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Full text of "Extract from the minutes of the General Convention of the Independent Presbyterian Church: convened at Yorkville, S. C. , August 4th, 1847"

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AUGUST 4th, 1847. 









Yorkville Church, August 4th, 1847. 

The twenty-fourth session of the General Convention of the In- 
dependent Presbyterian Church, met at Yorkville Church, as above, 
according- to adjournment of previous session, and was opened by a 
sermon by Rev. R. Y. Russel, from Matthew 16: 18: "And I say 
also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build 
my church ; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." 

Mr. Alexander Wallace, in the Chair, the Convention was con- 
stituted by prayer, and the delegates being called upon, handed in 
their commissions, and took their seats. The churches were repre- 
sented as follows : 





Bullock's Creek 













Wm. Mitchell. 
S. Melton, 
T. H. Smith. 
A. S. Wallace, 
Dan'l. M'Elmoyle. 

D. D. M'Callum, 
W. J. Bo wen. 
Cornelius O'Daniel, 
A. B. Cox. 
M'Connel Curry. 
S. Alexander, 

Members Ex-Officio, 

Wm. Hager. 

Rev. R. Y. Russel, 

Joseph O'Daniel, 
W. W. Carothers. 



Convention then proceeded to the election of Moderator and 
Clerk. A. S. Wallace, was elected Moderator, and W. J. Bowen, 

The Minutes of the last Convention were then read, and handed 
over to the stated Clerk for record. On motion, Messrs. M'Callum, 
Cox, and Smith, were appointed to arrange the order of public wor- 
ship, and report to-morrow morning, at 8 o'clock. On motion, 
Messrs. M'Callum, C. O'Daniel, D. M'Elmoyle, and R. Y. Russel, 

were appointed a Committee of Overtures. Convention adjourned 
until to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock. Thursday morning, 9 o'clock, 
Convention met according to adjournment, and was constituted by- 
prayer ; — a quorum present, the Minutes of yesterday were read, and 
the house proceeded to business. The Committee to arrange the 
order of public worship, reported as follows : Rev. W. W. Caroth- 
ers, to preach on Thursday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ; Rev. J. O'Daniel, 
at 2 o'clock, P. M. Friday, Rev. W. W. Carothers, at 10 o'clock, 
A. M. ; Rev. R. Y. Russel, at 2 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday, Rev. 
J. O'Daniel, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ; R. Y. Russel, at 2 o'clock, P. 
M. ; and on Sabbath, Rev. J. O'Daniel, at 10 o'clock, A. M. 

A communication from the Rev. G. W. Davis, of Mississippi, 
was read, and ordered to be laid on the table, until to-morrow 
morning, 10 o'clock. The Librarian of the Clerical Library, 
was called upon to report, and reported as follows : " The whole 
number of volumes in the Library at the last General Convention, 
was ----------- 77 

Added by recent purchase, - - - 27 

Whole number of volumes now be- 
longing to to the Library, - - - 104 Of this number, there are 
now in the hands of Rev. G. W. 
Davis, 27 

In the hands of Rev. J. O'Daniel. - - 12 vols. 

" « Rev. W. W. Carothers, 3 

" " Mr. Wm. G. Leckey, 4 

" " Mr. A. B. Cox, - - 2— 22, which taken from the 
whole number, leaves 82 volumes, — all in good keeping, — S. Mel- 
ton, Librarian. The Librarian, in charge of unsold books of Disci- 
pline, was called upon, and reported that there have been no copies 
sold since last Convention, and that 145 copies are still on hand." 

Convention's Treasurer, reported that there are now in the Treas- 
ury $7 45^: and that there is a claim against Convention for 
publishing the Minutes of last Convention, yet unsettled. The 
Committee appointed to expend the money on hand in the purchase 
of books for the enlargement of the Clerical Library, reported that 
since the last session they have procured twenty-seven volumes of 
select works on theology, cost $30, leaving p balance of $22 un- 
expended ; the books have been placed in charge of the Librarian. 
Mr. John N. Whisenant, a delegate from Hopewell Church, ap- 
peared, handed up his commission, and took his seat. Also, Mr. A. 
F. Love, a delegate from Olivet Church, handed in his commission, 
and took his seat. 

The Committee on Funds for Education, were called on, and 
through their Treasurer, made the following report : 

" The Committee in charge of the funds raised for the assistance 

of pious young men, in their preparatory course for the Ministry, 
respectfully submit in report as follows: 

The funds entrusted to your Committee for the above purpose, 
amount to one hundred and forty-seven dollars and ten cents, and 
agreeable to order of Convention, stands on interest under sufficient 
securities. Your Committee further report, that since their disposal 
of the funds in the manner above, an application from a young 
man of respectable talents and undisputed piety, now prosecuting 
his collegiate course, has been made to them for aid, which, as the 
moneys are now employed, they were unable promptly to meet. 
Presuming, however, on the liberality of the Convention, they have 
given the applicant assurance, that the sum needed to enable him to 
graduate will be furnished, as his liabilities require — so that he 
need not pause in his progress from the lack of means, until he shall 
have completed his education ; which, unless providentially pre- 
vented, will be in about two years from this time. Your Committee 
further ask leave to submit the following, viz : Contemplating 
the state of our affairs, as a Christian people, we are led deeply to 
feel the destitute condition of our church, as regards an efficient 
Gospel Ministry; and resting on the Divine favor for success, we 
are prompted to make an effort to bring into the service of the 
church, such a number of well-qualified men, as will meet the wants 
of the denomination, and as in the hand of God, may contribute 
greatly to strengthen us as a people, and render us happily cooperative 
with the sister churches of the land, in promoting the cause of Di- 
vine truth and godliness in the world. Believing that the office of 
the Gospel ministry, more than any other in which human energies 
seek for employment, claims of those who would enter upon its 
duties, the best literary and scientific attainments ; and that without 
these, the ministry of any Christian church, however zealous, labo- 
rious, and pious, must of necessity, in the midst of the improve- 
ments of our age, fall reproachfully below that measure of holy 
honor and spiritual usefulness, which it was the design of the 
Great Head of the Church it should fill, and which it is the privi- 
lege of the church to enjoy. Therefore, 

Resolved, That this General Convention, actuated by these views 
and opinions, earnestly recommend to the several churches and 
congregations in our connexion, speedy and energetic action to re- 
lieve our denomination from a destitution in ministerial strength, 
which at this moment checks her progress, and embarrasses all her 
interests. And further 

Resolved, That to facilitate the accomplishment of the object in- 
tended, each church in our connexion is hereby requested to open a 
subscription as soon as practicable, for the purpose of procuring 
funds to aid poor young men, of known piety and talents, in acquir- 
ing an education preparatory to their entering into the Gospel Min- 

istry ; and that in the prosecution of this business, every church 
endeavor to obtain the services of one or more of its most energetic 
members, whose duty it shall be to procure subscriptions, to collect 
the moneys subscribed, and to forward the amount to the Treasurer 
of the Committee on Education, accompanied with his report to 
the next Convention, which collectors shall continue in office from 
year to year. And further 

Resolved, That every Minister of the Gospel among us, shall 
bring this matter before each congregation under his care, and ear- 
nestly endeavor to impress upon the people the utility and import- 
ance of the enterprise, thereby opening the way for the raising of 
subscriptions. And further 

Resolved, That as the people have a right to know how their do- 
nations are applied, the Standing Committee on Education, created 
some time ago by the General Convention, shall make an accurate 
report to the Convention annually, of the number of young men 
receiving aid from the funds of the church, whether as a donation 
or as a loan ; of the amount furnished each applicant, and of the 
amount in the Treasury, and how employed ; which report shall be 
published with the Minutes of Convention, for the satisfaction of all 
concerned. And lastly, 

Resolved, That the subscription to be presented to the churches, 
for the purposes above, shall be headed in the following form, viz : 
Aware of the importance of learning to the well-being of society at 
large, and to the maintenance of soundness and purity in the Chris- 
tian church in particular ; and glad of the opportunity to aid and 
encourage with our patronage, the noble purposes of the pious and 
talented youth, who dedicates himself to God and the church, as a 
probationer for the Gospel Ministry, We, whose names are sub- 
scribed, do therefore agree to pay to Mr. , Agent of the Gene- 
ral Convention in congregation, the sums annexed to our 

names, respectively, to assist in creating a fund for the education of 
poor and pious young men for the Ministry, of which our subscrip- 
tions are in evidence." 

The Report of the Committee was sustained, and the preamble 
and resolutions appended thereto, were unanimously adopted. 

The churches were then called upon to report their votes on the 
alteration of the Constitution, as proposed by the last Convention, 
viz : that the sixth section and 20th chapter of our Constitution, be 
altered to read as follows: " The General Convention shall meet 
annually on the first Thursday in August, at whatever place they 
may adjourn to from year to year." The alteration was unani- 
mously adopted by the churches. 

The general report of the several churches was called for, and 
made as follows : 

Salem Church, reported Rev. W. W. Carothers, Pastor: admis- 

i 9 

sion, none ; baptism, none ; excommunicated, none ; deaths, none ; 
church members, 30. 

Yorkville, reported Rev. R. Y. Russel, Pastor; admission, none; 
dismission, none; suspension, none; restoration, none; deaths, 
none ; adults baptized, none ; infants baptized, 5 ; church mem- 
bers, 85. 

Harmony Church, reported Rev. R. Y. Russell, Pastor ; admis- 
sions, 3 ; dismissions, none ; deaths, none ; suspensions, none ; adults 
baptized, 2 ; infants baptized, 8 ; removals, 8 ; church members, 82; 
Ruling Elders ordained, 2. 

Tabor Church, no report. 

Bethshiloh, reported R. Y. Russel, Pastor; admissions, none; 
dismissions, none ; suspensions, none ; adults baptized, none ; infants 
baptized, 11; church members, 121. Rev. G. W. Davies, their 
former pastor, emigrated to the West in October last. 

Bullock's Creek, no report. 

Olney, reported Rev, J. O'Daniel, Pastor ; admissions, 1 ; dismis- 
sions, 2 ; suspensions, none ; excommunications, none ; deaths, none ; 
adults baptized, 1 ; infants baptized, 4 ; church members, 90. 

Olivet, reported admissions, 4 ; dismissions, none ; adults baptized, 
2; infants baptized, 13 ; Elders ordained, 2 ; deaths, 2; suspensions, 
none ; restored, none ; excommunications, none ; church members, 

Bethany Church, reported R. Y. Russel, Pastor ; admissions, 3 ; 
adults baptized, 2; infants baptized, 3; suspensions, none; excom- 
munications, none : deaths, 1 ; dismissions, 3 ; church members, 65. 

Hopewell, reported Rev. W. VV. Carothers, Pastor ; admissions, 
2 ; dismissions, none ; adults baptized, 1 ; infants baptized, 4 ; deaths, 
none ; suspensions, none ; restorations, none ; excommunications, 
none, church members, 40. 

Hephzibah, reported Rev. J. O'Daniel, Pastor ; admissions, 1 ; 
dismissions, none ; excommunicated, none ; deaths, 1 ; adults bapti- 
zed, none ; infants baptized, 1 ; church members, 57. 

The reports of the ex-officio Members, relative to their labors in 
the churches, were then called for. and having been heard, the Con- 
vention appointed Rev. Messrs. O'Daniel and Carothers, to make a 
general report on the state of religion in the churches, at 3 o'clock, 
P. M., on to-morrow. 

Mr. A. F. Love, obtained leave of absence for the remainder of 
the session. 

A communication from the stated Clerk of the Presbytery of 
Chattahoochee, Georgia, addressed to the Moderator of Convention, 
was read, and on motion, handed to the Committee of Overtures, with 
instructions to report thereon to-morrow evening, at 3 o'clock. 

On motion, the House adjourned until to-morrrow morning, 8 


Friday Morning, 8 o'clock. 

Convention met according to adjournment, and was constituted 
by prayer. A quorum present, the Minutes of yesterday were read. 

The Treasurer of the Missionary Fund being called upon, re- 
ported that the amount remaining in the Treasury, is $18 69|. On 

Resolved, That the Missionary Fund remaining on hand, be paid 
over to the Treasurer of the Committee on Education. On motion, 

Resolved, That from two to three hundred copies of an Extract 
from the Minutes of the present Convention be published, and that 
the Moderator appoint a Committee to attend to that business. Rev. 
R. Y. Russel, and Messrs. D. M'Callum, W. J. Bowen, and Dan'l. 
M'Elmoyle, were appointed accordingly to extract and publish the 
Minutes. On motion. 

Resolved, That Rev. W. W. Carothers, preach the opening ser- 
mon at the next Convention. 

Rev. W. W. Carothers, obtained leave of absence for the remain- 
der of the session. 

At 3 o'clock, P. M., the Committee to make a general report on 
the state of Religion, were called on, and reported as follows, 
viz: "From the data furnished by the reports of the several 
churches and the ex-ofRcio members, it appears that although the 
Gospel is regularly preached and the ordinances administered in our 
churches ; and although we have cause of thankfulness that God 
has not left us without some token of his approbating presence, in 
comforting and building up his people in their most holy faith, and 
in some instances, in awakening amongst sinners an interested con- 
cern on the subject of religion, yet upon the whole, we have great 
reason to mourn on account of the sad declension of Zion, and to 
exclaim, ' Oh, that it were with us as in days past, when the can- 
dle of the Lord shone upon our heads.' Hence, we are most sol- 
emnly admonished from the sad state of coldness and apathy but 
too generally prevalent amongst us, to betake ourselves as a denomi- 
nation and as individual churches, to greater diligence and activity 
in the discharge of the duties of religion, and especially to give a 
prayerful attention to the use of all those means by which God is 
wont to bless his Zion, and to revive his work in the hearts of his 
servants. ' Why stand ye here all the day idle,' ought to be the 
warning voice heard and felt by every one of us in our daily re- 
flections and exercises of heart ; until by the blessing of God, we 
as a people are enabled to arise and go forth, active and efficient 
laborers in the vineyard of our Lord and Master." 

The report was approved. After a recess for sermon, Convention 
resumed business, and called on the Committee of Overtures, to re- 
port on the communication from Chattahoochee Presbytery, which 

they did as follow*, viz: •■ The Committee of Overtures, to whom 
the communication from Rev. Joseph M'Kee, appointed by the 
Chattahoochee Presbytery of Georgia, to correspond with the Gene- 
ral Convention, has been committed for consideration, suggest in 
report, that a Committee be appointed by Convention to reply in 
courteous and friendly terms to said communication, and in their 
correspondence with Mr. M'Kee, to inquire into the special object 
contemplated by his Presbytery, in delegating him to correspond 
with the Convention. Submitted in behalf of Committee by their 

The report was sustained, and a Committee appointed to corres- 
pond with Mr. M'Kee. On motion, 

Resolved, That Rev. J. O'Daniel reply to the communication of 
Rev. G. W. Davis, of Mississippi. 

On motion of Mr. D. M'Callum, the following resolution was 
read and unanimously adopted, viz: 

" Resolved, That any and every person drawing books from the 
Clerical Library, shall be required to return such book or books, as 
he may have drawn to the Librarian, before the annual meeting of 
each Convention, that the Librarian may be able to report accu- 
rately the condition of the books in his care ; and further 

Resolved, That the same book or books, shall not be drawn twice 
in succession by the same person, provided another individual wishes 
the use of such book or books at the time the application is made." 
On motion, Resolved, That the Clerical Librarian be, and is 
hereby instructed to furnish each individual, having any of the 
books of the Library in his possession, with a copy of the Extracts 
of the Minutes of this Convention. 

On motion, Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be ten- 
dered to the citizens of this village, for their kind and hospitable 
demeanor towards us during the sessions of Convention. 

On motion, Convention adjourned to meet at Olney Church, 
Gaston County, North Carolina, on the first Thursday in August, 
A. D. 1848. 

A. S. Wallace, Moderator, 
VV. J. Bowen, Clerk. 

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