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in 2012 with funding from 

Euclid Public Library 

At the sound of 
the gong, it will 
be exactly 8:30 A.M. 
Eastern Standard Time 


The Broadcaster 
Senior Class 


Euclid, Ohio 

193 6 

Program Directors • ♦ ♦ 

Under the direction of 




Shore's activities have made 

steady progress 

! f t 


The Controlling Engineers 



Meryl R. Baumer, 

Speech, Dramatics, Journalism, 
History, Business English. 

John F. Beck, 

Lola Bevington, 

Music Directors 

Juanita Boucher, 

Pera Campbell. 

English, Algebra. 

Ford L. Case, 

Head of Physical Education 

Mabel F. Crone, 

Algebra, Science, Latin. 

Louise Darst, 

Commercial Subjects. 

Marie Davis, 

Adaline Delamater, 
French, Latin 

Thomas L. Dotson, 

Commerce and Industry, 

Dorothy Gill, 

Director of Girls' Athletics. 

Raymond Hinch, 

Mathematics, English 

Leona F. Mitchell, 

History, Social Science. 

Wanda M. Myers, 

Commercial Subjects. 

Calvin J. Oldt, 

Commercial Subjects. 

Robert Phillips, 

General Science, Chemistry. 

John J. Pohto, 

Manual Training, Mechanical 

Hetty Rosenbkrger, 
Home Economics. 

Merrill Ruggles, 

Advanced Algebra, Geometry, 

Harry W. Spangler, 
Science, Biology. 

Norma Vernon, 

Katherine Way, 
School Nurse. 

Stanley Whiteside, 
History, Physics. 

Jane Williams, 

Office Staff, 

Philomena Vidugeris, 
Marian Moffct. 


Mrs. Crampton, 
May Pylc. 

Page three 

The Announcers 

Editorial Staff 

Louise Witt 

Assistant Editors 

Eleanor Sciiwarz 
Betty Crampton 
[damae Brigman 
Margaret Stearns 

Sports Editor 

Allen Hllsman 


Harry Sterkel 
Stanley Potokar 

Business Staff 

Business Manager 
Janet Nason 


Bill Clark 
Eleanor Rupnik 
Bernadine Norton 

Art and Photographic Staff 

Art Editor 

Alida Korver 


Earle Gregg 
Katherine Hoene 
Frances Smith 

Faculty Advisors 

Miss Mitchell 

Business, Photography and Art 

Miss Vernon 

Literary Staff 

Page jour 

The Patrollers 

THIS year has seen the beginning of two new 
projects, honor study halls, and the editing 
of a handbook, which contains interesting and 
useful information about Shore. 



\ First Semester, Betty Stewart 
/Second Semester, Edward Wichern 

Vice President Bob Johnston 

Treasurer Bill Bente 

Secretary Mary Meunier 

Student Councilors 

Betty Crampton 
Alvira Patti 
Benson Blackie 
Maurice McWilliams 
Margaret Stearns 

Doris Brown 
James Mattie 
Frances Smith 
Bob Warren 
Allen Hulsman 

Bob Clirrel 

Page five 

Adeline Trudeau — Student Coun- 
cil 2; Class Vice President 2; Class 
President 3-4; Friendship Club 3-4; 
Vice President 4; Shore Breeze 2; Glee 
Club 3-4; Advertising Committee 

Clyde Steele- -Vice President 4; 
S t u de n t Council 2-?> ; ( )rchestra 
1-2-3-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Operetta 
2-3-4; Wrestling 1-2-3-4; Football 
2-3-4 ; Senior Plav 4 ; Shore Breeze 3 : 
Cheer Leader 2-3-4. 

Betty Stewart (dee Club 

1-2-3-4; Operetta 2-3-4; Class Secre- 
tary 2 ; A Cappella Choir 3 ; Shore 
Breeze 3-4; Student Council 3-4; Sec- 
retary 3 ; President 4 ; Friendship Club 
2-3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4; Senior Play 
4; Valedictorian; National Honor So- 

John Wightman — Entered from 
J. S. Morton High School, Chicago 1 ; 
Senior Plav 4. 

Margaret Maloney 

Earl Bollenbacher ■ — Football, 
2-3-4 ; Captain 4 ; Wrestling 2, 4 ; Cap- 
tain 4 ; Baseball 3 ; Glee Club 2-3-4 ; 
Operetta 3-4 ; Lead 3 ; Breeze Staff 
3-4 ; Vice President 1 ; Varsity S. Club 

Zelda Newman — Senior Play 4. 

Matilda Miese — G.A.C. Club 3-4; 
Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 4. 

Pearl Waltermire — Class Secre- 
tary 4. 

Edward Ryder 

Angela Ocvirak 
Senior Play 4. 

Glee Club 3-4; 

John Blerkel — Football 3-4; Bas- 
ketball 2-3-4; Track 2-3-4; Band 1-2; 
Glee Club 3-4; Operetta 4; Varsity S. 
Club 3-4. 

Rosemary Melcher 

Floyd Overacre — Senior Play 4. 

Page six 

Betty Crampton — Student Coun- 
cil 1-4; Friendship Club 2-3-4; Pro- 
gram Chairman 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4: 
Shore Breeze 2-3-4 ; Co-editor 3 ; As- 
sistant Editor 4; Glee Club 2-3-4; 
Librarian 4; Asst. Sec. 3: Class Vice 
President 3 ; Class Treasurer 2 ; Senior 
Year Book; Senior Play 4; National 
Honor Society 4. 

Dorothy Moffet — Cheer Lead- 
ing 4; G.A.C. 3-4; Friendship Club 

3-4; Student Council 1. 

James Mattie — Football 3-4; Co- 
captain 4 ; Basketball 2-3-4 ; Captain 
4 ; Glee Club 2-3-4 ; Vice President 2 ; 
Class Treasurer 3 ; Student Council 

Mary Mihelich — Friendship 
Club 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4; Circula- 
tion Manager of Breeze 3 ; Business 
Manager of Breeze 4. 




Maurice McWilliams 

Robert Stick 

Jane Mattie — Senior Play 4 ; Op- 
eretta 2-3-4; Glee Club 2-3-4; Class 
Secretary 3 ; A Cappella Choir 3 ; 
Friendship Club 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3. 

James Parisi — Senior Play 4. 

Virginia Chance 
Shore Breeze 3. 

Glee Club 3-4 ; 

Dorothy Clark- 
Band 2-3-4. 

-Orchestra 2-3-4; 

Alvira Patti — Glee Club 1-2-3-4; 
Friendship Club 2-3-4 ; Student Coun- 
cil 4; G.A.C. 4. 



k\A V \ 

"%£,. - 

Margaret Stearns — Class Presi- 
dent, 1-2; Class Treasurer 3; Student 
Council 4; Orchestra 2-3-4; Shore 
Breeze 2-3-4; Co-editor 3; Ass't. Edi- 
tor 4; Friendship Club 3-4; President 
4; Year Book Staff 4; Senior Play, 
Stage Manager 4 ; Salutatorian ; Na- 
tional Honor Society. 

Lillian Bluem — Glee Club 2-3-4: 
Friendship Club 4; G.A.C. Club 4. 

Eileen Ischay — Friendship Club 
3-4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Operetta 2-3-4. 

Page seven 

Kari.i-: Gregg — President of Class 3 ; 
President of Class 4; Year Hook Staff 
4; Hand 1-2-3-4; Orchestra 1-2-3-4; 
Student Council 1-2; Prom Commit- 
tee 3; Salutatorian 4; National Honor 
Society 4; Senior Play 4. 

Robert Tucker — Class Treasurer 
2; Prom Committee 3; Glee Club 2-3- 
4 ; Shore Breeze Staff 4 ; Cheerleader 
4; Class Secretary 4; A Cappella 
Choir 3. 

Edward Wichern — Student Coun- 
cil 3-4; President 4; Orchestra 1-2- 
3-4 ; National Honor Society 4. 

June Rose — Class Secretary 3; 
Glee Club 2-3-4; Friendship Club 2- 
3-4; G.A.C. Club 4. 

Edward Bockel — Transferred 
from Collinwood 4 ; Track 4. 

Lenore Tiffany — F r i en d s h i p 

Club 2. 

Stanley Jazbec 
from Patrick Henry 1. 


its ^ 

Bill Sim mermacher— Vice Presi- 
dent of Class 4; Student Council 1-3; 
Football 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1-2-3-4; 
Track 2-3 ; Prom Committee 3 ; Shore 
Breeze Staff 4; Glee Club 2-4; Or- 
chestra 1-2-3-4; Senior Play 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Clyde Hooker — Baseball 2-4 ; Glee 
Club 4 ; Student Council 3 ; Class 
Treasurer 4. 

Theresa Zivich 

Robert Williams 
tary 3. 

Class Secre- 

Jestine Meyers — Transferred 
Tom Geneva 4 ; Friendship Club 3-4. 

Allen Hulsman — Baseball 2-4; 
Glee Club 3-4 ; Student Council 4 ; 
Shore Breeze Staff 3 ; Year Book 
Staff 4 ; Prom Committee 3 ; Basket- 
ball Manager 2; Band 2; Movie Op- 
erator 4 ; Entered from Patrick Henry 
2; A Cappella Choir 3. 

Mary Pokolic — Transferred from 
Royalton High 4; Friendship Club 4. 

Page eight 

Susan Hughes — Transferred from 
Harding High 3; G.A.C. Club 3-4; 
Friendship Clnb 3-4 ; Shore Breeze 
Staff 4. 

Roy Larick — Senior Play 4. 

Arthur Nauth — Transferred 
from St. Ignatius 2 ; Band 3-4 ; Track 

Mary Meunier — Friendship Club 
3-4 ; Student Council 4 ; Secretary 4 ; 
G.A.C. Club 3-4. 

Lois Leppert — Student Council 1- 
3; Friendship Club 3; Advertising 
Committee 2-3-4. 

Robert Heuer — Transferred from 
Roosevelt High 1 ; Shore Breeze Staff 
4; Wrestling 1. 

Louise Witt — Transferred from 
Kirk Junior 1 ; Shore Breeze Editor 
4 ; Assistant Editor 3 ; G.A.C. Club 3- 
4 ; Vice President 4 ; Friendship Club 
2-3-4; Inter-club Council 4; Glee 
Club 4 ; Prom Committee 3 ; Year 
Book Staff 4; Editor-in-Chief 4: 
Senior Play 4 ; National Honor So- 
ciety 4. 

Raymond Fuerst — President of 
Class 2; Baseball 4. 

Idamae Brigman — Fr i e n d s h i p 
Club 2-3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4; Shore 
Breeze Staff 2-3-4 ; Prom Committee 
3; Year Book Staff 4; National Honor 
Society 4 ; Senior Play 4. 

Robert Johnston — President of 
Class 3 ; Class Treasurer 1 ; Class 
Secretary 2 ; Wrestling 2-3-4 ; Foot- 
ball 1-4; Track 2; Glee Club 2-3-4; 
Student Council 4 ; Vice President 4 ; 
Prom Committee 3 ; National Honor 
Society 4. 

Gertrude Kopp — Transferred 
¥ from John Hay 3 ; Friendship 

" Club 4. 

Bill Stevenson — Track Mana- 
ger 4. 

Grace Roberts — Glee Club 2-3-4. 

Harry Sterkel — Track 3-4 ; Shore 
Breeze Staff 2-3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; 
Year Book Staff 4. 

Page nine 

Rose Tekavic — Student Council 1. 

Edward Yeip 

Alida Korver — Orchestra 2 ; Glee 
Club 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4; Year Book 
Staff 4 ; Senior Play 4. 

Bill Clark — Glee Club 1-2-3-4; 
Football 3-4; Track 1-2-3-4; Baseball 
2; Student Council 4; Wrestling 3. 

Ellen Channell — Glee Club 1-2- 
3-4 ; Friendship Club 3. 

Philip Coulson — Baseball 2-4; 
Football 2. 

Donald Sinclair — Advertising 
Committee 3-4; Debate Team 3-4; 
Speech Contest 3-4. 

Jean Mizner — Glee Club 1-2-3-4; 
Friendship Club 2-3. 

Arthur Yeip — Class Treasurer 1 ; 
Track 3. 

Arline Koepp — Glee Club 2-3-4; 
G.A.C. Club 3 ; A Cappella Choir 3. 

Frank Blattau — Band 3-4. 

Bertha Tomicii— Glee Club 2-3-4. 

mhk.: \ 

Mary Bucar — Glee Club 2-3-4; 
Friendship Club 2; Senior Play 4. 

Page ten 

Alfred Ogilvie — Orchestra 1-2-3- 
4; Track 3-4. 

Benson Blackie — Wrestling 2-3- 
4; Student Council 1-2-3-4; National 
Honor Society 4; Senior Play 4. 

Ruth Grove — Glee Club 1-2-3-4; 
Friendship Club 2 ; Shore Breeze 
Stafif 1-2; G.A.C. Club 3. 

Jean Bartlett — T ransf erred 
from Andrews 2 ; Friendship Club 2- 
3-4; G.A.C. Club 4. 

Margaret Ray — Glee Club 2-3-4 ; 
Advertising Committee 3-4 ; Friend- 
ship Club 3-4 ; Secretary 4 ; G.A.C. 
Club 3. 

Margaret McKeon — Friendship 
Club 2-3-4. 

Ruth Jehlicka — Glee Club 4 ; Or- 
chestra 1-2; Friendship Club 3-4. 

James Fitzgerald — Basketball 3-4 ; 
Baseball 2-4 ; Wrestling 2 ; Track 2. 

Katherine Hoene — Transferred 
from Ridgefield Park 2; Student Coun- 
cil 3; G.A.C. Club 4; Prom Commit- 
tee 3; Friendship Club 3-4; Shore 
Breeze Staff 4. 

Floyd Perry 

Betty Tucker — Friendship Club 
3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4. 

Edith Kuznik — Transferred from 
East High 3 ; Friendship Club 2-3-4 ; 
Glee Club 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4. 

Antonia Gerjevic 
2-3-4- G.A.C. Club 3. 

Glee Club 

Martha Driver — Transferred 
from West High 2 ; Friendship Club 
4 ; Program Chairman 4 ; National 
Honor Society 4 ; Senior Play 4. 

Harry Oberst — Transferred from 
Collinwood 1 ; Glee Club 4 ; Manager 
for Basketball 4. 

Page eleven 

Frances Smith — Glee Club 1-2-3; 
Orchestra 4; G.A.C. Club 3; Friend- 
ship Club 2-3-4; President 4; Inter- 
club Council 3; Student Council -I; 
Year Hook Stall' 4; A Cappella 
Choir 3; National Honor Society 4: 
Senior 1 May 4. 

Russell I ,a m m ac hia — ( )rchestra 

Betty Plies — Class Secretary 2; 
Friendship Club 2-3-4 ; Secretary 3 ; 
Advertising Committee 3-4; National 
1 lonor Society 4. 

Frank Laurich — Basketball 3-4 
Baseball 4. 

Stanley Potokar — Orchestra 1-4; 
(.lee Club 4; Wrestling 3-4; Yean 
Book Staff 4. 

Evelyn Schlieker 

Stanley Schmidt 

Ella Jaxe Blase — ( )rchestra 1-2- 
3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; Friendship Club 
2-3-4: G.A.C. Club 3-4; National 
Honor Society 4. 

Eleanor Rupnik — Glee Club 1-2- 
3-4; In Cast of "Pickles" 2; G.A.C. 
Club 3-4; Year Book Staff 4; A 
Cappella Choir 3. 

George Tilly — Band 1-2-3-4: Or- 
chestra 2-3-4. 

Bill Werts — Senior Play 4. 

Betty Critzer — Class Secretary 1 ; 
Friendship Club 2-3-4 ; Treasurer 4 : 
Glee Club 2-3-4; In Cast of "Belle of 
Barcelona" ; G.A.C. Club 3-4. 

Lenore Duffield — G.A.C. Club i 
3-4: Friendship Club 3-4. 

Richard Cooke — Band 1-4; Or- 
chestra 2. 

J',i'ir twelve 

Dorothy Casson — Friendship Club 
2-3-4; Treasurer 3; Class Vice Presi- 
dent 1 ; G.A.C. Club 4 ; Glee Club 
Pianist 4 ; National Honor Society 4 ; 
Senior Play 4. 

Raymond Finucan — Baseball 2-4. 

Melvin Azman — Football 2-3. 

Jeannette Luikart — Friendship 
Club 3-4; Glee Club 3-4; G.A.C. 
Club 3-4. 

Virginia Flower — Friendship 
Club 3-4; G.A.C. Member 3; Shore 
Breeze Start 4. 

Bill Cowin 

Tony Frabotto — - Baseball 2-4 
Football 4. 

Anna Cerjan — G.A.C. Club 3-4. 

Margaret Kausek — Friendship 
Club 2-3-4 ; Glee Club 4 ; Prom Com- 
mittee 3. 

Elwood Sulzer — Track 3-4 ; Prom 
Committee 3. 


Lee Kelly — Glee Club 3-4. 

Jane Meloy — Friendship Club 2- 

Dorothea Nahrstedt — G.A.C. 
Club 3. 

Stanley Pengal 

Page I hirl ecu 

GwENDOLIN Terry — School Book- 
keeper 3-4 ; Glee Club 2-3-4. 

Robert Maxwell — Band 1-2; 
Glee Club 4 ; Student Council 2 ; Senior 
Play 4. 

Bernadine Norton — Friendship 
Club 2-3-4; Year Book Staff 4. 

Bill Bente — Glee Club 3-4; Band 
1-2; Basketball 3-4; Student Council 
4; Treasurer 4; Baseball 4. 

Doris Brown — G.A.C. Club 3-4; 
President 4; Friendship Club 1-2-3-4; 
Vice President 3; Student Council 4. 

Russell Borger — Class Vice Presi- 
dent 3 ; Prom Committee 3. 

Eleanor Sen war/. — Prom Com 
mittee 3; Shore Breeze Staff 1-3-4 
Glee Club 4; Friendship Club 3-4 
Stage Scenery 3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4 
Valedictorian 4; Year Book Staff 4 
National Honor Society 4. 

Vetus Syracuse — Orchestra 1-2- 
3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; Concert Master 
3-4 ; National Honor Society 4 ; Senior 
I May 4. 

Rita Wallace 

Edward Medved 

Janet Nason — Friendship Club 2- 
3-4; G.A.C. Club 3-4; Class Presi- 
dent 1 ; Year Book Staff 4. 

Bob Warren — Class Secretary 2 ; 
Senior Play 4. 

Katherine Skrobat — Friendship 
Club 4 ; Glee Club 3-4. 

Raymond Schultz 

Page fourteen 

Dick Walters — Assistant Basket- 
ball Manager 2. 

Jean Heick — Friendship Club 3-4. 

Graduates whose pictures do not appear 
in the Year Book 

Rudolph Krall 

Raymond Browne — Transferred 
from Warsaw, New York 4; Basket- 
ball 4 ; Senior Play 4. 

George Wilson — Entered from 
East Hieh. Deceased March 20. 

Joe Cieszko 

Philip Jordan 

Rosalie Conrad 

Robert Stranahan 

Robert Cliffel 

We wish to broadcast the fact that we have re- 
ceived the usual contributions from the P.-T.A. 
for the year book. We express our thanks for 
the continued co-operation of this organization. 

Page fifteen 

EACH broadcast comes to you directly 
from the scene of a popular educational 
rendezvous . . . 


Jane Blase 
Ramona Dunbar 
Earl Gregg 
Russell Lammachia 
Alfred Ogilvie 
Stanley Potokar 
Bill Simmermacher 
Frances Smith 
Vetus Syracuse 
George Tully 
Edward Wichern 
Dorothy Clark 


Jane Blase 
Frank Blattau 
Dorothy Clark 
Arthur Nauth 
Harry Sterkel 
Vetus Syracuse 
George Tully 

Girls' Glee Club Boys' Glee Club 

Lillian Bluem 
Mary Bucar 
Dorothy Casson 
Betty Crampton 
Betty Critzer 
Antonia Gerjevich 
Eileen Ischay 
Ruth Jehlicka 
Margaret Kausek 
Arline Koepp 
Alida Korver 
Edith Kusnik 
Jeannette Luikart 
Jane Mattie 
Rosemary Melcher 
Jean Mizner 
Angela Ocvirak 
Alvira Pattie 
Margaret Ray 
Grace Roberts 
June Rose 
Eleanor Rupnik 
Eleanor Schwarz 
Betty Stewart 
Bertba Tomich 
Adeline Trudeau 
Louise Witt 

William Bente 
John Buerkel 
William Clark 
Clyde Hooker 
Allen Hulsman 
Bob Johnston 
Lee Kelly 
James Mattie 
Bob Maxwell 
Harry Oberst 
Bill Simmermacher 
Clyde Steele 
Bob Tucker 
Bob Warren 

Page sixteen 

NOW — the Friendship Club under the 
direction of Miss Campbell, presents 
its members who have been active in many 
social, cultural and charitable projects. 


Presidents (Margaret Stearns 

Frances Smith 

Vice President Adeline Trudeau 

Treasurer Dorothy Casson 

Secretary Margaret Ray 

Program Chairmen jB ETTY Crampton 

(Martha Driver 

Inter-Club Council Louise Witt 


Jean Bartlett 
Jane Blase 
Lillian Bluem 
Idamae Brigman 
Doris Brown 
Dorothy Casson 
Betty Crampton 
Betty Critzer 
Martha Driver 
Lenore Duffield 
Virginia Flower 
Jean Heick 
Katherine Hoene 
Susan Hughes 

Ruth Jehlicka 
Margaret Kausek 
Gertrude Kopp 
Edith Kusnik 
Jeannette Luikart 
Margaret McKean 
Jane Mattie 
Rosemary Melcher 
Jane Meloy 
Mary Mihelich 
Dorothy Moffet 
Mary Muenier 
Jestine Meyers 
Janet Nason 

Bernadine Norton 
Alvira Pattie 
Betty Plies 
Margaret Pokolic 
Margaret Ray 
June Rose 
Eleanor Rupnik 
Eleanor Schwarz 
Frances Smith 
Margaret Stearns 
Betty Stewart 
Adeline Trudeau 
Betty Tucker 
Louise Witt 

Page seventeen 

We now turn you over to our 
Sportscaster ♦ ♦ • 


Shore was again successful 
in capturing the Eastern Confer- 
ence Crown this year which made 
it five times in the last six for 
this accomplishment. Out of the 
last 42 E. C. games the Admirals 
have played they have won 38 of 
those games, losing only four, 
which is a record any coach can 
be proud of. The only time in 
the last five years Shore has not 
been Conference Champs they 
were runners up and were only 
defeated by a close margin. 
Shore has an enviable record this 
year. They threw the ball through 
the enemy's hoop for 323 points 
while their opponents only scored 
21 5 markers. 

Jim Mattie was captain until 
February and Bill Simmermacher 
led the team for the rest of the 
season and as they were the only 
two letter men returning this 
year, they were important cogs 
in the championship machine. 
Without the services of Buzz 
Bente, James Fitzgerald, John 
Buerkel, Tom Hayes and Ray 
Browne, the team would have 
been in a bad way. 

There were no individual stars 
on this year's quintet. It was 
pure team work that landed the 
Admirals on top. Each man was 
as important as the next. 

Coach Ford Case has Art Lep- 
pert, Graham Mower, Bill Hoene 
and Frank Crockett, and Carl 
Carlson to build his team around 
next vear. 

Pa<ic eighteen 

Earl Bollenbacher — Com- 
monly called "Bolly." He was 
captain of the football eleven, 
leader of the wrestling squad and 
a star catcher for the nine. 
Shore is proud of his position on 
the all suburban eleven. 

James Mattie — Better known 
as "Brother" Mattie. He spent 
two years with the football squad 
and three years around the bas- 
ketball quintet. In his last year, 
he was captain of the five and 
received honorable mention on the 
all-suburban football team. 

Bill Simmermacher — "Sim- 
my," basketball and football 
player, was out of the football 
line-up in his junior year, due to 
a shoulder injury. He was on the 
Varsity line-up for three years 
and was captain of the quintet in 
his last year. 

Bill Clark — Versatile foot- 
ball man and fast man on the 
track. He assisted Mr. Case at 
coaching during the football sea- 

Harry Sterkel — Was a track 
man. In his Junior year and 
Senior year he won a bronze 
track shoe in the public hall. 

Tony Frabatto — His athletic 
talents were unknown to Shore- 
ites until his Senior year, when he 
appeared as a regular on the 
eleven. He also received honor- 
able mention on the all-suburban 

Benson Blackie — Is called 
"Bud" by his friends, and ap- 
peared on the wrestling squad 
for two years. 

Clyde "Mugsie" Steele — The 
cheer leading athlete appeared as 
a wrestler for one year and was 
declared City Champ in the 135 
pound class in his Senior year. 

Elwood Sulzer — "Bromo," a 
distance star on the cinder oval 
and in the district meet last 
spring he received a silver medal. 

John Buerkel — Johnny was 
a three sport-man. He displayed 
his merits in basketball, football, 
and track. He was most out- 
standing in football and track. 

Bill Bente — "Buzz" as he is 
better known, made varsity bas- 
ketball in his senior year. He also 
displayed his talents on the dia- 

Stan Potokar — A wrestler in 
his senior year, did much to help 
the grapplers during his stay at 

Bob Johnston- — A grappler 
for two years and made a fine 
showing for himself as a loyal 
son of Shore. 

James Fitgerald — - "Fitz" as 
he is called by his Pals, did not 
appear on the Varsity basketball 
team until his senior year. He 
was a guard, played an excellent 
floor game, and scored his share 
of the points. 

Ray Brown — Ray is a new- 
comer to Shore and did not be- 
come eligible until the last half 
of his senior year when he proved 
an important cog in the basket- 
ball machine and is expected to 
play on the baseball team. 


In all the years wrestling has 
been known to Shore, the Ad- 
mirals, under Mr. Pohto's super- 
vision have never failed to estab- 
lish themselves as title contenders. 

The Seniors were well repre- 
sented on this year's wrestling 
squad. The four seniors were 
Benson Blackie, Clyde Steele, 
Captain Bollenbacher and Bob 
Jobnston. Clyde Steele last year 
established himself as a City 
Champ in the 135 pound class. 


Shore again established it- 
self as a title contender on the 
gridiron this year. This is the 
first time in Shore's history 
that any gridder was named on 
any honorary team. Earl Bollen- 
bacher, co-captain, received this 
honor by being named on the all- 
suburban eleven. The other co- 
captain, James Mattie, and Tony 
Frabatto, a new man in Shore 
athletics, also won honorable 
mention on the same team. Coach 
Case will lose six of his regulars 
through graduation. 

Page nineteen 


My Wh«r i. i true. 



The wheel of fortune 

t LOVE you TH» tV 


Class Prophecy — June 1950 

PROPHETS— Louise Witt, Eleanor Schwarz, Idamae Brigman 

THIS is station A. L. U.M.N. I. broadcasting from the Shore High Casino 
where New Year festivities for the year 1946 are about to begin. Allen 
Hulsman, your local announcer, will introduce the guests as they arrive. In the 
meantime let us take a peek around for familiar faces. Sure enough, over there 
is the inimitable dance team, Bob Hever and Anne Cerjan, doing their sensational 
"Minute Tapioca." Others warming up, Betty Critzer and Janet Nason, doing 
taps ; Tony Frabotto crooning in another corner with Kay Hoene, our blues singer, 
and look who's in the famous Casino Chorus : Mary Bucar, Jane Blase, Antonia 
Gerjevic, Eleanor Rupnik, Edith Kusnic, Susan Hughes, Bertha Tomich, Margaret 
Kausek, Evelyn Schlieker, Arlene Koepp and Rita Wallace. Directing this chorus 
is none other than our maestro, Vetus Syracuse. Elwood Sulzer, the contortionist, 
is putting on a show in the dressing room for the soda jerkers, Bill Werts, Stanley 
Potokar, and Raymond Shultz ; the cigaret girls, Mary Meunier, Jane Meloy, 
Jean Heick and Bernadine Norton ; and the check room attendants, Jean Bartlett, 
Doris Brown and Justine Meyers. We would recognize that worried look any- 
where. It is headwaiter, Rudolph Krall, and his tip-hungry crew, Ray Finucan, 
Phillip Coulson, Stanley Jazbec, Ed Medved and Russell Lammachia. Who would 
have expected to find Harry Oberst and Alfred Oglivie functioning as brawny 
bouncers and Ed Wichern, of all people, the only one recorded as having had to 
be bounced? The kitchen seems to be presided over by George Tully, the ail- 
American chaff, who has as his able assistants Virginia Flower, Lenore Duffield, 
Alida Korver, Dick Cook and Theresa Zivich. Managing the dishwashing crew 
is Martha Driver. 

Some of the guests are arriving and among the very first is the internationally 
known speed king, Bob Tucker, with his mechanic, Roy Larick. Rose Tekavic, 
the toast of Paris for her anesthetic dancing, now enters with Duke Floyd Perry. 
The man in uniform is Benson Blackie, head of the coast guards. With him is 
Jeannette Luikart, who is now with the Metropolitan — Life Insurance Co. 

Well known men-about-town, Russell Borger and Frank Blattau are closely 
followed by successful business girls, Frances Smith, Margaret Pokolic. Lois 
Leppert, Betty Tucker, Catherine Skrobot and Gwendolyn Terry. Donald Sin- 
clair, the radical speaker, has some trouble getting in, but is finally admitted. 

Here comes the mad scientist, Earle Gregg, test tube in one hand and camera 
in the other, and his noble assistant, Stanley Schmidt. Strike us pink if it isn't 
Ray Fuerst and his "Nine-strike-out" baseball team composed of Clyde Hooker, 
Edwin Bochel, Edward Yeip, Art Nauth, Lee Kelly, Dick Walters, Bill Steven- 
son, Melvin Azman and James Fitzgerald, coming to join the fun. 

Much of the merriment has been provided for this evening by the generosity 
of the two millionaires, Bill Simmermacher and Ray Browne, who made fortunes 
from steam-heated bird cages and squirtless grapefruit patents. June Rose, the 
town's leading photographer, enters with a Camer-on her shoulder. Somebody's 
Pommeranian got in in spite of all the waiters, but dog-catcher, Art Yeip, soon 
had the situation under control. So would Idamae Brigman, if anyone should say 
is there a doctor in the house? 

Red Williams, political boss of Podunk, arrives ; followed by hungry office 
seekers, Lenore Tiffany, Bill Bente, Bob Maxwell, Ruth Jehlicka and Stanley 
Pengal. The snoopy press is represented by Louise Witt, reporter "off-and-on" 
on Harry Sterkel's "Bad News." Gertrude Kopp, energetic policewoman, sneakes 
in with detective Bill Clark of Backlandyard to attempt a roundup of the notorious 
"Smoke-ring" composed of Bob Warren, Ruth Grove, Grace Roberts, Joe Ciezsko, 
Ellen Channell, Betty Plies, Rosalie Conrad and Bill Cowin. Eleanor Schwarz has 
been busy sketching celebrities for the morning edition of the "Bad News" while 
Bob Johnston, Frank Laurich, Dorothea Nahrstedt, Jean Mizner, and George 
Wilson have just danced and danced. Margaret McKean, Margaret Ray, and 
Dorothy Casson are so busy with their work to reform flaming youth all over 
the country that they just managed to get here as your announcer signs off. We 
now turn you over to station G.O.O.D. L.U.C.K. with the best of wishes. 

Page twcnly-tzvo 

We Pause a Moment for Station Announcement 

CASTLE-BOTTOM CREAM presents Major Steele and his amateurs! 
"All right, all right. The Castle-bottom amateur show welcomes you to an- 
other of its yearly performances, with the amateurs of the evening selected by 
the wheel of fortune. Around and 'round she goes, and where she stops, nobody 
knows. First on the program this evening we want to introduce some of the men 
behind the scenes of our show, particularly the gong-keeper, Ed Ryder, and the 
man who takes care of the static, Floyd Overacre. Our first entertainer from 
the ranks of the amateurs is a little girl from the sunny south, Rosemary Melcher, 
singing "O Promise Me." Then we have several tried and true recipes from the 
kitchen of an amateur housewife, Zelda Newman. Following Zelda is a self- 
acclaimed ssensation in the form of Earl Bollenbacher, in an act that has caused 
loud comment in his native state, for he will spin a baby grand piano on the in- 
dex finger of his right hand. The winsome miss next to approach the platform 
is Jane Mattie, who will give a reading of the "Charge of the Light Brigade." 
Next on the program we have a little lad who has practiced diligently on his 
axelphone until he has become quite proficient, none other than Bob Stick. To 
turn to a more intellectual type of entertainment, Alvira Patti will give a short 
talk on a woman's viewpoint of football, which will be followed by a startling 
series of acrobatic exercises by Matilda Miese. Succeeding this, John Wightman 
will croon a few love songs in his best Bing Crosby style. Following, some origi- 
nal poems will be read by Angela Ocvirak, and Josephine Hribar, commonly known 
as "Chatterbox," will entertain in her field of comedy. A Jew's Harp solo will 
next be rendered by Adeline Trudeau, late of the Philadelphia Symphony Orches- 
tra, and then Mauris Mac Williams will demonstrate in his own inimitable style, 
various forms of snoring, which are apparently well-known to him. At this time, 
Dorothy "Shirley Temple" Moffet will perform in a song and dance act, and then 
Virginia Chance will give an interesting talk on "How to Raise a Family of Eight 
on Fifteen Dollars a Week." Lillian Bluem, traveler and lecturer, will sing several 
German folk songs. At this point, we pause to hear from Lady Castle-bottom 
Mihelich, who will tell you why you should try her face cream to insure a silky 
smooth complexion. The latest gossip and scandal of the city's night life will then 
be revealed by that scion of the night clubs, James Parisi. Following this, Betty 
Stewart will demonstrate her skill at bouncing spoons into a glass of any size, 
weight, or description, and Pearl Waltermire, the queen of old maids, will give a 
talk on the raising and feeding of cats, — alley and Persian. Then Margaret Stearns 
will sing "Chloe" in her most passionate manner, followed by impersonations of 
stage and screen celebrities by James Mattie. Dorothy Clark is next on the 
program with a tap dance in the Powell-Keeler fashion, and John Buerkel will 
give a guaranteed interesting talk on "How to Capture a Maiden's Heart in Six 
Easy Lessons." Eileen Ischay, who is a candidate for this year's Pulitzer Prize, 
will dramatize the last act of her hit play, and then two aspiring opera singers, 
Betty Crampton and Bob Stranahan, will sing "Listen to the Mocking Bird." The 
adventures of Popeye the sailor man will be sung by Philip Jordan, and to con- 
clude the program the hostess of station B-L-A-H, Margaret Maloney, will give a 
short talk encourging you to come up and see us sometime. 

Page twenty-three 

Things We Will Always Remember 

Freshman Year 

How we admired all the seniors, especially the foothall players ! 

Frances Smith's collection of leaves for Biology which Mr. Spangler insisted 

never would be equaled. 
The biggest thrill in the week, the tag dances Friday afternoons. 
Lois Leppert and Doris Weir fighting over Dick Finan. 
Alida Korver won a silver loving cup for a statue she made. 
Donald Sinclair got his name in the Breeze for his debating. 
Margaret Ray cut her long curls. 

The two presidents were Margaret Stearns and Janet Nason. 
Mr. Richardson was the mid-year class sponsor, and set many freshies' hearts 

Sophomore Year 

At the mid-year class party Miss Cockerill let her hair down. 

Betty Plies fell over backward during the Friendship Club's play at an 

Russell Yochim and his brother Bob left for California. 
The Quien Sabe Club began and ended. 
Quite a few Sophs were thrilled with bids to the Prom. 
At the June class' annual party the fellows played cards on one side of the 

room and the girls danced on the other. 
Bob Tucker and Lois Leppert fell down at the same party. 
Ray Fuerst and Margaret Stearns presided over the classes. 

Junior Year 

Miss Williams, alias "The Matchmaker," brought Earle Gregg and Dorothy 

Davies together during registration. 
Betty Critzer had the measles. 
At the G.A.C. banquet, strawberry shortcake was spilled on Louise Witt's 

The ABC Club still had meetings pretty regularly. 
Bill Simmermacher got all broken up during football practice. 
Idamae Brigman, Virginia Flower, and Betty Critzer told tall tales at the 

Friendship Club supper. 
Our Spanish Prom was the best one to be held at Shore. 
Betty Stewart breaking dishes in "Good News." 

Senior Year 

Margaret Steam's reflection in the mirror during the Senior Play. 
"Mugsie" Steele trying to memorize his lines for the play. 
The mid-year graduating class going "Alpine" for their banquet. 
Shore gets their first talking pictures and from the profit has a series of un- 
usual assemblies. 
"Bolly" getting second place in the A.A.U. 
Parade sponsored by the Council — rain made the colors run. 

Official Photographer and Publisher 
Chesshire Studios, Cleveland, Ohio 

Page twenty-jour