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This little book is lovingly dedicated to 
Yogi Ramacharaka, that illuminated soul, 
who led me from darkness to light. 

— The Author, 

Copyright 1908 by Dr. Herbert Hoffman 


"Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise 
From outward things, whate'er you may believe; 
There is an inmost centre in us all, 
Where truth abides in fullness; and around 
Wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in, 
This perfect, clear perception — which is truth." 

— Browning. 

This little book is sent forth with an earnest desire 
to spread the light of truth, and to enable Osteopathic 
physicians to more effectually and understanding^ cure 
the ills of their fellow men and women. 

The truth as set forth in this little manual is not 
original with us, but has been handed down from the 
Eternal Source through various channels, and we just 
helped ourself to the good things whenever and wher- 
ever we found them. Now it is our earnest hope that 
you who are reading these lines will also help yourself to 
whatever appeals to you. We have no desire to thrust 
upon you anything that does not appeal to your reason, 
therefore, if anything set forth in this work does not suit 
your mental tastes, just pass it by, and take that which 

We shall not attempt to prove any of the statements 
of truth made herein, but will simply recite what they 
have proved to us in our work as a physician. We pos^ 
sess no power that you do not also possess. -..You ^t .a 

S3 33 


sleeping God, and need but the help of your own earnest 
thoughts backed by your own will to awaken you to a 
realization of your powers. Of course, if you have awak- 
ened to a knowledge of metaphysical laws, you will more 
readily grasp and use the healing methods set forth here- 
in, but even this is not absolutely necessary, if you but 
have faith and apply the methods which we shall give 
you. "The proof of the pudding is the eating of it," 
therefore as you progress in the application of these 
methods, you will be astonished (at first) how readily 
you will get results. 

We would advise all who wish to further understand 
the truth, about the real laws of their being, and their 
exact place in the universe, together with their rela- 
tions to the source of All Power, to commence by reading 
Yogi Ramacharaka's Fourteen Lessons, in Oriental Oc- 
cultism, published by the Yogi Publication Society, Ma- 
sonic Temple, Chicago, 111. This book can be obtained 
for the very reasonable sum of one dollar. The book 
states the most profound truths, and hidden mysteries, 
in plain, simple English. No one can read it without be- 
ing filled with a deep love and an abiding sense of real- 
ity. No matter what your religious beliefs, this philos- 
ophy will not run contrary to it, but will go along side 
by side, and enlarge upon it. It teaches of the true 
brotherhood of man, and the end and aim of all, — union 
with God. 

One who unfolds into a true knowledge of the 
"I Am" consciousness, and his connection to the "Great 
I" has at his command spiritual powers of healing, which 


heal the worst pathological conditions almost instantane- 
ously. Therefore, if you would follow in the footsteps 
of the Son of Mary, begin by studying the true laws of 
your being as set forth in this pure and forceful book. 
After carefully reading and digesting the contents of 
these fourteen lessons, and you find that they supply a 
longfelt want, you may take up the higher courses, given 
by the same author, in the order named, "Advanced 
Course," "Raja Yoga," "Gnani Yoga," "Hatha Yoga" 
and his book, "Psychic Healing." 

We are giving you here at one stroke the means to 
obtain knowledge, that took us many weary months of 
hard searching to uncover, not to speak of the useless 
time and money spent in wading through piles and piles 
of chaff and theories as advanced by many writers on the 
subject. But we do not regret the time spent, for it has 
taught us that true knowledge comes from within, and 
that the best that any writer or teacher can do for us is 
to awaken thoughts that are lying loose and disconnected 
in our own mind. They but confirm our own thoughts. 
Give us the loose end of the ball, and we unwind at our 

We have shown you the way. It is now for you 
to decide which path to take. Here is the way — 
choose. One path leads to true healing knowledge and 
power, and is based on Reality. The other is based on 
shadowy and seemingly real things — on surfaces and out- 
ward things. You see the shape, size and condition of 
the surface, and think it the real thing, the final analysis. 
The underlying Reality is hidden, is not evident to the 


senses, cannot be weighed, measured, tested and demon- 
strated on a blackboard. Then why should you bother 
with something you can't see. Ah, that's it. Why should 
you ? Well, decide for yourself. 

We will now bring this little greeting to a close, and 
go on and give you our method of "Esoteric Oste- 
opathy." Try it. Use it. If you succeed in dispelling 
some nasty pathological condition that has resisted your 
best efforts, and are thereby enabled to bring health and 
happiness to some poor sufferer, then we shall feel well 
rewarded for putting forth this humble effort to spread 
the glorious light of truth 


Before we attempt to cure, we must understand what 
we are attempting. If we find an organ or part, func- 
tioning abnormally, we call it disease, because it is not 
functioning as Divine mind originally intended it should. 

Our text-books give many causes, outside of the 
organ or part, as the beginning cause of the disease. Not 
one teaches us that disease has its beginning in a dis- 
turbance of the "MIND" of the organ or parts. Not one 
even tells us that the organ or part has any such a thing 
as "Mind." True, histologists tell us that the cell has in- 
telligence, but they stop there. Histologists never once 
dream of telling us that that intelligence is "mind!' 
But reason tells us that there can be no intelligence with- 
out mind. 

All physiologists inform us of the wondrous work 
of our bodies in health and sickness. Tell us of the con- 
stant work of repair, replacement, change, digestion, as- 
similation, elimination, etc., etc. And, most wonderful 
of all, the selective action of the cells extracting from 
the blood the nourishment needed, and rejecting that 
which is not needed. All this they tell us. And, more 
marvelous still, they tell us of the healing of wounds, 
the rush of the cells to the point where they are most 
needed, and hundreds of other examples well known to 
students of physiology. But of the most wonderful and 
marvelous fact of all they tell us nothing. Back of all 
this work they fail to see "MIND," the mind from which 


every cell expresses intelligence. Now, then, a cell has 
"MIND." It goes on reproducing itself many million 
times until there are many millions of cells that have 
massed themselves, or built themselves into an organ, say 
into a Liver, by the way of illustration. 

Now, then, this group of cells co-operating from the 
beginning to build themselves into a liver, must have 
been of one mind. If this was not so, then some cells 
of that group would have started to build themselves into 
a heart or a nerve, or a blood vessel. But they didn't; 
they combined as one mind, having but one purpose, to 
make themselves into a Liver. So, then, we have a group 
mind called the "Liver Mind" which mind thoroughly 
understands how to operate or carry out its own func- 
tions, of course always under the supervision, direction 
and control of the central mind located in the brain. To 
further clinch the matter, how could the central mind 
give orders to the Liver, if it did not have a mind to re- 
ceive and execute the order? 

If, then, we have a "Liver Mind," then we have also 
a "Heart Mind," a "Stomach Mind," a "Kidney Mind/' 
a "Lung Mind," a "Solar Plexus Mind," and so on 
throughout the body until every organ, part, ganglia, 
plexus, nerve and blood vessel has this "Mind." 

Then all pathological conditions have as their first 
cause, "MIND." Without "Mind" there could be no 
action in matter. 

Then ALL disease is MENTAL. 

Even diseases produced by violation of physical laws 
have their first cause in mental action. It is a mental 


action that first recognises the violation. If a stomach 
is overworked, what tells it that it is being imposed 
upon? Ans.: "Mind." The "Stomach Mind" reports to 
the "Central Mind" that an oversupply of supplies is 
being sent constantly to it. The "Central Mind," realizing 
that if this is not stopped the entire physical body will 
soon be overloaded, orders the "Stomach Mind" to cease 
receiving any further supplies, and the "Stomach Mind" 
obeys. Then we have resultant diseases of the stomach, 
all of which are familiar to you. Even the act of the 
violation itself had its beginning in a mental desire. 

Look at it from any point of view that you will; go 
around and around, and you will finally have to admit, 
that if the matter of which our physical bodies is com- 
posed, is changed, or shaped either normally or abnor- 
mally, there must be mind intelligence back of the action. 

Disease, then, is produced by wrong mental action. 
Therefore disease is abnormal, being only the result of 
temporary departure from right mental action. 

It is not an entity. It has no principle and no in- 
telligence of its own. Neither does it possess power. 
Man in his essence is whole and it is no part of him. 

The word "nothing" contains the root-meaning of 
the word disease. It was derived from the Latin dis, 
meaning un: without: the lack of: absence; and the word 
ease. Literally it is dis-ease, un-ease, a lack of ease. It 
stands for absence, not presence. It cannot exist without 
consciousness. The unconscious cannot be said to be 
even uneasy. So this dis-ease must be a matter of 
"Mind" only and a thought-condition. 


It depends entirely upon either the conscious or the 
sub-conscious action of mind for existence, even in ap- 

Set the mind action right and you will re-establish 
the law as laid out in the beginning, when all things 
were manifested, and established whole and good by their 

Health is the normal condition of humanity, but it 
must be maintained in the mind-realm, or it cannot prevail 
in the bodily representation of man. Let us think health 
and have full confidence in its Reality with as much 
spontaneity as in the past, we have appeared to think 
disease, through our fear of it, and see if we do not find 
mind a true healing influence, and a soothing lotion for 
the many seeming ills of daily life. 

Let us begin to-day to exercise our minds to see 
only health; let us begin at once to refuse to accept the 
words of sickness and trouble, for they but express 
wrong mind action in matter. Mind is all. Everything 
that you see, that looks tangible and solid, is but an ex- 
pression of mind. A lump of clay is an inert shapeless 
mass until the hands directed by the mind of the artist 
shapes it into a beautiful statue. The musical instru- 
ment is silent and cold until the mind and hands of the 
composer play upon it. A pile of stones is built into 
the beautiful edifice, first conceived in the mind of the 
architect. The great oak came from the mind in the 
acorn. The Brain and all the rest of the tissues of the 
body resolve themselves back to the universal atoms of 
matter when mind departs at the "death" of the physical 



body. Do not make the deplorable mistake of thinking 
that the Brain secretes mind, like the Liver secretes bile. 
The brain is just as inert as the clay or stone until mind 
works through it. 

The MIND and YOU, dear reader, existed before the 
physical brain and body, and will continue to exist long 
after its atoms have turned to dust. And remember this, 
for it is a great truth. You, the Real You, are absolute 
master of mind, energy and matter. 

Hear what Victor Hugo has to say about man's 
powers. How beautifully he pictures your greatness 
over the body that you are now living in. He tells you 
that you are a soul, having a body, not a body having a 
something called a soul. He says : 

"Man is an infinite little copy of God; this is glory 
enough for man. I am a man, an invisible atom, a drop 
in the ocean, a grain of sand on the shore. Little as I 
am, I feel the God in me, because I can also bring forth 
from out of my chaos. I make books which are crea- 
tions ; I feel in myself the future life ; I am like a forest 
which has more than once been cut down — the new shoots 
are stronger and livelier than ever. I am rising, I know, 
toward the sky. The sunshine is on my head. The earth 
gives me its generous sap, but heaven lights me with the 
reflection of unknown worlds. You say the soul is noth- 
ing but the result of bodily powers. Why, then, is my 
soul more luminous when my bodily powers begin to fail? 
Winter is on my head and eternal spring is in my heart. 
There I breathe at this hour the fragrance of the lilacs, 
the violets and roses as at twenty years ago. The nearer 



I approach the end the plainer I hear around me the im- 
mortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me. It is 
marvelous yet simple. It is a fairy tale, and it is history. 
For half a century I have been writing my thoughts, in 
prose and verse, history, philosophy, drama, romance, 
tradition, satire, ode and song. I have tried all, but I 
feel that I have not said a thousandth part of what is 
in me. When I go down to the grave I can say, like 
many others, I have finished my day's work ; but I cannot 
say I have finished my life. My days will begin again, the 
next morning. The tomb is not a blind alley ; it is a thor- 
oughfare. It closes on the twilight to open on the dawn." 

The central theory of Esoteric Osteopathy is that 
dis-ease is a MENTAL trouble — not a trouble in the cen- 
tral mind, but in the mind in the parts. 

The alert reader will now pause and ask the question, 
"What originally caused the trouble in the mind of the 
parts ?" Now that is a mighty good question, and on our 
ability to answer it, depends the causation of all dis-ease. 

First, we will take violation of physical laws as 
one cause. These laws are all well known to you; there- 
fore we will not take up these pages repeating them. We 
might state in passing that you can very readily see how 
an overworked stomach could cause the "Stomach Mind" 
to rebel and go on a strike for a vacation. The same 
could apply to the "Kidney Mind." Or again, if the 
"Stomach Mind" could not obtain sufficient and proper 
food from which to intelligently make blood containing 



the proper nutriment, that its own cell bodies, as well 
as the cell bodies of every other part of the physical body, 
would suffer from starvation. If mind is to manifest 
normally in the cell it must have a body that is perfectly 
nourished, otherwise the mind can express itself, but im- 
perfectly. Just carry in your consciousness the thought 
that the entire physical body is but an instrument 
through which "MIND MANIFESTS." That every atom 
of matter is but a vehicle for it. Thus we see how dis- 
obeying physical laws can cause disease. You have the 
key now, so go to work and make your own deductions as 
to how violation of the rest of the physical laws can 
cause disease. 

A little work on your own account will do wonders 
for you. Try it. 

The "Mind" force that causes abnormal pathological 
conditions is the same force that can be turned into pro- 
ducing normal Real conditions. 

Evidence of the mind force working normal and Real 
can be seen in wild animals, who are far removed from 
the influence of man's unreal thoughts. Here we see evi- 
dence of the laws of mind working free, and unper- 
verted, as was intended by their Manifestor. The wild 
horse needs no veterinary doctor, the buffalo needs no 
cow doctor. 

Turn to the lower and more primitive races of man 
for more evidence of the laws of Mind working normally 



and unperverted. There you will observe the creative 
Will working through the mind of the entire physical 
structure, producing a body that is strong, whole and 
healthy. But let a band of missionaries, accompanied by 
one of our learned pathologists, arrive among them, and 
in the sub-conscious minds of these simple folks will be 
photographed, picture after picture, of abnormal condi- 
tions, and soon these strong bodies will be manifesting all 
the ills of the flesh. 

The mind might be likened to the fertile soil of a 
tropical country. If not properly understood, neglected 
and left unprotected to the mercy of erroneous thought 
pictures, it will grow the rank weeds of Pathology. But 
if understood and properly cultivated will grow the beau- 
tiful flowers of health. And the reason of this may be 
understood readily when we understand that the same 
conditions that are conducive of health furnish the best 
soil for the growth of the rank vegetation of Pathology. 

Without mind matter would be an inert, shapeless, 
purposeless mass. Let the scientist take the elements of 
the seed from the matter around him and form it into a 
seed, surround it with the proper soil and conditions, 
apply to it all the forms of energy known to him, and it 
will not grow. Why? Because it lacks the third mani- 
festation — Mind and intelligence. 

Oh, my dear reader, know you that by mind we 
CREATE, by mind we DESTROY. 



We would like to tell you all about the power of 
thought. We would like to prove to those among you 
who do not already know it that thoughts are Real 
Things. We would like to tell you about the different 
planes of activity above and below consciousness. How 
our conscious thinking is only about ten per cent, of 
the entire workings of the mind. How we are conscious- 
ly and unconsciously receiving the thoughts sent out by 
others. How they affect us according to our positive or 
non-positive mental attitude. More interesting of all, we 
would like to tell you all about the Instinctive mind, that 
part of our mind which is influenced by thought, and 
which has charge of the entire working of our bodies, 
both in health and sickness, and which also is the seat 
of all our passions, desires, appetites, emotions, etc., etc. 
We would like to tell you about the Intellect, which is 
above the Instinctive mind in mentation and which is the 
cause of man's erroneous thinking, until the sup&r-con- 
scious or spiritual plane of mind unfolds, and corrects 
the delusions created by the intellect. We would like 
to tell you all about this high part of your mind, which 
has unfolded into consciousness for the most of you who 
read these lines, and which is the seat of intuition, 
which intuitive knowledge enables us to recognize and 
grasp real truths when they are presented to our minds. 
Intuition far transcends any knowledge given us by the 
intellect. Understand, we are not condemning intellect, 
for without it we could not reason, make deductions, or 
perceive anything. But intellect alone without guidance 



from the higher planes of mentation leads us into many 
dark places. We would like to tell you all about these 
things, but they are fully covered in the works recom- 
mended in the opening chapter of this book. 

We think we have told you enough about what dis- 
ease is. We will now go on and tell you how "mind" in 
action causes abnormal pathological conditions. 

We want you to pay strict attention to the close cor- 
respondence of the symptoms of diseases shown, and 
the original emotions produced at the time the mind un- 
der distressing influence made the mental image, caus- 
ing the abnormal conditions. 


It is not the purpose of a work of this description to 
go into an explanation of the mental imaging faculties 
of the mind. That is a subject too large to be handled 
in a treatise of this kind. Elsewhere in this book we have 
told you where to get a work giving you this explana- 

We told you also that we were not going to at- 
tempt to prove any of the statements made herein. We 
want you to apply the methods that will be described 
later on, and they will then prove themselves. Truth is 
not truth to you until it is realized and experienced by 

Now to go back to our subject. Can mind, forming 
mental images, cause disease? We answer. Yes, and will 
proceed to show it to you, not by theory, but by citing 
cases that have come under our personal observation. 
We will take cases of the class that come to the Oste- 
opathic physician for treatment. 

Case i. Mr. Harry E , aged 40, came to us suf- 
fering from inflammatory rheumatism; almost all the 
joints in the body were affected, but particularly the joints 
of the arms and shoulders. Had suffered almost con- 
tinuously for a period of five years, much of this time 
being confined to bed. 

In searching for a mental image as the cause of the 
rheumatism, we asked him to tell us of all the accidents 
that had happened to him from childhood up to the time 



of applying to us for treatment. He could tell us of 
none of sufficient importance to have formed an image. 
So we had to go on and treat him in the regular oste- 
opathic way for about three weeks, when he told us about 
a fright he had when he was about 35 years of age. This 
fright proved the cause of his rheumatism, for imme- 
diately from the time we received this information and 
began to apply the curative or antidotal thought he began 
to make a most marvelous change for the better. 

He said that one day he was watching a painter, 
standing on a jack outside a third-story window, paint- 
ing, when suddenly the jack gave away, the painter fall- 
ing face downward to the ground, with his arms doubled 
under him, and was killed. 

Is it any wonder that under the stress of this har- 
rowing sight that the will of our patient was as passive, 
and the mind as subjective, as if he were under a hypnotic 
spell? The first thing that the instinctive part of the 
mind did while watching the felling of the painter was 
to tightly and rigidly contract every muscle in our pa- 
tient's body, unconsciously preparing to resist the shock 
of that falling body with the earth. That fall was just 
as vivid and real to our patient's instinctive mind as it 
would have been had it occupied the body of the unfortu- 
nate painter. 

From that time on the mind faithfully carried out the 
image of contraction in all the muscles, even to doubling 
the arms in front of him, and the only way he could sleep 
at night was to lie face downward with his arms doubled 
under him. 



The Osteopathic Physician could have softened up 
these muscles for the remainder of this man's earthly 
career, and the mind would have just as faithfully con- 
tracted them, and the rheumatism would have constantly 

Case 2. Mr. John R. S , aged 50, came for 

treatment, apparently suffering from asthma. A careful 
examination disclosed no conditions that would warrant 
a diagnosis of asthma. His breathing was most peculiar 
and distressing. He would puff and blow in paroxysms, 
like a man who had just finished a ten-mile run. His 
history showed that about 30 years previously he had 
undertaken a swim off from Atlantic City to a wreck 
about a mile and a half from shore. After he had covered 
about a mile he commenced to get winded, and he real- 
ized that he must make the other half mile or go to a wa- 
tery grave. We will not recount his terrible struggles be- 
fore he finally reached the wreck, barely able to cling to 
it, until he was rescued by life-guards. 

In this case you see the mind faithfully reproducing 
unconsciously to our patient, the very urgent desire that 
the lungs made upon it, for oxygen at the time of that 
strenuous struggle and still carried out this desire after a 
lapse of twenty years. This patient is still under treat- 
ment, and has been with us for two months. He is very 
nearly cured. This case requires not only wiping out the 
wrong mental image, but requires that the mind be 
taught all over again its function of rhythmic breathing. 

Case 3. Mrs. Mary G , aged 41, came to us in 

a very much run down condition. One very strange 



feature about her case which puzzled many medical doc- 
tors was the sudden stoppage of her speech. She would 
be talking freely, as freely and glibly as any woman 
could, when she would suddenly lose all power of speech. 
Try as she would, she could not utter a sound for several 
seconds, when with an effort she would continue the 
sentence where she had left off. All sorts of brain 
lesions were suggested by her former physician as the 
cause. She also had frequent attacks of violent diarrhoea. 
Two years previous to applying for treatment she was a 
healthy woman. About that time she was sitting on her 
front porch talking freely to her daughter, while her 
little four-year-old son was riding his velocipede along 
the outside curb, when around the corner dashed an auto- 
mobile, stopping barely in time to save the child. The 
mother was rendered speechless for a few seconds, in the 
midst of her conversation, and the fright reacted on the 
bowels, as fright frequently does. 

Now, space forbids us giving you more cases illus- 
trative of the imaging power of the mind while it is in a 
subjective state, from fright or stress of accidents. 

We feel that these three cases will be sufficient for 
any earnest seeker after the truth to go ahead and apply 
to any case which may come to him for relief and cure. 
This mental image theory of diseases will clear up and 
help you out on many puzzling cases. You will always 
be able to trace the cause, as well as be able to give the 
correct instructions to the mind, and guide it back to nor- 
mal ways. 



Remember always that all diseases begin within the 
mind, barring diseases produced by wounds, fractures, 

Do not give microbes the power to produce disease. 
The only power that germs have to produce disease is 
the power given by a mental image, held in the mind of 
the germ faddist. This image is easily transferred to 
the minds of others. The poor little microbe, whose 
mission in life is to act as a scavenger for us, is blamed 
for that for which the mind of man alone is responsible. 

Woe betide the little child with a sore throat, having 
one of these germ faddists gaze into her throat. He has 
such a strong mental image built up in his sub-conscious 
mind of diphtheria that he unconsciously and innocently 
transmits it to the sub-conscious mind of the child. The 
child may never develop diphtheria, but if it is at all 
sensitive it may in a year, or two years, or month, or 
week, develop a true case. 

Such is our ignorance that we build up and bestow 
upon germs a power, which they do not possess, never can 
possess, outside of the images made in our minds. Germs 
are far beneath us in the scale of evolution, and we 
should always hold ourselves positive to them. The posi- 
tive and developed man, obeying the laws of nature, has 
no fear of germs. Knowledge is power. Attain to knowl- 
edge and the mysteries of disease clear up as easily as 
fog before a noonday sun. 

I hear you say, "But the bacteriologists have proven 
beyond all doubt that if they inject diphtheretic germs 
into a rabbit the rabbit invariably develops the disease." 



Let me tell you, my dear reader, the bacteriologist 
had in his mind a vivid image of diphtheria, and it is 
just as easy to transfer to the instinctive sub-conscious 
region of the rabbit's mind the image thought of, as it 
is to that of the child. Dr. Whipple has this to say on the 
germ theory: "Animals have been impregnated during 
experiment and the symptoms of certain diseases pro- 
duced, but later other experimenters have shown that 
those bacteria were not the ones that caused that kind 
of disease. What affected those animals?" 

Note here that the symptoms that develop with the 
animal are those of "the diseases with which the profes- 
sor is experimenting." His mind is "full of it." His 
mind's eye holds the most intense picture of that par- 
ticular microbe as "the active and real cause of that 
disease" Rabbits, horses, dogs and guinea pigs all are 
sub-consciously clairvoyant and subject to the influence 
of clearly defined thought, by the same laws of the trans- 
ference of an image that inhere with human beings. 

How much allowance, then, should we make for 
the perhaps overpowering action of the experimenter's 
mind on the animal? 

None, do you say? Well, let an equally powerful 
mind give the idea of nothingness to the supposed bac- 
terial thought and we venture to say that no disease will 
develop. It is easy to test. Try it. Fairness and public 
safety demand a test. 

We will now go on to the theory and practice of Eso- 
teric Osteopathy, 



If Osteopathy is to stand foremost in the ranks of 
the healing art it must comprehend more than the physi- 

Osteopathy must see the power or force that is back 
of and underlying the Physical body. 

Osteopathy must recognize Mind as that force. 

As soon as Osteopathy recognizes Mind as the force 
that moulds and shapes the atoms of matter, either into 
normal or abnormal states, that moment Osteopathy com- 
mands as a MASTER the entire realm of the Physical. 
Without this comprehension Osteopathy is doomed to 
wallow in the mire of medical ignorance. It will have 
its rise and fall like other material schools that are not 
founded on the rock of truth and Reality. 

Osteopathy combining its extensive and comprehen- 
sive knowledge of physical laws, with the higher laws 
founded in the ABSOLUTE, will endure without a peer 
until the end of all Physical life. 

If Christian Science, with its glimmering knowledge 
of the Truth, were to combine that knowledge with such 
a sweeping knowledge of Physical laws, as does Oste- 
opathy, it would prove itself almost infallible. 

Now we will give to you the knowledge which, if 
practiced, will make you absolute master of dis-tzsz. 

When the hand that pens these words realizes how 
simple the great truths we are going to give you, will 



seem and look in cold type, we feel how poor and in- 
adequate is language to express the inexpressible value 
of the Reality behind the words. But such is Reality. 
All Real things are simple. 

As we have formerly stated, the basic principal of 
Esoteric Osteopathy is that the disease is a Mental trou- 
ble — not a trouble in the central mind, but in the "Mind" 
in the parts. The theory of the cure is that the thought- 
force overcomes the "rebellious mind" in the cells and 
parts, and forces it to resume normal action. 

In mind-force healing get all ideas of "matter" out 
of your mind. You are not using mind against matter, 
but Mind against Mind. The Will-Mind against the cell- 
mind. Do not forget this, for it underlies the whole 
system of Esoteric Osteopathy. You go after the rebel- 
lious "Mind" in the parts — remember that. By produc- 
ing, or rather re-establishing normal mental conditions 
in the parts, the diseased condition vanishes. We will 
quote how Ramacharaka, in his "Psychic Healing," ad- 
vises to go after the rebellious "mind." 

"The Healer directs his thought-force to the 'mind' 
in the part, and addresses it positively, either by utter- 
ing the actual words or by speaking them mentally. He 
thinks or speaks something like this: Now, Mind, you 
are behaving badly — you are acting like a spoiled child — 
you know better and I expect you to do better, and act 
right. You must bring about normal and healthy condi- 
tions. You have charge of these organs, and I expect 
you to do the work that the Infinite Mind gave you to 
do properly." 



Now there is no virtue in the words used, but this 
and similar thoughts will give you an idea how to ap- 
proach the rebellious "Mind." The "Mind" of the part 
must have pointed out to it just what you expect it to do. 
You will be surprised how it will obey. Think of a 
"cross," "pouty" child, one who is "out of sorts." When 
dealing with the rebellious mind, and like a child you must 
love it, scold it, coax it, before you can lead it back to 
right action. Love, of course, must be behind the action, 
just as in the case of the child. The cell mind is really an 
undeveloped child-like mind. By keeping this idea in 
view you will be better able to handle it. 

All the while you are manipulating an organ or part, 
keep telling the "Mind" just what you want it to do. 
Your manipulations awaken and attract the attention of 
the "mind in the cells." This explains just how manipu- 
lation brings results. 

Osteopathic physicians generally have often won- 
dered why continued pressure over a nerve would cause 
inhibition, whilst a make and break pressure stimulated. 
Many and various speculations have been advanced as 
to the cause of this. But not once has it been said that 
the operator's mind picturing the word "quiet" to the 
"nerve mind" was the cause of the inhibition, or the pic- 
turing the word "action" was the cause of the stimula- 
tion. The operator unconsciously thought these word 
images, and projected them to the "mind" of the nerve 
centres, under treatment. His very anxiety to bring 
about the conditions thought of was sufficient to picture 
to the "nerve mind" what was wanted. 



With the light of knowledge, how easily these 
changes can be produced at will. No longer speculation, 
no longer doubt, no longer hit and miss, but a surety, a 

The light of this knowledge explains the results ob- 
tained from all Osteopathic technique. In no other way 
can it reasonably be explained. 

Now with a few more instructions we will leave you 
to work your own way out. We have given you the 
truths; now go to work and prove them by practice. 
Don't underrate these truths, because we have told them 
so simply. We could have woven around these truths 
much learned (?) theory and conjecture, and thus made 
a book fifty times larger, but we prefer to present it to 
you shorn and naked — in a nutshell. 

To get quick results, always manipulate directly over 
an organ or part when giving it instruction, not hard, just 
sufficient to attract the attention of the "mind." This ap- 
plies to all but the Liver. Go after it in the usual vigorous 
manner, bearing in mind that the Liver is a dull, stupid 
organ, and must be spoken to sharply and positively. The 
Liver cannot be coaxed. It has to be driven like a balky 
donkey. Of course you understand we are speaking of 
the "Mind" of the Liver. 

The "Kidney Mind" is not quite so stubborn as the 
Liver, but it needs "talking to" pretty sharply. 

The Heart is a very intelligent organ — that is, a high- 
er grade of "mind" than any organ in the body — the brain 
excepted, of course. 



This "Heart Mind" will very readily respond to 
loving instructions, and is very kind and gentle. 

In treating the nerves along the spine, just outline 
to the "Nerve Mind" in the centres what you expect them 
to do, and they will carry out your instructions in a way 
that will please and astonish both you and the patient. 

If you have a hard, contracted muscle, just work 
easily over it, telling the "Muscle Mind" to relax, and it 
will do it in a very short time, thus doing away with the 
"back-breaking," strenuous work that you have been ac- 
customed to doing. 

Now in closing we will ask you to always bear in 
mind, that no matter what disease you may be called 
upon to treat, to remember that it is produced by imper- 
fect "mind action." Give your usual Osteopathic treat- 
ment, plus the mental commands in words suited to the 
case, and you will be practicing Esoteric Osteopathy in 
Reality. That is all there is to it. 

Above everything else, remember you are talking to 
the MIND of the organ or part, not to matter. Also al- 
ways remember that there is no dead matter in a live 
body. Mind is in every part and cell, dead though its 
matter seems. 

Practice will render you perfect, and you will soon 
become expert in giving your orders to the mind of 
the parts. 

Remember also that "Cell Mind" or "part-mind" 
does not understand the words you use — that is knowl- 



edge they do not possess. But they do understand the 
thought that lies back of the words, and will respond 

Words merely serve to help you to form your 
thoughts clearly. Words are but symbols of thought. 
Ramacharaka says about this: "A German may give 
treatment to an Englishman, who does not understand 
a single word used. But the cell-mind does understand 
the thought back of the word, no matter what language is 
spoken. Is not this wonderful ? And yet so simple when 
the key is had. It is the thought, not the word. And 
yet the spoken word helps the mind to form the thought. 
We think in words, remember. We even dream in 

Now go to work. 


The Osteopathic Physician should keep his knowl- 
edge of Esoteric principles from his patients, not that 
we advise the use of deception. Not at all. But the gen- 
eral public is not prepared to receive knowledge so far 
in advance of their usual methods of thought. Dr. Still 
well says in his "Philosophy of Life" on this very point : 

"But we should use caution in asserting that Nature 
has made its work complete in animal forms, and has 
furnished the human body with such wisely prepared 
principles that the physician can administer remedies 
to suit the occasion and not go outside the body to find 
them. Should we find by experiment that the body of 
man is so wisely arranged by the Deity that the mechan- 
ism itself can ferret out disease and purify and keep the 
temple of life in ease and health, without drugs, we should 
hesitate to make the fact known. For the opposite opin- 
ion has had full sway for centuries and man has by long 
usage and ignorance adjusted his mind to those customs 
of the great past; and should he try, without previous 
training, to reason and bring his mind to the altitude 
of thought where he can conceive of the greatness and 
the wisdom of the Infinite, he might become insane or 
fall back in a stupor and exist only as a living mental 
blank in the great ocean of life. It would be a calamity 
to have all of the untrained minds shocked so seriously 
that they would lose the reasoning power which they 
now possess. I tell you there is danger, and we must be 


careful in shedding the light of truth, until people begin 
to reason and can realize that God has done all that the 
wisest attribute to him/' 

We advise you to talk and treat your patients in 
the usual Osteopathic way. When you address or give 
orders to the "mind" of the parts needing attention do so 
by silent thought. The mind of the parts will under- 
stand the commands as readily as if the thought were 
spoken aloud. 

Do not order the "mind" of an organ or part too 
strenuously to become active, or you may, as the writer 
did on one occasion, have to just as strenuously order it 
to quiet down. We were called to a case of renal dropsy 
and found the man in great danger, the kidneys not 
secreting more than three ounces of urine in twenty- four 
hours. We got after the "Kidney Mind" pretty strongly 
and soon had him passing forty to fifty ounces of urine 
in twenty-four hours. In two weeks we had him, as we 
supposed, entirely well, and discharged him. A short 
time after he came to us and said : "Doctor, I think my 
blood is all turning to water, because for the last five or 
six days and nights I have passed enormous quantities 
of water. At night I pass over three pints," so you see 
the "Kidney Mind" carried out instructions a little too 

We had a similar experience in a case of flatulent 
dyspepsia, in which we very strongly bid the "Stomach 
Mind" to wake up an appetite and to thoroughly attend 
to the duties of digestion. Afterwards the patient made 
the following complaint to us : 



"I just can't get enough to eat. I eat three great 
big meals a day, and yet I am as hungry after a meal as 
I was before. I have such a strong appetite that it tor- 
tures me, yet I seem to digest every mouthful I swallow." 

In every case where over-action is produced in an 
organ or part it can be very easily brought to the normal 
by giving the "mind" of the parts the right instructions. 
Always remember that the "Heart Mind" is very sensi- 
tive and highly intelligent, and in giving orders to it al- 
ways use the word "normal," otherwise in slowing a fast 
heart you might instruct it too strongly and it might stop. 

We want to say right here, don't get the idea that 
you have to have great power of concentration, and that 
the orders have to be delivered to the "mind" with clench- 
ed fists and frowning brows. No such a thing. Just talk 
firmly, quietly, easily and lovingly. Do not let your 
conscious mind wander from its task. Keep it firmly to 
work, just like as if you were instructing a class of un- 
ruly young Americans, who, if you relaxed your atten- 
tion, would play all sorts of tricks on you. 

As you grow proficient in your work, the "Mind" 
will grow to know you as a master, just as horses and 
dogs respect and know a man who does not fear, and 
is familiar with them. 

The more you practice giving orders to the "Mind," 
the more proficient you will become. 

As you get results, a feeling of confidence, mastery 
and poise will come to you such as you never dreamed 
of experiencing. Such a feeling of security could oever 



come through a science based purely on the Physical, 
because then your hopes are pinioned to something that 
turns to dust. Something that is constantly changing, 
something that is never permanent. 

Do not get "chesty" and "puffed up" and have a feel- 
ing that you are mightier than your fellows, when suc- 
cess comes to you through this inner knowledge, just al- 
ways remember that all of us are but poor little "potato 
bugs" where it comes to real knowledge. 

Always remember the old saying that "Pride cometh 
before a fall." 

My dear brothers, expressing the hope that you will 
be successful in your mission of healing — no matter what 
system you may see fit to use — we will bid you good-bye 


" I have within me a great area of Mind that is under 
my command, and subject to my mastery. This Mind 
is friendly to me, and is glad to do my bidding, and obey 
my orders. It will work for me when I ask it, and is con- 
stant, untiring, and faithful. Knowing this, I am no longer 
afraid, ignorant or uninformed. The " I " is master of it 
all, and is asserting its authority. " I " am master over 
Body, Mind, Consciousness and Sub-Consciousness. " I " 
am " I " — and " I " am Spirit, a fragment from the 

"Divine Flame." 

— Ra.macha.faka.. 



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