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"To laugh often and much; to win the 

respect of intelligent people and affection 

of children; to earn the appreciation of 

honest critics and endure the betrayal of 

false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find 

the best in others; to leave the world a bit 

better; whether by a healthy child, a garden 

patch or a redeemed social condition; to 

know that even one life has breathed easier 

because you have lived. 

This is to have succeeded." 

-Qalph Waldo Emerson 



A Book of short stories 

Editor In Chief- Michelle Kudesh 
Photography Editors - Daniela Dimaggio, Karyn Schmeidler 

Layout Editors -Jennifer Lang, Stuart Zissu 

Copyright 1994 

Volume 118 

Lehigh University 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 


Features... \.. .j:...... 

Year In Review ........ ... a£&hrrr23 

A Little H ktov& !£&2tt , 



Activities .Hv. 1„ TZToM 

>••••• «-*-r-i-r***-i 


The Final Qhapter .... ^ Jr. . 

■ «*■■'* 

Epilogue ;...A^tf*M 

Messages and Ads 

"*"*«•. : 

- ■■ 








People, Places and Things 

by Michelle Kudesh 
Editor In Chief 

Welcome to Lehigh University. Perched high atop 

"Life is a boundless 

South Mountain is a university rich in tradition. 

privilege, and when you pay 

A sense of history, a sense of belonging to what has 

for your ticket and get into the 

come before pervades Lehigh life through its architecture, 

car, you have no guess what 

its demanding academic curriculum, and its social institutions. 

good company you 

Yet, each student body brings its own character to campus. 

will find there. " 

Take a trip now into the 118th edition of the Epitome and see 
some of the people, places and things that made 1994 unique. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

2 Every Picture Tells a Story 














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[ Every Picture Tells a Story 


jtj ^^^v ^^Rj^fe^^^^^VI 

People. Places and Things i 

6 Every Picture Tells a (Story 





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People. Places and Things 


Every Picture Tells a Story 

Every Picture Tells a (Story 

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1 ~^E 

5? ii 

* '' r d 

1 f 

m •* 41 



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A 1 


Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

pic. Places and Things 

14 Every Picture Tells a Story 

pic. Places and fhi 


What a surprise winter this 
year! 758-News became the 
most important number on the 
list as both students and faculty 
were calling time and time again 
to see whether classes would 
be on for the day or not. 
Pennsylvania was named as a 
state of emergency, AAA's line 
was busy for hours at a time, 
and the Bethlehem Parking 
Authority even stopped ticket- 
ing as Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 
had 16 snow storms during the 
winter of 1994! 

' ' / 


16 Ever/ Picture Tells a (Story 

People. Places and Things 

~ou Know You Go 
To Lehigh When... 

You spend more money on parking 
tickets than you do on tuition... 

You spend more effort fighting 
parking tickets than you do on 

You spend more time wearing hats 
than washing your hair... 

A short trip to the bookstore 
turns into an evening at the Apollo, 
and the singer is named Harry... 

You hear the word Brownie, and 
don't think of food... 

Cocktails come to mean cheap 
Vodka in plastic cups... 

The feminists of our future fre- 
quent a bar commonly called the 

You can downhill ski to class... 

Your (Saturday morning breakfast_ 
consists of a Bloody Mary, Beer ;<i 
and a Burger at fall tailgates... 

You complain about the walk up] 
the hill, but wait 2 hours for the;, 

18 Every Picture Tells a Story 

E£«IPPV*. 4>*ft ~ v - Jg . 'V.-- - 

20 Every Picture Tells a Story 

People. Places and Thii 


I ear 

n J 


Current events in the World and around Campus 

by Michelle Kudesh 
Editor In Chief 

Year In Review 23 

Through time, as changes take place both in the 
Lehigh community and around the world, we begin 

"So the more things remain 

to realize that we, too, are evolving. From the moment we 
stepped onto this campus for the first time, every 

y rr 1 t / 1 T a 

1 9 t 

the same, the more they 

event and experience has had an effect on us all. Every 
snowfall or concert on campus brings a new memory. Every 

war brings a new fear. This section will review the events of 
the year both on the campus and around the world. 

- John Knowles 
(A Separate Peace) 

24 Every Picture Tells a Story 












Throughout this year, we witnessed the 
occurrence of many newsworthy events: the 
acceptance of NAFTA, the ongoing conflict 
in Bosnia, the emergence of grunge bands, 
the Winter Olympics, Hillary Rodham 
Clinton's health care reform plan, Kimberly 
Aiken becoming the youngest to win the 
Miss America pageant... And to top it off, the 
winter of the century. 

26 Every Picture Tells a Story 

■ President Boris Yeltsin 
disbanded the legislature on 
September 21 , 1993, Vice President 
Alexander Rutskoi and others tried to 
wresi powers fron i n in an 
attempted coup. 

uncontrollably inside the Russian 
parliament building. The failed 
rebellion led to imprisonment ol its 
leaders and election tor a new 
parliament was scheduled. 

2. Pope John Paul II , during a visit 
to the U.S. . urged the American 
people to ban both abortion and 
euthanasia. He stayed in Denver. 
Colorado tor tour days in August of 

Nancy Kerrigan, the 22 year old 
U.S. figure skater, was attacked after 
practice on January 6, 1994. 
Investigations pointed to rival Tonya 
Harding's ex-husband and 
bodyguard. Nancy, named as the 
gold medal favorite ot the 1994 
Winter Olympics, had to settle for 
the silver. 

4. Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman was 

charged on August 25, 1993. with 
commanding "a war of urban 
terrorism" in New York City. He was 
indicted tor the bombing ot the 
World Trade Center which occurred 
on February 26, 1993. 

5. Arrested Development, a 1993 
hand with an African tribal tone, 
preaches expressing one s African 
heritage. Such uniqueness won the 
band both the MTV Video Music 
Award tor best rap video with their 
song People Everyday", and the 
Grammy award tor newcomer of the 

6. At the 10th annual MTV Video 
Music Awards on September 2. 

a band trom Seattle known as Nirvana 
won the awatd tor best alternative 
Untortunatelv in the heat of 
range band's popularity. Kurt 
Cobain. the lead singer, took his own 

Wild fires swept across Southern 
California in the fall ot 1993 causing at 
least SI billion in damage, and leaving 
four people dead. 


Year In Qevie « 2 

Some events on Lehigh's campus this year included many 
sorority formal damages; the new remodeled Taylor gym 
with new racquetball courts, few patriot league champion- 
ships like women's volleyball, women's lacrosse and foot- 
ball; cancelled classes for the first time in decades due to the 
horrible winter, and performances from Rod Stewart, 
Duran Duran, the Harlem Globetrotters, etc... 

28 Every Picture Tells a Story 


a .-|Tm— > - 


1. This winter, the torren- 
tial snow storms trans- 
formed the Lehigh campus 
into ,i haven tor ski buffs. 
This skier nears the end ol 
his run down south 
mountain as he passes by 
Linderman Library. 

2. Football players em- 
brace alter the touchdou n 
that won the Engineers the 
number one place in the 
Patriot League. 

3. "Hey baby, you come 
here often?" Questions 
Warren to other gym goers 
as he pedals his way to 
physical perfection in the 
remodeled Taylor Gym. 

4. Madison Square 
Garden was brought to 
Lehigh when the Harlem 
Globetrotters visited our 
own Stabler Arena and 
mesmerized the crowd 
with their basketball 

Year In Q 29 

30 Every Picture Tells a Story 

1. The Dallas Cowb 
defeated the Buffalo Bills in 
the Superbowl by a score of 
30-13 on January 30, 1994. The 
win gave the Cowbovs their 
second straight National 
Football League champion- 
ship. The loss for the Bill- 
their fourth in a row. 

2. joe Carter of the Toronto 
Blue Jays slaps the hands of 
coach Nick Leyva after hitting 
the dramatic home run against 
the Philadelphia Phil 

clinch the World Series for a 
second straight time. The final 
score was 8-6. 

3. Floods washed across the 
Midwest in the summer of 
1993. Many were left 
homeless as a result and 
investors and consumers 
across the country reported 
rise in costs for farm produce. 

4. On Mondav, September 13, 

1993, U.S. President Bill 
Clinton looks on as Yitzhak 
Rabin of Israel shakes the 
hand of Yasser Arafat of the 
Palestine Liberation 
Organization signifying the 
beginning of peace between 
Israel and the Palestinians. 

5. On Sept. 22, 1993, an 

Amtrak train hurtled off a 
bridge into a bayou in 
Saraland, Alabama. It was the 
deadliest wreck in Amtrak's 
history killing 47 people. 

6. "Seinfeld" took home three 
trophies at the Emmy Awards 
on Sept. 29, 1993. The NBC 

.is named the best 
comedy series of the year. 

7. At 431 a.m. on January 17, 

1994, an earthquake of 6.6 
magnitude on the Richter 
scale struck Southern 
California claiming 61 lives 
and leaving damage that 
totalled over S30 billion. Five 
interstate highways and three 
state highways were dosed at 
several points, crippling 


Year In Review 31 

by Editor 

Debbie Leslie and 

Assistant Editor 

Nicole Ferber 


Of all the elements of Lehigh, the ones that stand out the 
most are the seemingly trivial details such as that Hallow- 

'It was the best of times, it 

een costume, that trip to Wawa or that speaker that gave 
you a glimpse of life after Lehigh... 

was the worst of times, it was 

Features are the memories that will make you laugh and 
cry in years to come. As a freshman, it was that 

the age of wisdom, it was 

first step onto this campus as a student. As a senior it was 
that last tailgate, that last Greek Week, that last role in a 

the age of foolishness. . . " 

college play. In any case, the most poignant aspects of 
Lehigh can be summed up in the next forty pages. 

- Charles Dickens 
(Tale of Two Cities) 

M Every Picture Tells a i 


Frosh Move-ins... 

As we waited impatiently 
for mom to say her good- 
bye and dad to lecture us 
on working hard, we 
were young and naive 
about college life. Who 
knew that it would be 
difficult to blend in with 
the upperclassmen, when 
we called M&M, 
McClintic-Marshall? Or 
that studying for that 
calculus exam might take 
all night? But we sure 
learned fast that there 
would never be any 
reason to ask: When is 
the party starting? 

By Ann Twomey 

36 Even' Picture Tells a Story 

Upperclassmen help freshmen move in during orientation weekend. The incentive: one less trip to the gym. 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Juniors welcome freshmen to the Lower Centennial dorm. 

2. Freshman await their room assignment eager to setde in and meet the other 
M&M residents. 

3. An upperclassmen carries a box, which the remale owner claims is one of 3 
cartons or her Bonnie Bell makeup collection. 

4. "The boys arc on a separate floor?" .Asks a freshman parent. "Oh yes," replies a 
student,"and lights out are at 10." 

5. "Dude, pint me in the direction or the party dorm," demands an incoming 
freshman; his backpack already hill or Natty Bo. 

6. Carolyn Porter explains to her friends that die imaginary flshbowl weighs a ton 

Features 37 

1 1 ** 

1 flftr^^^^^ 

■ (, : ^H j*i t 


Clockwise from top left: 

l.Tailgaters take a load off and enjoy the beautiful weather 
which is typical of Saturday football game days. 

2. Lenny, Phil, and Sam pose for the "Crazy Hat Comperi- 
tion" featured at a tailgate this year. 

3. Students remember the reason why they came to 
tailgates- the football game. 

4. Seniors Julie Vozick and Nicole Ferber manage to stick 
togedier throughout the chaos of tailgates. 

5. A special photo captured the moment when Michelle 
Kudesh and Erik Poritsky discovered that the)' were twins 
separated at birth. 

6. Juniors toast to fine drink and fine company at tailgates. 

38 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Shot-gun anyone? Kegs and 

eggs, or bagels and beer; 

anyway you put it, it began 

it sunrise! Saturday 

mornings were old jeans 

and sweatshirt days, as we 

a red up to Goodman 

Campus to start the 

barbecues and open some 

more cans of — . Music 

blasting a>id people 
dancing, we did try and 

make it to kickoff— GO 


Bi \nn Twomey 

Good friends frnd each odier in the mob to reap the events of the night before: dieir smiles expressing the bliss of tailgates. 

Features 39 

Parents Weekend. . . 

What do these things mean 
to you: money, a decent din- 


ner, study snacks, a trip to 
the mall... Mom and Dad 

% 1 


<2re /^m' Quick rules: hide 
the laundry that has been 
piling up since you arrived 
in September; set the alarm 

clock a little earlier to be 

sure your significant other 
is out before Dad walks in; 
and no matter what - Make 
sure Mom and Dad get the 
full tailgate experience. 

Bv, Ann Twomev and Kristen Klick 

■U , n 

40 Every Picture Tells a Story 

After an exciting football game, parents and students walk back to the car to enjoy the rest of their parent's weekend plans. 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Leslie Satin converses with her parents and her professor at parent's 
weekend tailgates. 

2. "Hey", calls out Jennifer Conway , "slap one of those patties on a bun for 
me, will ya?" Liz \ lever assures her that they are fat free. 

3. People of all ages gather to watch the Engineers barde it out. 

4. Hie Fulton family: Jessica, dad, and Liura enjov tailgates togedier. 

5. Nicole White and family, and Rachel Bernstein and her family catch up 
since their last meedng. 

6. Becca Hannah pses tor a family photo with her mom and dad. 

Features 41 


Clockwise from top left 

1. Cafeteria workers refuse to put childhood 
behind diem as can be seen by these 

2. Farmer Chris Padurano tends to 
sunflowers Michelle Kudesh and Nicole 

3. "Have you seen my Mickey?" 

4. Off campus residents host Halloween 
parties requiring all to come "dressed", 
meaning in costume. 

5. As illustrated by this photo, one can 

iis woman was one drunk 
"wick . e east" by the time late 

night rolls a i i 

42 Every Picture Tells a Story 

6. Many fraternity men use Halloween as an 
opportunity to try out a new style. The next 
day, many were seen on campus in their 
costumes, admitting diey liked themselves 
better that way. 

Trick or treat. Halloween 's 

here —yet another excuse for 

a party. But this weekend we 

can really let go. Sure, we 

made fools of ourselves at every 

other party this year, but this 

time no one has to know who 

we really are... By the way, 

who was that masked man? 

By, Ann Twomey and Kristen Wide 

Steve Hahn and Rich Margolies respond to their inner most desires to identify with bumble bees. 

Features 43 


Who thought of this tradition 
anyway? Everyone gathers on 
Maginnes Lawn Thursday 
of Lehigh/Lafayette Week to 
run ug South Mountain? 
Why? What's the sense of 
trotting to the top? Why not 
just do "the crawl?" No 
wonder they call it a "turkey" 

By, Ann Twomey and Knstcn Klick 

44 Even- Pic! [ Story 

Dia Johnson is one of the many participants in the annual Trot. The course: a windy, uphill struggle around campus. 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Trotters fail to make light of the contest. The Lehigh work ethic carries over to the 
games: true endurance will be tested by survival of the fittest 

2. Pilgrims and turkeys participate in the trot. 

3. Mike Metzger picks up die pace when he realizes the turkey is gaining on him. 

4. Some equate die Trot to the NYC marathon on the basis of the tough terrain. Students 
are surprised they have made it this far as they round the comer towards Linderman Lihrarv. 

5. Jefl Beekman collapses to die ground exclaiming "Help, someone get me water!" 

6. Surpassing the mob, the winner catches the eve ofbystandets who rum to cheer him on. 

Feature*. 4o 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. The excitement of the Lehigh- 
Lafayette football game drove these fans 
to "take it all off'. 

2. Fans bundle up for die game. These 
two became friends when the guy 
decided there was room for two. 

3. Players and fans alike went wild 
when the Engineers trampled the 

4. The Marching '97 entertain die 
crowd and psych up the players as they 

I lerate their melodious march 

5. F< » rs embrace in victory. 

46 Every Picture Toils a Story 

Little was left standing — 

except for the goal post — 
after the 129th meeting of 

the most-played college 

r'n 'airy. The Engineers laid 

out the Leopards 34-14 to 

capture the Patriot League 
Championship. And the 

rest of us were flat to tedi ifter 

a week of parties, sunrise 

'tails, tailgates and general 


Bv. Ann Twmcv jnd Knsten Wide 

Brit leads her squad in cheer, her brown and white pom-poms catch the spectators' attention. 

Feature- 47 

At the fireworks the night before the big game, die- hard cheerleaders will even risk their lives to get Lehigh fans psyched. 


Clockwise from top left: 

Players rest up for the ultimate defeat of Lafayette. 

2. Scott Semptimphelter gets ready to pass as teammates strategically position themselves to bury the 

3. Pardon me, do you haw any Grey Poupon?" 

4. Fans .ire psyched for a winning score, because the)- know that that night there will be more to celebrate. 

5. Players storm the field to begin the second half of the game as band members scum- out of the way for 
tear of being trampled and becoming one widi the turf. 

Theatre at hhidh .. . 


Directed bg HlexancteT Sneiffce 

Lehigh Uniuersmj Thealre 
UliLbur Drama Workshop 

October ??. 23. 26. 2?. ?B. 1QQ3 at 6 00 p m 
OciotiEi jl- iqg3 at Z 00 p m 



TICKETS 758 3295 

APRIL 29 30 MAY 3.4, 5 1994 AT 8 OOPM 
MAY I, 1994 AT 2 OOPM 

50 Every] 


M x 

2Ae Jfflc&ie Jmaei 


»>? \,Vv IF K / 



**yy$ ?x. 




rwise known as 


Mustard and Cheese Drama 
Society, Lehigh theatre pro- 
duced fo ur plays this academic 
year: the Wild Duck by 
Henri k Ibsen, Joseph ine the 
Mouse Singer by Michael 
McClure, The Servant ofTwo 
Masters by Carlo Goldo)ii, 
and A Delicate Balance by 
Edward Albee. Founded in 
1884, the Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Society is the 
second oldest in the collegiate 
drama society in the country. 

Martin Mushrush '96 and Chris M. Bohan '94 discuss what is in the mysterious envelope in the play "The Savant oi I wo Ma 


Ik Wild Duck 

Embittered Gregers Werle's "moralistic 
fever" compels him to turn his back on 
his father and force his old friend 
Hjalmar Ekdal to consider "that what he 
calls his home is built on a lie." Gregers 
eagerly expects a "great unburdening," 
but the old resentments and suspicions 
he uncovers result instead in grief and 



52 Every Picture Tells 

The Mouse SinGer 

All the mice are enthralled bv beautiful 
Josephines "unique, immortal" songs, even those 
who adtrut that her singing is reallv nothing 
remarkable. But the adoration of the crowd is not 
enough for the mouse singer- she demands an 
unheard- of exemption from her dailv chores, 
preferring to focus her energy on her "great 


feature.* 53 

The Servant of 
Two Masters 

The resourceful servant Truffaldino seizes the 
opportunity to double his income by working for two 
masters at once. However, one of his employers is 
really a woman, Beatrice, disguised as her brother, 
who was killed in a duel by her lover Florindo- 
Trufraldino's other master! Beatrice's brother had 
been engaged to a wealthy merchant's daughter, who 
has since been betrothed to her preferred suitor, and is 
understandably disuaught at the apparent return of 
her dead fiance. It's up to mischievous TrufTaldino to 
sort out the intrigues and disguises and restore 
"consolation and happiness" in this lively commedia 
dell'ane classic. 

Excerpt from the Lehigh playbill 

54 Every Picture 

A Delicate Balance 

Tobias and Agnes' comfortable suburban home offers an 
uneasy sanctuary to .Agnes' alcoholic acerbic sister Claire, 
and the sullen and confused" daughter Julia, back with 
her parents atter her breakup ot her fourth marriage. The 
delicate balance ot the household is shattered by the 
sudden arrival of Hanv and Edna, driven by a nameless 
terror to seek the protecrion of their best fends. 


k Week. . . 

In addition to Lehigh - 
Lafayette iveekend in No- 
vember, the biggest event on 
students calendars is Greek 
Week in April. Opening 
ceremonies kicked off with 
the banner contest at Sayre 
Park on South Mountain. 
Other activities included bed 
races, greekerlpie eat i?ig con- 
test and the air band contest. 
The week promotes Greek 
spirit, unity and a devotion 
by students to the Greek sys- 
tem as a whole. In the end, 
Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi 
Omega were the winners. 

Geoffrey Colon 

56 Every I a Story 

The opening ceremonies arrive with fraternity and sorority pledges dressed in traditional toga garb. Above, a IX pledge appears to be cross 

between a smurf and an island native. 

Clockwise from top left: 1. lTie pledge 
class of AXQ arrive straight from Bedrock 
to capture first place in the banner 
competition. 2. Instead or the traditional 
canine mascot of many fraternities, this 
fraternity has a mascot of unidentified 
species featured on a leash in the banner 
ompetition. 3. Grunts, groans and 
snarled lips are common place at the tables 
of the arm wrestling competition. 4. This 
Greek pledge winds up for maximum 
power in the keg toss- A sure fire way to 
make vour parents proud. 5. These TOB 
pledges, dad in bade fatigues, hold up 
their banner proudly for the judges in die 
banner competition. 6. These crazy 
pledges started a huge chicken fight, 
causing a riot to ensue. 

«4f jf Mngt t\.iVmr' V ■ KslftflB 

uy 1 

^^^^Vr ^^W 

E73 '*^W |j 

fife ' ,1 

i N 4^k ■■ 

58 Ever; i 

Clockwise from the top left: 1. Pledges belt out the 
words to their favorite tune at the DU karaoke contest. 
2. AXP hosted the first annual sumo wrestling contest. 
This professional wresder shows the crowd how its 
done, "First ya pick em, then ya sit on em". 3. AX 
hosted die first musical chairs during Greek Week 
4. Lehigh quarterback Scott Semptimphelter exhibits 
his all-around athletic ability at the Chi Psi Three Point 
Shoot Out. 5. Seth Gollin eats the greeker "FIJI 
style", donned in a coat and tie. 01 course added is the 
soft touch of flowers at the Greeker Earing Contest. 6. 
Step aside Danny Terio, here come the winners of the 
IN Dance Contest. Show some skin and you're sure to 
win! 7. Demonstrating a unique style of dance, three 
women perform their act at the Step Show. 8. Marni 
and Emily, two Alpha Chi pledges, flirt in jest with 
Heather, who portnrys the npical "fiat" guy at the 
Theta Xi Lip Sync Contest 9. Helmeted bedracers 
understand the dangers invoked between the sheers. 

Feature* t 3 

Members of Kappa Sigma round the comer for the final lap in the Sigma Alpha Mu Bed Race. The driver wears new aerodynamic technology upon his 
head, consisting of two beer cans neatly tucked within the strap of his goggles. Could he be the next Al Uncer Jr.? 


Clockwise from the top left: 1. Dressed in flannels with sombreros 
upon their heads. Gamma Phi Beta pledges cha dha'd the night away. 
2. This X^FI member gives .1 great performance in the 1994 
Springtest Step Show. 3. ITiere is nothing like a little pie in the face 
on a beautiful spring afternoon. 

4. 1 nidenrified meat products are stuffed down the 
throats of participates in the Greeker Earing Contest. 
Here a pledge from Pike opens wide for a tasty treat. 
5. .Alpha Phi pledges dose 111 on the finish line pushing 
what appears to be a makeshift batmobile. 6. Lisa 
Didario. an AXQ pledge, daintilv nibbles on her 
Greeker. which is a verv different technique that is usually 
used: dipping the weiner in water and swallowing whole. 


Visiting Talent... 









» j 

L ^ ■' 



i Ji \M A 


«95l N> v 



KvV ■ 

Hbr ^ 

Clockwise from far left: 1. Blair Underwood captured the audience 
by discussing the obstacles he has faced as a black actor and die need 
for unification of people. 2. Travis Tritt stunned Lehigh with his 
country music this spring. 3. Lehigh students let it all out during the 
Green Day concert. Really, this is fun!! 

62 Every Pictur : 

Famous visitors graced the 
campus of Lehigh this school 
year in drones. Popular 
music entertainers Rod 
St e iv art, Duran Duran 
and Travis Tritt invaded 
Stabler Arena. Alternative 
rockers Green Day tore 
down the roof in Grace Hall 
in a concert presented by 
WLVR. Personality Blair 
Underwood of "LA Law " 
spoke to students in Packer 
A ttditorium and comedian 
Gilbert Gottfried humored 
students during Greek 
Week/ Spring Fest in Lou <er 
Grace Hall. 

Gtoffrq Colon 

All it took ror Gilbert Gottfried to amuse Lehigh students was to make animals with his hankv. 


Doing for Others... 

Giving yourself for the ben- 

efit of others is part of the 

learning experience one de- 

velops at Lehigh. This year 

showed more of "helping" 

spirit as students partook in 

cleanup projects, work with 

the elderly, and work with 

disadva n tagedyo uth. 

Geoffrey Colon 


-.->. wk' , .' 

54 Every Pk±u 

These Lehigh Students look through the garbage that they collected to see it they can find any good loot. 

Iloclcwise from the top left: 1. Jefl Casella and Danny Petrecca lead the Luigi Fiji 
Diners in a verse or "That's Amore", along with their backup band at dteir fundraiser. 
!. Jen Givler asks her potential mates a few personal questions while Stephanie Mines 
ooks on in the AXQ Dating Game, the sorority's philanthropy. 3. Three Delta Phi 
mothers try to amuse their elderly friend durins the Student/Elderlv Semiformal. 4. 
ritis Delta Gamma pledge is busy flagging down the next available train in order to 
ivoid picking up garbage. 5. The best buddies volunteers took their buddies bowling 

uring die winter this year. 

Feature* 69 


Clockwise from the top left: 1 . While being tossed around, this student 
wonders to himself if he is going to be able to hold down his lunch. 2. 
Four students eat and gossip in the Red Lounge- two of student's favorite 
pastimes. 3. Jimmy Nissenson and Pete Mead ponder over how fish 
reproduce in the trout pond at the Spring Valley Inn. 4. Something not 
done often enough by Lehigh students- Stopping and smelling the 

66 Every Picture Tell* a Story 

When students are not in 
class or in the library study- 
ing, tune is spent eating, 
sleeping and drinking. 
These three ways to spend 
free time are the most popu- 
lar whether done in a bed- 
room or in the UC. How- 
ever, when the sun is shin- 
ing, you can find students 
sunbathing in the valley. 
Of course we can't forget 
the favorite hangout at 2 
am after a longnight study- 
ing or partying- WAWA! 

Of course most free time is spent hanging otit and relaxing with friends. A T.V, remote control, stereo and a few 

beers are some necessities! 


g Gainer takes advantage of the snow and the south mountain to do a little snowboarding. 

68 I 

PL *^f ^r^ 

■ ;-if l|i ^<s»>\ 

Clockwise from the top left: 1 . \\ arren Fisher sits back to enjoy a drink 
and barbecue with friends. 2. Not all students just sit. drink and eat- 
some even exert themselves, as d:ese bikers show. 3. Back to earing- the 
most important past time of the day- FOOD! 4. "Just trying to slim 
down the gut". 5. The Universitv Center offers students a place to go 
for food, mail and money. First hit the MAC', then get some TCBY 
frozen vogurt, and List but not Last, a quick look in the mailbox to see if 
grandma sent some extra cash. 



by Editor Michal Hampel and 
Assistant Editor Linda Baffa 

Academic* 71 


"The whole art of teaching is 

It is easy to lose sight of why we came to Lehigh. Academics 

only the art of awakening 

at Lehigh can be strenuous, intriguing, and exciting. Every 

the natural curiosity of young 

day we come into contact with our professors who explain 

minds for the purpose of 

ories, formulas and literature. Lehigh University 

satisfying it afterwards. " 

prepares us for the steps we will endure throughout our lifetime. 

- Anatole France 

72 E\ Tells a d>torj> 

■t. { ~»Y. 



li N 


,«> --Aiiii^^Aik^AM^^lilliliii 



t • 


Dr. Peter Likins, President 

Every Picture Tells a Story 


I M 

Lehigh UnWCrSlty I1LJU Peter hikins, President 

Alumni Memorial Building 

27 Memorial Drive West 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015-3089 

telephone (610) 758-3155 

fax (610) 758-3154 

A farewell message from the president: 

As you read this message in 1994, remember that you will read it 
again twenty years later, or thirty or fifty. You will wonder then, at the 
peak of your career, or at its close, if you can say that you heeded my 

Of course most sage advice to the young makes only a small and 
transient ripple in their consciousness, like a stone cast on a park pond. 
But The Epitome lasts forever, and these words will come back to you. 

Understand the privilege bestowed upon you by virtue of your 
blessings of talent, temperament, and good health, and accept the 
concomitant responsibilities. Let your goals from the very beginning of 
your career include giving of yourself to others, so that the habit of 
personal kindness and generosity will be with you always. 

You have received a gift from your parents, whether you have felt 
their presence or not. Other family members, mentors and friends have 
given generously to your development. Your turn will come to be a parent, 
a mentor, a friend. Be worthy of your Lehigh education, and meet these 
responsibilities well. 




Roy Herrenkobl, 

Vice Provost for Research and 

Dean oj Graduate Studies 

Alan Pense, 
Vice President and Provost 

John Woltjen, 
Vice President for Administration 
and Treasurer 

Every Picture Tells a Story 

Marsha Duncan, 

Vice President of Student Affairs 

Michael Bolton. 
Vice President for Development 

Joseph Sterret, 
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs 

John Smeaton, 
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs 

Academics L 

Mark Erikson, 
Dean of Student Lije 

Jenny Volcbko, 

Associate Dean of Student Life 

Terrence Curran, 

Associate Dean of Student Life 

Sharon Brown, 

Assistant Dean of Student Life 

Sharon Basso-Reese, 
Assistant Dean of Student Life 

Bob Robeson, 

Assistant Dean of Student Life 

♦ ♦♦♦ ♦ 

78 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Mary Kay Baker, 

Assistant Dean of Student Life 

Geoffrey Haskell, 

Assistant Director oj Residtvce Lije 

Deborah Sacarakis, 

Assistant Director oj Student Lije 

Ozzie Bremer, 

Associate Director of Residence Halls 

John Fulton, 

Assistant Vice President for Development 

Patti Ota, 

Vice Provost for Academic Administration 

and Associate to the President 




Academic § Z9 





From the Top 


James Gunton, 


Gary DeLeo, 
Associate Dean 


Howard Whitcomb, 
Associate Dean 


James Hobbs, 
Associate Dean 

80 Every Picture Tells < 

i Story 

Academics 81 





Left Row: R. Redd, L Cans, B. Boothe, A. Priester, C McGarr 

Right Side: M. Barnsione, M. Fraunces, T. Peters, I. Zaknic, R. Viera, B. Thomas, 

D. Mason 

Missing-. C. Ussier, S. Anderson, A.Carolla, A. Viscardi, B. Marcune 

Back Row: M. Moiujhan, C. Easterly, D. Kosteva, L. Kennedy, 

D. Goldjeder, M. Coleman 

Front Row: E. Fiedler, M. Webber, M. Mackers 

Missing-. E. Gemi 

Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

: MM 

ack Row. Schray, Zeroka, Kraihanzel, HatuJ, Rec)m 

roni Row-. Benbow, Kliei; Ferguson, Sturm 

■iisshu]: Alhcukff, Behe, Foster, Heindel, Larsen, Lowe-Krmtz, Roberts.Vanderhoff, 

lebanqff, Micale, Simmons 

hckRoio: G.DuPaul 

'roni Row: A. Spokane, G. Lute, A. JiTendra, R. Bell, D. Browder, J. Mierzwa, E.Shapiro 

\Aissind: L Bambara, C Cole, A. Matzler, T Richardson 










Back Row: P. Beidler, R. Harson, R. Arbur 

Middle Row: A. Hartumj, B. Twister, B. Pavlock, J. Frahes, J. DeBellis 

Front Row. E. Lotto, A. Brass, E. Gallagher, J. Vickrey 

Missing A. Doty, J. Fergus, E. Fijer, D. Hawkes, R. Mundhenk 

Back Row-. B.. Hartjraeves, D. Morris, D.Anastasio, CMoses, E. Evenson, D. Simpson 
Front Row: C. Williamson, B. Carson, K. Kodama, P. Zeitler, G. Bebout 
Missing-. A. Meltzer, P. Myers 

Tells a &tory 

Back Row. H. Stewart-Gambino, R. Matthews, T.Morgan, F Colon 
Front Row: H. Whitcomb, F Davis, L Olson 

Missing: /). Barry, A. Wurth 



Back Row G KunMe, A I. Baylor, C Derrick, C. comer, S. Cutdijfe, J. Waul 

Middle Row. J. Smith, G. Copper, J. Saeger, J. Loengard, W. Shade 

Front Row-. J. Walters, R. Simon, J. Dowling 

Missing-. J. Dujjy, C.R. Phillips, S. Goldman, H. Borraem, J. Halm. R. Finley, B. Shan 

Academic* 85 




BackRow: R. Wylie, K.. Weber, O. Smolansky 
Front Row-. C. Kauffman, B. Moon 
Missing: R. Mown, H. Barkey 

Lejt to Right: R. Cohn, T. Friedt)ut, L Silberstein, S. Ratushny, C. Weissler 

86 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Left to Right: K Friedman, C. Gorney, S. Friedman, J. Lule, W. Trimble, L Lipko, K. 

Klick, D. Wilk 

Missing: B. White, N. Ross 


BackRow W HeydenberkF Harvey, S.Tracy, R McAdams, R C'.ii't W ( ate ' Bazkr 

Middle Row: A!. Charles, S. Duan 

Front Row. H. Columba, G. White, J. Kender; L. Soto 

Missing. G. Smith, L Tuscher, P Zirkel 




Academic* 8 . 



Back Row-. Assmus, Schecter, Davis, Eismberg 

Front Row-. Napier, Yukick, Stmgle, Doloric 

Missing: Dodson, Ghosh, Huang, Isaak, Johnson, Khabbaz, King, McAllister, 

McQuskey, Queen, Salathe, Smith, Snyder, Stanley, Szczepanski, Venkataraman 


Back Row-. O. Welsh, R. Galarza, R. Stokes, J. Brenneman 
Middle Row. K. Elliot, G. Pominville, J. Bonavita, D. Swift 
Front Row: E. Pominville, H. Vasilas, S. Taylor, L. Haviland 
Missing: J. Scott, L Byms, R. Gorbett 

88 Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

Modem Foreign 

Back Row-. E. Manouelian, A. Waldenrath, C Cook, V.Stegman, A. Prieto, L Wolfgang 
Middle Row-. Al. Armstong, D. McFadden, H. Parmet, Al. Chabut, A. 
VanDerNaaid. A I. Nichols 
F ron I Row-. V. Williamson, L Lejkowitz, D. Lewis, Al. Ockenhouse, L. Boyle 

Lejl to Right. B. Bean, J. Sands, V. Ware, A. Ayme-Southgate, S. Krawiec, A I 
Kuchka, L. ( assimeris, J. Abel 



Academic*- 89 





Driver: S. Sametz Passenger. Tlie Screamer 

Top Left to Right-. C Teske, P. Salerrn, J. Bidlack, N. Sine 

Back Row. S. Goldman, M. Bickhard, N. Melcbert, J. R. Lindgren, R. Barnes 
Front Row: R. Dillon, R. Weiss, G. Beam 

90 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Back Row-. M Stavola, G. DeLeo, W.Smith, J. Licini, R. Pakula, M. Mahuit, S. Rodin, 

F. Ham, B. Fowler 

Front Row-. A. Streater, G. Borse, J. Toulouse, R. Folk, D. Horn], R. Shaffer, A. Kritz, G. Watkins 



Front Row-. P. O'Seaghdha, J. Nyby, J. Schneider, B. Newman, G. Shortess, Al. Richter, N.Simon 
Second Row: D. Hyland, M. Bickhard, M. Itzkowitz 
Third Row-. S.BArrett Fourth Row. B. Malt, D. Cundall 
Back Row: L Swidart, R Monti i 

Academics 91 





Left to Right: L Silberstein, K. Kraft, C. Weissler, M. Gaumer, 
B. Wright, L. Stejfen, M. Raposa 
Missing: S. Schwartz, N. Girardot 

Back row-. S. Cutcliffe 

Front row-. R. Simon, C. Barrett, A. Wurth 

Every Picture Tells a (Story 


Back row. J. Lisker, D Campbell, A I Thomas, N. Tannenbaum, R Rosenwein 
Front row J. Spade, B. Framkel, J. Mcintosh, J. Gatewood 

Top. P. Pepper, A. Ripa, J. A tiki 

Bottom. N. Verbonitz, A. Roney, A. Qumson-BLilt, V. Neal, A. Brietzk 



Academics 93 



Back Row. R. Simon, T. Hydak, F Colon 
Front Row-. D. Amnion, I. Zaknk 
Missing-. B. Thomas 

Back Row-. C. Weissler, R. Dillon, B. Guthrie 

Front Row-. H. Stuart- Gamhino, L. Katz-Olson, K. Mitchell 

Missing-. L Gans, J. Spade, D. Wills, M. Goldman, J. Schneider 

94 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Academics 95 






From the Top: 

James Schmotter 



Therese Maskulka, 


Associate Dean 

Kathleen Trexler 


Associate Dean 

% Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

"^ , 






Back Row. J. Paul, M. Raj, J. Lazar, M. Greenstein, J. Hall, D. Trippeer, D. 


Front Row: M. Davis, K. Sinclair, P. Gupta, F. hub 

Missing-. K. Collins, J. Rebele 

Back Row. L Taylor, D. Cbisbolm, E. Schwartz, A. King, V. Munky T. O'Bn'm 
Front Row: J. Dearden, J. McDonald, R. Aronson, M. Daly, T. Watkins 

98 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Front Row-. G. Vasconallos, J. Greenleaf, Al. Schrant 

Back Row: S. Thode, S. Buell, R. Kish, S. Swindle, C. Beidlman 




Left to Right P. Poole, ./. Seifert, I) Barsness, B. lilt, T. Schlie, J Bonge I Stevenk, 
B.Trmt,S.Sberer,M. Kolchin 

Academics 99 

♦ ' 


Left to Right: C. Simmons, B. Smackey, J. Schaeffer, J. Maskulki, D. Falcinelli, C. 
McDonald, M. Smith tie Barrero 

100 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Academics 101 












From the Top: 

Harvey Stenger, 
Interim Dean 

Kenneth Sawyers, 
Associate Dean 

102 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Academic* 103 





Back Row: A. Ostapenko, R. Weisman, A. Sengupta, B. Yen, D. Van 

Horn, G. Lennon, G. Driscoll, R. Sause, S. Pessiki, P. Mueller, T. 


Front Row-. C. Kostem, L Lit, I. Kmjelman, J. Wilson, R. Sormsen 

Front Row: H. Stemjer, M. Chalmers, W. Hencke, W Luyben, C. Marder 
Second Row: C Silibi, M. Cbudbury, B. Scherer, F. Correll, L. Wenzel 
Third Row. J, Chen, P. Conklin, M. Santore, D. Hess, H. Coram 
Fourth Row: J. Hsu, J. Philips 
Fifth Row-. R. Sander, P. Blythe, F Stem 

104 Eve: ire Tells a Story 


Back Row-. Talhelm, ( loristodoulides, Blum, McAulay, Blink 
Middle Row: Decker, Hielscber, Gulden, Kay, Eberhardt 
wroni Row-. Corbesen, Barada, Spezialetti, White 




Sack Row: N. Odrey, L Burke, G. Tonkay, J Wiginton, S.D Wu, L PUbani 

Front Roir. A I. Groover, R. Storer, E. Zimmers, J. Atlanta 



lemics 105 









Back Row: J. Richnan, R. Pearson, A. Marder, C. Lyman, D. Smyth, R. Jaccodine, D 


Front Row: L Sperling, H. Jain, H. Chan, Y.T Chon, K. Barmak, B. Avitzur, K. 

Tarhy, D. Williams 

First Row: R. Wei, J. Owczarek, S. Neti 

Second Row: A. Kalnins, D. Walker, M. Chew, R. Hartranjt 

Third Row. J. Coulter, F. Brown, R. Sarubbi, A. Voloshin, T Terry, J. Kazakia 

Fourth Row: C. Smith, P. Blythe, T Delph, G. Harlow 

106 ! I 'icture Tells a Story 

In Manoriam 

Sunder H. Advani 


.Vaclemic* 10. 



i v Picture Tells a (Story 

Academic*. 109 


Making and Recording 
Lehigh's History 

19 3 4 






The Brown and White, celebrating its 100th anniversary, and its 
older brother, the 1 1 8-year-old Epitome, continue to document the 
history and traditions of Lehigh. 

Four years is a short time. In the history of a university which just 
recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, the usual four-year stay of most 
students may seem almost inconsequential. But with every new class, 
Lehigh history is made - traditions come and go, publications rise and 
fall and even buildings follow the wax and wain of time. 

Over the past century, Lehigh's student newspaper, The Brown and 
White, and yearbook, the Epitome, have recorded and documented the 
monumental as well as the everyday events which make Lehigh's history. 

The Brown and White first appeared Jan. 16, 1894 as a surprise to 
nearly all of campus at a time when many Lehigh publications were not 
faring very well. On the day following The Brown and White's first issue, 
the Bethlehem Times published a paragraph about the new publication: 

"Whether the college can support such a publication is a question. The 
Engineering Journal and the Quarterly both proved to be failures. This 
paper is not on that style, however, and its success will be decided in the 
future. The board of editors, while novices at this kind of work, are 
sufficient in number to cover the field of news quite thoroughly, and will 
do their utmost to please the subscribers." 

One of the few successful publications was the Epitome, although it 
was in a different form than this book. (Continued on next page.) 

^ MihwL ' 



History 111 

Making and Recording Lehigh's History 

The Epitome 

The Epitome, although not Lehigh's first publication, 
is Lehigh 's oldest existing one. The university s first 
publication was the Lehigh Journal which began 
publication in 1873 and lived just over a year. The 
Epitome began in 1876 and was entrusted to the 
sophomore class. The original Epitomes were about 50 
pages and contained class histories collected and written 
by a class historian and lists ofifra tern i ties, clubs and 
the class teams. There were no photographs, just some 
rough drawings. 

As the popularity ofi the publication increased, the 
board ofi editors, originally three students, was expanded 
to five and eventually the project was deemed too 
important for the sophomore class and turned over to 
the junior class. 

The Epitome began to take on a more literary spin, 
including stories and humorous anecdotes from students. 
Slowly, photographs of the sports teams and clubs ivere 
included but it was many years before the photos of 
graduating seniors were included in a separate section. 

As a catalog of Lehigh history, the Epitome is 
invaluable, as the examples on this page explain. The 
books document the traditions and changes of the 
university on a yearly basis — changes that would 
perhaps otherwise go unrecorded. 

Bethlehem Steel's modern research laboratories, on the heights 
of South Mountain, are taking shape in this early Fall aerial view. 
Scheduled for completion during 1960. these modern facilities will 
be used for work in process and physical metallurgy, mechanical and 
chemical engineering, mechanics, chemistry, physics, ceramics, and 
nuclear studies. 


Bethlehem Steel 

Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem. Pa 

Float l.-"Advent of Calculus." 

It having been decided that the men of Lehigh suffered not enough, the demon Calculus 
was invoked. He appears with two attendants and forms a compact with Doolittala, while 
his terrible presence fills the sons of Lehigh with terror, and they cower in the shadow of 
their Alma Mater. 

Float II. -"Reign of Calculus." 

Calculus is installed in his high position and surveys the sufferings of the students. "Not- 
Quite-a-Six" grinds away under the supervision of Lamberta, while Doolittala is enough 
under the spell of the demon to be obliged to arrest somewhat the progress of athletics. 
The base-ball, foot-ball and lacrosse players tug away, but are held fast. 

Float III .-"The Birth of the Uprising." 

A common scene during the tyranny of Calculus. Through despair over their oppression, 
the men of '94 are driven to dissipation; and in this atmosphere, over their cups, rebellion 
is first conceived and decided upon as a forlorn hope. 

Float IV. -"The Emancipation." 

Having decided to stand the tyranny of Calculus no more, '94 engages him in combat 
and defeats him. "Degrees" gladly beholds his overthrow, and holds forward the 
cherished diploma to show that only a little more struggling will be necessary for its 
possession. The emissaries of Calculus, formulae A, B, C and D, shiver with fear at the 
defeat of their chief. 

Float V.-'Calculus in Chains." 
The monster is brought down the river by his captors and placed on the death-car, to be 
conducted through the streets in triumph. Choristers chant a dirge that announces his 
summons to a death in keeping with the cruelties perpetrated by him. 

At the River.-'The Cremation." 

Calculus is carried out upon the river and placed upon the float on which is built his 

funeral pyre. After cremation his ashes are collected and sunk in the waters. 

fc TALL' 

V|DM »" 20S 

* f± 

1 j 

\ ■ • 

' 1 1 a- 

• wi 




Above (Epitome 
1894) : The annual 
Calculus Crematioi 
was held after 
sophomores had 
completed the dreai 
calculus class and 
included a trial an, 
the traditional 
burning of the 
calculus books. Far 
left (Epitome 1961 
In 1960, Bethlehei 
Steel was poised to 
complete its new 
research bibs atop 
South Mountain. 
Most students knot 
this area simply as 
Lehigh i 
Campus. Near lef 
(Epitome 1960) : 
Although the nami 
may be familiar, t, I 
look of the Tally-h I 
has changed over t \ 

The Thrown and White. 

The 1 00-year anniversary 

The 100th anniversary of The Brown and White was marked by a 
number or special events including publication of a 65-page anni- 
versary booklet with reprinted front pages from the newspaper's first 
100 years and an anniversary issue which included stories about The 
Brown and White and its involvement in school movements, 
politics and history. The following is an edited history of The 
Brown and White which was printed in both the special publica- 


The Brown and White 

Dr. Henry Coppee, Lehigh's first president, called William C. Ander- 
son, class of 1894, into his office in Packer Hall to question him about 
rumors of a new student publication. "It had never occurred to any of us 
that the University authorities might be interested in what we were 
doing or that we should ask them for approval, " said Anderson, the first 
editor in chief of The Brown and White, in a column written for the 
40th anniversary of the paper. 

For nearly all of campus, though, the appearance of The Brown and 
White on Tuesday, fan. 16, 1894 was a complete surprise. 

The semiweekly paper was to appear on Tuesday and Friday through- 
■ntt the school year. The original board of 15 consisted of six seniors, five 
iuniors and four sophomores. 

Admittance to the board was governed by a writing competition in 
which prospective editors wrote articles and editorial material during 
the first months of the school year using pseudonyms. 


The growth of The Brown and White can be seen in its physical size 
■tit her than more frequent publication. Except for two brief intervals, 
'he publication has remained semiweekly. Through the 1910s, The 
Brown and White increased in size incrementally from four columns to 
even columns by 1923. Most style changes mirrored those of national 

In 1928, Lehigh President Charles R. Richards asked Curtis 
MacDougall to submit a plan to the board of publications to revise The 
Brown and White. The system that was adopted radically changed the 
Publication, placing it under the control of a new class, English 49. Any 
tudent could take The Brown and White course for one academic 
redit. The reorganized and redesigned Brown and White appeared 
Feb. 10. 1928. 

In this fonn The Brown and White continued its existence through 

Under Fire 

The often-criticized news i 

; m 


R&W Reporting Criticized, 
More Controls Suggested 

Solons Hot On Vandals; 
Crank Threatens B & W 

B&W editor arrested while on the job 

iJIfllfBt *i *ni m *• 


rown and White 

• - •*, ft II T»L«vt« n nj^tj*. VIST KkOt * ■•" ■ -■*» rr 


*■».».- KIM- - * 

Lehigh's stars ascend in Texas 
os national champs prevail, 33-0 

"CM I Tjl*M H»fc I1»/WJ ««-LC JilAi nj 

l- _■-.:. ..,'., i ■• -,-..-<- .. 

. -. . ■- <■-,*< ruibiiu tin pi i - - •"•• 
'tui****-** {'•t*' 4ttAl^w it*. tWOr 


11 ai M "ww- B-r*l S lot OM •» 

"I* >(* nipr^firgi&tl/ ltV*Lt [mil* 'I'*' »u> U» * . t , &£. *"7 

» turn*, im ft*/ <-ftx« 

another World War, Vietnam and more, never ceasing 
publication. Perhaps the most enduring quality of The 
Brown and White is its ability to adapt to times and 
situations. During World War II when campus nearly 
shut down and dorms and fraternities were emptied to 
house troops. The Brown and White inaugurated a new 
weekly section called Gl Lehigh, written with help from 
the soldiers housed on campus. Through such ingenuity, 
The Brown and White continued publishing during the 

Brown and White 

/;/ recent tinies, dramatic changes in the newspaper 
production technology have altered both the look of The 
Brown and White and the jobs of its editors. Editorial 
staff members write, edit and layout all the stories on 
the most modem newspaper-producing equipment 
available, including Apple Macintosh computers with 
tabloid-size printers. Members of the business and ad 
production staffs solicit and make all advertisements for 
the newspaper. In their own darkroom, Brown and 
White photography lab assistants process film and make 
prints of Brown and \\ hue pictures. 

Although its size, format and layout have changed 
sometimes quite often, the Brown and White has 
remained true to its purpose of providing the Lehigh 
community with "All the Lehigh News — First. " 


A Story Line of Time... 

Thomas Drown 

Asa Pack 

Lehigh founded 
by Asa Packer 

in 1865; 

Henry Coppee 

became the first 


Saucon Hall 

erected in 


Packer Hall 

completed in 


in 1878 

opened in 


Brown and White 

established in 

1894; honor system 

adopted (first of 

many times) 


Chandler acts 

as president in 




Sophomore class 

begins the 
Lehigh Journal 
in 1873 which 
lasts for a year 

A magazine 

called The 

Burr was 


in 1881 

Free tuition 

abolished in 1891; 

The Lehigh 

Quarterly was 

started, but died 

soon after the 

Brown and White 

came out 

Thomas Drown 

becomes president 

in 1895 

Tuition made fee 

and scholarships 

annulled in 1871 

Robert Lamberton 

becomes president 

in 1880 

Heniy Coppee acts 

as president 

in 1893 

Williams Hall opened 
in 1903 

First literary society 
established: The 
Junto in 1868 

First Epitome 

written by the 

Sophomore class in 

1875; John M. 
Leavitt becomes 


Packer Memorial 

Chapel completed 

in 1887 

William H. Chandler 

acts as president 

in 1895 

114 Even- Picture Tells a Story 

Robert Lamberton 

campus as <(en in /<s'9/. Injure the paving of Packet At 

Taylor Hall com- 
pleted,, > 1907 

Charles Richards 

becomes president 

in 1922 

Sayre Park 
presented in 1909 

A serious publication 

called the Lehigh 
Review came out in 

1927 containing many 
political articles, 

opinions and drawings 

Harvey Neville 
becomes president 
Lehigh Review in 1961 


publication in 


U Iteming Lewis 

Second version 
of the Lehigh 

Review started 

by an 


society in 1 962 

First year of 

coeducation begins 

in 1971 

Drown Hall 
completed in 1908 

Alumni Memorial 

was finished 

in 1924 

Henry Drinker 

in 1905 

Vice President 

Emery acting as 

President in 


W. Deming Lewis 

becomes president 

in 1965 

Martin Whitaker 

becomes president 

in 1960 

Peter Li kins 

becomes president 

in 1982 

Clement Williams 

becomes prsident 

in 1935 

Martin U 

History 115 

Mr. Dooley at Lehigh 

The function and purpose of the Epitome has changed since its 
inception. The literary nature of the publication, which included 
poems and stories written bv students and faculty, has been left 
behind in favor of the current modern yearbook format. As a way of 
connecting this Epitome with its heritage, here is an example of one 
such literary contribution to the 1902 Epitome. 


I awn, " said Mr. Dooley, "did I iver tell ye about me visit to 
I Lehigh? " 

"Niver did, " said Mr. Hennessy; "an ' pwhatfur a shindy is 
I that, I dinnow?" 

"More shame to ye, " said Mr. Dooley: "its an institooshun fr th' 
hoigher edycation ofth ' young, fr injuneers, scientists an ' th ' loike. I was 
invited by me frind, a Sophymore, to come to see th 'place. So, bein ' 
int 'rested, I sint me acciptance an ' took th ' thrainfr South Bethlehem. 

"There was me frind, th' Sophymore, a-waitin'fr me on th' platform. 
Since 'tisn 't so far to th ' collidge, ice '11 just be walkin ' up, ' he says, 'an ' I 
can show ye th ' sights on th ' way, ' he says. 

"...a felly with a sthriped shirt an' stockin 's, lookin ' like a convict, come 
walkin ' down the Avynoo. 'Glory be to th ' Saints, ' I says, 'pivhativer is 
this, iscaped fi'm th' Pinnytintiary?' I says. 'Share an ' 'tis a Lehigh 
Sthudint in a siveather; th ' colors do be brown and white, ' he says. 'An ' 
there s a thramp, ' I says, seein ' an individooal in an old slouch hat all 
dinted n an ' a pipe in his mouth. 'Betther tell him to keep offn th ' 
private thurryfare, ' I says. "Tis another sthudint, ' he says. 'Goowan, ' I 
says; look at his hat. ' Yis, ' he says, 'th ' older th ' betther; 'twould be a 
disgrace fr a sthudint to be seen in a new hat; that's th ' way ye can tell a 


In ' now we 're at Packer Hall, ' he says, afiher we 'd climbed a 
mountain purty near as steep as thim Alps ye read about. Here 's 
where we have lectshurs and recitashuns, ' he says, 'an ' they built 
it on th ' top iv the hill apurpose so we d have to git up fifteen 
minnits earlier iv a mornin. ' 

"Thin we wint on through a big room, an ' there was th ' sthudints a- 
sittin ' at little lunch-counthers on high sthools with their coats off. 'Oh, ' I 
says, "tis early fr dinner. Is this where they eat? I says. Lord, no!' he 
says; 'this is th ' dhrawin ' room where they draw the plans an ' there 's th ' 
perfesser. ' 'Oh!' I says; 'beggin ' yer parding, I wouldn 't a know it... 

"On th ' way down we wint through a room all full iv camerys for 
takin ' picthers, but me frind said they was transepts fr th ' injuneers. 
'Queer lookin ' transepts, ' I says. 'In our church they don 't look like that, 
I says. 'An ' now, ' he says, 'we 11 go to th 'gym, where they thrain th ' 
athletes. 'An ' there were th' sthudints a-chasin ' each other around th ' 
thrack, an ' a whole lot were scrappin 'fr a ball on th 'floor. 

..."To th ' library we wint, where all th ' sthudints was sittin ' quietly an ' 
solemn. Must be a prayer-meetin, ' I says, 'an over there 's th 'parson; must 
have dyspepsy, looks so cross. ' 'They 're only readin, ' says me frind, an ' 
that i Mr. Sterner; he i not as bad as his name, though he looks it, ' he says; 
'an he'll git ye any book ye want, which is more than some iv them will 
do, ' he says. 

"Thin we wint down th ' hill to th ' chemical lab 'ratory, an ' as we got to 
th ' door I thought me last hour on earth had come fr shure. 'Wat t 'ell, ' I 
says; 'are ye takin ' me to Hades? F'r it's brimstone an' sulphur an ' 
ivrything awful, ' I says. Oh no, ' he says, 'it 's only H2S. , an 'ye soon git 
I to it. Ye can 't be no thrue chemist without lovin ' such smells. ' 

bit iv a chemist I'll be thin, ' I says. An ' we wint into another 
me more lunch-counthers, on-y this time there was dishes 

ttle blue flames a-burnin ' away. Howly Michael!' I 
says; 'the pi, fire, an' the poor files can't see it thimselves. Even th' 

windys is kivei with shmoke. Pwhere 's th ' alarrum?' I says, 'Oh, ' he 

says, "tis only the fumes fr'rn th ' chimicals; ye don 't need to mind it, 'tis 
death to germs. ' 'Then 'tis a germ I'm gettin ' to be, fr I'm slowly chokin 
to death, ' I says. 


I s that th 'perfesser? ' I says, seein ' a man showin ' th ' sthudents 
pwhat to do an ' holdin ' a tool in his hands. 'That 's Hinry, ' he 
1 says. He seems to be wurrkin; fr dear life, an ' I cudn 't help 
thin kin ' 'twas th 'perfesser, ' I says. 'If Hinry can stand this it 's 
more that I c 'n do, an 'I'll take my bromstone an ' sulphur an ' aitch-two- 
eggs afiher I'm dead an ' not before, thank ye kindly just th ' same, ' I says. 

"So down we promenayded to th ' Fizzikle Lab 'ratory, an ' there was 
another man showin ' th ' sthudents pwhat to do, an ' I says, 'Interjuce me 
to th 'perfesser. ' 'That's Ed, ' he says; 'the perfesser is lecturin '. ' 'But pwha, 
is all that yellin 'an' kickin ' in there? ' I says. 'That 's on y some kids 
hollerin ', he says; 'they 're kickin ' because they 've got another kid to tache 
thim, ' he says, 'but it don 't do no credit to thim, ' he says. 

"We come down a piece, an ' the door of a buildin ' bein ' open, we seen 
a class a-settin ' all sleepy-lookin ' an ' cross, an ' a young man was readin ' 
poethry to thim, an ' in th ' very last row there was three a-dozin '. Pwhat 
'tis? ' I says. 'It 's th ' Inglish class, ' he says, 'an ' they 're thryin ' to instil into 
th ' sthudents ' minds a proper appresheeashun iv Inglish poethry. But it's 
no go, ' he says. Pwhativer 's th ' use iv an injuneer bein 'poetical, when 
coon songs is good enough fr him?' 


116 Every Picture Tells a Story 

ixt we come to a foine big eriction. 'What's thim?' I says. 'The 
I chappie, ' he says, 'in th ' Gottic stile. ' 'Faix, ' I says, 'do they tach 
religion to injuneers? ' I says. In mod 'ration, ' he says. Let 's see 
the inside, ' I says. Ye can 't, ' he says; 'it do be open only in th ' 
mornin . ' 

"'Twos nearly time fr me thrain, so we wint down towards th' station 
stoppin ' at th' Lehigh Inn fr a drink. 'There ain 't much Lehigh spirit 
left, ' says th ' Sophymore, sad-like. How about this? ' I says, an ' tosses off 
me schooner. Oh, yis, enough iv that, ' he says with a shmile. I meant ti 
other kind, but ye niver see it ixcept whin it comes to beatin ' Lafayette, ' h 

"The injun stheamed in just thin, an' I says to me frind, Pwhat's th ' 
use iv all this sittin ' up at lunch-counthers without doin ' a thing but 
makin ' marks on paper, an ' all this cookin ' at lunch-counthers without 
gettin ' so m uch as a bite to eat? ' I says. Pwhat 's th ' good iv it all? ' I says. 
'Why, ' he says, 'there 's nothin ' like a collidge edycation to fit you for bein ' 
an injuneer. ' But thin th ' conducther yelled Ail-aboard!' an ' I had to say 
good-bye. " 

"Was that all there was to it?" inquired Mr. Hennessy. 

"No, Jawn, me bhoy, that wasn 't th ' end of it. Last summer, whin I 
was going to Phillydelphy with th ' thermometer not less 'n 240 in the 
shade, we had to stop on th ' way with a hot-box. An ' there was me 
collidge frind a-standin ' near th ' thrack in th ' broilin ' sun with his coat 
off an ' his weskit off an ' no sign iv a collar on him, a-lookin ' at the 
landscape through wan iv them cameiys that he says was a transept. Hi 
there, ' I yells; 'havin ' a good time? ' I 
says. Purty damn hot, ' he says. An ' I 
looked at th ' conducther, a-sittin ' 
with his feet on th 'plush seat, takin ' 
it easy, lookin ' like a giutleman, with 
his coat on an ' his weskit on an ' his 
cellyloid collar all cool an ' shiny an ' 
onwilted, like a lump iv liquid air; 
an ' thin I looked at me frind - him 
was a Sophymore - a-swearin ' in th ' 
sun and peekin ' through th ' little 
camery, an ' I says with a wink, 
'There 's nothin ' like havin ' a Collidge 
Edycation, ' I says. " 

by Editor Lauren Whitman 

and Assistant Editor 

Erin O'Brien 

(Sports 117 

"When the one great scorer 

This year the athletics teams at Lehigh put an immense 
amount of energy and effort into their seasons. This 

comes to write against your 

effort showed in each of their performances. Some teams went 
as far as to become the patriot league champions, 

name - He remarks - not that 

while others succeeded in coming together to form a 
more solid team for next season, where they will have 

you won or lost - but how you 

another chance to improve upon this years record. We 
are very proud of each team who represents our school. 

played the game. " 

- Grantland Rice 

118 Every Picture Tells a Story 





120 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Sports 121 

"Football is for tough people and if you 
can't handle it, you should go do 
something else." 

-Coach Hank Small 



122 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Top row Mark Wilson, Ryan Ku-bl. Mark Miller, Kyle Kononotvitz, Handy Verger. Jason Stokes, 

Tom Taylor, Tom Perez. DavePakula, Ron Hundley, Leonard Pankey, EncLomboy, Fred Hertrich, 

Brett Hoeh, Randy Bryant, foe Giordano 

Second row. Jay LaJaisso, Bret Ah/natty, Sam Lawler, Kite Song Brad Van Lenten, Jack Motion, 

Donald Gormtcn, Mark Widder, Ben Tallinn. < urn, M,iy. Jason Streeter. TahirRivers 

Third row. EdMcGahan, Matt Sankey, Ray Powers, Brian Bartelle, Chris dreen. Doug Scott, Erik 

Ekttrom, MikeButz, Tim Kennedy Jeffrey Schiller, MarkLaFeir, Keith Kryszceun, Alex Puteh 

Fourth row Todd Peters, Robert Hess, ( bristopher Bauer, Todd It 1 I dreg Moore. Dun Johnson. 

sttriU, Tim DiffendaU, RichSlomko, Marcelo Campillay, PaulDt 
lifth row: R,iphael Suitings, Jamii Plotsko, John Slowidt, Jason Mastropierro, Tony Perilla. James 
Montgomery, Lance Haynes, Sal Btacema, ( taudio Bertone, Hectot Martinez. John Tobias, Bill 
Hahner, Kevin Jefferson 

Sixth row: < levehmd Mt < ray, Matt Wylie, fason Mark, Jason Ham,, lerrance Coles. Willie Davis, 
Roman McDonald, Brett foines, Gregory Amon, Scott htwl/ead, Mark Lookenbill. Brian 
Ktingerman, Boh Kneller. 

Seventh row: Jim Guzzo, Dave C ■ rano. Kevin Rubin, Michael Blunt, Joe 

Natalie, Scott Semptimphclter, Larry k'ahn. Byron Dyson. Bob Aylsworth, Mike Tomazin. Richard 

Not 1'icmred: Matthew Kramer, (hack Mahont >, Mark Green berg, Dora Shareef, Steve Capistd, 
Brian Kopacz. Sate fanner. Noah Muss, lay Muriri, Antonio Perez. Alex VuLtkh 



tit Delaware 

1 2 1 -62 

at Ford ham 



W 31-24 


W 42-35 


W 35-13 

at Princeton 

L 23-31 

at Colgate 



W 17-10 

at Bucknell 

L 27-32 

at Idaho 

L 14-77 


W 39-14 


Ihe Engineers finished the season with a 7-4 record 
and clinched its first-ever Patriot League title with a 39- 
1 4 slaughtering of Lafayette. Hank Small was awarded 
Patriot League Coach or the Year. Senior quarterback 
Scott Semptimphclter was named Most Valuable Player 
in the Patriot League after completing 249 of 414 passes 
for 3,449 vards and 30 touchdowns. Dave Cecchini, 
Jason Mack and Ray Powers were named to the Patriot 
League First Team. 

Sports 123 

"The best thing about this league is the 
parity. Anybody can beat anybody 
on any given day." 

-Coach Dean Koski 



:- Tells a Story 

Top row: Asst Coach Keilh Cincotm, Krmflri fyden, \dan Calietta, Jay Holmes, Mix Charles, John 
Hum. Sam Pirns, Nick < 'baamas, Head Coach Dean Koiki 

Middle row. Kevin Haaard, Allan Charles, Will Orben, Michael Bern (Stump). Doug Cie> 
(Bmecntsher), Rob Esposho, Kevin Spath.Hecttn I ttiner Brenda Dailty 

Bottom row: Mmmao Cunco, Thomas Bonos, < Vim Booth, Sam < lumbers. Joseph Murtiliy, Greg 
( ameron, Jonas Goldberg Matt Koch 









at Bucknell 


at LaSalle 

W 1-0 




L 0-1 

at Holy Cross 


at Pennsylvania 

L 3-6 


L 0-2 

at Rider 



T 1-1 



at Lafayette 




at Temple 



1 2- 1 

at St. Peters 


txead Coach Dean Koski had a relatively young 
ream ro work wirh in 1993. The roster consisted 
of six sophomores and six freshmen. Captain 
Scott Chambers, who was named a member of the 
Patriot League First Team, was the lone senior on 
the squad. 

Sophomore Will Orben led the Engineers in 
scoring diis season with four goals and five assists. 
Freshman Alix Charles followed with three goals 
and one assist. Rob Esposito and Tom Bonos had 
two goals and two assists a piece. Junior Chris 
Booth played a majority of the season in goal for 
Lehigh compiling a 1 .70 goals against average and 
a .812 save percentage over thirteen games. 

<5port? 125 

"The coaches have stressed intensity and 
confidence in ourselves. " 

-Dia Johnson 




126 Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

V *' 




« ' 





*. \ 

a . 


I *■«! 

* •_. 

7o/> row: Coach Allison Moxey. Amy \lizora>. Kathy Hitztl Courtney Rossi. Sherri Con, Erin 

Callahan, Lysa Chizmadia. Mandy Blair, Kathy Jakiehkt. Asst. Coach Kevin Babyak 

Middle Row: Stacey McCne. Danielle LjiSala. Michelle Yrigoyen, Kristen Gschwmd. Dia Johnson. 

Shannon Winn. Grttchen Lucas 

Bottom Row: Athena Lynch, Shannon HerchcL Tara Cameron. Tammy Levine, Jessica V'inu, Katie 

Kullman. Jana Paradiso 


Soccer resul ts < 7-12) 







at Columbia 


at Navy 






at LaSalle 


at Pennsylvania 


at Colgate 




at Princeton 


at Army 

L 0-2 





at Delaware 


at Fordham 


at Fairfield 


at \ 'Minora 


1 he 1993 Women's Soccer Team finished the season 
with a 7-12 record in their third year as a varsitv pro- 
gram. Sophomore Dia Johnson led the Engineers in 
scoring for the second year in a row with 10 goals and 
seven assists, being selected as All-Patriot League First 
Team. With five goals and nine assists, Sophomore 
Michelle Yrigoyen was second on the team in scoring. 
Second Team All-Patriot League selection, Tara 
Cameron, had one goal and two assists. Senior For- 
ward and Tri-Captain, Jessica Winn, completed her 
final season with four goals. 

6pcrt* 127 


"We had nothing to lose, but everything to 
win. This shows you exactly what desire 
can get you." 

-Claudia Miklas 


.lure Tells a Stay 

Top Row: Assistant Coach Donna Gaugler. Adi Lang, Kelly Kramer. Ana-Lucia Silviera, Xicole 

MHUr. Claudia MMas. Danna Gombocz. Head Coach Jack Casteel 

Bottom Row: Colleen Maltosky, Caryn Aulenbach. Site Snyder. Riionda Polizzano 



at Villanova 

L 1-3 


L 1-3 


W 3-1 

at Drexel 

L 0-3 


W 3-2 

at Lafayette 


Delaware State 

W 3-0 

vs. Fordham 



L 1-3 

at Bucknell 






at Penn State: 


U. of Conn. 

L 1-3 



St. Bon. 

L 0-3 

at St. Peters 


at Penn State 

L 0-3 

at Holy Cross 


at Rider 

W 3-0 




W 3-2 

at Navy: 


W 3-0 




W 3-0 

East Caroliner 


at Army 

L 0-3 

Cal State 



W 3-0 

at Princeton 



L 2-3 



NLVC Tourn. 


1 he 1993 Women's Volleyball team won its first 
Patriot League Championship ever. In his second year 
as head coach, Jack Casteel was named Patriot League 
Coach of the Year. Junior Kelly Kramer was selected to 
the All Patriot First Team for leading the Engineers and 
the Patriot League in kills with 439. Senior Nicole 
Miller was named a Second Team All-Patriot League 
selection. Sophomore Sue Snyder led the team in 
service aces with 54 and in digs with 383. Her 1,071 
assists placed her second highest in the Patriot League. 
Senior co-captain Colleen Makosky was fourth on the 
team in digs (240) and sixth in aces (29). 


For us to get the chance to run against 
the level of competition we have and to do 
as well as we have done is great. " 
-Coach Fred LaPlante 


: i6tory 




T f"^\j 





Top Row: Alpnh Paul Paul Hisem, Jon VanOrder, Peter Benmtt, Jon Tragcr, Matt Van Lump 
Middle Row: Coach Fred LaPlanU, Kevin Murp/ry. Teridi Remy, Andrew Pauley. Stere Wachtet 
Rub Christie, Matt Resent, Asst. Coach /odd l.ippin 

Bottom Row: Nick Alhrecht, ('/>r/> Foutz, Derek /iereiler. Paul Kasztejna, (jiles Stnekler, Chris loza 
Musing: Brian Nagele 





Pam State Invitational 








Patriot Leagite Championships 


1 he Men's Cross Country team, under the second year of 
Head Coach LaPlante, compiled a 6-2 dual record while 
placing third in the Patriot League championships. The 
Engineers were led through the season by seniors Brian 
Nagele and Kevin Murphy. Nagele was Lehigh's top 
finisher in the Paul Short Invitational, placing 45th out of 
the field of 2 1 0. Sophomore Nick Albrecht finished 86th 
and Paul Hisem placed 91st to round out Lehigh's top 
three. The Engineers finished the dual season with a 20- 
45 defeat or Lafayette by taking places 2-8 to seal the 
victory. Nagele was the top Engineer runner with a time 
of 25:46 for the five mile course, Murphy placed third, 
while junior Van Lierop captured fourth. In tournament 
action, Lehigh took third in the Penn State Invitational, 
16th in the Paul Short Run and 17th in the IC4A Cham- 

(Sport* 131 

"We had an overall good year, with especially 
strong performances against national powers 
like University of Michigan and Penn State. " 
- Todd Lippin, Assistant Coach 

Women's CROSS 


i dory 

Top Row: Dtnise Richards, Kirtten Antlerer. Heather Blackburn. Carolyn Delph, Andrea Falke. 
Smanne Allex, Rachel Richnian. Head Coach Fred Lal'Linte 

Bottom Row: Darn SeybolA, Gretchen Repasky, Dawn Castle. Trail Chau. Alicia StanfiU, Tina 
Altro. Tricia Nemitz, Asst. Coach Todd Lippin 





Pain State Invitational 







Patriot League Championslrips 


1 he 1993 Women's Cross Country team came just 
one point away from defending its Patriot League 
Championship at Lafayette. Gretchen Repasky was 
Lehigh's top runner, finishing second with a time of 
18:58, while Tina Altro and Susanne Allex finished 5th 
and 6th respectively. 

In the final dual meet of the season, Lehigh rallied to 
crush Lafayette 15 to 45. Led by Repasky and Allex, 
along with Tina Altro, Denise Richards, and Dara 
Seybold, these leading fleet footed Engineers clinched 
the first five places. Andrea Falke and Dawn Castle 
ended their last season with a strong finish. 


"We are a very young team again this 
year, but very strong. " 

- Liz Br ode 


a Story 

1C ill 


/«/> row ,-)w. Couvii /i/ii'/c Miocker, Head Coach Jackie Kealy, Siobban McMahon, Elizabeth 

Brode, Suzanne Montagnino, Beth Nestleroth, Amy Mi Coition, Nina Kim'. Man-Alice Zavocki, 

Beth < tima. Nicolt Hanson, Am < oacb Nu ky llouffmn 

Middle row: Kristen Snyder, Dawn Sharvin, Heather Hohmann, Linn Kjar. Laura Heine. Karen 

Si baejet 

Bottom row: Sharon Bucko, Cheryl Dede, tori Voters, Krista Wisniewtki, Christie Berta 



at Moravian 


at St. Joseph v 


at Ursinus 

L 0-3 





at Rider 




at Drexel 





at Holy Cross 








at Lafayette 




at Hofstra 




Women's Field Hockey, led by Coach Jackie Keeley 
went 7-10-1 on the season, defeating Moravian, 
Cornell, Drexel, Bucknell, Fairfield, Siena, and Hofstra. 
Junior Lizzie Brode led the Engineers in scoring with 
21 points on seven goals and seven assists, placing her 
44th in the nation in scoring with 1.24 points per 
game. Sophomore Suzanne Montagnino followed 
with 1 4 points on six goals and two assists. During the 
final three games, thetwo combined foreightgoals and 
three assists. All-Patriot League selections were Christie 
Berta and Beth Nestleroth. Senior goalkeeper Beth 
Chont finished sixth in the nation in total saves. 

Sports 139 


"Our victory was enhanced by the fact that 
we all supported one another a great deal. " 
- Veronica Lupo 




X.' •»- **<- . ft 

136 Eve: ;lls a Story 


8' I^i 




* , * ■ • 4 I 1 

h 1 k . 

/»/> row; Head Coach Dave Shook. Kristi Kungl Uremia McCamey, tiara /'tasty. Veronica iupo, 
topa I'.uel, Ami Coach Daniel Kungl. 

Bottom row: Metallic Mason. Rachel Neat, Elena Casacio. S/ierie Rosenberg. t Carrie Zegarsti. 
Elizabeth Hourr/ue. 











at Colgate 




lit Bucknell 




at I 'ilLtiwva 

L 1-8 





.it St. Joseph's 



L 0-9 






he 1993 Women's Tennis Team had a winning season 
overall. Senior captain, Kristi Kungl, led the Engineers in 
singles play with a record of nine wins, lour losses. She was 
also quite successful in doubles play with her partner, 
Elena Casacio. Freshman, Veronica Lupo, began her 
Lehigh tennis career with a winning record, while Sherie 
Rosenberg once again proved herself with a strong show- 
ing in singles play. The team worked well together, sup- 
porting each player in the strive to beat the opponents. 






* ■ 1 

58 Every Pictui s Tells a Story 

tei : 

ft j * 


£«**% If^V^ ' far* -/*.' 1 




(Right) "Where did that 
ball go? " McDonald said. 
"I don 't know, " responds 
his teammate, "but those 
ballet lessons are really 
starting to pay off. " 

(Left) Tara Cameron prepares both 
mentally and physically for the upcom- 
ing game. 

Right) Dara Plasky demonstrates her 
■ful forehand and full concentra- 

140 Every Picture Tells a Story 

(Left) Hector Morales 
charges the ball as he 
anticipates the fierce oppo- 
sition to his right. 
(Below) This volleyball 
player sets the ball for her 

(Left) Engineer cheerleaders 
risk their lives to lead the 
crowd in support for the 

Sports 141 

142 Every Picture Tells a Story 

(Sports 143 

"The team as a whole wrestled well and 
was much more aggressive. " 

-Rick Hepp 


^^^^ ^^ mmwH^jmm\ 

mwT- -mm * m\ 

144 Every Picture Tells a Story 


* _i 

/«/' ftw." Ron Edmund, fohn Leonardos, Tim DiffimdaJL Cory BrtchbiU, fir// < lotion. And} 

i ".harlie < tetz, . \nthony Silimperi 

Second Row; John Wl < umber, Tom Fitzpatrick, /- Nth Olson, Rick //<■/>/», Brian 

GpoIlonCi Stein < assidy, Brian /■' 

Bottom Row: Jung Lee, RobSweigart, Man Lombard?, Ed Andres, Mark Keller, Brian Strunck, 

Jason Km . Toby I a 

Not Pictured: Tim Dought rty, Tom Koch, Datk Hardwick, Chris O'Byrne, Alike Heyd/auf. Mike 

Sierra, Brian Fisthetiich, Sam />•> 



2 - 2 in EIWA) 




1 15-24 

at Northern Iowa 

I. 16-25 

at Iowa 

L 9-32 


L 12-20 


L 15-21 

at Navy 



L 19-22 


W 19-18 



at Army 

W 18-13 

at Syracuse 

L 11-28 

1 he Lehigh Wrestling Team, although finishing 4-8 
overall and 2-2 in EIWA, produced a handful of talented 
individual wrestlers. Junior Rick Hepp led the Engineers 
in victories with a 22-4 record during dual meets and 
tournaments. This included an Eastern Intercollegiate 
Wrestling Association championship at 167 pounds and 
Ail-American recognition at that weight with a seventh- 
place Finish in the NCAA tournament. Closest to Hepp 
in the season triumphs were lightweight Ed Andres and 
heavyweight Bill Closson each 17-1 1. Closson won his 
division at the Sheridan Tournament, where Lehigh 
placed second out often teams. Senior Andy Fitz and 
sophomore Jason Kutz each finished with identical 16-12 
marks, with Fitz wrestling at 190 pounds and Kutz 
handling the 1 18 pound class. Brian Strunck and Brian 
Cipollone also scored 16 wins apiece while 142-pounder 
Chris O'Byrne had 14 wins. 



"When the going got tough, they really 
came through." 

-Assistant Coach Maggie Land 



14b Every Picture Tells a Story 



lop row: ll,;i/l Coach < 'hris Marshall Ben V Braun, Derek Moore. BdlSaray. Dan 

Rodenhaver, . I • . I and 

Second row: Diving Coach Frank Donnelly. Bin Fradkin, /r// (line. Ken Johns. Dun Honoshowsley. 
Jonathan Rosen/eld, Vaughn Bigelow, Dominick Galimi 

Third row: Crad Asst, Dive Knoufi, Asst < o.ieh Rick Hutchinson, Rob Chesley, Kevin Murphy. 
i hris Oakley, Adam Fitssner, Chuck Strieker, Andres Sedano 
Bottom row: Aaron Burda, Derek Zeller, Chuck Donaldson 




•it lordham 



ai Army 

at Rutgers 


at Drexel 


PL Championships 

W 133-82 
W 134-109 
I. 101-142 
W 136-107 
L99-1 il 
W 124-117 
W 169-72 
I. 117-124 
W 134-98 

1 he Men's Swimming Team had the quality, but not 
quite enough of the quantity, to take it all in the men's 
division ohhe Patriot League championships at Fordham. 
Despite this, the Engineers capped a stellar 6-3 season 
with an impressive second place finish in the Patriot 
League Championships. Sophomore Jeff Cline, won 
three titles for the Engineers in the 200 free (1:42.19), 
500 free (a school record 4:33.14) and 1,650 free (a 
school record 15:42.79). He was also named Male 
Athlete of the Meet. The Engineers placed first in the 
400 medley relay (Rob Chelsey, Ken Johns, Aaron 
Burda, Derek Moore) and the 200 free relay (Chelsey, 
Johns, Moore and Rodenhaver in 1 :24.50) and the 200 
medley relay (Chelsey, Oakley, Johns, and Rodenhaver 
in 1:34.73). Head Coach Chris Marshall was named 
Patriot League Coach of the Year for the second year in 
a row. 



"When the going got tough, they really 
came through." 

-Assistant Coach Maggie Land 


148 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Top row: Head Coach Ch ngCoach Frank Donnelly, Casey Bahrenburg, Sue 

Millet . Mit belt ' lOwmbuski, ( 'beryl Dede. Amy Lebeda, Asst. Coach Maggie land 

Middle row: GradA I i oach Rick Hutchinson, Amy Kravitz, Jaime 

Burrough, Catherine O'Connor, Micii Montoro, Kyi? Don. Liz Hotchkiss, Joanne Sonberg, Susan 

Fredericks, Alum Rhsso. 

Bottom row: Daryl Smith, Theresa Doyle, Ah da < orr, Angela Palma, Victoria Vinci. 




W 130-11 1 

at Fordham 

W 148-83 


W 133-110 

at Navy 

I, 112-183 


W 128-1 15 

at Amy 

I. 106.5-136.5 

at Rutgers 

W 121-120 


W 177-54 

a i Ihexel 

W 134-109 


L 109.5-133.5 

PL Championships 

4th Place 

1 he Lehigh Swimming Team finished a successful 
dual meet season by finishing behind only Navy, Army 
and Bucknell at the Patriot League Championships. 
Freshman Casey Bahrenburg won the 50 free in a 
school record 24.60 seconds and she also set a Lehigh 
mark in the 100 free (53.40) where she placed third. 
Sophomore Micki Montoro took the crown in the 1 00 
breast (1:08.87). The 400 free relay team (Cheryl 
Dede, Daryl Smith, Alexis Corr and Casey Bahrenburg) 
set a school record of 3:38.21 while the 200 free relay 
team (Bahrenburg, Dede, Montoro and Smith) also set 
a school record of 1 :39.83, while placing second. The 
800 free relay squad also set a school record as Theresa 
Doyle, Bahrenburg, Corr and Dede took second place 
with a time of 7:53.14. 


"We showed a lot of heart down the 

-Jason Ficther 



150 Every Picture Tells a Story 



' tin M t ^ |^L 




i * 


- -- / 


Top row: Manager Andy Morgado. Alex Kappaport, Kevin Nardi, Kent Widmer, Ivan Wiltons, 

Jason Fichter, Maurice Halleit. Al Campbell Kirk Hodgson, Asst. Coach Al Keglovio, Manager Phil 


Bottom row: Ash Coach Monte Run. I 'odd Gobervitte, Javier Alvarez, Rashawne Glenn, Head 

Coach have Duke. Mike McKee, Diallo Daniels. Mike Tedesio. Am. Coach Rick Costello 



,it 1 loftsra 

W 84-82 


L 57-73 

at Iowa 

L 77-104 

at Houston 

L 74-96 

at Towson State 

L 69-77 


L 70-71 


W 77-65 

at Tulane 

L 59- 111 

at Pennsylvania 

L 62-87 

at Cornel/ 

L 73-77 


W 76-73 

at Columbia 

W 78-67 

at Navy 

W 74-69 

at Holy Cross 

W 87-85 

at Fordham 

L 64-79 


W 105-94 


L 69-80 

at Colgate 

W 81-75 


W 85-80 


L 79-86 


1 104-107 


L 72-94 

at Army 

L 87-95 

at Bucknell 

L 88-98 

at Lafayette 

W 81-74 


1 S2-88 

at Colgate 

L 80-87 

1 he Engineers registered a double-figure victory total 
ror the ninth time in the last ten years. Sophomore guard 
Rashawne Glenn finished the year with a total of 757 
points in two seasons and is on his way to becoming one 
of the leading scorers in Lehigh University basketball 
history. He was fourth among all Patriot League sharp- 
shooters during the regular season and earned a spot on 
the league's all-star second team. Junior center, Jason 
Fichter led Lehigh in rebounds and placed seventh in the 
league in field goal percentage (.506) and free-throw 
percentage (.829) for regular season games. Al Campbell 
paced the squad in three-point shooting, hitting on 51 of 
1 13 attempts and ranking first in the Patriot League in 

that category. 

Sports 51 


"Our strength lies in our hard work, 
dedication and strong defense. " 

-Head Coach Jocelyn Beck 

152 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Top Row: I : focefyn Beck, Trainer, Rona Faust, Bridget Deakin, Michelle Meako, 

Jennifer Gorak, Kim Behrens, Moira Deakin, Asst. Coach Sue Troyan, Asst Coach Iran Troyau 
Bottom Row: Ka\ < ca Mudry, Keify Madden, Mary Heth Bcdict 

Missing: jean Klept 




W 75-61 


L 67-88 

at lona 

L 56-74 

at Nicholls St. 

W 69-56 

at Hojstra 

L 54-59 


L 59-75 

vs. Ball State 

L 58-75 

vs. Canisuh 

L 61-66 

at Delaware 

L 57-69 


L 56-75 

at Ni/ry 

W 79-69 

at Holy Cross 

L 66-86 

at Forewarn 

L 52-66 


L 63-66 


L 66-74 


L 59-67 

at Colgate 

L 66-75 

at Pennsylvania 

L 69-73 


L 43-68 


W 68-65 


W 77-74 


/ 59-74 

at Army 

L 61-76 

at Bucknell 

W 82-73 

at Lafayette 

L 49-68 


L 73-85 

vs. Holy ' 

I hi -88 

1 he Women's Basketball Team finished the season 
with a 6-2 1 record, but the record does not do justice to 
the team's individual talents. Sophomore guard Jessica 
Mudrv led the team in scoring;, assists, steals, and three- 
point percentage during Lehigh's season. She was also 
the Patriot League leader in assists, tied for fourth in 
steals and ranked eighth in tree throw percentage. 
Bridget Deakin paced the Engineers in rebounding; and 
blocked shots, ner rebounding numbers placed her 
seventh in the Patriot League. Freshman guard, Kari 
Herzog, was the only member of the squad selected by 
the league tor seasonal honors. She gained a spot on the 
all-rookie first team. Seniors Michelle Meako and 
Jennifer Gorak added significantly to the team. Michelle 
ranked second on the squad in scoring and rebounding 
while Jennifer ranked second on the team in steals. 

"If making the most of what you had is 
considered successful, then we had a 
successful year." 

-Coach Fred LaPlante 

154 Every Picture Tells a Story 


r r 

lop How Jon Trager, Scott Singleton, Todd Carlson, Ptter Btnnitt, Kahlil Jonts, Jon VanOrder, 

Paul Hisem, Mark Malietd, Doug I iii ■Ins. Matt Vim Lierop 

Second Row Asa i oach Todd tippin. Ken Allgair, M Yodakis, Sean McCaffrey, Ala Wrimer, 

Brendan Donohoe, Marc Wilson, Tendi Remy, Mike Chiang, Joe Costanzo, R"h Christie, trainer 

Michelle Pettit 

Third Row Throw ( oach Carl SchnabeL Kevin Murphy. John Halt. Chris Loot, Mike Burns, Steve 

Lee. lien Irwin, Derek Dereiter, Giles Strickler, (,re°]orgcmen. Chris Pomz. Nick Albrecht, PV 

i oai h A // Tomsic 

Fourth Row: Sarah Richards, Carolyn Delpb, Megan Sitmsen, Meredith Petrosovics, F.rm Reardon. 

Irene Dell Bene, Jen Crimmins, Dorma SchalL Jen Watvrzonek, Fie ThoL Deborah Hopely. Bridget 


Bottom Row: Cretchen Repashy. Dawn ("mile. Alicia Stanfill. Tina Altro. Trieia iXenui:, Head 

Coach Fred lal'l.mte. /eanue Ciullo, Natasha Oliver. April Duffy. Christina HeieUL Heather 




LAFA YETTE M, L 59-86 

W, L 56-80 

at Colgate w/ Buffalo M, 2nd of 5 

W, 2nd of 5 

PL Championships 

W, 6th 

1 he Engineers finished 4-1 on the women's side and 3- 
2 in men's action in dual meet competition. The men 
posted a fifth-place finish at the Colgate-hosted Patriot 
League Championships while the women were sixth place 
finishers. At this event, Gretchen Repasky took first place 
in the 3,000 meter with a school record of 10:13.57 and 
was a member of the 4x800 relay team which placed third 
and broke a Lehigh record with a 9:48.0 time. Two other 
school records were broken by the Engineers at the Patriot 
League Championships. Junior Bridget O'ConneU fin- 
ished sixth in the 500-meter dash in 1 : 1 9.98 while senior 
Denise Richards' placed fifth in the 1 ,000 meter run in the 
record time of 3:02.30. On the men's side, junior Scott 
Singleton finished first place in the 55-meter hurdles at the 
league championships. He went on to participate in the 
IC4A Championships at Princeton where he advanced to 
the semifinals of the 55-meter hurdles, although he failed 
to place. 



156 Every Picture Tells a Story 



K £,-Sju£ 


, 1 

H> » ^| 






l^r /miuzj 

Biauiaj \^^^H 







PJi'.f. i 



-■-* ' J«J 



N l, 


\ 1' 

ii ii ■ 

f u 

1 \. 




JK w 


y \ 



^ r J 






(Right) We caught this 
member of the swim team 
during his first lap without 
water wings. "I can swim, " 
he claims. 

158 Ever)' Picture Tells a Story 

(Left) This track runner came in first in 
the Run Like An Ape relay. 

(Right) A jump ball at one woman's basket- 
ball game turned into a rain dance to the 

(Left) Spectators were 
appalled to witness Rick 
ffcpp 's spontaneous growth 
of two new appendages at a 
wrestling match. 

(Below) Where am I? What 
year is this? 

(Left) "So the ball goes 
here?" Asks this first time 

basketball player. 

(Above) "Mommy don 't 
leave me!" Cries Steve 

( 'assidy. 

Sports 159 

160 Even' Picture Tells a Story 

Sports 161 

"The most important part of baseball is the 
mental angle. I go up to the plate feeling 
there isn't a pitcher in the league that can 
overpower me." 
-Jon Lehberger 

e J Men's 


■ - 

— , , — , __^ ^ 






-■ -WW '-t 



I V 

162 Evety Picture Tells a Story 

8 « 

« * * 


? ff 



4^1: fo 

* * 

.'"-•jet* _ 

> i » 

/«/> raw: Head Coach Sun Schttkz, Hen Talhott, John Lehberger, Dave Angsireich. Mark Ttndler, 

lut, ( 'ogilt, < It,-,. < 'ruger, Chrii Querns, Matt Hyldahl. Ken Wurman. Sieve Chamberlain, Pitching 

( loach i Iraig A nderson 

Second Row: Joe Cork, Chad Kusko, Mike Policarpo, Craig Philkill, Jeremy Schmalzle, Greg 

.Smith. GregBoye, ( hug Hlizarel 

Bottom row: Managa PhUSclar, TedDurkin, Brian Yost, Mike Nardella. Billy Pietmgallo, Jeff 

Quiet, I, m Phillips, Pat Regan 




BASEBALL RESULTS (11 - 17, 8-12 PL) 

at Georgetown (DH) L 8-9, L 3-8 

at Towson 


,it Lafayette (DH) 

L 4-8, L 6-7 


W 10-3 



at Navy (DH) 

LO-1, L3-7 

at Bucknell (DH) 

L 1-8, W2-1 

at Army (DH) 

L 0-5, L 7-8 

at Colgate (DH) 

W 1-0, W7-1 




W5-4, L 1-12 

BUCKNELL (DH) W 7-6, L 3-4 



FORD HAM (DH) L 0-2, L 1-10 

HOLY CROSS (DH) L 1-6, W7-3 


W6-5, W5-4 



1 he Lehigh Baseball Team was led offensively during 
the season by senior third baseman Jon Lehberger, junior 
shortstop Steve Chamberlain, and senior first baseman 
Ken Warman. Pat Regan, senior righthander who picked 
up four victories in 14 and two-thirds innings, paced the 
pitchers with a 4-1 mark. Jon Lehberger was the Patriot 
League all-star choice, earning honors for the third 
straight season. He was picked on the second team, 
finishing third in Patriot League stolen bases with eidit 
thefts in nine attempts. Junior left-hander, Tim Cogill. 
led the league in strikeouts per game with 7.62 over a 
39 innings. 

•'Back For Mote In '94" 

-Coach Sue Troyan 







L64 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Top How: He, nl ( oath Sue Troyan, Nina Run'. Tara Gould, Jessica Fcigtey, Nainlic Neitor, J.inn? 

..aliy Kotula, Asst. Coach Fran /km.'" 
Middle How: Chrittit Him. Shei 'onna Milia, Amanda Warner, Heidi Cohen, Kent 

I ouis, Karen £ ■ 

Hottom How: Karen Kascinski, Shannon Mahon, Meri Wail Kim Miller, Jennifer Viglittta, Krista 
. a ■ski 


SOFTBALL RESULTS (28-15, 10-2 PL) 

at East Carolina Tournament: 

Coastal Carolina 




( i corgi' Mason 

L 1-3 

Tast Carolina 


at Pennsyvania (DH) 

R ,-2,L4-5 

at Radford Tournament: 

George Mason 




Charleston Southern 




W8-4, W10-5 

at Army (DH) 

L 5-6, W4-1 


W9-0, W6-5 


Tins. W'8-0 


W2-0, W8-2 

at Holy Cross 

U" 11-4 

at Villanova (DH) 

I. 0-1. L 1-4 

at Delaware (DH 

L 2-5, L 2-6 


W3-1, W13-3 


\\ 5-2, L 4-7 

at Lafayette (DH) 

W12-2, U 5-2 


W 2-0, L 3-8 

I'S Holy ( 



W13-0, W16-2 

at Princeton (DH) 

L 3-5. L 2-6 

Patriot league Tournament: 




I 1-2 






\\ 2-1 

XCAA Play-in: 

L 0-8, L 3-7 

1 he Lehigh Softball Team finished as Patriot League regular 
season and tournament champions. Sophomore Jessica Feiglev 
and juniors Karen Kascinski, Natalie Nestor and Nina Rems were 
named to the Patriot League's First Team. Named to the second 
team were freshmen Amanda Wessner and Karen Schaefer. 
sophomores Donna Milia, Kathy Kotula and Kim Miller and 
senior Meri Wall. Wall was named the Co-Pitcher of the Year and 
the Patriot League Tournament Most Valuable Player for the 
second straight year. Meri set a single season record tor wins with 
1 5 while Kim Miller set a single season record with 42 RBI s and 
Kathv Kotula set a single season home run record with 7. As a 
team, the Engineers ranked seventh nationally in scoring. 

Sports loo 

"In my four years, I've never seen a team 
as strong as this." 

-Chris Padurano 



* « 

a • - 

v IT 

■X ■ 


166 Every Picture Tells a Story 


/iy ram' / >«i»^ Brenda Daily. Aat < I Mas/ ( na * /«*» Mi Cfa«*gr, 

Don /*///)iw , .,,,,,, 

Second row: Mik, Metzger, Tony Scum. Carloi Romeu, Mark Wilson. Deck HaUahan. 
Scott Youmans, Drew Bauer, Chris Padurano, Dan Pei V«" Sweetman 

Third row: Mike Leonard. John Emanueh "The E-Man"). Vince Geppi, Matt Hmton, Mike 
Gardiner. Man (loud. Huh Margolin, ToddMojer. John GaUucci. Chris Parandian. Ttm Sella, 

Shaun liarber .. T . , , 

Bottom mw: Dm Souza. Justin Psaki, Brian Crntvjbrd, Mark Duma,,, Matt Donnelly. I odd 
I in, her, Pete Vkkerman. Vir, A/fieri, David Garrii 

Missing: Asst Coach Brian Jenkins. Brad Baker. Rich Droseoski, David Nayor, Dean Sdndbpf. 
Charla Seybold, AdamStoltr 



4-1 PL) 



at St, Joseph's 


at Maryland-Baltimore Co. 

W 12-10 



at Duke 

I 8-9 

at Lafayette 


,U St. John's 






at Bucknell 


at Mt. St. Man's 




at Marisi 




at Colgate 

W 17-10 

The Engineers finished second in the Patriot League and earned 
national ranking for the first time in the modern era. The Men's 
Lacrosse Team completed it season with a school record of 12 
wins. Senior attack Jeff Jenkins was selected as the Player of the 
Year with a 37-goal, 1 5-assist season which ranked him first in the 
league in scoring. The Patriot All-League Team was well repre- 
sented by the Lehigh team. It consisted of Jenkins, sophomore 
midfielder Anthony Souza and a pair of defensemen, senior 
Chris Padurano and junior Scon Youmans. Souza tallied 16 
goals and 17 assists to rank third on the Engineers and ninth in 
the league in scoring. Two Engineers, sophomore goalie Chris 
Parancfian and junior attack Matt Sweetman, were named to the 
league's Second Team. Sweetman received the honor after his 2 - 
goal, 21-assist season ranked him second on the team and third 
in the league while Parandian compiled 251 saves and an 
impressive 7.01 goals-against-average. 


"Lacrosse is a huge mental game, and we 
had overall confidence which helped us 
play well." 

-Kristin Gillis 



L68 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Top Row: Asst. Conch Nicole Houghton, Head Coach Jackie KeeU y, Am. Jackquelyn Most '■ 
Lizzie Brodc, Amy McCollian, Kristin Gillis, Meghan Williams, Mary-Alice Zavocki, State) 
Molly Moron 

Second How: Allium Dorfman, Jennifer George, Brandt Earth. Christina Brill, fill Alachuli r 
Bottom Row: Monica Devine, Heather Hohmann, Down Sharv'm, Dia Johnson 

ScoreS 1 


at American 


at Georgetown 


at Rutgers 

W 10-9 

vs. Colgate 





W 13-5 


L 8-10 

at Bucknell 

W 13-8 

tit St. Joseph 's 



W 18-3 




W 14-13 


W 11-6 



at Delaware 


at West Chester 

L 8-14 

1 he Lehigh Women's Lacrosse Team, guided by 
die Patriot League Coach of the Year, Jackie Keeley, 
capped off the year with a 9-7 record, their best mark 
since 1988. The team also finished with their first- 
ever Patriot League Championship with a win over 
Lafayette and an unblemished (4-0) league record. 
Junior midfielder Liz Brode, sophomore attacks 
Cristina Brill and Jill Altshuler and senior goal- 
keeper Mary-Alice Zavocki were named to the Pa- 
triot All-League Team. Brode finished second na- 
tionallv in scoring by leading Lehigh and the league 
in scoring with 51 goals and 18 assists while Altschuler 
ranked third on the team with 13 goals and 33 
assists. Mary- Alice led the league with an 9.38 goals 
against average and .605 save percentage and senior 
Jen George finished her successful career with 24 
goals and 1 3 assists. 



170 Ever\' Picture Tells a Story 



/ RA CK & FIELD RESUL TS (M 5-4, W 5-4) 

at Georgetoum Invitational 

M, 1-2 

W, 1-2 

at Lafayette 

M, L 75-87 

W, L 50-85 

Lehigh Valley Games 

M, 2nd 

W, 2nd 

PL Championship 

M, 3rd 

W, 6th 

1 he Men's Track Team finished a successful 6-4 
outdoor record by raking third at the Patriot League 
championships. Highlighting the men's outing 
was senior distance runner Kevin Murphy, who 
capped a brilliant career by winning the 10,000- 
meter run in 30:57.15. Junior Scott Singleton 
took second place in three different events. He had 
a time of 14.66 seconds in the 1 1 0-meter hurdles, 
a 22' 1" distance in the long jump and a time of 
52.83 seconds in the 400-meter hurdles. Finally, 
Paul Hisem came in second in the steeplechase 
with a time of 9: 1 4.69 and during the Blue & Grey 
Invitational, he won the 1500-meter run. 

1 he Women's Track Team finished sixth in the 
Patriot League championships, also capping its 6- 
4 outdoor record. Gretchen Repasky scored a 
victory in the 5,000 meter run with a 17:57.71 
time and took second in the 3,000 meter run with 
a 10:19.55 time. Donna Schall took fourth in the 
100-meter hurdles (15.92) for the Engineers. At 
the Moravian-hosted Blue & Grey Invitational, 
the women fared quite well. Donna Schall was a 
double winner, taking the high jump (5-2) and the 
100 high hurdles (15.6). Additionally, Jen 
Crimmins took first place in the javelin (36-0) 
while Heather Blackburn was third in the 1500- 
meter run. 

"We are a strong, consistent and solid 

-Saleem Saab 



<■ * 


•'"V- r 
/ / / 

\ f T f f 

172 Ever)' Picture Tells a Story 


Top raw: Malcolm Goodman, Fred Saab, Saltern Saab, Art Comstock, Head i \hook 

Bottom roiv. David Zwally. Eric Irwin, Matt Potts, Jeff Fauna 
Missing: Asst. lottnn Ochse, Grad. Asst Coach Dan Kungl 

ScoreS 1 

TENNIS RESULTS (14-6, 3-2 PL) 



at Rider 




Training at Hilton 


St. John 's 


Morgan State 


Cabrini College 


Luther College 


Howard Univ. 


at Army 


at Rutgers 






at Fordham 


at Seton Hall 


at Delaware 


at Lafayette 


PL Tournament 



\v --o 

1 he Engineers finished the season with an impressive 14- 
6 record to tie the school record for the most victories in the 
season. Art Comstock, Eric Irwin, and Matt Potts paced 
the men's tennis team during the season which enabled 
them to place fourth in the annual Patriot League champi- 
onships. Comstock and Irwin posted 14-6 records in 
singles competition while Comstock added a 1 2-5 doubles 
mark. Potts was 1 3-7 in singles and 1 2-5 in doubles paired 
with Comstock. Saleem Saab and Fred Saab, both with 10- 
9 records in singles and Malcolm Goodman (7-4), helped 
Lehigh through its season. David Zwally was 4-0 in singles 
and finished doubles play with his partner Jeff Faunce with a 
record of 8-7. 


"Winning isn't everything. But we don't 
tie it up to lose." 

174 Every Picture Tells a Story 



Top Row: Dong Gates, Kurt Kurimsky, DaveTomlinson, Julian Bower. Mike Zottoti* Fran David, 
Joe Guterl 

Bottom Row: Rocky Morns, Henry D'Alberto, DanPietrzak, Kyle Yah, Head Coach KeUy Gutshall 
Missing: Asst. Coach/ Program Coordinator John Smeaton, Andy Kilroy, Scon Chaiaon 


GOLF RESULTS (1-1, 5th PL Tournament) 

at Loyala Tournament 

15th of 21 

Hofstra at Pinehurst 


at Navy Tournament 

18th of 22 

PL Championships 

5th of 8 




at Rhode Island Tournament 


Lehigh Valley Tournament 

2nd of 4 

1 he Lehigh Golf Team finished the season with a 
record of 1-1 and placed 5th in the Patriot League 
Tournament. Freshman Henry D'Alberto earned a 
spot on the All-Patriot League team with an average 
of just under 80. D'Alberto finished tied for 10th at 
the league tournament. Junior Kurt Kurimsky fin- 
ished tied for 1 8th at the league tournament and shot 
an average of 83.9 for the season, followed by fresh- 
man Rocky Morris with an average of 84.6. Sopho- 
more Doug Gates finished second during a match 
against Hoftsra while D'Alberto finished in a dual 
match versus Hofstra at the Legacy Course in North 
Carolina. Finally, the team defeated Muhlenberg and 
Lafayette at the Lehigh Valley Games. 



(Right) "Hey, let go of the 
bailor I'll clock ya, " says 
this lacrosse player's oppo- 
nent as she crosses the field. 

(Left) This tennis player shows perfect 
form, while serving during an indoor 

(Right) "Here's twenty bucks that says you 
can t steal all the way home, "says this coach 
to his player when she reached first base. " 

16 Even' Picture Tells a Story 

(Left) This pitcher displays 
full concentration, knowing 
that one more strike means 
that they win the game. 

(Above) This lacrosse player 
aggressively goes for the ball 
during a lacrosse game this 

(Left) This golfer wants to 
make golf ng his life long 
career as he goes for the hole 
in one on this beautiful 
spring afternoon. 



(Right) The football team 
runs out into the field to 
the cheers of the crowd and 
the band. 

178 Every Picture Tells a Story 

(Left) This tennis player stretches to 
return the ball to her opponent during a 
match in the fall. 

(Right) Matt Sweetman walks off the field at 
the end of one lacrosse game to another 
Lehigh victory. 

(Left) "I say, on the count of 
three we moon the specta- 
tors, " says one soft ball 
member during a huddle 
before one of their games. 

(Above) After these girls fought 
to get control of the ball, it 
ended in Lehigh 's hands at this 
field hockey game in the fall. 

(Left) All four basketball players 
began to panic when they no- 
ticed that the ball was sus- 
pended in the air and was not 
coming down. 






by Co-Editors, Jennifer Conway 
and Stacy Thornley 

Activities 181 

"It is better to be making 

Clubs, special interest groups, cultural societies, 
academic organizations, resume builders — however you 

the news than taking 

look at it, there are a plethora of activities at Lehigh. From 
Senate to Amnesty International, from Seuss is Loose to 

it, to be an actor rather 

SALSA, from Fritz Engineering Research Society to Spastic 

^ r ^/ > " If Y * ¥ W A B ^Tf TT" 

Plastic, from Scabbard & Blade to Mustard & Cheese, there is 


a critic. 


something for everyone at Lehigh to do. Activities 
help us to express our unique qualities here at Lehigh. 

-Sir Winston Churchill 


182 Every Picture Tells A Story 


Meet The Editors... ♦ 

Michelle Kudesh 

Editor In Chief 

Mary Chaffier 

Business Manager 

Daniela Dimaggio 

Photo Editor 

Karen Schmeidler 

Photo Editor 

Candace Lombardi 

Assistant Photo Editor 

Deanne Sabarese 

Assistant Photo Editor 

Jennifer Lang 

Layout Editor 

Stuart Zissu 

Layout Editor 

Debbie Leslie 

Feature Editor 

Nicole Ferber 

Assistant Feature Editor 

Michal Hampel 

Academics Editor 

Linda Baffa 

Assistant Academics Editor 

Stacy Thornley 

Activities Editor 

Jen Conway 

Activities Editor 

Lauren Whitman 

Sports Editor 

Erin O'Brien 

Assistant Sports Editor 

Stefanie Longo 

Senior Editor 

Lorri Goldberg 

Assistant Senior Editor 

Julie Kamens 

Living Editor 

Andrea Irslinger 

Assistant Living Editor 

Joanna Weiner 


Jennifer Edwards 

Sales Manager 

Jennifer Warren 

Sales Manager 

Phil Klein : 

Jostens Representative and 

Yearbook Guru 

184 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Carole Gorney 

** Linda Lipko : ** 
Advisor and Savior 

(Steve and Richie Merin 
Photography connoisseurs 

i Lang, Michal Hampel, Karyn Schmeidler, Debbie Leslie and Daniela Dimaggio make a toast tc 

the tact that the work is almost finally over. 

Without our wonderful advisor, 

.inda Lipko, from whom we get the 

most amount of help and support, 

there would be no yearbook. 

ou better touch up this picture when it comes out." savs Micha 
after her third retake. 

I [ej shouldn't I he taking the pictures sa\ s 

assistant photo editor Candace Lombard] 

while trying to keep the smile on her face. 


Top Left to Right: Steve Merin, Joanna Weiner, Nicole Halpem, Stu Zissu, Phil Klein, Nicole Ferber, Erin O'Brien, Mary Chaffier, Deirdre 


Bottom Left to Right: Michal Hampel, Jen Lang, Michelle Kudesh, Karyn Schmeidler, Daniela Dimaggio, Debbie Leslie 

Missing: Linda Baffa, Stacy Thornley, Jen Conway, Jen Warren, Jen Edwards, Deanne Sabarese, Candace Lombardi, Lauren Whitman, Lorri 

Goldberg, Stefanie Longo, Andrea Irslinger, Julie Kamens 

Stacy Thornley, Lauren Whitman, and Stefanie Longo 

laugh at the ideas that are being suggested for this 


Jen Warren gets stuck taking notes at one of the meetings, but Stacy 

Thornley, Jenny Edwards, and Jen Conway feel that they are smart 

enough to remember everything that is important. 

186 Every Picture Telia A Story 

Thanks to everyone who 
worked hard on their section 
so that I didn't have to. 


Phil Klein and Michelle Kudesh smile because they know that this is going to be the best 
lamn Epitome (pronounced uh pit u mee, and not ep i toliui) that Lehigh has ever produced. 

Special thanks to: 

Geottrey Colon for helping me with the 
copy at a moments whim. Thanx buddy. 
The Photography staff that did an excellent 
job including Karen Steele. Jason Endress. 
Delaney Carrier. Christine Carroll. Jenny 
Spanolios. Franck Brice. and Gina (ovino. 

Rati Sweary for taking Pictures even 
though he was not a student himself. You 
were a great help! 

Tim McAndrews and Leslie Satin for 
helping to carry in last years book when 
you were not even on the staff. 
The Brown and White staff for helping 
when my staff and I were in a state of 
panic: Marc Goldstein f my rivalJ for help- 
ing with the bit of history pages. Dave 
Baker, and any Brown and White Photogra- 
pher whose Photos were used in this book 
fl wish ( could acknowledge you allJ. 
anyone who scanned for us when we came 
and bothered you in the Brown and White 
office, etc... ' 

Kristen Klick, Ann Twomey. Amy Lawbach. 
etc... for helping with all the pain in the 
tush paperwork and mailings and all the 
dirty work. 

Joe Ryan and Sports Information for 
helping with the Sports Section 
Kris Tacaks for sticking around to help out 
with the senior section. 
... and anyone else that was missed. 

)ebbie Leslie, Lauren Whitman, and Stefanie Longo found yearbook busi- 
ness all fun and games at the beginning. Ask them what tliey think now. 

Lorri Goldberg and Mary C_ haffier look at other past 
books to get ideas 


f^fctive since 1936, Lehigh's 
Alpha Psi chapter of Alpha 
Phi Omega is dedicated to 
Leadership, Friendship, and 
Service. This national service 
was founded in 1925 by Frank 
Reed Horton in Easton, 
Pennsylvania. Based on the 
principals of scouting, AOQ 
has grown to over 650 chap- 
ters nationally. Women have 
been active members since 


/&u Beta Pi is the National 
Engineering Honor Society. 
It was founded here at 
Lehigh in 1885 and now has 
208 collegiate chapters. The 
society is open to students in 
engineering who have 
demonstrated distinguished 
scholarship and exemplary 
character. The honor society 
participates in service to the 
campus and to the commu- 
nity with a focus on educa- 
tional activities. 

The '93 - '94 Officers of Tau 
Beta Pi: 

President: Sharon Sabo 

Vice President: Sheila 


Treasurer: Jen Hallowell 

Recording Secretary: David 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Matt Deans 

Initiation Co-ordinator: 

Steve Banovic 

Faculty Advisor: 

1 . Owczarek 

First Row: Barbara Kelly, Beth Dechant, Brian Walp, Dave Taylor, Gilbert Idhaw (President), George Gumbrell, Kath\ 

Snyder, Chuck Kemmerer. 

Second Row: Joanne Sonberg, Cindy Guidi, Jeanine Ackerson, Lisa Zampardi, Rana Taylor, Dawn Marshall, Meg Val 

Sciver, Daniella DiMaggio, Charles Jason Albitz, Kaci Holtz. 

Third Row: Carey Smith, Wendy Clap, Natalie Nestor, Emil Lerch, Jim Nicholls, Jenn Tuck (Advisor), Jenn Gunsaulhl 

Jen Halls, Steph Alley, Bryan Yoder, Wiley Hall, Patrick Carey. 

Missing: Bradley Weiss, Sue Jarrett, Jim Parker, Sherry Beers, Sarai Spohn, Amy Hammell. 

First Row: David Comery, Greg Polyniak, Brian Tighe, Bill O'Connell, David Desrocher, Bill Graf, 

Chris White, Kari Kukanskis, Lisa Liebmana, Paul Caron, Joy Quinn, Wen Hsiunig Lin, Vince 


Second Row: David Strong, Sharon Sabo, Jeffrey Brown, Stephanie Sajda, Marissa Mayo, John Murr ', 

Salome Romero, James Lionberger, Steve Steele, Robert Cook. 

Third Row: Steve Banovic, Anthony Silimperi, Chris Hoddinott, James Plinchbaugh, Eric Simon, Jorl 

Van Order, Ian Hodgson, David White, William Esposito, Stephen Contakes. 

188 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Front Row: James Nicholls (Scheduling Lt.), Amy Hammell (Captain), Wiley Hall (Treasurer), 
Sarai Spohn (Secretary), James Parker (Second Captain). 

Back Row: Tim Johnson, Patrick Frei, Mark Kranis, Nora Davis, Mike Kuenne, Charles Albitz, and 
Mark Rubins. 

'Missing: Carey Smith (Training Lt.), Tracy Douma, Kristin Schubert, Eric Rogers, Chris Eckel, and 
Brvan Cone. 

Front Row: Katie Keener, Brandi Brezina. 

Middle Row: Jennine Rexon, Jessica Drexler, Heather Snyder. 

Back Row: Kim Cippola, Christie Ricker, Elyssa White. 

Not Pictured: Dana Codispoti, Carrie Sendra, Kim Yeager, fessica Young, Sini Kazanjian, Amv 

Meraglia, Renee Beshara, Cathy Liebars. 

££l.URT is the I ehigh Univer- 

sity Response Team which 

provides first aid to the Lehigh 

campus. They stabilize pa- 

tients until local police and 

ambulance arrive on the scene. 

aLURT also provides first aid 

training and education. 

{? ehigh University's dance 
club, DANCIN', is an extra- 
curricular activity open to all 
students with any interest in 
dance. We hold classes two to 
three times a week varying in 
jazz, modern, ballet, and tap. 
In addition, we put on several 
performances throughout the 
year including our annual 
concert, the Homeless Benefit 
Talent Show, and also the 
yearly dance show at 
Moravian. Our club is made 
up of committed students with 
a lot of enthusiasm and a 
willingness to dance. 


C^ edicated to upholding the 
standards of civil engineer- 
ing as an ideal profession, 
Chi Epsilon recognizes the 
characteristics of the indi- 
vidual civil engineer striving 
for the successful pursuit of 
an engineering career. 
Active at Lehigh since 1952, 
Chi Epsilon aids in the 
development of the positive 
characteristics of civil 
engineering students. 

^7 he Mustard and Cheese 
Drama Society sponsors many 
events including: picnics, 
trips to local and Broadway 
theatres, concessions and 
Opening Night receptions for 
Lehigh's productions, and 
many other events. This year's 
trips included The Touchstone 
Theatre's Don't Drop 
Grandma, and Lafayette's 
Assassins. M & C also 
assisted with the Theatre of 
Creation Festival, featuring 
Jacques LeCoq. 

Front Row: Wen-Hsiung Lin, Jen Hallowell, Tammy Canna (Treasurer), Beth Dechant, Salome 

Romero, Barbara Kelly. 

Back Row: Garry Vermaas (President), Chris Hager, Ian Hodgson (Secretary), Todd Schram, John 

Murray, Bill Graham (Vice-President). 

Not Pictured: Bill Graf, Bruce Hulshizer, Charles Getz. 

Front Row: Douglas Bliss, Ayisha McKenzie, Jerome Halligan, Jeni Roberts, Melanie Boracorsa, 

Chris Bohan, Ceci Bohlsen. 

Back Row: Andy Weintraub, Aaron Burda, Martin Mushrash, Stephen Huminski, Tricia 


Also Pictured: Elizabeth Nordt. 

190 Every Picture Tells A Story 

m ir 


ie co-ed Golf Club is trying 

to make a deal with the local 

golf clubs to allow us to play 

for a less expensive price. This 

club is also a method to spark 

the interest of women to play 

golf so that eventually a 

women's Golf team will be 


Hfl THETfl 


tii Alpha Theta is an organi- 

zation which honors excellence 

in the field of History. This 

year has been one of transition 

for the organization. With 

Professor Saeger as our new 

advisor, Phi Alpha Theta is 

anticipating a future as bright 

as our past. 

Pictured: Belin Robertson and Michael Mrvica. 

Not Pictured: Professor James S. Saeger, Advisor. 

Activities 191 

/he 1993-1994 Lehigh Ice 
Hockey team experienced 
their most successful season 
since the team was reestab- 
lished in 1990. Lead by first 
year head coach Jim 
Corcoran and veteran 
assistant Rich Curren, the 
Engineers were 12-6-2 
overall. By the middle of the 
season, the Engineers had a 
10-5 record and were ranked 
15th in the nation for 
Division I club teams. 
Unfortunately, the Engineers 
5-5-2 league record was not 
enough to qualify for the 
playoffs held at the Univer- 
sity of Delaware on February 
19-20. This was the third 
year Lehigh competed in the 
Eastern Collegiate Hockey 
Association (ECHA) which 
includes University of 
Delaware, Univ. of Pennsyl- 
vania, Univ. of Maryland, 
U.S. Naval Academy, West 
Chester University and 
Towson State. 


Front Row: Marshall Yellin (3-D), Doug Cotton (23-F), John Sousa (5-F), Matt Stannard (18-F), Brian Wightman (31-G), Justi 

Spade, Jim Mirenda (14-D), Pete Everett (2-F), Bob Fyrer (7-D), Todd Goldberg (1 5-F). 

Back Row: Rod Mancuso (12-D), Henry White (24-F), Walt Piekarski (17-F), Andrew Hodson (9-D), Kevin Straub (21-F), J.R 

Gulka (13-F), Quinn Mommsen (10-F), Rob Levinson (4-D), Chris Read (11-F), John Babson (25-F). Coaches: Jim Corcoran 

and Pete. 

Not Pictured: Shawn Fitzgerald (8-D), John Vas (1-G), Will Orbin (19-D). 

(Number, position). 

1993-1994 Leh 

gh University Hockey Schedule 




L.V. Comets 



East Stoudsburg 









West Chester U. 



Towson State 



U. of Delaware 




U. of Maryland 





West Chester U. 




U. or Pennsylvania 





U. of Delaware 






Towson State 






U. of Maryland 









U. of Pennslyvania 







m , 

Above: Chris Read, 
Walt Piekarski, and 
Todd Goldberg 
proudly display their 

Right: Goalie Brian 
Wightman is ready for 
the face-off against 
Wagner College. 

TO * 

192 Every Picture Tells A Story 


^7 he Greek Peer Educator Program was established in the Fall of 1993 to help educate Lehigh Sorority and Fraternity members in responding 
B critical health and social issues such as: Date Rape, Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, AIDS & STD's, Academic Support, Diversity, Abusive 
Relationships, Compulsive Gambling, Depression and Suicide Intervention. Members of the Greek Peer Educators are: 

Lucas Altman (leader, ZT), Dave Sosson (AXP), Scott Amsbaugh (AIO), Sal Buscema (ATii), Alex Cottrill (ATQ), Donald 
Blaszka (BOIT), Adam Rosmarin (XO), Mike Racette (XO), Jason Mastropierro (XT), Mike Laiacona (AX), Frank Klein (AO), 
Brian Kalata (AI<D), Kevin Cherkas (ATA), Jeff O'Hagan (AY), Steve Capizzi (AY), John Diederich (KA), Ty Hill (KI), Isaac 
Dymkowski (AXA), Chris Hubbard (OAi», E.J. Raymond (OAd), Bill Read (Fiji), Andrew Kalt (*Ki>), Tom Wharton (OIK), 
! Alan Bezoza (nKA), Jason Motsko (VY), Tim Faust (IX). Tom Weinlick (IN), Matt Nichols (IO), Mike Riskin i &X), Tom 
Quirk(i)E), Paul Baccala (ZT), Shoshana Schiff(AXQ), Carrie Sendrovv(AXii), Leslie Barney (ALA), Amanda BurUngame 
(AOm, Andy Roth (AO), Robvn Ketover (AO), Julie Toal (AD, Kier Succop (AD, Joanie Baldertone (AZ), Amy Troxell (TOB), 
Kristen Jones (KAr3), and Heather Sowers (KAr3). 


^/he Society of Manufactur- 
ing Engineers is a national 
organization which focuses 
on the latest advancements 
in manufacturing technol- 
ogy. Through plant tours, 
speakers, and joint meetings 
with the senior chapter, 
which contributes career 
information from profes- 
sional engineers, members 
of the student chapter at 
Lehigh University learn 
about new technologies and 
opportunities in manufac- 

Front Row: John Coulter (advisor), Lori Notarius (President), Vincent Chen, Peter Kalvoda, Roqil 


Back Row: Christos Athanitus, Vasco Grilo, Nimesh Patel, Antonio Gallardo, La Tanja Mack 

Not Pictured: Bill Graf, Bruce Hulshizer, Charles Getz. 

/he Lehigh University 
Forum is a unique deliberative 
body comprised of elected 
students and faculty, and 
members of the adminstration. 
The purpose of the group is to 
promote the welfare of the 
university by combining the 
efforts of many representa- 
tives. This year, the Forum 
was primarily concerned with 
generating discussion of the 
Lehigh Plan as set forth by 
Peter Likins. Other issues 
discussed were the smoking 
policy, the registration pro- 
cess, and the advising system. 

First Row: Dorsey Montenecourt, Hilary Coleman, Roslyn Weiss, Jennifer Heise, Stacey Knudseii 

Deborah Hayden, Judy Rudolph. 

Second Row: Vince Latchford, Pat Chase, Peter Schonwetter, Tina Niedzwiecki, Christine 

Stackpole, Rebecca Murphey, Anthony Viscardi. 

Third Row: Provost Alan Pense, Sarah Slaughter, Tulga Ozsoy, Jack Abel, Brad Unger, President; 

Peter Likins, Jack Lule, Steven Shanker, Dave Baker, Jason Campbell, Kevin Chick, Mark Ericksoil 

194 Every Picture Tells A Story 


Front Row: Alissa Rothman, Pam Lott (Hillel director), Hannah Ticho, Stuart Zimmerman. 
Back Row: Yoram Miller, Maura Kugelman (Co-President), Stacey Glanstein (Co-President), Rob 
Klamka, Mark Flanzer, Adam Kramer, Terry Auspitz. 

""/lie Hillel Society is an 
organization which programs 
events for the Jewish student 
population on campus. There 
are monthly Friday Night 
Dinners and Bagel Brunches. 
In addition, we go bowling, ice- 
skating, and hold movie nights 
each semester. 

Senior Class Officers: 

From Left to Right: Carolyn Gredys, Secretary; Lori Owen, President; Meredith Mc Gowan, Vice- 

Not Shown: Erika Giemza, Treasurer. 

he Senior Class officers 

have been busy 

fundraising for the Class of 

1994. Some of their 

activities include senior 

nights at the Tallv-Ho and 

the Southside Saloon and 

the Silent Auction. All of 

these events are to benefit 

Senior Week of gradua- 


Activities 195 


he Marching 97 had an incredible season. Under the 
direction of Mr. Al Neumeyer, the 97 performed at every 
home football game with unprecedented precision and 
excitement. This year's freshmen class, The Great Class of 
~97, was the biggest in years. It won't be long until the 97 is 
once again 97 members strong. 

Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Neumeyer, the executive 
committee, and the 97 Alumni Association, the 97 was able 
to perform the Famous Marching Lehigh at the biggest 
game of the season, Lehigh-Lafayette. 97 of the 97 past and 
present took the field on a day that shall not be soon forgot- 

Another Season has passed but the Marching 97 still 
marches on, stronger than ever! 

The Marching 97 Executive Committe - 1993: 
Manager - Joanne McQuade 
Drum Major - Joy Quinn 
Publicity Manager - John Mutchek 
Student Conductor - Clint Schulze 
Senior Representative - Cynthia Stipa 
Freshman Manager - Cathy Yewdall 
Librarian - Sandhya Vadlamudi 

Toots 'n Suits - Darlene Dreyer 
Staff Assistant - Joanne McQuade 

A proud leader of the Marching 97 at a football gari;. 

An above view of Lehigh's Goodman Stadium at halftime. 

Above: The Marching 97 strikes up the crowd at one of this year's football 

Left: The band at halftime psychs up the crowd for the second half. 

Activities 19"; 

^^/olverinesl.We may be 
fat, but we're 
slow. .CHICKS DIG 
US. .fields? We don't need 
no stinking fields. .We 
don't drink, in 
vans. .Rugby 
time. .Everybody have 
directions?. No snow in 
Philly?..Good luck to the 
graduating(?) seniors: 
Hunter Ed, Mein Furer, 
Spoon, Freud, Lupo, SS. 
Silvestri. KUTZTOWN 


he Gymnastics Club of 

Lehigh is a non-competitive 

organization which exists 

basically to provide fun and 

exercise to those interested 

in tumbling. Anyone 

interested in being the next 

Mary Lou Retton or Bart 

Conner may join this 

interactive club. 


s if**.* - ■-' 

1 * 

— ^a^fc 

as ■«,.;» 

Pictured, left to right: Jason Cristino, Ken Volz, Dan Epstein, Rob Freud, Jason Mischner, Ed 
Penberthy, Fritz Lloyd, Apollo Creed, Mike Gerhardt, Dave Stillman, Jim Silvestri, Chap Gage, 
Clubber Lang, Rocky Balboa, Brian Birtell. 

Pictured, left to right: Erin McQuade, Leah Mormando, Lindsay Wood, Tina Kuzma, Seavan 

198 Every Picture Tells A Story 


Standing: Dean Trexler, John Espenshade (Vice-President), Ena Karlova. 
Sitting: Dave Marshall (Treasurer), Jim Markle (Public Relations). 

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Sean Treacv, Mike Roseman, Nanette Marvin (Secretary/ 
Treasurer), Jessica Norris, Darlene Dreyer, Dawn Marshall (President). 
Missing: Kate Jones (Vice-President), Professor Robert Barnes (Advisor). 

/he MBA Association 

enjoyed an extremely success- 
ful year in 1993-1 994. Our 
annual resume book was 
mailed out to over 200 busi- 
nesses much to the interest of 
potential employers. We 
participated in the Good 
Scholar Election, and also co- 
sponsored events such as, the 
Mark Berlin /Andy Garr 
lectures and the visit by Lee 
Iacocca to Rauch Business 
Center. Participation was 
excellent for our activities siu h 
as pizza and hoagie nights, 
tailgates, and our plant trip to 
Hershey Chocolate. With this 
years' success behind us, we 
look forward to keeping up the 
activity and accomplishing 
more in the 1994-95 school 

cploring the Middle Ages 

through feasts, revels, dances, 

songs, and more. 



Brown and White 


Brown and White 


Brown and White editorial staff for the 1994 sring semester: 

Row 1: Kristopher Takacs, '95, design editor, Lori Montemurro, '95, managing editor. 

Row 2: Elizabeth Olson, '95, editorial page editor, David Friedman, '96, assisant sports editor, Sarah 

Zabrenski, '97, assistant news editor. 

Row 3: Alan Verostick, '95, assistant news editor, Marc Goldstein, '94, contributing editor, Deana DiDio, 

'96, assistant news editor. 

Row 4: David Baker, 97, photography editor, Michael Haines, '94, Sciencepages editor, Geoffrey Colon, 

'94, news editor, Amy Gorman, '95, news editor. 

Row 5: Paul Hare, '95, associate editor. 

Missing from the photo: Michael Ziegler, '94, editor in chief, David Mederrick, '95, associate editor, Learie 

Carasco, '96, assistant news editor, Andrew Cooke, '96, assistant news editor, James Truver, '95, assistant 

news editor, Grete Haentjens, '96, Lifestyle editor, Jan Schillay, '95, assistant Lifestyle editor, Dorsey 

Montenecourt, '96, assistant Lifestyle editor, Garth Poorman, '95, sports editor, Josh Zeman, '94, assistant 

sports editor, Jordan Rosenthal, '95, assistant sports editor, Amy Mizoras, '95, assistant Sciences pages 


200 Every Picture Tells A (Story 

*J\\ its 100th year, The Brown and White presented itself with a 
ightly new look and an old motto. For its centennial anniversary, 
the newspaper underwent a face-lift of sorts, with an altered flag 
which now includes the newspaper's founding date and a change 
i typestvle ot headlines. Using the most modern desktop publish- 
ing equipment available, the 22 editors and nearly 100 writers 
continue the tradition of publishing the newspaper twice a week, 
on Tuesdays and Fridays. The editors work two days before 
publication on what they call "press night" to edit and design the 
newspaper in full pages on Apple Macintosh computers. The 
entire process, except the final printing of the newspaper, 

from photography and film processing to advertising, sales, and 
design is done and managed exclusively by students. This year, 
the staff took on various issues, including the treatment of gays 
on campus, the failure of the BYOB policy, and the destruction at 
two hotels caused at two sorority formals. Two special projects 
were produced this year to commemorate the 100th anniversary: 
a 65 page booklet of reprinted front pages and a centennial issue 
which documented the highs and lows of The Brown and White 
In the end, though, The Brown and White remains true to its 
original motto which again appears in the flag - All the Lehigh 
News First. 

litorial Board 1994 Spring: 

•ft: Geoffrey Colon. 

ght, front to back: Marc Goldstein, Lori Montemurro, Elizabeth Olsen 

ffl Hare. 

issing from photo: Michael Ziegler, David Mederrick. 

Above: Marc Goldstein, former editor in chief, shows assistant sport- 
editor, David Friedman, how to use the full-page layout system. 

he Brown and White office in a chaotic effort to fulfill -vet 
nother- deadline of the Tuesdav edition. 



Front Row: Gretchen Miller (r<)>B), Zina Cappiello (ATA), Lana Khavinson (AO), Dina Russo (AZ), Kim Valensi (AOI1). 
Back Row: Christine Carroll (KAu), Kyoko Inouye (AD, Alison Rosbruch (AXQ), Christina Nylese (A<t>/ Panhellenic Administra- 
tive Assistant), Jill Evans (AXQ/Panhellenic Rush Coordinator), Trina Buhler (AO/Panhellenic President), Dena Hsieh (ATA/ 
Panhellenic Treasurer). 

he Panhellenic Council is continuing in many 

positive directions that have been visible for several 

years. We have been working very well with the IFC 

in regards to several different issues. The sororities, 

apart from the general changes in the Greek system, 

have their own developments. Some of the things we 

have accomplished thus far 

are the budgeting for 30,000 dollars for the removal of 

bolster beds from four of the six sororities in Upper Centen- 

nials, the creation of official formal rules, a successful 

professor tea with business school faculty, and a junior 

Panhel unity brunch. Things to look forward to in the near 

future are a field day for the children of Bethlehem and the 

revision of the sorority rush rules so that they are more 


202 Ever>' Picture Tells A Story 


Front Row: Todd Trent, Seth Lovern, Sheila Brewer, Maria Koduk, Monica Patel, Todd Davis. 

Row 2: Andy McDowell, Thomas Thomas, Timothy McKinnan, Matt Fraizen, Perry Wobil, B.J. Toylianetti, Jamie McCready, 

Mandv Kutnow. 

Row 3: Dave Tull, Ben Hartman, Derek Sheau, Scott Reasinger, Jon Gibson, Brian , Susan Jarrett. 

Row 4: Andy Clark, Javier Yandez, Dan Evans, Jason Wright. 

Row 5: Rockev Myall, Tim Ellington, Christy Heid, Kirsten Naprovnik, Travis Nelson. 

^j ehieh: Lehigh is the community of students, faculty, and 
staff we strive to reach and serve. It is our home and family 
for most of four years. 

Christian: One who follows Christ. We believe that Jesus 
Christ died and rose from the dead to save the people from 
their sins. As the bible states, true acceptance of this is the 
onlv way to enter into a relationship with God. 
Fellowship: Through bible studies, activities, and confer- 
ence we develop relationships with God and each other. 
Everyone is encouraged to visit and check us out. 
VELOP STUDENTS OF CHRIST who embody Biblical 
values, and ENGAGE THE CAMPUS with the good news of 
lesus Christ. 


Row 1: Tim Ellington, Derek Sheen, B.J. Toylianetti, Matt Frazier, 

Francis Friend, Eric Davis, Perry Wobil. 

Row 2: Dan Evans, Travis Nelson, Todd Devis, Jon Eisenberg, Jeff 

Bier - Activitie 

/he Progressive Student 
Alliance is a student-run 
organization dedicated to 
raising the awareness of 
Lehigh University on current 
environmental and political 
issues. These issues include 
protecting the environment, 
human and animal rights, 
addressing homelessness and 
violence while promoting 
diversity and peace. 

/he Asian Cultural 
Society is a student-run club 
with over 200 listed mem- 
bers from a variety of 
cultural backgrounds. The 
ACS is open and welcome to 
students of all backgrounds 
and promotes and educates 
the campus and community 
of Asian/American con- 
cerns and issues. The 
society's goal is to familiar- 
ize the student and faculty 
body at Lehigh with Asian 
cultures and issues. Social 
events include dance 
parties, picnics, ice-skating 
trips, and day trips to New 
York, Philadelphia and 
Baltimore. Cultural events 
covers special guest speak- 
ers, films for discussion, an 
Asian Awareness Night, and 
attending conferences such 
as ECASU. Special long- 
term goals include the 
newsletter The Cultural 
Reed and implementing an 
Asian American Studies 
program at Lehigh. 

Front Row: Nell Kostchnik, Rachna Dhamija, Jon Place, Rachel Field (Co-Chairman), Rachel 

Kachur (Co-Chairman), Alexandra Kanions. 

Back Row: Karin Krakovsky, Allison Pirie, Denise Palleiko, Pam Hartman, Amanda Sheridan. 


Front Row: Dave Galliguez, Jean Chen, Melissa Chen. 

Back Row: Kristie Wong, Bobby Yung, Yuba Yazaki, Mona Chadha, Komal, Asha, Tony 

Dhee, Doug Chen, 

Thomas Thomas, Mimi Loo, Kendra Kav, Scott Whang, perspective students. 

Front Row: Matt Calder (Treasurer), Jerry Sullivan (University Relations), Mark Zamuner (Rush), 

Todd Meadow (VP Administration), Kevin Cherkas (Community Relations), Todd Atreonze (Rush 


Back Row: Mitch Toren (President), Ryan Hope (Social), Chris Cmger (Publicity), Ben Malekzadeh 

(Creek Week), Jav Anhorn (Secretary), Maximilian Beier (Housing Chairmen), Steven Loranger (VP 


'ictured: Kim Brower (Coordinator), Mike Lamolino, Catherine Tiangha, Stew Amrol, Krista Kupres, fumana Soudah, Matthew 
Semun, |im Miranda, Elizabeth Olsen, Tara Rodgers, Dave Udell Christine Massej , Renee Tukiendorf, foe Vesey, Craig Astrich, Hope 
Bnberg, Annie Cassell, Susan Gardner, Chris Bbhan, Cristen Webster, Dianne Shelton, John Leidner, Leslie \ [oilman, Ken Sommers, 
Brando Maddock, fay Anhorn, Greta Merkel, Cindv Roberts. An^elique Tntaris, Elisa Le\ine, Kafhy Bernstein, Mac Cornish. 
vlissine: [ohn Babson, Sharon Barber, Elena Casado, Chris Caragnaro, Bill DeSmione, Jessica Fulton/Kim Hass, Ryan Hope, Sue 
fosrinski, ken Leo, Tammy Levine, Keith McDonald, Mike McNafly, Hector Morales, Tina Niedzwieki, Iim Parker. Kira Rcittx 
tenon Sinberg, Amy Sobotkin, Sophia \\'\Titer, KyleYerk, Mike ^ ork 

/his year one of the main 
goals of the Inter-Fraternity 
council has been to encour- 
age greek organizations to 
get involved in the commu- 
nity. We are urging fraterni- 
ties to adopt a week to have 
an annual community 
service project (28 weeks in 
the school calender, 28 
fraternities). There has also 
been more emphasis placed 
on adherence to the social 
and pledge policies. In 
general, we are continuing 
to work on ways to improve 
all fraternities to insure that 
they are contributing 
members of the Lehigh 

he Lehigh University 

Tour Guides are student 

volunteers who donate their 

time to lead tours around 

campus for prospective 



First Row: Deborah Sacarakis, Kristina Keener, Dana Jacobs, Melissa Nussbaum, Maria-Jose Riera, Dr. Steven Sametz, Alison Shields, Vivi 

Steele, Lucy Allen, Laura Greenwald, Rosalie Recto, Michelle Ng. . 

Second Row: Deborah Zajac, Susan Gardner, Jennifer Tuck, Lindsay Ellison, Diane Daniels, Jill Janson, Leigh Kuenne, Melame S. Walsh, 

Emily Fleck, Marcia Mierzwa, Stephanie Alley. 

Third Row: Arthur Bermudez, Chris Landrieu, Chris Ware, Bear Sebastian, Matthew Peck, Christoph Snyder, Dan Hill, Mike Johanson, 

Byron Yoder, Gerett Yocum, Joon Shin. 

Fourth Row: Stephen Rodgers, George Gumbrell, Marc Lawson, Jonathan Dunn, Glenn Knierem, Ryan Hope, Charlie Ochman. 

^7he Lehigh University Choir is a group of 42 mixed voices drawn from all 
majors of the university. Under the direction of Dr. Steven Sametz, the choir 
has specialized in early music with period instruments as well as 20th century 
works. Recent tours have included New York, the Caribbean Islands, and 
California. In May the choir took its first international tour which included 
Germany and Austria. 

The talented Choir during a performance. 

206 Every Picture Tells A Story 

enators: Burcin Aksov, Teresa Araco, Linda Baffa, Elizabeth Bourque, Vince Cacciatore, Jason Campbell, Tammy Carina, John 
■anaugh, Kevin Chick, Ed Cinca, Joy Cooper, Christina Crane, Elaine Crowe, Jason Euculano, Paul Evangelista, John 
ranchini, Justin Frankel, David Friedman, Eric Golden, Liz Gosen, Malcolm Gould, Jeff Hunter, Aliza Kaplan, Kerim Kotan, 
)sh Lew, Glenn MacKenzie, Ted Mahon, Ed Monahan, Chris Morgan, Tina Niedzwiecki, Danielle Pasquale, Missy Schaar, 
ernie Stabinski, Christine Stackpole, Elizabeth Stoeber, Monaz Tavaria, Bradley Unger, Jonathan Verdi, Noelle Watson, Sarah 
Veidmann, Randv Weinstein, Karl VVilliard, Heather Zaslansky. 

Standing: Prof. Jim Rebelle, Prof. Art King, Ben Golden, Jon Van Order, Prof. J. Richard 
Aronson, Dean Jim Schmotter, Prof. Judy McDonald, Prof. Jim Maskulka, Prof. Tony O'Brien, 
Prof. Rav VVvlie, Paul Hisem, Prof. Vincent Munlev. 
Sitting: Peter Loreg, George Fisher, Jennifer Horrister, Matt Berman, Rachel Davis. 

/ he Student Senate consists of 
forty-five senators elected from 
all of the classes and represents 
all areas of the student body. 
This year the Senate imple- 
mented a scholarship endow- 
ment fund that gives twenty- 
five hundred dollars to incom- 
ing freshmen. It also developed 
the question of the week and the 
student book swap. The library 
is now open later due to the 
efforts of the Senate. Its main 
duty is to allocate money to all 
the clubs. 

/he Martindale Center is an 
academic organization. The 
students are selected during 
their junior year to go on a 
funded two-week trip to a 
designated country (This year it 
was Canada). And then during 
their senior vear under the 
advisement of a professor, they 
pick a field of interest and write 
a paper to be published. 


The End 






m ■ 

■■■ ■'■■ 


by Editor Julie Kamens 

and Assistant Editor 

Andrea Irs linger 

Livir»5 209 

As a freshman, we all get used to living with strangers at first on 
halls of 20 to 60 people. Whether it be the massive 

But every house where 

M&M, or the smaller lower Centennials, we all learn to live 
with each other in the fast-paced raucous of college 

Love abides 

living. Then at the turn of our first year, we take a step towards 
living of a different sort. It may be in a fraternity 

And friendship is a guest, 

or sorority house, a specialized residence hall, Trembley Park 
apartments or an off campus house. But even though 

J Is surely home, and home, 

the location changes, the same "principles" remain. Sharing du- 
ties, cleaning up, the fight for the morning shower 

sweet home; 

and having to leave by a certain time during breaks and summer 
vacation. This is the behind-the-scenes look at 

For there the heart can rest. 

the other side of Lehigh whereby we learn. 
Learn to live with one another. 

210 Every Picture Tells a Story 

t 1 



A*» -; 




M&M A^ 1 Girls 

TOP ROW: (left to right) K.T. Goettge, Amy Stracensky, Taryn Baff, Damien Brodsky, Darlene Liebman, Amy Neyenhouse, Amy Wynne 1 
FOURTH ROW: Dawn Lotito, Sherri Binstock, Su Kim, Heather Berhoff, Marni Schwartz, Amy Mikitka, Bridgette Triola, Michelle DeMoc, 
Courmev Wright, Kristin Ambrosio THIRD ROW: Angela Cangiano, Jessica Rokoff, Leigh Ann Jordan, Jen Callahan, Jessica Young, Leigj 
Wormick, Laura Beine, Lauri Kjar, Shan Cantrell, Theresa Sheehan, Lori Hood SECOND ROW: Natasha Oliver, Beth Mann, Jessica Erdos 
Stephanie Ruhle FIRST ROW: Kathleen Kerrigan, Lindsay Vaughan, Sharon Haag, Kathy Jakielski, Katie Kullman, Gabriela Schneider 

Dravo B^5 

BACK ROW: Jason Lizzack, Pop, Jim McMenamin, Jeffrey Leveen, Josh Burwick THIRD ROW: Cameron Spitzmiller, Michc 
Hirawady, Evan Chiang, Brett Cohen, Scott Miller, Scott Sanderson, Brian Snyder SECOND ROW: David Dewitt, Jordan 
Rosenfeld, Kevin Hallanan FRONT ROW: Ed Peirce, Christopher Reutlinger, Josh Lew, Jason Gordon 

214 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Dravo A-4 

TOP ROW: Alicia D'Angelo, Jumana Soudah THIRD ROW: Nicole Amico, Sue Mahonev, 
Natalie Bresler, Katie Chase SECOND ROW: Amy Sobotkin, Centa Numeroff, Kelly 
Stelsing TIRST ROW: Melissa Conti, Kim Haas, Monica Devin, Suzanne O'Connell, Cheryl 

I'm here for you I Will Survive. I think 
it was Winston Churchill... Big Bird, 
Elmo, the Troll. Sherks in the water. 
Shall we spoon? It's an outrage! We 
have Dave's underwear. Absolute... 
Where's our I [alloween pizza party? 
Who took my Chinese food?- Alii ia. 
Kelly's hair clips. Message board 
revisions. Who put the soup in the sink? 
Can I just tell you something? No, but 
seriously... Day One. Highland sweats. 
I te didn't even regurgitate! Take me to 
bed or lose me forever. Are those space 
underpants you're wearing? Giving 
Him Something He Can Feel. How do 
you spell "foresee?" Hi Jagger! Did [do 
that? Not it! Management headache. 
Minesweeper. 13 bags of pretzels. 
Obviously, no thought went into THAT 
one. Let's go, let's go, let's go! No 
thanks, I'm trying to quit. Ouch. The 
cocoon. Bob Bouncing mattresses. The 
Cave. 24 grapes, Roommate bliss. 
Balcony bust. We went to IMs. Truth or 
Dare. Jenga. See you much later. 
Magoo. Sue Squared. I like gooey 
peanut butter. It's all, like, sunny and 
weird. You bet your ass vour home! 
Kimberly, you are big G-little r- 
ounded!! He's such a buck! But how 
were his teeth? But I'm not going to 
worry about it. I have to pee like a 
racehorse! Far be it for me to ask you to 
move. So you DO know, DON'T you? 

Richards B-l 

%* ,,W 

1ACK ROW: Javier Sotomayor, Rick Noecker, Frank Servas, Ryan Bartholomew, Leonardo Sotomayor FROXT ROW: Ajav 
Cetty, Steve Cheper, Andy Duque 

LivitK 2 T 

(left to right) Heather Beam, Michelle 

Katz, Stefanie Barnett, and Kira 

Roitburg attend an event at Lower 

Cents together 

Freshmen pledges of <S>AQ attended opening 

ceremonies decked out in their well coordinated 

toga attire. 

216 Every Picture Tells a Story 

A shot of Drinker - one freshmen dorm. 

Freshmen guys gear up for Halloween festivities. "Damn, we look good 

Living 217 






£ £ * *> SSP '*. 




< I 


What Happened?, For Life, Remember 
The Time... with the Molson, No pun 
untended, The roof, 618, Hate, B-2, 
Nakai snow angels, HBC, Coff 
Weekend, Semi-circle, 5:30, The Bell, 
When are we cleaning the house, YA 
CACK, PJ, You goin to the rally, No 
offense-but..., House account, Ooff, 
Jaw Box Mere cat, Parking ban, 
Sandwich pal, Backdoor Buddies, Pita, 
Tiny E, Stu, In the middle ages..., 
Stealth, Lover, Today is a good day to 
die, Label, Gab, Piels, You got a big 
booger..., I LOVE THAT GIRL, I 
HATE THAT KID, Ho, I see your 
point, Hot Rocks, "Pissin" away $100, 
Tah, There's no need to lie, Heart- 
breakers, Bad rash, TX, BNF, Can I sit 
here, I'm smart, This guy was sooo 
drunk, dude-totally, No, that's cool 
though, S+G, Donger, Your the one 
who wanted to live with him, Puke 
list, Trash Night, Unity, Who ate my..., 
Santa Claus, Swivel head, Stair-diving, 
Ski-fest, 2nd phone line, Meager, Did 
you here?, Intelligent moose, Gibbons- 
is Good, Honk, There's a lot of love in 
this room, Time it was and what a time 
it was. 

461 Mon+clair Ave. 

Mike Foley, Tun Coff, Mike Beuan, Josh Weismer, George Schmidt, Chris Carsary 

4-54- (ZcxAion y\ve. 

Suzanne Greene, Sandra Baccari, Amy Greenbaum, Emily Hanson 
Dana Schneider, Noelle Watson, Erika Giemza, Theresa Doyle 

220 Every Picture Tells a Story 

The women of 454 Carlton- Ame- Em- 
Noe- Rico- Saundra- Schneids- Suz- 
Therese. We don't mess around!!! No 
we don't. The "Omicron". Tailgates- 
Bloody Mary's, Silver Mercedes, pulle< 
over? 21? Snowmobiling weekend in 
N.H. Secret affairs. Light's On Club ai 
the "Ho", some place new and differen 
The whole Air Force is here! They're o 
the couches. Fighter Pilots? Wings? 
Roses?? Winter Formal 93 (Amy 
discovers the random squirrel in our 
kitchen). We all discover the random 
squirrels in our walls. I'm going to get 
retakes,.. .again. Nassau Bahamas- 
Colony Club vs. Days Inn- "Chips in tl 
Business"- Richard Harris (the most 
random man!). Food shopping (late ni 
on the hill). We, uh, live off campus. ..t 
the Towson State AOITs. Domestic 
violence... the projects. Carlton parties 
"Next time, no less than 4 kegs, okay?" 
Dana, how many for T.R.A.C.S.? Just 
two? Try eight. Taxi ride to Pi Lambd 
Phi. Older Men-D.S&E.G. S.W., 
Montel Show 1993, "She dumped me o 
my head" Referring to T.D. Breakfast 
and Boones. Wake and Bake. Sunrise 
cocktails. Spare room-Emily? Januan 
'94 758-NEWS. Couch Potatos, Bed 
Sores?! C-Store runs- FF Figs, yog pret 
fro yog, and cow tails. Applebuddies 
and Chili's women. Diversions are 
KEY!! TheCave-SMB. "Guiding" 
afternoons. Who is he anyway, Noelle 



'! ,-« .••.'■V- ^A i o 

s ■ " Bran 

- -'V .» .- 








D's Top 10 Reasons to Stay at 
Lehigh for Another Year: 

l.One more year and I'm guaranteed to 
leave as an alcoholic. 

2. Nobody will bother you if you're trying to 
study late at night in one of the buildings on 
campus. (CU, RBC) 

3. Lehigh is a great place to pick up chicks! 

4 The south side is so beautiful this time of 

5. I like it here! 

6. I'm guarenteed to get a great job when I 

7. I'm onlv a junior. 

8. Lehigh has the finest professors within a 
10 mile radius. 

4. I enjoy being an engineer. 
10. PA has the best skiing in the country. 

I want to give thanks to: 

Late nights studing (2.4 cum.) 

Late nights drinking (BAB+Little Puppet+D) 

Late night escapades with Fodera 

Participating in the Pennsylvania penal 
system (Judge Matos) 

Allowing me to enter AA 

Having an opportunity to study medicine in 
the Caribbean 

Female cast of Baywatch 

Lack of copulation 

And finally, thanks to a special person who 
made life more enjoyable: the stubborn but 
beautiful Jen Da\i*- 


D-2. Hair 1 What hair? Late nights at the 
architecture studio. Thank god I'm me. It's a 
sick world and I'm a happy guy-uncle Lar. My 
life is about as productive .T* pissin in the 
wind. Fred's livin the life in the garbage. Pool 
at the Tally Ho. Little Puppet Warmest 
memories to the math department... Getting out 
of the cage, finally. Thanks for the memories 
158 (Schnabolk, Chris, D. Eric, & lim). Thank 
you Mom and Dad for being there for me these 
last four vears. 

Living 221 

We have absolutely nothing to 
say about our three at 478 
Birkel.. .street signs. ..Lehigh 
pizza-the $5 pie ...second floor 
drafts. ..Bobbit... smashing bottles 
and chairs in the basement... 
Butufuoco...the bar. ..Alan 
"wendell" Workman ...Mike's 
room... the kitchen floor 
post heap ... Lehigh/Laffayette... 
the roof.. .Charles... 
NOYOUDINAH...dishes and 
coffee grounds... kanibler bear- 
ings, finigin pins, and tail light 
fluid ...Vermont ...bathroom jams 
...couch in kitchen. ..I'm an actor, I 
study cops at 478...FSE...JAD@HO 
... thank you Heather. ..Patriots 
parties. .."what about the infec- 
tion?" ...Mrs. Burda...the pit... 
gravity tests. ..Vegas phone ... 
PORCH MONKEY.. .Beirut... 
LUST. ..we left our front door 
unlocked for three years and 
were never robbed ...Claudia, 
Cindy, Kathy, Madonna, Elle... 
GN'R in Philly...big butter... 
pierogies...the Nova, the 
Coroded, and Mr. P. ..Oh yeah, 
the 01dsmobile...the blue towel 
on the bathroom door...boogers— 
lots of them. history (suet)... 
Thanks friends and family— four 
years was fun. 

^78 Birkel tM 

Derek Zeller, Aaron Burda, John Morgenstern, Mike Borzok, Steve Roethk 

318 <£ast Fiffk St. 

Shida Hashemi, Amy McCollian, Mary-Alice Zavocki, Angela Palma, Deanna Morin 

222 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Is it 882-2144 or 694-0343? No, no 
694-8979, ET ALI, Pandora's Box, 
Leon's & Shooting some stick, 
Pyromaniacs, Deanna's fly by, 
Angela's car being snowed in, The 
tomb /icebox, Sniden/Sheeba, Beas:, 
Don't pinch my anus!, Tracy Gold, 
You like da juice... da juice is good, 
I Am!, Gnaw your face off, The 
Blarney Stone, My Life, Spider chec 
Lok Yuan, We need an icepick, Joar 

Wicked Witch, The fish, up, 

Rampage, Epilady, Secret Admired 
Albino horsemouth, Getting kicked 
out of the Ho/being cited, Concus- 
sions, Lurker-Hoyerer-Creeper, 
Helicopter Head, All gum or all tee 
Beine's soiled drawers, Knife wield ; 
midnight walks... and then there w 

+31/433 Mcm+dair Ave. 

We have been friends together 
In sunshine and shade. 
-Caroline Norton 

I'm so loped. The Hussy 
Posse. Pug's Pub. I'm so 
drunk. Oh Baby, Oh Baby. 
Duran Duran. Don't call me 
Coogan. Latino Lovers. The 
Point System, B.S. wins-score 
of 100. Molsen Ice. The Ho. 
Can I put plastic in the oven? 
Three fire engins. The Fight 
of '94. Come on Eileen. Hey 
Buddy, Chuck me a beer! I 
dig your shit. Cheesy come 
ons- Can I put my head on 
your lap?t my oatmeal!! The 
Bahamas- Hello, may I help? 
Who's your boyfriend today? 
Grace, Lynn, Mindy, Tia, 
Ann, Kathleen. Bam Bam 
Bam Bam. Do the Hustle. 
Blizzard of'93. Cancun. 
Boones. The Celtics Classic. 
Butt Biting. Who was at our 
party? Why is the kitchen 
table outside? Get your ass 
to sunrise tails. Will you pick 
me up a Phi Sig? Why is 
Marcy praying? I Will 
Survive. Never a formal 
without a fight. Are you 
ready yet?? Do we really 
need this six pack before we 
go out?? 

Heather Coogan, Marcy Yeakel, Romy Stengel, Merideth Wall 
Stacy Strelkoff, Heather Davis, Kari Kukanskis, Nirpa Desai, Mary Chaffier 

Living 223 

Can I just tell you..., Pyramid, Sweater, St. Elmo's Fire, the 
Cafe, Veggie Weggie, Reggae Party, Cheer's Party. ..The 
Village People, Hangin' in the Valley, Put your right foot 
in... Jetport... Dueling Penises... Scuba Diving.. .Nice Chest 
Uglv Face... The Wacker... cocktails... George is here... Third 
Floor Old... What R U Going to Wear... I'll be over in 5 
minutes!!... Droopy eyes...M+M, Where's Mel?... C&C 
Factory- Remember that night we were all wasted?... 
Cinderella... Cinderella... Nomeeka-Bigey Boo Fungul... 
Hey Sexy... Spin Doctors... Stopsign... Black can... Late 
night at Dennvs... Chili's Porch. ..You go with your bad self, 


Emily Rosato, Regan McGonigle, Namita Penugonda, Renee Tukiendorf, 
Lorri Goldberg, Melanie Riegle, Corey Jobson 

547 Hillside y\ve. 

Beirut, Miller lite, White Zinfand 
Copacabana, Stefano's, Price is 
Rikki, pool, I hate the Ho, Do th 
Dittv, BC, Swedish fish, bagels, 
fat free zone, break-in, seinfeld, 
genie, referee, Jane, Geisha, Tlies^ 
pretzels are making me thirsty, e 
Dougie Fresh, blading, Moo Sho, 
Hillside Bed and Bath, Midnight 
Madness, storm '94, Uncle Buck, 
Bucky, job wheel, Aerostar, Beus 
Melrose, Mujibar, Cirajul, I have 
bump on my head, It's my 21st a 
I'll cry... tuna, Days, beads, Nativ 
American poker, crawl, same, Ni 
Margarita, Mosquita Coast, AX , 


Leyden Yaeger, Rachel Bernstein, Rachel Bixenholtz, Lisa Soroker, Nicole White Thanks for sharing. 

224 [very Picture Tells a Story 

328 (Sasf Morton St. 


Sunrisers/Tailgates=drunk, Mr. McG's bloody man's, Little 
Miss... uichelle's up drinking, Kitty news, The caddy- 
Rachel's docking it, Bailey-enough said, "Well at Lehigh, we 
stress academics"-ANUS, Who left this note?, To whom it 
may concern:, 1 Lilt a ring-hello, this Ls Gillian!, B.Breath, 
Snoop Dog. the shower, Rachel on the bus, Beer ball for 
the blind date-today it's 3/4 full, Michelle can you please try 
not to crack your gum on this trip, O.K. Mer I'll do my best, 
Montazuma's, So many "skins" in this joint, Anus+Dickus, 
when do you add the tomato sauce?, Rachel in the kitchen, 
weekly cleanups- the correct + and incorrect way, ARTFAY, 
Domino's after the formals, J-Lam, Ordering a 6pack from 
Leon's-to go!, Come get me, 1 don't know where I am-Sara- 
No you move!, Bailey chained to the dresser-barking at 7am, 
Mer-is your car broken into today?, Gil + her soaps + 
cooking shows, Mer + her soup + TCBY + her lists, Annie, 
Where' ve you been the last 4 months?, Michelle on the roof, 
"1 can't go out I've got to do Russian"- "She's my baby- 1 love 
her"- Rachel, Canada Week + Senior Class gift- GUI, 
RB+Rice+Pasta+Beans, Catch 'n Mer, What are vour plans 
for the day?-ML, Heavy Feet, Minus one at the formals, Sara 
falling off the T Bar, How come none of us got pinned?, 
Later Love Maid, Hey Zara- 1 got some roses for ya!, 328 
good bye- good luck 

Rachel Cain 
Annie Cassell 
Michelle Leonard 
Meredith McGowan 
Sara Smith 
Gillian Wilhur 


445 Webster S+ 

MMA2 Where it all began... 
Barefoot 501, They're doing 
drugs, Smooth The Ultimate, Jen's 
attack at AT , Kimberly's alive, 
Jagger, 90210, Melrose, GH, 
Cheers, Serene's wipeouts, 
Rollerblader, OEO, Kitchen ants, 
Hi is Bob there, Peeing on the 
galaxy, You said one bite, Bath- 
room flood '92, The window 
break-in, Road trips to the 
windmill, Madonna, Empire State 
Building, DU, Deep fry, Taco Bell, 
Chili's, Bagel store, Mothra, rides 
in Stacey's car, Greek Week '92, 1 
wasn't in the woods, Shook me all 
night long, Good vibrations, wise 
popcorn, I feel like chicken 
tonight, pasta, rice, Ice is not our 
friend, Stacey's wipeout at Mobil, 
Winter from hell '94, Jen's leak, 
communtiy laundry service, 
Serene's 21st, Stacey's 22nd, 
Taipei, BPA, L stickers, Volpe 
nails, lebane, Zatar, Thanks for 
the memories. 

Stacey Knudsen, Jen Warren, Anne Marie Gulka, Serene Irar 

614 Morv+clair Ave. 

Debbie Cunningham, Pam Pogorelec, Danielle Pennetta, Bari Barwis 

226 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

It's been a helluva good year at Hotel 61 
Breakin' the law, Smoker!, what's your 
name?, keep on strollin, Beer & Boones, 
modern art display, peas- rice- spaghett 
o's- UC, all I heard was bass, Sweetness 
OKBYE, beat it!, I wish I could get the 
smell off my hands, Woah!, SWA, plow 
the town, hey babe, wanna eat dinner?, 
phone sex, guess jeans, are you giving r 
the finger?, they'll be sober as mudi as 
we're drunk, do you use Suave?, the de, 
Phish, the Greek Week crawl!, Use to Bi 
New Years '94, Spring break '94: placed 
week, do you have any specials?, 
we're gonna bake our outsides, portfolii 
man, I didn't know that state had a 
population, he called me muffin, the loc 
wanna get mania!?, Oh really?!, love 
magnet, MGD kegs, Hey Jealousy, Let 
out, Jeremy, dip trip flip fantasia, Apri 
Greek month, May is senior month, Eig 
ls Enough, Full House, she's running ar 
errand, Whew!, we even made it throuj 
alive!, Here's to the Ho, the Hill, and He 
614!, Thanks to all the crazy people we 
partial with- we'll never forget you! • 
Deb, Pam, Danielle, Bari 

pha Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Leslie's her own person!, 
ircli Rats, Sanford & Son Truck, Monday Night Dinner, Chicken 
rinks when it's cooked, Snowdays, 2-2-7, Battle of the Thermo- 
it, Can't but me love kid, rrff-rrff, 2 hr. trip to Footl.ane, Mart 
tudy sessions, HO-247, A big sand on a bed waffle, prank phone 
lis from the weasel, Bobby's World, Fab. Parties, Who stole the 
:g?, LAX games, 446 war, "Cliffy, Open the door PLEASE!", 
ilsy-kid, We'll always have Key West, Truth or Dare, Daisy 
ikes. Libido- isn't that a dance?, Cuddlefest c >4!, 2 snaps & a 
i le on the C.O.B. Express, 12 rounds with the neighbors, I've got 
h>\ friend-That's where my priorities are!, "NOTHING HAP- 
fcNED... "-we've heard that before!, 

?- Nile- ain't-just- a- river- in Egypt!, Sometimes we have to say 
loodbye" to friends... so that we can one day say "Hello again". 

-See you next year at Mardi Gras! 

452 Birkel Ave. 

Leslie Hoffman 
Melissa Robinson 

Lori Colalillo 

Stephanie Chauner 

Michelle Vetrone 

Living 227 

446 Bi^kel jAve 

The Buck, Fazer, Lay pipe and 
role, Light that #&*$, Buckeye, 
Tecmo, The Hoopty, Who axed?, 
Not it!, Double it?, Rub one, 
Who's Matt?, Fist full of $50's, 
Running on fumes, Dude, 
Tachini's, Cup and toss, cranking 
heat, Herman, The Well, Raw 
bone, Freds?, FOC, Snapple 
robbery, Half stick of butter, Get 
it out of Ciff, Give it some love, 
Sock- it- too- ya!, The Atomic sit- 
up, Scrump, Just spoon, gotta stay 
off the sauce, UTZ, Ski Lehigh, 
"No, it's Jerome" 
May the seperate roads we all 
journey down be connected by 
the past four years 

Aaron Sinberg, Scott Lawhead, Charles Getz, Todd Watson, Matt Daly 

116 £ast FouH-k St. 

Rachel Field, Stephanie Verhoeff, Rachel Kachur, Sara Brady 

228 Every Picture Tells a Story 

The porch. Wine and cheese, Rollii| 
Rock, whippets. We live in a crack 
house. Moist chocolate cake. Subw 
Recycling once every 2 semesters. 
Hey! That's not a good idea. Police! 
situation. Vixen. The witches of llj 
we're not gay!!! Rock 
on...RRRAAARRR!!! I'm still gonnl 
go out, Karen. The porch. Milk and 
salsa, chips and dips, lard, stop the 
madness. Time is sex. Kumbaya 
Why is the keg in my room? 
Anyhoo..The Holiday Freak visitel 
last night... she brought your mom 
Motivation is NOT my triend. Ma 
Mange! I love Italian men. The po: 
Special tickly spot. MAIZ! Remem 
that time. ..stealing colorforms, lati 
night at Wawa...the fun never 
ends. @*!!#!?@ dat! I'm a gool 
person. "It's ok, it's voluntary!" (SB* 
liquored up) RF, stop picking youii 
nose! 7 minute lull. French toast, 
please! Partners in crime. ..Brian an 
Jeff stole our cheese! Old biddies o 
the porch. By the by, RK wants to 
make it with you. You put the butt 
in a pan... only when we bake... 
exaggeration, praise, thrash. What 
this, what is that? SV falling down 
the Ho Chi Mihn trail. Sing along 
songs. 226.. .116. How to Beat The 
System by RF.The shits. The old "a 
in the face" trick. Max the bird (RII 
Pork you. Nebercanezzer. Richard 
Harris. ..big forehead. We could m; 
it, baby - me & you!! MOVE ON!!! 
There's nothin' to see here! Point o 
the story: THE PORCH 

505 Lauren St. 

Lisa Querido 
Franky-Ann Carrozza 
Cynthia Soltys 
Maiya Dos 
Erin O'Brien 
Sue Montagnino 

The year began when we hosted a 
British soccer team and became 
I latter- groupies, much to Helen and 
Steve's delight. (We disturbed her 
bath). We'll remember.. .Sunrise tails, 
(cambell soup bkx>dv mary's) 
Drunken mountain biking/charmic 
resolution, musical beds, Frankv's 
boutique,"this hoase Ls dirtier than a 
fraternitv"-we" ve had fniitflies, 
footwater, (don't use the popcorn 
maker but that we got Michelle— the 
MANDATORY cleaning lady, 
Franky's potential formal date "but 
everyone would want his autograph", 
complimentary CD and 
Timberland,(GAP), Lisa's health 
insurance, Where's Maiva-casually on 
a cross country excursion, the Revered 
bed, Anvwav's Valentine, the clean 
plate club, Sue passed physics, Erin's 
Diner, Mama O'Leoni, Johnm s 
appliances, Johnny's plane leaves 
TODAY, it's a snow/ho day, Maiya 
MIA at Mardis Gras, (me-ah maiya), 
chick chick, PDA at the ho, S2 pitchers- 
enough slid, the back room, pizza beer 
jeep crawl, late night shopping on the 
hill, Johnny's hook up room, we were 
robbed(bv Lisa and Cvril), Hack's, 
ghost shitter/Yince, red pepper thief, 
PHIL, Frank's hair salon, Q and Cvnth 
erotic windbreaker experience, the 
Boot, "if I was a cow I'd be very thin, 
and if you were a bird you'd be fat", 
someone took the deltas!!!, Erin's 
Cyprian stalker, toothless townie, Q 
and E's shared men, bourbon street 
mob"where's Cynthia?", AtO 
connection, cyndna's wardrobe, 
abstinence, the car got stolen, Erin 1 , 
Spring Valleyfwho cares abouth the 
game?", to the ho?-duh given, Sue and 
Frank's "stuck home during mardis 
gras bash", greek week hit and run, 
Roberto called, Rolling Rock shorties, 
Schenectady-" we' re innocent, Sue's 
pledging goodies .NOBODY KNOWS 

Living 229 

313 (Sasf FiffK Sii 







Lindsay Berkman, Samantha Churgin, Nicole Ferber, 
Naomi Metzger, Meredith Robb, Julie Vozick 

-i- ■ 

315 Basf Fif+K St. 

We love men. We look at 
men. We go out with men 
We go out with men We 
don't even "go out" with, j 
We laugh with men. We 
drink with men. We dance 
with men. We care about 
men. We think about men 
(especially the men we try 
not to think about). We 
work with men. We work 
out with men. We eat lunc 
with men. We eat dinner 
with men. (We've been 
known to eat breakfast wi 
men.) We watch men. We 
watch men watch us. We 
talk to men. We talk to me 
about other men. Occasior 
ally, we even listen to 



Tracy Rowley, Meredith Robb, Melissa Muendel, Amanda 
McNear, Deanne Sabarese, Elizabeth Pasmantier, Hilary Brown 

230 Every Picture Tells a Story 

632 Pierce S+. 

Vicky Miles 

Melissa McKay 

Robin Wylie 

f47 Webster St. 

^arissa Warner, Heather Mathews, Janine Krempa, Kristina Bankowski 

Take the time to smell the flowers 

Feel the Pain 

Enjoy the Power 

Taste the Rain 

Both sweet and sour 

Remember today 

And live for tomorrow 

How do you do? What's Mrs. 
Wilansky's number? Nope can't 
spot Liz - don't have my glasses 
on; Kris wins the anal contest; 
Why he should Kish our butts; 
lA/l A2, 2AB; Where are your 
utters; start studying before II - 
Are you kidding; Fred the fly 
and the Killer Wasp; All my 
kids, Little House, Seinfeld, & 
Melrose; Yoga Lessons; Anyone 
seen Janine in last 4!-i hours? 
Roomates' field trip to Dorney, 
Colett - the 5th with an overdue 
rent check; Ho Bound; Pizza 
Hut; Jacques Cousteau - isn't he 
dead? Should we roll out the red 
carpet for him? Irish lea, coffee, 
Diet Coke and OJ; Can I ask you 
something - No; Did the mail 
come - yeah, she got another 
package: Heather and her bread; 
Wow, you look reallv pale, I 
think we should take you to the 
hospital; Anthro major learns 
accounting; We're going to 
Pathmark - We should be back 

bvdaun ' Living 231 

222 (£ast Fiffk S+ 

To large back yards! Late night phone 
calls. Beer in the rain. Rocco. Leaky baby 
pool. Tinkle. George Santiago. Casing 
the joints!! Nail all the windows shut! 
Burnt popcorn. Work wheel. Pasta, 
pasta and more good pasta. Whey. 
Chipped beef. Alive . Hot soup. Las 
naranjas. Get over yourself. Rosie and 
Wings. 10 feet of ice. You go wit cha bad 
self. Banana hammock. VT's. Talking on 
broken glass. Large beads. Do it yourself 
furniture. Slamm'n. Neighbors. Law 
suit. Stolen condoms. Tattoo. Laughing 
puke. Is Danielle MIA this weekend? 
Kara, you just don't understand! 
Where's your car. Layer man. Barbeque- 
Ice beer. Wine. "Use are good lookin" 
Kelly's secret admirer. Sunday made for 
TV movies. "Eye... brow". Playing pool. 
Short old men. YEAH RIGHT!! 

Danielle Pasquale, Maria Brody, Kelly Boyce, 
Kara Hanson (missing) 


What is a friend? We'll tell vou... Robyn, 
Beth, Lore, & Jessica AKA Robina Meena 
Schmeena, Beth Ann Berrv III, Lori Sue 
Akawiewee, & Jessy D. We've been 
together through it all for the past 4 years 
from good times to bad times a friend is 
always there. Prime bonding time- Dinner 
discussions, sex talk, late night chats, and 
watching Bev, Melrose, & Seinfeld. OH 
WHAT A HOUSE! Robbed 2 times and 1 
attempt... Finally an alarm system, motion 
detector, & bars on the windows. THE 
No heat, No electricity, No hot water, No 
oil, No landlord, No response! But we have 
aspestos and it doesn't flake so we will 
survive! We can't forget Beth's roof 
leaking. Death of the job wheel because we 
have Molly! DUDE... Looks Like a Lady... 
What time is it? 4:30... What's for dinner? 
Pasta what else? Goosey! They deliver... 
three extra house mates: Neil, Adam, & 
Aaron... Does anyone know what the 
weather is supposed to be like?... Who 
knows how to use the VCR?... Stressfree- 
NOT! 4Blind Mice... Is today garbage?... I 
thought i snuck him out!... 4 Cocktail 
parties.. .Where's the fouton?... Does 
anyone have a quarter?... Lori's parking- 
She can't!. ..Beth's long showers... Jessica 
finally got the grill and mysteriously lost a 
piece... Robyn needs a book on how to use 
the can opener... IN THE END IT'S ALL 

443 Webster 51 

Jessica Drexler, Lori Akawie, Robyn Alexander, Beth Lincow 

232 Ever) 7 Picture Tells a Story 

[69 hAon\c\ck\v ;Ave. 


Robin Epstein, Rachel Davis, Angelique Tritaris, Susan 
Mandel, Tina Altro 

109 y\ <£as+ Morton St. 

Oh my godge! I just got stung by .1 tree- 
Does the syrup come already on itb/cl 
don't wanf it on it, 1 want it near it... just 
water please... do you set \ e hot chocolate?... 
I'm always riding up... we should 1 
taken a picture or Michelle's butt... Hello 1 
you gotta help me out here, click. Well, 1 just 
think germs are bad... the wookie wookie 
dance... Who's our waitress 1 - the short 
Mexican woman. ...WAL-v/ing... wipe vour 
butt three times, twirl around and sav "1 love 
you"... Wl [AT ARE YOU SMILIN AT 1 !... 
1 le made a beehive right over to you!... 
Things keep turning up missing..'. 20 more 
minutes and the pizza is free! \OI 
NICE!... There are all these grown-ups with 
clipboards standing outside our house... Can 
I have a draft please 1 ... GET TO KNOW 
ME!!!... Everytime something goes wrong, 
another Glemzer pops up... What? I'm 5'Z'? 
This changes everything!... Well, yes and 
no... Guys, what should I have for lunch and 
dinner tomorrow 1 ... Greece has low 
humidity. It's like Alaska... She leaves the 
number where she'll be 1 What is she, a 
paramedic or something?... my ovaries 
hurt... I want to check out the heavy hitters... 
yeah, like Robert Redford is going to be 
there, see you walk in and say, Tier! The 
one with the curlv hair and the overalls!"... 
That is very Barney Rubblish, don't vou 
think?... That's why "Star Trek" is so'good, 
it's like the real world. Even thoueh she has 
notches in her nose, it teaches us things... 
This is a two handed operation!... I have two 
classes evervdav except Monday, Wednes- 
day, and Friday... Perkins Bread Bowl 
Salads... boobie shirts... CR's frozen vogurt... 
Who's going to the HO? ... Spring Fling 
Cocktail Party... How far would YOU go for 
a friend? 

Absolute 109A- Job (bkfast) 
wheel, parties, tnorton ball, 
Beirut, funnel, shot gun, keg 
kill, Blizzard '94- snow ball 
fights, taboo, Spring '93 
separation, rockin' 1st floor 
and smokin' 2nd, where did 
the f— eking day go? Did 
anyone see my keys? fridge- 
o-beer, BBQ's, Sex Ed with 
Craig, extra roommates, 6 
pack, Bve Randi, Where's 
Frank (the mail man), swim 
club, Jeopardy, 90210/ 
melrose, GH, hot and cold, 
left leg up, cereal /pasta 
anyone, superfriends, 21st B- 
Days, the HO, Honorary 
AX , Serior Year, Crawl '94, 
4B2's and an M+M. There's 
definately more, but it went 
up m smoke' ! [ere s to the 
good times! Best friends 

ice Stolzberg, Rachel Ravich, Kim Rogoff, Tracy Struhel, 

Chris Iannelli 

Living 233 

216-218 <£Fiffk Si 

Natasha Katzive, Diana Kopyt, Lynn Smith, Tracy Costaldo, 

Stefanie Longo, Danielle Scott, Lauren Whitman, Kristy 

Salinard, Nicole Newman, Valerie Colyvas 

The Huffy in the chapter room** You're not getting kid- 
napped** Don't think I won't find out, 'cause I will** What's 
the missing link** 4a.m. clean-ups** Ding, Ding baby** Caw 
Caw** You don't know the power I have** Electric slide** OK 
pizza** We finally did it right!** What are you wearing?** 
Alpha Phi uniform** I call red!** Bar-B-Barn** Get the bur- 
lap** Linderman bathroom** Apple pie shots** The Furley's** 
Cesspool** Coke or Pepsi** Limbo contest** Ho bound** 
Jimmy Jo Jim Bob** Wednesday, 8p.m.- The shows** Did you 
watch Days?** 758-NEWS** Can you see my car yet?** What's 
the weather** Karaoke** Did you double lock the door?** 
Booger liar** Not it!** Blow fish** Hillruns** Yimmy the 
informant** Quart of milk, loaf of bread, and a stick of but- 
ter** Jan's 21st** Let Nicole Drive** Key West '94** Chub 
Wagon** Pass the cream cheese** Pshaw** By-the-By** Who 
Knew?** Did you get scottie?** Overlap** It smells like 
dookie** Avalon** The end of the end, actually it's only the 

234 Every Picture Tells a &tory 

Living 235 

Is Beth home? Ha Ha Ha!!... 
Lemon poppy seed muffins... Sex 
talks with Beth... Marcnlori... Are 
they home?... Chili's chicken 
caesar... Roseanne's eunichs... 
BYOWine and Cheeses... sucking 
weight... Heather, Howard 
called... Nikki's French dinner (too 
bad she missed it)... What are you 
guys doing?... letches... 
Lizardbreath... Pooh's astroglide 
cake... Kids in the Hall, a religious 
event... Clumps... the infamous 
blackboard... They, this plant 
looks like pot... I saw the sign... Ya 
know, if you took me out and 
wined and dined me a little maybe 
I would have put out... The Alex 
Doty fan club... Cornjob... The 
Cup... The Red Menace... Mrs. 
Rostock's coming, clean out the 
fridge... Let's rent a movie- 
psyche!... Oragami... Hack's... 
Pringles... Is that ours? Check the 
initials... I am woman, hear me 
roar... The Heffer... Dead fish... 
Rasberry pie... Mental masturba- 
tion... Gettin' mirried... 

224 Wa^reh Square 

Roseanna Rostock, Nikki Fox, Heather Reilly, 
Beth-Anne Guthrie, Elizabeth Nordt 

6 West FouH-k St. 

Dena Hsieh, Jennie Wu, Faith Matthews, Lauren Garapedian 

236 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Whatever!, Pasta and Diet Pepsi, 
Broken heart= Broken car, I just 
wanna rip her eyes out!, 
Laurenski, Dana Dona, Jennie 
Junes, Lauren laughs in her sleep 
(when she sleeps!), Faith talks in 
her sleep, Jennie moans in her 
sleep, Dena talks and moans in hi 
sleep,, TCBY, TSS, I'm taking a 
vitamin, Gotta pay the piper, 
Screening calls... Can we just let 
the machine get it??, Chimney, 
Penis cancer, Chowing (Chos), Re 
Death, I love Zima (with lime), 
Dena's breakdown in the product 
section of Pathmark, Roses!, Can 
we say Arrogance with a capitol 
A?, He needs to be smushed, VH 
1, Ace of Base, The Pet Shop Boys 
New order- Bizarre Love Triangle 
I only go Dutch, I need caffeine, I 
appropriate sunbathers, Unaccep 
able behavior, Unseasonable whi 
pumps, Harlem, Thin walls, I'm 
not really a student... I just play 
one on TV, I just need to get out c 
here, I can't believe we're gradual 
ing, When did we grow up... can 
you fix that?, The Real World, Th 
really real world, I want to be 
forever young. 

450 Birkel Ave. 

Kristi Kungl, Sheri Annacker, Jean Jankowski, Laura Hite 

568 "Hillside ^Ave. 

"One day we'll look 
back on this, and it will 
all seem funny." 
- Bruce Springsteen 

Joanna Weiner, Michelle Kudesh, Nicole Halpern, 
Debbie Leslie, Michal Hampel and Karyn Schmeidler 


'0^^^ — 

At an off campus house, a CA official dresses incognito s( 
to blend in with the students at the pa 

We caught these members of 

Alpha Gamma Delta sorority at 

their house off campus on their 

way to class. 

Seniors Tracy Rowley and Amanda McNear 

finally agreed to pose for the Epitome when told 

that they would receive free tickets to The Regis 

and Cntln/ Lee Show. 

238 Even- Picture Tells a Story 

(left to right) Michal Hampel, Michelle Kudesh, Nicole Halpem, and Joanna Weiner at then 
dance studio on Hillside Avenue practicing for their weekly appearance on Soul Train. 

t .in off campus house, these senior women entered (heir picture in 
Playboy's Top 20 Party Si hools. 

We're really close. 

■ nice to be your neighbor." chant these off campus residents while their eves .ire glued to Mr. Rogers, their hero. 

Living 239 

Deanne Sabarese and Jon Beddia relax after a 
hard day of classes. 

240 Every Picture Tells a Story 

These residents of East Fifth Street like to hang out outside when the weather is nice. 

ibvvav, and other easily acce 

>ible dining places, becomes an everyday meal when you live off campi 
but these students do not seem to mind. 

Living 241 

~ . «**< 




: 4 

* J 











Alpha tL'lti ©ntfga 

5,6,7,8, Groove is in the heart... I'm appalled... The 
phone chain should take a matter of minutes... Liz in a 
shopping cart... Raking leaves after the formal... Don't 
you want me baby?... The Delt's Softball tournament... 
This is BULLS-TL. KA laugh Olympics... 26-1 = 
ZERO... Suck it up!... Randi's driving... Brownie's, 
Brothers, and Beers, Oh My!-- Sig Ep at Maryland... 
Fire Hazards and closets at Sigma Chi... Pat... 1 ... 2... 
Hey Felice!... Pledge Class P... Blind Date Pit Stops... 
The TRACS Van... Imitations by Bern... Or you're 
gonna get fined... First cohesive pledge class... Kevin in 
Becca's bed... The puzzles... Cake at Theta Chi... Sweet 
Caroline... Waits... Off campus Robberies... Beirut... FIJI 
parking wars... KEGS at AXQ?... The hunt for the secret 
room... Mandatory Voluntary Activities... Spring 
Breaks... The Bitch sessions... The National Exam 4 
times... 50,000 Senior Interviews off campus... We 
never had it as bad as the pledges before us... No 
bubble gum for us... We love the sisters of AXQ, the V 
pledge class. 

244 Every Picture Tells a Story 


,■.,.-... ■ ■ . . . . . , . . ..... . . 

- -. .. ,. . - ■■ 

Alalia (Chi Mm 


Crliiyh Sniorrsitu 




.iiC«*OtMB* .U'.-lh F»i->i- BRUJ " :...'- 


-«t*u,' :wFEi ■ - ■. M R rawjl l*««A X»*SliSS Jtf-»E- 

■ ■.■ 

I, state your name...Ghengis / Starfleet commander, 
Meatloaf, Magnum, Haagen Daz, Papa, Grandpa, B.O. 
Baracus, BVanaL, Blosh, Anhorneous Buttslameous, 
Mcbeatit, Skippy, Stinky Pfinky, Dick Schlongski, 
Versuckme, Superman— "Crows can fly", Ho-jin Fizz, 
Dude, dude, dude, check out these bite marks, 
Buckethead, Dogboy, Gopher, 7, Tony the Pony, T-1000, 
BSD, AIDS Quilt, Troll, Beast Master, Aerosol, Rectum?, 
sacking, suck it up!, happy drunk, nose rule, Lizard boy, 
one brain cell left, Blonski couth, OPN: Other People's 
Neary, I think it's booty, Operation Montana, Tau Omi- 
cron Omicron Lambda, New Street Crew, blow on Tony, 
O J.(Owen Junior), "Turning 21 sucks", wacky tabacky, 
"Yo, yo, yo, f— k dat s— t!", Kappa Seta Alpha(Setes), pube 
wars, 3-point play, minute mark, Beruit dream team, 
cauliflower ear, singing waits, "Holy s— t, we got the 
showers wet", green slime, civ dork, "When you lay 
down with logs, you wake up with crotch rot", Lord 
Master Bates, Noonan, tool shed out back, forest duty, 
Bloom of the week, Ugly squeegee, He isman from 
Roxanne, hickey-fest '94, Vodka boy, five fingers com- 
mittee, wings committee, Mrs. Lucy, the Mother Closet, 
you won't do it. 

246 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

j Optja (jgjt ffifo 

Living 24, 

Alpha (Barnaul Drlta 

^©ooooo a ©oa©oo 

©006 A 


Crliiijli lliunrrsitji 


Bid day at Phi Kap.. .Pledge trip-N.Y.C, Amy on 
crutches, Lori falling in the fountain, Magic 8 
ball. "We missed the bus", spandex and 
squirrels?. ..WIGGLE IT. ..Hell week-No Boys, No 
Booze, No Sleep, Red, Buff & Green day, AGD 
does the wild thing, "Let your fingers do the 
crawling", pledges names, "Are we ready to be 
initiated?", 7:00am breakfasts, 3:00am 
initiation. ..Greek week buddies Burger King 
Crowns & McDonald's Bib. ..Friendly's... library 
hell. ..the junior triple that was really a 
single. ..Here's to the pledge master! ...Lehigh/ 
Lafayette's, Spring Breaks, Greek Weeks & The 
Ho. .."Less Pleasing". .."Guys, you don't 
understand". .."I Love Alpha Gam"...Sheri-I-ate-it- 
Anacker... Blind dates and Crush parties... Wilted 
roses.. .Wizard of AGD. ..CHEERS TO ALPHA 

248 Every Picture Telia a Story 

Living 249 


454-we don't mess around, members of the lights on 
club, "vacation" by the Go-Go's, Loving Cup, Mid- 
night Madness, The Cave, Shopping at AOn, We are 
family, Wednesday night from 8 to 10, Rico, Noey, 
Gos, Shan, Moyles, Kleiner, Schneilds, Em, Therese, 
Bean, Gredys, Manu, Suz, Sondra, Fuzzy, Ron, T., 
Kellybear, Brooky, Greeny, Hi Hope, Marilyn, PB+J-- 
27-1=0-- Dominique-Bargain Travels, The Colony 
Club, Bahamas-Spring Break '94, I'm a loser baby!, 
Where's Robert?, Hill Tours, Margarites stripper, 
Greekweek brunches, "It's a beautiful day at AOTI, a 
wonderful night at AX...", Virgin Island, Heaven/Hell, 
Ten Commandments, Monopoly, Pike pig roast, 
Guitar man, Blues Traveler/Spin Doctor copywright, 
Flaming alpha, Gosen's fish swallowing, AZ's wooden 
dick & hash brownies, Camelot Inn*, Missing! One 
lemon merangie pie*, Pane, Vino, Mt. Top's wettest- 
dry formal—hook-up tower, Birkel, Montclair & 
Carltomwe worship you Jack and Milt!, L.G.'s quest 
for a husband, D.M.'s quest for alumni, S.K.'s quest 
for dirty dancing, CGs quest for a smooth movement, 
"Nice guys finish last-just ask Theresa", 21st night at 
the ho->21 shots, Pinkladies & sunflowers love naval 
aviators, Richard Harris fan club... Thanx for all the 

250 Every Picture Tells a Story 

JVlplja (©mtcrrm Pt 





Alalia Phi 

I Cfhinli lliiin 



♦ •It 

ill lliunrri.ilii 

0E n BanBsaEBEsac 
CDnaEnsHBC n Q 

Alpha Phi in Twenty Years: 

Danielle Scott: 
Tracy Costaldo: 
Diana Kopyt: 
Lynn Smith: 
Lauren Whitman: 
Natasha Katzive: 

Stefanie Longo: 

Kristy Salinard: 
Valerie Colyras: 
Candice Mathews. 
Christina Nylese: 
Nicole Newman: 
Terry Walker: 
Trina Buhler: 

Jen Fischer: 
Stephanie Chauner: 

Fran Turner: 
Becky Gavin: 
Stephanie Rabjohns: 
Stefanie Gonzalez: 

President of Vogue Magazine 

Screenwriter for Days of Our lives 

Creator of her own aerobic videotape 

Winner of the Indy 500 

Owner of the Giants 

Executive Producer for As the World 


Grand prize female vocalist winner on 

Star Search 

Host of her own talk show 

Teacher on an Indian reservation 

Owner of her own bakery 

Having a clue 

Owner of Total Body Tanning 

Owner of a shoe store 

First female president of the United 


Alpha Phi International President 

President of the PTA, Girl Scout Troop 

Leader, etc... 

Dean of Student Life 

The next Barbara Walters 

The next Mrs. Donald Trump 

Living in Spanish countryside with a 

Latino Hunk in a house that she 


252 Every Picture Tells a &tory 

Living 253 


Alylui §igma |.lbt 




tCrliinli ttmurrsitii 


Back to work. ..Run, Run, Run... Ouch, My spleen 
hurts. ..Dana who?.. Hazing? What Hazing?. ..Skip, the 
eternal pledge... Connecticut... Respect, MonL.Brennan, 
stop laughing... Friendly's...Your chances are slim and 
none, and Slim graduated... Money! Shot!... asphalt 
naps... Whiskey Wednesdays... Ted, stop hitting 
Delts.. .Trees, stop hitting Ed... Bren & Stinky... James 
Brown IS dead... It's in the best interest of the house 
that we end our relationship... JFK airport... CHOW 
BOX!... I've got winners... Nervous Pervis and the 
crossed swords... Spiderman... He-Man's Woman Hater 
Club... 51 weeks... Bird chest... Concussion... Gus's... 
Bubba's... Lazy man's crawl... Soy Sauce shots... Gold- 
fish chug... I finnished my case!... JD, GD, OC, ET, EW, 
EB, RY, JB... Firewater... Remember kegs, open parties, 
fun... 18 hours... One help of a week... Can I interset 
you in an encyclopedia?... "Key-aah"-SnapL. Sweet 
Caroline, Sunrise Bar Crew, I need a lover... Mint-D... 
TNC... Frozen Tundra at Lambeau Field... Primal 
screams... 4:00am Denny's... Mt. Lakes sucks!... Anti- 
social... Ms. Lowenbrau... Kamikazes with a cherry... 
Chi Phi is on tap... Theta Delta GONE!. .. Ed's vest... 
Tray luging... Seinfeld nasal snort... Your mother is the 
Big Kahuna... How old was she?... Engaged?... Brennan 
you still smell... Hey Ralph, your High Society is here... 
Stay in London... Cavsmobile... Relax, have a 
homebrew... Late night Skinemax... I'm just looking for 
some nice girls, so are we... Only one more bet... Velcro, 
WOOPIEL. Born-again D'Arcy... Have fun Cavs! 

254 Every Picture Tells a Story 



00 000000 

. ■. . , V . 

Alpha uau (Omnia 
HI Ml 94 

Crhiith lliuiiniiilii 


., .■ . 

This blurb is dedicated to Gary Foltz just in case he has 
another blackout and forgets college. "Jansig, just this 
once." So much accomplished at our house meetings. Sick 
parties second semester. Football, #90 and #81 runnin the 
show. TD, DH, There are only 2 things that matter on 
Wednesday nights. Streakers JK, OB. Hoops! Beakermania 
and the Southernboy. "P and G" the wrestlers. One Ail- 
American this year. Next year will be scary. Mardi Gras 
enough said. Texas Crew. Almass's unbelievable torture. 
Foltz's dance fever nights. TNK "The drinks are on da 
house." Pugley's 10,000 nicknames. Crazy Jim /Father 
Time. Rod, the best addition to our house. Swede's no 
show at the formal. Groundhogs day. Rugby players. 
Lap's shorts; Berk's trades; Finley's luck; Gutman's pets; 
Flips good chip; and Fritz's, well you know. Key West. 
Absolute absorption. Cassidy 7 for 7. "Check it bra". The 
under 21 club/cleanup crew. 165 drinks at rumrunners. 
Swimming naked in the fountain. "Can I have some change 
for the trash bags.." Trobearoonie "Just doing a maid Foltz." 
Social Dues. Beirut. Writing on the walls. "You can't 
handle the truth!" Beak Week '94. Arnon's crawl and crash. 
Sigmund Weitz. Dirty Girls. The look. "I feel bad for you. " 
"You have no run." 

To everyone else at Lehigh we would like to leave you 
with just 2 things. "You don't hate us you're just jealous 
and we can do whatever we want." Why? " 'Cause we can!" 

256 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Living / 

jffoia Slirta Pi 

13 m 34 

tCrlmjh lluiurriulji 






' | 


■■' ^H 

. , R 







H wjft»i5 





...-. ,,-.f . i- ■ : 

h :■■>■ ■«■;■. ,.'. H- ■', 

. MUD 

■ ■ ■ 

Bart, Stinky, Crocker, Vinny, Corky, Bonecrusher, 
Red Elvis, Moles, Steak, Hurricane, Strech, Maas, 
Bambi, Wolf. Drunk Wall, Black at 5am, "We said 
we'd all go down together", Woody Boyd, "Trash- 
ing the records", Winston & Marlboro Man, 
Seinfeld, The Garden, Handcuffs, "Getting Read 
ready for midnight tails", "Vermaas.. .stand in the 
corner.", "Aside from the numerous girls in the 
Niagara Falls region..." I Care! Breaking into the 
closet. Colgate anal chug. Cancun.. .bass, bass, 
bass, bass. Troy getting electricuted. The last 
real Lehigh /Lafayette game. "You must get post." 
Dave Twardszik? "Date swapping at the 
Chrisrtmas formal." Bob Marley. Wolf "it means 
I'm a beta pledge." Doug Gler, Captain smart 
guy. Rico Suave. Homecoming king-Wolf takes 
small hits. Steak takes even smaller hits. The 
Wolf Den. Gier gets a hair cut. The wave. "Yee 
haw Jester's dead". "I need to drive". Stealing the 
Christmas tree. Crashing the shed at Wolf's 
house. "Troy, you run like a fag." Nine! Sammy- 
"this girl invades my soul." "Let's go to the Ho so 
Dan can't come." Scamgelo. Reado at Franky's. 
The stinker stinks. 

258 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Living 259 

■ . 

fcl JBE 


(Chi fljt 



*m v r#* 



tCrlriyli Hniurrsity 

. . -. . ■. ■' ■;-. 8WI HWS 







UATTHE* 'OPv't'" WiC«A£l_ BEJWMOHE OflVf WOft>. .-"...>!'.. Ffi ■>■-,'..»> p»T(K>i CWV «:'. BBwHI™ 

Hicks amd Spam, French doesn't rock, 1940, EFG dancing with 
random girl, Call me Ed, Where's my chain?, Team J, At Pizza 
Hut..., Where's Schramm?, Brent's hickies, Skippy how is your 
wrist?, Lambda Minton, Toilet.. .naked... Gannon. ..Karloski, ICARE 
girl, Brown where are you going with my girlfriend?, Murray why 
is your bed wet?, a year for eight weeks, kegs, C+B off the front 
porch, Hookah, Mardi Gras, The EYES, Sophomores Suck! Justice, 
B, road kill, pissing in the radiator, a lot of railroad ties, We're the 
boys of chorus, I'll double your money, Yo IROC, wake and bake, 
the lounge mosh, last class to walk, Young Guns, Lyons said scrub 
the floor, VOS, Blow and urinate in proper receptacles, Hicks 
"walking", Dover's girlfriend and her poster, Death fan, Francisco 
Volek, Statute of Liberty, Tripping to Disney: "You have a spot on 
your shorts", No yooor stooopid, Serlen vou'll always be a pledge 
in our eyes, USA Today, Edford Gazette, Sleepv Peepy, Hicks u- 
anbesol, Flounder is fat, Cecilize, 99th annual Jungle Party, Gold- 
fish, wake me with toast, random snorkelfest, front and back 
nnnneeeeiiinne, Rocky Horror, MoH eating soles, U-shotgun, if it 
wasn't for Hagan..., Iron City, NatiBoh, Secret exit, I'm not only a 
member..., HeadHeeb, Thank God there are donut shops in Russia, 
MoH get a haircut, Whatever I want, "Joe", Bandus Fagus, bang 
bang bang BANG!, House N, Erv's, the Ho, a real pledge program, 
Trek, Spick's 280zx, Fifi did it, Key West, Febl-Oct3, Hey 
Skippy. ..Yackety yack, Tar & Tampon, Destroyer's scooter, Is that 
real gold?, Mimimimi, shut up Kilgour, Cecil the turtle, Lil' 
Sleazters, back stairs, MoH's 16 shots of 151, Emma, Dave's hair'nt, , 
Madonna, POrkus D., II peter 2:22, H, EFG talks shit, "You won't 
stab me."-Hicks 
260 Every Picture Tells a Story 

1 ( fflppji 

Living 261 




.'■■. - •■:■ • 

Chi Ihit 

■j.'.' 'up * ■ ■ BAH 

iCfliiyh lltuurriittM 



■:...;=- i ■. KAHONTI WUUei rMOUAS 6ABCH 


Farewell to the Eight Ball 

Through the darkness of the night, a light can be seen, yet still we 
must pass through hell. "Go to the back of the bus and the seats 
will materialize, mon." Bano, the mayor; stop trying so hard and 
good tilings will come. The friend of many but the lover of none. 
No more accidents, please. At 12:45 and 6:15, where's Bano? 
Psycho-chicks, fallin' in love. Brandy, sunshine, try the single 
lifestyle. Keep sending those biographies. Guamasaurous. Mr. 
Extremes: all or nothing. This is Jeopardy, Cip, detective Cipowitz, 
Rhode Island Red, Guido; fuzzy dice in the window? Duh, huuh, 
huuh, huuh. Private Coffey; "Cause I'm stupid." We got to get to 
the chopper!! Pound for pound, I'm the biggest guy in the lodge. 
Varga, Karpsucker; He woke up in April to Dawn, but will he ever 
leave P-burg? Huge, big, then huge again. "You're.. .you're in 
2002.. .next door?" Brewski number twoski. Standing order at 
Domino's. Worm, Reegs, databank, stuck with baseball but it was 
worth it. Speaking of worth it, how's the library. Transport, Carrie 
# what? Schmo, Stash, Ski, the human sweater; "I'm going to make 
a million dollars in 5 years... no ten..." It puts the lotion in the 
basket. Where'd the jeep go. Body, drop football, calm down, and 
talk to the other sex. "This isn't just about pledging, it's about life." 
Can't we all just get along. Focus the glasses!! Eatin plastic cups. 
Harv, Loup, head n..., our second father; another shot of Metaxa. 
Where's Bano? "Curb service." What is Tyler doing in 20 years. 
Whooooff! Double Whoooff!! "One for the road." 

262 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Living 263 





1 fr m I ^ 



Drlta (Chi 

£ i- h i ii h 11 n i n v r a i t ij 








D.Y.E.P.? Sac Dragon. 22=>10 and 15 weeks=>8 weeks LLOM! BYOB 
SUCKS ASS! No Kegs Allowed! Tap Another? Not! Last of Clarence! 
The Saga continues.. .Cheers to Coach! Go Bed Racer! Calamari No 
Bueno! Squids=We Love EGGS! ChipWhoover? I.M.O. PISSED ON, 
SCUD, SALIVA, FOZZIE and ELIZABETH. Furniture movers! Lunch 
on the Green. G.L.I.L.F. Where is John? Brown Sugar! Claudio and 
FAO Girl. Nic and the many Swedish Babes. Fierello? My Ankle! 
Alumni Bowling. I Love N.Y./Tom Richard "Super Sleuth." Sarif 
Johnson 2-14-94. Todd are you sweating? Cyclical Fatigue at Dawn. 
FSB. Schulkill Power, Fear It! Yuengjing sucks, but not for $2. No 
Wong Pong. Beirut. Kellie Hoooooo! Find the Delta Chi Experience! 
Porn Police? Skeletons in the closet. Kill Rockwell and Kalice! Blow 
Squirrel! 5ft mbh! S.P.U.! Scott Radman. END OF-SECURITY, 
beer truck. L2PCS! Debbie Y,N,Y,N...Snow football! Gizm=E.B. 15 
rounds decision! C'mon! Call the police! w/ The Duck, The felon & 
psycho-mafia chick! Barney "I Love You"! Chocolate underpants! 
M.G.+J.S.xoxoxo. Subaru-Come clean the truck! The Anti-! Golf & 
Beer! LLGCA! Shower Talk with Rich and Lou! The 
lubricator=RREEOW! KATISH(whip crack)! Q for life! G.L&L.D. in 
the shower! Wild Nordsk back home in the frozen tundra! The last of 
the Quad but the first of E.B! Baggy Eyes. Headcheese=2 jerk chubber! 
Why can't we get hazed more? Eco 1 streak! Generally Naked. Skirt 
Boy! Rage! J.M.M. 4+? Phyllis="I am only spitting"! Crab Throat! 
Einstein=Cough, cough, cough! Hand stand man. Where's my bone? 
Oedipus=The great juggler! Want to buy a computer? 

264 Every Picture Tells a Story 

^g jjajttg 





Or I la (Sam ma 

QO000 ° 
00^00000 A 000^ 




Meredith Robb: CEO of Luther Crest Retirement Community 

Tracy Rowley: On the cover of Forbes Magazine for Business 

Woman of the Year 
Donna Karan's fashion consultant 
Best Actress Academy Award winner in 2004 
Will still be in Nicaragua 
Part owner of the Tally-Ho and spending 
summers on a dude ranch 
Head of the EPA 
Discovers another molecule 
Jackie Stallone's sidekick for Psychic Friends 
Owns a bar in Key West with John 
Pulitzer Prize winner for writing 
Writing "Your Body, Your Mind" column for 

General in the US Air Force and bird trainer 
Editor of Ycnmg Miss Magazine 
Businesswoman and shareholder of Burger 

Magistrate of unknown country 
Wife and mother of ten and an active 
country club member 
Headmaster of Japanese American school for 

Nurse that restores everyone's pluck 

The next Golda Meir 

Worldwide volleyball champion 

Will still be an undergrad in Washington D.C 

Will awake each morning shouting, 'Time to 

make the donuts! ...and will be reuniting at 

Lok Yuan in the year 2004. 

Julie Vozick: 
Elizabeth Pasmantier: 
Hilary Brown: 
Melissa Muendel: 

Samantha Churgin: 
Amanda McNear: 
Naomi Metzger: 
Deanne Sabarese: 
Nicole Ferber: 
Lindsay Berkman: 

Jessica Winn: 
Nicole Engles: 
Cathy Linton: 

Rebecca Rimmer: 
Meg Chianese: 

Kyoko Inouye: 

Alexandra Marty: 
Michal Hampel: 
Colleen Makosky: 
Jennifer Lang: 
Leigh Newman: 

266 Every Picture Tells a Story 

J^lta (iamma 

! M 




J) ir 


" ^ 

a L*= — 


- - ■ 

Drlta ptji 


£ r h i n h 
11 u i u r r ii i t n 


X* '-■-■ CWBST1M* WUUS *»C«Afl 9ENWETT r£VW WcCASE - ■■-' «(.•'. -v «•-'*- 


BwwTfrnjs jo^rago 


107th; Come start a fight with us and put us on proba- 
tion; douche brother; schecter; stem; Please Patel; 
FDG, DRD, PC, Peaches, Fat Bastard, M and M, 
Rotzbro, Snake, Robo-Doody, Attention Man, Fo- 
douche, Bobbbyyy; Ianelli; Junior class sucks; Break- 
ing the law, breaking the law; I'm so gone; salty; 
Camping on the Appalachian; spider bridge; singing 
old songs; Eat-it; ROTC; I'm so lonely; extreme cool- 
ness; A-Team Asshole; Mambrino sucks; knife-wield- 
ing maniac; Where's Larry? Who cares? Little Ricky; 
Ladies head; Slotmachine; Go Robo, Go Robo,; Close 
the singles next year, Joe; Delilah's Den with Mike B.; 
Rippin' off Rutgers; DUI at Cornell, My legs are too 
big; Quadzilla; Rug; Time Chairman; They didn't haze 
us, Terry; Welcome to the Jungle; It's gonna suck; 
Black; It's a fraternity; The turtles; Erv's BYOB; New 
Orleans '94; South Padre '94; Lafayette posts. 
more; Jailbirds; IM football '92; Freshman airband; 
Jumbo; AXQ. thanx for the good times; Year-long 
pledge programs; Nov. 4 1990 to Oct. 9, 1991, oh what 
fun; The best is yet to come; We won't be pain in the 
ass alumni; My brothers when I'm no more with 
you...and DRINK long life to Delta Phi! Suck-it 

268 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Living 269 

'" MICHAEL "keIIEr DW»iFL"RQS50""" 


You see flagpole, The new members of the Clueless Committee, 
Hearts, Spages, Casino Night, the Gambler, Chili Mac, Puns, "I got 
laid by Meister-Brau," "I thought I broke the floor," "I got sand in 
places you don't even want to know about," "Tengo un sombrero," 
Opie's Last Chance Party, The place with the open sign, "The 
weather outside is frightful," "Feelin'Loopy!" "I'm not a safety 
valve, I'm a busted pipe," Don't f*@# with the MEs," Boots, Rock, 
Silvestri M.D., Hef, Brvn Diamond, Barney Rockhead, Orthodon- 
tist, Strousburg Four, Rvan and Ms friends, Ho-pledge, The Magic 
8 ball, Sam and the Travelling Freakshow, Meat's Vegas Line, The 
Bull Moose Club, Porch Diving, Obligatory Balconv Shot, Pear 
Brandy, Kalatas Bandit, Sock Boy, Strip Poker, Postmen get the 
most, Cheese tree, Bad Girls Must Get Punished, Dirty Dice, Dead 
Iguana, Better Creme, Saabs, Spring Break at Stu's, The Old Men's 
Club, The Rules Committee, Grape drink = Green sh*t, "Is that kid 
retarded?" "The frog, penguin, chewbacca and the other members 
of the Delta Sigma Phi zoo," "Let's go to a strip joint," "You gotta 
want it!" "Don't you laugh at me," "You f*@# around you lay 
around," "Do you mind if I punch myself in the nose?" "Hey 
a**hole,""F*@#'em if they can't take a joke," "Who blew on my 
comforter," S.O.F.T., "1 /2 of the check is Jerry's and the other 2/3's 
is ours," The powers of the blue couch, "I have fresh fruit in my 
room," What broken window? Who loves ya, baby! Desperate 
times call for desperate measures, Wanted for stealing pierogies, 
Ogre is back again? Tournament of the Knot, Chaplain's Tourna- 
ment, "In the six years I have been associated with this house..." 
"Oh you mean the University Center Hagpole," Congratulations to 
all our graduates and thanks for everything, Good Luck! 

270 Every Picture Tells a Story 

^ JUin jitgma ;pjt 


Ei oqhuhehhi n 


Delta acta Drlla 

tCdiiyh Uniuprstty 

What's up Bor?... You shooting cups?... I'm a horse, 
mine's twice as long as yours... Who's your daddy?... 
Toolbox, toolboy, toolboris, tooluris, pedaltool, 
toolgargal, Otoolsky,... Wrong answer... suck it up... 
Are you sluggin' or what guy... Whyte board, top 10 
reasons why Black Label is #1 over Utica Club... IM's 3 
in a row... Horse Trick... Hugh Schields, consecutive 
grand slams... Dry Reggae Party, NOT... Where the 
heck is Munshower, looking for the Hill hat?... 
GreenboyL. did the toilet overflow? no it's just Vince... 
Hey Chuck, What's up dude? How ya doin' JVO?... 
Doodle Doodle Dee, Wabba Wabba Wabba... Coed 
Naked Three Man... RUSSELL!... Want to go to the 
HO?... Did the bell just ring three times... Am I going to 
have to break your legs?... Give 'em his props... Oh 
Jeezuss!... ZOLLER!, squirrel lover... The sound of 
success, let's call it a night, you must be bluffing, see 
ya, bye. 

272 Every Picture Tells a Story 

BeliH %m ^zliz 


Drlta Mpatloit 





fCrhiyb Uniurrsilii 




Good luck Seniors. 


274 Every Picture Tell* a Story 

Living - 



Drlta Hrla 

1993 f 1 1994 


Erhiuh finturrsitu 



On the move. ..again. Living the nomadic life. 
DZ, The bus stops here (not Sig Ep). Waltzing 
Matilda. Is that our rock in your pocket, or are 
you just glad to see us. Pick on someone your 
own gender. Who took the mail(male?)hostage? 
Bruised in the bed. ..race. Yo, who knew Jess was 
such a sap? Buy one DZ, get one DZ free. The 
best things happen late at night. Delta pledge 
class- ask for us by name. Doc, you score too 
much. Hey Joanie, where do you shop? Pride of 
the Province '92. Pres of the Province '93. Whose 
standards? 3 years running. What's a studdy 
buddy? Three break-ins. We must have some- 
thing they want. Welcome to Fantasy 
Island. ..Ignore the ten feet of snow. Toboggan 
races down the front lawn. Sure beats those 
trays. An apple for the teacher. Six fire alarms 
and counting. Who's cooking now? Well, let's 
hope this doesn't happen with your lover. We'll 
miss you. Love and AKZ. Doc Smile, Alyson, 
Bronnie, Wendy, Paula, Sorge, Kristi, Ellen, Chris 
K., Laura, Ginie, Trista. 

276 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Living 2.. 


(Earn ma \}U\ Ulrta 

lil JL U4 


Krhiuh fiiiiucrsitu 


Let us remember the furies 
Let us embrace the sighs 
Let rage, rally and play on- 
Let us live through the good-byes. 
While never saying "We should have-" 
Because, my friends-- We have done. (EOB, '94 at Leons) 

31 (17) Flavors Predictions... 10 years from now.. 

Rachel Cain: 
Gillian Wilbur: 

Alexis Corr: 
Melissa Cohen: 
Meghan Heffner: 
Annie Cassell: 
Jenn Long: 
Erin O'Brien: 
Lisa Querido: 
Kelly Boyce: 

Becky Hollands: 
Kris Linnus: 
Elizabeth Robinson 

Michelle Leonard: 
Sarah Smith: 
Meredith McGowan: 
Jen Dinan: 
Jess Jones: 
Dawn Castle: 
Shideh Heshimi: 
Terry Irvin: 

Int'l lawyer with Bolshevik ties 

modeling Laura Ashley maternity wear 

(for Pete) 

Still talking...about Lunch 

still guessing what 

m still dissing Lapin 
talk show host 
reaching outer limits 
What country is she in? 
Expert on Health Insurance 
designing new lines of tortoise shell 
glasses for Ann Taylor 
having taken over Vanna White's job 
Whose the flavor? 

Fullfilling her maternal instinct with Int'l 
men (or a lightning bolt) 
Zetes collegiate consultant 
dog trainer extraordinaire 
PGA spokesperson 
Married. Enough said 
Head of NATO in Brussels 
Running, Working, Running. 
Treasurer of the United States 
Sex Therapist 

278 Every Picture Tells a Story 


Living i 



Kuppu Alpha isuuirtij 




K v li i a li 11 u i a i v r B i 1 1\ 



We started; 12-1=11; Thanks Chevy; Pledge Invaders; 
Sophomore Caucus; Disco Kitchen; Walk from hell- 
Craig and Sean holding hands; If Don's not back in five 
minutes, we are leaving him in Philly; No fat girl is 
worth a night in jail; Spring Break '92; Maybe there is 
an equation for it; Elvis has left the building- get in the 
van- no place to go but south; Sean, music of the 80's 
man; bye, bye Dom; Rob, I hope you graduate; Kyle, 
fat, drunk, dumb and happy- the only way to go 
through life; Chug and Blow; the race to 250- Kyle 
won- ughh; Keith, you are better off without her; 
Craig, you just had 1 1 good games- your not that good; 
Nevermore, Nevermore; Don, why get new girlfriends- 
just recycle the old ones; Nate "the hermit"- there is 
more to life hockey; Doug don't cry, it's not that bad; 
Get a couple of 40's and circle up the couches; Spring 
Break '94- do you remember anything not in the pic- 
tures? Ahhhh, I hope I never see Austin again; What 
hotel are we stayinh in anyway? Upper hall sucks, 
lower hall swallows! That's okay, take all my seconds 
guys; The volleyball court was our idea; Eddie and 
Nick- where have you been for the last three years; 
Don, Why does your room always smell like that?; 
Thin walls, big moans; Ummmmm Dip; Post-seepage; 
It starts with a cough; Bottom line, it's all a joke. 

280 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Pbppt JVlplpt Jltfrietg 

Living 281 






■ ■ 

Kappa §> Uinta 
10 ^ 04 

Crlmjh llnturriiittj 

. RMC(« 


- . ■ 

. smi ■■■ 



STEVE OBSOM .iSMt ; -Afl»*i,« 

■ ■ 

... ,.-...,„ MfiiJ » 

Par-Medic, Barkeep, Fratguy, Seibold-Brandon, Levin- 
Hedonist. Bolton-The Kid. Lombardo-Cowboy, 
Slawter-Hats. D'Agusta-Joker. 

Steak-Greek Week. Mouche-Bayou. J.P.-Viper. Krazy- 
Zwally Zwally. Cliff-Nude. Zwally-Mav? Lt.-Angry. 
Hy-Polo. Block-Fila. K-Rock. Craner-Wrinkled. Cutler- 
Pong. Irish-Poppy. IMeil-Iroc. Rod-Frat. Calder-The 
Duke. Sell-Plumber. Gibson-Fabio. Sam-RJ. = 2R's. 
Justin-Furiously. Shockey-Swayin'. Morford-Old Man 
Red Eye. Derrick=Lac. Wissam-Arab. Davey B.-O.T. 


A.E.K.A.B. Spring 1994 

282 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Living 283 

Svappa Alpha ahria 

• »J * * 


iaa:i ■"■ iuii.j 

£ rln uli fin iurr situ 

"Crazy" "Kiddo" "Chip" His interests are music 
and. ..Bowling!!! ; Does the water smell? Smell my hair. 
I'm a big fan of.. .candy in a hard shell; the deck; Is it 
mandatory?; Ali's holes in the wall-Bullseye!; DON'T 
ANSWER THE PHONE!; Do you want to get involved 
in the senior class?; Big face boy; White lettuce; What? 
3 shots of tequilla, please.; Snow; Pledge Dad; Throw- 
ing grapes at Millie; Connect Four; Is he wearing his 
birthday suit?; the icicle; 205VB; Breakfast with 
Seinfeld; Did my bowl come yet?; I only recognize him 
in my room?; Where should I put him?; Is that Grease?; 
He's nice... but his head is kinda big; I hate her; I saw 
that.. .no wait - that was somebody else; Sloppy Joe; 
7:30AM - Cheryl, I think Prof. Gupta's on the phone for 
you; Karston - pole; Cheryl's on the phone again; I 
want fish; I don't want to fall... I don't want to fall 
twice; Jeans suck; Boboli; Ominous man; Perkins; Bus 
graveyard; I need to be mentholated; When we were 
pledges...; Whatever I want; For you, cheap. For 
Mandy free; You gotta be kiddin' me; Dollar; Don't kid 
yourself; We're cool; Doug sucks; Hicks, your beat; 
Why is this occuring; Bump and run; Did you know 
that semen has 3000 calories per teaspoon; If I talk to 
her, I'll hit her; He's a bad penis 

284 Every Picture Tells a Story 

P&ppa JVlplja ©jeia 


Living 285 


f * 

Hambfca (£ht Alpha 

. ... 


§ # § 

* 1 » 1 

f Tl 1 




Crlmtfi lliiiiirrsihi 

JU K> ^H r - ^H MI* ' 


i 1 1 


£..,•■. .,-.., u ' M 

Community Ocean Blow, Subinac, Taco Bell, 2nd 
Avenue Crawl, Ren and Stimpy, 40s Night, Who 
knew? I hate that little Prick, We love Zetes, 2nd Floor 
tails, Boot in your eye, Still got that bong, He's right in 
front of me, Pong, Truck Chugs, Moby Dick, Schlitz, 
I'm back on Virgin Status!! It's probably in the cave, 
Want to see my Onion? If you keep raking it, you're 
gonna go bald, morning heeves, Crew sucks, MD 20/ 
20, Cold Dorm, Uh boo bub boo, The Acid Ball, Haiku, 
Stripper, Cock Block, 2:00 shotgun club, Slothing, The 
LeMans Dining Room, Beirut, Bagel's whack shack, 
Sick Boy, Blacked out again, State of emergency soror- 
ity hickey crawl, escalator knee, gallon of milk on her 
leg, white rose shocker formal, Free Drinks at the Edge, 
LBJ, 4th out of 17 ain't bad, the Hammock Attack, 
B.O.B., rock-paper-scissors, Pepe the pussy, super 
Dave Sula, Do I look fat in these jeans, Jay F'n Lew, 
Vanity Smurf Harry, Where are my clothes, seniors 
and Building 97, drinking, smoking crack, Abusive 
type tails, salsa seeds, "You righeous bastards, "Club 
Stillman and pub Scotty Peterson's reverse eating 
disorder, Moffat can't let go of the reins, Lippit and the 
Class of '93, Jay Ryan's coffee, Wiping our butts with 
the Brown and White, Ziegler the hypocrit, Lupo's 
high horse, I'm Chris Scott and I'm F'n hammered! 
Stress boy, I really dig you baby, but I gotta keep on 
moving, UGLHH!! 

286 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

fta (Eijt JVIplpt 

Living 287 



■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

■ . ■ - 


. .. :■:■.■ ■ ■ .; .■■■ 



0E3GG n 

yiii Orlia ahria 




i'rhmii lluuirriiitii 


■ . ■■ 

1 1 



Nordahl can fly, Bonnie, Sette, garbage central, I want 
two beers, Beav, Where's Turtle? To the bar, thanks for 
playing Ben 

Second floor take a right and tune out, blow Squirrel, 
Big Eddy, all f-cked up, failout room, wooden door 
frames, hog chute 

European Lynch, Blow Possum, Spring Valley Inn, 
Junior Lounge, "I'm going down and I'm taking this 
whole house with me," Nolte flipped his lid, pass the 
torch, softball 

Mike and J. P. get in yet? Nolte is back, Juice, 120 beers, 
Hello Chief Big Eddy Jones, Handler get up yet? Snow 
days, dance champions, Are you graduating? 

Ride on 

288 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Living 289 

JJhi OSammu Drlta 

■ .. 

13 JL 94 


?£rbi«h lluiurrstty 


1l*H t U 

CHfttt CWUMf 



1 1 II 

The Longest... Where's the Whirl Brush? B.P., Big 
Brother Favor, A.K.-Get OUT OF MY KITCHEN!, 
O.KAAAAAY, Good Soup, Pin Head, HOT HOT 
HOT on Zee Beach, Tanaka The One Legged Rasta, 
Sophmores Suck... Juniors too, Stooorrry, Worms 
Sleep in the Dirt, Get Up to the Cold Dorm, Hurray 
for us and..., Fat Mary, Fiji Doesn't Haze, A Reminder; 
Fijis Don't Get Naked, Michael Feescher, You Guys 
Suck... Get a Clue, Horsen Around is Serious Business, 
Hellovich Mr. Malovich, L8nite in the Cold Dorm, 
Now What's Our Story, Actors 1-5 were obviously 
intoxicated, Where'd Scott Go, O.K. who's hording the 
Two Men Enter One Man Leave, Red Leaves, Snowin' 
Out the Cold Dorm Party at Stanton, Beta Stairs, Go 
For the Record, Who Needs Some Crowd Control, 
Hussy The Red Nosed Reindeer, Last Piece Of The 
Post, Goodbye A.K., Hello Violet, Chocolate Thun- 
der, UNITY, The Last Of The Real Class! 

290 Every Picture Tells a Story 

;pjt (iatratta: ^EUia 

Living 291 

\}h\ Kappa ahrta 



Cr li i g h 11 ti t u r r ii 1 1 ji 

pv i ™ ■ - Blr ^f HP^ ' n 




■ ■ 



Sun and Fun, The Demon, The Red Rocket, "I touch 

myself", Lintgen's shore house, FREEDOM, the 
drinking quartet, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Mr. 
Tomato-Head, 216, Red Death, the dance of joy, ALL 
Pong, Chairs in the tree, Marshmellow Road, "I'm a 

zucchini baby, and you're a dill pickle", The High- 


BEEN!, we don't play well with other's, "I'm Davey K. 
I'm innocent and pure", and for every reason in the 


Every Picture Tells a Story 

Living . 


\J\ri §>tgnta Kappa 
19 94 

iCrlityli lluiurrstlii 





Steel Cage-Royal Rumble, Can I lay My head on your 
lap, Bowel Master, Naked Beirut, Stick A Pig, 
PUKE!, Feast With The Beast, B.S. and The Weasel 
Step Into The Freezer, T.B's Fit's, 665+1, Baloney, J.C. 
And Red Beard, 5-footers, Simon=LT=Gas Station 
attendant, "It Just Doesn't Matter", 

Tony=Daddy=Good Luck, "To The Bar!", BYOB 
Sucks!, TB You Did It Again?, No Kegs, No Pledges, 
No Fun!, Thrax Is Excessive Man, Al-ice, Progressive 
Numbers Game, Smell Mv Mule, Read My Lips" NO 
NEW HOGERS!", D And E, Tom=Tarzan, Blow On 
My Head, Bombs-Gomer And 2 Hogers, CDC+T, 
CBKQ, Big Boy, B.S., Chugs-Less, Paul, Turd Boy, 
Thrax, And Z-Man Good Luck. Welcome Al, Brian, 
Joe, Joel, Justice. 

294 Every Picture Tells a Story 

1 w 




rs*?Kc5H ooeeftT cantin paOThabe grecorv kenoal Christopher pelka epic beckman brandon morjck josmua ax chaig pinslt -. ■ ^ , ' '- 

"ajaTSett? maTTmew stone jiTOR BauU 


Another memorable year on 515 Delaware Ave. 
Where the boys are really off-campus. "I've never been 
to Pike before," resounded aound the campus and the 
brotherhood continued to live on like a rolling stone. 
Perfect and imperfect. JADDB-Puddle. Pig Roast. 
Zeke (A.C.), Worm Boy, Llama, Meat, Gramps, Shaka. 
the battle of Buffet and Phish. Walker on Mautz on 
Deeb on Zeke. Leaves on the floor joined by a prelude 
to the Great Pumpkin. 248 large orange vegetables. 
Sleding. Girlfriends. Tilt, House, Pinky Nantucket 
Winky, Blue Bro, Greenie Greenie, Eagle; Sega hockey. 
Melon. We are one or are nothing. All rent is well 
spent. Packey Wackey and Ski Mountaintop. Satan 
and Adam and Grinch. Passout boy (A.C.). Snyder 
and Canton and McAllister meet again. Sticks and 
Sloth Boy (A.C.). Likos and Pelka, a match made in 
heaven. Packer Pika Invitational. Hackman. Brandon. 
Frat Guy, Yuppie, and Whipped. Evan and Makk on 
the sand. Pottsville and Bombshell. $$Dix$$ and 
Weber together at last. Dug on the prowl and wearing 
a red and white suit with MD 20/20. Rug Dog Jelen. 
May the barrels remain the same. Adios to the class of 
1994 and we will see your faces again. 

296 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

< ^Pi ^fctppa JVipIja 


JJi iCamhita \}h\ 

Crbigii Ihuurriiitii 

^H ^H* . ^1 ^^B. - j^I ^Bl 


-:»,;- -•«>;:•. 

i*;-~-. EJ^B 

i mb «:-i_- . 

Randy the safe driver, PA Chach, cyberpong, Jimmy's 
stink box, the late night greaser, Ode de Crusher-"I 
have a poem for you", nice backyard, tea bag, gas 
masks, zipper lip, tuberubies, fell the nubs, "hey, are 
my balls showing", bloody millies, resin rats, Shank 
Tops, chopper suck, "no homework, no quizzes, no 
text- it's greek week", the oral simulator, bologna, 
Crusher the fat bag, old man jeter, Jimmy sh*t in his 
pants, I am livin large, sloppy mellons- chippers, 
poppyseed dressing on Shank's head, the tuberubie 
queen, Bobs in the rack, hearts of palm, the rise and 
fall of Jimmy Niss, Dusty Two- Zero, where are the 
keys, naked Wilbur, Phillips got nothing at Lehigh, 
the full package- complete package, "that's not how 
the couch works", great castles of Europe, the hour of 
power, Shank: the reformed guido, Rob gets the 
heisman, playing through, sabotage-maggotage, the 
good old days of Pi Lam, Randi the mushroom man, 
Kroki, Dusseldorf mustard, schmeckel, the morning 
hummer, XB, hair patch, Dorf has demons in his 
pants, the crew of South Padre '94, who put the leaves 
in Robs car, eeewww, pulling rank, dreamies, 
Dorfat, Millies Closet, Nosotros Amemos-don't throw 
potatoes, bird -bird-bird, bird is the word. See you 
later boys-Jimmy, the old man, Rob, Shank, Mike, 
Eric, Randall, (T. Pratt), Pete. 

298 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Pt ^Camb&t pi|t 



*T" emw buwart mu*£t euwijwo cwc&sgcs tp* goi* -LB' joaepwawpyg sr^~ &^'- 

8CR Mi*Ai. »A—Li«i'.( 


Pat Hpstlntt 





U.t -i"C'._ 

jAsah wQTy : 

'"' _ ■ 

BFVB1 HDRn Ml -■ 




^ tr 




Pub nights are going to build this house!; While you're 
out, can you get some BEER. ..and cleaning products?; 
Floyd, can you help me out once in a while?; Who's 
Casper?; Team Combine; Mickey's=Fights; Fire up 
the Lady; Oh My God... TRAIN! TRAIN!; Cowboy, 
what's long hair for?; Stu, don't forget the soda; 
Paul. ..she's heeeeeeere; I AM GOD!; Hey Steve- let's 
go steal stuff like it's our jobs!; It's an A or B answer... 
That's not the issue; What does Mr. Boh say about 
that?; That's what I'm talking about; YOU CANT 
HANDLE A BEER !; New saying: Psi U.- Gravity test 
Toad. Your Mama Likes It! 

300 Every Picture Tells a (Story 






■ — p 


Hmrm wm Bl B9 R31 



'§ '* # 

■ I ■ ■ 


§>iijma Alpha &\n 
1003 j& 1004 

<C r h i g h 11 n i u r r ii i t ij 

# § l* 

# # § 

* * 

Offlt OREGON SS£ ' 



First and foremost— FSB/Wings '94, "Suck my 
Chiquita!", Tails-"diffuse the Situation!", Foot- 
ball-Clapper out cold, Randy/SoCo/Speaker, 
Nice try for the car axp, conclave w/ Rutgers, 
"Who stole the trophy?!", Marisol=Hoover, 
"You're bi? Oh Cool! How about a threesome!", 
Steve wrap that rascal, "persay", fun nights, Dan 
she's alot of lovin', Vegetable rules, Geronimo 
booting in Deckers car, Who picked up Unger?, 
Josh sippin on Gin and Gin, Who ordered purple 
hats?, Dan, turn it down, cops!", Pre-Hill at 
TPA30/444 Pierce/521 Filmore, "Bob, you're 
BUSTED!, they had tailgates last year.", "There 
was this blond chick...", "Back When The Old 
School Was New", "Back on Tap", "My girlfriend 
is not a box", The schlong game?, Pledges love 
"sammies", "Do you guys have a LAN site?", 
"Who invited Randy W.?", Watercolors wash off 
you morons, "We owe Lehigh how much?!", "She 
was DIRTY!" 

302 Every Picture Tells a Story 

igma JVlplja ^u 


Living 303 



^inmn (I* hi 





£ e Ii i y h 11 u i u r rail ji 


I fifflt 













nnannnn n DDna 

We're going to have a rocking good time. A few profes- 
sional people thought that I was crazy. I'm not comfort- 
able with your coming into my room with a skull on our 
penis. I'm totally picking this out of my ass. Did you 
hear of the story of the leemings? The Bitch List. Who's 
wondering if Keenan cleaned his pan this week? Where's 
my CD? When we run out of toilet paper we can always 
use post-modernism. 

Top Ten Reasons to Join Those Wacky, Crazy Sigs 












304 Every Picture Tells a Story 


Living 305 



III M . B 


§>U]ma Nit 




E.T.T. Baby; Ogar, White-ass, Rodman, Boner, Boo, 
Baby Hughy, Judd, Frat-Guy, Koop, Taco-Bell, Dark 
Horse, Squirrley, Sprout (Drew, Kev, Murph, Appel). 
Hey Commander Kaplan, the ship is sinking and we 
have the last life boat. Beta sucks. Garry - just because 
they don't want you, doesn't mean we have to take 
you. This is the End! Last real pledge class. Balcony 
dropping... EMP, RRR, ATW, BPS... Taylor Gym... 
Should have stopped there. Daytona - Kentucky Girls, 
Cappy, Jerk Sweet Air, Pack one, belly flops. Mad Dog 
parties, Keg race - 14 minutes... victory. Anchorman 
Champions. Where's my condom? I lost my under- 
wear. Rap sheet Rod. Schnagel! Douching the 
kitchen. Naked Beer Slides, Scorpion Bowls. Sunrise 
Tails. Thanks to all you Sigma Nu Girls, you know 
who you are!! 

306 Every Picture Tells a Story 




1 1^ 



g>tijma \)hx 



ICrlityh Itniurruitij 

rocc wtuAM c«0f T 

poseur Thornton mtti qrtwein 



H — 

r* ^i 

^Vk. ^H 






■ ■ v ., -. ■ 


Mind over Matter, Bang Bang Bang Bang, Okay guys 
I'll admit it I love her, Jetport, This is so coooool, 
Excuse me sonny you know where I can get some me 
booty, Excuse me sonny how do I get to Katy Texas, 
Lurch traps, If we don't have pool sticks we can't play 
pool, Stone Temple Foglias, Kirk's sausage nightmare, 
The world needs ditch diggers too, Balcony diving, 
the dugout, Let me tell you something, Save the 
whales Opie, Up your butt Jobu, A beer facade, Cold 
dorm fiasco, I can fix anything in this house but I can't 
get laid, the Chameleon sir, No more reubons, 3.23 
gallons in 10 hours, You mind if we dance with your 
dates, Andre Hollis-you mind if we haze your 
pledges, Geoff is hitchhiking under the bigtop, Say 
alow to my litel frien, Look at that pledge with the 
daisy dukes on, Your homework is very simirar, 
Boom Chaka Laka, Whasch up Doc, 8-NEWS, I hear 
puking noises, creek creek, BSL, GBT. 

308 Every Picture Tells a Story 


Living 309 

mCHUEL kt'man M* 


A Great Year, A Great Year. Meatman, Helmet, MAS, IGC, 
Superpledge, Juden, Goooooden, Starchman, H-O-M-0, GI joe, Corby, 
Doddinator, Doddayama, Gerachi, Big Al, Dicky, Garbage, Spic, 
Arctic, Bages, Beegs, Bagel, Eagle Eyes. Action Park, Delaware, 
Bucknell, Hamptons, Myrtle Beach, Panama City, Mardi Gras, Ja- 
maica, Atlantic City, Avalon. Wings, Sunday Cleanups, ZONK, The 
Wall (JTK), tails in the suite, 5th Year Seniors, Softball Superstars, 
New Year's Eve, Referred!, SoCo Courage Shots, Jack, Firewater and 
Ice, Boxcuts & Cuffs, SDC, fireside tequila club, Sophomore Friends, 
Dudley Dogs, Cubes, "Get out of my grill!", grungy, THE ROCK (TA), 
Depardieu!, Yellowman, Coney Tunes, Purcell, Dan Moran, 
"Frank!. ..Why?", Simpsons, "Dear Casey..", $1600 in parking tix, 7:00 
wakeup for HMC, left-handed smoke-shifters, Mother Fletcher's, 
Crazy Zack's, Bucknell Wrestling Composite, Half Yards, Camp 
Integra, "you'll get nothing and Tike it!", "ThinkiiV about #@$!!*& A 
with Kevin? DON'T!, "Lightbulbs aren't my department", "At the Villa! 
with Larry! "Get your #^!@!!& A head in the game!" Bluey, Whitey, 
red dogs, acid washed sports coat, autumn leaves, Burger King, 
Fuschia (not pink) Polo, A damn good shellacking" The Palladium, 
"short like Corby", "I cannot lift this rock", The Game, Bar Beirut, 
Airband with Pigs Head, "Wide Right!", prom car, Nassau and Bucks 
C.C., "Take your sweater off, Gerace", coney jumps, mood swings, Best 
of the Best I and II, Velcro Monkeys, Boomers, The RC Challenge, 
window sills w/ Hannah, blowin at the rail with Meat and BOG, 
Guns-Guns-Chest-Guns Workout, "Poker? I don't even know her!" 
Naked- Greek Week '91, "Are you Drinkin'? Are you Askin'?", 
whipped cream - strawberries and champagne, "You know my 
friend...", Hanging out with the Coney, "Nice Tan Coff" "You really 
don't like my spaghetti sauce", Lawler, braces, Jamaica/ Wisconsin, 
Beach Blast Gryphons, DZ, high school, frosh East Fifth, "I'm going to 
the studio tonight", Your Welcome..Inn, dropping Calc - again, She's 
Having a Baby soundtrack, pilot's license, "C'mon Al, just roll an- 

310 Every Picture Tells a Story 


Living 311 

as* .-, asata m 


Gllirta Xt 

10 R99 04 

tCrbiul' lltitiirriiilM 

* f I 

nnnn 22 

■ :■■..- S SEf :.*:,1> 

Good Luck Seniors. 

Every Picture Tells a Story 

< %fa36 

Living 313 


Zrta ]hu 

13 * 

21? h i n li It it i u r r ii i t n 


K 9 BT 



449 Montclair - see ya, love Buzz and Mo. Are your mom 
and sister the same person E-man? Take a look in a mirror 
JD. Is that a rat or a puppy Pinto? Lewis and Lenny are gay. 
The hair club for men might help Paul. Hey, Rich, you're the 
best looking kid in Zetes...nope. Lenny broke the window for 
Meg. Donkey Kong is the earth pig. Yo, this is Chuck -from- 
Zetes, the best pong player ever. Stop beating it Joe! Proud to 
be your BUD Bauer, grab my pallete. Jody, don't ever sur- 
prise me like that again. No really Dave, your not leaving 
with Meg. Metzger - you might get into Med School. B's 
moving in with E. You're sleezy Rob, love Rachel. Jared is the 
coolest, just ask him. Booth -love ya lots, -Lev. T-Bone, I've 
still got the ring in. Ratt, jug head, jug head. Stanton, you're a 
faggot, love C-Town. York, two words -Jenny Craig. Braces 
are for junior high Zipper. You're under arrest Mr. Halm, this 
is the Bucknell police. Hahn, thanks, -Frish. Al, nice earring, 
Love Molly. JJ is shorter than Gillis. Litos, two words -green 
card. I hate you Mrv! Love, Cookie. Did Cathers-mitt-face 
pee in the bed Frish? How does it feel to lose your chick to C- 
Back, Luke? Pads, cheer up. Derrick, thanx, -Ratt. Hey 
stinger, why'd you beat your girl up in the lot? Nick, sweet 
criminals from Madison. No really, the food at Zetes is good. 
Madden 94, pong is better than box, Sweet JV class, nice job 
at rush. A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1. First to worse in five 
years. 94 = Zipper, Bucket-head, 5-0, Litos, JJ, Fritch, Mrv, 
Pork, Luke-Duke, Padanucci, D-Rock, Stinger. 
Ain't it great to be a Zete!!!! 

314 Every Picture Tells a Story 

^ Zeta p5t 

Living 315 

When it gets late, FIJI cult members resort to 

writing on faces, eating dog biscuits and who 

knows what else. 

316 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Brian Bober and this other OKO brother found out that class was cancelled two hours ago 
and have not changed their facial expression since. 

Li/ Robinson and Frankv Carrozza, two TOBs, smile tor the camera. 

This CROW brother disproves the law of gravity 

when he keeps a piece of wet hot dog floating in air 

for 2 minutes. 

These sisters of ATA enjoy lounging around when they do not have too much work to do. 

Living 317 

p^4-^ — 


"Hey, I thought today was Hillbilly Day," 

states Matt Hyldahl to John Davagian when 

posing for a picture. 

Uh oh. Mike doesn't look very well," says one IO brother about Michael Reising on a Sunday morning at breakfas 

Julie Kamens and Kira Roitburg attend a 
Greek Week event to cheer for AXQ. 

318 Every Picture Tells a Story 

FIJI sponsored an all you can drink Apple Juice buffet this year, which many people attended one fine afternoo 

Steve Banovic, an intellect, cannot help but feel intimidated bv his macho X4 7 fraternity brothers. 

Living 319 


' Vy ^ii-^a 





■>> ■ ■ 







The Story of the Senior Class 

by Editor Stefan ie Longo 

and Assistant Editor 

Lorri Goldberg 

The Final Chapter 321 


-. • 


After the first three years at Lehigh, becoming a senior 

"So, before we end and then 

finally means one is important. Senior year means many 

begin, we '11 drink a toast to how 

things to many people. To those who aren't there yet, being 

its been. A few more hours to be 

a senior looks glamorous, all fun and games, no stress, nights 

complete, A few more nights in 


out at the Ho, your own house off campus with your own room 

satin sheets, A few more times 

and the fact that after two semesters, South Bethlehem will no 

that I can say... 

longer be your home. But to a senior, the year is anything but just 

I've Loved These Days . " 

fun and games. It is a year of resumes, job applications, and 

- Billy Joel 

interviews. It is the time to plan that huge trek cross country. 
To a senior, it is a time to reflect and a time to look ahead. 

322 Every Picture Tells a Story 

f ' 

Andy Frishman and Erin McLaughlin have a contest to see whose teeth are whiter. John David Agogliati III Kristen Elizabeth Agrati 

Eung-Joon Ahn 

Lori Sue Akawie 

Robyn Alexander Demetra Alexandrou Bradford J. AJler 

Bret Almassy 

Thomas Scott Altholz Lucas Pettet AJtman Tina Nichole Altro Stephen Marc Amrol 

*24 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Sheri I.ynn Anacker Nicole Melissa Andel 

Sean Anderson 

Glenn R. Appel 

David Brennan Arndt Jane Christine Arner 

Gregory George Asaf Matthew B. Ayers 

Sandra M. Baccari 

Linda Kristina Barfa 

Heather Ballev 

Hilar)- Megan Baltz 

Richard J. Adams Kingston, PA. Materials Science and Engineer- % 
ing. Sigma Phi, Pledge Czar. 

James Edward Agger Shawnee Mission . KS. Environmental 
Science, Science Writing Minor. The Brown and White; WLVRj 
Dean s I ist, 

John David Agogliati III Higganum. ( I I :, ngineering. 

Economics Minor Sigma I hi; Risk Management ( Mticcr; Society 

oJ Plastics EngineerSi Vice President: American [nsl 

i hemical Engineers; Tribune; Who's Who Among I in 

Kristen Elizabeth Agrati Allendale, NJ. English and Behavioral 
Neuroscience. Health and Human Development Minor. 

FCung-Joon Ahn Nishinomiya, Japan. Biology. ^ 

Eori Sue Akawie East Brunswick, NJ. Psychology. Health and 
Human Development Minor. Alpha (.In Omega, Senior Class 
Agent; Psi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Robyn Alexander Upper Saddle River, NJ. Psychology. Sociology 
Minor. Alpha Chi Omega; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Psi Chi; 
Dean's List. 

Demetra Alexandrou Verona, NJ. Marketing. Art History A 

Minor. Best Buddies, Program Coordinator; Marketing! lub; 1 

Pre-Law Society. 

Bradford J. Aller I.oms River, NJ. Civil Engineering. 
AmencanSociety of Civil Engineers; Intramural Manager. 

Bret Almassy Flanders, NJ. Social Relations. Football; COACH 
Program; Alpha Tau Omega; Athletic Council; Dead Poet's Society. 

Thomas Scott Altholz Highland Park, IL. Economics. Phi Kappa 
Theta, Rush Chairperson; Freshman Football Coach - Freedom 
High School; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Lucas Pettet Altman Princeton, NJ. English. Lacrosse; Zeta Psi; 
Greek Peer Educator. 

Tina Nichole Altro Ossining, NY. Biology. Cross Country; 
Indoor and Outdoor Track; Residence Security; Intramural 

Stephen Marc Amrol Concord, NH. English and History. 
Gryphon Society; Tour Guide; Ultimate Frisbee; Progressive ' 

Student Alliance; Gaming Club; Phi Alpha Theta; History Honors 
Thesis; Dean's List. 

Sheri Lynn Anacker Westfield. NJ. industrial Engineering. 
Architecture Minor. Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush C Chairperson; 
Society ol Women Engineers. 

Nicole Melissa Andel Coaldale, PA. English and Mathematics. 
Taylor Residential College; Residential Housing 
Association, Secretary, Hall Social; STAR Tutor; Taylor Times; 
Host for Overnight Prospective Students. 

Sean Anderson Leominster, MA. Mathematics. History Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Society, Steward, Recycle Chairperson, Lehigh- 
Lafayette Chairperson; Intramural Supervisor; In.: Math 
Club; Mathematics Honor Society. 

Glenn R. Appel I ebano'n, PA. Industrial Engineering. Sigma Nu; 
Boxing Club; Transfer Mentor Program: Alpha Pi Mil; ALCOA 
Foundation Scholarship. 

David Brennan Arndt Emmaus, PA. Civil Engineering. Football; 
Baseball; Delta Upsilon, Steward. House Manager. 

Jane Christine Arner Bethlehem. PA. Accounting. British 
Literature Minor. Accounting Club. President; International 
Partners Program; Gryphon Society; New Student Orientation 

Starr; Intramurals; Residence Lite Student ot the Month. 

Gregory George Asaf Houston, TX. Finance. Gryphon Society, 
Treasurer: Chcerleading; Delta Sigma Phi. 

Matthew B. Ayers Dillsburg, PA. English. Law and Legal 
Institutions Minor. 

Sandra M. Baccari Watertown, MA. English. Women'-. Studies 
Minor. Alpha Omicron Pi; Tae Kwon Do Club; Dean 
English Departmental Honors. 

Linda Kristina Baffa Lake Grove, NY. Civil Engineer 
Psychology Minor. American Society ngineers; Student 

Senate: Societ] of Women Engineers, External Secretary; Epitome: 

Who's Who Among American University Students. 

Heather Ballev Saddle River. NJ. Marketing. Marketing Club. 

Hilary Megan Baltz Jenkintown, PA. Biology. Psychology Minor. 
Basketball; Student Ambassador. 

The final Chapter 325 

Dave Sansaverino realizes after getting off the bus in front of Maginnes that he 
has to walk all the way up the hill. 

Bari Anne Barwis Matthew J. Baumgardt 

Christine Beaver Renee Elizabeth Beavers John Beddia 

Jeffrey Paul Beekman David A. Begelman 

326 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Michael Belkin 

Amy Benedict 

John R. Benner 

Andrew C. Bennett 

Peter R. Bennitt 

Danielle Lia Bergamo 

Bradley Tyler Berk 

Lindsay Jennifer 

Matthew D. Berman 

Randall Berman 

Arthur Lemuel 

Barra Avn Bernstein 

Kristin. i Marie Bankowski Staten Islam!. NY. Finance. 
Dancin';Ncw Student Orientation Staff; V ountingClub; 

In Business;Peer rutoring; Lehigl holar- 

ship; I lean's List. 

Stephen William Banovic Bingharaton, NY. Materials 
and Engineering. Student Materials Society ■ i P 

Beta Pi Inn rdinator; ( hi Psi, Social I hairperson, 

[i Manager; \l|>lu Sigma Mu; Phi Era Sigma. 

I'. ml M. Baran I i. ■ ! ■ . ■. l ! ounting 1 It Ira I p ;ilon, 

["reasurer, Philanthropy I liairpi Intramural Manager, 

< haplain \ inting ' lub I nivi rsitj I utoi I con S 

Beta I i. num. i Sigm i Phi Eta Sigma D in's List. 

Justin R. Barone Kinnelon, NJ Material! Science and 

I nginecring Delta Phi, Pledge Educator, President; Inrerfrater- 

nn\ I ouncil. 

Ban Anne Barwis Monroi I I I hen Religion Minor. 

Kappa \ I pli. i [Tieta, Vice President Pledge Education, Sports 
Manager, Junior Panhel; Ameri ' il So President; 

Society ol ^'iimcn Lnginccrs; Tutor; V- II I 1U B 
I i.i Sigma. 

Matthew J. Baumgardt I'.ilmction. I'A Civil Engineering. 1 

( hristine Beaver Rockvillc Centre, NY. Environmental Science 
and Resource Management. < m" ( lountr) : I rask; I >elta Zeta; 
Geology ' Hub. 

Renee Elizabeth Beavers Pawleys Island. SC. Chemical 

l.nginecring. American Institute ol < Iiciuk.iI Engineers; Society 
nl Women Engineers; Hl'C I diuator; Student Ambassador 
Sot iety. 

John Beddia Hawthorne, NY. Accounting. Thcta Delta Chi, 
Rush Chairperson, Social Chairperson, Executive Officer; 
[nterfraternity (ouncil, Rush Committee; Fraternity Management 
Association Board ot Directors; Accounting Club. 

Jeffrey Paul Beekman Neptune. NJ. Urban Studies. 1 1 

and Architecture Minors. Zeta Psi, President. House Manager; 

Intramural Manager. 

David A. Begelman Rockvillc Centre. NY. Management. 
Psychology Minor. Football; I lieu Chi. 

Michael Belkin long Vallcv, Nl. International Business 
German Minor. Delta Phi. Corresponding Secretary; Rugby; 
1 at itissc t lluh; Dean's I is t 

Amy Benedict Mechanicsburg, PA. Biology. Alpha Gamma 
Delta, Social Chairperson; Dean's List. 

|ohn R. Benner Orw igsburg, I'A. Meclianical Engineering. 
American Society ol Mechanical Engineers. 

Andrew C. Bennett Princeton, NJ. Environmental Science and 
Resource Management. Science Writing Minor. 

Peter R. Bennitt Butler, I'A Mechanical Engineering and 
Economics Cross Country; I'rack and laid; l'i Kappa Alpha; 
Sua lent- Athlete Council; SoLiery ol Mechanical 
Engineers; Dean's List; Patriot League Academic Honor Roll. 

Danielle Lia Bergamo Last Hanover. NJ. Journalism. 
Communication Minor. The Brown and White; WLVR. 

Bradle] DlerBerk Bedford, NY. Finance. Alpha Tau Omega. 

Lindsay Jennifer Berkman Pennington, Nl I nglish and 
Psychology. Delta Gamma; Dean's List. 

Matthew D. Berman Cheshire, CT. Architecture and Spanish. 
1 aw and I egal Institutions Minor. ( "ollcgc ot Arts and Sciences 
Advisor) Committee; Student Associate; Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Society; Sigma No; lour Cuide; Eyelevel, 
Founder, I ditor-in-Chict; ( ollege Scholars Program; Dean's List. 

Randall Berman Port Washington, Nl Industrial Engineering. 
l'i lambda Phi, President. Houm Manager, Social Chairperson. 

Arthur Lemuel Bermudez Blue Bell. I'A. Chemical Engineering. 
Student \, tit ides ( ouncil. I ilms * "Chairperson; Unh 
i hoir, t oncen Manager; \sian Cultural Society: University 
String Orchestra; Theatre Production; Alpha Phi Omega; 

American Institute ot t "hem I'tigineers: Dean s List. 

Barra Ayn Bernstein New York, NY Government. ArtHistory 

.uul Psvchologv Minors Dean s I isi 

The Final Chapter 327 

Rachel T. Bernstein Claudio Bertone Renee Therese Beshara Jeffrey Bier 

Ian M. Bieszad 

Rachel Bixenholtz Brian Alexander Bober Christopher M. Bohan Cecilia Bohlsen 

Scott Hutchinson 


Bte ^ ; ': ; V : ^: ^B^fl 

ll ^ *^^i 

R ^ ^1 

^^ r *lpE K "*~ ••* JH 

r »^!k *^S/_^B 

" '<fc Jg 

, ^—^Tl 1 . J^^S 

m M^ ^ * jH ' m 

i^^^k. ■ BvS ^1 



? Ib ^1 HR 4 

4t ;tv 

v. i * - m 


Cheryl Michele Borak Douglas Grant Bordai 

Kari Kukanskis, Raj Butani, Craig Balotin, and Stacy Strelkofftake time to smile Andrea Meredith Boss David Michael 

for the camera. Bourquin 

328 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Timothy Boyd Bousum 

John L. Bown 

Kelly Lynn Boyce 

Christopher Sean Brady Pamela Emily Brady 

Sara Ellen Brady 

Peter D. Brandenburger Erin Ann Brennan Adam Benjamin Bridges 

Daimon Sebastian 

Glenn Brightman 

Maria Ava Brodv 

Rachel I'. Bernstein Island Park, NY. Finance. Alpha On ' 

( Imega, Vice President, Membership Development; Finance Club; 
Tutor; Women in Business; Dean's List. I 

Oaudio Bertone Quebec, Canada Football; Dean's 

List; Patriot League Academic Honoi 

Renee Theresc Beshara Brooklyn, NY. Philosoph 

Iryphon Society; Debate ream; Pnilosopl l lnb; 

I ) mi mi Newman < ouncil Volunteer; Phi Beta Kappa; < 
Scholars Program; Deans List; William's Prize. 

Jeffrey Bier Warren. NJ. Electrical Engineering. Law and Legal 
Institutions Minor. 

Ian M. Bieszad Williamson, NY. Finance. Intramuials. 

Rachel BixenholB Marll NJ. Accounting. Alpha Chi 

Omega, Communications Chairperson 

I ist. 

Brian Alexander Bober Cranlord, NJ. Accounting. Wl VR; 1'lii 
Kappa Theta, Social (Chairperson. 

Christopher M. Bohan Shaker Heights, OH I heatre and 
Economics, him Guide; Student Ambassador; Squash ( lub; 
Must. ml and ( h< i se I Irama Society, Vice President; William 's J 
Prize for Acting; Irene Ryan Nomination for Acting ' 

Cecilia Bohlsen Bethlehem, PA. Sociology and Sol ial Psychol 
ogy. British I iterature Minor. Cheerleading; Student Ambassa- 
dor; Theatre. 

Scott Hutchinson Bolton Bethlehem, PA. International Careers 
and Spanish. Student Ambassador; Kappa Sigma. 

Cheryl Michele Borak Manalapan, NJ. International Business. 
Government Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Douglas Grant Bordan Port Washington, NY. Accounting. Pi 

Kappa Alpha. 

Andrea Meredith Boss Upper Saddle River. NJ. Economics. 

I mil < Tiiute; Women In Business. 

David Michael Bourquin Arnold, Ml) < ivil Engineering. Phi 
Sigma Kappa, Secretary, House Manager; American 
Civil Engineers. 

Timothy Boyd Bousum Downingtown, PA. Biology Religion 
Minor. Phi Gamma Delia, Recording Secretary. Pledge Educator; 
Lacrosse Club; Green Biology Cluh. 

John L. Bown Cheshire. CT. Psychology. Sigma Nu, President, 
Research Director; [nterfraternity Council; The Legend Club; 
Dean's List; Psi Chi. 

Kellv Lynn Boyce Pittsburgh, PA. Psychology. Sociology Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta; International Partners Program; Gender Issues 
Forum; Dean's List. 

Christopher Sean Brady Western Springs. II.. Mechanical 
Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma. President. 

Pamela Emily Brady Woodland Hills. CA. Marketing 
Psychology Minor. Marketing Club, Vice President Program 

ming; Alpha ( >mnron Pi. 

Sara Ellen Brads Martinsville, NJ. Theatre and Anthropology. 

Mustard and Cheese Drama Society, Treasurt i Studi in 
Ambassador; Phi Beta Kappa. Outstanding Theatre Student: 
W tlliam's Prize lor Acting; Irene Ryan Nomination for Acting; 
American College Theatre Festival. 

Peter D. Brandenburger Hillsborough. CA. Materials Science 
and Engineering. Chi Psi. President. Treasurer; Student Materials 
Sot ii r. . I au Beta Pi < Irdei ol ( 'mega. 

Erin Ann Brennan Conyngham, PA. Journalism and Govern- 
ment I he Brown ,iuA White; Alpha Gamma Delta. Publicity 
Chairperson, Vice President Scholarship; Dean s I ist; PI 
Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Adam Benjamin Bridges Chatham. NJ Geology. Geology Club; 
Gaming < 'lub. t W-Campus Club; Sigma Gamma Lpsilon; Dean's 
I isi 

Daimon Sebastian Briggs Dallas. IX Chemical Engineering. 
Boxing Club, President. 

Glenn Brightman Voorhees, NJ. Finance Sigma Phi, President, 
Rush Chairperson. 

Maria Ava Brodv I Ikins Park. PA. Behavioral Ncuroscience. 

The Final Chapter 329 

"Everything's coming up roses!" sings Elizabeth Pasmantier. 

Aaron D. Burda 

Warren Wilson 
Burnard, Jr. 

330 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Michael I . Burns 

Sean I nomas Burns 

Raj C. Bin. mi 

Michael Butz 

Vincent J. Cacciatore 

Erin Cahill 

Rachel Tori Cain 

Silvia A. Calantoni Bryan Joseph Camaglia 

Marie Campbell 

Matthew Campbell 

Marcelo Campillay 

Hilary Anne Kniwn Win net ka, II International Relations and 
Spanish. I )elta t lamma. 

Richard Robson Brown I.inwood, NJ. Psychology. Football; 
Fellowship <>l t Christian Athletes. 

I 1 1 n. i Mi i. hele Buhlei < bits Ne< k, NJ Beha 

Alpha Phi, President; Panhelleni< Council, President; rh< Bridge; 

( )micron I )elta Kappa, President; < >rdei ol ( >mega, President; Psi 

< In 

I i in Dennis Buncc Hialeah, II . Civil Engineering. American 
Societ] <>i ( ivil Engii 

Kristin Jean Bunting Fori Washington, PA. Accounting. 

I rcmblcv Mouse President; Hall President; Accounting ( lub; 
I utor; Beta Alpha Psi; I >ean s 1 isr ; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma 

Jarett Savas Buiak Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Interna I irecrs. 

Spanish Minor Beia I'heia Pi; ( Careers Club; 
I >ean ■ I ist. 

Aaron I). Burda North Hollywood, ( A. I nglish. I heatreand 
I aw Minors. Swimming, c 'aptain; Theatre; Freshman I ligh 
Point Aw. ml tin Swimming; Faculty-Athletics < ouncil Award. 

Warren Wilson Barnard, Jr. Walnurport, PA. Mechanical 
Engineering. I rack ami Field; Psi I psilon. 

Michael T. Burns Poughkeepsie, NY. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Track and Field. 

Sean Thomas Burns I awrcnecville, NJ. Mechanical Engineer- 

Raj C. Butani Easi Hanover. NJ. P re-Medical Science. I raining 
< orps, Reserve ( >fficer; VI I VR; Octopus Club; U.S. Armj 

Health Professions Scholarship. 

Michael Butz I inwood, NJ. Accounting. Football; Alpha Tau 
( )mega, President. 

Vincent J. Cacciatore Glen Mills, PA. Electrical Engineering. 
Aerospace Studies Minor. Air Force ROTC; Student Senate. 
Academics Chairperson; Delta Tau Delta; Arnold Air Society, 
Squadron Commander; Highland Guard; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron 
Delta Kappa. 

Erin Cahill Kmerson, NJ. Accounting. Psychology .Minor. 

Rachel Tori Cain Cold Spring Harbor. NY. International 
Relations. Russian Language and Russian Studies Minors. 
International Careers Club; Gamma Phi Beta. Vice President; 
Junior Panhellic Council, fail-n-Bail Fundraiser Chairperson; 
Stud) Abroad, Moscow; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Interna- 
tional Partners Program. 

Silvia A. Calantoni Nazareth. PA. Architecture. Urban Studies 
Minor. American Institute of Architecture Students. 

Bryan Joseph Camaglia Solon. OH. Industrial Engineering. 

Marie Campbell Beverly, MA. Chemical Engineering. 

Matthew Campbell Harveys lake. PA. Chemical Engineering. 

Theatre; American Institute ol Chemical Engineers. 

Marcelo Campillav Staten Island, NY. Economics. Football. 

The Final Chapter 331 

Tammy L. Canna Zina Beth Cappiello Christopher Cardany Paul Michael Caron Joseph Scott Carpentt 

Favorite Freshman 

Eco 1 during Lehigh/Lafayette 

Free Beer. 
Leaving Home. "* 

Singing "I Touch Myself" during 
Greek Week Air Band. 

Setting off a Fire Alarm in Dravo. 

My roomate threw up on me. 


( don't remember freshman year. 

James Virgil Carrier Franky-Ann Carrozzo 

Daniel William Carter Jeffrey Casella 

Anne Spencer Cassell Dawn Marie Castle 

332 Every Picture Tells A Story 

olm Joseph Cavanaugfa 

Rebecca Cavin 

David Richard Cecchini 

Stefano Luigi Celli 

Anthony Michael 

David Younghoon Cha 

Mary Chaffier 

Scott Lewis Chambers King Hung Chan 

Derrick F. Chang 

Kevin I. Chapman 

Theodore A. 
Charletta II 

Tammy L. Canna West Chester, PA. < ivil Engineering. New ' 
Studem ' orientation Stall; Student Senate, Secretary; Alpha Chi 
I . American Society of Civil Engineers; Forum; Tau Beta I 

I p ilori < Imii ton Delia Kappa; Dean's List; Phi Eta 

/.in. i Beth Cappiello Suflfern, NY. Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Alpha ' iamnu 1 lelta; Panhellenic Council; Cheerleading; Ph 
Sigma; Alpha I p ilori Delta P ;i < 'hi, 

Christopher! ardarn Bri tol, ( I ( ivil I American 

Sociel ' I ulcers; American VX/ater Resources Associa- 


Paul Michael Caron West Chester, PA Computet Engineering. 
Racquctball < lub; Newman ( enter; Institute ot Electrical and < 
Electronics Engineers; I t.i Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 


Joseph Scott Carpenter r. 11 . IX i ivil Engineering. Sigma 
Phi, Steward 

James Virgil Carrier Darien, < 1 Industrial Engineering. 
\\ I \ 1- Music Director. General Manager; Stage I I ioi 
Production Manager. , 

Frankv-Ann Carrozza New Hope, PA Government. Journalism 

Daniel William Carter Wayne. PA. Industrial Engineering. 

Jcftrcs Casella < hern Mill. NJ. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta; STAR Tutor; Student Materials 
Soi ii tj 

Anne Spencer Cassell Rye, NY. English. Journalism Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta. Public Relations Vice President; Student 
Ambassador; Tour Guide; The Brown and White. 

Dawn Marie Castle Edison, NJ. Environmental Science and 
Resource Management. Cross Country; Indoor and Outdoor 
Track and Field; Gamma Phi Beta. 

John Joseph Cavanaugh Morristown, NJ. Materials Science and 
I ngineermg and Fine Arts. Science, Technology and Society 
Minor. Alpha Sigma Phi, Vice President; Student Senate; Student 
Materials Societ) 

Rebecca Cavin Englewood, NJ. Urban Studies. Writing Minor. 
Alpha Phi, Vice President; Equestrian Team. 

Dasid Richard Cecchini Bloomington. MN. Marketing. 
Football. Captain; Delta Upsilon; Student-Athlete Council. 

Stefano Luigi Celli Mahopac, NY. Computer Science. Fast 
Break ( lub: Assistant Tutor Coordinator; University Scholarship; 
Class of '52 Memorial Scholarship. 

Anthony Michael Cerminaro Middletown. MD. Mechanical 
Engineering, Air Force ROTC; Sigma Chi; American Society ot 
Met hanical Engineers; Who's Who Among American College and 
University Students; Dean's List. 

David Younghoon Cha Blue Bell. PA. Computer Science. 
Economics Minor Sigma Chi; Korean Students Association; 
Dean's List. 

Man Chaffier Hellertown. PA. Finance. Law and Legal 
Institutions Minor. Epitome. Business Editor; University 
Literacy Corps; Transfer Mentor Program; Dean's I ist. 

Scott Lewis Chambers Williamsport. PA. Civil Engineering. 
Soccer; Chi Fpsilon. 

King Hung Chan Kobe. Japan. Mechanical Engineering. 

Derrick F. Chang Hong Kong. Architecture. Asian Cultural 
Soi iety; American Institute ol Architecture Students. 

Kevin T. Chapman Brooklyn. NY. History. Spanish Minor. 
1 rack ami I ield; Student-Athlete Council; Black Student Union: 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

Theodore A. Charletta II West Newton, PA Mechanical 
Engineering. Student Senate; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. 

The Final Chapter 333 

Hey get out of my face, I'm trying for the high score," says this senior. 

Willis Joseph Chen 

Merigo Carroll 

Jaymes Scott Choy Yvonne Christinger 

Catherine Anne 

\ mam 

Samantha Churgin Gregory S. Cipriano 

334 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Timothy Michael Coff 

Elyse S. Cogliano 

Melissa J. Cohen 

Lorianne M. Colalillo Charles N. Collucci III Geoffrey Stephen Colon 

John Colton 

Valerie Elaine Colyvas John George Comas 

kimberly Ann 

Doak Osvvin Conn IV 

Jennifer Stanton 

Stephanie I ee < haimcr Northbrook, IF. Industrial 1 ngineering. 
Alpha Phi, Vice President; Junior Panhelleni ' ouncil, President; 
New Student < )rientation Staff. 

Kcnnard P. Chen Bedford, MA. Biochemi 
Studies Minor. Asian Cultural Society; Korean Student Associa- 
tion; American I hemical So< iety; Intramurals; A( 11 Intercolle 

giate Kcprcscni.ii ive 

Willis Joseph Chen Thompson, f I \ inline I ist Asian 

Studies Minor. Sigma Chi; WLVR; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Merigo Carroll Chianese Larchmont, NY. Marketing. Delta 

1 .num. i. Rush ( li.ut(Hisi.n; Marketing ( lub. 

Michael < hiang I au r< n< c\ ilk N I Mi i hanii al I ngineering. 
I.ii \si.m Studies Minor. Highland Guard I ommander, Deput) 
ol I t. uuing; Arnold Air S ( k iet) : Volleyball ( luh; Asian ( ailtural 
Society; Marching 97; Pep Hand; I rack and Field; Russ Spyker 
Award foi Excellence Daughtei ol American Revolution Award. 

Julie Chodos Greenwich, < I English. Psychology Minor. 

James Choe Springfield, PA. Industrial Engineering. 

I li/ahcth Vmiiiu Chont XX'cllcslcv, MA. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing I H Id I lockey. , 

(diaries ( 'houkalos White Rivet Junction, V I . Ele( tried 
Engineering. Delta Fan Delta. Steward. 

Jaymes Scott Choy Mahopac, NY. Computet Engineering. 

Yvonne Christinger Franklin Lakes, NJ. French. German Minoi 

French C Hub. 

Catherine Anne Christoffel Solon. OH. Geology. Mathematics 
Minor. Asst. Hall Director; Gryphon Society; Student Activities 
Council; Choir, Librarian; Student Ambassador; Benefit lor the 

Homeless; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Samantha Churgin Port Washington, NY. Geology. Delta 
Gamma. Social Chairperson. Secretary; Geology Club. 

Gregory S. Cipriano Cranston. RI. Government. International 
Relations Minor. Football; Track and Field; <• hi Psi, Rush 
( 1 1 1 1 1 person. Vice President. 

Timothy Michael Colt Ocean, NJ. Finance. Public Relations 
Minor. Public Relations Student Society of America; Intramurals; 
Alumni Fund Phone Drive; Sports Information Intern. 

Elyse S. Cogliano Budd Lake. NJ. Finance. Government and 
I ast \sian Studies Minors. Kappa Alpha Theta, Activities 
Coordinator, President; Youth Group Leader; Student Activities 
Programming Assistant. 

Melissa J. Cohen Snowmass Village, CO. Behavioral Neuro 
science. Health and Human Development Minor. Ski learn. 
Captain; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Lorianne M. Colalillo Whitestone. NY. Accounting. Psych 
Minor. Grvphon Societ) Mpha Gamma Delta. Rush Chair. 

Charles N. Collucci III Xutlcv. NJ. Finance Investment Club; 

University Scholarship. 

Geoffrey Stephen Colon Bethlehem. PA. Journalism. Govern- 
ment Minor. Ihe Brown and White. Asst I ilcstvlcs F.ditor. Asst. 
News Editor, News I dum. \\ I \'R. Production Manager, Asst 
Music Director; Marching l >~; Sigma Chi, Founding 1 ather; 
Society ol Professional Journalists; Dean's I ist; William's Prize; 
Study Al I 

John Colton Churchville, PA. Computer Engineering. Lehigh 
University Computing Society, President; Institute ol Electrical 
and Electronics Engineers, I reasurer; Tour Guide; Student 
Ambassador; ( acholic Campus Ministry. 

Valerie Elaine Colyvas Broomall, PA. Industrial Engineering. 

\lph.i Ph.. 

John George Comas Garden City, NY. Finance. rhetaChi, 
President; [, Rush Chairperson; Phi I Q 

' )rdel ol t )mega; t 'micron Delta Kappa; Dean's Fist 

Kimberly Ann Compton Hop Bottom. PA. Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Dancin ; Societ) ..i Manufacturing I nginei 
American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Societ] Women 
1 ngineers; Dean's I ist: Alpha Pi Mu; I' S. Kch'u demy 

\v. 11 cF 

Doak Oswin Conn IV Kennett Square, PA ( vil Engineering. 

lennifer Stanton Conway Manhasset, Ni" Vmerican studies. 
Epitome, Activities < o-Editor; STAR Tutor; Benefit tor the 
I fomeless. 

The Final Chapter 335 

Andy Tilzer cannot undo his smile after taking his yearbook pictures in the basement of 

the UC. 

Alexis Corr 

Mark J. Corso 

Tracy Ann Costaldo Joseph A. Costanzo Christopher P. Couluris Cynthia Lynn Coward 

Keith Cramer 

336 Every Picture Tells A &lory 

Robert Mervyn 

Keith A. Crider John Nicholas Cristiano 

Kenneth W. 
Crocker, Jr. 

Deborah Ann 

Matthew Hoerle Daly 

Jason Anthony 

Nicholas Montefusco 

Paulo J. DaSilvia 

Jonathan Michael 

Heather Mindv Davis 

Karl Davis 

I leather Grace Coogan Spring lake, NJ, Psychology and 
Spanish. Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Robert Cook Stamford, CT. Civil Engineering. American 
So( iety of Civil Engineers; ROTC Ranger Club; Tau Beta Pi. 

Dodd Joseph Corby New Cumberland, PA. Civil Engineering. 
Mi ii In Vice President; Army ROTC, Honor Society 

Francisco R. Coronado Lima, Peru, Economics and Interna- 
tional Relations. Student Ambassador; Tae Kwon Do Club; 
International Relations Club, President. 

Alexis Corr Newtown Square, PA. Industrial Engineering. 
Swimming, < aptain l lamma Phi Beta. 

Mark J. Corso Milltown, NJ. Pre-Medical Science. Delta Tau 
1 >elta; Orientation Leader; International Scholars Honor Society; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Tracy Ann Costaldo Valley Stream. NY. Materials Science and 

Engineering. Alpha Phi, Fraternity Educator, Social Chairperson; 
The Bridge; Student Materials Society, Secretary. 

Joseph A. Costanzo Sellersville, PA. Mechanical Engineering. ' 

Track and Field; International Partners Program; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Pi Tau Sigma. 

Christopher P. Couluris Lloyd Harbor, NY. Mechanical 
Engineering. Psychology and Aerospace Studies Minors. Air 
Force ROTC, Commander; Delta Tau Delta, Officer Guide. 

Cynthia Tvnn Coward North Miami Beach, FL. Computer 
Engineering. Alpha Chi Omega, President, Alumnae Chairper- 
son, Assistant Rush Chairperson; Track and Field; HUG 
Educator; Order of Omega. 

Keith Cramer Douglassville, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Kappa Alpha Society. President; Student Materials 

Robert Mervyn Creighton Manheim, PA. Civil Engineering. 
Delta Phi; Chi Epsilon. 

Keith A. Crider East Hampton, CT. Finance. Investment Club, 

President; Future Business Professionals. President. 

John Nicholas Cristiano North Haven, CT. Accounting. Delta 
Chi, Treasurer. Social Chairperson, Faculty/Community 
Relations. Secretary; Residence Security. Director. 

Kenneth W. Crocker, Jr. Rumson. NJ. Molecular Biology. 
History and Spanish Minors. Dormitory President; Beta Theta 
Pi, Rush Counselor 

Deborah Ann Cunningham Garden City, NY. Finance. Social 
Psychology Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta; Economics Society; 
Marketing Club. 

Matthew Hoerle Daly Andover, MA. Environmental Science. 
History Minor. Geology Club. 

Jason Anthony D'Angelo Ridgesvood. NJ. History and 
Government. Taw and Tegal Institutions Minor. Beta Theta Pi. 
Secretary; Young Americans for Freedom, Chairperson: Phi Alpha 

I In i.i 

Nicholas Montefusco D'Anna Massapequa. NY. Earth and 
Environmental Science. Wrestling; Kappa Alpha Socit 
Geology Club. 

Paulo J. DaSilvia Bethlehem. PA Electrical Engineering. 

[onathan Michael D'Augusta Belle Mead. NJ. Behavioral 
Neuroscience. Kappa Sigma: lntetlratcrnitv Council; Young 

Heather Minds Das-is Pomona. NY. Economics. Alpha 

Gamma Delta: Women in Business. Economics S.> 

Karl Davis Tampa. Fl . Biology. Chemistry Minor. Big 
Brother/Big Sister Mentor Program, Coordinator: Football; 
STAR Tuior: National s <n iet] "t Black Engineers 
President; Womens' Powder Puff Football Club, Coach. Black 
Student Union; Biology Club; Intramurals; Who's Who Among 
American College and University Students: Alumni Academic 
Improvement Award. 

The Final Chapter 337 : 

Senior Joe Karn fights off his enemies with his most effective weapon: the ping 

pong paddle. 

Brian Christopher Dec Elizabeth Anne Dechant 

Gregory K. Decker Paul G. Deluliis Bethany A. Dekker Ellyn Joan Del Corso Robert E. Dellinger, Jr. 

338 Ever/ Picture Tells A &07 

Sean Jason Denham 

Judv Ann Dcnnin 

Christopher DeNoia 

Kyle Wayne Derstine 

Ketan Desai 

Nirpa M. Desai 

William A. DeSimone David Michael Devon- Nicholas J. Diaconis 

Albert David Diaz 

Eden DiCirolamo 

Daniela DiMaggio 

Rachel J. Davis Waverly, PA. Psychology. Sociology Minor. 
Martindalc Center Student Associate; i niversicy Phobia Program; 

r siry Literacy Corps; Hogar Crca Tutor; Orientation Stall: 
I'm (In; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Scott Davis LaGrangevillc, NY. Chemical Engineering. 

Eugene H. Davoli Rockviile Centre, NY. Biology. Chi Phi, 

President, Pledge Educator; Junior Class Secretary; Newman 
( Council. 

Matthew Charles Deans Mi. Holly, NJ. Electrical Engineering 
and Physics. Volleyball < lub, President; Institute ol Electrical 
and Electronics Engineers; Phi Eta Sigma; 1 .111 Beta Pi: Eta Kappa 
Nn. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Brian Christopher Dec Scotch Plains. NJ. Mechanical 
I ngineering American Society ol Mechanical Engineers; 
Intramurals; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Dean's I isi 

Elizabeth Anne Dcchani Reading, PA Civil Engineering. 
Architecture Minor. American Society of Civil Engineers. 
President; Society of Women Engineers, Vice President; Alpha 
Phi Omega; Campus Ministry; Chi Epsilon; Omicron Delta 

Gregory K. Decker Old Bridge. NJ. International Relations and 
History. Journalism and Anthropology Minors. Delta Tau 
Delta; The Brown and White; Dean's List; Phi Beta Delta. 

Paul G. Deluliis Pittsburgh, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Football: Delta L'psilon; Student Materials Society. 

Bethany A. Dekkcr Sparta, NJ. Industrial Engineering. 
American Institute ol Industrial Engineers; Society of Manufac- 
turing Engineers; Alpha Pi Mu. Vice President, Alpha Pi Mu 
Prize; Tau Beta Pi; Wallace J. Richardson Memorial Scholarship; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Memorandum of 
Commendation from tne Department ol the Arms'. 

Ellyn Joan Del Corso Sinking Spring, PA. Earth and Environ- 
mental Science. Psychology Minor. Alpha Phi Omega; Dean's 

Robert E. Dellinger, Jr. Summit. NJ. Journalism and Interna- 
tional Relations. Sigma Phi; The Brown and White. 

Sean Jason Denham \\ ildsvood Crest. NJ. Accounting. Law 
and Legal Institutions Minor. Baseball; Accounring Club; 
Intramurals; Law Society. 

Judy Ann Dennin Havertosvn, PA. History and Gosernmcnt. 
Basketball; Gryphon Society; COACH Program; Student-Athlete 
Council; Phi Alpha Theta. 

Christopher DeNoia Colonia. NJ. Finance and East Asian 
Studies. Cheerleading; Tae Ksvon Do Club; Armv ROTC; Sigma 

Kyle Wayne Derstine Hatfield. PA. Chemical Engineering. 
Applied Mathematics Minor. Kappa Alpha Sociery, Vice 

Ketan Desai Mountaintop, PA. Molecular Biology. Philosophy 
Minor. Philosophy Club: Green Biology Club; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Nirpa M. Desai Warren, NJ. Finance. Gosernmcnt Minor. 
Alpha Gamma Delta. 

William A. DeSimone Toms Riser. N I Accounting. Commu- 
nication and Computer Science Minors. Delta Sigma Phi, 
Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Editor. Intertraternity Council. 
Publicity Chairperson. University Relations Chairperson: Tour 
Guide. Executive; Order of Omega; Omicron Delia Kappa; 
Who's Who Among American College and University Students. 

David Michael Devon- Bridgesvatcr. NJ. Marketing. Gaming 

Nicholas J. Diaconis Timonium. ML). English. Phi Gamma 

Albert David Diaz Virginia Beach. VA. Sociology and Social 
Psychology. Public Administration Minor. Omega Psi Phi: 
STAR Tutor; Dean's I isi 

Eden DiGirolamo Clifton, NJ. L'rban Studies. Young 
Americans tor Freedom; Senior Class Gilt Campaign; University 
Litetacy Corps. 

Daniela DiMaggio Emerson. NJ Accounting. Psychology- 
Minor. Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, Good Scholar: Accounting 
Club. Good Scholar; Women in Business: Hall President; 
Epitome. Photography F'diror; Photography Club: Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Dean's List. 

Final Chapter 

Jennifer Ann Dinan Richard Raymond Jennifer Docherty Nathan R. Domagalski Charles Bruce 

Dobson, Jr. Donaldson 

Best Reasons [Excusesj 
for Missing An Exam: 

REALLY long train - couldn't 
make it back to the South Side 

Mardi Gras 
Stuck in the 

snow \\ (K • • * 

My room caught on fire 

Sick grandmother 

Had an asthma attack and 
couldn't walk to the exam 

Having sex 

Joan Mary Dorcely 

Maiya Dos 

Theresa Marie Doyle William R. Doyne 

Laura Lynn Dreger Jessica Naomi Drexler 

340 Every Picture Tells A Story 

William Brian Duke Scott Andrew Duncan 

Thomas E. Durkin 

Martha Alworth 

Gregory Thomas Eckert 

Jennifer Marie Edwards 

Erik Egger 

Jennifer Lynn Ekstrom 

Carsten Engelstelt 

Nicole Englt 

Robin Beth Epstein 

Jennifer Ann Dinan Mantua, NJ. Psychology. Gamma Phi ' 
Bii.i, Standards < Chairperson, Activities < Chairperson; STAR 
I utor; Field Hockey; Dean's List. 

Richard Raymond Dobson, Jr. Holland, PA. Mechanical 
Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma; American Society oi Mechanical 
Engineers, Society i>l Automotive Engineers, 

Jennifer Docherty Maliba, < A Government. Economi 
Musk Minors, Delta Zeta, President, Panhcllcnic Delegate. 
Parliamentarian; Softball; Wind Symphony; Concert Band; 
Patriot League Scholar Athlete; University Scholar Athlete; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Order of ( )mega; Dean*s List. 

Nathan R. Domagalski Shocmakersvillc, PA. Chemical 
Lngineering and Chemistry. American Chemical Society, Vice 
President; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Tau Beta 
Pi; Brizol Award; < handler Award, 

Charles Bruce Donaldson Horsham, PA. English. Architecture 
Minor. Swimming; Diving, Captain; Record Holder. 1-Meter 
Springboard; COACH Program. 

Joan Mary Dorccly FlowerhiU, NY. Psychology. French Minor. 
Black Student Union; Choir, Section Leader; Late Night at 
Lehigh, Co-Chairperson of Publicity; Gospel Choir; French ( lui> ' 

Maiya Dos Port Jefferson, NY. Architecture. American 
Institute "I Architecture Students, Secretary; Tennis; Dean's List. 

Theresa Marie Doyle West Hempstead, NY. Marketing. 
Swimming, Captain, Most Valuable Player; Alpha Omicron Pi; 
Student-Athlete Council. 

William R. Doyne Bethlehem, PA. Journalism. Psychology 
Minor. Society of Professional Journalists. 

Laura Lynn Dreger Milltown, NJ. English. Communication 
and Education Minors. Delta Zeta; WLVR, Public Affairs 

Jessica Naomi Drexler Warminster, PA. Social Relations. Alpha 
Chi Omega, Warden, Historian; Dance Club, President; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

William Brian Duke East Lyme. CT. Chemical Engineering. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vice President; Tau 
Beta Pi. 

Scott Andresv Duncan Bloomsbury. NJ. Architecture. 

Thomas E. Durkin Philadelphia. PA. English and Government. 
Baseball, Captain; All Patriot League; Phi Gamma Delta. 
President, Rush Chairperson; Student-Athlete Council; 
Interlraternity Council. 

Kristine Ann DssTer Bethlehem, PA. Architecture and 
Psychology. Late Night at Lehigh, Co-Chairperson; New Student 
Orientation Staff. 

Martha Alworth Eberhardt Winnetka. 1L. Biology. Psychology 

Minor. Study Abroad. 

Gregory Thomas Eckert Summit, NJ. Finance. Pi Lambda Phi. 

Jennifer Marie Edwards Penally. NJ. American Studies. 
Epitome, Sales Editor; Senior Class Committee; Senior Class Gift 

Erik Egger Felton, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Crew; Alpha 
Chi Rho; Gryphon; Tutor. 

Jennifer Lynn Ekstrom Churchville, PA. Applied Mathematics. 
Psycholog) Minor. Alpha Gamma Delta. Publicity Chairperson. 

Carsten Engelsfelt Aarhus. Denmark. Matketing. 

Nicole Engles Medfield, MA. English. Communication and 
Psychology Minors Delta Gamma. Recording Secretary, Ritual 
Chairperson; Swimming; Turning Point Volunteer. 

Robin Beth Epstein Port Washington, NY. Government. 
International Relations Minor. International Club; Public- 
Relations Society ol Students; Student Conference on United 

tie; International Partners Program. 
Coordinator; Hogar Crea Tutor. 

The Final Chap* 

Matt Ayers contemplates the trials and tribulations of graduating and moving out 

into the real world. 

Josefina Estrella 

Meredith Jill Evans 

Peter P. Everett 

Andrea FaJke 

Brian Fallon 

Kim Fallone Ralph Michael Fariello 

Dominic Anthony 

Catherine Brooks Faure Marc Scott Fenster 

Nicole Ferber 

Bradford Simeon 

342 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Nicholas Festa 

Rachel 1. Field 

Carter Townshend 

Monica Elizabeth Fields 

Bryan Finley 

George Fischer 

Jennifer Fischer Bronnie Lindsay Fisher Timothy B. Fisher 

Warren Eric Fisher Craig Jason Flaherty 

Mark Eric Flanzer 

Jeffrey William Erdley I.cwishurg. PA. Civil Engineering. ' 

Military Science Minor. Lehigh Ranger Company; Ranger 
Challenge learn; Society of American Military Engineers; 
Scabbard and Blade; American Society of Civil Engineers; 
Distinguished Military Student. 

Donna Esposito Chalfont, PA. Molecular Biology. Anthropol- ' 

Minor. WLVR; Student Ambassador; Phi Beta Kappa; 
College Scholar Program; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Josefina Fstrella Manila. Philippines. Industrial Engineering. 

Student Ambassador; Church Choir; Institute of Industrial 

I ngineers; Society of Women Enginct rs; Societ) <>t Manuractur- 

ineers; iau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi 
Beta Delta. 

Meredith Jill Ivans Atlanta, GA. English. Journalism and 
Psychology Minors. Panhellcnlc Council, Rush Coordinator; 
Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairperson; Dean's List; Order of 

Peter P. Everett ( lloucester, MA. Government. Public 
Relations Minor. Ice HockeyTcam. Treasurer, Co-Capcain; 
Sigma Nu. Rush Chairperson; The Legend Club. 

Andrea Falke Fairbanks. AK. International Relations and 
German. Cross Country; Track and Field; Dean's List. J 

Brian Fallon Chalfont, PA. Finance. Geological Sciences 
Minor. Investment Club. 

Kim Fallnnc I -airfield, NJ, Government. French Minor. 
ICARE; Orientation Staff; Study Abroad; Dean's List; Foreign 
Language Scholarship. 

Ralph Michael Fariello Hillsborough, NJ. Marketing. 
Psvchology Minor. 

Dominic Anthony Farole Nesquehoning, PA. Mechanical 

Catherine Brooks Faure Erwinna, PA. Government. French 
Minor. Student Senate; STD and AIDS Education; Diversity 

Marc Scott Fenster Commack. NY. Pre-Dental Science. 
Psychology Minor. Fast Break Club. Treasurer; Orientation 
Staff; Track and Field; Tutor; Dean's List. 

Nicole Ferber Summit, NJ. Psychology. Delta Gamma; 
Dean s List. 

Bradford Simeon Ferstan San Diego, CA. Mechanical 
Engineering. Society of Automotive Engineers, I reasurer: 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

Nicholas Festa Cranfbrd, NJ. Civil Engineering. American 
Society of Civil Engineers. 

Rachel I. Field Highland Park. NJ. Psychology. Progressive 
Student Alliance. Co-Chairperson; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Carter Townshend Fields Wilmette, II.. Biology. Psychology 
Minor. Ice Hockey, Phi Kappa Theta. Treasurer, Executive 

Secretary; Student Senate-, 

Monica Elizabeth Field's Greenvale. NY. Psychology. Studs 
Aim mcI, Spain; St. Lukes Hospital Volunteer, Translator; Delta 
Gamma, House Manager. 

Bryan Finley Scotch Plains, NJ. History. Alpha Lau Omega, 

Vice President, Social Chairperson; Soccer ( lub, 

George Fischer Hatfield. PA. English. Pure- Mathematics 
Minor, Study Abroad, Australia; Phi Beta Kappa Scholar 

Program; Martindale Scholar. 

Jennifer Fischer Bedford, NY. International Business. AIDS 
Outreach; Panhellenic Council. Rho Chi; Alpha Phi; Dean's 1 ist 

Bronnie Lindsay Fisher Bethlehem, PA. Finance. Late Night at 
I thigh, Chairperson; Delta Zeta; Council of Student Presidents; 
Orientation Staff; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Timothy B. Fisher Mi Pocono, PA. Accounting. Delta 
Upsilon, Secretary, Alumni Representative, Social Chairperson; 

Accounting Club. 

Warren Eric Fisher Hollywood. I 1 Accounting. 

Craig Jason Flaherts Darien, CT. Civil Engineering. Phi Kappa 
\ i President. Pledge Educator. 

Mark Eric Flanzer Stoughton, MA Chemical Engineering. 
Hillel Society, President, Secretary; Student Ambassador; Alpha 
I psilon Pi, Social Chairperson; American Institute of Chemical 
i< ,-ts; Dean s List. 

The Final Chapter 343 

Senior AJ Campbell enthralls the crowd with his magnificent shooting ability. Bradley Alan Foss Nicole Whitney Fox 

344 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Robert P. Freud 

Charles W. Friday, Jr. Charles Friedberg 

Francis Lee Friend 

Andy Frishman 

Karen Lorraine Fultz 

Wilson K. Fung 

Steven Gaal 

Derek Matthew Gage 

Lawrence J. Gagner 

Eric Lee Gailing 

Stephen Christopher 

lames Watts Elinthbaugh York, PA. Mechanical Engineering. ™ 
Alpha Chi Rho; American Society "I Mechanical Engineers, . 

President; Student Facult] ' ouncii, Chairperson; Senior Class ' 

Gift Committci rati Bet i Pi; Omii Delta Kappa; Pi Tau 


Mark I nomas I lorio Seaford, NY. Finance, [men 
Relations Minor. Cross < lountry; Track and I ield; Student 
Ambassador; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President; < horal I 
wXVR; I 'an lot 1 1 agut Academic V hievemem Honor Roll. 

Jam- Caroline Flynn I dison, NJ. Behavioral Ncuroscience. 
Equestrian I earn, I aptain; Newman ( louncil, VII' Service, 
Secretary; < omnuinni Service Board 

Michael Foley Middle town, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 
American Sot iet) ol Met hanical I ngineers; Student I acult] Staff; 

Garry Lynn Foltz New Milfbrd, PA. Chemical Engine* 
Iiii. [fraternity Council, President; Baseball; Alpha Tau ( 'mega, 
President, Judicial Committee, Pledge President, Outstanding 
Man of the Year; |unior Interfratetnit] ( ouncii. Vice President; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Stabler Memorial Scholarship. J 

Kenneth A. Force Easton, PA. Electrical Engineering. Alpha 
Chi Rho, Pounding lather. Treasurer; Gryphon Society; Stage 
Door. Production Manager; I ale Night .11 I thigh, Founding 

Bradley Alan Foss Roslyn, NY. Anthropology. Journalism 
Minor. Amaranth, Editor in Chiet; The Brown and White; 
I ehigh Review; Dean's List; William's Prize F01 < teative Writing; 
\\ illiam's Prize for Social Sciences. 

Nicole Whitney Fox Darien, CT. English. Government Minor. 

Study Abroad. Paris; 1CARE; Student Senate; English ( lub 
Salvation Army Tutor; Residential Advisor) < ommittee; 
Residence Hall Council; Sigma Tau Delia. 

Robert P. Freud Moorestown, NJ. Civil Engineering. 
Economics Minor. Theta Delta Chi; Rugby Club. 

Charles W. Friday, Jr. Pittsburgh. PA. Finance. Phi Kappa 
Theta, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer. Steward, Recording Secretary; 
Inlcrlr.itcriutv ('ouncii. Treasurer; Fraternity Management 
Association, Vice Chairperson; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of 

Charles Friedberg Chicago, IL. Finance. Japanese Minor Tour 
Guide; Phi Gamma Delta. Social Chairperson. Community 
Service Chairperson; National Honor Society for Finance: Dean s 


Francis Lee Friend Prospect. PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
French Minor. Christian Fellowship. President; STAR I utor; 
Choral Union. Concert Manager; Pi Tau Sigma; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Andv Frishman Chappaqua, NY. Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Good Scholar, Election Chairperson; Zeta Psi; Outstanding 

Student of the Month. 

Karen Lorraine Eultz Hillside. NJ. Environmental Science. 

Wilson K. Fung Rochester. NY. Finance. East \sian Studies 
Minor. Sigma Chi, Founding Father; Choral Union; Asian 
Cultural Society; Debate Club; Dean's List. 

Steven Gaal Old Tappan, NJ. Finance. Computer Science 
Minor. Debate Club. President; Tau Epsilon Phi, Chancellor; 
I lean s I 1st 

Derek Matthew Gage Duxbury. MA. Social Psychology. Theta 
\i. Scholarship Chairperson, Rush Chairperson. 

Lawrence J. Gagner New Hope, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 

Eric Lee Gailing Englewood Cliffs, NJ Psychology. University 
Phobia Program. 

Stephen Christopher Galante Berkeley Heights. N'T Mechanical 
I ngineering. Tae Kwon Do Club: Alpha Sigma Phi, House 
Manager, Honored Marshal; American Society ol Mechanical 

The Final Chapter 345 

(•\ -5^1 


, i 

1 f'*-3*i 





Kristin Michelle 

Lauren Nyree 

Jerry Garcia 

John Stephen 

Alan Matheus 
Gardner, Jr. 

Alt ft 

Jonathan Henry 

Michael Garry Gaydos Alison Beth Gehris Gregory Scott Geiling Michael S. Gelman 

These seniors attended the fireworks the night before the Lehigh/Lafayette game. Charles Lonnie Getz 

Steven J. Gibble 

346 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Erika Yvonne Giemza 

I.ori Anne Gil 

Trista Anne 

Christopher F. Girr 

Warren Jay Gisser Stacey Alison Glanstein 

Lara Glass 

Lee Andrew Gold 

Lorri B. Goldberg 

Todd Andrew Goldberg Wendv L. Goldberg Benjamin Orr Golden 

Kristin Michelle GanglofF Littleton, CO. Marketing. Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Standards Chairperson. 

Lauren Nyree Garapcdian Fori Lee, NJ. Behavioral Neuro- 
science. Alpha Gamma Delta; Outing Club; Biology Club; 
Dean's List; I'hi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Jerry Garcia San Francisco* CA. Music 

John Stephen Garczywski Norristown, PA. Electrical 

Alan Matheus Gardner, Jr. West Chester, PA. Psychology. Zcta 


Jonathan Henry Gavlinski (lark Summit, PA. Chemical 

Michael Garrv Gavdos Chatham, NJ. Finance. Investment 

Alison Beth Gehris l.utherville. MD. International Relations 
and Russian Studies. Russian Club; AOMC Volunteer; Russian 
Honor Society. 

Gregory Scott Geiling Edison, NJ. Finance. Delta Phi; 

I luncil, Judicial Committee: l-conard Poole 
Entrepreneurial Scholarship Award; University Entrepreneur of 
the Year. 

Michael S. Gelmao New Rochelle, NY. Accounting. Sigma 
Alpha Mu; The Brown and White. Business Staff. 

Jennifer George Port Washington, NY'. Psychology. Lacrosse; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Academic All American. 

Allen Gerace New Hope, PA. Accounting. Theta Chi. 

Charles l.onnie Getz ( ilcn Gardner. NJ. Civil Engineering. 
Football; Wrestling; COACH Program; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta 

Steven J. Gibble Manheim, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Pi 
Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Erika Yvonne Giemza Ewing, NJ. Environmental Science. 
Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian; Senior Class Treasurer; Panhcllcnic 
Council, Rho Chi; Crew. 

Lori Anne Gil Wilbraham, MA. Accounting. International 

Relations Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta. Alumnae Relations, 
Panhellenic Delegate; Gryphon Society; Dancin'; Accounting 
Club; Adopt-A-Grandparcnt: Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma: Dean's List; Rhodes Scholar 
Nominee; Junior Alumni Award. 

Trista Anne Giovanniello Burlington. CT. Earth and 
Environmental Science. Delta Zeta. Vice President of Member- 
ship. Assistant Rush Chairperson, Judicial Board: Geology Club: 
Lehigh University Volunteer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Christopher F. Girr Longmcadow, MA. Architecture. 
Architectural History Minor. American Institute of Architecture 
Students: Dean's List. 

Warren Jay Gisser Watchung. NJ. Economics. 

Stacey Alison Glanstein Rockville Centre. NY. English and 
Religion. Hillel Society, President: Volunteer House. 

Lara Glass Canton. OH. Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delta. 
Rush Counselor: Outing Club; Psi Chi. 

Lee Andrew Gold \\ cthcrsficld, CT. History. Hall President: 
Phi Gamma Delta. Rush Chairperson: Skiing: Wrestling; Phi 
Alpha Theta; Dean's 1 ist. 

Lorri B. Goldberg Middlctown. NY. Psychology. The Brown 
and White; Independent Research; Undergraduate Psychology 
Convention: Dean's List; Psi Chi. 

Todd Andrew Goldberg Morristown, NJ. Marketing. Ice 
Hockey, President; Phi Gamma Delta. Recording Secretary- 
Outstanding Student ol the Month. 

Wendy L. Goldberg Trumbull. CT. Accounting. Delta Zcta. 
uer, Assistant Treasurer. Pledge Class President; Account- 
ing Club; Women in Business. 

Benjamin Orr Golden Delran. NJ. Accounting. Theta Chi. 
Treasurer: Accounting Club: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 
Program; Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi. Treasurer: Order of 
Omega; Martindale Center Student Associate: Omicron Delta 
Kappa: Dean's List. 

The Final Chapter 347 


Myla Denise Goldman Brett Adam Goldstein Marc J. Goldstein 

Stefany Elizabeth 

Jennifer Hedy Gorak Stephen Robert Gordon Elizabeth Gosen 

Joseph Gothie 

Scott Goodman 

Malcolm S. Gould 

Tracy Rowley and Ned Montenecourt hang out together at the Spring Valley 

Inn on a sunny spring day. 

William W. Graham, Jr. John Paul Grattan 

348 Every Picture Tells A Story 


Carolyn Louise Gredys 

Amy Greenbaujm 

Matthew Brian 

Stephanie Suzanne 

Benjamin Gates Griffith 

John Michael 

Michael Robert Gsell Anne Marie Gulka 

Edward Christian 

Beth-Anne Guthrie 

Robert Gutman 

Jeffrey E. Hagan 

\M.i Denise Goldman Evansron, II.. Behavioral Neuroscience. ' 
women's Studies Minor. [CARE ; I )ean's I ist; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Brett Adam Goldstein ClifTside Park, NJ. International i 
STAR Program; [*Utor; International Club. 

Marc J. Goldstein Stony Brook. NY- Journalism and Econom- 
ics, rhe Brown and White, Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, 
News 1 ditor; Wind Ensemble, Stage Mana 
Professional journalists, President; Gryphon So< i irer; 

I i ustec Scholar; < College Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Si 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Cagan Award for Ativan*. eel Reporting 
Dean's List; Who s who Among College and I fniv i ;ity Students. 

Stcfany Elizabeth Gonzalez Boonton Township, N|. Architec- 
ture. Alpha Phi. 

Scotl Goodman Somerville, NJ. Industrial Engineering. Stage 
Door, Production Manager. 

Jennifer Hedy Gorak Wesrborough, MA, Psychology. 
Basketball, ( 'aptain. 

Stephen Robert Gordon roms River, NJ. Mechanical 
I ngineering. Big Brother/Big Sister; [ntramurals. 

Elizabeth Gosen Ridgefield Park, NJ. Materials Science and J 

Engineering. Biology Minor. Alpha Omicron Pi, President, 
Chapter Relations Chairperson; Student Senate; lour Guide. 

Joseph Gothie Valley Hi, PA Accounting. Chi Phi, Zcra; Wind 

Ensemble, Instrument Manager; [azz Ensemble. 

Malcolm S. Gould Downingtown, PA. Economics. Delta Tau 
Delta, President, Rush Chairperson; Forum; Student Senate; 
Board of I rustees Student Representative; ["rack and Field; t ireek 
Man of the Year; Beta Gamma Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Order of Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's Eist. 

Elizabeth Kathrvn (iovek Jersev City, NJ. Behavioral Ncuro- 
science and Theatre. Theatre, Scene Shop Assistant; W'LV'R; 
Epitome, Academic Editor; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society. 

William J. Graf, Jr. Turnersville, NJ. Civil Engineering. Army 
ROTC, Ranger Challenge Champion; Scabbard cv Blade Society; 
Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

William W. Graham, Jr. Sea Girt, NJ. Civil Engineering. Phi 
Gamma Delta; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon, 
Vice President. 

John Paul Grattan Rochester, NY. Mechanical Engineering. 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Orientation Starr. 

Carolyn Louise Gredys Atlanta, GA. Government. History and 
Religion Minors. Alpha Omicron Pi, Membership Education 
Chairperson; Epitome, Activities Editor; Senior Class Secretary. 

Amy Greenbaum Springfield, VA Psychology. Alpha Omicron 
Pi, Recording Secretary; Senior Class Gift ( Campaign, Solicitor; 
Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Matthew Brian Greenblatt Trumbull, CT. Accounting. 
Communication Minor. Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Secretary. 

Stephanie Suzanne Greene Tryon, NO Internationa! Relations. 
Crew; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class Gift ( ampaign, Executive. 

Benjamin Gates Griffith Sparks, MD. Government. Student 
Senate, By-Laws Committee Chairperson; Chi Phi; I m. 
Guitar Ensemble. 

John Michael Grzymkowski Pittsburgh, PA. Accounting. Phi 
Delta Theta. 

Michael Robert Gsell Basking Ridge, NJ. Accounting. Delta 
Chi, Activities ( hairperson, Treasurer; Accounting C Hub 

Anne Marie Gulka Rumson, NJ. Biology. Intramurals; l^c.m s 

Edward Christian Gunzel East Meadow, NY Materials Science 

and Engineering Kappa Alpha Society; Gryphon Society; Dean's 
1 ist; I au Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma \lu. 

Beth-Anne Guthrie St. James. M Journalism, English and 
Women's Studies. Sexual Health Peer Education, Coordinator; 
The Brown ,uul White, 1 ifestyle Editor, Editorial Board. Assistant 
I ifestyle Editor, Desk Editor; Women's Studies Council; 
Commission on Diversity; Dean's I ist; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Robert Gutman New York, NY. Finance \lpha Tau Omega. 

Jeffrey E. Hagan Pittsburgh. PA. Chemical Engineering. 
Economics Minoi ( hi Phi. House Manager. Steward; American 
Institute or Chemical Engineers. 

The Final Chapter 349 

Top Ten Senior Hangouts: 

10. The 'Ho 
9. Wawa 
8. The Ho 
7. Wawa 
6. The *Ho 
5. Wawa 
4. The 'Ho 
3. Wawa 
2. The 'Ho 
1. Wawa 


Omar B. Halaby 

Christopher M. Hager Steven Lance Hahn 

Brian Christopher 

Frederick Charles 
Hallahan III 

Jennifer Marie 

Jennifer L. Halls 

W/F w> ^B 

"*" M 

Hfek ^| 





1 m 


Michael Haines 

Michal Hampel 

Peter Han 

Todd A. Handler 

Rebecca Jeryl Hanna 

Emily Hanson 

Kara Elizabeth Hanson 

350 Every Picture Tells A Story 

Kevin Robert Happ Jennifer L. Harmon 

Shideh Hashemi 

Lance Aubrey Haynes Meghan Eileen Heffner Darrel E. Herbst, Jr. 

Eric W. Hermansen Kevin Michael Herrema 

Robert Christopher 

David A. Hicks 

Carolvn Emilv Hill 

James Winfield Hill 

Christopher M. Hager Palmerton, PA. Civil Engineering. Chi 

Steven Lance Hahn I.chighton, PA. Civil Engineering. 
Architecture Minor. American Socict\ of< ivil I.nginecrs; 
Student Activities Council; Zeta Psi; University Scholarship. 

Brian Christopher I lahne Holmiiel, NJ. Marketing. Social 
Psychology Minor. WLVR, Assistant Program Director; 
Marketing Club. 

Michael Haines Chalfont. PA. Journalism and Science Writing. 
Science, Technology and Sociery Minor. The Brown and White; 
Lehigh Christian Fellowship; Amateur Radio Society; Dean's List. 

Omar B. llalaby Rye Brook, NY. International Relations. 
Economics Minor. Student Activities Council. 

Frederick Charles llallahan III Ruxton, MD. Civil Engineering. 
Zeta Psi, House Manager, Secretary; Lacrosse, Captain; American 
S i of Civil Engineers 

Jennifer Marie Hallowell Ashton, MD. Civil Engineering. 
K.ipp.i Alpha Theta, Vice President, Recording Secretary; Society 
of Women Engineers, President, Treasurer; American Society or 
Civil Engineers; Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi 
Epsilon; Alumni Association Junior Prize, \ 

Jennifer I . Halls New Holland, PA. Biology. Psychology 
Minor. Alpha Phi Omega; Green Biology Club, Secretary; 
Dean's List. 

Michal Hampel Huntingdon Valley. PA. Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Delta Gamma, Foundations Chairperson; Epitome, 
Academics Editor; Society of Women Engineers. 

Peter Han Cedar Grove, NJ. Biology. 

Todd A. Handler Cincinnati, OH. Anthropology and Spanish. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Rebecca Jeryl Hanna Framingham, MA. Accounting. Alpha 
Chi Omega, Vice President Finance, Collegiate Rush Information 
Chairperson; Accounting Club; Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Emily Hanson Potomac, MD. Civil Engineering. American 
Sociery of Civil Engineers, Vice President; Society of Women 
Engineers; Alpha Omicron Pi. Philanthropy Chairperson; Phi Eta 

Kara Elizabeth Hanson Franklin Lakes. NJ. Psychology. Lass 
Minor. 1CARE; Gender Forum; Dean's List; Psi Chi. 

Kevin Robert Happ Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mechanical 
Engineering. Student Activities Council, Executive Board; Stage 
Door, Marketing Manager; American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma; Dean's List; Student Activities Superior 

Jennifer L. Harmon Lawrenceville, NJ. Accounting. Kappa 
Alpha Theta, Standards Chairperson, Membership Chairperson; 
Orientation Staff. 

Shideh Hashemi Maple Glen. PA. Marketing. Writing Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta, Treasurer; WTVR, DJ; Amaranth; Study 
Abroad, London; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Lance Aubrey Haynes Wharton. NJ. Architecture. Football, 
Captain; Black Student L'nion; Student-Athlete Committee; 
American Institute of Architecture Students. 

Meghan Eileen HefTner Pottsville, PA, Marketing. The Brown 
and White, Business Manager; Gamma Phi Beta; Marketing 
Club; Snowboarding Club; Bowling Club; Dean's List. 

Darrel E. Herbst, Jr. Wilton. CT. Computer Engineering. Cut 
and Thrust Fencing Club: WLVR. 

Eric W. Hermansen Bedford. NY Mechanical Engineering. 
Theta Xi. 

Kevin Michael Herrema Clarks Summit. PA. Engineering 
Physics. Sigma Nu; Choir, Overtones; Ski Team. 

Robert Christopher Hess Foster City, CA. Economics. 
American Literature Minor. Theta Xi. President; Intertraternity 
Council, Representative; Football. Dean's List. 

David A. Hicks Dallas. TX. Electrical Engineering. Chi Phi, 
Treasurer, Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Carolyn Emily Hill Wayne, NJ. International Relations. 
Benefit for the Homeless; The Seuss is Loose Club. 

James Winfield Hill Spnngtown. PA. International Business. 
Government Minor. Bowling Club, Treasurer: Sigma Chi, 

The final Chapter 351 

Paul Hisem 

Laura Hite 

Christopher W. Hobbs Matthew Hochhauser 

Christopher P. 

Rachel Cain, Sara Smith, and Gillian Wilbur take a seat on their front porch 
since the harsh winter kept them couped up inside for months. 

352 Even- Picture Tells A (Story 

David John Holden Rebecca Kay Hollands 

Herbert F. Hoi/ III 

Lori Elizabeth Hood 

BethAnne Hopkins 

Patrick John Horan Jennifer Leigh Horester 

Eric L. Horn 

Dena Hsieh 

Judith Theresa 
Malaealeialoha Hubai 

Christopher Haller 

Ihonias M. Huber 

Jessica J. Huertas Bruce Roger Hulshizer 

Paul Hiscm Fonthill Ontario, Canada. Accounting. Russian ^ 

Studies Minor. Track; Cross Country; Martindalc Student A 

Dean's List; Phi I ma Sigma; Phi I 

Beta Delia; 1 tobro Slovo 1 

Laura Hite Altoona, PA Psychology, Educ Minor. A 

Cheerleading, < aptain; Alpha Gamma Delta • .ding ■ 

Secretary, Intramurals Chairperson, Song Guard Dean': I ist. " 

( In isi.iphc-r W. Hobbs Pottsville, PA II Baseball. 

Matthew Hochhauser New York City. NY. international 

Id ins ( iovernmeni M A 

(Christopher P. iioddinott Preston, ( I Mechanical Engineering, i 
Alpha Chi Rho, Public Relations Chairperson American Society A\ 
dl Mechanical Engineers; Private Tutor; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta PiT 

Ian Charles Hodgson Glen Rock, NJ. < livil I nginccring. 
Symphony Orchestra; Squash Club; < hi I psilon, Secretary; Tau 

Beta Pi. 

Adam |av Hoffman Syosset, NY. Chemistry. American Chemical J 
Society, Set retar) Pre-Law \ p J 

Leslie Hoffman Hummelstown, PA Psychology. Sociology V 
Minor. I our ( luide; Senior Class Gift Campaign; STAR Tutor; 1 

I rack and field; Dean's List. " 

Carrie Lynn Hohmann Cherry Hill. NJ ( henucal Engineering. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Society of Women 
Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List, 

David John Holden Columbia, MD. Mechanical Engineering. 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Rebecca Kay Hollands Moorestown. NJ. Urban Studies 
Psycholog) Minor. I Ik Brown and White, Business Staff; Gamma 
Phi Beta. Philanthropy Chairperson; Bowling Club; Dean's List. 

Herbert F. Holz III Bridgeport, CT. Architecture and Civil 
Engineering. Theta Xi; American Institute of Architecture . 

Students; American Society of Civil Engineers. I 

Lori Elizabeth Hood Lansdowne, PA. Environmental Science. 
French Minor. Swimming; Kappa Alpha Theta. Social Chairpcr- A 
son; Gryphon Society. 

BethAnne Hopkins Drexel Hill. PA. Industrial Engineering. 

Patrick John Horan Philadelphia, PA. Mechanical Engineering 
and History. Intramurals; Student Ambassador; Crew; Phi Alpha 

Jennifer Leigh Horester Drums. PA. Accounting. Senior Class 
t iiii ( Campaign, Business College Chairperson; Student Ambassa- . 
dors Club; Orientation Staff; Accounting Club; University 
Purchasing Department, Office Assistant; Dean's List; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Martindale Center Student Associate; 
American Women's Society of CPA'S, Scholarship Recipient. 

Eric L. Horn Spring Valley, NY. History. Government Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Society; Phi Alpha Theta. Vice President; Dean s I ist. 
Class of 1904 Award; Student Life Award; Who's Who Among 
American College and University Students. 

Dena Hsieh Manhasset, NY. Marketing. Alpha Gamma Delta. 
Treasurer; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer: Marketing Club, Vice- 
President finance. 

Judith Theresa Malaealeialoha Huhaj Wallingford, PA. Chemical 
Engineering. American Institute of Chemical Engineer 
Women Engineers: Marching q ~ ; Concert Band. 

Christopher Haller Huhbard Cincinnati, OH. Economics. 
Spanish Minor Phi Delta Theta. Greek Peer Educator. 

Thomas M. Huber Philadelphia. PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Economics Minor. Delta Sigma Phi; Student Activities Council. 
Films Committee; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi 
Tau Sigma: Phi 1 i.i Sigma; Dean's List. 

Jessica J. Huertas Bethlehem. PA. Biology. Psychology Minor. 
Late Night at I ehigh, ( lo-Chairperson, Student Advisor; < louncil of 

Student Presidents; Kappa Sweethearts: Black Student Union; 
Learning and Leadership Award: Leader on the Horizon Award. 

Bruce Roger Hulshizer Perkasie, PA Civil Engineering. 
Navigators Christian Fellossship; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; 
Intramurals Manager ot the Year. 

Michelle Leonard and Annie Cassell make fun of their overzealous parents 
waving frantically from their seats during Commencement. 

Melissa S. Iotti 

Serene Irani 

K. Scott Ishler 

Alexander Iskold Holly Michelle Jackson Joanna D. Jacobs 

Timothy Jagisch 

354 Ever}' Picture Tells a Story 

Charles James 

Binoy Jani 


Jean Marie Jankowsky 

Jill Janson 

Kevin Howard 
Jefferson, Jr. 

Eric Graham Jenkins 

Jeffrey Allan Jenkins 

Stephen M. Jenkins Corey Leigh Jobson 

Daniel Everett Johnson Katherine D. Johnson Kevin David Johnson 

Christine Iannelli Freehold, N|. Accounting. 

< jiliryn lannotta Carmel, NY. Architecture. Ski Team; 
M Institute of Archecture Students; Dean's List. 

Gilbert G. Idhaw Horsham, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Uj'li.i Phi Omega, President. 

Kyoko Inouye Valley Stream, NY International Careers. 
Psychology Minor. Delta Gamma, Panhel Delegate; Intcrna- 
ireers < tub 

Melissa S. lotti Manalapan. NJ. Behavioral Ncuroscicncc. 
Government Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta, Deputy Service 
I hairperson, Greek Week Chairperson, rhetaofthi Year; 
Hazing < ommittee; Senior Class Gifi ' atnpaign; Student "t tin 

Serene Irani Randolph, NJ. Social Relations. Forum, 
1 Policy Representative, Parking Services Representa- 
tive, Cultural Diversity Representative; Public Relations Student 
Society of America, Secretary. 

K. Scott Ishler Allison Park, PA. Accounting. Financial 
Management Association, Chairperson of the Hoard; Beta Theta 

Alexander Iskold Allentown, PA. Mathematics. Computer 
Science Minor. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Holly Michelle Jackson Ringoes, NJ. Journalism. Public 
Relations Minor. Black Student Union; Gospel Choir; The 
Brown and White; Cross Colors Club. 

Joanna D. Jacobs Somerset, PA. International Relations and 
French. Kappa Alpha Theta. Member Educator; Greek 
Leadership Award; Dean's List. 

Timothy Jagisch Baton Rouge, LA. Architecture. Graphic 
Design Minor. American Institute of Architecture Students; 
Calculus Club; Crew; Dean's List. 

Charles James Warren, OH. Computer Engineering. 

Binoy Jani Hopewell Junction. NY. Pre-Mcdical Science. 
History Minor. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Jean Marie Jankowsky Southampton. PA. English. Sociology 
Minor. Alpha Gamma Delta, Steward, Executive Council; 
English Club; Biology Club; Panhel Rush Counselor. 

Jill Janson Rutherford. NJ. English and Creative Writing. 
Psychology Minor. Gryphon Society; Choir; The Overtones. 
Concert Manager; Delta Zeta, Pledge Class President; 
Amaranth; English Club; Names Project AIDS Quilt; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Tau Delta; Dean ^ I ist; 
College Scholar; Departmental Honors; Class of 1904 Award; 
Srudent Life Award; Who's Who Among American College and 
University Students. 

Kevin Howard Jefferson. Jr. Philadelphia. PA. Mechanical 
Engineering. Football; Track and Field; Gospel Choir: National 
Society of Black Engineers; Scholar-Athlete Award. 

Eric Graham Jenkins Montville. NJ. Electrical Engineering. 
Biology Club; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

Jeffrey Allan Jenkins Bel Air. MD. Electrical Engineering. 
Lacrosse. Captain; Zeta Psi. Steward. 

Stephen M. Jenkins Collcgeville, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Wind Ensemble; Student Materials Society. 

Corey Leigh Jobson Wilmington, DE. Environmental Science 
and Resource Management. New Student Orientation Si ifl 
Geology Club; University Literacy Corps; Best Buddies. 

Daniel Everett Johnson Scituate. MA. Civil Engineering. 
Foorball; Delta Upsilon. Presidcnr. Nice President. House 
Manager; Interfratcrnity Council. 

Katherine D. Johnson Palo Alto, CA. Psychology. Art 
Minor. Teaching Apprentice in Art Historv; Study Abroad. 
London; Psi Chi; Dean's List; Departmental Honors. 

Kevin David Johnson Sunbury. PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Volunteer House. President: Student Materials 

Treasurer: American Society o( Materials International 
Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Sigma Mu: Phi Eta Sigma; 
Dean's I ist. 

The final Chapter 355 

Seniors Robby Phillips, Michael York, and Pete Mead dressed up for the senior 
cocktail party at the Ho only to get into the senior section of the yearbook. 

David M. Jordet Christy Damian Joy 

Orion Corelle Joyner Ginelle Julien 

Karl Jungbluth Rachel Kachur Christine Elizabeth 



Robert Kaczur Glenn Edward Kalison Kristin Leigh Karloski Joseph E. Karn 

Ryan Karp 

356 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Natasha Kat/ive 

David William Kauttcr Jeffrey I odd Kaye 

Vincent J. A. Keane 

Barbara Ann Kelly 

Thomas R. Kelly 

Brian T. Kent 

Christopher C. 

David Brian Kiehn 

Joseph Penn Kim 

Scott P. Kim 

David W. King 

Jcssua M. Jones Kingston, PA, Business. AIDS ^ 
* tut i- .n 1 1 Gamma Phi Beta; f icld I lockey; I lean's list. A 

Scott Robert Jones Newtown Square, I I inancel 

[nternational Relations Minor. 1 >elta Chi Si vard, Alumni 
Secretary Accounting Club, I reasurei . Bi ta Alpha Psi Newsletter J 
I ditor; Phi Eta Sigma B< ta ' iamma Sigma. ■ 

David M. Jordet Verona, NJ. Behavioral Ncuroscicnce. Dell 
Marching 97. 

( litisi\ I). imi. in |o) Potl ill PA, Accounting. Philosophy 
Minor. < raming ( Ink Vice President, President, ( Concession A 

I high Week, < iraphk Artist; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Orion Corclle Joyncr t aimk-n '.| 1 .irih and Environmental A 

Geology Club; National Society ol Black Engineers; 
Association ol Minorit) Business Students. 

Ginelte fulien Hillside, N| Mathematics. Broughal Middle- 
School Tutor; Track and 1 icld, ( a>-( laptain; Intramurals, Manager. 
Black Student Union; STAR 1 umt; National Sot i< cj ol Black 
Engineers; Challenge for Success Academic Award. J 

Karl Jungbluth Ridgewood, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. I beta M 
Delta (hi. M 

Rachel Kachur Princeton, N | Biology. Women Studies Minor. i 
Progressive Student Alliano I o I hairperson; Women's Group; 
Adopt a Grandparent Program. 

Christine Elizabeth Kaczmarczyk Wcrncrsvillc, PA. Chemical 
Engineering. American Society of < ihemical Engineers; Society of 
Women Engineers; Late Night At Lehigh; Delta Zeta, House 
Manager, Steward; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Robert Kaczur Medford, NJ. Electrical Engineering. Alpha 
Lpsilon Pi; < laming Club; Outing Club; Dean's List. 

Glenn Edward Kalison New York, NY. Finance. French Minor. 
Baseball; Squash Team; Phi (iamma Delta, Social Chairperson; 
Interfraternity Council, Judicial ( Committee. j 

Kristin Leigh Karloski Murrvsville, PA. Economics. Psychology 
Minor. Kappa Alpha Thcta, Ritualist. House Manager; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Economics Society. 4 

Joseph E. Karn North Caldwell. NJ. Einance. British Literature- 
Minor. Sigma Phi, Rush Co-Chairperson; Vielc Scholarship. 

Ryan Karp Phillipsburg, NJ. Marketing. Chi Psi, Alpha Affairs 
Chairperson. Scholarship Chairperson; Greek Peer Educator. Group 
Leader; Intramurals. 

Natasha Katzive Brooklyn, NY. Psychology. Alpha Phi; The 
Bridge; Psi Chi. . 

David William Kautter Glastunhurv. CT. Accounting. American 
Literature Minor. Phi Kappa Thcta, Vice President. House 
Manager, Steward. Scholarship ( hairperson: Intert rater nit\ Council, 
Housing Committee; Student Senate. Social Committee, By-Laws 
i ommittee; Order of Omega. 

Jeffrey I odd Kave Easi Rockaway, NY. Architecture. I beta ( hi, 

Steward; Lacrosse; Dean's 1 ist 

Vincent J. A. Keane Springfield, VT. Journalism and English. 

Barbara Ann Kelly Carbondale, PA Civil Engineering. Alpha Phi 
Omega, Historian; Intramural Manager; American Society ol Civil 
Engineers; Society ol Women Engineers; Senioi (Mass Gift 
Campaign; Chi Epsilon; Dean's I tst 

Thomas R. Kelly Scotch Plains. N| Materials Science and 
1 ngineering. 

Brian T. Kent Sands Point, NY. Mechanical Engineering. Phi 
Kappa I heta; I )ean*s List. 

Christopher C. Kercsmar Freemansburg, PA Civil Engineering. 
Sigma Phi, Rush Chairperson, 

David Brian Kiehn Storrs, CT. Chemical Engineering. Sigma Phi 

Joseph Penn Kim Lafayette Hill, PA. Molecular Biology. 
I h n ration StaflR Salvation Army Volunteer. 

Scon P. Kim Upper Saddle River, NJ. English. 

David W.King McAlisterville, PA. Economics. Delta Sigma Phi. 
president, Rush (hairperson. Greek Peer Educator. 

The Final Chapter 357 

Marjorie Ellen Kirsh Sara Jane Kleiner James Emerson Kline Paula Ann Knight Stacey L. Knudsen 

Romeen Kochhar 

Kurt David Koester Jason Eric Kokoszka 

Senior Tim Marshall takes a break from studying to take advantage of the sunny James William Kollas Peter Ken Kong 

spring weather 

358 Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

John Theodore 

Diana Monica Kopyt 

Christopher P. 

Andrew D. Kotchen Michelle F. Kudesh Kari Ann Kukanskis 

Kristi Ann Kungl 

Bradley Scott Kurian 

Lisa Kurtzer 

John Robert Labenski D. Matthew Lacerenza Jeffrey LaGrassa 

Marjorie Ellen Kirafa IcnatK , NJ. English. Psychology Minor. 
1 I ountry; Benefit lor the 1 lomeless; The Scuss is Loose 

< lub; STAR ["utoi 

Sara Jane Kleiner West Siockbndgc. MA. Biology. Alpha 
Omicron Pi; I )ani in Student Ambassador. 

James Emerson Kline Newton, NJ. Civil Engineering. 

I'aula Ann Knight South Windsor, CT. Accounting. French 
Minoi I kit. i Zeta, I reasurer, Assistant Treasurer; Accounting 
i lub Women in Business; UPB1 \ I ; STAR Tutor. 

Staccy L. Knudsen Branford, CT. Management. Student 
Forum, Co-Chairperson. 

Dae Ko Orlando, FL. Biochemistry. East Asian Studies Minor. 
Korean Student ( Jul); Fast Asian Society; Mustard Seed 
I ellowship. 

Romeen Kochhar < herry Hill NJ Pre Medical Sciences 
Choir; Overt I oral I nion. 

Kurt David Koester New Providence, NJ. Psychology. Jazz 
Ensemble; Campus Bands; WLVR; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Jason Eric Kokos/.ka Marietta, GA Biology. Alpha Tau 

James William Kollas Lemoync. PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Delta Tau Delta, Steward, Campus Chairperson, Community 
( Ihairperson; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. 

Peter Ken Kong Morganville, NJ. Accounting and Finance. 

Fast Asian Studies Minor. Intramurals; Sigma Chi: Dean's List. 

John Theodore Konstantino Cheshire, CT. Electrical 
Engineering. Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Diana Monica Kopyt Philadelphia. PA. Psychology. Jewish 
Studies Minor. The Bridge. President; Alpha Phi. Scholarship 
Chairperson; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of 
Omega; Psi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Christopher P. Koschack Babylon. NY. Finance. 

Andrew D. Kotchen ('Hester. CT. Architecture. Ski Team, 
President. ( laptain; American Institute of Architecture Students. 
Senior ("lass Representative; Dean's List; Teaching Assistant. 
Architecture Department. 

Michelle F. Kudesh Edison. NJ. Finance. Epitome. Managing 
Editor. Editor in Chief; Investment Club; Who's Who Among 
American College and University Students. 

Kari Ann Kukanskis Woodbuiy, CT. Mechanical Engineering. 
Science, ["echnology and Socierj Minoi Mechanical Engineering 
and Mechanics Student Faculty i ouncil; Vmerican Society <>t 
Mechanical Engineers; Society ol Women Engineers; Crew; Tau 
Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; General Motors Scholar. 

Kristi Ann Kungl Bordentown, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 
1 en ins. Captain; Alpha Gamma Delta; American Society ol 

Mechanical Engineers; Societ) ol Women Engineers. 

Bradlev Scott Kurian Perkiomenville, PA Mechanical 

Lisa Kurtzer Blue Bell. PA. Marketing and Management. 
Marketing Club, President; Orientation Stall, Planning 
I ommittee; Student Senate; Dean's 1 ist 

John Robert Labenski West Hartford, < I Physics. WLVR; 
The Brown and White: Funk's Mill: Phi Eta Sigma. 

D. Matthew Lacerenza Stamford, CT. Psychology. Kappa 
Sigma; Psi ( hi 

Jeffrey l^Grassa Chambcrshurg, PA Chemistry. German 
Minoi ( hoir; t hoial Union, Bass Section leader: Delta Sigma 

The Final Chapter 359 

Charles T. Lainhart Peter T. Lambrakis Michael F. Lamolino Lisa Landstein 

Jennifer M. Lang 

Ronald Anthony 
Lanzo, Jr. 

Brian D. Lapin 

William Thompson Lena Karin Larsson 


Casper Lassiter 

Bryan Finley, Lynn Smith and Jim O'Connor attempt to mooch a ride after 
hours outside The Tally Ho. 

Jennifer A. Laubach Joel Martin Laudenbach 

360 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Terry Scott Lawhcad 

Paul Lazorisak 

Danshu Lee 

Ting-I Steve Lee 

Jonathan Lehberger 

John Leidner, Jr. 

Christopher R. Leiphart 

Michelle Carmelite 

David Letterman 

Brad L. Levin 

Heather Annette Lewis Richard Bryan Lewis 

Charles T. Lainhart Aitamont, NY. English. Government Minor. ' 

PeterT. Lambraku Brooklyn, NY, Mechanical Engineering. 
1 In Sot iaJ ( hairperson, Risk Manager; Lacrosse Club; 
\\ I \ K: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Michael F. Lamolino Paramus, NJ. Relations and 
G rnmeni ( ommunication Minor. Mo ins, 

Vio Presidem ' ollegi Dei rac Vice President; WLVR; lour 

< iuide; Student Ambas adoi I lean's List; Phi Beta I 

I is.i Landstein Ossining, NY. Psychology. Residence 1 1. ill 
Association; New Student ( Orientation Staff; I lean's List. 

Jennifer M. Lang Bethesda, MD. Psychology. Graphu Design 

Minoi I >elta l iamma; I pitome, layout and design stall. 

Ronald Anthony Lanzo, Jr. Welleslc) M V Mathematics. 
Computer Science Minor. ROTC, Army; Cheerlcading. 

Brian I). Lapin Katonah, NY. International Careers. Alpha Tau 
( )mega. 

William Ihompson Larsen Wayne, PA. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Mountain Biking < 'lub, Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Dean's List. 

Lena Karin Larsson Farmington Hills, Ml. Industrial Engineer- 
ing. French Minor. Institute of Industrial Engineers, President; 
International Club, Secretary; Society oJ Women I 
Soi let) ot Manufacturing I ngineers; International Student Host; 

< horaJ Union; Dean's list; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu. 

Casper Lassiter Harlem, W Social Psychology. Black Student 
Union, President; Stage Door, Production Manager; Learning and 
Leadership Award; Who's Who Among University Students. 

Vincent Albert Latehford, Jr. Brick, NJ. Management and 
Marketing. Government Minor. Alpha Chi Rho. President; 
Gryphon Society; Forum, Co ( Chairperson; Who's Who Among 
American College and University Students. 

Amy Kathleen Laubach Nazareth, PA. Psychology. Education 
Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta. Service Chairperson; Dean's I ist, 

Jennifer A. Laubach Clenmore, PA. Chemical Engineering. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Co-op Program. 

Joel Martin Laudenbach Penn Valley, PA. Biology. Ice Hockey; 
Student Health Advisor.' Committee; Sigma Alpha Mu 

Terry Scott Lawhead Enola, PA. Earth and Environmental 
Science. Football; Geology Club. 

Paul Lazorisak Staten Island. NY. Accounting and Finance. 
Sigma Chi, Vice President. President; WLVR. 

Danshu Lee Stamford. CT, Industrial Engineering. 

Ting-I Steve Lee Nutley, NJ. Civil Engineering. Track and 
Field; American Society ot ( ivil Engineers, Treasurer, Secretary; 
Asian Cultural Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Alpha Mu; New 
Student Orientation Statt; Intramurals. 

Jonathan Lehberger Somcrvillc. NJ. Accounting. Baseball. 
Captain, hirst I earn All Patriot League Third Base 

John Leidner, Jr. Stony Brook. NY. Industrial Engineering. 
Institute of Industrial Engineers. Treasurer; Computer-Integrated 
Manufacturing Lab, Project Engineer; lour Guide; Student 
Ambassador; Trustees Scholar; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Christopher R. Leiphart Schaerferstown, PA. Mechanical 

Engineering. Sigma Chi. President. Rush Chairperson, Public 
Relations Chairperson; Ice Hockey Club, President. Co-Captain; 
Pi Tau Sigma, Vice President. 

Michelle Carmelite Leonard Smart. II. English. Psvchology 
Minor Gamma Phi Beta. House Manager. Pledge Educator 
Club, Vice President, Treasurer. 

David Letterman New York, NY. Entertainment 

Brad L. Levin Radnor, PA. Finance. Kappa Sigma. Treasurer: 
I in istment Club. 

Heather Annette Lewis Stowe, VI . Physics. Chi Phi. I ittlc 

Richard Bryan I ewis West Redding] C 1 Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Tennis. Captain; Ambassadors Club: Student-Athlete 
Council; American Societ) ol Mechanical Engineers; University 
Athlete of the Yeai I 

The Final Chapter 361 

funniest Thing That 
Happened During Class: 

Streakers in Eco 1 during Lehigh/ 

Teacher fell off chair # 

Walked info the wrong classroom 

Fell down the stairs 'A/V 

Farted " 

Student threw up/passed out during 
Greek week 

During Greek Week, a student was 
passed out in the back of the class- L 
roon) rhe had been left there from the 
previous classJ 

Student jumped out of a window 

Professor Harson was reading per- 
sonal guotes of students from index 
cards in an attempt to set to know 
them better. One read, "When in 
doubt masturbate" 

Roger Jason Lewis 

Stacey Lifton 

Aaron Lieberman 

Hou-Sheng Lin 

Wen-Hsiung Lin 

Beth Elyse Lincow 



Kristen Linnus 

Cathy Ann Linton James Evan Lionberger Matthew Steven Lippitt Frederick C. Lloyd 

362 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Brett Alan I.ombardo Jennifer Kristin Long 

Richard Kric Long 

Stefanie Longo Marilyn Loo Nicholas Losavio 

Christopher Michael 

Arthur Lowenfish Christopher Philip Loza 

Gene Anthony 

Lisa M. Lucifero 

Mark Ludl 

Roger Jason Lewis Rye, NY. Biology. Jewish Studies Minor. 
Student Health Advisory Committee; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sports 
Medicine Student Trainer. 

A. iron I.ieberman Bcthcsda, Ml). International Relations. 
Crew. Captain, Treasurer; Senioi I > (Campaign, 

Solicitations Co-( Chairperson. 

Stacey Lifton Meehanicsburg, PA. Pre-medical Sciences. Phi 
I i.i Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. 

tiou-Sheng 1 in Bangkok. Thailand. Ele< trical Engineering. 

Wen-Hsiung Lin Scranton, PA. Civil Engineering. Chinese 
Student ( Hub; Asian ( Cultural Society; Tau Beta Pi; ( )hi Kpsilon. 

Beth Llyse Lincow Huntingdon Valley, PA. American Studies. 
\l|>li.i < In i hnc-ga; University Liters ' orps; Dean's List; 
Departmental Honors. 

Kristen Linmis Belle Mead. \|. < lovernment, English and 
History Minors. Gamma Phi Beta. 

Cathy Ann Linton North Bergen, N|, Marketing. Delta 
Gamma; Marketing Club; Women in Business; Senior Class Gift 
(Campaign; Dean s List. 

James Evan Lionberger Glastonbury, CT. Chemical Engineer- 
ing. American Institute of Chemical F.nginecrs; Tau Beta Pi; Phi 
Eta Sigma. 

Matthew Steven Lippitt Watchung, NJ. Sociology and Social 
Psychology. Lambda Chi Alpha; Interrratcrnitv (Council, Rush 

Frederick C. Lloyd Berwyn, PA. Chemical Engineering. Alpha 
Tau Omega; Rugby Club, President. 

Brett Alan Lombardo Shaker Heights, OH. History. Kappa 

Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta. 

Jennifer Kristin Long New York, NY. Government. Writing 
and American Literature Minors. Gamma Phi Beta, \ i 
President Member Education, Pledge Educator. Steward. 
Sisterhood Chairperson; The Brown and White; Intramurals; 
WLVR; Dean's List. 

Richard Eric Long West Chester, PA. Finance. Ice Hockey, 
Vice President, Treasurer; Theta Chi; Investment Club; Lacrosse 
Club; Financial Management Association; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Stefanie Longo Scarsdale, NY. Finance. French Minor. The 

Bridge; Epitome, Senior Editor; Investment Club; Alpha Phi. 
Chaplain, Recording Secretary; Dean's List. 

Marilyn Loo River Edge, NJ. East Asian Studies and Interna- 
tional Careers. Asian Cultural Society, President; Orientation 
Staff, Planning Committee; Economics Society. 

Nicholas Losavio Madison, NJ. Finance. Zcta Psi, Social 
Chairperson; Investment Club; Dean's List. 

Christopher Michael Lbvas? Sayrcville, NJ. Accounting. Alpha 

Chi Rho, Founding Father. House Manager; Student Ambassa- 
dor; Orientation Staff. 

Arthur Lowenfish Pine Brook, NJ. Accounting. Alpha Sigma 
Phi, Treasurer. Steward. 

Christopher Philip Loza Cinnaminson, NJ. Economics. 
German and Government Minors (Cross Country; Track and 
Field; Dean's List; Cross-Countrv ( )oach s Award 1993; Patriot 
League Academic Acheivement Honor Roll. 

Gene Anthony Lucadamo Macungie, PA. Materials Science and 
I ngineering. Delta Chi, Vice President. Alumni Secretary; 
Student Materials Sot, ien I Van's List; Delta (Chi National 
Fraternity \ward. 

Lisa M. Lucifero Feasten ilk P V English. Histon and 
i Itn ernmeni Minors. 

Mark l.udl Scarsdale, NY. Mechanical Engineering. Science, 
[~ech nology and Society Minor. Chi Phi. Vice President; Ski 

The Final Chapter 363 

Julie Vozick and Tomo are ready to enjoy the perfect tailgating weather as seen 

by their smiles. 

Glenn Adam 

Atul Kumar Madan 

364 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Giovanni Maggipinto 

Ted Mahon 

Breen Michael Mahony 

Colleen Makosky 

Jennifer Malatesta 

Robert F. Malonev IV 

Alison Ann Mancuso 

Susan 1. Mandel 

Jason Merritt Burke 

Douglas R. I uehrs Atlanta, GA. I ngineering. Track 
and Field; Kappa Alpha Society, Vice President; Newman 
I ouncili President; Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vice 
Presidem Programming. 

John l.upovici Rivcrdalc, NY. Finance. Rugby; Lambda Chi 
Alpha. Steward) Fraternity Educator, Associate Member 
Educator; Intraferternity Council, Community Relations 
< hairperson; Finance Club. 

Allison lux Colts Neck, NJ. .Marketing. STAR Tutor; Kappa 

Alpha I lu i.i, I n.i in. i Marketing (Huh; Women in Business. 

James Rohert lynch Monesdale, PA. Biology. Biology Club; 
Intramurals; Football; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean's I ist; Student- 
Athlete Recognition Award; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Tar. i Beth lynch Wyckoff, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 
Equestrian Team; Intramurals; Alpha Omicron Pi; American 
Societ) "l Mechanical Engineers. 

Kenneth Laurence Macalpine Newtown Square, PA. Mechani- 
cal I ngineering. Formula SAE Race Car. 

Glenn Adam MacKenzie Ewing, NJ. Materials Science and 
Engineering. ( ommunication Minor. Student Materials 
Society, President; Student Senate, Vice President; lunior 
Interfraternity Council, President; Football, Captain. 

Atul Kumar Madan Cetritos. CA. Prc-Medical Sciences. 


Minor, I'hi Beta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Barbara A. Magaw Boothwyn, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Economics Minor. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; 
Society ol Women Engineers 

Christopher Woodward Magdelain Scarsdale, NY. Art and 

Graphic Design, Sigma Chi. House Manager: Response 'I earn: 
The Brown and White, Designer, Photo Technician. 

Jeffrey D. Maggard Campbell Hall. NY. Finance. Dean's List. 

Giovanni Maggipinto Warren, NJ. Civil Engineering. 

( .r\ phon Society; ROTC Rangers. 

Ted Mahon Rockville Centre. NY. Behavioral Ncurosciencc. 
Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary, Rush Chairpers Interfraternity 
Council, Social Chairperson; Student Senate. 

Breen Michael Mahony Belmont. MA. Architecture. Beta 
Theta Pi, Rush Chairperson; American Institute of Architecture 

Colleen Makosky Bethlehem. PA. Biology. Delta Gamma; 
Volleyball Team; Student-Athlete Committee; Volleyball Rookie 
of the Year 1990. 

Jennifer Malatesta Philadelphia. PA. Finance. Writing Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Theta. Vice President Public Relations; Panhellenk 
Council Delegate; Hazing Committee: Goals and Priority Board: 
Beta Gamma Sigma: Financial Management Association Honor 

Robert F. Maloney IV Cranburv. NJ. Psychology. History 
Minor. Phi Gamma Delta; Ice Hockey Team. 

Alison Ann Mancuso Phillipsburg, NJ. Finance. Alpha Camma 

Susan J. Mandel Sands Point, NY. English. Writing Minor. 
I.C.A.R.E.; The Brown and White: Lehigh Week. 

Jason Merritt Burke Manuel Easton. MD Mechanical 
Engineering. Theta Chi; Pi Tau Sigma. 

final Chapter 36J5 

Kristin Marano Kristi Arlene Markus 

Arthur Ervey 
Maroney III 

Leslie Brooke Marriott 

Dawn Christine 

Robert Roy Martin Alexandra Marty Heather Lynn Mathews Candice Matthews Faith Matthews 

'Hey! I can see my reflection in the lens! claims John Weatherford to Erika Giemza. Ya shana Fione McAuley Brad D. McGill 

366 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Regan McGonigle 

Meredith Elizabeth 

John P. McGuire 

James McHugh 

Melissa McKay 

Michael James McKee 

Donald Michael 

Avisha McKenzie 

Dane Patrick McKenzie 

Graham C. McEachlan 

Erin Kathleen 

Matthew McMurdo 

Kristin Marano Toledo, OH. Behavioral Neuroscicnce. Psi Chi.' 

Kristi Arlene Markus Fairview Park, OH. Finance. Writing 
Minor. Delia Zeta, V.P. Pledge Education. Chaplain. Steward, 
Asst. Pledge Educator; Panhel Judicial Board; Ambassador; 

I I'l'.l All (micron Delia Kappa; Order of Omega; Dean's List. 

Arthur Ervcy Maroncy III Ridgcwood, NJ. Government. 
I.chigh-For-Lifc, Secretary; The Right Way, Editor in Chief. 

Leslie Brooke Marriott Washington, DC. Psychology. 
I ommunication Minor. WLVR; Alpha Omicron Pi, Intramural 
Manager; Public Relations Student Society of America. \'n.c 
President; Ski Team; Dean's List. 

Dawn Christine Marshall West Chester. PA. Electrical 
Engineering. Applied Mathematics Minor. Institute of Electrical . 

and Electronics Engineers; Society of Women Engineers; Alpha 
Phi Omega; Mountain Under the Star. President: Who's Who 
among American College and University Students. 

Robert Roy Martin Wallingford, CTy Biology. Kappa Alpha 

Alexandra Marty Princeton, NJ. Psychology. Delta Gamma. 
Social Chairperson. 

Heather Lynn Mathews Shaker Heights, OH. Anthropology. i 
Earth and Environmental Science Minor. STAR Tutor; 
Volleyball Team; WLVR; English Club; Dean's List. 

Candice Matthews Mountainside, NJ. Marketing. Alpha Phi; 
Dean's List. 

Faith Matthews Upper Montclair. NJ Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Sociology Minor. Alpha Gamma Delta; Literacy Corps. 

Christopher Scott Mautz Durham, NH. Journalism and 
Psychology. Pi Kappa Alpha; The Brown and White, Sports 
Editor; WLVR, Sports Director; Ice Hockey. 

James A. McAllister Wellesley, MA. Finance and Marketing. Pi 
Kappa Alpha; Investment Club; Marketing Club, Vice President 

Yashana Fione McAuley Brooklyn, NY. Sociology. Health and 
Human Development and African-American Studies Minors. Big 
Brother/Big Sister Program; Essence, Co-Chairperson; Genesis 
Choir; Black Student Union. 

Brad D. McGill New York. NY. Finance. Theta Xi. Treasurer. 

Regan McGonigle Westfield. NJ. Earth and Environmental 
Science. Geology Club; Dean's List. 

Meredith Elizabeth McGowan Essex Fells, NJ. International 
Careers. Journalism Minor. Senior Class Vice President; Gamma 
Phi Beta, President; International Careers Club, President; Golf 
Club, President; Senior Class Gift Committee 

John P. McGuire Bronxville. NY. History. Phi Delta Theta; 
Dean's List. 

James McHugh Ridley Park, PA. Electrical Engineering. 
Spanish Minor. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; 
Literacy Corps; Deans List. 

Melissa McKay Putnam Valley, NY. Chemical Engineering. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Michael James McKee Delran. N|. International Careers. 
Basketball; Theta Xi; COACH Program. 

Donald Michael McKenna North Merrick. NY. Finance and 
Marketing. International Relations Minor. Kappa Alpha Society. 
Pledge Master, Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary: 
International Relations Leadership Award. 

Ayisha McKenzie Brooklyn, NY. Government. African- 
American Studies and Theatre Minors. Mustard and Cheese 
Drama Society; STAR Tutor; Residential Environment 
Committee; Apprentice Teacher. Government; National Society 
of Black Engineers. Secretary; Big Brother/Big Sister Program. 

Dane Patrick McKenzie Bronx. NY Mechanical Engineering. 
National Society of Black Engineers. President. Treasurer; 
Marching 97: lazz Band; Concert Band. 

Graham C. Mclachlan Fairfield. CT. English and Music. 

Erin Kathleen McLaughlin Brookfield. CT. Architecture. 
English Minor. Senior Class Gift Campaign; The Brown and 

White. STAR Tutor; Phi Beta Delta. 

Matthew McMurdo L'nion. NJ. Finance. Delta Phi; Interfrater- 
nirv Council. Social Committee: Economics Society; Investment 

The Final Chapter 367 


Amanda B. McNear Joanne Nora McQuade 

Peter R. Mead 

Michelle Elaine Meako 

Mitchell Walter 

Senior Barbara Kelly won the Intramural Manager of the year award for the 

1993-94 season. 

Elizabeth Amy Meyer Victoria Win Miles 

368 Every Picture Tells a Story 

JeffreyS. Miller 

William Bryant Miller Yoram Jacob Miller 

Jennifer Lynn 

Glen Richard Miske Maureen R. Mislivets 

Stacey Ann Missmer 

Christian Bixler 

Michel G. Moffatt 

Kelly Anne Molen Edward J. Monahan III 

Michael Louis 

Amanda B. McNeai Hilton, CT. Biochemistry. The Legend ' 
Club; Dean's List. 

Joanne Nora McQuade South Windsor, CT. English and 
Psychology. Marching 97. Manager; Wind Ensemble. Librarian; 
The Brown .ind Whin-. Desk Editor; J.B. f.lkus Freshman Music 
i up 1991 

Petei R Mead I airfax, VA. Civil Engineering. Pi Lambda Phi. 
Scribe, Social Chairperson. 

Michelle Elaine Mcako Albion, PA. Psychology. Basketball. 
| tun; I our ( iuide. 

Mitchell Walter Melnhold Mamaroncck. NY. Electrical 
neering and Engineering Physics; Tau Beta Pi. 

Craig W. Melograno Shaker Heights. OH. Civil Engineering. 
Football; Kappa Alpha Society. 

Jamie Craig Menszak Milford Square, PA. Chemical Enginccr- 

Mihropology Minor. Cycling Team; Tau Beta Pi; 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Oxychcmical 
S< holarship Award 

Muhacl Metzgar Branchburg. NJ. Computer Science and 1 

Mathematics. Writing Minor. 

Naomi Mctzgcr Englewood, NJ. Government. Histoiy Minor. 
Delta Gamma. 

Elizabeth Amy Meyer Rydal. PA. Marketing. Psychology 
Minor. Alpha Chi Omega. House Manager; Women in Business; 
Marketing Club; Rush Counselor; Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary; 
Dean's List. 

Victoria Win Miles Boulder. CO. Accounting. Spanish Minor. 
Accounting Club; Genesis Choir; Residence Hall Council; 
Dean's l ist; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Jeffrey S. Miller Allentown, PA. finance. Residence Hall 
Association, Programming Committee; Choral Union. 

William Bryant Miller Phillipsburg. NJ. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. American Societ) of Mechanical Engineers; Delta Chi, Rush 
Chairperson; lntramurals. 

Yoram Jacob Miller Fayettcville. NC. Government Debate 
Club; Hillel Society; Phi Beta Kappa 

Jennifer Lvnn Miscovich Buckingham. PA. Biology. Psychol- 
linor. Biology Club; Women in Science; Dean's List. 

Glen Richard Miske Mountainside. NJ. Industrial Engineering 
and Molecular Biology. aLURT; Baseball; COACH Program; 
Emergence Medical Technician; Alpha Pi Mu; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Dean s l ist. 

Maureen R. Mislivets Ashley. PA. Earth and Environmental 
Science. Student Activities Council. Publicitv Co-Chairperson; 
International Club; Dean's List. 

Stacey Ann Missmer Macungie. PA. Biology. Health and 
Human Development and Women's Studies Minors. Adopt-a- 
Grandparent; Women in Science; Dean's List. 

Christian Bixler Mitman Easton, PA. Architecture. Phi Kappa 
Theta. Social Chairperson. Rush Chairperson; Apprentice 
Teacher. Art; Basic Design; Study Abroad. Pans; Dean's List. 

Michel G. Moffatt Ness York \ i Industrial Engineering. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. President. Vice President. House Manager. 
food Drive Chairperson; Who's Who Among American College 
and University Students. 

KelK Anne Molen Rockville Centte. NY. Urban Studies. 
International Relations and Psychology Minors. 

Edward J. Monahan III Dovlestown. PA. Materials Science and 

Engineering. Student Senate. Vice President; Alpha Sigma Phi. 
Pledge Educator forum. 

Michael Louis Mondello Crcsskill. NJ. Civil Engineering. 

The Final Chapter 369 

Valerie Colyvas and Bryan Camaglia pause for a sip of beer during an intense 

game of pool. 

Deanna Elizabeth 

Leah Ji Mormando 

David Robert Morris Henry Judson Morris Jason Michael Motsko Brett Allan Moyer Dana Nicole Moyles 

370 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Michael Jere Mrvica 

Margot Mathilda 

Melissa Fassett Muendel 

Amy Elizabeth Mulligan Kevin James Murphy 

Richard Michael 

John William Murray 

Robert E. Murray 

Megan D. Nace 

John Brian Nagele 

Kirsten E. Napravnik 

Jai K. Narayan 

Eduardo Montero Lima, Peru. Economics. Economics Society; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Delta; I'ln Beta Kappa. 

Andrew Morgado Danbury, CT. Government. Public 
Administration Minor. Army ROTC, Battalion Executive 
( Ifficer; ( iryphon Society, President; Basketball Manager; linger 
Club; Council ol Student Presidents; Communirj Board; 

i Imi ron Delia Kappa. 

Judith M. Morgan Havertord, PA. Anthropology'. Study 
Abroad, Greece; WLVR; Dean's I ist, 

|ohn Philip Morgenstern Sparta, NJ. English. Law and Legal 
Institutions Minor. Swimming; The Brown and White; New 
Student Orientation Staff 

Deanna Elizabeth Morin BriarclilT Manor, NY. Accounting. 
Accounting ( .luh. 

Leah Ji Mormando Belle Mead, NJ Accounting. Gymnastics 

( lull. President; Intramurals; Beta Alpha Psi. 

David Robert Morris Bound Hinok, NJ. Accounting. 

Accounting Club; Beta Alpha I'm 

Henry Judson Morris Oakmont, PA. Civil Engineering and 
Geology. Sigma Nu. Vice President. 

Jason Michael Motsko Salisbury. MD. Industrial Engineering. 
Psi Upsilon, President, Rush Chairperson. Intramural Manager; 


Brett Allan Moyer Birdsboro, PA. English. Intramurals. 

Dana Nicole Moyles New York. NY. Psychology. Writing 
Minor. Senior Class Gift Campaign, Chairperson; Panhellenic 
Council, Vice President; Alpha Omicron Pi, Social Chairperson. 

Michael Jere Mrvica Berlin. NJ. History and Government. 
Zeta Psi, Steward, Intramural Manager; Phi Alpha Theta, 
Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Margot Mathilda Mueller Far Hills 
Club; Bowling Club; Dean's List. 

NJ. English. Fencing 

Melissa Fassett Muendel Severna Park, MD. Geology. Art 
History Minor. Delta Gamma; The Legends Club. 

Amy Elizabeth Mulligan Whitman, MA. English. Law and 
Legal Institutions Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President, 
Chaplain; The Brown and White, Assistant News Editor; Adopt- 
A-Grandparent; New Student Orientation Staff; UPBEAT; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Kevin James Murphy Rockville Centre. NY. International 
Careets and International Relations. Cross Country: Track; 
International Careers Club; International Relations Club; Dean's 

Richard Michael Murphy Durham. CT. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Economics Minor. Residence Hall Association; Student 
Activities Council; Sigma Nu; College Republicans; Boxing 
Club; Rugby Club. " 

John William Murray Burke. VA. Civil Engineering. Military 
Science Minor. Army ROTC; American Society of Civil 
Engineers; Color Guard. President; Scabbatd and Blade Society, 
Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; President's Award. 

Robert F. Murray Murrysville, PA. Finance. Chi Phi; Phi Eta 
Sigma: Dean s List. 

Megan D. Nace Lewisberry, PA. Environmental Science. 
Ttembley House President: Volunteer House President; Biology 
Club; Dean's List. 

John Brian Nagele Kunkletown. PA. Atchitecture. Cross 
Country. Co-Captain; Track: Student-Athlete Council; Dean s 

Kirsten E. Napravnik Bethlehem. PA. Social Relations. 
\\ nung Minor. Lehigh Christian Fellowship, I \ecutivc 
Committee; Navigators Christian Fellowship; Adopt-A- 
Gtandpatent Program; Center Citv Ministries Volunteer: Dean s 
I ist 

[ai K. Narayan Skillman. NJ. Materials Science and Engineer- 
ing. Studeni Materials Society; Fast Break Club; National 
Collegiate Engineering Award. 

Final Chapter 371 

m Most Embarrassing 
Thing that Happened on 
an Interview: 

Forgot what company it was 

Boofier in nose ^, • J 

Not remembering uMi! F m,nnte* tafure 

ie sf id ':i was asked," If you owned a 
fi.m, what would you do?" He replied, 
"Hire people who give easier interview 

Student was asked about a class and he 
couldn't remember anything about it 

Bra came unhooked 

Spit on interviewer 

Couldn't stop laughing 

Contact slipped to back of eyeball 

Had to explain how I sprained my ankle 
without letting him know ( was drunk 

Michael Anthony 

Imran Nawaz 

Leigh N. Newman 


Nicole Elizabeth 

Matthew Nichols 

Jonathan Louis 

Kirk Philip Niemeyer James L. Nissenson 

David C. Noel 

372 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Brian W. Nolan 

John Michael Nolte Peter Lauren Nordvall 

Lori Rebecca Notarius Christina Marie Nylese 

Erin P. O'Brien 

Ramon T. Ocampo 

Deirdre Elizabeth 

Monique Gonzalez 

Michael Oh 

Jeffrey Michael 

Michael J. O'Hara, Jr. 

Michael Anthony Nardclla Stroudsburg, PA. International 
Business. Football; Baseball; Dele I | Intramurals; 

International < lareers Club; Student Ambassadoi 

Imran Nawaz Lintgen, Luxemburg. Accounting. French 

Minor. Beta Alpha I'm, Recording Secretary; Phi Kta Sigma; 
beta Alpha I\i; 1 lean's I 1st; 

Owen P. Near)' Warren. NJ. Accounting. Alpha ' hi 
Accounting Club. 

Rebecca Meggin Newell Yardville, NJ. Finance, Geology 
Minor. Alpha ( In ( >mega, Pledge Educator; Panhel, Rush 
( Counsel* ii 

Leigh N. Newman Duxbury, MA. Economics. Public 
Relations Minor. Delta Gamma, Panhel Delegate: Rush 
Counselor; Economics Society. President: Women in Business. 

Nicole Elizabeth Newman Purchase, NY. American Studies. 
Psychology Minor. Alpha Phi. Assist. mi I leasurcr. Administra- 
tive Assistant; The Bridge, ( o-Prcsidcnt; Dean's List. 

Matthew Nichols Fai Hills, NJ. Marketing. Sigma Phi: 
Accounting Club; Marketing Club; Young Republicans Club. 

Jonathan Louis Nicozisis Lancaster. PA. Pre -Denistry. Delta 
Tau Delta, Pledge Educator; Soccer Club; College Republican 
Club; Dean's List., 

Kirk Philip Niemeyer Wapakoneta, OH. Civil Engineering. 
Delta Upsilon. Secretary. House Manager; Football; American 
Society ol (nil Engineers. 

James L. Nissenson New York. NY. Intetnational Relations. 
Pi Lambda Phi. Social Chairperson, Rush Chairperson, Steward. 

David C. Noel Atkinson. NH. Computer Science. Phi Sigma 
Kappa, Vice President, Treasurer; Association for Computer 
Machinery, Treasurer. 

Brian W. Nolan Brooklyn, NY. Civil Engineering. American 

Sik ki\ "It ivil I ngineers. 

John Michael Nolte Bridgewater, NJ. Environmental Science. 
Science Writing Minor. Phi Delta Theta, Scholarship; The 
Brown and White, Assistant Science Editor. 

Peter Lauren Nordvall Trumball, CT. Mechanical Engineering. 

Lori Rebecca Notarius Pittsbutgh, PA. Industrial Engineering, 

Philosophy Minor. Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 
President; Institute of Industrial Engineers; Student Ambassa- 
dors; English Club. 

Christina Marie Nylese Ridgewood, NJ. English. Communi- 
cation Minor. Panhellenic Council, Administrative Assistant; 
Alpha Phi. Panhel Delegate; Public Relations Student Society of 
America; The Bridge. Promotional Manager; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Order ot Omega. 

Erin P. O'Brien Yonkers, NY. Intetnational Business. English 
Minot. Intetnational Partners Program, Coordinator; 
International Business Club. Treasuter: Panhellenic Council 
Rush Counselor; Epitome, Sports Co-Editot; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Ramon T. Ocampo Cos Cob, CT. Architecture. Studio Art 

Minor. American Institute ot Architecture Students; Delta 
Chi; New Student Orientation Staff; Residence Hall Security, 
Associate Director; Freshman Hall President: Interrratcrnity 
Council. Pledging Committee. 

Deirdre Elizabeth O'Connor Fairfield. CT. Classics and 
English. Intramurals; Debate Club; English Club; The Brown 
and White: Dean's List. 

Monique Gonzalez Oesterheld Middletown, NJ. Behavioral 
Neuroscience. Peer Counselor; Gryphon Society. 

Michael Oh Columbia, MD. Management. American 
Literature Minor. WLVR; Chi Phi, Secretary, Vice President, 

Social Chairperson. 

Jeffrey Michael O'Hagan Marltnn. NJ. Biolog) Delta 
I psilnn. Vice President. Pledge Master. Social Chairperson. 
Philanthropy; I ootball; Baseball; Biology Club; Greek Peer 
Educatot; Student Ambassador. 

Michael J. O'Hara. lr. Lancaster, PA. Civil Engineering. 
Volleyball Club, I aprain; Delta Tau Delta, Recording Secretary. 
Intramural Manager. 

The Final Chapter 373 

Christian James Olson Nils Christopher Olson Jonathan Ominsky Pamela Sue Orr 

Lori Lynn Owen 

John Nolte took a leap off this snowy mountain during the Geo trip this 
summer. We don't think it was part of the work load. 

Marc Frederick Pajarillo Angela Mary Palma 

374 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Euripides Panos 

Kevin P. Panzino 

Sang Jin Park 

James Francis Parker 

Jerome Patrick 
Parnell III 

Jeffrey Michael Parsons 

F.lizabeth Lewis 

Danielle Pasquale 

Alpesh B. Patel 

Hitesh Patel 

Santosh Chandrakant 

Vincent Pearson 

Christian James Olson Shavertown, PA. Government. Sigma 
Phi 1 psilon. 

Nils Christopher Olson Bethesda, MI). Engineer- 
ing. Economics Minor. Wrestling. 

Jonathan Ominsky Lafayette Hill. PA. Computet Scii 
Delta rau Delta Vm- President, Rush Chairperson: 1 .111 B. 
Phi I i.i Sigma 

Pamela Sue Orr Pittsburgh, PA. Earth and Environmental 

Science. Residence Halls Association; I pp. 1; Pill 1 1.1 


Lori Lynn Owen Danbuiy, CI English ' ommunication 
Minor. Senior Class President; Council of Student Presidents; 
I Indergraduatc Policj < ommictee; I utor tor Holy Infancy 
Elementary School; Kappa Alpha Theta; International Partners 
Program; Pin Beta Kappa ( ollege Scholar Program; Phi Beta 
Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; < lassol 1904 Scholarship. 

Kouros Owzar Camp Hill, PA Statistics German Minor. 
1 >c p.u inic nt ol Mathematics, Research Assistant, Grader, 
Teaching Apprentice; Deans List. 

I inrc Ozgu Bethlehem, PA. Economics. Psychology Minor. 
Phi Delta Theta. ( 

Christopher Padmano Bohemia, NY. International Business 
and Economics. Government and Classics Minors. Lacrosse, 

Captain; /eta Psi.A'ice President. Assistant I louse Manager; 
Student- Athlete Council; Order ol Omega. 

Manuella Indira Paharia Kumson, NJ. Psychology. Writing 
Minor. Alpha Omicron Pi, Keeper oi the Ritual. 

Marc Frederick I'ajarillo Union, NJ. Biology. Sigma Chi. 
Magister; Green Biology Club; WLVR; Newman Council; Ness 
Student Orientation Staff; Lehigh lor Life; Molecular Biology 
I >epartmental Honors. 

Angela Man' Palma Bensalem. PA. Accounting. Dising; 
Accounting Club 

Euripides Panos Sinking Spring. PA. Civil Engineering. 
Interfraternity Council, PRIDE Chairperson; Delta Phi, House- 

Kevin P. Panzino North Arlington, NJ. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Society ol Automotive Engineets. President. 

Sang Jin Park Elkins Park, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Korean Student Association; Mustard Seeds 
Fellowship: Intramur.ik American Student Materials Society. 

James Francis Parker Colts Neck. N|. Biochemistry. Health 
and Human Development Minor, .il URT, < aptain, President. 
Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega. Vice President; American Chemical 
Society; Residence Halls Association. House President, Campus 
Programming Director; The Outing Club, President. \ 
President; Green Biology Club; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta 
Kappa: Dean's Fist; William H. Chandler Prize in Chemistry. 

Jerome Patrick Parnell III Raleigh, N( Social Relations. 

Kappa Sigma, Pledge Master. House Manager; Freshman Hall 
President; al I Rl . Ski Team; Allied Health Professions 
Association; College Republicans. 

)etlre\ Michael Parsons Bradenton. II Physics. 

Elizabeth less is Pasmantier Ridgewood, NJ. Psychology. Delta 
t i.uiima. Vice President; Psi Chi. 

Danielle Pasquale Franklin Lakes, NJ. English. Communica- 
tion Minor. Student Senate, Off Campus Representative; 
It AR1 : ( ommunit] Service Board; Gender Issues Forum; 
1 lean's 1 isl \\ ho s Who Among American t ollege and 
University Students. 

Alpesh B. Patel Dunmore, PA. Chemical Engineering. Biology 
Minor, t ross t ountry; Indoor and Outdoor track; Green 
Biology ( lulv. ( hemistrs Club; Universit) ( Computing Center 
t Consultant; University Scholarship Recipient. 

Hitesh Patel Union, NJ. Biology. Asian Cultural Society; 
Indian Students Association; International Partners Program; 
Green Biology < Hub; Tutor; MCA 1 readier lor Princeton 
Review; Intramurals; Dean's Fist: Staoler Scholarship; Valvano 

Scholarship; Honors 1 hcsis. 

Santosh t'handrakant Patel Cerrit 
Sciences. Dean's I isl. 

Pre Medical 

I Vincent Pearson Bethlehem, PA International Relations. 
American literature Minor. Phi Delta Theta; WLVR; Dean s 

The Final Chapter 375, 

David Isadore Pedowitz Craig Thomas Pelletier 

Edward Michael 

Danielle Pennetta Namita Penugonda 

Brett Alan Perlmutter Jennifer Susan Perotti 

James Joseph Peters, Jr. Christian Peterson 

Seniors Aaron Sinberg and Deirdre O'Connor fight the heavy crowd and become 

the welcoming committee for the seniors as they make their home the front 

entrance of the Tally Ho. 

H. Bradley Peterson 

376 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Robert B. Phillips 

James B. Phipps 

Craig H. Ploetner 

Pamela A. Pogorelec Kathleen Polansky Paul Daniels Portell 

Jennifer Lee Powers 

Deena Pozzi 

Rollin Prasad 

[homas Francis 
Pugsley, Jr. 

John James Quaid 

Lisa Querido 

l>.i\n! [sadore Pedowio Short Hills. \'| English and Biology. 
Delta I in Delta; ( rew; Sigma \i Mol i i u Biolog) Depart- 
mental Honors; English Departmental Honors. 

( I homas Pelletier Spring Valley, NY. Geological Sciences. 
Government Minor. < ieology Club, Set retaiy; I lall President. 

Edward Michael Penberth) Ivledfbrd, NJ. Econoi 
Psychology and History Minors. Ku^lu i aptain, Match 
Secretary; Sigma Nn. I louse Manager, Pledge Ma 
I ist. 

Danielle Pennetta Washington rownship, NJ. Psychology. 
Law and Legal Institutions Minor. Iv I iu Society; Kappa 
Alpha I In. t.i. Sirs m- ( Chairperson, I >eput] Rush; International 
Student I lost; l\i Chi; Omicron 1 telta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; 
I lean's I ist; Psychology I lonors Thesis. 

N.irnii.i Penugonda Wlkes-Barre, PA. Architecture. French 
Minor. American Institute ol Architecture Students, Secretary; 
Student Activities < ouncil, i >n r ampus Representative; French 


Brett Alan I'erlmutter Westwood, NJ. Finance. History 

Jennifer Susan Perotti Newton, NJ. Finance. Residence Hall 
Association, Hall President; Tutor. 

James Joseph Peters Jr. Moscow, PA. Architecture. Baseball; 
I '1 1 1 ( i.ii n ma Delia. ( Corresponding Secretary; Intramurals; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Christian Peterson Philadelphia, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 

Outing Club; Caming Club. 

H. Bradley Peterson Short Hills. NJ. Accounting. Lambda I hi 

Ian W. Peterson West Milford, N'J. Industrial Engineering. 
Baseball; Rugby; Psi Upsilon, Rush Chairperson. 

Robert B. Phillips New York, NY. Finance Pi Lambda Phi, 
Vice President; Dean's 1 ist. 

James B. Phipps Doylestown, PA. Computer Engineering. 
Science Writing Minor. Institute of Electrical and Electronics 

Engineers; Crew; International Parrners Program. 

Craig H. Ploetner Short Hills, NJ. Marketing. Marketing 

Pamela A. Pogorelec Clifton, NJ. Economics. Government 
Minor. Gryphon Society; Kappa Alpha Theta; Economics 
So let ( 

Kathleen Polansky Marlton, NJ. Chemical Engineering. 
Society ol Women 1 ii;im i \niencan Institute of Chemical 
Engineers; Lehigh University Volunti 

Paul Daniels Portell Brooklyn, NY \uhitecturt Geolo| 
Minor. Phi Sigma Kappa; Intertraternit] ( Council, Representa- 

Jennifer Lee Powers Wellesley. MA Psychology. Health and 
Human Deselopmcnt Minor. Study Abroad; Choral Union; 
Dean's I ist. 

Deena Pozzi Southampton. PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Society ol Women Engineers; High School Outreach Program; 
New Student Orientation Staff; Student Ambassador Club. 

Rollin Prasad Hawthorne, NJ. Biolog) WLVR; Green Biol 

Club; Intramurals. 

Ehonias I rancis Pugsley, Jr. Mendham, NJ. Civil 1 ngineering. 
Sigma Phi. Vice President, rreasurer. 

|ohn James Quaid Arden Hills, MN. Accounting. Alpha Sigma 
Phi. President: Beta Alpha Psi, President. 

Lisa Querido Kinnelon, NJ. An. French Minor. 

The Final Chapter 377 

Yashana McAuley and Laura Dieppa hang out on campus. 

Denis Guillermo Ramos Alice Amanda Fairbanks 


John Stephen Randolph 

Kathlene B. Rantz Keith Thomas Rapaport Giniene Margaret 


Rachel Ann Ravich 

Christopher J. Read Stephen D. Reed Patrick Francis Regan Christopher Reilly Heather K. Reilly 

378 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

P. Brennan Reilly IN Patricia Lea Rcmlinger Gretchen Ann Repasky 

Elizabeth Kendall Resch Stephanie Ressel 

Hillary Susan Reuter 

Jennine T. Rexon 

Joo Hee Rhee 

Deborah L. Rhoads 

Elaine Kristina Rhoads Steven Ricchezza Denise Renee Richards 

Stephanie Suzanne Rabjohns Northbrook, IL. Government and 

English. Alpha l'hi; licit! Hock, 

Joseph Raby ( iieat Neck. NY. Account in ".u,. I I in 1 1 1 . STAR 
Tutor; Investment Club; Accounting Club; Boxing Club; 
Intramurals Team Manager; Dean's List. 

Denis Guillcrmo Ramos Irvington, NJ. Mech 

ing. SAI.SA; Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. 

Alice Amanda Fairbanks Randall Princeton 

Studies, Psychology Minor. Funk's Mill, Lead Singei i< U 

President's Committee, Sexual Harassment. 

|ohn Stephen Randolph Kenneti Square, I'A. Civil Engineering. 

Phi I ta Sigma. 

Kathlene B. Rant/ Peikasie, I'A (Chemical Engineering. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sen .of 

\\ n I ngineers. 

Keith Thomas Rapaport Weston, CT. Psychology. Volunteer 
Emergency Medical Services; Gryphon Society; 1 he Brown and 

White. Assistant Photo Editor; South Mountaineer, Photogra- 

Giniene Margaret Rathycn Waianae, Hawaii. Behavioral 
Neuroscience and Theatre. Gryphon Society, Delta Zeta; 
I heatrc; Trustee Scholar; College Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Chi Psi. 

Rachel Ann Ravich Davidson. NC. Cognitive Science. 
Communication Minor. Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's list. 

Christopher J. Read Huntington, NY. finance. Trench Minor. 
Ice Hockey; Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer. 

Stephen D. Reed Newark. DE. Computer Engineering. 
Writing Minor. Cur and "Thrust Society, President. 

Patrick Francis Regan Cedar Grose, NJ. Accounting. Chi Psi; 

Christopher Reilly Upper Black Eddy. PA. Biology. Biology 
Club; Floor Hockey Club; Mile High Club, Treasurer; 
Martindale Scholar; Traeger Scholar; Dean's Cist; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Heather K. Reilly Ramsey, NJ. English. Crew; Tour Guide; 
English Club; Student Ambassador; Benefit for the Homeless; 
The Brown and White; Sigma Tau Delta. 

P. Brennan Reilly III Mountain Lakes, NJ. Materials Science 
and Engineering. Applied Mathematics Minor. 

Patricia Lea Remlinger Union. NJ. English and Theatre. 
Mustard and Cheese Drama Society. 

Gretchen Ann Repasky Lansdsalc. PA. Biochemistry. Psychol- 
ogy Minor. Cross Country. Captain; Track. Captain; American 
Chemical Society; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean s 

Elizabeth Kendall Resch West Orange, NJ. Accounting. 

Accounting Club; Senior Class Committee; Jazz Band; Parking 
Appeals Committee; Concert Band; Women in Business: Focus 
Group on Accounting Professionalism; Dean s List. 

Stephanie Ressel Guatemala City. Guatemala. Architecture. 
Economics Minor. American Institute ot Architecture Students. 

Hillary Susan Reuter Cranston, RI. Finance. Psycholog) 
Minor. Tour Guide; Ice Hockey Team. Statistics; Student 

Jennine T. Rexon Yorktown, NY Mechanical Engineering and 
\k luuciure Dance Club, President. Treasurer; Alpha Gamma 
Delta. Rush Chairperson. Panhel Delegate; American s 
Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. 

Joo Hee Rhee Norristown, PA. Anthropology and English. 
I >ean's List. 

Deborah L. Rhoads Holmdel, NJ. Behavioral Neuroscience. 

Health and Human Development Minor Best Buddies. Student 
Ambassadors Program; Senior ( l.i^s ( ommittee; ( rieen Biolog) 
Club; College Democrats: [CARE; Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Elaine Kristina Rhoads Zion I Chemistry, \merican 

Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Phi I I i Sigma; Dean's List. 

Steven Ricchezza Blackwood, NJ. Electrical Engineering. Floor 
1 [ockej i Hub; Sigma Phi. 

Denise Renee Richards Massena, NY. Psychology. Sociology 
Minor. Cross Country. Captain; Indoor and Outdoor 1 rack. 

The Final 37! 

Brian Scott Ricker Melanie Ann Riegle 

Lisa C. Rigazio Rebecca Sarah Rimmer Ryshan Rispress 

Rodman Russell Ritchie Marilyn Rivera Garcia Meredith Kristine Robb Alexander I. Roberts Cynthia M. Roberts 

Senior Graham McLachlan proves (or at least it looks that way) that he has 
learned some heavy stuff in his college career. 

Nathan Charles 

William H. Robertson 

380 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Adele Robinson 

Elizabeth Anne 

Melissa Beth Robinson 

Jonathan Paul 

Stephen Douglas 

Steven M. Roethke 

Amanda Rogers 

Kimberly Sue Rogoff John J. Roman IV 

Salome Romero 

Carlos Francisco Romeu DArcy W. Roper IV 

Brian Scoit Ricker Horsham, PA. Geology. Delta Sigma Phi. 
Media Relations) Photographer. 

Melanie Ann Ricgle Orwigsburg, PA. Geological Science. 

Mathematics Minor. American watei Rcsou 

Secretary ; ( ieology < lub; Student Activities I ouncil; Depart] I fimnrs. 

Lisa C. Rigazio Freehold, N|. Architecture. Residence Hall 
Council, Hall President; American Institute of Architecture 
Students; I >ean's List. 

Rebecca Sarah Ri miner Drcxel Hill, PA. American Studies. 

I .iw and 1 egal Institutions Minor. I )elta < .annua. Vice President 

Scholarship * hairperson, 

Ryshan Rispress Newark. \| Sociology. African American 
Studies Minoi Delta Sigm.i rhcta President; Black Student 
Union; Genisis Gospel < hoir; PA< E; Big Sister; NAAl I' 
International Blaek womi n ' ongr< I onl n nee. 

Rodman Russell Ritchie South Orleans, MA. Civil Engii 

ing. Economics Minor. Water Polo Club, President; Sigma \u, 

Vice President, Social Chairperson. 

Marilyn Rivera Garcia Isla Verde. PR. Marketing. Psychology 
Minor. Marketing Club. Executive Vice President; Alpha , 

I )mi< ion Pi, Secretary; Panhel Rush ( ounselor; SALSA; 
International Club; Dean's List. 

Meredith Kristine.Robb Garden < ity, NY. Marketing. 
Psychology Minor. Marketing ( lub; Delta Gamma; Dean's List. 

Alexander 1. Roberts Wynnewood, PA. Marketing and 
Management. Rowing Club; Sigma C !hi; Senior Class Gift 

Cynthia M. Roberts Schaumburg, !L. Management. Aerospace 
Studies Minor. ROTC, Air Force; Arnold Ait Society; Gryphon 
Society; lour Guide; Residence Halls Council, Hall President. 

Edgar J. Roberts III Short Hills. N|. International Relations. 

Henry Belin Robertson III West Chester, PA. History. 
German Minor. Gryphon Society; Phi Alpha Theta. President; 
Dean's List. 

Nathan Charles Robertson Greenland, NIL Materials Science 
and Engineering. Kappa Alpha Society; Intramurals. 

William H. Robertson Lansdale, PA. Accounting and Finance. 
Accounting Club. 

Adele Robinson Islip, NY. International Careers and Spanish. 
Senior Class Gift Campaign, Senior Class Committee. 

Elizabeth Anne Robinson Marshfield Hills, MA. English. 
Religion Minor. Lacrosse; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Melissa Beth Robinson Ardmore, PA. Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Alpha Gamma Delta, House Chairperson, Vice Pres. Fraternit) 
Education; Orientation Stall, Planning Committee; Student 
Activities Council, Vice President Publicity; STAR Tutor. 

Jonathan Paul Robustelli Watchung. N|. Civil Engineering. 
Delta Phi, Vice President. 

Stephen Douglas Rodgers New Cumberland, PA. Chemical 
Engineering. Choir; Gryphon Society; ( ultural Affairs 
Committee; UPBEAT; Delia Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau 
Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Outstanding Student Award; Robert C Hicks Prize in 
( !hemical Engineering. 

Steven M. Roethke Blairstown, NJ. Architecture. Swim Team; 
American Institute of Architecture Students; Dean's List. 

Amanda Rogers Edgewood, KY. Vccounting. Spanish Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President Finance, Deputy Finance; 
Student Ambassador; Accounting Club; Orientation Stall. 

Kimberly Sue Rogoff Roslyn Heights, NY. Accounting. Alpha 
Chi Omega. Assistant Treasurer; Accounting Club. 

(ohn J. Roman IV Bethlehem, PA. International Careers. 
His tor) Minor. Phi Alpha Theta. 

Salome Romero Kearny, \L 1 livil Engineering. L'rban Studies 
Minor. American Societ) of< ivil I ngineers; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Carlos Francisco Romeu North Wales. PA. Economics and 
International Relations. Business Spanish Minor. Lacrosse; Zeta 
Psi, Rush Chairperson. 

D W\ W. Roper IV Burke, VA. Computer Science. Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Steward. 

The Final Chapter 381 

Emily Rosato 

Daniel John Rose 

Michael Eric Rosen Brent David Rosenthal 


Dwight D. Roskos 

Joseph Rossi 

Bret Almassy, the entrepreneur, documents the last night at ATQ to sell at 
graduation to make some money. 

David Rossing 

Roseanne Rostock 

382 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Jcremi Arthur Roth Alissa Eleanor Rothman Melissa Beth Rowell 

Tracy Elizabeth Rowley Howard Elliot Rubin Anthony M. Rutch 

Jason William Ryan 

Holly Dianne Rybak Deanne Marie Sabarese 

Sharon Elizabeth Sabo Sascha Sakhrani 

Darren A. Saks 

I mil) Kusaio Broomall, PA. Accounting. Senior Class Gift 
iign; Accounting Club; University Literacy Corps, Tutor. 

Daniel John Rose North Wales, PA. Mathematics. The 

( ontinuum, President, Vice President; Dean's List; Mathematics 

Faculty Award. 

Michael Eric Rosen Scarsdale, NY. Behavioral Neurost 

Pre Medical Society; American Chemistry Society; Sigma Alpha 
Mu; Intramurals; Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa; Ncuro- 
science Honors Thesis. 

Brent David Rosenthal Livingston. NJ. Accounting. Jewish 
Studies Minor. Chi Phi. President, Social Chairperson; 
Fraterniry Management Association, Board Member; Intramurals; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Omega. 

Dwight D. Roskos Lcvittown. PA. Environmental Science and 
Resource Management. 

Joseph Rossi Yonkcrs. NY. Civil Engineering. Gryphon 
Society; Assistant Hall Director; Wl.VR; Council on Tall 

Buildings and Urban Habitat. 

David Rossing Hockessin, DE. Accounting. 

Roseanne Rostock Wyoming, PA. Physics. Science Writing 
Minor. The Brown and White, Science Editor; Theatre; Sexual 
I [ealth Peer Educator; William's Prize in Science Writing; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Jeremi Arthur Roth Kingston, Canada. Philosophy and History. 
Track; Cross Country; Visiting Lecturers Committee; Phi Alpha 
Theta; Phi Beta Delta. 

Alissa Eleanor Rothman Florham Park. NJ. Accounting. East 
Asian Studies Minor. University Committee on Discipline; 
Accounting Club; Dean's List. 

Melissa Beth Rowell Alexandria, LA. English and Philosophy. 
Health and Human Development Minor. Philosophy Club; 
University Literacy Corps; Dean's List; William's Essay Prize. 

Tracy Elizabeth Rowley Cheshire, CT. Finance. French Minor. 
Delta Gamma; The Legend Club; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta 

Howard Elliot Rubin Fairfield, CT. History. American 
Literature Minor. Ultimate Frisbee Team, Captain; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Scribe; Hillel Society; Faculty Laison. 

Anthony M. Rutch Lansford, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Student Materials Society; Tour Guide; 
Intramurals; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List. 

Jason William Ryan Trumbull, CT. Chemical Engineering. 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Academic Chairperson. Rush Chairperson, 

Holly Dianne Rybak Darien, CT. Psychology. Education and 
Social Psychology Minors. University Literacy Corps, Tutor: 
Dean's List. 

Deanne Marie Sabarese Colts Neck, NJ. Geology and English. 
Delta Gamma. Vice President Pledge Education. Founder's Day 
Chairperson, Alumnae Relations Chairperson; Epitome; The 
Brown and White; The Legend Club; Best Buddies. 

Sharon Elizabeth Sabo Endicott. NY. Computer Engineering. 
Alpha Omicron Pi. Pledge Class President, Scholarship 
Chairperson; Wind Ensemble; Wind Symphony; Volleyball; 
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Hogar Crea, 
Tutor; Tau Beta Pi. Presidenr; Eta Kappa Nu. Vice President; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Sascha Sakhrani I resskill. NJ. International Realtions. 
International Relations Club. 

Darren A. Saks Woodcliff Lake. NJ. Behavioral Ncuroscience. 
Studio Art Minor. Soccer; Entropy Rock Band: Theta Xi. Social 
Chairperson; Psi Chi; Patriot League Academic Honor Roll; 
Psychology Departmental Honors; Dean's List. Editor 
Darren Saks graduated in 1993; he was incorredty identified in the 
1993 Epitome. 

The Final Chapter 483 

These seniors took time out of their heavy Geo trip itinerary to enjoy a beer out west. Matthe w Baker Samson Jennifer A. Sander 

Julie Sandler Stephen F. Sangston 

Karyn Alison 

David Patrick 

Carey May Satterfield Mark Schardan 

George E. Schmidt III Mark A. Schmidt Bryan Schnabolk Charles Schneider 

384 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Dana Cathryn 

1 odd Joseph Schram Erik William Schrei 

Clinton Andrew Schulze Michael Lee Schwartz 

Samuel Lawrence 

Christopher M. Scott Danielle Melissa Scott Douglas William Scott 

Eric Daniel Scott 

John MacDougall 
Scott III 

Michael John Seibold 

Kelley Ann Salerno ( lifton -I Ma dpha Omicron Pi; 

Marketing < lub; Senior < 'lass < .ill ' Campaign, Sororit) * hairper- 

KriM\ Salinard Fanwood, NJ, J 

Accounting Club. 1 

Matthew Baker Samson Ho Ho Kus, NJ. Markctii 
ment Minor. Beta I heta Pi, Rush ( hairpi i on Pi 
Scudem Orientation Staff; Marketing I lub 

Jennifer A. Sander Lake Harmony, PA. Accounting. Accounting j 
Club; Studem Activities Council; Tutor; Ripon Soci " 

Julie Sandler I ppcr Saddle River. NJ. I'sychologJ Edu Ition i 

Minor Delta Gamma Visiting Lecturers Committee. * 

Stephen F. Sangston < lark, NJ Eng g Physics. Astronomy 

Minor. WLVR; Alpha < hi Rho, Founding Father; L 
Ricketts Scholarship. 

David Patrick Sansaverino Norwalk. ( I Marl ophy 

Mm. .1 [nterfraternity Council, Creek Week ( chairperson, Rush 
Chairperson; Delta Phi, Rush Chairperson, Recording Secretary. 

Carey May Satterfield Baldwin, MD. International Relations. fl 
Government Minor. International Relations Club; Tutor. 1 

Mark Sehardan Newtown, CT, Economics. Spanish Minor. Phi 
Delta I In i.i Mountain Biking Club; Theatre. 

Karyn Alison Sthmeidler Delran, NJ. Biology. Jewish Stud 
Minor. I pitome, Photo Editor; Stud] Abroad, Israel; Best Buddies; 
C'rew; New Student Orientation Staff; Dean's List. 

George E. Schmidt III Newton, PA. International Relations. 
German and Economics Minor. Track and Field; Intramurals. 

Mark A. Schmidt Frackville, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 

Cheerleading: Sigma C In. 

Bryan Schnabolk New York, NY. Biochemistry. Health and 
Human Development Minor. Football. Captain; Dean 5 I isl 

Charles Schneider Morristown. NJ. Marketing, History Minor. 
New Student Orientation Statt; Transfer Student Mentor; 
Marketing Club; Golf Club; Dean's List. t 

Dana Cathryn Schneider Falmouth. MA. Geology. Alpha 
Omicron Pi; Geology Club; Recycling Representative. 

Todd Joseph Schram Lancaster, Pa. Civil Engineering. Amen, in 
Sin iety ol < nil Engineers; American Water Resources Association; 
Chi Epsilon. 

Erik William Schrei Whitehall, PA. Chemical Engineering. Delta 
I p. ilon. Vice Pres. Risk Management. Philanthropy Chair 
Intramural Manager; National Collegiate Engineering Award. 

Clinton Andrew Schulze Lyndon, KS. Architecture. Matching 
97, Student < Conductor, Rank Leader; Volleyball Club: Jazz Band; 
t Concert Band; Pep Band; American Institute of Architecture 
Students, Vice President; Dean's 1 ist. 

Michael Lee Schwartz Baltimore. MD. Biology. Phi Gamma 


Samuel Lawrence Schwerin Snohomish. \\ A Finance. Invest- 
ment Cluh, Vice President; Future Business Professionals ol 
America, Vice President; Student Senate; Forum; R.ui|ueikill Club 
Treasurer; Rugby (lub; Chi Phi, Risk Manager. Steward; Omicron 
Delia Kappa; Dean's List. 

Christopher M. Scott Ridgewood, NJ. Finance. Lambda Chi 

Danielle Melissa Scott Philadelphia. PA. Fine Arts. French 
Minor. Alpha Phi, House Manager. Administrative Assistant; The 
Bi idge; French t. Club. 

Douglas William Scott Toledo, OH. Business Management. 
Intramurals; Football. 

Eric Daniel Scott Jeannette. PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Football; Tutor; Intramurals: Pi I"au Sigma ' olonel Georgl Breing 
Scholarship: ID. Berg Scholarship. 

John MacDougall Scott III Veinna, VA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Phi Gamma Delta American So« hanical Engineers. 

Micheal |ohn Seibold Easton, PA 1 inanct American History 
Minor. Kappa Sigma; Rugbj ( Club; [nvestmem Club; Ski Club. 

The Final Charter 385 

Andy Donaldson calls over the photographer to prove that he has two girls 
paying attention to him at once: Beth Lincow andj'iW Evans 

Brad D. Shalit 

Steven Jason Shanker 

Jennifer Lynn Shannon Katherine Marie Shaud Derek Eng Sheau 

Judy Sheng 

Sheila Anne Shovlin 

Anthony W. Silimperi 

Daniel Silver 

James V. Silvestri 

Richard J. Simek, Jr. 

Eric Daniel Simon 

386 Every Picture Tells a Story 

James David Simpson Aaron Micah Sinberg 

John R. Sini, Jr. 


\« Iff 

** *| 


' 1 

i ' 

v / 




Matthew Scott Sisian Jennifer Marie Slack 

Michael Jon Slawter 

Gregory E. 

Brian R. Smith 

Daryl E. Smith 

Gregory- I odd Smith 

Lynn Smith 

Martin F. Smith 

Scott A. Semptimpheltet Florence NJ. Management. Football; 1 
COAf H Program Patrioi League Most Valuable Player; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Dean's lis! 

Christopher M. Sestric St. Louis, MO. Finance. American 

I ii' i M i Phi Kappa Thcta; Student S'. i ' 

nity Council; University Committee on Di nor; Dean's 

Brad I). Shalii Wayne, NJ. Accounting. Government 

Steven Jason Shanker Howell, NJ. Government. History Minoi 
Pi I ambda Phi; I orum. j 

Jennifer Lynn Shannon Dix Hills. N"i I arth and I nvironmental , 
Science. Economics Minoi -\lpKa Omicron Pi. Activities J 

Chairperson, Song leader. 

(Catherine Marie Shaud Springfield. VA. Knglish and Govern- 
ment. Kappa Alpha I heta; (iryphon Society; English Club; 
Cheerleading; Sigma l.m I 'ilia. Treasurer, President. 

Derek Eng Sheau Philadelphia. PA. Electrical Engineering. 
Sigma Chi; Institute oi Electrical and Electronics Engineers; 
Christian Fellowship, Ttcasurcr; Ultimate Frisbee 1 earn. I rc.isurcrJ 
Asian Cultural Society. ■ 

Judy Sheng Howell, NJ. Architecture. Residence Hall Associa- 
tion; Asian Cultural Society; American Institute of* Architecture 

Sheila Anne Shoviin Pittsburgh, PA. Electrical Engineering. 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chairperson, Purchase Fund ( >fncer; 
Gryphon Society, Secretary: Newman Council. Volunteer; Phi I u 

Sigma I i.i Kappa Nu; i'au Beta Pi, Vice President. 

Anthony W, Silimperi Nazareth, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Delta L'psilon; Wrestling; Eoorball; Student 
Materials Society; Student Ambassador; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Daniel Silver Bethesda, MD. Marketing. 

James V. Silvestri Easton, CT. Accounting. Psychology Minor. \ 
Rugby; Interfraternity Council. Vice President; Delta Sigma Phi, 
Vice President, Social Chairperson. 

Richard J. Simek, Jr. Johnstown, NY. Industrial Engineering. 
Delta Chi; SE-WY-CO Volunteer Fire Department; Student 
Ambassador; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Eric Daniel Simon Edison. NJ. Electrical Engineering. Gaming 
Club. Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. 

James David Simpson Washington, PA. Civil Engineering. 
Architecture Minor. American Society of Civil Engineers; 
Intramural, Manager; Asian Cultural Society. 

Aaron Micah Sinberg Pittsburgh, PA. International Relations. 
Tour Guide; Dean's List. 

John R. Sini. Jr. Setauket, NY. Finance. Theta Delta Chi; 
lntertraternity Council; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Matthew Scott Sisian Hatfield. PA. Accounting. Alpha Chi Rho. 

Jennifer Marie Slack Scranton. PA. International Business 
French Minor. Softball; Dean's List. 

Michael Jon Slawter Gladwyne. PA. American Studies. Kappa 
Sigma. President. 

Gregory E. Smiechowski L'pper Saddle River. NJ. Economics 
and Biology. Chi Psi. Treasurer. Rush Chairperson; Football. 

Brian R. Smith 1 nunaus. PA. International Careers. Phi Sigma 
Kappa, Inductor, Social Chairperson; International Careers Club. 

Daryl E. Smith Hingham, MA. Economics. Swim Team; 
i iryphon Society. 

Gregory Todd Smith Claryville. NY Industrial Engineering. 
Institute of Industrial Engineers; Sociery of Manufacturing 
Engineers; Highland Guard; Dean's List. 

1 \ mi Smith Atlanta, GA Psychology. Education Minor. The 
Bridge, Vice President; Alpha Phi. Fraternity Educator. Assistant 
Social Chairperson. 

Martin F. Smith Thorofare, NJ Architecture and Civil 

img Cycling Club, President, Frcasurer; Delta Chi, 
Associate Member i Society of Civil Engineers; 

.American Institute of Architecture Students. 

Sara Elizabeth Smith Bradley Paul Snyder 

Christoph Kurt Stahl 

Kathryn Louise Snyder Richard William Snydei 



» \ ^L^L\ me t ..^^ ^fl ^ttMk 

m\ A ^^Jkm^LmmLwLm^Lm\ 

fT'" OKfl 

^ v «lJ k^ 

^^' ▼ 1 


fc^^_ ^fl 

Cynthia Elaine Soltys Kenneth Sommers 

Christina Sorge 

Lisa M. Soroker 

Megan Newell and Liz Meyer attempt to keep warm at a 
brisk fall tailgate. 

Lee Aaron Sperling Jonathan H. Spira 

388 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

(Catherine Man 

Hope Jolic Steinberg Gregory John Steinmetz 

Maria C. Steitz 

Wanda Romayne 

Keith Stephenson 

Seavan Sternheim 

David J. Stillman 

Cynthia A. Stipa 

Felice Mara Stol/berg 

Adam Stonitsch 

Stacv Lvnn Strelkoft 

Sara Elizabeth Smith Wayne, NJ. Finance Rotoract, Kuan: ^ 

lamma Phi Beca, Assistant freasurct Assistant Ho J 

>mmittec. I 

Bradley Paul Snyder Davidsonville, MD neer- 

ing and History. Sigma Nu; Lacrosse I j 

Christoph Kurt Stahl Snyder Lewisburg, PA. In.: 

ring ' rioir, Manager, Assistant Managei 
Student I ounci], Film Chairperson; Phi Kap| 

Kathryn Louise Snyder Wilton. CI International Relations and 

Studies. Russian ami French. Minors Marchinj j 

Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Epitome; Russian Club; 
Theatre; Orientation Stall; Student Ambassador; I as lor ( ollcgc 
Dinner Chaii inccrt Band; Wind Ensemble; D i 

( ommittee; Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Delta; Dean's I ist; Dobroc 
< ollcgc Scholar. 

Richard William Snyder Bensalem, PA. Biology. Tae Kwon 

ick and Field; Green Biology Club; Library Associate; 
Wellness House; Departmental Honors; Honor 

( Miiliia Llaine Soltys Doylestown, PA Finance < icrman I 

Minor I conomics Society, President; Kappa Alpha Theta, ■ 

Deputy Rush Chairperson; Dean's I \ 

Kenneth Sommers I mason, NJ. Accounting. Admissions 
• Program, Executive Council; Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Christina Sorge Bridgewater. NJ. Accounting. Delta Zcta. 
Judicial Board, Alumni Chairperson, Historian: Accounting Club. 

Lisa M. Sorokcr Hamden. CT. Accounting. East Asian Studies 
Minor The Brown and White; Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship 
Chairperson; Accounting Club: Dean's List. 

Lee Aaron Sperling San Diego. CA. Finance. Dean's List. 

Jonathan H. Spira East Meadow, N't Sociology. Communica- 
tion Minor. Delta Sigma Phi. Peer Educator. 

Katherine Mary Sportack Somerset, NJ. Accounting. Account- 
ing C lub. 

Hope Jolie Steinberg Dresher, PA. Molecular Biology. Tour 
Guide; Student Ambassador; Hillel Society; Alpha Omicron Pi. 
Treasurer; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Secretary; Phi Beta Kappa: Dean s 

1 1st 

Gregory John Steinmetz Pennsauken, NJ. Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Entropy Band, lead Singer; Zcta Psi, Community Relations 
Chairperson; Piano Player tor Catholic Mass: University Learning 
and Leadership Award; Dean's List. 

Maria C. Steitz Vmbler, PA. Molecular Biology. Lite Night at 
Lehigh: Green Biology Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Dean's 
List; Departmental Honors in Molecular Biology. 

Wanda Romayne Stengel Allentown, PA Marketing and 
Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delta. Recording Secretary; Softball; 
Marketing Club. 

Keith Stephenson Willingboro, NJ. English. Football. 

Seavan Sternheim Palo Alto. CA. Finance. Gryphon Society: 
Gymnastics Club. Treasurer; Investment Club; Dean s List; Good 
Scholar Candidate. 

David J. Stillman Rye Brook, NY. Marketing. Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Nice President. Risk Manager; Rugby Football Club. 
Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Cynthia A. Stipa Warrington, PA Marketing. Marketing Club: 
Marching >,_ . Senior Representative: Pep Band. President; Tutor: 
People to People International. 

Felice Mara Stolzbcrg Ness Rochcllc. NY. Government. 
Psycholog) Minor. Alpha Chi Omega. Greek Peer Educator. 

Adam Stonitsch Glen Head. NY. Chemical Engineering. French 
Minor. American Institute ol Chemical 1 . lal 

Chairperson: French Club. 

Stacs 1 vnn StrclkofF Madison. Nl. Psychology. Alpha Gamma 

The Final Chapter 389 

Steven Strieffler Dina Strittmatter Tracy Lynne Struble David Joseph Stryjewski Arthur Peter Suckewer 

Senior Vincent Keane spent most of his time trying to balance his hat during 
one of the home football games. 

Christopher Anthony 

Yasuyuki Tanabe 

390 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Pinar Tashman 

Camillc Marie Taylor 

David Taylor 

Asha Mary Thomas 

Andrew Brian 

Stacy Lynn Thornley 

Robert James 
Thornton, Jr. 

Andrew T. Tilzer 

Brett Tischler 

John J. Tomaszewski Christopher A. Tosini 

Michele Christine 

Steven Stricffler Willingboro, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 
American Society of Mechanical Engineer".; Boxing Club; Pi I au 

Slum, i 

Dina Strittmatter Norristown, PA ( ivil Engineering. 

I Li.i I vnne Strublc Pittsburgh, PA. Accounting. Alpha Chi 
( )mega, Fundraising Chairperson, Standards Committer Panhel 

Rush I selor; Accounting Club; Beta Alpha I'm [I List. 

David Joseph Suyjewski Furlong, PA. Accounting. rhetaXi; 

Accounting Club. 

Arthur Peter Suckewer Crew. Engineering Faculty Student 
Council; Societ) ( M Automotive Engineers, Vice President. 

fanei 1 ynn SuJJivan Hicksville, NV. English. Religion and 
Education Minors. Drinker, Fiousi President, I l.ill President; 
Late Night at Lehigh, Publicity < hairp 

Lawrence J. Supon Sugarloaf, PA Electrical Engineering. 
( Irientation Staff; I )clta Tau Delta. Social ( h.ntpcrson; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Ben Pi. 

Eric Steven Szafran New Yotk, NY. Finance. 

Ir.icy S/arko Far Hills. NJ. History. Sociology Minor. \\ I \ R 
I Iniversity Volunteer; Food Phone: Meals on \\'he< 1 I ' 
( ommunity Service Tutoting. 

Christopher Anthony Tabor Willingboro, NJ. Industrial 
Engineering. National Society ol Black Engineers. 

Y.isuvuki Tanabe Ridgewood, NJ. Architecture. Japan Club. 

Pinar Tashman Scottsdale. AZ. Finance and Economics. 
Histor) Minor. Delta Gamma. 

Camille Marie Taylor Brooklyn. NY. History. Sociology 
Minor. Gospel Choir; Essence; Black Student Union. 

David Taylor Vestal. NY. Computer Science. Alpha Phi 

Omega, Vice President. Fellowship; Inttamurals, Manager. 

Asha Mars' Thomas Vernon Township. NJ. Prc-Mcdical 
Science. Religion Minor. STAR Tutor; Lehigh Christian 
Fellowship, Prayer Coordinator; St. Lukes Hospital. Volunteer; 
Homeless Sheltet, Volunteer; Chaplain's Council; Progressive 
Student Alliance; Epitome; The Brown and White; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President; Dean's List. 

Andrew Brian Thompson Yardley, PA. Computer Engineering. 
Delia Sigma Phi; [nterfraternity Council, Housing Chairperson, 
PRIDE Chairperson; Interfraternal Award. 

Stacy Lynn Thornley Greenwich, CT. Geology. American 

History Minor. Epitome. Co-Editor ol Activities; S I AR Tutor; 
Senior Class Committee; Geology Club. 

Robert James Thornton, Jr. Allentown, PA. Mechanical 
Engineering and Engineering Physics. Applied Mathematit s 

Minor. Sigma Phi; Rush Advisor; Student Faculty Council; 
Upbeat; American Society of Mechanical Engineets; Pi Tau 
Sigma, I reasurer; Dean's List. 

Andrew T. Tilzer Mt. Kisco, NY. Finance. Probability and 
Statistics Minor. Investment Club; Tutot; Economics Society; 
Dean's 1 ist. 

Brett Tischler Spring Valley, NY. Electrical Engineering. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Chairperson: 
Outing Club. 

John J. Tomaszewski Rockville Centre, NY. Accounting. I beta 
I (elta Chi. House Manager, Chapter News Editor; Accounting 

Christopher A. Tosini Simsbury, CT. Industrial Engineering. 
1 ast Break Club; College Republicans; Dean's List. 

Michele Christine Toteda Centerport, NY. Economics. Dean's 


The Final Chapter 391 

Tracy Costaldo, Michelle Kudesh and Stefanie Longo flash their pearly whites 

for the camera. 

Renee Lisa Tukiendorf Francesca Danielle 


Jenny Lynn Turner Andrew Jason Twiggar Ann Twomey 

Shannon Marie 

Jon Preston Van Order 

392 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

LaChelle Bonavette 

Stephanie Verhoeff Garry Wayne Vermaas 

Paul John Vernisi 

Michelle Vetrone 

Jennifer Victor 

Victoria Marie Vinci Kristin Marie Vitacco Julie Lynn Vozick 

James Allen 

Bryan Martin Waisnor J. Tucker Waite 

Jill Ellen Triani Newtown, ( I Architecture. Wind Ensemble; ' 
Residence H.ill Association; American Institut ol Architecture 

I t.uik rriefenbach Frankfurt, Germany. Biology and 

Angelique Tritaris Rockville Centre, NY. Engli: I nment 

Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta, Song Chairperson, Activiti< 
( hairperson; I our Guide; Panhellenic ( Council, Rush ( Counselor; 
Orientation Staff; Senior Class Committee; Student Activities 
Council; Residence Hall Association; William's Prize; Dean's List. 

Brandon R. Troxel Reading, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
( lassies Minor, |az2 Ensemble; Wind Ensemble; Pi Tau Sigma. 

Renee Lisa I ukiendorf I orns River, NJ. Environmental Science. - 
Science, Technology ami Society Minor. ( leology ( Hub, 
Treasurer; Best Buddies. Membership ( Coordinator; Epitome; Tour 
( iuide; Student Ambassador; Admissions Intern; 1 bn\ I ist . 

Francesca Danielle Turner Cherry Hill, NJ. Mathematics. 

Studio Art Minor. Alpha Phi, President, Fundraising 
Chairperson, Historian, Rush Committee Chairperson; 
Panhellenic Judicial Board; Chapter Continuity Compensation 
Committee; Panhellenic South Side Chairperson. j 

Jenny Lynn Turner Perkiumenville, PA. Biology. History 
Minor. Intramural Sports; Dean's List. 

Andrew Jason Twiggar Shamokin, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Phi Gamma Delta, President, House Manager; American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers; Student Senate; Interfratemity Council, 

Ann Twomey Brooklyn, NY. Environmental Science and 
Resource Management. Science Writing Minor. The Brown and 
White, Science Writer; Intramurals; J. Robert Munford Award. 

Shannon Marie VanMeter Baltimore, MD. Chemical Engineer- 
ing and Biology. Soccer; Crew; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice 
President, Rush Chairperson. 

Jon Preston Van Order York, PA. Chemical Engineering. Tau 
Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Rookie or the Year, 
Cross Country; Dean's List; Delta Tau Delta; American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers, President; Cross Country; Gryphon 
Society; Track and Field; Martindale Student Associate. 

LaChelle Bonavette Veals Memphis, TN. Psychology. Sociology 
Minor. Gryphon Society; Black Student Union; Gospel Choir; 
University Choir; Student Ambassador; Minority Recruitment. 

Stephanie Verhoeff Branrord, CT. Behavioral Neuroscience. 
STAR Tutor; Senior Class Gift Campaign, Solicitor's Committee. 

Garry Wayne Vermaas Wyckoff, NJ. Civil Engineering. Beta 
Theta Pi, Social Chairperson; Water Polo Team, Treasurer; Chi 
Epsilon, President; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Paul John Vernisi King of Prussia, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Intramurals. 

Michelle Vetrone Paramus, NJ. Materials Science and Engineer- 
ing. Alpha Gamma Delta, Activities Chairperson, Planning 
Committee; Orientation Staff; Society of Women Engineers. 

Jennifer Victor Lincroft, NJ. English. 

Victoria Marie Vinci Warren, NJ. Architecture. Swimming; 
American Institute of Architecture Students; Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Kristin Marie Vitacco Brooklyn, NY. International Business. 
Alpha Chi Omega, Assistant Rush Chairperson, Assistant Warden; 
Crew Team; The Brown and White. 

Julie Lynn Vozick Chappaqua, NY. Marketing. Delta Gamma. 
Activities Historian; Epitome, Managing Editor; Marketing Club; 
Deans List; International Scholars Honor Society. 

James Allen Waicukauski Tualatin, Oregon. Materials Science 
and Engineering. Football; Chi Psi, Rush Chairperson; Student 
Materials Society; Deans List. 

Bryan Martin Waisnor Amityville, NY. Architecture and t nil 
Engineering. Phi Sigma Kappa. President; Interfratemity Council; 
American Society of Civil Engineers; American Institute of 
Architecture Students. 

J. Tucker Waite West Chester, PA. Civil Engineering. Rugbv; 
Psi L'psilon, Pledge Master, Rush ( hairperson. 

Simon Bartletta treats Brooke Marriott to beer specials at The 'Ho during Senior Week. Matthew J. Waldman Daniel Glenn Walker 

Terry Walker Meredith Louise Wall Brian Robert Walp Kenneth E. Warman III Carissa Warner 

Jennifer Lynne Warren Loretta Elizabeth Noelle Kathleen Watson Todd Andrew Watson George Webb 


394 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Jonathan David Weber Hugh J. Weidinger IV 

Stanley Weiland 

Andrew Glen 

Josh Weismer 

Meredith Lee Weiss 

Jeremy Charles Weitz 

Patrick Christopher 

Adam Westphalen 

Andrew Todd White 

Nicole White 

Troy Kenneth White 

Rotkan Albert Walbe Rockvillc. MD. Civil Engineering. Alpha ^ 
I an Omega; Boxing; Pcnna. Golden Gloves Champion I J 

Kimhcrly May Walczak Monmouth June; 1 

iscience. I )ean s List. 

Matthew J. Waldman East Rockaway, NY. Industrial I 1 

I' i I psilon, President, Social Chairperson; Dean 

Daniel Glenn Walker West Chcscer, PA- English, [ournalism 
Minor. Pi Kappa Mplu rhe Brown and White. 

rerry Walker Flourtown, PA. Financial Economics. Alpha Phi: 1 
Investment Club; Future Business Leaders of America, Secretary; 

The Bridge; Amnesty International. 

Meredith Louise Wall Whitehall. PA. Accounting. Softball; 
Student Athletii I 'Hun il ( ( )ACH Program. 

Brian Robert Walp Zionsville, PA. Finance; International 

Relations. Navigators Christian Fellowship; Alpha Phi Omega, 
Service Vice President; Dean's List. 

Kenneth E. Warman III Basking Ridge. NJ. Accounting. 

Baseball; Accounting Club; Beta Alpha Psi. A 

Carissa Warner Staten Island, NY. Finance. L.isi Asian Studies 1 
Minor. Lehigh l.'niv. Volunteers; Marketing Club; Investment 
(lull Women in Business; University Scholarship; Dean's List. 

Jennifer Lynne Warren Fair Haven, NJ. Civil Engineering. 

American Society ol Civil Engineers; Epitome, Sales Editor; Socierv 
ol Women Engineers. 

Loretta Elizabeth Washick Gouldsboro, PA. Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Society ot Women Engineers; American Institute of ( hcmical 
Engineers; Dean's I ist. 

Noelle Kathleen Watson Wayside, NJ. Environmental Science. 
Student Senate; Alpha Omicron Pi; Ccolog) ( Ink Rush ( ounselon 
International Partners Program. 

Todd Andrew Watson Wyckoff, NJ. Molecular Biology. \ 

Football; Baseball; Biology Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean's List. 

George Webb Darien. CT. Music and Electrical Engineering. m 


Jonathan David Weber Kensington, CT. Accounting Pi Kappa 
Alpha, President. Vice President, Executive Council Chairperson. 
Social Chairperson; Accounting Club; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Who's Who Among University Students; Phi Fta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Omega; Dean's List. 

Hugh J. Weidinger IV Oyster Bav. NY. Finance. American 
Literature Minor. Sigma Nu; The Legend Club. 

Stanley Weiland Chappaqua, NY. History. Economics Minor. 
Phi Gamma Delta, "Treasurer; Senior (.Mass (ott Campaign, Publicity 
Chairperson; STAR Tutor; Membership Recruitment Award. 

Andrew Glen Weintraub Southampton. PA Psychology. Alpha 
Tau Omega; Mustard arid Cheese; Boxing Club; Dean's List: 
I 'micron Delta Kappa; Psi Chi. 

Josh Weismer Lancaster. PA. Mechanical Engineering. American 
Society ol Mechanical Engineers. Vice President; Orientation Staff 

Meredith Lee Weiss Hewlett Harbor. NY. Architecture. American 
Institue ot Architecture Students. 

Jeremy Charles Weitz Mt. Kisco, NY. English. Alpha Tau 

Patrick Christopher Weld Maiden, PA. Psychology. Social 
Psychology Minor. Delra Upsilon, Steward; LEAD; Football: 
I Iniversit) I iterac) Corps. 

Adam Westphalen Acton, MA. Accounting and Finance. 
Communication Minor. Alpha Tau Omega; Dean's List. 

Andrew Todd White Yardley, PA. Civil Engineering. Psych 

Minor. Sigma Nu. House Manager. Recorder. 

Nicole White Suflfern, NY. Biology. Alpha Chi Omega. 
Panhellenic Representative. Housing Chairperson: Dean's List 

Pros Kenneth White Annville, PA. Engineering. Bera 
Theta Pi, Vice President: Industrial Engineers Council, President; 
Tutor; Soccer Club; Alpha Pi Mu. Secretary; Dean s I ist; 
National Collegiate Engineering Award; Zeta Psi Good Scholar. 

Lauren Whitman 

Payson Rogers 
Whitney III 

Mark Wesley Widder 

Gillian Elizabeth 

John V. Wildermann 

Eric J. Williams 

Michael Thomas 

Karl William James 

Oprah Winfrey 

Jessica Winn 

Jeff Casella, John Scott, and Fran Turner played the "Who can close their 
mouth the longest" game. Sorry Fran, you lost. 

Thomas Henry Wolfe Kristie Y. Wong 

396 Every Picture Tells a &tory 

Oliver Wong 

Ian R. Woods 

Jesse S. Wright III 

Jennie Wu 

Robin Elizabeth Wylie Mark Burson Wynkoop 


Leyden Casey Yaeger 

Jungsan Yang 

Isaac Jinhua Yao 

Marcy Yeakel 

Peter Yoerg 

Sung Hvvan Yoon 

Iaurci) Whitman Ridgewood, NJ. Marketing. Communication ^ 
Minor. Alpha Phi, Epitome, Sports Editor; I 'hi- Bridge; A 

Mill i ung Club. 

Payson Rogers Whitney III Ledyardi ( r. Civil Engineering. 
American Society of Civil Engineers. Vice President. A 

Mark Wesley Widder Greencastle, PA. Environmental Science. ™ 

Football; Fellowship ol Christian Athletes; Patriot League Rookie 

of the W.. I 

Gillian Elizabeth Wilbur Southport, CT. American Studies. 
Gamma Phi Beta. ( Chairperson. Rush Chairperson; Senior j 
Class Gift Campaign, Solicitations Co-Chairperson. m 

John V. Wildermann White Plains, NY. Biochemistry. Health i 
and Human Development Minor. Fountain Hill Emergency M 

Rescue Squad. Rescue Captain. 

trie J. Williams Bangor. ME. Government and American Studies. 
Thcia Delia ('In; Dean's List; Government Depattmental Honors. 

Michael Thomas Williams Nicholson. PA. Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Cycling Club; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu. j 

Karl William James Williard Klingcrslown. PA. Biology. HistorvJ 
and Environment and Society Minors. Gryphon Society; Student J 
Senate; Rugby Club; Dean's List. a 

Oprah Winfrey Chicago, II. Psychology. 

Jessica Winn Wilbraham, MA. Mathematics. Visiting Lecturers 
Committee; Delta Camma; Soccer, Captain: Air Force RO I C. 

Corey J. Wise Cape May, NJ. Social Relations. Law and Legal 

Institutions Minot. Orientation Staff; Student Ambassador; Jazz 
Band. ' 

Perry Wobil Brooklyn. NY. Electrical Engineering. Psychology 
Minor. Lehigh Christian Fellowship; STAR Tutor; Black Student 
I Inion. 

Thomas Henry Wolfe White Plains, NY. Government. Sigma 
Chi. Rush Chairperson, Public Relations Director, Founding 
Father; WLVR, Program Director, Chief Operator; The Brown J 
and White. Editorial Page Editor. News Editor, Desk Editor. ™ 

Kristie Y. Wong New York, NY. Accounting. East Asian Studies j 
and American Literature Minors. Asian Cultural Sociery, Vice m 
President Cultural Affairs; The Brown and White, Advertising 
Manager; Visiting Lecturers Committee; Cultural Reed ( i 
Founder; Orientation Staff; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's list. 

Oliver Wong New York, NY. Industrial Engineering. East Asian 
Studies Minor. Tae Kwon Do, Secretary; Asian Cultutal Society; 
Alpha Pi Mu. 

Ian R. Woods Larchmont, NY. Accounting. Psychology Minor. 
Phi Delta Theta; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Jesse S. Wright III Whitehall, PA. Biology. Football; Chi 

Psi, Pledge Educator, Steward; Molecular Biology Honors Program. 

Jennie Wu Fort Lee, NJ. English. East Asian Studies Mm, n 

Robin Elizabeth Wylie Toms River, NJ. Statistics. Computer 
Science Minor. Choral'Union; Gospel Choir. 

Mark Burson Wynkoop Middletown, NJ. International 
Relations. Sigma Nu, Steward, House Manager; Rugby Club. 

Leyden Casey Yaeger Woodbury. CT. Architecture. Psychology 
Minor. Alpha Chi Omega; American Instituite of Architecture 
Students. Vice President. 

Jungsan Yang Philadelphia. PA. Mechanical Engineering. East 
Asian Studies Minor. Korean Student Association; Mustard S 

Isaac Jinhua Yao New York. NY. Chemical Engineering. 
Philosophy Minor. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; 
Philosophy ( luh. Treasurer; Chinese Students Club; Tutot; Dean's 

Marcy Yeakel Milford, CT. Economics. Psychology Minor. 
Alpha Gamma Delta; Economics Society. 

Peter Yoerg Bloomfield Hills. ML English. Economics Minor. 
t iryphon Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Martindale Center 
Student Associate; College Scholar; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Sung Hwan Yoon Huntingdon Vallev. PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Korean Student Association. Treasurer. President; 
Asian Cultural Sociery; Choral Union; Student Materials Society. 

The Final Chapter 397 

Stephany Rabjohns certainly has a lot to smile about. 

Josh Zeman Jeffrey Ward Zerweck 

398 Every Picture Tells a Story 

Michael Ziegler 

Stuart E. Zissu 

Bill Zois 


VH ^Li r ^1 

^B F /» ▼ I 

p "^ ^ 

P^P* — - ^Kd 

r ^1 


- \\ 


Leonardo Zraick 

Were these guys - humming - during 

These grads listen attentively to the speaker during 
Commencement ceremonies. 

Michael Benjamin York ! oms River. NJ. Lnglish. Govern- 

Minor, /ci.i I'm; I he Brown and White; Tour Guide. 

Lisa Ann Zampardi Wood Ridge, NJ. Psychology. 

Heather Zaslansky Lawrence, NY. Government and Religion. 
Student Senate, President; Forum; HUG Educator. 

Mauricio Zavatti Sao Paulo, Brazil. Industrial Engineering. 
Squash Club; Intraniurals; SALSA. 

Ricardo Zavatti Bethlehem, PA. Mechanical Engineering. 
Iiiii.uinii.ils; American Societ] "I Mechanical Engineers; 
University Scholarship. 

Derek S. Zeller Milrord, CT. Marketing. Swimming, Captain; 
Marketing Club; Dean's List. 

Josh Zeman Staten Island, NY. Journalism. Communication 
Minor. The Brown and White. 

Jeffrey Ward Zerweek Summit, NJ. History. Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Michael Ziegler Piano, IX. Journalism. The Brown and 
White, Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, Sports Editoi 
Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Writer. 

Stuart E. Zissu Short Hills. NJ. Art. Graphic Design Minor. 
Choir; Delta Sigma Phi, By-Laws Chairperson, Activities 
Chairperson, Recycling Chairperson; Epitome, Layout Editor. 

Bill Zois Haworth, NJ. Finance. Communication Minor. 
Outing Club; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Leonardo Zraick Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Industrial Engineering. 
Intraniurals; Latin American Society. 

The Final Chanter 399 

In Memoriam... 

DoseMary (Scanlon 

400 Every Picture Tells a &tory 

Camera-Shy Seniors... 

Ilihatur Hahman Ahmad 
Ian ilvfii Virgood 
llamoii Christian Ullrich 
Iclania \lonso 

Achilla Gc fc orgette Aiig€ h liath h s 
Julio Belli Axel rod 
Da\ id KoImiI Azenheimer 
Seth Alan Baron 
Donald Scott Bell 
Andrew David Bctz 
Michael Anthony Be van 
Michael John Borzok 
Justine D. Call wood 
Alyson McDonald Caprio 
Jennifer Ann Cassels 
Peter Darey Cheriehetti 
James Allen Cunningham 
Jessica Lynn Dacanay 
Jennifer Ann Davis 
John Eric Digiacinto 
Samuel Monroe Dollyhigh 
Jon David Eisenberg 
Teri I y mi Ervin 
Lawrence Todd Farmer 
Francis Joseph Fleming' 
Eddie Gomez 
Bichard Alan Hanle 
Matthew Aaron Hauswirth 
Phuoc II. Hoang 
Carrie Lynn Hohmami 
Vincent I . Holmes 
Brian Dinesh Jeshuran 
Joseph William Kareivis 111 
Kenn Kwoh 
John A. Laumakis 
Andrew Michael Likos 
Michael Brian MeSweeney 
Bonald \. Meixell. Jr. 
Nicole Miller 

Jennifer D. Mrozek 
Christopher Harvey Newmyer 
Todd Michael Oberdick 
James Francis O'Connor 
Anthony Scott Panxa 
Jeffrey Allen Paul 
Panu Puiitoomsiiichai 
\arayan Baja 
Jeffrey Harris Bat now 
Jeffrey Howard Bobbins 
\oain Hoizman 
Bichard Joseph Botzman 
Kevin Gerard Bubin 
Sharon Flizabeth Sabo 
Diego James Samuel 
Jeffrey Todd Schiller 
Zarli Sein 
Beverly A. Smith 
Christopher Stephen Smolar 
Andrew K. Snyder, Jr. 
Michael Edward I. Spreadbur.v 
Larry E. Stauffer 
llazmi Sulimai 
Erin 11 Fay re Tarpey 
Tore Thomas Tellefsen 
Stephen Michael Ternow click 
Catherine Ayson Tiangha 
Benee Lisa Tukiendorf 
Michael Posnack Turner 
Jonathan Michael Weal her ford 
Bradley McCabe Weiss 
Christopher Daniel White 
Christopher Grimm Wight 
Mark Lloyd Wilson 
Kyle Frazier Wolff 
Sabrina Lynette Wong 
\ick George Yialamas 
Allan Henrv Zimmerman 

The Final Chapter 40! 

A Last Look at the 

After Kristy Salinard, Julie Vozick and Nicole Ferber 
promised to dedicate the rest of their lives after graduation 
to following the Grateful Dead, they took off to the 

Senior Clas President Lori Owen ate an entire pie of pizza celebrating the fact that 
organizing senior week had been a job well done. 


Picture Tells a 6tory 


Seniors Stacy Strelkoff and Marv Chattier enjoy each other's 
ompanv during Senior Night at The 'Ho. 

"Yo, I'm a little self conscious about wearing this tie to tailgates, do I look 
overdressed?" Andy Lynch asked JP McGuire before a football game. 

hese seniors had a lot to smile about on one beautiful fall tailgate morning in October. 

The Final Chapter 403 

A Last Look at the 

Seniors Kelly Boyce and Meg Chianese share a beer 
and a smile at the Tally 'Ho during Senior Week. 

Cliffy, Sam and Craig are obviously not scared of heights as 
seen by this shot taken during the Geology trip last summer. 

404 Every Picture Tells a Story 

"All those wearing hot pink underwear, please report to the podium," John Bown 
announced at the Sigma Nu Dance Contest during Greek Week. 

kmi Jacobs jingled heimer schmidt at a Greek Week event this spring. 

"Do we have sesame seeds in our teeth?" asks Henrv Morris and Tim Coif 
after walking from the bagel place to the 'Ho one evening. 

These cra/\ seniors took took time out of doing the crawl to pose for a picture. 

The Final Char 1 


406 Ever}' Picture Tells a (Story 

On Sunday, May 29. 1994 Lehigh held its 126th com- 
iik mcement for the class o( L994. 1IOO gi i luai 
donned in their tasselboards and gowns lined up in 
Pauch Held House t.o Talk into a packed (Stabler 
Arena. \& the graduat nt i I, th mdience rose to 
thi ii feel and a sea of purple flashes from cameras 
showered the graduates as Ihev leek their seats on 
the floor and on either side of the stage in I he lower 
concourse sections. President Peter Likins greeU I 
th graduates and introduced the commencemenl 
speaker, Dr. Joyce brothers, noted psychologist. 
Brothers addressed the audience about success and 
failure, telling them they should embrace failure as 
something to learn from and not be afraid of. Class 
President Lori Owen told the graduates to "look out, 
look up, and leek in" and continue to learn. Alter the 
speeches, President Likins and the deans of the 
different colleges granted doctoral, masters and 
bachelor's degrees to the graduates on hand. The 
ceremony completed, the graduates marched out of 
t he front doors o( (Stabler Arena into a bright sunshine 
and a new horizon. They were greeted by parents, 
grandparents, relatives and friends who in I urn shared 

their i°7 By Ceof Colon 

The Final Chapter 407 


408 Ever) 7 Picture Tells a Story 

The Final Chapter 40° 


410 Every Picture Tells a Story 

The Final Chapter 411 

enior Week 

At cocktails at the Tally Ho during senior week, Tracy Costaldo, Natasha Katzive, Hillary Reuter, and Lauren Whitman are all smiles. 

Every Picture Tells a Story 

Following Lehigh tradition, once again the seniors 
travelled down to Avalon. NJ for a week lull ol run 
in the sun. Some of the activities down the shore 
included trips to Atlantic City, barbecues ani I 
nights al Jack's Place with a great band. Alice the 
shore, seniors came back to Lehigh for the remain- 
der oi senior #eek. Everyone had a bias! at the 
crawl ol the local bars, cocktails al the Talk Ho, 
and I he band party at ATQ. But, the best part di 
senior week was being able to spend quality time 
with the friends we have made these past four 

Here, Lisa Soroker and Matt Berman smile as their last 
night at AT£2 and the hill slowly passes by. 

Derek Deringor squeals in pain as he shows his paper cut to the camera. 

The final Chapter 413 

enior Week 

Daniela Dimaggio, Danielle Bergamo, and Lisa Zampardi take time out of their own picture taking to smile for our camera. 

414 Every Picture Tells a Story 





Senior Brad Levin was contemplating keying his initials 
into the wooden wall when we snapped this shot. 

ara Lvnch, Kellv Salerno, and Jane Flvnn enjoy one of their last moments 
at the Tally Ho before graduation. 

"We re here for some tree pizza,'' savs Eric Simon 
on their way to Mil during senior week. 

Candice, Christina, Trina and Warren happilv reminisce about the past tour years. 

The Final Chapter 415 

•The Eftd 




-, I 


by Michelle Kudesh 
Editor In Chief 


Epilogue 417 

"Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you. It was but 

yesterday we met in a dream. You have sung to me in my 

aloneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky. But 

now our sleep has fled and our dream is over, and it is no longer 

dawn. The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to 

fuller day 


', and we must part. 


If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall 
speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song. 

And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build 

another tower in the sky. " 

- Kahil Gibran 
(The Prophet) 

418 Every Picture Tells a (Story 

Every Picture Tells a 6tory 

Every Picture Tells a 6tor) 


Every Picture Tell* a (Story 


Every Picture Tells a Story 

Epilogue 429 

I lire Tells a Story 


essanes am rum 



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Richard P. Adams 

Louis and SonMi Altro 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Andruchowitz 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Banas 

& Mrs. Joseph Bellotto 
Reed and Anne Bement 
Jane Bernstein 
Robert & Gail Blair 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Brown 
Joe & Carol Cacciatore 
Mary & Joe Cambareri 
The Parent of Robert J. Campanile 
Linda M. Carter 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Cavagnaro, III 
Robin Chipko 
Janet G. Corr 
Leonard Cowan 
Phyllis S. Coward 
Mr. & Mrs. D'Augusta 
Dennis Decker, Jr. 
Nancy - Charles Dell-Bene 
Ellen & Phil Dickinson 
Jo Ann Dinan 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Drinkwater, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dymkowski 
John & Marge Falcone 
Mr. & Mrs. David Foss 
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Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Goberville 
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Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Hahne 
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Felice and Robert Kirsh 
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Mr. and Mrs. John Leidner 

The Leveens 

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Lewis and Family 

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Myong Sik &. Yun Chung Kim 

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Enid & Stephen Kudesh 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Lamolino 

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Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lippitt in honor of Matthew Lippitt 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Loccisano 

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Velda & Joseph Sansaverino 

Al & Arline Schwarz 

John J. Scott 

Dr. & Mrs. Allen Shalit 

Drs. Barbara and Gordon Shelton 

Dai S. Shin 

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Singer 

Robert K. Sittloh 

Cathy SteKing 

Drs. Simon & Ada Suckew er 

Mr. i; Mrs. Albert Tosmi 

Simon & Rosita Trinca 

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Troup 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward V. Twiggar II 

Richard & Elisabeth Wallace 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Warman. Jr. 

Jim and Dorothy Watson 

Joshua W. & Iris E. Weiss 

Family & Friends of Jererm Weitz 

Eric & Marjorie Whitman 

Laura M. Wilbur 

Haney & Barbara York 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Joseph M. Zinna 


Jennifer Marie Edwards 

and the class of '94 

We wish you success and happiness 

All our love forever i 

Mom & Dad 


Every Picture Tells a Story 

(f you would be loved, love and be lovable. 

- Benjamin Franklin 

Love is.. .watching you graduate from Dolling Hills Nursery School. 
Love is...your MVP softball from summer camp. 
Love is...winning "most intelligent" in elementary school, and crying. 
Love is...winning "best dressed" and "friendliest" in junior high school. 
Love is.. .winning "loudest mouth" in high school (and being most proud 
of this honor). 

Love is.. .waiting at the window whenever you were late. 
Love is.. .shopping for prom dresses. 
Love is.. .going with dad to the ballet. 
Love is.. .Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. 
Love is.. .Letting you go! 
Love is.. .Keeping you close! 
Love is...our daughter.. .Michelle Kudesh 

Class of '94 

With Pride, we congratulate you. 

Mom, Dad and Jeremy m^^a* ^ 

1 1 I 

,i$* P ssages... 







Kirk Niemeyer 

We're proud of you! 

Mother, Dad, Craig, Susan, 
Lynne, Rick, and Woodie 


we're very "proud" of you. 
Every parent should have a son- 
like you. "Your brains are your 

purse " - Hugs and Kisses. 
Mom & Dad 








We're proud of you! 




We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Lisa, &Nugs 


Ms. Namita Penugonda 

We're proud of you! 

Dad, Mom & Sister 


Stacy Lynn Thornley 

We're proud of you! 

Dad and Mom 

'icLure Tells a (Story 

Parents' Messages... 



We're proud of you! 




"Nothing can stop you 

We 're behind you all the way. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jon, Spike 



We're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 



And best of luck! 

Mom, Dad, Brian, Kathy 
and Sandy 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 
Javier & Christopher 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Leela 

congra tula tions 

Julie Lynn 

Stay Forever Young 

Mom, Dad, Eric and Jess 



and the Class of '94 

Mom & Dad, Kevin, 
Maureen & Hughie 

Messages and Ads 439 


irs' l usages... 


Brad Peterson 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Samantha 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Tami & Amir 

Dear Jeremy Weitz, 

I'm very proud of who you 

are and love you very 

much. Congratulations. 




We're proud of you! 

Chuck and Gaylyn 




Mom & Dad 


Jean Marie Jankowsky 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Joanna 



The world is at your feet. 

Take it and run with it!! 

Love, Mom and Dad 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Chris 

'Icture Tells a Story 

Parents* Messages... 


You are our sunshine. 

Keep shining 
Congratulations and 

Best of Luck 
Mom, Dad, & Omar 



and the Class of '94! 

Robin & Jeannette Neary 



and the Class of '94 

The Tosini Family 



We're proud of you! 




We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Lisa 

Scott #9 

A Championship Ring 

A Degree from Lehigh 

It doesn 't get any 

better than that 

Thanks for the 


We 're PROUD of you and 

we LOVE you 


Mom, Dad, 

Ardis Ann '97 & Mikey 

P.S. Thank God - no more 

parking tickets 

N lc^sa£;ef. and Ad* -Wl 

enfs' Messages... 







We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Sue 



Billy Zois 

And best of luck! 


Spiros, Harriet 



Billy Zois 

We're proud of you! 

Mom &Dad 


Jung Ko & Sam Ko 


Peter Lambrakis 

Were so proud of you! 

Your Parents 

Angelique - 

Billy Zois 

Continue to be who you are 

And best of luck! 

and your future will 


know no limits. 


We 're so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad & Juliette 

'icture Tells a Story 

Parents' Messages... 


Lynn Smith 

We're proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 


Rachel Tori Cain 

I'm so proud of you! 
Love, Mommy 

Congratulations Lori 

And the Class of '94! 

We 're proud of you! 

Love, The Owen Family 

Karl M. Jungbluth 

Congratulations Karl! I 

am so proud of you. Good 

luck to you and the 

graduates of 1994. 

Love Mom 

You made it! 
Congratulations y James. 

Mother and Dad 



We're proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 






■ i^es and Ads 

>.■':;> #fe 


nts* Messages... 


Chris Olsen 

We're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 



We're proud of you! 




We're proud of you! 

Mom and Anthony 










And Best of Luck! 

We 're all so proud of you! 

All our Love, 

Mom, Jeremy and the 

entire clan 



and the Class of '94 



Richie "Elvis " Brown 

Were proud of you! 

Mom & Dad, 
Suzy, Amy, and Tim 

Tells a &tory 

Parents' Messages... 

to the Class of 941 

The Chen Family 

Congratulations Matthew 

"You light up our lives!" We are very 

proud of your accomplishments! 

Good luck at G W. 

Follow your dreams! 

Love you, 

Mom, Dad, Andrew, & Lauren 

Paul (Gino) 

God's love shone on us 

February 29, 1972 

The day you were born 


Love, Mom, Dad, Dino, 

Kathy Frank, B.C., and 

Nana & Pap Pap 

To David B. 
and Theta Chi y 

We 're proud of you — 

graduates of Lehigh! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Sue 


Jason Lazar 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 
Grandma & Jodie 













Messages and Ad* 44? 

rarest Jeff, 

Congratulations from your loving and very proud mom 
and dad on the tremendous accomplishments you have 
achieved. You withstood adversity, directed the 
experience to your soul and created a strength within 
yourself that will propel you to your goal on any path you 
may desire. Larry and Lisa are also delighted for their 
"baby" brother and also send all their love and happiness. 
The Kayes add their congratulations and love to Jeffs OX 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad, Larry and Lisa 

S? S? S? 7 S? S? S? 

^/Ue loo ave v&Mf Avoud W omhw a&xwnfUlmvnenfo and 
ioiffl, wouw Aavenfo In 6en<wna ow low lo a vwvu aAecial and 
camna wHitfia woman. ^Jotw 
TA^nlv€^Ufu it utitone foan&ilion In 'uouv life thai coi/l a/toau^ 
iw felled toUfo mucn emotion, Aaddion and wowvntn. 

Qj^bll ouv low, 
^a^uiUj t/SiUj JfjcvwUj Jrjiui and \yfe* 

c (Pe em// 



f/fe times 

(/oft sfieii*ea 


f/off a/so 

#/t(f/ € C(/ 

tnern imtn 

us . 

C /i'Ji/lf- O \s 



fs* Messages... 



And best of luck! 

Joan, Bill y and Anne 



We Ye proud of you! 



congra tula tions! 

We 're so proud of you. 


Dad and Mom Stipa 







Mom, Dad and Jo Ann 


Doug Luehrs 

We're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 


Kevin P 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Nan 


Elizabeth Pasmantier 

and the Class of '94 

Mother & Dad 



Mamma, Pappa, Par, 

mormor, i armor, 

OCH Farfar 

ire Tell* a Story 

Parents' Messages 


Jennifer Laubach 

We Ye proud of you! 

Mom & Frank 

William Bryant Miller 

You are our favorite 

mechanical engineer! 

All Our Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Troy and Jason 


Danielle M. Scott 

We're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 


Hope Jo lie Steinberg 

We're proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 



. *te* >-rn 



m*»^ te'il i 




WeYe proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 



WeYe proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Nan, Pops, Aunt 

Joanne, Heather, Billy, Nancy, Keri, 

Kim, Beth, Frank & Megan 


Co ngratulatio ns! 

Karyn Schmeidler 

Enjoy Israeli We love you! 

Mom & Dad, 

David, Debra & Susan, 

Muffin & Maggie 


its' Messages... 


ith Stephenson 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Kyle, Family 
and Friends 


Rachel, Rachel, Sarah 
and Stephanie 


Don and Sharon Cox 


Rachel Kachur 

We're proud of you! 

Granny and Pop 

My dear Rachel 

I loved you the 
moment I saw you! 

Congratulations and much love, 















We're proud of you! 

Rasma, Serge, Soshana, 
& Yasmin 



We're proud of you! 


Picture Tells a Story 

Parents* Messages 



We're proud of you! 


Congratulations & best 

wishes, May your star keep 

shining. God bless you. 

All our love, 





We're proud of you! 

Nana & Nonno 

Congratulations. . . 

You achieved the goals yon set for 
yourself, keep following your dreamt 
Thanks for making us proud! 

Mom, Dad, Stephen, & Alicia 

Chris Sestric 

Happiness and 

Success Always 

With love and pride, 

Mom and Dad 



We're proud of you! 

Mom And Dad 


Kris Taco 

We're proud of you! 

Dad, Mom and Joseph 


Bryan Camaglia 

May all of your dreams come 

true! We 're proud of you! 

"Love, Health, and Happiness. ' 

Mom and Dad 

jges and Ads 451 

rents* Messages... 




e re proud ot you! 

MOM er DAD, GlffE/V, JEFF, 

Rachel Bernstein, 

We are so proud of what you 

have accomplished, prouder 

still of what you are. 

Love, Your family 



We're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 


Michael Gelman 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Dana 







We're proud of you! 




and the class of '94 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Danielle, & Roxle 

y Picture Tells a Story 

Parents' Messages... 



You make us so proud! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, 

Jennifer, & Nana 

Dear Nikkle Pickle 

Go for it, Babes! 

You 're the best. 

Love, Mom, Dad, & Tyler 


Derek Eng Sheau 

We're proud of you! 

Mom & Dad, Christopher, 
Jason & Geoffrey too! 



and the Class of '94 

We 're proud ojyou! 

Love, Rose and John Longo 

Marisa, Al, Sandra '90, and 

Jennijer '96 


Kouros Owzar 

And best of luck! 

Albert, A], Kiana, Kamran, 
Key van, Robyn & Desi 


Danielle Bergamo 
and the class of '94! 

With enormous pride and love! 
Morn, Joe, Grams and Peach 







Messages and Ads 

rents' Messages... 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad y and Katherine 







The two of you have always 
doubled our joy. 

Co ngratulatio ns 

Karen and Steve 


Mom, Dad, 

David, Mike and Linda 


Todd A. Goldberg 

We wish you the best life has to 

offer. May you enjoy good 

health, happiness & success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Larry & Mark 



And best of luck! 

Mom, Dad, and Steven 

To Rob, 


We're proud of you! 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad and Heidi 



We 're so very proud! 


Mutti, Vati, GarfandSam 



We're proud of you! 


• fells a Story 

In Cbesing... the Epitome 

Btafl of l QC H tried their best to write the story of the 1993/94 school year. I hope we did a good job. It is hard to tell the complete 
lory and so xe tried to leav : the reader with the feelings that we had as Editors, most of us seniors, as we bid our farewell to 
Lehigh University. In completing this book, I would like to thank the people that made it happen. 

Linda : You are the greatest, I could nevei have survived without having a mental breakdown if it were not for you. You have patience 
thai I will never have, organization thai I will never have, and you manage to take care of 20 people's loose ends at once. I don't 
how von do it. but thank von for everything. 1 will surely miss you. 

Phil: You are also the othei >n< vho actually helped me stay sane enough to finish this up. You are the greatest rep that could ever 
be You are funny and patient and really care!!! 1 hope that we stay in touch or 1 will go through withdrawal. Thanks for everyth 
You are the best. 

Echal : Though the yeai did not turn out as planned, you managed to (almost) finish your section by yourself and 1 thank you for that. 
Yon definitely did a great job with a section that seemed almost hopeless. We have definitely had (he ups and downs as most 
I > pie do. f wish you good luck in Israel and hope that you drop me a line. 

Itaey, and Conway : My loves! And to t hink thai I had doubts that you two would do a good job and be responsible - You were two 
ol I lie most responsible on the staff!! You did a wonderful job ana finished nice and early. I am so proud of you! You guys are the 
lest Thanx a bunch. 

Marv Chattier : (See 1 told you your job would be easy. I am so glad that I met you this year. Good luck in law school, you deserve 
the best!! 

Jen Warren and Jenny : Good job with the bake sale. It there were more hours in a day, maybe we could have done another fund- 
raiser or two. You guys did a good job this year, and definitely contributed to the ideas used in the book. I thank you. 

Cuna : So, are you glad you did it? After all the complaints and the nudging to take the pictures, I hope that it is worth it to see your 
work throughout the book (and Bafi's too) Good luck in Israel and with the Qafmeister. Your pictures look great! 

Daniela : Once again, you saved the day. <§o organized and responsible, this book could not have been done without you. You did 
as ^,ood a job as anyone could have ever done. 1 hope you are happy with the pictures that were chosen for the book. Take care 

and good luck!! 

Deanne and Candace : Thanx for being the right hand women to Daniela and Karyn. You helped a lot more than you know, just by 
getting the pictures taken. Candace. I hope you will continue to take pictures in your remaining years at Lehigh/ the yearbook can 
you. Deanne - good luck with everything! 

Erin : Although the motivation was not there, your section in the end turned out to be one of the best in the book. Thank God for 
the brown and White and Sports Info, and don t ever forget April 13, 1994 until 652AM. 

Lauren : Thank you soooo much for pulling through in the end when I needed you the most You knew that I was having a breakdown 
and even came back to school alter graduation to help me out. Thanks for finishing the section and caring enough to double check it 
until it was perfect (hopefully). You are a great friend. I hope we stay in touch! 

iStcT What can I say? Yearbook was onlv one of the instances that brought us closer this year and only one time that proved that 
vou are one of the most hard working, dedicated, responsible people I know. You did a great job on your section, even though you 
nad to do the majority of it after graduation. Thanks For not leaving it for me to do. You are a great friend (not a wall) and I know 
you will be happy and' successful in years to come. 

Andrea and Julio : You guys had a horrendous section, and I definitely think you did a great job with it. 1 thank you for sticking it out 
when it seemed like no one was going to submit pictures or blurbs. 'Julie, thank you soo much for staying here 'to finish it up with me. 
Your anal-ness is what got it. done. I nope you have a great time abroad if you go and that you come' back to help with the Epitome 

when you return! Take care. 

Deb : You were here till the end without a complaint when you got no help from anyone else and had to do the entire section by 
yourself and 1 thank you. You know the meaning of responsibility and dedication and von did a wonderful job, too!! Thank you for not 
complaining and for doing your job without me having bo say a word. I really appreciate it although 1 never said anything. 'Have a 
great, time abroad, I am sure I will see you when you return. 

Jen Lang : Thanks for all the designing help. You definitely made a difference on the book, the Academics section would not be the 

same without vour dedication. Good luck next year!! 

6tuey: The lone boy on the staff, you brave soul. What would we do without you? You definitely added a special touch to the 
book. Thanx for all ol vour help. Take care and good luck" 

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elieve that ■ . : not graduating with me!! You are so lucky. I hope you know that I think the world of 

ou t your year, this book would not have gotten finished. Have a great senior year and don't 

i love you gu anna - nice captions!! 

Julie v. . I hope that it wasn't that did the damage, that would be ridiculous. 1 also hope that the end of school was 

not the last time I will spe si ill mean a lot to me. 

Dar/Lez- 1 still cannot I survived my last semester at Lehigh without you guys. You are the greatest friends that 

anyone can have : make the most out of your senior year and dont forget about me. I love you and will miss 

you ! ;rril 

day that goes by that 1 do not think of how lucky 1 am to have you as a best friend. You have helped me 
survive this stressful year. You are the greatest. 1 love you. I hope you know how much I appreciate you. 

Mom. Dad. Jer : What a nutsy family, 1 have, but 1 would not trade it for any other in the world. Mommy and Popsicle, you have 
^iven me more support than any one could ever ask for. I love you both. Jer, good luck next year. I can't wait to come visit. 
Thanx for being so wonderful 

...And as for me, I sit here a week after graduation trying to tie up loose ends. 
More appropriately, I sit here trying to figure out exactly what words 1 would like 
you to think about as you close this book. 

Yet, thinking again makes me realize that I have already said all that I could say 
in the last 450 pages. Each of you will get a glimpse of Lehigh through my eyes 
and the eyes of most every editor. It is only my hope that you can Find a page 
or two that you relate to and enjoy. 

In conclusion, I have only one last thought. Take full advantage of your Lehigh 
education. Do what you must to be happy. Life is way too short for regrets. 

Take care. 
Michelle Kudesh 


Book: Volume 118 of the Epitome, 1994 Edition, the official yearbook of Lehigh University 
was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division, State College, Pennsylvania, using 
offset lithography process. The paper is #80 Double-coated Gloss Enamel. 

Cover: The cover is made of leathertone material with copper foil on 150 point binder's 
board. The cover was conceived by the Epitome staff with final art by Jostens Creative 
Services Department. 

Typography: Various Adobe fonts were used in the book including: Garamond, Palatino, 
University Roman, Caslon Open Face, and Hobo. 

Photography: Senior portraits as well as some other candids were the work ofMerin Studios, 
Philadelphia PA. Team photographs were supplied by Ryan Studios, Bethlehem, PA. Pho- 
tographs and candids are the work of Epitome and Brown and White photographers. 
Daniela Dimaggio and Karyn Schrneidler were the Photography Editors. The fraternity 
and sorority composites were the work of Fraternity Composite Services, Utica, NY. 

"Two roads diverged 
in a wood, and I - 1 

took the one less 

travelled by and 
that has made all 
the difference ". 

-Robert Frost 

Picture Tells a Story