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At a meeting of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, held in Boston on Thursday, October 13, 1898, 
Dr. Samuel A. Green communicated some extracts 
from the Rev. John Fiske's Note-book, and made the 
following remarks : — 

Some years ago I came into the possession of a Note-book 
kept by the Rev. John Fiske during his several pastorates at 
Salem, Wenham, and Chelmsford. From the time of his ar- 
rival here from England, in the year 1637, Mr. Fiske was living 
in Salem till about 1641, when he went to Wenham, and 
later became the first minister of the church gathered there 
on October 8, 1644. His third child, Moses (H. C. 1662), was 
horn at Wenham on April 12, 1642, and baptized at Salem in 
the following June. The record of this son's birth seems to 
show that the father was living at Wenham two or three years 
before his settlement in that town as the pastor. In 1655 Mr. 
Fiske removed to Chelmsford, where also he was the first min- 
ister, and remained there until the day of his death on January 
14, 1676-7. 

The entries in the book relate almost wholly to cases of 
church discipline within the membership, to church meetings 
where theological matters were brought up and discussed, and 
to ecclesiastical councils held in the neighborhood, together 
with a sprinkling of baptisms, and names of persons admitted 
to the Covenant. They cover a period of time extending 
from the year 1637 to July 25, 1675, eighteen months before 

his death. In regard to genealogical or historical facts, — and 
these are the items most wanted to-day, — the entries are sin- 
gularly meagre, and give us but little of either interest or 
value. The theology of those early times in New England 
may be as important now as then, but it is not so highly prized. 
The old manuscript, however, brings down to us the details of 
many matters of ecclesiastical polity which in their day were 
deemed vital by the founders of our Puritan Commonwealth. 

The pages of the book are about 5| inches by 7^ in dimen- 
sions, and they number 344 (or 172 leaves), of which 48 pages 
are blank, or nearly so. The book opens with the Covenant 
of the Church of Christ at Salem, which is followed by 178 
names, though not autograph signatures. Owing to a bad tear 
through three of the leaves, and the consequent loss of a part 
of the writing, a portion of the text and some of the names are 
gone. The first twenty-five pages have been printed in the 
" Historical Collections of the Essex Institute " (I. 37-44) for 
May, 1859 ; and the part there given is a fair sample of the 
rest. This printed copy also shows what portion of the text 
and how many names are missing in the original manuscript. 
Near the beginning of the book, immediately following the 
Salem records, sixteen leaves have been torn out, which 
presumably were blank, but the stubs still remain. 

The handwriting is very hard to read, and contains many 
abbreviations and nondescript characters which it is impos- 
sible to represent in type. At that period of time it was very 
common for ministers to have some knowledge of short-hand 
writing ; and in the Note-book certain words and syllables are 
indicated by arbitrary signs, the same as were used in stenog- 
raphy. In the copy here given of certain extracts, such abbre- 
viations and characters for the most part have been spelled 
out in full. When Mr. Fiske began his pastorate at Wenham, 
he turned the book over and made his entries at the other 
end of the volume, and thus continued them even during his 
settlement at Chelmsford. 

Mr. Fiske, while at Chelmsford, prepared a Catechism 
(Cambridge, 1657) for the use of children, wdiich was printed 
at the expense of the town. Copies of this little tract are now 
excessively rare, and probably not more than one or two re- 
main in existence. A good specimen is preserved in the Lenox 
Library, New York. For a bibliographical description of the 

pamphlet, see the Proceedings (second series, IX. 411, 412) of 
this Society for February, 1895. At that period there were, 
perhaps, a dozen or fifteen other places in New England which 
had published similar catechisms for the religious instruction 
of the young. In all towns it was the custom to assemble the 
children often, and, under the direction of the minister, to cate- 
chise them on matters connected with their spiritual welfare. 

The following extracts from the Note-book relate to this 
early custom as practised in Chelmsford, which was then a 
fair representative town of the times. These entries throw 
a good deal of side-light on the bringing up of youth in those 
da} r s, and they also allude incidentally to certain interesting 
facts connected with the publication of Mr. Fiske's Catechism. 
During that period, throughout New England, the education 
of the young in some respects may have been sombre, but it 
was sturdy and homespun in its fibre, and brought out the 
marks of manhood and womanhood. 

27 of 4 [1646] concluded in the Church that the 3d. d. of week at 
time the laws goe forth the childre to co forward to be catechized & to 
giue accont of what they learnd of the s r ni sab. before, to pasto r s house . . 

& togethr heerewithal in the 4 place of the refusall (as we vnder- 
stood). to disburse their nportion to the Catech. printing, wch the Ch: 
stands engaged to see satisfved. 1 . . . 

23 of 10 58 Voted by the Church that the 33 sl,s 9 d wch the Church 
stood engagd to see pd to Br. James Parker for the Catechises should 
be for p r snt lent to him out of the Church stock. & if light app hrafte to 
the Church where it lies behind, to be taken in to the deacos hand on the 
accont of the catechizes in lew of this loane if not light, then this pte of 
the Church stock to be here levyed in his hands as assignd to the dis- 
chrge of this debt of the Church. . . . 

6 of 12 64 A Church meeting Catechizing. Agreed by the Church. 
that the sa course of catechizg of all under 16. yeers old. be attended 
at the house of the pasto. viz. for mayds the day afte the Lecture. & for 
youths the 2d. day of the weeke following the lecture. 

It[em] That for all yong men aboue 16. yeers old, vnmarryd. 
That it be moved, who will voluntarily app to giue in their Names to 
Answr in publick. & for such as shall decline : if Children of the Church, 
that the Church shall see that they attend to be catechisd by the pasto, 

1 From a letter written by Mr. Fiske to Esdras Read, under date of January 
31, 1657-8, and copied into the Note-book. 


in his House upon the 2d. day of the week monthly afte the lecture at 
the usual time, of meeting (viz. aboute 3 of the clock in aftrnoone & if 
they shall negl. to come on one day, to bring as much the next time, as 
may pportion the Time. This votd. 

That we begin the worke in publ. about the begining of 2^ month 
The Catechases to be ctct out by Bro. Kemp at 6^ p peece. . . . 

30. of 4. 69 The Church mett . . . 

After this. It was pposed the way of Catechising fro house to house. 
& the yong or vnmarried psos to meet at so one house of 4 or 5. the 
maryed to be visitd in their owne houses 

In the Note-book Mr. Fiske gives many interesting facts 
connected with the removal of his church from Wenham to 
Chelmsford. In September, 1654, the proposal for the change 
came from certain brethren who spoke for the Chelmsford 
church. Various meetings were held by the Wenham church 
in order to consider the subject ; and after much deliberation 
the matter was referred to Governor Endicott and five other 
prominent men for their counsel. These persons favored the 
plan, and recommended the proposed removal, which was car- 
ried out during the autumn of 1655. In the early history of 
the Colony there were several other similar instances where 
churches migrated in a body. At this late day all the causes 
leading up to such changes are not clear, but it is probable 
that local dissensions were closely connected with them. 

I have copied the various entries in regard to births, bap- 
tisms, etc., which will be of service to genealogical students. 
I have also given the action taken by the Chelmsford church 
in regard to the removal of three families to the neighboring 
town of Groton in the year 1662, in order to show the great 
formality attending their separation from that body. No 
church had then been gathered at Groton, and perhaps the 
want of religious instruction there may explain the reluc- 
tance of the Chelmsford members to have their brethren re- 
move thither, and live so far away from the sanctuary of the 
Lord. I have also copied several other matters of interest, 
one of which is the expression of the church when Mr. Fiske's 
son, Moses, was about to leave home and go to college. Pre- 
vious to his departure for Cambridge, he appeared before the 
members and owned the Covenant, and made public vows 
that he would be true to the church. 

A few of the names found in these pages are not given by- 
Mr. Savage in his Genealogical Dictionary, but some of the 
facts herein mentioned are stated by him, — for instance, the 
date of the baptism of Mr. Fiske's son, Moses, and that of his 
second daughter, Anna, which must have come originally from 
this old manuscript. I am inclined to think that Mr. Savage 
never saw the Note-book, but probably Mr. Felt had used it, 
and may have furnished him with some of the facts therein 

The Children of John & Anna Fiske 

Salem m r Pet r s 

Born in N. E. 

1638 John, borne the 29 l . h of 6' 
bapt. the 2 d of 7. 
Escaped a g r te danger at wenha, in passing with the 
streame vnd r the mill wheele, when the mill was 
a goeing. An. 1647. 6' of 3 d at what time he recei d 
(as twere) a new life, not a bone broke &c. 
1640 Sarah, borne 24. of 5! ) «i 

bapt. 26* of 5. | Sal6m - m Pet 
1642. Moses, borne 12 of 2 d| at Wenha 

bapt. 0- of 4' at Salem * by m r Norice 

1644 Anna, borne 15* of 11* | 

1645 baptised 2. of I s .' (the l 8 .' child bapt. at f Wenham 

1646. Eli-ezer. borne 8* of 12* ) w . 

^ r i. , « r Wenham. 
bapt. 15. of 12. j 

he Deceased 16. of 10. 49.) 

1671. The sd. Anne Fiske wife to the sd. Jn'-' ffiske haueing liued 

with him about 37. yeers. deceased 14. of 12 th t mo - at Chelms- 

1672. Elizabeth Hinksma [widow of Edmund] marryed to the sd. Jn? 

ffiske 1. of 6. m " at Chelmsford. . . . 

2 d of Is* 45. 

This day, being Lords day, the Seale of Baptisme was Admin istred 
in this Church, the Is* time the Church had the seale Administd wch 
by reason of the season, 1 sab : before the Church being constrynd to 
meete in o r pastors house : & now a 2 d time, (w eh was continued the 
Church meeting there 2 or 3. Sab: after.) 

The Church memb Baptised, was Anna Fiske daughtr to John 
Fiske Pastor. . . . 

On one Lo : day in this interl. in the 4 ( . mo John Moulton Baptised. 

1 The date of this baptism is not clear. The record was made, probably, at a 
later time, and perhaps then Mr. Fiske had forgotten the exact date. 

Oil Lo : day. 6* m°. we had the seals of the Supp & also the seale ot 
Bapt. Samuel Fiske, & Sarah Geere Baptised. . . . 

Mary Herse baptisd. 3 d - mo. 46 . . . 

this d. being sab. Benjamin fairefeild the sone of g. fairefeild & his 
wife of Salem Baptised 27 of 4. . . . 

Br. Rich dodge of the Church of Salem had a child baptisd here . . . 

Baptised. Eliezer Fiske the son of John Fiske & Anna ") 
his wife C 15 of 12 46.. 

Baptised. Sarah Norton the daughter of Geo : Norton ) 

Ephraim Geere baptisd. 17 of 2 d [1647] . . . 

this day Elizabeth Moulton daughter of br. Ja. Moulto &c Baptised. 
9 of 5. 47 

this day Joseph Batcheler the son of Sister Batcheler (& bro. Joseph 
Batcher deceased in month I s . 1 ) baptised. 22. of 6. 47 . . . 

Joseph the son of W m Fisk & Bridget his wife Baptised. 21 of 
3 d [1648] . . . 

15. of 8 or thrabouts Mary the daughf of Rich. & Mary Goldsm. 

29. of 8 or thrabts. the wife of John Shiply Receivd into Cov?. hauing 
made hr relation & declared hrselfe as. the opinion of the wo : of Eli. 
honrd she had ben taken with them & the mattr in qu. before the 
Church being cleared. & laye Test, coming fr Sale" 1 divrs of the Church 
besids the Elds on hr behalfe. 

abt a 3 week after hr 3. children John. Nath. & Lidia Baptisd 

abt this Time Joseph the so of Rich Dodge & his wife baptisd . . . 

14 of 5 l 50. Sarah the daughter of Bro : Goldsm. & his wife baptisd. . . 

Vpon 4 of 7\ h 1654 was dated a L r vnder the hands of Rob' Fletcher, 
Tho : Adams, W™ Fletcher, W? Buttereck in the nil of the rest, en- 
gaged in the N. plantation at Chelmsford, whrin the pasto with the 
rest of this church at Wenham were Invited 

This L r being aftrwrds conveyed to vs by the hands of Isa : Lernet 
& Tho : Adams, was coicated to the church. & a Liberty by the Majo' 
pte graunted so far to attend the pvidence : as to pmit the pastor to Goe 
ouer & see the place 

accordingly a day was set of meeting at Chelmsford. & thrupo the 
messengers returned 

Vpon the sd. day set divrs of the Brethren accompanyed the pasto 
ouer vnto Chelms. where the comittee & divers others were p r snt a view 
was taken of the place. The Brethren p r sent satisfyecl themselves 
aboute there accommodations. & pposalls were then made to the pasto 
for his accommodation & yeerely mayntenance. as to be tendred vnto 


him by consent of the whole numb of Inhabitants & in their na by the 

These pposales were pmised, with their furthr request to be taken 
into consideratio, & in so short seaso after the Returne an Answer & 
resolution to be sent by Br. Spalding, as at his coming ouer. 

After this Returne of the pastor & Brethren upon the 10 th of 8 m0 54 
the resolution & engagm 1 of divrs of the Brethren was in the face of 
the whole church, at a Church meeting concluded upo whras 5. ab- 
solutely engaged. 2 conditionally & in word only, refusing at p r snt 
to subscribe their hands, yet after sent their Engagem ts psonally by 
Bro : Spalding, so as the greater number of the Church now stood en- 
gagd, in case the pasto r engaged also 

Vpon 6? of 9 n !° the pasto Sent his Engagm 4 . 8 by Bro : Spalding & his 
Resolutio, as Respecting the engag* of so many Brethren as s d . 

Thus the matter Lay dormant as twere all winter till the 1st m°. 55. 
at what time Bro: Read coming ouer enformed us in such wise here at 
Wenha, as thrvpo both the P. & the sd engaged Brethren demurred 
upo the pceedings & some th l had sold heere at Wenha, redeemed their 
accomodations agayne into their possession 

& a L r . was sutably sent by Br. Read to acquainte the Chelmesf. 
Comittee how things stood, & advisd to stead themselves elswhere. 

Betwene this time & the 6' of 4 l mo 55. things hung vncertayne & 
vncleered, notwithstanding some L rs . passed & some agitatio at Wenha 
betwene Isa: Lernet agent fr Chelmsfd & Wenha Brethren. But as 
upo 6* of 4 th aforesd was dated a L r . & sent by the hands of Isa: Lernet 
Sim : Thompso & Tho : Adams, with full powr to them to treate & 
finally to determine ths busines depending betwene both pties. 

Vpon there coming ouer to Wenham. The Matter was determined 
betwene them & the sd. pasto r touching the Building of the house 
Terms of Accommodation & of yeerly mayntenance., as under there 
hands affixed to the L rs was sent before dated in first month tenth day. 
likewise it was concluded betwene them & the Brethren at Wenham 
to refer the matter to Counsell ; & the pties agreed upon were. M r 
Endicot Govrno r M r Mather, M r Allen of Dedha. M r Cobbet. M r 
Sherma. Capt. Johnso. of Woobuerne who determined the case for 


This case thus determined : on either side p'pation was made for the 
Removal of the Church. 

Accordingly about the 13 th of 9 mo 55. there were met at Chelmsfd. 
the pasto with the engaged Brethren of Wenham church viz. Ezdras 
Read, Edw. Kemp. Austin Killam. Sa : Foster. Geo: Byam & Rich. 
Goldsmith, seauen in all To whom such of the Brethren of Wooburne 
& Concord ch : who had before ppounded themselues to joyne with the ch : 


late at Wenham, Now in Removeing to Chelmsford. & p r sented thern- 
selues. with there L r . s of Dismission : upon satisfaction & Testimony 
Giuen were by an vnanimous vote Received into fellowship They being 
the greater numb, in way of mutual complyance, a Relatio passd on 
either side, as each one voluntarily would : ^ . d 

Viz. Isaack Lernett (he dyed 8. of 10. 57. 1 

Simon Thompson (he dyed about 3 q rs of a y. 2 

after at Ooburne 

W? Vnderwood * 3 

Abram Parker. 4 

Benja: Butterfeild 5 

Tho : Chamberlin 6 
Next received 

Dan. Blogged who brought l rs of dismission from the 7 
Ch : at Cambridge 

So after this the seales of the supp administred & there were ad- 
mitted by vote these Members of other churches, to coion with us in 
these seales. 

M r Griffin 

W" fletcher & his wife 

Tho : Adams) & his wife 

Br. Vnd r woods wife 

(Edw. Spalding) 

Bro : Butterfeilds wife 

Bro : Chamberlins wife 

Edm : Chamberlins wife 

Abram Parkers wife 

Jos. Parkers wife 

Isa : Lernets wife 

Sim : Thompsons wife 

since Rec*J : into fellowship was Jacob Parker 8 

It[em]. Tho: Adams. & Edw. Spalding . on 27 of 2 d 56 10 

Children Baptised 

Isaack Lernets child viz. Isaack Lernett 

Abr. Parkers child, viz. Mary, Parker 

Jos. parkers wiues child, viz. Anna Parker 

Dan Bloggeds child viz. Anna Blogged 

Bro : Vnderwoods child viz. Samuel. Vnderwood 

Tho : Adams child viz. Edith Adams 

3 children of Jacob parkers viz. ]„ , ' 
on 19 of 2d. 56. 1 i^tas. 


Vpon 27 4 ! 1 of 2 d - Serj. Hildrick of the ch : of Cambr. received vnto the 
seale of the supp as a memo of the Church. 

It. ppounded to the Ch : this day. to consider about the choyse of 
some to the worke of the Deacon. 

Vpon 11. of 4. 56. a publick gnal fast 

In the close of the day was the Church Cov? renewed repeated & 
voted by the Brethren. 

It[em] there were received into o r cov 1 pfessing their willingness 
to owne that o r cov 1 . as had ben exp r ssed 
11 William Fletcher } dismissed 

1 Bro : Adams his wife V fro the Church Mary Adams. 

2 Bro. Vndrwoods wife ) of Concord Sara Vndrwood 

3 Anna Butterfeild the wife of Bro : Butterfeild 

4 Mary Chamberlin the wife of Bro : Tho : Chamblin 

5 Mary Lernett the wife of Bro : Isaack Lernet 

6 Mary Thompso the wife of Bro : Symo Thoson 

7 Rose parker the wife of Bro : Abra Parker 

8 Margaret Parker, the wife of Joseph parker 

9 Mary Chamberlin, the wife of Edmond chamblin 

dismissed to us fro the Church of Ooburne. 
Edmond Chamblin the so of the 1. sd. Mary Chamblin baptised 29 
of 4 56. This d. the Lo : supp & here coicatd with vs. Rob. Proctor 
of Concord 

Rafe Hill & his wife ) ., , 

„ „ , Y ox ooburne 

Creo : r arly ) 

W™ Baker of the Church of charlestowne 

This day agreed by the Church that the officer should repeate & 
declare the Relation of the wo : to the Church : 

Also. That when any such pso as haue ben yet no memb to any 
Church congregated orderly ppounds himself the sa be ppounded to 
the Church p r vately, Testimony concerning their life & convrsation 
be enq r ed into, sd psos be assigned to be joynd with the officer the day 
set & libty for any othr the brethren or sisters to be p r sent at the 
first Try all. 

6 of 5 56. Agreed that next Lo : day the Bre. should bring in ther 
votes by pap for the noiation of one Deaco he that had the greater 
numb of votes to haue the 1st place in noiatio & in case the Church 
agreed not aboute him, then in the 2? place, the 2 d next & so forth. 

& in case the ch. came to a joynt agreem 1 about one, then that one 
accepting of the call to haue the libty of noiating a 2d. 

It. Testim. this day was giuen touching Jo: Nutting & his wife 
who had propounded themselves to o r fellowship, viz. Isa : Lernet 
Sim. Thomson Abram Parker. 


13 of 5. 56. Isaack Lernet was chosen as afforesd to officiate the 
office of a Deaco by way of probation aduised to leaue the place of a 
serjant as too g r te a brden to retayne bth that & this too. & at the end 
of \ the yeere. he to be pposed to the Church for officer. 

After so Agitation, & modest refusal at 1st, he was psuaded to ac- 
cept of it, wch he doeing desired withall the prayers of the Church 

It was left with him at his libty to noiate a 2d to be joynd with him 
upon next Lo : day. wch if upo consideration here they should refuse, 
the Church then to be in a readines by pap vots as before to bring in 
for noiatio. & the pceeding aftrwd to be as before, In the absence of 
the pso noiated to discusse the matter, & in case of a closure, to pceed 

Before this choyse of Is : Larnet to a Decons place, (whose wrke was 
declared to lye in taking care & pviding by all due just & lawfull outward 
meanes the supporting & continuing of the Ordin : to the Church) 

There was Joyued to the Church 

Joh : Nutting after his Relation made 

assent manifested to the pfession & cov* of the Church 
It. Jo : Nuttings wife, hr relation being repeated by the 
officer of the Church. 

20 of 5. 56 The qu. being put upo what account the Church pceed 
to a new election, there being 2 brethren w c . h had officiatd by a call 
of the Church of wenha in that place p r sent, & not put out, by any 
cause alledged. 

Vpon this Bro : Lernet decline the call, as quering the openes of it 

1. It answrd that the Church pceeded to this way as resoluing it 
this day forthnight, that twas upo mutuel agremt betwene the Church 
& them the brethren frely laying downe 

& Bro : Read ag : this day exp r ssd himself both to lay downe & also 
to decline to accept of the call, if he shld be desired & called, fo so 
Reasons by him alledged. 

Bro : Kemp likewise lay downe & consnt to for sake of the p r mises 

It referrd to next Lo : day to agitate & ripen for a vote whithr Bro : 
Fletcher haueing o r vots of noiation or Bro?' Kemp, for 6 mo shall co 
unauisly to be pitcht upon 

This Lo : day Bro : Bloggeds wife ppounded to the Church 27 of 5. 

It Bro : W" fletcher chosen by gnal vote to occupy the place of a 
Deaco with Bro : Lernet. & accepted it 

Bro : Kemp also by silent consent, after so agitatio occasioned, by a 
p r tended case of conscience put by him how he could lay downe his 
place without so reflection upo his good Name, was pmitted by the 
Church to continue the place upo probation, [In margin] Deacons 
pbationary elected Isaack Lernet W™ Fletchr Edw. Kemp. 


it gaue occasion ot examining the principles we went upo vnto a 
new choyse. 

& found this as by the acknowll 4 of many Brethren. 

1 that the Church of weuha vpo the Remoue hither, not haueing 
any Deacons in office, did refer the matter to a n. choyse, so as the 
Brethr. of Chelm : being the grter numb might equally with them haue 
satisfaction thrin, as enjoying the libty with them, as was manifest at 
the coming up, upo the receiuing in the Chelmsf. Brethr. into the Cov 4 . 

& that by como consent Br : Kemp was to be continued until! the 
spring, when they together shld pceed to a new election & this by Br : 
Kemp consntd th r to. 

Also that this day 3 week Br. Read & Bro : Kemp both consnted to 
the Church 8 pceding in that way. 

likewise this day forthnight they acted with the Church in the choyse 
of Bro : Lernet. 

likewise this day seuenight they both ag. declared themselves to lay 
downe & to pceed with the Church 

this day also Bro: Read fvlly declared himself before the election 
pceeded. but Bro : Kemp seing wch way the election would worke ag 
declared himself as before, wch causd so pplexaty in o r pceedings 
more the vanity of experimting till what time twas concluded as sd. 

( John. 

Three of John Nuttings children Baptised < James. 3 of 6. 56 

( Mary. 

Test, ca in of the convrsation of Bro : Bloggeds wife, such as wch was 
satisffactory. & the 3" 1 day set for the Tryal & examination, this day 
the seales of the supp [In margin] 10. of 6. Br: Bloggeds wife 

The wife of Bro : Blogged admitted into the Church Cov 4 & fellow- 
ship. 17 of 6' 

The letts dimissory for James Parker fro the Church of ooburne were 
red & he making his Relation &c & Testifying his assent to o r Church 
pfessio was admitted into o r Covt. 24. of 6' 

24 of 9 th 56 Sister fletcher p r senting hr l rs of dismissio fro Concord 
Church was admitted to the Cov 4 . of this Church. 

Is 4 of 11 th 56 This day a Church meeting agreed upo Lo : day before, 
(whrin there being absent these Brethren viz. Adams Read Vnd r wood 
Blogged. Foster, he being detynd by illness 

24. of 11 the Church p r sent concluded of these following ppositions 
w ch had ben before for Aboute a qf of a yeere from time to time still in 

1 of 11. 56 & voted vnanimously the forme. In the forme as 


children of j We ft CO nceiue 

the Church. ' 

1. That all they that are in Ch : Gov' are ch : members. 

2 That Bapt. (being the initiation seale of the Cov*) 
belongs of right to all such. 

(These two were voted by the whole Church the Lords day 
seuennight before. 

1 of 11.56 

And this day the Church pceeded in the rest as folio wes 

3 That the Children of Church members, vnder the age of 
14 or 15. y. when there piits tooke the Cov' are included 
in there pnts Cov 4 . & to be reputed members, & conse- 
quently to be Baptised, not haueing ben before Baptised. 

4. That the Ch : is not bound to extend her inspection & 
care ou them : & as they grow to exceed the s* yeeres, 
to exercise ch : discipline towards them, in case of their 
being Scandalous. 

5 That the Church is likewise bound in pursuance of this 

her care ouer them, to stir them up to acquaint them- 
selues betimes with God & with his will, & accord- 
ingly to get the knowledge of the Principles of Religio 
& to avoyd scandall in there Liues 

6 That such of these as being vnder the Age of 14 or 15 
yeeres, shall behaue themselues Scandalously (as by 
Lying, filthy coication, or othrwise : shalbe responsible 
to the Ch : by there next pnts : as either there naal pnts, 
or such as be in there stead (if of the Church) 

7 That such of thes as haue attayned the knowl. & vnder- 
standing of the p r nciples of Religio, & are without just 
scandall are to be Encouraged to lay hold on & to owne 
there pnts Cov' psonally. 

8. That such of these yonger Ones as haue once thus 
psonally Engagd in Cov' may p r sent there Children to 
Baptisme, now in there right who are there next parents. 

9. That notwithstanding the sd. yonger psons, should be 
in psonall Cov 1 , & priviledged with the Baptisme of 
there children, as sd. yet as the case may require, The 
ch : may doe regularly to satisfy themselues touching 
there further fitnes ere they yeeld them the liberty, of 
ptakeing in the Lords Supp & of voteing in ch : affaires 

10. That in Order to the Ch? satisfaction this way, A Con- 
fession of the faith, & a Relation of the manner of 
Gods working with there soules, may be required ; euen 
of these. 


Heereof L r . 8 to the Ch. at Concord & ooburne were determined to 
be sent to acquaint them with this. 

Br. Adams made so proposalls (to be sent also) wch for (ad-penepr m ) 

1 of 12 56. Vpon this day the Brethren p r sented their Childr, names 
& Ages as follow 

Mary about 10 y. old 15 of 5. 56 
Anna 8. yeere old 11 of 6. 56 
William 6. y. old 1. day 8. 56 
Sarah 4. y. old 15. of. 9. 56 
Isaack 2 y. old. 1. of 8. in y. 57. 
Benoni bapt. 17. of 10. 57. • 

1 Bro. Lernet 

2 Br. W m Fletcher 
at this time 

2 Br. Th : Adams 

4 Br. James Parker 

5 Br Abrah. Parker 

Bro : Jacob Parker 

Br. Vnderwood 

John Bates aboute 15 y. old 
Josua Fletcher about 12 y. old 
Lidia. about 9 y. old 
Samuel about 4 y. old 
Paule aboute 2 y. old 







Elizabeth 12 y. old 4. of 1 st 57 
Anna 10. y. old & 14 dayes. 
John 8. y. old & 12. dayes. 
James 5. y old about 15 of 2'f 57. 
Josiah 4. y. old & 4 months 
Samuel 6. m. old. 

Anna 11. y. old in 8 mo: 56. 
John 9. y. old in 8 mo. 56 
Abraha 4. y. old in 6. mo. 56 
Mary 1. y. old in 9 m0 56. 

Jacob. 4. y. old in 3"!° 56 
Sarah 2. y. old in 2 d mo. 56 
Thomas 1. y. old in 1 st mo. 57. 

Remembrance about 15. y. old 
Sarah aboute 14. y. old 
Priscilla about 10 y. old 
Aquilla about 8. y. old. 
Deborah aboute 4 y. old. 
Samuel 1. y. old 1-"?° 57 

He on 17 of 5.57 
drowned. & on 
18. of 5. bury- 
ed. Onthegnal 
tryning day 
he dyed, being 
in washing. 


S[ister]. Vnderwoods son Tho : Pellet 22. y. old. 
f Anna about 20 y. old 

Bro. Tho Chamberlin. ^ 


The wife of Edmond 

Thomas, about 17. y. old 
Samuel Chablin aboute 10. y. old 
Mary, about 6. y. old 

Mary, about 8. y. old 

Sarah about 7. y. old 
j Elisabeth about 5. y. old. 
] John aboute 3. y. old 
m [ Edmond about h a y. old 

r Benjamin aboute 20. y. old 
Jonathan aboute 15. y. old 
Bro. Benj. Butterfeild j Nathaniel about 11^. 

Samuel about 8. y. old 
^ Joseph aboute 6. y. old. 

Bro. Blogged 

Bro. Read. 

Bro. Spalding 

Bro. Foster. 

S[ister]. Shipley 

who was admitted into 
Cov 1 with this Church at 
Wenha 15. of 8. 48 

Bro : Nutting 

Bro. Symo Thompso 

Thomas 2. y. old on 24 of 11. 56. 
Anna. 1. y. old on 2d of 9. 56. 
Daniel Borne 7 of 11. 56. 

( Bethiah aboute 19 y. old 
( Obadiah about 17. y. old 

John about. 23 y. old 
Edward aboute 21 y. old 
Benjamin 14. y. old on 4 of 2 d . 56. 
Joseph 10. y. old on 25 of 8. 56 
Dinah 7. y. old on 14 of 1. 56. 
Andrew 4 y. old on 19 of 9. 56 

Hannah about 7. y. old 
Samuel aboute 6. y. old 
Eli. aboute 3. y. old. 

John aboute 19. y. old 
Nathaniel aboute 17. y. old 
Lidia aboute 15. y. old 

John 5. y. old 25 of 6 mo 56 
James 3. y. old 30 of 4. 56. 
Mary 1. y. old 10 of 11. 56 

Sarah 10. y. old on 25 of 12 56 
James 7. y. old 15 of 1. 56 
Mary. 5. y. old 9 of 11. 56. 
Anna 1. y. old 30 of 5. 56. . . . 


William the Son of W m Fletcher Baptised 8. of 1. 57 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Rob. Procter baptised . . . 

3T 57. Edward Foster The son of Sam : Foster Baptised. 

[4th Mo.] In this month Edward Foster The so of Sam : Foster 
baptised . . . 

1. of 9 m .° 57 Mary Parker the daughter of sister pker wife of 
Joseph pker Baptised . . . 

Josiah Nutting This d. [date uncertain] Bro. Nuttings child baptised 

Joseph Hildrick Some few week befor Br. Hildrick child 

12 of 7 58. This day Moses Fiske, being suddenly to depte to the 
Colledge was called forth before the Church : & owned thr his followeth 
Cov' in the face of the Church, psonally in cov' engaging himself to the 
Church, & the Church to him, as in the forme as followes. [Here 
follows the covenant.] . . . 

[13 of 12, 59] Sarah Nutting the daughter of Br. & Sister 
Nutting Baptised Zechariah pker the so of Bro. Ja: pker Baptised . . 

21 of 7. 60 Isaack Parkr the so of Abra Parker Baptised . . . 

9 of 9 61 On this day. the 3 bre : Ja : parker, Ja: Fiske, Jo n Nutting 
ppounded to the Church. That they haueing some thoughts and in- 
clinations to a Remoue, desired to ppound it to the Church, that (as 
they may see God to make way for them) they may haue the Churches 
loueing leaue so to doe, & their prayers for them, for a blessing of God 
upo there vndertakeings. 

This being pposed by the pasto r , he added that himself declined to 
speake ought in the case, one way or othr: but desired that the brethren 
might manifest themselves. 

Br. Kemp. app r hending not any nty of the remoue, wishd they 
would attend Gods call here. 

Br. Ad : sd. twas a qu. whither the case wilbe resolued at p r sent. as 
in r of the desire. [In margin] These as a brothr he declared 

Twas replyed : that they being yet disingagd, had but the opor- 
tunity, as till the next 31 day of the weeke, to giue in their Auswr to 
Groton. & they desired an answr fro the Church by that time. 

Br. Ad. furthr sd. they saw a call of God leading them to this place 
& if they app r hended a call of God away, twas ney [necessary] they 
should giue an accont to the Church of their call hence. 

Br. Chabl. p r ssed also, that they render to the Church their grounds 

The pasto? answrd. that if any one or 2 more did speake to that pur- 
pose, he would put it to the vote, to see if it now the Churchs mind 
they should giue their grounds : & if it app to be the mind onely of 2 
or 3 brethr. He should heare them, to take p r vate satisfaction. 

Heereupo scarce a man in the Church, but p r sently sd. the grounds, 
the grounds. 


So the pasto desired the br : to approue their grounds 

Br. parkr stepping up to speak, the pasto asked him, (he speaking in 
the plural numb) whithr he spake the grounds of them all there or 
only his owne : Answrd. tho they had each of them so ptic. grounds of 
lessee conseq. yet in the mayne they now all agreed, or to that effect. 

& then sd. that he for his pte owned that God had a hand in bringing 
him hither : & he hoped he shold see the sa ouruling hand of his, in 
his Remoue. 

& as to their grounds, tis not their desire to exp r sse them in ptic, 
vnlese it shall be pticularly desired & urged Onely in ghal that it is 
bee. of sevral things p r ese upo their spits as in refference to Church 
Administration, & so uncomfortable differences, as they all know are 
wonted to arise abt the sa ; & added, y l if he could enjoy all ordin : 
or Administration, as according to Rule, as he app r hended, he for his 
pte would not remoue 

Br. Fiske jjfsed his assent. & added, y l as his ends of coming were 
not knowne to God, & in so measure to the Church, so it would be no 
smale thing that should moue him to a Remoue. 

Heervpo much was sd by one & othr 

& the pastor pceivd the matter to tend to much agitatio moued for a 
Church meeting the following day 

Br. Ad. (opposing the hearing of the grounds in ptic) haueing pposd, 
that it might be put to passe in the Church, whithr the deacos of the 
Church, remayn such in the Church of Chelmsford, as there is no 
cause for these Br. upo that account to remoue 

Br. par. Replyed. 

1 that the ppo for a voate seemed not according to a rule 

2. that if their grounds might not be hrd, he hoped they would 

not make the Church a p r fer. 

the pasto moved that the grounds might be considerd, considering 
it would also reflect vpo the Church, they were Bro : & eithr in an 
erro r and mistake and they need to be holpen : or not, & then the 
Church need to considr it. & so p r ssed for a meeting next day 

Bro. Ad. declined it & objecting ag it tooth & nayl, sd it tended to 
the breach of the Church : and we had no call of God to hear them. 

Twice it was voted. 1 for a meeting at 10 a clock. & then all 
voted exept himself & one more : then at the motio of br. Fletchr. at 
9. a clock, & then 3 or 4 only dissntd 

10 of 9 61. At this ch. meeting Br. Ad. Fl. & Chabl. absent rest 
p r sent. br. Chabl probably knew not of the meeting 

At wch meeting, they prfessed if the Church had ben all togethr, 
they would & had entended ingenuously to have agreed themselves. 
but seeing so principal bro : and one as seems to them, purposely ab- 
sent, they conceivd it their prudence rathr to decline the exprsing of 


the grounds, in ptic than to give occasio of any breach or divisio in the 

& as they remoue, for their owne peace sake, so they are unwilling 
to spring aught, (tho lying, as ned such greife upo their owne spits) 
as should tend to the breach of the place. It being pfessed by divers 
yesternight, that the Church is looked at to be in good state & union 
at p r sent neithr was it the meaning to speak so, if they had spoken as 
to accuse the Church, or any ptic. psos in the Church, but to haue 
seene what ease they could have obteynd to their owne spits. 

Br. Nutting pposed one ground further in r of his one ptic. viz. the 
inconveniences of his p r snt situation & that he could not help himself, 
for in remoueing to his remote accomodations, haueing sevral smale childr, 
he should much dep r ue himself or wife of the ordin : by that means. & 
sought rather the setling himself comfortably for the outward ma, nigh 
to the meeting house. 

After much Agitation in the p r sence and absence of the 3 brethren, 
they ca to this result for Answr. 

That the case of the br. Remoue was doubtful to vs at p r sent & we 
desird furthr consideration of it so as if puid : shall in meane time be- 
fore they can heare futhr fro us, setle them in their pposed way, we 
shall leaue the Matter to God : if othrwise, by their leafe or othr pvid : 
they shalbe delayed, we shall be willing they shall hr furthr fro us, so 
soone as we shall resolue o r selues. 

At this meeting also voted 

1 that we should call upo Tho : Barret to know his reasos why 
he psecuted not his motion of Joyning in o r cov 1 

2 that Jacob parker shld be joynd wth the pasto & deac 8 in p r vate 

3. that in case he attend with a desire to pceed, he shold be in- 
formd that tis the mind of the Church that he should w 1 ? satisfy 
the Church for his vnbrothrly & treachers appearing at Concord 
Church, ag : this Church in bro : procters case, & that afte him- 
self had declared himself satisfied with the Church, so (proh dolor) 
the case is left, so 
that in case these bre: they remoue. Suppose (as in charity to them) 
their plea Real A Bro : or Breth. haueing matter of Greife or offence 
vpo their C? respecting ecclesiastical Administration : neithr they may 
be admitted into a capacity of becoming better informed, in case erro- 
nious : nor the Church, nor any bro : in the Church, if under sin : of 
seeing their owne euil : & this sin shalbe smothered, & Conscience 
simply slighted ! 

23 of 10 61. A Church meeting appoytd upo occasio of giving in 
the deacons Accounts. &c &c. 


At wch meeting, it was agreed & votd that the Noion of so pso, to 
Olficiet by way of pbatio till Bro : parker remoues. 

At this meeting there were p r sent 13 of the Church. Br. Fletchr 
went away at the begining. And absent were Br. Adams Br. Blogged 
Br. Ja : ffiske Br. Vnderwood. 

& 1 it was argued whithr the Church might goe about so weighty a 
busines, without the rest of the Brethren, they not hauiug notice of the 

& Twas Resolvd. 1. that their absence ought to be no hindrance 
to the Churchs pceedings, seeing they ought to haue been there, it being 
publickly agreed of. 

2. that they absent could not be ignorant of Br. parkers Rernoue, 
& of the nty of the consideration of a seasonable supply in his rooine 

3. that there is no rule obvious, that ties eithr the officer to moation 
beforehand all the occasions of a Church meeting ; or for a Church, 
if occasion be offered of the consideratio of so new matter, & when 
they are together, to defer the determination throf at p'sent, bee. it was 
not eithr foreseene, or soe declared, as one reaso of the meeting 

4. that where a Church meeting is by ghal consnt appoytd, & 
publickly knowne : that they that doe meete haue the powr of trans- 
acting & defering matters, as a Church of Christ the grter numb at 
least wise being assembled. 

2. It was argued whither o r Br. Fletchr, stood not yet a pbationer? 

& Twas resolued that 16 of 9 60 it being votd that Bro. Fletchr 
should be continued still upo pbation to see if he can ca off to ye vote 
of the Church touching 2 d . Relations, or a Tryal of membs of othr 
Churches dismissd to vs, touching the worke of grace, before admissio 

Bro: Fletcher thrvpfi declined, as he openly had Testifyd both by word & 
action, as sevral did there hold forth, to continue in their imploye & thrvpo 
euen contrary to many entreaties & psuasions had forsaken the deacons 
seate. so as twas not the Church, but himself that had set himself by. 

Herevpo the Brethren pceeded to noiati by paps 

& whras it was objected as. Br. Ja : pker & Bro. Nuttings voteing, 
bee they now upo a Remoue. 

This case was also agitated & it resolued, that they being yet in full 
coion with us, had by rule a right of voteing & acting with us. & ought 
not to be denyed it so they two also votd 

& in the votes Bro : Hinksma had 7. Br. Farwel 5 & Jacob pker 
1. vote 

Heerevpo the 2 form Brethen being desird their absence awhile. 
The rest controvertd, argued & agitatd the matter : & in fine by an 
unanimous vote agreed that the sd 2 former brethren, should be taken 
in as pbationrs. & nothing apping to the contrary, that it was intended 
by the Church in seaso to peed with them both to ordination. 


So Br. Hinksma was to keep the box. booke, & acconts of consti- 
tute. Br. Kemp to pvide the bread & the wine. & Bro Farwl. to 
take the charge of the linen & pewter &c. 

this day Br. Abr. parkr was chosen in Br. Nuttings place, to take 
care of the clensing the meeting house that it be kept in a desent pos- 
ture & of the hower glasse, Cushion &c. For a yeere. 

[In margin] He refusing attend Br. Bia was chosen & acceptd 
Br. Thos Barrets case was considerd on. as standing off fro Joyning 
in with us in cov* be. of a difference (as he held forth) betweene Ja: 
Richardso & himself. So twas resolvd, that he should be at p r snt let 
alone & obserue to see his way, & what he would doe, seing that 
neither we had reaso to urge him, nor reaso to remitt his L IS of dismissio, 
such as wld passe current ad populfi 

The Accounts being giuen in by Br. Ja : Parker of the Churchs re- 
ceipts expenses &c for yeere past, so far as concerns the Lo : day ' con- 
tributio : whras there appd so that had not contribute! to the Church 
stock, or aboute what was belonging to the defraying the chrge of the 
elemts it being objected they shld be brought up to their duty 
Twas answd 1. the Church left them to their libty 

2 that they now exempted their hauing any hand (in 
the disposing of any pte of the Church stock), with the rest 
of the brethren. 
The accounts are to be M. in to the pasto & the othr deacons, to be 
Recorded by them. . . . 

28 of 3 65 Jos. pkers wife & hr children dismissed to the Church 

at Groton T 

as aboute aq'ofa yeere before : the wife of Jam : parker. ot Jam . 
Fiske. of Jo n Nutten likewise with their children dismissed, as before. . 

2d of 8 65 This day after the Afternoone exercise the Church met 
at my house . . • 

2 My son Moses was ppounded to the Church to joyne in full fel- 
lowship . . . 

5 of 9 65 Moses fiske, after a pfesio of his faith made in the publ. 
congregatio respecting both the doctrine of faith: & the worke of faith 
upo his owne soule : & the manifestation of his appbatio of & consent 
to the confessio of this Church : was receiued into the covf of this 
Church, & so into full coion. 

This day Moses fiske exercised in publ. on the afternoone. fro Feci. 
12. 1. 12 of 9. 65 . . . 

Bro: Jo" Wrights child baptized. Ebenezer Wright. 28 of 11. 

11 of 12 65 Elizabeth Steuens Baptised 

18 of 12 65. Lidiah Parker the daughter of Abra pker baptisd . . . 


Samuel ( ") 

Pelatiah -] Whitemore the sons of o r V- Baptised 8 of 5. 66 
Abraham ( sister Butterfeild in ther ) 
gg Children Baptised in Chelms. Church 

9 of 1 Rachel the daughter of Jac. & Sarah pker 
15. of 11. Josiah & Benj : the sons of John & Hannah Blan chard 
12 of 2. Mehitebel Baret the daughter of Tho : (& Francis) 
24 of. 4. Solomo Keyes the so of Solomo & Francis 
15. of. 7 Samuel procter the so of Rob. & (Sarah) 
11 of 9 Ebenezer Wright the son of John (& Abigaile) 
8 of 12 Eliz. Steuens the daughte of John (& Elisabeth) 
1. of 2? ^ Eliz. & Mary the daughters of James & Margaret 
Hildreth . . . 
On this day Bridget the wife of Ja : Ritchardso taken into full 
fellowship & her youngst child baptisd. [In margin] 16. of 7. 66 
Bridget Ritchardso receid Eliz. hr daughtr baptisd . . . 

the daughter of Sa : Fletchers Wife viz. Margeret fletcher [In 
margin] Hannah Fletcher Baptised 

Baptised Tho : & James the sons of sister Ritchardso the wife of Ja : 
Ritchardso. [In margin] 23 of 7. 66. Tho Ja : Ritchardso Bapt. . . . 
Josua fletcher Vpon a Report touching Jos. Fl. that he had ben 
at Road Island among the Quakers. & of his idle expensiue caroses 
at Groto Concord &c The Ch. was called to consider of the matter. 
Br. Adams confirmd the report, saying to this effect in the Church That 
he was in a way to mine himself, & to spoyle othrs, & he would be in 
danger to spoyle his children (for at that time one of his sons was with 
Jos. at Groton . gone thithr when he was fro home. & had ben thr 
sevral dayes, & had bought a horse thr (but his fa : made his bargayue 
voyd.) in the pcesse of the discourse. Br. Adams p r ssed the Church 
to brake into the ground work. viz. his fathrs family, & spake much 
that way, laying the cause & roote of all this, upo the phts & family, 
whrvpo the Church chose sevral to be joynd with the officer to search 
into the matter, & to driue it as far as they could & then to bring it 
unto the Church, the brethren chosen were. Br. Farwel Br. Spalding Br. 
Adams, who declined to act in the matter bee. of relatio to the Church 
chose Leift. Fostr in his roome. othrs p r sent at the p r vate agitation at 
my house were Br. Barge Br. Jac. pker Br. Kemp. Moses Fiske. 

y. 66. on 26 of. 10. we met, & Jos. Fl. attended. sev r al things were 
spoke to him. but he excused & evaded all. & in reference to his leaving 
his fa : family & so being out of Gods way, alledged his fathrs consent. 
& as to the cause there were so that would manage that besids for 
more p r vat examining of things betw his fa: & him. 



y. 66. upo 1. of 11. Jos. being sent to by Br. Farwel & br. Spald- 
ing to attend on this day after the Lecture, who also had pmisd them 
yet attended not the brethren, who wayted for his coming till nigh sun 
set. & after we had information that he wd by the house in the time 
whilst we were together, with Mary Martin behind him. 

Matters lay vpo furthr encfry & consideratio vntill 3'"° 67. & then 
vpo a Sab. day after the aftrnoone exercise he had notice by J°- n Burge 
& Jac. Parker to attend the Church but he attended not. 

About a 4 uight or 3. weeks after, he was called forth in the next 
congregation : & chrged with these 4 ptic. 

I s . 1 his non-attendance upo the Church when req r ed 

2? his non-attendance upo the officer & Br. when req r ed 

3. his non-attendance upo catechising neithr in publ. nor p r uate 

since his leaueing his fathers house. 

4. his non-attendance upo his fathrs counsel & govrn*. 

his Answr to the last was, that he could not justify, bt did 
condeme himself in pte. the other he somewhat shifted & 

But before his charges, he publickly ownd himself (being demandd) 
to be under the watch & govrn' of Christ in his Church.) 

After sevral agitations in sd p r vate Church meetings aboute the mat- 
ter twas voted : that he should be admonished the vote passed 23 of 
4. 67 

The admonitio was giuen 30 of 4. 67. The ground was. his haueing 
for so space of time acted the pte of a Child of Belial. 2 Cor. 6. 15. . . 

18. of 12. 67 A ch. meeting upo the Deacons Accounts . . . 

This day there passed these vots . . . 

3 That the Deacons lay out to the value of 20 s? for the use of S. 
Shiply this following yeere, to the procuring her so wine, sugar or such 
other Refreshings, as she may stand in need of : & to bring it in, in the 
accounts. . . . 

Hannah Balke receM into full coion this day seuennight she had this 
day 2 children viz Hannah & Sarah Baptisd [In margin] 23 of 3. 69 
Hannah Balke . . . 

This d. the scrt. (Tho. Ad. & his wife absent.) phebe Ritchardso the 
daughter of sister Ritchrdso & Ja: Ritch d . B Baptised 10 of 2. 70 . . . 

Mary Butterfeild Baptisd. the daughter of Mary Butterfeild 8 of 3. 70 
Nathaniel Blogged the so of dan Blogged baptised 15. of 3. 70 . . . 
1 of 6. 70. Bro. [Henry] Farewel dyed suddenly in the morn : & 
was buryed upo o r Lecture day. . . . 

1 of 10. 70. Bro : Butterfeilds Accounts . . . 

M to Sister Shiply 00-12-00 

" to Sister Shiply y. 70 00 - 10 - 00 . . . 


Mary Warren the Daughter of Rich. Hildr. p r sentd hrselfe to 
Tryal. 18 of 2. 72 ppounded to the Church, ppounded in the publ. 
congregatio 22 of 2 72 After owned hr sa: Cov'. & hr 2 childr bap- 
tised 28. of 2. 72 . . . 

30 of 1. 73 Josiah Ritchrdso in m? 2*? his Children Baptisd 

11 of 3. 73 Priscilla Spalding This day she haueing stood ppounded 
a forthnight, was Admitted (Her Relation being Red) vnto full coion. 
hr children Dorathy, & Deborah & Sarah. Baptised 

13 of 5. 73 Lidia perha This day hr relatio beiug Red, & othr 
things orderly attended. She was admitted to full coion Her Children : 
Mary, John, Joseph, Anna Baptisd 

10 of 6. 73 Hannah Spalding Received into full coion with the 
Church & hr 6. Children on 24 of 6 Baptised viz. John, Edward, Sam- 
uel, Vnice, Hannah. Deborah. 

24 of 6. 73 Mary Woodhead Recei? into full coion in this Church. 
& her 2 children that had ben before baptised in Concord. 

17 of 8. 73 Mary Waddle She haueing ben Admitted into full fel- 
lowsh with this Church : was herself & her 3 childr Mary. Rose. & 
Willis. Baptised, in p r snce of the Congregatio. 

9 of 9. 73 Hannah farwel, She Admittd to o r cov 1 & Aftr Hannah, 
Joseph, Elizabeth baptised 

14 of 10 73 Joseph Spalding the son of Jn° & Hannah Spalding 

1 1 of 1 1 73 Sam fletcher Sen hs Child baptised caled W™ fletcher 

18 of 11. 73 Rich Hildreth had his dismissio & of 3. of his Children, 
Joseph Percy & Isaack. gravnted him, to the Ch : at Cambridge : ac- 
cording to his desire, he declaring his purpose of setlem 4 there & of liue- 
ing & dying there. 

8 of 12 73 Jacob Warren Mary Warren These two admitted to 
full coion this day in o r church & they had 2 children Infants, wch they 
resigned to the watch of this church (Jacob. & Joseph. 

31 of 11 74 Heury farwel. the son of Hannah farewel baptised . . . 
Elizabeth woodhead, daughter of Sister Mary woodhead Baptised 

28 of 12 74 

Joseph barret (being taken into ful fellowship last Sabbat) was on 
this day baptised & his daughter Rebeca : 4 of 2. 75 . . . 

v "ZTW4- 





tffiftttf) an Introtntction