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Full text of "Extracts of marriages at the Cape of Good Hope, 1806-1821"

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3 1833 01191 9666 

Txtracts of iMarriages 


The Cape of Good Hope 


Compiled by 
C.G. Botha 

[Extracted from The Genealogist^ 

cVol.30, Supplement 11, ISI3-I63 


■Ehe Genealogist... 1877-date. (S upplement o esd^) 




:* E Adninist rat ions in the Prerogative co-art of 

57 Crir.ter'bi ir:', 1559-"^-^'^-' . Abstracted by P.. i:. Glen- 

I ,?31 'cjoGs. 1912- 

,| sv-ol,9 7i 

/^}^Z^ - Soi^9 notes on the fa-niliec of H'^ir^in^s of 

JB-'^ Line olnr,r. ire, London, emd Suffolk:. 3/ TT.T, 

B^rjpi, T-Ttracts of narrio^es at the Capo__of_Good 

11 /. HoDe.UolTlsai. c^y C.G.Botha^ C^^Mj 

^ f I V./^ ^-^^-^ ''"^^ ^'^ 


180G— 1821. 

The followinii extracts of marriafjes at the Cape of Good Hope will, 
I tliiuk, be of iiitorcst to tho British genealogist, as they comprise the 
marriages of those born in the British Isles. 

The comparatively small number (as far as I have been able to. 
authentically trace) denoted by an asterisk^ give those British 
families still represented in South Africa to-day. This shows that 
for some years after the taking of the Cape in 1806 there was no 
serious attempt to settle Britishers here. 

This list gives 216 extracts, of which number a little more than 58 
per cent, represents marriages of male Britishers to Colonials. Only 
one shows an alliautc of a Colonial to a Scotch lady (Cloete — Graham). 
During the last fifty years this has been more the rule than the exception, 
i.e.. Colonials intermarr}'ing with Britishers. 

These extracts have been made from two sources, each used simul- 
taneously : the ]\Iinute3 of the Proceedings of the Matrimonia-l Court 
(in Dutch), and the Cape Town Gazette. The ilatrimonial Court 
consisted of a body of Government ollicials, before ivhom ail persons 
desiring to enter into the bonds of matrimony h<id to appear. The 
parties had to satisfy the Coiu-t as to their full names, birthplace, 
age, religion, whether widow, widower, spinster, bachelor, or if there 
was any other engagement of marriage subsisting. 

Upon these points being satisfactorily answered, a certificate was 
granted them by the Court, stating that there was no objection to their 
banns being called. This they presented to the clergyman, who pub- 
lished the banns ou three consecutive Sundays. 

Should any objection have been raised, the matter was referred i*ack 
by the minister to the 3Iatrimonial Court, who decided on the point 
at issue. Persons who wished to marry without the publication of 
banns had to obtain a special licence from the Governor of the Colony. 

From the Minutes I have extracted the names of the parties, their 
age, birthplace, and calling ; the earlier ilinutes only give the names 
of the parties. 

From the Cape Town Gazette, which for some years was the only 
paper published here, I have taken, from the marriage advertisements, 
particulars of the date and place where the marriage took place. 

References : — 
J (a) Dutch Reformed Church. 

(6) English Church. 

* To my knowlcdL'O there are dosccndnnts of thcso families still in tho Union of 
South Africa to-day; maybe there arc di.-scoudaius of some of the other named. 



(c) Colonial Chaplain. 

(d) Special licence granted by the Governor. 

(e) Chaplain to Ilis Majesty's Forces. 
'(/) See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 
(g) See Burke's Family Records, 1897. 
(h) See Burke's Landed Gentry. 

Cape Town, South Africa. 

C. Graham Botha. 

*Abercrombie, James, of Edinburgh, 25 ; Magdalena Elizabeth Pallas, 

of the Cape, 18. (a), 2G-1M820. 
*Addey, John, of London, 28 ; Maria Anna Russouw, last married 

to Daniel iJarend Smith, of tlie Cape, 3i. {a), 5-8-1821. 
Aitchison, Alexander, of EdinburL'h, 40; Ann Hay, of Dublin, 17. 

(6), 21-8-1819. 
Alcock, Cornells Bolton, Lieut. GOth Rcgt., widower, 30 ; Frances 

Murphy, widow of Edward Size, Quartermaster 21st Light 

Dragoons, of Kilkenny, Ireland. 29. (c), 3-.5-1813. 
Allen, Charles, Secretary of Uitenliage District, Cape Colony, of London- 
derry, Ireland, 20 ; Maria Johanna Al<"'tz, of the Cape, 19. (a), 

Anderson, George, of Berwickshire, 4.5 ; Adriana Berrange, widow 

of Johan Carel Dieleman, of the Cape, 44. (c), 11-4-1813. 
Anderson, William, of London, Missionary ; Johanna Maria Schonken, 

of the Cape, (a), 17-8-1800. 
*Auderson, William, of Perthshire, 25 ; Lea Alaynard, of Huntingdon- 
shire, 17. {d, b), 7-7-1821. 
Apsey, William Wilkinson, of Wapping, 27 ; Marv Ann Sharkey, 

of London, 17. (rf, 6), 28-4-1821. 
Armstrong, John, Lieut. GOth Rogt., of Tortola Island, 'AVest Indies, 

21 ; Jane Alitchell, of Southampton, 22. (6), 7-7-1817. 
Ashton, Caesar Jones, Lieut. H.E.I.C.'s Artillery, of co. Leicester ; 

Catharina JIaria AUse (Afleck) Baumgardt, of the Cape, (e), 

Bailey, Samuel, M.D., of London, 32 ; Hester Aletta van Recnen, 

of the Cape, 32. (a), 11-7-1814. 
*Bain, Andrew Goddes, of Thurso, Scotland, 25 ; Maria Elizabeth 

van Backstrom, of the Cape, 20. (b), lG-1 1-1818. 
Banyard, William, of NorthumlH'rland, 23 ; Maria Ehzabeth de Kock, 

of the Cape, (e), 19-9-1814. 
Bascomb, James, of Dorchester, 28 ; Mary Baker, of Somersetshire, 

29. (6), 2-11-1818. 
*Baynes {g), Robert, Chaplain H.E.I.C. Establishment at Bombay ; 

Johanna Titia, daughter of Rev. Moent Borchcrds, of Stellenbosch. 

At Stellenbosch on 21-5-1810. (Descendants in female line.) 


*Bcll, Robert, of Edinburgh, 27 ; Sarah Williams, of Monmouthbhire, 

26. (6), 18-6-1821. 
Bcnnet, Georixe, of London. 27 ; Catherine Stretch, of Ireland, 21. 

Rev. R. Jones, 25-11-1810. 
Benson, William, of Christchurch, Hamp-'hire, 30 ; Johanna Elizabeth 

Swarts, of the Cape. 18. (c), 27-3-1817. 
Blake, John, of Somersetshire, Lieut. 21th Ke^rt., 26 ; Susanna Mar- 

garetha, daughter of Major Wilhelm Buissinne, of Cape Town, 

17. (e), 4-6-1810. 
*Blake, Matthew George, Capt. 93rd Regt., Acting D.A.A.G. of Jamaica, 

29 ; Maria Carolina A\unnik, of the Cape, 24. Rev. R. Jones, 

Blick, William Flamack, of Staffordshire, Surgeon 86th Regt. ; Mary 

Lester Parkinson, of Middlesex, (t), 29'"-l-1809. 
Bridges, Philip Honrv, Capt. H.M.S. " Trincomalee," of Kent, 33 ; 

Harriet Louisa Young, of Kent, 20. {d, b), 6-1-1819. 
Brown, John William, Asst. Surgeon 89th Regt., of Blairgowrie, Perth- 
shire, 26 ; Anna Susanna Fredrika Lehman, of the Cape, 21, 

(6), 30-12-1816. 
*Brunt, Abraham, Capt. 83rd Regt., of Island of Antigua, West Indies, 

28 ; Aletta Dorothea van Helsdingen, of the Cape, 22. Rev. R. 

•Jones, 5-5-1811. 
Buchanan, Jolm, Asst. Surgeon R.N., of Manaiih^n, 25 ; Elizabeth 

French Miller, of Plymouth, 18. [d, h), 5-2~'-1820. 
Burns, Patrick, of Longford, Ireland, 30 ; Mary Robinson, of Skib- 

bereen, Cork, 28. Roman Catholic Chapel, 22-10-1820. 
Burrows, Thomas Dennis, Lieut. 8th Regt. Light Dragoons, of Carlow ; 

Johanna Catharina Kirsten, of the Cape. At Wyuberg, Rev. John 

Kerr, of Madras, 5-6-1808. 
Cadogan, George, Registrar Vice-Admiralty Court at the Cape of Good 

Hope, of Co. Lincoln, 32 ; Aletta Martha Dirkina Horak, of the 

Cape, 17. (a), 1-1-1815. 
Cadogan, Thomas Charles, of Chelsea, London, British Resiflent } 

Sophia Wilhelmina Constantia Bergh, of the Cape, (a), 6-11-1808. 
Campbell, Danrnn, of Glenurchav, Arcvllshire, 38 ; Mary Anna Maria 

lacker, of Exmouth, 22. ((/, 6), i-5-1820. 
Campbell. Ronald, Major 72nd Reirt., of Argyllshire ; Charlotta Johanna 

Cloctc, of the Cape, (e), 14-3-1808. 
Cannon, John, of Kirkcudbricht, Scotland, 28 ; Sidney Catherine 

Barralet, of London, 25. \d, b), 1-4-1820. 
Carrigan, James, of Ireland, 27 ; Jane Watson, of Ireland, 16. (6), 

Chaplin, Thomas, Master Shipwright, of Portsmouth, widower ; 

Maria Johanna van Eyck, of the Cape, formerly wife of Edward 

Gerrard. (c), 4-12-1815. 
Cheesman, John, Clerk Ordnance Dept., of Co. Kent ; Henrietta 

Lavina Catharina A\artheze, of the Cape, {a), 25-6-1809. 
Chenoweth, Joim, Agent H.M. Naval Hospital, of Chatham, Kent, 

42 ; Elizabeth Aluddle, of GilUngham, Kent 26. (a, b), 3-i0-1818. 


Christian, Evan, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Westminster, 30 ; Aletta 

Johanna ilemlrina Schultze, of the Cape, 23. {b), 0-8-1818. 
Clark, Archibald, of Loudon, 32 ; Maria Christina Jacoba Schoonraad, 

of the Capo, 21. (a), 6-7-1818. 
*Cloete {h), liendrik, Secretary Court of Justice, Cape of Good Hope ; 

Christina Helen Graham, of Edinburgh (daughter, of Robert 

Graham, of Fintry). (6), 2-4-1816. 
Collier, James, Paymaster 21st Light Dragoons, of Worcester, widower, 

37 ; Sara (Sallie) Maria, daughter o! late Henry Rogers, of Dun- 
cannon, CO. Wexford, Ireland, 19. (c), 21-10-1811. 
Constable, John, Jun., of London ; Maria Johanna Carstens, widow 

of George Wells, of the Cape, (a), 22-1-1815. 
Corscllis, George, Resident of Surat, of England, widower ; Elizabeth 

Rogers, widow of Lieut. James Johnston, 21st Light Dragoons. 

(c), 18-1-1814. 
Cox, Charles, of Christchurch, Hants, Lieut. 87th Regt., 22 ; Helen 

Thomas, of Leighlin Bridge, co. Carlow, Ireland, 18. Rev. R. 

Jones, 6-7-1810. 
Crowcher, Henrv, of Surrey, 25 ; Maria Martha Magdalena Petrie, 

of the Capc^ 25. (a), 29-12-1816. 
*Crozier, Robert, Cashier Discount Bank, of Caledon, co. Tyrone, 

Ireland, 30; Johanna Magdalena van Ryiieveld, of the Cape, 19. 

(a), 13-3-1815. 
Cutting, William, of Beccles, Suffolk, 29 ; Sarah Cooper, of Dublin, 

Ireland, 19. {b), 20-1-1819. 
Daniell, Richard, Lieut. Roval Marines, of Sidbury, Devonshire, 30; 

Ann Handfield, of Ulcomb, Kent, 22. (d), 5-7-1820. 
Day, Joseph, of co. Essex, 23 ; Catharina Elizabeth Scholtz, of the 

Cape, 20. (e), 6-8-1811. 
Deane, Thomas Kift, H.M. Medical Staff, of Dublin, 24 ; Maria Josina 

Zastron, of the Cape, 18. {e), 3-11-1811. 
Dodd, Edward, of London, 32 ; Susanna Sinclair, of Brompton, Kent, 

23. (6), 26-5-1818. 
Dorant, Hugh, of Liverpool ; Geertruyda Coenradie, of the Cape. 

(a), 9-4-1809. "^ 

Doughty, Thomas Wright, of Whitby, Yorks, widower, 51 ; Johanna 

Elizabeth Sadie, of the Cape, 28. (6), 5-10-1818. 
Downing, Eugene, Lieut. 1st Batt. 60th Regt., of Ireland, 34 ; Mary 

Ann Wight, widow of Jacob CorneUus Verbruggc, Quartermaster 

60th Regt., of Isle of Wight, 23. {e), 22-11-1814. 
Drury, Thomas, H.M. Victualling Dept., of Elsmere, co. Salop, 29 ; 

Jacoba Catharina de Vos, of the Cape, 20. Simon's Town, by 

Rev. Geo. Hou^h, 28-2-1814. 
Dunbar (/), James, Lieut. 21st Regt. of Light Dragoons, of Liverpool, 

27 ; Anna Catharina, daughter of Baron van Reede van Oudt>hoorn, 

of Cape Town, 22. Rev. R. Jones, 7-4-1811. 
Duncan, Kenneth, of Edinburgh ; Anna Coer^radina Onkruydt, of the 

Cape, (a), 30-4-1809. 
*Ebden, John Bardwell, of Norfolk ; Antoinette Adriana Kirchmann 

[Kirkman i], of the Cape. Lutheran Church, (e), 9-10-1808. 


Edwards, Edward, of London, 27 ; Jane Field, of Sutton Coldfield, 

Warw-ickshire, 29. (6), 10-7-1820. 
Ellis, Henry, Asst. Colonial Secretary of the Cape, of Dublin, 30 ; 

Louisa 'Wilsoii, of Leominster, Hereford, 25. {d, b), 10-r.-1820. 
Evatt, Francid, Lieut. 21st Light Dra<:;oons, of Carlow, Ireland, 30; 

EUzabetli Fredi-ica Petronella Kirslen, of the Cape, 17. (e), 

Parrel, John, of Kilkenny, Ireland. 38 ; Sara Wilhelmina Craayenstein, 

of the Cape, 32. Roman Catholic Chapel, 28-1-1821. 
Fenwick, William, of Bombay, 25 ; M}Ta, daughter of John Forbes, 

of Stoke Xewington, Middlesex, and Watertoun, N.B., 23. {d, b), 

Ferris, Joseph, of Cornwall, Lieut. 24th Regt., 26 ; Charlotta Wilhel- 
mina, dauchter of Major Wilhelm Buissinne, of Cape Town, 15. 

(e), 4-6-1810. 
Ffecly, Richard Henrv, Asst. Surgeon Naval Hospital, of Droghcda, 

Ireland, 29 ; Eliza Patloun, of Tuam, in Ireland, 24. (6), 27-1-1817. 
Fliiin, Thomas, of Depiiord, co. Kent, \ndower, 44 ; Charlotte 

Chipperfield, of London, 22. (6), 26-4-1818. 
Gallagher, Wilham, of Ireland ; Johanna Elisabeth Lehman, of the 

Cape, {a), 22-6-1807. 
Gallev, Josepii, of Gateshead, Durham, 35 ; CaroUna Johanna Ronquest, 

of the Cape, 24. {b), 4-1-1818. 
George, Edward, of London, 32 ; Ann Jenkes, Andow of John Price, 

of South Wales, 28. (e), 26-8-1811. 
Gelding, John Chapman, of Essex, 25 ; Margaretha Howarth, of the 

Cape, 15. {b), 9-4-1821. 
*Graham (h), John (of Fintry), Scotland, Lieut. -Col. Cape Regt. 33 ; 

Johanna Catherina, second daughter of Roedolph Cloete, of the 

Cape, (c), 24-7-1812. (The senior member of this family to-day is 

Sir John James Graham, K.C.M.G., who resides near Cape Town.) 
Grant, Edward, of London, 22 ; Anna Ehza Disandt, of the Cape, 18. 

(6), 8-7-1816. 
Grayson. Benjamin, of the Artillery Dept., of W^oohnch ; Anna Miaria 

Wannenburg, of the Cape, (e), 4-4-1809. 
*Grcen, Edward Knolles. of Preston, Lancashire. 26 ; Antoinetta 

Magdalcna Bcrning, of the Cape, 23. Lutheran Church, 13-2-1815. 
Green, John, of Bradtield, Essex, 30 ; Ann Clark, Yorkshire, 18. 

(6), 14-5-1821. 
Green, WiUiam, of Old Brunsfield, Middlesex, widower, 35 ; Mary 

GiUinL'ham Smith, widow of John Newton, of Surrey, 23. (6), 

Gregan, Thomas, of Dublin, widower, 30 ; Gesie Johanna Cornelia 

van Balen, of the Cupe, 27. (e), 5-12-1814. 
Guest, William, Clerk in 3Iaiine Dept., of Berrv in Suffolk ; Antoinetta 

Dorothea Kocke, of the Cape, (a), 16-7-1809. 
Gunn, James, of Sutherland, 34 ; Ann Alardin, of London, 27. (6), 

Gunn, Robert, of Kildonnan, Sutherland, 34 ; Wilhelmina Francina 

Anhuyzer, of the Cape, 23. (a), 3-5-1818. 


Hake, "William, Lieut. 21st Light Dragoons, of Clapliam, Surrey, 28 ; 

Louisa Simons, of London, 24. (e), 20-G-1812. 
Hall, Joseph, of llampsliire ; Dorotiioa Brown, of Chelsea, {e), 

Ilardie, James, of Edinburgli, 27 ; Maria Clementina Hanssonius, 

of the Cape, 25. {a), 19-9-181'.). 
Hardman, Charles James, Capt. 83rd Regt., of Drogheda, Ireland, 32 ; 

Johanna Adriana Rabe, of the Cape, 17. (6), 17-2-1817. 
Hare, Joseph, Lieut. 21st Ligiit Dragoons, 't^f Hougliton Hall, Northamp- 

tonsliire, 35, widower ; Sallv, third daughter of W. Wilberforce 

Bird, 18. Rev. R. Jones, G-5-181I. 
♦Haylett, Christopher Smith, of Lynn, Norfolk, 48 ; Anna Bester, 

of the Cape, 38. (e), 20-2-181 G. 
*Havlctt, Thomas, of London, 34 ; Susannah Farnham, of Lynn, 

Norfolk, 24. (6), 23-3-1818. 
Hemming, Samuel, Lieut. H.C. Engineers ; Agnes Baird, sister of 

J. Baird, Deputy Landdiixst, and niece of Sir David Baird, late 

Governor of Cape Colony. At Stellenbosch, 29-9-1820. 
Henderson, Philip, of Cohnsburgh. Scotland ; Sarah Jane Campbell, 

of Liverpool, widow of John Campbell, (a), 2G-3-1809. 
Henderson, I'hilip, of Scotland, widower ; Corneha Johanna Alullcr, 

of the Cape, (a), 13-8-1815. 
Herbert, George, of Suffolk ; Cliristina Johanna Middlekoop, of the 

Cape, (e), 25-9-1815. 
Herbert, John, of Overberrv, Worcestershire, 27 ; Christina Johanna 

Sporkman, of the Cape, 20. {b), 3-1-1820. 
Hill, Joseph, of London, 39 ; Maria Johanna Slabber, widow of Casper 

Cliristoffer Visser, of the Cape, 46. (b), 19-10-1818. 
* Hodgson, Joseph, of Denton, Durham, 25 ; ilaria Johanna Ross, 

of the Cape, 18. {b), 15-1-1820. 
Hogg, Edward, of Countv Kent, 32 ; Johanna Catharina Zeitsman, 

of the Cape, {a), 25-3-1810. 
Holt, WiUiam, of Dublin, 3G ; :\Iaria Ilendrica Muller, of the Cape, 

18. Lutheran Church, 19-12-1813. 
*Hoplev, Jun., William Mustrrave, of Portsmouth, 23 ; Aletta Ahda 
• Hurling, of the Cape, 18. {<!), 28-5-1820. "^ 

Howell, James, Clerk ILM. Victualling Dept., of London; Maria 

Ma-dalena Eksteen, of the Cape, {e), 27-3-1808. 
Howell, Richard, of North Wales, widower, 37 ; Mary Bridget Hearn, 

of Great Marlow, Bucks, 25. {b), 29-3-1817. 
Hudd, George, of London, 32 ; Johanna Franslina Huysman, of the 

Cape, 19. (6), 5-3-1821. 
Hughes, Charles, H.M.'s Naval Establishment, of Oxfordshire ; Mary, 

daughter of R. Raynes, Paymaster GOth Regt. (e), 27-3-1808. 
Humpiirys, John, Lieut. 1st Batt. 80th Regt., of Inmskillen, Ireland, 

21 ; Elizabeth ilynderdina, dautrhter of Major Louis Michel 

Thibault, of the Cape, 20. At Simon's Town, by the Rev, Geo. 

Hough, 14-3-1814. 
^Hutchinson, Alexand'T, of Kirkmarely, Antrim, 41 ; Frances Elizabeth 

Fitzpatrick, of Dubhn, 22. {b), 10-7-1820. 


Hutchinson, John Ross, of Kincardine, 25 ; Carolina Jemima Caldwell, 

of the Cape, 15. {d, b), 25-3-1818. 
Hutton, James, of Glasgow, 21 ; Anna Maria Disandt, of the Cape, 16. 

(6), 8-9-1818. 
Jameson, Bruce Hunter, of Leitli, 39 ; Elizabotli Ashworlh, of Chelms- 
ford, Essex, 17. {b), 17-12-1820. 
Jones, Jenkin, of MontL^omcrvshire, Wales, 25 ; Cornelia Emclia 

Griffiths, of :\Iont,uomerysiiire, 26. (fc),- 21-G-1821. 
Jorden, Tiiomas. Lieut. R. Artillery, of Co. Stafford, 40, widower ; 

Mildred Pritchard, of Woolwich, 21. (c), 18-1-1813. 
Jorden, Thomas, Lieut. R. Artillery, of London, widower ; Jacomina 

Hendrina Laiibser, of the Cape, (e), 25-9-1815. 
Kekewich (/(), George, Judge and Commissioner-General of Vice- 
Admiralty Court at the Cape, of Islington, Middlesex, widower, 

33 ; Catharina Cornelia, fifth daughter of late Arend de Waal, 

of the Cape, (c), 19-1-1812. 
Kelly, Michael William, of Ireland, 20 ; Gecrtruyda Wilhelmina 

Hestrina Kilian, widow of Christian Fredrik Duncker, of the Cape 

26. {a), 20-5-1811. 
Kerr, William, of Avr, 25 ; Corneha Alostert, of the Cape, 23. (6), 

Kilpatrick, Alexander, of Edinburgh, 29 ; Elizabeth Hindlc, of County 

Norfolk, 20. {b), 27-11-1820. 
Kincaid, Charles, of Falkirk, Stirlincr, 27; Hill.^onda Sophia Row, 

of the Cape, 18. (6), 3-8-1818.^ 
Laing, Alexander Burnet, tailor, of Lindores, Fifeshire, 30 ; Susannah 

Bolton, of Birmingham, 22. (c), 14-3-1813. 
Langlcy, Benjamin, of London, 34 ; Anna Catharina Koster, widow 

of Joseph Ignatius Klein, of the Cape, 38. («), 20-4-1812. 
Laurence, John, of Co. Surrey, 30 ; Elconore Clements, of Buckiii'diam- 

shire, 32. (6), 1-7-1816. 
Leeson, Samuel M.D., of Grantham, Co. Lincoln ; Cornelia Kuys, 

of the Cape, (a), 10-9-1815. 
Lewis, John, of Exeter, Devonshire, 20 ; Marv Cousins, of Halifax, 

N.A., 24. (e), 20-5-1810. ' *^ 

Lindes, Nicolaas, of Lancashire, aged 34, widower ; .Maria Margarctha 

Anosius, of the Cape, 23. (a), 8-4-1810. 
*Logie, Alexander, Lieut. 72nd Regt., of AlK-rdecnshire ; Henrietta 

Elizabeth Susanna du Toit, of the Cape, (e), 1-8-1809. (Descen- 
dants in female line.) 
*Logie, Robert Clunic, of Banffshire, 25 ; Wilhelmina Margarctha 

Stadler, of the Cape, 23. Lutheran Church, 29-7-1821. 
Luson, Joseph, AL'ent H.E.I.C.S., i)f Middlesex, 34 ; Catharina Maria 

Cloete, of the Cape, 18. (c). 24-3-1817. 
McDonald, Alexander, merchant, of Sutherlaiidshire, 40 ; Jane, eldest 

daughter of M. W. Watt, of Mile End, London, 24. (c). 24-2-1812. 
McDonald, James, of Parish Lairg. Sutherlandshire, N.B., 31 ; Anna 

Maria Schoonhuvzen, of the Capo, 20. (c), 10-10-1814. 
McKenzie, Joseph, of London, widower. 45 ; Mary Alandcrson, widow 

of Dennis Courlnay, of Dublin, 41. (c), 24-7-1820. 


Mackie, John, of Iluntlev, Aberdeen, widower, 3G ; Anna Petronolla 

Steyn, of Stdlenbosch district, 21. (a), 17-5-1819. 
McLachlan, John, of Perth, 25 ; ijarbara Cornelia Poolman, of the 

Cape, 18. .(a), 21-2-1820. 
A\arlinson, John, of Kinuston on Hull, widower, 30 ; Elizabeth 

Catharina Smit, of the Cape, 25. (e). 27-12-1811. 
Martin, John, of Down. Irehind. .30 ; Miiry A\cDurmoth [.McDcrmott ?], 

widow of Francis Dillon, of Calcutta,".25. {b), i.i-7-1821. 
Martin, Thomas, of London, 22 ; Anne Smith, widow of Somcrville 

Astick, of Yarmouth, 32. (b), 1-11-1819. 
*Maske\v, William, of Kendal, Westmoreland, 3i ; Josina Maria 
■ Berning, widow of Johan Willem Stcvtier, of the Cape, 35. (a), 

A\aude, Edwin, Chief Senrchcr H.M. Customs, of Kendal, "Westmoreland, 

37 ; Fanny Anne Wiggins, of Port Antonio, Jamaica, 25. (6), 

Maunsell, Geor^^e, Surgeon 87th Regt. ; Dedcrica Maria Wilhelmina 

van Hardenberg, of the Cape. (<-;), 7-2-1808. 
Mehary, Thomas James, of Belfast, 2G ; Jacomina Rens, of the Cape, 

20. {a), 15-G-1817. 
*McIvili, John, of London, land surveyor, 25 : Anna Fredrica Stadler, 

of the Cape, 17. Lutheran Church. 21-G-1812. 
A\en2ies, Alexander, Surtzeon 21st Licjht Drapoons, of Edinburgh, 27 ; 

Cliri§tina Johanna Zicrvogcl, of the Cape, 19. Special permission 

of H.E. the Governor. (6), U-7-1817. 
Milbank, John, of Essex, widower, 33 ; Sarah Eliza Read, of Cornhill, 

London, 20. {d, b), 22-3-1820. 
Millar, Andrew, Aijent of the ]\Iarine Hospital, of Montrose ; Anne 

Jurd, of Hamp.-hire. (e), 17-9-1809. 
Mitchell, David, of Scotland, 2G ; Xellv Thomson, widow of Thomas 

Coll, of Dalton, 31. (6), 23-12-181G. 
Mitchell, Samuel, Capt. 93rd 'Rent., of Campbelltown, Argyllshire ; 

Sarah Penman, of London. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 27 Dec., 1807. 
*Moffat, Robert, of Ormiston, HaddiuL'ton, 24 ; Mary Smith, of 

Manchester, 24. (b), 27-12-1819. (This is the great South African 

Montgomery, Edward, of Greenock, 2G ; Catharina Magdalcna Staak, 

of the Cape, 18. (6), 27-12-1819. 
Morgan, Charles, of Portsmouth, 30 ; Anna A\ead, of Dunstable, 25. 

(d, b), 15-9-1818. 
Morris, Matthew, of ^lanchester, Lancashire, 29 ; Hanna Margaret 

Smith, of Weymouth, Dorset, 18. (6), 24-11-1817. 
Morrison, Murdoch, of Scotland, widower; Johanna Dorothea Ziedel, 

of the Cape, (a), 17-10-1808. 
Mudge, John, Lieut. Ivoyal Engineers, of Kent, 2G ; Johanna Magdalena 

Rousseau, widow of Lieut. William Macartliv Cox, of the Cape, 

25. {d, b), 5-2-1821. 
Muggridge, llarrv, of Sussex, widower, 30 ; Helena Jolianna Sporkman, 

of the CapJ, 20. (b), 13-11-1820. 


Murray, John, of EJinburuh, 31 ; M;irtlui Gvsbirta Alclander, of the 

Cape, 21. ((>), 20-2-1816. 
Napier, Chark>s, Lieut. Royal Artillery, aide-de-camp to H.E. the 

Governor (Earl of Caledoii), of TiiitenhuU, Soiner.sct ; Maria, 

daughter of Willciu Stephanus van Ryncveld, President of the 

Court of Justice at the Cape, (e), 31-7- 18U9. 
Napper, George, Surgeon Royal Artillery, of Somerset.shire, 3.") ; 

Anna Maria, daughter of the late AVilleni'Stcphanu.s van Rynevcid, 

President of the Court of Justice at the Cape, 2G. (</, c), 

Nash, Joseph, Lieut. H.E.LC.S., of Lancashire, 25 ; Diana Margaretha 

Leibbrandt, of tiie Cape, 17. {(/), Lutheran Church, 5-5-1820. 
Newton, Philip Louis, of London ; Johanna Ilendrica (Fredrica) 

Stigling, of the Cape, (a), 14-3-1808. 
Nisbet, James, of Scotland, 34 ; Elizabetli Harriott Home, of Madeira, 

18. {d, b), 30-10-1821. 
Oddy, David, of Baslo\v, Co. Derby, 29 ; Elizabeth Alcats, widow of John 

Sykes, of Nottingham, 31. {d, b), 17-(3-1820. 
Ord, John Windsor, Master of ship " Castle Forbes," of Newcastle 

on Tyne, 24 ; Margaret Paton, of Caithness, 25. {d, b), 22-12-1821. 
Ord, Thomas, of York, widower ; Ilesje Margaretha Vos, of the Cape. 

(a), 13-11-1815. 
Pace, Robert, of London ; Femma Maria de Vos, of the Cape. Lutheran 

Church, 19-2-1809. 
Pallister, Henry, H.M. Agent Victualler, of St. George, Bloomsbury, 

London ; Margaret, eldest daughter of John EIniore, of County 

Cork, (a), 30-5-1807. 
Palon, George. Lieut. H.M. Service, of Banff, 32 ; Magdalena Johanna 

Corneha Prys, of the Cape, 25. {d, a), 27-11-1819. 
Patterson, Jolm Floyd, Capt. 22nd Light Dragoons, of Madras, 32 ; 

Anna Prudoutia Black, of Buxar in Bengal, 22. (d, b), 10-4-1818. 
Patterson, William, of Plymouth, 40 ; Ann Johnson, widow of Joseph 

Smith, of Buckingham, 37. At Simon's Town (c), (i-8-1821. 
Phaup, Andrew, Lieut. 93rd Rcgt., of Scotland, 25 ; Louisa Schocstcr, 

of the Cape, 20. Rev. R. Jones, 17-12-1810. ^ 

Pheasant, William, of Clapham. Northamptunshire, 29 ; Marie Ann 

Dupont, of Mauritius, 23. \b), 24-12-1818. 
Pleckctt, William, of Nottimiham, 28 ; Susanna Johanna Knous, 

of the Cape, 18. (a), 17-8-1817. 
Potts, Charles iliiziimore, Lieut. 51th Regt., of Carlisle, Cumberland ; 

Hester Anna Locdolff. of the Capo, 22. {d, b), 3-8-1821. 
*Proctor, William, Lieut. 21-t Light Dragoons, Co. Kellv, Ireland, 29 ; 

Ehzabeth Rachel Vos, of the Cape, 19. (c), 21-9-1812. 
Reed, Thomas, of Cork, Ireland, 33 ; Maria Alaver, of the Cape, 23. 

Roman Catholic Chapel, 12-11-1820. 
*Rivers, Harry, of London, 33 ; Ciiarlotta Johanna Cloete, of the Cape. 

35, widow of late Lieut. -Col. Ronald Campbell, (d, c), 27-7-18IH. 
Roberts, Edward, M.R.C.S. Lond., of Yoiks. 28 ; Louisa Biddulph, 

of Shropshire, 28. (6), 22-8-1820. 


Robinson, James, Ensitrn 83rd Rogt. ; Maria Heudrina Victor, of the 

Cape, (a), 10-5-1807. 
Robinson, William, Capt. iltth Regt.,, Quartermaster-General; 

Magdaleua Cornelia de Neys, of the Cape. Rev. R. Jones, 

13-1-1807 ; a second time (a), 19-1-1807. 
Rogers, Samuel, of XottiuL^ham, 27 ; Juditli Sprulcs, of Surrey, 29. 

(6), 24-10-1821. 
Rosa, Pierre Louis, of Cremone, Italv, 35 ; Lucretia Mary Humphreys, 

of Marylebone, London, 17. {d, b), 23-12-1820. 
Ross, James, of Scotland ; Isabella Lanionl, of Glasgow. Rev. R. 

Jones, 12-5-1811. 
Rowles, Thomas, Secretary Court of Appeal at the Cape, of West- 
minster, 33 ; Elizabeth Christina, vouuGfest daughter of late Arend 

de Waal, of the Cape. 17. (c), 29-12-1811. 
Ryan, Richard, Capt. 93rd Regt., of Tipperary, Ireland, 34 ; Maria 

Theresia Halloran, of C\»unty Meath, Ireland, 24. Rev. R. Jones, 

Sherman, James, of Wandsworth, Surrev, 31 ; Amelia lilaria A\arshall, 

of Lounds, Suffolk, 25. (b), 5-2-1818. 
Shortt, Francis, of Anuon, co. Dumfri>'S, 38 ; Sara Johanna Rosina 

Hugo, of the Cape, 24. (6), 3-8-1817. 
Simpson, George, Capt. ILE.I.C. ship " J-ady Castlereagh," of Scotland ; 

Augusta Eliza Gohaj^en, of Madras, (c), 10-1-1813. 
Simpson, George William, of Carlisle, Cumberland, 27 ; Catharina 

Morison, of the Cape, 16. {b), 19-8-181G. 
Sinclair, Alexander, of Greenock ; Anna Heugh, of the Cape, (e), 

Sleigh, Francis, of Middlesex ; Maria Laubscher, of the Cape, (a), 

Smart, Henry, Capt. Royal Enuineers, of Gibraltar, 25 ; Maria Jacoba 

A\uller, of the Cape' 25. (e), 21-5-1810. 
Steele, William, Lieut. 72nd Regt., of Edinburgh ; Genevieve, daughter 

of Pierre Bertheiot. {e), 1-7-1815. 
Stewart, Alexander, Capt. 16th Madras Infantry, of Dublin, 31 ; 

. Johanna Ann Ekstcen, of the Capo, 15. (d), 17-4-1819. 
Suter, Thomas, of London, widower, 33 ; Anna Margaretha Werner, 

of the Cape, {h), 18-3-1810. 
Syms, William, of London, 25 ; Johanna Carolina Rol, of the Cape, 

20. {a), 21-10-1821. 
Talt, Alexander, of Edinburgh, 26 ; ^largarct Buchanan, of Clonmel, 

_ Tipperary, 18. (6), 26-12-1820. 
Tait, George, of Edinburiih ; Mary Morrison, of the Cape, (e), 9-5-1814. 
Talbot, Lynch, Lieut. Rov;d Artillerv, of Greenwich, Co. Kent, 24; 

Helena Josma .^leyer "Cockburn, of tlie Cape, 17. {b), 18-2-1817. 
Taylor, Jamos, Lieut. 20th ]{. .;t. Miidras Native Infantrv, of Jamaica, 

29; Sarah George, of London, 17. (6), 8-4-1816." 
*Thom, George, ^Minist.T Dutch Reformed Church, of Aberdeen, 26; 

Christina Louisa A\eyer, of the Cape, 26. (^0, 31-10-1814. 
*Thom, George, ilinistcr Dutch Rfformcd Church, of Aberdeen, 

widower, 28 ; Nceltjc Maria Vos, of the Cape, 20. (a), 11-8-1817. 


Thomas, John, of co. Northampton, 21 ; Mary Anne Collins, of Dublin, 

19. (b), 16-6-1817. 
Thompson, WiUiam, Surgeon 38th Regt., of Dublin, 31 ; Magdalena 

Elizabeth Rousseau, of the Cape, 22. {d, b), 5-2-1821. 
Thomson, Thomas, of Fifeshire, 30 ; Jane Jaldon, of Surrey, 25. (6), 

Thwails, Thomas, of Surrey, 28 ; Ellen Rose, of Worcestershire, 19. 

{d, 6), 22-1-1820. 
Tittle, John Moore, Lieut. 38th Regt., of Coleraine, 27 ; Johanna 

Catharina Vos, of the Cape, 19. [d, b), 11-3-1820. 
Townsend, Thomas Luck, of Middlesex, 28 ; Mary Tamplin, of Glou- 
cestershire, 29. (6), 8-8-1816. 
Trawin, Samuel, Missionary, of South Molton, Devonshire, 24 ; Mary, 

daughter of John Webber, of parish of Anstcy, South Molton, 

Devonshire, 21. {d), 26-10-1818. 
Treasure (Tressure), John, of Somerset, 28 ; Catharina Courteney, 

of Devonshire, 15. {b), 17-11-1817. 
Twentynian, Lawrence Holme, of Liverpool, 26 ; EHzabeth Heiu-ietta 

Burral, of Chelsea, Middlesex, 21. {d, b), 24-3-1821. 
*Twycross, Stephen, of London, 34 ; Helena Jacobina Hendrina 

Liesching, of the Cape, 17. Lutheran Church, 30-8-1813. 
Uhlhoff, Edward, H.E.I.C.S., of Huntingfield, Suffolk, 27 ; Johanna 

Maria Caldwell, of the Cape, 21. {d, b), 16-10-1821. 
Vawser, William, of Market Weighton, Torkshire, 29 ; Hannah Maria 

Clark, of Wivenhoc, Essex, 23. (b), 28-8-1820. 
Venables, Joseph, Lieut. 83rd Regt., of Sheerness, co. Kent, 26 ; Mar- 

garetha Johanna Petronella Rosclt, of the Cape, 16. Rev. R. Jones, 

Viret, William Francis, of Wheatfield, Oxford, 33 ; Maria Jacomina 

Pick, widow of Christian Zacharias Fick, of the Cape, 30. (6), 

Wallace, Edward, of London, 26 ; Christina Johanna Maria Ooslerhagen, 

of the Cape, 22. {d, b), 3-10-1818. 
Watts, Alexander, of Edinburgh ; Christina Helena Krynauw, of the 

Cape. (^0, 27-6-1808. 
Wentworth, Ciurles Augustus, of Halifax, Novia Scotia, 25; Mary 

Ann Lewis Wcrnich, of Queen's County, Ireland, 17. (b), 5-1 1-1821. 
West, WiUiam, of Bristol, 30 ; Carohna Christina Oosterhagen, of the 

Cape, 20. (6), 21-10-1816. 
Williams, WiUiam, of Melford, South Wales, 26 ; Elizabeth Dorothea 

Wilhelmina dc Bruin, of the Cape, 20. (a), 4-11-1821. 
Wilson, WiUiam, of Towcc, Scotland, 55 ; Ann Warburton, of London, 

32. {d, b), 14-10-1820. 
Wooden, John, of Shropshire, 26 ; Martha Nickolus, of Staffs., 25. 

(6), 10-7-1820. 
Young, WiUiam, master English Merchantman " Bonetta," of London, 

23; Catherine Clarke, of Portsmouth, 23. (c), 2-2-1813. 



In this list are given the names of children baptized at the 
Cape of Good Hope, in the English Church there, or by the Chaplain 
to His ilajesty's Forces. 

The information hns been gathered from the Cafe Town Gazette, 
spoken of in my previous contribution, " Extracts of ilarriages, 1806- 
1821." The same letters have been used for references as in that 

C. Graham Botha. 
Cape Town, South Africa. 

Adamson, Augustus Henrv, son of WilUam, Surgeon 4th Bengal Native 

Infantry, {b), 14-1821. 
Aitchison, Augusta Maria, dau. of Major A., Military Auditor-General, 

Bombay Establishment. (&), 19-4-1819. 
Aitchison, John Murray, son of Alex, (l), 17-12-1820. 
Alexander, Catherine, dau. of Henry,^ (e), 27-7-1815. 
Alexander, Dorothy, dau. of IIcury,i (6), 23-9-1816. 
Alexander, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry,^ Rev. R. Jones, 30-6-1811. 
Alexander, Frances, dau. of Henry, Colonial Secretary .^ (b), 5-12-1817. 
Alexander, Francis Rivers, son of Ilenry.^ (c), 21-5-1814. 
Alexander, James, son of Henry, Colonial Secretary.^ (c), 10-2-1813. 
Allen, James, son of James, {b), 27-2-1820. 
Amber, John Felton, son of John. (6), 12-11-1820. 
Amyot, Egbert Peter, son of A. S. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 25-2-1810. 
Anderson, Maria Elizabeth, dau. of William, (a), 14-4-1811. 
Antonio, Francis, son of Andrew, {b), 6-5-1821. 
Archer, Catherine, dau. of John. (6), 5-11-1821. 
Baird, David, son of Major-General. (e), 1-11-1819. 
Ballantine, Maxwell Palma, dau. of Duncan, {b), 20-12-1821. ^ 
Barracloiigh, Jonas, son of Jonas. (6), 1-4-1821. 
Bates, Amelia Maria, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Thomas, 21st Light Dragoons. 

(c), 4-2-1815. 
Bates, Harriet, dau. of Major (Thomas), 21st Light Dragoons, (c), 

Batt, Henrv Francis, son of Henry, (e). 
Bauman, Wilham, son of John Michael. (6), 23-8-1818. 
Becher, Edward Rockc, son of Captain George, (e), 31-10-1814. 
Belmour, Ehzabeth Sarah, dau. of Henrv. (6), 22-7-1821. 
Beridali, Eleanor Sopliia Penelope, dau. of John xM. (b), 12-4-1818. 
Bendall, William Henrv, son of John M. (b), 5-3-1620. 
Bennet, William, son "of Thomas, (e), 8-10-1815. 
Bennett, Ellen, dau. of George. (6), 13-2-1814. 

* Colonial Secretary at the Cape. 


Bennett, Catherine Sims, dau. of George, (e), 4-G-1815. 

Bennett, Georgina L\ieretia, dau. of Goorge. {I)), 8-9-1810. 

Bennett, John, son of George, {b), 5-10-1817. 

Bennett, Lennox James, son of George. (6), 21-1-1819. 

Bennett, WiUiam Sims, son of G(^orL't\ (e), 8-11-12. 

Benson, Lydia Christina, dau. of WilHain. {h), 9-1-1820. 

Benson, Wilham Lusehrink, son of AVilHam. (6), 2-8-1818. 

Bird, Francis, son of Lieut. -Col. ('[hriitopherj. (e), 30-1-1817. 

Bird, John, son of Lieut. -Col. C[liristopher]. (c), 19-5-181.'). 

Bird, Mary, dau. of Christopher. Rev. R. Jones, 2-1-G-1811. 

Bird, Robert, son of Lieut. -Col. Christopher, Colonial Secretary. 

(6), 25-2-1819. 
Black, Mary Ann, dau. of William, {h), 15-7-1821. 
Black, Susaimah Geertruida Werner, dau. of John, (b), 17-9-1821. 
Blair, Anna ]\Iaria, dau. of Charles, (b), 2-G-1817. 
Blake, EHza Charlotte, dau. of Lieut. John, 21th R^gt. ' (e), 5-11-1814. 
Blake, John, son of Lieut. John, 24th Rrgt. (b), 17-12-1816. 
Blake, \niliam Peter, son of Lieut. John, 21th Regt. Rev. R. Jones, 

Blake, Robert Bissct, son of Major M.G., Deputy Adjutant-General. 

(6), 8-2-1818. 
Blore, Charles May, son of John. (6), lG-3-1817. 
Blore, Georgina, dau. of John, {b), 10-1-1819. 
Blore, John Townsend, son of John, (c), ;'.U-7-1815. 
Blore, William Luck, sou of John, {b), 2G-9-1821. 
Bougler, Alexander William, son of Capt., 93rd Regt. Rev. Dr. 

Halloran, 15-7-1810. 
Boys, William, son of Wm. Hooper, Cornet 21st Light Dragoons. 

. (e), 17-1-1812. 
Britton, Charlotte, dau. of Gcoree. (6), 21-5-1820. 
Brown, George, son of Jolin .Mitchell. (6), 21-11-1821. 
Brown, John George, and Johanna Wilhelmina, children of John, 

Lieut., 93rd Regt. (e), 27-G-1812. 
Brown, William, son of Robert. (?), 22-1-1815. 
Brunt, Abraham Lambert William, son of ^lajor Abraham, 83rd Regt. 

{b), 28-7-1817. 
Brunt, Jacob William, son of Major A[brahain], 1st Bait. 83rd Regt. 

(e), 9-12-1815. 
Brunt, Mary Leonora, dau. of Capt. Abraham. 83rd Regt. (r), 20-G-1813. 
Burns, John Harring, son of Thomas. Roman Catholic Chapel, 17-9-1820. 
Burns, Mary, dau. of Patrick. Roman Catholic Chapel, 1-4-1821. 
Butler, Thomas, son of Michael. Roman Catholic Chapel, 8-4-1821. 
Cado^jan, Egbert George, (died 7-5-1817), and Jane, son and dau. 

of Thomas Charles. (6), 29-4-1817. 
Cado\,'an, Henry M irsh, son of Thomas Charles, (c), 23-12-1813. 
Cadoj^an, Sophia Adriana, dau. of Thonias Charles, (e), 20-G-1815. 
Cadogan, Thomas Charles, son of Thomas Charles. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 

Callander, James, son of James, (e), 7-11-1815. 
Callander, Jane, dau. of Capt. James. Rev. R. Jones, 17-12-1810. 


Cameron, Alexander John, son of Major Allen, 1st Batt. 83rd Regt. 

(e), 23-10-18U. 
Cameron, Elizabeth Gezina, dau. of Lieut. John McKenzie, 72nd Regt, 

(e), 16-6-1815. 
Cameron, Lilly Louisa Sophia, dau. of Capt. John McKenzie. (6), 

Cameron, AVilliara Alexander, son of Lieut. John McKenzie, 72nd Regt. 

(6), 4-5-1817. 
Campbell, Catherina Maria, dau. of Major Ronald, 72nd Regt. Rev. 

R. Jones, 13-1-1811. 
Carr, EUza Maria Schultz, dau. of Lieut. Dawson, 60th Regt. (e), 

Carr, WilUam George, son of Lieut. Dawson, 1st Batt. 60th Regt. 

(e), 12-12-1815. 
Chisholm, William Frederick, son of John. (6), 24-5-1818. 
Christian, Maria Katharine, dau. of Ewan. (6), 27-7-1819. 
Cloete, Margaret Ehzabeth, dau. of Henry, {b), 7-8-1821. 
Cloete, Peter Laurence Graham, son of Henry. (6), 21-3-1817. 
Collier, Isabella, dau. o( James, Paymaster 21st Light Dragoons. 

(e), 4-1-1813. 
Cooper, William, son of Robert. (6), 25-10-1818. 
Copps, Anne Charlotte, dau. of Richard. (6), 20-5-1821. 
Copps, Rirhard James, son of Richard. (6). 12-12-1819. 
Copps, WilUam Richard, son of Richard. (6), 18-10-1818. 
Corbitt, Edward, son of Wilham. (b), 1-4-1821. 
Corbitt, Sarah Jane, dau. of William. Rev. R. Jones, 1-5-1811. 
Corbitt, William Egger, son of Wilham, Resident Commissary at Wvn- 

berg. (e), 18-9-1815. 
Corrigan, Juha Hanna, dau. of James. Roman CathoUc Chapel, 

Crowcher, :\Iary, dau. of Wilham. (b), 7-11-1819 
Crowcher, Thomas, sou of Wilham. (e), 22-1-1815. 
Crowe, Maria Margaret, dau. of Joseph, (Lieut.) 1st Batt. 60th Regt. 

(6), 22-12-1818. 
Crowe, Thomas Coenraad, son of Lieut. Joseph, 1st Batt. 60th Regt. 

{b), 25-9-1816. 
Crozier,- Alexander William, son of Robert. (6), 17-12-1816. 
Crozicr, Martha Mary Johanna, dau. of Robert. (6), 20-11-1820. 
Curry, Ann, dau. of" Thomas. (6), 21-2-1819. 

Curry, Christina Frederica Rynhoud, dau. of Thomas. (6), 11-5-1818. 
Cutting, William Matthew Potts, and Ehzabeth Ann, son and dau. of 

William. (6), 27-5-1821. 
Cuyler, John Francis Cradock, son of Lieut.-Col. (Jacob Glen), of 

Cape Regt. (c), 8-3-1814. 
Dashwood, Maitlaud, son of Francis (Receiver General and President 

of the Lombard Bank at the Cape), (c), 30-6-1813. 
Deane, John Thomas, son of Jolin. (6), 10-10-1819. 
DEscury, Ehzabeth Christina, dau. of Charles. (6). 20-12-1817. 
Desecotais, Robert Roland, son of C. A. L. R. Rev. R. Jones, 9-12-1810. 
Dixon, Amy, dau. of Charles. (6), 16-12-1817. 



Dixon, Charles, son of Chnrlos. Rev. R. Jones, 2G-6-1811. 

Dixon, Elizabeth, dau. of Ch.irles. (c), l]2-5-1814. 

Dixon, Maruaret, dau. of Charles, (b), 18-3-1817. 

Dixon, Man-, dau. of Chas. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 18-2-1810. 

Dixon, Sarah, dau. of Charles, (c), 29-1-1815. 

Dixon, William Paul Rabett, son of Charles. (&), 21-5-1820. 

Dodd, Edward William, son of Edward. (6), 30-5-1819. 

Dodd, Geor;ie Christopher, son of Edward, (b), 2-12-1821. 

Donnithornc, EHza Emily, dau. of James, H.E.LC.S. (b), 2-10-1821. 

Dorant, Marv Ann Louiso, dau. of ... . Dorant. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 

Dou;.;hty, Jane Maria, dau. of Thomas \Vri;T;ht. {b), 5-3-1820. 
Drury, Anne Jacoba, dau. of Thomas, of the VictualHng Dcpt. (6), 

Drury, Peter de Vos, son of Thomas John, of the Victualling Dcpt. 

(f), 20-6-1815. 
Dunbar, Cospatrick Alexander, son of Lieut. James, 21st Light Dragoons, 

(c), 30-12-1813. 
Dunbar, William, son .of James, Lieut. 21st Light Dragoons. (e), 

Durham, Edward Henrv, son of Edward, {b), 13-5-1821. 
Durham, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward, (b), 31-1-1819. 
Durham, Isabella, dau. of Edward. (6), 16-1-1820. 
Durnford, Sarah Ann, dau. of James. (6), 28-6-1818. 
Eaton, Francis James, son of Richard. (6), 11-12-1821. 
talon, Marv Theophila, dau. of Richard Webbe. (6), 12-5-1819. 
Ebdcn, Antoinetta Mary Ann, dau. of John Bardwell. (6). 28-6-1816. 
Ebdcn, Charles Hotson, son of John Bardwell. (c), 3-11-1811. 
Ebdcn, George Norman, and Anna Louisa, son and dau. of John Bard- 
well. (6), 17-1-1818. 
Ebdcn, John Watts, son of John Bardwell. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 

Ebdcn, Maria, dau. of John Bardwell. (c), 16-5-1813. 
Ebdcn, William Bavnes, son of John Bardwell. (e), 1-12-1814'. 
Ebhart, Rlmda Marv, dau. of Capt. William. 72nd Regt. {b), 24-1-1820. 
Ellis, George Henry, son of Henry, {b), 23-10-1820. 
Evans, Emelia Allen, dau. of James, (b), 9-7-1820. 
Tallows, John William, son of Rev. F[earon, arrived at the Cape 

Auiz. 1821 as first Astronomer Royal], {b), 23-12-1821. 
Pchrzen, Oloff Godlieb, son of Jacobus Alexander, Lieut. 21st Light 

I)ra;:oons. 25-2-1816. 
Ferris, Su=an Margaret, dau. of Lieut., 24th Regt. Rev. R. Jones, 

Fiford. Henry William, son of William, (e). 22-5-1814. 
Fisher, Jolm James Wilkinson, son of Wm., Capt. R.N. Rev. R. 

Jones, 27-6-1811. 
FitLhal, Olivia Elizabeth, dau. of James, {e), 16-12-1815. 
Forlisquicu, Charles Frederir k, son of Augustus Frederick, Regimental 

(^hiartei master 21st LiL'ht Dragoons. (6). 10-7-1816. 
Fynn, Edward Alfred, son of Francis, {b), 9-8-1816. 


Gall, Isaac Hindley Herbert, son of Major G. IL, Bengal Body Guara. 
(b), 22-12-1817. 

Gardner, George Honrv, son of Lieut. (Thomas), R.N., Harbour Master. 
(6), 30-G-181G. 

Gardner, Mary Helen, dau. of Lieut. Thomas, R.N., Harbour Master 
(b), 7-6-1818. 

Gardner, Sarah Ann, dau. of Lieut. Thomas, R.N., Harbour Mastoi 
(6), Simons Town, 28-11-1819. 

Geils, Thomas William, sou of Lieut.-Col. Andrew, 73rd Regt. (e), 

George, Edward William, son of Edward, (e), 15-5-1 8U. 

George, Lydia, dau. of Henry. Chaplain, H.M.S. "Lion," 7-11-1812. 

Goodes, John William, son of John. (6), 18-2-1821. 

Goslett, Arthur John, son of Arthur. (6), 8-7-1821. 

Graham, Isabella Hester Anne, dau. of Col. John, Comn'andant, 
(6), Simon's Town, 7-8-1820. 

Graham, Robert, son of Cul. John, Cape Regt. (c), 3-2-181G. 

Graham, Mary, dau. of James. Roman Catholic Chapel, 10-9-1820. 

Grant, Wilham Charles Perrv, sou of John, Pavmaster 38th Regt. 
(b), 15-7-1821. 

Grayson, Benjamin Henry, sou of Benjamin, (c), 14-10-1813. 

Grayson, Hcndrina Sibella, dau. of Benjamin, (e), 26-9-1815. 

Grayson, Maria Anna, dau. of Benjamin, Clerk in Ordnance Dept. 
(e), 25-10-1811. 

Green, Anna Elizabeth, dau. of Efdward] K[nolles]. (&), 4-9-1820. 

Green, John Wilham, son of Edward KnoUes. (b), 27-6-1818. 

Gregan, Esther Maria Sehna, dau. of Thomas, (b), 28-12-1817. 

Gregan, Thomas John, son of Thomas, (e), 8-10-1815. 

Gregan, William, John, son of Thomas. (6) 20-6-1819. 

Gregory, Lucy Emily, dau. of Jacob Davies. (6), 29-10-1820. 

Guest, Fanny Mana, dau. of Wilham. 12-8-1810. 

Guest, William Charles, son of WiUiam. {b), Simon's Town, 30-11-1817. 

Hake, Henry, son of Lieut. William, 21st Li^ht Dragoons. 14-G-1814. 

Hake, William, son of Lieut. Wm., 21st Light Dragoons, (e), 12-5-1613. 

Hale, Edward Dashwood, son of Vicesimus, H.E.LC.S. (b), 25-G-1821. 

Hale, Emilia, dau, of Vicesimus. (e), 18-1-1816. 

Hale, Wilham Dundas, and Harriet Margaret, son and dau. of Vice- 
simus. {b), 6-2-1821. 

Hall, Carohne Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph. (6), 5-8-1821. 

Hall, Dorothea Brown, dau. of Joseph, (e), 3-1-1816. 

Hanson, Catherine Blanche, dau. of Lieut., Cape Regt. Rev. R. 
Jones, 5-6-1811. 

Hanson, Ebhart Kent, son of Lieut. Henry, Cape Regt. (b), 18-5-181G. 

Hanson, Frances Maria, dau. of Lieut. Henry, Cape Regt. (c), 30-5-1813. 

Hanson, Frederic Drummond, and Eliza Anne, son and dau. of Lieut. 
Henry, Asst. Barrack Master-General, (b), 10-9-1820. 

Hanson, Mathilda Blanche, dau. of Lieut. Henry, Asst. Barrack Master- 
General, (f), 5-11-1814. 

Hare, Carohne, dau. of Lieut. Joseph, Dep. Asst. Adjutant-Geueral. 
(c), 27-9-1815. 


Hare, Charles, son of Joseph, Asst. Dep. Adjutant-General, (e), 

Hare, Georfie, son of Capt. Joseph, at Wynberg, by Rev. W. Wright, 

M.A., 2M2-1821. 
Hare, Harriot, dau. of Capt. Joseph, Dep. Asst. Adjutant-General. 

(6), 23-9-181G. 
Hare, William Joseph, son of Lieut. Joseph, 21st Light Dragoons, 

Assist. Adjutant-General Cape of Good Hope, (e), 21-2-1812. 
Hare, V»'illiam Joseph, son of Capt. Joseph, {b), 0-9-1820. 
Hargushimer, ^lary, dau. of William, {b), 19-7-1818. 
Hargushinier, William, son of William, (b), 11-5-1817. 
Harmer, Charles, son of Henry, {b), 21-12-1817. 
Harvard, George Clough, son of Rev. William Martin. (6), 14-4-1819. 
Hawkes, Abiathar, son of Capt. Abiathar, 21st Light Dragoons. 

(c), 30-6-1813. 
Hawkes, Mary Wright, dau. of Capt. (Abiathar), 21st Light Dragoons. 

(e), 10-8-1814. 
Have-;, John, son of Jolin. Roman Catholic Chapel, 21-1-1821. 
Havlctt, Ernie Paulina and Helena, daus. of Christopher Smith. 25-2-1810. 
Mavlclt, Christopher, son of Thomas, {b), 24-11-1816. 
Haylctl, Christopher, son of Thomas. (6), 29-3-1818. 
Havlett, Matthew, son of Thomas. (6), 10-9-1820. 
Hayncs, Robert Edward, son of Robert. (6), 22-10-1820. 
Henderson, Cecilia Agnes, dau. of Philip. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 

Henderson, Frances Ramsey, dau. of Capt. George, (e), 20-8-1814. 
Herbert, Frederick George, son of George. (6), 24-1-1819. 
Herbert, John Benedictus, son of George, {b), 10-4-1821. 
Herbert, John William, son of John. (6), 17-12-1820. 
Hickman, John Henrv, son of John, (c), 10-6-1815. 
Hicks, John William, son of Solomon. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 24-9-1810. 
Hodjrson, Henry Thomas, son of Robert Gray, (c), 20-8-1813. 
Hodjjson, John Hamilton, son of Joseph. (6), 10-4-1821. 
Hojij:, Ann, dau. of Edward. 21-4-1810. 
Home, Jane, dau. of Henrv. (6), 9-10-1817. 
Home, John Henry, son of" Henry. (6), 31-8-1810. 
Home, Charlotte Sophia, dau. of James, Dep. Asst. Commissary- 
General. (6), 28-9-1820. 
Home, Louisa, and WiUiam Henry, son and dau. of James, Dep. Asst. 

Commissary-General. (6), 31-8-1818. 
Hough, George Apsley, son of Rev. Geo., M.A. (c), 29-4-1821. 
Howell, Jame- Michael, son of James, of H.M. Victualling Dept. Rev. 

Dr. Halloran, 8-4-1810. 
Hughes, Cordeha Frances, dau. of Charles. (6), 24-0-1821. 
Hughes, Jane Rishton, dau. of Charles, (b), 0-5-1819. 
Hughes, Lucretia Clarke, dau. of Charles, (e), 15-10-1814. 
Hughes, Lucrotia Mary, dau. of Charles, (h), 28-9-1817. 
Humphrys, Ann Catherine, dau. of Lieut. John, 1st Batt. 00th Regt. 

(c), 19-1-1815. 
Humphrys, John Richard, son of Lieut. John, 72nd Regt. (e), 14-5-1816. 


Humplirys, Louisa Michaollino Johanna, dau. of Liout. John, (b) 

Hutton, Jean, dau. of James. (6), 5-5-1821. 
Hutton, Maria, dau. of James. (6), 26-8-1819. 
Ingledew, Jane Eliza, dau. of Tliomas. (6), 8-11-1820. 
Inglisby, Sarah, dau. of John. (6), 23-5-1819. 
Jamott, Mary, dau. of Wra. Knight, (e), 3-2-181G. 
Johnson, Alfred Schomberg, son of Alfred, (c), 9-9-1812. 
Johnson, William, son of Alfred, Agent \'ictualler. Kev. R. Jones, 

Jones, Robert, son of Rev. Dr. Robert, Senior Chaplain, by his father. 

(6), 10-6-18IG. 
Jury, James William, son of James, (b), 4-G-1820. 
Kekewich, Charles Egbert Ilingins, son of George.^ (6), 13-7-1819. 
Kekewich, Thomas Robert Warre, son of George.^ (c), 31-5-1815. 
Kekewich, William, son of George, Judge H.M. Vice-Admiralty Court. 

(c), 19-11-1812. 
Kincaid, Charles Lan-ley, sou of Charles. (6), 18-3-1821. 
Kincaid, John Robert, son of Charles. (6), 6-6-1819. 
King, Ehzabeth B.-lson, dau. of Thomas, {b), 1-4-1821. 
Laing, Henry Burrcll, son of- P. (b), 4-6-1820. 
Laing, Margaret Jane, dau. of Alexander Burrell. (6), 8-7-1821. 
Lambert, Peter Colnett, son of WilUam, ILE.LC.S. (6), 2-10-1821. 
Legg, Henry James, son of John Pritchard. (6), 16-4-1820. 
Legg, John Thomas, son of John Pritchard. (6), 13-7-1817. 
Lock, Anne Catherine, dau. of John. Rev. R. Jones, 20-10-1810. 
Lock, Carohna, dau. of John. (6), 9-10-1817. 
Lock, George Henry, son of John, {b), 8-8-1819. 
Lock, Louisa, dau. of John. (6), 9-9-1821. 
Lock, Nathaniel, son of John, (c), 31-12-1813. 
Lock, John Adam, son of William. (6), 23-12-1820. 
Lolley, Ellen Maria, dau. of WiUiam Martin. (6), 5-4-1818. 
Lollcy, James Joseph, son of William, (b), 8-8-1819. 
Long, Amelia, dau. of William, {b). 16-9-1821. 
Long, Charlotte, dau. of William, (e), 23-8-1811. 
Long, Christopher Charles, son of William, {b), 6-10-1816. 
Long, George Henry, son of William. (6), 16-8-1818. 
Long, John Francis, son of Captain William, (c), 30-10-1814. 
Long, Theodosia, dau. of William, (c), 1-11-1812. 
Loudon, Helen, dau. of Alexander, {b), 7-3-1819. 
Loudon, ]\laria Catharine, dau. of James. (6), 6-3-1821. 
Lukin, Charles VauL'han. son of W. Smith, Dep. Asst. G.mmissary- 

Gcneral (6), 7-3-1821. (Died 14-7-1821, aged six months.) 
Mabille, Francois Louis, son of Francois Louis, (b). 13-11-1820. 
McDonald, Alexander, son of Alexander, (c), 4-12-1813. 
McDonald. Sarah, dau. of Lieut., 93rd Regt. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 

M'Garva, Agnes Frances, dau. of Robert. (6), 19-8-1921. 

• Judge H.M. Vice-Admiralty Court. 


AlcKcnzic, Charles Jo.scph Henry, son of Charles, (e), 6-10-1811. 
Mackenzie, Hester Gesina, dau. of Charles. Rev. Geo. Houyh, 

AlcKenzic, Richard, son of Charles. (6), 24-11-1810. 
AkKenzie, Jlaru'aret Innes, and Maria Louisa, twin daughters of Lieut. 

Wm., 72ud Re«rt. (6), 1-12-181G. 
Alackrill, Jolianna Wilholniina, dau. of John, (ft), 5-4-1818. 
AlcNamara, John, son of Lieut. Michael, 1st Batt. GOth Rout, {b), 

AlcWilliam, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Alexander. (6), 10-10-1819. 
AlcWilliam, James Hay, son of Alexander. (6), 4-11-1821. 
A\adton, James Clayton, son of Lieut. -Col. (e), 1-11-1812. 
A\arshall, John, son of WiUiam, Acting Dep. Paymaster-General. 

(e), 17-8-1814. 
Alarshall, Mary, dau. of William, Asst. Dep. Paymaster-General. Rev. 

R. Jones, 15-3-1811. 
Marshall, William, son of WiUium. (c), 18-9-1812. 
Alarsh, Jesse Storey, son of Jesse. (6), 18-11-1821. 
Alartinson, Catharina Margaret Dixon, dau. of John, {b), 23-1-1820. 
Alartinson, Francis Thomas, son of John. (6), 30-11-1817. 
A\arlinson, Hannah Hendrina, dau. of John, (e), 11-2-181G. 
Alartinson, Thomas Francis, son of John. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 22-7-1810. 
Alaskew, Frcdrik Simon Bcrning, son of Wilhara. (b), 19-8-1821. 
Alaskcw, William Miles, son of William. (6), 23-1-1820. 
A\atthe\vs, Johanna Petronella, dau. of William. (6), 3-9-1821. 
A\au(lc, Edwin Holme, son of Edwin, (b), 2-8-1818. 
A\aude, Frederic Barnabas, son of Edwin, {b), 22-7-1820. 
Alaunsell, Anne Helena, dau. of Surgeon G[eorge], 87th Regt. Rev. 

Dr. Halloran, lG-9-1810. 
A\axwell, Charles Frederick, son of William, Quartermaster 1st Batt. 

GOth Regt. {b), 8-3-1818. 
Alaxwell, Emma Eliza, dau. of William, Quartermaster GOth Regt. 

(6), 24-5-181G. 
Maxwell, William Edward Lewis, son of William, Quartermaster 

1st Batt. GOth Regt. (6), 9-3-1817. 
Aleade, Anne, dau. of Lieut. -General the Houble. Robert, Lieut.- 

Governor of the Cape, (c), 12-6-1815. 
A\clvill, Janet, dau. of John. 2G-11-1817. 
Alelvill, Wilhelmina Elizabeth, dau. of John. 21-2-1816. 
Alerrinjjton, John Alfred, son of John Samuel, (c), 17-5-1812. 
Alerrin^^ton, Lvdia, dau. of John Samuel, (e), 11-2-1816. 
Alerrin;,Mon, William Janies, son of John Samuel, (e), 14-8-1814. 
Aleurant, Conrad Francis William, sou of Louis, (c), 10-10-1813. 
Alorjran, ^lary Anna. dau. of Benjamin, (i), 20-5-1821. 
A\orison (.Morrison), Janet Catharina, dau. of Murdoch. 8-3-1818. 
Alorison, Lillias, dau. of Murdoch, (e), 3-8-1815. 
Alorison, Nid Adam, son of Murdoch, (b), 7-5-1820. 
Alorrice, William, sc^n of William, (b), 16-9-1821. 
Murdoch, Cathcrina Malvina, dau. of John. (6), 2-12-1821. 


Murdoch, Mary Anne, dau. of John, Rev. R. Jones, 30-3-1811. 
Alurdoch, Mary, dau. of Jolm. (h), 5-2-1818. 

Murray, Elisa, dau. of Edward. lioman Catholic Chapel, 8-10-1820. 
A\urray, John, and ^Margaret, son and daugiiicr of Jolm. (i), 8-3-1818. 
Napper, Frances ]\Iaria Johanna, dau. of George, Surgeon Royal 

Artillery. (6), 25-2-1819. 
Napper, Martha Maria Wilheliuina, dau. of George, Ordnance Medical 

Dept. (6), 13-12-1820. 
Newton, Matilda O'Conner, dau. of John. (6), 16-5-1816. 
Nicolls, Anna Georgina, and Emily Jane, daughters of Major W[illiam] 

B[urke] Nicolls, 72nd Regt. "Rev. X. R. J^onnis, 12-12-1821. 
Nicolls, Ellen Maria, dau. of Capt. Wm. Burke, 72nd Regt. Rev. 

Dr. Halloran, 12-6-1810. 
Norman, George John, son of Robert. (6), Simon's Town, 2-12-1821. 
O'Reilly, Georsie Donkin Charles, son of Major Anthony Alexr., (6), 

O'Reilly, Louisa Georgina, dau. of Capt. A[nthony] A[lexr.], 21st 

Light Dragoons. \b), 15-9-1816. 
Osmond, Agnes, dau. of John, (c), at Simon's Town, 2-10-18U. 
Osmond, Pollen, dau, of John, (6), Simon's Town, 27-4-1820. 
Osmond, James Francis, son of John, at Simon's Town by Rev. Dr. 

Halloran, 25-1-1810. 
Palmer, Henrietta, dau. of Thomas Delozier. {b), 7-12-1816. 
Palmer, James Richardson, son of Thomas Delozier. (b), 19-12-1821, 
Palmer, Kirty, dau. of Thomas Delozier. (6), 11-3-1820. 
Palmer, Maria Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Delozier. (e), 9-8-1815. 
Palmer, Thomas, Delozier, son of Thomas Delozier. (c), 4-10-1813. 
Peddcr, Ehzabeth, dau. of G. {b), 8-7-1821. 
Pelrie, Henry Charles Edward, son of Capt. Frederic Charles, of 60th 

Regt. (e), 15-8-1819. 
Petrie, Johanna Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Frederic Charles, 60th Regt. 

(e), 19-11-1812. 
Phaup, William John, son of Lieut. Andrew, 93rd Regt. {e), 15-3-1812. 
Pickthall, Helen Sarah Allnutt, dau. of Robert, Ordnance Dept. (b), 

Pickthall, Henrv John, son of Robert, (b), 13-2-1820. 
Pickthall, Robert Allnutt, son of Robert. (6), 8-3-1817. 
Piper, John, son of Capt. Hugh, 38th Regt. (b), Simon's Town, 

Powell, Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin, {b), 2-9-1821. 
Price, Mary Anne, dau. of John. Rev. R. Jones, 7-10-1810. 
Pringle, Alexander Gordon, son of John, (c), 18-7-1812. 
Pringle, Mark, son of John, (e), 13-10-1811. 
Proctor, Jane, and Elizabeth Clementina, dauiihters of Lieut. William, 

(6), 13-8-1818. 
Proctor, Johanna Catherine, dau. of William, {b), 22-11-1819. 
Proctor, Marv Elizabeth Frances, dau. of William. (6), 30-1-1821. 
Rafferty, Ann .Matilda, dau. of John, {b), 20-12-1818. 
Read, Elizabeth, dau. of Jamc^. Rev. R. Jones, 27-3-1811. 
Read, Anne Oliver, dau. of WiUiam. (i), 3-5-1818. 


Read, William Ileury Shepheard, son of William Oliver. (6), 25-.3-1821. 
Reynhould, Jacob Frederick, son of Jacob Frederick, (c), 9-10-181L'. 
Reynolds, iJcorge Alexander, and Britta Carolina, son and daughter of 

George Alexander, {b), 5-3-1817. ^ 

Reynolds, Louis George Bratt, son of George Alexander. (6), 12-11-1820. 
Rivers, Francis Peter, sou of Harry (afterwards Sir Hurry Kivers), 

(6), 24-3-1820. 
Rivers, Harry, son of Harry. (6), 23-12-1821. 
Rocsch, Johannes Henry, son of F. (c), 30-1-181-1. 
Rogers, Katherine, dau. of Evan, (c), 17-5-1812. 
Rosa, Guilia Antoiuetta, dau. of Pierre Louis. (6), 14-10-1821. 
Ross, Alexander, and James, twin sons of James, (c), 5-2-1814. 
Ross, John Norman McLeod, son of James. (6), 3-1-1819. 
Ross, Patrick Colquhoun, son of James. (6), 4-11-1821. 
Ross, Henry, son of George. 2G-8-1810. 
Ross, Jane, dau. of George, (e), 27-12-1814. 
Ross, Mary Ann, dau. of George. (6), 27-10-1816. 
Ross, Susan, Johanna, dau. of George. (6), 26-7-1818. 
Rowles, Catherine Gertrude, dau. of Thomas, (c), 31-12-1813. 
Rowlcs, Maria Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas, (c), 30-1-1813. 
Rubidge, Heurv Erskine Loch, son of Piobert Henry, {h), 6-5-1821. 
Russell, Harriet, dau. of John, {b), 27-5-1821. 
Ruthven, Louisa Catherine, dau. of William, {b), 19-11-1820. 
Rutter, Elizabeth, dau. of William, Master of the Transport "Mariner." 

(e), 18-3-1812. 
Saunders, Elizabeth Jane Litchfield, (b), 26-12-1821. 
Saunders, Frederick Christian John, son of John, (o), 6-5-1821. 
Savage, John Joseph, son of George Thomas. (6), 28-10-1817. 
Savary, Agues Adelaide, dau. of Richard, (e), 30-10-1814. 
Shakespear, Sarah Eliza iJonnitliorne, dau. of John Talbot, Bengal 

Civil Service. (6), 29-8-1820. 
Shaw, Alberta Charlotta, dau. of Lieut. John, 83rd Rcgt. (e), 

Shee, Ehzabeth, dau. of Daniel, (c), 7-8-1814. 
Shee, Jane Ileiuietta, dau. of Daniel, (b), 13-6-1819. 
Shcppard, Edward .Macliin, son of William Edward, (e), 5-2-1815. 
Sheppard, Emma Hu_'briL'Lie Dundas, duu. of W[ilham] E[dwardj. 

{b), 14-9-1820. 
Sheppard, Frances Maria Bragg, dau. of William Edward. (c), 

Sheppard, William Hobxm. son of William Edward, (c), 30-6-1813. 
Sheridan, Charles Kuuiaid, son of Thomas. (6), 23-9-1816. 
Siddons, Marv White, dau. of George John, H.E.I. Bengal Civil Service. 

(6), 26-3-1821. 
Simpson, George Thomas, .son of George William. (6), 6-7-1817. 
Simpson, Sarah, dau. of (Jeorge William. (6), 3-1-1819. 
Sinclair, Jane ( hiappiui, dau. of .Alexaudor. (/;), 4-3-1821. 
Sleigh, James Wallace, sou of Lieut. Francis, K.N. (6), 8-10-1816. 
Sleigh, Maria Henrietta Frances, dau. of Lieut. Francis, K.N. (6), 



Sleigh, Susanna Wilhelraina, dau. of Lieut. Francis, R.N. Rev. Dr. 

Halloran, 13-3-1810. 
Sleyer, Marv Ann, dau. of George, {b), 26-1-1821. 
Smart, Henry Dalton, son of Capt. H. (e), 23-1-1815. 
Smart, Thomas, son of II., Commanding Officer of Engineers. Rev. 

R. Jones, 1-2-1811. 
Smith, Henry Peter John, son of Edward, (o), 21-11-1811. 
Smith, Henrv Robert, son of Edward, (r), 8-5-1814. 
Smith, lAIana Elzenbe, dau. of Edward, (c), H-2-1813. 
Smith, Ceorize Jacobus Johannes, son of George. (6), 18-7-1819. 
Smith, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. James. (6), 19-12-1819. 
Smith, IsabcUa, dau. of John, {b), 4-7-1819. 

Smith, Anne Hannah, dau. of R. Smith. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 11-9-1810. 
Smith, John Gooldintr, son of Robt. Rev. Geo. Hough, 30-3-1814. 
Solomon, Johanna Catharina, dau. of Benjamin, (e), 14-1-181G. 
Somerset, Charles Henry, son of Captain the Honblc. Henry, (b), 

Stackhouse, Charles Alexander, son of Thomas. Rev. R. Jones, 

Steele, John Polodore, son of Lieut. Wm., 72nd Regt. (e), 10-10-1814. 
Steele, Pierre Thomas, son of Lieut. Wm., 1st Batt. GOth Regt. (6), 

Steward, Jemima Josina, dau. of Capt. Henry, (e), l-j-1814. 
Stewart, George Robert, son of Charles. (6), 9-7-1820. 
Steynhard, Sarah Wilhdmina, dau. of Antlion Gerhard. (6), Simon's 

Town, 13-8-1820. 
Sullivan, Gordon, son of Gordon. Rev. N. R. Dennis, 12-5-1820. 
Sutton, Ann, dau. of Thomas, {b), 24-12-1820. 
Syme, John, son of John, {b), 27-5-1821. 
Tait, Alexander Morison, son of George, (b), 17-8-1817. 
Tait, Georsie Borrowman, son of George, (e), 2G-1 1-1815. 
Tait, Marv, dau. of George. (6), 26-4-1819. 
Talbot, Robert, son of Lieut. L., Royal Artillery, {b), 4-7-1820. 
Tennant, William, son of Alex. Rev. R. Jones, 7-10-1810. 
Thomas, George, son of Edward. (6), lG-7-1820. 
Thomas, Jane,' dau. of David. (6), 29-4-1821. 
Thomson, Jane Pearkes, dau. of Capt. Harry, Gth Regt. Bengal Native 

Cavalrv. (6), 11-4-1818. 
Tittle, Anne Moore, dau. of Lieut. John Moore, 38th Regt. (i), 4-5-1821 . 
Tolfrey, Robert Brownrigg, son of Edward. (6), 8-2-1818. 
Trower, Charlotta Autjusta, dau. of William, (e), 5-10-1815. 
TuIIoch, Robert Henry David, son of Robert Henry, H.E.I.C.S. (6), 

Twycross, Elizabeth Frederica, dau. of Stephen. (6), 27-4-1817. 
Twycross, Louisa Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen, {e), 2-7-1814. 
Twycross, Robert Louis, son of Stephen, {b), 13-4-1820. 
Vawser, George Richard, son of William. (6), 24-G-1821. 
Venables, Elizabeth, dau. of W. F. Rev. Dr. Halloran, 17-2-1810. 
Viret, Henrv Francis, son of William Francis, (e), 2-7-1815. 
Viret, Maria, dau. of late William Francis. (6), 21-5-1820. 


Walker, Cutbbcrt Edward Leslie, son of Lieut. -Col. Leslie, 54th Reg. 
(6), 23-0-1821. 

Wallace, Marv Dorothea, dau. of Edward. (6), 6-5-1821. 

Ward, Edward Jolin, son of Edward Willis, (b), 25-3-1821. 

Ward, Samuel Thomas, son of Samuel, (b), 2G-4-1819. 

Warde, Francis Annesley Cornwallis, son of Capt. Arthur, (b), 7-3-1821. 

Warrc, John Frederick, son of Lieut. -Col. \Vm., Deputy Quartennaster- 
Generah {e), 18-1-181G. 

Warre, Selina Eleanor, dau. Lieut. -Col. Wm., Deputy Quartermaster- 
General. (6), 3-3-1817. 

Warre, Thomas Malimi, son of Lieut. -Col. Wm., Actg. Quartermaster- 
General, (e), 19-11-18H. 

Watson, James, son of Andrew, {b), 18-7-1819. 

Watson, .Margaret, dau. of Andrew, (c), 31-5-1818. (Died 6-G-1818.) 

Watson, Stamford William, son of Capt. Thomas C, H.C. Bengal 
Estabhshrao.nt. (b), 15-9-1818. 

Welch, P:dmund, son of Thomas Read. (6), 20-5-1821. 

West, Henrv Holme, son of WilUam. {b), 18-6-1820. 

West, William Charles, son of William, {b), 10-8-1817. 

Whilcomb, Rosa Maria, and Felix, daughter and son of Chas. (6), 

Whitcomb, Theodore Charles, son of Charles. (6), 20-8-1818. 

White, George John, son of Thomas, {e), 23-9-1811. 

White, Mariireta Isabella, dau. of Thomas, (c), at Simon's Town, 

White, ILarriette Helen, and Cliarlotte Smoult. daucrhters of Licut.- 
Col. M., Bengal Establishment, {b), 29-4-1820. ^ 

Wilgress, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Edward Paston. R.A. (e), 9-2-1812. 

Wilgress, Emilv, dau. of Major Edward Pastun, R.A. (e), 24-9-1814. 

Wilgress, Frances, dau. of Capt. Edward Paston, R.A. (c), 28-2-1813. 

Wilgress, George, son of Major Edward Paston, Pt.A. (e), 12-12-1815. 

Wilgress, Julia Clementia. duu. of Major Edward Paston, R.A. (6), 

Wilv, Edward, son of Capt. Daniel, 1st Batt. 83rd Recjt. (e), 14-12-1814. 

Wily, John Charles, son of Daniel, Lieut. 83rd Regn. (e), 4-9-1812. 

Windell, Benjamin McFarlane Siundors, son of John. (6), lO-G-1821. 

Windell, Henry James Fehrfesen [Fehrz.>n ?]. son of John, (c), 2-5-1813. 

Windell, John Christopher, son of John. Rev. R. Jones, 6-12-1810. 

Windell, Joseph Hardcastlc, son of John. (6), 30-8-1818. 

Windell, Richard Allwrinht, son of John. (6), 14-7-1816. 

Windell. William Xevill, son of John, (e), 23-4-1815. 

Wolfe. Thomas William, son of Thomas, (b), 18-2-1821. 

Wooden, Marv Ann, dau. of John, {b), 22-10-1820. 

Woodlock, Margaret, dau. of Michael. (6), 13-6-1819. 

Young, George, son of George, {b), 31-5-1818, 

Young, .Mary, and Ann, twin daughters of William. (6), 10-12-1820.