheppard 

Franklin D. Shoemaker 

Ronald M. Short 

Ellen M. Shulman 

PhilipC. Sih 

Jeffrey E. Silver 

Donna I. Silverstein 

Franklin A. Sine, Jr. 

Jeffrey E. Skodnik 



Bruce M. Seligsohn 

Donna M. Seyfried 

Mark ). Shestok 

Jeffrey F. Shields 

Scott A. Silfies 

Tracey M. Silliman 

Sally Jo Searfoss — Bloomsburg Heights, New Jersey; Urban 
Studies; Dean's List; Student Art Exhibit, Honorable Mention; 
Art and Architecture; Mustard and Cheese. 

Donald E. Seeger, Jr. — Succasunna, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; AlChE; Off-Campus Society. 

Robert Harold Seela — Ridgewood, New Jersey; Environ- 
mental Science; Geology Club. 

William Gerald Selick — Tenafly, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Tau Epsilon Phi; WLVR. 

Bruce Malvin Seligsohn — Linden, New Jersey; Biochemistry; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 
Sigma; American Chemical Society; Ski Club; Health Careers 
Club; IR Club; Epitome; Brown and White. 

Donna Marie Seyfried — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Cheerleaders; Softball. 

Thomas A. Shank — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Presidential Prize; Alpha Pi Mu; Junior Varsity Bas- 

Rosene Joy Shenk — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Women's Track 

Charles L. Sheppard II — Dresher, Pennsylvania; 
Architecture/Urban Studies; Theta Delta Chi; Varsity Soccer. 

Charles Mark Sheppard — Moorestown, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; The Navigators. 

Mark John Shestok — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

John P. Shiarella — Short Hills, New Jersey; Psychology; Mus- 
tard and Cheese, (not pictured) 

Jeffrey Finch Shields — Manasquan, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Kappa Alpha; IEEE; Marching 97. 

Franklin D. Shoemaker — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Chi Phi, Vice-president; AlChE. 

Ronald Mark Short — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

Ellen Margery Shulman — Worcester, Massachusetts; Bio- 
chemistry; American Chemical Society; Epitome. 

Philip G. Sih — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

Scott Armand Silfies — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors. 

Tracey M. Silliman — Reading, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Alpha Phi; Women in Business; Psychology Club; Big-Little 
Sister Program. 

Jeffrey Evan Silver — Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Junior Varsity Tennis; IEEE. 

Donna llene Silverstein — N. Miami Beach, Florida; Industrial 
Engineering; Women's Soccer; IE Council. 

Franklin Arther Sine, Jr. — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Geolo- 
gy; Alpha Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman; Sophomore Honors; Box- 
ing Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Jeffrey Eric Skodnik — Oradell, New Jersey; Finance/ 
Marketing; L.U.V., President; Investment Club; Marketing 
Club; Ski Club; WLRV. 

Thomas Michael Slahta — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Interna- 
tional Relations; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Sigma Tau Delta; IR Club; Frisbee Team; Backgammon Club; 
Off-Campus Housing; Pre-law Society. 

Lydia Gay Slavish — Easton, Pennsylvania — Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Russian Club; Alpha Lambda 
Omega-Tau Lambda Chi; L.U.V.; Health Professions Society. 

Thomas M. Slahta 

Lydia C. Slavish 


Jeffrey Philip Slayton — New Canaan, Connecticut; 
Marketing/Economics; Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary; Marketing 

Timothy J. Slegel — King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Marching Band; Concert Band. 

Walter S. Smerconish — Doylestown, Pennsylvania;, Govern- 
ment; Zeta Psi, Social Chairman; Pre-law Society; Senior Class, 
President; IFC; SAC; Commencement Committee; Brown and 

Andrew Joseph Smith — Rochester, Minnesota; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; ASCE; Varsity Swim- 
ming; Water Polo Club; Archery Club. 

Charles Matthew Smith — Verona, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Junior Varsity Baseball; Parachute Club. 

David N. Smith — Dover, New Jersey; Chemical Engineering. 

David W. Smith — Woodbridge, Virginia; Civil Engineering; 
Kappa Alpha, President, Corresponding Secretary; ASCE; 

Francis DeSales Smith II — Pottstown, Pennsylvania; ESRM; 
Geology Club; Ski Club; Sailing Club. 

James L. Smith, Jr. — Poughkeepsie, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Kappa Alpha, Steward; ASME; Glee Club; Photo- 
graphy Club; Choir. 

Philip Saxe Smith — Dallas, Pennsylvania; Chemical Engineer- 
ing; AlChE; IEEE; Computer Society. 

Raymond Charles Smith — Coatesville, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Bishopthorpe; Freshman Honors; Dean's List- 
Eta Kappa Nu. 

Peggy A. Smoler — New York City, New York; Psychology; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Soccer Club; Psychology Club; Ski Club; 
Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Michael P. Snowden — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Alumni Scholarship; IEEE; Audio Engineering 
Society; B.S.U.; Brown and White. 

Kirk Floyd Snyder — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE. 

James Sokol — Greer, South Carolina; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Jennifer Karen Somes — Hudson, Ohio; Chemical Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; AlChE. 

David Lynn Sperring — Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Tau Epsilon Phi; AIIE. 

Francis John Spinelli — Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania; Man- 
agement; Gryphon Society; AFROTC Scholarship; Forum. 

Craig A. Souser — York, Pennsylvania; Accounting; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; L.U.V.; Gryphon 

Susan Ann Southwick — Lake Wallenpauapack, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Freshman Honors; Women in Business; Varsity 
Softball; Ski Club. 

Jeffrey P. Slayton 

Timothy J. Slegel 

Charles M. Smith 

David N. Smith 


lames Sokol 

Jennifer K. Somes 

Walter S. Smerconish 

Andrew ). Smith 

David W. Smith 

Francis D. Smith II 

Raymond C. Smith 

Peggy A. Smoler 

Michael P. Snowden 

Kirk F. Snyder 

Craig A. Souser 

Susan A. Southwick 

David L. Sperring 

Francis J. Spinelli 


Timothy L. Spivak 

Barbara V. Stein 

David T. Spoont 

Paul J. Stein 

Michael ). Sternick 

K" m 




Eric A. Stiefel 


Egils R. Sprogis 

Patricia M. Spugani 

William N. Steitz 

Donald K. Stemple 

Thomas P. Stiles 

David B. Stinner 

Kathleen A. Stofanak 

Ronald N. Stoloff 

Susan E. Stoup 

Stephen P. Strait 


Othon Stachtiaris 

Tara I. Stacom 

Claudia L. Stern 

Stephen C. Stern 

Michael L. Stipa 

Peter F. Stires 

Hall R. Strauss 

Timothy L. Spivak — Washington, District of Columbia; Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

David Thomas Spoont — Merion, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Economics; Kappa Sigma; Freshman Honors; Varsity Squash; 
College Republican Club; Investment Club; Art and Architec- 
ture Society; Ski Club. 

Egils Reginal Sprogis — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Architecture; 
Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-president; Art and Architecture Society. 

Patricia Mary Spugani — Rahway, New jersey; Mathematics/ 
Technical Theater; Phi Eta Sigma; Mustard and Cheese, Presi- 

Othon Stachtiaris — Athens, Greece; Chemical Engineering; 
Smiley, Social Chairman. 

Tara Irene Stacom — Greenwich, Connecticut; Finance; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Varsity Lacrosse; Varsity Field Hockey; Mar- 
keting Club; Senior Class Executive Committee. 

Barbara V. Stein — Great Neck, New York; Foreign Careers; 
Varsity Tennis; Alpha Phi Omega; Orchestra; Sailing Club; 
Campus Security. 

Paul Joseph Stein — Princeton, New Jersey; Mathematics/ 
Economics; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Brown and White. 

William Nicholas Steitz — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Swimming, Co-captain. 

Donald Kent Stemple — Madison, New Jersey; Metallurgy; Phi 
Kappa Theta, President; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Ice 

Claudia Lynn Stern — Glen Cove, New York; Psychology; Psi 
Chi; Sophomore Honors; Varsity Tennis; Marketing Club; 
Women in Business. 

Stephen Craig Stern — Livingston, New Jersey; Finance; 
Beardslee, Vice-president; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Investment Club. 

Michael John Stemick — St. Elmo, Colorado; Accounting/ 
Finance/Marketing; Williams Prize; Sigma Tau Delta; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Marketing Club; 
Pre-law Society; Junior Varsity Football; Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign; WLVR. 

Eric Alan Stiefel — Glen Rock, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Phi Kappa Theta, President; Pre-law Society; Senior 
Class Executive Committee; IFC, Rush Chairman. 

Thomas Paul Stiles — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sophomore Honors. 

David Bernard Stinner — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AIIE. 

Michael L. Stipa — Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; Accounting; Na- 
tional Accounting Association. 

Peter Foster Stires — Somerville, New Jersey; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Zeta Psi, President; ASCE; Varsity Football; SAC; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Kathleen Ann Stofanak — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Pre-law 
Society; German Club; Marching Band; Concert Band. 

Ronald N. Stoloff — Needham, Massachusetts; Accounting; 
Varsity Lacrosse; WLVR, Business Manager; Investment Club. 

Susan E. Stoup — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; History; Phi Alpha 
Theta; Swimming-Diving Team. 

Stephen Paul Strait — North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Chi Psi, Treasurer, Pledge Master. 

Hall R. Strauss — Tenafly, New Jersey; Finance; Sigma Alpha 
Mu, Social Chairman; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Invest- 
ment Club; Brown and White. 

William L. Strauss III — New York, New York; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Chi Rho; AlChE; Skiing Club; Lehigh Valley 
Grotto Club; Equestrian Club. 


Mitchell E. Stull — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Kappa Alpha, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha 
Psi; IFC. 

Karl V. Sturm — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; 
Sophomore Honors; Chi Epsilon, Treasurer; ASCE; Marching 

Richard Gregory Stys — Princeton, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Theta Xi; Ski Team, Captain; ASME; SAC. 

Eduardo Suarez — Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Fi- 
nance; Chi Phi, President, Treasurer; Dean's List; Junior Varsity 

Margaret Kay Suib — White Plains, New York; International 
Relations; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; IR Club; Interna- 
tional Club. 

Robert Andrew Sukenik — Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Richard J. Sullivan — Hamilton Square, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE. 

Andrew B. Swanson — Haddon Heights, New Jersey; 
Journalism/Government; Delta Upsilon, House Manager; 
Brown and White, Desk Editor; IFC. 

Brett Randall Swartz — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Varsity Track; Junior Varsity Football. 

Donna Marie Sweatlock — Paramus, New Jersey; Biochemis- 
try; Freshman Honors; American Chemical Society; L.U.V. 

Diadra Lee Sylva — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Psychology/ 
Social Relations; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Psi Chi; Psychology Club. 

Diane Marie Symnoski — Maple Glen, Pennsylvania; Mathe- 
matics; Alumni Award; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; L.U.V.; 
Choir; Chamber Singers. 

George R. Talarico — Nutley, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Delta Tau Delta; Rugby Club, Captain; Wrestling. 

Kristen Lyle Talgo — Mamaroneck, New York; Management/ 
Finance; Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Hockey. 

Stephen L. Tanen — Westport, Connecticut; Geology; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Rugby Club; Boxing Club; Geology Club. 

Barry Martin Tannenbaum — East Rockaway, New York; 
Computer Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lieutenant Master; 
WLRN; Hillel. 

Karen Lynne Tate — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Art; B.S.U.; 
Art and Architecture Society; Le Compane. 

Kate Tate — Atlantic City, New Jersey; Chemical Engineering; 
AlChE; Varsity Swim Team; Water Polo Club. 

Cynthia Ann Tatko — New Brighton, Pennsylvania; Econom- 
ics; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Beta Alpha Psi; Judo Club; 
IR Club. 

George Richardson Tatnall — Woodstown, New Jersey; Mar- 
keting; Dean's List; Marketing Club; Fencing Club; Tour Guide. 

Arthur Ronald Taxin — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Sigma Alpha Mu; Marketing Club; Ski Club. 

Aram Vahe Terchunian — Westhampton Beach, New York; 
Environmental Science/Geology; Pi Lambda Phi; Geology 
Club; L.U.V. 

James T. Thielens, Jr. — Villanova, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Kappa Sigma; Water Polo. 

Robert Seavey Thornton — Plaistow, New Hampshire; Ac- 
counting; Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; IFC, Treasurer; FMA. 

Mitchell E. Stull 

Karl V. Sturm 

Richard J. Sullivan 

Andrew B. Swanson 

George R. Talarico 

Kristen L. Talgo 


Cynthia A. Tatko 

George R. Tatnall 

Brett R. Swartz 

Donna M. Sweatlock 

Diadra L. Sylva 

Diane M. Symnoski 

. & 

Stephen L. Tanen 

Barry M. Tannenbaum 

Karen L. Tate 

Kate Tate 

Arthur R. Taxin 

Aram V. Terchunian 

James T. Thielens, )r. 

Robert S. Thornton 


Brent T. Tolosko 

Philip B. Traugott 

Raymond P. Trevisan 

William M. Troy 

Eugene A. Vivino, Jr. 

Vincent R. Volpe, )r. 

leanne A. Wadsworth 

Scott C. Wainwright 


Steven C. Tober 

lames R. Tolbert 


Bruce A. Underkoffler 

Carolyn T. Unger 

Rosamond F. Vernon 

Claudio A. Visani 

Miriam Karen Thune — New Canaan, Connecticut; Biochemis- 
try; American Chemical Society; Men's Lacrosse Team, Man- 
ager; Arabic Club. 

Richard McFaulane Tilley — Washington, District of Columbia; 
Government; Athletic Student Trainer. 

Steven James Timmerman — Mequon, Wisconsin; ESRM; 
Smiley; Marching Band; Epitome; Brown and White. 

Gary Steven Tobenkin — Englewood Cliffs, New lersey; Indus- 
trial Engineering; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Ski Club. 

Steven Glen Tober — North Caldwell, New Jersey; Journalism; 
Junior Varsity Football; WLVR; Brown and White. 

James Richard Tolbert — Vienna, Virginia; Philosophy. 

Brent Thomas Tolosko — Phillipsburg, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; German House, President; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; ASME; Investment Club; L.U.V. 

Philip Benjamin Traugott — Glen Arm, Maryland; Architec- 
ture; Tau Epsilon Phi; Art and Architecture Society. 

Raymond Paul Trevisan — North Caldwell, New Jersey; Fi- 
nance; Phi Gamma Delta, Treasurer; Pre-law Society; Junior 
Varsity Soccer; Rugby Club; Investment Club; Brown and 

William Martin Troy — Bedminster, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Smiley, Social Chairman; AlChE; Cycling Team; IR 

Bruce A. Underkoffler — Reading, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; All E; Brass Choir; Alumni 

Carolyn Theresa Unger — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Alpha Lambda Omega-Tau Lambda Chi; All E. 

Gregory T. Unger — Boyertown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; ASME. 

Jeffrey Allan VanDemark — Mahwah, New Jersey; Biology; Pi 
Lambda Phi; Varsity Basketball. 

Steven P. Vankeuren — Wilton, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Alpha Chi Rho; Varsity Ice Hockey; Forum; ASME. 
(not pictured) 

William P. Van Nostrand, Jr. — Yonkers, New York; Market- 
ing; Marketing Club. 

John Vincent Veech — Verona, New Jersey; Accounting; Delta 
Upsilon, I.M. Manager; Presidential Prize; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Rugby Club; Ski Team; Ski Club. 

Rosamond F. Vernon — Greenwich, Connecticut; Industrial 

Claudio Andres Visani — Caracas, Venezuela; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Pi Mu. 

Eugene A. Vivino, Jr. — West Paterson, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Sophomore Honors; ASME; Newman Associ- 

Vincent Robert Volpe, Jr. — Guilford, Connecticut; German/ 
Mechanical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi; Junior Varsity Wres- 
tling; German Club; Chamber Music; Pre-law Society; Mustard 
and Cheese; Newman Association. 

Jeanne Allison Wadsworth — East Brunswick, New Jersey; 
Biochemistry/Biology; Dean's List; American Chemical Soci- 
ety; Women's Basketball. 

Scott George Wainwright — Wrightstown, New Jersey; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; ASME. 

Arthur E. Walch, Jr. — Cranford, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Theta Delta Chi, Pledge Master; Junior Varsity Baseball. 

Debra B. Waldron — Nutley, New Jersey; Chemistry; Alpha 
Phi, Historian; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; L.U.V. 

Arthur E. Walch, )r. 

Debra B. Waldron 


Ronald D. Wankner Absecon, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Pi Lambda Phi, Rush Chairman; ASME. 

Kirk Martin Warshaw — Madison, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Marketing; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Varsity Golf, Captain; Gryphon Society; Marketing 
Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Steven Washakowski — Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania; Electrical 

Mary E. Weis — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 
Gryphon Society; Varsity Swimming. 

Wendy Lynne Weiss — Penn Valley, Pennsylvania; History; 
Alpha Phi, Rush Director; Pre-law Society; Senior Class Gift 
Campaign; ASA. 

Lauren Gail Weissman — Clark, New Jersey; Psychology; 
Alpha Gamma Delta; Dean's List; Psi Chi; Varsity Tennis; Pow- 
der Puff Football; Hillel Society, Secretary; Marketing Club; 
Wind Ensemble; Ski Club; WLVR. 

Grant Louis Weitzel — Springfield, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Hockey Club. 

Leonard A. Weitzman — South Orange, New Jersey; History; 
Pi Lambda Phi, Social Chairman; Phi Alpha Theta. 

Francis Xavier Blaise Wentworth IV — Mt. Tabor, New Jersey; 
Marketing; Delta Phi, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; 
Cross-Country; Track; IFC, Social Chairman. 

Grant David Werner — New York City, New York; Interna- 
tional Relations; Smiley; IR Club; Residence Judicial Board; 

Audrey J. Weston — New Kensington, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; AlChE; Equestrian Club, President. 

Jeffrey S. Wetzel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Delta Upsilon, Social Chairman. 

Robin Lynn White — Ellicott City, Maryland, Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women in Busi- 
ness; Soccer Club; Ski Club; RHC. 

Jennifer Lynne Whitworth — San Antonio, Texas; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; AlChE. 

Bernard Wiesenberg — Mamaroneck, New York; Finance; 
Delta Phi; Forum; Brown and White. 

Karen Elizabeth Wilhelm — Hamden, Connecticut; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; ASME; Society of Women Engineers; Wom- 
en's Soccer. 

Wynn Alan Willard — Grantville, Pennsylvania; Marketing; Pi 
Lambda Phi; Presidential Prize; Leonard P. Pool Memorial 
Award; Williams Prize in English; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sigma Tau 
Delta; Lambda Mu Sigma; Marketing Club, President; AMA; 
Sophomore Class, President. 

David Gately Williams — Dartmouth, Massachusetts; Man- 
agement; Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman, Pledge Master; 
Rugby Club. 

Ronald D. Wankner 

Kirk M. Warshaw 

Grant L. Weitzel 

Leonard A. Weitzman 

Robin L. White 

Jennifer L. Whitworth 

Karen E. Wilhelm 


Steven Washakowski 

Mary E. Weis 

Wendy L. Weiss 

Lauren G. Weissman 

David C. Williams 


Timothy J. Wilmott 

Mark E. Wilson 

Wilma G. Wolfang 

Elizabeth Wolle 

)oel P. Wummer 

Bradley H. Wyckoff 

Jeffrey ). Wykosky 

Glenn M. Yarnis 

Barbara G. Yocum 

Karen L. Yocum 

William E. Yurko 


Nancy A. Winkler 

Alan P. Winters 

Brian D. Woolford 

Renee Worzman 

Eric C. Yaszemski 

Judy Yee 

Timothy J. Wilmott — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta 
Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; L.U.V. 

Mark Eugene Wilson — Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Theta Delta Chi. 

Nancy A. Winkler — Oceanside, New York; Psychology; 
Alpha Phi, Vice-president; Psychology Club; Lehigh Listening 
Line; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Alan Peter Winters — Teaneck, New Jersey; Finance; Delta 
Upsilon, Treasurer. 

Wilma G. Wolfang — Sparta, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma; ASME; Society of Women Engineers; FORUM; Ski Club. 

Elizabeth Wolle — Bedford, New York; Industrial Engineering; 
Dean's List; AIIE. 

Brian David Woolford — Glenmont, New York; Chemistry; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; 
Gryphon Society; Residence Dining Committee; AFROTC; 

Renee Worzman — Bronx, New York; Marketing; AMA; Mar- 
keting Club; L.U.V. 

Joel Wummer — Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Delta Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Varsity Track. 

Bradley H. Wyckoff — Orange, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Delta Chi; Freshman Honors; ASME; IFC; Varsity 
Tennis, Captain. 

Jeffrey John Wykosky — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Town House; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer; IEEE. 

Glenn Yarnis — Short Hills, New Jersey; Accounting; Lambda 
Chi Alpha, President; Investment Club. 

Eric Chester Yaszemski — Harrison, New Jersey; History; Delta 
Upsilon, Vice-president, Steward; Varsity Football, Tri-Captain; 
Outstanding Defensive Lineman. 

Judy Yee — Verona, New Jersey; Chemical Engineering; 
AlChE; Judo Club; Volleyball Club. 

Barbara Gale Yocum — Crofton, Maryland; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; IEEE; Women's Lacrosse Team; Society of Women En- 
gineers; L.U.V. 

Karen Lee Yocum — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Var- 
sity Women's Softball; Skydiving Club; Rho Gamma Kappa. 

Meredith Diana Young — Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Investment Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

William Edward Yurko — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Sophomore Honors; ASME; Alpha Lambda 

Hampo Zadoyan — Teaneck, New Jersey; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Zeta Psi; IEEE; Computer Society. 

Michael Dean Peter Zanchettin — Lafayette Hill, Pennsyl- 
vania; Chemistry; Dean's List. 

Hampo Zadoyan 

Michael D. Zanchettin 


Steven D. Zaretsky 

Michael ). Zepp 

Steven David Zaretsky — Saddle River, New Jersey; Psycholo- 
gy; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-president; L.U.V. 

Michael James Zepp — Green Lane, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AlChE. 

John Zervos — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biology; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors. 

Doris Signy Zetterstrom — Brooklyn, New York; Biology; 
Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Nancy Jane Ziatyk — Bath, Pennsylvania; Biology; Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; L.U.V. ; Big Sister Program; Russian Club. 

Joseph Lloyd Zook — New Oxford, Pennsylvania; 
Mathematics/Economics; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

Brian C. Zwaan — Havertown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Sigma Chi, President, Rush Chairman; Rugby Club; Varsity 

John C. Zervos 

Doris S. Zetterstrom 

Nancy J. Ziatyk 

Joseph L. Zook 

Brian C. Zwaan 


The Epitome, the Alumni Association and the De- 
velopment Office also would like to acknowledge the 
remaining members of the senior class of 1980: 

Boutros Abouzeid 
Rosemary Almon 
Elizabeth A. Alperin 
Joseph P. Altier, Jr. 
Judith L. Anderson 
Alan S. Andres 
John C. Andres 
Brian D. Aunkst 
Richard I. Back 
Joseph J. Bailey 
Jeffrey N. Baker 
Harold R. Beck, Jr. 
Matthew E. Berg 
Jeffrey K. Bernstein 
Frank P. Bibas 
William L. Black 
John W. Blackburn 
Edward J. Bloom 
Anne B. Bock 
Michael J. Boyd 
Jeffrey C. Bradshaw 
Peter R. Brander 
Mark P. Breslin 
John K. Buck 
James P. Bugbee 
Peter H. Bugbee 
David E. Butler 
Gerald M. Cawley 
Edward W. Chencinski 
James B. Cheng 
Edward L. Churnetski,.Jr. 
Tod J. Connors 
Frederick F. Couch 
Bennett H. Cozen 
Timothy R. Crush 
Christopher P. Cuthbert 
Jeffrey A. Daise 
Christopher M. Davis 
William Devorick 
Martha C. Dodge 
Thomas J. Dubos, Jr. 
Maja A. Eberhardt 
Silvio P. Eberhardt 
Greta K. End 
James M. Eways 
Frank S. Falatyn 
Scott V. Farrow 
Gary W. Filson 
James B. Fitzgerald 
Peter J. Floriani 
Nicholas J. Flouras 
Thomas F. Folk 
David B. Foltz 
Thomas E. Frawley 
John W. Fullwood 
Eugene Furman 
Jeffrey D. Gardener 
Warren E. Gardner 
Jonathan Genkin 
Scott D. Geraghty 
Peter A. Goldie 
Paul A. Gordon 
David B. Gorzsas 
Scott J. Gould 
Paul H. Grady 
Paul T. Gray 
Jeffrey S. Guburnick 
Robert A. Haines 
Robert A. Hansen 

Aimee L. Hardecker 
Patricia M. Hauserman 
David A. Hebner 
Steven D. Heller 
Hans C. A. Henning 
Curtis J. Heverly 
Eric V. Heyman 
David M. Hickman 
Norman V. Hill, Jr. 
Louis T. Hindehlang, Jr. 
Noreen G. Hochheiser 
Thomas W. Hoens 
Marie B. Holland 
David E. Holt 
John P. Hughes 
Caron E. Hutchinson 
Marissa A. lannucci 
Juzer M. Jangbarwala 
Kathleen J. Januszewski 
Dawn E. Kaehn 
Alan Kahn 
Lawrence H. Kapner 
Peter R. Kebler 
Stephen D. Kelly 
Robert R. Kendi 
Kay D. Kirdi 
David K. Klouser 
Robert J. Klova 
Christopher H. Knisely 
William M. Korchak 
Mark T. Kremzner 
William A. Lenz III 
Aileen Leshinsky 
Brian Lewis 
Gregg E. Lewis 
David M. Lindsay 
Roger W. Lovelett 
John J. Loverde, Jr. 
David C. Luehrs 
Eric F. Lundberg 
John S. Luttmann 
Muoi V. Luu 
David M. Maco 
John R. Mainzer 
Michael G. Malone 
Paul N. Mancino 
Frederick G. Manteghian 
Anthony E. Marrone 
John C. Masland 
Donald H. Mathesius 
Mark D. Mayo 
Mark A. Miller 
Lawrence R. Mitchell, Jr. 
R. Tim Monetti 
Thomas R. Moore 
Elizabeth M. Murphy 
Donald J. Newton 
Long D. Nguyen 
David T. Northacker 
Jeremiah J. O'Donnell III 
Thomas E. Oshea 
Lloyd F. Ottinger 
Clifford J. Park 
Peter A. Pelizzoni 
John M. Perkins 
Stephen K. Perry 
William L. Peters 
Jonathan D. Phillips 
Ben H. Phu 

W. B. Piercy 
Larry P. Pleshko 
Mario J. Procida 
James R. Quigg 
Charles M. Radler, Jr. 
Henry B. Ramsey III 
Dennis L. Raudenbush 
Jonathan M. Reed 
Frank Regan 
Gary J. Reickl 
William W. Rhoads 
Leslie K. Rivet 
Lon K. Robinson 
Robert W. Roe 
Michael F. Rovi 
Thomas E. Ruhle 
Abdolvahab Saleh 
Peter M. Sansom 
Ruth Santiago 
John W. Schiech 
Edward J. Schultheis 
James R. Schwenk 
Matthew B. Seasholtz 
Geoffrey C. Seibel 
David B. Selkregg 
Robert J. Settle 
Martin P. Sezack 
Howard Shames 
Laurence K. Shearer 
Danial J. Sheeran 
Kevin R. Silva 
Charles T. Smoot II 
Thomas J. Sodroski 
Francis X. Soen 
John G. Speer 
Matthew E. Spengler 
Lisa D. Sperry 
Conrad J. Squitieri 
George W. Stasak 
Keith F. Strunk 
Ralph W. Taylor 
Tammy L. Tiger 
Daniel O. Tischler 
Raymond S. Tombaugh III 
Kenneth T. Tontarski 
Patricia E. Totaro 
Walter J. Ughes, Jr. 
Lawrence G. Ullrich 
Christopher Vantuyl 
Angeline Villani 
Kenneth G. Vincent 
Phillip J. Walbert 
llene J. Waldman 
William P. Walker 
Christopher A. Ward 
Thomas P. Ward 
Maryann M. Waszkiewicz 
John S. Weeks 
Patricia A. Weisse 
B. William Whitman II 
William A. Wiese 
Gregory G. Winchester 
Gary B. Wippick 
Brian K. Wolahan 
Thomas M. Yurkanin 
Gary T. Zelman 
Lisa Zver 


11 1 LIVI 



The 70's — 

A Decade Gone By 


Nixon said "vietnamization" would 
end the fighting . . . Ohio National 
Guardsmen killed students at Kent 
State . . . the Administration gave in- 
flation control top priority. 

A civil war began in Jordan . . . 
Nigeria won the Biafran struggle for 
independence ... in Chile, Sal- 
vador Allende Gossens was the first 
Marxist to win a free presidential elec- 
tion in Latin America. 


America's involvement in Indochina 
was revealed when Daniel Ellsberg 
leaked the Pentagon papers . . . Nixon 
froze wages, prices and rents, termi- 
nated convertibility' of the dollar into 
gold and devalued the U.S. currency 
. . . Attica, New York was the scene of 
the worst insurrection in U.S. prison 
history . . . Charles Manson and three 
of his followers were convicted of the 
Sharon Tate-La Bianca murders. 

A coup in Uganda resulted in Idi Amin 
becoming President ... an U.S. table 
tennis team was invited to China . . . 
Guerilla warfare broke out in Northern 


Nixon enjoyed an overwhelming vic- 
tory in the Presidential election de- 
spite the capture of five intruders bug- 
ging the Democratic National Commit- 

tee . . . The Equal Rights Amendment 
was approved by the Senate . . . Huge 
exports of grain to the Soviet Union 
raised domestic prices and bottle- 
necked American ports. 

Peking welcomed Nixon . . . seven- 
teen lives were lost in Munich when 
eight Palestinians took Israeli Olympic 

team members hostage . . . Britain 
sanctioned independence for 
Rhodesia's racist regime. 


America's part in the Indochina war 
ended . . . Gerald Ford replaced Spiro 
T. Agnew as Vice President . . . the 
Supreme Court legalized abortion dur- 
ing early pregnancy . . . the Arab oil 
embargo resulted in long gas lines. 

The Yom Kippur War surprised Israel 
. . . European countries linked their 
currencies in a joint float against the 
dollar . . . Chile moved to the right 
when President Salvador Allende Gos- 
sens was killed in a coup. 


Nixon's early involvement in the 
Watergate cover-up was revealed in a 
recording . . . New President Ford 
granted Nixon a "full, free and abso- 
lute pardon" . . . the Symbionese 
Liberation Army kidnapped Patty 
Hearst . . . contrary to church law, 
females were ordained Episcopal 
priests . . . Ali won the heavyweight 
crown from George Foreman. 

Russia exiled Aleksander Solzhenitsyn 
. . . Bangladesh suffered famine . . . 
same economists declared hyperinfla- 
tion would destroy world finances. 



Lynette Fromme and Sara Jane Moore 


attempted Presidential assassinations 
... a Marine assault freed the Ameri- 
can merchant ship Mayaguez from the 
Khmer Rouge regime seize . . . Fed- 
eral investigators accused the CIA of 
offense that included illegal wire taps 
and burglaries . . . New York City nar- 
rowly escaped defaulting on $450 mill- 
ion worth of notes . . . the unemploy- 
ment rate was the highest since 1941. 

Communist offensives overpowered 
Cambodia and South Vietnam . . . 
Christians battled Muslims in the 
streets of Beirut. 


Jimmy Carter, unknown when the year 
began, won the November Presiden- 
tial election ... a New Jersey court 
ruled that Karen Ann Quinlan had the 
right to die . . . Viking 1 sent back pic- 
tures of Mars . . . America celebrated 
the Bicentennial. 

Israeli commandos rescued hostages 
from Uganda's Entebbe airport . . . 
Cuba went deeper into Angola . . . 
Hua Guofeng became leader of China 
. . . the Concorde made its debut . . . 
the Netherlands' Prince Bernhard and 
Japan's Tanaka were named in the 
Lockheed scandal. 

Three Mile Island 


The U.S. agreed to relinquish control 
of the Panama Canal by the end of 
1999 . . . budget director Bert Lance 
resigned when accused of questiona- 
ble banking practices . . . Gary Gil- 
more died in the first U.S. execution of 
10 years . . . looters took advantage of 
a blackout in New York City . . . 
Tutankhamen toured. 

Israel welcomed Anwar Sadat ... a 
collision on Tenerife Island resulted in 
the worst aviation disaster ever . . . 
South African nationalist leader Steve 
Biko died of police beatings. 


America cut ties with Taiwan, began 
diplomatic relations with China . . . 
the Supreme Court ruled that race can 
be a factor in student admission 
policies . . . proposition 13 passed in 
California . . . three Americans made 
the first Atlantic balloon crossing. 

Carter, Begin and Sadat worked to- 
gether on the Camp David accords 

. . . Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones 
led 900 followers to death in Guyana 
. . . Popes Paul VI and John Paul I 
died, the year's second conclave 
elected Pope John Paul II . . . test- 
tube baby Louise Brown was bom in 


Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island 
power plant was the site of the worst 
commercial nuclear accident in U.S. 
history . . . Pope John II became the 
first pope to visit the White House . . . 
U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young's 
covert talks with the Palestine Libera- 
tion Organization led to his resigna- 


Carter and Brezhnev concluded the 
SALT II treaty in Vienna . . . China 
invaded Vietnam to 'punish' that na- 
tion for installing a new, pro-Hanoi 
government in Cambodia . . . IRA 
bombs killed British war hero Earl 
Mountbatten . . . gold prices rose and 
rose . . . Margaret Thatcher became 
Britain's first woman Prime Minister 
. . . Skylab crashlanded in Australia. 


ROW 1: C. DePhilips, G. Callahan, D. Fauntleroy, S. Fischer, M. 
Kusmin, T.Janisch, C. FasickJ. BomzeJ. Delpo, D. Ludlow, B. Piplitz, 
D. Mills; ROW 2: 7. Harrison, B. Taylor, J. Incandela, D. Freed, R. Neff, 
B. Krogslund, B. Kershner, N. Cornelssen,}. Twitchell, S, Molkenthin; 

ROW3:y. Oonk, M. Rittmayer, D. Thomas, P. Bosco, 1. Schepps, M. Brill, 
S. Kessler, M. Colvin, E. Lerner, C. NachmanJ. Braithwaite; ROW4: D. 
Coltharp, B. Marchkouski, R. Rogoza, D. Hock, B. Roach, T. Collins, K. 
Fields, ]. Sirignano. 


Alpha Chi Rho 

. . . Clamin' it . . . Put us on taaaapp . . . Scrote for life . . . 
Sonny testa . . . Pin raw . . . Devo . . . Wheels . . . Tails on 
one . . . Mini-bag . . . The white shadow . . . Quiskin . . . 
Why did the llama cross the road . . . Connie . . . Any 
staunchers . . . Pizza for Henderson, I'll break your face .... 
Bunny rabbit . . . Sammy's pebble . . . Hershey ... I thought 
Izzy broke up with her . . . House cum . . . L-Dearly isn't with 
us anymore . . . Filburt . . . Apathetic V.P . . . Bill Zembeck 
. . . Kessler, no more pork . . . House cum . . . Option . . . 
Wassupp . . . Ritt-dog for steward . . . Quay or Blob, 6-0 . . . 
Batteino . . . Random . . . The leopards head . . . Sigs party 
. . . Snakin' . . . Tep annex . . . The worse guy . . . 
Maaatthheeww you jerk . . . Ry Vooter . . . Funky's one-man 
road trip . . . Ken & Barbie . . . Yellow man . . . Kessler's 
greasy spoon . . . Mr. Bill . . . Male-Neil new rock for the bags 
. . . S & M Enterprises . . . Bosco-wifeline . . . Hariet . . . 
Baltimore . . . Woody call your ducks . . . Too many wives in 
the house . . . A million hits . . . Bonfire in the party room . . . 
Korchak Encyclopedia, Inc. . . . Karen, where's dinner . . . 
The old man . . . Dave Z . . . Scotty & Duece in the same room 
. . . What's a budget? . . . J.O. founding father of Phi 
Broadhead . . . Oonker . . . Bomze, where's Duke? . . . Beamd 
. . . Craig & Dave Garen. 


ROW fc A. Acker, S. Butler- ROW 2: B. Geruis,]. SteigelfestJ. Bolkin, G. Zelman, 
S. Garfinkel, A. Pomerance; ROW 3: M. Grubelich, S. Brown, P. Detweiler,D. 
George, G. Strauss, R. Zankel.J. YeatonJ. Butterly, P. Swark, S.Jennings, B. 
Tannenbaum, B. Weitzner, M. Wilson. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: . . . What's black and 
blue and hops from bed to bed? . . . Tuna Casserole . . . 
This place is too preppie for me . . . Envelope yourself in 
illusions . . . Bow Ties and Ruggies . . . It's all hear-say 
. . . 949 Across-Ethel Barmore, famous quotation . . . Am 
I supposed to be counting? . . . What's this boat for? . . . 
Congratulations Al . . . Sailing at Midnight . . . The 
SHRINE. . . I'd just like to take some measurements . . . 
Modified Scrabble . . .Dream Whip. . . 3 hour meetings 
. . . I'm sterile . . . Milk and Cookies . . . Grasshoppers 
and Mint Chocolate Chip Sundaes . . . Neil H. Kaplitz 
. . . My, what a big knife! ... A lesson in misdirection 
. . . Normality is but a flavor in the desert . . . Salmon 
legs and Chicken Fingers . . . Being a goldfish . . . His 
dog Astro . . . Wrestling in the living room . . . 
Worshiping the vacuum cleaner . . . CLUTCH . . . Clean 
off the walls . . . The FMA and Personal Checking 
Accounts . . . 6000 phone calls per day . . . But it tastes 
better in a parfait glass . . . Bob who? . . . Attack of the 
killer Christmas tree . . . Bolts, Zank, Jasper, Zelmo, 
Zigfield, Toy, Bonzo, Hick, Buzzy T. Bear, Mongo, Butts, 
Father Barry, His boy Elroy, Deno, Angie, and all the rest 
wish the class of 1980 the best luck. 


pi in 1 [ 

ROW 1: L. Pucilowshi, M. Spector, S. Kelly, K. McDermott, C. Herald; ROW 2: L. 
Weissman, L. Yearsly,]. Frank, L. Chirchillo, L. Agourdis, S. Hautzinger, D. Goetz; 
ROW 3: P. Rooney, D. Kuchka, M. Feagles, B. Crits, C. Paul, M. Allen, C. Miller, J. 
Balaskas, M. Boyd; ROW 4: R. Eustace, A. Klein, L. Lutz, A. Blew, E. Fontaine, L. 
Simpson, N. Wortzel. 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

Where's our composite? . . . Princeton Weekends 
. . . Missy's lamb collection . . . chicken fingers . . . 
Miss Lehigh Valley . . . Super Pledge . . . Hotel 
party . . . rocket salad . . . Hey Nina, what's the 
SCOOP . . . Pledge unification . . . wild weekends 
in Connecticut . . . Murph: Saint or Sinner? . . . And 
we made love, love, love! . . . Sue H. — Madame of 
the Pantry . . . We'll call her Bambi . . . Where's your 
pledge pin? . . . Southern Comfort and hay in the bed 
. . . Phi Kap Sweetheart . . . Did you get your hopes 
up and did he get his up? . . . Connie, tell the truth 
. . . Those Pocono girls!!! . . . Dizzzy Desi and 
L.U.S.T.Y. Laura . . . Reenie Rooney, Rooster, Rooter 
. . .Wallowing. . . Duh — and damn proud of it! . . . 
Jerry Kuchka . . . Senior Drinking Team's Manny- 
tory Meetings . . . Sharan, Uncle Sam wants you . . . 
Ultimate . . . Caroline, tell us, what is the correlation 
co-efficient? . . . Chugging with DU . . . Delirious 
hair ... So Laura, have you found your car yet? . . . 
And who were you with last night? 


. . . Girl Scout Blum . . . Ten 
Heart-throbs, Please . . . Margo, since 
when does it take an hour to walk from 
DU to the gates? . . . Wild Irish Rose 
. . . Meredith's rubber hooks . . . 
Health Center gives group rates on 
crutches . . . Patti — wrestling 
groupie . . . Greek Week T-Shirts 
finally! . . . English majors, right, 
Leona! . . . Two engagements . . . 
Dianne, one scoop of ice cream or two? 
. . . Carol marries a black licorice 
tycoon . . . Alice B. Marketeer . . . 
Bitter herbs . . . Dee Dee comes to 
town . . . "for pep and vitality and lots 
of fun . . ." . . . Good luck Always — 
Doris, Connie, Duh, Allie, Caroline, 
Bethie, Judy, Murph, Sharan, Carol, 
Megger, and Lauren! 



ROW 1: K. Benner, W. Weiss, S. Pedigo, M. Conner, A. Cruz; ROW 
2: L. Herzfeld, D. Gash, R. Golomh, L. Rebur. L. Mascolo, K. Sircely, 
E. Schwartz, L. Ruulh.J. Lachman; ROW 3: D. Melega, K. Holl, S. 
Karpuli, V. Votto, S. Beidleman, P Kaercher, A. Grossman, A. 
Lewnes, M. Leugers, R Beaver, S. Goldfarb; ROW 4: D. Depew, D. 

Waldron, M. Saccomano,]. LAndegren, M Lesslie, G. O'Neill, C. 
Goldman, K. Burke, L. Horn, K. Rtiltie, M. Keating, K. Stiller. L. 
Eisenhart; ROW 5: N. Winkler. J. Kuvin, K. Moncher, P. Kapur, L. 
Cline, B. Tun, T. Sillimun, L. Dippre, M. D'Ambrosia, R. Kossin, L. 
Gallo, S. Husono, A. Gomez, J. McDermott. 


Alpha Phi has another great year . . . Alicia's roaming hand during theme 
practice . . . Frank, Alpha Phi hair dresser . . . disco roller skating . . . 
going wild at Sigma Nu . . . June's midnight escapade to Sammy . . . 
Terrific 22 Pledges . . . Kappa Iota Nu Chapter . . . Hewey, Dewey, and 
Lewey . . . Snorfing Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies at Pub Nights 
. . . What, Another Candlepassing? ... A double candlepassing? . . . 
Phi-ddlers on the Roof, scenery done at 3 a.m. . . . Do we have a cook? 
. . . Ask Alicia to tell her ant stories . . . Well, we had waiters . . . 
Pavlov's Ginny at Fairleigh Dickinson . . . Baarb Tan . . . The Golden 
Retrievers. . . Magic Cookie Bars . . . Our President wears black leather 
overalls and drives a motorcycle . . . Ask R.G. what pinning means at 
Crow ... Is that an Alpha Phi behind those Foster Grants? . . . What's 
our secret handshake? . . . Looks like Aurora . . . Alpha Phi Cutlass 
Club, Toyota's too . . . Someone's father is locked in our bathroom . . . 
Tails and TFS, The Golden, and Boggle . . . Who's got chocolate cake 
under their fingernails? . . . steward patrol uniforms . . . K.B.'s debut at 
the Panhel ball . . . Have you hugged your teddy bear today? . . . Sue K. 
loves athletics, and athletes . . . Landshark . . . Wear lampshades much 
Annie and Kathy? . . . Tracey, aren't you ever in a bad mood? . . . No 
more song practice, is it a major or a minor? . . . Donna eating the cake 
icing. . . Why does Debi do so well in chemistry? . . . Congratulations to 
all of the Alpha Phi pin-ups! . . . Love is a Rose . . . Amie . . .Paradise 
. . . Hating going to Kappa Sig . . . Alpha Phi wrestling mat maidens . . . 
Andrea goes Sassoon . . . Crush party . . . Someone's got to be the best 
. . . General Hospital . . . Abusing T.S. in Panhel bathroom . . . M.D., 
our token fishstick lover . . . You know, the bookends . . . de-bulk . . . 
pink eye strikes . . . L.H.'s bet really paid off. . . The M.I. A. chapter of 
Alpha Phi, S.M., B.H., E.B., D.A., T.S., M.W., B.S., . . . Alpha Phi 
weekend mascot, Sundance . . . Go for the thumb . . . Bozo . . . Chicken 
T's . . . And to our seniors: Joanie, Wendy, Loris, M.B., Ginny, Linda, 
Karen, Tracey, Diane, Nancy, and Ruthie, Alpha Phi Love and Best 
Wishes Always! 

Sights We'll Never See . . . 

Randi owning a Donna Summer album . . . June passing Acctg 51 . . .A 
Social Budget in the Green . . . A front door without a sign . . . a mellow 
party . . . Annie looking un-preppie . . . L. Rebar in sloppy clothes . . . 
A cook for more than a month . . . June the C.P.A. ... A Quorum at a 
House Meeting . . . Andrea seeing a N.J.B. . . . leftovers . . . Alicia not 
saying, "Hey you guys" ... an unlocked refrigerator . . . Aurora at 
Kappa Sig . . . D.D. with a crew cut . . . Jackie sitting down at a disco 
. . . Kris not rocking ... a Jockette house . . . Moncher not munching 
. . . Glenn's pin . . . Debi on the bus . . . Aurora or Lisa with a zit . . . 
R.K.'s missing a DU party . . . L.D. not at a football game or a cocktail 
party . . . Alcohol when the field rep is here . . . Joanie being shy . . . 
full IM participation . . . The library or snack bar without a Phi in it. 

Alpha Phi 


ROW 1- M. Grimes,] TannenJ. Burke, K. Chin, T. Synton, M. Weller, B 
Benge D. Donovan, \Haist,J. Slayton; ROW 2; T. Donahue, D. Schirmer, 
SiLnr 1 Blee "} e £ r -, D,P '° z , z 1 ?- C - Holliday, B. O'Neal, M. Mjaatvedt, F. 
Sine, D. LowneJ. Cooke; ROW 3: D. Knauss, G. Gabuzda, L Hunter T 

Potash, J. Lavender, B. Reitz; ROW 4: S. Nichols, L. AnlettaJ. Meinhardt, 
K. UngerJ. Mazel, P. Runkle, S. Siwiec, S.Jensen, B. Carroll, K. Depew, C. 
Crockett, Baldwin, C. Heverly, B. Shriver, S. Wainwright 


Alpha Sigma Phi 

Fuc'in Squirrels! . . . Raaash . . . The Phantom . . . R.D. . . . M.D. 

. F.D. . . . Double D . . . RZ and the death of Darth . . . The 
' scoreboard . . .Party!. . .#linIM's. . .Later. . . That kind of guy 
.... Atta boy! . . . Now you're talkin' . . . Can't the Shah cry too? . . . 
Stanley Tool ... A piece of Thurman Munson . . . ZOTS . . . 
Remember, always be a gendeman . . . Sociables & Unfriendlies . . . 
Sponge Material . . . Fart detector . . . Loser, not a groover . . . The 
Golden Rule. . . Fluuuush . . . Jeeeesus Christ, Chippar, how are ya? 
. . . Senior assholes . . . oooh Tara! . . . CDRS . . . Snaking sisters 
. . .Hump the shit out of 'em. . . Cortez . . . some things will get done 
and some things won't . . . kezz-a-do . . . Smoke stack . . . 
Stuuuuuuu!!! . . . The Ducks . . . The HOC . . . Scar Woman . . . 
That fancy red car . . . The Pink Pony . . . Your life's out of control . . . 
ROTC Patrol . . . how are ya? . . . Do any sharkin' lately . . . Dave? 
... I'd do it but I wouldn't want to! 


■ ;■ i 

... r-' : 






ROW 1: N. Minn, R. Banning, T. Freeman, K. Hoy, B. Funnell, P. Fioretti, 
R. WoolbertJ. Roberts, B. Romeo, J. Hawk, T. ODonnell, D. HebnerJ. 
Burgoyne; ROW 2: G. Huffman, C. Marshall, D. McMorrow, R. Ferrara, T. 
Knoop, M. Hessinger, S. Gimigliano, T. lobst, P. Sykes, S. Michels, D. 

Smith,!. D'AmbrisiJ. Davidson, S. Killian, H. Klein; ROW 3: G. 
Batchelder, E. Morgan, A. Jacobs, J. Herrigel, N. Colligan, R. Sachse, R. 
Witte, S. Tanen,]. McCarthy R. Jiranek, S. Mitchell, T. Lambert, P. 
Shouvlin,J. Baglivo, D. Moyle. 


In Memorium 

David Per Hellekjaer 


ROW 1: F. Mastraccio, D. Graff, M. Haase, E. Tulskie, R. Lucas, D. 
Marlward, B. NelchJ. Pedroty; ROW 2: J. Pratt, D. Hagarty, C. 
Verrelman F Cassavell,]. Driscoll, M.Jaindl, B. Lawton, M. Miller, J. 
Misko B. BodnerJ. Durkin, S. RickerichJ. O'Sullivan, K. Kopp, B. 

Smith, R. Bomgardner, R. Hommers.'B. Cohen; ROW 3: C.Mark, D. 
Ryan, B. Bartle, T. Desalvo, R. McConnell,B. Heylman, F. Nicholson, J>. 
Worley, G. ManionJ. Mudri. 


Beta Theta Pi 

Party Animal . . . Love to love ya baby . . . babile . . . 
Making plans for Nigel . . . Zeus . . . Where's my glasses, 
chuuug . . . A-roo, A-tee and Loria . . . Buzzies . . . Here I 
come. . . Wow, that was a smelly one . . . There's more than 
one way to talk to puppets ... I didn't snap out I was just 
kidding . . . When they're through with O, they go down for 
Tulskie . . . The wresding man . . . That was another one of 
Siobhan's ugly faces . . . If you can't stand the fire, get out of 
the water . . . Penalty, whisdes down . . . Wha-ta-ta-ta . . . 
It's my birthday, chuuug! . . . Whiting gets sores from bar 
duty . . . Hey Mitch, can she play something in F as in Fat 
. . . Peppy, gynecology before med-school? . . . No stretch, 
there's no beach in Orlando . . . If I had a grenade, I'd blow 
him up . . . Come on Bung, 2 minutes in the bathroom and 
I'm locked out. . . Hey Stu, you taking Acct. 52 over? — F~k 
No, I don't want to waste credits! . . . Now that Hose took it to 
his room, where's Trumper going to go? . . . How old is she? 
. . . Hey, you want a fork to chug that beer . . . Here's to the 
dinner, . . . Keats, Cappy wants to know when your sisters 
coming up . . . Doug wants to know where Roger is . . . 
Eddie, Are you really the American Gigolo? ... I hope I get 
more right than wrong . . . Love to . . . Mitch, got enough 
zippers in those pants? . . . Worley's Farm . . . Put your lips 
in your mouth . . . Rog, Linda or Linderman? . . . Rich and 
Suzy make quite a pear . . . Wakie, Mitch, Kevin, Bung, 
Doug, Welchman, Mike, Tulskie, Haase, Bill, Airhead, Mark, 
Don, Turk, Brad, Sick Vic, Dubin, Hose, Trumper, Roger, Del, 
Stu, Puss, Peppy, Humjob, Denny, Steve, Buck, Guido, 
Stretch, Craig, Johnny O, Rick, Tony, Smitty, Keats, Pat, Mark, 
Grits, Wobo, Fran, Frank, Jim, Taz, Scott. 

—* "t: <*>a'--, 


ROW 1: A. Roggebano, B. Parkes, R. Glemser, T.Cunningham J. 
Phikham C Ortiz E.Pennel.D.PorterJ.Bower.M. Sinclair; ROW 2:]. 
RoederG.Andre'assi, M. Ries, S. Van Winkle T -TMasJ Kurtz,]. 
Gicking, K. Kruger, B. GentzUnger, A. Pena, B. Bailie, G. Peck, J. 

Enright ]. Lambariello, G. Gorski; ROW 3: D. Ryan E Suarez, £ 
Shoemaker, B. CasparianJ. Shalleck, A. Prince, B. GentzUnger, G. 

i Chi Phi 

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? . . .Hey Wow Man. . . 
Three O'clock wakeups . . . Major reconstruction . . . Are the 3 
stooges awake yet? . . . Ries gets a brain . . . Dicktails on Friday 
... Is Barclay's girlfriend sick again? . . . Alright — who took 
their shoes off? . . . How's your back, stomach, ears, etc.? . . . 
Turn out those lights! . . . The big 'D' does it out the nose again 
. . . Where's second gear . . . U.C. stairclimb . . . Another 
G-slinger? . . . Who wants to be Eta? . . . "I'm looking for my 
buddies" . . . "Can I borrow your stapler?" . . . How's White 
Plains in the fall? . . . If we give him a bid, do we have to give one 
toK.G.?. . .Antonio? — he's not here now . . . Liebel's wedding 
with brother Jim in the can . . . Dave gets stripped on the dance 
floor. . . Trash your deck . . . Get me a coke, I'll drop the change 
down . . . George's room is growing again . . . Mastercharge it! 
. . . Fifty on the bar . . . The after lunch backgammon 
tournaments . . . Full house for the zone ... 25 on the beach 
. . . Thang . . . Drop 100 on the dogs . . . Too many rejections, 
not enough jobs . . . But I thought my interview went well . , . 
Penn State is not the State Penn . . . Can I borrow the keys? . . . 
Give it to Andy, he'll eat anything . . . nine tried, but they all 
struck out . . . Parents weekend with mom and dad . . . no, I 
can't, I'm faithful . . . Jump! ... Go back! Go Back!!! . . . It's 
M*A*S*H hour . . . Grand L.A. . . . Road trip to P-burg . . . 
Have you seen my clock . . . New rugs next semester . . . 
Because he was dead . . . Goodbye from — Edwierdo, the Dune, 
Rinse, Quartz, Bobo, G-slinger, and last but least Dickwhack . . . 


■R "SI 5 

iniir I 

Rogusky, T. McCann, P. Bugbee, D. Poole. 


H . f ■ 

Chi Psi 

Buttwax . . . Manster . . . the Gunn . . . Whisper . . . Pin-Fever 

— Catch It! . . . Blue Hen Moaner . . . A-Chew . . . Gordie's 
glory sabatical at Tahoe . . . Ev gets handcuffed ... Hi Matt . . . 
Supah seniors . . . Heimy-filled donuts . . . Chip, Danny & Q 

— Geo 1 tutors . . . Father Strait's sermons . . . Hey Spike, any 
beautiful babes? . . . Y & B crowd . . . Kevvy — Mail call — 
Whoop-whoop . . . Fergbee, what's on the box . . . Jeff caught 
BedHanded . . . Funky baah — yet so mellow . . . Dicky W. 
brainiac . . . Jimahoo . . . The Lodge does Dallas . . . Pid can't 
cope . . . Gerry's dial-a-homework . . . Wetsy-Betsy and 
backgammon . . . Who were those masked men? . . . Vineeee 

. . . Floyd Turbo . . . Tyler does N.Y. . . . Disco Dehler . . . 
Where's Bier? Rm. 269 St. Lukes! . . . Chief, you sorry ass . . . 
No Dino, she's pinned . . . Hey Dove, wake up! . . . Larr, have 
another cheeseburger! . . . Brroedan! . . . Thanks for the carpet, 
Mike . . . Charlie Manson . . . D.B. — Mr. Personality . . . Jan 
Michael Kieffer . . . The wound that would not heal . . . Bruce, 
did you ever think of taking lessons — please! . . . Here's 
Stone, it must be dinner . . . Vietro? With a girl? . . . Jeff M., 
calm down . . . Taz, TKO on Halloween . . . Congratulations 
Seniors! — Keep on Bollin' with the changes. 


ROW 1: E. Walsky, B. Weltman, T. Ward, J. Reiger, B. WyckoffJ. 

J. Miller, B. Rice; 

Frankenburg, T. DeBos, P. Neville, R. StrawsbureJ. Mille 
ROW 2:J. Cooper, S. Lea, C. Golden, G. Mulvihill, M. Tor 

rch, K. 

Shramko, D. Skaller, S. Turner, L. Forsythe, B. Frank, T. Basenese.N. 
Glidden, D. Weeks, D. Brajtbord, R. Charles, R. Lark, C. Drennen, B. 
Shreiber,}. Klein. 


Delta Chi 

"Hey Fellas!" . . . Good to have you back Gene . . . Q-the poster child 
. . . Tose . . . Prince and counting-one . . . Peep-Bambino . . . disco 
. . . Ubangee chugs . . . Darts . . . Isaac Quillen . . . Drink for 
extraneous . . . Q2 . . . Bub . . . Red Eye! . . . Reckless Abandon . . . 
Coop(Hon-ey!) . . . Slush Sours . . . Riggs . . . Scoop Miller . . . Norm's 
foolproof barf bags . . . East . . . Uncle Du . . . Gay Fag Swimmers . . . 
Bud-St. Lois Scrooge . . . Mary Poppins and St. Thomas . . . Neville 
Couch . . . Foreplay — shine your head for a quarter? . . . "I never met a 
Chem E I really liked." . . . Gene(Mo-vy!) . . . Veggie-eat but don't 
swallow . . . Whip cream and balloons('T swear it wasn't mine, guys") 
. . . Wee Willy Welteman . . . SSSSSSnake! . . . Only Jesus saves . . . 
Burgalar Checkstill (sorry Emory) . . . Dead Cat — Riggs pussy . . . 
Crusher . . . Bobby Bohunk . . . Golden's Octaroon . . . Dumbach — U 
Combach? . . . Kaptain Kenna(Yata) . . . the Keg . . . The 215 area code 
syndrome. . . Pear Shaped Chem E . . .Bret — "who's shirts and who's 
skins?"(DX vs. BSU) . . . Anderson graduates? — Finally . . . Torque it 


Tom Duboth . . . Tall, Dark, and Disco 

. Greeker Runsssss 
. . . Drennen's half gainer . . . Cold Dorm Tours . . . False Ack . . . 
Shymon's Corner . . . The Stevens Sports Dynasty . . . Splinter . . . 
Fred and Sal — "phone call Fred — in the Annex" . . . Buns ... La 
Machine. . . B. Boofoo . . .Rocky. . .Willy — "how do you know when 
you're high?" . . . Ken and Fred — Sonic Vibrations . . . "Joe, why don't 
you play some MUSIC?\ . . . Coop is in his room(If you can find him) . . . 
Orca . . . Doctor Dimo . . . Foos . . . Out but OUT! . . . T.W.A.T. Team 
II . . . "Disco, don't you ever sleep? . . . Good night Gene. 


ROW 1: P. Grimes, D. Mielie, L. Margerison, P. Shiebly, A. Wiess, D. Watkins, T. 
Gulliger; ROW 2:/. Marshall J. Neimeister, E. Shniender, M. Dorherty,J. 
Fetermann, P. Glover, P. Stern; MISSING: Stain. 


Delta Phi 

Not at all . . . Somfage ... I just don't 
know . . . Up the shupt . . . What the 
faa . . . Babblage! . . . Clutch Joe 
Key! . . . Calhuuuuun 
Beeeeeeeeet! . . . What a concept . 
Snow storm upstairs (Blizzard) 
Nonsensical . . . Big! 
Interesting!? . . . U.S.B. . . . Mega! 
. . . Going to Manny's? — It's 
Thursday isn't it!? . . . Party in 
Glover's room . . . What, are you 
kidding me? . . . What, are you 
looking for trouble . . . I'm screwed, 
I'm screwed ... In the Veg . . . 
Marxian attitude . . . Splidash . . . 
Long live the Phaser . . . Whatnot . . . 
Tubage . . . Rock and Roll Animal! 
. . . Slum control? . . . Didilysquat 
. . . The Implement Rocks . . . B.F. 
. . . Naaaah. 



ROW 1: M. Conte, M. Bina, K. Maydick, Kiley, B. Klutz; 
ROW 2: J. Schieffer, W. NialJ. Cohen, M. Von Bradsky, B. 
Settle, C. DaxJ. Hearon, D. Nemeth, M. Selzer; ROW 3: R. 
Trench, J. Ansilmin, C. Silberman, M. Wodeschick, T. 

Spehelski,J. Gesford,). Neiman, D. Tartaglia, C. Berta, E. 
Schnabel, T. Lowe, D. Kiselik, A. Hollingsworth, D. 
Bourque, T. Nealley, B. Spehelski, A. Okada; ROW 4: B. 
Gibson, B. O'Crady, B. Vantzer. 


Loser . . . Look up in the sky, it's Claire in the air . . . Profit sharing 
. . . They have my sympathy, but not my monetary support . . . 
Pierogies . . . House record . . . Delta Sigma Chi??? . . . bunch of 
country whats??? . . . the 252 dollar debate . . . drugline . . . Goldie 
taking over in the small cold dorm for Smirty . . . Stormin Norman . . . 
Armadillo . . . rubber machine ... is Mr. Neally there? . . . 
N-E-A-L-L-E-Y . . . All university weightlifting champs . . . Where 
does H. live now??? . . . Walt, 13Vfe semesters and a helluva lot of beer 
. . . Turg in the commodities market??? ... I lost a red tie . . . hotel 
parties . . . faculty pub night . . . where did all these pledges come 
from???. . . Christmas pubnite . . . Schieffer sucks . . . stand up . . . 
Whitey returns . . . Trench's eight girl friends . . . pay your 
housebills or else . . .Von — My brothers I'm sorry I haven't fixed the 
Dining room lights . . . Tuna's roach farm present . . . South 
Bethlehem Coalition . . . nice manicorti — MGC . . . Maydick's 
spaghetti. . . but lady, we didn't shoot your kid . . . Abuse the kids of 
S. Beth, pubnite . . . eggs + beer = farts . . . Rutger's loser pledges 
. . . what happened to Zero??? . . . Amaretto & Soda . . .Turg — Dax 
boxing match . . . Wes . . . flush this guy . . .let him ride with the 
tidy bowl man . . . another Northampton guy . . . another bonehead 
. . .Killer. . . Sid returns . . . Conte — Mr. Tube . . .Luke. . .The 
Giants . . . Old Man Lowe . . . Hey Slim . . . void . . . Brain the 
Delta Boy . . . shot puts 22 ft . . . Delta Pig Award . . . DZO formal 
. . . there was another room?? . . . with food?? . . . Tuna leaves after 
the warmup band . . . Pete and Melissa . . . abuse . . . the last Colt 
party for Walt . . . praise Odin . . . spike the fence . . . those good ole 
Christmas presents . . . we still remember Shannon's tea . . . Fish's 
"Yeah" . . . Bellaran's roller skates . . . Bourque's "pitiful" . . . 
Bourgue boxing . . . he's going to KO the ref . . . Can you see 
Norway??? . . . Louie flexes for the babes at pubnites . . . Nemerh's 

Delta Sigma Phi 

first drunken housemeeting . . . if you don't move I'll hit you . . . Dr. 
Whitey O'Sullivan . . . Chem. E. 426?, I wrote the book . ". . Dax the 
Chem. E. . . . Brain's Christmas cards from the pig . . . Jim — WOW 
. . . Poops — the real house manager . . . Woody — did you have to 
take the SAT's to be a gov't major?? . . . housemeeting Oh Noooo . . . 
Zote's party . . . Sandra and the dear John ... A new barroom . . . 
Deming visits the house . . . Jenks — Cohen gammon touniey . . . 
Genny cream . . . Okada the human Christmas tree . . . Beach party 
. . .Star Trek. . . M*A*S*H . . . release, release . . .two. . .beach 
wrestling . . . do it in the sand . . . Sue Geranium . . . 99 I love you 
... he ate the ace of spades . . . Dax will drink for anything . . . 
Jenkins can throw up and still keep walking . . . Amazon . . . 
wilderbeast . . . while my parent's are here I don't have a motorcycle 
. . . CCC women . . . Schiefferstein . . . Hotel . . . Gesford the Stud 
. . . Sid is dead . . . Andy Okada — eastern boxing champ . . .on to 
the nationals . . . the penguin is dead . . . TEP's non-party . . . 
College Bowl — Loser's Club . . . Commander . . . spring . . . 
softball . . . golf tourney . . . do a little dickin . . . DZO wishes luck 
and a thank you to Gary, Chuck, Andy, Kevin, Ward, Jeff, Turg, and the 
living legend — Walt . . . overall great year. 


ROW 1: U. Keeney, M. Giduch; ROW 2:/. Macellara, T. Pinnie R. l^^R-Kirshner^ MRoos, MJauK J^f'^f'^ „ 

Pehake, W. ShortsJ. McCormick, W. Parker; ROW 3: R. Mills, B. Ghezzt; ROW 4: P. Mercun, B. Higley, D. Dalton, K. btorn, M. 

Amtman, C. Andres, M.Whalen.S. Allinson, E. Fallon, B. 

Crowe, L. Pierro. 


DELT CRUSH . . . Certified . . . The Hump . . . I'm nationwide 
. . . Duke & Bear, S. Hounds . . . AIN'T NO STOPPIN' US NOW 
. . . Nice nose . . . GEZ . . . Superham with the supercan . . . Spaz 
. . . Tiny . . . Hey Shurts, springball . . . The Wad . . . Wedgehead 
. . . Dunlap's Disease . . . Goin' out . . . The Death Pig . . . Cap'n 
Falk with whistle berries . . . Joe & Mike coolie labor . . . Lingus & 
Pappy?!? . . . Here R.I. P. . . . Who's the steward . . . Who's the 
caboose . . . Stinky . . . The Love Machine . . . Bird . . . "But if 
everybody did that" . . . MANIAC . . . Where's my Ger Ger . . . 
Dirty Howie . . . Power . . . Ears . . . MAX KO'd . . . Keeney, 
where's your chin . . . Albert . . . What are you going to do with that? 
. . . Muhammad Raul . . . Semen Bros . . . Riptide . . . Pudhead . . . 
Lou Porno . . . Duck, Rocky III . . . The Count . . . Alumni 
$50,000?? HA HA . . . What happened to your head, Buck? . . .Mills, 
learn to ride your bike outside . . . Stoneface . . . Macellera . . .Hey 
Joe, Get up. . . Three "F" . . .CRANK it up. . . Schlong . . .Buddy 
Ant . . . TONY, shut up, if you can . . . She loved it . . . what can they 
do to us . . . Rick, I don't know, but I've been told . . . NO-NO! . . . 
Main Squeeze . . . What it is . . . Dr. Lingushead . . . Football 
Champs . . . Max la Max is cold-blooded . . . Wad the sleeping 
Wonder . . . Albert and Jenny . . . Skippy the TV repairman . . . Late 
night screamers . . . Balcony window exhibitions ... Is this the way 
to the Delta house? . . . Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo . . . The sacred 
hump . . . Wedgehead — "Yes Sir Coach" . . . Caulfield & Shurts — 
IM dieting champs . . . Pam Phase II . . . Commander and the Death 
Pig . . . Tony Pinnie and his bad hot air . . . Demolition Parker . . . 
Who's the Steward . . . Buddy Ant in the WAIT room . . . Buck: Skoal 
brother . . . What a pledge class . . . Who will ever forget Pledge 
Night?. . . We're the best, the closest . . . Delts going wild again . . . 
I did a lot of growing up back then . . . On Time . . . You sleep down 
at Richards again . . . Max'in out . . . Bulkin' up . . . Greek Week 
champs once again . . . Unbelieveable IM Football . . . Mabder, 
where's the beer? 

Delta Tau Delta 


ROW 1: fl. Garris, B. Creideli, A. BinderJ. Mackie, G. Machekis; ROW 
2: T. Wocklish, E. YaszemskiJ. Liberty, J. Fultz, K. Timmennan, D. 
Craven, Melony, D. Maybury; ROW 3: S. Plucsinsky,!. Mahlbacher, R. 
Synder, D. Hernandez, F. Pastuck, F. Rudisill, G. Dillemuth, B. 

Paulsgrove, B. Kelly, M. Remforth, Sam, D. Szablowski, R. Hutley, E. 
Jordan, P. Gakos, R. Petkos, D. Swanson, P. Maxwell, A. Wetzel, W. 
Verost, C. WacykJ. Butkus. 


Delta Upsilon 

Grain & the Brain . . . Grain has many 
redeeming qualities . . . Along with Wings, 
that made a voyage from Buffalo to Bethlehem 
accompanying Bellushi cheese . . . Larry got 
all bent out of shape at Doc's Bar Mitzvah . . . 
since the semi-formal event got off the ground, 
everyone was well toasted . . . 'Chines also 
shared the limelight . . . Mel refused to let 
Bulk, because Whose-a-Who reigned supreme 
. . . Scagmutt appears occasionally, but to 
everyone's dismay . . . BuBu liked 
Washington much better than Harrisburg . . . 
Beer is best, but Bladders should be made 



M M 




ROW 1: G McBean, V. Greene, G. Marotta, T. Deutsch, L. Taylor, R. 
Wilde, K. Stealer- ROW 2: S. Fortney, K. Frock, S Perkins, K. Thompson, 
B Hall C. Ehrens; ROW 3: C. Moon, L. Shnorbus, L. Kontgsberg M 
Haas D Casazza, C. Barker, P. D'Apolito, S. VanCraeynest, K. Manik, 

A. McCoy, A. Hackenberg; ROW 4: W. Bollman,S Davis R Evans, D. 
Dally, T Kalmbach, C. Pike, P. Mentzer, L. MacGill, S. Bushmann, D. 
Farkas, L. Cohen. 


Gamma Phi Beta 

Sarah, from Poppa's girl to Pappas' girl . . . Weekends were 
made in the mountains for Donna Marie and Andrew . . . 
Dean Wormer scouts a rock with PEP . . . The French Fry 
and the Zeta Potata . . . Lauren Rigby blew Sweethearts with 
a shot . . . The All American takes Wendy out of line . . . 
Herro Is Erne ther? Ah kno she ther? Call tamara monin? . . . 
Hawaiian punch leaves Roz green . . . Halloween FLASHES 
by with Debbie Lu . . . Montclaor and Pedro . . . Lekker 
quits 302 to Social-ize . . . MK DIGS at least six feet, 
click-click . . . Janine Rushes to the California altar . . . 
D'Aps is floored at the formal . . . Christina has a BALL in 
Europe . . . The steward cooks at Theta Xi . . . Late night 
pledge activity at Sigs for Carol . . . Bonnie likes to Stick with 
Joe. . . CYNthia keeps account of FRANKlin . . . What kind 
of pin does Siegs want? . . . Haley runs the Gamma Phi 
hotline . . . Lori wants the Chapter to Develop a taste for 
kamikazes . . . LT, couldn't save Dave, couldn't dodge 
Rodge, Campisi was easy, but Phil was a thrill . . . Patty nerds 
over the wish book . . . Cranky claws at the sight of meat . . . 
Pooch wishes Denise could be a California girl . . . Wood 
Gina Helena McBeana please Reggie-ster her choice . . . Kim 
uses her rolling PIN to keep Pete warm . . . Sue's right eye 
Points West but the left looks at the rest . . . Ann extinguishes 
the Charge and scores in the field . . . Susie enjoys a little 
Hankie pankie . . . Toni Clambake gets the door prize at 
Kappa Sig . . Denise trades a tRick for a Nickel . . . Goldie 
Locks has a dyno time at Sigs . . . Torches Bern for Butler's 
return . . . Karen's love life is Rick-etty . . . Tim Bets on a 
long Haul . . . Gammy Bug Perks up at Manny's . . . Sports 
banquet play turns to spray for Moonie . . . Carol's still Stern 
after three dozen . . . Wilde reactions don't balance and cause 
a few explosions . . . Foxy Flabby Fishy Ferocious Faggy 
Phallix Fiendish Fifteen . . . Fondest Senior Memories: Who 
wants to go to Manny's . . . running through fraternities in our 
pajamas . . . Three times around for Donna, Sarah and Geri 
. . . Younger men . . . Windowsill beers . . . Pioneers over 
in the valley . . . Disco after dinner . . . Gamma Gamma 
Ding Dong . . . Brick House and pink balloons . . . We are 
Family . . . changing directions to upper hill . . . Why is 
apartment 224 locked? . . . Shots on Friday, Saturday, and 
Sunday . . . Run out of gas? Just ride in a police car! . . . 
Amy's Yale man . . . late night phone calls . . . Warmest 
wishes and love to all our departing seniors: Yvonne, Wendy, 
Sarah, Roz, Lauren, TD, Geri, Amy, Donna Marie, Leslie, 
Debbie Lu, Peggy, Liz, Ebs, Cindy, Meg, Tara, JoAnne! 


ROW 1:7. Aman, H. Wittreich, R. Adams, J. Pope, J. Entile, M. Giguere, 
D. Smith; ROW 2: G. Wittreich, K. Metier, R. Failmezger, K Preston,]. 
Felegi; ROW 3: B. RainaldiJ. ArfmanJ. Smith, D. HadleyJ. Baxter, B. 

Lagerman, B. Nyerges, B. Hogg,]. Shields, ROW 4: M. Messics, C. Finer, 
B. Blumenscheid, M. Stall. P. Dixon, J. Hildebrant, J: Macolino, B. 

Wasserman, E. Wagner, J. Wolf, M. Price. 


Kappa Alpha Society 

BOOM BOOM . . . Go For It . . . That's Reasonable . . . 
Crank . . . Southern Shots ... (is it really J.D.?) . . . 
Happy hours in the lounge . . . The punk rock crew . . . 
Eat Shit and Die letters . . . Phi Beta Kappa Kap . . . Up 
Against The Wall, M.F. . . . Southern Douche . . . 
Steward's Ten Commandments . . . tough darts . . . 
Poper's free, but Miller and Peter bite the dust . . . Don't 
worry about it . . . T.K.I. . . . Blair's Hogging . . .Pound 
your titties . . . Baxter pour ... $5 fine . . . The Gene 
Curran "I could have been squished like a clam" clam 
bake. . . Blow dry a joint . . . The boss is back . . .Pink 
eye . . . The Centenary Sniff . . . dishpan hands . . . 
Unsafe at any speed . . . Celebrity Backpacker . . . 
Vacuums in the night ... Is there jazz in heaven . . . 
Noogies . . . Who-ha . . . B.F.? . . . Egg Stains . . . 
Flushing glasses . . . She was only sixteen . . . Have a 
beer, Amen . . . I'm pretty good . . . Blasting Kap . . . 
Irish sweepstakes . . . The international Playboy . . . 
Singing valentine . . . Sparky . . . Rent a fish — floaters 
are cheap . . . Schnozz . . . The gook and the 
mute(silence) . . . G.andT's . . . Third in the Trot . . . 
Did Poper fall out of bed? . . . If you pull the string will 
she talk? . . . Yo-Yo . . . Lagerload snores . . . The Kap 
garage . . . Gomer's pile . . . Caution! wide loads . . . 
F.U.B.A.R. . . . Not necessarily . . . Tessie . . . The 
Champagne bet . . . Do Do Do — Do, Do Do . . . Toot 
Toot Waddle Waddle . . . Lick the Pussies . . . Fridays at 
the Ho ... J type's car takes a walk . . . Hill diving . . . 
Who's riding Loss? . . . Mounds(sometimes you don't) 
. . . Finch wiring . . . Pushup magnets . . . D.K. twirls 
his rod . . . Stiff records . . . House Resser . . . AIR 
BAND. . .We're There. . . K*F*L. . . . Go for what you 
know . . . OUT GO THE LIGHTS!!! 


ROW 1: C. Gardner, P. Horning, J. Paulus, M. Bertuch, B. MilichJ. 
SalimidoJ. Noble, S. Russell, P. Campito, B. Camperson; HOW 2: 
Kokomo, S. Eattham, T. Stonier, C. Henzelman, ] . Anderson, B. 
Humiston,]. Betzu eiser, B. Hawkeye, C. Post, B Rankin, P. Mastrianni, 

E. DeLong, P. Lard, J. Herbtmer, T. Henning, C. Dunn, J. Canavan, B. 
Haas, B Steitz, D. Breisch; ROW 3: D. Spoont, D. Williams, K. Pulling, 
P. Smyk, H.Joseph, R. Kaminsky, B. Lamb, G. Goelz, K. Klinges,}. Leo 


Hey Hogger and Buds, when you say gang, you mean . . . 
BAHAMA MAMA ... Phi Kap still sucks . . . 
Congratulations boxers, two in a row . . . Thanks Fred, 
nice steps NIBs . . . Gately's fourth floor concession 
Slingers . . . "Kolka, you disgust me!" . . . "CHELDA 
. . . CHELDA . . . CHELDA" . . . Morton, you got the 
wrong dog fixed ... Bo wins it hands down this year . . . 
Shut up Rankin . . . 3rd & 4th semi-annual slide shows 
. . . Hey Paul, I mean Walter, I mean Dunnie . . . Hey 
Molsky, at least you'll always have a place to hang your 
hate . . . Herbener . . . Harley and Mac, we'll be back 
next semester . . . "And Loving It" . . . Most intelligent 
looking: Sal . . . Most distinguished looking: McGill . . . 
Best physique: Dolt . . . Marcus, Breeze, Tommy, Hadji, 
Lopik, Howard . . . Hummer, have you gotten waaaasted 
lately? . . . Weird Stu . . . You think that's funny Edgar? 
. . . 6th & 7th semi-annual House Crawl . . . Studio 54 
. . . Heaven and Hell . . . Bull, how was it having two in 
a single? — You and Joe! . . . HAAS-HOLE . . . Tini, 
Hawkman, Spider, Rande, Bobby, RP, Joe, Steve, Postie, 
Lordy, Ted, Pete, Smooth, Q-man, Greg, Smykie . . . Sue, 
glad you had a nice time — right Brad! . . . Ham, blown 
lunch in your bed lately? . . . Thank God for no Herman 
or disco this year . . . Carl, not only are you whipped, but 
you are a woman to boot! . . . Coop, seconds to a pledge! 
. . . Hick, the braces came off your teeth, but your name is 
still on the list! . . .No — balls, take it easy, don't work so 
hard next semester . . . Scruff, did she say she loved you 
too? . . . SPOONT . . . Stoney, planning any trips to the 
Far East this year? . . . Cromwell, you went from the 
flatlands to the moguls! . . . Fester, shave your neck . . . 
John, even Mary couldn't get you off the list . . . Chip, 
how was it living with Nick, Kim and the two dogs? . . . 
Donnie, I guess the next time we see you will be at your 
wedding . . . Campy, how do you do it? . . . So long to 
the fourth floor crew: Hick, Donnie, Bull, Penis, Stoney, 
Fester, Cromwell, Scruff, Gates, Morton, Campy and the 
Bird . . . Good luck in your retirement Blanche, we all 
love you! 

Kappa Sigma 


Pledge Project 


ROW 1: M. Malone, C. Ramsey, D. Krouse, C. Keck, B. Cumber, G. 
Yarnis, V. Fagan, P. Arienti, W. Kirwan, M. Memolo, E. Hallahan, A. 
Gesner; ROW 2: R.Jones, J. Schatz, M. Higgins, M. McLaughlin, D. 
Grow, D. Blaine, K. Acherboom, V. Rosen, R. Dobbie, P. Bailey; ROW 3: 
S. Perlmutter, S. Zaretsky.J. Wright, B. Bodwell,J. Engelhart, C. 

Pavelich, P. Latter, B. Kesel, M. Goodman, L. Finnegan, K. Parke, S. 
McMahon,J. Apgar, V.Joo,J. Spongier, K. Silbert,]. Quarmleu, R. 
Peterszak, B. McCoy, S. Reynolds, G. Smith, D. Fullmer, R. Porter,]. 
Tepefinko, S. Lerner,]. Eichenfield. 


Crank out another one . . . Where's the front door? . . . We 
traded it for a hopper seat . . . Jesse, it's 8:00 . . . Football 
roadtrips . . . Goalpost casualties . . . Saturday morning 
Bloody Marys ... It WILL be a success . . . Mmmm, that 
waitress at Benetz! . . . The Cold Dorm Suite . . .Zoom!. . . 
Meadowlands . . . Fondue a la balcony . . . Ring . . . 
Reynold's disease . . . Perl, where's your roommate? . . . 
Artsies have it made . . . "Cruel to be Kind" . . . The Smilin' 
Jack Look-Alike Contest . . . Marty wants civilness at dinner 
. . . Hey Bill, let's have a conclave! . . . Ring . . . Joe Cool 
doesn't answer the phone . . . Jesse, it's 11:00 . . .Our Cedar 
Crest buddies . . . Send Liz a housebill . . . Harv's School of 
Driving . . . Schwartz! . . . What Stu? Talk louder! . . . New 
Years Eve in Glenn's room . . . Don't touch my Captain 
Crunch! . . . Anyone found to be sick or old will be put to 
sleep. . .Scarf. . . Broken noses . . . Pigdog memorial stew 
. . . G-Psider will be our sometime . . . Buy your own soap 
. . . Engie Baby's letters . . . Pete's dinner guests . . . 
Grapenuts and baked beans in a glass of milk . . . Jesse, it's 
2:00. . . Neh!. . . Profigliano! . . . If it's Friday, this must be 
fish ... I just can't live on $180 a week . . . Stirred bacon 
. . . Jim's premarital Sax . . . Collect call for Z . . . TI on 
Tokyo . . . Camo'd Corvair . . . The Undercover Squad . . . 
Chem. E. block . . . Wrist sports . . . The Mart boys . . . 
Schick'd love springtime at Lehigh ... A motion on the 
motion motion? ... I'd like to introduce . . . What's your 
name?. . . Let's all switch to I.E. . . . Hapco Perlmutter . . . 
Lambda Clem . . . Cliff gets a blonde ... A forfeit in hoops is 
as good as a win . . . Brick walls over easy . . . Bar-slide . . . 
Snowballs, broken windows and peanut butter putty . . . 
White Lightning . . . Zack Green . . . What A.M.'s . . . XXX 
Secret Stuff. . . Everyone's a bag . . . Oh Sawrry, we all can't 
be. . . 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

,':■-■: ""■":■' j 


ROW 1: G. Frtmkenfield,A. Mengel, M. Halloran, G. Novak J. Valleno, 

C Petersen, B. Roth; ROW 2: S. Hargwood, P. McKeeJ Martmo.S. 
Schickman, S. Factor, N. Wanda,]. Altier, D. Hady, P. Andrich, G. 

Boehm Pledge, P. Ockert, C. Crowley, D. Hartz, S. Reid J. LoVfrde, T. 
ConoscenU; ROW 3: E. Herbert, H. Hall, M. Murray,]. Moore, W. Curry, 
D. Lindewirth,]. Flanagan, B. Brantley. 


Phi Delta Theta 

The Pod goes 6 for 8 . . . Senior's Night Out . . . Bed checks 
. . . Team bus . . . Rip van Zupa ... Go West young Piggy 
. . . Drich redecorates the 2nd floor head . . . ABE Airport 
. . . Is Dave Fischer alive? . . . Goldfish ... Is Charlie in? 
. . . Guy goes for eggs . . . If my parent's call . . . Mack the 
Knife . . . MacDonalds . . . The Pelican . . . OBT . . . OTB 
. . . Post Parent's Weekend Party . . . JP's muffler . . . 
Christmas presents . . . Hartz's scalp . . . "Here's to ... " 
. . . Mart Library and the EE lab!!! . . . $30 surcharge . . . 
Campbell on the campaign trail . . . Do you have spunk? . . . " 
. . . or what" . . . Halloran's Siamese Twin . . . Gin & 
Tonics with lime ... Is Rosso or Zupa there? . . . The 
Babaca Pool . . . Dicky at the Christmas Party . . . "Drich 
pledges 3" . . . Pledge is getting porked . . . Thursday night, 
4/10/80 . . . Plaza 22 . . . Ortliebs . . . Someday we'll look 
back on this . . . 

ROW 1: G. Graver, S. Head, D. Zuck, R. Earl; ROW 2: R. 
Reynolds, P. Cohen, K. Alley, U. Rizzetto. A. Rod; ROW 3: A. 
Cook, R Treoisan, S. Alonso, A. Eckert, C. Reinhardt. R. Nutile. 
W Massey, D. Beard; ROW 4: T. Catania, J. Kowalonek, i>. 

Edwards, S. Walgren, M. Dugan, T. Wiese, B. Mantone, R. Becker, 
J Gorman, K. Cortwright, B. Rubino, K. Rosen, \V. Sutman, 1. 
Durels, S. Parish, J. Horwath, F. O'Donnell. 


At this time The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta would like to honor 

it's graduating seniors. 

SPECK — Scott Peck has two beers and looks for the nearest random 

person to join in a few choruses of rugby songs. Scott originated the 

Colby Sawyer road trip while searching for something better than 

Lehigh has to offer. 

ALI — Ken Alley moved to the farm to get more work done. Thus, Ken 

left Lehigh with a double major. A BA in lacrosse, and a BS in women. 

RICHIE B. — Rick Manning lived at Fiji, but was also a border at 

Zetes and down of Fifth Street. Last football season Rick was #59 in 

the program, but #1 in John Whitehead's heart. 

SAMBO — Scott Grayson tried to get dates with all the good looking 

girls at Lehigh. He was turned down by both of them. Scott majored in 

Manny's and backgammon, and minored in accounting. 

RAGMAN — Ray Trevisan was the first treasurer in Fiji history that 

avoided an assessment at the end of the year. When Ray wasn't playing 

rugby he was on a road trip. 

SUKI — Bob Sukenik was the mouth that roared. Bob proved his 

athletic prowess by winning two consecutive badminton tides. 

MARTY — Mike Dugan is not only the world's strongest human being, 

but he is also the first student to commute to Lehigh from Union City, 

N.J. His senior year Mike decided to lose some weight so he cut down 

to only four jars of peanut butter per week. 

PIERRE — As our President, Pete Cohen ruled the house with an iron 

hand. After one year at the job he was demoted from President to 

Commander. Pete was one of the few people to succeed at Lehigh after 

being a member of the squares club. 

BENWA — Dave Beard is definitely the most random person on the 

face of the earth. Dave enjoys stair surfing, Benwavian dancing, 

torching up, and blowing flames in his spare time. 

CHUCH HOSE — Ted Haase put his Lehigh education to good use by 

becoming a career man at Uncle Manny's. Ted studied quitar under 

the tutelage of Mike Connor for three years, but Ted still has trouble 

tuning up. 

PSEUDO — In four years, Dave Del Guercio has had more girlfriends 

than Bo had hairdo's. Dave likes the Lehigh Experience, that's why 

he's staying around so long. 

MICK — One of the more talented members of the Senior Class, Mike 

Connor impresses audiences, but not interviewers. If Mike doesn't 

find a job, Father Rich promised him there will always be a spot for 

him at the Newman Center. 

JOSE — Joe Gorman was Lehigh's top javelin thrower. Joe's secret 

was his hard training, no women, And no booze. A regimented day of 

schoolwork during the day, and a strenuous workout in the afternoon 

was Joe's trademark. 

PIGGY — Tony Pignataro makes it back and forth to Buffalo in record 

time in his mean machine. Tony will continue his amateur boxing 

career in Puerto Rico. 

ZIGGY — Jeff Eggert is fond of high places. Not only does he pole 

vault on the track team, but Jeff can also be seen scaling the sides of 

University buildings. 

SCHMITTY — The Cool Jewel Rubies, Ramone from Bayonne, Ray 

Schmitt is Fiji's most likely candidate to appear on Pennsylvania's ten 

most wanted list within the next five years. 

LIFS — Steve Liffers toys are most men's weapons. Steve is chairman 

of the South Side Bethlehem Tavern Owners Association. 

JUNIOR — Jim Leiser, the Fiji giggolo. Although Jim is just a civilian 

now, the honor aiid ethics of a midshipman will always remain with 

him. Jim can be seen practicing his pineapple dance at The Phase 


Random notes — Benis Brothers . . . Tucker . . . What's your gig? 

. . . A.K. the gourmet from P.A. . . . Horsewash . . . Hollywood 

Hymie . . . Mushroom-Head . . . Lucky Pierre . . . Happy Ewelly 

Time . . . Voit . . . Coonie . . . flagged another one . . . academic pro 

. . . 1977's best pledge class on the hill has now graduated. 

Phi Gamma Delta 

ROW 1: F. Roberts, D. Stemple, G. Sova, F. Fernandez, R. Traznelis, 
A. Stewart, S. WellerJ. MillerJ. Graz, B. Lilley, S. Scribe, M. Smack, 
K. Witmer; ROW 2: D. Detwiler, R. Blummerich, L. Colangeto, T. 

Crash, D. Cantillo, T. VargenJ. Blaig, E. Stieffell, T. Grelis, H. Gratz, 
E. Lundberg, M. Wu, S. Worden, D. Keogh. 


Phi Kappa Theta 

Eat fast. . . N.Y.C. . . . CB's . . . Pledgemobile . . . 
BJ, Jay, Van, LB . . . Ups . . . Bros . . . Arl, Stemp, 
Schlong . . . DMR's . . . Apathetic seniors . . . 
Heavy tankage . . . Celebs . . . Schulzy, Bubs, 
Crusher, Lowski . . . Tails . . . Rigs . . . Hey Big 
Red, Doris is in OUR cold dorm . . . Chow swallowed 
what?. . . Odds or evens . . . die Colonial Scabs . . . 
LB's friend at DU . . . Stitches ... I can't get this box 
off my haid . . . I'll go if the pledges go . . . Five 
bucks . . . Sheep . . . Yore news Delts rock . . . Poon 
. . . Fork in the bush . . . Captain Quaalude . . . Big 
I . . . AI . . . the Lug and his couch . . . Loons . . . 
China doll . . . Broadway, JL . . . Marie . . . FTH 
. . . Greekers . . . Manny's . . . Lil Big Horn . . . 
Lurch, Word, Denny, Doc . . . Hey Andy, how can 
you turk in there? . . . committee to fire Marie . . . 
Jack London . . . Who? . . . Gapes . . . The Hammer 
. . . Schulzy did what? ... To who? . . . "W" . . .all 
nighter Van? . . . Cakes . . . Jimmy "O", Ugly, 
Smooth. . . Piss Guish . . . is it Ling or Lowski? . . . 
Rainbow's . . . heavy rack . . . Senior Banquet . . . 
Thelma the Onion Queen . . . Arl's engaged . . . 
Jamz, Muff, Dewart, . . . Tim & Daddy . . . Ralph 
. . . Crotch . . . FK . . . Bon Bon . . . What's a pizza 

derby? . . . Hawk, Dove . . . The Big 3 . . . When's 
the pledge project gonna be done? . . . Todd's a wad 
. . . Hyperman . . . Heavy drain . . . squeaks . . . 
Team Chug . . . Male Whore . . . Emma burnt the 
Jell-O . . . Crier . . . Ralph's B-Day Disco . . '. Wad 
Weekend . . . FTH of the second kind . . . soccer 
. . . football . . . He's psyched on the house . . . 
Peaches & Herb . . . Heavy Tube . . . Mr. Ex, killer 
. . . Commander Lou, lil man in the boat . . . it's like 
a step function . . . Good times, eh? . . . Buck, 
Carmen, Blumes . . . Torkage . . . Dick-off . . . 
Millie's coming . . . Trophy Points . . . McHale's 
. . . How does it relate to the Creation of the 
Universe? . . . 216 . . . DMR's . . . Who's got the 
keys? . . . Gape's windows . . . Senior Bar ... I 
dropped my soap ... Ed Sovible . . . Well, Stu 
Heavy dickoff . . . string, Gus . . . Heavy rag . . . 
Who the why?. . . Is this initiation? . . . Who's going 
to Q.V. . . . Bug, Doug, Trout . . . Stemp, who's 
coming up this weekend? . . . trip South . . . who 
wants to go to the Centenary? . . . For no reason at all 
. . . let's get a real dog . . . Arl was at Lehigh . . . 
Amway . . . The Old House . . . Mickey Mouse 

ROW 1: E. Brockman, G. Cadsimatis, L. Reisman, M. Williamson, K. Haile, B. Domes, J. 
Sagerholm, M. Oethen, R. D'Agostino; ROW 2: D. Stauffer, B. Muff, R. Maguire, S. 
Taddie, B. Muir, T. Scarple, D. Shillabar, S. Burdette, M. Lesswing, R. Karmen, C. 
Gutshall, G. Seifert, C. Talgo, M. Moore, J. Casalaspij. Gower, B. Levine, C. GeiserJ. 
Lang, G. Raaus. 



Phi Sigma Kappa 

F..k you Burd . . . Get a program . . . Shermin Vermin, getting boned 
once again . . . Tie Party . . . It's the factor . . . Dan, she is here. 
Dan? . . . Respect Spud . . . MCO must go . . . Barry the Dancing 
Bear . . . Muffles the Clown . . . The big abuser . . . What's up Merle 
. . . Who's got the big bargain . . . Fess up . . .Where's "R", who is 
"R" . . . Call the Wedges . . . Wham bam thank you Pam, Mora, Mora, 
Mora . . . Perry the rag . . . Lettuce in the swamp-water? . . . Don's 
Dingleberries, "In the Navy" . . . Little hairy guy, stand up, observing 
from afar, "A party is a state of mind" . . . Ohhhh! It's Frankee 
Burnette — the teenage idol and King of Woo . . . Table dancing at 
CCC . . .If it is nice out, leave it out! But don't let your Meat loaf. . . 
The random reality ... I can be swayed . . . Parked car Charlie . . . 
Toot and Hug the root . . . The big Cheeser . . . You redeyed loser 
. . . Big Bargains for all, inchworm 1 & 2 . . .No peanutbutter, No 
bread, No milk, No cheese, Just Gozzie! . . . Sneaky Pete and Choo 
Choo . . . Meet Chuckles the Nuckles the new kid in town . . . Let's 
have an Imported girls Party . . . Sure Jim! . . . Let me extrapolate 
your skull . . . Let's be reasonable . . . Fire Amy . . . Swoopin, 
snaring, snaking and sharking . . . Boo-Boo, the boogie reality . . . 
Porch Party . . . you sinner . . . undefeated Lax season? 

ROW 1- I Valentino R. Drugs, M. Foster, B. Lamson-Scribner D Francis; ROW 2: S. 

HtmboX; D F?ed,nck. ft. Frf«>, K. C. Mad..-. E. Bwd., « F TO m«». /. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pusak, Pusak, and five cruisin' wenches . . . 
Which planet floats? . . . Sugaree . . . 
Intramural U.C. chair throwing will begin 
right after the party! . . . We finally moved 
Finster's car . . . D. Baby . . . Joey flips on 
Disco B's. . .JOHN JUDGE!! . . . Zoid . . . 
You squid . . . Room Zero's diet . . .'SHAFT 
. . . Cippy, JC, and Jim K., etc. . . . What a 
weasle tooth . . . 1980 College Bowl Champs 
. . . 50 years of Pike at Lehigh . . .Brutal. . . 
Did you take your vitamin? . . . Allentown 
sleaze. . . Students for American Dignity . . . 
Pennsylvania Hall, U of P . . . The Hotel 
Party . . . Where is Mary Ellen? . . . Our 
porch loan . . . Samali . . . McComas 
McComas . . . Steve's IGA . . . Quince to 
Salamanca . . . SPIKE . . . JAH . . . Robert 
Z. Gondos . . . O.T.F.E. 


ROW 1: T. Mastrionni, S. Helgans, S. Schwabe, M. Morrell, T. 
Greener,]. Gardener; ROW 2: W. Willard, S. Sanders, M. Kipniss, M. 
Curewitz, H. Stamateris, R. Little; ROW 3: L. WeitzmanJ. Grih, A. 
Kohnke.J. Soons, R. McGregor, V. VoIpe,J. Jephson, D. Pohl.J. 

Hoffman, A. Terchunian; ROW 4: T. Galvin, D. Shea, M. Bailey, M. 
Peck, M. BluefaceJ. Mayoral, K. Friedland, F. Perez, J. Mac, J. Myers, 
G. McGregor, P. Sanquini, S. Brigger,]. Hammon, M. Mazar, K. 
Sormani, D. Doff. 


Pi Lambda Phi 

Latre' . . . Q.T. Hogger 
. . . It's your problem! . 

. . Isn't she beeeuutifull? 
Degp . . . Sigma Chi . . . 

River rats . . . Stan, Stanking . . .'sup?. . .Satellite 
Lounge . . . Donna Hausgirl . . . Edgar . . . Skoal, 
Redman & Coppee . . . Aborigines . . . the check 
. . . Aar-rroww! . . . long live the food budget . . . 
the great cookie debate . . . the resurrection of the 
hole . . . Roots . . . foliage . . . Desp . . . drink it up 
. . . you don't eat frozen fish all night . . .that's a nice 
touch . . . turtles in the frog pond . . . sick mugs . . . 
to the max . . . Chopper eggs . . . the beach . . . dirty 
Pledge Songs . . .the Flash . . . What's all this about 
JG'smom?. . . next Rex of Sex? . . . Thanks for three 
or more great years to the seniors: Rick D., Scott, Jeff, 
Aram, Stoons, V 2 , Clammer, Tony, Tones, Fred, Mah 
Wah, Sonny, Smitty, Bucko, J. P., Schwabee, Andy, 
Wynn, Eric, Lenny, and Hickser. 


ROW 1: M. TorongoJ. Spafford.J. Nicely, L. Mercdtmte, R. Voeks, 
P SchraggerJ. Mathews; ROW 2: M. Keller, D. Grnnwald. G. 
Martin. D. Bother, T. Emerson; ROW 3: R. Reinaker, B. Frey, B. 
Hoenstine, D. Watts, D. Harkins.J. Swain, J. Frey, B. Jones, B. 

Knowles, K. Bertram; ROW 4: B. Gehret T McGuire S. Geiger, K. 
Ball, I. Creedon, D. Potts, P. Bushway, G. Jonas. B.James, K. 
Freedman, N. Herman. 

There was this chicken and this . . . D.S. 
Chappaquidick — he's such a disaster . . . 
The Gay State . . . Making wild waves 
. . . He rode a blazing horsewoman . . . 
What he said . . . Won't anybody live with 
me? . . . Spiderman . . . C'mon Bob, I 
tried it . . . Porky makes bacon here . . . 
Hoover and the Hooverettes . . . Flaming 
butt plug . . . Midnight traveler . . . Big 
Mac? . . . Bongo, Bongo, Bongo, I don't 
want to leave the Congo . . . Rough, 
tough, and dives in the muff . . . If a jerk 
helped you off a horse . . . He sweats a lot 
. . . Small Fry . . . Turtle-head . . . 
Wanna come up to my room and see my 
scanner? . . . The Fred McMurray look 
. . . Wanna dance? Oh? I guess that rules 
out a BJ . . . Hey Throb, is she a true 
blond? . . . The mystery brother . . . 
Hotsy-totsy ROTC Nazi . . . Superior . . . 
F..k'em if they can't take a joke . . . Bjorn 
& Sven . . . Moose face . . . Worship the 
bong . . . Eunuck, get your hands out of 
your pockets . . . Pretty boy returns . . . 
The hoadmier rides again . . . F'ing A is 
better than F'ing Dee . . . Burgermeister 
. . . Grunge . . .In the Navy . . . Smooth 
as the lunar surface . . . Goof . . . The 
Wall . . . Chester the Molester . . . Let's 
compare sizes . . . Land Shark! . . . Prime 
. . . Clone! Nerd! . . . Wow, he's really 
coming to dinner? . . . Eat shit and die! 
. . . Holy shit, we're fourth on the hill? 
. . . There's two things in the world that 
smell like fish and one of them is fish! . . . 
If it's Thursday it must be Pubnite . . . 
Pinochle . . . Dungeons and Douchebags 
. . . Hang the Steward . . . Pile-on! . . . 
McHale's . . . Just when you thought it 
was safe to go back to Eta: DUMBSHIT II 
. . . Schlong-comma-breath . . . Good- 
night Ruth!, Goodnight Ruth! 

Psi Upsilon 

ROW 1: M. Puley, S. Gurst, S. Grossinger, A. Leuy, S. Geltzeiler, H. 
Strickler, L. Thomas, D. Hulkowr, D. Dender, R. Baff, D. Borten, A. 
Gordon, D. Slutsker, A. Gotthelf; ROW 2: P. Starer, T. Salkin. S. Kaye, M. 
Burte, S. Spiro, B. Grossinger,]. Steelman, G. Stern, S. Wertheimer, R. 
Zwirn, C. Rubenstein, R. Taxin, H. Strauss, A. Gamza, N. Cohen; ROW 3: 

B Bronster, M. Hagan, B. O'Mara, D. Cohen, M. Leibergall,LLemnson, B 
Saslaw C. White, L. Kaufman, M. Berg, E. Zuckerman, S. Cooke, B. 
McNeice; ROW 4: J. Klein, F. SchaufeldJ. Nersesian, K. Finn, D. 
MathesiusJ. Marx. 


Sigma Alpha Mu 


►»'.*fc** : '' ! %-"^ 

ROW 1- M. Mordan, B. Coville, K. Adams; ROW 2: P. Allen J. 
Deitzman, R. Cronin, K. Kratky, M. Cumins, C Tobin; ROW 3:/. 
Ackemann, L. Matolsky, M. Daniels, L. Alvich, M. Gordon, b. 
Gedney, D. Hunan, S. Mitchell; ROW 4: J. Dunn, B. Kramer, K. 
Bernhle, W. Oliver, T. Roman, B. McGinnis. 


Announcement — Hoagies! . . . The rift . . . Chobby . . .bowl 
train . . . 178 keys last semester . . . Potwashing . . . Lines 
. . . Zwaan, get a real job . . . Firehouse Party . . . The front 
lawn . . . Magilla . . . We love you Iggy . . . Thumbs up . . .A 
case of fun. . . 91 on the hill . . . The bout . . . Opossums are 
marsupials. . . Clint T. . . .Miserable. . .Rugby. . . 
drinks in Lauderdale . . . Rodriguez . . . Gentleman's Table 
. . . The birddog express . . . Tatoo . . . Drink Ace . . . The 
Sukes . . . Southside Tour . . . Beer Hunter . . . Only Santa 
can hurt people . . . KamaKazi . . . The bridges . . . Upper 
Hall dominates . . . Ollie, it's for you . . . Sigs 144 . . . Goofy, 
Meat and Moose . . . Charlie Tuna . . . Schlong Monster . . . 
Cap'n Crunch in the Colds . . . Bemie and Sunny on T.V. . . . 
Comyns — can I borrow your car? . . . Sigs Gym . . . How ya 
Doin', How ya Doin', How ya Doin' . . . Cricket's nose . . . 
The book or me, Chapter II . . . Cemetary Party . . . Beer Mus- 
cles . . . Belt and Tie . . . It's alright . . . Geek and Deek . . . 
It snowed before Sweethearts . . . Sigs stereos for rent . . . The 
blue deamon never died . . . It's not over yet! 

Sigma Chi 

i r» i 


ROW 1: R. Thornton, D. Mancosh, C. Banet, M. Hagler, B. Fedynyshyn, P. 
Cleff.J. OstJ. Laatsch, A. Mozeyko, F. Wills; ROW 2: D. Bruzgo, K. 
Carroll,]. Robhins,]. Thaeder, D. Lundeen, L. Sherwin, R. Sulzberger, A. 
Burg, W. Tischbein, T. Hellman, S. Wildermuth, L. Amendolagine; ROW 3: 

;. Schick, S. Cox, M. Holt, P. McClain, R. Barnes, D. Irwin, R. Patterson, D. 
Fiore A. Timmerman, W. Kerr, J. McGovern; ROW 4: P. Constable, C. 
Steitz,]. St. John, M. Tischbein, R. Busch, K. Hoover, S. Deleo, S. OllettJ. 
Inman, R. Pearsall, W. Hoffman. 


Sigma Nu 

Bromeister . . . Mona . . . Bensan 
. . . Swensan . . . Bogie . . . Roach 
. . . Hags . . . Norton . . . Bag . . . 
Later . . . Tsup . . . That's good . . . 
The 'Burgh . . . That calls for a chug 
. . . Baze-mile . . . Toast & the 
Toastettes . . . Banet is OTR . . . 
Snatch. . . Stand up Cleff . . . Go for 
it . . . We're out o' here . . . That 
room . . . Where's Fred? . . . Oh-ha 
. . . Weezer . . . Robbins for 
Firenarshall . . . That'll cost you five 
. . . Hey, Irniar, leave those kids alone 
. . . Hags for the defense, Ma Bell . . . 
We're history . . . Rags . . . Babes 
. . . Brew — ha . . . That's good 
WALT! . . . Hey, chief ... No 
problem ... If you can't stand the 
heat . . . Walt, you woman . . . 
Schickster needs a litter box . . . 
Beach & Beachette . . . Tooth . . . 
Thaeds . . . It's been real . . . Bud 
winks . . . Easy!! . . . Go for it . . . 



ROW 1 R Evans, S. Gibbs, Max, R. Guior, P. Grady, G. LapreziosaJ. 
Birchfield; ROW 2: P. Paschal!, Bert, B. Grove , L. ClementiJ. 

Dickerson, T. Gentile, L. Contour, B. May; ROW 3: P. Kebler, A.Flatto, 
P. Pestalozzi, T. Rehennann, D. Figeuroa, C. Gubala,A. Hospador, B. 
Brennan, T. BahrJ. Harper, C. Kentler. 


Sigma Phi 

'tsup? . . . Squelch answering service 
. . . yummahh! . . . Where's Baker? 
. . . Bulker . . . House Particles Beam 
Weapon . . . Pesto . . . Git! . . . 
E.P.V. Make 'em eat meat . . . Foose 
. . . Eaglemania . . . Cat's Blud . . . 
Another Beautiful Day in the Lehigh 
Valley . . . Sig Sixers . . . Thor . . . 
Get T.K. Sam! . . . boss guy . . . 9:05 
. . . only Jesus saves . . . House Mec- 
can . . . SLINK! . . . pigging . . . the 
Trojan . . . Stickman . . . Birchfarm, 
whatever . . . goodnite PAT . . . 
Alumni rules . . . Duds . . . Fetus 
. . . Spoon . . . rag, rag, rag . . . OBO 
. . . Nordhacker . . . Dump . . . No 
defense . . . Texas Chainsaw Mas- 
sacre . . . Tube God . . . the Kid . . . 
the Pone . . . I'm just phasing . . . ob- 
noxious . . . House Manager Bag . . . 
gubbage . . . weak . . . Alphonse . . . 
Berto . . . Hit . . . Zennites . . . 
Harpo . . . CB's . . . pummel ... I 
have this amazing rallying power . . . 
yo momma's momma . . . Clyde . . . 
Scroids . . . the Clown ... no babbl- 
ing . . . expediency! . . . Vito . . . Fig 
. . . Do it up . . . Munk . . . form a 
committee . . . Scrotum stories . . . 
Jet reverse. . . fukemif they can't take 
a joke . . . Liar's Dice . . . Cups . . . 
Hospodorker . . . mmmopeum . . . git 
that car Bert! . . . little demons . . . 
House Bulldozer . . . the phantom 
sandblaster . . . Two Sheds . . . out- 
rageous . . . Far Superior! . . . In- 
tense! . . . off the balcony . . . yours- 
inthe-bonds . . . BSL . . . later . . . 


ROW 1: C. Good, R. Hotz, P. Nicholas,]. Wadd, K. Holmes, R. Beals, T. 
Williams, A. Stein, P. Kaercher, S. Schauffert, E. Romero, J. Phelan; 
ROW 2: S. Bartellet, A. Kravitz, L. Rider, L. Martin, S. Marcantonio, T. 
Suggia, D. Pratt, C. Lepreziosa, P. Nelson, K. TanisJ. Lerner, L. Wilson, 
L. Kominowski.L. Gallo, S. Golden, H. Brahamy, C. Escobar; ROW 3: C. 

• & 

Rob M. Smith, L. Plushko, F. Caro; ROW 4: S. Pocalyko, B. Davis, R. 
Douglas, R. Lowe,). Hawkotte, B. Willard, S. Peene, C. Breeder, Toby 
Zellers, R. DeLaguordia, B. Beck; ROW 5: P. Renaldi, B. Moloney, D. 
Brown, J. Brooks. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Do you wanna see something really huge? 
. . . Alcohol is my god . . . HUSSIES . . . 
S.E., F.E. . . . Have you ever been in prison? 
. . . Huge pylon . . . Dr. Drunk . . . Fluck 
... I gotta Bomp Bomp . . . J.B. Boz, 
Guido.R 2 , Chopper, Mayo, Brooksie, Hawk, 
Spanky, JW, Robbo, Beaver, Otis, . . . Where 
are ya goin? Weatherly . . . Wham, Bam, 
Thank you Pam and Mora Mora . . . Put the 
mobile clinic in the triangle . . . The Wall 
. . . Blondie . . . Better San Juan than that 
blue collar hell . . . Sugar Hill Gank . . . 
Balloon Party . . . There's a problem with 
alcohol . . . 0.00? . . . Gizimnasium . . . 
Golden Hearts . . . ooo-rah-Iowa . . . Penis 
Award . . . Mayo in NYC . . . Boz, Chopper 
and Cops . . . Timeward . . . Halloween . . . 
Afghan insurgent . . . Hotel Party . . . 
Hockey Games. . . King Biscuit II . . . Beeck 
is gone, but he's not forgotten . . . Fred's back 
. . . Juicy . . . Viscious . . . Wicked Action 
. . . Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn . . . Mrs. Jones 
. . . Candy Ass . . . King Orion . . . Key . . . 
It's really just an optical illusion, Wendy is 
thin in reality. 



H. Frasch, M. Chapkovich, E. Lynn, T. Budzichou;ski, F. 
Kovalik, K. Pillsbury, S. Keller,]. Maker, R. Ryland, D. 
Sperling, B. Gutstein, B. Smoot, P. Buerger, M. Alt man, P. 
Ford, L. Bertan, D. Murk, A. Ezrapour, M. Thompson, G. 

Pichler, C. Cicilia, T. Kaprowski, D. Bernstein, G. Barr, B. 
Reilhj, D. Hanson, N. Siegel, R. Sprogis, J.Jordan, J, Hotting, 
M. Weuer, A. McArelle, P. Traugot. M. Macaluso, B. Selick, A. 
Schefter, G. Dean, R. Hazen,J. Hamblin. 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Senior TEPS for steps . . . One more for "The 
Shaw" . . . One and a half POA for each of you 
... 2 EEPS and now a poof . . . Mike gets up for 
a line up . . . stairways to heaven? . . . PIBR, 
what a novel concept . . . Poof babbles Persian 
jokes ... 50 cop cars, the hotel B, and a big red 
"A" on Jordan's nose . ■. . Rich repeats joke in 
Persian. Huh? . . . Greg, where are Pat and Cliff? 
. . . Stogies and grain, what a stink . . . 
Ho-mobile still lives? House cold, Annex warm? 
— Sure, H.M. lives there . . . Claw is back, Bolo, 
Fuchs and Larry bag it . . . Where's our fourth 
roommate? . . . Bag Hoots . . . Launch . . . 
Bubbles . . . PF,iMS: "If elected I promise to 
resign" Form a committee . . . "Woodman spare 
that tree" Reggie watches TV so well . . . Puddin' 

head Otto . . . Eighteen more janitors . . .Aaron, 
where's the fourth floor? . . . Hey a hippie . . . 
Smoot is dead, click . . . Don't give a map to 
Francy . . . Do you think the pledges would mind 
a line up, Dave? . . . Deliah has a foot fetish . . . 
Greg and Ma Bell, what a couple . . . The 1894 
Monday night club . . . Sounds from the annex 
head (tee Lee Lee) . . . Annex has squirrel alarm 
. . . P.F. Flyer does it up — wow cough cough 
. . . Zeta Omega Omega chapter . . . Shit! Here 
comes Rosty . . . Bruce's girl gets tubed . . . 
Kane's games, D & D . . . Neal. Who? Da Bugs 
. . . ' A married woman'? . . . Mike Roberts gets 
stood up . . . Mailbox war — sticks, stones and 
shaving cream . . . Wm's and imported beer, Hey 
anyone for Wm's . . . GOOD-BYE HIPPIE. 

TOP: T. Butrie, B. Samuels, 
M. Follet A. Glenn, D. 
Christienburg, T. Sil- 
wanowicz, T. Krutsick, J. 
Boyen BOTTOM: S. Soun- 
ders, M. Bubel, J. Porta. S. 
Peterman, J. Fortunato, F. 
Schoenbrunn, T. Wolfe, D. 
Keiser, J. Alherti, S. Schaef- 
fer, K. Kortz, S. Burghof, T. 
Rizzetta, S. Hagglund, S. 
Marcewiez, S. Apter, N. Vol- 
ant, J. Ackerman, R. Taylor, 
H. Sanders, D. Foltz, S. 
Gompertz, L. Duiall. R. 
Hanselka. D. Callahan G. 
Saul, R. Lezia, R. Howell, D. 
Matthews, D. Bailey, J. 
Sichols, B. Anthony. 


Theta Chi 

TheLodge . . . Eat leather Physeeks! 
. . . That'll cost ya . . . Package check 
. . . Phone call '91' . . . Maybe you 
forgot where you were! . . . We need a 
fourth . . . SCB . . . Bronski . . . Nice 
choke!! . . . Anyday now . . . Don't 
pimp your bro. . . Doin' benders . . . 
DC . . . Get the sheep . . . SLAM 
(because he's mean) . . . Carry your 
bro! . . . Hot soup!! . . . Bag it . . . 
Nice lid . . . The Captain and the 
party express . . . Ya might think so 
. . . Elbows in, Chest out . . . Null 
. . . Gina! . . . Higher Mathematics 
. . . Thanks Ethel! . . . Bucket . . . 
Anyone up for a game of Pinochle? 
. . .Oh, sorry. . . Dookay . . . LTW's 
jokes . . . Hollywood Keiser . . . 
That's what she said . . . Harry who?? 
. . . The squad . . . Do some brews 

. . . Extra innings at "The 

Chi"! ... So long Dave . . . Mark 
. . . Neil . . . Slam . . . Boobs . . . 
and Jim. 


BOW 1: C. Home, T. Bartlettt, G. Beck, At. Christian, G. Klemmer C. 
Martin A. Walch, T. Freda; ROW 2: M. Carroll, M. Wilson, J. Clifford, G. 
Kull ROW 3: S. Schwarz, D. Silver, P. Hilton, J. Torcivia, R. Buckhett, D. 

Nelson, C. DeMadio, F. Kerr, T. Friebus; ROW A: J. SchiechJ. Parrish, E. 
Sengle, T. Campbell, R. Schmtd. 


Theta Delta Chi 

Yeah Boom . . . The Charge . . . Mark A. Long live 
Virginia and Rugby . . . Chico . . . F.O., golf anyone? 
. . . Franker, lost in the mountains? . . . OX (Grand 
Poohba) . . . Brother Eppy, the mystery guest . . . 
Pinhead, Ann who? . . . Power hungry Weasel, A.W. 
. . . OTB, Robo and T.C. . . . Friebo . . . Nels, still 
with L.? . . . T.B., Who's Jeanne? . . . Egan, is the 
Hack back? . . . Earth to Bobo . . . The Admiral, give 
me those big girls . . . better yet don't give me those 
good-looking girls . . . Easy . . . Tilt . . . What's 
happenin' Jethro, our scholar . . . Crash and 
Cornfield, MPC's KA. policy . . . Who's bigger Greg 
Beck or the House? . . . Gary Kool and Too Cool @ 
Scarletts . . . J. T., Good times . . .Cooper and?. . . 

Nick "Whose that preppy" King . . . Square Deal, one 
of 33 . . . Massive . . . Benji . . . JP, Spunky/Chunky 
. . . Scwarzie, Long live Germany . . . Randy . . . Sid 
the Kid A.C. bound . . . Hanko . . . Love God, McG 
. . . Bucky . . . James C. Lockerman . . . 4.0 Ed . . . 
Dim Dimattio . . . International Casing Day . . . The 
Picnic, Blind dates . . . Penn State, Get over? . . . 
Hell Week, Memories are keen . . . That's 5! . . . 
Make that 10! . . . Let's argue about it, Jif jars, Bug 
Machine, Probation, Budget . . . W., LOVE YOU . . . 
No Pledges . . . TDC Nautilus . . . Booker T., 
Clarksville, where are you? ... 4 years, went fast, we 
made it! . . .1 think 


ROW 1: N. Coviello, T. Leonardi, R. Stys, R. Flood, P. Fuchs, B. Wimck,]. 
Kosch, D. Landman, M. Brown; ROW 2: K. Atlas, S. Krushinski, D. Callum. 
B. Marvin, J. Kosheff, K Coombs; ROW 3: R. Patterson,!. Huston, D. Fox, 
] Kosch W. Schmidt, W. Pertusi, K. Randall, S. Samuelson,]. Swope, M. 

Allen E. Enright, R. Alurleij, B. Ohum, M. Ryan, D. BrantonP. Dent, J. 
Porcelli, C. Frey; ROW4: R. Lodes, F. Bieber, W. Kuny, R. Laudenslager, C. 
Kraus, R. Filler, P. Loughlin. 


Theta Xi 

Chug-a-Scotch? . . .I'll tell Mom!. . . 
Golem — the Jewish Frankenstein 
. . . The Beatles are Great — The Bea- 
tles ! . . . Table four, forevermore 
. . . "Starship" . . . Beam up your sis- 
ter! . . . I like the night-life, baby! . . . 
The Buck stops here . . . Raid on H.C. 
. . . Throw the cow over the fence 
some hay . . . Throw father down the 
steps his shoes . . . Get a check . . . 
Cup check . . . Let's be reasonable, do 

it my way! . . . When beer talks, peo- 
ple listen . . . Takes a beating but 
keeps on bleating!!!! . . . NEIN!! . . . 
Samantha, No! . . . Go to jail! ... I 
am the King of Rock n' Roll, and 
You're Not! . . . Up against the wall — 
you are going to die! . . . **BEER, 
BEER, BEER** . . . Ooo-La-La- 
Porcelli . . . How many C's could a 
C.E. see, if a C.E. could see E's . . . 
Lockowitz . . . Madame Zenright uses 
balls to see the future?!!! ... I want 

your mone> 


Bionic Beer Bel 

. . . E.F. Mutton says, "I'm sheepish 
on America" . . . Get a Belly . . . Get 

a major 

Don't do me like that!!! 

. . . S.L.A. . . . C.O.C. ... 3 Dogs, 1 
Cat, 1 Bird, 2 Fish . . . Image of Kosch 
. . . S.M.B.C./T.N.P.C. . . You're 
Anemic. . . If you can't say something 
nice about someone, say something 
nasty! . . . FRANKLY . . . Where's 
Laudy? . . .Get a grip!. . . Show zem 
zee ovens, baby . . . Dog Spins! . . . 
National Outdoor Sprint Champion 
. . . It's lampshade time! . . . Where's 
Buck? . . . Poodle . . . Bags . . . Drs. 
Rube, Lockowitz, Anemic of the 
Psycho Ward . . . The Milkman . . . 
You're walking on thin water, pal . . . 
Pickels . . . Who ate the Fish??? . . . 
Georgio? . . . Uncle Arthur Treacher? 
. . . Nice Nose . . . E-Claires for 
desert . . . You're a weak act ... If 
you would sleep more during the day, 
you wouldn't get so tired at night! ! . . . 
Theta Xi Dinner Theater, starring 
Uncle Marty! . . . Don't put off 'til to- 
morrow, what you can avoid al- 

ROW 1: M. Zucher, A.Jones, C. Palazzi, M. Harding, M. Phillips, C. 
Jacoby, S. Curveij, R. Broda, B. Brown, J. Archibald, P. Sansotn, Dutch, 
B. Cheng, R. Thevenet, T. Crawford, M. Tarbij, G. Danzer, L. Martucci, 

T. Stires, C. Kim, H. Zadoyan, F. Bevinney, B. Hotz, P. SHres; ROW2: K. 
Kirshke, D. Nelson, J. Hall, J. McCarthy, A. Greenwood, B. Levine, K. 
Hollen, M. Lyman, J. Cole, P. Morabes, B. Grady, J. Morrison, J. Tyrell. 


Zeta Psi 

Do a bone? . . . Do a dip? . . . Do a doober? 
. . . General Buffoonery . . . Manny's? . . . 
Hot tub at three A.M. . . . The Crit . . . Mr. 
Dutchman(Bung-Ho) . . . Benny Hill . . . 
Mother Zucker & Father Devenny . . . Bad 
Asses from Somerville . . . You want to earn a 
credit? . . . Chong wi Choooo . . . He's 
ZETE material . . . Jaquelot . . . Phones in 
every room? . . . DISCO SUCKS . . . 
Whippets . . . Sehweet . . . That shit ain't 
funny ... If you need . . . Beef . . . Only if 
it's malicious . . . Pucks for dinner . . .To the 
Ho . . . The Palaz . . . Hotzsonian . . . The 
Sansomaniac . . . Pay your house bill . . .The 
Brodar Machine . . . Edgar, Gilbert, Norman, 
and Carl . . . Jimski Muldinski Jiminy Spigot 
. . . What?? . . . UUTZ . . . Don't get Chin 
mad . . . Mr. P. & Mr. E. and all of our dear 
departed brothers . . . The College Bowl 
"brains" . . . Pete (the Champ) & Repete . . . 
Allbonedup. . . The mad hoser alais the "W" 
. . . Swaboda . . . Four Dogs? . . . It's great 
to be a Zete . . . BYE-BYE. 


Every Dog Has His Day 

by John G. Poles 

It happened three years ago, on a 
typical autumn Friday at Lehigh — 
overcast skies, dried leaves and the 
captivating aroma of Bethlehem Steel 
lingering in the breeze. I managed to 
struggle through most of my psych 
reading leaving a scintillating forty 

I let my tired body resignedly fall 
into the orange bean bag chair which, 
for some unknown and unexplained 
reason, had been unanimously desig- 
nated as the study chair by the room- 
mates of apartment 44. As I reluctantly 
opened the text book to page 312, 
Bozo, our well-bred, well-fed cocker 
spaniel plopped himself down next to 
me, rolled over and extended all four 
paws into the air — the traditional sign 
for a belly rub. I obliged and immedi- 
ately heard, "Will you cut it out!" My 
head shot up from the book and my 
eyes nervously traversed the room at- 
tempting to locate the unexpected — 
no one. 

"Why is it that even - time I want to 
relax, you treat it as a sign that you 
must rub my stomach. Will you cut it 
out and just leave me alone?" 

Yes, Bozo was talking and angrily 
gesticulating with his forepaws. Psych 
was obviously having its inevitable ef- 
fect, but I mustered all of my remain- 
ing "cool" and very gingerly asked, 
"Was that you Bozo?" 

"Of course it was me. Who else did 
you expect, and why in the blazes do 
you have to childishly call me Bozo? 

Couldn't you call me Frank, Ralph or 
George just like any other person? 

Reason, Calm, Strength — I was ei- 
ther being transformed into a case his- 
tory for future psych students or I was 
witness to that strange phenomenon 
secretly spoken of only by those of 
Lehigh — dog day at the Brown and 

Bozo continued to patiently explain: 
During the third week in October, 
without any yearly pattern the dogs of 
Lehigh are personified for a day. The 
last semi-documented report of this 
phenomenon appears to have been in 
1971 (eoincidentally, the very same fall 
women were first admitted to this au- 

gust institution.) 

My watch indicated 9:45 when Bozo 
finished his shower and dressed to go 
out on "the hill." Together we walked 
out of the apartment, and to my 
amazement there were dogs 
everywhere — humanoid dogs walk- 
ing, talking, laughing. Without warn- 
ing I was brushed by an enormous 
black Labrador walking along-side a 
small puppy. 

"There's a great beer and peanut 
night at Chi Psi," said the Labrador 
"let's go!" 

"No, I think we'll go to the Phase V 
disco at Delta Phi," said Bozo. 

Accompanying Bozo, we made our 
way to the party, passing a group of 
Irish setters wearing Sassoon jeans. 
My guess was that they were from 
Gamma Phi Beta. On the way up we 
popped into Delta Tau Delta, and un- 
accountably found it unaffected by the 
personification phenomenon. 

As we proceeded from one house to 
another, time relentlessly moved to 
11:45 when there was a frantic stream 
of humanoid canines all heading to- 
ward the center of campus. The U.C. 
chimes began to toll, the dogs ap- 
peared to panic, running helter skelter 
and barking, Barking, BARKING. 

The book fell, my head jerked and 
suddenly my eyes opened to the loud 
cacophony of Bozo's answering barks 
to the dog in the next apartment. 

I dragged myself to bed leaving the 
pages on "empathy" for further illumi- 
nation at Monday's lecture. 

Dorm Living 


¥ P 



Hotel Brodhead: A New Face on Fourth Street 

by Tisha Amoruso 

DORMITORY. Webster's defines it 
as "a building, as at a college, with 
main rooms for sleeping and living 

In the fall of 1979, approximately 
200 students returned to the Univer- 
sit\ from summer break and were 
faced with a new concept in Lehigh 
living: a six-story "mid-rise" named 
Brodhead House. Situated on the 
corner of W. Morton and Vine Streets, 
at the northern-most edge of Lehigh's 
campus, Brodhead House (RH-12) is 
the University's newest dormitory. But 
to the 200 "first-time-ever" residents, 
it was more than that. It was an exper- 
iment, an experience — it was home. 

Affectionately nicknamed "Hotel 
Brodhead," the building is composed 
of 50 four-man suites (10 on each of 
five floors), and a lobby complete with 
a University dining hall — snack bar 
and laundry room. 

It's a far cry from the old College 
Theater that previously rested on that 
plot of land. When that memorable 
landmark and a small church next to it 
were demolished more than two years 
ago, the plans called for a privately- 
financed 10-story building to be con- 
structed, part of which the University 

would rent for student housing. 

However, the contracting plans fell 
through, and the building was scaled 
down and redesigned for approval by 
the Board of Trustees. In June 1978, 
the Board agreed to provide University 
funding. One year, two months, and 
$2.1 million later, the long-awaited, 
much-discussed project was finally- 
completed. The official University 
dedication came on November 16, well 
after we had all settled in. 

Moving in on that hot August Sun- 
day was an experience I'll always re- 
member. There's something about 
being the first ones to live in a brand- 
new building that is very exciting. We 
were intrigued by the whole place — 
the color-coded and coordinated floors 
(with modern "This-End-Up" crate- 
style furniture), the air-conditioning in 
each suite and throughout the building 
(eat your hearts out M & M), the extra- 
long beds ("Mom, I think I need new 
sheets"), and the individual bathrooms 
(no more long, cold hikes in the middle 
of the night). We were thrilled. 

Naturally (this still being Lehigh), 
the building did have some short- 
comings. Our desk chairs hadn't ar- 
rived vet, and "hey, where are all the 

With the exception of one small wall 
light in the living rooms, each apart- 
ment was without overhead lighting. 
Desk lamps became standard pieces of 
equipment as they travelled from desk 
to chair to bed. We telephoned home 
for lamps — "old living room lamps, 
Mom, please anything . . ." 

We fiddled with the water, half- 
expecting, half-dreading, the stream of 
cold shower-water that all veteran 
dorm residents are used to and pre- 
pared for. But, "Lehigh had done 
something right" — the plumbing was 
fine. And the future "Mr. Cleans" were 
spared when it was determined that 


the hall maids would clean our 
bathrooms once a week. 

But the scene is not complete with- 
out mention of the elevator. "Wow — 
an elevator," we said. Later we added, 
rather reluctantly, "Wow — a Lehigh 
elevator." Lehigh elevators are notori- 
ously slow. Ours was no exception. To 
quote, "From the day it was born it was 
trouble." The elevator, with a mind of 
its own, operated on just about a 4 to 5 
day work week. And it was not un- 
common to get stuck between floors, 
on floors, or most often, to have the 
door open and be staring at a metal 
outer door. The tricks to solving this 
dilemma varied from "push in the 
white handle", to "press the first floor 
button and open door button at the 
same time", to banging and crying out 
in frustration. My roommates to this 
day use the stairs and my best friend 
refuses to ride the elevator alone. 

But through it all, Brodhead House 
seemed to us a heavenly haven from 
the dormitory memories that lurked in 
our pasts. We were 200 upperclassmen 
among ourselves — a family. We did in 
fact have a "visiting-professor" family 
live with us each semester on the 
fourth floor. 

We lived together, we worked to- 

mm u 

II a 

gether, we played together. We 
quickly found out that "yes, the food in 
our dining hall was still U.C. food", 
but the close, intimate setting pro- 
vided an atmosphere that promoted 

In many ways, the opening of 
Brodhead also served as a connection 
between the students and the town. 
Nestled in the 
center of Fourth 
Street (Highway 
412) the flow of 
student traffic dur- 
ing the day no- 
ticeably shifted 
"downhill," a 

complement to the 
usually steady 
stream "uphill." 
The local bars were 
closer to us, Wa- 
wa's supermarket 
down the block 
found their busi- 
ness had picked up 
considerably, and 
most automobile- 
owning students 
quickly learned the 
location of the 
parking-ticket win- 
dow of the Beth- 

lehem Police Department. 

The first year is over. It was a suc- 
cess. Brodhead House will probably 
be a part of Lehigh for the rest of the 
University's existence. Times will 
change, faces will change, and so will 
the memories. But for those of us that 
lived there that first year, Brodhead 
House, its advantages and disadvan- 
tages, the good times and bad, will al- 
ways remain an indelible part of our 



SEATED: K. Viobisky, C. Theisen, B. Wolahan, O. Chang, S. Stem, M. Schild, R. 
Meyer, D. Collins, D. Verbonitz, D. Breder, P. Guarracini, M. Raginski, C. Bakis, 
L. Burke; STANDING: T. Ruhle. H. Stryker, R. Schilder, R. Greene, R. Lyons, R. 
Kotelnick, M Del Monaco, R. Klopp, B. Swoyer,J. Donahue, B. Stever, C. 
Sparagno, B. Averback, P. Ricci. 

Brodhead 2 

SEATED: P. Sih, M. Murphy,}. Singer, N. Stubits, R. Stivale, 
A. Schaeffer, D. Renshaw, S. Erdman; STANDING: K. Tro- 
pin, B. Geekie, R. First, K. Mangan, D. Murphy, D. Patton, F. 

Ballew, D. Elia, D. Monaco, N. Hocheiser, E. Brenninger, B. 
Holt, C. Goetjen, N. Katz. 


Brodhead 3 

ROW 1: V. Kloiber, M. Weiss, D. Fronheiser, G. linger, S. ButzJ. Wilcox, B. 
Deutsch; ROW 2: R. Witcoff, G. Vivino, S. LuekerJ. Sipos, N. Gountanis, S. 
Sprout; ROW 3: M. Sommerfield, B. Campbell M. Waldeiser, B. Gallman. 

Brodhead 4 

ROW 1: S. Poskett, W. Poskett, L. PoskettJ. Sawka, C. Foltz, C. 
Marrah, A. Poskett, J. Figuar, N. Felix, M. Lyng, J. Aigen, S. 
Molotsky, B. MacFarland, B. Card; Row 2: T. West. E. With- 

efard, P. Walter, S. Alfano, L. Marganaro, B. Sedler, B. Hol- 
man, T. Buehrer, T. Landwehr, L. Hoft,A. Deditch, Professor 
Poskett, P. Sattler. 


Brodhead 5 

ROW 1: M. Brogan, D. Dubowsky,]. Wilson. G.Jacobs, A. Palas- 
leu sky, R. Buckley, S. Culver, G. Gershenson, C. Maegli; ROW 2: J. 
Tieser, D. Gengos, B. Wayne, D. Schoenburg, B. Kowalski, P. De- 
Stefano, M. Bushelow, M. Wrenn, S. Boyer, E. McDonough, T. 
Amoruso; ROW 3: T. Brennan, T. Geicr. S. Miritello, K, Sandall L 

Becker. D. Erlenborn, S. Shade; MISSING: //. Krafczek M Zcb- 
rowski, C Schlags, M. Gallinaro, L. Tucholke, B. Froberg, L. Kruse 
D. Maco, C. Roff, S. Garvey, A. Altaian, A. Gander, B. McQuiston, 

B Fraikorn. 

Brodhead 6 


ROW 1: M. Lukides, V. Murk, M. Stipa, B. Chedester, D. Junius, A. Mishkin, L. Lipka, 
N. Yaeger, G. Supron, K. Noel, S. Smith, K. Sloan, L. Carlson, R. Hurley; ROW 2: J. 
FernisterJ. Petrozziello, S. Antiskay, T. Ogren.J. O'Kicki, At. Paris, R. Glickman, D. 
Bansk, W. Botwin, M. Conroy, E. Heine, K. Fenstermacher, K. Sturn, M. Flannery,J. 
Pickol, A. Morrare, A. Streeter, I. Vader, B. Daniels, G. Rudy. 


ROW 1: S. Hesser, W. Pottinger, N. Campbell, C. LaCoss, W. Whitley, D wards, L. Schuman, W. Sutman, S. Cohen, P. ReiffJ. Weisman; ROW 3: G. 

Zuek.J. Helble, N. Mohsenian, M. Boyko, R. Rothman; ROW 2: S. West, T. Grigson, C. Kita, M. Bergen, J. Owen, ]. Bohar, E. DiStefano, R. Doyle. 
Durels, J. Ahsler, D. Daniels, A. Yeo, S. Wahlgren, W. VanLoan, S. Ed- 


Dravo A-2 


8° : ' :■'-: 

ROW 1; V. Morton, C. Nicklaus, K. LaPaglia, S. 
Soule, L. Hayes: ROW 2: K. Kay. L. McCann, A. 
Sandstrom, B. Schollock, C. Down. 

Dravo A-3 

ROW 1: T. Miller,]. Slave, D. Moore, W.Jones, J. Doe h.Raley. M. Shapiro.L. 
Miller ROW 2: L. Corah, K. Dowlim, P. Proctor, D. Wall, L. Goldstem, B. 
Kelly, D. Bradley, B. Cohen. L. Fradkin. 


Dravo B-2 & B-3 

ROW 1: R. Wastcoat, D. Pietruszynski, B. PertusiJ. Valerio, S. Smith, B. Woolford, 
G. Swatek, D. Miller; ROW 2: N~. Stettler, K. Atlas, H. Hull, G. Grauer, C. Bayer, j'. 
Barbaz, H. Mayoral, S. Block, J. Roeder; ROW 3: T. Potash, G. O'Donnell, T. 
Pieczynski, G. Goldstein, C. Petersen, T. Rowe, D. Thompsom, B. Bailie, A. Nilson, 
R. Palmer, K. Depew, S. Lauderbach, T. Simms; MISSING: S. Allison, J . Juraniec, 
M. Curiwitz, M. Mangino, C. Palovich,}. Hammond, D. Grow, V.Joo, D. Mattfeld, 
G. Strauffur. 


Dravo B-4 

ROW 1: P. Gross, B. Yingling, P. Rose, G. 
Povirk, ]. Reid, G. Meltzer, T.C. Cunning- 
ham, S. Lust, S. Tobin; ROW 2: B. Allston, 
D. Bresnan, B. Gallagher B. Anderson, G. 
Ohl, T. Hartij, H. Lonstein, O. Orem, P. 
Pinkham, S. Moore. 

Dravo C-3 

ROW 1: B. Bank 
sina, D. Reichlc 

s, V. Ozal, K. Connors. T. Mes- 
D. Harmon, K. Boyd; ROW 2: 

K. McKinney, S. Cohen, S. Hess, M. Tomsho 
ROW 3: L. Rauth, E. Engel, M. Leugers, K.Jamei 


Dravo C-4 

ROW 1: A. Lewnes; ROW 2: P. Kapur, T. Vrabec 
A. Kellett, S. Lewis; ROW 3: S. White, W. Kress, 
S.E. McClain, L. Hochman, E. Schwartz, C. 
S chart tz. 

Dravo D-2 

ROW 1: B. Succop, C. Gerberich; ROW 2: R. 
FulfordJ. Qualude, G. Burr, A. Bringhurst, 
M. Weuer; ROW 3: D. Hauze, G. Sieuerding, 
R. Taylor, K. Stoddard,]. Demon; ROW 4: M. 
Spengler, E. Lerner; ROW 5: F. Kavolic. C. 
Knachman, J. Crump. 



Dravo D-3 

ROW I: J. Donofrio, C. Martin, J. Foltz, A. Pomerantz, G. Strauss, P. DeBnin; 
ROW2: D. Bohn, B.Applegate,J. Lambert, J. Incanclela,J . Jones , B. Puzauski, 
J. Rex, J. Boglivo, T. Petrone, V. Aimenio, P. Marri, S. Spivak, A. Silipigni, G. 
McCaoe, N. Reiser, M. McCloughry, M. Sanfilippo,]. Mania, K. Richards. 

Dravo D-4 

L to R: C. Tiinmcrman.J. lucandella, ]~. Lambariello, M. 
Wheatall, E. Stollman, D. Donovan, M.Joe. M. Kipness,]. 
Gumino, K. Malkemes, G. Biscol, S. Bower, D. Field, J. 


Drinker 3 

ROW 1: P. Schengrund, I. Minnich, M. Bell; ROW 2: M. Suib, 
M. Ganger, Deusseldorf, A. Shuhler, B. Ahlgrim, D. Ressler; 
ROW 3: /. McNab, D. Hank, R. Bartosz, M. Waszkiewicz, P. 
Gaston, J. Cugasi, M. Schwartz; ROW 4: M. Carboy, D. Long; 
MISSING: D. Lammey, J. Byorick, K. Kanis, S. Hjorth, J. 

Caimi, D. Leitner, G. Wells, M. ldecker, C. Filz, C. Gorbunoff, 
A. Giitffro, M. Etchenique, K. Harmon, K. Green, R. Collins, M. 
Felicano, R. Caballes, D. Weisman, J. Gobuzda, T. Shank, D. 
Woodnorth, S. Hilaris, B. Neis, F. LibschJ. Baldwin, D. White. 
H. Gortler, H. Huekel. 

Drinker 4 

ROW 1: R. Ramunni, L. Sluke, A. 
Padjen, T. Harbison, D. Sgambelluri; 
ROW 2: A. Parfitt, L. Sommer.J. 
Ronca, D. Gash, K. Tate. S. Searfoss, 
A. Davis, ROW 3: J. Vogel, T. Minick, 
C. Mercan, R. Vernon, A. Weston; 
ROW 4: R. Summer, B. Moot stein. M.J 
Farmer. L. Whitworth, K. Hespell. K. 



ROW 1: K. Glass, K. Randle, B. Brierhi, K. Piker, P. Leso, M. 
Rovi.J. Paige. D. Ocorr, D. Himmelstein, G. Lorenze, N. 
Coviello, B. Winick; ROW 2: T. Leonardi, R. Nemiroff, W. 
Schmidt, A. Berenzy, D. Bauer, S. Garbasz,}. Hanke, E. Foiig, 

J. Sibilia, C. Roberts, S. Dranginis, J. Lebo, J. Leightner, C. 
Kenkelen, C. Scheuing, S. HupnerJ. Lacy, G.Ahern,}. Mosher, 
J. Davis. 

M&M A-l 

ROW 1: T. Padilla, B.Johnson, K. Reagan, S. Nitzberg, L. Broderick, 
V. Haines, S. Staff; ROW2:V. Smith, A. Marcantognini.L. Graham, 
]. Phillips, D. O'Donnell, S. Haimowitz, A. Kurt, L. Mayhawk; ROW 

3- B. Gallis, E. Bernet, L. Walker, K. Turoski, N. CaputoJ. Dejesus, 
G. Meehan, T. Roth, M. McHugh, K. Pyros, T. Royal, A. Singh, D. 
Scopino, K. Robertson, M. Corbet; IN FRONT: C. Pomeroy. 


M&M A-2 

ROW 1: J. Sare, M. Reyes, N. Sasak, D. Darvy, L. 
Gallo, C. Riely; ROW 2: P. Orlowsky, J. Kozen, D. 
Munno. S. Skrivanek, N. Haldeman, R. Rutter, R. 
Weidner, S. Bevin, IW. Trost, S. Hosono, M. Beaulieu; 
ROW 3: P. Spratt, K. lunar, L. AndreachJ. Sebold, S. 

Brucher, B. Campbell, B. Benson, D. Quinn, S.Jaffe, 
L. Penrod, B. Leenov; ROW 4: E. Kiley, P. Holmes, B. 
Russell, K. Cauwels, B. Rawson, K. VanTyne, E. Bat- 
sole, D. Moser; ROW 5: T. Banet, K. Holl, M. Filan, L. 

M&M A-3 

ROW 1: L. Kagdis, T. Lumb, L. Kline, B. MargisonJ. Weir, L. 
Petersohn, K. Murature; ROW 2: S. Fischel, D. North, J. Wil- 
son, B. Robertson, S. Sanford, P. Robbins, D. Klinger, W. 
Moyer, A. Blackler; ROW 3: L. Smith, C. Shettino, T. Sweety 

S. Herder, K. Woodruf, A. Kanavy, L. Pucilowski, B. Earle, F. 
Sherbert, G. Byers, E. Bandler, B. Poppe, M. Butler, A. Hill, S. 
Beidleman, D. Pippins, S. Yee, L. Kirshner. 


M&M B-l 

ROW 1: G. Hamwi, M. Stires, E. Sposto, S. Eemer Chris, L. 
Duvall; ROW 2: B. Doney, R. Dobey, D. Bark,,. D. Minches D. 
Joynt M. Cenzo, G. Novek, S. Grossinger, R. Geise; ROW J: J. 

Wellman, T. Scanlan,]. Helm.F. Meier. T. McGinnesJ. Baker. 
J Levy D. Dacquisto, D. Andrechyk; ROW 4: S. Hem, A. 
Gesner,]. Stevens, D. Crawford, M. Holmes, K. Council. 


ROW : B. Duff,,. T Morris. E. Morgan, D. Dean, P. Emhree B. Hemlri, ks. 
™ron B. Cum,, S. Sam. J. Antos; ROW 2:./. Hammerschmtdt, K. Thorpe, R. 

__.._ d d..:.'.i._-.).... r> pf„;~ 

Miron, B. Cum,', S. Sam, J. Antos; ROW 2. J. Hammerschmtdt, k. Thorpe 
Anston, B. Bainbridge, D. PfeilT. Hukill, J. Moloney, G. Thompson, M. 
Makou ski. T Albright,]. Powell, W. Taboada, H. Imaeda, D. (.nil,,. 


M&M B-2 

What's up? Not a whole bunch . . . How, your feet stink 
. . . Murph, ya animal ya . . . "Killer," queen of the mats 
. . . uh oh, I think I broke something . . . The Goddess 
. . . such a woman . . . "she rides horses" . . . and his 
boyElroy. . . if it looks good, grab it . . . get it out of your 
mouth. . .VICIOUS. . . it's in the rules . . . if they can't 
take a joke. . . Uni-Spiv . . . bunny feet . . . Booze and 
don't mix . . . Dey're De Greatest . . . welcome to 
Tralfamadore . . . happy trails . . . Got a match? ... 98 
and Grass . . . Geez, put it out! . . . it's all relative . . . 
Bregzgetoutofbed! . . . the rack monsterer . . . Bentley, 
what happened in here? . . . Robin Wilde's birthday is 
December 3! . . . oooo-eee-eee-ooo . . . 1 to get in, 2 to 
get out . . . THIS ROOM CONDEMNED . . . cute 
bandana . . . HALACIOUS . . . bummerouchiola . . . 
The Wonder . . . The Disco Christian . . . "Ears" . . . 
"popcorn party, J.E.?" . . . do it up! . . . bubbles . . . 
once is not twice . . . where's my underwear! . . . duh, 
where's Howie at? . . . Bucko's stall . . . and shit . . . 
eeeee triple nought . . . DING . . . The Denmother . . . 
Stud and Spud . . . hey, M. Weavz . . . hall meeting in 
room B-203 . . . now get out of here you maniac . . .I've 
got to do two more . . . drink 'til you drop . . . Sunday 
night study it up, Ya! . . . it's not over 'til it's over. 

___ 7£j jr.;.. 

«••■»» — 

1 r h ' m, 'Sir. 

3P V 

ROW 1: T. Buchanan, A. Noll, T. Godown, M. Romisher, 
L. Wolfe, J. Bergenzer, T. Gainer, T. Spivak, C. Ziegler, D. 
Houston, C. Green, P. Tackowiack, F. Schroeder, S. 
Davies, A. Wolf; ROW 2: H. Meyers, L. Freitag, T. 
Theodoris, S. Galler, M. Weaver, B. Blaser; ROW 3: G. 
Xale, B. Clifton, S. Roberts, B. Bardinelli, S. Miloro; ROW 

4: J. Erickson, L. Dietrich, C. Woods, F. Boosman, G. 
Kulka; MISSING: K. Heinick, F. Lenzo, E. Pendleton, A. 
Hummel, S. Balliett, D. Hausman, B. Hannan, T. Whyte, 
P. Kline, B. Itnmer, J. O'Donnell, Bentley, D. Kynor, ]. 
Griffin, L. Loo, F. Salloum. 


Richards 1 

ROW 1:/. Young, A. Gotthelf, B. Pianucci, M. 
Burke, R. Mayo, G. Lechner; ROW 2: M. Pet- 
roshi, S. Goodrich, L. Berthelson-Leon, J. Re- 
thore, C. Ortiz, R. Weaver, W. Giles, S. Gurst; 
ROW 3: W. Miller, P. Dura,]. Fuller, P. Miller, J. 

Spafford, S. Speicher, J. Perri, J. Aronson, A. 
Pushar, J. Simrell, P. Yablonsky; ROW 4: R. 
Donahue, G. Essner, C. Herdt, K. Greenawalt , J . 
Adams, B. McGuinnes, S.Jones. 

Richards 2 

ROW 1: M. Stegers, D. Pratt, T. Stevenson, S. Fisher, P. 
Schwab, A. Creamer, P. Pietrucha, D. Coltharp; ROW 2: 
T. Blaisdell, T. McDonnell, E. Schultz. G. Bell, J. Selve- 

rian, R. McGee.J. SiriganoJ. Vanderhoff; ROW 3: B. Cur- 
tis, M. Stewart, M. Dana, W. Hadden, S. NovinsJ. Deevy, 
R. Ragoza; ROW 4: M. Lucas, R. Craft, A. Benn. 


Richards 4 

ROW 1: S. Ochs, K. Hartman; ROW2: M. Bielieu, S. Schlicht, P. LeutzJ. Guida, S. Bond; 
ROWS: K. Berk, J. Deibler, R. Truhane.K. Lunge, J. Abbot, A. Matay; ROW 4: F. Genthe, 
A. Yuelys, E. Montague,]. Rosen/eld, C. Benscoter; ROW 5: S. Shoop, M. Rosch, H. Lewis, 
K. Wright, S. Foster, G. Anson, J. Davey, C. Adamcek. 


ROW 1: M. HUl, R. Divas, L. Simpson, M. Ellis; ROW 2: L.Jones, M. 

Phillips, D. Sohn, C. Mason, E. Fountuine, E. lobst, C. Brown, R. 
TorieloiJ. Wathne; ROW 3: P. Sanehirico, D. Esslinger, T. Grodt.A. 
Monroe, D. Harris, L. Andernum, G. Marcin, L. Boetius, C. Kwalik, 

M. Blackstone, K.Jones, D. Campbell. K. VanHoesen, C. Miller. S. 
Schaufert, D. Hulkower, /. Heitmann. D. Vounas, M. Donley, I. 
Rosencrantz; ROW 4: P. Brewer. S. Bretz. T. Zellers.J. Baker, S. 
Baeieh. R. Andraka. 


ROW IE loel C Bogert,]. Fabiani, D. FtnfcJ. Brubaker, T. Werth, E. Hendlm; 

ROW 2 S Nichols, S Timmerman, H. Godschalk G^ Werner, S.PerusichM. 

O'DonneU, O. Stachtiaras, E. Bhotla, P. Mtman, S. PerlmutterW. Troy P. 
C ^ i 1 ^t t Cronk- ROW 3: /. Robinson, B. Moyer, B. ZiUig, D. Hefty, G. Yaworskt J. 
D rnil6 V Rwnlind, M. Ucitra, A. Lehren, S. Chandbry, D. Boldeyga, B. Munley, T. 
J Giorgio, M. Ratte, W. Meicke, S. Olsen. 

Gumba . . . Smiley Air Force . . . Hey Mic- 
key, you got any toilet paper? . . . Garden . . . 
Hi Johnny . . . Lumberjacks . . . Sign me up 
. Single helix . . . Pass the Geek ... I'm 
so depressed . . . Huge guy . . . Battlestar 
. I.L.'s . . . Time warp . . . I.M. most im- 
proved . . . Greekers . . . Rainbow ... Un- 
derstand? . . . Phil pins Browny . . . Jock 
Award ... 5 year softball degree . . . Ram- 
bler . . . Worthless . . . Beirut . . . Lehigh 
Relay . . - Breeze and the Sleeze . . . Snug- 
gles . . . False alarms . . . L.S.T. . . . Pearls 
. Wild Bill . . • Hulk . . . Cards . . . Beer 
Pong . . . Powa . . . Sunnysitups ... No do, 
. . Green Grain . . . Goal 
. . . Rock vs. Disco . . . 
. . SIG Brothers . . . Tim 
. 2000.5 pounds . . . God, 
I was really pouring them down . . . Trophy 
Case . . . Mr. Sincerity . . . T-Bag . 
Malaka . . . Golden Staple . . . Rohtla's 
Harem . . . Pub nights. 

no do . . . Rookies 
Posts . . . K-town 
Frozen underwear 
really lives here . 


Taylor I 

"the best hall of '80" 

has been presented by 



Ross Ford 

Jack Mishko 

Keith Bauder 

Bruce Frank 

Matt Modisett 

Dean Bernocchi 

Jon Frankel 

Jim Reilly 

Trevor Bond 

Jim Gary 

Eugene Seagriff 

Chip Brown 

Bill George 

Keith Shramko 

Brian Burkhart 

Don George 

David Skalter 

Paul Camuti 

Joe Giesler 

Peter Starer 

Tom Catania 

Doug Hagerty 

Albie Stein 

Joe Chestnut 

Bruce Heylmun 

R.B. Stewart 

Earle Cooper 

Bob James 

Bob Toal 

John Dean 

Steve Joseph 

Mike Wettengel 

Raul Delaguardia 

Andy Kiegel 

Jim Durkin 

Roy Lobdell 


Arae Erstling 

John Marhoeffer 

Jim Capraro 

Ed Fallon 

Phil Massicotte 

Andy Burg 


d Flood 

Matt McNeil 

Rich Superfine 



~ \m i~R 




£L ire rr 



< •-», ^SSSH 

EifY«JF&& r 


i& - 





* x. 



Best of luck to all either study or cheat 



ROW 1: M. Marx, J. Helman, C. Donahue, M. Benz, B. 
Mueller, A. Mazzei, B. Horvath; ROW 2: M. Baymor, L. 
Morganstern,]. Sciabica, G. Thalhamer, L. Ammerman, I. 

Anderson, L. McMahon; ROW 3: B. Bolte, J. Klees, A. 
Fatula, H. Erdogan, L. Praver, L. Luce, L. Messina, P. 
Scott, N. Wagner, J. Rettberg, B. Plutnick. 

Warren Square A 

ROW l.K. Otto, A. Dewingarde.K. Stein; ROW2:L. 
Mascolo, R. Cortes, J. Beers, L. Herzfeld, D. Goetz, 
\t Weis, S. McMenamin, C. Perry; ROW3: T. Cullen, 

M. Kanenson, V. HcnchelJ. Balaskas, V. Votto, P. 


Warren Square C 

ft f> A 

ROW 1:/. Einhorn, L. HeimstaedtJ. Wilson, E. Fox; ROW 2: M. Hagan, M. 

Gordon, J. Werner, S. Chick, G. Schmalz, H. Cerra, B. Hugick. 


ROW l-.M.Fucci.T. Costello,B.Gittleman, R.Horn, den, R. Sayegh; ROW 3: E. Cries, C. Borrelli, G. 

C.Koehler,D. Sharper; ROW 2: P. Huhn, B. Karoly. Richard, K. Maz, A. McGrain, C. Ellsworth, B. 
C. Rucki, L. Gregg, K. VanderwadJ. Snyder, J. Iden- Snyder, S. Poniatowicz. 



ROW 1: C. Lichtblau, R. Katcher, D. Blount, E. Warke; ROW 2: H. Hampson, M. 
Chandell, R. Smith, J. Andres, J. Schoenberg, K. Hurler, P.Jennings; ROW 3:./. 
Merrill. G, Seuhart. F.Jones, J. Sands. G. Hutchinson,}. Amarillios, C Krei/er, D. 
Weisman, R. Lang, H. Fromefield. 


SEATED: T. HaaeJ. Burke: ROW 2: J. Hughes, J. Bichdale, M. Connor. 


545 Carlton 

A. Geltzeiler, M. Lundgren, N. Fahl, E. Marshall, L. Kaiden 

German House 

ROW 1; C. LohrenzJ. Hartman, B. Tolosko, M Cable, O. Rahim, W. 
Guckes; ROW 2: K. Gehman, S. Sumkuti. 



ROW 1: K. EberhartJ. Harris, C. 

Rosen, M. Ehrich, T. Stacom; 

ROW 2: T. O'Shea, R. Define, L. 

Ullrich, J. Eggert. E. Grasso, R. 

Dunn, A. Huhseh, P. Smoler, D. 


205 Social Club 

Magnet mouth . . . isn't Donna sweet? . . . Are 

my pinks cheek? . . . breathing birthday presents 

. . . really Lin, a high school senior! . . . what do 

you do with that flute anyway? . . . Good story, 

Dave . . . Three minutes . . . Four people fit on 

this couch . . . Dooda, dooda . . . horny hat . 

carrots . . . racquetball . . . Where's Bessie? . 

hitch . . . Molson Gold and Diet Pepsi . 

SFB, M.D . . . Beloved Barsky . . . Sunda\ 

morning interrogatives . . . Guffs at Bloomers . 

King Kong left one . . . Smemme and Karmm . 

Jo-Jo, Ton-Ton and Jumpin Jonny G . 

Snowbird . . . Sore lips . . . Rock with us . 

Our house is warm . . .Wenches. . . We're off to 

see the Wizard . . . Phil's Syndrome . . . See this? 



ROW I: S. Bregstein, L. Rissel, S. Stoup, D. Symnoski; 
ROW 2: D. Reed, E. Shulman. 


Ronca's Boys 


When in doubt, throw it out! . 
. . . I'll call, you pick it up . 
anymore! . 

ROW 1: C. Alfano, E. Kane, D. Seeger; ROW 2: R. Tilley; Row 3: T. 
Forcey, D. Boyuka, T. Stiles, B. Johnson; ROW 4: R. Johnston, J. 
Grube,J. Schilthuis. 

. No smalla dough 
. It's not funny 
. Rockamundo . . . Tunneling at 
midnight . . . Tree-climber Kane . . . 
Ah-Ah-EE-EE-TOOKY-TOOKY! . . . Interhouse 
football . . . You answer the door when the police 
come. . . I'll love you like sin, but I won't be your 
pigeon . . . It's only me! . . . Brooksy . . . 
Stonehands Alfano . . . The midget . . . Horny 
cats . . . Fat Slob . . . God-damn you Billy! . . . 
Gahunder-finkle . . . Quadrant time . . . 1 & 1A 
. . . God my nips hurt! . . . Strooooohs! . . . 
Trainer Tilley . . . He's dead, Jim . . . Are these 
communal? . . . Who's got dishes? . . . Who's 
been drinking Uncle Tom's soda? . . . How old is 
this green bread? . . . The Memorial Party with 
Dr. Feaver . . . Aren't we going to invite any 
guys?. . .$500, Dean!. . . The Skiltymobile . . . 
McCarthy's and the Salem Sunbeam . . . Burn, 
baby, burn . . . The phone's on fire . . . Fish 
sticks . . . French toast Fires . . . "The launch 
pad, she's burning up!" . . . Fuel waster specials 
. . . It's the Ghost! . . . Don's four second shower 
. . . Anti-terrorist Chem E . . . "Ensign Seeger, 
Report to lavatory duty immediately! . . . The 
Grubatron . . . "Throw the bomb!" . . . Rejection 
row . . . Housequakes . . . Foul shooter Jaxon 
. . . The Bents . . . Don't molest Wally! . . . 
Super! . . . Ricky Baby . . . The Deathcycle . . . 
"That's barbaric!" . . . The Fuhrer . . . C.A.T.O. 
. . . Charge it to Ronca . . . The check is in the 
mail . . . Rut isn't that illegal, Mr. Ronca? . . . 
Steady as she goes, ahead warp factor one! 


A Day in the Life of a Commuter 

Although Lehigh is primarily a live- 
in school there is a substantia] num- 
ber oi students who commute from 
home. Being commuters, they face 
main obstacles that arc unique unto 
them. Take, for example, one fine win- 
ter Tuesday. 

The alarm was set for 6:45. leaving 
plenty of" time to shower and make it to 
my 7:55 class. Unfortunately, today I 
shut the alarm and leaned hack against 
my pillows to catch five more minutes 
of sleep. I awoke to the sound of my 
mother's screaming, telling me that I 
was running late and that it had 
snowed six inches last night. I jumped 
out of bed and raced towards the bath- 
room only to find my sister had 
beaten me to the shower and would 
probably be there for at least another 
fifteen minutes. I went back into my 
room and threw on the nearest avail- 
able jeans and sweater. My breakfast, 
consisting of a vitamin pill, was choked 
down with a glass of juice. I was 

beginning to get the ominous feeling 
that this was not going to be one of my 
better days. 

The car started (thank God) and I 
was on my way. Twenty minutes to get 
across the New Street bridge, park the 
car and run to class — no problem, 
even in the snow. About one mile from 
home I realized my lunch and wallet 
were still sitting on the kitchen 
counter. I must have hit every red light 
between home and school and traffic 
on the bridge was slow. As soon as I 
crossed the bridge, the railroad cross- 
ing gates started coming down signal- 
ing the approach of what had to be one 
of the slowest trains on record. 

Now the race was on to see who 
would get a spot out in front of the 
Mudd building. I turned the corner 
and spied a single empty spot. Then 
out of nowhere came a little blue 
Toyota and took the spot right before 
my eyes. Harboring feelings of mur- 
der, I drove off to find another space. 

By now it was exactly 7:55 and I made 
the last fifty yard dash to my class in 
record time. But wait! My professor's 
secretary was standing there telling us 
that class was cancelled because the 
professor's car wouldn't start. I almost 

I went to the game room where the 
pinball machines promptly robbed me 
of whatever change I had in my pock- 
ets. Great! Now, I didn't even have 
enough money to buy a soda for lunch. 
I decided to go over to the Townhouse 
to see who else was around before 
going to my next class. 

The rest of the day went without too 
much trauma. Only one more class to 
go before I was free to pick up my sis- 
ter from school and complete a mile 
long list of errands my mother asked 
me to do. My professor kept us an extra 
fifteen minutes trying to teach us the 
entire citric acid cycle in the matter of 
seconds. Finally, school was over. I ran 
back to the car only to find that I had 
been ticketed. The car stalled four 
times before I made it to the high 
school. By the' time I got there, my sis- 
ter had left with some of her girlfriends 
leaving me to complete the errands by 
myself. I just sat there wondering what 
I had done to be tortured this way to- 

Thank God, everyday is not like this, 
but they do pop us every now and 
then. Maybe next semester I'll move 
on campus. 








luncheon 1 1:30 To 7 
Dinners 5 To 1 1 Mon Thru Thurs 
fri ■ Sot 5 P/M To 1 AM 
Told Singer (Very Night 

%hh\& C&tlar 

335 W Fourth at Wyandotte, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 





printing with character 

Expert knowledge, long experience 
and skilled craftsmanship are a 
Tradition ac Schlicher printers. 

These qualities prevail in each and 
every job, large or small, and costs 
no more. 

Geo. P. 


& Son 


Phone 433-6047 Area Code 215 




Hotel Gethlehem 

437 MAIN STRfcET. BETHLEHfcM PENNSYLVANIA 18018 TEL 215 867-3711 



Compliments of 




— - s£?« 



n^,,iiiniiii iimiJii 





c .. . 






""•"3^^^. ■. 

linen & uniform service, inc. 

PO BOX 2268 • ALLENTOWN. PA 18001 


Packer Ha 

Packer Memorial Church 

Alumni Memorial Building 

Bronze Relief Etchings 

PMJ Productions creates bronze relief 
etchings from original art. The etchings are 
mounted on solid hand-rubbed walnut. This 
unique combination of bronze and walnut 
results in a creation of distinctive quality. 
PMJ's ability to achieve minute detail allows us 
to present the original artwork in its purest 

7Ha$i*ute& Wad. 'SUf. 7U. 9 Getfite&em, PeHK&tftv<ud* ?X0t5 



/V^JjD^jg. 20 West 4th Street 

/[ ^%mm$\ Bethlehem, Pa. 18015 

Ir.^^ '''"""' 

^^Z^ggffisj^ 868-0176 


Fresh Hoagies — Sandwiches 

Complete Deli 

Party Trays — Catering 


For all your graphic needs...We're your type 


RD4, Schoenersville Rd., Allentown, PA 18103 264-5677 

Make Your 



College weekends usually lead to 
some of the finest memories you carry 
through life. Two of the Valley's best 
restaurants would like to be a part of 
your special weekends. Join us for 
lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch. We're 
moderately priced and specialize in 
making memories. 


\dmwm aEJKfc 




BETHLEHEM 865-5002 ALLENTOWN 435-3377 

The Aspen extends thoughts of 

good luck and success to this 

year's graduating class 



Office Phone 215 — 434-9355 



Roofing, Spouting and Sheet Metal Work 

530 West Broad Street 
Bethlehem, Penna. 18018 


306 Brodhead Avenue 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Electrical Contractors 





For 40 years, M.W.Wood Enterprises, Inc., 
has provided quality food service manage- 
ment services to colleges, hospitals, and 
industry. Most clients are located within a two 
hour drive of the Wood headquarters in Allen - 
town , Pennsylvania. By concentrating on one 
locale, Wood is responsive to every client's 
needs. Top management can personally 
assess each facility, assuring the client of 
quality and professional service. 



Wood Enhancement Resources, the latest 
service available from the professionals of 
M W. Wood Enterprises, Inc. provides effi- 
cient and personalized management of on- 
site housekeeping and laundry systems for 
current and prospective clients. From the 
supervision of total floor-to-ceiling cleaning 
to the complete management of on -site laun- 
dries for bed linens , clothing , and other items, 
the Wood touch is clearly evident. 


3320 Hamilton Blvd 

Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103 






Augustus A. Riemondy 41 
Senior Vice President 

Robert H. Hicks, Jr. '44 
Regional Vice Presidents 
James M. Bridgman '50 

Region I iXV-Ncu England) 
James H. Latham '53 

Region II (NJ) 
CM. Camarda '52 

Region III (PA & Delaware) 
E. William kuhl '66 

Region IV (Central states) 
C. Scott Hartz '68 

Region V (Southeastern states) 
Mark H. Hannah '62 

Region VI (Western states) 

Joseph M. Workman '53 

Charles M. Frankel '62 

Lvnne S. Betzwieser '75 
Richard H. Francis '54 
Philip R. Peiler'60 
Thomas E. Hirsch III 75 


Samuel H. Missimer '50 
Alumni Trustees 

Charles E. Swenson '51 

Stanley M. Richman '55 

Robert H. Rilev, Jr. '35 

Samuel W. Croll, Jr. '48 

William L. Clavton "51 

Oldrich Foucek III '72 

C. Keith Rust '57 

James J. Duane III '73 

lames W. Niemever '43, Exec. Dir. 

H.B. Ramsey '50,' Assoc. Exec. Dir. 

Dennis R. Diehl '70, Asst. Exec. Dir. 

Susan B. George '77 

Lee Ann Lusardi '79 
Committee Chairman 

Richard M. Smith '48, Annual Giving 

H.M. Schelden '19, 

E.H. Howells '34, Awards 

Donald B. Herterich '52, 

Oldrich Foucek III 72, Class Gift 

Stanley M. Richman '55 
Continuing Education 

Gregory B. Falkenbach 72 
Student/Alumni Relations 


ALLENTOWN — Eugene R. Smar 73, 2024 E. Highland St., Allentown PA 18103 215-432-0670 

ARIZONA — Howard E. Keim '55, 8145 N. 68th St., Camelback Countrv Club Es., Scottsdale AZ 85253 602-948-0776 

ATLANTA — John D. Champagne '67, Uniflex Corp., Suite 100 — 1380 W. Paces Ferrv Rd. NW Atlanta GA 30327 404-237-5547 

BOSTON — Robert A. Geremia '69, 103 Woodledge Rd., Needham MA 02192 617-444-5285 

CENTRAL NY — Robert W. Hvla 62. Henneberrv Rd., RD #2, Manlius NY 13104 315-682-6957 

CENTRAL PA — R. Scott Shearer'71, 121 Slover Rd., Mechanicsburg PA 17055 717-766-5185 

CHICAGO — Robert H. Rilev III '65, 844 Bluebird St., Deerfield IL 60015 312-537-5260 

CONNECTICUT VALLEY — Harrv W. Jones '42, 473 Ridge View Rd., Orange CT 06477 203-795-9466 

DALLAS/FT. WORTH — Carl S. Hauptli 71, 1415 North Trail, Carrollton TX 75006 214-24,5-2307 

DELAWARE — Eric R. Fahnoe '65, 3313 Englewood Rd., Wilmington DE 19810 302-478-4140 

DELAWARE VALLEY — John D. Eler '69, 286 Westcott Blvd., Pennington, NJ 08534 609-396-8422 

FAIRFIELD COUNTY — Ann R. Hagmann '69G, 9 Meadow Dr., Cos Cob CT 06807 203-661-0520 

FLORIDA WEST COAST — Martin B. Solomon '65, 4925 Bav Way Pl„ Tampa FL 33609 813-876-1773 

HOME CLUB — Paul W. Wagner '57, 3449 Mountain View Circle, Bethlehem PA 18017 215-691-5221 

INDIANA — Robert D. Gredvs '63, 3524 Camiel Dr., Carmel IN 46032 317-846-0835 

JERSEY SHORE — Glenn S. Williman 71, 612 Auth Ave., Ocean NJ 07712 201-531-6481 

LANCASTER COUNTY — Harrv B. Walton, Jr. '44, 930 Martha Ave., Lancaster PA 17601 717-393-4542 

LONG ISLAND — Alan V. Schwartz 70, 111 E. 85th St., Apt. 9A, New York NY 10028 212-826-2000 

MARYLAND — Nelson L. Bond, Jr. '57, 13019 Old Hanover Rd., Reisterstown MD 21136 301-526-5707 

MICHIGAN — Assadullah Nassrv 72G, 17891 Parkridge Dr., Riverview MI 48192 313-284-8716 

MID-JERSEY — Donald H. Stire's '50, Pave-Rite Inc., 43 W. high St., Somerville NJ 08876 201-725-0230 

NEW YORK — Donald J. Wikstrom '69, 236 West Trail, Stamford CT 06903 203-329-8969 

NITTANY VALLEY — Charles A. Nicholson '50, 931 Robin Rd., State College PA 16801 814-237-2392 

NORTH CAROLINA — Barton R. Heinz '43, 709 Rollingwood Dr., Greensboro NC 27410 919-292-1937 

NORTHEAST PA — Michael Waligorski, Jr. '62, Walk's Sales & Mktg. Corp., 361 Wvoming Ave., Kingston PA 18704 717-288-7461 

NORTHERN CA — Richard J. Delanev '68, 7 Highlands Ct., Belmont, CA 94002 415-592-3876 

NORTHERN NJ — Ronald D. Johnson '62, 6 Quarrv Ct., Randolph NJ 07801 201-361-6297 

NORTHERN NY — Thomas J. Heals '58, 25 Wedgewood Dr., Saratoga Springs NY 12866 518-584-5643 

NORTHERN OHIO — Peter S. Harding 70, 2555 Princeton Rd., Cleveland Heights OH 44118 216-321-8003 

NORTH FLORIDA — Fred G. McGinnis '65, 4005 San Servera Dr. N, Jacksonville FL 32217 904-733-9263 

NORTHWEST INDIANA — Leon M. Harbold '59, 3904 Sleighbell Lane, Valparaiso IN 46383 219-462-2234 

NORTHWEST PA — Alan E. Greener '55, 436 Connecticut Dr., Erie PA 16505 814-454-4347 

OHIO VALLEY — E. William Kuhl, Jr. '66, 902 Oregon Trail, Cincinnati OH 45215 513-761-5646 

PACIFIC NORTHWEST — Frank Warner 70, 3636 NE Bahia Vista, Bremerton WA 98310 206-479-1674 

PHILADELPHIA — Dean H. Graham '58, 504 Willowmere Lane, Ambler PA 19002 215-646-7728 

PITTSBURGH — Richard W. Berg, Jr. '64, 54 Garv Dr., RD 2, Sewicklev PA 15143 412-367-1346 

ROCHESTER — William Grason, Jr. '60, 58 Christvn Marie Dr., Rochester NY 14626 716-227-3313 

ROCKY MOUNTAIN — Allen N. Queik '52, Cities'Service Oil Co., 1600 Broadway — Rm. 900, Denver CO 80202 303-861-2464 

ST. LOUIS — John L. Gammage, Jr. 75, 415 Great Hill Dr., Ballwin MO 63011 314-227-4225 

SAN DIEGO — Mark H. Hannah '62, P.O. Box 6910, 1605 Homblend St., San Diego CA 92109 714-488-8524 

SOUTHEASTERN PA — Mark S. Caltagirone '74, 817 Margaret St., Reading PA 19611 21.5-37.5-3082 

SOUTHERN CA — James B. Price, Jr. '43, 12849 Milbank St., Studio City CA 91604 213-766-1103 

SOUTHERN NJ — Howard L. Walton '49, 1006 Cedarbrook Rd., Cherrv Hill NJ 08034 609-429-3250 

SOUTHERN NY — Lawrence J. Salerno 72, 2436 High Ave., Vestal NY 13850 607-798-9539 

SOUTH FLORIDA — William M. Reber, Jr. '39, Marine Tower, Apt. PH 7, 2500 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 305-462-2974 

TEXAS — Carson B. Bartholomew '48, 8818 Concho, Houston TX 77036 713-771-5470 

UPPER JERSEY — A. Bruce Borgeson '49, 633 Wishing Well Rd., Wvckoff NJ 07481 201-891-9155 

VIRGINIA — Robert B. Hollinger, Jr. '63, Fed. Res. Bank of Richmond. P.O. Box 27622, Richmond VA 2.3261 804-643-1250 

WASHINGTON, DC — Thomas E. Hirsch III 75, 2207 Greenerv Lit., Apt. T-2, Silver Spring MD 20906 301-942-0199 

WESTCHESTEFt/ROCKLAND — Scott E. Wollaston '58, IBM Corp. — Legal Dept, 1000 Westchester Ave., White Plains NY 

10604 914-696-1601 
WESTERN NY — Jeffrev Weaver '.54, 64 Wiltshire, Williamsville NY 14221 716-634-4875 
WISCONSIN — Charles' L. Froehlich 70, 2050 E. Spruce Ct., Oak Creek WI 531.54 414-764-5000 
YORK — Charles P. Smith '50, 71 Roselvn Dr., York PA 17402 717-755-2013 

For information on any Association activities please feel free to contact the Alumni Office, Alumni Memorial 
Building 27, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015. For information on club activity contact alumnus listed or 
the Alumni Office. 




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Brian Allston 

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Varuni Nelson 

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"The 70's — A Decade Gone By" 

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In Memorium 

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Jack Archibald & 

Wally Smerconish - "Pros and Cons of Parent's Weekend" 

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"Defense Leads Engineers To Playoffs" 

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Every Dog has His Day" 

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"A Day in the Life of a Commuter . . ." 


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copy in the senior section is set in 10-point Optima, 
and identifications are set in 8-point Optima. Head- 
line style is predominantly 24-point Palatino. 

The cover lettering was executed by Helene 
Sayshen. Steve Merin photographed the cover pic- 

The photographs used in this book are primarily the 
work of University students. The seniors portraits and 
most of the group pictures were taken by Merin 
Studios, Philadelphia. Merin also provided selected 
candid photos. Some team photos were done by 
Ryan Studios, Bethlehem. 



Well, it's finally over and what a relief! I could tell you about the problems, 
hassles, and joys of the past year if space allowed. But, more important, I'd like to 
thank all those dedicated people for their long and unselfish hours spent in helping 
me to produce this book. 

I express my sincerest gratitude to: 

Diane Poles — As managing editor Diane deserves special recognition for her 
helpfulness, time, and creativity especially during the final weeks. We shared the 
office as if it was our home when the days were 15 hours long. We had our 
differences throughout the year but now, she is a dear friend and I know I couldn't 
have finished the book without her. 

Clarice May — By keeping us solvent, paying our bills (even the 3M bills), and 
raising sufficient revenue, Clarice made the job of business manager seem easy. In 
addition to a job-well-done, her sense of humor at the banquet and at the end of the 
year kept us smiling (even though John and her made that difficult to do at times). 

John Gii king — A photo editor has a very demanding schedule. We were quite 
fortunate to have a reliable and dedicated person such as John to fill this position. 
Not only did he provide terrific pictures but he also had the time to listen to all my 
problems. Thanks John, your patience and understanding helped me to continue 

The editors — If space allowed, I would thank each and every one for their 
outstanding performance. We were an inexperienced staff, but together we grew and 
produced a good book. 

Chris Ussier — Chris turned an idea into reality. Sketching 35 fraternity and sorority 
houses was quite a feat. Thanks for a job of perfection. 

Steve Merin — Always full of advice and creativity, Steve, our publisher's 
representative, was a great asset. His helpfulness will never be forgotten. 

Merin Studios — Special thanks go to Marv, Jeff, Richie, Lee, Donna, and 
everyone at the studio for not only pleasant service but for the best service. (Thanks 
Donna for answering all the stupid and numerous questions I could think of to ask.) 

journalism Division — For faculty advisor Sharon Friedman the past year was 
unique. All the staff members (including myself) were non-journalism majors. 
However, her concern and continued support throughout the year was most 
appreciated. Professors Joseph McFadden, Robert Sullivan, and Walter Trimble were 
most helpful whenever a question arose. Secretary Ruth Mathis was invaluable. Not 
only did she type and answer our phone but she was a friend during those long hours 
in the U.C. basement. 

My Apartmates — Nancy, Katrina, and Patty who had to live with me. You've put 
up with alot. Thank you and keep in touch. 

My Parents — I'm most grateful to my parents for understanding that I had to do 
this . . . 

The end to the yearbook means the end to four years of good times and some of my 
best friends. In addition, it's the end to a year of many disappointments and 
satisfactions that I experienced as editor-in-chief. But, to do it all again — SURE. 

Pamela A. Cleaver 















_.' ■■■■ " ■ ■■