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Full text of "The ever green, : being a collection of Scots poems, wrote by the ingenious before 1600... Published by Allan Ramsay"

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%is "* (J T^U^T}^ 

Presented by Lady Dorothea Ruggles- 
Brise to the National Library of Scotland, 
in memory of her brother, Major Lord 
George Stewart Murray, Black Watch, 
killed in action in France in 1914. 
28th January 1927. 

m& f 


T H 


"Ever Green, 

b *p N g a 


O F 

Scots Poems, 

Wrote by the Ingenious before 1600. 
Vol. II. 

§uha dar prefume thir Poetis to impung, 
Quhais Sentence fwe'it throw Albion bin fimg. 
S r . D. Lindsay. 

E D I N B U K X G H 

tinted by Mr. Thomas Ruddiman for Allan 
Ramsay. M.bcc.xxiv, 


f 1 1 '* 1 l¥l w * 1 IV V w • iff # 

New Yek Gift 

To Queen MART, when Jfoe came 
fir ft Hamty\^%^ 

. E l c M MjillutatLady,, and our Quene* 

Welcum our Lyone with the Jeloure- 


Wekum our Thiftie with 'the L&~ 

ram Grenej 

Welcum our Rubent Rofe upon the Rycc, 

Welcum our fern, and joyfull Gentrycej 

Welcum our Beil of Albion to beir>. 

Welcum our plefand Princes maift of Pryce, 

God give you Grace agains this gudc new Zeir. 

%% II. Thu 

4 A New Teir Gift 

This Gude New Zeir we hope with Grace of Gotf, 

Sail be of Peace, Tranquility and Reft; , 
This Zeir fal Richt and Reafon rule the Rod, 

Quhilk fae lang Seafon has bene fair fuprcft > 

This Zeir firm Faith fall freily be confejr, 
And all eronious Queftions put arreir 

To labour, that this Lyfe; amang us left, 
God give zou Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

Hei&fore addrefs thee duely to decore, 

And rule thy Regne with hie Magnificence ; 
Begin at God to gar fet forck his Glore, 

And of his Golpel get Experience, 

Caufe his true Kirk be had in Reverence, ■ 
So fall thy Name and Fame fpreid far and neir, 

Now this thy Det to do with Diligence, 
God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 


Found' on the firft four Vertues cardinal^ * 

On Wifdom, Juftice, Force and Temperance, 
Aplaud to prudent folk, and principal! 

Of Yerteous Lyfe, thy Worfhip to advance: , 


to ^ueen MART. 5 

Wcy Juftice equal without Difcrepanee, • 
Strengthen thy State, with Stedfaftnefs to fteir, 

To temper Tyme with true Continuance, 
God give* thee Grace agains this gude new £eir P 

V. . > • U 

Cast thy Confate by Council of the Sage, 

And cleave to Chryfl has kept thee weil in Cure, 
Attingent n6w to twenty Zeirs of Age, 

Prefervand thee from #11 Mifaventure. 

Wald thou be ferved and thy Countrie fure A 
Still on the Common-weil haif Eye and Eir, 

Prefs ay to be Protectrix of the Pure, 
Sae God fall gyde thy Grace this gude new Zeir* 

Gar ftanche allStryfe,and ftable thy Eftates 3 
. In Conftance, Concord, Charity and Luve: 
Be bifly now to banifh all Debates, 

That twixt Kirk-men and tempral Men dois muve, 

The pulling doun of Policy repruve, 
And let perverfed Prelates live perquier, 

To do the beft befeikand God abuve, 
To give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

$ 5 VII, At 

$ A New Teh' Gift 

At Crofs gin* cry be tfpin froelkmatioii, 7 

Undfrffrit Pains, that nowther he nor fcho, 
Of haly Writ r have ohy Difputation, 

Bat letterd Men 6r learned Clerks thertd ; 

For Lyrrfmer Lads and little Lanes lo, 
Will argue baith With Biftbp, Preift imd Freir : 

To dantoii this thou has enouch to do, 
God give thee Grace agains this gjiicle hew Zeir*' 

But wyte the wickit Paftors WaR not mend 

Their vicfoiis -Living, an the WarkLprefcryves; 
They tuke nae tent their Traik fouldturn till end. 

They "Were fae prdud of their Prerogatyves, 

For wantones they wald not marrie Wyves, 
Nor zft live chaft, biitcWp and change thetf'Gheirj 

Now to' reforrn their iecnerdttsieud Cy^es, 
God give thee Grace a^ins ; this gudene"w^eir. 

They brocht thair Baftards with the Skrufe they skraip 

To biande their Elude with Barrons by Ambition, 

They purcheft pithlefs Pardons frae the Paip, 

To caufc fond Foils confyde he hes Fruition, 


<fo ^ueen. MAR. T. 7 

As Gop, to give for Sins a full Remiflfioa, 

And Sauls to faif from fuffering Sorrow feir : 
Tofet ?fyde & Sort of Superftition, 

God give *hee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 


They Benifice and Pention tint that marrietj 
On Frydayf quha eit Flefh was fyr-fangt ; 

It made nae Mifsquhat Maydens they mifcarrier; 
On Falling Days, they were not brunt or hangu 
Licence for Lechry frae their Lord belangt, 

To give Indulgence as the Deil did leir, 
To mend that Menziehas faemony mangt, 

God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

They lute the Leiges pray to Stocks and Stanes, 
And pamcit Papers, wats nocht quhat theyrrtein: 

They bad them beck and binge to deid Mens Banes^ 
Offer on Kneis to kifs^ fyne faif their Kin, 
Pilgrims and Palmers paft with them between, 

Sanct Blais 3 Sand Boit> blate Bodies Ene to bleir j 
Now to forbid this grit Abufe hes bene, 

God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 
% 4 XII. They 

8 A New Ten Gift 


THEy $yart God with Trifles tume andTrantak, 

And deivd him with their daft and daylie Dargeis, 
With owklie Abits to augment their Rentals, 

Mantand,Mort 3 Mumbelings 3 mixt with monyLies. 

Sic San&itude was Sathans Sorceries, 
Chryfls filly Sheip and fobir Flock to fmeir, 

To ceife all findrie Seels of Herefieis, 

Goo give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

With Mefs and'Mattins nae ways will I mell 3 
To juge them juftly palTes my Ingyne, 

Theygyde not ill that governs weil themfell, 
And honeftly on Lawtie lays their Lyne, 
Doubts to difcus, for Doctors are divyne, 

Cunning in Clergie to declair them cleir: 
r To order this the Office now is thyne, 

God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

A s Beis tak Wax and Honey of tfie Floure, 
So dois the Faithful of God's Word tak Fruir 3 

As W^ps receive frae aft the fame but four, 
Sae Reprobates the Scripture dois rebute. 

to Queen MAKT. § 

Words without Warks availeth not a Cute, 
To feis thy Subje&s fae in Luve and Feir, 

That Richt and Reafon in thy Realm may rutc 9 ; 
God give thee Grace agains this gude newZeir, 

The Epiftles and Evangells now are Preichr a 

Bot Sopheftrie or Ceremonys vain 5 
Thy People, maift Part, truely now are teicht 

To put away Idolatrie prophane, 

But in fum Hearts is graven new again. 
An Image callit curfd Covetice ofGeir, 

Now to expell that Idol /lands up plain, 
God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zek, 

For Sum are fene at Sermons fum fa haly, 

Singand Sancl Davids Pfalter on their Buiks^ 
And are but BibJifts fairfing full. their Belly, 

Backbytand Nybours noying them in Nuiks, 

Ruggand and reivand up Kirk Rents lyke Rukes 3 
Lyke very Wafps againft God's Word mak Weir; 

Now fie Chriftians to kifs with Chanters Kuiks 
0o d give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 


io A New Teir Gift 

Dew tie ana Diets are driven by Dot&fenefs, 

And Folks are flemit frae fcung Faith Prbfeflbr^ 
The greateft ay the £reidyat I gefs, 

To plant quherePreifts andParfons WerePoflerTors' 

Teinds are uptane by Teftament TranfgrefTors, 
Credence is paft of Promife thocht they fweir, 

To punifh Palmers, and reproach QpprefTors, 

God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

Puir Folkarfamift with their Faffions new, 

They fail for Fait that had before at fbuth, 
Lcil Labourers lament and Tennants trew, 

That they ar hurt and hcrriet North and South : 

The Heidfmen have Cor mundum in their Mouth* 
But nevir mynd to give the Man his Meir, 

To quench thir quent Calamities fo cowth, 

God give thee Grace agains this gude new Zeir. 

P r o x e s t a n d s tak the Friers auld Antetewme, 

\ Ready Refavers, but to render nocht, 
So Lairds uplift Mens Leiving 3 ower thy Rewme, 
And are richt crabit quhen they crave them ocht 


to Qiieen MART, %x 

)Bc they unpaid, thy Purfevants arc focht, 
To pund pure Commons Corn and Cattle keir, 

To vifly all thir wrangous Warks arc wrocht, 
God give thee Grace agains this gucle new Zeir, 

PAUL bidshane deal with Thing Tddlatheit, 

Nor qurrair HypOcrafie 'hes -bene cdmittit ; 
J3ut Kirfcmbis curled Subftaricc aft fei'ms fweir, 

TiH Bandsmen that with feud Bird Lyme are l'yttit* 

Gif thou perfave Turn Senzior it has fmittit, 
Solift them fafdy riot to perfevcir j 

Hurt not their Honour, tho thy Hienefs wit it, 
But graciouily forgive them this new Zeir. 

- XXI, 
F o r g i v N e s grant with Gladnefs and Gude-will, 

Gratis to all into Sour Parliament, 
Syne iiabltfn-Statutes, ftedfaft to ftand ftill, 

That Barone, Clerk and Barges be content, 

Thy Nobles, Earls, -and Lords in confequent,! 
Trek tender to "obtain their Hearts inteir, 

That they may ferve, and be obedient 

Umo thy Grace this new and mony a Zeir. 

XXII. Sen 

xs A New Teh Qift^ 


Sen fae thou fits in Seat fuperlative, 
Caufe every State to their Vocation go, 

Scolaftick Men the Scriptures to difcryve, 
And Majeftrates to ufe their Sword alfo, 
Merchands to trade and trafick to and fro, 

Mechanicks Work, Husbands to faw and Sheir, 
So fall be Wealth and Weilfare without Woe, 

Be Grace of God agains this gude new Zeir. 


Let all thy Realme be now in Readynefs, 
With coftly cleathing to decore thy Corfs, 

Zung Gentlemen for dauncing them addrefs, 
With courtlie Ladys coupled in Conforfs, 
Frak feirce Gallands the Feild Games to enforfs^ 

Unarmed Knychts at Lifts with Scheild and Speir, 
To feicht in Barrows baith on Fute and Horfs, 

$gane thy Grace get a Gude- man this Zejr. 

XXIV. Tflxs 

to Queen MART. i% 

I'his Zeir fall be Embaflies heir belyve, 

For Marriage, from great Princes,Dukes and Kings, 
This Zeir within thy Region fall aryfe 

Rowts of the Ranker? that m Europe rings; 

This Zeir baith Blythnefs and Aboundance brings. 
Navies of Schips outhrow the Sea to fneir, 

With Riches, Rayments and all Royal Things, 
Agane thy Grace get a Gude-man this Zeir, 

Gif Saws befuthe to fchaw thy Celfitude, 

Quhat Bairn fould bruke all Britain be the Sie, 
The Prophecie exprefly dois conclude, 

The French Wy fe of the B r u c e i s, Blude fould bcj 

Thou art the Lyne frae him the" Nynth Degree, 
And was King Francis Partie maik and Peir. 

Sae by Defcent the fame fould fpring of thee, 
By Grace of God agane this gude new Yeir. 

XXVI. Now 

Gif Saws be futhe. By this Verfe it appears that the Pro- 
phecy of J .AMES the VI. fucceeding to the Crown o£ 
England, and being the firft King of Great Britain, was not 
as fome would alledge, made after his Acceflion; this 
Poem being wiote in, ij6z,fome Years before his Birch, 

*4 d mw Teir Gift, 

KoW td Conclude, on Chryft call thy comfort^ 

And cherifhthem that thou has~un4er- Charge^ 
Supone maift fure he faH fend thee fupport, 

And len the luftyLibero* at large, 

Believe that Lord can Harbary fo thy Bairge, 
To mak braid Britain blyth as Bird on Brier, 

And thee extol with his triumphartdi Targe, 
Victoriously again this gude newZeir. 

L 9 Envoy.. 

Prudent, maift gent, tak tent, andprerit theAVords, 

Intill this Bill, with Will, them ftill> to face, 
0vMk ar, not skar, to bar* on far, ftae Baurds^' 

But feal, hot feal, may heal, avacl thy Grace, 

Sen lo, thou (how, this to, now do, has Place, 
Receive and faif, and haif, ingrave it heir, 

This now, for Prow, that you, fweit Do w,may brace 
Lang Space, with Grace, folace, and Peace this Zeir. 



F r e, s c h, fulgent, Murift, fragrant j Flower fqrinpf% 

Lantern to Luve, of Ladys Lamp and Lot, 
Cherry, maift chaft, chcif Carbuncle and Choife, 

5 writ fmylin^ Sovraign mining bot a Spot, 

. Blcft 

to his Heart, t$ 

Bleit, beautyful^ benygn 3 and beft. begot, 
Xo this Indyte pleafe to inclyne thine Eir, 
Sent be thy fimple Servant Sanders Scot, 
Greiting great God to grant thy Grace gudeZeir. 
Quod Alex*. Scot* 

To his HEAR ft 


jy Eturn Hamewart my Heart again, 

- And byde quhair thou was wont to bej 

Thou art a Fulc to fufFer Pain, 

For Luve of her that Iuves not dices 

My Heart let be fie Fantefie, 
Luve nane but quhair thou has gud Caufc, 

And let hir feik a Heart for thee,- 

For Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws* 

II. To 

The Chronology of the Poems contained in this and 
the former Volume, is not to be expe&ed, fome of older 
Date having come to Hand after others, fome hundred 
Years later have been printed, befides moft of them ha- 
ving no Dates j the endeavouring to place them according 
to the Order of Time they were wrote in, and Incidents 
to which they related, was judged as ufelcfs as it would 
have proven difficult. 

xtt %o his Heart. 


To quhat Effect fould thou be thrall, 

But thank fen thou has thy free Will; 
My Heart be nocht fae beftial, 

But knaw quha dois thee Gude or 111 ; 

At Hame with me then tarry ftill, 
And fe then quha playis beft thair Pawis^ 

And let the Fillo'ek fling hir fillj 
For Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws, 

Thocht fcho be fair I will not fenzie, 

Scho is theKynd with utheris mae; 
For quhy thair is a Fellon Menzie, 

That feimeth gude., and are hot fae: 

My Heart tak nowther Pain nor Wae 
'For Meg, for Marjory or Mazvis, 

But be thou glad, and let her gae, 
Fer Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws, 

Remember how that Medea 

Wyld for a Sicht of Jafon zeid. 
Remember how that Crejfida, 
Left Troilus for Diomedgo 

To his Heart. i*f 

Remember Helen 3 as we rcid, v 

Broeht Trvy from Blils unto bare Wa ws; 

Then let hergae quhair fcho may fpeid, 

For Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws. 

Because I find fcho tuke in ill, 

At hir departing mak nae Care; 
But all beguyld, gt> quhair fcho will, 

A fchrew the Heart that mane makes main 

My Heart Se mirry late and air. 
This is the final End and Clawfe, 

And let her feid and fullzie fair,, 
For Feynd a Crum of thee fcho fawso 

Neir. dunt 'again within my Breifl, 

Neir let hir Slichts thy Courage fpili 3 
Nor gie a Sob $>eit fcho fneift, 

Schois faireft payd that gets hir VftlL* 

Scho geeks as gif I meind her 111, 
Quhen fcho glaiks pauchty in hir Braws/ 

Now let hif fnirt, and fyk hir fill, 
Fir Feynd a Crum of thee fcho faws. 

Qw& AiE% r . cor. 


^ £r^> ^ WOVXNG. 

-gr N fecrei Place this hinder Nicht, 
I heard a Bairn fay till a Bricht, 
My Hinny, my Howp, my Heart, my Heil a 
I haif been lang zour Luivar leil, 

And can of zou get Comfort nane, 
How lang Will ze with Danger deil? 

Ze brek my Hears, my bony ane. 


His bony Baird was kemd and cropir, 
But all with Kail it was bedropit, 
Comich he was, fulifh and goukit, 
He clapit faft, he kift, he chukit, 

As with the Glaicks he were oergane, 
Zit be his Feirs he wald have — 

Ze brek my Heart, my bony ane. 


A Brajh of IVouing, 19 

Quod he, my Heart, fweic as the Hinny^ 
Sen that I born was of my Minny, . 
I nevir wouit an uther but zou, 
My Wame is of your Luve faefou, 

That as a Ghaift I glowr and grane, 
I trymil fae ze wadna trow, 

Ze brek my Heart, my bony ane. 
Teh ei, quod fcho, and gaea Gaw£ 
Be ftill my Cowfyne, and my Cawf, 
My new fpaind Howphyn frae the Souk* 
And all the Blythnefs of my Bouk, 

My fvvanky fweet, faif thee alane s 
Nae Leid haif I luivd all this Owk, 

Fow Ids me on that grades gane. 


Quod he, my Claver, my Curledody, 
My Hinnyfopps, my fweit Poflbdyj 
Be not owre bowftrous to your Billy, 
Be warm hertit, not illwilly » 

% z Zour 

2®. A Brajb of IVouirlg. 

Zour Hals as whyt as Quhalis Bane, 
Gars rife on Loft my Quiliy-lillie,' 
Ze brck my Heart, my bony ane. ' i j 


Qjjod fcho, my Clip, my unfpaynd Lara, 
With Mithers Milk zit in your Gam, 
My Belly Hudrom, my Hurle Bawfy, 
My Honneyguks, my Siller Tawfy, 

Zour Pleins wad perfs a Heart of Staae j 
Tak Comfort, my great headed Gawfy, 

Fou leis me on zour graclefs gane. 


Qu o d he, my Kid, my Capercalzeahe, 
My bony Bab with the ruch Brilzeane, 
My tender Girdil, my Wally Gowdy, 
My Tirly Mirly, my Sowdy Mowdy, 

Quhen that our Mouths do meit in ane, 
My Stang dois cork in with your Towdyi 

2e brek my Heart, my bony ane. 

VIII. Quod 

A Brajh ofWpuing y zt 


Q_u o d fcho then tak me be the Hand, 
Welcom my Golk of Maryland, 
My Chirrry and my maiklefs Mynzion, 
My Sucker fweit as ony Unzeon, 

My Strummil Stirk zit new to fpane 3 
I am applyd to your Opinzion, 
Fou leis me on that grades gancp 
He gaif till hir ane Aple-ruby, 
Gramerce 3 quod fcho., my kind Cowhubby^ 
Syne thay twa till a Play began, 
Quhilk that they call the Dirrydan. 

Quhile baith thair Fancies met in ane 5 
O wow! quoth me, quhair will ye Man, 
Ldl leis me on that grades gane. 

Quod Clerk, 

ft 3 THE 




-ry Ich t as the Stern of Day began to fchyne, 
Quhen gone to Bed was Vefper and Lucyne^ 
I raifej and by a Rofeir did me reft 5 
Upfprang the goldin Candill maculyne, 
With cleir depurit Beims Chriftalyne, 
Glading the mirty Fowlis in thair Neft* 
, Or Phebus was in purpure Kaip reveft; 
Up fprang the Lark, the Hevenis Minftral fyne 3 

In May intill a Morrow mirthfulleft. 

II. Full 

the finding of this Poem amongft the old M anufcripts, 
gives a great Pleafure, it being particulary quotted by Sir 
David Lindfay in his Prologue to the Complaint of the 
Papingo, where he mentions many of the old Poets, la 

Commendation of Mr. Dunbar? he fays, 

Or of Dunbar quha Language had at larger 
^is may h fene into bh Goldin Terge. 

3%e QoUin Serge, $$ 

Full Angelyk thir Birdis fang thair Hours, 
Within thair Courtings grene within thair Bours, 

Apperellit quhyte and reid with Blumys fweit 3 
Enamalit was the Feild with all Collours, 
The Perlit propis fchuke in filver Schours, 

Quhyle all in Balm did brench and Levis Fieit, 

Depairt frae Phebns did Aurora greit, 
Hir criftal Teirs I faw hing on the Flours, 

Quhilk he for Lufe drank all up with hisHeit. 


For Mirth of May, with Skippis and with Hopps^ 
The Birds fang upon the tendir Cropps, 

With Curious Nottis as Venus Chapell Clarks; 
The Rofles reid, now fpreiding afF thair Knopps, 
Wer powderit full bricht with hevinly Dropps a 

With Rayis reid 3 lemying as ruby Sparks, 

The Skyis rang with Schouting of the Larks„" 
The Purpure Hevin owre skailt in Silver Slopps fl 

Owrc gilt the Treis Branches Leivs and Barks. 

% a IV. Dow* 

24 0e Goldin. Sirge. 

D o u n throwch the Ryfs an River ran,quhojs Scrims 
So luftely upon the lykand Leims, 

That ail the Laik as Lamp did leim of Licht, 
Quhilk fchadowit all about with twynkland Gleims, 
The Bewis baithit were in fecound Beims, 

Throw the Reflex of Phebus Vifage brichr, 

On every Sydc theEge raife on hicht: 
The Bank was grene, the Sun was full of Beims, 

The Streimers cleir as Sternis in frofly Nicht, 


The CrLftal Air the Saphier Firmament, 
The Ruby Skyes of the reid Orient, 

Kelt Berial Gleims on Emerant Bewis grene, " 
The Rofy Garth depaynt and redolent, 
With Furpore, Afure, Gold and Gowlis gent, 

Arrayit was be Dame Flora the Qiiene, 

Sae nobilie that Joy was for to fcne, 
The Roche againft the River refplendant^ 

As low Humiliate the Levis fchene." 



Qjjhat throw themirry fowls faff: Harmony 
Quhat throw the Rivers Sound that ran me by s 

On Floras Weid I flepit quhair I lay, 
iQuhair fune into my dreimand Fantify, 
I Jaw approche agane the Orient Sky, 
' Ane Schip on fail as blofome on the Spray, 

With Maft of Gold, bricht as the Stern oFDay, 
Qiihilk tendit to the Land full luftejy, 

With fwirteil Motion throu a Cryftal Bay, 


And hard on Burd unto the blumit MdJ^ ] 

Amangs the Grene Rifpies and the Reids, 

Aryvit fcho quheirfrae annon thair Lands, 
Ane hundreth Ladeis luftie intill Weids, 
Als frelh as Flours that in the May upfpreids, . 

In Kirtilis grene, withoutcn Kell or Bands, 

Thair (hynand Hair hang glireerand on theStrand 
In Trefis cleir wypit with golciin Threids, 

With Pawps quhyte, and Middiils fmall as Wands. 

VIII. Dis-" 

s&6 %*be Qoldin Terge, 


Pis cr y vb I wald but quha culd Weil indyte^ 
How all the Flours with all the Lillies quhyt, 

Depaint was bricht, quhilk to the Hevin did gleit 
Nocht Homer thou als fair as thou couth wryte, 
for all thy ornat Style the maift perfyte, 

Nor zet, thou Julius, quhais Oratiouns fwcit 

In Rcthorick did intill Terms fieit, 
Zq\\x aureat Tungs had baith bene all to lyte. 

For to compyle that Paradyce compleit. 


There faw I Nature, and als Dame Venus Qucne^ 
Aurora frefh, and Lady Flora fchene, 

Juno, Latona, and Proferpna, 
Diane the Goddefs of Chcft and Wods grene. 
My Lady Clio, that Help of Makers bene, 1 

Thet'u fe grene and prudent Minerva, 

Fair faynt Fortune, and lemand Luc'ma, 
Thir michty Quenis, with Crownis might be fenejj 

With Beims brichtj and biyth as Lucifer a. 

X. Thau 

tfhe QoUin tferge. 27 


Xhaib. faw I May of mirthfull Moniths Quenc^ 
Betwix Apryl and June her Sifters fchene, 

Within the Garden walkand up and doun, 
Qyhom of the Fowls refaif Gladnefs bedene a 
§cho was full tendir in hir Zeirs Grcnes 

Thair faw I Nature give till hir a Goun, 

Rich to behald, andj noble of Renown, 
Of ilka Hew that undir Hevin has bene 

Depaynt and braid be gude ProportiourL 


Full luftiely thir Ladyis all in Feir, 
Enterit into this Park of maift Plefeir, 

Quhair thac I lay heiiit with Leivs Rank, 
The mirry Birds blisful of Cheir; 
Nature faluft methocht in thair Maneir, 

And every Blume on Brench and on the Bank, 

Openit and fpred thair balmy Levis donk, 
Full Law inclynand to thair Quene full cleir, 

Quhom for thair noble nurifing they thank. 

XII. Syne 

28 Whe Goldin tferge, 


Syne to Dame Flora, on the famyne Wayt; 
They faluft and they thank a Thoufand Syis, 

And to fweit' Venus neift, Luvis bony Qitend 
They fang B^llatis of I^uve, as was the Gyis, 
With amorous glottis maift lufly to devyis, 

As that the)' had Luve in thair Heartis grene, ■■ 

Thair Hony Throtts tjiey openit frae theSpI&L 
With Warbills fweit they perft the HevinlySkyi 

Quhyle loud refount the Firmament fer'ene, 


A n e uther Court thair faw I fubfequent, 
Cupid the King-, with Bow in Hand ay bene, 

And dreidfuil Arrows grundin fherp and fquhahj 
Thair faw I Mars the God armipotent, 
Awful and ftern, braid, flrong and corpulent. 

Thair faw I crabit Saturn auld anii Hair x 

His Luke was lyke for to perturb the Air, 
Thair was Mercimus, wyfe and eloquent 

Of Rethorick that fand the Flouris fae fair. 

XIV. Thai 

ifhe doldifi tfergti %p 


Chair was the God of Gardens Priaftesy 
Thair was the God of Wildernes Phanus a 
And Jam's God of Entries delectable, 
^hair was the God of Oceans Ntptums : 
Thair was the God of Winds bauld EoIhs, 
With variand Blafts lyke to an Lord unliable,' 
Thair was blyth Bachus glader of the Table, 
^tThair Pluto was, that elritch lncuhm, 

In Cloke of Grene,his Court was clade in Sable. 


k n d every ane of thir in grene arrayc, 
An Harp and Lute full mirreyly they playr, 

And Ballats fang with michty Nottes cleir : 
Ladys to daunce full fobirly aflyit, 
Endlang the trotting River fo they mayit 5 

Thair Obfervance richt hevinly was to heir % 

Then crap I throw the Brenches and drew neir, 
Quhair that I was richt fuddenly afFrayit, 

All throw a Luke that I haif coft full delr. 

XVI. And 

3§ £he Goldin fferge. 


And fchortlic for tofpeik, by Luves fair Quins 
I was efpyit, fcho bad hir Archers kene 

Go me areiftj and they nae Tyme delayiej 
Then Ladies fair lute fall thair Mantils grene, 
With Bo wis big, in traflit Hairs fchene, 

Rjcht fuddenly they had a Feild arrayit; 

And zit richt gritly was I nocht affrayit : 
The Party was fae plefand to be fene, 

A Wondir lufty Bikar me affayit. , 



And firft of all with Bow in Hand ay bent, 
Came Bewty's Dame richt as fcho wald me fchentj 

Syne followit all her Damofells in Feir, 
With mony divers awfull Inftrument, 
Into the preifs fair Having with hir went, 

Syne Portrator, Plefance and lufty Cheir y 

Then Refoun came with Scheild of Gold fb cleir.. 
In Plait of Mail as Mars armipotent, 

Defendit me that noble Chevalier. 

XVIII. Syni 


*tbt QoUin Serge. 3 1 


rNi tendir Zomh came with hir Virgins zing, 
Irene Innocence an&fchamefull Abajing, 
And quaking Dreid y with humbyl Obedience^ 
he Gold in Terge it armit them naithing^ 
ouragc in them was nocht begun to fprings 
Full fune they dreid to do a Violence: 
Sweit Wtmanheid I faw come in Prcfencc^ 
, Warld of Artelzie fcho did in bring, 
And fcrvit Ladyis full of Reverence. 


CHO with hir led Nurtoar and Lawlknefs 9 
ontmuance, Pacience, gude lame and Stedfajlnefs s 

Eifcration, Gentilnefs, Confidderans a 
eful Company, and honeft Buiinefs, 

Benign Luke, myld Cheir 3 and Sobirnefs, 

All thir bure Genzies to do meGrivans; 

ButRefoun bure the Terge with fie ConilanSj 
'hair fcharp Aflay micht do me no Deirence, 

For all their Preis and awful Ordinans. 

XX. Unto 

$2 jfibe Gvldzn T-erge* 


Unto the Prcifs purfewit Hie Degrie^ , ~ ? 'y. 

Hir followic ay Efialt and Dignitee, 

Comparifan, Honour and nobill Array y ..'J 

W$/j Wamonefsy Renown and Libertie y ^ ■ 

£/V/.>w and Fredome and Nobility 3 

Wit ze they did thair banner hie Difplay. 

A Clud of Flanes lyke Hail-fchot lowfit they, 
And fchot till waftit was thair Artelzie, 

Syne went abak rebutit of the Prey., 


Quhen Venus had perfavit this Rebute, 
Scho bad BiJJemlan:e gae mak a Perfutc 

With all her Power to prefs the Goldin TerGeJ 
And fcho that was of Doublenefs the Rute, 
Askit hir Choifs of Archers in Refute : 

Venus the beft bad hir to wale at lerge ; 

Seho tuke Prefence plicht Anker of the Bergej 
And Fair Calling that weil a Flane can fchute. 

And Cherijfmg for to compleit hir Charge. 

XXII. Dame 

The Goldin Vterge. 33 


Dame Hamel'mefs fcho tuke in Company, v 

That hardy was and heynd in Archery, 

And brocht in Bewtie to the Feild again, 
With all the Choife of Venus Chevelly, 
They came and bikkart unabaifitly: 

The Showris of Arrows rappit on lyke Rain, 

Perrelus Prefence, that mony a Syre has flair*.; 
The Battill brocht on Bordour hard me by, 

The Aflalt was all the fairer Suth to fane. 


Thick was the Schot of grundin Arrows kene, 
But Rejfoun with the Goldin Scheild fac fchenc> 

Weirly deffendic quhofeir aflayit. 
The awfull Schower he manly did fuftene, 
Till Prefence keft a Powdir in his Ene, 

And then as drukken Man he all forwayit, 

Quhcn he wes blind, the Fule with him they playit, 
And bannift him amang the Bewis Grenej 

That Sicht fae fair me fuddenly affrayit. • 

C XXIV. Then 

34 2^£ Goldin tferge. 

Then was 1 woundit, till the Deth full neir, 
And zoldin as ane woefull Prifoneir 

To Lady Bewtie> in a Moments Space, 
Methocht fcho feimit luflyer of Cheir, 
Aftir that Refiom had tynt his Ene cleir, 

Than of befoir, and lovarly of Face ; 

Quhy was thou blindit, Reffoun? quhy? allace! 
And gart ane Hejl my Paradyce appeir, 

And Mercy feim quhair that I fand nae Grace. 


DissiMULANCE Was bfffy me to affyle, 
And Fair Calling did aft upon me fmyle, 

And Cheriffing me fed with Words fair, 
Acquentance new cmbrafit me a quhyle, 
And favourt me, till Men micht gae a Myle, 

Syne tuke hir Lief, I faw hir rievir mairj 

Then faw I Denger towart me repair, 
I cowth efchew hir Prefence be nae Wyle, 

On Syde fcho lukit with a fremit Fare. 

XXVI. Anb 

ttbe Goldin -Serge* $g 


And at the lafl deperting couth hir Drels^ 
And me delyverit unto Havynefs, 

For to remane, and fcho in Cure me tuke; 
Be this the Lord of Winds with fell Wodnefs, 
God Eoltts his Bougill blew, I gefs, 

That with the Blaft the Aiks in Foreft fchuke, 

And fuddenlie in the Space of a Luke, 
All was hyne went, ther was but Wildernefs, 

Ther was nae mair but Bird and Bank and Brukc. 

I n twynckling of an Ee to Schip they went, 
And fwift up Sail unto the Tap they ftent, 

And with fwift Courfeout owre theFIude they frak; 
They fyrit thair Guns with Powdir violent, 
Till that the Reik raife to the Firmament, 

The Rochis all refoundit with the Rak, 

For Reird it femit that the Rain-brow braks 
With Spreit affrayit upon my Fcit I fprent 

Ainangs the Ciewis, fae cairfull was the Crak. 

€ * XXVIII. And 

36 Use Goldin ferge. 


And as I did awake off this Swowning, 
The joyfull Minftralls mirryly did fing, 

For Mirth of Phehus tendir Beims fchene; 
Sweit wer the Vapouris, faft the Morrowing, 
Hailfum the Vail, depaynt with Flowirs zing, 

The Air atemperit, fobir and amenej 

In quhyte and reid was all the Eard befene, 
Throw Natures nobill frefch enamaling, 

In mirthfull May, of every Moneth Quene. 
O reverend * Chawfer, Rofe of Rethouris all, 
As in our Toung the Flowir imperially 

That evir raife in Brittane, quha reids richt, 
Thou beirs of Makars the Triumphs ryall, 
The frefch enamallit Termes celeflriall 5 

This Matter thou couth haif ilumint bricht 5 

Was thou not of our IngUs all the Licht ? 

Surmounting every Toung terreftriall, 

As far as Mayis fair Morning dois Midnicht. 

XXX. o 

* This Panygyrick on Chawfer, as 'tis pevfe&ly gene- 
rous and, handtbme from a Scots Poet, it likewiie ihews 
that the Lowland Scots Language and the En^Ujk at that 
Time, were the lame. 

$he Goldin tferge. 37 


morale Goiver and Ltdgate laureat, 
Zour fuggurat Toungs and Lipps aureat 

Bene till our Eirs Catifc of grit Delytej v 
Zour Mouths angelick, maift mellifluat, 
Our rude Language hes cleir ilumynat, 

And has owre-gilt our Speich, that imperfytc 

Stude, or zour goldin Pens did fchupe to wry*, 
This Yle befoir was bair and difolate 

Of Rethorick, or lufly fair indyte. 


Thou litle Quair be evir obedient, 
Humbyl, fubjeft, and femple of Intent, 
Befoir the Face of every cunning Wicht, 

1 knaw quhat thou of Rethorick has fpent, 
Of hir maift lyftie Rofes redolent 

Is nane into thy Garland fet on Hicht ; 
O Schame thairfor, and draw the out of Sicht ; 
Rude is thy Weid, bare, deftitute and rent, 
Weil audit thou be affeirit of the Licht. 

t Quod Dunbar. 

<& I Lorges, 


Lorges, lerges, lorges #y, 
Lerges of this new Zeirs Day. 

-rj I e s t Lerges of the King my Cheif, 

Quhilk came as queitly as ane Thei£ 
And in my Hand (laid Schillings twae. 
To put his Lergnes to the Preif 3 

For Lerges of this new Zeir Day* 
Syne Lerges of my Lord Chancelar, 

Quhen I to him ane Baiiat bare. 

He fonziet not, nor faid me nay, 

But gaif me quhyle I wald had mair 5 
For Lerges of this new Zeir Day. 

Of Callaway the Bifchop new, 

Forth of my 'Hand ane Ballat drew. 
And me delivert hot Delay, 

A fair Hacknay hot Hyd or Hew, 

For Lorges of this new Zeir Day. 

' IV. Anp 

Lbrges, lerges, &c. 3$ 

And fyne of Croce the Abbot zing, 

I did to him arie Bailat bring; 

But or I paft a Pice him frae, 
I gat nae lefs than Deil a thing, 

For Lerges of this new Zeir Day. 
The Secretar baith war and wyfe, 

Hecht me a Caft of his Office; 

■ And for to reid my Bill alfway. 

He faid for him that micht fuffice, 

For Lorges of this new Zeir Day. 
The Treafurer and Comptrollair, 

They bad me cum I wait not quhair, 
And they wald gar, I wait not quhae 2 

Gife me, I wait not quhat, full fair, 
For Lerges of this new Zeir Day. 


Kow Lorges of my Locdis all 

Baith temporall State and fpirituall, 

My felf fall evir fing and fay, 

I haif them fund fae liberall 

Of Lerges on this new Zeir Day. 

<£ 4 VIII. Foul 

{a Lorges, lerges, £j& 

Foul fa this Froft that is fac fnelf, 
It hes the Wyr, the Trewth to tell, 

Baith Hands and Purfs it binds up fac, 
They may gife naithing bye thcmfell, 

For Lerges of this new Zeir Day* 


Now Lerges of my Lord Both-well, 
The quhilk in Fredome did excell. 

He gaif to me a Curfour gray 
Worth all this Sort, that I with Mell, 

For Lerges of this nqw Zeir Day. 


Grit GOD releif Margaret our Queno 
For gif fcho wer as fcho hes bene, 

Scho wald be lerger of Lufray 
Than all the laif that I of mene, 

For Lcrgis of this new Zeir Day. 

Quod Stewart. 


H 41 


Afcfc ^ iST. James V. to£ 
in Stirvling. 

ttt E that ar heir in Heavens Glory, 

To zou that ar in Purgatory, 
Commends us on our hearty Ways, 
I mene we Folk in Paradyce, 
In Edinbrugh with all Mirrynefs, 
To zou in Stirvling in Diftrefs, 
Quhair nowther Pleafance nor Delyt is 3 
Thus pittying ane Apoftle wryts. 

O ze Hermits and Hankerfaidlis, 
That tak zour Penance at zour Tables, 
And eit nae Meit reftorative, 
Nor drink the Wyne comfortative, 
But Ale that is baith thin and fmall, 
With but few Courfes in zour Hall, 


4^ Dumbars Dregy. 

got Company of Lords or Knychts^ 
Or ony uther guidly Wichts, 
Soli tar walkand zour alane, 
Scing naething but Stock or Stanc 
Out of zour painfull Puygatory, 
To bring zou to the Blefs of Glory: 
OF Edlnbru^h tne mirry Toun 
We fall begin a carefull Soua, 
Ane Dregy kynd, devout and meik, 
The Bleft abune we fall befeik 
Zou to delyvir out of zour Noy, 
And bring zou fune to Ed'mbrughs Joy* 
Thair to be mirry amang zour Freins, 
And fae the Dregy thus begins. 


The * * * 

The mirthfull Mary, Virgin chaft, 
Of Angels all the Orders nyne, 
And all the heavenly Court divync, 
Sune bring ze frae the Pyne and Wae 
Of Stirvling, ilka Court Mans Fae, 

Dumbars Dregy. 4$ 

I gain to Edlnbrughs Joy and Blifs, 
Jyhair Worfchip, Wealth and Weilfair is, 
Hay, Pleafance, and eik Honefty, 
Jay zc Amen, for Charity* 

RefponJiO) tu autem Dom'me. 
Tak Confolation in zour Pain, 
[n Tribulation, tak Confolation, 
3ut of Vexation cum hame again., 
tak Confolation in zour Pain ; 
Jube Dom. benedicite. 
Out of Diftrefs of Stirvl'mg Toun 
Xo Edmbrugh blefs God mak ze boun. 


Patriarchs, Prophets and Apoftles deir, 
Virgins, Confeflouris, Martyris cleir, 
A.nd all the Seat celeftiall, 
Devoutly we upon them call, 
That fune out of zour Pains fell, 
Ze may in Heaven heir with us dwell, 

44 ^* Dumbars Lregy. 

To eat Cran, Pertrick, Swan and Pliver; 
And every Fifch that fwyms in River, 
To drink with us the new frefch Wync 
That grew upon the River Ryne, 
Frefch fragrant Clarits out of France, 
Of Anglers and of Orliance, 
With mony Comforts of grit Dainty, 
Say ze Amen y for Charity. 

Rejponfum, tu autem Dom. 
God and Sand Jeil heir zou convoy 
Baith fune and weil, G o d and Sand Jeih 
To Sonce and Seil, Solace and Joy, 
God and Sand Jeil heir zou convoy, 
Out of Stirvlings Pains fell, 
In Ed'mbrugh Joy fune mot ze dwell. 

We pray to all the Saints in Heaven, 
That ar abune the Starns feven, 
Zou to bring out of zour Penance, 
Jhat ze may fune fing, play and daunce 

Dumbars Dregy. 4jf 

In Edinbrugh heir, and mak gude Cheir, 

Quher Wealth and Weilfare is bot Weir 5 

And I that do zour Pains difcryve 

Intend to vifly zou belyve, 

1 In Defart not with zou to dwell, 

But as the Angel Saint Gabrlell 

Dois go betwein, frae Heavens Glory, 

To them that ar in Purgatory, 

Sum Confolation them to give, 

Quhyle they in Tribulation live, 

And fchaw them, quhen thair Pains ar paft, 

They fall cum up to Heaven at lad 5 

Hou nane deferves to haif Sweitnefs, 

That nevir taftit Bittcrnefs; 

And therfor hou fuld ze confidder 

Of Edinbrughs Blefs, quhen zou cum hidder: 

But gif ze taftit had befoir 

Of Stirvllng Toun, the Pains foir, 

And therfore tak in Patience 

Zour Penance and zour Abftinence, 

And ze fall cum or Zuk begin 

Into the Blefs that we ar in j 


46 JDumbars Dregy. 

Quhilk grant we pray to all on Hy, 
Say ze Amen, for Charity.. 

Refponf. iu autem Bom. 
Cum name and dwell nae niair in Stirvling 3 
Frae hydious Hell cum hame and dwell, 
Quhair Fifch to fell ar nane but Sprrling, 
Cum hame and dwell nae mair in Stirvling. 

ET ne nos inducas in tempt ationem de Stirvling, 
Sed libera nos a malo illius. 
Regiam Edinburgi dona iis y Bom'mc> 
Et lux ipfius lucent iis& 
A porta triftich de Stirvling, 
Orna } Bomine i ananas eontm ; 
Credo gujldre ftatim vinum Edinburgi, 
In villa Vinentium, 
Requfefeant Edinburgi* Amen. 

BEUS? 3 qui jufios in corde humiks 
Ex omnium eorum tribulations liberare dignatus es } 
Libera famulos tuos apud villam Stirling verfd?ties 3 
A pcenis <& trifiitiis ejujdem^ 
Et ad Edinburgi gaudia cos per due as 3 
lit requiefcat Striviling. Amen. 



tthe Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie 
tier after follows^ jocund and merrie. 


£» R John the Rofs, ane Thing ther is compyld 
In generally by Kennedie and 6}umung 9 

Quhilk has themfelfs abune the Sterns ftyld; 
But had they made of Menace ony mynting 
In fpecial, then fie Stryfe fuld ryfe bot ftyntings 

Howbeit with Boift thair Bofoms wer as bendit 

As Lucifer, quha frae the Heavens defcendit; 
Hell fuld not hyd thair Harnis frae Harms hynting. 

The Eard fuld tremble, Firmament fuld fchake a 

And all the Air invenomt fudden ftink, 
And all the Deils in Hell for Redour quake 

To heir quhat I fuld wryte with Pen and Ink 5 

For gif I flyt, fum Sage for Schame fuld fink s 
The Se fuld burn, the Mune fuld tholl Eclips, 
Roches fuld ryve, the Warld fuld bald nae Grips 5 

Sae loud of Care the common Bell fuld clink. 

III. Bttx 

48 Flyting 0/Dunbar and Kenneeiie- 

But Wonder lairh wer I to be a Baird, 
Flyting to ufe, for gritly I efchamej 

Sen it is nowther Winning nor Rewaird, 
But Tinfell baith of Honour and of Fame, 
Increafe of Sorrow, Sklander and ill Name; 

Zit micht they be fae bauld in thair Back-byting 

To gar me ryme and raife the Feynd with Flyting, 

And throw ilk Place, and Kinrick them proclaim. 

Quod Dunbar to Kennedij. 

Kennedie to Dunbar. 

Tpv Irten Dunbar, on quhome blaws thou thy 

-W Boift? 

Pretendand thee to wryte fie fcaldit Skrows, 

Thou raw-moud Rebald, fall doun at the Roiftj 
My Laureat Liems at thee, and I lows, 


Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedies 49 

Mandrag, Mymmerkin, maid Maifter but in Mows, 
Thou thryce fcheild Trumpir, with a threid-barC 

Say Deo Mercy, or I cry the doun, 
And leave thy ryming, Rebald, and thy Kowsl 


DREitfj dirtfail Deafen, that thou has difobeyt 
My Coufin Qumiine^ and my Commiflar, 

tantaftick FUle, truft weil thou fall b^fleyt^ 
Ignorant Elf, Ape, Owl, irregular, 
Skaldit Skaitbird and common Skandelar; 

Wanfuckit Funnling, that Nature maid an Yrle,' 
Baith John the Rofs and thou fall fqueil and skirls 

Gif eir I heir oeht of zour making mair; 


Here I put Silence to thie in all Parts, 
Obey and ceifc the Play that thou pretends $ 

Weak Waly-draig and Werlot of the Carts, 
Se fune thou mak my Commiflar Amends^ 

& An4 

$ © Flyting e/Dunbar and Kennedie. 

And let him lay fax Leifchis on thy Lends 3 
Meikly in recompenceing of thy Scorn, 

Or thou fall ban the Tyme that thou was born 
For Kennedie to thee this Schedule fends, 

Quod Kennedie unto Dunbar, 
Juge in the nixt quha gat the war. 

Dunbar to Kennedie. 

Tgi Rsch brybour Baird, vylc Beggar with thy 
~r*. Bratts, 

Sunt-bittin Kennedie, Coward of Kynd 3 
Ill-fart and dryit^ as Denfman on the Rarts, 

Lyke as the Gledds had on thy gule Snowe 

Monfter- mifmaid, ilk Mune out of thy Mynd 3 > 
Rebald renounce thy ryming, thou but royis. 

Thy trechour Tung has tane a heland Strynd; 
A lawland Erfe wald mak a better Noyis. 

II, Riven 

Flyting of 'Dunbar and Kennedie. $ \ 


Ill v en, raggit Ruke, and full of Rebaldrie, 

Scart Scorpion, fcaldit in Scurilitie i 
t fe the haltahc in thy Harlotrie, 

And into uther Science nothing flie. 

Of every Vertew wyd, as Men may fe; 
Quyt claim with Clergy, cleik to thee a Club 3 

Blafphemar Baird, in Brybrie ay to be 5 
Wifdom and Wit a Wifp frae thee may rub. 

Dastard, thou fpeirs,GifI dare with thee fecht? 

2e Dagone, dowbart, therof haif thou nae Dout j 
Quhair eir we meit therto, my Hand I hecht 

To redd thy Rebald ryming with a Rout : 

Throw Britain braid it fall be blawn about, 
Hou that thou, poyfond Pelbtir, gat thy Paiks? 

With a Dog-Leifch, I fchepe to gar the fchou^ 
And nowther to thee tak Knyfe, Swerd or Aix. 


Thou Crop and Rute of Tray tor treafonablc. 

Fader and Muder of Morthor and Mifcheif^ 

Deceitfull Tyrand, Serpent tungd, unftable, 

Cuckald, Cradoun, Couard and common Theif ; 
3& z Thou 

§± Wiping of Dunbar and Kennedie. , 

Thou purpofd anes to undo our Lord and Chid 
In PaiJIay, with a Poyfon that was fell, 

For quhilk Brybour zit fall thou thole a Breif 5 
Pelor, I fall it prieve on thee my fell. 

Tho I Wald lie, thy frawart Phifnomy 

Dois manifeft thy Malice to all Men 5 
Fy Traytour Theif, fy Glengore Loun, fy, fy, 

Fy Feyndlyke Front, far fouler than a Fen, 

My Freynds thou haft reprovit with thy Pen, 
Traytour thou leis, quhilk I fall on thee preivefj 

Suppofe thy Heid wer armit Tymis ten, 
Thou fall recryit, or I thy Crown fall ckivc. 

Oa. thou durft move thy Mynd malitious, 

Thou faw the Sail abune my Heid updrawj 
But. Eolus full wid, and Nepunus, 

Mirk andMunelefsjWas met With Wind and Wavesj 

And mony a hundreth Myles hynd coud us blaw 
By Holand 3 Zetland and the Northway Coaft, 

In Deferts vaft, quhair we wer famift aw, 
Zit cum I hame, fals Baird, to lay thy Eoaft. 

VIL Thou 

Fl fling of 'Dunbar and Kennedie. $ $ 

Thou callis thee Rethory with thy goldin Lipps ; 

£Ja 3 glowrandj gapeand Fule, thou art begyld, 

Thou art but Glunfchoch with the giltit Hipps, 

That for thy Lounrie mony a Leifch has fyld 5 

Vain Widdifow, out of thy Wit gane wyld 3 

ILaithly and Iowfy, lathand as a Lcik, 
Sen thou of Worfchip wad fae fain be ftyld; 

HailSovraign Schir, thy B— -s hing throw thy Breik. 

Forworthin Fule, of all the Warld Refufe, 

Quhat Ferly is thoeht thou rejoyce to flyt ? 
Sic Eloquence as they in Earfry ufe, 

In fie is fet thy trawart Appitytej 

Thou has full litle Feil of fair Indyte, 
I haif on me a Pair of Lozvthi'ane Hipps, 

Sail fairer Inglis mak, and mair perfyte, 

Than thou can bleber with thy Carrick Lipps. 

Bettir thou gains to leid a Dog to skomer, 

Pynd Pyck-purfe Pelour, than with thy Maifter 

£ pinglej 

Thou lay richt prydles in the Peis this Sommer ? 

And fain at Evin for to bring hame a Single, 

*P 3 Syms 

54 Flft?ngQfD\mh2LrattdK.etmedie, 

Syne rubbd it at ane uther auld Wyfis Ingle ; 
In Winter now for Purtith thou art trakit, 

Thou has nae Breiks to let thy Hawlocks gingle, 
Gae beg a Club, for Bard thou fall gae nakit. 

Lean, lounger, Iowfy, baith in Lisk and LurKtie, 

Fy, skowdert Skyn, thou art but Skyre and Skrumples 
For^ he that rolled Lawrance had thy Grunzie, 

And he that hid Saint Johns Een with a Wimple, 

And he that dang Saint Augujlyne with a Rumple, 
Thy foul Front had he that Bartilmo flayd; 

The Gallows gapes after thy graceles Gruntle, 
As thou wald for a Haggles, hungrey Gled. 

Comer wald Craw don, nane compts the a Kerfs, 

Sweir fwapit, fwanky Swyne, Kepar ay for Swats: 
Thy Commiflaf Quimyne bids the cum kis his Erfs, 

}ie lykes not fie a forlane Loun of Laitsj 

He fays, Thou skaffs and begs mair Beir and Aits, 
Nor ony Criple in Carrick Land about: 

Uther pure Beggars thole with thee Debate, 
Callings decript on Kennedie cry out. 

XII. Mat- 

Flyting of 'Dunbar and Kennedie. $j 

Matter enough I haif, I neid not fenzie; 

Thocht thou foul Trumper has upon me lied. 
Carrion corrupt, hich fall I cry thy Senziej 

Thinks thou not hou thou came into grit Neid, 

Greitand in Gallaway, lyke Gallow Breid, 
Ramand and rowpand, beggand Ky and Ox, ' 

I faw thee there into thy Watchmans Weid, 

Quhilk was not worth a Pair of auld gray Socks. 

Ersch K atherene with thy Polk, Breik and Rilling^ 

Thou and thy Quean as greidy Gleds ze gang 
With Polks to Mill,andbegsbaithMeil and Schilling s 

Thair is but Lyce and lang Nails zou amang, 

Foul Heggerbald, for Hens this will ze hang, 
Thou has a perilus Face to play with Lambs 5 

A Thoufand Kids w'er they in Falds full ftrang, 

Thy Limmer Luke wald fley them and thair Dams* 

In till a Glen thou has, out of Repair, 

A laithly Ludge that was the Lipper Mens, 
With thee a Soutars Wyfe of Blafs as bair, 

Ze lyke twa Stalkers fteils in Cocks and. Hens, 

^ 4 Thou 

$6 Flyting o/Dunbar and Kennedie. 

Thou pluks the Poultry, fcho pulls affthe Pens. 
All Carrickcrys, God gin this Dowf wer drowndj 

And quhen thou heirs a Gufe cjuaik in the Glens* 
Sweiter thou thinkft than Mattins Bell of Sound. 

Thou Lazarus, thou laithly kin Tramort, 

To all the Warld thou may Example be, 
To luke upon thy gryflie pitious Port, 

For hydious, how and holkit is thine Ee, 

Thy Cheik bane bair, and blaikint is thy Blie, 
Thy Chop, thy Choi, gars mony Men live chafle^ 

Thy Ganc it gars us mynd that we maune diej 

I conjure thee, thou hungert hyland Ghaift. 

The larbar Lukes of thy lang leineft Craig, 

Thy pure - pynd Throple peilt, and out of Ply^ 
Thy skoldirt Skin, hewd lyke a Saffron-bag, 

Gars Men difpyt thair Flefch, thou Spreit of Gy : 

Fy! feyndly Front, Fy! Tyks Face, Fy! .O Fy! 
Ay Loungand, lyke a Lock-man on a Ladder; 

Thy ghaiftly Luke fleys Folks that pas thee, 
Lyke a deid Theif thats glowrand in a Tedder, 

'XVII. Nyss 

Fly ting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 57 


Nyse Nagus, Nipcaik, with thy Schulders narrow a 

Thou loufy lukes, and tume of Lumis Aw, 
Hard Hurchcon, hirpland, hippit like an Harrow 5 

Thy Rig-bane ratles, and thy Ribs on raw, 

Thy Hanches hurklis with Hukebanes harfli and haw* 
Thy laithly Lymms are lcin as ony Treis : 

Obey, Theif Bard, or I fall brek thy Gaw, 
Foul Carrybald, cry Mercy on thy Kneis. 

Thou fcowry hippit, ugly Averil, 

With hurklapd Banes, ay howkand throu thy Hyde, 
Reiftit and crynd, as hangit Man on Hill, 

And aft befwakit with an owre hie Tyde, 

Quhilk brews richt meikle Barret to thy Bryd ? 
Hir Care is all to clenge thy Cabroch Hows, 

Quhair thou lyes fawfly jn Saffron back and Syde, 
JPowdert with Primrofe, fwarmand all with Clows. 

Worlin Wanworth, I warn thee it is written, 

Thou skyland Skarth, thou has the Hurle behind, 

Wan wraigland Wafp,mae Worms thou has befhitten 

Than there is Graft on Ground or Beifl onLind; 


SB Flyting 0/ Dunbar and Kennedie. 

Tho thou did firft fie Folly to me find 5 
fhou fall again with mae Witnes than I, 

Thy Gulfchoch Gane does on thy Back it bind, 
Thy whoftand Hipps let neer thy Hofe be dry. 

Thou held the Burch lang with a borrowit Gown. 

And an Caprowfy barkit all with Sweitj 
And quhen the Lads faw thee fae like a Loun, 
They bickert thee with mony a Bae and Bleit, 
Now upland thou lives rife on rubit Quhicr, 
Aft for ane Caufe thy Burdclaith neids nae fpredding.. 

For thou has nowther for to drink or eit, 
But like a berdlefs Bard that had nae Bedding. 

XX I. 
Strait Gibbons Air, that neir owreftrade a Horfc 1 
Blae barefut Bairn, in bare Tyme was thou bornj 
Thou brings the Carrik Clay to Edinburgh Crofs, 
Upon thy Boetings hobbland hard as Horn, 
Strae Wifps hing out quhair that the Wats ar worn, 
Cum thou again to skar us with thy Straes, 

We fall gar skale our Schulis all thee to skorn, 
And ilane thee up the Cawfy as thou gaes. 

XXII. Thi 

Flytingof Dunbar *z#^ Kennedie. $9 

The Boys of Edinburgh, as the Beis out thraw$ 3 

And ay crys out, Heir cums our awtnquier Clerk 3 
Then fleis thou lyk a Houlat chaift with Craws, 

Quhyle all the Bitches at thy Buttings bark. 

Then Carlings cry, Keip Curches in the merk 5 
' Our Gallows gapes, lo quhair a gracelefs gaes : 

Anithcr fays, I fe him want a Sark, 
I red ye Kimmer tak in your Linning Clais. 

Then rins thou doun the Gate, with Gild of Boys$ 

And all the Town Tykes hingand at thy Heils$ 
Of Lads and Lowns ther ryfes fie a Noyfe, 

Quhyle Wenches rin away with Cards and Quheik, 

And Cadgers Avers caft baith Coals and Creils $ 
For Reird of thee, and rattling of thy Butes. 

Fi(h Wyves cry fy, and cad: down Skulls and skeils 3 
Sum clames thee, fome clods thee on the Cutes. 

Loun lyke Mahoun 3 be boun me till obey 5 

Thief, now in Greif, Mifcheif fall betyde, 

Cry Grace, Tyks Face, or I thee chafe and fley, 

Qw^ ra i r an d 20u ^ I fall defoul thy Pryde; 


6o Fly ting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 

Pcild Gled, baith fed, and bred of Bitches Syde; 
Sac lyke a Tyke, Purfpyke, quhatMan fets by thee, 

Forflitten,Sunt-bitten, befti barkit Hyde. 

Climb Ledder, fyle Tedder, foul Edder, I defy thee, 

Mauch Mutton, byle Button, percht Glutton, Air 
to Hillhoufe; 
Rank Beggar, Oyfe-dreggar, foul fleggar in the 
Chitter-lilling, Ruck-rilling, Lick-fchilling in the 

Mill-houfe : 
Bawd Rehator, Thief of Nature, falfe Traytor, 
Feynds Get, 
Filling of Tauch, Rak fauch, Cry Crauch thou 
art owrefct; 
Mutton Dryver, Girnal Ryver, zad Skyvar foul fell 
Heritycjc, Lunatyck, Purfpyk, Carlines Pet,' 
Rotten Crok, dirten Dok, cry Cok, or I fall quell thee, 


Flyting 0/ Dunbar and Kennedie. 6i 

Kennedies Anfwer to Dunbar. 

■J-^ OTHANE DeilsSon, and Dragon difpytou$i 
*^ Abirams Birth, and bred with Beliall, % 
Wod Werwouf Worm, and Scorpion vennemous 

Lucifer s Laid, and foul Feyhds Face Infernal; 

Thou Sodomite feperatefrae Saints Celeftal;; 
Put I not Silence to the Shiphird Knave, 
|F Gin thou of new begins to rymc and rare, 

Thou fall be made baith blate and bleir Eied BeltxaL 
How thy Forbeirs are come, I have a Fell, 

Of Cockburns-Peth, the Writ makes me a war* 
Generit betwixt a fcho Beir and a Deil ; 
Sae he was calld Beilber and not Bunbar : 
This Beilber generic of a Meir of Mar. 
Corfpatrick Earl of Merch, and be Ilufion, 
The firft that eir pat Scotland in Confufion^ 

Was that falfe Traytor firmly fay I dare. 

111. QEuhesi 

%z Hyting of Dunbar and Kennedies 

Quhen BRUCE mdBaliol dirfert for the Crou 
Scots Lords could not obey the Inglis Laws j 

This Corfpatrick betrayed Berwick Town, 

And flew Seven thoufand Scott within thaeWav 
The Battle fyne of Spottfmuir he gart caufe, 
And came with Edward Lang/banks to the Per 

Where Twelve thoufand true Scottijh Men wc 
And Wallace chaift, as the Chronicle (haws. 
SCOTS Lords andChiftains he gart hald and Cheuo; 

In Firmance faft, till all the Fcild was done, 
Within Bumbar thatauld Spelunk of Treafonj 
Sae Inglis Tykes in Scotland was abune; 
Then fpulziet they the Haly Stane of Scone $ 
The Crols of Halyroodhoufe, and fie Jewells j 
He birns in Hell, Body, Banes and BoWells, 
This Corfpatrick that Scotland has undone. 
WALLACE gart cry an Counfale into Perth, 

And calld Corfpatrick Traytor be his Style, 
But that damnd Dragon drew him in Diferth, 
And faid he kend but Wallace King in Kyle, 

Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 6$ 

Out of Dunbar that Theif he made Exyle, 
Unto Edward and Inglh Ground again : 
Serpents and Taids and Tigers fall remain, 
In 'Dunbar Waws, Tods, Woufs and Beifls vyld 

Tab Fowles of* EfFeft, now amange thae Blnks, 

Biggs nor abydes, for nothing that may be, 
hy Stanes of Treafon as the Bruntftane ftinks* 
Of Deilbers Mother caftert in the Se. . 
The Variet Aple of the forbidden Tree, 1 
That Adam eit quheh he tint Paradyce, 
Scho eit envennomM like a Cockatryce/ 
&yne marriet with the Deit for Dignitie. 

I t of new Treafon I can tell the Tales, 
That cums on Nicht by Vifion in my Sleip, 
Irchbauld Dunbar betrayd the Houfe of Hales, 
Becaufe the zung Lord had Dunbar to keip, 
Throu that pretendand to their Rowms to creip '5 
Richt crewely his Caftle he purfeuet, 
Broucht him forth boundin, and the Place re* 

Set him in fetters m a Dungeon deip. 

VIII. l°i 

64 Flyting of Dunbar and Kenn^die^ 

1 t were againft baith Nature and gude Reafon, 

That Deilbers Bairns were true to God or Man 

Quhilk were baith gotten, born and bred in Treafoi 

Belzebubbs Oys and curft Corftatrhks Clan. 

Thou was prefcryvt and ordaind be Sathan, 

Now to be born to do thy Kin Defame, 

And gar me maw thy Anteceflburs Schame, 

Thy Kin that lives may wary thee and ban. 

Sin thou on me thus Lymmer leis and trattlis, 

And fends fie Sentence foundit of Envy j 
Thy Elders Banes ryfe ilka Nicht and ratlej 
And on thy Corfs, Vengance, Vengance they cry 
Thou art the Caufe they may not reft nor ly > 
Thou fays for them fewiWer^Salmsor Creidj 
But gars me tell their Rentells and Mifdeids* 
And thair auld Sin with new Schame certefy. 

Insenswat Sow, ceis fals Eujiaces Air^ 

And knaw, kein Scald I hald of Alathia, 

And gar me not the Caufe lang to declair, 

Of thy curft Kin Deilber and his Alia 5 



Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 6$ 

Cum to the Corfs en Kneis and mak a Cria, 
Confefs thy Cryme, hald Kennedie thy King, 
And with a Hawthorn fcourge thy fell and ding, 
Thus drie thy Pennance dele quifti quia. 
Pass to my Commifar and be confeft, 

Before him cour on Kneis and cum in Will 5 
And fyne gar Stobo for thy Lyfe proteft: 

Renunce thy Rymes, baith ban and burn thy Bill, 
Heive to the Heaven thy -Hands and hald thee ftill. 
Do thou not this Brigane thou fall be brint 
With Pik, Tar, Fyre, Gun-powder and Lint, 
On j4nbur-Sate> or ony hicher Hill. 

[ haif ambulate on Parnafo the Mountain, 

Infpyrt with Hermes frae his golden Sphere, 
And dulcely drunk of Eloquence the Fountain, 
Quhen purifeet with Froft, and flowand cleir, 
And thou haft cum in Merch or Fehrueir-> 

There till ane Pule and drunk the PadockRude^ 
That gars thee Ryme in Terms ©f Sence denude 
And blaber Things that wyfe Men hate to heir. 

<g XIII. Thow 

66 Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedies 

Thou luves nae Erijh, Elf, I underftand, 

But it fuld be all true Scotijmens Beidj 
It was the firft gude Language of this Land, 
And Scot a gart it multyplie and ipreid, 
Till Corfpatrkk that we of Tfeafon reid, 
Thy Fore-fader, made Erfche and Erfchtnen thin, 
Throu his Treafon brocht Ingljs Fauouns m y 
Sae wald thy fell, micht thou to him fucceed. 

Fule Ignorant, in all thy Mo wis and Makks, 

It may be verryfeit thy Wit is thin, 
Qiihen thou wryts Benfmen dryd upon the Ratts* 
Denfmen of Denmark are of the Kings Kin, 
The Wit thou fuld have had was caften in, 
Even at thy Erfe backward with an Staw-flung $ 
Therfore, fals Harlot Hure-fonj hald thy Tungj 
Delbkr thou deives the Deii thy Erne with Din. 

Qu h a i r a s thou fays, that I fleil Hens and Lamms^ 

I let thee Wit I haif Land Store and Staks, 
Thou wald be fain to gnaw Law with thy Gamms 

Under my Burde frufh Banes behind Dogs Backs, 


Flyting 0/ Dunbar and Kennedie. 67 
Thy Purfe its tume, I haifbaith Steids and Caiks, 
Thou tint the 1 Sok, I Cdulter haif and Pleuchi 
Thy Geir and Subftanee is a Widdy teuchj 
On Saltom Mount, about thy Craig to rax. 
And zit mount Saltom Gallows is owre faiij 

For to be fleyt with fie a frontles Face; 
Cum hame and hing under an Trie ofAir^ 
To eard thee under it, I fall purchafe Grace>* 
To eit thy Flefh the Dog fall haif nae Space. 
Ravens fall ry ve naething but thy Tung Rutes J 
For thou fie Malice of thy Matter mutes, 
It is weil fet that thou fie barret brace* 
A fmall Fynance amang thy Freiiids thou beggrt, 

To ftanche thy skorne with haly Mulds thou loft 
Thou faild to get a Dowkar for to dreggit; 
It Jyes clofd in a Clout on North-way Coaft, 
Sic Revel gars thee be fervt With cauld Roaft, 
And aft fit fupperlefs beyond the Se, 
Cryand at Doris, Cant as amore DEI, 

Breikles, Barefute, and all in Duds up doit. 

€ * • XVIII. D E IL* 

6S Fly ting of Dunbar and Kennedle. 

XVI ii. 
DEILBER has nocht ado with a Dunbar 5 

The Earls of Murray bure that Surname rickt, 
That to their King ay true and conftant war 5 
Of that Kin came Dunbar of Wefifield Knicht, 
That Succeflion is hardy, wyfe and wicht ; 
And has naithing ado now with the Deri, 
But Deilber is thy Kin, and kens the Weil, 
And has in Hell for thee a Chalmer dicht. 
Curst crupand Craw, I fall gar crop thy Tung, 

And thou fall cry Cormundum on thy Kneis, 
Derch I fall ding thee till I gar thee dung, 

And thou fall lick thy Lipps and fweir thou lies: 
I fall degrad the graclefs of thy Greis, 

Scald thee for Skorn, and fcor thee af thy Sule, 
Gar round thy Heid transform thee as a Fule, 
And with Treafon gar trone thee on the Treis. 
Rawmoud Rebald, and Ranegald Rehator, 

My Lynage and Forbeirs war evir leil, 
It cums aft to thy fell to be a Tray tor, 
T© ryde by Nich^ to rin, to reive and fteil, 


Flyting of Dunbar and Kenndte. 69 

Quhen thou puts Poyfon to me I appeil 

Thee in that Place, and prive it on thy Perfon, 
Claim not to Clergy, I defy thee, Garfoun, 
Thou fall buy it deir enouch, Derch of the Dal* 
In Inglandj Owl, fould be thy Habitation ; 

Homage to Edward Langjhanks made thy Kin, 
Into Dunbar refaivt him thy fals Nation: 
They fould be exylt Scotland mair and myn, 
Ane ftark Gallows, a Widdy and a Pin : 
The Heid Poynt of thy Elders Arms are 
Written abune in Poyfie, Hang Dunbar, 
Quarter and draw, and make that Surname thin. 
I am the Kings Blude, his trcw and fpecial Clerk, 

That nevir zit imagind his. Offence, 
Conftant in Mynd,in Thocht, in Word, and Wark A 
Dependand only on his Excellence, 
Trcftand to have of his Magnificence, 

Gwairdoun, Reward, and Benyflce bedein, 
Quhair that the Ravins fall ryve out baith thy Ein 

And on the Rattis fall be thy Rdfidence. 

& 4 XXIII. F*a* 

*jo Fly ting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 

Frae Atrlck Foreft forward to Domfreife, 
Thou beggit with a Pardon in all Kirks, 
CollapSj Cruds,Butter, Meil, Grots, Gryce, andGeis, 
And undernicht quhyles thou flail Staigs andStirks f 
Becaufe now Scotland of thy begging irk$, 
Thou (haips in France to be Knicht of the Feild, 
Thou has thy Clam Shells and thyBurdoun keild, 

Ilk Ways unhoneft, Wolrun, that thou works. 
Thou may not pafs Mont Bernard for wild Beifts, 

Nor win throw Mount Scarpary for the Snaw, 
Mount Nicholas, Mount Godard thee arreifts, 
Sic Beis of Briggand blinds them with a Blaw. 
In Paris with thy Matter Burreau, 

Abyde and be his Prentife neir the Bank, 
And help to hang Fripons for half a Frank, 
And at the laft thy felf maun thole the Law. 
Thou haltand Harlot neir a gude thou hais, 

For Fait ofPuffance, Peilor^thou may pak thecj 
Thou drank thy Sark, and als wedfet thy Qais ; 
There is nae Lord in Service that will tak thee. 

Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie. 7 1 

lA Pack of Flae-Skins Fynance for to mak thee, 
Thou fall receive at Danskyn of my Tailzie, 
With de profundi; fet thee and that failzic, 

And I fall fend the blak Deil for to bak thee. 

1 n t o the Kather'me thou made a foul Kahute; 
For thou bedrait hir doun frae Stern to fteir, 
Upon her Sydes was fein that thou could fchute, 
The Dirt cleaves till hir Tows this Twenty Zeir, 
The Firmament nor Firth was never cleir, 

Quhile thou, Deils Birth Deilher 3 was on the Sie» 
Ilk Saul had funkin throu the Sin of thee, 
War not the People made fae miekle Prayer. 

Qu hen that the Schip was faynt and under Sail, 

Foul Brow in Hoil thou purport for to pafs, 
Thou fchot and was not ficker of thy Tail, 
Belhait the Steir, the Compas and the Glafs, 
The Skiper bad gar land thee at the Bafs, 

Thou fpewd and cuftc mony a laithly Lump, 
Fafter nor all the Mariners coud pump, 
And m thy Wame is war nor eir it was. 

<£ ^ xxvill. Hap 

72 Flyting of Dunbar an& Kennedie. 


Had they been fae provided of Schot of Gun 
By Men of Weir, bot perell they had paftj 
As thou was lowfc and ready with thy Bun, 
They neid haif tane nae towing at the laft, 
For thoq could cuke a Cartful at a Caftj 
Ther is nae Ship that thee will now refaif, 
Fatter thou fylt than Fyfteenfum might laife, 
And myrd them with thy Muck to the mid Maft. 

Throw Ingland theive, and tak thee to thy Fute, 

And bo nd to haif with thee a fals Botwand, 
Ane Horfmanfhell thou call thee at the Mute, 
And with that Craft convoy thee throw the Land. 
Be naithing airch, but fairly tak in Hand, 
Happen thou to be hangit in Northumber, 
Then all thy Kin are weil quit of thy Cumber, 
For that maun be thy Dume I underftand. 
Hie fovcrain Lord, let neir this finful Sot 
Do Schame frae hame unto zour Nation^ 
Let neir again fie an be calld a Scot, 

A rotten Crok Lowfe of the Dok ther doun. 

Flytingof 'Dunbar and Rennedie. 73 

Frae honeft Folk devydc the laithly Loun, 
On fum wyld Defert quhair ther is no Repair* 
For fyling and infeding of the Air, 
Carry this cankert corrupt Carion. 


Thou was confavit in the grit Eclipps, 
Ane Monfter maid be grit Mercurius> 
' Nae H aid-again or Ho is on thy Hipps, 
Infbrtunate, curft, falfe and furious, 
Hl-fchriven, wan-thriven, not clein nor curious, 
A Myting for flyting, the Flurdome maift lyke? 
A crabbit, fcabbit, ill-fack Meflen-tyke, 
A Schit, bot Wit, fchrewt and injurious. 

G r e 1 t in the Glaik? 3 gude Maifter Gwiliane Gowkkss 

Maift imperfyte in Poetrie and Profe, 
All clofs under the Cloud of Nicht thou coukks; 
Rymes thou of me, of Rethory the Rofe ! 
Lunatick Lymmar, Lufchbald, lous thy Hofc, 
That I may touch thy Tung with Tribulation^ 
In recompenfing of thy Confpiration, 
Or turfs thee out of Scotland, tak thy Choice. 


94 Flyting 0/Dunbar and Kennedie. 

A Benefice quha waid gife fie a Beift, 
But gif it wer to jingle 3»i<M Bells, 
Tak thee a Fiddle or a Flute to jeft, 
Undocht thou art, ordaind for naithing ells, 
Thy clouted Cloak, thy Scrip and Clam-fchells, 
Cleik on thy Crofs, and fair on into Trance. 
And cum thou neir again without Mifchancej 
The Feynd fair with the forward ower the Fells. 

Canker t Cayne, tryd Trowane, tute-villous, 
Marmadin, Mynmerkin, Monfter of all Men, 
I fall gar bake thee to the Laird of Hillhoufe, 
To fwelly thee inftead of a pullt Hen $ 
Fazart Fowmart, foftert in Filth and Fen, 
Foul frontit Feynd, Fule upon thy Phyfhomy, 
Thy Dok ay dreips of Dirt, and will not dryj 
To tume thy Tun wald tyre Carlings ten. 

Curst Confpirator, Cockatrice, Hells Ka, 

Turk, Trumper, Traytor, Tyranne, intemprate, 
Thou yrefull Attercap, Pylat, Apoftata, 

Judas, Jew, Janglor, lollard Lawreat, 


Flyting o/Dunbar and Kennedie. 75 

Sarazen x Symonite, proud Pagan, pronunceat, 
Mahomeit, manfworn, Atheift abominable, 
Deil dampint Dog, in Vyce infatiabk, 
iiVkh Gog and Magog greit Glorificat. 

NERO thy Nevoy, Goliah thy Grandfyrc, 

Pharo thy Fader, Egyppa thy Dame, 
Dcilbeir thir ar, the Caufe that I confpyre 
Gainft thee, and ilka futie Deil thy Eme 5 
felzabub thy full Brudder he will claim 
To be thy Air, and Cayphas thy Sector, 
Pluto Heid of thy Kin and thy Protector, 
To leid the doun to Hell frae Licht and Leme. 


D E 1 l b e 1 r, thy Speir of Weir, bot Feir, thou zeild, 
Hangit, Mangit, Edder-ftangit,SrryndieS?«W#?» 5 
•fo me, maift hie, Kennedie, and flie the Feild; 
Picket, wicket,ftricket,convickit, Lump lullardorum^ 
Defamit, fchamit, blamit, primus Paganorum 5 
Out out, I fchout upon that Snout that fnevils, 
Tale-teller, Rebeller, Indweller with the Divelsj 
$pink, fink, with Stink ad Tartara termagorum. 



The merry Teftament of Mafier Andro Kenned/, 
Maid by Mafier William Dunbar, when he was like to dy, 


-jr Matter Andro Kennedy y 

■ A curio qua?ido fum vocatus, 
Begotten with fum Incuby, 

Or with fum Freir infatuatm } 
J cannot, Faith, tell redely, 

Unde. ant ubi fui nams 3 
But this in Truth I trow trewly, 

Gjnod fum Diabolus incarnttus. 


CUM nihil fit certim morte 9 

We maun all die quhen we haif done* 
Nefcimus qua,ndo 3 vel qua fort e y 

Nor blind allane wait of the Monej 
Ego patior in peclore 3 

Throw Nicht I could not fleip a Wink 

Licet &ger in corpore, 

* Zjt wald my Mouth be wat with Drink. 


geftamentofMr. Andre Kennedie. 77 
5 in. 

NUNC condo Tefiamentum meum\ 

I leave roy Saul for evirmair, 
Per omnipotentem Deum> 

Into my Lordis gude Wyne Cellar, ^ 

Semper ibi ad remanendum, { 

Till Dumefday cum without Diflever, 
Bonum vinum ad bibendum } 

With fweit Cuthbert that luved me ricvito 
IPSE eji dutch ad amandum, 

He wald aft ban me in his Braith, 
Bet mihi modo ad potandum> 

And I forgave him laith and wraith^ 
Quia, in Cellar cum cervifia, 

I had leur ly baith air and late, 
Nudus folus in camijia, 

Than in my Lords braw Bed of State. 
A Barrell being at my Bofom, 1 

Of warldly Gude I bad nae mair. 
&t corpus meum ebriofum, 

I leif unto the Toun of Air, 


7 8 tefiament of Mr. Andro Kennedie 

In a Draff Midding eir ahd ay, 

Vt ibi fepelire queam i 
Quhair Drink and Draff may ilka Day 
Be cuften fuper faciem meatn. 
I leif my Heart that neir was fieker^ 

Sed femper variabile> 
That evermair wad flow and flicker 

Conforti meo Jacobi ; 
Thoch I wald bind it with a Wickerj 

Verum Deum renui, 
But and I hecht to tume a Bicker, 
Hoc pattum femper tenuu 
Syne leif I the beft Aucht I bock. 

Quod eft Lathium propter cape 
To my Kin-heidj but waite I nocht^ 

Quis eft ille 3 than fchrew my Skapc : 
I tald my Lord my Heid but hiddle, 

Sed mille alii hoc fcivenmf, 
We wer as fib as Sive and Riddle, 
In una ftlva qua creverunh 


Steftament of Mr. Andro Kennedie. 79 
QUIA mea folatia, 

They wer but Leifings all and ane, 
I Cum omni fraude & falacia, 

I leif the Maifter of Sanct Anthane, 
To William Gray cm fine gratia. 

My ain deir Cufine, as I wenc, 
§}ui nunquam fabricat mendac'm, 

But quhen the Holand-tree grows grerw. 
My fenzeing and my falfe Winning, 

Relmquo falfis fratribus, 
For thats conform to Gods ain Biddings 

Difparfis dedit pauperibus ; 
For Mens Sauls they fay and fing, 

• Mentientes pro muneribus, 
Now God give them an evil Endings 

Pro fuis pravis operibus. 
to Jok the Fukj my Folly frie, 

Lego pofi corpus fepultum, 
jn Faith I am mair Fule than he, 

Licet ojlendo bonum multum s 


So tfeftamentofMr. Andro Kennedie. 

Of Gorn and Cattle, Gold and Fie, 

Jpfe habet valde multum^ 
And zit he bleiris my Lordis Ee, 

Eingendo eum fore fiultum, 


To Matter Johny Clerk fyne, 

Bo & lego intime, 
Gods braid Malefon and myne, 

Nam ipfe eft caufa mortis me&j 
Wer I a Dog, and he a Swyne, 

Multi miraniur fuper me. 
But I fuld gar that Lurdane quhrync, 

Scribendo dent es fine D. 

RESIDUUM omnium bonorum 

Refts to difpone my Lord fall hai£ 
Cum tutela puerorum, 

Baith Edie, Katie, and all the laife ', 
In Faith I will nae langer raife, 

Pro fepultura ord'mo > 
On the new Gyfe, fee God me faife, 

Nm ficwt more folitOi 


tfefidment of Mr. And ro Kennedie. 8 1 


IN die me& Jepukura, 

I will haif nane but our ain Gang, 
j £t duos mfticos de rure, 

Bearand ane Barrell on a Stang, 
Drinkand and playand Cap-out evin, \ 

Sicut egomet folebam, 
Singand and greitand with the Stevifri 

Potum meum cum fletu mifceham* 

I will nae Priefts for me (hall fing, 

Dies ilia dies ir& y ■■'.. T \ : y f 

Nor zit nae Bells for me to ring, - _•_.; 

Shut femper folet fieri, 
But a Bag-pyp to play a Spring, H; . 

Et mum Ale-wifp ante me, \ ■ \ ' 

inftead of Torches for to bring, 

Quatuor lagunas cervifia, 
Within the Grave to fet fie Thing 

In modum cruris juxta me 3 
To fley the Feynds, than hardly fing 

De terra plafmafii me. 

^Difcration in Asking. 

y~* F every Asking follows nocht 

^-^ Reward, but gif fum Caufe wer wrocht : 

And quhair Caufe is Men weil may fe, 
And quhair nane is, it will be thocht 

In Asking fuld Difcration be* 


An& Fule, thocht he haif Caufe or nane, 
Cryis ay, Gife me, unto a Drene 5 

And he that dronis ay lyke an Bie, 
Suld haif ane Hcirar dull as' Stane y 

In Asking fuld Difcration be* 


S tj u askis mair than he defervs, 

Sum askis far lefs than he fervs, 

Sum fchames to ask, and braids of me 5 

And all without Reward he flerves 5 

In Asking fukl Difcration be» 

IV. To 

Di fetation in Asking* 83 

To ask bot Service hurts gude Fame, 

To ask for Service nanc fuld blame, 

To ferve and leif in Beggartiej 
To Man and Maifter baith is Schamej 

In Asking fuld Difcration be. 
He that dois all his beft Servyis, 

May fpill it all with Crakks and Cryis, 

And be foul Importunities 
for feweft Words may ferve the wyis $ 

In Asking fuld Difcration be. 
NocHt neidfull is Men fuld be dum* 

Nathing is gotin without Words fum, 
Nocht fpeids bot Diligence We fej 

For nathing it alane will cum 5 
In Asking fuld Difcration be» 

Asking wald haif convenient Place, 

Convenient Tyme, Laifar and Space, 

Bot Haift or Preis of grit Menzie, 

Bot Heart abaift, bot Tung reckles > 

In Asking fuld Difcration be. 

$ % VIII. Sum 

84 Difcration in Giving, 

Sum micht haif (ze) with little Cure, 

That hes aft (nay) with grit Labour 

All for, that Tyme not byde can he, 

And tyns baith Eirand and Honour, 
In Asking fuld Difcration be. 


Suppose the Servand be lang unquitj 

The Lord iumcyme reward will it, 

Gif he dois not quhat Remedies 
To fecht with Fortune is nae Witj 

In Asking fuld Difcration be. 


difcration in Giving. 


r-r* O fpcik of Gifts or almous Deids, 
■*• Sum gives for Merit, fum for Meids, 

Sum warldlie Honour to up hie, 

Gives aft to them that nathing neidsj 

In giving fuld Difcration be. 

. II. Sum 

Difcratiojz in Giving. 85 


Sum gives for Pryd and Glory vain, 
Sum gives with Grudging and with Pain, 

Sum gives in Prattick for Supplie, 
Sum gives for twyis as gude again; 

In Giving fuld Difcration he. 


Sum gives for Thank, fum Chcmic, 

Sum Money gives, and fum gives Mcit, 

And fum give Words baith fair and flics 

But Gifts frae fum can nae Man trcir j 
In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

Sum gives fo littil full wretchetly, 

That all his Gifts ar not fet by, 

And for a Hude-pyk haldin his he, 

That all the Warld cryis on him, Fy J 
In Giving fuld Difcration be. 


Sum in in his Giving is fae large, 

That all owre-laidin is his Bergc, 

Throw Vyce and Prodigalities 
Thairof his Honour dois difcharge 3 

In Giving fuld Difcration be, 

J 3 VI. Sum 

g6 Lifer at ion in Giving* 


Sum to the rich Man gives his Geir, 

That micht his Gifts richt weil forbcir, 
Zit thocht the pure for Fait fuld dies 
His Cry nocht enteris in his Eirj 

In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

Sum gives to Strangeris with Face new^ 

That zifterday frae Flanderis flew, 
And auld Servands lifts not fe, 

Wer they neir of lie grit Vertew > 

In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

Sum gives to them can ask and plcnzie 3 

Sum gives to them can fleich and fenzie^ 

Sum gives to Men of Honeftie, 

And halds all Jangelars at Difdenzic ; 

In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

Thair fum gets Gifts and rich Arrayis, 

To fweir all that his Maifter fayis, 

Thocht all the contrair weil kens he» 

Ar mony fie now in our Dayisj 
In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

X. Sum 

Difcration in faking* %*f 


Sum gives gude Men for thair gude Kcwis, 
Sum gives to Trumpers and to Schrews, 

Sum gives to fchaw his Au&oritie; 
But in thair Office gude foundin few is % 

In Giving fuld Difcration be. 
Sum gives Parochines full wyde, 
Kirks of Saint Bernard and Saint Bryde? 

To teich, to rule, and to owrefie, 
To fum richt skant of Grace to gyde j 

In Giving fuld Difcration be. 

Follows difcration in Taking, 

-* y Ow after Giving I fpeik of Taking, 
-^ But littill of ony Gude forfaikingj 

Sum taks owrc fcrimp Autoritie, 
And fum owre-mekle, and that is glaikingj 

In Taking fuld Difcration be. 

J i % Tifjs 

$8 Difcration in staking, 

The Clerks tak Benifices with Brawls,, 

Sum of Saint Peter, fum of Saint Pauls, 

Take he the Rents, nae Cair hes he., 

Abeit the Deil tak all thair Sauls 5 

In Taking fuld Difcration be. 
Barons tak frae thair Tennants pure 

All Fruit that grows upon the Feure, 

In Mails and Gerfomes raift owre hic^ 

And gars them beg frae Dore to Dores 
Jn Taking fuld Difcration be. 

And fum tak uther Mens Takks^ 

And on the Pure Oppreffion maks, 

And nevir mynds that he maun die^ 

Quhyle that the Gallows gar him rax; 
In Taking fuld Difcration be. 

Sum taks be Sie and fum be Land, 

And nevir frae Taking hald thair Hand„ 

Till they be tyk up to a Trie 5 

And fyn they gar them underfland 

In Taking fuld Difcration be. 

VI. Sum 

Difcration in faking. 89 


£um wald tak all his Nichbours Geir 3 

Had he of Man as little Feir, 

As he hes Dreid that God him fe, 

To takthen fould he nevirforbeirj 

In taking fuld Diferetion be. 
Sum wald tak all this Warlds Brad, 

And zet nocht fatisfiet thair Neid, 

Throw Heart unfatiable and greidie. 

Sum wald taklittill, and cannot fpeid; 

In taking fuld Difcration be. 
Grit Men for Taking and Oppre[Tion a 

Ar fett full famous at the Seffion, 

Qiihile pure Takkars are hangit hie, 

Schamit for evir and thair Succefiion $ 

In taking fuld Difcration be. 
Sum taks the Makkaris ruifing kynd, 

But a Rewaird dois nevir mynd. 

Few Pairts with Pelf for Poetry., 
That gars my poutch be aft ill lynd; 

In Taking fuld Difcration be. 

The foregoing three quod Mr.W m . Dunbar. 


***#¥*#*¥#####*£ %**Wil*******k 

**** ************** H^w^ 
On *Detra£iion and c Deming. 



Using alane this hinder Nicht, 

Of mirry Day, cjuhen gane was Licht, 
Within a Garth undir a Trie, 
I hard ane Voce that faid on Hicht, 
May nae Man now undemit be : 
For thocht I be an crownit King, % 

Zit fall I not efchew Deming > 

Sum calls me gude, fum fays I lie. 

Sum craifs of G o d to end my Ring, 
Sae fall I not undemit be. 

Be I a Lord, and not Lord lyke, 

Than every Pelour and Purfe-pyke, 1 
Says, Land wer better waird on me, 

Thocht he dow nocht to leid a Tyke, 
Zit can he not let Deming be. 

IV. Bj? 

On Detraction and Deming* 9 % 


J£e I a Lady frefch and fair, 
jwith Gentlemen makand repair, 
'I Then will they fay baitfrfcho and he. 
That I am japit late and air. 
Thus fall I not undemit be. 
Be I an Courtman or a Knycht, 

poneftly cled that fets me richt, 
Ane prydfull Man fyne call they me i 

But God fend them a Widdy wicht, 
That cannot let fie Deming be. 


Be I but little of Stature, 

They call me Cative, Droich Creature, 

And be I large of Quantity, 
They call me monfterous of Nature 5 

Thus can they not let Deming be. 


And be I ornat in my Speichj 

Then Towfy fayis I am fae flreich, 

I fpeik not lyke thair Houfe Mcnzie^' 

Suppofe her Mouth mifters a Leich, 

Zit can fcho not let Deming be. 

.VIII. Buj 

9 2 On Detraction or Denting. 

But wirt thir Folk that uther deims, 

How that their Saws to uthers feims, 
Thair vicious Words and Vainity, 

Thair trattling Tungs that all furth teims> 
Tharis fum wald let thair Deming be. 


Gude James the Ferd our nobill King, 

Quhen that he was of Zeirs zing, 

In Sentence faid full fubtilie. 
Do well and fet nocht by Demiw 3 

For ?zae Man fall undemit be. 
And fae I fall with God his Grace, 
Keip his Command into that Cafe, 

Befickand ay the T r i n i t y, 
In Hevin that I may haif a Place, 

For thair fall no Man demit be. 

ftnod Mr. W.Dunbar, 

Sons exylt by Tryde. 



SOns hes bene ay cxylit far out of Sicht, 
Sen ilka Knaif was cled in filken Goun, 
Welfare and Wekh ar gane without gude Nicht, 
And in thair Rowms remains dull Derth and Neid, 
Pryd is amang us enterit, bot God fpeid 3 
And leird our Lords to gang now lefs and mair, 
With filken Gouns 3 and Cellars tume and bair. 


Now a fmall Barons rich Abulzement^ 
In filkin Furrings, Chenzies and fie Geir, 

Micht furnifs Fourty into Jack and Splent, 
Weil bodin at his Back with Bow and Speir 
It wer full meit gif it happens be Weir, 

'That all this Pryd of Silk wer quyt laid doun. 

And changit in Jack Knapska and Abergown, 

HI. Walq 

94 tions exylt hy Pryde 


Wal d all the Lords lay up thair rich Arrays, 

I And gar unfulziet keip them dene and fair. 

And weir them but on hie triumphand Days, 

And quhen Strangers do in this Realme repair, 

They neidit not buy Silk Rayments mair, 

This Twenty Zeir for them, and thair Succeilion, j 

Gif finfull Pryde nocht blindit thair Difcretion. 

Thair Men alfo maun be bot Smyt or Smot, 

Frae his Caproufy be with Ribbons laift, 

With Velvet Bord about histhrcid-bareCoiti 

On Woman Wayis weil tyit about his Waifr, 

His Hat on Syde fet up for ony Haift, 

For Hichtines the Culroun dois misken, 

His awin Maifter as weil as uther Men* 

Quha finns in Pryd, does firft to God Grivance, 

Qiiha out of Hevin to Hell gaif it a Falls 

Syne of himfelf weftis faft his Subftance, 

Sae lerge, that it owrepafles his Rentall, 

His Tennants pure he dois opprefs with all 5 

His coiftly Gown, with Tail fae wyde out fpred, 

His nakit Farmours gars hungry gae to Bed. 

Quod Gl ERK. 



S ATT RE on Covetoufnefi. 


fjREifioM, Honour and Nobillnefs, : 

Mcid Manheidy Mirth and GcntUlnefcj' 
Ar now in Court repute as Vycc, 
And all for Caufe of Covetycc. 


All Weilfaje,Welth and Wantonefs, 
Ar changit into Wretchetnefs, 
And Play is fct at little Pryce> 
And all for Caufe of Covetycc 


iHalking, Hunting and fwift Horfe riningj? 
Ar changit all in wranous winning, 
ffhair is nae Play but Cards and £>yce, 
And all for Caufe of Covetyee. 


9 (5 Sat y re on Covetyce, 

Heart? Houfe-halding is all laid doun, 
A Laird has with him but a Loun, 
That leids. him after his Devyce, 
And all for Caufe of Covetyce. 

In Burghs to Landwart and to' Sle 3 
Quhair Plefour Was and grit Plentie, 
Venifon Wyld-foul Wyn 5 and Spyce,' 
Ar now decayd throw Covetyce. 

Husbands that Grangis had full greit, 
Cattle and Corn to fell and or* 
Hes now nae Beifts but Cats and Mycc, 
And all throw Caufe of Covetyce. 

Honest Zcmen in every Touri, 
Quha wont to weir baith Red and Broun, 
Ar now arrayt in Raggs with Lyce. 
And all throw Caufe of Covetyce. 


Sat y re on Covetyce. gj 


_ Villi 

And Lairds in Silks harle to the Dcil, 
For quhilk thair Tennants fald Summer Meilj 
And lives on Ruits under the Ryfi* 
And all for Caufe of Coyetyce. 

Qu h a that dois Deids of Pietie, 
And lives in Pecc and Cheritie, 
Is haldin a Fulc, and that full Nyce, 
And all, O'c 


And quha can reive uther MensRowms, 
And upon pure Men gadder Sowms, 
Is thocht an active Man and Wyfe, 
And all, &c. 

Man, pleis thy Maker, and be merry, 
And value nocht this Warld a Cherry 5 
Work for a Place in Paradyce, 
For thairin rings nae Covctycc. 

qjh 1 H E 

The Cherrie and the Slae, 

Cowpylt into Scottis Meeter by Capa'm Alexander 


A Bout an Bank with Balmy Bewis, 

-*•■*• Quhair Nychtingales thair„Notis rencwis 

With gallant Goldfpinks gay 5 

The Mayis, Merle, and Progne proud, 

The Lintquhyt, Lark and Lavrock loud, 

Salutit mirthful May, 

Quhen Philomel had fweitly fung, 

To Progne fcho deplord, 

How Terms cut out hir Tung, 

And falfly her deflourdj 

Quhilk Story fo forie 

To fchaw hir felf fcho feimt, 

To heir hir fo neir hir, 

I doutit if I dreimt. 

II. The 

This Edition is taken from two curious old ones, the firft 
printed by Robert Walgrave, the King's Printer, in 1597, ac- 
cording to a Copy corre&ed by the Author himfelf, the 
other by ^Andro Hart, punted 1615, faid on the Title Page 
to be newly altered, perfyted, and divided into 114 Qua- 
suorzeims, not long before the Author's Death. 

*tbt Chenie and the £lae> 99 


The Cufhat crouds, the Corbie crys, 

The CoukoW couks, the prattling Pyes, 

To geek hir they begin : 
The Jargoun or the jangling Jayes, 
The craiking Craws, and keekling Kays, 
They deavt me with thair Dim 
The painted pawn with Argos Eyis, 

Can on his Mayock call 5 
The Turtle wails on witherit Tries, 
And Eccho anfwers all, 
>Rcpeting with Greiting, 
How fair Narclffm fell^ 
By lying and fpying 
His Schadow in the Well. 
t' few the Hurcheon and the Hare 
In Hidlings hirpling heir and thair, 

To mak thair Morning mange. 
The Con, the Cuning and the Cat, 
Qiihais dainty Downs with Dew were wafc 

With ftif Muftachis ftrange. 

m z The 

ioo fbe Cberrie and the Slae, 
The Hart, the Hynd the Dae, the Rae, 

The Fulmart and falfe Fox 5 
The Beardit Buck clam up the Brae^ 
With birfly Bairs and Brocks 5 
Sum fciding, fum dreiding 
The Hunters fubtile Snairs, 
With skipping and tripping, 
They playit them all in Pairs. 


The Air was (obir, faft and Iweit, 

Nae mifty Vapours, Wind nor Weit s 

But quyit, calm and clear, 
To fofter Floras fragrant Flowris* 
Quhairon Apollos Pararnouris, 

Had trinklit mony a Teirs 
The quhilk lyke Silver Schaikers shynd, 

Embroydering Bewties Bed, 
Quhairwith their Heavy Heids declynd, 
In May is Collouris cled, 
Sum knoping, fum droping, 
Of balmy Liquour fweit, 
Excelling and fmelling, 

Throw Phebus hailfum Heit. 


Sie Cherrie and the Slae. ioi 


Methocht an heavenlie heartfum Thing, 
Quhair Dew lyke Diamonds did hing, 

Owre twinkling all the Treis, 
To ftudy on the Flu rift Twifts, 
Admiring Natures Alchymifts, 
Laborious buffie Bies, 
Quhairof fum fweiteft Honie focht, 

To flay thair Lyves frae Sterve, 
And fum the waxie Vefchells wrocht, 
Thair Purchafe to preferve 5 
* So heiping, for keiping 
It in thair Hyves they hyd$, 
Precifely and wyfely, 
For Winter they provyde. 


To pen the Pleafures of that Park, 
How every Bloflom Branch and Bark, 

Againft the Sun did fhyne, 
I pafs to Poetis to compyle, 
In hich heroick ftaitlie Style, 

Quhais Mufe furmatches myne. 


102 £& Cherrie and the Side, 

But as I lukit myne alane, 
I faw a River rin 
Outowre a fteipie Rock of Stane, 
Syne lichtic in a Lin, 

With tumbling and rumbling 
Amang the Roches round, 
Devalling and falling, 
Into a Pit profound. 
Throw rowting of the River rang, 

The Roches founding lyke a Sang, 

Quhair Das Kane did abound j 
With Triple, Tenor, Counter, Mein, 
And Ecchoe blew a Bafe betwene, 

In Diapafon Sound, 
Set with the C-fol-fa.-utb Cleif, 

With Lang and Large at lift 5 
With Quaver, Crotchet, Semibreif, 
And not an Minum mifr, 
Compleitly mair fweitly 
Scho fridound flat and fchairp, 
Nor Mufes thatufes 
To pin Apllos Harp. 

yill. QlIHA 

*fhe Cherrie and the Slae. 103 

Quha wald haif tyre to heir that Tune, 
Quhilk Birds corroborate ay abune, 

With Lays ofluvefum Larks, 
Quhilk dim fae high in Chryftal Skys, 
Quhyle Cupid walkens with the Crys, 

Of Natures Chappel Clerks, 
Quha leving all the Heyins abuve, 

Allichted on the Eird. 
Lo how that little Lord of Luve, 
Before me thair appeird, 
Sae myld lyke and Chyld lyW 
With Bow three Quarters fcant. 
Syne moylie and coylie 3 
He lukit lyke ane Sant, 


Ane cleinly Crifp hang owrchisEyis, 
His Quaver by his nakit Thyis 

Hang in an Silver Lace 5 
Of Gold betwixt his Schoulders grew, 
Twa pretty Wings quhairwith he flew, 

Oh his left Arm ane Brace. 

<&4 W$ 

104 $he Cherrie and the She.. 

This God fone aflf hisGcir he fchuke, 

Uj>on the graffie Grund 5 
I ran als lichtly for to luke, 

Qiihair Ferlies micht be fund: 
Amafit I gafit 
To fee his Geir fae gay, 
Perfaifing myne Haveing, 
He countit me his Prey. 
His Zouth and Stature made me flout, 

Of Doublenefs I had nae Poubt, 

But bourdcd with my Boy: 
Quod I, How call they thee my Chyld, 
Cuf>ido 3 Sir, quod he, and fmyld, 
Pleafe you me to imployj 
For I can fervc you in your Suite, 

If you pleafe to impyre, 
With Wings to r]ie, and Schafts to fchute 
Or Hamis to fet on Fyre. 

Mak Choice then of thofe then, 
Or of a thoufand Things, 
But crave them and have them, 
With that I wewd his Wings, 

XL Qjjha 

tfhe Cberrje and the Ske. 1,05 

Qu hat wald thou gif my Freind, quod he, 
To haif thir wanton Wings to flie, 

To fport thy Sprit a quhyle ; 
0r quhat gif \ fuld lend the Heir, 
Bow, Quaver, Schafts and Schuting Geir, 

Sum pody to begyle: 
Jhat Geir, quod J, cannot be bocht, 

Zit I wald haif it fain; 
puhat gif, quod he, it coft thee nocht, 
But rendering all again : 

His Wings then he brings then, 
And band them on my Back, 
Go flie now, quod he, now, 
And fae my Leif I tak. 

I fprang up with Cupdces Wings, 
Quha Bow and Schuting Geir refigns, 

To lend me for a Day: 
-As Icarus with borrowit Flicht, 
I mountit hichar nor I micht, 

Gwre perrelous ane Plays 


jo6 £he Cher He and the S/ae. 

Then furth I drew that double Dart 

Qtihilk fumtyme fchot his Mother, 
Quhairwith I hurt my wanton Hairt, 
In Hope to hurt ane uther: 
It h«rt me or burnt me, 
Qyhyle either End I handill; 
Cum fe now in me now 
The Butter-flie and Candill, 


As fcho delyts into the Low, 
Sac was I browdin of my Bow, 

Als ignorant as fcho > 
And as fcho flies quhyl fcho be fyrt, 
Sua with the Dart that I defyrt, 

My Hand has hurt me to j 
As fulifh Phaeton be Sute 

His Fathers Cart obtain d, 
Sa langt I in Lufis Bow to fchute, 

Not marking quhat it meindj 
Mair wilfull than skilful!, 
To flie I was fae fond, 
Dcfyring, afpyringj 
And fae was fene upond. 

XIV. Too 

Sfbe Cberrie and the Slae. 107 


Too late I knew quha he wis to Hie, 
The Spail fall fall into his Eie, 

Too late I went to Schuil*, 
Too late I heard the Swallow preieh, 
Too late Experience dois teich, 

The Sehuil-maifter of Fuils, 
Too late to fynd the Neft I feik, 

Quhen all the Birds ar flowin; 
Too late the Stabil-dore I fteik, 

Quhen all the Steids ar flowing 
Too late ay thair State ay, 
AH foliOi Folk efpy, 
Behind fae, they find fae 
Remeid, and fae do I. 


Gif I had ryplie bene advyft, 

I had not rafchly enterpryft, 

To foir with borrowit Penns $ 

Nor zit had feyd the Archer-craft, 

To fchute my fell with fik a Schaft, 

As Pveafon quyte miskenns: 


xoS tfhe Qherrie and the Sla*, 

Frae Wilfullnefs gaif mc my WouHd, 

I had nac Force to flie, 
Then came I grainand to the Ground, 

Freind, Wclcum hzmc, quod he; 
Quhair flew ze? Quhomc flew ze > 
Or quha brings hame the Buiting } 
I fe now, quod he } now, 
Ze haif bene at the Schuting. 
As Skorne cums commonlie with Skaith, 

Sa I behuift to byde them baith, 

Sae ftakkering was my Stait! 

That undir Cure I gat fik Chek, 

Quhilk I micht nocht remuif noV nek, 

But eythcr ftail or mait ; 

My Agony was fae extreme, 

I fwck and fwound for Feir, 

But or I walkynt of my Dreme, 

He fpulzied me of my Geir$ 

With Flicht then on Hicht then 

Sprang Cupid in the Skyis, 

Forzetting and fetting 

At nocht my cairfull Cryfs. 

XVII. Sae 

ftbe Cherrie and the Slaei io„ 

|Jae lang with Sicht I folio wit him, 
^uhyle baith my dazelit Eyis grew dini 

With ftairing on the Starnsj 
^uhilk flew fae thick befoir my Ein, 
iJum reid, fum zellow, blew, fum grene, 

Quhilk trublit all my Harns, 
that every Thing apperit twae 

To my barbulzeit Brain, 
3ut lang micht I ly luiking fae, 
Or Cupid came again 5 
Quhais Thundering, with Wondering, 
I hard up throw the Air, 
Throw Cluds fo he thuds fo^ 
And flew I wift not quhair. 


Thin frae I faw that God was gane 3 

Knd I in Langour left allane, 

And fair tormentit to^ 
lumtyme I ficht, quhyl I was fad, 
iumtyme I mufit and maift" gane mad, 

I wift not quhat to doj 


no the Cher rig and the Slag, 
Sumtyme I ravit, half in a Rage, 

As ane into Difpair, 
To be oppreft with fie a Page, 

Lord gif my Heart was fair 3 
Lyke Dido, Cupdo, 
I widdill and I warie, 
Quha reft me and left me 
In fie a Feirie-farie. 
Then felt I Cur age and Defy re 

Inflame my Heart with uncouth Fyre, 

To me befoir unknawn ; 
But now nae Blude in me remains 
Unbrunt and boyld within my Vaines, 

By Luve his Bellies blawinj 
To quench it or I was devorir, 

With Sichs I went about, 
But ay the mair I fchupe to imorit, 
The baulder it brak out j 
Ay preifing bot ceifing, 
Quhyl it micht breik the Bounds, 
My Hew fo furth fchew fo 

The Dolour of my Wounds. 

XX. With 

*the Cherrie and the Slae, 1 1 x 


With deidly Vifage, pail and wan* 
iMair lyke Aqatomy than Man, 
I widdert ckin aWay, 
As Wax befoir the Fyre, I felt 
My Heart within my Bofom melt* 
And Peice and Peice decay, 
My Veines with brangling lyk to brek, 

My Punfis lap with Pith, 
Sae Fervency did me infek, 

That I was vext thairwith ! 
My Heart ay did ftart ay, 
The fyiie Flamis to flic, 
Ay howping, throw lowping, 

To leap at Libertie. 

But, O alacel it was abufit, 
My cairfull Corps keipt it incluift, 
In Prefoun of my Breifts 
With Sichs fae fowpit and owre-fet, 

Lyk to ane Fifch faft in the Net 
In Dcid thraw undeceift. 


H2, ttbe Cher irie and the She. 
Quha thochc in vain fcho fhyvc by Strcnth 

For to pull out hir Held, 
Quhilk profits naething at the length, 
But haiftning to hir Deidj 
With wrifting and thiifting, 
The fatter ftill is fcho, 
Thair I fo did ly fo, 
My Death advancing to. 

Th£ mair I wrcftlit with the Wind, 

The fafter ftill my felt" I find, 

Nae Mirth my Mynd micht meifcj 

Mair Noy, nor I, had nevir nane, 

I was fae altert and owre-gane, 

Throw Drowth of my Difeife : 

Zit weakly as I micht, I raife, 

My Sicht grew dim and darl£ 

I ftakkcrit at the Windill-ftraes, 

Nae Takin I was ftark ; 

Baith fichtles and michtles 

I grew allmaift at ains, & "1 

In Angwifche I langwifche,^ 

With mony grievous Grains. 

XXIII. With 

Sthe Cherri'e and tie SJae. 1 1 g 

With fober Pace I did approchc 

Hard to the River and the Roche, - 

Quhairof I fpak befoirj 

The River fie a Murmur maid, 

As to the Sea it faftly (laid, 

The Craig hich, flay and fchoir : 

Then Pleafure did me fae provok 

Thair partly to repair, 1 

Betwixt the River and the Rock, 

Quhair Houp grew with Bifpalre% 

A Trie than I fie than 

Of Cherries on the Braes, 

Belaw to I faw to j . . -j 

Ane Bufs of bitter Slaes* 


The Cherries hang abune my Heid, , . , 

Lyke twynkland Rubies round and reid, 

Sae hich up in the Hewch, 

Quhais Schaddowis in the River fchew, 

Als graithly glancing as they grew 

On trimbling Twiftis, and tewch, 
. , ft Q&hUk 

i 14 ftbe Qhenie and the Mae. 

Quhilk bowed throw burding of thair Birth, 

Declyning doun thair Toppis, 
Reflex of Phdws aff the Firth, 

New colourit all thair Knoppisj 
With danfing and glanfing, 
In Tyrles dornik champ, 
Quhilk Jitreimaned and leimed 
Throw Lichtncfs of that Lamp. 
With earneft Eic, quhyl I cfpy 

The Fruit betwixt me and the Sky, 
Half-gaite almaift to Hcvinj 
The Craig fae cumberfum to clim, 
The Trie fae tall of Growth, and trim, 

As ony Arrow evin: 
I calld to mynd how Daphne did 

Within the Laurell fchrink 5 
Quhen from Appollo fcho hir hid 

A thoufand Tymes I think 5 
That Trie thair to me thair, 
As he his Laurell thocht, 
Afpyring, bot tyring, 
To get that Fruit I focht 


fthe Cherrie and the Slae. 115 


To dim the Craig it was nae Buit, 
Let be to preifs to pull the Fruit 
In Top of all the Trief 
I faw nac Way quhairby to cum 3 
Be ony Craft to get it clum, 

Appeirandlie to me : ; 

The Craig was ugly, flay and dreich, 

The Trie lang, found and fmall 3 
I was affrayd to clim fa hich, 
For Fcir to fetch a Fall $ 
Affrayit to fey it, 
I luikit up on loft, 
Quhyls minting, quhyls Hinting, 
My Purpofe changit oft. 

Then Dreld, with Bangtr and Difpair, 
Forbad my minting onie mair 

To rax abune my Reiche; 
Quhat, Tufchc, quod Curage, Man go to, 
He is but daft, that has to do, 

And fpairs foe every Speichc; 


ii6 i*be Cherrie and the Side. 

For I haif aft hard fuith Men fay. 
And we may fee ourfelis^ 
That Fortune helps the hardy ay, 2 

And Pultrones plain repclls; 
Then feir nocht nor heir nocht^ 
Dreid, Danger or Difpair s 
To Fazarts hard Hazarts 
Is deid or they cum' th'air. 
Qojha fpeids, but fie as heich afpyris, 

Quha triumphs nocht, ibut fie as tryes : 

To win a nobill Name 5 
Of fchrinking, quhat but Schame fucceids-, 
Then do as thou wald haif thy Deids 

In Regifter of Fame : 
I put the Cais thou nocht prevailcf, 
Sac thou with Honour die; 
Thy Lyfe, but not thy Courage, failcfc * 
Sail Poets pen of thee: 

Thy Name than from Fame than 
Sail nevir be cut aff, 
Thy Graif ay fall haif ay 
That honeil Epitaff. 

XXIX. Quha n 

Zie Cherrie and the Slae. 1 1 7 


Quhat can thou loflc, quhcn Honour lives? 

Renown (thy Vertcw) ay revives, 

Gif valiauntlie thou end: 
Quod Banger, Huly, Freind, tak heid, 
Untymous Spurring fpills the Steidj 
Tak tent quhat ze pretend: 
Thocht Courage counfell thee to dim, 

Beware thou kep nae Skaith, - ; ; 

Haif thou nac Help but Hope and him, 
They may bcgylc thee baith : 
Thyfejl now may tell now 
The Counfell of thae Clerks, 
Quhair throw zit I trow zit 
Thy Breift dois beir the Marks, 


Brunt Bairn with Fyre the Danger dread*, 

Sa I belief thy Bofomc bleids, 

Sen laft that Fyre thou felt: * r 

Befyds that, feindle Tymes thou feis 

That evir Courage kcips the Keis 

Of Knawledge at his Belt^ 

I $ Tucht 

1 1 3 &he Cherrie and the Slae. 

Thochc he bid fordwart with his Guns, 

Small Powder he provyds, 

Be not ane Novice of that Nunnes, 

That faw nocht baith the Syds 5 

Fule-haift ay almaift ay, 

Owre-fails the Sicht of fum, 

Quha huiks not, nor luiks not 

Quhat eftirward may cum. 
Zit Wifdom wifches thec to wey 

This Figure in Philofophy, 

A LeflToun worth to leir, 
Qiihilk is in Tyme for to tak tent. 
And not quhen Tyme is paft, repent, 

And buy Repentance deir 5 
Is thair nae Honour eftir Lyfe, $ 

Except thou flay thyfell, 
Quhairfbir has Atropos that Knyfe? *j 

I trow thou cannot tell: 
Quha bot it wald cut it, 
Quhilk Clot ho skairs has fpun, 
Diftroying thy Joying 
Befoir it be begun. 


ghe Cherrze and the Slae, 119 

All Owrcs ar repute to be Vyce, 
Owrc hich, owre law, owre rafch, owrc nyce^ 

Owre het or zit owrc cauld; 
Thou feims unconftant, be thy Signs, 
Thy Thocht is on a thoufand Things, 

Thou wats not quhat thou wald$ 
Let Fame hir Picic on the poure, 

Quhen all thy Banes ar brokin, 
Zone Slae, fuppofe thou think it fourc, 
May fatisfie to flokkin 

Thy Drouth now, of Zouth noWj 
Quhilk dryes thee with Defyre, 
Aflwage than thy Rage, Man, 
foul Watter quenches Fyrc* 


Quhat Fule art thou to die of Thrift, 
And now may quench it, gif thou lift. 

Sac cafylie bot Pain y 
Mair Honour is to vanquifch ane 
Than feicht with tenfum and be tane, 

And owther hurt «r {lain: 

* 4 The 

126 <£he Cherrieand the Slae. 

The Prattick is to bring to pas, 

And not to enterpryfc/ 3 

•And ajs gude drinking out of Glas 
As Gold in ony Ways 5 

I Ievir haif cvir ■'-'•} 

A Foul in hand or tway, 
Nor fieand ten flieand 
About me all the Day. 
Luke quhair thou licht befoir thou lowp 5 

And flip na Certainty for Howp, 

Quha gyds thee but begefs. 
Quod Courage, Cowards tak nae Cure 
To lit with Schame, fae they be fure 3 

I lyke them all the lefss 
Qihat Plefure purchefl is bot Pain, 
Or Honour win with Eife, 
He will not ly quhair he is flain. 
That douttis befoir he 'dies: 
For Feir then I heir then^ 
But only ane Remeid, 
Quhilk latt is, and that is 
For to cut aft the Hei'd. 

XXXV. Qukat 

tfhe Cberrie and the Side. 121 


Quhat is the Way to heil thy Hurt? 
Quhat is the Way to flay thy Sturt ? 

Quhat meins may mak thee merrie $ 
Quhat is the Comfort thar thou craivs? 
Suppofe thir Sophifts thee defaivs : J 

Thou knaws it is the Cherrk 5 
Sen for it only thou but thrifts. 

The Slae can be nae Buk> 
In it alfo thy Helth confifts, 

And in nae uther Fruit; 

Quhy quaiks now, and fchaiks thou 3 
And ftudys at our Stryfe, 
Advyfe thee, it lyes thee, 
On nae lefs than thyL)fe. 


Gif any Patient wald be panft, 

Quhy fuld he lowp quhen he is!,lanft f j 

Or fchrink quhen he is fchorn 3 ■' 

For I haif hard Chirurgians fay, 
Aftymes dcfferring of a Day, 

Micht not be mend the Morn. 

' " ' Tak 

xzt 3%e Cheme and the Ma*. 
Tak Tyme in Time, orTyme be tint 5 

For Tymc will not remain: 
Quhat forces Fyre out of" the Flint, 
£utals hard match again. 
Delay not, and fray not, 
And thou fall fie it fee, 
Sic gets ay that fetts ay, ! 

Stout Stomaks to the Brae. 
Thocht all Beginnings bemaift hard, 

The End is pleland afterward j 

Then fchrink not for a Schowrej 

Frae anes that thou thy Greining get, 

Thy Pain and Travel is forget, 

The Sweit exceids theSourej 

Gae to then quicklie, feir not thir, 

For Howp gude Hap hes hecht. 

Quod Danger be not fudden, Sir, 

The Matter is of Wecht$ 

Firft fpy baith, and try baith, 

Advyfement does nane 111, 

I fay then, ye may then, 

Be willfull quhen ze will, 

tfbeCherrie andtheSlae* 123 

iBut zic to Mynd the Proverb call, 
Quha ufes Perrils perijh [dl> 

Schort quhyle thair Lyfe them laftst 
And I haif hard, quod, Howp, that he 
Sail nevir fchaip to fail the Se, 

That for all Perrills cafts. 
How mony throw Difpair are Deid, 
That nevir Perrills preivt ? 
How mony alfo, gif thou reid, 

pf Ly ves have we relcivt I 
Quha being evin dieing, 
Bot Danger, but difpairdj 
A Hunder, I wonder, 
But thou haft hard declaird. 


Gif we twa hald not up thy Heart, 
Quhilk is the Cheif and nobleft Part, 

Thy Wark wald not gang weil, 
Confidering thac Companions can 
Difwade a filly, fimple Man,. 

To hafard for his Heil, f 7 


124 0e Cherrie and the She* 

Suppofe they haif defavit fum, 

Or they and we micht mcit; 
They get nae Credence quhair we cum<, 
With ony Man of Spreit, 
By Rgafoun thair Treafourj 
Be us is firft efpyt, 
Reveiling thair Deiling, 
Quhilk dow not be denyt. 
With fleikit Sophifms feiming fweit, 

As all thair Doings war difcreit, 

They wifli thee to be wyfe, 

^ortponing Tyme frac Hour to Hour, 

But Faith in underneath the Flowr, 

The lurking Serpent lyes; 

Suppofe thou feis her not a Styme, 

Till that fcho flings thy Fute : 
Perfaivs thou nocht quhat precious Tyme, 
Thy flewthing does owrefchute. 
Allace Man! thy Cafe Man, 
In lingring I lament, 
Go to now and do now, 
That Courage be content. 

J' ~ XLI. QpHAT 

*£he Cherrie and the Slae. 125 

XL I. 

Quh a t gif Melancholy cum in, 

And get anc Grip or thou begin,' 

Than is thy Labour loftj ? 

tor he will hald thee hard and fafr, 
Till Tyme and Place and Fruit be pail, \ 

And thou give up the Ghoft : 
Than fall be graivd upon the Stane, 

Quhilk on thy Graif is laidy 1 

Sumtyme thair lived fie a ane; 
But how fall it be faid ? 

Here lyes now, but pryfe now 
Into Dishonours Bed, 
An Gowart as thou art, 
. That from his Fortune fled, 


i m a G y n e Man, gif thou wer laid 
in Graif, and fyne micht heir this faid, 

Wald thou not fweit for Schame ? 
Yes, Faith I doubt nocht but thou wald: 
Therefoir gif thou has Ene behald, 

How they wald fmoir thy Fame. 


126 S& Cherrie and the Stae. 
Gae to and mak nae mair Excufc, 1 

Or Lyfe and Honour Iofe, 
And outher them or us refufe, 

There is nae uther Chofe, 
Confider togidder, 
That we cannevir dwell, 
At length ay by Strenth ay 
Thae Pultrones we expell. 
Quod Danger, Sen I underftand, 

That Counfell can be nae Command, 

I have nae mair to fay, 

Except gif that he thocht it goodj 

Tak Counfell zit or ze conclude 

Of wyfer Men nor they. ' 

They are but racklefs, zung and rafche, 

Suppofe they think us fleidj 

Gif of our Fellowfchip zou fafche, 

Gang with them hardly beit. 

God fpeid zou, they leid zou, 

That has not meikle Wit, 

Expell us, zeil tell us^ i 

Heirafttr comes not zit, 

£LIV. Quhyle 

He Chertie and the Stmt 127 


Quhyis Banger and Difpair retyrt a 
Experience came in and fpeirt 

Quhat all the Matter meindj 
With him came Reafon, Wit and Skill, 
I And they began to fpeir at Will, 

Quhair mak ze to my Freind? 
To pluck zone lufty Cherrie loe, 

Quod he, and quyte the Slac: 
Quod they, Is there nae mair ado, 
Or ze win up the Brae ? 
But to it, and do it, 
Perforce the Fruit to pluck, 
Weil, Brother, fum uther 
Were better to conduct. 


We grant ze may be gude aneuchj 

But zit the Hazard of zon Heuch, 

Requyrisane graver Gyde$ 

As wyfe as ze are may gae wrangj 

Thairfore tak Gounfail or ze- gang 

Of fum that ftand befyde. 


128 2ie Cher He and the Slae. 
But quha war zon three ze forbad 

Zour Company richt now; 
Quod Wil^ three Prechours to perfwad 
The poyfond Slae to pow. 
They trattlit and prattellit, 
A lang half Hour and mair; 
Foul fall them, they- call them 
Dreidy Danger and DifpaiK 
They are mair fafchious nor of Feck, 

Zon Fazards durft not for thair Neck 

Clim up the Craig with us} 
Frae we determinit to die, 
Or clfc to clim zon Cherrie Trie, - 

They baid about the Bufs. 
they are conditiohd lyk the Eat] 

They wald not weir thair Feit, 
But zitgif ony Fifch zc gat, 

They wald be fain to eit. 
Thocht they now, I fay now, 
To hazard haif nae Heart, 
Zit luck we and pluck we, 
the Fruit they wald haif part. 

XL VII. But 

5th e Cher ne and the Side. 129 

B*t frae wc get our Voyage wuji, 
They fall not than a Cherrie cun, 5 

That wald not enterpryfe, 
Weil, quod Experience, ze boiftj 
But he that counts without his Oifl, 
He aftentymes counts twyfe. 
Ze fell the Beirs Skin on his Back, 

But byde quhyle ze it get 5 5 

Quhen ze have done, itsTymeto crack 
Ze fifli befoir the Net. 
Quhat haift, Sir, zetaift,Sir, 
The .Cherry or ze pou if, 
Bewar zit, ze ar zit 
Mair talkative nor trowit. 
Ca'l L Danger back again, quod Skill, 

To fe quhat he can fay to Will, 

We fee him fchod fae flrait : 
We may nocht trow quhat ilk ane tells 5 
Quod Courage We concludit ells, 

He fervis not for our Majts 

■3 F.r 

1 *th& Chenle and the Sites 

For I can tell zou all perqueir 

His Counfail or he cum: 
Quod Will quhairto foud he cum heir^ 
He cannot hald his himdum j 
He fpeiks ay, and feiks ay 
Delay of Tyme be Drifts$ 
He grievous, and deivs us, 
With Sophiftrics and 5chift& 
Quod Reafoun 9 quhy was he debaxd ? 

The Tale is ill may not be hard* 
Zet let us heir him anis. 
Then banger to dedair began^ 
How Hope and Courage took the Man, 
To leid him all thair lainsj \ 
For they wald haif him up the Hill, 

Bot owther Stap or Stay : 
And quha was Welcomer than Witt, 
He wald be formoft ay 5 
He could do 3 and fould do, 
Quha evir wald or nochr, 
Sic fpeiding proceiding 
tJnlyklie was I thocht. 

L. Thair- 

ifke. Cherry and. the Slae. i%% 


ThaIrfor I wiflit them to bewar, 

And ralhly not to run owrc 'far, 
Without fie Gyds as ze. 
Quod Courage, Freind, I heir zou fail 3 
Tak bettir tent unto zour Tale, 
Ze faid it could not be 5 
Befydis that ze wald not confentj a 

That cvir we fuld dim : 
Quod Will for my Pairt I repent, 

We faw them mair than him: 
For they are the Stayer 
Of us, as weil as he 5 
I think now they fchrink now, 
Go forwart let them be* 


Go, go, We naithing do but gucksj 

They fay the Voyage nevir luks, 

Quhair ilk ane has a Vote. 

Quod Wifdofn gravely. Sir, I grant, 

We were nae warfe zour Vote to Want, 

Sum Sentance heir I note. 

31 * $"P- 

1 32 Sle Cherrie and the Slae* 

Suppofc ze fpeak it but begels, 

Sum Fruit thairin L fynd; 
Ze wald be forward I confefs, 

And cums afcymis behynd. 
It may be that they be 
Defavit that nevir douritj 
Indeid, Sir, that Held, Sir, 
Has mekle Wit about it. 
TiiEN willfull Will begaxi to rage, 

And fware he faw naithing in Age, 
But Anger, Yre and Grudge; 

And for my fell, c.uod he, I fvveir 

To quat all my Companions heir, 

Gif they admit zou Judge. j 

Experience is grown fae auld, j- 

That he begins to rave ; 

The laif but Courage are fae cauld, 

Nae Hazarding they haif ; 

For Danger 3 far ftranger 

Has made them than they war, 

Gae frae then, wc pray then, 

That nowther dow nor dar. 

LIII. Quhy 

lt%e Cherry and the Slae. 133 


Quhy may not thcfe three lcid this ane, 

I led an hunder myne alane, 

Bot Counfal of them all. 
I grant quod Wlfdom ze haif led. 
But I wald fpeir how mony fped, 

Or furdert bot a Fall. J 

But owther few or nane I trow. 

Experience can tell; 
JHc fays the Man may wyte but zou 
The firft Tyme that he fell. 

He kens then, quhais Pcnns then,- 
Thou borrovvit him to flee; 
His Wounds zet, that ftounds zet, 
He gat them then throu thee. 

That, quod Experience, is trew; 
Will flatterit him quhen firft he flew ; 

Will fet him in a Low. 
Will was his Counfell and Convoy, 
To borrow frae the blindit Boy 

Baith Quaver, Wings and Bow y ' 

31 s Quhair- 

134 3th e Cherrie and the Stae* 

Quhairwith before he feyd to mute, 
He nowthcr zjeld to Zouth, 
Nor zet had Neid of ony Fruit, 

To quench Jiis deidlie Drouth. 
£uhilk pyns him and dwyns him. 
To Deid, I wate not how, 
Gif mil then did ill then, 
Himfelf remembers how. 
For I Experience was thair 

Lykc as I ufe to be all quhafr, 

Quhat Tyme he .wytit Will 
To be the Grand of all his Grcif, 
As I my felf can be a Preif 

And Witnefs thairuntill: 
Thair are nae Bounds but I haif bene, 

Nor Hidlings frae me hid, 
Nor fecret Things that I haif fene 
That he or ony did : 
Thairfoir now, no moir now, 
l-et him think to conceild; 
For quhy now, even I now 
Am Bet bound to reveild. 


$he Chef fie and the Slae f %2$ 

My Cuftome is For to declair 

The Truth, and nowthcr cik nor pare, 

For ony Man a Jot: 
Gif wilful Will delyts in Leis, 
Example in thy felf thou feis 

How he can turn his £oat$ 
And with his Language wald alure 

Thee zet to brek thy Bains: 
Thou knawsthy felf, gif he was fure, 
Thou ufli his Counfell ancf, 
Quha wald zet be bauld get. 
To wrakthee war not we f 
Think on now of zon now ? 
Quod Wijdom then to rac, 

Weil, quod Experience, gif he 
Submits himfclf to you and me, 

I wate quhat I fould fay. 
Our gude Advyfe he fall not want, 
Provyding always that he grant 

Jo put zon Will away, 

31 4 A»# 

X 06 fbe Chenie and the Slae^ 

And banifch baith him and JDifpair, 

- That all gudc Purpofe Spills j 
Sae he will mell with them nae mair, 
Let them twa flyte thair fills, 
Sic CoifTing bot Lolling, 
All honeft Men may ufej 
That Change now were ftrange now, 
Quod Reafon, to refufe. 
Quod Will, Fy on him quhen he flew, 

That poud not Cherries then anew, 
For to.haif ftayd his SturrT 
Quod Reafon, ihocht he bear the Blame, 
He nowther faw nor neidit them, 
Till he himfelf had hurt: 
Firft quhen he rniftert not, he michr, 

He neids and may now 
Thy Foly quhen he had his Flicht 
Empaflhed him to pow. 

Baith he now and we now 
Perfaiye thy Purpofe plain 
To turn him, and burn him, 
And blaw on him again. 
s$g ! LIX. Quqq 

Hie Cherrie 'and the Side. 137 

Quod Skill, Quhy fuld we langcr ftryve } 
Far better late than never thryve, 
Cum let us help him zit; 
Tint Tyme we may not get again, 
We waft but prefent Tyme in vain, f 

Beware with that, quod Wit) v : 1 

Speik on. Experience, lets fc, _\ 

We think ze hald ze dum, 4 

Of Byganes I haif hard, quod he,. K .;^ 

I knaw not Things to curat. 
Quod Reafon, The Seafon 
With Slowthing flyds away, \ _{ 

Firft tak him and mak him 
A Man gif that ze may, 

LX. 3 

Quod Will, Gif he be not a Man, 
I pray zou, Sirs, quhat is he than ? 

He lukes lyke ane at leift. . ~ \ 

Quod Reafon, Gif he follow thee, 
And mynd not to remain with m@, . ; 

Nocht but a brutal Beift; 

t$8 &he Ckeme and the Side, 

A Man in Schapc doth not confift, 
For all zour taunting Tales, 
Thairfoir, Sr Will, I wald ze wift 
Zour Metaphyfick failsj 
Gae Icir zit a Zeir zit • 
Zour Logick at the Schulic, 
Sum Day then ze may then 
Pafs Mailer with the Mulis* 
Quod "Will, I marvell quhat ze mein, 
Suld not I trow my ain twa Een, , 

For all zour Logick Schulis, 
If I did not I war not wyfe: < 

Quod B£afon 3 I haif tald zou thryfe, 
Nane ferlies mair than Fulis j 
Thair be mae fences than the Sicht, ""'i 

Quhilk ze owre-hale for Hafte, 
To wit, gif ze remember richt, 

Smell, Heiring, Touch, and Tafle, 
All quick Things haif fit Things, 
I mein baith Man and Beifr, 
By Kynd then, Wc fynd then 

Few laks them in the leiffc. 

LXII. Sai 

£be Chenie and the Stae. 139 

5ae be that Confequens of thyne, 
Or Syllogifm faid lyke a Swyne, 

A Cow may teach thee Lairj 
Thou ufes only but thyne Eies, 
Scho touches, taftes, fmells, heirs, and (6$? 

Quhilk matches thee and mair: 
But fince to triumph ze intend., 

As prefently appeirs, 
Sir^ for zour Clergie, to be kend s 
Tak ze twa AfTes Eirs, 
Kae Myter perfyter 
Gat Midas for his Meid, 
That Hude Sir is gude Sir 
To hap Zour Brain-fick Heidi. 


Ze haif nae Feil for to defyne^ 

Thoch ze haif Cunning to declyne 

A Man to be a Mule, 

With litle Wark zit ze may vowd 

To grow a galant Horfe and gudc, 

To ryde thairon at Zule : 


*4o Slfe- Cherrie and the Side. 

But to our Ground quhair wc began, 

For all zour guttkCs Jefts, 

I mutt be Matter to the Man, 

But thou to brutall Beifh j 

Sae we twae maun be twae, 

To caufe baith Kynds be knawn, 

Kcip thyne then frae myne then,' 

And ilk ane ufe thair a win. 
The'n Will as angrie as an Ape, 

Ran ramping fweiring rude and rape, 

Saw he none other Schifcj 

He wald not want ahe Inch of Will/*' 

Quhithcr it did him Gude or 111, . , 

For thirty of his Thrift; 

He wald be forrooift in the Feild, 

And Maifter gif f he micht, |" 

Yea he fuld rathar die than zield, 

' Though Reafon had the richt: 

Shall he now mak me now 

His Subject or his Slaif, 

I* Na rather, my Father 

._ Shall quick gang to his Graif. 


itbe Cherrie and the Slae. 14 1 


$ I hecht him quhylc my Heart is heal, 
To pcrifch firft or he prevail, i j 

Cum after quhat fo may: |Vg 

Quod Reafon, Dout ze not indeed j 2 

Ze hit the Nail upon the Heid, ...J 

It fall be as ze fay. 
Suppofe ze fpiir for to afpyre, * 

Zour Brydle wants a Bit, J 

That Meir may leif zou in the Myre, 
As ficker as ze fit. 

Zour Sentance, Repentance, 
Sail learn zou, I believe, 
And anger zou langer, 
Quhen ze that pratick prievc, 

As ze haif dyted zour Decreit, 
Zour Prophefie to be complete, 

Perhaps, and to zour Pains, 
It has bein faid, and may be fac, 
A wilfull Man wants nevir Wae, 

Thocht he gets Me Gains. 


i\z tfbe Cheme and the Slat 

But fen ste think it eafy Thing 

To mount aboif the Mune, 
Of zour awin Fidle tak a Spring, 

And daunce quhen ze haif donej 
If than Sir the Man Sir 
Lykes of zour Mirth, he may^ 
But fpeir firft and heir firft 
Quhat he himfell will fay* 
Then all togither they began 

To fay, Cum on, thou martyrit Mart^ ] 

Quhat is thy Will, advyfe ? 

Abaifd a bony quhyle I baid, 

And mufd or I my Anfwer maid, 

I turnd me anes or twyfe, 

Behalding. ilky ane about, 

Quhais Motions muvit me maifl^' 

Sum fcimd afford, fum dred for Dout, 

Will ran reid-wod for Haift, 

With wringing and flinging, 

For Jvfadnefs lyke to mang 5 

Difpair to, for Care to, 

iVald neids himfell gae hang. 

LXVUI. Qjmiix 

%he 'Cbmh and the Slae. 141 


QuHiLK quhen Experience perfavi^ % 

Quod he, Remember gif we ravit, 

As Will alledgt of lair, 
Quhen that he {ware he naithing faw 
In Age, but Anger, flak and flaw 3 

And cahkert of Confait j 
£e could not luck as he aledgt, 

That all Opinion* fpeirtj 
He was fae frak and fyrie edgt, 

He thocht us four but feirt: 
Quha panfis, quhat chan% 
Quod he, nsc Worfchjp wins^ 
To fum beft fall cum beft 
That hap Weil rak weM rins* 


2£iT, quod Experience , behaU, 
For all the Tales that he has tald* 

How he himfell behaifs, 
Becaufe Difpair could not cum fpeid^ 
Lo quhair he hangs all but the Heid, 

And in a Widdy waifs ! 


144 Z%e Cheme and the 'Slafi 

Gif zou be fure anes thou may fe, 

To Men that with them mells, 
Gif they had hurt or helpit thee, 
Confidder be themfells. 
Then chufe thee to ufe thee. 
By us, or fie as zone, 
Say fone now, haif done now, 
Mak owther aff or on, 


Per saves thou not quhairfrae proceids 

The frantick Fantafie that feids, 

Thy furious flaming Fyre, 
Quhilk dois thy bailfull Breift comburty 
That nane but we, quod they, cancuir, 

Or help thy Hearts Difyre : . 
The perfing Paflion of thy Spreie 

That waifts thy vital Breath, 
Has holit thy heavy Heart with Heit, 
Defy re draws on thy Death. 
Thy Puncis renouncis 
AU kynd of quiet Reft, 
That Fever has ever 
Thy Perfon fae oppreft. 

LXXI. Cot* 

5?be Cherrie and the Slae. 145 


Coud thou cum anes acquaint with Skill, 
He kens-quhat Humors dois the ill, 

And how thy Cair contracts 5 
He knaws the Ground of all thy Greife, 
And Recipies for thy Releife, 

All Medicines he maks : 
Cum on, quod Skill, content am I 

To put my helping Hand, 
Providing allways he apply 

To Counfell and Command j 
Quhyle we than, quod he, than, 
Ar mindit to remain, 
Gife Place now, in cafe now 
Thou get us not again. 


Assure thyfell, gif that we fched, 

Thou fall not get thy Purpofe fped, 

Tak tent we haif thee tald ; 

Haif done, and dryve not aff the Day, 

The Man that will not quhcn he may, 

He fall not quhen he wald. 

ft Quhat 

146 Sffir Cherrie and the Slae. 
Quhat wald thou do, I wald we wift. 

Accept or gife us. owre: 
Quod I, I think me mair than blift 
To find fie famous four 
Befyde me, to gyde me, 
Now quhen I haif to do, 
Confiddering the fvviddering 
Ze fand me firft into. 
Quhen Courage craift a Stamok ftout, 

And Danger draif me into Dout, 

With his Companion Dreid: 
Quhyls Will wald up aboif the Air, 
Quhyls I was dround in deip Di/pair, 

Quhyls Hdpe held up my Heid i 
Sic pithy Refouns and Replys 

On ilka Syde they fchew, 
That I quha was not verie wyfe 

Thocht all thair Tales wer trew 
Sae mony and bony 
Auld Problemes they propond 
Baith quicklie and liklie, 
I mar veld meklc ond. 

LXXIV. 2 it 

Ithe CUrHe and the Sla'e* 147 1 . 


Zit Hope and Courage wan the Feilcf, 

Thocht Dreid and Danger neir wald zeild 3 

But fled to find Refuge $ 
Swa, fra zou Four met, they wer fain 3 
Becaufe ze gart us cum again, 

They greind to get ze Juge i 
QuKair they wer Fugitive befoir, 

Zou maid them frank and fre, 
To fpeik and ftand in Aw nae moir, 
Quod Reafon, Swa fuld be : 

Aft Tymes now, bot Crymes how> 
But even 1 per Force it falls 
The Strang ay, with Wrang ay* 
Put Weaker to the Walls. 

QtiHiLK is a Fault ze maun confefs, 

Strength is not ordaind to opprefs 

With Rigour, bye the riehtj 
But on the contrair, to fuftein 
The waik-anes that owreburdent bein, 

Als mckle as they micht. 



148 fbe Chime atid the Slae, 

Sae Hope and Courage did, quod I, 

Experimented . lyke 
Schaw skilld and pithie Refouns quhy 
That Danger lap the Dyke. 
Quod Dreid, Sir, tak heid, Sir, 
Lang fpeiking Part maun fpill, 
Infift not, ze wirt not 
We went againft our Will. 


With Courage ze Wer fae content, 1 

Ze nevir focht our fmall Confenty 

Of us ze ftude nae Aw : 

Thair Logick LefTons ze allowt, 

Ze wer determined to trowit, 

Allcdgence pa'ft for Laws 

For all the Proverbs we perufd, 

Ze thocht them skantly skilld, 

Our Reafons had bein als weil rufd, 

Had ze bein als weil willd 

Til! our Syde as zour Sydey 

Sae trewlie I may term it, 

We fee now in thee now 

Affection dois affirm it. 


€be Cherrie and the She. 14$ 


|£sferience then fmyrkling fmyld a 
We are na Bairns to be begyld, 

Quod he, and fchuke Ills Heid| 
For Authors quka alledges us, 
They wald not gae about the Bufs 

To fofter deidlie Feid: 
For we ar equall for ze all, 

Nae Perfon we refped, 
, We haif bene fae, ar zit, and fall 

Be found fae in Effcc]:. i - 

Gif we wer as ze wcr, 
We had cumd unrequyrd^ 
But we now, ze fee now. 
Do naitliing undefyrd. 

Thaib. is a Sentence faid be fum, j 
Let nane uncalld to Counfell cum 

That welcum weins to be 3 
Zea I haif hard anither zit, 
Quha cum uncallt, unfervd fuld fit. 

Perhaps, Sir, fae may ze. 

g&'$ ftbe Cberrie and the She* 

fiudeman, Gramcrcy for zour Geek, 
Quod Hope, and lawly louts^ 
pif-ze wer fent for, we fufpc#, 

.JJccaufc the Do&our douts: 
Zour Zeirs now appcir no\? 
With Wifdom to be vext 3 
Rejoycing in gloflfing, 
Till ze haif tint zour Texto 
Qjjhair ze wer fent for, let us fc 

Quha wald be weicomer than We, 

Pruve that, and we ar payd. 
Weill, quod Exprlence^ beware, 
Ze ken not in quhat Cafe ze are, 

Zour Tung has zou bctrayd : 
The Man may ablens tyne a Stot 

That cannot count his Kinfch ? 
In zour awin Bow ze ar owre-fchot 
Be mair than half ane Inch: 
Qiiha wats, Sir, if that, Sir, 
Be four, quhilk feimeth fweitj 
I feir now ze heir now 
A dangerous Decreit. 

LXXX. Sir, 

itbe Cherrie and the She. ijri 


Sir, by that Sentence ze haif fayd, 
I pledge, or all the Play be playd, 
That fum fall lofe a Laike s 
Sen ze but put me for to pruve, 
Sic heids as help for my Behuve, 

Zour Warrand is but waik : 
Speir at the Man zour felf, and fe, 

Suppofe ze ftryve for State, 
Gif he regarded not how he 

Had learnd my Leflbn late* 
And granted he wanted 
Baith Reafon, Wit and Skill, 
Compleining and meining 
Our Abfdnce did him 111* 


Confront him furdcr Face to Face, 
Gif zit he rews his rackles Race, 

Perhaps, and ze fall heir; 
For ay fince Adam and iince Eve, 
Quha firft thy Leifings did believ©, 

I faid thy Doftrine deir : 

152 Sfhe Cherrie and the Slae* 

Quhat has bein done, even to this Day 

I keip in Mynd allmaift, : j 

2c promife furder than ze pay, 

Sir, hope for all zour Haiit* 
Promising, unwitting, 
Zour Hechts zou nevir huiked 3 
I fchaw zou, I knaw zou, 
Zour Byganes I haif buiked. 
I could, in Cafe a Count wer craivt, 

Schaw Thoufands Thoufands thou delaivt, 

Qiihair thou was trew to ane s 
And by the, contrair I may vaunt, 
Quhilk thou maun, thocht it greive thee, grant a 

I trumpit nevir a Man, 
But trewly tald the nakit Truth 

To Men that melld with me^ 
Por nowther Rigour nor for Rueth., 
But only Iaich to lie : ' 
To fum zit, to cum z?t, 
Thy Suckour will be fiicht, 
Quhilk I then maun try then, 
And regifler it rieht. 


ihe'Cbenie and the Slae. IJ»S; 

^Ha,ha ! quod Hope, and loudlie leuch 3 

Ze are but a Prentife at the Pleuch, 

Experience ye prieve 5 

Suppofe all Byganes as ze fpak, 

Ze are nae Prophet worth a Plak, 

Nor I bund to believe. 

I Ze fuld not fay, Sir, rill ze fe, 

But quhen ye fe it fays 

Zit, quod Experience, at thee 

Mak mony Mints I may, 

By Signs now, and Things now 

Quhilk ay befoir me beirs, 

Expreffing by gueffing 

The Perril that appeirs. 


Then Hope replyd,and that with Pith, 

And wyfelie weyd his Words thairwith, 

Sententiouflie and fliort: 

Qiiod he I am the Anchor Grip 

That faifs the Sailours and thair Ship x 

Frae Perril to thair Port. 


1 54 $$£ Cherrie and the Slae* 

Quod he, aft times the Anchor dryves, 

As we haif fund bcfoir, 
And Iofes mony thoufand Lyves, 

By Ship wrack on the Shore. 
Zour Grips aft, but flips aft 
Quhen Men haif maift to do, 
Syne Icivs them and reivs them 
Of thy Companzions to. 
Thou lejfsthem not thy felf alane, 

But co thair Grief quhen thou art gane, 
Gars Courage quhat them alsj 
Quod Hope, I wald ze underftudc, 
I grip faft gif the Grund be gude, 
And fleit quhair it is falfe, 
Thcr {lild nae Fault with me be fund 3 

Nor I accufd at all, 
Wyte C\c as fuld haif plumd the Grund, 
Befoir the Anchor fall, 
Their Leid ay at Neid ay, 
Micht warn them if they wald, 
Gif they thair wald ftay thair, 
Or haif gude Anchor ha^d. 


Sie Cherrie and the Side. l SS 

jGif « reid richt it was not I, 
But only Ignorance quhairby 

Thair Carvells all wcr cloven. 
I am not for a Trumpcr tane, 
All, quod Experience, is ane, 

I haif my Proccfs proven, 
To wit, that we wer cald ilk ane 

To cum before we camcj 
TJiat now Objection ze haif nanc, 

Zour felf may fay the fame s 
Zear now owrefar now, 
Cum forward for to flic ', 
Perfavc then zc haif then, 
The ward End of the Trie. 


Qjlthen Hope was gawd into the Quick, 
Quod Curage, kicking at the Prick, 

We let zc weil to wit. 
Mak he zou welcomer than wc. 
Then By^anesByganes, fareweil he, 

Except hefeik u« zit: 


156 the Qherrie and the Slat, 
He underftands his awn Eftatc, 

Let him his Chiftains chufej 
But zic his Battill will be blate, 

Cif he our Forfs refufej 
j Refufe us or chufe us, 
Our Counfell is he dim; 
But flay he or ftray he, 
We haif nae Help for him- 
E x c e p t the Cherrie be his Chofej 

Be ze his Freinds we are his Foes, 

His Doings we difpyte 5 
Gif we perfave him fettled fac, 
To fatisfie him with the Slae, 

His Companie we quyte: 
Then Dreid and Danger grew full glad, 
And wont that they had won; 
They thocht all feild that they had faid. 
Sen they had firft begun j 

They thocht then they moucht then^ 
Without a Party pleid, 
But zit thair, with Wit thair, 
They wer dung doun with Speid. 


tfte Cherries and the Slae. j$>] 

Sir s } Dreid and Banger then, quod Wtt % 
Ze did zour fells to me fubmit, 

Experience can proifc. 
That, quod Experience^ I paft, 
Thair awin Confeflions make tKem faftj 

They may riae mair remoife 5 
For Gif I richt remember me, 

This Maxime then they made, 
To wit, the Man with Wit fould wey 
Quhat Philofophs haif faid, 
Quhilk Sentance Repentance 
Forbad him deir to buy, 
They knew then how trew then. 

And prefsd not to reply. 
Thocht he dang Dreid and banger ddxmj 
Zii Courage could not be owrecum 5 
Hope hecht him fie a Hyre 5 
He thocht him fell, how fone he faw 
His Enemies were laid fae law, 

It was nae Tyme to tyre : 


158 STite Cherrie and the Stae, 

He hit the Yron cjuhyle it was het, 

In cafe it fould grow cauldj 

For he efteemt his Faes defate, 

Quhen anes he fand them faldj 

Thoch wc no w 3 quod he nowy 

Haif bein fae frie and frank, 

Unfocht zit he mocht zit, 

'For Kyndnefs cund us thank. 
Suppose it fae as thou haft faid, 

1 hat unrequyrd We profrert Aid y 
At leift that came of Luve, 
Experience ze flart owre fone, 
2e nakhing dow till all be done, 

And then perhaps ze pruve, 
Mair plain than pleafant to perchance,- 

Sum tell that have zou tryt, 
As fad as ze zour fell advances 
Ze cannot weil denyt: 

Abyde then zourTydc thcrtj 
And wait upon the Wind, 
ZeknawSir, zeaw, Sir, 
To hald ze ay behind. 

XGII. Quts*r 

Sthe Cherrie and the Slae. 159 


Quhen zc haif done fum duchtie Deids y 

Syne ze fuld fe how all fucceids, 

To wryt them as they wer: 
Friend, huly, haft not half fae fait, , 
Leiftj quod Experience, at lall, 

Ze buy my Do&rine deir; 
Hope puts that Hafte into zoiir Held, 

Quhiik Boyls zour barmy Brain j 
Howbeit Fulis haft cums haly Speid, 

Fair Hechts will mak Fulis fain. 
Sic Smyling begyling 
Bids feir not any Freits; 
Zit I now deny now, 
That all is Gold that gleits. 


Suppose not Silver all that fhynes, 

Aftymes a tentlefs Merchand rynes, 

For bying Geir begefsj 

For all the Vantage and the winning, 

Gude Buyers get at the Beginning, 

Quod Courage nocht the lafs. 


1 60 *the Qherrie and the Slae. 

Quhyls as gude Merchants tynes as wins, 

Gif aulcl Mens Tales be trew, 
Suppofe the Pack cum to the Pins, 

Quha can his Chance cfchcw. 
Then gude Sir, conclude^ Sir, 
Gude Buyers haif done baith, 
Advance then, tak Chance then, 
As furidrie gude Ships hath. 
Qu h a wift quhat wald be cheip or deir, 

Should neid to traffique but a Zeir, 

Gif Things to cum were kend : 

Suppofe all bygane Things be plain, 

Zour Prophefie is but prophane, 

Ze had beftbehald the Endj 

Ze wald accufe me of a Cryme, 

Almaiit befoir we met, 

Torment zou not befoir the Tyme, 

Since Dolour pays nae Det, 

Qtihats bypaft that I paft, 

Ze wot gif it was weil, 

To cum zit by Dume zit, 

Confefs ze haif nae Feil. 

XCV. Zit i 

£he 'Cberrie and the She. 161 

Zl T, quod Experience, quhat then, 
Quha may be meiteft for the Man 3 

Let us his ArifWer haif 5 
Quhen they fubmitted them to mi p 
To Reafon I was fain to fjlie, 

His Counfell for to crai£ 
Quod he> fince ze zourfells fubmif, 

To do as I decreitj 
I fall advyfe with Skill and Wit, 

Quhat they think may he melt; 
They cryd then, we byde then, 
At Reafon for Refuge j 
Allow him and trow him, 
As Governour and Juge. 


Then faid they all with ane Confent, 

Quhat he concludes we are content 

His Bidding to obey > 

He hath Authoritie to ufe, 

Theniak his Choice quhom he will chufe 3 

And langer not delay: 

% _ Then 

1 62 fhe Chef tie and the Slae. 

Then Reafon raife and was rejoyfd 5 

Quod he, myne Hearts cum hidder, 
I hope this Pley may be compofd, 

That we may gang togidder j 
To all now I fall now 
His proper Place affign. 
That they heir fall fay heir, 

They think nane uther Thing* 
Come on, quod he, Companion, Skilly 

Ze underftand baith Gudc and 111, 

In Phyfick ze are fyhe, 

Be Ivlediciner to the Man, 

And fchaw fie Cunning as ze can, 

To put him out of Pyne j 

firft gaird the Grund of all his Griefy 

Quhat Sicknes ze fufped, 

Syn hike quhat laiks for his Relief, 

Or furder he infeck. 

Comfort him, exhort him, 

Give him zour gude Advyce, 

And pance not, nor skance not, 

The Perril nor the Pryce. 

XCVI.IL Thoch 

tfhe Cherrie and the Side. 163 

Thoch it be cummerfom quhat reck, 
Find out the Caufe by the Eflfecl:, 

And working of his Veins 5 
Zit quhyle we grip it to the Grundy 
Se firft quhat Fafhion may be fund. 

To pacifie his Pains 5 
Do quhat ze dow to haif him haile, 
And for that Purpofe prcife, 
Cut afF the Caufe, the Effect maun fail, 
Sae all his Sorrows ceife. 
His Fever fall nevir 
Ffae thencefurth haif a Forfs, 
Then urge him to purge him, 
He will not wax the warfe. 


Qu o t h Skilly his Sences are fae fick, 

I knaw nae Liquor worth a Leik 

To quench his deidlie Drouth, 

Except the Cherry Help his Heit, 

Quhais fappy Slokning (harp and fweit, 

Micht melt into his Mouth, 

% z And 

1 64 &he Cherrie and the Slab. 
And his Melancholie remuvc, 

To mitigate his Mynd, 
Nane hailfomer for his Behuve, 

Norofmair cooling Kynd. 
Nae Nettar direclar, 
Could all the Gods him give, 
IS; or fend him to mend him, 
Nane lyke it I believe. 
For Drouth decays, as it digeftsj 

Quhy then, quod Reafon, naithing refts, 

But how it may be had? 
Maift trew, quod Skill, that is the Scope, 
Zk we maun haif fum Help of Hope. 

Quod Danger I am redj 
His Haflynefs bred us Mifhap 5 

Quhen he is highlie horft 5 
I wifs we lukk or we lap: 

Quod Wit, that wer not warirY 
I mein now convein now 
The Counfell ane and all, 
Begin then, call in then} 
Quod Reafon 3 fae I falh 

CI. Then 

tfhe Cherrie and tie Slae. i 65 

Then Reafon raife with Gefture grave, 
Bdyve conveining all the lave, 

To heir quhat they waldfay, 
With Silver Scepter in his Hand, 
As Chiftain chofen to command, 
And they bent to obey. 
He panfed lang befoir he fpak, 
And in a ftudie flude, 
Syne he began and Silenfs brak, 

Cum on, quod he, conclude 
Quhat Way now we may now 
Zon Cherrie cum to catch, 
.Speik our Sirs, about Sirs, 
Haif done, let us Difpatch. 


Quoth Courage, skurge him firft that skarsj 
Much Muling Memorie but mars, 

1 tell zou myne intent. 
Quod Wit, quha will not partlie panfc, 
In Perils periihes perchanfe, 

Owre rackles may repent. 

% 3 Then 

1 66 tfbe Cherrie and the Slae, 

Then 3 quod Experience, and fpak, 

Sir, I haif fein them baith, 
In Braidicnefs and lye aback, 

Efcape and cum to Skaith : 
But quhat now of that now, 
Sturt follows all Extrcamsj 
Retain then the Mein then, 
The fureft Way it feims. 


Quhaik fum has furderd, fum has faildj 
Qyhair Part has perifht 3 Part prevaild, 

Alyke all cannot luck $ 
Then owther venture with the ane, 
Or with the uther let alane, 

The Cherrie for to pluck. 
Quod Houp 3 for Feir Folk maun not fafh, 

Quod Danger let not lichtj 
Quod Wit, be nowther rude nor rafhj 
Quod Reafon ze haif Richt: 
The Reft then thocht beft then* 
Qiihen Reafon faid it fac, 
That roundlie and foundlie 
They fuld togidder gae. 

CIV. To 

5fbe Chenie and the Slae. 167 

To get the Cherric in all Haft, 
As for my Saftie ferving maift, 

Tho Dreid and Danger feird f 
The Perril of that irkfom Way, 
Left that thairby I fould decay, 

Quha then fae weak appeird : 
Zit Hope and Courage hard befyde, 

Quha with them wont contend^ 
Did tak in Hand us all to gydc, 
Unto our Journeys End, 
Implaidging and waidging 
J5aith twa thair Ly ves for myne, 
Provy ding the Gyding 
To them were granted fyne. 

Then Dreid and Danger did appeal, 

Ailedging it could neir be weil, 

Nor zi; wald they agries 

But faid they fould found thair Retreit^ 

Becaufe they thocht them nae Ways meit 

Condu&ers unto me; 

% 4 ^ 

1 68 ftbe Cherrie and the Mae. 

Nor to no Man in myne Eftate, 

With Sicknefc fair oppreft J 

For they tuke ay the neirefl Gate, 

Omitting of the beft. 

Thair neireft perqucircft, 

Is always to them baith, 

Quair they, Sir, may fay, Sir, 

Quhat recks them of zour Sbaith. 
But as for us twa now we fweir 

Be him befoir we maun appeir, 

Our full Intent is now 

To haif ze hale, and always was, 

That Purpofe for to bring to pafs, 

Sae is not thairs I trow ; 

Then Hope and Courage did atteft, 

The Gods of baith thefe Parts^, 

Gif they wrocht not all for the beft 

Of me with upricht Hearts : 

Our Chiftain then liftan 

His Scepter did enjoyn 

Nae moir thair Uproir there 5 

AflU fte there Sp-yf was done. 


<£be Cherrie and the Slae. 1 6c, 

Rebuiking Dreid and Danger fair, 
Suppofe they meint wcil evirmair 

To me, as they had fwornj 
Becaufe thair Nibours they abufit, 
In fwa far as they had accufit 

Them, as ze hard beforn. 
Did he not els, quod he, confent 
The Cherrie for to pou ? 
Quod Danger , We are weil content, 
But zit the Manner how ? 
We fall now, evin all now, 
Get this Man with us thair s 
It refts then, ands heft then 
Zour Counfell to declair. 

Weil faid, quod Hope and Courage^ now 
We thairto will accord with zou, 
And fall abyde by themj 
Lyk as befoir we did fubmit, 
Sae we repeit the famyn zit, 

We raynd not to reclaime: 


i >/o fbe Che me and the She. 

Qyhpme they fall chufe to gyde the Way; 

Wc fall them follow ftraight, 

4nd riuder this Man, quhat we may, 

Becaufe we haif fae hecht; 

Promitting, bot flitting, 

To do the Thing we can. 

To pleife baith, and eife baitfy 

This filly fickly Man. 
Quhen Reafen heard this, then, quod he, 

I fe zour cheifeft Stay to be. 

That we haif namd nae Gyde; 

The worthy Cpunfell hath therfoir, 

Thocht gude that Witt fuld gac feefok. 

For Perrills to provyde. 

Qiiod Witty Ther is but anc of thre, 

Quhilk I fall to ze fchaw, 

Quhairof the firft twa cannot be, 

For ony thing I knaw : 

The Way heir fae fley heir^ 

Is that we cannot dim, 

Evin owre now, we four now, 

That will be hard for him. 

CX. The 

2ie Cherrie and the She. 17 1 

The next, gif we gae doun about, 
Quhyle that this Bend of Craigs rin out, 

The Streim is thair fae ftark 3 
And alfo paffeth waiding deip, 
And braider far than we dow leip 3 

It fuld be ydle Wark : 
It grows ay braider to the Sea, 

Sen owre the Lin it came, 
The rinning Deid dois fignifie 

The Deipnefs of the fame : 
I leive now to deive now^ 
How that it fwifdy flyds, 
As fleiping and creiping, 
But Nature fae provyds. 


Our Way then lyes about the Lin 3 

Qufiairby I warrand we fall win, 

It is fae ftraight and plain, 

The Waiter allfo is fae fchald, 

We fall it pafs, evin as we wald, 

With Plefour, and bot Pain : 


i *fz fthe Cherrie and the Slat. 
For as we fc a Mifcheif grow 

A ft of a feckles Thing, 
Sae lykways dois this River flow 
Forth of a prettie Spring; 

Quhois Throt, Sir, I wot, Sir, 
Ze may flap with zour Neive, 
As zou, Sir, I trow, Sir, 

Experience can preivc. 
That, quod Experience , I can, 

And all ze faid fen ze began, 

I ken to be a Truth. 

Quod Skill, The famyn I apruves 

Quod Reafon, Then let us remuve, ^ 

And fleip nae mair in Sleuth: 

Witt and Experience 3 quod he, 

Sail gae befoir a Pace, 

The Man fall cum with Skill and me rj . 

Into the fecond Place ; 

Attowre now zou Four now 

Sail cum into a Band, 

Procciding and leiding 

Ilk uther be the Hand. 
V ? ~ CXIII. As 

2%e Cherrie and the Sim - i ■jr 3 

As 'Reason ordert, all obeyd, 
Nane was owrc rafch, nane was afFraydj 

Our Counfell was fae wyfe, 
As of our Journey, Witt did note, 
We fand it trew in ilka Jot, 

God blifs the Enterpryfe: 
For cvin as we came to the Tree/ 

Quhilk as zc heard me tell, 
Could not be clum thair fuddenlie, 

The Fruit, for Rypenefs, fell 5 
Quhilk haifting and taifling, 
I fand my felf relievd 
Of Cairs all and Sairs all 
That Mynd and Body grievd, 

Praise be to God my Lord thairfoir 3 
Quha did myne Hekh to me reftoir, 
Being fae lang Tyme pynd; 
And blefled be His haly Name, 
Quha did frae Deith to Lyfe reclaim. 

Me quha was fae unkynd. 


1 74 Sfbe Qherrie and the Slae, 

All Nations allfo magnifie 

This evirliving Lord, 
Lat me with zou, and zou with me, 
To laud Him ay accords 

Quhois Luve ay we pruve ay 
To us abune all Things, 
And kifs Him and blifs Him, 
Quhois Glore eternall rings. 




**************** ************** 
I *************** *************** 


Jufting and Debate up at the Doun, 
Betwixt William Adamfon and John Sym* 

«riHE grit Debate and Turnament, 
-** Of Truth nae Tongue can tell, 
Was for a lufty Lady gent, 

Betwixt twa Frieks fae fell; 
For Mars the God armipotem 

Was not fae ferfs himfell, 
Nor Hercules, that Aiks uprent, 2 

And dang the Deil of Hell 

With Horns that Day. 


176 Jufiing and Debate 


DoiubtIes was. not fie ducky Deids 

Amangft the dowfy Peirs, 
Nor zit nae Clerk in Story rcids 

Of fae triumphand Weirs 5 
To fe hou ftoutly on thair Steids 

The flalwart Knychtis fteirs, 
Q-uhyle Bellies bair with brodding bleids 

With Spurs as fcherp as Breirs, 

And kene that Day. 


Up at the T>oun the Day was fct, 

I And fixed was the Feild, 

Qtiher baith thir noble Chiftains met 

Enarmit under Schieldj 
They wer fae hafty and fae her, 

That nane of them wad zield. 
But to debait, or be doun bait, 

And in the Qiiarrell kield, 

Or llane that Day. 

IV. Theue 

letwttit Addmfon and Sym. 177 


There was ane better and ane worfs, 

I wald that it were wittin, 
For William wichtar was of Corfs 

Than Sym, and better knittin. 
Sym faid, He fet nocht by his Forfsj 

But hecht he fuld be hittin, 
And he micht counter Will on Horfs r 

For Sym. was better fittin 

Nor Will that Day. 


To fee the Stryfc came Zonkers flout, 

And mony a galziart Man, 
All Dainties deir was thair bot Dour, 

The VVyne on brocn it ran : 
Trumpetts and Schalims., with a Scholia, 

Playd or the Rink began, 
And equal Juges fat about 

To fee quha tint or wan 

The Field thai: Day. 

arn VI. With 

1 73 Jufting and Delate 


With twa blunt Truncher-Spelrs (qu'airi 

It was their Interprife, 
To fecht with baith their Faces bair, 

For Luve, as is the Gyfe; 
A Friend of theirs, throu hap cam thair, 

And heard the Roiimor ryfe, 
He flail away their Stings baith clair^ 

Ajid hid in fecret Wayes, 

For Skaith that Day. 


Strang Men of Armes and mickle Micht, 

Wer fet them for to furdirj 
The Harald cryd, God fchaw the rick,; 

Syn bad them go togidder. 
Quhair is my Speir ? fays Sym the Knichty 

Sum Man go bring it hidder ; 
But wald they tarry thair all Nicht, 

Thair Launces cam too lidder 

And flaw that Day. 


tetwixt Adamfon and Sym. if j* 


SYM flew as fery as a Fowri; 

Down frae the Horfe he flaicf, 
Says, He fall rew my Staff has flown'; 

For I fall be his Deal. 
William his Vow plicht to the Powin^ 

For Favour or for Feid, 
Als gude the Trie had ncvir groWn a ' 

t^uherof my Speir was maid 

To juft this Day. • 


Thir Vows now maid to Sun and Mung 

They raikit baith to reft, 
Them to refrefch with their Disjune, 

And aft their Armour kicSft ; 
Not knawing of the Deid was done, 

Quhen they fuld haif fawn heft, 
The Fyre was pifcht out lang or Nuntfj 

Their Denner fuld: haif dreft. 

And dicht up at the Douh that Day. 

m i x± Tumi 

l8o Jufting and Debate 


Then wer they movit out of Mynd, 

Far mair than of beforne, 
They wift not hou to- get him pynd, 

That them had driven \p Scorn : 
Ther was nae Death mtcht be devynd, 

But braid Aiths haif they fworn, 
He fuld deir buy be they had dynd, 

And ban that he was born, 

Up at the Domi that Day. 

Thin to Dalkieth they maid them boun* 

Reid-wod of this Reproach, 
There was baith Wyne and Venifon, 

And Barrells ran on brotch. 
They band up Kyndnes in that Toun 5 

Nane frae his Feir to fotch, 
For there was nowther Lad nor Louii 
Micht eat a Bakin-lotch 

For Fownefs, up at Dalkieth that Day. 
XII. Synb 

vepwixt Adamfon and Syra. iSr 


Syne after Denner raife the Din, 

And all the Toun on Steir, 
William was wyfe, and held him in, 

For he was in a Feir. 
Sym to haif Bargain could not blin, 1 

But bukkit Will on Weir, 
Says, Gif thou wald this Lady win, 

Cum furth and break a Speir 

With mc, up at Dalkkth this Day, . 


Thus ftill for Bargin Sym abydes, 

And fchoutit Will to Schame, 
Will faw his Faes on baith the Sydcs, 

Full fair he dred for Blame: 
Will fchortly to his Horfe he flyde^ 

And fays to Sym be Name, 
fetter we baith were buyand Hydes 
And Wedder Skins "at hame, 

Nor here, up at Dalkkth this Day. 

,.5 m i XIV « ^°^ 

i §3 Jufii% a vd Debat§ 


Now is the Grume that was fae grim 

Richt glad to live in Lie, 
Fy, Thief 3 for Schame, cryes litle Sym 9 

Wilt thou not fecht with me ! 
Thou art mair large of Lyth and Lim, 

Nor I am be fie thrie: 
And all the Field cryd, Fy on him, 

§ae cowardly tuke the Flie 

For Feir, up at Dalkieth that Day* 


Them every Man gave Will a Mqck, 

And faid 3 He was owre miek. 
Says Sym 3 Send for thy Brither $eek 4 

I fall not be' to fiek; 
For were ze fourfum in a Flock, 

I compt ze not a Liek, 
Tho I had naithing but a Rok 

To gar zour Rumples reik 

Behind, up at Dalkieth this Day. 

XVI, .There 

letwtxt Adamfon and Sym. 185 


J hi re was richt nocht but haif and gae, 

With Lauchter loud they leuch, 
Quhen they faw Sym fie Courage tac, 

And Will mak it fae teuch : 
Sym lap on Horfe-back lyke a Rae, 

And ran him till a Heuch, 
Says, William, cum ryde down this Brae, 

Thocht ze fuld brek a Beugh, 

For Lufe, up at Dalkieth this Day. 


Syne down the Brae Sym braid lyke Thunder, 

And bad Will follow fait 5 
To Grund, for Feircenes, he did funder. 

Be he ^id-hill had paft. 
William faw Sym in fie a Blunder, 

To gae he was agaftj 
For he afTeird, it was nae Wonder 

His Courfour fuld him caft, 

. And hurt him up at Dalkieth that Day. 

HI 4. XVIII. Thm 

1 84 Jufiing and Debate 


Then all the Zonkers bad him tidd. 

Or doun the Glen to gang; 
Sum cryd the Gouard fuld be kield, 

Sum doun the Cleuch they thrang; 
Sum rufchd, fum rumbled,, and fum rield, 

Sum be the Bewis hie hang: 
Thair Avers £yld up all the Held, 

They were fae fou and pang, 

With Eifc, up at Dalkieth that Day, 


Xhe>* jelly John came in a Jak ? 

To Field quhair he was feid it 3 
Abune his Brand a Buckler black, 

Bail fell tbe Bairn that baid it. 
He flipit fwiftly to the Slak, 

And rudly doun he raid it, 
Before h'n, Curpall was a Crak, 

Could nae Man tell quha maid it, 

For Lauchtcrj up at Dalkieth' that Day* 

XX. Bs 

letwixt Adamfon and Sym, 18$ 


Be than the Bougil gan to blaw, 

For Nicht had them owretane : 
Alace, faid Sym 3 for faut of Law, I 

That Bargin get I name. 
Thus hame with mony a Crack and Flaw 

They palled every ane, 
Syne partit at the Potter-Raw, 

And findry Gaits are gane, 

To reft them within the Totin that Nicht, 


This Will was he beguild the May, 

And did hir Marriage fpillj 
He promift hir to let him play, 

Hir Purpofe to fulfill 5 
Frae fcho fell fow, he fled away, 

And came nae mair hir till 5 
Quherfore he tint the Feild that Day., 

And tuke him to a Mill, 

To hyde him as a Coward falfe of Fay. 

Finis, quod Scot. 



W@?i&&!'4$%¥%$& $% $"* fcTJ £*4 S^S^S"^ ^i> w 4 ^ E ii 

&&J$M<hJ?;M;MJ%'J %& %$ fe$ k\%;#/;^;#/;\%^ I 

On MAY. 

■% r AY is a Month maift amenc 
T For them in Venus Service bertc^ 

To recreate their heavy Hearts ; 
May caufes Courage frae the Splene, 
And evry Thing in May reverts. 


I n May the pleafent Spray upfprings, 
In May the mirthful Maveis fings, 

And now in May to Maidens falls, 
With Tymmer Wechts to trip and Rings, 

And to play Upcpil with the Balls. 
I n May gois Gallants bring in Symmer, 
And trymmly occupy their Tymmer, 

With hunt up cyry Morning Plaid: 
In May gois Gentlewomen gyromer, 

In Gardens grene their Grumes to glade. 

IV Ik 

On MAT. 187 


In May quhen Men zied eyerichone, 

With Robene Hid and Littil-John, 
To bring in Bows and hirkjn Bobbyns $ 

JSIow all fie Game is faftlings gone, 
Bat gif it be amangs clovin Robbyns. 

Abbotts by Rule, and Lords bot Reafon, 

Sic Senzeors Tymes owerweil this Seafon 3 

Upon thair Vyce war lang to waik j 
Quhen falfit Feiblenefs and Treafon, 

Has rung thryfs owre this Zodiack. 


In May begins the Gowk to gail; 

In May Deir draw to Doun and Dale, 

In May Men mells with Famynic, 
And Ladys meit their Luvairs leil, 

Quhen Phebus is in geminu 

~ VIL 
ButteRj new Cheife, and Beir in May s 

Connans, Cockles, Cruds and Whey, 

Lapfters, Lempets, Muflels in Shells, 

Creinleiks, and all fie Men may fey, 

Suppofe {urn of them fourly fmells. 


188 On MAT. 

I n May grit Men within thir Bounds; 

Sum halks the Walters, fum with Hounds, 
The Hares out throw theForefi catches, 

Syne after them thair Ladeis Sounds, 
To fcent the Rynning of the Ratches.' 


I n May frank Archers will affix 

Ane Place to meit, fyne Marrows mix, 
To fchute at Butts, at Banks and Braes^ 

At Revers fum, fum at the Prikks, 
Sum laich and to beneth the Clais, . 


I n May Men of Amours fuld gae 

To ferve their Ladies and nae mae j 

Sen thair Relief in Ladies lyes 5 
For fum may cum in Favour fae, 
To kifs their Luve on Buchan Ways.' 


I n May gois Damofells and Dams 

In Gardens grein to play lyke Lamms 5 
Sum at the Bars imbrace like Billers 5 

Sum rin at Barlabreiks like Rams, 
Sum round about the {landing Pillars. 

On MAT. 189 


I n May gois Maidens till La Reit, 
And hcs their Mynzeons on the Streit., 

To horfe them quhair the Gate is ruch: 
Sum at Inchbuckl'mg-brae they meit, \ -g 

Sum in the Mids of Mujfelbrugh. 



So Afay and all thir Moncths three^ 
Are het and dry in thair Degriej 

Therefore ye wanton Men in Zouth, 
For Health of Body now haif ze 3 

Not aft to mell with thanhles Mouth* 
Sen evryPaftyme is at Pleafure, 
I council you to fport with Meafurej 

And namely now May 3 June and July^ 
Delyt not lang in Luvers Leafure, 
But weit your Lipps and labour huly. 

§uod Alex. Scot» 




Q Um fpeiks of Lords, fum fpeiks of Lairds, 
X<J And ficlyke Men of hie Degrie, 
Of a Gentleman I fing a Sang, 

Sumtyme calld Laird of Gilnockie, 
The King he wrytes a luving Letter 

VVith his ain Hand fae 'tenderly, 
And he hath fent it to Johny Amjlrang 3 
To cum and fpeik with him fpeidily. 


This is the true did Ballad, never printed before, of the 
famous John ^Armftrang of Gilnockhall m Liddifdale, a Head 
pf a numerous Clan and Fa&ion, who ufed to pafs over 
in = Troops to .England, making continual Incurfions, and 
ta.lung much Plunder in the bordering Parts. See an Ac- 
count of his being taken and executed, with many of his 
Followers (in his own Country, not contending with his 
Prince at Edinburgh, as the vulgar Ballad falfly narrates) 
in Buchanan's Hiftory of J<AMES. the Vth, about the 
Year 1530. This I copied from a Gentleman's Mouth 
Of the Name of ^irmfirakg, who is the 6th Generation from* 
this John. He tells me this was ever efteemd the genuine 
lallad, the common one, falfe,' 

Jobnie Armftrang. . 191 

The Eliot s and Armftrangs did convenes 

They were a gallant Company, 

eill ryde and meit our lawful King, 

And bring him fafe to Gllnockle. 

ake Kinnen and Capon ready then, 

And Venifon in great Plenty, 
Weill welcome Hame our Royal King, 

I hope heill dyne at Gilnookh. 

They ran their Horfe on the Langum Hown 3 

And brake their Speirs with mekle main j 
The Ladys lukit frae their loft Windows, 

GOD bring our Men well back again, 
Q_u hen Johny came before the King, 

With all his Men fae brave to fee, 
The King he movit his Bonnet to him, 

He weind he was a King as well as He, 

May I find Grace, my Sovereign Liege, 

Grace for my loyal Men and me; 
For my Name it is Johny Armftrang, 

And Subject of zours, my Liege, faid he. 

A way 

19 2 Johnie Armfir'ang, 

r Away 3 away, thou Traytor Strang, 
Out of my Skht thou mayfl fune he 2 

I grantit nevir a Traytor s Lyfe 3 
And now III not begin with thee. 

Grant me my Lyfe my Liege, my King,; 

And a bony Gift I will give to theej 
Full Four and Twenty Milk whyt Steids, 

Were a foald in a Zeir to me. 
I'll gie thee all thefe Milk whyt Steids, 

That prance and nicher at a Speirj 
With as mekle gude Ingl'is Gilt, 

As four of their braid Backs dow beii\ 
r Away 3 away thou Traytor 3 dec. 

Grant me my Lyfe, my Liege, my King, 

And a bony Gift I'll gie to thee, 
ISude Four and twenty ganging Mills, 

That gang thiow a the Zeir to me. 
Thefe Four and twenty Mills complete, 

Sail gang for thee throw all the Zeir, 
And as mekle of gude reid Quheit, 

As all thair Happen dow to bear. 


Johnie Armftrang. 193 

'Away, away thou Traytor, &c. 

Grant me my Lyfe, my Liege, my King, 

AM a great Gift 111 gie to thee, 
Bauld Four and Twenty Sifters Sons, 

Sail for thee fecht tho all fould flee. 

Away i away thou Traytor 3 dec. 

Grant me my Lyfe, my Liege, my King,, 

And a brave Gift 111 gie to thee j 
All betwene heir and Newcajlle Town, 

Sail pay thair zeirly Rent to thee. 

'Away 3 away thou Traytor 3 dec. 

2 e leid, ze leid now, King, he fays, 

Althocht a King and Prince ze be 5 
For I luid naithing in all my Lyfe, 

I dare well fayit but Honefty : 
But a fat Horfe and a fair Woman, 

Twa bony Dogs to kill a Deir j 
But Ingland fuld haif found me Meil and Malt, 

Gif I had livd this hundred Zeir. 

$| Scho 

*9+ Johnle Avmftrang. 

Scho fuld haif found me Meil and Malt, 

And Beif and Mutton in all Plenties 
But neir a Scots Wyfe could haif laid, 

That eir I skaithd her a pure Flic. 
To feik het Water beneath cauld Yce, 

Surely it is a great Folic; 
I haif asked Grace at a gracelefs Face, 

But there is nane for my Men and mc... 

But had Ikend or I came frae Hamc, 

How thou unkynd wadft bene to mc, 
I wad haif kept the Border Syde, 

In fpyte of all thy Force and xhee, 
Wift Englands King that I was tane, 

O gin a blyth Man wald he be 3 
For anes I flew his Sifters Son, 

And on his Breift-bane brak a Tree. 

JOHN wore a Girdle about his Midle, 
Imbroidcrd owre with burning Gold, 

Befpangled with the fame Mettle, 
Maifl beautifull was to behold. 


J oh me Armftfang* 19 j 

Thcr hang nine Targats at Jvkriys Hat, 
And ilk an worth Three hundred Pound, 

What zuants that Knave that a King fuld haif$ 
But the Sword of Honour and the Crown* ) 

quhair gat thou thefe Targats, Johnie, 
That blink fae brawly abune thy Brie ? 

1 gat them in the Field fechting, 
Quher, cruel King, thou durft not ber 

Had I my Horfe and my Harnefs gude, 

And Ryding as I wont to be, 
It fould haif bene tald this hundred Zeir, 

The Meiting of my King and me. 

God be withee, Kirfly, my Brither, 

tang live thou Laird of Manger toun 5 
Lang mayft thou dwell on the Border-Syde, 

Or thou fe thy Brither ryde up and doun. 
And God be withee, Kirfly 3 my Son, 

Quhair thou fits on thy Nurfes Knee $ 
But and thou live this Hundred Zeir, 

Thy Fathers better thoult never be. 

196 Johnie Armfirang, 

FarwEIL, my bonny Gilnockhall, 

Quhair on £s£-fyde thou {landed ftout 3 
Gif I had lived but feven Zeirs mair a 

I wald haif gilt thee round about. 
John murdred was at Carlinrigg 3 

And all his galant Companies 
But Scotland^ Heart was never fae wac, 

To fee fae mony brave Men die. 

Because they favd their Country deir 
Frae Englifimen; nane were fae bauld, 

Quhyle Johnie livd on the Border -fyde, 
Nane of them durft cum neir his Hald, 


i 9 7 

Of heidftrang Zoiitb ill to command^ 
Advyfd to keip a Hank in Hand. 

^v Gallants all, I cry and call, 

^^ Keip Strenth, quhyle that ze haif it. 

Repent ze fall, quhan ze are thrall, 

Frae Tyme the Dub be lavit. 
With wanton Zouth tho' ze be cowth, 

With Courage hie on loft; 
Suppofe great Drouth cum in zour Mouth; 

Beware drink not owre aft. 

Tak but at Lift, fuppofe ze thrift, 

Zour Mouth at Leafure cule, 
Zour Mynd folift weil to refill, 

Langer lefts Zcir than Zule, 



ip 8 Advyce to a headftrong Zouth, 

Tho ze ryd faft, caft not owrc aft 

Zour Speir into the Reift, 
With Stuff uncoft, fet upon loft, k 

Enonch is even a Feift. l | 

In Cupids Grace fuppofe ze trace, 

Thinkand zour fell abune, 
2c may percafe call Daweis Ace, } 

And fae be lotchit fune. 
Frae Tyme ze ftank into the Bank, 

And Drypoynt cumis in Play 5 
Ze tyne the Thank, Man, hald a Hank, 

Or all be paft away. 

Frae thou rin tume, as I prefumc, 

Thou has baith Skaith and Scorn, 
Thee to confume with Fyre allume. 

That Bourd may be forborn. 
Far in that Play, I futhly fay, j 

Gude Will is not alio wit j 
Gifthou nocht may, gae Way, gaeWay, 
. Then art thou all forhowit. 


Advyce to a headftrong Zouth. 199 

Considdekance has no Luvance, 

Frae thou be bair thaiirben, 
At that Semblance, is no Plefance, 

Quhen pithles grows thy Pen. 
Quhen thou has done thy Det abune, 

Forfochten in the Feild, 
Scho will fay, fune get thee an Spune. 

Adieu, baith Speir and Sheild. 

Frae thou inlaiks to lay on Straiks, 

Frae Hyne, my Son, ad'tew, 
Than thy Roum vaiks, an uther takes 

That Solace to perfue. 
Quhyle Brauns are big, abune to ligj 

Gude is in Tyme to ceife ; 
To tar and tig, fyn Grace to thig, 

That is a pityous Preis. 

Therfore bewar, hald the on far, 

Sic Chafwair for to prys, 
To tig and tar, then get the War., 

It is ill Merchandyfe. 

& 4 , Mak 

200 Advyce to a headftrong Zoutb* 
Mak thou nae Vant, owre aft tohant 
In Places dern thair doun, 

Frae Tyme thou want, that Stuff is fcant 
To borrow in the Toun. 

Few Honour wins into that Inns a 

For fhuiting at the Schells, 
Out of xour Shins the Subfhnce rins, 

They get no Genzell Ells. 
In Tyme let be, I counfell thee, 

Ufenot that ofrerand Stok; 
Q.i!ienthee they fee, they bleirthync Ee 5 

And mak at thee a Mok. 

Tho thou fuppofe haif at thy Chois, 

I red thee for the Nains ; 
Keip Stuff in Pofe, tyne not thy hois,j 
r Wait not all in that wains. 
Frae Tyme fchq fee under thyne Ee, 

The Brawn away it munts: 
Thy Game and Gk^ gains nocht for thee 

Thou maun let be fie Hunts. 

Fa. as 

Advyce to a headftrong Zouth. 201 

F r a E thou luke cheft, adieu that Faift, 

To hunt into that Schaw, 
Quhen on that Beift at thy requeift, 

Thy Kennets will not kaw. 
Within that Stoup fraeTymethou fowp, 

And Wirdis to be fweir, 
And makes a Stop, when they fould hop 3 

Adieu the ThrifTil deir. 

Therfore albeit thy Hounds haif fpei4 

To rin owre aft let be, 
In thy maifl Neid fometyme bot) Dreid, 

They will rebuted be j 
Owre aft to hourid in uncouth Ground, 

Thou maytak up unbatit: 

Therfore had bound thocht Icho be found • 


Or dreid thy Dogs be flaitit. 

Scho is not ill that fitteth ftill, 

Perfewed in the Sait, 
That Beift fcho will give thee thy fill, 

Till thou be even Chakmaic, y 


202 Advyce to a headfirong Zouth. 

Suppofe thou range owre all the- Grange, 

And feikbaith Syke and Sewch; 
Still will fcho menge, and make it ftreng e 

Andfgive thee even eneuch. 

Therwith advyfe, fuppofe fcho ryfe 3 

Laich underneth thy Fute; 
But be thou wyfe, fcho will furpfyfe 

Thy Hounds and them rebute. 
In Tyme abyde, the Feilds are wyde, 

I counfell thee, gude Bruther ; 
111 is the Gyde that fails Sot Tyde, 

Syne racklefs is the Ruther. 

Hunters, adieu, gif ze perfuc 

To hunt at evry Beift, 
Ze will it rew, ther is anew, 

Thairto haif ze no Hafte. 
With an O and an I, ze Hunters all and Sum, 
Qiihcn befl is Play, pafs hame away, 

Or Dreid, War after cum. 
Quod Balnevis. 



The blate Luvair that fain wad, 
but fears to fpeik. 


MY Heart is loft only for Luve of one, 
For Laik of Speich, and all for Shamefulnefs, 
I dare nor fpeik my Purpofe to propone, 
Nor wat not how my Purpofe I fall drefs j 
Speik I till hir and fcho be mercylefs, 
And denzie not again to fpeik to me, 

Then .haif I tint my Speiking mair and left, 
An unfped Speich had better unfpoken be. 


I dar not fpeik for Dreid that fcho difpyt] 

My rural Terms, and fay I do but raif, 
And fpeik I not unto my Lady quhyte, 

YTithouten -Speich hir Luve I cannot haif: 

But gif I fpeik, quhat- can I of hir craif > 
I {pare to fpeik for laik of Eloquence ; 

O couth fcho without Speich my Synis perfaif, 

I wald nochc fpeik to hir Magnificens. 

III. Fain 

204 Sthe Blate Luvair. 


Fain wald I fpeik, gif Speiking michc avail, 

Gif fcho for Speich wald fpeik to me again: 
I fpare to fpeik for fpilling of my Tale, 

Then I my fpeiking fpendit haif in vain : 

To fpeik and fpeid not is an leftand Pain. 
How fall I fpeik? I dare not fpeik for Dreid*, 

Be it gude or ill, fcho fpeiks to me again, 
Zit fall I fpeik, unfpoken can nocht fpeido 


Qn hat fall I fpeik, fen I maun fpeik on forfs 
To hir that is o£ Speich maift eloquent? 

Then I fall fpeijc, how that my cairful Corfs , 
Throw laik of Speich tholes Day and Hour Torment 
Caufe I cannot tell hir my hail Intent, 

For want of Speich and ornatTermis plain, 
Befeiking hir with fpeiking reverent, 

Jhat fcho wald fpeik to comfort me again, 

guod Stewart. 

i uy e 

Uve pryfis, bot Cornparifon, 
The Gentill and the Sempill all, 


LWE a Leveler, 


And of Free-will gives Warefon, 

As Fortune chances to befall 5 

For Luve maks nobill Ladyis thrall 
To bafer Men of Birth and Bludc, 

Sae Luve gars fobir Women fmali 
Find Favour with grk Men of Glide. 

Fxrm Luve for Favour, Feir or Feid, 

Of rich nor pure to fpeik fuld fpairj 
For Luve to Hienes hes nae Heid, 

Nor lichrlys Lawlines ane Hair, 

But puts all Perfons in compair j 
This Proverb plainly for to pruvc, 

That Men and Women, lefs and mair, 
Ar cumd f Adam and of Eve, 

III. Sai 


2o 6 Lime a Leveler. 


Sae thocht my Liking wer a Lady., 
And I nae Lord, zit nocht the \efs 3 

Scho fuld my Service fynd als redy, 
As Duke to Dutches docht him drefs$ 
For as hie Princely Luve. expr efs, 

Is to haif Soverenitie, 

Sae Service cums of Simpilnefs, 

And lieleft Luve of law Degrie. 


So Luvaris Lair no Leid fuld Iak^ 

A Lord to luve a fempill Lafs, 
A Lady als for Luve to tak 

Ane proper Page hir Tyme to pafs; 

For quhy, as bricht bene birniit Brafs^ 
As SHver wrocht in all Devyce, 

And als gude drinking out of Glafs 
As Gold, thocht Gold gife gritter Pryce. 



2.0 7 

The Floure of Womanheld. 

r-ipHou Well of Vertew, Floure of Womanheicl, 
And Patronefs of hevinly Patiens, 

Tady of Lawty baith in Word and Deid, 
Sobir, ferene, full of meik Eloquens, 
Baith gude and fair: To zour Magnificens 

I recommend, as I haif done befoir, 

My fempill Heart for now and evirmoir. 


For evirmoir I fall zou Service mak, 
Sen, as befoir, into my Mynd I made, 

Sen firfl I knew zour Ladyfchip, bot Lak, 
All Be w tie, Zouth and Womanheid ze had, 
Wnhouten Reft my Heart couth not evade. 

Thus am I zours, and ay fenfyne haif bene 

Commandit therto by zour twa fair Ene. 

III. Zour 


20 8 ttbe Flour e of Womanbeid. 


2 our twa fair Ene maks me aft fyis to fing, 
Zour twa fair Ene maks me to lich alfo, 

Zour twa fair Ene maks me grit comforting, 
Zour twa fair Ene is Wyt of all my Wo, 
Zour twa fair Ene will not ane Heart let go, 

But links him fait that gets a Sicht of them, 

Of every Vertew brieht ze beir the Name. 

iv. • 

Ze beir the Name of Gentilnefs of Elude, 
Ze beir the Name, that mony for ze dies, 

Ze beir the Name, ze are baith fair and gude,' 
Ze beir the Name of every Sweit can pleis, 
Ze beir the Name, Fortune and zou agreis, 

Ze beir the Name of Lands of lenth and breid, 

The Well of Vertew and Floure of Womanheid, 



Donald Owyrs Epitaph* 

t N Vyce maift vicious he excells, 

That with the Vyce of Treafoun mells 3 
Thocht he Rcmiflion 
Haif for ProdiflioiL, 
Schame and Sufpiflion 
Ay with him dwells, 


He evir odious as ane Howie, 
The Fait fae filthy is and foul, 

Horrible to Nature 

Is ane Traytour, 

As Feynd in Frater 
Undir a Coul. 



21 o Donald Owyrs Epitaph, 

Qxjha is a Traytour or a Theifj 
Upoa hiiaafell turns the Mifchesfj 

His fraudfull Wylis 

Himfcll begylis 3 

As in the Ylis 
Is now a Preif. 


The feltffrong Traytour Donald Ozvyr y 
Mair Falfet had nor udir four, 
Round Ylis and Seis 
In his Suplies, 
On Gallow Treis 
Zit dois he glowir. 
Fa l set nae Feit hes, nor Defens 
Be Pra&ick, Powir nor PufTiens, 
Thocht it frae Licht 
Be fmoird frae Sicht, 
God fchawis the Richt 
With foir Vengens, 

VI. Of 


Donald Owyrs Epitaph. zii 


Of the fals Fox diflimulator 
Kynde, is ilka Theif and Traytour, 
After Refpyte 
To mak Defpyte, 
Mair Appytyte 
He has of Nature. 
Wer the Tod tane a thoufand Faud, 
And Grace him given as aft for Fraud 5 
Wer he on Plane, 
All wer in vain, 
Frae Henns again 
Micht nane him had. 
The Murtherer ay Murther mais, 

And ay till he be flane he flays $ 
Wyvis thus mak Mokks 
Spynand on Roks. 
Ay rynnsthe Fox 
Quhyle lie Fute hesv 

d^ % € O M* 

212 ihe Solfequiurrt. 

M 106^06906900100006 \ 


fnp H e Bramble growis, althocht it be obfcure, 
Qiihylis Mountane Cederis tholes the bou- 
fleous Winds, 
And myld Plebyan Spirits may leif fecure, 

Quhylis michty Tempeftis tofs Imperial Mynds- 

The Solfequium,. or the Lover com 
pairing himfelf to Sun-FlowirJ. 

L . 

TT Yk as the dum Solfequium with Cair owrecuil 

Dois forrow, quhenthe Sun gois out of Sich 

Hings doun his Heid, and droupis as deid, and wi 

not fpreid 3 

But lukis his Levis throw Langour all the Nich 
Till fulifch Phaeton aryfe with Quhip in Hand 

To purge the Chriftal Skyis, and licht the Lam 
Birds in thair Bower wait on that Hour, 

And to thair King ane glade Gudemorrow giyei 

Frae than that Flowir lifts not to lour, 

But lauchs on Phebm lowfing out his Lcivs. 

It. Sw, 



the tSolfeqimm. 2.1% 


|>wY ftands with me, except I be quhair I may fe 

My Lamp of Licht, my Lady and my Luve, 
Frae fcho depairts, a thoufand Dairts in findry Airts 

Thirle thruch my heavy Heart, bot Reft or Ruve 3 
My Countenance declairs my inward Greif, 
And Howp almaift difpairs to find Releif. 

I die, I dwyne, Play dois me pyne, 
I loth on every Thing I hike, allace ! 

Till Titian myne upon me fchyne, 
That I revive thruch Favour of hir Face. 

Frae fcho appeir, into hir Sphere begins to cleir^ 

The Dawing of my lang defyrit Day, 
Then Courage cryis on Howp to ryfe, quhen he efpyis 

The noyfum Nicht of Abfens went away s 
No Noyis, frae I awalke, can me impefche, 
[ But on my ftaitly Stalk I flurifche frefche 3 

I fpring, I fprout, my Leivs ly out, 
My Collour changis in ane hairtium Hew 5 

Na mair I -lout, but ftand up £loi% 
As glad of hir for quhome I only grew. 


Sfbe Solfequium. 


O happy Day ! go not away, Apollo flay 

Thy Chair frae going doun unto the Weft, 
Of me thou mak thy Zodiak, that I may tak 

My Plefour to behald quhome I luve beft: 
Thy Prefens me reftoris to Lyfe from Deth, 
Thy Abfens lykways fchoris to cut my Brethj 

I wifs in vain thee to remain, 
Sen primum mobile fays me always nay, 

At leift thy Wane bring fune again, 
Fareweil with Patiens per Forfs till Day. 

Montgomir y« 





7£* Fir/? Pschalme. 

ttt Eil is the Man, 
Zea blifit than, 
Be Grace that can 
Efchew ill Counfale and the godlefs Gaits, 
Quha walks not in 
The Way of Sin, 
Nor dois begin 
To fit with Mokkaris in thair fchaniefull Salts, 
But in Jehovahs Law 

Delyts aricht, 
And ftudys it to knaw 

Baith Day and Nicht. 
That Man fall be lykc to ane Tre 
That plantit by the ryning River grows, 

Quhilk Fruit dois beir in Tyme of Zeir, 
Qiihais Leivis fall nevir fade, nor Rute unlowfc. 

<m a. If. His 


2i 6 *the Firft Pfchalme, 


His Anions all 
Ay profper fall: 
So fall not fall 
To wicket Menj but as the Calf and Sand, 
Quhilk Day by Day 
Winds dry ve away : 
Thairfore I fay 
The wicket in thair Jugment fall not {land, 
Nor Sinners cum nae mair, 

Qu-home God difdains, 
In the Aflembly quhair 

The Juft remains. 
For quhy? The Lord quha beirs Record. 
He knaws the richteous Converfation ay, 
But godles Gaits., quhilk he fo haits„ 
Sail quickly perreifs, and bot Dout decay. 



The Twenty third Pschalme. 

p-j-^HE Lord maifl hie, 

I knaw will be 
An Hird to me, 
I cannot lang haif Strefs, nor ftand in Ncidj 
He maks my Lair, 
la FeUds maift fair, 
Qiihair I bot cair, 
Repofing at my Pleafure fafely feid. ' 
'• He fweitly me conroyis 
To pleifand Springs, 
Qiihair naething me anoyis, 

But Pleafour brings: 
He brings my Mynd, fit to fie Kynd 5 
That Forfs or Feir jpf Fac cannot me grieve : 
He dois me leid in perfyt Freid, 

And for his Name he will me ncvir leivc. 



ziS tfhe twenty third Pfcbalme. 

Thocht I wald ftray, 
Ilk Day by Day, 
In deidly Way, 
Zit will I not difpah •, I feir none ul 5 
For quhy thy Grace, 
In every Place, 
Dois me hnbrace, 
Thy rod and Shiphirds Cruke comfort me ftill, 
' In difpyt of my Foes, 
My Tabill grows, 
Thou balmis my Heid with Joy, 

My Cup owreflows. 
Kyndnefs and Grace, Mercy and Peicc, 
Sail follow me for all my wretched Days, 

And me convoy to endlefs Joy 
In Hevin, quhair I fall be with thee always. 

Thefe two Pfihalmes quod Montgomery 



^f ^Difcripion of Tedder Coffes 
their having no Regard to Ho- 
nefty in their Vocation, 


y T is my Purpofe to difcryve 
-*■ This holy perfyte Genologic 
Of Pedder Knaves fupcrlatyve, 

Pretendand to Authoritie, 

That wate ofnocht but Beggartic: 
Ze Burges Sons, prevene thir Louns, 

That wald diftroy Mobilities 

And baneifs it all Borrows Towns. 

They are declarit in feven Parts, 

Ane ftroppit Coffe,quhen he begins, 
Ay fornand all and findry Arts 3 

To buy up Hens reidwod he rins 5 

Syne locks them up into his Inns, 
Waiting a Derth, %i fells their Eggs, 

Regretandly on them he winns, 
And fecondly his Meit he beggs. 



22o A Dijcription df Pedder Coffes. 


Ane Swyngeor CofFe amangft the Wyves, 

In Landwart dwells with fabtile Meins, 
Exponand to them auld Saints Lives, 

And fains them fyne with Deid Mens, Bainss 

Like Rome -rakers with awflerne Grains, 
Speikand Cur-lyke ilk an till uther^ - 

Peipand puirly with pityous Manes, 

Lyke fenzeit Symmie and his Brother. 

Thir. curriih Coffes that fails owre fune. 

And Thretiefum about a Pack, 
With bair blew Bonnets and hobeld Shunc, 

And Beir Bannocks with them they tak, 

The fchamlefs Shrews, God gie them lak, 1 
At Nune quhen Merchants make guid Cheir, 

Steil doun and ly behind a Sack, 
Drinkand but Dreggs and barmy Beir. 


Knavat i £ k Coffe, miskens himfell, 
Quhen he gets on a furrit Gfunj 

But Lucifer the Laird of Hell, 
Is not kfs haly than that Loun j 

A Difcription ofPedder Coffes. 221 
As he cumes brankand throw the Toun, 
With his Keis clinkand on his Arme, 

That Calf clovin flitted fleid Cuftrounj 
Will wed nane but a Burges Bairn. 

Ane Dyvour Coffe, that Worry-Hen, 

Diftroys the Honnour of our Nation, 
Taks Guids a frift frae fremit Men, 
And breaks with them his Obligation^ 
Quhilks dbis our Merchants Defamation, 
They are reprievt for that Regratour j. 

Therfore we give our Declaration 
To hang and draw that common Tray tour, 

A curloreous Coffe, that Hege-Scraper, 
He fits at hame quhen that they bake 5 
ThatPeddeL- Brybour that Sheip-keipar, 
He tells them ilk ane Cake by Cake, 
Syne Locks them up, and taks a Faik 
Betwixt his Doublet and his Jacket, 

And eits them in the Buith that Smaik, 1 
IH than he mort into a Rakket. ^^ A 

222 A Difcription ofPedder Coffes. 

A Codroch Coffe, he is owre rich, 
And hes nae Hap his Gude to fpend> 

But lives lyker ony wareit Wretch, 
And trefts never till take an End, 
With Falflieid ever does him defend, 

Proceiding ftill in Avarice, 

And leaves his Saul nae gudc Commend, 

But walks a wilfome Way I wifs 


I zou exhort all that this heir, 

And reids this Bill, ze wald it fchaw 

Unto the Provoir, and him require, 
That he would give thir Coffes the Law, 
And banifh them the Burges Raw; 

And to the Shoe-ftreit gar them ften, 
Syne cut their Lugs that we may knaw 

Thir Peddcr Knaifs be Burges Men. 

.§god Lindsay 


-kkkk-kkkk k-kkk-kkkk -kkk-kkkk-kkkkk-k-ki 

Wbe fyne Advyce Jock gied his Ded, 
Zeil ken qtihen ze thir Lynes half red. 

■wOCK, quod his Ded, quhat will meeify make? 
J With {landing my Legs tyre, and quhen I kneil 
My Kneis are pynd, ganging gars my Feit ake> 
Lying irks my Back, and gif I fit I feil 
My Hipps ar hurt, and lein I neir fae wcil, 
My Elbuck fmarts. — « Quod Jock 3 Pain to ex$tg 
Since all thefe eife not, befi e\n hing a quhyle* 


-r Thank ze, Jock 9 for zour Adyce, 

My kyndly Cock, I thank ze, Jock J' 
Weil have z« fpoke and councild nycej 
1 thank ze 3 Jock 3 for zoar Advycc. 




The Ballat of the Reid-Squait 
fought on the 7th July 15-76. 


/\N July feventh, the Suthe to fay, 

^'^ At the Reid-Squair the Try ft was fet, . 
Our Wardens they afrixt the Day, 

And as they promift, fae they met: 

Allace! that Day I'll neir forzet, 
Was fure fae feird, and then fae fain, 

They came ther Juftice for to get, 
JiVill nevir grdn to cum again. 


CARMICHAELL was our Warden then, 

He caufit the Countrey to convene, 
And the Laird Watt> that worthy Man, 

Brocht in his Surname weil be fene : 

The Armjlrangs to that ay haif bene 
A hardy Houfe, but not a hail j 

The Eliots Honours to mentain, • 

Brouchc in the Uif of Liddifdail.. 

III. Them 


the Ballot of the Reid-Squair. 22$ 

Then Twidail came to with Speid, 

The Scherif brocht the Douglas doun, 
With Cranftanc, Gladfiane 3 gude at Neid, 

Baith Rewls-Watter and Hawick-Toun. 

JBeangeddert bauldly maid him boun, 
With all the Trumbulls ftrang and ftout$ 

The Kutherfuirds, with grit Renoun, 
Convoyit the Toun of Jedbruch out. 

With uther Clarins I can nocht tell, 

Bccaufe our Wairning was nocht wyde 3 
Be this out Folk hes tane the Fell, 

And plantit Pallions thair to byde: 

We lukit doun the uther Sydc, 
And faw cum breifting owre the Brae, 

And Sr George Fojier was thair Gyde, 
With Fyftenc hundrid Men and mae. 

It greivt him fair that Day I trow, 

With Sr John Hlnrome of Schiffydehoufe 3 
Becaufe we wer not Men enow, 
He counted hs not worth a Soufes 

i26 &e Baliat of the Reid-Squarf. 

Sr George was gentill, meik and doufe, 
But he was hail, and hct as Fyre j 

But zit, for all his Cracking croufc, 
He rewd the Raid of the Reid-fqttyre. 

To dell with proud Men is but Pain, 

For ether ze maun ficht or flie, 
Gr els nae Anfwer mak again, 

But play the Beiit, and let him be. 

It was nae Wondir tho he was hie, 
Had lyndall, Kedfdaile at his Hand, 

With Cuckfdaile, Gladfdaile on the Lie, 
Auld Hebfrime and Northumberland, 


Zit was our Meiting. meik enough., " 

Begun with Murines and Mows, 
And at the Braeabune the Heugh 

The Clerk fat doun to call the Rowsy- 

And fum for Ky and fum for Ewis^ 
Callit in of Dandrie, Hob and Jock, 

I faw cum merching owre the Knows, 

Fyve hundred lennkks in a Flock. 

VIII. With 


%he Ballot of the Reid-Squair. . 227 


With Jack and Speir, and Bo wis all bent 3 
And warlick Weaponis at thair Will 5 

Howbeit we wcr not weil content, 
Zit be my Trowth wc feird nae 111: 
Sum zeid to drink, and fum ftude ftill, 

And fum to Cairds .and Dyce them fped, 

Quhyle on ane Farftein they fyld a Bill,' 

And he was Fugitive that fled. 

CARMICHAELL bad them fpeik out plainly, 

And cloke nae Caufe for III nor Gude, 
The uther anfwering him full. vainly, 

Begouth to reckon Kin and Blude. 

He raife and raxd him quhair he fhide, 
And bad him match him with his Marrows ; 

Then Tyndall hard thefe Refouns rude, 

And they lute aff a Flicht of Arrows. 

Then was ther nocht but Bow and Speir, 

And ilka Man pullit out ane Brand, 
A Scbaften and a Tennick their, 
Gude S^mmingtoun was flain frae Hand, 

P % The 

22$ Stbe Ballat of the Reid-Squair. 

Hie Scotifmen cryd on uther to ftand, 
Frae Tyme they faw John Robfon flain: 

Quhat fuld they cry! The Kings Command 
Culd caufc nae Cowards turn again. 


Up raife the Laird to red the Cumber, 

Qyhilk wald not be for all his Boift, 
Quhat fuld we do with fie a Number, 

Fyve thoufand Men into ane Hoift? 

Then Heririe Purdie proud hes coft^ 
And verie narrowlie had mifcheifd him. 

And ther we had our Warden loft, 
Wart not the grit God he releivd him. j 

Ane uther throw the Breiks him bair, 

Quhyle flatlines to the Ground he fell : ; 
Then thocht I, we had loft him thair, 

Into my Heart it ftruk a Knell; 

Zit up he raife, the Truth to tell, 
And laid about him Dunts full dour, 

His Horfemcn they faucht flout and {hell, 
And fuide' about him in the Stour. 

XIIL Tmrf 


<ithe Battat of the Reid-Squair. 239 


Then raifd the Slogan with ane Schouf, 

Fy, Tyndall to it, Jedbrugh heir : 
I trow he was not half fae flout, 

But anes his Stomak was a Steir, 
With Gun and (jenzie. Bow aad Speir, 

He micht fe mony a crackit Crown, 
But up amang xht Merchant Gcir 

The Buflie wer as we were down. 

The Swallow-tail frae Teckles flew, 

Fyve hundred flain into the Flicht, 
But we had Peftellets anew, 

And fchot among them as we micht. 

With Help of G o d the Game gade richt, 
Frae Tyme the foremofl of them fellj 

Hynd owre the Know, without Gude-niclu^ 

They ran with mony a Schout and Zell. 

And after they had turned Badcs, 

Zit Tyndall Men they turnd again, 
And had not bene the Merchant Packs, 
There had bene mae of Scotland flain; 

$3 Sj 

z$o £he Battat of the Reid-Squain 

But J e s u gif the Folk was fain 
To put the Buffing on thair Theis, . 

And fae they fled with all thair Main, 
Doun owre the Brae lyke clogged Beis. 

XVI. / 

Sr Irancls Ruffell tane was thair, 

And hurt, as we heir Men reherfe ; 
Proud Wall'mgtoun was woundit fair 5 

Albeit he was a Fennlck ferfs. 

But gif ze wald a Souldier ferche 
Amang them all was tane that Nicht, 

Was nane fae wordie of our Verfe 
As Colingwood that courteous Knicht." 

2 u n G Henrie skapit Hame, is hurt, ' 

A Souldier fchot him with a Bow, * 
Scotland has Caufe to mak grit Sturt, 

For laiming of the Laird of Mow, 

The Laird Watt did weil indeid, 
His Friends ftude ftoudy by himfell, 

With litlc Gladjlane, gude in Neid, 

For Gretein kend not Gude be 111. 


ghe Ballat of the Reid-Squair. 231 

The Schriff wantit not Gude-wil!, 

Howbeit he micht not ficht fae faft: 
Beanjeadart, Hundlte and Hunthill, 

Three, on they laid weil at the laft-, 

Excpt the Horfe-rnen of the Gairdj 
If I could put Men to Avail, 

Nane ftoutlier ftude out for thair Laird ? 
Nor did the Lads of.Liddifdail. 

But litle Harnife had we thair, 

But auld Badrule had on a Jack, 
And did richt weil, I zou declair, 

With all the Trumbulls at his Back* 

Gude Ederjlane was not to lack, 
With Klrktoun, Newtoun, Nobill-rr.en s 

Thir is all the Specials I haif fpak, 
Forby them that I could nocht ken. 

Qu h a did invent that Day of Play, 

We neid nocht feir to find him fune> 
For Sr John Tofter 3 I dare weil fay, 
Maid us that noyfome Afternime : 

• P. 4 ' Not 


Not that I fpeik preceifly out, 
That he fuppofd it wald be Perrill, 

But Pryde and breaking out, but Dour, 
Gart Tyndall Lads begin the Quarrell. 


Eagle and Robin Red-breifl. 

»np He Prince of all the fcthert Kynd, 

That with fpred Wings out fleis the Wind^ 
And tours far out of humane Sicht 
To view the fchynand Orb of Licht : 
This Ryall Blrd 3 tho braif and great. 
And armit ilrang for {tern Debait, 
Nae Tyrant is but condefcends 
Aftymes to treit infcriour Friends. 

Ane Day at his Command did flock 
To his hie Palace on a Rock, 
The Courtiers of ilk various- Syze 
That fwiftly fwim, in Chriftal Skyis; 



tfhe Eagle and Robin Red-bmft. 233 

.Thither the valiant Ttrfals doup, 
And heir rapacious Corbies croup, 
With greidy Gleds and flie Gormahs, 
And dinfome Pyis and clatterin Dmws ; 
Proud Pecocks, and a hundred mae, 
Brufcht up thair Pens that folemn Day, 
Bowd firft fubmiflive to my Lord, 
Then tuke thair Places at his Borde. 

Me in Tyme quhyle feifting on a Fawn, 
And drinking Blude frae Lamia drawn, 
A tuneful! Robin trig and zung, 
Hard by upon a Boiir-trec fung. 
He fang the Eagles Ryall Lyne, 
His pcrfihg Ee arid Richt divyne, 
To fway out- owre the fetherit Thrang 3 

Quha dreid his martial Bill and fang: 

His Flicht fublime, and Eild rcnewit, 

His Mynd with Clemencie endewitj 

In fafter Notes he 6ng his Luve, 

Mair klc his beiring Bolts for Jove. 


234 ^e Eagle and Robin Red-breift, 

The Monarch Bird with BIythnefs hard 

The chaunting litil Silvan Bard, 

Calk up a Buzart, quha was than 

His Favourite and Chamberlane. 

Swith to my Treafury, quod he, 

And to zon canty Robin gie 

As mekle of our currant Geir 

As may mentain him throw the Zeir j 

We can weil fpairt, and its his Due, 

He bad, and furth the Judas flew, 

Straight to the Brcnch quhair Rohm fung, 

And with a wickit lieand Tung, 

Said, -Ah! ze fing fae dull and rucir, 

Ze haif deivt our Lugs mair than cnuch, 

His Majefiie hes a nyfe Eir, 

And nae mair of zour Stuff can heir; 

Poke up zour Pypes, be nae mair fene 

<At Court, I warn ze as a Frein. 

He fpak, quhyle Robinh fwelling Breift, 
And drouping Wings his Greif, 

the Eagle and Kohin Red^breift, 235 

[The Teirs ran happing doun his Cheik, 
JGrit grew his Hairt, he coud nocht fpeik 3 
No for the Tinfell of Rewaird, 
But that his Notis met nae Regaird; 
Straicht to the Schaw he fpred his Wing 3 
Refolvit again nae mair to fing, 
Quhair Princelie Bountie is fuppreft, 
By fie with quhome they ar oppreft, 
Quha cannot beir (becaufe they want it) 
That ocht fuld be to Merit grantit. 

Ar. Scot. 



&»$§&& >j^&^ M^n&i A^Si^ k tAfi©@" 

ii&y 2>i#, Tryme go Trix. 

'T-'He Paip, that Paganc full of Pryde, 

He hes us blindit lang. 
For quhair the blind the blind dois gyde 3 

Na Wonder thay ga wrang : 
Lyke Prinee and King he led the Ring 

Of all Iniquitie, 
Hay Trix,Tryme go Trix, under the Grene Wod-Trie, 


Bot his Abhominatioun 

The Lord hes brocht to Licht, 
His Popifche Pryde and thrinfald Crowne 

Almaift hes loft thair Micht. 
His Plak Pardounis ar but Lardounis, 

Of new found Vanitie, 
Hay Trix, Tryme go Trix, o>c. 

III. His 


Hay 2rzx, Stryme go Zrix. 237 

His Cardinallis hes Caus to murricy 

His Bifchoppis borne aback 5 
His Abbotis gat ane uncouth Turne^ 

Quhen Schavelingis went to fack, 
WitH Burges Wyfis thay led thair Lyvisy 

And fure better nor we, 

Hay Trix, Try me go Trix, o-c. 

His Carmelites and j}acobinis> 

His Dominiks had greit Do 5 
His Cordeleiris and Augujlims> 

Sand Stances Ordour to j? 
Thay fillic Freiris, mony 2eiris s 

With babling blerit our Ee, 

Hay Trix, Tryme go Trix 3 &c. 

The Sifreris gray, befoir this Day> 

Did crune within thair Cloifter, 
Thay feit ane Freir thair Keyis to beir^ 

The Feind reflave the Fofterj 
Syne in the Mirk fa Weill culd wirk, 

And kittil them wantounlie, 

Hay Trix, Tryme go Trix, e?£. 

& VI. Th« 

238 Hay Zrjx, ftryme go £rix« 

The blind Bifchop he culd nocht preichc, 

For playing with the Laffis j 
The fyllie Freir behuffit to fleiche, 

For Almous that he afEs; 
The Curat his Creid he culd nocht reid, 

Schame fall the Cumpanie, 

Hay Trix, Tryme go Trix, o^. 

The Bifchop wald nocht wed ane Wyfe, 

The Abbote not perfew ane, 
Thinkand it was ane lufHe Lyfe, 

Ilk Day to have ane new ane, 
In everie Place ane uncouth Facc 5 

His Luft to fatisfie, 

Hay Trix, Tryme go Trix, ere. 

The Perfoun wald nocht have ahe Hure, 

Bot twa, and thay war bony ; 
The Vicar (thocht he was pure) 

Behuiffit to have als mony j 
The Pareis Preii% that brutall Beift, 

He polit thame privelie, 
Bay Trix, Tryme go Trix, z?c. 

IX. Oi 


On the Mes. 23,9 


Of Scotland well, the'Freiris of Faill, 
The Lymraerie lang hes leftit, 
The Monkis of Metros maid gude Kaill 
On Frydayis, quhen thay taftit; 
The fillie Nunnis keift up thair Bunnis 5 
And heifit thair Hippis on hie. 
Hay Trix/Tryme go Trix, under the Grene Wod-Ti ie.' 
* * * * * . 

On the Mes. 
. i. 

Try- NaW ze not God omnipotent,, 

He creat Man and maid him fre," 

Quhili he brak his Commandement, 

And eit of the forbiddin Tre; 

Had not that blifllt Barne bene borne. 

Sin to red res, 

lowreis zour Lyves had bene forlorne. 

For all zour Mes. 

. II* Sen 


Sen we war all to Sin maid fure, 
Throw Xdjimis Inobediencc, 
(Saif Christ) thair was na Creature 
Maid Sacrifice for our Offence 5 
Thair is na Sand may fave zour Saull, 

Fra ze tranfgres, 
Suppois Sand: Peter and Sand PauU 
Had baith faid Mes. 
Knawing thair is na Chrift bot ane, 

Quhilk Rent was on the Rude with Roddis ( 
Quhy give ze Glore to Stock and Stane, 
In worfchipping of uther Goddis } 
Thir Idoles that on Alteris ftandis, 

Ar Fenzeitnes, 
Ze gat not God amang zour Hahdisy 
Mumling zour Mes. 
And fen na Sand zour Saull may fave, 

Perchance ze will fpeir at me than, 
How may the Paip thir Pardounis have, 
With Power baith of Beift and Man? 



On the Mes: 24 1 

Throw nathing bot ane fenzcit Faith, 

For Halynes 
Inventit Wayis to get thamc Graith,* 

Lyke as the Mes. 


Of Marriage 'ze maid zou quyte," 
Thinking it Thraldome to refraine: 
Wanting of Wyiffis is Appetyte, 
That Curage micht incres againej * 

Thay honny Lippis, zc did perfcw, 

Grew Gall I gcs, j 

Thinking it was Contritioun trcw 
To dance ane Mes. 


Gif God was maid of Bittis of Brcid, 

iit zc not ouklie fax or fevin, 

As it had bene a mortall Feid, 

Quhill ze had almaift heryit Hevin, 

Als mony Devilis ze man devoir, ; 

Quhill Hell grow les, 

Or doutles we dar nocht reftoir 

Zou to zour Mes. 

<® VII. Gil 

242 On the Mes, 


Give God be tranfubftantiall 

In Breid, with hoc eji corpus meum, 
Quhy war ze fa unnaturall, 
As tak him in zour Teith and fla him?' 
Tripairtit and devydit him 

At zour dum Dres, 
Bot God knawis how ze gydit h;ne| 
Mumling zour Mes. 
Ze partit with Dame Povertie, 

Tuke Propeftic to be zour Wyfe, 

Fra Charitie and Chaftitie, 

With Licharie ze led zour Lyfej 2 

That raifk the Mother of tylifcheify 

Zour Gredynes, 
Beleving ay to get Releif 
For faying Mes. 

O wickit vaine Venerienes, 

Ze ar not Saudis (thocht ze feme haly) 
Proude poyfonit Epeeuriens y 

Quhilk had na God bot zour awin Bejiie : 


• On the Mes. 243 

JBelcve ze Lownis the Lor g alio wis 

Zour Idilnes, 
Lang or the Sweit cum owir zour Browis 

For faying Mes. 


Had not zour felf begun the Weiris^ 
Zour Stepillis had bene ftandand zic : 

was the flattering of zour Freiri* 
That ever gart Sand Frances flit 3 
Ze grew fa fuperftitious 

In Wickitnes, 
It gart us grow malicious; j 

Contrair zour McsJ 


Our Bifchoppis ar degenerate^ 

Thocht thay be mountit upon Mulis,' 

With Huredome clene effeminate, 

And Freiris oft-tymes previs Fulisj, 

For duftifit and bob at Evin, 

Do fa jncres, 

He* drevin fum of them to teine, 

For all thair Mes. 

<8 * XII. Chri| 


$44 0® f he f®s\ 

Christ kcip all faithfull Chriftianfe' 
from perverft Pryde and Papiftriej 
God grant thame trew Tntelligens 
Of his Law, Word and Veritie 3 
God grant shay may thair Lyfe amend, 

Syne Blis pofles, 
Throw Faith on Ghrist all that depend, 
And nocht on Mes. 
Sen Mes is nathing ellis to fay, 

Bot ane wickit Inventioun, 

Without Authoritie, or Stay, 

Of Scripture, or Fundatioun : 

Gif Kingis wald Mes to Rome hence dryve 

With Haiftines, 
Suld be the Meane to have bclyvc 

Ane End of Mes. 




On Turgatorie, 

s~% F the fals Fyre of Purgatorie, 
^^ Is nocht left in ane Sponk; 
Thairfoir fayis Gedde 3 Wayis me, 
Gone is Preift, Freir and Monk. 


The Reik fa wounder dcir thay foldc ' n 

For Money, Gold and Landis, 
Quhill have the Riches on the Molde^ 

Is feafit in thair Handis. * 


Thay knew naihing bot Covctice 

And Lufe of Paramouris, 

And lat the Saulis burne and bis 

Of all thair Foundatouris. 

<© 3 W. A 

$4.6 On Vutgatom* 


A t Corps Pretence thay wald n*ng, 
For Rychesj to flokkin the Fyrc: 

Bot all pure Folk that had nathing ) 
Was skaldit vaine and lyre*. * 


Zit fat they heich in Parliament^ 
Lykc Lordis of greit Renowne, 

Untill now that the New Teftament 
Hes it and thame brocht downe. 


And thocht thay fufFc at it, and blaw 
Ay quhill thair Bellyis ryve, 

The niair thay blaw, full weill thay knaw 
The mair it dois mifthryve. 

2 49 


mi to im ms mm 




qTately ftept he Eaft the Wa^ 
*^ And ftately ftept he Weft, 
Full Seventy Zeirs he now had fene a 

With skerfs fevin Zeirs of Reft. 
He livit quhen Britons Breach of Faith 

Wroucht Scotland meikle Wae : 
And ay his Sword tauld to their Coft, 

He was their deidly Fac. 



%$ Hardyknute, 


Hie on a Hill his Caftle ftude, j 

With Halls and Touris a Hicht, 
And guidly Chambers fair to fe, 

Quhair he lodgit mony a Knicht. 
His Dame fae peirlefs anes and fair 3 

For Chaft and Bewtie deimt, 
Nae Marrow had in all the Land, 

Saif Eknor the Quene. 


Full Thirtein Sons to himfcho bare,' 

All Men of Valour flout; 
Jn bluidy Ficht with Sword in Han4 

Nyne loft their Lives bot doubt ; 
Four zit remain, lang may they live 

To fland by Liege and Land: 
Hie was their Fame, hie was their Micht, 

And hie was their Command. 
Great Luve they bare to Fairly fair, 

Their Sifter faft and deir, 
Her Girdle fhawd her Middle gimp, 

And gowden glift her Hair. 


Hardyknute. 24^ 

Quhat waefou wae hir Bewtic bred? 

Waefou to zung and auld, 
Waefou I trow to Kyth and Kin, 

As Story ever tauld. 

The King of Norfe in Summer Tyde, 

Puft up with Powir and Micht, 
Landed in fair Scotland the YIc, 

With mony a hardy Knicht : 
The Tydings to our gude Scots King 

Came, as he fat at Dyne^ 
With noble Chiefs in braif Aray, 

Drinking the Blude-reid Wyne. 
cc To Horfe, to Horfe, my Ryal Liege, 

cc Zour Faes ftand on the Strand, 
cf Full Twenty thoufand glittering Spears 

cc The King of Norfe commands. 
"Bring me my Steed Mage dapple gray^ 

Our gude King raife and cryd, 
A tmjiier Beajl in all the Land 

A Scots King nevir feyd. 



2 jo HardyknuU* 


Go little Page, tell Hardyknute, 

That lives on Hill fo hie, 
To draw bis Sword, the Dreid of Faes 3 

And hafie and follow me. 
The little Page flew fwift as Dart 

Flung by his Matters Arm, 
Cum down, enm down Lord Hardyknute, 

And rid zour King frae Harm, 
Then reid, reid grow his dark-biown Chciks, 

Sae did his dark-brown Brow 5 
His Luiks grew kene, as they were wont, 

In Dangers great to doj 
He hes tane a Horn as grene as Glaft, 

And gien five Sounds fae fhrill, 
jhat Treis in grene Wod fchuke thereat, 

Sae loud rang ilka Hill. 


His Sons in manly Sport and Glie, 

Had paft that Summers Morn, 
Quhen lo down in a graffy Dale, 
They heard their Fatheris Horn, 



Hardy knute. 2$ I 

That Horn, quod they, neir founds in Peace, 

We half other Sport to byde; 
And fune they heyd them up the Hill, 

And fune were at his Syde. ] 

LATE late the Zeftrene I we'mdin Peace 

To end my lengthned Lyfe, 
My Age micht we'd excufe my Arm 

Trae manly Teats of Stryfe> 
But now that Norfe dots proudly boafi 

Fair Scotland to inthrall, 
Its neir be faid of Hardyknute* 

He feard to ficht or fall. 


ROBIN of Rothfay, bend thy Bow> 

Thy Arrows fchute fae leil, 
Mony a comely Countenance 

They half turnd to deidly Pale ; 
Brade Thomas tak ze but zour Lance s 

Ze ne'id nae Weapons mair s 

Gif ze ficht welt as ze did anes 

Gainft Weftmorlands firfs Heir, 



252 Hardyknute. 


MA LC O My licht of Fute as Stag 

That runs in Forefl jvyldy 
Get me my Thoufands Thrie of Men 

Well bred to Sword and Schield: 
Wing me my Horfe and Harni/ine 

My Blade of Mettal cleir. 
If Faes kend but the Hand it bare, 

They fune had fled for Feir. 

FARE WE ILmy Dame foe peirlefs gude % 

And tuke hir by the Hand, 
Fairer to me in Age zou feim 9 

Than Maids for Bezvtiefamd: 
My zoungeft Son fall here remain 

To guard thefe ftately Towirs, 
And Jhut the Silver Bolt that keips, 

Sae fafi zour painted Bowirs. 

And firft fcho wet hir comely Cheiks, 

And then hir Boddice grene, 

Hir Silken Cords of Twirtle twift, 

Weil plett with Silver fchenej 


Hardy knute. z$% 

And Apron fet with mony a Dice 

Of Neidle-wark fae rare, 
Wore by nac Hand, as ze may guefs, 

Saif that of Fairly fair. 


And he has ridden o wre Muir and MofsV 

Owre Hills and moriy a Glen, - 
Quhen he came to' a wounded Knichf 

Making a heavy Mane j 
Here maun I lye > here maun I dye 3 

By Treacheries falfe Gyles y 
Witlefs 1 was that eir gaif Faith 

To wicked Womans Smyles, ,,_ 
XVI. . "' v 

SR Knicht, gin ze were in my Bowir, 

To lean on Silken Seat, 
My Lady is kyndlie Care zoud prove, 

G^uha neir hend deidly Hate, 
Hir [elf wold watch ze all the Day^ 

Hir Maids a deid of Nicht, 

'And Vmly fair zour Heart waldcheir^ 

As fcho (lands in war Sichu 


254 Hardyknute. 

• XVII. 
r AR>YSE zoung Knicht, and mount zour Steid^ 

Full lowns the fhynand Day, 
Cheis frae my Menzie quhom ze pleis 

To kid ze on the Way, 
With Smylefs Luke, and Vifoge waa 

The wounded Knicht replyd, 
kynd Chiftain, zour Intent purjue it 

For heir I maun abyde: 

TO me nae after Bay nor Nicht, 

Can eir be five it or fair, 
$ut fune beneath fum draping Tree, 

Cauld Death fall end my Care. 
With him nae Pleiding micht prevail, 

Brave Hardyknute in to gain, 
With faireft Words and Reafon ftrong, 

Strave courteoufly in vain. 
, XIX. 

Syne he has gane far hynd attowre. 

Lord Chattans Land fac wyde, 

That Load a worthy Wicht was ay, 

Quhen Faes his Courage feyd; 


Hardy knutc. 2jT£ 

Of Pi&ijh Race by Mothers Syde, 

Quhen Pitts ruld Caledon, 
Lord Chattan claimd the princely Maid, 

Quhen he faifc Piclijh Grown. 


Now with his ferfs and ftalwart Train.., 

He reicht a ryfing Heicht, 
Quhair braid encampit on the Dale, 

Morfs Menzie lay in Sicht 5 
Zonier my valiant Sons and ferfs M 

Our raging Revers wait 
On the unconquerit Scottifh fwaird 

To try with us thair Pate. 


MAK Orifonsto him that faift 

Our Sauls upon the Rude, 
Syne braifiy fchaw zour Veins ar filld 

With Caledonian Blude. 
Then furth he drew his trufty Glaive, 

Quhyle Thoufands all arroiind. 
Drawn frae their Sheaths glanft in the Sun, 

And loud the BougiUs found. 

2$ 6 Hardy knute. 

To join his King adoun the Hill §P 

I» Haft his Merch he made, 
Quhyle, playand Pibfochs, Minftfalls meit » ' 

Afore him {lately ftrade. 
Thryfe ivelcuin vahiant Stoup of Weir ^ 

Thy Nations Scheild and Pryde; 
Thy King nae Red/on has to feir 

Quhen thou art be his Syde. 

Quhen Bows were bent and Darts were thrawn, ? 

For thrang fcarce could they flie, 
-The Darts clove Arrows as they met, 

The Arrows dart the Trie. 
Lang did they rage and ficht full ferfs,' 

With little Skaith to Man, 
But bludy, bludy was the Field, , 

Or that lang Day was done. 
The King of Scots that findle bruikd' 

The War that luikt lyke Play, 

Drew his braid Sword, and brake his Bow, 

Sen Bows feiuit but Delay : 


Hardy knute. 257 

Quoth noble Rothfay, Myne Til help, 

I wate its bleid a Skore. 
Haft up my merry Men, eryd the King, 

As he rade on before. 


The King of Norfe he focht to find, 

With him to menfe the Faucht, 
But on his Forehead there did liche 

A fharp unfonfie Shaft 5 
As he his Hand put up to find '1 

The Wound, an Arrow kene, 
O waefo.u Chance ! there pinnd his Hani 

In midft betwene his Ene, 


REVENGE, revenge, cryd Rothfays Heir s 

Tour Mail-coat fall nocht byde 
The Strength and Sharpnefs of my Darty 

Then fent it throuch his Syde : 
Another Arrow weil he markd, 

It perfit his Neck in twa, 

His Hands then quat the filver Reins, 

He law as Eard did fa. 


2 $% Hardy knute. 


S A IR hlelds my Liege, fair, fair he blsids. 

Again with micht he drew 
And Gefture dreid his flurdy Bow, 

Fafl the braid Arrow flew: 
Wae to the Knicht he ettled ar. 

Lament now Quene Elgreid, 
Hie Dames to wail zour Darlings Fall, 

His Zouth and comely Meid. 
Take aff', take off his cojlly Jupe 

(Of Gold weil was it twynd, 
Knit lyke the Fowlers Net throuch quhilk 

His fteilly Harnefs (hynd) 
Take, Norfe, that Gift frae me, and bid 

Him venge the Blude it heirs ', 
Say, if he face my bended Bow, 

He fare nae Weapon feirs, 
Proud Norfe with Giant Body 1 tall, 

Braid Shoulder and Arms ftrong, 
Cryd, Gjuhair is Hardylmute fae fa?nd 3 

And feird at Britains Throne : 


Hardykmite. &$$ 

Iho Britons tremble at his Namf 3 

I fune fall make him zvail y 
That eir my Sword was made faejharp 3 

Sae [aft his Coat of Mail. 
That Brag his itout Heart coud na bydc 3 

It lent him zouthfou Micht : 
fm Hardyknute this Day 3 he cryd d 

To Scotlands King I hecht, 
To lay thee law as Horfes Hufe, 

My Word I mean to keip. 
Syne with the firft Strake eir he ftrake> 

He garrd his Body bleid. 
NORSE enelykegray Gofehawks fhird wyfcL, 

He ficht with Shame and Spyte; 
Difgracd is now my far famd Arm 

That left thee Power to ftryke; 
Then gaif his Head a Blaw fae fell, 

It made him doun to ftoup 3 
As law. as he to Ladies ufit 

In courtly Gyfe to lout. 

3ft % Visit 

26$ Hardyknute. 

Ful-L func he rais'd his bent Body, 

His Bow he marvelld fair. 
Sen Blaws till then on him but darrd 

As Touch of T airly fair : 
'Norfe ferliet too as fair as he 

To fe his ftately Luke, 
Sae fune as eir he ftrake a Fae^ 
Sae fune his Lyfe he tuke. 
Quhair lyke a Fyrc to Hethcr fet, 

Bauld Thomas did advance, 
A fturdy Fae with Luke enragd 

Up towards him did prance ; 
He fpurd his Steid throw thickeft Ranks 

The hardy Zouth to quell 
Quha ftude unmufit at his Approach 

His Furie to repell. 


THA T fchort braibn Shaft fae meanly tnmd, 

Lukis lyke poor Scotland* Geir, 
But- dreidfull feims the rufty Poynt t 

And loud he leuch in" Jeir. 

Hardy kmite. z6i 

Aft Britains Blude has dlmd its Shyne 

This Poynt cut jhort their Vaunt; 
Syne piercd the boifteris bairded Cheik, 

Nae Tyme he tuke to taunt. 
S.CHORT quhyle he in his Sadill fwang, 

His Stirrip was nae Stay, 
Sae feible hang his unbent Knee, 

Sure taken he was fey: 
Swith on the hardened Clay he fell, 

Richt far was hard the Thud, 
But ihomas luikt not as he lay 

All wakering in his Blude. 


With cairles Gefture Mynd unmuvic 

On raid he north the Plain, 
His feim in Thrang of fierceft Stryfe, 

Quhen Winner ay the fame 5 
Nor zit his Heart Dames dimpelit Cheik, f 

Coud meife faft Luve to bruik, 
Till vengeful Ann returnd his Scorn, 

Then languid grew his Luke. 

b ■■■■$ 3 xxxvii. m 

262 Hardyknute. 


I n Thrawis of Death, with wallowit Cheik 

All panting on the Plain, 
The fainting Corps of Warriours lay, 

Neir to aryfe again j 
Neir to return to native Land, 

Nae mair with blythfom Sounds, 
To boift the Glories of the Day, 

And fchavv thair Shyning Wounds. 
P n Norway s Coaft the VVidowit Dame 

May warn the Rocks with Teirs, 
May lang Iuke owre the Schiples Seis 

Befair hir. Mare appeirs. 
Ceife, Emma, ceife to hope in Vain, 

Thy Lord Iyis in the Clay, 
The valziant Scots nae Reve/s thole 

To carry Lyfe away. 


There on a Lie quhair ftands a Crofs 

Set up for- Monument, 
Thoufonds full fierce that Summers Day 

VI 'id kene VVaris black Intent, 


Hardyknute. 265 

Let Seots % quhyle Scots, praife Hardyknute, 

Let Norfe the Name ay dreid, 
Ay how he faucht, aft how he fpaird, 

Sal lateft Ages reid. 


Loud and chill blew weftlin Wind, 

Sair beat the heavy Showir, 
Mirk grew the Nicht eir Hardyknute 

Wan neir his (lately Tower, 
His Towir that ufd with Torches bleife 

To ftiyne fae far at Nicht, 
Seimd now as black as mourning Weid. 

Nae Marvel fair he fichd. 

XL I. 

JHAIRS nae ticht In my Ladys Bowlr 

Tbairs nae Licht in my Hall; 
Nae Blink jhynes round my Fairly fair, s 

Nor Ward Jlands on my Wall. 
®iuhat bodes it ? Robert, Thomas fay, 

Nae Anfwer fits their Dreid. 

Stand back,- my Sons, HI be z.our Gyde, 

^ - hv they paft with Speid. 

$ 4 XLlh AS 




jiSfafl lhaiffped oivre Scotlands Faes s 

There ceift his Brag of Weir, 
Sair fchamit to mynd ocht but his Dame,, 

And Maiden Fairly fair. 
Black Feir he felt, but «juhat to feir 

He will: not zit with Dreid 5 
Sair fchuke his Body, fair his Limbs,, 

And all the Warrior fled. 



O R, 


Scots Words. 

A All. 
Abaid Abade, Abode, 
Abxijit, abafhed. 
Abeit y albeit. 
Abergown, Coat of Mail. 
AblenSj petbaps. 
Aboife , abufe, above. 
Abnlziement, Habit. 
Abune, above. 
Adoun, downward, 

4fi oir. 

Aft, a ften, oft, often. 
Affeir, frighted. 
Afrey, Fear. 
Agit, aged. 
4g*[i» afrighted. 
Aidir, either. 
Aik, Oak. 

A R 

Aw, own. 

Aits, Oats. 

,4zY, Tima paft. 

Air, Coon, early, item Heir. 

Aith, Oath. 

^[&eri;r^zW,breadth of an Aac. 

Ala ft, aloft. 

AUaTte, allone. 

Almons, Alms. 

Alkynd, all kind, or Sort of. 

,/!/.$, as, and. 

Amine, plcafant. 

Ane, one. 

,4»e5, anis, once. 

Atitetezvrae, Example. 

Apenit, opened. 

Apfleis, pleafe. : 


266 B A GloJJary. B E 

Jrlilzie, Artillary. 
Afs ask. 

AJfalziet, affailcd. 
Attains, at once. 
Aith&ptrit, tempered, 
Attoivre, out over. 
Jttercapi a WV.fp. 
Avalziet, availed. 
Aventure, Adventure.' 
Aver, a Hctfe. 
Aviril, fenfe-lefs Fellow. 
Axcbt,ovg}\t ) item eight. 

Add; old. 

Art), owe. 
Azvin, own. 
Axvis, ows. 
An re at, Golden. 
Avyft, Advice. 
Ay ad y Breath. 

B A 

BAIT), hade, did abide. 
Eand, bound 
Bain's or B-xitis, Bones. 
"Ba'i/iocks, Bread. 
J'nxlr, bare- 

JB^fVw, Bern, Child, Youth. 
JiMthy both- 
£'<*»'# cr Be«Z, Sorrow. 
Balmit, embalmed. 
B^iiy to cutfe. 
£'<*«£, to move haftily. 
Bkroir, barbarous. 
Bar'oMhiet, to cent ufe. 
Barret, Sort of Liquor. 
Jtarrotr.' T>*«; 5, Staves of a 

U*rw, Yeft. 

B«)*wj,fexme»te.l and muddy. 
Baiddy bold. 

Bedene, immediately. 
Befoir, A e/Vw, before 
B?~ft, beaten. 
Btpoittk, began. 
Hewitt, beguile!. 
Bebald behold. 
li-boif, Behove 
B H, any Shelter againft the 
Inclemency of the Wea- 
Bdyvz, immediatly. 
Bullies, Bellows. 
Beik, to bask or warm; 
Beimsy Beams. 
Beir, to bear, item to moan. 
Beir, Barley. 
Beit,H.d ? . 

Ben, inner part of a Houfe. 
Be»e, been. 
Bene, Bean. 
Bent, the Feild. 
Berkit, barkened. 
Befeik, befeech. 
Befzvakit, blanched. 
B^twfch, betwixt. 
B'wis, Boughs. 
Bewtie, Beauty. 
Bsx.o»d, beyond. 
2%o, build. 
Biggit, built. 
Bikkerit, contended- 
Bink, Bench, 
B/w, been. 
Biquni'.r or Bicker, a large 

Cup or Difh. 
Birkin }hby»sfi Knot of Birch 

Bin, Brittle. 
Jfrrff, to burn. 
Birniji, burniihed. 
Btfiliey bufily. 

B R Glojfary. BY 267 

Blad, a Strok, ittp t a big 

" Piece of- 

J>lae, livid, 
Bland, to mix. 
Blajhy, wet. • 
Ifrfe, balhful. 
Kefor', to bable. 
Bledocb, Butter milk. 
mtif, to make the Eyes red 

or dim. 
Blent, looked. 
Blether, to Hammer and fpeak 

Blink, a fmall Sight, item, to 

BUnliit, looked haftily. 
Blame, Bloom. 
Blade, Blood. 
\Bediri, furnifhed. 
'Bodword, Meffage. 
B»cht, bought. 
Bog, Marfh. 
Beiji, to boaft. 
Boll, to vomit. 
Bony, beautiful, item Utile. 
Boltings or Bulling, Boots. 
Bot , but, ittita j wjthout- 
|Bo«J;<&>5, Rafters. 
Bow/.', the Body, -/few Bulk. 
B'Wgil-, a young Bull, t/ew? 

his Horn, 
Bonn, ready to go. 
Board, a Sport, item to {port. 
Bowjieoas, toifterous. 
Bowjler, a Boliler. 
Bcxv, a Fold of Cattle. 
Br^nd, a Sword. 
Br^wnd, the Mufcles. 
./ ravglit, brandished. 
Braif, brave. 
' J -~>kand, Pranfing. 

Br xtle, to clafh. 
Braw, brave, fme. 
#>•*<>, Side of a Hill, Bank of 

a River. 
Br^i^ broad, item to hafte > 

Braids or Brades, is like, or 

takes after. 
Brats ot drace, Embrace. 
Brajfh, brufli. 
Breiks, Breeches. 
Bricbt, bright. 
Brie, Eye r bfow- 
Bril%*a», Brillant. 
B>im, fierce 
Brocht, brought. 
Brod, to prick or fpur. 
Brock, the Badger. 
Brexvdin, fond of. 
Brofujler, Brewer. 
Bradie, teeming, fertile. 
Braik, brook or enjoy. 
Bwkit, blackened. 
Brakil, brittle. 
Brynt, brust. 
Bad, Bribe. 
Ball' or ?>«£&, Book. 
Baith, Booth or Shop. 
Baith-mejl, Shop Rent, 
B<i'.ing, Booty. 
B««dz\*, V.iiind. 
Ban, A;fe. 
B^re, did bear. 
Barde, Board 
Bum, a Brook. 
Tjardoun,a. Palmers Staff. 
Bujhment, Men lying in Am. 

Bufs, a'Bufli. 
Bute, Help, Advantage. 
Bwfanl^ot, without. 
Bj/>-2, Covvhoufe. 


268 C A GhJJary. G R 

C A 

GA, call. 
Cabroch,ipoot lain Flefli. 
Cadgers, Higglers. 
Callif, called. 
Campion, Champion. 
C<*/;'^f, angry ,i/e/»,ulcerated. 
Canny, happy convenient. 
Ca»ty t chearful. 
Capronfy, an upper Garment. 
Cat-line, an old Woman. 
Carp, to talk. 
Carvell,a Kind of Ship. 
Caji, a throw. 
Cative or Catif, Captive or 

Cazvd, called. . 
Cazvf, Calf. 
Cavik, Chalk. 
Cawkit, did fliyte. 
■Caiild, Cold. 
Ceis, to ceafe. 
Celcitude, Highnefs. 
Celeji, heavenly. 
Chalmer, Chamber . 
Cbaip, efcape. 
Cha ft s, the Chops. 
Chak, to check. 
Chat ,to hang on a Gallows. 
Cbeil, a Perfon. 
Cheir, Sheer, item, chear. 
Chen-xj.e, Chain. 
Chereu, cherifh. 
Clam Shells, Scalop Shells. 
Clan, a Tribe. 
Clajhesj idle Tales. 
Clajh, to throw Dirt. 
Cfozifc, Cloath. 
Clais, Ooaths. 

Clatter t chatter. 
Claw, to fcratch. 
Ckft", the Cleaving. 

Clene, clean. 

Clerk, generally ufed for a 
learned Man. 

Clewis or Cleuohs, Clifts., laid hold on. 

Cleith, Cloath. 

Clench, Hollow betwixt Hills, 

Ctyif, called. 

Clips, Eclips. 

Clokks, Beetles. 

Clod, to throw. 

Cluds, Clouds. 

Cluke, to hook. 

C/«w? or clam, climbed, 

Cluves, Hoves. 

CWroc£>,miferable aod nafty, 

Combure, to burn. 

Coft , bought. 

Con, the Squirrel. 

Comich, comick. 

Corbie, a Raven. 

Corinoch a Highland Tune- 

Cowhowby, Cowherd, 

Cowd, cut or clipped. 

Courtas, courteous. 

Couth, cold, item familiar- 
Co vet ice, Covetoufnefs, 

Cvnr, to iloopand creep flow. 

Crabit, Curly, angry. 

Craig y theNeck,tte»jaRocL 

Craif, crave. 
' Craw, the Crow. 

Crap, did creep. 

Cra'ik, to croak. 

Crawdon, faint hearted. 


Creils, Baskets 
Croufe, brisk and bold, 
<7>«*'/, a Lodge. . 

C>7«e . 

D A Gloffary. 

€yyne, wither and grow lefa. 
C Y um J a little Bit. 
Cule y Cool. 
Cum, come. 
Cunxie, Coyn. 
Cun, Tafte. 

Cnrnmerjom, troublefom. 
Culroun^ a Rafcal. 
Citrcbesy Kerchiefs, or Head 

Cuiky Cook- 
Curpaly Crupper. 
Cujie, did caft, item vomit. 
Cutty Ancle, Joint, item 


D W 269 


DAE, Do. 
Daft, mad, foolifh, 
Dairthful ,dear. 
Dander, wander carelefty. 
P*wg, Defeat. 
Tjantariyto quell. 
Vapilly daple. 

P*TO,Dawn, zf<??» a Sluggard. 
Dewing, dawning. 
Deavc or P«f, to deafen. 
De/W,dead,jt. Death, indeed. 
Veil, deal, ir«w» Devil. 
Dink, dynky fa itcy ,&£/», finely 

Detity, fine. 
Demi, to deem. 
Demyng, condemning or dam- 

Depairt, to divide. 
Depaynt, painted, 
peray, Noife 3 Sporting, Gam- 

Dercby a Dwarf. 
Pe>», Secret. 
Dertby D«arth. 
Defxvity deceived. 

Ptft, Debt. 

Dcvallingy defending hafti- 

] y- 

Dew, due. 

P/c&f, to clean, item drefTed 3 

Dingy to beat or overcome. 
Ding, worthy. 
Dirtin, belhitten. 
Denxie, to deign. 
Dochty could, availed. 
Docbiery Daughter. 
Pojj, does. 
Doky Arfe. 
Donk, Moift. 
Po/i, neat, regular. 
Up dojiy P«t in OtieU 
Dow, to be able. 
Dow, Dove. 
Doivbart, dull Fellow. 
Douchtyy hardy,valiant. 

Dawfy heavy Fool, item dull, 

Po«r,Tullen, hard; 

Po«5, folid, grave. 
Draify drave. 

Drahat Dret, fliit- 

Draivkii, wet. 

Drie, to endure. 

Dreicb, tedious. 

PmVy,lonfome and niournfuJ 

Dringy a Mifer. 

Droicb, a Dwarf. 

Drone, to a£t lazily, 

Droukit, drenched. 

Drcup, to dtoop. 

Dryty ihhe. 

Dwam, Qualm. 


27° E A Glojfary. F A 

Dubs, Mire and little Pools. 

Duds, Rags. 

Duils, Goals. 

Dale, Pain. 

P«w, Dumb. 

Dume, Doom. 

Dunt, to beathaid. 

Dung, beaten. 

Pwrii, Doors. 

Dwxlm, to fvvoon or *ake a 

Dyne, to dine. 
Itywt, Stroak. 
Dyvour ', a Bankrupt. 

E A 

EJ>y? , EzV<* , or Erde y 
£<?, Eye 
Edert, Edward. 
Edder-Jfaimt, ftung by an 

Egf/, tbe Eagle. 
E/& to addjiftfwjalfo. 
EiW, Age. 
E*V, Ear,tftffB E'er- 
Eiryncfs ) Fear of Spirits and 

Eife, Eaf,'. 
Eii, to cat. 
E^i>, eafy- 
Eme, Uncle^ 
Empxjhed, hindered. 
Elbuck, Elbow. 
Flritch, gboltly, wild, lone- 

Enannlit, enameled. 
Ene, Eyes. 

Enfenzie f Enfign, 
Erfcb, In/h. 
E«/<?, to aim. 
Efpera-nce, Hope. 
Efchapit, Efcaped. 
Evtrichone, every one, 
Eydently, fee Ithandly. 
Eyndle, to be jealous. 
Eytilingf Jeaioufy. 

F A 

F*e, Foe. 
FW/ef-, Falfliood: 
Fatk, a Fold, to quif. 
Fair, to go or pafs. 
Fairdy, clever and tight. 
Fa/xie or y to fail. 
F<*nd, found. 
Fangs-, Paws and Claws. 
Fat.g, to grafp. 
Fa,?kl?, to intangle. 
F<a/& or Fs-fche, to trouble. 
FafloH!?, Fafluon. 
Fazv, Fall. 
Fatds, gets. 
F««W or F««4", Fold. 
Taut, Fault. 
Fry, Faith. 
F-«x^rr,a Daftard, 
Fecbt, Fight. 
Fecklefs, without Strength. 
Feddev, a Father. 
Feddersm, Wings. 
Feid, Feud, Hatred. 
Feidom, Fatality. 
Feiity, Subje&ion. 
Feil, Seufe, item many- 
Feir, Fear. 
F«>y tight. 


F O Qlojjary. FY 271 

2>di> or fere t Companion. 

Feity hired. 

Fen, to live 

Fenzie, to feign. 

Ferly, to vender, a Wonder. 

•Ferd t Fourth. 

Pfi'/i, Force- 

Fey, piedeftinated to Death, 
orfome Misfojtune. 

Feynd, Fiend, the Devil. 

Ficht, Fight 

Fie or Fe, a Herd of Cattle. 

FzVy Jf<*)7, Hurry, Confufion. 

K/db, Fifh. 

Fitch, to move. 

Fiendris, Splinters. 

F/««g, did fling. 

Fl*nt, an Anew. 

Fi*ugkt, a Blaze of Light- 

Fi*uctiter-$p<*de, Spade for 
flaying Turf. 

JF7<3<uj.n, Lies. F/<*«/, to lie. 

Fleich, to flatter. 

Fteim or Fhme, to bacilli. 

F/e£, did flyie or chide. 

F/cy, to fright. 

F/*t, to remove. 

Ftichter, flutter like a Bird. 

Flocht, Flight, Fear, Anxiety. 

F/yt*, Chide. 

PF/wre, Floor. 

Fog, Mofs- 

Fotfair/?, abufed. 

Forfochten, tired and faint 
with fighting. 

Forltii, to forfake. 

Foment, oppofite tp. 

FoYtonyit, gave Way. 

Forworthia, worthlefg. 

Forlane y alone. 

JWop'w, Vagaboad. 

Forzet, to forget, ifew for- 

Fojter, a Forrefter ,/£<?» Murfc. 

Fozv, fu\l,item drunk. 

Foumart, a Pole-cat. 

Fouth, Abundance. 

Fr&e, from. . 

Fragile weak, tender, frail. 


Fr&ivart, crofs and ugly 

Freik', impertinent Fools. 

Fveid, Freedom. 

Fremit, ftrange, not a Kin. 

Freprie, the ruffling or Folds 
of Cloath. 

Ft'icht, Fright. 

Fripon, a Knave. 

Fnj7, to Truft or give Ctedit, 

Frnfch, eafily broken. 

F«,fuJl-. \ 

Fud, the Tail. 

Fude, Food. 

Faff, to blow. 

F«fe, Fool. 

Fund, found. 

Fxrder, to fpeed, ire«», fur- 

Furs, wait on, ziew fared, 

Furthy,£cts in Behaviour. 

F«£f?, Foot. 

Futher, or f udder, a great 

Fyref.ivgt, burnt. 

Fylock. a youDg Mare. 

FyZe, defile. 

F)'fee, to be teftivc. 

Fywe, fine. 

G &■ 

zHi G A Glojfary. Q R 

G A 

GA R, the Mouth. 
Gad or Ged, Goad. 

GtMer, gather. 

Gat, go. 

Gatf, gave. 

Gains, ferves. 

G«V, greedy. 

Gait, Gate, Way, Method, 
item Goat. 

Gzijlivgs, Gollings. 

Galzi* t i y brisk, jolly, wan- 

Gams } Gums. 

Gan, began. 

Gane, gone, item feive. 

G«w<?, Mouth. 

Gang, to go. 

G«K»f, to yawn. 

Gar, to make or oblige. 

Gardevyance, a Cafe of In- 

Garth, a Garden or Inclo- 

Gats, Gall. 

{Jdfzs^ a Laugh. 

G&wj'y, large and fat. 

(jfcfe, Mock, or, caft up the 
Head ia Derifion. 

Geiw, given. 

Geir, Wealth. 

Gemmer, gender. 

Gent, gentile. 

Genterice, honourable Birth. 

Gsntilcnejs, Clemency. 

Genzie, a Dart or Arrow. 

Gerjeme^a certain Fine paid 
at the renewing of a Lcafe. 

Get, a Child. 

Ghaijt, Ghoft. 

Gie, give. 

Gif, gin, if- 

Gild-, Clamour. 

Gilt, gmlded. 

Gimp,ite Jimpi 

Gird, to ftrikc. 

Girn, to grin, item a Trap 

or Snare. 
Girth, aSanftuary. 
Glamour, the Sight deceived. 
Glaikyto pafs Time idly. 
Glar, Myre. 
Glave, a Sword. 
GU or Glie, Mirth. 
Gled, a Kite. 
Gleim, fmall Flame. 
Gfo'i, Small Spunk of Fire. 
Glen , a Hollow between 

Glengore or Grandgore 9 the 

Trench Pox. 
Gfore, Glory - 
Glunfcboch, four Fellow. 
Glonm, to knit the Eye-brows* 
Glour, to ftaie. 
Glttves, * Gloves. 
Goldfpink,the Goldfinch. 
GoJ& ^or Gowk, the Cuckow. 
GUfi to Glifter. 
Gowden, Golden. 
Goivkit, foolifh. 
Grape, to grope. 
Graif,ihc Grave, item grave. 
Grain, grave, groan. 
Grangis, Corn Fields, Barns 

and Grannaries. 
Graiih, to make ready, item 

UtCDiils,neceirary Things- 
Graitbed^ttyiedytnade ready. 

H A 

Gloffary. HI 273 

i&vat, did weep. 

Grein, to long for earnefl-Jy. 

Greit, weep, item great. 

Grene, green. 

Gm, Degree - 

Orei or&m, Grafs. 

Grit or ^rei't, great. 

G»-ot5, Oats naif ground. 

Groivf, to ly flat on ones 

Grund, Ground. 
Gmndm, fharped. 
Gruntill, a Sow. 
Grunxie, Snout or Nofe. 
Gryce, a Pig. 
Gwairdottn, Prote&ion. 
GKz'fo, expefts Time foolifhly 

and Delays. 
Gttde ot guid, good. 
Gwie*, Riches. 
Guims, Gums. 
Gule, rediih Yellow. 
Gule Snout, red Nos'd. 
Guhfchocb, the Jaundice. 
Gnrlie, furlie. 
Gyant, Giant. 
Gyde, Guide. 
Gydar, Guider. 
Gymmer, court and enjoy* 
Gymp, neat, pretty. 
G//e or Gyj'i, Guife. 


H A 

;*, Hall. 

Habitiklis, Taberna- 

Hae, hare. 

Haggles, a kind oi Pudding. 

H*ilfuw, wholfomc. 

H*if, have. 

Hfiims or Harms, Brains, 

Hw 01 hairy , hoary grayi 

J2*M, Hold. 
Jfa/y, Holy. 
JJ«/s, eo falute. 
Hame, Home. 
H*»dfell,thc firft Money that 

a Merchant gets. 
Hankit, held with Ropes. 
Jf<*/>, hop, item Chance,, 
Harle, to drag, 
Hzrmfi, hamiihed. 
Jiamsy fee Hairns. 
Harfe or Hairs, hoarfe. 
Having, Behaviour. 
Hawkit, white faced-' 
Hawtane, haughty. 
He*/, fled, Health. 
Hecht, to promife, a Pisa 

Hecht, named. 
Heicb, high. 
Jffai'Kt or heilded, upheld. 
Weir, here, iiew» hear. 
Heifit, lifted up, hoifed 
Herkry, Harbour. 
Her y it, fpoiled, impoverished 
Hether, Heath, 
Hcvin, Heaven. 
He neb, a Rock, a fteepHili. 
Hew, Hue. 
Heynd, quick, clever. 
Hie, high. 
JHicibt, Height. 
Hicher, higher. 
Hiddlings, hiding PlacgSJ 
Hz'wf, (hatched. 
Hinny, Honey* 
Hir, her. 
Hird, who watches the Flocks 

or Cattle. 
HirpUtid, going like one lame* 
Hitsh} t© move. 



274 * N Gloffary. K Y 

Ho, the Singular of Hofc. 
Hobledy cobled- 
Jtoijly Cough,, 
Hoik, to dig. 
Holkity made hollow. 
Holtis, Hills, high Ground. 
How, hollow. 


Howdmnd, hiding. 

Hovoky to dig. 

Hoitolaty an Owl. 

Jiowpy hope. 

Hw<&, Hood. 

Hud-pyky a Churk 

Huly, How, 

Hurey Whore. 

ffurcbeotiy Hedge hog. 

fflurktisy goes bowed aad de- 

Myndy ftraigh*. 
Jiydy to hide.. 
Mynty to take. 

J A 

J Anglers y Contenders. 
jfWj>, to jeft or cheat, 
item, to heave- and fet. 
J*p, aDafb. of Water. 
Jimp, neat. 

jfeii otGtily (Saint) the Pa- 
tron Saint of Edinburgh. 
Jouk,to bow. 
jfy'&, to mock, 
//ft, each. 
Ilka, every. 
.'fw/efe, Infeft. 
JWtfifc, to comefhort. 
Jtlfardy illfavoured. 
hidings unworthy. 
ingle^ a Fire- 
mts, Englift. 

Itbandlyy bufily, without In> 

K A 

KA, to drive. 
Kahutey a little Houfe. 
K*ily Colcwort or Cabage, 

item Broth. 
Kxip or Kupy Cap or Top. 
Kavesy Calves. 
Kei{ty did caft. 
Kemdy combed. 
Xe» } to know. 
Kene y kene. 
Kendy knew. 
Ketify, a Rnftick. 
Kef>> to catch what moves foi 

ward one. 
JKe^r, fuch a Catchers 
Kinricky Kingdom. 
Kimmery a Corner or Hie 

Kinnetiy Rabits. 
KUtit, tucked up. 
Rirriy Churne. 
Kivtle Petycoafr. 
#0, Chert. . 

TfrttZe, difficult, i£e«» tickhfli. 
Kinfchy a Loop, to count his 

Kinfcb, to hit his Part. 
Knaif, Knave. 
Knapska y Knapfack. 
Knatu, know. 
Knichty Knight. 
Know, Hillock. 
Kowfchot or Ccwfchot) tl 

Kuke, Cook. 
Ky, Kine. 
Kyte, Belly. 
Jiytb, to flietf . 

L E Glojfary. L O 275 

L A. 

LAggerit, bemired. 
f/aich, low. 
Laid, Load. 
Laif or lave, the reft. 
L^V, Learning, item a Place 

to ly in. 
2>i&, to want. 
Lains, themfelves. 
3Wp, to lap as a Dog. 
Laifure, Leafure. 
£«{/?, laced. 
Laith, loath. 
Laithly, Lothfome. 
Laits, Manners. 
Land-mart, the Country. 
Lane, Loan. 
Langour, Weary nefs. 
jL«»5, a Lance. 
!/«»*, to dart. 
L«jJ,did leap. 
'Larbour, wooden. 
Jjathand. feeble, weak and 

L&v), low. 

Lazotie, Honefty,Juftice. 
La-yoland, Lowland. 
Leil o r leal, honeft. 
Leifches, Lafhcs. 
Leich, Leech or Dr. 
L*id, a Perfon, item Lan- 

g ua g e ' 
I jLeif, Leave, ifew, to live. 
I Zieim or Leant, Flame. 
1 2>e7, honeft, lawful. 

|>zs, Loves, leis me, it plea 

fes me. 
Jjeifings, Lies. 

. ■ S 

Leir, to learn. 

%emman, Courtesan or Coa- 
cubine. v " 

Lends, Buttocks. 
Lefum, lawful. 

Lench, did laugh; 

Lever, rather. 3 

Lew rather. 

Liar or Lyart, hoary. 

Licbt, Light, item merry. 

Licbarie, Lechery. 

Liohtly, undervalue. 

Lickmadowps, fervile Flat- 
terers, that falutclike Dogs. 

Lidder, How, lazy. 

Lie, Corn Lands untiled for 
fome Years. 

Lie or le, calm. 

Lift, the Sky. 


Limm, Limb. 

Limmer, Thief and Whori?, 

Li>w|>,to halt. 

Lin, a Precipice where Wa- 
ter falls. 

Linkit, went haftily. 

Lippen, depend. 

Lipper, leaperous- 

TJsk, the Groin or Flank. 

Loan, where the Cows ar§ 

Lobar, curled. 

Loppin, did leap; 

Lore, Learning. 

Low, Flame. 

Lnxony a Whore or Rogise, 

Lounger, hanging-headed. 

Loan, calm. 

Lowp, to leap. 

Lowpar, Leaper. 

Lout, to bow low. 

Lows) loofe. _ 

a ' "" Lmk, 

21 6 MA Glojfary. M I 

Jju&c, loved. 

I/w/c, Love, item the Palm 

of the Hand. 
Jjt*fr*y, Gifts. 
Jsuggs, Ears. 

L u ggit, to draw by the Ears. 
Jjuidj loved. 
Jjuims, Looms. 
J J i*ivar i Lover. 
Luk or Luck, Fortune. 
Jjwfce or Lwife, Look. 
Jjukit or lucken clofed toge- 

I/km?, Chimney. 

Jjuvdge, to hang downward. 
Jjunxie, Loyne. 

Z,«te, did le't. 

Tsttrdane, a Blockead, or la- 
zy Fellow. 

Jjufchbald, a Slugard. 

Ly/e, Life. 

Z/y/tf, Like. 

JLyking, beloved. 

Jjymmer a Whore a»d Knave. 

jLyre, the Complexion. 

Lytfo a Joynt. 

Jjytity dyed, litted. 

M A. 

MAE, moe. 
Mahoun, the Devil. 
Maid, made. 
M<«fe, make. 
Makkars, Poets. 
Malefon, Malediftion. 
M^ffe, Mate or Match. . 
Xtailpaytrs, Farmers. 
Main otmatte } to moaa. 
Maifi, moft. 
M11V, more. 
JV1*«> mull. 

M"it, Mate. 
M*ndrag t Mandrake. 
M*n%it, bruifed, maimed. 
Mankit } wanting. 
Mant, to ftammer. 
M*ntil, Mantle. 
Marrow, Fellow or Mate' 

M a HWy muft. 

Mavis, a Thrufli. 

Mekle or weikle, much. 

Mell, to meddle or contend^ 

Mdhfluat, fweet flowing. 

Mdttih, a Male of Meat. 

Meid or M«^, Mood, ife>» 
a Reward. 

M«t/, Meal. 

jVJei» or metie, mean. 

Meisy to ftill, or mitigate. 

Meiths, Bounds, Limits qs 

Mends, amends. 

Menzie, Company or Re- 

Menftuir, fwear againft. 

Menfwortty perjured. 

Merkaud, marking. 

Merle, the Merlin, a Bird,, 

Mejfen, a Lap-Dog. 

Mete, to meafure. 

Micbty might. 

Middingy Dunghill. 

Milaney alone. 

Minglity mingled. 

Minty to attempt, to aim* 

Minvy, Mother. 

Mi'ifirell, Mufician. 

Mirk or mevk, dark. 

jWiifee»,to Misknowjijtfw for- 

Mismadey deformed. 

Mijter, to aced. 


N E Glojfary. O W ,277 

Mok, to rnock f Niggxrts, Niggard*. 

Mold, the Ground. Noctii, nought, frequently for 

Mony, many. not. 

Mortber, Murder. Noit, Stioak on the Head. 

Mot, may. Mold, would not. 

Mou, Mouth. Hone, or Nune, Noone. 

Noy, annoy. 

Noyis, Noife. 

Nowther, neither. 

Nuik or Nuke, Nook, Cor* 

Nurifar, nurifhing. 

Nurture ,Education,itos Cpj- 

Nybill, to pike. 

Nys, Nice. 

Moud, mouthed. 

Mows, Jeft. 

Muck, Dung. 

JWw^e, Mood. 

JW«»e, Moon. 

iW«iV or Mure, a Heath. 

Mumting, muttering. 

M»rdefteji } murdered. 

Murgeon, to make Signs or 

JMK'ue or >»«/(?, move. 
Myce or My/i, Mice. 
Mynd, Mind. 
JWywe, mine. 

Mynt, to offeror attempt. 
Afy»xio», Mignon. 
Myting, a Mite. 

N A. 

NA, «<*<?, no. 
Rains, na»es, the Pur- 
j pofe- 
Ndithing, nothing. 
Kane, none. 
2STe?V, near. 
jSTezV, never. 
2\T«i,the Nofe. 
JSLeijl, next. 
Neif ot Nicve, Fift. 
Nek, a Term at Chefs, when 

the King cannot be guard* 

ed from a Check. 
Novell, a Stroak with the 

Nicht, Night, 

O B 

OB7i/ir, obliged. 

jught or aught, 
Odioill, hateful. 
Ockerar, an Uferer. 
Oiji, Hoft. 
0>y, any. 
Opinzion, Opinion. 
Or, before. 
Orifons, Prayers. 
Ot, of it. 
Ory^, over. 
Oxorefrett, overfpread, irnbel- 

Owrequhelm, overwhelm, Qfc<, 

all the other ovores. 
Owfe, Week 
Owther, either. 
Owfen, Oxen. 
Oxter, Arm- pit. 
Oys, Grandchildren. 

? A 


P L 

P A 

PAddock, a Frog. 
Paddock-rude, Spawn of 
Padxian, Pageant. 
Faiks, Chaftifement. 
Pais, Pafeh or Efter. 
Paitlait, an Under-coat. 
Faip,' the Pope. 
Pallions, Pavilions. 
Falat, Skin. 
F*r>g, to fluff. 
Fanj'g, paufc. 
Pare, to enipair. 
Paucity, haughty- 
F<*ivps, Paps or Breafts. 
Fayntit, painted. 
Fech, to breath fliort. 
Feild, ftript. 
Peir, an equal. 
Pet'*, Peas. 
Ftlour, aPilgarlick- 

Fennair,* Pen-Cafe. 

Fens, Plumes. 

Ferfay, in Faith. 

Ferfe, pierce. 

Ferfave, perceive. 

Perfev), purfue. 

Pet, a Favourite, to take the 
Pet, to be pcevifii. 

Pingle, to ftriveer labour with 

Pifc Pitch. 

P//e&, to pifs. 

Pith, Strength. 

Plaid, a loofe upper Garment. 

Plait, fold. 

Plaint, Complaint. 

Flacky third of a Pcny. 

Pltids, Contentions. 

Plein, complain. 

Plenxie, complain. 

Pitts, pleafe, 

Plefans, Pleafufe. 

Plet, to twift, twirled. 

Pleucb, Plow. 

Pley, Contcft or Squable. 

Plight, plighted. 

Po/fe,Poke,or little Sack; 

Pofody, a Sort of Highland 

Pott', to pull- 
Pow, Poll or Head. 

Poutch, Pocket. 

Powter, to prog. 

Pratick, Practice. 

Preif or preive, prove, try, or 

Preincod, Pincuflieon. > 3 

Preiving, trying. 

Preife, prefs. 

Prewi, Print or Impreffiono 

Preve»e,to prevent. 

Propyae, a Prefent. 

Prydlefs, humble. 

Pryji*, Prizes. 

Puncisj Pulfes- 

Punde % to fequefter- 

Pulchritude, Beauty. 

Pure or puir, poor,i£*w pure. 

Puirtith, Poverty. 

Purfiii, rufled. 

Pwr/«.£yfe, Pick-purfe. 

Pufiance, Power. 

Pvw«, Pain. 



JJantance, Acquaintance 

j£««t, did quite or 

$»*y, young CoW^^ 

R A Qkflary. R I 279 

Sts*ver 9 Quiver. 

gueue, Queen. 

gvell, to kill. 

J^«fe*, who. 

Subfifi Whale. 

^Jfjwj, whole. 

Sgupair, where, 

Sgubxt, what. 

gutat-reck, what the Matte*. 

.g«fofy, a Whelp. 

^fo'fc, Wheels. 

£«*«*, Wheat. 

<&uben, when. 

gubene, a Part. 

gubilk, which- 

g)itbidder, whither. 

jg>«&£, Whip. 

gukittle a Knife. 

guhitly, pale and thin. 

SZybirly whirl. 

M>ubois, whole. 

Jgubom, whom. 

gubylfome, fometime ago. 

guby, why. 

^uhyle, while, item until. 

^>«riyte White- 

gupdjquotb, (aid. 

ft A. 

Raft, Fog or Mi ft. 

T) ilE, Roe. 


_ R.a dot Red, feared- 
Racklefi or recklefs, to aft 

careldly or ralh.*/, rave, did rive. 
Raing t a. Circle. 
Raik t to go a quick Pace, 
Raift, a Rope. 
jR.<«V, to roar. 
Rait, Rate. 
Rang, Rung* 
Rauigild* a foe^Sj Ssold. 


R*fcb 9 Rafli. 
JUictes, Hounds. 
Raw, Row. 

R&wmondy beardlefs, fimple. 
Raucht, reacht. 
Rax, Stretch. 
Reb*ld, a Talker of Nori- 

fecfe or Rebaldry. 
Red or reid y to wifll, item 

Redour> Fright. 
Rehatanr, a malicious Ene- 
Reid, Red, item to read. 
Reiki Smoak, item to reach. 
Reikis, rigged, item fmoked , 
Rtird, Noife. 

Rei(r, to dry in a Chimney. 
.Reroe or reve, to rob. 
Re-aer, a Rober- 
Renxie, the Rein of a 

Reprieve, reprove. 
Rejave, receive. 
Refine or Refuun, Reafon. 
Rei>m, Robb«rs. 
Revers, the Rovers at which 

the Archers ilioot. 
Revrtb. Pity. 
Rewme Realm. 
Rewyne, Ruin. 
Rcw>, to take Pity, item, to 

RrVtft, Right. 
Ricbt vow, lately. 
Rift, to belch. 
Rigg, the Back, #<?« a Ridge. 
Rilling, a Shoe made of 

rough raw untaa'd Leather. 

Rwk 3 

s8a R tJ Qlojfary. S C 

Rink, a Gourfc. 

Ring, to reign. 

Rifpies, Bulruflies. 

Ro:bes, Rocks., 

Roir, to roar. 

Rok, a Diftaff, item tti roll 

or move from one Side to 

the other. 
Rone, Bramble or Briar. 
Row, a Roll to roll. 
Rowth, Abundance. 
Rowpand. crying-hoarfe. 
Rowms, Rooms. 
Rowmis to make a Noife, 
Roun, Whifper. 
Roung or Rung, a Cloun's 

Rowt, to bellow or low like 

a Bull. 
Royis, raves. 
Ruch, rough. 
Rude, Rednefs. 
Rude, a Crofs. 
Rug, to pull with Force. 
Rukes, Crows. 
Rukis, Ricks. 

Randge,to range and gather. 
Rumple, a Rump. 
Rttte, Root. 
Rufe or ruife, to commend, 

praife, extoll. 
Rutber, the Rudder. 
Ryall, Royall. 
Ryfe or Rife, common. 
Rynk, Rank. . 
Rys or ilyce, Dwarf Bufhes 

of Wood. 
Ryje, rife. 
2tyt>e> to tear assd fpleet. 

S A 

SA,fae, Co. 
. Saft, foft. 

S*if, fave 

Samlefs, innocent. 

Sain or fane , to blcfs„ 

<y«*V, fore. 

Sane, fay. 

J*//, fhall. 
■&««, fold. 
Sang, Song. 
Sans, without. 
Sar, Savour. 
Sargeand, Serjeant. 
Safk, Shirt. 
Sary, Sorry. 

Saw, old Saying or Prophecy. 
Saw, Word or Promife. 
Sauch, a Willow. 
Saucbt, at Eafe, in Peace. 
Saul, Soul. 
#**M, fee Said. 
Sawrs, Savours, Smells. 

2\T. B. the c here between the 
f and fci tho' it is neves 
ufed now, yet it was fel- 
dom neglected by our old 
Gentlemen } therefore any 
hard Word that begins 
with only Jh t look for JJ 
in fch. 

Scant, fcarce. 

Scbaip, to fit. 

Scbairp, (harp. 

Schaw, fliew. 

Scbawst little Woods. 

Scbedj feparate. 

Scheil } 

S E Giqffary. S K 2§t 

Sqheil, Shepherd's Coat. 

Schene, fhining. 

Schent, troubJed, confounded, 

fpoiled, ruined. 
Scbeip, Sheep. 
Scheild, unhuked, item a 

Schilling, Meal befot§ it is 

Scbit, a blafted little Grea- 

Schogled, dangled. 
Schoil, flic will, or fhe'U. 
Scheg, to fhakc. 
Scho, flie. 
Sckore, to threat. 
&toj Shot. 
&$i>-, Sir. 
Schrewis, Shrews. 
Schuke, fhook. 
Scbuder, to Shiver. 
Schune, Shoes. 
&&»k, School. 
Schupe, made ready, intended. 
Schare, did flieer. 
Scrimpy fcant. 
Seoul, to look grim*, by Icting 

fall the Brows. 
Aii, Seal. 

Stil, Happinefs, Frofperity,' 
Seimly, comely. 
Seir or Sere j feverai 
Sell, Cell 
Seindle feldom. 
Sen, "since. 
Sene, fcen. 
Sens, Senfe. 

Senfyne, fince thatTim#„ 
Senxie, Signority. 
Scnzior, Senior. 
Sefoun, Seafon. 
Seme or Jffr/y t» icfervc 

(SeJt^, becomes. 

Sehcb, a Furrow or Ditch. 

#ey,to try. 

Scaldit, ournt. 

Scar:, Hermaphrodite. 

Scowrieos: Skfltoriei meagre, 

Scunder, a loath* 

Sib, a Kin. 

Sic or Jik, fuch. 

Sicb, Cgb. 

Sicbt, Sight. 

Sicker, fure. . 

^//er, Silver. 

Sindle, feldom. 

Singh,* Handful of gleanel 

£&<**'/, to fcatter. 
Skairs or Jfeffrs, fcaroe, 
Skaith, Lofs, Harm. 
Sk<*pit, efcaped. 
Scant, fcarcc. 
£fe*]>, Scalp. 
Skar, Scar. 
<Sfee/f, Shelf. 
Sldander, Scandal. 
Sklender, Slender. 
Sklent, to go afide, to lie, 
Skonce to cover, a Cover, 
Skoldirt, parched. 
tffeor?*, Scdrn. 
tf/Wcfe, Skitlifh. 
,?&-«/, hang or knit the Brows. 
Skink, to> fill Drink, item 

ftrong Broth. 
Skid, to, cry. . 
Shows, Scrolls. , ,, 

Skmdging or Skttrghg, Scour- 

g in g. 
Skriife, Scruf, 
Skraip, Scrape. 
afeiyfc* tj fcfeech. 

2.S2 SO Glojfary. S T 

Skugry, in Hidlings. 

Skujls, Hand Baskets. . 

Skum, Scim. 

i7y/f/;, Lofs, Hurt. 

Sla, Slay. 

5/^e, Sloe. 

Slaif, ', Slave. 

,£/«#, didllit or cut. 

Slak,an opening between Hills 

„£/.*«>, ilow. 

^.c/T:, fmooth. 

Sleuth, cunning. 

Slicht, Slight. 

SU?, Sloutli. 

Siskin, to quench. 

Slogan ot Slughor»,tA Watch- 
word, peculiar to a cer- 
tain Name or Set of People, 
ufed to know their Friends 
from Enemies. 

Slouch, a Husk. 

Smaik, a filly pitiful Fellow. 

Smeir, befmear. 

Smidy, Smith's Work-houfe. 

Smit, to infeft. 

Smot, a Spot, as of Greafe on 

Smorit, /mothered. 
Smuke, Smoak- 
Smyt, a finail Spot. 
Smyle, to fmile". v 
Snack, clever, 
.&.•<? z/f, to f peak tartly. 
Sneir, to fnore. 
Smll, {harp- 
Snift 1 to {hew Difpleafure 

by difdaioful Looks. 
Snude, a'Womans Headband 
for binding back the Hair. 
Soir, Sore. 
Solace, Recreation. 
Soliji, to fo licit e. or fo»fs } Luck, Hap- 

Sank, a Wreath of Straw ufei 
as a Cufliion, or a Load 
Sonxint , made Excufe. 
Scmand, to go about beg- 
AWi, mould. 
Soverxne, Sovereign. 
Soup, fweep. 
Sound, fmooth. 
Spae, to prephefy. 
Spans, wane from Suck- 
Spate or Spait, Land Flood or 

Spang, to leap. 
Spavie, Stiff nefs in the Hams, 

a Hoife Difeafe. 
Spa ul, Spald, the Shoulder. 
Speik, to fpeak. 
Speil, to climb. 
Speir, to ask, item a Spear.' 
Spewce, ths Buttery. 
Speuzie, Spain. 
SpiJ7, to fpoil. 
Spirting, a very fmall Fifli. 
Sound, fmooth. 
Spowt, a Gufh. 
Spray, Sprigs, Bufiies. 
Spring, a Tune. 
Spulxie, Spoil, item to fpoil. 
Sprent, a Spring, to fpring as 

a Clock. 
Sp«/e, a Weaver's Shuttk. 
Squeil, Squ«eek. 
Spunk, a Spark of Fire. 
Spynand, Spinning. 
Stane, Stone- 
Stakts', Piles of Corn. 
SMI, ftole- 
Stallwart, Robuft. 
Stakkzr, Stagger. 
Starke ftrong. 


S U Gloffary. 

Stay, Streight, Steep. 

St*w, ftole. , 

Steik, to fhut. 

Steir, ftir. 

Stevd, long Stryde. 

Stern ,Star. 

Srei'iw, the Voice. 

Sting or St a fig, a Pol. 

Stirll, a big Ball-Calf 

S;ot, Bullock, z'iew a Notch 

S'our, Duft in Motion. 
Stowr,Throng of Battle. 
Stoup, Prop or Pillar. 
S'ow«, ftolen. 
Sf«/g'^ young Horfe. 
Strang, ftrong. 
Strae, Straw. 
Sir*k, did ftrike. 
S'.rinkil, to fprinkle- 
Strynd, ftrain, item Kindred. 
Stalwart^ large and ftrong. 
Stalkers, fturdy Beggars. 
Stude, ftood. 

Study, Smith's Anvil. ^ 
S^wr^/, liout and ftrong. 
Stuff, Vexation. 
Sty me, Small Sight. 
Stypand, Benefice. 
Stynt, to Ray or hold. 
Sua, fo. 
Sukkar, Sugar- 
Su'ub or Suth, Truth. 
Su ne,f on e,{oon.. 
Sv)*pitj featured. 
Swats, Small-bear or Dreg- j 
S%v*nkie$, cliver young Fel- 
Sk»», fome. 
Suhie, to foil, ztew, Soil, 

iupone, fuppofe. 

T E 283 

&nte, Soot, 

Suth, Truth. • 

Swaird, the Grafy Surface of 

the Ground. 
Stoat, a\\a\ fweat. 
Swankie, fouple Youngfter. 
Smeir, lazy, /Jew* tofwear. ' 
Swsirnefs, Lafinefs. • 
Swz'ifc, Haft, ha-ftylie. 
Sir »»?., Swim. 
Styo^w, Faint. 
Swyngeor, a tall Wenches a 

item, a. Scoundrel. 
Swyth, or ftoith, foon. 
SyiV, Times. 
Syke, a Water Ditch. 
Sym.mer, Summer. 
Sy«ff, afterward, thea. 
S/re, Sire, Father. 
S_yte, Sorrow. 

T A. 

TAE, Toe. 
TWj, Toes. 
TacU, Taught. 
Tallon, to Tallow or Greafe, 
Tald or Tauld, told. 
TW^, Toad. 
Tafcior, Taylor. 
Targdrti, Ckfps or Buckles. 
"Targe, a Shieii. . 
T*«rj"»ra, to refufe. 
Tawfy, little Cup. '; 

Ta%,,& Scourge ot little Whip* 
Tedder, a Rope qr Band for 

Telxie, a Cut of Beef. 
Tene, Anger. 
Tent, to notice. 
Teugh, tugh. . 
Teyndj Anger. 

sS4 T O Qkffaty. 

Thae, thofe. 
"Xpair, their ? there. 
Tbairin, within. 
Tbxirout, without. 
Tbay, thofe, 
XKf, Thigh. 
jTaiV, thefe. 
Tbocbt, thought, tho'*. 
T^oZe, to {urrer. t 
Tbratvatt, or traw*rt 9 crofs. 
Thrawis, Throws. 
Tr.'ra'ivn, crofs, Thrazvit vult, 

ill natured Countenance. 
Tbrefe, in Corn, twenty four 
Sheaves ; applied to other 
Things it means a great 
Thing, to %"/ring, or Throng. 
Tkrople, the'Wirid Pipe. ' - 
Tbyne ) thine, item thirice. 
Third, The Noife rather 
frronger than fharp that 
Things make that come 
on other with Force and 
Ticht, handfome, tight. 
XijTi to A"ort with gentle 
Touches, paring ?nd the 
TMz% L.ofe. 
2 ilk, Loll. 
TV*-/, to give a fmall fharp 

Stroke, it4m to uncover. 
T'rly mirly, a Whirlygig. 
Tittar. t v^ihst. 
Tod, a Fox. 
Toder, the other. 
Toitsm toy is* Freekg. 
Telhalb,* Prifnn. 
I&ivdy, theAtfe 
Tprv'is, Tbwej& 
'fewm/;:^ T.Yi&ie Months. 

W A 

Trantals, Nig-nays. 
Trattlesy filly Tales. 
T><*/far,draglcd. : 
Trayn, Train or Lead. 
Treacbour or treicbour , treach. • 

Trete or trek, treat. 
Ttetie, intreating. 
Trew, true. 
TWjjj neat. 
Troxa, believe. 

Truncheon, Head or Piece ef 
a Spear. 

Trumpours, Deceivers. 

Tryme, handfgme. 

Trymbill, Tremble. 

Tryjt, an Appointment. 

Tung, Tongue. 

Take, took. 

Tumi, empty, item, to empty. 

Tioay or rwae, two. 

Twhh, Touch. 

Troyne, to twine. 

Tyde, Tide. 

Tyfce, a Dog. 

Tymmer, Timber. 

Tyne^ot £z'»e, Lofs. 

Tyr,e,teinot tene, Anger, 


T^re,ftreight,foon, quickly. 

W A. 

WA, Wall. 
Wad or fF<^> Wager. 
f^w, Woe. 
JViefu, woeful. 
Wag, Shake. 
W<*i}\ ionly, alone. 
Waif, Wave. 


W I Glofary. W Y 285 

Widdert, withered. 

Wtddy oxWody,x\it Gallows. 

Wie, little. 

Widdyfozv, Gallows fac'd. 

Widdill, '' an uneafy rcftlefs 

Will, wild. 

Wi.lj'om, wild. (ward. 

Wimple, to told tack and torft- 
Wimiing, Dwellmg. 
Win/>ocks, Windows. 
Wirdy.ot wordy t worthy. 
Wirk, to work. 
Winy, to wory. 
Iff///, to know. 
J*W, a Wood".. 
Won, to dwell, 
Wond, dwelt. 

Wt.nt, thought or fuppofel. 
W r oi(it, courted. 
tVrak, Wreck. 
Wowf, Wolf. 
f^otr, a Note of Wonder. 
Wraik, to vex. 
Wraith, the Wafte. 
Wr-nh wrote. 
JVrAtig, wrong. 
Wroubt, Wroueht. 
Jf^-jB^'ef-j'aCurie or Wave. 
Wylie, cunning- 
Wyfa Wife. 
Wyfts, Wives. 
Wyt, to blame, the Caufe or 

Wys, wife. 

Jfj;/}\ a Handful of Straw, «r 
! the like. 

Waik, weak, r£e/w wait . 
Waitb, wandredor itrayed. 
Wakryfe, little enclined to 

W a l '-, the Choice, to choife. 
WAdy would. 
Walop, to Galop. 
Waliowit, withered. 
WW^ |arge. 

Wally.gowdy, great Jev ell. 
Wxlydraig, a pityful Crea- 
ture, or the moil: worthlefs 
of a Number. 

W*me, Womb. 
W*u, pale„j'iewj went. 

WanfuMtym nurfed. 

Wanwomh, worthlefs. 

W<*ne or xvJtin , Houfe. 

Wxnflers, Venus Gamefters. 

War/riife, uneafy. ' ' 

Warden, Guardian. 

W.trifo r , y Reward.' 

Wark, Work. 

Warlo, a Wretch. 
•Wj.vie, to fret. w ?i>,toknow. 

7-f'uw,a Wall, a'Wave. 

Wedfst t to Mortgage. 

8^1/, well 

Wand, fuppofed. 

mir t War. 

Weird, Fortune. 

P%, Rain, item to wet. 

J^Vwe or xwitij to thmk or 

Wh"d, go away. 


Wyjsit, wiped or woped. 

Wicht, clever. 

WicY.t, Wight, a Pcrfon. 

Wicker, Willow. 

WJ } mad. 

Vafoiant, val&ait, 
Yanifc, vanifh. 
Udd?r, other. 
Vdziet, ayaited, 


286 Z A Glojfary. Z U 

Venomit, Envenomed. 

Vertew- Virtue. 

Ug, to loath. 

Ugfome, loatlifome. 

Vtjjy, take a View of. 

Ulie, Oyl. 

Utidocht, one that can do 

XJpf(tlziet y undefined. 
TJtigeird, unarmed. 
Ur>qnit, UDckaredor unpaid. 
Utificker, uufure. 
TJt>zeon 3 Union. 
Vyce, Vice. 
Vyle, vile. 

YCE, Ice. 
Idle, idle. 
Tie, Ifle. 
XW, India. 
Tre, Ire. 
Yel&*d, Ireland. 
2Vc»w Iron. 

Z A 

Zamey t to make a GrumblinS 

like a Child. 
Zejye, item yea. 
£*//, ye'll. 
Zdlow, Yellow. 
Ze/^, went. 
Zetl, ye will. 
2eiW, yield. 
Zeir y Year. 

Ze//>, yelp, cry like a Dog; 
Zemeriy Ycameo. 
ZeJ?m*e, Yeiternight. 
Zef, Yet or Gate. 
Zing, young. 
Zit, or Zet, yet. 
Ztjierday, Yciteiday. 
Zolden, holden. 
Zofee, Yoak. 
ZonkerS) Youngfters. 
Zon, yon. 
ZW, howl. 
53>«i$, Youth. 
Zoidhbeid, Youth-head. 
Zule, Cbriitmas. 
Zung, young 
Zyrne, to cam ot crudle as 

new Cheafe. 

A TT or zap t flwrp fet, 

Mj B- Some old Scorj Words not explained in this GlofTary, 
through Inadveriency in collecting and ranging of them, and 
fome few, for which we can plead a better Excufe, (hall be 
annexed, with fuch in the third Volume as are not ex- 
plained in this, which Volume is to be published in a fhort 
Time, confifticg chiefly of Satyres and Interludes, wrote 
by Sir David Lindfay of the Mount, Lyon King at Arms, 
and afred on the flay Green between JLeith and Edinburgh, 
with feveial other Pieces neve* before printed. 




Second Volume. 


NE W Years Gift to Queen Mary. 

To his Heart. if 

A Erajl) of Wowing. 18 

The Golden Targe. ai 

Lerges of this neiv Tears Day. $% 

Dumbafs Dergy to King J a m e s V. 41 

Fly ting of Dunbar and Kennedy. 47 

Dunbar s Second to Kennedy* 50 

Kennedy^ Second to Dunbar. 61 

The merry Taftment of Mr. Aniro Ksnmdy. 76 

Difcration in Asking. ~ 82, 

Difcration in Giving, 84 

Difcration in Taking. 87 

On Detraclion^and Deming 90 

Sons exyld by Pride. . 9$ 

Satyre on Covetoufnefs. 95 

The Cherry and the Slae. 98 
The Jufting and Debate, bet%v'xt William Adam- 

fon-j and John Sym. 17? 

Off the Monet h of May, 1 8tf 


2 8g CONTENT S. 

Johnie Armftrang. . 150 

Head fir ang Touth advifit to keip a Hank in 

Hand. 1^7 

The blate Lover. 203 
Love a Leveller. ^ 2 Of 
T^ Flower of Womanhood, * 207 

Donald Oivyrs Epitaph. 2.09 

A Comparifon. 212 

XX>* Solfequium or Sun Flower. 2i£ 

T£* Firfi Pfahn. 21 f 

The Twenty third Pfalm. 217 

Defer iption of the Pedder OJfes. 21$ 

Jocks Advice to his Dad. 223 

T&e Red 5^^?ir Ito/'i. 224 

The Eagle and Rob en Redbreajl. z$z 

Hay Trix, Trym go Trix. £$6 

On the Mefs. 239 

On Purgatory. 24? 

Hardykmte. 247