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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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of the t^/i .^'7 


CO. Suffolk, England 

anb of families in anb neat tbat countig 
with whom tbei^ intetmattieb 

I 894- I 896 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Iptetatot^ flote. 

THIS volume comprises the first four parts of an exhaustive work now being issued to 
subscribers, in serial form, entitled Suffolk Manorial Families, and edited by Joseph 
James Muskett, Esq., an accomplished Suffolk antiquary. These four parts relate exclusively 
to the Winthrops of Groton and families allied to them, and in their preparation Mr. Muskett 
has had the assistance of all the material I could furnish from the Winthrop Papers. 
Previous accounts of the Suffolk Winthrops and their connections have contained errors both 
of omission and commission, the result either of imperfect information or of placing too 
much reliance upon exploded family traditions. The present publication is largely composed 
of new matter, nowhere else to be found in print, and pains have been taken to state nothing 
in it as fact which cannot be proved. I have had fifty sets of these four parts bound in 
volumes, in order to deposit them in suitable libraries for permanent reference, and I have 
provided for them a separate titlepage and table of contents. No request to purchase any 
of these volumes will be considered ; but persons who may desire to subscribe »for the work 
itself can do so upon application to the Editor, care of J. Muskett Yetts, Esq., 66 Lincoln's 
Inn Fields, London. 


10 Walnut Street, Boston, U.S., 
March, 1897. 


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XIable of Contente. 

mintl^wp of daitoton. 

Armorial bearings and Confirmation of Arms, pp. 2, 3. — Latin pedigree, so-called, 1498-1623, pp. 
3-8. — Emblazoned pedigree, so-called, 1610, p. 9. — Visitation pedigree, 1612, p. 10. — Winthrop 
lands in Islington, temp. Henry VIII., p. 14. — Winthrop lands in Groton, temp. Edward VI., p. 33. — 
Grant of Groton Manor, 1544, pp. 15, 16. — Settlement of Groton Manor, 1559, p. 16. — Will of the 
second Adam Winthrop, 1562, pp. 11-14. — Brass of the second Adam Winthrop in Groton Chancel, 
p. 22. — Inscription on mural tomb of the third Adam Winthrop at Groton, p. 22. — Chancer^' Pro- 
ceedings, Hunne c Burd, 1571, pp. 165, 166. — Transfer of Groton Manor, 1594, p. 17. — Will of John 
Winthrop, of Aghadowne, 1613, p. 18. — Marriage-settlement of Thomasine Clopton, 1615, pp. 22, 23. 
— Will of John Whittingham, 1619, pp. 166, 167. — First Will of Gov. John Winthrop, 1620, pp. 

19, 20. — Fine. Sale of Groton Manor, 1631, p. 33. — Will of Col. Stephen Winthrop, M.P., 1658, pp. 

20, 21. — Some account of the Winthrops of Antigua, pp. 31, 32. — Chart pedigrees: Winthrop of 
Groton, p. 25; Winthrop of Boston, p. 26; Winthrop of New London, p. 27; Winthrop of Antigua, 
including Lyons, p. 28; Winthrop of Cork, p. 29; Winthrop of London, p. 30. 

ponhtt of T5vaintttt. 

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ham, 1520, p. 35. —Will of Simon Ponder, of London, 1557, p. 36. — Will of John Ponder, of Braintree, 
1561, p. 36. — Will of Rev. Roger Ponder, of Great Yeldham, 1563, p. 37. — Chancery Proceedings, 
Ponder c Mann, 1604, p. 37. — Will of John Ponder, LL.D., 1625, p. 38. — Ponder entries in parish- 
register of St. Margaret's, Ipswich, p. 38. — Ponder pedigree, including Whiting, of Ipswich, p. 39. 

^l^arpe of !|isUnston. 

Will of William Sharpe, of Islington, 1525, p. 40. — Will of Dorothy Acton, of Barking, 1556, 
p. 40. — Sharpe pedigree, p. 41. 

i^flUmai? of Cretingl^am. 

Will of William Mildmay, of Springfield, 1570, p. 42.— Will of John Mildmay, of Cretingham, 1580, 
p. 42. — Will of Thomas Mildmay, of Framlingham, 1601, p. 43. — Will of Edmund Nuttall, of Fram- 
lingham, 1609, p. 43. — Will of Sir Thomas Mildmay, of Barnes, 1612, p. 44. — Will of Thomas 
Mildmay, of Clerkenwell, 1613, p. 44. — Will of Sir Henry Mildmay, of Graces, 1637, p. 45. —Will 
of Robert Mildmay. of Terling, 1646, pp. 167, 168. —Will of Dame Amy Mildmay, of Graces, 1669, 
p. 46. — Pedigrees: Mildmay of Essex, p. 47; Mildmay of Cretingham, p. 48 ; Body of Bicknacre 
Priory, p. 48. 

Digitized by 



alabaster of f^ahltigfy. 

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p. 49. — Will of William Glenfield, of Hadleigh, 1637, p. 50. — Inquisition on the Death of John Ala- 
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of Hadleigh, 1655, p. 52. — Indenture, Alabaster and Bunough, 1668, p. 52. — Will of Jane Alabaster, 
of Stuston, 1708, p. 52. —Will of Benjamin Bryan, of Stuston, 1708, with extract from pedigree of 
Bryan, of Thrandeston, p. 53. — Alabaster Inscriptions in Hadleigh Church, p. 54. — Pedigiee of Ala- 
baster, p. 55. 

t^mv of ^intlt»\iam. • 

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— Will of William Vesey, of Hintlesham, 1575, p. 58. — Will of Joan Vesey, of Hintlesham, 1586, I 

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of Wix Abbey, p. 64 ; Vesey of Aldham, p. 65. 

Mi^hv of Cl^orpe fSiovitttV^ 

Armorial bearings and early pedigree, p. 66. — Will of Thomas Risby, of Lavenham, 1500, p. 67. — 
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of Thorpe Morieux, 1687, p. 71. — Risby inscriptions in Felsham Church, p. 72. — Risby Inscription in 
Thorpe Morieux Church, p. 72. — Risby pedigree, p. 73. 

^tfll Of l^atiletsl^. 

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Bath and Wells, 1607, pp. 74, 75. —Brass of Anne Still in Hadleigh Church, 1593, p. 76. — Pedigree 
of Still, p. 76. 

OBrotDne of <ClitDarlij8tone^ 

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— Will of Henry Browne, of Edwardstone, 1593, pp. 77, 78. — Will of Rev. Roger Weston, of Worn^ 
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sons, 1680. — Pedigree of Browne ; including Duke, of Colchester, p. 82. 

Digitized by 



f oneis of Bmttth. 

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Fones, 1629, pp. 83, 84. — Will of Thomas Fones, of Ipswich, 1678, pp. 84, 85. — Administration of 
Catharine Fones, 1680, p. 85. —Administration of Marj' Fones, 1685, p. 85. — Will of Rev. Samuel 
Fones, of East- Bergholt, 1693, p. 85. — Will of Mary Paul, of Norwich, 1737, p. 168. —Fones 
pedigrees, pp. 86, 87. . 

d^o^tlin of dSiroton. 

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1626, p. 90. —Will of Philip Gostlin, of Romford, 1629, pp. 90, 91. —Will of John Gostlin, of Monk's 
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Benjamin Gostlin, of Groton, 1615-1679, pp. 92-94. — Gostlin lands in Groton, 1663, p. 94. — Gostlin 
pedigree, p. 95. 

I^oloptting of %p^\x>icl9* 

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Downing, of Ipswich, 1611, p. 97. —Will of Nathaniel Downing, of London, 1616, p. 97. — Will of 
Sir George Downing, bait., of East Hatley, 1683, p. 98. — Will of Sir George Downing, bart, of 
Gamlinga}', 1717, p. 90. — Downing pedigree, p. 99. 

l^fUejs of l^olton. 

Will of John Hilles, of London, 1579, p. 100. — Will of William Hilles, of Holton, 1597, p. 100.— 
Will of Joan Hilles, of Holton, 1597, pp. 101, 102. — Hilles pedigree, p. 102. 

fSiunnin% of j^eDging. 

Armorial bearings, pp. 103, 104. — Will of Henry Munning, of Nedging, 152r, p. 104. — Will 
of Thomas Munning, of Nedging, 1556, p. 105. — Will of Elizabeth Munning, of Brettenham, born 
Winthrop, 1624, p. 105. — Will of Henry Munning, of Elveden, 1657, p. 105. — Munning pedigrees, 
pp. 106, 107. 

forti^ of l^aDlefg]^. 

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1539, p. 108. — Will of Robert Forth, of Hadleigh, 1540, p. 109. — Will of William Forth, of Hadleigh, 
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William Forth, of Hadleigh, 1599, p. 111. — Will of Robert Forth, of Butley, 1600, pp. Ill, 112.— 
Will of Sir William Forth, of Farnham, 1612, p. 113. — Will of John Forth, of Great Stambridge, 1613, 
p. 113. — Will of Elizabeth Ranye, born Forth, 1640, p. 113. — Will of Philip Forth, of Hadleigh, 
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born Forth, 1643, p. 114. — Will of Elizabeth Dell, 1657, pp. 114, 115. — Will of William Forth, LL.D., 
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leigh, 1725, p. 116. — Forth Brass in Hadleigh Church, 1599, p. 116. — Account of Butley Abbey, pp. 
116, 117. —Forth pedigrees: Visitation of 1612, p. 117; Candler MSS., p. 118; Forth of Hadleigh, 
p. 119 ; Forth of Butley, p. 120. 

Digitized by 



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1570, pp. 122, 123. — Will of Thomas Bode, of Rochford, 1581, pp. 123, 124. — Will of Edward Forth, 
of Kelvedon, 1591, p. 124. — Will of Edward Forth, of New Windsor, 1612, p. 124. — Deed of John 
Winthrop, Jr., to Susan Golding, 1627, p. 125.— Will of Susan Golding, 1631, p. J25. —Chancery 
Proceedings, Forth c Bode and Bode c Forth, 1634-1635, pp. 126-130. —Chancery Proceedings, Forth 
c Webb, 1640, p. 130. — Forth, Crymble, Bode pedigree, p. 131. 

f^otpell of m\iiit\m<^^ 

Some account of Elizabeth Powell, wife of William Forth, of Hadleigh, in 1540, p. 132. —Will 
of Thomas Powell, of Whitchurch, 1523, p. 132. — Will of Walter Ap Robert, 1558, p. 132. — Pedigree 
of Powell, of Whitchurch, p. 133. — Descent of Thomas Powell, 1576, p. 134. —Earl of Pembroke's 
pedigree, 1597, p. 135. 

Clopton of i^elforH. 

Armorial bearings, pp. 136, 137. — St. Lys c Clopton, 1298, p. 137. —Will of Sir Walter Clopton, 
of Hadleigh, 1413, pp. 137, 138. — De Banco Suit, Clopton c Clopton, 1417, pp. 138, 139. — Will of 
William Clopton, of Liston, 1612, p. 140. —Will of William Clopton, of Groton, 1640, pp. 140, 141.— 
Will of Poley Clopton, of Bury St. Edmonds, 1730, p. 141. — Pedigrees: Clopton of Wickhambrook, 
p. 142 ; Clopton of Kentwell, p. 143 ; Clopton of Groton, p. 144 ; Clopton of Liston, p. 145. 

Ci^nDal of i^apleisteaD. 

Inquisition on the death of Earl Rivers, 1486, p. 146. — Inquisition on the death of Sir William 
Tyndal, of Hockwold, 1498, p. 147. — Tyndal lands in Suffolk, 1524, p. 147. —Will of Sir John Tyndal, 
of Hockwold, 1538, p. 148. — Will of Dorothy Stafford, 1608, p. 148. — Will of Sir John Tyndal, of 
Great Maplestead, 1616, p. 149. — Will of Dame Anne Tyndal, of Great Maplestead, 1620, pp. 149, 150. 

— Will of Anne Deane, of Great Maplestead, 1624, p. 150. — Will of Sarah Egerton, 1624, pp. 150, 151. 

— Will of Sir John Deane, of Great Maplestead, 1625, p. 151. — Will of Rachel Deane, of Great Maple- 
stead, 1626, p. 151. — Tyndal pedigrees, pp. 152, 153. — Deane pedigree, p. 154. 


Will of Robert Rainborow, of Gosbeck, 1533, p. 155.— Will of Thomas Rainborough, of Ipswich, 
1544, p. 156. — Will of William Rainsborough, of London, 1638, pp. 156, 157. — Rainsborough Lands 
in Suffolk, 1652, p. 157. — Chancery Proceedings, Rainsborough c Winthrop, 1680, pp. 157, 158. — 
Pedigrees: Rainborow of Suffolk, p. 158; Rainsborough of East Greenwich, p. 159. 

ISeaDe of mtc6forD. 

Will of Thomas Cooke, of Pebmarsh, 1621, p. 160. — Will of Edmund Reade, of Wickford, 1623, 
pp. 161, 162. — Will of Thomas Aleyn, of Icklingham, 1633, pp. 162, 163. — Will of William Reade, 
of Birchanger, 1659, p. 163. —Reade Inscription in Birchanger Chancel, p. 163. — Reade pedigrees, 
pp. 163, 164. 

Digitized by 


Wtntlirtip of (Proton. 

JUmimal IBearlngs* 

The origin of the Winthrop coat has been the subject of a variety of speculations, there 
being few instances of an animal superposed upon two or more chevrons. The eariiest known repre- 
sentations of the Winthrop Arms are as follows : — 

1. A Confirmation, dated June 24, 1592, by William Detheck, Garter, to John Winthrop (then 
of Groton Manor, afterward of Aghadowne, co. Cork) of the "Shield & Cote of Armes apperteyning to 
his Name and Ancestors," namely, Argent, three chevrons gules crenelles, over all a lion rampant 
sable armed and langued azure ; with the crest of a hare ppr. running on a mount vert. The original 
Confirmation, with the signature and seal of Detheck is still in existence, together with what appears 
to be a diiplicate of it, but without a seal. 

2. An emblazoned pedigree on parchment, illustrating the alliance of Winthrop and Forth in 
1605, and signed, "Scrutavi, Ricardus S* George, A<> domini P Martii 1610." 

3. The Visitation of Suffolk in 1612 ; and Harl. MS., No. 1820, which apparently formed 
part of the note-book of that Visitation. In these MSS. Winthrop impales Still of Lincolnshire. 

4. Two armorial-seals (one Winthrop, the other Winthrop and Forth) affixed to letters written, 
in 1618, by John Winthrop, then of Groton Manor and afterward Governor of Massachusetts. 

It is noticeable that these armorial-seals bear the three chevrons described in the Confirmation^ 
while the pedigree of 1610 and the Visitation of 1612 display two chevrons only. It is difficult 
to account for this discrepancy, which may have resulted from some carelessness or misunderstanding. 
It is further noticeable that in the rough notes of the Confirmation preserved in the College of Arms» 
and in the trickings of the Visitation^ the chevrons are plain and not embattled, which can only be 
accounted for by a similar supposition. Be this as it may, the true arms of Winthrop, as originally 
authorized by the heralds, require three crenellat^ chevrons, and, with rare exceptions, they have 
been so borne by successive generations of the family to the present time. 

Digitized by 



ODonfirmatton of llrms to ia)m tSEtntI|ro|}, 1592. 

/^H^® all anH singuler Nobles anH ^eutlemm of toiiat »tate Hignits or Hegree 
^^ bearing Jlrmes %o tokoac the«e 4}ttt0 elwU romt QRiirin ®eti)edt «l0i» &WCttt 
fxincifM kinge of Jtrmee eeitbeth betD romeiibacioitd ^ greetinge itnoue get that tohereas 
bs bertne & pc anneut attthorits ot ntg Office fri^m the (Qntened modt exp mate £ am to take 
gen^raU notice ^ to make trttbliqe beclaxacon recorb & tedttmons for all matters anb causes 
of Jlrme0 febigrees & beeeent of all <^oblemen ^ gent thronghe all her JRa^ kingbomes 
bominiond irrinci)Yalitie0 £0le0 & irrobincee "^o the'nb that like a0 0ome bg their ancient namee 
irarentaged kinbrebs i: bedcent are genallg knoton Sc ancientlg regestreb in the rerorbs of mg 
mSlct §0 other0 for thegre t^ertnee Daliantnes btgnitie0 tc be0ert0 map be taDortheig a^^robeb anb 
better biocemeb bg these laiobable en0igne0 Sc token0 of honor Sc toordhi^rire mo0t nece00ar]; to 
be hab ft n0eb in all ^ commenbable acts of gentilitB* OStherefore habing irroofe of thi0 ^hielb 
Sc Sole of Jlrmes a^rprertesngng to g^ name anb ^nce0tord of Jfohn SSSgnetfirop (Ssqnire ^onne 
of Jlbam 3Slpneti)rop of (Sroton in the Conntg of <§lttffk gent: J| the 0aib &BXttt {rritui^rall 
king of Jlrme0 accorbing to the anthoritg Sc cudtome of mg office habe thonght goob to beclare 
bla^e Sc exemirlifg the same <^hielb or Cote of Jlrme0 together \x>^^ a Creiist or (jtogni^ance 


appropriate for atchiebemt to g* 0ame, bij. fii^ri. [?] cVargent three Chen: Gules Crenellex, ober all 
a Ipion rampant Sahles armeb ft langneb Azun ^\\b for hi0 Creast or Cognisance a ^are pper 
mnning on a monnt veH sett npon a helmet in a toreathe of his conllors \xf^ mantells ft tassels 
as appeareth in g^ margent. STo t)abe aub to ))Olb nse aitb enjog tbe saib <§lhielb ft Cote 
of Jlrmes )af^ ge saib three Cheberons ft the |^ion rampant together \xf^ ge Creast ft Cognisance 
of a hare pper rnnning npon a greene hgll ft etog pt ft ifttW thereof nnto g^ tD^in nameb John 
SRgnett)rop gent: ft others ge chilbren gssne anb posteritg of the saib Jlbam SUsnrtjjrop 
of (Sroton of the sagb Conntg of Sinff: (Ssgnire, latofnllg begotten (obserbing their bne bifierences) 
for eber. Jlnb g^ g^ mag habe nse ft beare g^ same armes ft crests npon their <§lhielbs Cargets 
SitDorbs or ensignes for toarre or in g^* rings sigiutts ft seals for I'res ft ebibences or in anb 
npon g^ honses bnilbings ebitfces nt^isiles anb liberies or otherb)ise egther pagnteb carbeb or 
figureb npon tgmber marble glasse mettaJl stones tombes or monnments : anb finallg for ang 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


jotker latofttl Warlike ox bertttotis & dbilt nets & exernees ench as bg the latoe0 of arnue & 

metontt £ar gent, jqrf^ertesiuth. Jlnb this to'^x^ut anj) latofnl impeliiin^ ^r cmitrnliuticit irf ans 

p0(nt m: psone. Sn toitnes Sc fptbxtdl xtrntmbmnct & teetentons hereof S the 0atb ^SLtttt 

pxxMXftiU hinge irf Jlrmes btbe to s^ 1^'^^^ jratent dubdcribeb ntg name & fa0teneb the 0eaU 

of mg ofBfce enborseb to^ j* signet of mg ^rmes Ftoum [sic !] at the office of Jinnee |Conbott 

^he 24 bag of June in the xxxiij geare of p* reigne of onr ^gobereigne Jj^^bg (Clijabftll bj 

the grace of <5oO (jjneenc of (Englanb Jfrance $c ireianb befenbcr of the faith. 


pHncipall hinge off Anns. 

latin ^t\n^u, 1498-1625, 

Internal evidence shows the so-called " Latin Pedigree " of Winthrop (1498-1623) to have 
been chiefly compiled by the third Adam Winthrop (d. 1623), a fragment of whose Diary (1595-1610) 
is printed in the " Life and Letters of John Winthrop." The original record is not in existence, but 
the following is taken from a copy, in the handwriting of John Winthrop, F.R.S., when a young man, 
which is believed to date from 1705 : — 

Non longo a Newarke super Trent est quidam vicus appellatus Winthorpe (vulgo Winthrop) 
ex quo Winthropi de Groton in com. SufFolciae nomen et originem siium habuerunt.^ 

.... Adamus Winthropus de [Groton in comitatu Suftolciae armiger & dominus niannerii de 
Groton]^ natus fuit in ... . 

.... Anno domini .... Adamus Winthropus uxorem duxit Joane Burton filia D; Burton.* 
1498. Anno domini 1498 et anno Regni regis Henrici Septimi decimo quarto, die nono Octob"^ 

in oppido Lannamiae* in comitatu SufFolciae, Adamus filius suns primogenitus natus fuit, viz., uno 

anno post preliii apud Blackheath field. 

* This paragraph is suspected to have been an interpolation of the copyist, who may liave chosen this method 
for chronicling what was undoubtedly an ancient family tradition. The will of a William Wynethorpe, of Wynethorpe, 
CO. Notts, was proved May 4, 1445, and in it is mention of a son liobert, but there is no proof that the Suffolk 
Winthrops descend from either of them. 

* The words in brackets are believed to have been an interpolation of the copyist. The third Adam W. must have 
known that the manor of Groton was acquired by his father, and nob by his grandfather. There is no proof that the 
first Adam W. was of Groton, or that he was entitled to be styled armljer, A pedigree dated 1742 calls him "Serjeant- 
at-law," but there is no evidence of this, and it is very improbable. 

* The pedigree of 1742 (very unreliable) styles her widow of D: Burton and dau. and co-heir of D: Bumell. 
^ Lavenbam, pronounced Lannam in Suffolk. 

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.... Auno domini .... Adamus Wiuthrop cum grayi89inio morbo expiravit 

.... Anno domini .... Joane Winthrop uxor Adami Winthrop S vitA excessit, 

1515. Anno quinto decimo supra millessimum quingentessimum et anno regni Regis Henrici 
octavi nono, Adamus Winthrop Londinum venit et se apprenticum cum Edwardo Altam* per decimum 

1526. Anno domini 1526 Adamus Winthrop admissus fuit in libertatem civitatis London : 
et juratus tempore Johannis Allein majoris et Johannis Husae camerarii ejusdem civitatis, viz., nono 
Septemb'^ anno regni Regis Henrici octavi decimo octavo et anno aetatis suae vicessimo octavo. 

1527. Anno domini 1527 decimo sexto die novembris et anno regni regis Henrici octavi 
decimo nono, uxorem primam duxit Aliciam Henny honestis parentibus uatam. 

1528. Anno domini 1528 octavo die novembris Thomas suus Alius primogenitus natus fuit, qui 
obiit mense Aprilis anni proxime sequentis. 

1529. Anno domini 1529 decimo secundo die novembris Wilhelmus filius ejus secundus natus 

1530. Auno domini 1530 Brigitta Rlia sua primogenita vero die januarii nata fuit. 

1531. Anno domini 1531 quarto die januarii Ohristofenis filius ejus tertius Londini natus fuit, 
et obiit in parochia de Stocke in comitatu Essexiae cum nonum mensem aetatis suae appuliset, anno 
regni regis Henrici octavi vicessimo tertio. 

1533. Anno domini 1533 vicesimo die junij anno regni regis Henrici octavi vicessimo quinto et 
pentecostes feria secunda, Thomas secundus ejus nominis et quartus filius suus natus fuit Londini, quo 
vero die D. Anna Bollena Regina Angliae coronata est. 

Eodem anno 1533 vicessimo quinto die januarij et anno regni regis Henrici octavi 

vicessimo quinto, Alicia uxor ejus, cxqua illi nati sunt Rlii quatuor et una filia, Londini obijt. Vixit 
cum ills, sex annos duos menses et quinq: dies. 

1534. Anno domini 1534 vicesimo die julij anno I'egni regis Henrici octavi vicessimo sexto 
Adamus Winthrop anno aetatis suae tricessimo sexto, Agnetem Sharpe filia D: Roberti Sharpe de 
Islingtona in comitatu Middlesex iae generosi, puellam annum decimum octavum agentem, in uxorem 
secundam duxit. 

1536. Anno domini 1536 mense vero januarij anno regni regis Henrici octavi vicessimo 
octavo Brigitta filia sua postquam annum sextum aetatis suae appulisset, obijt. 

1537. Anno domini 1537 et anno regni regis Henrici octavi vicessimo nono Thomas ejus 4: 
filius postquam annum quartum aetatis suae complevisset, Islingtonae obijt. 

1539. Anno domini 1539 decimo quinto die Novembris et anno regni regis Henrici octavi 
tricessimo primo, Alicia filia sua primogenita ex Agnete uxore sua cum jam illi annos quinos quinq: 
menses et octo dies nupta fuisset, nata est. 

1543. Anno domini 1543 Brigitta filia sua altera ex Agnete uxore genita, tertio die Maij 
ascentionis domini festo celebrato anno regni regis Henrici octavi tricessimo quinto, nata fuit. 

^ Edward Altham, a leading Clothworker, Sheriff of London in 1531. 

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Hoc anno 1543 Adamus Winthrop incarceratus est in le fleete, eo quod cum alienigenis 

negotiatus fuerit contra R^is edictiun, ibiq: detentus donee 600^^ ad fiscam regiam solutus sit. 

1544. Anno domini 1544 primo die martij et anno regni regis Henrioi octavi tricessimo 
sexto Mariam tertiam filiam uxor illi peperit.^ 

1546. Anno domini 1546, vicessimo die januarij anno regni regis Henrici octavi tricessimo 
octavo et anno aetatis suae quadragessimo octavo, Johannem et Adamum gemellos uno partu uxor 
peperit quoq: junior infra 6: menses obijt. 

1548. Anno domini 1548 decimo die augusti anno regni regis Edwardi sexti secundo, Adamus 
alter filius ejus natus fuit in Londini urbem in parochia S^ Peters in via vocata gracious [Gracechurch], 
quo vero anno Adamt!is Winthrop ab Edwardo rege armigerum regio suo scripto et sigillo inscribitur.^ 

1550. Anno domini 1550 decimo septimo die maij et anno regni regis Edwardi sexti quarto 
Eatherina quarta ejus filia nata fuit.^ 

1552. Anno domini 1552 decimo die decembris Susanna quinta ejus filia nata fuit anno regis 
Edwardi sexti sexto. 

1562. Anno domini 1562 nono die novembri et anno regni Elizabethae Reginae quarto, dictus 
Adamus Winthrop cum gravissimo morbo laborasset et anno aetatis suae sexagesimo quarto e vita 
excessitj et in parochiae Ecclesia de Groton consepultus est. Vir pius et verae religionis amans. 

1565. Anno domini 1565 decimo teitio die Maij, anno regni Reginae Elizabethae septimo et 
anno aetatis suae quadragesimo octavo, Agnes uxor secundus Adami Winthrop in Springfield in 
comitatu Essexiae obijt et in chancell: de ecclesia Springfield consepulta est. Post mortpm Adami 
Winthrop nupta fuisset Gulielmo Mildmay de Springfield in comitatu Essexiae geueroso.* Foemina 
preclaris condecorata donis. 

1574. Anno domini 1574 decimo sexto die decembris et anno regni Reginae Eliz: decimo 
sexto, aetatis suae vicesimo sexto et quarto menses, Adamus Winthrop nuptus fuit Aliciae Still 
uxor ejus primus, filia D: Johannis Still de Lincolnshire et soror Doctoris Johannes Still magister, 
collegii sanctae trinitatis Cantabrigiae. The saide Alice died in childbed, being delivered of a sonne 
which was bom dead the 24 day of december an: 1577, in the 20 yere of Qu: Eliz: and lieth buried 
in Hadley churche. Protinus aetemo mittit utrumque Deo. 

1578. Anno domini 1578 secundo die junij Elizabetha uxor Wilhelmus Wmthrop in Kent 
obijt, ex qua illi nati sunt 3 filii et 2 filiae, nomina Joshua, Adam, William, Elizabeth and Sarah.* 

* It was in this year 1544 that he acquired Groton Manor. The ^lighter Mary, of whom there is no further 
mention in this record, is stated to have married, 1, William Celie, of London, haberdasher ; 2, Abraham Veysey, of 
Ipswich, yeoman. She is repeatedly referred to in her brother's diary as " my sister Veysey." 

' In the margin of this entry are inserted the words "on fryday," evidently the day of the week on which the 
Inrth occurred. 

^ She is not mentioned in her father's wiU, and undoubtedly died in childhood. It was about this time that he 
became Master of the Clothworkers Company of London, of which he had long been a prominent member. 

* The date of this marriage was June 7, 1563, as entered in the Groton Registers. 

B Unless some portion of the record is miseing, the writer omitted to enter the marriage of his brother WDliam, 
whose wife is stated to have been the dau. of ... Norwoode of Kent. Nor does he appear to have subsequently 
chronicled the marriages of four of his brother William's children, with whom he was on terms of intimacy and who are 
mentioned in his diaiy. 

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1579. Adam Winthrop was married to Anue my seooude wife, the daughter of Henry 
Browne, of Edwardston, clothier, the 20: day of ffebniaiy 1579 in the 22: yere of the reigne of Quene 

1581. Anne the first daughter of Adam Winthrop & Anne his wife was bom on fryday being 
the 5 daie of January anno 1581 in tlie 24: yere of Qu: Eliz: and died the 20 dale of the same month. 

Anno domini 1581 primo die Marti j Willielmus Winthrop filius Adami Winthrop et 

Aliciae uxor ejus primus, Londini obiit anno regni Reginae ElizAbethae vioesimo quarto. Vir sine 
fraude bonus et pietatis amans.- 

1585. Anne the second daughter of Adam Winthrop and Anne his wife was bom in 
Edwardston on Sunday aboute 10 of the clocke in the Qvenynge beinge the 16 daye of January anno 
1585 in the 28 yere of the reigne of Qu: Eliz: & in the 37 yere of my age. 

1587. Johannes Winthrop filius Adami Winthrop de Groton in comitatu SufFolciac armigeri et 
Annae uxor ejus, natus fuit in Edwardston decimo secundo die januarij 1587 et anno regni reginae 
Elizabethae 30: on thursday aboute 5: of the clocke in the mominge. 

John the only sonne of Adam Winthrop & Anne his mfe was borne in Edwardston 

aforesaide on Thursday about 5 of the clocke in the mominge, the 12 daie of January 1587 in the 
30 yere of the reigne of Qu: Eliz:** 

1590. Aimo domini 1590 the 17 of December Aj^nes Browne the mother of Anne liis wife died. 
Foemina quae Christum corde gerebat heniui, 

1592. Jane the thirde daughter of Adam Winthrop and Anne his wife was borne in 
Edwardston on Wednesday betwene the houres of one and two in the mominge, beinge the 14: daie 
of June anno 1592 and the 34: yere of Queene Elizabeth. In the yere 1612, 5 of January, she was 
married to Thomas Gostlin by whome she liad sons <fe daughters nominatim : Anne, Jane, Steven, 

1600. Lucy my 4 daughter was borne in Groton on fryday in the mominge: 9: of January 
anno 1600 and in the 43: yere of Qu: Eliza: and in the 52: yere & 5 mouth of my age and in 
the 41: yere of the age of Anne her mother.* 

1604. Anno domini 1604 nono die augusti Susanna filia Adami Winthrop et Agnetae uxor 
ejus secundus in Coventry obijt, anno aetatis suae quinquagesimo secundo. Nupta fuisset D: Cottie^ . . . 

1 The words "my seconde wife" and similar expresuions later on seem clearly to establish the authorship of the 
third Adam W., who probably copied many of the earlier entries from his father's pa|)er8. 

" This William Winthrop is stated to have been an active supporter of the Reformed Faith, and a letter of his 
to John Foxe, the Martyrologist, is printed in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for 1877. He was 
at one time Churchwarden of St. Michael's, ComhiU, the registers of which parish contain the baptisms of most of his 


• These two entries relating to the same person (afterward the great Puritan leader and Governor of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony) suggest that the copyist of 1705 may have had two documents before him, one of them, 
perhaps an ahnanac. There exist thirteen almanacs containing entries by the third Adam W., but the earliest is of 1599. 

* She died in 1679, having m 1622 become the second wife of Emmanuel Downing of the Inner Temple, by 
whom she had several children, one of whom was the celebrated Sir George Downing, Bart. For some interesting 
Uttere of her's see Winthrop Papers, Part III. (5 Mass. Hiat. CoU. i.) 

» Believed to have been Dr. John Cotta, author of a book on Witchcraft. 

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1605. Anno domini 1605 decimo sexto aprilis Johannes Winthrop in nzorem primam duzit 
Mariam filia unigenita Jdiannis fForthe de Magna Stambridge in oomitatu Esaexiae sex^us filius Chtlielmi 
fforthe de Butley abbey in Suffolke. 

Anno domini 1605 duodecimo die febra: Johannes filius suus primogenitus in Groton 

in oomitatu Suffolciae natus fuit quarto die SeptemV circa 5: horologii in manu, et baptizatus fuit 
vicesimo tertio die sequente.^ 

1607. Anno domini 1607 octavo die novembris Alicia filia Adami Winthrop et Agnetae uxor 
ejus secondus anno aetatis suae sexagesimo octavo obijt Cujus erat vita vitae medalla meae. Nupta 
fuisset 1563: Thomae Mildmaye £q: Aurat: ex qua illi nati sunt William, Francis, George, Henrie, 

1613. Anno domini 1613 vicesimo sexto julij Johannes Winthrop filius Adami Winthrop et 
AgnetOQ uxor ejus secundus in Ireland obijt, anno aetatis suae sexagesimo sexto et 7: menses. Qui 
sibi neque mihi utilis vit& fuit, qui mihi frater dunis tempore mortis erat Nuptus fuisset 1566: 
Elizabethae Rysby filia D: Roberti Rysby de Thorpe in comitatu Suffolciae.^ 

1614. Anno domini 1614 quarto die novembris Brigitta Alia Adami Winthrop et Agnetae uxor 
ejus secundus in Tharfield in Hertfordshire obijt anno aetatis suae septuagesimo secuudo. Nupta fuisset 
D: Rogerio Alibaster ex qu& illi nati sunt George, John, Tomas, Sara, William.* 

1619. Anno domini 1619 vicesimo die maij et anno regni regis Jacobi decimo septem Anna 
filia Adami Winthrop et Annae uxor ejus expiravit anno aetatis suae 33 : annos quatuor menses et 
octo dies et intra mediam ecclesiae parochialis S^ Sepulchers Loudiuo consepulta est. Anno aetatis 
suae 20 : nupta fuisset Thomae Fones farmacopola Londini qui moerens haec scripsit. Ex i\\xk illi 
nati sunt 2 filii et 5 filiae. [Then follow some Latin vei-ses by Fones in memory of his wife, which 
appears to have been imperfectly copied.] 

1623. Anno domini 1623 Adamus Winthrop filius junior Adami Winthix)p et Agnettie uxor 
ejus secundus in Groton in comitatu Suffolciae banc vitam transmigravit aetatis suae 75 : et sine 
ecclesi& consepultus est Vir bonus et pnidens, nulli pietate secundus. Anna uxor ejus e vit4 
excessit 1629 : et consepulta est cum marito. Foemina quae Christo tota dictata fuit.^ 

' This was the John Winthrop so well known in New England history as "John Winthrop the younger," 
long Governor of Connecticut and one of the most active of the early members of the Koyal Society. For numerous 
letters of his see Winthrop Papers, Part IV. (6 Mass. Hist. Coll. viii.) 

' This list of children is pai'tly illegible. Sir Thomas Mildmay was son of the William Mildmay, of Springfield, 
before-mentioned, and his son Henry became Sir Henry Mildmay of Graces, a distinguished soldier of the Irish wars. 

* Tliis John Winthrop became one of the promoters of the Carbery plantation in the south of Ireland, acquiring 
an estate at Aghadowne, co. Cork, and eventually disposing of his life-interest in Groton Manor to his brother and 
nephew. He was long separated from his wife, from whom he took steiw to -obtain a divorce, and in his old age claimed 
to have married secondly Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Powlden, of Rathgogan, co. Cork, to whom and to whose children 
he devised his ])ix)perty, to the chagrin of his relations in Suffolk. His sou by his first marriage died in boyhood, 
and his natural son, John Winthrop, younger of Aghadowne, died there unmarried in 1634. His executrix and alleged 
widow married Thomas Nott, one of the promoters of the Carbery plantation. The first wife, Elizabeth H^^sby, married 
secondly one Reynold Braunch, of St. Saviour's, Southwark, the licence in the Bishop of London's Court being dated 
S July, 1617. A letter from Brampton Gardon to Gov. John Winthrop in New England alludes to her death at 
Southwark in 1637. 

* The last named became the poet and dramatist, William Alabaster, D.D. 

^ In these two instances the precise date is not given, but Adam W. is known to liave been buried March 28, 
1623, and his widow to have died April 19, 1629. 

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The so-called Latin pedigree of the third Adam Winthrop ends here, and it seems reasonable 
to assume that the copyist of 1705 did not have before him the record in its entirety, as it contains 
no mention of the deaths of the writer's daughters-in-law, or the second and third marriages of his 
son, or the births of any of his son's younger children. The following five references to some of 
these events are taken from the diary and almanacs already alluded to: — 

1607. The xx**^ of Jan. my sonnes second sonue Henry was Christened at Groton. M*" Sands 
(k my b, Snelling were his godfathers. 

1609. Dec: 30: Forthe Winthrop was bom. 

1618. On fryday the 24^^ of Aprill my sonnes [third] wife came first to Groton. She was 
maried to him the [torn] day of the same moneth at Greate Maplested in Essex.^ 

1618 [1619]. The 24: daye of Marche in the yere of our Lord 1618 Stephen Winthrop was 
bom. The Ladye Anne Tyndal was his godmother and M' Steven Egerton her brother & M' Deane 
Tindal her son were his godfathers. 

1620. Adam Winthrop the second sonne of John Winthrop Esquire and Margaret his third 
wife was borne in Groton on frydaie y* seventh daie of y® moneth of April in the yere of our 
Lorde one thousand sixe hundred and twentie and in y^ beginninge of y** 18: yere of the reigne of 
our Sovereigne Lord Kinge James. He was baptised by M"^ Nicholson y^ parson of Groton and named 
Adam by Adam Winthrop his grandfather, Philip Goslin the elder, Jane Goslin his fathers sister, & 
Mary Cole the wife of Joseph Cole, who were his godfathers & godmothers. 

* Margaret, daughter of Sir John Tyiidal. Many of her letters are printed in the "Life and Letters of John 

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The so-called ''Emblazoned Pedigree," attested by Richard St. George, 1 March 1610, is in the possession of the heirs of 
the late Thomas Charles Winthrop, Esq., of New York. It is so faded and discoloured, through process of time, that the 
tinctures of the escutcheons cannot always be given with certainty. The arms attributed to Sharpe of Islington and Browne 
of Edwardstone do not appear to have been recorded in the Herald's College. 

Crest of Forthb : — A bear's head sable, muzzled or. 

Adam Winthrop of Groion in Com, of Stiff: Married 
Jane Burton ye Daughi, of .., d: had i$9U€, 

Arms : — Argent two chevrons crenelle gules : 
over all a lion rampant sable. 

Robert forth of HadUy in Cotn, Suff: Married 
,.. ye DavgkUr of Odiam of London. 

Arms : — Qules two bends vair6 arg. & sable : on a canton 
or a demi-greyhound couped courant of the third. 


Adam Winthrop of Oroton in Com, Suff:^AgnM y< Daughter of Bobi. Sharpe 
ton'e d: heire of Adam Marled \ ofletintonin the Coun, of Middieeex 

and had imte. 

Arms : — ^Winthrop, impaling Sharpe : ? Or three pheoons sable. 

WUVm.foTthe of Hadley in^Elizabethe the Daughter d: heire 
y« Coun. of Sv{ff: Armi, tone of Powdl of Wales ds had 
d: heire of Robert Maried Utue John 6th lone. 

Arms : — Forthe, impaling Powell : per pale azure & gules 
three lions rampant arg. : quartering Brokenspear, 
Gwaringdu, Morley and Vaughan. 

Adam Winthrop of^Alce the Da%ighter=rAnn the Daughter 



tone of Adam Win- 
throp maried to hie 
irtt wyfe. 

of John StiU of 
Lineolnthire d: had 
no iteue ds to hie 
aeeond toyfe. 

Arms: — ^Winthrop, impaling 
Still : sable gutt6 d'eau 
three roses ax^gent. 

of Henry Browne 
of Edtoardeton in 
Com, of St^: and 
had issue. 

Arms : — ^Winthrop, impaling 
Browne : Ermines on a chief 
argent three roundels gules. 

John Winthi'op of Oroton 
in Suff: sone <t heire of 
Adam, Mar, EUzaheth ye 
dau: of Rob: Ritby of 
Thorp in Svff. 

John forth of 8tanbridge=f Thomasine the Daughter 
in Essex y* 6^ sone of 
WiU. forth of Hadley in 
Com, of Suff : Mariid, 

of Hilles in the Com. of 
Essex ds had issue one 
ondy Daughter, 

Arms : — Winthrop, impaling Risby : 
Sa. a cross or voided between four 
griffins segreant of the second. 

Arms : — Forthe, quartering Powell, 
Brokenspear, Qwaringdu, Morley 
& Vaughan : impaling -^— 

Ann eldest Daughter 
mar: to Thomas 
fona of London, 



paling Winthrop. 

Jane y* second daughr 
Maried to 


Lucey^ third daughter 
Maried to 

paling Winthrop. 

Arms : 

paling Winthrop. 

I I 

John WinUii^p of Orotonrf^Mary y^ daugh: and heire of John forth 
sone d: heire of Adam of Stanbridge in y* CounV of Essex 
Maiied i had issue. 

Arms : — Winthrop, impaling Forthe quartering Powell, 
Brokenspear, Gwaringclu, Morley & Vaughan. 

Henry Winthrop the second of John, John sone ds heire aparant 

Winthrop quartering Forthe, &c. Winthrop quartering Forthe, &c, 

forth y« third sone of John Winthrop. 
Winthrop quartering Forthe, kc 

Sa-utavi Ricardus 5< Oeorge A^ dtmini lo Martij 1610. 

At foot, achievement of John Winthrop : quarterly of eight : — 

1. Winthrop : Argent two chevrons crenelle gules : over all a lion ratui>aut sable. 

2. Forthe : Gules two bends vair6 ai*gent k sable : on a canton or a demi greyhound couped courant of the third. 

3. Powell : Per pale azure and gules, three lions rampant argent, [but querj' ? .or in the original.] 

4. Brokenspear: Argent, on a cross gules five mullets or. 

5. Gwaringdu : Per pale azure k sable three fleurs-de-lis or. 

6. Morley : Argent a lion rampant sable crowned gules. 

7. Vaughan : Sa. three boys' heads couped at the shoulders ppr., crined or having snakes vert enwrapt around their necks. 

8. Winthrop : as above. 

Crest: On a mount vert a hare proper courant. 


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fSRtntbroii ^thigtttf ^itfalk !^tsitatum, 1612. 

Taken on "Saterday y« 24 of August," or "y« 25 of August 1611 " by John Raven, Richmond 
Herald, as deputy to William Camden, Clarencieux King of Arms. 

Adam Winthorp of Groton mar: Jone d: of ... & had issue Adam sone & heire. 

Adam sone & h: mar. Agnes d: of Sharpe & had issue John sone & h: mar: y^ d: of Risby 
of Thorpe & had no issue : Adam 2<> sone. 

Adam Winthorpe of Groton in SufF: Grent: 2<* sone of Adam mar: to his first wyfe Alice y* d: 
of Still of Linoolneshire & had no issue : he mar: to his 2** wyfe Ann y* d: of Browne 
of Edwardstone in Buff <fe by her hath issue John sofie & h: Ann mar: to Thomas Fones of 
London Gent, Jane & Luce. 

John sone & h: mar: Mary d: & h: of John Forth of Standon in Essex & hath issue John sone 
& he: age 6 Henry age '4 Forth age 1. 

Harl. MS. No. 1820, fo. 16^ 

At fo. 1 of this MS. is a tricking of the arms of " Winthrpp :" Ar. two chevrons gu. ; over 
all a lion rampant sa., impaling Still : Sa. gutted d'eau three roses ar., with the note, " Per Dethick, 
Garter, y* 24 of June 1592 both of them." At fo. 73^ is a rough drawing of the crest of " Wintherop :" 
On a mount vert^ a hare courant proper. 

In the corresponding MS. in the Heralds' College, where the same arms are given, the marriage 
of John Winthrop with the daughter of Risby is omitted. Both MSS. contain inaccuracies. John 
was the second son, and Adam the third, of the second Adam Winthrop. John Forth was of Great 
Stambridge. There is no evidence whatever of his alleged connection with Stoudon (or Standon) in 
Essex, and it is unlikely. There are omissionB also. Important matches, as for example that of Alice 
Winthrop with Sir Thomas Mildmay, are altogether ignored. The pedigree would appear to have been 
jotted down, somewhat hastily, by Raven, during a personal interview with Adam Winthrop the 
Diarist^ or his son John Winthrop, afterwards the well-known Governor of Massachusetts. 





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d ^tsm tllRtnt||ro]i» 1561 

In the name of god Amen. The xx*** daye of September An<» Domini 1562, I Adam Wyntrope 
of Groton in the Countie of Suff, gentleman and late clothworker and Cittezen of London, being whole 
of mynde and in good and parfect remembrance, thanks be giuen to abnightie god, doe ordayne and 
make this my presente testamente and laate will in manner and forme followinge ; revoking and 
disannulling all other willes & testaments heretofore by me made, or caused to be made, ffirst I 
bequeath my soule to almightie God, and my boddie to be buried in the parrish churche yarde of 
Groton aforesaide. Item, I doe giue to the poore people of Groton XL" to be giuen and distributed 
to the most needest^ by my executors or Administrators. Item I do giue vnto John Wyntropp my sonne, 
the leaoe and whole terme of yeres of my mancon house Wherein I nowe doe dwell, wholy as I haue 
yt by leace, withall the buildings, Orchardes, gardens, tenements with th'app^tenncs, to the saide John, 
to his heires and assigners. Neverthelesse I will and giue the saide leace and mancon house, withall 
the premisses and all and singular th'app'tenncs, vnto Agnes my wief during her naturall lief. Item 
I doe giue vnto Agnes my wief all that my mannor of Groton with the Advowson of the bennefice 
there, with all and singular wooddes, lands and tennements, courts and proffits of courts rents and 
seruics, with all and singuler thapp'teniics and commodities whatsoeu they bee, to the saide mannor 
belonging, or in any wise appertayning, during her naturall lief. Item I doe giue vnto the saide 
Agnes, during her naturall lief all those landes and tenements, meddowes, and pastures which I 
purchased and had of Thomas ffacon by exchange or otherwyse. And also all those landes and 
tennements whiche I purchased and had of John Doget, w^^ all those exchanged landes whiche I had 
of firauncs Clopton £squire. Item I doe giue to the saide Agnes my wief, during her natural 
lief, all those landes and parcells of lande which I bought of Rose Bonde widdow. And after the 
decease of the said Agnes, I will and giue all that my foresaide Mannor with the Advowson of the 
benefice with thapp^'tenn'cs as is aforesaide, And also all those landes which I had of Thomas fiacon 
and of John Doget, w^^ also all those exchanged lands with M' Clopton, and also all those landes and 
pcells of lands whiche I bought of Rose Bonde widdow, with all and singular the^ premisses, vnto 
John Wyntropp my sonne and to his heires males of his boddie lawfully begotten. And for lack of such 
Issue males of the saide John lawfully begotten, I will the saide mannor with the advowson of the 
bennefice, with all the other the premisses with theire app'tenn'cs, and also the other landes and 
tennements, with the exchanged landes and other the premisses with theire app'tenn'cs, shalbe and 
remayne vnto Adam Wyntrop my sonne, and to the heires males of his boddie laufully begotten. 
And for defalte of such Issue of the saide Adam, I will all and singular the premisses with theire 
app'tenn'cs to remayne vnto Willyam Wyntropp my sonne, and to his heires males of his boddie 
laufully begotten. And for lack of suche Issue of the saide Willm, I will and giue all the saide 
p'misses with theire app'tenn'cs before rehersed, vnto my fower daughters : That is to saye Alice, 
Bridget, Mary and Susan, and to theire heires then living : and when the saide Manno'' and all 
th'other premisses shall so dissende and come. Item I doe giue vnto Willm Wjmtrop my sonne and 
to his heires all my landes and tennements, woods and pastures and feedings, both free and coppie 
now being in the occupac'on and meonoring^ of John Tylor of Groton, excepte the lande called 
Lynseye Chappell lande iu the occupac'on of the saide John Tylo^ Item I doe giue vnto the saide 

^ This is underliued, and " where most iiede is " is written above. 
* Meonoriug = manoeuvring or management. 

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Willm and to his heires all those landes and tennent^ both free and coppie, now in the occupao'on and 
meonoring of John Yeamon, which Nicholas Colquyn hath of me to fanne. Item I doe giue to the 
saide Willm and to his heires so muche of the landes exchanged with M' Clopton as doe lye within and 
to the fanne that the said John Yeman occupieth. Item I doe giue vnto Agnes my wief my 
ij tennements in Churche streete, now in th'occupacon of John Lyrskin and the wydoe Waspe during 
her naturall lyef. Item I doe giue vnto the saide Agnes, terme of her lief, my Coppie land which I 
holde of the Manno' of Beerhouse in Edwardston. And after her deceace, I will the foresaide 
i] tenements with the saide lande to remayne vnto John Wyntropp and to his heires males of his 
boddie laufully begotten, and soe forth, accordingly as aboue, for defalte of such Issue of the saide 
John. Item I doe give vnto Willm Wyntropp my sonne all my wearing apparrell and rayment to my 
boddie belonging. Item I doe giue to the saide Willm Wyntropp and to his heires all that my 
landes and tennements, both free and coppie, lyeng at Woodkerstreete in Boxforde, now in the vse 
And occupac'on of Raufe ^erland.^ Item I doe giue vnto Agnes my wief during her naturall lief 
all and nnguler my howses, buildings, landes and tennements, pastures, wooddes and feedings, both 
free and coppie, with theire app'tenn'cs, now in the vse and occupa'cou of Nicholas Colquyn. And 
also all those landes and tennements with theire app'tenn'cs in the vse and occupa'con of John Warde, 
with also all the late Chappell of Lynsey, with all the landes and tennements. Rents, Tythes, fedings 
and pastures, with the keping of the faire and the proffits of the same. And all the other rights 
and commodities to the same belonging. And also all those my other landes and tennements both 
free and coppie vnbequeathed, being noe pcell nor member of my saide Manno', to the saide Agnes 
for terme of her lief : And after her deceace, I will and bequeath all those foresaide landes and 
tennements, both free and coppie with theire app'tenn'cs, in the occupa'con of the saide Nicholas 
Colqujm and John Warde, And also all the other premisses with theire app'tenn'cs vnto Adam 
Wyntropp my sonne and to his heires males of his boddie laufully begotten. And for lacke of suche 
Issue of the saide Adam I will it vnto John Wyntropp my sonne and to the heires males of his 
boddie laufully begotten. And soe successiuely for defalte of suche Issue of John Wyntrop vnto 
Willm Wintrop my sonne and to his heires males of his boddie laufully begotten. And for lacke 
of such Issue of the saide Willm, I will all the saide premisses remayne wholy to my iiij^'' daughters, 
That is to Alice, Bridget Mary and Susan, to them and to theire heires, then and when the 
premiss shall soe dissende and come, equally to be divided betwene them parte and parte lyke. 
Item I doe giue and bequeath vnto John Wyntropp and to Adam Wyntropp my sonnes, vj* a peece 
at theire age of xxi** yeres, to be payed yerely vnto them and vnto eyther of them by the handes 
•f Agnes my wief during her naturall lief. Whiche saide some I will yt be levied and taken yerely 
ate of all my landes and tennements, goodes and cattails, bequeathed to Agnes my wief. Item I doe 
giue vnto Alice Wyntropp my daughter threescore and six poundes thirteene shillings and iiij** which 
is in the handes of Willm Wyntropp my sonne as yt appereth by his bill obligatorie. Item I doe 
giue vnto my daughter Bridget other threescore and six poundes thirtiene shillings and fower pence 
whiche is also in the handes of the saide Willm, deliured to hym by my wief, as also yt doth appere 
by his bill obligatorie ; whiche saide some I will yt be payed to the saide Alice and Bridget at the 
daye of theire marriage, or at theire seuerall age of xxiij yeres, yf they be not married before. 
Item I doe giue vnto my ij daughters Mary and Susan to cache of them fiftie poundes a peece, 
to be payed to them by my executors at the daye of theire marriages or at theire seuerall age 
of xxi** yeres, yf they be not married before. And yf any of my fower daughters doe departe this 
worlde before their legacies be payable by this my will. That then I will that her or theire parte 
and parts of suche as shall departe be equally devided emonge the residue that oulive of the saide 

^ The first syllable ie underlined, and Bud is written above it. The name was, mos probably, Rudland 

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iii]^' daughters. Item I doe giue vnto Thomas Hen all and singular suohe leace and terme of yeree 
as be hath of me by indenture, accordinge to the purporte and tennure of the same Indenture: 
And I will hym also to haue yerely other fower lodes wood towards his fuell ou and besides that 
whiche is alreddie graimted to him in his saide leasa Item I giue vnto John Wyntropp my Sonne 
all suche Implements and moveable household stuf as hereafter followeth . ffyrst the Seeling in the 
hawle of wainsoote rounde aboute the hall in my man'ooa house, The wyndowes, portalls and skreenes, 
a frame and a longe table in the saide hawle. Item a fetherbed with a bedsteede in the parlcP wholye 
fumisshed, the Cupboorde there, all the shelves iu the Kitchen Buttrie and backhouse, the leade in the 
back house with all the necessaries there groundefast and nayldfast, the presse in the storehouse and 
in the chamber, all which premisses I will them to John Wyntrop my sonne and to his heires. 
Nevertheless I will them to remayne still there, ^nd that Agnes my wief to haue th'use and occupieng 
of every of them during her lyef tyme. Item I doe giue vnto Will'm Wyntropp all my Implements 
and householde stuf whatsoeu they be, now being within my house in Sainte Michaells in Comehill 
in London, excepted and reseruid to the saide Agnes my wief, the vse hauing and occupieng of them 
during her naturall lief, with a Chamber in 3't my saide house at all tymes whensoeu she the saide 
Agnes shall come to my saide house in London, with also her deputie or servants with her freely, 
withoute any let or interrupc'on of the said Will'm hys heires or assignes, frely and withoute eny 
monney or charge payeng for them during her lief. And also the best chamber, with all the pewter, 
Brasse, bedding and other necessaries and ymplements there, to be at th'use and occupieng of the saide 
Agnes freely at all tymes at her coming to London, with all the other commodities of the saide house 
to her also as freely as is aforesaide. iFurthermore I will that yf Will*m Wyntropp my sonne his heires 
executors or assiguers, John Wyntropp or Adam Wyntropp my sonnes, or any of them, or theire heires 
executors or assignors of any of them, or any other for them, or for either of them, or in eny of 
their names of either of them, or by any by or of theire procurement doe molest or ti-oble Agnes 
my wief her executora or assignes, or doe attempte or otherwyse goe aboute to disproue or adnichillate 
or disanull this my will, in all or eny parte thereof, That then I will that the parte and parte gifts 
and bequests, as well of houses lands and tenements both free and coppie with th'app'^tenn'cs as othe^ 
moveables and bequests, made and giuen to them, and to them and theire heires, and to the heires of 
eyther of them that soe shall molest or troble Agnes my wief, or attempte or otherwise goe aboute to 
disprove adnichillate or disanul this my saide will, in all or in eny parte therof as is aforesaide, to 
be frustrate and voyde and of none efFecte and to haue noe benifite of this my laste will, but then I 
doe giue all the parte and parts gifts and bequests of hym and them, or made to hym and them and 
theire heires of hym and them that soe shall molest or troble Agnes my wief, her executors or 
assiguers, or attempte or otherwise goe aboute to disprove adnichillate or disanull this my will, in all 
or in eny parte thereof as ys aforesaide, vnto Agnes my wief to her heires, executors or assiguers, 
eny thing or things contayned in this my will to the contrary notwithstanding. Provided alwayes and 
I will, that yf there be any Article, Worde, clause or sentence in this my laste will that is not or 
be not made pfecte and formall according to the lawe. That then I will that Agnes my wife her 
executors and assignes shall take lemed councell in the lawe, from tyme to tyme to make them pfecte 
and formall acooxiing to the law, and as the said Agnes my wief her executors and assignors and 
her leraed councell in the lawe shall make them ; not altering my legaces and bequests I will to be 
my will and to stande as my laste will and testamente. All the residue of my goods Cattalle, Chattells, 
debtf householde stuf, plate, Juells and all other moveables and vnmoveables whatsoeur they be 
vnbequeathed I doe giue them wholy vnto Agnes my wief, whome I doe ordayne and make my whole 
executrix of this my will. And I will that Richarde Burde of Ipswiche to be Supervisor of this my 
will. And I doe giue hym for his paynes xl'. And to my syster his wief xx' to make her a Riil{ge. 
And to my sister Whiting other xx". Witnesses hereunto Thorns Gale, John Spencer, Thomas Osborne, 

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Richard Bronde, and John Warde. fFurthermore I will that Agnes my wief her executors or assignes 
shall WM/^ and recouer by the vertue of this my will ; and my mynde is yf the saide Willm will not 
and doe not paye at any tyme after this present date of this my will, yf he refuse or denie, or doe 
not paye yt to my saide wief the money of bothe the within written billes which is CC marks, he be 
by the saide Agnes her heires executors or assigners required to paye yt. And after the reoouerie 
of yt the saide Agnes her executors or assigners to repaye yt agayne to my saide children, according 
as is menc'oned in this my will. Witnesses 6. for Thomas Gale : by me John Spencer . H. by 
m^ Thomas Osborne a witnes , >^j\ • ^^^ John Warde a witness . •• by Richarde Bronde : By 
me Adam Wyntropp. j 

Probatum fuit hiiioi Testamentum coram Magro Waltero Haddon legum Doctore^ Curie 

prerogatiue Cant Conunissario apud London Decimo Quinto die mensis Januarij Anno Domino Millim5 

quingentesimo sexagesimo secundo Juramento Stephani Isbourde ats Godfrey procuratoris Agnetis Relicte 

et executrice in eodem nominat Cui comissa fuit Adniiulstrac5 k/^» de bene &c. Ac de pleno Ju*^^. 

Necnon de vero et piano compto. Reddend. Ad sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat <Ssc. 

P.C.C. 2 Chayre. 

Mhttbro)! lattbs in Islington, Um)i. H^nt^ %%%%. 

From Harl. MS. 608. 
fo. 6^ 7. 

Com Midd 

Register of the Sale of Abbey and other lands, 4 & 5 Phil, k Mar. 

in conil ^d' 



Terr nup cuiusdm Adame Winthorpe Armiger. 
ffinS vnius Teuti in Islington ciS gardino adiac 
in tenur^ cuiusdm Jacobi Collens p AnniS 

I xiij* iiij** 


xxxvi^ viii** 

- xi*' X* 



Redd vuius Tent cS gardini & horreo scituat in' 
le Churchestrete in Islington pd nup in tenut) 
Nichi Bray k modo in tenura dci^ Jacobi Collens 
p anui9 

Redd vnius Tent ci9 horreo k gardini adiaceni' 
scituat in le Churchestre^te ^ict nup in tenura 
cuisdP Rot^ti Sharpe k modo in tenur^ ^ Jacobi 
Collens p anniS ' 

Redd vnius claus prat contiS iij acras dc? Atkins' 

prat conti8 viij*<* acr^ Alter^ cl? prat voc le Hare 

cont vnam Rod Alter^ cl? cont vnam Acr & vnam 

^ Rod k dimiss3 ^at Jacobo Collens p amnS ^ 

The f>misses were parcel of the lands of one Adame Winthorpe Esquyer, but by what tytle 
yt came to the Kinges possessions I knowe not neyther ys there any other lands of the same 
possessions wythin the same towne. 

£x p me Antho: hayforde deput valent Browne And. \ 

[ = deput? Valentini Browne Audit.] > 
xiij® Junij 1558 Willm Ormested one of the M" of the Chiincery 
XX yeres p^chage and not aboue in consyderacon that he pmyseth to 
gyue thys lande to .the churche /all to be p^ before Mydsomer next/ 

^ The word "sue" as written above this 

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(Srant of (Sroton jlattor to 2^am Mxatljtajf. 


" P Adam Wynthro^ de con sibi db hered. Rex omib} ad quos eo saltm. Sciatis q(t noe p 
Buma quadringentarf ooto library octodeoim solidorf db trm denaf legalis monete Angt ad mantis 
Thes nS Cur nHe Augmentacionu revencionu Corone nre p dilem nob Adam Wynthropp solut De qua 
quidem sua fatem noe plenarie esse satisfeos dc contentat Eundemc^ Adam heved & executores suos 
inde aoquietatos p ^sentes de gra nra spSli ac ex Sta sciencia db mero motu nHs dediiS conoessiiS 
ac p psentes dant & concedim^ pfate Ade W3mthropp totum illud MaSium nfm de Groton in Com 
nro Suff cam suis jurib} membris & ptiii uni^is nup Monas¥io de Bury So! Edmundi in eodem 
Com dudum spectans & ptineii ac pceii possessionu & revencionu ejusdem nup Monas^j dudum 
existens Aceciam omia & singula mesuagia molendina domos edificia %ras ten prata pascuas pastur 
redditus re^iones Svicia redditus oSis redditus sice ac redditus sup quibuscumc^ dimissionib} seu 
ooncessionib} reserv&t annuitates annuales redditus finnas feod firmas^ aq'uas piscarias & piscacoes 
bosoos subbosc jampna bruer moras colas vies vacua funda Cur let Cur pficna Vis franc pleg ac 
omia que ad vis franc pleg ptinent seu impostiun spectare possuit aut debent nativos & villanos 
cum eorf sequelis feod milit ward maritag escaet relevia heriett meat tolnet oustmnas libras warrennas 
bona & catalla waviat ext^hier pficna comoditates emolumenta & hereditamenta nra quecmnq cum 
eorf ptin uni^is jacen sive existen in Groton Boxford & Edwardston in doo Coin nro Suff ac alibi 
ubicumc^ in eodem Com dco Manlio quoquo modo spectan sive ptinen Aut ut memb^ pars vel pcelt 
ejusdem manlij antehac hit oognit accept usitat reputat dimiss seu locat existen Aceciam advocacoem 
donacoem ^ntacoein libam disposicoSm & jus pronatus Rcorie ecciie de Groton ^dict dco nup 
Monas%o dudum spectafl & ptinen Aceciam rev^ionem & re^siones ^ci Manlij <& ce^orf ^^sorf cum 
eorf ptin univ^s Ac totum ilium anniin redditum viginti unius libiarf sex solidorf & octo denariorf 
sup dimissione pdci MaSij annuatim reservat Ac omes & singulos alios redditus revencoes & ce^ 
aimualia pficna qucciunc^ sup ^miss aut aliqua inde pcella reservat Neoon totum ilium boscum nrm 
cum ptin vocat Growton Wood continen p estimacoSm triginta septem acras jacSn crescen <& existen 
in pochia de Groton ^dict in dco Com nro Suff ac dcd nup Monastio dudiun spectan & ptinen 
Aceciam totiun ilium boscum nr'm cum ptin vocat Howewood continen p estimacoem quatuor acras 
jecen crescen «!^ existeii in eadem pochia ac eidem nup Monas^ia dudiun spectan & ptinen Ac omes 
& singulos alios boscos subbosoos & arbores nros quoscumq^ de in vel sup ^^isis aut aliqua inde pcella 
crescen sive existen Ac tot terr fundum & solum eorfdem boscor(' <& eorf cujustt Adeo plene & integre 
ac in tam amplis modo & forma put ultimus Abbas del nup Mpnastij de Bury aut aliquis vel 
aliqui pdecessorf in jure nup Monas^j illius aliquo tempore ante dissolucoem sive sursum reddicoem 
ejusdem nup Monas^ii vel anteq^ nup monasfium illud ad manus nras devenit, p'dict maSium 
messuagia ^b» ten advocacoem ac ce^ plmisa aut aliquam inde pcellam huit tenuit vel gavisus fuit 
huerunt tenueruut vel gavisi fuerunt sue ISere tenere vel gaudere debuit aut debuerunt Et adeo 
plene & integre ac in tam amplis modo & forma put ea om'ia & singula ad manus nras rone vel 
p^xtu dissolucois sive sursum reddicdis del nup monastii aut rofie vel ^textu alicujus Carte doni 
conoessionis vel sursum reddicois p dcin nup At^bem & nup Convent del nup Mona^Sii sub sigillo 
suo Conventuali nob inde confect aut rone vel ptextu alicujus actus parliamenti vel alitf quocum^ 
modo devenerunt seu devenire debuerunt ac in manib} nris jam existunt seu exisSe debent vel deberent ~ 
Que quidem maniiun mesuag tre ten ac ceca ^^misa cum suis ptin extendunt** ad clarum aunun 
valorem viginti unius librar & viginti de^r decima inde non deduct Hend tenend & gaudend Sdict 

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manium mesuag %& ten prata pascuas pastur redditus re^iones Svicia boscos subbosoos Cur iSt Cur 
pfic franc pleg advocacoem ac ce?a omia & singula ^misa cum eorf ptiii uni^is ^ato Ade 
Wynthropp hered & assign suis nuppm Tenend de not^ hered & succea^orib} n'ris in oapite p Svicin 
vicesime partis unius feod militis ac reddend inde annuatim not) hered & successorib} nris quadraginta 
duos [} solid] & duos denarios legat monete Angt ad dcain Cur nram Augmentacionu revencionu Corona 
nre ad festum Sci Michis Archi singulis annis solvend uole decime partis ^lusorf p omibj redditib} 
sviciis <fe demand quibuscumtj ^ inde nob hered vel successorib) n*ris quoquo modo reddend solvend 
seu faciend," Szc 

"In cujuB rei ec T 9> apud Westm xxix die Januarij p t^re de privato sigillo & de dat ec." 

Patent Roll 35 H. 8. part H Memb. 5 (;U.) 

^rttUtnenl of (Bxatan ffianax, 1557- 

'' I^ Licenc alienandi ^ Adam Wyntrop Sen. Rex & Regina &c OmiB} ad quos &g Saltm 
Sciatis qd uos de Gra n'ra splali ac ¥ novem libris decern solidis & quinq^ denarijs noB solutis in 
Hanapio nro Concessim" & Licenciam Dedim" ac 1? psentes Concedim" & Licenciam Dam' '9 nob hered 
& successorib} nrm dc9 Regine quantum in nob est Adam Wjmtrop Seniori qd ipe Totum illud MaSiU 
suu' de Grotton in Com nro Suff cum suis jurib} membris & ptin uni^sis nup Monas?io de Bury Sci 
Edmundi in eodem com' dudiun spectani c ptinen ac pcell possessiouu & revenconu ejusdem nup 
Monast'ij existen Aceciam omia & singula messuagia ?ras teii prata pascuas pasturas boscos subboscos 
advocaooes jura piiat reddit re^siones §yicia cur libtates franches pficna comoditates & hereditamenta 
quecum^ cum suis singulis ptin trit^ existen reputat cognit sive usitat ut pars pcett sive 
membr Manlij pdci aut dco manlio aliquo modo spectan sive ptinen Que de not) tenent' in capits 
dare feof&re alienare vendere & concedere possit aut p iinem cognosce in cur nra coram Justic n'rie 
de Banco levand seu quocumc^ alio modo dilcis not) Simoni Ponder & Johi Ponder Hend & Tenend 
eisdem Simoni & Jdhi & hered suis Ad opus & usum pfati Adam & Agnetis uxis sue ,p tPmino 
vite eor & eor alt'ius dincius viven £t post decessum ipor Adam & Agnetis ad opus & usmn 
Johis Wyntrop scdi genit fit p^dcor Adam & Agnetis ac hered masculor de corpore ipius Johis 
legittime pcreatis Et p defcu talis exit ad opus & usum p'dcT Adam & hered suor* imppm de nob 
hered & succes8orib3 n'rm dec Regine p ^vicia inde debita & de jiu*e consueta. Et eisdem Simoni 
& Johi Ponder qd ipi ^dict manliu mesuagiu trlas teii reddit re^^iones ac cetJa omia & singula ^missa 
cum ptin a ^ato Adam recipe possuit & tenere sibi & assign suis pdcis ad opus & usus ^ict de 
not) hered & successorib3 n'rum dee Regine pdict 9 Svicia ^dca imppm sicut pdcm est tenore 
^senciu' similit' licenciam dedim' ac dam* spialem nolentes qd pfati Adam & Agnes aut pdci Simon 
& Johes Ponder vel hered sui aut pdcus Johes Wyntrop vel hered mascul de corpore suo legittime 
pcreat aut recti hered' ^ati Adam imppm rone ^missor^ sive eor' alicujus p nos hered vel successores 
n'rm dee Regine Justic Escaetores Vicecomites Ballivos seu alios ministros nros vel dcor' hered 
seu successor' nrm ^ate Eegine quoscumq inde occonent' molestent' pturbenf^ vexent' in aliquo seu 
g'vent' nee eor' aliquis occonef^ molestet' pturbet' vexef^ in aliquo seu gvet^ In cujus rei Ac 
t "R A R apud Westm scdo die Maij." 

Patent Roll, 4 & 5 P & M., part 11, Memb. 18. 

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llUettation of (groton gimnt, 1594. 

"I> lioen alien p JoUe Wynthropp." 

"Regina Omib5 ad quos &o Saltm Sciatis qd nos de gra nra spiat ac p sex libris tresdecim 
solidis & quatuor denariis solut Firmar nris virtiite Irar* nrar* paten concessiiB <k licentiam dediiS ac 
p nob heFed3 & 8ucce88orib3 nris quantum in nob est ^ ^y^entes concediiS & licenciam daiS Dilco 
nob Jobi Wynthropp qff ipe ManSr de Groton cum |)tin' ac quinq5 mesuagia tria cotagia octo Gardiua 
octo pomar ducentas acras teif viginti acras prati Centum acras pasture septuaginta acras bosci & 
ooiam pasture ,p omlb} a^is cum ptin in Groton, Edwardstone & Boxford in Com' nro SufT Que 
de nob tenent*^ in capite ut dicif^ dare possit & concedere alienare aut cognosce p finem in Cur nra 
coram Justic nris de Banco aut aliquo alio modo quocumq^ ad libitum ipius Jobis Ditco nob Adamo 
Selye Habend & tenend eidem Adamo ac heredib3 & assign suis imppm de nob heredib} & successorib3 
nris ^ Svicia inde debita & de jure consuet Et eidem Adamo qd ipe ^ict manSr mesuag terr 
ten ac ce^a omia & singula ^misa supius expssa & splficata cum ptin a pfat Jobe recipe possit & 
tenere sibi ac heredib3 & assign suis de nob heredib3 & 8Ucoe88orb3 nris p Svicia ^ca sicut ^dcih 
est imppm tenore psencin similit^ licenciam dedim^ ac p nob heredib3 & successorib3 nris p'dcia 
dam^ spia]em Concessim^ eciam ac p nob heredib3 <k successorib3 nris p psentes concedim^ p^ato 
Adamo qd ipe ^ict mane? mesuag teir tefi & cet'a ^^ssa cum ptin p finem ^cm in Cur ^ca 
concedere possit ^fato Jobi & itt ei reddere in eadem Cur habend & tenend eidem Jobi ac herebib3 
& assign suis de nob heredib3 & succe8sorib3 nris p Svicia inde debit & de jure consuet Et eidem 
Jobi qd ipe pdict mafier messuag terr ten ac ct'a omia & singula ^missa supius ex^^ & spificat 
a ^fat Adamo ex dca reddicoe ejusdem Adami similit^ cape & recipe possit & tenere sibi ac heredih3 
& assign suis de nob heredib3 & successorib3 nris p Svicia p'dca sicut ^cm est imppm tenore ^nciu 
similit^ licen dedim^ ac p nob heredib3 & successorib3 nris ^dcis dam^ spialem Nolentes qd pdcus 
Jobes vel heredes sui aut ^at Adamus vel heredes sui rone pmissor' p nos heredes vel successores 
nroB aut p Justic Escaet Vic Ballivos aut alios officiar seu ministros nrbs aut dcore hered vel successor^ 
nros quoscumq^ inde occonent"^ molestent' impetant^ vexenf in aliquo seu §vent' nee eorf aliquia 
occonent' molestet' impetat' vexet' in aliquo seu ^veV^ In cujus ec. f, Jt. apud Westm^ scdo 
die Septembr. 

Patent Boll, 36 Elizabeth, Part 13, Memb. 31. 

The second Adam Winthrop had entailed the Manor, in 1557, upon his second son, John^ 
The latter, being concerned in a plantation in the South of Ireland, was now about to relinquish 
his life-interest to his younger brother, the third Adam Winthrop, whose only son, Governor John 
Winthrop of Massachusetts, sold Groton in 1631. 

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Mill o! lolm Mmtbo}! al Jlgbai^ohme, 1615. 

In the name of God. Amen . . . Winthroppe of AghaSowne in the Countye of Cork, gent, 
being in perfect helthe in body and good memory ... be to God therefore doe make and ordayne 
this my laste Will and Testament in manner and forme .... 

ffirst I bequeathe my Soul to Almightye God hopeing verelye to be saved by the deathe 
and passion of his Sonne Jesus Christe and my bodye to be buryed at the disposition of my 
Executrix. Then I give towards the reliefe of the poore people of the pTsh of Aghadowne afores** 
the some of sixe pounds sterlinge to be distributed by the discretion of the aforesaid Executrix 
Item I bequeath unto Adam Winthroppe of the Michells, the some of tenn pounds sterling. 
Item I give to Elizabeth Winthroppe my daughter 220 pounds sterling & to my dau Anno 
Winthroppe one hundred and fower score pounds sterling for their better preferment to be paid 
unto them and either of them at the daie of their marriage provided that they and eyther of 
them marye by the couseynt and to the lyking of their mother otherwyse my meaning is that 
they or shee that shall marrye without the consent of their mother shall have no parte of the 
foresaid Somes as my gyfte, but do leave them to their fortunes and their mothers favor in that 
kinde. Item I give to Elixabeth my nowe Wyfe daughter of Thomas Powlden deceased all my 
houses goods and chattells whatsoever, my Ligasays and funendl expenses to be paid by her and 
allowed and I doe finally make constitute ordayne and appoint my wife Elizabeth daughter to 
Thos. Powlden deceased my sole and absolute Executrix of this my laste Will and Testament and 
doe hereby revoke and disallow all other Wills and Testaments heretofore made or ordayned and 
doe hereby declare them to be absolutely voyde frustrate and of noe effecte. In witness whereof 
I have hereunto put my hande and Scale dated this eight and twentyeth day of March 1613. 
My meaning is that the tenn pounds I have bestowed on Adam Winthroppe and the sixe pounds 
which I have bestowed on the poor shall be paid within three months next after my decease. 

John Winthropp. 

Signed and scaled in preseno of 
Edward Sponby. 
William Laughlin. 
John Chapman. 

N.R — Noted in a piece of parchment endorsed "1615. No. 1.— Last Will db Test, of John 
Winthropp of Aghadown in the Co. Cork gent"; but from another document in the envelope it 
would seem that the Will was proved 31 January 1613. Aghadowne, Diocese of Ross. 

The original paper has been pasted upon another papsr for preservation. The seal is gone 
all but a fragment of the edge. 

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mni of lobn minihnf of (Btoitm, 16^0. 

Long before John Winthrop quitted England for Massachusetts, and while his father was still 
living, he made a will which, though never proved, has been preserved amongst the family papers 
in America. It is printed in extenso in his Life and Letters, Vol. i. 151, but for the sake of 
convenience and for its Suffolk allusions, an abstract is given in this place. It does not mention 
the entailed lands to which he afterwards succeeded. His second will of 1639 will be found m 
Vol. ii. 250, of that work. 

"In the name, of God, amen. This tenth day of May, in the year of our Lord God 1620 
I John Wynthrop of Grotou, in the county of Suffolk, Esquire, being in sound mind and good 
health do make my last will and testament in matter following : — 

First, I commend my soul into the hands of God, who hath called me into this grace 
wherein now I stand and rejoice. My body I yield to the earth. For such temporal goods as 
I shall leave behind me, I commit to the care and disposition of Margaret my wife^ [Mr. Adam 
Winthrop my father, Anne Winthrop my mother] and John. Winthrop my son, whom I doe ordain 
executors' of this my will. Item, I doe give unto my said wife all those my lands and tenements 
which I lately purchased of William Forthe of Neyland, gentleman; vi}, the two tenements and 
six acres of land, lying by Leven Heath, and ten acres of woodland ; which land and woods are 
called by the several names of Mastemian's Cross, Masterman's Grove, Stubbins Cross, Stubbins 
Grove and Homylies Grove ; also one close of pasture-ground, called Little-pond Field, containing 
about eight acres, lying at the end of Neyland Town, towards Buers; and also three acres of 
meadow lying in Lowe's Meadow, in the parish of Assington, just by the said end of Neyland 
Town: all of which are more particularly expressed in a deed of feoffment from the said William 
Forthe to me made, bearing date the twenty seventh day of July, 1617 : to have and to hold 
the said tenements, lands, pastures, and woods unto my said wife for term of her life ; and after 
her decease, to remain to Adam my son, and to hie heirs. I give imto my said son John all 
that messuage wherein I now dwell, together with that indenture of lease which I have in the 
same, and in certain acres of land in Groton being parcel of the rectory of the same parish. 
Item, whereas I have one parcel of land called Upper Crabtreewent, now in the occupation of 
Philip Gostlin the elder, which I have left out of former conveyances that I might lay it imto 
the parsonage of Groton, in satisfaction of the like quantity of land which I have of the same, 
I do hereby admonish my said son that he so dispose hereof as may be best to God's glory and 
the due recompense of the faithful incumbent ; as myself purpose to do, if God spare me life. 

"Item, for Mary my daughter, I will that my executors shall pay her grandfather Forthe 
his legacy of £240, to be paid her at her age of eighteen years, and withal, I commit her to 
the care of my executors to be well and Christianly educated with such goods as I shall leave 
xmto them. Item, I will that my executors shall pay unto Luce Winthrop, my sister, one hundred 
and twenty pounds ; one hundred whereof is due to her upon an agreement between my father 
and me upon the setting over his whole estate unto me. Item, I will that they shall pay unto 
Ezekiel Bonde threescore pounds, which is due to him of such legacies as my father was to pay 
unto him. Item, I will that my sons Henry and Forthe shall be brought up in learning, out of 

The words in brackets are partially erased in the original 


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the rents they are to have by the will of their said grandfather Mr. Forthe. My other two sons 
Stephen and Adam I commend to the care of their mother, to be brought up in the fear of God. 
Item, I will that my executors shall pay my son Henry £13.6.8. yearly out of lands which should 
fall to him by his grandfather Forthe's will at his age of twenty-four years. Item, I make my loving 
wife and John my son executors of this my will ; charging them that my debts may be truly paid ; 
for performance whereof I do give unto my son John the lease of the house I dwell in, with the 
lands thereunto belonging and therewith occupied. 

"Published in the presence of Henry Winthrop, Samuel Gostlin." 

ill 0f ^ttphtn Wiintltto^, 1658^ 

I Stephen Winthrop of James Streete in Westminster in the Countie of Midd. Esq", being I 

sicke in bodie but of perfect minde and memorie, revoking and renouncing all former Wills by 
mee heretofore made, doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament as followeUi. 
First I giue and bequeath to my well beloved Wife Judith Winthropp All that myne house 
wherein I now dwell, with the houses adioyning lately erected, and all the members and appur- 
tenances thereunto belonging and alsoe my lands tenements and hereditaments in the Cittie of 
Westminster in the Countie of Midd. for and during the term of her natural life, and after her 
decease, then the said premises to come and discend to all my children whoe shall be then liveing | 

to be equallie divided amongst them. Alsoe I doe giue and bequeath all the Best of my Beall ' 

and Personall Estate to my Executors hereafter named, to be preserved sole or disposed of to and I 

for the best advantage vse and behoofe of my Daughters Margarett, Johanna and Judith, and i 

suish child or children as my saide Wife shall be now great withall and shall be safely delivered, 
to be equally divided amongst them, onlie my Will and Meaning is that my Daughter Margarett, 
shall haue fiftie pounds of lawful money of England more than anie one of the rest of my 
children to buy her a ring, the said Margarett to receive her part or portion when she shall 
attaine to the age of one and twenty yeares or day of marriage, which shall first happen and 
not before, and alsoe the said Johanna to receive her part or portion when she shall attaine to 

the age of twentie and one' yeares, or day of marriage, which shall first happen and not before, .. 

And alsoe the said Judith to receive her part or portion when she shall attaine the age of '^ 

twentie and one yeares or day of marriage, which shall first happen and not before, and so like- 
wise such child or children which my Wife is now great or pregnant with, all to receive their 
parte or parte portion or portions as the Best of my children before named are to receive 
theires and noe otherwise. And if it shall happen that anie of my children shall die before they 
shall accomplish the age of one and twentie years or day of marriage, then my Will is that 
his, her, or theire parts or portions shall be equallie divided amongst the Best of my children 
which shall surviue, and my Will and meaning is that if it shall happen that all my said 
children but one shall die before they attaine the age of twentie and one yeares or dayes of 
noiarriage That then my Executors to pay or cause to be payd vnto my Nephew Adam Winthrop 
son of my Brother Adam Winthrop deceased one hundred pounds of lawful monie of England to 
be deducted out of my estate. And also to the children of my Brother Deane Winthop 
fiftie pounds of lawful English money to be equally divided amongst them, to be alsoe deducted 
out of my estate. And alsoe to my Brother Samuel Winthrops children fiftie pounds of lawful 
English monie to be equally divided amongst them. And alsoe to my halfe Brother John Winthropp's 
children fiftie pounds of lawfull English monie to be equally divided amongst them. And if it shall 

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happen that all my saide children shall die before they shall attwne to the age of twenty and one 
yeares or dayes of marriage that then my Will and meaning is that my lands tenements and heredita- 
ments except my fee farme rents shall come and discend vnto my saide Cozen or Nephew Adam 
Winthrop after the decease of my said Wife, and that my Personal Estate and fee farme rents to be 
divided as followeth, videlicet^ to my said Wife five hmidred poundes of lawful English monie To my 
Brother Deane Winthrops children three hundred pounds of lawfull monie of England to be equally 
divided amongst them if the said children of my said Brother Deane have not received the said 
Summe before mentioned of fiftie pounds, which if they shall have soe received, That then they 
shall haue but two hundred and fiftie pounds and noe more, and to my Brother Samuells Children 
two hundred pounds of lawfull monie of England if they haue not received the summe of fifty 
pounds abouesaid, which if they shall haue received the said summe then they to haue but one 
hundred and fiftie pounds and noe more to be equally divided amongst them. And alsoe to my 
halfe Brother John Winthropps children two hundred pounds of lawfull English monie to be 
equally divided amongst them if they haue not received the fiftie pounds soe giuen to them as 
aforesaid, which if they haue received the said summe as abouesaid then they to haue but one 
hundred and fiftie poundes and noe more, to be equallie divided amongst them, and fiftie pounds 
to my Cozen Mary Baineborowe Daughter of my Brother in lawe William Baineborowe Esquire, of 
good and lawful monie of England, and to my Cozin Judith Chamberlaine Daughter of my Brother 
in lawe John Chamberlaine Esquire fiftie pounds of lawfull money of England, and to the Poore of 
Boston in New England one hundred poimds of lawful money of England vpon condition that the 
Inhabitants of Boston aforesaid doe build and erect a Tombe or Monument, Tombes or Monuments, 
for my deceased father and Mother vpon theire Grave or Graves of fiftie pounds value att the 
least, whoe now lyeth buried att Boston aforesaid, according to the love and honour they bore to 
him and her in theire lifetime. And further my Will and meaning is that my said Wife shall 
haue the breeding vpp of my said children vntill they accomplish the age of twenty and one 
yeares or dayes of marriage, if my said wife continue unmarried, she having the vse of theire 
parts or portions for theire education. But if she hereafter marry that then she to haue nothing 
to doe with anie of my Estate but what is before giuen her as her legacies nor with the education 
of my saide children, but the same wholy to be lefte to my other Executors onlie to perform 
this my last Will and Testament and to see my said children well educated and not to be 
wronged. And lastly I doe make and ordaine my said Wife Judith Winthropp, my said Brother 
in lawe John Chamberlaine Esquire and Thomas Plampyon Gent my sole Executors of this my last 
Will and testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and scale the third day 
of May in the yeare of our Lord according to the computation now vsed in England, one thousand 
six hundred fiftie and eight 1658. S. Winthrop. 

Signed and sealed in the presence of Leo Chamberlaine, Elizabeth Balldrey, The mark 
of X Clement Ragg. 

This Will was Proved at London y« nyneteenth day of the moneth of August in the yeare 
of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fiftie and eight before the Judges for Probate of Wills 
and granting Administrations lawfully authorized by the Oaths of Judith Winthropp and John 
Chamberlain, two of the Executors named in the above written Will, to whom Admon of all 
and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased was graunted and committed, 
they being first legally swome truely and faythfully to administer the same, power being nevertheless 
reserved to Thomas Plampyon Esquire the other Executor to make like Probate and graunt like 
Administration when he shall come and in legal manner desire the same. 

P.C.C. 418 Woottoc. 

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!SEmttir0|} Srass in (^toism CbanceL 

"Here lyeth M' Adam Winthrop Lorde and patron of Groton, whiche Departed owt of this 
worlde this ix day of November in the yere of oure Lorde God MCCCCCLxij." 

"The above plate, removed at soitie remote period from the grave in this Chancel, of Adam 
Winthrop Esq, first lord of this manor and patron of this church after the Reformation, 
and long in the possession of his family in America, was restored in 1878 by the Hon. 
Robert C. Winthrop of Boston in New England, his descendant in the eighth generation." 

Beneath the escutcheon on the Winthrop tomb outside the Chancel : — 

Coelum Patria Christus Via. \ 

Hie jacet corpus Adami Winthrop Ar: filij [ 

Adami Winthrop Armigeri qui hujus Ecclesi® ; 

Patroni fuerunt et Dni Manerij de Groton. 

Prsedictus Adamus filius uxorem duxit Annam \ 

Filiam Henrici Bro^vne de Edwarduston per 
Quam habuit unum filium et quatuor filias. 
Hanc vitam transmigravit Anno Dni 1623. 
iEtatis sua5 75. Anna vero uxor ejus obijt 

1629. Hie quoque cousepulta est. 
Beati sunt pacifici nam ii Dei filij 

Carriage f^tithmtnt ai ^dotnasitte dlttfton, 1615. 

Patent Boll. 13 Jos., 2Sth part, No, 21. 

I> licen^ Alien^ int? Winthroppe et Clopton. 
Rex Omib} ad quos <kc. Sattm. Sciatis qd nos de gra nra spiali ac p centum solidis solut 
ffirmar nrls virtute Irar^ nrar^ paten concessim^ «k licenciam dedim^ ac p nob heredib} «fc success^ 
nrls quantum in noU est p psentes concedim^ & licenciam dam^ dilcis nob Johi Winthroppe seniori 
Armigo & Adamo Winthroppe ArmigS qft ipi Manm de Groton cum ptin ac quinq} mesuag tria 
cotag^ octo gardin^ octo pomar^ ducentas acras tre^ viginti acras p^ti centum acras pastui^ septuaginta \ 

acras bosci & coiam pastur^ p omib} anils cum ptin^ in Groton Edwardston & Boxford Necnon 
AduocacoSm Ecciie de Groton Com nro Suff Que de nob tenent" in Capite vt dicit" dare possuit <fe I 

concedere alienare aut cognosce p finem vel p recupacoem in Cui^ nra coram Justic nris de Banco \ 

aut aliquo alio modo quocumq3 ad libit ipore Joliis et Adami dilcis Willo Clopton Juniori Armigo i 

.& Willo fforthe genoso, habend *k tenend eisdem Wiito & Wilto ac hered & assign^ ipius Wifti Clopton \ 

ad opus ds vsum pdci Johis Winthropp ac heredum suor^ quousq} maritagm iut^ ipfn Johem & i 

Thomazinam Clopton filiam Wifti Clopton senioris Armigi Hit & solempnizat^ fuTt. Et post 

^ The Winthrop glass in Groton Church is of the present century, but there exist several fragments of ancient j 

glass with Winthrop Arms, which are believed to have come from the Church or Manor Hou8e. 

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maritagm pdict Hit & solempnizat^ fult tunc ad opus & vsus aequei? videit de p' scitu pdci manij 
& duab3 parcellis tre vocat Groaton hall feild vS paroell vocat Perryfeild cum structur^ supinde 
nup erect duab3 paroell vocat hogwent & Mellfeild trib3 parcellis vocat greate Collyns & yrP prat 
continent tresdecim acras cum ptin omib3 iu tenur^ Ptii Gosling seniori existen vno mesuagio & 
(iuinq3 acras tre' parcelt de lyttle Collyns in tenur^ Jotiis Rawling Senioris & duaby parcell tre 
continent decem acras in occupacoe Thome Beamont ac vn parcell p'^ti <& pasture continen octo acras 
in occupacoe JoHis Snelling & paroell bosci vocat^ Muchfeild grove cum ptin^ parcell pSiissor^ pdcor^ 
existen*^ ad opus & vsum pdci JoHis Winthroppe duran'^ vita sua & postea ad opus & vsum pdce 
Thomazine duran^ vita sua. £t postea de (!b p omIb3 ift terrl & terP pmencont in tenur' pScorf 
Johis Rawling Johis Snelling ds Thome Beamont ac de & greate Collins pdict cum ptin^ ad opus 
^ vsum pfati JoHis Winthropp ds tai exit masciit quat ^creabit de corpore pdce Thomazine Necnon 
de <fe p pdict scit pdci manij ac omib3 al terr^ & ten^ pmencoat cum ptin^ ad opus <fe vsum 
pdci Johis Winthropp ac heredum suorf masculor^ pcreaS de corpore Marie nup vxis ipius JoKis 
remaner^ inde hered de corpore eiusdem Johis remaner'' inde vltius hered ipius Johis Winthropp 
imppm Ac de <& p ten^ in occupacoe Henr^ Sand Clici voc Wrightf in le ffenn & quibusdam parcell 
tre^ p^ti & pastur^ continent sexdecim acras cum ptin^ in tenur^ ipius Henr^ parcelt eciam pmissf 
existen ad opus & vsum pdci Johis Winthropp p vita & postea ad opus & vsum exit^ mascut quam 
idem Johes pcreabit sup corpus pdce Thomazine. Ac de <& p trib3 claus vocat^ howefeild <k palne 
continent quadraginta acras ac duab3 Perryfeildf continent sexdecim acras cum duob3 cotagiis iu 
eisdem edificat. bosco vocat Salmons Wood continent viginti acras duob^ cotagiis in tenur^ Jasgi 
lliddesdalle & Henr Surrey senioris <fe parcell tre vocat Vpp Crabtree Wente cum ptin (similit parcell 
pmissor^ pdcore existen pdco Johi Winthropp ac here(t suis mascut pcreat sup corpus pdce Marie 
nup VXIS eius remaner^ inde hered de corpore ipius Johis remaner^ inde vltius rcis hered eiusdem 
Johis Wynthropp imppm. Necnon de & p tot^ resid ofni & singulorf {imissorf pdcor^* cum ptin^ ad 
opus <fe vsum pdci Johis Winthropp ac heredum suorf masculorf pcreat sup corpus pdce Marie nup 
vxis eius. Tcnend de nob heredib3 & success nris p suicia inde 'debita & de lure consuet^. £t 
eisdem WiHo Clopton Juniori & Wilio fforthe qd ipi pdict manei^ mesua^ terr^ ten^ & ceta pmissa 
cum ptin a pfat Johe Winthropp & Adamo recipe possint i^ tenere sibi ac heredib3 <& assign^ ipius 
Wiiii Clopton Junioris ad sepai vsus pdict de nob heredib3 & succesS nrls p suicia pdca sicut pdcm 
est imppm tcnore psencm simitit licenciam dedim^ ac p nob heredib3 <k efuccessorib} nris pdcis dam^ 
spTalem. Nolcntes qd pdci Johes Winthropp & Adamus vel heredes sui aut pfat Witts Clopton 
Junior & Wilis fforthe vel hered ipius Willi Clopton roiie pmi88or9 p nos heredes vel successores nros 
aut p Justic Escaetores Yicecomites Balliuos aut alios Ofiiciar^ seu ministros nros aut dcore heredum 
vel succe88or9 nror^ quoscumq3 inde occonent' molestent' impetant^ vexent^ in aliquo aeu ^enf^ 
nee eorf aliquis occonef molestef^ iuipetat*^ vexct' in aliquo seu gnet^ In cuius rei &c. T. R. 
apud Westm prims die Septembris. 

For very numerous wills, pedigrees, and other evidences connected with the knightly family 
of Clopton of Suffolk see " Harvey's Visitation of SulFolke, 1563," edited by Joseph Jackson 
Howaixl, LL.D. Maltravers' Herald Extraordinary. 

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%vixchmtatQ jHote to tSRhttbroit ^thi%tm. 

The Pedigrees liere printed are derived from the following sources of information: — 

1. Wills, Administrations, Parish-Registers, and other contemporary records. 

2. The Diary of the third Adam Winthrop (1595-1610), and the account of his family 
compiled by him, known as the "Latin Pedigree." 

3. The mass of Winthrop family-papers preserved in New England, selections from which 
have been in course of publication from 1825 to the present time, and now comprise two volumes 
of Winthrop's Journal (or History of N.E.), edited by the late Hon. James Savage, two volumes 
of the "Life and Letters of John Winthrop" (1587-1649) edited by the Hon. Robert C. Wmthrop, 
six volumes of miscellaneous selections, edited by Committees of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, and much additional matter of importance scattered through other publications of the 
same Society. 

The Pedigrees have also been collated with the Suffolk Visitation of 1612; with the two 
Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, numbered respectively Harl. MS. No. 1820, fo. 16'' (date 
1611), HarL MS. No. 1560 (date, seventeenth century); with the pedigree compiled by John 
Winthrop, F.RS., in 1742; with the pedigree filed in the College of Arms in 1768 by Benjamin 
Winthrop, Governor of the Bank of England, and numbered C. 6. D. 14. The two last-named 
documents, however, abound in errors and omissions, which is the case with most genealogies of. 
the Winthrop family, whether in print or manuscript. 

The Editor thankfuUy records his obligations to Mr. Robert C. Winthrop, Jun., of Boston, 
U.S.A.» for much valuable information concerning the different branches of his family, for much 
assistance in compiling the pedigrees, and for transcripts of ancient documents still in the possession 
of himself or his kinsmen on the other side of the Atlantic. 

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WAmtttvo^ of <@roton» co. ^uffolfi. 

[Issue known to have died in childhood are not included in this Pedigree.] 

Adam Winthrop of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, 1498,=f=Joane, dau. of ... Burton,=f John Ponder of Lavenham, clothworker, 2ud husband. Will 
Ist husband ; described as of Groton in the I devisee of her second hus- P.C.C, 80 Ayloffe, 5 June 1520 ; probate 4 July 1520 ; ''to be 
VisiUtion pedigrees, Harl. MS., No. 1820, &c. band, 1520. 4^bur. by the Cross in Lavenham church >-<*." See Ponder. 

Alice, dau. of=rAdam Winthrop, Citizen and Clothworker of Loudon,=f=Agnes, dau. of Robert Sharpe=^ illiam Mildmay of 

. Henny, 1st 
wife ; m. in 
London, 16 
Nov. 1527; d. 
25 June 1533. 

and afterwards of Qroton in co. Suffolk, Esq. ; bom 
at Lavenham 9 Oct. 1498; Free of the City of 
London 1526 ; had grant of Groton Manor 1544 ; 
inscribed *Armiger' by K. Edward VL in 1548. 
Master of the Cloth workers' Company 1651. D. 
9 Nov. 1562. Will P.C.C., 2 Chayre, 20 Sept. 1562, 
prob^ 15 Jan. Monumental Brass in Gruton chancel 

1. Alice, eld. dau., b. 15 Nov. 1539 ; 
m. 12 June 1563 Sir Tho* Mildmay 
(s. of Wra MUdmay afores^*) k d. 
8 Nov. 1607 ; having had issue, 
inter al,, Sir Henry Mildmay of 
Graces, K\ the distinguished 
soldier. See Mildmay 

2. Bridget, 2d dau., b. 
3 May 1548 ; m. lU^er 
Alabaster of Hadleigh, 
CO. Suff., & d. 4 Nov. 
1614 ; had issue, inter 
oZ., WmAlabaster,D.D., 
the poet and dramatist. 
See Alabaster. 

of Islington, co. Midd., Gent., 
2nd w., m. in London 20 July 
1534 ; remar. William Mildmay 
at Groton 1563 ; his 2d wife ; 
d. 13 May 1565 ; no issue by 
second marriage. See Sharps. 

Springfield, CO. E^x, 
Gent, (father of Sir 
Thomas Mildmay of 
Barnes, co. Essex, by 
his 1st wife). Will 
P.CC, 10 Holney, 
13 Feb. 1570, proved 
24 Feb., names Win- 
throps, &c. 

... ux. Richard 
Burd of Ips- 
wich ; she and 
her husb<^ de- 
visees of Adam 
Winthrop in 

3. Mary, 3d dau., b. 1 Mar. 
1544 ; mar. Ist William 
Celie of London, k 2d Ab- 
raham Vesey of Ipswich, 
yeoman ; having had issue 
by both marriages. See 

4. Susan, 4th dau., b. 10 Dec. 
1552, d. 9 Aug. 1604, ha%dng 
m. ... Cottie, believed to have 
I een Dr. John Cotta, author 
of a work on Witchcraft. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas=f 2. John Winthrop, 2d son ;T=Elizabeth, dau. of Ro- Alice, 1st wife,=8. Adam Winthrop,=f=Anne, dau. k 

Powlden of Rathgogan, 
CO. Cork ; executrix and 
alledged 2d wife ; so styled 
in husband's will and else- 
where, but validity of 
marriage doubtful. She 
d. before 1638, having m. 
2d Tho» Nott of co. Sur- 
rey, Gent., afterwards of 
co, Cork. 

b. 20 Jan. 1546 ;~ of Groton 
CO. Cork, Gent. ; long sepa- 
rated from his Ist wife, 
but f if divorced ; sold Gro- 
ton Manor to his brother k 
nephew 1609. Will, Record 
O., DubUn, 28 March 1613, 
d. 26 July 1613. 

bert Risby of Thoqje 
Morieux, co. Suff., 
Gent. ;m. 6Feb.l56f 
She m. 2 Reynold 
Braunch ; mar. lie 
Cur. Ep. Lond., dated 
8 July 1617 ; died at 
Southwark 1687. See 

Benjamin Winthrop, living A® 1582 ; d. in boyhood. 

da. of William 
Still of Gran- 
tham in CO. Lin- 
coln, k sister of 
Dr. John Still, 
Bishop of Bath 
and Wells ; m. 
16 Dec 1574 ;d. 
s.p. 24 Dec. 1579. 
See Still. 

3d sou ; b. 10 Aug. 
1548 ; of Edwards- 
tone k after of Gro- 
ton, Esq. ; lawyer and 
County Magistrate. 
For his Diary see 
" Life and Letters of 
John Winthrop ; " 
tomb in Groton 
churchyard 28 March 

John, of Aghadowne, co. Cork ; b. before 
alleged marriage ; d. unm. 1634. 

Elizabeth, dr before 1613 ; m. before 
1638 Peregrine Banister, Esq. 

Anne, b. before 1613, m. before 
1638 Henry Hoskins, Gent. 

coheir of Hen- 
ry Browne of 
in 00. Suffolk, 
clothier ; 2d 
wife ; m. 20 
Feb. 1679 ; d. 
19 April 1629. 
See Srowke. 

John Winthrop, b. 12 Jan. 1587, 
of Groton Manor, co. Suff., Esq., 
k afterward of Boston in New 
England ; Governor of Massa- 
chusetts. See Pbdiorbb A. 

Anne, b. 16 Jan. 1585 ; m. 25 Feb. 
1604 Thomas Fones of London 
& d. 16 May 1619. He renupt 
Priscilla, relict of Bezaleel Sherman 
of Ipswich. See Fones. 

Jane, b. 14 June 1592 ; 
m. 3 Jan. 1612 Tho* 
Gostlln of Groton, clo- 
thier ; d. 16 May 1616, 
leaving issue. 

Lucy, b. 9 Jan. i600, m, 10 April 
1622 Emmanuel Downing of the 
Inner Temple, Gent, (whose 1st w. 
had been da. of Sir James Ware) ; 
she d. 19 April 1679 ; had issue, 
inter aL, Sir Geo. Downing, Bart. 
See DowiaNO. 

1. William Winthrop, eldest son, of St. Michael's, ComhOl, London ; friend and oorre8pondent=i=Elizabeth, dau. of ... Norwood 
of Foxe the Martyrologist ; b. 12 Nov, 1529 ; died 2 March 1582. of Kent ; died 2 June 1578. 

1. Jo8huaWinthrop,elde8t=f Anne, dau. of 2. Adam Winthrop, 2d son, bapt.=f=Jane, dau. of William 

son, bapt. 10 July 1559 ; 
of London k afterward of 
the parish of Kilbrogan, 
Bandon, Ireland ; d. 1626. 


Vincent Nor- 
rington of Lon- 
don, mercer, m. 
before 1603. 

7 Dec. 1561 ; of London k after- 
ward of the Michells near Ban- 
don ; devisee of his unde John 
Winthrop 1613 ; d. 1634. 

CO. Suffolk ; m. in 
London 1599 ; of 
1637. See Hillbs. 

Joshua Winthrop of the Michells near 
Bandon 1626 ; supposed father of a Ste- 
phen Winthrop living at Bandon 1658, 
but of this no proof. See Pedigree D. 

John Winthrop, bapt. in London, 
21 Aug. 1603 ; believed to have d. 
young, as his mother k sister ad- 
ministered his father's estate in 1684. 


Elizabeth Winthrop, 
unmarried in 1687. 

Elizabeth, eld. dau. 
bapt.24 April 1569; 
m. Humphrey Mun- 
ninge, M.A., Rector 
of Krettenham, co. 
Suffolk. Her will. 
Arch., Sudbury, is 
prob. 17 Oct. 1631. 
See MuNMNO. 

Sarah, bapt. 
19 Aug. 1571; 
mar. i6 Feb. 
1595 John 
Frost of Bury 
St. Edmunds; 
d. Oct 1603. 

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^int|)rop of Boston in J^eto €nglanli. 

Martha^ dau. of Gapt. William Raiiisborough,=pMary, only child of Jolm=i=John Winthrop, see Fed. A.=Thoma8ine, dau. 


RN., siflter of Col« Tho» k W«> Rainsborough 
of the Parliamentary army k widow of 
Thomas Coytmore of Boston, 4th wife. M. 
Gov. Winthrop Dec 1647, and 3dly in 1652 
John Coggan of Boston. 

, » d. 26 June 1616. 

Joshua, b. 12 Dec 1648, d. young. Forthb. 

Forth of Great Stam- 
bridge, CO. Essex, Gtent, 
ftgranddau. of W»Forth, 
Esq., of Butley Abbey, 
Ist w., m. 16 Mar. 1605 ; 

Only son of 3d Adam W., b. 
12 Jan. 1587. Of Groton, co. 
Suff., afterward Gk>v. Massa- 
chusetts Bay Colony. See his 
" Life & Letters " in 2 vols. ; 
d. in Boston 26 Mar. 1649. 

1. John Win- 
throp, eldest 
son, b. at Gro- 
ton 15 Feb. 
1606. See 
Pedigrbb B. 

2. Henry Winthropyf^Elizabeth, his cousin, dau. of 3. Forth Winthrbp, 

3d son; b. 30 Dec 
1609 ; of Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge ; 
bur. at Groton 28 
Nov. 1680, unm. 

2d son ; bapt. 20 Jan. 
1607 ; a planter in 
Barbadoes 1627-28. 
Drowned in New 
England 2 July 1630. 

Thomas Fones ; m. in London 
25 April 1629 ; m. 2din N.E. 
Robert Feake of Watertown, 
Mass., & 3d \^ illiam Hallett 
of Long Island, N.Y. 

William Clopton, 
Esq., of Castleins, 
CO. Suff., 2d wife. 
M. 6 Dec 1615 ; d. 
s.p. 8 Dec 1616 ; 
bur. in Groton 


Mary, b. 1612 ; m. ciroa 
1632 Rev. Samuel Dudley, 
eld. son of Thomas Dud- 
ley,Gov. of Massachusetts; 
d. 12 April 1643, leaving 
issue ; his 1st wife 

Martha Johanna, only child ; b. 9 May 1630 ; m. Thomas Lyon of Stamford, 
Connecticut ; his Ist wife ; died circa 1650, leaving one daughter. 

it» dau. of 
Sir John T^ndal 
of Great Maple- 
sted, CO. Essex, 
Knt., Master in 
Chancery, Sd 
wife. M. 29 Ap. 
1618 ; d. at Roe- 
ton in New Eng* 
See Ttndal. 

4. Stephen Win throp,=f^^udith. dau. 5. Adam Winthrop, 5th son ;=^Elizabeth, dau. 6. Deane Winthrop, 6th Bou,=7=Sarah,dau. of 

4th8on; b. at Groton 
24 Mar. 1618. Re- 
corder of Boston, 
N.E., k after CoL in 
the Parliamentary 
army, k M.P. for 
Banff k Aberdeen ; 
d. in London, 1658. 

of Capt. Wm 
ough k sister 
of her hus- 
band's step- 
mother ; m. 
in or before 

Judith, b. 
1658, m. 
July 1677 
of London, 
ker ; tUed 

b. at Groton 7 April 1620. 
Of Boston, N.E.,& Governor's 
Island ; d. in Boston, Aug. 24, 
1652. He QL 2d Elizabeth, 
dau. of Capt. Tho« Hawkins, 
widow of Nath^ Louey k after 
wife of Major John Richards. 
She d. 1691, s.p. 

— r-r-n 
Four sons k 
two dau*, d. 

of Rev. Jose 
Glover k sister 
of the wife of 
Deane Win- 
throp ; m. Feb. 
1642 ; died 

b. at Groton 16 Mar. 1632. 
Instrumental in founding 
what are now the towns of 
Groton k Winthrop, Mass. ; 
d. 16 March 1704. Hem. 2d 
Martha, widow of Capt. John 
Mellows of Boston. She d. 

ver k step- 
dau. of Rev. 
Henry Dun- 
ster. Istw.; 
m. before 
1648; d. be- 
fore 1684. 

7. Samuet 
7th son ; b, 
28 Aug. 
1627. Be, 
came a 
planter in 


Adam Winthrop, only=pMary, dau. of Col. 

Margaret, b. drca 
1656 ; m. 1st 29 
Jan. 1676 Henry 
Ward of London, 
frame-work knit- 
ter, k 2d Capt. 
Edmund Willey, 
Abyhim had issue. 

Adam Winthrop, only son, b. in Bristol 3 March 1676. Harv. Coll. 1694.=i=Anne, dau. of Col. John 
Member of Council of Mass. Chief Justice Court of Common Pleas, I Wainwright of Ipswich, 

in infancy or 
early child- 
hood, some 
of whom 
were buried 
at Groton. 

child, b. at Boston 15 
Oct. 1647. Harv. Coll. 
1668. In early life a 
merchant at Bristol, 
England. Member of 
Council of Mass., d. in 
Boston 3 Aug. 1700. 

Luttrell of Bris- 
tol, England. She 
m. 2d Col Joseph 
Lynde of Charles- 
town, Massachu- 
setts : k d. 1715. 


d. unm.'l3 Nov. 1702. 

Margaret, b. 1660, m. Jon- 
athan Grover of Boston k 
had issue. 

Elizabeth, b. 1613 ; m. 
Capt. Sam' Kent & d. s p. 

PriscUla, b. 1669, 
m. Eliab Adams 
4k had issue. 

Mercy, b. 1673, 
m. 11 Jan. 1700 
Atherton Hough 
of Boston k had 
issue ; d. 1702. 

CoL of the Boston regiment ; d. in Boston 2 Oct. 1743. 

M. 1700, d. 1755. 

Mary, b. in Boston 9 May 1683 ; m. 
1703 CoL John Ballantine of Boston; 
d. 17 Oct. 1739, leaving issue. 

1. Adam, eldest son, b. in 
Boston 12 Oct. 1706. 
Harv. Coll. 1724 ; d. 8.p. 
in Boston 12 Dec 1744. 
csMary, dau. of Hugh 
Hall of Boston. She d. 
1790, having m. 2d Wil- 
liam Wentworth of N.H. 

Rebeoca, d. of=f=2. John Winthrop, 2d son, b. in'-=Hannah, da. 

James Towns- 
end of Boston, 
step-dau. of 
Rev. Cha* 
Chauncy ; Ist 
wife ;m.l746; 
d. 1753, 

Boston 19 Dec 1714. Harv.ColL of Thomas 

1732. Many years Professor at Fayerweather 

Harvard. A distinguished astro- k widow of 

nomer & man of science. Member FarrTolman 

of Council of Massachusetts ; of Boston ; 

LL.D. k F.R a ; d. in Cam- 2d w. ; m. 

bridge, Mass., 3 May 1779. 1756 ; d. 1790. 

3. Samuel Winthrop, 
3d son ; b. 13 June 
1716 ; Clerk Mass. 
Sup. Court ; d. 8.p. 
5 July 1779. 

Anne,b. 9 Aug. 1709, 
m. Benj** Pemberton 
of Rozbury k d. s.p. 


Lucy, b. 22 Aug. 1721 ; 
m. George Jaffrey, Trea- 
surer of New Hampshire 
& d. s p. 1776. 

Marv, b. 22 M^rch 1725 ; 
m. Capt. John Phillips of 
Boston,& A 1794, leaving 
one dau. 

1. John Winthrop, eldest son,=f=Sarah, dau. of 

b. 17 Sept 1747. Harv. ColL 
1765. Merchant of Boston k 
Mem. Legislature of Mass. ; d. 
12 Feb. 1800. 

Isaac Phillips 
of Boston, m. 
1776, d. 1800. 

2. Adam Winthrop, 2d son, 
b. 27 Nov. 1748. Harv. Coll. 
1 767. Drowned at sea 4 Feb. 
1774, unm. 

3 James, 3d son, b, 28 Mar. 1752. 
Harv. ColL 1769 ; wounded at 
Bunker HilL Judge Middx. Court 
of Pleas. LL.D. ; d. unm. in Cam- 
bridge, Sep. 26, 1821. 

4. WUliiun, 4th son, b. 19 
Aprill753. Harv. ColL 1770. 
State Senator of Mass. ; d. 
unm. in Cambridge, llCass. 
5 Feb. 1825. 

Sarah, b. 17 Oct. 1779 : m. 1798 James 
Andrews, merchant of Boston, and d. 
12 Nov. 1862 ; left numerous issue. 
Her 3d son, William, assumed the name 
of Winthrop ; m. 1848 Emma, dau. of 
Sir W"> Curtis, Bart ; was manv years 
U.S. Consulat MaltaAcd.B.p. 8 July 1869. 

1. John Winthrop, eldest=i=Anne Halsey, 

son, b. 21 Feb. 1778. 
Harv. CoU. 1796. Of 
Boston & of Paton Rouge, 
Louisiana ; d. in Baton 
Rouge 21 July 1819. 


dau. of CoL 
of Dorchester, 
Mass., m. 
1801, d. 1818. 

2. Adam, 2d son, b. 19 
Mayl781. Harv. Coll. 
1800. Clerk U.S. 
District Court in La ; 
d. unm. in N. Orleans 
25 Nov. 1846. 

3. Charles, 3d son, b. 18 
Mar. 1791 ; of Boston, bar- 
rister ; d. unm. at Keeue 
N.H., 4 May 1885. ^ 

Harriet, b. 15 Apr. 1783 ; 
d. unm. 9 Feb. 1782. 

Adelaide ^Rev. Thomas 
Augusta I Vernon of 
Winthrop. I Newport, R.I. 

John Winthrop, only son, b. in Boston 1809. Brown Uni-=Sarah Catharine, 
versi^ 1828. Of New Orleans k NewpoH, R.I. CoL of dau. of L. H. Gale 
Louisiana Militia ; d. s.p. March 12, 1886. Last descendant of New Orleans, 
in the male line of Gov. John Winthrop by his Sd wife. 

AnnetteHalsey^yJohn James De 

Winthrop, b. 
1806 : d. 1884. 

Wolf, M.D., of 
Providence, R.I. 

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&89tnt|)rop of J^eto £onbon. 

Martha, dau. of Thomas Fone8=John Wlnthrop, eld. son of Qov. John Winthrop of Mass, (See Fed. B.) ;=pElizabeth| dau. of Edmund Reade 

of London, Ist wife ; ol at 
Oroton 8 Feb. 1630; d. at 
Ipswich, Mass., 1634, without 
surviving issue. She was Qrst 
cousin to her husband and 
sister of the wife of his brother 
Henry Winthrop. 

b, 12 Feb. 1606 ; Trin. CJolL, DubKn. Barrister Inner Temple. Served 
in expedition for relief of Rochelle. Followed his father to New England 
1631. Founded Ipswich, Mass., Saybrook k New London, Conn. Agent 
of 0>nnecticut at Court of Charles II. Governor of Connecticut 1657- 
1676. An early and active Fellow of the Royal Society, and one of the 
most accomplished scholars of his time. Of Boston, Mass , k Hartford 
and New London, Conn. ; d. at Boston 5 April, 1676. For very 
numerous letters of his, see the " Life and Letters " of his father, and 
Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections, series 5, vol. viiL 

Elizabeth, b. 24 July 1686 ; m. 1st 
1658 Kev. Antipas Newman of Wen- 
ham ; 2d, 1678, Zerubbabel, 2d son 
of Gov. John Endioott ; d. Dec 7, 
1716, leaving issue by 1st marriage, 

1. John Winthrop, eld. son, sumamed Fitz-= 
John, b. at Ipswich, Mass., 14 Mar. 1638. Cap- 
tain in army of Gen. Monk. After m service 
of Connecticut. Major-General commanding 
expedition against Canada 1690. Agent at 
Court of William & Mary. Governor of Conn. 
1697-1707; d. at Boston 27 Nov. 1707. 

Mary, d. Lucy, b. 28 Jan. 1640 ; 

young. m. 1660 Maj. Edward 

Palmes of New London, 
his 1st wife ; d. 24 Nov. 
1676, s.p. 

Margaret, b. 1646 ; m. 
1665 John Corwin of 
Salem ;d. 30 Nov. 1711, 
leaving issue. 

of Wickford, co. Essex, sister of 
Col. Thomas Reade of the Parlia- 
mentary army, k step-daughter of 
the Rev. Hugh Peter ; 2d wife ; 
m. in England 1635 ; d. at Hart- 
ford, Conn., 24 Nov. 1672. For 
repeated references to her, see the 
letters of Rev. Roger Williams. 


Martha, 8d w. of 
Hon. Richard 
Wharton of Bos- 
ton ; d. 27 Sep. 

Jn<* Richards of 
Boston ;m.l Sep. 
1692 ; d. s.p. 27 
June 1704. 

-Elizabeth, d. 
of Geoi^ 
Tongue of 
b. 20 Oct' 
1653, d. 25 
April 173L 

Mary,dau.ofHon.=p2. \VaitStillWinthrop,2dson,b.atBo8ton=Katharine, dau. of 

William Browne 
of Salem, Mass., 
1st wife ; d. in 
Boston 14 June 
1690 ; aged 84. 

Mary, only child, nL 1701 Col. John Livingston, eld. son of Rob* Livingston 
of Albany ; his 1st w. She d. at Uncasville, near NewLondon, 8 Jan. 1713, s.p. 

27 Feb. 1642. Chief Justice of Massa- Hon. William Brat- 

chusetts k Major Gen. of the Provincial tle& widow of John 

Forces ; d. at Boston 7 Nov. 1717, aged Eyre of Boston, 2d 

75. For numerous letters of his brother wife ; m. 1 3 Nov. 

& himself, see the Collections of the 1707 ; d. 5 Aug. 

Mass. Historical Society, patsim^ 1725. 

John Winthrop, only surviving son, b. in Boston=pAnne, dau. of Joseph Anne, only sur-=f=Thoma8Lechmere,Surveyor Gen* 

26 Aug. 1681.' Harv. Coll. 1700. Of Boston k 
New London ; resided much in England ; became 
active Fellow of the Ro;^al Society, the 40th vol. 
of whose Transactions ib dedicated to him ; d. 
at Sydenham 1 Aug. 1747 ; bur. in Beckenham 

Muy, b. 18 Sept 
1708; UL 1729 Joseph 
Wanton, after Gov. of 
Rhode Island ; d 81 
Jan. 1767; had issue. 

Katherine,b.9 Mar. 1711 ; 
m.lst, 1732, Sam> Browne, 
Esq., of Salem, ; 2d, 1744, 
CoL Epes Sargent. Issue 

Dudley, Governor of 
d. 1776 ; she m. 2d 
Jeremiah Miller, Esq., 
of New London ; 2d 
mar. s.p. 

viving dau., of Customs for the Northern 
bapt. 28 Nov. District of America ; a younger 
1686 ; m. 17 son of Edmund Lechmere, Esq., 
Nov. 1709 ; d. of Hanley Castle, k brother of 
22 Nov. 1746. Nicholas, Lord Lechmere ; b. 18 
vl/June 1683 ; d. 4 June 1765. 

— r i ll 
John & Eliza- 
beth, d. infants ; 
William k Jo- 
seph, d. in child- 

2. Basil Winthrop, 
2d son, b. 21 Aug. 
1722. Of New Lon- 
don d. 21 Jan. 
1771, unm. 

Rebecca, b. 9 Jan. 1713 ; 
mar. 1738 GurdonSalton- 
stall, Jun^ sou of Gk>v. 
Saltonstall, of Conn. ; d. 
80 Oct. 1 776, leavingissue. 

Margaret, bapt. 16 Jan. 1718 ; 
m. 1743 Jeremiah Miller, Jun., 
of New London ; d. 1808, 
leaving issue. 


Anne, b. 13 Dec. 1709 ; 
June 1794, aged 85. 

Eliz*»» k John, d. iaSU, 

d, 19 

John Winthrop, eld. 
Bon,b. 20 July 1751; 
Harv.Coai770. Of 
New London ; d. in 
New York, 15 Nov. 
1780, unm. 

Anne,b.7 May 1755; 
m .1786 David Sears, 
Ssq., of Boston ; d. 
4 Oct 1789, leaving 
only child, the late 
Hon. David Sears of 

m. 1786 Richard W. 
Barkin, Esq., of New 
London; d. 80 Aug. 
1848 ; bad issue. 

Jane, dau. of Francis Borland, Esq.,' 
and grand-dau. of Hon. Timothy 
Lindall of Salem ; 1st wife ; m. in 
Boston, 4 Sept. 1750 ; d. in New Lon- 
don, 5 April 1760, aged 28. 

r-T r-T ^ 

'Francis Bayard, 2d Joseph, 4th son, b. 19 
son, b. 11 March 1 754 ; June 1757 ; merch* of 

1. John Still Winthrop, eld. son,=rElizabeth, dau. of Wu Shirrefife, Esq., of An- 
b. 15 Jan., 1720 ;YaleColL 1737. I napolis. Nova Scotia ; widow of Capt John 
Of NewLondon ;d. 6 June 1776, | Hay, 40th f oot ; m. in Boston, 18 Nov. 1761 ; 

aged 56. 

d. in England, 24 Jun. 1793. 2d wife. 

Merch* of New York 
and of Fisher's Island, 
New London ; m. 1st, 
Marston, Esq., of New 
dau. of John Taylor, 
Esq. of New York; d. 
16 May 1817 ; issue 
by both wives. 

jane, b. 1 Nov., 1762; 
m. 1781, W» Stew- 
art, Esq., of New 
London ; d. 80 Nov. 
1828 ; had one daugh- 

Charleston, in South 
Carolina ; m. 1788 Sa- 
rah, dau. of Alexander 
Eraser, Esq., of Char- 
leston ; d. 26 July 
1 828, leaving issue 
This branch now(1893) 
represfnted by his 
grandsons, Joseph and 
Francis Winthrop of 

WiUiam Winthrop, 
8d son, b. 5 Jun. 1756; 
d. m New York 27 
April 1827, unm. 

Thomas Lindall, 5th 
son, b. 6 March 1760, 
Harv. Coll. 1780. Of 
Boston ; Lieut. -Gov. 
of Massachusetts ; m. 
1786 Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sir John Temple, 
bcurt, and grand-dau. 
of James Bowdoin, 
Governor of Massa- 
chusetts ; d. in Boston 
21 Feb. 1841, leaving 
issue ; inter aL, Hon. 
Robert C. Winthrop 
of Boston, Speaker of 
the House of liepre- 
sentatives of U.S. 
and Senator from 
Massachusetts ; b. 12 
May 1809. 

Benjamin,6th son, b. 17 
Sep. 1762 ; m. 1786 
Judith, dau. of Peter 
Stuyvesant, Esq., of 
New York ; d. in New 
York9 Jan.1844, having 
issue. His grandson, 
Egerton Leigh Win- 
throp, Esq., of New 
York, is now (1893) the 
senior representative of 
this branch. 

Elizabeth, b. 17 April 
1 766; m. 1786 Jacob Se- 
Conn., leaving iaaxe, 

Cha' k Henry, d. young. 

Robert, 7th son, b. 7 
Dec. 1764 ; entered Royal 
Navy; d. Vice- Admiral 
10 May 1832, having m. 
1804 Sarah, dau. of 
Geoiige Farbraoe, Esq. of 
Dover, having issue, inter 
a/., Vice- Admiral Geo. T. 
S. Winthrop, R.N. of 

Margaret Shirreffe, b. 
17 July 1767 ; m. Ist, 
1788, Adolphus Yates, 
Esq. ; 2d, 1801, John 
Marston, Esq. ; issue by 
both marriages; inter oL, 
Admiral Richard Adol- 
phus Yates, R.N. 

^ Descendants of Francis Bayard Winthrop have become very numerous. His senior lineal representative is now (1898) his grandson, Henry 
Rogers Winthrop, Esq. of New York. Among the others are Buchanan Winthrop, Esq., of New York ; John Still Winthrop, Esq. 
TEmahassee, Florida ; Robert Dudley Winthrop, Esq., of New York ; CoL Woolsey Winthrop U.S. Army , &a 

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WSLintlDvo^ of ^nttgua. Xgon0. 

Samuel Wiuthrop, youngest Bon of Qovemor John Winthrop of MaasachusettSi by=FE1izabeth, da. of , mar. in 

Margaret I^dall, his 8d wife; b. at Qroton in Suffolk 1627 ; died in Antigua "-"— ^ ,«^« j. , . ... 

1674 ; became a planter in the West Indies 1659 ; Deputy-Qovemor of Antigua 
1667-71. For numerous letters of his see Winthrop Papers, Part iv. (Massachusetts 
Historical Society's Collections, Series 5, VoL viii.) He had, with other issue 
that died young, three sons and three daughters :- 

Holland 1648 ; died in Antigua 1671 ; 
will dated 11 Dec 1676. For an ab> 
stract of it, see page 31. 

Henry mn-- 
in Rotterdam in 
1649 ; educated 
In New England; 
a Captain of An- 
tigua Militia ; 
living 1710, pro- 
bably d. soon 

^Henrietta, da. 
and coh. of Capt. 
William King of 
Antigua, and 
step-daughter of 
Carden ; her sis- 
ter, Mary King, 
mar. John Frye, 
sen., of Antigua. 

2 I 
Joseph Win-= 
educated in 
New Eng- 
land; a Capt. 
of Antigua 
Militia ; d. 
in Antigua 
1679; will 
dated 130ct. 

3 I 
^Catherine, Sam u eh 
da. of , Winthrop, 

mar. 2d 

3d son ; 
Mem. of 
Council of 
Antigua ; d. 
was of Oro- 
ton in that 


stated to have 
been a da. of 
Sir Thomas 
Warner or of 
Philip War- 
ner. Governor 
of Antigua, 
but of this no 


1. Elizabeth, mar. 1st William MUdon, mercht of Bristol, 
England, and of Nevis ; 2d Francis St. John, gent, and 8d 
Col. Rowland Williams of Antigua ; had issue by 2d and 3d 

2. Sarah, Ty'^llf*"^**^*^^^^ ^^ Antigua ; pvdbaMif 

3. Rebecca, mar. Col. Willoughby Byam of Antigua (son of 
Col. Wm. Byam, Governor of Surinam) and had issue. 

Samuel Win-=r Abigail, da. of ... Lav- 

throp, b. 1692 ; 
living 1767, pro- 
bably d« soon 

ington, gent., and sister 
of Major Wm. Laving- 
ton ; d. 1773 after her 
husband ; bur. at St. 
Paul's, Antigua. 

Mary Winthrop, 
William Laving- 
ton of Antigua, 
and had issue. 


Sarah Winthrop, 
only child, stated 
to have mar. Col. 
George Thomas of 
Antigua, butof this 
no proof. 


Sarah Winthrop, pro-=j=Henry Lyons of Lyons, Antigua, Major, Col. 
bably only child, and Holt's Regt, Mem. of the CouncQ of the 

ultimately sole heiress ; 
mar. 24 Aug. 1690 at 
St. Philip's, Antigua ; 
survived her husband. 

,. , „ the 

Island ; will dated 24 Ap. 1714, proved 2 
June 1715 ; had Groton Hall in Antigua with 
his wife ; there are letters of his among the 
Winthrop Papers. 

? William Win- 
throp, living in 
1756 ; d. s.p. 


d. unmar. 

? Robert Winthrop, 
bur. at St. John's, 
Antigua, 27 June 
1779 ; last of his 
family in the male 
line ; d. 8.p. 


Elizabeth Win- 
throp, mar.Capt. 
Jacob Huyghe of 
Antigua,and had 

1. Geoffrey Lyons, eld. son, 
had no male issue. 

3. Joseph Lyons of Groton 
Hall in Antigua. 

5. John Lyons, 5th son. 

2 I 
Henry Lyons of An-^Amy, da. of 
Samuel Parry, 
niece of Symes 
Parry of Symes, 
00. Gloucester, 

tigua ; heir to liis 
brother Geoffrey ; 
wUl 7 May 1742, 
proved 12 Jan. 

^11 ,. 

Henry Lyons, eld. son ; 

d. at Harrow, 18 Mar. 


Elizabeth, d. unmar. 


4|6| I 
4. Winthrop Lyons. 

6. Samuel Lyons. 

Catherine, mar. Ist Wm. 
Denning, and 2d Major 

Joseph Lyons, 2d son, b.T»Mary, da. of Col. Geo. Byam and Jonn Lyons, 3d and youngest son, of=T=Jane, ' da. of Col 

1725 ; of Exeter CoU. Ox- 
ford, and after of Antigua ; 
had posthumous da. ; d. sans 
male issue 9 Oct. 1748 ; will 
2 Oct. 1742 ; probt. 4 Feb. 

Henrietta Maria Frye ; mar. 21 
June 1748 ; she mar. secondly 
Daniel Mathew of Felix Hall, 
Essex, son and heir of William 
Mathew, Governor of Antigua, 
/f^and d. in 1814, aged 84. 

Lyons, Antigua, Sturtlow House, Tet- 
worth, 00. Hunt., and Bath ; b. 1731 ; sue 
his brother 1748 : mar. at St. Philip's, 
Antigua, 1 Feb. 1753 ; will 10 Dec 1763 ; 
probt. 27 Mar. 1775 ; d. at Bath 31 Jan. 


Catherine Wal-^John Lyons, eld. 8ur--f Elizabeth Robins, 2d 

rond, 1st wife ;mar. 
1784 ; d. 12 Dec 
1803, aged 40; 
had ten sons and 
five daughters. 

viving son ; b. 20 Oct. 
1760 ; sue to An- 
tigua estates ; of 
St. Austins, Boldre, 

wife ; mar. 1 7 May 
1804 ; d. 18 Oct. 
1820, ffit. 53; had two 
sons and one da. 

8 I 
Samuel Lyons, 3d son ; b. 
1768 ; in Holy Orders, 
Rector of Nevis ; mar. \ub 
cousin Alicia Harman ; lost 
at sea 1827 ; ob. s.p.m. 

Samuel Harman of 
Harman's, Antigua, 
by Dorothy Lloyd ; 
she d. at Bath 17 
Feb. 1792, aet. 59. 

2 I 

William Lyons, 2d 8urviving=rSarah, da. of William Lyons 

son ; b. 26 Jan. 1766 ; mar. of Antigua, and gnmd- 

daughter of Joseph Lyons 

his second cousin in 1795 ; 
of Tenby, Eng. ; d. 17 Nov, 

Edmund Lyons, 4th son ; b. 21 Nov. 1790 ;=t= Augusta Louisa, 
••'"••■ * ' ■' da. and coheir of 

1814 ; d. 10 Mar. 


Admiral R.N. ; British BCinister at Athens 
1835-49, at Berne 1849-51, at Stockholm 
1851-68; K.C.B., 1835; Bart, 1840; 
G.C.B., 1844 ; raised to the Peerage as 
Bar on Lyons, 1856 ; d. 23 Nov. 1858. 

I Bickerton Pennell, 2d 
Lord Lyons ; b. 26 Ap. 1817 ; 
BCinister at Washington, 1858 ; 
Ambassador at Paris, 1867 ; 
createda Viscount 1881 ; nomi- 
nated an Earl, but d. before 
patent was sealed 8 Dec 1887. 


Augusta Mary Minna Catherine, 
younger sister and coh. ; b. 1821 ; 
mar. 19 June 1839, Henry Granville, 
14th Duke of Norfolk, and d. 22 Mar. 
1886 ; she had issue Henry Fitzalan 
Howard, the 15th Duke, b. 1847, with 
ten other children. (See Burke's Peer- 

Humphrey Lyons, 9th=rEli£a, da. of Henry 
son ; Major-Gen. Indian I Bennettof Fir Grove, 
Army ; b. 8 July 1802 ; | Liverpool ; mar. 4 
d. 25 May 1873 ; he mar. Nov. 1829 ; d. 17 Mar. 
secondly Adelaide, da. of 1859. 
Lord Avon more. | 



of Groton Hall in Antigua ; 
d. 1 May 1860, aged 92. 

Captain R.N.;b. 
d. 3 Oct. 1878. 

Lyons,=f Jane, da. of James Dobie 

by Janet Wilson ; d. 16 
Feb. 1 867, leaving a son 
and one dau., Janet 
Wilson Lyons. 

Edmund Willoughby Lyons,' 
Col. Indian Army ; eld. son ; 
b. 23 Feb. 1880 ; d. 6 Jan. 
1889 ; his eld. son, Edmund 
Humphrey Lyons, is the repre- 
sentative of Lyons of St. 

*Emily Helen, youngest 
da. of H. Thomas, Esq., 
Indian Medical Service; 
mar. 6 Dec 1855, 1st 
wife. Issue two sons and 
one daughter. 


Wilson Dobie Wilson 
Lyons ; b. 1835 ; sole male 
representative of William 
Lyons of Tenby and of 
Joseph Lyons of Groton 
Hall in Antigua. 

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Wiintliftop of Corfi. 

Stephen Winthrop of Bandon, near Cork, 1658, suppoeed descendant of Joshua^fMaiy dau. of Living 16 Sept. 1685, 

Winthrop of the Suffolk family (see Winthrop of Qroton), but of this no 
proof ; Bandon parish records not going so far back ; d. at fiandon 1685. 

Stephen, eld. son, bapt. 24 Mar. 
1658 ; died before 1673. 


Thomas, 2d son, bapt 1664 ; 
a tanner at Bandon 1685 ; 
d. 8.p. 1704 ? 

Joseph, 5th son, bapt. 
1675 ; d. young. 

when Adm^*" of her husbiuid's estate was 
granted to her and her son Tfao* Winthropi. 

Maiy, bapt. 4 Oct. 
1661 ; d. 1722 ? 

Elizabeth, bapt July 
28, 1669 ; d. 1723 % 

, lstwife,nFjonathan Winthrop, 3d son,=^Elizabeth, dau. of 

" ;d.20Sept 

1738, aged 84. 
Buried in West 
Ham church. Will 
ripp ; 2d wife, ob. 
8 p. 

m. ante 1695 ; 
date of her 
death not 

bapt 23 Dec. 1666 ; some- 
time a cooper at Bandon ; 
afterward Dep. Collector of 
Customs at Baltimore, oa 
Cork; later in business in 
London ; d. 27 Jan. 1737. 
Gravestone in West Ham 
diurch in co. Essex. Will 
P.C.C*, 45 Wake. 

Stephen, 4th son, bapt 23 Sept 
1673 ; d. 1741 ! stated to have 
m. Constance Westcombe in 
1701 ; perhaps father of a Jona- 
than W. stated to have m. 2 
Dec 1732 Anne, sister of Hugh 
Jameson of Charleville ; and of 
an Abigail W., who is said to 
have m. 1st Rich^^ Couch, mari- 
ner : k 2d, 1745, RobeH Crofts 
of Ballythomas, Qent 

Benjamin Winthrop,^Bridget, dau. of 
' ■ -- William Pem- 
broke k sister 
of Thomas Pem- 
broke, Mayor of 
Cork; died 15 
Oct 1744 ; bur- 
ied in Old St* 
Peter's church, 

Benjamin Winthrop,= 
6th son, bapt. 2 Sep. 
1678; m. 21 Jan. 
1702; d. 30 Nov. 
1729; Merchant of 
Cork ; buried in old 
St. Peter's, Cork. 

Elizabeth, b. ante 1695 ; 
her father's executrix. 
1736 ; living at Stratford 
le Bow 1740, unm. 


Stephen, d. ante 1698, inf. 
Wayte, d. ante 1698, int 

Lydia, living Jonathan Winthrop, only surviving son, 

174f, unm. of St. Catharine's Cree, London ; bur. 

at West Ham 16 Mar. 1748. Admdn 
P.CC. 29 Mar. 174# to Lydia Win- 
throp, spi* his sister. Ob. 8.p. 


eld. son, 
b. 28 May 
1705. See 
of London). 

William Winthrop, twin=rAlicia, dau. 

with Stephen, b. 28 May 
1705 ; m. 24 Jan. 1733 ; 
d. at Bordeaux, Nov. 
1765. A leading mer- 
chant of Cork from whom j 
Winthrop St Cork took I 
its nam& High Sheriff I 
1741, Mayor 1744. I 

of Robert 
Esq. of 

Dec 1714 ; 
d. unm. at 
Nantes in 
France, 5 
Nov. 1730. 

Maxy, b. 16 
Nov. 1703, 
m. Rev. 
Baldwin of 
Bandon ; 
d. 17 Feb. 
1761 : had 

Bridget, b. 25 
Dec. 1712, m. 
William Skeys, 
merchant of 
Dublin, d. in 
Cork 13 Jan. 

Sarah, b. 9 Sept. 
1718 :m Robert 
Wrixon, Mayor 
of Cork in 1750; 
d. April 1763 ; 
had issue. 

Five other childreu, 
of whom were two 
sons named Benja- 
min, two daughters 
named Elizabetii, and 
one named Bridget, 
died in infancy or 
early childhood. 


d. young. 

d. young. 

1 1 

Stephen Winthrop, b.=f=Katharine, 

m. 6 Oct. 1767 
d. . . . Sometime Capt. 
65th foot Served in 
American war ; after- 
ward of Cork. 

daughf of 

Mary, m. Bridget, mar- Sarah, m. Richard Frances, m. Ellinor, m. William Jones, 

William ried William Pope, of Cork, who Nathaniel of Cork, and died 1824. 

Lane of Maunsell of was guillotined in Mitchell, From this marriage descend 

Cork, Limerick, and Paris during the Capt 16th the existing families of 

and had had issue. Terror ; she had foot She Bence-Jones of LisBelaa cow 

issue. issue. d.s.p.l822. Cork, and O'Donovan, of 

dan Cathal. 

William Winthrop, eldest=rSarah, dau. of .. 
son, of Cork ; died ... | Bradshaw, of Cork. 

Benjamin Winthrop, 2d son, an officer in the army. Killed 
at the taking of Santa Luda in 1779 ; unmarried. 

Mary Anne, Wmthrop ; b. 
1763 ; d. unmarried. 

Stephen Pembroke Winthrop, b. ..., died in Cork 1822, aged 19. Believed 
to have been the last of his family in the male line in Ireland. 

Mary Anne Pembroke Winthrop, 
died unmarried 26 Felx 1857. 

Two children, died 
in infancy. 

Among the Winthrop Papers in Boston U.S. are several letters from Jonathan Winthrop of Bandon to 
Fitz-John and Wait Winthrop, written in 1694-1698, and intimating a possibility of his emigrating to 
New England if he received encouragement He addresses them as strangers, but kinsmen, without, 
however, giving any clue to the precise degree of relationship existing between them. 

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W^ittt^vo^ of £onlion. 

Franoes, dau. of • . . Davieof£lzeter,=f=Stephen Winthrop, eld. son of Benjamin Winthrop of Cork,=T=Mary, dau. of Murthwait Ivatt of 

00. Devon ; 1st wife ; m. 17 July 
1783 ; d. in London, 26 April 1789. 
Buried in St Stephen's, Walbrook. 

(See Pbd. D.), b. in Cork 28 May 1705. Merchant of London. 
Sometimes styled of Exeter where he once resided. D. in Lon- 
don 1 July 1768. Buried in St. Stephen's, Walbrook. 

Wimbledon, co. Surrey, Turkey 
Merchant; 2d wife; m. 81 July 

Kary& Ethel- Bridget, b. 5 May Frances, b. 28 1. Benjamin Win-=^Elizabeth, 

red both died 1784; m. David Mar.1785; nL22 throp, eld. son, b. 

young; bur. Roche, Alderman March 1757 Rob* 5 Jan. 1737 ; Mer- 

St. Stephen's of Limerick, the Bligh, Dean of chant of London, 

Walbrook. grandfather of Sir Elphin, brother and Governor of 

David Roche of to the Ist Earl the Bank of Eng- 

Carass, 1st Bart, of Darnley ; had land 1804-5 ; d. 7 

Had issue. issue. Oct. 1809. 

I '— rn 1 

2.William,2d 8. Stephen, MaryWin-=fJohn Bris- 
dau. k ooh. son,b.26 July Sd son, b. 4 throp, b.ll | coe, of 
of Edward 1746. Sonie- Feb. 1749- Sep. 1748. | Twicken- 
50;d.s.p.m. i ham, oo. 


Keale, of time an offi 

Lombard cerinthel2^ 

St. ; mar. 12 foot; d. unm. 
Jan. 1765. 

Martha, b. j 

12Sep.l747, John Ivatt Briscoe, Esq. 
d. unm. M.P., died . . . 

1810; m. William 
Mac^orth Praed, 
Esq., Serg. at Law, 
and had issue, inter 
oL the late Winthrop 
Mackworth Praed, 
M.P., the poet. 

Benjamin, eld. son, 
b. 29 March 1766 ; 
M.A.Univer8ity CoU., 
Oxford,1792. OfLin- 
coin's Inn ; d. unm. 
in London, 1846 ; 
bur. in St. Stephen's, 


Stephen John,2d8on,=T=Mary Horton, Edward, 8d son, b. 1769 ;=pMartha 

b. 80 Jan. 1767 ; St. 
John's Coll. Camb., 
A.B. 1791, M.D. 1796. 
Of London and of 
Little Boundes, Ton- 
bridge, CO. Kent ; d. 
April, 1819. 


dau. of Gama- 
liel Lloyd, 
Esq.,of Leeds; 
mar. July 
1779 ; d. Oct. 

A.M. St. John's Coll., Eveleigh ; 
Camb. 1796 ; Rector of m. 1811. 
West Mailing, Kent ; d. 

r-r-r -• 

Benjamin Eveleigh Winthrop, M.A., Wad- 
ham Coll. Oxford 1840 ; Barrister-at-Law ; 
of London and Dover ; d. unm. Mar. 1870. 

Martha and Frances, d. unm ? 

Wniiam, 4th 
son, b. 1770 
low of St. 
John's CoU. 
Camb. ; m. ... 
1827 ; d, 8.1). 

John and Ber- 

Winthrop,=pAnne, dau. of 

eld. 8on,b.24 May 1800; 
A.B. Clare Hall, Camb. 
1822 ; of 82, Cromwell 
Road, London and Wol- 
verton, co. Warwick. 
Sometime Rector of 
Wolvertou; d. at St. 
Leonard's, 22 Sep.1885; 
bur. at Kensal Green. 

John Harvey 
Thursby, Esq. 
of Abington 
Abbey, ca 
m. 1834. 

Stephen Win- 
throp, 2d son ; 
A.B. St. John's 
Coll., Camb. 
1830. Of Lon- 
don ; d. unm. 

Edward Gama- 
liel Winthrop,3d 
son, A.R St. 
John's Coll. 
Camb. 1834 ; of 
London; d.unm. 

William Win- 
throp, 4th son, 
b. 1815 ; B.A. 
Worcester Coll. 
Oxford; of Lon- 
don and of 
Brighton ; d. 
unm. 1 Dec 

Mary Ann, d. 29 Aug. 
1867. having m. April 
1826 Hon. and Rev. Ed- * 
ward Pellew, 4th son 
of Admiral Lord Ex- 
mouth, by whom she 
had a numerous family ; 
inter al. Fleetwood 
Hugh Pellew, Esq., and 
Frances, wife of Sir 
Louis Mallet, K.C.B. 

Elizabeth, m. 25 Jan. 
1843, Charles Baring 
Young, Esq., partner 
inthehouseof Baring 
Brothers k Co., 2d son 
of Sir Samuel Young, 
Bart. She had four 
children, inter aU 
Charles Baring 
Young, E8q.,M.P. for 
Christ Chui^sh. 

Benjamin Win -^Constance, dau. StophenWinthrop,=[=Louisa,d.of Edward Win- 

throp, b. 1838 ; 
A.B. Trin. ColL, 
Camb. 1860. 
Late 18th Hus- 

of John Chris- 
tian Boode, Esq, 
of Lucknam, co. 

son; formerly 
Captain 22nd foot. 
Served with dis- 
tinction in Con- 
federate Army in 
Virginia ; d. 13 
Mar. 1879, leaving 

throp, 3d son ; 
B.A. Worcester 
Rector of Wol- 
verton, co. War- 

— , , , 

William Mary Anne Em- Constance Ella, 

Young Win- ma, m.... Welch, m. 9 Aug. 1881, 

throp, 4th s. — Frauds Smith, 

A.B. Clare Eleanor, m. ... of Wingfield 

Hall, Camb., Courtenay, and Park, co. Derby, 

1874. Barris- A 187... Sdsonof thelate 

ter-at-Law, — Martin Tucker 

Emily Frances. Smith, M.P. 

Florence Ellen. 

Anne Gertrude. 

The Editor has endeavoured without success to ascertain some missing names and dates in this pedigree and the one 
immediately preceding it. 

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Mintliro]! of ^tgna. 

(See Pedigree C.) 

Samuel Winthrop was some time a student at Harvard College in N.E., but left without 
taking a degree in order to seek his fortune in foreign countries, his father having experienced 
pecuniary reverses. A letter of his, written in Latin soon after his arrival in Teneriffe in the 
autumn of 1645, shows that he had obtained employment in the C!ounting-room of a merchant 
named Ferdinand Body whose partner was one David Stephens, and where his fellow-clerk was 
''a Knight's sonne of Kent," whom he finds not capable. In the spring of 1647 he removed to 
Barbadoes, and some months later to St. Kitts, whence he wrote his father that he had received 
much kindness from the Govemer, Sir Thomas Warner, and his lady, and also from one Captain 
Clement Everett In Januaiy, 1648, he was in Fayal on his way to Holland, where he arrived 
early in April and where he married a few months later. He alludes to the miscarriage of a 
number of letters about this time and the particulars of his marriage are wanting, but Governor 
Winthrop wrote from Boston to his son John in November, 1648, "your brother Samuel is married 
in Holland to a Dutchwoman and intends to come this way and so to Barbadoes." This marriage 
must have taken place in June or July, as Samuel makes passing allusions to his " wife " in 
a letter dated "Rotterdam, August 7, 1648." In the summer of 1649 he was heard of in Antigua 
where he was acting as agent for one "M' Rich of London," and where he appears to have 
resided until 1653-4, when he removed to St. Kitts, where several of his children were bom. 
In September, 1657, he wrote his brother John expressing his deep regret that the cares of his 
business had obliged him repeatedly to postpone a visit to N.E., but he says he has sent his two 
elder sons thither to be educated. In October, 1660, he alludes to the possibility of his settling 
in N.E., but adds, "I have taken much pauies out of nothing to gett an estate and it lying in 
landes and plantacons I cannot so order them as to be a certain profit to me in my absence." 
In or about 1662 he returned to Antigua, where he resided until his death. In July, 1664, he 
writes his brother John that he had received more favours than he expected from the new Boyal 
Governor, Lord Willoughby, and that the latter had confirmed him in his lands. In 166^, he 
writes his brother John an interesting account of the taking of Antigua by the French, whereby 
he sufl^ered heavy pecuniary losses. Not long before, as a result of his intimacy with the 
celebrated George Fox during the latter's stay in the W.I., Samuel Winthrop had become a Quaker, 
and in Besse's "Sufferings of the people called Quakers" (vol. ii., p. 371), is a tribute to the 
courage displayed by him when a Commissioner to treat with the French. This change of faith 
does not appear to have lessened the esteem in which he was held, as in 166j^, he was appointed 
LieutenantrGovemor of Antigua and he continued in office until 1671. His letters to his family 
in N.K give the impression of a man of affectionate disposition and deep religious feeling. The 
latest of them which has been preserved was written in January, 1673, from Barbadoes, whither 
he had gone on a visit to Lord Willoughby. He died in Antigua in the following year at the 
comparatively early age of forty-seven. West Indian records are in such a confused and 
unsatisfactory condition that his w^ill has not been found, but it is known to have been dated 
December 8, 1672. 

His wife died in the latter part of December, 1675, and her will (dated December 11, 1675) 
is in the Registry at St John's, Antigua (lib. C. p. 97.) 

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She bequeaths to son Henry " all my part of Barbuda Island with all the stock." To son 
Samuel ''all my part and share in [illeg.] and Long Island, with the stock, as well as my part 
of land and storehouses at St. John's, and my gray Barbuda horse.'' To dau. Eliz: Williams £6 
sterling to buy a tankard. To dau. Sarah Jones ten thousand pounds of muscovado sugar and 
a silver tankard. To dau. Rebecca Winthrop forty thousand pounds of muscovado sugar (one-quarter 
of it on her attaining the age of sixteen), "also my side saddle and furniture thereunto belonging 
& a negro man to wait upon her, likewise y^ negro girl named Lucy, and a silver porringer, & 
all my wearing apparell." To son Stephen "all my part & share of Groton Hall plantation, also 
a negro named Barabas," but if son Stephen die before he marries the legacies to him to fall 
to son Samuel. "To Jonas Langford, for his care & trouble in looking after me in my sickness, 
four thousand pounds of muscovado sugar & my great Bible." My three friends Samuell Jones, 
Jonas Langford, and Edmund Hull to be overseers. "My will is that true Ministers of y^ Gospel, 
whom y® world in scorn call Quakers, be entertained & acconmiodated freely, & assisted in what 
business or occasion they have, from time to time with all courtesy possible." 

The son Stephen mentioned in this will died in childhood, and it is noticeable that there 
is no allusion to Joseph Winthrop, second son of the testatrix, probably for the reason that he 
was in independent circumstances. He died in the autumn of 1679, and his will (dated October 
13, 1679) is on record at St. John's (lib. C. p. 117). He bequeaths to "sister Williams, sister 
Sarah Jones, & sister Rebecca Byam, £10 each to buy a piece of plate." Residue to wife & dau. 
but in event of dau.'s decease without issue, then to issue male of brother Samuel, failing which 
to issue male of brother Henry ; " provided that whomsoever of my brother's sons shall enter into 
my estate shall pay out to Samuel and Thomas Williams my nephews one hundred thousand pounds 
of sugar to each of them, to my neice Elizabeth Williams three-score thousand pounds of sugar, 
to my neice Frances St. John fifty thousand pounds of sugar." Major William Barnes and Capt. 
Samuel Jones to be overseers. Beloved wife Eatherine and dear dau. Sarah sole executrixes. 

The foregoing are the only two early Winthrop wills which have thus far come to light in 

In a work entitled " Antigua and the Antiguans," published in London in 1844, and 
ahatmdinff in errorSy it is stated that the sons of Samuel Winthrop "inherited a large estate from 
their father, but • by means, it is said, little creditable to the parties concerned, were deprived of 
their patrimony." There appears to be no evidence of the truth of this statement. The two younger 
sons, Joseph and Samuel, died while comparatively young men, leaving landed property to heirs 
female. The eldest son, Henry, became pecuniarily embarrassed and most of his land was sold. 

The will of William Milton, or Millden, 1st husband of Samuel W.'s eldest dau., Elizabeth, 
constitutes Samuel W. one of his executors, and devises one third of his estate "unto my espoused 
wife, M" Elizabeth Winthorpe, daughter of the said Capt Sam: Winthorpe." Will dated Nov. 11, 
1666 (P.C.C. Bence 32; previous probate in Antigua?) 

The will of Col. Samuel Jones, husband of Samuel W.'s dau. Sarah, is dated June 15, 1684 
and makes her sole heir to over 1,000 acres of land. 

The will of lieut.-Col. Willoughby Byam, husband of Samuel Winthrop's dau. Rebecca, was 
proved March 21, 1692. He devises his property in trust to his brother, Capt. Edwaid Byam, 
and his brothers-in-law, Major Fran: Carlisle and Capt. Sam: Winthrop, for his two sons, William 
and Samuel, and his three daughters, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Sarah, "all under age and to be 
sent to England to be educated." His wife had apparently predeceased him. 


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Mintiiro|i l«tt^i in droton, temp* (Eiitoarir ^% 

Lands, <fec., holden of the Honour of Clare, temp. Edw. 6. 

Adam Winthrop, ff. F terr. & tent. prat, pastiir. & bosc, in Groton voc Gales, Ballarda^ 
Goodwyns & Hersents perquis de Johe Ball. 

Rental of the honour of Clare in Duchy C* of Lane. Add. MS. 19077 fo. 326. 

JTittt. ^alt of (Srotott ^anor, 1651. 

Hec est finaJis concordia fca in Cur dni Regis apud Westiii in crastino Sci^ Martini anno 
regnor Caroli dei gra Angt Scotie fPranc^ & Hibnie Regis fidei defsus &c. a conqu septimo coram 
Robto Heath Rico Hulton ffrancisco Harvje & Georgio Vernon Justic^ & alijs dni Regis fidelib} 
tunc ibi ^sentib} In? Johem Gurdon Armi^um quer' et Drugonem Deane militem Deane Tyudall 
Armi^m Emanuelem Downing geno^sum Thomam Goslinge geno^sum Johem Winti-opp Armi^um & 
Margaretam vxem eius & Johem Wintropp geno^sum filiii & hered apparen ipsius Johis deforc? de 
MaE?io de Groton cum ptin ac de octo mesuagijs decem cotagiis vno molendino centum acris tre*"^ 
quadraginta acris prati centum acris pasture octoginta acris bosci cola pasture liba Warenna bonis & 
catallis felonu^ & fugitiuore vis ffranc ple^ & libtat cum ptin in Groton Lynsey Kersey Edwardston 
& Boxford necnon de advocacoe ecclie de Groton. Vnde plitm conuencois sum fuit iut? cos in eadem 
Cur Scilt qd pdci Drugo Deane Emanuel Thomas Johes Wintropp & Margareta & Johes Wintropp 
recogii j?dca^ manSiTm ten*^ coiam pasture Warennan bona & catella felonu^ <k fugitiuore vis ffran(? 
ple^ & libtat cum ptin ac advocivcoen jpdcam esse ins ipTus Johis Gurdon vt ill} que idem 
Johes hot de dono ^core Dnigonis Deane Emanuelis Thome Johis Wintropp & Margarete & Johis 
Wintropp. Et ift} remiser^ & quietclam^ de ipis Drugone Deane Emanuele Thoma Johe Wintropp 
& Margareta <k Johe Wintropp & hered sue pdco Johi Gurdon & hered suis imppm Et ^t^ea ijdem 
Drugo Deane Emanuel Thomas Johes Wintropp & Margareta & Johes Wintropp concesser^ p se & 
hered ipsius Johis Wintropp Armig qd ipi warant^ pdco Johi Gurdon hered suis pdca manliu ten 
ooiaiTi pasture warennam bona <k catalla feloniu <k fugitiuore vis ffranc pleg & libtat cum ptin ac 
advocacoem pdcam coiit j?dcos Drugonem Deane Emanuelem Thomam Johem Wintropp & Margaretam 
& Johem Wintropp «k hered ipius Johis Wintropp Armi^ imppm Et p hac rccogii remissione 
quietclam Warant^ fine & concordia idem Johes Gurdon dedit pdcis Drugoni Deane Emanueli Thome 
Johi Wintropp & Margarete & Johi AVintropp trescentas <fe sexaginta libi^ sterlingorf. Suflf. 

Feet of Fines, Mich. 7, Cha« L, Suffolk. 

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J^ontier of t^xaintttt. 

of Ilo0er f onber, 1507. 

In dei nomine Amen. I Roger Ponder of great Waldingfeld in SufF the xxii^ day of 
ffebniary, in the yere of our lord god m' v^ vii, beyng of goode mynde and remembrance ordeyne 
and make my last will in man^ folowyng. ffirst, I bequeth my soule to almighty god and o"^ 
lady seynt Mary and to all the holy company of heven, and my body to be buried in the chapell 
of great Waldyngfeld bifore thymage of seiynt Jamis. It^ to eu'^y poore man, woman and child 
that cometh to my burying, 1**. It^ I will that ther be dispended at my xxx* day to priests, 
clerks, childern <k to poore people in like some as ys at my burying day, and a goode dyner at 
saide xxx*' day for my neighbours w*in the said towne. It^ I will haue an honest and a secular 
priest to syng for me, my wif and all my frendys soules at seynt Jamys aulter in the church 
bieforesaid, by the space of ij yeres. It^ to the Trynitie pisshe in Cambrigge x" to be expended 
amongst poore people to pray for my soule. It^ I bequeth to poore peopill in Ashewell pisshe in 
harford shyre x», to poore people of Ware x*, of hecon x% in lewton x*, in hoddeson x*, pysshes 
in herford shire : to the poore people in seynt .John's pisshe of Colchester x", of seynt petir 
pisshe in Colchest x* : to the poore in Melford in Suff xx", in Sudbury xx", of Acton vi* viii**, of 
laneham x", of litell Waldyngfeld x", of Edwardstowne and Grotton to eche of thcym x', of boxforde 
X*, of Asheton and Newton, to eche of theym x'. It^ I will that Elizabeth my wif shall yerely 
receyve and pceyve the proiifitts of ii mesuags of old tyme called Colmans and Rawlyns whiche 
late I bought of M' Appulton during vii yeres, she paying chargs, and kcpe yerely myn obite 
daye. It^ I bequeth to Elizabeth my wife my place which I dwell yn w* thapp'^t<;nncs pasturs and 
gardeyus thereto annexed and a pastur called the Pynde w* a medowe which lat® I bowght of M' 
Appulton lying ayenst John Appulton yate for terme of hir life, and after the decesse of the said 
Elizabeth I will the said place remayn to John Pondere of lauenham and to th'eirs males of his 
l)ody. And if he dyeth w*oute yssue male and Geoflfrey fFoot myfi exccuto^ than beyng on lyve, 
said place to be ordeixi by said Geoffry. And if Geoffrey be decessed at that tyme than I will 
said place remayn to Cristyan my dough? and to the heirs of hir body laufully begotten, And 
for defawte of heirs than the foreseid place be sold, and the money to be disposed in deeds of 
charitie. It^ to Elizabeth my wif all myn Ostyllments of household [«kc.] soo that she shall pay 
to e\vly oon of my childerfi xij**. It® to the said Isbell ij mylche kene. It® I bequeth to Elizabeth 
my wif my place in Sudbury. It® to Cristian my dough? my place called Sheppards, and aftir 
[her] decesse I will said place remayn to Elizabeth hir dowgh? to hir heyres and assign for eu. 
It® to the said Cristian my dyehouse, to hir and hir heirs. It® to Margery Papforth my close 
callid Chippecrofte whan she cometh to the age of xvjij yeres. If said Mai^ery dye before said 
age I will said croft remayne to Elizabeth Ches?. It I bequeth to Margery Papforth my maser 
which ys in kepying of hir moder whan she cometh to the age of xviij yeres. It^ I bequethe 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


to Roger Coo my godson a place which I boughte of William Chamberle3m. It^ to John Helyon 

my godson a tent lying in the pisshe of Stoke Neylond. It^ to Rauff Rudlond, John Roodland, 

John a Wood and John flPuller my godsonnys to eche of theym to bere me to church, vi* viij" 

The residue of all my goods and catalls I remytte to the discrecion of myn executor's whom I 

ordeyne Geoffrey ffoote of Melford and John Pondere of lavenh*m ; and I bequeth to eche of them 

for their labo*" xl* and their reasonable costs. And I praye M'^ Roger Martyn of Melford to be 

supviso'. Witnesse M*" Henry Holywood pisshe priest of Mych Waldyngfeld, Jamys HeS chapleyn 

w* M' Roger Martyn of Melford, &c. Probatum xxvi die Octobris anno dni millimo quingetesimo 

octauo jur Galfridi ffoote <k Johis Pondere executor'. 

P.C.C. 6 Bennett. 

tSEill 0f lobn fav^tty 15^0. 

In De nomine Amen. The v^** day of June the yere of our lord god m* fyue hundred and 
twenty I John Pondyr of lauenh*m Clothemakr in my hoole mynde being and good remembraunce, 
loved be god / make this my Testament and last will in maner and fourme folowing / ffurst I 
bequethe my soule to almighty god and to our blissed lady and to all the saints in heven / and 
my body to be buryed in the churchyarde by the Crosse next my wif in lauenh^m aforesaid / Itm 
I bequeth to the high awter for my pryuc tithes and offrings necgligently forgoten vi» viij** / Itm 
I wille haue bestowed in deedes of charitie at my biiryall daye and the vij**» daye and the xxx*' 
daye vi* . . . Itm I bequethe to the bildyug of the Steple in lauenh*m iiij markes / Itiii I bequethe 
to the Churche of Hawsted a vestment the price xl' . . . Itm I bequeth to Johaiic my wif xl^ to 
be payed to hir or to hir assignees . . . she to see my chlldem honestly kepte aftre my 
behauyr^ / Itin I geue and bequethe to the said Johane my wif all my household stuf ... all my 
wodde that is payde for and all the grevne f . . Itm I bequethe to Wiftm Pondyr what tyme he 

come to xxi yeres of age xx** mark*^ Itm I bequethe to Eme Powndyr what tyme she cometh 

to the age of xxi yeres x marks . . . Itm I bequeth to Johane Ponder what tyme she come to 
the forsaid age x marks / Itm I bequeth to Roger Ponder when he come to the said age x 
marks / Itm I bequethe to John Pondyr at the forsaid age x marks. / Itin I bequethe to SymoS 
Ponder whan he come to the saide age x marks. I wolde the money ... if all decesse 
. . . exccutoris shall dispose it in dcdys of Charitie for the moost heltlie of my soule and all Xpen 
soules. Itin I bequethe to Thomas Wyndas iij^ xiij* iiij** and a gowne he to be payed at the 
fast of pentecost next corny ng by my executoura. Whom I constitute and ordeyn Robert Tryppe 
and Wiftin Powndyr. And also I will that the said Willm shall not medill nor do in no maS 
a cause of this my wylle w*oute the assent and counsaille of Robert Tryppe my said executour / 
and if he doo I will he bee vttrely expulsed and nea aftre to medill in this my will . . . The 
Residue of all my Goodes that is net bequethod nor giffen I putte thann in the disposicon of mye 
Kxecutours to dispose in dedes of charitie for the helthe of my soule. I geue and bequeth to 
Robert Trippe for his labour xl" and William Ponder if he will be welle ordred and to kepe 
his pmyse that he made tojhis father xl». 

Probatum fuit . . . quai-to die July mvxx** . . , approbatum . . et oomTssa . . . Roberto 
Tryi)e et Willmo Ponder. 

P.C.C. 30 Ayloff. 

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of Linton ^oniter of Hondon, 1557. 

Symonde Ponder of London, Pewteier, 17 Feb. 1557. To be buried in the pish church 

of S* Dunstanes in the West, whereof I am a piahioner. To my brother Wyntroppe and his wief, 

and to my brother Temple and his wief, rings of golde. To my sister Whitinge, and my brother 

John Ponder, and my brother Roger Ponder rings of gojde. To my brother Willm Ponder, if he 

be a lyve. To my well-belouyd wief Dorathee Ponder the lease of my house : she to be full 

executrix of this my will. Vnto Thomas Ponder, my sonne, the rents of Caves house, and the 

two houses in Chancery Lane, and the house that standeth in the gardeyn to dwell in. Vnto 

my sonne Henrie Ponder, if he be a Pewterer, my dwelling place for the terme of yeres, and 

also all my moulls and tooles, and fortie pounds in money. To Thomas my sonne xl^'. To my 

daughter Margarett Ponder at the daie of her mariage xl**. In Codicil, dated dated 11 August 

1558, bequest to John Temple, my brother in lawe. Probatum 4 Aug. 1558 juramento Dorothee 

Ponder relict. 

[P.C.C. 37 Noodes. 

of |0lm ^anhtx at fBramtrw, 1561 • 

The xiij^** day of Aprill 1561, I John Ponder of Branektrec within the countie of Essex, 
yeoman, whole of mind but sicke in bodie, do make my last will. My bodie to be buried within 
the church of Braintree. I haue bought landes of my brother in law, William Aylet and Mai^aret 
his wiffe : — sayd landes shalbe given vnto Elizabeth my wiffe, and to her heires for ever, in 
full recompence of her dower in all my landes and tenemets. To John Ponder my sonne all my 
houses, lauds and tenements, within the townes of Booking and Braintree, to him and his heires 
for ever. Vnto Elias Witham, my wives sonne, the somme of lxx'», which I stand bound to pay 
him when he come to the age of xxij yeare*. Vnto my sonne in lawe George Raymond xx". To 
Joane Ponder and Sara Ponder my daughters, to either of them twentie poundes at their severall 
ages of xxi yeares, or the day of their mariage. To Prudence Ponder my daughter xx" at the 
age of xxi, or at her mariage. Vnto Roger Ponder my sonne xxx^\ and Grace Ponder my 
daughter xx'» at the sayd severall ags or manages. Vnto Roger Ponder, my brother, my gold 
ringe with a deathes head theiron engraved. To my sister Joane a Hewpe of gold of the value 
of two angells and a halfe. A Ringe to my sonne in law George Raymond ; and to George 
Raymond the younger xx* to be deliuered to his father. To my sister Winthropp a gold rynge, 
Also for the avoyding of controversies between Elizabeth my wiffe and John my sonne for the 
deviding of my moveable goodes ; sayd goodes shalbe devided by fower honest men of Braintree. 
Residue to John Ponder my sonne, whom I ordeine sole executor, desiring my loving frynd Nicholas 
Wilbore to be the supervisor : to whom I give an old Ryall of gold. To Elizabeth Rowt my 
wives sister x*, to be payd at the day of her mariage. Probatum, 25 April 1561, Juramento 
Johannis Ponder filij et executoris. 

London Consistory, " Bullocke," 1559—1591, fo. 35. 

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Mill of Ilo0£r fonUtt, 1563. 

I Roger Ponder Pson of Create Yeldam in the Countie of Essex, 24 April 1563. I 
oommende my soule to almightie God, the father the sonne and the holly Goste, beleiuing most 
stedfastly to obtaine mercie and grace at Gods handes fo' Jhus Christes sake, th'only sauior and 
redemer of all mankynde. Lyeing and being sicke of boddie in the same parrish, at the making 
of this my pnt testamente and laste wille, my boddie to be biu'ied in the Churche of Sainte 
Margarets of Ipswiche. To John Ponder my godson my best furred gowne. To my sister 
Sturropp my fyne black gowne. To my brother Sturrupp a black gelding. To Elizabeth Ponder 
the half of my brass and pewter ; the other half to Elizabeth Russhell and Ales Whiting my 
neecs. To Edward Barret. To Harry Russhell my cloake. To Robarte Whiting my cassock of 
Chamlet. The residue of householde stuf to be equally parted betweue Rauf Wliytiug and Richard 
Whiting my nevews. My brother in lawe Gilbert Sturrupp of St Mai^garets parrish in Ypswich 
aforesaide and John Ponder of Brandetre my nevew to be executors. Mathcw Gooding a witness. 
Probate apud London 12 July 1663 Jur Jonannis Pounder executoris. ReSuata potate Gilberto 
Stirrup executori. Deinde 12 Dec'^" Anno ^dco dictus Gilbertus renuuciauit. 

P.C.C. 28 Chayre. 

Roger Ponder was appointed Rector of Groton, in Suffolk, in 1546 on the presentation of 
Adam Winthrop, his half brother, the Lord of the Manor and Patron of the Church. In 1558 
he was presented to the Rectory of Yeldham Magna in Essex by John de Vere, Earl of Oxford. 
See "Newcourt's Repertorium," Vol. XL, 689. 

dhamsxv ^romimgB. ^tnthtx c ^atm, 1604. 

" John Ponder of Brainktre in the Countie of Essex, gentleman, about the month of 
ffebniary in the nineteenth yeare of Her late Majestic Queene Elizabeth, did buy of one Joseph 
Man, then of Brainktre aforesaide, the manner and capitall messuage called Symuells in Hawsted 
jmd Stysted in the saide countie of Essex." It was stipulated that purchaser should be saved 
from all disturbance of Eleanor the wife of said Joseph Mann. About the month of April in 
the thirty seventh year of Queen Elizabeth controversies arose which were submitted to arbitrators, 
and agreements were concluded ; Mann to deliver a general i-elease, which was signed on the third 
of July following. About June, 1603, Mann made his will, leaving goods of gi-eat value to Eleanor 
his relict and executrix, who now dennmds dower &c. in said lands. In her answer the widow 
bases her case which is a complicated one, upon the wording of the release. " Compl*," she says, 
*' is a man lyttered, and noe doiibte did reade the deed before he ensealed the same." 

Mitford L, Bundle 6, No. 138. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


ISEtU of |obn ^mhtx, Boctor of laioe, 16^- 

John Ponder of Askeby in the countie of NorfF: Doctor of Lawe, 1625. To the poore of 
RoUesby, Thime and Askby in Norff: and of Braintree in Essex. To my sonue John Ponder of 
Panfeild in the countie of Essex, gent, my bowses, lands and leases in the countie of Essex. To 
my Sonne in lawe Thomas Mayhewe and to his heires lands in Billockby in Norff: which I purchased 
of him. My goode firlnde, M' Rob* Lynsej', Vicar of Martham in NorfF: to be supvisor. I gave 
my Sonne in lawe Thomas Mayhewe 400** vppon his mariage with my daughter. Vnto my nephew 
and godson, sonue to M"^ Rob' Smyth. To my brother in law M"" Christopher Bulluer.' My 
brother in law M' John Smyth and his wife. To my daughter Elizabeth Ponder my plate, leases, 
goods, &c., she to be sole executrix, Probat Elizabethse Ponder 6 Dec. 1625. 

Norwich Consistory. Wills 1625, fo. 267''. 

yrom tht ^t^isUts, ^t. Margaret's, ipatotclj. 


1563. Roger ponder preest and parson of great yeldam yn the countyo of Essex, departyng yn 
thys parryshe yn hys brother yn lawes bowse Gylbcrte Styrrupe was buryed yn thys 
churche on the mudaye the xxvj daye of Apryll. 

1563. Jone styrrupe wyfe of (rvlbcrte styrrup sometyme the wyfe of Thomas whytynge was buryed 
yn thys churche on the wedne&daye the viij daye of September. 

1573. Joan ponder syngle woman was buryed the xxviij daye of the moneth of Julye beynge 


1562. Gylbcrte Stj-rruppe wydower and Joan whytynge wydowe were marj^ed together on the 
mudaye the xx^* daje of the moneth of Apryll. 

' Was tliia the *' cozen Buhver " immecl, 29^** May 1579, in the third Adam Wiuthroi/s Diary ? 

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i^onber. imutm of 3fp^tt|i. 

Adam Wlnthrop of La-=f=Joan Burton, devisee of=j=Johii Ponder of Lavenham, clothmakeri kinsman and devisee of Roger Ponder of Great 

venhamin Com. Suffolk 
1498, Ist husband. 

John Ponder, her 2d hus- 
band, in 1520. 

Waldyngfeld, 1607. Made Will P.C.C., 30 Ayloff, .5 June 1620 ; probate 4 July ; children 
under age ; to be bur. by the Cross in Lavenham Churchyaix^l. 

Adam Winthrop of 
Qroton, co.Su£Folk, 
Esq. ; Will P.C.C. 
2 Chayrc, 20 Sept. 
1662 ; bequest to 
his sister Whiting 
and his brother-in- 
law Will™ Burd of 
Ipswich. See Win- 
throp OF Qroton. 

I 1 ' 1 1 1 

William Ponder, Joan Ponder, 1620,=f Thomas Whiting, Roger Ponder, Jolm Ponder of Simon Ponder,=f=Doro- 

eld. son, son-in- widow of Tho* 
law of Myles Whiting, 20 ApH 
Wytton, of La- 1662 when she m. 
venham who 2d Gilbert Stirrop 
made will P.C.C. of Ipswich; bur. 
6 Ayloff, 1521. Sept. 8, 1563, in 
St. Margaret's 
church ; devisee of 
Adam Winthrop 

Whiting of 
St. Margar- 
et's parish, 
Will P.CC. 
16 Peter,28 
Mar. 1671 ; 
probate in 
May 1573, 

r-T— r-i 

pMarion. Matthew, 2d son. 

Richard, 1563. 

Elizabeth, 1571. 

Alice, 1671. 1563. 

Ralfe Whiting, de- 
visee of his uncle 
Roger Ponder 1663. 
3d son. 

Robert Whiting, 

of Ipswich ; Will Rector of Gro- Braintree, co. Git" & Pewterer 
P.C.C. in Loftus, ton, on pres" of Essex; Will Cur. of London ; will 
29Sep.l646;Probt AdamWhithrop Ep. Lond. 13 P.C.C.37Noode8 
29 Apr. 1561 ; to 1 546 ;R.of Great April 1 561, prob*- 17 Feb. 1667, 
be bur. in St. Mar- Yeldham 1588 ; 25 A p. names names sister 
garet's Church, in Will P.C.C. 28 his sister Win- Whiting and 
that town ; lands Chayre ; \A in throp, and his brother Win- 
in Tuddenham, 4c. St. Margaret's, brother Sir Rog' throp ; probMn 

Ipswich, 26 Ponder elk., Aug. 1658. 

April 1663. Eli7>»» Rowt, &c. 

I r-r-TT^ 

John Ponder of Braintree, Roger Ponder. 

ren, m. 
at St. 

r il l' 
Thomas Ponder. 

Gent., 1594, Nowell e Scott, 

Eliz. B. & A. ; devisee of Sara Ponder. 

his uncle, Roger Ponder, — 

1563 ; m. Eliz. Wrought Prudence Ponder. 

mar. lie. Cur. Ep. Lond, — 

6 Jan. 1561, Grace Ponder. 


Henry Ponder. 
Margaret Ponder. 
SuBan Ponder. 

John Ponder, LL.D., Rector of Rolleeby, Norff. 1591 ; Firtt FruiU. Rector of Anlibie, Norff. 1603 ; First Fruitt, 
Will Cur. Ep. Norw. 1 June 1625, probate 6 Dec, 1625. Inq. p.m. 3 Car. Ob., 7 Nov. 1625. Names brothers-in-law 
Mr. Christopher Bullwer and Mr. John Smith. Lands in Burdbrook, Bocking and Braintree, oo. Essex, and in 
Billockby, co. Norfolk. He is mentioned amongst the Rectors in Thunie in Blometield's History of Norfolk. 

John Ponder, of Pan-= 
field, CO. E^ex,gent. ; 
living June 1625 ; 
dead 3 March 1628. 

'Martha, sister of Thos.=John Bigge, 
Roberts, of Little Brax- 2d huslmnd. 
sted, CO. Essex, gent. 3 Car. 1628. 
Visitatioth of Astex, A® 


A«- 1626. 

. . . ux. Tliomas Mayhew, s. and h. 
of Tliomas Mayhew, of Billockby, 
CO. Norff: Gent., who made will, 
P.CC. 87 Meade, i>roved 22 Sept. 
1618, which names Dr. Ponder and 
his Billockby lands. For Mayhew, 
see NoHolk Visitations, Harl. Soc. 

John Ponder, heir to liis grandfather 3 Car., then aet eight yeai-s and upwards Htid livery of lands 13 Car. 
Fine, 13 Car. 1, 68. 

1. Thomas Whitmg. 

4. John Whiting. 

5. William Whiting. 
Katherine, 1571. 

2. Robert Whitiiig,of=pThomasine, <levisee 

Ipswich, goldsmith, 
Will, Arch. Suff: 10 
Oct. 1607 ; probt 7 
Mar. 1607, his consin 
Robt. Sparrow to be 

of M"* Dorothy Spar- 
row, A° 1596, step- 
mother of Wm. 
Sixarrow, in Will, 
Arch. SuflF. 

Marion Whiting, ra. William Si)ar- 
roWjPortnian of Ipswich, whose will. 
Arch. Suff: is dated 1 Sept. 1611, 
and who was bur. in St. Laurence's 
church 1615. She is the "cousin 
Sparrow of Ipswich" named 1604 in 
the 8d Adam Wiuthrop's Diarj'. 
From her descend the Sjiarrows of 
Ofton whose ped. is given in the 
Suffolk Visitation of 1664. 

Edward Whiting, 
of Ipswich ; Adni. 
PC.C. 18 Jnly 
1600, to John 8ale, 
his cliildren, Wil- 
liam, E<lward and 
.Grace Whiting be- 
mg niiuors. 

•T i ll 

Dorothy Whi- 
ting, 1571 ; wife 
of John Finch, 

Alice, 1571. 

Margaret, 1571. 

Joan, 1571. 

1. William Whiting. 

2, John Whiting. 

3, Thomas Whiting, 



— I 

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^t)arpe of 3f$ltngton. 

Wm of UStlltam Sihtcft d Islington, \BM. 

In dei nomine amen. In the yere of our lord god m* v*' xxv'* and vpon the xxj** day of 

Septembr In the xvij yere of the Rcigiie of our soueraigne lorde Kinge Henry the viij'** I William 

Sharp being hole in memory and soke in body do make this my last will and testament in man and 

fourme following/, ffirst I bequethe my soule vnto almighty god, to our blissad lady saint Mary and 

to all the blissed company of hevyfi, And my body to be buried in the parishe Churchyarde of 

Iseldon [the old name of Islington] before the west dore by my first wife hir grave . . . Item 

I bequeth to Robert Sliarp my sonne and to Elizabeth his wife in redy money Ixvi" viij^ St. . . . Item 

I bequeth to my sonne Robert . . . my best maser, my drynking home fotcd and banded with siluer 

and gilt . . . and my best salt of siluer / Item I bequethe to Agnes Sharp my doughter in redy 

money the sume of vi^* xiij* iiij**. Also I bequeth my tenement with th'appurtennce in Canbury holde 

... to my wife Mary Sharp for terme of hir lyfe, and after hir decesse . . . the said tenement . . . 

shall Remayne to my forsaid doughter Agnes Sharp to hir heires of hir body laufully begotten . . . 

To Mary Sharp my wife oon tenement ... in the Prebend holde ... for terme of hir life ... to 

Remayn to my sonne Robert Sharp and to his heires ... To my said wife . . . medowe grounde . . . 

in Hybury for terme of hir life ... to Remayne to my sonne Robert Sharp . . . Item I bequeth to 

my suster Margery Thomson in money vi' viij** . . . Residue of my goodes to my wife Mary Sharp 

. . . my wife sool executrix . . . Item I will and bequethe x» of money to be gevyn to diuerse pour 

people to pray for my soule. Probat xi Dec. 1525. 

P.C.C. 40 Bodfelde. 

mill oi Bnrrtlm Mon, 1556- 

3 March 1556. Dorothy Acton. To the collectors of the poor of St. Towite parish. To my 
^zen Agnes Wyntropp my cheyne of gold. To Adam Purvye my lands «tc. in Barking co. Essex 
and to his heira for ever. To Lettys Purvye his wife my bracelett of gold &c. To myn ante 
Sharpe. My cosyn John Paecock - haberdasher and Adam Purvey latherseller, citizens of London, 
they to be overseers and executors together. Residue equally to Mathew (?) Owtral and Agnes Owtred 
my brother and sister when 21 or at their marriage. The curate of St. Olaves South wark a 
witness 10 March 1556. Probat 8 March 1556 to John Pecok et Ade Purvey. 

P.C.C. 8 Wrastley. 

From an Indenture, dated 13 Sei)t. 2 Edward VI. [Close Roll, 4. Ed. 6. 5**» part] we learn 
that Ellen then wife of Richard Owtred but formerly wife of Thomas Ecton of Barking in Essex, 
had sold lands (late the property of the said Thomas Ecton and of Gabriel Ecton their son) to John 
Purvey Citizen and leather seller t)f London. Dorothy Acton, or Ecton, who made the above will 
and Matthew Owtred were probably children of this Ellen, but the exact relationship to the Sharpes 
and Winthrops is as yet unknown. 

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Blt^tpt of 3^0ltngton» to. iHtlibIe0e3e. 

Abms: — Appareutly Or, three pheons azure, according to the Emblazoned Pedigree of Winthrop (see p. 9). The Armouries give 
Or, a pheon azure, as the shield of one of the numerous families of the name. Other Sharpes bore pheons within 
bordures. Ac ko. 

3Iaiy, devisee, relict and ezecu-==William Sharpe of Islington, co. Middx. Will, P.C.C. 40 Bod-= 
triz of William Sharpe, 1525. felde, 21 Sept. 1525 ; probate 6 Dec. 1525 ; bequest to Margery 

Thomson, his sister. 

■. . . 1st wife, buried in Islington church- 
yard, before the west door of the church. 

Robert Sharpe of Islington, Gent., 1518 ; named in his father's 
will, 1525 ; sold lands in Tottenham, 1536 ; Fine 28 H. 8. 

^Elizabeth, named 1525 in her father-in- 
law's will ; married before 1518. 

Agnes Sharpe, named in her 
father's will, 1525. 

Adam Winthrop of Qro-= 
ton, CO. Suffolk, Esq., Ist 
husband : m. 20 July 
1534. WUl 20 Sept. 1562; 
jjrob* 5 Jan. following. 
See Winthrop. 

'Agnes Sharpe, aged 18, 1534, 2d=- William Mildmay of Spring-^ 
wife of Adam Winthrop. She m. field Barnes co. Essex, Gent., 
2d Wm. MUdmay at Groton, 8 2d husband. Will, P.C.C. 10 
May 1563 ; d. 13 May, 1565, aged Holney,13Feb. 1570 ; probate 
48 ; buried in Si>ringneld Chancel, 24 Feb. 1570 ; bequests to 
Elssex. Susan Winthrop, &c., &c. 

■'. . . dau. of Pas- 
chall of Much 
Baddow in com. 
Essex, Esq., 1st 

. . . Sharpe of=T= 
London, circa 

Adam Winthrop of Groton, 
2d 8., b. 10 Aug. 1548. Re- 
fers in his Diary to the 
Mildmays and to his cousin 
Joane Munkett. See Life 
and Letters of John Win- 
throp, vol. i, pp. 409, 410. 

Alice Winthrop, eldest^Sir Thomas Mildmay of Henry Muskett of Harles-=irJoane, dau. of . . . Sharpie 

dau. b. 15 Nov. 1539 
mar. 12 June 1563 and 
had issue ; d. 8 Nov. 
1607 ; buried in Spring- 
field church. 

Springfield, co. Essex,only 
son, Knighted at White- 
hall 23 July 1603. See 
Winthrop's Diary. Will 
P.C.C. 1 Capell, 14 Nov. 

ton Parva in co. Suffolk, 
Gent. Entered pedigree in 
the Suffolk Visitation of 
1577. luq. post mortem 
37 Eliz. ; buried at Harles- 
ton, Parva, 1695. 

of Loudon, 2d wife ; born 
1538 ; died 21 July 1597, 
aet. 59 ; bir. at Wether- 
den, CO. Suffolk. Visited in 
her last illness by her 
cousin, Adam Winthrop. 

Gent.jlst hus- 
band ; dead 
1592, when 
Hamon Clax- 
ton made his 

^Henry Muskett, of Fritton, co. Suff.^Catherine, dau. of Ham-=^RobertBrend, Grace, wife Alice, mar. Joane. 

Gent., 2d son ; purcliased Fritton pro- on Claxton, Esq., of of Norfolk. of Thomas 

perty, 1598; -Wnf, Mich. 39 and 40 Norwich whose Will Cur- Camden, A" Betts of 

Eliz. Admon. Cur. Ep. Norw. 24 April Ep. Norw. 7 June 1592, 1612; third Wetherden; 

1613 to Catherine Brend late his relict describes her as then husband. mar. licCur. 

and to Robert Brend her husband. Ob. widow of Nicholas Thurs- Ep. Norw. 14 

8. p. MiuikeU e, Claxton, Eliz. B. and ton. and refers to children Sep. 1582. 

A. relates to her jointure. of said Nicholas. 

at Harleston 

Par\'a, 19 Dorothy. 

Dec. 1588 to 

John Bullen, 


Digitized by 


jUiltima? of Ctetingj)am» 

m oi IRtUiam jKillmtac of §fmffitlb, 1570. 

13 Feb. 12 Eliz. Anno Dni 1570. WIIIdo? Myldmay of Spryngfelde in the county of Essex 
gent. My body to be bnryed w*in the panish Church of Springfelde a foresaid. I will that 
Willm) Myldmay my Sonne's eldest sonne shalhave Sampford Barnes and Barnes myll after that 
XX** yeres be expyred. Item, I do give vnto Sara Myldemay my Sonne's doughter my two Croftes < 
of land at Springfeld after twenty yeres be expyred. Item I do give vnto George Myldemay my 
Sonne's secunde sonne my copihold howses at Moulsham and my copyholde at the Marshe style. 
I do give vnto Mary Celey tenne pounds ; vnto Susan Wintroppe tenne pounds to be paid hir at 
the day of hir marryage. Residue of my goodes to Thomas Myldemay my sonne (whom) I do make 
my Executo*". Probate 24 ffeb : 1570 Juramcnt Thome Myldemay Execut*". 

P.C.C. 10 Holney. 

lEill oi %chn JtiUrmag of (Ivttin^hmi, 1580. 

29 March 1580. John Mildmaye of Creatingham in the Couutie of Suffolk gentleman. To 
Thomas Mildmaye my eldest sonne lands in Springfield ; also one hundred pounds out of house and 
lands in Fremmingham in Suffolk, which are to be sold. To him the house I dwelt in last in 
Chelmsford. To John Mildmaye my Sonne one hundred pounds when six and twenty years of age and 
my bouses in Chelmsford. To my daughter Thomazen. Copyhold lands to the said Thomas 
Mildmaye my sonne. To Robert Mildmay my sonne one hundred pounds and my lease lands in 
Cretingham and Branston. My sonne Humfrye Mildmay is dcade. To Thomas Mildmaye my youngest 
sonne two farmes in ffinchefeild in the County of Essex : he to go to schole. To my youngest 
daughter, Marian one hundred pounds at her age of three and twenty yeares. To my daughter 
ThomazQns two sonnes Anthony and Thomas^ when twenty six yeares of age. Robert Tovells and 
Robert Alderton to be executors. Comissco 28 JunTj 1 580 Thome Mildmay fil ; Robertus Atherton & 
Robertus Towel! renunc. P.C.C. 26 Arundell. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


ill 0f f bmnas ^tUrmap of jTramlhtgbam, 1601. 

Thomas Mildemaj the elder of Framlingham in the countj of Suffolk gentleman, 10 April, 43 
Elizabeth. My lands in Framlingham to Thomas Mildemay my eldest son, which were the inheritanoe 
in fee simple of John Mildemay gent, my late father, being purchased by him of one William Mynn 
gent, and Edmund Nuttall my father in law. Lease also from the Queeues Majesty to Olive my 
wife until Thomas my son attaine his age of four and twenty yeares. To my son Walter Mildemaie 
lands in Chelmesford in the county of Essex. My cosen Humfrey Mildmay of Danburie in Essex 
Esquire, Lands in reversion to me from Edmunde Nuttall my father in law and Sibill his wife. 
John Nuttall my cosen. To Marie Mildmay my eldest daughter, Thomazine and Elizabeth Mildmay 
my daughters, and Olive Mildemay my youngest daughter. My wife sole executrix. My brothers 
Robert Mildmay and Thomas Mildmay of Grays Inne to be supervisors. Probate 9 May 1601. 

P.C.C. 33 Woodhall. 

Mill of (&txmnh Nuttall at Jtamlxn^hBm, 1609. 

Edmond Nuttell of Framlingham at the Castell in the County of Suffolk yeoman 23 Aug 
1609. To Richard Everis of Framlingham yeoman and to Grace his wife my grandchild, one of the 
daughters of Humferye Knivett and Anne his wife my daughter, messuage where he and I now 
dwell, and other messuages and lands late Edward Page gent, deceased. To Nicholas Knivett my 
grandchild, son of Anne my daughter. To Mary Digges my grandchild, one of the daughters of 
Mary Bedingfield my daughter late wife of Edward Page of Framlingham gentleman. To Thomazine 
Mildmaye my grandchild, one of the daughters of Ollive Manister my daughter, when twenty one. 
To Elizabeth Mildmay my grandchild another daughter of said Olive. To Olive Mildmay my grand- 
child. To Anthony Mildmay son of said Olive my daughter when twenty two yeares of age. To 
Edmond Page my grandchild son of Mary Bedingfield my daughter one hundred pounds. To Thomas 
Page juy grandchild when twenty three. To Elizabeth Page and Sara Page, Robert Knivet, Edmond 
Knivett, Henry Knivett, Frances Knivet (a daughter) and Thomazine Knivett, my grandchildren. To 
Mary Spaldinge my grandchild, wife of Robert Spaldinge. To Mary Bodye my grandchild. My daughters 
Anne Knyvet, Olive Manister and Mary Bedingfield. Thomas Nuthill my brother and John Nuthill 
my nephewe. Obligations jointly with Edward Page of Framlingham Gent, father of aforesaid 
Edward, or with Mary his late wife, or with Edward Page son of Edward deceased. William 
Bedingfield and Mary his wife my daughter : Humfrey Knyvett and Anne his wife my daughter, &c,, 
&c. Probat. 6 Nov. 1609. Archd. Suffolk, 


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ill 0f ^ir Whmas ffiOhrna^* IBie. 

S*^ Thomas Mildmaje of Barnes in the parishe of Spritigefeild in the countie of Essex Knight, 
14 Nov' 1612. fl&rst I commend my soul vnto god my maker and my bodye to be buryed in 
the parishe churche of Spriugfeild. Item I giue vnto my graundchilde Thomas Mildmaye, the 
eldest Sonne of my sonne Thomas deceased, landes called Southefeildes and one tenement called 
Mottett's ffee and croftes and parcells of land in Springfeild. Item to Edward Mildemay my 
graundechilde, brother to the said Thomas, and to his heires, my ffaime called Colviles in 
Springfeild, my tenement called the Chekquer otherwise Springfeilds in Chelmesford and [other] 
tenements in Chelmesford and Springfeild. Item I giue and bequeathe vnto Walter Mildemaye my 
youngest sonne all my come and cattell plate Jewells househould stuffe and all my hoppoales in 
the hopgarden, and my two leases that I hould of the Kinges most excellent Maiestie in Chelmes- 
ford and Mulsham, and all other my moueable and ymmoueables whatsouer, whome I make and 
ordeyne my sole executor. Sealed in the presence of Edward Brand, Samuell Billinge, Nicholas 
Drane and Tho Sherlocke. Probatum penultimo die mens Januarij Anno Domini 1612 Juramento 
Walteri Mildemaye gen^osi executori. P.C.C. 1 Capell. 

At the time of the making of this will, which names only his second and fourth sons, 
Alice Winthrop the testator's wife had long been dead. 

Mill of fbomas |ltil5ma||. 1615. 

Thomas Mildemay of the parish of St James, Clarkenwell in the County of Middlesex gent. 
6 Dec. 1613. To be buried in the chancel. To Margaret my wife. To my nephew William 
Mildemay, who is my next heire at law, my tenement in Chelmesford. To Thomas Mildemay my 
nephew, sonne & heire of Thomas Mildemay my late brother, one hundred pounds to be paid him 
at the hawle of Greys Inne if he be then livinge. To my nephew Walter Mildemay brother of said 
Thomas ; nephew Arthur Mildemay another brother ; nephew Anthony Mildemay another brother. 
My two neices, Mary Boddye wife of my nephew Thomas Boddye, and Thomazine Smithe her sister 
wife of William Smithe. To my neice Elizabeth Mildemaye their sister. To my neice OliflPe 
Mildemaye fiftye ponnd. To my nephew Anthony Boddye forty pounds. To my two neices Katherine 
and Christian Boddye sisters to said Anthony. Scutchions of myne own armes to be pynned vpon 
my coffin. Supervisors, Aslacke Lauye of Pulham co. Norfolk Esq"" and Lionell Edgar of Ipswich 
Gent. My sayed neiphue William Mildemaye nowe to reclayme hymselfe from drincking, swearing 
and playing, wherunto he hathe been formerlie muche given. Probatum ult die Dec. 1613 juramento 
Willielmi Mildemaye executoris uolat in testamento. P.C.C. 114 Capell. 

Thomas Mildmay of St. James' Clerkenwell, was first cousin to Sir Thomas Mildmay of 
Barnes, whose wUl is given above. 

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nf Sir yenr$ ^ttldtttaii at CHraces, 1657. 

Sir Henry Mildmay of Graces in litle Baddou iu the county of Essex K*, 8 May 1637. To 
bee buried by the bodie of my late wife in the parrish church. Vnto the most poore and impotent 
persons of Chelmisford and Moulsham, sixe pounds ; of Springfeild, five pounds ; of Little Baddou, 
ffive pounds ; of Danburye, ffower pounds. Vnto Amye my welbeloved wife, as Augmentation of her 
Joyiiture, my ffarme called Imbers in Good Esteme, of the value of ffiftie pounds by y* yeare and 
vp wards, in performance of Covenant betweene mee, Brampton Gurdou Esq*^, her {father, and herself e 
before our marriage, 1 May 1616 : Also one other ffarme called Bellmers iu Little Baddou, <&c., <fec. 
Vnto Henry Mildmay my sonne and heire apparent, my Manuo*' of Graces <&c. to him and to his 
heires males. Vnto the said Henry my sonne, my Manno' of Newhall in Asheldhame, my Manno' 
of Waltons in Purleighe <&c. &o. If my said soime die without issue male, said Mannors to my sonne 
Walter Mildmay ; and if he die without issue male, to Sir Thomas Mildmay K** sonne and heire of 
William Mildmay my eldest brother, and after his decease to Henry Mildmay his sonne and heire. 
For want of issue male, said Mannors to pass to Charles Mildmay second sonne of said Sir Thomas 
Mildmay, Thomas Mildmay the third sonne, and William Mildmay the fourth sonne of said Sir 
Thomas ; and if the said William die without heires males the Mannors to remayne to Carew Heruy 
ats Mildmay my nephew. If he die without issue male said mannors to my brother Walter 
Mildmay Esquio' for life, and after his decease to Ambrose Mildmay his eldest sonne ; he dying 
without heires males, to Walter Mildmay his second sonne, and, failing issue of the said Walter to 
remayne to my right heires. As regards lands intayled to heires begotten of my former wife Alice 
Mildmay, I have lately sold messuages in Swann Alley, Coleman Street London, by consent of Sir 
Arthur Harris K* her brother, for seven hundred and forty pounds. This somme belongs to my three 
daughters by her. But her eldest daughter, late married, hath had of mee twelve hundred pounds ; 
and I now give and bequeath twelve hundred pounds a peece to her two other daughters Marie and 
ffrancis Mildmay. I ordaine Amy my wife sole executrix, she bringing up the children vntill Henry 
my sonne be one and twenty yeares of age. To my sonne Walter Mildmay mills and millhouses 
and %rme caled Sales in East Harringfield, and fower hundred pounds to be paied him at his age 
of one and twenty. To my nephews Sir Thomas Mildmay and Carew Harvey ats Mildmay and their 
sister firancis Nutbrowne. To Edward Mildmay my nephew ; William Munings my cozen : and my 
sonne Harkckenden. To the making a monument in Little Baddou church, fforty pounds. My 
mapps and pictures to Amy my wife for life. Brothers John Gurdon Esquio'^, Robert Gurdon and 
Edward Gurdon are named in will or codicil. Probat. 4 Nov. 1639 juramento Dne Amie Mildmay 
Relicte. P.C.C. 176 Harvey. 

For numerous references to Sir Henry Mildmay of Gmces, and a letter from him to his 
cousin, John Winthrop of Groton, see the Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections, Series 5, 
vol. i. Sir Henry was High Sheriff of Essex in 1628, and his canopied tomb, with an effigy, is 
in Little I^addow Church. 

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ill of ?Bame ^m$ fflj^hms^, 1669. 

Dame Amy Mildmay of Graces in Little Baddow in the County of Essex widd 18*** May 
1669. My body to be buried in Little Baddow Chancell in the county of Essex aforesaid. I 
desire to be' laid in my sisters grave. I giue to my beloved daughter in law Mary Mildmay 
my Sonne Henry*s wife the sume of six pounds in gold. To my grand-daughter Amy Mildmay 
my Sonne Henryes eldest daughter the sume of one hundred pounds. To Anne Mildmay my 
Sonne's second daughter, Mary Mildmay my sonnes third daughter, Lucy Mildmay and Elizabeth 
Mildmay my sonnes ffourth and ffith daughters the sume of ffiue pounds a peece, and all my 
plate to bee equally devided betweene them. I giue to flfra : Mildmay my Sonne's sixth daughter 
twenty mark in money. To Robert Mildmay of Terling, my sonne in law and to his wife. To 
my grandson Eobert Mildmay and to his sister Amy Mildmay tenn pounds a peece. To my brother 
Jo: Gurddn of Ason in the county of Suffolk Esquire, his wife, his ffoure sonnes, Phillip, Nathaniell, 
Brampton and Barrett, his three daughters Judeth Gould, Anne Gurdon and Amy ffourth. To 
my sister Saltanstall, my sister Joyce Gurdon and her sonne James Gurdon and John Gurdon and 
to their sister Anne Gurdon. To my neece ffisher, my neece Leeds, my sister in law my brother 
Brampton's wife, my daughter Wallopp, my son Harlackenden and to his wife. To my cousen 
Raymond of Ipswich and to her daughter Russell. To Mr. Edward Alston of Newton in Suffolk 
three pounds. I doe make null all my former grants, of all my lands in Bulmer in the County 
of Essex, Lavenham, Preston or Brent el ey in the County of Suffolk, and I doe hereby giue all my 
lands in Essex or Suffolk or elsewhere vnto my sonne Henry Mildmay and his heires for ever. 
All the rest of my goods att Graces or elsewhere I giue to my sonne Henry Mildmay whom I 
make and appoint sole executo"^. I the said Dame Amy Mildmay haue to this my last will 
and testament sett my hand and scale. And now Lord what waite I for, my hope is in thee. 
Prepare me for my change and receiue me into the armes of thy mercy. Probatum octavo die 
Januarij 1670 juramento Hcnrici Mildmay filij et ex*®"'. P.C.C. 6 Duke. 

For three letters from Dame Amy Mildmay to her husband's uncle, Adam Winthrop of 
Groton, as well as for two letters from him to her and some verses written by him on the 
birth of her son, see the first volume of the "Life and Letters of John Winthrop." 

We learn from the pedigree, which Henry Mildmay, Esq'^ of Graces, the son above alluded 
to, entered in the Essex Visitation of 1664, that Amy and Anne, his daughters, were the children 
of his first w4fe, Cicilia, da. of Walter Barker of Salop, Esq' ; and Mary, Lucy and Elizabeth, 
the then issue of his second wife, Mary, da. of Robert Mildmay of Moulsham, — the sister of 
Benjamin Mildmay, >vho was summoned to Parliament 10 Feb., 1669, as Baron Fitz Walter. 

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MH^rtidiTi of €fsiatx. 

Anna of Sir Henry Mildmay of QraoM, 1634. Harl. MS., 1542, fo. 39^ Quarterly, 1 and 4, Mildhay: Ai^g. three lions rampant 
Azure, armed and langued Qules : 2, La Rous : Azure, on a canton Or a mullet Sable : 3, Cornish : Sable, a chevron 
embattled Or, between three rosea Argent. Crest: A lion rampant gardant Azure, armed and langued Qules. 

Thonuu Mildmay of Chdme^ord Etqr.^Anne d. of Reade, 


1. Tkomoi MUd- 
may of Moutham 
in Com. Btaex Etqr 
=^nii« d, of (hm- 
mfm. A quo Mild- 
may of Moulsham, 
Knightsft Baronets. 


Sr ThomatF^Lady ffranees 
MUdmay of RadeUff d, of 
Motuham Henery^ Earle 
Knl, I of SuieXf Lord 


A quo Mildmay, Baron 

Mary vx Mathew 
Bernard. Arg.abeare 
mutled tabble taliatU. 

Tkomazinvx Anthony 
Bouehier E«f, 

Joane vx Chritiopher 
Payton Biqr. 

S. John Mild- 
may of Crt- 
tingham in 
Com. Suffolk. 
See Pbdiobbb 

Sr Walter MUdmay 
of Apthnrpe in com 
NorthampUm CJuin- 
oeUor of the Exehe- 
quer.=^Mary iieier of 
S^ ffrancU Waiting- 
ham Knt tecretary of 
estate. =p 

. . . d. o/^S. William Mildmay^^Agaea, 2d wife, da. 
Paschall of of Barnet in Spring- of Robert Sharpe of 

Much Bad' ffeld. Will P.C.C. 10 ' " 

dow, 1st Holuey, 12 Eliz. 1570 : 
wife. prob* 24 Feb. 1570 : 

bequests to Susan 

Winthrop and Mary 



2. Sr Anthony Myld- 
may of Apihorpe 
Knight father of Mary 
Counter of Westmor- 


Islington, oo. Middx. 
and relict of Adam 
Winthrop of Qroton, 
Esq. : mar. there 7 
June 1563 ; died 13 
May 1565. See 

2. HumffreyMyldmay of DarUmry ineom 
Essex.=Mary d. of Hen Capell of 
Jiadam in com Hertford Esif, and had 
issue,!. S^ Humffrey Myldmay of Dan- 
bury Knt 1654* 2. Sf^ Henery Myld- 
may Knt M^ of the Jewdl howse 1634 : 
John : Anthony and Mary. 

Sf TTiomas Mildmay=f=AUice d, of Adam 

of Barnes in Spnug- 
ffeld: married at Gro- 
ton, Suffolk, 12 June 
1563. Will, P.C.C. 
1 Cai^ell, proved 30 
Jan. 1612. 

Wynthorpe of Oroton 
in eom. Suffoike: b. 
15 Nov. 1539 : ob. 
1607 : bur. in Spring- 
field Chancel. See 

1. WiUm=rMargereU 


dyed in 

the liffe 

of his 


d. of 
&»• Oeorge Har- 
vey of Marks Knt 
Uftennant of the 
tower; mar. at 

2. Thomas 
married and 
had issue. 

Alice, d. of Sr =rS.Sf Henery Mildmay of Qraeesiw=F A 

William Harris 
of Crixsey in 
com Essex 1 wiffe. 

the pish of litle Badovo : Knighted 
in Ireland by Sr Ariher Chiches- 
ter then lord deputy abotit the end 
ofApriU. 3. Jacob. Rex. Will 
P.CC. 176 Harvey, 8 May 1637. 

AUioe vx Harlakenden of 
Earles Coins in com Essex. 



\mie d. of 
Brampton Oor- Mildmay 
don of Assing- of Bad- 
ton in com Suff dowl654- 
Esxf 2 wiffe. 

Walter=j=BndgeU d. of 
Ambrose Jer- 
myn of Bush- 
brook g broth- 
er of Sr Bob- 

1, Ambrose 2. Walter JudUh vx Beniamyn 
Mildmay. Mildmay. WatlengeroJ the Pipe 

1. Henery Mildmay, eldest son, M.P. for Essex temp. Chas. II. He mar. 
Mary, sister of Benjamin Mildmay, Baron FitzWalter, great-grandson 
of Sir Thomas Mildmay and Lady fVances Ratcliff. 

2. Walter. Elizabeth, mar. Robert 

Mildmay, Esq. of Ter- 
ling. Morant, 

Mary, mar. Charles 
Goodwin of Rowfant, 
CO. Essex. 

Lucy, mar. Thomas 
Gardiner of Tolles- 
bury, CO. Essex. 

Elizabeth, mar. Edmund 
Waterson of London. 

Frances, mar. Christian Fowler 
of London. A quo the Bridges 
of Goocbieston, baronets. 

Katherin, wife of Col. 
Thomas Townsend. 

Among the numerous descendants of these daughters the ancient barony of FitzWalter is still in abeyance. 

Sr Thomas Mildmay=r... 1 d. oj Sr John Emley Carew Mildmay aU Harvey of Markes in Rtmfford^Dorathey d. oj WiUm Qerrard of 

of Barnes Knt.; bapt. 
at Romford, 14 Dec. 


Knt of Wetham, co. Wilts. 

2 brottier of Sr Thomas Mildmay of Barnes Knt 
adopted heire to Sr Uawen Harvey Knt whose 
cosaen and heire he wtu. He died 1676. 

Han'ow on the hill in com MidUsex 
Etqr titter oj &r Gilbert ; mar. 25 
Sept. 1626 ; died 1667. 

William Mildmay of=f Sybilla, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Barnes, only son. Palmer, Bart, of Wingham, 

I CO. Kent. 


A quo Sir William Mildmay of Moulsham 
Hall, Baronet, who died s.p. in 1772. 

1. Oatoen Harvey, 2. ffraneis He^^'ey, Groom=f=Mar}', dau. of Matthew Elizabeth, 
1634. ^^ the Jewell Office, 1630. Honey wo<xl of Charing, — 

I CO. Kent. Amy. 

A quo the MiUlmays, Baronets, of Moulsliam Hall and Dogmersfield Park, the St. Johns, 
Viscounts Bolingbroke, the Bouveries, Viscounts Folkestone and Earls of Radnor, &c.,&c. 

The pedigrees from the Visitation of Essex, 1634, Harl. MS. 1542, are i)riuted in itaUa. Tlie additions are mcstly from 
Berry's Essex Genealogies as edited for the Harleian Society by Walter C. Metcalfe, F.S.A< 

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Milkman of Crettngfiam. 

Anna of Mildmay of Cretingham as impaled by Thomas Boddye of Bicknacre, 1612, HarL MS. 6065. Boddyi : Argent on a feas Azure tliree 
pelicans Or, on a canton Qules two staves raguled in saltire of the first surmounted by a ducal coronet of the third ; impaling 
KiLDMAY ; Argent, three lions ram|)aut Azure, a mullet for difference. 

John Mildmay of Creningham in com Suffolk. S. 9onn of Thnnuu MUdmay=fffiyu 
of Chdmtford elder brother of Sr IFalter. Of Cretingham co. Suff. gent. 
Will P.CC. 25 Arundel, 29 Mar. 1580 : prob* 28 June 1680 : lands 
in Framlingham, &c. Lord of the Manor of Harolds in Cretingham, 5 Eliss. 

neet d. of Raynbow 
of IptwUh, ? Rainbor- 
ough of Ipswich. 

I — 

elder, of Framlingham, 
CO. Suffolk, gent. Will 
P.CC. 34 Woodhall, 10 
April, 43 Eliz. ; probate 
9 May 1601 ; names 
Cousin Humfrey Mild- 
may of Danbury, co. 
Essex, Esq^ ; mar. at 
Framlingliam 1582. 

Mildmay the=p01ive, d. of Edmund 
~ Nuttall of Framling- 

ham, CO. Suff., who 
made will. Arch. Suff. 
23 Aug. 1609. She re- 
mar. Ed wardManister, 
gent. ; his will. Cur. 
Ep. Norw. pro.l4 Jan. 
1611 ; described as 
Olive Moore, 19 Ja«. 
hramlingham Court 

— r-n 

Humphrey Mild- 
may, dead 1580. 

Thomazin, married 
to John Boddye of 
London, 1580. 

Marian rx Andrew 
Atwood of WiU- 
shiix; youngest da. 

Thomas Mildmay , the 
younger, of S^ James, 
Clerkenwell, gent., 
6 Dec. 1613, when 
he made Will, P.CC. 
114 CapeU ; prob* 31 
Dec. naming Mar- 
garet his wife and 
divers of his kindred. 
To be buried in the 
cliancel of St. James'. 

B. Robert Mildmay of 
Tarling in com Bnex 
16S4 v)ko fined for 
threeveand Alderman 
of London,=Joane d. 
ofS^ Richard Deane 
oj London Knt; de- 
visee of his brother, 
1601. Ob. s.p. 

i. ^ohn MUd-- 
may of Pril- 
UweU in com. 
Essex; named 
1580 in his 
father's Will 


1. Thomas Mild- 
may, eldest son, 
1613 devisee of 
his uncle, Tho- 
masMildmay the 
younger ;bap.l 7 
Jan. 1584; living 


Arthur Mildmay, de\'isee=f=Mary, hi» 

of his uncle 1613 ; bap. 
1589 ; of Wickham Mar- 
ket, CO. Suffolk, 19 Sept. 
1627, when he maile his 
will, P.CC, 109 Skyn- 
ner, lea>'ing lands in 
FramUnghani to his son. 

relict and 
living 1639. 

Anthony Mildmay, 
devisee 1609 of lus 
grandfather Nuttall, 
and of his uncle, 
Tho« Mildmay the 
younger ; bap. 1599. 
=Alice, dau. of ..., 
named in the Frank- 
liugham Court Rolls. 

Mary, eldest da., wife 
of nniomas Boddye of 
Bicknacre Priory in 
Essex, second son of 
John Boddye and 
Thomasiue Mildmay 
above named ; devisee 
of Edmund NuUall, 

Willm Mildmay of Wbodham Water , heir 
at law to his uncle Tho«, 1613 ; had son 
and heir, Robert MUdmayy in 1634, who 
succeeded to the Terling estate. 

rn 1 

wife of Wil- 

liam Smith, 

bapt. 1595. 

Olive Mildmay, 
named in family 
wills, 1601,1609, 
and 1618, youn- 
gest dau. wife ap- 
parently of Henrj' 
Hayle, 1 Car. 
Court Rolls. 

'Robert Mildmay, only son, aged 11 in 
1627, ob. 8.p. 1689, Thomas Mildmay 
his wide being heir at law. Fram- 
lingham Court RoUb. 

— ^1 
Mary, only dau., 
under age in 1627 ; 
liWng 1639. 

Robert, son of Anthony 
Mildmay and Alice his 
wife, bapt. at Framling- 
liam 7 Feb. 1627. 

John Boddye. 

Anne Boddye. 

Bolig of Btcfenacre J^riorg* 

From the Visitation of Essex, 1G12, Harl. MS. 1541, fo. 135, collated with Harl. MS. 6065. 
John Body of London, Botldye, Harl. MS. 6065.=f= TViomozm d, of John Myldmay of frundivgham in com Suff. 

Anthony Body of London ;= All ice d. of Thorn Body of ^ Mary d. of Tho. Myldmay CcUherin nnmar ; 

deA-isee of Thomas Mild- Twynet of Bicknacre jn-ior \ of framlingham ; de\nsee devisee of Thomas 

may his uncle, 1613. Sussex. in com A'Mf;r I of Tho^ Mildmay, 1613. Mildmay her uncle, 

Ssonn. I 1613. 

I , 

Christian vx Tho Parker 
of Com Cambridgh ; devisee 
of Tlioraas Mildmay her 
uncle, 1613. 

John Body, 


Digitized by 


^laliajstet of ^atiletgt). 

HI 0f i^bomas Jllabaster, 1591* 

Thomas Alabaster the elder of Hadleigh in the Coantie of Suffolk, clothier, 16 June 1591, 
To Thomas Alabaster my sonne my copy land in Carsey and my free lands there. To Ann Still* 
wife of D' Still, for life, lands in Hadleigh purchased of Stephen Upchar of Dedham co. Essex, 
clothier: should she sell, my sonne John Alabaster can buy the same. My daughter Priscilla 
Lawrence deceased, late wife of Thomas Lawrence ; her children. My daughter Margaret nowe wife 
to John Dorington of London. To my brother Roger Alaba.ster and his children the sume of one 
hundred pounds and four tenements in Hadleigli. Mary wife of John Alabaster my sonne. To Sarah 
Still, Nathaniel Still, Ann Still, Elizabeth Still, Mary Still and John Still, at their ages of one and 
twenty yeares. To John Alabaster the younger, sonne to John Alabaster my sonne, and to his 
sisters Anne and Mary Alabaster. Probat 10 June 1592. Cur. Pra)rog. Cant. 51 Harrington. 

ill of iobn Alabaster. 1657. 

John Alabaster the elder of Hadley, Clothier, 20 April 1637. To Mary my wife three hundred 
pounds. Thomas Alabaster, my good father deceased, assured to me and to Mary my wife my 
Maucion Howse Jkc. in Hadley : this I bequeath to my sonne John Alabaster and his heires male. 
To Thomas Alabaster my sonne, my lands in Kersey and divers lands in Nawton and Nedging for 
life, then to John Alabaster his soiuie, and to his other sonne, Thomas Alabaster the younger. To 
my daughters, Susan Beamond, Bridget Br}'an, Sarah Blewett and Anne Cooke, each one hundred 
pounds. To John Beamond and Thomas Bryan my sonnes in law ; Thomas Holman, John Holman 
and Mary, wife of Jeffi*ey Janings my Kiusfolke ; William Glanfield my brother in law ; Edward 
Beamond the elder my loveing kinsman ; and to William Brooke, my kinsman, a weaver. Probat 
6 May 1637. Cur. Prwrog. Cant. 83 Goare. 


Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


mill of Wmim mtta&t% 1657. 

The sixth daje of June 1637, William Glanfield of Hadley in the countie of Suffoike, clothier. 
I give my free houses to William Allabaster, and part of my sheepe. To John Allabaster, Marie 
Allabaster at her age of twentie yeares, Thomas Allabaster, fTrancis Allabaster, Elizabeth Allabaster, 
Sarah Allabaster and Jane Allabaster, the summe of tenn poundes [apiece]. All other things 
I leave to yo' disposing. Thus leaning the world and sicke my selfe, as a Ancker hold 
vpon Christ : and soe fare well. All the rest of my goods I give vnto my louing sonne in lawe 
Thomas Allabaster of Hadley aforesaid, clothier, and vnto Elizabeth his nowe wife my daughter ; 
said Thomas and Elizabeth his wife my daughter to be my executors. Probatum 25 Aug. 1637, 
Juramento Thome Allabaster vnius exec"™. Reservata ptate Elizabethae Allabaster alteri execut 
cum venerit P.C.C. 114 Goare. 

Smpttsitloit on the htath of |o|m ^hhasttt, 1658. 

Suff. Inquisico Indentat^ capt^ apud StownSkett in dco com Suff., Anno regni Dni^ nri^ Caroli 
Angl^ [<S^.] Regs &c. decimo quarto, Annoq} Dni 1638, Coram Johe Combes Armi^o Escaetore, 
post mortem Johis Allabaster defunct^ p scrm^ Johis Brasier [&c., &c.] pbor(; et legliu^ homin^. 
Qui dicunt quod Thomas Allabaster pater ^dci Johis in dco bri noTat fuit seltus de et in trib} 
sepalibus tenemt^ et domibs Ac de vno alio tenemnt^ tunc in tenur^ Ro^i Allabaster fratris ^ci 
Thome Ac de omib3 illis clausis campis et pastur^ nunc in tenur^ et occupacone dci Thome Allabcustcr 
cognit^ p nomen et nola de Homefeild, Lc Highfeild, Le Pondfeild, Cocks feild, greate Wakelings 
et litle Wakelings iacen^ et existen^ in Hadleigh in com J^ict^. Idm^ Thomas p Indentur inter ipm 
Thomam Allabaster ex vna pte et Jofiem Brond Clothier ex altera pte gerent^ dat^ vltimo die Julij 
Anno regni Dne Elizabethe nup Regine Angl^ dzc. Vicesimo sexto, in consideracone maritagii hend et 
solemnizaiid inter Johem Allabaster in dco bri noiat fit dict^ Thome Allabaster et Mariam Brond 
filiam dci Johis Brond conveint et agreavit cum dco Johe Brond qd ipe idm^ Thomas Allabaster ante 
diem solemnizaconis ^dict^ maritagii faceret bon^ cert^ et sufficient statiun absolut^ in feod simplic? 
quibusdm^ Arthuro Veysey et Willo West de omib} Jdcis^ terris et ceteris ^missis in Hadleigh JdictP 
ad sepal^ vss et intencones sequent^ (videlt) ad vsum pdci Thome Allabaster duran'^ vit^ natural^ 
dci^ Johis Allabaster fiP sui et post eius decessum ad vsum pdce Marie Brond p iunctur^ ipius 
Marie durant vita sua, et post eius decessu ad vsum hered dci^ Johis sup corpus dict^ Marie 
littime pcreand, et p defectu ttm hered ad vsum rectorf hered ipius Thome Allabaster imppetun^. 
Et Jur^ ^ict dicunt sup scrm^ suu^ qd p^dcm® maritagiu^ hitum et soleminzat^ fuit. Et quod 
idm^ Johes huit exitu^ sup corpus pdicte Marie Johem Allabaster filiu^ suu^ senior^. Et qd 
jpdicta Maria adhuc supstes est et in plena vita existit. Vlterius Jurator^ pdci dicunt qd ^dcus 
Johes Allabaster in dco bri noiat^ diu ante obitu® suu^ fuit seitus de vno mesuagio cum areis 
hortis et gardin^ in Hadleigh in occupacone cuinsdm^ Wifti Godfrey. Ac de vno tenemento m 
Hadleigh in occupacone cuiusdm^ Thome Bower. Ac de clauso vocat^ Bradfeild in Hadleigh. Ac 
de Cheeses meadowe et Becon's Meadowe in Hadleigh ^dict. Idm^ Johes p cartam suam Indentat^ 
geren^ dat^ decimo quinto die Aprilis Anno regni Dni nri^ Jacobi nup Rgs Angl Ac. vicesimo 
tam in consideracone patemi amoris quem idm^ Johes gerebat erga Johem Allabaster filiu^ suu^ 

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senior^ quam p competent^ iunctur^ cuidni^ Sibille Britten vid modo vxor dict^ Joliis AUabaster 
filij senior^ ipius JoHis in bri noiat dedit eadm^ ^missa ad vsum jldicti JoKis Allabaster in dco 
br! nolat p Smio vite sue Et poet eius decessm^ ad vsum Jdcor^ Joliis Allabaster fil^ ss et 
Sibille Britten pdict^ et hered de corporib5 et p defectu tiis exitus remanere inde rctis heredib} 
ipius Joliis Allabaster filij senior^ dci^ Joliis ;in ppetum^. Vlterius Jurator^ pdci^ dicunt qd p^dcus 
JoHes in dco bH noiat die obitus fuit seltus de dinlsis pcellis terre vocat^ the Wyndmilfeild or 
Coes feild. Ac de vno tenemento nunc in occupacone Willi Bird scituat in Hadleigh. Ac de 
▼no tenemento cum omib} terris in Kersey nunc in occupacone Thome Bennett. Ac de vno campo 
vocat^ Chopchurch feild in Hadleigh. Ac de mesuag^ in Kersey vocat^ Kersey Mill nup pquisit^ 

de Rolfe gen^oso. Ac de tribus tenement^ in Hadleigh Bridgstreete et vno tenemento in 

Duck lane et vna pecia terr^ sup Bacon lane ac de vno tenemento vocat^ Holford. Ac de terris 
libris in Nawton et Nedging in dco com^ continentib} quadragint^ quinq} acras. Idm- Jolies p 
vltimam voluntat^ geren^ dat vicesimo die Aprilis Anno Dni 1637 devisavit eadm^ ad efFcu^ sequend 
(videlt). Itm my will is that Mary my loveing wife shall also quietly inioy for her ioyncture 
all those pcells of land w^^ I purchased of S' Nichas Stoddard K^ by the name of Wyndemel feild 
or Coes feild and a peece of my hopyard for and duringe the terme of her naturall life and after 
her decease I give sd lands to John Allabaster my sonne and to the heires males of the sd John. 
Itm^ I give vnto Anne Cooke my daughter the howse wherein Wilim Bird nowe dwelleth for term 
of her life. Itm^ I give vnto Thomas Allabaster my sonne my tenements & lands in Kersey 
duringe his life and after his decease to Thomas Allabaster his sonne and to his heires for ever. 
Itm^ I give unto Thomas Allabaster my sonne my house & lands & meadowes in Kersey called 
Kersey Mill. Itm^ I give vnto Thomas Allabaster my sonne three tenements in Hadleigh 

bridgstreete and one tenement wherein Ashmeere dwelleth in Duck lane and one peece of 

pasture lying vppon Bacon lane all w<^** were given by my good father Thomas Allabaster, as by 
his last will appeareth, for the payment of two shillings a weeke euly Sabboth day to the poore 
people of Hadleigh, vr^^ hath beene given in breade to thirteene psons, from the death of my sd 
father vnto this day. And I charge my sd sonne to see the same continued as it hath beene 
hetherto by me. Itm^ I give the Incorporacon of Hadleigh for ever my tenement in Hadleigh 
called Posford, and my twelve acres of land in Coram Street to the intente that the yeerely rents 
be pd to an honest sober & sufficient man who shall teach poore children of the towne of 
Hadleigh to reade English, write and to cast accompts. Itm^ I give vnto Thomas Allabaster my 
sonne all my freehold lands and tenements in Nawton and Nedging, and after his decease I give 
the same to John Allabaster his sonne and his heires male, and for want of heires males of the 
said John lawfully begotten I give sd lands vnto my grandchild Thomas Allabaster the yonger 
and for want of heirs males of sd Thomas the yonger I give the same to the next heires of 
my selfe John Allabaster the elder for ever. Vlterius Jurator^ dicunt qd p^dcus Johes Allabaster 
sic seitus vicesimo primo die Aprilis Anno Hegni Dni Regis nunc Scio decimo obijt Et qd p^dcus 
Johes Allabaster filius fuit filius suus senior et pximus heres Et tempore mortis dict^ Johis 
ptris ss fuit etat^ quadragint^ annore et amplius . . . i?dcm^ mesuag in Kersey vocat^ Kersey 
Mill teneban^ dno Rege nunc vt de honore suo de Clare p servic mil. 

Abridged from the original, Miscell. Inq. p.m., 14 Car. I., Part 27, No. 34. 


Digitized by 



0f Br. MiUiam ^abaster, 1640. 

I, William Alabaster, Doctor of Divinity, 30 March, 1640, doe make this ray last Will and 
Testament, as followeth. ffirst I give and bequeath ray soule to AUmightie God, hopeing to be saved 
through the meritts of Jesus Christ My body to be decently buried at the discretion of Nicholas 
Bacon of Grayes Inn, co. Middlesex, Esquire ; whome I doe make sole exequitor. Probatum, ultimo 
Aprilis 1640 Juramento Nicholai Bacon, Armigeri. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 51 Coventry. 

til 0f |0bn MsbBstsx, 1655. 

John Alabaster of Hadley co. Suffolk, Clothier, 5 Nov' 1655. To my grandchild Sibilla, 
daughter of my late son John Alabaster by his wife Bridget, all my lands and tenements whatsoever 
with remainder if she die without issue, to my brother Thomas Alabaster. My late father John 
Alabaster made me his executor. I ordain my daughter Mary, wife of William Gilberde, Gierke, my 
sole executrix. To said Sibilla, my granddaughter at her age of one and twenty years. Probate 
17 Jxme 1669 to Bridget Appleton ats Alabaster, now wife of Robert Appleton Esq., the natural 
and lawful mother and curator of Sibill Alabaster a minor &c. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 365 Pell. 

"inbtxAntt, 1668. Jllalraster tt ^nttangHf. 

Indenture 4 May, 20 Cha" 11. 1668, between John Alabaster of Oftoc co. Suffolk Gent, and 
William Sparrow of Ofton Gent of the one part, and Charles Burrough of Sproughton Gent, and 
Thomas Goodall of Bernards Inne, London Gent of th'other. Alabaster and Sparrow have sold unto 
Burrough and Goodall the messuage in Nawton <&c. devised unto Thomas Alabaster, deceased father 
of the said John Alabaster in the will of John Alabaster, grandfather of the said John. [See above 
for the Will referred to.] Close Roll, 20 Chaa II. 22, 12. 

0f latu ^ahasttx, 1708. 

Jane Alabaster of Stunton in the County of Suffolk. To William Alabaster of Claydon ; 
Thomas Alabaster of Ipswich ; Bryan Alabaster of AUington ; Mary wife of John Rudland ; Sarah 
wife of John Styles of Henly ; Amy Alabaster of London ; John Balls, son of my late sister, and 
ffrancis Balls his brother. Said William Alabaster to be executor : to him all my goods. Probatm 
4 Oct 1708. Gulielmo Allablaster. Arch. Sudbur. Goodwin IV. fa 182. 

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Mill of Seitfamm UtQm, 1708. 

Benjamin Bryan of Stuston co. Suffolk, Gent. 29 Oct. 1708. To be interred in my own 
seat or pew in the parish church of Stradbrook. My lands in Stradbrook, Wingfield &c, to be sold 
by my cozen Edward Bosworth the elder of Stuston, clerke. Rents to be bought in Old Buckenham 
CO. Norfolk and settled on Trustees, for the minister of Old Buckenham for the time being. 
Elizabeth wife of said Edward Bosworth the elder. Edward Bosworth the younger, of Stuston, clerke. 
To my Kinsman Bryan Alabaster of Arlington, son of John Alabaster, late of Ipswich, deceased 
and to his brother William Alabaster of Claydon co. Suffolk. To Thomas Alabaster of Ipswich, 
brother of said William. To Mary Rutland, wife of John Rutland of Claydon, and to her sister 
Amy Alabaster. To all the children of John Alabaster of Saxmuudham, brother of said Bryan 
Alabaster. To my kinsman John Bryan of London, Gent. My Kinsman, Hambling Church, now or 
late of Worlingworth co. Suffolk. To the eldest brother of Thomas Keeble, formerly of Stradbrook, 
D'^ of Physck ; or eldest son of said eldest brother ; or nearest relation of said eldest brother. Of 
the residue of my goods, one third part to Mary wife of said John Rutland, and Amy Alabaster, 
one third to Bryan Alabaster my Kinsman, and one third to Willie Alabaster my Kinsman. Said 
Edward Bosworth the elder, and Benjamin Wilcox of Staples Inn, London, Gent to be my executors. 
William Burlington a witness. Probat 5 Oct. 1709 to Benjamin Wilcox & Edward Bosworth sen. 

Cur. Ep. Norw. Wills, 1709-11, fo. 128. 

IBrgan at Whxanhtstan. 

From Sir Edward Bysshe's Visitation of Suffolk, 1664, in the College of Arms. 

Thomas Bryan of . . . descended -p. 
out of IrelajQd. I 


, P 

Thomas Bryan of Stradbrooke=r Bridgett, da. of John Alabaster 
in Com: Suff: I of Hadleigh in Com: SufF: 

Benjamin Bryan of Thrandeston 
in Com: Suff: G^ 1664. 

The Arms of this family are not recorded in the Origmal Visitation, nor in Harl. MS., 1085. 

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IdabasUr Insmiptions — Halkkisli (tbttrtli. 

On a brass plate, beneath the figure of a man at prayer : — 

'^ Here lieth buiyed Thomas Alabaster, who 
being about 70 yeares old, whereof having 
lyved in this Town a Clothier above 40 
yeeres, always a godly, vertuous and 
discreet life, he dyed in the faith of 
Christ Jesus Our Saviour on the 12*^ 
day of Jau^ 1592." 

On a brass plate beneath the figure of a man : — 

" Here lieth buried the Body of John Alabaster, late 
of this Town, Clothier, who lived a godly & discreet 
life, & was of a holy conversation, for whose death 
the rich did mourn & the Poor did much lament. 
He was kind to the Rich & merciful to the Poore 
and loviuge to all : he was twice Mayor of this Town 
and was married to Mary his wife fifty &> one years and had 
by her tow sons, & nine daughters, and was threescore 
and sixteen years old, <k departed this life the 21'* Ap. 1637." 

There is another inscription, much defaced, in Latin verse, with some Greek, to the memory 

of "Johannes Alabaster, mercator . . . mdcliv." Of him Candler says (Harl. MS. 607 L) "He was 

grandchild to John last named. John, his father, is yet living this 26 of May 1656. He left 
one daughter married to William Gilbert Rector of Burnt Elie." 

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alabaster of j^ableigb* 

Arms: — Ermine, a cross bow, bent, in pole, Gulee. (Arcubalistarius.) Davy* 9 Suffolk Armoury. 

Alabaster of married circa 1620.=f 


Thomas Alabaster of Hadleigh, co.=^=CbriBtian, da. of John Warren of New- 

Huff., clothier ; Will P.CC. 61 Har- 
rington 16 June 1691 ; Prob* 10 
June 1692; M.I. in Hadleigh 
Church ; ob. Jan. 12 1592, aged 
70 years. 

borne, oo. Suff., by Dorothy, da. of 
RobertForthe, Esq., of Hadleigh. Her 
sister Agnes Warren was mar. to Arthur 
Vesey. Roger Warren, Esq., her bro- 
ther, died 1688. HarL MS,, 1560. 

Roger Alabaster of Had-: 
leigh, CO. Suff., where di- 
vers of his children were 
born. Concerned in an Irish 
plantation, 1 695. See Adam 
Winikrop'9 Diary, 

Bridget, da. of Adam Winthrop, 
Esq. of Groton, co. Suff., mar. 
26 April 1667 ; buried at Ther- 
field, CO. Herts., Nov. 1614. 
Winthrop' 9 Diary, 

Jcihn Alabaster of=f=Mary, da. of 

Hadleigh, clothier; 
bapt. there 1660 ; 
WiU P.CC. 88 
Goare, 20 April 
M.I. in Hadleigh 
(vTiurch ; Inq. p. 
niort. 14 Car. ; ob. 
31 Ap. 13 Car. 

John Brond of 
clothier, whose 
\rill P.CC. 91 
Wood is dated 
16 Dec. 1608 ; 
mar. settlem* 

Ann ux. John 
Still, D.D., 
hop of Bath 
and Wells. He 
ob. 26 Feb. 
1607; WiU 
P.CC. 33 

Tho« Law- 
rence. She 
ob. viiii pa- 

Christian, Had- 
leigh 1566 
12 Aug. 

Margaret ux. 
John Doring- 
ton of London. 
Bapt. at Had- 
leigh, 1663. 

Thomas Ala- 
baster, devi- 
see in his 
father's Will 
A°1591. (Of 
London, mer- 
chant, Close 
Roll, 4 Ja« 15 

1. William Alabaster, 
D.D. Rectorof Therfield; 
Chaplain to the Earl of 
Essex ; Author of Rox- 
ana ; WiU P.CC 61 
Coventry 30 March 
1640 ; Prob» 30 April 
foUowing. Fuller' 9 Wor- 
thies, Bom 1568. Win- 
threp*9 Diary, 

2. George, died 
1696. __ 

3. John. 

4. Thomas, bapt. 
1686; died 1620. 

Sarahjdied 1602. 


Thomas Britten=rSibiU, da. of=rl. John Alabas- 

of Hadleigh, Ist 
WiU P.CC. 47 
Dale 13 March 
1620 ; Probate 
16 June 1621. 
Names SibiU his 
wife and their 
children. > 

clothier ; 
mar. settle- 
SibUi Brit- 
ten, widow. 

ter of Hadleigh, 
son and h., aged 
40 and upwards, 
13 Car. ; WUl 
P.CC 355 PeU, 
6 Nov. 1666 ; 
Prob<i 17 June 

Susan ux. John 
Beaumont of BU- 
deston, clothier, 
whose WiU P.CC. 
25 Nov. 1641. A 
quo Beaumont of 
BUdeston, 1664. 

Bridget ux.Thomas 
Bryan. She renupt 
Tho» Smith of 
Thrandeston, GTent 
whose WiU P.CC 
87 Mico is dated 
23 May 1666. 

Sarah ux. Blewett, 

. . Cooke, 

Annux . 
1637. __ 

Mary , devisee 1591 
in her grandfat- 
her's wiU. 

Benjamin Bryan of Stuaton, Gent., in the Suffolk Visitation of 
1664. WiU Cur. Ep. Norw. 1708, with bequests to the Alabasters. 


Thomas Ala-: 
basterof Had- 
devisee in his 
father's WUl 
1637, and in 
John Beau- 
mont's WUl 
1641. Living 
1656 ; had se- 
ven children. 

John Ala-=f Bridget, da. and h. of 
baster of WUliam BuU, elk ; 
Bl(n9, wife of Robert 
Appleton 1664. Ad- 
mmistered her father- 
in-law's goods, June 17 


ob. vitdpa- 





^Robert Appleton 
of Preston, co. Suff. 
E8q.,1664; entered 
Ped. in Bysshe's 
Visit"; 2d husb* 
of Bridget BuU, 
she being his 2d 

Mary ux WiU°» 
GUbert, elk, Rec- 
tor of Burnt Ely 
1664. By99he, WiU 
P.CC 140 Reeve 8 
Nov. 1676, bequest 
to wife's neice Sy- 
billa Hunlocke. 

Two other 
da« referred 
to in the 
wUl of Tho- 
mas Britten 
their half- 

■Elizabeth, da. 
of W« Glan- 
field of Had- 
leigh, clothier 
whose WiU 
P.CC 114 
Goare is dated 
6 June 1637 ; 
Probate 26 

John Alabaster of= 
Ipswich, bap^ at Had- 
leigh 1624 ; dead in 
1708; devisee 1637 of 
his grandfather ; of 
Ofton, CO. Suff. Gent. 
1668. Close RoU 20 
Chas II, 22, 12. 

Thomas Alabaster, 
bap^ at Hadleigh 
1627, Uving 1637. 

Francis, named in 
will of Rose SmaU 

George Huuloke' 
of Hadleigh, co. 
Suffolk, Gent. 
See Martlesham 
Deeds, No. 12, 
1 Sept. 1697. 

=SibilIa Alabaster sole 
da. and heir ; was 
SibUla Hunlocke of 
Stowmarket, widow, 
3 June 1725. Deed 
No. 13. 

Isaac Appleton, 
s. and h., 1664. 

Bridget Apple- 

Anne Appleton. 

^Bryan Alabaster 
of AUington, son 
of John Alabaster 
of Ipswich. See 
WUl of Benjamin 
Bryan A'' 1708. 
Cur. Ep. N. 

»WiUiam Alabas- 
ter of Claydon, co. 
Suff. 1708; devisee 
with his brethren 
of his cousin Ben- 
jam" Bryan of 
Stustou, Gent. 


^Thomas Alabaster 
of Ipswich, 1708. 

Uolm Alabaster of 
1708. Had issue. 


'Mary ux. John Rut- 
land of Claydon, h9 

^Amy Alabaster 1708 
devisee with her bre- 
tliren of Ben. Bryan ; 

Daniel Locke of Ipswich* Dead before 14 March 17 50.= Anne Hunlocke. Intended marriage 
Martleham Deeds No. 20, Davy, confirmed by Court 9 May 1718. Deed No. 14. A wiilow 
Rolls of Kings HaU in Qopton. 14 March 1750. Deed No. 20. Davy, 

» The above were devisees of Jane Alabaster of Stuston in Will Arch. Sudb., proved in Oct. 1708 ; and of Benjamin Bryan, who also 
died in that year. 

Digitized by 


WtHV of ^^mtlesftam* 

Jlrtmrnal IBiomtgs. 

Harleian MS. 1820, before alluded to as being, in all probability, Raven's note book during 
his Visitation of Suffolk, 1611-12, has a sketch on folio 1^ of the arms of "Vesye, per Cooke 1576":— 
Ermine, on a cross sable, five martlets or. On fo. 73*» is the crest of " Vesy, per Cooke " : — ^An arm 
embowed and couped at the shoulder, erect from the elbow, habited gules, the cufF ermine, holding 
in the hand proper, five leaves vert ; a crescent for difference. HarL MSS. 891 and 1560 give but 
four leaves. The eldest branch of the Suffolk family was, as we know, represented by the Veseys 
of Wix Abbey in Essex. At fo. 2'' are the arms of " Doyle, wyfe to Vesye " : — Gules, three stags' 
heads, argent, attirccl or. 

The arms of "Vesey of Hintlesham" in the Visitation of 1664, HarL MS. 1085, had a mullet 
for difference, their ancestor having been a third son. "Vesey of Bradwell " had his mullet charged 
with a crescent. " Vesey of Aldham " had a similar shield, with, however, the ominous note appended, 
"See Eaven." 

For the claim of the Veseys of Aldham, if indeed they ever made it, to be near cousins of the 
Hintlesham Veseys, is somewhat doubtful. It is clearly discountenanced by their arms, as tricked by 
Raven on the very first page of his note book, HarL MS. 1820; "Vesy, per Cooke": Ermine, on a 
cross sable, five martlets or, all leithin a bordure of tfu last; impaling Church, Argent, on a fess 
engrailed between three greyhounds' heads erased sable, three trefoils slipped of the last; the crest 
as before described ; the whole being the achievement of the Thomas Vesey of Aldham who married 
Elizabeth Church of Maldon in Essex, and was living when Raven made his Visitation of Suffolk 
in 1612. 

IRtui^ JiMgm; IB^isitation of Suffolk, 1577. 

Arms : — Ermine, on a cross sablo, 3 martlets or. 

Crbst : — On a wreath a dexter arm eml)o\ved, habited gules, the cuff ermine, the hand proper holding four leaves vert. 

Roberte Vessy; 



William Vesy of=f=Joau doughter of Robert 
Hintleshft Suff. | Cutler of Ipswiche. 

I ""T 1 

Robert Vesy.=pJoan, d. of William Cardinal! John Vesy, 2 8oone.^Ale8, d. of .. Cutler. William Veay, 

8 Sonne. 

=pJoan, d. of William Cardinall John V esy, 2 8oone.^i 

of Bromley, I'^ssex. 
J— P , I _ 

William Vesy. John Vesy. Robert Vesy. Willm Vesy* 

HarL MS. 691, f». 1^ 

Digitized by 



Robt: Vesye mar: & hiid issue Wittm. 

Wiftm Vesje of Hintlesham in Suff: Gent: mar: Jane d: of Robt Cutler of Ipswich & had 
issue Robt Bonne & h: John 2** Wiitm S'*. 

Wiftm Vesye y* 3** soniie of Witim mar: Eliz: y« d: of Edward Renold of Holtou in Suff: 
& had issue Charles sonue & h: Witim 2** Eliz. mar: to John Brage of Stratford in Suff: Ann mar: 
to Anthony Parmeter of Norff: Mary mar: to Thorn Cutler of Stansted in Suff: Frauncis vnmaryed. 

Charles soime & h: mar: Eliz: d: of Edmond Doyle of Shatsom in Norff: & hathe issue Thorn. 

Harl. MS. 1820, fo. 21*'. 

Thomas Vesy of Aldham mar: Eliza: daugh' of Gardiner of Suff & had issu Thomas sone 
& heire, Alic mar: to Henry Gun vile of Glaston in Suff". 

Thomas Vesy sone & h: mar: Elizabeth d: of John Church of Mauldeu in Essex & had issue 
Thomas sone & h: Edward 2** sone, Mary mar: to Thomas Atherold of Burgh in Suff: 

Thomas Vesy sone & h: mar: Ann d: of John Vere of Henley in Suff: & hath issue Thomas 
sone & h: age 1, Ann age 10, Mary age 9, Eliza age 7. Harl. MS. 1620, fo. U^ 

^tstQ ^thi^xtt : !fi2itati0n of (&s&tx, 1654. 

Itobert Vessey of WickeaT^.Iane, d. of Willm. Carcliuall 
in Com. Essex. i of Bromley in Com. Essex. 

William Vessey of Bedingliam=f=Mary, d. of Robert Reddingfeld 
in Norfolk, 1634. I of Ditchingham in Norffolk. 

I 1 ' I I 1 1 1 

1. Robert Vessey 2. William VeseyspGrizell, d. of 3. Phillip Vessey. Mary, 1 ux. Elizabeth, ux. Jane, ux. 

of Ifadley in com. of Wickes Parke 
Suffolk, 42 yere in Wicks, 1634. 

Richard Bury Lionel Chauncey, John Plamer ...Cooke. 

nigh Heckles, 4. Thomas. after to Luke of Norff. 

Com- Suffolk. Wast of Wicks. 

r 1 

William Vessey, about 15 veres old 1634. 2. Thomas Vesse}'. 

Marl. MS. 1543. 

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mi of Eobert ^tst^ of Hableigb, 1559. 

Robert Vesey of Hadlej in the countye of Suffolk, clothier, 11 Oct' 1559. To the children 
of William Vesey by his first and second wives, when of age. To the children of Lawrence Vezey, 
viz. : — Abram, Isaacke, and Laurance when twenty four, and to Rose, Dorathe, Margaret, Anne, Alice 
and Marye Vesey, when twenty years of age. To John Smith, sonne of William Smith of Hadley : 
Anthony Gosnold, sonne of Robert Gosnold, late of Ottley : Alice Gosuold my maide : Judith Gosnold 
daughter of said Robert : Elizabeth Smith, dwelling with me, daughter of John Smith of £lmsett : 
Roger Ball of Hadleigh my kinsman : Katherine Cole, daughter of Rose Cole. To William Vesey 
my sonne my lands in Leigham. To Arture Vesey my sonne the howse I dwell in for life; then to 
Robert Vesey his sonne ; then, for lack of sonnes to said Arthur and Robert, to Laurence Vesey, 
sonne late of Laurence Vesey sonne of me ; and then, failing issue males, to Isaacke Vesey. Lands 
to Arthur Vesey for life, then to Robert Vesey his eldest sonne. To the said Arthur Vesey lands 
in Roydon. To Dorathe Vesey daughter of William Vesey. To Laurence Smith, sonne of John 
Smith, lands in Roydon. To William Vesey sonne of William Vesey ; Ingelbrighte Smithe, sonne 
of John Smith of £lmsett : Henry Vesey sonne of William Vesey : Robert Smith sonne of John Smith 
of Elmsett : Edward Smith sonne of John Smith of Elmsett ; John Gosnold sonne of Robert Gosnold 
late of Ottley : William and John Gosnold, also sonnes of the said Robert : John Smith sonne of 
John Smith of Hadley : and Robert Smith th'elder. sonne of John Smith of Elmsett. Probate 
7 May 1561 Juramento Willmi Vesey executoris. Cur. Pnerog. Cant. 16 Loftus. 

mi of raiUiam ^mu of fintUsbam, 1575. 

William Vesey of Hintlesham in the countie of Suffolk, gent. 3 June 1575. To Jone my 
wife ; William and Charles my sonnes. My Manors &c, in Hintlesham to William my sonne. My 
Manor of Cockerells in Buxalle to Charles my sonne. My Manor of Wicks or Wykes hall hi Essex 
to John Veysey my sonne. To Jone Veysey, my daughter in law. Her late husband, Robert Veysey, 
my eldest sonne, deceased. William Vesey, sonne of the said Robert Veysey, my heire apparente. 
Probat. 18 Nov. 1577 Johanne relicte. Cur. Pnerog. Cant. 44 Dawghtree. 

of looite ^est^ of Hintbsbatn. 1586. 

Johane Veysey of Hintlesham co. Suffolk, widow, 5 Oct' 1586. My lands in Hadley co 
Suffolk to Thomas Walton my sonne and his heires males ; in default of such heires males, to Thomas 
Glede, eldest sonne of my daughter Glede, deceased ; in default &c. to Samuel Gledc, William Glede, 
Robert Glede, or John Glede respectively : and in default of issue of the said John Glede, to the 
right heirs of Thomas Walton my sonne. To the children of my said daughter Glede : — Maiy, Sara, 
Abigail, and John Glede. Thomas Walton my sonne : his house at Hadley bridge wherein Nicholas 
Strutt now dwelleth. Robert Cutler my brother. My late husband William Veysey. My sonne 
William Veysey. Robert Derhaugh my brother. Dorothy Maddocke, wife of William Maddocke of 
Ipswich. My sister Colman. Jane Walton, my sonne Waltons daughter. My said sonne Thomas 
Walton to be executor. Probat. 27 May, 1590. Cur. Praerog Cant. 32 Drury. 

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tSRill of Eobert BmbaiiQli, 1611. 

Robert Derehaugh of Graies Inne co. Middlesex, 10 Oct. 1611. To William Vesye of 
Hintlesham co. Suffolk, gentleman, my nephew, lands in Hintlesham, to him and to his heires for 
ever. I have purchased messuages and tenements in High Holbome, in S* Giles* parish, in the names 
of ffrancis Derehaugh of the Inner Temple, London, and William Vesey the yoimger. Lands in 
Halsted co. Essex demised me. My lease of the Manor of Sovendesse co. Oxon, &c. &c. : Executors, 
to take the profits to the performance of my last will. I give the sum of one hundred pounds each, 
to every of my nephew Veysye of Hintlesham's children : — Charles Veysey the fii-st son ; William 
Veysey the younger son ; Elizabeth Bragge his eldest daughter ; Anne Parmeter his second daughter J- 
Mary Cutler his third daughter ; ffrances Veysye his youngest daughter. To Robert Derehaugh^ 
second son to my nephew William Derehaugh of Gedgrave co. Suffolk, one hundred pounds when 
twenty one. To James Derehaugh the third son, when eighteen. To Mary Saxoeu, eldest daughter 
of my said nephew William Derehaugh ; and to Dorothy Derehaugh his youngest daughter. To 
Thomas ffrench the father, and Agnes now his wife, my niece. To ffrancis Derehaugh, eldest son 
to my nephew William Derehaugh the messuage abovenamed in Eiolbome. To James Derehaugh hia 
youngest brother. To Robert Derehaugh, the second son, lease lands in Halsted demised me by 
Thomas ffrench the father and Thomas ffrench the son. To my said nephew William Veysye and 
Elizabeth his wife my messuages and lands in Peasenhall. ffrancis Derehaugh and William Veysye 
the younger, son of my said nephew to be executors. Probat. 8 Feb. 1612. 

Cur. Prserog. Cant. 15 Capell. 

Mill 0f Wlliam tmi| of IBraliMl, 1644. 

William Vesey of Bradwell co. Suffolk, Gent. 14 Jan. 1644. My wife to be executrix. Two 
thousand pounds to be divided betwixt my three daughters, Alice, Anne & Elizabeth, when nineteen. 
My Manor of Bacons in Gorleston, &c. to Richard Vesey my son ; in default of issue of said Richard, 
to William my son. My lauds in Beccles and Worlingtou to said William my son. My brother 
Charles Vesey, Gent. ; his daughter my niece. My sister Bragg ; her sons Nicholas and John ; her 
daughters Taylor, Creemer, Kerington and Joanes, and her daughter Elizabeth Bragg To my father 
in law Robert Bragg, Gent, and to his son. My aunt M" Melbume. My father Richari Jenkinson 
Gent. ; his brother Edward Jenkinson. To my uncle Henry Jenkinson Gent. My cosen Charlea 
Gosling ; his children. Gift of my uncle Robert Derehaugh Esq., who lyeth buried in the chancel, 
to the poor of Flowton. My uncle Francis Reynolds, Gent. To the child my wife is withall. 
Probat 25 Feb. 1644 Alicie Vesey relict. Cur. Prcerog. Cant. 34 Rivers. 

mm at mmim mstu d mh, 165Q. 

William Vesey sen' of Weekes co. Essex Gent., 5 Sept' 1650. To be buried in the church. 
Lands to Anne my wife for life. For the advancement of William Vesey my eldest son, by Indenture 
dated 10 May 1650 I assured him my Manor of Parkehall, ais Weekes Parke. To Anne Vesey my 
daughter when eighteen. My two sons Willfam Vesey and Thomas Vesey. My lands in Laxfield 
CO. Suflfolk. Wife and Thomas Vesey my son executors. Probate 1 May 1654 to the relict and 
son named in the will. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 59 Alchin. 


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mm of Militant IBm^, Clerk, 1670. 

William Vesey, clerk, 28 July, 1670. Mary my wife to be sole executrix. Amiuity of sixty 
pounds per aunum payable to my mother. To my wife lands in Lound and Beccles, oo. Suffolk, 
and reversion of farm called Brad well hall, being part of her joynture. My brother in law Thomas 
Haselfoote, Gent Reversion of lands in Bradwell to William Vesey, son of my brother Richard 
Vesey ; he to pay two hundred pounds to the poor of Yarmouth. My brewhowse in Bishopsgate 
Street, London. William Walley, Gent, my father in law. Ten pounds apiece to divers ministers 
in Essex. Probat. 15 Nov. 1670, Marie relict. Cur. Preerog. Cant. 153 Penn. 

Hill of Mtlltam Wtst^, 1699. 

William Vesey late of Whatfield in the county of Suffolk, gentleman, 21 June 1699, did say 
in will nuncupative " I give my goods to my wife, Elizabeth Vesey." This was sworn to 27 July 
1699. Commissio 23 Dec. 17l'0 Elizabethse Isacke ais Vesey ux Mathis Isaack gen, relict predict 
Willifn Vesey. 

His widow placed a mural monument to him in Whatfield Chancel, with the Arms of Vesey 
impaling On a fess, between three crosses pate^, as many roundels. He died 21 July 1699, set. 50. 

mm of llaqj tmp, 171^. 

Mary Vesey of Sprauton in the county of Suffolk, spinster, H March 1712. My mortgage 
on the lands of my cosen. Shelly Wainkford, in Flowton in the aforesaid county, being two 
hundred and fifty pounds, to my godson William Wainkford, son of said Shelly Wainkford. To 
my brother John Veseys eldest daughter, Sarah Rowning,' wife of John Rowning, one hundred 
pounds. To his second daughter, Elizabeth Hammont, the now wife of John Hanmiont the younger 
one hundred pounds. To my nephew Thomas Vesey, now only son of said brother John Vesey 
fifty pounds. My cosen Robert Cutler. Rest ot my goods to my said brother John Vesey, whom 
I ordaine my executor. Jurat 21 Januarij 1719. 

From the Original Will in the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 

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Inscrtption— IBtabtocU (tbancel 

On a quaint monument, with a number of sculptured figures, and the arras of Vesey of 
Hintlesham. — 

" Monumentum Gulielmi Vesey de hac villa Armigeri. 
«fe duarum uxorum, & septem liberorum, sub hoc mon® 
sepulti Anno Domini 1644^ setatis sure 63.'' 
And Rich. Vesey Esq. & Anne his wife «k five children. 

IBtsB^ Inamptxons— HintUsbam (Ebawll. 

Here lieth the Body of Charles Vesey Gent, who tooke to wife Elizabeth 

the eldest daughter of Edmund Doyly of Shotesham in the countie of 

Norfolke Esq^ He died the second day of June, 1657. 

Here is intered the Body of Thomas Vesey, Gent, sonn of Charles Vesey Gent. 

who married the daughter of Thomas Bull of Flowton in Suff. Gent, by whom 

he had 6 sons & 3 daughters. He dyed in y^ yeare 1679. 

In Memory of Thomas Vesey Gent, who died April y« 21** 1736, aged 54. 
And Elizabeth his wife, who died April y« 26*'» 1716, aged 24. 

Here lyeth the Body of M' John Beaumont, late of Sproughton in this 

county, who married Mary the eldest daughter of Thomas Vesey of the 

same Town, Gent He died 4**^ Oct' 1743, aged 29 years. 

Arms : Beaumont with Vesey in an inescutcheon. 

JTrom Xkt lUgtsters of @^Ijatfielir, ^nfolk. 

Robert Vesey, Gent, formerly of Weekes Abbey in Essex, and lately of Whatfield Hall, aged 
about (1) thirty three, was buried 19 July 1676. 

M' Richard Vesey, second son of M' William Vesey late of Parkes Hall in Weekes in Essex 
was buried 23 July 1684. 

William Vesey of Whatfield Hall, Gent., was buried 22 June 1699. 
Robert Vesey and Theophila Jackson were married 20 Nov' 1700. 

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Wt^tZ of ^itttlt^mi. 

Robert Vesey of Hadleigh in co. Suffolk, clothier. Will 11 Oct 1559 ; probate^ 
7 May 1561, P.C.C. 16 Loftus ; lands in Roy don and Leyham, co. Suffolk. 

Arthur Vesey of 
Hadleigh. See 
Pbdiqreb a. 

Laurence Veeey of 
Hadleigh. See 
Pbdiorbb a. 

=7= William Vesey of Hintlesham, co.=f=Joane,dau. of Robert Cutler of =f=John Walton of Had- 

Query, If the Suffolk, gent. ; mar. settlement 

mother of vHth Joane Walton, w° 14 Feb. 

Robert and 6 Edw. 6; WiU P.C.C. 44 Daugh- 

John Vesey ? tre, 3 June 1575 ; prob. 18 Nov. 

1577 ; Inq. p.m. 19 Eliz. ob. 4 

July 1577. Manors in Suffolk 

>]^ud Essex. 

Ipswich, 2d wife ; half-sister 
to Robert Derehaugh, Esq. 
Her Will P.C.C. 32 Drury is 
dated 5 Oct. 1586 ; prob. 27 
May 1590 * names Thomas 
Walton and William Vesey 
her sons. 

leigh, Ist husband ; 
19 July 1551. 

Tho* Walton of 
Grays Inn, co. 
Middx. 21 Eliz. 


Rose, mar. Ist Jolm 
Smyth of Ebnaett; 
2d ... Snelling. 
See Pbdiorbb A. 

Mary, mar. Robert 
Gosnold of Otley, 
CO. Suffolk, Esq. 

Robert Vesey=7= Joan,da. of William Car- 

ofWix Abbey, 
CO. Essex, s. 
and heir, ob. 
viti patris. 

dinall of Bromley in 
Essex ; sister and devi- 
see of Stephen Cardiuall, 
B.D., 1575, in Will 
P.C.C. 54 Pickering. 

John Vesey of Lind-- 
sey, com. Suffolk, 
gent. ; Will Cur. Kp. 
Norw. prov. 30 April 

=Alice, da. of ... 
Cutler of Eye in 
CO. Suff.; //art, 
MS. 1560 and 

WilliamVeseyof HintleshamT=Elizabeth, da. of 

See Pbdiorbb B. 

WilUam Vesej*. 


gent. ; Will Cur. Ep. Norw. 
10 April 1616; prob. 15 July 
1616 ; Inq. p.m. 14 Ja«; ne- 
phew and devisee of Robert 
Derehaugh, Esq. in Will 
P.C.C. 15 CapellAo 1611. 

1. Charles Ve8ey=pElizabeth, da. of 1. Elizabeth, 

of Hintlesham, 
gent., 1612; s. & 
a5t. 35; had livery 
of the Priory 
there same year, 
M.I. in Hintles- 
ham Church; ob. 


2. Ann, ux. An- 

of Holton, CO. 
Suffolk ; mar. 
settlemt xq ]^y 

18 Eliz. 


in his 
wm Ao 

Edmond Doyley of ux. John Bragg thony Parmen- 

Shottisham, co. of Stratford, ter of Norfolk. 

Norfolk, Esq., by co. Suff: who __ 

Ann da. of Sir made Will 

John Goodwin ; P.C.C. Lee, 1 

mar. settlement 24 Sept. 1638; 

Sept. 8 Ja*. prob. 16 Oct. 

Brag of 
Hatfield Pev- 
erell, co. Es- 
sex ; said to 
4. Frances, ux. have been mo- 
Richard Tavlor, ther of Wul 
1616. Hari. Vesey, &c. 
MS. 1546, fo. BlaiiMH, 

! ■ 1 

Anne, da. of=2. William Vesey^Alioe, da. of Rich- 8. Mary, ux. 

of Bradwell, co. 
Suff., gent., 
younger son ; 
Wm P.C.C. 84 
Rivers 14 Jan. 
1644. MI. in 

ard Jenkinson and Tho« Cutler 

sister toHenry Jen- of Stanstead, 

kinson of Oulton, oo. Suff. gent, 

CO. Suffolk, gent., who oond. 

who names Rich- test. P.C.C. 28 

ard Vesey, his ne- BowyerlAug. 

phew, in WUl Cur. 1651. 
Ep. Norw. 17 Jan. 


Elizabetli, Thomas Vesey of Hintle8-=T=Mary, da. and coh. William Vesey, ^ Mary (?), Alice. 

mar. Johr ham, gent, 1664 ; entered 

Crouch of pedigree in Suffolk Visit*^ 

Alswick of that year ; Will Arch 

Hall, Suff. 20 Feb. 1678 ; proved 

Herts. 20 Nov. 1679. M.I. in the 

Bloii MS. Church. 

of Tho' Bull of clerk ; Will P.CC. da. of 

Flowton, CO. Suff. 153 Penn, 28 July William 

gent., who made 1670: prob. 15 Nov. Walley, 

Will 20 Sept. 1649 ; 1 670 ; ob. s.p. knds gent 
living 1679. in Lound, Beecles, 
Bradwell, &c. 

RichardVesey of Brsd-spAnne Ra- 


well,1664 ;enteredped- 
igree in Suffolk Visit" 
of that year ; Lord 
of the Manor of Hob- 
land Hall, 1684. M.L 
in Bradwell Church. 

3. William Ve-=f=Kather- 1. Charks Ve8ey= Frances, da. 

sey of EUm 
sett, gent. ; 
made Will 
1713; Vesey c. 
Mitford 2186. 

ine,dau. of Hintlesliam, of Sir Geo, 

of Nico- gent. ; WUl P.C.C. Wenyeve ; 

las Ba- 79 Cann, 26 May had a son 

con,Esq 1681 ; prob* 1 

Bloit, July 1685. 


2. Thomas. 
Bioie MS. 


chell, da. 
of... Jen- 
kinson of 

JohnT=Sarah,da. Mary Vesey of William Vesey, Rachel, mar. 


Dudley Ve- 
sey . Vetei/ Daniel, 
e. V^eney,kc, hadda.s.p. 

of ... . Sproughton, A 

Hunt of 1712 ; Will 

Elmsett. provedArchSuff, 

Bloie ; 21 Jan. 1719. 

Eliz. k Anne. 


s. and h., aet. Edward Davy, 
3, 1664 ; devi- gent. M.I. in 
see 1670 of his Grcssenhall 
uncle William Church,Norf.; 
Vesey, clerk. ob. 7 Sept' 

... Vesey, sole da. & heir- 
ess, mar. ... Wangford Sc 
had sons, to whom her fat- 
her left his estates, 1713. 

Thomas Vesey of Sproughton,=f Elizabeth, da. of Edmund Har 

CO. Suffolk, gent. ; buried in 
Hintlesliam Church ; M.I. there ; 
ob. 21 April 1736, set. 54. 



vey of Wickhamskeith ; M.I. 
in Hintlesham Church ; ob. 
26 April 1716, set. 24. 

1~] P-, 

Elizabeth, ^dfe of John Ham- Mary Vesev s d 
mond, 1712. _ ^» »i- 

— John Vesey, 8.p. ; 

Sarah, wife of John Rowning, dead in 1712. 

Shelly Wangford, 8. 2. Wm. Wangford, heir Rev, John Beaumont of=Mary, =JohnVere, Esq., ElizabethVe8ey,da.&=j-Rev. Charles Beau 

and h., ob. s.p. to Hintlesliam Priory; Sproughton; mar. Hrca eld. d. of Henley, co. coh. Articles before 

— took name of Vesey — 1787; died 4 Oct 1743, aet &ooh.; Suffolk&Thorpe marriage dated 2 
Robert, 3d son. Vetey c IVankJmd, 29 ; M.I. in Hintlesham ob. 8.p. by Norwich. April 1743 ; bur. at 

— 1739. Church; ob.8.p.,lsthu8b<*. Witnesham, 27 Sept 
Thomas, 4th son. Will, Arch. Suff. 1742. 1791, set 71. 

mont. Rector of 
Witnesham, co. 
Suff.; buried there; 
M.Lin Chancel ;ob. 

Elizabeth Beaumont, ultimately sole heiress ;=f=Philip Bowes Broke of Nacton, co. 
bapt. at Witnesham, 28 June 1748 ; mar. there 18 | Suff., Esq., b. 10 May 1749 ; died 22 
Nov. 1771. East Any. A'5., vol. iv., p. 62. N^Aug. 1801. 

Amanda Beaumont, ob. s.p. ; called Amy in 
East Anglian, vol. iv., p. 62 ; buried at Witnes- 
ham, 18 July 1799. 

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Weseg of jiolton. 

Robert Vesey of Hadleigh in co. SuffoIk,=T=. 
clothier. Will dated 11 Oct. 1659; proved 1 
7 May 1661 ; P. CO. 16 Loftus ; lands in 
Roydon and Leyham. | 

William Vesey of Arthur Vesey =r Agnes, dau. of Mary, ux. Robert Laurence Veseyofnf= Alice Rote, ux. John Smyth of Elmsett, 

Hintlesham,gent. of Hadleigh in 

Held divers Man- oo. Suffolk, 

ors in Suffolk k 1661. fFarren 

Essex ; from him Ped, HarlMS. 

descend the 1103 & 1560; 

Veseys of Hintle- named 1559, 

sham, 1612 and in his father's 

1664, which see. will 

John Warren Gosnold of Ot- Hadleigh, coSuf- 

of Newbome, ley, co. Suff., folk ; ob. vitd pa- 

oo.Suffolk,'8is- Esq., who names tris ; Will P.U.C. 

ter of Roger his father-in- 11 More, dated 3 

Warren, Esq., law, Rob^ Vesey Sep. 1554; proved 

whodiedl588, inhisWillP.C.O. 14 Nov. same 

& of Christian 2 Chancy,26Jau. year by Alice, 

Alabaster. 1553. his relict. 


whose Will Cur.Ep.Norw.iB dated 
3 March, and proved 29 April 
1578. She mar. 2d ... Snelling, 
and made Will Arch. Sudb. as 
Rose Snelling of Elmsett, widow, 
18 Nov. 1598, her cousin, Vesey of 
Hintlesham, being a legatee. A 
quo Smyth of Elmsett^ 1612. 

r-r-TT PT 1 1 1 

ArthurVesey,bapt.=pMargaret, da. Robert Vesey, William=7=Mary, da. of Adam=f=Abraliam Vesey Laurence. Dorothy. 

at Hadleigh, 1558, 
to whom Chris- 
topher Jenney of 
Theberton, Esq., 
his wife's brother, 
gave the benefice 
of Ramsden, oo. 
Essex, before 2 
June 1608. 

Winthrop of Groton, 
Esq., sister of Adam 
Winthrop who men- 
tions her in his 
Diary. She was bom 
in 1544 and living in 
! 1605. 

of Ii>swich, 2d 

husband; of Hoi- Margaret, 

ton Hall in Suf- Isaac. — 

folk, before Sept, Anne. 

1602 ; see Adam — 

Winthrop' iDiary; Rose. Alice. 

named in his — 

father's WUl, A» Mary. 

1554. Dorothy. 

I ^ rn r-" 1 ' 1 1 

Robert Vesey, ne- Mary Vesey, Mary Vesey and Adam Cely or Selye, Ssu^ Cely, Abraham Ve- Amy Vesey, 

phew and devisee neioe & devisee Frances Vesey, named in the Patent mar. at High- sey, named married 17 Feb. 

of Edmond Jenney of William Jen- devisees of their of alienation of Gro- am, Suffolk, 1609 in the 1607. See Zrt/e 

Esq., 1624, in Will ney, Esq., 1617, uncle, Edmond ton Manor, 36 Eliz. ; 21 Aug. 1601, Diary of his and LeUen of 

P.C.C. 57 Byrde ; in Will Arch. Jenney, Esq., and in the diary of to Robert uncle, Adam John Winthrop, 

bapt. at Hadleigh, Suff. 1624. his uncle.Adam Win- Humfrey. Winthrop. vol. i., p. 428. 

1592. throp, 1696. 

ofFrandsJen- eldest son ;de- Cely of 

ney of Knod- visee of his London, 

dishall, CO. grandfather 1st hus- 

Suff., Esq., Vesey 1559 ; band, 

already mar^ named in Will 

1589; devisee of Christoph' 

ofherTirothers Jenney,P.C.C. 

1608, 1617 k 36 Wingfield. 

1624. A*- 1608. 

ill of %mxmct IBtst^ of Habldglj, 1554- 

Laurence Veysy, 3 Sept. 1554. To Roose my daughter at her age of twenty yeares or day 
of marriage : Dorothe my daughter : Margaret my daughter : Anne my daughter : Alice my 
daughter : to be paid them on their days of marriage. To Isaacke Veysy my sonne, when twenty 
one. To Abraham my sonne fourtie poundes at the age of xxi" yeres. To the poore folks of 
Hadley twenty nobles to be paide within one yere after I be deade. To Mary my doughter 
t wen tie pounds at the daye of marriage, or at the age of twentie yeres. To Alice my wief the 
howse wherein I nowe dwell w* all the houses and londee that I haue in Hadley for the term 
of her lief (except the house wherein Henry Hunt now dwelleth) whiche house I giue to Abraham 
my Sonne at the age of xx*^ yeres. I will that Alice my wief before she doth marrye put in 
suerty to my ffather and my brother Willyam Veysy for the parformaunce of this my will on 
my childems parte. I give to Alice my wief two hundreth poundes. Witnesses, Michael Veysy 
Roger Balle and Thomas Jarvishe Cur. Pnerog. Cant. 11 More. 

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Witstz of WLix abbeg, €^stx. 

(According to the Will of 
Robert Veaey, 1559, Win. 
Vesey had children by two 

=f=William Vesey of Hintlesham, co. Suffolk, gent.,=rJoane, da. of Robert Cutler of Ipswich and 
who made Will P.C.C. 44 Daughtre, 3 June 1575, 

devising his Manors of Wix Abbey, co. Essex, 
Hintlesham, co. Suffolk, &c. ; luq. p.m. 19 Eliz. 

relict of John Walton of Hadleigh, 2d wife, 
She made Will as Joane Veseyof HintleBham, 
w», P.CC. 82 Drury, 5 Oct. 1586. 

1. Robert Yesey of=T=Joane, da. of William Cardinal John Vesey of lindsev, co. Suffolk, gent. ;^Alice, named 1 in her husband's 

Wix Abbey ,co.E8aex, 
gent., son and heir ; 
ob. vitA patris ; bur. 
at Markes Hall, 8 
Mar. 1575. 

of Bromley in Essex ; sister and 
devisee of Stephen Cardinal,6.D. 
in his Will P.C.C. 54 Pickering, 
28 Dec. 1575. 

Will Cur. Ep. Norw. proved 30 April 1594 ; 
land to William and Elizabeth his children; 
i*emaiiider to brother Vesey of Hintlesham. 

Wai, dau. of 
Eye in co. Suff. 

Cutler of 
ffari, MS. 1560. 

William Vesey, s. and h., under age, 1594. 



1. William Vesey of Beding-=rMary, da. of Sir Robert Bediugfield of 

ham in Norfolk, 1634. HaH. 
MS. 1542. Heir to his grand- 
father, 19 Eliz^ and then set. 
12 years. Lord of the Manor of 
Wix Abbey. Inq. p.m. 15 Car. 

Ditchingham in Norfolk, who made Will 
P.C.C. 74 Wallop, 20 Oct. 1600 ; Ad- 
ministrator of the goods of her brother, 
Philip Bedingfield, Dec. 1600 ; bur. at 
Wix, 1642. 

Rose, ux Fran- 
cis Bolton of 
Wilton, in Norf. 
HaH. MS, 1560 ; 
bap. at Wix, 

A daughter 
ux. Symes 
of Colches- 
ter. Barl. 
MS. 1560. 

2. Robert Vesey. HarL 
MS. 1560. 

8. John Veeey. 
MS. 1560. 


1. RobeHFpAnne, 

Vesey of 
sold Wix 







Grizell, dau. 
Richard Bury of 
Worlingfton by 
Beccles. ffarl, 
MS. 1542; m. circa 
1620 ; bur. at Wix, 
April 1638. 

of=f--2. William Vesey of= 
Wix, CO. Elssex. gent. ; 
6 Sept. 1650; prob. 1 
May 1654 ; Manor of 
Parkhall al's Wix 

-Anne, oo- 
to her hus- 
band 1(554 ; 
named 1650 
in his Will. 

Mary mar.(l) Lion- 
el Chaunoey ; (2) 
LukeWastof Wix. 

Aime, bapt. at Wix, 18 Nov. 1640. 

Joane, ux. 
Cooke; mar. 
Wix, 1681. 


8. PhiUp. 
4. Henry. 

6. liiomaB=pMartha,da.of Oliver 

Vesey of 
sex, gent. ; 
WUl Arch. 
Colch. 20 
Sept. 1661 ; 

Hovell of St Ed. 
munds. Bury; neice 
& devisee of Rich. 
Hovell 210ct.l6Jac. 
P.CC. 108 Meade & 
then child ; bur. at 
Wix, 5 Nov. 1644. 

William Vee- 
sey, bapt. at 
Wix,12 March 
1642; bur. 
there 1657. 

William Vesey,=pMary. Richanl, bapt. 1620. 
son and h., 15 

Elizabeth, bapt. 1621. 

years old 1634 ; 
of Park Hall in 
Wix, 1649-1661. 

Grizell, bapt. 1622. 

Tliomas, Robert Vesey, son and h., Thomas 

bapt. bapt. at Wix 11 April Vesey, 

1632. 1639 ; Entered pedigree bapt. at 

in Essex Visitation 1664 ; Wix, 7 

manor of Pond HalL Feb. 1642. 

Mary eldest dau. bapt at 
Wix 20 April 1680 ; mar. at 
Mifltley,22 Oct 1660,Theo. 
philus Pierce, minister of 
Frinton, oo. Essex. 

1. William Vesey of What-=Eliz.Clarke,=Matthew Is-=rMaria, 

fieldHal],co.Suffolk,gent ; 
bapt at Wix 1649 ; 
Will 21 June 1699 ; died 
21 July 1699, aet. 50; 
M.Ian\Vhatfield Chancel. 

cousin & h. 
of Alleyn 
Reade. See 
Rbadb of 


aack, gent of 
Hitcham, Suf- 
folk ; 2d bus. 
band ; ob. 

first wife; 
bur. at 

2. Richard Vesey 
of Colchester; 
23 July 1684 ; 
Vtteyc. Berriffe. 


Thomas bap. 
1656 ; bur. at 
Wix, 1661. 

1658; bur, 1660. 


Edward Jackson of Holkam, ob.^=Theophi1a Isaack, died=Robert Veeey of Wix, 2d husband ; mar. 
1695 ; A quo CuUum of Hardwick. 80 Nov. 1788. at Whatfield, 20 Nov. 1700. C'u^tim MS. 

— I 

Robert Vesey of 
Wix Park, co. Es- 
sex, gent., bom 
1654 ; Will Arch. 
Colch. 1 Feb. 1719; 
prob. 11 Feb. ; ob. 
s.p.; Wix Park Hall 
to Wm. Vesey son 
of Wm. Vesey his 

of Wix, 




da. & 

William Vesey of Park Hall in Wix,=f Elizabeth 

gent, kinsman and devisee of Robert 
Vesey 1719 ; Will Arch. Colch. 24 
June 1728 ; prob. 22 Oct 1728. 


1741, defendant in Veiiey 
c Vucyy Mitford 2087. 

Richard Vesey, 
bapt. at Wix, 
1698; buried 
there 1702. 

Mary, bapt at 
Wix 1687; bur. 
there 1691. 

Mary, bapt. and 
bur. on Easter 
Day, 1695. 

Anne, bapt 
at Wix, 1698. 

William Vesey of Park Hall in Wix, gent. 1741, son and^Susan . 
heir ; Ytuy c. Vtuy, Mitford 2087. 

Richard Vesey, youngest son. 1728, bapt at 
Wix, 1714. 

r ! 1 ^ T n 

William Vesey, bapt at Susan, bapt. 1748. Mary, bapt and bur. Amy, bapt. and bur. Elizabeth, bapt. 1758 ; bur. 
Wix, 1789. 1744 1748. 1765. 

The Editor is greatly indebted to the Rev. Proctor Benwell, M.A., Vicar of Wix, for copious extracts from his parish r^^isters, 
and other valuable information respecting the Veseys. 

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Wtst)^ of aiifjam. 

Arms : — Ermine on a cross Sdble, five martlets Or ; all withiu a bordure of the la«t. 

Thomas Vesey of Aldham co. Suffolk ; said in=7=Slizabeth, daughter of 

JJarl, MS, 1560 and other MSS. to be 2d sou of 
Robert Vesey of Hadleigh ; but this is doubtfuL 

Gardner of , 

in com, Suf- 

Thomas Vesey of Aldham in Suffolk, niade^Elizabeth,dau.of John Church 

Will Arch. Sudb., as Thomas Vesey of 
Burgh, CO. Suff., gent., 26 Oct. 1614 ; pro- 
bate 18 March 1616; Inq. p.m. 16 Ja"; 
lauds in Hintlesham, &c. 

of Maldon in Essex. Arg. on 
a f esse engrailed, betw. 3 grey- 
hounds' heads erased Sa., 3 
trefoils sUi)ped Sa. 

Alice ux. Henry Gtmvile of Gorleston, co. Suff., 
gent., who made Will, Cur, Ep. Norw, 6 April 21 
Eliz. ; probt 4 Nov. 1580, making Alice his wife, 
executrix, Alice Ward his sister inheriting his 
lands ; ob. iine prole. 


1. Thomas Vesey of=FAnn, da. of John Vere of William Herberd of =T=Mary Ve8ey=^Thoma8 Atherold of 

Aldham, gent., s. and 
h., aged 40 in 1617 ; 
lands in Aldham, 
Elmsettand Hintle- 

Henley in com. Suffolk, 
sister of John Vere of 
Henley, gent., who made 
Will, Cur. Ep. Norw. 11 
June 1615. 

HoUesley, co. Suff., 
gent., Ist husband ; 
Will P.C.C. 1587; 
Inq. p.m. 34 Eliz. 

2d wife of 
Wm. Her- 

Burgh, CO. Suffolk, 
gent. ; Inq. p.m. 12 
Jas. ; made Will 17 
June 12 Jas. ob. 19 
June. 2nd husband. 

2. EdwardVe- 
sey, 2d son, 
A«1612. Cam- 
den says "Ed- 

Thomas Vesey of Aldham, gent., s. and h.,= 
8Bt. 1 year, A^ 1612 ; Will Arch. Sudb. 14 
Oct. 1680 ; probt 11 July 1681 ; names 
John Vesey his grandchild. 

Anne, rot. 10 A*» 1612. Mary, aged 9 A» 1612. 

Elizabeth, aged 7 A« 

John Vesey, s. and 
h., 1680. 

Anne, wife of Joseph Rand of Had- 
leigh, CO. Suffolk, 1680 ; had issue. 

Elizabeth Vesey, a spin- 
ster, A' 1680. 

William Vesey, sole executor 
to his father, 1680. 

of iJIjmttass Iweu td ^Ibliam, 1614. 

Thomas Vesey of Burghe in the countie of Suffolke, gentleman, 26 October 1614. My house 
at Aldham where I late dwelt. Thomas Vesey my sonne. Edward Vesey my sonne. Elizabeth Vesey 
my wife to be sole executrix. Probatum 18 Martij 1616 Juramento ElizabethsB Vesey reiicte et 
executrio. Arch. Sudb. "Legate," fo. 171. 

of i^bomas ^t%tQ of Jllbliam, 16$0. 

Thomas Vesey of Aldham in the county of Suffolk, Gentleman, 14 Oct 1680. To John Vesey 
my eldest son. My daughter Anne, wife of Joseph Rand of Hadleigh -in the county of Suffolk wool- 
comber. My daughter Elizabeth Vesey, spinster. To John Vesey my grandchild. My three grand- 
children, Joseph Rand, Anne Rand, and Martha Rand : also my grandchild Thomas Rand. My son 
William Vesey to be eolc executor. My lands much mortgaged. Probat. 11 July 1681 Jui*amento 
Gulielmi Vesey filij. Arch. Sudb. " Under woe d,'* fo, 103. 


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3R,t!5lJ|> of HDljotjie #oiieujc. 

Armorial ^tmn^s. 

The Anns of Risby of Thorpe Morieux, as recorded in Raven's note book (Harl. MS. 1820), 
during his Suffolk Vistatiou of 1611-12, were : — " Sable, on a cross voided five billets between 
four griffins segreant, Or : and the Crest, an arm couped at the shoulder, embowed, in mail proper : 
in the hjind, proper, four ears of wheat, Or, stalked Vert. Harl. MS. 1560, fo. 159, has ears and 
stalks alike Vert. In the Emblazoned Pedigree of Winthrop, on page 9, which is confessedly faded 
and discoloured, the billets arc not apparent. Other modifications of this coat are given in the 
Heraldic Dictionaries. 

But in Rysshes Visitation of Suflfolk, 1664, the Arms of Risby are altogether different, 
viz. : — Gules, on a bend Argent, three cross croslets Sable. They are so tricked in Harl. MS. 
1085, which gives the Arms of the Suffolk and Essex families in the Visitations of that year, and 
in the corresponding MS. at the College of Arms. This shield, with occasional modifications, is 
carved on the Risby tombstones in the churches of Thorpe Morieux and Felsham, together with a 
Crest, On a chapeau, a goat passant. Add MS, 19,088 fo. 287, aTid Add, MS. 19,019 fo. 84. 

The Kisby pedigree, HarL MS. 1174, fo. 88^, inexact as it is, has been followed more or less closely by other ancient MSS. an<l 
possesses much genealogical value. It is in the handwidtiug of Henry Lilly, Rouge Ci'oix, ante 1638. With this agrees 
the most part of the Hisby pedigree, Harl. MS. 1560. 

Jtoger Groome of Laumham.=r 

, . 1 

Tliomai Risby of Lauen" CUtUiier.- 

Alice mar: Bridget 1 wife=rWiUm BUby of=FilaH. of Kempe of Boxfnrd. 2 wife. Annd.ofTlioiiL=llobert Groome of Laveu- 
to Sexton. to \ Lauen* ClotJiieri ...d. of King of Boxfoi-d. Harl. llisbv of Laveu- liam in com. Suff. HarL 

I S6 H. 8. 1544- I MS. 1560. ham." MS. 1560, fo. 298. 

I r-TT-' I r 


Alice mar: to=] 
yngtof Nedgt- 
int in Svff. 

Robt,oh.aIl Springe of 
unmarytd, Lauenham. 

Otorge vb. 

— £dw. 

77iom.38onn Knappe 

mar:yedau. ofWatk- 

ofp'tonHye. brooke. 

Eliz: mar. ^o=f= OettrgeStonneliave. 

yicholae j ingetraudedtoJer- tonne of La- 

uiaXeni eonne ajter venliam. 

hie Returne Oh. Harl. MS. 

unmaryed, 1560. 

r"i T 

RiM. ob. 8.p, hliz: I dav. 

mur. to Monkea EUye Springe of yonge. & coke mar. to lietlt. 

Sonne & he. mar, LoosehaV, — to Henry 

Eliz: dau. of tonne <l* h. Jayne m. to Winckftld 

Jfarbart of Edw.Qrimston Etq^ 

Jloadye. £sqr 

1 1 

Thomas 2^^dau. cfc sole Robert Rys-^Margarydau.of 

heire of John by of T/ioi*pe 
HarboUeU Moi*ieux 
of Orofdde. tonne J: fie. 

-1 r- 

Bridgett Robert 3fon, of Tlu>ma$ 


Margaii*ett mar: 

Eliz: mar. to Jo: 
Wenthorp of 

Rysby of 
tonne tk 

WHlm. Rytby of Thorpe Moryei 
Qent, tonne <b heire. 

'uxFFBrigett dau. 
I Bigham, Knt, 


Brigett dau. of Sr John Robt. 2 somte. 

Arthur 3 

Elizabeth ob. a 

Edw. Rotte of 
Naylond. 2h 
she mar. to John 

-1. dau. of 
Smitli of Cau- 
endvsh. S^9 Ut 
Curtis. S^y to 


Another dau. 

And had itsue dyuert children : — John Risby and others ; a daughter ux. Thorn. Spring of Looseliall. Harl. MS. 1560. 

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of ^bontas Etsb$, 1500. 

Tlic vxiij day of Decembr, the ycrc of of oiiro Lord god m^ccccc. J Thonias Rysby of 
Lavcnlmm make this my last will, ffii-st I commend my soule to Almyghti god, to oure Lady 
saint maryc and to all the eompanye in hevin, my body to be buried w*in the chirch yarde of 
the blissid Apostclis petir and ix)wle in Lavenham aforesaid, by the sepulf^ of my fader there. 
ItiTi I beqweth to the high awter for my tithes neclyseutly doou v". Itm I bc<i\veth xx^' to 
repaire the way fix)m Lavenham to Mylfoi-d. Itm I beqweth to the hows of fFreris in Sudbury 
X marc to repaii^e thei-^ chirch and howsis there. ItiTi I bequeth to a good honest ffrere in the 
stmic hows of Sudbury to be my Pylgi-yme in going to Eome for my sowle and all cristin sowlis 
X marc. Itm I beqweth to the hows of Gray flPreris Ribwell x» for a trentall to be doon for my 
soule. Itm I bequeth to the hous of White ffreres in Ippiswich x* for a trentall. Itm to the 
hows of Augustyncs ffreris in Clare x* for a trentall to be doon for my soule. Itm to Maister Johu 
Warcop x» to pray for my soule hclth. Itm I bequeth to poor men and woomen in Lavenham 
x'^ to be disposid in v yer^ for my soule and all my good freudis soules. Itfn to Agnes my wife 
vi^* li. I will that Agnes my wife have hir dwelling with John my sonne in my hed place in 
the high strete to she be maried, and they canne so longc agree. And if so be she canno not 
agree with him, no w*- noon of hir children, then I wil that John and William prouide for hir 
anne howse to she be maried. Itm to John my sonne myne hed place in the high strete. Itm 
to my said sonne John a place in Preston called Lewknesse. Itm to John my said sonne my place 
called Haynawntf lyhig^ in Thorpe and Brethynhm with all the lands that longeth thereto. Itm I 
bequeth to Willia^ my sonne vi"* li to purchs him a place therw^ To William my said sonne. 
my place called Iklaii^s and Weylondf lying in Alton and Cokfeld, he to be setto cler^ therein. 
Itm to William n)y said sonne my place of Pustgate in Hallcstreet in Lavenhm with the loms and 
all that longeth thereto. Itiii I bequeath my part in the dyehows to John and William my sonncs 
Itm to eche ooii of my daugh?8 xl'* whenne they come to the age of xviij yers. Itm I bequeth 
to William my brother x'», to Ilob* my brother x", to Agues my suster x mai*c. To John Rysby 
the sonne of John Rysby deceasid xx**. To Thomas the sonne of John Rysby deceased xx^. Itin 
I will yf it happe^ John my son to decease or he come home to take possession in his goodes 
thenne I wil that all his part ret^ne to William my sonne that is to him by me afore bequethed. 
The Residue to John and William my sonnes whome I make executoi-s they to dispose for my 
soule. Itm to my loi'd of Oxenford xP^ whome I beseche to be myn supviso"" and to be good and 
gmcious lord to my wife and sonnes. Probatum tercio die mensis ffebruarij 1501 Juramcnto Willm 
Cooke et Robti Rysby ac Willmi Rysby executoris. ^ 1*.C.C. Blamyr, fo. I23^ 

of ^gnes Kisbg, 15^8. 

Agnes Rysby of Lavanham, wedow^e, 13 Aug. 1528. To be buryed in the chirchyarde by 
my husband. To Thomas Cixwme, sonne of Robert Groome and to Agnes Grome, my godchildren. 
To Alys Rysby dowtcr of William Rysby my sonne. To Alleyn Sexten. To Thomas Cawston, Agnes 
tt Jone Cawston, my godchildren. To Morryn Barker, Agnes Clogge, Roger Tryppe my godchildon. 
To Alys Sexten, dowter of Robert Sexten. To Agnes Lynch e of Ratlysden my goddowter. Wyllyam 
Rysby my sonne: Thomas I^ysby and William Rysby his sonnes. Jone Cawston my dowter. My 
three dowters, Jone, Agnes «fc Jone. My sonne executor. Probat 6 Octobris 1528. 

Arch. Sudb. "Johnson," fa 219. 

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Mill, initb (ttihml, of Jlltce i^pnttg, 155$. 

The xiij*** day of April 1538 Alice Sprynge late the wifo of Thomas Spiynge Esq 
of Lavenham, widowe. To bo buried by my late husband. I geve my tenemente called Branches in 
Lavenham vnto my daughter Brygett Sprynge, and all such money as is due vnto me by my 
husbonds last wille. Vnto my sonne in law Richard ffulmerston, gent, and to my daughter Alice 
his wife a hundreth poundes &c. The residue of all my goodes I geve vnto ray welbeloued .sonne in 
lawe William Rysby and Margaret his wife my daughter, the which William and Margaret and 
Richard fFullmerston, gent, my sonne in law, I ordeyn my executours. I desire my good Lord of 
Oxinford to ayde and defend my said executours. And I geve vnto his good Lordshipp twenty 
pounds sterling. 

I Alice Sprynge, of Lavenham, widowe, the last day of August, 1538, doo ordeyn this p'nt 
Codycill, which I will to be annexed vnto my last will. Item, where Sir Thomas Jermyn, Knyght, 
doth owe vnto my sonne William Emele, the sume of fyve hundreth mlis, for the legacye of my 
late husband Thomas Sprynge, made vnto Bridgett Sprynge, the said Thomas is daughter and myn ; 
the which Bridgett the forsaid William Emele hath espoused : for defaulte of payment, I will myn 
executours shall recompense said sonne William Emele all costs and charges concemyng the recovereye 
of the said fyve hundreth m'rks. I ordeyn my welbeloued sonne in lawe WilFm Rysby, and 
Margarett his wife my daughter only to be myn executours. And I doo discharge vtt^rly Richard 
ffulmerston my sonne in law from the execuc'on of my said testament and will : But I will said 
Richard ffulmerston and Will'm Emele to be supVisours. Proved 5 Sept., 1628. 

This will, which we give in a condensed form, is printed in Hervey's " Visitation of Suffolke.*' 
edited by Dr. Joseph Jackson Howard, vol. I., pp. 171-176. 

Mill of MtUiatn Kisbn, 1551. 

Willyam Rysby of Lavenham in the countie of Suff. the xiiij*^ daye of Noucmber 1551 and 
in the fyfto yere of our souendgne Lorde Edwarde the Sixte. ffirst I raoost mekely comende my 
soule to Almightie god and to his sonne Jhu^ Christ, by the meryts of whose passion I trust to 
haue clere remission of my synnes, and my bodye to be buried in the parishe church of Lavenham. 
Item I will that Magaret my wief shall haue all that my mano' of Thorpe Morj-eux in the saide 
countie during her lyf, the remaynder after ber decease to Robert Rysby my sonne and to theyres 
of bis bodye laufully begotten. And yf the saide Robert dye withoute Issue, the seyd mano"^ shall 
remayne to Thomas Rysby my sonne; for defaulte of yssue of the bodye of the said Thomas, remaynder 
thereof to George Rysby my sonne. I will that the said Robert Risby my sonne and Margery bis 
wief, shall have my Mano' of ffelshin in the said countie of Suff. Item I will that the said Robert 

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Rysby my sonne shall haue all my londs and teuts iu Bretenham, Thorpp aforesaid, and Hechm^ . . . 
The said Robert shall haue all that my lent in I-avenham knowen^ by the name of my halle 
howus which I nowe dwellin and my medowe adioyning which 1 bought of my brother in lawe Robert 
Sexten, the moite of my dye house hi Lavenham and the moyte of the dye hows croft in the highe 
strete. And thother moite of saide dye house and croft I will the saide Thomas my sonne shall 
liaue yt. Tents in Lavenham to Thomas my sonne ; and londs tents and hereditaments in 
Shymplyng, Alpheton, Cockefeld and Lawsett [t-ic] in the saide countie of Suft*. and lands &c. 
in Byldeston, Naunton, Bryset Magna, Briset pv' and Ofton &c. Item I will that George 
Risby my sonne shall haue my Mano^ in Boxforthe called Coddenhm liall and all my londs 
in Boxforthe Edwardeston and Groton [and] my lands and tenements in Monkes Ely. Item 
Manors <kc. willed to my sonnes Rob* Thomas and George shall remayne in the hand, ordre 
and rule of myn executors till euery of them shall acconiplishe their severall ages of xxi yeres. 
Item vnto the said Margaret my wief my goblet of siluer with the couer all gilt. Item to the 
children of Alice my doughter twenty poundes when they shall accomplishe their seuerall ages 
of xviij yeres. Item to the children of Elizabeth my doughter wief of Nicholas Spryng xxiij**. 
Residue of my goodes to myn executours whome I ordeyne the said Margaret my wyf, Robert 
Rysby and Thomas Rysby my sonnes, and Nicholas Spryng supervisour. I haue subscribed 
my name the xv daye of Nouembr in the said fyf*° yere of Edwarde the Sixt. Probatum 
xxvij"** Septembris 1552 Juramento procur Margareto Rclictc et Exf, &c. 

P.C.C. 24 Powell. 

. The Manor of Coddenham Hall in Boxford was purchased by William Risby of William Forthe 
and Elizabeth his wife, in 1547. It was afterwards sold by George Risby, his son, to Edward Clere> 
in 1563. Fines, Easter, 1 E. 6 db Easter, 5 Elizaheth, 

Uttll of Iftargaret Kisbg, 15^2. 

Margaret Rysby of Laueh*m co. Suffolk widow, 8 Nov. 1552. To be buried in the church 
nere my husband. To my sister Dame Briget Husey and to her children, men and women. To- 
my sister Alice Fnlmeraton. To Frances Fulmerston her daughter when she marries. To Thomas 
Heyward son of my said sister Alice. To George Risby my sonne a tenement &c. in Lavenham 
& land in Boxfoi-d. Lands to Thomas Risby my son and Robert Risby my son. To my son 
Nicholas Spring & Elizabeth my dau. his wife. To Margery, my said son Robert's wife. To my 
dan. in law Alice Monnyng. Bequest of William Risby my late husband. To Thomas Rysby my 
son the overplus of goods bequeathed me by my husbands will ; he to pay Elizabeth the wiff of 
Robert Osmonde of Bilson that she release hir porcon of hir legacye bequeathed her by her grandfather 
unto Thomas Mounyngs children by Alice his last wiffe. To my sister in law wiff of William 
Causton dwelling at the Crosse in Lavenham. My cousen M*" John Allington. To myn Aunte 
Hall. To Henry Hall and William HalL Residue to my daughter Elizabeth Spring, whom I 
ordeyn sole executrix. To my cousen Margaret Allington wife of said John. Probate to Will and 
Codicil, 17 Feb. 1552, Eliz*J>^ Spring. P.C.C. 4 Tashe. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


Mill of Eobrt Hisbo. 1557. 

The thirde daye of Maye in the yere of o*" LdixIc god a thousand fyve hundreth ffiftie and 
seavcn, I Ilobcrt llysbye of Thorpmorieux in the countie of Suff., gentihiian, do make my last 
will, ffirst I bequeath my soule to Almightie god, and to all Saynctes, and my bodye to be 
buryed in the chaunccll of Thorpe aforesaidc, l)cforc the highe Aulter. Also I give to Mai-gerie 
my wicf my Manno"^ of Thorphawle [&c.] for her lyf naturall. And after hir dicease I will that 
William my sonne shalhaue said Manno*" and his hcircs foreugr. Item to Mai-gerie my wief my 
two Mannors in ftelshm & Dringston vntill that my sonne Willyam come to the full age of xxi 
yeres. Item to Margerie my wief my lands and tefits in Brethenhm, Stonfeld in Hechm and 
Henants in Thorjw, vntill that Thomas my sonne come to the full age of xxi yeres. Item to 
Margerie my wief my hcdd house in Lauenham untill Thomas come to the age of xxi yeres. And 
if both my sonnes die withoute heires of their bodies, then I will that my dough ters haue the 
hole londes as copcrtionera to gethers, and their heires foreuer. To Elizabeth my doughter one 
Innidreth ]X)undes, Margaret my doughter one himdrcth pounde, Anne my doughter one hundreth 
jKJunde, to be pjiide at the dayes of [their] marriage. Item to Thomas llysbye my brother one 
riuge of golde w^^ a deathes hedd in yt. To George llysbye my brotlier one ringe of golde. Item 
to my syster Sprynge, my syster Spyre, my mother in lawe, my brother John llosse ; to Mathewe 
13cyc ; to my kcper Agnes Dryecotte ; to Thomas Wenyff. Margery my wieff shall haue the 
custodie and bringing vpp of my two sonnes vntill they come to the age of xxi yeres ; and that 
they bee brought vpp to ScouUe in the arte of lernyngc all the said tyme. The residue of my 
goodes to my wief whome I make sole executrix. And 1 make Edwaixle llosse gent, my father 
in lawe my superviso^. Probatum xxviij® die mcnsis Junij anno dni 1557 Jniumento Edwaitli llosse 
generosi procurator Margerie Relicte executricc. 1*.C.C. 21 Wrastley. 

ill of loljn SEintoU, 1576. 

John Wyncoll of Little AValdingfdd co. Suffolk, gent. 14 Oct. 1576. To be buried in the 
churcli. To Isacke Wyncoll my sonne & heire. To Thomasyn my daughter when twenty yoaros 
of age, Jane my daughter when twenty, Anne my daughter, l^rygett my daughter, Amye my 
daughter. To my daughter in law, Elizabeth Wyntroppe, the taffita gowne which was some tyme 
her mothers, in conaidemtion of her good will to Amy my daughter nowe in her tuition and custodie. 
To my sister Coo, my sister llice. To Maigaret Wyncoll wife of my cosin John Wincoll. '1\) 
Robert Wyncoll th'elder ; William Hisbye, Gent, my sonne in lawe ; Margaret Betts my dauglitcr 
in law. My lands in Much and Littell Coniard to be sold. My ^ranoi-s of Netherhall in little 
Waldingfeld and in Alphampton co l^ssex. My Manoi's of Twinsted and Harberds and my lands 
in Essex. To my sonne John ^Vyncoll. Probate 25 Feb. 1576. 

Arch. Sudb. Lib. Wixx)., fo. 222. 

The testator's step-daughter, Elizabeth Risby, had married, in 1566, .lohn Winthrop of Groton 
^lanor, afterwaixis of Aghadowne, co. Cork. She subsequently became the wife of Reynold Braunch. 

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Mill of mWliam Eisbif. 16^5. 

WilUiam Risbie of Thorpe Moiieuxe in the couutie of Suffolk Esq*" 26 May 1625. To be 
biiiied iu Felsham cliancel near Sir Robert Chamberlyn's tonibe or monument. To Daniel Risbie, one 
of my younger sonnes, lands in Thorpe Morieux, with remainder, failing issue, to John my eldest 
son, Robert my son, William my son, or to the right heire of me. I'o John Risbie my sou my 
Manors &c. in ThorjK) Morieux, Hitcham, Brettenham, Felsham, «tc. ite. in the countie of Suffolk, 
with remainder, failing issue, to Robert my sou, Daniel my son, William my son or to my right 
heirs. To William Risbie my son an annuity of twenty pounds a year. To my daughter Susan 
and Jane when twenty one. To my sister Bridget Redferne. My aunt Eliscabeth Bniuncli. My 
son John Risbie to be sole executor. Probate 7 July 1625 Jummento Johis Risbie. A Second 
probate 21 Feb. 1628. P.C.C. 73 Clarke. 

ill of lobn Hisbn. 1687- 

I John Risby of Thoi-pe Morieux in the county of Suff. Esq"^ make this my hist will this 
27 April 1687. I have lately leavied a ffine of my estate and declare the same to be to the 
onely use of me ik my heires for ever. 1 have a great confidence in Elizabeth my dearc wife 
and hopeing tliat she, by her care and prudence, will soe order my estate as j)ix)vision may be 
imide for raising of ixutions for my children, and for theire educacun and maintenance, I declare my 
mind to be that the stiid Elizabeth shall receive the rents of all my manora for the six yeares 
next comeing after my decciise, and make sale of soe much of my goods as she shall please for 
payment of portions to be given to my six daughters, Elizabeth Risby, Margaret Risby, Jane 
Risby, Mary Risby, Anno Risby and Catherine Risby. If not sufficient, 1 will the lauds in Elmsett 
of William Smith Esq"^ deceased shall be sold and the money be employ c<l by my stiid wife. I 
devise unto Heigham Risby, my second son, one yearely rent of forty iK)unds during life out of 
mesuago in Thorpe Morieux. Unto Charles Risby, my youngest son, one other like annuity out 
of messuage in ffelsham. I request that my wife accept of one hundred and twenty |X)und8 per 
ann^ for life in lieu of her Dower. My Mannora &c. unto John Risby my eldest sonne for fourscore 
and nineteen yeares if he shall soe long live, and after the determination of that estate then to- 
the use of Jeffry !Maltiward Esq*" and Robert Maltiward Esq"^ and theire hey res to preserve the 
contingent use. For default of issue male of the body of the siiid John Risby I give the same 
land unto the said Heigham Risby my second sonne and heyres of his body, and for default of 
such to Charles Risby my sonne and to the heires of his body and for default of such unto my 
six daughters and their respective heyres for ever equally to bo divided. My cheife Mansion house 
called Thorpe Hall (and) those my lands in Elmesett, fflowton and Hiudlesham, late the said 
Williaui Smiths, unto the said John Risby my son and his heires f< r ever. Probatuni Sexti die- 
May 1687 Jununento Elizte RelictaB et unicsB Execut. P.C.C. 67 Foote. 

By his will, 8 July 1662, proved in the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, (Rex 
Redux, fo. 389) William Smith Esq*" of Elmsett, left his lands to John Risbie of Thorpe Morieux, 
the husband of Elizabeth Comwallis his granddaughter. The Visitation of Suffolk, 1611, describeii. 
him as son and heir of Adrian Smyth. He had then two daughtera, Sarah and Elizabeth. Tha 
former he specially commends to the care of his executors. The latter married Francis Corawallia. 
Esq' of Yorkshire, and became the mother of Elizabeth Risby. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


Ktsbg insrriptions— JFilsIjam dlmtch. 

Here lyeth y® Body of John Risby Esq'" late of Thorpe Hall in this County, who had to 
wife Elizabeth the only daughter of Francis Cornwallis Esq' late of y® County of Norfolk, by whom 
he had issue 3 sons «k 6 daughters, who departed this life y* !■' day of May, 1687, in y* 49 
year of his age. 

Arms : — On a bend 3 crosses flory. Crest : — A goat passant. 

Here lyeth y*^ Uody of Elizabeth Risby, who was wife of John Risby Esq"" and daughter 
of Francis Cornwallis Esq' : who departed this life y® 13 of Janua' 1705, aged 64 years. 

Arms : — In a lozenge ; Risby, On a bend 3 crosses flory. Quartering Cornwallis. Gutt^, on 
a fesse, 3 Cornish choughs. 

Here lieth Interred the body of Charles Risby Esq"", who departed this life the 8 of April 
1723, aged 40 years. 

Here lieth Interred the Body of Height: m Risby Esq*", who departed this life the 10^ of 
July 1740 aged 64 years. 

Here lieth the Body of Katherine Risby, who departed this life the 31«* October 1747, 
aged 65 years. 

Arms, in a lozenge. On a bend, three mullets. 

Davi/n Suffolk CoUeciions, Add MS. 19,019, fo, 8J^ 

Inscription— Horpe ^nrieni Cburcb. 

Here lyeth y" Body of John Risby Esq*" late of this Parish who died Jan^ the 21** An 

Dom 1727. Ano} -Etiit. 64. 

Arms: — Risby, On a bend 3 cross crosslets, Impaling a fesse between 3 escallops. Crest: — 

On a chapeau, a goat passant. 

A<hL MSS. 19,088, fo, S87. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 



3RfebB of Cljorpe ^rteu^e* 

. . Ruby of Laveuham, buried in Uie=p 
churcbyarrl tbere, had ii38ue Thomas, 
William, Robert, John and Agnes. | 

r -^ 

Thomas Risby^p Agnes who Cecily S 

Margaret, dau. of Parris of Lynton,=jpThoma8 Spring of Lavenham, clothier, built the 
CO. Cambr.; relict of Edward Bullin, I Vestry there ; Will P.C.C. 29 March 1486 ; prob. 12 
Esq. Sept. 1486. 

of Lavenham ; 
Harl MS, 1660; 
Will P.CC. 16 
Blamyn 18 Dec 
1600; he had 
>vith other is- 

made Will 
Sudb. 13 
Aug. 1628. 

pnng, m. 
Robert Sexton of 
Lavenham, who in 
Will P.CC. 6 Ay- 
loffAo 1617, names 
dau. Maigery, wife 
of William Risby. 

. May, named=pAlice, dau. of . . . King.=f Thomas Spring of=f:Alice, dau. of Thomas 

as former hus- 
band in Thomas 
Spring's Will Ao 
1628. [Louzam 
of Suffolk. UarL 
MS, 1662.] 

of Bozford, 2d wife of 
Tho» Spring; Ryeee; Harl. 
J/5. 8873, p. 76. Bridget 
Spring her dau. mar^ W™ 
Emley. See his Ped. in 
Sussex Visit" Harl, MS. 

Lavenham, the Rich 
Clothier. WiU dated 
18 June 1528; prob* 
8 July 1624. To be 
buried in the church. 


Appleton of Liltle 
Waldingfield. com. 
Suffolk, by Margery 
Crane, Ist wife of 
Thomas Crane. She 
died 20 January 1512. 


Anne, dau' of 
Tho. Risby of 
Ijavenham, m. 
Rob' Groome of 
lavenham in 
(>)m.Suff. IJarl, 
MS. 1660, fo. 

Bridgett, dau. of=f William Risby of Lavenham,=T= Margaret May. She is Thomas=f Alice May, de-=rSir Richard Ful 

Roger Groome of 
Lavenham, I/ari. 
^/.S''. 1560, Ist wife. 
But query Margery 
da. of Robert Sex- 
ton, 1617, named 

Lord of the Manor of Thorpe 
Morieux; Will P.CC. 28 Powell, 
14NOV.1661 ; prob.27 Nov. 1651. 
names brother in-law Robert 
Sexton. Buys Coddenham Hall 
Manor of W™ Forthe, 1 E. 6. 
Inq. p.m. 6 E. 6. 

named with her hus- Heywardof visee of her merston of Thet- 

band in her mother's Ipswich ; sister Risby, ford. See Ful- 

Will,1538. Made Will harl. MS. 1652. "Lou- merston Ped. 

as Margaret Risby, 1552. Had zam of Suf- HarL MS. 1552. 

widow, P.CC. 4 Tashe son, Tho" folk" HarL His dau. Frances 

8 Nov. 1552; names Hey ward MS. 1652. mar. Sir Edward 

sister Fulmerston, &c A" 1662. ^ /f^Cleere. 

Alice, ux. Thom- 
as Munnyng of 
Her Will Arch. 
Sudb. is dated 
2 Aug. 1682; she 
then a widow. 

J ohnWincoU, 2d=Margery, = 

husband, of Lit- dau. of Ed- 

tle Waldingfield, ward Rosse 

g«. In Will 14 of Nayland 

Oct. 1576 he * ~ " 

names dau. -in- sister to 

law, Eliz. Win- John Rosse, 

throp. gent., 1657. 

1. Robert Risby 
of Thorpe Mor- 
ieux, Esq. Will 
P.CC. 2lWrast- 
in Suffolk ; I ley, 3 May 1557; 
Inq. p.m. 3 and 
4, P.&M.; aged 
22 m 1651. 

— '—^ , 

Elizabeth, ux. 3. George trav- 
Nicholas elled to Jerusa- 

Spring of La- lem and died 
venhaxn.Aquo after his return, 
the Springs of s.p. Snia P.CC 
Loosehall in 266 Daper. Eliz. 
Walsham. SpringealsRisby 

his sister. 

2. Thomas Risby=f=Jane, da. and heir 

of Lavenham ; de- 
clared ''lion est 
ideot" in Inq. 2 
Eliz. Admon. 
P.CC 7 May 1601. 
to Eliz^h Wing- 

of John Harbottle 
of Crowfield in 
Suff. His Will, 
1676, P.CC 6 
Langley ; his Inq. 
p. mort. 2S Eliza- 

William lUsby of Thoi-pe=j=Catherine,d.of George 

Morieux; Will P.CC 57 
Nevill, April 1693, then 
of Felsham, co.Suff.Esq. : 
prob.l2Ju!y 1598; aged 
3 years, 1 567. Inq. post 
m. 36'^ Elizabeth. 

Smith of Cavendish in 
Suff. ; coheire to her 
mother, whose Inq. 
p.m. as wife of William 
Castleton was taken 
26 Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth, ux. 
of Grotou ; she 
mar. secondly 
1617 Reynold 
Branch of 

Margaret, m. 1 John 
Betts of Eye inSuffolk 
2 Anthony Gosnold. 

Thomas and Anne 
named in their fa- 
ther's wilL 

Robert Elizabeth, dau. and 
Risbye, coheire mar. Hen. 
ob. s.p. Wiugfield of Crow- 
field ; her second 
husband was Tho" 
Clench of Holbrook, 
CO. Suff. 

Joane, da. and 
coh. m. Edw. 
circa 1680 ; 
had son Sir 

William Risby of Thorpe=j=Bridget, da. 

Morieux, Esq.. s. & h. aet. 
18, 36 Eliz. ; Will P.CC 
73 Clarke, proved 7 July 
1625; tobebur.atFe]sham 
names aunt Elizabeth 
Branch.Inq.p.m. ICharles. 

of Sir John 
Heigham of 
Barrow Hall; 
married at 
Barrow, 21 
March, 1692. 

2. Robert Risby, 2d son, 
ob. s.p. RMy e. Chap- 
2tn, 1634. 

3. Arthur Risby, 3d s. 
1584 ; Uving 1593. 

4. Henry Risby, 4th son ; bapt. Elizabeth, 

at Thorpe Morieux, 1586 ; of died unmar- 

Comard Parva, Suff^, gent, ried ; named 

1614. Will nuncup^ July or 1593 in her 

Aug. 1614, P.CC. 106 Lawe ; father's will 
proved 8 Nov. 1614 ; all to 
sister Bridget Melton. 

Bridget, heir to her 
brother Henry Risby, 
1614, and was then 
Bridget Melton ; styled 
Bridget Redf em in her 
brother William Risby's 
will, 1625. 

Penelope, Thorpe 
Morieux A^ 1600 ; mar. 
there 1 Sept. 1619 to 
Tho* Spring of Loose 
Hall in Walsham. 

1. John Risby of Thorpe Morieux,T=Margaret, da. of 
Esq., 1634; ifM6yc.CAa;)iin; aged Sir Tho» Jenny 
24 and upwards, 1626; m. at Ket- of Brightwell and 
tlebaston20ct.l638. Lord of the Kettlebaston, co. 
Manors of Thorpe Morieux, &c Suffolk. 

" John Risby of Thorpe Morieux, Esq., mar. dau. and h. of Fran.' 
Comewallis. Thev sold their estates to the yongest family." HaH. 
MS, 1086. Will P.CC 67 Foot, 29 April 1687. Entered ped. m the 
Suffolk Visitation, 1664. M.I. in Felsham Church. 

— TT 

Susan and 
Jane under 
age A<> 1625. 

2. Robert 
Risby living 

8. Daniel Risby, 
bap. at Thorpe 
Morieux, 1605 ; 
named in his fa- 
ther's will 1826. 

William Risby, 
named in his 
father's will, 

Elizabeth Comwallis, granddaughter and heir of William Smith of 
Elmsett, co.^uff., Esq., who made Will, Arch. Sudb. 8 July 1662. 
She joined her husband in the sale of his manors. Bom circa 1641 ; 
died 1705. M.I. in Felsham Church. 

John Risby, elde8t=Mary, dau. of 

son, of Thorpe 
Morieux-Esq. Will 
Aich. Sudb. 21 
Sept. 1727. M.L 
in Thorpe Church. 
Ob. s.p. 

Tho» Bright 
of Thurston, 
F^. Will 
Arch. Sudb. ; 

Heigham Risby, E8q.= 
2dson, b.drcal676; 
d. 174C, aet. 64. 
M.I. in Felsham 
ChurdL Lands in 
Thorpe Morieux. 


Charles Risby, 
Esq., youngest 
son, 1687; died 
1723, aged 40- 
M.I. in Felsham 

-- T— r-r-T 

Jane, Mary 
and Anne, 
who mar* 
Rev. Edw«» 
Grove, 1697 

Katherine Risby of Thorpe Morieux ; 
Will Arch. Sudb., 24 June 1741 ; prob. 
11 Nov. 1747. Brooke HaU in Felsham 
and Advowson of Thorpe Morieux to 
nephew Rev. John Fiske. Nieces Edge 
and Dawson also named. JkI.I. in Fel- 
sham Church. Ob. 8.p. 

Jane Risby, dau. and coheir, married Robert Sparrow of Of ton, co. Suffolk, whose sole daughter and heiress, Jane Sparrow, 
married circa 1720, John Sparrow of Halsted in Essex. A quo Sparrow of Gobfield. See Burk^$ Landed QtnPry. 


Digitized by 


§^m of ^atiletgl). 

Mill of lobtt ^till, !Bi5l|0|T of Satb mH mdls, 1607* 

In the name of God : Amen. I John Still, by the permlssjon of God Bisshoppe of Bathe 
and Wells, doo hereby ordajne and make this my laste will and testamente. I doo comytte my soule 
into the most merciful! hands of my heauenlie ffather : and my bodye to be buryed in the 
Gathedrall Churche of Wells. I geue Thirtye pouudes for the makinge of a monumente or tombe 
of remembrance uppon the place where my bodye shalbe buryed. A farme house and free lands 
in Somerton Erly in the Gountie of Somersett is assured to my wife Mistris Jane Still during 
her life, in consideration of dower, and after her decease to my yongest sonne Thomas Still. I 
dooe geve to my welbeloued wife the some of ffyue hundred poundes. Also I doe further geue 
ynto my said wife my great gilte bason and ewer, and that gilte wreathen cuppc or nutt (so vsed 
to be called by vs) withe a gilte cover therevnto belonginge w«^ my brother M' Edwarde Homer 
gave vnto vs at the daye of oure maryage. Item, I doe geue and bequeathe to Nathaniel Still 
my eldest sonne all that my messuage, house and lands in Hadley within the countie of Suff: 
w**» I boughte of Thomas Alabaster of the same towne, clothier, (my father in lawe). For defaulte 
of lawfuU issue of sayde Nathanyell, said houses and lands to remayne to John Still my seconde 
sonne. For default of issue of the said John, said houses &o. to Thomas Still my thirde sonne. If 
all my said three sonnes departe this life without issue, said lands &c in Hadley to my three daughters, 
Anne Eyre, Elizabeth Edwaides and Mary Jones & to their heires for ever. To my saide sonne 
Nathaniel Still the Manner House of Hutton in y® Countie of Somersett purchased in October 1604. 
Item I geue to my second sonne John Still & the heires of his body my house in ffodington in the 
countie of Som^'sett. The impropriation of ^lilton Clevedon in the countie of Somerset to my sonne 
Thomas Still and his heires for ever. My wife Mistris Jane Still did with her money purchase the manner 
of Mourton in the countie of Somerset & Mourton farme, in the names of M' Thomas Homer of Clofiford 
Esquier her brother, and of M' John Homer, his sonne <fe heire, in the firste yeare of Kinge James, to 
the only use of the said Jane & the heires of her body : — namely to the use of Thomas Still our sonne. 
I geue vnto my yongest sonne, [the said] Thomas Still, the one moiety of the lease of the Manner of 

Digitized by 



Buckland belonging to the Bisshopprick of Bathe and Wells: the other haulf to my eldest sonne. 
To my sonne John Still fyve hundred powndes to be added to his former gifte of my house in 
ffodington, besides the Tenne poundes w^ his grandfather Thomas Alabaster of Hadley gave vnto 
him. To my youngest sonne Thomas Still fyue hundred powndes. To my sonne in lawe Roberto 
Eyr the some of One hundred poundes. To him and to my daughter Anne Eyr his wife one 
standinge guilte cuppe of siluer with cover, w''^ I had of the late Queues Mat*® for a newe yeares 
gifte. The like guilte cuppe I geue to my sonne and daughter M' Richard Edwardes of London: 
and the like gilte siluer cuppe to my sonne in law M' Seston Jones and to my daughter Mary 
Jones bis wife. To my sonne in lawe M** William Moigan one like standinge gilte cuppe. To everie 
of those sixe children w^ my saide sonne Moigan had by my good daughter Sara his wife. George 
Morgan, one of [their] sonnes is lame of his feete. To John, William, Roberte^ Maiy k Sara 
Morgan. To the children of my sonne Eyr: — of my daughter Edwardes. I geue to the poore 
people of Wells the some of Three hundred poundes, that newe places for AUmose men, or 
verie aged old woemen, may be made readie w^hin the nowe almose house or elsewhere in Welles. 
Quinto ffebruarij 1607, I doe further geue to the said Allmose house and poore, twoo hundred poundes 
more : in toto fiyue hundred poundes. I doe bequeathe to Trynitie Colledge in Cambridge the some 
of thirtie poundes, to be layde oute in one fayre and large standinge cuppe withe a cover gilte, 
enameled [with] the armes of the same Colledge, and allso myne owne pryuate armes and the armes 
of Wells church, both ioyned together in one fitt Ecutchion, as a token of my love and remembraunce. 
To the oulde poore people of Hadley in SuiFolke, as a token of my oulde loue to the place of my 
mynisterye, the some of fiftie poundes. To my sister Wynnyark of Cambridge. To my good brother 
in lawe M' Thomas Horner of Clofiford Esq'. My brother W°^ Still. My coscn John Still, my 
chaplen. My brother in lawe M' John Hipsley. To my sister nowe the wife of M' Richard Scales. 
To my brother in lawe M' John Dorrington of London merchante and to my sister his wife. To 
my brother in lawe John Alabaster of Hadley clothier and to my sister his wife. My cosen M"^ John 
Runnyon. To M' Deane of this Cathedrall churche of Wells and to everye of then Canon 
Residentiaries in golde, to make everie of them a ringe in token of oure Christyan societie together. 
Item I doo geue to the Vicars Coralls of the Cathedrall, to be sp^nt in the amending of their 
comons in their comon hall, the some of twentie pounds. Item I appointe my elldest sonne 
Nathaniell Still my sole executor. M' Doctor James my chauncellor and my tw(X) sonnes in lawe 
M' Robert Eyr and [blank] to be the supvisors and overseers. I haue lefte in writinge a breife 
estimat what I haue at this tyme in readye money, and what in debts ; what in plate, Cattell 
dsc. &C. and the Stewarde of my house John Sear kepeth another coppie. Given this fourth 
ffebruarye 1607. John Bath & Welles. Probate 28 April 1608, Juramento Nathauielis Still filij et 
Executo". P.C.C. 33 Windebauk. 

By Fine in Hillary Term, 7 James I., Nathaniel Still and John Still sold their lauds in 
Hadleigh to John Cawton. 

The mural monument, with recumbent effigy, of Bishop Still, is well known to all who have 
visited Wells Cathedral. 


Digitized by 




Inscnptbn in Habbtgli (Llmtlh 

On Monumental Brass beneath the figure of a woman: — 
Hie matrum matrona jacet pietatis imago, 
Ezemplum vitae, speculum virtutis honesti, 
Verus Alabaster mantis qusB vivit in oevum, 
Et quam certa fides coelo super astra locavit. 
In obitum Annes Still, uxoris Johi Epl Bathonie . . rio quee abijt April 15, A® 1593. 

Davy MSS., "Hundred of Cosford." 


Arms -.—Sable, Guttle d'eau, three roaes argent. " Per Dethick, Garter, y^ 24 of June." ffarl. MS. 1820, fo. 1. 

Add MS. 5822, Mus. Brit. CoUm* MS., vol. zxl, fo, 134^ ; with excerpt from Winthrop Pedigree, Hari, MS. 1560 
and notes from the Parish Registers of Hadleigh. 

W°* Still de Grantham in co. Lincoln.= 

Wm StillvEliz: Fi- Jana Filia Jo-=T=Johe8 Still Fili us pri-=r Anna Filia Tho: 

de Gran- 
tham, 2 

lia Tho. h'is Horner de 
Pechell Cloford in 
kc. com.Somer8et 

militlB 2 uxor. 

Thomas Still, 3 son, iEtotis 28, 1623. 

mus EpQs Bath and 
Wells obiit 26 Feb- 
ruarij 1607. [Hec- 
tor of Hadleigh, 

Alablasterde Had- 
ley in com. Suf- 
folk uxor prima. 
[Brass in Had- 
leigh Church.] 

[Allice, d. of =Adam Win- 3. Thomas. 

Still in com. Lin- throp of Gro- — 

con, sister of ton in com. 4. Georgius. 

John Still, bis- Suff. HaH. Sii^.thS- 
hop of Bath and Mif. 1660.] 
Wells ; Ob. 8.p. 

Nathaniel Still de=T=Jana Filia 
Hulton in com. 
Somers. Arm. Fil. & 
Heres Supstes 1623. 
[Bapt at Hadleigh, 

Johes Still de=i=Anna_ Filia 

W*» Whit- Dursley in com. 

more de Ci- Som. 2 Filius. 
[Bapt. at Had- 
leigh, 1587.] 

vitate Lon- 

Sara Filia primo- 
Tho: Baynard genita uxor Willi, 
de Colebome Morgan de War- 
minster. [Bapt at 
Hadleigh, 1575.] 

in com. Wilts. 

Anna 2 Filia Eliz: 3 Filia Maria 4 Fi- 

ux. Kob: uuptaliich- lia. ux.Ces- 

Eyre de ards Kd- ton Jones. 

Wells. wards de [Bapt. at 

[Bap.1581.] London. Hadleigh, 

lBap.1583.] 1585.J 

Anna Filia 1 k coh: 
rot. 10. 

2. Jana set: 9. 

3. Marg* rot: 8. 

4. Eliz. rot. 5. 

Anna Filia unica rotatis 4 Anuorum. 

Digitized by 


iito^Dne of €titoartij5tone. 

SKtU of }obn liroliriu of Mitdam. 1562. 

In the Name of God Amen. The ix*** daye of Marche iu the yere of or Lord god 1562 &c. 
I John Brown of Withum [Witham, co. Essex] &c, make this my testament &c. [sic], ffurst I 
bequeth my soull to god Ac. To Thomas my sonne and Elizabeth his wief my house or tenement 
called PoUes, and unto the heyres of their two boiyes, and for lack of issue I bequeth the said 
house vnto Elizabeth Raven my doughter, and for lack of issue of the said Elizabeth I bequeth the 
house aforesaid unto Denys Amys and to the heyres of her bodye lawfully begotten, and for lack 
of issue of the said Denys vnto Thomas Brown my brother and the heyres of his bodye, and for 
lack of issue of the said Thomas I will the said tenement to the next of my bloode and to their 
heyres for ever. To Henry Brown my sonne xx". . To John Raven my sonne in law iij" vi" viij^. 
Vnto Denys Amys iij** vi" viij** at the daye of her mariedge. To the child*^ of Elizabeth 
Ravens [wc]. To Thomas Brown my brother xx". Vnto Henry Browns iiij childern that is to 
saye, Margery, Anne, Joan and Anne y* yonger, unto euy^ one of them xxV Thomas Brown my 
Sonne I ordeyn and make my executo*", Probatum xix Aplis 1563. 

Arch. Colchester. Liber "Puckell," 1558-1666, fo. lxxxvi«. 

Clearly the will of the father of Henry Browne of Edwardstone, whose four daughters aud sister 
it names. This is important, as there were Brownes of Prittlewell of Visitation descent and 
of quite another family. It is to be regretted that the Prittlewell Registers of this period are lost. 

Wiiil d Hmrg lirnfoiu nf (BhtaaxMom, 1595. 

Henry BroAvne of Milton in Prittlewell in the countie of Essex yeoman, 23"^ June, 35 
Elizabeth, ffirst and before all other things I giue my sowle to almightie God who made me, and 
to Jesus Christ who hath redeamed me, and to the holie ghoste who sanctifieth me, acknowledging 
theis three persons to be one God, Item I giue and bequeathe to Margaret my wief the summe 
of twentie pounds of lawful money of England, to be paid to her so long as it shall please god to 
giue her lief, everye six monthes tenne poundes, and all other goodes that she brought to me, as 
householde, come, catell and leases, and my parte of the shipp. To my daughter Margerie now 
wiffe of M' Weston, Vicar of Wormingfourde, the house and laud bought of M** Hanam, to her and 
to the heires of her bodie she had by her husband Spcade. To John Speade her sonne the summe 
of fiftie poundes at the daye of his marriage or his age of four and twentie yearcs. To Benjamin 
Speade her sonne and Anne Speade her daughter the like porcon. To my daughter Anne Snellinge 
my dye-house in Boxforde streat. To Anne Snelling her daughter fiftie poundes at the daye of her 

Digitized by 



marriage. To Joane Hilles my daughter my hovse and lands in Polsted. To William Hilles her 
Sonne and Joane Hilles and Elizabeth Hilles her daughters fiftie poundes [apiece]. To Anne 
Wynthropp my daughter my mansion howse <kc. To John Wynthropp fiftie poundes and to Anna 
Wynthropp and Jane Wynthropp fiftie poundes [apiece] at their ages of four and twentye yeares 
or dayes of marriage. My brother Raven, my sister his wiffe and eurie of their children. My 
brother Browne his children. Adam Wynthropp sole executor. Legacies to the poore of Prittlewell 
and Edwardstone [and to others] to be paid by my wief out of my shippe. Probatum 27 January 
1596, Juramento Adami Wynthropp. P.C.C. 2 Cobham. 

Ul of Hogir Mtstm, 1605. 

5 Feb. 1605. Roger Weston, Gierke, Vicar of Wormingford co. Essex. To Ann Weston my 
eldest dawghter my house in Nayland [co. Suffolk] which I bought of Josua Spreade after the 
decease of Margery my wief. In like manner I give vnto the saide Anne the parte of lande tjie 
w^** I bought of Margery my wief and John Speede, Item vnto Avis my second dawghter all those 
my landes and tenem*" the w** I bowghte of Margery my wief and Josua Speede lyinge in Seamer, 
Whatfield and Nauton [co. Suff ]. Item vnto Elizabeth Weston all my coppie howse and lande 
lyeing in Hadlie, and ffortie poundes of lawfuU mouney of England at the age of one and twentie. 
The reste of my goods parte and parte like [to] the three sisters Anne, Avis and Elizabeth, being 
the dawghters of [me] the saide Roger Weston. I doe appoynte Doctor Duke my kynde cozen 
sole executor. Codicill 28 Nov' 1608. The said Roger Weston lyeing sicke in London, did further 
will vnto his dawghter Avis Greaton the some of ffiftie pounds w^ was owinge vnto him by 
her husbande, and vnto his dawghter Elizabeth Weston the some of threescore poundes over and 
above the ffortie poundes bequeathed vnto her in his last will. 

28 Jan. 1608. Viro M'® Johi Duke in Medicinis Doctori expresse renuntiavit. Comittatur 
Avitie Greton ats Weston, filie dci diet defunct, vxori Radulphi Greton. 

London Consistory, "Sperin," fo. 408. 

ill of )o|m ^tulliug of fioiforb, 1617. 

John Snelling of Boxford co. Suffolk, clothier, 26 Jan. 1617. To Judith my wife my bond 
to Francis Choppin and Raphe Choppin, her bretheren, for £800, assuring her joynture of 450 per 
annum which is performed by me ; she not to marry before she is forty years of age. My house 
Ac. in Boxforde. To my cousin William Amies £48. [This was Ames, the learned Puritap divine, 
whose mother was a Snelling.] To Elizabeth Smyth my sisters daughter, now wife of . . . Martyn 
of Ipswich, saylor, £30. To Joyce Spelling, my brother William Snellings daughter, servant to 
M' Offley of London, £50. Children of Thomas Grimwade of Needginge my sisters son. To 
Robert ffrench my sisters son threescore pounds of Indico, as I gave his brother John. To 
Margaret Butcher my sister Smiths daughter. My sister Weston, my first wives sister. To my 
son and daughter's four daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna and Judith each £150. To John Duke 
and Anna Duke his wife all those houses, lands &c. in Boxford and Saffron Walden co. Essex 
after the decease of my wife. Rest of my goods to my son John Duke ; he to be sole executor. 
Probate 16 May 1618 juramento Johannis Duke M^icini Docris ex*^''. 

Snia [Sententia or Decree] inter John Duke ex®' et Judith Snelling relo. 

P.C.C. 48 Meade. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


By his Inquisition Post Mortem (Palmer's Calendars, 100, fo. 424) it would appear that 
John Snelling, who died 8 March, 15 James I., was seized of the manor of Shimplingthome, co. 
Suffolk, and of lands in Suffolk and Essex. Anne his daughter and sole heiress, wife of John 
Duke, M.D., being then thirty years of age. 

In the SS*** year of Queen Elizabeth John Snelling, in conjunction with Philip Gostlin (whose 
BOUi Thomas Gostlin, married one of the daughters of the third Adam Winthrop), founded the free 
grammar school of Bozford. The charter establishing this institution will be given, with the other 
evidences of the Gostlin family, further on. 

ill 0f $a\m ^nh at €alt\itiUt, 16^9. 

I John Duke of Colchester, desirous to performe the dutie of a Christian man to leaue myn& 
estate in such a certaintie as that there male be noe difference about the same after my death, 
doe make my will in forme following. And first I bequeath my soule to my good god, from 
whom I certainely expect everlastinge happines by the all sufficient sacrifice of my lord Jesus 
Christ. And for my bodie my will is that without pompe it be comitted to the earth. I togeather 
with my beloved wief, Anna Duke, Jiaue already ioyned in the settlinge of my landes, beinge 
freehould, in Essex and Suffolke, vpon our three children, Mary, Elizabeth and Judith. Anne my 
wief shall haue my coppihould landes and tenements in Bildeston and Nedginge in the countie of 
Suffolk, and in little Bromley in the countie of Essex, duringe the terme of her naturall lief, and 
after her decease the same shall remayne to the vse of my daughter Judith Duke, and for default 
of yssue to the vse of Mary Wright wief of Lawrence Wright, Doctor of Physicke, and Elizabeth 
Duke, my daughters, their heires and assignes for ever. To the said Anna Duke my wief my 
coppihould wood called ffroste grove in Langham in the countie of Essex, and after her decease 
to Elizabeth Duke my daughter. All the lands and tenements lying in Norfolke, which I purchased 
of M' ffountaine, vnto the aforesaid Anne my wief, vpon condicon that the saide Anne be bound 
for the true payment vnto my three daughters Marie, Elizabeth, and Judith of all legacies. Vnto 
my daughter Marie one hundreth and fiftie pounds ; and to each of my daughters, Elizabeth and 
Judith fortie p<»unds p anu. vntiil their severall ages of twentie yeares and one or marriage daies^ 
and paying also vnto each, at their severall ages of twentie yeares and one, the some of seaven 
hundreth pounds a peece, in full satisfaccon of the last will of John Snelling their grandfather. I 
giue and bequeath to my lovinge sonne Lawrence Wright all my bookes except my English books^ 
which I giue to my wife to dispose of to her children. To my welbeloued cosens M' John Winthrop 
and William Armitage, to either of them three poundes to make them rings; whom I make 
supervisors. To the two children of Prudence Thome my sisters daughters deceased, to either of 
them thirtie shillings. To Anna Hmffrey five poundes. To the poore of Colchester twentie poundes. 
All my goodesj Jewells, and househould stuffe, to my well beloued wief, Anna Duke, for life: after 
her dicease to toy three daughters or their posteritie, as my said wief shall dispose vnto them by 
her last will. I ordaine said wief sole executrix to see my children brought vpp in goo«l nurture 
and the feare of the lord vntiil they be married. This my will I haue written with myne owne 
hand and published the thirtie dale of Apiill 1629. There is due to the executors of Macillia 
Greenerice, fower score ster [sic] of lawfull money of England : my will is that that some shall be paid 
by myne executrix. I giue to Marie Wright my daughter all my coppihould land in Lexden neere 
Colchester. To Judith Duke my coppihould land in little Bently, and for want of yssue, to the 
right heires of me the said John Duke. And whereas my will was dated before the last of Aprill, 
this was thus perfected the first dale of May. Gyles ffirmin, a witness. Probatum 27 Junij 
1629, juramento Anne Duke relicte et executricis. P.C.C. 63 Ridley. 

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of Gliomas Cooke of febmarslr, 1679. 

Thomas Coke of Pebmarah in the county of Essex Esquire. My desire is that my body may 
be decently buried, without pompe and ceremonyes, in the churchyard of Pebmarsh, betwene the 
graves of my beloved and entirely loving wives, Elizabeth and Judith. And being so buried, I 
require mine executors to cause our three grves (together with my sonne John's on the northside 
of his mother's) to be raised with good bricke, and a large stone to be laid vpon them. Tenne 
li. shall be laid out on a purchase of some house or houses neare the church, to be imployed 
for the more comfortable releife of the aged poore of Pebmersh, according to the intention of the 
ffirst donors, in addition to the provisions [already made]. I doe also give ffive pounds more to 
be distributed amonge the poorer sort of wel disposed people. Item to every of my brothers and 
sisters children, twenty pounds a peece. Eleven pounds more to be distributed among such poorc 
ministeres as are turned out of their livings because they conforme not. To Joseph Coke, my 
brother, and his wife ; M" Arrowsmith ; M"^ Parsons and M" Horton [property] as was M' Percivalls 
their ifather in his life time. It. I do giue vnto my daughter Elizabeth her mothers Bible, . that 
she may improue it as she did. It. vnto Joseph Coke my brother ffifteene hundred pounds for 
the redeeming of Huntshall in Pebmersh, vpon this condition, that if my sonne and daughter 
Parsons shall release vnto him all the right which they haue in my said fFarme called Huntshall, 
this bequest to be void. And I do then give Huntshall vnto my said brother Joseph, and after 
his decease to his son Thomas and his heirs for ever, [the latter] paying vnto his sisters here hi 
England twenty pounds a peice, and to his brother and sister in New England, also twenty pounds 
a peice. I do give to be solde by my executors, my ffarme in Gestingthorpe called Goddards, and 
[a] ffarme in Pebmershe. All the residue of my reall and personall estate vnto Elizabeth my 
daughter, and after her decease, the goods to her children as she shall please, and the land and 
real estate to her sonne John Parsons my grandchild, and to the heires of his body, his mother 
allowing him good maintenance for his liberall education, and he (when he shall enjoy the land) 
paying to his sister Anthonea three hundred pounds, and the rest of his mothers children, which 
she may hereafter haue, one hundred pounds a peece. Item I doe giue vnto Anthony Parsons my 
Sonne (if he will accept of it) my best ffurre coat and what bookes he please. My Polyglott Bible 
to my nephew Grandorge, and my watch to my cozen Samuell Read, and my law books to my 
nephew John Bennett Lastly I ordaine my welbeloved daughter Elizabeth Parsons, my cozen 
Samuell Read, my nephew John Bennett and my nephew Isaac Grandridge [«2c], executors. The 

day of January 1679. Probatum vicesimo quarto Novembris, 1682, Juramento Johannis Bennett, &c. 

P.C.C. 128 Cottle. 

Thomas Cooke was Colonel of the Militia for Essex during the Civil Wars. He was created 
D.C.L. at Oxford. 9 Sept., 1651, and in 1654, M.P. for Essex in CromwelPs Parliament. He 
married, first, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of John Duke of Colchester, M.D., by whom he had 
seven sons and four daughters. His second wife was Judith, daughter of Oliver St. John, of Keyshoe 
in Bedfordshire, Esq. He dyed about 1684. Hunt's tenement in Pebmarsh hath since belonged to 
Anthony Parsons his sonne in law and heir. Morant's "Essex," Vol. II., p. 263. 

Digitized by 



WU of dU^ablb parsons, 1680. 

Eliaabeth Parsons, wife of Anthony Parsons of Fetter Lane in London, this day of August 

1680. To my husband Anthony Parsons my moneys upon Hunts Hall, being five hundred pounds, for life, 
and after his decease to my deare daughter Antonia. If she die without issue, the same moneys to my sone 
Duke Parsons, and failing issue of his body, remainder to my son John Parsons. My land in Pebmarsh and 
Much Henny in the County of Essex to my husband for life : then to my said son Duke Parsons. My son 
in law Thomas Parsons and my daughter in law Katherine Parsons. Thomas Parsons my nephew of Milton 
in Oxfordshire. Plate with my husbands arms and mine upon it, and that which was my fathers, and both 
my mothers, to my three children. My husband to be executor. If all my children die without heirs of 
their bodies my lands to go to my mothers relations, John Paynell my kinsman of Belough in Norfolk, and 
his two sisters ffrances Broome of Norwich and Judith Paynell my kinswoman. Probatum 4 Feb. 1681 
juramento Anthonij Parsons Armigeri, mariti et executoris. P.C.C. 23 Cottle. 

duhtqmt mi ^ukiatti i Brotati«, ^t., 1588. 

To the right hono'^Able S' Wyttm Cycell Knyght, Lord Burleigh, S^ Walter Mildmay Knyght 
Chauncello' of her Ma*^** Court of Eschequer, S' Roger Manwood Knyght L* Cheife Baron of the sayd 
Court. Humblye oomplaynyng sheweth vnto yo' honors Henry Sackford Esquyre, one of the Maysters 
of her Ma"" privie Purse. Yo' orator by casualtie of shipwreacke is become greatlye impoulyshed and 
indebted ; namely to one Henry Browne & one Phyllip Gostling of Boxford in the countye of Suffolke, 
clothyers, to one Henrye Vyntner of Edwardstone in the sayd countye &c., &c. in great sumes of money. 
Which debts oryginally grewe for clothes and other wares w«*» yo' orator was enforced to take vpp vppon 
many a hard penyworth ; yett yo' orator entendeth to make full satisfactyon yf there myght be reason- 
able tyme pmytted vnto hym. And further yo' orator standeth indebted vnto her Ma**« by reason of 
money by hym received ; for the payment of w^ yo' orators lands and goods are fyrst lyable. Also yo' 
orator is an Accomptant in her Ma^*" Court of Eschequer <k ought to haue the priviledge of the sayd Court. 
But so yt is that the aforesayd Henry Browne, Phyllip Gostlyng, «fec. «fec. haue comenced their seulall suyts 
agaynst yo*" orator at the coffion lawe, entending his vtter vndoing. May yt please yo' good Lp' to grant 
the Quenes Ma**" gracious wrytte of Subpen^ to be directed to the sayd Henrye Browne &o. comaunding 
them to appeare in the Quenes Court of Eschequer, and to desist from sueing yo'^ orator at the comon lawe. 
And yo' sayd orator shall dailie prayo vnto almyghtie God for the pspous estates & long ly ves of yo' bono". 

The Jointe & seulall Aunswaare of Henrye Browne & Phillipe Goslyn & Henrye Vyntener defendtf. 
Phillipe Goslyn sayeth that he did sell vnto Thomas Calthrope and Michael Stacye, deputies for Compl*, 
about fortye brod colored clothes for two hundreth and thirtye pounds, of which ther remayneth dewe the 
some of fortye pounds w<* this Defend' hath gentlye required of the PI*, but hath receyved verye hard 
speaches. Whervppon this Defend* hath comenced suyte in her Ma**" Court of Comon Plees as he thinketh 
lawfull is for, hym to doe. And Henry Browne sayeth that in or about the nynetenth yeare of the Quen's 
raigne he did sell vnto the said Thomas Caltiope and Michaell Stacye fortye colored brod clothes, and 
recyved money at dyujse tymes, so as ther remayneth dewe unto him the some of eight and thirtye poundes 
And Henrye Vyntener sayeth that he did sell for the Compl*" vse dyulse brod colored clothes, & ther 
remayneth dewe one himdreth and fyve pounds. And the said Defd^" sayen that they are well contented yf 
Complt will put in good suertye to paye their seu^all debts w*** reasonable costs and will staye their suyts ; 
otherwise by protracte of tyme their wittnesses or the Compl* maye dye ; and then they shalbe w'^out 
remedye. P^stitit Sacr^ in Cur. xxvijo Aprilis A® xxx« R«. Suflfolk Bills temp. Q. Eliz. No. 89. 

Henry Seckford, afterwards Sir Henry, was brother to Sir Thomas Seckford, Master of 
Requests to Queen Elizabeth, the munificent founder of the Woodbridge charities which bear his name. 


Digitized by 




Brotone* ©ufee of Colcfiefliter* 

BrowDe of • . 


John Browne of Witham in com. Eraex ; Will Arch. Colchester, 9 March 1662 ; probate 19 April^p. 
1563 ; names Elizabeth Raven, his daughter, and Margery, Anne, Joan and Anne, the four daughters 
of Henry Browne his son. 

Margaret,=Henry Browne of Edwardston,=f=Agne8 Browne, 

living CO. Suff., and after of Milton in 

1596, 2nd Prittlewell, co. Essex, yeoman, 
wife. Will P.C.C. 2 Cobham, 23 June, 

35 Eliz. ; prob^ 27 Jan. 1596 ; 
ob. 8Dt, 76 ; bur. in Prittlewell 
Church ; lands in Foisted, Box- 
ford, Edwardston, &c. 

the mother of 
Anne Winthrop, 
died 17 Dec. A^ 
1590, AdamWin- 
throp't Diary, 

Elizabeth Browne,=f=John 
living 1596, styled 
" my dau*" Raven " in 
her father's wilL 

Eliz., devisee 
John Browne, 


Thomas Browne, de- 
visee of his brother, 
John Browne, 1562. 

Thomas Browne. =f Elizabeth, de- 
His children li- visee of John 
ving 1596 ; eld- Browne, 1562. 
est son, 1562. 

'' Jeremy Raven, my cosen, minis- 
ter of God's Word.'*' Adam Win- 
ikropt Diary, 

", . . Browne, my cosen and his 
wife came to Groton,7 Aug. 1602." 
Adam Winthrop'i Diary. 

Adam Win-= 
throp of Gro- 
ton. 00. Suff., 
Esq. Exo^ to 
Henry Browne 
1596, whom he 
names in his 
Diary ; mar- 
ried 20 Feb, 

=Anne, da. 
bliz., de- 
visee with 
her sister, 
Ann Spel- 
ling, in her 



William Hilles,=T=Joan Browne, John Snelling, of=j= Anne Browne, 

of Ho] ton, 
Suff., yeoman ; 
Will Arch. Suflf. 
2 Aug. 39 Eliz. ; 
probt 20 Sept. 
1597 ; named 
1597 in Adam 
Winthrop* t 
Diary. See 


da. and coh. 
named 35 
Eliz. in her 
father's will. 
Suff. is dated 
5 Sept. 1597 ; 
prob»i 20 Dec. 

Boxford, clothier, 
cousin to Wm. 
Ames, the Puri- 
tan Divine ; Will 
P.C.C. 48 Meade, 
26 Jany 1617. 
His 2<* wife was 
Judith Choppin, 
Inq. p.m. 15 Ja". 

da. and coh, 
Anne'i'^d, of 
Browne of Ed- 
wardsione in 
com, Suff. 
=^John Snd' 
liny, — Harl, 
MS, 1560. 

1st hus- 

'Margerie Browne,= 
da. and coh., wife 
of M' Weston, 
35 Eliz., named in 
will of John Snel- 
ling, 1617 ; no 
issue by 2nd mar.; 
dead apparently 
in 1608. 

= Roger Wes- 
ton, Vicar of 
CO, Kssex, 2d 
husbd, died 2 
Dec. 1608 ; 
Will, Lond. 
Consist. 5 Feb, 
1605 ; cousin 
D^ Duke to be 


William Hine8,=fKlizabeth 

of Holton Hall, 
where he took 
up his abode, 
30 Sep. 1602, 
Adam Win- 
throp's Diary, 

mar. 15 
Jan. 1600. 

Joan Hilles, 
mar. 3 Oct. 
aftem'ards of 
Bandon in 

Hilles, li- 
ving 1603. 
Win^rop c. 
Ja" I. B. k 

John Duke of Colche8ter,^Anne Snelling, da. 
Docter of Physsick. y^ ill and sole heiress by 
P.C.C. 53 Ridley, 30 April this marriage; 
1629. Lands in Suffolk & mar. 11 Nov. 1596. 
Essex ; bequest to cousin | She proved husb**" 
"M'John Winthrop." See | will 27 June 1629. 
Diary. | 

John Speade, 35 
Eliz. about to 
marry A" 1604. 
See Diary for 
more of the 

85 Eliz. 

Anne Speade, 
mar.8 April 1607 
to Tho» Policy. 

Mary Duke, eldest Elizabeth Duke, 2d=f=Thomas Cooke of Peb-= Judith, 2d wife, 

dau. and coheir, dau. and coh. 1629, I marsh, co. Essex, Esq. ; dau. of Oliver St. 

mar. before 1629, Ist wife: already I in Essex Visit» 1684; Will John of Ke3'shoe, 

Laurence Wright, married and had | P.C.C. 128 Cottle, Jan. co. Bedford, Esq. 

D' of Phisicke. issue A^ 1634. I 1679 ; prob. 4 Nov. 1682, Morani. 

Anne Duke, 3d dau. 
and coh., devisee of 
her grandfather Snel- 
ling 1617; dead, 
probably, in 1629. 

Judeth Duke, devisee of her 
grandfather Snelling 1617,& of 
her f atherl 629 ; mar. Rob^ Pay- 
nell of Belaugh, co. Norff. Esq. 
and ob. 1652. =r 

John Duke, ob. before 
his father made his 

Elizabeth Cooke, only child named in her=f= Anthony Parsons, Esq. of the Visita- 
father's \^'ilL She made Will as Eliza- I tion family of Parsons of co. Oxon. 

beth Parsons P.C.C. 23 Cottle, Aug. 
1680 ; prob. 4 Feb. 1681. 

See ped. JJaH, MS. 1480. He had 
also issue by a former wife. 

Grace. Enex 



— I 
Eight other 

Duke Parsons, 1680. 

John Parsons, 1680. 

Antonia, 1680. 

"Anne, late wife of John Duke of Colchester in Essex, M,D., 1649 ; he died there May 16, 1629 ; she was D' and Heirers 
of John Snelling of Boxford in Suff. Gent. ; they had issue, Idary married to Laurence Wright of London, M.D. ; Eliz. to Thomas 
Cock of Pebmarsh in Essex, Esq. ; and Judith to Rob. Paynell of Belaugh in Norfolk, Esq. ; Anna their third daughter 1647 ; 
Judith Paynell 1652 ; Robert Paynell Esq., Councellor at Law, 1658." 

Abms. Duke impales Snelling ; Gules, three eagles' heads erased Argent ; a chief indented Ermine. 

Inscription in the chancel of St. John's, Maddermarket, Norwich. Blomefield's Norfolk, vol. iv., p. 295. 

Digitized by 


:lfonej5 of i^usteeti. 

of i^bomas yams, 1629. 

Thomas Fones citizen and apothecary of London H April 1629. Having already by acta 
executed in my life time disposed of the greater part of my personal estate to and among my 
children and to the use and benefit of my wife I do hereby commit the tuition, education, care 
and tutelage of my son Samuel Fones during his minority unto his uncle John Wynthrop of Groton 
in the County of Suffolk Esq"", John White of the Middle Temple London, Esq"" and James 
Thurlby citizen and grocer of London, and do earnestly desire these my loving friends to have a 
special care that he be brought up in learning and in the fear o7 God and knowledge of his 
ways ; and do charge and require my son, upon my blessing,, to subject himself unto them and 
to be ruled by them in all things. And the tuition and education of my daughters Elizabeth 
and Martha I do commit unto my said loving brother John Wynthropp until they shall be 
married or attain their full age of one and twenty years. The tuition of my youngest daughter 
Mary I commit to my loving wife her mother. My loving wife Priscilla Fones and my loving 
brother John Wynthropp to be executors, &c. Witnesses : John Smith, Ri. Fitch, Tho: Smith. 
Probate 29 April 1629. P.C.C. 28 Ridley. 

For frequent references to Thomas Fones and members of his family, see "Life and Letters 
of John Winthrop," vol. L, and " Winthrop Papers," parts IIL and IV. 

Ittqmsition on tbe htailj of i^bomas JTones, 1629. 

Inquisico Indentat^ oapt^ apud le Guildhall ciuitat^ London duodecimo die Octobris Anno 
regni dni nri Caroli del grl Angl Scotie ffirauuc et Hibnie Regis (be. quinto coram Rico Deane 
milit Maiore Escaetor ciuitatis London .... post mortem Thome ffones defunct sacrament 
Robert! Sandon .... pbor et legaliii homin, qui dicunt qd Samuell Brond et Beniaminus Brond 

Digitized by 



existen seit in dominico suo de Manerio & Capita) messuag vocat Nusteed ais Nusteed Hall 
8cituat in vi) de Polsteed & Bozford in Com Suff: et de et in dualt^y peeH prati vocat Auelej 
meadowes in Polsteed ^d et Assington in dco com Suff: ^d Samuel Brond et Beniam^ Brond 
p Indentur sua geren dat vicesimo die Octobris Anno regni Jaoobi nup Regis AngI decimo 
sexto Yendiderunt ^fat Thome ffones et Johi Wynthrop de Groton in dco Com Suff: Ar. et 
heredib5 imppm ^d Manler, Capita) messuag et ^d claus^ vocat Auelej meadows ..... Et sic 
inde seit^ ^fat^ Thorn's ffones obijt et ^fat Jolies Wynthrop supvixit et in plena vita apud Groton 
^d adhuc existit et adhuc est inde seitus in dmico buo vt de feod. Et Jurator^ pdi vlterius 
dicunt qd {{dcus Thomas ffones die et tempore obitus sui fuit seitus de duob5 messuag cu 
ptiii scituat in quodam vico vocat the Old Bayly in SubuiD ciuitatis London quor vnii iacet 
in pochia S^^* Martini prope Ludgate, in occupacone Rici Alley et alteriu^ iacet in parochia 
S"^* Sepulcheri London et fuit in occiipacone ^fat ThomsB ffones tempore mortis eius. Et vlterius 
Jur ^d die qd ^cm messuag in pochia sci Martine ppe Ludgate tenetr de dno Rege in capite 
p seruitm vicesime ptis vnius feodi milit . . . . Et quod ^d Maner, Capita) messuag et due 
pcell terra? vocat Aueley meadowes tenebantr de dc5 dno Rege vt de Hundredo suo de Babaigh 
in Com Suff: in libo et coi soccagio . • . • Et q** ^fat Thorns ffones obijt xv^ die Aprilis vltimo 
^terito apud London et q^ Samuel ffones tempore mortis sue fuit filius & heres ppinquior et 
q^ ^cus Samuell ffones decimo die ffebruarij vltimo ante diem capcois huius Inquisicois fuit 
etatis duodecim annor.^ Inq. p. m. 5 Car. p* 2, Na 15 

o! ^bontas ^ants, 167$. 

Thomas Fones of Ipswich, Doctor of Phisick, being sicke in body but of perfect mind and 
memory, doe make my last will in manner and forme followeing. Impris I give vnto my daughter 
Mary one two and thirtieth part of the ship called the Smima Merchant, lately built at Ipswich. 
Item I give vnto my daughter Catherine one two and thirtieth part of the shipp called the 
Providence. I give unto my daughter Sarah one sixteenth part of the shipp called the Catherine. 
My executrix shall sell my two and thirtieth part of the shipp Nathaniel of Ipswich, and the 
money shall be equally shared betweene my said daughters Catherine and Sarah. My goods 
shall be sold and the money shared amongst my said three daughters, at their severall ages of 
one and twenty years or days of marriage, which shall first happen. My messuage in Mendlesham 
to be sold and the money equally shared amongst my said three children. In case my wife 
should happen to marry againe, before all my said daughters are manyed, I will said wife shall 
enter into a bond with security in eight hundred pounds vnto M'^ Lawrence Stistead and my two 
brothers for the faithfull pformance of this my will. Item I doe nominate Mazy my loveing 
wife to be sole executrix and my loveing brothers, John ffones and Bamaby ffones, and M' 
Lawrence Stisted to be trustees. Item I doe give vnto my said daughters and their heires all 
my lands, tenements and ^misses whatsoever, immediately after the decease of my said wife, 
payeing out the same to my brothers John and Bamaby fifty pounds apeice, to my sister Ann 
Fones twenty poimds, and to my sister Mary Fones twenty pounds, and to my said friend M' 

Digitized by 



Lawrence Stisted tenn pounds. I have sett my hand and seale this six and twentieth day 
of £february 1678. Probatum decimo quarto die Novembris 1679, Juramento Marias FoneSi 
Relictse, &c. 

Vicesimo secundo die Aug^ 1685 em^ com^ Johanni Smith curatori Marias et Sarse fiones 
filijs Thomss flfones nup de Gipwico in Com^ Suif: def^ ad administrand bona ^. non plene 
administrata p Mariam £fones Relictam, jam etiam demortuam, durante minori state et in solum 
beneficium Marise et Sarse ffones minorum pdict. P.C.C. 141 King 

^btntmstratum d (tatbentte yoms, 1680. 

Sept. 23 1680, Adco honor Catherinso ffones nup de Gippo inupte def^ comissa fuit • 
ffones matri nraii et Itime. Arch Suf! 

^limmtstration of ^arn Jtms, 1685. 

Aug. 13 1685. Adco bonoru^ MariaB ffones nup de Gippo vid duran minori etate et hi 
vsum Marise et Sarse ffones filiarum, comissa fuit Johi Smith Mariti SarsB Smith als Dunkon 
materterse gardian Admin. Arch. Suff. 

mm of Samuel Jams, 169^. 

Samuel ffones of East Bergholt co. Suffolk, clerk, 28 Aug. 1693. To Mary my wife rents 
Ac. of my farme in Foisted and Assington. Certain lands to be sold by executora. To my 
daughter Mary ffones four hundred pounds. To Mary ffones, Sarah ffones and Alice ffones 
daughters of my son Samuel ffones at their ages of one and twenty years. To Mary ffones and 
Sarah ffones, daughters of my son Thomas ffones. Mary my wife and Mary my daughter to be 
executrixes. Probat. 3 Nov. 1693, executoribus, Comiss 1 Dec. 1703 Alice Haw ais ffones uxori 
Edward Haw et nepte ex filio defunct et legatarisa in eodem testameuta 

Arch, Suff "Sayer," fo. 467. 

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jTones of CorntoalL 

The ancient document, endorsed " Tho' Fones hia pedigre ' which is here given verbatim^ was found amongst the papera 
of Qovemor John Winthrop. It is evidently based upon the Fones pedigree in the Visitation of Cornwall, 
1620, with which it is now collated (IfarL MS, 1162). It appears to have been compiled in or about 1629. 
In the margin is a sketch of the Fones shield:- -two eagles displayed in chief, with a mullet in base. Opposite 
the first marriage of Thomaa Fones is a rough tricking of Fones impaling Winthrop: — a lion rampant superposed 
upon three chevrons. 

TTm /oimet of SasAie 

. . da: of 8r Robt ffyeUton Kt. 
Hyelton. Harl. MS. 1 162. 

Qwrg foumei of Saabie E9q=F. ,^da,of.., Malbanek of Malpas. 
Malbant. Harl fiCS. 1162. 

ir« fountes al'sffonea of SaMtrr. • • ^^' of Telham of Tdham, 

Johnffownet al$ ffimea of Saxbie.=Y' * * ^^* ^ ^^i"^^ ofBtdham, 


Johnjfownet of iSa»6M.=F. . . du: vf Lavfell of Lawdl. 
LewelL Harl. MS. 1162. 

I 1 1 1 ' 

TlMnuu S son, Humfrty 4 ton, Robert 1 ton. John ffownes of Dedford in y« parish o/=p Wtllm, 6 9o^n. Nickolat 6 ton. 

Bran$grove in com Wigom S ion. 

WilVm, 1 Bonof BrirtoU. Mich: ffownes oTs fftmes of=^Joane da: of , . , Tindall of y« Ide Thomas 2 sonne ds heire=f=. . 


BristolL S son. 


oj Axham in com, Lincoln, 

to his father. 

John 1 son, Prudeneeda.of J ohn=^Thomas ffownes aVs=T^Joane da, of Walter Ar*nda:ofAdamWin-=^Tht/mas Fones-^PrisciUa da, 

— Nichols of Davestock 

OeorgBson. in Devon : 1 wife. 

ffimes of Plymouth 
lyveingl^iO: 4 son. 

Richard S 

Heale of Knaton in throp EsqofOmton in 
Devon : S wife, com, Suff : 1 wife. 


Prudence, Joane, Richard 1 son Sampson, S son, Thomas 4 Elizb, 4da. 

— at,18.Ao 16£0, — son. — 

Mary, John S son. Susan 6 da. 

Citizen dtr Apo- 
thecary of Lon- 
the ISofAprill 

of John Bur- 
geu Dr of 
Divinity: 2 

I ' 1 1 ■ I 1 

lien: Winthrop.^Elizabeth, 1, Martha, S, Samuel Fones sonne <C- h^ to his father : Mary Pones, Priscilla, obijt, 


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jTones of g^uffolfe. 

Anne,dau.of Adam=|=Thoina8FoneB,sonof Tho-=f Priscilla, da. of John Buiige8B,=j=Bezal€el Sherman=Herury P&int«r^of Exeter, 
Winthrop of Qro< ' — - . -. .. . - ~ .. ~ .. -, . . . ., «^ . . . 

ton, 00. Suffolk} and 
sister of Qov. John 
Winthropof Mass., 
b. 16 Jan. 1585 ; 
m. 25 Feb. 1604 ; 
d. 16 May 1619; 
bur. in St. Sepul- 
chre's Ch. London. 
Ist wife. 

mas Fones of Dedford in 
Bromsgrove, co. Worces- 
ter (of a junior branch of 
Saxby, co. Devon), Apo- 
thecary in London at the 
sign of the Three Fawns 
in the Old Bayley ; d. 15 
April 1629 ; Will P.C.C. 
28 Ridley 14 Apr. 1629. 
Inq. p.m. 5 Car. Lord of 
Nusteed Hall in Foisted, 
00. Suff. 

D.D., Hector of Sutton Cold 
field, CO. Warwick, whose Will 
P.CC. 105 Sadler, is dated 12 
Sept. 1684 ; m. 28 Aug. 1621, 
2d wife. SeeLifeand Letten of 
John Wiath^'op for letters of 

of Ipswich, grocer, 
let husband of 
Prisdlla Buigess, 
made WHl P.C.C. 
125 Meade, 7 Oct 

one of the Westminster 
divines, 8d husband of 
Priscilla Burgess: See let- 
ters of his in 6 Mass. Hist. 
Coll., i. 

Mary Fones joungest 
dau., d. unm. 1681. 
See 5 Mass.Hist.ColL 
vol. i, p. 71. 

Winthrop, who d. before marriage. 
See Lifedf Lettenof John Winthrop 
for her letter at this time. 

John Sherman, devi- 
see with his sister of 
their grandfather 
Bui^gees in 1634. 


Samuel Fones of=T 
East Bergholt, co 
Suffolk,clerk,s.& h. 
aged 11 Ao 1629. 
Will, Arch. Suff. 28 
Aug. 1698; Probes 
Nov. ; Admon. 1 
Nov. 1703, to Alice 
Haw al's Fones. 
Jjuida in Polsted k 

Mary, da. of 
Eleazar Dunkon 
of Harleston, 
Norff., draper, 
who made Will, 
Cur. Ep, Nor. 3 
May 1678 ; Ex> 
with her dau. 
Mary Fones to 
her husband. 

Henry Win throp=f=Elizabeth Fone8,=T=Robert=T= William 

2d son of Qov. 
John Winthrop, 
Ist husband : d. 
2d July 1630, 
leaving an only 
child, Martha 
Winthrop. See 
Winthrop Ted. 

eldest dau., came 
to New England 
in 1681 after 
death of first 
husband. Living 
16f2, and pro- 
bably in 1674. 
See 2 Mass. Hist. 
Proc vi. 

2d hus- 

Hallet of 
Lung Is- 
N.Y., 3d 

MarthaFones, 2 dau.,m. at Gro- 
ton, Suffolk, 8 Feb. 1680, John 
Winthrop, afterward Gov. of 
Conn, and eld. son of Gov. John 
Winthrop of Mass. She d. in 
Ipswich, Mass. 1684, s.p. He 
m 2d Elizabeth, da. of Edmund 
Reade of Wickford, co, Essex, 
by whom he left a numerous 
family. See Winthrop Ped. 

Martha Johanna Winthrop, only child, bom at Groton,=TThoma8 Lyon of Stamford, Connecticut ; 

Suffolk, 9 May 1630 ; married 1647 ; died circa 1650 ; 
had two children but only one survived her. 

8ur\'ived his first wife, and left a number 
of children by a second marriage. 

Mary Lyon, born 1649 ; married Ist Joseph Stedwell of Rye, N.Y., and 2d John Willson of Bedford, 
N.Y. She was living in 1698. 

Mary Fones 
one of her 


Fones de« 
visee of 
his grand- 


Thomas Fones of Ipswich, D'= 
of Physick, made Will P.C.C. 
141 King 26 Feb. 1678; Pro- 
bate 14 Nov. same year; ob. 
vitd patriiy wife executrix ; 
estate finally administered 
by Jno Smith 22 Aug. 1685. 

'Mary, executrix to her 
husband 1679 ; ob. 
1685 ; Admon. Arch. 
Suff. 13 Ang. 1685 to 
"Johi Smith marito 
Sarsc Smith al's Dunkon 

Anne Fones 
dvisee of 
her grand- 
father Dun- 
kon, 1673. 

Samuel Foneg=f=. 
devisee of his 
brother Thos. 
Fones, 1693, 
but dead in 

Eatherine Fones, devisee of 
her father 1678; of Ipswich, 
1680; Admon. Arch. Suff. 23 
Sept. 1680 to her mother. 

Mary Fones, Ssrah Fones, Mary Fones, Sarah Fones, Alice Fones. under age 1693; 

living 1678 ; living 1678 ; Mving A" living A«» wife of Edward Haw, 1703, 

under age A® under age Ac 1693. 1693. when she administered her 

1685. 1685. grandfather's estate. 

For letters of Mrs. Thomas Lyon and members of her family see "Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society," Second Series, Vol. vL, pp. 2-20. 

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#o0tlm of #roton. 

Incorfioratton td %adtnh (grammar S^thool, 159^. 

Patent BoU, 38 Elizabeth Part 12. 

Regina omib3 ad quos &c. saltm. Cum diici subdicti nri Jolles Snelling de Boxford in com 
Suff ^ Philippus Goshling [«ic] de Groton in eodem com clothiers pio zelo moti ppter sumam erga 
priam charitatem h ad bonas has pmouend^ singulare studiu & pcipue ad dei optimi maximi gloriam 
k Juuentutis eardem villarf h ville de Edwardstone infra ^dict com Suff instruccoem & erudicoeni 
quam maxime cupiunt & desiderant qd infra ville de Boxford ^ict vna lil5ra Schola gramaticaliii 
funderet' & erilief* & imppm pmaneret. Ac ea intencoe vt sumptus & ona dee Scheie melius & 
decentius supportari valeant k possint ijdem Johes Snelling k Philippus Goshlinge ex intimo eor 
affectu ad ppositum k vsum ^ict deder k concesser diico subdito nro Johi Gurdou de Assington 
in eodem com Suff Armiglo & quibusdam alijs vnu mesuagm sine ten cum vno gardino k horto 
eidem ptineii & adiacen cum omibj k singulis suis ptifi iaceii k existen in Boxford ^dict sicut 
p chartam inde sic p f^fatos Johem Snelling k Philippum Goshling vt ^ferf^ fact plenius apparet. 
Sciatis qd nos p ea cura quam de Juuentute regni nri pie k libalit instituend singulaiem Hem^ 
proq5 suma benevolencia qua bonas iras ad pcipiend colendamq5 virtutem k religionem pluriuin 
odiuuantes ac optima? artiu studia studiososq3 psequim^ hinc pie peticoT graciose annuentes de 
gra nra spiali ac ex eta sciencia & mero motu nris p nol5 hered and 8uccessorib3 nris volum^ 
concedim^ k ordinam^ qd de cePo imppni sit k erit vna liba Schola gramaticat in Boxford pdict'* 
p educac institucoe & instruccoe pueror k Juuenii in gramatica ppetuis futur^ temporib^ 
duratur que erit & vocabif^ li^ Schola gramaticalis Regine Elizabeth in Boxford. Ac Scholam 
illam p noeu litie Scheie gramaticaP Regine Elizabeth in Boxford erigim^ cream^ fundam^ & stabilim^ 
firmit p psentes. £t qd Schola ilia de ce?o sit erit aut esse possit de vno magro sen Pedagogo 
k de vno Subpedagogo sen hipodidasculo ac pueris & Juuenib5 iBm p eos edocend^ sedm ordinacoes 
in hijs psentib5 inferius declarat. " Et vt intenco ac ppositum hoc pm meliorem firmioremq} 
Borciaf^ efflm Atq5 vt bona terr^ ten^ reddit^ reucnes k at hereditameii ad sustentacoem Scheie 
f?dte ac ludmagri k SubpeJagogi posthac cencedend assignand & destinaud melius guBnentr 

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tractent' r^ant' & insinuant' p ppetua continuacoe eiusdem volum^ concedim^ & ordinam^ p nos. 
heredib5 & aucceoaorib} nris p psentes qd de ceto sunt & erunt imppm triginta septem discrete 
& pbi holes iuxta ordinat in hiif iris nris patentib5 content & declara noiand^ eligend^ & 
assignand^ qui erunt & vocabunt^ GuVnatores bonor possessionu & reuenoonii libe Schole gramaticalia 
A^ne Elizabeth in Boxford. £t ad munus & offic pdict bene & fidelitl ezercend & occupand 
eligin^ noiamin^ assignauim^ & constituim^ ac p psentes eligim^ & constituim^ ditcos noU Wittm 
Waldegrave Senior militem, Wiftm Waldegravfe Junior militem, Edwardum Coke Armi^um Attomat^ 
nrin genal, Johem Pay ton Armigum, Thomam Clopton Armi^m, Johem Gurdon Armi^um, Thomam 
Waldegrave senior Aimigum, Thomam Appleton Armigum, Thomam Kempe Armifum; Stephaufi 
Piend Armigum, Wittm Clopton Armigum & Bramptoun Gurdon Armigum, Thomam Waldegrave 
Junior, Edwardum Waldegrave, Isachum Appleton, Johem Wintroppe, Adamu Wintroppe, & Jollem 
Hanham, Genosos, Jotiem Enewstubb, Thomam Loveii, Henr^ Sand^* & Thomam Nicholson, Cticos, 
Wiihn Doggett mercatorem, JoHem Brand Senior Clothier, Henr^ Browne, Thomam Alston, Johem 
Plampin & Thomam Lappache yeomen, Jollem Snelling, Philippum Goshling, Lodouicum Kedbey, 
Wfflm Brand Senior, Jollem Doggett, Jollem Jerrold, Jollem Bond & Simonem Laughlin Clothiers 
& Jotiem Hopper yeoman fore & esse primes & modemos GuT^natores honor possessionu & 
reuenconu dee libe Schole Regine Elizabeth in Boxford; continuand in eodem Officio duran^ vitia 
suis natural. Et vlf^ius concedim^ & ordinam^ qdt ijdem Gubnatores & successores sui de cePo- 
imppm sint & erunt vnu corpus corporat & politicum p idem noen GuBnator honor possessionu 
& reuenconu liBe Schole gramaticai Regine Elizabeth in Boxford in Com Sulf ppetius futur 
temporib} vocabunt'. Et qd p idem noen sint & erunt psone hites apt & in lege capac ad 
pquirend^ recipiend^ habend^ & possidend^ tam bona & cataS qm maner terr ten prat pasc 
pastur reddit rencoSs & ai hereditamen quecumq3 sibi & 8uccessorib5 suis imppm . . . & p nol)- 
heredib} & successorib3 nris p psentes concedim^ ^fat Gubnator honor possessionu & reuenconu 
libe Schole Regine Elizabeth in Boxford & successorib3 suis qd ipT de cePo imppm lleant coe 
sigillum ad negocia sua & quamit sine aliqiTi inde parceit tangen^ sen concnen^ dsserint^ Et qd 
l^ct Gubnator & successores sui . . . ptitare & imptitari psequi defendere & responderi possint 
& valeant in omibj & singulis causis querelis sect & accoib3 quibuscumq3 . . . coram quibuscumq3 
Judicib3 & Justiciar in? hoc reginu Anglic. Et volum^ ac p f^sentes concedim^ . . • qd quandocumq> 
contiger aliquem vel aliquos ^cor modemor, Gubnator pantea in psentib3 menconat obire vel 
ab officio sua amoueri qd tiinc & totiens bene liceat & licebit reliquis dcor Gubnator ad tunc 
supuiueii vel maiori parti eordem aliam idoneam psonam vel alias idoneas psonas timentes deum 
ac boni n5is «fe fame integr ac existen plene etaP viginti & vnius annorf in locimi sine locos 
sic morientis vel amoti elige & noiafe. ^t hoc lociens quociens casus sic accidiP. Et vl^iua 
dedim^ & concessim^ ^fat Gubnator plenam potestatem appunctuand & eligend . . . vnu honestum 
liPa! & discret virum existen in artib3 magrm ad minus fore Pedagogum libe Schole gramaticai 
^ct^ ac vnu pbum & idoneum virum fore Subpedagogum eiusdem Schole ... Ac p aliqua causa 
ronabili amouere depriuare & a loco ac offic suis ^ict expellere. Et qd del Gubnator facie 
ordinare & constituere possint bona, idonea & salubr statut tangen eleccoem nolacoem depriuacoem 
direccoem & gubnacoem Pedagogi Subpedagogi & Scholasticor in Schola ^dca existen^, acceiam 
gubnacoem & deposicoem bono? catallor possessionu reuenconu eiusdem Schole ac omia alia 
necessaria. Concedim^ pfac Gubnator spalem & licitam auctoritatem bend pquirend & possidend 
tiis & eor succe8Sorib3 ad sustentaooem Schole, maner messuag teif ten Rector decimas <& 
hereditamen quecumq3 dumodo eadem in toto non excedant clarum annu valorem quadraginta librar 
p annu . . . Et volum^ ac p psentes ordinam^ qd omia exit oim p'dict trare & p'missorf disponant^ 
ad sustentaoeem eofdem Schole <bc. & non alit^ ab8q3 fine in hanapio &o. In cuius rei &c. 

T. R. *^P**^ Westfii xxij die Maij. 


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I Phillippe Gostlyn of Groton the elder in the countie of Buff: clothier, doe ordaine and make 

this my last will y® first dale of April 1626. I bequeath my sowle into the handes of Almightie 

god. I giue vnto the poore people of Groton sixe poundes, to be distrybuted at the pishe 

■churche, by twentye shillinges a year, vppon the first sondaye in Male. To Phillip Gostlyn my 

«onne the howse he nowe dwelleth in called Notts, w^^ all the lands nowe in his occupienge ; also 

Paynes and Longe Croft ; alsoe my tenem^ called Goodwynes and Hesseth, w^ all the lands ther 

vnto belonginge ; alsoe one dyhowse abuttinge vppon Goodwynes ; alsoe one woode called BuUes 

wood conteynnge nyne acres, to him and his heires forever. To Thomas Gostlyn my sonne the 

howse that he nowe dwelleth in, w*** all the lands in his owne occupienge ; alsoe my tenem^ that 

Steven Ockley nowe dwelleth in, w^ all the lands in the occupacon of the said Stephen; alsoe the 

howse y^ Peter Turner nowe dwelleth in w**^ all y* lands ; alsoe twoe groves conteyning fowre 

acres ; alsoe one tenement, nowe in the occupacon of Gridley, w*** apeece of land called Foxes ; to 

him and his heires forever. Vnto John Gostlyng my sonne my howse called Warrens, w*** the bame, 

stable, gardens ortchard and all the appurtenncs, nowe in y* occupacon of William Kedby ; also 

my howse called Doves w^** the orchard now in the occupacon of Charles Newton ; alsoe my 

meadowes that I bought of Peter Bull, and my lease of CoUines and Collins meadow, and my 

meadowe that I had by exchange of M' Winthrop ; also a tenem^ called Homers, with the gardens, 

orchards, and the land belonging, to him and to his heires forever. Provided always that my 

wife Jane Gostline shall have y* said tenement called Warrens w*** all the profits during her 

uaturall life. And my will is that my sonne Charles Newton, and my daughter Susan his wyfe 

flhall have Doves, where they nowe dwell, w*** the consent of the Lord, soe long as either of them 

«hall lyve, paying therfor yerely vnto my sonne John Gostlyn fowre pound everie yeare. Alsoe my 

will is that my said sonne Charles Newton and Susan his wyfe shall occupie and enioye Homers 

w^ the consent of the Lord, duringe the terme of twelfe yeres. Vnto Samuell Gostlyn my sonne 

my howse, now in y« occupacon of John Gostlyn, and lands thereto belonginge, w*** Burchly and 

Burchly meadowe, to him and his heires forever. My sonne John Gostlyn shall occupie said 

howF.e duringe the lyfe of my wyfe, payinge therfore tenne pounds for everie yere. Vnto Charles 

Newton my sonne «fe Susan his wyfe, my lease of Pitchers howse, w^** y® dyhowse, leadfatts, tilts 

fandj wooduetts, all the tearme yet vuexpired. Also I give all my goods unbequeathed vnto 

Phillippe and Thomas Gostlyn my twoe sonnes, and I doe ordaine my saide sonnes to be my exec^. 

I have here vnto sett my scale in the presence of John Winthrop, William Newton. Piobatiun 

xxi® die Septembris 1626. Et coinissa fuit adf bonom^ Ac. Thome vni executori . . . 

Arch. Sudb. Liber " Pearle," fo. 622. 

mm d $I|tli]i Clostltn, 16^9. 

The fewer and twentieth day of flfebruary, 1629, I Phillip Gostlin of Romford in the Countie 
of Essex, Clothier, considering the certainety of death, and the vncertainety of the tyme how soone 
or suddenly it raaye please God to call me, have therefore ordayned and made this my will, 
ffirst I doe commend my soule into the hands of Allmightie God, trusting through Christ's merritts 
that my sinnes are forgiven, and that at the last day I shall appeare amongst the holy elect 

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children of God. And my body I comitt to the earth from whence it came, thither to be brought 
in that Christian forme of buryall as becometh a playne man's corps. Item I give vnto Mary 
GoBtlin my wife fower parcells of pasture or wood called Hekeses, oonteyning twenty acres or more 
in the parish of Groton in the Gountie of Suffolke, for life, and after her death to the issue of 
mee the said Phillip and Mary my wife. Alsoe I give unto Mary the goods that are in the 
George at Romford. Item I give vnto Phillip Gostlin my sonne one messuage or farm house 
called Goodines and Hasetes conteyning thirtie two acres more or less. Alsoe my seale ringe w®^ 
was given me by my fifather. Item I give and bequeath to my sonne Steven Gostlin one pcell 
of land called Balerds, and alsoe one hundred pounds to be paid him by his vncle Steven Cooke. 
MorCi I give vnto Maty my now wife all my bills and bonds. To the poore of Groton twenty 
shillings. Vnto the poore of the towne of Romford twentie shillings. Item I give to M' Mosse 
for a sermon at my funerall tenne shillings. Item I doe make my fifather ffish of Romford ta 
be overseer of this my will. Item I doe make Mary my wife to be my whole executrix. And if 
it shall happen she the said Maiy to die and leave noe issue of our two bodies then the 
said land formerly given shalbe equallie divided betweene my two sonnes, they paying to my 
wives sonne Richard Norris, tenne pounds. Rich: fi&sh Scrip: Probatum sexto die Decembris 1631 
Joramento Marie Gostlin Relicti et Executricis. P.C.C. 133 St. John. 

Ballards, Goodwyns and Hersents were the property of the second Adam Winthrop, temp. 
Edward the Sixth, and were holden of the Honour of Clare (see page 33). In 1604, Philip 
Gostlin of Groton, the testator's father, who had purchased Goodwyn's and Hersants of one Robert 
Dixon, sued Jasper Huggins, the husband of Dixon's widow, for recovery of thei title deeds, imder 
colour oF which the Huggins had stripped the premises and even secretly sold them (James I. 
B. & A., G. 4. 73). The Chancery Bill is signed by the third Adam Winthrop, who was counsel 
for the plaintifi^ and evidently won the case. 

fijomas Cl0stlitt of <5rot0ti, 161^—1649. 

Thomas Gostlin, a Suffolk clothier, was married at Groton, 5 January, 1612, to Jane, second 
daughter of the third Adam Winthrop. The births of twelve children, which followed this union^ 
are recorded in the parish registers or the Winthrop Diary. Alice, the youngest, was baptised on 
the tenth of April, 1636. In a letter to his brother-in-law, John Winthrop, dated Groton, March 2, 
1639, Thomas Gostlin explains his reasons for not having carried out his purpose of emigrating to New 
England. At the outset his wife was indisposed to go, and now that she is willing their means will 
not admit of it He adds "we have a great desyer to send you y**"^ godson, o' sonn John, to be 
imployed by you, & indeed we had sent him now but for want of moneys." There is no record,, 
however, that John Gostlin came over, and he died in or before 1649, as appears by a letter from 
his father in that year to John Winthrop, Junr., in which occurs the following passage : — " We havo 
lost many of o*" family since your departure' : my sonn Willis, my sonn John, my daughter Mary, 
my sonn Wolfe, — ^these are all gone. The Lord fit us for o' change ... My wife desyors to be 
remembered to you all. My cosen Stephen Winthrops wife also desyors to be remembered. She 

I This IB since 1644, when John Winthrop, Jan., was last in England. 


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liath bin w^** me above this halfe yeare. Her husband is in Wales. She laye in heere & hathe a 
fine girle. My daughter Willis hath changed her name to Bretland. She is married into the 
north. She sent writings to y father concerning some estate she should have in Virginia. I piaye 
<ioe what you can for her." 

Confirmatoiy of the above is a letter from Anne Willis about her claim to an estate in 
Virginia, originally granted to William Willis, deceased, and then in the occupation of Justinian 
-Cooper. There is also a power of attorney, in which she is described as "Ann Willis of Chettle 
in the county of Dorset, widdowe of Nathaneall Willis deceased." A Zachariah Willis, presumably 
A brother of her husband, joins in the power. 

One, at least, of the children of Thomas Gostlin and Jane Winthrop seems to have settled 
in America. In a letter from Mrs. Emmanuel Downing to her sister-in-law, Mrs. John Winthrop, 
written from Salem in New England, without date, but probably in 1639, she says : — " 1 hear 
Margaret Gostlin and my Nan is a cominge [from England], and nowe I shall be over mayded. I 
hear you want one : if you doe, I should be glad she might serv you till some of our children or 
seruants wear disposed of. She doth all the worst worke in her mothers howes and is very 
fiervisable." Mai'garet Gostlin would then have been about twenty years of age. She subsequently 
married . . . Heathcote. For an interesting letter from her in Antigua, June 27, 1665, see 
"** Massachusetts Historical Society's Proceedings," Series 2, vol. v. 

»etqan«n dnatlhi, 1615—1679. 

As told in the Winthrop correspondence, the stoiy of Benjamin Gostlin, the honest sea-captain 
of the seventeenth century, is veiy characteristic of the times he lived in. Baptized at Groton 
on the 9th of May, 1615, the son of Thomas Gostlin and Jane Wmthrop, his wife, he became a 
sailor whilst yet in his teens. Under date of March 1, 1635 (old style), Emmanuel Downing writes 
to John Winthrop, Jun., afterwards Governor of Connecticut, ** Ben Gostlyn is like to prove a' proper 
seaman. He is returned out of the Streights and gone to sea againe. His master useth him like 
^ Sonne, and the youth would not change his course of life for any other. So soon as he shalbe 
out of his tyme, he intends to see New England." 

On the 6th of March, 1639 (1640), Benjamin Gostlin himself writes from London, to his 
uncle, John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts, *' I shold be veny gladd of some good occation 
to come to Newe England that I might injoy y' sweete society, but as yett I am in soe good 
imployment & in soe hopefull a waye that I shold be much blameable if I shold thrust my selfe 
out of it , . . I have bin at home these 6 months, but am now bound for Rushia <& from thence to 

Two months later (May 8, 1640) he writes his uncle again, saying he has been delayed, but 
expects to sail in ten days. He sends as a present "a small rondlett of rise and 2 jarrs of oyle." 
The letter shows him to have been a religious man, with some interest in politics. "The Lord be 
mercyfull unto us," he exclaims, '' <& turne the Einge's hart» or else to this land, in my foolish 
Judgement^ is nothing to be expected but confushion«" 

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April 14, 1657, Colonel Stephen Winthrop, M.P., writes from London to his brother John in 
New England, "Cosin Ben Gostlin is oome rich & safe from the East Indye, but is goeinge 
thither againe." Stephen Winthrop died in the following year, and no later letter of his is 

Sept. 12, 1658, John Winthrop, Governor of Connectiout^ writes his son, FiteJohn Winthrop, 
then a Lieutenant in Monk's army: — "There is a kinsman of ours, Gapt Gostlin, a captaine of a 
ship was last yeare at y^ East Indies. If he be oome home, enquire of his welfare, and of his 
father and mother and brothers and sisters. His father lived at Groton in Suffolke, where your 
grandfather Winthrop and we lived. His mother was your grandfather Winthrop's owne sister. 
I should be glad to heare of them all. If you are in Scotland, your Aunt Downing, I believe, 
knoweth them all. His name is Capt. Benjamin Gostlin. He liveth, I suppose, about Ratcliffe, or 
thereabouts. Every merchant or sea capt: upon the Exchange knoweth him and can tell where 
he is." 

June 29, 1604, Benjamin Gostlin writes Captain FitzJohn Winthrop (both being then in 
London) "My body is so bruised with a blow y^ I reced from a horse y* I am incapeable of 
mountinge the guard this daye; therefore request yon to doe it for me, and I shall send you a 
horse, with all things requiset^ by this boy, to be reddy in the . millitary grounde by 2 of the elk. 
If you can borrow a buff cote, it will be better than if I send mine, because mine will be too 
shorte." Fit^ohn Winthrop's regiment had recently been disbanded, which accounts for his being 
without a horse and uniform. 

Nov. 25, 1661, the widow of Emmanuel Downing writes from East Hatley in Cambridgeshire 
to her nephew, John Winthrop, then in London as Agent for Connecticut^ "I am sony to hear of 
my nephew and neece Gostlin's sickness. Quarterns are not civille agues: they will out tarry 
their wellcome. I pray, if opertunity present^ my servis to my deare sister and them all : I doubt 
not of her much joy to see you ; and to Collonell Winthrops wyf e when you see her." The persons 
here referred to are Benjamin Gostlin, his wife, and his mother, Jane Gostlin (bom Winthrop), the 
writer's sister. 

Feb. 15, 1663 (1664), Mrs. Enmianuel Downing writes from East Hatley to John WintJirop, 
Governor of Connecticut: — My son Peters wrote mee word latley that not long since hee had seen 
Captaine Gozlin, & y^ my nephew had lately made a purchase of an hundred pounds p' An. neer 
Groton; y^ hee & his wife & children were purposed to go and live in that) & that my sister and 
one of her daughters should continue in his house where he now lives at Stratford." It would 
appear from this that Thomas Gostlin, the Captain's father, had been some time dead, and that 
Jane Gostlin, his mother, was not living at Groton, but in her son's house, probably at Stratford 
Langthome in Essex. For we learn from a Fine, made in Easter term, 1657, that the latter had 
bought, some six years before, three messuages, eight cottages, a bam, two gardens and nineteen 
acres of land in the adjoining township of West Ham, of which Stratford Langthome is a well- 
known hamlet The Fine of the purchase of the property in Groton, the place of his birth and 
early associations, will be given hereafter. 

Feb. 8, 1667 (1668). Captain Robert Morris, variously styled "mariner" and "merchant^" 
writes John Winthrop in New England about some brood mares for a plantation in Maryland. He 
adds, "If you charge bills, I live where you knowe, in Radcliffe over against the stone taverns. 
Brother Gostiin was verry ill when I wont from home, and his good wife is dead, and I fear the 

Digitized by 



children will not find him to have so great an estate as wos thought for. All men that he hath 
to doe with cheate him." The " brother Qostlin " here referred to must have been Benjamin, who 
may have married a sister of the writer. 

Oct. 6, 1679, was proved the will (P.C.C. 129 Kmg), dated Oct. 31, 1672, of "Benjamin 
Gostlin of Leigh in the County of Essex, mariner." He devises to his son, Thomas GosUin, all his 
lands, free or oopyhold, in Groton and Kersey in the County of Suffolke. To his daughter Judith, 
wife of Zachaxy Gellum, his house in Moorefields in the County of Middlesex. Said Judith to be 
residuary legatee and sole executrix. There can hardly be a doubt that this was the " cousin 
Ben Gostlin'' of the Winthrop papers. 

JTtne. ^nrtbase 0! lattbs in drotott, 1665. 

Hec est finalis Concordia fca in Cur Dni Regis apud Westm^ a die sci MicHis in tres 
septimanas anno regno? Caroli sedi Dei gra Angt Scocie f&anc & Hibnie Regis fidei defens &c. 
a conqu quinto decimo Coram Orlando Bridgeman, Robto Hyde, Thoma Tirrell & Samuele Browne^ 
Justic & alijs D&i Regis fidelib^ time ibi ^sentibj^ Int Beniaminu Gostlin geSosum que? et JolLem 
Browne & Mariam vx^em eius deforc de septem mesuagiis trib^ gardinis trib^ pomar viginti ii quatuor 
acris tre quatuordecim acris prati <& quatuor aoris pasture cum ptiii in Boxford & Groton. Ynde 
plitm conuencols sum fuit int eos in eadem Cur. Salt qd ^dci Johes & Maria recogn ^dca 
te& cum ptiii esse ius ipius Beniamini vt ilt que idem Beniaminus het de dono j^dcor Johis & 
Marie et ill remiser & quiet clam de ipis Johe & Maria & hered suis ^dco Beniamino & herefift. 
suis imppm. Et ^t^ea ijdem Johes & Maria conoesser p se & hered ipius Johis qd ipi Warant 
^dco Beniamino & hered sius ^ca ten cum ptin cont* ^cos Johem & Marian & hered ipius JoHia 
imppm. Et p hac recogn remissione quietclam Warant fine & concordia idem Beniaminus dedit 
^cis Johi <& Marie centum libras sterlingorf. Suff. Feet of Fines. Mich. 1663. Su£ 

ill at %o\m (E02tlttt. 1645. 

The thirteenth day of ffebruary 1645, in the one and twentieth yeare of o^ Soveraign Lord^ 
King Charles &c. I John Gostlyn of Mouncks Eleigh in the countie of Sufiblke, yeoman, make 
my last will and testament To the poore people of Moncks Eleigh forty shillings, to be paid 
into the hands of George Day and my brother George Chaplyn. To my two brothers, Thomas. 
Gostly [sic] and Jeremy Gostlyn, twenty shillings a piece. To my brother Phillipp Gostlyn tenn 
shillings. To my sister Bridgett Meadowes widow five shillings. My meadow called Skippes 
Crosse Meadow to John Gostlyn my Kinsman, sonne of my brother Thomas Gostlyn aforesaid, 
and to his heires for ever, presently after the decease of Elizabeth my wife. My lease of 
Moncks Eleigh Hall w**» a water myll, and all the land contayned in one payre of Indentures 
granted by Thomas Cropley, gent, to my wife aforesaid. To my said wife all my goods, readie 
money, bonds, househould stuflTe whatsoever. I nominate [her] sole executrix. Sealed and sub- 
scribed in the ^nce of vs, John Chaplyn, George Chaplyn and Thomas Andrews. Probatum 15 
Aprilis 1646 juramento Elizabethoe Gostlyn relictoe. 

. . The marriage of a Jeremy Gostling and Mary Usher is recorded in the Registers of 
Groton 16 April 1672. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 



(io0tltn of <@roton. 

Kedbie, 1st hu8-=fJane Kedbie, widow, married at=Philip Qostlin of Qroton, oo. Suffolk, clothier. \^nil^Alioe, named in the 

band, probably Lewis 
Kedby, one of the feof- 
fees of Bozford School 
in 1596. 

Groton to Philip Gostlin, 19 Nov. 
1616. Her will nuncupative Arch. 
Sudb. 1 July 1687, was proved 
next day by Lewis Kedby, her son. 

Arch. Sudb. 1 April 1626; proved 21 Sept. 1626; 
Bought Qoodwyns and Hessetts and other lands in 
Oroton ; buried there 27 May 1626. Co-founder of 
Bozford Grammar School, 1595. 

Lewis Kedby,= 
sole heir to his 
mother, 1687. 

Joseph Kedby, 
bapt. 21 Sept. 
tkrop*s Diary, 

8. John Gostlin, 
to whom his fa- 
ther left War- 
rens, Doves and 
Homers in Gro- 
ton, 1626 ; bap- 
tized there 2 
April, 15£2. 


Susan Gostlin, bapt. at Groton, 
22 Jan. 1580 ; wife of Charles 
Newton in 1626. 

Charles Newton, stated in a letter 
of Forthe Winthrop to his brother, 
John Winthrop, 17 April 1628, to 
havegone to Cambridge in that^pu*. 

4. Samuel Gostlin, bapt. at=FJoane 
Groton, 6 Nov. 1594 ; witness 
1620 to the first will of John 
Winthrop, who describes him 
in a letter, 12 Aug. 1623, as 
then on a journey to Ireland. 

Thomas Gostlin, bapt. at Groton, 
29 Aug. 1630. 


Groton Parish Reg- 
isters from 1578 to 

T I I I I 

Maigaret, bapt. 1678. 

Maiigery, bapt. 1590. 

Anne, bapt. 1598. 

Joseph, bapt. 1595 ; 
buried 1597. 

Marye, bapt 1598. 

lin of Groton, 
«lothier, bap- 
tized there 2 
March 1588; 
married 5 Jan. 
1612; living 

2. Thomas Go8t-=x=Jane, dau. of Adam . . . Nor-=T=Mary, last wife of Philip=Margaret BIom-= 
* - - . j^^ £qj._ Qostlin, after whose death field, widow, 2d 

mer hus- she married " one whose wife ; mar. at 
band. lands were worth seven Groton, 8 Sept* 

1617 ; buried 
there 8 Nov. 
1628 ; named in 
r-* AcUtm Winthrop*i 


Anna, bapt. at 
Groton, 5 Oct. 
1618; m. Ist 
Nathaniel Wil- 
lis, 2d ... Bret- 
land of the 

Winthrop of Groton. 
sister of John Win- 
throp, Governorof Mas- 
sachusetts ; living 15 
Feb.l663,aud described 
in her sister Downing'^ 
letter as then of Strat- 
ford, and residing with 
Benjn. Gostlin, her son. 

Gostlin, after whose death 
she married "one whose 
lands were worth seven 
score pounds a year." So in 
letter of Thomas Gostlin, 
11 June 1688. 

Richard Norris, devisee 1629 
of his stepfather Gostlin. 

1. Philip Gostlin of =r Anne, Ist wife 
Romford, oo. Essex, I 1614 ; died in 
clothier; bapt. at Gro- 
ton 18 Dec. 1586 ; Will 
P.CC. 188 St. John, 
24 Feb. 1629 ; inher- 
ited Qoodwyn's and 
Hessets in Groton ; 
son-in-law to... Fish 
of Romford. 

childbed 27 
March 1617. 
Adam Win- 
throp'i Diary, 

Jane, bom Margaret,bapt. 
10 Feb. at Groton, 6 

June, 1619 ; 


— n 

Martha Gostlin. 




JAaiy, bapt. Lucy, bapt. at 

at Groton, 9 Groton, 14 May 

Sept. 1621. 1626. Alice, bapt. at 

Winthrop — Groton, 10 Ap- 

Heathoote and Diary. Died Sarah, bapt. at ril, 1636, 

had issue. Liv- before 1649. Groton, 8 Aug. 

ing in Antigua, 1628. 

Philip Gost- 
lin, bapt. at 
Groton, 18 
Sept 1614 ; 
living 1629. 

Stephen Gost-^EUen 

lin, bapt at Gro- 
ton. 17 March 
1616 ; living 
1689 ; had un- 
cle, Stephen 

ried at 
7 Jime 

Benjamin Gostlin, a sea captain ; bapt^ 
at Groton, 9 May 1615 ; bought lands. &c 
at West Ham, 1657, and at Groton, 1668. 
Made will at Leigh, oo. Essex, P.CC. 129 
King, 81 Oct 1672 ; probate 6 Oct 1679. 

Stephen Gostlin, 
bom 16 March 
1617. Winthrqp 

Thomas Gostlin, 
bapt at Groton, 
15 Nov. 1633. 

John Gostlin, bapt at 
Groton, 18 Jani 1623 ; 
died in or before 1649;* 
godson to Governor 
■ J ohn Winthrop. 

Stephen Gost- 
lin, bapt at 
Groton, 28 
Oct 1689. 

Thomas Gostlin, named in his father's will, 1679 ; sold 
lands in Groton by Fine, 28 Charles XL 

Judith Gostlin, named, with her^Zachary Gellum. 
husband, in her father's wilL 

Digitized by 


Botomng of ^^pstDtci). 

In his oolleotions towards a pedigree of the Downings of East Hatley, Le Neve ("Baronets," 
vol. III., p. 128, College of Arms) states that "Godfrey Downing of the County of the City 
of Norwich " bore " Barry of 10 arg. and vert ; over all a griffon segreant volant or." 

Armorial seals of Emmanuel Downing, his wife, Lucy, and their son, Sir George Downing, (of 
which fac-similes have been published by the Massachusetts Historical Society), establish the fact that 
ihey used the arms attributed to this Godfrey Downing by Le Neve. 

The arms of Downing of Norfolk, as given in the Visitations of that county, " Harl MS." No. 
1552, fo. 219^ were, Barry of eight, argent and vert, a gryphon segreant or.: and the Crest^ An 
arm, embowed, habited in mail proper, tied round the wrist with a riband or, and holding in the 
hand an arrow argent, barbed and flighted gold. These arms were used by the two Calibut 
Downings, father and son, in 1613. 

The precise rolationship between the Norfolk and Suffolk Downings, however, has not yet 
been ascertained, and has been the subject of much misconception and misstatement The sixth 
volume of the Fourth Series of the "Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections" contains fifty-six 
letters of Emmanuel Downing and four of Sir George Downing. The first volume of the Fifth Series 
of the said "Collections" contains an additional letter of Emmanuel Downing, forty-two letters of his 
second wife (Lucy Winthrop), one of his daughter Mary, two of his daughter Martha, one of his 
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Joshua Downing, and three of her husband, one letter of the Rev. Joseph 
Downing, brother of Emmanuel, and three of Charles Downing, grandson of Emmanuel 

Letters to or from Emmanuel Downing and his brother Joshua aro also to be found in the 
first volume of the " Life and Letters of John Winthrop ; " while in the second of the volumes of 
"Historical Collections" already cited, and partly in the ninth volume of the Third Series, arc 
nineteen letters of Francis Kirby (husband of Susanna Downing), which abound in references to hi& 
wife's family. 

The pedigree of Downing of Ipswich and of Gamlingay, co. Cambridge, which will be found 
a page or two further on, is based upon probate and parish rocords, and upon the very numerous 
Downing letters just referred to, collated with Le Neve's Downing pedigree in the College of Arms. 

Digitized by 



@EtU of d^orge Boinmng, 1561. 

George Downittg of Beccles in the Countye of Suffolk, 15 Deo. 1561. To Cicely my wife 
two howses wherein I dwell in Beccles, for the terme of her life; and after her decease to 
Bamabe Downing my sonne, at his age of five and twenty yeares, <fe his heires male : failing such 
issue to .John Downing my sonne when twenty five, George Downing my sonne, WilUam Downing my 
sonne, in order of entail : and failing such issue of my sonnes, to the next heir male of me. Ti> 
Margaret Downing my daughter xx'* when twenty one To John Downing my sonne xx**. John and 
George my sonnes to go the grammer schole, and then to the Universitie of Cambridge. To Bamaby 
Downing my sonne lzxx^*. My cosen Robert Downing of All Saints in S'outh Elmham. Probat. 
26 June 156-1 jur Cecilise Downing relc. et executric. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 20 Stevenson. 

Mill of (Bm^t Soinntttg, 1611. 

George Downynge of Ipswiche, Scholemaster. Firste I commytt my sowle to my blessed 
Saviour Christe Jesus, who hath redemed it with his precious bloudd. And my Bodye I comytt 
to Christian Buryall with assured psuation that he will rayse it upp at y* laste daye from death to 
eternal lyfe, because he dyed for it^ and rose againe to iustifie it. 

As for the seate & staye of myne howse, landes, goods and movables I give full aucthoritie 
to Susan Downynge, Nahomie Downynge and Abigale Downynge, my three daughters, to sell my 
howse and tenements with the gardanis, orchardes and all that doeth belonge therto, with tho 
Welles Passages by both the back gates, to the value of eight skoare and tenn powndes. 

All the rest of my goodes to my foresaid three daughters to be equally devyded amongst 
themselves. I give my three daughters the lease of the howse I now dwell in, being called the 
white Friars, being the Free howld of William Hill of London Merchaunt, whereof there is Fower 
powndes a yeare will aryse cleare, the Rente beinge paide. 

I give unto Joseph Downinge all my bookes at home and at Cambridge, saving my twoo 
houshold bybles with tenne of my cheif bookes at home, whiche I will give my three daughters. 

I give Nahomie my danske cheste whiche standethe in the somm^ plour uppon the dauiisk cheste. 

I will and give full aucthoritie to my three daughters to receive and paye all my debtes, 
and whatsoever is left shalbe therse. I haue made my three daughters, Susan, Nahomie and 
Abygull my sole and only executrix; this xvij^** of Januarie Anno Dni 1611. 

Proved at Ipswich 3 October 1611 & Administration granted to Naomie one of the daughters. 

of iiatbanttl lofaming, 1616^ 

Nathaniel Downeinge of London, gentleman, 7 May 1616. To be buried in the parish church 
of S* Dionis Backchurch, or else where it shall please my executrix. To my brother Joseph 
Downeinge, now dwellinge in Ipswich, twenty pounds. To my sister Abigail Goade, wife of John 
Goade, skinner, and to their sonne, John Goade. To my sister Susanna Kirby, wife of John Kirby, 
skinner. To my mother in lawe Mary Cellyn, widow, tenn pounds and the Hope Ringe which was my 
mother's. To my brother Joshua Downeinge the seal ring of gold I do wear on my hand. To my 
brother Emanuel Downeing the like ring of gold of the same value and fashion. Residue to Margaret 
my wife whom I make sole executrix. Whereas I am now seized in fee of the late dissolved monastery 
of the Fryers Carmelites, or the Whiteffryers in Ipswich, I give this to the said Margaret my wife 
and to her heires for ever. Probat. 14 May 1616 juramento Margareti Downeinge relict del defunct. 

Cur. Pr»rog. Cant. 48 Cope. 

Digitized by 



JlSiU of ^ir (Btot^t Sofmmtg, 1685. 

Sir George Downing of East Hatley, ca Cambridge, Knight and Baronet, 24 Aug. 1683. My 
body to be interred in the vault which I have made under the chancel at Croyden in the county 
of Cambridge, by the body of my wife Frances Downing. To my sons; George Downing Esq', and 
William Downing. House in or near King Street, in the city of Westminster, lately called 
Hampden House, which I hold by lease from the Cro\vn, and Peacock Court, which I hold of the 
Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster ; all which are now demolished and rebuilt or 
rebuilding, and called Downing Street, to Edward Viscount Morpeth and Sir Henry Pickering, 
l^ronet, my son in law, in trust, as also my houses in St. James's Park. To my sons Charles and 
William Downing and my daughters Lucy, Mary and Anne Downing at their ages of twenty one 
years or day of marriage. To my dear daughter Frances Cotton the guardianship of said Lucy, 
Mary and Anne. To Francis, John and Thomas Cotton, children of said Frances, and to Elizabeth 
and Frances Pickering, the two daughters of my daughter Pickering, deceased. To my nephew 
John Peters, niece Lucy Spicer, nephew Joshua Downing, and to M' Edmund Woodroffe, one of my 
Clerks in my office in the Exchequer. A Codicil dated 7 July 1684. Probate 19 July 1684. 

Cur. Prserog. Court 139 Hare, 

of ^ir (Btatf^t ^oimm^, 1717. 

Sir George Downing of Gamlingay Park co. Cambridge, Baronet, 20 Dec. 1717. My Manors, 
lands &c. in the counties of Cambridge, Bedford and Suffolk to James, Earl of Salisbury, Charles, Earl 
of Carlisle, Nicholas Lechmere Esq., John Pedley Esq. and Robert Pullyn Esq. to hold upon such 
uses as are after declared. To the use, namely, of my cousin Jacob Garret Downing, son and heir 
apparent of my uncle Charles Downing of the parish of St. Andrew Holbom co. Middlesex Esq. and 
after his death to the heires male of the body of the said Jacob Garret Downing. And for default 
of such issue to the heirs male of the body of the said Charles Downing. And for default of such 
to the use of Thomas Baraardiston, son and heir apparent of my Aunt Bamardiston (wife of Thomas 
Bamardiston of Bury St. Edmunds Esq.) and to the heirs male of his body. Failing such to the 
heirs male of the body of my said Auut Bamardiston. And for default of such issue, to the use 
of my cousin Charles Peters, now or late of the University of Oxford ii the heires male of 
his body. And for default of such, to the use and behoof of my cousin John Peters, now or 
late of the said Universitie, brother of the said Charles Peters and to his heirs male of his body. 
And for default of such issue, to use of the said James, Earl of Salisbury <&c. in trust, that out of 
the issues of said premises they purchase ground within the town of Cambridge, and erect a colledge 
which shall be called by the name of Downing College. A Charter Royall shall be obtained, and 
Fellowes, Schollars, Members dec. maintained and therein shall be taught such useful learning as 
my said trustees (with the consent of the most Reverend the Archbishops of Canterbury and York 
and the Masters of St Johns College and Clare Hall) shall direct and appoint Provided allwaies 
that if the said lands shall come to be vested in any male person whose surname shall not be 
Downing, such person shall take the siriiame of Downing only. My personal estate I give unto my 
said cousin Jacob Gaxet Downing, whom I do hereby ordein sole ex^*^ of this will. 

From the original, penes M» Barmby of Yoxford, A® 1845, copied by Davy. Add. MS. 19, 127, fo. 122. 

The transcript, with probate 13 June 1749, is entered in the Prerogative Court, 179 Lisle. 

Digitized by 




Sotomng of (^amitngae^ 

George Downing of Beccles, co. Suffolk ; Will P.C.C. 20 Stevenson, 15 Dec 1561 ; probate 2d=f=Cicel]r, named 1561 in her husband's 
June 1564. George Downing, his son, to go to school and university. I will which she proved 1564. 


1 . BarnabyDown- 
ing, living 1561 
but probably 
under age. 

2. John Downing, 
2d son, to go to 
school and univer- 
sity, 1561. 

under age 

3. Geoi^e Downing, Master of the Grammarr^. . . t da. of Bel- 

School, Ipswich, 1607-10. Entered Queen's 
Coll. Cambr. 1569 ; Will Arch. Suff. 14 Jan. 
1610; proved 3 his daughter Nahomie, 

Nathaniel Downmg of London,=Margaret,' da. of D'=Edward Rey- 

Gent., bapt. at St. Mary-at-Tower, 
Ipswich, 1587; Will P.r..C.48Cope, 
7 liay 1616; probate 14 Miiy to bro- 
thers Emmanuel and Joseph. Ob. 
s.p. To be buried in St. Dionis 
Back-church, London ; Isthusbd.; 
married 6 May 1613. 

Selyne or Cellyn, a 
French Physician ; 
her husband Down- 
ing left her theWhite 
Fnars in Ipswich 

nolds of London, 
merch^ 2d hus- 
band ; Will 28 
March 1618 ; 
probate 9 April 
the same year. 

Susanna, wife of 
Francis Kirby of 
London. who4e let- 
ters in the Mau. /{isL 
Coll., Series 3, vol, ix. 
and Series 4, vol. vii., 
refer frequently to 
theDownings. Istda. 

lamy ; bur. at St, 
Lawrence, Ipswich, 

4. WillTam 
Downing, 4th 
son; living 1561. 

2. Nahomi, 2d da. 1611. 
Benjamin, bapt 1593. 
Anne, bapt Mar. 1595. 
Elnathan, bur. 1609. 

3. Abigail, 8d 
da., wife of 
John Goade 
of London, 
Merch^, and 
had issue. 

Anne, da. of Sir=fEmmanuel Downing of the Inner=f=Lucy, da. of Adam 

James Ware of 
Dublin, K*,byMary 
da. of Ambrose 
ft^don of Bury 
St Edmunds ; sis- 
ter of Sir Ja« Ware, 
the Irish Anti- 
quary ; 1st w. 

Tem]>le, Gent. ; bap. at St. Lawrence, 
Ipswich, 12. Aug. 1585 ; one of the 
most active men in the Massa- 
chusetts Colony ; of Salem, N.E. 
1638-1654 ; previously of London 
and Dublin ; later of London and 
E!dinbui*gh, where he died circa 

James Downing went 
to New England, 1640; 
stated to have lived at 
Ipswich, Mass., and to 
have left issue. 

Mary, eld. da. went to Susan 

NewEng. 1 638 ; 1st w. went to 

of Anthony Stoddard NewEng. 

of Boston ; d. 16 June 1 633 ; liv- 

1 647, leaving issue. ing 1 638. 

I. Lucy, m. circa 1649 Wm. Nor- Dorcas, b. atSa- 

ton of Ipswich, Mass. and had lem ; probably 

issue inter al. Rev. John Norton of d. young. 
Hingham ; she died 5 Feb. 1698. 

Winthrop, Ksq., sis- 
terof John Winthrop, 
Governor of Massa- 
chusetts ; b. 9 Jan. 
1600 ; mar. at Gro- 
ton, Suffolk, 10 Apr. 
1622 ; d. 19 April 
1679, 2d w. 

Abigail, bapt 

Samuel, bapt 

Joseph Downing, 
Rector of St. Ste- 
phens, Ipswich, in 
1 626 ; of Layer Mar- 
ney, co. Essex, 1628; 
cit^ 1635 before 
Court of High Com- 
mission. =T= 

— TT ' r- 

Rebecca, bapt. 
1623 ; bur,at Ips- 

Joshua Downing=f=Grace, sister 

of Chatham, Kent, 
one of the Com- 
missioners of the 
Navy and J.P. for 
Kent ; Will 1 Jan. 
1629; prob* 26 

of Kenrick 
Edisbury of 
Surveyor of 
the Navy. 

wich 1625. 
Dorcas, bapt 1626. 

Joshua Downing, un- 
der age 1629; ob.uom. 
1634 ; Adm. 23 May 
1634 to Martha Edis- 
bury, his sister. 

Martha, only da. ; hr. 
to her brother ; mar. 
John Edisbury, eld. s. 
of Kenrick Edisbury,. 
her uncle. 

Anne, bapt at St Brides, Fleet St, 12 April 
1633 ; m. Ist 1656 Capt. Joseph Gardner 
who was killed in King Philip's war ; and 2d 
1676 Simon Bradstreet, Gov, of Massa- 
chusetts, 2d w. ; she d. 8.p. 1713. 

3. Martha mar. circa 1659 Capt. 
Peters and had issue a son John 
Peters and a da., Lucy Spicer,. 
devisees of their uncle, Sir G. 

Sir George Downing of ICast Hatley and Gam-^Frances, 4th da. 
lingay, co. Cambr. ; b. in Dublin cirei 1624 ; of Sir Wm. 
educated in New Eng., A.B. Harvard 1644 ; Howard and 
Scout-Master General of the Pari. Army ; Min- sister of Charles, 
ister to Holland under Cromwell and Chas. II. ; Ist Earl of Car- 
Sec, to the Treasury, &c. ; cr. Baronet 1663 ; lisle; d. before 
Will P.CC. 139 Hare, 24 Aug. 1683 ; prob. 19 1683 ; bur. in 
July 1684 : refers tobuildingof DowningStreet, CroydenChurch. 
Westminster. Bur. in Croyden Chu Cambr. 

1, Frances, mar. to 
John Cotton, Esq., son 
and heir of Sir John 
Cott<»n, Bart. Le Ncvf. 
She ob. 1681, leaving 
issue. Camh, ViUn, 

3. Lucy, mar. to Sir 
Richard Bulkley uf 
Oldbaron in Ire- 
land, Bart. Lc 
Neve, Mar. 1685. 

Joshua, bapt. at St 
Brides, Fleet St, 1627; 
at Rarbadoes 1648 ; 
Collector at Glasgow 
1658 ; m. circa 1657 ; 
supposed father of 
Joshua Downing, ne- 
phew to Sir George 
Downing 1683. 

— -n 

Robert Downing, 
bapt at St. Brides, 
Fleet St., 24 Mar. 
162^ ; at Colchester 
July 1646 ; living 

Adam, d. young. 

John Downing, bapt. 
at Salem 1 Mar. 1640 ; 
stated to have been of 
Nevis, and to have d. 
at Boston 1694 leaving 
a son Nathaniel ; of this 
no proof. 

2. Philadelphia, mar. in West- 
minster Abbey to Sir Henry 
Pickering of Whaddon, co. 
Camb., Bart. Le Neve. She 
ob. 8 Mar. 1676, Daty, 

5. Anne.unm. 1693, LeNeve, 
Mar. Francis Pengelly of 
Whitchurch, com. Devon, 
Esq. She ob. 23 Nov. 
1702. M.I. in Whitchurch 

2. William Downing, 2d son ; 
b. 1663; "unm 1693," Le 
Neve, Ob. s.p. ; bur. at 
St. James' Ch., Bury St. 
Edmunds, 25 July 1704. 

1. Sir George Downing of=rKatherine, da. of 3. Charles Downing, 8d 8on,=pSarah, da. and coh. of Jacob 

Gkimlingay, co. Cambr. 2d 
Bart. One of the Tellers 
of Exchequer till King 
James left England. Le 
Nete. Died 1711. 

Cecil, Earl of 
Salisbury. She 
died circa 1688, Le 


of Bury St. Edmunds " un- 
mar. 1693," A« Neve ; m. be- 
fore 1696. Comptroller of 
the Customs. Lands at Salem, 
N.E. ; d. 15 Ap. 1740. 

Garrad, Esq., s. and h of Sir 
Tho«. Garrad of Langford, Bart. 
U Neve, She d. 20 Oct 1742, 
at. 63 ; bur at St James, Bury 
St. Edmunds. 

Mary Downing "unmar, 
1693," Le Neve; m. 
Thomas Bamardiston, 
Esq. of Bury St. Ed- 
monds ; d. 1728, set. 57. 

SirGeorgeDowning of Gam-=Mary, da, of Sir 

lingav, 3rd Bait., 8 years WnuForester.Knt 

old 1693, Le Seve ; MP. for ofthe Green Cloth; 

Dunwich. By will proved separated from 

1749 he founded Downing liusb. by Act of 

Coll. Cambridge, failing is- Pari. Le Neve, 

sue of his near kindred ; Bur. 2 Aug. 1734, 

ob. B.p. at Hampton. 

Sarah Down- 
ing, a child, 
bur. at St. 
James, Bury 
St. Edmunds, 
11 Mar. 1706. 

Sir Jacob Garrard=Margaret, da. of = Admiral Sir 

Downing, 4th Bart., 
only son ; M.P. for 
Dunwich ; mar. 17 
May 1750; d.6Feb. 
1764 s p. ; cousin and 
heir to Sir George 

the Rev. 
Price curate at 
Barrington ; d. 
18 Sept 1778 ; 
bur. at Croyden, 
Cambr., B.p. 

Gtoo. Bowyer» 
Bart, 2d hus- 
band ; mar. at 
Putney, Nov. 11 
1768; ob. 6 Dec. 

Thos. Bamar- 
diston, Esq.. 
ISergt.-at-Law ; 
hr. presumptive 
to Sir G. Down- 
ing; ob. s.p. 

Digitized i^^ir ;:;;7lC 

Utiles of JloUom 

0f lobti Hilks 0! lonJrott, 1579. 

25 Marche 1579. John Hilles Citizen and Skynner of London. To be buried in the churcbe 
of St Mary Newington in the Coimtie of Surrye where I now lye sick. To Anne my wife whome 
I make full executrix all the new rentts in the parrishe of St. Saviours Sowthwark and for so beinge 
tyme as the lease of my bowse in Comehill shall continue, revertion to Rowlande Rayelton my 
Sonne. My bowse at Newington to my sonue Rowlande and to Tomasyn his wief. To William 
Stanton my wives sonne twentie poundes and a silver bowle. To Peter Hilles my brother dwelling 
in Assenton in Suffolk my farme in Meapom in Kentt payeing vnto his children tenn poundes a 
peece being three daughters and ij sonnes, and after the decease of my said brother Peter to Willm) 
Hilles his sonne and heire to hym and his beyres for ever. To Johan Huntt my sister sonnes 
daughter the fower houses that are my tenements in Kent Streete and the three bowses tenements 
in Newington Towne she to pay hir uncle Abraham Drayner the whole rentt for the first yere. To 
M*^ Bateman for my funerall sermon xx*. My wife full executrix and hir two sonnes Rowlande and 
Willm to be her overseers. Probate 24 April 1579 Agnets, relce & ex*. 

Cur. Prserog. Cant. 15 Bakon. 

til of mminm Willts of lolton, mt 

I Wiitm Hilles of Holton in the Countye of Suffolk, yeoman, . . . giue to my two daughters 
.ToUne Hilles & Elizabeth Hilles all those my free lands in Meapim in the county of Kent now m 
the occupation of Martyne Blisse to them and to their heirs for ever. To Jotine my wieff my lease 
and ferme in Holton Hall, also all moueable goods now upon ferme ... To William my sonne fortye 
pounds at age of foure & twentye. To Joline my dau' thirtye poundes at one & twentye. To 
Elizabeth my dau' thirtye pounds at one & twentye. If any of my children die before legacies 
become due, survivors to share equally. To Joane my wieff all household stuff & other goods, whom 
I appoint executrix ; she to enter into a bond before probate of will within two months to discharge 
debts unto Peter Hilles my father & John Browne my brother in law. To the said John Browne 
five pounds. Bequests to Robt. Snelling, Edmund Barker, John Gosnold, Widdowe Bunnett, Thomas 
Pell, Widdowe Newman, Thos. Willes, Widdow Buirkes; to every one lyke portions. To Elizabeth 
Neale & Margrett Shoppe my servants eyther of them x". Witnesses William Hilles, Adam Winthrop, 
William Smith, Peter Hilles. Probate at Ipswich, Sept. 20*^ 1597. Archdeaconry of Suffolk. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


nf loan HUUs of Holtou, 1597. 

In the name of God Amen. The ffifte daye of SeptemV An? Dni one thowsand fyre hundreth 
nynetye seaven, and in the nyne and thirtye yere of the Reygne of o^ Sovereigne Ladye Queene 
Elizabethe, I Johane Hilles, latelye the wief of Willm Hilles of Holton in the Gownty of Suff. 
deceased and executrix of the last ^rill and testament of my sayd housband, the 19^ will and 
testament I doe allowe and have put in execution by administring of the goodes and cattells of my 
sayd late housband, not w^standing I have not prowed the same according to the Lawes Eoclesias- 
ticall of this Relme, being nowe visited w* sicknes, not knowing howe soone the Lord will take me 
out of this lief, doe therefore make and ordayne this my last will and testament in maner and 
forme ffollowing. ffirst I comend my sowle to god the father, god the sone and god the holye 
ghost, in whose name I was baptised, and by whose onelye mercye through the Death and passion 
of my Lord and saviour Jhesus Christ I hope to be saved, ffirst and before all thinges I will and 
my mynd is that all such debtes and duties w^^ I or my sayd late housband doe or did owe to anye 
pson or psons be trulye payd and discharged, and lykewise that all such guiftes, bequestes and 
legacies contayned and gyven in my sayd late housbands last will a&d testament be faythfullye and 
dulye pformed and fullfilled according to the true intent and meaning thereof. Item I gyve vnto 
Joane and Elisabeth my two daughters and to evarye one of them Thirtye pownds of Lawfull 
Englishe monye to be payd to them or to the suruivour of them at the daye of ther severall 
marryages, or at there severall ages of xxi yeres if they be not marryed before they come to that 
age. Item gyve to Willm Hilles my sone ffortye powndes of lawfull Englishe monye to be payd to 
him at the age of xxi yeres. And if it shall happen anye of my sayd children to dye before his 
or her legacye be due to be payd, that then the survivor of them shall have the portion or portions 
of him or her so deceasing. Item I give to my sayd two dawghters all my lynnen and pewter to 
be delyvered to my Sister Weston for there vse vntill they come to ther severall ages of xxi yeres 
and then to be devyded equiallye betwen them. Also I gyve vnto my sayd dawghters two of my 
lesser chestes. And I gyve to my dawghter Johane my malt quames. The residue of all my 
Implementes and howshowld stuffe w^^ the horse mill except my come, cattell and things belonging to 
housbandiye I gyve to Willm my sofle. and I doe gyve to my sayd soiie eleven of the last yeres of 
my lease w«*» I have to Howlton hall of the grant and devise of M' Willm Mannocke esquyre. Item 
I gyve viij bushells of Rye viij Bushells of Barlye to be distributed among the poore people of the 
pishe of Howlton aforesayd by the discretion of my executo} w*hin one monthe after my death. Item 
I gyve to everye one of my god children v* and to Elisabeth Neale I gyve my beste petticoate. 
Item I gyve to John Turner my servant xx" to John Neale xl" and to George Neale x> and to 
Nicholas Reve x" and to Edmond Neale v* and to Henrye Hadlock xv" to Margrett Shoppe v*. Item 
I gyve to Avice Prophett the wief of Tobias Prophett, my doke girtle and a peticote cloth of the 
russett wooll w®** is at owld Goslinges. Item I gyve to Roger Anewaid xx". Also I forgyve to 
John Gosling all the monye that he dothe owe vnto me. And for the better governing of my two 
dawghters and of their portions gyven vnto them by there father and me, I doe hartelye praye 
and desyre my brother in lawe M' Roger Weston and my sister his wief to take the tuition and 
care of them and to maynetayne them vntill there portions be due to be payd vnto them if they 
be not marryed before. Also I will that my executor hereafter named shall have the keping and 
Gustodye of all those goodes and howsehowld stuffe w^^*^ I have before gyven to Willm my sone in 
this my last will and testament vntill he come to the age of xxij^^* yers. The residue of my goodes 

Digitized by 




and cattalles ynbequeathed I doe gyve to Roger Weston and Adam Winthorpe my brothers in lawe 
whome I doe nominate and appoynte the Executors of this my last will and testament. In wittnes 
whereof I have declared the same to be my last will the daye and yere abovewritten in the p'sence 
of thes psons herevnder named as wittnesses to the same. The marke of Johane Hilles. John 
Neale. John Turner. 

Probatum fuit . . . apud Gipwicu^ . . . vicesimo die . . . Septembris ano diii 1597. £t 
comissu fuit admi^straco bonoru^ ec Adamo Winthrop gen^ vni executori* . . . Heservata potestate 
consimilem administraticee comittend Bogero Weston altero ezecutoru^ cu^ venerit in Juris forma , . . 

Archd. SuflF., Book No. 36, 1596-7. 

The Chancery Proceedings in Wynthropp c Wynthrop, James Ist, B. & A., W. 12, 41, A.^ 
1603, relate to the final settlement of the Hilles estates and throw much light upon the genealogy 
of that family. 

Utiles; of flolton. 

John HylliB or Exiles of Assin 
sons John and Peter and dau. 

jton in 00. Suffolk, made Will Arch. Sudb. 24 Nov. 1547 ; name8=T= 
Joan ; leaves crudfiz to John's wife ; Probate 80 Dec. 1647. 

r 1 

. . . uz. . . . John John Hilles, Citizen and Skinner of London, in=Annes to whom^ 

mUes devised A« Will P.C.C. 15 Bakon, 25 March 1579, devises John Hilles de- 

1579 houses in capital messuage in Meopham, co. Kent, to vised his rents 

EentStreetandin Peter Hilles, his brother ; names *' son *' Row- in St. Saviour's, 

Newington, co. land Rayelton and Thomasvn his wife ; and Southwark, 

Surrey, to her desires to be buried in the church of St. Mary, lease of house in 

grand-dau., Johan Newington, Surrey.; Probate 24 April 1579 ; Comhill, &c, A*» 

Hunt. ob. s.p. 1579. 

* . • . .n 











Peter Hilles of Assing- 
ton,oo. Suffolk,yeoman,. 
1579, afterwards of 
Holton; Will P.C.C 4 
Huddlestone, 21 Dec. 
makes Pamell, his wife, 
executrix ; names son- 
in-law, John Browne. 

William Stanton, devisee of his stepfather, John Hilles, 1579. Rowland Rayelton, 1579. 


Three daughters 
devisees of their 
uncle, John Hilles, 
1579, one of whom 
was wile of John 
Browne, 1597- 

William Hilles of Holton, co. Suffolk,=T=Joane, dau. and coheir of Henry Browne 

yeoman ; died 4 Aug. 1597 (see Adam 
Winthrop'i Diary). Will Arch. Suff. 
proved 20 Sept. 1597 ; devised lands in 
Meopham, co. Kent, to his daughters; 
devisee of John Hilles, his uncle, 1579 ; 
names John Browne, his brother-in-law. 

of Edwardstone, oo. Suff., and sister of 
Anne Browne who mar. Adam Winthrop 
of Groton ; made Will Arch, Suff. 5 Sep. 
1597 as Johan Hilles of Holton,wo ; prob. 20 
Dec. 1597 ; inherited lands in Polsted, 
Suffolk, from her father. 

. . • Hilles, second 
son, named 1579 in 
his uncle's will ; ap- 
parently dead sans 
issue in 1603. 

William Hilles of Holton= 
Hall, CO. Suffolk, where 
he took up his abode 30 
Sept. 1602 ; named in 
Adam Win^rop*M Diary, 

f Elizabeth Gibson; 
her marriage 15 
Jan. 1600 is noted 
in Adam Win- 
throp'i Diary. 

Joan Hilles devisee^f Adam Winthrop, Citizen and Mer- 

of Henry Browne, 
her grandfather ; 
married 8 Oct. 1599; 
of Desertsergis, co. 
Cork, widow, 1637. 

chant Tailor of~ London ; plaintiff 
in Winthrop c Winthrop, 1603 
[Jas. I. B. & A.] ; afterwards of 
Bandon in Ireland, where he died 

Elizabeth Hilles, liv- 
ing 1603. when 
moiety of reversion 
of the lands in Meo- 
pham was due to her. 
Winthrop e. Winthrop 

Peter Hilles, bom at Holton, 
18 Oct. 1603 ; devisee ot Peter 
Hilles hik great grandfather, 

John HiUes, baptized 
24 July 1605. (BoeAdam 
Winthrop' i Diary. 

John Winthrop, bapt. in London, 
21 Aug. 1603 ; believed to have 
died young. 

Elizabeth Winthrop, unmarried 
in 1637, when she was co-admin- 
istrator of her father's estate. 

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jllttnnmjj of iBteligmg* 

Munnings (or Monyns)^ B, a shield (or inescocheon) Arg, within an orle of (^ ) incresenU Or, 
quartered with Or, on a pile in point between an incretcent and a decrescent (^ ([J 6., a crescent 
(>sf) of the first. 

This family is very antient. They were of Monkes Ely and of Nedging, hut have long since 
idmost tffome out. One of that family (ha of no very great rarike) lived in Bury St. Edmonds in 
the tim>e of K. Charles ; and William Munnings, clarke, is now rector of Preston, sonne of Humfrey 
Munnings, clarke, minister of Brettenham, who uku one of the most grave, learned and pious ministers of 
this County. The most eminent place in Preston church is given to the coat of this family ; yet I knowe 
none of any very great estate of that name in Suff: this yeare 1669. 

So writes Candler in his list ("Tanner MS." Lib. Bodleian, 226) of "The names and armes 
of sundry of the gentlemen of chiefest account in the County of Sufif: as their coates were set vp 
by Robert Reice Esq3 (a most acoomplisht gentleman) in the church windowes of Preston in Suff., 
about the latter end of the reigne of K. James or the beginning of the reigne of K. Charles." Rice, 
who spelt his name in various ways, — Reice, Hyce and Ryece — was a man of comfortable fortune, 
who, having no children, took to studying the family antiquities of his neighbourhood. "The will 
of man," he writes, "hath found out the means to perpetuate the Reverend memory of his honor- 
able friends departed, by erecting imto them the lively counterfeiting resemblances, effigies, pyramids* 
epitaphs and monuments, as doth plentifully appear in our churches." Extending this idea, he began 
to decorate the church of his own parish in heraldic fashion. He "set up the Royall armes of 
England in a faire table," and then proceeded to depict the escutcheons of the gentry around him 
on its walls and windows. These he has described with much quaintness in his "Breviary of 
Suffolk," a charming account of the county which still exists amongst the Jermyn MSS. " Mooning," 
for so he writes the word, bore ''QFtly, 1 & 4, An inset escocheon or, betw" 8 Turkish Moons 
incresents Q \ 2 & 3, Oi & crescent O on a pile in point, betw. an increscent and a decrescent G." . 

Amongst the many shields on his tombstone in the chancel is Rice, quartering Strangman. 
and impaling "Mouning, an escocheon betw. 9 increscents, 4, 2, 2, 1." 

Many of these shields were still in existence when Davy visited Preston in the earlier part 
of the present century. Indeed Rice took some care that they should not fade too rapidly, for in 
his will dated 11 Feb. 1638 [P.C.C. 36 Harvey] he bequeathed to "William Mills of Lanham, pamter 

Digitized by 



and glazier, forty shillings, with all my boxes of Painting Colours, that he do from time to time 
renew and amend, as need shall require, the decays of colours, words, letters, compartments and 
forms of those tables, writings and inscriptions, which ha hath at any time made for me, as they 
are fixed in the Parish church or chancell of Preston aforesaid.'* It is clear Rice thought much of 
his Munning descent. He makes especial mention of his Munning kinsmen in his will: — "To my 
cousin M' William Munninge, late resident at Sir Heniy Mildmayes in the County of Essex" (who 
also calls him ''cousin" in his ium^). ''More, I give unto him my copyhold meadow in Menkes 
Illigh, conunonly called Skipp's meadow, and now in the occupation of Eatherine Munninge, widow ; 
he to sell it and divide the proceeds between three of his sisters, Ann, Katherine and Ellen Mun- 
ning, so as one half shall go to Anne Munninge, aged, lame and impotent^ and the other half to 
Katherine and Ellen. To Thomas Munning, sometime my servant. To my cousins Rice Munning 
and his sister the wife of Francis Lucas." For many interesting lettets from Robert Rice to Gov. 
John Winthrop, see Vol. L of the latter's " Life and Letters," and Vol. vi. of the Fourth Series of the 
"Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections." 

mill d Imrg ffmraing, 1521. 

In the yere of our Lord god m v^ xxi the xvi dale of October, I Henry Munyng of Nedgynge in 
the diocese of Norwiche, hoole being in mynde and of good remembraunce, thankis be to Jhu my 
saviour, ordeyne my testament and laste will in maner and forme folouring. I bequeth my soule to 
allmighty god my maker and Redemer, to his mother and viigin our lady seynt Mary, and to all 
the hooly company of seyntis in heven. To the making of a Roode lofte in the churche of 
Nedginge iij^ vi" viij"*. To the aulter of Semer x". To the iij houses of friers in Ypiswiche, to 
eueiy of the said houses x>, ther to haue in euery of the said placis a trentall of xxx massis, To the 
friers of Clare in like maner x', I will that one honeste preste to singe for my soule and my 
frendis soulis in the churche of Nedginge the terme of one hole yer, and he for to haue for his 
stipende vV*. I bequethe to the reparacion of Semer brige xl". To Margaret my wif all housis and 
landis in Leyhm the terme of hir lif, And after hir decease I will said housis & landis remayne 
vnto Thomas Munyng my sonne. To Robert Rice and his wif x**. To Elisabethe Rice x** to be 
paide to hir in the daie of hir mariage. And if the said Elisabeth die or she be maried, then I 
will the said x^ remayne vnto the next doughter of the said Robert Rice and Agnes his wif. To 
the said Margret my wif my house in Semer called Wodsalis, she to haue that fee simple to hir, hir 
heires and assignes, for euer. I bequethe to Robert Rice my house, w^ the landis therto leyde, 
lying and stonding in Byston, with condicion that said Robert shall paye among iiij of the 
childeme of his and Agnes his wif that now is xx marcs. To Thomas Munyng my sone the 
residue of my housis, landis, medowes, &c. for ever. An the residue of my goodis I put them holy 
to the disposiciofi of myne executors to disspose them in dedis of charite as thei shall thinke most 
plesure to god and for the wele of my soule. I make my executours to be Margret my wif, Thomas 
Munyng and Robert Rice, they to bringe my body honestly to the erthe. I ordeyn Thomas Lynde 
of Bylston to be suparvisor, and I give hym for his labour xl". Probatum xxix Novembris 1521. 
Et oomissa fuit admlstraolo Margarete Relicte et Thome Munyng executoribus. 

P.C.C. 18 Maynwaryng. 

' See his will at p. 45. 

Digitized by 



Mill of fbomas ^{nnntng. 1556. 

Thomas Munnynge of Nedgyuge, gentleman, 7 Oct., 3 «b 4, P. & M. 1556. To be buried in 
the church of o' Lady of Nedginge. To Robert my sou my lauds in Layham, Hadley k Sem' in 
Suffolk. To Thomas my sou my lease of Nedging hall by Indre of my Lord of Suffolk. Lands 
to Alyce my wife for sixteen years for the education of my children. To George my son copyholds 
Ac. m Nedging*. Humfrj^e my sou not to trouble my wife, but to give her full discharge respecting 
his farm at Hasilwoode. Silver goblets &c ; one of whiche was my father in lawe William Rysbyes. 
To Margaret Cryspe my daughter a ringe, om-e her mothers. To Xpyane Tomsane my daughter a 
ringe of gold &c. To Bridget my daughter when she marries. Elizabeth Osmunde my wyves 
daughter. To Robert Oder my sone in law, my bedfeHe staffe w** was Kynge Henrye the viij^**. 
To Robert my son at his age of two aud twenty yeares. Thomas my son at his age of two and 
twenty. George my son at his age of two and twenty. Wyfe sole executrix. Nephew and godson 
Robt Ryoe of Moncks YUye, Gent, to be supervisor. Probate at Bury St. Edmunds, 28 May 1557. 

Arch. Sudb. 

Itll of OBIt^ahtli ffnnnittg, 16^4. 

Elizabeth Muuninge of Brettenham in the counlie of Suffolk, widow of Humfrey Mvuninge, 
clarke, M*^ of the said pishe, 8 March 1624. To Elizabeth my daughter, wife of George Salter. 
To Richard, Theophilus, and William Mvninge my sonnes, to either of them fyve pounds a piece. 
To Anne Mvninge my daughter £10. To Ellen Mvninge, Humfrey Mvninge, Abigale Mvninge, 
Katheren Mvninge, and to Leonard Mvninge my children, to either of them £18 when they 
shall attaine the age of twenty one yeares or marry, whichever first shall happen. William 
Chaplyn of Hitcham and Henrie Munniuge my brother in law whom I appoint executors to sell 
all my lands and tenements in Brettenham and Bildston according to the last will of my w^el- 
beloved husband : the overplus to be divided equally amongst all my children. Probat 17 Oct. 
1631. Arch. Sudb. Liber Colman, fo. 68^ 

Humphrey Munning compounded for his First Fruits as Rector of Brettenham on the 22** 
October 1597, his suerties being Joshua Winthrop of the parish of St. Michaels le Quenie, London, 
and Adam Winthrop of St. Brides, Fleet Street. 

The marriage of George Salter with ** my Cosin Muiiinye*s eldest daughter " is noted in 
*Adam Winthrop's Diary," under 29 Oct. 1617. 

till of H^nrg ffntining, 1657- 

Henry Mouning of Elveden, co. Suffolk, gent. 1 Nov. 1657. To Elizabeth my wife over 
and above joynture. To John Mouninge son of said Elizabeth and me fifty pounds at his age 
of four aud twenty yeares, and my houses in Bury St. Edmunds : in default of issue remainder 
to James Mouninge my son. To said James one hundred and fifty pounds at his age of twenty 
four. To Henry my son ; Thomas my son ; Mary my daughter wife of John Holmes, clerke ; 
my other four daughters Anne, Magdalen, Elizabeth and Susan, when twenty one. Children by 
Magdalen my first wife. Rest of my lands to William Mouninge my eldest son; he to be sole 
executor. Henry Mouninge my second son. My aunt Howlett of Elden. Probat 24 Jan. 1658. 
Comissio 7 Junij 1692 Thome Mouninge filnt & legit ult volunt Hen Mouninge nup de Elveden 
cwn. Suff. non admin. Willmo Mouninge filio & exec. Cur. Prerog. Cant. 31 Pell. 


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i^lunntng of i^uffolft. abb. i^i^- 5528. 

The woortJiie <j& auncttnt Descent of Munnivges of Com: Suff: Deduced from is Before y« tyme of Kinge 

Hen: yt ofh J no D'ni: 1^1 5 vnto theise Dayes in Ano 1616, 

Oilbert de Mvnnine* luve d^ vne maiton auncient de Paietien en Praunoe.=f^OharloUa ta femme, 

, , I 

Oiyver de Mvnninea 2^ tonne taken pryaonner At y« hattdl of 
Agincorle ic<* his 6ro£A»" Anthonye and dyw^t gen* : offfraunee 
Came into Englande in y^ 3^ yeare of Kinge Hen*: y* 5th 
ano jyni: 1415 haveing noorne fealtye to y« Kinge and 
p'miaeing to gerve faythfufly vnder him in all his frenche 
toarres ; he reeeiued his pardon A libHie (venant a la hatteile 
portoit en ses armories vne eroisants d'or sur vnepyle en pointe 
de que*lles,entrs Deux eroisants addosesde gules en ehampe dor*) 
Re wu after slayne at y* battell of VernoiUe^ in Perche end^ 
Kinge Hen': ye 6^ in An^ 2^* ipius regni ano Dni\' 1424* 
lie mar*: An hnglishe woaman called Isabdle, And had Issue: 


Anthony de Moonninges /«< jils : taken prysonnei v<A his brother At y« BaUdl 
of AginooH, iocu vj^ many others brought into England, where sweareinge to 
serve j/* Kinge in aU y frenche warreSf he was ransomed d: set at libUy 
(veniant a la battaile U : portoU en ses armouries d* azure a vne escu d'argi, 
a Voi'le de neuf Oroisants entre larees dor.) In y* 7** yeare of Kinge Hen: 
y« 6^ Ano: Dni: I4B8 he served at y* seige of Oi-leans vnd^ WilVm Dtla-' 
poole then Lievetenant of that seige after he toas taken prysonner w^ y* said 
Will'm Delapoole Erie of Suffe: At Jargeaux at length groweinge old haveinge 
followed the Erie in all y* Kinges warres in ffraunee, he left his sonne 
Henry, whom he had trayned vp, in hts place, Js soe dyed, not longe ajter 
about Ano: y 22 [of Kinge Hen, y^ 6^ Ano Dni: 144^, his mariage toas 
vnknowr.e but he lefte one sonne. 

Blaunche ob. yonge. 

BenneUa ob, in her Infaneie. 


Henry de Moounines followed y« Erie in his service of ffraunee, and when y Erie w now made Marques of Suffe: he often employed him in 
sondry busynesses inffraunce, not longe ajter when y* Marque* was made Duke of Suff. : for his evill counsell of y« Kim/e, beingein much disgrace, 
%cih ye giate d: Commons was banished y Realme, ik in his departure^ meU by his enimies at sea, had his head cut of : This Henry lefte y^ frenche 
warre*, d: soe wf^drawinge him selfe into y^ eountrey to leade a retyred lyfe, he came into Suff: where y^ Duke had sundrye possessesions amongst 
ye v^ch ke had beene often employed, wliere contenting himselfe to Hue in a meane condicon, he gnue himsdfe much to devotion, for y uf^ he visited 
often y Shryne ofS^ Edmund at Burye; not far toom uf^ towne he remayned. He mar: ElizaV: y daW" of Thorn,: Charles of Kettleburrowghe, 
tk soe died about ano ye 19^^ of Kinge Edw: y' 4^fian<> Dni: 1478, The Armes of Thorn: Charles were ermines on a chieje gul: S: masdes [of 
the firHt] ds lefte Issue 2: sonnes J: 1 daur. =7= 

Jaques de Moonines 
2^ sonne ob. vnmaried 

Oundi-edaadan: mar: 
to Knighton. Barry 
of 8 : argt <fc Blewe: 
on a canto arg^ a 
tunne Out, 

Jean de Moounines 1*^ sonne followed John Dda Poole Duke of Huff: y* sonne of y^ t^ WiWm to wc* John, for yt he do 
Henry d: Anthony his Anneestors had doone faythfuU service to y« familie of y« Delapooles, the said John Delapoole 
Duke of Suff: did lett vnto this John Moonynes the Mannor of Nedgeinge hall wth tome othr thinges here in Suff: All 
w«A after y* battell of Stoke f tilde, where John Delapoole EHe of Lincolne 2d ton 01 y« Duke, ighteinge against King 
Henry y« 7<A in y« 3^ yeare of his raigne was slayne^ y^ house of y* said Delapooles was Attaynted, And t/iis 
Mannor vb^ all y* Delapooles otlir landes came to y« Crowne by Attayndor ; ^ mar : Margaret y^ daur of Henry 
Woodwoorde. Barrye of6: or tk sab: a eanUm Qui, : To this John Monnines y« Abbot of Bury made y« first lease of 
Seamour hall in St^. [His daughter] Katherine mar to John IFoorliche Ar,^ N: 2^ dau: mar: to S^ Clement Higham 
K* Baron of the Exeheqver, =f= 

Henry de Moonnines dtodling as a f armor at Nedgeing, being well trayned vp in his youth d: of comely stature dt commendable partes, by i-eason 
yt all y« Delapooles landes were giuen to Charles Brandon, Viscount LysU, became knowne to Charles Brandon d: roas enterteyned into his service, 
whoe beinge once made Duke of Suff: ffor y« skyll «?<^ ^ said Henry had in songe de musyckCt he made y^ isaid Henry Superintendante of his 
Chappell, dsfor yt yt aaid Henry was skylfull in j< frenche longue, w^ good expei'ience and discretion : for Imploymt tht Duke Imployed y- said 
Henry in sondry messuages intoffraunce, attendeinge vpon yt Duke when he fetched hoame into Knglande Mary y^- ffraunche Queene in ye 7^ yeare 
of Kinge Henry y« 8^ Ano D*m: 1515. After y' for his Jidditye ds longe service, he made vnto Thomas, the son of yt said Henry, A lease of 
yt Mannor 0/ Nedgeinge hall for yt tearme of 80 yeares, tcth yt taid Henry held by coppye of Corte Rowle, about Ano: 29: of Henry yt 8*^ 
An** D'ni: 1537 : He mar: Alyce yt dau: of , . . Pye of Lacenham in com. ^ujf; arg^ afesse Blew S: escaUoppesdor, He dyed ds -was buryed at 
Nedgeinge prd : in com Suff: prd, =r 

I ' 1 

N: yt dau: ds heir=Y Thorn: Mounine of Nedgeinge prd son di heire of : vnto=f^ Alyce yt dau: of Willm Rysby of Lavenham Agnes m^r: to 
of Barker irtt whome tht lease was graunJted by yt Duke of Suff: ob: d: I in com: Suff: Out: on a bend arg^ 3: Crosses Robtt Ryce 
ioyfe, I lytth buried at Nedgeinge c^oresaide. \ pattyes sab: second wyfe, Ar. 

Homfrey Mooun- 
ines of Seamour in 
cttm Suff: Itt sonne, 
where he dyed d: was 
hurytd: he mar: 
Ellen yt dau: of 


Margaret mar: to Crispe. 

Christian mar: to Thompm 
son of Orfford, ' 

Slizab: mar: to Rob* Woo- 
der ot Lavenham prd. 


Bridget mar: to 
Edmund Knape 0/ 
Wathbrooke in 
com: of Suff. 

Nicholas S^ son, 
ob, Infans, 

4*h sonne 
dyed trn- 

Thorn Moaunine, now of=f^Susan 

Nedgeinge in com Si^ff: 
gen: S^ son mar: Mary 
dau of , . , Hyeghe of 
Nedgeinge Clarke : his 
first wyje, > 

daw. of 

Rob^ Mounine ddest son d: heir 
mar: Dorcas dau: of DanieU 
Reeve Doctor of Diuinitye, 

— r-« 

Thorn Moo n: 2^ son, 

Israeli S^ son. 

Ro¥ Moonines of Hi- 
gleynes in Monekes- 
EUighe in com: Suff: 
gen' 2*^ sonne^ Hue- 
inge AnoieiS^^Eliza- 
beth yt dau. of Her- 
bert. T= 
, 1 

4th son. 

Ryece Moouninge 5^ sonne of. 
Mary S^ dau: mar: to , , , Parke, 

Elizah. ddest dau: 
mar: to John Grym- 

Bridget 2^ dan: 
mar: to ffraunc* 

* Katherine Munnyng, then wife of John Worlyche, was nieoe and devisee of John Reve aVb Milforthe, the last Abbot of Bury, who 
names her and her two sisters, Margaret i^ife of Thomas Wingfelde of Saudwich, and Elizabeth Munnyng in his will P.C.C, dated 1540. In 
the Worlich pedigree, Harl, MS. 1560, she is described as daughter and coheir of Thomas Moning. She was living 9 Sept. 1658| when her 
husband made his wUl P.CC. 6 Loftus. 

Digitized by 




Mnnninz of JtetJBing* 

Henry Munyng of Nedgynge, co. SufiFnlk ;=T=Alioe, Hau. of~MRrgaret,liviiigl521, Thomas Mouninge of Bury St. Edmunds,^ 

Will P.C.C. 18 Maynwaryng 16 Oct. 1521 ; 
Probate 29 Nov. 1621 ; lands in Ley- 
ham. Sememe, Bylaton and Nedging : names 
Thomas Munying one of his e&ecutoi*s. 

Pye of Laveu- one of her husband's Gent. See Higham pedigpree, l/arL MS. 

ham. executors, being pro- 1103. In a Suffolk Fine, Hill, 4 Kliz. Anne 

bably a second wife. Higham is termed one of his dau* and heirs, 

Katherine Worlich being probably another. 

Agnes Munn\ ng, wife of 
Robert Ryce of Preston, 
1521. Her descendant, 
Robert Ryce, the Suffolk 
Antiquary, in Will P.C.C. 
36 Harvye, 1637, names 
M' William Munniug, 
Ryce Munning, &c , &c., 
his kinsmen. 

da. and=rThomas Munynge of ^Alice, da of W™ Risby of=i 

h. of 
Barker, Ist 

Kedgyng. co. Suff., Qent. 
Will, Arch. Sudb. 7 Oct. 
1556; Probi28Mayl557; 
to be bur. in the church ; 
names W"» Risby, his 
late father-in-law and 
Elizabeth Osmund his 
wife's daughter. 

Munning of 
Semere, co. 
8uff., mar- 
ried Ellen 
Ungle. His 
were under 
age in 1582, 
when Alice 
made her 
Arch .Sudb. 
Ao 1596. 

r-r- 1 

Margaret, ux 
living 1556. 

Ist hus- 

Laveuham Esq ; made will, 
Arch. Sudb., as Alice Mon- 
inge of Nedging, widow, 2 
Auk. 1582 ; i^robt 15 Jan. 

Elizabeth, ux. Robert Osmund of Bildes- 
ton,co. Suffolk, 1556 k 1582; had issue. 

Anne Mouyng, 1st wife of Sir Cle- 
ment Higham of Barrow ; mar. 
circa 1530 ; died before 1 540. Her 
dau" and coheirs, Eliz. Kempe, 
Margaret Moseley, Anne Tumor 
and FrancesStoner, sold her lands 
by Fine, Hill 4 Eliz. In his will, 
1570, Sir Clement leaves money 
to the poor of Semere and 


Christian, ux. . . . Thom- 
son of Orford, 1556. 

Elizabeth, ux. Robert 
Woder of Lavenham, 

Bridget, ux. Edmund 
Knapp of W^ashbrook. 
A quo Kna]>p of Hin- 
tlesham, 1612. 

Nicholas, ob. infans. 

George, devisee of his 
father, 1556. 

Thomas Munning of ' 
Nedging. Gent ; held 
lease there, 1610, IJeig- 
hfim c. Munning ; said 
to have mar<* Mary 
Hv'eghe ; Marion Hoi- 
bnx>k another wife ; 
mar- lie. Arch. Sudb. 
7 Feb. 1589. 

'Susan, da and sole 
heir of John Rosier 
of Nedging, who 
made will Arch. 
Sudb. 17 Sept. 1619. 
and names her 

Robert Munning of 
Monk'sEleigh Gent. ; 
mar. Eliz., da. of 
Wm Herbert of Hol- 
lesley, Gent., who 
made will P.C.C. 1 
June 1587, naming 
each of her children. 

Thomas Munning, 1619 ; de* 
visee of Rob* Ryce, 1637- 

William Munning, not 
yet 23 A» 1619. 



Bridget, Abigail. 
1619. 1619. 


Bobert, eldest s ; m. Thomas, 2d son. Clement, Ryeoe Munning. de- Eliz. tuar. John Grymwade. 

Dorcas, da. of Daniel — 4 th son, visee of Rob^ Ryce of — 

Keeve, D.D. Israel, 3d son. Preston, 1637. Mary, 3d da m. to . . . Parke. 

--r -» 

Bridget, 2 da. mar. 
Francis Lucas; a quo- 
Lucas of Et^sax, 1664. 

Humphrey Munninge, Rector of Bretten-=T=Elizabeth. d. of William Winthrop of Henry Munning, bapt. at Semer, 1565, brother in-=f=. 

ham, CO. Suffolk. Will, Cur. Fp. Norw. 9 
Oct. 1622; Prob. 25 Sept. 1624; "my 
cousin Munninge" of Adam Witiihrop't 

Richard Theo- 
philus and Leon- 
ard Munninge, 
devisees of their 
mother in 1624. 

Elizabeth, eldest da., 
mar. to George Salter 
29 Oct. 1616, ^inlhmp 
Diary ; and devisee of 
her mother 1624. 

Ijondon, Gent., who d. 1581. Her law and executor of Elizabeth Munninge, 1681. 
Will, Arch. Sudb. is dated 8 March Probably the Henry Munninge of Bury St. Ed» 
1624 ; Probate 17 Oct. 1631. temp. King Charles, mentioned by Candler. 

Anne Munning, 
devisee of Ro- 
bert Rice of 
Preston 1687. 

Abigail Munning, 
under 18 ^hen 
her mother made 
her will 1624. 

named in Rob^ 
Plume's will, 1627. 
London Consis- 

Katherine and 
Ellen Munninf?, 
devisees of Rob* 
Rice, 1037. 

William M unninire, M . A. , Rector =p Abigail, da. of 

of Brettenham, 1655; devisee of 
Hobt Rice. 1637 ; of Chedburgh. 
Suff., 1663, when he made will ; 
probate 1 Dec. 1669 ; sometune 
Hector of Preston: cousin & de 
visee of Sir Henry Mildmay, 1 687* 

Ward of Monks Ely 
and cousin to Nathan- 
iel Ward, Pastor of 
Ipswich in New Eng- 
land ; she was living in 

. . Smart. Minister of 
St. Nicholas. Ipswich, Tan^ 
ntr MS. 180, 128, first 
husb^ of Abigail Ward who 
had by him three sons. 
Ministers at Ipswich, Rede, 
4/and Kimbolton. 

Magdaleue,=r Henry Monninge of Elve-=pEliza- 

1st wife. 

William Mnnning, ex- 
ecutor to his father, 

William, eldest son. 

Henry Munning, 2d 
son, final adm' of his 
father's estate, 1692. 


— n 



den, com. Suff., Gent. ; beth,2d 
Will P.CC. 31 I 'ell, 1 Nov. wife. 
16.'57; prob* 24 Jan. 16.'^8 ; 
houses in Bury St. Ed- 
munds ; names Aunt Hew- 
lett of Elveden. 

John Munning, sou 
of the second wife, 


Digitized by 


jfottJ) of ^atilei0f). 

(irant of Jlnns to Hobert IFortli, 1559. 

To all nobles aiid geuttes th**se psent Ires reading hering or seeing Thomas Hawley als 
Clarencieulx principall Herault & Kyng of Arnies of y" South East ik West parts of this Realme 
of England from y" river of Trent Southwards sendeth due & humble commendacofis. As equity 
willeth ik reason ordeyueth y* men vertuous «k of noble courage be by their merritts <k good 
renowue rewarded not only their p'sons in this mortall lyfe so brief it transitory but after them 
those y' shalbe of their bodyes descended to be in all placys of honnor p'petually w'** other 
renowned accepted & taken by certaine Insigns & demonstrance's of honnor & noblesse y* is to 
say blazon helme & tymbre to thend y* their ensamples should cause other to enforce theirselves 
to haue p'seuerance in using their dayos in feates of Amies i^ wercks vertuous to get y* reuownc 
of auncient noblenes in their lignes & posterities. And therfore I Clarencieulx King of Arms as aboue 
is written not alouly by y® common renowue but also by the reporte t^ witnesse of men worthy 
to be taken of worde & credence am playnly certified & enformed y^ Robert Foi-de of Hadiey in y^ 
county of Suffolke gent, is descended of a house undefamed & hath of long times pursued in feates 
of Armes & works vertuous & in all his affaires hath borne himselfe so vertuously & honestly so y^ 
he hath well deservyd from henceforth to bere y^ tokens & insigns of honour & noblesse y^ is to say 
Armes neuerthelesse he not willinge to doe anything y* should be prciudiciall to any gent of name & 
of Armes hath desyred me y* s<* Clarencieulx King of Armes to set forth giue grant assigne & 
appoynt his s** Armes healme & Creast with due difference lofully to be borne. Wherefore I 
Clarencieulx King of Armes seying the recjucst so iust & resonablc by thauthoritye to me and to 
my office of Clarencieulx King of Armes annexed attribued giuen & graunted by the Kyng our 
Soueraigne Lords highnesse by expresse wordes under his most noble greate Scale have dcuised ordeind 
& assigned to y® a^ Robert Forde gentleman these Armes as hereafter followeth. That is to say 
Gules two bends siluer & sable verre in a Canton gold a demi greyhound passant sable langued 
gewles uppon his healme on a torse siluer & sable on a bears head rased vert moseled gold three 
dropps biluer as more playnely appeareth depicted in the margent. To haue <fe to hold to hym & 
his posterity <fe they his to use to their worshipps for euormore. In witnesse whereof I y* s^ 
Claren Kynge of Armes have signed these p'^sents with my hand & set thereunto the scale of my 
Armes w*** the Scale of my office of Clarencieulx King of Armes. Yeuen & granted at London 
y« 10^** day of Decembre y* yeare of our Ld. god 1539 & of our Soueraigne Ld. King H. 8*** 
y« 31 of his most noble reign. Par moy Clarencieulx Roy d' Armes. 

Extracted from the Records of the College of Arms and examined therewith this 10th day 
of December, 1894. , Charlbs H. Athili^ 

Richmond Herald of Arms. 

Digitized by 



mm of miUtam JTortb. 1504. 

The secunde day of Augiist, iu the yere of our lord mf v^ iiij, I William ffoorth of Hadleigh 
ill Suff., of the churche of Caunterbury Juriadictiou, immediate albe it am feble in body, thanked 
be almighty god, I am in good memory and of hole mynde, oi-deyne and make my testament in 
hymself oonteynyng my last will, soo that first and bifore all things I bequeth my soule to almightie 
god, to o*" blissed lady and to all the holy seyuts in heven, ther^ my soule thorough the gret 
m^cy of god to haue the fruycion of the etemall deytia And my body to be buried in the churche or 
churchyerd of Uadleigh forsaid. 1^ I will that S' John Gilbert haue eu^y yere x mro^ during the tyme 
of his lif naturall to syng in the churche of Hadleigh for my soule and all my friends soules, and 
to be good and loving to myn executo'. iP I will an honest preest and a worshipful] ornament be 
prouided and geven to the church of Hadleigh of the yssues & pffitts growing of the lands that I 
haue in Bretnahm and of the crofte callid Colys crofte in Hadleigh. Itm I will that the holiwater 
stope of silu*^ be geven to the priory of Butleigh to be pi-aide fore. Ip I bequeth iij** for a light 
to brenne bifore the holy saci-ament day and nyght. iP I will the vse and habitacion of my mansion 
w^ all the vteusills of the same and the silu^ plate that I haue be comen aswele to Margaret my 
wif as to Robert my sonne, and af? the decesse of the said Margaret integrally the said mansion 
vtensills and silu^ plate to remayne to the said Robert my son. And to that entent ther^ should 
be the more concord and araytie of the sayd Margaret I will she haue at hur free libtie Ixxxvi 
vncf of silu^ plate. I? I will that my wif shalhaue yerely during the t^me of hir liff naturall of 
thissues of the best porcion of my londf xl**, provided that alwey she be sole relicte not maried. 
I? I bequeth another c mi^cs to Thomas Baldry of London and Elizabeth his wif my doughP. IP 
to John Coke the house that he dwellith yn. The Residue of all my goodes I gewe to Robert my 
son whom I ordeyn myn executo' disiring Sir Jamys Hobard Knyght to here goode assistauns and 
geve holsom couucell that this my last will may stond in strength and take effect. Wittnes of this 
my last will @ John Asshewell my gcstly fader, Sir^ Jolin Gilbert preest and other moo* Probatum 
vicesimo qui^nto die Octobris 1504. Jin-^ Roberti floorth executoi-es, &c. P.C.C. 19 Holgrave. 

Mill of fvobtxt JTortb, 1540. 

18 July 32 H. 8. Robert fforthe of Hadleigh, gentleman, in the countie of Suff. . . . My 
body to be buried in seint Maries Church of Hadlegh . . . vnto eu^y of my three doughters, Mary 
Julyan and Kateryn ... a hundreth pound sterling to be paied at the day of mariage . . . vnto 
Willrn fforth my yongest sonne, to hym and to his heires for eu^more the mn^s of Oldhall and 
Newhall in Mysteleigh with the thome ... in Essex ... to the said Willfn & to his heires . . . 
the ferme callyd the Melhouse in langh^ iu the said countie . . . vnto the said Willm db to his 
heires for eu^ the tenement callyd the fford in Manytre or Mysteligh . . . vnto the said Willin and 
to his heires the tenement or ferme callyd Jopys in Dedham . . . vnto the said Willm ... all my 
medowes and lands in Stratford . . . and all other, my lands iu balford, ^lysteleigh, langham and 
Manyngtre not afore rehersed iu the said Townes or Counties ... I make myne executours Martyii 
fforth myne eldest son and myne heire, and Willm fforth my yongest sonne. In witnes wherof Dame 
Elizabeth Baldry widowe, M' Docto' Revytt, M' Robert Barfoot M^cer, M' Thomas Barfote Parson of 
saint Denys Backchurch, Elizabeth Powell and other. Itm for the debt of John Bowund draper my 
will is that the said Dame Elizabeth ner her executours be troubled or vexed for the same but clerely 
forgyvyn. Probatum 16 Sept. 1540, Juramento Willm fforth executoris. P.C.C. 11 Alenger. 

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Mill 0f tSEiUiam I'ortli, 1555. 

Wyllyam ffoorthe of Hadlej in the Countie of Suff^ Esqiiyer, thya fyrste daye of Marche in 
the fyrst yere of the reign of Queene xMary. I do gyue to the poore people of FFadley twentie 
pounds. To the poore of Butley and Capell in Suff twentie poundes. I do gyue to euery of my 
systers except my syster Mary Brewse a rynge of golde price fourtie shillinges, and I do gyue to 
my said syster Mary Brewse twentie poundes. I do giue to my Brother Brewse suche one of my 
gownes as he shall chose. Item whereas I hfiue purchased Phillipp Wollu^stone a tenement and 
certayne landes in Wollu^stone for the summe of threscoore poundes yf the said Phillipp shall 
paye within one yere next after my decease the [said] summe I do giue the saide tenement and 
premisses to the same Phillippe for terme of his lief, the remaynder after his death to Gyles 
Wollu^stone his brother. Executor to giue to Andery Wollu^stone my oosen toward her manage ten 
poundes. I do gyue to euery of my other cosyns Philipp Wolu^stoue systers a ringe of golde. Item, 
I do giue to ffrances Warner twentie poundes. Executors shall receaue two parts of the profytts of 
all my maners, lands, and tenements in Butley, Boy ton and Tangam in Suff"^ vntyll my eldest sonne 
shall come to the age of one and twentie yeares, as also the whole profytts of my lands holden of 
the Maner of Hadley, Aldham and Toppesfeild, and also two parts of all my lands and tenements 
in London, Stratford Langthome, Westham and in Harwich and in Colchester in Essex. I do gyve 
to euerye of my two daughters Anne and Katherine three hundrethe marks at their full age or 
daie of manage. To Elizabethe my wief during the space of twentie yeares after my dethe moytie 
of the profytts of all my copyholde lands that I do holde of Netherbery hall in Layham and of 
Overberyhall. I do gyTe vnto my wief one hupdrethe marks in monei and one moitie of all my 
goods except my sheepe at Boy ton in Suff and my chayne of golde. To my wief during her lief 
naturall copyhold lands and tenements holden of the Manor of Hadley, d:c.. and after the deathe of 
saide wuef all the same do remayne vnto Wyllyam ffoorthe my third sonne. Copy lands in Hadley 
to John ffoorthe my yongest sonne. To Philologe ffoorthe my seconde sonne Ladye lande holden of 
the Man^e of Toppisfeilde hall. I do gyve to Israeli ffoorthe my fourthe sonne pastui^ in 
Whatfeilde. To my brother Veysey a ringe price fourtie shillinge. To my goddaughter one of the 
doughters of my cosyn John Browne a dozen of syluer spoones price three pounds sixe shillings 
eight-pence and to my cosyn Roger Waren my best trottynge geldynge. To my godsonnes beinge 
sonnes of my brother Edward Morse, Henry Browne and my cosyn Roger Waren a ringe. Executoi* 
Elizabeth my wyffe my cosen Thomas Albaster ats Alabaster and Roberte ffoorthe my eldest sonne. 
Supuiso^s John Browne m^cer, Richard fforssett gentilman and Richard Cornewallis gentillman. Edward 
Whytchurche [a witness]. Probatum 19 Jan. 1559 Elizabethee Relcie. Quinto die ffebruarij 1562 
comissa Thome Arblaster. Deinde 6 May 1563 comissa Roberto fforth executori. 

P.C.C. 7 Mellershe. 

Inqniailinit on tht heath of ISEilliam S^tlht 1559- 

London. Inquis capt apud Guyhaldam London octauo die ffebruarij anno regni Elizabeth 
Angt ffranc & Hibn Reginsa primo coram Thoma Leigh milite maiore ciuitat(; ^dce ac escaetore 
dee due Kegine poet mortem Witii fforthe Armigi p sacrfii Thome Lytton Jotiis Haddon (fee. . . . 
Qui die sup sacrm ql Witts fforthe in dco brl noTat fuit seit de vno mesuagio sive tent nup voc 
le Crane & postea voc le Greyhounde <k duab^ mesuagijs adiacen scituat in pochia Sci Andree iux 
Grists Chuiche infra dcam ciuitatem London nup monastrio de Byley in com Essex ptiii. Ac do 
& in vuo mesuagio scituat. in pocTiia Cristi ac nup in pochia Sci Niclii ad macellas Loudon modo 

Digitized by 



in temir Jotiis Lambe carnificf. Fdcus WiHs ffoorthe primo die Marcij anno regni due Marie nup 
Regiiie Angt primo fecit testfn & legauit ten ^'ca in dca ciuitat London in Anglicis v^is, vidett : — 
Itm I will that my executors shall receyve aswell two parts of the pffetts of all my manno's 
lauds and tents in fiutley Boyton and Tangam in the Couutie of Suff vntill my eldest son or 
his next heire (if he dye before his full age) shall come to the age of xx yeres, as also the hole 
pffetts of all my lands holden by copy of court roll of the manno^s of Hadley Aldam and Toppys- 
ffyld except suche lands as I have pticulerly otherwise by this my last will assigned and gyven, 
and two parts of all my free lands, towards the pformaunce of this my last will, and also two 
ptes of all my lands and tefits lyeing in London and in Stratford Langthome, Westham, Harwyche 
and Colchester in the seid countie of Essex. Et del testi sui fecit & constituit Elizabeth tunc 
vxorem suam, Thomam Albaster als Alabaster & Robtm foorthe iilm suu primogenitu executores suos. 
Executores intrauer & fuer & ad hue existunt inde possessionat. Et Jur pdc die qtl ^dca mesuagia in 
dca pochia Sci Andree iuxt* Crists Churche tenent"^ tempore mortis dci Witti ffoorthe teuebanf^ de 
dna Regina nunc in capit p 8 vie vicesime ptis vnius feodi milit et valent p ann hi omib& exitibs 
centu solid. Et qd mesuagiu nup in pochia Sci Nichi ad macellas London tenebat' de dca dna 
Regina tunc p fidelitat tfn in libo burgagio dee ciuitats London p omibx Svicijs et valet p ann 
quinquagenta & quatuo^ solidos. Fdcus Witts ffoorthe obijt xvij die Decemb"^ ante capcionem huius 
inquisicioiiis et Robtus ffoorthe est filius & heres eiusdem Witti fforthe ppinquio& & est tempore 
capcionis huius inquisicionis etatf octodecini anno? vnius mensis & amplius. In cuius rei testimonium 
. . .Jur ^ci sigilla sua apposuer. &c. Inq. p.m. I Eliz.. L 87. 

mill of mmm Jfortb. 1599. 

William fforthe of Hadleigh, co. Suffolk, Esq., 10 Sept. 1599. To my brother Israeli fforthe, 
the messuage wherein he now dwelleth, for the space of tenne yeares, without rent. My sonne in 
lawe Dannett Poyntell, whom with my daughter his wife I make executor, all my lands in Suffolk, 
Norfolk, Essex or Kent, for teinie yeares, rent free. To Phillip fforthe my sonne ffive pounds 
yearely for tenne yeares : and the same to Nycholas fforthe my sonne. To my said sonne Nycholas 
my lands in Roydon <& W^enham, and my lands late purchased of Andrewes of Roydon. All my 
other lands to my sonne Phillip fforthe. To William ftorthe my sonne, a load of wool. Comisio 3 
Octob 1599 Phillippo fibrth fil ad administrand, «bc. Cur. Preerog. Cant. 73 Kidd. 

ill o( Koto yorH, 1600. 

Rob** fforthe of Butlie in the county of Suff: Esquire, 2 ffeb 1600, 43"^* Eliz*»». I comend my 
soule to Allmightie God, beleivinge through the meritts of our Lord to be forgeven my synnes and 
to inherite lyfe eu^lastinge. My 'liKxlie to be buried to remaine in hope of the resrection w^^ the 
elect of God to the fulnes of all ioy to contynue for eu^more. I give and bequeath to my 
welbeloved wife, ffrancis fforthe, the apparell, Jewells and ornaments pvijed for her onlie vse : also 
all manner of honshold stuffe, and all my plate, mylch neate, dayrie vessells, t&c., and one hundred 
shepe, my coche & coche-horses & fhve of my best geldings or mares. She to keep herself 
vnmarried during the mynoritie of our children, and to see tliem brought up in godlie, good and 
decent exercises. To Anne my daughter three hundred pounds. To Dorathie my daughter three 
hundred pounds when she accomplishes her age of one and twentie yeares. To William fforthe my 
sonne all my armour, weapons, and munitions of warre at his age of one and twenty yeares. By 

Digitized by 



ivrightinges quinq-ptite indented, dated xx Aprell 36^** Elizabeth, bitweeu me, by the name of Robte 
fforthe th'elder of llutlie Esq' on the one pte, & Rob* Loi-d Riche, S' Phillipp Parker of Arraton 
Knight, S' Henry Glcmham of Glemham, Knight, Edward Cooke of Huntingfeiid Euqiiire her Mai^*^ 
Attomy genial], Leonard Spencer of Rendlesham Esq*", now deceased, John Osbonie of Harkstede 
Esquire, Thomas Hayes of the Citie of London gent, & Anthony Morse of Stratford in the said 
Countie of Suff. gent, on th other pte ; I, in consideration of the aifection I doe beare vnto Willm 
fforthe & Robt® ffoithe, my sonnes, have conveyed my Manors &c, in Suff: Essex & y* Cittie of 
London : I nowe for coniirmation of said conveyances, do hereby devise said manors &c. in manner 
folio iring. My messuages in Langham, Dedhm and Audley in the County of Essex, or in the 
townes of Stritford and Stoke in Suffolk ; tSc messuages in the said cittie of London, to the use 
of me for lyfe, and after ray decease vntill Robt" fforthe, yongest sonne of me be twenty one. Nowe 
I appoint my wyffe to houM said mesuages, except those in London which are nowe sould to 
one Dannett Poyntell & one Willm Essington, vntill said Robert fforthe my sonne accomplish his 
age of twenty one yeares. In default of yssue of the said Robert fforthe I will the same to 
William fforthe, one other of my sonnes : and failing heires males, remainder to the daughters of 
Robert my sonne ; — the daughters of William ray sonne ; — the daughters of me : — their yssue : — 
the right heirs of the daughter of me, for ever. I give and bequeath vnto ffrancis my wyffe, the 
Scite of the Priory of Butlie, and nowe Mancoii Hows and Gate hows of me, &c., &c., also the 
tithes of Butley and Capell, to have c^ to hold during her lyffe : & after her decease to the said 
William fforthe my sonne, and his heires males ; failing yssue to Robert fforthe my sonne, &c., &c. 
Vnto the said William fforthe my sonne my said Manor of Boyton co. Suffolk, the advowson of 
Boyton aud all that Salte water called the Gull, vnto the mouthe of Orfford Haven, &c., &c., and 
failing heires males, to Robert my sonne, <Src., &c. My wife to enjoy them fourteen yeares. Item 
to my wel beloved brother Israeli fforthe ffowertie pounds. Itm to my welbeloved brother John 
fforthe a Ringe of Aungeli gowld worthe ffowertie shillinges. Itm to my daughter Margerie liogers, 
married to John Rogers two hundreth poundes, the said John to scale a good estate of the cleere 
yeerly value of fortye poundes by way of her Joynture. To my sonne Robte fforbhe anuitie of 
twentye poundes oute of all my lands. 

And forasmuche as my great care & studdie is that my sonne William might in his yonger 
yeeres be soe seasoned and instructed in the trewe vnderstandinge & knowledge of his salvation, and 
soe might contynue to lyve in the feare and favou' of God, that his blessinge <k peace might be 
vppon him all the dayes of his life, the w*^*» the Loixi of his mercie for Christes sake grunt: my 
desire is that my lovinge freind M"^ Thomas Retheriche, now Pastor of the pTshe churche of Butlie 
& Capell, shall be, remayne ^ contynue as my mynyster, during of his life. In consideraoon of 
his travell, care & paynes, his preachinge <fe in catichisinge to my sonne Willm <fe to the pTshoners. 
And in respect of the good councell I hope he will give from tyme to tyme to my said sonnes, I 
bequeath to the said Thomas his competent dyet, foode & lodginge, and his wyve's in my howse as 
they nowe haue it, during his lyffe. And I do further give said Thomas one yeerly stipend of 
twenty poundes duringe life. To eche of my daughters that are married I give one Ringe. The 
Residue of my estate to ffrancis my wyffe and to W^illiam my sonne w^home I appoint my executours ; 
aud I intreat my lovinge and good freind & brother in law^e John Osborne to be supvisor. My will, 
conteyninge one & twentie sheetes of pap fyled together with a redd silke lace, I have sealed with 
my scale of Aiines. Probatum, 2 Martij 1600, juramento procuris ffrancis <& Willmi fforthe. 

Cur. Ep Norwicli, Originals. A*> 1600. 

Digitized by 



of Sir mmm forth, wn. 

Sir William fforthe of ffarueham in the Countie of Suffolk, Enight, 7 Sept. 10 James. To be 
buried at Butley. To my wife one hundred pounds yerely out of my lands in Butley, Capell and 
Boy ton, My ffarm in Boy ton to AVilliam fforthe my son. To both my daughters five hundred 
pounds apiece at their age of sixteen years. Sir Henry Glemham, Knight, to be my sole 
executor. Probat 11 Dec. 1621. Cur, Prserog. Cant. 107 Dale. 

ill flf lobn yottb, 1615. 

In the Name of God, Amen. John fforthe of Much Stambridge in the Countie of Essex 
Gent. I comende my Soule into the handes of almightye god by whose free mercy and Graci» 
I hope to be saved, and my bodie to be comitted to the earthe w^hin the parishe Churche of 
Stambridge afore saide. To my brother Israeli fforthe for the terme of his naturall life the sum 
of twentie poundes yerely. Item I doe give vnto Henry Winthrop, the seconde sonne of John 
Winthrop and Mary his wife my daughter, and to the heires of the bodie of the said Henry lawfully 
begotten, my free messuages, lands ikc. in the parrishes of Rocheford, little Stambridge, Harwell 
and Assingdon in the said Countie of Essex. Item I doe give vnto fforthe Winthrop, the thirde 
sopne of the said John Winthrop and Mary his wife, my mesuages lands and tenements both freehold 
and copyhold in the parrishes of Hadlei^h, Layham and I^oyden in the Countie of Sufff. I doe 
give to Mary Winthrop, the daughter of the said John Winthrop and Mary his wife, the sum of 
two hundred and forty pounds of lawful money of England at hir age ot eighteen or her daie of 
mariage if that come first. To said Henry Winthrop and fforthe Wmthrop when at their severall 
ages of twenty yeres. I appoint the said John AVinthrop and Mary his wife my daughter executory. 
Signature of Adam Winthrop as a witness. Probat apud Ingatestone 4 .luiiij 1613 Juramento Johnia 
Winthrop vnius executorum. 

Snia . . . inter Johem Winthorpe et Mariam vx eius executores ex una et Israelem ftbrthe frem 
naturale et ligit defuncti, &c. From original Wills, Arch. Essex, A" 1613, No. 63. 

[ill of dli^abtb Hanee, 1640. 

Elizabeth Rany of Hadleigh co. Suffolk widow 17 Nov. 1640. To be buried in the chuix;h. 
To my brother William Forthe the elder and his sou William Forthe the younger twelve hundred 
and thirty pounds to pay legacies. To Jane Clarke five pounds a year for life. To Francis Gill. 
To my nephews John and Robert Forthe sons of my brother Phillip Forthe. To said Phillip Forthe 
my brother the lease of my house in Aldermanbury. To Phillip Forthe his son the term of years of 
my messuage in Mark Lane. To Jane Forthe my sister, wife of Phillip Forthe my brother 
aforesaid. Said Phillip to be sole executor. Probatum 19 Marti j 1640 Juramento Phillip fforthe 
fratris & execut. Cur. Prserog. Cant 35 Evelyn. 

of Philip JTortb, 1642. 

Philip ffoorth th'elder of Hadley co. Suffolk Esq. 12 April 1642. To Philip ffoorth, my second 
son, lands which I purchased of my brother Nicholas ffoorth in Roydon, co. Suffolk, &c., to him 
and to the heires males of his body lawfully begotten : failing such, to Robert ffoorth my youngetit 
son and heires males of his body : failing these, to John ffoorth my eldest son and heires malos 


Digitized by 



&c. : and failing these, remainder to Elizabeth Waldegrave, wife of William Waldegrave, Gent, Anne 
Vesey wife of Robert Vesey, Gent, and Mary Southwell, wife of John Southwell Esq., daughters of 
me. To Jane my wife a meadow in Hadley, bought of my cousin Wintroppe. To my youngest 
son, Robert ffoorthe, lands in North Lopham co. Norfolk, in Roydon co. Norfolk and in Roydon co. 
Suffolk, drc. To John ffoorth my eldest son and to my daugh<^er in law Mary ffoorth his wife. To 
my grandchildren Jeimimah Waldegrave and Philip ffoorth, son of John my son. My wife sole 
executrix. My brother in law William ffoorth and my son in law to be supervisors. Probat ult 
Aug. 1646. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 119 Twisse. 

Mill of millim yatth, 164^. 

William fforth of Butley in the Countie of Suffolke Esq^ 16 Jan. 1642. I give my soule into 
the handes of Almightie God, and my bodie to be interred in Christian buryall in the Vaute at 
Butley where my Auncesto" lye. And as concerninge temporall estate which God of his mercy 
hath indued me, I give all vuto Anne fforth my most loving and tender wife. And I doe make 
her my sole executrix. Sealed in the presence of vs William Tyrell, Geniase Hubbald, &c. Probatum 
10 May 1645. Jur. Annie fforth, Relictte. Cur. Prajrog. Cant. 74 Rivers. 

ill of Borntbii ^ontbtott, 1645. 

Dorothy Southcott, daughter of Sir William fforth Knt. of Suffolk, the wife of Nicholas 
Southcott Gent, late of London but then of Widley co. Southton, by will nuncupative, 1 Aug- 
1643 or thereabouts, would give nothing from her husband, whom she named executor. Probatum 
22 ffeb. 1644 juramento mariti. 

Snia pro valore testamenti, inter Nicholaum Southcott executor™ ex una et Caro\ Perkins, 
fratrem vterin et Annam fforth matrem quarundam Annie fforth et Dorathea) fforth neptium ex 
altera. Cur. Pnerog. Cant. 

lill 0f dli^abrtlj liJll, 1657. 

Elizabeth Dell of Bow widdow. Imprimis I doe giue vnto my louing brother Master Henry 
Bright of New England the summe of two hundred pounds. And if said brother depart this life 
before the paiment thereof, the said summe shall be devided amongst his children. Item vnto 
my sister Martha Blowers and her children. Vnto my neice Marie Blowers, daughter of said 
Martha, the summe of one hundred and seaventie pounds att her age of twentie and one yeares or 
day of marriage. Item I giue vnto Master Greenhall, Minister of the Gospel 'att Stepney, the 
summe of tenn pounds. Item vnto the poore members of Master Greenhiirs church the summe of 
twentie pounds. To the poore widdowes of Bowe fine pounds. Vnto my nephew William Parks 
fine pounds to buy him a peece of plate. Vnto my brother Master William ffoorthe and his wife, 
my bro: Blowers and his wife : my cozens William Cawby Esquire and his wife. Master William 
Smith and to his wife, Doctor ffoorthe and his wife, Master John ffoorthe and to his wife. To 
Master Thomas ffoorthe and to his wife the summe of fiue pounds a peece to be paid vnto every 
of them. Vnto my cozin Robert fforthe the summe of tenn pounds. All my wearing apparrell to 
my sister Mary ffoorthe and Martha Blowers equally. All my plate and houshold stuffe vnto said 
sister Martha Blowers and to my nephewe Doctour ffoorthe, my executor, equallie. Vnto my cozin 
Ann r.arrachis the wife of Richard Barilis [sic] of Hacknay, twentie pounds. Vnto my cozen Mary 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


Ray of Ipswich twentie shillmgs. Item I doe constitute my nephewe Doctor William ffoorthe full 
and sole executor. Item I doe make my brother ffoorthe and my brother Blowers overseers. This 
twelveth of Aprill 1657. The marke of Elizabeth Dell. Published in the presence of Sarah 
ffoorthe, Anne West, Phebe Brown. Proved 6th August 1657, by the oath of William ffoorthe, 
the evecut-or named in the will. Cur. Prserog. Cant. 295 Ruthen. 

Amongst the marriage licences granted by the Bishop of London in 1611, is that dated 20 
June which relates to Elizabeth Dell's half sister, Mary Barker. The entry in the Bishop's books, 
which I quote from the '* Genealogical Gleanings " of Mr. H. F. Waters, stands thus : — " William 
Foorth of London, geu^, bachelor, about 30, son of William Foorth late of Hadleigh, Suffolke, Esq. 
deceased, and Mary Barker of London, maiden, about 17. daughter of Richard Barker late of 
Neyland, Suffolk, yeoman, deceased, with consent of Mary Bright ats Barker of St. Edmondsbury, 
Suffolk, her natural mother ; as testified by Danet Poyntell of St. Mary Aldermary, Merchant ; at 
St Leonard's Bromley, Middlesex." 

Still of mmimt yurtb. 1671. 

William ffoorth D' of Law. I committ my soule into y® hand of y* Lord, and my Body to 
the earth, to be carried no further than from my dwelling house in Higate to the Chappell there, to 
be interred with as little vaine pomp and charge as may bee. To my brothers and sisters ffive 
pounds a piece to buy them mourning. Item, Vnto all the cofnission*" & ffarmers of the London 
Excise rings of twenty shill. a piece. To my deare and loving wife ^fargarett fforth all my goods 
except what I have settled by Deed. Vnto my said wife tenne pounds a year after my sister 
Cawleys decease. Item, All my Bookes vnto William ffoorth sonn to my bro: Tho: ffoorth, except 
wh* English books my wife will reserve for her owne reading. She full and sole executrix. 
Probatum vltimo die Junij 1671 jur Relicte Margarets ffoorthe. The will is sans date. 

Cur. Pnerog. Cant. 76 Duke. 

dh^nttt^ ^xottttin^s, yotlh i JTortli. 1680. 

February 1»* 1680. William ffoorth of the Vniversity of Cambridge Gent., Complainant. One 
William ffoorth, late of the parish of S* Giles' in the Fields co. Middx, Doctor of Lawes, vnkle to 
y' Orator, had the Manor of Easthall in ffeltwell co. Norfolk, by lease of Christ's College Cambridge, 
for one and twenty years. The said D' ffoorth, by Indenture, dated 23** June in the twenty first 
year of his Ma*»«" reign, between the said D' ffoorth and Margarett his wife and Mary ffoorth, 
mother of the said D"^ ffoorth of the one pte, and Thomas ffoorth, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of 
London, brother of said D' ffoorth and father of yo' Orator, of the other ptp, for money paid by 
the said Thomas, did setfle the said premises on yo' Orator his nephew and on said Thomas ffoorth 
yo' Orators father. D* William ffoorth died without issue. Mary ffoorth his mother also died. The 
indenture is referred to in D' ffoorth's will dated 27 April 1671. Afterwards Margaret ffoorth, now 
widow of D' ffoorth, confederating with Thomas ffoorth and Dannett ffoorth of London Esq', eldest 
brother and heire of the said Doctor, to defraud yo» Orator, detain the evidences, leases, <kc., giving 
out that Thomas ffoorth made default of paying the said money. 

Answer of Margaret ffoorth relict and executrix of D' William ffoorth. The premises yet are 
demised to the said Thomas ffoorth at a yearely rent of one bundled and forty pounds. Thomas 
ffoorth was questioned for a bankrupt. He hath, she believeth, the said College leases in his 
custodie. Chanc. Proc. Whittington II. 204. 

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WLxli 0f ytmm fotlh, 1725. 

ffranceB ffoorth of Hadleigh in the county of Suffolk, spinster. To be buried with my sisters 
in Hadleigh church. My copyhold messuage called the Angel in Hadleigh to my ffriend John Turner 
of Hadleigh, blacksmith, and to his heirs for ever, also my share of land &c. late the property of John 
fTortb, gent deceased, which came to me as next heir upon the death of my sister Elizabeth 
Waynforth. A gravestone or monument with an inscription of mine and my sisters deaths to be 
placed in Hadleigh church. The rest of my goods to the said John Turner, he to be sole executor. 
Probate 6th November 1723 to John Turner. P.C.C. 228 Romney. 

Jfortli IBraas tit HaDlnglj Cijuccb* 

At the top are the Crest and Shield of Forth: — Quarterly of six, 1. Forth. 2. Powell. 
3. Breakspere. 4. Gwarrindy. 5. Morley. 6. Vaughan. The Inscription is in capital letters, 
spaced as follows: — 

"Here lyeth buried the bodies of 
William Foorthe Esquier who died the 
U day of September Ano Dni 1599 & 
Of Dorothie his wife daughter <& coheire 
Of Richard Harvy of Worlingworth 
gent, who died the 1 4 day of October 
Ann^ Dili 1581. Had issue 4 soiies Phillip 
Edward William & Nicholas & one 
daughter Elizabeth married to 
M' Poyntell of London marchant 

IBiitkg Jlbbfp. 

"But what noble Buildings these were before the Dissolution of the Priory, may be guessed 
at by the Gate-house & other Ruins remaining to this day. Out of which arose the Mansion 
House now called the Abbey. 'Tis an old decayed irregular structure . . . having but one wing 
on the Front, and a Portall adorned with some Pilasters of the Dorick Order, two below and as 
m^ny above, all of Freestone, as is also the Entablement. Over the Door are the Arms of Forthe; 
Gules two bends vairfe, on a canton ore a demi-greyhound currunt sable ; impaled with Glemham ; 
Ore, a chevron gules between three Torteaux ; and on each side thereof their Crests. 

" The Gate hath for Ornament two Pilasters & their Pedestals of Freestone, together with 
the following Arms. First, a little above the Pilasters on the Outside, Forth, & three Lyoncells 
rampant ; [Powell]. Under the Pediment a Lyon rampant [Morley] ; and a little above the 
Pilastera on the Inside ; 1. Three flowers de lis [Gwaringdu] ; 2. On a cross five mullets [Broken- 
spear] ; and under the Pediment, A chevron between three Moor's Heads, couped at the shoulders, 
and as many snakes wrapped about their necks [Vaughan]. 

"The Wainscot in the Dyniug Room hath been veiy Magnificent & omameutall, painted of 
a Copper Colour & adorned with fluted Columns <k Pilasters of the Dorick Order ; the whole very 

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copiously embellished with Gilding; the gold being reported DOt to have cost less thau fifty pounds. 
The Cieling is adorned with Pannels of Crochett work, and the windows with Coats of Arms of 
Stained glass. The East window contains these: 1. Umphrcys : — Gules a lyon rampant ore, armed 
and langued azure, a Ducal coronet in Chief of the second ; impaled with Frere, Ore two leopards 
faces in pale gules, between two flaunches of the Second. 2. Musket : — Argent, six leopards faces 
gules, three two and one, between two bars of the second ; impaled with Cock : — Ore a fess between 
two lyons passant, gules, armed and langued azure. And in the North window are thece : — 
1. Musket, empaled with Cannon : — Gules a Bend argent between two Cottises ore charged with 
a Torteaux : 2. Umphreys impaled with Dandy : — Quarterly Azure and ore, on the first a mullet 
of the second : 3. Umphreys impale«l with Musket : 4. Musket impaled with Abel : — Argent a saltirc 
engrailed nzure. And under the Pediment of the Door Case in the same Room are two Coats 
quarterly. 1 & 4. Forth ; 2 & 3. Party per clievron, sable & argent, two covered Cups in chief 
of the second, and three Spiders iu base of the first : impaled with Gules a Lyon passant ore» 
armed and langued azure : with a Crest of Forth : a Beai-s Head erased sable, muzzled Ore." 

The Humphries were connections and probably ancestor.') of John Clyatt who mnnied Elizabeth 
Devereux the ultimate heiress of the Forthes. 

Ford's "Suffolk Collections," Lib. Bod. MS. Top. Suffolk, d. 12, p. 415. 

Taken between "Mondy y* 12 of August" and "Saterday y« 24 of August," 1611, by John 
Raven, Richmond Herald, as deputy to William Camden. Clarencieux King of Arms. 

Willm Forth of Hadleigh in suff: esq*^ mar: y^ d. & h: of Powell of Wales & had issue 

Robt first Philogus 2^ sone Willm 3^ Edward 4 Israel y* 5 sone of Witt Forth John 6 Eliza 
& Katheiine. 

Wiilm y« 3^ sone of Willm esq' mar: Dorathey d: of Richard Harvie of Worlingworth in Sufi': 
Gent: & had issue Phillip first Willm 2<* Nicholas 3**. 

Phillip Forth of Hadleighe sone & h: of Willm Gent mar: Jane d: & sole heire of Thomas 
Walton of hadleigh esq** & hath issue Willin sone & h: age 9 John age 7 Phillip age 5 Eliza age 1. 

llarl. MS., No. 1820. 

The Forthe pedigree in Karl. MS. 1820, which is supposed to have been the note book used by 
Raven during the progress of his Visitation, agrees with the official record in the Herald's College. 
The tricking of arms which accompanies the latter is Quarterly of Six ; 1, Forthe ; Gules two benda 
vaire argent and sable : on a canton or a demi-greyhound couped, courant of the third : 2, Powell ; 
Per pale azure and gules three lions rampant argent : 3, Brokenspeare ; Argent on a cross gules five 
mullets or: 4, Gwaringdu; Per pale azure and sable three fleur de lys or: 5, Morley ; Argent a lion 
rampant sable crowned gules : 6, Vaughan ; Sable three boys heads couped at the shoulders proper^ 
crined or, having snakes enwrapped about their necks vert. Harl. MS. 1560, fo. 276^, gives an 
additional quartering :— Odiam ; Per chevron ermine and ermines, three covered cups ; the two in 
chief sable, and the one in base argent. This follows immediately upon Forthe, preceding Powell 
and the rest. 

Digitized by 




Matthias Candler's Pedigrees of Forth, Harl. MS. 6071 , pp. 449 and 494, collated 
with Tanner MSS , 180, 156, and 267, 478. 


Robert Forth of Budey in Suff E»q, a manfainout^, 
for IIou$e-keeping temp Eliz reigne, 

I 1 1 

. . . Forthe Etq: Mary married to Martha married 

he traueUed and Sr Thomat Bam- to Sr Tho Hayet 

returned not : hii hergh ds after hit <t after hU death 

loife had a child death to L Vit-' to Sr JOchard 

but he diiowned cuunt Fairfax, Young. 

. Otemham, 

Wm Forth of Had-^r 
leigh Bag. 


toSr , . . 
. . . Knt, 

Anne married i«< toOood- 
day of PrestnnHdU : her 
teeond husband loot Owen 
Ta^orough : a daur of 
her§ wai married to Wm 
Oopinger of BuxhaU Etq: 

to Jo 

Wm Forth of 
NeUletUd Btq: 
many children: 
RTw Dr of 
othert: John Sc. 

Amie 2^ married to Bobl OotnM Etqr of Sr Wm=j^Dorothie dd-^Oretham =WmTirrell 

of Bury 
Abby Btq 
Sd hut- 
band, (See 

OtUy of whnm the Ootnoldt of Ottey. Forth 

SerSdhutbd wot Edward . . . Mendham Km of 

by 10^901 the had Amie Ward married BatUy 

to Edward Malbye Etq. and Henry Ward Abbey, 
who had it; daughtert. 

ett daughter Perkent 

of Sr John 2d hut- 

OilbertKntof band. 

Anne married 
to W^R.*ffeof 
HadUigh Etq 
married to ... 
Carey Etq, 


of Walton 
of ffad^ 

Capt fFill^Anne daughter=^WiUiam lirrdl of Bury Abbey 

Forth of 



of Browne of Etq her 2 HuAand had beetle 

Etting hall in S ffutband to y« Lady Forthe 

Norf tone of 8^ her 2«< hutbandt mother: he had 

Antonij. no ittue. 

John Forth = 
of Hadleigh 

I Mary daughter of- 
Harbottle Wing- 
fidd of Crofidd 
Etq, Royal deeoent. 

^Tho Southwdl PhUip. 
Etq her S hut- — 

band. Robert 

A daughter named Anne married to Walter Devereux 
Btqre tecond tone to 8r Walter Deverenx Knt ViscTunt 

Forth, g. on \j bendt verry or dfta: on a eanton ofthe2»ta demi 
grahound coupe current ta, 

I tuppote y« betult are rather Arg. d: B in Mr Leverland^t booke. 

fforthe. g. ij bends verrey arg. and so. (or Arg, and B.) on a canton or, a demi greyhovand 
cursant 8a. 

Robert fforthe Usqy was hJgh sheriffs of Suff about the yeare 1596. His chiefs house was Butley 
Abbey which he left to his sonne Sr William fforthe Knt- and lie fo his sonne William fforthe J^sq}. 
who held only one daughter named Anne married to Walter Devereux Esq}, second sonne of S^ Walter 
Devereux Knt Viscount Hereford, now living 1659. 

William fforthe of Hadleigh Esq}, a yonger brother of Robert, left Philip fforth of Hadleigh 
Esq}, and his eldest sonne was John fforth of Hadleigh Esq}, whose sonne Philip fforth is now living 
1659 and vnder age. Since dead 1664- 

William fforthe of Nettlested Esq}, a yonger brother of Philip, purchased lands of the E, of 
Cleveland in NetHested and built an handsome small house therevpon, but after sold the Estate to 
Robert Leman gent, who had one only daughter and heire married first to Thomas Baker of Willing- 
ham hail in frenngfdd, l*y whom she had no issue, and after his death to the Lord Ooring, so called 
because his faiher was created E. of Norwich after K, Charles had left the ParliamJt. The children 
of TTw fforthe Esqy viz: — Wm, Dr of Lawes, John dbc. have but a small estate in Suff. neither live 
they in the county this yeare 1659. 

From Candler's "Names and Armes of Sundiy of the Gentlemen of 
Suffolk," Ac, Tanner MS., Lib. Bodleian, 226, p. 53. 

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jTortfi of Haileigf). 

William Forth of Hadleigh. co. Suffolk ; luq. p.m. 20 H. 7 ; had Coddenham Hall Manor in Pojtford. 
6 Aug. 1504. Will, P.C.C. 19 Uolgrave, proved 24 Aug. 1504 ; names son-in-law, Thomas Baldrey, &c. 

Ob. =T= Margaret, namei in her 
j husband's will. 

AUoe, ux Roger 
Martin of I^ong 
Melford. HaH. 
MS. 1560, who 
made will P. CO. 
20 April 1535 ; 
proved 1542. 

Robert Forth of Hadleigh,= 
8. and h., 20 H. 7. then 8dt. 
30. Inq. p m. 32 H. 8. ; ob. 
27 July 1640; Will P.C.C. 
11 Alenger, 24 July 32 H. 8; 
prob' 16 Sept 1540 ; had 
manors in Suffolk and Essex. 

. . . d. and h. of 
Odiam; s 3 cover- 
ed cups arg. HarL 
MSAStiO, ABrid- 
get Odiam m. Wil- 
liam Warren, and 
their son John mar, 
Dorothy Forth. 

Dorothy, ux. John Wan*en 
of Newton, co. Suff. ; she 
was aunt to Wm. Forth, 
who calls Koger Warren 
her son and Tho« Ala- 
baster her son-in-law 
cousins in 1559 : herdau. 
m. Arthur Vesey. 

Elizabeth, ux Sir Thomas Baldrey, Lord Mayor 
of London, who names his brothers Koger Mar- 
til and Robert Forth in his will, A.o 1584, P.C.C 
17 Hogon. Elizabeth Baldrey their granddau' 
& ultimate heiress married the second Lord Rich 
and afterwards Robert Forth. JKiwex Fisit" 
Harl, Soe. For arms of * lady Elizabeth Bawdrey , 
Baldrey impaling Forth, see 6'towc MS, 692. 

Bfartin Forth, s. and 
h., 32 H. 8, and then 
set. 24 ; had manor 
of Coddenham Hall in 

Katherine, 32 H. 8, 
perhaps the wife of 
. . . Vefeey. 1559. 

A nn,ux Oliver 
Dawbeney of 
London, mer- 
chant, Harl. 
MS. 1560. See 
Pine Trin.3S 
and Forthe. 

\\ iiliam Forth of Had- 
leigh, Ksq. ; bought But- 
leyAbbey,36H.8. Will 
1 Mary ; jirob' 9 Jan. 
1559 ; names brother 
Edward Morse, cousins 
Warren and Alabaster. 
Inq. p.m. 1 Eliz. 1, 87. 

=f Elizabeth, d. and h. of 
Powell of Wales ; mar. 
1510 ; executrix to 
hu8b<* 1559. They sold 
Coddenham Hall Ma- 
nor, 1 E. 6, to wm 
Rirtby. Fine Knster 
1.547. See Powell op 

2. Philologus Forth=f=Mary d. and coheire 

ofWitnesham. Qen t. 
« my 2^ son " 1659. 
Fine 16 Eliz. Philo- 
logus and Mary 
Forth. Manors in 
Breisworth, &c., co. 
Suff., late Edmund 
Wiseman's, Qent. 

Ann Forth, 
83 Eliz., de- 

of John Wiseman 
of Thomham in 
high Suff., Harl. 
MS. 1560, by Elea- 
nor, sister and coh. 
of Charles Cutler 
of Eye. 

5. Edward Forth 
He m. Susan, d. of 
George Crymble of 
Rochford in Essex, 
after 3 wife to Tho8 
Ooldingof Posling- 
ford. See Forth, 
Cryhblb, Bode. 

Elizabeth, 38 Philologus Forth, s. of Philo- 
Kliz. logus Forth of Ipswich, god- 

visee of Rich* — son, 1589, to Alice Whetcroft, 

Whetcroft, Katherine, 33 w^; so in her will, Cur. Ep. N.; 
Clerk. Eliz. devisee of Rich<l Whetcroft, 33 

Eliz. in will Cur. Ep. Norw. 

Julian, wife of Edward 
Morse of Stratford, co. - 
Suffolk, clothier, whose 
will, P.C.C. 61 Wrast- 
ley, is dated 13 Njv. 
1557, his "brother" 
William Forth, Esq., 
being executor. 

Mar}% devisee, 32 H. 8» 
with her sisters Julian 
and Katherine in their 
father's will ; wife of 
. . . Brewse, 1559 ; 
Query of Giles Brewse 
of Denton, co. Norfolk, 
Esq. % Btois. 

4. Israel Forth of Had-= 
leigh. His 2d w. was 
Margaret, d. of Tho" 
Femeley of Creting, and 
mother of Qresham Per- 
kins, Esq., Ifarl. Mil 
1560, Forth and Perkins 
Pedigrees. By her no 



r*atherine, ux 
Eklmond Man- 
nock of Hel- 
ton in Suffolk, 
2d son of Tho- 
mas Manuock 
of Worming- 
ford ; under 
age Ao 1569. 

Jane Forth, da. of 
Israeli Forthe of 
Kersey, devisee of 
Isaac Smith, 31 
Eliz. in will P.CC. 
37 Leicester. 


Robert Forth, 
devisee of Is- 
aac Smith 31 
Eliz. and then 
under age. 

Elizabeth Forth, 
devisee of Isaac 
Smith 81 Eliz. 
She an<l her sis- 
ter then under 


6. John Forth of 
Great Stambridge 
in Essex, Gent.= 
Thomasine Hilles, wi- 
dow of GeorgeCrym- 
ble. Will Arch. Es- 
sex 1613. SeeFoBTH^ 
Cbymble, Bode. 

Mary, dau. and 
sole heiress, b. 
1 Jan. 1583 ; ux 
John Winthrop, 
Esq.; after Gov.of 

1. Robert Forth of But-=r Margaret, d. of Edward 

ley, CO. Suffolk, Esq., s. 
and h. Fine 11 Eliz 
Butley Priory late W«» 
Forthe his father's. 
Will Cur. Ep. Norw. 2 
Feb. 1600. 

Glemham of Glemham in 
Suff., her mother Mary 
Glemham of Benhall, w®, 
m will P.C.C. 1 Holney, 
13 May 1568, names her 
/f^and her two children. 

See Forth of Butlet 

William Forth of= 
Hadleigh Esq., 3d 
son. Brass in Had- 
leigh Church. Ob. 
14 Sept. 1599. Will 
P.C.C. 73 Kidd 
proved 3 Oct. 1599. 

^Dorothy, d. of Richard Harvey^, 
of Worliugworth, co. Suff. by 
Johan, d. and h. of Keene. 
Her sister, Anne Ashfield, in 
will Cur. Kp. Norw. 30 Eliz, 
names her and the Forths. She 
ob. 14 Oct. 1 58 1 . Brass in Had- 
leigh Church. 

d. of Kene, 
2d wife. HaH. MS. 
1560. Dau' pro- 
bably of Keen of 
Starston, Norff. 
Forth e. Bacon, 
Eliz. B. d! A. 


Anne and 


ob. s.p. ; 




1. Philip Forth=7=Joan,d.and 
of Hadleigh, Esq. sole heir of 
Will P.C.C. 119 Thom.Wal. 
Twisse, 12 April ton of Had- 
1642; probate 31 | leigh ; sole 
Aug. 1646; lands j ex^ to her 
in Lopham, Norff.; | husband, 
names " cousin 
Winthrop." | 

Dannett Poyn-^ElizabethForth.=John Ranye, cit» 
tell, 1st husbd.; She made will anddra]>ei-of Lon- 
mar. settl^ of as Eliz. Ranye, don. Will P.CC. 
his widow with of Hadleigh, w<>, 30 Russell 25 Feb. 
John Raney, P.C.C. 35 Eve- 1631 ; prob 6 Ap» 
1625, was of ]yn, 17 Nov. 1633 ; issue by 1st 
London, Merch^. 1640; proV 19 wife; bequest to 
March. Philip and W°» 


3. Nicholas 
Forth sold 
his lands in 
Roydon, Suf- 
folk, to his 
brother Phi- 
lip Forthe. 


W™ Forth of=f=Mary, dau. of 

Nayland, Gent, 
1620, 2d son ; 
of Barking,! 631; 
of Nettlestead, 
Bloii. Named 
in 1st will of 
John Winthrop. 

Kichard Barker 
of Nayland, co. 
Suff ; mar. 1611, 
half-sister to 
Henry Bright of 
New England, & 
Elizabeth Dell 

1 WUliamForth 
dead in 1642. 

son," 1642. 

gest son, 1642. 

2. John Forth=T=Mary,d.of Har-=JohnSouthwell 

of Hadleigh, 
eldest son and 
heir to his 
father, 1642. 
His dau* are 
named in the 
BU$ MS, 

bottle Wing, 
field of Crow- 
field in Suff.,2d 
wife to South- 
well. A dm, 
Arch.Suff 1674 
to her dau". 

of Harham, co. 
Suff, Esq., 2d 
husband. Will 
yer,7Nov 1650; 
ob. s.p. neices 
Vi aldegrave 

W» Walde- 
grave, gent. 
1642, when 
she had da. 

Anne, ux 
Robert Ve- 
sey, Gent., 

Mary, ux 
Jo. South- 
well, Esq., 

devisee of his 
aunt Dell, 1657. 
Will P.CC. 76 
Duke, proved 
June 1671, by 
Margaret his 
relict. Ob. 8.p. 

— I •— 

Forth of Lon- 
don, Esq., el- 
der brother. 


li\4ng 1657. 

Philip Forth, derisee of his Jane Forth, ob. 1710, 
grandfather and his aunt Raney. ect.63. M .1. in Hadleigh 
Under age 1659 ; dead 1664. Church. Ob. s.p. 


Frances Forth, ob.l724 s.p. 
M.I. in Hadleigh Church. 
Will P.C.C. 228 Romney. 

Elizabeth, ux 



— I 

Forth, citi- 
zen and mer- 
chant tailor 
of London, 
Feb. 1680 
F>rthe. Forth 
f^hittingtun * 
If. S04- 

Wn» Forth of Cambridge. Gent, 1680; 
devisee of D»" Forthe his uncle, 1671. 

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jfortl^ of Butleg. 

Pf>bertfforthof rvt?eyincom.St{f,Eaq.;'=rFrance8^ cl» of Edifytrd OUmham of 
Fine 11 Eliz., Putley Priory late Wil- Olem/taminSvf. Her mother, Marie 

lianiForth's his father's: uncle to Mary 
Winthrop ; High Sheriff 1569 ; Inq. 
p.m. 43 Miz. ; Will Cur. Ep. Norw. 2 
Feb. 1600, proved 2 March 1600. 

Sir Thomas Hayes ==iVartAa. 7. w. tu A** Tkom //oyc»=Sir Richard Young, 
K^*, Lord Mayor of Kf^t cfc Alderman of London, e, K»»t, 2d husband. 
London, 1616. toSr Hickard Yohg Kf** Secretary 

to the lord Chancellor Bacon, 

. . . fix Pening, 

Marine vx John 
Jiogtrs of EsBCXy 

. . . ras VaU, 

Amy, 1568, tx Edward 
Wa^-de of Mendham in 
Svff, living A° 1681, 
when Frances Tasburgh 
made her will. •' Rob. 
Qosnoldof Oatley, Esq. , 
Ist husband." Jilois. 

Annevx Willm Rtdfe of Iltdleif^ 
com Suff.whoob.24Ap.22Jac.; 
Escheat 22 Jac. ; she adminis- 
tered the estate of Robt.Rolfe, 
her father-in law, 1622, she 
being then a widow ; she renupt. 
Arthur Jenney, Esq. Bloit. 

Qlemham, names her and her children 
in her will P.C.C. 41 Holney, 1568. 
She is said to have married 2dly Sir 
HenryWamerof Mildenhall,Kt. BloU. 

SirWilliamBambor-=ilfary, 1, vx Sr irm.=Thoma8,l»tViscount 
ough, grandson of Bamboroughof York- Fairfax, so created 
Wm. Bamboroughof Aire K^ i to 7%im, in 1 628 ; no issue by 
Rendlesham, 1 572. Vmwnt Fairfax. Mary Forth. 

John Herring o(=ffrancet vx Richard Oood-=0yfttk Tasburgh of 

Mendham, co. 
Suffolk, gent., 
second husband; 
she was his 
second wife. 

day of KetUebofton 
^Mff., by whom she had 
ffortlie Goodday, &c ; she 
made will as ffnmces Tas- 
burgh of Mendham 20 
Marchl 631, Cur.Ep. Norw. 

BuUey in com. ' 
^yff'} "disin- 
her^V Bli*i»; de- 
visee of his 
Olemham, 1568. 

-Elizebelh, d, 
<6 heire of 
John Jti'nc 
gan of Sota- 
erUifton in 

2 Sr IViUm fftn*th of^Dorathie d. <fc cO'=rGreBham Parking of Had''= WiUinm Tyrrell of BuryAb- 

Butley in Sujf. bro. 
thfr & heire: Will 
P.C.C. 107 Dale, 7 
Dec, 10 Ja« ; then of 
Famham,Suff.,Knt ; 
probMl Dec. 1621. 

. . . d. d: Stile heire 
vx Sr PhUip Kny 
veU of Bitcknan in 
KoTf, Knt dfc Bar- 

Francis Forthe, 
heir to his grand- 
father 48 Kliz., 
then set. 8. 


1 . Henry ob yony 
at Farnham, co. 
Suff. 22 Aug. 12 
Ja* ; son and h. 
li»Ja»; Inq.p.m. 
12 Ja» ; his bro- 
therWm. Forthe 
then est 5, being 

2. Willem ffoith of=rAnned.ofTfw- 

Bvtley F.»qr Cap- 
taine oj the trat/nid 
Band. Will P.C.C. 
74 Rivers 16 Feb. 
1642; prob. 10 
May 1645; wife 
sole executrix and 

heire of Sr John 1 ley and after of Butley, 
OUbert of jfinlorow \ Esq. H is will P.C.C. 133 
hall in nm. Suff. j Clarke24Julyl625; prob^ 
renupt, and had I 19 Nov. to Dame Dorothy, 
son, Clias. Perkins. | his relict; bec^uest toWm. 
/j\ Forthe, wife's son. 

• 1 1 

ly mention- 
ed in her 

bey E»q. Sfi huebavd to ye 
LadyPorth. liar I. MS. 607 1, 
He was after 2d husband to 
Anne Forth her dau.-in- 
law;Wm P.C.C. 447 Huth- 
veu 30 July 1657. Ob. 8.p. 

Mendham, CO. Suff. 
gent, 3d husband, 
1631. He mar. 
Frances Ooodday, 
wo, eirea 5 Feb., 6 

2d son, 
age in 

mas Brotpne 
of El ting in 
com, Norfolk. 
She re-mar. 
Wm. Tyrrell, 
as above. 

J>oraihep, ux.Nich- 
olas Southcott of 
London. gent. Her 
Will, P.C.C. 32 Ri- 
vers, 1 Aug. 1643. 
Chas. Perkins, her 
uterine brother, 
snd Ann Forth, 
her sister-in-law, 
named in Decree. 

will, "my 
two daugh- 


eux, of Castle 
Bromwich, co. 
Warwick, 6th 
Viscount Here- 
ford ; cousin to 
Robt Earl of 
Essex, temp. 2 

Dever-=f= Elizabeth, 
da, of Thos. 
Esq' of Bo- 
rough Hall, 
CO. Stafford, 
and widow of 
Thomas Mar- 
tin, 2d wife. 

died be- 
fore his 

1 1 I 1 

Dorothy Forthe, Anne, sole da. k heir-T=WalterDevereuxof Butley Abbey Edward Dever- 

devisee with her ess, died before bus. I and Qlemham Hall, Eeq. ; Will, eux and John 

sister Ann in her band. She mar about Arch. Suff. 6 Sept. 1682; prob^6 Devereux devi- 

aunt Sou thcott's the year 1 648 ; CV^cUM .Ian. 1683; also P.C.C. 3 Hare; 2d sees of their 

will, 1643. e. Ca^r; settled lauds ] brother to Viscount Hereford ; brother Walter 

on eldest da. I joined ^nfe in settlement of lands. Devereux 1682. 


Hereford; had Christ- 
church inlpswich with 
Eliz.,d.&h.of SirWm. 
Withy pol, his 1st wife, 
by whom no issue. ^ 

of John 
of Suffolk, 
2d wife. 

Leicester Devereux, 
only son ; died eirea 
1680 in his father's 
lifetime, ClyaU c. 

JohnClyattofButley,gent.; Will= 
Arch. Suff. 6 Oct. 1691 ; prob^ 27 
Sept 1694; to be bur. in St. Law- 
rence's Ch. Ipswich; ob. s.p ; ma- 
nors to his cousin, SamuelClyatt, 
Esq. Clyutt e. Bateton, ftc, kc 

'Klizabeth Devereux, eldest 
da. and coh., mar. at Hark- 
stead 13 Apr. 1682; ob. s.p.; 
manors to her husband by 
Fine and Recovery cutting 
off entail. 

William Batteson of=rCarolina De- 
Bourton on the Hill, vereux, 2d 
CO. Gloucester, gent., | da. snd coh. 
tet. 26, ao 1682. and j of Walter 
unmar. See Visit* of*. Devereux. 
Oloueester, Harl.Soc. I 

Frances Devereux, 
3d da. and coh., 
mar. Thomas Vi- 
lett, derk. Jer- 
myn MUS, 

Leicester Clyatt, only child, died in his 
mother's lifetime; M.L in St. Lawrence's 
Ipswich, where he, his father and mother 
lie buried ; bapt. there 20 July 1684 ; 
bur. 20 Oct. same year. 

Robert Devereux Batteson, eldest son,=fAnne, 2nd dau. Caroline. 

1 702 ; ob. 1 736, set 45. Arms— Arg. 3 baU 
wings erect sable ; on a chief gules a lion 
psssant gardant arg. Batteson, Bateson 
or Batson. Of Bourton on the Hill. 

of Allen Cliffe, 
of Mathem, co. 


— -r-n 



William Batson of Bourton on the Hill, co. Glouc;^. . . dau. of . 
ob. 1819, »t. 90. I CO. Worcester. 

A son. 


Pytts of Kyre Wyard, Robert Batson, ob. 8.p. Anne Batson. 

The portions in iialiet are taken from the Forthe pedigree. Marl MS. 1560. 

For the story of Elizabeth Devereux, heiress of Butley Abbey, see an article in the "East Anglian," New Series, Vol, iii, 188, 
entitled " A Clandeetiue Marriage," founded upon Chancery Proceedings amongst the rival claimants for the possession of her estate*. 
Clyatt c. Carr, Whittington II, B. & A. ; Clyatt c. Devereux. Whittington II, B. & A. ; Clyatt c. Hook, Mitford II, R & A. 
Clyatt c Batesoti, Mitford IV, B. & A., kc, &c. Arms of Clyatt :— Arg. a bend double cotised sa. 

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:lfrirtj), Ct|>mMe, M'nt 

ill of Kitbari dx^mhlt, 1541. 

I Rycharde Crymbill of Rocheforde in the county of Essex, gentilman, make this my present 
testament and laste will, flfurste I bequeth my soule to almighty god etc. . Also I geue to S' 
Henry Canne, lately parysshe priste of Rocheforde, viij'^ to thenteut that the forsaide S' Henry 
Canne shall preache gods worde Soundayes and holyc dayes when convenyently he may, by the 
space of one yere, wHn the which e tyme to preache tenne sannondes at Rocheforde, tenne sarmondes 
in ffulnes, tenne sarmondes at Leigh, and tenne sannondes at Pakilshani, and fyve sarmondes at 
fobbinge, and five sarmondes at Hever, the rest where he shall thincke mooste neadful duringe 
the saide yere, and yf the saide S** Henry Canne cannott be gotten or will not doo it, then I 
will that myne executors shall gett some other to doo it, and yf they can gett none to do yt, 
that is to preache the woorde of god syncercly as is abovesaide, then I will that myne executors 
dyspose the eaide viij** in deedes of charitie to the pore people. Item I geue to a pore priste 
to singe and pray for my soule and for all Xpen soules by the space of one quarter a yere 
xxxiij' iiij**. Also I will to Agnes my wyfe all my householde that is not bequethed. Item I 
will to the saide Agnes, yn consyderacon and for the paines takinge for me, my lease that I haue 
in Estwicke for the space of the yeres that I haue yn it. And yf the said Agnes my wyfe 
fortune to depart w*in the saide t«rme I will myne exectours enter into the saide fFarme and 
yerely to pay the yerely proffitts therof vnto George my sonne vnto that Rycharde my sonne come 
to the age of xxj** yeres. And then to delyuer the saide lease stock and cattail to the said 
George, Rycharde and William my sonnes equally to be dcuyded amongf theyme. And yf all 
they depart w*in the saide tenne w^oute heyres, the said Agnes being departed, then I will all the 
saide lease and stoke to my doughter then lyvingc. Also I will that Thomas Crymbill the sonne 
of William Crymbill have the Indenture that was made accordinge to the Indenture that was made 
betwene my sister Margery Crymbill and me as touching Rogewarde in fulnes. Item I will the 
yeares of the olde lease at an ende, that George Crymbill my sonne to entre in to Rogewarde 
and occiipye the one halfe jointly w* Thomas Crymbill, thone to be others heyre. And yf they 
both departe w*out heyres, then I geue my newe leas of Rogewode to my sonnes Rycharde and 
William. Item I will that myne executours haue the occupyinge of my fiarme cauled ffowlnes hall 
and all the proffetts of the tythes whiche I haue by lease of the Kinge 1 will that myne 
executours doo pay to my doughters at the day of theyre niaryage or at xxi** yeres of age xx'L 


Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


When Rycharde Crymbill my sonne oomyth to thage of zxi^ yers my executors shall delyver the 
lease of Sowthwike and the Indenture and lease that I hadd of the Kinge to Rycharde, William 
and George Crymbill my sonnes, and jf all my sons departe w^out heyres I will that my doughters 
receve ffarmes leases and proffitts, and yf all my sonnes and doughters departe w^out heyres then 
I geue the said leases to John Crymbill the sonne of Henry, William Crymbill the sonne of John, 
and Thomas the sonne of William Crymbill, and then I will they geve to my brother Hery Crymbill 
tenne pounde and if he be depated I will they geue vj'* xiij' iiij^ among my brouther Henry 
childeme. Item I will to my dough ter Agnes Stam), William Stamer's wyfe, v mrcs, to my suster 
ffames childeme iij'^ and to my suster Tayler childeme iij*^ and to my suster Cowper childeme 
fourty shillinges and to my suster Chelsams childeme xx*. Item I geue the lease of the parsonage 
of Hawkewell to my brother in lawe William Taylo'. To my suster femeres xiij' iiij** euery yere 
duringe xij yeres yf she so longe haue neade. Item to my brother Henry Crembill my gowne 
furred w* cony. Item I geue to Anne Crymbill a cowe bullock of ij yeres olde and bullockes to 
Jane famers, Rycharde Tayler my godsonne, to my daughters sonne John frebarn and to Edward 
Stamer. I will that yf auny of my sonnes do putt oute Thomas Crymbill oute of certeyne londes in 
Pryttwell I will that he that so dothe shall lack xv**. Also I will to Thomas Crymbill my nevewe 
all rents I haue receyued of the londes of Prittwell sence my brouther William Crymble dyed, the 
repacons allowed. Item I will that myne executors kepe all my childeme at scoole and then to 
bynde theyme prentys there as they may be vertuously brought vpp in truthe. Silver spones or 
gobletts to George my sonne, Johau, Margery, Margaret and Elizabeth my doughters. To Agnes my 
wyfe a bame called Beldam bam and londe therto belongiuge painge yerely to John Ciymbill viij^. 
Also 1 geue her the Dowues and a parcell of lande cawled Halyscrofte. Also I will that John 
Crymbill haue my lease of Swaynes and Moreses. The residue of my goodes and cattail I geue to 
my executours whome I ordeyne Henry r>ode of Raighleigh, John Stone of Pakilshm. And I will 
that they shall yerely accompte before my ffather William Kutter and my brouther Henry Crimbill 
my Oversears. 

Decimo quinto Octobris 1541 .lohannes Stane et Henricus Bode onus execuconis renuciarnt et 
coiiiissa fuit administraco Wiitmo Harres et Agneti eius vxor nup retce dicti defuncti. 

P.C.C. 35 Alenger. 

Mill of (Btoxit Crumble. 1570. 

The seconde daie of Aprill 1570, George Crymble of Moche Stanbridge in the Countie of 
Essex. I giue vnto euerie parrishe within Rocheford hundred such somes of money as are hereafter 
expressed to be distributed amongst the poore . . . Item, I giue to my brother Richard Crimble 
x'* ... to Grace Crymble my brother Richard Crymbles daughter v^* at the age of xviij yeres or 
at the daie of hir manage ... to Richard Crymble my brothers sone v^ ... to my syster 
Mai-garet Betts xl* ... to euerie one off my syster Btamers children xl* ... to my brother 
Stamer the iiij'* that he oweth me ... to eurie one of my aunt Taylors children xx» a pece . . . 
to Benjamin Shene xx» ... to Grace Robson xx* at the age of xv yeres ... to euerye of my 
vncle Henry Crymbles children . . . toward the repayringe of Hulbrege xl» . . . to euerie one of 
midell John Ciypes children xij** ... to Thorn* Hosear xx* ... to Margaret Rob John xx* .... 
to Clemence Hills xl*. Itm I giue and bequeath to Thomasin my wief lxxx" to be paied to 

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her jmediatlie after my decease, and all hir apparell and hir dwell! uge and occiipieing of my 
house and lande in Moche Stanbrege called ffynches w^^ the stccke of cattell vpon the grounde 
there duringe hir lief, and the one halffe off all my household stuffe at the appointment off my 
overseers, upon condicon that she shall not clayme anye thirde pte in anye other of my lands. 
Item, to M^ Brice of Bursted iiij*' of current money vpon condicon that he will make xij sermons 
at xij Boudrie places w'^^in the hundreth of Rocheforde, whereof one sermon shalbe made at my 
buriall. Item to George Ciymble my sonne twoe hundreth seventeen pounds fl&ve shillings sixepence. 
Item to Grace Crimble my daughter, Suzan Crirable my daughter, Marie Crimble my daughter 
(each) twoe hundreth seventeen pounds (five shillings sixpence. My brother Richard Crymble shallbe 
my overseer and haue the bringing vp of my ffouer children ; that is to sale, George my sone, 
Grace, Suzan and Marye my three daughters. When George my sonne dothe come to the age 
of xx*'^ yeres I w[ll he shall recieve all suche goods and lands as are and shalbe due to him, 
and my three daughters when they severally come to their age of xviij yerQs. If all my 
children die before they come to their ages before expressed their ptes shall remaine to my brother 
Richard Crimble and his children, to my brother Stamers children borne of my sister, and to 
myne vncle Henry Crymbles sonnes, and to my cozen George Crymbles sonnes equallie. All my 
land both ffree and ooppie I give and bequeath to George Crimble my sonne, and to the heires 
males of his bodie lawfullie begotten : ffor lack of such heires males my lands to remaine to my 
daughters for the terme of their lives, and after to Richard Crimble my brother, and heirs males 
of his body; for lacke of these, to my coseu Willm Crimble and the heires males of his body 
lawfullie begotten, and for lacke of these to the right heirs of the Crimbles. being males, for ever. 
The Residue of my goods to my children equallie whom I make my executours. And Willm 
Stamn), John Crimble and Richard Pease, and the said Richard Cnmble to be my ouerseers. Probat 
xv*^ die mens Novembris 1572 Jurameto Gracie Crimble vnius executore. 

Siiia ex parte Richi Crymble^ probaconis testi Georgii Crimble nup pochie de Magna Stambridge, 
inter Thomazinam Crymble ats Bode retcam testamentm Jur testes probari pete a ex una, et 
Richardum Crymble Admi^stratorem bonoru^ prefat Georgii Crimble duran minori etate Georgii 
Crimble, Gracie Crimble, Suzanne Crimble et Marie Crimble liberorf dci def et executoru^ noTatorf 
in testamento. P.C.C. 40 Daper & 10 Lyon. 

ill of 'Thomas %oU, 1581. 

The eighteenth day of June, 23 Eliz*^. I Thomas Bode of Rocheforde in the Countie of 
Essex yeoman visited w*^ sicknes in my bodie by the handieworke of God. To be buried in parish 
churche of Rocheford. My sister Hilles of Hackewell. To Alice Meller of Pagelsham my sister my 
howse and lands called Pakes in Pagelsham which John Meller hir husband now holdeth and a copie 
tenement in Eastwood to the said Alice and hir heires for evermore. To Thomazine my wief my 
tenement and lands in Muche Stambridge called Moones to hir and hir heires for evermore. To the 
said Thomazine my tenements and lands called Birds in Boreham for life, then the one half to 
George Crimble my wieves sonne and to his heires for euer, and the other half to Edward Bode and 
William Bode my brothers and their heires for euer more. To my said wife tenement and lands in 
Terlinge in lieu of hir generall thirde of my other lands for life, and after hir decease to my 
brothers. To Thomas Stephen sonne of Robert Stephen my brother late of Brentwood. To other 
children of the said Robert. To the children of my cossin Robert Stephane late of Leighe. To 
my brother Stephen of Maldon. To my brother Thomas Collins and to Marie his wief my sister 

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and to their sonne. To my said wife land in Althome for life then to Alice Meller my said 
fiister. Howse in Rocheforde whiche I lately purchased of John Crymble to William Comeford 
of Rocheford for life then to Marie Comeford his daughter begotten of the bodie of Clement Comford 
deceased <k failing issue of her bodie to William Hilles son of William Hilles. Lands late my 
father's, John Bode, according to his will. Judith Bode my sister. Cossens Edward and Thomas 
Jenyns. My two brothers wives and my brother William Bodes children. To William Richardson 
my orcharde in Prittlewell. Wife to be Executrix and brothers Overseers. Probate 23 Aug. 1681 
to relict. Siiia ad instantiam Alicios Samon ah Miller sororis. Second Probate 19 Dec. 1581. 

Arch. Essex. Brewer, fo. 19. 

Thomas Bode de Rochford^ fil: et hoeres Johis Bode ex conjuge prima, dwcit Tkomannam 
filiam cm dedit terras in Stanbridge Magna diet Stewards, in Black Notley, 

Boram^ Rochford, et in Aldeme infra hundred de Benge, post mortem ct^us, ilia deponsauit 
Johannem ffurde de Buckley Ahhye in com Suff^, qui habuit exit Mariam, jUiam sunm et 
hoeredemy vxor Johxnmia Wenthcrpe. 

From the pedigree of Bode of Feversham, co. Kent, 1619, Harl. MS, 1432. 

mill of (^hiaath Jfortlj, 1591. 

Edward iforthe of Keldon in the Countie of Essex, gent., 24 ffeb. 33 Eliz. To Suzan 
flforthe, my deere and welbeloued wyfe, all my lands and tenements duringe her naturall lyfe, for 
the better bringing vpp of my children. Vnto John iforthe, my second sonne, messuages in East 
Donylande in Essex, and messuages and tenements in Chelmesfforde, at his full age of one and 
twenty yeares. Vnto William fforthe, my sonne, lands in revercon in Stambridge Magna nowe in 
the occupacon of William Boode gent, at his age of one and twenty yeares, and lands in Wickforde, 
Rawethe, Pritwell and Paklesham after decease of Suzan my saide wyfe. I further give to my said 
sonne John ffoithe my landes in Boram after the deathe of his mother. To the childe wherewith 
my wyfe is nowe grosment incent, if it be a man child, my lands in Stambridge Magna nowe in 
the occupacon of John Mylls ; if a daughter, one hundred pounds. Vnto Thomazine and ffraunces 
my daughters, one hundred pounds a peice at their severall mariages or severall ages of one and 
twenty yeares. I give my severall leases of Keldon Hall to my sonne Edward ; but if he die before 
bis full age of twenty one I give them vnto John my sonne ; and if John dye before his full age 
I give them to Willm my sonne. I appoint my wife and my said sonne Edward fforthe my 
executors, and my brothers Robert iforthe of Butly Esquier and John fforthe gent, Owyn Tesborghe 
Esquyer and Henry Whetcrofte Docto' of the Lawe, Supervisors. Probat 29 April 1591, jur. 
procuris Suzanne relce, &c. P.C.C. 26 Sainberbe. 

0f i&Hiaaxh JoxXh, 1612. 

M'^ Edward ffortb of New Windsor, co. Berks, gentleman, sicke in body, 9 July 1612. I 
give, saith he, vnto my daughter Sibilla fforthe one hundred poundes when she cometh of age or 
vpon her marriage daye. My sonne James fforthe is to be myne heire ; and when my mother dieth, 
he shall inheritt more land. I give to my wife one hundred and fiftie poundes, who also hath a 
Joynture, and whom I make my sole executrix. In witnes hereof we haue sett berevnto our handes 
and scales this xiiij*^ of Julie, Anno 1612. John Martin, Vicarius de Nova Windsor. The marke 
of Anne Martin. Probatum 27 Julij 1612, Juramento Barbare relicte et executric. 

P.C.C. 64 Fenner. 

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^tth of iolm Mrnthvo}^, Imtr, 16^7. 

Knowe all men by these piites that I John Winthrop sonne <b heire apparent of John 
Winthrop & Mary his wife deceased, daughter & heire of John fforthe geH & Thomasin his 
wife deceased, have remised, released, & for me & my heires by these pnts doe remise, release, 
& quite claime vnto my lovinge Aunt Susan Golding wid & her heires all right, title, Claime, 
interest & demande w^^ I or my heires have or may have of, in, or vnto all or any the 
lands and tenemts of the s^ Susan in Boreham or els where in the s*^ County of Essex w<* 
were sometymes the said Thomasin fforthes & conveyed or intended to be conveyed to the s* 
Susan or her heires or the heires of Edward fforthe gen her husband deceased. And all Actions 
suits & demands whatsoefi w°^ I the s*^ John Winthrop or my heires have or may have of 
or against the s^ Susan or her heires for any matter or cause whatsoeu) from the begininge 
of the world vnto the daye of the date of these presents. In wittness whereof I the s* John 
Winthrop have hervnto putt my hand & seale this sixteenthe daye of ffebruary An® Rf dfii nri 
Carol tertio. 

This parchment, now iu the possession of Robert C. Winthrop, Jun., Esq,, of Boston, U.S., 
was never signed or witnessed. It is endorsed, "Sealed & Delii?ed in the presence of . . ." 

0f ^nsan O^oldtng, 1651. 

Susan Goulding of the Cittye of London, widdowe, 15 July 1631. I will that my executor, 
Cornelius Holland, shall pay my dau' ffrancis Vernon, widdowe, during her life naturall, one 
yearely some of eight pounds, after one hundred pounds or more of the money oweing to me 
by Thomas Goulding gent, and ffrances Goulding shall be paid. After decease of said daughter I 
give said himdred pounds vnto Suzan Holland, daughter of said Cornelius. To my grandchild, 
James fforth, one hundred pounds out of the next moneys w^^ shalbe receiued of said Thomas 
and flfrancis Goulding, which hundred pounds shalbe layd out in repayreing of his bowses in 
the counties of Essex and Sussex. To my said daughter ffrances Vernon my silver beaker and 
both my beaver hatts. To Richard Vernon, the eldest sonne of said ffrances Vernon, my daughter, 
one hundred pounds on the ffeast day of the Nativity of S* John Baptist 1636 ; which hundred 
poimds I have alreadye putt into the handes of Thomas Smith, Cittezen & Pewterer of London. 
If said Richard Vernon decease before this, I give said hundred poundes vnto John Vernon his 
brother on the Nativity of S* John Baptist 1636; if both decease and ffrances Vernon my daughter 
also, I give the same hundred poundes vnto all the children of my grandchilden, Katherine 
Lowefield and Susan Clarke. Vnto the said Richard Vernon my best Bible, my wedding ring, 
and six joyned stooles covered with Turkey worke. To John Vernon, sonne of said firances, 
fiftie poundes. Vnto the said James fforth my silver and guilte bason and ewer, my white silver 
bason, <&c., &c., at the age of one and twentie yeares or when he be marryed. Vnto my grandchild 
Sibill Holland, wife of the said Cornelius Holland, one hundred poun<ls, to be paid out of y* 
moneys w^ M' John Boade of ffeversham is to pay my executors. To Robert Lowefield, sonne of 
my grandchild Katherine Lowefield, twenty pounds att his age of twenty one. To Susan ClarkCi 

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daughter of my grandchilde Susan Clarke, twenty pounds, at her age of sixteen yeares or day of 
marriage. To Heniy Smith, sonne of Robert Smith, grocer, twenty pounds. To my oosen John 
Bead, to make him a ring v". Vnto my sonne Smith the grocer my watch. The rest of my 
goodes, chattells and creditts, vnto the said Cornelius Holland and James fforth equallie : they to 
be my executors. My kinsman Robert Lowfeild the elder, gentleman, and the said Thomas Smith 
(the Pewterer) to be overseers. Whereas certain ffreehould lands, called Wheelers, lying at Dunland 
in Essex, were conveyed vnto John Boad, gent., in trust for me, I bequeath said lands after my 
decease to ffrances Vernon my daughter for the terme of her life, and after her decease, to the 
said Richard Vernon and John Vernon her sonnes and the heires of their bodies : for default of 
such issue, to the heirs of the said Katherine Lowefeild and Susan Clarke, my grandchildren. Item 
I give all my messuages, lands, tenements, &c., in the Countyes of Suffolk or Essex (except 
Wheelers) vnto James fforth my grandchild and to the heires of his bodye : in default, vnto Sibell 
Holland my grandchild, his sister, and the heires of her body lawfully begotten for ever. Decimo 
octavo die mensis* Aprilis 1634, comiss probatu Comeliu Holland et Jacobu fforth, ex*^. 

Dean and Chapter of Westminster, "Camden," fo. 236. 

(tbancfrg ^xottthin^s, jTortb t- IBoirc, 1654. 

James fforth of New Windsor in the countie of Berkshire, gentleman, complaynant One John 
fforth late Citizen and Clothworker of London your Orators vncle, your Orator being his next heire, 
about twelve yeares last past was seized of the moytie of a ffamie howse and fforty five acres of 
land called Birds in Boreham in the countie of Essex and of two messuages in Chelmesford and of 
a messuage and fifty acres of land called Wheelors in Dunnyland in the said Countie of Essex. By 
the persuation of John Bode of Dabbington Priory in the countie of Kent, then gentleman now 
Esquier, the said John fforth, without any peny or other consideration giuen, by deed indented sold 
said premisses to the said John Bode and his heires for ever upon trust that the said Bode permit 
Susan Golding, now deceased, grandmother to your Orator, whose heire also yo*" Orator is, to enjoy 
said premisses during her life ; but if the said John fforth should tender sixpence to the said John 
Bode in the presence of witnesses at the Royal Exchange in London this conveyance should be 
void. John fforth had nothing in the world, as this assurance had stripped him of all his meanes. 
Having tendered the sixpence some yeares after, but not according to the precise words, he dyed. 
Bode now claymeth tytle to said lands. 

Answer of John Bode. John fforth had no issue. He sold said land out of respect to Susan 
Goulding his naturall mother. She had given him great somes of money and he desired to 
recompence her, but his merchandice beyond the seas had twice miscarried, both times by pirates. 
Having little or nothing but what his said mother allowed him, hee the said John fforth did sell 
said lands vnto this defendant, but Defendant never knew or heard of the Indenture until after 
John fforth's death, when Susan Gouldinge, being this Defendants aunte, did soioume with Defendant 
in the summer time and did acquaint Defendant with the Indenture. Said Indenture was taken in 
Defendant's name in trust for the said Susan. Defendant hath beene at great charge anil trouble 
uppon severall occasions on her behalfe. She was then wife of Thomas Gouldinge the elder of 
Poslingford in Suffolk Esquier, and the Bargaine was not taken in her owne name, Gouldinge being 
so ill an husband that he and the said Susan then lined asunder. Because Defendant was sickly and 

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might die the said Susan desired that said lands might be conveyed to other trustees. So another 
Indenture was made 3^ Nov' 1623 betwene this Defendant on the first parte, said Susan Gouldingc 
and one Richard Vernon the elder, citizen and mercer of London on the seoonde parte, and Sir 
Edward Boys the yonger of Norrington co. Kent Knight, John Wynthrope of Groton Esquier, George 
Brooke of East Dunnylande co. Kent Esquier, and Thomas Aylett of Revenhall co. Essex gentleman 
on the third parte. In this Indenture Susan granted Wheelers to the said Sir Edward Boys, John 
Wynthrope, Ac. for the termc of one thousand years, they payeing vnto this Defendant yearely one 
pepper come and suffering the said Susan peaceably to hould Wheelers, and immediately from the 
death of this Defendant the said Susan to permit the said Richard Vernon and firances his 
wife (daughter of the said Susan Gouldiuge and of Edward fforthe Esquier former husband of said 
Sus$in) to have Wheelers with reversion to Edward Vernon, Richard Vernon the younger and John 
Vernon, sonnes of the said Richard and ifrances his wife, and they having no issue, with remainder 
to Henry Smith, Susan Smith and Katherine Smith, children of Robert Smith citizen and grocer of 
London and Thomasine his wife, another daughter of the said Susan Goulding. The said Susan 
further assured the moytie of the messuage and forty five acres called Birds to this Defendant, he 
to paye one himdred pounds to Sybell fforthe her grandchilde yf Charles flbrthe her brothej be dead 
without issue. After the making of said Indenture Sybbil fforthe did marry Cornelius Holland of 
the citty of Westminster Esquier, and before 1631 when the said Susan Gouldinge made her last 
will, Thomas Gouldinge her husband beinge then dead. Susan Goulding died on the 30^ of 
Marche in the tenth yeare of the raigne of his Ma*** that nowe is. Defendant takes it to be true 
that Oomplaynant is next heire vnto the said John fforthe and Susan Gouldinge. Defendant hath 
in his hands and custodie the said parte of said tripartite Indenture and said Deed poll made by 
this Defendant and a coppie of the will of Thomas Bode and a coppie of the Indenture of Bargain 
and Sale and a coppy of the will of Edward fforthe gentleman grandfather of Complaynaut and 
husband of said Susan ; and Defendant takes it that said Exlward fforthe hath devised said lands 
vnto said Susan for her life and after her deceass to said John fforthe and his heires for ever. 
He denieth that said John fforthe did at any time tender the some of sixe pence for the avoydinge 
of said Indenture. Charles L, B. «k A., FF. 18-49. 

CbanterQ ^vattthm^i, ^alit i. Jfurtd, 1655. 

John Bode of Davington Priory in the county of Kent gentleman, complaynaut. George 
Crimble of Stambridge in the county of Essex, gentleman, your Orators late grandfather, was seased 
of divers messuages lands and tenements in Stambridge and elsewhere in Essex of the clear value 
of three hundred pounds yearly. He made his will on the second daye of Aprill 1570, devising 
these lands to George Crimble his sonne and for want of issue of said sonne to Grace Susan and 
Mary Crimble his daughters for their lives, and then to Richard Crimble said grandfathers 
brother and the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten ; for lack of such he left them to 
William Crimble his cozen and the heirs males of his body ; failing these to the heirs of the 
Crimbles being males for ever ; and in default of heirs males to the right heires of the said 
George Crimble the testator. Grace Crimble was his daughter by his first wife, whoe brought 

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a great porcoa vnto the said George Crimble the grandfather, and George, Susan and Mary Crimble 
were children by his second wife. The said Mary died shortlie after without issue, and Grace 
married William Bode of Rotchford gentleman and by him had your Orator. Shortlie after 
said grandfathers death the said George Crimble his sonne entered into his lands and long since 
died without issue. By virtue of said grandfathers will his lands came unto the said Susan as 
the sole survivor of his daughters, as Maiy and Graoe died in the lifetime of George the sonne. 
So Suzan entered into the said lands. She lived unMl March 1634 ; before whose death the 
said Richard Ciymble and William Crymble died without issue : and all the heires males of the 
Crymbles were dead without issue before the death of said Susan. By reason whereof one moyitie 
did come vnto your Orator as son and heir of said Grace Crimble, and the other moyitie to the 
right heirs of said Susan — Grace and Susan being the only surviving children of said George 
Crimble the testator, and your Orator heire general 1 of said George Crimble. But soe it is that 
one James ffoorth of Windsor in the Countie of Berkshire first p'tending himself to be grandchild 
and heire of said Susan and having gotten into his hands the original will & writings deeds & 
evidences — on death of said Susan did enter in vpon the lands, &c , and take rents as sole heire of 
George Crymble the testator. Now Grace yo' Orators mother was sole heire of Crymble by his 
!■* wife, who brought a great porcon in marriage, and said Susan was daiS of Crymble by his 
second wife. Your Orator ought to have at least as great a share as the said James fforth. 
fforthe also pretends William Crimble did suffer a Recovery : he hath cutt timber, &c., &c. 

Answer of James ifoorth Enquire 1635. George Crimble the testator was seised of messuages 
&c. in Much Stambridge, Prittlewell, Inworth, Rocheford, Rawrith, Wickford, and Chelmysford. Com- 
plainant deriveth only by heires ffemale, knowing well that there be left heires males of the 
Crymbles, this alone overthrowing his p'tended title. After making his will, said George Crymble 
the elder, George his sonne, Richard Crymble & the said Grace and Mai-y Crymble all dyed. Only 
Susan (defendant's mother) and William Crymble were left, Susan being survivor of the daughters 
to whom the lands were left for life, and William Crymble the next in tayle. Thomasine, the last 
wife of said George Crymble the testator having for her dower the lands called ffynches in Much 
Stambridge, and Susan aforesaid holding the residue for life only, the remainder being William 
Crymble. William Crymble having the freehold vested in him by John fforth who had married the 
said Thomasyn, and by Edward flforth who had married the said Susan, in Easter Term 26 Elizabeth 
the said Edward fforth did Recover the premisses against him the said William Crymble by Cofnon 
Recovery, by the name of ten messuages, eight gardens, eighty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, 
sixty acres of pasture, four acres of wood and twenty acres of ffresh marsh — as appeareth in the 
Records of said Court. By Indenture tripartite 6 May 26 Eliz*^ said W"» Crymble of the !■* part> 
Edward fforth (V Susan his wife of the 2** and John fforth & Thomasine his wife of the 3'* part, the 
uses of the Recovery are all declared, ffinches to be to Thomasine for life with reversion to Edward 

fforth and Susan his wife and the longer liver of the two, and afterwards to the use of 

[document gone in this place]. Edward fforth so seised made his will ; he left premises in 
Chelmesford to John fforth his youngest son & premises unbequeathed to Ed\\ard ffoorth his son & 
heir, who was father to this defendant, and dyed leaving this defendant lands as his son and heir. 
Susan ^Defendants grandmother) also dyed about two years last past and before her death made a 
will. Defendant, who is ^but lately come to the age of twenty one, knoweth not the contents but 
will informe himself thereof. Chanceiy Proceedings, Charles I, B. & A., BB. IC2-26. 

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OtJjancerD ^toctthin^s, ^oht c. fwAlf, 1655« 

Humbly complayninge, 15*^ April 1635, John Bode of Davington Priory in the Countie of 
Kent, gentleman. John ffoorth, late Cittizen and Cloathworker of Loudon, was about twelve yeares 
now last paste Eeised of the revercion uppon the death of Susan Gouldinge his mother (and your 
Orators late aunte) of the moyity of a ffarme howse called Byrds and forty five acres of land 
thereto belonginge in Boreham in the countie of Essex. And the said John ffoorth, having noe issue 
of his bodie, out of the loue w<^ hee bare vnto his said mother and to satisfie her for diuerse great 
somes of money lent him, by deed inrolled did sell with other lands and tenements the said moyity 
of lands vnto yo*" Orator and his he ires ; yo'^ Orator to suffer the said Susan, being naturall mother 
of the said John ffoorth, peaceably to take the rents duringe her life. John ffoorth died ; and 
shortly after, havinge a desire to gratifye yo^ Orator for divers curtesies, the said Susan Gouldinge 
by Indenture tripartite, dated the the third dale of November 1623, between the said Susan and 
your Orator, on the first parte, and one Richard Vernon the elder Cittizen and Mercer of London 
on the second parte,' and Sir Edward Boys the yonger of Nouington in the countie of Kent Knight, 
John Wynthropp of Grotton in the countie of Suffolke Esquier, George Brooke of East Dunnyland 
in the countie of Essex Esquier and Thomas Aylett of Revenhall in the countie of Essex gentleman on 
the third parte, hath appointed that your Orator should convey the said moyity unto the said Sir 
Edward Boys, &c., to the only behoof of the said Susan, and aft«r her decease to the said Sir 
Edward Boys, &c., their heires and assignes for ever, they to suffer your Orator and his heirs to 
enioye said lands. Vppon condition that yo' Orator or his heires should pay at the Royall Exchange 
in London vnto Sybill fforth, grandchilde of the said Susan, the some of one hundred pounda 
within twoe yeares next after the death of the said Susan. Aboute the fifteenth daie of July 
1631 the said Susan Gouldinge did make her laste will and did giue vnto the said Sybill, by 
the name of Sybill Holland wife of Cornelius Holland of the citty of Westminster Piquier, the 
some of one hundred pounds out of the moneys which your Orator was to paye vnto the 
executors of the said Susan. On the thirtieth of March in the tenth yeare of King James Susan 
Gouldinge died. But now soe it is that James ffoorthe, whoe is or ^tcnds to bee next heire vnto 
the said Susan and allsoe vnto the said John ffoorthe, al thought he hath heard the said Susan 
Goulding his grandmother affirme that John ffoorth her sonne did conveye those lands to yo*" 
Orator, and knoweth, being her executor, that she hath confirmed them by said tripartite Indenture, 
and hath by her will given lands called Wheelers to her own daughter and grandchildren, and that 
he, James ffoorth, hath himself in a letter dated the third daie of December 1634, acknowledged the 
said moyity of Byrds to be your Orators, and that Thomas Gouldinge the said Susan's husband and 
the said Susan herself acknowledged it by a Fine : Knowing also that your Orator went to councell 
for the said Susun at his own costs on account of Thomas Gouldinge her husband his ill vsage of 
her, intending to pfer a Bill against said Thomas Gouldinge into this llono***® Courte of Chancery 
for her good maintenance : Yet the said James ffoorth out of his covetuous and contensious minde> 
to get away Wheelers from his grandmothers grandchildren and the moyitie of Byrds from your 
Orator, hath preferred a Bill against your Orator into this hon*»'« Courte full of false things, and 
saith the said Indenture is obliterated. Your Orator is very weake and sickly, giuen over these 
twoo yeares by Doctors of Physicke and stirreth not abroad. He prayeth therefore that Your good 
Lordshipp would grant His Ma^^®* most gracious writt of subpoena, &c., &c., &c. 

The aunsweare of James fforth gent. 4*^ May 1635. He much wondreth to see Complaynant, 
a neere kinsemen of this defendant, exhibit soe vnnecessary a Bill against this defendant taxing him 


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that hee hath sued and vexed said Compl^ vpon an advantage of the sickness and paine and old 
age of said Complaynant. »^ick and painefull and old and bedred as hee the said Comp^ is or 
inaketh himselfe to bee, hee the said Compl^ not many months since had vigor and health and heate 
inough to put this defend^ to A Trump and a hazard for all or the most part of his inheritance : 

was able to write lettars vpon lettars and neuer would bee att peace with this defendant 

being very young and rawe in all worldly affayres and lately come to his full age of one and 
twentie yeares. The said Susan Goulding in the tyme of her last sicknes much bewayled an^ 
repented the wrongs vr^^ she had offered to this defendant in his Birth right. Complaynant need 
not bee so peremptory in the supporting of a poore and weake title against a right heire who 
hath beene mobt iuiuriously dealt w^hall. His deceased grandmother kept in her owne hands 
dureing all her life both the said ^tended originall deed of Bargaine and Sale and alsoe the 
tripartite Indenture. Defendant hopeth that thesse things may be solemnly examined and deliberately 
heard and that this defendants' iust right may not be slighted. 

Charles I, B. & A., BB. 105, 13. 

Cbatiarp Jiomftrnga, Jotth c. SEebb, 1640. 

James Forth of Eaton in the county of Buck. Gent, being seised of one ffarme called Belsyes 
and of lands in Barfold «k Houlton in y« county of Suff. about 4 yeares since did direct one Edw: 
Clarke to lett y* same. Wherevpon Clarke did treat with Agnes Webb, the widowe of Rich: Webb 
whoe did formerly occupy said ffarme vnder yo' Or: ancestors, and likewise with one John Webb brother 
vnto y* said Richard. Yt was agreed that s<* Agnes and John should enioye y* ffarme from yeare to 
yeare only and should pay yearely y* some of 49'*. But now soe yt ys that s** Agnes Webb and John 
Webb takeiug notice y* yo' Or: hath noe thing in writeing vnder theire hands, and yo' Or: 
haveiug mislayd his writeings w**** concjne y* s*' ^misses, give out in speeches y* they nor either of 
them doe make any such agream*, but that they are seised of y® iuhitance of y* ^misses, and 
doe refuse to pay y« 49" p aunu and alsoe doth vtterly spoyle & destroy y« s^ house by plucking 
vpp y® plancks thereof, and some of them have felled and carryed away greate pte of y* tymber. 

Answeares of Agues Webb widdowe, John Webb & Charles Steine Def^. They thinke it to 
be true that Comp^^ is lawfully seised of the femie called Bellsies & of lands & tenem*' in 
Eastberholt and Houlton, and did imploy Edward Clarke of Eastberholt to let said lands, whoe had 
bin fornflly imployed in that kinde by the grandmother of Comp". Richard Webb did fornSly 
occupy said ferme vnd some of Comp'** ancestors. But Agues & John Webb doe deny that there 
was more rent than the yeaily some of forty pounds. They have bin much dampnified by the 
molestacon of one Thomas Browne whoe ^tended to haue a lease of the pmisses. Edward Clarke 
hath lyved for many yeares in Eastbeholt & is a man of great estate & creddit in the county and 
Comp" may vse his testimony well enough if he thinke soe fitt. Def** vtterly deny that they did 
^tend to clayme the ^misses other than as fermors, or that they have spoyled the mansion house or 
comitted wasts. And Def^ Charles Sterne doth deny the felling & carrying away of wood or timber 
growing vpon said grownds saving for necessary fyreing, fencing stuffe, ploughbootf, cartbootf, 
gat^bootf & stylebootf, which the lawe doth vsually allowe to all fermors. 

Charles I, B ik A, FF. 24, 22. 

Digitized by 




jTortj). Crgmble, jBobe. 

. . . Crymble of 



. . . ux . . . Farmer, . . . ux . 

1541. 1541. 

. . . uxWm. Taylor, . . . ux . 

1541. 1541. 

. Cowper, liichard Oryinble of Rochford, co. =f= Agnes, named 
Essex, gent. WillP.C C. 10 Alenger, in her hus- 
proved 15 Oct 1541 ; had grandson band's will. 
Ghelsam, John Frebom : held lands in Foulnes 
and Prittlewell, and leased tythes of 
the Crown, temp. King Henry VIII. 

Margery Crymble, 
was party with her 
brother Richard 
Cr>'mble touching 
lease of Rouge ward 
in Fouhies. 

Henry Crymble^ 
living 1541, 
when he had a 
81)11 John Crym- 
ble and other 
issue. =r 

William Crymble, 
3d son, underage 
in 1541; apparent- 
ly dead in 1570. 

Joan, Margery and 
Elizabeth, named 
1541 in their father's 
will, and then appar- 
ently under age. 

Agnes, wife of Wil- 
liam Stamer, 1541 ; 
had son Edward 
Stamer, and divers 
other children. 

Mai:garet,named 1541 
in her father's will ; 
described as Margaret 
Betts in her brothers' 
wilU 1570 and 1572. 

Richard Crymble of Rochford, 2d 
son. Will Lond. Consistory 27 
Aug. 1572, proved 7 Oct. by Susan 
his relict; their issuealldea^l; many 
bequests to religion and the poor. 

John Crymble^ 
cousin and de- 
visee of Rich- 
ard Crymble iu 

1st wife, said toT=George Crvmble, 1st husband^Thomasiue, dau. of=Thomas Bode of Rochford, co.=f=John Forthe of Great Stam- 
i_ 1.^ !-._ _*mi- TT-ii-_ -* i^___^ TT-ii„ _* T7. _^ w «j u-.^i 1 «r.Mi «__!- bridgc, CO- Esscx, geut., 6th poii 

of Wm. Forth of Hadleigh, 3d 
husband. WiIlArch.£8sex7I)ec. 
1612, proved 4 June 1613 ; es- 
tates to his daughter Winthrop 
and her children. 

have brought her 
husband a large 
portion in marriage. 
Bodee. Forth, Chas. 
I, B. k A. 

of Thomasine Hilles. of Great 
Stambridge, oo. Essex, eldest 
sou of Richard Crymble of 
Rochford; Will P.C.C. 40 
Daper 2 April 1570, proved 
15 Nov. 1572. 

Hilles of Essex, so 
described in the 
Blois AfSf, and the 
Forth — Winthrop 
pedigreeof 1611 ; died 
before Dec. 1612. 

E^ex, 2d husband. Will Arch. 
Essex 18 June, 23 Eiiz. ; prob. 
23 Aug. 1581 ; Ob. s p ; devised 
estates to wife and brothers. 
See Bode Pedigree, Hurl, AiS. 

Grace Crymble,' 
sole da. and heiress 
by this marriage ; 
ultimatelv co-heir- 
ess with her sister 
of the half blood 
Susan Forth. 

'William Bode of Much 
Stambridge,gent. ,bro- 
ther k devisee of Tho" 
Bode, 1581 ;WiU Arch. 
Essex, June 24 1591 ; 
prob. 2 Oct. ; names 
daughters unmarried, 
Susan and Frances. 

George Crj^mble, 
s. and h., under 
age 1570 ; de- 
visee of Tho» 
Bode 1581 ; Ob. 

Mary Crymble. 

Susan Cr}'mble, da. and^ 
CO -heiress, half-sister to 
Mary Forth. Her 2d hus- 
band was Tho" Golditig of 
Poslingford, oo. Suif., Ksq ; 
her Will, Dean k Chap. 
Westm., 15 July 1631 ; 
prob, 8 April 1634. 

'Edward Forth of Kel- 
vedon, co. Essex, gent., 
5th son of wm Forth 
of Hadleigh, co. Suff., 
Esq., brother to John 
Forth. Will P.C.C. 26 
t<<ainberbe, 24 Feb. 33 
Eliz. 1591. 

Mary Forth, sole dau. 
and heiress, half sister 
to Susan Crymble; b. 1 
Jan. 1583 ; mar. 16 Ap. 
1605, John Winthrop, 
after Gov. of Massachu- 
setts; d. 12 April 1643. 
See Winthrop Pid. B. 

John Bode of Daving-=i=Mary, da. of Henry 

ton Priory, co. Kent, 
Esq., only son ; entered 
pea. in the Visit^ of 
thatCounty,1619. Will 
P.C.C. 51 Rivers 31 
Aug. 1641; ProbM644. 

Heyman of Sellinge, 
CO. Kent, Esq., 1619, 
2d wife. HarL MS. 
14S2. The 1st wife 
was Mary, da. of 
Sir Edw<^ Boys of 

Edward Forth, «.aud"7^Barbara 

h.,dead1634; of New | 

Windsor, co. Berks, living 
gent, 9 July 1612, 1612. 
when he made Will 
64 Fenner P.C.C. : 
Probate 27 July; Ob. 
vitA matrit. 

John Forth, citizen 
and clothworker 
of London ; dead 
1634 s p ; had lost 
much merchandise 
by pirates. 

William Forth. 

Thomasine ux Ro- 
bert Smith, citizen 
and grocer of 
T^ondon ; had son 
Henry Smith who 
entered ped. in the 
London Visits of 

Fiances ux 
Richard Ver- 
non, cntizen 
and mercer of 
I^ndon ; wi- 
dow in 1631. 

John Bode, "my stub- James Forth of Windsor, co. Sybil Forth ux Charles Forth, Katherine, ux Rich* Richard Vernon. 

borne and disobedient Herks., Esq, 1635, s. and h. Cornelius Hoi- 1634: then dead Lowefield and had issue. 

Sonne," to have one Boae e. Bode, A9 IQM -y Bode c, landof VVestmin- without issue; 

third only of estates, Ff^rCA 1635 ; of Eaton, co. Bucks, ster. Esq , 1631, grandson of 

the rest to his half -sister 1640 ; .Porf A c^orr/ner, Cha* I. and had dau. Susan Golding. 

liary Bode. B& A ; lands in Holton, co. Suff. Susan Holland. 

John Vernon. 
Susan ux Francis — 

Clarke, and had issue, Edward Vernon. 

This pedigree is founded for the moet part upon the Chancery Proceedings in Forth c. Bode, Chas. I., B. k A., FF. 18, 49 ; 
Bode a Forth, Chas I., B. k A., BB. 102, 26 ; and Bode c Forth, Chas. I., BB. 105, 13. 

Digitized by 


j^o^ell of mt)ttct)utc(). 

Who was Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Powell of Wales, and wife of William Forth of 
Hadleigh? A prolonged and most careful search amongst the wills at Somerset House and other 
Probate Courts ; the Fines, Inquisitions, Close Rolls, Patent Rolls, dec., <kc., at the Record Office ; and 
the Pedigiees and Genealogical Collections at the Heralds* College and elsewhere, has failed to elicit a 
single fact in answer to this questioa As Elizabeth Powell she witnessed the will of her future hus- 
band's father in 1540. As Elizabeth Forth she became the mother of an heir in 1541. We should 
have been altogether without clue to her identity had not three of her sons, or their immediate 
descendants, assumed the very remarkable quarterings of Powell of Whitchurch in Glamorganshire. 
The eldest, Robert Forth, caused them to be woiked into the great gateway of Butley Abbey, where 
Davy, the Suffolk Antiquary, saw and noted them in 1810. They embellish the brass of William 
Forth, the third son, who died at lladleigh in 1599. And John Forth, the youngest son, seems to 
have assisted, in 1611, a year or two before his death, in the preparation of the '* Emblazoned 
Pedigree " of Forth and Winthrop, in which the quarterings of Powell, Brokenspeare, Gwaringde, Morley 
and Yaughan are marshalled in all their splendour. These quarterings were allowed to Philip 
Forth, her grandson, at the Suffolk Visitation of 1612. This being the case, we give pedigrees of 
the one and only family of Powell to whom such quarterings could possibly have belonged: and, as 
Welsh evidences are scarce, excerpts of two documents which help to establish the date of the Appowell 
who married the heiress of Vaughan of Methyr — the conjectural grandfather ot Elizabeth Forth, 

Thomas Ap Howell de Whitchurch in Marchia Waft Gentilman, Robtus Ap Howell de Ou . . . 
in coin Heref. Gentilman, Joftes Ap Guyllym de ffalley in com. Heref. Gentilman, «k Hugo Vaughan 
de Kyngis Caple in com. Heref. Gentilman, recog. debere diii Rege centum libras, &c. The condicion 
of this recognizance is that Thomas ap Howell, &c., psonally appere at next gen'all sessions, and in the 
meane tyme kepe the Kinges peax against William Rudhale the Kingis S*iant at the lawe : they 
sonally to appeje before the King at Westm & then & there to aunswcr to all suche caussis as shalbe 
allegid against them. Close Roll 15 H. 8. 

of mahet 3l|j %Qhttt, 1558. 

Walter ap Robert of Trelecke, co. Monmouth, Esq, 8 Aug. 1558. To be buried in the parryshe 
churche of Trelecke. To Jane my wyff the terme of years I have in the Mylls at Vske. To George ap 
Robert, my sonne <k heire, my lands & tenements in Pantglasse w***in the parryshe of Treleck : for 
lacke of yssue remaynder vnto my sonne Anthony ap Robert — Chrofer ap Robert— Thomas ap Robert 
(yonges sonne) — right heires of me. Lease graunted by one Thomas Murtyn late abbut of Tyntame 
vnto my father Thomas ap Robert. My djughters Johan, Mary, Elizabeth, Alice, fflorence. Elizabethe 
Appowell my suster. My goodis & cattells wythiii the counties of Monmouth & Glouc: Thomas ap 
Morgon, Knyght, and my brother yn lawe Thomas Apowell of Whitchurch, gentilman, to be my laufull 
executors. Probat U Marti j 1558 executoribus. Cur. Pra^rog. Cant. 51 Welles. 

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i^otoell of t!8[ft|)itc|)urcb^ 

Fixtm the Golden Grove Book^ four volumes of Welsh Pedigrees collected hy Hugh Thomas^ Depuiy 
Herald to Garter King of Arms in 170S, lent to the Public Becord Office hy the Sari of 
Cawdor, The annotations in brackets are attribtUed to Theophilus Jones^ the historian of 
Brecknockshire. Op. Cit, vol. i, B. 209-11, 218, 220, 221. 

Herbert the son of Godwyn the son of Elfryd, a Britieh Nobleman diBinherited by W"* the Conqueror, m/: (as 
Bede Uwyd) da: of Godwin Earl of Kent =|= 

Henry Fitz Herbert Chamberlain to King Henry y« first m/: (as R. Brooke) Luda (as CI: Cooke) Julia feh: llobert 
Corbet Lord of Alcoster in Com. Warwick. (Eng: 328.) =f= 

r ' 

Herbert Fitz Henry (as CI. C ) m/: Emma f : Stephen Earl of Bloys and Cliarteras. sister to Stephen King of England, 
her mo: EJla f: W»n y« Conqueror, =j= 


Herbert Fitz Herbert lA of Dean Forrest and Chamberlaine to King Stephen m/: Lucia feh: to Miles Fitzwalter Earl 
of Hereford, br: 205. =r 

Petronella m/: Reynald Peter fitz Herbert as Judge m/: Alice f: Roger Fitz Rogers a great Baron of Northum- 
Egidius de La- Fitzher- berlanH. [Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1205: Lord of Barnstaple 1217 : died 1235. Edm™ Bar. 
rew (p. 89). bcrt. Gen. V. 3, p. 263.] =f= 

Herbert Fitz- Reynald Fitz Peter m/: Joan f : S' Wn» de fortibus Knt. Arg: 3 fomicauzes gu: al's unicomia as y» 
l)eter. S.T. office of Armes : his eldest Da: & coh: The s^ Peter gave Arms, per pale az & gu 3 lions ramp^ arg^. 

Herbert L<* of Llanhowel k Beachley m/: Marg* f: S' John Welsh Kn* (his Arms) arg a bend gu. 


Adam Herbert m/: Christian fh: Gwaringdhy Lord of Gwemdhu. [Arms per pale az & sa 3 ft de lis A. from Gwariu 
ddu & Ynyr King of Gwent.] =r 

Jenkin ap Adam of Gwerndhij m/: Gwenll. f: S' Aaron ap Rees. Others say he m/: Alse fh: D^ Roth L** of l^>th. 
Arms, arg on a bend cottis'd sab: 3 mullets of the first. =r 

I ' 

Gwylym &c. m/: Gwemll. f: Howel Vyclian ap Holl ap Yerth. 


Thomas GU'm of PlAs, yn y bethyr of Llan S» fread (as Cott: b) he m/: Mawd fh/: S' Jn' Morley of Rhagland Kn^ 

Howel of Porthyr which he purchased m/: . . . f: Huntley. [By his] 2<*» ux' Cath: f: Qrono ap Jvor Hir (gl: 54) 
[he had with other sons]. =r 

^ J 

Hopkin. Hopkin afores** was of Whitchurch k m/: (as W.H.) . . . f . Hugh Huntley of Hadnock, 

^ ^ ^ 1 , ^ 

Margtt m/: Nicholas Wm. (Gl: 2.) I>* Vicar of Llandilo Cwesynyr. Thoe. Tho» m/: . . . f. . . . Moore, Vicar 

nr oi Newland. =p 

r- ^ -» r ^ r -^ -I 

Robert Powel Ac m/: lieyuald m/: . . . f: Morgan Jane m/: J^ Philpot Joan m/: W°» GilVms of Hopkin. 

Mawd fh: Lewis Vaft Gamage. =7= of Rogefield. Monmouth. 

of Merthyr. br: 121. 1 ' 1 

=T= Bridget m/: John D'^ GU'm of Treleg. Jane m/: W™ Jn 2d W™ Catchmay of Weroestou. 

I ' 1 J 1 1 

Tho" Poll Ac. m/: . . . f: Tho« John Poll, John [m. d. of Jevan David Phe. Robert of Howent [m. Elizabeth, 
ap Robert of Pantgla^. S: T; ap Jeukm.] d. of Wm. Brown of Ross] 

I ' [ 1 1 TT 1 

. . . m/: John ... da. ... da. Walter Powel Ac. m/: Eliz: f : S' Thomas John Poll' m/: Tho« Poll* m/: . . . S' 
Harry. Herbert Knt. to: =f= in Wiltshire. John Bourn Kn*. 

I ' T 

... da. ... da. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C!)e jBfecent of Cfiomasi i^otoelL 

From ''BeroMie Collections by W. Penson, Lancasttr Herald;' 1613— 16S7, Earl. MS. 1052 Jo. 23b, U. 

Arms :— <Juarter1y,— 1. Powell ; Per pale three liona rampant. 2. BrokeDspear ; A croas charged with five mullets. 
8. Gwaringdu ; Per pale three fleur de lys. 4. Morley ; a lion rampant Sable, crowned Or. 

Crest: — A blackamore proper, crined Or. 

Godwj'n of Cornwall -r 


Herbert, sonne to Godwyn=T= 

r -^ 

Peter, sonne to Herbert=|= 


Reginald, sonne to Peter. •=rSibilla, daughter and heire of Blethyn Brockspere, Lord of Lowell and Bechley. 

1 J 

Adam sonne to Reignald. 7=. . . Da. and heire of Gwarin DDS. 

r -^ 

Jenkyn, sonne at Adam.=f=. . . Da: of Jevor ap Bledre. 

William, sonne to Jenkyu.=f=. , , Da: of Howell Vaughan ap Howell Yerworth. 

Thomas, sonne to William.=T=Mawde, Da: and coheire to S' John Morley, Knight. 

Howell, sonne to Thomas. Of this Howell, Powells of Whitechurch tooke first their=fKatherine, Da: to Gronwey ap Jevor. 
surname of Powells. | 

Hopkin Powell. This Uopkin was y« first that tooke the sumame=p. . . Da. of Hugh Huntley of Hadnock in com. 
of Powell. Glouc. [He was living 1456 and 1483]. 

Robert Powell.=f= . . . Da: and heire of Lewis Vaughan of Marther. 

Thomas Powell, sonne to Rob^=p£lizabeth, Da: to Tho. Probart of Pantglas. [Sister and de^iBee of Walter Probart, 1558.] 


Thomas Powell nowe Liueing A" 1576.=Per8ida, Da: to S' Jo. Borne Kt. 

The Bourne Pedigree in the Visitations of Somersetshire, 1565—1623, Barl. MS, 1445 ^ describes Sir John as one 
of the principal Secretaries of State to Queen Mary. In his will, P.C C. 29 Pyckerj'ng, dated 18 May 1563, he leaves 
two parts of his Manor of Batenhall, co. Worcester, to Dorothy his wife, and the residue to Anthony his son and 
heir. He also makes provision for the tuition and government of his children during their minonty. This will was 
proved 1 July 1575, by Dame Dorothy his relict, and later on Administration was granted to Anthony Bourne the 
son, 21 July 1576, his mother having died. From the letters of thii Anthony, Add. MS. gS, SIS^ circa 1677, we 
learn that he and Thomas Powell had been friends together at Oxford, he having on one occasion rescued the latter 
from the police, and on another entrusted him with money for the payment of his debts. 

The earlier ancestry of Powell of Whitchurch is given us, with more or less exactness, in the pedigree drawn ui> 
by the order of King Edward the Fourth, when he created William Herbert Earl of Pembroke in 1460. (See Coxe's 
"Tour in Monmouthshire," pp. 141, 421, and the articles on the Herberts in Burke's "Extinct Peerages.") For further 
information respecting the Whitchurch family the reader is referred to the " Genealogies of Moi^gan and Glamorgan," by 
George Thomas Clark, pp. 264, 265, and to the Wakeman MS., an admirable compilation, now or lately in the custody 
of the Society of Antiquaries. 

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Mn iort of i^embrooti*0 i^ebigree. 

' Drawen by Brooke, Yorke Hereaught:' Abridged frtm Harl MS. 6068, "JUcords and Pedigrees of Wales," /o. J^*— Jd*. 
Benry iUz Herbert, Ckamberlane to King Henrjf ike firtU^Lulia, da. to Robert Corbett, Lo. of the Caetdl of Aleneeeter. 

Herbert itz henry. 


Herbert jUz Herbert, Lo, of the forett of Deane by hiv=T=Lueiay ladye of the forett of Deane, sitter and eoheire to Henry, Brit of Hertff and 
voife, Ao, H. S» I Counttable of England, dayne by hit tervaunt 24 H, f , 

I ' 

Peter JUz Herbert, Lorde of the third part Breeknocke by the gift of Kinge John.=FAlice, daughter of . . . Saint John. 

Reginald fUz Peeter, Lord ds Baron of Lianloneny by writ Ao H, S,^Joane, doughtr of WiUiam defortXbue, 

Peeterfitz Reginald mar.^f Alice, da, A heire of Blethin Brodefpere, 


Herbert fitz Peeter, Ptie p. pale bjg S lione ry ar.^yMargeU, do. to Sr John JTeUh, Knight 

Adam fitzherbert, lord of Uanoveny and Betedey,=rChrittiane do. <t- iole heire to Owaring dduy. 

Sf Thomae fitz Adam, Knight, eldest sonn, Lord 
of LUtnoweU. =f= 


Jenkyn or John 2 ionn, Lorde of Gwern ddee by=r ^enUian, daughter of S^ Aron ap 
y« gift of Christian his mothr, I Pldri, Knight 

Wdliam, sonn ^ heire of Jenkyn, Lord of Qvoerndhy,^WenUian, daughter of Howell Ychan. [Descended of the Kings of Gwent.] 


John, eldest sonn and heir. Lord of 
Otoem ddee. =r 


— r: ' 

Dauid secttfid ton of 
Wm. =r 

HnweU, 3 sonn, was of 
Treowen. =7= 

ThoMcu, tonn of JFm.,=f=Ma'ud, da. and coheir to 

was of Periheir, he 

Howell Thomas of Peythier, esq. : of this Howell 
ar the PoweUs of Pirthier d: Whitchurch descended. 

Yeaan Thomas, 
tecond ionn. 

Sr John MorUy^ Knight, 
[Lord of Raglan Castle]. 

1 ■ 

Sr WiUiam Thomas, Knight,^Glades, daughter of Sr Dauid 0am, 
Lo. of Raglan. I Knight, ds tister of Morgan 0am* 

UoTpkin. HarL' 
MS. 6068, fo. 

WiUiam Erie of Pem---j^Ann, da. of 

broke, dayne at Han- 
burye on the part of 
Edw. 4. 

Sr Water 

Elizabeth Herbert, 
mar. Sr Henry 
Stradlinge, Knight. 

Sr Richard Herbert of Colbrook, K.^Margett, 

of whom Maihtw Herbert is descended : 
[and the Lords Herbert of Cherbury]. 

daughter of 
Thomas ap 

Robert mar. Mauld, 
d. Jt h. to lewis 
Ythan, heir ot Me- 
thyr. [Vaughan.] 


. . . Powdl of 
Wales, circa 
1520. Suffolk 
of Forth. 

Katherin Herbert, Sr George Herbert William Herbert, Ann, wiff Sr Walter Her- Mauld wiffto Henry 

wifftoOeorgeOray, of St Jvliane. mar- Erleof Huntingdon Pt John bert, mar. Ann, Percy, Erie of North- 

Earle of Kent, dt ted doughs to S^ maried Mary, do. ds Oreye,Lorde eister to Edunrd umberland, tlaine at 

lord of Ruthin. Richard Oroft heire to Richard, i'owys. Stafi: Duke of Talton fielde. 

=T= ErURiuers. Buckingham. =t= 

^ y I 


second of George 
and brother and 
hei'^'C to Rich- 
ard, Erie of 

Charles Som-^ElizaheUi, 

ersett, Erleof 
base Sonne to 
Henry, D, of 

daughter and 
heire of Wm. 
Brie of Hunt- 
ingdon, [heir- 
ess of Raglan.] 

mar. to Edw. 
Stafford, Duke 
of Bucking- 

Ann Percie, 
maried fo Wil- 
liam, Eiie of 
Arvnddl, who 
died S6 H. 8. 

Elizabeth Powell, 
d andh.,mar.Wm. 
Forth of Hadleigh, 
ca Suff., Esq. 


John Forth, 6th 
son, whose d. and 
heir Mary Forth, 
bom 1583, mar. 
John Winthrop. 


Margett Per- 
eie, wiff to 
Henry^ Lord 
Clifforde, first 
Erie of Com' 

Henrys Or aye 
of Wrest in 
the Cauntey of 
Bedford^ esq. 

r ■• I 

Henry Elizabeth Stj^ord, 

Somersett, wiff to Thomas 

Henry Henry Fitzalan, Lo. 

Stafford, Metravers <6 Erie 

Earle of Howard, Duk of Lord of Arunddl. Bur. 

Worcester. Norfolk. Stafford, at Aru: 1679. 

^ _T ^ Tn J 

Henry William Somer- Thomas Howard, Edward, La Marie fUz 

OraHe, Erie seU, Erl at Wor- Viscount Bin- Lo. Staf- Alayne,B dough* 

of Kent, cester^ father to don, tonn to Tho: ford, now ter ds eoheire, m. 

now liuinge Edward, Erie of Duk of Norff, liuing. to 7%o: Huke of 

1597. Worcester, 1697. , Norfolck. 

Henry, Lo.Cl\fford, 
father to George, 
now liuinge 1697. 

Henry, Lord 
Pet eye, restored 
and created 
Earle of Norih- 
umberlande 8 

eie, seeond sonn 
to Henry, Brie of 
lande. =7= 
, 1 

Frances Clifm Henry Percy, Erie 

ford, wiff to of Norihumber- 

Phe.Lo.Whar' lande yt died in 

ton,now liuing the towrt 01 Lon- 

1697. don. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 

Clopton of ^elfotti. 

Jltinnnal ^tmn^s- 

The Anns of Clopton, Sable a bend argent between two cotices dancettee Or, appear upon 
the seals attached to their deeds and charters from the middle of the fourteenth century downwards. 
Heading the Clopton pedigrees in Harl. MS. 1103, a contemporary copy of the original Visitation 
of Suffolk by William Harvey, Clarencieux King of Arms in 1561, are the following shields:— 

Clopton of Kentwell Hall in Long Melford.— Quarterly of six. 1. Clopton; as above. 
2, Mylde : Argent, a lion rampant Sable, over all a fess counter-compony or and azure. 3, Francis : 
Gules, a saltire between four crosses pat^e or. 4, Roydon; Chequy argent and gules a cross azure. 
5, Knevitt: Argent, a bend within a bordure engrailed sable. 6, Argent, three lions rampant gules. 
This quartering which is assigned to Eyrkham in Harl. MS. 1560, and to Belhouse by Dr. Howard, is 
common to both families. ^The Crest is a wolfs head, per pale or and azuie, and the Motto, 
"Dor en avant." 

Clopton of Liston. — Qiiarterly of four. 1, Clopton. 2. Mylde. 3, Francis. 4, Saye ; Per pale, 
azure and gules, three chevrons argent voided and counter-changed of the field, over all a crescent 
on a mullet for difference. 

Clopton of Sudbury. — Quarterly of six, as iu Clopton of Kentwell, impaling Peacock, Gules, on 
a fess argent, between three plates, each charged with a peacock's head erased azure, as many mascles 
sable ; over all a mullet for difference. 

Harl. MS. 1820, has Clopton of Kentwell, Quarterly of six, as before, impaling Baniaixlistou ; 
Azure, a fess dancettee ermine, betw^een six cross crosslets argent. 

Harl. MS. 1560, fo. 5, has Quarterly of eleven. 1, Clopton. 2, Mylde. 3, Francis, 
4, Knevett. 5, Kirkham. 6, Bozun of Lincolnshire ; Argent, three bird-bolts gules. 7, Uffleete ; 
Argent, on a fess azure three fleurs de lis or. ^*, Deane ; Sable, two bars argent within a bordure 
gules. 9, Paynell ; Gules, two chevrons, within a bordure argent. 10, Argent, senile of fleurs de 
lis, a lion rampant sable. 11, Sable, three cinquefoils, all within a bordure argent The whole 
being, apparently, the achievement of Mary Clopton, afterwards the wife of Sir William Coixiell. 

The Shield of Clopton, quarterly of twenty, from Sir William Clopton's monument in Melford 
Church, is pictured and described in Dr. Howard's edition of Harvey's Visitation of Suffolk. 

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The wolfs head, as Clopton's Crest, appears on the seal attached to a charter of Sir William 
Clopton of the third year of Henry the fourth, 1402. It is occasionally represented, as on the 
Clopton monument at Lyston, issuing from a ducal coronet. 

A great number of Clopton wills, deeds, pedigrees, &c., have been printed in Dr. Howard's 
edition of " Harvey's Visitation of Suffolk," vol. i, pp. 20 — 136. Some additional evidences 
from the De Banco Rolls and other sources are given below. 

^t. Jtvs r. Clopton, 1298. 

Suff. Johannes de Scalariis attachiatus fuit ad respond Witto de Clopton de placito quare 
ipe simul cum Rico fratre ejus vi & armis intravit manjium pfati Witti de Clopton & Aliciam 
filiam & alPam heredem Warini fit Hugonis cujus custodiam & maritagium idem Johannes pdco 
Witto prius vendiderat ibidem inventum cepit & abduxit & eam adhuc detinet 

Et Johes venit <k defendit vim & injuriam, &c. Et bene cognovit qd aliquo tempore 
dimisit pdco Witto custodiam & maritagium pdce Alicie et bene defendit qd ipe non amovit 
pdcam Aliciam a custodia ipius Willi nee p ipm amota fuit, &c., et ita ponit se sup patriam & 
Wilhis similit. Placita Coram Rege, 49 H, 3, 1265, Abbreviatio Placitorum, p. 156. 

Warimu fil Huyonii^^^Alieie uxor 8ua^=Joh^innis de Scalar Will^ de Clopton. 
17 E. L hoere$. So maritut. ^p 

JiolA de Seint=Mahdia fil Jb hcer, Alicia alL hoereM^=j=WaUer de CU)ptun,4. Hugo, 6. Adam, a Wm. JioberL 
Lithe. matris tae. matri$ tue. i $6 E. 1, priest, t.p. 

William, fil. 

Contention Huoixt Robert & Mabel Seintlish on the one 2>a'^ ^ Walter ds Alice Clopton on the 
other part, after the death of Warren sone of Hughe, for lands m Cowling, Estbersham, Thimbelthorp, 
Rofham, <k Cardsfon. The agreement wa^ made that Rob dc Mablt ahotdd have all Warreri's tenements 
n Thimblethorp Roffam ds Cardston, with the tenement in Eastberaham which Roger de Fenditton did 
purchase of John Scales or Scala ; so that Walter <fe Alice must follow the sute against John Warren 
Earle of Surry, now iennant thereof, or against his lieires in the Kings Corts, & shall have payd them, 
for costs yearly two marks for 6 years at Easter <k Michaelmas, 

" GeneaL of Suff. Fam«." MS. quondam penes Sir J. Blois, p. 125. 

of ^tr lilaltj>r Clopton, H15. 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego Walterus Clopton miles de Hadlegh compos mentis & sane 
memorie condo t^stameutum meum in hunc modum. Imprimis lego animam meam deo beate marie 
& omnibus Sanctis eius & corpus meum ad sepeliend in caucello in capella bte marie coram ymagine 
eiusdem ex pte boriat. Item lego sumo altari eiusdem ecciie quatuor marcas. Item lego ffabrice 
^iusdem eccie x marc. Item lego p quodam tabemaculo de nouo repaudo predict ymaginis iij* iiij<*. 


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Item lego Elizabeth vxori mee omnia lectistJnia mea exceptis quatuor lectis liberis meis exhibend 
Becundu discrecioDem executorum meorum & ornamenta aula & vtensilia coquine quantum ad vasa 
enea k erea. Item lego Alicie mee Tnam peciam argenteum desup auratt cum suo cooptor maior 
^c. Item xv^^ monete celebracioni iij milt missaioim p auima mea celebrand. Residuum yero oms 
bonorum meorum non supius legatorum do & lego execut meis videlt Elizabeth vxi mee AA'iffi 
Oloptou de Stoke armigero Nicho Seman ctico & Johanni Lawsell otic, vt ea disponant p anima 
mea festinanans melius k oportuuius quo viderint deo placere. Et ad istud testni fidelit coustituo 
h facio ^dictos Elizabeth AA'iltm Nichu c^ Johncm p presentes. In cuius rei testioni presenti 
testamento sigillum meum apposui. Hijs te8tib3 JoRne Lyncoit Rectore ecctie poch pdict Rico Benton 
<3tico (b Henrico Devyugton clico. Dat apud Hadlegh quiuto die mensis Maij anno domini miii'mo 
cccc^^^xiij. Item constituo supuisorem istius testamcntuum Jofinem Howard niilitem. 

Tenore presencium nos Wiftmus Milton, <kc., uotum facimus vniul8i3 q** xxviij die mensis 
Maij anno domini supradict Probatum fuit testamentum suprascript in ecclia conuentuali de Stoke 
Norwicen dioc. Et comissa fuit administracio bonorem eiusdem dominis Nicho Seman executori 
testamento nominato, <Src. 

Lambeth Wills (" Nowic sede vacante "), Arundel, vol. ii, fo. 191^ 

le lanro ^nit, Clopton r. (fLlojrton, 1417. 

Suff. Rex mandauit Justic' suis hoc Bre suu clausum in hec vba. Henricus dei gra Rex 
Angi & ffranc k Dns HiBn Justic' suis de Banco saitm. Transcriptum pedis cuiusdam finis leuati 
in Cur Dni E. quondam Regis Angt paui nri anno regni sui vicesimo primo coram Johe de Stonore 
■k socijs suis tunc Justic eiusdem paui nri de Banco p bre suu inP Wittm fil Waiti de Clopton 
quereiitem et Thomam de Clopton k Gilbtii de Pentelow psonani ecctie de Depedene deforc de 
quatuor mesuagiis vno molendino duabj carucatis sexcentis k quiuqj acris tre quinquaginta k octo 
acris p^ti quinquaginta k quinq^ acris pasture sexaginta & quatuor acris bosci & duodecim libratis 
redditus cum ptin in Wickhambrok Denardeston Stradesele Stansfeld Haukedon Depedene ffloketon k 
Parua Thrillowe quod coram noB in Cancellar nra venire fecim^ voB mittim^ sub pede sigilli nri 
mandantes vt inspecto Inscripto ^dco vltelius ad psecucoem Thome Bendyssh k Alicie vSis eius k 
Johis Badewelle k Elizabeth vSis eius filiaru k heredu WalPi de Clopton fil Willi Clopton inde fieri 
fac quod de iure k scdm legem k consuetudinem regni nri Angt fore videritis faciend T. me ipo 
apud Wcstm xvi die Januar anno r ii quarto Tuscriptu pedis finis j^dci sequit' in hec vba. Hec est 
fiualis Concordia facta in Cur dfii Regis apud Westni in crastino Ascensionis dni anno regni Edwardi 
Regis Angi tcij a conqiiestu vicesimo primo . . . in? Wittm fil \N*alti de Clopton que? & Thomam 
de Clopton k Gilbtni de Pentelowe psonam ecciie de Depedene deforc de quatuor mesuagiis vno 
molendino duabj carucatis &c. Vnde plitu conuencoTs sura fuit inV eos. Scilt qd ^dci Thomas & 
Gill^tus concesserunt ^dco Witto tria mesuagia sexcentas & quinq^ acras tre triginta k quatuor p^ati 
quadraginta acras pasture triginta k sex acras bosci k octo libratas redditus cum ptiti . . . Et ^?ea 
ijdem Thomas k Gilbtus concesserunt . . . qd vnu mesuagiu vnil molendinu due carucate tre viginti 
k quatuor acre p^'ti quindecim acre pasture viginti Sc octo acre bosci k qufituor librate redditus cum 

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ptin in pdcis villis . . . que luetta que fuit v2 Watti de Clopton tenuit ad t?nu vite de hereditate 
^dci Gilbt et que post decessu ipiiis luettse ad pdcos Thomam & Gilbtm debuerunt . . . post 
decessum ipius luettas integre remaneant jPdco Wi&o . . . et post decessum ipius WiSi vnu mesuagiu 
centum A sexaginta acre tre quatuor acre pHi sex acre pasture sex acre bosci A triginta solidate 
redditus in pdca villa de ffloketofi integre remanebunt Wal^o fit eiusdem Willi & heredib^ de corpore 
suo . . . et si contingat qd idem Walrus obierit sine herede de corpore suo ... tunc .. . eadem 
tefi remanebunt Jolli flPri eiusdem WalSi <fe heredibj de corpore . . . et si contingat qd idem JoHes 
obierit sine herede de corpore suo pcreato tunc eadem ten remanebunt Edmundo fri eiusdem Johis & 
heredib^ de corpore suo. £t si contingat qd idem Edus obierit sine hede de corpore suo . . . tunc 
eadem ten remanebunt rectis heredib^ ^dci WiHi imppm. £t vnu mesuagni centu & sexaginta & 
decem acre tre decern acre pti octo acre pasture decem acre bosci & nouem solidate redditus cum 
ptm in ^dca villa de Thrillowe integre remanebunt ^dco Jolli <fe heredib^ de corpore . . . imppm. 
Et si contingat qd idem Jolies obierit sine herede de corpore suo . . . tunc post decessum ipius 
Jo^is eadem ten integre remanebunt j/dco Wal?o . . . Et si contingat qd idem Wal?us obierit sine 
herede de corpore suo pcreato tunc post decessum ipius Wal?i eadem teii integre remanebunt fdoo 
Edmundo . . . Et si contingat qd idem Edus obierit sine herede de corpore tunc post decessum ipiua 
Edi eadem ten integre remanebunt rectis heredib^ ^dci WiHi. Et duo mesuagia vnu molendinu 
ducente & quadriginta & quindecim acre tre quadraginta & quatuor acre pti quadraginta cfe vna acre 
pasture quadraginta & quatuor acre bosci & vndecim librate & duodecim deuarata redditus cum ptin 
in ^dcis villis de Wikhambrok Denardcston Stradesele Stansfeli Haukedon & Depedene integre 
remanebunt Marie filic Willi Kokerell chiualer tenend de capit . . . Et poet decessu ipius Mario 
eadem ten integre remanebunt Willo filio ^dci Witti & heredibj de corpore imppm. Et si contingat 
qd idem Witts fit Wiffi obierit sine herede da corpore tunc eadem ten remanebunt ^dco Jolii & 
heredib^ de corpore. Et si contingat qd idem Joties obierit sine herede de corpore tunc eadem 
tenii cum ptin remanebunt ^dco Wal?o & heredib^. Et si contingat qd idem Wal?us obierit 
sine herede de corpore suo . . . eadem ten remanebunt ^dco Edo <& beredib). Et si contingat qd 
idem Edus obierit sine herede de corpore suo tunc eade teii integre remanebunt rectis heredib^ pdci 
Wifti fii Wal?i imppm. Et p hac concessione & concordia idem Witts filius Wal?i dedit pdcis 
Thome & Gilbto ducentas marcas argenti. Et sup hoc vefi quidam ... ex parte ^corf Thome 
Bendyssh & AHcie & Jo^is Bedewelle & Elizabeth et die qd tarn |Ucus Witts fit Wal^i qin ^ca 
Maria tam obienmt & simili? qd Pdcor(f Wifti fit Wifti & Jofeis fris Wal?i mortuus est sine herede 
de corpore pcreat & eciam qd ^dcus Wal?us fit Witti iam obijt et qd quidam Jo^es Pelham 
chiualer, Hugo ffrauncijs Armig, Alex Eustas, Ricus Leuerer & Wifts Coggeshale pdca mesuagm 
molendum ^o, in Wikhambrok <&c. . . . in ^co fine content modo ingressi sunt & ea tenent coiit 
formam finis jidcT Et pet bre vie Suff directum ad f^mouend ^fatos Hugonem Alexm Ricm & Wiftm 
Coggesale effendi hie ostens si quid Szc. quare ^dca mesuagm molendinu &c. &c, in ^dcis villis de 
Wikhambrok <fec. . . . que ipi tenent in forma fdca post mortem ^dcorf Wifti fit Wal?i & Marie, 
Wifti fit Witti Johis fris Wal?i & Wal?i fit Wifti gfatis Alicie & Elizabeth filiabj & heredibj euisdem 
WalH fit Wifti remanere non debeant iuxta formam finis ^dci si &o. eo qd vrqj ^corf Witti fit 
Wifti & JoHis fris Walt^i obijt sine herede de corpore suo pcreato ei concedit retome bile hie a die 
Pascfee in tres septimanas &c. De Banco Roll, Hill, 4. H. 5, m. 321. 

Sir Simon D'Ewes, who married the heiress of the Cloptons of Kentwell, made elaborate 
collections relating to their history, which will be found amongst the Harleian Charters and MSS. 
in the British Museum. He deals much with the same family in his ''Autobiography," a 
^Bowdlerised edition of which was printed in two volumes in 1845. 

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HI o! Militant Clo|rton, 1612. 

October 25**^ 1612. M' William Clapton Esquyre did in our hearing will & bequeath all his 
moveable goods & chattels what soever vnto his sonne William Clapton ; «k being demaunded yf his 
meaning were not that his other sonne M*" (Francis Clapton & M' Whitcroft should not have any 
of them he answeared that he would leave that to his sonii William his discretion ; & this he 
iustifyed to be his will. 

P me 'lohanem ffirmin clericm. 

Thomas Neavell. 
Ex^" 14 Januarij 1612. 

Comiss. London, Essex and Herts., 1612. 

Obviously the will of William Clopton of Liston, who died on the 25th of October, 1612, 
leaving William Clopton, his son and heir, Francis Clopton, his second son, and a daughter, Mary, 
married to George Whetcroft of Eye in Suffolk. 

Mill of William Cloftton. 1640. 

This is the last will and testament of mee William Clopton thelder of Groton in the county 
of Suff gent made and published this first day of November 1640. I commend my soule in^o the 
hands of Allmighty God stedfastly belie veinge throughe the onelie meritts and passion of my blessed 
saviour Christ Jesus to obtain pardon of all my sinns. I giue vnto my loving wife my customary 
lands in Groton holden of William Hobart Esquire as of his manuor of Lynsey, of .John Sampson 
Esquire as of his mannor of Lillesey cum Sampsons Hall in Carsey, and of Isaack Appleton Esquire 
vnto the full tearme of eightene yeares. And after the expiracoii of the said tearme I will that 
all said customary lands shall come to my sonne William and his heires for ever 15y Indenture 
of demise bearinge date the seaven and twentieth of October last, I the said W» Clopton and the 
said William Clopton my sonn, have letten vnto John Sampson the younger gent and Robert 
Sampson gent all those my mannOrs of Chastlynes Chipley and Saiidefords and all other my freehold 
lands in the county of Suff. vnto the full tearme of eighteene yeares, which lease was made in 
trust for the raiseing of porcoiis for my younger sonnes and daughters. My meaneinge is that said 
lessees shall assigne vnto my said wife as well the said Indenture of demise as alsoe the said 
premisses, and that my wife (the yearelie rent of fower score {K)wnds beinge deducted) shall raise 
porcohs for my younger children, that is to say for every one of them (except my youngest sonne) 
twoe hundred pownds a piece as they bee in senioiity one before another. And whereas I am 
seized of one coppiehold tenement lyeinge in Lynsey holden of the said William Hobart.. of which 
mannor the custome is that coppiehold estates doe discend to the youngest sonne, my will is that 
my executrix shall shall pay vnto my said youngest sonne the somme of eightscore pownds onely 
and noe more. I doe heartily desire my said executrix that my sonn Walter bee contynued at the 

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vniversity of Cambridge vntill one yeare after hee shall heve taken the degree of a Master of 
Arts. And I doe nommate my loving wife Alice Clopton to bee the sole executour. Probatum 
vicesimo Septimo die Novembris 1640 Juramento Alicie Clopton relicte. 

P.C.C. 148 Coventry. 

It was Thomasine Clopton, the sister of the testator, who became the second wife of John 
Winthrop of Groton, afterwards Governor of Massachusetts, 6 Dec. IG15. Her marriage settlement 
is given at page 22. The pathetic story of her death, but one year later, as penned by her husband> 
will be found in Vol. I, pp. 79-89, of the " Life and Letters of John Winthrop." 

MU of ^ohu (fLlopton, 1750. 

I Poley Clopton of Bury S* Edmonds, Doctor in Physick, resigning my soul into the hands of 
the fFather of Merc3r8 do publish this my last will. Impris I give and devise unto James Reynolds 
Esq' Lord Cheif Baron of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, Thomas D'Gray, Thomas Barnardiston, 
Baptist Lee and »Iohn Moyle Esquires, John Tumor Esq' the present Recorder of Buiy, my brother in 
law M' Edward Crispe, M' William Tumor and M' Henry Tumor his son, M' Walter Raye, M' 
Samuel Raye, M' Edward Isaack Jackson and M' Joshua Grigby all of Bury aforesaid and to their 
heires so much of my mannors &c. in Suffolk and Essex (other than my seat called Lyston Hall) as 
they shall think fit, not exceeding the yearly value of three hundred poimds, upon trust that they 
shall erect a convenient house in Bury for the reception and maintenance of twelve poor people, 
inhabitants of Bury, viz* six men and six women of the age of sixty yeares and upwards, and shall 
after said house shall be built, imploy the rents in the maintenance of the said poore people. Also I 
Mill that when said trustees shall be reduced to five that those surviving shall convey the premises 
to eight other inhabitants of Bury under the trust hereinbefore expressed and so toties quoties for 
ever. Item I give to my cousin Richard Clopton of Coney Weston one thousand pounds for the 
better support of himself and ffamily : to my cousin Thomas Clopton the sum of two hundred 
pounds and to my cousin Waller Clopton the like sum : to my kinswoman M" Elizabeth Tyler 
the like sum and to my kinswoman M" Elizabeth Murrills two hundred pounds. Item to the 
Master and ffellows of Queen's Colledge in Cambridge twenty pounds. To my relation M' James 
Sturgeon a guinea to buy a ring in remembrance of me. To the 'poor of S* James in Bury ffifty 
pounds and of S* Mary's parish ffifty pounds to be distributed amongst such of the poor who do 
not take Collection. To the poor of Liston in Essex ten pounds. I desire my body may be 
interred in Lyston chancell and a decent monument affixed in the wall near it with an inscription 
to be written by the Reverend M' Needen of Rougham to whom I give two guineas for his 
trouble— the monument not to be expensive nor under one hundred pounds charge. As to Lyston 
Hall and all other my reall estate I give to my dear!y beloved sister Elizabeth the wife of 
M*^ Edward Crispe and to her heires for ever. All the residue to my said sister to be at her own 
disposal. I appoint (her) sole executrix this 30"* October 1730. Probatum 23 Nov. 1730. 

P.C.C. 301 Auben 

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Clopton of Htcftbambrooi^. 

Clopton of ... in the county of Su£folk. So described in the Visitation of=p. . . dau. of . . . Qrey of Buckingham Caatle in the 
1661. Harl MS. IIOS. William Clopton. Harl, MS. 1560, Of Clopton Hall in county of Norfolk. Harl, MS, llOS, Anne, dau. of 

I J 


Wickhambrook. EUns. Vixit, temp. H. I. UEvan, Hari, MS. 689. 

I John Grey. Eari. MS. 1560. 

. . . Clopton, his son heir. Harl. MS. ItOS. Sir Walter Clopton.=i=. . . dau. of . . . Chewyt. HarL MS. 
Harl. MS. 1560. Vixit, temp. Stephani et H. 2. D'Ewet. \ 1103. Of Cheduyt Harl. MS. 1560. 

I ' 

. . . Clopton, his son and heir. Harl. MS. 1103. Sir William Clopton. Harl MS.=t=. . . dau. of . . . Cockerell, HaH. MS. 1103. 
1560. Vixit, H. 2 et R. 1. D'Ewet. | Sir William Cockerell. Harl. MS. 1560. 

r -^ 

A daughter ux. . . . Ger« 
bridge. HaH. MS. 1560. 


Richard Clopton, fil. Willi. 
82 H. 3. Jj'Ewet. 

Clopton, his son and heir, married . . . Trussell. Harl. MS. 1103. Sir William^Frances, dau. of Sir William 
Clopton. Harl MS. 1560. Walter de Cloptune fil Willi., temp. R. 1 et H. 6. D'Etbct. j TrusseL Harl MS. 1560. 

Sir William Clopton. Harl MSS. 1103 and 1560. De8cribed=i=. . . dau. of . , . Pygott. Harl MSS. 1103 and 1560. The old inscrip- 
in various deeds, Harl. MS. 380, dated 22 £. 1., as father of I tion on the parapet of Melford Church describes the dau. of Sir John 
Walter Clopton. | Peecot as wife of Walter Clopton, whom see below. 

Alice, first wife, dau. and^ 
coll. of Warin Fitz Hu;.:h. 
nioii. OfWm.FitzHugh, 
son of Hugh de Warren. 
D'Ewet, Harl MS. 380. 
She was buried in Chip- 
ley Priory. 

Walter Clopton of Wickham-= 
brook, 22 E. 1, when he bought 
lauds iu Chipley, &c. See deeds, 
Harl MS. 380. Dead 11 E. 3, 
I^etta being then his widow. 

Died 20, E. 2. irEwes, Harl. •- , 

MS. 10. JohnClopton, her son, 11 E. 3. 

=Ivetta, 2d wife ; a widow, 
11 E, 3, Harl. Charier, 51 
A. 48 ; dau. and heir of 
Weyland. Dewe*, HaH. 
MS. 639. 

Clement, son of 
William Clopton, 
sold lands in Cow- 
ling to John Shar- 
delow, 16 E. 2, 
HaH. Charter, 48, 


2. Adam, a priest. Blots. 

William, s.p. Bloit, 

5. Hugo. Bl'A$. 

Robert. Blois. 

Mary,dau."=Sir William Clopton - 

of Sir 
2d wife ; 
mar. set- 
tlement in 
Fine,21 E. 
3, 1348. 
Ob. s.p. 

of Wickhambrook,2l 
E. 3. Will, Cur. Ej). 
Norw., 22 Jan. 1376, 
proved 14 Jan. 1377. 
Lord of Topj)e8fiold 
Manor in Hadleigh, 
CO. Suff. and Newen- 
ham Manor in Ash- 
don. To be buried 
in Babwell Friary. 


de Grey. 

MS 639. 
1st wife. 

A dau. mar. to =Sir Thomas Clopton=f Ratherine, 2d wife,n 


A dau. mar. to 
. . . Walkote. 

A dau. mar to 
. . . Cavendi^ih. 
HaH. AfS. 1660. 
But see below. 

1st wife, 
buried in 


Sir William 
Clopton,21 E.3, 
named 1376 in 
his father's will; 
dead 4 H. 5 ; 
had Hawsteacl 
Manor, 8 H. 4. 
Cuilum Char- 


of Kentwell in Long 
Melford, described 
as son of Walter. 
/Tar/. CAari. 48. D. 9. I 
Will, Cur. Ep. Norw. 
8 Mar. 1383, proved 
120ct.following. To ' 
be bur. by mother 
and 1 st wife in Chip- 
ley Priory. 

Sir Walter Clop-=f Elizabeth, 

ton, 2d son, 21 E. 
3, to whom his fa- 
ther left his ma 
nor of Toppesfield 
Hall. Made WUl, 
Lambeth Regis- 
ters Arundel I II, 
5 May 1413. 

dau. probably 
of Sir John 
Peecot t ; 
named on an- 
cient Melford 
inscription as 
wife of Wal- 
ter Clopton. 

John Clop- 
ton, 3d son, 
21 E. 3, dead 
sans issue. 4 
H. 5, not 
named 1376 
in his father's 

Edmund==FBlanche Fitz- 

Clopton,21 E. 
3, to whom 
his father de- 
vised his Ma- 
nor of Ne wen- 
ham Hall iu 
Ashdon, co. 
Essex, 1376. 

Eustace, de- 
scribed as late 
the wife of 
Edm. Clopton, 
20 May 7 H. 
4. harl 
Charter, 57 
H. 7. 

Alice Clopton, da. and coheir, wife of Tho- Elizabeth, 
mas Beodish of Steeple Bumiwtee*!, co. da, and co- 
Essex, 4 H. 5. John Bendish claimed heir, wife 
lands there as their son and heir. 27 H. 6. of John 
J)e Banco Roll See Bendish pedigree, Badwell, 4 
HaH. MS. 6065. H. 6. 

William Clopton. son and heir, passed his 
Manor of Newenham Hall in Ashdon to 
Sir John Howard, Sir Walter Clopton, 
William, son of Thomas Clopton, &c., 18 
H. 4. Harl. Charter, 48, D. 6, and 48, 
I) 6, Mus. Brit. He died s p. 

dau. and heir of Wm. 
Mylde of Clare, co. 
Suff. Made WUl, 
Cur. Ep. Norw., 24 
Feb. 1403. leaving 
Kentwell Hall and 
Lutons to Wm. Clop- 
ton, her eon. To be 
buried in Stoke Nay- 
land Church. 

Sir William Tend- 
ring, 2d husband, 
survived Kather- 
ine, his wife; was 
bur. in theTend- 
ring Chapel in 
Stoke Nayland 
Church. HaH. 
MS, 1560. 

Alice Tendring, only dau, and heir ; 
mar. Sir John Howard, She made 
WiU as Alice Howard, P.C.C. 6 Luf- 
fenham, 13 Oct. 1426, proved 25 Oct. 
following, devising her Manors of 
Buxhall and Brettenham, co. Suff., 
to Robert Howard, her son. and her 
Manor of Garboldisham, Norfolk, to 
Henry Howard, her son ; desires to 
be buried by her father in Stoke 
Nayland Church. 

... Clopton, son and heir, Harl MS. 1 103. William Clopton. Harl MS. 1560. Not recognised by D*Ewes=i-Margery. Harl Charter, JAub. 
and perhaps identical with the father of John Cloptcm below. Wm., son of Thomas Clopton, is bo described Brit, 54 A 2. Daughter of . . . 
in deeds, 8 H. 4, 13 H. 4, and 9 H. 5 (1407-1422). Harl Charters, 64 A. 22, 48 D. 6, and 48 D. 16. I Eustace. HaH. MS. 1103. 

I ' 

Margery, dau. of Sir Roger Drnry=j= William Clopton of Kentwell, described by D'Ewes as Esquire=7=. . . dau. and heir of Elias Francis 
of Rougham, co. Suff., Ist wife, only. . Sir William Clopton of KentwelL HaH. MS. 1103. of Norfolk. HaH. MS. 1103. "Mar 

She died 19 June 1420. UEwt. 
HaH. MS. 380. Named in M.I. 
Melford Church. 

A daughter, doubtless Alice Clopton, 
mar. tt) John Harleston She wa-j bur. 
in theCloi)tonAisle inMelfordChurch 
Weevef. =t= 

Died 1446. Long M.I. on tomb in Melford Church, given 
in the Davy MsS. Identical, perhaps, with the foregoing. 
Made a WUl, HaH. Charter, 68 G. 28. 

1 ^ I 1 

Catherine, ux. A daughter, ux. . . . Cavendish. 
John Deuston. A quo Cavendish of Cavendish, 
HnH.MS.16C0. CO. Suff., and Chatsworth, co. 
Living 1458. Derby. Harl MS. 1560. 

gery Francis" in the M.I. in Melford 
Church. She died 12 June 1424. 
I/Ewet. HaH. MS. 384, fo. 135. 

John Clopton of Kentwell,=i= Alice, da. of Robert 

John Hariestou of Shimplng, co. Suff , Fsq ; Will, P.C.C. Stokton, fo. 206»>, 81 May. 
86 H 6., proved 25 Oct 1458 ; names John Clopton and John Denston, his uncles. He 
mar. Margaret, da. of Wm. Berdewell, Esq. She made Will as Mai^garet Harleston, w®, 
Cur. Ep. Norw., 10 March 37 H. 6. proved 6 Nov. 14.'i9. naming John Clopton, her uncle, 
Elizabeth Harleston a!s. Berdewell, her mother, and John Harleston, her son and heir. 

4 Nov. 1494, proved 16 
Nov. 1497; names Alice, 
his sister, wife of John Har- 
leston. Inq. p,m. IS H. 6. 

M.I. in the Clopton chapel I his Will, Cur. Ep, 
at Melford, which he built j Lond., 1469. Bur. iu 
in port. Weever. /^Melford Church. 

Clopton op Kbntwblu 

Darcy of Maldon in Es- 
sex. Harl MS, 1103. 
Sister to Sir Robert 
Darcy, who names John 
Clopton. his brother, in 

Digitized by 




Clopton of Henttoell. 

John Clopton of Eentwell Hall in Long Melford ; grandeon or great grand8ou=^ Alice, da. of Robert Darcy of Maldon, co. Essex, Barl, MS* 
of Katherine Mylde, the heiress of that Manor. Will, P.C.C 17 Home, 4 Nov. I 1103, sister to Sir Robert Darcy, who names John Clopton, 
1494, proved 16 Nov. same year. Inq. p.m. 13 H. 6. M.I, in Melford Ch. | his brother, in his WDl, Consistory Court of London 1449. 

Joan, Ist wife,=^ir William Clop-- 

dau. of William 
Marrow, Alder- 
man of London ; 
buried in Mel- 
ford Church, but 
M.I. and brass 
are gone. 

ton of Kentwell, 
son and heir ; Will 
unproved, given by 
Dr. Howard, dated 
14 Oct. 22 H. 8. 
He died 20 Feb. 
1680, ret. 50. s]/ 

Clopton op Groton. 

■Thomasine,'idwife=Eatherine, Sir Kdmund 

sister and coheir to 2d wife, Clopton, 2d 

Edward Knevett buried in son, "Knight 

of Stauwey, co. Es- Melford of the 

sex. Margaret,her Ch.; named Rhodes." 

other sister, mar. in her hus- HarL MS, 

John Roydon. band's will. 1560 ^ &c. 


Edward Clopton. 3d son ; of Anne, ux. 

Glerasford, co. Suff. ; Will, Tlios.Hook- 

P.C.C.36Bennett.4 May 1504. wood, E«q . 

proved 1510. Elizabeth Clop- who d. 12 

ton, hisdau. and sole heir mar. H. 8. Altar 

Nicholas Wood of Fulborn, tomb in 

CO. Camb. See Wood ped. Stanning- 

iti Cambridgeshire Visitation, fieldChurch 
1619, IJaH. MS. 1043. 

wife of 

John Clopton of =f Elizabeth, da. and h.=:Robert Weth- 

eon and heir ; 
WiU, Barl. 
Charter, 48, G. 
41, 5 Oct. 1541, 
proved 5 Nov. 
same year. Inq. 
p m. 34 H. 8. 

of John Koydon of 
Essex, by Margaret, 
sister and coh. of 
Edw. Knevett above- 
named ; made Will, 
Arch. Sudb.,a8 Eliza- 
beth Wytheisbey of 
Sudbury, 1 Dec. 1568. 

ersbey, Gent., 
2d husband ; 
Will, P.C.C. 6 
Mellershe, 17 
Sept. 1559, 
proved 13 Jan. 

William Clop- 
ton, 2d son, of 
Listen, co.Essex, 
Esq.; mar. Eliza- 
beth, sister and 
of Listen. Heob. 
1537. See Clop- 


a priest, 
3d son. 
Inq. p. 

Elizabeth, ux. 
Sir Geoft-ey 
Gates of Es- 

A daughter 
married to 
. . . Austin. 

Anne, ux. Rich- 
ard Foley of 
Boxsted, 00. 
Suff.,Esq. Her 
Will, P.C.C. is 
dated 14 May 
1549; prob.20 
Jan. 1550. 

Dorothy Clopton made 
Will, P.C.C. 5 Lennett, 
proved 26 Sept. 1508, 
and Gates, a sister 
Anne Darcy, a sister 
Katherine, &c. 


George Clopton, 4th son, of Sud- 
bury, Gent ; Will, P.C.C. 81 
Morrison 24 Sept. 1565. He mar. 
1. Alice, da and coh. of Sir Ste- 
phen Peacock, Loi-d Mayor of 
London ; 2, Eleanor Deve, by 
whom a son, Francis Clopton the 
younger ; and 3, Martha . . . 
By the first wife he had issue: — 

I.George Clop- 
ton of Sudbury 
Not 24 in 1565. 

of York. Harl. 
MS. 1560. To 
go to Cam- 
bridge, 1565. 

Anthony Clop- 
ton, 3d son, 
dead in 1568 ; 
mar. Eleanor 
Hubbard. ^«.vc« 
Had son John 
Clopton of Lon- 
don, devisee of 
Eliz. Wethers- 


8. Edmund 
Clopton, and 
5. Thomas 
Clopton. Ilarl. 
MS. 1660. 

mar. 1, to 
2, to Vava- 
sor ; 3, to 
... Apple- 
yard. i^oW. 
MS. 1660. 

Magaret,=rWilliam=f=Mary, dau. of 

dau. of Sir 
Jermyn of 
in CO. Suf- 
folk, first 

4. Francis 
Clopton the 
elder, 1565. 
To be a pren- 

— rn 

Thomas Clop- 
ton, 8. and h., 
1553. Settle- 
ment by Fine 
1 & 2, P. & M. 
on him and 
Dorothy, his 
wife ; both 
dead 8.p. vitA 
patrie ejus. 

William Clop— cAnneElmes 

ton, 3d son, 
of Kentwell, 
Esq.; Will, II 
Dec 1588, 
P.C.C. ; ob. 
8 p. Heir, 20 
Eliz., to Fran- 
cis Clopton, 
his brother. 

by Thos. 
1597, as 
Dame Anne 
Norris, late 
wife of my 

wife of John 
Smith of Gar- 
boldsham, co. 
NorfE., and of 
Hundon, co. 
Suff., 1563. 
Harl. MS, 
1552 & 1820. 

wife of Ed- 
ward Stote- 
ville, final 
trix of her 
Francis and 
Thos. Clop- 
ton, 1612. 

of Kent- 
well, Esq. 
son and 
heir, ret. 
32 in 
P.C.C. 17 
Inq. p m. 
4 Eliz. 

George Per- 
ient, 2d wife. 
She renupt. 
George Bar- 
nardieton of 
NoweU, CO. 
Bedford, Esq. 


Grisell, mar. 
Thomas West 
of Cornard, 

mar. to . . . 

John Clopton of 
Monks Elleigh, 2d 
son ; mar. Mai^ret, 
da. of Robt. Riece, 
Esq., relict of An- 
drew Hobart and 
aunt to Hyece the 
Antiquary ; issue by 
both husbands. 

FrancisCIoptonl563, Riece 

- said to have had four Clopton, 

sons, Francis, Wm., younger 

George and Walter. Bon,1563. 

Margaret, Elath- 
erineand Anne, 
devisees of Eliza- 
beth Wythers- 
bey, 1563. 

mar. to 
of Ched- 
iston, CO 
Esq , and 
had issue. 

George Clopt<»n, eldest 
son, by second mar- 
riage ; of Kentwell, 
gent ; ob. 8.p ; bur. 
at Melford 17 July 
1587. Admon., P.C.C. 
23 Aug. to Thos Clop- 
ton the younger, his 

John Smith 
Halesworth, co, 
.Suff., gent. Crane 
ped., Suff. Vititn. 
1661, and Smith 
ped. St{ff. Vititn. 
161$. Ist husband. 

Sir Christopher=rSirEdwardClere 
Heydon, Sdhusbd. 4thand last hus- 
named 1597 by 1 band.He&Dame 
Thos Clopton, as | Agnes, his wife, 
having mar. Agues I are named 1595 
his brother Fran- j in the will of 
cisClopton's widow | Thos. Clopton. 

r -• 1 ' I ■» 

John Smith. Barl. MS. 1484. Anne Heydon. BaH. MS. I484. Robert Clere. Barl. MS. I484. 

of T=Agne8, dau. of Ro-=Franci8 Clopton of- 
bert Crane of Chil- Kentwe 1, Esq., 2d 
t<»n, Esq. ; who in 
Will 7 Oct 32 Eliz. 
describes her as 
DameAgnes Clere ; 
yet living 1619. 

son, 1553 ; surviv- 
ing son and heir, 
1 562, and then ret. 
23 ; died 5 April 
20 Eliz , B.p. 

Thomas Clopton of ■ 
Kentwell, Esq , 
youngest son and 
at length heir of ail 
his brothers. Will, 
P.C.C. 39 Lewyu. 
10 Jan. 1597. Inq. 
p.m. 40 Eliz. 1598. 
M.I. at Melford. 

Bridget, youngest 
dau., mar. John 
SUffonl, Esq., 2d 
son, atid ultimately 
heir of Sir Hum- 
phrey Stafford of 
Blatherwick, North- 
ampton. Boicard. 

=Mary, dau. of Sir 
William Waldegrave. 
of Smallbridge, ca 
Suff.,.. and sister of 
Sir Wm. Waldegrsve 
theyounger. Admon. 
P.C.C. JFeb. 1599 to 
Sir Wm. Waldegrave, 
her father. 

Anne, Ist wife,^Sir William Clop- 
dau. of Sir Tho- 
mas Bamardis- 
at Clare 1 Jan. 

J610; died 4 
Feb. 1615. M.I. 
in Melford Ch. 

Elizabeth, 2d wife, dau. 
ton, Kt., 8. fr h , j of Sir Giles Ellington, & 
ret.5,27Feb.l597; widow of Sir Henry Pal- 
diedatHorsheath, | laviciui ; mar. at Hors- 
Cambr., 4 March | heath 3 Oct. 15 Jas. Sir 
1618 ; Inq. p. m. I JohnTracy,Kt.,3dhu«b. 
17 Jas, ; bur. in | Her two sons Edward k 
Melford Church.4^Wm. Clopton, ob. inf. 

Martha, 2d= Walter Cl(>p-=rAnne, da. of 

wife, dau^ 
of Isaac 
Barrow of 
Abbey, co. 

ton, Esq., 2d 
sou, 1597 ; 
bapt. at Mel- 
ford, ^96 ; 
died at Ford- 
ham, Camb., 

Sir Roger 
Kt., of Snail- 
weli, Camb. 
C. 16. 

named 1597 in 
her father's 
will ; bapt. at 
Melford- 1591 ; 
mar. there 1615, 
to Mr. Jerome 


1. Wmiam 

Anne ^lopton, sole dau. and heiress, bapt. at Clare, 2 March 1612 ; mar. Sir Simon D'Ewes 1. William Roger Clop- Daniel 

of Stowbtugtoft, Bart Cecilia D' Ewes, their only child, wife of Sir Thos. Darcy of St. Clopton, ton. son and Clopton, 

Cleres Hall, CO. Essex, Part., was buried in the Clopton Aisle at Melfoid 1 June 1661. died young, heir, 1637- Sd son. 

M.L Anne Darcy, her only child, died in infancy. D*£we9. 

1597 in 
her fath- 
er's will ; 
bapt. at 

living 1686 

Dipitized by VrrOOQ IC 



Clopton of (Proton. 

Katherine, dau,~Joane, dau. of=i=Sir William Clopton of Kent-'^^Thomasine, dau. of Sir Thos. Knevett of Stanway in Essex ; sister and 

of , . . Hopton, Sir William well in Long Melford,Kt. ; Lord 

widow of . . . Marrow of of the Manor of Castelyus in 

Durell of Essex, Stepney in co. Qroton jure uxoris. Made Will 

2d wife. Ob. Middlesex^Al- 14 Oct. 1580 ; buried in the 

B.p. Howard. derman of Clopton Chapel in Melford 

Buried in Mel- London, Ist Church by Joane k Dame Eath- 

ford Church. wife. -sj^rine, his first k second wives. 

ultimately coheir of Edward Knevett, Esq. ; aunt and coheir (with her 
two neices, Elizabeth, wife of John Clopton of Kentwell, and Katherine 
Roydun) to Elizabeth Rainsford, wife of John Rainsford, Esq., her brother's 
daughter ; as appears by the Inq. p. m. of the said Elizabeth Rainsford, 
24 H. 7, from whom she inherited the Manor of Castelyns in Qroton* 
She was then aged 40 years and upwards. See also Knevett pedigree, 
£/oW. MS. S80, fo. 128. ^^ 

Francis Clopton of Melford,^ 
CO. Suffolk, Qent., son and 
heir; Will,P.C.C.83Chaney 
2 Feb. 1558, proved 7 July 
1659 by Bridget, bis relict ; 
Manor of Castelyns to Wm. 
Clopton, his nephew. Ob. 

^Bridget, dau. ot Kouert=Johu Warbertou John 
Crane of Chilton, Esq. of Melford, Esq., Clopton, 
She mar. 2d John War- 2d husband ; Ad- third son, 
berton, gent. ; 3d . . . moii. PC.C. June HarWHiS 
Fassett : and 4th .. . 1581, to Bridget 1660. 
Jermy of Tomlinson. No Possett als. War- 
issue by any of these bertnn, his relict, 

Margery,=f=Richard Clopton-rManpiret. dau. 

dau- of of Melford, to and coheir of 

William whom did descend Sir Richard 

Plater of the lands of the Bozun of Bara- 

Sott«rley, Knevetts ; named by in Lincoln- 

CO. Suff., 2d 1530 as one of his shire, Knt., 1st 

wife. father's executors, wife. 

Frances, d<i aau., mar. to 
her first husband Martin 
Bowes, 2d son of Sir Mar- 
tin Bowes, Alderman of 
rx>ndun ; and to her 2d 
husband, Henry Hut ton. 
Archbishop of York. Cam- 
den. She was living in 

Elizabeth, 4th dau., 
mar. Nicholas Hobart 
of Liudsey in Suffolk, 
gent., who nuide Will, 
Arch. Sudb., 14 Feb. 
1606 ; prob 26 Feb., 
and was buried in the 
chancel there. 

Julian, 6th dau., 
mar. Thomas Wye 
of Lyppiott in 
Gloucestersh ire,and 
to her 2d husband 
John Throgmorton 
of Oxfordshire. 
She was living in 

Mary, youngest 
da., mar. to Ed- 
wardKing of Lin- 
colnshire, Clerk 
to Su: Wm. Cor- 
dall. Executrix 
to Dame Mary 
Cordell, her sis- 

Fmme, 5th 
dau , li\'ing 
1584, mar. 
of Cavendish. 
CO. Suffolk* 

Mary, eldest dau. 
mar. Sir Richd. 
Cordell. Master 
of the Rolls Her 
Will, P.C.C. 2 
Feb. 1584, waa 
proved 13 Oct. 

William Clopton of Groton, co. fc>uff., E»q., sou-r Margery, dau. of Kd- 

and heir ; Will, P.C.C. 83 Cope, 5 Sept. 1615 
prob. 28 Nov. 1615; Inq. p. m. 15 Jas. His 
death, 9 Aug. 1616, is noted in Adam Wiuthrop's 
Diar}*. Lord of the Manors of C'a.^telyn, co. 
Suffolk, Ramsden and Belhouse, co. Ehscx, &c. 

1. Anne, mar. to 
John Maidstone of 
Boxted. CO. Suff. ; 
bapt. at Qroton, 
1580. Had issue as 
in the Essex Visita- 
tion, 1634. 

2. Bridget, mar. to John 
barapson of Sampson's 
Hall in Kersey, Esq., 27 
June 1598 ; when he 
ma<le Will, Arch. Sul>d., 
21 May 1647 ; bapt. 
at Groton, 1581. 

ward Waldegrave of 
Lawfoi-d, CO. Kssex, 
Esq. ; aunt of Je- 
mimah. Lady Crewe 
of Stene. 

, P-j 

Thomasine, 2d dau., mar. Thomas Aldham, « Richard, devisee 

of Sapiston, oo. Suffolk, gent., who made of his unde 

Will, P.C.C. 17 Tirwhite, 30 July 1581, naming Francis Clopton, 

Wm. Clopton. his brother-in-law ; prob. 12 1539, k Edward 

May 1582. Her 2d husbd. was Thos. Kighley died sans issue, 

of Greys, co. Essex, Esq. Bloii. Camden. 

3. Thomasine, bapt, at Groton, 
1582 ; married there 6 Dec 1615 
to John Winthrop, Esq., after- 
wards Governor of Massachu- 
setts ; bur. in Groton chancel 
with her infant child 11 Dec. 
1616. See Winthrop of Groton. 


at Groton, 
1588 ;mar. 
Jenney of 
gent. Bloit. 

5. Margery.baptatGro- 
ton,1590; mar. there 22 
get of Boxford, gent., s. 
and h. of Wm. Dogget, 
whose Inq. p. m. is 
dated 12 Jas. 


6. Elizabeth, 
July 1601; mar. 
Geoi^ Cocke of 
Ipswich, Mer- 
chant. Blois, 

William Clopton of Gro-= 
ion, Esq., s. and h , age<i 
81 in 1616 ; bapt. there 
1584 ; buried there 7 Nov. 
1648 ; Inq. p. m. 17 Chas. 
Lord of the Manor of Cas- 
telyns. Will, P.C.C. 148 
Coventry, 1 Nov. 1640 ; 
prob. 27 Nov. 1640 to 

Richard Clopton, 
at Groton, 1634. 

Thomas Clopton, 
at Groton, 1636. 

=Alice, sister of Sir Henry Doy- 
lye of Shotti^ham, co Norff , 
Knt , married 3 Aug. 13 .las. 
1615. at Whatfiehl, Suffolk; 
sister of Wm. Doylye of Had- 
leigh, CO. Suff, gent , who made 
Will, P.C.C. 133 Goare, lh37 ; 
sister of Edmund Doylye of Had- 
leigli, Esq. 

Walter Clop-=f Margaret— Robert Crane Walde-=^Eliza- 

ton, 2d son, 
of Cogges- 
hall, CO. Es- 
sex, 24 Dec. 
1622, when 
he made will. 
1st husband. 

Maidstone, of Coggeshall, 

dau. of Ro- Grocer ; mar, 

bert Maid- settlement 16 

stone of Aug. 6 Car. 

Boxted, CO. 1631 ; liring 

Kssex,gent. May 1645. 2d 

8d son ; 
bapt. at 
18 May 


4th sou. 
Bapt. at 
18 Sept 

bapt. Walter Clopton, 2d son. Bloi*. Devi- 

see 1640 of his father ; of Uoyton, co. 
Suffolk, clerk, 26 Oct. 1 664, when he 

bapt. j made Will, P.C.C. 14 Hyde, leaving 
all to Amy Cutler, his kinswoman. 

Willliam, 1622. Walter, 1645. Margaret, 1645. Margaiy Clopton. Bloi$. 

n rn 1 

Edmund Clopton. . . . Clopton of Dedham, .... wife of ... . 
Bloii. clothier. Bloi*. Wakeman of Gar- 

— — boldaham, co. Norff.^ 

. . . Clopton of ... Clopton of London, clerk. Bloig. 
London. BUrii, stationer. BUU, 

William Clopton. Esq., son and=f^ Bridget, dau. & 

heir, aged 22 in 1640 ; named 
in his father's will ; buried at 
Qroton, 25 April 1666. 


coheir of 
Bernard, of 
Norff. Bloii, 

Alice, bapt. Frances, mar. Joseph Alston of Hindel- 
at Groton, weston, co. Norfolk, gent., who entered 
1638. pedigree in the Visitation of that 

County, 1664 and had issue. 

Elizabeth, ux! Robert Cut- 
ler of Letheringham, co. 
Suff., gent. Bloii. 

IVilliam. JSiui4, Bridget, I cutu. x>^i«. 

Hannah 2 dau. 

'6 dau. 


4 dau. Bl<M. Amy Cutler, heir and executrix, 1664^ 
to her uncle Walter Clopton. 

Digitized by 




Cloptoit of lt0tOtt 

William Gloptcm, Esq., of ListoD Hall, oo. Eaaez, in right of=pElizabeth, 
his wife ; second son of Sir William Clopton of Kentwell, by 
Joan, da. of Sir William Marrow. Inq. p.m. 29 H. 8. Died 
26 Oct 28 H. 8, 1587. 

da. and coheir of Thomas Saje of Ldston Hall, oo. Essex, Esq.» 
whose Inq. p.m. was taken 12 H. 7 ; sister and coheir of Wm. Saye who died 
in boyhood, 1 Aug. 1508. Uston was held by service of making wafers on the 
King's Coronation Day. 

Dorothy, da. of Tho-= 
mas Qavell, Esq., of 
Kirby Cam., co. 
NorfE., 1st wife. His 
wm. Cur. Ep. Norw. 
is dated 16Feb. 1614; 
prob. 9 Aug. 1522. 

=2. Francis Clopton of Ked-=Mary, da. of Sir'=Elizabeth, da. of 

ington, CO. Suff. ; ob. s.p. Edw. Walsing- Sir Thos. Bamar- 

* ■" * ham and relict dision, and relict 

of Sir Tho8. Bar- of . . . Broxby ; 

nardistonofKet- sister-in-la^ to 

ton. CO. Su£folk, Mary Walsingham; 

3d wife. 4th wife* 

1. William Clopton=f=Elizabeth, da. of 

Joined with his 1st wife in 
sale of Langale Manor, 
Norff., 87 H 8. liis 2d 
wife wasLora, da. of Sir 
Roger Wentworth. 

of Liston Hall, Esq., 
set. 28 in 1537 ; 
Inq. p m. 10 Eliz. ; 
died 6 Oct. 1568; 
mar. settlement 22 
H. 6. 

Henry Everard of 
Denston. Esq , who 
made Will^ P.C.C. 
20 Alenger 10 Nov. 

ob. 8,p. 

WllliamClopton of Liston Hall,=r Anne, da. of Sir Thomas Bamardiston of Ketton, co. Suff. who made Roger, ob. s,p. 

Esq., son and heir, set. 28, 10 
Eliz. Inq. p. mortem 11 Jas.; 
died 25 Oct. 1612. 

Will 10 Sept. 1551, by Mary, da. of Sir Edward Walsingham, Lieu- 
tenant of the Tower, who re- married as above, Francis Clopton, Esq. Thomas, ob. 
She was bur. in Liston Chancel 21 Nov. 1607. 3d sou, 


JohnHopton in 
JfaH, if 6*. 1660. 

1. William Clopton of ^ Anne, da. of 

Liston Hall, Esq., fet. 
40 in 1612 ; Will, 
1623; proljate 12March 
1626;Inq. p.m. 22 Jac. 
Bur. in Liston ChanceL* 

I — 

Harris of 
Briukle;, co. 
Camb. £uex 
VisUn,, I/arl. 
MS. IbJ^. 

John Wiseman 
of Stisted, CO. 
Elssex ; only 
child of Eliz. 
Qlasoock, his 
1st wife. 

Mary, m. 1 Wm Smyth of Thomdon, Anne ux.George 2. Francis CI op-=f=. 

CO. Suff., who made Will. Cur. Kp. Parris of Dul- ton of Melford 

Norw., 28 Jan. 1598 ; prob. 21 Mar. lingham, co. k after of Lis- 

aame year. Her 2d husb. was Qeorge Camb., by whom ton,Qent Will, 

Wheatcroft, Gent., of Eye, by whom she had an only Arch. Sudb., 8 

she had issue. She was Mary Wheat- child, Aune Par- Nov 1630; prob. 

croft in 1623. Wkeaicroft c. Witeman, ris, living 1623. 21 Jan. 1640. 

William Clopton 
30 May 1671 ; 
prob. 1685; died 
at Kdwardstone 
in Suff., s.p. 

Francis Clopton 
of Haughley. co. 
Suff.,Gent. Will. 
Arch. Sudb., 13 
Junel689; prob. 
7 Jan. 1691. 
Ob. s p. 

of We theringset, 
CO. Suff, Gent. 
Will, P.C.C. 46 
Russell ; prob. 
16 May 1633. 
Ob. s.p. 

Thomas Clop- 
ton of Hi tcham, 
CO. Suff , Gent. 
14 June 1643 ; 
prob. 10 Jan. 
1645. Ob. 8 p. 

Grisell, ux. ^ 
Wright ofTos- 
tock, Suff., who 
made v\ ill. 
Arch Sudb., 
27 April 1654. 

•Anne, da, of John Shorte 
of Wetheringset, grand- 
dau.&cob ofRichShorte» 
who niade Will, P.C.C. 22 
June 1596 ; bis Inq. p.m. 
is dated 38 Eliz. ; bur. in 
Listen Chancel, 1625. 

-- — \ 1 

Anne, ux. Margaret, 
John Cook ux. Wm. El- 
oflpswich. liston, A*» 
and had 1630; had 
issue 1630, dau. Han- 
1632. nahElliston 


Thomas C)opton=r^^« ^ ^^^ b®"* ^^ John Clopton^f Frances, da. 

of Liston Hall, 
Esq., est. 12 in 
1623. Will,P.C.C. 
17 Penn, 5 Dec. 
1667; i)rob. 12 
Feb. 1669; bur. 
at Liston. Served 
the wafers at the 
Coronation of 
King Charles the 

Martin Sparrow of 
Rirdbrooke, Essex, 
who made Will, 
P.C.C. 36 Aylett, 15 
Feb. 1651 ; ob. 1696. 

of Little Wal- 
tham, CO. Es- 
sex, Gent. 

D.D.. Rector 
of Kayne, co. 
Essex. J/or- 
ani*% Euex. 

Hannah, ux. Peter 
Devereux, Rector 
of Kirby, Easex. 
Her 2d hushaud 
John Cocksedge 
of Rougham mar. 
there 1641. 

William Clop, 
ton of Kayne, 
CO. Essex, eld- 
est son. Had 
da. Esther 
living 1689. 

Richard Clopton ^Sarah, da. of 
ofIj>swich,Gent. j John Thome of 
2d son. Entered | Harkstead,who 

ped. in Suffolk 
Visitation, 1664; 
bur. in St. Nich- 
olas Church. 

made Will, 
Arch. Suff., 
1649 ; m. at 

Martin Clopton, 
2d son, 1651; 
bapt. at Liston, 
1680 with a twin 
brother ; bur. 
there 15 Sep, 






John Clop- 
ton of Jesus 
A.B. 1671. 
Movant f 

ton of St. da.of John 
John'sColl Owen of 
Camb. Little 

A.B. 1680. Bardfield. 

Blower of 
Little Wal- 

Mercy, m. 
Sir Geo. 
Alleyn of 
Little Lees 

Jane and 
all died 

Thomas Clopton, 3dson, 
1651; of London, mer- 
chant, 11 Feb. 1665 ; 
Will, P.C.C. IftO Penn, 
proved 15 Nov. 1670, 
by John Clopton, his 
brother; bur. at Liston 

Walter Clopton, =Martha, neice 
6th son ; of Rat- to Thos Mael, Suff., 
derk. Will,Cur. 
Ep. Norw., 4 
June 1711. Ob. 
8.p. . 

clerk, whose 

Will, Cur. Ep. 

Norw., is da- 

ted 3 


Hamardiston Clopton, 
7th son; bapt. at Liston, 
1654; citizen and haber- 
dasher of Loudon. Will, 
P.U.C. 160 North, 6 
Nov. 1681; John Clop- 
ton, his brother, exor. 
Ob. s.p. 

I 1 ' 1 

Francis, San^Cloptnn of Eliza- 
s, & h., Ipswich. Will, beth 
iet.6,A« Arch. Suff., 20 Clop- 
1661. Oct. 1698; prob. ton, 
5 Feb. 1698. 

1 1 

Wiseman Clop- Elizabeth, ux. 
ton, 8th son ; Mr. Thos. Chey- 
bapt. at Lis- ney of Eye, mar. 
ton. 1656 ; there 11 June 
bur. there 20 1661 : Mar. Lie 
Nov. 1680. Vicar General, 


William Clop-=rElizabeth, 

ton of Liston 
Hall, Esq., 
eldest son, 
bapt. at Lis- 
ton,1634. Ob. 

da. of Sir 
William Fo- 
ley of Box- 
ted. Kt,bur. 
at Liston, 







Mary, mar. 
9 May 1671, 
Mr. James 
Coker of 
Brain tree. 

Anne, bapt. 
1635, mar. 
Hobt. Dal- 
CO. Suffolk. 

Jane, bapt. 
1638, mar. 
John Becou 
of Colches- 
ter, Gent., 

Lucy, bapt. 
1642, mar. 
Goodwin of 
clerk, 1662. 

John Clopton=f". 
of Norwich, 
mercer, 4th 
son, bapt, at 
Liston 31 Mar. 
1644; living 

Matthew Clop-^ 
ton, 5th son, 
bapt. at Liston, 
1647 ; of Ed- I 
Suffolk, 1681. 

WiUiam C1op-=^Anne, da. 

ton of Liston 
HaU, Esq.. 
living there, 

of Edward 
Crispe of 
Bury St. 

Foley Clopton of Liston Hall, and also of Bury 
St. Edmunds, Doctor of Physick. Served the 
wafers at the Coronation of George IL Died 
unm, 31 Oct. 1730. Founded almshouses at 
Bury. WilL P.C.a 301 Auber, 30 Oct. 1730, 
prob. 23 Nov. 

ton 22 May 169U, Ed- 
ward Crispe of Bury 
St. Edmunds, Esq. 
Ob. 8 p. Executrix to 
her brother 1730. 



Richuxi Clop- 
ton of Con- 
ey Weston, 
30 Oct 1730. 


Matthew, 1711. 

Elizabeth, 1681. 


Elisabeth Clopton,=Rev. Gilbert Affleck of Dalham, (*o. Suffolk, 
dau. and coheiress, mar. 22 Sept, 1746, at Rushbrook. 

Hannah Clopton,=Martin Folkes of Oheveley, 
dau« and coheiress, co. Cambridice. 

Digitized by 


C|>ntial of ^aplesteati* 

ltu|ttisition an iht htath oi C^arl lUiiers, 1486. 

Suff. Inquisicio capta apud Brandon fery in com ^co penultimo die OctoBr anno regni 
Regis Henrici septimi scdo coram Gregorio Lovell Armigo p sacrm Robti Talbot, gentelman, Rici 
Jermyn, &c., qui dicunt qtt Thomas Scales, miles, die quo obijt fuit seisitus de Manlio de 
Worlyngton ac de aduocacoe eccKe de Wyrlyngton in com f?dco, qdq^ idem Thomas Scales obijt 
in festo sci Jacobi Apii anno regni Henr sexti tricesimo octauo. MaSiu <b aduocacio ^ca 
descenderunt cuidam Elizabeth filie fidci Thome Scales vt filie & hereS que quidem Elizabeth iam 
defuncta tempore mortis ipius Thome fuit etatis xxiiij® anno(^. Sic inde seisita cepit in viru 
Antonio Wydeuyle militem nup Comitem Ryvers. Que quidem Elizabeth postea obijt inde seisita 
sine hered mt ipam & pfatis Antoniu pcreat & idem Antonio ipam supuixit. Antonius obijt vicesimo 
die Junij anno regni Rici Pcij nup de fco & non de iure Regis Angl primo. Fdcm manim de 
Wyrlyngton tenet' de Abbe de Bury Sci Edmundi & valet p annu x". P'dca Elizabeth obijt 
scdo die Septemb' anno regni dci nup Regis Edwardi quarti fciodecimo. Et qd Johes de Veer 
Comes Oxoii & Witt's Tyndale armig sunt consanguiuei & her tam Jclci Thome nup dm de Scales 
qm pdce Elizabeth ppinquiores. Videlt pdcus Comes Oxon fit Elizabeth fiiie Joliis fit Johis fit 
Margarete vn filiarf & her Robti dni de Scales pris Rofi pris Robti ^ris Thome nup dni de 
Scales pris pdce Elizabeth que fuit vx ^dci Antonij. Et pdcus Wilts Tyndale fit Thome fil Alane 
tilie Simonis fil Elizabeth alPus filierf & her jJdci Robti de Scales ^ris ^da Ro^i ^ris fdci Robti 
pris ^dci Thome pris pdce Elizabeth que fuit vx pdci Antonij. Et qd pdcus Comes Oxon est 
etatis XL annorf & ampt et pdcus Witts Tyndale est etatis xxxiij anuorf & ampt. Ricus Wydevile 
miles nuc Comes Ryvers est frat & heres fdci Antonij Comitis in bri noiat ppinquior & est 
etatis XXV annorf & amplius. 

This Inquisition, which so concisely records the descent of Sir William Tyndal from Lord 
Scales, is one of the four which detail the possessions of Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, in 
Norfolk, Sufiblk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. By some mediseval mistake these Escheats 
were placed with those of the first year of Henry VII. Their entry in the Calendar, "Escaet. 
Hen. VII," stands thus :— " Antonij nup Comit Ryvers : 38 Norff. : Suff. 39 : 37 Hertf. : Cantebr. 36. 
These oflSc are fyled in anno primo and were fownde in anno scdo." 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


ltu}filsitt0]t an t\ft htath of ^tr tSRtUiam f^gn^al, 1498. 

Suff. Inquisico capta apud Eye vicesimo septimo die Junij anno regni Regis Henrici 
septimi ('ciodecimo coram PKo Tylney armigo Escaetore dci dni Regis post mortem Wifti Tendale 
militis p sacrm Johis Loveday gentilman, Matthei Pygot, &c, qui dicunt sup sacrin qd pdcus Will's 
Tendale miles nulla tenuit terr neq^ ten de diio Rege nee de aliquo alio die quo obyt Sed 
dicnnt qd idem Witts diu ante obitu suu fuit seitus de MaSijs de Brysworth & Barowe in com 
pdco, et sic seitus p quandam cartam ffeoffauit Johem ffyneux militem, Robtum Rede vnu Justic 
dni Regis, Wfflm Boleyn, Johem Fasten, Humfrm Conyngesby, <kc., <kc., hend eis & hered ad vsum 
& intencoem pimplen(t diulsas conuencones int ipm Wittm Tendale et ^fat Humfrm Conyngesby 
confect <b conficien^. Et qd Henr Colet miles diu ante obitu ^dci Witti Tendale fuit seitus de 
MaSio de Wirdlington in com pdco et p cartam suu feofiauit ^fat Johem ffyneux, Robtm Rede, 
&c., ad intencoem pimplend diiS^sas conuencones inP ^dcos WiSm Tendale et Humfrm confect. 
Pdci Joties ffyneux & sui cofeoffati essent selti de ^dcis Manlys de Brisworth & Barowe ad vsum 
^dci WiHi Tendale & Marie tunc vxis eius iam defunct p Pmio vite eor <b post eius decessum ad 
vsum Johis Tendale filij & tunc hered apparentis ipor Wiiti & Marie & hered ipius Johis pci-eat. 
Maner de Wirdlington ten do Abbe de Bury p sjuic iguot et vat decem libf. Maner de Brisworth 
ten de Edo Com Suff. p sJuic ign et vai quinque libras. Maner de Barowe ten de AW de Bury 
Sci Edmundi p sjuic ign et vat quatuor mcas. Wittmus Tendale mil in bri noiat obijt vicesimo 
secundo die ffebr anno regni Regis Henrici septimi duodecimo. Johes Tendale est filius et her 
ppinquior et tempore mortis ^dci Witti fuit setatis decem annorf. 

Esch. 13 H. 7., No. 16. 

By other Inquisitions of this date Sir William Tyndal was found to have been seised of 
the Manors of Hockwold Scales, &c., co. Norfolk, and of lands in Soham Monachorum, &c., co. 

^&h of Snfolk (Bstatts, \6U. 

Hec est finalis concordia fca in Cur dni Regis apud Westin in octavis Sci Martini anno 
regno^ Henr Octaui dei gra Angi & ffranc Regis Mei defensoris &. dni Hibn a conquestu sexto 
decimo coram Robto Brudenell, Lodowico Pollard, Rico Broke A Antonio ffitzherbert, Justic & alijs 
dni Regis fidelib3 tunc ibi ^sentib3 Int Ricm Belamy, Thomam fflete, Thomam Godsalue <k Willm 
Newton clicm quer et Johem Tyndall & Amphillam vxem eius deforc de MaSio de Oldhall alias 
Bresworth cum ptiii ac de vno mesuagio vocat Shrubbys centii acris tre quadraginta solidatis 
redditus cum ptiii in Bresworth, Brokford, Westhorpe, magna Thomeham, parua Thomeham, Eye, 
Stokeasshe, Yaxley, Thomdon, Tweyte, Wytheryngset, Colt, Rysangles, Bacton, Wyuerston, Cotton, 
ffemyngham & Gyslyngham. Vnde plitm conuencois sum fuit int eos in eadem Cur. Soilit qd 
pdci Jolies <k Amphilla recogii ^dca manim & ten cum ptin esse jus ipius Rici. Et ilia remiserunt 
& quietumclam de ipTs Johe & Amphilla & hered ipius Johis pdcis Rico Thome & W'ittmo & hered 
ipius Rici imppm. Et ^ea ijdem JoHes & Amphitta concesserunt p se & hered ipius Johis qd 
ipi warant ^dcis Rico Thome & Wilimo & hered ipius Rici pdca manIm & ten cum ptin cont 
omes holes imppm. Et p hac recogn remissione quietaclam Warant fine concordia ijdem Ricus 
Thomas & Wilis dederunt ^dcis Johis <k Amphille duoentas libras sterlingorf. Suff. 

Feet of fines, Suff., Mich., 16 H. 8. 

Digitized by 



of ^ir lobtt Q^Qitial, 1558. 

John Tendall of Iloccolde in the countie of Norff. Knjght, the xvi daye of ICaye miv**mviij. 
My soule to allmightie god, my body to be buryed in the chauncell of Hoccolde by my first wyffe 
whoose soule god pdon. I will that my wyfe haue all her apparell and Jewells for her body. I 
charge myn executours that they make restitucoii of all suche iuyewres as canne be by any means 
provid that I have comytted. To the repacofi of the churche tenne pounds. In the name of god 
I charge my wyfe and myn heires ^that [for suche landes as I have inclosyd in tofFts that they paye 
yerely vnto the churches of Hoccolde and Wilton vij», and yf they faile thus to do I charge my 
Sonne Thomas thelder of my blessing and all myn executours that they throw downe the fences and 
dykes and to suffer the tennts to ynioie their cofnon in the sayd medowe as they haue donne in 
tymys past, and yf myn heires woll not paye the seyd mony, then yt shalbe lefull for the tennts 
and the inhabytants to throwe downe the saide fenses. I woll also that for suche londes as be 
enclosyd byfore my gate that they paye yerely viij^ to eche churche of the pisshes of Hoccolde and 
Wilton and every yere two combes of barley to the ^»sons of the seid churches ; and they fayle thus 
to do I woll that the seyd towneships shall throwe downe the said heggis and vse the coinou and 
shakke in the sayd londs as they vsyd to do. To the doughters of Pyper of Cannes fyve pounds. 
I woll that the chyldem of Thomas Jaxon haue iiii'* and half a hundred of wethers and ewes 
towards their bringing vpp. I desire my sone Thomas thelder to se his Sonne brought vp tyll he 
may shyfte for hymself. At tlie daye of my obite I woll that as many as shall come to churche 
to praye for my soule haue [bread and drynke w* some other refressing. I woll that to every 
howsehold in Hoccolde and Wyltou be delte vj** in recompense of suche comone dewtes and shakke 
as they haue forborne by my meanys. To every household in Monford xij* in like recompence. I 
woll that for my father my mother for my wyfe and for me be songe iiij trentalls in as hastie maner 
as can be deuysed. Also that Anne Tendall my doughter haue two hundred mks for her mariage, 
Mary Tendall my doughter shall haue three hundred marks ; Beatrix my daughter one hundred 
pounds. To the doughters of Thomas Baron xl'* marks. I will that the residue of my goods be 
deuyded amongs my doughters and executours, whom I make my wife, Thomas Tendall thelder, 
Humfrey Tendall the yonger, my doughter Anne and my doughter Mary. I woll that a horse 
price iiij nobles be delujed vnto Dcctor Clyffs executours that they se his debts payd. Probatum 
viij** die Nouembris 1539 juramento Thome Tyndall senior executoris. P.C.C. 33 Dineley. 

ill of BorotbD :^taltord, 1608. 

The one and twentith day of June 1608, in the sixt yeare of our Soveraigne Lord James 
of England, &c., Kinge, I Dorothie Stafford of Newe Romney in the county of Kent, late the 
wife of Henry Stafford clarke make this my last will. My bodie to be buried in the churche of 
new Romney besides M' Stafford in the chauncell there. I did morgage an estate in eight acres 
of land in new Romney for the good of Peregrin Merricke my nephew. My will is that Nicholas 
Parkhurst who hath married Judith the daughter and heire of my saide husband shall redeeme 
the same to remaine vnto Stafford Parkhurst sonne of the said Judith, and to the heires of his 
bodya I give and bequeath to my cosen Margarett Tyndall my best gilt salte and my trencher 
salt and one dozen of silver spoones. To my cosen Thomas Scott and Elizabeth his wief twoe 
gilt cuppes. And of this will I make S' John Tyndall Knight my sole executor. But if he shall 
refuse then I appoint Judith Parkhurst to be sole executrix. Probatum vicesimo quinto Octobria 
1608 jura*** Judithe Pai-khurst> executri-. P.C.C. 89 Wmdebank. 

Digitized by 



at Sir lobn tgnftal, 1616. 

I, S'^ John Tyndall of Much Maplestead in the Countie of Essex, Knight, oonsideringe that 
my tyme of departure out of this transitorie life is, by the ordinarie age of man, nowe neere at 
hande, yet in my reasonable health and vnderstandinge, doe make my will. I bequeathe both 
my bodie and sowle into the mercifull handes of Jesus Christ, my onely Saviour and Redeemer. 
I have by severall deedes heretofore disposed of certaine of my hereditaments and chattells. The 
rest of my goods I give vnto my deerely beloved wife, whome I also appoint sole executor, duringe 
her life, and after her death I give saide residue vnto my verie kinde and lovinge brother ffraunces 
Tindall Esqj, and make him my onely executor. And after his death I make my sonne Deane 
Tyndall executor : and yf he refuse, then my sonne Arthur Tyndall and my daughter Margaret 
Tyndall. Item I give to my saide wife the guilt bason and ewer, and the guilt cupps, and 
white silver bowle which sometymes were her first husbandes. Item I give vntx) her my great 
and little white silver salt w**» their covers ; and my guilt tankarde and all the chaines of gold 
and borders of gold and other Jewells which she hath heretofore vsed to weare. I desire S' Jo. 
Dcane Knight and the lady his wife, my brother flfrancis Tindall and my sister ffisher, my uepiiew 
M' Thomas ffisher and loving brothers in lawe M' Thomas Egerton and M' Stephen Egerton may 
haue riuges. House in Much Maplestead wherein I dwell to my sonne Arthur Tindall after decease 
of wife. Probatum 2 Dec. 1616 Juramento Deane Tindall : Relicta renuncian. 

Cur. Prserog. Cant, 126 Cope. 

The testator's daughter, Margaret Tyndal, third wife of John Winthrop, Govenior of 
Massachusetts, was one of the memorable women of Puritan times and has repeatedly been the 
subject of biography. 

of Jkrmt f Qttital, 16^0, 

The 14 of June 1620, I Anne Tindall of Much Maplested in the Countie of Essex widow 
do make my will. First, according to the xnanner of gods Elect I bequeath my soule to God 
that gave it, to Jesus Christ his soone that Redeemed it, and to the blessed Spirritt that Sanctified 
yt : my bodie to be buried in the place where yt shall please god to call me. I give to my 
loueing and eldest sonne S' John Deane, for a token of my loue, my right hand bracelett of gould 
with the round stone, and to my kinde daughter in law his wife my other bracelett of goold, 
the fellow to it : also I give to that sweete brood their children ten pounds to be bestowed in 
some pretty Jewells for each of them. To my eldest daughter Rachell Deane my silver standish; 
and to my daughter Anne Deane my two new sillver porringers. To my loueing brother in law 
M' fi'rancis Tindall my wedding ring that I was married with to his brother. To my loueing 
and kinde brother, M' Steuen Egerton, and to my sister his wife, for want of a better legacie, 
my gilt tankard, and to my loueing and good brother, M*" Thomas Egerton, a pece of plate. To 
my lovinge sonn Deane Tindall my gilt bason and ewer, with nest of gilt cups, and salts sutable 
therto, and the gilt spones. To my daughter in law his wife my cipresse box with tills, with 
such trifles as she shall finde in yt. To my goddaughter Ann Tindall my greate silver salte and 
twentie pounds in mony. To my grandchilde John Tindall two silver boules and my two liverie 
potts and tenn pound in mony. To my loveing sou Arthure Tindall thirtie pounds. To my 
daughter Tindall my velvit Gowne and kirtle and my velvitt cloak e. To my daughter Winthorp 
my Tuftafeta Gowne and my Cabinett which her father gave me. I give her my grcene velvett 

Digitized by 



box with tills and all such things as be in them at the time of my death. To my neece Gibson, 
and to Ann Hunwich her daughter. To my louing tonn and daughter, John and Margaret 
Winthorp and theire two sonns Steuen and Adam, all my plate and money not before bequeathed, 
I make my loueing sonn Deane Tindall my sole executor. No moomeing cloathes to be given 
at my funerall neither chargeable feast, but only that which for Christian comeliness is necessary ; 
M' Sephray my godly frend to preach. I give vnto my loueinge brother and sister each of them 
a ring of the value of twentie shillings apeece in remembrance of my loue to them. I also 
intreate my executor to bestowe some little remembrance which he shall thinke fitt vppon Luce 
Reade and James Harrington, or any other who he shall thinke hath deserved to be remembred 
by me in my will Probatum seoundo die Novembris 1620 Juramento Decani Tindall executoris. 

Cur. Praerog. Cant, 94 Soame. 

of Jlime leattt, 16^4. 

In the name of God, amen. I Anne Deane of Much Maplested in the county of Essex, 
sister vnto S' John Deane of Maplested, Knight, the 26 daye of June 1624, make this my last 
will. I comitt my soule into the hands of Allmightie god my most loving Creator and Redeemer : 
and my body to be buried in the chancell of Much Maplestead. I give vnto my most lovinge 
sister M**" Rachell Deane all my lands w*'** all my interest in the Manno' of Terrington Howards 
w"*in the county of Norff: Vnto my said sister one little white Boxe w**' all the money, gould 
& Jewells therein contayned. Vnto my sister M" Winthrop, one hundred pounds. Vnto my 
neece M'** Anne Deane one hundred pounds. Vnto my brother M' Arthur Tindall £sq3, tenne 
pounds. Vnto my nevew M' Drew Deane tenne pounds. Vnto my two neeces M'*' Anne Tyndall 
and Elizabeth Tyndall. I desire M' Blyth o' minister to preach at my ffunerall. Vnto my cosen 
M*** Anne Gibson. I ordaine my lovinge brother, M' Deane Tyndale Esquier executor, yea most 
humblye entreating him to execute the same accordinge to my true meaninge, and if he shall 
refuse, my desire is that my brother in lawe, M' John Winthrop of Groton Esquier, will be my 
executor. In witnes whereof I haue hereonto sett my hand and scale the daie and yeare aforesaid. 
Vicesimo sexto die Januarij 1624 emanavit comisio Dno Johanni Deaue militi, fri nrali et Itimo 
defuncti, ad administrand bona, eo quod Deane Tyndall et Johannes Winthrop oneri execuconis 
renuSciarunt. P.C.C. 8 Clarke. 

wan of ^arab %erton, 16^4. 

Sarah Egerton of the Parish of Blackfriars London, widow, 19*>* Aug. 1624. To be buried 
in the vault in the Blackfriars ' near my husband. To my most loving cousin Deane Tyndale of 
Much Maplestead in the county of Essex Esq' and to his two daughters M" Anne and Elizabeth 
Tyndale one hundred pounds apeece : to my loving cousin M" Margaret Winthrop wife unto John 
Winthrop of Grotton in the county of Suffolk Esq' one hundred pounds. To my cousin Anne 
Gibson widow one hundred pounds. To my cousin M" Felix Hilderson. To my cousin M' Thomas 
Egerton, Minister of Adstock in Buckinghamshire, and to his sister Elizabeth Jones. To my loving 
brother Sir Thomas Croke of Ireland, Knight and baronet, the seal and ring with the death's head 
that was my husbands; and to his son M' Thomas Crooke of Grays Inn, co. Middlesex Esq' my 
watch. To my brother M' Samuel Crooke, clerke, my wedding ring. To each of my other 
brothers, M' D' Crooke and Richard Crooke, clerke, forty shillings apeece to buy them rings. To 
my niece Alice Crooke daughter to my brother D' Crooke all my plate. To my sisters M" Leach, 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


M** Rowse and M'* Crooke, wife to my said brother Richard Crooke, forty shillings apeeoe to buy 
rings. To M' Gouge, Lecturer of the Blackfriars, forty shillings to buy a ring; and I appoint him 
supervisor of my will. Residue of personality to my said cousin, M' Deane Tindall and I appoint 
him sole executor. Witnesses, Fra: Whitmore, Arth: Tindal. 

Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 110 Byrde, 28 Dec. 1624, by the Executor. 

of S^it loljn Beam, 16^. 

S'^ John Deane of Maplested Magna in the Countie of Essex, Knight, 9 ffeb. in the firste year 
of King Charles, 1625. Item Ynto my daughter Anne Deane six hundreth poundes ; and to my 
daughters Elizabeth Deane, Dorcas Deane, ffrances Deane and Mildred Deane fiue hundreth pounds a 
peece as they shall come to the age of eighteene yeares. And I doe will and bequeathe vnto mj 
welbeloued wiefe my Manner of Dyneshall and other my landes in Maplested Magna, Maplested 
Parva and Halsted in consideracon of Indenture wherein I covenaunted to augment her Joynture 
fiowerskore poundes a yeare. Vnto Executors the prcfitts of my leases of Poslingford Hall, 
Howton Hall, Jmpie Hall, Bully Hall, Nether Hall and Overhall in the parishes of Poslingford, 
Chavcndishe and Clare in the countie of Suflfolke, duringe twelfe yeares, towards payment of legacies. 
Vnto Drew Deane my eldest sonne the residue of said leases. Vnto John Deane my sonne fifty 
pounds a year out of my lands of Onehowse and Calcott in Sufiblke at his age of twenty yeares. 
I make my welbeloued wife and my sonne Drew Deane my execute". And I doe humbly praye 
the right Ho^'" his Ma^ Master of his Highnes Courts of Wardes and Liveries that he would be 
pleased to graunt the Wardship of my sonne to my welbeloved wife. Probat 4 May 1626 Jur Dne 
Anne Deane relcte. Reseruate ptate Drugonis Deane filij. Probatum 20 Nov. 1626 jur Drugonis 
Deane filij. Cur. PrsBrog. Cant., 57 Hele. 

^tU of HarMl JBtmt, 16^6. 

Rachell Deane of greate Maplestead in the county of Essex gentlewoman, the 27^^ daye of 
Aprill 1626, well weighinge that the settling things in tyme is the occasion of after quiett, doe 
make this my will. I giue vnto the Lady Deane my sister and widdowe vnto my brother S'^ John 
Deane one fayre diamond ringe enameled blacke. Vnto Anne Deane my niece eldest daughter to 
S' John Deane my damaske gowne, my damaske petticoate and my riding coate of crimson bayes. 
Vnto my niece Elizabeth Deane his second daughter my grogoren gowne, my comation velvett 
pettycoate and my white gowne of tufted holland. Vnto my nephewe John Deane his second sonne 
my lands called Clenchworton Marshe in Marsheland in Norfolk, noe waye belonging vnto my 
Manner in Marsheland. I give unto Edmund Steedman clerke and Parson of Onehowse in the 
countye of Suff my biggest drinckinge bowlle of silver. Vnto Anne Joseline for her longe and 
faithefull service threescore poundes with all my goodes, silver plate and moveables not otherwise 
given in this my will. Vnto Deane Tindall esquier of greate Maplested a ringe of ffive pounds 
price for a remembrance. Vnto Drue Deane my nephew eldest sonne vnto S' John Deane my 
little truncke box covered w^ greene velvett w*** a needleworke purse of sylke & silver and twoo 
peeces of oulde goulde. Vnto aforesaid nephewe Drue Deane all my leases lands & tenem^' 
in Marsheland, his heires & assignes for eu. I make Deane Tindall esquier and the aforesayd 
Drewe Deane ioyntlye my executors. Steuen Deane a witness. Probatum septimo dei Junij 1627 
juramento Deane Tyndall armigeri et Drugonis Deane ar executoru. P.C.C. 60 Skynner. 

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Csntial ^etitgree. ^ad. M^^- 1411 anb 1542. 

Abms (ffarl, MS, i^H^ ;— Quarterly of eighteen. 1, Tyndall ; Arg. on a few sa., three garbs or: 2, Dene: 8, Bigod : 
4, Qranteamill : 5, Felbrigge : 6, Scales: 7, Be^iuffen : 8, Lyzens : 9, Rofia al's Rochester: 10, Ufforde: 11, 
Yesy: 12, Olanvill : 13, Yaloines : 14, Crake: 15, Blund : 16, Norwich: 17* Mundefford : 18, Inglethorpe. 

Crest : — Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of feathers ermine, within a basket gu. 

Sr Rob. ffdbnggt of fdbriggt in Nofff: mar, Eliz, ScaUt, Then fdhriggt tbere y* iMtt=r-£2tza6«<ii, ddett d, d! at length eoky 
male of Simon Bigod of ffdbriggtf yonger ion of Hugh Bigod, S'^ £. of Norff, \ of Rob, L, Sealet of Barkway. 

inae jfooriggg were y tsewj-aitzaoeu 
d, 3^ £. of Norf, \ of Rob,. 

S^ Simon ffdbrigge of felbrigge^ K, ^Margaret, d. ^ A. of SemouUiut D. of Tetchinia'db SUetia in Bohemia ds of hi» vrife, 
%Mt made E* of y« Garter by E Sen, | titter to Charlet y« 4^ Bmperor de King of Bohemia, She cam into England wUh 
ye sth. Rich, y« t^ wife. 

^lana, daughter ds h. of S^ Simon ffdbrigge, vfot rnfe of S^ Will: Tyndall.=f^Sr Will: Tyndall ofDeane in Norihamp., married 
•* Soror ds heret Thorn. FelMg,'* Stowe MS. 613. Alanaffd: ds d. yt 4 of Hen, 6. 

Sr Tho. TyndaU of Deane, JT., married Margaret Yeluerton,=f=Margart d, of S^ WiU, Tduerton, Chief JuUice of y* Kingt 

^ Bendi. 

mfe of 

I ■ T 1 

S^ WHl: TyndaU wot onofy Ueiret generaU of the Z, Sealet <6 luad^fMary^ d,d;h.ofSr Otberi Anne, wife Jane, 

Jfodtwold A Waton, dse., in Norff: after that Eliza, Countett of Riuert, 
died tant ittue: Of HockwoLd in com, Norff: in the right of hit wife : 
he wot formerly of Deane, 

Mound ford of ffeltwdl in of 8^ Hen. John Blenner- 
Norff. OilhertMoundefford St Jermyn. hattet offfrente 
ofHockwold in com, Norff, in Norff, 

St John Tyndall of Hoclneotd K,, wot one of y« Knightt of the Bath at=j=AmphilUt, d. of Sr Humfrey Conyrhgtby, one of 
ye Coronation of Qaeene Anne Bollen, Will, P.C.C. 33 Dyngeley, 1538. i y« Judget of ye K. Bench, 

Anne, d. of^Sr Tho. Tyndall^Annie, d. of 

William Pat 
ton, 1 wife, 

of HochwM jr., 
lyeih buried at Ely. 
Will, P.C.C, 37 
Butts, 1584. 

William Tyndall. 

Sr Hen. ffar- 
mour of Bart- 
ham in Norf., 
Knt., g wije. 

WiU Tyn- 
daU married 
Anr»e, d. of 
di had WiU 

wife of John 
Fayton o^ 
Knolton in 
Kent, Etq. 

, . . wife 
of Kcyet, 

, . . wife 
of Bacon, 


. . . wife 
of Mer- 

. . . wife 

William=r^«'**» <*• ^f 7ifco.=T=fi^ John Tyn- 


Esq., 1 






Eqerton of Lon- 
don, Etq,, de- 
teended of y* 
Effertont of 
Wronghall in 
Staff. OfWrin- 
hiUfietter, Will, 


daU of Mueh 
Mafdetted in 
Sttiex, K,,Doc- 
tor of ye Civill 
Lowe ds one of 
the Me of the 

of Lon- 
don f Etq., 

S, ff entry 

Humffrey Tin- 
daUf Dtane of 
Ely ds Mr if 
Queenet Col- 
ledg in Gam- 
bridg., t.p. 
Will, P.C.C. 
108 Lawe 

ine, wife 
of WUL 
of Ing- 
ham in 

wife of 
Coxey of 
Soame in 

wife of 

gdltf 0/ 

er, mar- 
chant of 

Beatrix, Sd 
wife of Rob. 
.Dynne of 
Eeydon in 


Elizabeth, wife 
of Tho, fflther, 
marehartt of 
London, (Vr- 
tula, ux. , . , 
Either of Lon- 
don, HarL 
MS. 1542.) 

Sir John Deane, Anne Deane. Deane TyndaU of Map^?=f^ Amy, d, d: tole 

Knighted by K. — letted, Etqr ddett ton ds 

James, 1603; Rachel Deane. heire^oneofthe Jutticet 

died 1625. See ofthepeaceofhitcounty, 

DeansPediqrbi Ao 16S4- 

heire of RobertWet- 
ton of IW-tton HcJl 
in fering in com, 

Arthur, Margarett,vx.John Win- Rog*ut Tin- 
ob. t,p. trope of Oroton in Svffolk, doll, ob. t.p. 

Etqr. ** Qui migrauit in Stowe MS. 

novam Angliam." Stowe 

MS. 613, p. 181. 

1. ffrancet TyndaU, eldett ton dt heire apparent : 
aged dbout 19 yeret, Ao 16S4* 

S. John, S. Drue, 4* Deane, 


— I 

On her death in 1418> Sir Simon Felbrigg placed a handsome brass over the grave of his high-bom wife in 
Felbrigg Church, with this inscription : — " Hie jaoent Symon Felbrygge miles quondam veziUare lUustrissimi *d ni Regis 
Ricardi s'cdi qui obijt ... die mensis . . . anno d*ni mcccc . . . et d'na Margareta quonda. consors sua natione k 
gen'oBo sanguine Boemaa ac olim domioella d'ne d*ne Anne qu^da. Anglie Regine. Que obijt zxyij die mensis Junij 
a* d'ni Mcoccxm quar. aiabz. ppidetur deus Ame'." 

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Cgittial of iWaplesteatJ* 

Robert Tyndal ; of the family^ 
of Adam de Tyndal» Barou of 
South Tyndal and of Langley 
Castle, temp. E. John. 


Robert Tyndal of Tan8over,=r-JoaiL 
CO. Northampton, living 

Henry VII, Emperor=T=Margaret,da, 
of Germany and Earl of . . . Duke 
of Luxemberg ; d. of Brabant. 
1881.. I 

Robert,2d LordScales.= 
Lord of the Manor of 
"Worlingtou, Suffolk ; 
luq^ p.m, 1325. 

-Kvelina. da. of Sir 
Hugh Courtenay, 
sister of Hugh,Earl 
of Devon. 

John, Earl of Luzem-^f-Elizabeth, da. and Robert, 8d Lord ScaleB,=f^Catherine. sister 

berg and King of Bo- 
hemia ;' slain 1346 at 
the battle of Creasy. 

heir of Wenceslaus 
IV, King of Bo- 

Lord of the Manor of 
VVorlington ; d. 1370. 
Inq. p.m. 43 K. 3. 

and coh. of 
de Lfford, Earl 
of Suffolk. 

Sir Wm. Tyndal^Elizabeth, cousin and 
of Tansover ; ob. I heir of Sir Henry 
40 E. 8, 1867. I Dene of Dene, co. 
Blom^ddy ii. 181. j Northampton. 

I ' 

John Tyndal of Tansover, =T=Catherine, da. of 
and of Dene in right of Sir Humphrey 
his mother ; died 1 H 
5, 1418. 

Elizabeth, sister of=j=Semovitius, Duke of Elizabeth, ultimately=f=Sir lioger Bigod al's 

(!^harle8 IV, Emperor 
of Germany, who died 

Silesia and Teschiua, 
died 1388. 

coheir to the Barony of 
Scales ; sister to Roger. 
4 th Baron Scales. 

Felbrigg of Fellbrigg. 
CO. Norfolk, living 41 E, 
8 ; died in Prussia. 


Margaret, da. and lieir,= 
ob. 1413. Handsome 
brass with M.I. at Fel- 
brigg, Norfolk. 

=Sir Simon de Felbrigg of Felbrigg, K.G., descendant of the Bigods,. 
Earkof Norfok. Will, P.C.C. 14 Rous, Te»t*tmenta r«ii«<a, dated 
Sept. 1 431. proved Feb. 1443. Buried in the Church of the Friars 
Preachers at N or wich . Lord of the Manor of Breis worth, co. Suffolk . 

Richard Tyndal, obijt 8 H. 5. sans 
issue. Blomefidd '« JVorjoik, iL 1 8 1 . 

Sir William Tyndall of Dene,= 
CO. Northampton ; ob. 4 H. 6- 

-Helena, heiress to Thomas Felbrigg, her=Sir Thomas Wanton, devisee 
brother; liad Breisworth Manor in Suffolk. 1431 of Sir Simon Felbrigg. 

Sir Thomas Tyndal of Dene, and of Redenhall, co. Norfolk, grandson and devisee of Sir Simon=i 
Felbrigg, 1481 ; then under age ; Lord of the Manor of Braisworth in Suffolk. He died 1448. 

'Margaret, da. of Sir William Yelverton, 
Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 1471. 


Anne, wife of Sir 
Henry St. Germain. 

Elizabeth, d. unm. 

Sir William Tyndall of Dene, and after of Hockwold, co. Norfolk.=r=Mary. da. and heir of Sir 

in right of his wife, 6 E. 4 ; Inq. p.m. 13 H. 7 ; created K. H. at 
the marriage of Arthur, Prince of Wales. Inherited Worlington 
Manor, 1484, as one of the heirs of Thomas, Lord Scales. 

OsbertMondefordof Felt- 
well, CO. Norfolk, Esq., by 
Eliz. da. of . . . Bemey. 

Joan, wife of JohnBlen- 
nerhasset of Freuse^ 
CO. Norff., by whom 
daughters only. 

Sir John Tyndal of Hockwold, created K.B. at the Coronation of^Amphillis, da. of Sir Humphrey Coningsby, Judge of the King's 
Queen Anne Boleyn. Will, P.C.C. Djngeley, 1538. Said to have j Bench. She ob. 1532. Brass and ML in Hockwold Chancel, 
been offered the Crown of Bohemia, bold Suffolk Manors 1 524. | 

Anne, da. of Sir Wm. Pas-=f Sir Thomas Tyndal of Hockwold and Great= 

ton, by Bridget, da. of Sir 
Henry Heydon of Bacons- 
thorpe, 1st wife. 

Maplestead. High Sheriff of Norfolk and 
Suffolk, 1661. Fvller, Will, P.CC. 37 
Butt, 18 April 1584. 

=Anne, daughter of Sir Henry William 
Fermor of Eiast Bersham, co. Tyndal. 

Norff., 2d wife ; mar. circa 154 J. 


Mary & Bea- 
trice, 1538. 


WnL T>Tidal, eld, 
son; died 1501; he 
sold Hockwold to 
Sir Wm. Paston. ; 
m. Anne, da. of 
Sir Ambrose Jer- 
myn, and had only 
child Felix, who 
d. B.p. 

Sir John Tyndal, of=j=Anne, da. of 

Great Maplestead ; 
Knighted 1608; a Mas- 
ter in Chancery ; mur- 
dered 1616 by John 
Bertram, adisappointed 
litigant. Will dated 17 
Jan. 1615, P.C.C. 65 

Esq. ; widow of 
William Deane, 
Esq. Her Will 
is dated 14 June 

Francis Tyndal, 
ob. 1638, 8.p., set. 

Henry Tyndal 

William Tyndal, 
the younger. 

Humphrey Tyndal , 
D.D., DeanofEly; 
ob. 1614. BraMH k 
M.I. in Ely Cathe- 
dral == Jane, da. of 
Robt. Russell of 
West Rudiiam. co. 
Norff. Will,P.C.C. 
108 Lawe. 

Susan, mar. 1, 
James Whittall; 
2, Tho. Fisher of 
London. His 
Will 161 8,P.C.C. 
27 Capel. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
. . . Page. 

Ursula, mar, . . . 
Coy of Soame; she 
re- mar. ... Upcher. 

Anne or Winifred^ 
mar. Wm. Cal- 
tlirop of Ingham, 

Deane Tyndal, son and heir,=rAmy, da. and heir of 

born 1686 ; bur. at Great 
^laplestead, 25 April 1678. 
set. 92. 

Robert Weston of Pres- 
ted Hall in Fering, co. 

Arthur Tyndal, ob s p. ; Sarah, ob. in Margaret, mar. , April 29 1 6 1 8, John Win- 
bur, in Great Maple- infancy. throp of Groton, co, Suffolk, Esq., after 
stead Church, 8 Oct. — Governor of Massachusetts ; his 8d wife ; 
1633. RogerTyndal ob. 14 June 1647, sot. 56, 

1. Francis Tyndal, 
son & heir, d. s.p. 
in 1 684, Hged about 
19 years. 


Elizabeth Tyndal, 
mar. 8 Jan. 1701. 

2, JohnTyndal of Greater Elizabeth, da. of An- 

Maplestead, Esq., heir 
to his father; died 1 706, 
aged 90 years. 

thony Desne of Dynes 
Hall CO. Essex, second 
cousin to her husband. 

SDrueTyndal 4 Dene Tyndal. Anne, mar. Thos, Bowater Elizabeth 

a Hamburgh buried at Great of Whitley, co. Warwick, d. unm. 

Merchant; ob. Maplenteod, 23 and of the Middle Tern- 28 Mar. 

1665, B.p. March, 1638. pie ; mar. 26 Sept. 1639. 1710. 

only dau. and heir ;=r Jasper Blythman of the Middle Temple, Esq., son and heir of Jasper Blythman, Recorder 
of Leeds ; died 20 March 173^. See Blythman pedigree in Thoresby's Topography of Leed$. 

Lucy Blythman, only dau. and heir, married 1787 Charles King, Esq., son to William King, LL.D., Principal of St. Mary's 
Hall, Oxford ; and had two daughters and coheirs. 


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Beane of dto&tx, 1684. 

CandUf^s pedigree, Harl MS. 6071, and Tanner MSB., Lib. Bodl. (in itaUcs), collated tdth the 

Visitation pedigree, 1634, Barh MS, 1642. 

Arms :— Sa, a fess ermine, between three chaplets or ; a crescent for difference. 

Crbst: — A bear's head coupecl sa., muzzled or; a crescent for difference. 

So in the tricking, Harl. MS. 1542, beside which is noted " A confirmation by Vres Pattents by William 
ffower al's Norroy King of Armes to William Deane of Soffeld, 2 sonn of Will'm Deane of Soffeld, 2 
sonn of William Deane, the soim k heir of John Deane of Tomworth in Billington, in the p'ish of 
Blackbome in Com. Lanck , gent. : dated the 8 of May 1577*'* 

Anne, d. of S*" John Went-= 
worth of Codham in com. 
Essex, and his coheire, wid- 
dow of Hugh Rich and the 
lord Matreuers, 1 wiffe. 
Harl. MS. 1542. Ob. 1580. 

WUliam Deane of DeanthaU in=f=Anne,d.of ThomnsEgertonof Wal-=f S^ John Tyndall of Much 
^ "" ' ' ■ " " - - .- Maplested in Com. Essex, 

K&Sone the Ml* of the Chan- 
cery Harl. MS. 1542. 2^ 
husb'*; Will, P.C.C. 126 
Cope, proved 2 Dec. 1616. 

Oreat Mapletted in £g.%cr, R»qr, 
Bonn and heire t<) his ffatherand 
brother John. Harl. MS. 1642. 
Son of William De»ine of Lanc<w- 
shire. Harl. MS. 1432. 

leg^nge in com, Suffolk. 2 wiSe. 
Harl. MS. 1542. Of Wrinhall in 
Com. Cestr. Tvndall ped., Harl. 
M S. 1 542. Widow of Blith, Clerk of 
theCouncilatYork. Harl.MS.l432. 

Sr John Deane,- 
Knighted by KJameM 
160S, died 1625. His 
Will. P.C.C. 57 Hele 
is dated 9 Feb. 1625; 
prob.1626. Of Dynes 

Kathtrine Deane^ 
home 1605 ; ditd 

■Anne, daughter of 
&' Drve Dniry of 
RtddLetvDorthy nutr- 
ne^l I6O4. Of 
Riddlesworth. co. 
Norfolk. Harl. 
MS. 1432. 

Anne Deane of 
Much Maple- 
sted ; made 
Will, P.C.C. 8 
Clarke, 24 June 
1624; UHmes 

devisee 1624 
of her sister 
Anne; made 
Will 1626, 
P.C.C. 60 

Deane Tyndall 
of Maplested, 
ERq*". eld est son 
& heire. Harl. 
MS.1542. Half 
brother to Sir 
John Deane. 

— , , ■■ 

Arthur, ob. s p. 
Harl. MS. 1542. 
devisee of Anne 
Deane, his half 

Roger, ob. s p. 

Margaret, vx John 
Winthrop of Gro- 
ton in Suffolk, 
Esq.; devisee 1624 
of Ann Deane. 
His 3d wife ; she 
ob. 1647. 


Anne Deane, horn 1607, wtt married to Antony Elizabeth Doreat Franeei 

WingHefd, larnnet [Married JavV 1, J628] Deane, Deane, Deane, 

Sr Anthony Wingffdti oj Letherinuham in eom. Borne Berne Borne 

Svffnlk. Harl. MS. 1542. See Burke's 1609, 1615, 1617, 
*• Extinct Baronetage." 

er son . bapt at Groton 
in Suffolk 28 Mar. 1622; 
(lied at 1k>ston in New 
England 16 Marchl704, 
aged 81. 


Lucy, daughter of Sr George (?rtrmv,=i=DrM« Z>«i»w i^(?5, Knighted 1607,=B,Hzabeth,daughterofSrTko, 

Knt,nftcrmade L, Goriwj. and byCharfet 
afUr he left the ParCet, E. of Norwich. 
Baron Goring of Hurstpierpoint. Harl. 
MS. 1542. 

of Create Maplestead in com.Essex, Wingfeld, Fnt. [hii S^ lady] 

Knt.. one of the Justices of the Sister to Sir Anthony 

Peace in this County, 1634. Harl. Wingfield, Anne Deane's 

xMS. 1542. Wm, 14 Sept 1688. husband. 


1. John Deane, 
about 6 yere old, 
1684. Ob. s.p. 

2. Anthony Deane of 
Dynes Hall, co Essex, 
Esq., eldest surviving 
son ; heir to his father 

8. Drew Anne. Elizabeth, mar. John Tyndal 
Deane. of Great Maplestead, Esq., 

2d son and ultimately heir 
of Deane TyndaL 

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The family of Rainsborough or Rainborough, often spelled Rainborow, so prominently associated 
with the naval service of the Stuart period and with the army of the Commonwealth, is believed to 
have originated in Suffolk, though proof is wanting. The distinguished naval commander William 
Rainsborough, whose successful expedition against Salee is a matter of history, was M.P. for the 
SuflFolk sea-port of Aldborough in 1640, and his father, Thomas Rainborow of East Greenwich, is. 
supposed to have beexi grandson to the Thomas Raynburghe of Ipswich, who made his will in 1544. 
There was active communication between these two ports in Tudor days, and the name, an unusual 
one, disappeared from the one place a little before it is found in the records of the other. For 
much valuable information relative to this family and the correction of various errors which had 
found their way into print, see the *' New England Genealogical Register," Vol. xl, pp. 158 — 171. 

ill of Kobrt Ilamli0r0fo, 1555- 

The xxiij daye of Julie in the yere of our lorde god m* cccccxxxiii*» I Robert Ra3meborowe 
of Gosbeck in the countye of SuflP, ordeyne this my last wyll. To Agnes my wiff all my goods. 
To said Agnes my tente in Gosbeck which I now dwell in wyth all the lands belongen for tho 
terme of hir naturall liff. To the said Agnes my wyff my tents and lands in Ashe for lyflf. 
I woll after the decese of Agnes my wyff Jaifrye my son have the said tents & lands in Gosbeck 
to him and his heirs of his bodye. After the decese of saide Agnes my wyff I woll that 
Thomas Rayneborowe my yonger sonne haue all my howsen and lands in Ashe to him and to 
his heirs of his bodye laufuUie begotten for ever. If Jafifrye decese wythout issewe I woll the 
forsaide tent in Gosbeck w^all the lands the forsaid Thomas my yonger sonne enioye them. I 
orden Agnes my wyff and Thomas my sonne the yonger executors, they to dispose the residewo 
of my goods to the most plesure of god and welthe of my sowle. Probatum apud Gippewicum 
octavo die Octobr 1550 executrici, Thoma Raynborow in eadm testamento etiam nominator ante 
onus exequitionis eiusdm viam vniuse carnis ingresso, &c. 

Cur, Ep. Norw. "Coraunte,** fo. 79. 

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ill of i^bamas Eambotottglr, 1544. 

The xxvij*-^ daye of Tanuarye m* cccccxliiij^* Thomas Raynburghe of Ippeswich clotbyer. I 

comende my soule into th'ands of all myghtie god my Creato' & Redemo^ and my body to be 

l>uryed in the cherche yard of Saynt Nycholas pishe in Ippeswiche aforaaid. Itm I bequethe to 

Syr John Hopson pissfte prest of the said pisshe for his paynes takjn abought me vi' iiij^. 

Itm to Anne my wyf "i pownds sP. Itin I will that my houshold stuff be equally devyded in 

thre ptis, wherof th5ne pte I gyf to the said Anne and thother ij equallye to my sonys Thomas 

<fe Jamys. Itm I gif to the said Anne my bowse wherin I nowe do dwell vntyll my said sofi 

Jamys com to thage of xxij yers. And when my son Jamys is com to the said age, said Jamys 

to holde said howse for hym his heyers for evyr. Itm to said son Jamys xx" " & my closse & 

orteyard in Darye lane. Itm I gif to Thomas my son xl" sterlyng. My howse in Saynt Georgis 

lane to be sold. Yf bothe my sonys dye before the tyme aboue expressyd than my said howse 

shall remayn to my wyf hyr heyers & assign for eS. Itm I gif to my ii dougtthers Elyzabethe 

<fe Margerye xx" equallye to be devyded amongf them. I giff to Jaff^ Watwytt vi» viij^. Itm 

I bequeth to myn owyn mother xx" & a gown clothe of the best pnke. Itm I gif to Jafferye 

& Thomas my brotherii eche of them a cote clothe the pre x' a cote. Itm to my brother in 

lawe a coobard, a cote clothe & to his wyf a gown clothe. The resydue of all my goodes I 

put to the dyspocofi of the said Anne my wyf, whom I make my executors wyth Rychard Bloysse, 

gevyu hym for his labo' a gowne clothe of my best pnke. Probatum xxi die Martij 1544 Anno 

lelicte resuata ptate Rico Bloyse. 

Arch. Suff. Book No. 15, fo. 6P. 

Mill nf Milliam HainsbDrouglj, 1658. 

William Raiuboro^ of London Esquire. I bequeth my bodie to the ground and my soule 
to my Saviour Jesus Christ To the hamblett of Wapping fyftie pounds for a stocke for their 
poore. To the hamblett of White Chappell tenn pounds to their poore. To. the Trinity House 
ffyftie pounds with condicon that they giue to poore Seamen or their widdowes of the hamblet 
of Wapping every S* Thomas day ffortie shillings. To my eldest sonne Thomas Rainborowe my 
houses in Southwark. To my sonne William Rainborowe my houses in Gun alley in Wapping 
purchased of my ffather in lawe Renold Hoxton and aJsoe one thousand pound in money. To my 
sonne Edward Raineborowe twelve hundred pounds. To my daughter Martha CJoytmore the wife 
of Thomas Coytemore now in new England the some of seayen hundred pounds, yf she he alive 
at the tyme of my death. To my daughter Judeth Rainborowe one thousand pounds. To my 
daughter Joane Raineborowe one thousand pounds. To the sonnes and daughter of my deceased 
sister Sara Port, namely Robert, John, Thomas and William Porte and Martha Porte, two hundred 
and ffyftie pounds. To my brother M^ Thomas Rainborowe ffyftie pounds. To my sister 
Buckridge ififtie pounds. To my sister Wood ffyftie pounds. To my ffather in lawe Renold 
Hoxton and to my mother in lawe Joane Hoxton tenn pounds a peece to buy them each a riuge. 
I make my loveing sonnes Thomas and William Rainborowe executors and appoint them to bring 
vp my younger children to the age of twenty one years or daie of marriage. And for Ou] seers 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


I desire my loveing brothers in lawe M' Robert Wood and M' John Hoxton. This sixteenth of 
July 1638. I give to my mother in lawe Jone Hoxton my house at Wapping now in the 
occupacon of M' Sander Beuce dureing her iirall life and bequeath to my grandchild W"» Rainborowe 
the some of one hundred pounds. 

A Codicil. William Rainborowe did about a yeare since and att other tymes declare that 
Martha Port should not expect the ffyftie pounds legacie, because he had given her the fiyftie 
pounds and all her wedding clothes in marriage w*^ William Ashley. The first day of ffebruarie 
1641 wee the wittnesses have subscribed our names John Hoxton, Thom: Hoxton, Mary Bennfes. 
Probatum octauo die Aprilis 1642 jurameutis Thome Rainborowe et Wittimi Rainborowe filiorc- 

P.C.C. 51 Campbell. 

It is stated in the Essex Visitation of 1664 that Robert Wood of London, Merchant, marrieil 
Martha, daughter of William Rainsborough. This statement involves genealogical difficulties, but 
we seem, in the "loveing brother in lawe M' Robert Wood" abovementioned, to have the husband 
of the "Martha Rainsborough" of the heraldic MS. 

^ak 0f ^ttfolk Jtmhs, 165^. 

This is the finall agreem* made in the Court of the Common Bench at Westm* from Easter 
-day in fifteene dayes in the yeare o' Lord 1652, Before Olivei S* John, John Puliston, Peter 
Warburton <fe Edward Atkyns, Justices & others ^ent, Betweene Arthur Jenney Esq^ Ralph Noore, 
Robert Woodside & William Hayle pi*" and William Raineborow Esq' & Margery his wife «k 
Thomasine Jenney deforceants of one messuage, one garden, foure acres of land <fe two acres of 
pasture w*^ the apptenncs in Grundesburgh. Wherevpon a plea of covenant was summoned 
betweene them in the said court That is to say that the aforesaid William Rainborow & Margery 
-& Thomasine have acknowledged aforesaid tenements <fec. to be the right of him the said Arthur 
as the guift of the aforesaid William Rainborow & Margery & Thomasine, and will warant to the 
aforesaid Arthur Ac. the aforesaid tenemK And for this acknowledgem', warranties, ffine & agreem* 
said Arthur &c. have giuen to the afores** William Rainborow & Margery & Thomasine (Forty & 
-one pounds sterling. Suff. Suffolk Fine, Easter, 1652. 

12 June 1680 Edward Rainborow of y« parish of Cranford co. Midd» Gent, Complaynant 
Steuen Winthrop, late of y* parish of S* Margaret Westminster Esq. was seized of two messuages 
and lands in Westminster aforesaid. Hee made his last will abought y* yeare 1658 & thereby 
demised said premises to his wife Judith Winthrop, and after her decease to his children equally « 
Said Steuen att his death had diuers children, all of which soone deyed without • , • except 
Margaret Winthrop & Judith Winthrop daughters & coheires of said Stephen. Judith Winthrop y® 
mother & her said daughters being desirous to sell treated with your Orator, Judith the daughter 

Digitized by 



being vnder one <fe twenty though of j^ age of discression. An agreement redused into Articles 
[was] made 29*** September 16 . . . signed & sealed by y« said Judith Winthrop y« mother and 
her daughters and your Orator. But your Orator hauing occasion to goe beyound y* seas, they 
y* said mother & daughters confederating to defect your Orator haue reentered into said messuage? 
& premices, & y* said Margaret hath intermaried with one Henry Ward silk stocking weuer of 
y* parish of Stepney & y* said Judith y* daughter hath attained her age of one & twenty yeares 
& hath intermarried with one Richard Hancock citten & packer of Loudon, and they or one of 
them haue receiued rents & profets thereof and doe threaten to sue your Orator for two hundred 
and fifty pounds residue of fine hundred pounds for y® purshis of y® said messuages. Your Orator 
is alltogeather remediles att Common law. 

The ioynt and seuJall answere of Judith Winthrop widow, Henry Ward and Margaret his 
wife & Richard Hancocke and Judith his wife def**. Said Stephen Winthrop dyed the third May 
1658 seised of said ^mises. At his death he left three daughters (that is to say) the def*» Margaret 
Ward, fludith Hancocke & Johanna theire sister since dead .without issue, coheires of theire said 
father. Comp^* being brother to the def* Judith the mother, and having the management of her 
a£faires, to serve himselfe did ^nd to these def*» that they had noe good title to said messuages, 
and advised Judeth the mother to sell the same. In a writing indented dated 29^** Sept' 1674 and 
mutually signed, for ffive hundred pounds, def** did alien and confirme said messuages to comp'S with 
limittacons after expressed. Judith the daughter was not [then] above the age of seaventeene yeares. 
Comp^* did paye about the eighth September 1676 the sum of two hundred and ffifty pounds in 
parte of payment of said ffive hundred pounds. He hath neglected to paye the yearly suine of ffive 
and twenty pounds (being a great parte of this def** maintenance). Comp" was indebted by bond 
for money formerly borrowdl, and vpon account to Judith the mother. The def' [has] noe counter- 
parte or coppie of the deed. The jJmisses were worth more than ffive hundred pounds. 

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges IV, No. 546. 

iElatnboroto of Suffolk. 

John Reyneborow of Ashbocking, co. Suffolk. Will,= 
Arch. Suff. 1 Jan. 7 1498 ; proved 19 Jan. 1512. 

Robert Rayneborowe of Gosbeck, co. Suffolk .=7=Agnes, npmed. 1533, in her Margaret, 1498. She probably married . . . 

husband's will, which she Watwytt, and had issue Elizabeth, Margery 
proved in 1550 and Jeffery Watwytt, who were living 1544. 

Will, Cur. Ep. Norwic. 28 July 1533 ; proved 
8 Oct. 1550. Lands in Anhbocking. 

I 1 1 

Jaffrye Rainborow, son and heir Thomas Rainborow Thomas Rainborowe, the younger, of Ipswich, clothier,=7=Anne. 
1533;deviBeeof Tho8.Rainborowe, the elder, living 27 Jan. 1544 when he made will proved 21 March 1544, 

the younger, his brother, 1544. 1544. Arch Suff. 

I 1 ' 1 ^-1 

Thos. Rainborow, elder son 1544, mar. at Jam^s Haiuborow, younger son 1544, Raitib*n-ouqfie c. Elizabeth, Margery^ 
St. Nicholas, Ipswich, 1554, Elizabeth Some, Chanc. Proc. Series ii.. and Raj/nebnrowfjh v, 1544. 1544. 

Sanders. He seems to have died s.p. Goodwyn, Town Depcous, 85, 18. Heir to his brother 

^ Thomas 1561. 

The Consistory Court at Norwich lias the will of a Wm. Rammysbury or Rannsburgh 1523, who does not 
seem to be connected with the Ashbocking Rainborows. 

Digitized by 




Harndborougl) of (Bdifit <^reentotc|^. 

Thomas Rainsborough of E!ttft Greeiiwich,=7=Martha Moole, married at Wbitechapel, co. 

CO. Kent, a sea captain ; Will P.C.C 8 
Byrd, 4 Dec. 1622, proved 23 Feb. 1«23. 
Had lease of Claver Hanbury in Waltham, 
CO. Essex, 1619. 

Middz., 11 Nov. 1582 ; made Will as Martha 
Riinborowe of St. Bride's, Fleet St., London, 
widow, 29 Nov. 1626, P.CC. 102 St. John ; 
prob. 23 Sept 1631. 

Parbara, bapt. 
at Whitechapel 
1583: mar.Tho- 
and Armourer 
of London, and 
afterwards to 
. . . Buckridge; 
devisee 1638 of 
Wm. Hains- 
borough, her 

Martha, bapt. 1589; 
mar. Anthony Wood 
of Redrith, co. Sur- 
rey, Mariner, who 
made WiU. P.C.C. 4 
Hele, 13 Aug. 162.5. 
See Essex Visitation 
1664, edited by Dr. 
Howard, for mar- 
riage of a Maltha 
Rainsborough with 
Robert Wootl. 

William Rainsborough of- 
London, Ksq., RN. ; Will, 
P.C.C. 51 Campbell, 16 July 
1688, proved 8 April 1642 ; 
bapt. at Whitechapel 1 1 July 
1587 ;of WappiuK) co .Middx , 
1624; of Southwold: co. Suf- 
folk. 1 686. Commanded the 
expedition against Salee, 
1637. M.P.forAldborough, 
Suffolk, 1640-2; buried in SSt. 
Katherine's by the Tower, 
17 Feb. 1642. 

Thomas Coytmore of^Marthi, bapt. at= 
Wappiuginoo.Middx, I Whitechapel. 20 Apl. 
and Charlestown, | 161 7; became 2d wife 
N.E., Mariner, to | of Thos. Coytmore, 

whom Rowland Coyt- 
more, his father, left 
his lands in Prittle- 
well, Ac, CO. Essex ; 
on the Coast of i^pain 
27 Dec. 1644. 

I 1635; and 4 th wife of 
I John Win throp,1647; 
I reniipt 1651 John 
I Coggan of Boston, 
I Mass.; left issue by 
I 1st and 3d husband ; 
i d. 1658. 

=John Winthrop, 
Governor of Massa- 
chusetts, 2d hus- 
band. For his three 
previous marriages 
see WiNTHKOP Pedi- 
grees, pp. 25-28. 


of Reynold 
and Joan 
H ox ton of 
CO. Middx., 
where she 
was buried 
3 March 

Sarah, tix. 
Francis Porte 
and had issue; 
ehe was dead 
1638, leaving 
children, de- 
visees of Wil- 
liam Rains- 

borough of 
East Green- 
wich, gent. ; 
Will, P.CC. 
7 Eure, 24 
Nov. 1668, 
proved 2 Jan. 
1671 ; no sur- 
viving issue. 

=Mary ... 
a widow, 
11 Feb. 
when she 
made Will 
P.C C. 37 
Reeve ; 
prob. 9 
1678 ;ob. 

J udith, Wap- 
pingin Sept. 1614 ; 
mar. circa 1644 Ste- 
phen Winthro[), af- 
terward Colonel in 
the Parliamentary 
aimyandM.P. He 
was of Groton, co. 
Suffolk in 1651 & 
of Westminster, 
1658. See p. 26. 

Joan, mar. John Cham- 
berlain, a captain under 
the Parliament and after- 
wards a brewer at Dept- 
ford ; devisee 1668 of 
her uncle, Thomas Kain- 
borough. Her dau , 
Judith Cham^terlain is 
named 16.'>8 in the will 
of Stephen Winthrop. 

& Rey. 
both to 

1. Thomas Rains-=rMarg»iret 
borough of White- to whom 
chapel, Esq., Col. her hus- 
of Infantry under band's 
the Parliament k goods 
finally Vice-Admi- j were 
rai of the Fleet ; adminis 
a Member of the teted 
Long Parliament. 1648. 
Admon PCC. 24 
Nov. 1648. 

2. William Rain8bor-= 
ough of Fulham, co. 
Middx., Esq., 1649, 
previously of Charles- 
town, N.E., aCol. in the 
Parliamentary Army. 
Had lands in Grundis- 
bnrgh. co. Suffolk, 1 652. 
BoughtHigham Ferrers 
Park, CO. Northampton. 
ClttieRoUs, 1650 kl657. 

=Margery Jenney, of the 
Suffolk family of that 
name ; mar. at Wood- 
bridge, 9 June 1642 ; 
joined her husband and 
her sinter, Thomasine 
Jeuiiey in sale of lauds 
in Orundisburgh to 
Arthur Jenney, Esq. 
Fine, Easter, 1652. 

3. Edward Rainsbor-' 
ough of Cranford, co. 
Middx., gent. ; Will. 
P.CC. 62 CotUe, 14 
Sept. 167 7, proved 4 May 
1682. Hepurchasedl674 
houses in Westminster 
of the heirs of Stephen 
Winthrop, his late bro- i 
ther-in-law. Rainhorow 
c. Wintkrop, Bridges, 
IV, 546. 

'Christian, sister 
1677 to Mrs. Sa- 
rah Mackworth of 
Shrewsbury. Ur- 
sula, doulttless a 
second wife, is 
named in Rain- 
1690. She remar- 
ried ...Cartwright, 

William Rainsborough. eldest son, devisee of 
his grandfather, 1638. and of his uncle Edward, 
1677 ; Captain in the Parliamentary Army ; 
of Boston in New England 1873 ; living 1687. 

Mar}' Rainsborouph, 
devisee of Stephen 
Winthrop in 165fc. 

Myttou Rainsborough, son and JudithRains- 

heir, 1677 ; plaintiff 1690 in Rain- borough, 

horow c. CarlwrigfU, Collins, II, 1677. 

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Heatie of TOuaforti. 

uf iiljomaa €oab, 16^1. 


The thirtye daye of August 1621. Thomas Cooke the elder of Pebmshe in the county 
of Essex yeoman beinge of good and pfect remembraunoe (thancks be given vnio Almighty god) 
doe make my pnte will. I giue vnto the poore people of Pebnishe five pounds to be paide 
vnto them at the daie of my deathe. Vnto the poore of Alphrnston and Lamshe to either of the 
sume pishes tenn shillings a peice. Vnto the poore of the said pishe of Pebmshe, as an addicon 
to the stock of twentye pounds given by M"^ Luke Claphm some time minister of the pishe, 
to the intente that the pishioners should ^chase a house or lands to the vse and behalfe of the 
poore for ever, the some of ffive pounds. Vnto Thomas Cooke my grandchild my messuage 
called Qoddards and all my lands in Gestingthorpe and litle Maplested. Vnto my brothers Lawrence 
Cook and Bobt Cook fifortie shillings a peece yearelye duringe their naturall lives. Vnto Thomas 
Wistowe the younger my sisters soune. Vnto the children of my brother John Cooke deceased, 
my sister Wistowe & sister Sawen deceased, and my brother Lawrences not before noinated. 
Vnto George Cook my graunchild my interest & terme of yeares in lands in LaiSshe. I doe 
forgive vnto Edmun«le Reade my sonne in lawe the some of threescore pounds due vnto me by 
his bill bearinge date the first daye of December 1606. I geue vnto my daughter Elizabeth 
now wife of the said Edmunde the some of threescore pounds. Vnto my said daughter Elizabeth 
and vnto Margarett her daughter now wife of »Iohn Lake & vnto Suzan now wife of Thorns 
Cooke my sonne, vnto everie of them one spur riall of gould. Vnto Samuell Reade my grand- 
childe ffbrtye pounds and vnto euJie of the residue of my daughter Keads children vnmarried 
tenn pounds a pHCce. Vnto everie of the children of Thomas Cook my soune twentie pounds- 
a peece. The residue of my goods I giue vut) Thomas Cooke the younger my sonne, who I 
make my sole executor. I giue vnto Martha Reade now wiffe of . . . Epps of London my 
graundchild tenn pounds To Thomas Maninge, Thomas French and Richard Goodwyn two shillings 
six pence a peece. 

Probatum vicesimo primo die Novembris 1621 juramento Thome Cooke j unions filij defuncti^ 

P.C.C, 94 Dale. 

Thomas Cooke, the testator, was grandfather of Colonel Thomas Cooke, M.P. for Essex in 
1654, whose will is given at page 80. According to the pedigree entered in the Essex Visitations 
(HarL MSS, 1083, 11S7 and 1432) he had three wives— Susan, daughter of . . . Brand of 
Boxford in Suffolk, the mother of his children; Elizabeth, daughter of , . . North of Colchester; 
and Margaret, daughter of . . . Rice of Bures St Mary in Suffolk. Particulars of his family 
and descendants will be found in the Histories of Essex by Morant and Wright. 

Digitized by 



ill 0f dtrmmtit Heaitf. 16^5. 

In y* name of God Amen, ye 20*^ day« of November in y* yeare of our Lord one thousand 
Six hundred and [twenty] thre I Edmand Reade, &c. Item, I give & bequeth unto y* Poore of 
Wickford twenty ehillings of Lawfull English mony to be payde to y™ by my Executo" with in 
one Month next after my dicease : Item, I give & bequeth unto John Weald my Servant five 
poimds of Lawfull english money to be Payde to him within one yeare after my decease: Item, 
I give & bequeth unto every one of my other Servants two shillings a Peece to Be payde to y"* 
within one Month after my decease: Item, I give ^ bequeth unto William Reade my sofi and to 
my daughter Reade forty shillings apeece to Bye y"» Rings : Item, I give & bequeath unto Elizabeth 
my Loving Wife all those Leases which I have of M*" Edward Syliarde <fe M' George White; and 
allsoe y^ Messages and Tenaments or Lands theireunto belonging which I lately Purchased of 
M'^ Cockerum now in y* Teno^ & occupation of John Tyle or his assignes for & during y* Tearmo 
of her Naturall life ; and after her dicease, I give & bequeath all y^ sd Leases Messages or 
Teniments and y* lands above spesifyed unto William Reade my son upon y* Condition y* he y* 
ad William my son shall with in forty dayes next after my deth enter into bond to Elizabeth 
my sd Loving Wife in y* full som of 400* y' he y" sd William my sofi shall paye unto my son 
Thomas Reade within fourescore dayes after y® decease of my sd Loving Wife, if he y® sd Thomas 
be yn Living or otherwise to his Children if he have any then Living y* full sum of 240^ of 
Lawfull english mony, and if my sd soii William shall Refuse to enter into Bond to my sd 
Loving Wife as aforesaide ; y"* my minde and Will is y* my sd son Thomas Reade shall Presantly 
after y* dicease of my sd Loving Wife, enter into y* aforesd leases & Lands ; and allsoe into y* 
aforesd Messages or Teniments with y^ apertinances and Lands theireunto belonging, to have and 
enjoye to him y* sd Thomas Beade or y* eyres of his Body Lawfully begotten and for Want of 
such Issue y" to Remayne to my son William Reade and his Eyres for ever : Item, I give & 
bequeth unto Samuell my second son & to y* eyres of his body Lawfully begotten ; y* my Message 
or Teniment with y* appertenances & Lands theireunto belonging, Called or Knowne by y* name 
of Sopers or by what soever Name or names y* same be Calld or Knowne ; now in y* Teno^ & 
occupation of George Ballard or his assignes ; and if y" sd Samuell my son shall fortune to depart 
ys life without Eyres of his body lawfully begotten ; y^ my minde and Will is y* Thomas my 
aforesd son shall enter into y* Messages & Lands aforesd to have and enjoye y*° to him or y* eyres 
of his Body lawfully begotten ; and for Want of such Issue unto William Reade my sd soft and 
to his eyres for ever : Provided all way es y' if y" sd Message or Teniment and lands theireunto 
belonging Called Sopers herein and hereby formerly given & bequethed unto Samuell my son shall 
hapen to Com to William my son in Maner & forme as aforesaid : y° I Will y* my said son 
William shall within one Month y" next enter into bond to my Execute' herein and hereby nominated 
(If she be y** Living) or otherwise to y* overeeers of this my last Will & Testiment herein 
Nominated in y* Penall sofii of 600* with Condition to paye 300' of Lawfull english mony in maner 
& forme followinge : (that is to eaye) unto John Lake and Anna Lake two of my Grand Children : 
50^ a peece : & to Daniell Epps & Elizabeth Epps two other of my Grand Children : 50* a peece 
and to Elizabeth my Daughter: 100* of lawfull english mony within one yeare next after y« sd 
Message or Teniment & y* lands theireunto belonging Called Soppers, shall hapen to Com to my 
sd son William in Maner & forme as aforesaide and if my sd son William shall Refuse to enter 
bond in Maner & forme as is aforesaide then I will y^ all those Messages lands & teniments 
Called Sopers shall be and Remayne unto my aforesaid Grand Chilldren, and to y" Residue of my 
Grand Children of all my Daughters, and to Elizabeth my youngest Daughter equally to be divided 
amongst y" and if my sd Grand Children shall hapen to dye before the sd Legasye shall be due, 
y» my minde & Will is y* y* saide Legasye shall Incur to my two Daughters y* Mothers, and 


Digitized by 



Provided allsoe y* if Samuell my son hapen to depart this life with*"** Issue of his body lawfully 
begotten, and that Thomas my son enjoye y" sd lands & tcuiments aforesd and to him in and 
by this my last Will & testimeut bequethed ; then my minde and will is that those leases lauds 
and Messages with y* lands theireiinto belonging which is before given unto my saide son Thomas 
shall Presently Ineur and Com to my saide son William Reade and to his eyres for ever without 
paying y® foresaide som of 240' unto Thomas Reade my son or any part theirof in maner and 
forme as is aforesaide. Item, I give and bequeth unto my saide Loving Wife y* lease of Freame 
and all y® time and tearme to Com and unexpired for and towards y^ Mayntenance and educatiou 
and bringing up of Thomas Reade my third son : Item, I give and bequeth unto my son in Law 
■John Tiake and to my Daughter Margaret Lake, forty shillings apeece to make y™ Rings and to 
John Lake and Anna Lake theire Children 20*'* apeece : Item I give and bequeth unto Daniell 
Epps & Martha Epps my daughter 40»** apeece to make y° Rings & to Elizabeth Epps & 
Daniell Epps theire Children 20"^* apeece: Item, I give and bequeth unto Elizabeth my Daughter 
"200' of Lawfull mony of englande to be payde unto her at her full age of 20 yeares. Item, I 
.^ive & bequeth unto my Brother John Reade y* sum of five pounds to be payde to him within 
one whole yeare next after ray Dicease : Item, I give and bequeath unto my soii Wi'liam my 
joung graye Guilding now in y® Custo lye of my Kinsman John Reade : all y* Residue of my 
■Goods Chattells and Mooveables what soever, I give and bequeth unto Elizabeth my said Loving 
Wife, who I make and ordayne my sole executrix of this my last Will and testiment; and I doe 
nominate and appoynt James Lawrence of Cliffords Inn Gentillman and John Reade of Pitsaye my 
Kinsmen overseers of this my last Will and testiment, and doe hereby give y'" thre pownd six 
.shillings & aight pence apeece to be payde to y*" by my saide executrix, Intreating y™ to be 
ayding and assisting' my sd loving Wife to se this my last Will and tesiment duly and truly 
•executed & performed according to my Intent and true meaning herein and hereby set down and 
<leclare<l. In Witness wheieof, I the saide Edmand Reade, have set my hand to every severall 
lease and my scale to y™ all fixed together, and doe deliver y* same into y® hands of my Loving 
Wife my saide executrix this 20^** daye of November in the 2l»* yeare of y® Kings Majestyes Raigne 
that now is and in anno Domini 16*23. Pldmand Reade. 

Sealed & delivered in y® Presence of Edmand Lamb : Edward Epps. 
Rob* Marrable his Marke he is M' Thomas Lakes Man. Vera Copia From Coll. Reade. 

This will, found among the Winthrop Papers, has been printed in the Proceedings of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society for 18G2, and also by Mr. W. S. Appleton in his "Ancestry 
of Priscilla Baker," but both volumes are now very rare. 

Mill of fbomaa JlUnn, 1653. 

The one and twenthth day of October 1633 I Thomas Aleyn of Braughin in the countye 
-of Hertf gent, ordayne this my last will. First 1 bequeath my Soule into the hands of my 
Ijord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I give vnto my daughter Reade ffifty pounds. Vnto my god- 
«onne Aleyn Reade twenty poumls to be payd him at the age of eightene yeares. Vnto Anne 
Reade and Jane Reade my grandchildren to either of them fourty pounds att their severall ages 
of eightene yeares or dayes of maryage which shall first happen, I give vnto my brother 
William Aleyn ffive pounds, vnto my brother John Aleyn fourty shillings, to my sister Colvile 
forty shillings, to my nephew Francis Aleyn of Haurelts fl&ve pounds. Itm to my nephewe Thomas 
Aleyn being my godsonne fourty shillinges. Vnto the poore of Braughin fourty shillings. The 
residue of my goods I give to Jane my wellbeloved wife whom I make sole executrix. Probatum 
visesimo sexto die mensis Februarij 1633 juramento Johis Spanswicke no" procurat ex*'^*. 

Arch. Lond. Essex <fc Herts. "Dean." No. 146. 

Digitized by VrrOOQ IC 


Thomas Aleyu, was the representative of the Aleyns of Icklingham in Suffolk, a township 
which they acquired through the marriage of their ancestor, John Aleyn, Baron of the Exchequer, 
temp King Henry YII., with Constance, daughter and heiress of William Gedding. The will is 
sealed with the Aleyn Arms, per bend rompu ar^^ent and sable, • six martlets counter-changed. 
Pedigrees of the family are given in the Visitations of Suffolk (HarL MSS, 891 and 1660) and of 
Deyonshire (HarL MJS. 1080), Allen quartered Gedding, Aspall, Peache and Watvyle (Barretts MS. ^c) 

Mill nf MilltRm Bealtf, 1659. 

William Reade of Birchanger in the county of Essex, Gentleman, this thirty day of March 
1659, I bequeath my soule to God, my body to the earth, in sure and certaine hope of 
Resurection to eternal life through the power & vertue of my Redeemer. To be decently buried 
neare the body of my deare wife in the Chancell of Birchanger. Inprimis I make my loving 
Sonne Alleyn Read my sole executor and do give him all my lands to him & to his heires for 
ever. Itm Vnto my daughter Ann Clarke widowe two hundred pounds. If my daughter Ann 
Clarke marrie againe she shall convey to my grandohild Elizabeth Clarke her daughter one hundred 
pounds at the age of one and twenty yeares or day of her marriage which shall first happen. 
To my Sonne Alleyn Read k to his wife & to my daughter Anne Clarke & likewise to my 
loving brother Colonell Thomas Read & his wife to everie one of them perticularly a gold ring 
of forty shillings price each ring. To my sister Lake my sister Symonds my sister Winthropp 
my cozin Thomas Cook & his wife my coziu Joseph Cooke my cozen Bennett widowe, to Mr 
Lear clarke & to Mr Thomas Cuthbert & to my fower grandchildren William, Alleyn & Thomas 
Read <fe Elizabeth Clarke to each of them a gold ring of twcntie shillings price. To my loving 
ffriend William Parsons now of Birchanger clarke k to his wife k daughter Margarett Parsons 
each one gold ring. Vnto y* poore in Birchanger forty shillings and y* poore of Wickford in 
Essex forty shillings. All y* rest of my estate I give wholy k intirely to my loving sonne 
Alleyn Reade whome I make my executor. Pved att London the sixt day of June 1659 by 
the oath of Alleyn Read y« sonn. P.C.C. 345 Pell. 

Insmption in fBirrbangcr (Kljanrd. (Esspi. 

"William Reade, of this parish, and Ann his wife, solo daughter and heir of Thomas Aleyn, 
of Braughen in Hertfordshire, gentleman, by Jane his wife, one of the daughters of -Thomas 
Laventhorp, of Albury Hall in the said county, esquire. She died, 14*** Nov. 1639. He, the 
3** April, 1659. This monument was erected by their only son, Aleyn Reade." 

Arms : A griffin segreant ... a canton . . . impaling per bend rompu ... six martlets. 

Wright's History of Essex, Vol. ii., 155. 

%t^lt f Bftigrw, larl. ^% 1429, fa. 102*. 

"Allan Read Deputy of the ward of Faringdon without, 1670; an Atch^ made." 
Arms: Azure a griffin Segreant Or, a canton of the second, quartering "Allen, Brett, 
-, Gedding, Aspall, Petchye, Watkins, Watervile, Peverell." 
Crest : A griffins head azure. 

WiOiam Read of Wigfcrd in Etiex.^Anve daughter «fc heir of Thomai AUfyn, 

Txr-V 1 

AUifn Jleade, only ionne,^ Catherine, dav. Jane <6 Flizabeth both dyed mnyd$ <t ly Anne Reade tmce marr, ; t to Henry 
oh, 16^, burytd at Bii- I of Rirhard Out- buryed in St. Annee Chapped in St. Clarke; Sly to Edward HidcetVrof 
h'^arford. j bert of Land, J)unttan*t weit, Lond. divinUy, 

Alleyn Read, 


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ileatie of Wiitiitotb. 

x-i o«v.\^aiL. 

William Reade of Wickford, oo. Essex, yeoman ; Will dated 16 Ma; 
1 584, proved at Chelmsford 26 June the same year. 

^yT • 

Roger Reade of Wickford ; made Will 10=f Blizabeth, living 1557 when 
Dec. 1557 ; buried 17 March 1558. | her husband made his will. 

William Reade of Wickford ;=f=Mary, named 1603 in 

in Will, 3 July 1608, desires 
to be buried in the church 
and names *'my brother 
Edmund Church.*' 

her husband's will ; 
sifiter perhaps of Ed- 
mund Church. 

Agues, wife of Henry 
Dowe, 1557. Her son, 
Richard Dowe, is 
named 1603 in his 
uncle's will. 


. . . ux. . . . Stonard, and had son, 
Roger Stonard, 1534. 

John Reade, 1657, to 
whom his father be- 
queathed Great and 
Little Annys in Wick- 

Roger Reade of Pit-=f= . 
sea, CO. Kssez ; bapt. 
at Wickford 2 Oct 
1553 ; d. 1619. 

Thomasine. dau. - 
of Thomas 
Wallenger of 
Chelmsford ; 
mar. at Wick- 
ford, 14 Aug. 
1692; bur. there 
7 Dec. following. 

^Edmund Reade^Elizabeth, 
of Wickford, 
Qent. ; bapt. 28 
May 1568 ; WQl 
20 Nov. 1628; 
buried 1 Dec. 
following at 

Margaret, mar. John Lake and 
went with him to New Eng- 
land. She was sometime of New 
London, Conn , and after of 
Ipswich, Massachusetts, where 
she died in 1672. They had 
one son, John Lake, and two 
daughters, Hannah and Martha. 
Hannah, married Captain John 
Qallup of Stonington, Conn., 
killed in action with the Indians 
19 Dec. 1675, Hud left issue 
Martha, married, 1647, Thomas 
Harris of Ipswich, Mass., who 
died in 1687, leaving issue. 

mas Cooke of Pebmarsh, co. 
Essex, whose Will, P.C C. 94 
Dale, is dated 80 Aug. 1621 (by 
Susan, his first wife, dau. of 
. . . Brand of Box ford, co. Suf- 
folk) ; sister to Thomas Cook 
of Great Yeldham. Gent , who 
entered pedigree in the kssex 
Vi8itatn.,1634. HarlMSA4S2, 

=Hugh Peter, 2d 
husband, the well* 
known soldier 
preacher of Crom- 
well's army ; some- 
time pastor at 
Salem, Massachu- 
setts ; executed as 
a regicide, 1660. 

bapt. 25th 
Jan. 1575 ; 
devisee of 
Reade, his 

1 1 1 1 1 

Margaret Two sons 
mar. at named 

15 Feb. 
1586, to 

d. young. 

b. 1578. 

Mary, b. 

Roger Reade, 
living 1603. 

John Reade 
of Piteea. 

Agnes Read, 
ob. infaus. 

Elizabeth,born at Wick- 
ford, 1617 ; 2d wife of 
John Winthrop, Jun., 
Governor of Connecti- 
cut : died 24 Nov. 1672, 
leaving issue. See Win- 
throp OF Nkw London, 
p. 27. 

1 1 

Daniel Eppes, 
his stepsister, 
and d 1693, 
leaving issue. 

Daniel =p VfarthaReade.=f=SamuelSymonds,Esq ,= 

Eppes of 
Kent ; of 
1621, Ist 

mar. Samuel 
Symonds circa 
1637, & went 
to New Eng- 
land ; his 2d 
wife. She d. 

4 th son of Richd. Sy- 
monds of Great Yeld- 
ham, CO. Essex; of 
Ip3wich,Nevv England, 
1687; Deputy Gover- 
nor of Massachusetts, 

=Dorothy, da. of Thomas 
Harlakenden of Earl's 
Colne, oo. Essex^Esq., Ist 
wife ; by whom many 
children, both sons and 

Eliz. Kppes, 
mar. James 
Chute of 
Mass. ; both 
living 1653. 

Mary Eppes, 
mar. Peter 
Duncan of 
Mass. She 
died 1692, 

mar. 1, John 
Denison; 2, Rich- 
ard Martyn of 
She d. 1684. Is- 
sue by both hus- 

Ruth, mar. 1659, 
Rev. John Emer- 
son and d. 1702, 
leaving issue. 

Samuel Symonds, 
Harv. Coll. 1668; 
d. unm. 1669. 

Prisdlla Symonds, 
bom 1648 ; mar. 
1672 Thos. Baker of 
Topsfield, Mass, k 
had six children ; 
d. 1734. 

William Reade of l?irch-=f=Anne, dau. and heir of Thomas 

anger, co. Kssex. Gent. ; 
Will, P.C.C. 345 Pell; 
names sisters Winthrop, 
Lake and Symonds. He 
died 8 April 1659 ; bur. 
in Birchanger Cliancel. 

Aleyn, Gent., of IckUngham,*co. 
Suffolk, and after of Braughin, 
CO. Herts., who laade Will, Arch. 
Iioud.. Essex and Herts, 21 Oct. 
1633,byJane,dau.of Thos Leven- 
thorp, Esq. M.I. in Bircliauf^er 
Church. She d. 14 Nov. 1639. 

Samuel Reade, 2d 
son, 1628: a phy- 
sician ; of Bis- 
hop's Stortford, 
CO. Herts., 1643 ; 
dead, apparently, 
in 1659. 


Two sons 
who died 

Thomas Reade, Pd^Priscilla, dau. of John 

son, of Wickford. gent., 
and of Salem, Mass. ; 
after a Colonel in the 
Pari. Army and Gov. 
of StirlingCastle. Will 
proved at London 6 
Nov. 1662. 

Banks of Maidstone 
and sister to Caleb 
Banks ; aunt to Sir 
John Banks of Ayles- 
ford, created aBaronet, 

Aleyu Readct citizen and=pKatheriae, da. of 
merchant- tailor of London ; "' ' ' '^ " ■ 
Will, P.C.C. 166 King, 21 
March 1678, proved 3 Dec. 
1679. Had Great and Lit- 
tle Annys in Wickford. 

Aleyn Reade, Gent., 
8. and h, executor 
*to his father ; ob. 
8.p. ^^e*eif c, Read^ 
Reynardson, I, 117. 
Dead 1683. 

Richard Cuthbert of 
London and sister of 
Tliomas Cuthbert. 
See Read pedigree, 
harl, MS, 14^9, 

"— r-n 

Richard, Wil- 
liam and Tho- 
mas, died un- 
married in 


Jane and Eliza- 
beth, devisees of 
their grandfather 
Aleyn, died un- 

Anne, married 1st 
to Henry Clarke 
and 2d to Edward 
Hickes. Dr. of Di- 


Samuel Reade of Lon- 
don, merchant, kinsman 
and final executor of 
Aleyn Read 30 March 
1688. Living 1714. 

rn 1 

PrisciUa. John, b. 
— 1656 ; d. 

Thomas, young. 

William Vesey of=^Elizabeth Clarke, devisee=f Matthew Isaack of Hitch-=j=l£aria, 1st wife, by 


Whatfield. co Suf- 
folk, Gent. ; ob. 
s,p. M.I. in What- 
field Ch. SeeVa- 


of her grandfather Alleyn ; 
cousin and heir-at-law to 
Alleyn Read 1 683 ; no issue 
by either husband. 

am, com. Suffolk, Gent., 
2d husband; died 1702 ; 
had married Elizabeth 
Vesey before 26 Dec. 

whom he had, with 
other issue, a son and 
two daus. who survived 
him. See Cullum of 

The above is founded upon the Pedigree of Read, with numerous wills, &c. given in the " Ancestry of Priscilla Baker," by 
her descendant William S. Appleton of Boston, U.S. ; the Read and Cooke pedigrees in the Harltian MSS, ; and the very 
genealogical Chancery Proceedingn in Veyse^ contra Read, Reynardson, I, 117. in the Public Record Office. Numerous letters from 
members of the Reade family and its connections are to be found in the six volumes of selections from the Winthrop Papen 
published by the Massachusetts Historical Society, while many others are still unpublished. 

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atmitional Ctitnemes. 

The preceding portion of this work has been devoted to the Winthrops of Groton and the 
families allied to them. The five following evidences would have been included in proper order 
had thej come to light in season, and they are now appended before passing to wholly 
different subjects. 

of (&m^t ^till, 1560. 

Alio Dni 1560, Jauar 30. I George Styll, bacheler in Divinitie and felowe of S* John's 
colledge in Oumbridg, ])eing sicke in body but sownd in mynde, make this my last wiil. I bequeath 
my whole self to my great and good god in whom onlye I costautly beleve. My worldly goods 
I bestowe theim wholie on M' John Styll Doctor of Divinitie, desyering hym, yf he thincke so 
good to gyve to my father my gelding. All my books (yf my said brother thincke good) I gyve 
to my nephew John Styll my said brother his eldest sonne. To my syster M" Ann Styll, my 
said brother's wieff, I gyve my twoe carpetts, <fec. To Joan my sister a featherbedd, &c. To 
Elizabeth my sister three or fou' pounds. I bequeath for fou^ yeres after my death yearlie x" 
to be distributed vnto the poore of Whatfeld in Suffolk on Xpemas daye. To the three wytnesses 
of this my wyll, M' James Byll bachelo*" of Divinitie, M' Peter WythipoU and Anthonye Higgyn 
M' of arte, I bequeath to eche of theim a ftrenche crowne to make them a ringe to remebre 
me w***all. For all my apparell at Hadley and elsewhere I gyve it wholie to my said brother 
John Still. I request of him as my last peticon that he nev' lett S' Gedney want so long as 
he lyveth. Adm to Jo. Styll, S.T.P., fratri naturali et Itimo Georgij Styll, S.T.B., vicesimo septimo 
die Junij 1586. Wills, University of Cambridge, 1558—1602, fo. 95. 

For the will of the testator's brother, successively Rector of Whatfield, Vicar of Hadleigh 
and Bishop of Bath and Wells, and for their pedigree see pp. 74-76. Alice Still, their sister, 
became the first wife of the third Adam Winthrop in 1574, and died 8.p. in 1579. 

A fine pedigree of the Stills of Dorsetshire, descendants of the Bishop, with some account 
of the family, will be found in Hutchins' History of that County, Vol. III. 

dhmttvxi ^vacethm^s, Hiinn^ c. Umh, 1571. 

In most humble maner complayninge sheweth vnto your good Lordeshippe your poore and daylie 
Orator John Hunne of the Cytie of Loudon that one Richarde Celye, cosyngermyn to Maryon Burde 
alias Bryde of Ypeswiche wydowe, was indebted to Thomas Gierke of London lynnen draper in the 
some of fyftie poundes in moneye. Richard Cely, beiuge verie vnable to paye the same, requested 
said Maryon to wryte for him to some ffrende of hers to take order for the payment at some 

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Other and longer daies. Maryon djd request your Orator (for there was great fifrendesheppe between 
your Orator and said Maryon) to deale with Thomas Gierke for Celye. By her letters said Maryon 
did promise to save harmeles your Orator whatsoever he shoulde doo promyse or vndertake for 
Celye. Your Orator [therefore], became bounden to Gierke for the payment of tenne poundes, parcell 
of the said ffyftie. Sythence which tyme your orator hathe byn compelled to paye the said tenne 
pounds with twelue shillinges for damages. But soe it is that Maryon doth refuse to repay to 
your orator the said tenne poundes. Said pmyse was not made by Maryon lUird before wytnesses, 
but secretly by her letters— which letters orator has sythence loste, [being] imbeeeled by one 
William Celye, brother to the said Maryon. Orator cannot • compell Maryon to pforrae her pmyse 
by the comen lawes of this realme. Maye yt therefore please your good lordesheppe to grart 
the Quenes Wrytte of Subpena to be directed to the said Maryon Burde, &c , &c. 

The answere of Marryon Bryde ate Byrde wydowe, defendunt, U ¥2iz^\ Defendnt att 
the request of Richard Cely yn the lyflfe of Richard Bryde hyr late husband dyd cawse a letter 
to be dyrectedd vnto compleynnt & requested him to be flfryndly vnto said Rychard Cely. And 
thoughe the supposell were true, as the same ys very vntrue, yett forasmuch as defend, att that 
tyme was a wyffe <k under the coverture of Rychard Byrd hyr husband she demaundeth Judgement 
of this honourable Courte yf she shalbe ffurther compelled to make answere to the surmyses & 
allygaoons of Gompleynt. 

Chanc. Proc, Series II, Bundle 97, No. 85. 

It would now seem that Maryon Burde alias Brjde of Ipswich and Richard Byrde, her 
husband, were identical with the " Richarde Burde of Ipswich and my sister his wief," who are 
referred to in the will cf the second Adam Minthrop (See page 13). Prolonged research has failed 
to discover any other Richard Burde of that place and period. It has been assumed that Richard 
Burdens wife was the own sister of Adam Winthrop, but the evidence of the wills of John Cely 
of Bury St. Edmimds, 1557, and of Alice Cely, his widow, 1558, discovered since the issue of 
the earlier pages of this volume, creates a presumption that she was really the step-sister of Alice 
Henny or Hunne, Adam Winthrop's first wife, who died young in 1538. Alice Cely, previously 

wife of Hunne, died in 1558, leaving three Hunne children then surviving and a stepdaughter, 

Maryon Cely, wife of Richard Byrde alias Bvydo of Ipswich, clearly the defendant in "Hunne 
contra Burd." She also left a son, William Cely, who is believed to be the William Cely who 
married Adam Winthrop's daughter, Mary. For the will of Richard Byrde and further particulars 
of the families of Hunne and Cely see hereafter, pp. 221-223 (Goodwin of Bull's Hall). 

mill 0f loljn albittingbam, 1619. 

The sixteenth day of August, 1619. John Whittinghara, citizen and grocer of London, and 
nowe of iiattersey in the countie of Surrey gentleman. I comende my soule vnto God, hopinge 
to be saved, and to enioye etemall rest amongst the blessed companie of his elect. By covennts 
bearinge date 29**» November 1614 before my intennarriage w'^^ Sara ray nowe wieffe I haue boiuide 
my selfe to paie vnto her the some of two thousande pounds. I giue vnto her in leiwe of her 
porcon w<^*» she maye claime by the custome of the cittie of London and in recompence of all 
agreements, the leases and all myne estates in myne house and lands at Battersey and in my 

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messuages in Whitecrossstreete in the parishe of S^* Gyles wMiout Cripplegate London and in one 
messuage in Cheapeside wherein M*^' Joane Norrington sometimes did inhabite. I doe give vnto 
the saide Sara soe muche of my goodes as shalbe of the value of two hundred pounds. I giue 
my coppyhoulde tenement in Ikttersey sometimes in the tenure of the Ladie Frauncis Howarde, 
and alsoe all other my coppiehoulde messuags in Pattersey and Waynsworth vnto the saide Sara my 
wieffe her heires and assigues for ever. The residue of my goodes I doe bequeath in manner and 
•forme following. I giue vnto my children one equall thirde thereof accordinge to the lawdable 
custome of the cittie of London. Vnto my daughter Dorothie ffiftie poundes and my best bearinge 
mantle. Vnto my sonne John Whittingham fHftie pounds. Vnto my daughter Marye my bearing 
mantle trimed w*** wachet silver lace. To my sonne William Whittingham a guilte bole called a 
boate w*^ was given him by his godfather Cranmer. I release vnto my sister Warrell all the 
debte w*^*' she oweth mee. Vnto S' John Weld of Arnolds, Knight, my biggest gmie cculte. Vnto 
my sister Monger and my sister Ditchfeilde cache a ringe of goulde. To my nephew Humfrey 
Warrell ffive pounds. Vnto my uephewe John Blastocke twentie poundes at his age of one & 
twenty y cares. My son in lawe and daughter Gere. I giue vnto my brother in lawe Josua 
Winthroppe and to his wiefFe twentie shillings a peece to make each of them a ringe. My cosen 
Harrison and her husbande and my sonnes in -lawe Thomas Vincent and William Palmer. To my 
executor ffortie pounds. To Joane ] barton my sister Ellis her maide. Threescore pounds to be 
bestowed vpon my fFunerall. Vnto the poor of l^attersey three pounds. To the poore prisoners 
in the two Compters and in Ludgate sixc poundes. The residue of my goods I whollie giue to 
aU my children, parte and parte like. I ordaine my trustie and welbeloved brother in lawe, 
William Cramner executor. And overseers I name my lovinge freitfde M' Humfrye Phippes and 
my lovinge brother in lawe M'^ Kdwarde Ditchfeilde. Probatum vicesimo primo Septembris 1619, 
jiuramento Wiftmi: Cranmer, executoris. P.C.C. ^S Parker. 

John Whittingham and Joshua Winthrop, his brother in law, had married two sisters, 
daughters of Vincent Norrington, Citizen and Grocer of London, whose nuncupative will, dated on 
•or about the second of January 1597, was proved on the nineteenth of the same month by Joan 
Norrington, his relict. [P.C.C. 5 Lewin.] ** Sicke in body and in danger of death he did giue 
all that euer he had unto Joane his loueing wife, sayinge that if he had five thousand pounds 
more he wold not giue anie from her." On the 12th of November 1617, a commission was 
issued to Sarah Whittingham, one of the sisters referred to, for the final administration of her 
father's estate. It was Mary, the other sister, who married Joshua Winthrop, sometime of London, 
and after of Bandon in Ireland, whose kindred and connections will be found in the pedigree of 
Winthrop of Groton, at page 27. 

ill nf Hohrt ^Hilimta^, 1646. 

The ffirst day of May, 1646. Robert Mildmay of Tarling in the countie of Essex Esq^ 
To be buried in my chancell of my pish church in Tarling. The some of ffiue hundred pownds 
w'*^ I did lend vnto my brother John Goodwyn of the Inward Temple London Esq'^ twentie sixte 
<iay of May 1642 to be paid vnto my executo" within one yeere nexte after my decease. P'or 
the payment whereof said John Goodwyn made me a lease of the Mannor Milles lying in Stystead ; 
•out of which said some to be paid vnto ray nephew Robert Mildmay sonne of William Mildmay 

Digitized by 



late of Woodham Water the some of twoe hundred pownds as vpon agreemt of his marriage was 
concluded. Vnto Anne Gliston wife of Henry Oliston Docter of Phizick ffyftie pownds. Vnto 
Elizabeth Peck wife of Samuell Peck of Chelmsford, Gent^ ffyftie pounds. Vnto Joane Mildmay 
daughter of Thomas Mildmaj of Finchingfeild fibwertie pounds at the age of eighteene yeeres. 
Vnto Bobert Mildmay sonne of Anthony Mildmay of Woodbridge in the countie of Suffolck the 
some of twentie pownds at the age of one and twentie yeeres. Vnto John Stalbam o^ minnester 
the some of ffiue pounds. Vnto my brother John Goodwyn, Esq^ and my cozen John Maidstone 
Gent, the some of three pownds a peece to make them rings, whom I doe request to be supeniisors 
of this my will. All the rest of my goods I giue to my loueing wife Joane Mildmay whom 
I make sole executrix : she not to suffer any wast or spoyle of my houses woods or lands 
at Tarling w^ 1 haue entaled vpon hir dureing hir naturall life. Probat 13 July 1646 iuramento 
Joanne Mildmay, excutricis. ^ Arch. Colch. Wills, 1646-47, No. 21. 

The seal affixed to this will has the arms of Mildmay with a mullet for difference. The 
testator was son of John Mildmay of Cretingham. Anne Gliston and Elizabeth Peck were 
sisters of the Robert Mildmay named in the will, who was son-in-law of Dame Amy Mildmay. 
Anthony Mildmay of Woodbridge was doubtless the son of Thomas Mildmay of Framlinghamr 
See Mildmay pedigrees, pp. 47-48. 

0f Mm f a«l' 1^^^' 

Mary Paul of Norwich, widow, 16**» March 1737. My moiety of my reputed manor and 
capital messuage and of all my lands in Polstead, Boxford and Assington in the county of Suffolk, 
also moiety of messuage and lands in Meudlesham in the said county, unto my loving sister Sarah 
Fones. After her decease all said messuages lands woods &c. in Mendlesham unto my three grand- 
children, Ann Paul, Mary Paul and Samuel Paul, the son and daughters of my son in law John 
Paul of Mile End Green in the county of Middlesex mariner, and to their respective heirs as 
tenants in common. And from the decease of my said sister Sarah Fones I give my moiety of 
said Manor in Polstead &c. to Nehemiah Lodge of the city of Norwich, gentleman, forever, in trust 
to sell and receive rents and to pay legacies. That is to say, to my cousin Katherine, the wife of 
M' John Nuthall. citizen and Alderman of Norwich the sum of fifty pounds : to my cousin Sarah 
their daughter one hundred pounds : to my cousin John Jackson woollen draper fifty pounds : to 
my cousins Elizabeth Smyth, Abigail Smyth, and James Smith of Norwich each fifty pounds: 
to my cousin Elizabeth Baist the wife M' Edward Baist ten pounds : to my cousin Sarah Beamont 
the wife of M' John Beaumont ten pounds : to my cousin Mary Lodge the wife of said Nehemiah 
Lodge ten pounds : to my cousin Martha Jackson twenty pounds : to my grandson John Paul 
fifty pounds and to Thomas Paul son of said John Paul at his age of twenty one years. To poor 
ministers or ministers widows and other poor persons the sum of twenty five pounds out of my 
South Sea Annuities. :My sister Sarah Fones to be sole executrix. Proved 12 October 1738 by 
oath of Sarah Fones, spinster. P.C.C. 240 Brodrepp. 

The will of John Paul of Bethnal Green, co. Middlesex, Gentleman, the husband of testatrix, 
was proved in the Prerogative Court in 1733 (P.C.C, 15 Ockham), and that of Sarah Fones, her 
sister, in 1745 {P.C.C. 46 Edmunds). For pedigree and wills of Fones of Nusteed, see pp. 83-87. 

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