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OF JUNE 24, 1939, P.L. 872, 
AY . , 1943, P.L. 306 AS AMENDED, 


NIHIL OBSTAT: Rufus Q. Pooch, QUA. 

IMPRIMATUR: Stuart Kougats, C.K. 

WM. J. KELLER INC. of Buffalo, N.Y., willfully published this book. 

Yes, this is volume one 

^ 3fJmawL St Wk^'^^^^ 

"We, being the gunkies . . ." 

BobGutowski Colonel Mustard 

Jim Girardi Socrates Napsack 

Eileen RauschZ.'.'.'.'. The Ziegfield Chorus 

l^jchelle The Third Eye Of Eruditii 

John Zagorski"!!!'!!^''!" Ten-lshu Zen 

Bill Stevenson Chips Buffalo 

Paul Smith The Malingering Mayonnaise 

Tony Lopresti Spiro's Mustache 

BobCoulton Nikon Unchained 

RedsRogan Sir Walter's Pouch 

John Roberts ^^P 

Tom Smith Rastus Duck 

Qjna The Baltimore Lady 

Anne Marie McKeaney The Cast of Thousands 

Bill Sudel Norman Rockwell, M.D. 

Mary Jane Oselund New Caldonian Mission 

Jerry Dees Memotor 

2ook The Expatriot 

Bob Davine The Sword of Damaclese 

Abe OrWck.Z'ZZ'ZZZ The Red Cross 

Kevin Nolan Progenitor 

Shadow catchers for this book were: Jim Girardi. Bob Gutowski, Tony Lopresti. John Za- 
gorski, Bob Coulton, Reds Rogan, Tom Smith, Fred Strathmann, Abe Orlick, Kevin Nolan, and 
not Frxl. 




■"— k«l«,. 


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"Shock and death can result if the body has become accustomed to 
heavy doses, LSC is a point of no return among the non-addictive sub- 
stances, it is dangerous because it is unpredictable. An individual who 
(takes this trip) can panic, can lose control of themselves especially in an 
unfamiliar setting, may cause harm to themselves or others. Another com- 
plication can be acute paranoid reaction. 

Prolonged depression may follow/ a trip. When this occurs, there is diffi- 
culty focusing or concentrating even after the trip is over. More important is 
the flashback ..." 

—Plagiarized from: LA SALLE. A Quarterly LaSalle College Magazine, sum- 
mer 1970. 

Flashback on the Class of '71 in the initial encounter in the 
days of Wister fanfold paranoia. Faces. People you knew and 
some you never got to know but haven't seen lately. One in 
four, (one in three?) are gone, not graduating Class of '71, 
La Salle. Why did they leave when you chose(?) to stay. Where are 
they now; who are the ex-patriots? 

S.A.T.'s back; the guidance counselor: "Now here's one I 
think you'd like, I'm pretty sure you'd get in . . ." "Hey, I got ac- 
cepted!" "Where at?" "LaSalle," "Where's that?" "I dunno . . . 
Philly ..." ... "La Salle was founded in 1863 by a group of 
brothers, priests, and laymen. The nucleus for the new college 
was the Academy conducted by the Christian Brothers as an 
adjunct to St. IVIichael's School . . ." 

"La Salle, La Salle, thy glory, thy triumphs we praise . . ." 

Yeah, right. 

"Sittin' in the Quad, blowin' them J's, 

Who could've seen it in the good ole day's?" 

Ah, the good ole days . . . 

"On that fine fall afternoon, 230 young Christian men, await- 
ing their official entry into an institution . . ." stood outside the 
dorms with parents, girlfriends, and luggage, checking each 
other out. (Wonder what kinda smack I'm gonna get for a room- 
mate?) 230 students, 230 ties. (Shit, I gotta get a new pair a 
wingtips!) 230 students; 230 crucifixes await within. (They make 
ya go ta Mass here?) 230 students; 230 . . . Beanies? . . . 230 
students; 1,150 salmon cards . . . Time marches on, and so do 
230 cadets; the smell of Brasso mingles with those of Sea- 
gram's 7 and . . . (What's that? Incense?") 

Midterms; the lounge was pinochle, Laugh-In, The Smothers -^ ^ 

Brothers, and Mission Impossible: the rooms were mild battle- W^Jk h Ju , 



grounds (a pumpkin replaces a crucifix; Diana Ross and Jimi 
Hendrix vie for superiority) or amicable residences (Tensor 
lamps shine on slide rules; mixers, three-dollar nights, and the 
upcoming season are discussed). But something's happening 
... It is. Quietly at first, then louder, the students begin to be 
heard. Curfews are questioned, petitions are signed; com- 
mittees are formed, meetings are held. And new things are 
planned for 

next year. Familiar faces now; familiar roles. Familiar, that is, 
in the context of the past year, but not of the previous fall . . . 
230 faces; 230 goals? But wait: 227 faces; 222; 210. . . 

The parade goes past (St. Barbara's Day?). You step out, and 
watch it go past. They think they've left you behind; but after 
they went by, you didn't stay there looking at them get farther 
away; you went on, too, but not in step. And every now and 
then you'd see them, and walk along with them for a few paces, 
and see them still marching . . . 

Still marching? At a glance, the precision is remarkable. But 
since you fell out, you know what it's like, and see traces of it in 
each of the marching ones; step by step, no two feet fall ex- 
actly together. Each is in step with the others— and in step with 

Curricula are planned, girls are checked out; Marx and Watts 
join Playboy on shelves . . . 

Call it walking, but it's still marching. A beat is a beat, 


whether somewhat shared with others or not. And every now 
and then you'd still catch a glimpse of them in another street, 
and their beat was different now, but they still shared it. Or 
you'd catch a glimpse of another like yourself, and you shared, 
not sharing. And the feet keep falling around you and behind 
you; and there are times you want to rush to join them, and fall 
in, but you never do; you were with them once, and it was you 
who stepped out. And you think, Alright: or. Just wait: or, I blew 
it: but it started at La Salle. 






4- 5600 N 5500 -^ 



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-^^^aHHIjf J 


Maybe the ivy has grown a bit more dense and the 
bricks slightly more weatherbeaten. There might be a 
little more grass in McCarthy Stadium, and there's a lot 
less room to park in the morning. The hamburgers still 
taste raunchy, and the steaks are still more gristle than 
meat. But have the students changed from 1964 w/hen I 
started here? 

The graduates of the class of 1964 put on their Ivy 
suits, went for job interviews and were hired, and hap- 
pily led meaningful existences ever after selling insur- 
ance, cars, and real estate. Some went to war and were 
killed; some went to graduate and professional schools. 
Most got married and had children. Some joined the 
alumni association, and some go to the meetings. 

What will the graduates of the class of 1971 do? Many 
will shave their beards, cut their hair, put on brand new 
1971 suits and be interviewed for 1971 jobs to put 1971 
dollars into their 1971 pockets, and will happily lead 
1971 existences ever after selling 1971 insurance, 1971 
cars, or 1971 real estate. Some will go into the service 
to protect the 1971 country from the 1971 menace, and 
some will go to professional schools. Some will join the 
alumni association, and some will go to the meetings to 
spice them with 1971 things. 

Where is the difference? People spoke against the 
president way back in 1964, but not as frequently (but 
then, Richard Nixon wasn't president in 1964). There 

was organized protest in 1964, but organized protest 
wasn't "in" back in '64 as it is today. In 1964 drivers 
snarled at you when they cut you out on the road; 
today, they give you the Peace Sign while they still cut 
you out. 

Which of the 1971 graduates will protest against sins 
against the ecology when these same people now work 
for the very companies polluting the air and streams, 
and dollars spent for ecology will mean less profit-shar- 
ing or perhaps the loss of a job? 

Will the graduates of the class of 1971 grumble 
against intellectuals causing unrest when today's grad- 
uates are running the country? Are the graduates of the 
class of 1971 a bunch of phonies who wear long hair 
and beards because this signifies a cause which they 
believe in, or because it's "hip"? Will the graduates of 
the class of 1971 follow the example of their pre- 
decessors and lead meaningless existences in a de- 
humanizing society, or will they remember some of the 
causes they led protests for, remember that they are 
members of the Love Generation and the Woodstock 
Nation, and be genuine, feeling people, or will their hu- 
manity and sincerity sink into the corporate image? 

Until now, no class graduating from La Salle has been 
different. The class of 1971 has yet been untested, but 
from all indication it will follow the way of the others, 
but damn, I hope not. 







Get a room in St. Francis, boys, and you can watch Star Trek 
with girls in the same room! 

There's a l<itchen in the basement of St. Edwards. Somebody 
decided the girls should feel at home. Besides, where would 
they go if they had a mad, uncontrollable spirit of domesticity. 
Cost as much as about eight or ten scholarships. But we were 
generous guys we voted you twenty-four hours use of our 

"Smart move," my girlfriends tell me. "You picked a school 
with a good ratio, sixteen to one, or something like that. If you 
can't come home with a boyfriend now, there really must be 
something wrong with you." 

Can't help but wonder what it was like without us. Wouldn't 
know. Is it really that big a difference? So what if the cafeteria 
was just a bunch of guys. It's now just a bunch of people. She 
wears a skirt or jeans or anything at all. And tries very hard to 
be what she always thought she should be. And then some 
joker comes over with a napkin. It has an address written on it. 
"I'm pledging for a fraternity. And, ah, I'm supposed to give you 
this. It's a party, Friday night. If you'd like a ride just call that 
number." Yeah, thanks. Try to forget the fool the Collegian 
made out of itself. And ignore the banter of opinions. Some of 
the girls like to cheer for the basketball team, some of them like 
to watch the games; some don't give a shit. 

"The state of affairs, was, excuse me, girls, screwed up." If 
you want to change the state of affairs, apologize to everybody. 
If you're talking about your language, which of course you are, 
don't apologize to me. Leave me alone, maybe. 


eat this book . . . 

letter of promise from tomorrow . . . 

despair today. 

well one can't expect sunshine every day. 
what abstention brings good fortune 
perhaps some unthought mode of action ... or non-action, 
the middle path, so mysterious as to be outside the grasp, 
well, that's what the buddha said. 

grasping, so close you can't see what it is you are holding on to. 
headaches come and go. what is in the heart stays and stays, 
perhaps waiting for some miraculous release, some person, perhaps . 
imparting new freshness, lightness for the soul, not bringing answers, 
but putting one on a plane where the questions seem less important, 
is it release from pain that Is sought? perhaps not. perhaps 
we simply need a way to make the pain come to life, to give it 
meaning, some link to the beyond, some way to see the relation 
of our own little world to some grand and mysterious plane 
where destinies are prepared and later collected, perhaps everyone 
feels these things in their hearts. I think so. separated so far 
from an essential reality . . . abstracted to the edge of endurance, 
we placed ourselves in this situation . . . We have the wisdom to 
return . . . back to that primeval level we all seek . . . unwilling to 
surrender those things which bind us to a mundane plane. 

-i: N "^ 


\v V 



















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^ .. 

Talking with & about Evening Division Students: 
J— John Corrigan, B— Bob Denver, A— Ann Marie 
McKeaney, Snack Bar Representative 

"Why did you select LaSalle Evening Division— 
w/tiy choose LaSalle over other schools? 

J: "Most come to improve their economic status. 
They might develop a curiosity or a love for learn- 
ing once they're here, but it's not the initial reason. 
I vi/ent to the Naval Academy, I flunked out, went to 
St. Joe's both day and night, then heard the 
course outlines and the atmosphere were better 
here. I had no way of judging, but I switched and 
I'm damn glad I did. I might have gone to Penn but 
I used to meet a guy on the train— I met him from 
his ninth year to his thirteenth year. The course re- 
quirements kept changing. I thought thirteen years 
and no degree, the hell with that." 
B; "It's a bit of PR work on the part of the in- 
structors in industry. A catholic school, small 
classes, good course outlines— it sounds good." 
A: "I started out in the Archdiocesan Teaching 
Program. Representatives from all the colleges 
were at our first meeting. LaSalle seemed to offer 
the most and it was the only school at which I 
could take six courses in summer day school. I did 
that for two years and enjoyed it here very much. 
Then I switched over to a full-time evening division 



point of view, a topic, or a joke?' 

"How has LaSalle lielped you? Wliat are you 

B: "It helped me a lot. I'm a Marketing Major. 
Studying statistics and advertising has helped me 
in my field. Now I don't have to take things on 
faith. I can understand basic terms." 
A: "It's kind of hard to define learning. Not just 
the grade counts, but what you get out of the 
course does too. It's possible to get a C and still 
have profited from the course in some way. When I 
read, I have to pick out little things that apply to 
my life in general. Knowing who Hemingway is in 
Literature or all about Faulkner's works doesn't 
help me as much as contacts with other people. 
I've met so many wonderful people here. Basically, 
learning extends beyond the classroom. You have 
to learn for life and to live it." 

"IHow does wliat you learn relate to your actual 

J; "It fits right in. I understand better now what 
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable is all 
about. I used to feel that I couldn't make sugges- 
tions because I didn't have the background. Now 
I'm no longer fearful. I make suggestions and do 
things on my own." 

"In the Evening Division, is there a common 

A: "Not really. There's such a diversity and so 
many who don't know a darn thing that's going on, 
it's pathetic. The same people are involved with 
everything. There are too many who go to class, 
go home, and that's it. They don't want to do any- 
thing about changing it, either." 
J: "That's right. That's the most common point of 
view. "Let's get the hell out of here"— whether it's 
this year, this semester, or graduation." 
B: "Time is an Important element. Many have 
class from 5:45 until 10:00 with only five minute 
breaks. When 10:00 arrives, they've had it." 
A: "So has everybody else." 
J: "Sure, everybody suffers under this." 

"What is the major concern of the Evening Divi- 
sion student? What are you learning for?" 

A: "Basically, to live a better life, to be a better 
person. Much of what i learn is helpful in teaching. 
Many in the Evening Division are married, and their 
major concern lies with their family or their job be- 
cause they feel it has to." 

B: "How about all the girls who are looking for 

A: "Oooh, that makes me so mad. So many 
people have that assumption. Anyone looking for a 
husband would have dropped out a long time ago 
The work's too hard if that's your main purpose. " 
B: "I know. I'm only kidding." 


J: "The median age is younger than when 1 first 
started. Evening Division students want to work, 
make a few bucks, and go to school on the side." 

"Is there a major concern with marks in the Eve- 
ning Division?" 

J; "There is. They're important for a better job 
and status. No marks— no degree. There are few 
altruistic people who want to better the world. Like 
hell— you want to better yourself." 
B: "Grades are important if your employer is pay- 
ing your tuition." 

J: "There should be a concern with grades. Oth- 
erwise, you lose whatever it is college is for. If you 
just drift along— did it mean anything?" 
A: "I think grades are important, sure. As long as 
you're not obsessed with them. If I decide I need 
an A in every course I take, it can have bad 

J; "I'm upset now. I just flunked a test tonight." 
B: "Grades are important in another way, too. I 
want to know how I stand in relationship to the 
rest of the class. Am I getting it or is something 

J: "Right or wrong, the world is a competitive 
place. We have to live in competition with others." 

"There's an overlap in the Snack Bar when the 
Day and Evening Students are together. What do 
you think of the typical day school student? What 



does he do? What does he think about?" 

J: "They're facing many of thie same problems I 
was. Dress is a major distinction— whether they 
comb their hair or don't etc. The majority do what 
everybody else does. There aren't too many rug- 
ged individualists. There's a difference in attitude, 
too. When I was 18—1 was more conservative than 
I am now. I've become cynical about some things 
in society. Signs like "America— love it or leave 
it"— turn me off." 

B: "Did you see "Joe" (movie)?" 
J; "No, but I can picture the guy. I've seen mil- 
lions of them in my time. They're so narrow- 
minded. It's amazing how they can do two things 
at one time." 

B: My brother-in-law is a senior at Penn State. I 
do think the day school is more involved with the 
outside world than I was at their age. We were 
sheltered— there was no war— everything was 
booming. Now there are real problems to be 
faced— something has to be done. They can't put 
the world out of their mind like we did." 


Gary Clabaugh has been awarded the high- 
est recognition by the explorer staff com- 
mittee on recognition for his teaching at La 
Salle. This entitles him to a free copy of the 
book, the loss of possibility of ever receiving 
tenure, and a free lunch at Gross Tillies 
Chuckhouse. The reason for this generally 
dubious honor is that he teaches remarkably 
well. His course is education, and that is what 
he manages to do. 


We are happy here, all of us. Anyone would be happy here. Look at the trees and the grass. 
Bucolic, picturesque, collegiate, right? Here, lool< at this: registration lines. Just like those 
big schools, hunh? See, that poor schlep over there just got screwed by the computer, but 
come on, let's be happy together; even he's happy underneath it all. Besides, if he's still 
griping in two months when the academic affairs committee has its fall meeting, he can 
complain and then we'll take the matter up next spring. Committees; we've got committees 
for all of our little problems so everybody can be happy. 

>-— ' 

Look at all these courses. Aren't they impressive? Everybody can find something here to 
make him or her happy. This is education, pure, raw knowledge, and it's here for all you 
lucky people. You get to set up your own roster, pick your own courses; this is the big time. 
We treat you like adults; you get to make choices. Sure, we know you might be a little un- 
certain about what to do. That's why we laid it all out for you in your college catalog. You 
not only get to choose freely, but you also get the benefits of our experience in helping you 
select wisely. We've been around; we know what makes you happy. And when you're 
happy, we're happy. 

These courses don't only look good on paper, either. Our faculty is dedicated to helping 
you, just as we are. We hand pick each and every one of them. We know what dedication 
is. Teaching our courses makes them happy, and that makes us happy. Sometimes it hap- 
pens that teaching our courses doesn't make them happy. We're always unhappy to see 
someone leave us, but we can't afford to have unhappy people around because they might 
make you unhappy and then we would be unhappy. We always try to make you happy. 
Then we're happy. 

Take our new coeds. A lot of thought went into that decision. But happy as our young men 
seemed, we thought we'd make them even happier. Next year there'll be even more girls. 
Now don't get me wrong, these are intelligent young ladies, good students all. They fit right 
in at our college. And they're happy. You're happy. We're all happy. 

See that big building going up right in front of those other buildings? That's our new gym. 
Your tuition helps us pay for it. It will have a big swimming pool. You and the coeds will go 
swimming in the same pool. Won't that make you happy? We hate to ask you for all that 
money. We don't even like to talk about money. But look what you're getting for what you 
pay. And look at this new classroom building we're putting up. Now you'll have a shiny new 
place to go to class and take tests and hand in term papers. Isn't that wonderful?? Well, we 
can go back to talking about the swimming pool if that makes you happier. 

Sure, we've had our problems. Some of the people who came here just weren't happy. They 
were always talking about ugly things that didn't make anyone happy. You weren't happy. 
So we weren't happy. But now they're gone, and now we have coeds and a new gym and 
our basketball team is doing just swell. Everybody's happy again. Don't worry about those 
unhappy people. We're building a fence to keep them out. 

It's hard to see all this in perspective, we know. But we have something that will help you. 
We have a scale model of our college that shows where everything is at. John Facenda tells 
everyone about LaSalle, while the little buildings light up. Whenever you get confused, you 
can watch La Salle go round and round and light up and you can listen to John Facenda. 
Then you'll know why everybody is so happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy . . . 





5 . 

V"^ - 



«IJ II II I IP IILtflllJl' 



Education would seem to be a major concern of the phenomenon known as "La 
Salle." Any discussion of either the college or of education will necessarily be brought 
into the rhetorical realm of generalization, which it is assumed your experience has 
taught you something about. The Explorer asked several occupants to generalize for a 
little while this issue and now generally presents . . . 

Opinions on education and La Salle, from the people who brought you 


Featuring . . . Daniel Burke, President 

Emery Mollenhauer, Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Thomas Coffee, Dean of the Evening Division 

Charles Gresh, Dean of Students 

Phylliss Montgomery, Dean of Student Life 

John Cimino, Chaplain 

Gerald Dees, Director of Student Activities 

How would you describe your position in relation to ttie 

Burke: Presidential. While I am still learning what that 
means in general I have found, that at one time or an- 
other, it has meant cordial, embattled, puzzled, atten- 
tive, disbelieving, supportive, understanding, misunder- 
standing, wistful, and happy. 

Mollenhauer: The Vice President for Academic Affairs is 
charged with seeing that the educational program of 
the College attains its objectives as fully as the Col- 
lege's resources permit. As I interpret this charge, my 
main assignment is with faculty and curriculum. Ob 
viously, however, a sensitivity to student's ideas, needs, 
objectives, and feelings is an integral part of the teach- 
ing and learning process. This awareness of student in- 
terest does come, I believe, through my work with the 
Students Academic Affairs Commission and through the 
participation of students in all academic committees of 
the College. To some extent, this is implemented by my 
teaching one sophomore class each semester and by 
my being available to students, as well as to the 

Coffee: "In my view the students, faculty and adminis- 
tration are in positions of mutual responsibility. The lat- 
ter must provide the best possible educational situation 
and the former must seek to maximize their academic 

Gresh: "I would like to envision my position as one cen- 
tered around service— a role that permits me to be an 
advisor, counselor and friend to students." 

Montgomery: "The position is one of service to the stu- 
dents. Hopefully my contacts with students will allow me 
to define the responsibilities and functions associated 
with my position." 

Cimino: "The very title of my position, Chaplain, already 
stereotypes me. It is expected of me that I say spiritual 
things and administer to spiritual needs. All of which I 
say and do. All of which is not totally me, nor the rela- 
tionship to the students I deem more necessary. 

For me the human is beyond the spiritual; surely, in 
being truly human are we most spiritual. If my vocation 
is, "all things to all men," then my purpose is an ever- 
becoming relationship— an ever-becoming "resident hu- 
man being," affording, hopefully, a non-judgemental ac- 
ceptance of all whom I am privileged to touch." 
Dees: "My position in relation to the students is per- 
ceived by myself as a partnership situation. Particularly 
my work with organizations would be described as a 
working toward common goals that have as their end 
product a better La Salle experience for as many stu- 
dents as possible. My reference here is to making avail- 
able on a consistent basis, the out of class learning ex- 
periencve in all its diversified forms." 

What does "education" mean to you? How and why, if 
at all, has your concept changed in the last few years? 
Burke: The personal growth that goes on first, in 
schools, and second, in every other place where there 
is life. Like most people today, I would like to see more 
precisely defined relationships between these two, be- 


tween the encounter with tradition in the school and the 
encounter with present problems and future possibilities 
beyond the school. 

Mollenhauer: "Perhaps imperceptibly, my concept of 
education has evolved in the last few years toward a 
more acute awareness of the need to approach teach- 
ing and learning from the focus of common exploration; 
such an attitude implies a conviction that the individual 
course, major or total curriculum is the more effective if 
the student emerges with the right questions, rather 
than if he is graduated with packaged answers." 
Coffee: "Education should, in my view, have as its prin- 
cipal effort providing members of the college commu- 
nity the best possible opportunity, a) to become aware 
of and conversant in the various perspectives from 
which "reality" can be defined; and, b) to learn to use 
and to rely upon best knowledge in performing those 
behaviors that are specifically human, viz., values, be- 
liefs, attitudes, opinions, etc. 

This is what education has meant to me for many 

Montgomery: "Education has been a continual process 
evolving from all of my life experiences. While I am 
grateful for receiving higher education, my education 
did not begin when I entered college nor did it stop 
when I ceased to be a student." 

CimJno: "Inevitably, education-goals always center on 
knowledge for its own sake, technical skills, and hope- 
fully, leadership, all done, ultimately, "ad maiorem del 

Fortunately the II Vatican Council has highlighted 
man's individuality, his religious freedom, and his sense 
of responsibility to his individuality and that of others. 
As the result of such concentration, problems of the 
here and now confront the task of education. More dra- 
matically, problems of the here and now confront the 
conscience of knowledge. No longer can education 
posture as fostering elitist neutrality, especially as the 
purpose of "Catholic Education." No longer can educa- 
tion promote membership into the "Establishment." No 
longer can leadership be equated with training for re- 
liably, but modestly, intelligent, decently liberal-con- 
servative, semi-responsible, biologically obligated, but- 
ton down Catholics. What is desperately needed is 
scholarship necessary to promote conscientious ecu- 
menical unity, social action, and political learning all in- 
tegrated into action and conduct. 

Lectures and books can train a man's mind; only ex- 
perience, example, and responsibility can educate his 
conscience. Alexander Pope's "the best study of man is 
man," once easily dismissed by Catholic educators now 
demands much re-appraisal." 

What do you think "education" has meant to the 

Burke: Three or four things, in varying combinations: 
growing in learning, social awareness, all-around ability; 
training for a career that is satisfying in quality, even ex- 
citing and financially secure; preparing to serve the 
needs of others— in a family and the community; devel- 


oping a personal philosophy about the ultimate ques- 
tions. ("Meant" is ambiguous in the question. It sug- 
gests understanding purposes, the acts of faith made 
about what is of value in life and how college can get in 
some instance toward these values; it also suggests es- 
timating the actual growth in these directions, a dis- 
tance institutional statements of purpose, like our Cata- 
logue's on pages 10-11, tend to overestimate and 
seniors tend to underestimate.) 

Montgomery: "I am still unsure of what education has 
meant to me, so how can I tell you what it has meant to 
others. Answers to the intriguing questions in life do not 
suddenly appear when one becomes an administrator 
or faculty member." 

Cimino: "I hesitate to speak for other people. May I sim- 
ply repeat some "judgments" spoken to me: "Education 
is simply a necessary process ... it gets one out of the 
draft . . . gets one's parents off one's back . . . gets you 
a better job ... my boots are my classroom ... my 
boots are my baptismal robe, my feet my salvation . . . 
my Catholic education has not hurt my sense of moral 
responsibility . . ." Other statements were also spoken, 
more cynical, surely, less obscene." 
Dees: "I think the meaning of college education to the 
individuals who have experienced it might all be boiled 
down to a learning of oneself. It would seem to me to 
be the beginning of knowing one's hopes and aspira- 
tions, one's purpose of life. Your question is phrased to 
me as "what has education meant to the students." I 
truly believe the often repeated phrase that "it's just the 

beginning of learning." I know that everyday there is 
something new to be learned; specifically something to 
be learned about people which is what it's all about. Re- 
ferring to your first question of describing my position in 
relation to students, I see myself and the others who 
work at La Salle as being in the "people business." We 
are a part of life and life is about people." 

What are the most immediate problems you foresee La 
Salle coming to face? 

Burke: Renewing faith in our ability to face the ultimate 
questions; improving teaching and learning, especially 
in the freshman year; establishing a realistic service role 
to the city and community; reducing financial pressures 
on the students and the institution. 
Coffee: "The most important problem facing the college 
is a continuing one. It is to provide the best possible 
faculty, student body and curricula, organized in a way 
that provides maximum access to learning experiences 
for all. In other words, to provide the best possible 
educational situation." 

Gresh: "Sprialing costs that might necessitate higher 

Cimino: "Immediately, La Salle faces the problem of 
survival, financially and otherwise. Thereafter, its prob- 
lems are simply the problems of man, his alienation 
from self, hopefully, his reorientation to society; the 
problems of the city, its deterioration, hopefully, its re- 
integration; the problems of the global village, its de- 
struction, hopefully, its re-creation. A more important 



problem is the quality of La Salle's survival; that in the 
process of survival it not compromise its answers to 
those problems, and lose Its intellectual, moral, and 
spiritual identity." 

What are the most significant accomplishments and/or 
failures of La Salle in the four years the Class of '71 has 
been here? 

Burke: Some significant accomplishments, in no par- 
ticular order: broadening of participation in governance 
for faculty and students; several experimental and 
standard programs (freshman interdisciplinary; double- 
major; majors in correctional work, earth science, and 
theology; expanded graduate theology program); Urban 
Studies Center and program for disadvantaged stu- 
dents; the reorganization and expansion of the Board of 
Trustees and institution of an advisory council; begin- 
ning of a successful capital campaign; new building 
program; completion of Project 74 in the library— and 
coeducatrion. But most important, some 6000 young 
men and women studying, dancing, reading, weeping, 
sitting-in, lingering in the cafeteria, and taking some 
forty courses. Some failures: lower level of performance 
in some of these and other projects than might have 
been achieved, overestimating possible performance in 

Mollenhauer: "I suppose that to me the most "signifi- 
cant accomplishment" of the last four years is an atti- 
tude or process which is still in the making: the sense of 
collegiality and openness that indeed did exist before 

1967 but has in the last four years been more directly 
and positively responded to." 

Gresh: "A very real participation in institutional govern- 
ance. A marked increase in the realm of student 

Montgomery: "I haven't been here long enough to an- 
swer the question." 

Cimino: "Not having been here that long, don't feel 
qualified to answer." 

What do you think we have gained by being a part of La 

Burke: Boredom and ecstasy. Debts. Some realism. 
Some knowledge of our potential and other peoples' 
goodness. Some time to think. Some appreciation of 
how much opportunity we can waste. Some hope. 
Montgomery: "For most— a diploma." 
Cimino: "Again, I hesitate to speak for others. Let me 
answer with another question. What have you put into 
your four years at La Salle?" 

What is the greatest hope (in terms of learning or other- 
wise) you have for this class? 
Burke: "Christ." 

Mollenhauser: "I feel ill at ease in offering a comment 
on my "greatest hope" for the class of 1971 since I do 
not want to indulge in the rhetoric of prophecy and 
since such projections are inevitably tempered by the 
argot of experience." 

Coffee: "My hope is that their years at La Salle have 
been educational in the sense noted in my response to 


your second question. If it has been then I thinl< that 
they are in a much better position to live intelligently 
and responsibly. This is my greatest hope for the class 
of 1971." 

Cimino: "Pindar once said, "Become the person you 
are;" to which I add, (hopefully) and the person you 
could and should be." 

Dees: "One of the hopes I have for the Class of 1971 
would be to see its members find their place in our so- 
ciety. For many, I'm sure this will involve great adjust- 
ments. I hope those who have the opportunity will have 
the courage to change things that need changing and 
yet be able to accept the things that cannot be 




Other Activities 


f"* V'/A 


* 4gl'- ' *. ' i ■*■' ! >* ' '' ) ** 




'^.^•^'.f.^ fit 

''?/> ' ^'• 

-f^S^"'' \>,tg ''^' >x§^^, ^?-5^ 

,f^§il4' '- ^«^4 

,^tP K,;-^- 

*^ ^ ^ t It^ |v 1 1 1^ \9^ 











BBjmBpi^^' •■?*-^siB? 









^^^^HI^^I^HH'^ j^HBL 




^^^^^^^^^nr A^^ 






wi^ J 

^^^■M|j^^^^^ ^^i^^^^Hf ' 

Residence Council 





♦ > 

'C vLZT^^H 




7. *;--— 


Evening Collegian 

E.D. Class Officers 







"^^^^^ ' :w ^ 

^•^ ,* 

r ^ 


- '' 


S^^^ - ' ^ 


Cross Keys 




St. Thomas Moore Society 







- . ^ : ■ ■ 



>•*■"•" .« 


u-<< - 


■'-• •■••^. 

■ ■•' 



' ■'" . ■ 


i. -■L-«i .•,•■ 

■ ^♦t'v":^^ 

















Merlin was no duck. He did have a few tilings going for him iil<e remembering what was 
going to happen and predicting the past. Most people believe that they can remember what 
happened, what they know. For them this book would be better used to patch cracks in the 
wall. Eat pie my friends. 

I didn't know what was going to happen when I started this book. I had a lot of people 
and things in mind. From them and for them came this book. Part of a part for them: 

The Singers and the sung; the seeing and the seen; the polar bears and elephants; the 
USA and cosmic environs; Susan and the first sun of August; Sandy, who taught me about 
the earth; Con for every ocean, every shore; Daniel Hoffman and all the strikers of stone; 
the village fire keeper and salt maker; Rufus, whose not a dog, and the whole Family Band- 
Con, Billy, and Fred, the livers at Keyser Street; Tom and Nancy, Zipper and Cathy; Gabe, 
mad philosopher and teacher of some of my first lessons, trust and friend; Socrates and 
Kant for conformations rendered (Kant was not a Kantian); Steve, Hands across the space- 
time continuoum; the sacred stones, their pupils and confidents; Pat, last keeper of the 
stones; Barbara, Coiorodo ocean of sun that rose from the west and returned; Good times 
and those who shared them; the Jiva; Times and spaces without themselves; my mother 
and father; Stink, Vince, and Frank; Castle Shannon, trees bearing fruit and other growing 
things; all of the faces I've known more than and mountains i've been within . . . 

Merlin, wherever you are, you are right. There are many faces, many teachers, and this is, 
after all, ink and paper. A rather inadequate medium, for what i want only an extension of 
another part never completed. 

So, here it is. La Salle and world, another yearbook. Make of it what you will. Some good 
people helped to put this together. Jim, my co-procrastinator and head of cameras, Eileen 
and Michele provided control points for the general disorganizational flow, Tony, John, and 
Bob took occasional pictures occasionally on time. Bill Stevenson kept me sane with his 
chiping in, Bobbie and Anne Marie brought the evening division into day light, Tom Smith 
brought the ducks and fed them, the CU maintained bureaucracy without limits, Gina, Josie 
and Barbie provided company and cheer, Jerry Dees and Annette served as the essential 
last resorts, Abe Orlick immortalized many an unsuspecting moment and many suspecting 
people. Bob Davine, ever a phone call away, provided representation without legistlation, 
and Stu, may he rest in peace, provided inspiration. De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum. 

Quack, quack, my friends I'm off to learn everything there is to be learned and wonder at 
everything there is to be wondered about. May you all live your lives as well as you discover 
you want them to be lived. 

Bob Gutowski 

r«?>--^^- ■"■'■ 


'SSfj^ i 


Ah! Ah! Ah! 

I am food, I am food! I am the eater 
of food, I am the eater of food! I am the 
uniter, I am the uniter, I am the uniter! 

I am the first-born of the true, prior to 
the gods, and the navel of Immortality. He 
who gives me away, he alone preserves 
me. He who eats food— 

I, as food, eat him. 

Taittiriya Upanishad 

Volume II 



i > i mi. wi« .i».«<> ' « '! n 



E. Anastasi F. Anton 

T. Barry 


La Salle 

. j,ft»^^- ■--■-■ 

J. Greco 

J. Gronczewski 

T. McConney J. McGinn 

D. McNulty 

D. Meiskey 

H. Metzinger, 


Mr. Higgins, six year veteran of Evening Division Teaching: 

"We Inave a real fine evening program— not just academically but from prac- 
tical work experience from the outside; what we take out has to be a com- 
bination of the student and the instructor— it is a dual effort. 

"We don't want professors with an attitude 'it's up to the student to study.' 
The instructor should draw from his practical experience and his years of 
service in a particular field— his function is not simply to expound on the tex- 

"On the other hand, the student has a duty to read the text and to correlate 
it with the lectures. Too often students lament 'You didn't cover that in class.' 
Well, we shouldn't have to— you can raise questions during the lecture period 
or after class. 

"The professor should be prepared to spend time after class for an hour or 
so two nights a week. We ought to make ourselves available and shouldn't say 
'My time's up now.' If we request students to attend student congress meet- 
ings, and etc., we should also be available. Another thing— If a student wants 
to call at home we should be available in case of emergency. 

"I think Student Congress is good for the students. You can't teach some- 
one in a classroom to stand on their own two feet. They do this by constantly 
working at it. They don't always get it in the job. Through Student Congress, 
the student gets rid of his inhibitions because he is able to demonstrate and 
defend his position. Sure, he's going to stumble, but he'll be better prepared. 

"For those who want to be managers, leadership does not develop through 
reading textbooks. 

"As for Accounting, the overall curricula prepares the pupil for a way of life, 
the facets of the economy. There is no preparing them to be accountants in 
the 'vocational school' sense; rather as a part of the overall education, it is an 
effective tool in understanding the financial structure of the community— how 
economics ties into our whole social structure." 


F. Petrozziello 

M. Reinking 



A. M. Vittese G. R. Walsh 

F. Wlodarczyk 



L. Santacroce 

T. Sawyer 


B. R. Tymes 

H. Schmidt 

R. Stauffer 

B. Steinberg 

R. Tomlinson 

F. Venafra 

J. J. Wondolosl<i IVI. Young 

W. Youngblood 


'"—-.ran,,, ,3,^^^^^^^ 

••^iculi of myelinate 
"^nall Lymphocyte 
'> el mated nerve fibers 

Stratified s 

quamous, non-ke 

"I grew up in Philadelphia, and when I walked 
down the street in Vermillion, S.D. and everybody 
said "Good Morning," I got all choked up— I didn't 
know what to do. In Philadelphia, you tend to avoid 
people's faces when you walk. Out there, you don't 
do that, because invariably they have a greeting for 

Dr. Norbert Belzer applies the concepts of ecol- 
ogy to the bustle of Philadelphia life with the verve 
of a bright student. Having finished formal school- 
ing out west but two years ago, the biology de- 
partment's resident cowboy still feels close to stu- 
dents, still worries with the undetached concern of 
the senior for the freshman, 

"We are requiring many people to know too much 
too early. At 15, we ask a person, 'What do you 
want to do for the rest of your life?" Before, at 21, 
you were just barely a man, with plenty of time to 
decide. People would tell you to wait on your major 
decisions. Now, we ask sophomores in high school 
'Which job? Which college?' The truth is, some 
people just don't know. We give them a list of pro- 
fessions and ask their choice, and get answers like, 
'Well, I like life, I guess I'll be a doctor.' But maybe 
it's the diversity of life they like-they might be hap- 
pier collecting butterflies." 

Dr. Belzer thinks about hairstyles and fashions in 
terms of evolutionary selection pressure, about 
genius as a random population factor, about city- 
folk and country folk as varieties of niche adapt- 
ation, and about crime in cities as an expression of 
anonymity and territoriality in high population living. 

Dr. Belzer told us he once wanted to be a for- 
ester. When he puts on his string tie and boots, 
maybe he is. 

a^ <iKV 

a a Q Jl (X\ 



M. Hogan 

E. Hughes 



R. Kreipe 

W. Kryszczak A. Lenherr 

W. Linguiti 


p. Muessig 

F. Papa 

T. Schewerman W. Schlechter W. Schwartz 

L. Sharps 

W. Ditomasso 


W. T. Walker 

B. S. Zaret 





J.Andrews B. Argetsinger 

W, Boyle 

B. Connelly 

C. Coyle 

R.Gambino R.Gavin, Jr. 

R. Goodwin R. Grzymala 


W. Haney 

G. Harper 

R. Harshaw 

R. Higgens 

M. Kahrimanian R. Keatting 


J. Larentowicz j. Lawton 

M. Maddaloni 



J. Malloy 

J. McGoldrick J. McNichol 

D. Meddaugh 

W. Mignoni 

E. Morley 

G.F. Tofini 

S. M. UrbanskI P. Venuti 

S. T. Wilson 

E. Wyatt 




J. Strug, Jr. 

R. P. Vogt 



Earth, Space, and Sea Sciences 


"A classroom where people are uninterested is 
like a comic movie with only a few people in the au- 
dience—no matter how well the ideas are handled, it 
just won't work. It's surprising what a difference is 
made by the reaction of students. Even the guy who 
walks in, reads his lecture cards, and walks out is 
affected." But our image of the "interested" stu- 
dent is the guy who scribbles everything in class 
then runs home and memorizes it. Who needs it, Dr. 
Galatola? "But remember, colleges are set up for 
the average student, and thus grades come to re- 
flect not ability, but diligence. Any average student 
who is willing to do a lot of admittedly hard work 
can get through quite well." Then which students 
are crucial? "I've given some thought to that. Every 
school has their 5% or so brilliant students, and 
those guys will do well anywhere. Also, any college 
has their 50% or more non-academic students. It's 
the middle group, the slightly above average, who 
make or break the department and the school." 

What about science and the public? "For most 
people, there's this vague area of science that 
brought the wonders of television and the atomic 
bomb, and also caused all that pollution out there." 
Aha— Who? "People can't name them. Who is a sci- 
entist that's known today? The last one was Eins- 
tein. There is no scientist, however great, whose 
name Is on the tip of everyone's tongue. No one 
takes scientists seriously, for all they seem to do is 
take government money to publish obscure articles 
in journals no one reads. The problem is, you liter- 
ally have to be a scientist to know what scientists 

■| have a $5 bet that I'll cross the Atlantic before 
1972, but since then I've gotten married." Forfeit? 
"No, but I won't try it in my 18 foot boat. I think at 
least a thirty foot is necessary now." 



"In spite of all this noise and outside 
manifestation, the attitude of our stu- 
dents did not change much In relation 
to their objective of getting education. 
I personally think that we have always 
had a very cordial relationship be- 
tween student and faculty, and the fact 
that the students wanted more of a 
voice in certain matters was easily 
granted because of this relationship." 

"One peculiarity that struck me of 
the American people is that they are 
very fond of change. Anything new is 
supposedly better than the old, which 
by my understanding is not necessarily 
so; we are too enamored with change 
and should digest more carefully and 
see if change fully implies improve- 
ment or not." 

"You meet a few students who are 
different, the rest are the same fellows 
of twenty years ago. They want to get 
education, they want to learn some- 
thing, become something in the world, 
and that is as it should be. People who 
feel only cannot change things; in or- 
der to change things one has to know 
how to do it. We can only hope the 
change is for the good." 

Thank you Dr. Ciesla. 


R. Bingham 

D. Casile 

C. Cosyello 

R. Jann 

A. Kompanek R.Mazzarella 

G. McGuigan 





D. Young 





A. Errichetti T. Feerick 

W. Flanagan 

J. Gibson, Jr. D. Giordano 


Br. A. Johnson Br. D. Kelly 

J. N. Kennealy J. Kiernan 


M. Kulhamer B. Laline 

A. Malatesta J. Manning 

A. Mc Keaney 


Weber Society 



M. P. Toner 

M.T.Wilson L Wolfson 


how would you describe yourself? 

well, I said earlier that I'm basically 

illogical . . . intuitive . . . 

oh, I don't know, should I be modest or . . . accurate? 

ah ... as a poet 

I mean, I think . . . 

if anybody's gonna carve my tombstone 

somewhere on a windy hill 

just chisel on a rock 

here lies Al Ruggiero, he was a poet 

because I think that kind of encompasses everything else 

the poetry I write isn't that good 

because as Claude Koch would say 

I'm perhaps too close to the things I'm writing about 

I don't have the . . . divine indifference . . . 

the Joycean aloofness 

but I think I have a poets sensibilities ... 

sip of wine 

i think being a poet gives one an eye for beauty . . . 

an eye for the intrinsic worth of just about anything . . . 

or anybody . . . everybody 

and that is something i find a lot of students lack . . . 

just a conviction that they're worth anything 

a lot of people are something . . . 

they are what they say they are . . . 

because its difficult to be anything else . . . 

maybe you have to take that into consideration 

I'm not a fighter 

I consider myself as a gentle person 

perhaps to a fault 

I've been told that 

maybe it's something like how Shelley would describe a poet 

you know, in the Defense of Poetry . . . 

not just people who write are poets 

but legislators, kings, philosophers 

anyone really, who has the sensitivities 

sensitive and gentle . . . 

those are my adjectives 








The hardest thing about going to 
Fribourg is coming bacl< to Phila- 
delphia. In Fribourg, life forces you to 
direct all your energies toward living in 
it. Umbilicalled, you enter a world of 
newness, unfamiliarity, beauty and 
wonder. And in it all, it's a bit awesome 
and frightening. Relate. Goo-goo. Why 
did they take away my food? I wasn't 
finished yet. What if I laughed right 
now? Those are a lot of steps to climb 
just to get to the next street. Does that 
mean they want me to leave? 

A new sense of self. You get used to 
walking and listening. You can com- 
ment on the weather, ask a question, 
go to the store. You learn to shake 
hands, kiss girls on both cheeks, order 
a cup of coffee, tell a joke, complain. 
You enjoy, you hurt, you make a 
friend. And you realize everybody 
there is people too. You leave to see 
and return to tell. 

A guy in a sailor hat and hawaiian 
shirt grabs you and asks why his kid 
didn't get off the same plane you did. 
You gaze up and brown is where the 
blue used to be. Old friends aren't 
friends and your bedroom window 
doesn't look at Alps anymore. People 
really expect you to do things between 
noon and two. No mineral water? Why 
twenty-one? Afraid? 
Fribourg. Des memoirs. La nostalgie. 



R. Aiken 

T. Campbell 

J. Capodanno 



S. Hoffman, Jr. T. Hordeskl 

P, Matje 



¥Wn H \^i'\ n\^ H^"i M w 






C. Adamczyk 

W. Babych 

C. DeSimone J. Diamond 

P. Dougherty R. Ehmer 


N. Eldrldge 

B. Lapka 

Br. T. Lofgren 


F. Lerro 

C. Lynch 

W. McClory 

Br. J. McGoldrick V. Masciarelli 


R. Perkins 


J- S. Szpila 

S. L. Szmendera 


F. J. Terpolilli D.M.Viola 

P. F. Zerkow 

Historical Society 



"I've seen quite a few changes in 
twenty-four years, and all of them for 
the good. The students brought the 
change with the whole idea of the 
youth movement, with the idea that 
people are going to be heard, that 
people 22, 23, 24 have come to the 
conclusion, rightfully, that all the wis- 
dom is not in people 45,50,55. I think 
most of the changes are good, even 
though I don't like them all." 

"The student today is basically no 
different than the student twenty years 
ago— he's just better. He's no anar- 
chist; if he bitches and complains he 
tells me the same way he did twenty 
years ago. The guys who are the di- 
ctators haven't been able to make 
changes, and these are the guys the 
students are blowing apart." 

"I think the whole educational sys- 
tem is a farce, really. It's a nice way to 
make a living, it's very comfortable, but 
we haven't had a new idea in educa- 
tion since the Great Books. They talk 
about it but they're locked in by the 
system and they won't do it. The sys- 
tem today, as I see it, is intellectually, 
morally, and in every way unsound . . . 
if I had anything to do with it, high 
school would be three years and col- 
lege would be three years. In college 
he would take mathematics and sci- 
ence since we are in a world of math 
and science; he would take the clas- 
sics, he would take the arts, and he 
would take some business courses 
too. And it would be a forty hour a 
week job for three years. The length of 
time it takes to complete your educa- 
tion today is economically feasible and 
biologically unsound." 

"You've got to have new Ideas— the 
old ideas don't work. I don't think you 
necessarily have to be young; I think 
that what you have to have is young 
ideas. I don't think you have to wear 
long hair or wear mod clothes, al- 
though it may help you in the environ- 
ment. You've got to think young." 


Industrial Relations 





French Club j 



T. McCarthy 

Br. T. Mullen 

N. Ragucci 

M. P. Sweeney 


Italian Club 

Editor's Note: Being thie last organization to run out of food at 
Open House, tfie Explorer awards the Italian Club tfie coveted 
Golden Anctiovie. Following a discussion with "Scars" Boticelli it 
was also decided that any group with an enforcer should do their 
own write-up. which follows. 

Two weeks after I joined the Italian Club in 1968, the SOC face- 
tiously staged a Leif Ericson dance on October 12. Lest they be 
outdone, our club members inked a black hand over a campus 
billboard advertising the event. 

We entered the Tap-Off Rally the following month with a 
hearse, six thugs, and sweat shirted mumics of the balance of 
the "Big 5" who would soon be wiped out, in keeping with our 
parade theme of "Gola Plugs 'Em, We Plant 'Em,— Bruno's Fu- 
neral Parlor". 

The following year we entered the Open League of intramural 
sports, naming our team the FUN GHOULS. Perhaps you've seen 
us play?! In one particular game, our ferocious front four had, by 
the time the two minute warning was given, rubbed out the last 
opposing player. Four plays later we scored, and went on to win, 

It was through the Italian Club that I learned to distinguish be- 
tween pizza pie and tomato pie, how to translate assorted Sici- 
lian obscenities, how to play bocce, and how to win the graces of 
an Italian girl's mother. 

There were about seven guys in the club when I joined, and as 
I prepare to leave, our numbers approach fifty. This, by neces- 
sity, gives one a warm glow. It answers a question that I've been 
asked a million times— "What the hell is a Hungarian doing in the 
Italian Club?" 



■ J^- — 

w- ^H" 

*25C^ ii^s*j;^?.'^,.f?x»eri^:-. 


H. Cipolaro, Jr. J. Colton 

L. Costigan, Jr. A. De Barberie F. De Gregory 


E. Ferguson. Jr. f. Ferraro 

J. Fleming 

M. Grogan 

F. Hurley 




T. Londergan 

A. McElhenny 

G. R. Moylan 

W. Murphy 

C. Nagele 

J Pinckney 


L. A. Polowczuk J Poole 


W Scully 

J. De Simone 




S. J, Adams, Jr. P. C. Andrews C. Avellino 

J. Blinebury R- Bonocore 

O. Boylan, Jr. J. Brennan 

S. Burger 


R. Campanella E. Chiosso 

J. Feeley 

S. Fitzpatrick 





M. Flannery 

R. Flynn 

F. Forgione 


N. Martorano 

p. A. Pedersen 







■^ J ^oI>^oo^IoIoqqq\^ojO 


^O <»««09^««# 

»#######• ^~ ^ -r z 3%m%9 





R. McDonnell 

J. McKeogh 

D. Scheerer 

T. Wojclechowski j. p. Zarreke 


"The difference between the Renais- 
sance man and today's man is that the 
Renaissance man thought he could do 
everything, whereas modern man 
doesn't thinl< he can do anything. It 
would take an unusual man today to 
do something important other than his 
regular job. He may keep reading 
books, but it is unlikely that he will 
write books. 

"America is the only country in the 
world that takes itself seriously. But it 
doesn't produce serious thought. The 
great tragedy of America is that it will 
go down in a giggle, not in utter de- 

"I know some students, though, who 
are really searching for something. 
That's the real aim of education. You 
don't want to become a specialist, or 
learn to run a machine. You want 
something that gives you a new lease 
on life. You're only around a few years; 
you should enjoy it and grow from it. 
These aren't institutional things. A col- 
lege should provide for understanding 
and exchange. All they do is turn out 
performers, trained seals. The ad men 
have proven it. They know." 

Painter, architectural consultant, ar- 
chaeological assistant, army and mer- 
chant marine veteran, founder and 
chairman of La Salle's shoved-under- 
the-rug art department, Mr. James 
Hanes has been invited back to Rome, 
where he spent three years on an art 
scholarship, to design and build build- 

Mr. Hanes holds no degree. 

"I think it's kind of nice to be inde- 



mitt' ''^^ '\ 


1 >\4^ 

V "^ 

. V 





■^^^K ^<^ 


"^^L^ ^ ij 


^^^^^H ^^ 


gilB^f ■* 


: \^ 






A. Foley 

V. Neary 






A. St. Germain T. M. Townshend 



Mr. Goldberg, seventh year Evening Division 
instructor, formerly at Rider and Penn State, a 
physicist at RCA. 

8:45 "The Evening Division students at LaSalle 
are serious minded, highly motivated and eager 
to learn. 

Physics, regardless of the profession one may 
decide, has a cultural aspect; it is a wonderful 
form of self-discipline for life (attention drifts to 
his students inside the classroom as they take a 
test). Physics even at the classical level can be 
taught in an exciting and dynamic manner. I try 
to communicate an excitement and enthusiasm 
for the subject to my students." (once again, his 
mind wanders to focus on his students) So, I 
promise to return after class. 

Continued. 10:00. . . 

"I believe the presentation of Physics problems 
and their solutions can be approached in a way 
as to excite the student to independent thinking 
and to examine for himself the inner beauty re- 
sulting from a systematic development of con- 
cepts and theorems. 

For teaching to be successful on any level the 
teacher must create in his classroom the desire 
and atmosphere for learning. 

The teacher must convince the students that 
we are part of a learning team, teacher and stu- 
dent. He is here to help the students. Since they 
have many other responsibilities such as sup- 
porting a family, holding a full time job, it is our 
responsibility as teachers to be understanding 
and considerate in our dealings with them. I be- 
lieve this would lend itself to a better learning ex- 
perience for all." 


p. McHugh 




T. R. Woloshin 




Political Science 

M, Malloy 

J. Mawhinney 


R. Felloney 

"For a point of contrast, when the Faculty Sen- 
ate was formed about five years ago, one of their 
first discussions was on student dress rules, coat 
and tie for class. It's amazing what happens qui- 
etly that way— you mention dress rules to some- 
one now, and they sort of smile." 

Brother Emory is subtly Christian, subtly ad- 
ministrative, subtly bemused. He nudges the col- 
lege from his Mateuse and pipe rack office, from 
the classroom, and from the chair of twenty com- 

"Our 'rebellion index' was so very low as to be 
almost a point of social embarrassment. The sit- 
in sort of helped that. I gathered that as an ad- 
ministrator I was supposed to be upset. Actually, 
I was rather sorry to see it end— for a change of 
pace, I could look out the window and see who 
had just arrived." 

Brother Emery is aware, wary, and optimistic. 
He believes strongly that we are winning. 

"Five years ago, you could give freshmen 
Charles Lamb, Newman, and periodic sentences: 
today, such examples lengthen— or is it 
deepen— the 'gap.' Yet it would be arrogance to 
consider ourselves at the zenith of human his- 

"Occasionally, we encounter some ill-informed 
out-of-towner who thinks of us in terms of the 
basketball team or the LaSalle Correspondence 
School. Our image has not caught up with our 
reality. For a quiet, very much urban. Catholic lib- 
eral arts college, we are moving. Rudolf Bing sim- 
ply does not come to every campus." 

"You know, last year we seriously applied for 
Phi Beta Kappa." For we know that Our Redee- 
mer liveth. 


T. W. Walpole J.Wiley 

J. Sharkey 

R. Spence 

J.E.Thompson G, A. Tomezsko F.J.Viola 




m^x . — . .^» 

t m 


'' H"l 








f"^ m^^^H 

J. Merchant 


J. Berry 

P. Dog 

S. Donnelly 

F. Dougherty C. Fastlggi 

M. Franczak 

Psi Chi 



1 \v ^k iiflfcM 




V 1 

... — . — . < 


Mr. Gilligan spent all sum- 
mer building a machine 
which, among other things, 
makes rats listen to white 
noise. He also teaches here. 

"It doesn't matter what 
kind of research you're 
doing, as long as you're 
trying to find some answers 
about behavioral laws. The 
ultimate answer will come 
from experimental child psy- 
chology: where does behav- 
ior begin? Then we could 
work toward making good 
behavior and preventing 
bad behavior. 

"I have no idea where the 
classroom situation is today. 
We should be training 
people to learn on their 
own, make responses with- 
out someone else providing 
the stimuli. Self-actualiza- 
tion. A teacher should serve 
as an advisor, taking feed- 
back, offering alternatives. If 
I were in school today I'd be 
bored to death. It's like pull- 
ing taffy— you stretch it as 
fares it will go. 

"Non-structured free edu- 
cation won't work here, 
though. I've tried it. It's got 
to be full scale, not just one 
class, or it will fall on its face 
like mine did. There's no 
teacher interaction here, no 
community. We use the 
word, otherwise we would 
have to say we don't even 
have the facade. 

"We should be trying to 
make people more Chris- 
tian. If we could find the 
causes of, say racism and 
prejudice, and eliminate 
them, give people insight 
into them as bad behaviors, 
then we could make them 
more Christian. No religious 
label, but operationally, it's 



D. Kelly 

C. Librandi 

A. Lopresti 


A. Sypek 

A. A. Tedeschi R. R. Verbrugghe L.R.Viola 



J DeStefano 

J. Firman J. Fitzgibbons D. Frey F. Goldcamp F. Gould J. Greenshields 



D. V. Veneziale T. Warsh 


E. Lawrence D. Leidy 

D. Ryan 

M. Scarpellino 


The Unknown Majors 

D. Zlemacki 





RICHARD F. ADAIR-623 Tribet Place, Colwyn. Pa.-B S in Ac- 
counting—Accounting Association— Class Representative 4. 
EDWARD C. ANASTASI-6263 N. Lawrence St.. Ptliladelphia. 
Pa .— B-S. in Accounting— Accounting Association. 
FREDERICK M. ANTON-3254 Belgrade St., Philadelphia. 
Pa — B S in Accounting— Marketing Association 2. 
EUGENE D- ASHMAN— 152 Lismore Ave.. Glenside, Pa.— 8.S. in 
Accounting— Treasurer 4. 

THOMAS A. BARRY-86 S. Harwood Ave., Upper Darby, 
Pa— B.S. in Accounting— Track Team 1, 2— Treasurer 3. 4— Phi 
Sigma Epsilon 1. 2, 3. 4. 

JAMES R. BERTSCH-29 Davids Way, Warrington. Pa. -B.S. in 
Accounting— Representative. 

FRANK C. BAUERLE-4206 Palmetto St., Philadelphia, Pa. -B.S. 
in Accounting. 

THOMAS A. BIELECKI-4034 Meridian St., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association 2, 3. 4. 
JAMES V. BIGLAN, JR. -1019 Oakv»ood Drive. Warminster. 
Pa —B.S. in Accounting. 

JOSEPH D. BINCZEWSKI-3521 Meridian St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S, in Accounting— Senior Class Representative 4. 
JAMES J. BIWALD-500 White Horse Pike. Somerdale. N.J. -B.S. 
in Accounting— Accounting Association. 

WILFRED R BOND-1820_ Church Lane, Philadelphia, 
Pa — Cenilicate ol Proficiency in Accounting— Class Representa- 
tive 1— Representative Student Congress 2— Chairman Book Ex- 
change 2— Chairman Spring Dance 3— Society for Advancement 
3, 4— Accounting Association 1, 2, 3. 4. 

VINCENT A. BONNER-6215 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia. 
Pa— B.S. in Accounting— College Union Committees 1, 2, 3, 
4— College Union Board 2, 3, 4— Chairman Special Events Com- 
mittee 2, 3, 4— Accounting Association 3, 4— Chairman Cancer 
Drive 3. 

RICHARD BREESER-3545 Primrose Road, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting— Economics Club 1 . 
MICHAEL J. BRUNO-343 William Street. Downingtown. 
Pa —B.S. in Accounting. 

ROBERT J. CACCESE-907 Morgan Avenue, Palmyra, N.J. -B.S. 
in Accounting— Accounting Association 3, 4. 
JOSEPH W. CAFFARELLA-827 Kimball Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S in Accounting. 

ERNEST E- CANNON, JR. -59 Burnside Avenue, Sharon Hill, 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting. 

JEFFREY CHRISTIDES-407 Cornwall Road, Cherry Hill, 
N.J. —B.S. in Accounting. 

ANTHONY CIARLONE-220 Bradford Avenue. Downingtown. 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting. 

WILLIAM T. COBURN-3131 Belgreen Terrace. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B S- in Accounting 

PETER C COLELLA, JR.— 1020 Oakwood Drive, Warminster, 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association (President 
4)— (Secretary) Student Congress 4— (Treasurer) Accounting As- 
sociation 2— Representative Student Congress 2. 3— Chairman 
Fall Dance 3. 

JOHN T. COLLERAN-6300 N. 5th St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B. S. in 

VINCENT R. CONNOR-202 Lyster Road. Oreland, Pa.-B. S. in 

JOHN R. CORRIGAN, JR.-2923 Secane Drive, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S. in Accounting— Senior Class President 4— Accounting 
Association 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3)— Cross Keys Fraternity 
(Corresponding Secretary 3)— Student Congress Representative 
1. 2, 3, 4— Marketing Association Member 3— Chairman of Winter 
& Fall Dance 2 

TERRENCE M. COX-279 Boyer Ave.. West Berlin. N.J.-B S. in 

JOHN T DALY. 111-308 E. Union Street. Burlington. N.J. -B.S. in 
Accounting-Army ROTC-ROTC Drill Team 2, 3. 
SALVATORE L. DAMICO-1648 W Cheltenham Ave. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— B.S. in Accounting. 

EDWARD DALLAS-5408 Erdrick Street, Philadelphia, Pa.-B. S. 
in Accounting— Senior Class Representative 4. 
CHARLES E. DANlHEL-7967 Williams Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. In Accounting— Accounting 1, 2. 3, 4 (President 
3)— Cross Keys Fraternity 2, 3, 4— Dean's List 1, 2. 3— Alpha 
Sigma Lambda 3. 4-Student Congress 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 
4)— Academic Affairs Committee 1, 2— Freshman Orientation 
Committee 1,2,3, 4— Presidents Council 3, 4— Senior Class Rep- 
resentative 4 

MALCOLM H DARDEN-3803 Haverford Avenue, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S. In Accounting. 

GEORGE E DAVISSON-1604 Aflon Drive, Afton, Dela- 
ware— B.S. in Accounting 

MICHAEL DelVISCIO-3324 Vista Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting. 
JOSEPH F. DUGAN-3814 Chalfont Drive, Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting. 

STANLEY J. DWORAK, JR. -127 Hearlwood Drive. Lansdale. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Physics Club— Golf Team 
DAVID C. EISENHART, JR. -508 E Locust Avenue, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting- Student Congress— Accounting Associ- 
ation-Senior '400 Club Chairman. 

JOSEPH M. FEDORCHAK-54 FltzRandolph Avenue, Trenton, 
New Jersey— B.S. in Accounting- Delta Sigma PI Frater- 
nity—Chancellor—Social Chairman— Fraternity Football. Basket- 
ball, Baseball— Intramural Basketball— Open League Basketball. 

LAWRENCE J. FICHTER-Apt. E8 426 S. Springfield Rd.. Clifton 
Heights. Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association 4. 
JOSEPH J. FRANK-13 Eastview Drive, Ardsley, Pa.-B.S. in Ac- 

JAMES J. FURLONG-1316 Wycombe Avenue. Darby. Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting— Accounting Association— Co-Chairman Club 
4— Chairman Christmas Party— Class Representative— Yearbook 

JAMES J. GALLAGHER. JR. -4732 Marple Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

STEPHEN K. GARRY-8742 Cottage Street, Apt, 15, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

MICHAEL A. GEPHART-4308-10 Arendell Avenue. ApL 7. Phila- 
delphia, Pa —B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association 2, 
4-Beta Alpha 4. 

EDWARD GILLEN— 12 So. Bonsall Avenue. Glenolden. Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting. 

ALAN P. GLASS-316 Croft Road. North Wales, Pa.-B.S. in Ac- 
counting— Pi Sigma Epsilon 4. 

ROBERT S. GORDON— 20 McFadden Drive, Huntingdon Valley, 
Pa.— B S. in Accounting. 

GERALD P GORDON-3120 Chatham St., Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.S. in Accounting 

JOSEPH F. GRECO-420 City Line Avenue. Phoenixville. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

JOSEPH A. GRONCZEWSKl-5334 Saul Street. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

JOSEPH C. HALL-802 Marlowe Road, Cherry Hill, N.J, -B.S in 

EWALD J, HARTMAN-5606 N Arbor Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S. m Accounting. 

JOHN T. HELLENBACH-6113 Mulberry Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Intramural Basketball. 
JAMES G HOOPES-903 Buttonwood Street. Norristown, 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Phi Sigma Kappa 2. 3. 4— Intramurals 2, 
3. 4— Italian Club 1 —Accounting Association 4. 
PHILIP E, HUGHES. JR -5355 Beltield Avenue, Philadelphia, 
Pa— B.S- in Accounting— Beta Alpha Honors Fraternity 4. 
JEROME S. JANKOWSKI-53 East Atlantic Avenue. Clementon. 
N.J -B S, In Accounting-Caisson Club 3. 

CHARLESWORTH JOSEPH-1305 8. 23rd. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association— Rifle Club. 
LOUIS M. JUNKER-Pen-Ambler Road. Ambler. Pa.-B.S. In Ac- 

JOHN M. KAFFENBERG-1106 Wellington Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S. in Accounting— Veteran's Club 3, 4— Accounting Asso- 
ciation 4— Beta Alpha Accounting Honors Fraternity. 
ROBERT KANE-1518 Meadowbrook Road, Reasterville, 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Intramural Football, Basketball, Base- 
ball—Accounting Association. 

WILLIAM T. KANE-2061 Kent Road, Folcrott. Pa.-B.S. In Ac- 

LAWRENCE E. KEEFE-506 Ewingdille Road. Trenton, N.J. -B.S. 
in Accounting. 

FRANCIS G KElFER-8606 Gillespie Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa— B.S, in Accounting, 

WILLIAM K. KELLEY-20e East Campen Avenue, Moorestown, 
N.J —B.S, In Accounting, 

KENNETH J KEMPF-222e Wharton Road. Glenside, Pa.-B.S. 
In Accounting— Accounting Association 3. 4— Accounting Class 

JOHN KENNY-11 Nightingale Lane, Levittown, Pa.-B,S, in Ac- 
counting— Intramurals 3 

LES KLINE-Fallow Field Estate. Church Road. Wyncote. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association— Beta Alpha 

ROBERT F. KOLB-3016 Rebel Road. Lafayette Hill. Pa.-B.S In 
Accounting— Intramurals— Phi Sigma Epsilon. 
JOSEPH E. KOREN. SR. -11010 Calera Road. Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S, in Accounting— Student Council Representative 2- Ac- 
counting Association 2, 3, 

JOSEPH E- KRUMENACKER-3666 Whitehall Lane. Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S in Accounting— Co-Chairman Senior Social 4— Class 
Representative 4— Accounting Association 4. 
JOSEPH F. KRUSZEWSKl-3920 Park Ave.. Philadelphia 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting— Caisson Club 3, 4— Fencing Club 3. 
RONALD R. KURPlEWSKI-12622 Friar Place. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B S in Accounting— Accounting Association 1. 2. 3. 4 (Sec- 
retary 3)— Student Congress 1. 2. 3. 4— Senior Class Secretary. 
Social Director— Cross Keys 3, 4. 

WALTER C, LASHNO-230 Powell Rd, Springfield, Pa,-B.S. in 
Accounting— Caisson Club 3, 4— ROTC 1, 2, 3. 4— Intramurals 1. 
2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM S. LATOFF-336 E, Lancaster Ave., Downingtown. 
Pa.-B.S- In Accounting. 

LAWRENCE G. LEESE-17 Grant Dr.. Laurel Springs. N J -B S 
in Accounting, 

STEPHEN S, LENTZ-24Churchville Lane. Pa.-B.S. in Account- 
ing—Alpha Sigma Lambda Fraternity. 

JOSEPH P. LINAUGH-412 Kenmore Rd., Havertown, Pa -B S 
in Accounting— Accounting Association 2. 3. 4— Freshman Bas- 
ketball 1. 

JOHN J. LOYDEN-3226 Magee Ave . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 

CARL P. MALITSKY-3528 Sussex Lane. Philadelphia. Pa -B 8, 
in Accounting. 

CHARLES D MARVIL. JR. -314 8o 5th St.. Darby. Pa-B 8. in 


GARY MAZEFFA-1265 Lower State Road, Chalfont, Pa.-B.S in 
Accounting— C.U.C- Member & Board. 

JOHN J. McANENEY-12116 Sweetbriar Rd., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B S in Accounting— Accounting Association 1. 2. 3— Stu- 
dent Congress. 

THOMAS J McCONNEY. JR. -705 Hollnagle St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association— Senior Rep- 
resentative 4— Student-Faculty Board- Accounting Department 

JOSEPH C. McGINN-1108 Walnut Lane, Lansdale, Pa, -B.S. in 
Accounting— Student Congress 2— Intramural Basketball. 
DENNIS M. McNULTY-316 Twin Oaks Drive, Havertown. 
Pa.-B.S in Accounting— Student Government— Golf Team. Ac- 
counting Association— Chairman Blue i Gold Ball 3. 
DAVID R. MEISKEY-701 W. Summit Ave . Apt. A-208, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.-B.S. in Accounting-XGI Club 3. 
JAMES MERCER-717 Swede Road, Philadelphia, Pa,-B,S, in 
Accounting— Accounting Association, 

HARRY J METZINGER-219 Richards Ave,, Barrigton, N,J,-B,S, 
in Accounting— Member of Accounting Association 3, 4— In- 
tramural Football 3— Intramural Basketball 4— Member of Busi- 
ness School Committee 3. 

JAMES J. MICHAEL-822 East Madison St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S in Accounting 

CHRISTOPHER G, MURAWSKI-609 Fountain Ave.. Cinnamin- 
son. N.J —B.S in Accounting. 

DENNIS J NEMETH-RD »5, Bos C-58, Bethlehem, Pa.-B.S, in 
Accounting- Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 2, 3, 4— Accounting 
Association 1, 2. 

WILLIAM J. NOLAN-6326 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa — B S in Accounting— ABA Degree University of Pa. 3— Ac- 
counting Association 4 

MICHAEL NUCClO-5004 Miriam Rd.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. in 

THOMAS NUGENT-2208 Shore Road. Northfield, N.J. -B.S. in 
Accounting— Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity (Vice-President 3)— Var- 
sity Crew 3, 4. 

EDWARD J. O'HANLON-300 Essex Ave. Apt. A305, Narberth, 
Pa.-B.S in Accounting— Accounting Association, Class Repre- 
sentative-Veterans Club 

JOHN J OLEARY-707 High Ave., Hatboro, Pa.-B.S. in Ac- 

PATRICK J- O'LEARY-3202 Cottman Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B-S in Accounting— Accounting Association (Presi- 
dent)— Beta Alpha Honorary Fraternity— Young Democrats Club- 
FRANCIS J PEDlTTO-1028 Cedarwood Road. Glenolden, 
Pa.— B S in Accounting— Accounting Association— Intramurals. 
GERALD R PETRE-414 Inman Terrace-Willow Grove, 
Pa— B S- in Accounting— Accounting Association 4, 
FREDERICK J PETROlZIELLO-96 Fourth Ave,, Garwood. 
N-J — B S in Accounting— Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity 3. 4 (Social 
Chairman. Bylaws Committee)— Dorm League 

Sports— Interfraternity League Sports. 

MICHAEL J. REINKlNG-2605 S. 67th St., Philadelphia. Pa.-B, S. 
in Accounting— Intramural Sports— Accounting Association 
(Vice-President 4). 

JOHN J. ROBERTS-411 E. Pine Street, Lebanon, Pa.-B.S in 
Accounting— Yearbook Representative. 

KEVIN B ROONEY-1315 Columbia Ave. Cinnaminson. 
N.J —B.S. in Accounting— Accounting Association. 
GARY L RUMSEY-529 A Philmar Court. Springfield. Pa.-B.S. 
In Accounting— Student Congress Representative 4 
THOMAS A SABOL-1930 Rlttenhouse Square, Philadelphia, 
Pa — B S in Accounting-Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4— Beta Alpha 
Fraternity 2, 3, 4-Honor Society 3, 4. 

LOUIS J SANTACROCE-4040 Marlton Pike. Pennsauken, 
N J — B-S in Accounting- 

THOMAS F. SAWYER-4510 Teesdale St., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting 

JOHN A. SCARDUZIO-5872 Radbourne Rd.. Upper Darby. 
Pa — B S in Accounting— Blue & Gold Ball Committee 4. 
HERBERT W. SCHMIDT. JR. -4 W. Hlllcrest Ave.. Havertown. 
Pa — B S- in Accounting 

MICHAEL A SCHULCZ. SR -322 Silver Ave.. Willow Grove. 
Pa — B S in Accounting, 

WiLLlAM M. SlEGLE-31 19 Stanwood St-. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting— Varsity Baseball 3. 4. 

WAYNE L SMlTY-1 036 Carousel Dr.. Warminster, Pa-B S in 
Accounting— Accounting Association 4— Senior Class Represen- 

ROBERT V- SORENSEN-8306 Pine Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B-S in Accounting— Member of Departmental Board of Ac- 
counting Department— Accounting Association. 
ROBERT G. STAUFFER-300 W. Byberry Rd.. Apt. 312, Phila- 
delphia, Pa -B S in Accounting, 

BERNARD STEINBERG-2040 Rhawn St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B S in Accounting 

JAMES J- STEWART-2033 S, Norwood St-. Philadelphia. 
Pa-B S in Accounllng- 

EDWARD M- STROGEN. JR -7906 Cadillac Lane. Philadelphia, 
Pa — B S in Accounting, 

DONALD STRUNK-5168 Westley Drive, Clifton Heights, 
Pa-B S in Accounting— Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4, 
CHARLES T TAYLOR-515 No- Somerset Ave, Ventnor, 
N.J —B-S in Accounting— Accounting Association, 
ROBERT CT0DD-Apt,gl7; 590 N. 30th St., Camden. NJ-BS- 
in Accounting— Accounting Association 3 

ROBERT L. TOMLINSON-327 Tennis Ave,. North Hills. Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting-Student Congress-Accounting Associ- 
ation—Senior Class Representative. 

VINCENT M. TORNO-4431 Walton Court, Pennsauken. 
N.J.— B-S. in Accounting 

PAUL E TOWHEY-3320 S. Kaswick Terrace, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S- in Accounting 

GEORGE A. TROYANO-29 Regent Road. Cherry Hill, N.J.-B.S 
in Accounting. 

BERNARD R. TYMES-1202 So. 22nd St., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
in Accounting-Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 4-Fencing Club 4. 
LEROY ULMER-11993 Lockart Road, Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. in 

FRANK W. VENAFRA-299 Essex Road. Warminster, Pa.-B.S. in 
Accounting-Class Representative. 

ANTHONY M VITTESE. JR — 510 Hoffman Street Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

GARY R. WALSH-2029 Sussex Blvd., Broonall, Pa.-B.S. in Ac- 
counting-Intramural Softball 2. 3. 4-Accounting Association 1, 

2, 3, 4. 

FRANCIS A. WLODARCZYK-4051 Comly Rd., Philadelphia. 

Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 

JOSEPH J. WONDOLOSKI-156 W. Central Ave., Moorestovim, 

N.J -B.S. in Accounting. 

MICHAEL W. YOUNG-8647 Glenloch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 

in Accounting— Accounting Association. 

WILLIAM C. YOUNGBLOOD-3032 Secane Place, Philadelphia, 

Pa.-B.S. in Accounting. 


MITCHEL L. ABRAMS-1651 E. Mt Airy Ave.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Biology 

JOHN C, ANSEL-1 17 Bethlehem Pike. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. in 
Biology-Frabrian Society 3. 4-Sociology Club 3-Open House 

3. 4-lntramural Football, Softball. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. 
LAURENCE V. ASHBACHER-463 Rudder Road. Naples, Flor- 
ida— B. A. in Biology. 

DAVID BADOLATO-4128 Whiting Road. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

In Biology— Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 3, 4. 

JIM BALESTRA-1403 Teton Drive. Billings, Montana-B.A. in 

Biology-Fabrician Society 2. 3. 4-NL\.\ Fraternity 3. 4-ltalian 

Club 4— Intramural Football 2. 3. 

WILLIAM A. BIERMANN-6156 W. 4th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

in Biology— Psych Club 1. 2— Fabrician Society 4. 

DANIEL J. BREUER-59 Holly Road. South Ampton. Pa.-B.A. in 


PAUL C. BROOMHEAD-TOBrookfield Ave.. Glenrock. N.J.-B.A. 

in Biology-President's Guard 1, 2— Swimming Team 1. 2-New- 

tonian Society 4. 

DENNIS A. CAMPISE-230 Nansen Ave., Brooklawn, N.J.-B.A. 
in Biology— Italian Club 1. 2. 3, 4— Vice-President of Italian Club 

4— Assistant Director 3. 

JOSEPH F. DEERING-207 Mechanics St.. Doylestown. Pa.-B.A 
in Biology— Fabncian Society. 

DANIEL P. DELANEY-955 Foulkrod St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. 
in Biology. 

JAMES P DWYER-426 Suffolk Rd.. Flourtown, Pa.-B.A. in Biol- 
ogy-Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 3. 4-Crew Team 2. 3. 4-Fab- 
rician Society 4— Biology Major Advisor 3. 4— Intramurals 2. 3. 4. 
TED FEINSTEIN-249 Barclay Circle. Cheltenham. Pa.-B.A. in 
Biology-AED Premedical Honor Society-Secretary of Fabrician 
Society 3. 4. 

ROBERT FOLBERG-1551 Shoemaker Rd.. Arlington. Pa.-B.A 
in Biology-Fabrician Society— Alpha Epsilon Delta— Biology 
Open House 4. 

JAMES J. GALLAGHER-1230 Bedford Ave.. Cherry Hill, 
N.J.-B.A. in Biology— Intramural Basketball. Baseball 2. 3, 4. 
JOHN M. GAZAK. JR -314 Unrum St., Philadelphia, Pa -B.A. in 
Biology— President AEO International Pre-Med Honor Society 
4— Deans List 1. 2. 3— Representative Academic Affairs Commis- 
sion; Biology Dept. Student Faculty Board-Chairman Biology 
Dept. Evaluation Committee— tvlember Biology Fraternity 2. 3. 
4— Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4. 

MICHAEL R. HOGAN-1419 E. Susquehanna Ave.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology-Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors So- 
ciety— Fabrician Society. 

EUGENE P HUGHES-13 W. Chestnut Hill Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A. in Biology-Alpha Epsilon Delta-3. 4-Phi Alpha Beta 
4— Fabrician Society 2. 3. 4 

LEONARD A. IZ20-657 Church Lane. Yeadon, Pa.-B.A. in Biol- 
ogy—Band 1. 2. 3. 4— Fabrician Society 3— Phi Alpha Beta 4. 
WILLIAM ROBERT KELLY— Country Manor Apt. D-4. Levittown. 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology-Caisson Club 3. 

CHARLES JOHN KNOWLES-837 State Road. Cornwells 
Heights, Pa.-B.A. in Biology-Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 1, 2, 
3, 4-Student Government 1 -Fabrician Society 3, 4-lntramurals 

RICHARD E. KREIPE-514 Toll Road. Oreland. Pa.-B.A. in Biol- 
ogy—Crew Team 1. 2. 3— Fabrician Society 1. 2, 3, 4— Inter- 
national Premedical Society 2, 3, 4. 

Camden. N J — B A in Biology-Fabrician Society 
ANTHONY J LENHERR-6318 Battersby St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A in Biology 

WAYNE MICHAEL LINGUITI-7027 Jackson St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology-Fabrician Society. 

JOSEPH E. MAJDAN-482 Elmwood Avenue, Trevose, Pa.-B.A. 
in Biology— History— Varsity Track 3, 4— Residence Council (Rep- 
resentative 2. Athletic Chairman 3. Treasurer 4)-Presidenf8 
Guard Trick Drill Team 1, 2. 3. 4-Caisson Club 3. 4-Phi Alpha 
Beta 3, 4-Semper Fidells Society 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3). 
JOHN tvl McGOWAN-9 Lanfair Road, Cheltenham, Pa.-B.A. in 
Biology-Fabrician Society 2, 3— AED Honor Society 3— Phi 
Kappa Theta Fraternity 1. 2. 3. 

ANTHONY JOSEPH MORLINO-321 1 Highland Ave., Camden, 
N.J.— B A, in Biology-Fabrician Society. 

PAUL MUESSIG-1101 Church Rd.. Oreland, Pa.-B.A. In Biol- 
ogy—Soccer Team. 

FRANK JOHN PAPA-5919 Belmar. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A in 
Biology-Fabrician Society 3. 4. 

STEPHEN MICHAEL PAUL-1050 Henrietta Ave., Huntingdon 
Valley, Pa,— B.A. in Biology-Fabrician Society Social Chairman 
3— Vice President Phi Alpha Beta Fraternity 4. 
LEONARD C PETROSKI-222 Mayberry Ave., Hyde Park. Read- 
ing. Pa.-B.S in Biology, 

WALTER J. ROGAN-311 E. Church Lane. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology. 

LEWIS ROSSMAN-45ie N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. in 
Biology-Fabrician Society. 

JOHN SANTERLAC-12 Arlington Ave . Maple Shade. N.J.-B.S. 
in Biology-AED— Fabrician Society— Open House Co-Chairman. 
THOMAS J, SCHEURERMAN-Sutphin Road. Yardley. Pa.-B.A. 
in Biology-Fabrician Society— Varsity Tennis. 
WILLIAM SCHLECTER-115 E. Wyoming Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology-Fabrician Society. 

WILLIAM I. SCHWARTZ-Cedarbrook Hills Apts. Wyncote. 
Pa.-B.S. in Biology-Fabrician Society. 

LEWIS S SHARPS-206 So. Park Towne Place. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Biology-AED Member— Fabrician Society. 
WILLIAM DiTOMASSO-1722 So. 17th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S, in Biology Ed 

WILLIAM T, WALKER-704 Alison Ave.. Heritage Acres, Mechan- 
icsburg, Pa.-B.S in Biology-Residence Council 3. 4-iI>i:K2. 3. 
4— Interfraternity Council Representative 2. 3. 4— Fabrician So- 
ciety 1. 2. 3. 4— Fencing Team 2— Tutoring 2, 3— Dorm A.D. 3, 
4_Men's Chorale 2-B.\.\2. 3-lnter Collegiate Student Union 3. 
4-Open House Committee 2. 3. 4-lntramurals 1. 2, 3. 4. 
JOSEPH B WATSON-494 Hawarden Road, Springfield, 
Pa.-B.S. in Biology-Track 1 . 2, 3. 4. 

BRUCE S. ZARET-6346 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. in 
Biology-Fabrician Society 2. 3-Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. 3-KME 

HOWARD S. PATKIR— 1 Frique Way. Muskagee, Oklahoma— B.S. 
in Botany-MGR-Softball Team-Campus SOT-Prime 
Para— Revolutionary Detritus— President Racoons Club. 


JOSEPH R. ANDREWS-250 Ridge Pike, Apt. 156. Lafayett Hill. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

BARBARA J. ARGETSINGER-The Croftwood Apts. ApL 122. 
400 E. Street Rd . Feasterville. Pa-BS. in General Business. 
FRANCIS B. BARGER-700 Catherdral Rd.. Apt A-2. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-BS in General Business-College Union Com- 
mittees 3-College Union Alumni 3. 4 (Treasurer 4). 
BERNARD E. BECK-6122 Mulberry Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business-Senior '71 Social-Senior Class 
Representative 4. 

JOHN L. BIESZ-601 Elkins Terrace. Cherry Hill. N.J.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

WILLIAM A. BOYLE-221 S. Davis Ave.. Audubon. N.J.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

THOMAS J. BURKE-331 Francis St.. Drexel Hill. Pa.-B.S in 
General Business— Student Government 1 

WILLIAM P BUTLER-6834 Oakley St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business— Secretary SAM 

DENNIS M. COLL-5604 Palethorp St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business-Student Congress 3. 4-Activities Committee 
4— Finance Committee 4. 

BRIAN P. CONNELLY— 331 E. 11th Ave.. Conshohocken. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

LOUIS T. CONTI-17 Manor Circle. Bristol. Pa.-B.S. in General 
Business-Phi Sigma Epsilon 1. 2. 3. 4-Pre-Law Society-Open 
House Chairman 4. 

CHARLES CLARK COYLE-5371 Wingohocking Terrace, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

JAMES J. CRONIN-1053 Fitch Place. Warminster. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

DENNIS D. DEEGAN— 448 Marlton Avenue, Camden. N.J.-B.S. 
in General Business-H.M S. 4. 

THEODORE D. DeGAETANO-1537 Benner St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business-Marketing Organization 3. 
LARRY J. DIGIOVANNI-1011 Wharton St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business-Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 2. 3. 4 
(Rush Chairman 3). 

ALFRED DiMATTIES-139 N. 36th St.. Camden. N.J.-B.S. in 
General Business— Veterans Club. 

MARTIN A. DONNELLY-533 Harrinton Rd.. Havertown. 
Pa.-B.S in General Business. 

DAVID H. DURYEA. JR. -1558 Clearview Rd.. Norristown. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business— Class Representative 4— Colle- 
gian Staff 2— Senior Social 4. 


JOSEPH T. ERB-578 E. Godfrey Avenue. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
in General Business. 

FRANKLIN G, ESHELMAN-102 Hillcresl Avenue, Straoburg, 
Pa.-B.S. In General Business— BB. (Manager 4)— Soccer Team 
S-I^KT 4. 

SAMUEL J. FARRUGIO. JR. -1100 Newporlville Road. Croydon, 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business— Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 
(Pledge Master.) 

GERALD J. FRIEL. JR. -479 Hamilton Road. Wenonah. 
N.J.-B.S. in General Business. 

FRANCIS M. GALLAGHEH-729 W. Rockland Street. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.S. In General Business. 

JOHN J. GALLAGERH-7 A Ardmore Court. Lansdowne, 
Pa — B,S. in General Business. 

ROBERT A. GAMBINO-1090k Carey Terrace, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

ROBERT GAVIN. JR -2886 Joyce Road, Roslyn. Pa -B.S. in 
General Business— Freshman Orientation 2. 3. 4— Student Senate 
2— Intramurals 1. 2, 3.4. 

JOSEPH F. GESSNER-7337 Shisler Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

JOSEPH W. GLEBA. JR -2127 Pratt Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

RALPH G. GOODWIN-Silo Hill Rd.. Plumsteadville. Doylestown. 
Pa.-B.S in General Business— Student Congress. 
ROBERT S. GRZYMALA-Cedars. Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 
WILLIAM J. HANEY-130 W. Chew St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

GERALD JAMES HARPER. JR.-Mountain-View Apts. B-6. West 
Conshohocken. Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 
RICHARD A. HARSHAW-43 Ridge Lane. Levittown. Pa.-B.S. in 
Business Administralion. 

RICHARD P, HIGGINS-1409 Norman Road. Havertown. 
Pa.— B-S, in General Business. 

JAMES E. HUDSON-4415 Crosland Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business. Senior Social 4. 
ANDREW F. JARDINE-4331 Deerpath Lane. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business-Dean's List 1. 2. 3-Alpha Sigma 
Lamba 3. 

MARTIN G. KAHRIMANIAN-3228 Belgreen Rd., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business— Class Representative. 
THOMAS J. KEATING-230 Ramblewood Pky.. Moorestown. 
N.J.-B.S. in General Business. 

EDWARD E. KEIDAT-3622 Bellaire Place. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business— Student Congress 3. 
THOMAS FRANCIS KENNEDY-6 Rose Lane, Cherry Hill. 
N.J.-B.S. in General Business. 

GEORGE H. KILGULLEN-188 E. Essex Ave.. Lansdowne. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business— Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. 
LOUIS J. KLEIN-3209 Lester Place. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

STEPHEN KBAMLIK-1912 Thomas Rd.. Wilmington. Del.-B.S. 
in General Business-OKT Fraternity 2. 3. 4-Cheerleading 3, 
4-Pep Club 4. 

KEVIN JOSEPH LAFFERTY— 439 Oueensboro Lane. Had- 
donlield. N.J.-B.S. in General Business-Art Dept. Assistant 
3_Art Co-Ordinator for Open House 3. 

JOSEPH J. LAGANA. JR. -1904 S 29th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S- in General Business. 
JOHN RICHARD LARENTOWICZ-817 Clarendon Rd.. Drexel 

Hill. Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

JOSEPH D. LAWTON-6039 N. 10 St.. Philadelphia. Pa-BS. in 

General Business. 

LOUIS LIBERIO-614 N. 66th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in Gen- 
eral Business. 

JAMES M. MACK-308 Upper Valley Rd.. North Wales. Pa. -B.S. 

in General Business. 

MICHAEL V- MADDALONI-6553 W, Walnut Park Dr.. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.S, in General Business. 

WILLIAM M. MALLON-3827 Greenacres Rd.. Philadelphia, 

Pa.-B.A. in General Business. 

JOSEPH P- MALLOY-1522 Shunk SL. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. in 

General Business. 

FREDERICK J. McDEVITT— 3914 Lawndale St.. Philadelphia. 

Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

JOSEPH McGOLDRICK— 418 Howard St.. Hatboro. Pa. -B.S. in 

General Business. 

JOSEPH McNICHOL-104 Powell Rd.. Springfield. Pa. -B.S. in 

General Business. 

DAVID A. MEDDAUGH-S533Girard Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

in General Business-Black Student Union 3— Society of Ad- 
vanced Management 3. 

WILLIAM F. METZGER-550 Penrose Lane. Warminster. 

Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

WILLIAM E. MIGNONI-719 Radcliffe St.. Bristol. Pa. -B.S. in 

General Business-Phi Sigma Epsilon 2. 3. 4-Residence Council 


EDWARD T. MORLEY-4235 Princeton Ave.. Philadelphia. 

Pa.-B.S. in General Business. 

JOHN P. MURPHY-3744 Vader Drive. Philadelphia, Pa.— B.S. in 

General Business. 

RICHARD E. NIWINSKI-11107 Ridgeway St.. Philadelphia, 

Pa.— B-S- in General Business— Senior Social. 

ROMAN O NOWAKlWSKY-4917 N, 12th SL. Philadelphia. 

Pa —B-S. in General Business-Varsity Soccer— Slavic Club Z, 3 

(Vice-President 3)— Intramurals. 

JOHN W. PAFFEN-6233 Cottage Street Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

in General Business. 

DOMINIC J. PANACIO-6221 Monlaque Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa— B.S. in General Business. 

CHARLES J. PETERSON-410 Silver Ave.. Southampton, 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business 

ROBERT T. POPOAN-2963 Thunderhead Road. Roslyn. 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business. 

THADDEUS T. PRZYBYS2EWSKI-4340 Glendale Street. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— B.S. in General Business— Phi Kappa Theta Frater- 
nity (Sargeanl-al-Arms) 1. 2. 3. 4. 

JAMES A. RANDALL-18 Birchwood Lane, Hartsdales, 
N.Y.— B.S. in General Business. 

WILLIAM M ROBINSON-2886 Highland Road. Warrington. 
Pa.— B.A. in Business. 

ANDREW P SAUER. JR. -4640 Adams Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business— Inlramurals. 

ROBERT H. SCANLON-3636 Worrell Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business 

DAVID SHANNON-6 Heather Terrace. Kinnelon. N.J. -B.S. in 
General Business— Residence Council 2. 

NORMAN G. STORER. JR. -168 Dab Lane. Warminster. 
Pa— B.A. in General Business. 

HAROLD A. STREETS-8307 Gilbert Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business. 

GREGORY F. TOFINI-3570 Grant Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.S. in General Business. 

THOMAS A. UNFREED-139 Round Hill Road. Ashland. 
N.J. -B.S. in General Business-Senior Social. 
STEPHEN M. URBANSKI-1962 Devereaux Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in General Business, 

PAUL A. VENUTI-2655 S. Camac Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S 
in General Business. 

STEVE WILSON-1035 Beech Avenue. Glenolden. Pa.-B.S. in 
General Business. 

EUGENE J. WYATT-4600 Millett Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
in General Business. 


JOSEPH H. DREISBACH-1370 NevKport Avenue. Northampton. 
Pa.-B.A. in Chemistry-Chymian Society 2. 3. 4. 
KARL F. ERHARD-621 Idora Avenue. Mt. Ephraim. N.J. -B.A. in 
Chemistry- Chymian Society 1. 2. 3. 

THOMAS M. J MROGOWICZ-802 Bell Road. Mt. Ephraim. 
N.J. —B.S. in Chemistry— College Union 1. 

STANLEY D. KOLMAN-304 Ridgeway Place. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S- in Chemistry. 

EDWARD J. KOZLUSKEY-503 N. Second St.. Minersville. 
Pa.-B.A. in Chemistry. 

WILLIAM G. MADDEN-942 East End Avenue. Pittsburgh. 
Pa.-B.A. in Chemistry-Chymian Society 

GERARD W. MAYER-609 Bergen Drive. Cinnaminson. New Jer- 
sey— B.A. in Chemistry-Chymian Society 2. 3. 4— Fencing Club 

JOHN C. MAZZA-833 Tasker Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Chemistry-Chymian Society 4 

JOSEPH MIERZWICKI-123 Holmes Avenue. Trenton. N J -B A 
in Chemistry-Chymian Society. 

GLENN PATTERSON-222 W. Moreland Avenue. Hatboro. 
Pa.-B.S. in Chemistry-Chymian Society 3-ROTC 1. 2. 3. 4. 
PAUL E. SCHMID-11S2 Boone Avenue. Roslyn. Pa.-B.S. in 
Chemistry-Chymian Society. 

GREGORY C. SPRISSLER-130 W. Delphine Street. Phila- 
delphia. Pa -B.S. in Chemistry-2. 3. 4. 

JOSEPH J. STRUG. JR -1245 Duncan Drive. Dresher. Pa.-B.S. 
in Chemistry— American Chemical Society 1. 2. 3. 4. 
ROBERT P. VOGT-2009 Hartel Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Chemistry-Chymian Society 4. 

WILLIAM A. WACHTER-1942 West Norwegian Street. Pottsville. 
Pa.-B.A. in Chemistry-Chymian Society 2. 3, 4 (Vice-President 
3. President 4)— Men's Chorale 1. 2. 3. 4— Deans List 1. 2. 3. 
4-Freshmen Orientation Class ol 74 3. 

EDWARD F. GODSHALK. JR. -521 Audubon Avenue. Audubon. 
N.J.— B A in Earth Science— Freshman Basketball 1— Intramural 
Football. Basketball. Softball. 

LEONARD A. IZZO-657 Church Lane. Yeadon, Pa.-B.A. in 
Earth Science— Band 1. 2. 3. 4 (Drum Major. Student Con- 
ductor)-Fabrician Society 3— I.A.B. 4. 

RONALD A. tVIOR02-316 Limekiln Road. New Cumberland. 
Pa.-B.A. in Earth Science-Hole Club 1 . 2. 3. 4. 
JOHN A MORECK. JR -201 Cooper Street. Courtdale. Pa.-B.A 
in Earth Science— >I'1:k Fraternity 3. 4— Newtonian Society 2. 


RICHARD BINGHAM-8112 St. Lawrence Avenue. Pittsburgh. 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. 
GERALD R. BODISCH-128 South 8th Street. Copley. Pa.-B A. 
in Economics— Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity 1. 2. 3. 4— Parade Com- 
mittee (Co-Chairman 3)-Cheerleader 2. 3. 4— Collegian (Copy 
Editor 2. 3)-Economics Club 2. 3. 4-Deans List 1 . 2. 3. 4. 
DENNIS W. CASILE-9725 Lochwood Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— Class President 2. 3— Student Govern- 
ment 4. 

CHARLES COSTELLO-5216 N. Sydenham Street. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics 

DOMENIC F. DeCESARIS-246 Gibbons Road, Springfield, 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— Alpha Sigma Lambda 4 (Secre- 
tary)— Co-Chairman. Senior Class Representatives— Class Repre- 
sentative-Student Congress 4 

BARTLEY F. FAIR-5643 Kingsessing Avenue, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics. 

ROGER GREGO-286 St. Paul's Avenue, Jersey City. N.J. -B.A. 
in Economics— Mu Lambda Chi— Intramurals— Fraternity Football 
& Basketball. 

KURT M. GRINSTEAD-170 W. Hansberry Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. in Economics— Tau Kappa Epsilon— Executive of Loan 
Committee— Varsity Swimmer. 

ROBERT J. JANN-715 Fountain Avenue. Cinnaminson. 
N.J.-B.A. in Economics-ROTC Band 1 -Masque (Treasurer 3. 
President 4)— Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4— National Honorary Dramatic 

ANDREW J KOMPANEK-Valley Stream Apts. Lansdale. 
Pa.-B.S. in Economics. 
DOUGLAS K. LIRDY-514 York Ave., Lansdale, Pa.-B.A. in Eco- 

RONALD MAZZARELLA-511 Royal Street. Camden. N.J.-B S. 
in Economics. 

GERARD P McGUIGAN-123 Ardmore Avenue. Upper Darby. 
Pa.-B.A in Economics 

BR THOMAS A. MILLER-915 Spring Avenue. Elkins Park. 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— Economics Club— Economics De- 
partmental Board. 

RICHARD M NEELY-140 S. Pennock Avenue. Upper Darby 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics. 

ANTHONY P. NERI-7574 Verree Road. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A 
in Economics— Economics Club 3. 4— Orientation Committee 4. 
EDWARD J PENNETTI-420 Riveley Avenue, Collingdale 
Pa.-B.S. in Economics-Chemical Society 1, 2. 
THOMAS J PIERCE-5708 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A 
in Economics— Intramurals 1 —Deans List— Economics Club 4. 
GEORGE A. P02ESKY-9979 Woodlern Road. Philadelphia 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— Veterans Club— By Laws (Rules Com- 
mittee Chairman 4). 

EDWARD F. ROBERTSON-1233 E. Cheltenham Avenue. Phila- 
delphia. Pa -B.A. in Economics, 

JAMES J. SCANNELL-253 Winding Way. Camp Hill. Pa.-B.A. in 
Economics-Rifle Team 1. 2. 3. 4-Caisson Club 3. 4. 
DOMINICK SPADEA-1007 Mifflin Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in Economics— Open League Basketball. 
WILLIAM B. SUDELL-3343 Disston Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Economics— College Union Committees 1. 2, 3— Col- 
legian 1 —Explorer 3. 4— ROTC Band 1 -Veteran's Club 4. 
MICHAEL A. TIER-36 Eric Drive. Fords, N.J.-B.A. in Econom- 
ics-Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity-President Class of 
71 — ROTC-Track Team. 

PATRICK J VELERIO-403 Greenview Road. Blacitwood, 
N.J.-B.A. in Economics— Intramural Football, Softball 1. 2. 3. 
4— Caisson Club 4. 

AMY D. WOHL-5501 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Economics-Honors Program 4. 

DAVID G. YOUNG-431 Alexander, Maple Shade. N.J. -Liberal 
Arts in Economics. 


ROBERT J, BELL-112 East Woodlawn Avenue. Maple Shade. 
N J.-B.A. in English-College Union Committees 1 . 2. 
ROBERT J. BLAIR-714 Avortdale Road, Erdenheim, Pa.-B.A. in 
English— Freshmen Crew Team— Sigma Beta Kappa Frater- 
nity—Varsity Crew Team 2. 

SHEL CAIN-5933 Malta Street, Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. in Eng- 
lish—St Gabriel's Club 3— Philadelphia Tutorial Project 2. 
MICHAEL J CALLAHAN-28 Helen Avenue, Maple Shade. 
N.J.-B.A. in English. 

GREG CANNON-8813 Dewees Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
English-Varsity Basketball 2. 3. 4. 

PHILIP H. CAPLAN-4522 Osage Avenue. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in English. 

FREDRIC CASTELLANO-3303 Gueen Lane. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A in English-Collegian-Weber Society. 
JOHN F. CLARK-973 Mueller Road. Warminster. Pa.-B.A. in 
English— Stenton Child Care 3— Education Society 4 
FRANCIS J. COPPOLA-306 Beechwood Avenue. Maple Shade. 
N.J -B.A in English. 

THOMAS A DATTILO-25 Rocklynn Place, Pittsburgh. Pa.-B.A. 
in English-Golf Team 3. 4. 

PETER D. DELANEY-955 Foulkbod Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A. in English-Crew 1-Tke 2. 3. 4. 

JOSEPH A. DeROSE-2259 Jenkintown Rd., Glenside. Pa.-B.A. 
in English. 

MICHAEL J DICCICCO-216 S. Ivy Street. Denver. Colo- 
rado— B.A. in English— Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity (Secretary 3; 
President 4)— Collegian 1— Residence Council 2— Intramurals 1. 
2, 3. 4. 


ANTHONY DiSANDRO-6242 N. 4lh Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa — B A in English, 

JAMES DONALDSON-2725 8 Cleveland Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa -B A in English-St, Gabriels' Club 2, 

JOSEPH C DOYLE-7415 Shisler Pq„ Philadelphia, Pa,-B,A, in 

MICHAEL J, DUNN-3918 Glendale Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B.A. in English— College Union Committees (Chairman of 
the Film Committee. Secretary, Vice-Chairman), 
JAMES M DUNNING-800 Alexander Avenue. Drexel Hill. 
Pa.— B.A. in English. 

ANTHONY M. ERRICHETTI-421 Lincoln Avenue, Collingswood. 
N,J.-B A. in English 

THOMAS C. FEERICK-216 Harding Avenue. Havertown. 
Pa -B.A. in English. 

WILLIAM FLANAGAN-6313 N. 7th Street. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.A in English— Masque 1. 2. 3. 4— Alpha Psi Omega 3, 
4-Collegian 1, 2-GrubbSt 2. 

JAMES L. GIBSON, SR.-126 East Durham Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa -B.A. in English-Student Congress. 

DOMINICK J GIORDANO-2019 S. HollyvBood Avenue, Phila- 
delphia, Pa —B.A- in English— Goll Team 3— Weber Society 
3— Young Democrats 2. 

DENNIS J HARKINS-211 W Laveer Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B A in English Education. 

WILLIAM J HARTMAN-212 Cedar Avenue, Hersham, Pa. -B.A. 
in English— Selective Service Advisory Committee. 
JOSEPH HAYDT-119 0ld Soldiers Road, Cheltenham, Pa. -B.A. 
in English— Collegian— Masque. 

EDWARD HEPTING-3034 Guilford Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa— B A. in English— Educational Department Board (Library 

MICHAEL J. HIGGINS-1014 Sycamore Ave., Croyeon. Pa. -B.A 
in English. 

BR. ALLEN E. JOHNSON-1375 Ashbourne Road, Elkins Park, 
Pa —B.A. in English— English Departmental Board- Black Stu- 
dent's Union. 

BR DANIEL KELLY-1375 Asbourne Road. Elkins Park. 
Pa — B A. in English Education— Education Department Board 4. 
JOHN A, KENNEALY-5713 N. Park Avenue, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.A in English. 

JAMES KIERNAN-706 South York Road, Hatboro, Pa.-B.A. in 
English— Crevu 2, 3. 

GEORGE W. KLETZEL. JR. -4430 Pechin Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in English Education-Howitzer 1. 2. 3. 4 (Editor 
3)-Caisson Club 3. 4. (Secretary 4). 

RONALD J. F. KROLL-3116 Belgrade Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English 

BRIAN J. LALINE-717 Naughton Avenue. Staten Island. 
NY— B.A in English— Intramurals 

ROBERT LARR-29 Belmar Road. Hatboro. Pa.-B.A. in English 
ANTHONY D. MALATESTA-2329 S. Hicks Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English— Education Society. 

JOSEPH P. MANNING-1434 Arline Avenue, Roslyn, Pa.-B.A. in 

ANN MARIE McKEANEY-3139 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.A. in English— Evening Collegian (News Editor 3, Features 
Editor 4)— Student Congress (Class Representative 4)— Senior 
Class Representative. 

GEORGE C. McWILLIAMS-828 State Street, Emporia, Kan- 
sas-B.A. in English-H.M.S.-O.B.E. 

GREGORY A. MEYER-1317 Cedar Road, Ambler, Pa.-B.A. in 
English-cue 1. 2-Masque 1. 2. 3. 4-Swimming 1. 2. 3. 4. 
MARY ANN MURPHY-6730 Crittenden Street. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in English Education-Evening Collegian 
GEOFFREY LO NICOLETTI-8419 Ardleigh Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English— Assistant to Chairman of English Dept. 
1 —Features Writer Collegian. 

CONNELL P. O'BRIEN-7623 Oak Lane. Cheltenham. Pa.-B.A. 
in English. 

ROBERT J. O'KANE-915 Spring Avenue. Elkins Park. Pa.-B.A. 
in English-La Salle Collegian 1. 2. 

RONALD J. PRICE-217 Brainerd Blvd.. Sharon Hill, Pa.-B.A. in 
English-Intramural Softball, Basketball. Football. 
MICHAEL L. RUCINSKI. F.S.C.-915 Spring Avenue. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A. in English Education. 

JOHN E. SAHM-3433 N. 6th Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 

JEF M. SILOW-1035 Old Ford Road. Huntingdon Valley, 
Pa.-B.A. in English. 

JAMES E. SMITH-1504 So. Newkirk Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in English. 

MICHAEL P. SMITH-160 W. Soencer Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. in English Education. 

DANIEL V PINO-2733 S. 12th Street. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. in 
English-Historical Society 3-Weber Society 3. 
ARNOLD D RONZONI-1922 S. 5th Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English Education. 

WILLIAM J RUBIN-4003 Creston Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in English Education. 

JOHN SEDORA-1520 Lebanon Street. Bethlehem. Pa.-B.A. in 

GEORGE F. STADALNIK-6148 N. 4th Street. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in English— Weber Society 3. 

JOSEPH L. TEDESCO-1719 Porter Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English. 

CAROL S. TENER-545 School House Lane. Willow Grove, 
Pa,— B.A, in English. 

ROBERT C, THORN-6628 N. Ormes Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.A. in English Education, 

MICHAEL P. TONER-3208 Magee Avenue, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in English-Goll Team 2. 3— Academic Affairs Com- 
mittee (President)— Basketball Team (Captain). 
ROBERT W- WALTERS-1182 Wrack Road, Meadowbrook, 
Pa.-B.A. in English— Basketball 1. 2. 3. 

JOHN R. WEBER— 9 Mercer Hill Road. Ambler. Pa.-B.A. in Eng- 

MATTHEW T. WILSON-434 Buttonwood Avenue, Maple Shade. 
N.J.-B.A. in English. 

LINDA K. WOLFSON— 645 Ashbourne Road. Cheltenham. 
Pa —B.A. in English Education. 


RANDY AIKEN-410 Worth York Rd., Hatboro, Pa.-B.S. in Fi- 

THOMAS A, CAMPBELL-1517 Belfleld Ave.. Atlantic City. 
N.J.-B.S. in Finance-Crew 2. 3, 4. 

JOSEPH F, CAPODANNO. JR. -1115 North Lincoln St.. Wilming- 
ton. Del-B.S. in Finance-Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity. 
WILLIAM J. CONLIN. JR -706 W. 28lh St.. Wilmington. 
Del — B S. in Finance— Finance Departmental Board. 
FRANCIS JOSEPH FOHR-1083 New Merrimac Rd.. Camden, 
N.J.-B.S. in Finance— Intramural Football— Caisson Club. 
STEPHEN M. HOFFMAN, JR,-144 South Morton Ave. Apt. 1-10. 
Rutledge. Pa.-B.S. in Finance-Men's Chorale 1.2. 
THEODORE J. HORDESKI-2755 Galloway Ave.. Roslyn. 
Pa.-B.S. in Finance. 

WILBUR HUF. JR. -7206 Pacific Ave.. Wildwood Crest. N.J.-B.S. 
in Finance— Residence Council 1— LaSalle Musicales— Student 
Assistant. Urban Studies Center. 

PETER J MATJE. JR. -5940 N. Hammond Ave., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Finance-Italian Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOSEPH LOUIS MAZELLA-1713 S. Newkirk St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Finance— Intramural Sports 

WILLIAM V McLAUGHLIN-102 Union Ave,, Bala Cynwyd, 
Pa.-B S. in Finance-ROTC 1, 2. 

NEIL FRANCIS NIGRO-1839 South 17th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. in Finance— Finance Association 4. 
HARRY B. SAUERS-8420 Verree Rd., Philadelphia. Pa.-g.S. in 
Finance— Veterans' Club— Chairman of Public Relations 4— Mem- 
ber Finance Association 4. 


THOMAS V. ABALDO-2728 S. Marvine St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education-Historical Society 3. 
CARL ADAMCZYK-117 Village La.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— Historical Society 2— History Honors Society 3, 4— Cais- 
son Club 3, 4-Fencing Club 4. 

BRO. TIMOTHY AHERN-1375 Ashbourne Rd., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A, in History Education-Dish Crew 1. 2. 3. 4-Aardvark 
Club 4. 

RICHARD A. AVICOLLI-2413 S. Lambert St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Student Congress Representative 2— His- 
tory Student— Faculty Board 4. 

WALTER BABYCH-5007 N Marvine St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-M.A 
in History— Conservative Club 4— Phi Kappa Tau. 
JAMES P BARONE-44 Lesley La.. New Castle. Del. -B.A. in His- 
tory— ROTC 3— Theta Sigma Pi 3. 

JOSEPH BENDER-519 Millbank Rd.. Upper Darby. Pa.-B.S. in 
History— Educational Society 4. 

KENNETH B. BENNINGTON-3040 Longshore Ave.. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A. in History— Phi Sigma Epsilon 2. 3. 4— In- 
tramurals 2. 3. 4— Freshman Baseball 1— Soccer 1. 
GEORGE BERARDINUCCI-2345 S. Woodstock St.. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A. in History 

HARRY R. BITTNER-205 Dengler St . Pittsburgh. Pa.-B.A. in 
History-Volunteer Phila. OIC 2. 3. 4. 

WILLIAM B. BRENNAN-548 E. OIney Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. inHistory. 

PETER G. BYRNE-1109 Solly Place. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— Alpha Sigma Lambda— Phi Alpha Theta 
MICHAEL J. COLANTORIO-6908 Lawnton St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Historical Society 

WILLIAM CONVEY-4860 N. 15th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— Historical Society 1. 

JOHN P. COTTER-2719 S. 13th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 

THOMAS COYNE-7610 Rockwell Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in History-Historical Society (President)-Phi Alpha Theta. Na- 
tional Historical Honor Society (Vice President). 
GARY L. CRAWFORD-3539 Logan St.. Camp Hill. Pa.-B.A. in 
History-Gavel Society 1. 2. 3 (Novice Master). 4 (Vice-Presi- 
dent)-Historical Society 3-Law Club 1. 2. 
JOHN E. DAVIES, JR. -1241 Bishop Ave.. Roslyn. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— (Editor in Chief). Evening Collegian 3— (Features Editor). 
Evening Collegian 2— (Consulting Editor). Evening Collegian 
4— (Corresponding Secretary). Cross Keys Fraternity 4— Student 
Congress 2— President's Council 3— Humanities Association 3. 
CARMEN M. DESIMONE-516 Coates St.. Bridgeport. Pa.-B.A. 
in History— St. Gabriel's Club— Phi Sigma Kappa— Intramurals. 
JAMES M. DIAMOND-1623 S. 28th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— Caisson Club— Recondo-Howitzer. 

PETER J. DOUGHERTY-1839 S. 56th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History. 

FIOBERT EHMER-7977 Oxford Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, in 
History— Historical Society— History Honor Fraternity 
NORRIS E ELDRIDGE-R.D »2, Box 309, Lakewood. N.J.-B.A, 
in History Education— Phi Kappa Tau 2. 3. 4 (Alumni Secretary 
3)— Residence Council 1— Collegian 3— Intramurals. 
JOHN F. FAIRALL. JR. -2231 391h PI. N.W.. Washington. 
DC. -B.A. in History-Phi Kappa (Alumni Secretary 4)-Historical 
Society 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN R. FARNELL. F.S.C.-1915 Spring Ave., Elkins Park. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Dish Crew 1. 2. 3, 4— Canole Club 3. 
4— Friends of Scaramouche 1 , 3 (President 4)— SPCA Award Win- 
ner 3. 

WILLIAM J. FEDYNA-44 Suburban Blvd.. Delran. N.J.-B.A. in 
History-German Club 2-Historical Society 2. 3. 4-Phi Alpha 4. 
JOHN R. FOLT2-36 Ridge La.. Levitlown. Pa.-B.A. in His- 
tory-Howitzer 2. 3. 4 (Editor-in-Chiel 3)-Recondos 3. 4 (In- 
telligence Officer 3: Operations Officer 4)— Caisson Club 3. 4, 
STEPHEN H. FORD-11310 Rolling House Rd,. Rockville. 
Md,— B.A. in History Education. 

JORGE ALBERTO GARAYTA. JR.-5520 Westbard Ave.. Beth- 
esda. Md.— B.A. in History— Intramurals 1. 2. 3— Varsity Basketball 

DAVID J. GILL-1226 Southampton Rd.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, 
in History— Student Congress 2— Humanities Club 3. 
PAUL M. GRAHAM-1138 Roberts Rd.. Media. Pa.-B.A. in His- 
tory— Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. 

LAWRENCE J. GREGAN-8115 Temple Rd., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education— Crew 1. 

PATRICK H. HEGARTY-2712 Military Rd.. Washington. 
DC. -B.A. in History. 

BRYAN HOAG-4320 Bennington St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History— Conservative Club— Collegian. 

JEFFREY M. JONAITIS-343 Saly Rd.. Yardley. Pa.-B.A. in His- 
tory— Men's Chorale 1. 

THOMAS E. JONES-3670 Chesterfield Rd., Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. in History Education- Howitzer— Recondos— Football 

RAYMOND J. KELLY-3400 Arthur St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
History Education. 

JAMES E. KILROY. JR. -351 Stevens St.. Philadelphia. Pa. -B.A. 
in History Education— Phi Kappa Theta 2. 3. 4 (Historian 
2)— Educational Society 4. 

DAVID J. KISSICK-7246 Grays Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 

JOSEPH A. KRANT2-708 Chandler St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in History— Historical Society— Phi Alpha Theta— History De- 
partment Board. 

BARRY LAPKA-2711 Sunset Ave.. Longport, N.J.-B.A. in His- 
tory— Tau Kappa Epsilon 3. 4. 

THOMAS M. LOFGREN-915 Spring Ave., Elkins Park, Pa.-B.A. 
in History— Dish Crew 1. 2. 3— Botany Crew 1. 2 (President 

FRANCIS A. LERRO-2403 S. Woodstock St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education. 

RICHARD P. LUDTKA-5537 Hazel Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in History— Phi Alpha Theta 4— International History Honor So- 

CLETUS J. LYNCH-326 Magnolia St.. Beverly, N.J.-B.S. in His- 

WILLIAM McCLORY-349 47th St., Sea Isle City. N.J.-B.A. in 
History— LaSalle Theatre— Manor Junior College Workshop 

EDMOND A. McFADDEN-404 N. Lansdowne Ave.. Drexel Hill. 
Pa— B A. in History Education. 

JOHN McGOLDRICK. F.S.C.-915 Spring Ave.. Elkins Park. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Dish Crew 1, 2, 3. 4— Club Club Crew 3. 
4-M.P.C. (President 1 . 2. 3: SgL at Arms 4)-Tie Rod Crew 3. 4. 
VINCENT S. MASCIARELLI-6601 Greenway Ave., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Cross-Country 2, 3-Young Republicans 1, 
2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM A. MICHUDA-850D W. Denver Ave.. Milwaukee. 
Wis —B.A. in History Education— Varsity Basketball 2, 3. 4— Var- 
sity Track 2. 

ROBERT MONAGAN-5346 Chew Ave.. (Apt. 2-A). Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Phi Alpha Theta— National History Honor 
Society— Historical Society 3. 

NOAH NUJOMA-5825 N. Woodstock Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History 

KENNETH J. OLNEY-2272 Pine Road. Huntingdon Valley. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Tau Kappa Epsilon— Intramurals, Basket- 
ball-I.F.C. Sports. Basketball. 

WALTER E. PEKULA. JR. -4449 North Fifth Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education— Phi Alpha Theta Honors History 
Fraternity 2. 3. 4— Student Government 4— ROTC Caisson Club 4. 
RAYMON J. PERKINS— 68 Walnut Road. Ocean City. N.J.-B.A. 
in History Education- Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

ROCCO PICCININO. JR.-207 S. Governor Printz Blvd.. Lester. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Historical Society 2-Dean's List 2. 3— Resi- 
dence Council 3— (Vice-President) Historical Society 4. 
ANTHONY PISANO, F.S.C.-1375 Ashbourne Road. Elkins Park. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Historical Society 1, 2. 3. 4— Phi Alpha 
Theta 3, 4 (Secretary 3)— History Department Board Representa- 
tive 3. (Student Chairman 4)— Student Development Committee 
4— Honors Advisory Board 4— Academic Affairs Commission 
4— Aardvarks Anonymous 3. 4— Connesieur Club 4. 


LEO N. POPE. JR. -181 7 CraWon Blvd.. Pitlsbufgh. Pa.-B.A. in 
Hislory-Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 1, 2. 3. 4-Young Republr- 
cans 3— Residence Council 2. 

RICHARD PORTA-2448 S. Darlen Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, 
in History-Italian Club. 

HAY POTYRALA-109 Whitehead Avenue, South River. 
N.J.— B.A. in History Education— Intramural Basltetbat! 1. 
DENNIS M. POWELL-1451 South 28th Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A, in History- Intramurals and Dorm Football and Basi^et- 
ball— Ad Hoc Committee 

DENNIS R. PRIMAVERA-2126 Hoflnagle Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A, in History— Varsity Baseball— Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- 
ternity—Intramural Sports. Baslietball and Football. 
RAYMOND T. RALETZ-552 North 27th Street. Camden. 
N.J. —B.A. in History— Presidents Guard 1. 2-Caisson Club 3. 4. 
EDWARD T. REILLY. JR. -4305 Rhawn Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education 

RICHARD G. REMER-827 Glenview Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Historical Society 2. 3. 4— Phi Alpha Theta 

EDMOND J. ROTH-1 08 W. Mount Airy. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, in 
History— Phi Alpha Theta— Historical Society. 
ROBERT J. RUDOLPH— 102 E. Marshall Road. Lansdowne. 
Pa.-B.A. in History Education— Crew 2— Education Society 
3— Education Departmental Board 4. 

ANTHONY SALERNO-1617 Magnolia Drive. Lancaster. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Historical Society 2. 3 

EDWARD V. SCHULGEN-954 Sanger Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History-Government 1 -History Club 1. 2. 3-Ad Hoc 
Committee 2-Grube Street Society 2— St. Thomas Moore So- 
ciety 1— Semper Fidelis Society 1. 2. 3. 

JOHN J. SCHULTHEISS-6752 Dicks Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in History— Caisson Club— Howitzer— Recondos 
WILLIAM J. SECHRIST-1605 McPherson Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A- in History-Urban Studies Center Photographer. 
THOMAS J. SHAW-521 Wellington Road. Norristown. Pa,-B,A, 
in History— St- Gabriel's Club 1 -Student Government (Treasurer) 
2, 3-Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 2. 3. 4-Fcotball Club 1 , 
LEWIS M, SUDUL-7016 Jackson Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in History-Collegian (Features Editor) 3. 4-Member Of the His- 
torical Society 3. 4— Intramural Basketball, Baseball. 
GERALD J- SWIACKI-3813 Challont Drive. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A- in History- History Honors Fraternity. 
JEROME S- SEPILA-962 Madison Avenue, Southampton. 
Pa.-B.A- in History-Masque 2-Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 2. 3. 

STANLEY L. SZYMENDERA. JR.-1642 E. Berks Street. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A. in History Education— Education Board 4. 
GARY J. TAKACS-Member of the Education Departmental 

FRANK J- TERPOLILLI-148 West Albenus Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A, in History-College Union Music Committee (Vice-Pres- 
ident) 4— Member of the Applicant Committee 4. 
DENNIS M. VIOLA-110 Ripka Street, Philadelphia, Pa-BA, m 

ROBERT J. WALSH. JR. -5907 Colgate Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A, in Hislory-Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. 

PAUL F. ZERKOW-810 N. Taney Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A 
in History— Recondo— Howitzer— Caisson Club— Historical So- 


WILLIAM BASSANO-147 Ambler Street. Westville. NJ-BS- in 
Industrial Relations-Italian Club, 

LOUDON L CAMPBELL-437 Summit Street, Lemoyne. Pa,-B,S, 
in Industrial Relations— Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4— Ori- 
entation 2, 3, 4— Cheerleading 2, 

EUGENE P, DAVEY-6545 Dorel Street, Philadelphia, Pa,-B,S 
in Industrial Relations— Fencing Club 3. 4— Industrial Relations 
Commission 3. 4— Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity 3. 4 
PAUL J. DEERY-121 Wilson Avenue. Havertown. Pa -B S in In- 
dustrial Relations and Personnel— Rowing 1. 2— Industrial Rela- 
tions Commission 3. 4— IRC (President 4). 

EDWARD M. GEARY-833 Eaton Road. Drexel Hill, Pa.-B.S. in 
Industrial Relations— Student Congress— Marketing Association, 
HARRY R, GROHMAN-74 East Lake Road, Smoke Rise. Kinne- 
lon. N.J,— B,S in Industrial Relations— President's Guard 1, 2. 3. 
4-Residence Council 1. 2. 3-Theta Epsilon Pi Fraternity 3. 4 
(Vice-President)-Recondo's ROTC 2. 3, 4-Caisson Club 3. 4 

THOMAS J. HAINES-5207 N. Sydenham Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B-S- in Industrial Relations— Industrial Relations Commis- 
sion 3-IRC (Vice-President) 4, 

THOMAS D, HARTIGAN-6350 Reedland Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Industrial Relations— Industrial Relations Commis- 
sion 3. 4. 

STEPHEN K. HETTEL-5923 Old York Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. in Industrial Relations— Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity 1. 
2. 3. 4— Industrial Relations Commission 4— Football Club 1 

JOHN F. SLANGA. JR. -41 29 Tower Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S, in Industrial Relations. 

JAMES SMIETANA-8227 Craig Street. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. in 
Industrial Relations, 

LEONARD W, STEVENS-1217 Morton Street. Camden. 
NJ-BS. in Industrial Relations-Intramural Football 
Team— Industrial Relations Commission 3. 4. 
DENIS T. SULLIVAN-1577 Arline Avenue. Rosly. Pa.-B.S. in In- 
dustrial Relations. 

GARY S, TRAUGER-6908 Oakley Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
in Industrial Relations— Industrial Relations Commission (Secre- 
tary) 3. 4. 

THOMAS K, TREIS-3520 Teton Road. Philadelphia. Pa-BS. in 
Industrial Management— Student Congress. 
VINCENT J TROISI-12040 Farwell Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B-S- in Industrial Relations— Society for the Advancement of 
Management (Secretary) 3— Student Congress Representative 2- 
RICHARD F- VACCARO-1610 Atton Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B-S. in Industrial Management— Society for the Advance- 
ment of Managemenf- 

THOMAS J WHALEN-725 Spruce Street. Lansdale. Pa.-B.S. in 
Industrial Relations— Student Congress 4— Evening Division Rep- 
resentative to Public Relations Committee 

ERICH L UHLENBROCK-4411 Deerpath Lane. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B S- in Industrial Relations— Humanities Association 1. 2. 3. 
4 (Treasurer 3)— Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment—Representative of Studeat Congress 1, 2— Marketing As- 
sociation 2. 

WILLIAM 1. WILSON-Apt. L 106 Dorchester Apartments. South- 
ampton. Pa — B S in Industrial Relations— I. R.C. Member 3, 4. 


FRAN2 A. BIRGEL-625 Levick Street. Philadelphia. Pa-B-A. in 
German-German Club 1. 2. 3. 4 (President 2. 4). 
MARK C. BRADY-305 Righter Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Spanish— Modern Language Department Board (Student Chair- 
man) 3. 

EUGENE D. CHIAVERELLI-3434 Decatur Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. in Spanish 

THOMAS E, CORCORAN-136 Hancock Drive, Syracuse. 
N.Y,-B,A, in Spanish-ROTC-Caisson Club 4, 
WILLIAM DUFFY-8512 Mansfield Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa-B-A- in German-German Club 2. 3. 4. 

PATRICK FINNEGAN. FSC.-915 Spring Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa-B-A in French Education-Dish Crew 1. 2. 3. 4-M.P,G, 1. 
2— Raccoons Club 3. 4, 

DANIEL T GINDHART-3908 Elsinore Street, Philadelphia. 
Pa-BA, in French-Education Society 3-French Club 3. 4 
RICHARD J GAZAK-321 Stevens Street. Philadelphia. Pa -B A 
in Spanish Education. 

RICHARD GIANTlSCO-3117 Welsh Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A in Spanish-Collegian 

MICHAEL T GIRARD-709 Pine Street, Bristol, Pa -B,A, in 

TIMOTHY HABICK-116 Laurel Avenue, Cheltenham, Pa-BA 
in French-Pi Delta Phi (President) 4-Yearbook 4 
JOHN P LOHN-540 Tyson Avenue, Philadelphia. Pa —B.A, in 
German— Student Chairman of Language Department 4— Phi 
Kappa Theta Fraternity (President) 4-German Club. 
FRANK lvlcCALL-1533 Earl Avenue. Philadelphia. Pa -B.A, in 
German Education— German Club 

TIMOTHY J, McCARTHY-1459 Fourth Avenue, New Brighton. 
Pa.-B.A, in French-Phi Kappa Tau 2, 3-lntramurals 1, 2, 3. 
4— Pi Delta Phi 3. 4— French Departmental Representative 2, 
JOHN MULLEN FSC, -915 Spring Avenue. Elklns Park. Pa.-B.A. 
in French Education— Dish Crew 1. 2. 3. 4— Associated Freaks 3, 

NICHOLAS RAGUCCI— 3571 A Brookview Road, Philadelphia, 
Pa,-B,A, in French Education-Sociology Club 1-French Club 
1. 2. 3. 4-French Honor Society 3. 4 

MICHAEL P. SWEENEY-182 Lismore Avenue. Glenside. 
Pa,_B,A, in Spanish— Intramural Softball 3, 


OAKLEY P AMERMAN-505 Serrill Drive. Hatboro. Pa.-B.A. 
Management-Student Council 3. 4— S AM 4. 5— Senior Rep, 
FRANK AMOROSl-4925 Leisure Drive, Washington. D C.-B,S 
Industrial Management— Masque 3— Pi Sigma Epsilon 4— ROTC 
Band 3, 

PETER C, BEEBEE-2422 Lafayette Ave.. Roslyn. Pa.-B.S. Pro- 
duction Management— Student Congress Rep. 4, 
JOSEPH E, BOSCOE— 215 Orlemann Ave.. Oreland. Pa-BS, 

THOMAS C- BLUM-2112 Brighton St,. Philadelphia. Pa.-B S, 
Production Management, 

CHARLES J, BURNS-loeOS Pedrick Road. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B-S Management— SA-M 

JOSEPH B- CATARIOUS. JR--7406 Claridge St-. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S- Industrial Management 

JOHN H- CATTANI-354 Knickerbocker Rd,. Cresskill. NJ-BS. 
Industrial Management-Phi Kappa Tau 2. 3. 4-Varsity Football 

FRANCIS J- CERNOVSKY-6031 Torresdale Ave-. Philadelphia. 
Pa-BS. Industrial Management-SA-M- (Vice-President) 4. 
(President) 4— Student Congress— Cross Keys-Marketing Assn 

HENRY T CIPOLARO. JR -7 Rolling Hill Dr.. Chatham. 
N.J— B-S Industrial Management- Phi Sigma Kappa '6B-'72. 
JACK R COLTON-5300 Frosthoffer Ave.. Pennsauken, 
N-J-B-A Management 

THOMAS FRANCIS CONNOLLY-151 E- Duncannon Ave,. Phila- 
delphia. Pa — B S, Industrial Management 

JAMES F CONNOR-221 W Sulis St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S, In- 
dustrial Management— Veterans Club— SAM 
LAWRENCE G COSTIGAN. JR. -60 Reiff Mill Rd . Ambler. 
Pa — B.S Production Management, 

ANTHONY L, DeBARBERIE-768 Cinnaminson SI,, Philadelphia. 
Pa — B,S, Management-Senior Class Social 6 
FRANCIS M, DeGREGORY-1214 Lycoming St,. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B S Industrial Management— Soccer 3— Italian Club 2. 3. 4. 
JAMES DiRIENZO-1650 S Elting St . Philadelphia. Pa,-B,S In- 
dustrial Management— Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4, 
DENIS PATRICK DONOHUE-2 Ramado Rd.. Ossining. New 
York— B.S, Industrial Management— S, A.M. 2. (Secretary) 3, 4. 
JOSEPH J FADDEN-4205 Pechin St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

EARL THOMAS FERGUSON. JR -Indian Mills Rd. RD #2, Vice- 
ntown. NJ-BS Industrial Management— Rifle Club "SB-'ei 
Shiller Club '58-61. 

FRANK A, FERRARO-63 Bluebird Rd . Holland. Pa.-B.A. Indus- 
trial Managemenl-S A M— Student Congress Rep, 
JOHN P FLEMlNG-22 W Laurel Rd . Stratford. N.J,-B,S. Indus- 
trial Management— S. A.M. 4. 

WARREN E FRIEL-3615W Crown Ave,. Philadelphia. Pa,-B,S, 
Industrial Management- 

JOHN J GARlANO-81 3 Serrill Ave.. Yeadon. Pa.-B.S. Industrial 
Management— SAM, 

PAUL GIBBONS-3620 Holt Lane. Huntington Valley. Pa.-B.S. 
Industrial Management 

MICHAEL F, GROGAN-6551 Maple Ave,. Pennsauken. 
NJ-BS Industrial Management-Theta Sigma Pi 3. 4-S.A.M. 
4— President's Guard Drill Team 1 

JOSEPH T, HEARON-2826 S Darien St . Philadelphia. Pa,-B,S, 
Industrial Management— S, A, M 

FRANCIS V, J, HURLEY 11—3 W, Homestead Ave., Collingswood, 
NJ-BS, Industrial Managemenl-Semper Fidelis 
Club— Conservative Club 

THOMAS E- JONES-615 Lanmore Ave., Wayne. Pa.-B.S. Pro- 
duction Management- 
JACOB LEON KATZ-8827 Manchester St.. Philadelphia. 

Pa —B-S Management 

ADOLF G KARDOLEY-4216 Oakmont St.. Philadelphia. 

Pa — B S, Management— S, A, M— Student Congress, 

DEAN H KENEFICK-117 W, Revere Ave,. Northfield. N.J. -B.S, 

Industrial Management. 

WILLIAM F, LEETCH-21 Beech Tree Dr,. Cinnaminson. 

N J — B S Industrial Relations— Dean's List throughout— Alpha 

Sigma Lambda Hon, Soc 

RICHARD S- LENART-12506 Fedor Place. Philadelphia. 

Pa-BS, Production Management-S,A,M, 3. 4-Student Con- 
gress 3 

VINCENT A LOFINK-610 W. 27th St.. Wilmington, N.J.-B.S. In- 
dustrial Management-S,A,M, 2, (Treasurer) 3. 4. 

THOMAS J LONDERGAN-3029 N 35th St.. Philadelphia. 

Pa -B S Industrial Management— SAM,— Veteran's Club, 

ANDREW C McELHENNY-119 S, Main St,. Mahanoy City. 

Pa-BS Industrial Managemenl-S, AM, 1. 2. 3. 4-Pi Kappa 

Phi-lnlermural Basketball & Football, 

THOMAS P McLOUGHLlN-543 Marwood Rd,. Philadelphia. 

Pa — B A Production Management- Student Congress 3 

JOHN H, MECKE, IV-41 Crestline Rd,, Wayne. Pa.-B.S. Indus- 
trial Management-Varsity Basketball (Manager) 1 & 2-Alpha Phi 

Omega 1 . 2. (Historian) 3. 4-S,A,M 3. (Treasurer) 4. 

WILLIAM L MEHLHORN-12028 Legion Place. Philadelphia. 

Pa— BS Industrial Management-Student Congress 1. 2. 3. 

(Treasurer) 4. (Vice-President 5. 6-College Council 6-Presi- 

denfs Council 3. (Treasurer) 4. 5. 6-S AM, 1. 2. 3. (Treasurer) 4. 

5. 6-Cross Keys 5. 6-Accounting Assn, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6-Humanities 

Assn. 3. 4. 5— Marketing Assn, 3. 4— Athletic Assn. (Chairman) 2. 

3 & 4. 5-Academic Affairs Assn. (Chairman) 2 & 3 4-Senior 

Representative 6. 

WILLIAM J McTEAQUE-1532 Lardner St.. Philadelphia. 

Pa.— B S Production Management 

GORDON R- MOYLAN— 426 Rockledge Ave . Huntington Valley. 

Pa — B,S, Production Management 

WILLIAM T, MURPHY-2326 E Hagert St,, Philadelphia. 

Pa.-B.S. Production Management. 

CHARLES J, NAGELE-911 Griffith St.. Philadelphia. Pa-BS, 


JOSEPH M PINCKNEY-Beacon Hill Rd, RD «1. Joylestown. 

Pa — B S Industrial Management 

LEON A. POLOWCZUK-284 Worthington Mill Rd-. Richboro. 

Pa.— B S Production Management— Cross Keys (Vice-Pn 

6-Student Congress 1. 2. 3. 4. 5-Evening Collegian 1. 

5-Yearbook 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 

JOHN F POOLE, JR -2540 Ashford St , Philadelphia. P 

Management— Senior Social 

ROGER M RESO-Box 272-D RD =1. Langhorne. Pa- 

dustrial Management 

CHARLES E ROESSLER-1846 Dillon Rd,. Mapls 

Pa-BS- Industrial Managemenl-Tau Kappa 

Ion— Newtonian Society— S-A.M. 

2. 3. 4. 


RAYMOND A. ROOT-250 Avon Rd . Upper Darby. Pa -B.S, In- 
dustrial Management—Crew 1— S.A.M 3, 4— Tau Kappa Epsilon, 

WILLIAM D. SCULLY-1417 Tasker St.. Philadelptiia. Pa,-B,S 
Industrial Management— S. O.L.I. D. 3— Departmental Board 3. 
ROBERT J SEIFERT-249 Benner St., Ptliladelphia. Pa. -B.S. In- 
dustrial tulanagement. 

JAMES DeSIMONE-530 Shadeland Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. -B.S. 
industrial Management— Varsity Water Polo Team— Student Al- 
fairs Assn. (Treasurer) 1 -MAX. 

ALLEN G SMITH-84 Bells Lake Drive, Turnersvllle, N.J.-B A 
Industrial Management. 

ANTHONY G. STEIGELMAN-724 26th Place South, Arlington, 
Va — B S Industrial Management— Residence Council 2— Drill 
Team 2— Dorm Assistant Director 3— Caisson Club 3. 
DENNIS M. THEE-706 Roseland Ave . Philadelphia. Pa.-B S In- 
dustrial Management— SAM. 1— Department Board 3— S.O.L I D. 
3— Delta Sigma Pi (Vice-President) 4. 

EDWARD JOHN TIERNEY-824 Cypress St.. Yeadon, Pa. -B.S 
Industrial Management— S.A.M. 4. 

JAMES H. WEBB-3639 Carey Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. -B.S. Pro- 
duction Management 

PAUL GEORGE WIEHTERMAN-3612 Chalfont Dr.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B.S. Industrial Management. 


STEPHEN J ADAMS. JR. -968 Sanger St. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B. S Marketing-Veteran's Club 4. 

PAUL C. ANDREWS-4422 Malta St., Philadelphia. Pa. -B.S 
Marketing— American Marketing Association 
CARMEN V AVELLINO. JR. -918 Fitzwater St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa. -B.S. Marketing 

JOSEPH A BLINEBURY. JR -1318 Shelmire Ave . Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. Marketing-S.A.M. 6-Humanities 5. 6-Marketing 
Assn. 1,2,3,4.5,6. 

ROBERT P. BONOCORE-1832 S. 28th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S, Marketing— Phi Kappa Theta 4— Cassion Club 4. 
OWEN J. BOYLON, JR. -1447 Bittersweet Drive, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. Marketing. 

JOHN CHARLES BRENNAN. JR. -1720 11th St. Prospect 
Heights. Bethlehem. Pa.-B.S. Marketing-lntramurals 
MICHAEL B BRINDISI-804 N. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa -B.S 
Marketing— Italian Club. 

J. RICHARD BROOKES-443 Seville St., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 

STEVEN S BURGER-1633 Norristown Rd., Ambler, Pa -B.A 
Marketing-Veteran's Club 4. 

delphia, Pa.-B.S. Marketing— Phi Kappa Theta 
EDWARD CHiOSSO-536 Sunset Ave., Maple Shade. N J -B A 

HARRY EDWIN COLLER, 111-218 S. Garfield Ave., Moorestown. 
N J.-B.S Marketing. 

DAVID COONAHAN-321 Lorraine Ave., Oreland, Pa. -B.A. Mar- 
keting—Marketing Assn.— intramural Basketball, Softball. 
CHARLES JOSEPH CORRIGAN-104 Rockwood Dr.. Havertown, 
Pa.-B.S. Marketing-Phi Sigma Epsilon (President) 4. 
LINDA S CRAMPTON-5930 Spnng St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S 
Marketing— Marketing Association 

JOSEPH J. DeMARSHALL-500 Smith Lane. Runnemede. 
N J — B.S. Marketing. 

ROBERT P DENVER. JR. -3300 Glenview SL, Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.S. Marketing— Student Congress 1, 6— Co-Chairman, Sen- 
ior Social Dance Committee. 

JAMES M. DEVINE-1658 Sullivan Dr.. Norristown. N.J.-B S 

ROBERT D'LAURO-222 Lorraine Ave., Oreland, Pa.-B.A. Mar- 
keting-American Marketing Assn.— Intramural Football, Softball, 

MICHAEL JOSEPH DUNN-936 Bullock Ave.. Yeadon, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— Marketing Representative 3 

JOHN C. EMERICK-88 Twist Dr.. Holland. Pa.-B.S. Market- 
ing-Varsity Basketball 2, 3. 

KENNETH J ERNST, JR.-2B26 Grisdale Rd., Roslyn, Pa.-B S 
Marketing— Booster Club 2. 3— Marketing Assn. 3— Orientation 
Committee 3, 4 

PETER J FALLON-208 Merlon Ave , Haddonfieid, N.J.-B S. 
Marketing— Marketing Assn. 3. 4 

JAMES J FEELEY-611 Gary Ln. Norristown. N J -BS Market- 
ing— Phi Sigma Kappa. 

PAUL FERENSAK-3 Hoiiis St.. Fairfield. Conn -B S Market- 
ing—Phi Kappa Tau— Marketing Assn 

STEPHEN J. FiTZPATRICK-363 High St.. Orange. N.J. -B.S. 
Marketing— Marketing Assn 2. 4— Departmental Board 3. 4. 
MICHAEL T FLANNERY-12036 Waldemire Dr. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B A Marketing— Advisory Board 1— Intramural Football. 
Baseball. Basketball 

ROBERT F. FLYNN-25 Waveriy Rd., Havertown, Pa.-B.S. Mar- 

FRANCIS A. FORGiONE-231 Pensdale St . Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S Marketing-Accounting Association-Marketing 
Assn — Co-Chalrman Senior Social 

JAMES E FOX-1015 Larkspur St , Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. Mar- 
keting—Phi Sigma Epsilon— Football Club 2 
GERALD K. FRANKS-180 Sycamore Rd . Havertown. Pa.-B S. 

ROBERT J. FRIEL-1340 Ascot Place, Philadelphia, Pa -B.S. 

JOSEPH H. GARVEY-3508 W Crown Ave., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S. Marketing-Cross Keys 6-Marketing Assn. 4. 
5-S.A.M. 1 . (Secretary) 2, (2nd Vice-President) 3, (1st Vice-Pres- 
ident) 4, (Presidential Advisor) 5, 6 

JOHN A GAWRONSKI-3212 Fanshawe St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.S Marketing— Marketing Association. 
JOHN E GOLDEN-7 Jefferson Ave.. Marlton, N.J. -B.S. Market- 
ing—Marketing Assn. 1. 

ROBERT p GREISLER-883 Stirrup Lane, Warrington, Pa.-B.S. 

VAN RICHARD GUS-50 Executive Lane. Wiilingboro. N.J. -B.S. 

DENNIS P. HAGGERTY-4428 Barry Rd.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— Senior Class Social— Marketing Assn.— Senior Class 

RICHARD HASELBARTH-21 23 Afton St., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing-Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball 
GEORGE H. HENDERSON-933 Sunset Ave.. Trainer, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing-Baseball 2. 3. 4. 

ROBERT W. HEPP-26 W Goll Club Lane. Paoli. Pa.-B.S. Mar- 
keting-Student Congress 4 

CJARLES HILTEBRAND. 111-3182 Alabama Rd., Camden, 
N.J. -B.S. Marketing. 

DAVID JOHN HINES-188 14th St.. Cresskill. N.J. -B.S. Market- 
ing-Phi Sigma Epsilon 1. 2, 3, 4 

JOSEPH E. HUHN-4261 N. 8th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S Mar- 

KEVIN HYLAND-16 Herb Rd.. Middletown. N.J. -B.S. Market- 
ing— SAM. 1— Intramural Basketball 1. 

ROBERT A. JENCO-3500 Ardmore Ave.. Reading. Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— Phi Kappa Tau 2. 3. 4. 

MICHAEL F. JORDAN-3404 Beighton St., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S Marketing-S.A.M 

JOSEPH KAISER-1405 E. Lycoming St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. 
Marketing— Track Team. 

LAWRENCE J. KELLY-1556 Temple Dr.. Maple Glen, Pa.-B.S 
Marketing— Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 

IVAN KENDIS-2043 Lardner St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Market- 
ing-Marketing Assn. 4 

JAMES R KLAGHOLZ-277 Allison Apts.. Marlton. N.J.-B S. 

JOHN J. KRAB. JR. -431 3 Remington Ave.. Pennsauken. 
N J -BS Marketing 

RICHARD B. KUEHNE-9055 Pine Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.-B S. 
Marketing— Phi Kappa Theta— Marketing Assn. 
JAMES J. LYNCH-3030 Brighton St., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S 
Marketing— Baseball— Orientation Committee— Freshman Advis- 
ory Board. 

PASQUALE C MARCHESE-1337 Cherry Lane. Center Square. 
Pa.-B S. Marketing 

NICHOLAS MARTORANO-1904 S. 12th St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa -B S. Marketing. 

RICHARD JOSEPH MATTEO-204 Station Ave. Glendora. 
N.J -B.S. Marketing. 

BOB McANESPEY-5305 Castor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— President Tau Kappa Epsilon— Inter-Fraternity Coun- 
cil—Marketing Assn. 

JAMES J. MEEHAN-122 Roseberry St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing-Phi Kappa Theta 1. 2. 3, 4-Caisson Club 3. 4-Mar- 
keting Assn. 3. 4— Senior Class Secretary. 

FRANK MILEWSKI-2050 Margaret St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B S 

ROBERT J. MILLER-124 Colonial Rd.. Edgewater Park. 
N.J — B S. Marketing— Marketing Assn. 3. 

JOSEPH L. MULA-53 Ellen St., New Brunswick, N.J -B.S. Mar- 

DONALD J. MULLOY-3551 Byrne Rd . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

WILLIAM D NAGLE-15158 Endicott St., Philadelphia. Pa -B.S. 
Marketing— Marketing Assn. 

DONALD PAUL NORKUS-87 Broadway. Freehold. N.J.-B A. 

JOSEPH R. OLSON, JR. -2024 Vista St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— Baseball 1— Marketing Assn 3. 4— Tau Kappa Epsilon 
2. 3. 4-Caisson Club 3-lntramurals 1 . 2. 3, 4 
JOSEPH M. OSBORNE-711 Elizabeth Rd.. Jenkintown. 
Pa — B S Marketing— Pi Sigma Epsilon— Marketing Assn. In- 

PER ARNE PEDERSEN-5343 Greene St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B S Marketing— Phi Sigma Epsilon-Swimming Team. 
MICHAEL A. PETRICK. JR. -744 Flint Hill Rd.. Swedeland. 
Pa -B S Marketing-Marketing Assn 

JOSE ANTONIO RAMIREZ-La Puerta Del Sol Apt 754. Santo 
Domingo. Dominican Republic— B.S Marketing— Phi Kappa Tau. 
ROBERT N. RIVERS-1357 Heartwood Dr., Cherry Hill. N J -B.S 
Marketing— S. AM. 3. 4— Marketing Assn. (Treasurer) 4— Vet- 
eran's Club (Social Chairman) 4. 

RICHARD JOSEPH ROCCO-9090 Ferndale St., Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A. Marketing-Italian Club 3. 4-lntramural Football, Base- 
ball. Basketball 4 

ROBERT W ROSELL-339 W. Woodlawn Ave., Maple Shade, 
N J.-B.S Marketing. 

WILLIAM J. RUSSO, JR.-3007 N. Woles Rd., Norristown. 
N J.-B S. Marketing-Cross Keys (President) 6-Evening Colle- 
gian (Business Editor) 5-President's Council 6-Marketing Assn. 
(Secretary) 4. 5-Student Congress 3. 4-Who's Who Winner 
6— Montgomery Award for Marketing Excellence 5. 


FRANK J. SALFI-37 Becker Rd.. North Wales. Pa.-B.S. Market- 

BARRY SCHWARTZ-e644 Fayette St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Marketing— Student Congress 5— Marketing Assn (Treasurer) 6. 
W CAREY SCRANTON-1 10 Morris St.. Merchantville. N.J.-B.S. 

JOHN C SEMON-10226 W. Keswick Rd.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing-C.U. Special Events Committee 3-C.U. Applicant 
Committee (Treasurer) 3. 

JAMES H. SHEA-55 Caldwell Ave., Marlton, N.J.-B.S. Market- 
ing— S. AM. 5— Marketing Assn. 5. 

WILLIAM T STECKLEIN-65 Quaker Hill Rd.. Levittown. 
Pa.-B.S, Marketing-S.A.M. 

HENRY E STEELMAN-725 Hunter St.. Gloucester, N.J.-B.S. 
Marketing— Marketing Assn. 

RICHARD A. SZEWCZAK. JR. -3120 Fanshawe St., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B S Marketing-Phi Sigma Epsilon. 

JOHN J. WARD-5228 Gramercy Dr., Clifton Heights. Pa.-B.S. 
Marketing— Intermurals 2. 3. 4. 

JOHN PATRICK WHITE-7214 Dungan Rd., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A Marketing. 

JOHN P. WHITE-3761 Higlland Ave.. Drexel Hill. Pa -B.S. Mar- 

GREGORY J. WINTERS-631 Wayland Rd.. Plymouth Meeting. 
Pa -B S. Marketing 

JOHN G. WILKINSON-7336 Torresdale Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B S. Marketing 

JOHN G WOLF-1700 Butler Pike Apt. 38D. Conshohocken. 
Pa.-B.S, Marketing— Marketing Assn. 3. (Vice-President) 6. 
JOHN WILLIAM ZOOG. JR. -314 County Ave.. Maple Shade. 
N.J.-B.S. Marketing. 


JOSEPH A. ATKINS-4773 Whitaker Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

CHARLES T. BARBATO-713 Knorr Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B A Mathematics— Education Society— Intramural Football 
and Basketball 

Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Mathematics— Education Dept. Board 
6-Coridor Council 2. 3-1. LB. Club 1. 2, 3. 4. 5, 6— Gerard Parr 
Appreciation Board 1, 2. 3. 

JOHN B BOYD-1328 Kings Place, Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. Math- 

HARRY E. BROWN-263 W. Sparks Street. Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A Mathematics. 

JOSEPH P. CARUSO-7138 Bryan Street. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

WAYNE H. CHELIUS-245 Chelten Avenue. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S Applied Mathematics-Alpha Sigma La- 
mbda-IEEE. -Senior Social 6. 

ROBERT F. CUNNINGHAM-5230 N. Sydenham St., Philadelphia. 
Pa -B.A. Mathematics. 

CATHERINE A DEVLIN-1212 Ripley St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 
Mathematics-Math Club 

GEORGE T DORAN-290 Logan Dr.. Hatfield. Pa -B.S. Math- 

JOHN M. FAHY-2712 Mifflin St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. Math- 

BRO GERARD J FRENDREIS. FSC-915 Spring Ave.. Elkins 
Park. Pa -B.A Mathematics— Newtonian Society 1. 2— Math 
Club 2. 3. 4— Kappa Mu Epsilon 3. 4— Departmental Board 3. 
FRANK P. HUSS-232 W Penn St.. Shenandoah. Pa.-B.A. Math- 

REID F. KING-1501 Lott St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A Mathemat- 
ics—Swimming Team 1. 2. 3. 

JAMES F. LEIGH-5347 Delmar Rd.. Clifton Heights. Pa.-B.A. 
Mathematics- President's Guard 1. 2— Caisson Club 3. (Presi- 
dent) 4— Executive Board S.O.C. 

PATRICK H. MARTIN-6717 Trinity St.. Philadelphia. Pa. -B.A. 
Mathematics— Education Society— Intramurals. 
FRANCIS E. McCALL-1426 S. Marston SL. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A Mathematics— LaSalle Band— Education So- 

ROGER P. MCDONNELL— 574 Constitutional Dr.. Warminster. 
Pa.-B.S Mathematics. 

JIM McKEOGH-4128 Elbridge St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Math- 
ematics-Kappa Mu Epsilon 4— Newtonian Society 1. 2— De- 
partmental Board 4— Honors Soc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 

RUDOLPH MAICHER-7811 Linden Rd.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

MICHAEL J. NEMITZ-3874 Frankford Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Mathematics— Kappa Mu Epsilon— Intramural Softball. 
Football. Basketball. 

DAVID E SCHEERER-724 Church Lane. Yeadon. Pa.-B.A. 

BRUCE EDWARD SHAW-5023 N. 12th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. Mathematics. 

FRED STRATHMANN-5029 Keyser St.. Philadelphia. Pa — S.A. 

THOMAS F WOJCIECHOWSKI-1707 S. Dover St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A- Mathematics— ROTC Band 1— Student Tutoring Pro- 
gram 2— Mathematics Club 2. 3— Chorale 3— Intramural Basket- 
ball 3. 

PETER JOSEPH ZARREKE-1905 Church St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. Mathematics— Intramurals. 


THOMAS JOHN DiGREGORIO-410 W, 6lh SI., Chonshocken. 
Pa — B.A. Theology. 

DAVID MATTHEW FITZ-PATRICK-1 08 Ouincy St.. Chevy Chase. 
Maryland-B.A Theology-LaSalle in Europe ■69-'70 
SR. JEANNE ANN HUNTER. O.P.-3512 Baring St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A, Humanities. 

ANN KENDRA-215 W. Walnut Ln. Apt. C-202. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B.A. Humanities. 

JOHN J. KRUMM-331 Surrey Ln.. Hatboro, Pa.-B A Mu- 
sic-Chorale 1. 2. 3,4. 

JAMES E. LYONS-5241 Cottage St., Philadelphia, Pa -B.A. 
Humanities-IEEE. 1-Sludent Congress 2, 3, 4-College Union 
Committees 1, 2, 

JOSEPH P. MAHER-2019 Faunce St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

AGNES McFOLEY-8124 Ferndale St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B A. 

VERONICA NEARY-1232 Wagner Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, 
Humanities-Evening Colligan Stall-German Club. 
SR MERCEDES ROJO. AC I -700 E. Church Lane. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A. Humanities. 

LINDA A. SHEARON-2807 Knorr St.. Philadelphia, Pa, -B.A. 

CORINNE B. TAYLOR-1621 Ruscomb St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B.A. Humanities. 

ALDO E. TURZO-Box 58. Tylerslort, Pa,-B.A. Humanities. 
GLENN S. WHITE-105 Windsor Ave.. Melrose Park, Pa.-B.A. 


BRIAN JOHN BYRNE-1235 N Quintana St., Arlington, Va -B,A. 
Philosophy— Student Congress 1— Colligan 1. 2. 3 
DANIEL J CASEY-620 E. Courtland St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

CLARENCE FURHMAN-5029 Keyser St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Philosophy— Raccoons Club (Editor) 1. 2. 3, 4— Traffic Club 
2— Nooky Club 4— Rufus Rufers 3, 4— Commission for the Pre- 
servation of Established Christian Community, Ideals, Goals, and 
Other Various and Insundry Items. 

CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS KOCH-128 W. Highland St.. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.-B.A Philosophy— Basketball 1. 
THOMAS OSTRANDER— 461 Crestwood Ave.. Hackensack. 
N.J. —B.A, Philosophy— St. Gabriels Club 2— Deans Honor List 1. 

BLAISE JOSEPH SPINELLI-800 Earlington Rd., Havertown. 
N.J —B.A Philosophy— Phi Kappa Tau 

ANTOINE F. ST. GERMAIN— 60 S, Almonesson Ave.. Deptford. 
N.J. -B.A. Philosophy. 

T. MICHAEL TOWNSHEWD-2800 Rittenhouse St., Washington, 
DC —B.A. Philosophy— Semper Fidelis Society (Treasurer) 3. 
(President) 4— Forum Committee— College Union Committees 


DANIEL P. BIKO-50 Christine Ave . Trenton. N J -B.S Phys- 

JOSEPH E. CHESLA-1432 St. Charles Place. Roslyn. Pa-B.S 

ALLAN S. COX-425 Hillside Ave,, Jenkintown, Pa-B.S Phys- 

WILLIAM R. C. DiSALVO-12 Zachary Lane Apt 20. Trenton. 
N.J. -B.S. Physics, 

JOHN J. EPPLEY-651 Astor St., Norristown, Pa.-B.S. Phys- 
ics— I.E. E E. 3. (Treasurer) 4— Student Congress 3— Senior Class 

MARK GART-831 E. Cheltoh Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. Phys- 

WILBERT E. HANSFORD-5132 Brown St. Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B,S, Physics-I.E.E.E. (Secretary) 3. 4-Student Congress. 
ROBERT E. HARDENBURG-1333 Clearview Dr.. Jamison. 
Pa.-B.S Physics-I E E.E. 

ROMUALD M JESS-305 Garth Rd., Oreland, Pa-B.S. Physics. 
RONALD A. LAUER-53 Zieglers La.. Trenton, N.J. -B.S. Phys- 
ics—Alpha Sigma Lambda 1. 2. 3 

THOMAS P. LOMAX-298 Bryn Mawr Ave , Bryn Mawr, Pa,-B.S. 

ROBERT R. MARINELLIE-31 Dewberry La . Levittown. Pa-B.S. 

FRANCIS X. McENTEE-3707 Genesee Dr. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. Physics— Cross Keys— Student Congress— Humanities 
Club-IEEE. (Vice-President) 2, (President) 4-Vice-Presidenl 
Senior Class. 

PATRICK J. McHUGH-527 Scott Ave.. Jeannette, Pa.-B.S 
Physics— Phi Kappa Tau— Soccer Team— Varsity Polo. 
ALAN E, MUMBER-864 Scattergood St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S 

WILLIAM H. NICHOLS-1 1 64 Eagle Rd.. West Chester. Pa.-B.S. 

EDWIN S. PIKALOW-156 Abbey Ter.. Drexel Hill. Pa.-B.S 

LAWRENCE T. POWERS-1252 Mildred Ave.. Roslyn. Pa.-B.S. 
Physics-I.E.E.E. 1,2,3.4, 5,6. 

EUGENE CECIL PREVOST-242 Cobalt Ridge Drive South. Levit- 
town. Pa.-B.S Physics-I.E.E.E. 1. 2. 3. 4, 5. 6. 
JOSEPH SIWINSKl-512 Paddock Rd.. Havertown, Pa,-B,S, 

JAMES SLINKMAN-5211 Dalton Rd.. Springfield. Va.-B.S. 
Physics-Basketball 1 -Newtonian Society (President) 4-LaSalle 
Scientific Journal (Editor) 4— Residence Hall Assistant Director 3. 

HARRY C SOLOMAN-702 Brookwood Gardens. Hightstown, 

N.J. -B.S- Physics-I.E.E.E. 

ROBERT D. TILLER-1517 Hillside Dr.. Cherry Hill. N.J. -B.S. 


JOSEPH F. VALESKI-675 E. Street Rd. Apt. 812. Warminster. 

Pa.-B.S. Physics-I.E.E.E. (Vice-Chairman) 5 and 6. 

GEORGE S. WEINER-Valley Stream Apts L-304. Lansdale. 

Pa-B.S Physics-I.E.E.E 4. 6. 6. 

THOMAS ROBERT WOLOSHIN-536 E. 13th St.. Chester. 

Pa,-B S Physics 


FRANCIS EDWARD ABESSINIO-713 Sonora Ave. Villa Mon- 
terey. Wilmington. Del— B.A. Psychology— Mu Lambda Chi 3. 
4-Psychology Club 3. 4-lntramurar Football. Basket- 
ball—Representative of Residence Council 2. 3. 
JAMES JOSEPH BERRY-Gough and Twining Aves.. Ivyland. 
Pa.-B.S- Psychology— Psychology Club (Secretary) 4. 
RICHARD GEORGE BOHS-1229 Cornwell Ave.. Drexel Hill. 
Pa.-B.A. Psychology-Phi Sigma Epsilon 2. 3. (Secretary) 4-ln- 
tramural OMicials Club 4-Vice-President of the Class of '71 1 , 
BRO. RICHARD W BREESE. FSC-915 Spring Ave . Elkins Park. 
Pa-B.S. Psychology-Dish Crew 2. 3. 4-Hair Crew 3. 4 
JOSEPH WILLIAM CARROLL-317 W Marshall St . West Ches- 
ter. Pa — B S. Psychology— Band 1. 2. 3— Phi Epsilon Kappa 1. 2. 
(Vice-President) 3. 4— Cross Country 3— Track 4— Varsity Basket- 
ball Manager 4. 

VINCENT M. CASTRONUOVO-2518 S. 11th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B A Psychology. 

MICHAEL E. CHOLERTON-315 Steele Rd.. Feasterville. 
Pa —B.A, Psychology- Psi Chi 4— LaSalle In Europe 3 
JOSEPH J. CICCOTELLO-13481 Stevens Rd.. Philadelphia. 
Pa — B A. Psychology— Psychology Club— Psi Chi (Treasurer). 
JAY STEWART COHEN-1211 Glenview St.. Philadelphia, 
Pa —B.A. Psychoiogy- Counciling Center Student Assistant 2, 3, 
4— Pre-College Counciling Program 2, 3— Freshman Workshop 
Advisor 2. 3— Concert and Lecture Series Comm. 3. 4— Psy- 
chology Club'3. 4-Phi Chi 3. 4-Ad Hoc Comm, 4-Social Queen 
Comm. 4— College Concert Performer 2. 3. 4. 
ROBERT COLTON-139 Vermilion Dr . Levittown. Pa.-B.A. Psy- 
chology—Yearbook 3. 4— Psi Chi 4— Assistant Residence Di- 
rector 4. 

HENRY FRANCIS CRABBE-32 Margin Rd . Levittown. Pa -B.A 
Psychology— Psychology Club. 

KENNETH J. DEVLIN-836 N 25th St . Philadelphia. Pa -B.A 
Psychology— Newspaper 3— Psi Chi 3. 

PAUL M DIKUN-3333 Kayford Circle. Philadelphia, Pa.-B A. 
Psychology-Caisson Club 3. 4-Drill Team 2, 
THOMAS FRANCIS DONAHUE-5623 Kingsessing Ave . Phila 
delphia. Pa —B.A, Psychology. 

STEPHEN M DONNELLY-7149 Gillespie St.. Philadelphia 
Pa — B A. Psychology. 

FRANCIS X DOUGHERTY-3522 New Queen St.. Philadelphia 
Pa -B A. Psychology-Caisson Club 3, 4-Drill Team 2, 3, 4-Psi 
Chi (Vice-President) 4 

CHARLES F. FASTIGGI-26 Grove Ave., Verona, N.J. -B.A. Psy- 
chology-Phi Kappa Tau-Psychology Club-Ps 
Chi-Departmental Board 

MICHAEL FRANCZAK-518 S. New St.. Nazareth. Pa-B.S. Psy- 
chology— Tau Kappa Epsilon— Psi Chi— Psychology Club 
THOMAS C GALLAGHER-139 Anbury La.. Willow G 
Pa.-B.A. Psychology— Crew 1— Tau Kappa Epsilon 2. (Sargeant- 
at-Arms) 3. 4-Psi Chi (Vice-President) 3. 4-Psychology Club 1. 

2. 3. 4— Orientation Program 3— Student Council (Secretary) 
3— Veterans Club 1. 2. 3. 4— Newspaper 3, 

JAMES A, GIRARDI-915 Spring Ave.. Elkins Park. Pa.-B.A. Psy- 
chology—Newtonian Society 1. 2, 3— Newspaper 4— Yearbook 2. 

3. (Photography Editor) 4-P.W.D. 2, 3, 3'/;, 4-Space Patrol 3, 
4— Good Bar 4— Fairy Tail Author 4— Awarded Good Guy of the 
Year 4. 

RONALD F. GRASSl-417 Mill Rd,, Havertown-B.S. in Psy- 
chology— Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. 

RICHARD HOLFELD-Veterans Club. LaSalle College. Phila- 
delphia. Pa — B A, Psychology— Veterans Club Co-Founder (Sec- 
retary) 1. 2. 3. 4— Liaison Comm. 3— Psychology Club (President) 
2— Young Democrats. 

PAUL R JANKE-116 Fitzwatertown Rd.. Willow Grove. Pa.-B.A 
Psychology— Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4— Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4. 
DENNIS JAMES KELLY-3843 Oak Dr.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

CARMEN JOSEPH LIBRANDI-213 S. 19th St.. Harrisburg. 
Pa.-B A Psychology-ROTC Band 1. 2-Psi Chi 3 (President) 4 
ANTHONY P, LOPRESTI-6455 Morris Park Rd.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Psychology— Masque Board of Governors; Work- 
shop—Alpha Psi Omega— National Honors Theater Fraternity 
(Vice-President)-Psi Chi-Psychology Club-LaSalle in Eu- 

THOMAS J, MAGRANN 11-351 W, Mt Airy Ave,. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Psychology-Psychology Club 1. 2, 3-Phi Sigma 
Kappa 2. 3. 4. 

TOM McANlNLEY-3406 Oakmont St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Psychology— Psi Chi 4— Psychology Club 3. 4— Departmental 
Board 3, 

PATRICK J. McHUGH-527 Scott Ave.. Jeannette. Pa.-B.A. Psy- 
chology—Phi Kappa Tau— Soccer 2. 

JOSEPH RUPP-709 Byberry Rd., Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Psy- 
chology— Psi Chi 4— Soccer 3. 4. 

FRANK SCHlEBER-4708 Meridan St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. 

delphia. Pa.-B.S, Psychology— Chorale 3— Psychology Club 1 . 
RICHARD C SElGH-417 Maple Ave,. Southampton. Pa.-B.A. 
Psychology-Veterans Club 2. 3. 4— Psychology Club 3. 4. 
JOSEPH M SEMANKO-1734 Market St.. Harrisburg. Pa.-B.A. 
Psychology— Residence Council 1,2, 

MARK S SHORE-1367 Unruh Ave,, Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Psy- 
chology—Veterans Club— Psychology Club. 

MICHAEL F, SlMON-19 Windsor La.. Clifton Heights. Pa.-B.A. 

LECH SOL-1245 Marlborough St.. Philadelphia, Pa, -B.A, Psy- 
chology-Glee Club-Librarian-Psychology Club, 
ARTHUR R, SYPEK-250 Lawrenceville Rd.. Trenton. N.J. -B.A. 
Psychology— Political Science Club 2. 3— Psychology Club 2. 3 
(Treasurer) 4— Residence Council 2. 3— Ad Hoc Drug Committee 

ALBERT A. TEDESCHl-162 Woodlawn Rd.. Huntingdon Valley. 
Pa— B.A. Psychology— Rifle Team 2— Fencing Club 4— Chess 
Team 4. 

JAMES VACCA-5613 N. 11th St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.S. Psy- 

RAYMOND VERBRUGGHE-4620 Pechin St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.S. Psychology. 

LOUIS R. VlOLA-208 N, Ormond Ave . Havertown. Pa.-B.A. 
Psychology— Italian Club 2. 3. 4. 


STEPHEN J ANDRIOLE-571 Maddock Rd.. Springfield, 
Pa.-B.A, Political Science-Collegian-Political Science Assn. 
THOMAS J. BALDINO-2706 S. 16lh St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science— St. Gabriels Club 1. 2. 3— Political Science 
Assn 3. 

EDGARDO BARRIOS-2122 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A, Political Science— Political Science Assn.— Young 
Democrats Club (Treasurer) 4. 

JOHN PATRICK CASEY-1 2 Trinity Place. Barrington. N.J. -B.A. 
Political Science-Cross Country 2, 3-Track 1, 2. 3, 
JOSEPH CARDONA-5646 McMahon St., Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science-Italian Club. 

LOUIS M, CARUSO-2913 Keenwood Rd.. Norristown. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science. 

JOSEPH ClMOCH-301 Buckley St.. Bristol. Pa.-B.A. Political 

JOHN JOSEPH COLLlNS-311 Main St.. Darby, Pa.-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science— Residence Council 2— Phi Kappa Theta 2, 3. 4— Po- 
litical Science Assn 2. 3. 4— Student Government (Secretary. 
Vice-President) 3, 

JAMES MATTHEW CONLEY-605 Graisbury Ave.. Haddonfield. 
N.J. —B.A Political Science. Theta Sigma Pi (Vice-President) 3, 
(President) 4— Assistant Residence Director 3, 4. 
JAMES H, CONVERY-18 Kinney Dr , Trenton, N.J.-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science— Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

DENNIS P. DAlLEY-650 S. 28th St.. Harrisburg. Pa.-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science. 

ANTHONY L. DELLANOCE-96 B Vienna Ave.. Egg Harbor. 
N.J.-B.A Political Science— Phi Sigma Epsilon 1— Political Sci- 
ence Assn. 

KENNETH S. DOMZALSKl-810 Edgewood Ave.. Riverside. 
N.J.-B.A. Political Science-St. Gabriel's Club 1-Phi Sigma Ep- 
silon 2. 3. 4. 

JAORSLAcceDORlJCZUK-4347 N 8th St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science, 

ROBERT S. FELLONEY-234 Kingston Ave. Barrington. 
N.J.-B.A. Political Science, 

FRANCIS M FLAIN-732 E. Centre St.. Mahonoy City. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science-Basketball Team 1. 

BRO THOMAS GERROW. FSC-915 Spring Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— B A. Political Science— Dish Crew 1. 2. 3. 4— Mario Andreti 
Fan Club 3— Society for the Preservation of Brake Linings (Presi- 
dent, Vice-President, Secretary, Sgt.-at-Arms) 1. 2. 3, 4. 
JOHN M GOODMAN-1530 Locust St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B A. 
Political Science-Howitzer 3. 4-Caisson Club 3. 4. 
DENNIS P GREEN-9801 Frankford Ave . Philadelphia, Pa,-B.A. 
Political Science-Political Science Assn. 1 . 2-LaSalle in Europe 
3-Ad Hoc Committee 2. 

BARBARA MARIE GROGAN-156 Elam St., New Britain, 
Conn —B.A. Political Science. 

TERRENCE GUMPPER-4918 Woodlawn Ave. Drexel Hill. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science— Political Science Assn.— Pi Sigma 

LENARD M HALEY-1 701 El Paso St.. Pittsburg. Pa.-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science— Phi Kappa Tau 3, 4. 

GREGORY HENN-43 Washington SL. Long Branch. N.J.-B.A. 
Political Science— Golf Team 2. 3. 4— Young Democrats. 


ROBERT W- HICKEY-8 Bramston Dr., Hampton, Va-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science— Phi Sigma Epsilon— Softball, Football. 
EDMUND M HILLIS-215 Barrett St.. Wilmington. Del.-B.A. Po- 
litical Science— Political Science Assn. 3. 

LEONARD HORVATH-36 Proctor Rd., Manchester, Conn.-B.A. 
Political Science— Varsity Golf 2. 3, (Captain) 4— St. Thomas 
More Soc. 

ROBERT J. HOUGH-109 Sylvan Ter., Glassboro, N.J.-B.A. Po- 
litical Science— Crew 1. 2— Assistant Residence Director, 
THOti/IAS J. INNES. 111-24 Falmouth Rd., Yardville. N.J.-B.A. Po- 
litical Science— Political Science Assn. -Italian Club. 
RICHARD M. IOVINE-133 E. Broad St.. Burlington, N.J.-B.A. 
Political Science— Presidents Guard 1, 2, 3— Recondos 3— Cais- 
son Club 3, 4. 

RICHARD KACZMARSKI-664 Somerville Dr., Pittsburg. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science-Phi Sigma Epsi- 
lon- Intramurals- Political Science Assn. 

ANDREW KOLLAR-37 S. 6th St., Emmaus. Pa.-B.A. Political 
Science— LaSalle in Europe 3— Intramural Softball and Basketball 
1— Varsity Golf Team 3 

EDWARD KRAUSE-5902 Osceola Rd.. Bethesda, Md.-B.A. Po- 
litical Science— Residence Council 1. 2— Basketball 1— Phi Kappa 
Theta-lnter-Fraternity Council (Treasurer). 
WALTER H LArulBIE. JR. -232 Dale Rd., Pasadena, Md.-B.A. 
Political Science— Mu Lambda Chi. 

JAMES JOSEPH LARKIN-241 Warrior Rd., Drexel Hill. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science— Caisson Club— Political Science Assn. 
LAWRENCE D. LEWIS-206 Pilgrim La., Drexel Hill, Pa.-B A. Po- 
litical Science. 

MARTIN G. MALLOY-225 Dudley Ave., Narberth, Pa.-B.A. Polit- 
ical Science— Political Science Assn. 

ANTON G. MARZANO-1809 Delancy PI.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science-Theta Kappa Epsilon (Vice-President) 4 
JAMES MAWHINNEY-132 Raymond St.. Hasbrook Heights, 
N.J.-B.A. Political Science-Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3. 4-Hole 
Club 1,2.3.4 

MICHAEL McADOO-1132 Mt. Airy Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science— Veteran's Club. 

JOSEPH JAMES McCALL-311 E. Mahonoy St.. Mahonoy City. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science-Political Science Assn. 
WILLIAM F tVIERZ-2093 Waller St. Huntingdon Valley. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science-Young Republicans 3. 4-Young 
Americans for Freedom 3. 4— Political Science Assn. 3. 4. 
JOSEPH PHILLIP MORAN-882 Wyoming Ave.. Mayvuood. 
N.J.-B.A. Political Science-Crew 1. 2. 3 

JOHN P. NOLAN-446 Pawnee St.. Bethlehem. Pa -B.A. Political 
Science— Phi Sigma Kappa (Secretary) 

MICHAEL O'CONNOR-475 Davisville Rd . Southampton. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science— LaSalle in Europe 3— Debating Club 
1— Historical Society 2— Howitzer 1— Political Science Assn. 1 
(Secretary) 2. 4. 

STEVEN A. OLDOERP-7218 Susquehanna St.. Pittsburg. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science-Liberal Club 1-ROTC 1. 2-Phi 
Sigma Epsilon 2. 3 (Secretary) 4-Political Science Assn. 1. 2 
(Treasurer) 3. 4. 

JAMES J. O'NEILL-2027 Hartel Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Po- 
litical Science-Education Society (President) 3. 4. 
ROBERT F- OPDYKE-Dale Ave.. Washington. N.J.-B.A. Politi- 
cal Science. 

WILLIAM PESESKY-1202 S. Main St.. Horseheads. NY. -B.A. 
Political Science— Newspaper 2, 3— Weekend Comm. 2. 3— Cross 
Country 1— Intramurals 1. 2. 

THOMAS H. SHAR-600 W. Lafayette Dr.. West Chester. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science-Phi Kappa Theta 2 (Secretary) 3. 
JOHN WILLIAM SHARKEY-3701 Calumet St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science. 

RICHARD SPENCE-1515 Highland Dr.. Silver Spring. Md.-B.A. 
Political Science— Rifle Team 1, 2. 3. 4— Caisson Club 3. 4. 
JAMES E. THOMPSON. JR. -5358 Jackson St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science— Education Society 3. 4— Political Sci- 
ence Assn. 3. 

GEORGE TOMEZSKO-903 Claire Ave.. Huntington Valley. 
Pa —B.A. Political Science. 

FRANK J VIOLA. JR. -943 Strahle St . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science. 

THOMAS WILLIAM WALPOLE-323 Lyster Rd.. Oreland. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science 

JOHN WILEY. JR. -216 Amboy Amboy Ave.. Metuchen. 
N.J.-B.A. Political Science-Political Science Assn. (Presi- 
dent)— Executive Board— Departmental Board— Student Organi- 
zation Commission— Student Academic Affairs Commission. 
ROBERT H. WILLIAMS-65 Lavender La . Levittown, Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science-Theta Kappa Epsilon 2. 3. 4— Newspaper 2. 3. 
4— Political Science Assn. 2. 3. 4— Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4— Advisory 
Board 1 . 

THOMAS JOHN WOLE-1514 S. Dover St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Political Science— Pi Sigma Epsilon 1. (Vice-President) 
2. 3— Political Science Assn. 

EDWARD S. WYRWAS-143 Green La . Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
Political Science. 

JOSEPH A YASAIAN-203 Purnell Ave.. Cinnaminson. N.J.-B.A. 
Political Science— College Union Committees 1. 2. 
DAVID W. YOUNG-314 N. 9th St., Lebanon. Pa.-B.A. Political 
Science— Political Science Assn.— St. Thomas More Society. 


PATRICK BRANIN-3722 Woodland Ave.. Drexel Hill. Pa.-B.A 
Pre-Law— Intramural Sports. 

JOHN J. BRENNAN. 111-81 Creslview Dr., Willingboro, N.J.-B.A. 
Pre-Law— Intramural Basketball. 

PHILIP ANDREW CANAL-325 Cedar Rd., Elkins Park, Pa.-B.A. 

STEPHEN JAMES COLLINELLI-Regency Apts. A-1. Cornwell 
Heights. Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law. 

JOHN J. DERHAM-6340 Sherwood Rd.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A, 

ANTHONY K. FARINA-555 Centre Ave.. Reading, Pa.-S.A. Pre- 
Law— Phi Sigma Epsilon 1 . 2. (Secretary 3. 4. 
KEVIN PATRICK FLYNN-6703 N. 4th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 

JOHN P GIBBONS-1325 Dyre St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. Pre- 
Law— Vice-President of Senior Class. 

ARNO GRUNDE-15060 Kelvin Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. Pre- 
Law— Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4— Advisory Board 1— Tau Kappa Epsi- 
lon 3. 

PAUL M. HERR-893 Princess Dr., Yardlev. Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law. 
RICHARD L. JONES-2745 Brendan Circle. Willow Grove, 
Pa.-B.A Pre-Law. 

JOHN C MAGUIRE-7911 Craig St.. Philadelphia, Pa.-B.A. Pre- 

ROBERT PAUL MALACHOWSKI-1524 Sycamore Ave.. Willow 
Grove. Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law— St. Thomas More Society (Treasurer) 

DOMINIC JOSEPH MANGINO-819 Moore St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law. 

JOSEPH W. MAST-37 Amapola La.. Kings Park. N.Y-B.A. Pre- 
Law— Phi Kappa Tau 2. 3. 4— President's Guard Drill Team 1. 2. 3. 
(Commander) 4-Caisson Club 3. (Treasurer) 4-ROTC. 
MICHAEL McDERMOTT-342 S. Highland Ave.. Pittsburg. 
Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law— Drama 2— Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4— Assistant 
Dormitory Director 3— Football Club 2. 

RICHARD DEAN MELINI-747 South Valley Ave.. Vineland. 
N.J.-B.A. Pre-Law— Student Court 1— St. Thomas More Society 
1 . 2— Student-Faculty Judiciary Committee 3. 
JOSEPH THOMAS MERCHANT-305 Columbia Place. Broomall. 
Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law. 

JOHN F. MONAGHAN-321 E. Mt. Airy Ave., Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. Pre-Law— Track 1. 2. 

THEODORE M PIETILA. JR. -506 Devon Rd . Havertown. 
Pa.-B.A Pre-Law-Veterans Club (Treasurer) 3. 4. 
WILLIAM H. ROGERS-111 Anchorage Dr.. Ocean City. 
N.J.-B.A. Pre-Law— St. Thomas More Society 3. 4— Tutorial Proj- 
ect 1. 3— Newspaper 1. 2. 3. 4— Orientation Program 4. 
DONALD J SHEILDS-B617 Mansfoeld Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. Pre-Law. 

THOMAS MICHAEL SMITH-2878 Walnut Hill Rd.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. Pre-Law 


DAVID L. ABRUZZI-34 S. 12th St.. Coplay. Pa.-B.A. in Liberal 
Arts-Italian Club. 

JAMES K. CANANAUGH. JR. -851 Turner Ave., Drexel Hill. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology— Treas. Class '71 —Freshman Orientation. 
JOSEPH ANTHONY DeRUGERIIS-1024 Mason Ave.. Drexel Hill. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology— Blue and Gold Ball Committee. 
JAMES A- DeSTEFANO-1819 Borbeck Ave.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology— Intramural Football 1— Collegian (Sports 
Editor)2. 3. 4-Baseball 1. 

ANTHONY G. DETZI-112 S. Broadway. Wind Gap. Pa.-B.A. in 
Sociology— Phi Sigma Epsilon 2. 3. 4. 

MICHAEL A DUNN-7238 Brous Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Sociology— Cross Country 1— Track 2— Stenton Tutoring 3. 4. 
• JOHN RICHARD FIRMAN-22 Matlack Lane, Villanova, Pa.-B.A. 
in Criminal Justice. 

JOHN J. FITZGIBBONS, JR.-796 Lorraine Dr.. Warrington. 
Pa —B.A. in Sociology— Sociology Dept. Board 3— Sociology 

DAVID MICHAEL FREY-120 Lee Circle, Bryn Mawr, Pa.-B.A. in 
Sociology Corrections— Phi Sigma Kappa (President) 3. 
FRANK J. GOLDCAMP-4770 Wallingford St.. Pittsburg. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology-Cross Country 1 . 2. 3. 4-Track 2. 3. 4. 
FRANK JOSEPH GOULD-439 Fairhill Dr.. Churchvllle. Pa.-B.A. 
in Sociology— Economics Club— Sociology Club— Student Mobili- 
zation Committee. 

JAMES GREENSHIELDS-716 Castlewood Rd.. Glenside. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology. 

ANTHONY RAYMOND GUARINO-2931 Berkley St.. Camden. 
N.J -B.A in Sociology-Italian Club 3. 4. 

JAMES CONRAD HOLZER-5 Leisure La.. Levittown. Pa -B.A. 
in Criminal Justice— Golf Team. 

DOMINIC ANTHONY JACQUINIO-7806 Beech La.. Philadelphia. 
Pa —B.A. in Sociology— Sociology Club 2. 3. 4. 
RICHARD J. KELLEY-133 E. Campwalk. Island Heights. 
N.J —B.A. in Sociology— Recondos 2. 3. 4— Howitzer 2. 3. 4— Rifle 
Team 2. 3. 4— Sociology Club (Secretary) 4. 

GEORGE E. KIENTZY. JR. -220 S. Lippincott Ave.. Maple Shade. 
N.J.-B.A. in Sociology— Veteran's Club. 

ALBERT A. LaMONACA. JR. -199 Powell La.. Upper Darby, 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology— ROTC— Caisson Club— Sociology Club. 
RICHARD A. McNALLY-4 Ranch Ave.. Easthampton. 
Mass.— B.A in Sociology— Sociology Club 3. 
JAMES PARADIS-31 Spiralwood La.. Willingboro, N.J.-B.A, In 
Social Work— Collegian Staff 2-College Union Committees 1. 2. 
(Assessment Treasurer) 3. (Board Chairman) 4. 
KEVIN P RODEL-21 1 3 Pinto Rd.. Warrington. Pa.-B.A. in Soci- 
ology—Sociology Club (President)— S.M.C. 

JOHN M. SCHALLER-5932 N. FiHh St., Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. 
in Liberal Arts. 

MAX SILBERMAN-1526 Srookhaven Rd.. Wynnewootf, 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology— Veteran's Club 1. 2. (Board ol Gover- 
nors) 3. 

JOHN A. STILSA-791 E. Madison St.. Philadelphia. Pa.-B.A. in 
Liberal Arts— Sociology Club (Secretary). 

KEVIN E, SYLVESTER-2820 Rubicam Ave.. Willow Grove. 
Pa.-B.A. in Sociology. 

PETER P. TOZER-542 Mohawk Ave.. Norwood, Pa.-B.A, in So- 
ciology-St Gabriel's Club 3-Football Club 2-Phi Kappa Theta. 
DOMINIC VENEZIALE-1931 Berkshire St.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.-B.A. in Liberal Arts-Italian Club 3. 4. 

THOMAS JOHN WARSH-92 MacArthur Ave., Garfield, 
N.J.-B.A. in Sociology-St Gabriel's Society 2-Phi Kappa 
Theta 2. 3— Track Team 2— Intramural Softball. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 


CARLBARISH. 7948 Thouron Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19150 

GEORGE BOROWIEC. 1415 E. Cheltenham Ave.. Philadelphia. 

Pa. 19124 

FREDERICK CARDINALI. 347 Elm Ave.. Glenside. Pa. 1 9038 

JOHN COPER. 739 Locust Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19144 


CHARLES CRUDELE. 1026 Mifflin St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19148 

RICHARD DAVIES. 1811 Patricia Ave.. Willow Grove. Pa. 1 9090 

JOSEPH DeMAYS. 4403 Bleigh Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa 19136 

WILLIAM DONAHUE. 3617 Gypsy Lane, Philadelphia. Pa. 19129 

FRANKLIN ESHELMAN. 102 Hillcrest Ave.. Strasburg. Pa. 17579 

PAUL FERENSAK. Duval Manor Apts. Apt. 818. Duval 8 Greene, 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

RICHARD FEULNER. 1121 Schwenkmill Rd.. Perkasie. Penna. 


ROBERT GALLAGHER. 2 E. Chestnut Hill Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 



WILLIAM GRAHAM. 306 Ruth Ave.. Maple Shade. N.J. 08052 


JOSEPH HOLLERAN. 470 Antenor Ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15210 

ROBERT HOUGHTON. 237 W. Calvert St., Philadelphia. Pa. 


GEORGE KLEMIC. 6344 Tulip St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19135 

PAUL KRUPER. 246 W Upsal St.. D 202. Philadelphia. Pa. 19119 

EDWARD LAWRENCE. 503 Oregon Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19148 

DOUGLAS LEIDY. 514 York Ave.. Lansdale. Pa. 19446 

CHARLES LEONE. 391 Harding Hwy.. Pennsgrove. N.J. 08069 

MARCLERNER. RD. =1. Honey Brook. Penna. 19344 

JOSEPH McCALL. 4325 Glendale St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 1 91 24 

EDMOND McFADDEN. 404 N. Lansdowne Ave.. Drexel Hill. Pa. 


CATHERINE McGIVERN, 13512 Bustleton. Apt. A. Philadelphia. 

Pa. 19116 

WILLIAM Mclaughlin. 102 Union Ave.. Bala Cynwyd. Pa. 


DOMINIC MOTTA. 1101 Anacostia Rd.. S.E.. Washington. D.C. 


JOHN RUPP. 1248 Mildred Ave.. Roslyn. Pa. 19001 

DENNIS RYAN. 722 Crescent Ave.. Glenside. Pa. 1 9038 

WILLIAM SAUTTER. 848 Glenn St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19115 

RICHARD B. SCALI. 3131 Woodland Rd.. Willow Grove. Pa. 


MICHAEL SCARPELLINO. 15 N. Hill Top Terrace. Red Bank. N.J. 


JOHN A. STIKA. 741 E. Madison St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 19134 

LEONARD W. STEVENS. 1217 Morton St.. Camden. N.J. 08104 

WAYNE LEROY SMITH. 1036 Carousel Dr., Warminster. Pa. 


ROBERT G. SNEATH. 231 Valley Rd.. Warminster. Pa. 18974 

JAMES J. VACCA. 5613 N. 11th St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19141 

DONALD E. ZIEMACKI. Manor Lane. Jamesport. N.Y. 11947