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Full text of "Everybody's Spanish dictionary : Spanish-English, English-Spanish = Diccionario Español para todo el mundo : Español-Inglés, Inglés-Español"

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Spanish Dictionary 


Diccionario Espanol 
para Todo el Mundo 



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Copyright: W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd. 





Substantives. — In the Spanish-English section, substantives or 
nouns are indicated by the presence of their gender, thus m. or/. 
In the English-Spanish section, the letter 5 (substantive) is used 
to denote them, and the gender is indicated after the Spanish 

Verbs, in all cases, are followed by the letter V. 

Adjectives are denoted by the letter a or adj. 

Adverbs are shown by the letters ad. or adv. 

Pronouns are denoted by the letters pron. or pn. 

Prepositions are shown by the letters prep, or pr. 

Conjunctions are shown by the letters conj. or c. 

Interjections by the letters interj. or i. 

In the Spanish-English section of this dictionary', the sound of 
every Spanish word is imitated in English spelling. These 
imitations are given in brackets directly after the words to which 
they refer. 


Much, of course, could be written regarding the sound values 
of the letters of the Spanish alphabet : but as a quick guide to 
pronunciation, the following will pro\ ide considerable help : 

Vozcels — A sounds like a in our word car or jar. 

E, like a in date. 

I, like ee in see. 

O, like o in often. 

U, like 00 in food. 

Y, when a vowel, like ee in see. 

Consonants — The following consonants, B, D, F, L, M, N, P, 
S, T, V and X, are pronounced practically as they are in English. 

C is pronounced in two ways. 

(a) When placed before e or i, it is like th in theory or theatre. 

(b) In all other instances, it is equal to our k in king. 
CH is pronounced like ch in church. 

G also has two sounds, — if not three. 

(a) When placed before a, o, I, n or r, it is like our g in garnish. 

(b) When placed before e or i, the nearest approach to its 
sound is provided by the Scotch word loch. 

(c) When placed before u, followed by e or i, it sounds like the 
g in guess, while the u is not sounded. 

H is silent; but people often register an intake of breath when 
the letter is present. 

J is like the G, mentioned above, when placed before e or i. 

LL — The double L has a particular sound of its own that is 
not found exactly in Engl-sh sounds. The nearest approach is 
the trill in the word pavilion. 

N is like the ni in union. 

Q is like our ordinary k, and the u following it is not sounded. 

R is hard and rolling when at the beginning of a word or when 
I, n or s are placed in front of it. It is not so hard when coming 
between two vowels or when placed at the end of a word. 

RR is harder than the single r. 

Y, as a vowel, is dealt with above. As a consonant it has the 
force of the y in you. 
Z is like th, as in thread. 















































The Spanish alphabet consists of the following 29 letters : 

LL ellieh 

From the above, it will be noticed that the letter W does not 
exist in the Spanish language : and it may be added that K is 
rarely found and then only when connected with words of foreign 

But the Spanish alphabet has certain letters of its own. These 
are CH, LL and RR, and 5J with the tilde sign may be placed 
along with them. These additions may cause slight confusion 
when consulting the dictionary, as the order of words is unusual 
for English-speaking people. Briefly, it may be explained that 
CHa follows Cz, LLa comes after Lz, 5Ja follows Nz and RRa 
follows Rz. If this sequence is remembered, there will be no 
trouble in finding any required word. 


There are certain rules for recognising the gender of Spanish 
nouns : but there are so many exceptions to these rules that the 
only safe way of determining the gender of a particular noun is 
to consult a dictionary which indicates the gender of every noun. 
In this dictionary, every noun has its gender given beside it. 

The gender of Spanish nouns depends either on their significa- 
tion or their termination. 

(a) Names of men and males are masculine gender. 

(b) Names of women and females are feminine. 

(c) Trades, occupations and work of men are masculine. 

(d) Trades, etc., of women are feminine. 

(e) Apart from the above, nouns ending in E, I (accented), 

O, U, J, L, N, R, S and T are masculine. 

(f) Nouns ending in A, I (unaccented), Ion, D and Z are 


(g) But, as indicated above, there is a vast number of excep- 

tions which follows no rule and which makes it necessary 
to consult a dictionary when the information is required. 


A (r) pr. at: to: on: by: for: of: 

according to. 
Abaceria (r-bah-thay-ree'-r) /. 

Abacero (r-bah-thay'-ro) m. 

& f. grocer. 
Abad (r-bahd') m. abbot. 
Abadejo (r-bah-day'-ho) m. 

Abadesa (r-bah-days'-r) /. 

Abadia (r-bah-dee'-r) /. abbey. 
Abajo (r-bah'-ho) ad. under: 

Abalanzar (r-bah-lahn-thar') 

V. to balance: impel. 
Abanderizador (r-bahn-der- 

rith-r-dor') ni. ringleader. 
Abandonar (r-bahn-do-nar') 

V. to abandon: forsake. 
Abanicar (r-bahn-e-kar') v. to 

Abanico (r-bah-nee'-ko) m. fan. 
Abaratamiento (r-bar-r-tar- 

mee-n'-to) m. abatement: re- 
duction of price. 
Abarcar (r-bar'-kar) v. to em- 
brace: clasp: compromise. 
Abarrancadero (r-bar-rahn- 

kay-day'-ro) m. precipice. 
Abarrote (r-bar-ro'-tay) pi. 

food: groceries: victuals. 
Abastecedor (r-bahs-tay-thay- 

dor') m. & f. caterer. 
Abastecimiento (r-bahs-tay- 

thee-me-n'-to) m. provisions. 
Abatido (r-bah-tee'-do) a. de- 
jected: faint: low spirited. 
Abatir (r-bah-teer') v. to 

descend: stoop: overthrow. 
Abeja (r-bay'-hahr) /. bee. 
Abertura (r-bayr-too'-rah) /. 

aperture: chink: gap. 
Abierto (r-bee-ayr'-toe) a. 

open: frank: sincere. 


Abismo (r-biss'-mo) m. abyss: 

Ablandar (r-blahn'-dar) v. to 

soften: mitigate. 
Abnegar (r-bnay-gar') v. to 

deny: renounce. 
Abobar (r-bo-bar') v. to 

Abocado (r-bo-kay'-do) a. light. 
Abofellar (r-bo-fel-yar') v. to 

pant: puff: breathe heavily. 
Abogado (r-bo-gar'-do) m. & 

f. advocate: mediator. 
Abolir (r-bo-leer') v. to abolish. 
Abolorio (r-bo-lo'-ree-o) m. 

Abominable (r-bo-me-nar'- 

blay) a. abominable: wretched. 
Abominar (r-bo-me-nar') v. 

to detest: loathe. 
Abonar (r-bo-nar') v. to in- 
sure: improve: bail out. 
Abonarse (r-bo-nar'-say) t;. to 

Aborrecer (r-bor-ray-thayr') 

V. to hate: abhor. 
Abotonar (r-bot-on-ar') t;. to 

button: bud. 
Abrasar (r-brar-sar') v. to 

burn: squander: be agitated. 
Abrazar (r-brar-thar') v. to 

embrace: surround. 
Abrazo (r-brar-tho') m. em- 
brace: hug. 
Abreviar (r-bray-vee-ar') v. to 

abridge: accelerate. 
Abridor (r-bree-dor') m. tin- 
Abrigar (r-bree-gar') v. to 

take shelter: protect. 
Abrigo (r-bree'-go) m. shelter: 

protection: overcoat. 
Abril (r-breel') m. April. 
Abrimiento (r-bree-me-n'-to) 

m. opening. 
Abrir (r-bree'-r) V. to Openi 

unlock: tell a secret. 

Abrochador 8 

Abrochador ((r-bro-char'-dor) 
m. buttonhook. 

Abrogar (r-bro-gar') v. to 

Abrojo (r-bro'-ho) m. thistle. 

Abromado (r-bro-mar'-do) a. 
foggy: hazy: misty. 

Abroncar (r-bron'-kar) v. to 
jeer at: make fun of. 

Abrumador (r-broo-mar'-dor) 
a. troublesome: annoying. 

Abrumar (r-broo-mar') v. to 
overcome: overpower. 

Abrupto (r-'broop'-to) a. steep. 

Abrutado (r-broo-tar'-do) a. 
cruel: brutish. 

Absceso (rbs-thay'-so) m. ab- 
scess: sore: ulcer. 

Absoluci6n (rbs-so-loo-the- 
on') /. forgiveness. 

Absolutamente (rbs-so-loo- 
tar-men'-tay) ad. absolutely. 

Absolver (rb-soll-vayr') v. to 

Absorber (rb-sor-bayr') v. to 

Abstinente (rbs-tee-nen'-tay) 
a. abstemious: temperate. 

Abstraido (rbs-tray-ee'-do) a. 

Abuela (r-boo-ay'-lar) /. grand- 

Abuelo (r-boo-ay'-lo) m. grand- 
father: ancestor. 

Abultado (r-bool-tay'-do) a. 
bulky: massive. 

Abultar (r-bool-tar') v, to in- 
crease: enlarge. 

Aburrido (r-boor-ree'-do) a. 
weary: tired. 

Aburrir (r-boor-reer') v. to 
weary: vex. 

Abusar (r-boo-sar') v. to abuse. 

Abusivo (r-boo-see'-vo) a. 
abusive: impudent. 

Abuso (r-boo'-so) m. misuse. 

Acd (r-kar') ad. here: hither. 

Acabado (r-kar-bar'-do) a. per- 
fect: accomplished. 

Acabalar (r-kar-bal-ar') i;. to 

Acaecer (r-kay-ay-thair') v. to 

Acallar (r-kayl-lyar') v. to 
calm: silence. 

Acariciar (r-kar-re-the-ar') v. 
to caress: fondle. 

Acaso (r-kar'-so) m. chance — 
ad. by chance. 

Acatamiento (r-kar-tar-me-n'- 

to) m. respect: esteem. 
Acatar (r-kar-tar') v. to 

respect: esteem: honour. 
Acatarrarse (r - kar - tar - rar' - 

say) V. to catch cold. 
Acauldalado (r-kar-oo-dar-lar- 

do) a. rich: wealthy. 
Acceder (rk-thay-dayr') v. to 

agree: accede. 
Accession (rk-thay-see-on') /. 

agreement: accession. 
Acceso (rk-thay'-so) m. access. 
Accidental (rk-the-dent-arl') 

a. accidental. 
Accidente (rk-the-dent'-ay) m. 

Accion (rk-the-on') /. action: 

operation: share. 
Accionista (rk-the-o-niss'-tar) 

m. shareholder. 
Acechar (r-thay-char') v. to 

waylay: lie in ambush. 
Acedar (r-thay'-dar) v. to dis- 
Acedia (r-thay-dee'-r) /. rough- 
ness: acidity. 
Acedo (r-thay'-do) a. acid: 

Aceitar (r-thay-e'-tar) v. to 

oil: lubricate. 
Aceite (r-thay-e'-tay) m. oil. 
Aceite de oliva (r-thay-e'-tay: 

day: o-lee'-var) m. olive oil. 
Aceiteria (r-thay-e-tay-ree'-r) 

/. oilshop. 
Aceitoso (r-thay-e-to'-so) a. 

Aceituna (r-thay-e-too'-nar) /. 

olive. / 

Acceleracion (r-thay-lay-rar- 

the-on') /. acceleration. 
Acelerado (r-thay-lay-rar'-do) 

a. swift: quick. 
Acelerar (r-thay-Iay-rar') v. 

to accelerate: go quicker. 
Ac^mila (r-thay'-mee-lar) /. 

mule: beast of burden. 
Acentuado (r-then-too-ar'-do) 

a. determined. 
Acepar (r-thep-ar') v. to take 

Acepiilar (r-thep-ill-ar') v. to 

Aceptable (r-thep-tay'-blay) a. 

Aceptar (r-thep-lar') v. to 



Acepto (r-thep'-to) a. agree- 
able: pleasing. 

Acerbo (r-thayr'-bo) a. harsh: 
rigorous: rude. 

Acerca (r-thayr'-kar) pr. about: 
relating to. 

Acercar (r-thayr'-karr) v. to 
approach: draw near to. 

Acero (r-thay'-ro) m. steel. 

Acertado (r-thayr-tar'-do) a. 
fit: proper. 

Acertar (r-thayr'-tar) v. to 
happen unexpectedly. 

Acertijo (r-thayr-tee'-ho) m. 

Acervo (r-thayr'-vo) m. heap: 
pile: mound. 

Aciago (r-thee-r'-go) a. un- 
lucky: unfortunate. 

Aciano (r-thee-r'-no) m. corn- 

Acicalar (r-thee-kar-lar') r. to 
polish: dress up. 

Acido (r'-thee-do) a. acid: 
sour: bitter. 

Aclamaci6n (r-klar-mar-the- 
on') /. applause: acclamation. 

Aclarar (r-klar-ar') v. to clear: 
clarify: explain. 

Acocharse (r-ko-tshar'-say) v. 
to stoop down: squat. 

Acochinar (r-ko-tshin-ar') v. 
to assassinate: kill. 

Acodiciar (r-ko-dee-thee-ar') 
V. to long for. 

Acoger (r-ko-hayr') v. to re- 
ceive: protect: admit. 

Acogida (r-ko-he'-dar) /. asy- 
lum: reception. 

Aiolito (r-ko'-lee-to) m. & f. 
assistant: accomplice. 

Acometer (r-ko-mee-ter') v. 
to assault: attack: overtake. 

Acometida (r-ko-mee-tee'-dar) 
m. assault: attack. 

Acomodado (r-ko-mo-dar'-do) 
a. commodious: convenient: 

Acomodar (r-ko-mo-darr') v. 
to arrange: fit: suit. 

Acompanado (r-kom-par- 

gnar'-do) a. accompanied. 

Acompanante (r-kom-par- 

gnarn'-tay) m. attendant: com- 

Acongojar (r-kon-go-har') v. 
to oppress: afflict. 

Aconsejable (r-kon-see-har'- 
blay) a. advisable. 

g Actriz 

Acontecer (r-kon-tay-thayr') v. 
to happen. 

Acontecido (r-kon-tay-the'-do) 
a. troubled. 

Acopiar (r-ko-pea-ar') v. to 
store up: gather up. 

Acoplamiento (r-kop-lar-me- 
n'-to) m. clutch: coupling. 

Acopiar (r-kop-larr') v. to 
couple: adjust. 

Acorazado (r-kor-ah-thay'-do) 
a. armoured. 

Acorcharse (r-kor-char'-say) 
V. to shrivel: dry up. 

Acorde (r-kor'-day) a. com- 

Acordeon (r-kor-day-on') m. 

Acorralar (r-kor-ral-ar') v. to 

Acosar (r-ko-sar') v. to 
molest: harass. 

Acostar (r-kos-tar') v. to ap- 
proach: lay down. 

Acostumbrar (r-kos-toom- 
brar') v. to accustom. 

Acotar (r-ko-tar') v. to quote. 

Acrecencia (r-kray-then'-thee- 
ar) /. augmentation: growth: 

Acreditado (r-kray-dee-tar'- 
do) a. well-known: accredited. 

Acreditar (r-kray-dee-tarr') v. 
to affirm: assure. 

Acreedor (r-kray-aye-dor') m. 
creditor — a. deserving. 

Acribillar (r-kree-bil-yar') v. 
to molest: torment. 

Acriminable (r-kree-mee- 

nar'-ble) a. culpable: punish- 

Acriminar (r-kree-mee-nar') 
V. to accuse. 

Acrisolar (r-kree-so-lar') v. 
to purify: refine. 

Acristianar (r-kree-stee-r- 

nar') v. to baptise: christen. 

Acta (r'-ktah) /. act. 

Actitud (rkt-ee-tood') /. atti- 
tude: posture: pose. 

Activar (rkt-ee-var') t;. to ac- 
celerate: hasten. 

Active (rkt-ee'-vo) a. active: 
diligent: busy. 

Actor (rkt-or') m. actor: come- 
dian: player. 

Actriz (rkt-reeth') /. actress: 

Actuaci6n (rkt-oo-r-thee-on') 

/. operation. 
Actual (rkt-oo-arl') a. actual: 

Actualmente (rkt-oo-arl-men'- 

tay) ad. to present. 
Actuar (rkt-oo'-r) v. to digest: 

act: take legal steps. 
Acuario (rkt-oo-ah'-ree-o) m. 

tank: aquarium. 
Acuchillado (rJ<t-oo-tsheel- 

yar' - do) a. experienced: 

Acuchillador (rkt-oo-tsheel- 

yar-d'or) m. bully. 
Acudir (r-koo-deer') v. to as- 
sist: help: succour. 
Acueo (r'-koo-aye-o) a. watery: 

Acunador (r-koo-gnar-dor') m. 

Acusado (r-koo-sar'-do) m. & 

f. defendant: accused. 
Acusar (r-koo-sarr') v. to 

accuse: reproach: confirm. 
Acuse (r-koo'-say) m. declaring 

(at game of cards). 
Achacar (r-char-kar') v. to 

Achacoso (r-char-ko'-so) a. 

ailing: sickly. 
Achatar (r-char-tar') v. to 

Achicar (r-chee-kar') v. to 

diminish: lessen. 
Achicoria (r-chee-ko'-ree-ah) 

/. chicory. 
Achispar (r-chis-pah') v. to 

intoxicate: make drunk. 
Achulado (r-choo-lar'-do) a. 

frolicsome: funny. 
Adalid (r-dah-leed') m. chief: 

Adamado (r-dah-mar'-do) a. 

Adaptar (r-dahp'-tarr) v. to 

Adargar (r-dah'-garr) v. to 

Adecentar (r-day-then'-tar) v. 

to make decent: fitting. 
Adefesio (r-day-fay'-see-o) m. 

folly: nonsense. 
Adefueras (r-day-foo-er'-as) /. 

pi. suburbs. 
Adehala (r-day-r'-lar) /. gra- 
Adelantado (r-day-larn-tar'- 

do) a. anticipated: expected. 

lo Adonde 

Adelantar (r-day-larn-tarr') v. 

to advance: improve. 
Adelante (r-day-larn'-tay) ad. 

farther off: onward. 
Adelgazar (r-del-gar-thar') v. 

to become thin. 
Ademds (r-day-mahs') ad. 

besides: further: moreover. 
Adentellar (r-den-tell~yar') v. 

to bite. 
Adentro (r-den'-tro) ad. with- 
in: inwardly. 
Aderezar (r-day-ray-thar') v. 

to adorn: dress: prepare. 
Aderezo (r-day-ray'-tho) m. 

finery: adorning: dressing. 
Adestrador (r-dess-trar-dor') 

m. & f. teacher: instructor. 
Adeudado (r-day-oo-dar'-do) 

a. indebted. 
Adeudar (r-day-oo'-dar) v. to 

contract debts: borrow. 
Adherente (r-day-ren'-tay) m. 

friend: relation: adherent. 
Adiamantar (r-dee-r-man- 

tar') V. to adorn with jewellery. 
Adicto (r-deek'-to) a. addicted: 

devoted to. 
Adinerado (r-dee-ner-r'-do) a. 

rich: wealthy. 
Adios (r-dee-os') m. good-bye: 

farewell: adieu. 
Adivinanza (r-dee-vee-nam'- 

thar) /. guess: riddle. 
Adivinar (r-dee-vee-nar') v. 

to foretell: guess. 
Adjunto (rhd-hoon'-to) a. en- 
Administrar (rhd-mee-niss- 

trarr') v. to administer: 

Admirable (rhd-mee-rah'- 

blay) a. admirable. 
Admirar (rhd-mee-rahr') v. 

to admire: wonder. 
Admitir (rhd-meet-eer') v. to 

admit: receive: permit. 
Adobar (r-do-bar') v. to 

pickle: stew: dress (cookery). 
Adobe (r-do'-bo) m. mending: 

Adocenado (r-do-thay-nar'- 

do) a. ordinary: common. 
Adocenar (r-do-thay-nar') v. 

to count. 
Adoctrinar (r-dok-tree-nar') v. 

to instruct: teach. 
Adonde (r-don'-day) ad. 

where: whither. 

Adoptar i 

Adoptar (r-dop-tar') v. to 

Adorable (r-do-rar-blay) a. 

Adorador (r-do-rar-dor') m. 

& f. adorer. 
Adorar (r-dor-ar') v. to adore: 

Adormecer (r - dor - may - 

thayr') v. to fall asleep. 
Adormidera (r-dor-mee-der'- 

r) /. poppy. 
Adornar (r-dor-nar') v. to 

adorn: embellish: ornament. 
Adquirir (rhd-kee-reer') v. to 

acquire: obtain. 
Adrede (r-dray'-day) ad. pur- 
Adscribir (rhd-skree-beer') v. 

to appoint (someone). 
Aduana (r-doo-arn'-r) /. cus- 
Aduanar (r-doo-arn-ar') v. to 

pay duty. 
Adulador (r-doo-lay-dor') w. 

& f. flatterer. 
Adulear (r-doo-lee-ah') v. to 

bawl: shout: cry out. 
Adulterador (r-dool-tay-rar- 

dor') rw. & f. adulterer: 

Adulterar (r-dool-tay-rar') v. 

to adulterate: commit adultery. 
Adulto (r-dool'-to) a. adult: 

Adunar (r-doon-ar') v. to join: 

Adustion (r-doost-ee'-on) /. 

Advenimiento (rhd-vayn-ee- 

mee-n'-to) m. arrival: advent. 
Adversario (rhd-vayr-sar'-ee- 

o) m. & f. adversary: rival. 
Adverse (rhd-vayr'-so) a. ad- 
Advertencia (rhd-vayr-ten'- 

the-ar) m. & f. warning: 

Advertido (rhd-vayr-tee'-do) 

a. warned. 
Advertir (rhd-vayr-teer') v. to 

Adyacente (rhd-yah-then'-tay) 

a. adjacent: touching. 
Aerodromo (r-ay-row-dro'- 

mo) m. aerodrome. 
Aeronauta (r-ay-row-nar-oo'- 

ta) m. aeronaut. 

Aeronave (r-ay-row-nar'-vay) 

/. airship. 
Aeroplane (r-ay-row-plar'-no) 

m. aeroplane. 
Afable (r-far'-blay) a. affable: 

kind: complacent. 
Afamado (r-far-mar'-do) a. 

famous: renowned. 
Afan (r-fahn') m. anxiety: in- 
terest: solicitude. 
Afanar (r-fahn-r') v. to toil: 

take infinite pains. 
Afeccion (r-fek-the-on') /. 

affection: fondness: attach- 
Afectar (r-fek-tar') v. to affect: 

Afectivo (r-fek-tee'-vo) a. 

fond: tender. 
Afecto (r-fek'-to) a. affec- 
tionate — m. affection. 
Afeitar (r-fay-ee-tar') v. to 

shave: make-up the face. 
Afeite (r-fay-ee'-tay) m. paint: 

Aferrado (r-fayr-rar'-do) a. 

stubborn: obstinated: pig- 
Aferrar (re-fayr-rar') v. to 

grasp: grapple. 
Aficibn (r-fee-the-on') /. fancy: 

liking: affection. 
Aficionado (r-fee-the-oo-nar'- 

do) a. attached — m. fef /. 

Afilado (r-fee-lar'-do) a. sharp: 

Afilador (r-fee-lar-dor') m. 

Afinar (r-fee-nar') v. to coni- 

Afirmar (r-feer-mar') v. to 

fasten: secure. 
Aflicci6n (r-fleek-the-on') /. 

affliction: grief: pain (mental). 
Afligir (r-flee-heer') t'. to 

grieve: torment. 
Aflojar (r-flo-har') v. to relax: 

relent: slacken. 
Afluencia (r-floo-n-the'-ar) /, 

abundance: plenty. 
Aforar (r-for-ar') v. to measure: 

Afortunado (r-for-too-nar'-do) 

a. fortunate: happy. 
Afrenta (r-fren'-tar) v. to in- 
sult: affront: abuse. 
Afrentoso (r-fren-to'-so) a. 

disgraceful: dishonourable. 

Afta I 

Afta (r'-ftar) /. thrush. 
Afuera (r-foo-aye'-rah) ad. 

abroad: besides: moreover: 

Afufar (r-foo-far') v. to escape. 
Agarrar (r-gar-rah') v. to 

grasp: seize. 
Agasajar (r-gah-sah-har') v. 

to treat kindly. 
Agenda (r - hen - the' - ar) /. 

Agencioso (r-hen-the-o'-so) a. 

diligent: officious. 
Agil (r'-heel) a. agile: fast: 

Agilidad (r-heel-lee-dahd') /. 

agility: nimbleness. 
Agitar (r-he-tar') v. to agitate: 

move: stir. 
Agonia (r-go-nee'-ar) /. agony. 
Agorero (r-go-ray'-ro) m. aug- 

urer: diviner. 
Agostadero (r-go-star-dar'o) 

m. meadow: field: pasture. 
Agosto (r-go'-sto) m. August: 

Agradar (r-grar-dar') v. to 

please: gratify: satisfy. 
Agradecido (r-grar-day-thee'- 

do) a. thankful. 
Agrandar (r-grarn-dar') v. to 

Agravar (r-grarv-ar') v. to 

Agraviar (r-grav-ee-ar') v. to 

injure: offend. 
Agredir (r-gray-deer') v. to 

assault: attack. 
Agreste (r-gress'-tay) a. rustic: 

Agricultor (r-gre-kool-toor') 

m. & f. farmer. 
Agrio (r-gree'-o) a. sour. 
Agua (r-goo'-r) /. water. 
Aguacero (r-goo'-r-thay'-ro) 

m. shower (of rain). 
Aguardar (r-goo-r-dar') v. to 

Aguardiente (r-goo-r-dee-n'- 

tay) m. brandy. 
Aguatinta (r-goo-r-teen'-tah) 

/. indian-ink. 
Aguatocha (r-goo-r-to'-char) 

/. fire-engine. 
Agudeza (r-goo-day'-thah) /. 

acuteness: keenness: sharp- 
Aguijar (r-ghee-harr') v. to 

goad: prick: spur. 

2 Algodon 

Aguja (r-goo'-hah) /. needle: 

Ahora (r-o'-rar) ad. at present: 

Ahorrativo (r-orr-rar-tee'-vo) 
a. frugal: thrifty: stingy. 

Ahuchar (r-oo-char') v. to 
hoard up. 

Ahuecar (r-oo-ay-kar') v. to 
hollow: scoop. 

Ahumado (r-oo-mar'-do) a. 

Ahumar (r-oo-mar') v. to 

Airado (r-ee-rar'-do) a. chol- 
eric: bad-tempered. 

Aire (r-ee'-ray) m. air: wind. 

Aislado (r-iss-lar'-do) a. isolat- 
ed: insulated. 

Ajar (r-har') v. to spoil: tarnish. 

Ajedrez (r-hay-dreth') tn. chess 
(the game of). 

Ajeno (r-hay'-no) a. foreign: 

Ajo (r'-ho) m. garlic. 

Ajuar (r-hoo-ar') m. furniture. 

Ajuiciado (r-hoo-ee-the-ar'- 
do) a. judicious: prudent. 

Ajustar (r-hoos-tarr') v. to 
adjust: regulate. 

Alegar (r-lay-gar') v. to allege: 

Alegre (r-lay'-gray) a. con- 
tent: joyful: merry. 

Alegria (r-lay-gree'-r) /. joy: 
merriment: mirth. 

Aleman (r-lay-marn') n. m. 
& a. German. 

Alentar (r-len-tar') v. to 
breathe: respire. 

Alesna (r-less'-nar) /. awl. 

Aleta (r-lay'-tar) /. fin (of fish). 

Aleve (r-lay'-vay) a. treacher- 
ous: perfidious. 

Alfar (rl-fahr') m. pottery. 

Alfil (rl-feel') m. bishop (in 

Alfller (rl-fee-lair') m. pin. 

Alfoli (rl-fow'-lee) m. granary. 

Alfombra (rl-fom'-brar)/. car- 

Alfombrilla (rl-fom'-brill'-ya) 
/. rug: measles. 

Alforja (rl-for'-har) /. knap- 
sack: saddle-bag. 

Algo (rl'-go) ad. & pron. 
something: somewhat: ought. 

Algod6n (rl-go-don') m. cotton. 

Alguien i 

Alguien (rl - gee' - en) prnn. 

somebody: someone: anybody. 
Alguno (rl-goo'-no) pron. some- 
body: someone: anybody. 
Alhaja (rl-r'-hah) /. furniture. 
Alhoja (rl-oo'-hah)/. lark (bird). 
Alhucema (rl-oo-thay'-mar) /. 

Alianza (r-lee-m'-thah) /. al- 
liance: league. 
Alias (r-lee'-rs) ad. otherwise. 
Alicates (r-lee-kar'-tess) m. pi. 

pincers: nippers. 
Aliento (r-lee-n'-to) m. breath: 

Aligador (r-lee-gar-dor') m. 

Alimentar (r-lee-men-tar') v. 

to feed: nourish. 
Alimenticio (r-lee-men-tee'- 

thio) a. nutritious: nourish- 
Alimento (r-lee-men'-to) m. 

food: aliment. 
Alinar (r-lee-nyar') v. to adorn: 

Alino (r-lee'-nyo) m. dress: 

decoration: ornament. 
Aliquebrado (r-lee-kay-brar'- 

do) a. dejected: low-spirited. 
Alisar (r-lee-sar') v. to polish: 

smooth: mangle. 
Alistar (r-lee-star') v. to enlist: 

Aliviador (r-lee-ve-ar-dor') m. 

Aliviar (r-lee-ve-r') v. to ease: 

relieve: mollify. 
Aljibe (rhl-hah'-bay) m. cistern. 
Aljofaina (rhl-ho-fah'-enah) /. 

wash-hand basin. 
Altna (rhl'-mar) /. soul: being: 

Almac^n (rhl-mar-then') m. 

warehouse: store. 
Almacenar (rhl-mar-then-ar') 

V. to store: lay up. 
Altnad^n (rhl-mar-den') m. 

Almaganeta (rhl-mar-gar- 

nay'-tar) /. sledge-hammer. 
Almanaque (rhl-marn-r'-kay) 

m. almanac. 
Almendra (rhl-men'-drah) /. 

Almibar (rhl-mee'-bar) m. 

syrup: treacle. 
Almid6n (rhl-mee-don') m. 


3 Allanar 

Almofia (rhl-mof-ee-r)/. wash 

hand basin. 
Almohada (rhl-mo-ah'-dar) }■ 

pillow: bolster: cushion. 
Almoneda (rhl-mo-nay'-dar)/. 

Almorzar (rhl-mor-thar') v. 

to breakfast. 
Almuerzo (rhl-moo-air'-tho) 

m. breakfast. 
Alocado (rhl-o-kar'-do) a. 

foolish: inconsiderate. 
Alojar (rhl-o-har') v. to lodge. 
Alon (r-lon') m. wing. 
Alondra (r-lon'-drar) /. lark. 
Alqueria (rhl-kay-ree'-ar) /. 

Alquilamiento (rhl-kee-lar- 

mee-n'-to) m. delay. 
Alquilar (rhl-kee-lar') v. to 

hire: let: rent. 
Aquilona (rhl-kee-low'-nar) /. 

Alquitr^n (rhl-kee-trarn') m. 

tar: pitch. 
Alquitranado (rhl-kee-trarn- 

are'-do) m. tarpaulin. 
Alrededor (rhl-ray-day-dor') 

ad. around. 
Altanero (rhl-tay-nay'-ro) a. 

arrogant: haughty: proud. 
Alteracion (rhl-ter-rar-thee'- 

on) /. alteration: tumult. 
Alterar (rhl-tay-rar') f. to 

alter: change. 
Altercacion (rhl-tayr-kar-thee- 

on') /. altercation: quarrel: 

Alteza (rhl-tay'-thar) /. eleva- 
tion: height. 
Altitonante (rhl-tee-ton-arn'- 

tay) a. thundering. 
Alto (rhl'-to) a. elevated: high: 

eminent: arduous. 
Alucinar (r-loo-thin-ar') t-'. to 

blind: deceive. 
Alumbrar (r-loom-brar') v. to 

light: enlighten: instruct. 
Alumbre (r-loom'-bray) m. 

Aluminio (r-loo-mee-nee'-o) 

m. aluminium. 
Alzadamente (rhl-thah-dah- 

men'-tay) ad. wholesale. 
Alzar (rhl-thar') v. to raise: 

lift up: hide: lock up. 
Alia (rhl-yah') ad. there: thither. 
Allanar (rhl-yah-nar') v. to 

level: fiatten: pacify. 

Allegado i 

Allegado (rhl-yay-gax'-do) a. 
near: close — m. friend: re- 

Allegar (rhl-yay-gar') v. to 
collect: gather. 

Ama (r'-mar) /. housewife: 

Amabilidad (r-mar-beel-ee- 
dahd') /. amiability: love- 

Amador (r-mar-dor') m. & f. 
lover: sweetheart. 

Amaestrar (r-mar-ays-trar') v. 
to teach. 

Amagar (r-mar-gar') i^. to 

Amago (r-mar'-go) m. threat: 

Amancillar (r-mahn-see-lyah') 
V. to defile: stain. 

Amansar (r-mahn-sar') v. to 
tame: subdue: soften. 

Atnante (r-mahn'-tay) m. lover. 

Amano (r-mahn'-yo) m. dex- 
terity: skill — pi. tools. 

Amar (r-mar') v. to fancy: love. 

Amargo (r-mar'-go) a. acrid: 
bitter: painful. 

Amargon (r-mar-gon') m. 

Amargor (r-mar-gor') m. bit- 
terness: sorrow. 

Amarillo (r-mar-ree'-lyo) a. 

Amarinar (r-mar-reen-ar') v. 
to equip: man: staff. 

Amarrar (r-mar-rar') v. to 

Atnasar (r-mar-sar') v. to pre- 
pare: knead (dough). 

Amazona (r-mar-thon'-ar) /. 
amazon: mannish woman. 

Anibici6n (rhm-bee-thee-on') 
/. ambition. 

Ambigu (rhm-bee-goo') m. 

Ambiguo (rhm-bee-goo'-o) a. 
ambiguous: doubtful. 

Ambos (rhm'-bos) pron. both. 

Ambulancia (rhm'-boo-layn- 
thee'-r) /. ambulance. 

Amedrentar (r-may-dren-tar') 
V. to frighten: terrify. 

Amenaza (r-may-nah'-thar) /. 
menace: threat. 

Ameno (r - may' - no) a. de- 
licious: enjoyable: pleasant. 

Amianto (r-me-ahn'-to) m. 


Amigable (r-me-gar'-blay) a. 

amicable: friendly. 
Amigo (r-mee'-go) a. friendly 

— m. friend. 
Aminorar (r-mee-norh-rar') v. 

to diminish. 
Amistar (r-miss-tar') v. to 

Amo (r'-mo) m. proprietor: 

owner: master of the home. 
Amoblar (r-mo-blar') v. to 

Amolar (r-mo-lar') v. to grind: 

Amonestar (r-mo-ness-tar') v. 

to advise: publish marriage 

Amoniaco (r-mon-ee'-r-ko) m. 

Amontonar (r-mon-ton-ay-r') 

V. to accumulate: heap up. 
Amor (r-mor') m. love. 
Amorcillo (r-mor-thill'-yo) m. 

Amordazar (r-mor-dar-thee- 

ar') V. to bind: tie. 
Amoroso (r - mor - o' - so) a. 

affectionate: loving. 
Amortecerse (r - mor - tay - 

thair'-say) v. to faint. 
Amparar (rhm-pah-rar') v. to 

shelter: protect. 
Ampliar (rhm-plee-ar') v. to 

Amplio (rhm-plee'-oo) a. am- 
ple: extensive. 
Ampo (rhm'-po) m. whiteness. 
Ampolleta (rhm-poll-yet'-tar) 

/. electric lamp. 
Amputar (rhm-poo-tar') v. to 

amputate: cut off. 
Amusco (r-moos'-koo) a. dark 

Anade (r'-nar-day) m. duck. 
Anaquel (r-nar-kel') m. shelf. 
Anaranjado (r-nar-rahn-hah'- 

do) a. orange-coloured. 
Anarquia (r-nar-kee'-ar) /. 

Anciano (rhn-thee-r'-no) a. 

aged: old. 
Ancia (rhn-thee'-r) /. anchor. 
Ancho (rhn'-cho) a. broad: 

wide — m. breadth: width. 
Anchoa (rhn-cho'-ah) /. an- 
Andamio (rhn-dar-mee'-o) m. 

platform: scaffold. 

Andana i 

Andana (rhn-dar'-nar) /. line: 

row: rank: tier. 
Andar (rhn-dar') v. to walk: 

go: act: behave. 
Andrajo (rhn-drah'-ho) m. rag. 
Anegar (r-nay-gar') v. to 

Anejo (r-nay'-ho) a. annexed: 

Angel (rhn'-hayl) m. angel. 
Angostar (rhn-gos-tar') v. to 

contract: make narrow. 
Anguila (rhn-ghee'-lar) /. eel. 
Angulo (rhn'-goo-lo) m. angle: 

corner: nook. 
Angustia (rhn-goost-ee'-r) /. 

anguish: heartache. 
Anhelo (rhn-ay'-low) m. long- 
ing: great desire. 
Anillo (r-nee'-lyo) m. ring. 
Animal (r - nee - mahl') m. 

animal — a. animal. 
Animar (r-nee-marr') v. to 

animate: enliven: revive. 
Aniversario (r-nee-vayr-sayr- 

ee'-o) m. anniversary — a. 

Anoche (r-no'-kay) ad. last 

Anochecer (r-no-kay-thair') v. 

to grow dark. 
Anonimo (r-no'-nee-mo) a. 

Anormal (r - nor - mahl') a. 

Ansar (rhn'-sar) m. goose. 
Ansia (rhn-see'-ar) /. anxiety: 

eagerness: affliction. 
Antano (rhn-tar'-nyo) ad. last 

Ante (rhn'-tay) prep, before: in 

the presence of — m. first 

course (meal). 
Anteayer (rhn-tay-r-yair') ad. 

the day before yesterday. 
Antecamara (rhn - tay - kar' - 

mar-rar) /. hall: antechamber. 
Antelacion (rhn-tay-lar-the- 

on')/. anticipation: preference. 
Antemano ('-no) 

ad. beforehand. 
Antenoche (rhn-tay-no'-chcy) 

ad. the night before last. 
Anteojos (rhn-tay-o'-hos) m. 

eye-glasses: spectacles. 
Antes (rhn'-tess) ad. before: 

first: rather — prep, before. 
Anticipo (rhn-tee-thee'-po) m. 

payment in advance. 

5 Apellido 

Anual (r-noo-ahl') a. yearly. 
Anublar (r-noo-blar') r. to 

cloud: overcast: shadow. 
Anunciar (r-noon'-thec-ah) v. 

to announce. 
Anzuelo (rhn-thoo-ay'-low) m. 

Anadir (r-n'yar-deer') v. to add. 
Anejo (r-n'yay'-ho) a. old: 

stale: musty. 
Ano (r'-n'yo) m. year. 
Aojar (r-o-har') v. to bewitch: 

charm: fascinate. 
Apacible (r-pay-thee'-blay) a. 

affable: gentle. 
Apadrinar (r-par-dree-nar') v. 

to favour: support. 
Apagar (r-par-gar') v. to 

quench: extinguish. 
Apancora (r-pahn-kor'-r) /. 

Apandar (r-pahn-dar') v. to 

plunder: rob: sack. 
Apano (r-pah'-nyo) m. grasp: 

Apanuscar (r-pah'-nyoos-kar') 

V. to crush: crumple. 
Aparador (r-pah-rah-dor') m. 

buffet: sideboard. 
Aparatoso (r-pah-rah-to'-so) 

a. splendid: magnificent. 
Aparcero (r-pah-thee'-ro) m. 

& f. associate: partner. 
Aparecer (r-pah-ray-thayr') v. 

to appear. 
Aparecido (r-pah-ray-thee'- 

do) m. ghost: apparition. 
Aparentar (r-pah-ren-tar') v. 

to deceive: pretend. 
Apartadero (r-par-tar-day'-ro) 

m. cross-roads: siding. 
Apartado (r-par-tar'-do) m. 

Apartar (r-par-tar') v. to dis- 
lodge: remove: separate. 
Apasionado (r-par-see-o-nar'- 

do) a. passionate. 
Apatia (r-par-tee'-ar)/. apathy. 
Apeador (r-pay-ard-or ) m. 

Apedrear (r-pay-dray-ar') v. 

to hail: throw stones. 
Apelaci6n (r-pay-lar-thee-on') 

/. appeal. 
Apelado (r-pay-lahr'-do) a. 

of the same colour. 
Apellido (r-pay-lyee'-do) m. 


Apenar i6 

Apenar (r-pay-nar') v. to 

Apenas (r-pay'-nas) ad. scarce- 
ly: hardly. 
Apercibir (r-payr-thee-beer') 

V. to prepare: advise: warn. 
Aperitive (r-pay-ree-tee'-vo) 

a. appetising — m. appetiser. 
Apertura (r-pay-toor'-rar) /. 

aperture: cleft: opening. 
Apestoso (r-pays-to'-so) a. 

evil-smelling: stinking. 
Apetecer (r-pay-tay-thayr') v. 

to hanker: to long for. 
Apetecible (r-pay-tay-thee'- 

blay) a. desirable. 
Apetitivo (r-pay-tee-tee'-vo) a. 

Apetito (r-pay-tee'-to) rn. ap- 
petite: a desire for. 
Apice (r'-pe-thay) m. apex: 

summit: top. 
Apimollarse (r-pe-moll-ar'- 

say) V. to germinate. 
Apio (r-pee'-o) m. celery. 
Apiolar (r-pee'-o-lar') v. to 

kill: seize. 
Aplacar (r-plar-kar') v. to 

appease: pacify: calm. 
Aplanchar (r-plarn-cnar') v. 

to iron linen. 
Aplastar (r-plars-tar') v. to 

crush: flatten. 
Aplaudir (r-plar-oo-deer') v. 

to applaud: praise. 
Aplicable (r-ple-kar'-blay) a. 

Aplicado (r-ple-kar'-do) a. 

studious: industrious. 
Apocar (r-po-kar') v. to dimin- 
ish: lessen. 
Apodo (r-po'-do) m. nickname. 
Apologia (r-po-lo-ghee'-r) /. 

Apoplejia (r-po-plee-he'-r) /. 

Aportadero (r-por-tar-day'-ro) 

m. landing place. 
Aportillar (r-por-till-yar') v. 

to break down: break open. 
Aposentar (r-po-sen-tar') v. 

to harbour: house: lodge. 
Aposento (r-po-sen'-to) m. 

room: apartment. 
Apostema (r-pos-tee'-mar) /. 

abscess: tumtjr. 
Apoyar (r-po-yar') v. to favour: 



Apreciable (r-pray-thee-r'- 

blay) a. estimable: valuable. 
Apreciar (r-pray-lhee-r') v. 

to appreciate: value. 
Aprecio (r-pray-thee'-oo) m. 

appreciation: esteem. 
Apremiar (r-pray-mee-r') v. 

to compel: urge. 
Aprender (r-pren-dayr') v. to 

Aprensar (r-pren-sar') v. to 

dress: calender. 
Apresar (r-pray-sar') v. to 

Aprestar (r-pray-star') v. to 

prepare: get ready. 
Apresurarse (r-pray-soor-ar'- 

say) V. to hasten: hurry. 
Apretar (r-pray-tar') v. to 

compress: tighten: restrict. 
Apriesa (r-pre-ay'-sar) ad. 

fast: in haste: in a hurry. 
Aprieto (r-pre-ay'-to) m. diffi- 
culty: conflict: rush. 
Aprisionar (r-pre-see-o-nar') 

V. to imprison. 
Apropiar (r-pro-pee-ar') v. to 

accommodate: appropriate. 
Aprovechable (r-pro-vay- 

char'-blay) a. profitable. 
Aproximar (r-prok-see-mar') 

V. to approximate: approach. 
Apto (rhp'-to) a. apt: con- 
venient: fit. 
Apuesta (r-poo-ess'-tah) /. bet: 

Apuesto (r-poo-ess'-to) a. ele- 
gant: genteel: smart. 
Apurado (r-poo-rar'-do) a. 

difficult: needy. 
Apurar (r-poo-rar') v. to 

Apuro (r-poo'-ro) m. affliction: 

need: want. 
Aquel, Aquella, Aquello (r- 

kell': r-kell'-yah: r-kell'-yo) 

pron. he: she: that: those. 
Aqui (r-kee') ad. here. 
Ara (r'-rar) /. altar. 
Arado (r-rar'-do) m. plough, 
Arana (r-rarn'-yar) /. spider. 
Aranar (r-rarn-yarr') v. to 

Arbol (r'-bol) m. tree: axle: 

Arbusto (r-boos'-to) m. shrub. 
Area (r'-kar) /. chest: coffer: 

Arce (r'-thay) m. maple-tree. 

Arcilla i 

Arcilla (r-theel'-yar) /. clay. 

Arder (r-dayr') v. to blaze: 

Ardilla (r-deel'-yar) /. squirrel. 

Ardor (r-dor') m. fervour: 
vivacity: valour: zeal. 

Arenga (r - ren' - gar) /. 
harangue: speech. 

Arenque (r-ren'-kay) m, her- 

Arete (r-ray'-tay) m. ear-ring. 

Argamasa (r-garm-ar'-sar) /. 
cement: mortar. 

Argiiir (r-goo-eer') v. to argue: 

Argumento (r-goo-men'-to) m. 

Aria (r-ree'-ar) /. tune: air. 

Aridez (r - ree - death') /. 
drought: lack of rain. 

Arido (r'-ree-do) a. barren: 
and: dry. 

Arlequin (r-lay-kin') m. harle- 
quin: buffoon. 

Arma(r'-mar)/. arms: weapon. 

Armonio (r-mo'-nee-o) m. 

Arii6s (r-ness') m. harness: gear. 

Arpa (r'-par) /. harp. 

Arp6n (r-pon') m. harpoon. 

Arqueria (r-kay-ree-ar') /. 

Arquero (r-kay'-ro) m. goal- 

Arrabal (r-rar-bahl') tw. suburb. 

Arrasar (r-rar-sar') v. to de- 
molish: destroy: raze. 

Arrastre (r - rars' - tray) m. 
transport: haulage. 

Arrebato (r-ray-bar'-to) m. 

Arreglar (r-ray-glar') v. to 
regulate: adjust. 

Arreglo (r-ray'-glo) m. rule: 
order: arrangement. 

Arremeter (r-ray-may-tayr') 
V. to assail: attack. 

Arremetida (r-ray-may-tee'- 
dar) /. assault: attack. 

Arrendar (r-ren-dar') v. to let: 

rent: lease. 
Arrendator (r-ren-dar-tor') m. 

& f. lessee: tenant. 
Arrepentido (r-ray-pen-tee'- 

do) a. repentant. 
Arrestado (r-ress-tar'-do) a. 

bold: intrepid: courageous. 
Arrestar (r-ress-tar') v. to 
arrest: imprison. 



Arrezafe (r-ree-thahf'-et) m, 

Arriba (r-ree'-bah) ad. above: 
over: up: upstairs: high: over- 
head: aloft: on high. 

Arribo (r-ree'-bo) m. arrival. 

Arriesgar (r-ree-ess-gar') v. 
to risk: hazard. 

Arrimo (r-ree'-mo) m. ap- 

Arriscado (r-riss-kar'-do) a. 
audacious: bold: impudent. 

Arrogante (r-ro-gahn'-tay) a. 
haughty: proud. 

Arrojado (r - ro - har' - do) a. 
rash: fearless: inconsiderate. 

Arrojo (r-ro'-ho) m. boldness. 

Arroz (r-roth') m. rice. 

Arruinar (r-roo-e-nar') v. to 

Arsenico (r-say'-nee-ko) nt. 

Arte (r'-tay) m. & f. art: skill. 

Artefacto (r-tay-fahk'-to) nt. 

Arteria (r-tay-ree'-r) /. artery. 

Artero (r-tay'-ro) a. cunning: 

Artesano (r-tay-sar'-no) m. Gf 
/. artisan. 

Artico (r'-tee-ko) a. arctic: 

Articulo (r-tee'-koo-lo) m. 
article: clause: point. 

Artificio (r-tee-fee-thee'-o) m. 
workmanship: artifice: craft. 

Artiflcioso (r-tee-fee-thee-o'- 
so) a. ingenious: skilful. 

Artimaiia (r-tee-marn'-yar) /. 
snare: trap. 

Arzobispado (r-tho-biss-par'- 
do) m. archbishoD. 

Asa (r'-sar) /. handle: haft. 

Asado (r-sar'-do) m. roast- 

Asamblea (r-sarm-blay'-r) /. 
assembly: meeting. 

Asar (r-sar') v. to roast. 

Asbesto (rhs-bays'-to) m. as- 

Ascendente (rhs - then - den' - 
tay) a. ascending. 

Ascension (rhs-tiien-see-6n) /. 
ascent: Ascension. 

Ascensor (rhs-then-sor') m. 
lift: elevator. 

Aseado (r-say'-do) a. clean: 

Asedado i 

Asedado (r-say-dar'-do) a. 

Asediar (r-say-dee-r') v. to 

Aseguraci6n (r-say-goo-rar- 

thee-6n) /. insurance. 
Asemejarse (r-say-mah-har'- 

say) V. to resemble. 
Asentir (r-sen-teer') v. to 

agree: acquiesce. 
Aseo (r-say'-o) m. cleanliness: 

Aserrar (r-sayr-rar') v. to saw. 
Asesinar (r-say-seen-r') v. to 

Asesino (r-say-seen'-o) m. as- 
Asestar (r-sess-tar') v. to aim: 

injure: strike. 
Asi (r'-see) ad. so: thus: 

equally: therefore. 
Asiduo (r-see'-doo-o) a. as- 
Asiento (r-see-n'-to) m. chair: 

seat: contract. 
Asignar (r-seeg-nar') v. to 

assign: attribute. 
Asilo (r-see'-lo) m, asylum: 

Asimilar (r-see-mee-lar') v. to 

resemble: look like. 
Asir (r-seer') v. to grasp: hold: 

Asistencia (r-sees-ten'-thee-r) 

/. assistance: help: aid. 
Asistente (r-sees-ten'-tay) m. 

assistant: helper. 
Asistir (r-sees-teer') v. to 

assist: help: minister. 
Asma (rhs'-mar) /. asthma. 
Asno (rhs'-no) m. ass. 
Asociar (r-so-thee-r') v. to 

Asoiar (r-so-lar') v. to destroy: 

Asomar (r-so-mar') v. to peep: 

appear: begin. 
Asombradizo (r - som - brar - 

dee'-tho) a. fearful: frighten- 
ed: timid. 
Asombro (r-som'-bro) m. 

astonishment: dread: terror. 
Asordar (r-sor-dar') v. to 

Aspar (rhs-parr') v. to reehvex. 
Aspero (rhs'-pay-ro) a. rugged: 

rough: harsh: gruff. 
Asquear (rhs-kay-ay-r') v. to 


8 Atezar 

Asqueroso (rhs-kay-ro'-so) a. 

loathsome: filthy. 
Astaco (rhs-tah'-ko) m. lobster. 
Astil (rhs-teel') m. handle: 

shaft of weapon, tool, etc. 
Astillero (rhs-tell-yay'-ro) m. 

dockyard: ship-yard. 
Astragalo (rhs-trah'-gah-lo) m. 

Astringente (rhs-treen-hen'- 

tay) ?«. astringent. 
Astro (rhs'-tro) tn. star. 
Astrologo (rhs-tro'-lo-go) m. 

Astronomo (rhs-tro'-no-mo) 

m. astronomer. 
Astucia (rhs-too-thee'-r) /. 

craft: cunning: slyness. 
Asturion (rhs-too-ree-on') m. 

Asueto (r - soo - ay' - to) m. 

holidays: vacation. 
Asunto (r-soon'-to) m. business: 

affair: subject. 
Asustar (r-soos-tar') v. to 

Atado (r-tar'-do) m. bundle: 

Atafagar (r-tar-far-gar') t;. to 

Atajar (r-tar-har') v. to ob- 
struct: intercept. 
Atajo (r-tar'-ho) m. by-path. 
Ataque (r-tar'-kay) m. attack. 
Atar (r-tar') v. to bind: fasten: 

Atasco (r-tars'-ko) tn. obstacle: 

Ataiid (r-tar-ood') m. coffin. 
Ataviar (r-tar-vee-r') v. to 

adorn: trim. 
Atelaje (r-tel-r'-hay) m. team. 
Atemperar (r-tem-payr-r') v. 

to assuage: soften: temper. 
Atencion (r-ten-thee-on') /. 

Atender (r-ten-dayr') v. to be 

attentive: heed. 
Atentado (r-ten-tar'-do) m. 

attempt: offence. 
Aterrar (r-tayr-rar') v. to ter- 
rify: prostrate. 
Atestar (r-tess-tar') v. to cram: 

stuff": overfill. 
Atestiguar (r-tess-tee-goo-r') 

V. to witness. 
Atezar (r-tay-thar') v. to 


Atlsbar i 

Atisbar (r-tis-bar') v. to pry: 

Atlas (r'-tlars) m. atlas: kind of 

Atleta (rht-lee'-tar) m. athlete. 
Atm6sfera (rht-mos'-fay-rar) 

/. atmosphere. 
Atoclnado (r-to-thin-r'-do) a. 

Atolondrar (r-to-lon-drar') v. 

to stupefy: stun. 
Atonia (r-to-nee'-r) /. debility: 

Atosigar (r-to-see-gar') v. to 

Atractivo (r-trak-tee'-vo) a. 

attractive — m. charm. 
Atrafagar (r-trar-far-gar') v. 

to work diligently. 
Atragantarse (r-trar-gahn- 

tar'-say) v. to choke. 
Atrapar (r-trar-par') t;. to 

Atras (r-trars') ad. past: back- 
Atrasar (r-trar-sar') v. to 

leave behind: outstrip. 
Atraso (r-trar'-so) m. back- 
wardness — pi. arrears of 

Atreverse (r-tray-vayr'-say) v. 

to dare. 
Atrevido (r-tray-vee'-do) a. 

audacious: bold: daring. 
Atril (r-treel') m. music-stand. 
Atrio (r'-tree-o) m. porch: 

Atrito (r'-tree-to) a. penitent: 

Atrofia (r-tro-fee'-r) /. decay: 

Atropellar (r-tro-payll-yar') v. 

to knock down: trample. 
Atroz (r-troth') a. atrocious: 

cruel: awful. 
Aturdido (r-toor-dee'-do) a. 

half-witted: hare-brained. 
Aturdir (r-toor-deer') i;. to 

bewilder: stun. 
Aturrullar (r-toor-rooll-yar') 

V. to confound: intimidate. 
Audacia (r-oo-dar'-thee-r) /. 

Audaz (r-oo-dath') a. audac- 
ious: bold. 
Augusto (r-oo-goos'-to) a. 

majestic: august (not the 


9 Avidez 

Aullar (r-ooU-yar') v. to howl: 

shout: yell. 
Aullido (r - ooll - yea' - do) m. 

howl: shout: yell. 
Aumentar (r-oo-men-tar') v, 

to augment: increase. 
Aijtn, aun (r'-oon) ad. yet: as 

yet: even: still: farther. 
Aunque (r - oon - kay') conj. 

though: notwithstanding. 
Aura (r-oo'-rar) /. light breeze. 
Aureo (r-oo-ray'-o) a. golden: 

gilt — m. gold coin. 
Ausencia (r-oo-sen'-thee-r) /. 

Ausente (r-oo-sen'tay) a. 

Auto (r'-oo-to) m. decree: war- 
rant: writ. 
Autobus (r-oo-to-boos') m. 

Autor (r-oo-tor') m. author — f. 

Autoridad (r-oo-tor-ee-dahd') 

/. authority. 
Auxiliar (r-ooks-ee-lee-r') t;. 

to aid: help. 
Auxilio (r-ooks-ee-lee'-o) m. 

aid: assistance: help. 
Avalancha (r-var-larn'-char) /. 

Avalorar (r-vahl-or-r') v. to 

estimate: value. 
Avaricia (r-vahr-ee-thee'-r) /. 

avarice: greed. 
Ave (r'-vay) /. bird. 
Avellana (r-vayll-yar'-nar) /. 

Avena (r-vay'-nar) /. oats. 
Avenencia (r-vay-nen'-thee-r) 

/. agreement. 
Aventajar (r-ven-tar-har') v. 

to excel: surpass. 
Aventurar (r-ven-toor-r') v. to 

Avergonzar (r-vayr-gon-thar') 

V. to abash: shame. 
Averiguar (r-vayr-ee-goo-r') 

V. to enquire: investigate. 
Avestruz (r-vayrs-trooth') m. 

Aviaci6n (r-vee-r-thee-on') /. 

Aviador (r-vee-r-dor') m. & /. 

Aviar (r-vee-rr') v. to provision. 
Avidez (r-vee-deth') /. covet- 

ousness: greed. 

Avido (r'-vee-do) a. covetous: 


Avieso (r-vee-aye'-so) a. per- 
verse: not straight. 

Avio (r-vee'-o) m. preparation: 

Avi6n (r-vee-on') m. aeroplane: 
swallow (bird). 

Avisado (r-vee-sar'-do) a. pru- 

Aviso (r-vee'-so) m. advice: 
notice: warning. 

Avispa (r-vees'-par) /. wasp. 

Avispado (r-vees'-par'-do) a. 
brisk: vivacious. 

Avispero (r-vees'-payr'-o) m. 
wasp's nest. 

Avivar (r-vee-var') v. to en- 
courage: goad on. 

Axila (rks-ee'-lar) /. arm-pit. 

Axioma (rks-ee-o'-mar) m. 
axiom: maxim. 

Ay (r'-e) interj. alas. 

Aya (r'-yar) /. governess. 

Ayudar (r-yood-r') v. to aid: 
assist: help. 

Ayunar (r-yoon-r') v. to fast: 
abstain from food. 

Ayunque (r-yoon'-kay)m. anvil. 

Azada (r-thar'-dar) /. garden 
spade: hoe. 

Azadon (r-thar-don') m. pick- 

Azar (r-thar') m. unexpected 

Azoe (r'-tho-ay) m. nitrogen. 

Az6far (r-tho'-far) w. brass. 

Azogue (r-tho'-gay) ni. mer- 
cury: quicksilver. 

Azorar (r-tho-rar') v. to 
frighten: terrify. 

Azotar (r-tho-tar') v. to horse- 
whip: lash. 

Aziicar (r-thoo-kar') m. sugar. 

Azucarar (r-thoo-kar-r') v. to 

Azufaifa (r-thoo-far-ee'-far) /. 

Azufre (r-thoo'-fray) m. sul- 
phur: brimstone. 

Azul (r-thool') a. blue. 

Azular (r-thool-r') v. to dye a 
thing blue. 


Babilonia (bar-bee-lon-eer'r) 

/. confusion: uproar. 
Bacalao (bar-kahl-yar'o) m. 


3 Bandido 

Bacia (bar-thee'-r) /. basin. 

Bachiller (bar-chill-yare') m. 

B^culo (bar'-koo-lo) m. walk- 

Bagatela (bar-gar-tay'-lar) /. 
bagatelle: trifle. 

Bahia (bar-hee'-r) /. bay. 

Bailador (bar-ee-lar-dor') nt. 
& f. dancer. 

Bailar (bar-ee-lar') v. to dance. 

Bailete (bar-ee-lay'-tay) m. 

Bailotear (bar-ee-lo-teear') v. 
to hop. 

Bajar (bar-har') v. to let down: 
lower: abate. 

Bajeza (bar-hee'-thar) /. mean- 

Bajo (bar'-ho) a. low: despic- 
able — m. sandbank — ad. un- 
der: underneath: below. 

Bala (bar'-lar) /. ball: bullet. 

Baladi (bar-lar'-dee) a. despic- 
able: mean. 

Baladronear (bar-lar-dron-ay- 
ar') V. to boast: brag. 

Balance (bar-larn'-they) m. 
equipoise: fluctuation: rolling 
of a ship. 

Balanza (bar - larn' - thar)/. 
scale: balance. 

Balbucear (barl-boo-thay-ar') 
V. to stammer: stutter. 

Balcon (barl-kon') jn. balcony. 

Balde (barl'-day) m. bucket: 

Baldi (barl'-dee) a. trivial: 

Baldon (barl-don') m. insult: 

Balido (bar-lee'-do) m. bleat: 

Ballena (barl-yay'-nar)/. whale. 

Balntario (barl-nay-r'-eo) tn. 
bathing resort. 

Balsa (barl'-sar) /. pond: pool: 

Baluarte (barl-oo-r'-tay) m. 

Bambu (barm-boo') ^w. bamboo. 

Banana (bar - nar' - nar) /. 

Bancarrota (barn-karr-ro'-tar) 
/. bankruptcy. 

Banco (barn'-ko) m. bank: 

Bandido (b: rn-dec'-do) m. 
bandit: highway robber. 


Bandolin (barn-do-leen) m. 

Banquero (barn-kay'-ro) m. 

Banquete (barn-kay'-tay) m. 

Banar (barn-yar') v. to bathe: 
bath: wash. 

Bano (barn'-yo) m. bath: bath- 
ing place. 

Baranda (bar - rarn' - dar) /. 

Baratija (bar-rar-tee'-har) /. 
toy, trumpery thing. 

Barato (bar-rar'-to) a. cheap — 
m. cheapness. 

Barba (bar'-bar) /. chin: beard. 

B^rbaro (bar-bar'-ro) a. bar- 
barous: bold: daring. 

Barberia (bar-bay-ree'-r) /. 
barber's shop: hairdresser. 

Barca (bar'-kar) /. boat: barge. 

Barnizar (bar-neeth-r') v. to 

Barometro (bar-o-may'-tro) 
m. barometer. 

Barquillo (bar-keel'-yo) m. 

Barraca (bar-rar'-kar) /. bar- 
rack: hut. 

Barrenar ( bar-ray '-nar) v. to 

Barrendero (bar-rayn-day'-ro) 
m. sweeper: dustman. 

Barriada (bar-ree-r'-dar) /. 

Barrido (bar-ree'-do) m. chim- 

Barriga (bar-ree'-gar) /. ab- 

Barril (bar-reel') m. barrel: jug. 

Barrio (bar-ree'-o) m. suburb. 

Barro (bar'-ro) m. mud: clay: 

Basada (bar-sar'-da) /. crane: 

Bastante (bars-tahn'-tay) a. 
enough: sufficient. 

Bastardo (bars-tar'-do) a. il- 
legitimate: spurious. 

Bastear (bars-tee-r') v. to 
stitch temporarily. 

Bastilla (bars-teel'-yar)/. hem: 

Bastimentero (bars-tee-men- 
tay'_-ro) ?«. purveyor. 

Baston (bars-ton') m. cane: 
stick: truncheon. 

t Berrinche 

Batalla (bar-tarl'-yar) /. battle: 

combat: tight. 
Batallador (bar-tarl-yar-dor') 

a. pugnacious — m. warrior. 
Batidor (bar-tee-dor') m. 

ranger: scout. 
Batir (bar-teer') v. to beat: 

Baya (bar'-yar) /. berry (fruit). 
Bayoneta (bar-yo-nay'-tar) /. 

Bazar (bar-tharr') m. bazaar. 
Beatitud (bay-r-tee-tood') /. 

Bebedor (bay-bay-dor') m. &? 

/. drinker: drunkard. 
Becerra (bay-thayr'-rar) /. 

Befar (bay- far') v. to mock: 

make fun: ridicule. 
Beldad (bel-dahd') /. beauty. 
Bailee (bay'-lee-ko) a. martial: 

Bellaco (bayl-yar'-ko) a. artful: 

cunning: sly. 
Belladonna (bayl-yar-don'- 

nar) /. deadly nightshade. 
Bellaquear (bayl-yar-kay-ree'- 

r) V. to cheat. 
Belleza (bayl-yay'-thar) /. 

Bellota (bayl-yot'-r) /. acorn. 
Bencina (ben-thee'-nar)/. ben- 
Bendecir (ben-day-theer') v. 

to bless: concentrate. 
Bendito (ben - dee' - to) a. 

Beneficiar (ben-nay-fee-thee'- 

r) V. to benefit: improve. 
Benemerito (bay-nay-may '-re- 

to) a. deserving: meritorious. 
Benevolo (bay-nay'-vo-lo) a. 

benevolent: generous. 
Beodo (bay-o'-do) a. drunk. 
Berenjena (bay-ren-hay'-nar) 

/. aubergine. 
Bergante (bayr-gan'-tay) m. 

Beril (bay-reel') m. precious 

stone: beryl. 
Bermejizo (bayr-may-ho'-tho) 

a. reddish. 
Bermejura (bayr-may-hoo'- 

rar) /. crimson. 
Bermellon (bayr-mell-yon') m. 

Berrinche (bayr-reen'-chay) m. 

anger: passion: sulkiness. 

Berro 22 

Berro (bayr'-ro) m. watercress. 
Berza (bayr'-thar) /. cabbage. 
Bestia (bess'-tee-r) /. animal: 

Biblia (bee-blee'-r) /. Bible. 
Biblioteca (bee-blee-o-tay'- 

kar) /. library. 
Bicho (bee'-cho) m. vermin. 
Bien (bee-een') m. benefit: 

good: utility. 
Bienestar (bee-een-ays-tar') m. 

Bienhadado (bee - een - ard - 

dar'-do) a. happy: lucky. 
Bienvenida (bee-een-vay-nee'- 

dar) /. welcome. 
Bigamia (bee-gar-mee'-r) /. 

Bigornia (bee-gor'-nee-r) /. 

Bigote (bee-go'-tay) m. whis- 
kers: moustache. 
Biliose (bee - lee - o' - say) a. 

Billar (beel-yar') m. pi. bil- 

hards: billiard-table. 
Billete (beel-yay'-tay) m. ticket: 

label: note. 

Billete de Ida y vuelta— 
return ticket. 
Bill6n (beel-yon') w. billion. 
Biografia (bee-o-grar-fee'-r) /. 

BioiTibo(bee-om'-bo)m. screen. 
Biricij (bee-ree-koo') m. sword 

Bisojo (bee-so'-ho) a. squint- 
Bisono (bee-sown'-yo) a. raw: 

Bisonte (bee-son'-tay) m. bison. 
Bizarramente (be-thar-rar- 

men'-tay) ad. courageously: 

Bizarro (be-thar'-ro) a. brave: 

gallant: courageous. 
Bizcocho (bith-ko'-cho) m. 

Biz ma (bith'-mar) /. poultice. 
Bizquear (bith'-kee-ar') v. to 

Blanca (blan'-kar) /. magpie. 
Blanco (blan'-ko) a. white: 

Blandear (blan-day-r') v. to 

soften: yield: change one's 

Blando (blan'-do) a. soft: 

smooth: mild: gentle. 


Blandura (blan-doo'-rar) /. 
softness: delicacy: daintiness. 

Blanquear (blan-kay-ar') v. to 
bleach: whitewash. 

Blasfemar (blas-fay-mar') v. 
to blaspheme. 

Blonda (blon'-dar) /. lace. 

Bloqueo (bio - kay' - o) m. 

Bobada (bo-bar'-dar) /. folly: 

Bobatico (bo-bar'-tee-ko) a. 
silly: stupid. 

Bobo (bo'-bo) m. dunce. 

Boca (bo'-kar) /. mouth: open- 
ing: entrance. 

Bocado (bo-kar'-do) m. mouth- 
ful: morsel. 

Bochorno (bo-chor'-no) m. 
sultry weather. 

Bochornoso (bo-chor-no'-so) 
a. shameful: reproachful. 

Boda (bo'-dar) /. pi. nuptials. 

Bodega (bo-day'-gar) /. wine- 
cellar: wine-warehouse. 

Bodeg6n (bo - day - gon') m. 

Bodoquero (bo-do-kay'-ro) m. 

Bofes (bo'-fays) m. pi. lungs: 

Bofetada (bo-fay-tar'-dar) /. 
box on the ears. 

Bogar (bo-gar') v. to row (a 

Bohemio (bo-a-mee'-o) m. 

Bola (bo'-lah) /. ball: globe: 
game of bowls. 

Boleo (bo-lay'-o) m. bowling- 

Boleta (bo-lay '-tar)/, entrance- 
Bolina (bo-lee'-nar) /. scuffle: 

Bollero (boll - yay' - ro) m. 

Bolsa (bol'-sar)/. purse: money. 
Bomba (bom'-bar) /. bomb: 

Bonancible (bo-narn-thee'- 

blay) a. calm: fair: serene. 
Bondad (bon-dahd') /. good- 
ness: kindness: courtesy. 
Boquear (bo-kay-r') v. to gape: 

Boquer6n (bo-kay-ron') m. 

Bordadura 2 

Bordadura (bor-dar-doo'-rar) 

/. embroidery. 
Borde (bor'-day) m. border: 

edge: margin. 
Borgona (bor-gon'-yar) /. Bur- 
gundy wine. 
Bornear (bor-nay-r') v. to 

bend: turn: twist. 
Borona (bor-o'-nar) /. maize: 

Borrachera (bor-rar-cher'-r)/. 

Borrajear (bor-rar-hay-r') v. 

to scribble. 
Borrar (bor-rar') v. to blot: 

cloud: obscure: efface. 
Borrasca (bor-rars'-kar) /. 

storm: tempest: danger. 
Borrico (bor-ree'-ko) m. ass: 

Borronear (bor-ro-nay-r') v. 

to sketch. 
Bosque (bos'-kay) m. forest: 

Bostezar (bos-tay-thar') v. to 

gape: yawn. 
Botar (bo-tar') v. to cast: fling. 
Botella (bo-tayl'-yar) /. bottle: 

Boticario (bo-tee-kar-ree'-o) 

m. apothecary: chemist. 
Botiga (bo-tee'-gar) /. shop. 
Boton (bo-ton') m. button: bud. 
B6veda (bo'-vay-dar) /. arch: 

cr>'pt: vault. 
Boyante (bo-yan'-tay) a. buoy- 
ant: floating: successful. 
Braceaje (brar-thay'-hay) m. 

Braguero (brar-gay'-ro) m. 

Bramar (brar-mar') v. to bel- 
low: roar. 
Brasero (brar - say' - ro) m. 

Bravamente (brar-var-men'- 

tay) ad. bravely: gallantly. 
Bravear (brar-vay-r') v. to 

bully: hector. 
Bravio (brar-vee'-o) a. feroc- 
ious: savage. 
Bravo (brar'-vo) a. brave: 

Brazalete (brar-thay-lay'-tay) 

m. bracelet. 
Brazo (brar'-tho) m. arm: 

branch of a tree: valour: 

Brea (bray'-r) /. pitch: tar. 


Brebaje (bray-bar'-hay) »i. 

Brega (bray'-gar) /. contest: 
strife: trick: jest: pun. 

Brete (bray'-tay) m. fetters: 

Brevedad (bray-vee'-dahd) /. 
brevity: shortness. 

Brezal (bray'-thahl) m. heath. 

Briba (bree'-bar) /. idleness. 

Bribon (bree-bon') a. knavish: 

Brillador (breel-yar-dor') a. 
brilliant: radiant. 

Brillar (breel-yar') v. to shine: 

Brincar (brin-kar') v. to jump: 
leap: gambol. 

Brindar (brin-dar') v. to toast: 
drink one's health. 

Brindis (brin'-dees) /. toast: 

Brio (bree'-o) m. strength: 
courage: vigour. 

Brisa (bree'-sar) /. breeze. 

Brocal (bro'-kal) m. kerb-stone. 

Broculi (bro'-kool-ee) m. broc- 

Brocha (bro'-(t)char) /. pencil: 
brush for paint. 

Broche (bro' - (t)chay) m. 
brooch: clasp. 

Broma (bro'-mar) /. noise: 
clatter: joke: jest. 

Bronce (bron'-thay) m. bronze: 

Bronco (bron'-ko) a. coarse: 
rough: harsh. 

Broquel (bro-kel') m. shield: 

Bruces (broo'-thess) /. pi. lips. 

Brueta (broo-er'-tar) /. wheel- 

Bruja (broo'-har) /. hag: witch. 

Brumal (broo-mahl') a. wintry. 

Brunido (broon-yee'-do) a. 
polished: burnished. 

Brusco (broos'-ko) a. rude: 

Bucear (boo-thay-r') v. to dive. 

Bucle (boo'-klay) m. curl. 

Buen (boo-n') a. good. 

Buenamente (boo-n-r-men'- 
tay) ad. easily: readily: 

Bueno (boo-ay'-no) a. agree- 
able: fair: good: healthy: per- 
fect: plain: proper: sociable: 
sound: useful. 



Bufa (boo'-far) /. mock: jeer: 

scoff: taunt. 
Bufalo (boo'-far-lo) m. buffalo. 
Bufete (boo-fay'-tay) m. desk: 

Buhonero (boo -o-nay'- ro) 

m. hawker: pedlar. 
Buitre (boo-ee'-tray) m. vulture . 
BuIdo (bool'-bo) 7n. bulb. 
Bullaje (bool-yar'-hay) m. 

Bullicioso (bool - yee - thee - 
o-so) a. clamorous: lively: 
BuUir (bool-yeer') v. to boil. 
Bunuelo (boon-yoo-ay'-lo) ni- 

bun: pancake. 
Bureo (boor-a'-o) m. amuse- 
ment: diversion. 
Burilar (boo-ree-lar') v. to 

Burla (boor'-lar) /. mockery: 

deceit: hoax: trick. 
Burro (boor'-ro) m. ass: donkey. 
Buscapi6s (boos-kar-pee-ays') 

m. fireworks. 
Buz6n (boo-thon') m. letter- 
box: post-box. 

Cabal (kar-barl') a. accom- 
plishec: complete: exact: just. 

Caballeria (kar-barl-yay-ree- 
r')/. cavalry: chivalry: knight- 
hood. ^ 

Caballeriza (kar-barl-yay-ree - 
thah) /. stable. 

Cabana (kar-barn'-yar) /. cot- 
tage: hovel. 

Cabestrillo (kar-bess-treel'-yo) 
m. necklace: gold chain. 

Cabeza (kar-bay'-thah) /. end: 
head: top: chief. 

Cabezudo (kar-bay-thoo'-do) 
a. headstrong: thick-headed. 

Cabra (kar'-brar) /. goat. 

Cabriola (kar-bree-o'-lar) /. 
gambol: caper. 

Cacarear (kar-kar-ray-r') v. 
to cackle: crow. 

Cachar (kar-char') v. to break. 

Cachete (kar-chay'-tay) m. 
check: punch (with fist). 

Cachorro (kar-chor'-ro) m. 

Cachucha (kar-choo'-char) /. 


(kar'-dar) pron. 

Cada (kar'-dar) pron. each: 

every: every one. 
Cadaver (kar-dar'-vayr) m. 

corpse: dead body. 
Cadena (kar-day'-nar) /. chain: 

Cadera (kar-day'-rar) /. hip. 
Caduco (kar-doo'-ko) a. de- 
crepit: enfeebled: worn-out. 
Caer (kar-ayr') v. to fall: 

Caf6 (kar-fay') m. coffee: 

Cafetera (kar-fay-tay'-rar) f. 

Caida (kar-ee'-da) /. declivity: 

Caidos (kar-ee'-dos) /. pi. 

arrears (of taxes, etc.). 
Caja (kar'-har) /. box: coffin. 
Cajero (kar-hay'-ro) m. cashier. 
Caj6n (kar-hon') m. chest of 

drawers: locker. 
Cal hidrdulica (kahl e-drar-oo- 

lee'-ka) /. cement. 
Calambre (kar-lahm'-bray) m. 

cramp: spasm. 

Calamidad (kar - lar - mee' - 

dahd)/. calamity: misfortune. 

Calana (kar-larn'-yar)/. quality. 

Calar (kar-lar') v. to penetrate: 

pierce: perforate. 
Calavera (kar-lar-vayr'-r) /. 

Calceta (karl-thay'-tar) /. stock- 
Calcetero (karl-thay-tay -ro) 

711. hosier. 

Calcetin (karl-thay-tin') m. 

Calcular (karl'-koo-lar) v. to 

Calcuio (karl'-koo-lo) m. cal- 
culation: estimate. 

Caldear (karl-day-r') v. to 
heat: warm. 

Caldo (karl'-do) m. broth. 

Calentar (kar-len-tar') v. to 
heat: warm. 

Calentarse (kar-len-tar -say) 
V. to dispute: quarrel. 

Calentura (kar-len-too'-rar) /. 
fever. . 

Calibre (kar-lee'-bray) m. kmd: 
quality: sort. 

Calidad (kar-lee'-dahd)/. char- 
acter: condition: quality. 

Cdlido (kar'-lee-do) a. hot. 

Calificaci6n (kar-lee-fee-kar- 

thee-on')/. qualification: cen- 
Calificar (kar-lee-fee-kar') v. 

to attest: authorise. 
Caligrafia (kar-lee-grah-fee'-r) 

/. handwriting. 
Calma (karl'-mar) /. calm: 

Calofriarse (kar-lo-fre-ar'-say) 

V. to shiver. 
Calor (kar-lor') m. heat: fieri- 

ness: ardour. 
Calvicie (karl-ve-thee'-ay) /. 

Calvo (karl'-vo) a. bald: barren. 
Galzado (karl-tha'-do) m. shoe. 
Calzones (karl-tho'-ness) m. 

pi. breeches. 
Calzoncillos (karl-thon-theel'- 

yos) m. pi. drawers (attire). 
Callado (karl-yar'-do) a. silent: 

Callar (karl-yarr') v. to be 

silent: hold one's tongue. 
Calle (karl'-yay) /. street: lane 

— (with exclamation marks) 

wonderful: mighty: strange. 
Calleja (karl'-yay'-har) /. nar- 
row lane: narrow passage. 
Callo (karl'-yo) m. corn (on 

foot, etc.). 
Gatna (kar'-mar) /. bed: couch: 

Gamachuelo (kar-mar-choo- 

ay-lo) m. linnet. 
Gamafeo (kar-mar-fay-'o) m. 

Gamal^on (kar-ma-lay'-oon) 

m. chameleon. 
Gdtnara (kar'-mar-r) /. bed- 
room: hall. 
Camarada (kar-mar-r'-dar) /. 

Camarero (kar-mar-ay'-ro) m. 

Gambalachear (karm-bar-lar- 

chay-r') v. to barter. 
Cambiar (karm-be-ar') v. to 

change: exchange. 
Cambista (karm-biss'-tar) m. 

banker: broker: money 

Gamello (kar - mayl' - yo) m. 

Gamtlion (kar-mayl-on') m. 

Caminar (kar-mee-nar') V. 

to walk: march: travel. 



Camino (kar-mee'-no) m. main 

Camion (kar-me-on') m. van: 


Autocamion, motor lorry. 
Camisa (kar-mee'-sar) /. shirt: 

Camorra (kar - mot' - rar) /. 

Campana (karm-par'-nar) /. 

Campar (karm'-par) v. to ex- 
cel: surpass. 
Camp6on (karm-pay-on') m. 

Campesino (karm-pay-see'- 

no) w. peasant — a. rural. 
Canal (kar-narl') m. canal: 

Canalla (kar-narl'-yar) /. mob: 

Canasta (kar-nars'-tar) /. bas- 
ket: hamper. 
Cancamusa (karn-karm-oo'- 

sar) /. fraud: trick. 
Cancelar (kam-thay-lar') v. to 

cancel: efface. 
Cancion (karn-thee-on')/- song. 
Candado (karn-dar'-do) m. 

Candela (kam-day'-lar) /. 

Candelabro (kam - day - lar' - 

bro) rn. candlestick. 
Candente (karn-den'-tay) a. 

Candido (kam' - dee - do) a. 

white: candid: simple. 
Candil (karn'-deel) m. oil- 
Canelon (kar-nay-lon')m. icicle. 
Cangilon (kam-geel-on') m. 

bucket: pitcher. 
Cangrejo (karn-grey'-ho) m. 

crab: lobster. 
Canguro (kam-goo'-ro) m. 

Canibai (kam-ee'-barl) m. can- 
Cano (kar'-no) a. grey-haired. 
Canoa (kar-no'-r) /. canoe. 
Canon (kar'-non) m. cannon: 

catalogue: list. 
Cansado (kam - sar' - do) a. 

tired: weary: fatigued. 
Gansancio (karn-sahn'-ttieo) 

m. fatigue: lassitude. 
Cantante (kam-tarn'-tay) m. 

& f. singer. 

Cantar 26 

Gantar (kam-tar') v. to sing. 

Gantidad (karn-tee-dahd') /. 

Gantina (karn-tee'-nar) /. can- 
teen: cellar. 

Gantor (karn-tor') m. & f. 

Gana (kam-yah') /. cane: reed: 
Cana de pescar, fishing rod. 

C^amo (karn'-yar-mo) m. 

Gano (kam'-yo) m. pipe: sewer: 

Ganon (kam'-yon) m. cannon. 

Gaoba (kar-o'-bar) /. mahogany 

Gaos (kar'-oss) m. chaos: con- 
fusion: muddle. 

Gapa (kar'-par)/. cloak: mantle: 
pretext: excuse. 

Gapacidad (kar - par - thee - 
dahd') /. capacity: extent. 

Gapaz (kar-path') a. capable: 
capacious: spacious. 

Gapcioso (karp-thee-o'-so) a. 

Gapellan (kar-payl-yahn') m. 
chaplain: almoner. 

Gapigorrista (karp-ee-gor- 
rist'-r) m. vagabond: waster: 

Gapilla (kar - peel' - yah) /. 

Gapillero (kar-peel-yar'-o) tn. 
sexton: churchwarden. 

Gapital (kar-pee-tahl') m. sum 
of money: capital: fortune. 

Gapitan (kar-pee-tahn') m. 

Gapitulacion (kar-pee-too-lar- 
thee-on') /. capitulation: 

Gapitular (kar-pee-too-lar') v. 
to agree. 

Gapricho (kar-pree'-cho) m. 
fancy: whim: caprice. 

Gaptar (karp-tar') v. to cap- 

Gaptura (karp-too'-r) /. cap- 
ture: seizure. 

Gara (kar'-rar)/. face: counten- 

Garacol (kar-rar-kol') m. snail. 

Caramente (kar-rar-men'-tay) 
ad. dearly. 

Garavana (kar-rar-var'-nar) /. 


Caray (kar-rar'-ee) m. tortoise- 

Carb6n (kar-bon') m. charcoal. 

Carbono (kar-bo'-no) m. car- 

Carcel (kar'-thel)/. prison: gaol. 

Carceleria (kar-thel-ay-ree'-r) 
/. imprisonment. 

Carcomer (kar-ko-mayr') v. to 
gnaw: corrode: eat away. 

Carda (kar'-dar) /. teasel. 

Cdrdeno (kar'-day-no) a. livid. 

Cardo (kar'-do) m. thistle. 

Carecer (kar-ray-thayr') v. to 

Carestia (kar-ess-tee'-r)/. dear- 
ness: famine: scarcity: want. 

Carga (kar'-gar) /. load: cargo: 
tax: burden. 

Caribe (kar-ee'-bay) m. can- 

Caricia (kar - ee' - thee - r) /. 

Caridad (kar-ee-dahd')/. bene- 
volence: charity. 

Carino (kar-een'-yo) m. fond- 
ness: tenderness. 

Carlancon (kar-larn-kon') m. 
dodger: cheater. 

Carmin (kar-meen') m. car- 
mine — a. carmine. 

Carnada (kar-nar'-dar) /. bait: 

Carnaje (kar-nar'-hay) m. salt 

Carne (kar'-nay) /. meat: fllesh. 

Carnerero (kar-nay-ray'-ro) m. 

Carnero (kar-nay'-ro) m. sheep: 

Carnestolendas (kar-ness-to- 
len'-dars) /. pi. Shrove 

Carnicero (kar-nee-thay'-ro) 
m. butcher. 

Carnivore (kar-nce'-vor-o) a. 

Caro (kar'-o) a. dear: beloved: 
costly — ad. dearly. 

Caroca (kar-o'-ka) m. caress. 

Caroquero (kar-o-kay'-ro) m. 

Carpintero (kar-pin-tay'-ro)m. 

Carpo (kar'-po) m. wrist. 

Carral (kar-rarl') m. barrel: 
butt: vat. 

Garraleja (kar-rarl-ay'-hay) /. 

Garralero : 

Garralero (kar-rarl-ay'-ro) m. 

Carraspera (kar-rars-pay'-rar) 

/. hoarseness. 
Carrera (kar-ray'-rar)/. career: 

course: race. 
Garrono (kar - rone' - yar) a. 

putrid: rotten. 
Carruaje (kar-roo-ar'-hay) m. 

vehicle: carriage. 
Carta (kar'-tar) /. map: letter. 
Cartel (kar'-tel) m. placard: 

Cartero (kar-tay'-ro) m. post- 
Gartulina (kar-too-lee'-nar) /. 

Gasa (kar'-sar) /. house: home. 

Casa de campo, countr>' 

Casa de hu^spedes, board- 
ing house. 

Casa de locos, lunatic 

Casa de moneda, mint. 

Casa de posada, lodging 
Casaca (kar-sar'-car) /. coat. 
Casamiento (kar-sar-mee-n'- 

to) m. marriage. 
Casar (kar'-sar) v. to marry. 
Cascada (kars-kar'-dar) /. cas- 
cade: waterfall. 
Cascajo (kars - kar' - ho) m. 

gravel: rubbish. 
Gascanueces (kars-kar-noo-a'- 

thays) m. nut-cracker. 
Cascar (kars-kar') v. to break: 

crack: beat: lick. 
Gdscara (kars'-kar-r) /. bark: 

husk: peel: rind. 
Gascar6n (kars-kar-ron') vi. 

Casco (kars'-ko) m. skull: 

Cascote (kars-ko'-tay) m. rub- 
bish: building refuse. 
Casero (kar-say'-ro) m. land- 
Casi (kar'-see) ad. almost: 

Casino (kar-see'-no) m. club: 

club house. 
Gaso (kar'-so) m. case: event: 

Caspita (kars'-pee-tar) interj. 

Casquete (kars-kay'-tay) m. 

casque: helmet. 

' Cazuela 

Casta (kars '-tar) /. cast: breed: 

race (of people). 
Castana (kars-tayn'-yar) /. 

Castaneta (kars-tayn-yay'-tar) 

/. Castanet. 
Castidad (kars-te-dahd') /. 

Castigar (kars-tee-gar') v. to 

chastise: punish. 
Castillo (kars - teel' - yo) m. 

Casto (kars'-to) a. chaste: pure. 
Casualidad (kar-soo-ar-lee- 

dahd') /. accident: casualty. 
Cata (kar'-tar) /. tasting. 
Catdbulo (kar-tar'-boo-lo) m. 

Catalejo (kar-tar-lay'-ho) m. 

Catalogo (kar-tar'-lo-go) m. 

Catar (kar-tar') v. to taste: 

inspect: examine. 
Catarro (kar-tar'-o) m. catarrh. 
Catdstrofe (kar-tars'-tro-fay)/. 

Catedral (kar-tay-drarl') /. 

Caucion (kar-oo-thee-on') /. 

caution: security. 
Caucionar (kar-oo-thee-on-r') 

V. to guarantee. 
Caudal (kar-oo-darl') m. for- 
tune: property: wealth: plenty. 
Causa (kar'-oo-sar) /. cause: 

motive: occasion. 
Cautivar (kar-oo-tee-var') v. 

to captivate: charm: take 

Cautiyo (kar-oo-tee'-vo) m. 

captive: prisoner. 
Cauto (kar'-oo-to) a. cautious: 

Cavador (kar-var-dor') m. dig- 
Cavar (kar-var') v. to dig: ex- 
Caviloso (kar-vee-lo'-so) a. 

Cayo (kar'-yo) m. reef: rock: 

Caza (kar'-thar) /. game: hunt. 
Cazador (kar-thar-dor') m. 

Cazar (kar-thar') v. to chase: 

Cazuela (kar-thoo-ay'-lar) /. 


Cazurro 28 

Gazurro (kar-thoor'-ro) a. taci- 
turn: gloomy: sullen. 

Ce (thay) interj. here. 

Gebada (thay-bar'-dar) /. bar- 

Cebar (thay-bar') v. to fatten. 

Cebo (thay'-bo) m. food: fodder. 

Cebolla (thay - boll' - yar) /. 

Cebra (thay'-brar) /. zebra. 

Cecear (thay-thay-r') v. to lisp. 

Ceder (thay-dayr') v. to abate: 
grant: submit: yield. 

Cegar (thay-gar') v. to blind. 

Cegato (thay-gar'-to) a. short- 

Ceguera (thay - gay' - rar) /. 

Ceja (thay'-har) /. eyebrow. 

Cejar (thay-harr') v. to relax: 

Celda (thayl'-dar) /. cell. 

Celebrar (thayl-ay-brar') v. to 
celebrate: praise. 

C61ebre (thayl-ay-bray) a. fam- 
ous: celebrated. 

Celerldad (thayl-ay-ree-dahd') 
/. velocity: speed. 

Celeste (thay-less'-tay) a. sky- 
blue: heavenly. 

Celestial (thay-less-tee-arl') a. 
heavenly: excellent: perfect. 

C61ibe (thay'-lee-bay) m. 

Celosia (thay-lo-see'-r) /. lat- 
tice of a window. 

Celoso (thay-lo'-so) a. zealous: 

Cena (thay'-nar) /. supper. 

Cenar (thay-narr') v. to have 

Ceniza (thay-nee'-thar)/. ashes. 
Miercoles de Ceniza, Ash 

Genojil (thay-no-heel') m. gar- 

Gentella (then-tayl'-yar) /. 
spark: lightning. 

Gentellar (then-tayl'-yarr) v. 
to sparkle. 

Centena (then - tay' - nar) /. 

Gentenario (then-tay-nar-ee'- 
o) m. centenary. 

Centinela (then-tee-nay'-lar) /. 
sentry: sentinel. 

Gentro (then'-tro) m. centre: 
chief thing. 


Centuria (then-toor-ee'-r) / 

Cenzalo (then-thar'-lo) m. gnat. 
Geiiidor (then-yee'-dor) m. 

belt: girdle. 
Ceiio (then'-yo) m. frown. 
Cepillo (thay - peel' - yo) m. 

Gepo (thay'-po) m. trap: snare: 

Cera (thay '-rar) /. wax: wax- 
taper: wax-candle. 
Cercano (thayr-kar'-no) a. 

near: close to: adjoining. 
Cercenar (thayr-thay-nar') v. 

to clip: lop off: pare: curtail. 
Cerdo (thayr'-do) m. pig: hog. 
Ceremonia (thayr-ay-mo-nee'- 

r) /. ceremony. 
Cereza (thayr - ay - thar) /. 

Cero (thay'-ro) m. zero. 
Ceroso (thay-ro'-so) a. waxy. 
Cerrado (thayr - rar' - do) a. 

close: concealed: reserved. 
Cerrajero (thayr-rar-hay'-ro) 

m. locksmith. 
Cerrar (thayr-rar') v. to close: 

shut: lock. 
Cerril (thayr-reel') a. wild: 

rough: untamed. 
Cerro (thayr'-ro) m. hill. 
Cerrojo (thayr-ro'-ho) /w. door- 
Certificar (thayr-tee-fee-kar') 

V. to affirm: certify. 
Cervecero (thayr-vay-thay'-ro) 

m. brewer. 
Cerveza (thayr-vay'-thar) m. 

ale: beer. 
Cesar (thay-sar') v. to cease: 

Cesion (thay-see-on') /. ces- 
sion: transfer. 
C6sped (thess'-payd) m. turf: 

Cesta (thess'-tar) /. basket: 

Cetrino (thay - tree' - no) a. 

lemon-coloured: jaundiced. 
Cia (thee'-r) /. hip-bone. 
Ciatica (thee - r' - tee - kar) /. 

Cicatear (thee-kar-tay-r') v. to 

be stingy: niggardly. 
Ciclo (thee'-klo) m. cycle. 
Ciego (thee-ay'-go) a. blind. 
Cielo (thee-ay'-lo) m. heaven: 

sky: atmosphere. 


Cien (thee'-n) a. one hundred. 
Ciencia (thee - n - thee' - r) /. 

Gieno (thee-n'-o) m. mud: mire: 

Cierto (thee-ayr'-to) a. certain: 

Ciervo (thee-ayr'-vo) m. stag: 

hart: deer. 
Cigarra (thee-gar'-rar)/. grass- 
Cigarillo (thee-gar-reel'-yo) m. 

Cigarrito (thee-gar-ree'-to) m. 

Cigarro (thee-gar'-ro) m. cigar. 
Cilindro (thee-leen'-dro) m. 

Cilia (theel'-yar) /. granary. 
Cimbreno (thim-brayn'-yo) a. 

flexible: pliant. 
Cimenterio (thee-men-tay- 

ree'-o) m. cemetery: church- 
Cimento (thee-men'-to) m. 

Cimero (thee-may'-ro) a. up- 
Cinabrio (thin-r-bree'-o) vi. 

Cincel (thin-thel') m. chisel. 
Cinco (thin'-ko) m. five — a. five. 
Cincuenta (thin-koo-n'-tar) m. 

Cincha (thin'-char) /. girth: 

Cinta (thin'-tar) /. ribbon. 
Circo (theer'-ko) m. circus. 
Circuir (theer-koo-eer') v. to 

encircle: surround. 
Circulacion (theer-koo-lar- 

thee-6n) /. circulaiion. 
Circulo (theer'-koo-lo) m. cir- 
cle: circumference. 
Cirineo (theer-een-ay'-o) m 

assistant: mate. 
Ciruela (theer-oo-ay'-lar) /. 

plum: prune. 
Cirugia (theer-oo-hee'-r) /. 

Cirujano (theer-oo-har'-no) m 

Cisterna (thiss-tayr'-nar) /, 

Citerior (thee-tay-ree-or') ad. 

hither: nearer. 
Ciudadano (thee-oo-dar-dar' 

no) m. citizen. 
Givico (thee-vee'-ko) a. civic. 



Civil (thee-veel') a. civil: 

polite: courteous. 
Civismo (thee-viss'-mo) m. 

Clamoroso (klar-mor-o'-so) a, 

Clarete (klar-ray'-tay) m. claret. 
Claridad (klar-ree-dahd') /. 

brightness: clearness. 
Clarin (klar-reen') m. trumpet. 
Claro (klar'-ro) a. bright: clear: 

Claudicar (klar-oo-dee-kar') V. 

to limp. 
Clava (klar'-var) /. club (stick). 
Clavar (klar-varr') v. to nail: 

cheat: deceive. 
Clayija (klar-vee'-hah) /. peg: 

Clerecia (klay-ray-thee'-r) /. 

Cl^rigo (klay' - ree - go) m. 

Clima (klee'-mar) /. climate. 
Cloaca (klo-ar'-kar) /. sewer. 
Clueco (kloo-ay-ko) a. decrepit. 
Coartar (ko-ar-tar') t.'. to limit: 

Cobarde (ko - bar' - day) a. 

cowardly: timid. 
Cocarar (ko-kar-ar') v. to 

Cocear (ko-thay'-r) v. to kick. 
Cocer (ko-thayr') v. to boil: 

bake: digest. 
Cocina (ko-thee'-nar)/. kitchen. 
Cocinero (ko-thee-nay'-ro) m. 

Coco (ko'-ko) m. cocoa: cocoa- 
Cocodrllo (ko-ko-dreel'-o) m. 

Cochambre (ko-charm'-bray) 

m. greasy: filthy. 
Cochero (ko - chay' - ro) m. 

Cochif rito (ko-chee-free'-to) m. 

Cochin d (ko-chee'-nar) /. sow. 
Cochin eria (ko-chee-nay-ree- 

r') /. filthiness. 
Codicia (ko - dee - thee' - r) /. 

coveto-isness: greediness. 
Codillo (ko-deel'-yo) m. knee: 

Codo (ko'-do) m. elbow. 
Coercer (ko-ayr-thayr') t>. tO 


Goetaneo (ko-ay-tar'-nay-o) a. 

Gofia (ko-fee'-r) /. head-dress: 

Gofre (ko'-fray) m. trunk. 

Gogedor (ko-hay-dor') m. col- 
lector: gatherer. 

Coger (ko-hayr') v. to collect: 
gather: catch: grasp. 

Gohechar (ko-ay-char') v. to 

Gohecho (ko-ay'-cho) m. brib- 

Gohibir (ko-ee-beer') v. to 
prohibit: restrain. 

Cohombro (ko-om'-bro) m. 

Cojear (ko-hay-r') v. to limp. 

Gojera (ko-hay'-rar) /. limp- 
ing: lameness. 

Cojo (ko'-ho) ni. cripple. 

Gol (kol) /. cabbage. 

Gola (kol'-r) /. glue. 

Golador (ko-lar-dor') m. colan- 
der: sieve. 

Golapso (ko-lahp'-so) m. col- 

Colar (ko-lar') v. to strain: 

Golcha (kol'-char) /. counter- 
pane: coverlet. 

Colchon (kol-chon') m. mat- 

Goleccionar (ko-lek-thee-on- 
r') V. to collect. 

Colectar (ko-lek-tar') v. to 
collect taxes. 

Colega (ko-lay'-gar) m. col- 

Colegio (ko-lay'-he-o) m. col- 

G61era (ko'-lay-rar) m. cholera 
— f. anger: rage. 

Golgadizo (kol-gar-dee'-tho) 
m. shed — a. suspended. 

Colgadura (kol-gar-doo'-rar) 
/. tapestry. 

Golgar (kol-gar') v. to hang: 

C61ico (ko'-lee-ko) m. colic. 

Coliflor (ko-lee-flor') m. cauli- 

Coligaci6n (ko-lee-gar-thee- 
on') /. alliance: connection. 

Colilla (ko-leel'-ya) /. stub end 
of cigar or cigarette. 

Colina (ko-lee'-nar) /. hill: 
hillock: mound. 



Golinabo (ko-lee-nar'-boo) m. 

Goliseo (ko-lee-say'-o) m. 

theatre: opera-house. 
Colisi6n (ko-lee-see-on')/. col- 
Colmena (kol-mayn'-r) /. bee- 
Colonia (ko-lo-nee'-r)/. colony. 
Color (ko-lor') m. colour: dye: 

hue: tint. 
Colorado (ko-lo-rar'-do) a. 

Colorar (ko-lo-rar') v. to colour. 
Colorin (ko-lo-reen') m. linnet. 
Golumna (ko-loom'-nar) /. 

column: troops. 
Golumpio (ko-loom-pee'-o) m. 

see-saw: swing. 
Gollado (koll-yar'-do) m. hill. 
Collar (koU'-yar) m. necklet: 

Coma (ko'-mar) /. comma (in 

writing, etc.): unconscious- 
ness: insensibility. 
Comadre (ko-mar'-dray) /. 

Comadrear (ko-mar-dray-r') 

V. to gossip. 
Gomarca (ko-mar'-kar) /. ter- 
ritory: district: area. 
Combar (kom-bar') v. to bend. 
Combate (kom-bar'-tay) m. 

combat: conflict: fight. 
Combinar (kom-bee-nar') v. 

to combine. 
Combo (kom'-bo) a. bent: 

crooked: twisted: warped. 
Comedero (ko-may-day'-ro) a. 

Gomediante (ko-may-dee-arn'- 

tay) m. actor: comedian: 

Comedido (ko-may-dee'-do) a. 

gentle: polite: kind. 
Gomedor (ko-m ay-dor') a. 

greedy: voracious. 
Comentador (ko-men-tar- 

dor') m. commentator. 
Gomenzar (ko-men-thar') v. to 

begin: commence. 
Comer (ko-mayr') v. to dine: 

chew: eat. 
Comerciante (ko-mayr-thee- 

arn'-tay) m. merchant: trader. 
Comestible (ko-mes-tee'-blay) 

a. eatable — ni. pi. provisions. 
Gometer (ko-mayr-tayr') v. to 


Comida 3 

Comida (ko-mee'-dar)/. dinner. 

Comision (ko-mee-see-on') /. 
commission: order: trust. 

Comisionar (ko-mee-see-o- 
nar') v. to appoint: commis- 

Gomo (ko'-mo) ad. as: how: 
like: why. 

Gomodidad (ko - mo - dee - 
dahd') /. comfort: con- 

C6niodo (ko'-mo-do) a. con- 
venient: comfortable. 

Compaiiero (kom-parn-yar'-o) 
m. companion. 

Compania (kom-pam-yee'-r) 
/. company: society: associa- 

Gomparar (kom-par-rar') f. 
to compare. 

Gompeler (kom-pay-layr') v. 
to compel. 

Compensar (kom-pen-sar') r. 
to compensate: make amends. 

Gompetencla (kom-pay-ten'- 
thee-r)/. competition: rivalry. 

Competicion (kom-pay-tee- 
thee-on') /. competition. 

Complacencia (kom - plar - 
then'-thee-r)/. pleasure: satis- 

Complaciente (kom-plar-thee- 
n'-tay) a. pleasing. 

Compiacer (kom -plar- thayr') 
V. to comply with: please. 

Complacerse (kom - plar - 
thayr'-say) v. to rejoice. 

Completo (kom-play'-to) a. 
complete: perfect. 

Componer (kom-po-nayr') v. 
to compose: form: make. 

Comportar (kom-por-tar') v. 
to suiTer. 

Comportarse (kom-por-tar'- 
say) V. to behave. 

Compra (kom'-prar) /. pur- 

Comprimir (kom-pree-meer') 
V. to restrain. 

Gomprobar (kom-pro-bar') v. 
to prove: confirm. 

Comprometimiento (kom- 
pro - may - tee - mee' - n - to) 
7n. award. 
Compromiso (kom-pro-mee'- 

so) m. umpire. 
Compungivo (kom-poon-hee'- 
vo) a. pricking. 

I Condonar 

Computar (kom-poo-tar') v. to 

compute: reckon. 
Comun (kom-oon') a. common: 

vulgar: ordinary. 
Comunicado (kom - oon - ee - 

kar'-do) m. statement. 
Comunicar (kom-oon-ee-karr') 

V. to communicate: inform. 
Con (kon) prep, among: by: in: 

for: with. 
Concebir (kon-thay-beer') v. 

to conceive: imagine. 
Conceder (kon-thay-dayr') v. 

to grant: give. 
Concepto (kon-thep'-to) m. 

opinion: thought. 
Concernir (kon-thayr-neer') v. 

to appertain: concern. 
Concertar (kon-thayr-tar') v. 

to agree: adjust: settle. 
Conciencia (kon-thee-n'-thee- 

r) /. conscience. 
Concierto (kon-thee-ayr'-to)m. 

Conciliar (kon-thee-lee-r') v. 

to conciliate: reconcile. 

Conciliar el sueno, to fall 
Concilio (kon-thee'-lee-o) m. 

assembly: council. 
Conciso (kon-thee'-so) a. con- 
cise: brief: to the point. 
Concluir (kon-kloo-eer') v. to 

conclude: end: finish. 
Concomerse (kon-kom-ayr'- 

say) f. to shrug the shoulders. 
Concordar (kon-kor-dar') v. 

to accord: agree. 
Concreto (kon-kray'-to) a. con- 

Concreto armado, rein- 
forced concrete. 
Concurrir (kon-koor-reer') v. 

to concur: agree to. 
Concha (kon'-char) /. shell. 
Conchudo (kon-choo'-do) a. 

cunning: crafty. 
Condecorar (kon-day-kor-r') 

t'. to adorn: embellish. 
Condenar (kon-day'-nar) v. to 

Condicion (kon-dee-thee-on') 

/. condition: quality: state. 
Condicional (kon-dee-thee- 

on'-arl) a. conditional. 
Condonar (kon-do-nar') V. to 


Conducir (kon-doo-theer') v. 

to conduct: convey: direct: 

Conducirse (kon-doo-theer'- 

say) V. to behave. 
Conejo (kon-nay'-ho) m. rabbit. 
Conferir (kon-fay-reer') v. to 

confer: compare: grant. 
Confianza (kon-fee-arn'-thar) 

/. confidence: boldness. 
Confiar (kon-fee-ar') v. to 

confide: trust. 
Gonfin (kon-feen') m. bound- 
ary: limit. 
Confiteria (kon-fee-tay-ree'-r) 

/. confectioner's shop. 
Confitero (kon-fee-tay'-ro) m. 

Confluir (kon-floo-eer') v. to 

Conforme (kon-for'-may) a. 

comfortable: suitable. 
Confortativo (kon-for-tar-tee- 

vo) m. cordial. 
Confundir (kon-foon-deer') r. 

to confound. 
Confusion (kon-foo-see-on') /. 

confusion: disorder: shame. 
Congelar (kon-hay-lar') v. to 

Congratular (kon-grar-too- 

lar') V. to congratulate. 
Conjura (kon-hoo'-ra) /. con- 
spiracy: plot. 
Conjurador (kon-hoo-rar-dor') 

m. conjurer. 
Conmover (kon-mo-vayr') i;. 

to disturb. 
Conocer (ko-no-thayr'> v. to 

know: understand. 
Conocimiento (ko-no-thee- 

mee-n'-to) m. knowledge. 
Conque (kon'-kay) conj. then: 

Conquista (kon-kiss'-tar) /. 

conquest: acquisition. 
Consequir (kon-say-gheer') v. 

to attain: get: obtain. 
Conseja (kon-say'-har)/. story. 
Consejo (kon-say'-ho) m. ad- 
vice: counsel: opinion. 
Consentir (kon-sen-teer') v. to 

agree: consent. 
Consorcio (kon-sor'-thee-o) m. 

partnership: society. 
Consuelo (kon-soo-aye'-lo) m. 

consolation: comfort: joy. 
Consunrjar (kon-soo-mar') V. 
to finish: consume. 

32 Convoy 

Consunci6n (kon-soon-thee- 

on') /. consumption: wasting. 
Contado (kon-tar'-do) a. rare: 

Contagiar (kon-tar-hee-r') v. 

to infect. 
Contar (kon-tar') v. to count: 

compute: reckon. 
Contener (kon-tay-nayr') v. to 

contain: hold. 
Contentible (kon - ten - tee' - 

blay) a. contemptible. 
Contestar (kon-tess-tar') v. to 

agree: reply. 
Contigo (kon-tee'-go) pron. 

with thee: with you. 
Continuar (kon-tee-noo-r') v. 

to continue. 
Contra {kon' -Xrzr) prep, against: 

opposite to: contrary to — m. 

contrary: opposite. 
Contrabando (kon-trar-bahn'- 

do) m. contraband: smuggling. 
Contraponer (kon-trar-po- 

nayr') v. to compare: oppose. 
Contrario (kon-trar'-ree-o) a. 

Contrata (kon-trar'-tar) /. con- 
Contraveneno (kon-trar-vay- 

nay'-no) m. antidote. 
Contribuci6n (kon-tree-boo- 

thee-on') /. tax: duty. 
Contristar (kon-trees-tar') v. 

to grieve: sadden. 
Contrito (kon-tree'-to) a. peni- 
Contumacia (kon - too - ma - 

thee'-r) /. obstinacy: stub- 
Contubar (kon-too-bar') v. to 

disturb: disquiet. 
Convecino (kon-vay-thee'-no) 

a. neighbouring. 
Convenible (kon - vay - nee' - 

blay) a. compliant: docile. 
Conveniente (kon-vay-nee-n'- 

tay) a. useful. 
Convergir (kon-vayr-heer') v. 

to converge. 
Convicto (kon-veek'-to) a. 

guilty: convicted. 
Convidar (kon-vee-dar') v. to 

invite: treat: allure. 
Convblvulo (kon-vol'-voo-lo) 

m. convolvulus. 

I Convoy (kon'-voy) m. convoy: 
escort: retinue. 



Conyugal (kon-yoo-garl') a. 

conjugal: connubial. 
C6nyuges (kon'-yoo-hays) m. 

pi. husband and wife. 
Coordinar (ko-or-deen-r') v. 

to arrange: co-ordinate. 
Copa (ko'-par) /. cup: brazier: 

top of a thing. 
Copera (ko-par'-r)/. cupboard. 
Copia (ko-pee'-r) /. plenty: 

Copiar (ko-pee'-rr) v. to copy: 

Coqueta (ko-kay'-tar) /. flirt. 
Coraje (ko-rar'-hay) m. anger: 

Corazbn (ko - rar - thon') m. 

heart: core: centre: pith. 
Corbato (kor - bar' - tar) m. 

Corcova (kor-ko'-var) /. hump: 

Corchete (kor-chay'-tay) m. 

clasp: locket. 
Corcho (kor'-cho) m. cork: bee- 
Cordel (kor-del') m. cord: rope. 
Cordillera (kor-dell-yay'-rar) 

/. range of mountains. 
Cordon (kor-don') m. cord: 

Corneja (kor-nay'-hah)/. crow. 
Cornudo (kor - noo' - do) a. 

Corona (kor-ro'-nar) /. crown: 

Coronel(kor-ro'-nel)?«. colonel. 
Corpezuelo (kor-pay-thoo-ay'- 

lo) m. waistcoat: bodice. 
Corpudo (kor-poo'-do) a. cor- 
pulent: bulky. 
Corral (kor-rarl') m. back yard. 
Correct© (kor-rek'-to) a. cor- 
rect: exact. 
Corredera (kor-ray-day'-rar) /. 

Corredor (kor-ray-dor') m. 

race-horse: runner. 
Correo (kor-ray'-o) m. courier: 

express: bag of letters. 
Correr (kor-rayr') v. to flow: 

run: fly into a passion. 
Correspondencia (kor-ress- 

pon-den'-thee-r) /. corre- 
spondence: relation. 
Corretear (kor-ray-tay-r') v. 

to ramble: rove. 
Corrido (kor-ree'-do) a. artful: 



Corroer (kor-ro-ayr') v. to 

Corromper (kor-romp-ayr') v. 
to corrupt: bribe: seduce. 

Corsaria (kor-say'-ree-o) a. 

Cors6 (kor-say')/- corset: stays. 

Cortabolsas (kor-tar-bol'-sars) 
m. pickpocket. 

Gortador (kor-tar'-dor) m. but- 

Cortaplumas (kor-tar-ploo'- 
mars) rn. pocket-knife. 

Cortar (kor-tar') v. to cut: 
curtail: separate. 

Cortedad (kor-tay-dahd') /. 
smallness: stupidity. 

Cortejar (kor-tay-har') v. to 
make love: court. 

Cort6s (kor-tess') a. courteous: 
polite: genteel. 

Cortesia (kor-tay-see'-r) /. 
courtesy: politeness. 

Corteza (kor-tay'-thar) /. bark: 
crust: peel. 

Cortina (kor-tee'-nar) /. cur- 

Corto (kor'-to) a. scanty: short: 
small: narrow. 

Corton (kor-ton') ni. ringworm: 

Corusco (kor-oo'-sko) a. bril- 

Corvo (kor' - vo) a. bent: 

Cosa (ko'-sar) /. thing. 

Cosecha (ko-say'-char) /. har- 

Cosechar (ko-say-charr') v. to 
crop: reap. 

Coser (ko-sayr') v. to sew. 

Cosido (ko-see'-do) m. sewing: 

Cosm6tico (kos-may'-tee-ko) 
m. cosmetic. 

Cosquiils-so (kos-keel-yo'-so) 
a. ticklish: easily annoyed. 

Costa (kos'-tar) /. cost: price: 

Costalero (kos-tarl'-er-o) m. 

Costero (kos-ter'-o) a. outward. 

Costo (kos'-to) m. cost: ex- 
pense: price. 

Costoso (kos-to'-so) a. costly: 
dear: expensive. 

Costumbre (kos-toom'-bray) 
/. custom: habit. 

Gotidiano : 

Cotidiano (ko-tee-dee-r'-no) a. 

Coton (ko-ton') m. cotton fabric. 
Gotonada (ko-ton-r'-dar) /. 

calico: print (stuff). 
Gotorra (ko-tor'-rar) /. mag- 
pie: talkative woman. 
Crasitud (krar-see-tood') /. 

fat: grease: thick. 
Graso (krar'-so) a. fat: greasy: 

Grear (kray-r') v. to create: 

Crecer (kray-thayr') v. to grow: 

Gr^dito (kray' - dee - to) m. 

credit: faith: reputation. 
Gredulidad (kray-doo-lee- 

dahd') /. credulity. 
Greer (kray-ayr') v. to beheve: 

credit: think. 
Grema (kray'-mar) /. cream: 

Gresa (kray'-sar) /. maggot. 
Grespo (krays'-po) m. crisp: 

Greta (kray'-tar) /. chalk. 
Criada (kree-r'-dar) /. maid- 
servant: handmaiden. 
Griar (kree-ar') v. to create: 

produce: breed. 
Griba (kree'-bar)/. sieve: riddle. 
Grimen (kree'-men) m. crime: 

Griminal (kree-meen-arl') a. 

Gristal (krees-tarl') m. crystal: 

Gritica (kree'-tee-kar) /. critic. 
Griticar (kree-tee-karr') v. to 

Grbnica (kron' - ee - kar) /. 

Grucifijo (kroo-thee-fee'-ho) m. 

Grudo (kroo'-do) a. crude: raw: 

unripe: immature. 
Gruel (kroo-l') a. cruel: severe: 

Grujido(kroo-hee'-do)m. crack: 

creak: clash. 
Gruzar (kroo-thar') v. to 

cross: cross a road. 
Guadra (koo-r'-drar) /. hall: 

Guadrado (koo-r-drar'-do) a. 

square: perfect. 
Guadrilla (koo-r-dreel'-yar) /. 

gang: crew: troop. 

|. Gugujada 

Guajada (koo-r-har'-dar) /. 

butter: curd. 
Gual (koo-arl') ad. as: how— a. 

which: he who: same: like: 

such: one: other — pron. such: 

Cualquier (koo-arl-kee-ay') a. 

Gualquiera (koo-arl-kee-ay'- 

rar) a. anybody? anyone: 

somebody: someone. 
Guan (koo-arn') ad. as (before 

nouns): how. 
Guando (koo-am'-do) ad. if: 

although: when: even: some- 
Gu^nto (koo-arn'-to) ad. how 

Guantos (koo-arn'-tos) ad. how 

many: whilst: respecting. 
Guarenta (koo-r-rent'-r) a. 

Guarestna (koo-r-ress'-mar) /. 

Guarta (koo-r'-tar) /. quarter. 
Guasi (koo-r'-see) ad. almost: 

Guatro (koo-r'-tro) a. four. 
Gucanero (koo-karn'-yar-o) in. 

Gucaracha (koo-kar-rar'-char) 

/. woodlouse. 
Guclillo (koo - kleel' - yo) m. 

Guchara (koo-char'-rar) /. 

Gucharada (koo-char-rar'-dar) 

/. spoonful. 
Guchar6n (koo-char-ron') m. 

Guchlchear (koo-chee-chay-r') 

V. to whisper. 
Guchillero (koo-cheel-yay'-ro) 

m. cutler. 
Cuello (koo-ayl'-yo) m. neck: 

shirt collar. 
Guenta (koo-ayn'-tar)/. reckon- 
ing: account: bill. 
Guero (koo-a'-ro) m. hide: 

leather: skin. 
Guerva (koo-a'-var) /. crow. 
Cuervo (koo-ayr'-vo) m. raven. 
Guesti6n (koo-ess-tee-on') /. 

question: dispute: quarrel. 
Gueva (koo-a'-var) /. cave: 

Gugujada (koo-goo-har'-dar)/. 


Culdado (koo-ee-dar'-do) m. 

care: heed: fear: solicitude. 
Cuita (koo-ee'-tar) /. affliction: 

grief: trouble. 
Guitado (koo-ee-tar'-do) a. 

anxious: miserable: wretched. 
Gulebra (koo - lay' - brar) /. 

snake: serpent. 
Gulpar (kool-par') v. to accuse: 

Gultivar (kool-tee-var') v. to 

Gulto (kool'-to) a. correct: 

pure: polished. 
Gumulo (koo'-moo-lo) m. heap: 

Guna (koo'-nar) /. cradle. 
Cunado (koon - yar' - do) m. 

Guraci6n (koo-rar-thee-on') /. 

cure: healing. 
Gurar (koo-rarr') v. to cure: 

Gurrutaco (koor-roo-tar'-ko) 

m. beau: fop — a. affected. 
Gustodio (koos-to'-dee-o) m. 

guard: keeper: watchman. 
Gutis (koo'-tiss) m. & f. skin. 
Guyo (koo'-yo) pron. of whom: 

of which: whose. 


(Considered in Spanish to 
rank as a separate letter of the 
Ghdchara (char'-char-rar) /. 

idle-talk: gossip. 
Ghafallar (char-farl-yar') t;. to 

mend: botch. 
Ghafarrinar (char-far-reen- 

ar') V. to blot: stain. 
Ghal_(charl) m. shawl. 
Ghalan (char-larn') m. hawker. 
Ghaleco (char - lay' - ko) m. 

Ghamuscado (char-moos-kar'- 

do) a. drunk: tipsy. 
Ghamuscar (char-moos-kar') 

V. to scorch: singe. 
Ghancleta (charn-klay'-tar) /. 

Ghanza (cham'-thar) /. jest: 

joke: fun. 
Ghaparron (char-par-ron') m. 

hea\^ shower of rain. 
Ghapucero (char-poo-thay'-ro) 

m. blacksmith. 
Ghibor (chee-bor') m. baboon. 

35 Damnificar 

Ghico (chee'-ko) m. small boy 

— a. little: small. 
Chichisvear (chee-chees-vay- 

r') V. to court: woo. 
Ghifladera (chee-flar-day'-rar) 

/. whistle. 
Ghiflar (chee-flar') v. to whistle: 

jest: mock. 
Ghillar (cheel-yar') v. to 

scream: shriek. 
Ghimenea (chee-may-nay'-r) 

/. chimney. 
China (chee'-nar) /. porcelain: 

Chinche (cheen'-chay) /. bug. 
Chinela (chee-nay'-lar) /. slip- 
Chirivia (chee-ree-vee'-r) /. 

Chirla (cheer'-lar) /. mussel. 
Chirrionero (cheer-ree-o-nay'- 

ro) m. scavenger. 
Chisposo (chiss - po' - so) a, 

Chistar (chiss-tar') v. to 

mumble: mutter. 
Chistoso (chiss - to' - so) a. 

cheerful: gay. 
Chite (chiss'-tay) interj. hush; 

Chocolate (cho-ko-lar'-tay) m. 

Chofes (cho'-fays) m. pi, 

Cheque (cho'-kay) m. collision; 

shock: skirmish. 
Chorizo (cho-ree'-tho) m. pork- 
Ghuleta (choo-lay'-tar) /. chop. 
Chupar (choo-parr') v. to suck. 
Churriento (choor-ree'-n-to) 

a. greasy. 

Dable (dar'-blay) a. easy: 

Dadiva (dar'-dee-var) /. gift: , 

present. I 

Daga (dar'-gar) /. dagger. ' 

Dama (dar' - mar) /. lady: 

gentlewoman: mistress. 
Dameria (dar-may-ree -r) /. ' 

Damero (dar - may - ro) m. 

Damisela (dar-mee-say'-lar) /. 

young lady. 
Damnificar (darm - nee - fee- 

kar') V. to damage: injure. 

Danza 36 

IDanza (dam'-thar) /. dance. 
Danar (dam-yar') a. to damage: 

I>anino (darn-yin'-o) a. noxious. 
Dardo (darr'-do) m. dart. 
Datil (dar'-teel) m. date (fruit). 
Dauco (dar-oo'-ko) m. carrot. 
De (day) prep, for: from: by: of: 

on: to: with. 
Debajo (day-bar'-ho) a. below: 

under: underneath. 
Debatir (day-bar-teer') v. to 

debate: discuss. 
Deber (day-bayr') m. debt: 

duty: obligation — v. to owe. 
Debidamente (day-bee-dar- 

men'-tay) ad. duly: exactly: 

D6bil (day'-bil) a. feeble: 

frail: sickly: weak. 
D^bito (day'-bee-to) m. debt: 

Decadencia (day-kar-den'- 

thee-r) /. decay: decline. 
Decaer (day-kar-ayr') v. to 

decay: decline. 
Decano (day-kar'-no) m. senior. 
Decapitar (day-kar-peet-r') v. 

to behead. 
Decencia (day-then'-thee-r) /. 

decency: modesty. 
Deceno, D6cimo (day-thay'- 

no: day'-thee-mo) a. tenth. 
Decidir (day-thee-deer') v. to 

decide: determine. 
Decir (day-theer') v. to say: 

speak: tell. 
Decisive (day-thee-see'-vo) a. 

decisive: final. 
Declaracidn (day-klar-r-thee- 

on') /. declaration. 
Declarar (day-klar-r') v. to 

Decomiso (day-ko-mee'-so) a. 

Decorar (day-kor-r') v. to 

adorn: decorate. 
Decoro (day-kor'-o) m. honour: 

honesty: respect. 
Decremento (day-kray-men'- 

to) m. decrease. 
Decr6pito (day-kray'-pee-to) 

a. decrepit: worn out. 
Dechado (day-char'-do) m. pat- 
tern: sample. 
Dedal (day-darl') m. thimble. 
Dedalera (day-dar-lay'-ra) /. 


Dedo (day'-do) m. finger: toe. 

Dedo anular, ring finger. 

Dedo del corazdn, middle 

Dedo meiiique, little finger. 

Dedo pulgar, thumb. 
Defectible (day-fek-tee'-blay) 

a. deficient: imperfect. 
Defensa (day - fen' - sar) /. 

defence: apology. 
Deferente (day-fay-ren'-tay) a. 

docile: pliant: yielding. 
Definir (day-fee-neer') v. to 

define: explain. 
Deforme (day-for'-may) a. 

deformed: ugly. 
Defraudar (day-frar-00-dar') 

V. to defraud. 
Degollador (day-gol-yar-dor') 

m. executioner. 
Deidad (day-ee-dard') /. deity: 

Deifico (day-ee'-fee-ko) a. 

Dejado (day-har'-do) a. idle: 

indolent: slovenly. 
Dejar (day-har') v. to leave: 

let: forsake: quit. 
Dejo (day'-ho) ni. end: termina- 
Del (dayl) a. of the (contracted 

from de el). 
Delantal (day-larn-tarl') m. 

Delante (day-lam'-tay) ad. 

before — prep, in front of. 
Delator (day-lar-tor') m. ac- 
cuser: denouncer. 
Deleitable (day-lay-ee-tar'- 

blay) a. delightful. 
Deleite (day-lay'-ee-tay) m. de- 
light: pleasure. 
Deletrear (day-lay-tray-ar') v. 

to spell. 
Delfin (del-feen') m. dolphin, 
Delicado (day-lee-kar'-do) a. 

delicate: dainty. 
Delicia (day-lee'-thee-r) /. de- 
Delia, Dello (dayl'-ya: dayl'- 

yo) contractions of de ella (of 

her) and de ello (of it). 
Demandar (day-marn-dar') v. 

to demand: ask: request. 
Demas (day-mars') a. the 

others: the rest. 
Demente (day-men'-tay) a, 


Democracla 3 

Democracia (day-mo-krar'- 

thee-r) /. democracy. 
Demonio (day -mo'-nee-o) m. 

Demorar (day-mo-rarr') v. to 

Denegar (day-nay-gar') v. to 

deny: refyse. 
Densidaa (den-see-dahd') /. 

Denso (der> -fo) a. dense: com- 
pact: thick. 
Dentadura (den-tar-doo'-rar) 

/. set of teeth 
Dentellear (cV Atell-yay-r') v. 

to bite. 
Dentista (den-tees'-tar) m. 

Dentro (den'-tro) ad. within. 
Deparar (day-par-r') v. to 

offer: present: give. 
Deplorar (day-plo-rarr') v. to 

Deportar (day-por-tarr') v. to 

Depositaria (day-po-see-tar- 

ree'-r) /. depository. 
Depurar (day-poo-rar') v. to 

cleanse: purify. 
Derecha (day-ray'-char) /. 

Derecho (day-ray'-cho) a. right: 

just: straight. 
Derramador (dayr-rar-m ar- 
dor') m. spendthrift. 
Derredor (dayr-ray-dor') m. 

Derribar (dayr-ree-bar') v. to 

Desabill^ (day-sar-beel-yay') 

m. undress. 
Desabotonar (day-sar-bo-to- 

nar') v. to unbutton. 
Desabrido (day-sar-bree'-do) 

a. tasteless: insipid. 
Desabrigar (day-sar-bree-gar') 

V. to uncover. 
Desabrigo (day-sar-bree'-go) 

m. nakedness. 
Desabrir (day-sar-bree-r') v. 

to annoy: plague: vex. 
Desacato (day-sar-kar'-to) m. 

disrespect: incivility. 
Desacierto (day-sar-thee-ayr'- 

to) m. blunder: mistake. 
Desadeudar (days-r-day-oo- 

dar') V. to get out of debt. 
Desadorar (days-r-dor-r') v. 

to cease loving. 

r Descanso 

Desafiar (days-r-fee-r') v. to 

Desafortunado (days-r-for- 

too-nar'-do) a. unfortunate. 
Desagradar (days-r-grar-dar') 

t;. to displease. 
Desaguar (days-r-goo-r') v. to 

empty: pour out. 
Desahogar (days-r-o-gar') t;. 

to ease a pain. 
Desairado (days-r-ee-rar'-do) 

a. slighted: disregarded. 
Desaire (days-r-ee'-ray) m. dis- 
dain: disrespect. 
Desalino (days-r-leen'-yo) m. 

Desalumbrado (days-r-loom- 

brar'-do) a. dazzled. 
Desamparar (days-arm -par- 

r') V. to forsake: abandon. 
Desanudar (days-r-noo-dar') 

V. to disentangle: untie. 
Desaplicado (days-r-plee-kar'- 

do) a. careless: indolent. 
Desapretar (days-r-pray-tar') 

V. to loosen: slacken. 
Desarrapado (days-r-rar-par'- 

do) a. ragged. 
Desarreglar (days-r-ray-glar') 

V. to derange. 
Desarropar (days-r-ro-par') v. 

to undress. 
Desaseo (das-r-say'-o) m. dis- 
Desasir (days-r-seer') v. to 

disentangle: unloosen. 
Desastrado (days-ars-trar'-do) 

a. miserable: wretched. 
Desatacar (days-r-tar-kar') v. 

to loosen: untie. 
Desatentado (days-r-tayn-tar'- 

do) a. inconsiderate: thought- 
Desavisado (days-r-vees-r'-do) 

a. ill-advised. 
Desayuno (days-r-yoo'-no) m. 

Desbrozar (days-bro-thee-r') 

V. to clear rubbish away. 
Descabal (days-kar-barl) a. 

Descabellado (days-kar-bayl- 

yar'-do) a. disorderly: wild. 
Descalzo (days-karl -tho) a. 

Descampado (days-karm -par- 
do) a. free: disengaged. 
Descanso (days-karn -so) ia. 

rest: repose. 

Descargadero (days-kar-gar- 

day'-ro) ??i. wharf. 
Descariiio (days-kar-een'-yo) 

m. loss of affection. 
Descendencia (days-then- 

dayn'-ther) /. offspring. 
Descender (days-then-dayr') 

V. to descend. 
Descepar (days-thee-parr') v. 

to uproot. 
Descobijar (days-ko-bee-har') 

V. to uncover: undress. 
Descoco (days-ko'-ko) m. im- 
Descolorido (days-kol-o-ree'- 

do) a. colourless: pale. 
Descomedido (days-ko-may- 

dee'-do) a. impudent: in- 
Descompostura (days-kom- 

poos-too'-rar) /. confusion. 
Desconcertar (days - kon - 

thayr-tarr') v. to disturb. 
Desconfiar (days-kon-fee-ar') 

V. to mistrust. 
Desconocer (days - kon - o - 

thayr') v. to disown: disavow. 
Descontar (days-kon-tar') v. 

to abate: discount. 
Descontentadizo (days-kon- 

ten-tar-dee'-tho) a. squeam- 
Desconvenir (days-kon-vay- 

neer') v. to disagree. 
Descorrer (days-kor-rayr') v. 

to flow: run. 
Descreer (days-kray-ayr') v. 

to disbelieve. 
Describir (days-kree-beer') v. 

to delineate: draw: describe. 
Descuerno (days-koo-er'-no) 

m. affront: contempt. 
Desde (days'-day) prep, after: 

from: since. 
Desdentado (days-den-tar'-do) 

a. toothless. 
Desdicha (days-dee'-char) /. 

misfortune: calamity. 
Desear (day-say-r') v. to 

desire: wish. 
Desecar (day-say-kar') v. to 

Desembalar (days-m-bar-lar') 

V. to unpack. 
Desembarcar (days-m-bar- 

kar') V. to land: disembark. 
Desempapelar (days-m-par- 

pay-lar') v. to unwrap. 



Desempaquetar (days-m-par- 

kay-tar') v. to unpack. 
Desempenar (days-m-payn- 

yar') v. to redeem. 
Desencaminar (days-n-kar- 

meen-'r) v. to go astray: lose 

the way. 
Dcsenfado (days-n-far'-do) m. 

calmness: ease: facility. 
Desenganchar (days-n-garn- 

char') z'. to unfasten: unhook. 
Desengarzar (days-n-gar- 

thar') V. to unravel. 
Desenrollar (days-n-rol-yar') 

V. to unroll. 
Desenroscar (days-n-roos- 

kar') V. to untwist. 
Desentenderse (days-n-ten- 

dayr'-say) v. to take no notice. 
Deseo (day-say'-o) m. desire: 

Deseoso (day-say-o'-so) a. 

Deserter (day-sayr-tor') m. 

deserter: fugitive. 
Desflorar (dess-flo-rar') v. to 

sully: tarnish. 
Desgarbado (dess-gar-bar'-do) 

a. uncouth. 
Desgobierno (dess-go-bee- 

ayr'-no) m. misrule. 
Desgraciar (dess-grar-thee-r') 

V. to displease. 
Deshabitado (days-r-bee-tar'- 

do) a. uninhabited. 
Deshacer (days-r-thayr') v. to 

destroy: cancel. 
Desharrapado (days-r-rar- 

par'-do) a. shabby. 
Deshelar (day-say-lar') v. to 

thaw: melt. 
Deshielo (days-ee-ay'-lo) m. 

DeshoUinador (days-ol-yee- 

nar-dor') m. chimney-sweep. 
Deshonesto (days-o-ness'-to) 

a. immodest: lewd. 
Deshonra (days-on'-ra) /. dis- 
honour: disgrace: seduction. 
Desidia (days-ee'-dee-r) /. lazi- 
ness: idleness. 
Desigual (days-ee-goo-arl') a. 

Desistir (days-iss-teer') v. to 

stop: desist. 
Deslavado (dess-lar-var'-do) a. 

Desleal (dess-Iay-arl') a. di- 


Desleir (dess-lay-eer') v. to 

Desliar (dess-lee-ar') v. to 

Deslizadizo (dess-lee-thar- 

dee'-tho) a. slippery. 
Deslumbrar (dess - loom' - 

brar') v. to dazzle. 
Desmanotado (dess-mar-no- 

tar'-do) a. awkward. 
Desmayo (dess-mar'-yo) m. 

dismay: swoon. 
Desnudo (dess-noo'-do) a. 

bare: naked. 
Despacio (dess-par'-thee-o) ad. 

leisurely: slowly. 
Despacito (dess-par-thee'-to) 

cd. very leisurely: very slowly. 
Despacho (dess-par'-cho) m. 

expedient: dispatch. 
Despechar (dess-pay-char') v. 

to fret: enrage. 
Despecho (dess-pay'-cho) m. 

Despedida (dess-pay-dee'-dar) 

/. farewell. 
Despedir (dess-pay-deer') v. 

to discharge: dismiss: emit. 
Despender (dess-pen-dayr') v. 

to spend: squander. 
Despensa (dess-pen'-sar) /. 

pantry: larder. 
Despenadero (dess-payn-yar- 

day'-ro) m. precipice. 
Despertar (dess-payr-tar') v. 

to wake up. 
Despiadado (dess-pee-r-dar'- 

do) a. unmerciful. 
Despicar (dess-pee-kar') v. to 

Despiefto (dess-pee-ayr'-to) a. 

awake: vigilant. 
Despilfarro (dess-peel-far'-ro) 

m. mismanagement. 
Despinzas (dess-peen'-thas) /. 

pi. tweezers. 
Despique (dess-pee'-kay) m. 

Desplacer (dess-plar-thayr') v. 

to displease. 
Desprecio (dess-pray'-thee-o) 

m. contempt: scorn. 
Desprender (dess-pren-dayr') 

V. to unfasten: loosen. 
Desproposito (dess-pro-po'- 

see-to) m. absurdity. 
Despu^s (dess-poo-ess') ad. 

after: afterwards. 

39 Devanear 

Despumar (dess-poo-mar') v. 

to skim. 
Despuntar (dess-poon-tar') v. 

to blunt. 
Destajo (dess-tar'-ho) m. job: 

Destello (dess - tayl' - yo) m. 

sparkle: glitter. 
Destilar (dess-teel-r') v. to 

Destilatorio (dess-teel-r-tor'- 

ee-o) m. distillery. 
Destine (dess-tee'-no) m, des- 
tiny: fate. 
Destornillador (dess-tor-neel- 

yar-dor') m. screwdriver. 
Destroncar (dess-tron-kar') v. 

to cut off: lop off: maim. 
Destruccion (dess-trook-thee- 

on') /. destruction. 
Destruir (dess-troo-eer') v. 

to destroy. 
Desvalido (dess-var-lee'-do) a. 

destitute: helpless. 
Desvan (dess-varn') m. garret. 
Desvanecimiento (dess-var- 

nay-thee-mee-n'-to) m. gid- 
Desvario (dess-var-ee'-o) m. 

Desvelar (dess-vay-lar') v. to 

keep awake. 
Desvelo (dess-vee'-lo) m. want 

of sleep. 
Desventaja (dess-ven-tar'-har) 

/. disadvantage. 
Dcsventura (dess-ven-too'-rar) 

/. misfortune. 
Desvergonzado (dess-vayr- 

gon-thar'-do) a. impudent: 

Detallista (day-tarl-yiss'-tar) /. 

Detener (day-tay-nayr') v. to 

Deteriorar (day-tay-ree-o-rar') 

V. to deteriorate. 
Detestar (day-tess-tar') v. to 

Detras (day-trars') ad. after: 

behind: behind one's back. 
Deuda (day'-oo-dar) /. debt: 

Deudo (day'-oo-do) m. parent. 
Deudor (day-oo-dor') m. & /. 

Devanear (day-var-nay-r') V. 

to rave: talk nonsense. 

Devengar (day-vayn-gar') v. 

to earn. 
Devocion (day-vo-thee-on') /. 

Devorar (day-vor-r') v. to 

Devuelto (day-voo-ayl'-to) a. 

Dia (dee'-r) /. day. 
Diablo (dee-r'-blo) m. devil. 
Dia de aiios (dee'-r: day: arn'- 

yos) /. birthday. 
Diafano (dee-r'-far-no) a. 

Dialogo (dee-r'-lo-go) m. dia- 
Diamante (dee-r-marn'-tay) m. 

Didmetro (dee-r'-mayt-ro) m. 

Diantre (dee - arnt' - ray) m. 

deuce: devil. 
Diario (de-r'-ree-o) m. diary: 

journal: daily paper. 
Diarrea (dee - r - ray' - ar) /. 

Dibujar (dee-boo-har') v. to 

draw: design. 
Dibujo (dee-boo'-ho) rn. draw- 
ing: design: sketch. 
Diccionario (deek-thee-o-nar'- 

ree-o) m. dictionary. 
Diciembre (de-thee-m'-bray) 

m. December. 
Dictador (deek-tar-dor') m. 

Dictamen (deek-tar'-men) m. 

opinion: suggestion. 
Dicterio (deek-tayr'-ee-o) m. 

insult: sarcasm. 
Diciia (dee'-char) /. happiness. 
Diente (dee-n'-tay) m. tooth: 

fang: tusk. 
Diestra (dee-ess'-trar) /. right 

Dieta (dee-ay'-tar) /. diet. 
Diez (dee'-eth) a. & m. ten. 
Difamar (dee-far-mar') v. to 

defame: libel. 
Diferencia (dee-fay-ren-thee'- 

r) /. difference. 
Dificil (dee - fee' - theel) a. 

Difidente (dee-fee-den'-tay) a. 

Difunto (dce-foon'-to) a. dead: 

Digerible (dee-hay-rec'-blay) 

a. digestible. 



Digerlr (dee-hay-reer') t;. to 

Digestidn (dee-hays-tee-on') /. 

Dignarse (deeg-nar'-say) v. 

to condescend: deign. 
Dignidad (deeg-nee-dahd') /. 

Digno (deeg'-no) a. worthy. 
Dilacion (dee-lar-thee-on') /. 

Dilatado (dee-lar-tar'-do) a. 

numerous: spacious: large. 
Dilatar (dee-lar-tar') v. to ex- 
pand: dilate. 
Dilecto (dee-lek'-to) a. beloved: 

Diligencia (dee-lee-hen-thee'- 

r) /. diligence. 
Dilucidar (dee-loo-thee-dar') 

V. to explain: elucidate. 
Diluvio (dee-loo-vee'-o) m. 

deluge: inundation. 
Diminuto (dee-mee-noo'-to) a. 

defective: faulty. 
Dinero (dee-nay'-ro) m. coin: 

coinage: money. 
Dios (dee'-os) m. God. 
Diosa (dee-o'-sar) /. goddess. 
Diputado (dee-poo-tar'-do) w. 

Directo (dee-rek'-to) a. straight: 

Dirigir (dee-ree-heer') v. to 

conduct: direct. 
Dirimir (dee-ree-meer') v. to 

Discernir (dess-thayr-neer') v. 

to discern: distinguish. 
Discipulo (dess-thee-poo'-lo) 

scholar: pupil. 
Disco (dees'-ko) m. disc. 
Discrepar (dess-kray-par') v. 

to differ. 
Disculpa (dees-kool'-par) /. 

apology: excuse. 
Discutir (dees-koot-eer') v. to 

Disecar (dee-say-kar') v. to 

Disenar (dee-sayn-yar') v. to 

draw: design. 
Disfraz (dees-frath') m. dis- 
guise: mask. 
Disfrazar (dees-frath-r') v. to 

Disfrutar (dees-froo-tar') v. to 


Disgustar i 

Disgustar (dees-goos-tar') v. 

to disgust: offend. 
Dlsimulado (dee-see-moo-lar'- 

do) a. reserved. 
Disipado (dee-see-par'-do) a. 

lavish: wasteful. 
Dislate (dees-lar'-tay) m. ab- 
surdity: nonsense. 
Disminuir (dees-meen-oo-ee- 

r') V. to diminish. 
Dispar (dees-par') a. unequal: 

Disparar (dees-par-r') v. to 

shoot: fire a gun. 
Disparo (dees-par'-o) m. dis- 
charge: explosion. 
Dispendioso (dees-pen-dee-o'- 

so) a. costly. 
Displicente (dees-plee-then'- 

tay) a. displeasing: otTensive. 
Distancia (dees-tam-thee'-r)/. 

Distante (dees-tarn'-tay) a. 

distant: far off. 
Distinguido (dees-teen-goo- 

ee'-do) a. distinguished. 
Distinto (dees-teen'-to) a. dis- 
Distraido (dees-trar-ee'-do) a- 

Distribuir (dees-tree-boo-eer') 

t'. to distribute. 
Disuadir (dees-oo-r-deer') v. 

to dissuade. 
Diurno (dee-oor'-no) m. prayer- 
book — m. pi. butterflies. 
Divagacion (dee-var-gar-thee- 

on') /. wandering. 
Divagar (dee-var-gar') v. to 

ramble: roam. 
Diversion (dee-vayr-see-on') /. 

sport: amusement. 
Diverse (dee - vayr' - so) a. 

different: diverse. 
Divertido (dee-vayr-tee'-do) a. 

amused: merry. 
Divertir (dee-vayr-teer') v. to 

turn aside: amuse: entertain. 
Dividendo (dee-vee-den'-do) 

m. dividend (arith: & shares). 
Dividir (dee-vee-deer') v. to 

divide: separate. 
Divieso (dee-vee-ay'-so)m. boil. 
Divino (dee-vee'-no) a. divine. 
Divisa (dee-vee'-sa) /. device: 

badge: motto. 
Division (dee-vee-see-on') /. 


Divorcio (dee-vor'-thee-o) m. 

Divuigaci6n (dee-vool-gar- 

thee-on') /. publication. 
Dobladillo (do-blar-deel'-yo) 

m. border: hem. 
Doblado (do - blar' - do) a. 

strong: forceful: robust. 
Dobladura (do-blar-doo'-rar) 

/. crease: fold. 
Doblar (do-blar') v. to crease: 

double: fold. 
Doble (do'-blay) a. double: 

Dobles4able (do-blay-gar'-blay) 

a. pliable. 
Doblegar (do-blay-gar') v. to 

Doblemente (do-blay-mayn'- 

tee) ad. artfully: deceitfully. 
Doce (do-thay') a. & m. twelve. 
Docena (do-thay'-nar)/. dozen. 
Docente (do-thayn'-tay) a. 

D6cil (do'-thill) a. docile: 

Docto (dok'-to) a. learned. 
Dogo (do'-go) m. bulldog. 
Dolencia (do-layn-thee'-r) /. 

Doler (do-layr') v. to suffer pain. 
Doliente (do-lee-n'-tay) a. ach- 
ing: suffering. 
Dolo (do'-lo) m. deceit: fraud. 
Doloroso (do-lo-ro'-so) a. dis- 
mal: sorrowful. 
Doloso (do-lo'-so) a. deceitful. 
Domar (do-mar') v. to tame: 

Domestico (do-mess-tee'-ko) 

m. domestic: menial. 
Domiciliarse (do-mee-thee- 

lee-r'-say) v. to take up 

Domicilio (do-mee-thee'-lee-o) 

m. domicile: home. 
Dominacion (do - mee - nar - 

thee-on')/. dominion: author- 

Dominar (do-mee-nar') v. to 

domineer: bully. 
Domingo (do-meen'-go) m. 

Don (don) m. donation: gift: 

present: Spanish title. 
Donacion (don-r-thee-on') /. 

donation: gift. 
Donaire (do-nar'-ee-ray) m. 

elegance: grace. 




Doncella (don-thell'-yar) /. 

maiden: virgin. 
Donde (don'-day) ad. where. 
Donde (don'-day) ad. for what 

reason: by which way. 
Dona (don'-yar)/. lady: mistress. 
Doquier (do-kee-er') ad. any- 
Dorado (do-rar'-do) a. gilt. 
Dormidero (dor-mee-day'-ro) 

a. sleepy. 
Dormilon (dor-meel-on') a. 

dull: sleepy. 
Dormir (dor-meer') v. to sleep. 
Dormitar (dor-mee-tar') v. to 

Dorso (dor'-so) m. back: back- 
Dos (doss) a. ©" m. two. 
Dosis (do'-sees) /. dose. 
Dote (do'-tay) m. & f. dowry. 
Dragar (drar-gar') v. to 

Dramatic© (drar-mar'-tee-ko) 

a. dramatic. 
Dramaturgo (drar-mar-toor'- 

go) m. & f. play right: 

Drenaje (dray-nar'-hay) m. 

Droga (dro'-gar) /. drug: 

Droguero (dro-goo-er'-o) m. 

Dubitativo (doo-bee-tar-tee'- 

vo) a. doubtful: dubious. 
Ducha (doo'-char) /. shower- 
Ducho (doo'-cho) a. skilful: 

Duda (doo'-dar) /. doubt: 

Dudar (doo-dar') v. to doubt: 

Duelo (doo-ayl'-o) m. duel. 
Duende (doo-n'-day) m. ghost. 
Duena (doo-ayn'-yar) /. mar- 
ried lady: mistress. 
Dueno (doo-ayn'-yo) m. master: 

Dulce (dool'-thay) a. sweet: 

soft: mild. 
Dulclficar (dool-thee-fee-kar') 

V. to sweeten. 
Dulcinea (dooUthee-nay'-r) /. 

Duplicado (doop'-lee-kar-do) 

m. duplicate. 

Duplicar (doop-lee-kar') v. to 
double: repeat. 

Duque (doo'-kay) m. duke. 

Duquesa (doo - kay' - sar) /. 

Duradero (doo-rar-day'-ro) a. 
lasting: durable. 

Durante (doo-rarn'-tay) prep. 
& ad. during. 

Durar (doo-rar') v. to con- 
tinue: last. 

Durazno (doo-rarth'-no) m. 

Dureza (doo-ray'thar) /. hard- 
ness: firmness. 

Duro (doo'-ro) a. hard: firm: 

E (ay) conj. and. 

Ea pues (ay-ar': poo-ess) interj. 

well then. 
Ebanista (ay-bar-nees'-tar) m. 

, cabinet-maker. 
Ebano (ay'-bar-no) m. ebony. 
Ebrio (ay'-bree-o) a. in- 
ebriated: drunk. 
Eburneo (ay-boor'-nay-o) a. 

Eco (ay'-ko) m. echo. 
Economizar (ay-ko-no-mee- 

thar') 1^. to economise: save. 
Ecuador (ay-koo-ar-dor') m. 

Ecumenico (ay-koo-may'-nee- 

ko) a. universal. 
Echar (ay-char') v. to cast: 

dart: pitch: throw. 
Edad (ay-dahd') /. age: era: 

Eden (ay-dayn') m. Eden: 

Edicion (ay-dee-thee-on') /. 

edition: issue. 
Edicto (ay-deek'-to) m. placard. 
Edificio (ay-dee-fee'-thee-o) m. 

building: edifice. 
Editar (ay-dee-tar') v. to 

Editor (ay-dee-tor') m. & f. 

editor: publisher. 
Educacion (ay-doo-kar-thee- 

on') /. education: learning. 
Educando (ay-doo-karn'-do) 

m. & f. pupil: student. 
Educar (ay-doo-kar') v. to 

Efectividad (ay-fek-tee-vee- 

dahd') /. reality. 


Efectivo (ay-fek-tee'-vo) a. 

effective: certain: true. 
Efecto (ay-fek'-to) m. con- 
Efectuar (ay-fek-too-r') v. to 

carry out. 
Efervescencia (ay-fayr-vays- 

then-thee'-r) /. effervescence. 
Eficacia (ay-fee-ka-thee'-r) /. 

Eficiente (ay-fee-thee-n-tay) a. 

Efugio (ay - foo' - hee - o) m. 

evasion: subterfuge. 
Egoismo (ay-go-ees'-mo) m. 

Egregio (ay-gray'-he-o) a. re- 
Eje (ay'-hay) m. axis: shaft: 

Ejecucion (ay-hay-koo-thee- 

on') /. execution: perform- 
Ejecutante (ay-ha-koo-tarn '- 

tay) m. performer. 
Ejemplar (ay-hem-plar') m. 

example: model. 
Ejercer (ay-hayr-thayr') v. to 

exercise: practice. 
Ej6rcito (ay-hayr'-thee-to) m. 

El (ell) article, m. the. 
El (ell) m. Ella (ell'-lar)/. Ello 

(ell'-lo) n. he: she: it. 
Elaborado (ay-lar-bo-rar'-do) 

a. elaborate. 
Elastico (ay-lars'-tee-ko) a. 

Eleccion (ay-lek-thee-on') /. 

Electo (ay-lek'-to) m. & f. 

elect: chosen. 
Electricidad (ay-lek-tree-thee- 

dahd') /. electricity. 
E16ctrico (ay-Iek-tree'-ko) a. 

Elefante (ay-lay-fam'-tay) m. 

Elegancia (ay-Iay-gam'-thee- 

r) /. elegance: grace. 
Elegible (ay-lay-hee'-blay) a. 

Elegir (ay-lay-heer') v. to elect: 

Elenco (ay-len'-ko) m. cata- 
logue: list. 
Elevar (ay-lay-var') v. to raise: 


43 Embudo 

Elocuencia (ay-lo-koo-n-thee'- 

r) /. eloquence. 
Elogiar (ay-lo-he-r') v. to 

praise: congratulate. 
Eludir (ay-loo-deer') v. to 

avoid: elude: escape. 
Embajada (em-bar-har'-dar)/. 

embassy: legation. 
Embajador (em-bar-har-dor') 

m. ambassador. 
Embalaje (em-bar-lar'-hay) nt. 

package: packing. 
Embalsamar (em-barl-sar- 

mar') v. to perfume: scent. 
Embarazar (em-bar-rar-thar') 

V. to hinder: obstruct. 
Embarcacion (em-bar-kar- 

thce-on') /. embarkation. 
Embarcadero (em-bar-kar- 

dayr'-o) m. pier: quay: har- 
Embargar (em-bar-gar') v. to 

hinder: impede. 
Embastar (em-bars-tar') v. to 

stitch: sew temporarily. 
Embate (em - bar' - tay) m. 

breakers: surf: waves. 
Embaucar (em-bar-oo-kar') v. 

to deceive: trick. 
Embebecer (em-bay-bay- 

thayr') v. to astonish. 
Embeleco (em-bay-lay '-ko) m. 

fraud: imposition. 
Embelesar (em-bay-lay-sar') 

V. to charm: please: fascinate. 
Embestida (em-bess-tee'-dar) 

/. assault. 
Embestir (em-bess'-teer) v. to 

Embobar (em-bo-bar') v. to 

amuse: distract. 
Emborrachar (em-bor-rar- 

char') V. to intoxicate: make 

Embotado (em-bo-tar'-do) a. 

blunt: dull. 
Embotellar (em-bo-tayl-yar') 

V. to bottle. 
Embravecer (em-brar-vay- 

thayr') v. to'enrage: irritate. 
Embrollo (em-broU'-yo) m. 

Embromado (em-bro-mar'« 

do) a. foggy: hazy: misty. 
Embrutecer (em-broo-tay» 

thayr') v. to stupefy. 
Embudo (em-boo'-do) m. fun- 

Etnbuste (em-boos'-tay) m. 

fraud: lie. 
Embustero (em-boos-tay'-ro) 

m. cheat: impostor: liar. 
Embutido (em-boo-tee'-do) m. 

Em^tico (ay-may'-tee-ko) m. 

Emigrar (ay-mee-grar') v. to 

Emisidn (ay-mee-see-on') /. 

emission: issue. 
Emitir (ay-mee-teer') v. to 

emit: send forth. 
Emoci6n (ay-mo-thee-on') /. 

Empacar (em-par-kar') v. to 

pack up. 
Empachar (em-par-char') v. to 

Empacho (em-par'-cho) m. 

bashfulness: timidity. 
Empalagar (em-par-lar-gar') 

V. to disgust: loathe. 
Empalizada (em-par-lee-thar' 

dar) /. palisade. 
Empedrado (em-pay-drar'-do) 

m. pavement. 
Empenar (em-payn-yar') v. to 

pawn: commence. 
Empeno (em-payn'-yo) m. 

obligation: engagement: 

Empero (em-pay'-ro) conj. but: 

however: yet. 
Empezar (em-pay-thar') v. to 

Empinar (em-peen-ar') v. to 

exalt: raise. 
Emplear (em-play-ar') v. to 

employ: occupy. 
Etnpleo (em-play'-o) m. 

business: employment. 
Emponzonar (em-pon-thon- 

yar') v. to poison. 
Emprender (em-pren-dayr') v. 

to undertake: venture. 
Emprenar (em-pren-yar') v. 

to beget: impregnate. 
Empresa (em-pray'-sa) /. en- 
Empr^stito (em-press'-tee-to) 

m. loan: money lent. 
Etnpujar (em-poo-har') v. to 

grasp: push. 
En (en) prep, as: for: in: on: 

Enamorarse (ay-nar-mor-r'- 

say) V. to fall in love. 

4 Engano 

Enastado (ay-nar-star'-do) a. 

Encaje (en-kar'-hay) m. lace: 

mosaic work. 
Encantar (en-kam-tar') v. to 

Encapotarse (en-kar-po-tar'- 

say) 1'. to look sullen: become 

Encarar (en-kar-r') v. to face. 
Encargar (en-kar-gar') v. to 

charge: commit. 
Encargo (en - kar' - go) m. 

charge: employ: office: trust. 
Encender (en-then-dayr') v. to 

enrage: set on fire. 
Encerrar (en-thayr-r') v. to 

enclose: lock up: shut up. 
Encima (en - thee' - ma) ad. 

above: over: besides. 
Encogido (en-ko-hee'-do) a. 

timid: bashful. 
Encojarse (en-ko-har'-say) v. 

to be lame. 
Encomendar (en-ko-men-dar') 

V. to recommend. 
Encomiar (en-ko-mee-r') v. to 

extol: praise. 
Encontrar (en-kon-trar') v. to 

encounter: meet. 
Encuentro (en-koo-en'-tro) m. 

encounter: meeting. 
Encumbrar (en-koom-brar') 

V. to elevate: mount: raise. 
Endosar (en-do-sar') v. to en- 
dorse: indorse. 
Endoso (en-do'-so) m. indorse- 
ment (of cheque: bill, etc.). 
Enemigo (ay-nay-mee'-go) m. 

Enfadar (en-far-dar') v. to 

irritate: annoy: trouble. 
Enfermar (en-fayr-mar') v. to 

fall sick: weaken. 
Enferrnedad (en - fayr - may - 

dahd') /. illness: sickness. 
Enfermeria (en-fayr-may- 

ree'-r) /. hospital: infirmary. 
Enfermizo (en-fayr-mee'-tho) 

a. infirm: unhealthy. 
Enflautado (en-flar-oo-tar'-do) 

a. inflated. 
Enfrente (en-fren'-tay) ad. op- 
posite: over against: in front. 
Enganar (en-gam-yar') v. to 

cheat: deceive. 
Engano (en-garn'-yo) m. deceit: 

fraud: mistake. 


Engordarse (en-gor-dar'-say) 

V. to become fat. 
Engrandecer (en-gram-day- 

thayr') v. to exaggerate. 
Enjugar (en-hoo-gar') v. to 

dry: wipe. 
Enlace (en-lar'-thay) m. wed- 
ding: link: lacing together. 
Enmendar (en-men-dar') v. to 

correct: repair. 
Enojar (ay-no-har') v. to 

tease: irritate: make angry. 
Enojo (ay-no'-ho) m. anger: 

Enorme (ay - nor' - may) a. 

enormous: huge. 
Enredar (en-ray-dar') r. to 

Enredo (en-ray'-do) m. en- 
tanglement: tangle. 
Enrejado (en-ray-har'-do) m. 

trellis-work: railing. 
Enrevesado (en-ray-vay-sar'- 

do) a. frisky. 
Enriscar (en-rees-kar') v. to 

lift: raise. 
Enroscar (en-ross-kar') v. to 

Ensalada (en-sar-lar'-dar) m. 

salad: mixture. 
Ensalzarse (en-sarl-thar'-say) 

V. to boast: brag. 
Ensayar (en-sar-yar') i\ to 

attempt: try. 
Ensenar (en-sayn-yar') v. to 

instruct: teach. 
Ensordecer (en - sor - day - 

thayr') v. to become deaf. 
Entallar (en-tarl-yar') to mark: 

carve: engrave. 
Entender (en-tayn-dayr') v. to 

comprehend: understand. 
Entenderse (en-tayn-dayr'- 

say) V. to agree. 
Entendido (en-tayn-dee'-do) a. 

learned: wise. 
Entendimiento (en-tayn-dee- 

mee-n'-to) m. knowledge: 

Enterar (en-tay-rar') i;. to 

reform: inform. 
Enterizo (en-tay-ree'-tho) a. 

entire: complete: whole. 
Enterrar (en-tayr-rar') v. to 

bun,-: inter. 
Entonces (en-ton'-thess) ad. 

then: at that time. 
Entrada (en-trar'-dar) /. en- 

; Escala 

Entrambos (en-trarm'-bos) a. 


Entrar (en-trar') v. to enter: 
go in. 

Entre (en'-tray) prep, among 
between: in. 

Entrega (en-tray'-gar) /. de- 

Entremetido (en-tray-may- 
tee'-do) 771. fef /. busybody. 

Entrepano (en-tray-pam'-yo) 
m. shelf: panel. 

Entretanto (en-tray-tam'-to) 
ad. meanwhile. 

Entretener (en-tray-tayn-r') v. 
to amuse: please. 

Entretenido (en-tray-tayn ee'- 
do) a. amusing: pleasing. 

Entrevista (en-tray-vees'-tar) 
/. interview. 

Entusiasmo (en-too-see-ars'- 
mo) 771. enthusiasm. 

Enunciacion (ay-noon-thee-r- 
thee'-on) /. declaration. 

Envalentonar (en-var-len-ton- 
r') V. to encourage. 

Envanecer (en-var-nay-thayr') 
V. to swell with pride. 

Envenenar (en-vay-nay-nar') 
V. to poison. 

Envestir (en-vays-teer') v. to 
investigate: look into. 

Enviada (en-vee-r'-dar)/. mes- 

Enviado (en-vee-r'-do) w. mes- 

Enviudar (en-vee-oo-dar') v. 
to become a widow(er). 

Envoltura (en-sol-too'-rar) /. 
envelope: covering. 

Epistola (ay-piss'-to-lar) /. 

Equipaje (ay-kee-par'-hay) w. 
luggage: baggage. 

Equipar (ay-kee-par') v. to 
equip: furnish. 

Ereccion (ay-rek-thee-on') /. 
establishment: erection. 

Erigir (ay-ree-geer') r. to 
build: erect. 

Errar (ayr-rar') v. to err: mis- 
take: offend. 

Error (ayr-ror') 771. error: mis- 
take: fault: defect. 

Esbelto (ess-bel'-to) a. shapely: 
tall: genteel. 

Escabeche (ess-ka-bay'-chay) 
m. pickle. 

Escala (ess-kar'-lar) /. ladder. 



Escalera (ess-kar-lay'-rar) /. 

stairs: staircase. 
Escalofrio (ess-karl-o-free-o') 

m. chill: shiver. 
Escandalo (ess-karn'-dar-lo) 

m. scandal. 
Escapar (ess-kar-par') v. to 

escape: flee: run away. 
Escapatoria (ess-kar-par-tor- 

ee'-r) /. excuse. 
Escarchar (ess-kar-char') v. 

to be frozen. 
Escarlata (ess-kar-lar'-tar) /. 

Escarlatina (ess-kar-lar-tee'- 

nar) /. scarlet-fever. 
Escarnecer (ess - kar- nay - 

thayr') v. to mock. 
Escaso (ess-kar'-so) a. scarce: 

scanty: small. 
Escatimar (ess-kar-tee-mar') 

V. to curtail: haggle. 
Escena (ess-thay'-nar) /. scene: 

stage: view. 
Esceptico (ess-thep'-tee-ko) a. 

Esclarecer (ess - klar - ray - 

thayr') v. to lighten: il- 
Esclarecido (ess - klar - ray - 

thee'-do) a. eminent: illustri- 
Esclavo (ess-klar'-vo) nt. & f. 

Escoba (ess-ko'-bar) /. broom. 
Escobilla (ess-ko-beel'-yar) /. 

Escoc^s (ess-ko-thays') m. & f. 

Escoger (ess-ko-hayr') 1^. to 

choose: select. 
Escogimiento (ess-ko-hee- 

niee-n'-to) m. choice: selec- 
Escombro (ess-kom'-bro) /. 

Esconder (ess-kon-dayr') v. 

to hide: conceal. 
Escopeta (ess-ko-pay'-tar) /. 

Escribir (ess-kree-beer') v. to 

Escrltorio (ess-kree-to-ree'-o) 

tn. desk: writing-table: office. 
Escuadra (ess-koo-r'-drar) /. 

Escuchar (ess-koo-char') v. to 


Escuela (ess - koo - ayl' - r) /. 

school: teaching. 
Escuerzo (ess-koo-er'-tho) m. 

Escultura (ess-kool-too'-rar) /. 

Escupir (ess-koo-peer') v. to 

Escurrir (ess-koor-reer') v. to 

wring: drain. 
Ese (ay '-say) m. Esa (ay'-sar)/. 

Eso (ay'-so) n. Esos (ay'- 

sos) m. pi. Esas (ay'-sars) /. 

pi. pron. that: those. 
Esforzar (ess-for-thar') v. to 

Esforzarse (ess-for-thar'-say) 

V. to strive. 
Esmalte (ess-marl'-tay) m. 

Esmeralda (ess-may-rarl'-dar) 

/. emerald. 
Esmerar (ess-may-rar') v. to 

Esofago (ess-o'-far-go) m. 

Espaciar (ess-pay-thee-r') v. 

to spread: scatter. 
Espacio (ess-pay-thee'-o) m. 

space: place: capacity. 
Espacioso (ess-pay-thee-o'-so) 

a. spacious. 
Espada (ess-par'-dar) /. sword: 

ace of spades — m. bull-fighter. 
Espalda (ess - pari' - dar) /. 

shoulder: back (of body). 
Espantar (ess-pam-tar') v. to 

Espanto (ess - parn' - to) m. 

fright: threat. 
Espantoso (ess-parn-to'-so) a. 

frightful: dreadful. 
Esparcir (ess-parr-theer') v. to 

Especeria (ess - pay - thee - 

ree-r') /. grocery shop. 
Especia (ess-pay-thee'-r) /. 

Especificar (ess-pay-thee-fee- 

kar') V. to specify. 
Especioso (ess-pay-thee-o'-so) 

a. beautiful. 
Espectador (ess-payk-tar-dor') 

m. & f. spectator. 
Espectro (ess-payk'-tro) m. 

spectre: ghost. 
Especular (ess-pay-koo-larr') 
V. to speculate. 

Espejo / 

Espejo (ess-pay'-ho) m. mirror: 

Espera (ess-pay '-rar) /. delay: 

stop: interval. 
Esperanza (ess-pay-rarn'-thar) 

/. hope: expectancy. 
Esperar (ess-pay-rar') v. to 

hope: expect. 
Espeso (ess-pay '-so) a. thick: 

Espia (ess-pee'-r) /. spy. 
Espiador (ess-pee-r-dor') m. 

Espina (ess-peen'-r) /. thorn: 

prickle: fish bone. 
Espionaje (ess-pee-on-r'-hay) 

m. espionage. 
Espiritu (ess-pee'-ree-too) m. 

spirit: soul: ardour. 
Espl6ndido (ess-playn'-dee- 

do) a. splendid. 
Esponja (ess - pon' - har) /. 

Esportillero (ess-por-teel-yar'- 

o) m. porter. 
Esposa (ess-po'-sar) /. wife. 
Esposo (ess-po'-so) m. hus- 
band: spouse. 
Espuela (ess-poo-ay'-lar) /. 

spur: larkspur. 
Espuma (ess - poo' - mar) /. 

Espurio (ess-poo-ree'-o) a. 

faked: imitation: spurious. 
Establo (ess-tar'-blo) m. stable. 
Estacion (ess-tar-thee-on') /. 

station: depot: season (of year). 
Estafa (ess-tar'-far) /. swindle: 

Estampa (ess-tahm'-par) /. 

print: stamp: impression. 
Estampador (ess - tarm - par - 

dor') 772. printer. 
Estanco (ess - tarn' - ko) m. 

monopoly, /ze/zcetobaccoshop. 
Estandarte (ess-tarn-dar'-tay) 

777. flag: banner. 
Estano (ess-tarn'-yo) 777. tin. 
Estar (ess-tar') v. to be 
Estatua (ess - tar' - too - r) /. 

Este (ess'-tay) 777. east. 
Este (ess'-tay) 777. Esta (ess'- 

tar)/. Esto (ess'-to) 71. this: as. 
Estera (ess-tay'-rar) /. mat. 
Estitna (ess-tee'-mar)/. esteem: 

Estimar (ess-tee-mar') v. to 

esteem: estimate. 

7 Estrujar 

Estimulante (ess - tee - moo - 

larn'-tay) 777. stimulant — a. 

Estimular (ess-tee-moo-lar') 

V. to sting: excite. 
Estio (ess-tee'-o) 777. summer. 
Estipendio (ess-tee-payn'-dee- 

o) 77J. salary: wages: stipend. 
Estipular (ess-tee-poo-lar') v. 

to stipulate. 
Estirado (ess-tee-rar'-do) a. 

grave: proud. 
Estirar (ess-teer-ar') v. to 

stretch: extend. 
Estirpe (ess-teer'-pay) /. race: 

Estival (ess-tee'-val) a. summer. 
Estocada (ess-to-kar'-dar) /. 

stab: lunge. 
Estofado (ess-to-far'-do) 77:. 

stewed meat. 
Estolido (ess-to'-lee-do) a. 

stupid: stohd. 
Estomagar (ess-to-mar-gar') 

V. to resent. 
Estomago (ess-to'-mar-go) 777. 

Estorbar (ess-tor-barr') v. to 

hinder: obstruct. 
Estorbo (ess-tor'-bo) 777. ob- 
Estornudar (ess-tor-noo-dar') 

V. to sneeze. 
Estrada (ess-trar'-dar) /. road: 

Estrado (ess-trar'-do) 777. draw- 
Estrafalario (ess-trar-farl-r- 

ree'-o) a. slovenly. 
Estragar (ess-trar-gar') v. to 

corrupt: deprave. 
Estrago (ess-trar'-go) 777. havoc: 

damage: waste. 
Estrangular (ess-trarn-goo- 

lar') V. to strangle. 
Estrechar (ess-tray-char') v. 

to tighten: compress: contract. 
Estrecho (ess-tray'-cho) a. nar- 
Estregar (ess-tray-gar') v. to 

Estrella (ess -tral'-yar) /. star. 
Estr^pito (ess-tray'-pee-to) 777. 

noise: clamour. 
Estrepitoso (ess-tray-pee-to'- 

so) a. noisy: clamourous. 
Estrujar (ess-troo-har') v. to 




Estudiar (ess-too-dee-r') v. to 

Estufa (ess-too'-far) /. stove: 

Estulto (ess-toor-to) a. foolish: 

Estupendo (ess-too-payn'-do) 

a. stupendous: wonderful. 
Esturion (ess-too-ree-on') rn. 

£ter (ay'-tayr) m. ether: sky.^ 
Eternidad (ay-tayr-nee-dah'd) 

/. eternity. 
Eterno (ay-tayr'-no) a. endless: 

Europeo (ay-oo-ro-pay'-o) a. 

Evadir (ay-var-deer') v. to 

Evaporar (ay-var-por-rar') v. 

to evaporate. 
Evento (ay-vayn'-to) }?i. event: 

Evitar (ay-vee-tar') v. to avoid: 

Exacto (ek-sark'-to) a. exact 

Exageracion (ek-sar-hay-rar- 

thee-on') /. exaggeration. 
Exaltar (ek-sarl-tar') v. to 

extol: praise. 
Examinar (ek-sar-meen-ar')7;. 

to examine. 
Exasperar (ek-sars-payr-ar') 

V. to exasperate. 
Excepcion (ek-thep-thee-on') 

/. exception. 
Excepto (ek-thep'-to) ad. ex- 
cept that. 
Excesivo (ek-thay-see'-vo) a. 

Excitar (ek-thee-tar') v. to 

excite: animate. 
Excluir (ek-skloo-ee-r') v. to 

exclude: reject. 
Excusa (ek-skoo'-sar) /. ex- 
cuse: apology. 
Excusar (ek-skoo-sarr') v. to 

excuse: apologise. 
Existencia (ek-sees-tayn-thee'- 

r) /. existence. 
Existir (ek-sees-teer') v. to 

exist: be. 
£xito (ek'-see-to) m. end: 

result: issue. 
Expedici6n (eks-pay-dee-thee- 

on') /. expedition: excursion. 
Expedidor (eks-pay-dec-dor') 

m. & /. agent: sender. 

Expedite (eks-pay-dee'-to) a* 

expeditious: prompt: quick. 
Expender (eks-payn-dayr') v. 

to spend. 
Expensas (eks-payn'-sars) /. 

pi. expenses: costs. 
Expiar (eks-pee-ar') v. to 

atone for. 
Expirar (eks-pee-rar') t;. to 

expire: die. 
Explanar (eks-plar-nar') v. to 

Explicar (eks-plee-kar') v. to 

Exposicion (eks-po-see-thay- 

on) f. exhibition: explanation. 
Expresar (eks-pray-sar') v. to 

express: state: remark. 
Expreso (eks-pray'-so) a. ex- 
press: expressed. 
Exquisite (eks-kee-see'-to) a. 

exquisite: delicious. 
Extender (eks-tayn-dayr') v. to 

extend: stretch out. 
Extensivo (eks-tayn-see'-vo) a. 

extensive: wide. 
Extinguir (eks-teen-gheer') v. 

to extinguish. 
Extra (eks'-trar) prep, besides: 

out: without. 
Extraer (eks-trar-ayr') v. to 

Extranjero (eks-trarn-hay'-ro) 

a. foreign. 
Extranar (eks-trarn-yar') v. to 

admire: wonder at. 
Extrano (eks-trarn'-yo) a. 

foreign: rare: unusual. 
Extraviar (eks-trar-vee-r') v. 

to mislead: go astray. 
Extremo (eks-tray'-mo) a. ex- 
treme: last. 
Exudar (eks-00-dar') v. to 

ooze out. 

F^brica (far'-bree-kar) /. fac- 
tory: works: fabrication. 

Fabricacion (far-bree-kar- 

thee-on') /. fabrication: 

Fabricante (far-bree-karn'- 
tay) 771. manufacturer. 

Fabricar (far-bree-kar') v. to 
make: fabricate. 

Fibula (far'-boo-lar) /. fable: 
fiction: rumour. 


Fabuloso (far-boo-lo'-so) a. 

F^cil (far'-theel) a. easy. 

Fdcilmente (far-theel-mayn'- 
tay) ad. easily. 

Factoria (fark-to-ree'-r) /. fac- 

Factiira (fark-too'-rar) /. in- 
voice: bill. 

Facultad (far-kool'-tard) /. 
capacity: faculty. 

Facultar (far-kool-tar') v. to 

Facultative (far-kool-tar-tee'- 
vo) a. optional — m. physician. 

Facundo (far-koon'-do) a. elo- 
quent: fluent. 

Facha (far'-char) /. aspect: 

Fachada (far-char'-dar) /. fa- 
cade: face. 

Fachendear (far-chen-day-ar') 
V. to brag: boast. 

Faena (far-ay'-nar) /. work: 

FaisSn (far - ee - sarn') m. 

Faja (far'-har) /. bandage: 

Fajo (far'-ho) m. bundle. 

Falaz (far-larth') a. deceitful: 

Falda (farl'-dar) /. skirt: train 
(of dress): slope. 

Falsear (farl-say-ar') v. to 
falsify: imitate falsely. 

Falsificar (farl-see-fee-kar') v. 
to forge. 

Falso (farl'-so) a. false: un- 
true: sham. 

Falta (farl'-tar) /. fault: defect: 

Faltriquera (farl-tree-kay'-rar) 
/. pocket. 

Fallecer (farl-yay-thayr') v. to 

Fallecimiento (farl-yay-thee- 
mee-n'-to) m. death: demise. 

Fallido (farl-yee'-do) m. bank- 

Fam^lico (far-may'-lee-ko) a. 

Famoso (far-mo'-so) a. famous. 

Fdmulo (far'-moo-lo) m. & f. 

Fango (fam'-go) m. mud: mire. 

Fantasia (fam-tar-see'-r) /. 
fancy: imagination: phantasy. 

Faquin (far-keen') m. porter. 


) Fiar 

Fardo ffar'-do) m. bale: burden: 

Farfullar (far-fool-yar') v. to 

stammer: stutter. 
Farmacia (far-mar'-thiar) /. 

chemist shop. 
Fascinar (fars-thee-nar') v. to 

fascinate: enchant. 
Fastidiar (fars-tee-dee-ar') v. 

to hate: detest. 
Fastidio (fars-tee-dee'-o) m. 

Fastoso (fars - to' - so) a. 

haughty: gaudy: proud. 
Fatal (far'-tarl) a. fatal: deadly: 

Fatalidad (far-tar-lee-dahd') /. 

Fatiga (far-tee'-gar) /. fatigue: 

toil: tiredness. 
Fatiaoso (far-tee-go'-so) a. 

fatigued: tired: anxious. 
Fausto (far-oos'-to) a. for- 
tunate: happy. 
Favor (far-vor') m. favour: sup- 
port: comfort. 
Favorito (far-vor-ee'-to) a. 

favourite: beloved. 
Faz (fath) /. face: front (of 

Fe (fay) /. faith. 
Febril (fay-breel') a. feverish. 
F^cula (fay'-koo-lar) /. starch. 
Feliz (fay-leeth') a. happy. 
Fenecer (fay-nay-thayr') v. to 

Fenomenal (fa-no-may-narl') 

a. phenomenal. 
Feo (fay'-o) a. ugly: deformed. 
Feroz (fay-roth') a. cruel: 

Ferrocarril (fay-ro-kar-reel') 

m. railway. 
Firvido (f'ayr'-vee-do) a. fer- 
vid: ardent. 
Fervor (fayr-vor') m. fervour: 

Festin (fess-teen') m. feast: 

Fiado (fee-ar'-do) a. confident: 

Fiador (fee-ar-dor') m. & f. 

surety: bail. 
Fiambre (fee-arm'-bray) a. 

cold — m. pi. cold meats. 
Fianza (fee-arn'-thar) /. secur- 
Fiar (fee-arr') v. to cor^de: 





Fiat (fee'-art) m. c .isent. 
Ficcion (feek-thee-on') /. fic- 
tion: invention. 
Fiebre (fee-ay'-bray) /. fever. 
Fiel (fee'-ayl) a. honest: faith- 
ful: upright. 
Fiera (fee-ay'-rar) /. wild beast. 
Fiereza (fee-ayr-ray'-thar) /. 

/. cruelty: ferocity. 
Fiero (fee-ay '-ro) a. cruel: 

Fiesta (fee-ays'-tar) /. feast: 

Figura (fee-goo'-rar) /. figure: 

Figurar (fee-goo-rarr') v. to 

fancy: imagine. 
Fijar (fee-harr') v. to fasten: fix. 
Fijeza (fee-hay'-thar) /. firm- 
Fila (fee'-lar) /. line: row. 
Fin (feen) m. end: termination. 
Finar (feen-arr') v. to die: end 

Fingir (feen-heer') to v feign: 

Fino (fee'-no) a. clever: fine. 
Firma (feer'-mar) /. signature: 

Firme (feer'-may) a. strong. 
Fisgar (fees-garr') v. to mock: 

scoff: jeer. 
Flaco (flar'-ko) a. feeble: lean: 

Flojo (flo'-ho) a. flexible: lax: 

Flor (flor) /. flower: blossom: 

Florecer (flo-ray-thayr') v. to 

flower: bloom: prosper: 
Floresta(flo-rays'-tar)/. forest. 
Florido (flo-ree'-do) a. clear: 

florid: flowery. 
Florista (flo-rees'-tar)/. florist. 
Flotable (flo - tar' - blay) a. 

Flotador (flo-tar-dor') a. float- 
ing — rn. float. 
Fiuir (floo-eer') v. to flow. 
Fog6n (foo-gon') m. hearth: 

Follaje (fol-yar'-hay) m. foliage: 

Folietin (fol-yay-teen') m. serial 

story: feuilleton. 
Fonda (fon'-dar) /. hotel: 

Fondo (fon'-do) m. bottom: 
what a person is at heart. 

Formar (for-marr') V. to 

shape: form. 
Fortificar (for-tee-fee-kar') V. 

to fortify: strengthen. 
Fortuna (for-too'-nar) /. for- 
Forzado (for-thar-do') a. forc- 
ed: unnatural. 
Forzar (for-thar') v. to force: 

Fosa (fo'-sar) /. ditch: hole: 

Fotografia (fo-to-grar-fee'-r) 

/. photography. 
Fotografo (fo-to'-grar-fo) m. 

Frac (frark) m. evening-dress. 
Fragante (frar-gam'-tay) a. 

Fragii (frar'-heel) a. fragile: 

Fragmento (frarg-men'-to) m. 

bit: fragment. 
Fragua (frarg-oo'-r) forge. 
Fraile (frar'-ee-lay) m. friar: 

Frambuesa (frarm-boo-ay'- 

sar) /. raspberry. 
Frances (frarn - thays') a. 

French — m. French language. 
Franco (fram'-ko) a. frank: 

generous: free. 
Franela (frar - nay' - lar) /. 

Franquear (frar-kay-arr') o. 

to pay postage: exempt. 
Frascar (frars-kar') v. to 

break up: crumble. 
Fraude (frar-oo'-day) m. fraud: 

cheat: deceit. 
Frecuente (fray-koo-n'-tay) a. 

Fregadero (fray-gar-day'-ro) 

ni. scullery. 
Fregar (fray-garr') v. to rub: 

Freir (fray-eer') v. to fry. 
Frejol (fray'-hol) m. French 

Frenar (fray-nar') v. to restrain. 
Frenesi (fray-nay'-see) m. fren- 
zy: fury. 
Frente (frayn'-tay) /. forehead. 
Fresa (fray'-sar) /. strawberry. 
Fresco (frays'-ko) a. cold: fresh. 
Frigido (free'-hee-do) a. cold. 
Frivolo (free-vo'-lo) a. frivol- 
Frondoso (fron-do'-so) a. leafy. 

Frontera 5 

Frontera (fron - tay' - rar) /. 

Frontero (fron-tay'-ro) a. op- 

Frontis (fron'-tees) m. fa?ade: 

Frotar (fro-tar') v. to rub. 

Fruta (froo'-tar) /. fruit: result. 

Frutal (froo-tarl) a. fruitful. 

Fruteria (froo-tay-ree'-r) /. 
fruit shop. 

Fuego (foo-ay'-go) m. fire. 

Fuente (foo-n'-tay) /. fountain. 

Fuera (foo-ay'-rar) ad. with- 
out: out: outside. 

Fuerte (foo-ayr'-tay) a. strong: 
hardy: stout. 

Fuerza (foo - ayr' - thar) /. 
strength: force: vigour. 

Fuga (foo'-gar)/. flight: escape. 

Fugarse (foo-gar'-say) v. to 
escape: fiee: run away. 

Fumar (foo-mar') v. to smoke. 

Fundar (foon-dar') v. to found. 

Fundir (foon-deer') v. to melt 

Fiinebre (foo'-nay-bray) a. 
mournful: mourning. 

Funeral (foo - nay - rarl') m. 
funeral — a. funeral. 

Funesto (foo-nays'-to) a. sad. 

Furente (foo - rayn' - tay) a. 

Furgon (foor-gon') m. freight- 

Fusil (foo-seel') m. gun. 

Future (foo-too'-ro) a. future: 

Gaban (gar-bam') m. overcoat. 
Gabarra (gar-bar'-rar)/. barge: 

Gabela (gar-bay'-lar) /. tax: 

Gabinete (gar-bee-nay'-tay) m. 

cabinet: boudoir: study. 
Gacela (gar-thay'-lar)/. gazelle: 

Gaceta (gar - thay' - tar) /. 

gazette: newspaper. 
Gafa (gar'-far) /. pi. spectacles, 
Gaita (gar-ee'-tar) /. bag pipe 
Gaitero (gar - ee - tay' - ro) a. 

gaudy: showy. 
Gala (gar'-lar) /. gala: court- 
Galdn (gar-lam') m. gallant 



Galano (gar-lam'-o) a. gallant: 
gay: fine. 

Galantear (gar-larn-tay-ar') v. 
to court: woo: make love. 

Galapago (gar-lar'-par-go) m. 

Galardonar (gar-lar-don-ar') 
V. to reward: recompense. 

Galbanero (garl-barn-ay'-ro) 
a. indolent: lazy. 

Galeno (gar-lay'-no) m. phy- 

Galera (gar-lay'-rar) m. wag- 
gon: galley. 

Galeria (gar-lay-ree'-r) /. gal- 
lery: corridor: museum. 

Gallardear (garl-yar-day-ar') 
V. to act gracefully. 

Gallear (garl-yay-ar') v. to 
tread: strut. 

Gallina (garl-yee'-nar) /. hen: 

Gallinero (garl-yee-nay'-ro) m. 

Gallipavo (garl-yee-par'-vo) m. 

Gallo (garl'-yo) m. cock. 

Gamuza (gar-moo'-thar) /. 

Gana (gar'-nar) /. appetite: 
desire: wish. 

Ganable (gar-nar'-blay) a. ob- 

Ganadero (gar-nar-day'-ro) m. 

Ganado (gar-nar'-do) m. cattle: 
drove: herd. 

Ganancia (gar-narn'-thee-r) /. 
gain: profit: advantage. 

Ganar (gar-narr') v. to gain: 

Gancho (garn'-cho) m. hook. 

Ganga (garn'-gar) /. grouse: 

Ganguear (gam-gay-ar') v. to 
snuffle: snitf. 

Ganoso (gar-no'-so) a. desirous. 

Gansada (gam-sar'-dar) /. 
stupidity: idiocy. 

Ganso (garn'-so) m. goose. 

Ganir (gar-nyeer') v. to howl: 

Garantia (gar-ram-tee'-r) /. 
guaranty: warranty. 

Garapinera (gar - rar - peen - 
yay'-r) /. ice-cream freezer: 

Garboso (gar-bo'-so) a. gen- 
teel: elegant. 

Gargajear 52 

Gargajear (gar-gar-hay-ar') v. 
to expectorate: spit. 

Garganta (gar-gam'-tar) /. 
throat: instep. 

Gargantllla (gar - gam - teel' - 
yar) /. necklace. 

G^rgara (gar'-gar-r) /. gargle. 

Garita (gar-ree'-tar) /. porter's 

Garito (gar-ree'-to) ttt, gam- 
bling place. 

Garlar (gar-lar') v. to chatter: 

Garlito (gar-lee'-to) m. snare: 

Garra (gar'-rar) /. hand: claw. 

Garrafa (gar-rar'-far) /. de- 

Garrafal (gar-rar-farl') a. great: 
huge: vast. 

Garrapatear (gar-rar-par-tay- 
ar') V. to scribble. 

Garrido (gar-ree'-do) a. grace- 
ful: handsome. 

Garrote (gar-ro-tay) m. cudgel: 

Garrucha (gar-roo'-char) /. 

Garrulo (gar'-roo-lo) a. chat- 
tering: garrulous. 

Garzo (gar'-tho) m. mushroom. 

Gas (gars) m. gas: gaslight. 

Gasa (gar'-sar) /. gauze. 

Gasoinetro (gar-so'-mayt-ro) 
m. gasmeter: gasometer. 

Gastador (gar-star-dor') a. 
wasteful: lavish. 

Gastar (gars-tar') v. to spend: 

Gasto (gars'-to) i». cost: ex- 

Gata (gar'-tar) /. she cat. 

Gate (gar'-to) m. torn cat: 

Gaviota (gar-vee-o'-tar) /. sea- 

Gazmonero (garth - mown - 
yay'-ro) a. hypocrite. 

Gaznate (gath-nar'-tay) m. 

Gelatina (hay-lar-teen'-r) /. 
jelly: gelatine. 

Gemelo (hay-may '-I0) m. & f. 
twin — m. pi. binoculars. 

Gemir (hay-meer') v. to groan: 

Generar (hay-nay-rar') v. to 

Genial (hay-nee'-arl) a. genial: 

Gente (hayn'-tay) /. folk: 

people: family. 
Gentilhombre (hayn-teel-om'- 

bray) m. gentleman. 
Gentilico (hayn-tee-lee'-ko) a. 

heathen: pagan. 
Gentio (hayn-tee'-o) m. crowd: 

assembly of people. 
Genuine (hay-noo-ee'-no) a. 

genuine: real. 
Geranio (hay-rar-nee'-o) m. 

Gerencia (hay-rayn'-thee-r) /. 

Gerente (hay-rayn'-tay) m. 

Germen (hayr'-mayn) m. bud: 

Gestion (hays-tee'-on) /. con- 
Gestionar (hays-tee-o-nar') v. 

to manage. 
Giraj.' (hee-rar') v. to turn 

round: gyrate. 
Girasol (hee-rar-sol') m. sun- 
Gitano (hee-tar'-no) m. & f. 

Glacial (glar-thee-arl') a. icy: 

Globe (glo'-bo) m. globe: ball: 

Gloria (glo-ree'-r) /. glory. 
Glorieta (glo-ree-ay'-tar) /. 

arbor: bower. 
Glorificar (glo-ree-fee-kar') v. 

to glorify: praise. 
Glosador (glo-sar-dor') m. 

Glosar (glo-sar') v. to interpret. 
Glose (glo'-say) m. remark: 

Glot6n (glo-ton') a. gluttonous. 
Gobernaci6n (go-bayr-nar- 

thee-on') /. government. 
Gobernador (go-bayr-nar- 

dor') m. governor. 
Goce (go'-thay) m. enjoyment. 
Gola (go'-lar) /. gullet: throat. 
Golfo (gol'-fo) m. gulf. 
Golondrina (go-lon-dreen'-r) 

/. swallow. 
Golpe (gol'-pay) m. blow: hit: 

Golpear (gol-pay-r') v. to 

beat: hit: knock. 

Goma 53 

Goma (go'-mar) /. gum (ad- 
, Gordo (gor'-do) a. fat: plump: 
obese — m. fat: lard. 

Gordura (gor-doo'-rar) /. fat: 
grease: obesity. 

Gorjear (gor-hay-r') v. to 
warble: trill. 

Gorra (gor'-rar) /. bonnet: cap. 

Gorri6n (gor-ree-on') m. spar- 

Gota (go'-tar) /. drop: taster: 
small quantity of food or 
medicine: gout. 

Gozar ((go-thar') v. to enjoy. 

Gozne (goth'-nay) m. hinge. 

Gozoso (go-tho'-so) a. cheer- 
ful: content: happy. 

Grabar (grar-bar') v. to en- 

Gracia (grar'-thee-r) /. ele- 
gance: grace — pi. thanks. 

Gracil (grar'-theel) a. slender: 

Grada (grar'-dar) /. step 

Grajo (grar'-ho) m. jackdaw. 

Grana (grar'-nar) /. grain. 

Granada (grar - nar' - dar) /. 

Granado (grar-nar'-do) a. not- 
able: known. 

Granar (grar-narr') v. to seed. 

Grandeza (gram-day'-thar) /. 
greatness: grandeur. 

Granero (grar-nay'-ro) m. bam: 

Granizar (grar-nee-thar') v. 
to hail. 

Granja (gram'-har) /. farm. 

Grano (grar'-no) m. grain. 

Grasa (grar'-sar) /. fat: grease: 

Gratificar (grar-tee-fee-kar') 
V. to gratify: reward. 

Gratis (grar'-tees) a. free: 
gratis: for nothing. 

Gratitud (grar-tee-tood') /. 

Gravar (grar-varr') v. to bur- 
den: oppress. 

Grave (grar'-vay) a. grave: 
heavy: weighty: troublesome. 

Gravemente (grar-vay-mayn'- 
tay) ad. gravely: seriously. 

Graznido (grath-nee'-do) m. 
cackle: croak. 

Greda (gray'-dar) /. chalk. 

Gremlo (gray-mee'-o) m. cor- 
poration: body: society. 
Grenudo (gray-nyoo'-do) a. 

Grey (gray'-e) /. flock. 
Grillo (greel'-yo) m. cricket 

(creaking insect) — pi. fetters. 
Grima (gree'-mar) /. fright: 

Grosella (gro-sayl'-yar) /. red 

Groseria (gro-say-ree'-r) /. 

Grosero (gro-say'-ro) a. coarse: 

Grotesco (gro - tays' - ko) a. 

Grueso (groo-ay'-so) a. bulky: 

coarse: gross. 
Grunido (groon-yee'-do) m. 

grunt: growl. 
Guadanero (goo-ar-dam-yay'- 

ro) m. mower. 
Guante (goo-arn'-tay) m. glove 

— pi. tip (to waiters, etc.). 
Guapeza (goo-ar-pay'-thar) /. 

Guarda (goo-ar'-dar) m. & f. 

keeper: guard. 
Guardar (goo-ar-darr') v. to 

keep: guard: preserve. 
Guardilla (goo-ar-deel'-yar) /. 

garret: skylight. 
Guarecer (goo-ar-ray-thayr') 

V. to aid: cure: help: succour. 
Guarnecer (goo - ar' - nay - 

thayr') v. to adorn: garnish. 
Guason (goo-ar-son') m. jester: 

Guerra (gayr'-rar) /. hostility: 

Guerrear (gayr-ray-r'} v. to 

wage war. 
Guia (ghee'-ar) m. & f. guide. 
Guija (ghee'-har) /. pebble. 
Guillotina (gheel-yo-teen'-r) /. 

Guinda (gheen'-dar) /. cherry. 
Guindal (gheen'-darl) m. cher- 
Guinapo (gheen-yar'-po) m. 

rag: tatter. 
Guirindola (ghee-reen-do'-lar) 

/. frill. 
Guirnalda (gheer-narl'-dar) /. 

garland: wreath. 
Guisandero (ghee-sam-day'- 

ro) m. & f. cook. 

Guisante ; 

Guisante (ghee-sam'-tay) m. 

Guiso (ghee'-so) m. condiment: 

Guitarra (ghee - tar' - rar) /. 

Gula (goo'-lar) /. gluttony. 
Gustar (goos-tar') v. to taste: 

Gusto (goos'-to) m. taste: 

delight: pleasure. 
Gustosamente (goos-to-sar- 

mayn'-tee) ad. tastefully. 
Gustoso (goos-to'-so) a. dainty: 

Gutagamba (goo-tar-garm'- 

bar) /. gamboge (yellow). 


Haba (r'-bar) /. bean. 
Haber (r-bayr') v. to have: 

possess: happen. 
Hdbil (r'-beel) a. able: clever: 

Habilidad (r-bee-lee-dahd') /. 

ability: aptitude: dexterity. 
Habilitar (r-bee-lee-tar') v. to 

enable: qualify. 
Habitaci6n (r-bee-tar-thee- 

on') /. abode: dwelling: re- 
Habitante (r-bee-tarn'-tay) m. 

dweller: inhabitant. 
Habitar (r-bee-tar') v. to 

dwell: inhabit: reside. 
H^bito (r'-bee-to) m. dress: 

habit: custom. 
Habitual (r-bee-too'-arl) a. 

customary: habitual. 
Habituar (r-bee-too-ar') v. to 

Habla (r'-blar) /. speech: talk: 

Hablar (r-blar') v. to speak: 

talk: converse. 
Hablilla (r-bleel'-yar) /. rum- 
our: report. 
Hacedero (r-thay-day'-ro) a. 

Hacedor (r-thay-dor') m. & f. 

author: maker. 
Hacer (r-thayr') v. to do: make: 

effect: perform. 
Hacia (r-thee'-r) ad. about: 

Hacienda (r-thee-n'-dar) /. 

fortune: wealth. 
Hacha (r'-char) /. axe: hatchet. 


Hado (r'-do) m. destiny: fate. 

Halagar (r-lar-gar') v. to flatter. 

Halago (r-lar'-go) m. flattery: 


Halcon (rl-kon') m. falcon. 

H^Iito (r'-lee-to) m. breath. 

Hallar (rl-yar') v. to find: dis- 

Hallazgo (rl-yarth'-go) m. find- 
ing: discovery: reward. 

Hambre (rm'-bray) /. famine: 
hunger: desire. 

Hambrear (rm-bray-ar') v. to 
be hungry. 

Hambriento (rm-bree-n'-to) 
a. hungry: starved: eager. 

Haragdn (r-rar-garn') m. & f. 
idler: loiterer. 

Haraposo (r-rar-po'-so) a. 

Harina (r-reen'-r)/. dust: pow- 
der: flour. 

Harnero (r-nay'-ro) m. sieve. 

Hartar (r-tar') v. to satiate: 
have too much of a thing, 

Harto (r'-to) a. satiated. 

Hartura (r-too'-rar) /. plenty: 

Hasta (rhs'-tar) prep, also: 
even: until: as far as: up to. 

Hastia (rhs-tee'-r) m. disgust: 

Hato (r'-to) m. clothes. 

He (e, as in " tell ") interj. 
behold: look here. 

Hebilla (ay-beel'-yar)/. buckle. 

Hebreo (ay-bray'-o) m. Hebrew. 

Hecliicero (ay-chee-thay'-ro) 
a. charming: bewitching. 

Hecho (ay'-cho) a. done: made 
— m. act: feat. 

Hechura (ay-choo'-rar) /. fash- 
ion: form: shape. 

Heder (ay-dayr') v. to smell 
unpleasantly: stink. 

Helada (ay-lar'-dar) /. frost. 

Helado (ay-lar'-do) a. frozen: 
icy: glacial — m. ice-cream. 

Helar (ay-lar') v. to freeze: 
astonish: amaze. 

Hembra (m'-brar) /. female. 

Hemorragia (ay-mor-rar'-hee- 
r) /. hemorrhage. 

Henchir (n-cheer') v. to fill up: 
gorge oneself. 

Heno (ay'-no) m. hay. 

Herbaje (ayr - bar' - hay) m. 
herbage: pasture. 

Herbolario 55 

Herbolario (ayr-bo-lar-ree'-o) 
m. herbalist: ridiculous person. 
Heredad (ay-ray-dahd') /. any- 
thing inherited. 
Heredar (ay-ray-dar') t;. to 

Heredera (ay-ray-day'-rar) /. 

Heredero (ay-ray-day'-ro) m. 

Herejia (ay-ray-hee'-r) /. 

Herida (ay-ree'-dar) /. wound: 

Herido (ay - ree' - do) a. 

wounded: injured: hurt. 
Hermana (ayr-mar'-nar) /. 

Hermana de la caridad (ayr- 
mar'-nar: day: lar: kar-ree- 
dahd') /. sister of mercy. 
Hermanar (ayr-mar-nar') v. to 

match: suit. 
Hermanastra (ayr-marn-rhs'- 

trar) /. step-sister. 
Hermanastro (ayr-marn-rhs'- 

tro) ni. step-brother. 
Hermano (ayr-marn'-o) m. 

Hermosear (ayr-mo-say-ar') v. 

to adorn: beautify. 
Hermosura (ayr-mo-soo'-rar) 

/. beauty. 
Hernia (ayr-nee'-r) /. hernia: 

Heroicidad (ay-ro-ee-thee- 

dahd') /. heroism. 
Heroina (ay - ro - ee' - nar) /. 

Herradura (ayr-rar-doo'-rar) 

/. horseshoe. 
Hervir (ayr-veer') v. to boil: 

Hervor (ayr-vor') m. boiling. 
Hez (eth) /. dregs. 
Hidrogeno (e-dro'-hayn-o) m. 

Hidropesia (e-dro-pay-see'-r) 

/. dropsy. 
Hiedra (e-ay'-drar) /. ivy. 
Hierba (e-ayr'-bar) /. grass: 

herb: weed. 
Hierba - buena (e-ayr'-bar: 

boo-ay-nar') /. peppermint. 
Higado (e-gar'-do) m. courage: 

bravery: liver. 
Hijastro (e-ar-rhs'-tro) m. & f. 

Hijo (e'-ho) m. & f. son: 

Hilaridad (e-lar-ree-dahd') /. 

hilarity: jollity. 
Hilo (e'-lo) m. thread: filament: 

line: wire. 
Himeneo (e-may-nay'-o) m. 

Himno (eem'-no) m. hymn. 
Hinchar (in-char') v. to grow 

Hipar (e-par') v. to hiccough. 
Hipodromo (e-po'-dro-mo) m. 

Hipopotamo (e-po-po'-tar- 

mo) m. hippopotamus. 
Hipoteca (e-po-tay'-ka) /. 

pledge: mortgage. 
Hispano (iss - par' - no) a. 
Spanish — m. 6f /. Spaniard. 
Historia (iss-to'-ree-r) /. his- 
tory: tale: story. 
Historieta (iss-to-ree-ay'-tar) 

/. short story. 
Histri6n (iss-tree-on') m. actor. 
Hogar (o-gar') m. hearth: fire- 
Hoja (o'-har) /. leaf: sheet of 

Holganza (ol-garn'-thar) /. 

amusement: leisure. 
Holgar (ol-gar') v. to rest: 

delight in. 
Holgura (ol-goo'-rar) /. feast: 

Hollar (ol-yar') v. to trample. 
HoUejo (ol-yar'-ho) m. peel: 

Hollin (ol-yeen') m. soot. 
Hombre (om'-bray) m. man: 

Hombro (om'-bro) m. shoulder. 
Homicidio (o-mee-cee-dee'-o) 

m. murder. 
Hondo (on'-do) a. deep — m. 

Honesto (o-nays'-to) a. honest: 

Hongo (on'-go) m. mushroom: 

Honor (on-or') m. honour: re- 
Honra (on'-rar) /. honour: 
respect: chastity — pi. obse- 
Hora (o'-rar) /. hour: time. 
Horma (or'-mar) /. model: 

mould: shape. 
Hormiga (or-mee'-gar) /. ant. 

Hormiguero 56 

Hormiguero (or-mee-gay'-ro) 

V. to itch. 
Horno (or'-no) m. oven: furnace. 
Horquilla (or-keel'-yar)/. hair- 
pin: wish-bone. 
Horreo (or'-ray-o) m. granary. 
Horripilar (or-ree-pee-lar') v. 

to horrify. 
Hortaliza (or-tar-lee'-thar) /. 

garden vegetables. 
Hortelano (or-tay-lar'-no) m. 

(sf f. gardener. 
Hortensia (or-ten-see'-ar) /. 

Hospedaje (os-pay-dar'-hay) 

m. lodging. 
Hospedero (os-pay-day'-ro) m. 

& f. host. 
Hospital (os-pee-tarl') m. hos- 
pital: infirmary. 
Hostelero (os-tay-lay'-ro) m. 

Hosteria (os-tay-ree'-r) /. inn: 

Hostigar (os-tee-gar') v. to 

molest: trouble. 
Hostil (os-teel') a. adverse: 

Hotel (o-tayl') m. hotel: man- 
sion: villa. 
Hoy (o'-e) ad. to-day: now: at 

Hoya (o'-yar)/. cavity: pit: hole. 
Hoyoso (o-yo'-so) a. pitted 

(full of holes). 
Hoyuelo (o - yoo - ay' - lo) m. 

Hueco (oo-ay'-ko) a. empty: 

Huelga (oo-ell'-gar) /. leisure: 

repose: rest. 
Huella (oo-ayl'-yar) f. foot- 
step: foot-print. 
Huerfano (oo-ayr'-far-no) m. 

& f. orphan. 
Huerta (oo-ayr'-tar) /. kitchen 

garden: orchard. 
Hueso (oo-ay'-so) m. bone. 
Huevar (00-ay-var') v. to lay 

an egg (or eggs). 
Huevo (oo-ay'-vo) m. egg. 
Huida (oo-ee'-dar) /. flight: 

Hule (oo'-lay) tn. linoleum. 
HuUa (ool'-yar) /. coal. 
Humear (oo-may-ar') v. to 

Humedad (oo-may-dahd') /. 
humidity: moisture. 


Humedecer (00-may-day- 

thay'-r) v. to moisten: damp: 

Humilde (oo-meel'-day) a. 
humble: modest. 

Humo (oo'-mo) m. smoke: 

Humoroso (oo-mo-ro'-so) a. 
humorous: funny. 

Hundir (oon-deer') v. to sink. 

Hurano (oor-arn'-yo) a. diffi- 
dent: shy. 

Hurraca (oor-rar'-kar) /. mag- 

Hurtador (oor-tar-dor') m. & 
f. robber: thief: footpad. 

Hurtar (oor-tarr') v. to rob: 

Husmear (oos-may-ar') v. to 
scent: smell: pry: peep. 

Huta (oo'-tar) /. hut. 

Ictericia (ik-tay-ree-thee'-r) /. 

Ida (ee'-dar) /. departure. 
Idea (ee-day'-r) /. idea: plan: 

Idem (ee'-daym) prep, idem: 

the same. 
Id^ntico (ee-dayn'-tee-ko) a, 

identical: similar. 
Identiflcar (ee-dayn-tee-fee- 

kar') V. to identify. 
Idioma (ee-dee-o'-mar) m. 

Idiota (ee-dee-o'-tar) a. foolish: 

Id61atra (ee-do'-lart-rar) a. 

Idolo (ee'-do-lo) m. idol. 
Idoneo (ee-do'-nay-o) a. fit: 

suitable: proper. 
Ignorante (eeg-no-rarn'-tay) a. 

ignorant: uninstructed. 
Igual (ee-goo-arl') a. alike: 

Igualmente (ee - goo - arl - 

mayn'-tay) ad. equally: uni- 
Ilegal (ee-lay-garl') a. illegal: 

Ilegitimo (ee-lay-gee-tee'-mo) 

a. illegal: illegitimate. 
Ileso (ee-lay'-so) a. unhurt. 
Ilimitado (ee-lee-mee-tar'-do) 
a. unlimited. 

Iluminar 57 

Iluminar (ee-loo-mee-nar') v. 

to illumine: enlighten. 
Huso (ee-loo'-so) a. deceived. 
Ilustrar (ee-loos-trar') v. to 

Imaginar (ee-mar-hee-nar') t;. 

to imagine. 
Itndn (ee-mam') m. magnet. 
Imb^cil (eem-bay'-theel) a. 

feeble: imbecile: weak- 
Imitacion (ee - mee - tar - 

thee-on') /. imitation. 
Imitar (ee-mee-tar') v. to 

copy: imitate. 
Impaciencia (eem-par-thee- 

n'-thee-r) /. impatience. 
Impar (eem-par') a. unequal: 

odd: not a pair. 
Imparcial (eem-par-thee-arl') 

a. impartial. 
Impartible (eem - par - tee' - 

blay) a. indivisible. 
Impavido (eem-par'-vee-do) a. 

calm: intrepid. 
Impedir (eem-pay-deer') v. to 

hinder: obstruct. 
Impeler (eem-pay-layr') v. to 

impel: goad. 
Impensado (eem-payn-sar'- 

do) a. unexpected. 
Imperar (eem-pay-rar') v. to 


a. imperfect. 
Imperio (eem-payr'-eeo) m. 

Imperito (eem-pay-ree'-to) a. 

Impert^rrito (eem-payr-tayr'- 

ree-to) a. dauntless: fearless. 
Implorar (eem-plor-r') v. to 

beg: implore. 
Impolitica (eem-po-lee'-tee- 

ka) /. discourtesy. 
Impolitico (eem-po-lee'-tee- 

ko) a. impolite. 
Itnponer (eem-po-nayr') v. to 

impose upon. 
Importar (eem-por-tar') v. to 

import: matter. 
Importe (eem-por'-tay) m. 

amount: value. 
Importunidad (eem-por-too- 

nee-dahd') /. annoyance: im- 
Itnposible (eem-po-see'-blay) 

a. impossible. 

Impostura (eem-pos-too'-rar) 

/. fraud: deceit: imposture. 
Impotente (eem-po-tayn'-tay) 

a. impotent: feeble. 
Imprenta (eem-prayn'-tar) /. 

Impresion (eem-pray-see-on') 

/. impression: edition: stamp. 
Impreso (eem-pray'-so) m. 

printed matter. 
Impresor (eem-pray-sor') m. 

Imprevisto (eem-pray-vees'- 

to) a. unexpected: unforeseen. 
Improbo (eem-pro'-bo) a. 

dishonest: improbable. 
Improperio (eem-pro-pay'- 

ree-o) m. insult: reproach. 
Impropio (eem-pro'-pee-o) a. 

improper: unfit. 
Itnproviso (eem-pro-vee'-so) 

a. unforeseen: not anticipated. 
Impudicia (eem-poo-dee'- 

theer) /. immodesty. 
Impudico (eem-poo'-dee-ko) a. 

immodest: shameless. 
Impuesto (eem-poo-ays'-to) m. 

duty: impost: tax. 
Impugnar (eem-poog-nar') v. 

to oppose. 
Impulsion (eem-pool-see-on') 

/. motive. 
Impune (eem-poo'-nay) a. 

Impunidad (eem-poo-nee- 

dahd') /. guiltlessness. 
Impureza (eem-poo-ray'-thar) 

/. impurity. 
Inadvertencia (een-rhd-vayr- 

tayn-thee'-r) /. carelessness. 
Inane (een-r'-nay) a. empty: 

Inanimado (een-r-nee-mar- 

do) a. lifeless: inanimate. 
Inapeable (een-r-pay-r'-blay) 

a. obstinate. 
Inaudito (een-r-oo-dee'-to) a. 

unheard of. 
Incapacitar (een-kar-par-thee- 

tar') V. to disable. 
Incapaz (een-kar-parth') a. un- 
able: incapable. 
Incauto (een-kar'-oo-to) a. 

careless: incautious. 
Incendiar (eer-thayn-dee-ar') 

V. to set alight. 
Incendio (een-thayn'-dee-o) m. 





Incensar (een-thayn-sar') v. to 

Incidencia (een-thee-dayn'- 
thee-r) /. happening: in- 

Incidir (een-thee-deer') v. to 
fall upon. 

Incierto (een-thee-ayr'-to) a. 
uncertain: doubtful. 

Incinerar (een-theen-ayr-ar') 
V. to cremate. 

Incision (een-thee-see-on') /. 
cut: incision. 

Inciso (een-thee'-so) m. com- 
ma: clause: sentence — a. cut. 

Incitar (een-thee-tar') v. to 
excite: instigate. 

Incivil (een-thee-veel') a. un- 
civil: unpolished. 

Inclemente (een-klay-mayn'- 
tay) a. inclement. 

Inclinar (een-kleen-ar') v. to 
incline: resemble. 

Incluir (een-kloo-eer') v. to 
include: contain. 

Incluso (een-kloo'-so) a. en- 
closed: included. 

Incoar (een-ko-ar') v. to begin. 

Incognito (een-kog'-nee-to) a. 

Incoloro (een-ko-lo'-ro) a. 
colourless: uncoloured. 

Incolume (een-ko'-loo-may) a. 
safe: sound: unharmed. 

Incomodo (een-ko'-mo-do) a. 
inconvenient: uncomfortable. 

Incomplexo (een-kom-playk'- 
so) a. simple: not difficult. 

Incomunicar (een-kom-oo- 
nee-kar') v. to isolate. 

Inconciliable (een-kon-theel- 
ee-r'-blay) a. irreconcilable. 

Incondicional (een-kon-dee- 
thee'-on-arl) a. unconditional. 

Inconexo (een-ko-nayk'-so) a. 
unconnected: disjointed. 

Inconquistable (een-kon-kees- 
tar'-blay) a. unconquerable. 

Inconsecuencia (een-kon-say- 
koo-n-thee'-r) /. inconse- 

Incontable (een-kon-tar'-blay) 
a. uncountable. 

Inconvenible (cen-kon-vayn- 
ee'-blay) a. inconvenient. 

Incorrecci6n (een-kor-rayk- 
thee-on') /. incorrectness. 

Incorrecto (een-kor-rayk'-to) 
a. incorrect. 

Incredibilidad (een-cray-dee- 
bee-lee-dahd')/. unbelievable. 

Incr^dulo (een-cray'-doo-lo) 
m. £f /. one who does not 

Increpar (een-cray-par') v. to 
chide: scold. 

Incriminar (een-cree-mee- 
nar') v. to incriminate. 

Inculto (een-kool'-to) a. un- 

Incultura (een-kool-toor'-r) /. 
lacking in culture, good be- 

Incurioso (een-koo-ree-o'-so) 
a. negligent: neglectful. 

Indagar (een-dar-gar') v. to 

Indebido (een-day-bee'-do) a. 
illegal: undue. 

Indeciso (een-day-thee'-so) a. 

Indefectible (een-day-fayk- 
tee'-blay) a. unfailing. 

Indefenso (een-day-fayn'-so) 
a. defenceless. 

Indeliberado (een-day-lee- 
bayr - r' - do) a. unpremedi- 

Indemne (een-daym'-nay) a. 

Indemnizar (een-daym-nee- 
thar') V. to compensate. 

Indescriptible (een - days - 
kreep-tee'-blay) a. indescrib- 

Indicaci6n (een-dee-ka-thee- 
on') /. indication: symptom. 

Indicar (een-dee-kar') v. to 
point out: indicate. 

Indice (een-dee'-thay) m. in- 
dex: mark: trace. 

Indiciar (een-dee-thee-ar') v. 
to surmise: suspect. 

Indicio (een-dee'-thee-o) m. 

Indigena (een-dee-hay'-nar) /. 

Indignar (een-deeg-nar') v. to 
provoke: tease. 

Indigno (een-deeg'-no) a. un- 
worthy: mean. 

Indio (een-dee'-o) a. blue. 

Indiscrete (een-dees-kray'-to) 
a. indiscreet: imprudent. 

Indiscutible (een-dees-koo- 
tee'-blay) a. unquestionable. 

Indisponer (een - dees - po - 
nayr') v. to disable: indispose. 

Ind6cil i 

Ind6cil (een-do'-theel) a. un- 
ruly: headstrong. 

Indocto (een-dok'-to) a. ignor- 
ant: uninstructed. 

Indomable (een-do-mar'-blay) 
a. untamable: unable to be 

Inducci6n (een-dook-thee-on') 
/. persuasion: inducement. 

Inducir (een-doo-theer') v. to 

Indulto (een-dool'-to) m. par- 
don: reprieve. 

Industria (een-doos-tree'-r) /. 
industry: diligence. 

Ineficaz (een-ay-fee-karth') a. 

Includible (een-ay-loo-dee'- 
blay) a. unavoidable. 

Inerte (een-ayr'-tay) a. inert: 
dull: languid. 

Inesperado (een-ays-pay-rar'- 
do) a. unexpected. 

Inexhausto (een-ayk-sar'-oos- 
to) a. unexhausted: not all 

Infanta (een-fam'-tar)/. female 

Infantil (een - farn - teel') a. 

Infausto (een-far-oos'-to) a. 

Infelicidad (een-fay-lee-thee- 
dahd')/. calamity: misfortune. 

Infeliz (een-fay-leeth') a. un- 

Inferir (een-fayr-eer') v. to 
deduce: infer. 

Infiel (een-fee-ayl') a. unfaith- 

InAerno (een-fee-ayr'-no) 7«. 

Infimo (een-fee'-mo) a. lowest: 
least: undermost. 

Inflamar (een-flar-mar') t;. to 
inflame: set on fire. 

Infli^ir (een-flee-heer') v. to 

Influir (een-floo-eer') v. to 

Informacion (een-for-mar- 
thee-on') /. information: in- 
nformar (een-for-marr') v. to 
advise: inform. 

Infortunado (een-for-too-nar'- 
do) a. unlucky: unhappy. 

Infortunio (een-for-toon'-eeo) 
m. calamity: misfortune. 

) Inmenso 

Infraccion (een-frark-thee-on') 

/. breach: violation. 
Infringir (een-freen-heer') v. 

to infringe: violate. 
Infructuoso (een-frook-too'-o- 

so) a. fruitless: unprofitable. 
Infundado (een-foon-dar'-do) 

a. baseless. 
Infundir (een-foon-deer') v. 

to inspire: infuse. 
Ingeniar (een-hay-nee-ar') v. 

to contrive: devise. 
Ingeniero (een-hay-nee-ay'-ro) 

m. engineer. 
Ingenio (een-hay-nep'-o) m. 

engine: genius: expedient. 
Ingenioso (een-hay-nee-o'-so) 

a. ingenious. 
Ingenuidad (een-hay-noo-ee- 

dahd') /. candour: frankness. 
Ingerir (een-hay-reer') v. to 

enclose: insert. 
Ingle (een'-glay)/. groin (body). 
Ingles (een'-glays) nt. English 

person — a. English. 
Ingrato (een-gra'-to) a. un- 
grateful: thankless. 
Ingresar (een-gray-sar') v. to 

Ingreso (een-gray'-so) m. en- 
trance: way in. 

V. to disable: disqualify. 
Inhalar (een-r-lar') v. to inhale. 
Inhumane (een-oo-mar'-no) a. 

inhuman: cruel. 
Inhumar (een-oo-mar') v. to 

bury: inter. 
Inicial (een-ee-thee-arl') a. 

initial: elementary. 
Iniciar (een-ee-thee-ar') v. to 

begin: initiate. 
Ininteligible (een-een-tay-lee- 

hee'-blay) a. unintelligible. 
Iniquidad (een-ee-kee-dahd') 

/. injustice: iniquity. 
Injuria (een-hoo-ree'-r) /. in- 
jury: annoyance. 
Injurioso (een-hoo-ree-o'-so) 

a. injurious. 
Injusticia (een-hoos-tee-thee'- 

r) /. injustice: wrong. 
Inmediatamente (een-may- 

dee-r-tar-mayn'-tay) ad. im- 
Inmejorable (een -may -ho - 

rar'-blay) a. unsurpassable. 
Inmenso (een-mayn'-so) a. 

immense: without limit. 

Inmersi6n 60 

Inmersidn (een - mayr - see - 

on') /. immersion. 
Inmigraci6n (een-mee-grar- 

thee-on') /. immigration. 
Intninente (eea-Tiee-nayn'- 

tay) a. imminent: soon. 
Inmodestia (een - mo - days - 
tee'-r) /. immodesty: in- 
Inmolar (een-mo-lar') v. to 

Inm6vil (een - mo' - veel) a. 


Inmundicia (een-moon-dee- 

thee'-r) /. filth: vulgarity: 


Inmundo (een-moon'-do) a. 

filthy: vulgar: obscene: dirty. 

Inmune (een-moo'-nay) a. 

free: immune. 
Inmutar (een-moo-tar') v. to 

alter: change. 
Inocencia (een-o-then-thee'-r) 

/. innocence. 
Inocente (een-o-then'-tay) a. 

innocent: pure. 
Inoculacidn (een-o-koo-lar- 
thee-on') /. vaccination: in- 
Inodora (een-o-dor'-ar) a. 

odourless: without smell. 
Inolvidable (een-ool-vee-dar'- 

blay) a. unforgettable. 
Inquietar (een-kee-ay-tar') v. 

to disturb: worry: molest. 
Inquieto (een-kee-ay'-to) a. 

Inquilino (een-kee-lee'-no) m. 

& f. tenant: lodger. 
Inquina (een - kee' - nar) /. 

Inquirir (een-kee-reer') v. to 

enquire: inquire: examine. 
Inquisidor (een-kee-see-dor') 

m. & f. examiner: inquirer. 
Insacular (een-sar-kool-ar') v. 

to ballot: vote. 
Insanable (een-sar-nar'-blay) 

a. incurable. 
Insano (een-sar'-no) nt. mad: 

Insecto (een-sayk'-to) m. insect. 
Insensate (een-sayn-sar'-to) a. 

senseless: stupid: mad. 
Insercl6n (een-sayr-thee-on') 

/. insertion. 
Insidiar (een-see-dee-ar') v. 
to plot. 

Insinuacion (een-see-noo-r- 
thee-on') /. insinuation: sug- 
Insipido (een-see'-pee-do) a. 

insipid: tasteless: flat. 
Insipiente (een-see-pee-n'-tay) 

a. ignorant. 
Insolente (een-so-layn'-tay) a. 

impudent: insolent. 
Inspeccion (eens-payk-thee- 

on') /. inspection: survey. 
Instalaci6n (eens-tar-lar-thee- 

on') /. installation. 
Instancia (eens-tarn-thee'-r) /. 

Instar (eens-tar') v. to press: 

Instinto (eens-teen-to) m. in- 
Instltuci6n (eens-tee-too-thee- 

on') /. institution. 
Instruccidn (eens-trook-thee- 

on') /. instruction. 
Instruir (eens-troo-eer') m. 

instructor: teacher. 
Insuficiencia (een-soo-fee- 
thee-n-thee'-r)/. insufficiency. 
Insufrible (een-soo-free'-blay) 
a. insufferable: insupportable. 
Insulto (een-sool'-to) m. insult. 
Insurreccion (een-soor-rayk- 

thee-on') /. insurrection. 
Intacta (een-tark'-tar) a. un- 
touched: intact. 
Intelectual (een-tay-layk-too- 

arl') a. intellectual. 
Inteligencia (een-tay-lee-hen- 

thee'-r) /. intelligence. 
Intencion (een-tayn-thee-on') 

intention: view. 
Intense (een-tayn'-so) a. ar- 
dent: intense. 
Intentar (een-tayn-tar') v. to 

try: intend. 
Intercadencia (een-tayr-kar- 
dayn-thee'-r) /. interruption. 
Interceptar (een-tayr-thayp- 

tar') V. to intercept.^ 
Interns (een-tayr-ays') m. in- 
terest: profit. 
Interesado (een-tay-ray-sar'- 

do) a. interested. 
Interesante (een-tay-ray-sarn'- 

tay) a. interesting. 
Interin (een-tayr'-een) ad. in 

the mean time. 
Interioridad (een-tay-ree-o- 
re-dahd') /. interior: inside. 

Intermediar 6i 

Intermediar (een-tayr-may- 

dee-ar') v. to interpose. 
Internar (een-tayr-nar') i^. to 

penetrate: interpose. 
Interno (een-tayr'-no) a. in- 
terior: internal. 
Interpelar (een-tayr-pay-lar') 

V. to appeal to. 
Interponer (een-tayr-po-nay- 

r') V. to interpose. 
Interprete (een-tayr-pray'-tay) 

m. interpreter. 
Interrogar (een-tayr-ro-gar') 

V. to interrogate: question. 
Interrumpir (een-tayr-room- 

peer') r. to interrupt. 
Intestino (een-tays-tee'-no) a. 

intestine: internal. 
Intimar (een-tee-mar') v. to 

Intimidar (een-tee-mee-dar') 

V. to intimidate. 
Intitular (een-tee-too-lar') v. 

to entitle. 
Intr^pido (een-tray'-pee-do) a. 

intrepid: daring. 
Intriga (een-tree'-gar) /. in- 
trigue: underhand plot. 
Intrincar (een-treen-thar') v. 

to confound: involve. 
Introduccion (een-tro-dook- 

thee-on') /. introduction. 
Introducir (een-tro-doo-thee- 

r') V. to introduce. 
Introito (een-tro-ee'-to) m. en- 
trance: way in. 
Inundar (ee-noon-dar') v. \o 

Inusitado (een-oo-see-tar'-do) 

a. unusual. 
Iniitil (een-oo'-teel) a. useless. 
Invadir (een-var-deer') v. to 

invade: over-run. 
Inyasor (een-var-sor') m. & f. 

Invencion (een-vayn-thee-on') 

/. invention. 
Inventar (een-vayn-tar') v. to 

Inverisimil (een-vayr-ees-ee'- 

meel) a. unlike: improbable. 
Invertir (een-vayr-teer') v. to 

Investigar (een-vays-tee-gar') 

V. to investigate. 
Inveterarse (een-vayt-ayr-ar'- 

say) V. to grow old. 
Invicto (een-veek'-to) a. un- 

Invlerno (een-vee-ayr'-no) tn, 

Invisible (een-vee-see'-blay) a, 

Ipso facto (eepso: fark'-to) ad. 

immediately: without delay. 
Ir (eer) v. to go: walk. 
Ira (ee'-rar) /. anger. 
Iris (ee'-rees) /. rainbow: iris 

(of eye): water lily. 
Ir6nico (ee - ron' - ee - ko) a. 

Irrecusable (eer-ray-koo-sar'- 

blay) a. inevitable. 
Irreflexi6n (eer-ray-flayk-see- 

on') /. rashness. 
Irreverente (eer-ray-vayr- 

rayn'-tay) a. irreverent. 
Irrisible (eer-ree-see'-blay) a. 

Irrision (eer-ree-see-on') /. 

mockery: making fun of a 

Irritar (eer-ree-tar') i'. to irri- 
tate: exasperate. 
Isla (ees'-lar) /. island. 
Istmo (eest'-mo) ni. isthmus. 
Italiano (ee-tar-lee-ar'-no) m. 

Italian language. 
Itinerario (ee-tee-nay-rar-ree'- 

o) m. & adj. itinerary. 
Izar (ee-thar') v. to hoist. 
Izquierdo (eth-kee-ayr'-do) a. 

left: left-handed. 

Jabon (har-bon') m. soap. 
Jabonado (har-bo-nar'-do) m. 

Jabonadura (har-bo-nar-doo'- 

ra) /. soap-suds: lather. 
Jaca (har'-kar) /. pony. 
Jacarear (har-kar-ree-ar') v. to 

Jacinto (har-theen'-to) m. hya- 
Jaco (har'-ko) m. pony. 
Jactancia (hark-tarn-thee'-rl 

/. boasting. 
Jactarse (hark-tar'-say) v. t<k 

Jaez (har-eth') m. harness. 
Jalea (har-lay'-r) /. jelly. 
Jalear (har-lay-ar') v. to haU 

loo: shout: call out. 
Jaletina (har-lay-tee'-nar) f 

calves'-foot jelly. 
Jamds (bar-mars') ad. never 


Jani6n (har-mon') m. ham: 

Jaque (har'-kay) m. check (in 

Jaquear (har-kay-ar') v. to 

Jaqueca (har-kay'-kar) /. meg- 
rim: headache. 

Jarabe (har-rar'-bay) m. syrup. 

Jarana (har-rar'-nar) /. romp- 
ing: noisy laughter. 

Jarcia (har-thee'-r) /. bundle 
of odds and ends. 

Jardin (har-deen') m. garden. 

Jardineria (har-deen-ay-ree'- 
r) /. gardening. 

Jareta (har-ray'-tar) /. hem. 

Jarra (har'-rar) /. jug: pitcher: 

Jarrete (har-ray'-tay) m. hock. 

Jarretera (har-ray-tay'-ra) /. 

Jarr6n (har-ron') m. urn. 

Jaula (har-oo'-lar) /. cage: cell: 
padded cell. 

Jazmin (harth-meen') m. jessa- 

Jefe (hay'-fay) m. chief: head: 
Jefe de tren, guard of train. 

Jengibre (hen-hee'-bray) m. 

Jerigonza (hay-ree-gon'-thar) 
/. gibberish. 

Jeringar (hay-reen-gar') v. to 
squirt: syringe. 

Jiba (hee'-bar) /. hump-back. 

Jigote (hee-go'-tay) m. minced 

Jilguero (heel-gay '-ro) m. lin- 

Jocoso (ho-ko'-so) a. good- 
humoured: mirth-making. 

Jornada (hor - nar' - dar) /. 

Jornal (hor-narl') m. journal: 
daily work. 

Joven (ho'-vayn) a. young — m. 
& f. youth. 

Jovial (ho-vee-arl') a. gay: 
jovial: merry. 

Joya (ho'-yar) /. jewel: gift: 

Joyeria (ho - yay - ree' - r) /. 
jeweller's shop. 

Jubilaci6n (hoo-bee-lar-thee- 
on') /. festivity. 

Jubilar (hoo-bee-lar') v. to 
pension: superannuate. 

62 Juvenil 

Jubilo (hoo'-bee-lo) m. joy: 

Judas (hoo'-dars) m. traitor. 
Judia (hoo-dee'-r) /. French 

Judio (hoo-dee'-o) a. Jewish — 

m. Jew. 
Juego (hoo-ay'-go) m. amuse- 
ment: play: sport. 
Jueves (hoo - ay' - vays) m. 

Juez (hoo-eth') m. judge. 
Jugador (hoo-gar-dor') m. & f. 

gamester: player. 
Jugar (hoo-gar') v. to play: 

take part in sport. 
Jugo (hoo'-go) m. juice: sap. 
Jugete (hoo-gay'-tay) m. toy: 

play-thing: trinket. 
Juguetear (hoo-gay-tay-ar') v. 

to trifle: play the fool. 
Jugueton (hoo-gay-ton') a. 

Juicio (hoo-ee-thee'-o)7w. judg- 
Juicioso (hoo-ee-thee-o'-so) a. 

Julio (hoo-lee'-o) m. July. 
Jumento (hoo-mayn'-to) m. 

ass: foolish person. 
Junco (hoon'-ko) m. rush 

Junio (hoon-ee'-o) m. June. 
Junta (boon '-tar) /. assembly: 

Juntar (hoon-tarr') v. to join: 

Junto (hoon'-to) ad. close to: 

near: at hand. 
Juntura (hoon-too'-rar) /. 

joint: juncture. 
Jura (hoo'-rar) /. oath. 
Jurado (hoo-rar'-do) m. jury: 

Juramento (hoo-rar-mayn'-to) 

m. oath. 
Jurista (hoo-rees'-tar) m. law- 
Justa (hoos'-tar)/. tournament: 

Justicia (hoos-tee-thee'-r) /. 

Justificar (hoos-tee-fee'-kar) 

V. to justify. 
Justo (hoos'-to) a. just: lawful 

— m. just man. 
Juvenil (hoo - vay - neel') a. 


Jusgar 63 

Juzgar (hooth-gar') v. to 


Kiosco (kee-os'-ko) m. kiosk. 
Kirs (keers) m. cherry-brandy. 

La (lar) article, /. the. 

Labio (lar-bee'-o) m. lip: edge. 

Labor (lar-bor')/. labour: task: 

Laborioso (lar-bor-ee-o'-so) a. 

Labrado (lar-brar'-do) m. culti- 
vated land. 
Labrador (lar-brar-dor') m. & 

f. cultivator: farmer: labourer. 
Labranza (lar-brarn'-tha) /. 

Labriego (lar-bree-ay'-go) m. 

Lacerar (lar-thay-rar') v. to 

tear to pieces. 
Laceria (lar - thay - ree' - r) /. 

misery: poverty. 
Lacio (lar-thee'-o) a. faded: 

Lacra (lar'-krar) /. scar. 
Lacre (lar'-kray) m. sealing-wax. 
Lacteo (lark'-tee-o) a. milky. 
Ladino (lar-dee'-no) a. wise: 

sagacious: cunning. 
Lado (lar'-do) m. party: side: 

Ladrar (lar-drar') v. to bark. 
Ladrillo (lar-dreel'-yo) m. 

Ladronera (lar-dro-nay'-rar) /. 

den of thieves. 
Lagarto (lar-gar'-to) m. lizard: 

sly person. 
Lago (lar'-go) m. lake. 
Lagotear (lar-go-tay-ar') v. to 

cajole: persuade. 
Ldgrima (lar'-gree-mar)/. tear. 
Laguna (lar-goo'-nar) /. lake: 

Lama (lar'-mar) /. mud: slime. 
Lamentar (lar-mayn-tar') v. 

to lament. 
Lamento (lar-mayn'-to) m. 

Lamer (lar-mayr') v. to lick: 

lap up. 
L&mpara (larm'-par-r)/. lamp. 
Lamparero (larm-par-ay'-ro) 

m. lamp-lighter. 

Lamprea (larm - pray' - r) /. 


Lana (lar'-nar) /. wool. 

Lanar (lar-narr') a. woolly. 

Lancha (lam'-char) /. launch: 

Langosta (krn-goost'-r) /. 
lobster: swindler. 

L^nguido (larn' - ghee - do) a. 
languid: faint: weak. 

Lanudo (larn-oo'-do) a. woolly: 

Lanza (larn'-thar) /. lance: 

Lanzar (lam'-tharr') v. to 
throw: fling: eject: launch. 

Lapiz (lar'-peeth) m. lead- 
pencil: black-lead. 

Lapiz ar (lar-peeth-ar') v. to 

Lardoso (lar-do'-so) a. greasy. 

Lares (lar'-ays) m. pi. home: 
ancestral fireside. 

Larga (lar'-gar) /. delay. 

Largamente (lar-gar-mayn'- 
tay) ad. for a long time. 

Largar (lar-gar') v. to loosen: 

Largo (lar'-go) a. large: long: 
liberal: generous. 

Largueza (lar-gay'-thar) /. 

Lasitud (lar-see-tood') /. lassi- 
tude: weariness. 

Lastima (lars'-tee-mar)/. com- 
passion: pity. 

Lastimar (lars-tee-mar') v. to 
hurt: wound. 

Lastimiero (lars-tee-may'-ro) 
a. mournful: sad. 

Latido (lar-tee'-do) m. palpi- 
tation: panting. 

Latigazo (lar-tee-garth'-o) m. 
lash: crack of a whip. 

Latin (lar-teen') m. Latin 

Latino (lar-teen'-o) a. Latin. 

Latir (lar-teer') v. to palpi- 

Latitud (lar - tee - tood') /. 
breadth: width. 

Lato (lar'-to) a. ample: large. 

Laton (lar-ton') m. brass. 

Latria (lar-tree'-r) /. worship. 

Latrocinio (lar-tro-thee-nee'- 
o) m. larceny: robbery. 

L^udano (lar'-oo-dar-no) m. 


Laude (lar-oo'-day) /. tomb- 

Laurel (lar-oo-rayl') m. laurel: 
crown of laurel. 

Lavadero (lar-var-day'-ro) m. 
laundry: wash place. 

Lavadura (lar-var-doo'-rar) /. 
wash: washing. 

Lavandera (lar-varn-day'-rar) 
/. laundress. 

Lavar (lar-var') v. to wash. 

Laxante (lark-sarn-tay) m. laxa- 

Laxar (lark-sar') v. to loosen: 

Laxo (lark'-so) a. lax: slack. 

Lazo (lar'-tho) m. slip-knot: 
snare: trick. 

Le (lay) pron. him: her: to him: 
to her. 

Leal (lay'-arl) a. loyal: faithful. 

Lebrel (lay-brayl') m. grey- 

Leccion (lek-thee-on')/- lesson: 
lecture: reading. 

Lectura (lek-too'-rar) /. lec- 
ture: reading. 

Leche (lay'-chay) /. milk. 

Lechera (lay - chay' - rar) /. 

Lecho (lay'-cho) m. bed. 

Lechuga (lay-choo'-gar) /. let- 

Lechuza (lay-choo'-thar)/. owl. 

Legacia (lay-gar-thee'-r) /. 
legation: embassy. 

Legado (lay-gar'-do) m. legacy. 

Legal (lay'-garl) a. legal: loyal. 

Legar (lay-gar') v. to depute: 

Legislar (lay-hees-lar') v. to 

Legua (lay-goo'-r) /. league. 

Lejano (lay-har'-no) a. distant: 
far: remote. 

Leio (lay' - lo) a. ignorant: 
stupid: dull. 

Lengua (layn-goo'-r) /. lan- 
guage: tongue. 

Lenitive (lay-nee-tee'-vo) a 

Lente (layn'-tay) m. & f. lens. 

Lenteja (layn-tay'-ha) /. lentil. 

Lento (layn'-to) a. slow: tardy: 

Lena (layn'-yar)/. wood: timber. 

Leiiero (layn-yay'-ro) m. tim- 
ber merchant. 

Le6n (lay-on') m. lion. 

64 Lila 

Leona (lay-on'-r) /. lioness. 
Leopardo (lay-o-par'-do) m. 

Lerdo (layr'-do) a. heavy: dull: 

slow of understanding. 
Lesi6n (lay-see-on') /. damage: 

hurt: wound. 
Lesna (lays'-nar) /. awl. 
Letal (layt - arl') a. deadly: 

Letra (lay'-trar) /. letter: writ- 
ing: printers' type — pi. letters: 

Letrina (lay-treen'-r) /. W.C. 
Leyantar (lay-varn-tar') v. to 

lift: raise: heave. 
Levante (lay - vam' - tay) ni. 

Levant: east: wind from east. 
Leve (lay'-vay) a. light: trifling. 
Liar (lee-ar') v. to bind: tie. 
Libertad (lee-bayr-tard') /. 

freedom: liberty. 
Libertar (lee-bayr-tar') v. to 

free: set at liberty. 
Libertine (lee-bayr-tee'-no) m. 

Libitum (lee'-bee-toom) ad. at 

Libra (lee'-brar) /. pound: 

Libre (lee'-bray) a. free: ex- 
Libreria (lee-bray-ree'-r) /. 

book shop. 

Libreria de alquiler, cir- 
culating library. 
Libro (lee'-bro) 7n. book. 
Licencia (lee-then-thee'-r) /. 

permission: license. 
Licito (lee'-thee-to) a. lawful. 
Licor (lee-kor') m. liquor. 
Lid (leed) ?n. contest: dispute: 

Liebre (lee-ay'-bray) /. hare. 
Lienzo (lee-ayn'-tho) /. linen: 

front of a house. 
Liga (lee'-gar) /. garter. 
Ligadura (lee-gar-doo'-rar) /. 

ligature: binding. 
Ligar (lee-garr') v. to bind: 

fasten: tie. 
Ligazon (lee - gar - thon') /. 

Ligero (lee-gay'-ro) a. light: 

swift: easy. 
Lijar (lee-har') v. to polish: 

Lila (lee'-lar) /. lilac tree 



Lima (lee'-mar) /. file. 
Limitacion (lee-mee-tar-thee- 

on') /. limitation: restriction. 
Limite (lee - mee' - tay) m. 

boundary: limit. 
Limo (lee'-mo) m. mud: slime. 
Limon (lee-mon') m. lemon. 
Limonada (lee-mo-nar'-dar) /. 

Limosna (lee-mos'-nar) /. 

alms: charity. 
Limpiador (leem-pee-r-dor') 

m. cleanser: scourer. 
Limpio (leem-pee'-o) a. clean: 

neat: pure: limpid. 
Linaza (lee-nar'-thar)/. linseed. 
Linde (leen'-day) m. landmark: 

Lindeza (leen-day'-thar) /. 

elegance: neatness. 
Lino (lee'-no) ni. flax. 
Lio (lee'-o) m. bundle: parcel. 
Liquido (lee'-kee-do) a. liquid. 
Lirio (lee-ree'-o) m. iris (plant). 
Lisiar (lee-see-ar') v. to lame. 
Liso (lee'-so) a. even: flat: level: 

Lisonja (lee-son'-har) /. flat- 
Listo (lees'-to) a. active: 

prompt: ready. 
Lisura (lee-soo-'rar)/. smooth- 
ness: sincerity. 
Literato (lee-tay-rar'-to) a. 

learned: scholarly. 
Litigante (lee-tee-garn'-tay) m. 

Litigo (lee-tee'-go) m. law-suit. 
Litro (leet'-ro) m. litre. 
Liviandad (lee-vee-arn-dard') 

/. lightness: imprudence. 
Livido (lee'-vee-do) a. livid. 
Lo (lo) pron. it — article, the. 
Loable (lo-r'-blay) a. laudable. 
Loar (lo-ar') v. to praise. 
Loba (lo'-bar) /. she-wolf. 
Lobo (lo'-bo) m. wolf. 
Lobrego (lo' - bray - go) a. 

murky: obscure. 
Localidad (lo-karl-ee-dard') /. 

Loco (lo'ko) a. mad: daft. 
Locutorio (lo-koo-to'-ree-o) m. 

Lodo (lo'-do) m. mud: mire. 
Lograr (lo-grar') v. to gain: 

Logrero (lo-gray'-ro) m. money 


65 Lldma 

Logro (lo'-gro) w. benefit: 
gain: interest. 

Lombarda (lom-bar'-dar) /. 
red cabbage. 

L6ndiga (lon'-dee-gar) /. lark 

Lonja (lon'-har)/. slice of ham: 
grocery shop. 

Loor (loor) /. praise. 

Loquear (lo-kay-ar') v. to 
rejoice: revel. 

Lora (lo'-ro) m. parrot. 

Loteria (lo-tay-ree'-r)/. lottery. 

Loza (lo'-thar) /. crockery. 

Lozano(lo-thar'-no) a. luxuriant. 

Liibrico (loo'-bree-ko) a. slip- 
pery: lubricated. 

Lucido (loo'-thee-do) a. mag- 
nificent: shining. 

Luci6rnaga (loo-thee-ayr'-nar- 
gar) /. glow-worm. 

Lucio (loo-thee'-o) a. bright: 

Lucir (loo-theer') v. to shine, 
be brilliant. 

Lucro (loo'-kro) m. gain: profit. 

Ludibrio (loo-dee-bree'-o) m. 
derision: mockery: sneering. 

Luego (loo-ay'-go) ad. after- 
wards: immediately: presently. 

Lugar (loo-gar') m. place: spot. 

Lugubre (loo'-goo-bray) a. 
gloomy: dismal: sad. 

Lujuria (loo-hoo'-ree-r) /. lux- 

Lumbre (loom'-bray) /. fire: 

Luminaria (loo-mee-nar'-ee- 
ar) /. illumination. 

Luna (loo'-nar) /. moon. 

Lunes (loo'-nays) 7n. Monday. 

Luneta (loo-nay'-tar) /. eye- 

Lustroso (loost - ro' - so) a. 
bright: brilliant. 

Luz (looth) /. light: day: notice: 


(Considered in Spanish to rank 
as a separate letter of the 

Llaga (I'-yar'-gar) /. sore: 

Llagar (I'-yar-gar') v. to hurt: 

wound: injure. 
Ll^ma (I'-yar'-mar) /. flame: 


Llamada 66 

Llatni&da (I'-yar-mar'-da) /. 

Llamador (I'-yar-mar-dor') m. 

Liana (I'-yar'-nar) /. page (of 

book): trowel. 
Llano (I'-yar'-no) a. even: level: 

plane: smooth. 
Llanto (I'-yarn'-to) m. cry: 

Llave (I'-yar'-vay) /. key. 
Llegada (I'-yay-gar'-dar) /. 

arrival: coming. 
Llegar (I'yay-gar') v. to ar- 
rive: come: reach. 
Llenar (I'yay-nar') v. to fill: 

gorge: stuff. 
Lleno (I'yay'-no) a. complete: 

full: replete. '^ 

Llevadero (I'yay-var-day'-ro) 

a. tolerable. 
Llevar (I'yay-var') v. to carry: 

Lloraduelos (I'yo - rar - doo - 

ay'-los) m. one who cries or 

Lloriquear (I'yo-ree-kay-ar') 

V. to whine. 
Lloro (I'yo'-ro) m. crying: 

Lloroso (I'yo - ro' - so) a. 

Llover (I'yo-vayr') v. to rain. 
Lloviznar (I'yo-veeth-nar') v. 

to drizzle. 
Lluvia (I'yoo-vee'-r) /. rain. 
Lluvioso (I'yoo-vee-o'-so) a. 



Macareno (mar-kar-ray'-no) a. 

boasting: bragging. 
Macarrones (mar-kar-ro'- 

nays) m. pi. macaroni. 
Macarse (mar-kar'-say) v. to 

rot (fruit). 
Macear (mar-thay-ar') v. to 

knock: pound. 
Maceta (mar - thay' - tar) /. 

Macilento (mar-thee-layn'-to) 

a. lean: shrivelled: withered. 
Macizo (mar-thee'-tho) a. mas- 
sive: solid. 
Machaca (mar-char-kar') /. 

ignorant: tiresome. 
Macho (mar'-cho) m. he-goat: 

he-mule: any male animal. 

Machucar (mar-choo-kar') v. 

to bruise. 
Machucho (mar-choo'-cho) a. 

mature: ripe. 
Madama (mar-dar'-mar) /. 

Madeja (mar-day'-har) /. lock 

of hair. 
Madera (mar-day'-rar) /. tim- 
ber: wood. 
Madrastra (mar-drars'-trar) /. 

Madre (mar'-dray) /. mother. 
Madreperla (mar-dray-payr'- 

lar) /. mother of pearl. 
Madreselva (mar-dray-sayl'- 

var) /. honeysuckle. 
Madrona (mar-dro'-nar) /. 

over-indulgent mother. 
Madrono (mar-dron'-yo) m. 

Madrugada (mar-droo-gar'- 

dar) /. dawn. 
Madrugador (mar-droo-gar- 

dor') m. & f. early riser. 
Madurar (mar-door-ar') v. to 

Madurez (mar-doo-rayth') /. 

maturity: ripening. 
Maestra (mar - ays' - trar) /. 

Maestro (mar-ays'-tro) tn. 

Magia (mar-gee'-r) /. magic. 
M^gico (mar'-gee-ko) m. magi- 
cian — a. magical. 
Magistrado (mar-gees-trar'- 

do) 7M. magistrate. 
Magn^nimo (marg-nar'-nee- 

mo) a. magnanimous. 
Magnificencia (marg-nee-fee- 
then-thee'-r) /. magnificence: 
Magnitud (marg-nee-tood') /. 

grandeur: magnitude. 
Magno (marg'-no) a. great. 
Magra (mar'-grar) /. rasher: 

slice (bacon, pork). 
Magro (mar'-gro) a. meagre. 
Magulladura (mar-gool-yar- 

doo'-ra) /. bruise. 
Maiz (mar-eeth') m. maize. 
Majaderia (mar-har-day-ree'- 

r) /. insult. 
Majadero (mar-har-day'-ro) a. 

dull: silly. 
Majestad 'mar-hays-tard') /. 


Majo (mar'-ho) m. boaster: 

Majuelo (mar-hoo-ay'-lo) m. 

hawthorn: may (flower). 
Mai (marl) ;. evil: hurt: badness: 

Malandrin (mar-lam-dreen') 

m. highwayman. 
Malaventura (mar-lar-vayn- 

too'-rar)/. misfortune: calam- 
Malcontento (marl-kon-tayn'- 

to) a. discontented. 
Malcriado (marl-kree-r'-do) a. 

ill-bred: unmannerly. 
Maldad (marl-dahd')/- wicked- 
Malear (mar-lay-ar') v. to 

corrupt: prevent. 
Mal^ficio (mar-lay '-fee-thee-o) 

a. mischievous. 
Maleta (mar-lay '-tar) /. travel- 
ling bag. 
Malgastar (marl-gars'-tar) v. 

to lavish: waste. 
Malicia (rnar-lee-thee'-r) /. 

malice: spite: cunning. 
Malo (mar'-lo) a. bad: ill: 

sickly: wicked. 
Malograr (mar-lo-grar') v. to 

Malogro (mar-lo'-gro) m. dis- 
Malquisto (marl-kees'-to) a. 

detested: hated. 
Maltratar (marl-tray-tar') v. 

to abuse: maltreat. 
Malvabisco (marl-var-bees'- 

ko) m. marsh-mallow. 
Mamaluco (mar-mar-loo'-ko) 

m. dolt: simpleton. 
Matnar (mar-marr') v. to suck. 
Mampara (marm-par'-ar) /. 

Manada (mar - nar' - dar) /. 

drove: flock. 
Mancebo (marn-thay'-bo) m. 

companion: youth. 
Mancilla (marn-theel'-yar) /. 

blemish: spot. 
Manco (mam'-ko) a. faulty: 

Mancomunar (marn-ko-moo- 

nar') v. to associate: unite. 
Manchado (mam-char'-do) a. 

Manchar (mam-char') v. to 

soil: stain. 

67 Manuscrlto 

Manda (marn'-dar) /. oflFen 

legacy: proposal. 
Mandado (marn-dar'-do) m. 

command: errand: message. 
Mandar (marn-dar') v. to 

command: order. 
Mandibula (marn-dee-boo'-la) 

/. jaw-bone. 
Manejar (mar-nay-har') v. to 

Manera (mar-nay'-rar) /. man- 
ner: mode: kind: sort. 
Manga (marn'-gar) /. sleeve. 
Mango (marn'-go) m. handle. 
Mania (mar-nee'-r) /. frenzy: 

Manifactura (mar-nee-fark- 

too'-rar) /. manufacture. 
Manifiesto (mar-nee-fee'-sto) 

a. clear: apparent: manifest. 
Manilla (mar-neel'-yar) f. 

bracelet: handcuff. 
Maniobra (mar-nee-o'-bray) /. 

Maniota (mar-nee-o'-tar) /. 

Manirroto (mar-neer-ro'-to) a. 

Manjar (marn-har') m. food: 

Mano (mar'-no) m. hand. 
Manosear (mar-no-say-ar') v. 

to handle. 
Mansedumbre (mam-say- 

doom'-bray) /. gentleness: 

Mansion (marn-see-on') /, 

home: residence. 
Manso (mam'-so) a. gentlei 

Manta (mam'-tar) /. blanket. 
Manteca (marn-tay'-kar) /, 

Mantecada (mam-tay-kar'- 

dar) /. toast. 
Mantel (mam-tayl') m. table- 
Manteleria (marn-tay-Iay-ree'- 

r) /. table-linen. 
Mantener (marn-tay-nayr') v. 

to maintain: support. 
Mantilla (marn-teel'-yar) /. 

cloak: woman's head covering. 
Manto (marn'-to) /. cloak: 

mantle: robe. 
Mant6n (mam-ton') m. large 

Manuscrlto (mar-noorskree'- 

to) m. manuscript — a. written. 

Manzana 68 

Manzana (marn-thar'-nar) /. 

Manzanal (marn-thar'-narl) m. 

Manana (marn-yar'-nar) /. 
morning: morrow — ad. to- 

Manoso (marn-yo'-so) a. 
handy: skilful. 

Mapa (mar'-par) m. map. 

M^quina (mar'-kee-nar) /. 

Mar (mar) m. & f. sea. 

Marana (mar-rarn'-ya) /. 
shrub: thicket: puzzle. 

Maravilla (mar-rar-veel'-ya) /. 

Maravillar (mar-rar-veel-yar') 
to wonder: admire. 

Marcar (mar-kar') v. to mark: 
note: designate. 

Marcial (mar-thee-arl') a. war- 

Marcialidad (mar-thee-ar-lee- 
dard') /. freedom: familiarity. 

Marcha (mar'-char) /. march. 

Marchar (mar-char') v. to go:, 
go off: march. 

Marchitable (mar-chee-tar'- 
blay) a. perishable. 

Marchitar (mar-chee-tar') v. 
to fade: wither. 

Marea (mar-ray'-r) /. tide. 

Mareo (mar-ray'-o) m. sea- 

Marfil (mar-feel') m. ivory. 

Margarita (mar-gar-ee'-tar) /. 
pearl: daisy: periwinkle. 

Margen (mar'-gayn) m. & f. 
border: margin. 

Marica (mar-ree'-kar) /. mag- 
pie: milksop. 

Maricon (mar-ree-kon') m. 

Maridable (mar-ree-dar'-blay) 
a. matrimonial. 

Marido (mar-ree'-do) m. hus- 

Maritnorena (mar-ree-mo- 
ray'-nar) /. dispute: quarrel. 

Marina (mar-ree'-nar) /. navy. 

Marinar (mar-ree-nar') v. to 
salt fish. 

Marinero (mar-ree-nay'-ro) m. 

Marino (mar-ree'-no) a. marine 
— m. seaman. 

Mariposa (mar-ree-po'-sar) /. 

Mariscal (mar-rees'-karl) m. 

Marisco (mar-rees'-ko) m. sea- 
Maritime (mar-ree'-tee-mo) a. 

marine, maritime. 
Marmol (mar'-mol') m. marble. 
Maroma (mar-ro'-mar)/. rope. 
Marrana (mar-rar'-nar)/. sow. 
Marrano (mar-rar'-no) m. pig: 

Marras (mar'-rars) ad. long 

Marro (mar'-ro) m. failure: 

disappointment: quoits. 
Marte (mar'-tay) m. iron. 
Martes (mar' - tayss) w. 

Martillo (mar - teel' - yo) m. 

Martir (mar'-teer) m. & f. 

Marzo (mar'tho) m. March 

(the month). 
Mas (mars) ad. but: yet. 
Mas (mars) ad. besides: more- 
Mascar (mars-kar') v. to chew. 
Mascarada (mars-kar-rar'-dar) 

/. masquerade. 
Masculino (mars-koo-lee'-no) 

a. male: masculine. 
Mastin (mars-teen') m. mastiff 

Mata (mar'-tar) /. shrub. 
Matador (mar-tar-dor') m. 

Matar (mar-tar') v. to kill: 

murder: execute. 
Matizar (mar-teeth-ar') v. to 

Maton (mar-ton') m. bully. 
Matorral (mar-tor-rarl') m. 

shrub: thicket. 
Matricula (mar-tree'-koo-lar) 

/. list: register. 
Matrona (mar - tro' - nar) /. 

Maulero (mar-oo-lay'-ro) m. 

cheat: impostor. 
Maullar (mar-ool-yar') v. to 

Maxima (mark'-see-mar) /. 

Mdxime (mark'-see-may) ad. 

Mayo (mar'-yo) m. May. 
Mayor (mar-yor) a. greater: 

larger — m. major; superior. 

Mayor! a 
Mayoria (mar-yor-ee'-r) /. 

advantage: superiority. 
Me (may) pron. me. 
Meados (may-r'-dos) m. pi. 

Mecdnico (may-kar'-nee-ko) a. 

Mecer (may-thayr') v. to stir: 

agitate: rock. 
Medalla (may-darl'-yar) /. 

Media (may-dee'-r) /. stockinf?. 
Mediania (may-dee-am-ee'-r) 

/. moderation. 
Mediano (may-dee-ar'-no) a. 

moderate: mediocre. 
Mediar (may-dee-ar') v. to be 

in the middle. 
Medicina (may-dee-theen'-r) /. 

Medico (may'-dee-ko) m. phy- 
Medida (may - dee' - dar) /. 

Mediero (may-dee-ay '-ro) m. 

Medio (may-dee'-o) a. half. 
Mediodia (may-dee-o-dee'-r) 

m. noon: mid-day. 
Medir (may - deer') v. to 

Medra (may'-drar) /. progress. 
Medrar (may-drar') v. to 

prosper: thrive. 
Medroso (may-dro'-so) a. fear- 
ful: terrible. 
Mejilla (may-heel'-yar)/. check. 
Mejor (may-hor') a. & ad. 

Mejora (may-hor'-r) /. growth: 

improvement: progress. 
Mejorar (may-hor-r') v. to 

Melancolia (may-lam-ko-lee'- 

r) /. melancholy. 
Melindroso (may-leen-dro'-so) 

a. finical: prudish. 
Melocoton (may-lo-ko-ton') m. 

Melodioso (may-lo-dee-o'-so) 

a. melodious. 
Melosidad (may-lo-see-dard') 

/. sweetness. 
Melcte (may-lo'-tay) m. treacle. 
Mellizo (mayl-yee'-tho) a. twin. 
Membrete (maym-bray'-tay) 

m. memorandum: note. 
Membrudo (maym-broo'-do) 

a. strong: robust. 



Memoria (may-mo'-ree-r) /• 

memory: memoir — pL. com- 
Mencion (mayn-thee-on') /. 

Mendigo (mayn-dee'-go) m. 

beggar: mendicant. 
Menester (may-nay-stayr') m. 

necessity: need: want. 
Menestral (may-nays-trarl') m. 

Mengua (mayn - goo' - r) /. 

decay: disgrace: poverty. 
Menguante (mayn-goo-arn'- 

tay) /. low-water: ebb-tide. 
Menor (may-nor') m. & f. 

minor — a. less: smaller. 
Menos (may'-nos) ad. less. 
.Mensaje (mayn-sar'-hay) m. 

errand: message. 
Mensajero (mayn-sar-hay'-ro) 

m. messenger. 
Mensual (mayn-soo-arl') a. 

Mentado (mayn-tar'-do) a. 

famous: noted. 
Mental (mayn-tarl') a. intel- 
Mentar (mayn-tar') v. to men- 
Mente (mayn'-tay) /. mind: 

Mentecato (mayn-tay-kar'-to) 

a. silly: foolish. 
Mentir (mayn-teer') v. to lie. 
Mentira (mayn-teer'-r)/. false- 
hood: lie. 
Menudear (may-noo-day-ar') 

V. to repeat. 
Menudencia (may-noo-dayn- 

thee'-r) /. trifle. 
Menudo (may - noo' - do) a. 

small: minute: trifling. 
Meiiique (mayn-yee'-kay) m. 

little finger. 
Meramente (may-rar-mayn'- 

tay) ad. merely. 
Mercader (mayr-kar-dayr') m. 

dealer: trader. 
Mercaderia (mayr-kar-day- 

ree'-r) /. merchandise: trade. 
Mercado (mayr-kar'-do) m. 

Mercantil (mayr-kan-teel') a. 

commercial: mercantile. 
Mercero (mayr-thay'-ro) m. 

Mercurlo (mayr-koo-ree'-o) m. 

mercury: quicksilver. 

Merecedor 70 

Merecedor (may - ray - thay - 

dor') a. deserving. 
Merecer (may-ray-thayr') v. to 

deserve: merit. 
Merengue (may-rayn-goo'-ay) 

m. pi. meringues. 
Meridional (may-ree-dee-on- 

arl') a. southern. 
Merienda (may-ree-ayn'-dar) 

/. luncheon. 
M6rito (may'-ree-to) nt. merit: 

Merluza (mayr-loo'-thar) /. 

cod: hake. 
Merma (mayr'-mar) /. waste. 
Mermar (mayr-mar') v. to 

Mermelada (mayr-may-lar'- 

dar) /. marmelade. 
Mes (mays) m. month. 
Mesa (may'-sar) /. table. 

Mesa redonda, table d'hote. 
Mesada (may - sar' - dar) /. 

month's pay. 
Mes6n (may-son') m. hostelry: 

Mesonero (may-son-ay'-ro) m. 

Metal (may-tarl') m. metal. 
Meter (may-tayr') v. to place: 

put: smuggle. 
M6todo (may '-to-do) m. 

Metrdpoli (may-tro'-po-lee) /. 

Mezcla (mayth'-klar) /. mix- 
Mezclar (mayth-klar') v. to 

mingle: mix. 
Mezquino (mayth-kee'-no) a. 

poor: poverty-stricken. 
Miaja (mee-r'-har) /. crumb. 
Mico (mee'-ko) ni. monkey. 
Miedo (mee-ay'-do) m. dread: 

Miel (mee'-ayl) /. honey. 
Mientras (mee-n'-trars) ad. in 

the mean time. 
Mi6rcoles (mee-ayr'-ko-lays) 

m. Wednesday. 
Mies (me'-ayss) /. harvest. 
Migaja (mee - gar' - har) /. 

crumb: scrap: any small por- 
Migar (mee - garr') v. to 

Mil (meel) m. thousand. 
Milagro (mee - lar' - gro) m. 

miracle: wonder. 

MiHcia (mee-lee-thee'-r) /. 

Militar (mee-lee-tar') a. mili- 
Mill6n (meel-yon') m. million. 
Millonario (meel-yon-r-ee'-o) 

m. millionaire. 
Mimar (mee-mar') v. to coax. 

flatter: wheedle. 
Mimo (mee'-mo) m. buffoon. 
Mimoso (mee - mo' - so) a. 

delicate: fond. 
Minador (mee-nar-dor') m. 

Minar (mee-nar') v. to under- 
Minero (mee-nay'-ro) m. miner. 
Minimo (mee'-nee-mo) a. least: 

Minoridad (mee-nor-ee-dard') 

/. minority. 
Minuta (mee - noo' - tar) /. 

minute (time). 
Mio (mee'-o) a. my: mine. 
Mirada (mee - rar' - dar) /. 

glance: gaze: sight. 
Mirador (mee-rar-dor') m. (Sf 

f. spectator. 
Mirar (mee-rar') v. to behold: 

look: observe. 
Mirlo (meer'-lo) m. blackbird. 
Miserable (mee-say-rar'-blay) 

a. miserable: wretched. 
Miseria (mee-say-ree'-r) /. 

Misericordia (mee-say-ree- 

kor'-dee-r)/. clemency: mercy. 
Mismo (mees'-mo) a. equal: 

Misterio (mees-tay'-ree-o) m. 

Mitad (mee-tard') /. half. 
Mitigar (mee-tee-gar') v. to 

Mitones (mee-ton'-ays) m. pi. 

Mixto (meek'-sto) a. mixed: 

Mixtura (meek-stoo'-rar) J. 

Mocadero (mo-kar-day'-ro) nt. 

Moci6n (mo-thee-on') /. 

Muchila (mo-chee'-lar)/. knap- 
Moda (mo'-dar) /. mode: 


Modelo 71 

Modelo (mo-day'-lo) m. model: 

Moderar (mo-day-rar') v. to 

Modestia (mo-days-tee'-r) /. 

decency: modesty. 
Modo (mo-do) m. method: 

mode: manner: mood. 
Modorra (mo - dor' - rar) /. 

drowsiness: sleepy. 
Mofa (mo'-far) /. mockery. 
Mofador (mo-far-dor') m. & f. 

scoffer: scorner. 
Mogoll6n (mo-gol-yon') m. 

sponger: parasite: hanger-on. 
Mohino (mo-ee'-no) a. fretful: 

Mohoso (mo-o'-so) a. mouldy: 

Mojar (mo-har') v. to moisten: 

wet: interfere. 
Moje (mo'-hay) m. fricassee: 

Mola (mo'-lar) /. mole. 
Mole (mo'-lay) a. soft: mild — 

/. vastness: largeness. 
Moler (mo-layr') v. to grind: 

Molestar (mo-lays-tar') v. to 

molest: trouble: vex. 
Molicie (mo-lee'-thee-ay) /. 

softness: tenderness. 
Molinero (mo-leen-ay'-ro) m. 

Molinete (mo-lee-nay '-tay) m. 

Molleja (mol-yay-har) /. gland: 

Momento (mo-mayn'-to) m. 

Momio (mo-mee'-o) a. lean: 

meagre: thin. 
Monada (mo-nar'-dar) /. grim- 
Monarca (mo-nar'-kar) m. 

Monasterio (mon-ars-tay'-ree- 

o) m. monastery. 
Mondadientes (mon-dar-dee- 

ayn'-tays) m. toothpick. 
Mondadura (mon-dar-doo'- 

rar) /. cleaning: cleansing. 
Mondo (mon'-do) a. clean: 

neat: pure. 
Mondongo (mon-don'-go) m. 

Moneda (mo - nay' - dar) /. 

money: coinage. 
Monja (mon'-har) /. nun. 

Monje (mon'-hay) m. monk. 
Mono (mo'-no) m. monkey: 

ape — a. neat: pretty. 
Moriopolio (mo-no-po-lee'-o) 

m. monopoly. 
Monstiuo (mon-stroo'-o) m. 

Monstruoso (mon-stroo-o'-so) 

a. monstrous: outrageous. 
74onta (mon'-tar) /. amount: 

Montana (mon-tarn'-yar) /. 

Montar (mon-tar') v. to mount: 

amount to. 
Monteria (mon-tay-ree'-r) /. 

chase: hunting. 
Monton (mon-ton') m. heap: 

mass: pile. 
Monutnento (mon-00-mayn'- 

to) m. monument. 
Mona (mon'-yar) /. doll. 
Monquear (mon-kay-ar') v. 

to blow the nose. 
Monquero (mon-kay'-ro) m. 

Morado (mo-rar'-do) a. violet 

Morador (mo-rar-dor') m. in- 
habitant: lodger. 
Moral (mo-rarl') m. mulberry- 
tree — a. moral. 
M6rbido (mor' - bee - do) a. 

diseased: morbid. 
Mordaz (mor-darth') a. biting: 

corrosive: sarcastic. 
Mordaza (mor-darth'-r) /. gag. 
Morder (mor-dayr') v. to bite. 
Mordiscar (mor-dees-kar') v. 

to gnaw: nibble. 
Morena (mor-ay'-nar)/. brown 

Moreno (mor-ay'-no) a. brown: 

dark: swarthy. 
Moribundo (mo-ree-boon'-do) 

a. dying. 
Morir (mor-eer') v. to die. 
Morondo (mo-ron'-do) a. bald: 

Morosidad (mo-ro-see-dard') 

/. delay: slowness: tardiness. 
Mortal (mor-tarl') a. mortal: 

deadly: fatal. 
Mortuorio (mor-too-o-ree'-o) 

m. burial: funeral. 
Mosca (mos'-ka) /. fly. 
Mosquitero (mos-kee-tay'-ro) 
in. mosquito-net. 

Mosquito 72 

Mosquito (mos-kee'-to) m. 

mosquito: gnat. 
Mostaza (mos-tar'-thar) /. 

Mostrador (mos-trar-dor') m. 

shop-front: shop-counter. 
Mostrar (mos-trar') v. to ex- 
hibit: show: display. 
Movedizo (mo-vay-dee'-tho) a. 

movable: variable. 
Mover (mo-vayr') v. to move: 

excite: stir up. 
Movimiento (mo-vee-rnee- 

ayn'-to) w. movement: motion. 
Moza (mo'-thar) /. girl: maid- 

Mozo (mo'-tho) m. youth: man- 
Muchacha (moo-char'-char) /. 

girl: lass. 
Muchacho (moo-char'-cho) m. 

boy: lad. 
Mucho (moo'-cho) a. abundant: 

much — ad. much. 
Muda (moo'-dar) /. alteration: 

Mudable (moo-dar'-blay) a. 

changeable: variable. 
Mudar (moo-dar') v. to change 
Mudo (moo'-do) a. dumb: 

mute: silent. 
Muelle (moo-ayl'-yar) a. deli- 
cate: soft: tender — m. spring. 
Mu6rdago (moo-ayr'-dar-go) 

m. mistletoe. 
Muerte (moo-ayr'-tay)/. death. 
Muerto (moo-ayr'-to) m. corpse. 
Mugir (moo-heer') v. to bel- 
low: low. 
Mujer (moo-hayr') /. woman. 
Mujeril (moo-hay-reel') a. 

womanish: womanly. 
Muleta (moo-lay'-tar)/. crutch. 
Mulo (moo'-lo) m. mule. 
Multa (mool'-tar) /. fine: 

Mundo (moon'-do) m. world. 
Muneca (moon - yay' - kar) /. 

Muralla (moo-rarl'-yar) /. wall: 

Muro (moo'-ro) vt. wall. 
Musarana (moo-sar-ran'-yar) 

/. vermin: shrew-mouse. 
Musculo (moos'-koo-lo) m. 

Muselina (moo-say-lee'-nar) /. 


Museo (moo - say' - o) m. 

Musica (moo'-see-ka) /. music. 
Mustio (moos-tee'-o) a. musty: 

parched: withered. 
Mutilar (moo-tee-lar') v. to 

maim: mutilate. 
Muy (moo'-e) ad. greatly: very. 


Naba (nar'-bar) /. turnip. 

Nabo (nar'-bo) m. turnip. 

Ndcar (nar'-kar) m. nacre: 
mother of pearl. 

Nacer (nar-thayr') v. to be born. 

Nacido (nar-thee'-do) a. apt: 
fit: proper — m. abscess: tu- 

Naci6n (nar-thee-on')/. nation. 

Nada (nar'-dar) /. nothing — 
ad. by no means. 

N'adador (nar-dar-dor') m. & 
f. swimmer. 

Nadar (nar-dar') v. to swim. 

Nadie (nar'-dee-ay) pron. no- 
body: no one. 

Naipe (nar'-ee-pay) m. playing- 

Nao (nar'-o) /. ship: vessel. 

Naranja (nar - ram' - har) /. 

Narciso (nar-thee'-so) m. 
daffodil: narcissus. 

Narcotico (nar-ko'-tee-ko) a. 

Nariz (nar-reeth') /. nose. 

Narracion (nar-rar-thee-on')/. 
narration: story: description. 

Narrar (nar-rar') v. to narrate: 
tell: describe. 

Nata (nar'-tar)/. cream: skim. 

Nataci6n (nar-tar-thee-on') /. 

Natal (nar-tarl') a. natal: native. 

Natalicio (nar-tar-lee'-thee-o) 
m. birthday. 

Natividad (nar-tee-vee-dard') 
/. Christmas. 

Naturalismo (nar-too'-rar- 
lees'-mo) m. realism. 

Naturalista (nar-too-rar-lees'- 
tar) rn. naturalist: nature- 

Naturalizar (nar-too-rar-lee- 
thar') V. to naturalise. 

Naufragar (nar oo-frar-gar') 
V. to be shipwrecked. 



Ndufrago (nar'-oo-frar-go) a. 

shipwrecked — m. shark. 
Nausea (nar'-oo-say-r) /. sick- 
ness: sick. 
Navaja (nar'-var'-har) /. razor- 
Nave (nar'-vay) /. ship: nave 

(church, etc.). 
Navegacion (nar-vay-gar-thee- 

on') /. navigation: voyage. 
Navegar (nar-vay-gar') v. to 

navigate: travel. 
Naviero (nar-veer'-ro) m. ship- 
Navio (nar-vee'-o) m. ship: 

Neblina (nay-blee'-nar) /. fog: 

Nebuloso (nay-boo-lo'-so) a. 

cloudy: foggy: misty. 
Necesario (nay-thay-sar'-ree- 

o) a. necessary: required. 
Neceser (nay-thay-sayr') m. 

Necesidad (nay - thay - see - 

dard') /. need: necessity. 
Necesitado (nay-thay-see-tar'- 

do) a. needy: poor. 
Nccio (nay'-thee-o) a. foolish: 

Necrologia (nay-kro-lo-hee'-r) 

/. obituary. 
Nefando (nay-fam'-do) a. base: 

abominable: nefarious. 
Nefasto (nay-fars'-to) a. sad: 

unlucky: ominous. 
Negaci6n (nay-gar-thee-on') /. 

Negar (nay-gar') v. to deny: 

Negative (na-gar-tee'-vo) /. 

photographic negative. 
Negligente (nay-glee-hayn'- 

tay) a. careless: negligent. 
Negociaci6n (nay-go-thee-r- 

thee-on') /. negotiation. 
Negociante (nay-go-thee-am'- 

tay) m. dealer: merchant. 
Negocio (nay-go-thee'-o) m. 

business: negotiation. 
Negro (nay'-gro) a. black: dis- 
mal: gloomy. 
Nene (nay'-nay) m. & f. baby: 

Nervio (nayr-vee'-o) m. nerve. 
Nervioso (nayr-vee-o'-so) a. 

Neto (nay'-to) a. neat: net: 

pure: clear. 


Neumatico (nay-oo-mar'-tee- 
ko) a. pneumatic. 

Neutralidad (nay-oo-trar-lee- 
dard')/. indifference: neutral- 

Neutralizar (nay - oo - trar - 
leeth-ar') v. to neutralise: 

Nevada (nay-var'-dar) /. snow- 

Nevar (nay-var') v. to snow. 

Ni (nee) conj. neither: nv. 

Nidal (nee-darl') m. nest. 

Niebla (nee-ayb'-lar) /. fog: 
haze: mist. 

Nieto (nee-ay'-to) m. grand- 

Nieve (nee-ay'-vay) /. snow. 

Nimio (nee-mee'-o) a. ex- 

Ninada (neen-yar'-dar)/. child- 

Ninez (neen-yayth') /. child- 
hood: infancy. 

Nino (neen'-yo) a. childish — 
m. boy: child: infant. 

Niquel (nee-kayl') m. nickel. 

Nivelar (nee-vay-lar') v. to 
level: make true. 

No (no) ad. no: not. 

Nobleza (no-blay'-thar) /. 
nobility: nobleness. 

Nocion (no-thee-on') /. notion: 

Nocivo (no-thee'-vo) a. hurtful: 
harmful: noxious. 

Nocturne (nok-toor'-no) m. 
nocturn — a. nightly. 

Noche (no'-chay) /. night. 
Buenas noches, good night. 

Nodriza (no-dreeth'-ar) /. 

Nombrar (nom-brar') v. to 
appoint: name: nominate. 

Nombre (nom'-bray) m. fame: 
name: reputation. 

Nomeolvides (no - may - ol - 
veed'-ays) m. forget-me-not. 

Nomina (no' - mee - nar) /. 

Non (non) a. odd: uneven. 

Nono (no'-no) a. ninth. 

No obstante (no: obs-tarn'- 
tay) conj. nevertheless: not- 

Norma (nor'-mar) /. standard: 

Norte (nor'-tay) m. north: 


Nos (nos) pron. we: us. 
Nosotres (nos-o-trays) pron. 

we: us: ourselves. 
Nota (no'-tar) /. note: notice^ 

"Notar (no-tar') v. to note: 

notice: remark. 
Noticia (no - tee - thee' - r) /. 

notice: note: information. 
Noticiar (no-tee-thee-r') v. to 

give notice. 
Novecientos (no - vay - thee- 

ayn'-tos) a. nine hundred. 
Novedad (no-vay-dard') /. 

novelty: modernity. 
Novela (no-vay-'lar) /. novel: 

Noventa (no - vayn' - tar) m. 

Noviembre (no - vee - aym' - 

bray) m. November. 
Novllunio (no-vee-loo-nee'-o) 

m. new-moon. 
Novio (no'-vee-o) m. bride- 
Nube (noo'-bay)/. cloud: film. 
Nudillo (noo - deel' - yo) m. 

Nuera (noo-ay'-rar)/. daughter- 
Nuestro (noo-ays'-tro) a. our. 
Nueva (noo-ay'-var) /. news. 
Nueve (noo-ay'-vay) m. & a. 

Nuevo (noo-ay'-vo) a. new: 

Nuez (noo-ayth') /. walnut. 
Nunien(noo'-mayn)?w. divinity. 
Numerar (noo-may-rar') v. to 

number: count. 
Nunca (noon'-kar) ad. never. 
Nuncio (noon'-thee-o) m. mes- 
senger: nuncio. 
Nupcial (noop-thee-arl') a. 

Nutra (noot'-rar) /. otter. 
Nutrimento (noo-tree-mayn'- 

to) m. ahment: food: nutrition. 
Nutrir (noo-treer') v. to 

Nutriz (noo-treeth') /. nurse. 


(Considered in Spanish to rank 
as a separate letter of the 

5ifagaza (n'-yar-gar'-thar) /. 

74 Ocaso 

Naque (n'-yar'-kay) m. trifles. 
Noclo (n'yo'-klo) m. macaroon. 
Ncneria (n'yo-n'yar-ree'-r) /. 
_ dotage. 
Nono (n'yo'-n'yo) a. decrepit. 

O (o) conj. either: or. 
Obcecar (ob-thay-kar') v. to 

blind: darken. 
Obedecer (o-bay-day-thayr') v. 

to obey. 
Obediencia (o-bay-dee-ayn- 

thee'-r) /. obedience. 
Obertura (o-bayr-too'-rar) /. 

overture (music). 
Obesidad (o-bay-see-dard') /. 

Obeso (o-bay'-so) a. fat: obese. 
6bice (o'-be-thay) m. obstacle. 
Obispo (o-bees'-po) m. bishop. 
Objetar (ob-hay-tar') v. to 

Oblea (ob-lay'-r) /. wafer. 
Obligacidn (o-blee-gar-thee- 

on') /. obligation. 
Obligar (o-blee-gar') v. to 

Obra (o'-brar) /. work: toil: 

Obrador (o-brar-dor') m. & f. 

Obrar (o-brar') v. to work: 

operate: act. 
Obscurecer (obs - koo - ray - 

thayr') v. to obscure: darken. 
Obscuridad (obs - koo - ree - 

dard') /. obscurity: darkness. 
Obsequiar (ob-say-kee-ar') v. 

to court. 
Observador (ob-sayr-var-dor') 

m. observer: observator. 
Obstdculo (obs-tar'-koo-lo) m. 

obstacle: impediment. 
Obstar (obs-tar') v. to obstruct: 

Obstinarse (obs-tee-nar'-say) 

V. to be obstinate. 
Obtener (ob-tay-nay-r') v. to 

Obtuso (ob-too'-so) a. blunt. 
Obviar (ob-vee-ar') v. to 

avoid: obviate. 
Obvio (ob-vee'-o) a. obvious. 
Oca (o'-kar) /. goose. 
Ocasionar (o-kar-see-on-ar') 

V. to cause: occasion: move. 
Ocaso (o-kar'-so) m. sunset. 


Oc^ano (o - thay' - ar - no) m 

Ocio (o'-thee-o) m. leisure: 

Ocioso (o-thee-o'-so) a. idle. 

Octavo (ok-tar'-vo) a. eight. 

Octubre (ok - too' - bray) m. 

Ocular (o-koo-lar') m. eye- 

Ocultar (o-kool-tar') v. to 
conceal: hide. 

Oculto (o-kool'-to) a. con- 
cealed: hidden. 

Ocupaci6n (o-koo-par-thee- 
on') /. occupation: employ- 

Ocurrencia (o - koor - rayn - 
thee'-r) /. occurrence: ac- 

Ocurrlr (o-koor-reer') v. to 
meet: happen: occur. 

Ochenta(o-chayn'-tar)a. eighty. 

Ocho (o'-cho) a. eight. 

Ochocientos (o-cho-thee-n'- 
tos) a. eight hundred. 

Odiar (o-dee-r') v. to hate. 

Odio (o-dee'-o) m. hatred. 

Odre (o'-dray) m. drunkard. 

Oeste (o-ays'-tay) m. west. 

Ofender (o-fayn-dayr') v. to 
offend: injure. 

Ofensivo (o-fayn-see'-vo) a. 
injurious: offensive. 

Ofensor (o-fayn-sor') m. offen- 

Oferta (o-fayr'-tar) /. offer: 

Oficina (o - fee - theen' - r) /. 
office: workshop: counting- 

Oficio (o-fee'-thee-o) m. office: 
employ: occupation. 

Ofrecer (o-fray-thayr') v. to 
exhibit: offer: present. 

Ofuscacion (o-foos-ka-thee- 
on') /. failing sight. 

Oible (o-ee'-blay) a. audible. 

Oido (o-ee'-do) m. hearing: ear. 

Oir (o-eer') v. to hear: listen: 

Ojal (o-harl') m. button-hole. 

Ojeada (o-hay-ar'-dar) /. ogle: 

Ojear (o-hay-ar') v. to eye: look 
at: glance at: view. 

Ojeriza (o-hay-ree'-thar) /. 
grudge: ill-will: spite. 

Ojo (o'-ho) m. eye: sight. 



Ola (o'-lar) /. wave. 

Oleo (o'-lay-o) m. oil: holy oil: 

extreme unction. 
Oler (o-layr') v. to scent: smell. 
Olfato (ol-far'-to) m. odour: 

Olimpo (o-leem'-po) m. heaven 

(in poetry). 
Oliva (o-lee'-var) /. olive: owl. 
Olmo (ol'-mo) m. elm tree. 
Olvidadizo (ol-vee-dar-dee'- 

tho) a. forgetful. 
Olleria (ol-yar-ree'-r)/. pottery. 
Omitir (o-mee-teer') v. to 

omit: leave out. 
Oniisi6n (o-mee-see-on') /. 

Once (on'-thay) a. eleven. 
Onceno (on - thay' - no) a. 

Onda (on'-dar) /. wave. 
Oneroso (o - nay - ro' - so) a. 

Opaco (o-par'-ko) a. opaque: 

dark: gloomy. 
Opci6n (op-thee-on') /. option: 

Operar (o-pay-rar') v. to act: 

dpimo (o'-pee-mo) a. rich: 

Oplo (o-pee'-o) m. opium. 
Oposicion (o-po-see-thee-on') 

/. opposition: rivalry. 
Oprimir (o-pree-meer') v. to 

crush: oppress: squeeze. 
Optar (op-tar') v. to choose: 

Optico (op'-tee-ko) m. optician 

— a. optical. 
Optimo (op'-tee-mo) a. best. 
Opuesto (o-poo-ays'-to) a. 

adverse: contrary. 
Opulento (o-poo-layn'-to) a. 

opulent: wealthy. 
Orar (o-rar') v. to harangue: 

Orate (o-rar'-tay) /. lunatic: 

Orbe (or'-bay) m. orb: sphere: 

Ordenar (or-day-nar') v. to 

arrange: order. 
Ordinario (or-dee-nar'-ee-o) 

a. common: ordinary. 
Orear (o-ray-ar') v. to cool: 

Oreja (o-ray'-har) /. ear. 
Oreo (o-ray'-o) m. breeze: air. 

Orfandad 76 Palillo 

P^bulo (par'-boo-lo) m. ali- 
ment: food: provender. 
Pacato (par-kar'-to) a. mild: 

pacific: quiet. 
Pacer (par-thayr') v. to graze: 

Paciencia (par-thee-ayn'-thee- 

r) /. patience. 
Paciente (par-thee-ayn'-tay) m. 

& a. patient. 
Pacificar (par-thee-fee-kar') v. 

to appease: pacify. 
Pachorra (par-chor-rar') /. 

Padecimiento (par-day-thee- 

mee-ayn'-to) m. suffering. 
Padrastro (par-drars'-tro) m. 

Padre (par'-dray) m. father — 

pi. parents. 
Paga (par'-gar)/. fee: payment. 
Pagador (par - gar - dor') m. 

payer: paymaster. 
Pagano (par-gar'-no) m. pagan: 

Pagar (par-gar') v. to pay: 

Pagar6 (par - gar - ay') 7n. 

promissory-note: lOU: bond. 
Pagina (par'-heen-r) /. page of 

a book. 
Pago (par'-go) m. payment: 

Pais (par-ees') m. country: 

Paisaje (par-ee-sar'-hay) m. 

Paisano (par-ee-sar'-no) m. 

peasant: countryman. 
Pajarera (par-har-ray'-rar) /. 

Pijaro (par'-har-ro) m. bird: 

sly person. 
Pajuela (par-hoo'-ay-lar) /. 

Pala (par'-lar) /. shovel. 
Palabra (par-lar'-brar)/. word. 
Palacio (par-lar'-thee-o) m. 

Paladar (par-lar-dar') m. pal- 
ate: relish: taste. 
Palestra (par - lays' - trar) /. 

Palidez (par-lee-dayth')/. pale- 
ness: colourless. 
P^lido (par'-lee-do) a. pale: 

Palillo (par-leel'-yo) m. rolling- 
pin: tooth-pick. 

Orfandad (or-farn-dard') /. 

Orgullo (or - gool' - yo) m. 
haughtiness: pride: conceit. 

Orificio (o-ree-fee-thee'-o) m. 
rnouth: orifice. 

Origen (o-ree'-hayn) m. origin: 

Orilla (o-reel'-yar) /. border: 
limit: margin. 

Orillo (o-reel'-yo) m. selvage: 

Ornamento (or-nar-mayn'-to) 
m. ornament: embellishment. 

Ornato (or-nar'-to) m. apparel: 
decoration: ornament. 

Oro (o'-ro) m. diamond suit at 

Orquesta (or-kays'-tar) /. or- 

Ortiga (or-tee'-gar) /. nettle. 

Oruga (o-roo'-gar)/. caterpillar. 

Os (os) pron. you. 

Osa (o'-sa) /. she-bear. 

Osadia (o-sar-dee'-r) /. bold- 
ness: intrepidity: zeal. 

Osamenta (o-sar-mayn'-tar) /. 

Oscilar (os-theel-ar') v. to 

<3sculo (os'-koo-lo) m. kiss. 

Oso (o'-so) m. bear. 

Oso bianco (o'-so: blarn'-ko) 
m. polar bear. 

Ostentar (os-tayn-tar') v. to 
show: boast: brag. 

Ostentoso (os-tayn'-to-so) a. 
ostentatious: sumptuous. 

Ostra (os'-trar) /. oyster. 

Ostrera (os-tray'-rar) /. oyster- 

Osuda (o-soo'-dar) a. bony. 

Otonal (o - ton - yarl') a. 

Otciio (o-ton'-yo) m. autumn. 

Otorgar (o-tor-gar') v. to con- 
sent: stipulate. 

Otro (o'-tro) a. another: other. 

Otrosi (o-tro-see') ad. besides: 
moreover — m. item. 

C3valo (o'-var-lo) m. oval. 

Ovar (o-var') v. to lay an egg. 

Ovejero (o-vay-hay'-ro) m. 

PabeI16n (par-bayl-yon') 
pavilion: summer-house. 



Palma (parl'-mar) /. palm (of 

hand): (date) palm. 
Palmear (parl-may-r') v. to 

clap (hands). 
Palmera (parl-may'-rar) /. 

Paloma (par - lo' - mar) /. 

pigeon: dove. 
Palomilla (par-lo-meel'-ya) /. 

Paipar (parl-par') v. to feel: 

Palude (par-loo'-day) /. lake: 

pool: tarn. 
Palurdo (par-loor'-do) a. rus- 
tic: rude. 
Pampirolada (parm-pee-ro- 

lar'-dar) /. impertinence. 
Pan (parn) m. bread: loaf: food. 
Panaderia (parn-ard-ay-ree'-r) 

/. bakery. 
Panal(par-narr)m. honeycomb. 
Pandear (parn-day-ar') v. to 

bend: bulge. 
Pandereta (pam-day-ray'-tar) 

/. tambourine. 
Pandorga (parn-dor'-gar) /. 

fat woman. 
Panela (par-nay'-la) /. kind of 

Panfilo (parn'-fee-lo) w. slow: 

Pinico (par'-nee-ko) m. & a. 

Pantalon (parn-tarl-on') tn. 

Pantalla (parn-tarl'-yar) /. 

Pantano (parn-tar'-no) m. mor- 
ass: swamp: marsh. 
Pantera (parn-tay'-rar) /. pan- 
Pantomima (pam-to-mee'- 

mar) /. pantomime. 
Pantorrilla (parn-tor-reel'- 

yar) /. calf (of leg). 
Pantorrilludo (parn-tor-reel- 

yoo'-do) ni. having thick 

Pantuflo (parn-too'-fio) m. 

Pano (pam'-yo) m. cloth. 
Panuelo (parn-yoo-ay'-lo) m. 

Papa (par'-par) m. Pope — m. 

pi. potatoes. 
Papd (par-par') m. papa: 


Papagayo (par-par-gar'-yo) m. 

Papelerla (par-pay-Iay-ree'-r) 

/. stationer's shop. 
Papeleta (par-pay-lay'-tar) /. 

card: ticket. 
Papero (par-pay'-ro) m. potato 

Paqueteria (par-kay-tay-ree'- 

r) /. retail business. 
Par (par) a. equal: alike: on a 

par: at par. 
Para (par'-rar) prep, about: for: 

in order to: toward. 

Para qu6, what for. 

Para que, in order that. 
Parabi6n (par-rar-bee-ayn') m. 

Paracaidas (par-ra-kar-ee'- 

dars) m. parachute. 
Paradero (par-rar-day'-ro) m. 

stopping-place: depot: station. 
Parado (par-rar'-do) a. care- 
less: indolent. 
Parafina (par-rar-feen'-r) /. 

Paraguas (par-rar-goo'-ars) m. 

Paraje (par-rar'-hay) m. re- 
sidence: place. 
Paralisis (par-rar'-lee-sees) /. 

Paramentar (par-rar-mayn- 

tar') V. to adorn: embellish. 
Parangonar (par-rarn-gon-ar') 

V. to compare. 
Parar (par-rar') v. to halt: 

stop: detain: prevent. 
Parca (par'-kar) /. fate. 
Parcelar (par-thay-lar') v. to 

survey: divide (land). 
Parcial (par-thee-arl') a. in- 
complete: partial. 
Parco (par'-ko) a. moderate: 

Pardo (par'-do) a. grey: brown. 
Parear (par-ray-ar') v. to 

Parecer (par-ray-thayr') m. 

advice — v. to appear. 
Parecido (par-ray-thee'-do) a. 

Pared (par-rayd') /. wall. 
Parejo (par-ray'-ho) a. even: 

equal: similar: like. 
Paria (par-ree'-r) m. outcast. 
Parir (par-reer') f . to produce: 

lay an egg. 




Parlamentar (par-lar-mayn- 
tar') V. to converse: talk. 

Parlar (par-lar') v. to speak: 

Parlero (par-lay'-ro) a. talka- 

Parpadear (par-par-day-ar') v. 
to blink. 

Parpado (par'-par-do) m. eye- 

Parque (par'-kay) m. park. 

Parra (par'-rar) /. grape-vine. 

Parricida (par-ree-thee'-dar) 
m. & f. murderer. 

Parrilla (par-reel'-yar) /. grid- 

Parroquia (par-ro-kee'-r) /. 

Parsimonia (par-see-mo-nee'- 
r) /. parsimony: nearness. 

Parte (par'-tay) /. part: por- 
tion: lot. 

Partero (par-tay'-ro) m. & f. 
midwife — m. accoucheur. 

Participar (par-tee-thee-par') 
V. to participate: share. 

Partida (par-tee'-dar) /. de- 

Partir (par-teer') v. to divide: 
part: separate. 

Parto (par'-to) m. child-birth. 

Parvo (par'-vo) a. small: little. 

P^rvulo (par'-voo-lo) a. very 
small: very little — m. child. 

Pasa (par'-sar) /. raisin. 

Pasada (par-sar'-dar) /. pas- 
sage: pace: step. 

Pasador (par-sar-dor') m. 
smuggler: lady's brooch. 

Pasaje (par-sar'-hay) ni. pas- 
sage: voyage: journey: fare. 

Pasaporte (par-sar-por'-tay) 
m. passport. 

Pasar (par-sar') v. to surpass: 
pass: spend. 

Pasatiempo (par-sar-tee-aym'- 
po) m. pastime: hobby. 

Pascua (pars-koo'-r) /. Easter. 

Pasear (par-say-ar') v. to walk. 

Paseo (par-say'-o) m. walk: 

Pasmar (pars-mar') v. to be- 
numb: stupefy: wonder. 

Pasmo (pars'-mo) m. convul- 
sion: spasm. 

Pasmoso (pars-mo'-so) a. 
marvellous: wonderful. 

Pasteleria (pars-tay-lay-ree'-r) 
/. pastrycook's shop. 

Pastelero (pars-tay-lay'-ro) m. 

Pastilla (pars-teel'-yar) /. loz- 
enge: pastille. 
Pasto (pars'-to) m. pasture. 
Pastor (pars-tor') m. shepherd: 

Pata (par'-tar) /. leg or foot of 

an animal. 
Patada (par-tar'-dar) /. kick: 

step: pace. 
Pataleta (par-tar-lay '-tar) /. 

fainting fit. 
Patdn (par-tam') m. clown. 
Patata (par-tar'-tar) /. potato. 
Patear (par-tay-ar') v. to kick. 
Pat6tico (par-tay'-tee-ko) a. 

pathetic: sad. 
Paticojo (par-tee-ko'-ho) a. 

crippled: lame. 
Patilla (par-teel'-yar) /. whis- 
Patitieso (par-tee-tee-ay'-so) 

a. stupefied: surprised. 
Pato (par'-to) m. duck — a. 

equal: similar. 
Patrocinar (par-tro-theen-ar') 

V. to favour: protect. 
Patrocinio (par-tro-theen'-ee- 

o) m. protection: patronage. 
Patr6n (par-tron') m. protector: 

landlord (of inn): guardian. 
Patrono (par-tro'-no) m. lord 

of the manor. 
PatruUar (par-trool-yar') v. to 

Paulatino (par-oo-lar-tee'-no) 

a. slowly: by degrees. 
Pausa (par'-oo-sar) /. pause: 

space of time. 
Pausado (par-oo-sar'-do) a. 

calm: quiet: slow. 
PAvido (par'-vee-do) a. fearful: 

apprehensive: timid. 
Pavimento (par-vee-mayn'-to) 

m. pavement. 
Pavo (par'-vo) m. turkey. 
Pavo real (par'-vo: ray'-arl) m. 

Pav6n (par-von') m. peacock. 
Pavonear (par-von-ay-r') v, to 

strut like a peacock. 
Pavura (par-voo'-rar) /. dread: 

fear: terror. 
Paz (path)/, peace: tranquillity. 
Peana (pay-r'-nar) /. foot- 
stool: pedestal. 
Peca (pay'-kar) /. freckle: spot: 


Pecador (pay-kar-dor') m. & 

f. sinner. 
Pecar (pay-kar') v. to sin. 
Pecina (pay-thee'-nar) /. fish- 
Pecora (pay'-ko-rar) /. sheep: 

Pecoso (pay-ko'-so) a. freckled. 
Peculio (pay-koo'-lee-o) m. 

private means: money allow- 
Pechar (pay-char') v. to pay 

Pecho (pay'-cho) m. breast: 

bosom: courage: v'alour. 
Pechuga (pay-choo'-gar) /. 

breast of a chicken. 
Pechuguera (pay-choo-goo- 

ay'-rar) /. cough. 
Pedazo (pay-dar'-tho) m. bit: 

Pedir (pay-deer') i;. to beg: 

petition: solicit. 
Pedorreras (pay-dor-ray'-rars) 

/. flatulency. 
Pedregoso (pay-dray-go'-so) 

a. stony. 
Pedrera (pay-dray'-rar) /. 

Pega (pay'-gar) /. pitch: glue. 
Pegado (pay-gar'-do) m. stick- 
Pegar (pay-gar') v. to cement: 

join: unite: stick together. 
Peinador (pay-ee-nar-dor') m. 

hairdresser: dressing-gown. 
Peinar (pay-ee-nar') v. to 

comb the hair. 
Peine (pay'-ee-nay) m. hair- 
Pelagatos (pay-lar-gar'-tos) m. 

Pelea (pay'-lay-r) /. battle: 

fight: quarrel. 
Pelear (pay-lay-ar') v. to fight: 

Peleteria (pay-lay-tay-ree'-r) 

/. furrier's business. 
Peletero (pay-lay-tay'-ro) m. 

Pelicano (pay-lee'-kar-no) m. 

pelican — a. grey-haired. 
Peligroso (pay-lee-gro'-so) a. 

dangerous: risky: perilous. 
Pelota (pay-lo'-tar) /. ball: 

Spanish ball game. 
Pelotear (pay-lo-tay-ar') v. to 

play ball: argue. 
Peltre (payl'-tray) m. pewter. 



Peludo (pay-loo'-do) a. hairy. 
Pellejo (payl-yay'-ho) m. hide: 

pelt: skin: peel. 
Pellizcar (payl-yeeth-kar') v. 

to pinch: nip. 
Pena (pay'-nar)/. pain: punish- 
Penalidad (pay-nar-lee-dard') 

/. suflTering: trouble: penalty. 
Penar (pay-nar') v. to suffer 

Pendanga (payn-darn'-gar) /. 

Pendencia (payn-dayn'-thee-r) 

/. dispute: quarrel. 
P6nduIo (payn'-doo-lo) a. 

hanging: pendent: pendulous. 
Penetrar (pay-nay-trar') f. to 

Penitencia (pay - nee - tayn' - 

thee-r) /. penitence: fine: 

Penoso (pay-no'-so) a. painful. 
Pensar (payn-sar') v. to think. 
Pentecost^s (payn-tay-kos- 

tays') m. Pentecost: Whitsun- 
Penuria (pay-noo'-ree-r) /. 

penur>': poverty: need. 
Pena (payn'-yar) /. rock. 
Pe6n (pay-on') m. pedestrian: 

pawn (in chess). 
Peonia (pay-on-ee'-r) /. peony. 
Peer (pay-or') a. & ad. worse. 
Pepino (pay-pee'-no) m. cu- 
Pequeno (pay-kayn'-yo) a. 

little: small: tiny. 
Pera (pay'-rar) /. pear. 
Percance (payr-karn'-thay) m. 

ill-luck: misfortune. 
Percibir (payr-thee-beer') v. 

to receive: perceive. 
Perder (payr-dayr') v. to lose. 
P^rdida (payr'-dee-dar) /. loss: 

Perdiz (payr-deeth') /. par- 
Perdon (payr-don') m. pardon. 
Perdonar (payr-don-ar') v. to 

pardon: forgive. 
Perdurable (payr-doo-rar'- 

blay) a. everlasting: perpetual: 

for ever. 
Perecedero (pay-ray-thay'- 

day-ro) a. perishable — m. 

misery-: want. 
Perecer (pay-ray-thayr') v. to 

die: perish. 




Perejil (pay-ray'-heel) m. pars- 
Perendengue (pay - rayn - 

dayn'-gay) m. ear'-ring. 
Perenne (pay-rayn-nay) a . 

Pereza (pay-ray '-thar) /. idle- 
ness: laziness. 
Perfeccionar (payr-fayk-thee- 

on-ar') v. to complete: finish: 

Perfecto (payr-fayk'-to) a. 

complete: finished: perfect. 
Perfumar (payr-foo-mar') v. 

to perfume. 
Perfume (payr-foom'-ay) m. 
-. perfume: scent. 
Pergamino (payr-gar-mee'- 

no) m. parchment. 
Pericia (pay-ree'-thee-r) /. 

knowledge: skill. 
Perill^n (pay-reel-yarn') a. 

artful: cunning: knavish. 
Periodico (pay-ree-o'-dee-ko) 

a. periodical — m. newspaper. 
Periodo (pay-ree'-o-do) m. 

Perito (pay-ree'-to) a. skilful. 
Perjudicar (payr - hoo - dee- 

kar') V. to damage: hurt: 

Perjurio (payr-hoo'-ree-o) m. 

Perla (payr'-lar) /. pearl. 
Permanencia (payr' - mar - 

nayn-thee'-r) /. permanence. 
Permision (payr-mee-see-on') 

/. permission. 
Permitir (payr-mee-teer') v. 

to allow: permit. 
Permutar (payr-moo-tar') v. 

to exchange. 
Pernear (payr-nay-ar') v. to 

kick: fret. 
Pernetas (payr-nay'-tars) ad. 

Pernil (payr-neeF) m. shoulder: 

ham: gammon. 
Pero (pay'-ro) conj. but: ex- 
cept: yet. 
Perpetrar (payr-pay-trar') v. 

to commit a crime. 
Perpetua (payr-pay'-too-ar) /. 

everlasting flower: immortelle. 
Perpetuo (payr-pay'-too-o) a. 

perpetual: everlasting. 
Perpiejo (payr-play'-ho) a. 


Perrera (payr-ray'-rar) /. ken- 

Perro (payr'-ro) m. dog: ob- 
stinate person. 
Perro de aguas, poodle. 
Perro de ayuda, Newfound- 
land dog. 
Perro de busca, terrier, 
Perro de lana, poodle. 
Perro de muestra, pointer. 
Perro de ojo, setter. 
Perro de presa, bulldog. 
Perro lebrel, greyhound. 
Perro raposero, foxhound. 

Perseguir (payr-say-gheer') v. 
to persecute: dun for money. 

Perseverar (payr-say-vay-rar') 
V. to persist: persevere. 

Persona (payr - son' - ar) /. 

Personero (payr-son-ay'-ro) m. 
agent: deputy. 

Persuadir (payr-soo-r-deer') 
V. to persuade. 

Pertenecer (payr-tay-nay'- 

thayr) v. to belong to: concern. 

Perturbar (payr-toor-bar) v. 
to disturb. 

Perverso (payr-vayr'-so) a. 
perverse: wicked. 

Pesa (pay'-sar) /. weight. 

Pesadez (pay-sar-dayth') /. 
heaviness: weight. 

Pesadilla (pay-sar-deel'-yar)/. 

Pesado (pay-sar'-do) a. peev- 

P6sanie (pay'-sar-may)m. note 
of condolence. 

Pesar (pay-sar') m. grief: sor- 

Pesca (pays'-kar) /. fishing. 

Pescado (pays-kar'-do) m. fish. 

Pescador (pays-kar-dor') m. 

Pescuezo (pays-koo-ay'-tho) m. 

Pesebre (pay-say'-bray) m. 
baby's crib or cot: manger. 

Peseta (pay-say'-tar)/. Spanish 
coin, similar to the franc. 

P^simo (pay'-see-mo) a. very 

Peso (pay'-so) m. weight: scales. 

Pesquisa (pays-kee'-sar) /. 
examination: enquiry. 

Pestana (pay-starn'-yar)/. eye- 

Peste i 

Peste (pays'-tay) /. plague: 

Petaca (pay-tar'-kar) /. tobac- 

Petar (pay-tar') v. to please: 

Petardista (pay-tar-dees'-tar) 
m. & f. cheat. 

Petulante (pay-too-lam'-tay) 
a. insolent. 

Piadoso (pee-r-do'-so) a. mer- 
ciful: moderate: pious. 

Piar (pee-ar') v. to squeak. 

Picada (pee-ka'-dar) /. punc- 

Picadillo (pee-kar-deel'-yo) m. 
minced meat: hash. 

Picante (pee - karn' - tay) m. 
piquancy — a. sharp. 

Picar (pee-kar') v. to prick: 

Picardia (pee-kar-dee'-r) m. 
deceit: knavery: roguery. 

Picaz6n (pee-karth-on')/. itch- 

Pico (pee'-ko) m. beak: bill: 

Pie (pee'-ay) m. foot: leg: base 
of things as trunk of tree. 

Piedad (pee-ay-dard') /. pity: 

Piedra (pee-ay'-drar) /. gravel: 
stone: hail. 

Piel (pee'-ayl) /. hide: peel: 
skin: rind. 

Pigmeo (peeg-may'-o) m. 

Pildora (peel'-do-rar) /. pill. 

Pilongo (pee-lon'-go) a. lean: 

Piloto (pee-lo'-to) m. pilot. 

Pillaje (peel-yar'-hay) m. pil- 
lage: plunder. 

Pimentero (pee-mayn-tay'-ro) 
m. pepper-box. 

Pimienia (pee-mee-ayn'-tar) /. 

Pincel (peen'-thayl) m. pencil. 

Pinchadura (peen-char-doo'- 
rar) /. puncture. 

Pinchar (peen-char') v. to 

Pinclio (peen'-cho) m. thorn. 

Pingajo (peen-gar'-ho) m. rag: 

Pinta (peen'-tar) /. blemish: 

scar: spot. 
Pintar (peen-tar') v. to paint. 
Pinter (pten-tor') m. painter. 


t Plegar 

Pintura (peen - too' - rar) /. 

painting: picture. 
Pinzas (peen'-thas) /. pi. 

pincers: nippers. 
Pinz6n (peen - thon*) m. 

Piiia (peen'-yar) /. pineapple: 

Pic (pee'-o) a. devout: pious: 

Pipa (pee'-par) /. tobacco pipe. 
Pirimide (pee-rar'-mee-day) 

/. pyramid. 
Pirata (pee-rar'-tar) m. pirate: 

any cruel person. 
Pisar (pee-sar') v. to trample: 

Piso (pee'-so) m. floor: pave- 
Pistola (pee-sto'-lar) /. pistol. 
Pitirrojo (pee-teer'-ro-ho) m. 

Pitonisa (pee-to-nee'-sar) /. 

Pizarra (pee-thar'-rar) /. slate. 
Pizpereta (peeth-pay-ray'-tar) 

a. brisk: livelv: smart. 
Pl^ceme (plar'-thee-mee) m. 

Placentero (plar-thayn-tay'- 

ro) a. joyful: merry. 
Placer (plar-thayr') m. delight: 

joy: pleasure. 
Plaga (plar'-gar) /. plague. 
Planchar (plarn-char') v. to 

iron linen. 
Piano (plar'-no) a. flat: level. 
Planta (plarn'-tar) /. plant: 

Plantar (plarn-tar') v. to 

plant: establish. 
Planir (plarn'-yeer) v. to 

grieve: bewail. 
Plasta (plars'-tar) /. paste. 
Platforma (plart-for'-mar) /. 

p!atform of rail, station. 

Platforma giratoria, turn- 
Platear (plar-tay-ar') v. to 

Plateria (plar-tay-ree'-r) /. 

silversmith's shop. 
Platicar (plar-tee-kar') v. to 

Plato (plar'-to) m. dish: plate. 
Playa (plar'-yar)/. beach: coast. 
Plaza (plar'-thar) /. public 

square: fortified place. 
Plegar (play-gar') v. to fold. 

Pliego 82 

Pliego (plee-ay'-go) m. sheet 

of paper. 
Plomero (plo - may' - ro) m. 

Plomo (plo'-mo) m. lead. 
Pluma (ploo'-mar) /. feather 

plume: pen (for writing). 
Plumaje (ploo-mar'-hay) m. 

Pmvial (ploo-vee-arl') a. rainy. 
Poblacion (po-blar-thee-on') /. 

Poblado (po-blar'-do) m. town: 

Pobre (po'-bray) a. poor: 

humble: indigent. 
Pobreza (po - bray' - thar) /. 

Pocilga (po-theel'-gar)/. pigsty. 
Poco (po'-ko) a. few: little — 

ad. little. 
Poder (po'-dayr) m. power: 

authority — v. to be able. 
Poderoso (po-day-ro'-so) a. 

Poema (po-ay'-mar) /. poem. 
Poesia (po-ay-see'-r) /. poetry. 
Polea (po-lay'-r) /. pulley. 
Policia (po - lee - thee - r') /. 

police: politeness. 
Polilla (po-leel'-yar) /. moth. 
Poltron (pol-tron') a. idle: lazy. 
Polvo (pol'-vo) 771. dust: powder. 
Polvora (pol'-vo-rar) /. gun- 
Polvoriento (pol-vo-ree-ayn'- 

to) a. dusty. 
Polla (pol'-yar) /. pullet. 
Pollero (pol-yay'-ro) m. poul- 
Porno (po'-mo) m. apple: fruit. 
Ponderar (pon-day-rar') v. to 

weigh: exaggerate: ponder 

Pondero (pon-day'-ro) m. nest. 
Poner (po-nayr') v. to put: 

become: impose: lay an egg. 
Ponzona (pon-thon'-yar) /. 

Ponzonoso (pon-thon-yo'-so) 

a. poisonous. 
Populaci6n (po-poo-lar-thee- 

on') /. population. 
Por (por) prep, about: by: by 

means of: for. 
Porcelana (por-thay-lar'-nar) 

/. porcelain: china. 
Porci6n (por-thee-on') /. part: 


Pordiosero (por-dee-o-say'-ro) 

m. & f. beggar. 

Porfiado (por-fee-r'-do) a. 
obstinate: stubborn. 

Poro (po'-ro) m. pore. 

Porosidad (po-ro-see-dard') /. 

Porque (por'-kay) coTij. be- 
cause: why. 

Porqu6 (por-kay') m. cause: 

Porreria (por-ray-ree'-r) /. 
folly: stupidity. 

Portacartas (por-tar-kar'-tars) 
771. postman. 

Portador (por-tar-dor') m. 
carrier: porter. 

Portentoso (por-tayn-to-so) a. 
marvellous: prodigious. 

Portero (por-tay'-ro) m. por- 
ter: door-keeper. 

Pos (pos) ad. after: behind. 

Posada (po-sar'-dar) /. hotel: 
tavern: inn: dwelling, 

Posadero (po-sar-day'-ro) nt, 
inn-keeper: landlord (lady). 

Posar (po-sar') v. to lodge: 
repose: rest. 

Poseer (po-say-ayr') v. to 
own: possess. 

Posible (po-see'-blay) a. pos- 

Posicion (po-see-thee-on') /. 

Positivo (po-see-tee'-vo) a. 
certain: positive: sure. 

Posponer (pos-po-nayr') v. to 
postpone: defer. 

Posta (pos'-tar) /. post: post- 
office: postage. 

Postal (pos-tarl') a. postal. 
Tarjeta postal, post card. 

Postergar (pos-tayr-gar') v. to 
leave behind. 

Posteridad (pos - tay - ree - 
dahd') /. posterity. 

Posterior (pos-tay-re-or') a. 
hind: posterior. 

Postizo (pos-tee'-tho) a. arti- 
ficial: unnatural — m. false hair. 

Postrar (pos-trar') v. to hum- 
ble: humiliate. 

Postre (pos'-tray) m. dessert 
— a. last. 

Potable (po-ttir'-blay) a. drink- 

Potasa (po-tar'-sar) /. potash. 

Potencia (po-tayn'-thee-r) /. 
power: might: strength. 

Potente (po-tayn'-tay) 




tent: mighty: powerful 
Potro (po'-tro) m. colt. 
Poza (po'thar) /. puddle. 
Pozo (po'-tho) m. well: whirl- 
Practice (prark'-tee-ko) a. 

Pradera (prar - day' - rar) /. 

prairie: meadow: mead. 
Prado (prar'-do) m. field: 

lawn: meadow. 
Precario (pray-kar'-ree-o) a. 

precarious: uncertain. 
Precaver (pray-kar-vayr') v. 

to obviate: prevent. 
Preceptor (pray-thayp-tor') m. 

fe? /. master: teacher. 
Preciar (pray-thee-ar') V. to 

value: appreciate. 
Precio (pray-thee'-o) m. cost: 

price: worth. 
Precioso (pray-thee-o'-so) a. 

precious: valuable. 
Precipicio (pray-thee-pee- 

thee'-o) m. precipice: destruc- 
Precisar (pray-thee-sar') v. to 

compel: oblige: force. 
Precise (pray - thee' - so) a. 

necessary: exact: precise. 
Preclaro (pray - klar' - ro) a. 

Preconizar (pray-kon-ee-thar') 

V. to praise. 
Predecir (pray-day'-thee-r) v. 

to predict: foretell. 
Predicar (pray-dee-kar') v. to 

publish: preach. 
Predilecto (pray-dee-layk'-to) 

a. favourite: preferred. 
Prefacio (pray-far'-thee-o) jn. 

Preferencia (pray-fay-rayn'- 

thee-r) /. preference. 
Preferir (pray-fayr-eer') v. to 

Pregonar (pray-gon-ar') v. to 

Pregunta (pray-goon'-tar) /. 

Preguntar (pray-goon-tar') v. 

to ask: question. 
Premeditar (pray-may-dee- 

tar') V. to premeditate. 
Premiar (pray-mee-ar') v. to 

reward: recompense. 
Premie (pray-mee'-o) m. re- 
ward: recompense. 

Premura (pray-moo'-rar) /. 

haste: hurry: urgency. 
Prenda (pren'-dar) /. pledge. 
Prendar (pren-dar') v. to 

pawn: pledge. 
Prender (pren-dayr') v. to 

catch: seize: arrest. 
Prendide (pren-dee'-do) m. 

women's dress. 
Preparar (pray-par-rar') v. to 

prepare: get ready. 
Presagiar (pray-sar-hee-ar') v. 

to foretell. 
Presagio (pray-sar-hee'-o) m. 

Presbiterio (prays-bee-tay'- 

ree-o) m. sanctuary. 
Presenciar (pray-sayn-thee- 
ar') V. to assist at: be present at. 
Presentar (pray-sayn-tar') v. 

to display: show: present. 
Preservar (pray-sayr-var') V. 

to preserve: save. 
Presidir (pray-see-deer') v. to 

Presion (pray-see-on') /. pres- 
Preso (pray'-so) m. convict: 

Pr^stamo (pray'-star-mo) m. 

Prestar (pray-star') v. to lend. 
Prestigie (pray-stee-hee'-o) m. 

fame: prestige. 
Preste (pray'-sto) a. prompt: 
quick: speedy — ad. quickly: 
speedily: promptly. 
Presumir (pray-soo-meer') v. 

to presume. 
Prevalecer (pray - var - lay - 
thay'-r) v. to prevail: per- 
Prevenido (pray-vay-nee'-do) 

a. prepared: ready. 
Preventive (pray-vayn-tee'-vo) 

a. presen.-ative. 
Prever (pray-vayr') v. to fore- 
see: presuppose. 
Prima (pree'-mar) /. premium: 

female cousin. 
Primavera (pree - mar - vay' - 

rar) /. spring: primrose. 
Primero (pree-may'-ro) a. 

first: principal. 
Primer (pree-mor') m. ability: 

Princesa (preen-thay'-sar) /. 



Principe (preen'-theep-ay) m. 

Principiante (preen-thee-pee- 
arn'-tay) m. & f. beginner: 
Principiar (preen-thee-pee- 

ar') V. to begin: commence. 
Principio (preen-thee-pee'-o) 
m. beginning: commencement, 
Prisa (pree'-sar)/. haste: hurry. 
Prisi6n (pree-see-on') /. cap- 
ture: prison: gaol. 
Privado (pree - var' - do) a. 

Privar (pree-var') v. to de- 
prive: prohibit. 

Pro (pro) m. advantage: benefit: 

Probar (pro-bar') v. to try: 
probe: prove: suit. 

Probo (pro'-bo) a. honest: up- 

Procesi6n (pro-thay-see-on')/. 

Proclamar (pro-klar-mar') v. 
to proclaim. 

Prodigar (pro-dee-gar') v. to 
waste: squander. 

Prodigio (pro-dee-hee'-o) m. 
monster: wonder. 

Producir (pro-doo-theer') v. to 

Productive (pro-dook-tee'-vo) 
a. productive. 

Producior (pro-dook-tor') m. 
& f. producer. 

Proeza (pro - ay' - thar) /. 
bravery: prowess. 

Profano (pro-far'-no) a. pro- 
fane: immodest. 

Profecia (pro-fay-thee'-r) /. 

Profeta (pro-fay'-tar) m. pro- 

Profundo (pro-foon'-do) a. 
profound: deep. 

Programa (pro-grar'-mar) m. 

Progresar (pro-gray-sar') v. to 

Prohibicion (pro-ee-bee-thee'- 
on) /. prohibition. 

Prohibir (pro-ee-beer') v. to 
prohibit: forbid. 

Prohijar (pro-ee-har') v. to 

Prole (pro'-lay) /. offspring: 

Prolongar (pro-lon-gar') v, to 

Promesa (pro-may'-sar) /. 

Pronosticar (pro-nos-tee-kar') 

V. to predict. 
Pronto (pron'-to) a. prompt: 

Propenso (pro-payn'-so) a. 

disposed: inclined. 
Propiedad (pro-pee-ay-dard') 

/. property: possession. 
Propina (pro-peen'-ar) /. pre- 
sent: salary. 
Propio (pro'-pee-o) a. proper: 

own — m. pi. estates: lands. 
Proponer (pro-po-nayr') v. to 

Proporcionar (pro-por-thee- 

on-ar') to apportion: share. 
Prop6sito (pro-po'-see-to) m. 

Propuesta (pro-poo-ays '-tar) 

/. proposal. 
Proseguir (pro-say-gheer') v. 

to prosecute: pursue. 
Prosperar (pros-pay-rar') v, 

to prosper. 
Pr6spero (pros'-pay-ro) a. 

Proteger (pro-tay-hayr') v. to 

Protervia (pro-tayr-vee'-r) /. 

Protestar (pro-tays-tar') v. to 

protest: threaten. 
Proveclio (pro-vay'-cho) m. 

Proveimiento (pro-vay-ee- 

mee'-n-to) m. provision. 
Provenir (pro-vayn-eer') v. to 

Provento (pro-vayn'-to) m. 

Pr6vido (pro'-vee-do) a. pro- 
Provocar (pro-vo-kar') v. to 

Pr6ximo (prok'-see-mo) a. 

nearest: next. 
Proyectar (pro-yek-tar') v. 

to project: scheme. 
Prudencia (proo-dayn'-thee-r) 

/. prudence: wisdom. 
Prudente (proo-dayn'-tay) a. 

Prueba (proo - ay' - bar) /. 
evidence: proof. 

Prurito 85 

Prurito (proo-ree'-to) m. itch- 
Pua (poo'-r) /. sharp point. 
Publicar (poo-blee-kar') v. to 

Publico (poo'-blee-ko) a. 

Pudir (poo-deer') v. to rot: 

turn putrid. 
Pueblo (poo-ay'-blo) m. town: 

village: population. 
Puente (poo-ayn'-tay) m. & f. 

Puerca (poo-ayr'-kar) /. sow. 
Puerco (poo-ayr'-ko) m. pig: 

hog — a. dirty: filthy. 
Puerta (poo-ayr'-tar) /. door: 

gateway: entrance. 
Puerto (poo-ayr'-to) m. har- 
bour: port. 
Pues (poo'-ays) ad. then: there- 
fore: since: well then. 
Puesto (poo-ays'-to) m. place: 

spot: shop. 
Pugnar (poog-nar') v. to fight: 

Pulcro (pool'-kro) a. beautiful. 
Pulga (pool'-gar) /. flea. 
Pulgar (pool-gar') m. thumb. 
Pulidez (poo-lee-daytli) /. 

Pulido (poo-lee'-do) a. neat: 

Pulidor (poo - lee - dor') m. 

Pulir (poo-leer') v. to burnish: 

Pulmon (pol-mon') m. lungs. 
Pulsar (pool-sarr') v. to touch: 

Pulso (pool'-so) m. pulse. 
Pundonor (poon-don-or') m. 

matter of honour. 
Pundonoroso (poon-do-no- 

ro'-so) a. honourable. 
Pungir (poon-heer') v. to 

punch: prick. 
Punicibn (poo-nee-thee-on') /. 

Punta (poon'-tar) /. point. 
Puntear (poon-tay-ar') v. to 

play on the guitar. 
Puntillazo (poon-teel-yar'-tho) 

m. kick. 
Punto (poon'-to) m. point: 

aim: design: end. 
Puntual (poon-too-arl') a. 

punctual: exact. 

Punzadura (poon-thar-doo'- 

rar) /. puncture: prick. 
Punzar (poon-thar') v. to 

Punado (poon - yar' - do) m. 

Punal (poon-yarl') m. dagger: 

Puno (poon'-yo) m. fist: wrist. 
Pupila (poo-pee'-lar) /. eye- 
ball: pupil (of eye). 
Pupilo (poo-pee'-lo) m. pupil 

(learner): scholar. 
Pureza (poo-ray '-thar) /. 

chastity: purity. 
Purgante (poor-garn'-tay) m. 

Purgar (poor-gar') v. to purge: 

Purificar (poo-ree-fee-kar') v. 

to purify. 
Puro (poo'-ro) a. pure. 
Purpureo (poor-poo'-ray-o) a. 

Pustula (poo'-stoo-iar) /. pim- 
Putrido (poo'-tree-do) a. 

putrid: rotten. 

Que (kay) pron. as: who: which: 

what: that. 
Quebrada (kay-brar'-dar) /. 

Ouebradizo (kay-brar-dee'- 

tho) a. brittle: fragile. 
Quebrado (kay-brar'-dp) a. 

broken — ni. fraction (arith.). 
Quebradura (kay-brar-doo'- 

rar) /. fracture: rupture: slit. 
Quebrantar (kay-brarn-tar') v. 

to break: burst: crack: violate: 

vex: transgress: weaken. 
Quedar (kay-dar') v. to remain: 

Ouedo (kay'-do) a. easy: gentle: 

quiet: still — ad. gently: softly. 
Quehacer (kay-r-thayr') m. 

Oueja (kay'-har) /. complaint. 
Quejoso (kay-ho'-so) a. queru- 
Quemar (kay-mar') v. to bum: 

kindle: scald: set alight. 
Ouerella (kay - rayl' - yar) /, 

complaint: lamentation. 
Querer (kay-rayr') v. to desire: 

wish — m. desire: will. 




Querido (kay-ree'-do) a. be- 
loved: dear — m. fef /. darling. 

Ouesera (kay-say'-rar) /. dairy. 

Quesero (kay-say'-ro) m. & f. 
cheesemaker: cheesemonger. 

Queso (kay'-so) m. cheese. 

Quicio (kee-thee'-o) m. hinge: 

Quidam (kee'-darm) m. some- 

Quien (kee'-ayn) pron. who: 
whom: whoever: which: 

Quienquiera (kee-ayn-kee-ay'- 
rar) pron. whosoever: what- 

Quieto (kee-ay'-to) a. quiet: 
peaceful: still. 

Quietud (kee-ay-tood')/. quiet- 
ness: peace: tranquillity. 

Quijada (kee-har'-dar) /. jaw. 

Quilla (keel'-yar) /. keel. 

Quimera (kee-may'-rar) /. dis- 
pute: quarrel. 

Quimica (kee' - mee - kar) /. 

Quimico (kee - mee' - ko) m. 

Ouincalla (keen-kal'-yar) /. 

Quince (keen'-thay) a. fifteen: 

Quinientos (kee-nee-ayn'-tos) 
a. five hundred. 

Quinquina (keen-kee'-nar) /. 

Quinquillero (keen-keel-yar'- 
ro) m. hawker: pedlar. 

Quinta (keen'-tar) /. country- 
seat: country-house. 

Quinteria (keen-tay-ree'-r) /. 

Quintero (keen-tay'-ro) m. 

Quinon (keen-yon') m. divi- 

Quirurgo (kee-roor'-go) m. 

Quisicosa (kee-see-ko'-sar) /. 

Quitar (kee-tar') v. to remove: 
take away. 

Quitasol (kee-tar-sol') m. para- 

Quite (kee'-tay) m. impedi- 
ment: obstacle. 

Quito (kee'-to) a. exempt. 

Quizd (kee-thar') ad. perhaps. 

R^bano (rar'-bar-no) m. radish. 
Rabia (rar-bee'-r) /. fury: rage. 
Rabiar (rar-bee-r') v. to be 

furious: rage. 
Rabieta (rar-bee-ay'-tar) /. 

bad temper. 
Rabo (rar'-bo) m. tail. 
Racimo (rar-thee'-mo) m. 

bunch of grapes. 
Raciocinar (rar-thee-o-theen- 

ar') V. to argue: reason. 
Raci6n (rar-thee-on') /. ration. 
Radiacion (rar-dee-r'-thee-on) 

/. radiation. 
Radiante (rar-dee-arn'-tay) a. 

Radicarse (rar-dee-kar'-say) v. 

to take root. 
Radiotelefonia (rar-dee-o-tay- 

lay-fon'-ee-ar) /. broadcast. 
Raiz (rar-eeth') /. root. 
Raja (rar'-har) /. splinter. 
Rajar (rar-har') v. to chop: 

cleave: split: boast. 
Ralea (rar-lay'-ar) /. breed: 

race: caste: species. 
Ralear (rar-lay-ar') v. to thin: 

Ralo (rar'-lo) a. thin: slim: rare. 
Rama (rar'-mar) /. branch (of 

Ramillete (rar-meel-yay'-tay) 

ni. nosegay. 
Ramo (rar'-mo) m. tree-branch. 
Rampante (rarm-parn'-tay) a. 

RampoUo (rarm-pol'-yo) m. 

shoot: sucker: sprig: off^shoot. 
Rana (rar'-nar) /. frog. 
Rancio (rarn'-thee-o) a. ran- 
cid: rank. 
Rapadura (rar-par-doo'-rar) /. 

Rape (rar'-pay) m. shaving. 
Rapidez (rar-pee-dayth') /. 

Rapido (rar'-pee-do) a. rapid: 

speedy: swift. 
Rapina (rar-peen'-yar) /. rob- 
bery: plunder. 
Raposa (rar-po'-sar) /. female 

fox: artful person. 
Raposo (rar-po'-so) m. male fox. 
Raqueta (rar-kay'-tar) /. racket 

(for games). 
Raquitis (rar - kee' - tees) /. 




Raridad (rar - ree - dard') /. 
rarity: scarcity. 

Raro (rar'-ro) a. rare: scarce — 
ad. rarely: scarcely. 

Rascar (rars-kar') v. to scrape: 

Rasgar (rars-gar') v. to rend: 

Rasguno (rars-goon'-yo) m. 

Rase (rar'-so) m. glade: open- 
air: satin. 

Raspador (rars-par-dor') m. 
file: rasp. 

Rastra (rars'-trar) /. sledge. 

Rastrear (rars-tray-ar') v. to 

Rasurar (rar-soo-rar') v. to 

Rata (rar'-tar) /. rat. 

Rateria (rar-tay-ree'-r) /. lar- 
ceny: petty theft. 

Ratero (rar-tay'-ro) a. creep- 
ing: underhand: unreliable. 

Rato (rar'-to) m. mouse. 

Raton (rar-ton') m. mouse. 

Ratonar (rar-ton-r') v. to gnaw 

Ratonera (rar-ton-ayr'-ar) /. 

Rayano (rar-yar'-no) a. con- 
tiguous: neighbouring: ad- 

Rayo (rar'-yo) m. ray: radius: 

Rayoso (rar-yo'-so) a. striped. 

Raza (rar'-thar) /. race (classi- 
fication of people). 

Razonable (rar-tho-nar'-blay) 
a. reasonable. 

Razonar (rar-thon'-ar) v. to 
reason: argue: talk. 

Reaccion (ray-ark-thee-on') /. 

Reagravar (ray-r-grar-var') v. 
to aggravate. 

Real (ray-arl') a. real: royal — 
m. camp: real (coin). 

Realengo (ray-arl-ayn'-go) a. 

Realidad (ray-arl-ee-dard') /. 
reality: sincerity. 

Realzar (ray-arl-thar') v. to 
elevate: lift: raise. 

Reanimar (ray-ar-nee-mar') v. 
to cheer: encourage. 

Reasumir (ray-ar-soo-meer') 
V. to resume. 

Reata (ray-ar'-tar) /. collar. 


Rebaja (ray-bar'-har) /. abate- 
ment: deduction: reduction. 
Rebajar (ray-bar-har') v. to 

abate: deduct: reduce. 
Rebano (ray-barn'-yo) m. flock: 

Rebatir (ray-bar-teer') v. to 

resist: repress. 
Rebate (ray-bar'-to) m. alarm: 

Rebelarse (ray-bay-lar'-say) f« 

to rebel: revolt. 
Rebelde (ray-bayl'-day) w. 

rebel — a. rebellious. 
Rebello (ray-bayl'-yo) m. trunk 

of tree. 
Rebosar (ray-bo-sar') v. to 

overflow: run over (liquid). 
Rebullir (ray-bool-yeer') v. to 

Reburujar (ray-boo-roo-har') 

V. to wrap up. 
Rebuzno (ray-booth'-no) m. 

braying of a donkey, ass. 
Recado (ray-kar'-do) m. gift: 

Recaida (ray-ka-ee'-dar) /. 

Recalcar (ray-karl-kar') v. to 

Recalcitrar (ray-karl-theet- 

rar') v. to kick: wince. 
Recalentamiento (ray-karl- 

ayn-tar-mee-ayn-to) m. in- 
Recalentar (ray-kar-layn-tar') 

V. to heat up again. 
Recamara (ray-kar'-mar-rar) 

/. wardrobe. 
Recargar (ray-kar-gar') v. to 

recharge: remand. 
Recatado (ray-kar-tar'-do) a. 

circumspect: prudent. 
Recaudador (ray-kar-00-dar- 

dor') m. tax-collector. 
Recaudar (ray-kar-00-dar') v. 

to collect: gather: obtain. 
Recelar (ray-thay-lar') v. to 

fear: suspect. 
Recelo (ray-thay'-lo) m. dread: 

fear: suspicion. 
Receptor (ray-thayp-tor') m. 

Receta (ray-thay'-tar) /. pre- 
scription: recipe. 
Recibir (ray-thee-beer') v. to 

accept: receive. 
Recibo (ray-thee'-bo) m. ac- 
quittance: receipt. 

Reci6n 8 

Reci^n (ray-thee-ayn') ad. late- 
ly: recently. 

Reciente (ray-thee-ayn'-tay) 
ad. fresh: modern: recent. 

Recio (ray'-thee-o) a. robust: 
strong: thick: coarse. 

Recitacion (ray-thee-tar-thee- 
on') /. recitation. 

Recitar (ray-thee-tar') v. to 

Reclamar (ray-klar-mar') v. to 

Reclinar (ray-klee-nar') v. to 
lean back: recline. 

Reclinatorio (ray-klee-nar- 
tor'-ee-o) m. couch. 

Recluir (ray-kloo-eer') v. to 
shut up. 

Recluta (ray-kloo'-tar) m. re- 
cruit — f. recruiting. 

Recobrar (ray-ko-brar') v. to 

Recobro (ray-ko'-bro) m. re- 

Recocido (ray-ko-thee'-do) a. 
clever: skilful. 

Recogedero (ray-ko-hay-day'- 
ro) m. meeting-place: rendez- 

Recoger (ray-ko-hayr') v. to 
take back: shelter: gather alms. 

Recomendar (ray-ko-mayn- 
dar') V. to charge. 

Recompensa (ray-kom-payn'- 
sar) /. compensation: recom- 

Recompensar (ray-kom-payn- 
sar') V. to compensate: recom- 

Reconciliar (ray-kon-thee-lee- 
ar') V. to reconcile. 

Reconocer (ray-kon-o-thayr') 
V, to examine minutely. 

Reconocido (ray-kon-o-thee'- 
do) a. grateful. 

Recopilaci6n (ray-ko-pee-lar- 
thee-on') /. abridgment: sy- 
nopsis: summary. 

Recopilar (ray-ko-pee-lar') v. 
to compile. 

Recordaci6n (ray - kor - dar - 
thee - on') /. memento: 

Recordar (ray-kor-dar') v. to 

Recorrer (ray-kor-rayr') v. to 

Recostar (ray-kos-tar') v. to 
lean against. 

Recreaci6n (ray-kree-ar-thee- 

on')/. amusement: recreation. 
Recrear (ray-cray-ar') v. to 

amuse: delight: entrance. 
Rectificar (rayk-tee-fee-kar') 

to put right: rectify. 
Rectitud (rayk-tee-tood') /. 

rectitude: honesty. 
Recto (rayk'-to) a. right: 

straight: just. 
Recuerdo (ray-koo-ayr'-do) m. 

memory: rem mbrance. 
Recular (ray-koo-lar') v. to fall 

back: recoil. 
Reculones (ray-koo-lo'-nays) 

ad. backwards. 
Recuperacion (ray-koo-pay- 

rar-thee-on') /. recovery. 
Recuperar (ray-koo-pay-rar') 

V. to recover. 
Recusaci6n (ray-koo-sar-thee- 

on') /. refusal. 
Rechazar (ray-char-thar') v. 

to repel: repulse. 
Rechifla (ray-chee'-flar) v. to 

mock: deride. 
Rechinar (ray-chee-nar') v. to 

gnash the teeth. 
Red (rayd) /. net. 
Redactor (ray-dark-tor') m. 

Redecilla (ray-day-ceel'-yar) /. 

Rededor (ray-day-dor') m. en- 
Redentor (ray-dayn-tor') m. & 

f. redeemer. 
Redimir (ray-dee-meer') v. 

to ransom: redeem. 
R^dito (ray'-dee-to) m. interest: 

rent: revenue. 
Redituar (ray-dee-too-ar') v. 

to rent: bring in profit. 
Redoma (ray-do'-mar) /. phial. 
Redondel (ray-don-dayl') m. 

Redondo (ray - don' - do) a. 

round: circular. 
Reducir (ray-doo-theer') v. to 

Reducto (ray-dook'-to) m. re- 
doubt: small fort. 
Reembolsar (ray - aym - bol - 

sar') V. to reimburse. 
Reencuentro (ray - ayn - koo - 

ayn'-tro) m. encounter. 
Refaccion (ray-fark-thee-on') 

/. refreshment: repast. 

Referir (ray-fay-reer') v. to 

refer: relate: report. 
Refinado (ray-fee-nar'-do) a. 

refined: subtle. 
Reflnar (ray-feen-ar') v. to 

Reflexi6n (ray-flayk-see-on') /. 

reflection: meditation. 
Refocilar (ray-fo-thee-lar') v. 

to strengthen. 
Reforzar (ray-for-thar') v. to 

reinforce: fortify. 
Refran (ray-frarn') m. proverb. 
Refreg6n (ray-fray-hon') m. 

friction: rubbing together. 
Refrenar (ray-frayn-ar') v. to 

curb: restrain. 
Refresco (ray-frays'-ko) m. re- 
Refriega (ray-free-ay'-gar) /. 

affray: encounter. 
Refrigerar (ray-free-hay-rar') 

V. to cool: refresh. 
Refrigerio (ray-free-hay'-ree- 

o) m. comfort: refreshment: 

Refuerzo (ray-foo-ayr'-tho) m. 

Refugiar (ray-foo-hee-ar') v. 

to shelter: take refuge. 
Refundir (ray-foon-deer') v. 

to rearrange. 
Refunfunadura (ray - foon - 

foon-yar'-doo-rar) /. growl- 
ing: grumbling. 
Refutar (ray-foo-tar') v. to 

deny: refute. 
Regadera (ray-gar-day'-rar) /. 

Regajo (ray-gar'-ho) m. pool: 

Regalado (ray-gar-lar'-do) a. 

dainty: delicate. 
Regalo (ray-gar'-lo) m. gift: 

Regalon (ray-gar-lon') a. de- 
licate: pampered. 
Reganar (ray-garn-yar') v. to 

growl: grumble. 
Regar (ray-gar') v. to irrigate: 

Regazo (ray-gar'-tho) m. lap. 
Regentar (ray-hayn-tar') v. to 

govern: rule. 
Regente (ray-hayn'-tay) m. 

governor: regent: manager. 
Regimen (ray'-hee-mayn) m. 


89 Relevante 

Regimiento (ray - hee - mee - 

ayn'-to) m. administration: 

Regio (ray-hee'-o) a. royal: 

Regir (ray-heer') t.'. to govern: 

Regl6n (rayg-lon') m. level 

Regocijar (ray-go-thee-har') v. 

to rejoice. 
Regocijo (ray-go-thee'-ho) m. 

joy: merriment: rejoicing. 
Regordete (ray-gor-day'-tay) 

a. plump. 
Regreso (ray-gray'-so) m. re- 
Regulaci6n (ray-goo-lar-thee- 

on') /. regulation. 
Regular (ray-goo-lar') v. to 

adjust: regulate. 
Rehacer (ray-r-thayr') v. to 

repair: rally. 
Reh^n (ray-n') m. hostage. 
Rehogar (ray-o-gar') v. to 

Rehusar (ray-oo-sar') v. to 

decline: refuse. 
Reina (ray-een'-ar) /. queen. 
Reinado (ray-een-ar'-do) m. 

Reinar (ray-een-ar') v. to reign. 
Reincidir (ray-een-thee-dee-r') 

V. to fall back: relapse. 
Reir (ray-eer') v. to laugh. 
Reiterar (ray-ee-tay-rar') v. to 

reiterate: repeat. 
Reja (ray'-har) /. grating: 

Rejon (ray-hon') w. dagger: 

Relaci6n (ray-lar-th' e-on') /. 

account: report: relation (dis- 
tant only). 
Relajar (ray-lar-har') v. to 

relax: slacken. 
Relamido (ray-lar-mee'-do) a. 

Relampago (ray-larm'-par-go) 

m. flash of lightning. 
Relator (ray-lar-tor') m. re- 
porter: narrator. 
Relegacion (ray-lay-gar-thee- 

on') /. exile. 
Relente (ray-layn'-tay) m. dew 

of evening. 
Relevante (ray-lay-vam'-tay) 

a. eminent: great. 



Relevar (ray-lay-var') v. to 
exonerate: forgive: pardon: 
exalt: raise: emboss. 

Religi6n (ray-lee-hee-on') /. 
religion: piety. 

Religioso (ray-lee-hee-o'-so) a. 
religious: pious. 

Relinchar (ray-leen-char') v. 
to neigh. 

Reliquia (ray-lee-kee'-r) /. re- 
mains: residue: relic. 

Reloj (ray-loh') m. clock: watch. 

Relucir (ray-loo-thee-r') v. to 
glitter: shine. 

Relumbrar (ray-loom-brar') v. 
to sparkle: shine. 

Remar (ray-mar') v. to row 
(a boat). 

Rematadamente (ray-mar- 
tar-dar-mayn'-tay) ad. en- 
tirely: totally. 

Rematar (ray-mar-tar') v. to 
finish: terminate. 

Remate (ray-mar'-tay) m. con- 
clusion: end: finish. 

Remedar (ray-mah-dar') v. to 
copy: mimic. 

Remediar (ray-may-dee-ar') v. 
to assist: help: remedy. 

Remedio (ray-may'-dee-o) rti. 

Remendar (ray-mayn-dar') v. 
to patch: mend. 

Remendon (ray-mayn-don') 7?z. 

Remero (ray-may'-ro) m. oars- 
man: rower. 

Remesa (ray-may '-sar) /. re- 
mittance of money: forward- 
ing of goods. 

Reminiscencia (ray-mee-nees- 
thayn-thee'-r) /. recollection: 

Remirado (ray-mee-rar'-do) a. 
cautious: prudent. 

Remirar (ray-mee-rar') r. to 
review: revise: look over again. 

Remiso (ray-mee'-so) a. care- 
less: remiss. 

Remitir (ray-mee-teer') v. to 
remit: transmit. 

Remo (ray '-mo) m. oar. 

Remoci6n (ray-mo-thee-on') /. 

Remojo (ray-mo'-ho) m. soak- 

Remolacha (ray-mo-lar'-char) 
./. beetroof. 

Retnolcar (ray-mol-kar') v. to 

Remolino (ray-mo-lee'-no) m. 

whirlpool: whirlwind. 
Remolon (ray-mo-lon') a. lazy. 
Remontar (ray-mon-tar') v. 

to scare away. 
Remoto (ray-mo'-to) a. dis- 
tant: far: remote. 
Rempujar (raym-poo-har') v. 

to push: jostle. 
Rempujbn (raym-poo-hon') m. 

push: thrust. 
Remunerar (ray-moo-nay- 

rar') v. to remunerate: re- 
ward: pay. 
Rencor (rayn-kor') m. grudge. 
Rendicion (rayn-dee-thee-on') 

/. profit. 
Rendidamente (rayn-dee-dar- 

mayn'-tay) ad. humbly. 
Rendir (rayn-deer') v. to sub- 
due: subject. 
Renegade (ray-nay-gar'-do) m. 

wicked person. 
Renombrado (ray-nom-brar'- 

do) a. renowned. 
Renombre (ray-nom'-bray) m. 

Renovacion (ray-no-var-thee- 

on') /. renovation. 
Renovar (ray-no-var') v. to 

renew: renovate. 
Renquear (rayn-kay-ar') v. to 

Renta (rayn'-tar) /. income. 
Renuevo (ray-noo-ay'-vo) ?m. 

shoot: sprout. 
Renunciar (ray-noon-thee-ar') 

V. to resign: renounce. 
Reiiir (rayn-yeer') v. to quarrel: 

scold: wrangle. 
Reo (ray'-o) m. criminal. 
Reparar (ray-par-rar') v. to 

repair: consider: observe. 
Reparon (ray-par- ron') a. over- 
Repartidor (ray-par-tee-dor') 

m. & f. distributer. 
Repartir (ray-par-teer') v. to 

Repeler (ray-pay-layr') v. to 

refute: reject: repel. 
Repente (ray-payn'-tay) ad. 

suddenly: all of a sudden. 
Repertorio (ray-payr-tor-ee'- 

o) WJ. index: repertory. 
Repetir (ray-pay-teer') V. to 


Repisa 9 

Replsa (ray-pee'-sar) /. pedes- 
Repleto (ray-play'-to) a. full: 

Replica (ray' - plee - kar) /. 

answer: reply. 
Reportado (ray-por-tar'-do) a. 

Reportorio (ray-por-tor-ee'-o) 

m. almanack. 
Reposado (ray-po-sar'-do) a. 

peaceful: quiet. 
Represar (ray-pray-sar') v. to 

stop: restrain. 
Reprimenda (ray-pree-mayn'- 

dar) /. reprimand. 
Reprimar (ray-pree-mar') v. 

to repress: refrain. 
Reptil (rayp-teel') m. reptile. 
Republica (ray-poo'-blee-kar) 

/. republic. 
Repudiar (ray-poo-dee-ar') v. 

to repudiate: disclaim. 
Repugnar (ray-poog-nar') v. 

to oppose. 
Repulgar (ray-pool-gar') v. to 

hem (sewing). 
Repulgo (ray-pool'-go) m. hem. 
Repulsa (ray-pool'-sar) /. re- 
fusal: repulse. 
Reputar (ray-poo-tar') v. to 

estimate: repute. 
Requebrar (ray-kay-brar') v. 

to court: woo. 
Requerir (ray-kay-reer') v. to 

intimate: notify. 
Requeson (ray-kays-on') m. 

Requintar (ray-keen-tar') v. 

to outbid. 
Res (rays) /. head of cattle. 
Resabiar (ray-sar-bee-ar') v. 

to acquire bad habits. 
Resaca (ray-sar'-kar) /. surf: 

Resalado (ray-say-lar'-do) a. 

very graceful. 
Resaltar (ray-sarl-tar') v. to 

be evident: to be as clear as day. 
Resarcimiento (ray-sar-thee- 

mee-ayn'-to) m. compensa- 
tion: reparation. 
Resarcir (ray-sar-thee-r') v. to 

make amends: compensate. 
Resbalar (rays-bar-lar') v. to 

slide: slip. 
Resbalon (rays-bar-lon') m. f 

slide: sliding: slip. | 

I Resuello 

Rascatar (rays-kar-tar') v. to 

ransom: redeem. 
Rescoldo (rays-kol'-do) m. 

cinders: embers. 
Reserva (ray-sayr'-var) /. re- 
serve: reservation. 
Reservado (ray-sayr-var'-do) 

m. reserved: cautious. 
Resfriado (rays-free-ar'-do) m. 

cold (in head, etc.). 
Resguardar (rays-goo-ar-dar') 

V. to defend: preserve. 
Resguardo (rays-goo-ar'-do) 

guard: safety: security. 
Residencia (ray - see - dayn - 

thee'-r) /. residence. 
Residir (ray-see-deer') v. to 

dwell: reside. 
Resignacion (ray-seeg-nar- 

thee-on') /. resignation. 
Resignar (ray-seeg-nar') v. to 

Resisar (ray-see-sar') v. to 

diminish: rebate (taxes). 
Resma (rays'-mar) /. ream of 

Resollar (ray-sol-yar') v. to 

take breath: talk. 
Resoplar (ray-sop-lar') v. to 

snore: snort. 
Respaldar (ray-sparl-dar') v. 

to endorse. 
Respetable (rays-pay-tar'- 

blay) a. respectable. 
Respeto (rays-pay'-to) m. re- 
gard: respect. 
Respigar (ray-spee-gar') v. to 

glean. ^ 
Respigon (rays-pee-gon') m. 

sty on eyelid. 
Res'pirar (rays-pee-rar') v. to 

breathe: respire. 
Resplandor (ray-splam-dor') 

m. brilliancy: splendour. 
Respuesta (ray-spoo-ays'-tar) 

/. answer: reply. 
Resta (rays'-tar) /. remainder: 

residue: rest. 
Restanar (rays-tam-yar') v. to 

stop the flow of blood. 
Restar (rays-tar') v. to subtract. 
Restriccion (rays-treek-thee- 

on') /. restriction. 
Restringir (rays-treen-heer') 

V. to limit: restrict. 
Resudar (ray-soo-dar') v, to 

perspire: transpire. 
Resuello (ray-soo-ayl'-yo) m. 

breath: breathing. 




Resultado (ray-sool-tar'-do) m. 

consequence: result. 
Retador (ray-tar-dor') m. chal- 
Retal (ray-tarl') m. remnant. 
Retatna (ray-tar'-mar)/. broom 

(plant): furze: whin. 
Retar (ray-tar') v. to challenge. 
Retardar (ray-tar-dar') v. to 

Retazo (ray-tar'-tho) m. rem- 
Ret^n (ray-tayn') m. reserve: 

stock: store. 
Retener (ray-tay-nayr') v. to 

keep back. 
Retintin (ray-teen-teen') m. 

tinkling sound. 
Retirada (ray-tee-rar'-dar) /. 

Retirar (ray-teer-ar') v. to 

retire: withdraw. 
Reto (ray'-to) m. challenge: 

threat: menace. 
Retorcer (ray-tor-thayr') v. to 

Retornar (ray-tor-nar') v. to 

turn: return. 
Retozar (ray-to-thar') v. to 

frisk: skip: tickle. 
Retraer (ray-trar-ayr') v. to 

dissuade: draw back. 
Retrasar (ray-trar-sar') v. to 

defer: put off. 
Retrato (ray-trar'-to) m. por- 
Retribuir (ray-tree-boo-eer') 

V. to repay: reward. 
Retru6cano (ray-troo-ay'-kar- 

no) m. pun. 
Reumatismo (ray-oo-mar- 

tees'-mo) m. rheumatism. 
Revalidar (ray-var-lee-dar') v. 

to confirm: ratify. 
Revelar (ray-vay-lar') v. to 

Revendedor (ray-vayn-day- 

dor') m. retail merchant. 
Revender (ray-vayn-dayr') v. 

to retail. 
Reventar (ray-vayn-tar') v. to 

burst: crack. 
Rever (ray-vayr') v. to review: 

Revesado (ray-vay-sar'-do) 

difficult: obstinate. 
Revocar (ray-vo-kar') v. to 


Revoltoso (ray-vol-to'-so) a. 

seditious: turbulent. 
Revolver (ray-vol-vayr') v. to 

revolve: return. 
Reyerta (ray-yayr'-tar) /. dis- 
Rezago (ray-thar'-go) m. re- 
mainder: residue. 
Rezar (ray-thar') v. to pray: 

say prayers. 
Rezumarse (ray-thoo-mar'- 

say) V. to leak. 
Ria (ree'-r) /. river-mouth. 
Ribazo (ree-bar'-tho)w2. hillock: 

ridge of hills. 
Ribera (ree-bay'-rar) /. shore: 

Rico (ree'-ko) a. rich. 
Ridiculo (ree-dee'-koo-lo) a. 

Riesgo (ree-ays'-go) m. danger: 

Rifar (ree-far') v. to raffle. 
Rigido (ree'-hee-do) a. rigid. 

Ringlera (reen-glay'-rar) /. 

row: line: file. 
Rin6n (reen-yon') m. kidney. 
Rio (ree'-o) m. river: stream. 
Riqueza (ree - kay' - thar) /. 

riches: wealth. 
Risa (ree'-sar)/. laugh: laughter. 
Risueno (ree-soo-ayn'-yo) a. 

smiling: laughing. 
Rivalidad (ree-var-lee-dard')/. 

Rizar (ree-thar') v. to curl or 

plait the hair. 
Robar (ro-bar') v. to rob: 

Roble (ro'-blay) m. oak-tree. 
Robo (ro'-bo) m. robbery: theft. 
Robusto (ro - boos' - to) a. 

robust: vigorous. 
Roca (ro'-kar) /. rock: cliflf. 
Rociar (ro-thee-ar') v. to scat- 
ter: sprinkle. 
Rocio (ro-thee'-o) m. dew. 
Rodar (ro-dar') v. to roll. 
Rodear (ro-day-ar') v. to sur- 
round: wrap up: encircle. 
Rodilla (ro-deel'-yar) /. knee. 
Roer (ro-ayr') v. to gnaw: 

Rogar (ro-gar') v. to beg: en- 
treat: pray. 
Rojo (ro'-ho) a. red: ruddy. 
Romper (rom-payr') v. to 
break: interrupt: fracture. 

Roncar c 

Roncar (ron-kar') v. to snore: 
roar: threaten. 

Ropa (ro'-par) /. cloth: cloth- 
ing: robe. 

Roque (ro'-kay) m. rook (chess). 

Rosa (ro'-sar) /. rose (flower 
and colour). 

Rosario (ro- sar- ree' -o) m. 

Rosea (ros'-kar) /. screw. 

Roseta (ro-say'-tar) /. rosette. 

Rostro (ros'-tro) m. face (per- 
son): countenance. 

Rotulo (ro'-too-lo) m. label: 
printed notice. 

Rubor (roo-bor') m. bashful- 
ness: blush. 

Rude (roo'-do) a. coarse: 
rough: rude. 

Rufa (roo'-fo) a. red-haired. 

Rugir (roo-heer') v. to u-uow: 
roar like a lion. 

Ruido (roo-ee'-do) m. noise. 

Ruin (roo'-een) a. despicable: 
mean: wicked. 

Ruina (roo-ee'-nar) /. ruin: 

Rumbo (room'-bo) m. road: 
route: way. 

Runriin (roon-roon') m. report: 

Ruptura (roop-too'-rar) /. rup- 

Riistico (roos'-tee-ko) a. rustic 
— m. peasant. 

Ruta (roo'-tar) /. itinerary: 

Rutilar (roo-teel-ar') v. to shine. 

S^bado (sar'-bar-do) m. Satur- 
day: sabbath. 

Sabana (sar'-bar-nar) /. sheet. 

Sabandija (sar-barn-dee'-har) 
/. beetle: grub: insect. 

Sabanon (sar-barn-yon') m. 

Saber (sar-bayr') v. to know. 

Sabido (sar-bee'-do) a. learned: 

Sabiendas (sar-bee-ayn'-dars) 
ad. knowingly. 

Sabio (sar-bee'-o) a. sage: wise 
— m. & f. sage. 

Sable (sar'-blay) m. sabre: cut- 

Saber (sar-bor') m. relish: 
savour: taste. 

5 Saludo 

Sabroso (sar-bro'-so) a. sav- 
oury: salted. 
Sabucso (sar-boo-ays'-o) m. 

Sacacorchos (sar - kar - kor'- 

chos) m. corkscrew. 
Sacar (sar-kar') v. to pull out: 

draw out. 
Sacate (sar-kar'-tay) m. grass: 

Saco (sar'-ko) m. bag: sack. 
Sacrificar (sar-kree-fee-kar') 

V. to sacrifice. 
Sacrificio (sar-kree-fee-thee'- 

o) m. sacrifice. 
Sacristia (sar-krees-tee'-r) /. 

VLStry (of church). 
Sacro (sar'-kro) a. sacred: holy. 
Sacudir (sar-koo-deer') v. to 

jerk: shake. 
Sagaz (sar-garth') a. sagacious: 

Sahumar (sar-oo-mar') v. to 

Sahumerio (sar-oo-may'-ree- 

o) m. perfume: scent. 
Sain (sar-een') Jti. fat: grease. 
Sainete (sar-ee-nay'-tay) m. 

flavour: relish. 
Sal (sari) /. salt. 
Sala (sar'-lar) /. hall: saloon. 
Salar (sar-lar') v. to salt. 
Salario (sar - lar' - ree - o) m. 

Salazon (sar - lar - thon') /. 

seasoning: salting. 
Salchicha (sarl-ctiee'-char) /. 

Salcochar (sarl-ko-char') v. to 

prepare (dress) meat. 
Salero (sar-lay'-ro) m. salt- 
Salida (sar-lee'-dar) /. outlet: 

issue: result: way out. 
Salir (sar-leer') v. to depart: 

set out. 
Salmon (sarl-mon') m. salmon. 
Salpicar (sarl-pee-kar') v. to 

Salsa (sarl'-sar) /. sauce. 
Saltar (sarl-tar') v. to jump: 

Salto (sarl'-to) m. jump: leap. 
Salubre (sar - loo' - bray) a. 

Salud (sar-Iood') /. health. 
Saludar (sar-loo-dar') v. to 

greet: salute. 
Saludo (sar-loo'-do) m. salute. 




Salvaje (sarl-var'-hay) a. savage. 
Salvamlento (sarl-var-mee- 

ayn'-to) m. safety. 
Salvar (sarl-var') v. to save. 
Salvia (sarl-vee'-r) /. sage 

Salvilla(sarl-veer-yar) /. salver. 
Sallar (sarl-yar') v. to weed 

(garden, etc.). 
San (sarn) a. saint. 
Sanar (sar-nar') v, to cure: 

Sandez (sarn'-dayth) /. folly: 

Sandio (sarn-dee'-o) a. foolish: 

Sangrar (sam-grar') v. to bleed. 
Sangre (sarn'-gray) /. blood. 
Sane (sar'-no) a. sane: sound. 
Sana (sarn'-yar) /. anger: pas- 
Sarao (sar-rar'-o) m. ball: 

Sarna (sar'-nar) /. itch: mange. 
Sastre (sars'-tray) m. tailor. 
Satisfaccion (sar-tees-fark- 

thee-on') /. satisfaction. 
Satisfacer (sar-tees-far-thay'- 

r) V. to satisfy. 
S&trapa (sar' - trar - par) m. 

crafty or sly person. 
Sazon (sar-thon') /. season: 

maturity: taste: flavour. 
Sebo (say'-bo) m. suet: great 

Secar (say-kar') v. to dry. 
Secretario (say-kray-tar'-ree- 

o) m. secretary: confidant. 
Secreto (say-cray'-to) a. secret: 

Secuaz (say-koo-ath') /. at- 
tendant: follower. 
Secura(sey-koo'-rar)/. dryness. 
Sed (sayd) /. thirst: eagerness. 
Seda (say'-dar) /. silk. 
Sediento (say-dee-ayn'-to) a. 

thirsty: desirous: eager. 
Segar (say-gar') v. to harvest: 

mow: reap. 
Segazon (say-gar-thon') /. har- 
Segregar (say-gray-gar ) v. to 

separate: set apart. 
Seguir (say-goo-eer') v. to 

follow: pursue. 
Segiin (say-goon') prep, ac- 
cording to. 
Segur (say - goer ) /. axe: 

Seguridad (say-goo-ree-dard') 

/. security: safety: certainty. 
Seguro (say-goo'-ro) a. safe: 

secure: sure. 
Seis (say'-ees) a. six. 
Seiscientos (say-ees-thee-ayn'- 

tos) a. six hundred. 
Selva (sayl'-var) /. forest. 
Sello (sayl'-yo) m. seal. 

Sello de franqueo, postage- 
Semana (say-mar'-nar)/. week. 
Semblante (saym-blarn'-tay) 

m. countenance: face. 
Sembrar (saym-brar') v. to sow. 
Semejanza (say - may - ham' - 

thar) /. likeness. 
Semejar (say-may-har') v. to 

Semilla (say-meel'-yar) /. seed. 
Sencillo (sayn-theel'-yo) a. 

harmless: simple. 
Senda (sayn'-dar) /. footpath. 
Seno (say'-no) m. breast: bosorn. 
Sensacion (sayn-sar-thee-on') 

/. feeling: sensation. 
Sensitive (sayn-see-tee'-vo) a. 

sensible: sensitive. 
Sentar (sayn-tar') v. to seat. 
Sentarse (sayn-tar'-say) v. to 

sit down. 
Sentido (sayn-tee'-do) m. sense: 

Sentir (sayn-teer') v. to hear: 

feel: regret. 
Sena (sayn'-yar) /. mark: sign: 

Senal (sayn-yarl') /. signal: 

signature: landmark. 
Senor (sayn-yor') m. Sir: Lord: 

master: gentleman. 
Senora (sayn-yor'-ar) /. Lady: 

Senorita (sayn-yor-ree'-tar) /. 

miss: young lady. 
Septentri6n (sayp-tayn-tree- 

on') m. north. ^ 

Septiembre (sayp-tee-aym - 

bray) m. September. 
Sequia (say-kee'-r) /. drought. 
Ser (sayr) v. to be: happen. 
Serene (say-ray'-no) a. calm: 

serene: quiet. 
Serio (say-ree'-o) a. serious: 

Serrar (sayr-rar') v. to saw. 
Servicio (sayr-vee'-thee-o) m. 
attendance: service. 

Servidor 95 

Servidor (sayr-vee-dor') m. 

servant: waiter. 
Servirse (sayr-veer'-say) v. to 

please: make use of. 
Sesenta (say-sayn'-tar) a. sixty. 
Soso (say'-so) m. brain. 
Setenta (say - tayn' - tar) a. 

Seto (say'-to) /. enclosure: 

Sexo (sayk'-so) m. sex. 
Si (see) conj. if: when — ad. yes: 

without doubt. 
Siega (see-ay'-gar) /. harvest. 
Siempre (see-aymp'-ray) ad. 

Sierra (see-ayr'-rar) /. saw: in- 
dented ridge of mountains. 
Siervo (see-ayr'-vo) m. & f. 

slave: serf. 
Siesta (see-ays'-tar) /. nap: 

sleep during the afternoon. 
Siete (see-ay'-tay) a. seven. 
Sif6n (see-fon') m. syphon. 
Siglo (seeg'-lo) m. century. 
Silabear (see-lar-bay-ar') v. 

to spell. 
Silbato (seel - bar' - to) m. 

Silla (seel'-yar) /. chair: seat: 

Simpatia (seem-par-tee'-r) /. 

Sin (seen) prep, besides: without. 
Sincere (seen - thay' - ro) a. 

honest: sincere. 
Sindicar (seen-dee'-kar) v. to 

accuse: censure. 
Siniestro (see-nee-ays '-tro) a. 

left (opposed to right): un- 
Sino (see-no') conj. besides: 

but: except: only. 
Sintoma (seen'-to-mar) m. 

Siquiera (see-kee-ay'-rar) conj. 

although: at least: though. 
Sobre (so'-bray) prep, above: 

over: moreover — m. envelope 

with the address. 
Sobrecama (so-bray-kar'-mar) 

/. quilt. 
Sobrecargar (so - bray - kar - 

gar') V. to overcharge. 
Sobrecejo (so-bray-thay'-ho) 

m. frown. 
Sobrecomida (so - bray - ko - 

mee'-da) /. dessert. 

Sobremesa (so-bray-may'-sar) 

/. tablecloth: dessert. 
Sobretodo (so-bray-to'-do) m. 

Sobrina (so-bree'-nar) /. niece. 
Sobrino (so - bree' - no) m. 

Sociedad (so-thee-ay-dard') /. 

association: company: society. 

Sociedad por acciones, 
joint stock company. 
Socio (so-thee'-o) m. associate: 

partner: companion. 
Socorro (so-kor'-ro) m. help. 
Sofocar (so-fo-kar') v. to 

Soga (so'-gar) /. rope. 
Sol (sol) 7n. sun. 
Solana (so-lar'-nar) /. sunny 

spot or place. 
Solar (so-lar') v. to sole shoes. 
Soldado (sol-dar'-do) m. soldier. 
Solerte (so-layr'-tay) a. dili- 
gent: sharp. 
Solio (so-lee'-o) m. throne. 
Solo (so'-lo) m. solo (music) — 

ad. alone. 
Soltero (sol-tay'-ro) m. bache- 
lor — a. unmarried. 
Sombra (som'-bray) /. shade: 

Sombrero (som-bray'-ro) m. 

hat with wide brim to afford 

Sonar (so-nar') v. to sound. 
Sonarse (so-nar'-say) v. to 

blow one's nose. 
Sonreirse (son-ray-eer'-say) v. 

to smile. 
Sonrojo (son-ro'-ho) m. blush: 

remark causing a blush. 
Sonar (son-yar') v. to dream. 
Sopa (so'-par) /. soup. 
Sorbete (sor-bay'-tay) m. sher- 
bet: ice-cream. 
Sordo (sor'-do) a. deaf: silent: 

Sortija (sor-tee'-har) /. ring: 

Sospechar (sos-pay-char') v. 

to suspect. 
Su (soo) pron. his: her: its: one's 

— sus, theirs. 
Suave (soo-r'-vay) a. smooth: 

Subasta (soo-bars'-tar) /. auc- 
tion sale. 
Subir (soo-beer') V. to ascent: 

climb: mount. 

Subito 96 

Siibito (soo'-bec-to) a. hasty: 

Subsanar (soob-sar-nar') v. 
to excuse: mend: repair. 

Suceso (soo-thay'-so) m. suc- 

Suciedad (soo-thee-ay-dard ) 
/. dirt: filth: nastiness. 

Sucursal (soo-koor-sarl') /. 
branch shop or office — a. 

Sud (sood)m. south: south wind. 

Sudar (soo-dar') v. to sweat. 
Suegra (soo - ay' - grar) /. 

Suegro (soo-ay'-gro) m. father- 
Suela (soo-ayl'-r) /. sole of 

boot or shoe. 
Sueno (soo-ayn'-yo) m. dream: 

Suerte (soo-ayr'-tay) /. chance: 

fortune: good luck. 
Sufragar (soo-frar-gar') v. to 

aid: assist: help. 
Sufrir (soo-freer') v. to permit: 

suffer: bear patiently. 
Sujetar (soo-hay-tar') v. to 

subject: subdue. 
Sumar (soo-mar') v. to add: 

sum up: cast up an account. 
Sumo (soo'-mo) a. greatest: 

Superar (soo-pay-rar') v. to 

surpass: conquer. 
Superfluo (soo-payr-floo'-o) a. 

unnecessary: superfluous. 
Suplir (soo-pleer') v. to supply: 

Suprimir (soo-pree-meer') v. 

to suppress. 
Supuesto (soo-poo-ays'-to) m. 

Supurar (soo-poo-rar') v. to 

Sur (soor) m. south: south wind. 
Surcador (soor-kar-dor') m. 

Surtido (soor-tee'-do) m. as- 
sortment: supply. 
Surtidor (soor-tee-dor') m. & 

f. caterer: purveyor. 
Suspicaz (soo-spee-karth') a. 

jealous: suspicious. 
Suspirar (soo-spee-rar') v. to 


Susurrar (soo-soor-rar ) v. to 
whisper: give away a secret. 

Suyo (soo'-yo) Suya (soo'-ya) 
a. his: hers: theirs: one's: her: 
its own: one's own: their own. 

Tabaco (tar-bar'-ko) m. 

Tabaola (tar - bar - ol' - ar) /. 

noise: shouting. 
Tabaquero (tar-bar-kay'-ro) m. 

Taberna (tar-bayr'-nar) /. tav- 
Tabla (tar'-blar)/. table: board: 

Tablazon (tar-blar-thon') /. 

deck of a vessel. 
Taburbn (tar - boo - ron') m. 

Taco (tar'-ko) m. stopper: wad: 

Tacon (tar-kon') m. heel of 

boot or shoe. 
Tacto (tark'-to) m. feeling: 

Tachuela (tar-choo-ay'-lar) /. 

tack: nail. 
Tafilete (tar-fee-lay'-tay) m. 

Morocco leather. 
Tahur (tar-oor') m. gambler. 
Taja (tar '-bar) /. cut: incision. 
Tajada (tar-har'-dar) /. slice. 
Tajar (tar-har') v. to chop: cut: 

Tal (tarl) a. such. 
Taladro (tar-lar'-dro) m. auger: 

Talladcr (tarl-yar-dor') m. en- 
Talle (tarl'-yay) m. shape: size: 

Tamano (tar-marn'-yo) m. 

bulk: shape: size. 
Tambi6n (tarm-bee-ayn') conj. 
& ad. also: as well: hKewise. 
Tambor (tarm-bor) w/. drum: 

Tampoco (tarm-po'-ko) ad. 

Tan (tarn) ad. as much: as well: 

so: so much—/, turn. 
Tanto (tarn'-to) ad. a long 

time: in such a manner: so. 
Tapa (tar'-par) /. cover: lid, 
Tapar (tar-par') v. to cover: 

conceal: hide. 
Tapiceria (tar-pee-thay'-ree-r) 
/. tapcbiry. 




Taquigrafia (tar-kee-grar-fee'- 

r) /. shorthand. 
Tardar (tar-dar') v. to delay: 

Tarjeta (tar-hay '-ta) /. card: 
visiting card: post card (t. 
T6 (tay)m. tea. 
Te (tay) pron. thee. 
Teatro (tay-r'-tro) m. theatre. 
Tejedor (tay - hay - dor') m. 

Tela (tay'-lar) /. cloth: woven 

Tel6fono (tay-lay'-fo-no) m. 

Telegrama (tay-lay-grar'-mar) 

/. telegram. 
Telescopic (tay-lays-ko-pee'- 

o) m. telescope. 
Temblar (taym-blar') v. to 

Tender (tay-mayr') v. to doubt: 

Temperatura (taym-payr-r- 

too'-rar) /. temperature. 
Tempcstad (taym-pays-tard') 

/. storm: tempest. 
Templanza (taym-plam'-thar) 

/. temperance: moderation. 
Temprano (taym-prar'-no) a. 

early — ad. very early. 
Tenaz (tay-nayth') a. firm: 

stubborn: tenacious. 
Tendero (tayn-day'-ro) m. & 

f. haberdasher. 
Tenedor (tay-nay-dor') m. fort: 

holder: keeper. 
Tener (tay-nayr') v. to have: 

hold: possess: take. 
Tentar (tayn-tar') v. to tempt: 

touch: try. 
Tenir (tayn-yeer') v. to dye. 
Terciopelo (tayr-thee-o-pay'- 

lo) m. velvet. 
Terremoto (tayr-ray-mo'-to) 

m. earthquake. 
Terreno (tayr - ray' - no) a. 

earthly — m. field: ground. 
Terso (tayr'-so) a. smooth. 
Tesoro (tay-so'-ro) m. treasure: 

Testamento (tays-tar-mayn'- 

to) m. will: trestament. 
Tetera (tay-tay'-rar) /. teapot. 
Tez (tayth) /. complexion. 
Tienda (tee-ayn'-dar) /. awn- 
ing: tent. 

Tierra (tee-ayr'-rar) /. earth: 

ground: land. 
Tigre (teeg'-ray) m. tiger. 
Tijeras (tee-hay'-rars) /. scis- 
Tilla (teel'-yar) /. gangway. 
Tiniebla (tee-nee-ay'-blar) /. 

darkness: obscurity. 
Tinta (teen'-tar)/. ink: tint: hue. 
Tic (tee'-o) m. uncle. 
Tipografo (tee-po'-grar-fo) m. 

Tizne (teeth'-nay) m. soot. 
Toalla (to-arl'-yar) /. towel. 
Tobillo (to-beel'-yo) m. ankle. 
Tocino (to-thee'-no) m. bacon: 

salt pork. 
Todavia (to-dar-vee'-r) ad. 

nevertheless: still: yet. 
Tomar (to-mar') v. to grasp: 

Tome (to' - mo) m. volume: 

Tonada (to-nar'-dar) /. tune: 

Tonel (to'-nayl) m. barrel: cask. 
Tonico (to'-nee-ko) a. strength- 
ening: tonic. 
Tontada (ton-tar'-dar) /. non- 
Torbellino (tor-bayl-yee'-no) 
m. whirlwind — a. boisterous: 
Toreo (to-ray'-o) m. bull- 
Tormenta (tor-mayn'-tar) /. 

tempest: storm: hurricane. 
Tornar (tor-nar') v. to return: 

Torneo (tor-nay'-o) m. tourna- 
Torno (tor'-no) m. wheel. 
Tore (to'-ro) m. bull. 
Torpe (tor'-pay) a. dull: heavy 

Torre (tor'-ray) /. tower: tur- 
ret: steeple. 
Torta (tor'-tar) /. tart. 
Tortuga (tor-too'-gar) /. tor- 
Tos (toss)/, cough. 
Tostar (toss-tar) v. to toast: 

Trabajo (trar-bar'-ho) m. lab- 
our: toil: work. 
Trabuco (trar-boo'ko) m. cata- 
Traducir (trar-doo-theer') v. 
to translate. 

Traer 98 

Traer (trar-ayr') v. to bring: 

carry: persuade. 
Trafago (trar'-far-go) m. traffic. 
Tragar (trar-gar') v. to swallow. 
Trama (trar'-mar) /. plot. 
Tramo (trar'-mo) ni. staircase. 
Trainpa (trarm'-par) /. trap: 

snare: fraud. 
Transitar (tram-see-tar') v. to 

travel: pass through a place. 
Trapaceria (trar - par - thay - 

ree'-r) /. deceit: fraud. 
Tras (trars) prep, after: behind 

— m. breach. 
Trascordarse (trars-kor-dar'- 

say) V. to forget. 
Traspasar (trars-par-sar') v. 

to pass over: trespass. 
Trastornar (trars-tor-nar') v. 

to overturn: overthrow. 
Trasudar (trar-soo-dar') v. to 

sweat: perspire. 
Tratamiento (trar-tar-mee- 

ayn'-to) m. treatment. 
Tratante (trar-tarn'-tay) m. 

provision dealer. 
Tratar (trar-tar') v. to traffic: 

trade: use. 
Trazo (trar'-tho) m. design: 

plan: sketch. 
Trebol (tray'-bol) m. clover: 

Trece (tray '-thay) a. thirteen. 
Trecientos (tray-thee-ayn'-tos) 

a. three hundred. 
Treinta (tray'-een-tar) a. thirty. 
Tremendo (tray-mayn'-do) a. 

awful: terrible. 
Tren (trayn) m. retinue: train: 

1 ren ascendente, up-train. 
Tren de gran velocidad, 

express train. 
Tren descendente, down 

Tren mercancias, goods 

Tren 6ninibus, slow train. 
Tres (trays) a. three. 
Trigo (tree'-go) m. wheat. 
Tripa (tree'-par) /. tripe. 
Trompa (trom'-par)/. trumpet. 
Tronar (tro-na'r') v. to thunder. 
Tropel (tro-payl') m. bustle: 

confusion: hurry. 
Trotar (tro-tar') v. to trot. 
Trucar (troo-kar') v. to have 

the lead (card playing). 
Trucha (troo'-char) /. trout. 


Tu (too) pron. thine: thy. 

Tu (too) pron. thou. 

Tube (too'-bo) m. pipe: tube. 

Tumbar (toom-bar') v. to 

Turbar (toor-bar') v. to dis- 

Turbio (toor'-bee-o) a. mud- 
dy: thick: troubled. 

Turno (toor'-no) m. turn. 

Turquesa (toor-kay'-sar) 


Unfano (oon-far'-no) a. arro- 

. gant: haughty. 

Ulcera (ool'-thay-rar) /. ulcer. 

tjltimo (ool'-tee-mo) a. hind- 
most: last. 

Ultrajar (ool-trar-har') v. to 
despise: outrage. 

Ultramar (ool-traf-mar') m. 
ultra marine: over-seas. 

Un (oon), Una (oon'-a) art. a, 
an, one. 

Undoso (oon-do'-so) a. wavy. 

Uno (oo'-no) m. one. 

Untar (oon-tar') v. to anoint: 

Una (oon'-yar) /. nail: claw. 

Urgir (oor-heer') v. to urge: 
be urgent. 

Urraca (oor-rar'-kar)/. magpie. 

Usado (oo-sar'-do) a. ex- 
perienced: used. 

Usar (00-sar') V. to use: make 
use of. 

Usura (oo-soo'-rar) /. usury. 

Usurpar (oo-soor'-par) v. to 
, usurp. 

Util (ob-teel') a. useful — m 

Ut supra (oot: soop'-rar) ad. as 

Uva (oo'-var)/. grape: barberry. 

Vaca (var'-kar) /. cow: beef. ^ 
Vacaciones (var-kar-thee-o'- 

nays) /. pi. holidays. 
Vacante (var - karn' - tay) /. 

Vaciar (var-thee-ar') v. to 

clear: empty: fall. 
Vacio (var-thee'-o) m. empty: 

void: unoccupied. 
Vacunar (var-koon-ar') v. to 




Vade (var'-day) m. satchel. 
Vadear (var-day-ar') v. to ford: 

Vagabundo (var-gar-boon'-do) 

m. vagabond. 
Vagar (var-gar') v. to loiter: 

Vag6n (var-gon') m. waggon. 
Vag6n cama (var-gon': kar'- 

mar) m. sleeping car. 
Vaho (var'-o) m. steam: vapour. 
Vale (var'-lay) m. farewell: 

promissory note. 
Valentia (var-layn-tee'-r) /. 

courage: valour. 
Valer (var-layr') v. to be 

deserving: be valuable. 
Valido (var - lee' - do) m. 

Valiza (var-lee'-thar) /. beacon. 
Valor (var-lor') m. price: value: 

power: valour. 
Valle (varl'-yay) m. dale: vale: 

Vanidad (var-nee-dard') /. 

vanity: ostentation: show. 
Vano (var'-no) a. vain: useless: 

Vapular (var-poo-lar') v. to 

flog: whip. 
Variar (var - ree - ar') v. to 

Variedad (var-ree-ay-dard') /. 

Var6n (var-ron') m. man. 
Varonil (var-ron-eel') a. male: 

Vaso (var'-so) m. vessel. 
Vasto (vars'-to) a. huge: vast. 
Vaticinar (var-tee-thee-nar') v. 

to divine: foretell. 
Veda (vay'-dar) /. prohibition. 
Vedar (vay-dar') v. to prohibit: 

Vegetacion (vay-hay-tar-thee- 

on') /. vegetation. 
Vegetal (vay-har-tarl') a. vege- 
Vehiculo (vay-ee'-koo-lo) m. 

Veinte (vay'-een-tay) a. twenty. 
Vejar (vay-har') v. to vex: 

Vejez (vay-hayth') /. old age. 
Velador (vay-lar-dor') m. 

Veleta (vay-lay'-tar) /. weather- 
Veio (vay'-lo) m. veil. 


Veioz (vay-loth') a. swift. 

Vena (vay'-nar) /. blood-vessel: 

Venado (vay-nar'-do) m. deer: 

Vencedor (vayn-thay-dor') m. 
& f. conqueror: victor. 

Venda (vayn'-dar) /. bandage. 

Vender (vayn'-dayr) v. to sell. 

Vendimla (vayn-dee'-mee-r) /. 

Veneno (vay - nay' - no) m. 
poison: venom. 

Venerar (vay-nay-rar') v. to 

Venganza (vayn-gam'-thar) /. 
revenge: vengeance. 

Venia (vay-nee'-r) /. pardon: 

Venida (vay-nee'-dar) /. ar- 
rival: return. 

Venir (vay-neer') v. to come: 

Ventaja (vayn-tar'-har) /. ad- 

Ventana (vayn-tar'-nar) /. win- 
dow: nostril. 

Ventilar (vayn-tee-lar') v. to 
ventilate: fan. 

Ventisca (vayrv-tees'-kar) /. 

Ventura (ven-too'-rar) /. for- 
tune: luck. 

Venturoso (ven-too-ro'-so) a. 
fortunate: lucky. 

Ver (vayr) v. to see: look: ob- 
serve: visit. 

Verano (vay-rar'-no) m. sum- 
mer season. 

Veras (vay'-rars) /. pi. sin- 
cerity: truth. 

Verdad (vayr-dard') /. truth: 

Verde (vayr'-day) m.& a. green. 

Verdoso (vayr-do'-so) a. green- 

Verdulero (vayr-doo-lay'-ro) 
m. & f. greengrocer. 

Verdura (vayr - doo' - rar) /. 

Verisimil (vay - ree - see' - 
meel) a. probable. 

Ver j el (vayr-hayl') m. orchard. 

Vermellon (vayr-mayl-yon')m. 

Verruga (vayr-roo'-gar)/. pim- 
ple: wart. 

Verter (vayr-tayr') v. to shed: 

Vertiente k 

Vertiente (vayr-tee-ayn'-tay) 

m. cascade: waterfall. 
Vertigo (vayr '-tee-go) m. gid- 
Vestido (vays-tee'-do) m. dress: 

Vestir (vays-teer') v. to dress: 

Vetado (vay-tar'-do) a. striped: 

Via (vee'-ar) /. way: route: 

road: method: manner. 
Viajar (vee-ar-har') v. to travel. 
Viaje (vee-r'-hay) m. journey: 

travel: voyage. 
Vibora (vee-bor'-ar) /. viper. 
Viciar (vee-thee-ar') v. to cor- 
rupt: vitiate. 
Vicio (vee-thee-'o) m. vice. 
Vid (veed) /. vine. 
Vida (veed'-ar) /. life. 
Vidrio (veed-ree'-o) m. glass. 
Vidrioso (veed-ree-o'-so) a. 

glassy: brittle: delicate. 
Viejo (vee-ay'-ho) a. old: an- 
cient: antiquated. 
Viento (vee-ayn'-to) m. air: 

Viernes (vee - ayr' - nays) m. 

Vigilar (vee-hee-lar') v. to 

watch over. 
Vigor (vee-gor') m. strength: 

Vihuela (vee - oo - ay' - lar) /. 

Vil (veel) a. low: mean: sordid. 
Villa (veel'-yar) /. town. 
Vinagre (vee-nar'-gray) m. 

Vinculo (yeen' - koo - lo) m. 

chain: link: anything that 

Vino (vee'-no) m. wine — vino 

tinto, red wine. 
Vina (veen'-yar) /. vineyard. 
Violado (vee - o - lar' - do) a. 

Violar (vee-o-lar') v. to ravish: 

Violeta (vee-o-lay'-tar) /. violet. 
Violin (vee-o-leen') m. fiddle: 

Virgen (veer'-hen) /. virgin. 
Virilidad (vee-ree-lee-dard') /. 

virility: manhood. 
Virote (vee-ro'-tay) m. arrow: 

Virtud (veer-tood') /. virtue. 

3 Yerno 

Viruela (vee-roo-ay'-lar) /• 

Vision (vee-see-on') /, vision: 

Visita (vee-see'-tar) /. visit. 
Visitador (vee-see-tar-dor') m. 

& f. visitor. 
Vist (veest) m. whist. 
Vista (vees'-tar) /. sight: view. 
Vistoso (vees-to'-so) a. beauti- 
ful: delightful. 
Vitorear (vee-to-ray-ar') v. 

to shout: applaud. 
Vituperaci6n (vee - too - pay - 

rar-thee-on') /. blame. 
Viuda (vee-oo'-dar) /. widow. 
Viudo (vee-oo'-do) m. widower. 
Vocal (vo-karl') /. vowel. 
Vocear (vo-thay-ar') v. to cry: 

Volar (vo-Iar') v. to fly. 
Volver (vol-vayr') v. to return. 
Vomitar (vo-mee-tar') v. to be 

sick: vomit. 
Vos (vos) pron. you: ye. 
Votar (vo-tar') v. to vote: vow. 
Voz (voth) /. voice. 
Vuelo (voo-ay'-lo) m. flight: 

Vuestro, Vuestra (voo-ays'- 

tro: voo-ays'-trar) pron. your: 

Vulgaridad (vool - gar - ree - 

dard') /. vulgarity. 
Vulgo (vool'-go) m. ordinary 

people: mob: crowd. 
Vulpeja (vool-pay'-har) /. fox. 

Xaurado (ksar-oo-rar'-do) a. 

abandoned: helpless. 
Xinglar (kseen-glar') v. to cry 

for joy. 

Y (e) conj. and. 

Ya (yar) ad. already: immediate- 
ly: finally. 

Yacer (yar-thayr') v. to lie. 

Yate (yar'-tay) m. yacht. 

Yedra (yay'-drar) /. ivy. 

Yegua (yay'-goo-ar) /. mare. 

Yelo (yay'-lo) m. frost: ice. 

Yema (yay'-mar)/. yolk: bud. 

Yerba (yayr'-bar) /. herb. 

Yermo (yayr'-mo) m. desert: 

Yerno (yayr'-no) m son-in-law. 

Yerro i 

Yerro (yayr'-ro) m. error: mis- 
Yo (yo) pron. I. 
Yugo (yoo'-go) m. yoke. 
Yunta (yoon'-tar)/. couple: pair. 

Zabucar (thar-boo-kar') v. to 

agitate: shake. 
Zabullir (thar-bool-yeer') v. to 

immerse: plunge. 
Zafar (thar-far') v. to adorn: 

Zafir (thar-feer') m. sapphire. 
Zagala (thar-gar'-lar) /. shep- 
Zaherir (thar-ay-reer') v. to 

Zalagarda (thar-lar-gar'-dar) 

/. ambush: snare: trap. 
Zalameria (thar - lar - may - 

ree'-r) /. flattery. 
Zambucar (tharm-boo-kar') r. 

to hide. 
Zampar (tharm-par') v. to eat 


oi Zurrir 

Zampatortas (tharm-par-tor'- 

tars) m. glutton. 
Zanahoria (thar-nar-o'-ree-r) 

/. carrot. 
Zanja (tham'-har) /. ditch: 

trench: dug-out. 
Zapatero (thar-pay-tay'-ro) m. 

Zapato (thar-par'-to) m. shoe. 
Zaramullo (thar-rar-moor-yo) 

m. busybody. 
Zarcillo (thar-theel'-yo) m. ear- 
Zarzamora (thar- thar- mo' - 

rar) /. blackberry bush. 
Zarzo (thar'-tho) m. hurdle. 
Zonzo (thon'-tho) a. insipid: 

Zorzal (thor-tharl') m. thrush 

Zurcir (thoor-theer') v. to dam. 
Zurriagar (thoor-ree-r-gar') v. 

to flog: whip. 
Zurrir (thoor-reer') v. to buzz: 




A, An, article, un: uno: una. 
Aback, ad. detras: atras. 
Abaft, ad. en popa. 
Abandon, v. abandonar. 
Abase, v. humiliar. 
Abash, V. consternar. 
Abate, v. disniinuir: rebajar. 
Abbey, s. abadir, /. 
Abbot, s. abad, m. 
Abbreviate, v abreviar. 
Abdicate, v. abdicar. 
Abdomen, s. abdomen, m. 
Abduct, V. apartar. 
Abeyance, x. esperanza, /. 
Abhor, V. detestar. 
Abide, v. habitar. 
Ability, s. habilidad, /. 
Abject, a. servil. 
Abjure, v. renunciar. 
Ablaze, a. & ad. inflamado. 
Able, a. capaz: habil. 
Ablution, s. ablucion, /. 
Ably, ad. habilmente. 
Abnormal, a. irregular. 
Aboard, ad. abordo. 
Abode, X. domicilio, m. 
Abolish, V. abolir. 
Abominate, v. abominar. 
Aborigines, s. pi. aborigenes, 

Abortion, s. malparto, m. 
Abortive, a. abortive. 
Abound, v. abundar. 
About, prep, cerca de: per: 

hacia: al rededor de — ad. per 

Above, pr. encima: sobre — ad. 

arriba: per encima. 
Abrade, v. raer. 
Abreast, ad. de frente: de 

Abridge, v. abreviar. 
Abroad, ad. tuera: al exterior. 
Abrogate, v. abrogar. 
Abrupt, a. abrupto. 


Abscess, 5. absceso, m. 
Abscond, v. esconderse. 
Absence, x. ausencia, /. 
Absent, a. ausente. 
Absinthe, x. ajenjo, m. 
Absolute, a. absolute. 
Absolve, V. absolver. 
Absorb, v. absorber. 
Absorption, x. absorcion: pre- 

ocupacion, /. 
Abstain, v. abstenerse. 
Abstemious a. sobrio: mod- 

Abstinence, s. abstinencia, /. 
Abstract, a. abstracto — x. sum- 

ario, m. 
Abstruse, a. abstruso. 
Absurd, a. absurdo. 
Abundant, a. copioso. 
Abuse, V. abusar: injuriar — s. 

abuso, m. 
Abusive, a. abusivo. 
Abyss, X. abismo: infiemo, m. 
Accede, v. acceder: asentir. 
Accelerate, v. acelerar. 
Accent, x. acento, m. 
Accept, V. aceptar. 
Acceptance, x. aceptacion, /. 
Access, X. entrada, /. 
Accession, x. advenimiento, ni. 
Accessory, x. complice, m. 
Accident, x. accidente, m.: 

casualidad, /. 
Acclaim, v. aclamar. 
Acclimatize, v. aclimatar. 
Accommodate, v. acomodar. 
Accommodation, x. acomo- 

dacion, /. 
Accompany, v. acompanar. 
Accomplice, x. complice, tn. 
Accomplish, v. completar. 
Accord, X. acuerdo, m. — v. 

Accordeon, x. acorde6n, m. 
Accost, V. acercarse. 
Accouchment, x. parte, m. 


Account I 

Account, s. calculo, m. — v. 

Accountant, s. contador, m. 
Accoutre, v. equipar. 
Accredit, v. acreditar. 
Accrue, v. provenir: resultar. 
Accumulate, t'. acumular. 
Accumulation, s. acumula- 

cion, /. 
Accuracy, s. exactitud,/. 
Accursed, a. execrable. 
Accusation, s. acusacion, /. 
Accuse, r. acusar. 
Accustom, V. acostumbrar: 

Acetate, s. acetato, m. 
Acetic, a. acetico. 
Ache, s. mal, m. — v. doler. 
Achieve, v. ejecutai. 
Acid, a. & s. acido, m. 
Acidity, s. acidez, /. 
Acknowledge, v. acusar. 
Acknowledgment, i. reconoci- 

miento, m. 
Acorn, i. bellota, /. 
Acquaint, v. informar. 
Acquaintance, s. conocido, m. 
Acquitsce, v. asentir. 
Acquire, v. adquirir. 
Acquittal, s. descargo, m. 
Acrid, a. mordaz: acre. 
Across, ad. a traves. 
Act, s. hecho, m.: acto (drama- 
tics), m. 
Active, a. activo. 
Actor, s. actor, m. 
Actress, s. actriz, /. 
Actuary, s. actuario, m. 
Actuate, v. actuar: impulsar. 
Acumien, s. penetracion, /. 
Acute, a. aguUo: vivo. 
Acuteness, s. agudeza, /. 
Adamant, s. diamante, m. 
Adapt, V. adaptar: ajustar. 
Add, V. afiadir. 

Addenda, x. pi. ap^ndices, m. 
Adder, i. vibora, /. 
Ad let d, a. inclinado. 
Addition, s. adicion: suma, /. 
Address, s. memorial, m.: 

direccion,/.: sobrescrito, m. — 

z\ hablar. 
Adduce, v. aducir: citar. 
Adept, a. habil — s. adepto, m. 
Adequate, a. adecuado. 
Adhere, v. adherirse. 
Adhesive, a. adhesivo. 
Adieu, i. a Dios. 
Adjacent, a. vecino. 

oi; Affable 

Adjective, s. adjetivo, m. 
Adjoin, V. lindar. 
Adjoining, a. colindante. 
Adjourn, v. aplazar. 
Adjournment, s. suspensi6n,/. 
Adjudge, f. adjudicar. 
Adjunct, 5. adjunto, m. 
Adjure, v. conjurar. 
Adjust, V. ajustar. 
Adjutant, x. ayudante, m. 
Administer, t. administrar. 
Administration, s. adminis- 

tracion, /. 
Admiral, s. almirante, m. 
Admiralty, 5. almirantazgo, ni. 
Admire, r. admirar. 
Admit, V. admitir. 
Admittance, 5. admision, /. 
Admonish, v. amonestar. 
Adolescence, 5. adolescencia,/. 
Adopt, V. adoptar. 
Adore, t'. adorar. 
Adorn, v. adornar: decorar. 
Adrift, ad. flotando. 
Adroit, a. habit: manoso. 
Adulate, v. adular. 
Adult, a. adulto. 
Adulterate, v. adulterar. 
Adultery, s. adulteno, m. 
Advance, 5. avance, m. — v. 

Advancement, s. adelanta- 

miento, m. 
Advantage, s. ventaja, /. 
Advent, s. adviento, m. 
Adventure, s. aventura: ex- 

plotacion, /. — v. aventurar. 
Adverb, s. adverbio, m. 
Adversary, s. adversario, m. 
Adversity, s. calamidad, /. 
Advert, v. advertir. 
Advertise, v. anunciar. 
Advertisement, 5. aviso, m. 
Advertiser, j. anunciante, m. 
Advice, x. aviso, m. 
Advisable, a. prudente. 
Advise, v. avisar. 
Advisedly, ad. deliberada- 

Advocate, s. abogado, m. — v. 

Adze, X. azuela: hachuela, /. 
Aerated waters. X. aguas gaseo- 

sas, /. 
Aerial, a. a6reo. 
Aeronaut, x. aeronauta, m. 
Aeronautics, s. aeronautica, 
Affable, a. afable. 


1 06 


Affair, s. asunto: negocio, m. 
Affect, V. afectar: modificar. 
Affection, s. afeccion, /. 
Affectionate, a. afcctuoso. 
Affiance, s. esponsales, /«. pi. 
Affiliation, s. adopcion, /. 
Affirm, v. declarer. 
Affix, V. pegar — s. afijo, m. 
Afflict, V. afligir. 
Affliction, s. aflicci6n, /. 
Affluence, s. afluencia: copia,/. 
Afford, V. dar: poder. 
Affray, s. pendencia, /.: tumul- 

to, m. 
Affright, V. espantar — s. es- 

panto, m. 
Affront, s. injuria, /. — v. in- 

Aflame, ad. en fuego. 
Afloat, ad. flotante. 
Afoot, ad. a pi^. 
Afraid, a. timido. 
Afresh, ad. de nuevo. 
After, ad. despues — prep. 

Afternoon, s. la tarde, /. 
Afterthought, s. reflexi6n fuera 

de tiempo, /. 
Afterwards, ad. despues. 
Again, ad. otra vez. 
Against, prep, contra. 

Age, ^. edad: vejez, /.: siglo, m. 

Agent, s. agente, m. 

Aggravate, v. agravar: exag- 

Aggression, s. agresi6n, /. 

Aggrieve, v. apenar: afligir. 

Aghast, a. horrorizado. 

Agile, a. agil. 

Agility, s. agilidad, /. 

Agitate, v. agitar. 

Aglow, a. ardiente. 

Ago, ad. ha: hace. 

Agonize, v. agonizar. 

Agonizing, a. atroz. 

Agony, s. agonia, /. 

Agree, v. concordar. 

Agreeable, a. agradable. 

Agreement, s. concordia, /. 

Agriculture, s. agricultura, /. 

Agriculturist, s. agricultor, m. 

Aground, ad. encallado. 

Ague, s. calentura, intermit- 
ente, /. 

Ahead, ad. delante. 

Ahoy! t. hola ! 

Aid, s. ayuda,/.: socorro, m. — v. 

Aide-de-camp, a. edecan: 

ayudante, m. 
Aigret, x. cresta,/.: penacho, m. 
Ail, V. afligir: doler. 
Ailment, s. indisposicion: dol- 

encia, /. 
Aim, s. mira: designio, m. — v. 

Aimless, a. sin objeto. 
Air, s. aire: tono, m.: aira,/. — v. 

airear: secar. 
Air-brake, s. freno neumatico, 

Air-gun, s. escopeta de viento,/. 
Airing, s. ventilaci6n, /. 
Airport, s. aeropuerto, m. 
Airtight, a. herm^tico. 
Aisle, s. ala, /.: nave lateral, /. 
Aitchbone, s. hueso de nalga, m. 
Ajar, a. entreabierto. 
Alvimbo, ad. en jarras: en asas. 
Alabaster, 5. alabastro, m. 
Alacrity, s. alegria, /. 
Alarm, s. alarma, /.: rebate 

m. — V. alarmar. 
Alarm-clock, s. despertador, 

Alarming, a. inquietante. 
Albatross, s. albatros, m. 
Albeit, ad. aunque. 
Albino, s. albino, m. 
Album, 5. album: libro de 

recuerdos, m. 
Alchemist, s. alquimista, m. 
Alcoholic, a. alcoholico: es- 

Alder, s. aliso, m. 
Ale, 5. cerveza, /. 
Alert, a. vivaracho: alerto. 
Alias, ad. alias — s. nombre 

supuesto, m. 
Alibi, s. coartada, /. 
Alien, a. ajeno — s. extrangero, 

Alight, V. apearse — a. en- 

Alike, a. igual — ad. igualmente. 
Aliment, s. alimento, m. 
Alimony, s. alirnentos, m. pi. 
Alive, a. vivo: viviente. 
Alkali, s. alcali, m. 
All, a. todo: todos — ad. en- 

teramente — s. todo, m. 

After all, despues de todo. 

All at once, de repente. 

All the better, tanto mejor. 

All the same, absolutamente 

lo mismo. 
By all means, sin duda. 

All I 

Not at all, de ninguna 

On all fours, a cuatro patas. 

Once for all, de una vez para 
Allay, V. aliviar. 
Allegation, 5. alegaci6n, /. 
Alleviate, v. aliviar. 
Alley, i-. callejuela, /. 
Alliance, 5. alianza, /. 
Alligation, 5. aligacion, /. 
Alligator, 5. caiman, m. 
Alliteration, s. aliteraci6n, /. 
Allocate, v. asignar. 
Allot, V. asignar. 
Allow, V. admitir: permitir. 
Allowance, 5. salario: des- 

cuento, m. 
Allude, V. aludir. 
Allure, V. atraer. 
Alluring, a. halagiieno. 
Allusion, s. alusion, /. 
Alluvial, a. aluvial. 
Ally, V. unir — s. aliado, m. 
Almanac, i. almanaque: calen- 

dario, m. 
Almighty, a. omnipotente. 
Almond, s. almendra, /. 
Almost, ad. casi: cerca de. 
Alms, s. pi. caridad, /. 
Almshouse, s. hospicio, m. 
Aloft, pr. arriba — ad. en alto. 
Alone, a. solo — ad. solamente. 
Along, ad. a lo largo. 
Aloof, ad. lejos. 
Aloud, ad. alto: en alta voz. 
Alphabet, 5. alfabeto, m. 
Alps, s. alpes, m. pi. 
Already, ad. ya. 
Also, ad. tambien. 
Alter, V. alterar: mudarse. 
Altercation, s. altercacion, /. 
Alternate, a. alterno. 
Alternative, a. altemativo — s. 

alternativa, /. 
Although, c. aunque: bien que. 
Altitude, s. altitud, /. 
Altogether, ad. enteramente. 
Alum, s. alumbre, m. 
Aluminium, s. aluminio, m. 
Always, ad. siempre. 
Amalgamate, v. amalgamar: 

Amalgamation, 5. amalgama- 

cion, /. 
Amass, v. acumular. 
Amateur, s. aficionado, m. 
Amaze, v. confundir. 

07 Anemone 

Amazing, a. asombroso. 
Amazon, s. amazona, /. 
Ambassador, s. embajador, m. 
Amber, 5. ambar, m. 
Ambiguous, a. ambiguo. 
Ambition, s. amLicion, /. 
Amble, v. amblar. 
Ambulance, x. ambulancia, /. 
Ambush, 5. emboscada, /. — v. 

Ameliorate, v. mejorar. 
Amenable, a. sumiso. 
Amend, v. enmendar: enmend- 

Amendment, s. enmienda, /. 
Amethyst, 5. amatista, /. 
Amiable, a. amable. 
Amicable, a. amistoso. 
Amid, Amidst, pr. entre: en 

medio de. 
Amiss, ad. mal — a. irregular. 
Amity, 5. amistad, /. 
Ammonia, s. amoniaco, m. 
Ammunition, x. municion, /. 
Amnesty, 5. amnistia, /. 
Among, Amongst, pr. & ad. 

entre: en: con: en medio de. 
Amorous, a. enamorado. 
Amount, s. importe, m.: suma, 

/. — V. montar. 
Amphibian, s.. Amphibious, 

a. anfibio. 
Amphitheatre, s. anfiteatro, m 
Ample, a. amplio: ancho. 
Amplify, v. amplificar: ampliar. 
Amply, ad. ampliamente. 
Amputate, v. amputar. 
Amulet, s. amuleto, m. 
Amuse, v. entretener: divertir. 
Amusement, s. diversion, /. 
An, A, art. un: uno: una. 
Anaemia, s. anemia,/. 
Anaesthesia, 5. anestesia, /. 
Anagram, s. anagrama, m. 
Analogous, a. analogo. 
Analyse, v. analizar. 
Analysis, s. analisis, m. & f. 
Anarchist, s. anarquista, m. 
Anarchy, 5. anarquia, /. 
Anatomy, s. anatomia, /. 
Ancestor, s. abuelo, m. 
Ancestry, j. linaje, m. 
Anchor, s. ancla, /. — v. an- 

corar: anclar. 
Anchovy, s. anchova, /. 
Ancient, a. antiguo. 
And, c. y: e. 
Anecdote, s. an^cdota, /. 
Anemone, s. anemona, /. 

Angel, X. angel, m. 
Anger, s. ira: colera, /. 
Angle, s. angulo, m. 
Angle, t;. pescar con cana. 
Angler, s. pescador de cana: m. 
Angling, s. arte: pescar con 

cana, /. 
Angrily, ad. colericamente. 
Angry, a. enfadado. 
Animal, s. & a. animal, ni. 
Animated, a. vivo. 
Animation, s. animacion, /. 
Animosity, s. animosidad, /. 
Ankle, s. maleolo, m. 
Annex, s. anexo, m. — v. anerja, 
Annihilate, v. destruir. 
Anniversary, a. & s. aniver- 

sario, m. 
Announce, v. anunciar. 
Announcement, s. anuncio, m. 
Annoy, v. molestar. 
Annoying, a. molesto. 
Annual, a. anual — s. anuario 

Annuity, s. anualidad: re 

anual, /. 
Anoint, v. ungir. 
Anomalous, a. an6nialo. 
Anon, ad. presto: pronto. 
Anonymous, a. andnimo. 
Another, a. otro: distinto. 
Answer, s. respuesta, /. — v. 

responder: replicar. 
Ant, J. hormiga, /. 
Antagonist, 5. antagonista, m. 
Antarctic, a. ant^rtico. 
Antecedent, a. & s. antece- 

dente, m. 
Antechamber, x. antecd mara,/. 
Antedate, 1;. antedatar. 
Antelope, s. antilope, m. 
Anterior, a. anterior: pre- 

Anthem, s. antifona, /. 
Anthracite, x. antracita, /. 
Antic — X. buf6n, m. — a. grot- 

Anticipate, t;. anticipar. 
Antidote, x. antidote, m. 
Antiquated, a. anticuado. 
Antiseptic, a. antiseptico. 
Anvil, X. yunque, yn. 
Anxiety, x. ansiedad, /. 
Anxious, a. ansioso. 
Any, a. & prep, cualquier: 

cualquiera: alguno: alguna: 

108 Arrange 

Anybody, prep, alguno: al- 

guien: cualquiera. 
Anyhow, ad. de cualquier modo. 
Anything, prep, algo: alguna 

Anywhere, ad. en cualquier 

Apace, ad. rapidamente. 
Apathetic, a. apitico. 
Ape, X. mono, m. — v. imitar. 
Aperient, a. aperitivo. 
Aperture, x. orificio, m. 
Apiary, x. apiario, m. 
Apologize, V. excusar. 
Apology, X. apologia, /. 
Approbation, x. aprobaci6n, /. 
Appropriate, v. apropiar — a. 

Appropriateness, x. aptitud,/. 
Approval, x. aprobacion, /. 
Approximate, v. aproximarse 

— a. proximo. 
Apricot, X. albaricoque, m. 

April, X. Abril, m. 

Apron, X. delandal, m. 

Apt, a. apto: idoneo. 

Aquarium, x. acuario, m. 

Aquatic, a. acuatico. 

Arable, a. labrantio. 

Arbitration, x. arbitraje, m. 

Arbour, x. enramada, /. 

Arcade, x. arcada, /. 

Arch, X. arco, m. — v. arquear. 

Archbishop, s. arzobispo, m. 

Archway, x. arcada: boveda, /. 

Arctic, a. artico. 

Ardent, a. ardiente. 

Arduous, a. arduo. 

Area, x. arena, /.: area, tn. 

Argue, V. disputar. 

Arid, a. arido: seco. 

Ark, X. area, /. 

Arm, X. arma, /.: brazo, m. 

Armament, x. armamento, m. 

Armchair, x. silla de brazos, /. 

Armistice, x. armisticio, m. 

Armlet, x. brazalete, m. 

Armory, x. armeria, /. 

Armour, x. armadura, /. 

Arms, X. armas, /. pi. 

Army, x. ejercito, m.: tropas, 

/. Pl- 
Aroma, x. aroma,/. 

Around, pr. en: cerca — ad. al 

Arouse, t;. ariimar: excitar. 
Arraign, v. citar. 
Arrange, v. colocar: alinear. 

Arrangement i 

Arrangement, s. arreglo, m.: 

convenio, /. 
Arrant, a. malo: perverse. 
Array, s. formacion, /. 
Arrears, s. pi. atraso, m. 
Arrest, s. arresto, m. — v. 

Arrival, j. arribo, m. 
Arrogance, s. arrogancia, /. 
Arrow, s. flecha, /. 
Arsenal, s. arsenal, m. 
Arsenic, s. arsenico, m. 
Arson, s. delito de incendiar, m. 
Art, 5. arte, m. 
Arterial, a. arterial. 
Artery, s. arteria, /. 
Artful, a. artificioso. 
Artichoke, s. alcachofa, /. 
Articulate, a. articulado — r. 

Artifice, s. artificio, m. 
Artificial, a. artificial: ficticio. 
Artillery, s. artilleria, /. 
Artisan, s. artesano, m. 
Artist, s. artista, m. 
Artless, a. sencillo. 
As, conj. como: mientras: pues 

que: tambien: visto que. 

As for, en cuanto a. 

As much, tanto. 

As soon, luego que. 

As well, tambien. 

As yet, todavia. 
Asbestos, s. asbesto, m. 
Ascend, t'. ascender. 
Ascent, s. ascension, /. 
Ascertain, v. averiguar. 
Ascribe, v. adscribir. 
Ash, s. ceniza, /. 
Ashamed, a. avergonzado. 
Ashore, a. varado — ad. en 

As4i Wednesday, s. Mi^rcoles 

de ceniza, m. 
Aside, ad. a parte. 
Ask, f . preguntar. 
Asleep, a. dormido. 
Asparagus, s. esp rrago, m. 
Aspect, J. aspecto, //.. 
Asperity, s. aspereza, /. 
Asphalt, s. asfalto, m. 
Aspic, s. espliego, m. 
Aspirant, s. aspirante: pre- 

tendiente, m. 
Aspire, v. aspirar. 
Ass, s. asno: borrico, m. 
Assail, V. asaltar. 
Assassin, s. asesino, m. 
Assassination, s. asesinato, m. 

09 Auburn 

Assault, s. asalto, m. — v. 

Assemble, s. convocar. 
Assembly, 5. reunion, /. 
Assent, s. asenso, m. — v. 

Assert, v. sostener. 
Assess, V. tasar. 
Assets, J. pi. capital, m.: 

activo, m. 
Assign, V. asignar. 
Assimilate, f . asimilar: aseme- 

Assist, t'. asistir. 
Assize, s. tribunal de justicia, tn. 
Associate, 5. companero, m. — 

t'. asociar. 
Association, j. asociacion: 

union, /. 
Assortment, s. surtido, m. 
Assume, v. arrogar. 
Assure, v. asegurar. 
Asterisk, s. asterisco, m. 
Asthma, s. asma, /. 
Astir, ad. agitado. 
Astonish, v. asombrar: pasmar. 
Astonishment, s. asombro, m. 
Astound, f. constemar. 
Astray, ad. extraviado. 
Astringent, a. astringente. 
Astrology, s. astrologia, /. 
Astronomy, s. astronomia, /. 
Astute, a. astuto. 
Asunder, ad. a parte. 
Asylum, s. asilo: refugio, m. 
At, prep, a: en. 
Athlete, 5. atleta, m. 
Atlas, s. atlas, m. 
Atmosphere, s. atmosfera, /. 
Atom, s. atomo, m. 
Atone, V. expiar. 
Atrocious, a. atroz. 
Attach, t'. atar: embargar. 
Attachment, s. adherencia, /. 
Attack, s. ataque, m. — t;. atacar. 
Attain, v. alcanzar. 
Attainment, s. adquisicion, /. 
Attempt, s. empresa,/.: ensayo 

m. — V. emprender. 
Attend, v. atender. 
Attendance, s. atencion, /. 
Attendant, s. sirviente, m. 
Attention, 5. cuidado, m. 
Attest, f. atestiguar. 
Attic, s. des%-an, m. 
Attire, s. adorno, m. — v. vestir. 
Attitude, s. actitud: postura, /. 
Attract, V. atraer. 
Auburn, a. moreno. 

Auction I 

Auction, s. subasta, /. 
Audacious, a. audaz: osado. 
Audible, a. ooble. 
Audit, V. rematar. 
Augment, 5. aumento, m. — v. 

Augury, s. presapio, m. 
August, s. Agosto, m. — a. 

Aunt, s. tia, /. 
Auspicious, a. prospero. 
Austere, a. austero. 
Authentic, a. autentico. 
Author, s. autor, m. 
Authority, s. autoridad, /. 
Autocrat, 5. autocrata, ni. 
Autograph, 5. autografo, iti. 
Automatic, a. automatico. 
Autumn, x. otono, m. 
Avail, s. ventaja, /. — v. aprove- 

Available, a. provechoso. 
Avalanche, s. avalancha, /. 
Avarice, s. avaricia, /. 
Avenge, v. vengar. 
Avenue, j. avenida, /. 
Average, x. averia,/. — a. medio. 
Averse, a. adverse. 
Avert, V. desviar: alejar. 
Aviary, s. alcahaz, m. 
Avidity, s. voracidad, /. 
Avoid, V. evitar: escapar. 
Avouch, .1'. afirmar: sostener. 
Avow, V. confesar. 
Await, V. aguardar. 
Awake, a. despicrto. 
Award, s. adjudicacion, /. 
Aware, a. cauto. 
Away, ad. ausente. 
Awe, s. miedo, m. 
Awful, a. terrible: horroroso. 
Awhile, ad. un rate. 
Awkward, a. tosco: inculto. 
Awl, 5. lesna, /. 
Awning, s. toldo, m. 
Axe, s. segur, m.: hacha, /. 
Axis, s. eje: pivote, m. 
Axle, s. eje de una rueda, m. 
Azure, a. azul celeste. 


Baboon, s. cinoc^falo, m. 
Baby, s. nine, 711. 
Bachelor, 5. celibe: soltero, m. 
Back, s. espalda, /.: dorso, wi. — 

V. apoyer: retroceder: apostar 

(to bet) — ad. atras. 
Backbone, ;. espinazo, tn. 

> Bar 

Backdoor, x. puerta transera,/. 
Background, s. fondo, m. 
Backward, a. opuesto — aJ. 

Bacon, 5. tocino, m. 
Bad, a. mal: malo: infeliz: des- 

graciado: perverse. 
Badge, s. serial, /. 
Badger, s. tejon, m. — v. causar: 

Badly, ad. malamente. 
Badness, x. maldad, /. 
Baffle, V. eludir: frustrar. 
Bag, X. saco: talego, m. 
Bagatelle, x. bagatela, /. 
Baggage, x. bagaje, m. 
Bagpipe, x. gaita, /. 
Bail, X. fianza: caucion, /. 
Bailiff, X. corchete, m. 
Bait, X. cebo, m. — v. cebar. 
Bake, v. cocer al horno. 
Baker, x. panadero, m. 
Baking, x. hornada, /. 
Balance, x. balanza, /.: equili- 

bro, m. — V. equilibrar. 
Balcony, x. balcon, m. 
Bald, a. calvo. 
Ball, X. bola: pelota, /. 
Ballad, x. balada,/.: romance, m. 
Ballast, X. casquijo, m. 
Ballet, X. baile, m. 
Balloon, x. globe, m.: maquina 

aerostatica, /. 
Ballot, X. balota, /.: escrutinio,. 

m. — V. votar con balotas. 
Balustrade, x. balaustrada, /. 
Bamboo, x. bambii, m. 
Ban, X. bando, m. — v. proscribir.^ 
Banana, x. platano, ?n. 
Band, x. venda: orquesta,/. — v. 

Bandage, s. venda, /. — f . 

Bandit, x. bandido, m. 
Bang, X. golpe, m. — v. golpear. 
Bangle, x. brazalete, m. 
Banish, v. expeler. 
Banishment, x. destierro, m. 
Bank, 5. orilla: ribera, /.: 

banco, m. 
Banker, x. banquero, m. 
Bankrupt, x. fallido, m. 
Bankruptcy, x. bancarrota, /. 
Banner, x. bandera, /. 
Banns, x. pi. amonestaci6n, /. 
Banquet, x. banquete: festin, 7n» 
Baptism, x. bautismo, m. 
Baptize, v. bautizar. 
Bar, s. barra, /. — v. barrear. 

Barbarous i 

Barbarous, a. barbaro: cruel. 
Barber, 5. barbero, m. 
Bare, a. desnudo — v. desnudar. 
Bare-footed, a. descalzo. 
Barely, ad. apenas. 
Bargain, s.pacto, m. — t;.pactar. 
Barge, x. barca, /. 
Bark, s. corteza, /. — v. des- 

Barley, s. cebada, /. 
Barmaid, x. tabernera, /. 
Barn, s. granja, /. 
Barometer, s. barometro, 7n. 
Baron, s. baron, m. 
Baroness, 5. baronesa, /. 
Barrack, 5. cuartel, m.: bar- 

raca, /. 
Barrel, s. barril, ni.: canon de 

escopeta, m. 
Barren, a. arido. 
Barricade, s. barricada, /. — v. 

Barrier, s. barrera, /. 
Barrister, s. abogado, m. 
Barrow, s. angarillas, /. pi. 
Barter, v. baratar. 
Base, a. bajo — x. base: fondo, m. 
Basement, 5. basamento, m. 
Bashful, a. modesto: vergon- 

Bashfulness, 5. modestia, /. 
Bat, s. pala (for games), /.: 

murcielago (animal) m. 
Batch, 5. hornada, /. 
Bate, V. rebajar. 
Bath, 5. bano, m. 
Bathe, v. banarse. 
Battalion, s. batall6n, m. 
Batter, s. batido, m. — v. apalear. 
Battery, 5. bateria, /. 
Battle, J. batalla, /. 
Bawl, V. gritar. 
Bay, x. bahia, /.: lauro, m. 
Bay-tree, s. laurel, m. 
Bayonet, s. bayoneta, /. 
Bazaar, s. bazar, m. 
Be, V. ser: estar. 
Beach, s. costa, /. 
Beacon, s. faro, m. 
Bead, s. cuenta, /. 
Beads, s. pi. rosario, m. 
Beagle, 5. sabueso, m. 
Beak, s. pico, m. espolon, m. 
Beam, s. astil, m. 
Bean, s. haba, /.: frijol, m. 
Bear, j. oso, m. 
Bear, v. sostener: producir. 
Beard, s. barba, /. 
Beastly, ad. bestial: brutal. 

t Belong 

Beat, J. golp«, m.: pulsaci6n, /. 

— V. golpear. 
Beating, s. goipe, m. 
Beau, x. elegante, m. 
Beautiful, a. bello: hermoso. 
Beauty, x. hermosura, /. 
Beaver, x. castor, m. 
Because, c. porque: a causa de. 
Beckon, v. llamar con senas. 
Become, v. hacerse. 
Becoming, a. decente. 
Bed, X. cama, /.: lecho, m. 
Bedclothes, x. coberturas,/. pi. 
Bedroom, x. dormitorio, m. 
Bedstead, x. cama, /. 
Bee, s. abeja, /. 
Beech, x. haya, /. 
Beef, X. buey, m.: vaca, /, 
Beefsteak, x. bifiek, m. 
Beehive, x. colmena, /. 
Beer, x. cer\'eza, /. 
Beetroot, x. remolacha, /. 
Beetle, x. escarabajo: pison, m. 
Befall, V. suceder: sobrevenir. 
Befit, V. convenir. 
Before, pr. mas adelante: de- 

lante — ad. primero: antes: ya. 
Beg, V. rogar: suplicar. 
Beggar, x. mendigo, m. 
Begging, x. mendiguez, /. 
Begin, v. comenzar: principiar. 
Beginning, x. principio: origan, 

Begonia, x. begonia, /. 
Begrudge, v. envidiar. 
Beguile, v. seducir. 
Behave, v. conducirse. 
Behaviour, s. conducta, /. 
Behead, v. decapitar. 
Behest, x. mandato, m. 
Behind, prep, detras: tras. 
Behindhand, ad. con atraso. 
Behold, V. mirar. 
Beholder, x. observador, m. 
Being, x. ante, m.: peisona, /. 
Belabour, v. maltratar. 
Belated, a. ratardado. 
Belfry, x. campanario, m. 
Belie, v. desmentir. 
Belief, s. creencia, /. 
Believe, v. creer. 
Believer, x. creyenta, m. 

Doorbell, timbre, m. 
Belligerent, a. beligerante. 
Bellow, V. bramar: mugir. 
Bellows, X. f /. fuelle, tik 
Btlly, X. vientra, m. 
Belong, V. pertanecer. 

Beloved u 

Beloved, a. & s. amado. 
Below, ad. & pr. abajo: bajo. 
Belt, X. cinto, m.: faja, /. 
Bemoan, v. lamentar. 
Bench, s. banco, m. 
Bend, 5. comba, /. — i'. plegar. 
Beneath, a J. & pr. bajo: debajo. 
Benediction, s. benedicion, /. 
Benefactor, s. bienhechor, m. 
Beneficial, a. beneficioso. 
Benefit, s. beneficio, m. — i'. 

Benevolent, a. benevolo. 
Benzine, s. bencina, /. 
Bequeath, v. legar. 
Bereave, v. despojar. 
Berry, x. baya, /.: grano, m. 
Berth, s. puesto: camarote, m.: 

hamaca, /. 
Beryl, x. berilo, m. 
Beseech, v. suplicar: implorar. 
Beset, V. importunar. 
Beside, prep, al lado de: cerca. 
Besides, prep, excepto — ad. 

Besiege, v. asedjar. 
Best, a. major — x. lo mejor, 771. 

— ad. mas bien. 
Bestial, a. bestial: brutal. 
Bestir, v. moverse. 
Bestow, V. conferir. 
Bestrew, v. esparcir. 
Bestride, v. montar a horca- 

Bet, X. apuesta, /. — v. apostar. 
Betimet,, ad. temprano. 
Betoken, v. anunciar: indicar. 
Betray, v. entregar. 
Betroth, v. desposar. 
Better, a. mejor: superior — ad. 

mas: mejor — v. mejorar. 
Better, x. apostador, 771. 
Between, pr. entre: en medio 

Bevel, X. sesgo, m. 
Beverage, x. bebida, /.: re- 
fresco, 771. 
Bevy, X. bandada, /. 
Bewail, v. llorar: deplorar. 
Beware, v. guardarse: re- 

Bewilder, v. embarazar. 
Bewilderment, x. embarazo, 771. 
Bewitch, v. embrujar. 
Bewitching, a. encantador. 
Beyond, prep, mas alia: tras — 

ad. lejos. 
Bias, X. inclinacion,/.: sesgo, tn. 
Bib, s. babador, m. 

I Blackguard 

Bible, X. biblia, /. 

Bibliography, x. bibliografia,/. 

Bibulous, a. borracho. 

Bicarbonate, x. bicarbonato, m. 

Bicker, v. disputar. 

Bickering, x. disputa, /. 

Bicycle, x. biciclo, tti. 

Bid, X. puja, /. — r. convidar. 

Bide, V. soportar residir. 

Biennial, a. bienal. 

Bier, x. carro mortuorio, m. 

Big, a. grande. 

Bigamy, x. bigamia, /. 

Bilberry, x. mirtilo, m. 

Bilious, a. biloso. 

Bill, X. pico de ave: honcejo: 

billete: papel, 771. 

Bill of exchange, letra de 
cambio, /. 

Bill of fare, lista de platos, /. 

Bill of lading, conocimiento, 


Doctor's bill, receta de 
medico, /. 
Billiards, x. billar, m. pi. 
Billow, X. ola, /. 
Billposter, x. fijacarteles, w. 
Bin, X. hucha, /. 
Bind, X. venda, /. — v. con- 

Biography, x. biografia, /. 
Biology, X. biologia, /. 
Birch, X. vara, /. 
Bird, X. ave,/. 
Birdcage, x. jaula, /. 
Birth, X. nacimiento, m. 
Birthday, x. cumpleafios, m. 
Birthright, x. primogenitura,/. 
Biscuit, X. bizcocho, w .: galleta,/. 
Bisect, V. dividir en dos partes. 
Bishop, X. obispo, 771. 
Bismuth, X. bismuto, tti. 
Bison, X. bisonte, 771. 
Bit, X. freno, 771.: brida, /. 
Bitch, X. perra, /. 
Bite, X. mordedura, /. — v. 

Bitter, a. aspero. 
Bitumen, x. betxin, m. 
Bivalve, a. bivalvo. 
Bivouac, X. vivac. 
Bizarre, a. fantastico. 
Black, a. negro: sable. 
Blackbeetle, x. cucaracha, /. 
Blackberry, x. zarzamora,/. 
Blackbird, x. merla, /. 
Blackcurrant, grosella negra,/. 
Blackfriar, x. dominicano, m. 
Blackguard, s. picaro, m. 

Blacklead i 

Blacklead, s. lapiz-plomo, m. 

Blackleg, s. brilo i, tn. 

Blackmail, s. chaniage, m. 

Black-pudding, s. morcilla, /. 

Blacksmith, s. herrcro, m.' 

Blackthorn, s. endrino, tn. 

Bladder, s. vejiga, /. 

Blade, s. hoja, /.: brinza (of 
grass), /.: pala de remo (row- 
ing), /. 

Bladebone, 5. omoplato, m. 

Blamable, a. culpable. 

Blame, s. culpa, /. — v. re- 

Blameworthy, a. reprensible. 

Blanch, v. blanquear, v. pali- 

Blank, a. bianco: desconcer- 
tado — s. bianco. 

Blanket, s. manta, /.: cobertor, 

Blaspheme, v. blasfemar. 

Blasphemy, s. blasfemia,/. 

Blast, X. explosion, /. 

Blaze, s. llama: estrella, /. 

Bleach, v. blanquear. 

Bleaching, a. blanqueo, m. 

Bleak, s. breca, /. 

Bleat, V. balar. 

Bleed, v. sangrar, desangrarse. 

Blemish, s. tacha, /. 

Blend, 5. mezcla,/. — v. mezclar. 

Blende, s. blenda, /. 

Bless, V. bendecir. 

Blessing, s. bendicion, /. 

Blight, s. tizon, m. — v. atizonar. 

Blind, a. ciego: oscuro — s. velo, 
m.: celosia, /. — v. ofuscar. 

Blindness, 5. ceguedad, /. 

Blinker, 5. visera, /. 

Blissful, a. dichoso. 

Blister, s. vejiga, /. 

Blithe, a. alegre. 

Bloater, x. arenque ahumado, m. 

Block, s. bloque: tajo, ni. 

Blockade, s. bloqueo, m. 

Blood, s. sangre, /. 

Bloodhound, 5. sabueso, tn. 

Bloodshed, s. matanza, /. 

Bloodshot, a. ensangrentado. 

Bloodthirsty, a. sanguinario. 

Bloodvessel, s. vena, /. 

Bloom, s. flor, /. — v. florecer. 

Blot, s. mancha, /. — v. man- 
char: denigrar. 

Blotch, 5. mancha, /. 

Blotter, s. borrador, m. 

Blotting-paper, 5. papel se- 
cante, tn. 


13 Bookcase 

Blouse, s. blusa, /. 
Blow, X. golpe — V. soplar. 
Blowfly, s. cor6nida, /. 
Blowing, s. soplo, m. 
Blue, a. azul. 
Bluebell, s. campanilla. /. 
Bluebottle, x. coronida, /. 
Bluff, a. rustico — v. fanfarrear. 
Blunder, x. desproposito, tn. — 

V. disparatar. 
Blunt, a. obtuso: embotado — 

r. embotar. 
Bluntness, s. rudeza, /. 
Blur, X. mancha,/. — v. manchar. 
Blush, X. rubor: sonrojo, tn. — v. 

ponerse Colorado. 
Bluster, v. tempestear. 
Blusterer, x. matasiete, m. 
Boa, X. boa, /. 
Boar, X. verraco, tti. 
Board, x. tabla: pension, /.: 

alimento: bordo, tn. — v. 

abordar: alimentar. 
Boarder, x. pcnsionista, tn. 
Boarding-house, x. posada, /. 
Boast, X. jactancia — v. jactarse. 
Boaster, x. fanfarron, tn. 
Boat, X. bote, w.: barca, /. 
Boatswain, X. contramaestre.m. 
Bodice, x. corpino, tn. 
Bodkin, x. agujeta, /. 
Body, X. cuerpo: individno, m. 
Bog, X. pantano, m. 
Boil, X. furiinculo, tn. — v. bullir. 
Boiling-point, s. punto de 

ebullicion, tn. 
Boisterous, a. turbulento. 
Bold, a. intrepido: audaz. 
Boldness, x. intrepidez, /. 
Bole, X. tronco: bolo, m. 
Bolster, x. cabezal, tn. 
Bolt, X. cerrojo: dardo, tn. — v. 

cerrar con cerrojo. 
Bomb, X. bomba, /. 
Bomb-proof, a. a prueba de 

Bond, X. ligadura,/.: vale, m. 
Bondage, x. cautiverio, tn. 
Bone, X. hueso, tn.: espina, /. 
Bonfire, x. hoguera, /. 
Bonnet, x. bonete, m. 
Bonus, X. aldehala, /. 
Bony, a. osudo. 
Book, X. libro, tn. — v. apuntar: 

Bookbinder, x. encuademador, 

Bookcase, s. armario de libros, 


Booking-office i 

Booking-office, s. boleteria, /. 
Book-keeper, s. tenedor de 

libros, m. 
Book-post, s. bajo faja, /. 
Bookseller, s. librero, m. 
Bookshop, s. libreria, /. 
Bookstall, s. puesto de libros, m. 
Boom, s. botalon: hinchanzon, 

Boon, 5. favor, m. 
Boor, s. villano, m. 
Boot, s. bota, /. 
Bootmaker, x. zapatero, m. 
Borax, s. borax, m. 
Border, s. borde, m. — v. 

guarnecer: confinar. 
Bore, s. taladro, m. 
Boring, s. barreno, m. 
Borrow, v. tomar fiado. 
Bosom, 5. seno, m. 
Botany, x. botanica, /. 
Both, pn. ambos: uno y otro — 

c. tanto . . . como. 
Bother, x. embarazo, m. — v. 

molestar: incomodarse. 
Bottle, s. botella, /. — v. em- 

Bottom, s. fondo, m. 
Bottomless, a. sin fondo. 
Boudoir, x. tocador, m. 
Bough, X. ramo, m. 
Bounce, x. salto, m. — v. brincar. 
Bound, X. repercusion, /. — a. 

ligado — V. saltar. 
Boundary, s. limite, m.: fron- 

tera, /. 
Bouquet, s. ramillete, ni. 
Bout, X. turno, ni.: orgia, /. 
Bow, X. inclinacion, /.: lazo, m. 

— V. encorvarse: saludar. 
Bowels, X. intestinos, m. pi. 
Bowl, X. taza: bola,/. — v. bolear. 
Box, X. caja, /.: cajon, ni. — v. 

Boxing, X. pugilato, n:. 
Boy, X. muchacho, w. 
Bracelet, x. brazalete, m.: 

pulsera, /. 
Bracken, x. helecho, m. 
Bracket, s. puntal, m. — v. 

poner en corchetes. 
Bradawl, x. puzon, m. 
Brag,x.jactancia,/. — f.jactarse. 
Braid, x. trenza, /. 
Brain, x. cercbro: seso, m. 
Braise, v. cocer en marmita. 
Bramble, x. zarza, /. 
Branch, x. rama, /.: ramo, m. 

sucursal, m. — v. ramificarse. 

4 Broad 

Brand, x. tizon, m.: marca, /.— 

V. marcar. 
Brandy, x. conac, m. 
Brass, x. bronce: laton, m. 
Brave, a. valiente: elegante. 
Bravery, x. valentia, /. 
Brawl, X. alboroto, m. 
Brawn, x. pulpa, /. 
Bray , x. rebuzno, m. — v. triturar. 
Braze, v. soldar. 
Bread, x. pan, ?n. 
Breadth, x. anchura, /. 
Break, x. rotura: pausa, /. — V, 

romper: quebrantar. 
Breakage, x. fractura, /. 
Breakdown, x. falta /. 
Breakfast, x. almuerzo, m. — v. 

Bream, x. sargo: besugo, m. 
Breast, x. pecho, m. 
Breath, x. respiracion. 
Breathe, v. alentar. 
Breech, s. trasero, m. 
Breeches, x. calzones, m. pi. 
Breeze, x. brisa, /. 
Brevity, x. brevedad, /. 
Brew, X. mezcla,/. — v. mezclar- 
Brewer, x. cervecero, m. 
Brewery, x. cerveceria, /. 
Briar, x. zarza, /. 
Bribery, x. cohecho, m. 
Brick, X. ladrillo, m. 
Bricklayer, x. albanil, m. 
Bride, x. novia, /. 
Bridegroom, x. novio, m. 
Bridesmaid, s. madrina de 

boda, /. 
Bridge, s. puente, m. 
Bridle, x. brida, /.: freno, m. 
Bridle-path, s. camino de 

herradura, m. 
Brief, a. breve: corto. 
Brier, x. zarza, /. 
Brigand, x. bandido: ladron, 

Bright, a. claro. 
Brightness, x. brillo, m. 
Brilliancy, x. brillo, m. 
Brim, x. borde, m. 
Brimstone, x. azufre, m. 
Brine, x. salmuera, /. 
Bring, v. Uevar: traer. 
Brink, x. orilla, /.: margen, m. 
Brisk, a. vivo: alegre. 
Bristle, x. cerda, /. 
Brittle, a. quebradizo. 
Broach, x. asador, m. 
Broad, a. ancho. 

Broadcast ] 

"Broadcast, s. radiotelefonia, 

/. — V. difundir. 
Broadcasting, s.radioemisi6n,/. 
Brocade, 5. brocado, m. 
Broccoli, s. broculi, m. 
Broken, a. roto. 
Broker, 5. corredor, nt. 
Brokerage, s. corretaje, m. 
Bronchitis, s. bronquitis, /. 
Bronze, s. bronce, m. 
Brooch, s. broche, m. 
Brook, X. arroyo, m. — v. tolerar. 
Broom, s. hiniesta, /. 
Broth, s. caldo, m. 
Brother, s. hermano, m. 
Brow, s. ceja: f rente, /. 
Brown, a. bruno: moreno. 
Brown paper, s. papal de 

estraza, m. 
Browse, v. ramonear: pacer la 

Bruin, 5. oso, m. 
Bruise, s. contusi6n, /. — v. 

Brush, s. cepillo, m.: escobilla, 

/. — V. acepillar. 
Brutal, a. brutal: grosero. 
Brute, s. bruto, m. 
Bubble, s. ampolla,/. — v. bur- 

Bucket, s. cube: pozal, m. 
Buckle, s. hebilla, /.: bucle, m. 
Buckram, s. bocaci, m. 
Buckthorn, s. cambronera, /. 
Bud, s. boton, m. — v. brotar. 
Budge, V. moverse. 
Budget, s. talego, m. 
Buff, s. ante, tn. 
Buffalo, s. biifalo, m. 
Buffer, s. acolchado de la 

friccion, m. 
Buffet, 5. bofetada, m. — v. 

Bug, s. chinche, m. 
Bugle, s. canutillo, m. 
Build, X. estructura, /. — t;. edi- 

ficar: construir. 
Building, s. edificio, m. 
Bulb, s. bulbo, m.: cebolla, /. 
Bulge, V. combarse. 
Bulk, s. masa, /. 
Bulky, a. voluminoso. 
Bull, s. toro, m.: bula, /. 
Bulldog, s. perro de presa, m. 
Bullet, s. bala, /. 
Bullfight, 5. corrida de tores, /. 
Bullfighter, s. toreador, m. 
Bullfinch, s. pinzon real, m. 
Bullion, s. oro en tejos, m. 

15 By 

Bullock s. novillo capado, m. 
Bully, J. maton, m. — v. fan- 

Bulrush, s. junco, m. 
Bulwark, s. baluarte, m. 
Bumble-bee, s. zangano, m. 
Bump, 5. bollo, m. — v. estallar. 
Bun, X. canamiza, /. 
Bunch, s. comba, /.: mazo, m. 
Bundle, s. atado, m. 
Bung, s. tapon, m. 
Bunion, s. juanete, m. 
Bunk, s. tarima, /. 
Buoy, s. boya, /. — v. bovar. 
Buoyant, a. boyante. 
Burden, s. fardo, m. — v. cargar. 
Burdock, 5. bardana, /. 
Bureau, x. oficina, /. 
Burglar, x. ladron que fuerza 

una casa, m. 
Burglary, x. robe en una casa, m. 
Burial, x. inhumaci6n, /. 
Burly, a. grueso. 
Burn, V. quemar: arder — s. 

quemadura, /. 
Burning, x. combustion, /. 
Burnish, v. brunir. 
Burrow, x. conejera, /. — v. 

Burst, X. reventon, m. — v. rom- 
Bury, V. enterrar. 
Bus, X. omnibus, m. 
Bush, X. arbusto, m.: zarza, /. 
Business, x. negocio,m.:ocupa- 

cion, /. 
Bustle, V. buUir. 
Busy, a. ocupado. 
But, c. excepto: menos: pero. 
Butcher, x. carnicero, m. 
Butler, X. despensero, m. 
Butter, X. manteca, /. 
Buttercup, x. amargon, m. 
Butterfly, x. mariposa, /. 
Button, s. boton, m, — v. 

Buttress, s. estribo, nt. 
Buxom, a. regordete: jovial. 
Buy, V. comprar. 
By, prep, a: cerca: de: en: por — 

ad. ahi: alii. 

By all means, cueste lo que 

By and by, de aquf a poco. 

By day, de dia. 

By heart, de memoria. 

By no means, de ningun 

By the by, de paso. 

Bygone, a. pasado. 
Bystander, s. mirador, m. 

Gab, 5. cabriole, m. 

Cabbage, s. col, /. 

Cabin, s. cabana, /. 

Cabinet, s. gabinete: escritorio. 

Cable, s. cable, m. — v. cablear, 

Cablegram, j. cablegrama, m. 

Cadaverous, a. cadaverico. 

Cage, s. jaula, /. — v. enjaular. 

Cake, 5. pastelillo, m.: tortita,/. 

Calculate, v. calcular. 

Calendar, s. almanaque, m. 

Calf, s. ternero (cattle), m.: 
pantorrilla (of leg), /. 

Calico, X. calico, vi. 

Call, V. llamar: convocar — s. 

pedido, m. 
Callous, a. calloso. 
Calm, a. quieto — s. calma, /. — 

V. calmar 
Cambric, s. batista, /. 
Camel, s. camello, m. 
Cameo, x. camafeo, m. 
Camera, s. camara, /. 
Camp, V. acampar — x. campo,m. 
Campaign, s. campana, /. 
Camphor, s. alcantor, rn. 
Can, V. poder — s. jarro, m. 
Canal, 5. canal, ?h. 
Canary, 5. canario, m. 
Cancel, v. cancelar: anular. 
Cancer, s. cancer, ?n. 
Candid, a. candido: franco. 
Candidate, s. candidato, m. 
Candle, x. vela: candela, /. 
Candlestick, x. candelero, m. 
Candour, s. candor, m. 
Cane, x. baston, m. 
Cannibal, x. canibal, m. 
Cannon, x. cafion, m. 
Canteen, x. cantina, /. 
Canvas, x. cafiamazo, m. 
Cap, X. birreta: gorra, /. 
Capable, a. capaz. 
Cape, X. capa (to wear),/.: cabo 

(geog.), w. 
Caper, x. alcaparra (for sauce),/. 
Capital, X. capital, m. for 

wealth, /. for chief city. 
Capitulate, v. capitular. 
Capon, X. capon, m. 
Caprice, x. capricho, m. 
Capsize, 1;. trabucar. 
Capstan, s. cabrestante, m. 

116 Casket 

Captain, x. capitan, m. 
Captivate, v. encantar. 
Captive, a. & s. cautivo, m. 
Capture, v. apresar. 
Car, X. automovil, m. 
Caramel, x, caramelo, m. 
Caravan, 5. caravana, /. 
Carbine, x. carabina, /. 
Carbolic, a. carb61ico. 
Carbon, x. carbon, m. 
Carburetter, x. carburador, m. 
Carcase, x. cadaver, m. 
Card, X. carta, / 

Playing card, naipe, m. 
Cardboard, x. carton, m. 
Cardinal, x. cardenal, m. 
Care, x. cuidado, m.: inquietud 

(worry), /. 
Careful, a. cuidadoso. 
Careless, a. descuidado. 
Carelessness, x. negligencia, /. 
Career, x. carrera: profesion, /. 
Caress, x. caricia, /. 
Cargo, X. carga, /. 
Caricature, x. caricatura, /, — v. 

Carman, x. carretero, m. 
Carmelite, x. carmelita, m. 
Carmine, x. carmin, ?w. 
Carnage, x. carniceria, /. 
Carnation, x. encarnacion, /. 
Carnivoroi's, a. carnivore. 
Carol, X. villancico, ?n. 
Carouse, s. orgia, /. 
Carp, X. carpa, /. — v. criticar. 
Carpenter, x. carpintero, m. 
Carpet ,x.alfombra,/.: tapete, m. 
Carriage, x. carro, m.: carroza,/. 
Carrier, x. arriero, m. 
Carrion-crow, x. cuervo, m. 
Carrot, x. zanahoria, /. 
Carry, v. Uevar: traer. 
Carrying, x. acarreo, m. 
Cart, X. carro, m.: carreta, /. 
Cartilage, x. cartilage, m. 
Cartoon, x. carton, m. 
Cartridge, x. cartucho, m. 
Carve, v. tallar: trinchar. 
Carving, x. escultura, /. 
Cascade, x. cascada,/.: salto, m. 
Case, X. caja,/.: estuche, m. — v. 

Casement, x. barbacana, /. 
Cash, X. dinero, m. — v. cobrar. 

Paying cash, dinero con- 
Cashier, x. cajero, m. 
Cask, X. barril: tonel, m. 
Casket, x. cajita, /. 

Cast, 5. reparto (of a play), m. — 

V. modelar (shape). 
Caste, s. casta, /. 
Castle, i. Castillo, m. 
Castor -oil, 5. aceitedericino.m. 
Casualty, x. casualidad, /. 
Cat, X. gate, m. 
Catalogue, x. catalogo, m.: 

lista, /. 
Catapult, s. catapulta, /. 
Catarrh, X. catarro, m.: reuma,/. 
Catch, X. cerrojo, m. — v. coger: 

Catching, a. contagioso. 
Catechism, x. catecismo, m. 
Category, x. categoria, /. 
Cater, v. proveer. 
Caterpillar, x. oruga, /. 
Cathedral, x. catedral, /. 
Catholic, a. catolico. 
Cattle, X. ganado, m. 
Cauliflower, x. coliflor, m. 
Cause, X. causa, /. 
Causeway, x. arrecife, m. 
Caustic, a. caustico. 
Cauterize, v. cauterizar. 
Caution, x. caucion, /.: aviso, 

m. — V. caucionar. 
Cautious, a. cauto: prudente. 
Cavalry, x. caballeria, /. 
Cavern, x. caverna, /. 
Caviar, x. caviar, m. 
Cavity, x. cavidad, /.: hueco, m. 
Cayenne-pepper, x. pimenton, 

Cease, v. cesar. 
Ceaseless, a. perpetuo. 
Cede, V. ceder. 
Ceiling, x. techo, m. 
Celebrate, v. celebrar. 
Celebrated, a. celebre. 
Celebrity, x. celebridad: fama,/. 
Celerity, x. celeridad, /. 
Celery, x. apio, tn. 
Celibacy, x. celibate, m. 
Cell, X. celda, /.: alveole, m. 
Cellar, x. sotano, m.: bodega,/. 
Celluloid, X. celuloide, m. 
Cement, x. cimento, m.: arga- 

masa, /. 
Cemetery, x. cementerie, m. 
Cenotaph, x. cenotafie, m. 
Censor, x. critice, m. 
Census, x. cense, m. 
Centenarian, a. centienario. 
Centigrade, a. centigrade, 
Centigramme, x. centigrama, 

Centimetre, s. centimetre, m. 

17 Chase 

Centipede, x. escelopendra, / . 

cientopies, m. 
Central, a. central. 
Centre, x. centre, m. — v. con- 

Century, s. centuria, /. 
Cereal, x. cereal, m. 
Ceremony, x. ceremenia, /. 
Certain, a. cierto. 
Certainly, ad. sin duda. 
Certificate, x. testimonie, m. 
Certify, v. certificar. 
Chafe, V. irritar: frotar. 
Chaff, X. burla, /. 
Chaffinch, x. pinzon, m. 
Chafing, X. frotacion, /. 
Chain, x. cadena, /. — v. en- 

Chain-stitch, x. cadeneta, /. 
Chair, x. silla, /. 
Chairman, x. presidente, m. 
Chalice, x. caliz, m. 
Chalk, X. greda: tisa, /. — v. en- 

Challenge, s. desafio, m. — v. 

Chamber, x. camara, /.: cuarto, 

m.: junta, /. 
Chambermaid, x. doncella, /. 
Chameleon, x. camaleon, m. 
Chamojs, x. gamuza, /. 
Champagne, x. vine de Cham- 

pafia, m. 
Champion, s. campe6n, m. 
Chance, s. ventura, /. — a. 

ecasional — V. acaecer. 
Chancel, x. presbiterio, m. 
Chancellor, x. cancelarie, m. 
Change, s. mudanza, /.: cam- 
bio, m.: dinero, /. — v. cam- 

biar: trasmutar. 
Changeable, a. variable. 
Channel, x. canal, m.: lecho, m. 
Chaos, X. confusion, /. 
Chapel, X. capilla, /. 
Chaperon, s. duena, /. 
Chaplain, x. capellan, m. 
Chaplet, s. rosario, m. 
Character, x. caracter, m. 
Charcoal, x. carbon de lena, m. 
Charge, x. costa: acusacion, /. 

— V. cargar: acusar. 
Chariot, x. cupe, m. 
Charitable, a. caritative. 
Charm, x. encanto, m.: gracia, 

/. — V. encantar. 
Charming, a. encantador. 
Chart, X. carta, /. 
Chase, s. caza, /. — v. cazar= 

Chaste i 

Chaste, a. casto: puro. 
Chastise, v. castigar: corregir. 
Chastity, s. castidad, /. 
Chat, s. charla, /. — v. charlar. 
Chatter, v. charlar. 
Chatterbox, s. charlador, m. 
Cheap, a. barato. 
Cheaply, ad. a bajo precio. 
Cheat, s. trampa, /. — v. de- 

Check, s. freno, tm.: jaque, m. — 

a. a cuadros — v. refrenar: 

Checkmate, x. jaque-mate, m. 
Cheek, x. mejilla, /. 
Cheer, x. aplauso, m. 
Cheerful, a. alegre. 
Cheerless, a. triste. 
Cheese, 5. queso, m. 
Cheesemonger, s. quesero, m. 
Chemical, a. quimico. 
Chemise, s. camisa, /. 
Chemist, 5. quimico, m. 
Cheque, s. cheque, m. 
Cherish, v. querer. 
Cherry, 5. cereza, /. 
Chervil, x. perifoUo, m. 
Chess, 5. ajedrez, m. 
Chess-man, s. peon, m. 
Chest, J. caja,/.:caj6n:pecho, m. 
Chestnut, s. castana, /. 
Chew, V. masticar. 
Chicken, 5. poUuelo, m. 
Chickenpox, 5. viruelas locas, 

/. Pl. 
Chickweed, s. zadorija, /. 
Chicory, x. chicoria, /. 
Chide, V. reprobar. 
Chief, a. principal. 
Chilblain, x. sabanon, m. 
Child, X. nifio, 7n. 
Childhood, x. ninez, /. 
Chill, X. frio, »?. — v. enfriar. 
Chilly, a. friolero. 
Chime, s. carill6n, m. — t;. re- 

Chimney, x. chimenea, /. 
Chimney-sweeper, s. des- 

hollinador, m. 
Chin, X. barba, /. 
China, x. porcelana, /. 
Chintz, X. zaraza, /. 
Chip, X. brizna, /. — v. de- 

Chiropodist, x. callista, m. 
Chirp, V. chirriar. 
Chisel, X. cincel, wz. — v. cincclar. 
Chivalrous, a. caballeresco. 
Chlorine, s. cloro, m. 

18 Claret 

Chloroform, x. cloroforme, m- 
Chocolate, x. chocolate, m. 
Choice, X. preferencia, /. — a. 

Choir, X. coro, m. 
Choke, V. sufocar: ahogar. 
Choking, x. sufocacion, /. 
Cholera, x. c61era, ni. 
Choose, V. escoger: elegir. 
Chop, X. Costilla, /. — v. tajar, 

Chord, X. acorde, m.: cuerda, /. 
Chorus, X. coro, m. 
Christ, X. Cristo, m. 
Christening, x. bautismo, m. 
Christian, a. & s. cristiano, m. 
Christmas, x. Navidad, /. 
Christmas-box, x. aguinaldo, 

Chronicle, x. cr6nica, /. — v. 

Chrysalis, x. crisalida, /. 
Chrysanthemum, x. crisan- 

temo, m. 
Church, X. iglesia, /. 
Churchyard, x. cementerio, m. 
Churl, X. rustico, m. 
Churn, x. mantequera, /- 
Cider, x. sidra, /. 
Cigar, X. cigarro, nt. 
Cigarette, x. cigarrillo, m. 
Cinder, x. cernada, /. 
Cinnamon, x. canela, /. 
Cipher, x. cifra, /. — v. cifrar. 
Circle, x. circulo, ni. — v. cir- 

Circuit, X. circuito, m. 
Circular, a. circular. 
Circulation, x. circulacion, /. 
Circumference, x. circunfer- 

encia, /. 
Circumflex, x. circunflejo, m. 
Circumscribe, v. circun- 

Circumstance, s. circunstan- 

cia, /. 
Circus, s. circo, m. 
Cist, s. cista, /. 
Cistern, s. cisterna, /. 
Citadel, s, ciudadela, /. 
Citizen, ». ciudadano, m. 
Citron, *. cidra, /.: cidro, m. 
City, s. ciudad,/. 
Civilization, s. civilizaci6n, /.. 
Claim, s. demanda, /.: titulo, 

m. — V. reclamar. 
Clamorous, a. clamoroso. 
Clap, X. golpe, m. — v. aplaudir. 
Claret, x. clarete, m. 

Clarify i 

Clarify, v. clarificar. 
Clash, s cheque, m. — i. 

Clasp, s. corchete m. — v. 

Class, s. clase: calidad, / — v. 

Classroom, s. clase,/. 
Clatter, s. fracasq, m. 
Clause, s. clausula, /. 
Claw, 5. garra, /. 
Clay, s. arcilla, /.: barro, m. 
Clean, a. limpio: neto — v. 

Cleanse, v. pnrificar: purgar. 
Clear, a. claro: transparente — 

V. aclarar: clarificar. 
Clearance, s. desempeno, m. 
Clearing, s. justificacidn, /. 
Clearness, s. claridad, /. 
Clematis, s. clematita, /. 
Clemency, s. clemencia, /, 
Clergy, s. clero, m. 
Clerical, a. clerical. 
Clerk, 5. dependiente, m. 
Clever, a. diestro. 
Cleverness, s. habilidad, /. 
Client, s. cliente: protegido, m. 
Cliff, s. acantilado, m. 
Climate, s. clima, m. 
Climax, s. climax, m. 
Climb, V. trepar: escalar. 
Climber, s. escalador, m. 
Cling, V. adherirse: pegarse. 
Clip, s. cercenadura, /.: es- 

quileo, m. — v. cercenar. 
Cloak, s. capa, /.: manto, m. 
Clock, s. reloj, m. 
Clock-maker, s. relojero, m. 
Close, V. cerrar: concluir: 

unirse: convenirse — s. cer- 

cado, m.: termino, m.: fin, m. 

— a. cerrado: estrecho: secreto: 

obscuro: denso: tupido — ad. 

Closet, s. armario, m. 
Cloth, s. pano, m.: tela, /. 
Clothe, V. vestir. 
Clothes, s. vestidura, /. pi. 
Clothier, s. sastre, m. 
Cloud, s. nube, /. 
Clove, s. clave, m. 
Clover, s. trebol, m. 
Clown, s. payaso, m. 
Club, s. club, m.: clava, /. — v. 

Clue, X. ovillo de hilo, m. 
Clump, s. bosquecillo, m. 
Clumsy, a. pesado: tosco. 

19 Colonnade 

Cluster, s. racimo, m. — v. 

Clutch, V. empunar. 
Coach, s. coche, m. — v. ensenar. 
Coal, s. carbbn de piedra, m. 
Coal-cellar, s. carboneria, /. 
Coal-mine, s. minade carbon,/. 
Coal-scuttle, 5. cubo, m. 
Coarse, a. baste. 
Coast, s. costa, /.: literal, m. 
Coat, s. casca, /.: pelaje (of 

animal), m.: capa de pintura 

(ef paint), /. 
Coat of arms, s. armadura, /. 
Coax, V. cenvencer. 
Cobalt, s. cobalto, m. 
Cobbler, 5. remendon, m. 
Cobweb, s. telarana, /. 
Cock, s. galle, m. 
Cockchafer, s. escarabaje, m. 
Cocked, a. remangado. 
Cockerel, s. pollastro, m. 
Cockle, 5. bucarda, /. 
Cockroach, 5. cucaracha, /. 
Cocoa, s. cacao, m. 
Cocoon, 5. capullo, m. 
Cod, 5. helleje, m. 
Cod-liver oil, s. aceite de 

higado de bacalao, m. 
Coerce, v. refrenar. 
Coffee, s. cafe, m. 
Coffee-pot, s. cafetera, /. 
Coffin, s. ataud: feretro, m. 
Cog, s. diente, m. 
Coil, s. rello, m. 
Coin, s. meneda, /. 
Coinage, s. acufiacion, /. 
Coincide, v. coincidir. 
Coke, 5. coke, ni. 
Colander, s. coladera, /. 
Cold, a. frio — s. frio, m. 
Colic, s. colice, m. 
Collaborate, v. colaborar. 
Collapse, s. celapso, m. — v. 

Collar, s. collar, m.: collera, /. 
Collar-bone, s. clavicula, /. 
Colleague, s. cempanere, m. 
Collect, V. recoger: reunirse. 
Collection, s. coleccion, /. 
College, s. celegie, m. 
Collide, V. aconcharse. 
Collier, s. carbenero, m. 
Colliery, s. mina de carb6n, /. 
Collision, s. colisi6n, /. 
Colonel, 5. ceronel, m. 
Colonist, s. colono, m. 
Colony, s. colonia, /. 
Colonnade, s. columnata, /, 

Colossal li 

Colossal, a. colosal. 
Colour, 5. color, m. 
Colt's-foot, s. tusilago, m. 
Columbine, s. aguilena, /. 
Column, s. columna, /. 
Comb, X. peine, m. — v. peinar. 
Combat, s. combate, m. — v. 

Combine, ik combinar. 
Combustion, s. combustion, /. 
Come, V. venir: llegar. 
Comedian, s. comediante: 

comico, m. 
Comely, a. bello. 
Comet, s. cometa, /. 
Comfort, s. comodidad, /. — v. 

Comfortable, a. comodo. 
Comical, a. comico. 
Comma, s. virgula: coma, /. 
Command, v. mandar: 

dominar: gobernar — x. orden, 

/.: domino, 7n. 
Commanding, a. imperioso. 
Commemorate, v. conmemor- 

Commence, v. principiar. 
Commencement, s. principio, 

Commend, v. encomendar. 
Comment, s. comento, m. — v. 

Commerce, 5. comercio. m. 
Commiserate, v. compadecer. 
Commissariat, s. comisaria, /. 
Commission, x. comision, /. 
Commit, v. cometer: encargar. 
Common, a. comiin — s. ejido, 

Commonwealth, s. el estado, 

Commotion, s. conmoci6n, /. 
Commune, v. conferir. 
Communicate, v. comunicar. 
Communication, s. comuni- 

cacion, /. 
Community, s. comunidad, /. 
Compact, s. pacto, m. — a. 

Companion, s. companero, m. 
Comipany, s. compafiia, /. 
Compare, v. comparar. 
Comparison, s. comparaci6n,/. 
Compartment, s. comparti- 

miento, m. 
Compass, j. bnijula (ship's)/.: 

compas (pair of), m. 
Compel, V. constrenir. 
Compensate, v. compensar. 

3 Condition 

Compensation, s. compensa- 

cion, /. 
Compete, 1;. competir. 
Competition, s. concurrencia, 

/.: concurso, m. 
Compile, v. compilar. 
Complain, v. quejarse. 
Complement, s. complemen- 

to, VI. 

Complete, a. complete — v. 

Completeness, s. entereza, /. 
Complexion, s. complexion: 

tez, /. 
Compliance, x. complacencia,/. 
Complicate, v. complicar. 
Compliment, x. cumplimiento, 

m. — V. cumplimentar. 
Comply, V. acceder. 
Compose, v. componer. 
Composer, x. autor, m. 
Composition, x.composicion,/. 
Compound, x. compuesto, m. 

— V. componer. 
Comprehend, v. comprender. 
Compress, v. comprimir — x. 

cabezal, m. 
Compromise, x. compromiso, 

m. — V. comprometer. 
Compulsion, x. compulsion, /. 
Compulsory, a. obligatorio. 
Comrade, x. camarada, m. 
Concave, a. concavo. 
Conceal, v. ocultar. 
Concede, v. conceder. 
Conceit, x. concepcion, /. 
Conceive, v. concebir: imaginar. 
Concentrate, v. concentrar. 
Concern, x. negocio, m.: em- 

presa, /. — v. concernir. 
Concert, x. concierto, m. 
Concession, x. concesion, /. 
Conciliate, v. conciliar. 
Concise, a. conciso. 
Conclude, v. concluir. 
Concoct, V. inventar. 
Concourse, x. concurso, m. 
Concrete, a. concreto — x. con- 

creto, m. 
Concur, v. estra de acuerdo. 
Concurrently, ad. en con- 
Concussion, x. concusi6n, /. 
Condemn, zk condenar. 
Condensation, x. condensa- 

cion, /. 
Condense, v. condensar. 
Condescend, v. condescender. 
Condition, s. condici6n, /. 

Condole i: 

Condole, v. condolerse. 
Conduce, v. conducir. 
Conduct, s. conducta, /. — v. 

Cone, s. cone, m. 
Confectionery, s. confiteria, /. 
Confer, v. conferir: conferen- 

Confess, v. confesar: con- 

Confession, s. confesion, /. 
Confidant, s. confidente, m. 
Confident, a. seguro. 
Confine, x. confin: limite, m. — 

V. limitar. 
Confirm, v. confirmar. 
Confiscate, v. confiscar. 
Conflagration, s. incendio, m. 
Conflict, 5. conflicto, m. — v. 

Conform, v. conformar. 
Confound, v. confundir: con: 

Confront, v. confrontar. 
Confuse, v. confundir: em- 

broUar, /. 
Congeal, v. helar: congelarse. 
Congestion, x. congestion, /. 
Congratulate, v. congratular. 
Congregate, v. congregar: con- 

Congress, s. congreso, m.: 

junta, /. 
Connect, v. juntar: combinar. 
Connection, 5. conexion, /. 
Connoisseur, x. conocedor, ?«. 
Conquer, v. conquistar. 
Conqueror, x. conquistador, m. 
Conquest, x. conquista, /. 
Conscience, x. conciencia, /. 
Conscientious, a. escrupuloso. 
Conscious, a. consciente. 
Consciousness, x. conocimien- 

to, m. 
Conscript, s. conscripto, m. 
Conscription, x.conscripcion,/. 
Consecutive, a. sucesivo. 
Consent, v. consentir. 
Consequence, x. consecuencia. 

Conservative, x. conservador, 

Conservatory, x. invernaculo, 

Consider, v. considerar: esti- 

Considerate, a. indulgente. 
Considering, ad. visto que. 
Consign, v. consignar. 

[ Contribute 

Consi(inment, x. consignaci6n, 

Consist, V. consistir. 
Consistent, a. consistente. 
Consolation, x. consolacidn, /. 
Console, v. consolar. 
Consolidate, v. consolidar. 
Consolidation, x. consolida- 

cion, /. 
Consort, s. consorte, m. & f. — 

V. juntar. 
Conspicuous, a. conspicuo. 
Conspicuously, ad. insigne- 

Conspiracy, x. conspiracion, / 
Constable, x. agente de policia 

Constant, a. constante. 
Constipation, s. constipacion,/ 
Construe, v. construir. 
Consul, X. consul, ni. 
Consulate, x. consulado, m. 
Consult, V. consultar. 
Consume, v. consumir. 
Consumption, x. consuncion, 

/.: tisis, /. 
Consumptive, a. tisico. 
Contact, X. contacto, m. 
Contagion, x. contagio, m. 
Contain, v. contener: con- 

Contaminate, v. contaminar. 
Contemplate, v. contemplar: 

Contemplative, a. contem- 

Contemporary, a. contem- 

Contempt, x. desprecio, m. 
Contend, v. cont«inder: afirmar. 
Content, a. contento — v. con- 

Contents, x. contenido, m. pi. 
Contest, X. disputa, /. — v. con- 

Continent, x. continente, m. 
Continual, a. continuo. 
Continue, v. continuar. 
Continuous, a. continuo. 
Contour, x. perfil, m. 
Contraband, X. contrabando, m. 
Contract, s. contrato, m.: pacto, 

m. — f. contraer: pactar. 
Contraction, x. abreviatura, /. 
Contractor, x. contratante, in. 
Contradict, v. desmentir. 
Contrast, x. contraste, m. — v. 

Contribute, v. contribuir. 

Contrivanc« i 

Contrivance, 5. disposicion, /. 
Contrive, v. ingeniar. 
Control, V. refrenar: dirigir — s. 

dominio, jn. 
Conundrum, s. acertijo, m. 
Convalescence, s. convalecen- 

cia, /. 
Convenient, a. conveniente. 
Convent, s. convento, m. 
Converge, v. converger. 
Conversation, s. conversa- 

cion, /. 
Converse, v. conversar. 
Convert, v. convertir: cambriar. 
Convict, s. convicto, m. — v. 

Convince, v. convencer. 
Convulsion, s. convulsi6n, /. 
Cook, V. cocer — s. cocinero, m. 
Cookery, s. arte de cocina, m. 
Cool, a. fresco — v. enfriar. 
Copious, a. abundante: copioso. 
Copper, s. cobre, m. 
Copy, V. copiar — 5. copia, /. 
Copyright, 5. titulo de autor,nz. 
Coral, V. coral, m. 
Cord, s. cuerda, /. — v. en- 

Cordial, a. cordial. 
Core, s, cuesco: centre, m. 
Cork, s. corcho: tapon, m. 
Corkscrew, s. tirabuz6n, m. 
Cormorant, x. corvejdn, m. 
Corn, s. grano: trigo, m.: callo 

(on skin), ni. 
Corner, s. esquina, /. 
Corpse, s. cadaver, m. 
Corpulent, a. corpulento. 
Correct, a. correcto — v. corre- 

Correspond, v. corresponder. 
Correspondence, s. corres- 

pondencia, /. 
Corridor, 5. corredor, m. 
Corroborate, v. corroborar. 
Corrode, 1;. corroer. 
Corrosive, s. corrosivo, m. 
Corrugated, a. acanalado 

(cardboard): ondulado (iron). 
Corrupt, a. corrupto — v. cor- 

Corruption, s. corrupci6n, /. 
Corset, s. corse, m. 
Cosily, a. c6modamente. 
Cosmetic, a. cosmetico. 
Cost, s. precio: costo, m. — v. 

Costermonger, s. frutero, m. 
PostAv,.^. caro: costoso. 

22 Crazy 

Costume, 5. traje: vestido, m. 

Cosy, a. c6modo. 

Cot, s. cabafia, /. 

Cottage, s. cabana: choza, /. 

Cottager, s. aldeano, m. 

Cotton, s. algod6n: coton, m. 

Couch, s. cama, /.: lecho, m. 

Cough, s. tos, m. — V. toser. 

Council, s. concilio: consejo, m. 

Counsel, s. consejo, m.: con- 
sulta, /. 

Count, 5. cuenta,/.: capitulo, m. 

Countenance, s. rostro, m. 

Counterfeit, a. contrahecho. 

Counterfoil, s. contramarca, /. 

Countess, s. condesa, /. 

Counting, s. computo, m. 

Country, s. campo: pais, m. 

County, s. condado, m. 

Couple, 5. pareja, /. — v. unir. 

Coupon, s. cup6n, m. 

Courage, s. valor, m. 

Courageous, a. valiente. 

Course, 5. curso, m.: serie, /.: 
plato (dinner), tn. 
Of course, sin duda. 

Court, 5. corte, /.: tribunal, m. 

Court-card, s. figura, /. 

Courteous, a. cortes. 

Courtesy, s. cortesla, /. 

Court-martial, s. consejo de 
guerra, m. 

Court - plaster, s. tafetan 
ingles, m. 

Courtship, s. noviazgo, m. 

Cousin, s. primo, m. 

Cover, s. cubierta, /.: abrigo, 
m. — V. cubrir. 

Coverlet, 5. sobrecama, /. 

Covet, V. codiciar. 

Cow, s. vaca, /. — v. intimidar. 

Coward, s. cobarde, m. 

Cowslip, 5. primavera, /. 

Crab, s. cangrejo, m. 

Crack, s. hendedura, /. 

Cracker, s. triquitraque 
(Christmas), m. 

Cradle, i. cuna, /. 

Craft, s. arte, /.: oficio (work), 
m.: astucia (unreliable per- 
son),/.: embarcaci6n (boat),/. 

Cram, v. apretar. 

Cramp, s. calambre, m. 

Cranberry, s. arandano, m. 

Crash, v. chocar: romper. 

Crave, v. suplicar. 

Crawl, V. arrastrar. 

Crayon, s. lapiz, tn. 

Crazy, a. loco: demente. 

Creak, v. crujir. 
Cream, s. crema, /.: nata, /. 
Crease, 5. pliegue, m. — v. 

Create, v. crear: criar: causar. 
Creation, s. creaci6n, /. 
Creature, j. criatura, /. 
Credible, a. creible. 
Credit, s. cr^dito, m. — v. creer: 

Creditor, s. acreedor, m. 
Credulous, a. cr^dulo. 
Creep, v. arrastrar: serpear. 
Crew, 5. cuadrilla, /. 
Crime, 5. crimen, m.: delito, m. 
Criminal, a. criminal. 
Crimson, s. carmesi, m. 
Cripple, s. estropeado, m. 
Crisis, s. crisis, /. 
Critic, 5. critico, m. 
Criticize, v. censurar. 
Crooked, a. corvo. 
Crop, X. cosechar, /.: buche de 

ave, m. 
Cross, s. cruz, /. — a. mal 

Crouch, V. agacharse: bajarse. 
Crow, s. cuervo, m. 
Crowd, s. gentio, m.: tropel, m. 
Crown, s. corona, /. — v. 

Crucifix, s. crucifijo, m. 
Crude, a. crudo. 
Cruel, a. cruel: inhumane. 
Cruelty, 5. crueldad, /. 
Cruise, s. viaje por mar, m. 
Crumb, s. miga, /. 
Crusade, s. cruzada, /. 
Crush, V. aplastar — x. apina- 

miento, m. 
Crust, s. corteza: pasta, /. 
Crusty, a. tostado. 
Crutch, 5. muleta, /. 
Cry, 5. grito, m. — v. gritar: 

Cuckoo, s. cuclillo, m. 
Cucumber, 5. cohombro, m. 
Culprit, 5. reo: culpable, m. 
Cultivate, v. cultivar. 
Cumbersome, a. embarazoso. 
Cunning, a. astute. 
Cup, X. taza, /. 
Cupboard, s. armario, m. 
Cure, V. curar — s. cura, /. 
Curiosity, 5. curiosidad, /. 
Curious, a. curioso. 
Curl, 5. rize de pelo, m. — v. 

endear: rizarse. 
Currant, s. gresella, /. 

123 Darkness 

Current, s. corricnte, /. 
Curse, J. maldicion, /. — v. 

Curtain, s. cortina,/.: telon (at 

theatre), m. 
Curve, s. curva, /. 
Cushion, s. cojin, m.: almo- 

hada, /. 
Custom, X. censtumbre, /. 
Customer, x. parroquiano, m. 
Custom-house, x. aduana, /. 
Cut, V. cortar — x. corte, m.: 

Cutlery, x. cuchilleria, /. 
Cutlet, X. costilla, /. 
Cyclamen, x. artanita, /. 
Cycle, X. ciclo, m.: bicicleta, /. 
Cynic, x. cinico, m. 

Dab, X. guinapo, m.: barbada, /. 

Dabble, v. rociar: chopotear. 

Dace, X. gobio, ?«. 

Daddy-long-legs, x.sancuda,/. 

Dado, X. dado, m. 

Daffodil, X. asfodelo: narciso, m. 

Daft, a. necio. 

Dagger, x. daga, /.: cruz, /. 

Dahlia, x. dalia, /. 

Daily, a. diarie: cotidiano — ad. 

Dainty, a. delicade: elegante. 
Dairy, x. lecheria, /. 
Dairymaid, x. lechera,/. 
Daisy, x. margarita: maya, /. 
Dale, X. valle, m. 
Dally, V. juguetcar. 
Damage, x. dafio, m.: averia, /. 

— V. dafiar. 
Damaging, a. perjudicial. 
Damask, x. damasco, in. 
Dame, x. dama: senora, /. 
Damn, v. condenar. 
Damning, a. condenatorio. 
Damp, a. humedo. 
Damsel, x. senorita, /. 
Damson, x. damasco, m. 
Dance, x. danza, /.: baile, m. — 

V. bailar. 
Dandelion, x. diente de leen, m. 
Danger, x. peligro, m. 
Dangerous, a. peligroso. 
Dare, v. osar. 

Daring, x. osadia, /. — a. audaz. 
Dark, a. obscuro. 
Darkness, x. obscuridad: tinie- 

blas, /. 

Darling i 

Darling, 5. favorito, m. — a. 

Date, 5. data,/.: datil (fruit), m. 
Daughter, s. hija, /. 
Daughter-in-law, 5. nuera, /. 
Dawn, s. alba, m. — v. apuntar. 
Day, s. dia, ni. 
Daylight, s. luz del dia, /. 
Dazzle, v. deslumbrar. 
Dead, a. muerto. 
Deadly, a. mortal — ad. mortal- 

Deaf, a. sordo. 
Deafness, s. sordera, /. 
Deal, X. trato (trade), m.: canti- 

dad (amount), /.: madera de 

pino (timber), /. — v. distri- 

buir: traficar. 
Dear, a. querido (darling): cos- 

toso (cost). 
Death, s. muerte, /. 
Debt, 5. deuda, /.: debito, m. 
Debtor, x. deudor, ?n. 
Decay, s. decadencia, /.: podre- 

dumbre, /. — v. decaer: 

Deceit, s. engano, m. 
Deceive, v. engaiiar: alucinar. 
Decent, a. decente. 
Deception, x. decepcion, /. 
Decide, v. decidir: determinar. 
Decision, x. decision, /. 
Deck, 5. cubierta, /.: puente, m. 

— V. adornar. 
Declare, v. declarar. 
Decline, 5. decadencia, /. — v. 

decaer: rehusar. 
Decorate, v. decorar. 
Decrease, v. decrecer — x. 

diminuci6n, /. 
Deduct, V. deducir. 
Deed, s. acto: documento, m. 
Deem, v. estimar. 
Deep, a. profundo: bajo — x. 

pillage, m. 
Deepen, v. profundizar. 
Deer, s. ciervo, ni. 
Deface, v. desfigurar. 
Defacement, s. desfiguraci6n,/. 
Defalcation, x. desfalco, m. 
Defamation, x. difamacion, /. 
Default, X. defecto, ni.: con- 

tumacia, /. 
Defeat, x. derrota, /. — v. der- 

Defect, X. defecto, m. 
Defective, a. defectuoso. 
Defence, x. defensa, /. 
Defend, v. defender. 

24 Depart 

Defensive, a. defensivo. 
Defer, v. diferir: deferir. 
Defiance, x. desafio, m. 
Deficiency, x. falta, /. 
Defile, x. desfiladero, m. — V. 

ensuciar: violar. 
Define, v. definir. 
Definite, a. definido. 
Definition, x. definicion, /. 
Deformed, a. deforme. 
Defraud, a. defraudar. 
Defray, v. costear. 
Deft, a. diestro. 
Defunct, a. difunto: muerto. 
Defy, V. desafiar. 
Degenerate, a. degenerado — v. 

Degrade, v. degradar. 
Degree, x. grado, m. 
Deicide, s. deicida: deicidio, 

Deity, x. deidad, /. 
Dejected, a. triste. 
Delay, x. dilacion, /. — v. re- 

Delegate, s. delegado, m. — v. 

Delete, v. borrar. 
Deliberate, a. prudente — v. 

Delicacy, x. delicadez: golosina. 
Delightful, a. delicioso: ex- 

Delinquent, x. reo, ni. 
Delirious, a. delirante. 
Deliver, t;. entregar: libertar. 
Delivery, x. entrega, /. 
Demolish, v. demoler. 
Demon, x. demonio, nt. 
Demonstrate, a. demostrar. 
Demonstrative, a. demostra- 

Demoralize, v. desmoralizar. 
Demur, v. objetar. 
Demure, a. modesto. 
Den, X. caverna,/.: madriguera,/. 
Denial, x. denegacion, /. 
Denizen, x. naturalizado, m. 
Denominate, v. denominar. 
Denote, v. denotar: indicar. 
Denounce, v. denunciar. 
Dense, a. denso: espeso. 
Dent, X. rotura: mella, /. — v. 

Dentifrice, x, dentifrice, m. 
Dentist, x. dentista, m. 
Deny, v. negar. 
Depart, v. partir. 

Department i 

Department, 5. departamento, 

Departure, s. partida, /.: 

salida, /. 
Depend, v. depender. 
Deplore, v. deplorar. 
Depose, v. deponer. 
Deposit, V. depositar — s. de- 

posito, m. 
Depress, v. deprimir: humillar. 
Deprive, v. privar. 
Depth, s. profundidad, /. 
Descend, v. descender. 
Describe, v. describir. 
Desert, s. desierto, m. — v. 

Deserve, v. merecer. 
Desiccate, v. secar. 
Design, v. disenar: proyectar — 

X. diseno, m.: designio, m. 
Desirable, a. deseable. 
Desire, s. deseo, m.: anhelo, m. 

— V. desear. 
Desirous, a. deseoso. 
Desk, s. escritorio, m. 
Desolate, a. desolado — v. de- 
Despair, 5. desesperaci6n, /. — 

V. desesperar. 
Despatch, s. despacho, m. — v. 

Desperate, a. desesperado. 
Despise, v. despreciar. 
Dessert, s. postres, m. pi. 
Destination, s. destinacion, /. 
Destitute, a. destituido. 
Destroy, v. destruir. 
Destruction, s. destruccion, /. 
Detach, v. despegar: separar. 
Detail — v. detallar — s. detalle, 

Detain, v. detener. 
Deter, v. disuadir. 
Determine, v. determinar: re- 

Detest, V. detestar. 
Dethrone, v. destronar. 
Detract, v. detraer. 
Develop, v. desarrollar: desen- 

Device, s. medio, ni.: divisa, /. 
Devote, v. dedicar. 
Devout, a. devote: piadoso. 
Dew, 5. rocio, ni. 
Diamond, x. diamante, m.: oros 

(cards) m. pi. 
Diarrhoea, s. diarrea, /. 
Diary, 5. diario, m. 
Dictate, v. dictar. 

25 Disappointment 

Dictionary, s. diccionario, m. 
Die, V. morir. 
Diet, s. dieta, /. 
Differ, v. diferenciarse. 
Difference, s. diferencia, /. 
Different, a. ditcrente. 
Difficult, a. doficil. 
Difficulty, s. dificultad, /. 
Diffuse, a. difuso. 
Dig, V. cavar. 
Digest, V. digerir: recopilar — 

5. recopilacion, /. 
Digestible, a. digeriblc. 
Dignified, a. noble: grande. 
Dignity, 5. dignidad, /. 
Digress, 1,'. digresar: extraviarse. 
Dike, s. dique, m. 
Dilapidated, a. arruinado. 
Dilate, v. dilatar. 
Dilemma, s. dilema, /. 
Diligence, x. diligencia. 
Dilute, V. diluir. 
Diluted, a. desleido. 
Dim, a. oscuro — v. deslustrar. 
Dimension, s. medida, /. 
Diminish, v. disminuir. 
Dimple, s. hoyuelo, m. 
Din, X. ruido, m. 
Dine, v. comer. 
Dingey, s. bote, m.: lancha, /. 
Dingy, a. usado. 
Dining, x. comida, /. 
Dining-room, x. comedor, m. 
Dinner, x. comida, /. 
Dip, X. depresion: inmersion, /. 

— ■?'. tefiir: banar. 
Diphtheria, 5. depteria, /. 
Diplomacy, x. dipiomatica, /. 
Dipping, X. sumersion, /. 
Direful, a. horrendo: terrible. 
Direct, a. directo — v. dirigir. 
Direction, x. direccion, /. 
Directly, ad. luego. 
Directory, x. directorio: 

anuario, m. 
Dirge, x. endecha, /. 
Dirt, 5. cieno, m.: basura, /. 
Dirty, a. sucio — v. ensuciar. 
Disable, v. inhabilitar. 
Disadvantage, s. menoscabo, 

Disadvantageous, a. des- 

Disagree, v. desconvenir. 
Disagreeable, a. desagradable. 
Disappear, v. desaparecer. 
Disappoint, v. frustrar. 
Disappointment, 5. chasco, m. 

Disapproval i: 

Disapproval, s. desaproba- 

ci6n, /. 
Disarm, v. desarmar. 
Disarmament, s. desarma- 

dura, /. 
Disarrange, v. desarreglar. 
Disaster, s. desarstre, m. 
Disband, v. dispersar: des- 

Disbelieve, v. descreer. 
Discard, v. despedir. 
Discern, v. discernir: descubrir. 
Discharge, s. disparo, m. — v. 

disparar: descargar. 
Disciple, s. discipulo, m. 
Discipline, s. disciplina, /. 
Disclaim, v. renunciar. 
Disclaimer, 5. denegacion, /. 
Disclose, V. revelar. 
Discolour, v. descolorar. 
Discomfiture, s. derrota, /. 
Discomfort, s. desconsuelo, m. 
Disconnect, v. desenganchar. 
Disconsolate, a. desconsolado. 
Discontent, v. descontentar. 
Discord, s. discordia, /. 
Discount, s. rebaja, /. — v. des- 

Discourage, v. desalentar. 
Discourteous, a. descort^s. 
Discover, v. descubrir. 
Discredit, s. descr^dito, m. 
Discreet, a. discrete: prudente. 
Discretion, 5. discreci6n, /. 
Discriminate, v. distinguir. 
Discuss, V. discutir. 
Discussion, j. discusi6n, /, 
Disdain, 5. menosprecio, m. — 

V. desdeiiar. 
Disdainful, a. desdenoso. 
Disease, s. enfermedad, /. 
Disembark, v. disembarcar. 
Disembarkation, s. desem- 

barco, m. 
Disengage, v. desenredar. 
Disentangle, v. desenmaranar. 
Disfavour, s. disfavor, m. 
Disfigurement, 5. disfigura- 

cion, /. 
Disgorge, v. vomitar. 
Disgrace, s. deshonra, /. — V. 

Disgraceful, a. deshonroso. 
Disguise, s. disfraz, m. 
Disgust, J. disgusto, m. — v. 

Disgusting, a. asqueroso. 
Dish, J. plate, m. fuente, /. — v. 

poner en fuente. 

26 Distillery 

Dishearten, v. desanimar. 
Dishevel, v. desgrefiar. 
Dishonest, a. deshonesto. 
Dishonour, s. ignominia,/. — v. 

Dishonourable, a. deshonroso. 
Disinclination, s. desafecto, i?i. 
Disinfect, v. desinfeccionar. 
Disinfectant, s. desinfectante, 

Disinherit, v. desheredar. 
Dislike, s. aversion, /. — v. dis- 

Dislocate, v. dislocar. 
Dismal, a. triste. 
Dismay, s. espanto, m. — v. 

Dismiss, v. despedir. 
Dismount, v. desmontar. 
Disobedient, a. desebediente. 
Disobliging, a. desagradable. 
Disorderly, a. desordenado — 

ad. desordenadamente. 
Disorganization, 5. desor- 

ganizacion, /. 
Disown, V. negar. 
Disparage, v. envilecer. 
Disparity, 5. disparidad, /. 
Dispassionate, a. serene. 
Dispel, V. expeler. 
Dispensary, s. dispensarie, m. 
Dispense, v. dispensar. 
Dispensing chemist, s. farma- 

ceutico, m. 
Disperse, v. disipar. 
Displace, v. deponer. 
Display, s. despliegue, m. 
Displease, v. desplacer: dis- 

Disposal, s. disposicion, /. 
Dispute, X. disputa, /. 
Disqualification, s. inhabili- 

tacion, /. 
Disquieting, a. moleste. 
Disregard, x. desatenci6n, /. — 

V. desatender. 
Disreputable, a. deshonroso. 
Disrespect, s. descertesia, /. 
Disrobe, v. desnudar: des- 

Dissatisfied, a. descontento. 
Dissect, V. disccar. 
Dissension, x. disensi6n, /. 
Dissolve, V. diselver. 
Dissuade, v. disuadir. 
Distance, j. distancia, /. 
Distant, a. distante: remoto. 
Distil, V. destilar. 
Distillery, s. destileria, /. 

Distinct I 

Distinct, a. distinto: precise. 
Distinction, s. distinci6n, /. 
Distinguish, v. distinguir. 
Distinguished, a. distinguido. 
Distress, s. calamidad: miseria, 

/. — V. angustiar. 
Distribute, v. distribuir. 
District, s. distrito, m. 
Distrust, V. desconfiar — s. des- 

confianza, /. 
Disturb, v. desordenar: in- 

Dive, V. zabullirse — s. zabulli- 

dura, /. 
Diver, s. buzo, m. 
Divert, v. desviar: divertir. 
Divide, v. dividir. 
Divine, a. divino — v. adivinar. 
Division, s. divisi6n, /. 
Do, V. hacer: cocer: obrar. 
Docile, a. docil. 
Docli, s. barra: darsena, /. 
Doctor, s. medico, m. 
Document, s. documento, /. 
Do6, s. perro, m. 
Doll, s. muneca, /. 
Dome, s. cupula, /.: dome, m. 
Domestic, a. domestico. 
Dominate, v. dominar. 
Domino, s. domin6, m. 
Donkey, s. asno: burro, m. 
Door, 5. puerta, /. 
Doorlceeper, s. portero, m. 
Doorknoclier, s. picaporte, m. 
Doormat, 5. felpudo, m. 
Dose, s. dosis,/. — v. medicarse. 
Double, V. doublar — a. doble. 
Doubt, V. dudar — s. duda, /. 
Doubtful, a. dudoso: incierto. 
Doubtless, ad. sin duda. 
Down, ad. & prep, abajo — 5. 

plum6n, m. 
Dowry, 5. dote, /. 
Doze, V. dormitar. 
Dozen, s. docena, /. 
Drab, a. pardusco. 
Drag, V. arrastrar: tirar. 
Drain, v. desaguar — s. desagua- 

dero, m. 
Drake, 5. pato, m. 
Dramatic, a. dramatico. 
Draper, s. pafiero, m. 
Drastic, a. drastico. 
Draught, 5. corriente de aire,/. 
Draught-board, s. tablero de 

damas, m. 
Draughts (game), s. juego de 

damas, m. 
Draw, V. arrastrar: tirar. 

27 Eagle 

Drawer, a. cajon (in desk, etc.), 
m. girador (of a bill), m. 

Drawers, s. calzoncillos (ap- 
parel), m. pi. 

Dreadful, a. terrible. 

Dream, v. sonar — s. sueno, m. 

Dress, v. vestir — 5. vestido, m. 

Dressing gown, s. bata, /. 

Dressmaker, s. costurera: 
modista, /. 

Drink, v. beber — s. bebida, /. 

Drip, V. gotear. 

Drive, v. impeler: conducir. 

Driver, x. chofer: cochero, m. 

Drizzle, v. llovizner — s. lloviz- 
na, /. 

Drop, V. caer (fall): dejar: 
gotear — s. gota, /. 

Drought, s. sequedad, /. 

Drown, v. ahogar. 

Drowsy, a. sonoliento. 

Drug, 5. droga. 

Drum, s. tambor, m. 

Drunk, a. borracho: ebrio. 

Drunkard, s. borrachon, m. 

Dry, a. arido: seco — v. secar. 

Duck, 5. pato, m. 

Due, 5. debido: derechos — a. 

Duel, s. duelo, m. 

Duet, 5. duo, m. 

Dull, a. estupido: obtuso: opaco. 

Dumb, a. mudo. 

Duplicate, s. duplicado, m. 

Durable, a. durable. 

During, prep, durante. 

Dusk, s. crepusculo, m. 

Dust, 5. polvo, m. 

Dusty, a. polvoroso. 

Dutch, a. holand^s. 

Dutiful, a. obediente. 

Duty, s. deber, m.: derechos 
(customs), m. pi. 

Dwarf, s. enano, m. 

Dwell, V. habitar. 

Dwelling, s. habitacion, /. 

Dye, V. teiiir — s. time, m. 

Dynamite, s. dinamita, /. 

Dynamo, s. dinamo, m. 

Dysentery, ». disenteria. /. 

Each, a. cada: todo — pron. 

cada uno: todos. 
Each other, pron. unos a otros. 
Eager, a. ardiente. 
Eagerness, s. ansia, /. 
Eagle, s. ^guila, /. 

Ear I 

Ear, 5. oreja, /.: espiga. /. 
Earache, i. dolor de oidos, m. 
Earl, s. conde, m. 
Early, a. anticipado — ad. de 

buena hora. 
Earn, v. ganar: merecer. 
Earnest, a. ardiente. 
Earnestness, s. solicitud, /. 
Ear-ring, s. zarcillo, m. 
Earth, s. tierra, /.: mundo, m. 
Earthenware, 5. loza, /. 
Earthquake, 5. terremoto, m. 
Earwig, s. tijeret*, /. 
Ease, s. alivio, tn.: facilidad, /. 

— V. aliviar. 
Easily, ad. facilmente. 
Easy, a. facil. 
East, 5. este: oriente, m. 
Easter, 5. Pascua, /. 
Easterly, a. oriental. 
Eat, V. comer. 
Eatables, s. viveres, m. pi. 
Eating, x. comida, /. 
Ebb-tide, s. reflujo: men- 

guante, m. 
Ebony, s. ^bano, m. 
Echo* s. eco, m. — v. resonar. 
Eclipse, s. eclipse, m. — v. 

Economical, a. economico: 

Economize, v. economizar. 
Ecstasy, s. extasis, iti. 
Edge, s. orilla, /.: margen, m. 

& f. — V. afilar. 
Edgewise, ad. de filo. 
Edging, s. orla: orilla, /.: 

ribete, m. 
Edible, a. comestible. 
Edifice, s. edificio, m. 
Edit, V. publicar: redactar. 
Eklucate, v. educar: criar. 
Education, 5. educacion, /. 
Eel, s. anguila, /. 
Efface, V. borrar. 
Effect, s. efecto, m. — v. efec- 

Effective, a. eficaz. 
Effeminacy, s. molicie, /. 
Effervesce, v. hervir: fer- 

Effervescent, a. efervescente. 
Effort, s. esfuerzo. 
Egg, 5. huevo, m. 
Eight, $. & a. ocho (m). 
Eighteen, s. & a. diez y ocho 

Eighty, s. fef a. ochenta (m). 

28 Enchant 

Either, pron. uno u otro — ad. 

Elaborate, a. elaborado. 
Elbow, s. codo, m. 
Elder, x. mayor, m. & f. 
Elderbush, s. sauco, m. 
Elect, V. elegir. 
Electric, a. electrico. 
Electrician, s. electricista, m. 
Electricity, 5. electricidad, /. 
Electrify, v. electrizar. 
Elegant, a. elegante. 
Element, s. elemento, m. 
Elephant, s. elefante, m. 
Elevate, v. elevar. 
Elicit, V. deducir: educir. 
Eligible, a. apropiado. 
Elm, s. olmo, m. 
Eloquent, a. elocuente. 
Else, a. otro — ad. obien. 
Elusive, a. evasivo. 
Emanate, v. emanar. 
Embark, v. embarcar. 
Embarrass, v. embarazar: 

Embassy, 5. embajada, /. 
Embezzle, v. desfalcar. 
Embrace, v. abrazar. 
Embrocation, x.embrocacion,/ 
Embroidery, s. bordadura, /. 
Emerald, s. esmeralda, /. 
Emerge, v. salir. 
Emergency, s. emergencia, /. 
Emigrate, v. emigrar. 
Eminent, a. eminente. 
Emit, V. emitir. 
Emotion, 5. conmocion, /. 
Empale, v. empalar. 
Emperor, 5. emperador, m. 
Emphasize, v. acentuar. 
Empire, 5. imperio: dominio, m. 
Employ, V. emplear. 
Employee, s. empleado, m. 
Employer, s. patron, m. 
Employment, s. empleo, m. 
Emporium, 5. emporio, m. 
Empower, v. autorizar. 
Empress, x. emperatriz, /. 
Emptiness, s. vacuidad, /. 
Empty, a. vacuo — v. vaciar. 
Emu, s. casoar, m. 
Emulate, v. emular: rivalizar. 
Emulsion, s. emulsion, /. 
Enable, v. facilitar. 
Enact, V. decretar. 
Enamel, 5. esmalte, m. — v. 

Enamour, v. enamorar. 
Enchant, v. encantar. 

Enclose i 

Enclose, v. incluir: cercar. 
Encore, ad. otra vez. 
Encounter, s. encuentro, m. 
Encourage, v. animar. 
Encouraging, a. estimulante. 
Eiicyclopaedla, s. enciclo- 

End, s. fin: conclusion, /. — v. 

Endanger, v. arriesgar. 
Endear, v. encarecer. 
Endeavour, s. esfucrzo, m. — v. 

Ending, s. terminacion, /. 
Endive, 5. endibia: achicoria, /. 
Endless, a. perpetuo. 
Endorse, v. endosar. 
Endow, V. dotar. 
Endue, v. investir: dotar. 
Endurable, a. soportable. 
Endure, v. tolerar. 
Enema, s. jeringa, /. 
Enemy, s. enemigo, m. 
Energetic, a. energico. 
Energy, s. energia, /. 
Enfeeble, v. debilitar. 
Enforce, v. compeler. 
Enfranchise, v. franquear. 
Engage, v. empenar. 
Engagement, $. empeno: con- 

trato, m. 
Engender, v. engendrar: pro- 

Engine, s. maquina: loco- 

motora, /. 
Engineer, s. ingeniero, ni. 
Engrave, v. grabar. 
Engraving, s. grabado, m. 
Enhance, v. encarecer. 
Enjoy, V. gozar. 
Enlarge, v. engrandecer. 
Enlargement, 5. ampliaci6n, /. 
Enliven, v. animar. 
Enmity, s. enemistad, /. 
Enormity, s. enormidad, /. 
Enough, a. suficiente — ad. 

Enrage, v. enfurecer: irritar. 
Enrapture, v. encantar. 
Enrich, v. enriquecer. 
Enroll, V. registrar. 
Ensign, s. pabellon, m. 
Enslave, v. esclavizar. 
Ensue, v. seguirse. 
Entail, s. vinculo, m. 
Entangle, v. enmaranar. 
Enter, v. entrar. 
Enterprise, s. empresa, /. 
Entertain, v. entretener. 


) Establish 

Entertainment, s. entreteni- 

miento, m. 
Enthrone, v. entronizar. 
Enthusiasm, s. entusiasmo, m. 
Enthusiastic, a. entusiastico. 
Entice, v. seducir. 
Enticement, s. seduci6n, /. 
Entire, a. entero. 
Entitle, v. intitular. 
Entomologist, 5. entomologo, 

Entrance, s. entrada, /. 
Entrap, v. entrampar. 
Entreat, v. suplicar. 
Entry, s. entrada, /. 
Envelop, v. envolver. 
Envelope, j. envoltura, /. 
Enviable, a. envidiable. 
Environs, x. alrededores, m. pi. 
Envoy, 5. enviado, m. 
Envy , J. envidia, m. — v. envidiar. 
Epidemic, a. epidemico — s. 

epidemia, /. 
Epidermis, s. epidermis,/. 
Epilepsy, s. epilepsia, /. 
Epiphany, 5. epifania, /. 
Episode, x. episodic, m. 
Epistle, s. carta, /. 
Epoch, s. epoca, /. 
Epsom-salts, 5. sulfate de 

magnesia, m. 
Equal, a. imparcial — v. igualar. 
Equalize, v. igualar. 
Equanimity, 5. serenidad, /. 
Equator, s. ecuador, m. 
Era, X. epoca, /. 
Eradicate, v. extirpar. 
Erase, v. borrar. 
Ere, ad. & prep, antes de: 

antes que. 
Erect, V. erigir. 
Ermine, s. armifio, m. 
Err, r. errar: desviarse. 
Errand, s. recado, m. 
Erratic, a. erratico. 
Erratum, s. errata,/. 
Erring, a. errado. 
Erroneous, a. erroneo, /. 
Eruption, 5. erupcion, /. 
Escalop, 5. pechina, /. 
Escape, s. escapada, /. — v. 

Escort, s. convoy, m. — v. es- 

Esplanade, s. esplanada, /. 
Essence, s. esencia, /.: per- 
fume, m. 
Essential, a. esencial. 
Establish, v. establecer. 

Estate I 

Estate, s. estado, m. 
Esteem, s. estima, /. — v. 

Estimate, s. presupuesto, m. — 
V. tasar. 

Etching, 5. grabado. 

Eternal, a. perpetuo. 

Ether, s. ^ter, m. 

Etiquette, 5. etiqueta, /. 

Evacuate, v. evacuar. 

Evacuation, 5. evacuacion, /. 

Evade, v. eludir. 

Evaporate, v. evaporar. 

Evaporation, s. evaporaci6n, /, 

Evasion, s. evasion, /. 

Even, a. llano — v. allanar — ad. 

Evening, s. tarde, /. 

Evensong, s. visperas, /. pi. 

Event, 5. evento, m. 

Eventful, a. extraordinario. 

Ever, ad. siempre. 

Evergreen, s. siempreviva, /. 

Everlasting, a. sempiterno. 

Evermore, ad. siempre. 

Every, a. cada uno 6 cada una 

Everybody, s. todo el mundo, m 

Everything, 5. todo, ni. 

Everywhere, ad. en 6 por 
todas partes. 

Evict, V. deposeer. 

Evidence, s. evidencia, /. 

Evident, a. evidente. 

Evil, s. mal, ni. — a. malo. 

Ewe, s. oveja,/. 

Exact, a. exacto: justo — v. 

Exaggerate, v. exagerar. 

Examine, v. examinar. 

Example, 5. ejemplo, m. 

Exceed, v. exceder. 

Exceedingly, ad. excesiva- 

Excel, 7.'. sobresalir. 

Excellent, a. excelente. 

Except, V. exceptuar — prep. 

Exception, s. excepci6n, /. 

Excess, 5. exceso, nt. 

Excessive, a. excesivo. 

Exchange, v. cambiar — s. cam- 
bio, m. 

Excise, s. sisa, /. 

Excite, V. excitar. 

Exclaim, v. exclamar. 

Exclude, V. excluir. 

Excursion, s. excursi6n, /. 

Excuse, V. excusar. 

Execute, v. ejecutar. 

3 Fabric 

Exempt, V. exentar — a. exento. 

Exercise, v. ejercitar — s. ejer- 

cicio, m. 
Exert, V. esforzar. 
Exhaust, V. agotar: apurar. 
Exhibit, V. exhibir. 
Exhibition, s. exposici6n, /. 
Exile, V. desterrar — 5. destier- 

ro, m. 
Exist, V. existir. 
Exit, s. salida: partida, /. 
Expand, v. extender. 
Expect, V. aguardar: esperar. 
Expel, V. expeler. 
Expense, s. gasto: coste, m. 
Expensive, a. costoso. 
Experience, v. experimentar — 

s. experiencia, /. 
Expert, 5. perito, m. — a. perito. 
Expiration, s. expiraci6n: 

muerte, /. 
Expire, v. expirar: morir. 
Explain, v. explanar: explicar. 
Explode, V. explotar. 
Explore, v. explorar. 
Export, V. exportar. 
Expose, V. exponer: desen- 

Exposure, s. revelaci6n, /. 
Expound, V. exponer. 
Express, v. expresar — s. ex- 

preso, m. — a. expreso. 
Expulsion, s. expulsidn, /. 
Exquisite, a. exquisito. 
Extend, v. extender. 
Extent, s. grado, m.: exten- 

si6n, /. 
Exterior, 5. exterior, m. 
Exterminate, v. exterminar. 
External, a. externo. 
Extinct, a. extinto. 
Extinguish, v. apagar. 
Extra, a. adicional. 
Extraordinary, a. extraor- 
Extract, v. extraer. 
Extravagant, a. extravagante. 
Extremely, ad. sumamente. 
Extricate, v. desembrollar. 
Eye, s. ojo, m. 
Eyebrow, s. ceja, /. 
Eye-glasses, s. anteojos, m. pi. 
Eyelash, s. pestafia, /. 
Eyelid, s. parpado, m. 
Eyesight, 5. vista, /. 

Fable, s. fabula, /. 
Fabric, s. fabrica, /. 

Facade 13 

Faqade, 5. fachada, /. 
Face, 5. cara, /.: rostro, m. 

Clock face, cuadrante, m. 
Face-cream, 5. crema para la 

cara, /. 
Facilitate, v. facilitar. 
Fact, s. hecho, m.: realidad, /. 

In fact, en efecto. 
Factious, a. faccioso. 
Factory, s. fabrica, /.: fac- 

toria, /. 
Fad, s. antojo, m. 
Fade, v. decaer. 
Faded, a. marchito. 
Fail, V. f altar. 
Failure, s. falta: bancarrota 

(bankrupt), /. 
Faint, v. desmayarse — a. lan- 

Fainting, s. deliquio, m. 
Fair, 5. feria, /. — a. bello: 

claro: juste. 
Fairplay, s. equidad, /. 
Fairness, 5. justicia, /. 
Fairy, s. duende, m. 
Faith, s. {6, f. 
Faithful, a. fiel. 
Faithless, a. p^rfido. 
Fall, 5. caida, /.: otono, m. — v. 

Fall asleep, v. dormirse. 
Fall down, v. prosternarse. 
False, a. falso. 
Falsehood, s. falsedad, /. 
Fame, s. fama, /. 
Famed, a. celebrado. 
Familiar, a. intimo — 5. amigo 

intimo (m). 
Family, s. familia, /. 
Famine, 5. carestia,/.: hambre, 

Famish, v. hambrear. 
Famous, a. famoso. 
Fan, V. abanicar — s. abanico, nt. 
Fanatic, a. fanatico. 
Fancy, 5. gusto, m.: inclinacion, 

/. — V. desear. 
Fancy-dress, j. disfraz, m. 
Fantastic, a. fantastico. 
Far, a. remote: lejano — ad. 

Fare, s. viajere, m.: cemida, /. 
Farm, s. finca: granja, /. 
Farmer, s. agricultor, in. 
Farmhouse, s. alqueria, /. 
Farther, a. ulterior. 
Farthest, a. ultimo. 
Fascinating, a. agradable. 
Fascination, s. fascinacion, /. 

I Fern 

Fashion, s. moda, /. 
Fashionable, a. de moda. 
Fast, a. rapido — v. ayunar. 
Fasten, v. atar. 
Fastidious, a. dificil. 
Fat, s. grasa, /. — a. gordo: 

Fatal, a. fatal: funesto. 
Fate, s. destine, m. 
Father, s. padre, m. 
Father-in-law, s. suegro, m. 
Fatigue, v. fatigar — s. fatiga, jf. 
Fatten, v. engordar. 
Fault, s. falta: culpa, /. 
Faultless, a. perfecto. 
Favour, s. favor, nt. — v. favore- 

Favourite, s. favorite, m. — a. 

Fear, s. temor, m. — v. tamer: 

Fearfully, ad. temerosamente. 
Fearfulness, s. terribilidad, /. 
Fearless, a. intrepido. 
Feast, s. fiesta, /. — v. festejar. 
Feat, s. hecho, m. 
Feather, s. pluma, /. 
Feathery, a. plumose: plumado. 
Feature, s. facci6n, /. 
February, s. febrero, m. 
Federation, s. confederaci6n,/. 
Fee, s. conducta, /. — v. pagar. 
Feeble, a. debil. 
Feed, s. cemida, /. — v. alimen- 

Feel, 5. tacto, m. — v. palpar: 

Feeling, a. tierno — 5. tacto, m. 
Feign, v. fingir, /. 
Felicitate, v. felicitar. 
I Felicity, 5. felicidad, /. 
Feline, a. gatesco: feline. 
Fell, a. cruel: ferez — s. cuero, 

m. — V. cortar. 
Fellow, 5. companero. 
Fellowship, s. compania, /. 
Felon, s. reo, m. 
Felt, s. fieltro, m. 
Female, s. hembra: mujer, /. 
Fen, s. marjal, nt. 
Fence, s. cerca: esgrima, /. — v, 

cercar: esgrimir. 
Fender, s. guardafuge, m. 
Ferment, s. fermente, nt. — v. 

Fermentation, 5. fermenta- 

cion, /. 
Fern, s. helecho, m. 

Ferocious i 

Ferocious, a. feroz. 
Ferocity, s. ferocidad, /. 
Ferret, s. huron, m. 
Ferrule, 5. virola, /. 
Ferry, s. pasaje: barcaje, m. — v. 

Fertile, a. fertil. 
Fertilize, v. fertilizar. 
Fervour, s. fervor, m. 
Festival, s. fiesta, /. 
Festive, a. alegre. 
Fetch, V. traer. 
Fetlock, s. cerneja, /. 
Fetters, s. grillos, ni. pi. 
Feud, 5. feudo, m. 
Fever, 5. fiebre: calentura, /. 
Feverishness, s. calenturilla, /. 
Few, a. poco. 
Fibre, s. fibra, /. 
Fickle, a. ligero. 
Fictitious, a. ficticio. 
Fidelity, s. fidelidad, /. 
Fidget, s. contoneo, m. — v. 

Field, s. campo, m. campana, /. 

— V. tomar el campo (cricket). 
Fieldfare, 5. zorzal, m. 
Field-mouse, s. tur6n, m. 
Fiend, s. demonio, m. 
Fierce, a. feroz. 
Fiery, a. ardiente. 
Fifteen, a. quince. 
Fifty, a. cincuenta. 
Fig, 5. higo, m. 

Fight, s. combate, m. — v. pelear. 
Figure, s. figura: hechura, /. 
File, s. fila: lima, /. — v. limar: 

Fill, X. hartura, /. — v. Uenar. 
Film, s. pelicula: membrana, /. 
Filter, s. filtro: colador, m. — v. 

Filth, 5. basura, /. 
Fin, X. aleta, /. 
Final, a. final: ultimo. 
Finch, s. pinzon, m. 
Find, s. hallazgo, m. — v. hallar. 
Fine, a. fino: puro: astuto — s. 

multa, /. — V. afinar. 
Finery, s. adorno, m. 
Finger, s. dedo, ni. — v. mano- 

Finish, v. acabar — s. acaba- 

Fir, 5. abeto, m. 
Fire, x. fuego, m.: ardor, m. 
Fire-brigade, s. bomberos, 

m. pi. 

32 Flood 

Fire-engine, 5. bomba de in- 

cendios, /. 
Fire-escape, 5. aparato de 

salvaniento, m. 
Firefly, s. luciernaga, /. 
Fireguard, x. guardafuegos, m. 
Fireman, x. bombero, m. 
Fireplace, x. hogar, m. 
Fire-screen, x. guardafuego, m. 
Firewood, x. lefifa, /. 
Firm, a. s61ido — x. casa de 

comercio, /. 
First, a. primero. 
Firstly, ad. primeramente. 
Fish, X. pescado, m. — v. pescar. 
Fishing, x. pesca, /. 
Fishing-boat, x. barcalonga, /. 
Fishing-line, x. sedal, m. 
Fishing-rod, x. cana de pes- 
car, /. 
Fishmarket, x. pescaderia, /. 
Fist, X. puno, m. 
Fit, X. paroxismo: ajuste, m. — v. 

Fitful, a. caprichoso. 
Five, a. cinco. 
Fix, X. enredo, m. — v. fijar. 
Fixed, a. fijo. 
Flabby, a. flojo. 
Flag, X. bandera, /.: pabellon, 

m.: espadafia, /. 
Flagon, X. frasco, m.: botella, /. 
Flagrant, a. flagrante. 
Flake, x. lamina, /. 
Flame, x. Uamarada: pasi6n, /. 
Flannel, x. flanela, /. 
Flash, X. relampago, m. — v. 

Flashlight, x. destello, m. 
Flask, X. frasco, m. 
Flat, a. llano: insipido — x. piso: 

bemol: tonto, m. 
Flatten, v. allanar. 
Flatter, v. adular. 
Flattery, x. adulaci6n, /. 
Flavour, x. sabor, m. — v. 

Flax, X. lino, m. 
Flea, X. pulga, /. 
Flee, V. huir. 
Flesh, X. came, /. 
Flight, X. vuelo, m.: huida, /. 
Fling, V. arrojar: lanzar. 
Flirt, ^;. coquetear — x. coqueta,/. 
Float, V. flotar. 
Flock, X. rebafio, m.'. manada,/. 
Flood, X. diluvio, m. — v. inun- 


Floor I 

Floor, s. suelo, m.: piso (storey), 

Florid, a. florido. 
Florist, s. florista, /. 
Flour, s. harina, /. 
Flourish, v. florecer. 
Flow, V. fluir: endear. 
Flower, s. flor, /. 
Fluent, a. afluente. 
Fly, 5. mosca, /. 
Fly, V. volar. 
Foam, s. espuma, /. 
Fog, X. niebla, /.: bruma, /. 
Fold, V. plegar: cruzar (arms). 
Foliage, s. foliage, m. 
Follow, V. seguir. 
Follower, s. segvudor: dis- 

cipulo, ni. 
Folly, s. locura, /. 
Fond, a. afectuoso. 
Fondle, v. mimar. 
Font, s. pila bautismal, /. 
Food, s. alimento, m.: comida,/. 
Fool, s. bobo: tonto, m. — v. 

Foolhardy, a. temerario. 
Foot, s. pie, m. 
Football, s. balon (ball), m.: 

futb61 (game), m. 
Footman, s. lacayo, m. 
Footpath, /. senda, /. 
For, prep, a causa de: a pesar de: 

para — c. para que: per cuanto: 

Forbear, v. abstenerse. 
Forbearance, x. paciencia, /. 
Forbid, v. vedar. 
Forbidding, a. repugnante. 
Force, s. fuerza, /. — v. forzar. 
Forcible, a. prevaleciente. 
Ford, s. vado, m. — v. vadear. 
Fore, a. anterior — ad. delante. 
Forearm, s. antebrazo, m. 
Forecast, s. pronosticacion, /. 

— V. conjeturar. 
Forefinger, s. dedp indice, m. 
Forego, v. renunciar a. 
Forehead, s. frente, /. 
Foreigner, s. extranjero: foras- 

tero, m. 
Forest, s. bosque, nt. 
Forfeit, s. multa, /. — v. perder. 
Forge, s. fragua, /. — v. forjar. 
Forgery, s. falsificaci6n, /. 
Forget, V. olvidar. 
Forget-me-not, s. vellosilla,/. 
Forgive, v. perdonar. 
Fork, 5. horca, /.: tenedor, m. 
Forlorn, a. desamparado. 

33 Fresh 

Form, s. forma: formula,/. — v. 
formar, ^. 

Formation, s. formacion, /. 

Former, a. anterior. 

Formulate, v. formular. 

Forsake, v. abandonar. 

Forsooth, ad. ciertamente. 

Fort, s. fortaleza, /.: castillo, m. 

Forth, ad. & pr. fuera. 

Forthcoming, a. vcnidero. 

Fortification, x. fortificacion,/. 

Fortify, v. fortificar. 

Fortnight, s. quincena, /. 

Fortress, s. fortaleza,/.: Castil- 
lo, m. 

Fortunate, a. afortunado. 

Fortune, x. hacienda,/.: dote, m. 

Forty, a. cuarenta. 

Forward, a. presumido: pronto 
— ad. adelante — v. avanzar. 

Foul, a. sucio — v. ensuciar. 

Found, a. hallado — v. fundar. 

Foundation, x. fundacion, /. 

Foundling, x. nino exposito, m. 

Fountain, x. fuente, /. 

Four, a. cuatro. 

Fourteen, a. catorce. 

Fowl, X. ave: pajaro, m. 

Fox, X. zorro, m. 

Fox-glove, s. digital, /. 

Fox-terrier, s. zorrero, m. 

Fraction, x. fraccion, /. 

Fracture, s. fractura, /. — v. 

Fragile, a. fragil. 

Fragment, x. fragmento, m. 

Fragrance, x. fragrancia, /. 

Frail, a. fragil. — x. espuerta, /. 

Frame, x. cuerpo: marco, m. 

Frank, a. franco — v. franquear. 

Frankness, x. franqueza, /. 

Frantic, a. frenetico. 

Fraternity, x. fraternidad, /. 

Fraud, x. fraude, m. 

Fray, x. disputa: querella, /. 

Freak, x. capricho, m. 

Freckle, s. peca, /. 

Free, a. Libre: gratuito — v. 

Freedom, s. libertad, /. 

Freemason, x. francmas6n, m. 

Freeze, v. congelar. 

Freight, x. carga, /.: flete, m. 

French, a. f ranees — s. la lengua 
francesa, /. 

Frenzy, x. frenesi, /. 

Frequent, a. frecuente. 

Fresh, a. fresco: nuevo. 

Freshness, s. frescura, /. 
Fretful, a. mohino. 
Fretwork, s. calados, m. 
Friar, s. fraile, wi. 
Friction, s. friccion: frotaci6n,/. 
Friday, s. viernes, m. 
Friend, s. amigo, m. 
Friendless, a. desamparado. 
Friendly, a. amigable. 
Frieze, 5. frisa, /.: friso, m. 
Fright, s. espanto, m. 
Frightful, a. horrible. 
Frigid, a. frigido: frio. 
Frill, 5. vuelo, m. 
Fringe, s. franja, /. 
Frisk, s. gambeta,/. — v. brincar. 
Fritter, s. fritilla, /. 
Frivolity, 5. frivolidad, /. 
Fro, ad. atras. 
Frock, s. sayo, m. 
Frog, 5. rana: borla, /. 
Frolic, s. calaverada, /. — v. 

From, pr. de: desde: despu6s. 
Frond, s. hoja, /. 
Front, a. delantero — 5. f rente, m. 
Frontier, s. frontera, /. 
Frost, s. helada, /. 
Frosty, a. frio. 
Froth, s. espuma, /. 
Frown, s. ceho, m. — v. fruncir 

el ceno. 
Frowning, a. cenudo. 
Frozen, a. helado. 
Frugal, a. econ6mico. 
Fruit, 5. fruto, m.: fruta,/. 
Fruiterer, s. frutero, m. 
Fruitful, a. prolifico. 
Frustrate, v. frustrar. 
Fry, s. fritada, /. — v. freir. 
Frying-pan, s. sart^n, m. 
Fuel, 5. combustible: pabulo, m. 
Fugitive, a. fugitivo. 
Fulfil, V. cumplir. 
Full, a. lleno — ad. completa- 

Fuller's earth, s. tierra de 

batan, /. 
Fulsome, a. excesivo. 
Fumble, v. tartamudear. 
Fumigate, v. sahumar. 
Fun, s. chanza: burla, /. 
Function, s. funci6n, /. 
Fund, s. fondo: caudal, m. 
Funeral, s. entierro, m. 
Fungus, s. hongo, m. 
Funnel, s. tubo, m. 
Funny, a. c6mico. 
Fur, s. piel: incrustaci6n, /. 

34 Garnish 

Furious, a. furioso. 
Furnace, s. homo, m. 
Furnish, v. amueblar. 
Furniture, s. muebles, /. pl. 
Furrier, s. pelatero, m. 
Further, a. ulterior: otro — ad. 

mas lejos — v. adelantar. 
Furthest, a. lo mas lejos. 
Fury, s. furia: ira, /. 
Fuse, s. mecha: espoleta grad- 

uada, /. 
Fuss, s. barullo, m. 
Futile, a. frivolo. 
Future, 5. porvenir, m. — a. 



Gabble, v. charlar. 

Gable, s. caballete, m. 

Gadfly, s. tabano, m. 

Gag, V. amordazar — s. mor- 

daza, /. 
Gage, V. empenar — s. cauci6n,/. 
Gaiety, s. alegria,/. 
Gain, v. ganar: alcanzar — s. 

ganancia, /. 
Galantine, s. galantina, /. 
Gallant, a. galan. 
.Gallantry, 5. galanteria, /. 
' Gallery, j. corredor, m.: galeria, 

Gallop, s. carrera,/. — v. galopar. 
Gamble, j^. jugar. 
Gambler, s. tahur, m. 
Gamboge, s. gutagamba, /. 
Gambol, s. caracoleo, m. — v. 

Game, s. juego, m.: caza, /. 
Gamekeeper, s. guardabosque, 

Gaming-house, 5. garito, m. 
Gammon, s. jam6n, m. 
Gander, 5. ganso, m. 
Gang, s. cuadrilla, /. 
Gangway, s. pasamanos, m. 
Gaol, s. carcel, yn. 
Gap, s. boquete: intervale, m. 
Gape, V. entreabriser. 
Garb, s. vestido, m. 
Garbage, s. basura, /. 
Garden, s. jardin: huerto, m. 
Gardener, 5. jardinero, m. 
Gargle, 5. gargara, /. — v. 

Garland, s. guirnalda, /. 
Garlic, s. ajo, m. 
Garment, s. vestido, m. 
Garnet, s. granate, m. 
Garnish, v. guarnecer. 

Garret i 

Garret, s. desvan, m. 
Garrison, 5. guarnicion, /. 
Garter, s. jarretera, /.: cenojil, 

Gas, s. gas, m. 
Gash, 5. cuchillada, /. 
Gasp, V. boquear. 
Gastric, a. gastrico. 
Gate, s. puerta, /. 
Gather, x. absceso, m. — v. re- 

coger (pick flowers, etc.): 

infer: reunir. 
Gay, a. alegre: vivo. 
Gaze, V. mirar. 
Gazelle, 5. gacela, /. 
Gazette, 5. gaceta, /. 
Gear, s. aparejo, m. — v. en- 

Gelatine, x. gelatina, /. 
Gem, s. joya: alhaja, /. 
Gender, s. genero, m. 
General, a. general — s. general, 

in.: generala, /. 
Generate, v. engendrar. 
Generosity, s. generosidad, /. 
Genial, a. alegre. 
Genius, s. genio, m. 
Genteel, a. gentil. 
Gentle, a. suave. 
Gentleman, s. caballero, m. 
Gentlewoman, s. sefiora, /. 
Genuine, a. genuine. 
Geography, x. geografia, /. 
Geologist, X. geologo, m. 
Geometry, x. geometria, /. 
Geranium, x. geranio, m. 
Germ, x. germen, tn. 
Gestation, x. prenez, /. 
Gesticulate, v. gesticular. 
Get, zi. ganar: conseguir: llegar. 

Get angry, enojarse. 

Get dark, obscurecerse. 

Get down, bajar. 

Get into, penetrar. 

Get off, desprender. 

Get on, progresar: adelantar. 

Get out, salir. 

Get rid of, librarse de. 

Get up, levantarse. 
Geyser, x. geiser, m. 
Ghastly, a. palido. 
Gherkin, x. cohombrillo, m. 
Ghost, X. espectro, m. 
Giant, x. gigante, m.: giganta, 

/.—a. giganteo. 
Giddiness, x. vertigo, m. 
Gift, X. don, m. 
Gigantic, a. gigantesco. 
Gild, V. dorar. 

35 Grammar 

Gills, X. agallas, /. pi. 

Gin, X. ginebra, /. 

Ginger, x. jengibre, m. 

Gipsy, X. gitano, m.: gitana, /. 

Girl, X. muchacha: nina, /. 

Give, V. dar: donar. 

Glad, a. alegre: contento. 

Gladness, s. alegria, /. 

Glance, x. ojeada, /. — v. ojear. 

Glaring, a. deslumbrante. 

Glass, X. vidrio, m.: vaso 
(article), m. 

Gleam, x. riele, m.: rayo, m. 

Glitter, v. brillar. 

Globe, X. globo, m. 

Gloom, X. obscuridad: tristeza,/. 

Gloomy, a. tenebroso: sombrio. 

Glorious, a. glorioso. 

Glory, X. gloria: honra, /. 

Glove, X. guante, m. 

Glow, X. brillo, m. — v. brillar. 

Glue, X. cola, /. 

Gnat, X. cinife, m. 

Go, V. ir: andar. 

Goal, X. objeto, m.: tanto (foot- 
ball), m. 

Goal-post, X. meta, /, 

Goat, X. cabra, /. 

God, X. Dios, 7M. 

Godfather, x. padrino, m. 

Godmother, x. madrina, /. 

Goggles, X. anteojeras, /. pi. 

Gold, X. oro, m. 

Golden, a. de oro. 

Golf, X. golf: golfo, m. 

Good, a. bueno. 

Good-bye, interj. adios. 

Good -morning, interj. buenos 

Goose, X. ganso, m. 

Gooseberry, x. grosella, /. 

Gorge, X. garganta, /.: des- 
filadero, m. — v. saciar. 

Gorgeous, a. esplendido. 

Gorilla, x. gorila, m. 

Gormandize, v. glotenear. 

Gorse, x. genista, /. 

Gospel, X. evangelio, m. 

Gossip, X. compadre, m. 

Gout, X. gota, /. 

Govern, v. gobemar. 

Government, x. gobiemo, tn. 

Governor, x. gobemador, m. 

Gown, X. talar, m.: bata, /. 

Grab, v. asir: agarrar. 

Grace, x. gracia: alteza, /. 

Graceful, a. gracioso. 

Grain, x. grano, rn. 

Grammar, x. gramatica, /. 

Granary i 

Granary, s. granero: h6rreo, tn. 
Grand, a. grande. 
Grandchild, x. nieto, m. 
Grandfather, x. abuelo, m. 
Grandmother, x. abuela, /. 
Granite, s. granito, m. 
Grant, x. don, m. — v. conceder. 
Grape, x. uva, /. 
Graphite, x. grafito, m. 
Grapple, v. agarrar: luchar. 
Grasp, V. empunar. 
Grasping, a. avaro. 
Grass, x. yerba: verdura, /. 
Grasshopper, x. cigarron, m. 
Grate, x. reja, /. 
Grateful, a. grato. 
Gratification, x. gratificacion. 
Gratitude, x. gratitud, /. 
Gratuitous, a. gratuito. 
Grave, a. serio — s. sepultura: 

tumba, /. 
Gravel, x. casquijo, m. 
Graveyard, x. cementerio, m. 
Gravy, x. salsa, /. 
Gray, a. gris: pardo. 
Grayheaded, a. canoso. 
Graze, v. pastorear. 
Grease, x. grasa, /. 
Greasy, a. grasiento. 
Great, a. gran: grande. 
Greed, x. voracidad: avidez, /. 
Greedy, a. voraz. 
Green, a. verde — s. verde, m.: 

Gasped, m. 
Greenfinch, x. verderol, m. 
Greengage, x.ciruelavcrdal /. 
Greengrocer, x. verdulero, ;/z. 
Greet, v. saludar. 
Grey, a. gris: pardo. 
Greyhound, s. galgo, m. 
Grief, j. pesar, m.: dolor, m. 
Grievance, x. agravio, m. 
Grieve, v. agraviar. 
Grill, V. asar en parrillas. 
Grim, a. horrendo. 
Grimace, x. visaje, m. 
Grime, x. mugre, /. 
Grin, x. mueca, /. — v. sonreir 

Grind, v. moler. 
Grindstone, x. amoladera, /. 
Grit, X. cascajo, m. 
Gritty, a. arenoso. 
Grocer, x. especiero, m. 
Grocery, s. espcccria, /. 
Grope, V. tentar. 
Gross, a. grosero (coarse) — s. 

gruesa (144), /. 

36 Hand 

Ground, x. tierra, /.: suelo, m. 

— V. encallar. 

Group, X. grupo, m. 

Grove, x. boscaje, m. 

Grow, V. crecer. 

Growl, V. reganar. 

Grumble, v. grunir. 

Guarantee, v. afianzar: garan- 
tir — X. fianza, /. 

Guard, x. guardia, /.: con- 
ductor, tn. — V. guardar. 

Guess, X. conjetura, /. — v. con- 

Guest, X. huesped, m. 

Guidance, x. gobierno, m.: 
direccion, /. 

Guide, V. dirigir: guiar — x. 
guia, m. 

Guide-book, x. guiade viajes,/. 

Guilt, X. culpa: culpabilidad, /. 

Guilty, a. culpable: reo. 

Guitar, x. guitarra, /. 

Gulf, X. golfo, m. 

Gun, X. escopeta, /.: fusil, m. 

Gust, X. rafaga, /. 

Gutter, s. gotera, /.: arroyo, tn. 

Haberdasher, x. mercero, tn. 
Habit, X. habito: vestido, tn. 
Haddock, x. merluza, /. 
Haggard, a. hurano. 
Hail, inter j. salve — x. granizo, 

tn. — V. granizar: saludar. 
Hailstone, x. piedra de granizo, 

Hair, x. cabello: pelo, tn. 
Hairbrush, x. bruza, /. 
Hairdresser, x. peluquero, tn. 
Hairpin, x. horquilla, /. 
Hale, a. sano: vigoroso. 
Half, a. medio: semi — ad. a 

mitad — x. mitad, /. 
Halibut, X. platija, /. 
Hall, X. vestibule: colegio, tn. 
Hallucination, X. alucinacion,/. 
Halo, X. halo, tn. 
Halt, a. cojo — x. alto, tn. — v. 

Halve, V. partir en dos mitades. 
Ham, X. jamon, tn. 
Hammer, x. martill6n, tn. — v. 

Hammock, x. hamaca, /. 
Hamper, 5. cesto: canasto, m. 

— V. estorbar. 
Hand, x. mano, /.: palmo, tn. — 

V. aferrar. 

Handbill, s. cartel, m. 
Handbook, 5. manual, m. 
Handful, s. manojo: punado, tn. 
Handkerchief, s. panuelo, m. 
Handle, s. mango: puno, m. — v. 

Handrail, 5. guardalado, m. 
Handsome, a. belle: hermoso. 
Handwriting, s. escritura, /. 
Handy, a. comodo: diestro. 
Hang, V. colgar: suspender. 
Hanging, s. colgadura, /. 
Haphazard, s. suerte: acci- 

dente, m. 
Happen, v. acaecer. 
Happily, ad. felizmente. 
Happiness, X. felicidad: dicha,/. 
Happy, a. feliz. 
Harangue, i. arenga, /. — v. 

Harass, v. molestar. 
Harbour, s. puerto: asilo, m. — 

V. abrigar. 
Hard, a. dure: rigido: dificil 

Harden, v. endurecer: endure- 

Hardened, a. inveterado. 
Hard -hearted, a. inhumano 
Hardly, ad. apenas. 
Hardship, s. injuria, /. 
Hardware, s. quincalleria, /• 
Hardy, a. osado: robusto. 
Hare, 5. liebre, m. 
Harebell, s. campanilla, /. 
Haricot, x. judia, /. 
Harlequin, s. arlequin, m. 
Harm, s. mal: dano, m. — v. 

Harmful, a. danoso. 
Harmless, a. inocente. 
Harsh, a. aspero. 
Harvest, 5. cosecha: siega, /. — 

t'. cosechar: segar. 
Harvester, s. cosechero, m. 
Hash, s. jigote, m.—v. picar. 
Haste, s. precipitacion, /. 
Hasten, v. acelerar: apresurarse. 
Hastily, ad. precipitadamente. 
Hasty, a. apresurado. 
Hat, s. sombrero, m. 
Hatch, t;. criar polios. 
Hatchet, x. destral, m. 
Hate, x. odio, m. — v. odiar. 
Hateful, a. aborrecible: odioso. 
Hatred, x. odio, m. 
Hatter, x. sombrerero, m. 
Haughty, a. orguUoso. 

137 Her 

Haul, V. tirar. 
Haulage, 5. arrastre, trt. 
Haunch, x. anca, /. 
Haunt, x. guarida,/. — v. rondar. 
Have, V. haber: tener: poseer. 
Havoc, X. devastaci6n, /. 
Hawker, x. buhonero, m. 
Hawthorn, x. espino, m. 
Hay, X. heno, m. 
Haystack, x. almiar, m. 
Hazard, x. acaso, m. 
Haze, X. brumaz6n, m.: niebla,/. 
Hazel, X. avellano, m. 
Hazy, a. brumoso. 
He, pron. €[. 

Head, x. cabeza, /.: jefe. m. 
Headache, X. dolorde cabeza, m. 
Headlong, a. precipitado. 
Headquarters, x. cuartel 

general, m. pi. 
Headstone, x. piedra funda- 
mental, /. 

Headstrong, a. cabezudo. 

Heal, V. curar. 

Healing, a. curativo. 

Health, s. salud, /. 

Healthy, a. salubre. 

Heap, X. pila, f.—v. aoumular. 

Hear, v. oir. 

Hearing, x. oido, m. 

Hearsay, x. rumor, m. 

Hearse, x. carro fiinebre, m. 

Heart, x. corazon, m.: copas (in 
card playing), m. pi. 

Hearth, x. hogar, m. 

Heat, V. calentar: encender — s. 
calor, m. 

Heath, x. brezal, m. 

Heather, x. brezo, m. 

Heating, x. calefaccion, /. 

Heave, v. alzar. 

Heaven, x, cielo, m.: firmamen- 

to, m. 
Heavy, a. pesado. 
Hedge, x. seto, m. 
Hedgehog, x. erizo, m. 
Heel, X. talon: tac6n, m. 
Height, X. altura: estatura, /. 
Heir, x. heredero, m. 
Hell, X. infierno, m. 
Helmet, x. casco: yelmo, m. 
Help, V. ayndar: asistir — s, 

ayuda: asistencia, /. 
Helpful, a. util: servicial. 
Helpless, a. desemparado. 
Hen, X. gallina, /. , 

Her, pron. su: ella: de ella: a ella. 

Herb, s. hierba, /. 
Herd, 5. manada, /.: hato, m. 
Here, adv. aca: aqui: por aqui. 
Hereafter, adv. en lo future. 
Hereby, adv. por la presente. 
Herein, adv. incluso. 
HerOj 5. h^roe, 771. 
Heroine, s. heroina,/. 
Herring, s. arenque, m. 
Hers, pron. suya: suyo: de ella: 

el suyo: la suya: los suyos: 

las suyas. 
Hesitate, v. dudar: titubear. 
Hide, 5. cuero, m. — v. ascender. 
Hideous, a. espantoso: hor- 

High, a. alto: elevado: pasado 

(tainted food). 
Hill, s. collado, m. 
Hinder, v. estorbar: impedir. 
Hindrance, s. impedimento, m. 
Hinge, s. gozne, m. 
Hint, X sugestion,/. — v. sugerir. 
Hip, s. cadera, /. 
Hire, v. alquilar.5. alquiler, m. 
Hiss, V. chiflar: silbar — s. 

rechifla, /. 
Hit, s. golpe: alcance, m. — v. 

acertar: lograr. 
Hitch, s. gancho, m. — v. en- 

ganchar: amarrar. 
Hither, a. citerior — ad. aca: 

aqui: por aqui. 
Hitherto, ad. hasta ahora. 
Hive, 5. colmena, /. — f. en- 
jam brar. 
Hoard, s. tesoro, m. — v. amon- 

Hoarse, a. ronco. 
Hoax, s. petardo, m. — v. burlar. 
Hob, s. antehogar, m. 
Hobble, V. manear. 
Hog, s. cerdo: puerco, m. 
Hoist, V. alzar: enarbolar. 
Hold, V. contener: tener — s. 

bodega: custodia, /. 
Hole, 5. agujero, m. 
Holiday, 5. feria, /. 
Holidays, J. vacaciones,/.^/. 
Hollow, a. vacio: falso — s. cavi- 

dad, /. — V. excavar, /. 
Holly, 5. acebo, m. 
Hollyhock, j. malva hor- 

tense, /. 
Holy, a. santo: bendito. 
Holy -week, x. semana santa, /. 
Homage, s. homenaje, m. 
Home, X. casa, /.: domicilio, m. 
Home-made, a. dom^stico. 

38 Housemaid 

Homely, a. casero. 
Homesickness, s. nostalgia,/. 
Honest, a. honesto: honrado. 
Honesty, s. honestidad, /. 
Honey, 5. miel, m. 
Honeymoon, s. luna de miel,/. 
Honeysuckle, s. madreselva, /. 
Honorary, a. honorario. 
Honour, 5. honra, /.: honor, m. 

— V. honrar. 
Hood, s. caperuza, /. 
Hoof, s. casco, m.: pezuna, /. 
Hook, s. garfio: gancho, m. — v. 

Hoop, 5. arc: cerco, m. — v. 

poner arcos. 
Hooping-cough, s. coque- 

luche, m. 
Hoot, X. grita, /. — v. gritar. 
Hop, s. brinco: liipulo, m. — v. 

Hope, s. esperanza: espera,/. — 

v. esperar. 
Hopeful, a. esperanzado. 
Hopeless, a. desesperado. 
Horde, s. horda, /. 
Horizon, s. horizonte, m. 
Horn, s. cuerno, m.: asta, /. 
Hornet, s. avisp6n, m. 
Hornpipe, s. gaita, /. 
Horrid, a. horrible. 
Horrify, v. horrorizar. 
Horror, 5. horror, m. 
Horse, 5. caballo: enjugador, m. 
Horse-chestnut, s. castafio de 

Indias, m. 
Hose, s. calzas medias,/. pi. 
Hosier, s. mediero, m. 
Hospital, s. hospital: hospicio, 

Host, s. hostia, /. 
Hostelry, s. posada: hosteria,/. 
Hostess, s. posadera, /. 
Hot, a. calido: caliente. 
Hotel, s. posada, /. 
Hot-house, X. invernadero, m. 
Hound, s. galgo: perro, m. — v. 

Hour, X. hora, /. 
Hourly, ad. a cada hora. 
House, X. casa, /.: menaje, m. — 

V. albergar. 
Household, 5. casa, /. 
Housekeeper, s. ama de Haves, 

Housekeeping, s. gobierno 

domestico, m. 
Housemaid, x. criada de casa,/. 


How ] 

How, adv. como: cuanto: cuan. 

How do you do ? ^ como 
esta V ? 
However, ad. como quiera que 

Howl, V. aullar. 
Huddle, V. atropellarse. 
Hue, s. color: matiz, ni. 
Hug, 5. abrazo, m. — v. abrazar: 

Huge, a. vasto: immense. 
Hulk, 5. armatoste, m. 
Hull, 5. cascara: silicua, /. — V. 

Human, a. humane. 
Humble, a. humilde — v. 

Humid, a. hiimedo. 
Humiliate, v. humillar. 
Humility, s. humildad, /. 
Humorous, a. comico. 
Humiour, s. humor, m. — v. 

Hump, s. joroba, /. 
Hundred, a. ciento — s. ciento, 

Hunger, s. hambre, m. — v. 

Hungrily, ad. avidamente. 
Hunt, 5. caza, /. — v. cazar. 
Hunter, s. cazador, m. 
Hurry, v. apresurar. 
Hurt, s. daiio: mal, m. — v. danar. 
Husband, s. marido, m, 
Husky, a. ronco: aspero. 
Hussar, 5. hiisar, m. 
Hustle, V. escaramuzar. 
Hut, s. cabaiia: barraca, /. 
Hyacinth, j. jacinto, m. 
Hybrid, a. hibrido. 
Hydrogen, s. hidrogeno, m. 
Hydrostatics, 5. hidrostatica, /. 

Hyena, s. hiena, /. 
Hygiene, s. higiene, m. 
Hymn, s. himno, m. 

I, pron. yo. 

Ice, 5. hielo, m. 

Iceberg, 5. banco de hielo, m. 

Ice-cream, s. helado, m. 

Idea, 5. idea, /. 

Ideal, s. ideal, m. — a. ideal. 

Identical, a. identico. 

Identify, t;. identificar. 

Idiot, s. idiota, /. 

Idiotic, a. absurdo. 

Idle, a. ocioso — v. holgazan. 

39 In 

Idleness, s. ociosidad, /. 
If, conj. si. 

Ignorance, s. ignorancia, /. 
Ignorant, a. ignorante. 
Ill, s. mal, m. — a. male: doliente. 
Illigitimate, a. ilegitimo. 
Illiterate, a. ilitcrato: ignorante. 
Illness, s. enfermedad, /. 
Illuminate, v. iluminar. 
Illumination, s. iluminacion,/. 
Illusion, s. ilusion, /. 
Illustrate, v. ilustrar. 
Image, 5. imagen, /. 
Imagination, s. imaginaci6n,/. 
Imagine, v. imaginar. 
Imbecile, a. imbecil. 
Imitate, v. imitar. 
Imitation, s. imitacion, /. 
Immediately, ad. inmediata- 

Immense, a. inmenso. 
Immigrate, v. inmigrar. 
Imminent, a. inminente. 
Impatient, a. impaciente. 
Impede, v. impedir. 
Impel, V. incitar. 
Imperfection, s. imperfec- 

cion, /. 
Imperial, a. imperial. 
Imperil, v. arriesgar. 
Imperishable, a. indestruct- 
Impertinence, s. impertinen- 

cia, /. 
Impertinent, a. insolente. 
Impetuous, a. impetuoso. 
Implement, s. herramienta, /. 
Implicate, v. implicar. 
Implore, v. implorar. 
Imply, V. significar. 
Impolite, a. descortes. 
Import, J. importacion, /.— 1>. 

import ar. 
Important, a. importante. 
Impose, V. imponer. 
Imposing, a. imponente. 
Impossible, a. imposible. 
Impression, s. impresion, /. 
Imprison, v. encarcelar: en- 

Improbable, a. improbable. 
Improve, v. mejorar. 
Imprudent, a. imprudente. 
Impulsive, a. impulsivo. 
Impunity, j. impunidad, /. 
Impure, a. impuro. 
Impute, V. imputar. 
In, pr. en: entre: por: k — ad. 

adentro: dentro. 




Inability, 5. incapacidad, /. 
Inaccessible, a. inaccesible. 
Inaccuracy, s. inexactitud: 

incorreccion, /. 
Inactive, a. inactivo. 
Inactivity, 5. pereza, /. 
Inadequate, a. insuficiente. 
Inadmissible, a. inadmisible. 
Inadvertence, s. inadverten- 

cia, /. 
Inane, a. vacio. 
Inanimate, a. muerto: inm6vil. 
Inapplicable, a. inaplicable. 
Inappreciable, a. inestimable. 
Inappropriate, a. incon- 

Inaptitude, s. ineptitud,/. 
Inarticulate, a. inarticulado. 
Inattention, 5. desatencion, /. 
Inaudible, a. inaudible. 
Inaugurate, v. inaugurar. 
Incalculable, a. incalculable. 
Incandescence, 5. incandes- 

cencia, /. 
Incapable, a. incapaz. 
Incendiary, s. incendiario, m. 
Incentive, s. incentive, 771. 
Incessant, a. incesante. 
Incident, s. incidente, m.: ocur- 

rencia, /. 
Incivility, s. incivilidad, /. 
Inclement, a. inclemente. 
Inclination, 5. inclinacion, /. 
Incline, v. inclinar. 
Include, v. incluir: contener. 
Inclusive, a. inclusivo. 
Incoherence, x. incoherencia,/. 
Income, s. renta: entrada, /. 
Income-tax, s. impuesto, m. 
Incomplete, a. incomplete. 
Incomprehensible, a. incom- 

Inconceivable, a. inconcebible. 
Incongruous, a. incongruo. 
Inconsiderate, a. incon- 

Inconsistent, a. inconsistente. 
Inconvenient, a. inc6modo. 
Incorrect, a. err6neo. 
Incorrigible, a. incorregible. 
Increase, s. aumento, m. — v. 

Incredible, a. increible. 
Incredulity, s. incredulidad, /. 
Incriminate, v. incriminar. 
Incubator, 5. incubador, m. 
Incur, V. incurrir. 
Incurable, a. incurable. 
Indebted, a. empefiado. 

Indecency, s. indecencia, /. 

Indeed, ad. verdaderamente. 

Indefensible, a. indefendible. 

Indefinite, a. indefinido. 

Indelible, a. indeleble. 

Indelicate, a. grosero. 

Indemnity, s. indemnidad, /. 

Independence, s. independen- 
cia, /. 

Indescribable, a. indescript- 

Index, 5. indicio, m. 

India-rubber, s. goma, /. 

Indicate, v. indicar. 

Indict, V. acusar. 

Indifference, 5. indiferencia, /. 

Indigence, x. indigencia, /. 

Indigenous, a. indigena. 

Indigent, a. indigente. 

Indigestible, a. indigestible. 

Indignant, a. indignado. 

Indigo, 5. aiiil: indigo, m. 

Indiscreet, a. indiscrete. 

Indiscriminate, a. indistinto. 

Indispensable, a. indispens- 

Indistinct, a. confuso. 

Individual, a. individual — s. 
individuo, m. 

Indivisible, a. indivisible. 

Indolence, 5. indolencia, /. 

Indoors, ad. adentro. 

Induce, v. persuadir. 

Indulge, V. favorecer: tolerar. 

Indulgent, a. indulgente. 

Industrious, a. industrioso: 

Industry, s. industria, /. 

Inebriate, s. borrach6n, m. 

Ineffectual, a. ineficaz. 

Inefficient, a. incapaz. 

Inelegant, a. inelegante: gros- 

Inept, a. inepto. 

Inert, a. inerte. 

Inestimable, a. inestimable. 

Inexact, a. inexacto. 

Inexpedient, a. inoportuno. 

Inexpensive, a. econ6mico. 

Inexperience, s. inexperiencia, 

Inexplicable, a. inexplicable. 

Infallibility, s. infalibilidad, /. 

Infamous, a. infame. 

Infant, s. infante: nifio, m. 

Infantry, s. infanteria, /. 

Infatuate, v. infatuar. 

Infect, V. infecta. 

Infectious, a. contagioso. 

Infer i 

Infer, v. inferir: deducir. 
Inferior, a. inferior. 
Infest, V. infestar. 
Infirm, a. d^bil: doliente. 
Infirmity, s. enfermedad, /. 
Inflammable, a. inflamable: 

Inflate, r;. ififlar. 
Inflict, V. infligir. 
Influence, 5. influencia, /, 
Influenza, 5. influenza, /. 
Inform, v. informar: ensenar. 
Information, s. informaci6n: 

aviso, m. 
Infrequent, a. raro. 
Infringe, v. infringir. 
Infuriate, v. enfurecer. 
Ingenious, a. ingenioso. 
Ingot, s. lingote, m. 
Ingratitude, 5. ingratltud, /. 
Ingredient, s. ingrediente, m. 
Inhabit, v. habitar. 
Inhabitant, s. habitante, m. 
Inhale, v. inhalar. 
Inherit, v. heredar. 
Initial, a. inicial — s. letra 

inicial, /. 
Injection, 5. inyeccion, /. 
Injudicious, a. indescreto. 
Injure, v. injuriar. 
Injury, s. injuria, /.: dafio, m. 
Ink, s. tinta, /. — v. entintar. 
Inland, a. interior. 
Inlet, s. ensenada, /. 
Inmate, x. huesped, m. 
Inn, s. posada, /. 
Inner, a. interior. 
Innocence, s. inocencia, /. 
Inoculate, v. inocular. 
Insane, a. insano, /. 
Inscribe, v. inscribir. 
Inscription, s. inscripcion, /. 
Insect, s. insecto, m. 
Insecure, a. inseguro. 
Insensible, a. insensible. 
Inseparable, a. inseparable. 
Insert, v. insertar. 
Inside, a. & s. interior — pr. 

dentro: adentro: en. 
Insidious, a. insidioso. 
Insight, 5. penetracion, /. 
Insignificant, a. insignificante. 
Insincere, a. falso: disimulado. 
Insinuate, v. insinuar. 
Insipid, a. insipido. 
Insist, t'. insistir. 
Insolence, s. insolencia, /. 
Insomnia, s. insomnio, m. 
Inspect, V. inspeccionar. 

I Interpret 

Inspector, s. inspector, m. 
Inspiration, x. inspiraci6n, /. 
Inspire, v. inspirar: iluminar. 
Instability, 5. instabilidad, /. 
Install, V. instalar. 
Instalment, 5. instalacion, /. 
Instantaneous, a. instantaneo. 
Instead of, ad. en lugar de: en 

vez de: por. 
Instep, s. empeine, m. 
Instigate, v. instigar. 
Instinct, s. sagacidad, /. 
Institute, s. instituto, m. — v. 

Instruct, V. instruir: ensenar. 
Instructive, a. instructivo. 
Instrument, 5. instrumcnto, m. 
Insufferable, a. insufrible. 
Insuflficient, a. insuficiente. 
Insulate, v. aislar. 
Insult, X. insulto, m.: afrenta,/. 

— V. insultar. 
Insulting, a. insultante. 
Insurance, s. aseguracion: se- 

guridad, /. 
Insure, v. asegurar. 
Intact, a. intacto. 
Integrity, s. integridad, /, 
Intellect, 5. inteligencia, /. 
Intellectual, a. intelectual. 
Intelligence, 5. inteligencia, /. 
Intelligible, a. inteligible. 
Intemperance, s. intemperan- 

cia, /. 
Intemperate, a. destemplado. 
Intend, t;. intentar: determinar. 
Intense, a. intenso. 
Intensely, ad. vivamente. 
Intensive, a. intensive. 
Intent, a. atento — s. intento, nt. 
Intention, s. intencion, m. 

designio, /. 
Inter, v. enterrar. 
Intercourse, 5. relaciones, /. pi. 
Interest, s. interns: influjo, m. 

— V. interesar. 
Interesting, a. interesante. 
Interfere, v. intervenir. 
Interfering, a. entremetido. 
Interior, a. interior — s. in- 
terior, m. 
Interloper, 5. entremetido, m. 
Intermediate, a. intermedio. 
Interminable, a. interminable. 
Intermingle, v. entremezclar. 
Intern, t'. internar. 
Interpose, v. interponer. 
Interpret, t;. interpretar. 

Interpreter i 

Interpreter, s. int^rprete: 

traductor, m. 
Interrogate, v. interrogar. 
Interrupt, v. interrumpir. 
Interval, s. intervalo, m. 
Intervene, v. intervenir. 
Interview, s. conferencia, /. 
Intimacy, s. intimidad, /. 
Intimate, a. intimo: familiar 

— V. insinuar. 
Intimidate, v. intimidar. 
Into, pr. en: dentro: adentro. 
Intolerable, a. intolerable. 
Intolerant, a. intolerante. 
Intoxicate, v. embriagar. 
Intoxication, s. embriaguez: 

borrachera, /. 
Intrepid, a. intr^pido, /. 
Intricate, a. complicado: em- 

Intrigue, s. intriga, /. — v. in- 

Introduce, v. introducir. 
Introduction, 5. introduccidn,/. 
Intrude, v. introducirse. 
Intrusion, s. intrusion,/. 
Inundate, v. inundar. 
Invade, v. invadir, /. 
Invalid, a. invalido — 5. in- 

valido: enfermo, m. 
Invasion, s. invasi6n: cor- 

reria, /. 
Invent, v. inventar. 
Invention, 5. invenci6n /. 
Invert, v. invertir. 
Invertebrate, a. invertebrado. 
Invest, V. investir: emplear, m. 
Investigate, v. investigar. 
Investor, s. rentista, m. 
Invigorate, v. vigorar. 
Invincible, a. invencible. 
Inviolate, a. inviolado: intacto. 
Invisible, a. invisible. 
Invitation, 5. invitacion, /. 
Invite, V. convidar. 
Invoice, s. factura, /. 
Invoke, v. invocar. 
Involve, V. envolver. 
Inward, a. interior: interne. 
Iodine, 5. yodo, m. 
Irascible, a. irascible. 
Irate, a. irritado: furioso. 
Ire, 5. ira, /. 

Irksome, a. enfadoso: tedioso. 
Iron , s. hierro, m. : herramienta,/. 
Ironmonger, s. quincallero, m. 
Ironmongery, J. quincalleria,/. 
Irregular, a. irregular. 
Irrelevant, a. inaplicable. 

a Jolty 

Irreproachable, a. irreproch- 

Irresponsible, a. irresponsable. 
Irretrievable, a. irrecuperable. 
Irrigate, v. regar. 
Irritate, v. irritar. 
Irritation, s. irritaci6n, /. 
Island, s. isla, /. 
Isolate, V. aislar. 
Issue, 5. salida: emisi6n, /. — v. 

emitir: salir. 
Isthmus, s. istmo, m. 
It, pn. 61: ella: ello: lo: la: le. 
Itch, 5. sarna, /. 
Itinerant, a. vago. 
Itinerary, s. itinerario, m. — a. 

Its, pn. su: suyo: sus. 
Itself, pn. el: la: lo mismo. 
Ivory, X. marfil, m. 
Ivy, s. hiedra, /. 

Jackdaw, s. chova, /. 

Jacket, 5. chaqueta, /. 

Jade, s. jade, m. 

Jam, X. conserva: apretura, /. 

January, x. enero, m. 

Jar, V. chocar: discordar: sacu- 
dir — X. vibraci6n, /.: jarro, m. 

Jasmine, x. jazmin, m. 

Jaundice, x. ictericia, /. 

Javelin, x. jabalina, /. 

Jaw, X. mandibula: quijada, /. 

Jay, X. grajo, nt. 

Jealous, a. celoso. 

Jeer, v. mofarse. 

Jelly, X. jalea, /. 

Jelly-fish, x. medusa, /. 

Jeopardize, v. arriesgar. 

Jerk, V. sacudir — x. sacudida,/. 

Jest, X. chanza, /. — v. chance- 

Jet, X. azabache: chorro: surti- 
dor, m. 

Jewel, X. joya, /. 

Jewellery, x. joyas, /. pi. 

Jilt, V. coquetear — x. coqueta,/. 

Job, X. empleo: negocio, m.: 
tarea, /. 

Jockey, x. jockey, nt. 

Join, V. juntar: unirse. 

Joining, x. juntura, /. 

Joint, a. solidarlo — x. juntura,/. 

Joke, X. chanza,/. — v. chancear. 

Jokingly, ad. de burlas. 

Jolly, a. alegre. 

Jolt I 

Jolt, s. traqueo, m. — v. tra- 

Jonquil, 5. junquillo, m. 
Journal, s. diario, m. 
Journey, s. viaje, m. — v. viajar. 
Jovial, a. alegre. 
Joy, s. gozo, m. 
Joyful, a. gozoso. 
Judge, s. juez, m. — v. juzgar. 
Judgment, s. juicio, m. 
Judicious, a. juicioso: pru- 

Jug, 5. jarro, ni. 
Juggle, V. prestidigitar. 
Juice, X. zumo: jugo, m. 
Juicy, a. jugoso. 
July, s. Julio, m. 
Jumble, s. embroUo, nt. 
Jump, s. salto, m. — v. saltar: 

Junction, s. junta, /. 
June, s. junio, m. 
Jungle, 5. matorral, m. 
Junior, a. menor. 
Just, a. justo — ad. justo. 
Justice, s. justicia, /. 
Justifiable, a. legitime. 
Justify, V. justificar. 
Justly, ad. justamente. 
Jute, s. yute, m. 
Juvenile, a. juvenil. 


Kale, 5. breton, m. 
Kangaroo, s. cangani, m. 
Keel, s. quilla, /. 
Keen, a. sutil: agudo. 
Keep, V. tener: mantener: ob- 

servar — s. guarda, /. 
Keeper, s. guardian, m. 
Kennel, s. perrera, m. 
Kettle, s. caldera, /. 
Key, X. Have: tecia, /. 
Kick, V. cocear. 
Kid, 5. cabrito, m. 
Kidnap, v. robar nines li hem- 

Kidney, 5. rifion, m. 
Kidney-bean, s. judia, /. 
Kill, V. matar: asesinar. 
Kin, s. afinidad, /. 
Kind, a. buene: ben^vole — s. 

genere, m. 
Kindly, a. benevolo — ad. be- 

King, s. rey, m. 
Kingdom, s. reino, m. 

43 Landscape 

Kingfisher, s. martin pesca- 

dor, m. 
Kipper, x arenque: ahumado, m. 
Kiss, s. beso: 6sculo, m. — v. 

Kitchen, 5. cecina, /. 
Kite, s. gavilan, m.: cenieta, /. 
Kitten, 5. gatillo, m. 
Knack, s. mafia: churcheria, /. 
Knapsack, s. mochila, /. 
Knave, s. bribon, /. 
Knead, v. amasar. 
Knee, x. rodilla, /. 
Kneel, v. arrodillarse. 
Knife, x. cuchillo, m. 
Knight, X. caballero, m. 
Knighthood, x. caballeria, /. 
Knit, V. hacer malla. 
Knitting, x. tejide, m. 
Knob, X. boton: pufio, m. 
Knock, X. golpe, m. — v. tocar. 
Knocker, x. llamader, m. 
Knocking, x. aldabazo, m. 
Know, V. conocer: saber. 
Knowing, a. inteligente. 
Knowledge, X. conocimiente, m. 
Knuckle, x. artejo, m. 

Label, x. esquela,/. — v. retular- 
Laborious, a. laboriose. 
Labour, x. trabajo: parte — v. 

Labourer, x. jornalere, m. 
Laburnum, x. codeso, m. 
Lace, X. pasamane, m. — v. 

Lack, X. carencia,/. — v. carecer. 
Lad, X. mozo: muchacho, m. 
Ladder, x. escala, /. 
Ladle, x. cucharon, m. 
Lady, x. senera: dama: senorita,/. 
Ladylike, a. seiioril. 
Lady's-maid, x. criada, /. 
Lag, V. quedarse atras. 
Lake, x. lago, in. 
Lamb, x. cordere, m. 
Lame, a. cojo. 
Lament, x. lamento, vt. — v, 

Lamp, X. lampara, /. 
Land, v. desembarcar — s. tier- 

ra, /. 
Landlady, s. huespeda: posa- 

dera, /. 
Landlord, x. huesped: posa- 

dero, m. 
Landscape, x. paisaje, m. 




Lane, s. callejuela: senda, /. 
Language, s. lengua, /.: leng- 

uaje, ni. 
Languid, a. languido. 
Lantern, s. linterna, /. 
Lap, 5. falda, /.: regazo, m.- — v. 

Lapel, 5. solapa, /. 
Lapse, X. curso, m.: caida,/. — v. 

Large, a. grande: vasto. 
Lark, s. alondra, /. 
Lass, X. moza, /. 
Lassitude, s. cansancio, m. 
Last, V. durar — a. ultimo. 
Latch, i;. cerrar — s. aldaba de 

puerta, /. 
Late, a. tardio: tardo — ad. tarde. 
Lately, ad. recientemente. 
Lather, s. jabonadura, /. 
Latter, a. posterior: ultimo. 
Laugh, V. reir — s. risa, /. 
Laughable, a. risible. 
Laughter, 5. risa, /. 
Launch, s. lancha (boat), /. — 

Laundress, s. lavandera, /. 
Laundry, s. lavadero, vi. 
Laurel, s. laurel: honor, m. 
Lavatory, x. lavatorio: ex- 

cusado: lavadero, m. 
Lavish, v. desparramar. 
Law, s. ley, /. 
Lawn, s. prado, cesped, m. 
Lawyer, 5. abogado, m. 
Lay, V. poner: colocar. 
Lazy, a. ocioso: perezoso. 
Lead, s. plombo, m. — v. con- 

Leader, s. conductor: jefe, m. 
Leaf, X. hoja, /. 
League, s. liga, /. 
Leak , s. via de agua,/. — v. gotear. 
Leaky, a. agujereado. 
Lean, a. magro — s. carne 

magra, /. 
Lean, v. apoyar. 
Leap, s. salto — v. saltan 
Learn, v. instruir: aprender. 
Learning, s. erudicion, /. 
Lease, s. arriendo, m. — v. ar- 

Least, a. mfnimo — ad. menos. 
Leather, s. cuero, m. 
Leathery, a. correoso. 
Leave, s. licencia, /.: vaca- 

ciones, /. pi. — v. dejar. 
Lecture, s. lectura, /. — v. ser- 


Lecturer, x. lector, m. 
Ledge, x. borde, ?7i. 
Leech, s. sanguijuela, /. 
Leek, s. puerro, m. 
Left, a. izquierdo. 
Leg, X. pie: pierna: pata, /. 
Legacy, x. legado, m. 
Legate, x. legado, m. 
Legend, x. leyenda, m. 
Leisure, x. ocio, m. 
Lemon, x. limon, m. 
Lemonade, x. limonada, /. 
Lend, v. prestar. 
Lender, x. prestamista, m. 
Length, x. largura: duracidn, /. 
Lengthy, a. largo. 
Lenient, a. clemente. 
Lens, X. lente, /. 
Lent, X. cuaresma: cuadrag^- 

sima, /. 
Lentil, x. lenteja, /. 
Leopard, x. leopardo, m. 
Less, a. menor: menos. 
Lesson, x. leccion: ensenanza,/. 
Lest, c. de miedo que. 
Let, X. obstaculo, m. — v. ar- 

rendar: impedir. 
Letter, x. letra, /.: caracter, m. 
Letter-box, x. buz6n, ni. 
Lettuce, x. lechuga, /. 
Liability, x. responsabilidad, /. 
Liable, a. responsable. 
Liar, x. embustero, m. 
Libel, X. libelo, m. — v. difamar. 
Liberty, x. libertad, /. 
Library, x. biblioteca, /. 
Licence, License, s. licencia, 

/.: permiso, m. 
License, v. licenciar. 
Lick, V. lamer. 
Lid, s. tapa, /.: parpado, m. 
Lie, X. mentira, /. — v. mentir: 

Lieu, X. lugar, m. 
Lieutenant, x. teniente, m. 
Life, X. vida, /. 

Lifeboat, x. bote salvavidas, m. 
Lifeless, a. inanimado. 
Lifelike, a. natural. 
Lift, X. elevador, m. — v. elevar. 
Light, a. claro: blondo: gayo — 

X. luz, /. — V. encender: en- 

Lighten, v. alumbrar: alijar. 
Lighthouse, x. faro, m. 
Lighting, x. alumbrado, m. 
Lightning, 5. relampago, m. 


Like, a. semejante — ad. como — 

V. amar. 
Likely, a. probable — ad. prob- 

Likewise, ad. & c. tambi^n. 
Lilac, s. lila, /. 
Lily, s. lirio, m. 
Limb, 5. miembro, m, 
Lime, 5. cal: liga. 
Limit, s. li'mite, m. — v. limitar. 
Limp, a. flojo — v. cojear. 
Limpet, s. lapa, /. 
Line, s. linea: raya,/.: contomo: 

ecuador: ferrocarril, m. — v. 

forrar: revestir. 
Linen, s. lienzo: lino, m. 
Linen-draper, 5. lencero, m. 
Linger, v. tardar. 
Liniment, s. linimento, m. 
Lining, s. revestimiento, rn. 
Link, s. eslabon, m.: hacha, /. 
Linnet, x. jilguero, m. 
Linoleum, 5. hule, m. 
Linseed, 5. linaza, /. 
Lint, s. hilas, /. pi.: hilaza, /. 
Lion, X. leon, m. 
Lioness, s. leona, /. 
Lip, s. labio: borde, m. 
Liquid, a. iiquido — s. licor, m. 
Liquidation, s. liquidacion, /. 
Liquor, 5. licor, m. 
Lisp, X. ceceo, m. — v. cecear. 
List, X. lista: liza: cenefa, /. — v. 

Listen, v. escuchar. 
Listener, s. escuchador, m. 
Literature, x. literatura, /. 
Lithe, a. delgado: agil. 
Litigation, x. litigio, m. 
Litter, x. lechigada, /. 
Little, a. & ad. poco. 
Live, a. vivo: vivir. 
Livelihood, x. mantenimiento, 

Lively, a. animado — ad. viva- 

Liver, x. higado, m. 
Livid, a. livido. 
Living, a. vivo. 
Lizard, x. lagarto, m. 
Load, X. carga, /.: peso, m. — v. 

Loaf, X. pan, m.: torta, /. — v. 

Loan, X. emprestito: prestamo, m. 
Lobster, x. langosta, /. 
Local, a. local. 
Locality, x. localidad, /. 




Locate, V. situar. 

Lock, X. cerradura: Have,/. — v. 

Lock-up, s. carcel, m. 

Locomotive, x. locomotiva, /. 

Lodge, X. logia, /. — v. alojar: 

Lodger, x. huesped, m. 

Lodgings, x. cuartos, m. pi. 

Lofty, a. sublime. 

Log, X. leno, m. 

Loiter, v. haraganear. 

Lonely, a. aislado. 

Long, a. largo — ad. largo tiem- 
po — V. desear. 

Look, V. considerar: mirar: con- 
templar — X. aspecto, m. 

Loose, a. suelto. 

Loosen, v. soltar. 

Loot, X. pillaje, m. — v. saqnear. 

Lord, X. sefior: Dios, m. 

Lory, X. loro, m. 

Lose, V. perder. 

Loss, X. perdida, /. 

Lot, X. lote, m. 

Loth, a. adv-erso. 

Lotion, X. locion, /. 

Lottery, x. loteria, /. 

Loud, a. ruidoso. 

Louse, X. piojo, m. 

Lovable, a. amable. 

Love, X. amor, m. — v. amar. 

Lovely, a. hermoso. 

Lover, x. amante, m. 

Loving, a. afectuoso. 

Low, a. bajo: pequeno — ad. 

Low, V. mugir: bramar. 

Lower, a. mas bajo: inferior. 

Lowest, a. bajisimo. 

Lowly, a. humilde 

Loyal, a. leal. 

Loyalty, x. lealtad, /. 

Lozenge, x. pastilla, /. 

Lubricate, v. lubricar. 

Luck, X. acaso, m. 

Lucky, a. dichoso. 

Ludicrous, a. comico. 

Luggage, X. bagaje: trasto, m. 

Lukewarm, a. tibio. 

Lull, X. calma, /. 

Lumber, x. armatoste, m. 

Lumpy, a. grumoso. 

Lunatic, x. lunatico, m. 

Lunch, X. merienda, /. — v. 

Lung, X. pulm6n, m. 

Lupine, x. altramuz, m. 

Lurid, a. rojizo. 

Lurk 146 

Lurk, V. acechar. 
Luscious, a. meloso. 
Lustful, a. lujurioso. 
Lustily, ad. vigorosamente. 
Lusty, a. vigoroso. 
Luxuriant, a. abundante. 
Luxury, s. lujuria, /. 
Lying, a. mentiroso: falso. 


Macaroni, s. macarrones, m. pi. 
Macaroon, s. almendrado, m. 
Machine, s. maquina, /. 
Machinery, s. maquinaria, /. 
Mackerel, s. escombro, m. 
Mackintosh , s. impermeable, m . 
Mad, a. loco: rabioso. 
Madman, s. loco, m. 
Madness, s. locura, /. 
Madam, s. madama: senora, /. 
Magazine, s. almac^n: peri6d- 

ico, tn. 
Maggot, s. gusano, m. 
Magic, J. magia, /. 
Magician, s. mago, m. 
Magistrate, x. magistrado, m. 
Magnanimity, s. magnanimi- 

dad, /. 
Magnesia, s. magnesia, /. 
Magnet, s. iman, m. 
Magnificent, a. magnifico. 
Magnify, v. magnificar. 
Magpie, 5. picaza, /. 
Mahogany, 5. caoba, /. 
Maid, Maiden, s. doncella: 

moza, /. 
Maidenhood, s. doncellez, /. 
Maim, v. mutilar. 
Main, a. mayor: principal — 5. 

oc6ano: curso, ?«.: caneria, /. 
Maintain, v. mantener. 
Maize, s. maiz, m. 
Majestic, a. majestuoso. 
Major, a. mayor — x. mayor, m. 
Majority, 5. mayoria, /. 
Make, s. hechura, /. — v. hacer: 

Maker, s. hacedor, m. 
Malady, s. mal, m.: enferme- 

dad, /. 
Male, a. masculino. 
Malice, s. malicia, /. 
Mallet, s. mazo, m. 
Mallow, 5. malva, /. 
Maltreat, v. maltratar. 
Mammoth, s. mammut, m. 
Man, s. hombre: pe6n, m. — a. 

macho — v. tripular. 

Manage, v. manejar. 
Management, j. manejo, m. 
Mandoline, s. mandolina, /. 
Manger, s. pesebre, m. 
Mangle, s. calandria, /. — v. 

Maniac, s. maniatico, tn. 
Manifest, v. manifestar. 
Manslaughter, s. homicidio, m. 
Mantelpiece, s. repisa de 

chimenea, /. 
Manual, a. manual — s. teclado, 

Manufacture, s. manufactura, 

/. — V. manufacturar. 
Manufacturer, s. fabricante, tn. 
Manure, s. abono, m. — v. 

Manuscript, s. manuscrito, m. 
Many, a. muchos: varies — s. 

multitud, /. 
Map, J. mapa, /.: plan, m. — v. 

Maple, s. arce, m. 
Marble, s. marmol, m. 
March, s. marcha, /.: marzo 

(month of), m. — v. marchar 

— V. poner en marcha. 

— in, entrar. 

— off, irse. 

— out, salir. 
Marches, x. fronteras, /. pi. 
Marchioness, s. marquesa, /. 
Mare, x. yegua, /. 
Margarine, x. margarina, /. 
Marigold, x. calendula, /. 
Marine, a. marino — x. marino, 

Maritime, a. marftimo. 
Marjoram, x. mejorana, /. 
Mark, x. marca, /. — v. marcar. 
Market, x. mercado, tn. 
Marmalade, x. mermelada, /. 
Marriage, 5. matrimonio, m. 
Married, a. casado. 
Marrow, x. medula, /. 
Marry, v. casar: casarse. 
Marsh, x. pantano, m. 
Marsh -mallow, x. malvavis- 

co, m. 
Martyr, x. martir, m. — v.n\zT- 

Marvel, x. maravilla, /. — v. 

Marvellous, a. maravilloso. 
Marvellously, ad. a maravilla. 
Masculine, a. masculino. 
Mash, X. masa, tn. — v. amasar. 
Masonic, a. mas6nico. 

Mass I 

Mass, J. masa, /. 
Massacre, s. matanza, /. — v. 

Massive, a. macizo. 
Mast, s. arbol, m.: bellotas,/. pi. 
Master, 5. maestro: patron, m. 

— V. domar. 
Masterly, a. habil. 
Mastiff, s. mastin, m. 
Mat, s. estera, /. — v. esterar. 
Match, x. f6sforo, m.: partido, 

m. — V. concordarse. 
Match-box, j. fosforera, /. 
Matchless, a. incomparable. 
Mate, s. consorte: segundo, m. 
Material, j. material, m.: pano 

(stuff), m. 
Maternal, a. matemo. 
Maternity, s. matemidad, /. 
Mathematics, j. matematica, 
Matrimony, s. matrimonio, m. 
Matron, s. matrona, /. 
Matter, s. materia, /. — v. 

Mattress, 5. colchon, m. 
Mature, a. maduro. 
Maturity, s. madurez, /. 
Mauve, s. color de malva, m. 
Maxim, s. maxima, /. 
Maximum, s. maximo, m. 
May, 5. mayo, m.: espina 

blanca, /. 
Maybe, ad. quiza. 
Mayor, s. alcalde, m. 
Maze, s. laberinto, m. 
Me, pn. me: mi: a mi. 
Meadow, s. prado, m. 
Meal -time, s. hora de la 

comida, /. 
Mean, a. bajo: mezquino — 5. 

medio, m. — v. significar. 
Meaning, 5. intencion, /. 
Meaningless, a. insignificante. 
Meanness, i. bajeza, /. 
Meanwhile, ad. interin. 
Measles, s. sarampion, m. pi. 
Measure, 5. medida: dimen- 
sion, /. — V. medir. 
Measurement, s. medida, /. 
Meat, s. came: vianda, /. 
Mechanic, s. mecanico, m. 
Mechanics, s. mecanica, /. pi. 
Medal, s. medalla, /. 
Medallion, 5. medall6n, m. 
Meddle, v. entremeterse. 
Mediator, s. mediador, m. 
Medical, a. medico. 
Medicine, s. medicina, /. 

7 Midway 

Mediocre, a. mediano. 
Meditate, v. meditar. 
Medium, s. medio, m.: via, /. 
Meed, s. recompensa, /. 
Meek, a. manso. 
Meet, a. propio: apto — v. enj 

contrar: encontrarse. 
Meeting, s. encuentro. n^ 

asamblea, /. 
Melancholy, a. melanuilico— 

5. melancolia, /. 
Melodious, a. melodio&D- 
Melon, X. melon, m. 
Melt, V. derretir: fundifSE. 
Melting, 5. fusion, /. 
Member, s. miembro, fw^ 
Memoir, s. memoria: noticia,/. 
Memorial, s. memoria, /. 
Memory, s. memoria, /. 
Men, 5. hombres, m. pi. 
Menace, s. amenaza, /. — v. 

Mend, v. reparar: remendar. 
Mendicant, s. mendicante, m. 
Menial, a. servil. 
Mental, a. mental. 
Mention, s. mencion, /. 
Mercantile, a. mercantil. 
Mercenary, a. mercenario. 
Merchandise, s. mercancia, /. 
Merchant, s. mercante: nego- 

ciante, rn. 
Merciful, a. misericordioso. 
Merciless, a. inhumano. 
Mercury, s. azogue, m. 
Mercy, s. misericordia, /. 
Mere, a. mero. 
Merely, ad. simplemente. 
Merge, zk incorporar. 
Merit, x. merito, m. — v. merecer. 
Mermaid, s. sirena, /. 
Merrily, ad. alegremente. 
Merry, a. alegre. 
Mesh, X. punto, m. 
Mesmerize, v. magnetizar. 
Mess, X. desorden: rancho, m. — 

V. ensuciar. 
Message, x. mensaje, m. 
Messrs., s. Senores, m. pi. 
Microbe, x. microbio, m. 
Midday, s. mediodia, m. 
Middle, x. centre: medio, m. — 

a. medio: intermedio. 
Midge, X. mosquito, m. 
Midland, a. mediterraneo. 
Midnight, x. media noche, /. 
Midsummer, X. solsticio estiva!, 

Midway, ad. k medio camino. 

Midwife i 

Midwife, x. partera, /. 
Might, s. poder, m. 
Mightily, ad. fuertemente. 
Mightiness, s. potencia, /, 
Mignonette, j. reseda, /. 
Migrate, v. emigrar. 
Mild, a. blando: suave. 
Mildew, s. tizon, 7n. 
Military, a. militar — s. solda- 

desca, /. pi. 
Militia, s. milicia, /. 
Milk, X. leche, /. — v. ordenar. 
Milkman, s. lechero, m. 
Mill, s. molino: pugilato, m. — v. 

Millstone, 5. muela, /. 
Miller, s. molinero, in. 
Millet, 5. mijo, m. 
Milliner, x. modista, /. 
Million, s. millon, m. 
Millionaire, 5. millonario, m. 
Mimic, V. imitar. 
Mince, v. desmenuzar. 
Mind, 5. mente, /. — v. reparar: 

Mindful, a. atento. 
Mine, pn. mio: mia: mios: mias. 
Mine, s. mina, /. — v. minar. 
Mineral, s. mineral, m. — a. 

Mingle, v. mezclar: mezclarse. 
Miniature, s. miniatura, /. 
Mining, 5. mineria, /. 
Minister, 5. clerigo, ?n. — v. dar: 

Minnow, 5. vario, m. 
Mint, X. casa de moneda, /.: 

menta (plant), /. 
Minute, a. menudo — s. minute, 

7??.: minuta, /. 
Miracle, s. milagro, m. 
Miraculous, a. milagroso. 
Mirage, s. espejeo, m. 
Mirror, s. espejo, m. 
Mirth, s. alegria, /. 
Misapprehension, 5. equivo- 

cacion, m. 
Misappropriate, v. malversar. 
Misbehave, v. portarse mal. 
Miscalculate, v. calcular er- 

Miscellaneous, a. mezclado. 
Mischief, x. dano, m. 
Mischievous, a. daiioso. 
Misconduct , X. mala conducta,/. 
Misdeed, x. delito, t?i. 
Miser, x. avaro, m. 
Miserly, a. avariento. 
Misery, s. miseria, /. 

48 Moonlight 

Misfortune, x. desdicha, /. 
Mishap, X. contratiempo, m. 
Mislay, v. extraviar: perder. 
Mislead, v. descaminar. 
Misplace, v. colocar mal. 
Misprint, x. errata, /. — v. 

imprimir mal. 
Mispronounce, v. pronunciar 

Misquotation, x. cita falsa,/. 
Misquote, v. citar en falso. 
Misread, v. leei erradamente. 
Misreport, v. hacer relaci6n 

Misrepresent, v. falsificar. 
Misrule, x. desorden, m. — 

V. desgobernar. 
Miss, X. senorita: falta, /. — v. 

Misshape, v. deformar. 
Missing, a. ausente. 
Mist, X. bruma, /. 
Mistake, s. equivocacion, /. — 

V. equivocar. 
Mister (Mr.) x. senor, m. 
Mistletoe, x. muerdago, m. 
Mistress, x. maestra: aya: ama./- 
Mrs., X. senora, /. 
Mistrust, x.desconfianza,/. — v. 

Misty, a. brumoso: oscuro. 
Misunderstand, v. entender 

Mix, V. mezclar. 
Mixed, a. mixto. 
Mixture, x. mixtura, /. 
Moan, V. gemir — x. gemido, m. 
Model, X. modelo, m. — v. 

Moderate, a. moderado. 
Modest, a modesto. 
Modesty, x. modestia, /. 
Moist, a. humedo. 
Moisten, v. humedecer. 
Mole, X. mola (blemish), /.: 

topo (animal), ?n. 
Moment, x. momento, m. 
Monday, x. lunes, ?n. 
Money, X. modeda,/.: dinero, m. 
Money -order, x. libranza pos- 
tal, /. 
Monk, X. monje, m. 
Monkey, s. mono, m. 
Month, X. mes, ?n. 
Monthly, a. mensual. 
Monument, x. monumento, m. 
Mood, X. humor: modo, m. 
Moon, X. luna, /. 
Moonlight, x. luz de la luna, /• 

Moor I 

Moor, s. pantano: moro, m. — v. 

Morals, s. costumbres, /. pi. 
Morbid, a. morboso. 
More, a. mas — ad. mas. 
Moreover, ad. ademas — c. 

Morning, 5. manana, /., a. 

matutino. /, 
Morrow, s. manana, /. 
Morsel, s. bocado, m. 
Mortality, s. mortalidad, /. 
Mortar, s. mortero, m. 
Mortuary, 5. mortuorio, m. 
Most, a. los: las 6 lo mas — ad. 

en sumo grado — s. los mas: 

mayor numero, m. 
Mostly, ad. comunmente. 
Moth, X. polilla, /. 
Mother, x. madre: tia, /. 
Mother-country, s. patria, /. 
Mother-in-law, s. suegra, /. 
Mother-of-pearl, 5. madre- 

perla, /. 
Motion, 5. mocion, /.: evacua- 

cion, /. 
Motionless, a. inmovil. 
Mottled, a. moteado. 
Motto, X. divisa, /. 
Mould, s. molde, m.: matriz, /. 

— V. moldar. 
Moulting, 5. muda, /. 
Mount, s. monte, ni. — v. en- 

Mountain, s. monte, m.: mon- 

tana, /. 
Mountainous, a. montanoso. 
Mourn, v. deplorar: lamentarse. 
Mournful, a. liigubre. 
Mourning, a. luto. 
Mouse, s. raton, m. 
Mousetrap, s. ratonera, /. 
Moustache, x. bigote, m. 
Mouth, X. boca, /.: hocico, m. — 

V. declamar. 
Mouthful, X. bocado, m. 
Move, s. mudanza, /. — v. 

mover: proponer. 
Movement, x. movimiento, m. 
Moving, a. motriz. 
Mow, V. guadanar: segar. 
Much, a. & ad. mucho. 
Mud, X. fango: limo, m. 
Muddle, X. desorden, m.: con- 
fusion, /. 
Mutftn, X. moUete, m. 
Mulberry, x. mora, /. 
Mule, X. mulo, m.: mula, /. 
Mullet, s. miigil: miijol, m. 

49 Natural 

Multiply, V. multiplicar: multi- 

Multitude, 5. multitud, /. 
Mumble, v. barbotar. 
Mumps, X. murria: angina 

parotidas, /. pi. 
Murder, x. asesinato, m. — v. 

Murderer, x. asesino, m. 
Murmur, x. murmullo, m. — v. 

Muscle, X. musculo, m. 
Museum, x. museo, m. 
Mushroom, x. seta, /. 
Music, X. miisica, /. 
Musician, x. miisico, m. 
Musketry, s. fusileria, /. 
Muslin, X. muselina, /. 
Mussel, X. almeja, /. 
Mustard, x. mostaza, /. 
Mustard-pot, x. mostacera, /. 
Musty, a. mohoso. 
Mute, X. mudo, m.: sordina, /. 
Mutilate, v. mutilar. 
Mutineer, x. amotinador, m. 
Mutiny, x. motin, m. — v. 

Mutter, V. grunir. 
Mutton, X. carnero, m. 
Mutual, a. mutuo. 
Muzzle, X. boca, /.: boza4: 

hocico, m. 
My, pn. mi: mis. 
Myself, pn. yo: yo mismo, m. 
Mysterious, a. misterioso. 
Mystery, x. misterio, m. 


Nag, X. jaca, /. — v. reganar. 
Nail, X. uiia, /.: clavo, m. — v. 

Nailbrush, x. cepillo para las 

Unas, m. 
Naked, a. desnudo. 
Nakedness, x. desnudez, /. 
Name, x. nombre: titulo, m. — 

V. nombrar. 
Namely, ad. as decir. 
Naphtha, x. nafta, /. 
Napkin, x. servilleta, /. 
Narcissus, x. narciso, m. 
Narrate, v. narrar. 
Narrow, a. estrecho: ang6sto. 
Nasturtium, x. capuchina, /. 
Nasty, a. sucio. 
Nation, x. naci6n, /. 
Native, a. native. 
Natural, a. natural. 




Naturalize, v. naturalizar. 
Nature, s. natura: indole,/. 
Naughtiness, i. maldad, /. 
Naughty, a. perverso. 
Nausea, s. nausea, /. 
Nautical, a. nautico. 
Navel, X. ombligo, m. 
Navigable, a. navegable. 
Navy, s. marina, /. 
Near, a. cercano: parsimonioso 

— pr. cerca de. 
Nearly, ad. casi: cerca. 
Neat, a. neto: pulido. 
Necessary, a. necesario. 
Necessitate, i;. necesitar. 
Necessity, j. necesidad, /. 
Neck, s. cuello: mango: istmo: 

lengua, m. 
Necktie, s. corbata, /. 
Necklace, s. collar, m. 
Nectarine, s. durazno, m. 
Need, s. necesidad, /. — v. 

Needful, a. necesario. 
Needle, s. aguja /. 
Needless, a. sup6rfluo. 
Needlework, s. trabajos a la 

aguja, m. pi. 
Negative, a. negative — 5. nega- 

tiva, /. — V. denegar. 
Neglect, s. descuido, m. — v. 

Negligence, s. negligencia, /. 
Negress, s. negra, /. 
Negro, s. negro, m. 
Neighbour, s. vecino, m. 
Neither, c. ni — pn. ni uno ni 

Nephew, s. sobrino, m. 
Nerve, s. nervio: vigor, m. 
Nervous, a. nervioso: timido. 
Nervousness, 5. nervosidad, /. 
Nest, s. nido: juego, m. 
Net, s. red: redecilla, /. — v. 

hacer redes. 
Nettle, s. ortiga, /. 
Neutral, a. neutral. 
Neutralize, v. neutralizar. 
Never, ad. nunca: jamas. 
Nevermore, ad. nunca jamds. 
Nevertheless, ad. no obstante. 
New, a. nuevo. 

New Laid Egg, x. huevo 
fresco, m. 
News, s. nuevas, /. pi. 
Newspaper, x. gaceta, /. 
Newt, X. lagartija, /. 
New Year's Day, s. dia de aiio 

nuevo, m. 

Next, a. pr6ximo — ad. despu^s. 
Nib, s. tajo, m. 
Nibble, v. roer: ramonear. 
Nice, a. delicado. 
Nickel, 5. niquel, m. 
Nickname, 5. apodo, m. 
Nicotine, 5. nicotina, /. 
Niece, s. sobrina, /. 
Nigger, 5. negro, m. 
Nigh, a. cercano — ad. cerca. 
Night, s. noche, /. 
Nightdress, s. traje de dormir, 

Nightfall, s. anochecer, m. 
Nightgown, s. batade dormir,/. 
Nightingale, s. ruisefior, m. 
Nightly, a. nocturno — ad. 

todas las noches. 
Nightmare, s. pesadiJla, /. 
Nimble, a. agil. 
Nine, a. nueve. 
Nineteen, a. diez y nueve. 
Ninety, a. noventa. 
Nippers, s. alicates, m. pi. 
Nipple, J. pezon, m. 
No, a. ninguno — ad. no. 
Nobility, s. nobleza, /. 
Noble, a. noble. 
Nobleness, s. nobleza, /. 
Nobody, pn. nadie. 
Nod, s. cabeceo, m. — v. cabec- 

Noise, s. ruido, m. 
Noiseless, a. silencioso. 
Noisy, a. ruidoso. 
None, a. Gf pn. nulo: ninguno. 
Nonsense, s. disparate, m. 
Noon, 5. mediodia, /. 
Nor, c. ni. 

North, s. norte: septentri6n, m. 
North-pole, s. polo, artico, m. 
Nose, X. nariz, /. 
Nosegay, s. ramillete, ?7i. 
Noseless, a. desnarigado. 
Nostril, 5. ventana de la nariz,/. 
Not, ad. no. 
Notary, s. notario, m. 
Note, s. nota, m. — v. notar. 
Noted, a. eminente. 
Notepaper, s. papel de cartas, m. 
Nothing, s. nada, /. 
Notice, 5. noticia, /.: aviso, m. 

— V. observar. 
Notify, V. notificar. 
Notoriety, s. notoriedad, /. 
Notwithstanding, c. no ob- 

Nought, s. nada, /. 
Noun, s. nombre, m. 

Nourish i; 

Nourish, v. nutrir. 
Nourlsbing, a. nutricio. 
Novel, a. nuevo — s. novela, /. 
November, s. noviembre, m. 
Now, ad. ahora. 
Nowadays, ad. hoy. 
Nowliere, ad. en ninguna parte. 
Nude, a. desnudo. 
Nudge, s. codazo, m. 
Nugget, J. pepita, /. 
Nuisance, s. incomodidad, /. 
Number, s. niimero, m. — v. 

Numbers, 5. muchos, m. pi. 
Nuptials, s. nupcias, /. pi. 
Nurse, s. nodriza: nutriz, /. — v. 

Nursemaid, 5. ninera, /. 
Nut, s. nuez, /. 
Nutcrackers, s. cascanueces, 

m. pi. 

Oak, s. roble, m. 
Oar, s. remo, m. — v. remar. 
Oat, J. avena, /. 
Oath, 5. juramento, m. 
Obedient, a. obediente. 
Obesity, s. obesidad, /. 
Obey, V. obedecer. 
Object, V. objetar. 
Oblige, V. obligar. 
Oblong, a. oblongo. 
Obnoxious, a. desagradable. 
Obscene, a. obsceno. 
Obscure, a. obscuro — v. ob- 

Observe, v. observar. 
Obsolete, a. obsolete. 
Obstacle, s. obstaculo, m. 
Obstinate, a. obstinado. 
Obstruct, V. obstruir: impedir. 
Obtain, v. obtener. 
Obviate, v. obviar: evitar. 
Obvious, a. obvio: evidente. 
Occasion, 5. ocasion, /. — v. 

Occasional, a. ocasional. 
Occupy, t;. ocupar. 
Occur, V. ocurrir. 
Ocean, s. oceano, m. 
Octave, s. octava, /. 
October, s. octubre, m. 
Ocular, a. ocular. 
Odd, a. impar: singular. 
Odds, s. diferencia, /. 
Odious, a. odioso. 

[ Oppose 

Of, pr. de. 

Off, ad. lejos: al largo — pr. 

distante de. 
Offal, s. sobras: basuras, /. pi. 
Offence, s. ofensa, /. 
Offend, V. ofender. 
Offender, s. ofensor, m. 
Offensive, a. ofensivo: desa- 
Offer, s. oferta, /. 
Offering, 5. ofrecimiento, m. 
Office, X. oficio: despacho, m. 
Official, a. oficial. 
Officiate, v. oficiar. 
Often, ad. frecuentemente. 
Ogre, s. ogro, m. 
Oil, X. aceite: 61eo, m. — v. aceitar. 
Oilcloth, s. encerado, m. 
Oilman, s. aceitero, m. 
Oil-painting, s. cuadro al 

61eo, m. 
Oil -shop, s. aceiteria, /. 
Oily, a. aceitoso: oleoso. 
Ointment, x. ungiiento, m. 
Old, a. viejo: antiguo. 
Olive, X. olive, m. 
Omelet, x. tortillia, /. 
Omit, V. omitir. 
Omnibus, x. omnibus, m. 
On, pr. sobre: en: de: k — ad» 
encima: adeiante: sin cesar — 
i. i adeiante ! 
Once, ad. una vez: antigua- 

One, a. un: uno. 
Onion, x. ceboUa, /. 
Onlooker, x. espectador, m. 
Only, a. unico — ad. selamente: 

Onward, a. avanzado. 

Onyx, X. 6nice, m. 

Opal, X. 6palo, m. 

Opaque, a. opaco: oscuro. 

Open, a. abierto: patente: 
franco — v. abrir: empezar: 

Opening, x. abertura, /. 

Opera, x. opera, /. 

Opera-glass, x. anteojo, m. 

Operation, x. operacion, /. 

Opinivon, x. opinion, /. 

Opium, X. oplo, m. 

Opponent, x. opositor: au- 
versarie, m. 

Opportune, a. oportuno. 

Opportunity, x. oportunidaci,/. 

Oppose, V. opener. 

Opposite I 

Opposite, a. fronterizo. 
Oppress, V. opriinir. 
Optician, x. optico, ni. 
Option, s. opcion, /. 
Opulent, a. opulento. 
Or, c. 6: sea: sea que — ad. antes. 
Oral, a. verbal. 
Orange, s. naranja, /. 
Orangeade, x. naranjada, /. 
Orator, s. orador. m. 
Orbit, 5. orbita, /. 
Orchard, s. huerto, m. 
Orchestra, s. orquesta, /. 
Orchid, s. orquide, /. 
Ordeal, s. prueba, /. 
Order, x. orden,/.: mandate, m. 

— V. ordenar. 
Orderly, a. metodico — x. or- 

denanza, /. 
Ordinal, a. ordinal. 
Ordinary, a. ordinario. 
Ornate, a. adornado. 
Orphan, x. huerfano, m. 
Ostrich, X. aveslruz, m. 
Other, a. otro. 

Otherwise, adv. de otro modo. 
Ought, V. deber. 
Our, adj. nuestro. 
Ours, pron. el nuestro. 
Ourselves, pro7i. nosotros mis- 

Out, ad. afuera: fuera. 
Outbid, V. pujar. 
Outbreak, x. erupcion, /. 
Outburst, X. explosion, /. 
Outcry, X. clamor, m. 
Outdo, V. sobrepujar. 
Outer, a. exterior. 
Outfit, X. vestidos, m. pi. 
Outfitter, X. confeccionador, m. 
Outgrow, V. sobrccrecer. 
Outhouse, 5. dependencia de 

una casa, /. 
Outlandish, a. extranjero. 
Outlaw, X. proscripto, m. 
Outlay, X. despensa, /. 
Outlet, X. salida, /. 
Outline, x. contorno, /«. 
Outlive, V. sobrevivir. 
Out of doors, ad. fuera de casa. 
Outrage, x. ultraje, ni. 
Outrageous, a. atroz. 
Outright, ad. luego. 
Outside, X. exterior, m. 
Outstretch, v. alargar. 
Outward, a. exterior. 
Outweigh, V. preponderar. 
Oval, X. oviilo, m. — a. oval. 
Oven, s. horno, m. 

z Pansy 

Over, prep, encima: sobre. 

Overall, x. sobretodo, m. 

Overawe, v. tener a freno. 

Overbalance, v. preponderar. 

Overbearing, a. despotico. 

Overboard, ad. encima de 

Overburden, v. sobrecargar. 

Overcast, v. anublar. 

Overcharge, v. sobrecargar. 

Overcome, v. veneer. 

Overdrafts, x. adelantos, m. pi. 

Overdress, v. engalanar con 

Overflow, v. inundar. 

Overhang, v. estar colgando 
sombre alguna cosa. 

Overhead, ad. sobre la cabeza. 

Overhear, v. oir algo por 

Overheat, v. acalorar. 

Overjoyed, a. muy gozoso. 

Overlook, v. repasar. 

Overmuch, a. demasiado. 

Overpower, v. oprimir. 

Overrun, v. hacer correrias. 

Overseer , X. superintendente, m. 

Overshadow, v. asombrar. 

Oversight, x. yerro, m. 

Oversleep, v. dormir de- 

Overtake, v. alcanzar. 

Overthrow, v. trastornar. 

Overture, x. abertura, /. 

Overturn, v. trastornar. 

Overwhelm, v. abrumar. 

Owe, V. deber. 

Owing, a. que es debido. 

Owl, X. lechuza, /. 

Own, a. propio — v. poseer. 

Owner, x. dueiio, rn. 

Ox, X. buey, m. 

Oyster, x. ostra, /. 

Pacific, a. pacifico. 
Pacify, V. pacificar.- 
Pack, X. lio, m. — v. empaquetar. 
Package, x. embalajt, m. 
Packet, X. paquete, ni. 
Pact, X. pacto, m. 
Pad, X. rodete, m. — v. forrar. 
Paddle, x. canalete, m.: paleta,/. 
Paddock, x. dehesa, /. 
Padlock, X. candado, m. 
Panic, X. panico, m. 
Pansy, x. pensamiento, m. 

Pant ] 

Pant, s. palpitacion, /. — v. 

Panther, s. pantera, /. 
Pantomime, s. pantomima, m. 
Pantry, s. despensa: repos- 

teria, /. 
Pants, s. calzoncillos, m. pi. 
Papacy, s. papado, m. 
Paper, s. papel: papelucho, m. 
Papers, s. documentos, m. pi. 
Paper-hanger, s. entapizador, 

Paper-knife, s. cortapapel, m. 
Parachute, 5. paracaidas, m. 
Parade, s. parada, /. — v. 

Paradise, s. paraiso, m. 
Paradox, s. paradoja, /. 
Paraffin, 5. parafina, /: 

petroleo, m. 
Paragraph, s. parrafo, m. 
Parallel, a. paralelo. 
Paralyse, t;. paralizar. 
Paralysis, s. paralisis, /. 
Particular, a. particular. 
Parting, 5. separacion, /. — a. 

Partly, ad. en parte. 
Partner, s. socio, m. 
Partridge, s. perdiz, /. 
Party, s. partido, m.: tertulia,/. 
Pass, s. pasillo: desfiladero, m.: 

— V. pasar. 
Passable, a. transitable. 
Passably, ad. tolerablemente. 
Passage, s. pasaje, m.: trave- 

sia, /. 
Passenger, 5. pasajero: viajero, 

Passing, a. pasajero — ad. ex- 

Passion, s. pasion, /. 
Passionate, a. apasionado. 
Passive, a. pasivo. 
Passover, s. pascua, /. 
Passport, s. pasaporte, m. 
Past, a. pasado. 
Paste, s. pasta,/. — v. engrudar. 
Pastime, s. pasatiempo, m.: 

diversion, /. 
Pastor, s. pastor: clerigo, m. 
Pastry, s. pasteleria, /. 
Pasture, 5. pastura, /. 
Patch, s. remiendo, m. 
Patent, 5. patente, /. — a. pa- 

Patentee, s. privilegiado, m. 
Path, J. senda, /. 
Pathetic, a. pat^tico. 

S3 Pentecost 

Pathos, s. pat(5tica, /. 
Patience, s. paciencia, /. 
Patriotic, a. patriotico. 
Patrol, s.ronda,/. — i. patrullar. 
Patron, s. patron, m. 
Patronize, v. patrocinar. 
Pattern, x. patron: modelo, m. 
Pauper, s. indigente, tti. 
Pauperize, v. empobrecer. 
Pause, 5. pausa, /. — v. pausar. 
Pave, V. solar. 
Pavement, s. pavimento, m. 
Pavilion, x. pabellon, in. 
Paw, s. pata, /. — v. patear. 
Pawn, X. prenda, /. — v. em- 

Pawnbroker, 5. prendero, m. 
Pay, s. paga, /. — v. pagan 
Payment, j. pago, m. 
Pea, X. guisante, m. 
Peace, x. paz: quietud, /. 
Peacefulness, X. tranquilidad,/. 
Peach, X. melocoton, m. — v. 

Peacock, 5. pavon, m. 
Pear, x. pera, /. 
Pearl, x. perla, /. 
Peat, X. turba, /. 
Pebble, x. guija, /. 
Peccable, a. pecable. 
Peck, V. picotear. 
Peculiar, a. particular. 
Pedantic, a. pedantesco. 
Peddler, x. buhonero, m. 
Pedestrian, x. andador: pase- 

ante, m. 
Pedometer, x. odometro, m. 
Peel, X. corteza,/.: pellejo, m. — 

V. descortezar: pelarse. 
Peep, X. ojeada, /. — v. mirar. 
Peer, x. igual, m. — v. mirar. 
Peerless, a. incomparable. 
Peevish, a. enojadizo. 
Peg, X. clavija, /. — v. clavar. 
Pen, X. pluma, /. 
Penalty, x. pena, /. 
Penance, x. penitencia, /. 
Pencil, X. pincel: hacecillo, m. 
Pendulum, x. pendulo, m. 
Penetrate, v. penetrar. 
Penguin, x. pinguino, m. 
Peninsula, x. peninsula, /. 
Penitence, s. penitencia, /. 
Penknife, s. cortaplumas, m. 
Penny, x. penique, wj. 
Pension, x. pension, /. 
Pensioner, x. pensionado, m. 
Pensive, a. pensativo. 
Pentecost, x. pentecost^s, m. 




Penury, s. penuria, /. 
Peony, s. peonia, /. 
People, s. pueblo: mundo, nt. 
Pepper, s. pimienta, /. 
Pepper-box, s. pimentero, m. 
Peppermint, s. menta: yerba 

buena, /. 
Per, pr. per. 
Perambulator, s. cochecito 

para ninos, m. 
Perception, x. percepci6n, /. 
Perch, s. percha, /. — v. em- 

Perchance, ad. acaso. 
Percolate, v. colar. 
Perfume, s. perfume, m. — v. 

Perfumery, s. perfumeria, /. 
Perhaps, ad. quiza. 
Peril, 5. peligro, ni. 
Perilous, a. peligroso. 
Period, s. periodo, m. 
Perish, v. perecer. 
Perjure, v. perjurar. 
Perjurer, 5. perjurado, m. 
Permanence, s. permanencia,/. 
Permission, s. permision, /. 
Permit, s. permiso, m. — r. 

Pernicious, a. pernicioso. 
Perorate, v. perorar. 
Peroxide, s. peroxido, m. 
Perpendicular, a. perpendicu- 
Perpetual, a. perpetuo. 
Perpetuity, 5. perpetuidad, /. 
Perplex, v. embarazar. 
Perplexing, a. penoso. 
Persecute, v. perseguir. 
Perseverance, s. persever- 

ancia, /. 
Persevere, v. perseverar. 
Persist, v. persistir. 
Person, s. persona, /. 
Perspire, v. perspirar. 
Pestilence, s. pestilencia. 
Pestilential, a. infectivo. 
Pet, s. favorito, m. — v. mimar. 
Petal, s. p^talo, m. 
Petition, s. petici6n, /. 
Petroleum, s. petr61eo, m.: 

parafina, /. 
Petticoat, s. enagua, /. 
Pettiness, 5. pequenez, /. 
Petty, a. pequeno. 
Petulant, a. petulante. 
Pew, 5, banco cerrado de 

iglesia, m. 
Pewter, s. peltre, m. 

Pharmacist, s. farmacopola, m. 
Pharmacy, 5. farmacia, /. 
Pheasant, s. faisan, m. 
Photograph, s. fotografia, /. 

— V. fotografiar. 
Piano, s. piano vertical: piano 

de cola, m. 
Pickle, s. scabeche, m. — v. 

Picnic, J. comida a escote,/. 
Picture, s. cuadro, m. 
Pie, 5. pastel, nt. 
Piece, 5. pieza,/. — v. remendar. 
Pier, 5. pilar, m. 
Pierce, v. taladrar. 
Piercing, a. penetrante. 
Piety, s. devocion, /. 
Pig, s. puerco: cerdo, m. 
Pigeon, X. pichon, wz. 
Pigeon-hole, s. pliiteo, m. 
Pigment, s. pigmento, ?«. 
Pigsty, 5. pocilga, /. 
Pike, s. lucio, 7ti. 
Pilchard, s. sardina, /. 
Pile, s. estaca, /. 
Piles, s. almorranas, /. pi. 
Pilfer, V. ratear. 
Pilfering, s. raterfa, /. 
Pilgrim, s. peregrino, m. 
Pill, 5. pildora, /. 
Pillar, s. columna, /. 
Pillow, 5. almohada, /. 
Pillow-case, s. funda, /. 
Pilot, 5. piloto, m. — V. pilotear. 
Pimple, s. postilla: buba, /. 
Pin, s. alfiler, m. 
Pinafore, x. delantal, m. 
Pincers, s. pinzas, /. pi. 
Pinch, X. pellizco, m. — v. pel- 

Pineapple, x. pina, /. 
Pining, a. languido. 
Pipe, X. cano: cafion: conducto: 

tubo, m.: pipa para fumar 

(smokers'), /. 
Piquant, a. picante. 
Piracy, 5. pirateria, /. 
Pistol, X. pistola, /. 
Piston, s. piston, m. 
Pit, X. foso, ni.: patio, m. 
Pitch, X. resina, /.: diapas6n, nt. 

— V. embrear: arrojar. 
Pitch-dark, a. muy oscuro. 
Pitchfork, x. horca, /. 
Piteous, a. lastimoso. 
Pitfall, X. trampa, /. 
Pitiable, a. lastimoso. 
Pity, X. piedad, /. — v. com- 


Placard i; 

Placard, s. cartel, m. 
Place, s. lugar, m.: plaza, f. — v. 

Placid, a. placido. 
Plague, 5. plaga, /. — v. ator- 

Plaice, s. platija, /. 
Plain, a. llano: evidente — s. 

llano, m. 
Plainly, ad. claramente. 
Plainness, s. claridad, /. 
Plaintive, a. lamentoso. 
Plan, s. plan, m. — v. proyectar. 
Planet, s. planeta, /. 
Plane-tree, s. platano, m. 
Plant, s. planta, /. — v. plantar. 
Plantation, s. plantacion, /. 
Plaster, 5. emplasto, m. — v. 

Plate, s. plato, m.: plancha: 

lamina, /. — v. platear. 
Platform, s. anden, m.: plata- 

forma, /. 
Platinum, 5. platino, m. 
Platoon, s. peloton, m. 
Play, 5. juego: drama, m. — v. 

jugar: tocar: representar. 
Player, x. jugador: actor, m. 
Playful, a. jugueton. 
Playgoer, 5. aficionado al 

teatro, m. 
Playing Cards, s. naipes, m. pi. 
Plea, 5. pretexto, m. 
Plead, V. alegar: pleitear. 
Pleasant, a. agradable. 
Please, v. agradar: contentar. 
Pleasure, 5. gusto: placer. 
Plenty, s. abundancia: copia, /. 
Plot, s. conspiracion, /. — v. 

Plough, 5. arado, m. — v. arar. 
Pluck, V. desplumar — s. valor, 

Plum, s. ciruela, /. 
Plumage, s. plumaje, m. 
Plunder, 5. pillaje, m. — v. 

Plunge, V. sumergirse. 
Pocket, s. bolsillo, m. 
Pocket-book, x. cartera, /. 
Poet, X. poeta, 7n. 
Point, s. punto, m.: punta, /. — 

V. apuntar. 
Poison, X. venemo, m. 
Poisonous, a. venenoso. 
Police, X. policia, /. 
Policeman, x. policia, m, 
Polish, V. pulir. 
Polite, a. cort^s. 

; Precise 

Pond, s. estanque, m. 

Poor, a. pobre. 

Pope, X. Papa, m. 

Popular, a. popular. 

Population, x. poblaci6n, /. 

Porcelain, x. porcelana, /. 

Pork, X. came de puerco, /. 

Port, X. Puerto, m. 

Porter, x. mozo de cordel (bag- 
gage), m.: portero (door), m. 

Portion, x. porcion, /. 

Portrait, x. retrato, m. 

Position, X. posicion, /. 

Positive, a. positivo. 

Possess, V. poseer. 

Possible, a. posible. 

Post, X. posta: estafeta, /.: 
correo, m. — a. apostar. 

Postage, X. porte de carta, m. 

Postage-stamp, x. sello de 
correo, m. 

Post-card, x. tarjeta postal, /. 

Post haste, ad. a rienda suelta. 

Posthumous, a. postumo. 

Postman, x. cartero: correo, m. 

Post-office, x. administraci6n 
de correos, /. 

Postpone, V. suspender. 

Posy, X. ramillete de Acres, m. 

Pot, X. marmita: oUa, /. 

Potato, X. patata, /. 

Poulterer, x. pollero, vt. 

Poultice, X. cataplasma, /. — v. 
poner una cataplasma. 

Pour, V. derramar: verter: fluir. 

Pout, V. poner hocico. 

Poverty, x. pobreza, /. 

Powder, x. polvo, m.: polvora, 
/.: polvos (face powder), rn. 
pi. — V. pulverizar. 

Powder-box, x. caja de pol- 
vos, /. 

Powder-flask, x. frasco de 
polvora, tn. 

Powdery, a. polvoriento. 

Power, X. poder, ni.: potencia,/. 

Powerful, a. poderoso. 

Powerless, a. impotente. 

Practical, a. practice. 

Praise, x. alabanza, /.— O. 

Prawn, x. langostin, m. 

Pray, v. orar. 

Prayer, s. oracion, /. 

Preach, v. predicar. 

Precious, a. precioso. 

Precipice, x. precipicio, m. 

Precipitate, v. precipitar. 

Precise, a. preciso. 

Preclude, v. excluir. 
Predecessor, s. predecesor, m. 
Predict, v. predecir. 
Preface, 5. prefacio, m. 
Prefect, 5. prefecto, ni. 
Prefer, v. anteponer. 
Preference, x. preferencia, /. 
Prejudice, s. perjuicio, m. — v. 

Preliminary, s. preliminar, m. 

a. preliminar. 
Premises, s. edificio, ni. pi. 
Premium, s. premio, ?«. 
Prepaid, a. franco. 
Prepare, v. preparar. 
Presence, 5. presencia, /. 
Present, 5. presente: regalo, 

m. — a. presente — v. presentar. 
Preserve, v. preservar. 
Preside, v. presidir. 
Press, V. apretar: aprensar — s. 

prensa, /. 
Presume, v. presumir. 
Presumption, s. presuncion,/. 
Presuppose, v. presuponer. 
Pretence, s. pretexto, tn. 
Pretend, v. pretextar. 
Pretty, a. Undo: gentil — ad. 

Prevail, v. prevalecer. 
Prevent, v. prevenir: impedir. 
Prevention, s. impedimento, m. 
Previous, a. anterior. 
Prey, j. rapina, /. 
Price, s. valor: precio, m. — v. 

Priceless, a. inapreciable. 
Prick, V. aguijar: picar. 
Prickle, 5. espina, /. 
Prickly, a. espinoso. 
Pride, s. orgullo, m. 
Priest, s. sacerdote, m. 
Prim, a. afectado. 
Primarily, ad. primariamente. 
Primitive, a. primitivo. 
Primrose, s. primula: prima- 

vera, /. 
Prince, s. principe, m. 
Princess, s. princesa, /. 
Principal, a. principal — 5. 

principal, m. 
Print, s. impreso, m. — v. 

estampar: imprimir. 
Printing, 5. tipografia, /. 
Prior, a. anterior — s. prior, vi. 
Prism, 5. prisma, m. 
Prison, s. carcel, m.: prisdn, /. 
Prisoner, s. prisionero, m. 
Private, a. privado. 

56 Property 

Privet, s. alhena, /. 
Privilege, x. privilegio, m. 
Prize, X. premio, m. — v. estimar. 
Probability, x. probabilidad, /. 
Problem, x. problema, 711. 
Proceed, v. proceder. 
Process, x. proceso, m. 
Procession, x. procesion, /, 
Proclaim, v. proclamar. 
Proclamation, x. proclama- 

cion, /. 
Procure, v. procurar: obtener. 
Prodigal, a. prodigo. 
Prodigious, a. prodigioso. 
Produce, x. producto, m. — v. 

Product, X. producto, m. 
Profanity, x. profanidad, /. 
Profess, V. profesar: declarar. 
Profession, x. profesion, /. 
Proficiency, x. adelantamiento, 

Proficient, a. proficiente. 
Profile, X. perfil, m. 
Profit, X. provecho, m. — v. 

Profound, a. profundo. 
Profuse, a. profuso. 
Programme, x. programa, m. 
Progress, x. progreso, m. — v. 

hacer progresos. 
Prolapse, x. prolapso, m. 
Prolific, a. fecundo. 
Prologue, X. prologo, m. 
Prolong, V. prolongar. 
Promenade, x. paseo, ni. — v. 

Prominent, a. prominente. 
Promise, x. promesa, /. — v. 

Promontory, x.promontorio.m. 
Promote, v. promover. 
Promotion, x. promocion, /. 
Prompt, a. pronto — v. apuntar. 
Promptitude, x. prontitud, /. 
Prone, a. prono. 
Prong, X. diente, m. 
Pronoun, x. pronombre, m. 
Pronounce, v. pronunciar. 
Pronunciation, x. pronuncia- 

cion, /. 
Proof, a. impenetrable — x. en- 

sayo, m. 
Prop, X. apoyo, m. — v. sostener. 
Propagate, v. propagar. 
Propel, V. impeler. 
Proper, a. propio. 
Property, x. calidad, /.: ac- 

cesorio, m. 

Prophecy i 

Prophecy, s. profecia,/. 
Prophet, s. profeta, m. 
Prophetic, a. prof^tico. 
Propitiate, v. propiciar. 
Proportion, s. razon, m. — v. 

Proportionate, a. proporcion- 

Proposal, X. propuesta, /. 
Propose, V. proponer. 
Proposition, s. proposicion, /. 
Propound, v. proponer. 
Proprietor, s. propietario, m. 
Propriety, s. decencia, /. 
Prosecute, v. prosegiair. 
Prosecution, s. prosecucion, /. 
Prospect, X. vista, /. 
Prospectus, s, prospecto, m. 
Prosper, v. prosperar. 
Prosperity, s. prosperidad, /. 
Prosperous, a. pr6spero. 
Prostitute, s. prostituta, /. — v. 

Prostrate, a. postrado — v. 

Protect, V. proteger. 
Protectress, x. protectriz, /. 
Protest, X. protesta, /. — r^. pro- 

Protestant, x. protestante, m. 
Protract, v. prolongar. 
Protrude, v. empujar: em- 

Proud, a. orgulloso. 
Prove, V. probar: justificar. 
Proverb, x. proverbio, ?«. 
Provide, v. proveer. 
Provident, a. provide. 
Provider, x. proveedor, m. 
Province, x. provincia, /. 
Provision, x. provision, /. 
Provocation, x. provocacion, /. 
Provoke, v. provocar. 
Prow, X. proa. /. 
Prowess, x. proeza, /. 
Prowl, V. rondar. 
Proximity, x. proximidad, /. 
Prude, X. mojigata, /. 
Prudence, x. prudencia, /. 
Prudent, a. prudente. 
Prudish, a. gazmono. 
Prune, x. ciruela, /. — v. esca- 

Pruning, x. poda, /. 
Prussic-acid, x. acido prusico, 

Pry, V. espiar. 
Puberty, x. pubertad, /. 

57 Qualification 

Public, a. publico — x. piib- 
lico, m. 

Publican, x. tabcrnero, m. 

Publish, V. publicar. 

Publisher, x. editor, m. 

Pudding, X. almcndrado, m. 

Puddle, X. posa, /. 

Puerile, a. pueril. 

Puffin, X. mcrgo, m. 

Pugilist, X. pugil, m. 

Pugnacious, a. belicoso. 

Pull, X. tiron, m. — v. tirar. 

Pulley, X. garrucha, /. 

Pulp, X. pulpa, /. 

Pulpit, X. pulpito, m. 

Pulse, X. pulso, m 

Pulverize, v. pulverizar. 

Pump, X. bomba, /. 

Punch, X. punzon: golpe, m. — 
V. punzar. 

Punctual, a. puntual. 

Punctuality, x. puntualidad, /. 

Puncture, x. puntura, /. 

Punish, V. castigar. 

Punishment, x. castigo, m. 

Pup, X. cachorrillo, m. 

Pupil, X. pupilo, m. 

Puppy, X. cachorro, m. 

Purchase, x. compra, /. — v, 

Pure, a. puro. 

Purgative, x. purgative, m. 

Purge, X. purga, /. — v. purgar. 

Purify, V. purificar. 

Purifying, a. purificadero. 

Purple, a. purpiireo — x. pur- 
pura, /. 

Purposely, ad. de proposito. 

Purse, X. bolsa, /. 

Pursue, V. perseguir. 

Push, X. impulso, m. — v. em- 

Put, V. poner. 

Putty, X. masilla, /. 

Puzzle, V. confundir — x. pro- 
blema, m. 

Cross-word puzzle, palam- 
bras cruzadas. 

Quackery, x. charlataneria, /. 
Quadruped, x. cuadnipedo, m. 
Quagmire, x. canegal, m. 
Quail, X. codorniz, /. 
Quaint, a. curioso. 
Quake, v. temblar. 
Quaker, x. cuaquero, m. 
Qualification, x. requisite, m. 



Qualify, v. calificar. 
Quality, s. calidad, /. 
Quantity, s. cantidad, /. 
Quarantine, 5. cuarentena, /. 
Quarrel, s. riiia: pendencia, /. 

— V. renir. 
Quarrelsome, a. contencioso. 
Quarry, s. cantera: presa, /. 
Quart, s. cuarta, /. 
Quarter, s. cuarto: cuartel: 

trimestre, m. — v. cuartear: 

Quarterly, a. trimestral. 
Quartette, s. cuarteto, m. 
Quartz, s. cuarzo, m. 
Quash, V. anular. 
Quay, s. muelle, m. 
Queen, s. reina, /. 
Queer, a. extrano: indispuesto. 
Quell, V. reprimir. 
Quench, v. apagar. 
Querulous, a. quejicoso. 
Quest, s. investigacibn, /. 
Question, s. cuesti6n, /. — v. 

Quick, a. rapido: vivo. 
Quicken, v. acelerar. 
Quickness, s. rapidez, /. 
Quicksilver, s. azogue, m. 
Quiet, a. quieto — s. quietud, /. 
Quilt, s. eolcha, /. 
Quince, s. membrillo, m. 
Quinine, s. quinina, /. 
Quinsy, s. esquinencia, /. 
Quit, a. libre — v. dejar. 
Quite, ad. enteramente. 
Quiver, s. temblor, m. — v. 

Quoit, s. tejo, m. 
Quote, V. citar: cotizar. 

Rabbit, s. conejo, m. 

Rabble, s. gentuza, /. 

Rabid, a. rabioso. 

Race, s. raza: carrera, /. — v. 

Racecourse, s. hipodromo, m. 

Racehorse, s. caballo de car- 
rera, m. 

Rack, s. tormento, m. — v. trase- 

Racket, s. raqueta, /. 

Racy, a. rancio. 

Radiance, s. resplandor, m. 

Radiator, s. radiator, /. 

Radish, s. rabano, m. 

Radius, s. radio, m. 

RafiQe, s. loteria, /. — v. rifar. 

Raft, s, balsa, /. 
Rag, s. trapo, m. 
Ragged, a. andrajoso. 
Raging, a. rabios. 
Raid, s. incursi6n, /. 
Rail, s. riel, m. — v. injuriar. 
Railing, s. balaustrada, /. 
Railway, s. ferrocarril, m. 
Raiment, s. vestidos, 7n. pi. 
Rain, $. Uuvia, /. — v. Hover. 
Rainbow, s. arco iris, m. 
Rainy, a. lluvioso. 
Raise, v. levantar. 
Raisin, j. pasa, /. 
Rake, 5. rostrillo, m. — v. ras- 

Rally, V. reunir: reunirse. 
Ram, s. morueco: ariete, m. — v. 

Ramble, s. paseo, m. — v. 

Rambler, s. paseante, m. 
Ramification, s. ramificaci6n,/. 
Rampageous, a. retozon. 
Rampant, a. rampante. 
Rampart, s. plataforma, /. 
Ranch, s. rancho, m. 
Rancid, a. rancio. 
Rancour, s. rencor, m. 
Random, a. casual. 
Range, s. alcance, m.: hornilla, 

/. — V. alinear. 
Rank, a. rancio — s. rango, m. 
Rankle, v. enconarse. 
Ransack, v. saquear escudrinar. 
Ransom, s. rescate, m. — v. 

Rap, x. golpe, m. 
Rapacious, a. rapaz. 
Rape, X. rapto, m.: colza,/. 
Rapid, a. rapido. 
Rapier, s. espet6n, m. 
Rapping, s. llamada, /, 
Rapture, s. rapto, m. 
Rare, a. raro. 
Rarity, c. rareza, /. 
Rascal, s. picaro, m. 
Rash, a. temerario. 
Rasher, s. lonja, /. 
Rashness, s. temeridad, /. 
Raspberry, s. frambuesa, /. 
Rat, s. rata, /. 
Rat-trap, i. ratonera, /. 
Rate, s. contribucion, /. 
Rate, s. contribuci6n, /. — 

razon — v. tasar. 
Rather, ad. mas bien: algo. 
Ratify, v. ratificar. 
Ratio, X. razon, m. 

Ration i 

Ration, s. raci6n, /. 
Rattle, s. matraca,/. — v. agitar. 
Rattlesnake, s. culebra cas- 

cabel, /. 
Ravage, v. asolar. 
Rave, V. desvariar. 
Raven, s. cuervo, m. 
Ravenous, a. voraz. 
Raving, a. loco — s. delirio, w. 
Ravish, v. violar. 
Raw, a. crudo. 
Ray, s. rayo, m. 
Raze, t'. arrasar. 
Razor, x. navaja, /. 
Razor-strop, j. suavizador, m. 
Read, v. leer. 
Reader, s. lector, m. 
Readily, ad. de buena gana. 
Reading, 5. lectura, /. 
Ready, a. pronto. 
Real, a. real. 
Realistic, a. realfstico. 
Realm, s. reino, m. 
Ream, s. resma, /. 
Reap, V. seear. 

Rear, x. retaguardia,/. — v. criar. 
Rearrange, v. rehacer. 
Reason, 5. raz6n,/n. — r.razonar. 
Rebate, v. rebajar. 
Rebel, 5. rebelde, m. — v. 

Rebellious, a. rebelde. 
Rebuke, x. reprension, /. — v. 

Recall, V. revocar. 
Recapitulate, v. recapitular. 
Recapture, t'. represar. 
Recede, v. retroceder. 
Receipt, x. recibo, m. — v. dar 

Receive, v. recibir. 
Recent, a. reciente. 
Receptacle, x. receptaculo, m. 
Recipe, x. recipe, w. 
Recitation, x. recitacion, /. 
Recite, v. recitar. 
Reckless, a. atolondrado. 
Reckon, v. estimar. 
Recline, v. reclinar. 
Recognize, v. reconocer. 
Recoil, V. recular. 
Recollect, v. recordarse. 
Recommence, v. empezar de 

Recommend, v. recomendar. 
Recompense, x. recompensa, /. 

— V. recompensar. 
Record, x.registro, m.—t;. regis- 

59 Regrettable 

Recoup, V. recuperar. 
Recover, t;. convalecer. 
Recovery, s. recobro, m. 
Recruit, x. recluta, m. — v. re- 

Rectitude, x. probidad, /. 
Rector, x. rector, m. 
Rectory, s. rectoria, /. 
Recuperate, v. recuperar. 
Recur, v. recurrir. 
Red, a. rojo. 

Redbreast, x. pitirojo, m. 
Redeem, t,'. rescatar. 
Redness, x. rojez, /. 
Redoubt, s. reducto, m. 
Redress, v. corregir: recti- 

ficar — X. reforma, /. 
Reduce, v. reducir. 
Reef, X. arrecife, m. 
Reek, x. humo, m. — v. humear. 
Refer, v. referir. 
Referee, x. arbitro, m. 
Reference, x. referencia, /. 
Refine, t'. refinar. 
Reflect, V. reflejar. 
Reflection, x. reflexi6n, /. 
Reflector, x. reverbero, w. 
Reform, x. reforma, /. — v. re- 
form ar. 
Reformatory, s. casa de cor- 

recci6n, /. 
Refract, v. refractar. 
Refraction, s. refraccion, /. 
Refrain, x. refran, m. — v. re- 

Refresh, v. refrigerar. 
Refreshment, x. recreo, m. 
Refrigerator, x. enfriadera, /. 
Refuge, X. refugio, m. 
Refugee, x. refugiado, m. 
Refund, v. reembolsar. 
Refusal, x. opcion, /. 
Refuse, x. desecho, m. — v. negar. 
Regain, v. recobrar 
Regal, a. real. 
Regard, v. estimar: considerar 

— X. respeto, m. 
Regardful, a. atento. 
Regarding, pr. tocante. 
Regatta, x. regata, /. 
Regenerate, v. regenerar. 
Regent, s. regente, m. 
Regiment, x. regimiento, m. 
Region, x. region, /. 
Register, s. registro, m. — v. 

Registry, x. asiento, m. 
Regret, v. arrepentirse. 
Regrettable, a. lamentable. 


1 60 


Regular, a. regular. 
Regularity, 5. regularidad, /. 
Regulate, v. regular: arreglar. 
Rehearsal, x. repeticion, /. 
Rehearse, v. repetir. 
Reign, s. reino, m. — v. reinar. 
Reindeer, s. reno, m. 
Reinforce, v. reforzar. 
Reinstate, v. restablecer. 
Reiterate, v. reiterar. 
Reject, V. rechazar. 
Rejection, s. repulsa, /. 
Rejoice, v. regocijar. 
Rejoin, v. replicar. 
Rejuvenate, v. rejuvenecer. 
Relapse, s. recaida — v. recaer. 
Relate, v. relatar. 
Relation, s. relacion, /. 
Relative, a. relative. 
Relax, V. relajar. 
Relay, s. posta: parada, /. 
Release, x. soltura, /. — v. soltar. 
Relent, v. enternecerse. 
Relevant, a. aplicable. 
Reliable, a. seguro. 
Reliant, a. confiado. 
Relic, X. reliquia, /. 
Relief, x. relieve, rn. 
Religion, x. religion, /. 
Relinquish, v. abandonar. 
Relish, X. sabor, m. — v. saborear. 
Reluctance, x. repugnancia, /. 
Rely, V. confiar. 
Remain, v. permanecer. 
Remainder, x. residue, m. 
Remains, x. restos, m. pi. 
Remark, x. reparo, m. — v. 

Remarkable, a. notable. 
Remedy, x. remedio, m. — v. 

Remind, v. avisar. 
Reminiscence, x. reminis- 

cencia, /. 
Reminiscent, a. recordante. 
Remiss, a. remiso. 
Remit, v. remitir. 
Remittance, x. rcmesa,/. 
Remnant, x. resto, 7?i. 
Remorse, x. remordimiento, m. 
Remote, a. remoto. 
Remount, v. remontar. 
Removable, a. amovible. 
Remove, v. transportar. 
Remunerate, v. remunerar. 
Remuneration, x. remunera- 

cion, /. 
Rend, v. rasgar. 
Render, v. rendir. 

Renegade, a. renegado. 

Renew, v. renovar, /. 

Renounce, v. renunciar. 

Renovate, v. renovar. 

Renovation, x. renovacion, /, 

Renown, x. renombre, m. 

Rent, X. renta, /. — v. alquilar. 

Repair, x. reparo, m. — v. re- 

Reparation, x. reparacion, /. 

Repast, s. comida, /. 

Repay, v. reembolsar. 

Repayment, x. reembolso, m. 

Repeal, x. revocacion, /. — v. 

Repeat, x. repeticion, /. — v. 

Repel, V. repeler. 

Repent, v. arrepentrse. 

Repentant, a. contrito. 

Repertory, x. repertorio, m. 

Repetition, x. repeticion,/. 

Replace, v. reemplazar. 

Replenish, v. rellenar. 

Replete, a. repleto. 

Reply, X. replica, /. — v. re- 

Report, X. informe, m. — v. re- 

Reporter, x. relator, m. 

Represent, v. representar. 

Reprieve, v. dar espera. 

Reprimand, x. reprimenda, /. 
— V. reprender. 

Reprisal, x. represalia, /. 

Reproach, x. reproche, m. — v. 

Reptile, x. reptil, m. 

Republic, x. repiiblica,/. 

Repudiate, v. repudiar. 

Repudiation, x. repudiaci6n, /. 

Repugnance, x. repugnancia,/. 

Repulse, x. repulsa, /. — v. re- 

Repulsive, a. repulsivo. 

Reputation, x. reputaci6n, /. 

Request, x. ruego, ;n. — v. rogar. 

Require, v. requerir. 

Requisite, a. necesario — s. re- 
quisite, m. 

Rescue, x. recobro, m. — v. 

Resemble, v. parecerse. 

Resembling, a. parecido. 

Resent, v. resentirse. 

Reservation, x. reservaci6n, /. 

Reserve, x. reserva, /. — v. 

Reservoir, x. cambija, /. 




Reside, v. residir. 
Residence, s. residencia, /. 
Resolute, a. resuelto. 
Resolve, j. resolucion, /. — v. 

Resort, v. recurrir. 
Resound, v. resonar. 
Resource, s. recurso, m. 
Respect, s.respeto, m. — f.res- 

Respectable, a. respetable. 
Respiration, s. respiraci6n, /. 
Respirator, s. respirador, m. 
Respire, v. respirar. 
Respite, j. moratoria, /. — v. 

Resplendent, a. resplande- 

Respond, v. responder. 
Responsibility, s. responsa- 

bilidad, /. 
Rest, s. repose, m. — t;. reposar. 
Restful, a. sosegado. 
Restless, a. inquieto. 
Restaurant, s. fonda, /. 
Restoration, s. restauraci6n, /. 
Restore, v. restaurar. 
Restrain, v. retener. 
Restrict, v. restringir. 
Restriction, s. restricci6n, /. 
Result, 5. resultado, m. 
Resume, v. resumir. 
Resurrection, 5. resurrecci6n,/. 
Resuscitate, v. resucitar. 
Retail, v. revender: regatonear 

— s. venta per menor, /. 
Retain, v. retener. 
Retaliate, v. desquitarse. 
Retire, v. retirar: retirarse. 
Retirement, s. retire, m. 
Retract, v. retractar: retract- 

Retreat, v. retirarse. 
Retrieve, v. recobrar. 
Retriever, s. sabuese, m. 
Retrograde, a. retrograde. 
Retrospective, a. retros- 
Return, s. reterno, m.: ganan- 

cia, /. — z\ devolver: ^ elver. 
Return ticket, s. billette de 

reterno, m. 
Reveal, v. manifestar. 
Revelry, 5. borrachera, /. 
Revenge, s. venganza, /. — v. 

Revengeful, a. vengativo. 
Revenue, s. redito, m. 
Reverence, s. reverencia, m. 

Reverent, a. revcrente. 

Reverse, s. contrario, m. 

Revert, f. volver. 

Review, 5. revista,/. — v. rever. 

Revise, t;. rever. 

Revival, s. renacimiento, m. 

Revive, t;. avivar. 

Revoke, v. revecar. 

Revolt, s. revuelta, /. — v. re- 

Revolting, a. repugnante. 
Revolution, s. revolucion, /. 
Revolve, v. revolver. 
Revolver, s. rev61ver, m. 
Rheumatism, s.reumatismo.m. 
Rhinoceros, s. rinoceronte, m. 
Rhododendron, s. rododen- 

dre, m. 
Rhubarb, s. ruibarbo, m. 
Rhyme, s. rima, /. 
Rib, s. Costilla, /. 
Ribbon, s. cinta, /. 
Rice, s. arroz, m. 
Rich, a. rice. 
Rick, s. niara, /. 
Rickets, 5. raquitismo, m. 
Rid, V. librar. 

Riddle, s. enigma,/. — v. cribar. 
Ridge, s. surco, m. — v. surcar. 
Ridicule, s. ridiculez, J. — v. 

Riding, s. equitaci6n, /. 
Rifle, s. fusil, m. — v. robar. 
Rig, s. aparejo, m. — v. aparejar. 
Right, a. derecho: juste — ad. 

muy — 5. derecho, m. — t;. rec- 

Righteous, a. justo. 
Rigid, a. rigide. 
Rim, s. borde, m.: llanta, /. 
Rind, s. corteza, /. 
Ring, s. circulo: anille, m. — v. 

Ringleader, s. jefe, m. 
Rink, s. sal6n de patinar, m. 
Rinse, v. enjuagar. 
Riot, s. tumulto, m. — v. amoti- 

Rioting, J. ergia, /. 
Ripe, a. madure. 
Ripple, 5. escarceo, m. 
Rise, s. levantamiento, m.: 

subida /. — v. levantarse: 

Risk, s. rlesgo, m. — v. arries- 

Rival, s. competidor, m. — v. 

River, s. rio, m. 




Rivulet, s. arroyo, m. 

Roach, s. gobio, ni. 

Road, s. camino, m.: via: rada, /. 

Roadway, s. calzada, /. 

Roam, V. rondar. 

Roar, 5. rugido, m. — v. rugir. 

Roast, V. asar. 

Rob, V. robar. 

Robber, s. Iadr6n, m. 

Robe, s. vestido, m. — v. vestir. 

Robin, s. pitirojo, m. 

Robust, a. robusto. 

Rock, s. roca, /. — v. mecer. 

Rod, s. cana de pescar: 

baqueta, /. 
Rogue, s. brib6n, m. 
Roll, 5. rollo, m. balance, m. — v. 

rodar: balancear. 
Roller, s. rodillo, m. 
Rolling, a. rodadero. 
Romance, s. romance, m. 
Romp, V. retozar. 
Roof, X. tejado (house, etc.): 

paladar (mouth), m. 
Rook, s. corneja, /. 
Room, 5. camara, /.: lugar, m. 
Root, 5. raiz, /. — v. arraigarse. 

— Out, arrancar. 
Rope, X. cordel, m. 
Rose, s. rosa, /. 
Rosette, s. roseta, /. 
Rotten, a. podrido. 
Rough, a. rudo. 
Round, a. redondo — ad. al 

rededor — s. circulo, m.: ronda, 

/. — V. cercar. 
Rouse, V. levantar. 
Rout, s. ruta, /.: rumbo: 

camino, m. 
Row, s. rifia, /. — v. remar. 
Rowdy, a. pelafustan. 
Rower, x. remero, m. 
Royal, a. real. 
Rub, V. frotar. 
Rubber, s. goma elastica, /. 
Rubbish, 5. escombro, m. 
Ruby, s. rubi, m. 
Rudder, x. tim6n, nt. 
Rude, a. grosero. 
Rudeness, s. rudeza, /. 
Ruffian, X. rufian, m. 
Rug, s. ruedo, m. 
Ruin, s. ruina, /. — v. arruinar: 

Ruinous, a. ruinoso. 
Ruler, X. gobernador, m. 
Rum, s. ron, m. 
Rumour, j. rumor, m. 
Rump-steak, s. tajada, /. 

Run, s. corrida, /.: curse, m. — 

V. correr: fluir. 
Running, a. corriente, m. 
Rupture, .?. rompimiento, m. 

— V. romper. 
Rural, a. rural. 
Rushing, a. precipitoso. 
Rust, s. orin, m. — v. oxidarse. 
Rut, X. carril, m. 
Ruthless, a. cruel. 
Rye, X. centeno, m. 

Sable, s. cebellina: marta, /. 
Sabre, x. sable, m. 
Sack, X. saco, ni. — v. saquear. 
Sacred, a. sagrado. 
Sacrifice, x. sacrificio, m. — v. 

Sad, a. triste. 
Sadden, 1;. entristecer. 
Saddle, x. silla, /. — v. ensillar. 
Safe, a. seguro — x. caja, fuerte,/. 
Safeguard, x. salvaguardia, /. 

— V. proteger. 
Safety, s. seguridad, /. 
Sage, a. sabio. 
Sail, X. vela: aspa, /. — v. 

Sailor, x. marinero, m. 
Saint, X. santo, m.: santa, /. 
Saintly, a. santo. 
Sake, X. causa, /. 
Salad, X. ensalada, /. 
Salad-bowl, x. ensaladera, /. 
Salary , X. xalario, m. — v. salariar. 
Sale, X. venta, /. 
Saline, a. salino. 
Sallow, a. palido. 
Salmon, x. salmon, m. 
Saloon, X. sal6n, m. 
Salt, a. salado — s. sal, m. — v. 

Salt cellar, x. salero, m. 
Salute, V. saludar. 
Salvage, x. salvamento, m. 
Same, a. id^ntico. 
Sample, x. muestra, /. 
Sanctimonious, a. devoto. 
Sanction, s. sanci6n, /. — v. 

Sand, X. arena, /. — v. enarenar. 
Sandal, x. sandalia, /. 
Sandwich, x. emparedado, m. 
Sandy, a. arenoso. 
Sane, a. sano. 
Sanguine, a. sanguineo. 
Sanitary, a. sanitario. 
Sapphire, x. zafiro, m. 




Sarcasm, s. sarcasmo, m. 
Sardine, s. sardina, /. 
Sardonyx, 5. sardonix, m. 
Sash, J. cinta, /. 
Satchel, s. mochila, /, 
Sateen, s. rasete, m. 
Satin, s. raso, m. 
Satisfaction, 5. satisfacci6n, /. 
Saturate, v. saturar. 
Satisfy, v. satisfacer. 
Saturday, s. sabado, m. 
Sauce, s. salsa, /. — v. sazonar. 
Saucepan, s. cacerola, /. 
Saucer, s. platillo, m. 
Saucy, a. descarado. 
Sausage, s. salchicha, /. 
Savage, a. salvaje. 
Save, V. salvar: economizar: 

conservar — prep. excepto — 

conj. a no ser que. 
Saving, a. economico — pr. ex- 
cepto — s. economia, /. 
Savings-bank, s. caja de 

ahorros, /. 
Savoury, a. sabroso. 
Saw, s. sierra, /.: proverbio, nt. 

— V. serrar. 
Say, t;. decir. 
Saying, s. dicho, nt. 
Scab, s. rona, /. 
Scabbard, s. vaina de espada,/. 
Scaffold, 5. cadalso, ni. 
Scald, X. escaldadura, /. — v. 

Scale, s. balanza: escama, /. — 

V. escalar. 
Scalp, s. piel del craneo, /. 
Scaly, a. escamoso. 
Scandal, x. escandalo, m. 
Scandalous, a. escandaloso. 
Scanty, a. escaso. 
Scar, s. cicatriz, /. 
Scarce, a. raro. 
Scarcely, ad. apenas. 
Scarcity, s. escasez, /. 
Scare, s. espanto, m. — v. es- 

Scarf, s. banda, /. 
Scarlatina, s. escarlatina, /. 
Scarlet, s. escarlata, /. 
Scarlet fever, s. escarlata, /. 
Scathing, a. mordaz. 
Scatter, v. esparcir. 
Scavenger, 5. basurero, m. 
Scene, s. escena, /. 
Scenery, x. vista, /. 
Scent, s. perfume, ni. — v. per- 

Scentless, a. inodoro. 

Scholar, s. escolar: colegial, nt. 
School, X. escuela, /. 
Schoolmaster, s. preceptor, m. 
Schoolmistress, s. maestra, /. 
Schoolroom, s. aula,/. 
Sciatica, s. ciatica, /. 
Science, s. ciencia, /. 
Scissors, s. tijeras, /. pi. 
Scold, V. regafiar. 
Scoop, s. achicador, m. — v. 


— out, ahuecar. 
Scorch, 5. chamusco, m. — v. 

Scorn, X. desprecio, m. — v. 

Scoundrel, x. belitrero, m. 
Scour, V. escurar. 
Scout, X. explorador, m. 
Scowling, a. cenudo. 
Scramble, v. arrebatar. 
Scrape, x. raedura,/. — v. raspar. 
Scratch, s. rasgimo, m. — 1;. ras- 

Scream, v. chillar. 
Screw, X. tornillo, m. 
Screwdriver, x. destornillador, 

Scrub, V. frotar. 
Scullery, s. fregadero, m. 
Sculptor, X. escultor, ni. 
Sea, X. mar, vt. & /.: oceano, nt. 
Seafaring, a. marino. 
Seaport, x. puerto de mar, m. 
Seasickness, x. mareamiento: 

mareo, m. 
Seaside, x. ribera del mar, /. 
Season, x. estacion: sazon, /. 
Season-ticket, x. abono de 

pasaje, m. 
Seat, X. morada: silla, /. — v. 

asentar: situar. 
Seaweed, x. alga marina, /. 
Second, a. segundo. 
Secondhand, x. segunda 

mano, /. 
Secret, x. secreto, nt. 
Secretary, x. secretario, nt. 
Secure, v. asegurar — a. seguro. 
See, V. ver. 

Seed, X. semilla: simiente, /. 
Seldom, ad. raramente. 
Self, a. mismo. 
Selfish, a. egoista. 
Sell, V. vender. 
Send, V. despachar: enviar. 
Sensation, x. sensaci6n, /. 
Sense, x. sentido, m. 
Sentence, s. sentencia: frase, /. 




Separate, v. separar. 
Septic, a. s^ptico. 
Serious, a. serio. 
Servant, s. servidor, m.: criado, 

m.: criada, /. 
Serve, v. servir. 
Service, s. servicio: oficio 

(church), m. 
Serviceable, a. servil. 
Set, V. componer: imponer: 

plantar: entablillar. 
Settee, s. canape, m. 
Settle, V. ajustar: resolver: 

Seven, a. siete — s. siete, m. 
Seventeen, a. diez y siete — 5. 

diez y siete, m. 
Seventy, a. setenta — s. seten- 

ta, m. 
Sever, v. separar. 
Several, a. varios. 
Severe, a. riguroso. 
Severity, s. severidad, /. 
Sew, V. coser. 
Sewer, s. cloaca, /. 
Sex, 5. sexo, m. 
Sexton, s. sacristan, m. 
Shade, s. sombra, /. — v. som- 

Shadow, s. sombra, /. 
Shady, a. sombrio. 
Shake, s. vibracion, /. — v. 

Shaking, 5. temblor, m. 
Shallow, a. somero. 
Sham, a. falso. 
Shame, s. rubor, m. — v. aver- 

Shameful, a. vergonzoso. 
Shameless, a. descarado. 
Shampoo, s. champii, m. 
Shamrock, 5. trebol, m. 
Shape, s. forma,/.: talle, m. — v. 

Share, 5. reja: accion, /. — v. 

Shareholder, s. accionista, /. 
Shark, s. tiburon, m. 
Sharp, a. agudo: acre — ad. 

Sharpen, v. afilar. 
Sharpness, s. acrimonia, /. 
Shave, v. rasurar, 5. 
Shaving, s. rasura, /. 
Shaving-brush, s. escobilla de 

barba, /. 
Shawl, s. chal, m. 
She, pn. ella. 
Sheep, *. carnero, m.: oveja, /. 

Sheepish, a. ovejuno. 

ter, a. puro: escarpado. 
Sheet, s. sabana, /.: pliego, m. 
Shelf, 5. anaquel, m. 
Shell, s. concha, /. — v. des- 

conchar: bombardear. 
Shellac, x. laca en hojuelas, /. 
Shell-fish, 5. marisco, m. 
Shelter, s. cobertizo, m. — v. 

Shepherd, s. pastor, m. 
Sherbet, s. sorLete, m. 
Sherry, 5. vino de Jerez, m. 
Shield, s. escudo, m. — ■ v. 

Shifting, a. movedizo. 
Shifty, a. artificioso. 
Shin, 5. tibia, /. 
Shine, 5. brillo, m. — t;. brillar. 
Shingle, s. cascajo, m. 
Shining, a. luminoso. 
Ship, J. nave,/.: buque: navio.m. 
Shipment, 5. cargamento, m. 
Shipper, %. cargador, m. 
Shipping, a. maritimo. 
Shipwreck, s. naufragio, m. 
Shipyard, 5. astillero, m. 
Shiver, 5. cacho: fragmento, m. 

— V. estrellar. 
Shivering, s. calofrio, m. 
Shock, X. choque, m. — v. 

Shocking, a. escandaloso. 
Shoe, 5. zapato, m. 
Shoeblack, s. limpiabotas, m. 
Shoelace, s. majuela, /. 
Shoemaker, s. zapatero, m. 
Shoot, V. tirar. 
Shooting, 5. tiro, m. 
Shop, 5. tienda, /.: taller, m. 
Shopkeeper, 5. mercader, m. 
Shore, s. costa: playa, /. 
Short, a. corto: breve. 
Shortcoming , s. insuficiencia,/. 
Shorten, v. acortar. 
Shorthand, x. estenografia, /. 
Shortly, ad. luego. 
Shoulder, 5. espalda, /. 
Shout, s. aclamacion, /. — v. 

Shovel, s. pala, /. 
Show, X. espectaculo, m.\ osten- 

tacion, /. — v. mostrar. 
Shower, x. Uuvia, /. 
Shred, x. fragmento, m. 
Shrew-mouse, x. musgafio, m. 
Shrewd, a. astuto. 
Shriek, v. chillar. 
Shrimp, s. camar6n, m. 




Shrink, v. estrechar. 

Shrivel, r. arrugar. 

Shrove Tuesday, s. martes de 

carnaval, m. 
Shrub, s. arbusto, m. 
Shrug, V. encoger os hombros. 
Shudder, v. estremecerse. 
Shun, II. evitar. 
Shut, V. cerrar. 
Shy, a. timido. 
Sick, a. enfermo. 
Sickening, a. asqueroso. 
Sickness, i. enfermedad, /. 
Side, a. lateral — s. costado: 

partido, m. 
Sideways, ad. de lado. 
Siege, 5. asedio, m. 
Sieve, s. criba, /. 
Sigh, X. suspiro, m. — v. suspirar. 
Sight, 5. ver, ni. 
Sightless, a. ciego. 
Sightseer, s. curioso, m. 
Sign, s. indicio, w. 
Signal, s. senal: aviso, m. 
Signboard, j. muestra, /. 
Signpost, X. poste de senales, m. 
Silence, s. silencio: sosiego, m. 

— V. hacer callar. 
Silk,5. seda,/. 

Silver, s. plata, /. — v. platear. 
Similar, a. simil. 
Simple, a. simple. 
Sin, s. pecado, m. — v. pecar. 
Since, ad. desde entonces — 

prep, desde. 
Sing, V. cantar. 
Singer, x. cantor, m.: cantora,/. 
Single, a. solo. 
Sink, s. vertedero: albanal, m. — 

V. hundir: echar a pique. 
Siphon, 5. sif6n, m. 
Sir, 5. senor, m. 
Sister, x. hermana, /. 
Sit, V. sentarse. 
Six, a. seis — x. seis, m. 
Size, X. tamafio, m. 
Skate, V. patinar — x. patln, m. 
Skim, V. descremar. 
Skin, X. cutis, m.: piel, j£. 
Skipping, X. salto, m. 
Skirt, s. falda, m. 
Skull, X. craneo, m. 
Sky, X. cielo, m. 
Slack, a. flojo. 
Slander, x. calumnia, /. 
Slate, X. pizarra, /. 
Slaughter, v. matar. 
Slave, X. esclavo, m. 

Sleep, V. dormir. 
Sleet, s. aguanicv c, /. 
Sleeve, s. manga, /. 
Sleigh, *. trinco, m. 
Sleight, s. mafia./. 
Slender, a. esbelto: escaso. 
Slice, X. rebanada, /. — t. re- 

Slide, X. resbaladero, m. — v. 

Slight, X. desprecio, m. — v. 

Slim, a. sutil. 
Slime, X. lodo, m. 
Slip, X. error: vastago, tn. — v. 

Slipper, X. chinela, /. 
Slit, X. raja, /. — v. rajar. 
Sloe, X. endrino, nt. 
Slot, X. muesca, /. 
Slug, X. babosa, /. 
Sly, a. socarron. 
Small, a. pequeno: chico: 

menudo: menor. 
Smallpox, X. viruelas, /. pi. 
Smart, a. agudo: vivo. 
Smartness, x. agudeza, /. 
Smash, j. fracaso, m. — v. 

Smear, s. mancha, /. — v. 

Smell, X. olor, m. — v. oler. 
Smelling-salts, x. frasco de 

sales, ni. 
Smile, X. sonrisa, /. — v. son- 

Smoke, x. humo, m. — v. 

ahumar: fumar tabaco. 
Smoker, x. fumador, m. 
Smoking, x. fumigacion, /. 
Smoking-room, x. fumadero, 

Smooth, a. liso. 
Smother, v. sufocar. 
Smuggle, 7;. hacer contrabando. 
Smuggler, x. contrabandista, m. 
Snail, X. carecol, m. 
Snake, x. culebra, /. 
Snare, v. enredar. 
Snarl, v. grunir. 
Snatch, v. arrebatar. 
Sneeze, v. estornudar. 
Sniff, V. husniear. 
Snob, X. fachendon, tn. 
Snore, s. ronquido, tn. — i;. 

Snout, X. hocico, m. 

Snow I 

Snow, s. nieve, /. — v. nevar. 
Sno^vball, s. bola de nieve, /. 
Snowdrop, s. campanilla blan- 

ca, /. 
Snowstorm, s. nevada, /. 
Snowy, a. nevoso. 
Snub, s. reprimenda, /. 
Snuff, 5. rape, m. 
Snug, a. comodo. 
So, ad. asi: tal: de mode que. 
Soak, V. remojar. 
Soap, s. jabon, m. — v. jabonar. 
Soapy, a. jabonoso. 
Soar, V. remontarse. 
Sob, s. sollozo, rn. — v. soUozar. 
Sober, a. sobrio. 
Sobriety, 5. sobriedad, /. 
Social, a. social. 
Society, s. sociedad: asocia- 

cion, /. 
Sock, s. calcetin, m.: reja, /. 
Socket, 5. canon, m. 
Sod, s. turba, /. 
Soda-water, s. agua de seltz, /. 
Soft, a. blando: tierno. 
Soften, V. suavizar: ablandar. 
Softness, s. blandura, /. 
Soil, s. tierra: mancha, /. — v. 

Soldier, s. soldado: militar, m. 
Sole, a. unico — s. planta, /.: 

lenguado, m. — v. solar. 
Solemn, a. solemne. 
Solicit, V. solicitar. 
Solicitor, s. procurador, m. 
Solid, a. s61ido: firme. 
Solidify, v. solidificar. 
Solution, 5. solucion, /. 
Sombre, a. sombrio: oscuro. 
Some, a. algo de: un poco: 

algiin, alguno: alguna: unos: 

pocos: ciertos. 
Somebody, s. alguien, m. & f. 
Somehow, ad. de algiin modo. 
Something, s. algo, m. 
Sometimes, ad. algunas veces. 
Somewhat, s. algo, m. 
Somewhere, ad. en alguna 

Son, 5. hijo, m. 
Son-in-law, s. yerno, m. 
Song, s. cancion, /. 
Soon, ad. presto: pronto. 
Sooner, ad. mas pronto. 
Soot, s. hoUin, m. 
Soothe, V. ablandar. 
Sorcerer, 5. hechicero: sortl- 

lego, m. 

66 Spice 

Sorcery, s. hechiceria: magia, 

/.: encanto, m. 
Sordid, a. sordido: mug- 

riento: bajo. 
Sore, a. doloroso — x. llaga, /. 
Soreness, 5. llaga, /. 
Sorrow, s. afliccion, /.: dolor, 

7n. — V. afligirse. 
Sorry, a. triste. 
Soul, 5. alma, /. 
Sound, a. sano: entero: puro: 

firme — v. sondar: tocar — s. 

sonda: tienta, /. 
Soup, 5. potaje, m.: sopa, /. 
Soup tureen, s. sopera, /. 
Sour, a. acido: agrio. 
South, s. mediodia: sud, m. 
Sovereign, s. soberano, m. 
Sow, s. puerca, /. 
So'w, t'. sembrar. 
Space, s. espacio, m. 
Spade, s. azada, /. 
Span, 5. palmo, m. — v. medir a 

Spaniel, s. podenco, m. 
Spanner, s. Have de pasador, /. 
Sparing, a. economico. 
Spark, 5. chispa, /. 
Sparrow, s. gorrion, m. 
Sparse, a. esparcido. 
Spasm, s. espasmo, /. 
Spawning, 5. desove, m. 
Speak, V. hablar. 
Speaker, 5. orador, m. 
Speaking, a. expresivo. 
Spear, s. lanza, /. — v. alanzear. 
Special, a. especial. 
Specially, ad. sobre todo. 
Specimen, s. especimen, m. 
Specious, a. especioso. 
Speckle, s. mota,/. — v. motear. 
Spectacles, s. anteojos, m. pi. 
Spectator, s. espectador, m. 
Spectre, x. espectro, m. 
Speculate, v. especular. 
Speculation, 5. especulaci6n, /. 
Speechless, a. mudo. 
Speed, s. velocidad: rapidez, /. 

— V. despachar. 
Speedy, a. rapidb. 
Spell, s. hechizo, m. — v. dele- 

Spelling, s. deletreo, m. 
Spend, V. gastar. 
Spendthrift, s. prodigo, m. 
Spent, a. agotado. 
Sphere, s. globo, m. 
Spice, s. especia,/. — v. especiar. 


Spider, s. arafia, /. 

Spider's web, s. telaraiia, /. 

Spill, V. derramar. 

Spin, V. hilar. 

Spinach, 5. espinaca, /. 

Spine, s. espina, /. 

Spinster, s. soltera, /. 

Spiral, s. espira, /. 

Spire, s. flecha, /. 

Spirit, s. espiritu, m.: fantasma, 

/.: alcohol, w. 
Spiritless, a. abatido. 
Spiritual, a. espiritual. 
Spit, V. escupir. 
Spite, s. despecho, m. — v. 

Spiteful, a. malevolo. 
Splash, s. salpicadura, /. — v. 

Splendid, a. espl^ndido. 
Splendour, s. esplendor, m. 
Splint, 5. tablilla, /. 
Splinter, 5. esquirla, /. 
Split, s. raja, /. — v. rajar. 
Spoil, s. despojo, m. — v. des- 

Spoke, X. rayo, m. 
Sponge, s. eponje, /. 
Spontaneous, a. espontaneo. 
Spool, J. canilla, /. 
Spoon, s. cuchara, /. 
Spoonful, s. cucharada, /. 
Sport, s. juego, m. 
Sportsman, 5. cazador, m. 
Spot, s. tacha, /.: lugar, m. — v. 

Spotless, a. inmaculado. 
Spouse, s. esposo, m.: esposa,/. 
Spout, 5. tubo, m. 
Sprain, s. dislocacion, /. 
Sprat, s. meleta, /. 
Spray, s. espuma, /. 
Spread, s. extension, /. — v. 

tender: desplegar. 
Spring, s. primavera, /.: man- 

antial: salto, m. — v. manar: 

Sprinkle, s. riego, m. — v. rociar. 
Sprinkling, s. rociamiento, m. 
Sprout, s. renuevo, m. — t;. 

Spry, a. despierto. 
Spurious, a. espurio. 
Spurn, V. despreciar. 
Spurt, V. brotar. 
Sputter, V. tartajear. 
Spy, s. espia, m. — v. espiar. 

167 Stationary 

Squabble, s. disputa, /. — v. 

Squalid, a. puerco: mugriento. 
Squally, a. chubascoso. 
Squalor, s. mugre, m. 
Squander, v. disipar. 
Square, a. cuadrado — s. cua- 

dro, m. 
Squeeze, s. estruj6n, m. — v. 

Squint, s. estrabismo, m. — v. 

Squirrel, x. ardilla, /. 
Squirt, s. jeringa, /. — v. jerin- 

Stab, X. punalada,/. — v. apuna- 

Stable, a. estable — s. establo.m. 
Stag, X. ciervo: venado, m. 
Stage, X. tablado, m. 
Stagger, v. asombrar. 
Stagnant, a. estancado. 
Stain, X. mancha, /. 
Stainless, a. inmaculado. 
Stair, X. escalon, m. 

Upstairs, arriba. 

Downstairs, abajo. 
Stale, a. anejo. 
Stalk, X. tallo, m. 
Stallion, x. caballo padre, m. 
Stalwart, a. robusto. 
Stammer, v. tartamudear. 
Stammering, a. tartamudo. 
Stamp, X. estampa, /.: sello, m. 

— V. patear: estampar: sellar. 
Stampede, x. panico, m. 
Stand, X. puesto, m.: parada, /. 

— V. sufrir. 
Standard, x. estandarte, tn. 
Standstill, x. pausa, /. 
Star, X. estrella, /. 
Starch, x. almidon, m. — v. 

Staring, a. evidente. 
Stark, a. rigido. 
Starling, x. estornino, m. 
Start, X. sobresalto, m. — v. 

Starting, x. salida, /. 
Startle, v. asustar. 
Starvation, x. muerte de 

hambre, /. 
Starve, v. matar de hambre. 
State, X. estado, m. 
Stately, a. augusto. 
Statesman, x. estadista, m. 
Station, x. estacidn: posici6n,/. 

— V. apostar. 
Stationary, a. estacionario. 




Stationer, x. librero, m. 
Stationery, 5. papeleria, /. 
Statuary, x. estatuaria, /. 
Stay, V. parar: quedarse: tardar. 
Steady, a. firme. 
Steak, X. tajada, /. 

Beefsteak, biftec. 
Steal, V. hurtar: robar. 
Stealtti, s. cautela,/.: recato, m. 
Steam, x. vapor, m. 
Steel, X. acero, m. 
Steep, a. escarpado. 
Steer, v. gobernar: conducir. 
Stem, s. tallo, m. 
Step, 1;. dar un pass — x. paso, m. 
Stepfather, x. padrastro, m. 
Stepmother, x. madrastra, /. 
Stern, a. austero — x. popa, /. 
Stew, V. estofar — x. estofado, m. 
Steward, s. administrador: 

camarero, m. 
Stick, V. pegar — x. palo: bast6n 

(vvalking-s.). fn. 
Sticking plaster — s. tafetan 

ingles, m. 
Stiff, a. rigido: tieso. 
Still, a. silencioso: tranquillo — 

ad. todavia. 
Sting, V. picar — x. punzada, /. 
Stir, V. agitar. 
Stitch, X. puntada, /. — v. dar 

Stock, s. aleli: tronco, 7w.: caja, 

/. — V. vender. 
Stocking, X. media, /. 
Stomach, x. estomago, m. 
Stone, X. piedra, /. 
Stoop, V. bajarse: encorvarse. 
Stop, V. parar: empastar: sus- 
pender — X. punto, m.: parada: 

pausa, /. 
Store, V. almacenar — s. tienda,/. 
Stork, X. cigiiena, /. 
Storm, X. tempestad, /. 
Story, X. cuento, m.: fabula, /. 
Stove, X. estufa, /. 
Straggle, v. extraviarse. 
Straggler, x. rezagado, m. 
Straight, a. derecho: recto — 

ad. luego. 
Straightforward, a. franco. 
Straightway, ad. al instante. 
Strain, x.: tension, /.: aire, m. 
Strait, a. estrecho — s. em- 

barazo, m. 
Strange, a. extranjero: mara- 

Stranger, x. extranjero, m. 
Strangle, t;. estrangular. 

Strap, X. correa, /. 

Straw, s. paja, /. 

Strawberry, x. fresa, /. 

Stray, a. descarriado. 

Streak, x. lista, /. 

Stream, x. corriente, /. — v. 

Streamer, x. flamula, /. 
Street, x. calle, /. 
Strength, x. firmeza: solidez, /. 
Strengthen, v. fortificar. 
Strenuous, a. ardiente. 
Stretch, x. extension, /. — v. 

Stretcher, x. Camilla, f. 
Strict, a. rigoroso: severo. 
Stride, x. zancada, /. 
Strident, a. aspero. 
Strife, X. contienda, /. 
Strike, x. huelga, /. — v. herir: 

Striker, x. golpeador, m. 
String, X. cordel: bramante, m. 
Stringency, x. severidad, /. 
Stringent, a. estricto. 
Strip, X. tira, /. — v. desnudar. 
Stripe, X. lista, /. — v. rayar. 
Strive, v. luchar. 
Stroke, x. golpe, m. — v. acari- 

Stroll, X. paseo, m. — v. vagar. 
Strong, a. fuerte. 
Strop, X. asentador, ?n. 
Structure, x. estructura, /. 
Struggle, x. lucha,/. — v. luchar. 
Strychnine, x. estricnina, /. 
Stubborn, a. refractario. 
Stud, X. bot6n, m.: yeguada, /. 
Student, x. estudiante, m. 
Studio, X. estudio, ni. 
Studious, a. estudioso. 
Study, X. estudio, m. — t;. 

Stumble, v. tropezar. 
Stumbling, a. tropezon. 
Stun, V. aturdir. 
Stupefaction, x. estupor, m. 
Stupefy, V. atontar. 
Stupendous, a. estupendo. 
Stupid, a. estupido. 
Sturdiness, x. fuerza, /. 
Sturdy, a. fuerte. 
Sty, X. orzuelo, m. 
Stylish, a. de moda. 
Suave, a. suave. 
Subdue, V. sujetar. 
Subject, X. materia, /. — V. 

Submarine, a. submarino. 

Submerge i 

Submerge, v. submergir. 
Subscribe, i;. subscribir: abon- 

Subscriber, 5. abonado, m. 
Subscription, s. subscrip- 

ci6n, /. 
Subsequent, a. subsiguiente. 
Subsequently, ad. despues. 
Subservient, a. subordinado. 
Subside, v. sumergirse: cal- 

Subsidize, v. dar subsidies. 
Subsidy, 5. subvencion, /. 
Subsist, V. subsistir. 
Substance, s. substancia, /. 
Substitute, v. sustituir. 
Subterfuge, s. subterfugio, m. 
Subterranean, a. subterraneo. 
Subtle, a. astuto. 
Subtract, v. substraer. 
Suburb, s. suburbio, m. 
Suburban, a. suburbano. 
Subway, x. pasaje subterraneo, 

Succeed, v. suceder a. 
Success, X. suceso, m. 
Successful, a. prospero. 
Successive, a. sucesivo. 
Sudden, a. subito. 
Sue, V. demandar: suplicar. 
Suet, 5. sebo, m. 
Suffocate, v. sufocar. 
Sugar, s. aziicar, m. 
Suicide, x. suicidio, m. 
Sullen, a. sombrio. 
Summer, s. verano, m. 
Sun, s. sol, m. 
Sunday, x. domingo, m. 
Sunriower, 5. girasol, m. 
Sunlight, s. luz del sol, /. 
Sunrise, x. el salir del sol, m. 
Sunstroke, s. insolaci6n, /. 
Superb, a. soberbio. 
Supper, s. cena, /. 
Supplement, s. suplemento, m 
Suppress, v. suprimir. 
Supremacy, x. supremacia, /. 
Supreme, a. supremo. 
Surcharge, x. sobrecarga, /. — 

V. sobrecargar. 
Sure, a. seguro: cierto. 
Surely, ad. sin duda. 
Surface, x. sobrefaz, /. 
Surfeit, x. hartura,/. — v. hartar. 
Surgeon, s. cirujano, m. 
Surgery, x. cirujia, /. 
Surliness, x. mal humor, m. 
Surmountable, a. superable. 
Surname, x. apellido, m. 

69 Tantalize 

Surpass, v. sobresalir. 
Surplus, X. exceso, m. 
Surprise, x. sorpresa, /. — v. 

Surrender, v. ceder. 
Surround, v. cercar: circundar. 
Surtax, X. sobrecarga, /. 
Survey, x. inspeccion, /. 
Suspect, a. sospccho. 
Suspend, v. suspender. 
Swallow, X. golondrina. 
Swan, X. cisne, m. 
Swear, v. jurar. 
Sweat, X. sudor, m. 
Sweep, X. curso, m. 
Sweet, a. dulce. 
Sweeten, v. endulzar. 
Sweetheart, x. amante, m. 
Sweetmeat, x. dulce, rn. 
Swift, a. rapido: veloz. 
Swim, V. nadar. 
Swimmer, x. nadador, m. 
Swindle, v. estafar — x. estafa,/. 
Swindler, x. estafador, m. 
Sword, X. sable, /. 
Symptom, x. sintoma, m. 
Syringe, 5. jeringa, /. — v. 

Syrup, X. jarabe, m. 

Table, x. tabla, /. 
Tablespoon, x. cuchara de 

mesa, /. 
Tablet, x. tableta: pastilla, /. 
Tacit, a. tacito. 
Taciturn, a. taciturno. 
Tack, X. puntada, /. — v. clavar. 
Tact, s. tacto, m. 
Tadpole, x. renaeuajo, m. 
Tail, X. cola: rabo, /. 
Tailor, x. sastre, m. 
Taint, x. infeccion, /. 
Take, v. prender: aceptar — v. 

salir bien. 
Talent, x. talento, m. 
Talk, X. charla,/. — r. conversar. 
Talkative, a. locuaz. 
Tall, a. alto: grande. 
Tallow, X. sebo, m. 
Tame, a. domesticado: d6cil — 

V. desbravar. 
Tan, X. casca, /. 
Tangle, x. enredo, m. — v. en- 

Tank, x. cistema, /. 
Tankard, x. tanque, m. 
Tantalize, v. atormentar. 

Tap I 

Tap, V. llamar: horadar — s. 
espita: palmada, /.: golpecito: 
grifo, m. 
Tape, s. cinta, /. 
Taper, s. cirlo, m. 
Tapestry, x. tapiz, m. 
Tar, s. alquitran, m. 
Tardy, a. tardio. 
Target, 5. tarja, /. 
Tariff, s. tarifa, /. 
Tarnish, v. deslustrar. 
Tarpaulin, s. encerado, m. 
Tart, a. acedo — s. tarta, /. 
Tassel, 5. borla, /. 
Taste, s. gusto, m. — v. gustar. 
Tasteless, a. soso. 
Tasty, a. gustoso. 
Tattooing, s. picadura del 

cutis, /. 
Taunt, s. mofa, /. 
Tavern, s. taberna, /. 
Tavern-keeper, s. tabernero, 

Tawdry, a. charro. 
Tax, s. impuesto, m.: contri- 

bucion, /. 
Taxation, s. impuesto, m. 
Taxpayer, 5. contribuyente, ni. 
Tea, s. te, m. 

Teach, v. enseiiar: instruir. 
Teak, s. teca, /. 
Tear, s. llanto, m. 
Tear, 5. raja, /. — v. rasgunar. 
Tease, v. molestar. 
Teasel, s. cardencha, /. 
Tedious, a. tedioso. 
Teethe, v. endentecer, /. 
Teetotal, a. sobrio. 
Telegram, s. telegrama, m. 
Telegraph, 5. telegrafo, m. 
Telephone, s. telefono, m. — v. 

Tell, V. decir: contar. 
Temerity, s. temeridad. 
Temper, s. temple: humor, m. 
Temperament, 5. tempera- 

mento, m. 
Temperance, s. sobriedad, /. 
Temperate, a. templado. 
Temperature, s. tempera- 

tura, /. 
Tempest, s. tempestad, /. 
Tempestuous, a. tempestuoso. 
Temple, s. templo, m. 
Tempt, V. tentar. 
Temptation, s. tentacion, /. 
Ten, a. diez — s. diez, m. 
Tenacious, a. tenaz. 
Tenancy, s. tenencia, /. 

70 Thirty 

Tenant, 5. arrendatario, m. 
Tench, 5. tenca, /. 
Tend, v. guardar: cuidar. 
Tenement, 5. habitacion, /. 
Tennis, 5. tenis, m. 
Tense, a. tenso. 
Tent, s. tienda, /. 
Term, s. termino, m. 
Terminate, v. terminar. 
Termination, s. terminaci6n,/. 
Terminus, x. ultima estacion,/. 
Terrace, s. terrado, m. 
Terrible, a. terrible. 
Terrify, v. aterrar. 
Territory, x. territorio, m. 
Terrorize, v. aterrorizar. 
Test, X. ensayo, wz. 
Testament, x. testamento, m. 
Testify, v. testificar. 
Textile, a. textil. 
Than, c. que: de. 
Thank, v. agradecer. 
Thanks, x.: gracias, /. pi. 
That, pn. aquel: ese: el que. 
Thaw, X. deshielo, m. 
The, art. el: la: lo: los: las. 
Theatre, x. teatro, ?n. 
Thee, pn. te. 
Theft, X. robo, m. 
Their, pn. su: suyo: suya: de 

ellos: de ellas. 
Them, pn. los: las: les: ellos: 

Themselves, pn. pi. ellos 

mismos: si mismos. 
Then, ad. entonces. 
Thence, ad. desde alii. 
There, ad. alii: alia: ahi. 
Thereabout, ad. por alii. 
Thereafter, ad. despues. 
Therefore, ad. & c. por esto. 
Thereupon, ad. al instante. 
Thermometer, s. termometro, 

They, pn. pi. ellos: ellas. 
Thick, a. espeso. 
Thicken, v. espesar. 
Thickness, x. espesor, m. 
Thief, X. Iadr6n, m. 
Thieve, v. hurtar: robar. 
Thigh, X. muslo, m. 
Thimble, x. dedal, m. 
Thin, a. delgado. 
Thing, X. cosa, /. 
Think, v. pensar: imaginar. 
Thirst, X. sed, /. — v. tener sed. 
Thirsty, a. sediento. 
Thirteen, a. trece. 
Thirty, a. treinta. 

This I 

This, pn. 6ste: ^sta: esto: 

a. este: esta. 
Thistle, s. cardo, m. 
Thither, ad. alia. 
Thorn, s. espino, m. 
Thorough, a. cabal. 
Thou, pn. tu. 

Though, c. aunque: sin em- 
Thought, s. pensamiento, m. 
Thoughtful, a. pcnsativo. 
Thoughtless, a. descuidado. 
Thousand, a. & s. mil, m. 
Thrash, v. batir. 
Thread, s. filamento, m. 
Threat, s. amenaza, /. 
Three, a. & s. tres, m. 
Thrift, 5. frugalidad, /. 
Thrifty, a. economico. 
Thrive, v. prosperar. 
Throat, s. garganta, /. 
Throne, s. trono, m. 
Throttle, 5. gollete, m. 
Through, pr. per: con: por 

medio de. 
Throughout, ad. por todo. 
Thrush, ^. tordo: zorzal, m.: 

afta, /. 
Thumb, s. pulgar, nu 
Thumping, a. grueso. 
Thunder, s. trueno, m. — v. 

Thunderstorm, 5. tronada, /. 
Thursday, s. jueves, m. 
Thus, ad. asi: de este modo. 
Thy, pn. tu: tus. 
Ticking, x. terliz, m. 
Ticket, 5. billete: rotulo, m. 
Ticket office, s. despacho de 

billetes, ni. 
Tickle, V. hacer cosquillas. 
Ticklish, a. cosquilloso. 
Tide, s. marea, /. 
Tidiness, s. aseo, m. 
Tie, s. corbata, /. — v. liar: atar: 

Tiger, s. tigre, m. 
Tight, a. estrecho. 
Tigress, s. tigra, /. 
Tile, s. teja — v. tejar. 
Till, c. & pr. hasta — $. gaveta, 

/. — V. cultivar. 
Timber, s. maderaje, m. 
Timber-merchant, s. mader- 

ero, m. 
Time, s. tiempo, m. 
Timely, a. temprano. 
Timepiece, s. reloj, m. 
Time-table, s. itinerario, m. 

71 Torpedo 

Timid, a. timido. 
Timidity, s. timidez, /. 
Timorous, a. temeroso. 
Tin, s. estaiio, m. 
Tinfoil, s. hoja de estaiio, /. 
Tincture, s. tintura, /. 
Tingle, v. retiiiir. 
Tiny, a. pequeno. 
Tip, V. dar propina — s. pro- 

pina, /. 
Tipsy, a. embriagado. 
Tire, j. llanta, /. (de rueda) — 

V. cansar. 
Tiresome, a. tedioso. 
Tithe, s. diezmo, m. 
Title, y. titulo, m. 
Titmouse, s. paro, m. 
To, prep, a: con: de: en: hasta: 

Toad, s. sapo, m. 
Toadstool, 5. hongovejin, m. 
Toast, s. tostada, /. — v. tostar. 
Tobacco, s. tabaco, m. 
Tobacconist, 5. tabaquero, m. 
Tobacco-pipe, 5. pipa, /. 
Tobacco-pouch, s. petaca, /. 
To-day, ad. hoy. 
Toe, X. dedo del pie, m. 
Together, ad. juntamente. 
Toil, s. trabajo, m. — v. trabajar: 

Toiler, s. trabajador, m. 
Toilet, 5. tocado: retrete, nt. 
Token, s. serial, m. 
Tolerance, 5. tolerancia, /. 
Tolerate, v. tolerar. 
Toll, s. portazgo, m. 
Toll-gate, s. barreradepeaje,/. 
Tomato, 5. tomate, m. 
Tomb, 5. tumba, /. 
Tombstone, s. piedra sepul- 

cral, /. 
To-morrow, s. manana, /. 
Tongs, 5. tenazas, /. pi. 
Tongue, s. lengua, /. 
Tonic, s. tonico, m. 
To-night, ad. esta noche. 
Tonsil, s. amigdala, /. 
Too, ad. tambien: demasiado. 
Tool, s. herramienta, /. 
Tooth, s. diente, m. 
Toothache, s. dolor de muelas, 

Toothbrush, s. cepillo de 

dientes, m. 
Tooth-powder, s. polvo denti- 

frico, m. 
Torment, s. tormento, m. 
Torpedo, s. torpedo, m. 



Torrent, s. torrente, m. 
Tortoise, s. tortuga, /. 
Touch, V. tocar. 
Tough, a. correso: duro. 
Tour, 5. excursi6n, /. 
Tourist, X. turista, m. 
Towards, prep, hacia. 
Towel, 5. pane de manos, nt.: 

toalla, /. 
Town, 5. ciudad: villa, /. 
Toy, X. juguete, m. 
Toyshop, X. jugueteria, /. 
Trade, s. comercio, m. 
Tradesman, s. tendero, m. 
Traffic, s. trafico, m. 
Train, s. tren, m. 
Traitor, s. traidor, m. 
Tramcar, s. carruaje de tran- 

via, m. 
Tramp, s. vagabundo, m. 
Tramway, s. tranvia, /. 
Tranquil, a. tranquilo. 
Transfer, t;. transferir. 
Transit, x. transito, m. 
Translate, v. traducir. 
Transmit, v. transmitir. 
Transparent, a. transparente. 
Transport, x. rapto, m. 
Trap, X. trampa, /. — v. atrapar. 
Travel, v. viajar. 
Traveller, x. viajero, m. 
Tray, x. bandeja, /.: azafate, m. 
Treacle, x. meladura, /. 
Tread, v. pisar — x. paso: es- 

calon, m. 
Treason, x. traici6n, /. 
Treasure, x. tesoro, m. 
Tree, x. arbol, w. 
Trefoil, x. trebol, m. 
Trellis, x. enrejado, m. 
Tremble, v. temblar. 
Trembling, a. tembloso. 
Tremendous, a. tremendo. 
Tremulous, a. tremulo. 
Trench, x. zanja,/. — v. atrinch- 

erar: zanjar. 
Trend, x. tendencia, /. 
Trespass, x. traspaso, m. — v. 

Trespasser, x. trasgresor, m. 
Trestle, x. caballete, m. 
Trial, x. prueba, /. juicio, nt. 
Triangle, x. triangulo, m. 
Tribe, x. tribu, m. 
Tribunal, x. tribunal, nt. 
Tribune, s. tribuno, m. 
Trick, X. engano, w(. 
Trickery, x. fullerla, /. 
Trickle, v. escurrir. 

Tricolour, a. tricolor. 
Tricycle, x. triciclo, m. 
Trifle, x. bagatela, /. _ 
Trimming, x. guarnicion, /. 
Trinket, x. joya: buljeria,/. 
Trip, s. zancadilla, /.: resbal6n, 

m.: excursi6n, /. — v. derribar. 
Tripe, x. tripa, /. 
Tripod, X. tripode, m. 
Tripper, s. viajero, m. 
Triumph, s. triunfo, nt. — v. 

Triumphant, a. triunfante. 
Trivial, a. trivial. 
Trolley, x. carretilla, /. 
Trouble, x. molestia, /. — v. 

perturbar: molestar. 
Troublesome, a. molesto. 
Trough, X. artesa, /.: pilon, m. 
Trousers, x. calzones, m. pi. 
Trousseau, x. ajuar, m. 
Trout, X. trucha, /. 
Trowel, x. trulla: liana, /. 
Truant, x. haragan, m. 
Truce, x. tregua, /. 
Truck, X. carreton, m. 
Truculent, a. truculento. 
True, a. verdadero. 
Truly, ad. en verdad. 
Trump X. triunfo (cards), m. 
Trumpet, x. trompeta, /. 
Trunk, x. tronco (human and 

tree) nt.: haul (bag), m.: 

trompa (elephant), /. 
Truss, X. haz, rn. — v. ligar. 
Trustful, a. confiado. 
Trustworthy, a. fidedigno. 
Trusty, a. leal. 
Truth, X. verdad, /. 
Truthful, a. verdadero. 
Try, V. probar: tentar. 
Trying, a. dificil. 
Tub, X. barril: cube, m. 
Tube, X. canon, m. 
Tuberculosis, x. tuberculiza- 

ci6n, /. 
Tuesday, x. martes, m. 
Tuft, X. penacho: copete, ni. 
Tug, X. tirada, /.: remolcador, 

m. — V. tirar. 
Tulip, X. tulipan, m. 
Tumble, v. volcar. 
Tumour, x. tumor, m. 
Tumult, X. tumulto, m. 
Tune, X. aria, /. — v. acordar. 
Tuneful, a. melodioso. 
Tunnel, s. tiinel, m. 
Turbid, a. turbio. 
Turbot, X. rodaballo, m. 




Turbulent, a. turbulente. 

Tureen, i. sopera, /. 

Turf, s. cesped, /. 

Turkey, x. pavo, m. 

Turkish bath, s. bano turco, m. 

Turmoil, 5. tumulto, m. 

Turn, %. rodeo: turno, m. — v. 

volver: tornar. 
Turning, x. vuelta, /. 
Turnip, s. nabo, m. 
Turnpike, s. molinete, m. 
Turpentine, x. trementina, /. 
Turqoise, s. turquesa, /. 
Turtle, s. tortuga, /. 
Tweezers, s. pinzas, /. pi. 
Twelve, a. doce: en dozavo. 
Twenty, a. veinte. 
Twice, ad. dos veces. 
Twig, 5. vareta, /. 
Twilight, 5. crepiisculo, m. 
Twin, 5. gemelo, m. 
Twine, s. bramante, m. — v. 

Twinkle, s. centelleo, m. 
Twist, s. torzal, m. — v. torcer. 
Two, a. dos. 

Two-hundred, a. doscientos. 
Typewriter, 5. maquina de 

escribir, /. 
Typhoid fever, 5. tifoideo, m. 
Typhoon, s. tifon, m. 
Tyrant, s. tirano, m. 


Ubiquitous, a. ubicuo. 

Udder, x. ubre, /. 

Ugliness, x. fealdad, /. 

Ugly, a. disforme. 

Ulcer, X. ulcera, /. 

Ultimate, a. ultimo. 

Ultramarine, a. ultramarino 
— X. ultramar, m. 

Umbrella, x. paraguas, m. 
— stand, X. portaparaguas, m. 

Umpire, x. arbitro, m. — v. 

Unabashed, a. insolente. 

Unabated, a. completo. 

Unable, a. incapaz. 

Unaccompanied, a. solo. 

Unaccountable, a. inexplic- 

Unaccustomed, a. desuado. 

Unadorned, a. sin adorno. 

Unaffected, a. natural. 

Unaided, a. sin ayuda. 

Unalloyed, a. puro. 

Unalterable, a inalterable. 

Unamiable, a. desagradable. 

Unanimous, a. unanime. 

Unarmed, a. inerme. 

Unassailable, a. inatacable. 

Unassuming, a. modesto. 

Unattainable, a. inasequible. 

Unattended, a. solo. 

Unavailing, a. infructuoso. 

Unavoidable, a. inevitable. 

Unaware, a. inadvertido. 

Unbearable, a. intolerable. 

Unbecoming, a. impropio. 

Unbiassed, a. imparcial. 

Unbleached, a. crudo. 

Unblushing, a. desvergonzado. 

Unburden, v. descargar. 

Unbutton, v. desabotonar. 

Uncalled for, a. gratuito. 

Unceasing, a. incesante. 

Uncertain, a. incierto. 

Uncharitable, a. desapiadado. 

Uncivil, a. descortes. 

Unclad, a. desnudo. 

Uncle, X. tio. 

Unclean, a. impure. 

Uncoloured, a. incoloro. 

Uncomfortable, a. incomodo. 

Uncommon, a. raro. 

Uncomplaining, a. contento. 

Unconcern, x. indiferencia, /. 

Uncongenial, a. incompatible. 

Unconquerable, a. invencible. 

Unconscious, a. inconsciente. 

Uncontrollable, a. inmanej- 

Uncork, v. destapar. 

Uncouple, v. desengranar. 

Uncouth, a. rudo. 

Uncover, v. descubrir. 

Uncultivated, a. inculto. 

Undaunted, a. intrepido. 

Undeceive, v. desengafiar. 

Undecided, a. indeciso. 

Undeniable, a. innegable. 

Under, pr. cif ad. debajo: soto: 
menos que: inferior a. 

Underdone, a. poco cocido. 

Undergo, v. sufrir. 

Underground, a. subterraneo. 

Underhand, a. clandestine. 

Underneath, ad. & pr. de- 
bajo: por debajo. 

Underrate, v. desapreciar. 

Understand, v. entender. 

Undertake, t'. emprender. 

Undertaker, s. comisario de 
entierros, m. 

Underwear i 

Underwear, s. vestidos in- 

teriores, m. pi. 
Underwriter, s. asegurador, m. 
Undesirable, a. no deseable. 
Undignified, a. indigno. 
Unemployed, a. desocupado. 
Unending, a. eterno. 
Unendurable, a. insoportable. 
Unenjoyable, a. enfadoso. 
Unenlightened, a. ignorante. 
Unequal, a. desigual. 
Unerring, a. inf alible. 
Uneven, a. desigual. 
Unexpected, a. inopinado. 
Unfailing, a. inf alible. 
Unfair, a. injusto. 
Unfaithful, a. perfido. 
Unfamiliar, a. desacostum- 

Unfasten, v. desatar. 
Unfavourable, a. desfavorable. 
Unfinished, a. incomplete. 
Unfit, a. incapaz. 
Unforeseen, a. imprevisto. 
Unforgiving, a. implacable. 
Unforgotten, a. memorable. 
Unfortunate, a. desafortunado: 

Unfriendly, a. hostil. 
Unfulfilled, a. no cumplido. 
Unfurnished, a. desamueblado. 
Ungainly, a. zafio. 
Ungallant, a. nistico. 
Ungentlemanly, a. descort^s. 
Ungovernable, a. ingobern- 

Ungraceful, a. desgarbado. 
Ungracious, a. descortes. 
Ungrateful, a. ingrato. 
Unguarded, a. incauto. 
Unhappy, a. infeliz. 
Unhealthy, a. insalubre. 
Unhesitating, a. determinado. 
Unhurt, a. ileso. 
Unicorn, s. unicornio, m. 
Uniform, a. uniforme. 
Unimpaired, a. intacto. 
Unimportant, a. insignificante. 
Uninjured, a. ileso. 
Unintelligible, a. ininteligible. 
Unintentional, a. involuntario. 
Uninterrupted, a. continuo. 
Unique, a. unico. 
Unite, V. unir. 
Universe, s. universe, m. 
Unjust, a. injusto. 
Unkind, a. cruel. 
Unless, c. si no: a menos que. 
Unlike, a. diferente. 

74 Untrustworthy 

Unlucky, a. desafortunado. 

Unmarried, a. soltero: soltera. 

Unmerciful, a. inhumano. 

Unmerited, a. desmerecido. 

Unmistakable, a. evidente. 

Unmoved, a. impasible. 

Unnatural, a. contranatural. 

Unnecessary, a. innecesario. 

Unneighbourly, a. descort^. 

Unoccupied, a. vacante. 

Unoffending, a. inocente. 

Unpopular, a. malquisto. 

Unpractical, a. sin recurso. 

Unpremeditated, a. inopin- 

Unprepared, a. desprovisto. 

Unprofitable, a. noprovechoso. 

Unpromising, a. que no 

Unprosperous, a. desafortu- 

Unprotected, a. desvalido. 

Unpunctual, a. inexacto. 

Unpunished, a. impune. 

Unqualified, a. sin restricci6n. 

Unquestionable, a. indisput- 

Unreal, a. falso. 

Unreasonable, a. irrazonable. 

Unreliable, a. incierto. 

Unripe, a. inmaturo: verde. 

Unrivalled, a. incomparable. 

Unroll, V. desarroUar. 

Unromantic, a. prosaico. 

Unruffled, a. tranquilo. 

Unruly, a. desenfrenado. 

Unsafe, a. inseguro. 

Unsatisfactory, a. insuficiente. 

Unsavoury, a. soso. 

Unscrew, v. destornillar. 

Unscrupulous, a. no escrupu- 

Unseasonable,.a. intempestivo» 

Unseemly, a. indecente. 

Unselfish, a. desinteresado. 

Unsettle, v. perturbar. 

Unskilful, a. inhabil. 

Unsuccessful, a. infructuoso. 

Unsuitable, a. impropio. 

Unsuspecting, a. no sospech- 

Unthankful, a. ingrato. 

Untidy, a. desarreglado. 

Until, prep, hasta — c. hasta que. 

Unto, prep, a: dentro: en: para. 

Untransferable, a. inajenable. 

Untrue, a. falso. 

Untrustworthy, a. indigno de 

Unusual i 

Unusual, a. inusitado. 

Unveil, v. descubrir. 

Unwashed, a. sucio. 

Unwell, a. indispuesto. 

Unwilling, a. desinclinado. 

Unwise, a. indiscrete. 

Up, a. levantado — s. tierra 
elevada, /. — ad. arriba: en lo 
alro — pron. hacia: hasta. 

Uphold, V. apoyar. 

Upholsterer, 5. tapicero, m. 

Upon, prep, a: encima: por: 

Upper, a. superior: mas elevado. 

Upright, a. recto: juste. 

Upstairs, ad. arriba. 

Urchin, s. rapaz, m. 

Urge, V. incitar. 

Use, 5. uso, m. 

Usual, a. habitual. 

Vacant, a. vacio. 
Vaccinate, v. vacunar. 
Vacuum, s. vacuo, m. 
Vagrant, s. vagabundo, m. 
Vague, a. vago. 
Vain, a. vanidoso. 
Vale, s. valle, m. 
Valentine, s. aleluya, /. 
Valet, s. lacayo, m. 
Valiant, a. v'aliente. 
Valid, a. valido. 
Valise, s. maleta, /. 
Valley, 5. valle, m. 
Valorous, a. valeroso. 
Valour, s. valentia, /. 
Valuable, a. precioso. 
Value, s. valor, m. 
Valve, s. valvula, /. 
Van, s. carro: vagon, m. 
Vanilla, 5. vainilla, /. 
Vanish, v. desaparecer. 
Vanity, x. ostentacion, /. 
Vanquish, v. veneer. 
Vaporous, a. vaporoso. 
Variation, 5. variacion, /, 
Varicose, a. varicose. 
Varied, a. jaspeado. 
Variety, s. variedad, /. 
Varnish, s. barniz, m. — v. 

Vary, v. variar. 
Vase, s. vaso, m. 
Vast, a. vasto. 
Veal, s, temera, /. 
Veer, v. virar. 

75 Violence 

Vegetable, a. vegetal — s. leg- 

umbre, /. 
Vegetation, s. vegetaci6n, /. 
Vehement, a. vehemente. 
Veil, s. velo, m. — v. velar. 
Vein, s. vena, /. 
Velocity, 5. velocidad, /. 
Velvet, 5. terciopelo, m. 
Velveteen, s. pana, /. 
Veneer, s. chapa, /. 
Venerate, v. venerar. 
Vengeance, 5. venganza, /. 
Venison, s. venado, m. 
Venom, s. veneno, m. 
Ventilate, v. ventilar. 
Ventilator, 5. abanico, m. 
Venturesome, a. atrevido. 
Veracity, 5. veracidad, /. 
Verdict, 5. decisi6n: opinion, /. 
Verify, v. verificar. 
Veritable, a. verdadero. 
Vermicelli, s. fideos, m. pi. 
Vermilion, s. bermellon, m. 
Vermin, s. bichos, m. pi. 
Vernal, a. vernal. 
Veronica, 5. veronica, /. 
Versatile, a. versatil. 
Verse, s. verso, m. 
Vertebra, s. vertebra, /. 
Very, ad. mucho: muy: suma- 

Vessel, s. vasija, /.: buque, m. 
Vest, 5. chaleco, m. 
Vestibule, 5. vestibule, m. 
Veteran, a. & s. veterano, m. 
Vex, V. vejar. 
Vexation, s. vejacion, /. 
Viaduct, s. viaducto, m. 
Vibrate, v. vibrar. 
Vicar, 5. vicario, m. 
Vice, 5. vicio, m. 
Vicinity, s. proximidad, /. 
Vicious, a. vicioso. 
Victim, s. victima, /. 
Victor, X. vencedor, m. 
Victuals, s. vitualla, /. pi. 
View, 5. vista, /. 
Vigilance, 5. vigilancia, /. 
Vigorous, a. vigorose. 
Village, 5. aldea, /. 
Villain, s. bellace, ni. 
Villainy, s. villania, /. 
Vindicate, v. vindicar. 
Vindictive, a. vengativo. 
Vine, 5. vid, /. 
Vinegar, s. vinagre, m. 
Vineyard, s. viiia, /. 
Violate, v. violar. 
Violence, s. vielencia, /. 

Violet 176 

Violet, s. violeta, /. 
Violin, s. violin, m. 
Viper, 5. vibora, /. 
Virgin, 5. virgen, /. 
Virile, a. viril. 
Virtue, s. virtud, /. 
Vision, s. vision, /. 
Visit, s. visita, /. — v. visitar. 
Voyage, s. viaje, m. 
Vulgar, a. comiin. 



Wafer, $. oblea, /. 
Wag, V. menear. 
Wage, X. gaje, m. 
Waggon, 5. carro: vagon, ni. 
Waist, s. cintura, /. 
Waistband, x. cinturon, m. 
Waistcoat, s. chaleco, m. 
Wait, V. esperar: servir. 
Waiter, x. mozo: criado, m. 
Waiting-room, s. sala de 

espera, /. 
Wake, s. vigilia, /. — v. velar. 
Walk, s. paso: paseo, m. — v. 

pasear: caminar. 
Walking-stick, 5. bast6n, m. 
Wall, s. muralla, /.: muro, m. 
Wallet, s. mochila, /. 
Wallflower, 5. alell doble, m. 
Walnut, s. nuez, /. 
Waltz, 5. vals, m. — v. valsar. 
Wander, v. errar. 
Wanderer, s. vagamundo, m. 
Want, s. necesidad, /. — v. 

War, 5. guerra, /. 
Warder, 5. guarda, m. 
Wardrobe, s. guardaropa, /. 
Warehouse, s. almacen: de- 

posito, m. 
Warfare, s. guerra, /. 
Warm, a. caliente — 1>. calentar. 
Warmth, s. calor, ;«. 
Warn, v. advertir. 
Warning, x. amonestaci6n, /. 
Warrant, s. autorizacion, /. 
Warranty, $. garantia, /. 
Warrior, s. guerrero, m. 
Wart, 5. verruga, /. 
Wash, 5. lavado, ni. — v. lavar. 
Washerwoman, i. lavandcra,/. 
Washhouse, s. lavadero, m. 
Wasp, X. avispa, /. 
Waste, a. desolado — s. des- 

echo, m. — v. derrochar. 
Wasteful, a. gastoso. 

Watch, s. vela: centinela, /.: 

reloj de bolsillo, m. 
Water, s. agua, /. — v. regar: 

Watercress, s. berros, m. pi. 
Waterfall, s. cascada, /. 
Water-lily, s. ninfea, /. 
Waterproof, a. impermeable. 
Watertight, a. estanco. 
Wave, s. ola: onda, /. — v. on- 

Wax, s. cera, /. — v. encerar. 
Way, s. camino, m.: via: ruta, /. 
Way in, s. entrada, /. 
Way out, X. salida, /. 
We, pn. nosotros: nosotras. 
Weak, a. debil. 
Weaken, v. debilitar. 
Weakly, a. enfermizo — ad. 

Wealth, s. riqueza, /. 
Wean, v. destetar. 
Weapon, x. arma, /. 
Wear, x. uso: gasto, m. — v. 

Weary, a. cansado. 
Weasel, x. comadreja, /. 
Weather , X. temporal: tiempo.wi. 
Weave, t;. tejer. 
Web, X. tela, /. 
Wed, V. casar: desposar. 
Wedding, x. boda, /. 
Wedding-ring, x. anillo nup- 

cial, m. 
Wedlock, X. matrimonio, m. 
Wednesday, x. mi^rcoles, m. 
Weed, X. zizafia, /. — v. escardar. 
Week, X. semana, /. 
Weekday, x. dia de trabajo, m. 
Weekly, a. semanal. 
Weep, V. llorar. 
Weigh, V. pesar. 
Weighing-machine, s. bal- 

anza, /. 
Weighty, a. pesado. 
Weird, a. sobrenatural. 
Welcome, a. bien venido. 
Well, a. bueno — ad. bien. 
Well-behaved, a. cortes. 
Well-bred, a. bien criado. 
West, X. oeste, m. 
Wet, a. hvimedo — x. humedad,/. 
Whale, X. ballena, /. 
What, pron. lo que: qu^: cual. 
Wheat, X. trigo, m. 
Wheel, X. rueda, /. 
When, ad. cuando — conj. cuan- 

do: luego que. 

Whenever i 

Whenever, ad. donde quiera 

Where, ad. donde. 
Which, pron. cual: qu6: que: el 

cual: la cual: lo cual: el que: 

la que: lo que. 
While, conj. mientras. 
Whip, s. latigo, m. 
Whipping, 5. zurriago, m. 
Whirl, V. girar: voltear. 
Whirlpool, 5. vortice, m. 
Whiskers, s. patilla, /. 
Whiskey, s. aguardiente de 

granos, m. 
Whisper, v. cuchichear. 
Whistle, 5. silbo, m. — v. silbar. 
White, a. bianco: palido. 
Whiten, v. blanquear. 
Whither, ad. adonde. 
Whiting, s. greda, /. 
Whitsunday, s. Domingo de 

Who, pn. quien: el que. 
Whole, a. todo — s. todo. 
Wholesome, a. sano. 
Whortleberry, s. arandano, m. 
Whose, pn. cuyo. 
Why, ad. porque. 
Wicked, a. malvado. 
Wicket, 5. postigo, m. 
Wide, a. ancho. 
Widespread, a. esparcido. 
Widow, 5. viuda, /. 
Width, s. anchura, /. 
Wife, 5. esposa: mujer, /. 
Wig, s. peluca, /. 
Wild, s. salvaje. 
Wildness, 5. selvatiquez, /. 
Wilful, a. porfiado, /. 
Will, s. voluntad, /. 
Willing, a. dispuesto. 
Willow, s. sauce, m. 
Win, V. ganar: lograr. 
Wind, 5. viento: aliento, m. — v. 

devanar: sonar. 
Windmill, s. molino de viento, 


Window, X. ventana, /. 
Windpipe, s. traquea, /. 
Windy, a. ventoso. 
Wine, 5. vino, ttj. 
Wineglass, s. copa de vino, /. 
Wine - merchant, s. vinatero, tti. 
Wing, 5. ala, /. 

Wink , s. guinada, — v. guinar. 
Winkle, s. caracol marino, m. 
Winner, i. ganador, m. 
Winsome, a. atractivo. 
Winter, s. inviemo, m. 


77 Wrestling 

Wintry, a. hiemal. 
Wipe, V. limpiar. 
Wire, 5. alambre: telegrama, m. 
Wisdom, s. prudencia, /. 
Wise, a. sabio — s. modo, m. 
Wish, s. deseo, m. — v. desear. 
Wit, s. agudeza, /. 
Witch, s. bruja, /. 
With, pr con. 
Withdraw, v. retirar: retir- 

Withdrawal, s. retiro, 771. 
Within, ad. dentro — pr. en. 
Without, ad. por afuera — c. 

sin que. 
Witness, s. testigo, m. 
Witty, a. ingenioso. 
Wizen, a. flaco. 
Wobble, V. vacilar. 
Woe, s. dolor, m. 
Wolf, 5. lobo, m. 
Woman, s. mujer, /. 
Womb, s. utero, m. 
Wonder, s. maravilla, /. — v. 

Wonderful, a. maravilloso. 
Woo, V. cortejar. 
Wood, a. de madera — 5. bos- 

que, m.: madera: lena, /. 
Wooer, s. galanteador, m. 
Wool, s. lana, /. 
Woollen, a. de lana. 
Word, s. palabra, /.: aviso, m. 
Work, s. trabajo, m.: fabrica, 

/. — V. trabajar. 
Workman, s. obrero, m. 
Workshop, s. fabrica, /. 
World, s. mundo, 77j. 
Worldly, a. mundano. 
Worm, s. gusano, m. 
Worry, s. molestia,/. — v. mole- 
Worrying, a. molesto. 
Worse, a. & ad. peor. 
Worst, a. p^simo. 
Wort, J. yerba, /. 
Worth, J. valor, m. 
Worthiness, 5. dignidad, /. 
Worthy, a. digno. 
Wound, s. herida: llaga, /. 
Wrap, s. manteleta, /. — t;. en- 

Wrapper, s. forro, tti. 
Wreath, s. guirnalda, /. 
Wreck, s. naufragio, m. 
Wren, s. reyezuelo, m. 
Wrench, j. arranque, m. 
Wrestle, v. luchar. 
Wrestling, s. lucha, /. 

Wretchedness 17 

Wretchedness, x. miseria, /. 
Wring, V. exprimir. 
Wringing, s. exprimidura, /. 
Wrinkle, s. arruga, /. — v. ar- 

Wrist, s. mufieca, /. 
Write, V. escribir. 
Writer, s. escritor, m. 
Writhe, v. torcerse. 
Writing, s. escritura, /. 
Wrong, a. errado — 5. injusti 

cia, /. 
Wrongful, a. injusto. 
Wrongly, ad. injustamente. 

Yacht, s. yacte, m. 

Yachting, 5. excursi6nenyate,/. 

Yard, x. corral, m. 

Yarn, x. filastica, /. 

Yawn, s. bostezo, m. — v. boste- 

Year, s. ano, m. 
Yearly, a. anual — ad. anual- 

Yearn, v. desear. 
Yeast, X. jiste, m. 
Yellow, a. amarillo. 
Yelp, V. ganir. 

8 Zoology 

Yes, ad. si. 

Yesterday, 5. ayer, m. 

Yet, ad. aiin: aun: hasta aqui — 

c. pero. 
Yew, X. tejo, m. 
Yield, X. producto, m. — v. pro- 

Yoke, X. yugo, m. 
Yolk, X. yema de huevo, /. 
You, pn. vos: vosotros: usted: 

Young, s. joven — x. hijuelos, 

m. pi. 
Youngster, s. jovencito, m. 
Your, pn. vuestro: de V.: de 

Yours, pn. lo vuestro. 
Youth, X. juventud, /. 
Yuletide, x. tiempo de Navi- 
dad, m. 

Zeal, s. celo, m. 
Zealous, a. celoso. 
Zebra, x. cebra, /. 
Zenith, x. cenit, m. 
Zero, X. cero, m. 
Zest, X. apetito, m. 
Zinc, X. cine, m. 
Zone, X. zona: banda, 
Zoology, s. zoologia, 


PART lil 




I — uno, un, una 

2 — dos 

3 — tres 

4 — cuatro 

5 — cinco 

6 — seis 

7 — siete 

8 — ocho 

Q — nueve 
lo — diez 
1 I — once 
12 — doce 
13 — trece 
14 — catorce 
IS — quince 
16 — diez y seis 
17 — diez y siete 
18 — diez y ocho 
19 — diez y nueve 
20 — veinte 
21 — veinte y uno 
22 — veinte y dos 
23 — veinte y tres 
24 — veinte y cuatro 

25 — veinte y cinco 

30 — treinta 

31 — treinta y uno 

32 — treinta y dos 

33 — treinta y tres 

40 — cuarenta 

SO — cincuenta 

60 — sesenta 

70 — setenta 

80 — ochenta 

90 — noventa 
100 — ciento, cien 
loi — ciento uno 
102 — ciento dos 
200 — doscientos (-as) 
300 — trescientos (-as) 
400 — cuatrocientos (-as) 
500 — quinientos (-as) 
600 — seiscientos (-as) 
700 — setecientos (-as) 
800 — ochocientos (-as) 
900 — novecientos (-as 
1,000 — mil 
1 ,000,000 — mill6n 



1st — el 

2nd — el 

3rd — el 

4th — el 

5th— el 

6th— el 

7th— el 

8th— el 

9th — el 

10th — el 

nth— el 

12th — el 

13th — el 

14th — el 

15 th — el 

1 6th— el 

17th— el 

1 8th— el 

19th — el 

20th — el 

2 1st — el 

22nd — el 

23rd— el 

a4th— el 













decimo tercio 

decimo cuarto 

decimo quinto 

decimo sexto 

decimo septimo 

decimo octavo 

decimo nono 


vigesimo primero 

vig^simo segundo 

vigesimo tercero 

vigesimo cuarto 

2Sth — el vigesimo quinto 
30th — el trigesimo 
31st — el trigesimo primero 
32nd — el trigesimo segundo 
33rd — el trigesimo tercero 
40th — el cuadragesirno 
Soth — el quincuagesimo 
6oth — el sexagesimo 
70th — el septuagesimo 
8oth — el octogesimo 
90th — el nonagesimo 
looth — el centesimo 
loist — el centesimo primero 
102nd— el centesimo segundo 
200th — el ducentesimo 
300th — el tricentesimo 
400th — el cuadringentesimo 
500th — el quingentesimo 
600th — el sexcent^simo 
700th — el septingent^simo 
800th — el octingent^simo 
900th — el noningentesimo. 
i.oooth — el milesimo 
I .ooo.oooth — el millon^simo 




Sunday — Domingo 
Monday — Lunes 
Tuesday — Martes 

I Wednesday — Mi^rcoles 
Thursday — Jueves 
Friday — Viernes 
Saturday — Sabado 

January — Enero 
February — Febrero 
March — Marzo 
April — Abril 
May — Mayo 
June — ^Junio 



July — Julio 

August — Agosto 
September — Septiembre 
October — Octubre 
November — Noviembre 
December — Diciembre 

Spring — La primavera 
Summer — El verano 
Autumn — El otono 
Winter — El invierno 
Christmas — Navidad 
Good Friday — Viernes Santo 
Easter — -Pascua 
Whitsun — Pentecost^s 
Lent— Cuaresma 
Ash Wednesday — Mi^rcoles de 

A day — Un dfa 

A week — Una semana 

A fortnight — Una quincena 

A month — Un mes 

A year — Un afio 

A century — Un siglo 

An hour — Una hora 

A minute — Un minute 

A second — Un segundo 

Yesterday — Ayer 

To-morrow — Maiiana 



A Man — un hombre 
A Woman — una mujer 
A boy — un muchacho 
A girl — una muchacha 
Mr. — Senor — 
M rs . — S enora — 
Miss — Senorita — 
The children — los niiios 
The father — el padre 
The mother — la madre 
The son — el hijo 
The daughter — la hija 
The brother — el hermano 
The sister — la hermana 
The husband — el marido 
The wife — la mujer 

The grandfather — el abuelo 

The grandmother — la abuela 

The grandson — el nieto 

The grand-daughter — la nieta 

The uncle — el tio 

The aunt — la tia 

The nephew — el sobrino 

The niece — la sobrina 

The cousin (masc.) — el prime 

The cousin (fem.) — la prima 

The father-in-law — el suegro 

The mother-in-law — la suegra 

The son-in-law — el yerno 

The daughter-in-law — la nuera 

A widower — un viudo 

A widow — una viuda 



(Comestibles y Bebidas) 

Anchovies — Anchovas 

Apples — Manzanas 

Apricot — Albaricoque 

Artichokes — Alcachofas 

Asparagus — Esparragos 

Bacon — Tocino 

Bananas — Bananas 

Beef — Came 

Boiled beef — Came cocida 
Roast beef — Came asada 
Stewed beef — Came estofada 

Beefsteak — Biftek 

Beer — Cervez 

Bottle of beer — Una botella 

de cerveza 
Glass of beer — Un vaso de 

Beetroot — Remolacha 

Biscuits — Bizcochos 

Brandy — Cognac, Aguardiente 

Bread — Pan 

Brown Bread — Pan negro 
White bread — Pan bianco 

Breakfast — Desayuno 

Broth— Caldo 

Butter — Manteca, Mantequilla 

Cabbage — Repollo 

Cake — Pastel 

Cauliflower — Coliflor 

Celery — Apio 

Cheese — Queso 

Cream cheese — de nata 
Dutch cheese — de Bola 
Swiss cheese — de gruyere 

Cherries — C erezas 

Chicken— Polio 

Chop — Chuleta 

Cider — Sidra 

Cinnamon — Canela 

Claret — Vino de Burdeos 

Cocoa — Cocoa 

Cod — Bacalao 

Coffee— Caf6 

Cold meat — Fiambre 

Crab — Cangrejo 

Cream — Crem a 

Cucumber — Pepino 

Custard apples — Chirimoyas 

Custard pudding — Flan 

Cutlet — Costeleta 

Duck — Pato 
Egg — Huevo 

Boiled eggs — Huevos pasados 
Fried eggs — Huevos fritos 

Poached eggs — Huevos escal- 
Fat — Gordo 
Figs — Higos 
Fish — Pescado 
Fowl — Polio 

French beans — Habichuelas 
Fruit — Frutas 
Game — Caza 
Garlic — Ajo 
Gin — Ginebra 

Ginger-ale — Cerveza picante 
Ginger-beer — Cerveza de jen- 

Goose — Ganso 
Gooseberries — Uvas espinas 
Grapes — Uvas 
Gravy — Salsa 
Grilled — Asada 
Haddock — Robalo 
Ham — Jamon 
Hare — Liebre 
Haricot beans — Judias 
Herring — Arenque 

Ice cream — Mantecado 

Ices — Helados 

Jam — Conserva de frutas 

Jelly — Jalea 

Kidneys — Rinones 

Lamb — Cordero 

Lean — Came sin grasa 

Leek — Puerro 

Lemon — Limon 

Lemonade — Limonada 

Lettuce — Lechuga 

Liver — Higado 

Lobster — Langosta 

Macaroni — Macarrones 

Mackerel — Macarela 

Mayonnaise — Mayonesa 

Meat — Came 

Melon — Melon 

Milk — Leche 

Mustard — Mostaza 

Mutton — Camero 

Nuts — Nueces 

Omelette — Tortilla 

Onion — Cebolla 

Orange — Naranja 

Orangeade — Naranjada 

Oysters — Ostras 

Partridge — Perdiz 

Pastry — Pasteles 

Peach — Melocot6n 


THE MEYiJJ— Continued 

Pear— Pera 

Peas, green, — Guisantes verdes 

Pepper — Pimienta 

Pheasant — Faisan 

Pickles — Encurtido 

Pie — Torta 

Pineapple — Pina 

Plaice — Platija 

Plum — Ciruela 

Potatoes — Potatas hervidas 
,, Patatas fritas (fried) 

,, Patatas majadas 

(N.B. — In Southern Spain, 
the word " papas " is often 
used for " potatoes.") 

Prawns — Langostas, langostinas 

Pudding — Pudin 

Radishes — Rabanos 

Radish, horse — Rabano 

Raisins — Pasas 

Raspberries — Frambuesas 

Rice — Arroz 

Roast — Asado 

Salad — Ensalada 

Salmon — Salm6n 

Salt — Sal (Without salt — sin sal) 

Sauce — Salsa 
Sausage — Salchicha 
Sole — Lenguado 
Soup — Sopa 

Clear — Sopa clara 

Thick — Sopa espesa 
Spinach — Espinaca 
Strawberries — Fresas 
Sugar — Azucar 
Sweet — Dulce 
Toast — Tostada 
Tongue — Lengua 
Trout — Trucha 
Turbot— Rodaballo 
Turkey — Pavo 
Turnip — Nabo 
Turtle— Tortola 
Veal — Ternera 

Veal chop — Chuleta de tern- 

Roast veal — Asado de ternera 
Vegetables — Verduras, legum- 

Vinegar — Vinagre 
Water — Agua 
Watercress — Berros 
Whiskey — Whiskey 
Wine — Vino 




Good morning — Buenos dias 

Boo' -ay-nos dee'-ars 
Good afternoon — Buenas tardes 

Boo'-ay-nars tar' -days 
Good night — Buenas noches — Adi6s 

Boo'-ay-nars no-chays. Ar-dee-os' 
How do you do? — iCdmo esta usted? 

Ko'-mo ays-tar' oos-tayd 
Bring me — Traigame 

Trar '-ee-gar-may 
How much is this? jCuanto vale esto? 

Koo-arn' -to var'-lay ess'-to 
What do you want? iQui quiere usted? 

Kay kee-ay'-ray oos-tayd' 
I beg your pardon — Perdoneme 

Payr-don'-ay may 
What is the matter? — tQu6 ocurre? 

Kay o-koor'-ray 
Many thanks — Muchas gracias 

Moo-chars grar-thee'-ars 
No, thank you — No, gracias 

No, grar-thee'-ars 
I understand — Comprendo 

Kom-prayn '-do 
I do not understand — No le comprendo 

No lay kom-prayn' -do 
Where is the railway station? |;D6nde esta la estacion? 

Don'-day ays-tar' lar ess-tar-thee'-on 
the ticket office? la oficina de billetes? 

lar o-fee-theen'-r day beel-yay'-tays 
the waiting room? el cuarto de aguardar? 

ayl koo-ar'-to day ar-goo-ar-dar' 
Which is the train to — ? iCual es le tren para — ? 

Koo-arV ays lay trayn par'-rar 
Non-smoking compartment — 
Carruaje para quien no fuma 
Kar-roo-ar'-hay par'-rar kee'-ayn no foo'-mar 
When does the train leave? <A qu6 hora sale el tren? 

Ar kay or'-ar sar'-lay ayl trayn 
How much is the fare? 

iCual es el precio del billete? 
Koo-arl' ays ayl pray-thee'-o dayl beel-yay'-tay 
How long does the train stop here? 
iCuanto tiempo se para aqui el tren? 
Koo-arn' -to tee-aym'-po say par'-rar ar-quee' ayl trayn 
Where does the customs examination take place? 
^Donde se efectiia la revisi6n de equipaje? 
Don'-day say ay-fayk-too'-ar lar ray-vee-see-on' day ay-kee- 
These are my things. Estas son mis cosas 

Ays'-tars son mees kos'-ars 
I have some cigarettes. Tengo algunos cigarrillos 

Tayn'-gn arl-goon'-os thee-gar-reel'-yos 
Is this the way to . . .? jEs estf. ^ camino de . . . ? 

Ays ays'-tay ayl kar-mee'-no day 



Where is the post-office? iDdnde esta el correo? 

Don' -day ays-tar' ayl kor-ray'-o 
Where can I buy — ? iD6nde puedo comprar — ? 

Don'-day poo-ay'-do kom-prar' 
Where is the English Consulate? 
iDonde esta el Consulado Ingles? 
Don'-day ays-tar' ayl Kon-soo-lar'-do Een-glays' 
I want to engage a room. Deseo tomar un cuarto 

Day-say' -o to-tnar' oon koo-ar'-to 
What are your lowest terms? 
iCual es su precio mas bajo? 
Koo-arl' ays soo pray-thee'-o mars bar'-ho 
Put this luggage in my room. 

Ponga este equipaje en mi cuarto 
Pon-gar ays'-tay ay-kee-par'-hay ayn mee koo-ar'-to 
Call me at . . . o'clock. Llameme a las . . . 

L'yar-may'-may ar lars 
Bring me some hot water. 
Traigame un poco de agua 
Trar' -ee-gar-may oon po'-ko day ar-goo-ar 
Here it is. Aqui esta 

Ar-kee' ays-tar' 
Give me some more. D^me mas 

Day '-may mars 
I am in a hurry. Estoy apurado 

Ays-toy'-ee ar-poo-rar-do 
All right. Esta bien 

Ays-tar' bee' -ayn 
Waiter. Camarero (Kar-mar-ray'-ro) 
Chamber-maid. Camarera (Kar-mar-ray'-rar) 
Porter. Mozo (Mo'-tho) 
Hall porter. Conserje (Kon-sayr'-hay) 
Shirt. Camisa (Kar-mee'-sar) 
Vest. Camiseta (kar-mee-say'-tar) 
Stockings. Medias {May-dee' -ars) 
Socks. Calcetines (Karl-the-teen'-ays) 
Collars. Cuellos (Koo-ayl -yos) 
Handkerchiefs. Pafiuelos {Parn-yoo-ay'-loos) 
Laundry. Ropa {Ro'-par) 




Accelerator — Acelerador 

Accum u lator — Acumulador 

Acid — Acido 

Axle — Eje 

Axle-back — Eje trasero 

Axle-front — Eje delantero 

Battery — Baterfa 

Bonnet — Bonete 

Brake — Freno 

Brake drum — Tambor de freno 

Bumper — Tope 

Camshaft — Eje de levas 

Carburetter — Carburador 

Chassis — Chassis 

Clutch — Embrague 

Connecting rod — Barra de em- 

Crankshaft — Ciguenal 

Cylinder — Cilindro 

Decarbonising — Descarbonizar 

Dual ignition — Encendido co- 

Dynamo — Dinamo 

Electric battery — Bateria elec- 
tric a 

Exhaust — Escape 

Fan — Ventilador 

Gear — Engranaj e 

Gear box — Caja de velocidades 

Grease gun — Grasera 

Horse power — Caballos de fuerza 

Ignition — Encendido 

Jack — Gato 

Jet — Espita 

Lamp — Farol 

Layshaft — Eje secundario 

Lubrication — Engrasaci6n 

Magneto — Magneto 

Mudguard — Guardabarros 

Number plate — Placa de niimero 

Oil pump — Bomba de aceite 

Oil tank — Deposito de aceite 

Overhaul — Restaurar 

Petrol tank — Dep6sito de esencia 

Piston — Piston 

Propeller shaft — Eje motor 

Radiator — Radiador 

Self - starter — Arranque auto- 

Sparking plug — Bujia 
Speedometer — Indicador de 

Spoke — Rayo 
Steering column — Columna de 

Switch — Interruptor 
Tank — Deposito 
Tappet — Levadores 
Thermostat — Termostato 
Throttle — Acelerador 
Tyre — Neumatico 
Tyre pump — Bomba de neumd- 

Valve — ^Valvula 
Water — Agua 
Wheel — Rueda 
Wheel, steering — Volante 
Window — Ventanilla 
Wind screen — Limpia cristal 




Asia — Asia 
Africa — Africa 
America — America 
Australia — Australia 
Abyssinia — Abisinia 
Algeria — Argelia 
Andalusia — Andalucia 
Argentina — Argentina 
Arragon — Aragon 
Bavaria — Baviera 
Belgium — Belgica 
Bohemia — Bohemia 
Brazil — Brasil 
Bulgaria — Bulgaria 
Canada — Canada 
Catalonia — Cataluna 
Chili— Chile 
China — China 
Denmark — Dinamarca 
Egypt — Egipto 
England — Inglaterra 
Europe — Europa 
Finland — Finlandia 
France — Francia 
Germany — Alemania 

Great Britain — Gran Bretaila 

Greece — Grecia 

Holland — Holanda 

Hungary— Hungria 

India — India 

Ireland — Irlanda 

Italy — Italia 

Japan — Japon 

Mexico — Mejico 

Morocco — Maurruecos 

New Zealand — Nueva Zelandia 

Norway — Noruego 

Peru — Peru 

Poland — Polonia 

Portugal — Portugal 

Roumania — Rumania 

Russia — Rusia 

Scotland — Escocia 

Spain — Espaiia 

Sweden — Suecia 

Switzerland — Suiza 

Turkey — Turquia 

United Kingdom — Reino Unido 

United States — Estados Unidos 

Wales — Gales 



Aix-la-Chapelle — Aquisgran 
A j accio — Ayacio 
Algiers — Argel 
Antwerp — Amberes 
Athens — Atenas 
Basle — Basilea 
Berlin — Berlin 
Bordeaux — Burdeos 
Boulogne — Boloiia 
B ruges — Bruj as 
Brussels — Bruselas 
Cambridge — Cambrigia 
Cologne — Colonia 
Constance — Constancia 
Copenhagen — Copenhague 
Cordova — C6rdoba 
Corsica — C6rcega 
Corunna — La Coruna 
Dover — Dovres 
Dunkirk — Dunquerque 
Edinburgh — Edimburgo 
Florence — Florencia 
Flushing — Flesinga 
Geneva — Ginebra 
Genoa — G^nova 

Hague, The — Haya, La 
Hamburg — Hamburgo 
Lausanne — Lausana 
Leghorn — Lioma 
Liege — Lieja 
Lisbon — Lisboa 
London — Londres 
JVIadeira — Madera 
Marseilles — Marsella 
Mayence — Maguncia 
Milan — Milan 
M OS cow — M oscou 
Naples — Napoles 
New York — Nueva York 
Nice — Niza 
Ostend — Ostende 
Prague — Praga 
Rome — Roma 
Seville — Se villa 
Tangiers — Tanger 
TeneriflFe — Tenerife 
Tunis— Tiinez 
Venice — Venecia 
Vienna — Viena 
Warsaw — ^Varsovia 



Note. — Where persons and tenses are not mentioned, they 
should be conjugated regularly. 

The following abbreviations are used : P./. = Present Indicative; 
P.= Preterite; F.= Future; /.;= Imperative; Par^^ Participle. 
Abastecer (To supply) — As nacer. 
Aborrecer (To hate) — As nacer. 
Abrir (To open) — Part. Abierto. 
Absolver (To acquit) — P.I. Yo absuelvo, tu absuelves, el absuelve, 

ellos absuelven. /. Absuelve tu, absuelva ^1, absuelvan ellos. 
Acertar (To guess) — P.I. Yo acierto, tii aciertas, ^1 acierta, ellos 

aciertan. /. Acierta tii, acierte ^1, acierten ellos. 
Acostar (To lay down) — P.I. Yo acuesto, tii acuestas, ^1 acuesta, 

ellos acuestan. /. Acuesta tii, acueste el, acuesten ellos. 
Adherir (To hold) — As sentir. 
Adquirir (To get) — As sentir. 
Agorar (To divine) — As acostar. 
Alentar (To breathe) — As acertar. 
Amolar (To sharpen) — As acostar. 
Aportar (To take shelter) — As acostar. 
Apretar (To compress) — As acertar. 
Argiiir (To argue) — P.I. Yo arguyo, tu arguyes, €[ arguye, ellos 

arguyen. /. Arguye tii. 
Ascender (To ascend) — P.I. Yo asciendo, tii asciendes, el asciende, 

ellos ascienden. /. Asciende tii, ascienda el, asciendan ellos. 
Asestar (To aim at) — As acertar. 
Atender (To attend) — As ascender. 
Atribuir (To ascribe) — As argiiir. 
Aventar (To expel) — As acertar. 
Bendecir (To bless) — P.I. Yo bendigo, tii bendices, ^1 bendice, 

ellos bendicen. P. Yo bendije, tii bendijiste. F. Yo bendecire, 

tii bendeciras. I. Bendice tii, bendiga el, bendigan ellos. 

P. Bendido (bendecido). Gerund, Bendiciendo. 
Begar (To struggle with) — As acertar. 
Calentar (To heat) — As acertar. 
Cegar (To become blind) — As acertar. 
Cenir (To enclose) — As pedir. 
Cemer (To bolt) — As ascender. 
Colegir (To collect) — As pedir. 
Colgar (To hang) — As acostar. 
Comenzar (To commence) — As acertar. 
Competir (To compete) — As pedir. 
Concebir (To imagine) — As pedir. 
Concluir (To conclude) — As argiiir. 
Condoler (To condole) — As absolver. 
Conducir (To conduct) — P.I. Yo conduzco. P. Yo conduje, tii 

condujiste. /. Conduzca el, conduzcamos nosotros, conduzcan 

Conmover (To disturb) — As absolver. 
Conocer (To know) — As nacer. 
Contar (To count) — As acostar. 
Ckintener (To contain) — As tener. 



Contradecir (To contradict) — As bendecir. 

Contribuir (To contribute) — As argiiir. 

Costar (To cost) — As acostar. 

Crecer (To grow) — As nacer. 

Dar (To give)— P./. Yo doy. P. Yo di, tu diste, ^1 dfo. 

Decir (To say) — P.I. Yo digo, tu dices, ^1 dice, ellos dicen. P. Yo 

dije, tvi dijiste. F. Yo dir^, tu diras. /. Di tu, diga 61, digamos 

nosotros, digan ellos. 
Deducir (To deduce) — As conducir. 
Defender (To protect) — As ascender. 
Demoler (To demolish) — As absolver. 
Derretir (To melt) — As pedir. 
Derrocar (To demolish) — As acostar. 
Desdecir (To differ) — As bendecir. 
Desleir (To dilute) — As pedir. 
Disolver (To dissolve)— As absolver. 
Doler (To ache) — As absolver. 
Dormir (To sleep) — P.I. Yo duermo, t\i duermes, ^1 duermes, ^1 

duerme, ellos duermen. P. El durmi6, ellos durmieron. 

/. Duerme tu, duerma ^1, durmamos nosotros, duerman ellos. 
Empezar (To begin) — As acertar. 
Emporcar (To make dirty) — As acostar. 
Encender (To inilame) — As ascender. 
Encerrar (To confine) — As acertar. 
Encomendar (To recommend) — As acertar. 
Encontrar (To meet) — As acostar. 
Enjugar (To dry) — P. Enjuto (enjugado). 
Enmendar (To correct) — As acertar. 
Entender (To hear) — As ascender. 
Enterrar (To bury) — As acertar. 

Estar (To be) — P.I. Yo estoy. P. Yo estuve, tu estuviste. 
Excluir (To exclude) — As argiiir. 

Extinguir (To extinguish) — Part. Extinto (extinguido). 
Fijar (To fix, settle)— Parf. Fijo (fijado). 
Fluir (To flow) — As argiiir. 
Fregar (To rub, scour) — As acertar. 
Freir (To fry) — As pedir. 
Gemir (To groan) — As pedir. 
Guamecer (To garnish) — As nacer. 
Haber (To have) — P.I. Yo he, tu has, H ha, nosotros hemos, 

vosotros hab^is, ellos ban. P. Yo hube, tii hubiste, ^1 hubo. 

F. Yo habr6, tii habras. Imperfect Indie. Yo habia. Condit. 

Indie. Yo habria. Pres. Siibj. Yo haya. Imperf. Subj. Yo 

hubiese. Condit. Subj. Yo hubiera. Future Subj. Yo hubiere. 

/. Haya €[, hayamos nosotros, hayan ellos. Part. Habido. 
Hacer (To make) — P.I. Yo hago. P. Yo hice, tu hiciste, ^1 hizo. 

F. Yo har^, tu haras. /. Haz tu, haga ^1, hagamos nosotros, 

hagan ellos. P. Hecho. 
Henchir (To fill up) — As pedir. 
Holgar (To rest) — As acostar. 
Incluir (To include) — As argiiir. 
Inducir (To induce) — As conducir. 
Introducir (To introduce) — As conducir. 
Ir (To go) — P.I. Yo voy, tu vas, ^1 va, nosotros vamos, vosotros 

vais, ellos van. P. Yo fui, tu fuiste, ^1 fu^. F. Yo ir6, tii ir^s. 

Imperfect Indie. Yo iba. Condit. Indie. Yo iria. Pres. Subj. 

Yo vaya. Imperf. Subj. Yo fuese. Future Subj. Yo fuere. 



Condit. Subj. Yo fuera. /. Ve tu, vaya ^1, vayamos (vamos) 

nosotros, id vosotros, vayan ellos. Gerund, Yendo. 
Jugar (To play) — As acostar. 
Lucir (To shine) — As nacer. 
Mentar (To mention) — As acertar. 
Moler (To grind, wear out) — As absolver. 
Morir (To die) — As dormir. 
Mover (To move) — As absolver. 

Nacer (To be bom) — P.I. Yo nazco. /. Nazca ^1, nazcan ellos. 
Obstruir (To obstruct) — As argiiir. 
Oir (To hear) — P.I. Yo oigo, tu oyes. P. Yo of, tii oiste, ^1 oy6, 

ellos oyeron. /. Oiga 61, oigamos nosotros, oigan ellos. Gerund. 

Oyendo . 
Omitir (To omit) — Part. Omiso (omitido). 
Pedir (To beg) — P.I. Yo pido, tii pides, i\ pide, ellos piden. 

P. 6l pidi6, ellos pidieron. /. Pide tii, pida el, pidamos nosotros 

pidan ellos. Gerund, Pidiendo. 
Perder (To lose) — As ascender. 
Poder (To be able) — P.I. Yo puedo, tii pudes, el puede, ellos 

pueden. P. Yo pude, tii pudiste. F. Yo podr^, tii podras. 

Gerund, Pudiendo. 
Recluir (To shut up) — As argiiir. 
Reconocer (To recognise) — As nacer. 
Recordar (To remind) — As acostar. 
Reducir (To reduce) — As conducir. 
Seguir (To pursue) — As pedir. 
Sentir (To feel) — P.I. Yo siento, tu sientes, €[ siente, ellos sienten. 

P. El sinti6, ellos sintieron. /. Siente tu, sienta el, sientan ellos. 
Tener (To hold) — P.I. Yo tengo, tu tienes, el tiene, ellos tienen. 

P. Yo tuve, tu tuviste. F. Yo tendre, tu tendras. I. Ten tu, 

tenga el, tengamos nosotros, tengan ellos. 
Tenir (To dye) — As pedir. 
Tostar (To toast) — As acostar. 




Spain. — The currency consists of c6ntimos and pesetas. 
A hundred c^ntimos equal one peseta. The value of a peseta in 
English money fluctuates. In 19 14, it was about g^d.: in 1933. it 
was about 34 to the £. 

Argentine Republic. — 100 centavos are i peso. About 15 pesos 
are worth £1. 


1 milligramo = .0154 grain. 

I centigramo = .154 ,, 

I decigramo = 1.54 ,, 

I gramo = 15.43 

I hectogramo (100 g)=3.527 ozs. 

I kilogramo (1000 g)= 2.204 lbs. 


I milimetro = .039 inch. 

I centimetro = .39 ,, 

I decimetro = 3.9 ,, 

I metro = 39-37 „ 


I litro = 1.76 pint. 

I hectolitre = 22.009 gallons. 


One Half — Una mitad. 
One Quarter — Una cuarta. 
One Third — Una tercera. 
One Fifth — Una quinta. 
One Sixth — Una sexta. 
One Eighth — Una octava. 
Once — Una vez. 
Twice — Dos veces. 
Three Times — Tres veces. 
A pair — Un par. 
Double— Doble. 
One Dozen — Una docena. 


B 000 002 560 i _ 

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