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L. V. HARCOURT / "^^V^^x^^^ 





The following pages are a first and, I fear, incomplete attempt 
at an Eton Bibliography. 

They are mainly compiled from the catalogue of my own collec- 
tion of" Etoniana" (destined ultimately for the School Library), to 
which I have added the titles of those books with whose names I 
am acquainted, but of which I do not yet possess copies : these 
entries I have distinguished with a dagger (t) in the hope that I 
may hear of copies of them for sale. 

I have endeavoured as far as possible — and with considerable 
success — to discover and record the names of the authors of anonv- 
mous books and pamphlets and of the editors of the ephemeral School 
Magazines, but I have felt bound in printing this Bibliography to 
respect their anonymity. 

There are, however, many anonymous authors still to be identi- 
fied, and I shall gratefully receive any information on this subject, 
and by way of addenda to or corrigenda of the Bibliographv. 

I have intentionally omitted all School Text-books from the 


Malwooo, T.ynuhurst. 

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1560. Three Sermons preached at Eaton Colledge. By Roger Hutchinson. 
1552. Pp. no. Sm. i6mo. John Day, Aldersgate, London. 1560. 

1572. Memoirs of the Eminent Persons educated in Eton College. By Thomas 
Hatcher. 2 vols. 1572. f 

1626. Testis Veritatis, the Doctrine of King James, our late Soueraigne of famous 
memory : of the Church of England : of the Catholicke Church : plainly 
shewed to bee one in the points of predestination, free-will, certaintie of 
saluation. With a discouerie of the grounds both naturall and politicke 
of Arminianisme. By F. Rouse [Provost of Eton, 1644-59]. Pp- ^07- 
Sq. cr. 8vo. Printed at London by W. I. 1626. 

1651. Reliquiae Wottoniatiae : or a Collection of Lives, Letters, Poems; with 
Characters of Sundry Personages : and other Incomparable Pieces 
of Language and Art. .Also .Additional Letters to Several Persons 
not before printed. By the curious pencil of the ever-memorable 
Sir Henry Wotton, Kt., Late Provost of Eton College. 1651. + 


Second Edition. 1654. Third Edition, pp. 584. i2mo. T. Roycroft, 
London, 1672. Fourth Edition, with Additions of Several Letters to 
the Lord Zouch, never pubhsh'd till now. Pp. 713. Sm. 8vo. B. 
Tooke, at the Ship in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. 1685. 
Wotton's letters to Lord Zouch occupy pp. 583-713. 

1657. A Christian Calendar for Children or Youth, or an Essay of laying down 
and in the Principles ot Sound Doctrines, by way of Catechism in fifty-two 
weeks, calculated for the Scholars of Eton College (with their neighbours) 
by the present Catechist there. London. 1657. + 

1659. Golden Remains of the Ever Memorable Mr. John Hales of Eton College, 
etc. Pp. 326. Sq. cr. 8vo. T. Garthwait, London. 1659. 

1680. A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meetmg of the Eton Scholars at 
St. Mary-le-Bow, on i8th Nov., 1679. By Thos. Horn. 4to. Samuel. 
1680. t 

1684. Forty Sermons, whereof twenty-one are now first published, the greatest 
part preached before the King and on solemn occasions. By Richard 
Allestree, D. D. , King's Professor in the Chair of Divinity in the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, Provost of Eton and Chaplain to His Majesty. Vols. 
I., n. Pp. 254, 307. Sm. roy. 4to. R. Bentley, London. 1684, 

[c. 1688.] A Sermon at Eton. By Rev. S. Upman [Fellow of Eton], f 

1689. Poems and Translations written upon Several Occasions, and to Several 
Persons. By "A late Scholar of Eaton " [Charles Goodall]. Pp. 182. 
i2mo. Henry Bonwicke, London. 1689. 

1701. A Sermon preached at St. Paul's Cathedral, before the Gentlemen educated 

at Eton and King's College, on 6th December, 1700. By Knightley 
Chetwood, D. D. , Archdeacon of York and late Fellow of King's College. 
Pp. 42. Sq. post 8vo. B. Tooke, London. 1701. 
A Sermon preached before the Gentlemen educated at Eton College, at St. 
Austin's Church, London, on 6th December, 1701. By William Fleet- 
wood, Fellow of Eton College, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 
Pp. 22. Sq. cr. 8vo. Charles Harper, London. 1701. f 

1702. A Sermon preached at St. Paul's Cathedral, the 8th of Dec. , 1702, before 

the Gentlemen educated at Eton College. By J. Adams, Rector of St. 


Alban, Wood Street, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Pp. 
23. Sm. 8vo. Thos. Bennett, London. 1702. 

1704. Wisdom the Best Possession : a Sermon at Christ-Church at the Anniversary 
Meeting of the Gentlemen educated at Eton and King's College. By 
I. Rawson. 410. 1704. f 

1716. Several Tracts by the ever-memorable Mr. John Hales of Eaton College, 

etc. , to which is added his Letter to Abp. Laud. Pp. 228. i6mo. 1716. 

1717. A Letter to the Scholars of Eton ; occasioned by their Master, Dr. Snape's, 

Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. D. H. i2mo. Pp. 40. J. Roberts, 
London. 1717. f 
A Rod for the Eton Schoolmaster's Back ; or a Letter from a Country 
Schoolboy to Dr. Snape, occasioned by one from him to the Bishop of 
Bangor. By which it seems that the said doctor was not at all qualified for 
what he undertook. Third ed. Pp.24. i2mo. Roberts, Lond. I7i7.t 
Proposals for Printing by Subscription Antiquitates et Athena Etonienses 
in 4 vols. Bvo. By an Impartial Hand [Richard Rawlinson, D. D]. 
Specimen page. Fo. 1717. t 

1719. An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings of the ever- 
memorable Mr. John Hales, Fellow of Eton College and Canon of 
Windsor. Being a Specimen of an Historical and Critical English 
Dictionary. Pp. 96. R. Robinson, London. 1719. 

1730. Catalogus Alumnorum E Coll. Eton, in Coll. Regale Cantab. Cooptatorum. 
4to. Eton. 1730. t 

1732. Musae Juveniles. By William Cooke, Head Master of Eton. Pp. 104. 

Bvo. Pole. Eton. 1732. + 
1740. Charity, the great End and Design of Christianity : in a sermon preached 

at Eton by Zachary Cradock, D.D., late Provost of Eton College. 

Second edition. Pp. 31. Cr. 8vo. Olive Payne, London. 1740. 

1745. Bill of Eton College and School [edited by E. C. Hawlrey]. 1745. + 

1746. Sermon in the Collegiate Church at Eton, on the Suppression of the 

Rebellion. By T. Ashton. 4to. 1746. + 

1747. O'le on Eton. By Tliomas Gray. 410. 1707. t TFrequently reprinted.] 


1750. Elogium Famae Inserviens Jacci Etonensis, sive Gigantis ; or the Praises 
of Jack of Eton, commonly called Jack the Giant : Collected into Latin 
and English metre, after the manner of Thomas Sternhold, John Hop- 
kins, John Burton, and others. To which is added a Dissertation on the 
Burtonic Style. By a Master of Arts. Pp. 208. Sm. post 8vo. S. 
Parker, Oxford. 1750. 

1755. Musae Etonenses : sive Poematia in duos tomos distributa. Vols. I., II. 
ByJ. Prinsep. I., pp. 152; II., pp. 120. DemyBvo. ]. Pote, Eionae. 175s- 

1759. A Narrative of certain particular Facts which have been misrepresented, 
relative to the conduct of Mr. Bromfield toward Mr. Aylett, a surgeon 
and apothecary of Windsor, during their attendance upon Mr. Benwell 
at Eton, With a letter to Mr. Benwell, and that gentleman's answer. 
By William Bromfield, surgeon to H.R.H. the Princess Dowager of 
Wales and St. George's Hospital. Pp. 40. Cr. 8vo. R. & J. Dodsley, 
London, and C. Layton, Eton. 1759. 

[<;•. 1761.] MS. Account of Eton College. By Thomas James. Pp. 162. lamo. 

1766. Designs by Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray. Pp. 55. 
Folio. Dodsley, London. 1766. 

1768. The Rebellion at Eton in 1768. By Jeremiah Milles. [A pamphlet ; ? title 

correct.] t 

1769. An Account of King's College Chapel in Cambridge ; including a Character 

of Henry VI., and a Short History of the Foundation of his two colleges. 
King's and Eton. By Henry Maiden, Chapel-Clerk. Illustrated. Pp. 
96. Obi. post Bvo. Fletcher & Hodson, Cambridge. 1769. 

1770. Sermons on Several Occasions by Thomas Ashton, D.D. , Rector of St. 

Botolph, Bishopsgate, Fellow of Eton College, and late Preacher to the 
Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. Illustrated. Pp. 486. Cr. 8vo. 
J. Whiston, London. 1770. 

1771. An Extract from the Case of the Obligation on the Electors of Eton College 

to supply all Vacancies in that Society with those who are, or have been 
Fellows of King's College, Cambridge, so long as Persons properly 


qualified are to be had within that description. To which are added 
Two Letters to the Rev. Dr. Morell, in which the cavils of a Writer in 
the General Evening Post and others are considered and refuted. Part 
I. : Of the Election of Fellows. By a late Fellow of King's College, 
Cambridge (Dr. .^shton). Pp. 47. .Sq. demy 8vo. T. Waller, London. 

1774. Poems. By Dr. Roberts, of Eton College. Pp. 163. Sm. post 8vo. J. 
Pole, Eton. 1774. 

1786. The New Foundling Hospital for Wit, being a Collection of Fugitive Pieces, 

in Prose and Verse, not in any other Collection. Vol. L Pp. 323. J. 
Debrett, Piccadilly. [Contains (p, 7) a poem by Lord Carlisle on his 
School-fellows at Eton.] 
The Poems of Mr. Gray. With notes by Gilbert Wakefield, B-.A., late 
Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Pp. 207. Sm. cr. 8vo. J. 
Kearsley, London. 1786. 

1787. The Microcosm : a Periodical Work. By Gregory oriffin. 40 Numbers. 

Pp. 455. Post 8vo. C. Knight, Windsor. 1787 
1809. The same. Fourth Edition. Inscribed to the Rev. Dr. Davies. 

2 vols., 2 ports. Pp. 165, 151. i6mo. Knight, Windsor. 1809. 
1825. The same. Fifth Edition. Pp. 295. i2mo. Charles Knight, 

London. 1825. 

[(.-. 1790.] The Opera of // Penscroso {i.e., the operation of birching). .A perfor- 
mance both Vocal and Instrumental, as it is acted at the Royal 
Theatres of Eton and Westminster. One Coloured Plate.' Circa 1790. f 

1794-6. Scenery and History of the River Thames. By Dr. W. Combe. 2 vols. 
76 plates. Imp. 410. Boydell, London. 1794-6. f 

1795. Musae Etonenses : seu Carminum Delectus nunc primum in lucem editus. 
Vols. I., II.. III. By G. Herbert. Pp. 336, 276, 64. Demy 8vo. G. 
Stafford, Londini. 1795- Also on Large Paper. 

1817. The same. Editio Altera, aucta. 3 vols. Pp. 360, 299, 66. Cr. 8vo. 
T. Ingalton, Etonae. 1817. 


1796. Poems. By Rev. Henry Rowe. 2 vols. 1796. f 

1797. Alumni Etonenses ; or a Catalogue of the Provosts and Fellows of Eton 

College and King's College, Cambridge, from the Foundation in 1443 to 
the year 1797 ; with an Account of their Lives and Preferments collected 
from original MSS. and authentic biographical works. By Thomas 
Harwood. Pp. 363. Sm. demy 4to. M. Pote, Eton. 1797. 

1799. Original Sketch of a Sporting Etonian — in The Sporting Magazine, Dec, 
1799. Vol. XV. 8vo. 1799. 

i8oi. Picturesque Views on the River Thames, from its source in Gloucestershire 
to the Nore ; with Observations on the Public Buildings and other Works 
of Art in its Vicinity. By Samuel Ireland. Vols. I., II. Illustrated. 
I., pp. 209 ; II., pp. 258. Sm. roy. Bvo. T. Egerton, Whitehall. 1801. 

The Beauties of England and Wales ; or Original Delineations, Topogra- 
phical, Historical, and descriptive of each County: Bucks, by Edward 
Wedlake Brayley and John Britton. Illustrated. Pp. 125. Cr. Bvo. 
Hood & Sharpe, London. 1801. 

The Poetical Works of George, Lord Lyttelton, with Additions : to which 
prefixed, an Account of his Life. Illustrated. [Contains Soliloquy of a 
Beauty in the Country (written at Eton).] Pp. 147. Sm. post 8vo. 
Caddell & Davies, London. 1801. 

1802. The Etonian out of Bounds, and other Poems. By Sir James Lawrence. 

Pp. 186. Sm. post 8vo. R. Faulder, London. 1802. 

1803. Letter to the Rev. Dr. Goodall, Head Master of Eton School, on the Im- 

portance of a Religious Education. Pp. 36. post 8vo. J. Stockdale, 
London. 1803. 

1806. The Miniature. By Samuel Grildrig, of the College of Eton. Inscribed 
by permission to the Rev. Dr. Goodall. Illustrated. 1805. Second 
Edition. 2 vols. I., pp. 285; II., pp. 253. i2mo. C. Knight, 
Windsor. 1806. 
Translations chiefly from the Greek Anthology, with Tales and Miscel- 
laneous Poems. By Rev. R. Bland and J. H. Merivale. Pp. 233. 
I'ost 8vo. R. Phillips, London. 1806. 


i8o8. The Montem : A Musical Entertainment in two Acts. By the Rev. Henry 
Rowe, LL.B. Pp. 92. Cr. 8vo. J. Stratford, London. i8o8. 

1809. Preces Quotidianae in usurn SchoLae Collegii Regalis apud Etonavi ; quibus 

adjiciuntur Catechismus cum ordine Conjirmationis Greece et Latini 
necnon Articuli Religionis secundum Ecc/esiam Anglicanam. Latini 
reddili. Pp. 107. i6mo. M. Pole, Windsor. 1809. 

1809-10. Poems. I. : Lady Jane Grey, a tale in two books, with miscellaneous 
poems in English and Latin ; XL : Sir Edgar, a tale in two cantos, with 
serious translations from the ancients and merry imitations of a modern. 
By Francis Hodgson, M.A. Pp. 352, 318. Cr. 8vo. J. Mackinlay, 
London. 1809-10. 

1810. Letters from a Nobleman to his Son during the Period of his Education at 

Eton and O.xford. Vols. I., H. Pp. 328, 359. T2mo. Richard Phillips, 
London. 1810. 
Zastrozzi. By P. B. Shelley, iSio.f 

1811. The Thames; or Graphic Illustrations of Seats, Villas, Public Buildings 

and Picturesque Scenery on the Banks of that noble river. Engravings 

by William Bernard Cooke from Drawings by Samuel Owen. 2 vols. 

Illustrated. Demy 8vo. Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, London. i8n. 
The Life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Wmchester. By Richard 

Chandler. Illustrated. Pp. 428. Demy 8vo. White & Cochrane, 

London. 181 1. 
Eton College Pony Races — in The Sporting Magazine, Aug., 181 1 ; vol. 

XXXVIll., Bvo. 1811. t 

18 12. A List of Eton College, taken at Election. Pp. 22. Sm. i6mo. Pote & 

Williams, Eton. 1812. 

1813. The History of Windsor and its Neighbourhood. By James Hakewill, 

Architect. Pp. 359. Royal 4to. Eldmund Lloyd, London. 1813. 
Gustavus Vasa and other Poems. By W. S. Walker. Pp. 264. Cr. 8vo. 

Longman li: Co. , London. 1813. 
Magna Britannia, being a concise topographical account of the several 

Counties of Great Britain. By Daniel and Samuel Lysons. Illustrated. 


Vol. I., Part III. : Bucks. Pp. 279. Demy 410. Cadell & Davies, 
London. 1813. 

1815. The Parent's Assistant. Vol. VI. By Maria Edgevvorth : Eton Montem. 

Pp. 224. 32mo. R. Hunter, London. 1815. 

1816. The History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton and Westminster ; with 

the Charterhouse, the Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow 
and Rugby, and the Free School of Christ's Hospital. Coloured plates. 
Pp. 366. Royal 4to. R. .A.ckerman, London. 18 16. 
Report of the Proceedings in the Case of an Appeal preferred by the 
Provost and Scholars of King's College, Cambridge, against the Provost 
and Fellows of Eton College to the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, the ^'isitor 
of both Societies. Determined 15th August, 1815. Bv Philip Williams, 
of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Pp. 171. Cr. 8vo. J. Butter- 
worth, London. 1816. 

1817. The Appeal of King's College against the Fellows of Eton, respecting 

their holding Ecclesiastical Preferment with their Fellowships. Preferred 
A.D. 1814. Also, The Answer of the latter, and Reply of the former, 
with other Documents relating to the said Case. To which are added 
Remarks critical and explanatory upon Mr. Philip William's Report of 
the Pleadings in the said case which took place in the Court of Doctor's 
Commons, i6th and 17th May, 1815. Pp. 108. Cr. 8vo. James 
Hodson, Cambridge. 1817. 
The Dance of Life, a poem by the author of Dr. Syntax. Illustrated with 
coloured engravings by Thomas Rowlandson. By William Combe. Pp. 
285. Long 8vo. R. Ackermann, London. 1817. 

1818. Fourth Report from the Select Committee on the Education of the Lower 

Orders. Appendix [a] : Documents — .Statutes of Eton College. Pp. 
333. Folio. House of Commons, 5th June. 1818. 
A Concise Description of the Endowed Grammar Schools in England 
and Wales, ornamented with engravings. By Nicholas Carlisle. Vols. 
I., II. Pp. 858, 983. Large demy 8vo. Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 
London. 1818. 


1819. Eton College : An Explanation of the various Local Passages and Allusions 
in the Appeal, etc., of King's College versus Eton College. By a Late 
Scholar. To which are added Remarks upon the Examination of the 
Provost of Eton College, tefore the Committee. Pp. 58. Cr. 8vo. 
Hatchard, London. 1819. 

The Windsor Guide: containing a Description of the Town and Castle : 
the Present State of the Paintings and Curiosities in the Royal Apart- 
ments ; an Account of the Monuments, Painted Windows, etc. , in St. 
George's Chapel ; with the Foundation of the Royal College of St. 
George, and of the Order of the Garter ; also a Description of the 
Lodges, Parks and Forest. To which is added a brief Account of Eton. 
A new edition. Pp. 187. i2mo. Knight, Windsor. 1819. 

Poetry of Tlie College Magazine. Edited by W. Blunt. Pp. 104. Demy 
Svo. Knight & Son, Windsor. 1819. 

1820-1. The Salt-Bearer : a Periodical Work. By an Etonian. 33 numbers 
[complete]. May, 1820, to April, 1821. Pp. 380. B. E. Lloyd, Lon- 
don. 1820-1. 
The Etonian. Vol. I. : October, 1820, to March, 1821 ; Vol. II. : April. 
1821, to August, 1821. Edited by W. Blunt and W. M. Praed. Pp, 
400, 446. Cr. 8vo. Knight <S: Dredge, Windsor. 1821. Second Edition. 
Vols. I., II. Pp. 412, 488. Obi. cr. 8vo. H. Colburn, London. 1822. 
Third Edition. Vols. I., II., III. Post 8vo. H. Colburn, London. 
1823. Fourth Edition. Vols. I., II., III. Pp. 427, 323. 380. Post 
Svo. H. Colburn, London. 1824. 

1821. The Student. By Solomon Sap [only one number published]. June, i82i.t 

1822. Twenty-five Views on the Thames at Richmond, Eton, Windsor and Ox- 

ford. Drawn on stone by W. Westall, A.R.A. Pp. 25. Sq. folio. 
Rodwell & Martin, London. 1822. 

1823. The Eton Montem. By P. A. — in Knight's Quarterly Magazine, No i, 

June, 1823. Pp. 8. 8vo. C. Knight, I^ondon. 1823. 

\c. 1825.] Theodore and Emma; or the Italian Bandit. By .An Etonian. i2mo. 
London, f 


1825. The Windsor Guide, with a brief account of Eton. A new edition. 

Illustrated. Pp. 215. Small post 8vo. C. Knight, Windsor. 1825. 

The English Spy. Illustrated. By Bernard Blackmantle [Charles Molloy 

Westmacott]. Pp. 77. Demy 8vo. Sherwood & Jones, London. 


Contents: The Five Principle Orders of Eton dames; Election Saturday; 
Herbert Stockhore; Life in Eton; Apollo's Visit to Eton; Recollections of an 
old Etonian ; Eton Montem ; Farewell to Eton ; My Vale. 

1826. Nitgae Canorae quas in Amicorum gratiam imprimi fecit Etonensis. [By 

Rev. George Booth.] Pp. 148. Sq. demy 8vo. Typis J. Ham, 
Oxoniae. 1826. 
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction. Illustrated. Vol. 
VII. Pp. 428. Cr. Svo. J. Limbird, London. 1826. 

1827. An Excursion to Windsor. By John Evans, LL. D. Pp. 426. Sm. post 

Svo. Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper, London. 1827. 
Eton and Harrow Match — in the Annals of Sporting, Vol. XII. 1827. f 
The Eton Miscellany. Vol. I. : June, July ; II. : October, November. 

By Bartholomew Bouverie, now of Eton College. Pp. 246, 268. Cr. 

8vo. T. Ingalton, Eton. 1827. 
Sixty views of Endowed Grammar Schools from original drawings. By J. 

C. Buckler; with letterpress descriptions. 410. Hurst & Co., London 

The Visitant's Guide to Windsor Castle and its Vicinity. 

1828. The same. Fourth Edition. Pp. 156. i2mo. C. Andrews, Windsor. 

\c. 1827.] The Triumvirate [only one number published], c. 1827. f 

1828. The Oppidan. Two numbers [all published]. Pp. 172. Cr. 8vo. T. 
Ingalton, Eton. October, 1828. 
Picturesque Tour of the Thames. By W. Westall and S. Owen. 1828. f 
An account of the expenses of the two brothers, Mr. Henry and Mr. 
William Cavendish, sons of Sir William Cavendish, of Chatsworth, 
Knight, at Eton College, beginning 21st October, 2nd Elizabeth, 1560 
[from a contemporary Manuscript] — in The Retrospective Review, April, 
1828. Pp. 7. Cr. Svo. Baldwin & Cradock, London. 1828. 


1829. A Series of Views of the Neighbourhood of Windsor, including the Seats of 

several of the Nobility and Gentry. Engraved by Landseer, Middiman, 
W. B. Cooke, G. Cooke, etc., from Drawings taken on the spot by Jas. 
Hakewill, Architect. Pp.34. Demy 4to. B. E. Lloyd, London. 1829. 

1829-30. Reminiscences of Henry Angelo. With Memoirs of his late Father and 
Friends. Vols. L and O. Pp. 510, 558. Demy 8vo. H, Colburn, 
London. 1828, 1830. 

1830-1. Public Schools of England, i. Eton, 2. Westminster and Eton — in 
TJie Edinburgh Review, April, 1830, and March, 1831. Pp. 35. 
Small 8vo. Black, Edmburgh. 1830-1. 

1830. Observations on an Article in the Last Number of The Edinburgh Review, 

entitled " Public Schools of England— Eton ". By " Etonensis ". Pp. 
32. Cr. 8vo. RidgAvay, London. 1830. 

1831. Reminiscences of Eton. By An Etonian. Pp. 152. Cr. 8vo. J. Hack- 

man, Chichester, 1831. 
Excerpta Historica: or, illustrations of English History. F'p. 444. Sm. 
roy. 8vo. S. Bentley, London. 1831. 

1831-47. History of Buckinghamshire. By G. Lipscombe. [4 vols.] Vol. IV., 
section on " Eton ".f 

1832. Montem : a Poem. By An Etonian. Pp. 36. Cr. 8vo. T. Ingalton, 

Eton. 1832. 

1832. The Year-Book of Daily Recreation and Information. By William Hone. 
Illustrated. Pp. 826. Demy 8vo. W. Tegg, Cheapside. 1832. 

1832. The Eton College Magazine. Edited by J. Wickens. June-November, 
1832. 8 numbers [all published]. Pp. 309. Sm. demy 8vo. Ingalton 
Eton. 1832. 

Farewell to Montem. By W. Selwyn. 1832.! 

Eton School List in The Gentleman's Magazine, Jan., 1832. Svo.f 

Perseiis Redivivus. A Satire. 1832. f 

The Pilgrim, and other Poems. Hatchard, Piccadilly. 1832.1 


1833. The Kaleidoscope : a Periodical conducted by Eton Boys : 28th January 

to 24th June, 1833. 9 natnbers. Pp. 348. Cr. 8vo. T. Ingalton, 
Eton. 1833. 

1834. Eton School : Education in England — in The Quarterly Review, August, 

1834. Pp. 50. Demy 8vo. Murray, London. 1834. 

Some Remarks on the Present Studies and Management of Eton School. 
By A Parent. The same. Second Edition. Pp. 33. Post 8vo. J. 
Ridgway, London. 1834. A Few Words in reply to the above. By 
" Etonensis ". Pp.20. Post 8vo. J. Hatchard & Son, London. 1834. 

The Eton System of Education Vindicated and its Capabilities of Improve- 
ment Considered ; in reply to some recent publications. 8vo. Pp. 30. 
Rivington, London. i834.f 

The Eton Abuses Considered in a Letter addressed to the author of 
' ' Some Remarks on the Present Studies and Management of Eton 
School". Second Edition. Pp. 36. Cr. 8vo. Ridgway, London. 1834. 

1835. The Youth's Cornucopia. Second Edition. Illustrated. Pp. 292. i2mo. 

John Chidley, London. 1835. 
Montem Lists : from 1773 to 1834, inclusive. Pp. 63. Obi. cr. 8vo. T. 

Ingalton, Eton. 1835. 
Evidence on behalf of Eton College in opposition to the G. W. Railway 

Bill. Pp. 62. Post 8vo. Baynes & Harris, London. 1835. 

1836. A List of Eton College taken at Election. Pp. 20. Sq. post 8vo. E. 

Williams, Eton. 1836. 
Eton Revisited : in August, 1836. By y, — in Colburn's New Moyithly 
Magazine, Vol. XLVIIL, Part III. 1836. Pp. 9. Cr. 8vo. H. 
Colburn, London. 1836. 

1837. Poems. By T. W. Allies (First Newcastle Scholar, 1827). Pp. 193. Sm. 

i2mo. Talboys, Oxford. 1837. 
Self- Formation, or the History of an Individual Mind ; intended as a Guide 
for the Intellect through Difficulties to Success. By a Fellow of a 
College [Capel Loft]. Vols. I., II. Pp. 285, 271. Post 8vo. C. 
Knight, London. 1837. 


1838. Poems. By John Moultrie. Vol. I. I'p. 359. i2nio. W. Pickering, 

London. 1838. 
The Eton Classical Casket. By M. H. Pp. 33. Post 8vo. Ingalton & 
Son, Eton. 1838. 

1839. Fasciciclus Carmitium Stylo Lucretiano Scriptontm auctoribus doctis quibus- 

dam viris in sinii Regice Scholce Eionensis Musanim Discipliiia olim 
institutis. Pp. 52. Cr. 8vo. E. P. Williams, Eton. 1839. 
// THfoglio owero scherzi metrici d" un Inglese : non publicati, ma pre- 
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Suggested Improvements, and on the Occasional Floods from the 
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A Few \\'ords to the Provost of Eton (F. Hodgson). Upon certain late 


proceedings of his in the Religious Government of Eton Collcijf. By 
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Not published. 
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for Degrees ; with Appendix containing the Narrative of Mr. Reynold's 
[King's, 1689] , Fellow of Eton and Canon of Exeter.f 

1851. Our Heartless Policy : dedicated to the high-minded and reflecting of all 

nations at the approaching Exhibition. By An Etonian. Pp. 72. Sm. 
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School on the Visit of His Royal Highness Prince Albert to the Eton 
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The Life and Correspondence of Charles, Lord Metcalfe, late Governor- 
General of India, Governor of Jamaica, and Governor-General of 
Canada ; from Unpublished Letters and Journals preserved by himself, 
his family, and his friends. By John William Kaye. Vols. I., II. Pp. 
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[c. 1854.] Eton and O.xford : A few familiar scenes sketched from recollection 
after an interval of several years, and dedicated by permission to the 
Earl of Darnley by a contemporary [Rev. G. R. Winter]. 12 Eton 
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Miseries of Eton. By A. H. A. Morton. f 

1856. The Song of Floggawaya. Pp. ii., 10. i6mo, C. S. Burbige, London. 



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Poets and Statesmen, their Homes and Memorials in the Neighbourhood 

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December, i860; iii., March, 1861 ; iv. , July, 1864. Pp. 46. Demy 
8vo. Smith & Elder, London. 1860-4. [Some points of the Eton 


1861. The Public School Matches: a Correct Account of all the Matches ot 
which the Scores are in existence, played between the Schools of Eton, 
Harrow, and Winchester from 180510 the present year. Pp. 93. i6nio. 
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Literary Character in Prose and Verse ; the entire production of 


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The Grosvenor Guide to the Latin Prose Paper, or Latin as she is wrote, 

for the advantage of Panduflferdom, at which we dedicate him 

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Undated and Dates not Known. 

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(Copied from papers in the possession of Sir J. Buchanan Riddell, Bart.) 
NUGi«: Etonenses. Pp. 17. Sq. roy. 8vo. 

1. Nugce Etonenses. c. 1765-6 ; 

2. Bill at Maidenhead of the Boys' Rebellion, 2nd Novemtx-r, 1768 ; 

3. Business of 4th Form and Remove, c. 1824 ; 

4. Expenses of a Colleger at Eton, 1824-49 ; 

5. Alcaics [supposed to be by the Marquess of Wellcsley' ; 

6. Greek verses, by Luxmoore. 



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