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I. ®i|e ^tnv in ^tbitixy P^S^ 16 

II. ^^asnns 

^nll page 2H 

^tnter P^g^ 44 

Spring P^B^ ^^ 

III. ^datt0tt0l|tp0 

^c^rhemtcg page 70 

^cttfitttes page 1 10 

ICt^tng page 146 

Sports page 254 

IV. ®0m0rr0&i'0 Jlfuture 

mentors page 304 

Laura L. Fjeldal 

Susiness Manager 
Allison L. Case 

'i|0tograpi]y ^bttor 
Adam J. Sevel 





3ht JB^^i^^ti^^^ 
to tl}t (irabuatiiig (Elass of 

nol a desiinal'hui. 

i.1 l^cton- i(.\ 

ururio/! toi our future cirui. Mnhhiily. ourfutKre 
li ^'Cpr up on us (IS suri unJ hiniiluir us the 
■^Nurisc o\ tr sourh mountain. Wl still had linw. 
rai'i I,! choost. to JcciJi — us tin' autumn i.'olJ 

ou! iiuintr^ 






>;k* A 

^ '^ V 

I li ii pi 




/ ' 11 



:- 11 










M. ,15 

Football fever, complete with students trailing 
after tailgates, filled our Saturdays as cheers 
swirled like confetti through the air. 








i ; 

'-A -^ -t W"^ 

!P&p" it . 




Lindcnmin remained Lindernuin — i^'othic and stoic — in the 
face of a brand ncn Super-Mart: near completion and ready for 
occupation. Gossip ran alont; the zoo walls and scopins; never 
ended while others escaped to the cold blue walls of Mart to study- 
in silence. 

Time clipped the leaves from the trees and the 
golden days chilled to an ice blue. Snow blanketed 
the iiround as we trudged our way to classes and 
watched the mist slip from our lips. 

We bundl(;d ourselves in sweaters and huddled 
indoors. An undaunted few, however, made it to 
those 7:55s via UC food trays and snowball wars 
became studv breaks. 






•?" -~--^ 'iSSi 


Warm wetithcr sparked our hopes as its pastel colors bloomed 
across campus. Many traded their white complexions for the 
bronze of Lauderdale and Bahamas in anticipation of baritiii tan 
lines on the UC lawn. 

Creek Week/Sprint^ I'csl lightened our moods as we celebrated 
sprinfi in the traditional Lehigh fashion — greeker eating, bed 
racing, and the banner regalia. 

&•*■■ , 




t. f 

#.*C^* >**''|C.' 


l*'!'" ''^'f 


Finals brought graduation for some, a summer break for others 
and for seniors, four years gone by in a rush of struggles and smiles; 
and faces and fortunes to come as the phrase "tomorrow begins 
today" takes on new meaning. 

Our decisons have been nuide and our future has become our 
present. . ■ 

Around the World 

Pope John Paul II became a 
traveling man with his frequent 
trips abroad. South Korea. Thai- 
land, Papua New Guinea and the 
Solomon Islands were his stops for 
May. In June, he paid Switzerland 
a visit. September lead him to 
Canada and October to Spain, 
Dominican Republic and Puerto 

In May, the Pope (right) 
stopped at Mt. Hagen, Papua 
New Guinea where he met some of 
the 200,000 natives that turned out 
to welcome him in the highland 
jungle country. 


^^fc H 






' \ 





^7 M^ 




hm ^1. 



^^r^S^^ I 

^ .'^^^^.^^ 



^l^^^r^>^ r' -m 

■ '^^S^^K^'Nl^^ 

^^^^ * .^^^1 







P ^^Bp 








/« ear/}' 7954, Mission specialist Bruce 
McCandles takes a walk in space. He uses 
the so-called manned maneuvering unit to 
move away from the Shuttle Challanger dur- 
ing the eight-day space mission. 

On the celebration of her 98th birthday in 
1984, the necessity for restoring the Statue 
of Liberty became clear to the American 
people. Worn from constant pummeling by 
wind, salt air and acid rain, the Lady's age 
had begun to show. 

As contributions from corporations and 
private citizens began to flow in, a two-year 
restoration, beginning in July of 1984, was 
made possible. The special touch in her 
beautification included a new gold plated 

Vanessa Williams was forced to sur- 
render her title as Miss America at the 
request of pageant officials because 
she had posed nude for sexually explic- 
it photos. She became the first of 57 
Miss Americas to be forced to resign. 

Suzette Charles, the first runner-up, 
became the 58th Miss America. She 
crowned Sharlene Wells, Miss Utah, 
at the Atlantic City Pageant in Sep- 

On the night of the Oscars, both 
Robert Duvall and Shirley MacLaine 
appeared to accept their awards. 

Duvall received an Oscar for his role 
as a washed-up country singer who 
overcomes alcoholism in the film 
"Tender Mercies." MacLaine won the 
best actress and Jack Nicholson won 
best supporting actor as an eccentric 
mother and pot-bellied ex-astronaut in 
"Terms of Endearment," which also 
won the best picture award. 




• -K 




The 1984 Olympic 

The United States did very well in 
the summer Olympics, winning 83 
gold medals, 61 silver and 30 

Carl Lewis won four gold medals 
— the 100 meter, the 200 meter, 
the four 100 meter relay and the 
long jump. Mary Lou Ret ton won 
the all-round gold medal and led the 
gymnastic team to a silver medal. In 
addition, she won bronze medals for 
the floor exercise and the uneven 
parallel bars and took a silver medal 
for the vault. The Soviet Union and 
other Communist countries boycot- 
ted the Summer Olympics. 

The Winter Olympics in Yugosla- 
via saw the United States win four 
gold and four silver medals. 

Scott Hamilton won a gold in the 
men's figure skating and Steve 
Mahre won the gold medal in the 
Giant Slalom skiing event. 




Games — Spirit of Competition 


Los Angeles 


The 1984 Presidential Election 

Democratic presidential candidate Wal- 
ter Mondale made history when he chose a 
woman, Geraldine Ferraro. as his vice pres- 
idential running mate. Mondale and Ferraro 
were nominated on the Democratic ticket at 
the party convention in San Francisco in 
July. He announced early in his campaign 
that to lower the federal deficit increased 

taxes would be necessary. 

President Ronald Reagan and Vice Presi- 
dent George Bush sought re-election in 
1984. Reagan vowed not to raise taxes and 
ran on his record of the previous four years. 

President Reagan won re-election with 
the biggest electoral vote in the nation's 
history. He won 49 states with 49 percent of 

the total vote. 

On January 21. 1985 president Ronald 
Reagan repeated the oath of office of the 
president before Chief Justice Warren Burg- 
er. His wife Nancy held the Bible during 
the ceremony under the Rotunda of the Cap- 
itol in Washington, DC. 


Sports Special 

The World Series 

The World Series in 1984 saw the Detroit 
Tigers beat the San Diego Padres four 
games to one. The Chicago Cubs came close 
to getting into the series, but was bested by 
the Padres. 

In the American League, the Kansas City 
Royals lost in the playoffs to the Tigers. Kirk 
Gibson fright) of Detroit jumps for joy after 
scoring in game five. Darrell Evans is the 
on-deck hitter. 

Super Bowl XIX 

San Francisco 49ers quarterback looks 
for a receiver behind the protective block- 
ing of left guard John Ayers (68) in the 
first half of the Super Bowl game in Stan- 
ford Stadium. Rushing Montana is Dol- 
phin's Don McNeal (28). 

^o everything; turn, turn, turn 
'^here is a season; turn, turn, 

— The Turtles 



'^ild is the music of autummal 

Amongst the faded woods 

— William Wordsworth 


A New 




If you would know strength and 
patience, welcome the company " 
of trees — or a student 

■Happy Hour- 






^iH"'^ ■ 






'^ ^ 

\ VAVr 






ii M 






The evening wc hccame what wc arc not 




It's not whether you win or lose, it's 
how you play the game. 



'ifiet winter come! let polar spirits sweep 

"^he darkening world and tempest-troubled 


'though boundless snows the withered heath 


— Thomas Campbell 






* -> 


(§ Spring! of hope, and love 
and youth, and gladness, 
'^ing-winged emblem! 
brightest, best and fairest 
lence comes t thou? 

— Percy Bysshe Shelley 






■ta ' Jm 

^r mm 

M -'^''^ 


^^ . /€--' 





'Twas the night before Greek Week when all through 

the hill 
Not a student was studying against his will; 
The kegs were on tap in the party rooms with care, 
In hopes that a f rater soon would be there; 
The students were nestled all snug in their beds. 
While visions of greekers danced in their heads; 
And the sororities in their nighties, and I in my cap. 
Had just settled our brains for a short spring's nap, 
When up on the hill there arose such a clatter, 
I spring from my house to see what was the matter. 
When what to my wondering eyes should I see. 
But Howard Goldstein and the IFC, 
With a young, rowdy driver not at all annoyed, 
I knew in a moment it must be Mike Boyd. 
More rapid than house probations his coursers they 

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by 

Now, Vanbenschoten! now. Pan! now, Briggs and 

Follow Goldstein along through Lehigh in the dark! 
So up to the hill-top the coursers they flew. 
With a chariot full of activities, and Mike Boyd too. 
As I drew in my head, and was turning around, 
Down the chimney Mike Boyd came with a bound. 
He was dressed in a toga, from his head to his foot, 
And the fabric was all tarnished with ashes and soot, 
A bundle of activities he had flung on his back. 
And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. 
He was smiling and chuckling, a right jolly young 

And I laughed when I saw him about to speak; 
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, 
He left us our racing bed, then turned with a jerk, 
And laying a finger aside of his nose; 
He sprang to his chariot, to his team have a whistle. 
And away they flew like the down of a thistle. 
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, 

— by Andrew Levy 










•S Pij 


Greek Week 


Almost Summer- 




l5^*^iB»«^aBir :i 




^ w 



I 1 

When The 





Jfor we are always what our 
situations hand us — it's 
either sadness or euphoria 

— Billy Joel 



'^he art of teaching is the art of 
assisting discovery. 

— Mark Van Doren 


Lehigh University m^fm 

Peter Likins, President 

Alumni Memorial Building 21 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvama 18015 

telephone (215) 861-3155 

The Class of 1985 has graduated, and neither Lehigh nor 
the world will ever be the same again 1 

I am saying goodbye and Godspeed to graduating seniors 
who became lifelong friends, and I confess both sadness and 
excitement in that farewell. As sophomores you welcomed me 
and my family to Lehigh in a warm and wonderful way, and I'm 
deeply grateful for your acceptance. I know that you've all 
been eager to graduate, but I hope you felt a twinge of 
nostalgia as you walked the campus as undergraduates for the 
last time. 

Tomorrow, and for many more tomorrows, you'll return to 
campus as successful alumnae and alumni with the good times 
at Lehigh gradually dominating the hard times in your memories. 
You'll glow when you come back, and we'll be proud of your 
achievements. I hope that you'll remember your president, 
in whose fond memories you'll always have a special place. 

Peter Likins 

A Farewell to the Class of 1985 

— Peter Likins, President 


Vice Presidents 

Paul Franz Jr. , Vice President for Development 

Joseph Goldstein, Vice President for Research 


John Woltjen, Vice President and Treasurer 

Marsha Duncan, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Arthur Humphrey, Provost and Vice President 


Janet Walbert, Assistant Dean of Students 

Robert Cohen, Associate Dean of Students 

John Smeaton, Dean of Students 

Paul Van R. Miller, Dean for School of Education 


The Dean of Student's Office 

Gearing Up 
For Action 

Change seems to hare marked the 1984-85 
year here at Lehigh — the new social policy, 
the occupation of Taylor, and the opening of 
Super-Mart. All of these changes effect the 
student body in one way or another; yet. a 
less notable change to the students is one 
that effects them the most. That is, the New 
Dean of Students Office. The people have 
changed, the Job titles and responsibilities 
have been altered and. thus, the office has a 
fresh look and feel about it. 

At it's head, we have Dean of Students 
John Smeaton. In the ranks, we have 
Associate Dean Jennifer Volchko. Associ- 
ate Dean Robert Cohen. Associate Dean 
Mark Erickson and. the newest member of 
the team. Assistant Dean Janet Walbert. 

In the Beginning 

When Dean Smeaton took his post at 
Lehigh, he knew that there was a fairly sub- 
stantial number of new people on the dean of 
students staff at the beginning of the fall 
semester and so his hopes were that they 
could, "commit a lot of our energy to de- 
veloping an effective team that can fulfill the 
duties of our offices. Part of that is learning 
how each other works and working together, 
sort of supporting one another." 

An example of this would be Jennifer Vol- 
chko' s comments during her first month at 

Dean John Smeaton — Never a moment's rest 

He continued on to say that he thinks, 
"we have many opportunities in different 
settings to aid in the education for our stu- 
dents which then enhances what happens in 
the classroom. So the two together combine 
to provide a much richer, fuller experience 
for our students." 

Possible Programs 

Putting this into action. Jennifer Volchko 

' 'Getting to know our students is going to help me and our staff become 
more capable of responding to issues as they arise." 

— Dean John Smeaton 

Lehigh. She remarked that Dean Smeaton is 
' 'a very personable person and so ffeel very 
comfortable with him. I know that the sup- 
port is there in the way that he allows me — 
and others around him — to take the direc- 
tion they feel is necessary to get the job 
Office's Importance to Education 

According to Smeaton. student affairs 
and the dean of student's office's role is one 
of the most important in education. 

"We are educators," he commented. 
"We don't stand in front of a classroom and 
lecture, but we work on the person, if you 
will, and character development." 

feels that she should act in an advisory ca- 
pacity — teach students how to make their 
own programs and be there to advise them. 

"This might take may time," she re- 
marked, "but. that's part of the education 

Along the same lines, she wants to get the 
students involved in leadership training pro- 
grams. ' 'Student leaders are expected to act 
as leaders; yet, many times, they are thrown 
into these situations without having been 
trained," she remarked. "Many need help 
developing those skills for they are not 
something you are born with — rather, they 
are something you develop." 

It seems that the individuals in the Dean 
of Students office enjoy working with and 
being around the Lehigh student. From 
Janet Walbert to Mark Erickson to Robert 
Cohen to Jennifer Volchko and up to John 
Smeaton there is a lightness and openess in 
their respective offices that says. "Come in 
and talk to us." 

"The focus is on their (the students) 
growth and development and we are en- 
gaged in that development. It's really a 
mutually beneficial experience. I like work- 
ing with bright students, ' ' commented Dean 

Equipped to deal with Issues 

As for being able to deal with campus 
issues, important both to administration 
and students, the dean of students office is 
well equipped. As we all know, college cam- 
puses are not classic tranquil places, they 
are places of energy and enthusiasm. As a 
result, issues do arise. 

"Getting to know our students," said 
Smeaton, "is going to help me and our staff 
become more capable of responding to 
issues as they arise. The better I know the 
faculty and my fellow administrators, the 
better I'm going to be prepared to address 
issues and anticipate issues, and work with 
students to try to anticipate and alleviate 
matters before they get too out of hand." 


Communications lines appear to be the 
most important to the Office's ability to 
^function. "By keeping the lines of com- 
munication open." said Smeaton. "by dis- 
cussing things, by involving people in the 
decision process, we're going to arrive at 
decisions that are ultimately more accept- 
able to everyone." 

While many of the changes and the new 
thoughts we see coming from the Dean of 
Students office this year have been innova- 
tive and potentially good for Lehigh, it's 
students, faculty and administration there is 
one change that saddens many. Dean 
Robert Cohen had announced his resigna- 
tion effective in August. The entire campus, 
as well as the dean of student's office, morns 
the loss of his expertise. 

A Learning Year 

This was a learning year for this new staff. 
As Volchko commented. "We'll watch the 
system for a year and then make decisions 
for change based on need." 

Next year we may be seeing more changes 
take effect as this new office goes into ac- 

Assistant Dean Janet Walberl aids David Polakoff with a problem. 

"We'll watch the system for a 
year and then make decisions 
for change based on need." 
— Assoc. Dean Jennifer Volchko 

Associate Dean Jennifer Volchko discusses a new program 


Samuel Missimer, Director of Admissions 

Lorraine Scheibener, Student Activities Coordinator 





William Stanford. Director of Financial Aid 

James Wagner. Registrar 


The College of Arts and Sciences 

Offers a Range of Directiom 

By Doug Brogowski 

The College of Arts and Sciences, 
Lehigh's most diversified college, continues 
to educate and challenge the minds of stu- 
dents through a wide variety of courses 
offered to everyone. 

Three Areas of Study 

The College's fifteen departments and 
three divisions offer a wide range of direc- 
tions that arts and science students can fol- 
low. A Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in 
three different areas of study: Humanities, 
Social Sciences, and Mathematics and Nat- 
ural Science. 

Humanities Include Architecture, Art. 
Classics, English, Journalism, Modern 
Foreign Languages, Music, Philosophy, 
Religion, and Theater. 

Social Sciences include American Studies, 
Economics, Foreign Careers, Government , 
History, International Relations, Social Re- 
lations, and Urban Studies. 

Mathematics and Natural Science offers 
Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geol- 
ogy, Mathematics, Natural Science. Phys- 
ics, Pre-Dental, Pre-Med, and Psychology. 
In addition to the B.A. degree, a B.S. degree 
is also available in certain areas. 

Talented Faculty and Staff 

The College of Arts and Sciences, howev- 
er, is not just fields of study: it is the talented 
and friendly faculty and staff that make it 
such a successful part of the University. 

Opportunities for Students 

Headed by Dean John Hunt, this College 

turns gifted but raw and untrained high 
school graduates into working, thinking and 
valuable members of society. 

The various potential fields of study give 
the Arts and Sciences student at Lehigh 
University untold opportunities for educa- 
tion and advancement to the career of their 

The talented and friendly faculty and staff make the College a 
successful part of the University. 

Dean John Hunt 






By Deb Pierce 

Genetics is the science of an organism's 
heredity and characteristics. It involves the 
transfer of biological information from cell 
to cell, parents to offspring, and generation 
to generation, from the simplest single cell 
organism to the most complex human. What 
better person to fit the mold of college pro- 
fessor than the geneticist, one who is fasci- 
nated by interactions and communication? 
Dr. Steven Krawiec is the prime example of 
how these two interests combine so effec- 

Undergraduate Years 

Dr. Krawiec shared his interest in biology 
with a fascination with philosophy during 
his undergraduate years at Brown Universi- 
ty. Although he recognized biology as his 
forte, received his B A from Brown in biolo- 
gy, and chose this as his field of graduate 
study, his philosophical side was never ex- 
tinguished and remains evident in his char- 
acter and teaching techniques. 

Lehigh's mix of research and 
teaching is in good balance. 

Recognizing he Desired to Teach 

As his graduate work toward a PHD at 
Yale progressed, Krawiec realized his pro- 
fessional calling — teaching. He admires 
intelligent people who have the ability to 
share their knowledge; he feels that this 
combination leads to a ' 'great human char- 
acter." According to Krawiec, teaching 
professionals must "acquire a large body of 
information, evaluate it critically, and be 
prepared to let new information replace old. 
They, therefore, have to be alert and honest, 
truthful to self." He explains that this "re- 
quires a practiced intellect" and "serves 
you as a human being because you are using 

your mind in a very active, self-conscious, 
self-aware fashion. Thus, it is guaranteed 
that you will develop a full human potential 
— because you have to." 

Sharing his Knowledge 

Sharing his learning gives much satisfac- 
tion to Krawiec, but he strives for even 
more. He adds, "To master and share is 
worthwhile, but if you can also genuinely 
increase the body of knowledge, and hand it 
back in an expanded fashion, then this is a 
major achievement and contribution." It 
seems as if Krawiec lives by his words of 
wisdom . 

In September of 1970 Krawiec began 
teaching an all-male Lehigh as assistant 
professor of biology. In 1976 he was pro- 
moted to associate professor, and was ten- 
ured to a full professor in 1982. His only 
block of time off in this 12 year progression 
was a sabbatical in 1978-79. He spent this as 
a Senior International Fellow with the Na- 
tional Institutes of Health at the University 
of Madrid in Spain. 

A Good Balance at Lehigh 

Krawiec is "extremely satisfied" with his 
job and thinks "Lehigh and its students are 
great. ' ' Although his first love is the class- 

room, he enjoys the Lehigh mix of research , 
and teaching, and believes it is in "good^ 
balance. ' ' He feels that ' 'Lehigh allows per- 
sonal and intellectual freedom . . . latitude 
— you can be who you want to be, you 
needn't conform." Lehigh and Steve Kra- 
wiec seem to he a perfect match. 

The Fall 1985 semester will begin a two- 
year appointment for Krawiec as the Associ- 
ate Dean of the Arts and Science College. 
He sees this as a "period of service" to the 
University and "an opportunity to contri- 
bute to the character of the institution." 
Krawiec has enjoyed Lehigh, and looks for- 
ward to using his enthusiasm in his term as 
Dean to make what he hopes will be "a 
significant contribution. ' ' After this time, hi 
will return home to the biology department. 

Future Plans 

1990 marks a milestone for Krawiec — 
after 20 years at Lehigh he will step back, 
evaluate his progress and potential, and try \ 
to find the path for his next 20 years. Ht\ 
anticipates, however, that he will remain ir., 
the academic world. When asked to describt 
himself in a few words Krawiec chost 
"hopelessly academic." 

Annie-Laurie Wheat 

A Professor and her Sheep 

By Lesley Broomall 

"Baaa ... " This is the sound Annie- 
Laurie Wheat wakes up to every morning at 
6:00 am. A. Lehigh assistant professor of 
theater, Wheat does more than teach 
classes and direct plays. She raises sheep. 

How it began 

Two springs ago. Wheat saw a "lambs for 
sale" sign at a neighbor's house. She de- 
cided she was ' 'tired of mowing the lawn ' ' so 
she bought one lamb. Now, she says proud- 
ly, she has eight sheep named after T.S. 
Eliot's "Cats." Sheep are not that affec- 
tionate, she comments, but still the same, 
she has become attached to her flock. She is 
so attached, in fact, that although she loves 
to eat lamb, she says, "Never my own!" 

Preparation is needed 

Wheat lives on eight acres of land in the 
country, one of which is not wooded. On this 
section is her home and small barn which 
had to be totally redone. To prepare for rais- 
ing sheep, she read the book. Raising Sheep 
the Modern Way. Now she gets up every 
morning at six to feed the sheep and clean 
the barn. "It takes time," she conceded. 
"but the time is worth it." 

A learning experience 

"I've learned so much I've never dreamed 
of about the life cycle and farm animals," 
Wheat continues. She discovered that 
sheep, like humans, get colds. Consequent- 
ly, she now knows how to administer shots. 
She has to separate mothers and their new- 
born lambs from the rest of the flock be- 
cause the ewe does not always realize the 
lamb is hers. "They are stupid animals," 
she admits. Another exciting fact discov- 
ered is that lambs double in size two weeks 
after birth. 

Wheal's special interest in sheep carries 
over to her office. Among colorful victorian 
costumes draped on the walls are posters of 
sheep and lambs of various breeds. She 
points to one. the Hampshire, and says, 
"This is the breed most similar to mine." 

Other interests 

In addition to raising the sheep. Wheat 
wants to learn to spin wool. She knits but 
still has yet to take spinning lessons. She has 
gotten the wool by having local people shear 
her sheep. She also has a spinning wheel 
ready for use. ' 7 would like to wear a sweat- 
er that I can say resulted from the grass and 

"I think the more diversity the 
better. These activities help me 
to be a more interesting person 
and teacher." 

— Annie-Laurie Wheat 

sheep I grew and which I made," she says 

A few Problems 

Although having sheep has added joy to 
her life, there have been some troublesome 
occasions. Two of her sheep have died — 
one from a hole in the bladder and the other, 
a ram. got shipping fever, a type of pneumo- 
nia. Once, she remembers, one sheep got its 
head stuck in the fence for a few hours. 
Rams can be dangerous as Wheat found out 
when one 200 pounder butted her from be- 

Not only does Wheat have sheep, but she 
has a french lob-eared bunny named Mr. 

Potter. He runs free, coming to her porch 
every morning to eat. She often encounters, 
she describes, ' 'four or so of my lambs play- 
ing with the bunny. They literally jump over 
him. playing 'jump the bunny.' Mr. Potter 
thinks he's a sheep." 

An active professor 

Sheep are good pets. Wheat feels because 
they can mostly take care of themselves for a 
short time. This way. Wheat can leave the 
flock for a weekend in the summer to enjoy 
another one of her hobbies — sailing her 
30-foot sailboat from Oxford, Maryland. 
This active Lehigh faculty also has her own 
garden to grow vegetables. 

When asked if she thinks all these activi- 
ties make her a better person and professor, 
she answers. ' 7 think the more diversity the 
better. These activities help me to be a more 
interesting person and teacher. My students 
are always the first to know when a lamb has 
been born." 


"Army service provides a basis for the 
beginning of successful careers with 
more responsibility than you thought 
possible coming faster than you ever 

— Mfy. James Mesite, USAF 


Art and Architecture 

Left i<> Right — (Front Row): J. Mesite, H. Vasilas, G. Carden. C. 
Aushwiich (Row 2): L. Haller, J . Locascio. K. Underwood (Row 3): 
W. Archer. J. Fravel. B. Garrett 

Left to Right — (Front Row): P. Felder. C. Brown. L. Gans (Row 2): M.E. Orben. S. VanGorp I Row 
3): N. Adams. R. Redd 

Air Force 

Left to Right — (Front Row): T. Brown. R. Stankiewicz. J. Gattuso. L. Huseman (Row 2): S. j 
Bontempo, J. Chrislenson. E. Gloster, F. Auschwitz. C. Simons 




"Little flower — but if I could understand what 
you are. root and all. and all in all. I should know 
what God and Man is." 

— Tennyson 

Left to Right — (Front Row): B. Hargreaves. S. Barber, C. Williamson (Row 2l: D. Cundall. M. Iizkowitz, H. Priichard. S. Herman. B. Bean 


Left to Right — (Front Row): S. Schui 
Baxter. M. McGraw, K.Adams. M. ,\ ' 

Covert. T. Schneider, T. Hutchinson. I. Turner. J. 
McCloskey, J. Whitehead 

"The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat" 

Classics ' 

.eji i„ KikIu: C.H. I'hitlips, A. Richlin 

'The house of fiction has in short not one window, but u million ..." 

— Henry James 


Left to Right — (Front Row): S. Hindson. D. Williams, B. Fifer. H. Fisher. T. Bossard. D. Leitner. A . Hartung (Row 2): J. DeBellis. E. Lotto. K. McKay, S. 
Ferguson, B. Bozzone, R. Harson. L. Dorbad. B. Frederick 


"Geology — the science of the 

— Professor Sclar 


"Politics has been described as involv- 
ing the search for 'proximate solutions 
to insoluble problems.' " 

— Professor Whitcomb 

Left to Right — I Front Row): F. Colon. D. Barry. R. Rickards (Row 2):L. Olson. E. Morgan. J. Oi. H. Whitcomb 

I '■ft to Right — (Front Row): J. Saeger. I. Duff. K. S; '., /, <,.M IJii.. !R^."- 

'^nude. J. Lllis. J. Held iNot Pictured): J. Huinhi. M. Uu'.lut 

"History is the witness of the 
past, the light of truth, the 
life of memory, the teacher of 
life and the herald of the 

— Cicero 

2 J. J. Ih'^sUiiK.L.LLJti. \S . 



■ ■ We cannot slop it and gel off— 
we better understand the place we 
belong forever." 



\ lit 




"Journlism is the art of telling it as it 

is — not as people would like it lobe." 

— Professor Sullivan 

Left to Right: R. Wylie. O. Smolansky, Z. Slouka. C. Joynt 

Left to Right — (Front Row): R. Sullivan. S. Friedman. C. Gorney. W. Trimble 


' 'Mathematics — the only common language 
of inlelligent beings." 

— Professor Ghosh 

Left to Right - (Front Row): L \s(m«s, C. Queen. A. Wilansky. C.C. Hsiung (Row 2): A. 
Snyder. G. McCluskey. B. Dodson. A. Papanlonopouluo. G. McAllister. M. Schecler, S. 
Gulden. G. Rayna. D. Davis, D. Yaniro, B. Ghosh 


Modern Foreign Language 

"The study of language istne perjeci way to 
broaden one's outlook of the world." 

— Professor Lewis 

LefttoRight — <FrontRowt:L.D. Wolfgang. T. Decker. L.S. Lefkowitz. A. Waldenrath.J . VanEerde, D.W. Lewis 

ffht — fWrnnt Kmi-)- If lind- 

<. Mekheri. B. Barnes (Rim 2i:B. 
T. Haynes. J. Hare. J. Vi/lpe 


It seems Socrates made people weary 
With his fondness for quibbling and query. 
After asking "What's Virtue?" 

.Step hy \iep. he'd di.'.couni^'c voii. 
By refuting your favorite theory. 

'Psychology — the science of behavior and the mind. 
— Professor Richter 


Left to Right — (Front Row): L. Williams, A. Brody, M. Richter, G. Shortess, J. Nyby (Row 2): N. Simon, S. Pipp, W. Mah, D. Hyland 

■R l.« if \ 

' 'Hairy is the fur of the monkey, cofi 
is the cry of the moon." 

— Professor Girardot 


Left to Right: J. Reid, A. Eckardt, 
L. Speller 

" Speech and Theater — to understand, to 
feel, and to express." 

— Professor Ripa 

Speech and Theat 

Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Milel. A. Wheat (Row 2): T. Barker, A . Simmers. D. Purdy, A 
Ripa, B. Candlish 

Urban Studies 

Left to Right: M.J. Carlen. S.L. Goldman. S.H. Cutcliffe 

Social Relations 

Left to Right — (Front Row): T. Blank. J. Mcintosh. K. Stinson. 

B. Frankel, P. Kozero. R. HerrenkoM. J.&A. La.skertRow 2). J. 
Specht, R. Rosenwein 

"The study of social relations 
promotes self and social 
awareness, allowing students 
to analyze where they came 
from, where they are, and 
where they are uoing." 
— Professor Mdntosh 


The College of Business and Economics 

Provides Research Opportunities 

By Nicola Pugliese 

The College of Business and Economics 
provides superior teaching and preparation 
for a successful career in business. Ranked 
among the best business schools in the East, 
the college contains the departments of Ac- 
counting and Law, Economics, Finance, 
and Management and Marketing. 

Independent research 

Aside from the variety of courses offered 
to help students become acquainted with the 
business world, the College also boasts a 
Center for Economic Education, the Rauch 
Center for Economic Development, the 
Small Business Center, and the Fairchild- 
Martindale Center for Private Enterprise. 
Some of these offer graduates and under- 
graduates the opportunity to independently 
research various aspects of the business 
world. This year saw the formation of the 
Institute for the Study of Commodities, 
which enables students to research com- 
modities and commodity trading. 

Micro-computer addition 

Another recent addition to the Business 
School is the Micro-computer which con- 
tains IBMP.C. 's and various software pack- 
ages. The lab will be used by various ad- 
vanced level business courses. 

Ranked among the best business 
schools in the East, the College pro- 
vides superior preparation for a suc- 
cessful career in business. 


Dean Richard Barseness 

Professor J.R. Aronson 

Brightens a Dismal Science With 

By Clare Crabtree 

Setting: Lehigh-Lafayette Football Game 


Two alumni reminiscing 

John '84: You know, I've really come to miss 

this place. 

Bob '85: Me Too. Gosh, remember walking 

up all those hills? 

John '84: Yes and Greek Week? 

Bob '85: Sure. How about Eco 1 lectures 

with J.R. Aronson? 

John '85: Aronson. 1 wonder if he's still 

teaching that course. 

It is likely that he will be. According to J. 
Richard Aronson, professor of Economics, 
' 'Some people would be bored teaching Eco 
1 year after year. I don't suffer boredom, 
he says. 

"I'm happy. I like what I'm 

— Professor J.R. Aronson 

The Legend Lives On 

Aronson, who has been at Lehigh since 
1965, has become something of a legend. 
His quick wit has made economics lectures 
memorable to many freshmen and sopho- 
mores in all three colleges. 

Some of the lectures are a little offbeat, 
Aronson admits. "For instance, in the age 
of dogs," he says with a smile, "two dogs 
ran into the middle of my lecture on supply 
and demand. They jumped up on stage and 
started making love. Since this got the stu- 
dent's attention, I labeled one dog supply 
and the other demand and finished my lec- 

"When the place went crazy, I had to 
sneak out the back door," he laughs. 

"The Marching 97 also makes a stop in 
Eco I every fall, ' ' Aronson adds. ' 'It's funny 
because you never know when it's going to 

Although /ig enjoys the routine of 
teaching Eco I, Aronson likes to blend new 
challenges with routine. It alleviates bore- 
dom, he notes. 

Taylor College 

Aronson' s life is anything but boring. For 
instance, he has just become faculty advisor 

for Taylor College. 

"It's an experiment," he says. "I thought 
it would be interesting. ' ' As faculty advisor, 
Aronson and his wife will live in Taylor Col- 
lege for the most part of the week while still 
maintaining their Bethlehem home. 

'I will be involved in organizing events 
that go on at Taylor, ' ' he says. ' 'And I will 
be working closely with the Dean's Office. 

"It was the perfect time for my wife and I 
to try something like this, since our own 
children had cleared out," he comments. 

A Family Man 

Aronson smiles when he mentions his 
three daughters who have become legends 
themselves as anecdotal subjects in many of 
his Eco 1 lectures. "Two of the girls are at 
Cornell University and one is a teaching 
assistant in the English Department here." 

In addition to advising in Taylor College, 
Aronson is director of the Fairchild- 

Martindale Center for the Study of Private 
Enterprise in the business college. 

The Importance of Research 

Aside from all these activities, Aronson 
considers research to be the most impor- 
tant. "The life of most professors is scholar- 
ly research. Students should have a better 
idea of the academic non-class dimension of 
what goes on at universities such as this." 

"Professors don't tnagically learn their 
subjects," he says. "They are constantly 
doing research." 

Aronson' s research has recently resulted 
in his writing a textbook entitled "Public 
Finance" , which will be released in Novem- 
ber. "It's a basic textbook that deals with 
explaining expenditures of government and 
the tax system. 

With all of these interests, Aronson 
admits that it is a trick to organize his time. 
"Basically, I'm a well-organized person. 
That's what my wife hates most about me," 
he jokes. 

Future Goals 

"Seriously," he adds, "I'm happy. I like 
what I'm doing." But what does Aronson 
see for himself in the future? 

"President." He says it with a straight 
face, before he begins to laugh. 


By Mark Meagher 

Mira Baron comes to Lehigh via Israel. 
She completed her undergraduate work at 
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, major- 
ing in Statistics and Economics. She later 
attended the Technion in Israle where she 
received her Masters in Economics. At the 
Technion she was encouraged to further her 
studies in the United States. Thus, she was 
granted a scholarship to attend the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania where she received her 
Phd in Urban and Regional Economics. 

Past Experience 

In between her Masters and Phd degrees 
she worked in Israel for a few years on sever- 
al projects. Among them included a Cost 
Benefit analysis of where to locate a cement 
quarry. This presented a sticky problem for 
her team, because the most inexpensive 
location was a nature reserve. So, with this 
in mind, she developed several alternatives 
outlining cost, geological feasibility and 
transportation needs. The final outcome 
was to maintain the park as a nature re- 
serve. Professor Baron points out that her 
work was not decision oriented, but only to 
statistically acquire the facts and figures for 
others to work from in their decisions. 

Teaching at Lehigh 

At Lehigh, Mira Baron teaches both sta- 

tistics and a graduate course. Methods in 
Regional Science. She notes that it is the 
graduate course she enjoys teaching most 
because it most relates to her past graduate 

Special Hobbies 

In her spare time, what little there is. she 
listens classical music and reads novels. 
Her favorite topic includes autobiographic- 
al work on victims of the Holocaust. She is 

"Lehigh students are very hard 
working people." 

— Professor Mira Baron 

quick to point out that it is these works that 
offer hope. One must overlook the horrors of 
the Holocaust, she continues, and concen- 
trate on the bonds of humanity that are 

Future Goals 

Her future goals include continuing 
teaching and her research. Among the first 
things on her agenda is research papers on 
the rebuilding of neighborhoods and the re- 
evaluation of the education of the people 
throughout the world. She will attempt to 
tackle the education systems of the United 
States, parts of Europe and Israel, evaluat- 

Mira Baron 

Only Visiting 

ing different forms of education and their 
effectiveness from an economic point of 
view. She feels, too, that it is education that 
has a direct effect on the economy. She will 
not, however, continue her research in the 
United States, for in August she will return 
to Israel. 

Students in other Nations 

Professor Baron notes that Lehigh stu- 
dents "are very hard-working people" . She 
feels that Lehigh students are too reliant on 
teachers, but at the same time are very well- 
rounded individuals . As far as a comparison 
to Israeli Students, she maintains that there 
is a great difference. They are less interested 
in their social life because most are married 
upon entering college and already have set 
goals while America's students tend to do 
more searching. 

A.ssers = Liabilities + Owner's Equity 

Accounting and Law 

Left to Right — (Front Row): B. Brockway. R. Mills. C. Moore. (Row 2): D. Bainbridge. F. Liih. J. Kercsmar. J. Hall. K. Sinclair, J. Largay. S. Webster 

"Many students choose economics to secure a firm foundation 
before entering the business world; others choose it as preparation 
for law school or as a complement to their major in government, 
international relations, or urban studies." 

— Professor Thorton 



Left to Right — (Front Row): R. Norton, G. Garb. J. Innes. A. Cohen. T. Hvclak. C. Callahan (Row 2): R. Moran. J.R. Aronson. D. Leahigh, . 
Thorton, A King 



"Finance is concerned with the transference of funds from savers 
to users and the allocation of funds within an enterprise among 
competing demands for the funds." 

— Professor Beidleman 

Left to Right — (From Row): D. Leahigh. J. Guerard. C. Beidleman (Row 2): S. Thode, S. Buell. J. Greenleaf 

Management and 

' 'A prominent aspect of the department is teaching and re- 
search in the management of technology and small business 
management and entrepenuership." 

— Professor Smackey 

Left to Right — (Front Row). B. Lilt. B. Smackey (Row 2): E. Grasso. A. Bean 


The College of Engineering and 

Physical Sciences 

Offers Personalized Programs of Study 

The College of Engineering and Physical 
Sciences emphasizes interdisciplinary edu- 
cation and training. This interdisciplinary 
idea further reflects the college's emphasis 
on the flexibility in its curricula, which en- 
ables students to design personalized pro- 
grams leading directly into other profession- 
al colleges or professions. 

A Variety of Offerings 

The College consists of eight depart- 
ments: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or 
Biochemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical 
and Computer Engineering, Fundamental 
Sciences, Industrial Engineering, Mechan- 
ical Engineering, Metallurgy and Material 
Science, and Physics. 

A Diversified Curriculum 

In addition to mathematics, engineering, 
and science course work essential for the 
particular degree, each curriculum has 

The College's emphasis on in- 
terdisciplinary education re- 
flects the flexibility in its curric- 

General Studies requirements in the human- 
ities and social sciences. 
The Engineering Approach 

Students are not trained to be specialists 
in any given area. Rather, they are educated 
to apply "The Engineering Approach" to 
identification, articulation, and resolution 
of problems. These activities call for a com- 
bination of practical and conceptual intelli- 
gence which they will use in their future pro- 

Professor Douglas Frey 

Enjoys Both Computers and 

By Clare Crabtree 

A knock sounds at the door. "Come on 
in ."he says. A student enters and they begin 
to discuss some papers. 

"Did anyone complain about my grad- 
ing?" the student asks. 

"Of course, they hated you." he responds. 

Obviously, this is a joke and they both 
begin to laugh. 

The student leaves and he leans back in 
his chair and smiles. He is wearing jeans 
and a sweater. At first glance you might 
think he's a student rather than a professor. 

Even after he begins to talk, you do not 
lost that first impression. His speech is filled 
with expressions such as "it's a drag" and 
"awfully much fun." 

But Doug Frey. assistant Professor of 
computer and electrical engineering, has 
been as Lehigh for six years. 

Frey Enjoys Music 

"You asked about my hobbies," he says. 
"Well one of them is ant collecting." 

"No, I'm kidding." he laughs. "I've al- 
ways wanted to say something like that 

' 'Seriously, my main hobby is music. ' ' As 
he puts it. "I'm rock and roller from way 

Frey began playing the drums when he 
was young and also learned to play the 
guitar along the way. During high school 
and through college, he played in a band 
with his brother. 

As early as high school, music was very 
important, according to Frey. "Rock and 
roll kept me from getting tied up with the 
nerds all the time." 

"I don't play with a band now." he re- 
marks, "but who knows if I will someday. 
Now that I have a house, I've been hacking 
around with it more." 

He explains that he became good at elec- 
tronics for the band. ' 'It was a hobby before 
it became a profession." 

Past Education 

Frey attended Lehigh undergraduate as 
well as graduate school. "I had gotten all 
my degrees here and I was about to leave. ' ' 
he explains, ' 'so I started looking around fin- 
jobs. But, the chairman of the department 
asked me to say and teach. So, I did." 

' 'My salvation is that I never hang around 

here too long. I maintain a low profile." 
Concern for Others 

Describing himself as a Neoclassical Re- 
naissance Man because it reminds him of a 
Monty Python skit, Frey considers himself 
'people oriented.' "Everything I do. I tend 
to thinks about people. This blossoms into a 
philosophy. That's what teaching's all 
about." he says. 

term." he comments. 

' 7 wonder if music will enter more into my'^ 
life. ' ' he adds. ' ' That's one of the fun possi- 

Frey admits that on a personal level if you 
don't have some goals, you end up "sort of 
plodding through life." 

He describes his school years as "an in-,i 
teresting trip. I hated school. I spent 12 
years watching the clock. I always had 
something better to do." 

"Isn't it strange that someone who 
back at school teaching?" 

hated school so much would end up 
— Asst. Professor Doug Frey 

Future Goals 

But teaching isn't always what Frey wants 
to do. "Scientifically, I'd like to make a 
contribution to the study of nonlinear sys- 
tems. And as far as engineering goes, I'd 
like to get to a point where I'm involved with 
a few good companies as a consultant." 

"I don't have a tendency to make long- 
term life goals. My goals are usually short- 

" Isn't it strange that someone who hated 
school so much would end up back at school 
teaching?" he asks. 

No, it's not that strange. Not after you see 
him smiling and joking in his classes. It 
seems that he has a great rapport with his 
students. Maybe it's because he'syoung. Oi 
maybe he's been through the same things 
and he understands. fe 



Finds Future 
at Lehigh 

Bv Deb Pierce 

V/hat do you get when you mix 4 research 
projects; 8 graduate students: research 
proposals, and grant requests: excess tele- 
phone calls: meetings: coffee: and the New- 
York Times? One very well designed chemi- 
cal engineering system — Janice Phillips. 

A Career Begins 

Dr. Phillip's research career began in the 
summer of her high school junior year when 
she was sponsored by the National Science 
Foundation to do research at the Albert Ein- 
stein Cancer Research Center in Phi- 
ladelphia. She took advantage of this oppor- 
tunity to evaluate scienctific research as a 
career choice, and decided that straight sci- 
ence was "not her bag" — there was not 
enough mathematical involvement. Her in- 
terest shifted to the field of chemical en- 
gineering, in which she obtained her BS de- 
gree from Villanova University in 1973. Phil- 
lips accepted a full-time chemical engineer- 
ing position with Air Products upon her 

as an assistant professor. She completed 
her doctoral thesis while at Lehigh, and re- 
ceived her PhD degree from Penn in May 
1982. April 1985 marked an additional mile- 
stone for Phillips as she was tenured to 
associate professor. 

Phillips is sometimes frustrated with the lack of undergraduate contact 
with the chemical engineering faculty. 

graduation and gained her first exposure to 
Lehigh as a part-time graduate student. 

Later Education 

After two assignments at Air Products. 
Phillips found her interests fall in the area of 
research and development and realized that 
further education would he necessary to 
advance as she wished. At the same time she 
met Dr. Arthur Humphrey, a consultant for 
Air Products and the Dean of Engineering at 
the University of Pennsylvania. In Septem- 
ber 1975, Phillips began full-time graduate 
study at Penn under Humphrey. She re- 
ceived her MS in chemical engineering in 
December 1976, and completed her doctoral 
research by the summer of 1980. 

In August 1980 Phillips returned to Lehigh 
to join the chemical engineering department 

A Position at Letiigh 

Although Phillips did not anticipate her 
career following this path, she is very satis- 
fied and pleased with her position. She partic- 
ularly enjoys that "teaching on this level 
provides the opportunity to work with other 
people and to learn all the things that there 
are to learn — through colleagues, graduate 
students, and undergraduate students." 
She is sometimes frustrated by the lack of 
undergraduate contact with the chemical 
engineering faculty, as she feels both parties 
reap benefits from this interaction. 

Future Goals 

Phillips has found her forte, and foresees 
her energies concentrated on research for, 
at least, the tangible future. It is her wish to 
develop at Lehigh "one of the best biotech- 

nology research groups at the graduate level 
in the country. ' ' Phillips explains. ' My grad 
students are very good graduate students, 
and I want to be able to have people turn 
around and recognize the quality of work 
they do." 

There is little doubt that people recognize 
the high quality of their leader. 



Chemical Engineering 

"Preparing yoiin:^ men and 
women for the impurlani tech- 
nical and managerial roles 
ihey will play in all aclivilies 
hearing on the chemical — pro- 
ess industries. " 

— Professor Stein 


Left to Right — (Front Row): L. Sperling. H. Coram. M. El-Aasser. J. Phillips. J. Chen I Row 2): W. Schiesser. F. Stein. W. Luyben.Ai 
Klein, H. Stenger I 

Civil Engineering 

"There's a bridge in your future." 

— Professor Dinsmore 

Left to Right — (Front Roi\:)i P. Mueller. B. Yen, T. Huang. A. Ostapenko. I. Kugelman. G. Driscotl. L. Beedle (Row 2): C. Kosten. J. Wilson, B. 
Sorenson. J. Fisher. L. Lu. R. Weisman 

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ^ 

"Producting computer professionals capable of entering the 
broad spectrum of the field, which ranges from application to 
system conception, from operations to manufacturing, and 
from administration to research." 

— Professor Decker 

Left to Rittht — (Front Row). K. iSorian. D. Leenov. F. Hieisi her, L. Jluimpson (Row 2): 
J Butt. D. Fre\. S. Gulden. G. Ravna (Row 3): M. Wagh. E. Key (Row 4): P. Ota. A. 
Susskind. D. Hittman, B. Fritchman, F. Haney. S. Marko. D. Talhelm 

"Designing and installing integrated systems of people, mate- 
rials, and equipment for operations by application of the prin- 
ciples of the mathematical and physical sciences." 

— Professor Kane 

Industrial Engineering 

Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Wiginton, G. Wilson. R. Vogel. J. Adams. L. Plebani. S. Monro (Row 2): N. Odrey. M. Groover, W. 
Richardson. G. Kane. E. Zimmers. A. Gould 

"Combining a broad base in mathematics, physical scien- 
ce, and the engineering sciences with exposure to the 
laboratory . the design process, and specific applications 

— Professor Erdogan 

Mechanical Engineering 


Left to Right — (Front Row): R. Hartranft. F. Brown. S. Neti. J. Oh 
Sawyers. G. Harlowe. P. BIythe. R. Wei. D. Edelin 

kfRow2): T. Terry. K. Stephanoff. F. Erdogan, G. Smith (Row3):K 



"Interest in new materials for solid-state devices and apce technology, as well as a better 
understanding of the behavior of materials have increased the need for people trained in the 
science and technology of metals and other materials." 

— Professor Thomas 

Left to Right — A. Fense. J. Wood. G. Conrad. R. Hertzberg. D. Smyth. D. Thomas. M. Harmer. Y.T. Chou. S. Tarby 


Left to Right — S. Radin. W. .Smith. Y. Kim (Chairman). R. Folk. G. DeLeo. K. Becker. F. Feigl. A. Kunofsky. G. Barse. G. Walkins 

Super Mart will be a Super Library 

by Deb Pierce 

On May 2, J 983 the ground was broken — 
a 4 million dollar anonymous donation per- 
mitted initiation of the construction of the 
infamous "Super Mart." The anonymous 
contributors have since been recognized as 
the Martindales, for whom the building is 
dedicated and named: The E. W. Fairchild- 
Martindale Library and Computing Center. 
According to Martindale, he gave the sum in 
order to ' 'speed up development of the facil- 
ity" and to "give a shot in the arm to the 
construction industry in the Lehigh Valley. 

"Super Mart" consumes 80.000 square 
feet of Lehigh's lower campus. The comput- 
ing center, which houses appro.ximately 50 

DEC andCYBER terminals, a micro- 
processor lab, and various offices, occupies 
20,000 of these square feet, while the other 
60,000 are dedicated to library functions. 

The Design 

Sharon Siegler, the assistant director for 
science and engineering, explains, "Super 
Mart was designed and built based on the 
ideal that knowledge keeps expanding, but 
the form it is presented in will shrink. ' ' Phy- 
sically, the library's resources will become 
more compact as the influence of computers 
continues to grow. 

The building has been designed to 
accommodate computers in every foresee- 
able use. The first obvious application will 
be the computerization of the card cata- 
logue from any terminal, anywhere on cam- 

pus, 24 hours a day. Thus, the panic of the 
student who, at 7:45 am cannot recall the 
author to cite in the bibliography of his re- 
search paper due at 8:00 am, shall become 
extinct, as well as the hike down the hill to 
only find that the book you need has been 
checked out. Looking at the long run, it is 
estimated that in approximately 10-15 years 
most of the data bases, such as the Hand- 
book of Chemistry and Physics, and jour- 
nals, which now occupy more than 20% of 
the library space, will be on-line and termin- 
al-accessible. Overall, the rate of library 
growth physically shall be cut in half. 
Computer Terminal space available 
Computer terminals may be hooked up in 
most areas of the library. All of the new 
carols are electricallv and mechanical- 

ly designed to comfortably accommodate 
terminals, as are the counters and tables. 
The so-called "thousand dollar paper- 
cutter table" in the lobby along side of the 
elevator will actually hold 17 terminals 
which will directly access the card cata- 
logue. In addition, terminals and telephones 
will be installed on the upper floors by the 
copy machines so that one may access the 
"lobby resources ' ' without having to ' 'troop 
all the way down the stairs." The stack 
areas are also adaptable, allowing the in- 
stallation of equipment just about anywhere 
as people's needs are understood. 

Computer to replace librarians? 

One may wonder if eventually people will 
not have to go to the library to use its re- 
sources, that the huge building will not be 
needed, and the knowledge of librarians 
may be found on computer discs. Siegler 
feels that this will never be the case. Howev- 
er, she does foresee a possible shift in the 
manner of usage — "people will still go to 
the library and need librarians, but they will 
spend their time in the library thinking (rather 
than simply gathering information}" . 

Super-Mart not complete 

The entire library expansion shall be com- 
pleted by the beginning of the Fall 1985 se- 
mester. At that time. Mart will accommo- 
date 700 students, twice that of Old Mart, as 
well as all of the science, engineering, social 
science, and business literature. In this high 

"With the size of this place (Su- 
per-Mart), why do ne need 

tech era it is necessary for people of various 
disciplines to be able to effectively interact 
— engineers with accountants, scientists 
with psychologists — and. Siegler explains. 
this is the basis behind the distribution of 
literature within the Lehigh system. 
Linderman. which will contain strictlx the 

humanities collection, will give up half of its 
500.000 volumes to Mart, creating more 
space and a more confortable and function- 
al library. It is projected that Linderman will 
become more active for initial undergradu- 
ate learning, white Mart will cater to more 
advanced undergraduate, graduate, and 
professional research. Today. Linderman 
caters to 60'y'c of the library users, leaving 
the lonely 40^c at Mart. Come next fall, it is 
estimated that SO'/c of the people on campus 
will be using Mart, while Linderman quiets 
down to just 209c. 


The new facility was dedicated on Found- 
ers Day and. Siegler emphasizes, is owed 
completely to the students. In 1976 the 
Forum complained that Mart was over- 
crowded and that the students needed more 
library space, and the University adminis- 
tration responded. Thus, we have been bles- 
sed with this immense, modern structure in 
which to spend our long hours of learning. 
One student was overheard saying, "With 
the size of this place, why do we need 
Linderman?" To this Siegler replied. "But. 


fc>3s<iiftM—— ■—■■—■■ 




then what would we do with Linderman: 
The old Lehigh charm. 

The building has been designed to accomodate computers in even- 
foreseeable use. 



^t is better to be making the 
news than taking it; to be an 
actor rather than a critic. 

Winston Churchill 

in this section of the yearbook — ranging 
from sports such as Rugby, sailing and 
skiing to course and honorary societies 
such as the marketing and investment 
clubs and Omicron Delta Kappa {leader- 
ship society) and Beta Gamma Sigma 
(business honorary society). There are 
positions available in the media such as 
the Brown & White (the newspaper), 
Amaranth (the literary magazine), and 
WLVR (the radio station) or in student 
government such as the Student Activi- 
ties Council, the Residence Hall Council 
and Forum. 

Find Out More 

In order to learn more about the activi- 
ties available at Lehigh and how to go 
about getting involved, contact the Stu- 
dent Activities Desk for a copy of their 

Get Active! You have nothing to lose in 
trying and even,' thing to gain. 


A college education should include 
more than reading the words printed in a 
te.xt book, attending classes and studying 
for exams. A part of the college experi- 
ence should include becoming involved in 
the clubs and activities available on cam- 
pus. Through these, students have the 
opportunity to meet new people, develop 
a sense of responsiblity and have some- 
thing another than school work to occupy 
a portion of their free time. 

Many Activities Available 

Lehigh offers a variety of clubs and 
activities — not all of which are published 


A.l(^rihf American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

Left to Right — iFront Row): B. Edwards. S. Galella. F. Redner (Row 2): B. Bradley, H. Panahaker 

Financial Management Association 

/ •■ to Right — (From Row): B. Doyle, G. McKulla, B. Draper (Row 2): C. Beidleman. H. Buznitsky. S. Buell. E. Grubelich. 
I> hessler 

Fraternity Management Association 



C/ufc Officers: K. Pasternak, President; M. Miller, V.P. Finance: W. Richardson, Advisor 

Marketing Club 


President Ron Orgiefsky 

V.P. Programming Lynn Miller 

V.P. Marketing Greg Ekizian 

V.P. Communications . . . Bruce Beardsley 

Secretary Stu Seltzer 

Treasurer Jay Goffin 

Advisor James Hansz 

Left to Right — I Front Row): J. Goffin. L. Miller. G. Ekizian IRoh-2i: S. Seltzer. J. Hansz 
R. Orgiefsky. B. Beardsley 

Investment Club 

Left to Right: J. Klein. D. Bessler. E. Grubelich 


Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership 

Officers: S. Link. President: B. Soil. Vice President: M. Ellis, Faculty Advisor: J. Pedigo, Treasurer, R. Redd, Advisor 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

Officers: J. Barney. President: V. Walsii. Treasurer: H. Whitaiml). Advisor 

English Sigma Tau Delta 

Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Etzel. T. CahilL K. Donofrio. D. Boyko (Row 2): C. Martin. J. Bailey 




Left 10 Right: D. DiPetrillo. G. Ligos. Unknown, N. Bausmiih. L. Stone, L, Seminski, J. Grelz, D. Siillivun. J. Benner 

Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

Left to RiKht - (Front Rov.,. Unknown, V. Walsh. K. IJinard. L. Lam, R. Snyder, R. Spraniu lRo» 2i: D. MiiKvhn L.S. Ho. C Biisell. M. 
Zavaglia. A. Newman. B, Campbell. J. Wenger. A. Siadam. J. Albert!. B. Stepanek, S. French. P. Larson. M. (,<nh D. Sowers P. Calahrese. 
M. Fennell. J, Landis. C. Cochrane. C. Gumas. D. Heist. C. Coon tRow3,:B. Turner. R. Malone, S. Reilhmiller. R Ricktrt^^luhanyJ^etZ, 
L. Ellis, a. Chedester ^^^^^^^^^^^ 


Delta Chi Little Sisters CM Dclphia 


Wnai aoes "Liti ueipnia mean anyway 
"She's nice and she's psyched on the 
house" . . . Cheese, have you ordered the 
goat yet? . . . Alumni Chtb — Pres: Amy. 
Vice Pres: Cindy — keep up the membership 
Mary and Marianne . . . Kathy, aren't you 
glad we kept up the tradition? . . . Remem- 
ber the Orgy Party — Blizzard of '83 ... 
Guler — once without feeling . . . Shelley 
who? . . . Lisa S. — honorary member J. U. 
Club . . . Jeff the Incredible Body "I do not 
want an Amtrak pass!" . . . Caz — into 
brown sugar much? . . . Purdy — my favorite 
Sleaze, Tucker — my favorite Scum . . . "Hi, 
I'm Pam and these are my breasts" . . . 
Mike W. — God didn't rain on our pledge 
trip — you did!! . . . Sue K. always one step 
behind Mary and Marianne Incest is best — 
Frank and Laura . ._ . Chris, can we borrow 
your eyeliner and hairspray? . . . Suzanne, 

gotten any guns off lately? . . . Chris B. — 
unholiest of Chaplains . . . Lisa F., how do 
you know Cohen has a bed in his office? . . . 
Cathy — honorary resident #9 . . . Mary H. 

— mellowed out much? . . . Jacki — SM's, 
High Beams and Hutch . . . Sue P. — noto- 
rious underground Alumni Club Duck — the 
earring; a step closer to Chris Riss . . . Dot- 
tie and Nancy — chose the football team 
over Delta Chi ( good choice!) . . . Ron, can I 
try out your waterbed? . . . What does L.D. 
stand for?" . . . Lori and Lisa — YODEL- 
phias!? . . . Dr. Pascal and Dr. Driscoll—do 
you still give free examinations? . . . Ellen V. 
does Pooh Bear still have his hand stuck in 
the honeypot? . . . Lenny — height doesn't 
matter, it's the width that counts . . . Lauren 

— "the latest thing on Lon 'gisland . . . Sue, 
you wanted an inch and Blake gave you a 
mile . . . Hugh-a-Bowl Hal — Heather, get a 

turtleneck! . . . Chris and Marshall — how 
did you fit all of that ego into one little room? 
. . . Ruth teaches mouth to mouth but not in 
lifesaving . . . Bert, how did you like your 
"birthday present"? . . . Jeff — only you 
would hang an angel with a rope! . . . Steel 

— bitter, albino and fish-eyed is no way to go 
through life! . . . Ellen C, there's better fish 
in the sea . . . Chris Petebacher . . . Amy R. 

— what can we say? Get a real life! . . . 
Hassold — why the hell are you always 
under the mistletoe? . . . Delta Chi — what 
do you in the shower anyway — drop soap? 
. . . Ilene — we'll explain it to you later . . . 
We'll NEVER play "I Never" again! But 
seriously guys, thanks for being our second 
family. You've helped to make Lehigh a 

"unique and unusual" experience!! 


College Bowl 

Left to Right: J. Bader. D. Fishman. J. Davidson, A. Belz, G. Painter, G. Caplan. M. Tnimbore, L. Barnes, B. Giliigan, J. Cipolla 

Mustard and Cheese 

Left to Right — (Front Row): T. Trovato. M. /' ,S/ .-/„„ / , / ,/ /ale, J. Berlholon. R. Gold (Row 2: G. Ripa, D. 
Greene. M. Shahi. P. Mchugh, M. Kline (Row i): I.. Plan, A. Gntzis, I.. Pollilt 


Left to Right — (Front Row): A. Spinoza. M. Richman. S. Ciivan iRow 2l: D. Rvan, L. Varga, M. Costello. L. Carr, A. Sevel. P. Trumbore. R. Simon, D. 
Leight. L. Soderland, R. Kelhan iRow 3): K. Schoonover, G. Cook. R. Slernlieb. P. Mullen. R. Wenger, C. Palmeri. M. Horn 

Editorial Board 




Editor in Chief 
Managing Editor 
Editorial Page Editor 
Associate Editors 

Scott Cagan Rob Wengert 

Rob Wengert Pete Trumbore 

Pete Trumbore Rich Simon 

Kathy Goldstein. Jennifer Kay Scott Cagan 


Journalism Department Chairman Robert Sullivan 
Associate Journalism Professor Walter Trimble 

Secretary Ruth Mathis 




Senior ^cws Editof 

Janis Barney 
Karen Schoonover 

News Editors 

Karen Schoonover. Dave Leight 

Asst. Managing Editors 

George Cook. Lori Soderland 

Assignment Editor 

Rob Sternlieb. Heather Dunn 

Marline Costello 

Photo Editors 

Adam Sevel 

Adam Sevel 

Assoc. Photo Editors 

Dan Ryan 

Bill Wilson. Jim Burnet 

Photo Asst. 
Desk Editors 

Lisa Mazaleski. Jon Ansba 


Chris Palmert. Liz Varga 

Asst. Desk 

Rhonda Stone. George Coo 


Mark Johnson 

Layout Editors 

Laura Fjeldal 

Rob Sternlieb 

Feature Editor 

Dan Ryan 

Asst. Feature Editor 

Pete Mullen. Rich Simon 

Marcy Goldstein 

Sports Editors 

Rich Kelban. Marty Horn 

Asst. Sports Editors 

Jeff Deninno 

Jenny Moore 

Calendar Editor 

Gary Pan 

Culture Editor 

Mike Richman 

Jeff Deninno 

Sr. Cartoonist 

Clare Crahtree 

Mike Richman 

Sr. Features Writer 

Clare Crabtree 

Business Staff 

Business Manager 

Harr\' Frietag 

Local Ad. 



dy Haase 


I Man 




Al Bluestine 

Credit Manager 

Scott Kaye 

National Ad. Manager 

Dave Rosenberg 

"Responsible journalism is responsible in the last analysis to the 
editor's own conviction of what, whether interesting or only impor- 
tant, is in the public interest." 

— Walter Lippmann 




Proprietor — Bernie Fetsko 

Associates — Tommy Smith, The Reverend Frank Flisser 

A bolder, bigger front page banner 
announced the 1984-85 Brown and White. 
This indicated a new look in layouts and 
some other reasonable , not radical, 
changes to an old, conservative newspaper. 

Campus conservatives did not care much 
for the new Brown and White — its look or its 
style, which was clearly anti-everything. 
Critics called it sensationalistic, irresponsi- 
ble and unprofessional! 

— Senior class officers screamed at the 
stance against the gift campaign and dis- 
approved of the endorsement of candidates 
in class elections. 

— SAC also disapproved of the SAMMY 
connection coverage. 

— SAMMY complained all year of unfair 
news play, and several times tried to influ- 
ence the paper through the business staff, 
which also received some bad news by the 
end of the semester. 

— IFC paranoia raged every time Greek 
letters appeared on the front page. 

— Administrators sweated the disclosure 
of their salaries. 

— Faculty fumed over the Discipline 
Committee coverage concerning the case 
officer role. 

— The gays cried sensationalism during 
the reporting of the formation of their 
counseling group and the investigation of 
gay issues. 

— A controversial Clown and Gripe 
caused all conservatives to cringe. 

— Brown and White advisers Robert Sulli- 
van, Journalism Chairman, and Professor 
Walter Trimble, also endured the unwanted 
abuse, personal letters and irate phone calls 
from disgruntled students, faculty, adminis- 
trators, and even trustees. 

The 1984-85 Brown and White editors 
offer a quote form Walter Lippmann in de- 
fense: "Responsible journalism is responsi- 
ble in the last analysis to the editor's own 
conviction of what, whether interesting or 
only important, is in the public interest." 

And some of the interesting and important 
stories in the public interest this year in- 
cluded a new social policy, a discipline pre- 
cedent that banned alcohol from Pi lambda 
Phi, the formation of a gay counseling 
group, the first-time offering of no-need 
scholarships, the basketball team gaining 
Lehigh's first-ever NCAA tournament hid, 
and Delta Dig Fraternity's dissolution for 
three years for hazing. 

Another big story this year was the pa- 
per's transition from pencils and paper to 
computers and typesetting, as students be- 
came 'pioneers' with Peerless Printers on 
Polk Street succumbing to technology. Ber- 
nie's bitching, the Rev's rantings and Tom- 
my's tantrums will be sorely missed as stu- 
dents will endure the aggravating paste-up 
process themselves next year. Self- 
sufficient student production will add e.xtra 
hours to an already over-extended work 

Few readers realize the time spent on the 
paper, as the editorial staffers spend be- 
tween 15 and 30 hours a week, with the edito- 
rial board clocking 30 to 40 hours per week, 
and the editor pulling two all-nighters in a 60 
hour week. Grades, sleep and socializing 
suffers as well as the paper when things 
come down to the wire. However those who 
work on the paper, balancing academic and 
newspaper deadlines, find the same satisfic- 
tion that Lee lacocca discovered: "In addi- 
tion to my studies, I got involved in lots of 
extra-curricular activities, by far the most 
interesting was the time I spent on the 
school paper. The Brown and White." 

— Rob Wengert 


The Lehigh University Choir 

Manager Robert Cappabianca 

Asst. Manager Aulden Cushman 

Stage Manager Vincent PagUiica 

Publicity Manager . . . Stephanie Pervall 
Tour Manager Dallas Bradel 


Celebrating the Beauty of Music 

For the members of the Lehigh University 
Choir, this year proved to be one of the most 
enjoyable and exciting years ever. The fall 
semester marked the return of director 
Steven Sametz from his sabbatical at Har- 
vard University. In addition, the choir 
gained appro.ximately twenty new members 
before embarking on the annual retreat to 
Camp Akiba in the Poconos before classes 

Evening Prayer by Bradley Ellingboe. Hav- 
er L'Adonai by student conductor Hermina 
Popig and Gabriel by Steven Sametz. Gab- 
riel featured soprano Jeanette Thompson, 
the newest member of the voice faculty. 

Happy Birthday, Handel 

Prior to the start of classes in January, the 
choir spent a week of "fun in the sun" in 
Puerto Rico. Concerts were held in Ponce, 

One of the most exciting and enjoyable years ever. 

Concerts Display Versatility 

The Parent's Day Concert in October dis- 
played the choir's versatility. The concert 
repertoire consisted of Chinese, Japanese, 
Italian, Spanish, Latin, and English pieces. 
Christmas Vespers was especially exciting. 
Premiered at the performance were three 
selections written especially for the choir: 

Guayama and San Juan. Immediately upon 
return, preparations for Spring Vespers be- 
gan. The concert consisted of the complete 
performance of Handel's Messiah in 
celebration of Handel's 300th birthday in 
February. Stephen Oosting, formerly of the 
voice faculty, and Bradley Ellingboe were 
among the concert' s featured soloists. 

Gospel Singers 

Manager Carla Byrd 

Director Suzanne Bartow 

Secretary Donna Johnson 

Treasurer Shawn Steward 

Advisor Chaplain Flesher 


Hillel Society 

Left to Right — (Front Row): L. Milet. R. Buchsbaum. H. Goldstein, M. Weis (Row 2): M. Notis. W. Zeiler. S. Marder. H. Parmet. R. Gurilzky 


President Regie Buchsbaum 

Vice-President Howard Goldstein 

Secretary Mia Weis 

Treasurer Shari Sitkoff 

Advisor Lynn Milet 

Advisor Harriet Parmet 


The 1985 Epitome 

Left to Right — (Front Row): S. Switaj, A. Case, L. Fjeldal, A. Gatti, E. Villegas, J. Ruser, C. Power, L. Desnoyers (Row 2): S. Friedman, D. Frabotta. B. 
Wilson, A. Speck, A. Sevel, E. Tannenbaum, C. Wood, H. Herrera, J. Missimer, J. McCabe 

The purpose of a yearbook is to capture 
memories for individuals during a special 
time in their lives and immortalize them in 
print. The 1985 Epitome has proudly com- 
pleted its 109th volume for Lehigh Universi- 
ty and all staff members who have worked 
diligently to create this edition hope that this 
objective has been fulfilled. 

It was the best of times and the 
worst of times — at the same 



Editorial Staff 

Editor-in-Chief Laura Fjeldal 

Business Manager Allison Case 

Photography Editor Adam Sevel 

Asst. Editor Howard Herrera 

Academics Editor Lisa Desnoyers 

Activities Editor Anne Howey 

Advertisement Editor Adam Speck 

Copy Editor Ellen Villegas 

Features Editor Mark Meagher 

ID Editor John Missimer 

Living Editor Caroline Power 

Seniors Editor Kim McClaren 

Scheduling Editor Jeff Riiser 

Sports Editor Evan Tannenbaum 

Advisor Sharon Friedman 



Strike Up The Band 



Lehigh's Own Marching 97 


Russian Club 

Left to Right — (Front Row): G. Smith, L. Randall. J. Daniels. B. Jones, unknown. J. Feinsod. J. Bannister. J. Brogowski (Row 2): G. Schneider, 
Moore, D. Feng. J. Nardone. C. Barone, R. Shape. B. Evans. B. Schwartz. A. Wolk. J. Bushell. C. Hofsess. S. Burr (Row 3): J. Gewartowski. unkncm 
J. Marion 

O tudents 
in Control 

The New Social Policy 

By Mark Meagher 

Lehigh students are taking a large step 
toward their own destiny. Indeed they have 
been delegated the authority to design and 
implement new rules and standards regard- 
ing social policy on campus. 

Other Campuses Restricted 

This may not seem out of the ordinary, but 
it is. While Lehigh students are being en- 
trusted to regulate social policy, other cam- 
puses across the country are having their 
social lives more restricted by their school's 
administration. For instance, Bucknell, 
practically in our own backyard, has tight- 

This is a time to be aware and 
alert of your fellow students. 

enedup social policy. Also, an extreme case 
of regulation came into effect at Amherst 
College which saw all fraternities abolished 
by the Board of Trustees. Try to picture 
Lehigh without fraternities or sororities. 

Even though it may appear ludicrous and 
downright absurd to even contemplate 
Lehigh's campus going dry, it is a reality at 
many other schools. In the wake of this, it 
seems a bit odd that our Board of Trustees 
should do the unthinkable: loosen the reigns 
on social regulation. 

The New Social Policy 

// might help to understand what exactly 
the students have done with this new power. 
To begin, the revised social policy has give 
standards and three goals. For instance, 
parties must be of a reasonable size, the host 
is responsible for the safety and behavior of 
all guests, etc. 

It must be understood, too, that none of 
the standards or goals is written in stone. As 
changes occur on campus, changes, as war- 
ranted, will occur in the social policy. 

This situation may sound ideal, but it is 
not, by any means, a permanent resolution. 
The Boards of Trustees still maintain the 
power to rescind the authority given to the 

A Few Problems 

At present, with the exception of a few 

mishaps, the new social policy is working 
quite well. Actually, the few "mishaps" 
were in reality failures of the social policy 
(i.e. several pledges ending up in the hospi- 
tal after being allowed to return home 
drunk), but were quickly reconciled with 
proper punishment instituted. 

Fraternities abolished at Amherst College by the Board of Trustees. 

Lehigh students should feel proud that in 
the wake of other universities cracking down 
on social regulations the Board of Trustees 
felt them to be responsible and mature 
enough to go against the tide. 

So, this is not a time to sit back and relax, 
but a time to be aware and alert of our fellow 
students so a few do not spoil it for the 

How long will these regulations be con- 
trolled by Lehigh students? Hopefully for- 
ever, since it is these rules and standards that 
have a direct impact on the students lives. 


Interfraternity Council IT (^ 

Executive Council — Left to Right: Scon Sendel, Judicial Chairman: Tom Wheeler. V.F.: Marshall Wenrich, President: Ralph Smillie. Secretary: not 
shown, Paul DeCain, Treasurer. 



Special Thanks To The Committee Chairmen 

Roy Borgeson Rush 

Bran Bushey Rush 

Greg Pedersen Social 

John Missimer . . Community Relations 

Johan Beyer Faculty Relations 

Nick Psaltos Publicity 

Blake Morris Fact Finding 


Residence Hall Council 


Student Activities Council 

^^^^^^ , , u I I \,, .r H„^2rS Seltzer. J. Open. D.Creenhaum.K.Greenbaum.M. 

Uft to Right -<tr„n, Hu^, I'. ...^nUm. L. Bmder. I "■'''■' ''^^ ^' fl^„^/;,a„ 
Dougiai (Ro^ 3,: D. DiUbero. M. Reitman. A. Bluestme. B. Ukun. R. bruckman 




Left to Riglu~(Fronl Row):L. Naden. M. Fleuette. K. Wilson. R. Ticho. M.B. Dukev. D. Mciloney (Co-Captain), I 
Gouker (Captain), T. Nolle, C.J. Jaccodine, H. Herrera (Row 2): S. Straushaugh. R. Smith, A. Hawman (C 
Captain), E. Jaeger, K. Zilligen, D. Hoar, E. Warshauer, R. Swart. M. Brush. W. Kudman 

Basketball Cheerleading 

Members: D Abate. M. Eraso. M. Koyunagt, C. Soltesz. R. Radke. R. Manning. C. Stansbury, J. Ronacher, B. Marcotte, L. Stanley. Advisor 


Ultimate Frisbee Team 



Lcj! to Right — (Front Rom. P. Juhmoii. 1. .\U,^iiirL\ J. Mulnmga, G. Martin. S. Gross (Row 2): G. Abraham. B. 
Susiman, D. Hill. Gimp. Frisbee. D. Sieferl. M. Kirven. G. Grosch, E. Reimer 

Lffi lo Right — (Front Row): M. Varley, G. Baumann (Row 2j:L. Arnold, S Sninsky (Row 3): 
C. Webh. B. Sinkovits. R. Manning, J. Moon 


i^^y- '■.,:' 'ij^- jemt 


Powderpuff Football 


<.a^ % 

Left to Right: N. Stall. L. Komlenic. C. Anderson. K. Dolan. J. Lovecchio 

President Lynn Komlenic 

Vice-President Kim Campbell 

Secretary Jill Lovecchio 

Treasurer Nancy Stoll 


Outing Club 

Left to Righi — I Front Row): A. Fixl. J. Elzelt. J. Barbour. D. Dilibero. B. Lovett, S. Cutchliffe (Row 2): J. Lake, M. Muzzilo, 
J. Wentz, S. Topper 

Women's Soccer Team 

; / / / / / ; < f I Parrish. K.Behrens.A.Erdogan.D. 

Seltozzi. C. follz iRon J). S. im/i». C. iutlz. B. Unfit. C. Laylm. /' I'a.kard. S Hrp/ur,. L Dot,!,'.. K bergholjl. T. Wignol 



^t's just apartment house rules 
so all you 'partment house 
fools remember: one mans 
ceiling is another man s floor. 

— Paul Simon 




" ^ 

The Dorm Life 

All in the Family 

Dorm life is an experience that most of the 
student population has gone through during 
their freshman year. Living in a dorm takes 
a certain amount of talent and the skill is 
usually mastered by the student's sopho- 
more year. For many, it is the first time they 
have ever shared a room with someone else 
and despite Residence Life's best inten- 
tions, the someone else genuinly has some 
rare and decidely different living habits. The 
first thing to learn is how to compromise. 
For instance: 

— he listens to loud, obnoxious music. 
You buy him a set of earphones 

— He studies late at night and you like to 
get to sleep early. Hand him a fiash light. 

— He sleeps late in the morning and 
you're an early riser. Give him a Lone 
Ranger mask to wear. 

— You find articles of clothing missing 
from your closet. Buy a lock. 

Of course, this is just your roommate. In 

addition to him you have a floor full of peo- 
ple just like him. These dorm people have the 
following characteristics: 

— They are the first ones in the shower in 
the morning and the last ones out. Result? 
You're late to class. 

— They are the ones who keep forgetting 
to pay their hall dues. Result? You go broke. 

— They are the ones who tempt you with a 
beer while you're attempting to study for an 
exam. Result? You have no will power, 
accept the beer, and fail the exam. 

Gryphon: grif-en n. A fabulous 
animal, typically half eagle and 
half lion. 

Moreover, there are rules involved in 
Dorm Living — certain facts of life that you 
must accept without question. 

— Stay away from the lounge t.v. at 3:00 
pm. This is when the General Hospital crew 

stampede in and you could easily get tram- 

— Hall meetings must be attended or peo- 
ple will forget who you are. 

— There is always a line for the shower. 

— There is always noise in the hallway 

— no matter what dorm you are in, there is 
either an uphill climb or the building is 3 
miles from the rest of the campus. 

So, with all these headaches why would 
anyone want to live in a dorm? Easy . . ., 
One, no matter how bad the problems get, 
you know that eventually you'll be able to 
laugh at them. Two, you have a person to 
talk to about any problems you might be 
experiencing: a gryphon which is a rather 
strange name to give a good person. Three, 
a comradery exists in dorms that you'll find 
no where else on campus and out of this 
comradery, true and lasting friendships 

Taylor College 

A New Kind of Family 

"The Green Giant" planted himself in 
Lehigh's bountiful garden of dormitories 
and spread his seeds of success throughout 
the campus. Any students who doesn't know 
who "The Green Giant" of dormitories is 
should look at the site of what used to be 
known as Taylor Hall. That historic dorm 
was placed under a year of intense renova- 
tions and reopened in the fall of 1984 boast- 
ing its new color, a shade of green that is as 
hard to describe as it is to look at. 

A New Kind of Dormitory 

The dormitory, now known as Taylor Col- 
lege, changed not only in its appearance but 

The community atmosphere 
that has been created is consi- 
dered the most important factor 
in Taylor College's success. 

also in its living concept. First, Taylor long 
had the reputation of housing only freshman 
males. This year Taylor admitted men and 
women from all four classes and even set 
aside two coed halls. 

Second, Taylor is the first dorm to initiate 
the residential college concept, which inte- 
grates students of diversified backgrounds 

through a variety of social, educational, and 
recreational programs. The results have 
been viewed as extremely successful by Res- 
idence Operations. The community atmos- 
phere that has been created is considered 
the most important factor of its success. 

Faculty Advisor 

One of the most innovative features of 

Taylor College is the live-in faculty advisi 
who received first-hand experience living 
a dormitory. Professor J.R. Aronson, tl ' 
advisor this year, helped organize events f 
the Taylor community . His time and effc 
and that of the whole Taylor family ha' 
made Taylor a special place to live. 


Left to Right — (Front Row}: E. Lecomie, S. Appleton. R. Sander. G. Zurbonsen, S. Huszar, M. Hoffman, 
DiPippo, S. Hislo.x. R. Appel. S. Grubmeyer. B. Roden. F. Noll. J. Paulacka, E. Grubelkh 

T. Garr (Row 2): 

T. Vaum, J. 

A-1 B-1 A-G 

Left to Right — (Front Row): D. Heist. G. Geissinger. J. Smith, F. Nuzz (Row 2): J. Fisch. J. Vogeley, J. Brogowsh 
(Row 3): G. Chin. D. Noyes, J. Ukstins, S. Woodcock (Row 4): P. Saadi 

Left to Right — < Front Row,: M. Weis, L. Dun\ak, K. Merlew J. Luzzatti tRon-2j:D. Sullivan K 
Linnerawd. C. Foltz <Ro\^' 3,: S. Boltz. D. Fitch. S. Padjen. L. Bellantoni, J. Jennings 




LejiioRight — <FrontRow):J. Steinberg. C. Coxhead. M. Fukumuio.J. Weaver, K. Hoicomb, D. Morse (Ron 2). J. Cotizzo. T. Jennings, B. 
Tannler. R. Wheeler. S. Clay, S. Yavorski, J. Schneider 



(Left to Right): A. Sugarman, J. Levin. M. Studwell. C. Rotlenbiirg, S, Caplai/i. B. Alexander. H. Missimer, K. Peterson. I 
Kouveliotes. B. Morton. J. Covert, T. Hagman. C. Swraskinski. D. Davenport. P. Anderson, R. Chan. A. Taker. N. Papazian. C 
Heinen. M. Leiberman. D. Smith, S. Ciociari 


Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Sherman. M.Burke, H. Triiesdell, B. Le\y, T. TimkoiRow2):A. Lill, M. Campbell. Coco, P. Boustany, J. Lewis, 
Griscavage. P. McLoone (Row3):K. Pantleon. M. Hoffman, N. Bausmith. L. Henne. M. Czarchinski. S. Waald. L. Terpak, J. Tomassini. 


Left to Right — (From Row): J. Scanski (Row 2): M. Clark. D. Rusolt, A. Sevel, K. Grimm. K. Gardener. P. Pritchard R Evans 
iRowJ): R. Erman, J. Saunders. B. Kelly. J. Hitch. R. Leonard 





M &M 

Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Gregory. J. Strombsli. J. York. S. Fulton. M. Smith (Row 2): S. Graham. W. O'Donnell (President), B. Mortlaci 
(social chairman), M. Slivver. J. Quinnlev (Row J): J. Petrolias (gryphon). J. Grebosky (gryphon). R. Radkte. B. Andrea, P. Kelsey, G. Bass, J 
Schneiderstein (Row 4): G. Kaplan. K. Morley. B. Jalazo. J. Daniels. S. Rizzo. P. Vermont (Row 5): T. Bell. C. Grother. P. Hansen (socia 
chairman). J. Unitas. M. Harvan.J. Still. M. tietshorts, G.Brady. G. Tucosl(Row6):M. Eraso. M. Longburns. A. Lin, J. Krapft, A. Dode (Ik 
chairman), T. Fruehofsler, E. Kelly. C. Surgent 

M &MB-3 


Left to Right — (Front Row): J. Martin, J. Edwards. M. Edmonds. L. Rosenfeld. R. Ostergarrd, J. Wenzein, T. Miller (Row 2): L.Jackson. L. O'Connor, C. 
Juliam, K. ZUligen, M. Camevale. K. Epstein. M. Kush. C. Klien, B. Barton. H. Chun (Row3):K. Carter. E. Waterman. M. Pucillo. J. Garment. S. Dwcter, S. Todd 
(Row 4): K. Croty. M. Carr. E. Karpol. K. Tinm. M. Smith. K. Ross. J. Tamen. 


Left to Right — (Front Row): M. Didonaio. E. Mauch. S. Witmer (Row 2): V. Farese. B. SAgostino. P. Curran. J. Bosland (Row 3): B. 
ungenfeller. B. Schultz, M. Cazer. M. Davi. M. Jimison. M. Redmann 

Richards B-2 

Left to Right -~>t:. HI l<.n,i: S. Kelly. M. Bunner, 
A. Handlers, C. Sluili, S. Remnilz. A. Bulteiman 
(Row 2): M, Bonicas. L. Sullivan. R. Fitzsimmons, 
S. Draper, B. Fredrikkson, S. Regazzo. J. Todd 
(Row 3): P. Arriz, P. Carroll, C. Fox. R. Eveleigh. J. 
Adetman, J, Breedis. R. Resnik. C. Carries, M. 
Bulger, J. Meltzen 

B-2 Bulls . . . you do not understand time is 
psychological . . . chocolate, black rasber- 
ry, chocolate . . . he keeps playing until he 
tries to win Remnitz face . . . Cubby . . . 
Morty who? . . . Ricky Redneck . . . Body 
blindfold . . . snorche . . . fetus . . . guru of 
Bujo . . . mope, pout, pear, Fred . . . I'm so 
wasted — wink, wink dead trip . . . Hank 
concert . . . method man . . . butter balls . . . 

fly-boy . . . The wisk . . . Bill the Cat kil 
Garfield . . . pile, pile, pile, pile on! . . . Li 
Almo . . . athletes tooth . . . the chicks an 
great . . . gazzo . . . conquistador lounge . . 
hall dunk ball . . . Pear Harbor Day Part^ 
...ifl think about it I wont get it . . . Larr 
S. Bench Award . . . Commie Busters . . | 
Inspector 19 . . . Hall Pro Wrestling. 

Left to Right — (Front Row): M. Fishman. F. Catia. J. Capantz. K. Donofrio. K. Pallzai (Roh 2): J. Fenley. S. Rubich. J. 
Yankovich. J. Drosdak, S. Raja 

Trembley 5 


Hi . . . Buddies . . . Good answer . . . Aww, I 
think he likes you . . . We did Jane today . . . 
You grew it, you lift it . . . At home, we . . . 
This room is huge . . . Damn Toads . . . The 
Love Den The Big Chill . . . Stop in the name 
of love . . . Spinners . . . Rallying for cock- 
tails . . . Bucket-face . . . the TV . . . Plot 
woman . . . solitaire The Trembley V 
Awards . . . This place looks like and old fols 
home . . . Stitchin' in heah . . . corn of 
beans? Dumpling soup . . . Do we have a 
mop? I just came down for breakfast . . . 
What does a mop look like? . . . Beer cheese 
. . . Mardi Gras undies . . . Your ring' sin the 
bathroom . . . Do you have a deck of cards 
. . . Sour cream and onion potato chips . . . 
Fig Newtons . . . Chocolate chip cookies 
without chocolate chips . . . Pizza cooking 
Chinese . . . Dr. Ruth . . . My first question 
. . . Where are my keys in the mailbox . . . 
The circuit only goes one way . . . Thanks for 
the bulletin board, guys . . . Lynn. uh. could 
you help us move the beds . . . This is an 
important part . . . He's a Warner's . . . 
Ward, I'm worried about the Bear . . . Final 
Jeopardy . . . Bye 

Left to Riiiht — If-runl Roh). J. Williams. L. Komlenic (Row 2): L. flail. C. Muriin 


Many students — sophomores through 
seniors — pack up their worldly possessions 
each year to embark on the journey off- 
campus. In doing so, they receive the oppor- 
tunity to glance at what the "real world" 
may be like. Yes, there is a rent to pay — as 
well as gas, oil, electric, phone and water 
bills. More important, however, is that they 
have created a home away from home. 

In their own houses or apartments, many 
students find the privacy they have longed 
for ever since they left home to come to 
Lehigh. What they wish to watch on tv is 
their decision — not a majority rules 

situation; what and when they eat is anotht 
decision wholly their own; and a bathrooi j 
wait has lowered from approximately 2 
people to four or five. 

Are their troubles in living off campui 
Yes, of course. An occasionalfuse will blo\ 
bills may rest forgotten on the dining rooi 
table and off will go the phone service, an 
parties on campus may be heard about afti 
they are over. These troubles, however, ai 
far outweighed by the good experiences thi 
come from the off campus alternative — 
sense of responsibility, close friends and 



==l The Off-Campus Alternative 

^s^jj^^^^ Living Away From Home 
^'^^^S ii^ Your Own Home 



Be Ti 


{Left 10 Right): S. ReithmiHer{Cymhal Head). F. Deutschmann(Fninsoave deBorder). M. Keim ( Special K).N . McHiigl 
(Moon Border) 

German House 

(Left to Right): B. Schumacher (resident advisor t. K Mueller. C '. lozzo. A/. Fischer. A . Keun. I . Henning, D. Bradel. C 
Mitner. S. Magee, W. dinger 


n ^-^ 


(Left to Right): S. Hein. R. Levine. N. Baunstem. K. Slutsker. L. Goldfarb 

■ III 

Our house is a very , very, very fine house . . . 
Mrs. Oravec in the basement . . . Phil Neu- 
man . . . Jason M &M.s . . . "Let's make it a 
10" ... Jane Fonda . . . Popcorn & ice tea 
. . . Karen Gumby Slutsker . . . Karenzol 
RonzonilStaaaaceeeelNanlLez Little 
House at dinner . . . I can hear thru these 
walls . . . Semester w/oKMS . . . "My father 
made me Puerto Rica" . . . Our little sister 
Nancy's birthday that never was . . . The R 
word & R cheese . . . brush & wash — "see ya 
at breakfast" . . . How's your complexion? 
. . . Mind games at finals — Where's your 
toothbrush? . . . What so you mean you're 
from the collection agency? Chef Braun- 
stein's Thursday night specialty . . . Who 
burnt the lean cuisine? . . . Where's my 
stereo? . . . Do we have wine insurance? . . . 
$10,000 a year and he mows our lawn too! 
. . . Sunday morning beauty contests . . . 
Pre Ho Dynasty . . . Bye guys, it was great 
having you as neighbors (nude jumping 
jacks at dinner) . . . Quenn Sprint pays post- 
age this month . . . Thanks Brian & gang — 
need a place to stay this summer? . . . Smile, 

you're on candid camera . . . What's purple 
and hides behind the couch? . . . You mean 
that thing in the corner is a vacuum? . . . Do 
your ears hang low? . . . Spring Break in the 
South (& that's not South Side Bethlehem) 
. . . Those early morning jobs . . . Did you 
get lost again? . . . Funeral for a plant And 
the ceiling comes tumbling down Breakfast 
with the boys . . . RRRonni Levine please 
. . . Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Post- 
cocktail nachos Why don't you make Mrs. 
George shovel the walk? . . . Troy's in the 
shower . . . Round #1 in the parking lot . . . 
You mean they all have noses like that? . . . 
The couch-potatoes If Karen didn't say it, 
Ronni thought it ... Which chair did you 
have breakfast on this morning? . . . There's 
a goddamn Puerto Rican in the refrigerator 
. . . Smashed, but always awake, at our 
smashing parties . . . I swear it was only a 
handful . . . This bud's for you, so eat it . . . 
five girls, one bathroom what are we going 
to call it? . . . Lisa Snap . . . Our family on 
the North Side . . . LOVE, YA, MISS YA, 



East 5th 

(Left to Right): J. Liebesmann, L. Head. B. Edwards. L. Leitgeb. C. Cassidy. J. Conrow 

HELLO Lehigh & 201 E. 5th St . . . letter for 
Laura . . . automatic repeat? ... 2 hits on 
the top and 1 on the sides . . . thanks for 
doing the dishes, Dave . . . Steven Bauer vs. 
Mel Gibson . . . the neighbors? rabbits? are 
wrestling . . . Dunkin Donuts is just around 
the corner . . . need a hearing aid, Beth . . . 
Sesame Street's on ... find a parking 
space? . . . hi. Adrienee, it's double trouble 
. . . Where's the spare key he left town, Car- 
rie . . . who's got dish duty . . . Beth' s get- 
ting a shower . . . HELLO? IM ON THE 
PHONE Wawa's run . . . who wants to talk 
to Bert . . . Simon & Simon of Cheers . . . life 
goes on long after the thrill oflibing is gone ' 
. . . Linda, did you notice? Smoking dam- 
ages sex life . . . who farted . . . Laura, how 
much do I owe . . . Beth, you can wear my 
t-shirt . . . who'll be able to drive down from 
Chi Phi . . . no classes M, W or F . . . that 
girl, what's 69 . . . cold showers . . . wrong 
burner . . . Joyce is running? yeah, to Mora- 
vian . . . how's your copper pot . . . how to 
avoid work: movielChi-Chi's /Showbiz/ 
bowl/ Funhouse/Bentley Bear /Castel Gar- 
dens . . . GH . . . who's at the bottom of the 
stairs . . . how many DO live here . . . mail 
here yet? . . . what DO you eat. Linda . . . 

can I take a message: Beth's on a plant trip 
Laura's at Brian's; Jodi's in the card room 
Linda won't be back until vacation: this i 
Joyce/Carrie Where' d you get the iron . . . 
don't know — but there's a hole that's goin, 
to swallow me up . . . Joyce, can I use you 
ril learn tomorrow What's my tab . . . Ml 
Snow, VT, 1985 a drip for a drip . . . ladie 
night at Bloomer's . . . I'm you other end 
dummo! . . . What's Beth burning . . . Deb 
bieforJodi . . . Beth? Joyce? stop fixing th 
heater ... 7 wear my sunglasses at night 
more than a song, an attitude . . . my slurci 
isn't speed, is it ... M*A*S*H . . . who' 
growing mushrooms . . . keep it smooth wit, 
Metamusil . . . have more wine . . . who' 
bagel woman . . . it's cold down here . . . / j 
Linda's plant dead yet . . . Jeopardy . . j! 
beep-beep, beep-beep ... where' s th>\ 
mouse ... oilman's here ... Chi Ph^ 
Chaketts how much do we deduct from th 
rent burgandy Beth becomes plastic polym 
er Polly . . . 'trust him. but keep your eye 
open' . . . CRASH!!! Joyce is parkin; 
Laura's car . . . fire trap . . . the Beav's oi 
. . . BYE-BYE . . . Linda, Laura, Joyce, Car 
rie, Beth. Jodi 



To: Lori, Laurie & Di — the tradition lives on . . . Val & Marcia, they'll never 
get along . . . Elmer Fudd ... 6 hours I week, what's the difference . . . 
Magambo . . . HofH . . . Wojiuyao . . . Heiny — you're my obsession . . . SP 
. . . Miss NYC 3 AM visits . . . Does ValBof? . . . Knucklehead . . . How many 
pets do you have? Dickie and Ess . . . Naked pledges . . . Anonymously Yours 
. . . Jethro Logic . . . Burning down the house . . . L-rule . . . Fiji Lines . . . 
Pubnight poster . . . Jack Nicholson look alike . . . Mona ate it . . . Enchan- 
tresses . . . We may have saved Mazda, but we couldn't save ourselves . . . 
Mr. Matsuda, we love you . . . 4 lbs each — we don't have4 lbs between us . . . 
Stu: I think its over — / guess it is Reason #i rules . . . FIN 646 . . . Theta 
Delta Chi . . . Man thats smooooth . . . I Love him — today . . . Gus Kinskiki 
. . . Lee in a loin cloth . . . Thank God for Plays . . . Wake me up before 9:00 
and die . . . Streetkid . . . Police raids . . . When Val's away Marcia will play 
. Peeping Toms & Flashlights . . . House 0TB' s = 7 
5 = ?) ... Valentines ... 120 lbs!?! ...P. Puff . . . 
. Stay away from my brother . . . The Diary From the 
Guy who will never let you down . . . Love Yoouuuu Why not, we'll never see 
these people again . . . Map: Here's to ne.xt year!!!! 

. . . You little retard 
(1 = Val, 1 = Marcia, 
" Marcia' s House" . . 


Gamma Phi Beta Annexes 



Mr. Bone racks at the Annex . . . Ma- 
ger-13 ... Ra lives in Bedrock . . . 
she's in the shower now . . . Wes 
bones the Annex . . . Ra has a record 
. . . the O Weekend . . . The Septem- 
ber girl is rescued from the lodge by a 
white knight . . . What a cad! there's 
a major belt at the Annex . . . cradle- 
robber . . . recruiting Mellon Bank at 
the Hotel B ... Do it doesn't do it 
please take out the trash . . . sauce on 
the ceiling . . . Does the t.v. work? 
. . . What blew up this week? . . . 
Lisa's car? . . . the toasters? . . . Pot 
over the black hole . . . Rationing the 
pudding pops . . . Will the food make 

(Left 10 Right): M. Miller. J . Friedman, M. Barlusku. C . Paccicu, C. Bender. K. Campbell 

it 'till Wednesday? . . . Are flannel 
sheets happy? . . . the beautiful 
blonde on the waterbed . . . Marty on 
the keepher . . . let's have baked ziti 
. . . What a cutie! . . . KK Deja-vu on 
the ski trip . . . Molsons, St. Pauli's & 
Coolers Sara works out . . . Out- 
tatouch Frogman . . . The Tannex 
. . . Confetti — head . . . rack up the 
points . . . Malachai . . . I really must 
say . . . sink the ship . . . Chug-a-lug 
& the Toga Party . . . Diane runs for 
yogurt pie . . . her final mark at KE 
... Be a wally-zwally . . . the "on- 
time" Annex (most of the time) 


Left to Right — (Front Row): S.Mager.K. Behrens, B.Doyle iRow 2}: K 
Wilson, L. Naden. D. Mayer, S. Strausbaugh 


(Left to Right): L. Litman. A. Case. F. Redner. D. Pierce. L. Fjeidal 

HALLO-0-0-0 . . . highly questionable . . . 
if it's Joe, I'm not home . . . Winston's! . . . 
what kind of car should I buy? . . . Wowi 
Witman working woman . . . doctor Dweb 
. . . lawyer Lawa . . . Lori's ducks . . . what a 
panic! . . . Good Morning America and fresh 
coffee . . . whatever happened to our party? 
. . . Fran, you're making HOW much'?! . 
Allison is closed . . . DING — if you want to 
he safe, just keep your mouth shut . . . early 
Humphrey furnishings . . . the Burglar in the 
Basement . . . who know's how to use a plung- 
er? . . . Who made 317 Laury Street the 
yearbook office? . . . Is the washer on?! . . . 
Who's on kitchen? The dishes are taking 
over! Lehigh's future — Deb's brother and 
Laura's sister — AHhhhhhhH! . . . Bui 
M*A*S*H is on! . . . Evening news haters 
. . . How many people live in this house? . . 
this is a rough crowd tonight . . . not another 
ding letter . . . don't look under the couch 
cushion . . I hate anything green . . . The 
Sun Inn . . . Pennsylvania, New Jersey, up 
state New York, Washington, DC. Boston — 

Alpha Omicron Pi Annex 


Jillo — Neenie — Kaiahenti — Wedy Thighs 
— 'Wudy — Little Dark One — Joellywelly — 
Wobhie — Neekie . . . baby talk ... It's 
11:00 pm, do you know where your boy- 
friends are? . . . It's 8:00 am, Karl's home 
. . . Jlllery — Nice Knees! . . . How many 
guys do you know Joellen? . . . Jeanlne — 
We are glad you now have hair because we 
don't have time to tape bows on your head 
. . . JK and KJ — How are shimon and 
shmoo ... Chuckeeee . . . Tanks for the 
Milk Duds, pretzels, chips and peanuts The 
common seat belt factor syndrome JH, 
that's the phone, not the alarm clock . . . 
solid as a rock ... JS — Your iron is hot, 
where are you? . . . Hi, I'm Marty: HI, I'm 
Drunk . . . How many people really live at 
454? . . . A. A. Pi's . . . Goodbye Monique 
and Wendy — We love you and we'll miss 

Left to Right — (Front Row): M. Mihalikis, J. 
Kimmelmar, W. Theiss, J. Henry 

Tre.xler. M. Grave. K. Hackhaith (Row 2): J. Shelly. R. Comizio. J. 


Left to Right — (Front Row): S. 

Zaveskv, S. Peper. N. Harned 

(Row 2):' I. Laufer. M. Bligh. R. 



In the popsicle Stand of life, there's noplace 
like home . . . Cruel Brother, Bananarama 
Video . . . awesome cobwebs Barry! . . . Hat 
Party I never! . . . KT. JD, BT, DC, DS, MP 
SZ why don't you sit down? . . . MB I need 
house money . . . NH chicken burgers 
again? . . . RH picking up weights and guys 
. . . SP I'm doing it again! . . . IL he doesn't 
even know my name! . . . Thanks for the ride 
ME On no! It's laundry time . . . Phil, Bruce, 
Huey, Lionel, Pete, Bach, what a combina- 
tion! . . GH upstairs, GL downstairs . . . 
Slut Barge, Puttin' On the Hits and Happy 
Days Sessions . . . All years at Delta Chi 

covered in one night. Wine and Sleaze . . ■ 
Secret Santas, 10 pounds Shut up it's the 
Music Awards . . . We're going to be beauti- 
ful now, SZ's Salon . . . Second Floor, two- 
way mirrors . . . Delta Chi, where' s that? 
Theta Xi, is that off-campus? . . . February 
Porch Party, lights out 7:30 . . . All I can feel 
are my earlobes . . . Amityville Basement, 
Icebox Attic with Squirrel Activity What the 
hell is MAB? . . . Ring! Nancy, it's for you 
...MB and NH Best Wishes always. We'll 
miss you two! . . . Six Awesome Girls . . . In 
the popsicle stand of life there's noplace like 


(Left to Righii: D. Edelen. M. Cosletlo. J. Thompson. A/. Flynn. M. McElhinney 

IDWTMLIWTF . . . Pack of flies ... The 
Pink Ladies . . . Where's Jane? . . . Mac. 
your stockings are falling down If he comes 
back with Old Milwaukee I have to talk to 
you. Meredith . . . Can I borrow your shirt? 
. . . How dirty is it? . . . Bring home T.P. . . . 
he was right next door the whole time . . . 
Dom. there are limes in the shower . . . 
Scoop Costello . . . Peter. I taped it! . . . 
Dom — remember Charlie? . . . If there's a 
man in the troops we recommend a search 
upstairs . . . Ron called . . . Roger called . . . 
Impromptu parties . . . Susan's Spanish sur- 
prise — perfect timing . . . Montclair Man- 
sion . . . Rododendren on the Benz . . . Pink 
flamingos in chains . . . Beach burrito Greta 
Garbo in Escape from Psi U . . . Where were 
we doing sliders. Dom? Artie climb for a 
drink . . . That's my boyfriend . . . Good 
Morning (hic) Mr. Wagner, sir . . . Where's 
Jane . . . Officer couldyou handcuff me? . . . 
Crash Costello . . . Tater man . . . Seven 
Springs adventure . . . Let's bring the cat to 
the beach . . . Gymnastics at the Ho . . . 
never spilled a drop . . . Maiv is swaive with 
bubbly . . . How about a backrub? Marline 
drives a stick . . . talk tome . . . Barked at by 
apre-bidatSa.m. . . . It's a marvelous night 
for a moondance . . . Slave schedule, surely 
you jest . . . Springtime and ' 'freedom ' ' on 
the Hill . . . Dom Meredith . . . achoo . . . 
Brian, your girlfriend is at the door . . . Mar- 
tini Back to Bedrock . . . Waaamp . . . 
Fishman . . . Jeff who? . . . Down on the 
Farm . . Jane doesn't even have to go out 
Beetered and battered . . . call waiting 

■ . late night cough syrup . . . Party on the 
waterbed . . . "Cocky chicks, I like that!" 

■ . The Locomotions . . . We're so cool you 
can't stand it . . . When is your brother com- 
ing? Veal! . . . You'll find it tomorrow 

Besssy . . . To that lucky man . . . La Casa 
Blanca Here's to 'St. Thomas — Baron and 
Joe love us . . . Paco'sjeep . . . CruzanRum 
anyone? . . . The boys on Ontario . . . 
Where's our TV? The back door is always 
open, Sometimes . . . Even the cats left . . . 
NOT ME! . . . Pubnights and pubmornings 
. . . Mac's scavenger hunt Will you get off 
my channel?! . . . Is this Russia? . . . Clothes 
are the most lasting thing in a relationship 
. . . Should we buy it or steal it? . . . Where's 
Jane? . . . Here's to L. Bud Melman . . . 
Mac's doctors . . . JT is out of touch . . . 
Who froze my cat? Very close friends . . . 
Kamikaze convertible . . . Dizzy bat . . . 
That Mahvelous House — Pi Lam . . . All the 
Kids . . . Dominique' s face slides . . . Par- 
ties on Ontario . . . Nice kneecaps. Mac . . . 
Snowdaxs . . . Marie and Raymond . . . 

Where's Elmo . . . Gradiating and radiating 
■ . . Marline will miss the graduates . . . A 
... B ... C — \a! 

^^1^^ ^^K. t»^ ^^^B 


iLefl to Right): R- Donchez. A. Showalter. A. Evans. M. Krashes, B. Smith. L. Desnoyers 

Meredith: Don't ever think about it? You 
BIMBO, get out of my face, MOMO! Tell me 
story #i, PLEASE! Mr. & Mrs. Boffer. Seen 
Dallas lately? MTV-BIG! ! How was the 
Bruce concert? Does Larry K. know you're 
watching him? What did you give up for 

Lisa R.: Hey, Nancy, how's the inchwork? 
You done with that scarf yet? Nice rugby 
shirt . . . change lately, or do any wash? The 
queen of the omlettes. I hear the Sharks are 
playing, you going? Does State Farm know 
you're hired yet? 

Rhonda: Let Rhonda serve! Our favorite 
Poster Child . . . Want a picture of Pearl 
Harbors, or just a Mud Slide. Nothing like 
taking a final buzzed after a hair-raising 
drive to the airport, huh? 
Amy: Dave called. How was Duke's? That 
good, huh? Who's up there now? Who 
knows! Ya gotta love Mgt 301, second time 
round! Arthur Anderson welcomes you to 
the Family!! Amy, we're leaving now . . . 
Wait, I gotta go to the bathroom. What's 
that? It looks WIERDU 
Bob: The Calvin Klein Man. No, YOU never 
get any phone calls . . . When's he going to 
be here? You're guess is as good as mine! 
Bob, the Albino Man . . . Happy April Fools! 
The Donut Junkie! A little weekend trip, 
perhaps? You weren't here, so we told IBM 
to stop calling. 

Cheese: get a robe, already!!! But, the cable- 
man loves you without it . . . Problems with 
the hair-dryer this morning? Cheesy-weesy! 
It's your dad (from Wisconsin). A Kringle in 
a day, says Meredipooh. It's looked, sepa- 
rate houses! Where are we going this break, 
I'm sooo BORED!!! 

LisaD.: Going to the darkroom Lisa? Jeez — 
Don't scare me with those things!! Watch 
any TV lately? {I have so much to do!) How 
was the Joan Rivers concert? Yes, you 
should be embarrassed! I checked the box 
asking "Will you live with this person, be- 
cause no one else will?", and I got stuck 
with Anne. What do you mean you can't 
move mountains? Lisa proves it everyday! 
Housemate of the Week! CAUTION: Killer 
Stairs! Wash your hair, already! Pi Lam 
Tailgates . . . Florida on a dollar day . . . 
Anyone want to play Trivial? . . . Happy 
Campers? The forest fire campstove, and 
Maya, the ever hungry child who lives in a 
bus . . . Get out of our way, we're going to 
FLORIDA! Get in our way, we're going to 
Bethlehem! Roll again question of the day: 
How many days till graduation? . . . Dishes, 
what dishes? . . . HEY!!! We bought a pool!! 
. . . Bloomer's Ladies Nite, after "Facts of 
Life" and "Sara". OK, guys, it's been 
great! The family Taylor Street, a very, very, 
very fine house 

rn* /, 


I Left to Rifthli: A. Hahn. P. Basite. J. Lebersfeld 

As three young girls, they all met in Dravo 
The friendship from there continued to grow. 
On to M&M — rooms they did pick 
But, life at Lehigh was making them sick. 
Transfering to NYU — that's what they said 
To 77 West Broad they landed instead. 
Here life was blissful — a home they had made 
The Boyd, Rea & Derick. a weekly parade. 
Problems were few — no phone and no heat 
The hole in the ceiling, the noise in the street. 

At a pub down below, they quickly acquired clout 

But after a while. Ripper's they wore out. 

Constantly blaring the television rays 

Soaps, "Who's The Boss" and "Happy Days." 

Peas, corn, potatoes, pasta and chicken 

They could stand there all night, munchin' & pickin' . 

They could never forget their Jeffs and Jims 

And Alison' s fleeting two month whims. 

Their South Side pals were second to none 

Week nights for dinner were always fun. 

Now they are leaving their humble abode 

They'll miss the good times, but not the work load. 

They're being tossed into the real world — 

still a bid giddy 

Off to Europe and New York City. 

What happens from here — they'll wait and see 

Alison running a corporation in Pari 

Paula analyzing Londoners at tea 

And, maybe Bones' II be anchoring for NBC. 

Well, Ali, P and Bones are off to a new start 

The memories they'll hold together as they sadly depart. 


Learning about Lehigh 

It's Monday evening — 7:00 pm — and 
dinner is merely a bad memory in Joe 
Freshman's mind. He's brand new at 
Lehigh and, although his books are calling 
to him — "Joe. Joe. you came here to 
study, didn't you? Remember, Joe. higher 
education?" — he honestly doesn't re- 
member why he chose Lehigh. He still 
doesn't fit in — always managing to say 
and do just the wrong things. 'What was 
wrong with him? 

Well, nothing is truly wrong with Joe — 
except for the irrevocable fact that he's a 
freshman and hasn't mastered campus life 
at Lehigh. So. along comes Stan Sopho- 
more. He and his friends are heading for 
Linderland to pretend to study. 

"Linderland?" Joe questions himself. 
"Is that the same as Linderman Library?" 

Having nothing to lose, he packs up his 
books, trusty calculator, and pencils and 
heads for Linderman. Joe may not realize 
it just yet, but he's walking into another 
dimension of time and space — no. not the 
twilight zone — the Lehigh zone. 

Linderman Library, sections of it affec- 
tionately known as the dungeon, the zoo 
and the stacks, happens to be the social 
center to discover what Lehigh is all about. 
By listening carefully, Joe may learn the 
following very important facts 

Places to hang out — An individual never 
enters Linderman for the purpose of study- 
ing. If he simply must study land a true 
student should only study the night before 
an exam — doing his homework regularly 
or worrying over tests makes him look like 
a geek — a subject to be discussed later) he 
would go to the cold blue land of Super- 
Mart and sit on the floor unless he happens 
to be one of the lucky few who manage to 
obtain a seat. 

More places to hang out — Maginnes 
Hall for U's at 10 — yes, coffee hour. The 
UC lounge at 3:00 pm is prime for GH 
viewing and during the Holiday season, 
this is also a must in order to cheer on the 
Grinch or to laugh when Frosty melts. In 
the early fall and spring, there are the in- 
famous Lehigh beaches — Dravo lawn. 
M&M parking lot, the UC lawn and 
Saucon Valley. 

On the weekend evenings — Incidentally, 
a Lehigh weekend begins on Wednesday 
with pubnights and ends Sunday morning 
with a hangover. Naturally, there are the 
fraternity and sorority parlies; however, 
also included in this watering hole list are 
Manny's, Your Mother's Bloomers, and 
^ the Tallev Ho. 

Now, Joe freshman knows where to go 
— but, how to make conversation when he 
doesn't yet fully understand the long, lost 
and twisted tongue of a college student? 

Lesson 1: When something is GOOD, say 
it's zeus, awesome, or happening. 

Lesson 2: When something is BAD. say 
it's a bummer or beat. 

Complicated Conversation: // someone 
has a gut, he is not talking about his physi- 
cal status — he's commenting on an easy 
class. If someone gets hammered while 
pubbing, don't worry. No one pulled out a 
hammer and bludgeoned his head with it. 
He simply got drunk. If someone com- 
ments that he pulled an all-nighter and 
tooled — he stayed up all night and stud- 
ied. If someone was blown away at a 4 
o'clock — there was not a tornado during 
the late afternoon. He failed a 4 o'clock 
quiz. If someone is going to get a green 
suntan — he has not found a strange new 
beach. He' s going to study in the computer 
room. If someone calls Joe a pencil-necked 
geek, he should become angry — he's just 
been insulted. If someone bagged a class 
and is psyched about it — it does not mean 
that he was excited about placing his class- 

campus on spikes is exceedingly 

In the spring — bright, loud flashy cloth- 
ing is a must. Bermuda shorts are always 
appropriate. Of course, on Halloween all 
these rules are forgotten and anything 

Eating and drinking — Knowing the cor- 
rect foods to eat and beverages to drink is 
considered extremely important to a col- 
lege student. Pizza is a must — Domino's is 
the favorite, although Pizza Hut Pan Pizza 
is running a close second. For those with 
cast-iron stomachs, there is always Lehigh 
Pizza (the greasier the better). Other de- 
licacies include greekers (cheap hot dogs 
with everything on them), perogies (a form 
of (potatoes) and any sort of munchie 

As for drinking, well, beer is the stan- 
dard. If Joe doesn't develop a taste for it. 
he might as well resign himself to social 
ostracism. Mad dog, however, is also an 
accepted beverage for the die-hard drink- 
ers and grain punch adds some variety to a 
rather monotonous choice in drinks. Cock- 
tails are acceptable at IPCs or as the sun 
rises — but never ask for anything too com- 

If you don't develop a taste for beer you might as well resign 
yourself to social ostracism. 

room in a brown paper bag. He simply did 
not go to the class and was happy about it. 

On occasion, Joe may feel left out of a 
conversation because he is unable to de- 
cipher the true meaning through all the 
slang — all he has to say is ' 'awesome ' ' or 
"I'm there" and he'll be able to fake his 
way through almost any topic. The key to 
speaking in slang lies in the parting state- 
ment. Never say "goodbye," always say 

Okay, now he can speakproperly(?), but 
he doesn't know what to wear. 

Clothing is essential. In the winter — 
duck-shoes for the feet or perhaps docksid- 
ers or sneakers (no, not the A&P variety). 
Rather, he should choose Nikes, Adidas or 
Pumas — laces untied of course. Jeans are 
always appropriate — Levis or Lees; 
please, Joe, let something get between you 
and your Calvins. In addition, three or four 
shirts should be worn together and topped 
off with a sweater. At least one collar 
should be upturned and these shirts should 
all have some little creature sewed to them 
— preferably an alligator, fox or a guy 
riding a horse. An important fact for girls 
to note — no high heels! Tottering about 

plicated. Remember, Lehigh students are 
mixing them. 

Well, Joe is about ready to begin Lehigh 
Life. Like everyone else, he'll get up in the 
morning, wait for a shower, run to class 
five minutes late, bag his last one, watch 
the boob-tube, pretend to study at Linder- 
man and check his mail three times a daw 


Michael Boyd 
Coordinator of Greek affairs 

Stacey Abernethy 
Panhel Adviser 


The Greek Life 

Life in a Fraternity or Sorority is more 
than living in a building better than your 
average dorm where the meals are far supe- 
rior to that of the UC cafeteria. The differ- 
ence rests in the meaning behind the words. 
brotherhood a;; J sisterhood, which implies a 
bond of loyalty and friendship between the 

people with whom you live. 

There are parties, clean-ups, pledging, 
meetings and many other activities involved 
in being a member of a fraternity or sorority. 
More important, however, are the ties 
formed that last a lifetime. 

^Ipl|a aii|t ^l]o 


Alplia a*lii ilxlm 



Phi Mu Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1896 
Trinity College 

Founded Locally — 1934 
Colors — Garnet and White 

Crow wrestling dynasty . . . "I won't lose my 
job is I lose this case" . . . Nude Dormers 
. . . S1600 dement deers What are you claim- 
ing? . . . "Wait a minute, you mean these 
guys were totally naked?" . . . gourmet deep 
frying . . . fierce dentist chair chugs . . . the 
Fana-dick . . . No more showporching! . . . 
heavydickage . . . Yes. oh yes! . . . Hershey 
Hummer — yeah Bloomsburg! . . . like no 
other human in the worst way . . . YOU 
ARE!! cherries for Catom and Martie . . . 
Schroeder — defender of Crow! . . . Fierce 
yo's; no, the fiercest . . . loft volleyball . . . 
Sig Pi . . . Saturday . . . sexual deviance . . . 
Brother Blutto, what's that on yur lip? . . . 
rubber sheets for Cumstein We don't want to 
dick you, but we have to? . . . Waht's up 

dolls? . . . Amber waves and grain . . . put it 
on my house bill . . . Stahley's . . . E. Plur- 
ibus Unum . . . Ruocco, where' s your 
spleen? . . . you're loving it! straight ahead 
Thed . . . Hickies . . . Crank up the rumor 
mill . . . nice pledge class . . . Fooz told them 
. . . you look like the piss boy! ... It's a 
Woody! . . . If it swells, ride it! firewalking 
. . . What's a retreat? — Camp Netimus! . . . 
MTV . . . mouse hunting . . . if you don't 
give it to us, we won't give it to you . . . line 
'em up . . . "the best part about it is — 
spleens for everyone! . . . Green Slime yo's. 
Crow's classic Lafayette trip . . . Fire the 
bitch up . . . Garner you hogger . . . Crow 
gym — where you get harder longer . . . WE 

JVIpI|a ^pstlnn Pt 


This year the Sigma Eta Chapter of Alpha 
Epsilon Pi celebrated its tenth year 
anniversary of its founding on the Lehigh 
Campus. Back then, the Founding Fathers 
were living in Stevens House. Since then, we 
have moved off campus to our own house, 
and have acquired an annex as well. 

As our brotherhood has grown, so had 
AEPi's involvement in campus activities. 
Brothers participated in such clubs as Sail- 
ing and Tae Kwon Do and are also active in 

other student organizations such as The 
Brown & White and WLVR. In addition, we 
are involved with athletics, both varsity 
and intramurals. 

We pride ourselves at always excelling 
academically. Of all fraternities on campus 
we are ranked number two. We feel a good 
combination between academics and extra 
curricular activities is the sign of a growing 


Sigma Eta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1912 
New York University 

Founded Locally —1978 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

Sliding scale theory- . . . it's so bad, I don't 
know anything . . . F-Stuba . . . kitchen 
showers . . . third floor skylight . . . BAT-ing 

your mouth . . . where are my NIIPPS?.'? 
. . . IM Demigod . . . Spaz of the week . . . 
keys locked in pocket 

Schuykill . . . nobody calls me Psycho 

Mike . . . woah woah woah . . . ghulk ghulk 
ghulk ... ag ag ag ... Greg Solomon . . . 
reversal, tow points . . . "my place or Stu's 



Somethind did indeed seem amiss . . . Bub- 
ba . . . Double F-Sticks . . . Butterball . . . 
Nippsless . . . Martini and . . . Walrus . . 
Goon shaving cream on the banisters . . . IM 
vomiting . . . thanks for the knives, Ponder- 
osa . . . Hoover . . . Newman social drink 
. . . Corky Caroll for IM surfing . . . flying 
clam . . . you guys are zany . . . sink sprayers 
. . . dishwashers . . . freezers . . . circuit 
breakers . . . calorie balls . . . no more 
ravioli . . . stale before served 

alley . . . Perkasie ho-down . . . Mombo 
break-dancing . . . Sofa blob . . . Alex + 
Seagrams = plastic . . . survey says 

Jitterbug ... V, the fmal luau . . . you did't 
just say , did you? 

me . . . Scoop on the scene . . . AMC 

Personality twins . . . Anaerobic infections 
. . . Connected at the vocal chords . . . how 
many people can talk like Simon? . . . The 


JVlpija (Bnxnxna ^tltn 


Alpha (i)ainina Drlla 



Zeta Beta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1904 
Syracuse Universitx 

Founded Locally — 7976 

Colors — Red, Yellow, Green 

Best theme party of the year — Wear your 
letters and drink alot . . . Goodbye to Helen 
our cook . . . Gag Patrol . . . Herds-n-Flocks 
. . Captain Hook . . . Where's the buff 
White Russians . . . Kirby. where' s your 
room . . . Hoon-n-Deal Late night Lele . . . 
TV seniors Another chapter consultant? . . . 
LCLA or Bust . . . Trinidadian Embassy A 
wilted rose to Diane K ... let's play Blow- 
Pong . . . teddy bears Wild and Fun 21 . . . 
Road trips Wally-gator meets Pi-Lam . . . 
Fred-n-Wilma . . . Kenny iSantal-n-Sue 
Why can't we make IM's into a drinking 
game? . . . All the old A-4's And the next 
Daquiri Queen will be Nanny goat . . . 
Where does he stay when he comes to visit? 
. . . WHERE S OUR ROCK? . . . Anyotte up 

for an early morning breakfast at Denny's 
. . . She's seventeen, that speaks for itself 
. . Goodbye Smags — Hello cocktails on 
the Balcony . . . Joanie Bear . . . Where are 
the steps behind Chi Phi? . . . When's the 
Nancy Hanna Pubnight . . . What's the 
latest Theta Chi count? . . . Cows on the 
front lawn . . . Double secret probation still 
. . . Another wilted rose to Diane K . . . 
Chapter Nark Rebecca's many candlelight- 
ings Of course we don't drink or have men in 
the house We even have IFC cocktails with- 
out alcohol . . . Squirrel basketball . . . 
"Precious" aren't we? Making out on the 
NYC subways with a sister's brother . . . 
angels second semester seniors deserve 
singles . . . I like him soooo much line dance 

■ ■ . sophomores, would you like to see the 
rock again Take us back to AGD — Take us 
back to AGD — Take us back to AGD — 
Cause it sure beat lUP . . . Shazzi Apple . . . 
Senior Drinking Team — it needs a captain 
with 12 credits . . . funnels at Theta Xi . . . 
Aren't you going to wear any shoes do you 
want to be a bartender Yet another wilted 
rose to Diane K . . . Now that we have a 
cook where are we going to eat . . . who's 
going to White Rose? . . . What fraternity 
stole the hairy thing? . . . Maneating Plant 
. . . Awesome Pledges . . . Are you a wrist, a 
forearm or an elbow? . . . Quiet — Dynast}' 
rules are in effect . . . And finally will any of 
the seniors remember their last Greek Week. 

JVlpIja ©mtcron Pi 

n |!*^Sg|!f!f!B^R S 

WSF Alpha (i)iiiiniin ]}\ 




ICrliiijli lliiiiirniitii 



»- ^' 


Lambda Upsilon Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1897 
Barnard College 

Founded Locally — 1983 
Colors — Cardinal 

Down at the kitchen table, telling tales of 
Clark and Gable . . . Take your date around 
the corner . . . No candle passing this week? 
. . . I motion, I mean, I move . . . BandAidS 
dimensional . . . any way you look at it, it 
comes up L . . . seriously, I hear y a . . . Tuna 
melts Scarey . . . Fallen angels . . . Joelly 
Welly, Judy Wudy . . . Hey you guys . . . Apt 
124, the Annex . . . Hester Q . . . I just called 
to say The goob is gone! . . . So Drink Chug- 
A-Lug . . . Sauceman followed us home . . . 
Smaggetts! . . . I think I'm getting motion 
sickness Where's the accounting file? ... 

Picture this realm . . . V-chugH . . . Tricia 
Delicia Madonna Goddess Schryver . . . 
Vicarious . . . Electric Jello . . . But doesn't 
that defy gravity? . . . What's the rhythmic 
movement? . . . PPD . . . The Glove . . . Me 
and my teddy bear . . . This is key The plan is 
be spontaneous . . . Hurting unit . . . The 
many functions of party hats . . . 
YeaaaaahU . . . Are you guys drunk again? 
. . . Let's play "I Never" . . . MTV! . . . You 
have to live life on the razor's edge . . . 12 
people in one hotel room! . . . Is that natural 
or is that Tenex? . . . Pudding and mold — get 

control . . . We are washing "machines" 
. . . You ladies are so rude . . . Hernia . . . 
We are the Alpha babies . . . Our toilet's 
making Mr. Coffee noises But the thing is 
. . . Who's gonna take Terri to the Rose 
Ball? A soup I am, a soup I'll be . . . A-O- 
Pin-Pi The blush at your crush syndome . . . 
Jill killed "durable plant" . . . Sorry, I for- 
got my keys . . . I hate to say it, but she's a 
really nice girl . . . Where's Miss Trexler 
today? She doesn't handle herself well in 
social situations! . . . THIS CAN BE 
YOURS FOR . . . 

J^lpiia f I|t 

If MW'mMmfkim^ 



Broder, Seward, Snorm, Texette. Nance. 
Bunny, JP, Kyle, Scandal, BMW. Steph, 
Sally, Bon-bon, and we didn't forget Jen, 
Debbie, Claudes. 

Sights we'll never see: 

Alpha Phis on time ... a Lehigh boy mak- 
ing a commitment . . . Stephanie on the Hill 
. . . Bunny with a short story Deena without 
her toys Missy without Bill . . . Liz without 
Kahlua Alpha Phi cars without parking tick- 
ets .. . Sambuca housebroken . . . our furni- 


Epsilon Psi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1872 
Syracuse Umyersit\ 

Founded Locally — 1975 

Colors — Silver and Bordeaux 

Enveloped in this circle of warmth material 
girl . . . Frank-ank. they're doing it again 
. . . Here's to you. Mrs. Robinson . . . joke 
'em if they can't take af--k . . . Lon Chaney 
. . . what else do you do in Spanish? . . . 
toast points . . . what happened to my left 
breast? . . . Pete or rePete . . . nose dive off 
the loft let's go do the 07 Hop . . . it's going 
to be different this time . . . John or John 
Rho-o-onda . . . Lancelot . . . let's do Jane 
. . . Mr. Goosey . . . scarfoot . . . she goes 
out with pastel boys . . . wedgemaster . . . 
you guys . . . internal social with the zeroes 
.\untie Em . . . Immigrant . . . Cruiser 
. . . henna fix gig until the cows come home 
. . . but what if you're in India? . . . punch 
my give a shit card . . . schlime and little 
schlime boo-who ground control to Moscow 
. . . hot chocolate are you still just friends? 
. . . Alpha Phis have nice shoes . . . what 

does your pin look like? . . . it's time to pass 
the coat on . . . tall, blond, preppy, tennis 
player . . . PDA queen . . . Fog . . . breaking 
in the carpet . . . when do the braces come 
off? . . . herba life Grandpapills . . . slugging 
. . . the most . . . the thing that wouldn't 
leave . . . Donna Pruneface. no boys, no 
booze . . . getting high in the pantry wIGary 
you can't eat meat on Fridays, but you can 
eat mushrooms . . . I didn't see the dark side 
of the moon, but I saw God . . . let's get 
snowed in . . . telephone, telegram, tel-a-phi 
. . . don't touch the second shelf . . . our 
kitchen is Ethiopia ... "so much fun"? . . . 
no parking, handicapped zone . . . salivat- 
ing bells ... to be an Alpha Phi. you must 
DEAL . . . mind if we play through? . . . the 
Pres goes to jail . . . where' s the beef? . . . 
does oral sex mean talking dirty? . . . what's 
love but a good old-fashioned dragback? 

■ . . "the big five" . . . do Alpha Phi's have 
many affairs with Kappa Sigs? . . . crushed 
license plates . . . 2 year clause . . . let's play 
footsie . . . can you get a rock as big as your 
pin? . . . she likes her oatmeal hot . . . tidal 
wave . . . that's all she doesn't do . . . 
pledges, carry on the traditions . . . see ya! 
. . . get involved, get involved . . . the Alpha 
Connection the most conch . . . $60 a g . . . 
the second Ethiopia . . . the Goose 3's a 
crowd . . . the big belt dugouts the most fun 
. . . Ky-ul.'.' Real Phi's don't eat quiche . . . 
are you stupid or dumb? . . . M.I. A. Let's 
watch Dave I have ultimate faith in my box 
And if they don't get it. they can always lie. 
of course He's to die from Oh Greg, he's my 
laundry room friend . . . Sister, Lady, and 
Mother Superior. 

^Iplja ^tgma Pi|i 

Rush in one hour and thirty-five minutes . . . 
All the big names and Kuchta . . . Double M 
and the Sig boys Jarvis on his third Phi . . . 
Snap. Crackle and Pop-less . . . Etti the 
storyteller . . . Penn-Hills — For lovers only 
. . . Alpha Sig is in the black and dancing 
bear is caught red-handed . . . Drew wins 
custody . . . Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — Agh! 
Agh! Spit, Spit . . . Jarv-B-Que . . . Alpha 
feed me . . . Alpha Sig the kennel . . . Senior 
Abuse Committee . . . Apathy Committee 
meeting proposed . . . Trimario . . . LDC — 
Late Diners Club Bulkus Dogus and Bulka 
Jumanus Nil had it the toughest . . . Wayne 
Punch I didn't kick him in the face, he Just 
ran into my foot Who would want to go to 
Florida with Yarmoff and the Tex's . . . I'll 
dolifeforacanofStroh's . . . Mom and Dad 
in the Ford . . . Who's next? Snap or Crackle 
. . . The Ultimate Punt . . . Pigpen and Les- 

lie — and Kuchta too H.S. Poon loses it at 
oravian Where's April? He's in the Health 
Center sick . . . Who the hell is Terry 
O'Brien? . . . Zak grinds another one into 
the couch . . . Tuffy lines up his friends for a 
good time Tom retires the Pig award . . . 
Bonnie can't be topped . . . Galoop pulls a 
long string of fifty-four punts and then rolls 
over for another semester Pedigo and his 
car don't have a scratch on them . . . But 
Phil does Weef graduates with honors — 
NBL — but has a lot of potential . . . Weef 
goes to the formal with Alfredo Ernie loses 
out to Hunts and BMOC Rich drops off his 
girlfriend at her boyfriend's . . . Jarvis gives 
the waitress a small tip First Greek Week, 
then Kathy — Delta Phi gets second twice in 
a row . . . Babson got drunk and broke a 
window in the bar again . . . Joe's girlfriends 
won't smoke his sausage but they'll eat his 

fettucine . . . D.J. shocks Masters and John- 
son . . . J.E. goes for a weiner . '. . Slick . . . 
Herby . . . Tex . . . Load Ass . . . Jay Bud 
and his Joe . . . Minsti . . . Ibbidy, Bibbidy, 
Bibbidy Sow in East Buttfuck, NY . . . Dumb 
J, Marietta, and Jelly Sandwich Dr. Dicky 
and Suk Mi Wang . . . P.R.J, s . . . Rich 
TKOs Sue in the Girl's head . . . Nado . . . 
Throwin the hot dog in the Lincoln Tunnel 
. . . Get to the point, Jeff Bruno: The human 
towel rack . . . Strock, Who is that bleached 
wench? The Alpha Connection . . . Senior 
Assholes rule Saturday Afternoon Drunk 
Drivers . . . Mah balls . . . Hey, Sisko! . . . 
Maxx and Relax . . . Come on you suck butts 
Hey, D.J. you did all those firls with that 
little thing? How ya doing. Jack . . . Alpha 
Sigs old girlfriend party . . . When in doubt, 
drop trou . . . We are the balls and we're 
hung like bears 


Beta Epsilon Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1845 
Yale University 

Founded Locally — 1929 

Colors — Cardinal and Stone 


^Ipl]a ®au (©mega 



Shemp, Cheesesteak, Winthorp, Lamda head. Baby finster, Gilligan, 
Genie, Buttercup, Magilla, Sluggo, Sta-Puff, Boris, Lurch, Lobes, Potsy, 
Trout, Rip Van Winkle, Otter, Hobbit, Milktoast and Appleby; we're 

So long to all our seniors: 

Cloud, Wheels, J. J., Denny, Johan, Squiggy, Harvey, Suey, Andy, 
Larry, Congo, B-way, Uncle Bill, Raddish, Clarkie, Mitch and a belated ||§| 
goodbye to the Birdman and Tubby. We'll miss you. 

^ Alpha Rho Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1865 
Virginia Militaiy Institute 

Founded Locally — 1882 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

Get the F-K oiitta here! . . . E-Z Raz Yeah. 
nice try . . . Ho de do . . . ' 'Sometimes we're 
so smooth we scare our selves" . . . Mall. 
Pelican. Shadow. Woods. CBZ. Friz. 
Munch: B--ch! . . . Eats, clean-up that crap, 
will you . . . No redheads or human speed 
bumps . . . Let's go pledges . . . It's kickin' 
in here . . . Drink, cause you're kickin! . . . 
Sorry, PTR Your ankle hurts, o.k. take off 
your underwear . . . Turn around and face 
the wall . . . You're a renter! TWISTED . . . 
Go shave your ass . . . Lookin' good.feelin' 
good . . . How 'bout a Fresca, Hmm. Hmm 
. . . Peruvian Hats, the itchy feely people. 

Pet amor . . . Officer Crane lives . . . Mullen 
and Cohen, you fags ditched us . . . Tyrone, 
did we finally get to you? . . . ATO rocks the 
Snake Pit . . . Sit down Waldo . . . Let's all 
wear bow ties in the composite . . . What 
happened to the Big Cheese's dumper? . . . 
Harlow . . . I'm going to munch until you 
come Shut up Johan . . . Casten, don't gob 
on the attendant . . . Hey Rams, where' s the 
stereo? . . . Zeus Pooper The worth keeper 
of the lip . . . Horrid. Hideous. Horrendous 
. . . Red Hot Poker . . . Stowe-Core ATO . . . 
Never say never at Delta Gamma . . . Derek, 
you have a waiter duty . . . who really is the 

"most" powerful? The Big Fat Newton . . . 
The ever-present Helmut Award . . . Joker. 
Joker and the Pink Cigar smoker . . . Wel- 
come to our new pups: Keena and Sheeba 
. . . Tons of fun . . . Is Carpy too tall for sex? 
We think so . . . Congrats to Johan and Deb- 
bie . . . Gamma Phi Hooter . . . or Gamma 
Vi Brator . . . Mr. and Mrs. Stoll get two 
waiter duties ... Oh, that was my nose . . . 
Oh my God. you're amazing . . . Lewis, 
she's too big . . . Moosehead . . . Rel.log, 
ATO punishment . . . We don't like renobs 
OhMiss Crabtree, I've got something heavy 
on my heart to tell you . . . 

|ieta ®I]0ta Pi 




Beta Chi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1839 
Miami Universin- Ohio 

Founded Locally — 1891 
Colors — Blue and Pink 

Seniors Set the Standards . . . If you cannot 
Laugh at your outi mistakes. I will be more 
than happy to laugh at them for you . . . 
Where is Bernie . . . The Lords Rule . . . The 
Sickle is out What do you know . . . Who has 
pride I snake around . . . The bearded wom- 
en Roaches check in but they don't check 
out . . . Mule kicks . . . Waaa Lite Milk ... A 
heater and a sheer and a mean onion dicer 
. . . We're just friends . . . Burst the Bubble 
Rigotoni Brothers . . . Stoke the coals . . . 
Raaaa, Pittsburgh . . . Toydom . . . Say a 
number, too late The Wait List . . . What's 
Nude Hoops? Greeker Greeker . . . Shoot 
some pool, skip some school . . . The Buck 
Club Rage . . . Beta LM.'s in 8th place The 
Pear in the Turkey Trot Beach Partx . . . 

Burn the Beds . . . 24 days til Graduation 
and all is well. Party Party, woooooh . . . 
AAACH. BAAH. Howdy, etc . . . Who's got 
the pictures'? . . . The horn are up . . . Hotel 
party. Tahiti Clubs. Kazie's Jellyfish . . . 
Lost in Annapolis . . . Studley blew a gasket 
You are there and I'm Drunk . . . The Rever- 
end Jim Beam . . . Two Beer . . . The Steer is 
grazing on the lawn . . . YOU ARE DRUNK 
Rat Construction Taps . . . Wendy's . . . 
Take a Nap Let Nancy drive. Boots Master 
Blaster, who will hit the window . . . 
SI 300.00 T.V.??? ... Testoid palace ... 
Boot the Boarders Greek Week '85 . . . Scoot- 
er wins Greeker eating . . . Beta Pool Tour- 
nament . . . Buzzy's Back . . . Dancing on 
the Stump . . . The Debacle, the Dilemma. 

and the Masquerade . . . The Lounge . . . 
House Improvements . . . Bald. Balder. Bald- 
est .. . The Four Year Vacation is over, it's 
been Great . . . Schuppy. Barney Rubble, 
Boots. Sleeper, Cock-A-Roche, Grabber. 
Pledge Walter. Frog, Flounder. Slipper- 
head. TL. Studley. Bubblehead. Cutthroat. 
Tripper. Englander. Pelle, The Myth. The 
Steer, Turk, Scooter, Ballhang. Jackson, 
Slumber. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, Veg, A- 
man, Scrat, Duke. Bernie. Sam. Rodney, 
Cornball, Smooth, Grades. Tzeng Monster. 
Pear. Squared. 

Yours in kai 
The Seniors 

(!Ii|t f i|t 




Where's the beef . . . Oh Head, are you dead 
yet . . . Norad's operational What's the fat- 
man doing in the kitchen . . . "aw. c'mon 
guys, who trashed my room" . . . Head 
rapes a doberman then flees the law . . . who 
put the chocolate in the bug juice machine 
. . . more bread less beef . . . Jones-ema. 
Mr. Jones. Jonesy Brother pick-up zone . . . 
pong on the porch defectors . . . I hove Chi 
Phi . . . hamburger lady . . . TV down the 
back stairs . . . donations $1 . . . Heil. the 
Alpha . . . another drug call . . . Rusty it's 
for you . . . what's that lady with a dober- 
man doing here . . . Joy on the dance floor 
. . . Dennis Scott Hudak please be advised 
that I represent Dolores Gosling . . . M&M 
on the traditional senior sendoff: no umbrel- 
las for this golden shower . . . Maes- 
enbaumsteingoldbloommanbergson ' 'Larr, 
how can you leave your room with a beauti- 
ful woman in bed?" . . . I lost my pillowcase 
. . . pictures of Mails and a baglady . . . Mr 
Boom-Ban beer hockey . . . brother Jupiter 
lived in Liberia . . . balulogs . . . in for $8 . . . 
the dynamo sucks foam and the Big Mo . . . 

$30 tonite. $25 tomorrow, mooooona . . . 
$5000/wk business tax free . . . on Ho-Chi- 
Minh . . . Hey. where's Schwab . . . Rene's 
cooking closet of dangerious chemicals . . . 
Steve, have a drink home game/away game 
. . . MG . . . what went first the speaker or 
the amp "Host my essence" . . . bug-out . . . 
R&M's . . . "the master plan" . . . Hon. 
Edward o Spain . . . 50 ways to make a 
brother Beta shot! . . . who decorated the 
tree? . . . what's mayor Z doing in our bar 
again? . . . turkey soccer . . . pubnite attire: 
bathrobe & flip-flops . . . Malls' La Match 
. . . the man with the wondering hands . . . 
negative waves at house meetings . . . Sam 
gets his pay knee wet . . . $50 on the bar, $25 
on the bench . . . good thing this cigarette 
didn't burn our new rug ... 5 sixes beats 4 
aces . . . "suck my knob" . . . give to the 
Maes millionaire campaign . . . smiling 
tobies . . . tabassco in the fry-o-latter . . . 
trowel night . . . layin cable . . . Leavus 
Chrin Schtevie LindQ aka Stuart Pidd . . . 
seventh day 


Psi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1824 

Founded Locally — 1872 
Colors — Scarlet and Blue 

artoonish . . . the arch-bishop and monsi- 
^nor . . . ferret busters . . . the michelin man 

. . buddha baby . . . who trashed the kitch- 
'n again . . . Inadaques and nympho . . . hey 
\ho tried to fix the wall . . . mice for dinner 

. . that's a rraaaapp . . . room of spank 
shammer the schwabhopper . . . this day 
\as definitely a smiley face . . . Torr gets 
lagged again . . . what happened to the 
jlack room . . . ff***ingfish died . . . name 
hat laugh . . . the great ETA key hunt . . . 
iscar, dempsey. and pledge . . . the stripper 

\irgins upfront, Rob you go first" . . . the 
duminumfoil door side o beef . . . warning 
i<> not eat Laaaarry Dexter's like a wheel 
Mth one spoke . . . Son of Sam . . . new 
louse mascot boy! . . . these brownies are 
;o(>d . . . fiying stuff ed peppers for breakfast 
all I want is a little common courtesy, 
hunk you human hormone donations for 

death coke is it . . . cougar goes up inflames 
. . . batman . . . zzz-man big bob gets on the 
field . . . box or be gay . . . where' s the TV or 
the bar cheerleader twins . . . 9-year plan PC 
or EJ which is better . . . short story . . . huh 
mac . . . I like to watch . . . get to the point 
Molnar by Peking time . . . Balu is a brother 
FT A . . . I make a motion to take a computer 
course . . . Fike-mobile . . . psycho hammer 
and Fike one more round . . . Mails = dead, 
ferret = dead . . . pick-up lines that don't 
work . . . cardboard killers . . . Lambda? . . . 
Krafty's "sure thing" ice melts . . . can it 
play drums: good luck, good-bye and good 
riddens ... // was real: the Juggler, the 
Gigolo, Mr. Z, Dr. Leisure, Scavenger, 
"Crazy Jack" , good man gone bad, Effm, 
Eraserhead, Whammer, Drummer Boy?, 
Jet Crash, Monkey Head, "Who dis be?". 
Hoops, Joeyack. Fiat Rally, Pinky, fmally. 





Alpha Beta Delta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1841 
Union College 

Founded Locally — 1894 
Colors — Purple and Gold 

Farewell to the seniors . . . 


MITTL zone . . . J.D.. you are amazing 
BERRY, sisters are sacred . . . Whitehall 
eats p' burg . . . DOLES k.o' s Gamma Phi — 
'/2 dozen roses . . . Natasha and Tor Ann . . . 
ANDYS surprise to DOUG'S delight . . . 
Saturday night at the fights . . . Where's 
GORDY? . . . STUMP PATTONS the taco 
test . . . D.J. gets ugly . , . SCOTTY slatns 
RENA . . . TANNER gets stuck . . . CROW- 
LEY runs the slate . . . PERRY'S sister . . . 
SUPP gets it ... SPACEMAN F**k the 
head . . . TRIPLE CROWNS . . . DOLES is 
a virgin, again! . . . C.J. — walls have ears 
. . . I have to admit I was good. — EH . . . Is 

EWIC there? flies the coop . . . MITCH finds 
a stiff . . . TANK sports a shower reltnik . . . 
LESLIE'S back hurts ... CINDY, I mean 
LISA . . . SHUPPY the hook . . . 
SCHRECK goes to jail . . . P.S. 's love hang- 
over . . . SUGAR BEAR becomes V.P. . . . 
BEEF breaks the house . . . BOBBIE'S boys 
are back . . . McSorleys . . . FITHyou homo 
. . . Big LU lives here . . . KICKSTAND 
get's pinned . . . 26 to 8 . . . Crotch invades 
the lodge— please leave . . . WILBUR — try 
deodorant . . . RACKO takes a shower . . . 
race to the room! DREW is it your bedtime 
. . . COW — is the blizzard over . . . JAM and 
M.L. share the PHLEA . . . HUNSTS locked 
out again . . . Cedar closet for sure DAN, 
open the door . . . BEAKER flies to the cold 
dorm . . . Senior homoitis K. W. makes the 
rounds RAG cleans the halls . . . MARIO 
crashes the Pinto burns COW and burrows 
with the MOLE but loves PEACHES and 
CREAM, you prince LARRY gets sweet for 
a week and PEPPER . . . FITH OF GIN — 
nice cum GUS . . . Chi Psi. Inc. . . . 


^glta (!Il|i 

■? .^-■^ 

i All 

Drlta (I'M 

ii J 




11 iiiii>'> Ji^Li IJi^ dk 


Lehigh Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1890 
Cornell University 

Founded Locally — 1952 
Colors — Red and Buff 

Good morning Mary . . . Give CBT an 
Amtrak 'Feed America Pass' . . . Thanks 
Jackie, that was great . . . Chrisbacher — no 
one really cares Weiller — Ten years of col- 
lege down the drain . . . Get the momo's off 
campus — Marshall . . . Miss Hooters 1984 
— Gizmo . . . Wide fat girls — HaaallU . . . 
House virgin — Chris Riss . . . Big winners 
at Delta Phi — Bert & Intellisano . . . Space 
Patrol — NO STEP . . . Curious Jeff goes to 
jail . . . Blowfest '84 ... Wine & Cheese 
curls . . . Feather Dumm — Inexpensive and 
built to stay that way . . . Donnelly — lost 
bodily functions lately? . . . Juniors — Get 
with the program!.' . . . Eat the Beef Delta 
Chi driving range . . . Bald, short, dumb, 
and Italian is no way to go through life Len- 
ny . . . Purdy in the handicapped stall! . . . 
Lisa — quit crying, Jim's been gone for 2 
years! . . . OD gets a job . . . Grizzly Wein- 
blower — a Real Asset! Emory & Lucky — 
Eggs are for breakfast . . . Keenen — 'Is that 
the one they kid you about' ... 7 thought I 
did her' — Davidson . . . The Chris Riss 
School of Ego Expansion . . . STAMINGA 

— NRB She's fat and psyched for the house 
Lenny, 'where's Sally when you need her?' 

■ ■ ■ Ruth or the Goat? Wrong choice Trey! 

■ ■ . Mary — The Deep Fry Wiz . . . Nice Rug 
Ed! ... STA PUF— Try the Jeff Kiel Diet 
Plan . . . you're a n- — r — the hallowed 
'Book ofZelma' . . . Nice Pooper Hun! . . . 
Sundance and the new Puppetmasler 
(Hubes . . . Buster-CUTE . . . BoofooFelch- 
man ... 7 know they're fat but be nice to 
them anyway' — Riss . . . Sawtooth . . . 
Head Condom . . . DMF— Green . . . Foos. 
Foos — Martin 'legend in his own mind' 
Bahner . . . Demoted to seamen — Captain 
Cocktails . . . The Aviators with Mike W. as 
SAC ... N. Y.C. Pubnights . . . WCB Delta 
Chi Weightlifting Dynasty Burrhead — 
where are those pleasure bristles . . . 'Join 
the Band' — Sut Hey Brown, I remember my 
first drink and women's dress . . . Mister 
Avoidable 1984 — Ron Chompsky Zoologi- 
cal study ofhampster holes by Vinnie Finger- 
stein . . . Evolution of a wildman — Ted 
Rude! By the way Ansi, whalehunting is 
illegal in the Lehigh Valley . . . AT&T's sav- 

ior — Pete L . . . Jersey Room relocates to 
the Tit Room . . . Hey Hassold. Thawn's on 
the phone Delta Chi Investment Club: Presi- 
dent — Driscoll, Suckers Morris, Green, 
Paco . . . Got a job Tom? . . . Lisa F. — 
you're and ice box . . . Caroline: Hustler 
called, they need a camel for a centerfold 
. . . Official Winner of Fallfest '84 — STEEL 
Blaine was that you driving the Nova or 'the 
human buoy' . . . Harris, the beard didn't 
work . . . Marty, order and c-shaped screw- 
drivers lately . . . Doug David, ladies lin- 
gerie expert . . . Put on another suit Gaydos, 
Shewell's in the race Scheeler — but she's a 
Philipino . . . How to prepare a resume, by 
Mike W Mr. Multimattres 1984, conquering 
St. Luke's, Taylor College and the annex — 
Hutch . . . The Coffee Achiever, pass out at 
9:00 with girlfriend present — Tucker . . . 
Delaware sororities are my favorite' — Chi 
Delphia . . . Roman, have a nice day Oh 
well, 1MB would be a nice company to work 
for Chris . . . 
— Goodnight Gene — 

^^Ita (Bnxnxnn 

® ^ ^ 6 G § © !^ § ^ 

tKw CHiiuli lliinu-rr.itii ^■■F ^OV HUV WP / 

'**!-^' ^1? ,:::!r;f„ ..^H... ^iE mr ^l*r 



Epsilon Lambda Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1873 
Lewis School 

Founded Locally — 1982 

Colors — Bronze, Pink and Blue 

Tequila Tastes Good! . . . I Sing to Delta 
Gamma . . . Sunday Night Club The Break- 
fast Club . . . Thursday Night Dinner Club 
. . . Linda, Gordon called . . . Shorebound 
. . . MOJOS . . . Lithperth of America . . . 
Anti-Lisper's Club . . . Balsie Pants . . . Be- 
funneled . . . Chablis . . . Jack Boner cham- 
pagne . . . AHEEB . . . Dill Pickle and all her 
Gherkins . . . Jingle Pledges . . . Charlie 
says . . . Wanna buy a piece of cement? . . . 
How many crows can you fit in a Toyota? 
Has anyone seen an angel named KYR? 
Feeling ill after Heaven and Hell? the black 
sheep . . . Jobob and Johnthorns of the 
month . . . Mooselips sink ships . . . Pardi- 
woman . . . the cruiser . . . Who's that girl in 
the blue bra? . . . Why did the chicken cross 
the basketball court? . . . Who's the most 
kickin NIS? . . . A nip for the cook . . . and 

some for the hands . . . Barb Marden was an 
engineer . . . and so was Crazy Yane! 
Madame Stasia . . . Lisa & Laura, over- 
whelmed at Lehigh/Lafayette . . . Edwinna 
. . . Betty Crocker . . . Roof Rovers . . . 
Motocross Man . . . UNIHAB 21 . . . Ditto 
. . . Generic . . . Repugnant . . . Maryland 
'Sweethearts' . . . Scumby Groder Bring 
back velour! . . . BBerns, BRepublican . . . 
Who's got the most ballsey points . . . Wan- 
na go bowling? Millsey the detective . . . JM 
& AR God rest their souls . . . Delta Gamma 
Girls . . . Dani, be nice to the neighbors . . . 
DGs wanna have fun! The incredible crew of 
22 . . . I'm Clare and you're not . . . get 
zapped today? . . . Spunk's getting tan . . . 
get that cat! . . . Only — more shopping days 
till the pledge formal Bowser . . . Hotel 13 
. . . Fashionably late . . . PPD . . . Tristan 

. . . Puke & Bowl . . . This day is cancelled 
. . . WTFTADGDITM — WH! . . . Viking 
dinner Pelvis . . . Wimps . . . The Bubble . . . 
festered . . . What' s your weight in wax? . . . 
"A Crack Above the Rest" Tm going men- 
tal! . . . Pennsylvania Blue Laws — DG . . . 
' 'Me & My Shadow ' ' Our fleet can't be beat! 
. . . DooDoo I can read . . . BYOJ ... De- 
wey, Where's your watch . . . Overprogram- 
med . . . Big Chill group The Blue Tooth . . . 
Puddle Daton . . . Sheila and Caryn's Jelly 
Donuts . . . We are family . . . Diane, do men 
always strip around you? . . . We're 
Seeeeesters! . . . 'On Your Balls' . . . Buhe's 
Armenian! . . . It's been a great year! . . . 
We'll miss you seniors . . . Congrats to Lor- 
raine & Webb and Julia & Charlie! 

^tltn Plfi 

■^■^■■■■■■'■■i'HMil^^HIHHl'^HH ■■§'■■1 i^H ■■1 

Drlta f hi 


<Crliiul) lliitnrriiilii 

\m Mk 



Nil Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1827 
Union College 

Founded Locally — 1884 

Colors — Blue and White 

The Nu Chapter of Delta Phi has been at 
Lehigh for almost 100 years, and in that 
time, it has established a tradition of being 
an active and well diversified fraternity. 

Our brothers are involved in a wide range 
of campus activities and organizations such 
as forum. The Brown & White, and In- 
fraternity Council. Academically. Delta Phi 
consistently attains a very respectable rank- 
ing among fraternities . Our intramural pro- 
gram has been improving greatly, and we 
look for^vard to outstanding achievements 
in all sports. We also have a number of 
brothers who compete on the intercollegiate 
level. Social life is certainly not lacking at 
Delta Phi. as our parties have become a 
highlight of Lehigh's social scene including 
our annual Volleyball Beach-Blast during 
Greek Week. 


^^Ita ^tgma Pi|i 

r^^\t:r.-r . Im 

Drlla §'tiuna JJIii 

k^s^^ '^^M 



Beta Theta Chapter 

Founded Nationally —1899 

College of the City of New York 

Founded Locally — 1932 
Colors — Green and White 

I'll take the bong hits . . . Enot . . . thanks for 
the oranges, Dave . . . what couch officer 
...OK. Fatboy . . . Free Ronald . . . EAT! 
. . . Smokey brat dog . . . Eric. Eric. Eric just 
10 minutes a day . . . how can you guys live 
like this? . . . 32 out of 32. last place-first 
draft pick . . . spike the dyke . . . use a coast- 
er Murray . . . spontaneous combustion 
wood is no substitute for glass . . . Sluggo's 
not dead, he 'sjust asleep afraid of the Hulk- 
ster, Mike . . . I've still got my pin. T.Y.V.M. 
. . . Viet man. Mauo. blood brothers . . . who 
pissed in the fryer? . . . Trish — on again, off 
again . . . Penn State's black belt ... is it 
because I'm steward . . . Gilligan makes the 
Dean's list . . . Leary. Liddy . . . Where's my 
sword, I have a whore to slay . . . Barf shoes 
. . . Stu in the open . . . stupid Murray tricks 
. . . Throw it Murray . . . women are like a 

steel brush, think about it . . . He-man wom- 
en haters club . . . a toothbrush can do won- 
ders for a hickey on the neck . . . I'm worthy 
of good Mcservice . . . return of NTV . . . 
world's slowest eater . . . Lehigh's number 
one academic house . . . can't argue with 
Goo . . . double secret probation . . . when I 
was your color late night with Chicholm cart 
propulsion . . . if she had antlers, I'd shoot 
her . . . Moo bang your belt tv2 thucks . . . 
puke in the pocket it's been over a year 
Doug, can you still resist the urge to trog . . . 
anyone seen a grown man puke? . . . takeoff 
your underwear . . . Flossie house nudity 
chairman . . . Joen . . . pledge trip to Har- 
lem . . . Mullen, where's the urinal . . . Ace 
cool spoons reunites . . . Mike Boyd bunny 
hop . . . I am neophyte Nu . . . a loss for one 
is a loss for all. sir . . . Budyegeegee . . . 

butter wrestling . . . I can' t deal with Murray 

— reality spike the shopping cart . . . P.O.G. 

— piss on Gulotta . . . the whole house is a 
urinal . . . stunt grandma . . . hose down 
those Ricans Al . . . where's the fire . . . 
Delta Sig's under siege — attack of the 
Broughalites . . . Monday morning pubnight 
. . . pledge acrobatic team no more house 
advisor, thanks Stu Mr. Chicken . . . that's 
ladies, not ere sties . . . popcorn pubnight 
. . . red sweater . . . 2.2 iceberg . . . make 
merry till Trishfaced . . . Thursday night 
pubnight, what a big success how high do 
the bets go before I.M.D. does it again? . . . 
the wrath of the neck . . . well fellas, I guess 
this is it, so long Gulay, Rovner. Chis, Pel- 
lish, Sinky, Brad, Foster, Spank, Josh and 

^elta '^nn ^elta 

a .» ^ 

Drlta a a It Drlta 





Jl-'iuuu'iiiiu jfatlirr;; 
iCrliiuli lliiinniHlii 


Beta Lambda Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1858 
Bethany College 

Founded Locally — 1874 

Colors — Purple, White, and Gold 

Delta Tan Delta 

"We the gentlemen of Delta Tan Delta 
will, through the strength of our brother- 
hood, maintain a committment to excel- 

This pledge the 50 new brothers of the 
Delta Tau Delta fraternity took together and 
stated that, although building a fraternity on 
that doctrine might be a challenge, it was 
one which they had accepted with immeas- 

urable enthusiasm. 

It is this enthusiasm that defines the 
"New Delt" and each member has pledged 
his honor to the establishment of a strong 
and respected fraternity and committed 
himself to the overall success of Delta Tau 

When they first began, they could be iden- 
tified on campus by pledge badges and 
shirts. In the future, they intend to be recog- 
nized through service and sincere brother- 

^elta Ppstlnn 



Drlta Hpiiilnn 




■,t.» ..^^ iO~.* i»AO asoss M,c«.£i izmtui,, 




Crliiyli llniurnHtii 







De/?a Upsilon is a very unique fraternity 
at Lehigh. We atDUdo not base the founda- 
tion of our brotherhood on secret rituals or 
hazing. We rely on our own system, a system 
of friendship and loyalty. 

DU is a house rich in tradition and ability, 
both in academics and athletics. Several 
DU brothers hold honorable positions in the 
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, 
while many brothers compete on the gridir- 
on for Lehigh's nationally ranked football 

squad. In addition, we are very competitive 
in intramurals and, year in and year out, DU 
fields strong teams in basketball, football, 
boxing, and wrestling. 

Being a DU brother is a rewarding experi- 
ence that is looked on with much respect and 
admiration around campus. We have one oj 
the newer houses on the hill and our social 
events — most notable being our annual^ 
Greek Week Beach Party — are not to be 


Lehigh Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1834 
Williams College 

Founded Locally —1885 

Colors — Royal Blue and Old Gold 


amma Pi|t ^ttn 





Okinuna \)h\ ilirta 
Ul felly) il-1 

ICrliiyli 11 lit II rr lit til 



Delta Kappa Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 7572 
Syracuse University 

Founded Locally — 1976 
Colors — Brown and Mode 

Believe it or not 

25 minute dinners . . . the apres dinner club 
. . . it's been three months or more or less, 
but who's counting . . . off the wall . . . Gam- 
ma Phi CHARGE card — don't leave with- 
out it . . . but will she do an "O" . . . Gamma 
Phi without: snaps, sweats, jocks, rah-rahs. 
aerobics, the Super-Cooler, wall dancing, 
circle-jerking, IM's. Stubop. 3 positives and 
3 negatives, raining men. cops and plows. 
PAC. great pledges, shoot the moon, beer 
and pizza, sprouts, the Gimp, a copy 
machine that works . . . Michele, does the 
Sorth star still shine? . . . Ginzu Naden 
takes stock in J&J powder . . . CB's over the 
hill with a sophomore . . . "Amy, don't come 
in. it's my birthday" . . . Kim "No com- 
ment, but I like it Down Under" McClaren 
. . . Claudia, are you engaged?. Remley . . . 
Potato-head strives for the top . . . Alyson, 
don't you ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER . . . 
Perks roadtrips but not every weekend . . . 
Kathy's not gay, while he's away . . . Amy, 
how was Steak and Rape under the mistletoe 

Rocky trains on the hill for a rematch with 
Phil . . . Is RA happy with Slappy? . . . bop 
sings the Panhel tune, ' 'I'm so Pretty" in the 
bathroom . . . BD, is it hugher by the dozen? 
■ . . Kim and Bam Bam take the EXPress to 
Bedrock . . . Jill, why did you stop smoking? 
. . . Bird wants a cracker . . . KW is on a 
Manhunt . . . Laura, is three "in" in Eng- 
land? . . . Web, does your string match? . . . 
ME, is the search over? . . . JF, does garlic 
ward off boneless Chuck? . . . Nic, how hot 
do you like it? . . . Diane's got the nicest 
boyfriend, what a surprise! . . . Mia . . . 
EOT? Song Chairman. Ann Wilson . . . 
Scary Ann in multiples of 10 ... Suck face 
Sandy . . . Staci, cut the bullshit Kelly 
dances "Like a Freshman" . . . Jen & Ren 
where' ve ya benn . . . Dodi's closet at Sigs 
. . . Marie Bee buzzes home on a Harley . . . 
Smaggot, the mother of 24 ... Mickey 
embezzles milk and cheese . . . Wendy, pop- 
corn, salad, and what's the name of your 
car? . . . MIP, but will he warm the car for 
you? . . . GB, space for rent . . . the Grinch 
who stole the little green sprouts . . . the 

fanatic bumps the home town to dig a Kappa 
Sig . . . Skimmer the master of the Mashers 
(GMD) . . . Nancy S., blinded by love, needs 
some shades the hopeless romantic is walk- 
ing the abyss looking for reasons . . . Jenny 
Jenny Bang Bang . . . GT, do you want a 
brother or a pledge? . . . Nice — bow, Elsie! 
(LR) . . . Scarlett McGan goes to Panhel . . . 
Erica's body language . . . Brenda goes to 
Boca and Carol gets a double bed . . . IM's 
Linda? ... "No! My nails!" ... Rozie's 
body bound . . . Is that Rae behind those 
wisps . . . Are the walls thin at Sigs too? . . . 
the DA is a walking violation . . . Tanya's 
already moved to the North side . . . Brenda, 
Rae, Hannah, and Laura — we miss you! 
Hurry back! 

To twenty-four carat, we leave you every- 
thing we didn't do, which isn't much . . . 
BUT . . . you'll think of something . . . 
Love ya all in Pi Kappa Epsilon, the 
SENIORS . . . C-va! 

P^ppa JVIpIja 


IKa^a Al^ilui ^luirtii 


Sirlmili llimirnul 







Pennsylvania Alpha Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1825 
Union College 

Founded Locally — 1894 
Color — Scarlett 

DIRTBAGS ... Drink for the ••Captain" 
. . . The Last Bastion of Hope . . . The BW 
. . . Five dozen in five minutes . . . The Big 
"T" ... Kleinamhulate . . . Monobrowosis 
. . . Mac the Mooch, what the f—k? . . . Steve 
Reale! . . . Bookie Cookies . . . Make soup 
from the crust . . . Beer Foos . . . "Show me 
the urinal" . . . "We're Infinite!" . . . Mitch- 
nambulation?? — WTF . . . Srop trou in 
Toronto ... "I'm taking a survey, do 
you ?" ... Tina at Zanzibar! . . . 0-Tay 
. . . Browder Blow Tree of Life . . . Plaster 
burns? Cut the loft! . . . Piels Farts . . . Fug- 
ly "My tongue hurts!" . . . John the Beer 
Man. "I'll have Just one more." . . . 

A.S.P.C.B.S. . . . Very Wimpy Dude . . . 
The GLUVAS rating . . . Open up. here 
comes breakfast! . . . Chest butt optional 
. . . My advice to you is to Bulk up or leave 
KA . . . Yanhyay . . . Fundamental Differ- 
ences . . . Wecker's a Golden Retriever . . . 
SMUT Chairman BAP!! Tell me you want it! 
. . . Da Crush . . . Who is Kurt Wenger? . . . 
Vitamin V . . . Diputs Nagillig . . . Happy 
Hallowenis . . . Bob G. is a freshman? . . . 
Snatch of Fury . . . Hoot! Hoot! . . . Hooters 
Tooters & Poopers . . . Subliminal Party 
Posters Finch does the 64-ounce funnel! . . . 
"Have you ever been to scout camp?" — 
The Big H . . . Sparky II . . . The Dow Jones 

Crashed . . . She pumps Gold — Gold's Star 
Women . . . Choir Girls! . . . The Head Bob 
. . . He gluuuuuuuucked! . . . 1664 de 
Kronenbourg . . . The far stall . . . Steam 
tunneling . . . Henry goes caving . . . the 
BEVO . . . Body Bowling F.U.B.A.R.H . . . 
Beer Pong: Joel isn't breathing! . . . In but 
Out . . . Pringle is DWI . . . I hate to throw 
up on a car I like so much . . . I haven't seen 
this much blow on my person in quite some 
time ... the original FOG . . . Pjeh! Pjeh! 
Get that outta here! . . . The Jarhead . . . 
Spot got a job . . . Kap Kards . . . K.A.R.L 
. . . "What's the Y of L?" ... Hey Tony, 
waddado! . . . Gimme a spesh! . . . Worm 
night and purple hooters . . . Fish for dinner 
. . . Watermelon Daiquiri's . . . Discs-O'- 
Death . . . Midnight Tails . . . Grain on tap 
. . . Five. Ten. that Fifteen mister! . . . PILE 
ON!! . . . Plate Spinning . . . L. does KA . . . 
Guilty! "/ did it in the orchard" . . . Motion 
Potion . . . Sometimes when Wyman wakes 
up. his mouth tastes like . . . spoiled for life 
. . . If you can't get it here, you better hang it 
up HO HO HO, Santa wants a BJ! . . . Raisin- 
itis . . . The N.P. Rating . . . From 16 down 
to 10 . . . There you have it! . . . Mary Mac in- 
stosh . . . Pron Freak! . . . Dick Metz before 
he dicks you! . . . Smith and the strobe has- 
sle Social Irresponsibility — Drink 'til you 
puke! . . . One-Punch Bryden . . . Snow 
Football . . . Road Rally. Bar-B-Q. Cahm- 
pagne. and Clams! . . . Fuzzy and Stevie . . . 
LVCC . . . Library Jumps . . . McSorleys — 
"Stop the van, I gotta go!" . . . Night Skiing 
. . . Anything you want . . . The Spitfire be- 
comes afiowerpot . . . Cold Dorm Wars . . . 
Elevator Sex . . . Kleinisms P (relationship 
lasts after pinning) = 0.35 . . . Three-way 
party calls . . . Pounders . . . Kap Art Gal- 
lery . . . Tuck and the Huey Bat . . . The 
Fix-Bar . . . Viking Dinners . . . Joe . . . Hey 
Billy, is is a home game tonight? . . . Joe 
AERO 1 & Joe AERO 2 Road Cones . . . 
Floppy in the orchard Hooner Cokes . . . 
Jug-O'-Happineffs Womoans be Excel- 


The Dirtbags (KFLU) 

I ►t^7 

I^appa ^Ipl|a ®I|^ta 



iKcm^in Alpha ahrta 





&tiEK MEK 

, * ^ *' 


Epsilon Rho Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1870 
Asbiiry College 

Founded Locally — 1984 
Colors — Black and Gold 

Pick the ham out of the Cordon Bleu — No 
thanks I'll just pick . . . "Tell me about your 
shed during rush . . . funnels at Kathy's . . . 
The Fiji fire escape . . . "Just be ready at 
5:30 and I'll have someone there to pick you 
up!" . . . Dear John letters . . . Silver plat- 
ters . . . Carnegie Mellon — a road trip for 
Becky ... Oh no it'sfeta cheese . . . I would 
die 4U! I hear the H.I. has great MTV . . . 
Depot Dinner . . . Andrea you are never get- 
ting in my car again . . . Initiation — the day 
after . . . Remember not to really drink the 

stuff . . . roly-poly fish heads . . . Murray 
Gorson . . . Sandalman — go back to Israel 
. . . But we are no Kappa Alpha Tau! . . . 
Martha Lou did you go to Eco today? . . . no 
the passing isn' t for me . . . Heather — a guy 
with two H's for you . . . we need "peanut 
butter" now . . . Liza & Shari got theirs — 
hurry up Andrea . . . you mean all the Tee- 
tas are coming over here!? . . . Do you want 
to go swimming at Fiji? I don't think so 
Crispy & Gooney-bird — thank God what a 
relief . . . You must be my lucky star! High 
on kites 

Colonizing Sisters 

lK'afi}.ia Alpha ahrta 

K r li I u li 11 II I II t r ;; i t u 



"^nppn ^tgma 


Beta Iota Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1869 
University of Virginia 

Founded Locally —1900 

Colors — Scarlett, White and Green 

"I've never seen a class that parties more 
than you guys!" . . . JHNNIII . . . Wo vaca- 
tions in Japan with a backpack and then gets 
pinned Virgil does corpses . . . Snydo Bunny 
Hops the Hershey Highway to Disneyworld 
. . . Goose's thumb's in Nip's brown eye . . . 
Gratli shave your shaft . . . Robbies second 
hand stink shop . . . Fritz does Hilda on 
Delts Rock . . . Conan: From Kathleen to 
Dante to Cooper . . . why can't Weebee 
friends . . . McCabe the pepperdick . . . 
Dante wears Cornishes Cologne . . . thanks 
Alex you drunk Capri driving faggot . . . Wil- 
ly likes puffy white clams especially Beergut 
Stinkee, Spanky. JJ. the Judge . . . Boner 

contest in Wince's van . . . Drakes Fruit Pies 
. . . 1st Annual A.S. Memorial Labor Day 
Weekend Volleyball Tournament . . . Batesy 
wears wool sox when putting . . . Chowder- 
head goes in the back way . . . Werner needs 
a marriage counselor? Ruser shits in the 
library . . . Tennis, eco, clothing, cars, 
stereos, Anne, Cocaine, orgasms. Phi- 
ladelphia. Politics . . . TECCSACOPP! 
Starring Willie . . . Skippies precious svo. 
Skippies precious stink. Skippies fake 
ROLEX Scratcy Robinson, Conrats to the 
seniors . . . Better luck next year Conan, 
Gib, Gregg, K.K.. Digger. 


I^ambba (!ll|t ^Iplja 

iCrliuUi llmiiriiiitii 

I try- •• J- w--- y; 7 T^'T^ 



Gamma Psi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1909 
Boston University 

Founded Locally — 1926 

Colors — Purple, Green, and Gold 

Right HERE! Vote for LOU and live No Fat 
Chicks ... Crazy Wally's Christmas Con- 
clave . . . How 'bout a butt f (a! . . . Bull- 
shit. Bullshit. Bullshit . . . That's right . . . 
Damn he don't miss . . . That's Rights . . . 
Funbunch goes to the Poconos . . . Beltzfor 
HighZeta . . . Later Flecher . . . Todd Ebert 
head ... 17 weeks, then deep throat . . . 
Bathroom floor, mailroom floor . . . Grem- 
hns 50 on Red . . . Stroudsberg 4 out of 5 
usedboozedspoozed . . . don't eat cake $450 
phone bill per month?! . . . Checkercab- 
ophobia . . . Even Turbo power couldn't 
save this car . . . Ted's school of driving . . . 
Sherwinfactor . . . no Marietta . . . Chi have 

some'? . . . Padilla's wooped . . . the annex 
. . . Narly . . . Beer muscles . . . Kelly smiles 
— Bran can graduate . . . High Brillo-head 
report . . . the women ofJeffMilone Calan- 
der . . . stuff a sock in her mouth. Welsh . . . 
the $43 kiss on the cheek . . . Lynne. when's 
your sister coming up? . . . Don't call me 
Tiger . . . Benetz casualities . . . High Hacked 
buys a car . . . snake says, "This is 
yugoslavian crystal?" . . . AC's on the 
beach, dingus . . . Fuzzy duck? First Valley 
Bunk — Piss Stream . . . Gloom land Doom 
— 12 Road . . . Gator palor fee . . . Drink for 
. . . Beer pong master, Galcher . . . Wings 
... "she's a bitch" — he was blown off 

squirrel piss . . . one Adam twelve — see the 
man with the pole up his ass do up this gig 
. . . Volcano Room . . . Madonna's a virgin 
— so's Gretzky tell her to go on a pretty . . . 
do you love your mother? . . . you know your 
mom and dad do . . . Funnelman Aaah- 
hhmother . . . Wittcheeks . . . zero based 
budgeting . . . High Rag . . . tell Walt the 
buddy system doesn't work . . . that pullout 
couch comes in handy . . . I like the quiet 
type . . . Brinkley trashes house . . . Kutz- 
town connection . . . Hawaii Five-oh, World 
News Tonight, The Munsters . . . Chanaka 
bush . . . The Wake Forest dude Crazy Eddie 
. . . Fess Up! . . . Dirt Tales . . . 


Pi{t ^tltn ®i|eta 


yiit Delta ahrta 


iCrliiuli lluinriiiihi 



Pennsylvania Eta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1848 
Miami University 

Founded Locally —7557 
Colors — Azure and Argent 

Yerbie. big muscles . . . Funzie. I'm gonna 
kill you . . . Kroepel meets Dracula . . . 
Breadface! . . . I wanna rock . . . Hugh Ful- 
lam . . . Weigh the egg . . . The Greeker . . . 
Tallo is a bull dyke with chest hair — Fullum 
I had a boner . . . I know I had a boner . . . 
There is a small third world nation in Den- 
nis' ass . . . Tve heard Dennis' hemor- 
rhoids go "woobadi. woobadi. woobad" 
. . . Richard Simmons hits the Hill . . . IM 
Boxing 'champ gets a shiner . . . Joe Pater- 
no goes out on Halloween . . . M.P.W. . . . 
We want Mandella . . . My little dupa . . . 
Bert's pride — Don't Flush! . . . Where's the 
ice machine. Booby? . . . This meal got an 
8.5 . . . Does green go with orange? . . . 
Tongue Woman . . . Dial Tone Woman . . . 
Twelve-year Old . . . It's freezing Get grain 
damaged . . . Mooney is a god??? . . . Dick- 

clit . . . Phi Sluggo Spivack — Sloppy 
Seconds . . . End zone — Score Dudley . . . 
Herbie falls off the balcony . . . Bert for dis- 
tance-bounce . . . I'm sooo haaaappy! . . . 
That Barney Rubble — What an actor . . . 
Mom, we WON!! Reagan won!! . . . Three- 
way vote for Exec. Counc: We' II flip for it — 
Rabbi . . . Murray Math: Two lates equal 
one miss . . . Tom falls off the Chapter Room 
ceiling . . . Dudley outruns Jersey State 
Trooper . . . The human Hi-lighter . . . Love 
and Lust Nagif ace . . . I want to knock all of 
his teeth and put each one on a different 
street in Bethlehem — Nagi Party at the 
monuments . . . I haven't eaten since the 
alst time I ate . . . There's just some things I 
won't do AL. P.W, F'n Freemanetics . . . 
Buy a jock for that face . . . I can't believe I 
locked my keys in the Rolls . . . Pluke-n- 

Pung 19 in the rice burner! . . . All I need is 
some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'mmm 
fine . . . It's times like these that life doesn't 
suck . . . Sex kills — Come to Lehigh and live 
forever . . . Forty minute Farber . . . Bert 
"Crash & Burn. Capt. Destructo. Hose- 
bag" Tetreault . . . Mike "The Milkman. 
David Lee Roth" Mooney . . . Let's throw 
rocks at 'em . . . And Dudley's hairline is 
still receding . . . Chipmunk . . . 22,500 cups 
— on sale Alloy Acres! . . . Grain Funnels 
. . . Capt. Morgan Snorkels! . . . Unruly 
Alumni! . . . Phi Delt talkes over the infir- 
mary . . . Funzie Loves the "Three 
Stoogies" . . . Beer Hoops! . . . Carno — 
The Bicentennial Cheese God!! ... It's not 
too late for an excellent ending 


Pl|t (Bnxnmu ^tltu 

yiii (6amuia Drlla 

iCrliiuli lliiiurn.Uii 





Beta Chi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1848 
Washington and Jefferson 

Founded Locally — 1886 
Colors — Purple and White 

Z-Man, P-Man, Gebs, Lovie, Gordy. Stork. 
Bubba. Turk, Hersh, Frank. Harti. Salem, 
JB, Dno, and Buzz. Pledges of the world 
unite — January '82 ... Penn State . . . 
Esthers . . . *187.55 . . . Party van . . . tri- 
pig ghost pledge . . . gables . . . bid day Buzz 
the 2 beer commander . . . FIVES pledge 
trip Round II . . . Rutgers . . . Twan . . . The 
hammer shuffle . . . Judge Wopner Hershey 
. . . Catipillar Hey Z nice girls need it too . . . 
touchy Hammer — / can't believe I'm one 
person . . . Reeeeee! . . . And the leaver fell 
. . . special Dan . . . Grasshopper — stop 
laughing . . Beer slides . . . Barton sleeps 
forever . . . F—k the sororities . . . Bubba 
piss on Beta . . . Going on Probation Party 
Gebs rides the Seward Express . . . it's not 
over! . JB drowns at Ft. Lauderdale '82 

. . . Hershmonster . . . IM Football Cham- 
pions . . . Hurray for us and f—k you . . . 
Phil's Prop Club the rodeo song . . . hazing 
hotline — l-800-SOS-HELP . . . Twilight 
Zone . . . the demise of Bucky Badger . . . 
Proportional Chugs . . . Dice . . . Mexican 
. . . Viking . . . Key game . . . horse races 
. . . Buffalo . . . blackjack . . . Barton at the 
bar? . . . Z-Man entertairmg at the bar . . . Tub- 
ers . . . AK from PA . . . 6th offensive 
against squirrels . . . bottlerockets . . . piss- 
ing down the rathole . . . Til be frank — 
you're tits in a ringer . . . sleep team . . . late 
nite wake-ups . . . for pillows are better than 
rocks . . . chicks dig turk? . . . Mustata rock 
the Casbah Reeeee! . . . we do what we want 
. . . Jordache . . . surfs up . . . where' s the 
bulb . . . Aaaah! . . . Stop screaming P-Man 

. . . I want that coin damnit . . . fight night: 
casualities bowling . . . disco pig . . . formal 
dates??? . . . Christmas party — Santa, Elf. 
and Reindeer — Santa chugs bear asses . . . 
Tic-Tac-Tow . . . beer goggles . . . beer 
muffs . . . beer hats ... in coming . . . dry 
Barton humor . . . I'm your worst f—kin 
nightmare . . . skin head . . . figurehead . . . 
lameduck . . . Mr. Septmember . . . lOth on 
the hill?? side of beef . . . hank a shit . . . Hi! 
who is that masked man? . . . Sky lab fall out 
(fell down) ... SS#I ... Adolph Healy and 
the house rules . . . Reeee! . . . John Albert 
. . . blurb night . . . movie club . . . leisure 
king . . . part the sea . . . No more Mr. Nice 
Guy . . . Fiji wedge . . . Reeeee! . . . WE 


Pljt llappa ®l|Eta 

Kl:ii All k ' mIM 


Pennsylvania Alpha Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1889 
Lehigh University 

Founded Locally —1889 

Colors — Cardinal, Gold, and White 

Yore news Delts rock . . . yore news Gapes' 
rape . . . Naco, KSap. Pod MING A . . . 
Apeman, Smooth. Keno . . . FTH . . . in- 
cubus . . . ML . . . my airs . . . "The Best 
F—king House on the Hill" Kenny G. CMC. 
Tashji . . . House yore Kuitzie. Chuckie- 
Psycho, House Mouses. Silly . . . Pledgi . . . 
EEat Fast! . . . Bottle! Bottle! . . . 216 keg 
kick . . . scarf . . . dog house . . . Rogi . . . 
"It's not my dog" . . . phone booth . . . spi- 
ral dork . . . vegas . . . foul race . . . pics . . . 
and we know the difference . . . The Kelly 
Club QV ... Igor . . . RPI ... no tip ... 
"What's the story, Gerry?" . . . Could you 
describe that happiness Gene. Gene The 

Dancing Machine . . . ups . . . Hawks-Daves 
. . . MHU . . . dates . . . Lafayettes Gate . . . 
Jokes, Skits . . . eat the Pizza . . . the sixteen 
days of pledging . . . FLR . . . I . . . Is this 
initiation? . . . lune gapes . . . snow ball fight 
. . . the brawl . . . it's the Seniors. No, it's 
the Alumni . . . just a few bad apples . . . 
"Yo Biff, get yore mom out of OUR cold 
dorm?" ... Joe and Shirley ... heavy, 
hecky ice cream cakifides . . . sturd . . . chup 
. . . breakage . . . fundraiser . . . knewt! 
knewt! . . . up and out . . . hit it . . . redbrick 
. . . party animal . . . the wall of yore . . . for 
every reason in the world . . . sun and fun . . . 
moon and fun . . . the lunar . . . crew weak 

beer pong till dawn . . . breakfast at Wimble- 
don . . . off or out . . . naked snow dives . . . 
four to foos . . . treasurer weak . . . keno's 
lake . . . tube . . . stogies and trek . . . dynas- 
ty .. . tails . . . pledge garbage Jetlag . . . 
rack . . . tojo . . . where' s the captain . . . 
Naco 9 . . . spoon . . . Waaaaah . . . incus- 
pew . . . Cillo's tool . . . female within . . . 
BIOTA . . . Cag's pass . . . Fritz . . . lard 
monster . . . don't get me wrong. I'd do her 
. . . Toya . . . just ducky . . . Senior Banquet 
... theTV Toss . . . DMR . . . AI . . . anteat- 
ers . . . mantle jumping . . . greeks . . . Perk- 
ins run the star . . . Viking Dinner . . . the 
boot . . . Mickex Mouse 


Pift ^tgma Pappa 



\}b\ ^^ ill nut IKappn 

J r^i 




^Irliiuli lluiiirn.ilu 






Nu Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1873 
University of Massachusetts 

Founded Locallv —7 96*7 

Colors — Magenta and Silver 

PPPUUUGGGS! . . . Gonk ...I'd like to 
see you in just SOX . . . sweetness mmmaaaii- 
taais . . . agent 808 . . . bannana cup — 
perhaps . . . would you like to see a double 
bed in action Whitehall on the seal . . . Upton 
tea boo boo . . . the falcon and the pugscy 
. . . earth dog . . . rust}' . . . meat nose . . . 
chops . . . vic-tim . . . cheesy . . . blo-blo.fat 
fat . . . snapmann . . . ya big 10 ply hefty . . . 
infatuation . . . going horn this weekend? 
. . . wake up, it's dinner time . . . WUG . . . 
my hood is totally demolished . . . greek 
month . . . lafayette week . . . cheer up! . . . 
long live Ining . . . poor, poor Kathy . . . Big 
L . . . mouse is a blade fert . . . Timmy . . . 

Se.x-less . . . Slimy . . . snap man . . . Danny 
and Marfa . . . YAK . . . L-Ski . . . LYH-Ski 
R-Ski . . . Taz the claw . . . bludgeoned . . . 
chufflers . . . hot dog man . . . rotating 
monster flags . . . watch our for the agent 
. . . come on bar . . . station wagon . . . I 
don't care, I have a job . . . two feet out the 
door . . . line sly . . . 3 down 6 to go . . . 49ers 
— superbowl champs . . . remember 8.08% 
financing. Ron . . . Evil Murphy . . . He has 
a red GTI 438945 . . . nice car Wass . . . my 
Honda always carries a layer of dirt . . . 
Chalfont! . . . room for rent . . . the cheetah. 
Joe . . . labasted . . . Dan xx — MLVDSB 
. . . Zeus.'.' Too much . . . WHS 



Pt ^appa ^Ipi|^l 

fli iK'appa Alpha 




iCrliiuli lluiiiniulii 

i II 



Gamma Lambda Chapter 

Founded Nationally 



Locally —7929 


of Virginia 


— Garnet and Gold 

Pike's Scoreboard 



Lady in Chevette 

I Seagrams 

PA State Cop 


87 MPH Pledges 

Boo-Boo, JG 



Tin Men 


Fountain Hill Cop 


27 credits 

Incompetent Registrar 

No Deliveries Sign 


Boss Mobile 






Dave & Glxnn 


No Decision 


















Arponte Passes 







State of PA 



— ; 

can PBR 

JG & Brian 

1 Summer 

Prof. Luyben 

20 years 





9 credits 


3 papers 


Pt "^finmbbn ptyi 

ii mMmkmMmkAmdM 


tCrliinli lluiumiilii 




wm f.msK ^ 



Lambda Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1895 
Yale University 

Founded Locally — 1915 
Colors — Purple and Gold 

Dork . . . I don't believe you're president of 
anything . . . "Bring Chip back and then find 
him" . . . Veiack . . . pack your bags 
Vetack. again . . . We love you Choppers. 
Oh yes we do. We love you Choppers. So 
smoke out bu ... Dry lamb . . . Pi Lambda 
Dry . . . Pi Lambda Dull . . . We never take 
showers, and we always throw up ... Dicked 
by the dean . . . Until I get laid, no one is 
safe . . . BIMBOS. WAKE UP BIMBOS . . . 
Soup nuts Bathroom bitch . . . Dream 
machine . . . VERY FINE ...Mr. T. "I pity 
the fool who don't drink Mr. T" ... Gigged 
tip again, huh? Dicky . . . "Pi lam? Isn't that 
Dick Blewitt's house?" ... "/ hate what's 
been done to my life" Noglows . . . RIGHT! 
. . . Chicken Hawk . . . "hey. how you be? 
Yoube Hoopin?" . . . The Chinese girl hold- 
ing her breath, the little fat red-jaired girl 
. . . Lumpy' s woman . . . BIMBOS . . . 
Bogus off-campus PIMPS . . . "Let's have 
beer at the viking feast!" . . . No let's not 
"Don't you tie your pledges to trees and 
make them throw up?" said the Chopper's 
little sister . . . I hate when that happens! 

Don't you hate when that happens? . . . 
"So. in other words, what you're saying is 
that they were orderly and gentlemanly until 
they began vomiting and urinating?" . . . 
Nice package . . . "Did they all move 
together at once when they were tied 
together at the waist?" . . . Great spot! 
Right next to the tree! . . . Men — Doing 
manly things — In a manly environment — 
Among men . . . Enough of this idle bucock- 
ery . . . Shut up Neff! . . . Nice chips . . . 
Beergut . . . God damn! Matt and Wight 
look huge! . . . Repo men are always in- 
tense! . . . Where's Ehoff? In his skin! . . . 
Your lips would make a lollypop too happy! 
. . . Austin: from M.E. to I.E. now to townie 
. . . Stamina hamina the bulkmonster . . . 
Bong Yahtzee . . . Sliders . . . Where should 
I put this zero . . . Care for another slider. 
Dicky? . . . Pre go . . . Hey Duke! 
DuuuukeyH! . . . "Must be in the front 
rowww!" ... Rik, Rik, Rik. Rik "Choco- 
late" chip Lewis . . . The smallest and the 
smelliest of the SWINE family . . . You can't 
be callin people weasle lips . . . Dat's Wrong! 

I wish I were Leonard Zelig the incredible 
changin man . . . Do it for Johnny! . . . Fat 
Alumnus . . . SPIKE Turquise Palace . . . 
"How drinking changed my personality" 
. . . Some people don' t have any Self respect 
for others — Vetak . . . what is '/i of 3 — T. 
Tyson . . . I need some more cups of con- 
versation ... Pi Lam Defensive Circle . . . 
Obtain Free Doughnuts From Spike . . . Stay 
Gold Pony boy . . . Everyone get screwed, 
lude and tatooed! . . . Andy, it's kinda cold 
in here in Crow! . . . Scuse me professor, but 
that concept is still a little ruzzy in mah mind 
We have to get drunk before we go out! . . . 
She's using me for my mind Nacho Soup . . . 
Livestock . . . She likes the dope . . . Mo Chi. 

. . . Pack me a zinger . 
WIGHTY . . . DICKY . . . 

RICHO . . . 
RIK . . . BER- 

THOFF . . . 

. DIMMY . . . 
. . . SKIDS . . . 




P^t ppstlnn 


Eta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1833 
Union College 

Founded Locally —1884 
Colors — Garnet and Gold 

I can't believe he ate the whole thing! . . . 
Weber School of Waiting Webs, the Yanks 
suck! . . . Wheels-less . . . Get me out of this 
dumpster! . . . Where are those bruises 
from? . . . Brenda's here, it must be Friday 
. . . Licks Ticks . . . Have fun in Angola . . . I 
don't want no complaints, and that! . . . It's 
a fact! . . . Science . . . Inanimate Object . . . 
Wanna buy a Mustang? . . . Chuy-Chu-aw- 
wa . . . Jumpy . . . Papiado! . . . I can't eat 
it, it's bad for my teeth . . . Mr. Clean . . . 
Spic & Span . . . If it floats . . . Ferret Face 
...Is Terry there? . . . Glazer ...The SOB 
. . . How to get the biggest single without 
really trying . . . Like, like, like, you guys 

should get some talking skills The Idiot . . . 
Robert Plant ... YBS Mr. X . . . Purple Pol- 
ka-dots? . . . Nice Podium! . . . You drank 
how much with the HL? . . . The Fine Art of 
Rushing . . . Definition of conceited I can't. 
I have a test in FOUR weeks You know what 
I did . . . You're doing the Pots and Pans . . . 
ME God . . . National . . . Moo-Goo! . . . 
Flash! . . . Oh Baby, Ya! . . . Firetruck tail- 
gates, Ya! . . . Respect . . . Ski Trip '85 . . . 
The Hong Kong & Scorpion Bowling . . . 
CARE! . . . Jump Rope Club? . . . Jungle . . . 
Are you serious? . . . Really? . . . You aren't 
joking, are you? . . . Nice Mustang! . . . Did 
you feed the fish yet? . . . The Entertainment 

Center Til drink gas before iced tea! . . . 
Who? . . . What? . . . When? . . . Where? 
Why? . . . Get outta the Tube Room! Swiss 
Dip . . . It's about time! . . . Gratefully Dead 
... It's not Sanders, It's Sander ... Yo 
D-bag Mr. Yuke . . . Sucks cats off . . . Just 
out for a short bike ride . . . Not now, I'm 
going to the Crest . . . Pillow . . . I had a 
booger attack . . . Invisible again . . . Beaty 
and the Slug . . . Death Row . . . Nachos . . . 
Hey, the soda machine is empty! . . . Surfer 
. . . Potatohead . . . Bubba . . . Any food in 
the kitchen? . . . Barf on the ceiling? . . . Ed 
who? . . . Sigma Roadtrip . . . Gonna fine 
\our ass . . . Oh well 


'tgma Jklpija ^n 


^^^PPI *iiiuu. Alalia <fli. 1^1^^^^^ 

^^ .T" K^iA' ft 

Sigma Kapa Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1909 

College of the City of New York 

Founded Locally — 1923 
Colors — Purple and White 

Doogs . . . Aargh . . . Clock . . . Max Billy 
. . . Joey . . . Emotion Man . . . Young Hove 
. . . Sheep, shipe. shoop Uva . . . Murray 
. . . Uncle Fist f-k Where's Roy . . . Joey, 
the house just isn't a fun place to live any- 
more Driving for Bluestine ... What's your 
PLODE . . . Feed my head . . . Snatch at the 
helm. Max shotgun. Sultzy's in the back . . . 
I hour 3 minutes 22 seconds to hoagies . . . 
Dukes/ Jet PortlWinstons in the Murray 
Mobile . . . Veeno . . . Gargoyle Uva has a 
girlfriend . . . La tooth. Marmaduke. Horse, 
Equus = Doug . . . Spae Invaders ... "/ 
guess I just must be a dick" ... "/ think Id 
rather just go ahead and bob" . . . Twelve 
pledges in hell . . . Fly up a drape . . . Liners 
in the grain . . . Sigma Hell . . . indecision 
man . . . Princess of Darkness . . . Joker. 
Joker, Joker . . . Russ, let's play Poker . . . 
Prince of Plaque . . . F-k you Fish face. 

chim-chim and Grandpa Fine sleep bound 
. . . 463 Montclair Bennick, Sloan. Braddick 
bone . . . Zone/Trek . . . KarrylHen . . . 
Horizontal Man . . . Tofutti Man . . . Telly 
. . . Drip . . . Stench . . . Gymby Jeremiah 
. . . Bluestine . . . you have bad breath . . . 
Max Factor divide by 2,6 Doug and Adam 
. . . Nice Lunchinette guys . . . "There's 5 
sophomores I hate, and the rest I can't 
stand" Harry Antonio . . . Front and squir- 
rel bulb up . . . chill out . . . The Big Pin . . . 
Sammy Scroll ... "How Ya Doin" ... 
Doormans Hat . . . " P II never drink again " 
. . . Piper . . . Tales . . . TUMAN . . . Dick 
liar . . . Do the Jed . . . Jello-man . . . 
Where's Manny. Maurice and the fat lady 
...Be Huge ... SBJ . . . SLAW . . . Pard- 
busters . . . Rasts Head . . . Dominican Re- 
public . . . We made Gurst cry . . . Singer v. 
National . . . Joey Ernst & Mitch Whinney 

... "Woon, it's the Menagerie episode, 
cool!" "Ya know" . . . Unbedougable . . . 
Post Uncle Remus Yi. Yi. Yi . . . Waterhead 
Mr. Potato head . . . Buff you're a whale 
. . . Bufferlo . . . Mosic . . . nice beard Bart- 
lett . . . Pear Man . . . Max, what the F-K? 
. . . Permament casualty man . . . The pain, 
the pain mylanta man . . . no glove, no love 
"Pll have your job. Cop" . . . AppleMEN 
. . . Doug at the monument Scammy . . . The 
Hookah . . . The hobbit hole . . . Whippet 
Meister . . . 5 Dollar Man . . . Beefsteaks . . 
Cookies list . . . Crazy long thing called Doug 
. . . Silly Sally . . . Sammy exchange rate . . . 
CO-OP . . . Cafe ...No doubt . . . Why so 
long? The Elephant Man . . . "Wecouldjust 
talk, it's a good thing" . . . JD . . . Floyd . . 
Random Staff . . . Scotch and Water (De- 
wars) . . . S & T . . . So long 

>tgma OIi|i 



Alpha Rho Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1855 
Miami University of Ohio 

Founded Locally — 1887 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

Gorge Washington Weekend . . . what a 
dork . . . It ain't over til it's over Thaaa 
Crusha . . . cowhead . . . souphead . . . him- 
head . . . don't be ridiculous . . . QUIMBY 
. . . how you go? . . . much good all the days 
. . . Merry New Year.'! . . . Umbllella . . . 
Bammer gets his lip braced . . . Papa has an 
exit sign on his window . . . Yezz, beeg 
Peenace . . . Word loses his virginity . . . 
Wilke takes Carole to Sweethearts . . . Smel- 
ly Rinkle . . . John Wayne forgot his clothes 
. . . GllitchU . . . Hey. Hey. Hey . . . Papa 
takes on his piano teacher . . . z-z-z-z-z . . . 
Big Horn . . . Dixieland Delight . . . Balcony 
Piss . . . Markisms . . . "Word of the Day" 
. . . never play "I never" in mixed company 
. . . We still hate cheese . . . He may be small 

but he moves very fast! . . . Rabi Akeebler 
. . . Fred's Arco . . . Bruiss Brothers . . . 
Kidnapping at the farmhouse . . . there's 
just not enough there . . . Beta Bombs . . . 
Dax is fat . . . Logos Juan take the Quarter 
. . . Terminate with extreme prejudice . . . 18 
windows . . . Peterson — imagine that Re- 
venge factor . . . Tony who? . . . Ox took my 
clever away . . . How many Hooters have 
you had? . . . Karate Man That's my brand 
. . . LOW SPEED . . . MIMMEE . '. . belts 
. . . Treasure Hunts . . . Grateful Dead in the 
bar ... SOLID!! Jim Joe Wolfson ... Yar 
Yar Yar Yar!!! . . . Crazy Bat! . . . GorpDork 
Life Sucks . . . Life's great . . . the Boot . . . 
Volare . . . Yar!!! . . . FMA Gillespie cuts 
loose . . . Firehouse The house is changing 

. . . It is time Personal Rush is the Key . . . 
Pardi GrasH . . . Wolfson gets skinny!? . . . 
Mono brow . . . What's you name?!! . . . the 
wretched skid . . . Balou . . . Crazy-bat . . . 
Hey Ghoul! . . . Hey Bullethead! . . . Chub- 
ba Butterball Heightless Wonder . . . 
scrump . . . The lower colds Rule the house' s 
slim Don Hooter & the Czar . . . TTTF be- 
comes TTTUTF . . . Men . . . Dosiery Store 
. . . Can I have a beer? . . . New Cooler! 
Cold Beer! . . . Sigs late night pigs . . . J. 
Oatmeal helps hotel maids . . . Dos! . . . 
Laundry Parties . . . speaking of laundry, 
Where's Rich? . . . Dodi has squatters rights 
. . . What can you say but "Incredible?" 


>tgma ^u 


Pi Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1869 
Virginia Military Institute 

Founded Locally —1884 

Colors — Black, Gold, and White 

The party was fun. but now it's time to fight 
. . . eat the bag . . . booty! Au Revoir to the R 
& G club . . . I love, love, love you! . . . 
C-lass . . . Chunk the rag . . . God rest Pearl 
. . . Hello, Liddy . . . O' s still looking for the 
bar . . . Bergen's House of Pleasure . . . 
Plenty of dark left . . . Goodnite Poncho. Se 
la vi Lefty . . . Where's Duke? . . . Peebo. 
it's her father! — Oh shit! . . . Jeezus Christ 
Already! . . . I'm bleedin' like a mother! . . . 
1-3-7-9-16-24 . . . Fall out for a locker box 

inspection . . . All 1 got is a belly ache! . . . 
Fat boy . . . Did I say love? I meant loft 
Glom and Clint in the shower . . . R.l.P. 
Malcolm H. Baxter . . . 100 years . . . 
Rachel, you've come back! See ya on Route 
60 Big Boy! . . . Fuzzy is Penfold . . . Big 
Macs attack O's Feet — How many guns 
does she carry ? . . . Battlin ' Bill is at it again 
. . . Fancy Pants and his antisteroids . . . 
Snidely . . . Which way to the salon KK? . . . 
Denmark' s 10 pm curfew . . . Candle night in 

the cold dorm! . . . Bergen has a floppy disk 
. . . Inchman . . . 'Iron City" Person . . 
Tony Q's ties . . . Boofs pants . . . The Bird- 
man of Wyandotte CHW — Hairless nutball 
. . . Tim. isn't that Pres Likins? . . . Norm, 
one heck of a pool player! . . . Any Comet 
around? . . . Use it! . . . Who said study! . . . 
A totally different kind of Holty . . . Senior 
Nut men. at last! 


^tgma ^iji 




Pennsylvania Alpha Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1827 
Union College 

Founded Locally — 1887 

Colors — Azure and Argent 

Sorry, wrong loft . . . RUUUU . . . I feel 
siiickll . . . RRRICH! .. . I was loaded . . . 
Lehigh beat Lafayette, really? . . . Daley — 
pay your phone bill! . . . Nicki Ricci — Yoc- 
co's Best Sierra lost it! Yeah. yeah. snip, 
snip . . . Keep it in your pants. Andy His 
father is the 5th richest man in NJ! . . . Kill 
the dogs (and the fish, and the mice and the 
spider) . . . RUUULES . . . Chou-Chou . . . 
Qui W: Pee Wee Chart . . . Willie, change 
the oil . . . OOH John. I can't come in 
tomorrrow, Michael says it's going to snow 
. . . CarmelinaH! What are you doing here? 
. . . Clean ups — brothers optional . . . Real- 
ly"? Wow Didya' do a little of this? . . . Is Dr. 
Michael Chaykowski there? . . . Cereal Run 
. . . Schteady. Asche! . . . YoBuck. Bucking- 
ham, Ingham, Ingo, Holmes, Homie, etc 

. . . Watchyour step. Faith . . . I'dlike toget 
the ball rolling . . . It'd make my job a lot 
easier . . . Fat people do fat things . . . The 
Bagelman strikes again . . . Nice Christmas 
Tree, Tom an asset to the house . . . He even 
likes the walls! . . . You Jag off! Ridin' the 
dirt road, takin' it south . . . Rich . . . Classic 
... Alpha, Beta, Gamma — Oh, I don't 
know . . . Before 10 or after 12, in which 
bathroom? . . . Pat's cooking strikes again 
. . . Fire 'em up! . . . Jiz man . . . Was it one, 
err, uh, no it was 3, uh . . . nothing personal, 
but . . . Piss in the bucket if you have to . . . 
Foos monster . . . You sleazy rotten whore! 
. . . What difference does it make . . . Billy 
iiiiidol . . . Needless to say, thanks RIP . . . 
Congratulations. King Pin 


>tgma pi|t ^pstlnn 

il£l T 

"^B ^f K MWi 

^ , .'^^■' '^.v'^*i ;»-•-'" .^ •,.*-'- - 




Pennsylvania Epsilon Chapter 

Founded Nationally —1901 
University of Richmond 

Founded Locally —1907 
Colors — Purple and Red 

325 kegs/semester and still 2nd on the Hill 
. . . He tried to bulk me Big Electric Katz. 22 
days in a row SnertlRoad Pizza . . . Louie 
Hoorah Sigma Phi Cedar Crest: we're in the 
pink . . . lost in the buddy zone . . . Soggy 
andhis sogirlfriend . . . Party the Radish . . . 
Bo Ream . . . Chundar the Barbarian . . . 
Oh. Phil, you scream too : U hh ! 
Spppewwww . . . Skeletor . . . Milenium Fal- 
con . . . We broke the Philly Hilton, too . . . 
I'm not the buffoon anymore! . . . Joe House 
Party tape . . . Who spanks . . . Bend over 
and it! . . . In one door and out 

another, eh Frob . . . Do it right . . . Katz 
■ires in the Big Game . . . Admiral and 

Captain Gweep Fester. Fester. Fester . . . 
Conway's Driving School . . . What's Gree- 
ber doing with that rock . . . I tried to get it 
over the house . . . We' re in the front row . . . 
I guess I did it if someone saw me . . . Bob- 
by's got the beaners . . . Mac's so sensitive 
OUZ04 . . . Shroom's Angles: Roy, George. 
Mai. Springer, Schwab, Chilly Bill, Al & 
Greeber . . . B. Brutus Beefcake . . . Smoke 
a little chee . . . Bitter bookhead beaner bab- 
by browns . . . F me S me T me D me H, M 
me . . . Peroxide Voodo witch . . . non phas- 
ing fraternity . . . chilly case o'Bud . . . ice 
cream on loan . . . just call him Wiggly 
Worm . . . 3rd base, Bungvary . . . Snow 

Whip . . . road trips: Coldgate, Florida? . . . 
Albee shut up ... where is Chilly Waa . . . 
You Box! . . . crack . . . Roy' s having a pardi 
■ . beer, cheddar, gouda, swiss, television, 
and, of course. Alpha Cheese . . . Terill . . . 
June and Dean got pinned . . . ash tray . . . 
nima . . . Halfmeyer . . . Hofman: Hof- 
woman . . . Swine and Sleaze (High Do Fac- 
tor) . . . Letters = Do! . . . George is lost 
amongst the pine . . . Gaske's Vlasik . . . 
legal liability, bungvary, bungvary . . . chad 
■ . . vomitorium . . . Pledge Day, shhh . . . 
Ricardo's beer cheese tree J.R.'s gym 

®au ^pstlntt Pi|i 



TEP is a diverse house with brothers partic- 
ipating in many extra curricular activities 
such as WLVR, The Brown & White, rugby, 
IM sports, the computer society, the drama 
club, ROTC, LUV, the scuba club, and va- 
rious engineering societies and offices. 
Moreover, We have been ranked fourth 
academically out of fraternities for the past 
seven semesters. 

Socially, our house is very active. Our 
social calander includes pubnites every 
Wednesday, band parties, imported beer 
parties, a Greek Week party, hotel parties, 
cocktails, and road trips to simply name a 

TEP's Little Sister Organization is strong 
as well, with approximately 20 members and 
growing. Most notable in their events of this 
year, were the talent show and the Christ- 
mas Party. 

The brothers to TEP attempt to stay in- 
volved with the Bethlehem community. This 
Christmas we invited approximately 30 
underprivileged children from Wiley House 
to our house for a children's party , complete 
with Santa Claus and Christmas dinner. 


Tau Alpha Kappa Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1910 
Columbia University 

Founded Locally — 7967 
Colors — Purple and White 

Who's got K-rash? . . . Billy Idol pledges 
TEP . . . Still Mobile! . . . Oh. we're goin' up 
the hill . . . There was a pledge warden 
named Neil Cobwebs'? . . . Bonehead 
Telephone Company . . . There is a cure, 
and we' II find it! . . . F rst annual talent show 
. . . Hey! That's beer money . . . What's 
wrong with the senior table? . . . Part-time 
pledge becomes part-time brother . . . TEP 
— the last of the great turkey trotters . . . 
Opus! . . . Pay your hosse bill ... It's Jim, 
the Michelin Man . . . They pelted us with 
rocks and garbage -Buddy o pal o friend o 
mine . . . Let's go McLandcrusin' . . . Skip- 
py! . . . Real men use Macho-Wipe ... I do 
and do and do for you kids . . . Your mother 
test drives jack-hammers . . . Hey Dan, we 
found your little black book, it was in Kent's 
room . . . Bill gets a Beer Gut . . . GAPER! 

. . . Power foos! . . . stuff protection . . . The 
moving set . . . Plain oV ugly . . . John, do 
you have anything to say? Tequila Party! 
. . . Lucky Pierre . . . Ron said it's not nor- 
mal . . . Linda says it is (or did she?) . . . 
Beer consumption up, grades down, one re- 
maining pledge project . . . TEP wate 
works opens . . . Beware falling rock, Neil 
. . . Andy finds a gravestone . . . Carl, can 
you fix my car? . . . Linda brings her kids to 
dinner (all forty) - Educational TV . . . 
Don't talk to me like I'm stupid! . . . The big 
bang theory . . . Are those two here again? 
... Is he breathing? . . . There's a three 
hundred pound pledge in my bed . . . Exactly 
what is a Little Sister? . . . seven stitches? 
. . . Beware the caped crusaiders bchip, 
they're out to get you! 

®i|Eta (!ll|t 


Beta Sigma Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1856 
Norwich University 

Founded Locally — 1934 

Colors — Military Red and White 

Boo-Boo . . . Stump ... B ... Eh-Joooe . . . 
Hanker . . . Boli . . . Spear The Best . . . 
Mutant . . . Heck . . . Guppy . . . Vito . . . 
Mick . . . Wendell How ya doin . . . Gumby 
. . . CST ... "E" ... Boo-Boo and the Box 
. . . We'll talk . . . Foosball Gods Whipped 
. . . Max, ya big dummy . . . Where's 
Stump? . . . Jeopardy . . . Him Can you 
thsmell it? . . . Gramps . . . Beer Magnum 
. . . Boat Drinks . . . Thank God for Pledges 
. . . Bristles Hanker? I don't even knoz her 
. . . Chi Breakers . . . "Crash and burn" 
Held . . . Goober . . . Squirrel Killer HBDT 
. . . Funnels . . . Up for the cup Again . . . 
BBH . . . Bassetball . . . Bid lids . . . ABON- 

DANZA . . . What's the matter, George . . . 
M,GD &SYL ... Foo-Foo ... "No laces 
on his shoes" Butthair . . . Do a dip . . . 
Clueless You're such a . . . Driving 

is no excuse for sobriety . . . Imagine that 
. . . Hawaii Five-O . . . Snow Rolls . . . 
House Dick . . . Slam dunk Tally Ho . . . 
Morton clears the room Golf on the 'Cony 
. . . What the Heck? It's so easy . . . Saab 
story . . . Mr. Pig Roast . . . Dopey Shit . . . 
Tues. Thur. Classes . . . Plant trips for S$S 
. . . RLB . . . DDC . . . MAC . . . JDH . . . 
DEH . . . RGH . . . LCH . . . bsdk . . . MJL 
. . . KDL . . . DMB . . . JVM . . . MDM . . . 



®i|eta ^tlin Olift 


Nu Deuteron Charge 

Founded Nationally — 1847 
Union College 

Founded Locally — 1884 

Colors — Black, White, and Blue 

Oh will! . . . Ted the bedwetter . . . where' s 
Ess. . — in the aquarium . . . Earl escapes 
the TEP pubnite . . . Head McMuffin breaks 
the dry spell Stubby gets a se.x drive . . . 
Jethro says goodbye, finally . . . Dr. Ruth in 
the 'bago, Fla . . . Anyone with a face is over 
. . . Skinhead Jones becomes Miss Jane . . . 
bhelloooow New Brunswick . . . Louie fol- 
lows Boss to higher ed . . . stupid time . . . 
Poulton is still the worst . . . Gemscn becomes 
Boss, Jr . . . Skipper drops a weight class 
to get a pin King Richard on the fifth floor 
. . . the Clump's pres., but we all voted for 
Zeke! . . . Sty the loft buster the hammer fals 
on O p i e ... Sugar 
ay Walton . . . where' s Duke and Bug-juice? 

. . . Zeke drinks BEER on Casing Day . . . 
Hige-joe-a-go-go . . . Goots is second to 
Koop . . . Lemonex buys another lemon I it's 
not convertible) . . . Deuce is Mr. Happy 
Sundial invents stairway to head . . . 
Dahling you look Mahvelous! . . . Bilbo 
owes $175 .. . House has last date with Sal- 
ly Sue . . . Lee Harvey's loincloth . . . Truck 
pins Map-in the mud . . . Gus does nudes 
with snakes SOFTBALL CHAMPS! . . . 
couch potatoes . . . 5th floor is on tap . . . 
Stubby is I to the Nth . . . Vic is over to the 
Nth . . . Boss makes play music . . . Cujo the 
squirrel terrorizes Monty Santa brings 
Rudolph, Elf, and the Chicken — then sleeps 

in the woods Koop the waxing vulcan . . . 
Murph and Cunyet — roommates forever 
. . . Gus "But Keg the tree jumped in front of 
me!" . . . Charge gets triple digits Where's 
my chicken boy? . . . Poop terrorizes Squir- 
relies . . . Woodpile in the water bed — five 
men deep . . . 6' 6" of joy . . . F.O.T. . . . Ess 
smooth on Ted . . . Team IM . . . Stubby and 
Wick shoot her in the back . . . Nude Hoops 
live . . . ham scalloped potatoes and green 
beans . . . Ain't snail no. no ,no . . . What's 
the worst thing that could happen? . . . We'd 
like to say we'll miss the Apathy Class, but 
we don't care . . . AND PAINT THE 


mi]ein 3ii 

R^ ^P B^ |Pp'|PP II^P B^ ^^ 



Eta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1864 
Rensselaer Polytechic Institute 

Founded Locally —1904 
Colors — Blue and White 

I shoulda fisted her . . . Yeah! Right! . . . 
WeeeeeeeeeetH . . . AweetaH . . . Whet!! 
. . . Five Dolla Dat Taboo Ting . . . bed wet- 
ter .. . crash scallup . . . poopsie bear, bear 
and ro bear (the three bears) . . . Chuck's 
polar bear club . . . "If they try anything 
sexual!" . . . Aleeeeecia! . . . Stink bitch . . . 
You're so shipped . . . Jooo-Han-Ness — 
Johannes . . . Forget the bitch, John!!! . . . 
longface . . . Moonchug "I have an uncle 
who" . . . "Yeah right. Brian" . . . Smelly 
Sophmores Shut up, man, I loved her! . . . 
Snacks Shove off and die . . . Chicken Chair- 
man . . . Joker, Joker and a triple . . . Dollar 
Bob . . . Lizzziee Little Blisters . . . You're so 
mellow Fourth and long . . . The pizza's in 
the shower . . . I'm gonna tie — to a chair 
. . . A bump on my nose? . . . How delightful! 
. . . But I love Jacqui! Well, I'm kind of ner- 

vous . . . Webb World . . . G-monster . . . 
Quick draw The Light Cone . . . I'll do it for 
ten bucks . . . Jeff Bennet is a nice guy . . . 
Spoon Dog — Consult me before opening 
your mouth . . . Bowl-A-Rama . . . E! andG! 
. . . Sorry sir, I'm nervous . . . Sacktos . . . 
Shot Gun — Ho Ho!! . . . "So how long had 
it been that you've looked like Bozo?" He- 
cain, you Homo! . . . pledge gag . . . Tripod 
. . . Showtime . . . Whatever you do leave 
the door unlocked . . . pledge blockhead . . . 
poched eggs . . . RobeeeerreH . . . Jay's 34 
year old Ass'n hole . . . Queen . . . 
ESADMF! . . . Shazzzzzee's Uncle . . . For 
$64, I'll do the bottle . . . pledgericksen . . . 
pledge murd . . . Two Can Dan . . . Chin Ho 
. . . Weasel . . . Bad, Bad, Bad! . . . If I, If I, 
If I . . . Captain Caaaave Man . . . Neti is a 
dick . . . What did you expect — Shit sand- 

wiches! . . . Cherry Cheeks . . . Chuck — 
Where's Moonchug? . . . Wacka-Wacka- 
Wacka Squirt-Squirt-Squirt-Gulp- Aw-pass 
the towel . . . The Buthus Animal . . . Scoo- 
ter .. . Skip Viscious . . . mom and dad . . . 
Millhead . . . Kato . . . If you can find a 
better built Halupki — Buy it! . . . Andy man 
. . . Waaaa . . . Freddie — Can I have 10 
minutes of your time . . . And now it's time 
for a song and dance . . . Johnny Sportscoat 
and the Casuals . . . Bear 110% club? . . . 
Little wrestlers . . . Little Big Blisters . . . 
Moo Cow Misery . . . That's a moo . . . Well, 
does anybody have any change?? . . . Mor- 
bon 'kits, please . . . "Boola man" Mr. up- 
stairs bath? . . . Guido the Killer Pimp . . . 
Nick has been kidnapped 


Zete P^t 

i ^ i I ^ ^ ^ 

lvU\ JJiii 


ui ^ a.! 

irliiuli IhtiitrM.itii 



Tan Delta Chapter 

Founded Nationally — 1847 
New York University 

Founded Locally —1973 
Colors — Gold and White 

Burnin' down the house . . . E.T. went home 
... The "O" Tables ... Spink, Spank. 
Spunk . . . The Password — Larry. Curly. 
Mo. Shemp . . . Poontangus Maximus . . . 
Truckster Toad Trip . . . Miles, watch out for 
the— THUD.'.' . . . Biff. Squanch. Slam Per- 
kins gets Sandy. AGAIN! . . . Helen Kisllors 
V. Stevie Wonders . . . Where's Farmor's 
car? . . . In jail in Maryland . . . Mike Godall 
. . . Mr. Mom goes to Hollywood . . . State 
your business, do as you're told, and leave 
. . . I'm heavy . . . Stock up on Holly . . . 
Squider . . . Hey Gar. What's overthar . . . I 
state your name — / state your name . . . 
Don't beat your burdens . . . Innertuba.fal- 
pian tuba, tubashit. tubaguish, tubaba . . . 
motion to Bloomers . . . Dr. Doom . . . 

"Irespectfully recline" Hulkamania ... 
Red Stripes . . . Hold on, you're ugly, kill 
yourself . . . Hide your keys, here comes Gar 
and Chuck . . . Keavo you spineless little 
fool . . . Do you respect the Captain? The 
moaner — the screamer . . . Dreamdatewith 
snake . . . Brutus Beefcake . . . Sgt. Slaugh- 
ter .. . Mr. Wonderful . . . Cobra Corps . . . 
Toad, Toad you f— king load . . . Tuba you' re 
an asshole . . . Ben take a shower . . . Sach 
do your job . . . Vice odor ... VJ . . . KLIB- 
BER . . . Baldhead — You're got the cutest 
little bald head . . . Miller and Perkins — the 
bathroom is down the hall on the left . . . 
Beerpongmania — 'running Rampant' . . . 
The U-haul safety rope failed . . . And Tuba 
is still an asshole. 

".--•Jf r 






What lime did the January JO. 1984 fire start m M & 
M?l within five minutes) 

What three events were banned from Greek Week? 

What was the estimated cost of the Mart Library' 
addition before being built? 

What was the first year that Lehigh heat Lafayette? 

Who is ■Dr. Dirty'? 

Who replaced James Wagner as Registrar? 





What is the Alumni Memorial Building a i 

What fraternity wc 
Pi in 1946? 

nsolidaled with Alpha Kappa 

When did First Valley Bank open in the University 
Center? (within a month) 

What was the score from the Lehigh-Bucknell ECC 

What were the call letters of the television station 
that Lehigh students ran in the I970's 

What Lehigh Professor accidentally shot his 
neighbor through her nose and what was he 
attempting to do at the time? 

How much snow did Lehigh gel during the Blizz 
of '83 which forced many University buildings to 
close? fwilhin an inch) 

What fraternity had a fire in their kitchen i" the 
Spring of 1985? 

What was added to the University Center in 
February 1983'' 

Who did the Brown & White chose as female senior 
athlete-of-lhe-year in 1985? 

What was created by Ephraim Peleg as kind of a toy 
that the viewer is supposed to participate with? 

What class i 
speaker for?' 

: Lee lacocca the commencement 



What is the year of the first Packard that is on 
display in Packard Lab? 

What four fraternities were found guilty of violating 
the university social policy and recklessly 
endangering one of their pledges in 1985? 

What building originally housed classrooms and a 

Who won the basketball co-outstanding plaver 
awards in 1985? 

In February 1983, WLVR increased their power from 
10 watts, what did they boost it to? 

Who was the 1887 Epitome (yearbook) dedicated to? 


H — history 
G — Greek 
C — Campus 


Answers on pages 394-395 


What is the name of the mascot buried in front oj 
Taylor College and what was it? 

What was the first fraternity founded at Lehigh and 
in what \ear? 

What structure was formerly a brewery named Die 
Alle Braverei? 

What is the number of shutouts registered by either 
team in the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry? 

How much did it cost to subscribe to the Brown & 
White for a full year in 1898? 

Who is Chairman of Lehigh's Board of Trustees'' 

c/ u^Suit 

SL — Sports & Leisure 
AL — Art & Literature 
P — People & Places 

^'hat second ranked wrestling team was defeated by 
Lehigh in 1965 and prompted coverage in both Time 
and Sports Illustrated? 

Who were the Clowns of the Year in the 1985 Clown 
and Gripe? 

Who was the Astronaut alumnus that went on the 
April 1984 Challenger mission? 

How much was tuition in the 1984-5 academic \ 
When is the car check at Sayer Park gates in effect' 

What is the name of the company that acted as 
construction manager for the new library and 
computing center? 
Where was the 1984 Lehigh-Lafayette game held^ 

What is the next line in the Bill Cosby dialogue: 

' ' You know my parents put children in the back of 


Who have you reached if you dial xSlW 


When was the curriculum divided into three 

What fraternity won the 1985 bed race? 

What building housed the University Commons and 
dining room until 1958? 

What tradition started in 1955 with a live animal 
running in a mini-marathon? 

What is the title of the hook Associate Professor of 
Government. Laura Katz Olson, wrote discussing 
the failure of federal programs for older people? 
Who was the only faculty member to be elected 


Answers on pages 394-395 


Athletes are, as a rule, stronger 
than their hackers; yet the 
weaker presses the stronger 
to put forth all his efforts. 

— St. Jerome 



In the Back Court with 




By Mark Meagher 

This young man held a dream all through 
out his high school career. The dream? To 
play in the NCAA tournament against 
Georgetown University. At only the end of 
his freshman year. Darren Queenan had the 
opportunity to see his dream change into 

Past Fame 

Darren's successful basketball career be- 
gan in high school where he helped to guide 
his team to the Pennsylvania district 1 

Lehigh is a "close-knit team." 

championship and the semi-finals of the 
state tournament in his senior year. In addi- 
tion, that year he was named to the First 
Team All-Philadelphia and Second Team 
Penny slvania by the Mid-Atlantic Sports 

Choosing the right school 

As high school graduation neared, Dar- 
ren narrowed down his choice of colleges to 
Lehigh and rival Lafayette. He remarks, 
"The deciding factor was that Coach Snyd- 
er stressed academics and the Lafayette 
coach didn't." Thus, he and his family de- 
cided that Lehigh would be the better 

Adjusting to Lehigh's team 

Adjustment to college basketball at 
Lehigh was not that easy for Darren. Used 
to playing before 1 ,000 fans, he was natural- 
ly disappointed that Lehigh games drew 
only 100 in the early season. Moreover, he 
entered a program that was in the rebuilding 
stages from a championship team. 

Once the season got underway, however, 
Darren felt right at home. He began to break 
many Lehigh records as only a Rookie. 
Among them include most points scored at 
Stabler Arena: 33 points in the Hofstra 
game; and most points scored in one season 
by a Lehigh player; 546 points. 

Even though Lehigh was in a rebuilding 
season, Darren noted that "they are a close- 
knit team. When we started losing, we were 
able to sit down and think things out. ' ' This 
strategy began to pay off as the season prog- 

The ECC Tournament 

Lehigh entered the East Coast Confer- 
ence tournament as an underdog. They 
opened up play against a team that pre- 
viously defeated them: Drexel. This game, 
Darren said, "was the key." 

With their confidence in tact they got by 
Hofstra in the semi-finals only to meet up 
against Bucknell, the tournament number 
one seeded team. Even though they had lost 
twice to them during regular season, Lehigh 
was to pull out a 76-74 overtime victory to 
clinch the ECC Championship. 

This win signified Lehigh's first trip to the 
NCAA tournament. With their poor record, 
however, they drew nationally ranked #7 
Georgetown as their first round game. 

The Georgetown Game 

Playing against Georgetown and Patrick 
Ewing was a dream come true for Darren. 
He noted, ' ' You could pick up every paper 
and see Lehigh's name." 

"The media was more intimidating than 
actually playing against Georgetown," 
Darren commented. He was assigned Pat- 
rick Ewing and noted his domination almost 

Georgetown quickly took the lead, but in 
the end Lehigh only lost by a score of 68-43, 

beating the 30 point spread. In the Second 
half, however, Lehigh did manage to out- 
score Georgetown 32-29 with all their first 
string players in the game. 

Darren takes pride that he is 
helping to "build a strong bas- 
ketball program. ' ' 

Darren's future at Lehigh 

Darren now faces three more years at 
Lehigh. He already earned several honors: 
Rookie of the year in the ECC, First Team 
All-Conference, and Honorable Mention 

Darren has set several goals for himselj 
and the team for his remaining years. 
Among them: break .500 and make the 
NCAA tournament all three years and to 
continue to lead the conference in scoring 
(his ECC leading total was 18.2 points pet 

Darren takes pride in the fact that he is 
helping to "build a strong basketball pro- 
gram" and looks forward to continuing in 
his engineering studies. 

The Georgetown Battle 


Early Season of Success Switched to Failure 

By Marty Horn 

Coming off an impressive c 
1983, the Engineerfootball squad entered 
its second century of competition with 
hopes of continued success in 1984. But 
early season success was quickly turned 
to failure after the Engineers was their 
share 4-1 midseason record fall steadily 
to 5-6, culminating with defeat at the 
hands of arch rival Lafayette in the sea- 
son finale. 

Though the season ended in dis- 
appointment, out of the wreckage could 
be salvaged many bright spots. 

ing the 'shot gun,' quar- 
tnpack Marty Horn riddled 
UMass for a school record 
386 yards" 

Engineers' Successful Start 

The gridders began their '84 se^on 
with a 21-14 victory over the University of 
Massachusetts. Using the newly installed 
'^hot gun' as an additional passing weap- 
|, junior quarterback Marty Horn rid- 

M the UMass.j^condan' fc^^^^i^ 
yrd 386 yhrdi'^hile com)j4^B^^^W^ 

'^passes. On the receiving end, Junior 
split-ends Rennie Benn and Todd Melton 
caught nine and five passes respectively. 

On a cold and rainy afternoon in 
Stoors, Connecticut, the Engineers rode 
the toe of junior place-kicker Dave 
Melick, who booted a 45-yard field goal 
with no time remaining on the scoreboard 
clock, to give the Brown and White a 10-7 

Home Opener 

Sporting a 2-0 record, the gridders took 
on Colgate University at Taylor Stadium 
for the home opener. In a wild 40-35 
shoot-out, the Engineers met defeat for 
the first time of the season. Senior quar- 
ter back Tony Semler completed 15 of 28 
passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns 
while rushing for an additional 22 yards in 
a strong effort. 

The Engineers bounced back the fol- 

Blue Hens of Delaware. 

Next stopfer the gridders was North- 
eastern University in Boston. After fall- 
ing behind 14-13 in the third quarter, the 
Engineers turned it on and posted a 25-14 
score over the Huskies. In the victory. 
Rennie Benn caught 10 passes for 158 
yards and three touchdowns. 

Gridders' Record Slips « 

Traveling to Annapolis, Maryland to 
face the United States Naval Academy, 
the Engineers watched their season 
record fall to 4-2 as the Division I Mid- 
ship me^ eat ifie Brow^and White. 31- 

From heret the Engineer^, returned;^ 
home to take on nationallyifanked (Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire. But the grid- 
ders balked, missing key scoring opportu- 
nities enroute to a 34-14 defeat. 

Following the loss to UNH, the grid- 
ders record slipped even further into the 
gallows with a 24-16 defeat at the hands 
of sixth-ranked Universify of^Mji^ Is- 
land. I 

The Engineer schedule refused to light- 
en up as the gridders traveled to William 
and Mary -^md played before a sell-out 
homecoming crowd of 20,000, only to be 
scalped by the Indians, 24-10. Freshman 
tailback Kevin Stransberry provided En- 
gineer fans with the longest run of the 
season; a 25-yard burst for a first down. 
Ellow led the defense with 13 tackles. 

Finally the Engineers broke their win- 
less skid with a 21-15 victory over Buck- 
nell University. Pete Schreck. Doug Ertz, 
and Horn scored touchdowns as a stingy 
defense led by Marc Thomas' block of a 
Bison punt stifled'the visitors throughout 
the afternoon. 

120tl» Meeting At Lafayette 

With their record at 5-5, the Brown and 
White sought to finish on a winning note 
as they traveled to Easton to meet the 
Lafayette Leopards in the 120th meeting 
between the rivals. It was not to be for the 
Engineers. Missing two early scoring 
opportunities, Lehigh lost momentum to 
the Leopards who went on to post a 28-7 

Through the 1984 Engineer football 

team finished with a disappointing 5-6 
record, many bright spots will be return- 
ing in 1985. The passing combination of 
Marty Horn and Ail-American Rennie 
Benn, an offensive line led by Ail- 
American Dave Whitehead, a defense led 
by All-America n Wes Walton, and a solid 
supporting cast, should give the En- 
gineers the ^tfow^ t hey n eed to get 
back on the winning tra 
m ■* # - 

"Through the 1984 Engineer 
football team finished with a 
disappointing 5-6 record, 
many bright spots will be re- 
turning in 1985." 

Left to Right — (From RoH): J. Davidson. E. Richberg. R. Winebrake. D. Melick. C. Hubbard. J. Harris. M. Horn. S.Apa. G. Freeman. B. Talmadge. T. 
Smeler. M. Muchowski. K. Dice. B. Fithian. G. Casten. (Row 2): E. Hunsberger. A. Johnson. W. Wolfe. M. Atfieri. D. LaSleva. S. Andreas. S. Penrod. 5. 
Mittl. D. Hakes. R. Fiason. J. Tamburo. S. Opel. K. Stansbern;, S. Cassasv. S. Pitzer. M. Thomas. (Row3):B. Jalazo. E. Williams. E. Lobsl. S. Bronico. S. 
Ellis. D. Katz. R. Blewitt. G. Me\er. S. Cirucci. T. Grossman. S. Banco. D. Ertz. P. Schreck. B. Fox. M. Burke. R. Benn. M. Chichocki. R. Rebh. iRow4):B. 
Brennan. M. Szymanski. M. El'low. D. Whitehead. D. Culhane. L. Sofianakos. J. Serralelli. B. Bolton. J. Supp. P. Smith. M. Murphy. M Hendnan. K. 
Hainsey. L. Chiarito. T. Warner. K. Curtis. B. Hallick. J. Snvder. (Row 5): S. Bear. J. Stone. J.Sohm. R. Koflanovich. G. E.xarchakis. J. Uliance. P. Redly. 
E. Kurtz. J. Thompson. A. Gorsline. R. Phillips. J. Ball. T. Melton. C. Horstmann, J. Zimardo. R. Miller. T. Gillespie. A. Frantz. (Row 6): M. Bealtie. A. 
Krosnowski. B. Jeffries. R. Kesling. D. Eaton, M. Kosko. K. Rife. W. Walton, D. Ferrell. M. Peterson. K. Zlock. J. Rovito. S. Theurkauff. C. Barton. K. 
Mitchell. D. Friedkin. C. Clark. (Row 7): D. Eck (asst. trainer), C. McNaron (head trainer), N. Vohar (equipment manager), J. Bednarik (JV coach), J. 
Sweeney. (JV coach), M. Clark (asst. coach), B. Horvath (asst. coach). C. Sonon (asst. coach). J. Whitehead (head coach). W. Grube (asst. coach). B. 
Fetterman (asst. coach), W. Whitehead (asst. coach), J. Craig (JV coach), D. Titus (JV coach). D. Viglione (JV coach), D. Snee (student trainer), N. Sloroz 
(student trainer). 



U. of Mass 




U. of Conn 
















Naval Academx 




New Hampshire 




Rhode Island 




William & Mar,' 










Captains: (Standing) M. Ellow, B. Talmadge (Kneeling) T. Semter, B. Talmadge. 





S' <> 

V?"' ■ 


'r f v^ ^. %,^v^ 

Left 10 Right — (Front Row) k Ht'DiUv. H bales, D. Donovan. J. Ar/iun. R. /.unnurman, C. Tihansky, R. Kroepel. A. Tosi, F. Joeger (Row 2): J. 
McCloskey (coach). W. Hausser. F. Caheili. F. Martin. G. Bunting, J. Remtey (co-captuml. J. Carbone (co-captain). G. Schell, J. Shiner, E. Sejourne, S. 
Schultz (trainer) 

Soccer Team Enjoys Best Record in Six 

By Doug Brogowski 

The 1984 soccer team's 6-8-3. ^^rd was their 
best in six years. Five ofthbse wins whieh canw in 
the last seven games shoks a.^aj^atic improve- 
ment in the team's ' ' 

Senior co-captaiu^^Ufe^^ylmdJim Carbone 
made First-Team All-HQC. Other key senilff^^- 
judedRoh Kroepe[,Jej^Shiner. Pete Liptr^ 
rayne Ha 

^' Coach JMMIHMiy|^^tfjyh!g/i<^f f 
team's success next set^^^mie to t^return of 12 
lettermen from last yea^^f lading gatMi Eric Se 

is cpnfident of the 
t stason. 



"-» -t ,*J 











iOT) 1 


















West Chester 






















Field Hockey 

Left to Right— (Front Row): M. Miller, K. Yost (Row 2): P. Lee. D. Lucarelli, M. Weiner. B. Schmidt, A. Regan IRow 3): C. Frankenlnn Iniiaiiur,. M. Kuili 
(asst. coach), A. Austin, C. Juiliano, C. Miller, M. Way, J. Mauceri, K. Hyneo. G. Thistle, S. VanWagenen, J. Baxter (coach) 

Field Hockey Rushes to a 
Successful Season 

By Nicola Pugliese 

season ui^er C^ch flidy Baxter. Although 
it starte0^iowly yvi^a loss and a tie, the 
seas(^^mijmMUg under the guidance of 
captaiasMaryn^Stand Sue Coursen. 

A demanding s^^ule 

The schedule of gathes was very demand- 
ing — Lehigh playifjml 7 of the 20 Division I 
hockey teams — hoW^^IS^espite this chal- 
lenging competition^ihe siickers won the 
East Coast Conference, the second year 

that they lun i dom 
''Stars l^t shine 

Karyi^^'o'^t. Sue Coursen, and Patti Lee 
were el\ted jjn^fc ^ All-Conference Team. 
Karyn y%st m^also named Regional All- 
Americom, with hot^^^e mentions being 
given to Cheryl MiHigr^id Sin- Coursen. 
Coach Baxter comnv^jSp that she was ex- 
tremely pleased wl^jlffl^^fg/^mance of the 






William and Marx 







West Chester 





Ball State 










Ur sinus 

















Old Dominion 





-Mens Cross Country 

Left to Right — (Front Row): K. Murphy. E. Kehoe. J. McVeigh. J. Marian. A. Bennett {Raw 2): .1 . Ronnailierinuinager). J . Kent, C. Cornish, M. Novak, K. 
Pearson, M. Redman, T. Vancor. B. Bates. J. Dunn. J. Rahm. J. Covert (coach) 

Lehigh vs. 


25-32 W 


26-31 W 


33-26 L 

La Salle 

30-27 L 

St. Joseph's 

43-18 L 


49-15 L 

West Chester 

22-33 W 


16-41 W 


26-29 W 

Cross Country's Record a Miracle 

By Martin Finnegan 

Lehigh Men's Cross Country team's 
record of 6 and 4 was a minor miracle 
according to Coach Covert. Early in the sea- 
son, the team had planned to take the Con- 
ference Championship, but after losing two 
of its top five runners to illness, the team was 
skeptical of even winning a meet. 

Top Athletes 

This year's top athletic was sophomore, 
John Marian. An asset to the team, Marian 
won four races during the season and 
finished second in the conference. The num- 
ber two position was a trade-off between 

Senior Captain Joe McVeigh, and sopho- 
more Ed Kehoe. Senior Kevin Murphy 
proved himself to be quite reliable in the 
fourth man position and Andy Bennett 
showed as the consistent fifth scorer. 

The Season's Highlights 

The highlights of the 1984 season were the 
squad's 18th straight defeat of Lafayette, 
and Lehigh's invitational, the Paul Short 
Memorial Run. 

Predictions for the future 

Because the team will be losing some se- 
nior talent at the end of the season. Coach 
Covert hopes for a lot of effort and improve- 
ment on the part of his younger runners. He 
also hopes for a good recruitment in next 
year's freshmen. 

Women's Cross Country 

Left U) Rii;h! — tFnini Row): S. Cheni;-R('hi'l.'. , A/, Ni>rcika, M. BoyJa, L. Muscatelo, K. Hestwood. {Row 2): N. Hobbs (coach), B. Edwards (co-captain). 
L. Head (co-captain), L. Hamilton, S. Kotek. M. Messinger 

Lehigh vs. 

Cedar Crest 

2M0 W 

St. Joseph's 

50-15 L 


50-15 L 

Paul Short Inv. 

15th place 

Allentown College Inv. 

7th pi. 

Lafayette Inv. 

4th place 

z Wrestling - 

The Young Grapplers Faced a Rough Season 

By Martin Finnegan 

Lehigh's 1984- 1985 wrestling season 
started with the trials in Grace Hall which 
pradiieed a team that was young and inex- 
perienced, but hopeful of the be sm^K^ 
Lehigh grapplers were led hy Heet0^ach 
Thad Turner and Captain Paul Dfekel. 

Sheridan Tournament 

The season got underway with the Sher- 
idan Tournament held at Stabler Arena. 
Lehigh took second place in this event with 
the help of Chris Mears. Peter Yozzo. and 
Paul Diekel. 

In the match, the Engineers challenge^i^ 
Wilkes College whom they defeated 25-23^ 
'0'high.was not so lucky, however, in the 

ilow^g Iowa match in which they lost 44- 

own USA %^ 

n the schedule was the Lock Haven 

Tournament, dho known as the Mat-Town 
USA Tournament. Out of the eleven schools 
that competed. Lehighcame away secondin 
the tournament with wins by Peter Yoizo. 
and Captain Paul Diekel. 
Engineers Hit a Setback 
Jn January, the Engineers hit a setback in 
Jhe season with six straight losses to Pitts- 
burgh, Iowa State, Michigan. Wisconsin, 
Cleveland State, and PennState. The squad 
came back strong though, and pinned the 
Black Knights of Army in a 25-17 match. 

Lehigh continued by defeating the Big 
JRed of Cornell with an impressive 38-7 victo- 

In their last away match, the Engineers 
(MSk^Maryland 27-20. Next, the grap- 
PimS^^L Navy for their last dual meet of 
the season. Lehigh finished their schedule 

Peter Yozzo, Tom Tog gas, and 
Paul Diekel took firsts in the 
nationals. j^^ 

with two dose losses to Syracuse 
Stars of the Team Shine 

Lekie ^^^^j^^s season 

tling ^Association ^^dmpionships at Frank- 
lin and Marshall, five Engineers gua lifiei 
for the nationals. Peter Yozzo. Tom^ 
and Paul Dieke^ok firsts while Brian 
and Chris Meom^gSMed with thirds. 

At the NCAA Championships at Oklah 
ma City, the Engineers finished ninth overall 
with two third place wins by Peter Yozzo and 
Paul Diekel. 


f^TV' '"■»yt0i^'v. 

Left to Right — (From Row): T. Cassan. D. Ball. A. Schantz. M. Price. P. Yozzo.B. Yates (Row 2): D. Garner. J . Frick. CJ.Mears. S. Velsch.D. Stamets, 
K. Ritrievi (Row 3): T. Turner (head coach). J. Turner lasst. coach). M. Richman (manager). B. Brown. P. Dieket (captain). D. Burle\ (asst. coach). T. 
Hutchinson (assoc. coach) 

Sheridan Tournament 


Wilkes College 

25-23 W 


44-0 L 

Lock Haven Tournament 



25-19 L 

Iowa State 

31-12 L 


27-15 L 


32-12 L 

Cleveland Slate 

23-19 L 

Penn Slate 

30-18 L 


25-17 W 


38-7 W 


25-17 W 


27-20 L 


21-20 L 




Men's Basketball 

By Ron Ticho 

Young Engineers Defy All Odds 

turned out to be an exciting st 
for the young Engineers. Under the guid- 
. ance of second-year head coach Tom 
' Schneider, the Brown and White jumped 
' out to an early 5-1 start in the East Coast 
Conference (ECC), and captured the 
i crown in the ECC Tournament and the 
automatic bid to the NCAAs. 

Lehigh finished with an overall record 
of 12-19, 9-8 in conference play, and man- 
aged to pull off the biggest upset in ECC 
Queenan Shatters Records 
^ii»^\iff(ch §f this year's success is due to 
the arrival of freshman Daren Queenan. 
Considered one of Le^^h's greatest 

['The Gebrget£0n game was 
'Merely a finish to what had 
turned out to be an exciting 
season for the young En- 
gineers." s 

J, Qu^nan sfi(gt^((recQrdsh^if 

[di^n'L exist at alupoituh Scffr^ in u 

tason (546); field goal^mtiide (225): 

lehigh basketball' s^ftr^A^-Amerie, ' 

selection and ECC RooKie-of-the-Vt 

m honoree. His scoring aver- 
age of 18.2 was Lehigh's highest since 

Overshadowed by much of the publici- 
ty was the fantastic season sophomore 
Mike Polaha had. Picking up where he 
lefi off freshman year, Polaha averaged 
15.6 points per contest, and was consis- 
tently ranked in the top 25 in the nation 
for free throw shooting. 

Wickman Guides Engineers 
'^Excitin^seasons such as this, howev- 
er, has corhe to a close for Lehigh's only 
senior and two-year captain, Paul Wick- 
man. Wickman finished his final cam- 
paigWaveraged just under eight points 
and seven rebounds per game. It was his 
leadership which helped guide this young 
squad to the MCAA tournament. 

A Talented, Young Team 

Lehigh's 12-19 record was deceiving. 
They lost ten games by six points or less 
— a sign of a young team . They got off to 
a flying start with an 82-48 crushing of 
East Stroudsburg, and thrilled fans with a 
^-83-74 triumph over Wagner College in 
^ their final home contest before winter 

Wl%ile students went awav for vacation, 
however^ the Engtneei s did not. Despite 
tournament losses in Arizona and Mil- 
waukee, the Engineei f u ere victorious in 
five of eight contest's of which four were 

ECC battles. Following an exciting 9^ 
thrashing of Hofstra, Lehigh hosted 
Bucknell to decide who would gain sole 
possesion of first place in the ECC. 
However, while the some 2000 Lehigh 
fans cheered on the Brown and White, the 
cagers fell short, dropping a 67-61 deci- 
sion to the Bisons. It was the start of a 
six-game mid-season skid for the En- 

ECC Victory 

In their final regular season contest, 
Drexel beat the Engineers , 70-69, reveng- 
ing an earlier one-point Lehigh victoiy in 
Philadelphia. Lehigh, however, would be 
the last to laugh, knocking off the Drag- 
ons in the first round of the ECC tourna- 
ment, 58-56. The Engineers went on to 
defeat Hofstra, 72-68, and then.>^beatm 
Bucknell in the fined, 76^74 in over time. 

The Georgetown game and the NCAA 
tournament is history. That one event has 
garnered more publicity than any oilier 
sporting event in the history of the Uni- 

John S. Kelly, a 1927^grmdimte of 
Lehigh, put it best in a letter to Lehigh's 
public information office. "The koys 
worked their hearts out to make it to^lhe 
finals . . they deserved it and iflay^d be- 
cause they loved the game. Gt>D bless 

icked by ECC coaches in a 
-season poll to finish last, 
Enginee&0efied aliodds 
d brough^iot^ j^ehi^h's 
first ECC Jii^kptbhlt champi- 
onship." m v,^ 

Left to Right — (Front Row): D. Queenan. M. Androlewicz. R. Gregory. P. Wickman (captain), M. Polaha, K. Greene, A. Francis. (Row 2): P, Sclar 
(manager), S. Berns (statistician), T. Schneider (head coach), V. McKay. G. Martin. T. Russell, D. Henderson. B. Cheslock, V. Doswell, S. Bowling, F. 
McCaffery (asst. coach), G. Austin (asst. coach). 

I Coach Tom Schneider 



My Uncle's Big Game 

The papers had them beaten right from the start. 

What they didn't know, is this team's got heart. 
They said we really didn't belong. 

We were here to show them that they were wrong. 
As my sign proclaimed "The Little Engineers That Could. " 

In the back of my mind I was hoping they would. 
I don't know why we paid for these seats. 

After just a few minutes, we'd be more on our feet. 
As my uncle went up high with the ball. 

Ewing was waiting, big as a wall. 

As Jackson and Wingate executed the press. 

It was evident, for my uncle, there would be no rest. 
The first half was over, I felt such fear. 

The points were so few, so very mere. 
We came so far, drove so long for this game. 

Why, oh why. are they playing so lame? 
The second half's starting, we'll never say die. 

We're just going to give it that old college try. 
As they came out from the locker room, the cheers were loud. 

And I was one of them, this Lehigh crowd. 
Here he comes again, heading for the basket. 

Another two points — swish — nothing but net. 
There he goes driving down the lane, 

I closed my eyes and thought, "No. you're insane." 
But the basket was good, as he hit the floor. 

Afoul was called, as he tries for one more. 

When they'd tried to set Darren up for the dunk. 

Perry McDonald was there, and all chances were sunk. 
The whole Civic Center shook from the roar. 

Whenever one of the engineers would score. 
As time was running out. the game was almost done. 

My uncle came out to a standing ovation. 
As I looke around, I saw something I hadn't seen in years. 

My father was watching with his eyes full of tears. 
I kept watching my dad, as he hugged my mother. 

Bursting with pride, this was his baby brother. 
As his points were added, the tally was twenty. 

A feat not matched by all that many. 
As we waited for all the showering to be done. 

Out of the locker room they came, one by one. 
My brother and I made our way down the steps. 

To congratulate this team we think is the best. 
But the guard stopped us, "This is reserved for the team," 

When a familiar voice said. "It's o.k.. they're with me." 
Coach Tom Schneider had every reason to beam. 

After the second half performance of this young team. 
So here 's to you . . . 
Wick. Darren. Michael A. and Don, 

Vernon, Kenny, Tim. and Ron. 
They won't soon forget that you were here. 

After all we won't let them, we'll be back next year. 

— bv Tommv Polaha Jr. 

>-:^ _ ,1^' 


-Women's Basketball 

A Quietly Successful Season 

By Doug Brogowski 

The 1984-85 version of the Lehigh 
women's basketball team was like Rodney 
^angerfield — they got no respect. Overshad- 
owed by the men's team's winning of the 
ECC championship and subsequent 
Rationally televised game against number 
^ne ranked Georgetown, the women's team 
quietly had a fantastic season. 
A positive direction 

It was a season in which, under Head 

Overshadowed by the men's 
team, the women's team quietly 
had a fantastic season. 

Coach Muffet bmcGraw. the team compiled 
e 20-8 record and made it as far as i^H^CC 
championshiop game. It was a season that- 
saw the team jump off to a lO'Orecpxd to 

give them their best stai 
was a season that, combined with iWc men's 
team, will hopefully start the Lehigh basket- 
ball program in a positive direction. 

Leading players 

The Lady Engineers were led by junior 
guard Shawn Steward, who led the team in 
points per game (14.5), free throw percen- 
tage (79%), assists (119). steals (68), and 
overall scoring (376 points). Other key play- 
ers were junior forward Liz Feeley (1 1 .9ppg. 
and the team's leading rebounder), senior 
guard Patti Cutting (3.0 ppg. and 25 steals}, 
junior center Ellen Silver (11 .7 ppg. and 8.5 
rebounds per game), and junior guardCathy 
Englebert (73% freethrow % and 9.9 ppg.)- 
Up and ctiming players include sophomore 
Cathy Laydon and freshman Mary Kush. 
^ A few highlights 

season, when they won 10 in a ro\>im 
their closest game was a 75-60 win over Cor- 
nell. They won one game by 35 points, 76-^ 
over Mary wood College. Their toughest^^^ 
was a 64-62 squeaker over Rider. wSt 

After completing the regular season wWi 
an 18-7 record, the Lady Engineers beat 
Rider 75-61, and then defeated forever 
tough Delaware 69-61 . This brought them to 
the ECC championship game, where they 
lost to Lafayette 72-52. 

The future looks promising 

Despite the loss, the season was a good 
one, and one that left a positive outlook for 
the future. As Coach McGraw put it. "I 
think we've started a real good program 
here. That junior class has really built the 
foundation for women's basketball at 
Lehigh and we hope to improve and grow on 
that and, hopefully, be one ^aLUi£j£aias. to 
beat in the conference each 

I^TI've Started a ret 
good program here. That junior 
class has really built the founda- 
tion for women' s basketball at 


Left to Right — (Front Row): M. Lelinski. G. Arbeiter, E. Silver. M. Kush. J. Lofgren, C. Laydon. C. Engelberl (Row 2): C. Frankenbach (trainer), K. 
Benicoff(asst. coach). P. Cutting. C. Baker. L. Feeley. G. Pietsch. L. Caslen. A. Austin, S. Steward. M. McGraw (head coach) 





Phila. Textile 


73 Hofstra 



Allentown College 


75 Rider 



Marywood College 


69 Delaware 





72 Lafayette 





(ECC Championship) 


























Towson State 



























Towson State 



St. Joseph's 


-Men's Swimming 

Left 10 Right — (Front Row): C. Mower, K. Hutchinson, E. Steetman (captain), R. Siepka. (Row 2h B. (iardiiicr (coach}, M. Savin, G. Weiss, J. Shewell.P. 
Titterton, T. Rudel, R. Gaydos. B. Wilson, L. Sunflower (asst. coach). (RowS): D. Gambone, C. Marshall. S. Hillabiddle, S. Pasquale. D. Koszeghy, C. 
Clark, D. Daum. T. LeChard, T. Morris, E. DeClercg (asst. coach) 

By Nicola Pugliese 

The Lehigh Men's Swimming team had a 
successful 6-4 season, highlighted by their 
placing third in the East Coast Conference. 

Swimmers that shine 

In the Conference, Ted Rudel, Brooks 
Clark, Bob Gaydos, and John Shewell won 

the top four places in the 1650 yard freestyle 
race, making Lehigh the first team to win 
four places in any one event. 

Coach's remarks 

Coach Gardiner commented that he was 
very satisfied with their performance. 


































Women's Swimming 

Left to Right — iFroni Rom: H . Stet^mueller. D. Reillv (captain), J. Lewis. (Row 2): B. Gardiner (coach). S. Sonntag. L. Melvin. L. Gravell. D. Gatti, K. 
Young, K. KoproHski, L. Sunflower (asst. coach) (Row 3): J . Pasko . B . Morton. S . Strauss . B . Roden . M.Monlanti. N.Bolwell.P. Sieadman. E. DeClercg 
(asst. coach) 

By Nicola Pugliese 

The Lehigh Women's Swimming team 
had a difficult season due to the fact that 
many of its strong swimmers graduated. 
There was, however, great potential shown 

Sue Roden. Senior Heidi Stegmuller also 
performed well. 

Looking ahead 

Coach Gardiner is looking fonvard to re- 
building another strong team with his fresh- 

by the new freshmen Sharon Sonntag and man and the recruits from the class of 1989. 





Br\n Mawr 





























A • - ^ - 



Ice Hockey 

<^ v-v V ^y vs ^ y^-' V f 

Z.f/r ro /?!)?/!( — I Front Rowl: P. Hopper. S. Gordon. J. Bombassel (co-captain). P. Keaveney (captain). M. Hurley (co-captain). P. Meyers. D. Lummis, P. 
Gradv lasst. coach) (Row 2): S. Wenzel. T. Hoffman. J. Menna, S. Gediman. J. Mongillo. G. Friedman, D. Sacher. (Row 3): P. Conners, D. Thomas, S. 
Watt', R. Bassik, P.Scott, D. Jacey. T. Parker, J. Cleary 


Left to Right — (Front Row): S . Koenii: \l Suuhr ,s Carev. J. Strain (co-captaim. I> Ahuw. lA'.n, Ji i /)|7/,./,, L.Suuk. f.Siaiuo. M . Diii;nuinn. J.Lee, 
T. Yen, SGM J. Carden (coach) 


Left lo Right — (Front Row): K. Thompson, A. Baquerizo. J. Parson. M. DeLeon. (Row 2): L. Larson. I. Mahmud (coach). S. Graham. J. Larson, A, 
Kennedy. J. Sills 


(Left to Ri^hl): M. Khokas. B. McGowan. A. Stock (captain). M. Kavulich. D. Friedman. P. Tulsyan 



Left to Right — (Front Row): B. Bejsovec. M. Stamm. S. D'Augelli. J. Ryan, R. Dantas (Row 2): K. Berecz. T. McCord. K. Loughman. M. McPartland, D. 
Lisella (Row 3): R. Fletcher, C. Frankenback, N. Lavelle, E. Lain, L. Desert, J. Hober, K. Adams (coach), D. Adams, R. Turoscy 

Volleyball Enjoys a 
Successful Season 

By Doug Brogowski 

The Women's Volleyball 
team, under coach Karen 
Adams, enjoyed their finest sea- 
son in a number of years, 
finishing with a very impressive 
28-15 record and a second place 
finish in the Colgate tourna- 

ECAC Tournament 

The team hosted theE.C.A.C. 
Tournament andfmished a solid 
third. The biggest win of the sea- 
son was a startling upset of Ivy 

League champ Penn. 
Team Stars 

Led by P.A.LA.W. All-Stars 
Molly Stamm and Janet Ryan, 
as well as Susan D'Augelli and 
Rhonda Dantas, the team faired 
well against all opponents. 
Coach Adams sees a bright fu- 
ture with such budding stars as 
Bonnie Bejsovec, Kerry Lough- 
man and Nancy LaVelle leading 
the team in coming years. 



























Seton Hall 






St. Francis 


West Chester 









Villa nova 


















Track and Field 




_/sii --.i: 

Left to Right — (fron/ /Jon;; W. Tomkoski, S. Reider. E. Kehoe. T. Vancur. J. McVeigh Ico-cuptain), B. Goldberg. B. Mundy (co-captain). T. Gray, D. 
McFall. T. Lee. J. Bonsell. J.R. DeLaParra. A. Bennett. iRow 2): J. Ronacher (manager). J. Rahm. J. Stack. H. Sturm. T. Crowley. A. Manusky, B. 
Denmark (co-captain). J. Radzelovage. T. Jovce. M. Petkits. J. Marain. J. Kent. T. Johnson. J. Covert (coach) 


Lehigh vs. 


184 W 

Phila. Textile 

72 W 

Trenton State 

59 W 


14 W 

Medgar Evers 

13 W 


55-103 L 


93-70 W 


—Men's Lacrosse 

#%r LEHlGii lLHIGH 

Z-eiif /o /?/g/» — (From Row): J. Stanley, J. Miller. P. Poclie. D. Gagliosiro, J. Senior. (Row 2): D. Brown. R. Basile. J. Herd. H. Russell. R. Massey. P. 
Carroll. T. Farrell. (Row .?); F. Lombardy lasst. coach). J. Frederickson, B. Sarver. B. Abbott. B. Hamp. K. Murphy, B.O'Donnell. B.O'Grady. J. 

Lacrosse Rocketed the Best 
Campaign in Six Years 

By Mary Ellen Villages 















Towson State 



West Chester 






F &M 












Montclair St. 






Salisbury St. 

12 ' 


D rex el 


Women's Lacrosse 

Left to Right — I From Row): M.Miller, K. Yost. S. Coursen(Row2}: V. Vandergritt. K.Dolun. (\ Eiii;i'theri.B. Schmidt. S. VanWagenen. K. Denmark. L. 
Hamilton. C. Gindlesperger (Row 3): C. Frankenbach (trainer), M. Weiner. J. Pickens. C. Koehter. A. Dassa, C. Miller, L. Hargrader, M. Corrigan, M. 
Dickson, C. Julian, I. Walter. H. Chun. J. Baxter (head coach). M. Ruth (asst. coach) 





Towson St. 









We.'it Chester 


















Penn State 









James Madison 





Years of Work Produced Results 

By Mary Ellen Villages 





z Men's Tennis 

^.^. — ^^.^. 

Lf/f to Right — (Front Row): M. Pennell, R. Merrell, D. Alperin.B. Buddy. B. Hughes. (Row 2): S. Kennedy, L. Hochberg, I. Nilsher, E. Catcher. M. Nesbit 


With Eric Galchcr and David Alper- 
in finishing runner-up at Nos. I and 2 
single^ the men' i tennis team placed 
sixth at ihe ECC championships^.at 
Rider. " . 

Qfjdcher amLNuniher 3 Bob Hughes 
also advan^B to the semi-final round 
at Niimlffrl doubles. 

In regular-season jnatches Lehigh 
went 5-10. Galcher was 10-5 at Num- 
ber I, Alperin 11-4 at Number 2. 












F &M 



Wm. & Mary 













West Chester 


















Women's Tennis 

Left lo Right — (Front Row): G. Brennan. B. Date. C. Beuske. H. Stas. S. Rengyel. I Row 2): K. Adams I coach). C. Abualy, K. Yaracko, R. Magaleski. J. 
Cohen. M. Garant 

Spring Tennis 




Si. Leo 


Trenton St. 



SE Missouri St. 1 



PAIAW Tournament 1st Place 





Temple 2 




West Chester 1 




Yen's tennis team forged an ' 
5-7 record in spring matches and tied I 
for seventh in the Middle States Tour- ) 

nament. iiflfBrW '%?! 

Number 1 f^^WSeth Dale m-c/v 3^ 
before incurring ati injury tiuu kt_pi her 

out of the final ^-^ 

Co-capt ainJCr i 
J Number l^^r a 
Number 2. Co-cuy.. 



-'I start at J 
. Brennan i 

mbers 3 and 2. 

■•ni 7-2 at Numbers ^ 
n It^^a mark of 

. nUargot Garant 3-3^ and Colaine 
Abualy. 2-2, combined for a 5-5 martr 
■*TJf Numbers 5 and 6. 



/ / / 



i ^ 

#r^ V 


z Baseball 

Left to Right — (Front Row): P.D'Agoslino, J. Edelman. J. Cantor, T. Rinaldi. D. King. J. Swzec, P. Sclar. (Row 2): J. Farley, T. Davidson, J. Kinney, B. 
Cook, M. Pasquito. J. Nuemann, R. Donlon, C. Venezia. J. Mark. (Row 3): S. Schullz (head coach), J. Onorato, C. Roth, J. Stengel, R. Katsoff, M. Zlock, 
J. Glazebrook. B. Gara. C. Anderson (pitching coach). W. Leonardi, L. Schultz (statistician) 

Baseball Finishes with an 11-18 


By Mary Ellen Villegas 





Armstrong State 






Georgia Southern 












Phila. Pharmacy 






Wm. & Mary 





Wm. & Mary 






Trenton State 


























Towson State 






Towson State 

















louna Jon 
.34 ERA^and 
P^-^ wit^.^^^A oj| 

'fesp^^missing several gi 
^^'causeuyf a back injury, center 
MNw^«# (Wmof^fo was -v^ied 

straiiAit year to the ECC all-star'' 





Left lo Right — (Front Row): M. Brockett. B. Falk, M. Plata, L. Feeley, K. Townsend, E. Fernandez. (Row 2): J. Burger. K. Hynes. A.Regan, S. Covert, M. 
Baum, M. McGraw (coach). 

Softball Team Learns to Appreciate 


By Mary Ellen Villegas 








Towson State 



Allentown Col. 
























St. Joseph's 









Long Island U. 




Salisbury State 












Towson Slate 


{Although the season 
for the girls, the Lehigh's Women' s\ 
Softball leatn still had fun playing . The 
few games rhey did win made them 
really appieciuu ilw thrill of victory. 
Stars that shine 

Leading the teanvivts' senior cap- 
tain Amy Regan, KcMtl^itj^(.239: 
16-for-67), Marlena Plutcn^6; 12- 
foft^, and MVP Amy Aukin4>i03: 
^^^r-69). Coach McGraw hopes that 
^the 1986 season ^^H/\l^^ up and 
perhaps be a winr 


Victory and 

Not in the clamor of the crowded street, 
Not in the shouts and the plaudits of the 

But in ourselves, are triumph and defeat. 





^fiive always, my friend, as if 
there is world enough and time 




^ow this is not the end. ^t is 
not even the beginning of the 
end. ^ut it is, perhaps, the 
end of the beginning. 

— Winston Churchill 



Michael Alan Aranow Anthony David Arturi 

Timothy Joel Artz 

Carl Leonard Austin Jr. 


James Bennett Babcock Jonathan Hall Backenstose 

Lisa Monique Ballester Lisette Anne Barnes 

Janis Lee Barney 

Linda Bernadette Barrett 

Douglas T. Albert Harrisburg. Pa., Mechanical Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha — Alumni Correspondent; ASME.; Polo Team; Ski team; Cycling 
team; Investment club 

Ira R. Alexander Beachhaven, NJ., Finance; Investment club; Forensic 
Society — President; ski club; LUV; Assl. head of Concert Security 

Dennis Craig Ally Rockvilte, MD., Computer Science; Phi Delta Theta — 
President; IFC; Photography club; Philosophy cluh; Ski club 

Peter Philip Alvarez Cranford. NJ.. Economics; Phi Delta Theta — Social 
Chairman. Judicial Council. Executive Council; Baseball: Senior Class Ex- 
ecutive Council; Senior Class Gift Campaign — Investment Committee 

Sharon Darley Ambler Haverford, Pa.. Finance; Alpha Gamma Delta — 
Corresponding Secretary. Treasurer; Investment cluh 

Cathy Lynn Anderson Basking Ridge. NJ. Industrial Engineering 

Julie Kay Anderson Portville, NY., Alpha Omicron Pi — Scholarship 
Chairman; Presidential prize; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; AIChE.: Beta 
Theta Pi — Little Sister President; Freshman Orientation Advisory 

Jeffrey Fredrick Xndrevi Allentown, Pa., Computer Science: Townhouse — 
Treasurer. President; Deans list; Phi Eta Sigma 

Frank L. Angelo III Burlington. NJ. Industrial Engineering: Delta Chi — 
Recording Secretary; HE. 

Christopher Edward Ansoff 5a« Diego. CA.. Computer Engineering; Tau 
Epsilon Phi — Rush Chairman, Public Relations Chairman: Tau Beta Pi; 
Computing Society 

J. Bradford Anthony Livingston, NJ., Finance; Delta Sigma Phi; Deans list; 
Williams Award for Dramatic Interpretation: Mustard and Cheese 
Dramatic Society; Student Investment fund 

John Archibald Scranton, Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Michael Alan Aranow Dixhills, NY, Accounting: Sigma Alpha Mu — 
President: Deans list; Beta Alpha Psi; Brown and White; Investment Club 

Anthony David Arturi Wayne, NJ, Finance 

Timothy Joel Artz Lancaster. Pa.. Electrical Engineering 

Carl Leonard Austin Jr. Summit. NJ, Finance; Investment club 

James Bennett Babcock New Canaan, CT, Mechanical Engineering 

Jonathan Hall Backenstose Hershey, Pa., Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE.: ASME 

William Alan Bader Bethlehem. Pa., Computer Engineering 

Jean Elizabeth Bailey Harrisburg. Pa., Industrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi 
— Pledge Coordinator; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans li.<:l; HE.. 
Society of Women Engineers: BiglLittle Sister Society; Ski Cluh 

Lisa Monique Ballester Ringwood, NJ, Mechanical Engineering: Kappa 
Alpha Theta — Vice President of Finance; Deans list; Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau 
Sigma — President: ASME. 

Lisette Anne Barnes Newfoundland, Pa., French, Geology: Departmental 
Honors: College Bowl President 

Janis Lee Barney Saylorsburg, Pa., Government, Journalism: Deans list: Pi 
Sigma Alpha — President; JV. Field Hockey.; Brown and White — Senior 
News Editor; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister 

Linda Bernadette Barrett Cherry Hill, NJ, Marketing: Alpha Phi — Rush 
Chairman. Activities Chairman: Deans list; Gryphon Society Tutor; 
Cheerleading Captain; SAC — Freshman Representative, Sorority 


Paula Basik Tolowa, NJ, Psychology; Wine Appreciation Club 

A. Bruce Bates Lakewood, OH Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher J. Battisti Medfield, MA, Mathematics; Sigma Phi; Phi Eta 

Nancy Jeanne Baosmith Maptewood, NJ, Biology; Phi Eta Sigma; Balleto- 
mane Society 

Bruce J. Beardsley Colts Necl<, NJ, Marketing; Omicron Delta Kappa; Ski 
Team, Sailing Team, Marketing Association — V.P. Communications; 
Visiting Lectures Committee — Co-Chairman, Senior Class Gift Campaign 

— Co-chairman 

Thomas G. Beaumonte Baldwin, NY, Accounting; Sigma Phi, Treasurer 

Richard Loring Becker Seyreville, NJ, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma, Deans List; Honors Convocation; Varsity 
Ice Hockey; Forum 

Kathleen Behrens Nazareth, Pa., Accounting; Gamma Phi Beta — 
Corresponding Secretary; Main Hurdman Accounting Award; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Soccer club; Ski club 

William Peter Belson Berkeley Heights, NJ, Mechanical Engineering; Theta 
Delta Chi; Pi Tau Sigma; Varsity Basketball; ASME. 

Christine Bender Cherry Hill, NJ, Economics, Foreign Careers, French; 
Gamma Phi Beta — Panhellenic Delegate; Choir: Epitome staff; 
Panhellenic Council; Soccer Club 

Heather Anne Bender Aiken, SC, Management 

Robert P. Bender, Jr Hollidaysburg, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Highland 
Guard; Air Force ROTC 

Jeffrey Scott Bennett Emerson, NJ, Mechanical Engineering; Theta Xi — 
President, House Manager; ASME.; SAE.; Water Polo 

Andrew James Bergdoli Wallingford, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Alpha 
Sigma Phi — President; Deans list; Phi Eta Sigma — President; Pi Tau 
Sigma; ASME.; SAE.; Forum — Subcommitte Chairman 

John Patrick Bergen Roseland, NJ, Computer Science; Sigma Nu 

Thomas George Berger Morrisville, Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Beth E. Bems Pomona, NY, Government, Urban Studies; Who's Who in 
American Universities and Colleges; Pi Sigma Alpha; Forum — Co-chair 
Student Evaluation of Instruction, Delta Gamma — Treasurer, Founda- 
tions; Senior Class Gift Campaign — Solicitor 

Kathrvn J. Bemoid Lavallette, NJ, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi — Vice 
President; Beta Gamma Sigma; LUV 

John Albert Bertholon Upper Montclair, NJ, History, Theater; Fiji — 
Graduate Relations; Mustard and Cheese; Ski club; Sailing club 

Ellen Renee Bertrand Dunwoody, GA, Chemical Engineering 

Herbert John Betz, Jr. Philadelphia, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Taylor 
College; Pi Tau Sigma; Varsity Rifle Team, Lehigh Christian Fellowship — 

Elizabeth Marie Bevington Lehighton, Pa., Computer and Information 
Science; Marching 97 — Manager 

Johan Robert Beyer Monmouth Beach, NJ, Finance; Alpha Tau Omega — 
Secretary, Social Chairman: Marketing Club, Rugby club — Treasurer; IPC 

— Faculty Relations Chairman; Forum — Social Policies Sub-Committee 

Edward Andrew Biemer Wannaque, NJ, Economics; Phi Delta Theta — 
Judicial committee. Executive Council; Boxing Team — Treasurer; ROTC 

— Captain 

Christopher J. Battisti Nancy Jeatine Baustnith 

Richard Loring Becker Kathleen Behrens 

William Peter Belson Christine Bender Heather Anne Bender Robert P. Bender. Jr. 

Jeffrey Scott Bennett Andrew James BergdoU John Patrick Bergen Thomas George Berger 

Herbert John Betz, Jr. Elizabeth Marie Bevington Johan Robert Beyer Edward Andrew Biemer 


What is your favorite procrastination habit? 

■ Watching people 

■ Stroh's at the Tally Ho 

■ Going to Cedar Crest 
• Greekers at Lucy's 

■ Watching TV 

■ Socializing 

- Scoping in Linderman 

- Talking on the phone 

- Worrying and complaining about all the work I have to do 

- Eating 

- Exercise 

- Sitting in the sun 

- Daydreaming 

- Wait until the time is on the half hour or hour — (// miss it, 
I wait again. 

- Sex 


John Billone 

Daniel Blake, Jr. 

John Paul Blanchard James Richard Bleich 

Wendy Gail Body 

Pamela Ann Boland 

Brian W. Boorman 

Roy Henry Borgeson 

Richard Vincent Boyan Daniel Thomas Boyco 

William Charles Bradbury Jr. Dallas Ann Bradel 

John Billone Smilhtown. NY, Electrical Engineering 

Daniel Clarence Inglis Blake, Jr. York. Pa., Biochemical Engineering; 
LUCC: Concert Board Committee 

John Paul Blaochard Amhler, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Chi Phi — So- 
cial Chairman; ASME. 

James Richard Bleich Ivylannd, Pa., Electrical Engineering 

John Richard Blewitt Bridgewater, NJ, Finance; Pi Lambda Phi — Social 
Chairman, Football Team; Ski club; Scuba Club, WLVR Disk Jockey 

Mary Ellen Bligh Ardsley. NY, Fundamental Science: Wilbur Mathematics 
Award: Deans List. Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. — Secretary: Epitome staff; LUV; 
Theta Xi Little Sister — Secretary, Big/Little Organization 

William E. Bloom Mechanicsburg; Pa., Computer Engineering; Phi Delta 
Theta — Executive Council, House Manager. Vice President, Acting 
President, Social Chairman; IEEE.; Senior Class Executive Council 

Ann Elizabeth Body Blue Bell, Pa.. Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi — V.P. 
Pledge Trainer; Basketball Cheerleading; VLC. 

Wendy Gail Body Trexlertown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Pamela Ann Boland Camphill, Pa.. Environmental Science and Resource 

Brian W. Boorman Newtown Square, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Beta 
Theta Pi — Social Chairman, Treasurer 

Roy Henry Borgeson Wyckoff. NJ, English; Sigma Phi Epsilon — President, 
Recorder. Rush Chairman; IFC — Rush Chairman: Brown and White — 
Circulation Manager 

Jeffrey Deane Bornheimer Bethlehem, Pa., Civil Engineering; Alpha Chi 

Rlw ' 

Robert Lino Borowik Stamford, CT, Government; Theta Chi — Judicial 
Chairman; IFC — Social Committee 

Carl N. Botterbusch York, Pa., Mechanical Engineering: Gryphon Society; 
Delta Tau Delta; Pi Tau Sigma; Sailing Club; Forum Representative 

John Francis Bowden Holmdel, NJ, Chemical Engineering; Sigma Phi — 
Steward. Vice President; AlChE.; JV. Basketball 

Richard Vincent Boyan Closter, NJ, .Mechanical Engineering; Delta Phi — 
Vice President: Pi Tau Sigma; ASME.; SAC 

Daniel Thomas Boyco 5cran»o/i. Pa., Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi — 
Vi<e President. Chairman Education Committee; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta 
Sigma; IEEE. 

William Charles Bradbury Jr. Bozman. Montana. Chemical Engineering; 
Theta Xi; AlChE.; Highland Guard Trick Rifle Drill Team; Scuba Diver 

Dallas Ann Bradel Sewickley, Pa.. Economics. Foreign Careers, German; 
German House — Secretary; Alpha Gamma Delta; Choir; Librarian Tour 
Manager; Forum 


Richard T. Bryden 

Gerald William Buetow Steven Andrew Bufferd Laura Elizabeth Burns 

Linda Ellen Busch Bransbv Walter Bushey, Jr. 

William Cadwallader III Scoll Lawrence Cagen 

Edward Roy Braulick Weston. CT, Marketing: Upsilon — Rush 
(.hairnuin. President. Undergraduate Chairman National Convention: 
Alplia Phi Omega Service Fraternity — Treasurer. V.P. of Service 

Nancy Braunstein Roslyn. NY. Marketing: Deans list, Marketing Club; 
Women in Business 

Richard N. Bray Jr. Cranford. NJ, Molecular Biology 

Jarvis RowclifT Brecker New York, NY, Foreign Careers Program: Alpha 
Sigma Phi — Alumni Director: Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities: Senior Class Gift Campaign — Chairman 

Alan E. Brenner York. Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Greg Alan Brenner York, Pa.. Electrical engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Eta 
Kappa Nu:Phi Ela Sigma: IEEE. 

Lisa Karen Broder Marco Island, Fla., Accounting: Alpha Phi — social 
Chairman: Beta Alpha Psi: Omicron Delta Kappa: SAC — President. 
Hourglass Chairman: Scuba Club — Secretary: Marketing Club: Hillel 

Jeff Brotman Scranton, Pa., Accounting: Deans list: Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: 
Omicron Delta Kappa: Forum — chairman, Campus Life Committee: In- 
vestment Club. Hillel Society 

Christian Chandler Brown Norton, MA, Architecture: Delta Chi: Lucille 
Bunin Askin Contemporary Art Award: Art and Architecture Society — 

Dave Harding Brown Concord, MA, Civil Engineering: Sigma Chi — 
Annolator. Scholarship Chairman: ASCE.: Varsity Lacrosse Captain; 
Varsity Squash 

Leslie Ann Brown Succasunna. NJ. Marketing: Sigma Tau Delta: Marketing 
Club. Women in Business: LUV; Senior Class Gift Campaign: Senior Class 
E.xeculive Committee 

Peter Fredrick Brust Pembroke. MA, International Relations: Chi Phi — 
Historian: Rugby club: IFC — Judicial Committee, Hourglass Stage Crew 

Richard T. Bryden Manwah, NJ, Electrical Engineering; Kappa Alpha 

Gerald William Buetow West Islip, NY, Elecrical Engineering: Sigma Chi — 
Annotator. Scholarship Chairman; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE.; Varsity 
Lacrosse; LUV; Little League soccer Coach, Gryphon Society Tutor; Big 

Steven Andrew Bufferd Newtonville, MA, Foreign Careers: Sigma Nu; 

Laura Elizabeth Burns Kennebunk, Maine, Urban Sudies 

Linda Ellen Busch Fairlawn, NJ, Psychology, Theater: Psychology Honors 
Program: Psi Chi; Deans List: Tau Epsilon Phi Litle Sister: Mustard and Drama Society. College Democrats — Co-president 

Bransby Walter Bushey, Jr. Abington, Pa., Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha 
Secretary, Rush chairman: Deans list; Beta Alpha Psi; Marketing club; 
Investment club: IFC — Rush Co-Chairman 

Carol Anne Buttafuoco Garden City, NY. Accounting: Delta Gamma — 
Scholarship Chairman, Social Chairman: Deans List; Beta Alpha Psi; In- 
vestment Club — Vice President; Senior Class Executive Board 

Howard Eric Buznitsky Convent Station, NJ, Finance: Hill House: Deans 
list: Beta Alpha Psi; FMA; Investment Club 

Steven Ira Buznitsky Convent Station, NJ, Computer Science: Computing 
Society; Hillel Society 

Roland Cadotte Jr. Freehold, NJ, Electrical Engineering 

William Blake Perry Cadwallader HI Homer, NY. Finance, International 
Relations; Kappa Sigma — Treasurer, House Manager 

Scott Lawrence Cagen Freehold, NJ, Marketing: Delta Upsilon — Alumni 
Chairman: Brown and While — Editor-in-chief: Marketing Club 


Thomas F. Cahill Jr. Summit. NJ, Engineering Physics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 
Deans list; Francis Scott Key Award; Tau Beta Pi; Society Of Physics 
Students; Ski club; Sailing Club; Outing Club 

Lisa Ann Calcagni Pequannock, NJ, Industrial Engineeriing; HE.; SWE.; 
Traffic Appeals Committee 

Steven John Calcagni Chesire, CT, Finance 

Elizabeth Ann Campbell Paoli, Pa., Foreign Careers; Track Club, Soccer 
Club, Spanish Club, Air Force ROTC 

Riccardo A.G. Canonaco Pine Brook, NJ, Accounting 

Adam Stuart Caplan Greenwich, CT, Civil Engineering; ASCE.; College 
Democrats; Harrisburg Urban Semester 

Robert Michael CappabiancaBer/ieic/fl, MD., Chemistry ; Kappa Alpha; Phi 
Eta Sigma; American Chemical Society — Secretary; Choir — Manager; 
Forum — Representative; Gryphon Society 

Vincent Michael Carita Magnolia, NJ, Mechanical Engineering; Scabbard 
and Blade Society; Lehigh Boxing Club; SAE.; Photography Club; 
Residence Hall Council; Lehigh Rangers 

Denise Sharon Carroll Philadelphia. Pa., Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa; Psi 
Chi; Rhodes Scholarship Nominee 

Gregory T. Carson Baltimore, MD, Electrical Engineering 

Donald Dickinson Carver Clinton, NC, Biology; history. Philosophy; Theta 
Chi; Deans list 

Allison Lawrence Case Candor, NY, Accounting; Dean's list; Graduated 
with High Honors; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Fairchild — 
Martindale Student Associate; Investment Club; Epitome Business 
Manager; Theta Xi Litle Sisters President 

Caroline Elizabeth Cassidy Chevy Chase, MD, Electrical Engineering; Air 
Force ROTC; Soccer club; Chi Phi Little Sisters 

Conception Ponte Castandeda Parlamar, Venezuela 

Norma Castillo Howell, NJ Government 

George Peter Celtrick Hollywood, Fla., Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Michele Chin Lee-Gillete Valsayn Park, Trinidad, Accounting 

Robert Francis Chishotan Suffern, NY Mechanical Engineering 

Kyusun Choi Allentown, Pa., Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Computing Society; IEEE.; Korean Student Club 

Ronald Nathan Chomsky Ocean Township, NJ, Electrical Engineering; 
Delta Chi Fraternity; IEEE. — Student Faculty Relations Committee 

Kenneth Y. Chou Bethlehem, Pa., Finance; Republican Club, Investment 

John Robert Chrin Allentown, Pa., Economics 

Nancy Anne Cicetti Parsippany, NJ, History; Jack Barnett Scholarship; 
Deans list; Phi Alpha Theta; RHC 

Adam Stuart Caplan Robert Michael Cappabianca 

Vincent Michael Carita Denise Sharon Carroll Gregory T. Carson Donald Dickinson Carver 

Allison Lawrence Case Caroline Elizabeth Cassidy Concepcion Ponte Castandeda Norma Castillo 

George Peter Celtrick Michele Chin Lee-Gillette Robert Francis Chisholm Kyiisun Choi 

Ronald Nathan Chomsky Kenneth Y. Chou John Robert Chrin Nancy Anne Cicetti 

Nancy Elizabeth Clapp Tulsa, OK. Finance: Alpha Gumma Delia — 
Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: FMA: 
Soccer club 

Morgan Donald Clark WestfielJ. MA , Electrical Engineering: IEEE. : ROA . : 
Judo Cluh: Highland Guard Drill Team 

John B. Clarke Port Reading. NJ, Beta Theta Pi — Steward: Dean's list: 
Alpha Pi Mu: Newman Council: SAME.: Air Force ROTC 

Kevin Joseph Clarke Pearl River. N Y, Finance: Lehigh Rugby Club: Market- 
ing Club: Investment Club: Newman Council — President: YAF.: Senior 
Class Gift Campaign 

John Michael Cleary Haverown, Pa.. Chemical Engineering 

Dana Milton Coates Weston. MA. finance; Sigma Chi; Leonard Pool 
scholarship; Investment Club 

Robert Anthony Cocco Broomall. Pa . . Electrical Engineering: IEEE. ; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign — Investment Committee 

Valerie Ann Cococcia Briarcliff Manor. NY; Economics; Dean's List; 
Women's Soccer Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Ski Club 

Nicholas Cofone Roseland. NJ; Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi; Student Invest- 
ment Fund 

Adam Jay Cohen Pittsburg. Pa. . Pre-Med: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma; 
Air Force Medical Scholarship; Hillel Society; WL'VR Radio Station; Medi- 
cal College of Pa. in Philadelphia 

Beth Devra Cohen Hamden, CT, Marketing; LUV —President: Marketing 
Club; Senior Class Executive Board 

Hilary Gail Cohen Bethlehem. Pa.. Psychology: Psi Chi; Theta Chi Little 

Howard H. Cohen Morganville, NJ, Accounting; Phi Kappa Psi 

Joshua Louis Cohen Albington. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering 

Mark William Colangelo Whitestone. NY, Electrical Engineering 

Charles MacFarlan Cole Bn'fi Athyn, Pa., Finance; Phi Kappa Theta — 
Social Chairman, IM Manager: Dean 's List; Investment Club; Senior Class 
Gift Campaign — Investment Committee 

Alan Cobnenares Durham, NC, Electrical Engineering; LUV, Travel 

Nick John Conca Weslport, CT, Finance 

Joyce Katherine Conrow Manhattan, Kansas, Mechanical Engineering; 
ASME.: Lacrosse; Soccer; Chi Phi Little Sisters 

Keith Scott Corkum Dudley, MD. Computer Engineering 

Nancy Elizabeth Clapp Morgan Donald Clark 


John B. Clarke 

Kevin Joseph Clarke 

Robert Anthony Cocco 

Valerie Ann Cococcia 

Howard H. Cohen 

Joshua Louis Cohen Mark William Colangelo Charles MacFarlan Cole 

What have you learned at Lehigh? 

How to learn 
How to endure 

Truth, justice and the American way 
Beer is cheaper by the keg 
That I'm not an Engineer 
My limit 

Do unto others before they do unto you, but do it profes- 

■ How to play "tails" 

■ How to climb steps 

■ That it just doesn't matter 
How to write checks 

How to sleep with my eyes open 

How to pretend to work hard while actually doing nothing 

■ The Greek alphabet 

Joyce Kulherine Conrow 

Keith Scott Corkum 


Brian Thome Crane Gregory Frank Creitz Michael Allen Cressman Raphael F. Cronin 

David William Crotty, Jr. James J. Cunningham Francis Michael Curran John Kimberly Curtis 

William Alden Cushman Patricia Anne Cutting Mary Ann Czarcinski Brian Paul Dahmer 



Lorraine Marie D'Amato Mark Robert D' Andrea 

James Francis Davidson Jeffrey Brian Davidson 

Claude P. Davis 

Julia Kathryn Davis 

Paul B. Corning Poughkeepsie, NY, Industrial Engineering: Folk Group: 

Marie Elizabeth Coulter Kensington. MD. Statistics: Gryphon Society, 
Lehigh Christian Fellowship: LUV 

Susan Lee Coursen Collingswood. NJ, Marketing: Field Hockey: Women's 

Clare Marie Crabtree Monivale, NJ, English, Journalism: Delta Gamma — 
Vice President, Williams Prize for Feature Writing. Sigma Tau Delta, 
Brown and White 

Brian Thorne Crane Weslport, CT, Mechanical Engineering: Delta Phi: 
ASME.: Karate Club: Boxing Club: Fence Post Club 

Gregory Frank Creitz Schnecksville, Pa.. Pre-Medicine 

Michael Allen Cressnian Quakertown, Pa., Electrical Enginering: Theta Chi 

— Steward: Tau Beta Pi: Varsity Soccer: Ski Club: Sailing Club 

Ralph F. Cronin Coltsneck, NJ, Engineering Mechanics: The Farmhouse: 

David William Crotty, Jr. Kingston, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Chi Phi — 
Pledge Educator: Rugby Club: ROTC: Lehigh Rangers 

James J. Cunningham S. Yarmouth, MA, Finance: Chi Psi — Asst. 
Treasurer: Dean's list: Chi Psi Educational Trust Scholarship: Phi Beta 
Kappa: Investment Club: Marketing Club: FMA: Senior Class Gift 
Campaign — Solicitation Chairman 

Francis Michael Curran Hazleton, Pa., Civil Engineering: Richard King 
Mellon Scholarship: Chi Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: ASCE.: Varsity Baseball 

John Kimberly Curtis Morristown, NJ Accounting 

William Alden Cwbnaa Riverside , CT, Journalism, Science Writing: Choir: 
Science Scope: Brown and White 

Patricia Anne Cutting Rockville, MD Math 

Mary Ann Czarcinski Somerville, NJ, Math, Theatre; Dean 's List: Mustard 
and Cheese Drama Society — Treasurer; LUV; Bigl Little Sisters Organiza- 

Brian Paul Dahmer Clarence, NY, Mechanical Engineering: Kappa Alpha 

— Second Attendent, House Manager, Pledgemaster: ASME.: Jazz 

Lorraine Marie D'Amato Island Park, NY. Industrial Engineering: Delta 
Gamma: I.E. Council: HE. — Vice President Chapter Relations: Mustard 
and Cheese Drama Society 

Mark Robert D'Andrea Wayne, NJ, Finance; Pi Lambda Phi 

William Francis Datri Morganveille, NJ, Electrical Engineering: Dean's 
List: IEEE.: Communications Society: Ping Pong Club 

Susan Daugelli Williston Park, NY, Marketing: Volleyball 

James Francis Davidson Selinsgrove, Pa., Accounting: Chi Psi — Pledge 
Director; Varsity Football 

Jeffrey Brian Davidson Oakhursi, NJ, Finance, Marketing: Delta Chi — 
Vice President, IM Manager: Boxing Club: Football: Ski Club: Marketing 
Club, Investment Club; Lehigh College Bowl Team 

Claude P. Davis PoughKeepsie. NY, Accounting: Alpha Tau Omega —Asst. 
Treasurer, Public Relations Chairman: Rugby Club: Ski Club; Scuba Club: 
IFC Faculty Relations Committee: Judicial Committee 

Julia Kathryn Davis Wvcoff, NJ, Physics; Delta Gamma — Ritual 
Chairman: Air Force ROTC Scholarship; Society of Physics Students. 
AIAA.; Air Force Corps Commander 


Paul Fredrick Decain Kensington. MD., Accounting: Theta Xi; Fairchild 
Marketing Scholar: Who's Who in American Colleges and University; 
Dean's List: FMA: IFC — Treasurer, Publicity Chairman, Rush 
Committee: Editor— "The Olympian " 

Marc A. DeCruccio Weston, CT, Accounting: Alpha Chi Rho: Dean's List: 
Beta Alpha Psi: Phi Beta Kappa 

Kevin Scott DeholT York. Pa.. Industrial Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon — 
Social Chairman. Comptroller: IEEE.: Varsity Swimming 

Walter Wilhelm Deichmann New Hope. Pa., Mechanical Engineering: Psi 
Upsilon — House Manager: Meritorious Achievement Award — ROTC: Ice 
Hockey Club: SAME.: Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Jose Maria Dejisus Belhleham. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering 

Linda Mary Oeluca Towaco. NJ Mechanical Engineering 

Peter William Deluca Scranlon, Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Joan Marie De Marco New Rochelle, NY, Accounting: Equestrian Club: Phi 
Kappa Theta Little Sister Vice President 

Jeffrey L. DeNinno Pittsburgh, Pa., Architecture: The Farmhouse: An and 
Architecture Society — President: Brown and White Culture Editor 

Robert Bruce Denmark Mooreslown, NJ, Electrical Engineering: Sigma 
Nu: Varsity Track 

Lisa Jeanne Desnoyers Bridgewater. NJ, Foreign Careers, Economics: 
Women's Soccer: Marketing Club: Sailing Club: Epitome — Academics 
Editor: Senior Class Gift Campaign — Promotion Committee, BiglLillle 
Sister Organization 

Frederic James Deuschle Villanova, Pa.. Metallurgy & Materials Engineer- 
ing: Phi Kappa Theta — President, Rush Chairman, Executive Secretary, 
Little Sister Chairman: Student Metallurgy Society 

Keith de Witt Potomac, MD., Industrial Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha — 
Pledge Master, House Manager 

Thomas Alan DiBlasi Monroe, CT, Civil Engineering: Sigma Chi — House 
Manager, Vice President: Dean's List. Chi Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. 

Scott Knowlton Dickinson Sunapee, NH. Industrial Engineering: Farm 
House — Treasurer: lEE. 

Debra Susanne Didden Greenshurg, Pa., Electrical Engineering: IEEE.; 

Alfred J. DiGiovanni Westchester. Pa., Industrial Engineering: Phi Delta 

Michael Joseph DiMarco Easton, Pa.. Finance: Pi Lambda Phi — Athletic 
Manager, Athlete of the Year Award 

Pasqualino A. D'Imperio, Jr. N. Tarry town, NY, Accounting: Theta Xi; 
Outstanding American Award; Gryphon Society 

Mark Philip Dolan Convent Station. NJ. Finance: Chi Psi — Social 
Chairman: Alpha Beta Dell Scholarship; Varsity Football: Investment 
Club: Senior Class Gift Campaign — Solicitations Committee 

David Alan Doles Holmdel. NJ, Chemical Engineering: Alpha Chi Rho; 
MChE.: Ski Club 

Robert Michael Donchez Bethlehem. Pa.. Accounting; Trustee Scholarship: 
WLVR Radio Station — Sports Director: Brown and White — Sports Writer; 
Bethlehem Globe Times — Sports Writer; Wrestling Club 

Kenneth Joseph Donofrio Middlesex, NJ, Electrical Engineering: Taylor 
College: Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi — President: Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta 
Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega — President: Omicron Delta Kappa: IEEE. — 
-uident Relations Committee Chairman: Outing Club: Society of American 
:::?!cicois. Pruvost's StudcMlFaculty Academic Advisory Board; Boy 
:'s if America 

■v,,irt Dorn Livingston, NJ. Industrial Engineering: Beta Theta Pi — 
:-.!. ASME. : SAME. : SAE. : HE. 

Peter William Deluca 

Jeffrey L. DeNinno Robert Bruce Denmark Lisa Jeanne Desnoyers Frederic James Deuschle 



Keith de Witt 

Thomas Alan DiBlasi Scott Knowlton Dickinson Dehra Susanne Didden 


Alfred J. DiGiovanni Michael Joseph DiMarco Pasqualino A. D'lmperio. Jr. Mark Philip Dolan 

David Alan Doles Robert Michael Donchez Kenneth Joseph Donofrio Kyle Stewart Dorn 


What is the one thing you've been dying to 
know, but were afraid to ask? 

■ Will I graduate? 

■ Does Lehigh ever give anyone a break? 

■ Have any of the campus cops finished high school? 
■Are there any girls on campus that like me? 

■ What's a greeker. anyway? 

■ Is Pi Lam really dry? 

■ Is my Lehigh diploma worth $50,000? 

■ Does President Likins wear silk shorts? 

■ Where did the Health Center doctors receive their de- 

■ What is true love? 

- How many kegs are consumed in a year? 

- Where do babies come from? 

- Where does Lehigh get the nerve to raise tuition almost 
$1 ,000 every year? 

- What really is the red and green medicine the health 
center gives you? 

- Who puts together the Epitome? 

Marc Quentin Douglas 

James Arthur Douthwaite 

Betsx Anne Doyle 

Michelle Marie Drapeau 

Bonnie Lynne Draper 

William Alexander Draper 

Stephen John Driscoll 

Alicia Louise Drummey 

Richard Walker Duker 

Mary Beth Dulcey 

Robert Arthur Dunn 

Christopher James Dunyak 

Dominique Ashley Edelen Elizabeth Ann Edwards 

Michael Francis Edward Ellow Gary L. Emif^ 

Marc QuentiD Douglas Red Bank, NJ, Industrial Engineering; Smiley — 
Treasurer, Vice President: National Achievement Scholarship: //£.; 
NSBE.: SAC: Investment Club: College Democrats: RHC 

James Arthur Douthwaite Ridley Park, Pa., Computer and Information 
Science: Dean's List: Cross Country Team: Track Team; Lehigh Amateur 
Radio Society: Forum 

Betsy Anne Doyle River Edge, NJ, Finance: Gamma Phi Beta — Vice 
President, Asst. Pledge Director: FMA: Dean 's List: Investment Club: Bigl 
Little Sister Program: Panhellenic Social Committee 

MicheUe Marie Drapeau Seekouk. MA Management 

Bonnie Lynne Draper Warren, NJ, Finance: Delta Gamma — President, 
Treasurer, Asst. Pledge Master: Dean's List: Freshman Honors: FMA.: 
LUV.: Senior Class Gift — Investment Committee: Fairchild Martindale 
Student Associate 

William Alexander Draper Grosse Point e, MI Finance 

Stephen John DriscoO Newark, DE Chemical Engineering 

Alicia Louise Drummey Smithtown, NY, Marketing: Dean's List: Fairchild 
Martindale Student Associate: Hourglass Publicity Chairman: Marketing 
Club: Chi Phi Litle Sister: Bigl Little Sister Program 

Richard Walker Duker Rye, NY Accounting 

Mary Beth Dulcey Moscow, Pa., Industrial Engineering: Alpha Gamma 
Delta — President, Panhell Delegate: Phi Eta Sima: HE.: Varsity football 
Cheerleading: Society of Women Engineers: LUV.: Balletomane Society: 
Panhellenic Council Rush Chairman: Larry D. Phillipi Award for Sorority 

Robert Arthur Dunn Caracus, Venezuela, Industrial Engineering; Psi 
Upsilon — President, Steward, Librarian: AIIE.; Varsity Rifle Team; 
Spanish Club: Equestrian Club 

Christopher James Dunyak Upper St. Clair, Pa., Civil Engineering: Phi 
Sigma Kappa — House Manager, Steward; ASCE. 

Richard Paul Easier Pitsburgh, Pa., Chemical Engineering: Theta Delta Chi 

— Scholarship Committee; HCC: AIChE.; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Squash 

Douglas E. Ebert Wilmington, DE, Mechanical Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha: ASME. 

Dominique Ashley Edelen Coopersburg, Pa., Marketing 

Elizabeth Ann Edwards Bethel Park. Pa., Chemical Engineering: Omicron 
Delta Kappa: AIChE.; Society of Women Engineers: Cross Country Team 

— Co-Captain; Ski Club: Mate/Female Relations Committee 

Gregory H. Ekizian Westwood. NJ, Finance, International Relations, 
Lambda Chi Alpha — House Manager; Investment Club — Vice President: 
Marketing Club — Vice President: Visiting Lectures Committee, Interna- 
tional Relations Club, WLVR Disc Jockey 

Nicholas EUas Bethlehem, Pa., Physics. Electrical Engineering: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu: Amateur Radio Society: Choir; 
Orchestra Siring Ensemble; Vocal Ensemble. Democrat Club 

Michael Francis Edward Ellow Norristown, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Chi 
Psi — House Manager, Executive Council, Concessions Manager. Alpha 
Editor; Varsity Football — Captain; IEEE.: Tutor 

Gary L. Emlg York, Pa.. Industrial Engineering: Tau Epsilon Phi — IFC 
Council Representative; HE.; IFC — Judiciary Committee; Senior Class 
Executive Board 


Richard Philip Engdahl Peter Gillette Engle Ann Semra Erdogan Richard Keith Errickson 

Anne Elizabeth Evans Megan Ridgway Evans 

Richardo Fadus 

Robert B. Fay 


Robert J. Fay 

John Francis Feeley Scott Gregory Feinstein Leonard Alan Ferman 

Eduardo Enrique Fernandez Andrew Thomas Fife 


Keith Vincent Fike 

James Joesph Finnegan 

Ronald Scott Fitz 

Albert J. Fixl 

Richard Philip Engdahl Framingham. MA. Electrical Engineering: IEEE.: 
Senior Class Gift Campaign — Investment Committe 

Peter Gillette Engle Cherry Hill. NJ Mechanical Engineering 

Ann Semra Erdogan Bethlehem. Pa.. Applications Science. Mechanical 
Engineering: Kappa Alpha Theta — President, VPE.: ASME.: SWE.: 
Varsity Swimming: Ski Club: Soccer Club: Track Club 

Richard Keith Errickson Baltimore. MD, Computer Engineering: Eta Kappa 
Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Harold J. Horn Prize: IEEE.: Chess Club 

Douglas James Ertz West Lawn. Pa., Electrical Engineering: Chi Psi: 
Varsity Football — Captain: IEEE. 

A.C. John Etzel III Emmaus, Pa., Chemical Engineering: Tau Beta Phi — 
Treasurer: AIChE.: Lehigh Outing Club — President 

David Emil Eusanio Williamsville. NY Industrial Engineering 

Charles Robert Euston Lebanon. Pa.. Chemical Engineering 

Anne Elizabeth Evans Milwaukee, WI. Urban Studies, Economics: Sailing 
Club: LUV.: Architecture Sociery: Chi Delphia — Vice President 

Megan Ridgwav Evans Glen Rock. NJ. Industrial Engineering. Psychology: 
lEE.: SWE. — President: LUV. 

Ricardo Fadus Bethlehem. Pa.. EN 

Robert B. Fay Fox Chapel. Pa., Economics: Off Campus Students Associa- 
tion: Photography Club: Brown and White 

Robert T. Fay Plainfield, CT, Finance: Jack Burnett Scholarship: FMA.: 
EOP. Memorial Scholarship: Investment Club: Forum — Financial Aid 
Review Committee 

John Francis Feeley Newtown, CT, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 

Scott Gregory Feinstein//aOTi/e«. CT. Electrical Engineering: Alpha Epsilon 
Pi — President, Secretary. Social Chairman. Pledge Master. Sentinel: 
Wilbur Mathematics Prize: Dean's List: Phi Eta Sigma 

Leonard Alan Feman East Brunswick, NJ, Economics: Hillel House — 
House Chairman: Dean's List: Cross Country: Track: Phi Kappa Psi — 
Founding Member 

Eduardo Enrique Fernandez Hillside, NJ Biology 

Andrew Thomas Fife New York, NY, Foreign Careers: Sigma Phi — Rush 
Chairman, Alumni Relations Chairman: Tennis Team 

Keith Vincent Fike Salinas, CA, Electrical Engineering: Chi Phi — Pledge- 
master, Social Chairman: Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: JV, Wres- 
tling Team Scuba Club, Army ROTC Rangers 

James Joseph Finnegan Ambler, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha — Fraternity Educator, Executive Committee: Dean's List: Tau Beta 
Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE. 

J. Reed Morris Finney Roseland, NJ, Finance: Alpha Tau Omega 

Marc J. Fishstein E. Norihport, NY, Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi: Invest- 
ment Club: Ski Club 

Ronald Scott Fitz York, Pa.. Industrial Engineering; Wilbur Mathematics 
Award: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: HE.: Ski Club 

Albert J. Fixl Northampton, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Taylor College: 
Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu — Secretary: IEEE.; SAME.: Dean's List; Air 
Force ROTC Academic Award: Arnold Air Society: Sherman Fairchild 
Scholarship; Chess Club — President; Computing Club: Outing Club 


Laura Leigh Fjeldal Danville. CA, English: Minors — Government Pre Law; 
Dcuns List William's Scholarship Award: Graduated with Honors. 
Omicron Delia Kappa: Sigma Tan Delta: Pre-Law Society: Brown and 
White — Features Editor: Epitome — Editor-in-Chief: LUV: Big-Litlle 
Sister Organization: Theta-Xi Little Sister 

Dustin Eric Flay York. Pa.. Electrical Engineering; Delta Phi — House 
Manager National Convention Coordinator; IEEE.; Forum Representa- 
tive: College Democrats; Ski Club; Scuba Club; Outmg Club 

Deborah Ellen Fleischer Great Neck. NY. Psychology; Alpha Phi; Psi Chi: 
LUV.. Health Professions Club 

Marc Joseph Fleuette Cleveland, OH. Industrial Engineering: Varsity 
Squash; Football Cheerleading: LVCC. — Student Consultant 

Michael Fleuette Middleburg Heights. OH. Economics 

Meredith T. Flynn Pelham Manor. NY. Journalism: Brown and White; 
Marketing Club: Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Peter William Foltz New Haven, CT, Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi — 
Chaplain. Public Relations; Deans List; P.sychology Department Honors 
Program- Psi Chi — president: SAC. — off campus Representative, 
Chairman Smaller Projects Committee; Mustard and Cheese — Treasurer; 

Sheila J. Forde Newtown Square. Pa.. Chemical Engineering; National 
Merit Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans List: AlChE.: SWE.; Senior 
Class Executive Committee: Sigma Phi Epsilon — Golden Heart Secretary; 
Le Cnmpane; Brown and White — Asst. Circidalion Manager 

John David Forzato Souderton. Pa.. Physics: Theta Xi. Steward. Chaplain; 
National Sojourners Award: Reserve Officers Assoc. Award; Lehigh Jazz 
Ensemble: Karate Club; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society, Deputy 

BrianKobertrrederkk Sinking Spring, Pa., Computer Engineering: Dean s 
List; National Merit Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi 

Dennis G. Frederick Orefield, Pa.. Elecrical Engineering: IEEE. 

Alan Mathew Freeman Livingston. NJ Biology 

David Marc Freeman Edison. NJ. Accounting; Phi Delta Theta — 
Treasurer; Dean's List: Beta Alpha Psi 

Harry Falk Freitag Orlando. Fla. . International Relations: Sigma Alpha Mu 
— House Manager: Dean's List; Brown and While — Business Manager 
As,st. Local Advertising, National Advertising. Controller; Departmental 
Honors — International Relations 

Christopher John Freitas Westmonl. NJ. Mechanical Engineering; Kappa 
Sigma — Rush Chairman. Social Chairman; ASME. ; Epitome Staff: Senior 
Class Gift Campaign — Solicitor 

Frank Mark Friedman Reading, Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Tau Epsilon 
Phi; WLVR Radio Station 

Kyle Renee Friedman Tenaflv. NJ. Journalism. Social Psychology; Alpha 
p'hi _ Vice President. Panhel Delegate; SAC. — Public Relations 
Chairman. Sorority Representative: Brown and White: Senior Class Gift 
Campaign — Investment Committee 

Michael A. Fries Williamsport. Pa., Mechanical Engineering; National 
Merit Scholarship SAE.; ASME.; Amateur Radio Society: Ski Club 

Christopher Michael Fritchman Rugelsville. Pa.. Electrical Engineering 

Joan Penney Frohling North Caldwell. NJ. English: Alpha Phi — Social 
Chairman; Phi Beta Kappa; Williams Scholar in English: Sigma Tau Delta: 
Brown and White: Lehigh Horizons 

Kimberly Louise Fuller West Chester, Pa., Computer Science: Dean's List: 
Phi Eta Sigma; Concert Band; LUV; Marching 97; Woodwind Ensemble 

Bradley David Furman Bridgewater. NJ Computing and Information 

Phillip August Gabler Doylstown ,Pa.. Computer Engineering: Kappa Alpha 
Theta — Recording Secretary. Social Chairman. Renovation Chairman. 
IFC representative; Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE. 

Nancv M. Galella Toms River. NJ. Chemical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; 
AlCliE. — President: SWE. — Treasurer: Tau Epsilon Phi Little Sister 

'['■laiiiri^iiii I r 

Laura Leigh Fjeldal 

Dustin Eric Flay 

Deborah Ellen Fleischer Marc Joseph Fleuette 


John David Forzato Brian Robert Frederick Dennis G. Frederick Alan Mathew Freeman 


David Marc Freeman 

Hany Falk Freitag Christopher John Freilus Frank Mark Friedman 

Kimberly Louise Fuller Bradley David Furman Phillip August Gahler 

Nancy M. Galella 

Scott Christopher Gallopo Paramiis. NJ. Finance: Alpha Sigma Phi — 
Secretary; Boxing Team — Treasurer: Investment Cliih: FMA. — 
Secretary, Chairman 

Lisa Marie GaBoway Nazereth, Pa.. Biology, Classics: Forum — Community 
Relations: Big/Little Sister Program: LUV.: Biology Cluh 

John Domonicli Gardus Carhondale, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering 

Sharon R. Garitta Metuchen, NJ. Electrical Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma: 
IEEE.: SWE.: Chi Phi Little Sister 

Gary E. Gaugler Bethlehem. Pa., Accounting: Townhouse — IM Manager: 
Dean's List: Beta Alpha Psi: Student Investment Fund — DOS Supervisor 

Richard D. Gebhardt, Jr. Mequon, WI. Industrial Engineering: Phi Gamma 
Delta — President: Dean's List: HE.: Football: Debating Team 

James Richard Gentile Mahwah. NJ, Industrial Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Thela — Vice President, House Manager: HE. 

Leslie Burnworth George Bethesda, MD., Economics, Sociology: Alpha 
Gamma Delta — House Manager, Steward; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta 

Neil A. Gerwig Honey Brook, Pa., Civil Engineering: Tau Epsilon Phi — 
Pledge Warden. Rush Chairman, Little Sister Representative: National 
Merit Scholar, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, ASCE. 

Brian Charles Gerschwindt Dbwningtown, Pa., Industrial Engineering; 
Lambda Chi Alpha: Dean's List: Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: lEE.: Chamber 

Timothy R.W. Gillspie Glen Ridge, NJ, Civil Engineering: Sigma Chi — 
Chapter Editor. Varsity Football 

Stephen Blair Gillette Cherry Hill. NJ. Biology: Tau Beta Pi Award: Phi Eta 
Sigma: Health Professions Society: Committee For Nuclear Awareness 

Robert R. Gilligan Lancaster. Pa. . Electrical Engineering: Kappa Alpha — 
Second Attendant: IEEE. : Campus Coordinator for Gary Hart Presidential 

Andrew James Glemser Warminster, Pa., Computer and Information Sience 

Louise Olds Glotfeity Pittsburgh. Pa.. Finance; Kappa Alpha Theta — 
President: Investment Club: Women in Business; Ski Club 

Daniel L. Gobetz Hauppauge.. NY. Industrial Engineering: Delta Upsilon 

— President: HE.: Brown and White ^- Writer 

Jay Goffin Trumbull, CT, Accoimting: Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi: Na- 
tional Association of Accountants; National Marketing Association: 
Marketing Club — Treasurer: Hillel Society — Vice President: Senior Class 
Executive Committee: Investment Club 

Robert Alan Gold Chalfont. Pa., Electrical Engineering: Kappa Alpha Theta 

— Second Vice President. Academic Chairman; Deming Lewis Scholar- 
ship: Wylie Award: Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Rugby Club; 
Lehigh Christian Fellowship; Newman Center Folk Group; Visiting 
Lectures Committee 

William L Goldberg Framingham. MA. Physics 

James Patrick Golden Stamford, CT, Industrial Engineering: Beta Theta Pi: 

James Richard Gentile Leslie Burnworth George 

Robert R. Gilligan 

Andrew James Glemser Louise Olds Glotfeity 

Daniel L. Gobetz 

Who is your hero? 

■ Bugs Bunny- 
Alexander Haig 

■ Beaver Cleaver 

■ Garfield! 

■ Tazmanian Devil 

■ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

■ Lee lacoca 

■ Bond, James Bond 

■ Jesus Christ 

■ John F. Kennedy 

■ Professor Sinclair 

■ Asa Packer 

■ Gumby 

■ Mom & Dad 

■ Superman 

■ Budman 

William I. Goldberg 

James Patrick Golden 

Lesley Renee Goldfarb Jamie Robert Goldstein Kathleen Ann Goldstein Scott Zachary Goldstein 

Stewart John Gouck Maura Jo Gouker Elizabeth Ann Goydan Harris Michael Gratz 


James M. Grebosky Robert Mark Greenfield 

Mitchell Evan Grodman 

Gustav Grosch 

Lesley Renee Goldfarb Nesconset, NY Accounting 

Jamie Robert Goldstein Germanlown. MD. Electrical Engineering: Ela 
Kappa Su: Tail Beta Pi: IEEE. — President 

Kathleen Ann Goldstein Montclair. NJ, Industrial Engineering: Alpha Pi 
Mu : Omicron Delta Kappa : HE. ; S WE. ; Senior Class Vice President: Brown 
and White — Associate Editor. Layout Editor: MalelFemale Relations 

Scott Zachary Goldstein Fairfield. CT. Accounting: Alpha Sigma Phi — Vice 

Steven Jay Goldstein Wilmington. DE. Chemical Engineering: Dan's List: 
Tau Beta Pi: AIChE.: Off Campus Student's Association: Investment Cluh 

Scott R. Goldthwaite Brielle, NJ, Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Theta: Photography; Ski Club 

Polly Elizabeth Gongwer Wilmington. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering 

Michael Eric Goodall Denver. Pa . . Computer Science: Zeta Psi Fraternity — 
Vice President: Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's List: Wrestling Team: Computing 
Society: IFC Faculty Relations Committee: SAC Concert Security Crew 

Tracy Ann Goodwin Bath. Pa.. Electrical Engineering; Alpha Gamma 
Delta: Eta Kappa Nu — Treasurer: Omicron Delta Kappa; IEEE. — 
Secretary: JV. Field Hockey: Gryphon Society 

Kara Lee Gordon Great Neck. NY, Finance; Chi Phi Little Sister: Invest- 
ment Club: Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Kenneth James Gordon Newton. MA. Accounting: Phi Kappa Theta — 

Andrew H. Gotzis Pennsauken, NJ, Biology. Pre-Med; Phi Ela Sigma; 
Dean 's List; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society — Secretary; Sophomore 
Class Vice President: Hellenic Society 

Stewart John Gouck Allentown. Pa., Architecture 

Maura Jo Gouker Damascus, MD, Mechanical Engineering; Gamma Phi 
Beta — PACE Chairman; Pi Tau Sigma: Football Cheerteading Captain 

Elizabeth Ann Goydan Maplewood. NJ. Mechanical Engineering 

Harris Michael Gratz Elkins Park. Pa.. Psychology 

Monique Susan Gravez Bethlehem, Pa.. Industrial Engineering; Alpha 
Omicron Pi; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu — Vice President; Varsity Swim- 
ming: HE. — Vice President: SWE. 

Robert M. Gray Westfield, NJ. Industrial Engineering; Delta Upsilon — 
Scholarship Chairman: Karate Club; Forum: HE.; ASAA. 

James M. Grebosky Pittsburgh. Pa.. Biology; Sigma Phi: Gryphon Society 
— Secretary; Phi Ela Sigma; Varsity Wrestling 

Robert Mark Greenfield Norristown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering: Tau 
Epsilon Phi — Steward: Outing Club; College Democrats 

Jane Anne Gretz Schenectady, N Y. Social Relations, Anthropology: Basket- 
ball Cheerteading: Beta Theta Pi — Little Sister Vice President; Senior 
Class Executive Committee; Senior Class Gift Campaign: La Compane; An 
and Architecture Society; Equestarian Club; Ski Club: Pre-Law Society 

Audrey Ann Griscavaee Allison Park. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: .Vi 
tional Merit Scholar.'ihip; Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: ASME.; Cotii ^ 
Band: Class E.\ecutive Coouncil: Research Council Committee 

Mitchell Evan Grodman Paramus. NJ. Accounting. Alpha Tau Omega: 
Rugby Club 

Gustav Grosch KaU-it;li. .\( . Malheinaiics: I-nsnec i cam 

Douglas Richard Grossinger Havertown. Pa.. Government: Sigmu Alpha 
Mu: Pi Sigma Alpha: Dean 's List: Samuel H. Shipley Scholarship: Pre Law 
Cliih: Network Television Sports Statistician 

Eric Joseph Grubelich Englewood Clijfs, NJ. Finance: Gryphon Society: Phi 
■Eta Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma: FMA.: Investment Club — President, 
Secretary: SAE. 

Thomas Joseph Grycan Stalen Island. NY. Industrial Engineering: Sigma 
Phi — Vice President. Secretary. House Manager: Who's Who Among 
American College Students: Gryphon Society — Treasurer, Chairman 
Tutorial Committee: Spring Festival Committee — Treasurer; Dining 

Anthony James Guarracino Malwpac, NY, Biology: Dean's List; Treen 
Scholarship; Henrv Farmer Memorial Scholarship: Allied Health Profes- 
sions Society — Chairman; Ski Cliih; Epitome — Photographer; Senior 
Class Social Commhtee 

Eric James Gulotta Scarsdale. NY. Finance: Delta Sigma Phi — President, 
Social Chairman: Investment Club 

Edgar Arnold Gunther Green Lane. Pa. 

Lee Gura N. Plainfield, NJ, Mechanical Engineering; Delta Phi — Pledge- 
master; ASME.: Boxing Club: Fence Post Club 

Ronald P. Guritzky Rockville, MD., Computer and Information Science: 
Hillel Society — Treasurer; Hillel House Steward: Outing Club — Executive 

Robert Edward Gnth Hightstown, NJ, Electrical Engineering; Brodhead — 
President; WLVR Radio Station Disk Jockey: St^g Appreciation Club 

Max E. Guyll Jr. Kirks Mills, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi 
Tau Sigma: Dean's List: ASME.; Delta Tau Delta 

Randall Eric Haase Longmeadow , MA, Finance; Sigma Alpha Mu — rush 
chairman, steward; Investment Club: Brown and White — advertising 

Paul Russell Hagerman Melville. NY. Mechanical Engineering: Alpha 
Sigmu Phi — social chairman, sergeant at arms; ASME — treasurer 

Alison Ida Hahn Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Foreign Careers 

Thomas T. Halikias Garden City, NY Accounting and Finance: Delta 

Pamela Marjorie Hall Chautauqua, NY, Civil Engineering: Alpha Omicron 
Pi; Army ROTC Schlarship: Society of Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; SAME; 
Scuba Club; Rangers; Paratrooper 

Brian Keith Hallick Port Carbon, Pa., Government; Sigma Chi; Chapter 
Editor: IFC Representative; Snayberger Scholarship; Van Heusan Scholar- 
ship; Varsity Football; International Relations Club 

Shelly Gayle Halperin Ridgewood, NJ, Marketing: Delta Gamma — Assi. 
House Manager; Soccer Club: Basketball Cheerleader; Marketing Club; 
YAF; LUV — Listening Line: Big Sister-Little Sister Program: Golden 
Hearts; Hillel 

John Mathew Hammer Kenilworth. NJ, Industrial Engineering; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Football 

Mark W. Hammond Stroudsburg, Pa.. Computer Engineering; IEEE 

Yon G. Han Seoid. Korea Architecture; Art and Architecture Society 

Joseph Dana Hancock Rochester, NY, Mechanical Engineering; Theia Chi 
— Secretary: rush chairman, rush coordinator: librarian; Tau Beta Pi; Pi 
Tau Sigma: ASME; The Navigators; Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

Mark Anthony Hand Helleriown, Pa., Electrical Engineering 

Steven Paul Handwerk Pennington, NJ Chemical Engineering: Times Mirror 
Merit Scholarship: AIChE: ACS; Tennis 

iinas 4. Hanemann New Cumberland, Pa., Finance: Sigma Chi — 
; ' /■<•■ House Manager: Samuel H. Shipley Scholarship: Rugbv Club; 
■ ■' C':h: Marketing Club 

Ronald P. Guritzky 

Robert Edward Giith 


Max E. Guyll Jr. Randall Eric Haase Paul Russell Hagerman 

Joseph Dana Hancock Mark Anthony Hand Steven Paul Handwerk Thomas A. Hanemann 


What is the most embarrassing thing that 

happened to a professor while he/she was 


■ Professor Hanz rolled down the stairs of Neville I. 

- The professor forgot that the square root of 4 equals 2. 

- Professor Sussking pulled down the blackboard in Pack- 
ard 416 and revealed a playboy centerfold taped to the 

- A singing gorilla delivered birthday balloons to him sent 
by his wife. 

- Professor Johnson wrote a lengthy equation on the board 
and when he finished a large black dog went up to him to 
show him what he thought of the lecture — he threw up on 
the floor at his feet. 

- She fell over a chair and into the chalk board. 

- Professor Wilansky (math 44) dozed off during a lecture. 

- He started lecturing, lost his train of thought and stood in 
front of the class completely doumbfounded. 

- Two, rather amorous, dogs had sex in front of Professor 

- The Professor's fly was open for an entire lecture. 

Carole Lynn Hansen June Michelle Hardbrod 

Nancy Jean Horned Timothy Patrick Harvey 

Thomas Joseph Healy, Jr. 

Elizabeth Marie Heilman 

Stacey Lynn Hein 

John A. Heinze 

Carole Lynn Hansen Emerson. NJ. AccDuntin^: Gamma Phi Beta — Pledge 
Director. Historian: Wilbur Scholarship Prize: Dean 's List: Beta Alpha Psi: 
Beta Gamma Sigma: LVV — Listening Line: Women in Business: Eques- 
trian Club: Senior Class Gift Campaign 

June Michelle Hardbrod Sayreville, NJ, Accounting: National Association 
of Accountants: Women in Business: Sigma Phi Ep.silon — Vice President: 
Brown and White — reporter. Marketing Club 

Nancy Jean Harned Erdenheim. Pa.. Electrical Engineering: IEEE: LVV — 
Vice President: Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

Timothy Patrick Harvey Chester, NJ, Finance: Alpha Tau Omega — House 
Manager: Rugby Club: Marketing Club 

Robert C. Hassold Bernardsville, NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Delta Chi: 
Scuba Club: Volleyball Club: ASME: SAE 

Wayne \V. Hausser Chatham, NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Theta Delta Chi 
— House .Manager: Varsity Soccer: ROTC: ASME 

Linda Head Madison, NJ. International Relations: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Sigma 
Alpha: Sigma Tau Delia: Omicron Delta Kappa: Women 's Cross Country — 
co-captain: Gryphon Society 

\\'illiam Martin Healey, Jr. White Plains. NY. Finance: Theta Delta Chi — 
Rush Chairman. Fund Raiser: Ski Club: Investment Club 

Thomas Joseph Healy, Jr. Saratoga Springs. NY, Accounting and Finance: 
Alpha Sigma Phi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Senior Class President 

Elizabeth Marie Heilman Sinking Spring, Pa.. Accounting: Brodhead 3 
President: Women in Business: Balletomane 

Stacey Lynn Hein Short Hills. NJ. Accounting: SAC — secretary: Brown and 
White — business staff 

John A. Heinze Ramsey. NJ. Finance: Investment Club: RHC: Marketing 
Club: Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Raymond G. Held State College. Pa.. Computer Engineering: Theta Chi: 

Mark David Hemingwav Coatesville. Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Theta 
Delta Chi — Steward; John T. Fuller Scholarship: IEEE: JV Basketball: 
Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

Paul D. Hendricks TV. Canton. OH. Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu: 
IEEE: Investment Club 

Robert James Hendrickson, Jr. Morristown. NJ. Computer Engineering: 
WL VR — Sports Production Director 

Kathleen Ann Henning Hacketlslown. NJ. Industrial Engineering; Delta 
Gamma: Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu — secretary: Dean's List: HE: IF 
Council — Chairman 

Theodore Alexander Henning Manhasset. NY. Civil Engineering: Minor — 
German: LVV — Project Head: Jazz Ensemble; Ski Team; Ski Club 

Julie V. Herrlin East Hampton. NY. Studio Art; Art and Architecture 

John Raymond Hershey UI Hagerstown. MI). Fiiuince: Phi Gamma Delta — 
Treasurer, Social Chairman 

Julie V. Herrlin John Raymond Hershey III 


Thomas Grant Hoffman Cynthia Ann Hohmann Mitchell David Hollander James Philip Holman 

Douglas James Holt Stephanie E. Hosfeld Anne Kristen Howey Kevin Philip Hughes 


Matthew McMullen .huoh 

Rich J. Janowski 

Lance Clayton Hillegas Schwenksvillc. Pa.. Civil Engineering;: Tliela Chi — 
Scholarship Chairman, Historian: ASCE — Activities Director: IPC 

Thomas Carroll Hilton Ridgefield. CT. Civil Engineering: ASCE 

Ronald Edwin Hinkel WestChester, Pa.. Industrial Engineering: Beta Thela 
Pi — House Manager 

Karen Lynn Hofflinger Roeblilng. NJ. Industrial Engineering: AIIE: SWE: 
Big-Little Sister Program 

Carl A. Hoffman, Jr. A llentown .Pa.. International Relations: Scabbard and 
Blade: Ranger Company 

Eric H. Hoffman Bayshore. NY Economics: Pi Lambda Phi — President 

Margaret Linda Hoffman Valley View, Pa.. Biology: Dean's List: Russian 
Club — President: Balletomane: Big-Little Sister Program 

Mark Stephen Hoffman Madison. NJ, History: Forum —■ Communitv 
Relations Committee: Model UN 

Thomas Grant Hoffman A/ac//iO«, NJ. Biology: Pi Lambda Phi: Dean's List: 
Rugby Club — co-captain: Band 

Cvnthia Ann Hohmann Chatham Twn.. NJ. Management: Chi Delphia, Ski 

Mitchell David Hollander Rivervale, NJ, Accounting 

James Philip Holman Long Valley, NJ, Chetnical Engineering: AlChE 

Douglas James Holt Coopersburg, Pa., Economics: Distinguished Military 
Student: Alpha Lambda Omega — President; Scabbard and Blade — 
Capain: Army ROTC — Operations Officer: Rangers 

Stephanie E. Hosfeld Long Beach. CA, Architecture 

Anne Kristen Howey Summit, NJ. Marketing: Delta Gamma; Marketing 
Club; Brown and White — Reporter: Epitome — Activities Editor 

Kevin Philip Hughes Piscatanay. NJ, Metallurgy and Materials Engineer- 
ing: Kappa Sigma: ASM, AIME, Rugby Club, Ski Club 

Eric Lee Hunsberger Schwenksvillc, Pa., Chetnical Engineering; Chi Psi; 
Varsity Football; AIChE 

Margery Huntington South Olastonbuiy, CT, Journalism and Science Writ- 
ing: Dean's List: Sigma Tau Delta; LUV: Presidential Ball Committee: 
Senior Class Gift Commiltee — Publicity 

Stephen R. Huszar S, Bound Brook, NJ, Electrical Engineering: Dean 's List; 
Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nii, Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE: Cross Country Team; 
Forum — Comitiunity Relations Committee 

Andrea Joan Hutsko Swoversville, Pa., Chetnical Engineering: Sigma Tau 
Delta; AIChE; ACS: SWE— Secretary; WISE: LUV; Tau Epsilon Phi Little 

Rudolf Eric Hutz Wil/ninglon, DE, Government: Alpha Chi Rho; Pi Sigma 

John S. Key Ithaca, NY Electrical Engineering 

Matthew McMullen Jacob Pittsburgh, Pa.. Accminting: Pi Lambda Phi — 
Secretary: JV. Baseball; LUV 

Rich J. Janowski Hosensack, Pa., Computer Engineering; Dean's List: 
IEEE., Association for Computing Machiiwry; Computing Society 

Robert G. Jeffries Hershey. Pa., Electrical Engineering: Chi Psi — 
President. Treasurer; Chi Psi Education Trust Scholarship: IEEE.; Varsity 

David Raymond Johannes Orchard Park, NY Mechanical Engineering 

ABan Jay Johnson Gilbert, Pa.. Industrial Engineering: Varsity Football 

David Carl Johnson Weslfield, NJ, Electrical Engineering: Dean's List: Eta 
Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: IEEE.: Marketing Club 

Donna Yvette Johnson Weslhampton Beach. NY, Applied Science, In- 
dustrial Engineering: SWE.; Society of Black Engineers; Black Students' 
Union: WISE.; Gospel Singers 

Mark Johnson Berwick. Pa., Journalism and Science Writing 

Russell Lance Johnson Horsham. Pa.. Computer Engineering; Tau Epsiton 
Phi — PR. Chairman. Scholastic Chairman. Little Sister Representative: 
Dean's List: IEEE.: Computing Society: Forum; College Democrats: 
Outing Club 

James WiUiam Johnston Thiells. NY Industrial Engineering 

Deborah Lee Jones New Town. Pa., Accounting: Dean's List; Beta Gamma 
Sigma: Marketing Club; Beta Theta Pi Little Sister — Secretary. Treasurer 

Robert Stannard Jones, Jr. Allendale. NJ. Electrical Engineering: Tau 
Epsilon Phi — Social Chairman, Scribe; WLVR Radio — Chief Engineer 

Thomas John Joyce Hasbrouck Heights, NJ Industrial Engineering 

Beatrix Juarrero San Juan, Puerto Rico, Accounting: Dean's List; Market- 
ing Club; Brown and White 

Susan Kimberley Kahrs Denville, NJ, Molecular Biology: Henry L. Moses 
Scholarship: Sigma Tau Delta; Women's Soccer Club: LUV.; Presidential 
Ball Committee: WOMEN.: Biology Club 

Michael R. Kakos West Nyack. NY. Electrical Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha 
— 'Vice President, Secretary. Social Chairman; Air Force ROTC 

Lisa Marie Kalady Allentown. Pa., Finance: Alpha Gamma Delta — 
Steward. Standards Chairman: Senior Class Gift Campaign: Women in 
Business: Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister 

Timothy Joseph Kanter Marlton. NJ. Biology; Sigma Nu — Alumni Contact 
Officer. Sentinel: Dean's List: Health Professions Society: College 
Democrats: LUV.: Volunteer Occupational Therapy: Boy's Club of 

Scott Paul Kanter Shoemakersville. Pa., Computer Science; Dean's List; 
Computer Society — President, Software Librarian 

Marilyn Sue Kaswin West Nyack, NY, Biology: Dean 's List; Ski Club; Hillel 

Mark Katz Clifton, NJ Accounting 

Patrice Ivy Kauderer Philadelphia, Pa.. Natural Science: Lehigh University 
Trustee Scholarship: LUV. — Vice President Publicity, Project Head of 
Holv Infancy School, Tutor: College Democrats — Chairperson: Women's 
Task Force: Health Services Committee; Phi Kappa Theta Little Sister 

Lawrence Kaufinan Rye Brook, NY, Industrial Engineering: Chi Psi— Vice 
President. Rush Chairman. Historian: AIIE.: ASME.; Varsity Soccer; Ski 
Club; IPC Rush Committee: Senior Class Gift Campaign — Fraternity 
Solicitations Chairman 

Jennifer Kay Martinsville. NJ. Economics. Journalism: Alpha Phi — 
Chapter Promotions. Philanthropy. Activities: Omicron Delta Kappa: 
FMA. — Vice Chairman: Panhel Treasurer; Brown and White — Associate 
Editor; "On The Record" — Editor: LUV.; Gryphon Tutoring Society 

Kendra Beth Kaye Gladwyne. Pa., Pre-medical Sciences: Phi Beta Kappa: 
Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's List; Psi Chi; Brown and White 

Peter Mark Keaveney Greenwich. CT, Economics; Zeta Psi — Secretary; 
Varsity Hockey — Captain 

Lawrence Kaufman 

Jennifer Kay 

Kendra Beth Kaye Peter Mark Keaveney 


Guler Kecik Marlboro. NJ. Accounting; Delta Gamma; Chi Dclphia; 
Marketing Club 

Cheryl Lynn Keenan Mt. Kisco. NY Mechanical Engineering 

Glenn A. Keet Wilton, CT. Applied Science 

Walter Calvin Keiper, Jr. Wilmington. DE.. Finance; Lambda Chi Alpha — 
President. Treasurer; Leonard Pool Entrepreneurial Scholarship Award; 
Varsity Tennis; Marketing Club; FMA. — Board of Directors Senior 

Joseph Andrew Keller Madison. NJ Civil Engineering 

Roy C. Keller Wayne. NJ. Mathematics; Beta Thela Pi — President, Rush 
Chairman; L, Poole Memorial Awards; Gryphon Tutorial Society; IFC 
Faculty Relations Committee; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Catherine Ann Kemble Washington Crossing. Pa. Computer Engineering; 
Beta Theta Pi Little Sister 

David John Kempson Cranford. NJ. Mechanical Engineering; Phi Delta 
Thela — Social Chairman. House Manager. Historian; Arnold Air Society; 
SAME.; ASME.; Senior Class Executive Council 

David Roger Kennedy Ridgewood. NJ, Economics; Phi Kappa Theta — IM 
Manager. Community Relations; Decm's List 

Scott David Kennedy Phillipsburg, NJ. Mechanical Engineering; Thela Chi 
— Librarian 

Steven Douglas Kennedy Sun Luis Obispo. CA. Metallurgy & Materials 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Investment Club; LUV.; Marching 97; 
Metallurgy Society 

Michael Keppel Nazareth. Pa.. Civil Engineering 

Robert James Kilpatrick Roxbury. CT. Finance 

Alyson J. Kirleis Hauppauge, NY. Government, Psychology; Gamma Phi 
Beta — Rush Chairman; Sigma Tau Delta; Gryphon Society; Forum; Brown 
and White Pre-Law Society 

Sophia Christina Kladias Bethlehem. Pa.. Biology; Taylor College; Gryphon 
Society; Dean 's List; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities; Forum; University Committee on Dis- 
cipline; StudentI Faculty Academic Advisory Board; Health Professions 
Society; Hellenic Society; Big/Little Sister Program; Brown and White 

David R. Kline Allentown. Pa.. Electrical Engineering; Dean's List; Na- 
tional Merit Scholarships; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE 

Carolyn Elsna Koehler St. Davids, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Alpha 
Gamma Delta; Field Hockey; Lacrosse; ASME.; Gryphon Society 

Paul Damian Konopelski Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Science Writing: Cross Country 
Team; Newman Center Lector; Folk Group Member 

Mary Ann Kopac Bethlehem. Pa.. Accoimting; LUV.; Phi Kappa Tlieta 
Little Sister — Secretary 

Philip James Koppenhofer Wyomissing, Pa., Industrial Engineering; Alpha 
Sigma Phi. Corresponding Secretary; HE; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Catherine Ann Kemble David John Kempson 

What is the longest time you have spent in line 
at Lehigh and where was this line? 

— 1 hour — Bursars' Office 

— '/2 hour — first half of the Lehigh-Lafayette game. 

— 2 hours — Add-drop line at the Registrar's Office. 

— 2'/2 hours — Books tore freshman year, when I didn 7 know 
to go at 5:00pm. 

— 45 minutes — Sigs to get a beer. 

— 12 hours — Stabler Arena ticket office to get tickets to see 
Billy Joel. 

— 45 minutes at the First Valley Bank in the UC. 

— 30 minutes — waiting for a special dinner at Rathbone (it 
wasn't worth it). 

— '/2 hours — to get my ID stamped. 

— / hour — in the Bookstore to get tickets for the Adam Ant 

— 2 hours — to pick up my schedule in Packard. 

Mary Ann Kopac 

Philip James Koppenhofer 

Neville Homi Kotwal Phillip Andrew Kowalchuk 

C. Stephen Kraihanzel Lawrence Stevenson Kramer 

Maria Jean Kramer Meredith Sue Krashes Andrew Joseph Krosnowski Warren Jay Kudman 

Robert Charles Kuzmak Stuart Lewis Labovitz Laurent Jacques La Brie 

Eric Ladden 



Jodi Wendy Landau 

Leonard Paul Landi 





1 \^ 


\ 1,^^ 


David Scott Lauben David Earl Lautenschlager 

Benjamin Elliot Leace 

Joan Lchcrsjcld 

Neville Homi Kotwal Mt. Laurel, NJ, Biohny: Phi Eia Sigma: t'lii Beta 
Kappa: Dean's List: Varsity Tennis: Greek Club 

Phillip Andrew Kowalchuk Yorl<, Pa.. Ci\il Enftineerinf^ 

C. Stephen Kraihanzel Belhiehem. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering! 

Lawrence Stevenson Kramer River Vale, iVi, Metallurgy & Materials 
Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega 

Maria JeanKramer Belhiehem, Pa.. Environmental Sciences and Resource 
Management; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Convocation: National Merit 
Scholarship; Women 's Soccer Club 

Meredith Sue Krashcs New City. NY, Marketing. Art: Women's Soccer 
Club; Epitome Photographer; LU'V. 

Andrew Joseph Krosnowski Mechanicsburg. Pa., Finance: Chi Psi: Varsity 
Football: Investment Club 

Warren Jay Kudman Lawrenceville, NJ. Computer Science: Chi Phi; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Cheerleading; Computer Society 

Frances S. Kulka Sellersville. Pa.. English: Taylor College: Phi Eta Sigma: 
Sigma Tau Delta: Williams Scholar; Faculty Scholar; LUV.: Amaranth 

John E. Kurtz Morgantown. Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Phi Kappa 
Theta — President, Vice President, Secretary; Senior Class Gift Investment 
Committee; IFC 

Danii Michael Kuster, Jr. Walnutport, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Tau Beta 
Pi: Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE.; AIAA.; LUCS.; Karate Club 

Keith Stanley Kuzio Williamsporl , Pa., Civil Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. — President 

Robert Charles Kuzmak Bridgewater, NJ Industrial Engineering 

Stuart Lewis Labovitz Englishtown . NJ. Electrical Engineering; OffCampus 
Students Association — Co-Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Arnold 
Air Society — Comptroller; Computing Society; Ski Club; IEEE. : SAE. ; Air 
Force ROTC — Vice Commander, Corps Commander 

Laurent Jacques La Brie Ashland, K'Y, Electrical Engineering: SAME.; 
WLVR Radio Station; Alpha Phi Omega; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; 
Frisbee Club 

Eric Ladden Maplewood, NJ, Marketing: Off Campus House President. 
Vice President 

Jodi Wendy Landau Kingston, Pa., Accounting; Dean's List; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Chi Little Sister: Senior Class Executive 
Council; Women in Business; LUV.; WISE.: Bigl Little Sister Program 

Leonard Paul Landi Old Bridge, NJ. Chemical Engineering; Delta Chi — 
Steward: Dean's List; Trustee Scholarship: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: 
AIChE.; Brown and White Photographer 

Peter Francis Langan/?o,i7.v«, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta 
— Sergeant at Arms; Alumni Secretary; AIChE.; Ice Hockey Cluh — 

Dominic D. LaSelva Poltsville. Pa.. Marketing; Varsity Football 

David Scott Lauben WeesI Simsbury, CT, Electrical Engineering; Harold J. 
Horn Prize; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE.; Amateur Radio Club; Phi Kappa Psi 

David Earl Lautenschlager Ocean City, NJ, Electrical Engineering: 
Jonathan B. Etkus Freshman Music Cup; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu: 
Marching 97; Jazz Band; Concert Band — Asst. Manager. Stage Managci 

Beivjamin Elliot Leace Philadelphia , Pa., Computer Engineering; Zeld Psi — 
House Manager; IEEE.; Ski Club; Hill el Society 

Joan Lebersfeld Short Hills, NJ. Jourmilism: Wine Appr('< intinn: F.pitoiue 
Photographer; Brown and While 


Steven Ernest Lederer Woodcliff Lake . NJ. Finance: Siuma Tun Delta: In- 
vestment Cliih: Marketing Club 

Haelie C. Lee West Orange. NJ, Chemical Engineering; Alpha Gamma 
Delta: AIChE. : Volleyball Team: Jazz Club: Board of Publications: Stabler 
Concert Security Supervisor 

Laura Anne Leitgeb Park Ridge. NJ. Accounting: Dorm Treasurer: Dean's 
List: Chi Phi Little Sister: WOMEN.: LUV 

Ammon David Lentz Dallastown, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: ASME.: 

Mark Carl Levandowski Plains. Pa., Electrical Engineering 

Marc J. Levine West Orange. NJ. Biology: Theta Xi: Phi Eta Sigma: Health 
Professions Cluh — Chairman: RHC Committee :IFC Judiciarv Committee: 
Hillel Society 

Matthew Lore Levine East Rockaway, NY, Government: Phi Kappa Theta 
— Steward, Executive Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha: 
Phi Eta Sigma: Ice Hockey Club; IFC Judiciary Committee 

Bonnie Pearl Levy West Bloomfietd, ML Chemical Engineering: AIChE.; 
Gryphon Society: Phi Kappa Theta Little Sister; Forum — Campus Life 

Eric Brendon Lewis Manuet. NY, Accounting; Sigma Chi — Treasurer, 
Secretary: Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Rugby: Full Funnel Club 

Jill Eileen Lewis Bethlehem, Pa.. Chemical Engineering; Drinker — 
President; AIChE.: SWE.; Varsity Swim Team 

Robert Scott Lewis Upper St. Clair. Pa.. Accounting; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Dean's List; Soccer; Hockey Club: Investment Club 

Andrew John Lexa Blue Bell. Pa., Computer and Information Science; 
Dean's List: WLVR Radio Station: Philosophy Club 

Mark Charles Ley Old Tappan. NJ. Chemical Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma; 
AIChE.; Baseball; Ski Club 

Jodi Susan Liebesman Holmdel, NJ. Finance; Gryphon Society: Dean's 
List; FMA.; Marketing Club; Financial Management Association; Soccer 
Cub; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Audrey Marie Lill Suffield. CT, Computer Engineering 

Andrew D. Lincoln Summit, NJ, Finance: Investment Club 

Pamela Susan Lindberg Metuchen, NJ Computer Science; Alpha Omicron 
Pi — Treasurer: Dean 's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Forum: Senior Class Executive 
Board; WOMEN. 

Stephen Philip Link Poughkeepsie, NY, Accounting, Finance: Taylor 
College — President; Delta Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who 
Among American Colleges and Universities; Sigma Tau Delta: Forum — 
Chairman, Chairman, Academic Environment Standing Committee, 
Chairman Elections Committee 

William Pete Liptrot Levittown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Nu — 
Chaplain: Varsity Soccer; Sigma Nu Rod and Gun Club 

Don Liss Philadelphia, Pa., Pre-Med Sciences; Delta Phi — Social 
Chairman: Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; Brother of the Year, 1983 

Marac J . Listen Pompton Plains , NJ, Mechanical Engineering : Theta Chi — 
Steward: ASME.: Residence Hall Council; Big Brother Program of Lehigh 

Lori Ann Litman SwampscotI, MA, Accounting; National Accounting 
Association; Investment Club; Theta Xi Little Sister; Marketing Club; 
Epitome Artist 

' onneth David Litwin Dobbs Ferry, NY, Economics; Theta Chi 

iren Elizabeth Lochbaum Berkeley Heights, NJ, Computer and Informa- 
■■! Science; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa 

■t^ 111 

Mark Carl Levandowski 

Marc J. Levine 

Matthew Lore Levine 

Bonnie Pearl Levy 

Pamela Susan Lindberg Stephen Philip Link 

William Pete Liptrot 

Don Liss 

Marc J. Liston 

Lori Ann Litman Kenneth David Litwin Karen Elizabeth Lochbaum 

What is the most ridiculous question you have 
ever seen on a test? 

— What's the name of Long Ranger's best friend? 

— Mkt 319 — What time did we arrive hack from Washing- 
ton divided by miinchie stops? 

— The author of your text book is iyes. I got it 


— Name? (3 points) 

— What is your favorite invertebrate animal and why? 

— Describe the first half of the course. 

— What is the title of your text book? 

— EVER Y QUESTION on the Finance 225 final. 

— What kind of trees did they plant in New York in 1926? 

— Who's going to win the NHL Stanley Cup? 

— What is your name and why are you here? 

— Describe BRIEFL Y something totally abstract. 

— Who was Whitey Whitney? (Beaver Cleaver's best 

— What is a binkwhat and how is it manufactured? 

— What's a test? 

Bradley David Loper Robert Charles Lubus, Jr. 

Susan Mary Lynch 

John Kevin Lyons 

Dawn Rose MacAllister Robert E. Maes III 

Ronald LeRo\ Malone Dennis Michael Moloney 

Craig Leonard Manchuck 

David hhcn Mann. Jr. 

Edward David London Madison. CT. Mechanical Engineering 

Lauri Beth London Philadelphhia. Pa.. Accounting: Dean's List: Beta 
Alpha Psi — Secretary: RHC Concessions Manager 

Bradley David Loper Rockville. MD. Finance. Management: Invesltnenl 

Robert Ciiarles Lubus, Jr. Danbury. CT. Accounting: Phi Kappa Psi — 
President: Dean's List: Beta Alpha Psi 

Ellen Beth Ludwig West Caldwell. NJ. Industrial Engineering: HE.: S'WE 

F. Paul Lumia Bear Creek. Pa.. Economics: Phi Gamma Delta — President: 
Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation Award: Varsity Soccer: ROTC 

David Carleton Lununis Darien. CT. Government 

John Patrick Lynch Mechanicsburg. Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Tau Beta 
Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Phi Eta Sigma 

Susan Mary Lynch Basking Ridge. NJ. Marketing: Chi Phi Little Sister: Big 
Brothers and Big Sisters Campus Coordinator 

John Kevin Lyons Dallas. Pa.. Computer Engineering 

Dawn Rose MacAllister Orange. CT, Economics 

Robert E. Maes III Holland. ML Marketing: Chi Phi — Secretar\: Arm\ 
ROTC Scholarship: Marketing Club: Scuba Club — President: WLVR 
Radio Station News Director 

Scott Magliochetti Bridgewater. Nj International Relations 

James Maida Pennington. NJ Computer Science 

Hirsch Malik Northport. NY. Electrical Engineering 

David J. Malis Abington. Pa.. Biology: Chi Phi — Grand Master lota: 
Lehigh Presidents Award: Distinguished Military Graduate: National 
Sojourners Award: Lehigh Rangers: Army Scuba: Scabbard and Blade 

Ronald LeRoy Malone Mine Hall. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: Taylor 
College: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: Christian Fellowship: 

Dennis Michael Maloney Succasunna, NJ. Metallurgy and Materials 
Engineering: Gryphon Society: Air Force ROTC — Vice Commandant's 
Award: ASM.: AIME.: Cross Country: Football Cheerleading — Co- 
Captain: Reserve Officers Association: SME.: Highland Guard Trick Rifle 
Drill Team — Drill Meet Officer 

Craig Leonard Manchuck Stamford. CT. Finance: Theta Delta Chi — Ex- 
ecutive Committee: Varsity Golf: Investment Club 

David Eben Mann, Jr. West Lawn. Pa., Chemical Engineering: Dean's Li>i 
Alban — Elean Eauenson Scholarship: Tau Beta Pi: AlChE. 


Shelley Beth Martin Donna Ellen Martineau Glenn Peter Marx John Francis Mastrangelo 

Dean George Mastras Michael Joseph Matlack Elizabeth Anne Mathews Maryanne Theresa Mature 

Richard John Mansfield Fori Lee. NJ Biology 

Robert Edward Marcotte Arlington. MD. Compuler Engineering 

Jonathan Mark Stroudshurg. Pa. ..Government; Sigma Chi — Social Chair- 
man, House Manager: Varsity Baseball — All ECC I9S4: Photography 
Club; Pre-Law Society 

Denise Marie Markham Babylon. NY. Industrial Engineering; Alpha Omi- 
cron Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; //£., SWE.; LUV.; WISE. — Secretary 

Dennis Christopher Marlatt Rocky River. OH. Finance; Alpha Tau Omega 

— Steward; Rughv Club; Ski Club; IFC — Social Committee; Investment 

Carole Susan Martin Florham Park, NJ. Industrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi 

— Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Pi Mu; Honors Convocation; HE.; 
Golden Heart; Senior Class Gift Campaign; I.E. Council 

Galen Monroe Martin Mechanicsburg. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering; INPO 
Scholarship; ASME.; Frisbee Club — Treasurer. President: Concert Band 

— Instrument Manager, President; Co-Chairman Admissions Sub- 
Committee; AAEOC. Commission: Senior Class Executive Council; Sleg 
Appreciation Club 

Julia Turner Martin Wallingford, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; ASME.; 
LUV.; Senior Class Executive 

Shelley Beth Martin Pompton Lakes. NJ, Accounting; Alpha Gamma Delta 

— Social Committee; Delta Chi Little Sister; Senior Class Gift Campaign; 
Women in Business: Health Professions Society 

Donna Ellen Martineau Armonk, NY Foreign Careers 

Glenn Peter Marx Manchester, CT, Finance; Phi Sigma Kappa — Inductor, 
IM Manager; Rugby Club 

John Francis MastTange\o Allendale , NJ, Electrical Engineering ; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE.; WLVR Radio Station — Jazz Director, Disk 
Jockey, Engineering Staff 

Dean George Mastras Wellesley, MA, Classics; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa; Gryphon Society; Epitome Staff — Sports Editor; Hellenic Society — 

Michael Joseph Matlack Mount Laurel, NJ, Computer Engineering; Dean 's 
List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Neuman Council Social 
Committee; Church Folk Group 

Elizabeth Anne Mathews Cold Spring, NY, Chemical Engineering 

Maryanne Theresa Maturo Gettysburg, Pa., Biology; Pre-Med Society; 
Biology Club 

Lawrence D. Maxwell Havertown, Pa.. Computer Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE 

Deborah Susan May Durham. NH, Computer Science; Dean's List; CSEE. 
Council; Volleyball Team; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister; Dean of Students 
Supervisor; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Lisa Ayn Mazaleski Chalfont, Pa., History; Phi Alpha Theta; Tennis Team; 
Brown and while 

Caroline A. McMam Baltimore, MD, Industrial Engineering; Field Hockey 
Team; Lacrosse Team; AUE.; WISE.; SWE.: Tutor; Dean of Students 

Daniel Thomas McAneny W. Caldwell. NJ. Electrical Engineering; Sigma 
Nu — Rush Chairman 

Timothy James McCann Allentown. Pa. , Accounting; Alpha Tau Omega — 
President; JV. Basketball 

John Stewart McCarty Raleigh. NC. Economics; Chi Phi — Steward. Histo- 
rian, Scholastic Improvement Award: WLVR radio Station 

James D. McCaully Malvern, Pa.. Industrial Engineering; HE.; Computer 
Society: LUV.; Navigators Christian Organization — President 

John Stewart McCarty 

Jaine.s D. McCaully 

Kimberly Ann McClaren Clarence. NY. Finance, Computer Science: Gam- 
ma Phi Beta — Scholarship Chairman. Chaplain, Executive Committee; 
Deans List: Phi Eta Sigma: Women's Soccer Club — Vice President. 
Treasurer: Epitome — Senior's Editor: Senior Class Gift Campaign — 
Solicitor: Investment Club 

Robert Cuyler McCurrach Spring Valley. OH. Mechanical Engineering 

Edward Peter McDermott Montclair, NJ, Computer Engineering: Theta 
Delta Chi: HMS.:FANB 

Sarah Anne McDonnell Media. Pa.. Computer Engineering: SWE.: Ski Club 

Maura Elizabeth McElhinney Pelham, NY, Government 

Sean August McGee Allentown. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: German 
House — Vice President, Treasurer: Pi Tau Sigma — Treasurer: ASME.: 
SAE.: Ski Team 

Thomas E. McKeown Glen Ridge. NJ, Marketing: Sigma Phi Epsilon; 
Varsity Baseball: Marketing Club: IPC Rush Committee 

Robert James McKinney Westport, CT. Accounting: Phi Kappa Psi — Secre- 
tary: Photography Club 

George William McKulla III Middletown. NJ, Finance: Delta Phi: Fairchild 
-Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise: Financial Manage- 
ment Association; Jack Barnett Memorial Academic Scholarship 

James H. McLean Manasquan, NJ. Industrial Engineering; Lehigh Merit 
and Trustee Scholarship: AUE.; Rugby Club; Off Campus Students Asso- 
ciation: Outing Club 

Dean Mechiowitz Warrington, Pa., Electrical Engineering; Phi Sigma Kap- 
pa — Vice President 

Connie Jean Merwine Effort, Pa.. Accounting: Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Pre-Law Society — Vice President 

Michalakis Menelaos Michael Paphos. Cyprus, Mechanical Engineering 

Edward L. Milano Franklin Lakes, NJ, Pre-Med, Economics; Gryphon 
Society; Williams Prize for Composition; Dean's List; Equestrian Club; 
Investment Club 

Patricia Ann Millian Coral Springs, Fla.. Marketing 

John Andrew Milinichik Allentown, Pa., Electrical Engineering: IEEE.; 
Senior Class Advisory Committee, Model Railroad Club; Investment Club 

Mark McKenley Millane Doylestown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering 

Andrew Holt Miller Matawan, NJ 

Bryan Thomas Miller Warren, NJ. Electrical Engineering 

David T. Miller Lancaster, Pa., Accounting: Alpha Tau Omega — Treasur- 
er, Alumni Relations Officer, House Manager: Rugby Club; Water Polo 
Club: IFC Council — Publicity Committee 

John Steven Miller Lebanon, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Alumni Scholar- 
ship: Undergraduate Trustee Scholarship: AIChE. : Investment Club; Inter- 
national Relations Club 

Lynne Anne Miller Bridgewaler, NJ. Foreign Careers, German; Delta 
Gamma; Foreign Study Award; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges; Williams Prize for Inter- 
pretive Reporting; Forum — Secretary, Treasurer; Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign — Investment Committee: Career Chronicle Intern 

Lynn Mary Miller Geneva. Switzerland, Marketing; Delta Gamma — Public 
Relations Chairman; Dean 's List: Who's Who Among American Students in 
American Colleges and Universities; Omicron Delta Kappa; Lambda Mu 
Sigma; SAC — Vice President, Public Relations; Marketing Club — Vice 
President; Epitome Activities Editor 

'JcheUe Miller Cherry Hill. NJ, Industrial Engineering: Gamma Phi Beta; 
■fid Hockey; Lacrosse: HE. — Vice President Finances; Who's Who in 
"lerican Universities and Colleges 

Kimberly Ann McClaren Robert Cuyler McCurrach 

Edward Peter McDermott Sarah Anne McDonnell 

Maura Elizabeth McElhinney Sean August McGee 

Thomas E. McKeown Robert James McKinney 

Michalakis Menelaos Michael Edward L. Milano Patricia Ann Milian John Andrew Milinichik 

John Sleven Miller Lynn Anne Miller Lynn Mary Miller 

Michelle Miller 


Timothy Frederick Miller Worchester. MA. Mechanical Engineering 

Michael Martin Miskulin Rye. NY. Accounting 

John Robert Missimer Bethlehem. Pa.. History: Kappa Sigma — Rush 
Chairman. Guard. Bahama Mama Chairman: Ski Chib — President: Epi- 
tome — ID. Editor: IFC — Community and Public Relations: Brown and 

D. Bradley Mitchell New Canaan. CT, Electrical Engineering: Theta Chi — 
Pledge Marshall: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi 

Leslie Jill Mitchell Miama. Fla.. Finance: Alpha Omicron Pi: Senior Class 
Executieve Committee: Senior Class Gift Campaign: Marketing Club 

Christina Marie Mitros New Haven. CT. Accounting. Music. English; Sig- 
ma Tau Delta: Investment Club: Newman Choir: Students For Life Associa- 

Mitchell Jeffrey Mondro Dickson City. Pa., Electrical Engineering: Dean's 
List: Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE 

Joan Anne Moore Wilton, CT, Economics. Foreign Careers: Alpha Gamma 
Delta -— Panhellenic Secretary. Social Chairman: Lacrosse: Powderpuff 
Football: Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent — President: Women in Business: 
Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Kathleen Marie Moore Yardley, Pa.. Journalism, Science Writing, Scoiolo- 
g\: Williams Award for Feature Writing: Brown and White News Editor: 
LUV. — Girl Scout Leader 

Stuart Colt Moore Wynnewood. Pa.. Electrical Engineering: IEEE: WLVR 
Radio Station — Program Director, Production Manager, Disk Jockey 

James Vito Morabito Rockville, MD, Industrial Engineering: Theta Chi — 
Vice President, Secretary: HE.: I.E. Council: IFC. —- Faculty Relations 

Gregory Andrew Moran Rochille Centre. NY. Industrial Engineering: Del- 
ta Phi — President, Pledge Master: AIIE.: Indoor Track: Boxing Team — 
Captain: Senior Class Gift Campaign — Solicitor 

Timothy Scott Morley Fairfax, VA. Engineering Physics 

Blake G. Morris Greenwich, CT, Accounting: Delta Chi — President: 
Leonard Pool Scholarship Award; Water Polo Team Captain; IFC; WLVR 
Radio Station; Entrepreneurial Society 

Thomas S. Morris Rhinecliff. NY, Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Dean's List; Investment Club 

Sally Morse Canton, OH, Management 

Michael D. Morton Richmond, VA. Electrical Engineering; Theta Chi — 
Historian; Dean's List 

Peter Michael Mullen Cos Cob. CT, Journalism; Pi Lambda Phi — Scribe: 
Dean 's List: Scholarship for Study Abroad; Brown and White Newspaper — 
Asst. Sports Editor. Sports Editor 

Paul William Mulvey Nom'alk, CT, Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha — 
Alumni Secretary: Phi Eta Sigma; Psi Chi; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 

James Brian Murphy Schenectady, NY, Civil Engineering: Alpha Sigma 
Phi; Chi Epsilon —■ Secretary; Track; ASCE.; Forum 

Timothy Frederick Miller Michael Martin Miskulin 

Mitchell Jeffrey Mondro 

Kathleen Marie Moore 

Stuart Colt Moore 

Jiinu's Vito Morahito Gregory Andrew Moran 


Blake G. Morris 

Thomas S. Morris 

Sallx Morse 

Michael D. Morton 

Peter Michael Mullen 


What gift should our class give to Lehigh? 

■A Hallmark "Get Well Card" for Greek Week 

■ New band uniforms — and a new band to go with them 

■ Money to modernize Taylor Gym 

■ Stock in Miller Beer 

■ A REAL student union 

■A bulldozer to level all the "art" on campus 

■ An Arts Center 

■ A student pub 

■ An escalator through campus 

■ Basketball Scholarships 

■ A 24 hour liquor store in the UC 

■ Scholarships — so that others less fortunate can experi- 
ence what we have 

■ Explosives for Christmas-Saucon 

Paul William Mulvey 

James Brian Murphy 


Franklin Clemens Noll Ernest Young Normington III Leslie Ann Norris 

Mark Ian Notis 


Seth Todd Oberman 

Timothy Z. O'Brien 

Theodore Robert Ochs, Jr. 

Brian Peter O'Connell 




Wf^ ^^ V 


^w W^^ 


David Harris Okun 

Andrew H. Olne\ 

Marion Alexandra ()' Mulley 

Kathleen Anne (J' Mara 

Kevin Daniel Murphy Ridgewood. A7. Electrical Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha — Steward: Dean s List: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE. , Varsity 
Cross Country; Marching 97: Brass Ensemble 

Kevin Lawrence Murphy Acton. MA Finance 

Vincent Paul Murray Annandale. NJ. Chemical Engineering: Phi Delta 
Theta— Vice President. Secretary. House Manager: AlChE. : Winter Track: 
WLVR Radio Station — Disk Jockey. Secretary: Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign — Investment Committee 

Mark Gennaro Muzzilio Ramsey. NJ. Electrical Engineering: IEEE.. Com- 
puting Society; Outing Club 

Stephen J. Myers Maitland. Fla.. Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Theta — President. Rush Chairman. Social Chairman. Alumni Secretar,-; 

David Mark Myerson Marblehead, MA. Electrical Engineering: IEEE. 

Lisa Carole Naden Cherry Hill. NJ. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 

Cheryl Ann Naugle Whippany, NJ. Accounting: Jack Barnetl Scholarship: 
LUV.; Women in Business — Executive Committee 

Sbari L. Nelson West Chester. Pa., Management: Taylor College: Trustee 
Scholarship; Warner Scholarship: Soccer Club; Basketball Cheerleader; 
BSU.: SAC; NSBE.; WISE.; Women in Business; Gospel Singers 

Robert Andrew Nemchek Norwood. NJ, Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau 
Sigma; ASME.; Secretary; Orchestra; Model Railroad Club 

Jean Marie News Drexel Hill. Pa., Chemical Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma; 
Deans List; Tau Beta Pi; AlChE.; SWE.; ACS.; Orchestra; String En- 

Paul William Noglows Fair Haven, NJ, Finance, Pi Lambda Phi; Brown and 

Franklin Clemens Noll Myerstown. Pa., Management: English. History, 
Computer Science; Jack Barnett Scholar: Phi Alpha Theta: Sigma Tau 
Delta: Amaranth — Editorial Staff: Computing Society; Karate Club 

Ernest Young Normington UI Alleniown, Pa., Pre-Med: Dean's List; IFC 
Rush Chairman 

Leslie Ann Norris Warren, NJ, Mechanical Engineering: SWE. — Vice 
President: SAE. — Vice Chairman: ASME. 

Mark Ian Notis Alleniown, Pa., Biology; Ski Club: HUM Society — Pres- 
ident: Chaplains Council: Health Advisory Committee; IR Club 

Seth Todd Oberman Clark, NJ, Marketing 

Timothy Z. O'Brien Montclair, NJ, Civil Engineering: Theta Xi — Vice 
President: SMBC; Varsity Lacrosse 

Theodore Robert Ochs, Jr. Neffsville, Pa., Industrial Engineering: Sigma 
Phi; Dean's List; Alpha Pi Mu — President; Tau Beta Pi; AIIE. 

Brian Peter O'Connell Summit, NJ, Electrical Engineering 

David Harris Okun Randolph, NJ Computer Engineering 

Andrew H. OIney Rome, NY, Electrical Engineering; Dean's List; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE. Ski Club; Dining Committee — Vice Chair- 

Marian Alexandra O'Malley Montrose. Pa.. History 

Kathleen Anne O'Mara Gwynedd. Pa., Biology: Alpha Omicron Pi— -Chap- 
ter President; Dean's List; Ski Club; Allied Health Professions Society — 


Stephen L. Opet Tamaqiia, Pa.. Metallurgy and Material Science: Delta 
Upsilon — Steward: Varsity Football: American Society for Metals 

Ronald R. Orgiefsky Wilmington. DE. Finance: Alcoa Marketing Scholar- 
ship: Marketing Club — President. Vice President, Secretary: Investment 
Club: Hillel Society: Senior Class Gift — Solicitor 

Jeffrey Robert Osmun Phillipsburg. NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Sigma Nu 
— Vice President: Sigma Nu Rod and Gun Club 

David Scott Ostcrman Bridgewater, NJ. Accounting: Pi Lambda Phi — Vice 
President. Rush Chairman: Phi Eta Sigma: Rugby Club: Investment Club: 
IFC Committee 

Gregory Michael Ott Westfuwwd. NJ. Mechanical Engineering 

Paul Palanca Ouano Middletown. NJ, Biochemical Engineering: East Asian 
Society: American Chemical Society: Martial Arts Club: Lehigh Dental 
Group: LUV.: Ski Club 

Claudia E. Pacicco Leonia. NJ, Accounting: Gamma Phi Beta — Rush 
Chairman. Panhel Delegate: Beta Alpha Psi: Forum 

Michael Pagan Westwood. NJ. Electrical Engineering 

John Christopher Pagano Totowa, NJ. Electrical Engineering 

Marjorie Carole Paine Jeffersonville. Pa.. Molecular Biology 

Harold Jerome Panabaker Wilmington, DE, Chemical Engineering 

Audwin Joseph Pangilinan State n Island, NY. Biochemical Engineering: 
Brodhead — Social Chairman: Alpha A. Diefenderfer Award: American 
Chemical Society: Ski Club: Health Professions Society 

Karin Ann Pantleon Bethpage. NY. Industrial Engineering: lEE. : St. Peter's 
Campus Ministry — Student Coordinator 

Lisa Ann Paparone Audubon, NJ, Accounting: Gamma Phi Beta — Pres- 
ident: Sigma Tau Delta: Soccer Club: Brown and White 

Angel Francisco Paredes Dradell. NJ Mechanical Engineering 

Brian John Parente Harvey s Lake. Pa.. Marketing 

Francis Patrick Parkin Ridgefield. CT. Accounting 

Seth R. Parkoff Edison, NJ, Electrical Engineering; IEEE: SAME: Marching 
97: Concert band; Air Force ROTC Cadet Corps. Vice Commander 

David Scott Parmer Grantville. Pa.. Computer Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu: 
IEEE.; Computing Society; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; CSIEE Student — 
Faculty Committee 

Amy Jo Parrish Ephrata, Pa., Accounting; Sigma Tau Delta; Marching 97; 
Varsity Band; Pep Band; College Republicans; Brown and White 

Denise Elizabeth Parrish Hatboro, Pa.. Computer Science: Computing 
Society: Soccer Club; Theta Chi Little Sister— -President; Brown and White 

Jeffrey David Pascale Wallingford, Pa.. Architecture 

Kyle Evan Pasternak Pleasantville. NY. Industrial Engineering; HE, pres- 
ident; IM Manager: Investment Club 

George Michael Patrick III Freelance. Pa.. Chemical Engineering 

Jeffrey Robert Osmun David Scott Osterman 

Gregory Michael Ott 

Paul Palanca Ouano 

Claudia E. Pacicco 

Michael Pagan 


*^ -^ 


John Christopher Pagano Marjorie Carole Paine Harold Jerome Panabaker Audwin Joseph Pangilinan 

Karin Ann Pantleon 

Lisa Ann Paparone Angel Francisco Paredes Brian John Parente 

Denice Elizabeth Parrish Jeffrey David Pascale Kyle Evan Pasternak George Michael Patrick III 

If you could choose all over again, would you 
attend Lehigh? 

— Definitely 

— Definitely, not 

— Yes, but I'd take it less seriously 

— Maybe 

— For what? 

— No, I wouldn't be an Engineer 

— I'm not so sure 

— If Lincoln could do it all over again, would he have gone 
to the theater? 

— Probably 

— Sure, why not? 

— Only for Lehigh-Lafayette Weekend and Greek Week 

— Yes and no. Yes, because I love it here and no, because 
other schools would be better for my major 

— Not in a million years 

— Probably, I wasn't accepted anywhere else 

— Hell No! 

— YES! 

Jeffrey Len Patten Thomas Armstrong Patterson 

Gregory Austin Pedersen Jeffrey Blake Pedigo 

Steven Tavlor Pense 

Leslie Ann Perkins 

Michael Patrick Perry Nelson Lewis Person 

Stephanie J. Pervall Bonnie Katherine Peters 

Cynthia E. Pilling 

John Jailer Pinkham 

Jeffrey Len Patten Allenlown, Pa., Phi Sigma Kappa — Social Chairman: 
Management Assistant Council: Karate Club 

Thomas Armstrong Patterson Jenkinto»n. Pa., Accounting: Hill House — 
President, Social Chairman 

Patrick Payton Colts Neck, .MJ. Computer Engineering: L.U. Computing 
Society: IEEE. 

Joseph Paul Pecore Westfield, NJ, Industrial Engineering 

Gregory Austin Pedersen Dudley, MA. Foreign Careers: Phi Delta Thela — 
Vice President. Steward, Chaplain: Ski Club: IPC Social Committee Chair- 

Jeffrey Blake Pedigo Saratoga. CA. Chemical Engineering: Alpha Sigma Phi 

— Prudential Committee, Editor: Dean's List: Phi Eta Sigma: Omicron 
Delta Kappa: AIChE.: Rugby Club: Senior Class Treasurer: Student — 
Alumni Relations Committee 

Jack Pekarik Poltsville, Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Alpha Chi Rho — Vice 
President: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE. 

Mark A. Pellish Pottsvitle, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi — 
Vice President, Pledge Master 

Steven Taylor Pense Bethlehem. Pa.. Mathematics 

Leslie Ann Perkins Wilton, CT, Marketing 

Michael Patrick Perry Allenlown. Pa., Social Psychology. Psychology: Sig- 
ma Tau Delta: Pre-Law Society 

Nelson Lewis Person Pittsburgh, Pa., Finance: Sigma Nu — Investment 
Coorinator, Centennial Committee; Investment Club 

Stephanie J. Pervall Willingboro, NJ, Computer Science: Lehigh University 
Achievement Award: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 
and Universities: SBE.: Peer Counseling Program: Choir: BSU.: Woodrow 
Wilson Visiting Fellow Committee: Jazz Coalition: Male-Female Relations 

Bonnie Katherine Peters Garden City. NY International Relations 

Kathy Ann Peters Locust Valley, NY, Marketing: Marketing Club: Intramu- 
ral Supervisor 

James John Petrolias Pittsburgh, Pa., Management: Sigma Phi: Gryphon 
Society: Dean's List 

Deborah L. Pierce Norristown, Pa., Chemical Engineering, Biology: AIChE.: 
Varsity Softball: LUV.: Epitome — Features Staff: Theta Xi Little Sister 

— Social Chairman, Pledge Master 

Georgia Lynn Pietsch Pittsburgh, Pa., Industrial Engineering 

Cynthia E. Pilling Newtown, Pa.. Computer Science: Ski Club: Soccer Club: 

John Jailer Pinkham Monlclair, NJ, Economics 

Nicholas A. Psaltos 

Mary Alison Purcell Christopher Allen Pitrdy 

Miliar Puskar 

Anthony Brooks Quartararo Edgardo F. Querolo 

Charles Phillip Ramseur John Andrew Rapp 

Steven Gregory Reale 

Francine Rcdner 

Michele Platis New Hyde Park. NY, Accounting 

Leslie Piatt New Orleans, Louisiana. Slalislics: Mustard and Cheese Drama 
Society — President; Sigma Phi Epsilon — Golden Heart; Senior Class Gift 

Patricia Claire Plympton Randolph. NJ., Applied Science, Mechanical En- 
gineering; Delta Gamma — Social Chairman; Who's Who Of College 
Seniors; ASME. — Publicity Chairman 

Andrew John Pollard Berkeley Heights, NJ, Finance; Alpha Tau Omega — 
House Manager. House Officer; Rugby Club; Brown and White 

Jeffrey Adam Polner Nesconset. NY, Biology, Pre-Med; Sigma Alpha Mu — 
Pledge President, Steward. IM Manager; Undergraduate Trustee Scholar- 
ship; Streen Scholarship; Henry Farmer Scholarship; Health Professions 
Society; Hillel Society; SAC. Security 

Kenneth David Pomerantz Old Tappan, NJ, Management; Marketing Club; 
Tally-Ho Society 

H. Blair Pomeroy Wexford, Pa., Accounting, History; Dean's List; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Gryphon Society; Navigators 
Christian Fellowship 

Brian Poulton Quakertown, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Theta Delta Chi; 
HMC; AIChE.; JV. Basketball 

Alan Phillips Powell Cheshire, CT, Industrial Engineering; Phi Delta Theta 
— Steward, Social Chairman; AHE.; Boxing Team; A and P Services Co- 
Founder; Senior Class Executive Council 

Caroline M. Power Florence, NJ, Science Writing, Anthropology; Dean's 
List; ACS. — President, Treasurer; Epitome — Living Section Editor; 
Science Scope — Editor; Presidential Ball Committee; RHC; Brown and 

Andrew Oliver Price Vienna. VA, Industrial Engineering; AHE.; SAME. 

Robert Wallace Prigge, Jr. Princeton Junction, NJ, Architecture; Gryphon 
Society, Jazz Band; Concert Band; Taylor College Advisory Committee 

Nicholas A. Psaltos Leonia, NJ, Mechanical Engineering: Theta Xi — Secre- 
tary; ASME. ; Boxing Club; Water Polo Club; IFC Publicity Chairman; ''The 
Olympian — Editor 

Mary Alison Purcell Short Hills, NJ, Foreign Careers 

Christopher Allen Purdv Bronxville. NY, Government; Delta Chi; Cross 
Country Team; IFC Public Relations; Washington Semester Program 

Hillar Puskar Bridgewater, NJ, Industrial Engineering; Dean's List; Alpha 
Pi Mu; IIE.; WLVR Disk Jockey; Alpha Pi Nu — Corresponding Secretary 

Anthony Brooks Quartararo Lagrangeville, NY 

Edgardo F. Querolo Casilla, Ecuador, Industrial Engineering 

Gregory Peter Quintana Setauket, NY Industrial Engineering 

Lisa Anne Radabaugh Doylestown, Pa., International Relations; Varsity 
Basketball; Varsity Softball; Varsity Lacrosse 

Charles Phillip Ramseur Brooklyn, NY, Urban Studies, Economics; Boxing 
Club; WLVR Radio Disk Jockey; Black Students Union 

John Andrew Rapp Phillipsburg, NJ, Accounting 

Steven Gregory Reale B/«e Bell, Pa. . Electrical Engineering; Kappa Alpha — 
Accountant, Treasurer; IEEE. 

Francine Redner Norristown, Pa., Chemical Engineering; National Merit 
Scholar; Dean's List; Burnett Memorial Scholarship; AIChE. — Secretary. 
SWE.; Lambda Chi Little Sister; Hillel Society 


Amy Hunter Regan Timonium. MD, Electrical Engineering: Gamma Phi 
Beta — Pledge Vice President. Pledge Director. Executive Council. Rush 
Counselor. IM Manager: Dean's List: Tan Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: 
Eta Kappa Nu — Vice President: Varsity Softball — Captain: Varsity Field 
Hockey; Senior Class Gift Campaign — Assl. Solicitations Chairman: 

Daniel Ferris Mattitews Reid Cincinnati. OH. Industrial Engineering: Phi 
Sigma Kappa — Vice President: HE 

Clare Alien Reihman Green Lane, Pa., Chemical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: 
Phi Eta Sigma: AlChE.: American Chemical Society; Concert Band: Sax- 
ophone Quartet 

Diane Marie Reilly Convent Station. NJ, Finance: Varsity Swim Team — 
Captain: Investment Club: Lifeguard 

Barbara Jean Reiman Stolen Island. NY. Accounting; WISE.: Sailing Club 

Charles Anthony Reinwald, Jr. Scarsdale. NY. Mechanical Engineering; Phi 
Kappa Theta — Scholastic Chairman; National Merit Scholarship; Tau 
Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME.; Judo Club 

Brian Reise Annapolis, MD. Electrical Engineering; Chi Phi 

Michael Reitman Maplewood, NJ, Government, East Asian Studies; Sigma 
Alpha Mu — Recorder: Dean's List; Pi Sigma Alpha: Brown and White — 
Classified Ad Manager, Sports Writer; East Asia Society: SAC. — IFC 
Representative; Visiting Lectures Committee: Concert Security 

Kathleen Lanna Rhodes Parsippanv, NJ, Chemical Engineering: AIChE.; 
SWE.; WISE.; Marching 97; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society 

Ned S. Rich Washington, D.C., History 

Michael David Richman Manhasset Hills, NY. Marketing. Art: Sigma Nu; 
Varsity Wrestling Manager; Brown and White — Senior Cartoonist, Art 
Editor; Marketing Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign — Publicity; Art and 
Architecture Show — Graphic and Design Award 

Russell Kenneth Rickert, Jr. West Chester, Pa., Mechanical Engineering: 
Dean's List; Freshman Engineering Award; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Lehigh Christian Fellowship — Pres- 
ident; Frisbee Club 

Michael John Rieder Springfield, Pa . , Computer Science, Classics: Phi Beta 
Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; LUCS.; Orchestra 

Marie Ann Rielly Berkeley Heights. NJ, Computer and Information Science; 
Alpha Gamma Delta — Vice President Fraternity Education, House 
Chairman: Varsity Softball; Powder Puff Football: WISE.; Big Little Sister 
Program: Theta Xi Little Sisters 

Chriss Riss Bethlehem, Pa., Marketing: Delta Chi — Little Sister Coordina- 
tor; Professional Model; IBM — Branch Support Assistant 

Mark Lawrence Roberts Berkeley Heights, NJ, Marketing 

Joe Warrack Robertson Westminster, MD, Computer Engineering: Track 
and Field Team 

Alan Robinson Ithaca, NY, Architecture, Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; 
Tau Beta Pi; ASCE.; Art and Architecture Society 

Maureen Kristin Roche Harrisburg, Pa., Biochemistry; Dean's List: Tau 
Beta Pi; American Chemical Society — Treasurer; Programming Board 

Barbara Roden Colts Neck, NJ, Computer Science; Dean's List; Photo 
Club; Ski Club; Computing Society; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister 

Roberto J. Rodriguez Santurce, PR, Finance 

Gregg M. Rogers Smithtown, NY, Journalism; Theta Delta Chi — President; 
Leslie Whillen Scholarship; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; Brown and 
White Reporter 

Eunice Guenevere Romano Cranford, NJ, Psychology; Psi Chi; Sigma Tau 
Delta; AAAS.; Balletomane Society — President; Biology Club; Health 
Professions Society: LVV.; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society 

James Michael Ronacher Dunedin, Fla., Chemical Engineering; Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; AlChE.; Tau Beta Pi; Cross Country and Track Teams 
.Manager; Chess Club — Treasurer 

Amy Hunter Regan Daniel Ferris Matthews Reid 

Barbara Jean Reiman Charles Anthony Reinwald, Jr. 

Brian Reise 

Michael Reitman 

Roberto J. Rodriguez Gregg M. Rogers Eunice Guenevere Romano James Michael Ronacher 

George J. Rose, Jr. Wilmington, DE, Chemical Engineering; Delia Upsilon: 

Kimberiy Jan Rose Oradell, NJ, Mathematics, Chemical Processing; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; American Chemical Society; AIChE.; 
LUV.; Photo Club; Varsity Band — Publicity Manager; Marching 97 — 
Rank Leader; College Democrats 

Dana Rosenberg Ar/anr/c Bcac/i, NY, Government 

Kenneth Adam Rosenblum Islip, NY. International Relations; Sigma Alpha 
Mu — Rush Chairman. Social Chairman; Dean's List; Pi Sigma Alpha; 
Brown and White 

Brad H. Roth Oceanside. NY, Computer and Information Science 

Jeffrey Scott Roth Marlboro, NJ 

David Alfred Rovner Old Bridge; NJ. Electrical Engineering 

Assif Rozovsky Cherry Hill. NJ, Pre-Med; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's 
List; Gryphon Society; Hillel Society — Vice President; Rugby Club; 
Hahneman Medical School 

Ann McNitt Runkle Mt. Laurel. NJ, Finance 

Marianne Ryan Wall Township, NJ, Accounting; Senior Class Gift Cam- 
paign; Senior Class Executive Committee 

Yasutaka Stgima Scarsdale, NY, Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi — Treasurer; 
Karate Club; Energy Conservation Advisory Committee 

Michael B. Saldi Doylestown. Pa., Industrial Engineering; Tau Epsilon Phi 

— President, House Manager, Rush Chairman; HE. 

Stephen Thomas Salemy Mountainside, NJ, Computer Science; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Rugby Club; Gryphon Society, Newman Council 

Lauren Sales 

David H. Salisbury Toms River, NJ, Metallurgy, Materials Engineering; 
ASM.; AIME.; Highland Guard; Air Force ROTC 

Marcy R. Salzman Rye Brook, NY, Finance; Alpha Omircron Pi — Panhel 
Rush Chairman; 'Senior Class Gift Campaign — Investment Committee 
Chairman: Investment Club; Senior Class Executive Board 

Richard Paul Sample Colts Neck, NJ, Civil Engineering; Delta Phi — 
Pledge Advisor; Chi Epsilon; ASCE.; Rugby Club; ASSS 

Mary Jo Sandler Lake Wynonah, Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi; 
Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE.; SWE 

Norman Robert Sanyour Moorestown, NJ, Industrial Engineering; Sigma 
Nu — President; Dean's List; Wrestling Team 

Karl Andrew Sapienza Dover, NJ, Electrical Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta 

— Pledge Master; IEEE 

Dana Rosenberg Kenneth Adam Rosenblum 


Brad H. Roth 

David Alfred Rovner 

Assif Rozovsky 

Richard Paul Sample 

Mary Jo Sandler 

What are you going to do with your diploma? 

— Give it to my Dad — he paid for it 

— Pawn it 

— Give it away 

— Does the term "place mat" mean anything to anybody? 

— Frame it! 

— Save it — it will be the only worth while thing I receive 
from Lehigh 

— Shove it in a drawer 

— Undecided 

— Put it in the basement with all my Kindergarten papers 

— Put it in a box under my bed 

— Line my bird cage with it 

— Put it in the attic with the rest of the useless relics 

— Hang it next to my punt letters 

— Burn it! 

— Keep it in a closet only to discover it 20 years later 

— Donate it to charity 

— Tack it on the wall 

— Take it out for an evening of dinner and dancing 

Norman Robert Sanyour Karl Andrew Sapienzu 


Mark Thomas Sayuk Patricia Scanlan William John Scarlett IV Gregory Joseph Scaven 

Nancy Margarette Schilling Joseph Schimek III Adam Michael Schneider Bryan Todd Scheider 

Marc Eliot Schneider Vicki Michele Schneider Patricia Beth Schryver Todd David Schupbach 

Elizabeth Anne Schwab Barbara L. Schwartz Dean Allyn Scofield Stephen Murray Seeger 

Michele R. Serafin 

Mark Paul Sestak 

Mark Thomas Sav-uk Patmerion. Pa.. Elecirkat Engineering: Dean's List 
Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Su: Taii Beta Pi: IEEE.: SAME 

Patricia Scanlan Willingboro, \J. Industrial Engineering: Alpha Phi — 
Panhel Social Chairman: Tau Beta Pi: Dean's List: SAC Public Relatione 
Chairman: Culinary Society A^ard 

William John Scarlett IV Basking Ridge. SJ . Sociology: Thela Xi 

Gregorj Joseph Scaven Cinnaminson. \'J, Chemical Engineering: Lambda 
Chi Alpha — Scholastic Chairman: Dean' s List: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi : 
Scabbard and Blade: AIChE.: SAME. — Vice President: Water Polo Cluh 
Army ROTC: Gold Metal Winner: Brass Ensemble: Distinguished .Klililar 

Nancy Margarette SchUling Farmington. CT. Marketing. Finance: Alpha Phi 

— Assl. Pledge Master. Social Chairman: Dean's List: Soccer Club: Ski 
Club — Secretary: Marketing Club 

Joseph Schimek HI Wrightstown. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: AS.^E.: 

Adam Michael Schneider Maiawan. .\'J. Accounting: Dean's List: Beta 
Alpha Psi: Bo.xing Club: Investment Club: Hillel Society: Marketing Club: 
Phi Kappa Psi — Founding Member. Treasurer 

Bryan Todd Scheider Long Valley, NJ, Accounting: Investment Club: 
Bridge Club 

Marc Eliot Schneider Briarcliff Manor. NY, Industrial Engineering: Pi 
Lambda Phi — Treasurer 

Vicki Michele Schneider East Chester. NY, Finance, Psychology: Dean's 
List: Investment Club: .Marketing Club: Women in Business 

Patricia Beth Schry\er Barrington, RI, Mechanical Engineering: Alpha 
Omicron Pi — Panhel Delegate; ASME. 

Todd David Scbupbach C/arf/tcf. NY, Management: Beta ThetaPi — Social 
Chairman, Rush Chairman. Pledge President: Varsity Lacrosse: Dining 
Committee: RHC 

Elizabeth Anne Schwab Garrison. NY. Social Relations, French: Air Force 
ROTC, Travel Abroad Scholarship: Omicron Delta Kappa: Dean's List: 
Scabbard and Blade — Treasurer: Ranger Club: Scuba Club: LUV.: Air 
Force ROTC Battalion Commander: Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Thela 
Little Sister; Forum: Gryphon Society 

Barbara L. Schwartz Flushing. ,\'Y. Marketing: Dean's List; A.MALV Schol- 
arship: Phi Eta Sigma; A.MS.; Marketing Club; WLVR Radio Station DJ., 
Music Director 

Dean Allyn Scofield Warren. CT, Finance: Pi Kappa Alpha — President. 

Stephen Murray Seeger Kensington. MD, Government, History; Sigma Chi 

— Vice President, Social Chairman, Steward: Dean's List; Rugby Club 

— Captain 

Benjamin J. Segal Union, NJ, Accounting 

Robert Michael Sell Severna Park, MD, Civil Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon — Recording Secretary, Social Chairman: ASCE. 

David John Seltz New Rochelle, NY, Computer Engineering 

Anthony D. Semler Allentown, Pa.. Social Relations: Valk Foundation 
Scholarship; Arbogast and Basiian Foundation Scholarship; Varsity Foot- 

Walter Scott Sendel Potomac, MD, Industrial Economics, Economics; The- 
ta Chi — President, Librarian, Scholarship Chairman, Assl. House Manag- 
er, Judiciary Committee; SAE. — Treasurer, Secretary; Forum; IFC — 
Judicial Chairman, Social Committee; Senior Class Gift Campaign Solici- 
tor: NEIFCINEPC Delegate 1984 

John Joseph Senesi Port Jefferson, NY, Accounting; Alpha Chi Rho — 

Michele R. Serafin Stamford, CT, Finance, Marketing, Psychology; Dean . 
List; Marketing Club 

Mark Paul Sestak Sharon. MA. Mechanical Eneineerint;: Delta ' ■ \ilon 


Adam Jason Sevel Baltimore. MD. Marketing: Hall President: Pre-Law 
Society: Brown and White — Photo Editor: Epitome — Photo Editor: 
Marketing Club: American Marketing Association: Photo Club — President 

Lisa Ann Seward Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Journalism 

Andrea Elizabeth Shaffer Bethlehem. Pa.. Social Relations: String 
Orchestra and Ensemble; Committee for Nuclear Awareness: LUV. 

Raymond George Shepard III Madison. NJ. Finance, Marketing: Interna- 
tional Relations Club — Treasurer: Investment Club: Marketing Club 

Steven Richard Shoemate Wvcoff, NJ, Accounting: Sigma Phi Epsilon — 
Secretary. Vice President: Dean's List: Fairchild — Martindale Scholar: 
IFC Social Committee 

Dean L. Shollenberger Reading. Pa.. Electrical Engineering: Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Vice President 

Amy Diane Showalter Elkins Park. Pa.. Accounting: Delta Chi Little Sister 
— President: La Bellatomane Society: LUV. 

Manrita Kaur Sidhu, Pa., Pre-Medical Sciences: Delta 
Gamma: Mustard and Cheese Society: Medical College of PA. 

Robert Harold Sidrow Greenwich. CT, Industrial Engineering 

Scott P. Sill West Chester, Pa.. Computer Engineering: IEEE.: Volleyball 
Club: Steg Society Vice President 

John M. Sills, 11 Fayetteville. NY, Industrial Engineering: Phi Kappa Theia: 
Varsity Squash 

John David Simpson Bethlehem. Pa., Economics 

Neil J. Singer Broomall, Pa., Industrial Engineering: Sigma Alpha Mu — 
Rush Chairman, Alumni Recorder; Gryphon Society; Forum Trustee 

Robert Stephen Sinkovits Whitehall. Pa . , Engineering Physics: Delta Sigma 
Phi — Secretary: Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Karate Club — President 

Elise Maria Skelly Westwood, NJ, Marketing; Phi Alpha Thetu; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Marketing Club: Ski Club; Grphyon Tutorial 

Anita Skewis Sparta, NJ, Finance: Delta Gamma — Recording Secretary 

Maureen Patricia Skillman West Orange, NJ, Finance, Foreign Careers; 
Varsitiy Tennis: Epitome — Seniors Editor, Academics Editor: LUV. 

VavlSkoMck Springfield, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Williams Award for 
Acting: IEEE.: AIChE.; Mustard and Cheese Dramatic Society 

Karen Marie Slutsker Livingston, NJ, Marketing; Marketing Club; Epitome 
Photographer; Brown and White 

William Earl Slutter Bethlehem, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: ASME.; 

Clark Ellison Smith Westport. CT, Foreign Careers; Alpha Tau Omega 

Daniel Joseph Smith Midland Park, NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Beta 
Theta Pi — IM Manager: SAME.; AAS. 

James Brainard Smith Chatham. NJ English 

Ronald Byron Smith Hockessin. DE, Chemical Engineering: Phi Sigma 
Kappa — President, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AIChE. 

Andrea Elizabeth Shaffer Raymond George Shepard 111 

Steven Richard Shoemate Dean L. Shollenberger 

Amy Diane Showalter 

Manrita Kaur Sidhu 



Robert Harold Sidrow 

Scott P. Sill 


Neil J. Singer Robert Stephen Sinkovits Elise Maria Skelly 

John David Simpson 


iji \ at 


Anita Skewis 

Clark Ellison Smith Daniel Joseph Smith James Brainard Smith Ronald Byron Smith 

What unusual study habits do you have? 

■ Study habits? I'm better at the procrastinating habits 

■ I must wear my thinking cap — Mickey Mouse ears! 

■ I answer stupid surveys like this instead of studying 

■ I Overdose on ice cream and M&Ms 
I try not to make a habit of studying 
The semi-annual 2 minute study fest 

■ Study in bed 

Study 10 minutes — study break 20 minutes 

Drinking heavily (hey, it works) 

I wait to study an hour before the test only to realize that 

//'? hopeless 

I study in the buff 

■ Study for an exam with headphones on and the stereo 
playing very loud 

■ Watching tv with the book closed 
I close my eyes 
Clap loudly and stand on my chair 

Bruce Alan Snyder James Frederick Snyder 

James Sousa 

David Sheffield Sowers 

Scott L. Sp angler 

Adam W. Speck 

Jordan Mitchell Spooner Joseph Gerard Stack 

trie James Steelman Frederick Joseph Slejany III 

Bruce Alan Snvder Lansdale. Pa.. Chemical Engineering: Sigma Nu — 
Pledge Preside'nt: Tau Beta Pi: AlChE. 

James Frederick Snyder Newmanstown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Pi 
Lambda Phi — House Manager: Varsity Football: Ski Club 

Jeffrey William Snyder Bethlehem. Pa.. Finance: Kappa Sigma — 
President. Secretary 

Lisa Anna Sobel Cedar Grove, NJ, Art and Architecture: Art and Architec- 
ture Society: Little Sister of Delta Chi. social chairman: Off-campus student 
organization; Marching 97: Senior Class Gift Committee 

Bonnie Elaine Solt Allentown, Pa.. Accounting. .Management: RHC — 
President: Class 1903 Scholarship: Omicron Delta Kappa — Vice President: 
Forum: Fairchild — Martindale Student Research Assl. 

Valerie Marie Soranno Staten Island. NY, Finance: Investment Club: Off 
Campus Organization: Marketing Club 

Robert Thomas Sorokas Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Chemical Engineering 

Michael Souchick Edwardsville, Pa., Electrical Engineering: Chi Phi — 
House Steward: IEEE. 

James Sousa Woodbridge, NJ, Geophysics 

David Sheffield Sowers Lebanon, Pa.. Computer Engineering: Taylor 
College: Wilbur Mathematics Prize; Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa 
Nu; Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

Scott L. Spangler Northampton. Pa.. Metallurgy and .Material Science: 
Delta Sigma Phi — Steward, Pledge Master; Scholarship Chairman: 
Dean's List; ASM. — President: Varsir\' Track 

Adam W. Speck Edison. NJ, Finance; Lambda Chi Alpha — Social 
Chairman; Dean's List; Epitome Staff 

Jordan Mitchell Spooner Leonia, NJ, Mechanical Engineering; Theta Xi: 
Presidential Prize Scholarship; Academic Achievement Award; ASME. 

Joseph Gerard Stack Huntington, NY, Mechanical Engineering: Chi Phi; 
Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma; Cross Country; Winter Track; Spring Track; 
Newman Council 

Mary Elizabeth Stamro Hockessin, DE, Environmental Sciences and 
Resource Management; Alpha Gamma Delta — Recording Secretary: 
Varsiry Volleyball — Captain 

Peter Alaxander Stanliard Middletown, NJ. Finance 

Suart T. Stanton Weston. CT. Engineering Physics: Amaranth; ROTC 

Timothy Eric Steckel Allentown, Pa., Mechanical Engineering; Charles H. 
Jennings Scholarship; SAE.; ASME.; AIAA.: Karate Club: Ski Club 

Eric James Steelman Rockester. NY, Accounting: Delta Chi; Var.tity Swim- 
ming: Water Polo Club 

Frederick Joseph Stefany III .Annapolis, MD, Mechanical Engineering: Phi 
Kappa Theta — Pledge Master: Social Chairman; ASME. 

Andrew P. Sun 

Karen Andrea Suydam Robert Carlton Swart Mary Patricia Swatek 

Bret William Talbert Bernard Blair Talmadge 

Lisa Ellen Tan 

Craig Armen Tashjian 

Heidi S. Stegmueller Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Archiiecttire. Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Alpha Gamma Delia — Panhel President. Asst. Treasurer: Order 
of Omega: SWE.: Varsity Swimming: Panhel Council: Forum: Women' \ 
Task Force: Provost's Student/Faculty Relations Board 

Susan G. Steinhom Edison, NJ, Computer and Information Science: Dean s 
List: Forum: RHC; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

William Stepanek Mahopac. NY. Electrical Engineering: Taylor College 
IEEE.: Lehigh Christian Fellowship: Navigators: Gryphon Society 

Mary Frances Stewart Huntsville. Ala.. Finance. Management: Gamma Phi 
Beta — Asst. Pledge Master, Anne.x Officer. Panhel Vice President. Execu- 
tive Council. Pledge President: Investment Club 

Victor G. Stickel Jr. Margate. NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Theio Xi — 
Social Chairman: ASME.. SAE.. SMBC: Karate Club 

Brian C. StimtiAbington. Pa.. Civil Engineering: Zeta Psi — Steward: Chi 
Epsilon: .\SCE.: IFC Rush Chairman: IMREC Employee 

Jana Lee Stoneback Quakertown. Pa.. Marketing 

Christina Strakosch Greenlawn. NY. Mechanical Engineering: Equestarian 
Club — President: Chi Phi — Little Sister 

Sara Jane Strasbaugh Hanover. Pa.. Industrial Engineering: Gamma Phi 
Beta — Antiex Officer: Dean's List: Lehigh Valley HE Scholarshi: Deming 
Lewis Scholarship: Wilbur Mathematics Prize: Babcnck and Wilco.x 
Scholarship: Alcoa Scholarship: Alpha Pi Mu Prize: Phi Eta Sisma: Alpha 
Pi Mu: Tau Beta Pi: HE. : SWE. : Varsity Cheerleading: Ski Club: IE Council 

Anthony Joseph Strazzella Hanover. Pa.. Chemical Engineering: Sigma Chi 

— Alumni Relation: AIChE. 

Michael Steven Strzelecki Boyertown. Pa.. Civil Engineering: Sigma Phi — 
Secretary: ASCE.: Outing Club. 

James C. Suermann Mahwah. NJ, Civil Enginering: Alpha Tan Omega — 
President. IM Manager. House Manager: Roger T. Lentz Award: ASCE. 

Andrew P. Sun West-Windsor. NJ. Electrical Engineering: lEE. 

Karen Andrea Suvdara Roseland. NJ. Geology. Philosophy: Dean's List: 

Robert Carlton Swart Honeoye Falls. NY. Computer Engineering 

Mary Patricia Swatek Tenafly. NJ. Biology: Alpha Phi — Ceremonial 
Guard. IM Manager: Soccer Club: Ski Club — Secretary: Scuba£lub: Le 
Compane: Biology Club: Ibero-American Club: Physical Therapy Assistant 

Janet E. Sweeney Elmsford. NY. Marketing. Spanish: Spanish Club: 
Marketing Club: Golden Heart: Senior Class Executive Committee 

John Raymondo Sweeney Waichune. NJ. Finance: Off Campus Students 

Sarah Kathleen Swider Bedford. Ma. Pre-Medical Sciences. 6 YearBAIMD 
Program: Dean's List: Merit Scholar: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: 
AM A: Choir: Orchestra: ROTC 

Kerry Lee Switzer Mechanicsburg, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: Delta 
Gamma — Panhel Secretary; Asst. Rush Chairman: Forum — Representa- 
tive to Lehigh Board of Trustees: ASME. — Vice President: Ski Club 

Bret William Talbert York, Pa.. Journalism: Chi Phi: Brown and White 
Stuff: Golf Team: Campus Fusion Band "Jazz Valve" 

Bernard Blair Talmadee Philadelphia. Pa.. Finance: Pat Pazzetti Scholar- 
ship: Varsity Football: Varsity Track: BSU.: SBE. 

Lisa Ellen Tan Merrick. NY. Industrial Engineering 

Craie Armen Tashjian Oradell, NJ, Accounting. Finance: Phi Kappa Theia 

— Pledge President. IM Manager: Investment Club: Marketing Club 

Martha Ellen Teese Bcrnurdsville. NJ. Marketing; Taylor College: Choir: 
Chamber Singers: Alpha Phi Omega — Vice President: Psi Upsilon Little 
Sister: Navigators 

Bernard Mark Telatovich Hazelton. Pa., Civil Engineering: Gryphon 
Society: Chi Epsilon: Tai< Beta Pi: ASCE. 

Robert Erie Tepper Oceunside. NY. Pre-medicul Sciences: Dean's List: Phi 
Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Gryphon Society: Hillel Sociey 

Peter A. Terry Bethlehem. Pa.. Civil Engineering: ASCE. — Treasurer 

Herbert A. Tetreault Cinnaminson. NJ. Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Paul Thalackcr Bronxville. NY. Government: Sigma Chi — So- 
cial Chairman: Pre Law Society: JV. Football: Investment Club: Senior 
Class Gift Campaign 

Wendy Susan Theiss Chalfonl. Pa.. Social Relations: Soccer Club: Alpha 
Omicron Pi: LUV.: Marketing Club: Ski Club 

Scott Douglas Theuerkauf Demarest. NJ. International Business: Phi 
Gamma Delta — Rush Chairman 

James J. Thompson, Jr. Lansdale. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: Alpha Tau 
Omega — Vice President: ASME.: Varsity Football 

Jane Walker Thompson Wayne. Pa.. Marketing 

Peter H. Thompson Bethel Park. Pa., Chemical Engineering: Sigma Phi — 
House Manager. President: AIChE.: Ski Team; LUV. 

David Swainson Tiblin Leesburg. VA. Electrical Engineering 

Ron Daniel Ticho Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Finance: Undergraduate Merit 
Award Nominee: Sixth-Man Award: President — Public Relations: Student 
Society of America: Cheerleading: Sports Editor Brown & White; Mustard 
& Cheese Society: Freshman Orientation Committee 

Leslie Ann Tilly Allentown. Pa., Industrial Engineering: Bicycle Racing 
Team; Pre Law Society; Beta Theta Pi Little Sister: Senior Class Gift 
Campaign; HE. 

David Loring Titus Huntington, NY, History; Lambda Chi Alpha — 
Steward, Executive Committee; Baseball Statistician: Investment Club 

Janine Marie Tomassini Endwell, NY. Chemical Engineering: AIChE.; 
Equestrian Club 

Andrew Kistler Touchstone Rosemont, Pa., History 

Sabra Lynn Tovvnsend Philadelphia .Pa., Industrial Engineering; HE. ; SBE. 
— Vice President; Provost Student/Faculty Committee; BSU. — Vice 

Stacey Tranchina Manhasset. NY, Government 

Thomas Henry Traubitz Silver Spring, MD. Mathematics; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Computing Society 

Tracy Z. Trent Glen Ridge, NJ, Accounting: Golden Heart; Alpha Omicron 
Pi: Marketing Club; Women in Business; WOMEN. 

Timothy Jay Tritsch Pittsburgh, Pa., Industrial Engineering: Psi Upsilon — 
Academic Chairman, Vice President; HE.; SAE. 

Tina Marie Trovato New Providence, NJ, Marketing, Theater; Taylor 
College: Omicron Delta Kappa; Le Compane: Mustard and Cheese 
Dramatic Society; Theta Chi Little Sisters; LUV.; Gryphon Society 

Mark Whitney Trumbore Luray, VA, Biochemistry: Forum Research Grant: 
ACS.; College Bowl Team; Concert Band: Marching 97; Woodwind Quintet; 
Brass Quartet 

Scott Douglas Theuerkauf 

Tracy Z. Jrcrii 

Timothy Jay Tritsch Tina Marie Trovato Mark Whitney Trumbore 


Thomas L. Lndercuffler Walerlown. CT. Industrial Engineering: Phi Sigma 
Kappa — President, Steward: Rugby Club: LUV.: Forum: HE. 

Robert James Ungvary Exlon. Pa.. Industrial Engineering 

Thomas Paul Valeric Morristown. NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Phi Delia 
Thela — Alumni Secretary; Tuu Beta Pi: Pi Tuu Sigma; LUV. 

Marja Elizabeth van den Hende Delft, Neaiherlands. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Gryphon Society: ASME.: SWE.: AlAA.; Field Hockey: Presidential 

Jacques Louis Vaney HicLwille. NY, French. Economics: Zeta Psi 

Kathleen Elaine Vasil Clifton. NJ, Accounting: Alpha Gamma Delta — 

Paul D. Vassallo Belhesda. MD, Accounting: Sigma Chi -— President. 
Treasurer. Fund Raiser: Dean's List; Rugby Club 

Tierney Vaughan Rutherford, NJ 

Michael John Vietti Yardley, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Decm's List: AIChE.; LUV. 

Philip Edward Voltz Drexel Hill. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering: Gryphon 
Society — Selection Committee: ASME. 

William Joseph Voorhees Delran, NJ. Mechanical Engineering: Beta Theia 
Pi — Social Chairman 

Robert Steven Voros Bethlehem. Pa.. Computer Engineering; Donald 
Stabler Scholarship: Phi Eta Sigma: Easton Memorial Scholarship; Dean's 
List: Computing Society; Marching 97: Concert Band — President 

Stephen R. Vresics Bethlehem. Pa., International Relations: Ski Club 

David Charles Wagner Westmont, NJ, Civil Engineering; Delta Tau Delta — 
President; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon — Vice President; 
ASCE. — Vice President 

Robert Lawrence Walcyk Englewood Cliff, NJ 

Virginia Walsh Belhpage, NY, International Relations, French, Geology: 
Dean's List; Fulbright Nomination; IR. Departmental Honors; Pi Sigma 
Alpha: Newman Council: Christian Fellowship; Geology Club: Interna- 
tional Relations Club 

Donna Ann Warkomski 

Charles H. Warner Easton, Pa.. Metallurgy; Sigma Nu: American Society 
For Metals 

David Scott Warsaw Costa Mesa, CA. Molecular Biology: Hillel Society: 
Karate Club; Scuba Club; College Bowl; Health Professions Member 

David J. Watson Wycoff, NJ, Industrial Engineering: Sigma Nu; HE.: JV. 

Thomas L, Undercuffler Robert James Ungvary 

Thomas Paul Valerio Marja Elizabeth van den Hende 

Paul D. Vassallo 

Tierney Vaughan 

^^^r ^H^^ "^^V 

Michael John Vietli 

Philip Edward Voltz William Joseph Voorhees Robert Steven Voros 

Stephen R. Vresics 

David Charles Wagner Robert Lawrence Walcyk 

Virginia Walsh 

Donna Ann Warkomski 

Charles H. Warner 

What one word epitomizes your Lehigh 


■ Fantastic 

■ Challenging 

■ Why'? 

■ Growth 

■ Traumatic 

■ Profound 

■ Survival 

■ Ohmygodi' msohungover (that's one word, isn't it?) 

■ Unusual 

■ Ludicrous 

■ Prolonged 

■ Friendship 

■ Interesting 

■ Fini! 

David Scott Warsaw 

David J. Watson 


Judson Lewis Weiss Robert Adam Weisstuch Christopher Paul Welsh 

Robert Wengert 

Marshall Scott Wenrich Katherine Anne Wenzke William Thomas Werner Herbert Harry Wescott 

Catherine Marie Weyand Thomas Edward Wheeler 

Edward George Williams 

Eric James Williams 

Suzanne Watson Wayside. XJ. Finance- Mnrketinv Cluh Inifument Club: 
Dean of Students Supervisor 

Robert J. Walters Langhorne. Pa., .Accounting: Gryphon Sociery: Dean's 

John Brian Way Paget. Bermuda. Finance: Alpha Tau Omega: Varsity 
Squash: Varsity Tennis: JV. Soccer 

Sarah Leah Wean Westwood. SJ. Government, Psychology: Dean's List: 
Phi Eta Sigma: Psi Chi: Year Abroad at Univ. of York 

Susan Anne Weber Herndon. VA, Foreign Careers. German: German 
House — Steward. President: Foreign Study Scholarship: Dean's List: 
Orchestra: RHC: Women in Business: Marketing Club: Chi Phi Little Sister 

Christian Da%id WeidenhanunerBrarfenfo/i, Fla.. Mechanical Engineering: 
Chi Phi — President: ROTC Scholarship: Ranger Commander: ROTC — 
Scuba Club — President 

Alisa Cyd Weinstein New City. NY, Marketing: American Marketing Assoi. 
Marketing Club; Theta Xi Little Sister: Ski Club: Hillel Society 

Jonathan M. Weiss Short Hilts, NJ, Mechanical Engineering: Alpha Chi 
Rho: Dean's List: ASME. — President: Pi Tau Sigma 

Judson Lewis Weiss Richland. Pa.. Chemical Engineering: Laudumilch 
Trust: Jacobsen Scholarship: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: AIChE.: Frisbee 
Club: Outing Club 

Robert Adam Vieisstacb Millwood, NY. Industrial Engineering: Kappa 
Alpha — First Attendant, Historian: HE. : Brown and White — Photo Editor. 
Layout Editor 

Christopher Paul Welsh Williamsville, NY, Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha — 
Ritual Chairman: Volleyball Club — Treasurer 

Robert Wengert Lebanon, Pa.. Journalism: Departmental Honors: Dean's 
List: Williams Prize: Graduated with Honors: Dean of Students Greek Week 
Committee: Arts College Career Planning Council: Omicron Delta Kappa: 
Sigma Tau Delta: Pi Alpha Theta: Brown and White — Editor-in-chief, 
Managing Editor, Editorial Page Editor: Woodrow Wilson Fellow 
Committee , Provost Academic Advisory Board 

Marshal] Scott Wenrich Reading, Pa.. Computer Science: Delta Chi — 
Treasurer. Steward: Omicron Delta Kappa: Computing Society: Ice Hockey 
Club: IFC — President. Judical Chairman 

Katherine Anne Wenzke State College. Pa., Electrical Engineering: Alpha 
Omicron Pi — Recording Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma — Secretary: Choir, 
Mustard and Cheese Drama Society: Chamber Singers 

William Thomas Werner Pittsburgh. Pa., Industrial Engineering 

Herbert Harry Wescott Williamsport, Pa., Civil Engineering 

Catherine Marie Weyand Severna Park, MD, Accounting; Gryphon Society 
— Vice President: Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges ;LUV. 

Thomas Edward Wheeler Haworth, NJ, Accounting: Alpha Tau Omega — 
Rush Chairman. Scholarship Chairman. Steward: IFC Vice President: 
Dean's List: Omicron Delta Kappa: Who's Who .Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges: Order of Omega; Forum — Social 
Polices Committee: Provost's Student/Faculty Academic Advisory Board; 
Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Susan Uigh WTiite Webster, NY, Psychology; Dean's List; Psi Chi; APA 
PAP PC: Big BrotherlBig Sister — Coordinator; LUV.; Le Compane 

Paul Carl Wjckman Somerset, NJ, Finance: Theta Delta Chi — Secreiar 
HMC: Varsiti' Basketball — Captain 

Catherine Veronica Wiebd Port Jefferson. NY, Accounting; Dean''- f 
Beta Alpha Psi — Treasurer; Big/Little Sister Program 

Karen Jean Wigh Wallingford, CT. Government, Journalism: Concert Bw 
Marching 97: Woodwind Ensemble: Brown and White Staff 

Edward George Williams Watchung, NJ, Finance 

Eric JuatsWiitams Long Island City. NY. International Business. Hist^r 
Delta Upsilon — Secretary. Assi. Treasurer; Undergraduate Trusi, 
Scholarship: Vartity Football: SAC Concert Security 

Janel Anne Williams Cape May, NJ, Accounting: Beta Alpha Psi — 
Secretary to National; Chi Phi title Sister; Senior Class Gift Campaign 

Michael Paul Williams Bethlehem, Pa., Natural Science; Wrestling; Alpha 
Lambda Omega 

Peter A. Willis Rowayton, CT, English; Sigma Tan Delta; Varsity Ice 
Hockey; Bicycle Racing Club; Amnesty International 

Edwin L. Wilson Colts Neck, NJ, Electrical Engineering; IEEE. 

Elizabeth Frazer Wilson ZJevTon, Pa., Psychology, Social Relations; Dean's 
List; Psi Chi; Alpha Omicron Pi; Choir; Forum — Campus Life Committee 

Kenneth B. Wilson Doylestown, Pa., Chemical Engineering; Delta Phi — 
Social Chairman, Recording Secretary' 

Bonnie Winokur Chicago, III., Foreign Careers; Alpha Phi; Gryphon 

Craig Daniel Winters Chadds Ford. Pa,, Accounting; Outing Club; Market- 
ing Club; Investment Club; East Asian Society; Photography Club 

Michael John Wohlhieter Potomac, MD, Industrial Engineering; Delta Chi 
— House Manager, Community Relations, Faculty Relations; HE.; Ski 

James Al Wolfson Spring Vallev, NY. Electrical Engineering; Sigma Chi; 
IEEE.; Ski Club 

Claudia E. Wood Bethlehem, Pa., Foreign Careers, Economics; Epitome — 
Copy Editor, Staff Photographer 

Robert Thomas Wright Wilmington, DE. Accounting 

Karen Ann Yackiel White Haven, Pa., Engineering Physics; Air Force 
ROTC Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi; Deans List; SAME. 

Joseph Yammarino Ctoster, NJ, Industrial Engineering; IEEE. — 
Secretary: IFC: Forum: Party Patrol: Mr. Anchor Splash 

David Bernard Yarmoff Plainview, NY, Chemical Engineering 

Brian David Yates Clarksboro, NJ, Marketing 

Constantine George Yialamas Attentown, Pa., Electrical Engineering 

Karyn Hope Yost Northwoods, Pa., International Relations; Social 
Chairman; Varsity Field Hockey — Captain, Most Valuable Player; Varsity 
Lacrosse — Captain; Freshman Female Athlete Award; All American Field 
Hockey and Lacrosse Player; International Relations Club; College 

Craig Lewis Young Piano, TX, Civil Engineering: ASCE.; Soccer; Wres- 
tling: Christian Fellowship 

Linda June Yurke Mount Holly, NJ, Electrical Engineering; IEEE.; SWE.; 
Kappa Alpha Theta — Social Chairman; Gryphon Society 

Marc L. Zaininger Princeton, NJ, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering: 
Art and Architecture Society; ASME. 

Wayne Barry Zeiler Glen Rock, NJ 

John William Zimardo Tamaqua. Pa., Metallurgy and Material Science 
Engineering: Phi Gamma Delta — Historian; Metallurgy Society: Varsity 

Michael M. Zucker Livingston, NJ, Geological Sciences 

Bonnie Winokur 

Craig Daniel Winters 

Michael John Wohlhieter James A. Wolf son 

Karen Ann Yackiel Joseph Yammarino David Bernard Yarmoff 

Brian David Yates 





Constantine George Yialamas Karyn Hope Yost 

Craig Lewis Young 

Linda Juen Yurke 


Marc L. Zaininger 

Wayne Barry Zeiler John William Zimardo Michael M. Zucker 

Jane Elizabeth Zwally Harrisburg, Pa.. Natural Science; Varsity Tennis; Ski 

Jane Elizabeth Swally 

Thomas Healy — Senior Class President 

Camera Shy Seniors n^ 

Michael A. Adamko 

Kevin K. Fleming 


Kathryn M. Peacock 

Arthur T. Adamson 

Robert E. Fletcher 

Mathew R. Plymer 

Sunil K. Agrawal 

Brian P. Foster 

Michael P. Quaranta 

Mohammad S. Alluwaim 

Vincent P. Gibboni 

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Ronald E. Ricks 

Sherman W. Bear 

Sarah A. Halley 

John M. Rising 

Kjell E. Benner 

P. Allen Harris 

Donald C. Roe 

Craig H. Benson 

Serena M. Healx 

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^xmietn "^nnhvtb nnh ^tgijtg ^ibt 


Senior Class Officers 

Thanx For Giving 

Your Time 
To Our Class 

(Left to Right): Tom Berger (secretary). Jeff Pedigo (treasurer), Kathy Goldstein (vice-president). Tom Healy 
(president) (Not Pictured): Dennis Diehl (advisor). 

The Class of 1985 

n. t^ 

1 ^iS^.jRl.^M:.-iB 

Do you know where you're going to? 

Do you like the things that life is showing you? 

Where are you going to, do you know? 

Do you get what you're hoping for? 

When you look behind you, there's no open door 

What are you hoping for? 

Do you know? 

Once we were standing still in time, 
Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds. 

Do you know where you're going to? 

Do you like tWe things that life is showing you 

Where are you going to? 

Do you kn^^^"^ 


We have spent much of our time in these other times, we found more'^en one. Now 

pah four years attempting to answer the comes the time to ask our own questions of 

questions our professors placed before us. ourselves. May each of us find an answer 

Sometimes we could find no answers at all — that will satisfy. 

Our Year in Review 

By Mark Meagher 

Fall — 1984 

Marking the start of a new Lehigh year, 
the Delta Tan Delta fraternity returned to 
campus after a three year suspension. Plans 
for it's re-colonization began early in the fall 
and possible pledges were being sought. 

While Delts were busy receiving a new 
face. Pi Lambda Phi lost theirs when social 
and disciplinary sanctions were placed on 
them. The Disciplinary Committee, chaired 
by Dean Cohen, decided after hearings on 
the matter that, among other penalties, no 
alcohol would be allowed on their premises 
and no alcohol would be permitted at any 
rush functions until the end of the year. Al- 
though worried that this would deter fresh- 
men from pledging Pi Lam. the brothers still 
managed to attract a good size pledge class. 

On the better side of Greek Life. Kappa 
Alpha Theta became the newest of Lehigh's 

sororities. The group colonized in October. 
While visions of Thanksgiving Turkeys 
danced in many students' heads. President 
Peter Likins was busy approving Forum 
XV' s proposal to abolish the old social reg- 
ulations. These new regulations gave the 
students the power to regulate parties and 

Kappa Alpha Theta colonizes — the 
sixth sorority at Lehigh. 

social gatherings where alcohol would be 

In mid November Lehigh was honored 
with visits from two dignitaries from two 
vastly different fields — one. entertainment 
and the other, peace. 

Bishop Tu Tu. having just recently had the 
Nobel Peace Prize bestowed on him. and. 
Bill Cosby, now star of his own top-rated tv 

situation comedy show came to speak to the 
Lehigh students. 

Not long after, students began gearing for 
the traditional Lehigh-Lafayette weekend. 
In the midst of all this excitement, Ethan 
Felson and Cara Stutter made their 
announcement of the beginning of an ad- i 
ministration supported group they were co- 
organizing. Basically, the group was for 
homosexual and bisexual students. It con- 
tains counseling oriented groups to aid stu- 
dents with problems they may encounter by 
being homosexual. The group's main goal 
was to address the problem of self affirma- 
tion among the gay community. 

After the initial furor the new gay club 
caused among students and faculty, many 
disregarded the controversy in order to con- 
centrate on the upcoming battle against the 

With their record at 5-5, the Brown and 
White sought to finish on a winning note as 
they traveled to Easton to meet the Lafay- 
ette Leopards in the 120th meeting between 
the rivals. It was not to be for the Engineers. 
Missing two early scoring opportunities, 
Lehigh lost momentum to the Leopards who 
went on to post a 28-7 finish. 

Winter — 1984-85 

Finals came and went in a dismal week of 
late night cramming and early morning cof- 
fee. Students left for home to celebrate the 
holiday season and a completion of yet 
another semester. 

More regulations assaulted the Hill. The 
IFC approved a decision to check for LU 
student IDs at parties. This resulted from 
many town people racing up the hill in 
search of free beer and a few fights. The 
policy, however, received mixed reactions 
and eventually was stopped. 

The first trial weekend for the new social 
policy arrived and some students, unfortu- 
nately, caused its failure. As a result of fra- 
ternity rush parties, four freshmen were treat- 
ed for over consumption of alcohol. 

To add insult to injury, later on that same 
month. Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon. Lambda Chi Alpha, and Beta Theta Pi 
fraternities were found guilty of violating 

Delta Tau Delta returns to campus. 

University social policy and recklessly en- 
dangering some of their pledges with abuse 
of alcohol on Bid Day. 

On the sports scene, early in March, 
Lehigh University's wrestling team cap- 
tured 25th EIWA wrestling championship, 
crowning three individual champions . 

After a record of 5 wins and 9 losses, 
Lehigh finished 9th in the nation in wres- 
tling. Pete Yozzo and Paul Dickel set a 
school record for most wins at 29. 

To the delight of the campus community , 
Lehigh University's men's basketball team 
beat Bucknell 76-74 in overtime to capture 
the ECC crown and qualify for the NCAA 

Later that month, Lehigh went against 
top seeded Georgetown in the NCS.AA 
tournament. Although bowing to the Hoyas 
68-43, the school was able to gain regogni- 
tion and respect by outplaying Georgetown 
in the first half of the game. 

Spring — 1985 

Hopping over to student government. 
Forum eliminated the all-night study 
Lounge in Neville Auditorium due to van- 
dalism. Many late night studiers bemoaned 
the decision and went in search of other 
possible hide outs. 

Beer drinking in the classrooms and sun- 
rise cocktails heralded in another Greek 
Week at Lehigh. More aspersions were cast 
on the Greek community, however, as Pi 
Lambda Phi's Greek Week banner was con- 
sidered offensive and racist. 

Early in May. Delta Sigma Phi fraternity 
was found guilty of hazing charges. IFC 

recommended the dissolution of the frater- 
nity and the decision was made to ban them 
from the Hill for three years. 

In women's sports, Lehigh's women's 
tennis team finished the year at 19-2, to cap- 
ture the ECC championship. In the mean- 

Provost Arthur Humphrey resigns; 
but will sta\ on to teach. 

time, Lehigh University's women's lacrosse 
team captured its first ECC championship 
by defeating Delaware 21-7. They finished 
the season with a 13-3 record and ranked 7lh 
in the nation. 

On a sad note, Lehigh's community 
mourned the decisions of three members of 
the administration to leave their posts. 
Robert Cohen, Associate Dean of Students, 
announced he will resign effective July I. 
1986. Registrar James Wagner announced 

that he will take early retirement after 36 
years of service to the University. Provost 
Arthur Humphrey announced his resigna- 
tion: however, he will stay on as a full Pro- 
fessor of Engineering. 

Finally, in June, best selling novelist. 
John Irving, delivered the 1 1 7th commence- 
ment address to graduating seniors. Among 
his works include Setting Free the Bear and 
The World According to Garp. 

Scandalizing parents and students alike, 
the Graduation ceremony was stopped mid- 
way while Peter Likins instructed the over- 
zealous Business College students to curb 
the champagne uncorking during the gradu- 
ation process. 

Graduation brought summer break for 
some, the beginning of a new life for others, 
and for all, a year fraught with tension and 
worr\. laughter and tears, good times and 

n last look 

Steel town. City of bridges, railroad tracks and South Side 
decay, populated by the proverbial melting pot. 

It's a workingman's town. Row houses, dingy bars. The sweat of 
laborers can be seen and smelled every day in the puffing of the 
steel mill. It was thought to run forever, yet time and technology 
has nearly brought it to a halt. Industrial jungle. 

Beyond the mill, there is history here. The spirits of those first 
Moravian settlers seem to linger in the earth, in the air and in the 
churches. Historic Bethlehem's cobble stone streets wind along 
renovated buildings and lamp posts of days long past. 

Over the mountain, there is serenity. The valley is young, fresh 
with natural beauty. It is the needed sanctuary from the jungle. 

In the winter, especially December, it is magical — crystal snow, 
lights and The Star — sparkle in the dark, chilled night air. 

Bethlehem. It was strange to most of us at first, dark and 
foreboding with its steel and workingmen. Perhaps now we see it 
differently. Home for four years , it somehow taught us , intangibly, 
about life. 

As we leave, a part of Bethlehem and the lessons learned here 
will surely follow with us — always. 



Chi Psi 

Diamond, Gipson. Hariman, More, Sev 

Iowa Slate Cyclones 

Dean Cohen, Coach Schneider 

Terry Hart 


The Turkey Trot 

The Political Economy of Aging: The Stale, Private 
Power and Social Welfare 

Harry A. Neville 

The solid maple wood seat chair is illustrated above The actual dimensions of the wood 
seat chair are 34 inches in height, 21^2 inches in width and 20 inches in depth. 

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Philip R. Peller '60 

Senior Vice President 

James B. Swenson '59 

Regional Vice Presidents 

Scott E. Wollaston '58 
(Region I — NY, New 


A. Bruce Borgeson '49 

(II — New Jersey) 

Malcolm Hay, Jr. '60 

(III — Pa. & Del.) 

T. Frank James III '61 

(IV — Central States) 

David L. Hughes '69 

(V — Southeastern States) 

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(VI — Western States) 

Gerald E. Berger '71 


Roger L. Miller '27 

Edward H. Kottcamp, 
Jr. '56 

D. James Veras '57 

Ronald H. Vaughn '58 
Karen L. Stuckey '75 

Samuel H. Missimer '50 

Alumni Trustees 

William L. Clayton '51 
C. Keith Rust '57 

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III '75 

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Joseph M. Workman '53 ' 

Executive Director 
Donald H. Bott '54 

Associate Director 

Hairy B. Ramsey '50 

Assistant Directors 

Dennis R. Diehl "70 

Barbara A. 
Turanchik "75 

Sarah F. Pappas '80 

Lehigh Alumni Clubs 

Lehigh camaraderie doesn't end 
with the last graduation party. There 
are 61 Lehigh Clubs, and one is prob- 
ably near you. Like sports? Chances 
are your club will attend a Lehigh 
sports event. You can welcome fu- 
ture alumni at freshmen send-offs, 
share your real-world expertise with 
under-graduates or broaden your 
cultural horizons by hearing interest- 
ing speakers or touring local places 
of interest. Many clubs donate some 
of the dues money to worthy Univer- 
sity causes and help out in other 
ways, such as recruiting and admis- 
sions work. The important thing is 
having fun and being active. 

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Thanks for the memories! 
Good Luck Class of '85 


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\jn r-y-m a 



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PHONE: AREA 717-897-6131 


Special thanks to the editors of the 1985 


Lisa Desnoyers 
Howard Herrara 
Anne Howey 
Kim McClaren 
Mark Meagher 
John Missimer 

Caroline Power 
Jeff Riiser 
Adam Sevel 
Adam Speck 
Evan Tannenbaum 
Mary Ellen Villages 

Professor Sharon Friedman 


Laura Fjeldal 

Allison Case 

Business Manager 



As I walk out of this office for the last 
time, I realize that this is my real gradua- 
tion. I may not be wearing a black robe, 
nor listening to speeches about the future, 
nor collecting a piece of paper to prove 
how hard I worked, nor is my family here 
grinning madly with pride; but, now / am 
graduating. The yearbook is Lehigh to me 

— / know the University through this book 

— and it means more to me than that 
diploma. I'll miss that dingy little office in 
the basement of the UC more than any 
other place on campus. I'll miss the peo- 
ple who worked on it with me more than 
anyone else I have met in my four years 

My time spent on The Epitome was, in 
fact, the best of times and the worst of 
times — at the same time. 

I have eagerly anticipated writing this 
column. This was to be my ultimate re- 
ward for all the hours of editorial and 
emotional toil I would put into the making 
of this book — my chance to echo my 
esteemed predecessors by telling the 
world how hard I had worked and how well 
I had survived all the challenges . Except , I 
don't want to use this column to pat my- 
self on the back for the great job I did — 
I'm not sure I did so great a job and I 
didn't do it alone. I will use this column, 
therefore, to say thank you to those who 
helped get this edition of the Epitome into 

These people are the ones who stood 
beside me and worked: those that didn't 
leave me holding the bag, as it t'were; 
people who cared; who helped; and who 
listened — even when what I had to say 
wasn't worth listening to. 

First, the Journalism Department has 
been invaluable . Professor Robert Sulli- 
van, always ready with an encouraging 
word and a smile, served as their leader. 
Next came Professor Sharon Friedman, 
our fearless advisor, who paid me the ulti- 
mate compliment. She let me know that 
she was there with advice should I need it, 

while, at the same time, giving me the 
freedom I needed to put this book 
together. In the background. Professor 
Walter Trimble made himself available 
with helpful photo tips for the photogra- 
phy staff as well as put up with our pres- 
ence in the Brown and White dark room. 
Last, but certainly not least, Ruth Mathis 

— the secretary who weathered every con- 
ceivable storm; from irate parents on the 
phone to even more irate students in front 
of her desk. She heard every problem the 
occurred in our office with a sympathetic 
ear. In addition to these talented people, 
there was Teresa who kept our office clean 
and, with her charm, kept smiles on our 

Lending encouragement and support 
was the crew at Merin Studios. Richie, 
Rosemary and, of course. Donna and 
Steve who had to put up with me for a 
second year. How do you guys do it? 

Now, for the Epitome staff . . . 

Allison Case. Business Manager. 
Friend. Confident. Sounding board. How 
she managed to keep this book out of 
bankruptcy is a mystery to me. Her desk is 
empty now — she 's off to bigger and better 
things; but I can still see her in this office 

— hunched over the IBM computer's mad- 
ly typing or on the phone arguing with the 
Controller's Office. Nobody could have 
done it with more style Al, and I'm sure no 
one ever has. 

Adam Sevel. Photography Editor. Amaz- 
ingly gifted photographer. Buddy. The 
one who could make me laugh when all I 
wanted to do was give up and cry. He 
stayed during part of the summer to finish 
up some unfinished business (as there al- 
ways is); and, even though he had pre- 
tended all throughout the year he 
wouldn't stay, I knew he would. That's the 
kind of person he is. 

Those two, plus myself, were the crux of 
the Epitome. There are certain staff mem- 
bers, however, who deserve special men- 

Lisa Desnoyers, who made walking into 
the office a pleasure because she could 
make us all laugh. John Missimer and Jeff 
Ruser — the infamous duo — who put up 
with my constant complaining and still 
managed to get their respectivejobs done. 
Steve Switaj, the poor boy who didn't 
know what he was getting into when he 
offered to take a few pictures for the Epit- 
ome. Patty Boustany and Renee Chan, 
the two photographers who worked in- 
credibly hard running all over campus to 
take group shots. Mary ellen Villegas, 
who must have cracked a whip over the 
copy staff to get everything in as she did. 
Finally, Howard Herrara, who stayed 
through the summer with me to make sure 
the book got completed. He, more than 
anyone, had to put up with my bizarre 
mood swings and my complaining. 

These last two people, Howard Herrara 
and Mary Ellen Villegas, are the Epit- 
ome's future. Their work on this year's 
book was certainly appreciated; now, 
however, they have their work cut out for 
them. I wish I had something memorable 
to say to next year's Editor and Business 
Manager. Good luck seems to be all I can 
offer, no matter how inadequate it 

I do hope, however, that when Howard 
sits down to write this column next year at 
this time, he'll feel as I do. Relieved, 
proud and a little sad. Looking back I 
have no regrets at having taken the posi- 
tion for a second time. In fact, I derived a 
great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. 
My hope is that, as you flip through these 
pages you, too, will find happiness in the 
memories of Lehigh in the year Nineteen 
Hundred and Eighty Five. 


Laura L. Fjeldal 

^yi^^ioy ^. '^^^^^^^i^'k^ 


The 1985 Epitome, printed by offset 
lithography was published by Hunter Pub- 
lishing Company. Winston-Salem. North 
Carolina. The paper used is primarily #80 
Enamel Coated: #80 Gloss paper is used in 
the signatures that contain color photo- 
graphs. Body copy is set in 10 point Times 
Roman Italic, whereas identifications are 

set in 8 point. The predominant headline 
style is 30 point Times Roman Italics. 

Many of the photographs in this book are 
the work of University students. The senior 
portraits were taken by Merin Studios. Phil- 
adelphia. Athletic team composites were 
done b\ Ryan Studios. Bethlehem. 

The Epitome Editors 

Editor-in-chief: Laura Fjeldal 
Business Manager: Allison Case 
Asst. to the Editor: Howard Herrera 
Ads Manager: Adam Speck 
Seniors Editor: Kim McClaren 
Sports Editor: Evan Tanenbaum 
Living Editor: Caroline Power 
Academics Editor: Lisa Desnoyers 
Activities Editor: Ann Howey 
Features Editor: Mark Meagher 
Copy Editor: Mary Ellen Villegas 
Scheduling Editor: Jeff Ruser 
ID Editor: John Missimer 
Photography Editor: Adam Sevel 

Copy Staff 

Doug Brogowski 

Lisa Dunyak (features) 

Martin Finnegan 

Donna Frost 

Marty Horn 

Tammy LeFall (features) 

Mark Meagher (features) 

Deb Pierce (features) 

Nicola Pugliese 

Aileen Silverman 

Ron Ticho 

Mary Ellen Villegas 

Photography Staff 

Patty Boustany 
Renee Chan 
Laura D'Orsi 
Steve Gross 
Joan Lebersfeld 
Unchu Lee 
Doug Morse 
Joy Rosenberg 
Adam Sevel 
Karen Slutsker 
Rob Sternlieb 
Jim Stone 
Steve Switaj 
John Treichler 
Bill Wilson 
Claudia Wood 

Photography Credits 

Special thanks to 

— The Associated Press /o/- the National Year in Review photographs . 

— Joe Ryan of Ryan Studios in Bethlehem for the sports composites 

— Adam Sevel/or contributing his photographs to the title page, the divider pages, 
and the back page. 

— Lori Litman/o/- her art work appearing on the Chapter Divider pages. 

— The Fraternal Composite Service /or supplying the fraternity and sorority compo- 

Patty Boustany: photographs appearing 

on pages 55. 67 (#2. #3). 78. 79. 148. 174. 

232. 233. 236. 237. 238. 239, 251. 248. 

Rich Brydon: photograph appearing on 

page 102. 

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page 109. 

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on pages 196. 197. 200, 201, 240. 241. 243. 
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pages 33 (#2), 46 (#1), 49 (#2), 54, 60. 61. 
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Bill Wilson: photographs appearing on 
pages 8 (#1). 35 (#2). 94 (#/), 150. 151. 
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Abernathy, Stacey pg 174 

Accounting & Law pg 98 

Acknowledgements pg 402-403 

Administrators pg 80-81 

Advertisements pg 396-401 

AIChEpg 113 

Air Force pg 86 

Alpha Chi Rho pg 176-177 

Alpha Epsilon Phi pg 178-179 

Alpha Gamma Delta pg 180-181 

Alpha Omicron Pi pg 182-183 

Alpha Phi pg 184-185 

Alpha Sig pg 186-187 

Alpha Tau Omega pg 188-189 

Army pg 86 

Aronson, J.R. pg 96 

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Arts & Sciences College pg 82-83 

Athletics pg 87 

Back Page pg 408 

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Baron, Mira pg 97 

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Basketball (men) pg 274-277 

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Bethlehem, a last look pg 392-393 

Biology pg 87 

Birkle, 492 pg 163 

Boyde, Mike pg 174 

Brodhead 6 pg 152 

Brown & White, The pg 122-125 

Business & Economics, College pg 94-95 


Carlton Castle pg 164 
Cheerleading pg 138-140 
Chemical Engineering pg 104 
Chemistry pg 104 
Chess Team pg 140 
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Chi Psi pg 194-195 
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Dedication pg 2 
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Delta Sigma Phi pg 202-203 
Delta Tau Delta pg 204-205 
Delta Upsilon pg 206-207 
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Dravo C-3 pg 153 
Dravo D-4 pg 153 
Drinker A-2 pg 154 
Drinker A-4 pg 154 
Drinker B-3 pg 155 


East Fifth, 201 pg 165 
Economics pg 98 
Engineering, college pg 100-101 
English pg 88 
Epitome, the pg 130-131 


Fall Candids pg 32-35 

Field Hockey pg 266-267 

Finance pg 99 

Financial Management Club pg 113 

Football pg 258-261 

Frat. & Soror. Living pg 174-175 

Fraternity Management Assoc, pg 114 

Freshmen Orientation pg 31 

Frey, Doug pg 102 

Frisbee Club pg 141 

Gamma Phi Beta pg 208-209 
Gamma Phi Beta Annexes pg 166 
Geology pg 88 
German House pg 162 
Golfpg 285 
Gospel Singers pg 128 
Government pg 89 
Graduation pg 384-389 
Greek Week pg 56-59 
Gryphon Society pg 148 


Halloween pg 38-39 
Hillel Society pg 129 
History pg 89 


Ice Hockey pg 248 
Interfraternity Council pg 136 
IFC Coctails pg 36-37 
Industrial Engineering pg 106 
Institute of Industrial Eng. pg 114 
International Relations pg 90 
Investment Club pg 116 

Journalism pg 90 



Kappa Alpha pg 210-211 
Kappa Alpha Theta pg 212-213 
Kappa Sig pg 214-215 
Karate Club pg 141 
Krawiec, Steven pg 86 


Lacrosse (men) pg 288 

Lacrosse (women) pg 289 

Lambda Chi Alpha pg 216-217 

Laury, 317 pg 167 

Learning about Lehigh pg 173 

Leavitt 2 pg 155 

Lehigh-Lafayette Weekend pg 40^3 

Lehigh Year in Review pg 390-391 

Likins, President pg 72-73 


Management & Marketing pg 99 
Marching 97 pg 132-133 
Marketing Club pg 115 
Marshall-McClintic B-2 pg 156 
Marshall-McClintic B-3 pg 156 
Mathematics pg 90 
Mechanical Engineering pg 106 
Metallurgy pg 107 
Modern Foreign Language pg 91 
Montclair, 454 pg 168 
Montclair, 615 pg 168 
Montclair, 617 pg 169 
Moving in pg 30 
Music pg 91 
Mustard & Cheese pg 121 


National Year in Review pg 16-27 

Off-Campus Living pg 160-161 
Omicron Delta Kappa pg 117 
Opening pg 3-15 
Outing Club, the pg 145 


Palmer pg 157 

Phi Delt pg 218-219 

Phi Gamma Delta pg 220-221 

Phi Kappa Theta pg 222-223 

Phi Sigma Kappa pg 224-225 

Phillips, Janice pg 103 

Philosophy pg 91 

Photo Credits pg 404-405 

Physics pg 107 

Pi Kappa Alpha pg 226-227 
Pi Lambda Phi pg 228-229 
Pi Sigma Alpha pg 117 
Powder Puff Football pg 144 
Presidential Ball pg 66-67 
Psi Upsilon pg 230-231 
Psychology pg 92 

Queenan, Darren pg 256-257 


Religion pg 92 

Residence Hall Council pg 137 

Richards B-2 pg 158 

Richards B-3 pg 157 

Riflerx pg 284 

Rugby Club 142-143 

Russian Club, the pg 134 

Science, Technology & Society pg 93 

Seniors pg 306-382 

Seniors, Camera Shy pg 383 

Senior Class Picture pg 388 

Senior Class Officers pg 388 

Sigma Alpha Mu pg 232-233 

Sigma Chi pg 234-235 

Sigma Nu pg 236-237 

Sigma Phi pg 238-239 

Sigma Phi Epsilon pg 240-241 

Sigma Tau Delta pg 118 

Squash pg 285 

Soccer pg 262-265 

Social Policy pg 135 

Social Relations pg 93 

Softball pg 297 

Speech and Theater pg 92 

Spring Candids pg 54-55 

Spring Break pg 62-65 

Student Activities Council pg 137 

Swimming (men) pg 280 

Swimming (women) pg 281 

Tau Beta Pi pg 118 

Tau Epsilon Phi pg 242-243 

Taylor pg 150-151 

Taylor A-3 pg 159 

Taylor. 424 pg 170 

Tennis (men) pg 292 

Tennis (women) pg 293 

Theta Chi pg 244-245 

Theta Delta Chi pg 246-247 

Theta Xi pg 248-249 

Track & Field pg 287 

Trembly 5 pg 159 

Trivia Pursuit Answers pg 394-395 

Trivia Pursuit Game pg 252-253 


Urban Studies pg 93 


Vice Presidents pg 74-75 
Victory & Defeat pg 300-301 
Volley Ball pg 286 

Webster, 419 pg 171 
West Broad. 77 pg 172 
Wheat. Annie-Laurie pg 85 
Winter Candids pg 46^9 
WLVR pg 134 
Women's Soccer pg 145 
Wrestling pg 270-273 

Zeta Psi pg 250-251