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P H A E D R I 

/auousti LIBERII ) 





Ediiibtirgh : 
Printed by W. & K. Chambers. 



P R E F A E. 

As an initiatory class-book, the Fables of Piiaedrus are known 
to present a combination of advantages uot to be found in any 
other Latin classic. Tlie nature of tlie subject is well suited to 
youthful minds. The narrative arrests their attention without 
wearying it by undue prolixity. Few difficulties can occur in 
comprehending the meaning, for the style is in general simple and 
perspicuous. The moral is calculated to lead to habits of reflec- 
tion, not the less determinate, perhaps, that the mind is uncon- 
scious of the impulse. The text adopted in tlie present edition, 
is that of Dressler (Leipsic, 1850) — undcubtedly the best that 
has yet appeared. Such fables are of course omitted as seemed 
unfit for the perusal of youth. The assistance derived from 
many valuable editions of Phaedrus, but particularly those 
of Burmann and Schwabe, is here gratefully acknowledged. In 
the notes, the object aimed at, and it is hoped, attained, was to 
remove the difficulties which experience in teaching pointed 
out to us as being the most likely to retard the progress of tlie 
leamer. Inverted sentences have generally becn construed ; 
particular attention has been paid to prevent confusion regarding 
the characters in the dialogue; the mythological and historical 
notes have been made as full as space would admit, with the 
hope of exciting a desire for further knowledge; and if it be 
objected that philological points and other matters have been 
iricidentally glanced at, which are not strictly requrred for the 
pupil at this stage of his progress, it is hopod that such detaUs 
may not prove altogether unacceptablc to the teacher. 

A copious Vocabulary, including proper names and adjectives, 
has been appended to tlie present edition of Phaedrus, in order 


to faciliute the progress of tlie pupil by prcvcntinp thc todium 
and discouragement so often cxpericnced by bcpinncrs in consult- 
ing a gcncral dictionarr. In completeness, as respects original 
and derivative words, and also copiousncse of signification, carc 
has been takcn to render this Vocabulary as satisfactory aa 
possible, without aflbrding too much assistance to the youthful 


All our authentic information regarding the life of Phaednis, 
consists of incidental notices collected from liis own writings. Aa 
these notices are chiefly allusions to his social character and 
condition, they necessarily furnish few data for a detailed and 
regular memoir. From these materials, however, meagre as they 
are, his editors have from time to time drawn some ingenious 
inferences ; but deductions of tliis nature, however higli their 
probability, must in every case fall short of the certainty of fact. 
The title of liis fables, Ph.vzdri, Atjgusti Lieeeti, Pabulae 
Aesopiae, shews not only that he was originally a slave, but also 
that Augustus had granted him manumission. In the prologue to 
the third book, he mentions Mount Pierus as his birthplace, which, 
in the time of tliis emperor, belonged to Macedonia ; and from the 
same prologue, it appears that he did not consider himself a Greek, 
for in speaking of Aesop and Anacharsis, ihe former a Plirygian, 
and the latter a Scythian, he merely claims the distinction of 
being nearer to ' lettered Greece ' than they. The question, 
whether he was a slave by birth, or had become so by circum- 
stances, is one which we have no means of determining. A like 
uncertainty attaches not only to his age at the time of his arrival 
in Rome, but also to the particular period itself. It is clear, 
however, from his own statement in the Poeta, Book Third, and 
from a quotation which he there makes from the Telephus of 
Ennius, that to whatever country he owes his birth, he had 
directed his attention to Koman literature from his boyhood. His 
study of the Latin language may have been commenced in his 
own coimtry, and afterwards completed in the imperial city ; but 
in any case, the elegance of his diction, and his knowledge of 
idiom, bear ample testimony to his perseverance and success. Of 
the circumstances of his introduction into the slave retinue of 
Augustus, we can aflarm nothing either from fact or conjecture ; 
but it may be safely assumed, that his attachment to letters, 
his great mental endowments, and the integrity of his life, 
appeared to this prominent patron of literature sufficient grounds 
for granting him his freedom. 

After the death of Augustus, \i b.c, and the accession of 


Tiberius, riiacdrus was visitcd with scrious calaniitios. Those 
were, to a certain cxtent, no doubt self-iucurml, but thc pcnalty 
was disproiKjrtionate to the oflcnce. Augustus patronisetl, but 
Tiberius, the new emi)eror, dislikcd mcn of genius, and for 
this there were obvious rcasons. Tiie inhuman dccds which 
conmicnccd with his assuniption of the purple, wcre but faint 
indications of tiie atrocitics wliicii aftcrwards charactcriscd liis 
reign. Dcspots liave ever been avcrse to all wlio cithcr ex- 
poscd thcir barbarities or ridiculed thcir actious ; and whctlicr 
tlie poet, in any of iiis fables, liad pointed pcrsonal rcfcrcnce or 
not to Tiberius, or any of liis minions, suspicion was c.xcitcd 
against him, and what would havc passed luidcr a mildcr and 
more libcral sway as tiic cflusion of sportivc wit, was construcd 
into exprcssions of intentional and malcvolcnt dcfamation. 
Aniong the first who took tiiis view of thc writings of rhacdrus 
was Aclius .Sciiinus, thc fricnd and confidant of thc cnipcror, and 
for many ycars the rcal govcrnor of tlie statc. Tlie first two 
books of our authors fables werc publisiicil, but without a dcdi- 
cation, whilc this profligatc individual was in the licight of his 
power. Tliis we sliould dccm an iniprudcnt stcp on tlic part of 
Phaedrus, if, in tlie circumstanccs of tlic pcriod, tlicy containcd 
allusions wiiich could bc construcd in no otiicr liyht tiian as 
animadvirbicins on thc conduct citlicr of Tibcrius or his prutiyi^. 
Tlic fablc wliicii may bc sujiposcd to iiavc first givcn olfcncc, is the 
eixtli of tiie Second IJook, in whicli a sluvc, onc of tiic inncr-luill 
keepers of Tilicrius, is luimorously and satiricaliy portraycd, and 
the emperor hinisclf mcntioucd in tcrnis scarccly consistcnt with 
tlie courtesy duc to imitcrial powcr. To jwrsons disposcd to 
criniinate, thc secoud fable of thc First liook about Jupitcr and 
the frogs, would rcadily appcar to bc au unpartluuablc caricalure 
of Tibcrius and his govcrnmcnt ; wliilc the ^ixth fablc of the 
samc Ijook niight Im.- rcganlcd as iiaving unmistakalilc rifcrcncc to 
thc cxpcctcd marriagc of Scianus with thc unscrupulous Livia. 
Phacdrus himsclf admits, indccd, iu tlie prologuc to thc Third IJook, 
that he was thc causc of his own misfortuucs ; but hc at thc samc 
timc cmphatically asscrts, that thc objcct of his fablcs was not to 
unniask i>articular in<Iividuals, but to depict thc livcs and clia- 
ractcrs of nun in gcncral. llis intention, liowcvcr, was dilVcrcntly 
viewcd liy othcrs, for from tlic sanic prologuc it appiars that 
Scianus, in thc thrccfold characlcr of accuscr, witncs», aud judgc, 
liad Blraincd cvcry ncrvc to convict him of trciujon. In this, 
indccd, his arraigncr faik-d ; for thc only fablcs on which an 
impeachnunt could bu foundcd, wcre only Latiniscil vcrsions »)f 
productions ulready cxisting ; slill, Tilx-riun yieldcd su far to thc 
Kolicitationfl of his favouritc, as to sanction tlic poct's incarccration. 
During his contincmcnt, lic privatdy dcdicatcd to Kutychus, his 
pcraonal tricnd aiid p.itron, tlie 'lliird liook of liis 1'alilcs. 'i'hi8 
book htcms to liavc li<en writtcn U-forc Iijh imprisoiiiiicnt ; bul 
bvforc »cndiU({ it to Lutychus, hc iutroducvd iulo thc prologuu 


lines 33-50 ; into the ninth fable, lines 3 and 4 ; and added an 
epilogue. Eutychus at this time held the ofRce of judge, and in 
the epilogue Fhaedrus importunes him, so far as consistent with 
the duties imposed on Mm by his official oath, to exert his 
influence for his liberation. The date of his imprisonment is 
unknown ; but that its duration must have been considerable, is 
evident from his stating, in his application to Eutychus, that those 
who liad held office before him had not interfered in liis behalf, 
and that, in the order of appointments, liis place would soon be 
occupied by a successor. The friendly aid of Eutychus was pro- 
bably not required, for about this time Seianus was put to death, 
together witli many of his relatives and confederates, and Phaedrus 
may be supposed to have easily regained his wished-for liberty. 
Freed from confinement and peril, and being already an old man, 
he resolved on terminating liis poetic labours. He no longer 
required sucli a pastime as a source of solace for his private 
wrongs. Covetous of praise, however, and finding that his fame 
was in the ascendant, lie resumed liis favourite occupation, and 
published a Fourth and a Fifth Book, dedicating the former to 
Tarticulo, and the latter to Pliiletus. Of these patrons of the 
fabulist we know uotliing, except what we learn from these dedi- 
cations ; but from their names, they, as well as Eutychus, seem to 
have been either Greeks, or of Greek extraction. 

Various coujectures have been hazarded regarding the probable 
period of the death of Phaedrus, but all are equally unworthy of 
reliance. That he lived to an advanced age is manifest, however, 
from his own statements. The casual hints furnislied by his 
Fables present his character in an amiable light, He had no desire 
for tlie acquisition of wealtli. The leadiug aim of his literary 
labours, Avas to correct the errors and promote the good-humour of 
mankiud. He was passionately devoted to literature, and fond of 
the approbation of the discriminating. He bore his confinement 
with patience and fortitude, and relieved its ii-ksomeness by 
converse with the Muses. 

The works of Phaedrus are comprised in five books of Fables, 
whicli he professes partly to have invented, and partly to have 
translated from Greek originals. These Greek originals passed 
under the name of Aesop, of whoni scarcely anything is known. 
He appears to have lived about 570 b. c. ; but whether he left 
written works or not, is matter of dispute. It is certain, that 
fables bearing his name were current at Athens in its most intel- 
lectual age. Socrates, who died 399 b. c, is said to have turned 
some of them into verse as a means of beguiling the tedium of his 
imprisonment. At a later period, 320 b. c, Demetrius Phalereus 
busied himself with the same task. Many of these fables have 
been lost. Only in the case of thirty have we the means of com- 
paring Phaedrus with his originals ; and altliough, in one or two 
instances, there is a manifest improvement, yet, on the whole, it 
uiust be allovved that he suffers by the comparison. How many 


arc to bo ascribcJ cxclusivcly to liis own invcntion, it is now 
impossible to say. Those only c;in with certainty hc consiJcrcd 
as such, which refcr to incidcnts tliat happcned in his own time. 
Ilis chief nicrit lies in a ccrtain clcarncss anJ conciscncss of style, 
pcculiarly adaptcJ to the kinJ of coniposition l»c has choscn. His 
lanfTuagc, too, with some fcw exccptions, is as purc and correct as 
coulJ be cxpected evcn from a writcr of the Aujjustan age. 

The kind of verse employed by PhacJrus is wliat is called 
the iamhic trimeter, consisting of a combination of six ianibi, 
whcnce it is tcrmcJ in Latin senarius, anJ in Grcck trimeter, two 
unitcJ feet forming a metrum or dipodui. To rclievc thc monotony 
of pure iambic fcet, liowcver, the phice of an iamhus ^ - may be 
BuppIieJ by a trihracliys ^ ^ ^ , a. spondee — , a dacfi/l - ^ w , 
or an anapacst w « -, in cvcrj' place cxccpt tlic last, which must 
alw.iys be an iambus, or, as tiic last syllable of all vcrsis is anceps 
— tJiat is, long or short — a pyrrhic, •^ ^ . To cxeniplify this, wc 
eubjoin four lines of the flrst fable of Phaedrus, diviJcJ into siugle 
fcct anJ mctres. 

B I N O I. K K I'. B T. 

Ad riv I um cun | dcni lupus | ct ag | nus ven | erant | 
Siti I compul | si : 8ui>c { rior | stabat | lupus, | 

Longc I que infcri | or ag j nu.'». Tunc | fauce im | proba | 

Latro in | cita | tus jur | gii | causam in | tulit. | 


Ad rivum cun | dini Iiipus et ag | nus vcnerant | 
Siti conipul | si : 8U{KTior | stabat lupus, | 

Longeque inferi | or ognus. Tunc | fauce improba | 

Latro incita [ tus jurgii | causam iutulit. | 



PROLOGUS, ..... 









































AICTOR, .... . . *J4 








ACCTOK, .... .32 



FOETA, .... 




. 38 


. .19 













II. ••OCTA, 



TI. rUGMA MtHIUM 1.1 Ul .-.Il.l.Ali ' 
rill. tKHrCNK Ali FAlkUI U IKUHAK. 

IX. VI I rij» i.T r»r»-.ii, , 













IDEM POETA, ..... 













Aesopus auctor quam materiam repperit, 

Hanc ego polivi versibus senariis. 

Duplex libelli dos est : quod risum movet, 

Et quod prudentis vitam consilio monet. 

Calumniari si quis autem voluerit, 5 

Quod arbores loquantur, non tantum ferae, 

Fictis jocari nos meminerit fabulis. 

J, 2. Construe thus: Eqo poHri versiltus setiariis hanc materiuin, qnam 
auctor Aesopus repperif. Matm-ia, ' tlie subject,' literally, tlie stuff or 
niaterial out of whicli anything is made. See iv. 25, 7. Verdbus 
(verfo, I turn), a tnming from the end of one line to tlie commence- 
ment of the next. Senariis. For the class of numerals to wliicli this 
word belongs, see Gram. § 106, n. 5; and for the structure of iambie 
trimeters, see Introd. — 3. Duph.r, 'twofold;' JJos ('/o), 'advantage' 
or ' Ijenefit.' literally. dowry or marriaee-portion. — 4. Frudentis (prori- 
dentis), ' wise,' literally, foreseeing. Tlie contraction aceounts for the 
long quantity of the first syllable. Vitam mo?iet ' directs ' or ' regulates 
men.' Vifa, in tlie sense of homin^s or vivenfes, was a common usage 
in the time of Phaedrus. — 5. Calumniari, ' to cavil,' literally, to misre- 
present to the prejudice of another in a question of law. It is used 
here figuratively. Voluerit. For this use of the future perfect see 
6' ram. § 338, n. 3. — 6. Arbores. See i. 14. Lorjuantur. Tlie su1)junctive 
indicates that this is a part of the objcction taken by tlie cavillers. 
Elem. fJram. 35.3. — 7- Eicfis, uscd here to dcnote tliat the niatter of 
tlie fables is fictitious, because fabida signifies primarily a plot or 
narrative eitlier real or imaginary ; so ii. 6, O", ve liave verafabellu. 



FAniLA I. 
1. U r V S K T A G N D 8. 

An rivuui euiidein lupus et api^us vciierant 
Siti conipulsi : supcriur stal>at lupus, 
Ix)nge<.jue inferior apnus. Tunc fauce inipruha 
I>atro imitatus jiirpii causain intulit. 
Cur, in<iiiit, turl>ulentain fecisti niihi 5 

Aiiuain i>il)enti ? I^iniger contra tiinens, 
Qui possuni, <|iiaeso, facere, i|I|im1 (pieieris, lupe ? 
A tc (lecurrit a<l nieos liaustus linuur. 
Itepulsus ille veritatis viribus, 

Ante lios sex mcnscs nialc, ait, dixisti niihi. lU 

KcspoiKlit «ignus : K<|uideni natus noii eraiii. 

2. Siti, oiic of the c-laM of iiounii of tlic lliinl cli'clon«ion whioli mnkc 
tlicir ablativc in t itivarialily. f'lfm. (intin. Ah. Sii/irnor ntands licrc. 
)ui i» fri ■' •' •' ' •■- -'■■•■-■■. 111. t nicrcly M a pn»di- 

ralc, !• iiircrcncc of idioin, wc 

rcnder - •- n» licrc, ' ftirtlicr u|» ' 

tlic ■trcaiii. 'llic hMin; niiiurk ai<i>Iii» lu ii./inor, ncxt linc. F.lcm. 
(,'riiin. .'fj-"». - .1. hii]>n'Ui, * ffrccily. ' iiiiuitiahlr.' Tlii.» iiotion cntcr» 
,),!■ ^* 1 ■ ii into tlic nicaniiif; of iliii wonl ; »0« i. .5, 11, whcre i»i- 
/« <l in tho ii<>n«o of iiih/i/.m. Juiiuv \h thc only raitc in tlic 

»11. |>liiml i* coimilctc. /■.'^<-»/:. ^Vaiii. .'>7, 4.— 1. /xi/n>, *thc mh- 

hir ,' tl.i'. i-, tlic wolf. Tlic uord priinnrilv incann n nicrccnary nolilicr 
out of fiii|iloyiiiciil ; tlic RiKiiilicjiiioii rohlM-r or i>n)wlcr oiit of 
thc jiffdatory hnliitit of micli incn. ./kh/ii oiiimimi ih/m/i/, • ailvanccd n 
iirrtixt fiir a. iiii.irrrl.' l"'or tlii» ni<'aniii)( of niuMt, »rt' nUo lliic I.S, 
lii !'.\v. *:. '/':tH- 'rr:' rm, ' iinii|i|y ;' u»cd pniMiivcly hcrc, niid c<|uivalciit 
ti. / I /riii), thc ' w<M>'r ;' that la, tlin 

|, -- fotin<lcd oii a pnrtii-tilar |.r<>|>crty ; mo 

11: , , ., ... / '• * l.c 11.1 M I, ;i, rl /t^ifnm. — 7. l'on- 

•Imethua: Lu/i^, •/ui iffum, <iiiae>'. ! i/nfrrni. Qm!, ' liow,' 

iii n •iiii'iilnr nMniivc fi.nii f>>r nll • • •> of thc lnlcrr<>t(itlivc 

|.r ■ ' iiiniiiicr, a» 

ly , , ' 1 |>rny,' 

1« / . . rn, ' 

of whicti yoii ciiiii|il.iiii.' I^urrvr la iiiorc cuiiiliiuiily ii.iiatnicd witli 
,h, i:r.i:.. • Wi, M- 1,— H. Ait •"*.« Akh'/», 'tn niy dranRlita,' or to 
1! ■ ■ I ' ■ '■ ' I drnw wnlir\ 

I \mII iti a hui-kil 

I l.y lln- /-'Mwr of 

triitl..' Iirr* tiicitiia |>-iM<r, iiutliiiiit}, «Vi ., I.iil llii' niiiKnlar fci>) 
U«iinlly drnotra /urcr or rmlrner, tkn lirlow, Fali. '1, TJ, uiid iil. li, •!.'- 
1(1, Aiilt ku% *rj mrntri, ' »\x inonthi ap>.' .Vu/r, ■c|inmlc<l fltiin dir.lti 

Pater Hercule tuus, iiKjuit, male dixit mihi, 
Atque ita correptiim lacerat injusta nece. 

Haec propter illos scripta est homines fabula, 
Qui fictis causis innocentes opprimunt. 15 

by (lie fijjiire of spccch callcd tmesis. — 12. Hercule, by Hercules ! iii 
very trutli ! Otlicr fornis are Hercle, I\felicrciile, Mehercle, Mehercules 
— au oatli anionjr tlie Ronians exclusivcly used by men, as Mecasfor 
was by womcn. — 13. Correplum Uiccrat ; tliat is, corripit et lacerat, 
' seizes and tcars liim to pieces.' For tliis use of the participle, see 
Craw. § 404. — 14. J'ropler illos, ' for tlie sakc ' or ' beuetit of those.' — 
15. fictis cuHsis, ' by false pretexts,' 

R A N' A E R E G E M P E T 1 E E U X T. 

Athenae quum florerent acquis legibus, 
Procax hbertas civitatem miscuit, 
Frenumquc solvit pristinum Hcentia. 
Hic, couspiratis factiunum partibu.s, 
Arcem tyrannus occupat Pisistratus, 6 

1. Athenae ; that is, Atlieriienses. Quum, ' when,' Florerent. The 
subjunctive is used after quum, meaning wlien, in historical narrative, 
where a preccding evcnt may be regarded as the cause of a subsequcnt 
one. Elem. (irum. 354, note. Aer/uis le<iiltus, ' rcpublicaii laws.' The 
laws referred to hcre are tliose of Solon. Atliens was tlie eapital of 
Attica, situatcd on the soutli-west slnpe of Mount Lycabcttus, betwecu 
tlie small rivcrs Cephissus on the wcst and Illissus on the east, about 
tliirty stadia, or nearly thrce and a half niiles, from the sca. — 2. Proeux 
(proco OT procor, I dcmand), ' unsatisficd,' denotes a rcstlcss craving 
after Bomefhinp morc than <>nc posscsses. Ciritulem ; tliat is, cii^es. 
.1/ist'uiV, ' cmbroilcd ;' used licre fipiirativcly. — 3. Frenum,\A. freni or 
frena, Flem. Cram. 59, ' rcstraint ; ' litcrally, a ' bit ' or ' l)ridle. Solvit, 
' broke througli.' /Vis^/«i/«i, ' formcr,' in strict significafion, refers to 
what lia« haiipencd within tlie memorj- of those wlio are now alive. 
See below, Fab. 21, 1, and iii. 12, 5, Liceuliu, ' liccntiousncss,' arising 
out of abuse of liberfy. — 1. Cousjiiralis, usfd actively for ronapirantilms. 
Factionuin. At llie jieriod referred to, Atlicns wa.s dividcd into tlircc 
factions (/actiones); namely, tliose of tlie 1'lain, coniiirisiiig cliicfly the 
nobles or landcd proi>rietors ; the Coast, consistiiig of tiie wcaltliier 
classes not hdonging to the noblcs ; and tlie Highlands, wliioh aimed 
at niore of pojitical frccdom tlian eitlicr of tlic otlier two. J'iir/ilius. 
I'ars significs ' a party ' or ' faction,' cithcr in tlic singular or plural, but 
more frequcntly in tlic hittcr. —5. 'lyranniis, ' usurpcr,' priiiiarily signi- 
fied a monarch exercisiiig a power not liiiiitcd hy tiic constitutional 
iawB of his eountry, but not ncccssarily implyiiig eruelty. During tho 
dccliDC of tlie Roman language, this word bccainc synonyuious witli our 

4 pnAErmi PABrr-ARi'M 

Qaum tristfiM servimtein tlcrent Attici, 
(Xon qnia cnnltli-; ill«\ se<l quoniani pravo 
Omue insuetis <inus) ot coopissont quori, 
Aesopus taloiii tuiii t'al>ellain rettulit. 

llanao, vagantos liboris pahnlibus. 10 

Clamore niagno rogom poticro a Jove, 
Qui dissolutos inorcs vi cuinposooret. 
Pater dconiin risit, at.iuc illis dodit 
Parvum tigillum, missum quod subito vadi 
Motu sono<iuo torniit pavi<lum pcnus. 15 

IIoc inorsuin limo quuiii jaccret diutius, 
Forte una tacitc profert c stagno caput, 
Et, cxplorato rcge, cunotas cvocat. 
Illac, timore posito, ccrtatim adnatant, 
Lignumque supra turba pctulans insilit. 20 

Quod iiuuin in<iuina.<^sent i>iniii contumolia, 
Alium rogantos rcgem miscre ad Jovom, 
Inutilis <iuoniam cssot qui fiiorat datus. 
Tum misit illis hydruin, «pii deute aspero 
Corripore coopit singul.Ls. Fiustra nccem 2"> 

Fugitant inertes, vocem praccludit inctus. 

worU lyriiul. So tlie Kiif(liHli wor<tii knaf<e, viUainy convovod no Idoa of 
«lepniTity nt fimt. a* tlny now <Io. I'isi$lratus. A ctitl'nitc<l Atlio- 
iiian, tlie Hi>n ^if IIi|i|M><'r;it<-ii. wlio fl<iuriHhr<l in tlic tini<> of.S^ilon. Iliii 
•i-izurc oftliv rit.-i<lel, Ai<le<l liy tlic fHetinii of tlie ni((lilan<l«, 
took ploco n.& 660. f>o-«/xj/. Tlie liintorio prenent. F.lfm. (imm. 337, 
noto. — G. TriMlein trrrilu/rm /Umil, ' liewnileil tlieir M<1 lM>n<lasfo.' Kor 
tlii ■ • • ' '' .1 wiili an ao^-iit.-itivi'. Kce 'ti.iiM. § 'Jl!*. n. 1. .illin, 

Ix . w.-ui iiot conrine<l fo tlio riti/.cin< of .\tlieii»> alono, 

— j: / ; iitirri, ' to tlio«e unnccu»tonieil to a liunlon ' or 

rcMlriiiut. I 'i-.).i>Miil f/iirri for qiirrrrcnliir, a foim of expreioiion very 
coininon in I'liao<lniii. — 9. Talfm julieltiiw, * «onio niicli fulile «« tlic 
followlnK'' — !"■ Rcfer /i'«Tn to rnwif. l'J. ('ti-iiffn\>rfl, Tlio iiulijunc- 
livo, iH-eniiiie it cxjirciuu-ii tliu pur|MiNo containo<l in r/ni', wliieli ia lioro 
e<{ual t» ul it. {'.Irin. tirnin. .'t'iO. 1. — 14. /'nn-um liijillMin, •» Vory 
littlo lo>,'.' carryiiifr out tliu liuiii.>ur ex]irvii»o<l in ri>i/. — 15. /'aridum 
ijeniLt ; 1«, /<ifi</.M rojnj». -lli. Mrituni, uii(lonitan<l (»«) liiHo, 
' "unk in tlio nm«l.' J-icrrrl. Vux llio nuliiunctive, m-o noto, lino I.-- 
|H. AVorti/, * calU tliem oiit of tlx-ir lurkinK-plncea. f 'i//ir/.i<, nnilor- 
•fnn'1 rrxn-i^. Sr-.- I,. |rnv, Knli. II, II. — 19. .Iiiniilanl, nn<lenitnn<l 
/ii/. ' — 'Jl. ( 'iiiiluiiirlhi (mn tumfti, I kwoII), nol 

oiil II wor<l, liiit frei|iii-ntly in di'e<l, na lierc. 

— 'J.i. .'. . oquivnl.-iit to '/'o riif/iireiil. — Cl. I\ufl. 

Tlie ■ul' it expn-nnen llie naaon ursod liy llio frofra. 

I\lrin, (,, :t,imi, ' nin liltlior an<l tliifnor,' imt oannot 

oiioa|>o. l 'h:- 'I ] I !• '.■ht mriw, * t<Tr'>r •il<-nce« lliclr cronklng.' - 


Furtim igitur dant Mercurio inandata ad Jovcni, 
Afflictis ut succurrat. Tunc contra deus : 
Quia uoluistis vestrum ferrc, inquit, bonum, 
Malum pcrferte. Vos quoque, o cives, ait, 30 

Hoc sustinete, majus ne veniat malum. 

'27. Mercurio. Mcrcnry is hcre applied to as tlic mcssengcr of tlie gods. 
Mandata maybc renderecl by tlie singular 'a couimission.' — 28. Hiiccui- 
rrif, Tlie subjunctive is used in subordinate clauscs, introduccd by td, 
in the scnse of ' in order that.' J-Jlem. Gram. 351. — 29. Ferre and pafi 
are both aj^pHcd to good as well as to bad fortune. — 30. Perferfe, 
' cndure without hopc of mitigation.' Observe the intensivc force 
of /'cr. 


Ne gloriari libeat alienis bonis, 
Suoque potius habitu vitam degere, 
Aesopus nobis hoc exemplum prodidit. 

Tumens inani graculus superbia 
Pennas, pavoni quae deciderant, sustulit, 5 

Seque exornavit. Deinde contemnens suos 
Immiscuit se pavonum formoso gregi. 
IIH impudenti pennas eripiunt avi, 
Fugantque rostris. Male mulcatus graculus 
Redire maerens coepit ad proprium genus ; lU 

A quo repulsus tristem sustiuuit notam. 

1, '2. Construe thus : — Ne ULeat {cuKjuam) f/loriari Lonis alienis, et 
(uf) potius {liiteai) dcr/ere ritam siio liaJjifu. Hahitu, ' situation in life.' 
[nstead of e/, wc should here expect .W. — 3. JCa-emplum (ex emo), 
primarily a sample, in whicli sense it corresponds to 'iu-/fjM. Gcne- 
raliy it significs cxample, coiidiict. In tliis passage, and in iv. 3, 6, 
it may be tninslated • fablc' — 5. Paroni (luae dccidcraut, ' wliich had 
falleu from the pcacoek.' Tiie dative in Latiu generally expresses 
the person or tliing in rcgard to whieli somcthing is done. Kleni. 
(•'rojH. 279. — 6. JCjroinarit. Thc prcposition hcre denotes tlioroughness 
or exeess of decoration. fiuos, understand fnacalos, or amicos. — 8. JIU ; 
tliat is, jiarones. — 9. uMuLatiis, ' bcing mauled.' Mulcare signifies to 
bmise or maul, witliout any substantive to denote tlie instrument, 
wjiereas with some such substantive as pecunia, viuculis, rnortc, &cc., it 
signifies to fine or punisli in gcneral. — 10. Jiedire coej/it, for rciiiil. 
/'roprium fienus, ' his own kind.' — 11. 7'ristem sustinuit notam, 'suffered 
a sad mark of disgracc.' No/a lias rcferencc to the Nota censoria, 


Tuin tjuiil.iii. ox illis, «^uus prius «lcs|>oxorat : 

Contentus nustris si fuisscs sodibus, 

Kt qufxl natura doderat voluis.sos pati, 

Nec illam ixpertus cssts contuinoliam, lA 

Nec hanc rcpulsam tua sentiret calamitAS. 

uhicli, wlicn nttaclKil fo a naiiic oii tlic revistcr, \va« rcjrardcil m a 
liraixl <>( (li^lii.iioiir.- l"J. V"''"". iiii<!i"nttan<l tn'/;,it. — Ifi. Sentirrl. 
.Mark tlic chamic fiMiii tlic |>liipt'rfcct t<> tlic iiiipcrlV ct. ' Ynu woulil 
ncitlier liavc cxpcriciiccd (at a |'a.>>t tiiiic) iior ^iiow) fccL' EUm. 
iiraiM. 347. 

F A I» f L \ I V. 

c A .M s r y. K V I, V \ 1 f .M f .\ K N i; M V y. k k n s. 

A.MITTIT merito propriuin, ipii aliciiuin appctit. 
Caiiis pcr tluincn caniein dum rcrret natans, 
lAinphanim in s|>cculo vidit siinulacnim suuni, 
.\liami|ue prac<lam ab alio fcrricr putans 
Kripcre voluit : vcruin dcccpta aviditas, 6 

Kt, <|Ucm teiicliat orc, diinisit cibum, 
Ncc, <|Ucm pctebat, potuil dentc attinjjcrc. 

1. /'rnpriHui, undcnitiind Aohmjn. — 2. /Vr, ' arnMw.' Frrrrt. Ilcrc 
wc «hoiild cxpcct /•ri. N>itiiiif. Sco Kali. 1. l.v — 3. I.pinfJ^iimm in 
rprruhi, * iii tlic iuirror of tlic wntcr.'— 4. I'rrrirr. For tlii» fonii of tlic 
infinitivc, ncc '.'r.ii/i. § 14»), 1. -.'i. yv<Y>y>/<i, uiidcmtand <*/. .-Iri./i/u», tlic 
abktract fur tlic concrctc cxprvMion, aridtu c<nii$. — li. />imin/, ' lct •Hp. 

r .\ 11 1; I, A V. 


Ni .\Qi'A.M cst lidclix cuin potciitc MH-ictaar 
Tc?itatur liacc fabcllu prupositum incuiii. 
Vacca ct i-apclln d paticiiH ovi» injiirine 

1. /'ofrmlf, ac. litiiiiiiHi. .SnriWoi (•"''imi), ' pArtiirmliip.' — '2. /'mfMuilmm, 
• oplnioii.'— 3. /'atifni nfjnriae, ' patlrnt uii<lcr wrong.' /'ahrmt, wllh 
tlto gcnilivc, ii «n o^icclivo dciiuting ca|>aliilit]r uf cnilur»nc« ; but 


Socii fuere cum leone in saltibus. 
Ili quum cepissent cervum vasti corporis, 5 

Sic est locutus, partibus foctis, leo : 
Ego primam toUo, nominur quoniam leo ; 
Secundarn, quia sum fortis, tribuetis mihi ; 
Tum, quia plus valeo, me sequetur tertia ; 
Malo afBcietur, si quis quartam tetigerit. 10 

Sic totam praedam sola improbitas abstulit. 

vvitii tlie acciisative, it is a participle, ' enduring.' — 4. Socii, 'partners.' 
Sociiis is a companion in tlie same fortune or cntcrprise ; cotties (coii 
eo), a fellow-traveller ; soda/is, a companion iii amusement or pleasure. 
Sa!tilj'is, ' forests.' — 6. Partibus factis, ' the prey being divided into 
sharcs.' — 9. Afe ser/uetur, shall follow me ; tliat is, shall be mine. — 
11. liiipiohitas. Equivalent to avidifas. See Fab. 1, 3. 


ViciNi furis celebres vidit nuptias 
Aesopus, et continuo narrare iucipit : 

Uxorem quondam Sol quum vellet ducere, 
Clamorem ranae sustulere ad sidera. 
Convicio permotus quaerit Jupiter 5 

Causam querelae. Quaodam tum stagni incola, 
Xunc, inquit, omnes unus exurit lacus, 
Cogitque miseras arida sede cmori. 
Quidnam futurum est, si crearit liberos ? 

1. Vicini, 'neighbouring;'' that is, in Aesop'8 neighbourhood. Cfe/e- 
fji-es, ' tlironged ' with guests. It has always this meaning when applied 
to places of resort, sucli as via, lorns, <S:c. — 2. Nanaie, understand 
/'ahtitaiii,'- io tell a story;' tliat is, the following story. — 3. Quondain, 
' once on a time.' Uxorcm ducere, ' to niarry.' Tliis was properly said 
of the man, because it was his part to lead the bride ; but nuf/ere viro 
of the wonian, because she met lier husband covered witli a veil, 
flammenm. — 5. ('onvicio, ' by the discordant noise.' Tliis word signifies 
the union of many voices, as if compoundcd of con and voce. See 
also iii. 16, .3. Permotus, 'startled.' — 6. Incola, feniinine, as implying 
rnva. — 7- Nuvc, ' as the case now is.' Untis, ' one sun alone.' Kjurit, 
• liuriis up.' — 8. Arida, ' parchcd.' Eiitori, ' to die a crucl death.' 
Observe the force of e carrying out tlie idea implied in ejcurit and 
arida. — 9. Quidnam futurum est ? ' What will bccomc of us?' Thie 
form ia frcqucntly uscd in c.xprcssing a fc-arful prcscntiment. 

IMI \ I HHI r Alll I MtrM 

V U L r E S A n r K K S O N A XI T K A G I C A M. 

Personam tragicam forte vulpcs viderat : 
O quanta spccies, inijuit, cerehnim non hal>et ! 

Hoc illis dictuin cst, ijuibus honurcm ct glori.iin 
Fortuiia tribiiit, sensuin cuiiiniuiiein al>stulit. 

1. 1'rrsomam trapimin, 'a tratn^diMrs majk.' Pfrmna wm « mxmk 
vorn hy tlie ancient actora wliicli conccalc<i tlicir fcaturcs. aud licuce 
ebaractcr, iiidividual {xnou, lVc. 

I. U r U 8 K T C! U C I 8. 

Qui pretium mcriti al> im|irubis du^iderat, 
Bis |)io .it : priiiium <iuuniam iiidignos adjuvat ; 
Imi>uiii' aliiro deiiidc iiui.i jaiii iion i>utest. 

Os dcvonitum faucc ijuum hacrorct lupi, 
Majfnu dolorc victus cucpit siiijnilus 5 

Illicerc prctio, ut illud cxlralicrcnt nialum. 
Taiii|*-m pfrsiia-a cst jiiri- juniiido j:nii.>«, 
(lulafjuc crcdcns colli loii^Mtudiiiciii, 
rcriiiilosam fccit mcdiciiiam hipo. 
A (|uu r|uuni pactum flagitnrct prncmiuin : lo 

1,2, 'A. CotiatniG llnu : — Qui . ^riti ab improbu, f<frs-,it 

>, I '^' ■' ' 'fuonuim adjiirat in ; Jnm no* pnl»tt nfnn 

I' , *of A fnvour.' /V.,,4. ., ,, ' Lluiidrr» doiiiily.' Qma 

iiiiM ;' tliat ia, «lieii lic linii •loiip ko. Imfutir, * Hitliout 

F.. ' ; : . . .f 



8.. .-. ,..,...,. 

<♦" , • rnelf' (lliP 

cr. . .11. iii llir 

•II' Iv ini-itlia 

i" ; '/'...Imm, 

**'• t , .- . , ,_. . . . . 3 . .1 .. ,.,.,..,' duiincd.' 


Ingrata cs. inr|uit. ore «luae nostro caput 
Incolume al).stuleris, et mercedem postules. 

— 12. Ahstuleris. Relative clauses liave tlie verb in tlie suli.iiinctive 
wlicn thcy introduce a reason for wliat is contained in the leading 
clause. Klein. Graiii. 360, 6. Merccdem, ' fee,' technically. fos/u/e!', 
/'ostii/are, in contradistiuction to pefere and rof/are, nicans to dcmand 
as a right. 



SiBi non cavere, et aliis consilium dare, 
Stultum esse, paucis ostendamus versibus. 

Ojipressum ab aquila et fletus edentem graves 
Leporem objurgabat passer : Ubi pernicitas 
Nota, inquit, illa est ? Quid ita cessarunt pedes ] 5 
Dum loquitur, ipsum accipiter necopinum rapit, 
Questuque vano clamitantem interficit. 
Lepus semianimus ; Mortis en solatium ! 
Qui modo securus nostra irridebas mala, 
Simili querela fata deploras tua. 10 

1, 2. Constrae, Ostendamus paticis rersthtis siuli-on es^e, von ravere sihi et 
dare cortiilium ofiis. Carere sibi, ' to take care of one's selt' Cavere lias 
different meanings when construed witli a dative and with an accusative. 
Cavere a!ic>ii, to take care on belialf of anothcr pcrson ; carcre alir/uem, 
to beware of another person. Gram. § 264, n. 2. — i. Cln pemicitas nota 
iUa 1 ' Where is tliat fained swiftness of yours .* ' — 6. Ipsum, sc. pas- 
serem. Accipitcr (ad cupio), 'a (bird) catcher,' ' a hawk.' Necopinum^ 
'never dreaming of such a tliin^.' — ^. Semvinimns or is, 'Iialf dead.' 
For tlic adjcetivcs. whicli liavc double forms of declension. see Elem. 
Gram. 66, note. Mortis en sofalium, ' behold tlie consolation of my 
death.' Gram. § 258, n. 2. — f). Qa/, 'you who.' iSfecurai, ' in safety,' 
18 comfM-jundcd of se or sine and cnra ; so also sincerns (sine cera), ' un- 
mixed," ' pure ;' and sndus (se udii>), ' witliout moisture,' ' clcar,' ' drj-.' 

F A B U L A X. 

Qurcu.NQUE turpi fraude semel innotuit, 
Etiam si venun dicit, amittit fidem. 
IIoc attestatur brevis Aesopi fabula. 

], 2. Construc. Qniainqiic semel innotnit turjii frawJe,amiUit naem eiiam 
ti dicU veruiu tuff.i fraude ; that ia, propter turjjeni fraude.m. Innotuit. 

10 i-rrAKDKi KAiu i.AurM 

Lii|>us aiy«U'l>;it vul|><.-iu furti criiuiiic ; 
Xegjibat illa m." csse culpae pruxiinniu. A 

Tuiic jutlcx iiitcr illos sctiit ^iiiiius. 
L'tcn|ue caus;uii iiuum |>cri>ia.ssciit suaiii, 
l>ixissc fcrtur siinius scntciitiaiii : 
Tu iioii vifloiis |icnliili.ssc iiuod j>etis ; 
Te crctlu subripuis-sc, quotl pulchrc iicgji.s. 10 

• lios bccn bramlctl.' AVkjw» h\ ' cvcn if.' — -1. ArijurlKii, * miui Bcriiitiug.' 
.•Irt,"!-'.', in t)if m-iiMo ' to cotivicf,' inij»l'<'«i tlic nrcnnation, tlic proiif, 
«11 " ' ' ' ii'i;m/»i, iu>nn'iit 
t" ■ ." Au c«|i|H»ito 
lil,; . . , ^ . : ., . ...111 iit ;' lK>rro\vri| 
ironi tlic Inii^iiaKc ol' tlio Konini. — 7. Utrn/w, \c. A« wr «ay, ' wlii-ii 
both nartics lin'l fiii?«lifl tln'irrn««>' — R. S^iiirt$ii>iiH. Tccliiiiciillv, tlio 

* o|iinion ' of .i ' ' l^iilrrif. V»v>\ nUo 
tcclinicallr, .i- -■■ lnin;; in rrnir evcn 
ill tcrt of I' ; of ;infllllli'llt.' 


Viitn Ti.s cxpcrs vcrbi.s juctans glurinin 
Igiiotos fallit, iiotis est ilerisui. 

Yeiiari ascllo coinitc iiuuiii vcllct lco, 
roiitexit illuiu fnitice, ct ailiiioiiuit siiiiul, 
Ut iii.Hui.-tn voce terrerct fenis, 
Fui.'iciitj*s ijiso excipcret. Ilic Hurituliis 
('laiiioicin subito tutis tollit viribu.s, 
Novo<|Ue turbat iK-sti.xs iiiimculo. 
( iii.i.' rliini pnveiites .-vitiK iii.fiK ii.-iiinf, 

ilrrtini it I i: , 

lllAt ill, 

'(•kUiii- l->>r lliiii coii«lnirtion nf tlic ilntirc, mcv Klrm, 

(ttltm. If, ill ll|<. lU-IIM* <>f KKV", S<'P I. h, 4 —4. f Vm»- 

/r, ■ ' ..... ,. , • - . ,,,,,,,_, ,,„. 

U. ■ ,n. I 

|f, • ' _ ■ ■ . . I .■ .. ,■. 

9o«> \. i. 0. llii* i* tl.< mIikIi tliia Hor.l tH-i-iirii. 

—4. Tirfntt (lcnotrs tlie • :>>.ti-mntliin iim-rilind llicir 

flif[hl. — 9 l'titut noluf, ' Iho liii.;i ir ..iitlolt ' froin llio woo.l. 

LIBEU t. 11 

Ijconis uffliguntur liorrcndo inipetu. 10 

Qui, postquam caede fessus cst, asinuni evocat, 
Jubetque voceni preniere. Tunc ille insolens : 
Qualis videtur opera tibi vocis mcac ? 
Insignis, inquit, sic ut, nisi nossem tuum 
Animum genusque, siniili fugissem metu. 15 

11. /■A-oca/, undoTsta.nd er fniticeto. — 12. JiilicL Tlie laiigiiage of coiii- 
niaiul, as beiiig king of tlic aiiimals. Vncein prcincrc, ' to eease braying.' 
IUe ; tliat is, (isiiiiii: Iiiso/ois, ' witli aii air of vanity.' — 13. Qmlis 
vide/iir ti/ji opcra 1 ' wliat tliink you of the performanec ? ' Opera might 
mcan assistance licre, but pcrformanec is in keeping with imolens. — 
14. Insignis sic, ' it is rcmarkablc to sueh a clcgrec.' Ironieally. A^bssew, 
f'u(]issem. Tlie pluperfcet subjunctive is used in both elauses if the 
supposition as wcll as thc infercnce is not true, and belongs to paat 
timc. Eiem. 0'niiii. 347. 


Laudati.s utiliora, quae contempseris, 
Saepe inveniri, haec testis erit narratio. 

Ad fontem cervus, qiium bibisset, restitit, 
Et in liquore vidit effigiem suam. 
Ibi dum ramosa mirans laudat cornua, 5 

CrurunKiue nimiam tenuitatem vitupcrat, 
V^enantum sul>ito vocibus cunterritus 
Pcr campum fugere coepit, et cursu levi 
Canes elusit. Silva tum cxcepit ferum, 
In qua retentis impeditus curnibus 10 

Lacerari coepit morsibus saevis canuni. 
Tunc moriens vocem hanc edidisse dicitur : 
me infelicem ! qui nunc demum intelligo. 

1, 2. Construe : Ilaec nurratio erit lcstis (eu), '/iiae con/eiiipseris, saepe 
invcniri utiliora luitdaJis. I^iuda/is, ' than the things commended.' 
Contempseris. Tlie subjunctive is u.scd in all clausts introduced 
into a dcpendcnt clause eithcr by a rcJative pronoun or a conjunc- 
tion, providcd they form an inte^rral part of it. Etem. Grain. 361. — 
4. Liffuore, ' in tlic clcar water.' Sec i. 28, 4. Effufiein, ' rcflection." — 
r>. Ihi, ' in the watcr.' — G. Tc.nnita/pm, ' slendcrness.' See i. 8, 8. — 
7. Vrnanluin, for renatoriim. — 9. Elusil. An cxprcssion borrowcd from 
the arena. — 1.3. Mc. Thc accusativc in tliesc and similar cxprcssions 
may bc cxplaiued by supplying some suitable verb, as asjiice, ' bchold.' 

12 IMI.vr.KUI K.vmi-AIM .M 

Itili.i iiiihi <iuan> fuerint, <|u:if iIcspcxor.ini. 

Kt, quac laudanun, (luantuin luctus lialmorint. 1.^ 

limm. § 258, n. 1. — H, \h. Coniitruc: Qnam utUUt U<i), quae dff)>fjfium, 
fnerimt mihi, ri t^HitnlHin iHdtf ('<j) hahwrrinf^ quaf laHdartram. For tlic 
■ulijunctivcx/Mr/iV aiid hnbuennt, scc Kem. (intm. 352. 

FAIUI.A .\m. 

V f L l' K S K T C O K V f sj. 

Qui sc laudari jraudct vcH>is .«iuMolis, 
Sero dat |><>cna.s turpi pocnitcntia. 

Quuiii dc fciicstra corvus raptuin ca.scuni vcllct, ccl.s;i rcsidcns arbore, 
Vulpcs liuiic vidit, dcindc sic cocpit \u<\\n : fi 

O <iui tuaruin, orvc, pcnnaruin est iiiior I 
Quantum dccoris corpore et vultu jjcris I 
Ki voccin h.ihcrcs, nulhi prior alcs forct. 
At illc stultus, dum vult voccni ostendero, 
Kmisit orc c;iseuiii, <|uem cclcritcr |i) 

I>i>hjs;i vulpcs aviihs nipuit dciitihu.s. 
Tuin dcinum ingciiiuit corvi deceptus iitU|M>r. 

I, 2. CullntniL' : Qui ijnudrt it hmdari rer^iit lubduli; dal ftiten>ii lur/n 
{■nrnilmtia trrv. Sulidiiii$, ♦ wlicfiHin^,' i]cn<itrii aii nptitndo iu tlio 
rrnftr jwr»on fo diiil Iiiin««>)f to tlic fi>il>li*« of )ii« <1iijm». /*<i/ poemat, 
' ;.• ' '•■1.* 'rii<' I'' " 1 ri>r tiio filK' 

w ! Iiliviidft' iktkoii, tlint lic 

111).: I fi>r iniiril) I K>ii I.m) latc.'- 

'.i. I-rnrtira, litiTnilv, luiy a|M.-rlnrc wlilcli ikIiiiiU lixlit, ' a winilow.' — 
4. ('iiiiirtff, niiotliiT fiinn in mnirdiir*. Fof rdn nn<l iln contponiuln, 
iico /■.'/fiH. (i> '"' <' ' . ' . ' I '' • ■i n tn-c' So 

nlM) ii. 4, 1, //'<n. ; tlmt i*, 

n.ri /'M <"<. I,' I. '\'\\r illl|MT- 

f< ' ' i.'...», to (lcnotc tliAt 

ll.' '. nr rnniiot hc Inii'. 

lUr .,, . / ,. .-, • ..',., .,,-,, 

ia, forruM. thlriiderr, fr ' .1 

lcnKtli,* liiit «liiii t<Mi lii'.. .i.i 
corriu. Hnv I. II, ti. Z>mw/>.'ua, ' Uujh.iI.' 


H O M O E T A R B R E ?. 

Pereunt auxilium qui suis dant hostibus. 
Facta securi quidani ab arboribus petit, 
E liguo firmo ut sibi manubrium darent. 
Homini jusserunt omnes oleastrum dari. 
Accepit munus, aptata et manubrio 6 

Bipenni coepit magna excidere robora. 
Hic dum, quae vellet, eligebat, fraxino 
Dixisse fertur quercus : Merito cacdimur. 

1. Gonstrue : (////) pereunt qiii dant consilium siiis JiostiljH!!. — 2, 3. Con- 
strue: Securi facla quidam peiit ab arljoritjus, ut darent siLi )iia7iubriuni e 
firmo lifrno. Securi. Elem. Graw. 44 (6), 1. Petit, for petiit. Elem. 
Craw. 135, 2. — 4. 0/nnes, supply ffrion-i-. Oleastrum. The wood of the 
wild ohve was in preat repute witli carpentcrs on account of its hard- 
ness. — 5. Construe : Bipenni aplata inanubrio. liijirnni (his pinna), 
* two-edged.' — 6. Coepi t, BiippW /lomo. — 7- Vcl/et, For the subjunctive, 
sce Elem. Gram. 360, 3. Eli(/ebai. For the imperfect witli dum, Bce 
Gram. § 332, note. 


Ad urnam cornix sitiens semi])lenani a(|uae 
Accessit, atque conata est evertere. 
Sed quum videret stai'e fortem, calculos 
In urnam misit, quorum multitudine 
Aqua est porrecta sur.sum, et satiavit sitim. 5 

Hac re probatur, quaiitum ingenium pollcat ; 
Virtute seniper praevalet sapientia. 

J. Semiplenam. Elem. Gram. 29.5, .3. — 3. Fortem, finn. Sce i. 1, 2. 
^. Sitim. Elrm. Gram. 44 (</), 1. — 7. Virtutr, used in its primary 
meaning, ' pliysieal strengtli.' as ojtposed to mental po-wer. 

14 i'n.\T:nni FAnri.vnrM 

F A B L' I, .\ X V I. 

KX SLTOKK MK1>ICI'S. > ijuum sntor inopia deperditus 
MctiiLinain i^nioto faccro cocpis.><ct loco, 
Kt vciitiitarct fal.>?o antitlotuni noiniiic, 
Verbo.-ji.'^ aciiuisivit si))i famam strophis. 
Hic tiunm jaccret morl>o confcctus jrravi, ."» 

Kcx nrliis, cjus expericndi gnitia, 
Scyj)liuin i>opo.scit : fusa dein siinulans aijua 
liiius inisccre antidoto se toxicum, 
Kbiljcrc jussit ipsum posito i^raemio. 
Tiinorc inortis ille tuin confe.s.sus est 10 

Non artis ulla mctlicae sc pnidentia, 
Vcnim stupore vulgi factum nobilcin. 
Kex, advocata concione, haec etlitlit : 
Quantac putatis vos dcmentiac, 
Qui capita vcstra non duhitutis crctlcre, 15 

Cui calccandos ncino coininisit pctlcsl 

Hi)C ])crtiiicrc vcre ati ilii>s dixcriin, 
Quonim stiiltitia ijuacstus iiiipudcntiae est. 

1. Afu/us, M)un);liiiK.' Jiio/ii<i. TliiH wonl ainl f<K^as l)Otli iiinily 
thc alxicncc iiot oiily of tlio CDHiforf», Imt alHo of tlic nccciwaricii of 
lifc ; jHiupertna nicrcly ilciiotcH tlic alinciicc of tlie coiiifortn, aiul cor- 
rcnjwmlii c.xaclly to wliat wc cnll ' ■tiiitcil iiicanH.' — 2. .Mediciutim 
fttrrre, * to jiractiHc |ili_M>ic.' Scc i. It, fi. l</>ii>to lixyt, ' in a placc wlicro 
lic wa* not kiiown.' — 3. /•.'', eti\ Ainl whm forciii^ tlic italc of a Kpccifio 
(fulHcly »o iiaiiict]) apaiiii<( |><>iHi(ii. OI»Hcr\c tlic forcc of remliltire. — 
4. IVr/*)!!» </ro/7ii.«, 'iiy iditliiif;,' an wc »ay. — .'». //«•,' in tliin town.' — 
6. /■jii* rxperirmli f/ra/iu, * witli tlic vicw of tcntiiig liini.' — 7- Futu «</i«i, 
iiii|>|>ly r« frv/Jiiiiii, ' watcr hciiiK ]Kiurcil ilito tlic ciip.* .S'i»n«/<i»i.«, 

* 1'rilcii'liiiK-* Sniiiihiif <li(Vcr« U <li>>iiiiiil<irr iii (lii». tliat tlic foriiicr 

liicaiiH Mo prctcntl to Ik> wlmt onr \h not ;' aml tln luKcr, *lo prcdiul 
not to bo wliat ono rcally i»;' lliat 1«, to tliiiiiciiil>lc.- 8. Illiia; lliiit i», 
nilorii. .V. that in, >e;/eiii. T:.ri.i„.i ^«{..i. fm,uM*n, a drtiK), *|H>iHon,' 
iM) cnllol frolii ilippiiig tln ' ' ' i |>'>ii.oiiou« thiiil. - 

9. i:i„Ur., Ii> ilritik it oir. / II. I'-. foiiHlnic: 

Se fofluin »-»v iiolnlem tion u ".'i»), reriim tlui<ore 

rult/i, /'riiilrnliii, for leieHhn. — lii. //ur«3 rtluiil, * M]>oko »Jt follown.' - 
1.'», IB. ColiHlnic: Qui nim dulnluiii i-inlrre rrntra c<i)iilit (illi), eui ntmo 
ciininiMil iiril.t r.ilcrtniilii', * wlii> ilo iiot licHitalc to llilniHt Vour litcii to 
ono to wliolii lio onc hftJi illlrilHlril liin fcct ti> Ik> hIio.I." — 17. Ih.renin, 
rorTcH]M)mliii(( t» our )>liraM<, * I hIioiiIiI nay.' Tlic |>ol«iitiiil Hiilijiiiictivc 
ia UHctl wilh ilctiiiitc Hulijcctn t« cxjircHii aii o]>iiiion imxlcHtly. 
<i'rtim. § ani. — IK. ConHlnto: i^iuirum tiu!iili.i tit iiiitieihii imjmlenliae ; 
tliat in, liiijiiitlrnliOui. 

LIBER I. 16 


In pvincipatii commutando saepius 
Nil praeter domini nomen nmtant pauperes. 
Id e;?se veruni parva hacc fabeUa indicat. 

Asellum in prato timidus pascebat senex. 
Is hostium clamore subito territus fi 

Suadebat asino fugcre, ne possent capi. 
At ille lentus : Quaeso, imm binas mihi 
CUtellas impositui-um victorem putas ? 
Senex negavit. Ergo quid refert mea, 
Cuiserviam? clitellas dum portem mcas. 10 

1, 2. Construe : In commutando principatu pauperes saepius mutant 
tiit praeter nomen domini. Commutando principatu, ' in a change of 
govcrament or governors.' Swpius, 'more frequently tlian othenvise.' 
JJomini, properly, the master of a slave. — 5. Is ; tliat is, scnejt. — 
7. Ille ; that is, asinus. Letttus, 'Jogging on slowly.' Kum, expects 
the answer, 'No.' Gram. § 197, 10, n. 1. Binus clitdlas, ' two pair 
of panniers ' (he carried one pair already). Distributives are used 
instcad of cardinals when joined to substantives which liave no 
singular. Klem. Gram. 90. — 9. Senex np(javit, supply victorem i/nposi- 
turum esse binas clitellas. Ergo, ' tlien,' ' if that is the case.' lieferi 
mea, Elem. Gram. 301. — 10. I)um, for dummodo, 'if but.' 

V I S, C E R V TJ S, L U P U S. 

Fraudatou homines quum advocat sponsum 
Non rem expedire, sed mala vitaie expedit. 

Ovem rogabat cervu.s modium ti-itici, 
Lupo sponsore. At illa praemetuens dolum : 

1, 2. Construe : Qtium fraudator advocal tmprohos homines s]r>onsttm, 
non eapedit expedire rem, sed vilare mala, ' when a knave brings forward 
knaves to be surcty for him, it is not for tlie interest of any one to 
expedite tlie busincss, but rathcr to avoid loss.' — 3. Ovem roya/jat 
modiuin. El<-m. Cram. 273, 2. .\fodium. Tlie modius was a mcasure of 
capacity contaiiiing one-tliird of an amjihora ; that is, ratiicr morc than 
oue imperial galloii. — t. Lujio sponsore. Gram. § 405, 2. I-^raemetuens, 


Ra|>ere aU|Uc al»irc sciupcr adsuevit lupus, 6 

Tu tle conspectu fui.'ere vcluci inipctu; 
Ubi vos re<iuirain, «|uuin dies advcncrit ? 

• fearing bcforcliand,' witli rrfcrcncc to tlic day of ■cttlinient. Attoi 
Jolmm tupply vnfuU. — ?• Oiet, ' the day of p.-iynicnt.' 


SoLENT mendaces hicro pocnas inalefict. 
Caluniniatur al) uve nuum petcret canis, 
Quoni CMininoda.sse ])ancin sc eontenderet, 
I..u])us citatus testis, nuii unutn niotiu 
Debcri, dixit, vcruin afliriniivit decein. & 

Ovis daninata falsu testiinunio, 
Quud nuii dcbcbat, sulvit. Post )iauco8 dies 
Uidcns jaccntcin in fuvca cunsj^cxit lu|)um : 
Ilacc, iuquit, incrccs fraudis a suj^cris datur. 

1. MaUfA, contmctcd f r -..iV'^<-u. aram. § 58, n. 2.- 2, 3. Con- 
•true : (^uum citni» tnln'- '■rt yanfm ah <itv, (jutm fnntrmienl m 

euiiiiHodauf, aupplv ori. ••, bcc l*rol. I. 5.— -4. /'<iii»i, aupply 

p-tnrm, ♦ onc loof.' — II. l,.„:< ■■ ■ .j«iiio), * tllC •llCCp;' projKTlT, • 

Kliccp two ycan old, ainl fit for luicrifica. 

F.MUI,.\ .\.\l. 
C A N l h r A 11 T f K l K N «. 

HAiir..M iiisidias liumiiiis blanditiac niali : 
Qua.H ut vitiiiius, vcrsus sul)j»'cti iiiuiiciit. 

Caiiis jiartiiriciis i|uuiii ru^':Ls.Het allcmtn, 
Vt r»'tuin in cju« tuj^niriu dc]»unerol, 
Fu»m!c im]ntravit : tlcindc rcj^usccnti lucuiii A 

l'rcccs adiiiuvit, tcm])Us cxurans brcve, 

1,0 roli^tni'- P' ir tifiar tm'i ^'TiiTtit L-i>s-fi' inviitutt; itjffrfti r^rwin 

mi:,r»t, ui rr. lilrm. (.'ntM. IHU. 

.1 /,.,..' 1 i . Iillt Iwo. I- Irm. 

(., im. 111. - ■•. . - -... . • ' ""■ '""-'• "' ■ ' 

LTBKR I. 17 

Dum firmiorcs catulos posset ducero. 

Hoc quoi[ue consumpto, tiagitare validius 

Cubile coepit. Si mihi et turbae meae 

Par, inquit, esse potueris, cedam loco. 10 

— 7. Ditm haa tlie subjunctive licre, because a purpose is implicd. 
Flem. Gram. 355.-8. Uoc, supply tempore. rancliin, coinparative of 
ca/de. Gram. § 191, n. 1. 


SxtJLTUAr consilium non modo effectn carot, 
Sed ad perniciem (pioque mortales devocat. 

Corium depressum in fluvio viderunt canes. 
Id ut comesse extractum possent facilius, 
Aquam coepere ebibere : sed ruj^ti prius T) 

Periere, quam, quod petierant, contingercnt. 

'2. Devocaf, a word seldom used. It is comnionly applied iii speak- 
ing of sometliing evil. So iii. 5, 1, successus ud peniiciinu devocat. — 
5. Ebibere, to exliauKt I>y drinking. — 6. Confinfierent. Tlie subjinictive, 
because they did not actually reacli the skin bcforc bursting. Rlem, 
Hram. 350. 


QuTCUNftUE amisit dignitatem pristinam, 
Ignavis etiam jocus est in casu gravi. 

Defectus annis et desertus viribus 
Leo quum jaceret spiritum extremum trahens, 
Apcr fulmineis ad eum venit dentibus, 5 

Et vindicavit ictu veterem injuriam. 
Infestis tauras mox confodit cornibus 
Hostile corpus. Asinus ut vidit ferum 

I. I'risliiiiim. See i. 2, .''). — .3. Dffectus annis, eqiiivalcnt to defectut 
irnectute, ' wom out by age.' — 4. Jactrel, properly said of those 
who are eick. Truhpvs indicatcs the didiculty of rcspiration. — 
5. Fidminei^. ' gwifl and dcstmctive as lightning.' — ii. IfosliU: corpus. 


Iin]>uiic lacnli, calcibus rruntcin cxtuiiit. 

At ille exsiiirans : Fortcs indignc tuli 10 

Mihi insuharo : tc, naturae dedecus, 

Quod fcrre uiurte cogor, bis videor mori. 

* tlic iKxly of liiB enomy,' tlie lion. — II. Xaiunu drderu*, ' tli<iii 
dUgrace of uaturi-,' is hcrc saiJ uf tiic n«a. 


MrsTF.LA, ab hoiniiic prensa, nuum instantom 
Effugere vcllet ; (^uaesu, parce, iin|uit, milii. 
Quac tii*i iMuk'stis niurilius purjru duinuin. 
Kcs|>undit illc : Faren-s si cau<^ mca, 
(iratuin es.sct, ct iliilis.<cin vcninm supplici. i 

Nunc quia lal>uras, ut fruaris relitiuiis, 
Qua-s sunt rusuri, siinul et iji.sus dcvurcs, 
Nuli iiniiutarc vanuin licneiicium iiiihi. 
At<|uc ita lucutu.s iiii|>rubam lcto dedit. 

IIoc iii te dictuin dcliont illi a^iosccro, 10 

Quunim privata .scrvit utilitius sibi, 
Kt meritum inanc jactaiit iiiipnidetitibii.H. 

3. /'.&i, ' fnr your ti(lvAiilapc.* it iN flfKantly (i|i|>uiit'il tu llic |>rc- 
c«"<linK nnki. A. 1'iirrm, (llnu-rvo tlic f<irr<' of tlu' «ubjunrlivc, ' If you 
tlid it,' or, ' lia>l donc it,' m you dlil n<>t. AVi-m. iinim. IWfi. — 7- Sumt 
ro»i<ri, * tlicy will ^mw.' K<ir tli<- j«Tij'lim«tif roiiiiiKTition, ncc Klrm, 
f,'r<i'ii. l.TJI. / . .■ litcriilly, ' ilo not 

l>rin.' inl<i I ' lit.' A iii-gntivo 

r<>iiitiiiiii<l i" , , |>r »>>/</«. tirnm. 

8 3'>!', D. '2, luttam, 'tlial liiui nolliiiiK in it.' — H. lmftrot»iiii, n\iy\Aj 
miKV/iiin. — 10, II. C^natnic; /l/i ilrLrml «K/dOnvnt knc ditiiim *tf im »«, 
', 'i ittililii* triiit tJii. /n «r, * A^aiuit tlieinBclvm.' I'rintla, 

itcd.' rj. Ucforv,/uW«ir/, uiidfrolitiiil </M', vklilcli U takou 

LIBER T. 19 

C A N I S l' I D E L I S. 

Repente liberalis stultis gratus est, 
Verum j^eritis irritos teiulit dolos. 

Noctumus quum fur panem misisset caiii. 
Objecto tentans an cibo jiosset capi: 
Heus ! inquit : linguam vis meam praecludere, 6 
Ne latrem pro re domini I Multum falleris ; 
Xamque ista subita me jubet benignitas 
Vigilare, facias ne mea culpa lucrum. 

1,2. Con.strue : {J'ir) repente liberalis est f/ratiis stitltis, veriim tendit 
irritos dolos j/eri/is. Perttis, ' the expcrieiiced.' — 3. Nocturntis fur, 
'a tliicf in tlie niglit-time.'— 4. Oijedo cHjo, 'by thc morsel thrown to 
liim.' y'os.««'^ capi ; that is, cajieretur. — 6. J'ro re domini, ' for my 
mastcr'8 intercst.' — 7- Ista, ' of yours.' hlem. Gram. 103. — 8- Mca cuJpa. 
l^lrm. Gram. 305. 


Ixops, potentem durn vult imitari, perit. 
In prato quondam rana conspexit boveni. 
Et tacta invidia tantae magnitudinis, 
Rugo.sam inflavit pellem : tum natos suos 
luterrogavit, an bove esset latior. 6 

IUi negai-unt. Itursus iutendit cutem 
Majore nisu, et simili (juaesivit modo, 
Quis major esset. Illi dixerunt bovem. 
Kovi.ssime indignata, dum vult validius 
Inflare sese, rupto jacuit corpore. 10 

J. Perit, 'is und.Jiic.'— .1 Mufi„:tii.linis. Elcm. nrmn. 292.-6. Illi 
negarunt, 8U[)j)ly ratn tatiorein essc. — ii. liovein, supiily esse majorem. — 
9. NovissitHc, 'at last,' the supcrlativc of nove (novus). 

30 ru Ai luii rAiui.AnfM 

C A N K S K T C K (» (• O n 1 1. 1. 

CoNsiMA qui ( prava caulis hi>iniiiil>us, 
Et perdunt i>|»oi-ain, ot (Ifridontiir turpitor. 

Cancs currcntos l>il»cro in Nilu tluniino, 
A orocixlilis no rapiantur, trailituin cst. 
Igitur quuin currons l>il>oro cocpi.ssot cani?, 6 

Sic crcKodilus : Quaiidil>ot Iainl>o otio, 
rotatuni acccde ; noli tonicre de dolo, 
Ait, vcrcri. At illo : Faccrcin. mc llcrcule, 
Nisi essc scircin caniis tc cupiduni inoac. 

3, 4. Coiifitruo : IraiHlHm e*t eiine* eurreitles Ubere in ftHmime S'itt\, 
ue riij ut'-'-r 't rrnfrylHit. Cttrmile* tiiert^ * run M tlicy «Irink.' — 

♦j. V •'" y"U J>lcn««S. Olio. tirum. § 'JUCVl — ^. Mr 

llri. .S. f i. 1, 12.— 9. Heirtm. For tlio «nlijunctive. 

•«•c / 


Nri.i.i noi-oiiduin : si <|uis vcn» laoscrit, 
Miiltaiiduiii siinili juro, faliolla adinonot. 

Viilpi-s ad )-<ioiiain dicitur cicoiiiain 
IVior invit;Lsso, ot illi in palonn 1i(|uidnni 
1'osuisso .sorliitionoin, (|uatn iiullo ino<lo 
(iustaro csurioiiM potiiorit oioonia. 
Quao vulpcin ijuuin rovocjuwot, intrito cil»o 
1'lcnaiii la;.'>>nani jwiMiit: liuio rostruin inscrcn» 

1,2. {k)ll»tniP: «««vn./iiKi ri: «1. ,i ; rm> n i/uo htrwnl h/iiiin, /ii/»-//.i 
ailmimrt mul-itniiHiH limili jnre. .N'<hvn>/Nin nii//i, ' wi' flillnt ll^iura llo 
one.* Mh/i.iiIiw. H.i> r. a,f>-4. /•ri..r, 'fln.t i.f tlir tw.i ;' llmt 

1«, g%r9 tlic flnit invitiitt..ii. /'•i/.«ii. ' » .liiilt.* <»tli<-r fDniiii 
arr fiilimii, /•iieni, nnd fmilellii. LioHnlnm, * lliln ;' /|(/iii./m«. wlirti 

arr fxilimil, i'iirni, Bl 
• |>|.U(^I to flili.U. n>i 
(niihrt), I Klirk I, ' I' 

/• ',.:'. F.r tt.. . 

•Miirc fri <(iii liil) I 

/.^•.^.(HllN, ' 1» l".(llf,' ' 

>.>„," /'•■ 'lllt 

lABlM I. 21 

Satiatur ifisa, ct torquet convivam fame. 
Quae quum lagonae collum iVustra lamberet, 10 

Peregrinain sic locutam volucrom acccpinuis : 
Sua quisque cxempla dcbet aequo auinio pati. 

9. Torqwt, 'tormcnts.'' — 11. J'ere^r!nam, 'tlic foreigu bird;' that is, 
• tl.c bird of passagc.'' 


Haec res avaris esse conveniens potest, 
Et, qui humiles nati, dici locupletes student. 

Humana etibdiens ossa thcsaurum canis 
Invenit, ct violarat quia Maucs deos, 
Injecta cst illi divitiarum cupiditas, 6 

Focnas ut sanctae religioni penderet. 
Itaque aurum dum custodit, oblitus cibi, 
Fame cst consumptus ; qucm stans vulturius super 
Fertur locutus : canis, merito jaccs, 
Qui concupisti subito regales opes, 10 

Trivio conccptus, et educatus stercore. 

1. ftcs is lierc used in thc scnse of fidiida. — 2. Iliuiiilfs, 'poor,' aa 
contrasted with locuplet<s. — G. lielii/io, ' wliatcvcr ought to be regarded 
with awe and veneration.' Ilcrc it is cquivalent to sejitdchrum. — !J. Sujier 
denotcs that the NTilturc was standing over the dog, rcady to dcvour 

V U L P E S E T A Q U I L A. 

QiA.MVib subhmcs debcnt humilcs mctuere, 
Vhidicta dociU quia patet sollcrtiae. 

Vulpinos catulos aquila quondara sustuUt, 
Nidoque posuit j^uUis, escam ut carpercnt. 

1, 2. Congtrue thus : (Hoinincs) quamvis sublimcs debent metuere 
humiles, i/uiu rindicta fmtet aocili sollertiae. Dorili sol/ertiae, ' to quick in- 
ruation ;' that ia, on thc part of thosc who are watching an opportuuity 

88 I-ll.vr.MU K.MU L.MUM 

H.-iiic iHTSccuta iiiatcr nraiv incipit, ft 

Ne tantuin misorao luctuni iniiwrtarct siljl. 

^'untcmpsit illa, tuta «luippe ipso luco. 

Vulpcs ab ara raimit ardontcin faccni, 

Totamque llaminis arborem circumdcdit, 

Ilosti d<jlorem datnno miscens saiiiruiuis. 10 

Aquila ut pcriclo mortis criiicrct suos, 

Inculumcs natos sui>i>lcx vulpi tradidit. 

to bc rcvtiigcl. — 5. PerfecnJa is .1 strongrr exprcMion siviil», 
and ininlic» tlic solicitiidc of tlic inotii<.r fox. — 7. Illa; tliat iw, 
tlio eagic. //'.«'< /tx-o, by tlic vcry placc ; nanicly, 'its hciglit.* — 
9. CircunfUdtt. For thc difT» rciit con»tructi..ii of ilii-. v.rl>, sic (.rum. 
% 243, n. 4. — iO. Sanffuim* for pullorum. 

F.\bUl,.\ .\.\.\II. 

IIl".mili> latxtrant, ubi potcntcs dissidcnt. 
Rana in paludc pugnam taurorum intucns : 
Ilcu, «luanta nol>is instat pcrnicics I ait. 
Interrogata ab alia, cur hoc diccret, 
Do principatu iiuum illi ccrtarcnt Krcgis, .'i 

Ix)nge<iuc ab ipsis dcgcrcnt vitam l>ove8 : 
Kst statio scparata, ac divcrsum gcnus ; 
Scd pulsus rcgno ncmoris <iui j>rofugerit, 
ralu<iis in .sccrcta vcnict latibul.i, 
Et proculcatiLS obtcrct duro piilc. 10 

Ita caput a»l nostrum furor illorum pcrtinct. 

4. Alia, nuppljr mna. — 6. //wi», dnpplT ram», — 0. Hnjnn. .Sco /•.7#m. 
f:r,„n. 311. fn./inrrH. 8co Cnim. § XVi, n. 3.-10.^ 1'nKtdcala.'. 
•U]>ply no» rantu. — ll. Oi/ml licrc uicaii» ' lifc,' ur 'Bafoty.' 

LtBEn I. 23 


Qui se comraittit liomini tutandum imj>robo, 
Auxilia dum requirit, exitium invenit. 

Columbae saepe quum fugissent miluum, 
Et celeritate pennae vitassent necem, 
ConsDium raptor vertit ad fallaciam, 6 

Et genus inerme tali decepit dulo : 
Quare sollicitum potius aevum ducitis, 
Quam regem me creatis icto focdere, 
Qui vos ab omni tutas praestem injuria ? 
lllae credentes tradunt sese miluo ; 10 

Qui, regnum adeptus, coepit vesci singulas, 
Et exercere imperium saevis unguibus. 
Tunc de reliquis una : Merito plectimur. 

1 , 2. Constrae tlius : Qtii committit se tutandum improbo homini, invenii 
rriiium, dum requirit auxilia. Tutandum. See Gram. § 399. — 5. Raptor 
for milcus, or mi/uus, ' tlie bird of prey.'' — 6. Genus inerme, ' tlie defence- 
less pigeons.' Inermis has also the form inermus. Elem. Gram. 66. — 
9. /'raestem. For the subjunctive, see Elem. Gram. 360, 1. — 11. Vesei 
singulas. A morc commou coustructiou is with the ablative. See 
Gram. 300, note. 



ExKMPM^ contiiietur Acsopi poiius ; 

Noc aliiul ijuiiliiuaiii j>cr r:il>cll:ks quaeritur, 

Quam corrijratur crror ut iiiortalium, 

Acuat<juc sese diligeiis iinlu.stria. 

Quicuii^uc fuerit ergo narrandi jocus, 

Dum cajiiat aurcm, ct servet |>ro])ositum suum, 

Itc eommciulatur, non auctoris noniinc. 

]->|uidcm omni cura morcm scrvaho scnis ; 

Kc>d si libucrit ali<juid intcr|>oncro, 

Dictonun scn.sus ut delcctct varictaa, 10 

]V*n:u> in jiartcs, lector, accijiiius vclini. 

Ita, si rc|>cndet illam hrcvitas gratiam, 

or »\K-' : n. 2. A« 

1« /<T, ,:.'.' -4. .I<-M<i/, 

' may wliet itacll ' hy tlio ai<l, ii^iiiivlv, wlucli il rtccitea fr»iii |>4'niaing 
tliis kiiiil of writinir. />i7i>/cnj. 'nim word woiilJ ii<-ciii ■u)M.r(1tt(iuii, 

»-.• ■ ■ .<•.>,,-. I .,,-,: ,. ^,, 

I- 1 . ■!•/>§* 

/"' - A« 

to tUi .tll. r .;-... iii lli. K. ii»t i,( ,ii.. A.'u. *lf liut,' •«) 

(Iram. ~. I{f, ' by it« Intriiiiiii' valtip.'— 8. Monm ttmtba 

•r»i», ' I «i.i !■. ...... tlio niftluMl <if ilie oM nimi;' '-• ^ — " ; or, 

M wr M]r, ' I will imkc n\j ciir,' iVc. St-Hf li> ' :r or 

rr«l.<-.-t ^ r.':-T,f. C.iii.j .-4rr 1. IV.l, .'.. ! . • to 

ii.' ..,.. 

' ' inn' 

r . ' in 

H. . \ . .illl 

bllli»t.<.U, •>V (■•'4 i. i .jl '. !,..<tr. l.' /.1. •.,n Ij.,» <-..h.lill>-'ll.' ///<i».l 

LIIJKK 11. 26 

Cujus verbosa nc sit coinmciKiatio, 

Attendc, cur negare cupidis debeas, 

Modestis etiam offcrre, quod non petierint. 15 

(/nUiam, ' tliat favour;' nanielj', the favour of taking it in good part. 
— 13. Construe thus: — Xc cotnmendutio cujus {Itrcviiatis) sit verbosa, 
attende, cur debeas negare cupidi^, (sed) etiam offerre modestis quod non 
petierinf. Verbofn, ' long-windcd.' Etium, ' cvcn.' Mark the opposition 
in rupidts aud inodestis. 


SuPER juvencum stabat dejectum leo. 
Praedator intervenit, partcm postulans. 
Darem, inquit, nisi soleres per te sumerc ; 
Et improbum rejecit. Forte innoxius 
Viator est deductus in euudem locum, 6 

Feroque viso, retulit retro pedem. 
Cui placidus ille : Non est quod timeas, ait ; 
Et, quae debetur pars tuae modestiae, 
Audacter tolle. Tunc, diviso tergore, 
Silvas petivit, homini ut accessum daret. 10 

Exemplum egregium prorsus et laudabile ; 
Verum est aviditas dives et paupcr pudor. 

1. Stahaf. Dcnoting tlie attitude of a victor. Dejcctum, 'prostratc' 
— 2. Pracdator, ' a freebooter.' fn/errcnit, ' came up in tlie nieantimc' 
Mark the forcc of the preposition. fof^tnlans, ' demanding as a 
riglit.' Sce i. 8, 12. — 3. Darem, sup|)ly partem. — 4. Im/irofjum; 
that is, praedalor- m. As to the meaning of iinprobus, see i. 1, 3. 
/nnoxiiis, uscd actively, ' doing no hann,' and opposed to jiraedutor. — 
5. Viator, ' a wayfarcr.' Ijedw-ius, ' led in tlic course of his journey.' — 
C. Fero ; that is, kone. lieiuUt retro pdiin, ' drcw back,' as we 
say. — 7. 1'laciiJus. C!ompare i. 1, 2. I//e ; n;imcly, Lo. As 
to tlie subjunctive, see KUm. Gram. 359, 4. — !i. Quae purs. The sub- 
stantivc is liere drawn into the relative clausc. See Gram. § 320. — 
11, 12. Constme tlius: — l-^iciii]>/aiii prorsus egre^jinin et luudabile ; verum 
aviiJita.1 i-ft dircs rt pudor (eH) jiauper. ExemjAum, ' an instanee.' 
1'rorius, ' altogetlier.' Verum. * neverthelcss.' 

26 riiAKHKi iaiiilaiu m 

F A B U L A II. 
A N U 8 D I L 1 G E N S J U V E N K M, I T F. M P C E L L A. 

A FK.MiNis utcun«|uc si>olian viit>s, 
AtiicMt, .-uucutur, neiiipe cxcin|>lis di.>iciinu.s. 

Actatis mediao <iucii<Jain niulier noit rudis 
Tcnebat, annos colans elt'<^ntia : 
Aniinusijue ejusdoin pulclira juvenis ceperat. 6 

Ainbae, videri duin vulunt illi pares, 
Capillus huinini lcgere coepere invicein. 
Qui sc putaret iiu^i cura mulieruin, 
Calvus repcnto factUB cst ; nain funditus 
Canos puclla, nigros anus ovellcnit. 10 

1, "2. Ctmslruo thtu: — Oitcimiu nempe estmfjit riro$ rpoittiri a/rmiMi<, 
n/cuti-iiif («irf) ■ini-/i( (»itr) amentur. Sempe e.rem/^iit, ' cwn br fablc».' 
/■'jem/Ji^ i.i u». •! li<T<» in contrn'Ii«tinrtii>n tn tnm diori*»*. VlcumiHf, 

' in citluT c:i- " ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ^ A,. (uiy. Son 

rwiit, ' not ;. ; mfia, 'by 

nttcntioii to j , '11*." /•.]/«*- 
</<•»!, •u|>|>l}r riri. ./«•€-»!., uii<li-r«i.iii<l/r'»i';.i. — h. y.ifr., ' tit niatcl»'».' 
— 7. Ix^irre, * ta |iick,' wliicli in ilii priiuarA- aiimiflcalion. — 8. <^mi, 'tlio 

niaii wii.i.' /■ ' • •' ' ■ • -■ o l-Uem. (inim. StiO, 6. 

/■iny, 'iiiiir .Kn to ndviTb» willi 

tlic iiuirix U". , ' •, iiu|.|ily ../;>i/.'i<J, 

I'' A IJ U L A I I L 

Lackkatum ({ui<lain m<ii-su vi-lieinontis catiia 
Tinctuin cnioro panem inisit malcrico, 
Audicrat «wc <pi'><l rcinc<liuin vulnori.s. 
Tunc Hic Acsi>|)us : Nuli ouram pliiribus 
lloc facoro canibu.s, no nos vivos <lev<)rcnt, 6 

(juum sciorint i-hsc tale culp.-u" pra<-iiiiuin. 

Succc.vsiis improlxinim pluro» allicit. 

'J. .Uim/, ' ilircw.* MitUHen, •u|iplv «viki. — S, Amiwnil »ut anoil, *« 
tliilift wliicli lin liad lii-aril lo lic.' \ Jmerit, * of tlio bito.* Tlic ul()o<<tl\r 
Kvuilivc. .S€« liram. \ '/JX 

r.iBEu II. 27 


Aquila in sublimi quercu nidum feccrat: 
Feles cavernam nacta in media pepererat : 
Sus nemoris cultrix fetum ad imam posuerat. 
Tum furtuitum feles contuLernium 
Fraude et scelesta sic evertit malitia. 5 

Ad nidum scandit volucris : Pernicies, ait, 
Tibi paratur, forsan et mi.serae mihi ; 
Nam fodere terram quod vides quotidie 
Aprum insidiosum, quercum vult everterc, 
Ut nostram in plauo faeile progeniem opprimat. 10 
Terrore oHuso et perturbatis sensibus, 
Derepit ad cubile setosae suis : 
Magno, inijuit, in periclo sunt nati tui ; 
Nam, simul exieris pastum cum tenero grege, 
Aquila est parata rapere porcellos tibi. 15 

Hunc quoijue timore postquam complevit loeuiii, 
Dolosa tuto condidit sese cavo. 
Inde evagata noctu suspenso pede, 
Ubi esca se replevit et prolem suain, 
Pavorem simulans prospicit toto die. 20 

Ruinam metuens aquila ramis desidet ; 
Aper rapinam vitans non prodit foras. 

2. Feles. Otlicr forms are felles and felis. Afedia, supply arltore, 
'midway ap tlie tree. — 3. Fetum. Anotlier form \s foetuf, ' her litter 
of young ones.' Imani, understand nrljorem., ' at the foot of tlie tree.' 
— i. Fortuiiuin contuLemium, ' aceidental nci(ihbourhood.' Conluljer- 
nium (con toLerna) properly signifies a tent common to ten soldiers. 
Fortuitum must be read here as four syllablea. — 5. Hic, ' in the follow- 
ing manner.' — 6. Supply feles as nominative to scandit. Volucris ; 
namely, the eajrle. — 7. For.-an ei miserae mihi, ' perhaps to WTCtchcd rae 
too.' — ^. (iuod viJes, ' inasmucli as you sce.' — 9. Imidiosum, ' plottiug. 
— 10. Nostram prot/eniem, ' your and my offsprinjr;' namcly, that of 
the cat and eagle. Flano ; tliat is, solo, ' on the ground.' — 1 1. Terrore 
offuso, etc. This is said with reference to the constemation of the eagle. 
— 12. Undcrstand /e/«, aa the \\om\ua,i\\ g io derepit. — 14. .bVw«/, equi- 
valent herc to simid ac, ' as soon as.' — IG. lyicum ; that is, tlie lair of tlie 
Bow. As to the plural loci and /oca. sce Elein. Gram. 59. — 17. Dolosa, 
understand /e/M. — 18. Inde, 'thence ;' that is, from the cavity in which 
■he was lurking. Noctu^ see (Jram. § 190. Su.-penso f/cde, ' on tiptoe,' 
as we say. — 20. Simu/ans. Compare L 16, 7. Frospicit, ' keeps a look- 
out.' — 22. Hapinam, ' the robbiug or carrying off her young oucs.' — 


C^uiti mulu ( liKHlia sunt ci>ii.suiii|iti cuin suis, 
Felisquc c.itulis lar^am pracbuerunt ilapcm. 

Quantum hoiiio bilinguis siiope concinnct mali, 2") 
Documentum habcrc stuUa crciiuhtas potest. 

23. QuiJ miilta? ' why sliould I say iiuicli?' or, ' in short.' Uiidcr- 
■tantl Aquila aud JjJtr as juiut iKiuiiuutivca to cvHtuiiijjti funt aiid 


F^T ardclionum quacdam lluinac natio, 
Trepidc concui-sans, occupata iu otio, 
Gratis anhclans, multa ajrendo nihil agens, 
Kibi molcsta, ct aUis odiosissima. 
Ilanc emendare, si tamcn possum, volo .') 

Vcra fabeUa : pretium est opcrac attendero. 

Cacsiir Tibcrius «juum petens Ncapohm 
In Misencnscm viHam vcnissct suam — 
(juae niontc summo, posita Luculii maiiu, 
1'rospectat tSicuhim, ct rcspicit 'l\i.scuin iimre — 10 

I. ArUelionum. Ardelio inr.init 'n lniKtliii;; |)<'rni>n;' ]ir<il>al)iy con- 
ncctcd witli arileo, aiul corrcH|ioii<liiiK to tliu Ctrvck fXuwemyfj^. Mj/i», 
' a cloM.' — 2. tkvu/^atii in oliu, ' apparcntly liUHy, tliniiKli doiiig nothin^.' 
— 3. (triitit, ' to no liuriKJHc.' — ,'>. Aftcr hanc nupply nntiunrin, in tlic 
HAitic Mcniio M nbovc. — 6. Vern /alx/l.i, ' l>y n tnic ntory.' In contni- 
<liNtiiicti<in U) lida fiiliella. Coiiiparu i. 1, U. l'rrt>iim est of>erar, ' it in 
wortli wliilc' — 7. I'ftrni AV<j/x»/im, ' oii liin way to NcaiMlin.' \e<if»tli> 
(.NnplcN) a iiinritimo town <if Cniii|iniii:i, iii Itnly, oii tliu wciit aloiio nf 
Moiint Vcniiviuii, nii<l oii tlic rivcr S<lictliui. It wna foundc<l l>y • 
r<p|"iiy fr"in Cliati-i-^ .iii'! Kri-fri i, iii K.iilnion, on tlic nito of nn old rity 
I ' ■ .. '; ■; iiiiMi, n iirniiioiilory iii Caiii- 

I \i'<l ita iiniiio frtiiii Mihi-iiiih, 

t!. ..., . ; : . .: \:.. ..■. 'rim villn licrc uicntioiicil 

li<'liin^cd oriKiiiniiy to Cniii« .Mnriii« ; it wim purclinacd tiy Luoulluii, 
nii.| |>n*»<-<| nlliTwirdn liilo lli" li«n<l»i of 'ril>««rilM — ?•. Mixile mmmn, 

'.■■,.. ^ . ■ ■ • ; .' ' •■ , ' . I .. 110, 

.! ..1,- 

> ' , " ■ . ,. , ••'"'. 

rlr., ' ouiiiuiaiiila n injiit >ii'W <ii' tliu .Siiilinii kikI • Imck vi<-w <if tlio 
Tu<M**ii Hcn.' Sii-ulum imirr, tlio %cA on tlir rn»t nii<l iiorlli <>f llio ialaiid 
3f Nicily. Tiueum mait, purt «f llio Mcdit^rritiicAii wi'«t uf Mtriiria. — 


Ex alticinctis unus atricnsibus, 

Cui tunica ab humeris linteo Pelusio 

Erat destricta, cirris dependentibus, 

Perambulante laeta domiuo viridia, 

Alveolo coepit ligneo conspergere 15 

Humum aestuantem, jactans ofRcio comam ; 

Sed deridetur, Inde notis flexibus 

Praecurrit alium in xystum, sedans pulverem. 

Agnoscit hominem Caesar, remque iutelligit. 

Id ut putavit esse nescio quid boni : 20 

Ileus ! inquit dominus. Ille enimvero adsilit, 

Donationis alacer certae gaudio. 

Tum sic jocata est tanta majestas ducis : 

Non multum egisti et opera nequidquam perit : 

Multo majoris alapae mecum vcneunt. 25 

11. Alticindis (aJtus cinctua), ' with his clothes tucked liigh up.' 
Atriensilius. The Atrienses were sjavcs wlio liad charge of tlie Atrium. 
— 12. Linteo Felusin, ' witli a girdle of Pchisian liiien.' Pelusium was a 
celcbrated city of Lower Egypt, on tlie east side of the east mouth of 
thc Nile, twenty stndia (two geograpliical miles) frora tlie sea. — 
1.'). /■yai destricta, ' was diawn close to liis body.' Cirris, ' fringes. 
Tliis word primarily significs a curl of hair. — 14. Domino ; that is, 
Titierio. — 15. Alvecjlo lifitieo, ' with water from a wooden vcssel.' — 
17. Fiej:iius, the turnings or windings oi tlic walks. — 18. A'i/stnm 
(iva-Tii), ' a walk skirtcd with trees.' Witli tlie Grecks, it signified a 
broad gallery wherc the atliletes exercised in winter. — ID. Aanoseit, 
' recognised.' Kcmqw, intelligit, ' and understands liis drift.' — 20. Id, 
'that;' namely, his being observcd by Tiberius. Understand Airi- 
ensis as nominative to putavit. — 21. Ple ; that is, the slave. — 23. Tanta 
majestas dncis, ' hia impcrial majesty,' as we say. — 25. Mttlto, etc. 
Freedom is sold by me at a much higher rate. MuUo majnris. See 
Klem. Gram. 300. Alajvie. Alapa jjropcrly signifies a slight blow 
rcceived by a slave on tlic cheek when in the act of bcing made 
Iree, uudcr the earlier form of manumission called Vindicta, but by 
inetonymy it is uscd hcrc for frcedom itsclf. 


CoNTHA potcntes nemo est munitus satis ; 
Si vcro accessit consiliator maleficus, 
Vis et nequitia (juidquid oppugnant, ruit. 

2. Aocessil, ' has bccn added to thc powerful.' — 3. Constnie thus : 
fjuidouid vi» el nequitia oppugnani, ruit, ' wbatever tliing violence anil 


Aquila in suMimo sn.stulit tcstudincm : 
Quae «juum aVMli«lisset coruea corpus dumo, 5 

Xec ullo jiacto lacili posset condita, 
Vcnit i>cr aunus curnix, ct projitcr volans : 
Opimani sane pracdam rapuisti uiiiruibus ; 
Sed, nisi monstraro, «juiil sit facicndum tibi, 
Gravi nc<{uidi|uam tc l.issiibit j)ondere. 10 

rromissa parte suadct, ut scopulum supcr 
Altis ab astris duram illidat curticcm, 
Qua comminuta facilo vescatur cibo. 
Inducta vcrbis aipiila, muuitis paruit, 
Simul et magistrae large divisit dapcm. 15 

Sic tuta quae naturae fucrat munere, 
Impar duabus ocoidit tristi nccc. 

rillainr a<>tuiil, u<»«'" l» ruiii.' Itefcr »i'.< to i-o/i-m/i .«, nml nniuitM ln 
coHMiluUur inulijicus. — 5. KcfiT iiunr to Irstuilinfiil nit iln niitcocjclit. 
fhniM rf/iM-n, ' in tlic ^'n'll covcriiig licr ••ody.' — 6. Witli iimJilii, 
undi r • ■■ ■ hcr nlicli.' — 7. J^ruj^rr, » clo«o l>y,' Uicd 

a'lv< r ii<l fnirilit nn noininitivc to liUMiul. — 

Pi /' , •IjihIi llic linr.i »licll nL-.iiii-t.*— 17 /»k.<'.«.: 

tliBt tM, tlic c.iglo nnd llio cruw. 

F.\Ul'I,A VIFF. 

Mll. I lifo I.T VJ. CToilKS. 

Mri.i prnivati sarcinis ibant du<i : 
rnus fcrcbat fiscos cunt |>ccitnia, 
Altcr tumentc>M midto saccos hordoo. 
lllc (iiicrc dives, celsa corvicc cminct, 
Clarumipic collo jaclat tintinnabulum, A 

Comc« ipiicto scipiitur ct plaiido (^radu. 
Kuliito latroncs v\ iiiMidiis advolant, 
Intcnjuc cacilcm fcrrn muluiii sauciaiit, 
]>iripiunt numiiioH, iu>gli(;unt vilu liordciiiii. 
H|>ulintiiM {(fittir i-aMus i|iiiiiii flcrct suox, 10 

4. ///<•, *lln» fonniT,' — ft. fliiruiH, * |on>l ' «>r 'cjpjir •onii<liii|(.' Tlil» 
wonl, liko llio Urrck imurtH, U •ppliol rltlicr to •ound or liKltt 
(tlir |iriiiiary nicnninu. rmliuiion, hcliijf nliko roninton to IkiIIi). — 
6. fhmf. ( Vmimrr I. 5, 4.-7. hiinmr.. Hco i. 1, 4.— 0. IV*', *&t no 
mluo;' llini i*, in riHnparison «illi ilir ninncy. — 10. SinJinlM, •ii|>|il\ n. 31 

Equidcm, inquit alter, nie contemptum gaudeo, 
Nam nil amisi, nec sum laesus vulnere. 

Hoc argumento tuta est hominum tenuitas : 
Magnae peiiclo suut opes obuoxiae. 

miiius. — 13. Arijuiiieiito, 'bytliis case in point.' Tliis word occurs in 
the same in iv. 8, 2 ; 11, 14; v. 3, 11. llominum tenuilas ; that 
is, tenaes homines. Compare i. fi, 8. 


Cekvus, nemorosis excitatus latibulis, 
Ut venatoinim fugeret instantem necem, 
Caeco timore proximam villam petit, 
Et opportuno se bovili condidit. 

Ilic bos latenti : Quidnam voluisti tibi, 6 

Infelix, ultro qui ad necem cucurreris, 
Hominumque tecto spiritum commiseris ? 
At ille supplex : Vos mudo,, parcite ; 
Occasione rursus erumpam data. 
Spatium diei noctis excipiunt vices. 10 

Frondem bubulcus affert, nec ideo videt. 
Eunt subinde et redeunt omnes rustici, 
Nemo animadvertit : transit etiam vilicus, 
Nec illc quidquam sentit. Tum gaudens ferus 
Bubus quietis agere coepit gratias, 15 

Hospitium adverso quod ]iraestiterint teniitore. 
Respondit unus : Salvum te cupimus quitlem ; 
Sed ille, (lui ocidos centum Iialict, si venerit, 
Magno in periclo vita vertetur tua. 
Haec inter ipse dominus a coena redit : 20 

Et, quia corruptos viderat nuper boves, 

6. IHc Loa (inquit) latenli {cerro). — 6. Qiii cururrens, who art so 
fooliBh a« to run.' As to the suhjunctive, sce IClcm. Grain. 3G0, 3.— 
10. Construe thus: I '«•<•.<• tioclis cici/iiunl sjKiJiuin dici. — 11. AVc ideo, 
' nor for all that.' — 15. Quieiis, * who had kcpt the secret of his 
lurkin;; therc' — IG. 1'raestiterint. The subjunctive, as denoting 
that wliich tlie stag Baid. Elcm. Gram. 3G7. — 18. lUe ; that is, the 
ma-ster. Oculos centum. In allusion to Argns. — 21. Cbm//>/o», ' lean.' — 


Accedit ad pnicscpc : Cur fromlis |)arum cst ? 
Stramcnta dcsunt ] ToUere hacc aranea 
Quantum est laboris ? l)um scrutatur singiila, 
Cervi quoquc alta conspicatur cornua ; 2.5 

Quom convocata juhet occidi familia, 
Practlaniiiue tollit. Haec sipniticat fahula, 
Dominum videre plurimum in relius suis, 

22. frius^f-f. F'ir «itlior fomi», «oo i'.lem. (,': "\ ' "" '". i 

iiiiiRt not Ix! c<iiiftiiiiiilo<l witli oiir KngliKli 

■ •riginally a 111011'« rotinuo of alaTCS, a ln - 1 ;, 

• loiuettica. — 27. I'ra,>iam ; th«t l», tlic • 

A U C T r) K. 

AF,«orM injjenio statuam postiore Attici, 
Servum<nu' colhjcarunt aetorna in hiisx, 
1'atere honori scirent ut ctmcti vian», 
Nec goneri iribui, sed virtuti, ^lnriam. 
Quoniam Mccu^ianit alter, ne prinms foreni. 
Xe .Holus e-'i.sct, studui ; cjiukI sij|iorfuit. 
Nec haec invidia, verum est aomulatio. 
Quod si lalwri favcrit l<atiuni mi-<i, 
1'lures hahebit, (juos opponat Graociae. 
Si livor obtrectarc curam voluerit, H' 

Non tamen eripiet laudi.H conscientiam. 
8i nostrum stuilium porvcnit ad aures tuas, 
Kt arte ticta.s animus .seiitit fabuIaN, 
Omiiom querolam submovet felicitas. 
Sin autom doctiis illiK occurrit lalwr, 15 

Sinistra i|Uoh in lucom natiira oxtulit, 
Nec <|uid<|uam posxiint iiiHi meliores carjiero, 
Fatalo cxitium c<»rilc iliinilo fonun, 
Duiiec fortunam criminis pudoat Mii. 

fi nr^-n^rii alirr, ••iifitlior ^A««^n^ liii<t anliri|>*tad me.' — & .Wk», 

• ,-: • •".•-•-* -10. ^'..nirH. 

I . \ 1 t 

furtuiio u( tliiir bviiig <t|'|>rcciittL<l.' 

livirliiiii fif 

' tllC glHNl 



Phaedbi libellos legere si desideras, 

Vaces oportet, Eutyche, a negotiis, 

Ut liber animus sentiat vim carminis. 

Verum, inquis, tanti non est ingenium tuum, 

Momentum ut horae pereat officii mei. 6 

Non ergo causa est manibus id tangi tuis, 

Quod occupatis auribus non convenit. 

Fortasse dices : Ahquae venient feriae, 

Quae me soluto pectore ad studium vocent, 

Legesne, quaeso, potius vilcs nenias, 10 

Impendas curam quam rei domesticae, 

Reddas amicis tempora, uxori vaces, 

Animum relaxes, otium des corpori, 

Ut adsuetam fortius praestes vicem ? 

Mutandum tibi propositum est et vitae genus, 15 

Intrare si Musarum Umen cogitas. 

Ego, quem Pierio mater enixa est jugo — 

Euiyehum. See Introduction. — 2, Vacet oporiet. See Gram. § 352, n. 1. 
— 4. Jnijenium iuum. Tlie wit of Phaedras. — 5. Mei officii, ' of my 
charge' or ' bu§iness.' — C. Manihus tuis. Of Kutychus. — 14. y(</jMc7am 
rirriii, ' your onlinary routine.' Admctam must be read as four 
nyllables. — 15. Vilae iii-tiu.<, ' yonr way of living;' namely, witli regard 
to mental occupations. — 16. Mmarum. Tlie Muses, according to the 
earlicst writcrs, wcrc thc inspiring goddcsses of song ; but in later times 
thcy wcrc vicwcd as divinities prcsiding ovcr the various kiuds of 
poetry, and also ovcr thc arts and sciences. Accounts diffcr as to 
tlieir jjencalogy, name«i, and number. The notion ultimatcly received 
wa«, that thcy wcre the dau?litcr« of Zeua and Mncmosync, and bora 
in Pieria, at thc foot of Mount Olymjius. Krom tlie days of Ilesiod, 
wlio first statcd thcir namcs and nuinhcr, tlic following nomeuclaturc 
liaa been universally adopted : Ciw, Kuteri^e, Tlialia, .\te//>omene, 
Terpfiehore, Kraio /'olymnia, or Polt/liymnia, Uninia, and Caltioiie. — 
17. Pierio. Picras wa« one of thc ofrshoots of Mount Oljinpus, lyinj; 



In quo tonanti sanota Mncmosyne Jovi, 

Focunda nDvics, artiuni iioperit ohoruin — 

Quanivis in ipsa paone natus sim schola, 20 

Curam<|uc habendi pcnitus cordc orascrim, 

Kt lauiic invicta vitam in hanc incuhuorim, 

Fastiihosc tamcn in coctum rocipior. 

Quid crciiis illi accidoro, qui inagnas opcs 

Exaggorare quacrit omni vigilia, 25 

Docto lalMtri dulco pracponons lucruin ? 

Sod jam, ijuodcuntiuc fucrit (ut ilixit Sinon, 

Ad rcgcm quum Dardaniae pcrductus foret) 

Lilirum cxaraho tortium Aosoi>i stiio, 

Honori et meritis dcdicans ilhim tuis. 30 

Qucm si legcs, laetabor ; sin autom minus, 

Ilabcbunt cortc, <iuo se obK'ctcnt postcri. 

Xunc, fabuhirum cur sit invcntum genns, 
Brcvi docebo. Servitus obiioxia, 
Quia, (juae volebat, iion autiobat diccre, 35 

AtVcctus proprios in fabclhus transtulit, 
Calumniam({ue fictis olusit jocis. 
Ilhus porro ogo somita foci viam, 
Kt cogitavi jihira (juain rch<iuorat, 
In cahmiitatom dchgons (piacdam mcam. 40 

Quod .si accu.sator ahus Seiano forct, 

l)etwcpn TlifHHnly ai»<l Mnccfloiiid.— 1.''. /V,- . I>rin)(in;; fnrtli 

nitic ftt n liirtli.— "JO. Am t» tlic Hulijunrtivi- .rnvnm — iricM- 

hurrim, Hci' /:i-iii. (irani. .'l.')?. - -1. < 'uritm A , \iity fnr aninM- 

Ing wcaltli.' 1'ruiliis. Soo ii. 2, 9. — 22. jAiuUr mnWii, 'witli praiaci 
tliat cannnt Ikj ^niiaid.' — 23. /« rorlum, 'into tlio iifioifty of tho 
miliM'*.'- -27. (Juinlruiit/ur tiirnl, 'wlialcvcr Hliall lii'ti(lc.' .Vimi», a 
(rrcck, tlirntigli wlioHc artilircH tlio '1'ri.i.iii» wcrc indticcj to briiiK tlio 
woodcn lionti' witliiti Ihcir walli».— 'Jil. lir,Km ; tlint in, Prinm. — 
29. f.jfiriilii, 'I will wrilc' Tlicrc \» iiii nlliinioti in tlii* woril, ni niny 
bc «ccn froiii itn ctyiiiii|i>;;y, to tlic aiicicnt iiictlirKl nf writinK \%itli n 
iilinr]>-|><iititci| inHtriimciit on wnxcn talilctn. Sliln. Tlic iiiHtniincnt 
iiMil ■*ni> cnllcd $tilii', liiit it iw nicrcly iiitnxlurcil lii-rc to HU|i|iurt tlio 
mctn|ilior, ninl niiiHt hi' iiiiilrrMtiM»! in tlic nciinc uf nuirrm trtiit : 
ii. Al(Toll It ;5'J. Aflcr halirl.iiiil hU|.|)ly /l'/rii;»i.— .'M. .Srnilut ; tliat 1«, 
terri, tln- nli*trnct fur tlic c>>ticrcti-. (Ifinii.tiii, ' »t tlii' incrcy of ollicni.' 
— ;W>. .(/'^«y»* ;'r»;>ri'ii, * tlicir own Hcntimcnti) or tlioUKlitM.' ^17 (''ilum- 
miiim, 'iniHrcprcHcnlntion.' — .'W. .S!rmi/i<, n ' fiMitpntli. rmiH, 'n way.* 
IWitli Mnciliiictnjilioricnlly, ninl iMiinting oiit liy <-i>titrnJit tlic wii|crranf(o 
of tlio fal>li-H of l'li.vilniN iiH <'i>tn|iiiri'il wllli tlii>»i' of AcHop. — 40, /» 
ciilitmHntt'11, Kc , ' (■liin>Hiii^' ci rl.iiii hiiIiJi i-Ih In iiiy i>»ii riiiii. - 41. Alitu 
6i<^"i'-'« ' AncitllCr tlian HclailU*.' A. hn» S, mnus w.-i» llir hi.ii i>f Scili» 

LIBER iri. 36 

Si testis alius, judex alius deniquc, 

Dignum faterer esse nie tantis malis, 

Nec liis dolorem delenirem rcmcdiis. 

Suspicione si quis errabit sua, 45 

Et rapiet ad se, quod erit commune omniuni, 

Stulte nu(lal)it animi conscientiam. 

Huic excusatum me velim nihilominus : 

Neque enim notare singulos mens est mihi, 

Verum ipsam vitam ct mores hominum ostendere. 50 

Rem me professum dicet fors alicjuis gravem. 
Si Phryx Aesopus potuit, si Anacharsis Scytha 
Aeternam famam condere ingenio suo : 
Ego, htteratae qui sum propior Graeciae, 
Cur somno inerti deseram patriae decus ? 55 

Threissa quum gens numeret auctores suos, 
Linoque Apollo sit parcns, Musa Orpheo, 

Strabo, wlio was commandcr of tlic practorian troops at tlic close of 
the reign of Augustus, a. d. 14. In tlic same year lie became hia 
f:ither"s colleague in tlie command of those troops ; and upon thc 
lattcr bcing sent as govemor to Egypt, lie obtaincd tlie sole com- 
mand. Taking advantage of his higli position, lie ultimately gaincd 
a complete asccndancy over Tiberius, and privatcly aimed at the 
imperial power, having full seope for liis macliinations after the 
emperor had abandoned himsclf to luxary and debauchery at 
Capreae. Phaedrus appcars to have been onc of the victims of 
his oppression. 'Jlie apprchensions of Tiberius wcre at lengtli, 
liowever, cxcited ; thc formcr favourite was supcrscded by another 
in the command of the praetorian bands, and soon aftcr put to 
death by a decree of tlie senate. Sce Introduction. — 45. Susjiicioun 
suii, ' from a suspicion that tlicsc fablcs liave refcrenee to himself.' 
Errabit, ' shall crr ; ' namely, from not undcrstanding my design. — 
47. Aniini conscien/iani, ' liis private conviction.' — 48. \'elim. As to the 
Bubjunctive, sce 0'rain. § ^8, note. — 49. Siwiulos, ' particular indivi- 
duals.' — 50. Ipsam vilam, ' life in general.'— 52. ['hnjx Aesopus. See 
Introduction. Anarharsis, a Scythian of princely origin, who came to 
Athens about b. c. 5.04, and became acquaintcd witli Solon. P'rom his 
wisdom lie was rcckoncd by some among thc sevcn sagcs. On his 
rctum to his nativc country, he was murdcrcd by liis brotlicr Saulius.— 
54. /'ropior, ' nearcr by niy birthi)lacc.' — 5C. 'J'hri tss'i. Thracc originally 
compriscd the spacc of country boundcd on the nortli by tlie Danubc, 
on the soutli by tlic 1'ropontis and tlie Acgcan, on the cast by thc 
Pontus Euxinus, and on the wcst t)y the rivcr Strymon and thc east- 
moBt of tlie Illyriaii tribcs; but at a latcr pcriod thc name Tlirace 
was applied to a niorc limitcd cxtcnt of country. Numcrcf. As to 
the subjunctivc, sce (iram. § 355. — 57. LitKi. Linus, said to be the 
Bon of Apollo by a muse, is mcrcly a pcrsonification of xivm, a dirge or 
lamcntation. Thc pcrsonification rcadily accounts for thc sujiposcd 
pareutaee (trplwo. Orplicus was a niythiral pcrsonagc. but as tho 

36 pnAF.nni FAnii.AnrM 

Qui saxa cantu movit, ot ilonuiit foras, 

Ilebrique tenuit impetus ilulci mora. 

Ergo hinc abosto, livor, iio frustra «roinas, 60 

Quoniani solloinni.s inihi dobctur gluria. 

Iniluxi to ad losrondum ; sincorum mihi 
Candure noto reddas judicium j^cto. 

common nfory mii, tlip non of Ofaani» ftuil tlio .Mn-^o Calliop«. — 
69. lltbrus (iiuhKtii, M:iriti!a,i, tlic pnucipnl rivcr of Tiirncc, rxsc» in 
the mouiitainx ><( Soiiiiiua and RIio<I<i|m-, aiul falU iiito thc Acgcaii. 
Impetus, ♦ tlic current." — (TJ. Sincemmy ' uubia««cd.' Cousult i. 9, 9. 

FABUI..\ I. 

Anus jacero vidit oputam am|>lioram, 
Adhuc, FaKrna faoco ot te.sta nuliili, 
Oilurem i|uae jucundum latc R|)ar>:orot. 
Ilunc postquam totis avida traxit naribus : 
O suavis anima ! «jualo in to «iicam bunuin 6 

Antchac, talos i|uum sint roli<)uiao ? 

IIih: «juo pcrlineat, dicet, qui inc uovcrit. 

1. Jiiferf, ' lying iil)oiit.' AnifJiiinim (au^tftw, wmtnictrd fi>mi of 
Att4tf4fiii, ii^', <«<iv). Tlic ninplKim wiui » two-««rod Jnr, uitrd c«i>c- 
eiallr for uinc ; it ui»ii aloo n monjiiin' «f liipiiiia, cnntniniiiir nJioiit S-tiHJ 

ifl' ■ ■ •' 

«./ ■ •( 

!n CMitixtiiiit, iit lul), tli' i"r i!» viiiio, tli<' UitiT fiir 

it« fcrtility.— -4. Triu-il. \\ ' ly uitli «liich nhc iiihiUc«l 

thc iMloiir. 5. O fuiirii iiii: ,. I 1 II .< iii .1 Im- conKidcrcd citlicr m an 
cjaciilntioii priiliiptcil |iy tlic nurclnru of tlic odoiir, or nji a tcnn of 
cndcannciit npplinl to tlic ninpliora, ■•iiili •■ 'd niy dcar llfc ! '— 

7. //«c -^ lutc fjriniiluni. Qui mr (/'hiirili iini) Mofvri/, ' uho liiny hnv* 

kiiuuii inc in niy youiiKcr aiid iiiorv pr<Hi|K'ruu« dayii.* 



iSoLET a despoctis par roferri gratia. 
rauthera imprudens olim iii foveam deoidit. 
Videre agrestes : alii fustes cougei-unt, 
Alii onenuit saxis : (juidam contra miseriti, 
reriturae quippe, quamvis uemo lacderet, 5 

Misere pauem, ut sustineret spiritum. 
Nox insecuta est : abemit securi donium, 
Quasi inveuturi mortuaui postridie. 
At illa, vires ut refecit lang^uidas, 
Veloci saltu fovca sese liberat, 10 

Et in cubile concito propcrat gradu. 
Paucis dicbus intcrpositis provolat, 
Pecus trucidat, ipsos pastores necat, 
Et cuncta vastans saevit irato inipetu. 
Tum sibi timentes, (jui ferac peperceraut, ir> 

Damuum liaud recusant, tautum pro vita rogant. 
At illa : Memini, qui me saxo petierit, 
Qui panem dederit : vos timere absistitc ; 
IUis rcvertor hostis, qui ine Ir.escrunt. 

1. Air f/ra/ra, 'a similar rcqtiital.' — 2. /mprudens, *■ unv.-nry.'' Oliin^ 
'oncc on a timc,' ia derived from ollus, tlie old form of i/le, primarily 
>ipiifyinK, 'at tliat timc,' and may conscqucntly refcr cithcr to tiniu 
puHt or fiiturc. — h. J'rriliir<ie f/iiijipe, \c., * ina.smiic)i <ia she must perish 
I !Viiii 1' '!._' in tlic jiit), alt)iou>:h no onc siiould iiyure licr.' — 8. Quasi 
. • 11 if cxpi'ctiii>: t<> liinl )ht.' — 10. f'i/oci sn/lu, ' witii a sprinjr.' 
— i '). .^ '■ .'n/jrn/o, ' trcni)))]!!;.' fnr tlicir iicrsonal safcty.' — 10'. jMiiitinin 
l.uwi ncusant, ' do not jrrxi<)>;c t)ie loss of tlicir cattlc' l'ro vila. Aii 
unu8iial construction wit)i rcw/o. Wc sliould expcct the accusativc. 
'^ce JCleiii. Oram. 273,2. — 17. /'elifril — deilerit. As to thc subjunctive, 
■>ce £Ze//i. Gram. 360, 3. — 18. fos^ ' you wlio tJircw brcad to mc' 

38 pnAEDRi FAiii LAnrM 

L A X I l' S i; T S I M I V S. 

rF.NnKRE tnl laiiium )|uiilnni viilit simiuin, 
Intcr reliciias morces atque opsonia ; 
Quacsivit, sa|>oret i Tum lanius jucans : 
Quale, inquit, cajmt est, talis pniestatur sa|>or. 

Ridiciile magis huc dictuin t{uam verc occtimu ; 5 
Quandu et funnosos saepc iiivoni pessimus, 
Kt turpi lacie inultos cugnuvi uptiinos. 

I. l'rndere att lamiuin, ' li:iiij;iii>; fnr «alc at n liutclier'» «tnll.' — 
2. /{rliciiiu {— reiufuat), tnUHt Iks n-ad m four i«}'llalilca. — t. Conrtnio 
thus : l(t!u fi/ior yrtiestaliir, iw/uit, </wile cti/>ul rtf, 'tlio tMto is nucli as 
is uarrantod by tho (ugly) appcarancc of tlio hca<l.' — 5. UidieHlr, 
•JMtlngly.' Arttinin,*l nckon.' — 6. Quaiflo, 'mciiig tliat.' — 7. Tur/^i 
/iieie muUot, ' niauy |H:nK)Uii witli ugly facca.' 

l-AI»rLA V. 
A E 8 O r U 8 K T T K. T f I. A N 8. 

SLCfi-s.srH ad poriiiciem multos devocat. 
Acsoi>o (|uidam petulans lapidein iinpe}^'omt. 
Tanto, iuqiiit, molior ! As-H-m doiiuie illi dodit, 
8ic prusocutus : rius non hal»oo me Horciile ; 
Sc<l, uiide nccipcre possis, moiistralKj til»i. .1 

Venit eccc dives et potens ; liuic similiter 
]mpiii(;e lapidoiii, ot di^ium accipies praemium. 
rersuasus illo focit, <|u<k1 moiiitus fuit ; 
Sed spcs fefellit impudentem niidacinm : 
Compronsus naimiue pocuos persulvit cruco. 10 

I. /Vrocri/. Compan' I. 'J2, 2.— S. /hi/hH ; nainrly, .4««i>p««. Aitrm. 
Tlia (ji waa a Koutau cuiu, wortli alMtul une half-iK-uuy. 

LIBER ni. 3'J 

M V S C A E T M U L A. 

MrscA in teniouc sedit, et niulam incrci>ans, 
Quam tarda os ! in<|uit : uon vis citius progredi ? 
Vidc, ne dulone coUuiu conipungam tibi. 
Respoudit ilia : Verbis uon nioveor tuis ; 
Sed istuni tinieo, sella qui prima scdeus ,3 

Juginu tlagello temperat leuto meum, 
Et ora frenis coutiuet spumautibus. 
Quapropter aufer frivolam iusoleutiam ; 
Ubi sit tardanduni, et ultro currenduni, scio. 

Hac derideri fabula merito potcst, 10 

Qoi sine virtutc vauas excrc<;t miuas. 

3w Itolone, 'a goad.' Hyi>orbolically applicd by tlic fly to its stiiij^. 
— 5. Se/la primii, 'on tlic scat in froiit <>f tiie wagou.' — 6. Jwiuin 
Irmperal meum, 'rojrulatcs tlie swiftuess or slowness of niy pacc' — 
7. Frenis. See Elem. (iraiii. 59. — 8, Aii/tr, ' away witli.' — 11. Sine 
virtute, ' without powcr to cxccuti.'.' 

L U P U S A U C A N E M. 

QuAM dulcis sit libcrta.5, brcvitcr pmloquar. 
Cani |tcrpasto macie confectus lupus 
Fortc occucurrit : deiu salutatum iuvicem 
Ut rcstitcruut :*Uude sic, <, uites 1 
Aut «juo cibo fecisti tautuui corporis ? 5 

E'_'". (jui sum Itjuge fortior, i>ereo fanic. 
(';iiii> siuipliciter ; Jladem est couditio tibi, 
rrae-stare domiuo si par officium potes. 
Quod ? in^juit illc. Custos ut sis liminis, 
A furibus tucaris ct noctu domum. 10 

Kgo vero sum paratus : nuuc patior nive-j 
Imbrestiue, in silvis asperam vitam trahens : 

H.Sip"!'- • . ' if tliou art able,a8 tliou 

art.' Sce / [Ay ii^-tuin. — lU. Coiistrup 

thoa : et ;.-.... ... _. 7'roA«n-», ' dragging out.' 


Qnauto est faoilius inilu suli tctto vivcre, 

Et otiosum largo satiari cil>o ! 

Veni ergo mecuin. l>um pi*oceilunt, aspicit 1 

Lupus a catena coUum ditritum caui. 

l'nde hoc, amicc ? Nihil cst. I)ic, (juacso, tamcn. 

t^uia viile<jr accr, jUligant me interdiu, 

Luce ut tjuiescam et vigilcm, nox quum vcnerit : 

Crepusculo soluius, tjua visuni est, vagor. 20 

Aftertur ultro panis; <lc luensii sua 

Dat ossa doiuinus; frusta jactant familia 

Kt, quod fxstidit i|uis<|ue, |iulmcntarium. 

Sic sine lahorc vcutcr ini|'lctur meu.s. 

Agc, si (juo abire est animus, est licentia t S/) 

Non plano est, iinjuit. Fruere, (juac laudas, cauis. 

liegnare nolo, liher ut non sim niibi. 

— 16. A <-(tlrna. Aii uiiusuiil coii-ttniction. Sco (iram. § 'J0<>, n. 1. 
— 17. f.We hoc, * wlirncc nriicii tliiii?' rcfcTring to tlic baro apiHrai^ 
ancc of thc «lofr'» ncck.— "20. < 'rr/nifculo (froni tlio Saltinc word rrf/wr, 
tra,frum, d»nk\, (lArk) ; tlio cvcninf; t\vili){lit. in contnuiiRtiiiotion to 
dHurulum (tiilin-rrr'), ilawn, tlie niiiriiili); twiliglit. (jiui rtmm est, 
'wlnrcvtr I thiiik tit.' _'.'>. Tlic wolf tnkcii u|> tlic dialoguc. — 
26. Uiiili rKtniiil •tiiiii a» tlic Bulijcct to inqinl. '27- i'l »"». Aj to tho 
diatiuctiuu bctwucD ul nun aud nr, *cc Klcm. <irum. 351. 

F.\iuL.\ vm. 

8 O U O 11 K T K U A T E II. 

ruAi:ri:i'T(i monitus, sacpc to considcra. 
Ilalieliat (|uidaiii tlliain turpis.simam, 
IdciiKlue insigiu-m piilrhra facic filiuin. 
Ili, Kpeculniu in cathcdrn matris ut piinitum fuit, 
rueriliter ludentes, forte inspexenint. fl 

Ilic se foiTuosum jactat ; illa ira.scitur, 
Nec gloriaiitis sustinet fratris joco», 
Accipicus <|uippc ciiiirta in coiitumcliam. 
Ergo ad patrcin dccurril, lacsura iiiviccm, 

2. 7Mr7»i«nm*im, 'rprjr plniii-lookiiiK,' aa wc iiajr. TVir^n» mny appljr 
Hllii-r to plivnirnl or inorAl ilrforiiiit v. 4. Si<rciilum, ntrirlly ■iHiikiiil, i* 
a mirror inmli' of polmliril Cnlluitra. Aii )'iui>-cliair iimnI hy 
tlic Koiiinn inaimn*. /n oiilir<lr<t. A* iu tlila cuniilruclioii, mcv Kem, 
Uram. 3'.'.'<. '.>. /Atrtunt, ' v,H\i tliu intcnlion of ahuaiii)( liim.'' 


Majniaque iiividia criiiiiiiatur fiiiuin, 10 

Vir natus quod rcm feniinarum tetigerit. 
Ainplcxus illo utrumque, ct cariiens oscula, 
DulcenKiue in ambus caritatem jiartiens, 
Quotidie, in<iuit, s|ieculu vos uti volo : 
Tu formain nc corrumjias neciuitiae nialis ; 15 

Tu faciem ut istam moribus viucas bonis. 

II. Tetiperit. Tlic subjunctive, bccuusc cxpressiug a iiart of wliat tlie 
sister said. Scc Elem. (inmi. 353. 


S O C R .\ T E S A I) A M I C O 8. 

VuLOAUi: amici nomen, sed rara est fides. 
Quum jtarvas aedes sibi fundasset Socrates, 
(Cujus non fugio mortcm, si famam assequar, 
Et cedo invidiae, dummodo absolvar cinis), 
Ex j)oj)ulo sic nescio quis, ut fieri solet: 6 

Quaeso, tam angustam talis vir jionis domum l 
Utinam, inquit, veris hanc amicis impleam ! 

2. Aedcs. In tlic singular, a ' tcmplc;' in tlic plural, ' tcmplcs;' or as 
hcre, 'a Iioubc' Sec L<it. l>irl., and Klvin. (ir>iiii. 5.5. Snerdtc*. A 
cclfbratcd .\tlicnian philosopiicr, thc son of Sophroni.scus, born 469 n. c. 
In carly lifc lic followcd his fathcr'8 prorcssion — that of a tsculptor — 
whicli hc rclinc|uishcd, howcvcr, at au aftcr-pcriod, dcvotiuj,; hinisclf 
rxchiHively to thc stndy and teachini; of ethical philosojihy, and dis- 
rcffanliiijf thc acqiiisition of jirivatc fortuiie. His tcaching liad a 
twofnjd objcct ; iiaiiiely, to slicw thc worthkssncsfi of falsc aii]ic.iraiK-c 
and conccit of leaniinff in younff aiid ohl, aiid to awaken dcKJre for self- 
knowlefljfc rcsiiecting the end aiid value of liuinan actions. llc waa at 
l.wt impeached, and rondeinncd to dcath in thc Bcveiiticth ycar of his 
a>fe, 3J»!) B.C., iiriiicipally on tlie chargcs of comiptiiij: flie niiiids nf tlic 
youtli by tiic natiiro of his tcachiiij;, aud of (lcspisiiij; tlic tufclary 
deiticM of AflienH. — 4. Dumiiinilo ati.-oh-ar cinis, ' provided I niay be 
acquittcd afl<T my dcath.' — .'5. .Supply thus : (</ui'laiii) e.r jx>puli> {ait). 
— 6, Tatis rir /ir^/i/', ' do you 8o great a man build.' Mark thc ftutithcsii 
bctween tali* and ant/iutain. 

4S rilAEDRI FAntl.ARrM 

r U L L U S A 1) M A K G A R I T A M. 

I.N sterquilino puUus gallinaccus 
Duin quacrit cscam, mai*garitain roj>pcrit. 
.laccs indi^iu, (|uanta ros, ini|uit, \»c» I 
IIik; si (juis pretii eupidus vidissot tui, 
Olim redis-sos a«I sploiulorem i^ristinum. 6 

Ego ((mxl te inveni, putior oui niulto est oilnis, 
Nec tilii i^roUosse ncc mihi <pii(li|uam potost. 

IIoc illis narro, ipii ine non intelligunt. 

;j. ./.;.•<, v^r., ' n valunMo tliinjj to l>r lyiiiij iii a jiliicc »o 
iiiiHortliy of yoii.' — .x Olnn, ' 1<>iik hiiico.' CniiMilt "J, '2, nliovc.— 
ti, 7. (.'oimtniC tlliw: i/tioJ fjo, cm ci/< <.• «•.«/ kimV.. ;»)i<i/, lai-f-Ni /«•, /!«/«■«' 
firotietrt </M«/./"ii"i ««•<• /i'6i nte mihi, 'tlic circuiiiKt.incc tliat I, to wlioiii 
ftxMl !• of iiiorc imiKirtanco, liavo fouiul tlice, caii bc uf uo «draitta^c 
citlior to tlicc ur tu luc* 


AVV.S in alta quercu foccrant favou : 
IIos fuoi inertos ossc dicelmnt siuis. 
liis .id fonun doducta e»t, vospa judico. 
t^uae gonus utrunupie iio.s.sot <pium pulcliorrimo, 
Lt^'om dualius lianc proposuit partilius : fl 

N<in iiiconvonioiis corpus et par csl o(»Ior, 
In duliium plane res ut morito vonorit. 
.•^oil, ne rfli^io pecccf impnulons moa, 
Alv(is .'iccipite, et k ris opus infundito, 
Ut cx sa|M)re mellis et forma favi, l(i 

I>c ((uis nunc a^'itiir, auctor liorum appareat. 
Fuci rccu.sant : apihus conditio placct. 

'2. //««, »U|i|i|y», — 3. /,ii .i./ forum dfdnfta «•«/, •tlio «llt )•■ 
bmuvlit inlo r.iiirt.' \'fpa fii</>.v. Aa t<> tliia rnnainictioti, ■«•« /■.'/«•»i. 

X Cm* ufiU* tuji.MiU, '{«.ut llti liuiici lulu lli«i «HilU.' — ll. (JitU (ul 


Tunc illa talcin protulit scntentiam : 
Apertum est, quis non possit, et quis fecerit. 
Qua[)roptcr ajiibus fructuni restituo suum. 15 

llanc praeterissem fabulam silcntio, 
Si pactam fuci nou recusassent fidem. 

quthus. .Scc ariim. § 117, notc— 13. nia ; that is, tv^. — 15. Frudum, 
* tlic fruit of their labour.' — 17. 1'uctaiii. Used passively. See 6'ruw. 
§ 139. u. •-'. 


PuEROur.M in turba iiuidam ludentem Atticus 
Acsopum nucibus quum vidis.set, rcstitit, 
Et «luasi dclirum risit. Quod sensit simul 
Derisor potius <|uam dcridcndus senex, 
Arcum retcnsum posuit in mcdia via ; 6 

Heus ! inquit, .sapiens, expcdi, quid fecerim. 
Concurrit populus. Ille se torquet diu, 
Nec quaestionis positae causam intclligit. 
Novissimc succumbit. Tum victor sophus; 
Cito rumpes arcum, sempcr si tcnsum habueris ; 10 
At si laxaris, quum volcs, crit utilis. 

Sic ludus aiiimo dcbct ahijuando dari, 
Ad cogitandum mclior ut rcdeat tibi. 

3. Artcr ddirum unileretand Arsopum. As to thc conHtruction of 
ritit with the accuxativc, soc Gram. § 24!>, n. 1. Construe thus : 
.'tmul (af^ trnrj: (.tr-ojiut), iteri.ior potius t/uain (Uridenduii, len.tit r/uod, 
— 6. Snpienn. Um-d hiTe ironically. L'apedi, ' unriddlc the mcaning.' 
7. Torijur/, 'puzzlcH liiinHclC' — 9. Hophui ; tliat is, Aesopus. — 13. Melior, 
' with lucrcMcd viguur.' 


V A IJ l' I, A X V I. 

IlfMAMTATi ijui se non accommodat, 
rk'ruin«iuo iiocnas opiietit superliiac. 

Cicada acerbuni iioctuae convicium 
Faciebat, solitae victum in tencl>ris quacrcre, 
Cavoque ramo capere somnum interdiu. 5 

Rogata est, ut taceret. Multo validius 
Clamare coepit. Rursus adinota prcce, 
Accensa magis est. Noctua, ut vidit sibi 
Nullum esse auxilium, et verliaconiemni sua, 
Ilac est aggressa garrulam fallacia : lU 

Dormirc quia me non sinunt cantus tui, 
Sonare cithara quos jiutcs ApoUinis, 
Potare est aninius ncctar, quod Tallas mihi 
Nuper donavit ; si iion f;i.stidi.s, veni ; 
Una bilianms. lUa, ^juae arebat siti, 15 

Simul cognovit vocem laudari suam, 
Cupidc advolavit. Xoctua cgrcssa e cavo, 
Trepidantem consectata est, ct leto dedit. 
Sic, viva (juod negarat, tribuit inortua. 

I. Ifmnanifati, ' to a rourtoous roqneit.' — 2. Ojtpetit. K\\ iiiiiisn^ii 
cxpri-Miiin. but a|>]ilicaMi> licn>, a» (Irnth woji tlic puninliinont tlie 
ciraJa uinlerwcnt. — 3. Conviciuin. ('«iinpnrc i. ♦•, .1. — 6. liitijata rst, 
mipply ciiiiil'1. — 1(1. (iarrutitm ; tliat Ih, ciciulain. — \'2. Sotiare, rfc, 
' wliicli you, <ir any oiic would iiay, noiind froni tlio lyrc of Attollo.' — 
13. .\ftcr animus supply mihi. /'allas. Tlic owl wnji tlio biru microd 
to Pallaa. — 16. Simui, cquivulciit to timulac. — lU. Cunfrdata est, ' »cizcd 

!•• A M V 1. A X V I I. 

Oi.iM, quas vcllciit csse in tufoln sua, 
I)ivi legerunt arlinres. (^iiercus Jovi, 

2. .A/n. Jiipitor wiui oriiriiially inorcly a i>onionlfic«tion of tlio 
nlcnicata ; aiid liin uaiiit-, liciii^ a coiitraotiun fur />i'tii'i« j>aler ur 



Et mvrtus Ycuori i>lacuit, Phocbo laurea, 

Pinus Cybebae, populus celsa Ilerculi. 

Minerva 3'linirans, ijuare sterilcs sumerent, 5 

Interrogavit. Causam dixit Jupiter : 

Dienpiter, signifies father or lord of licaven. Under this cliaracter, he 
»38 worshipped as tlie j:od of rain, storms, thunder, and lightning. 
IIc was furtiicr rcgardcd as tlie jniarclian of law, and the protector of 
justice and virtue. As prince of light, the wliitc eolour was sacrcd to 
him : wliite animals were sacrificed to him, his priests wore white 
caps, and the consuls wcre attired in wliite wlien tliey sacrificed to 
hini on entcring upon thcir oflice. His teniple stood on the Capitoline 
Hill, and his worsliip was under the spccial care of the FUtmen Dialis, 
tlie liighcst in rank of all the pricsts. His grcat festival, tlie Feriae 
iMtinae, was celebrated annually oii tlie Alban Mount. He was called 
Ziit by the Greeks ; and thc Romans:, in their representations of him, 
adopted the type of tlie Grcek divinity. — 3. IVhit/. Venus was the 
V'(nlilcss of love among the Romans. Hcr worshi)) was cstablished at 
Konie at a vcry early pcriod, but she was considered as one of the least 
important amongRoman divinitics until she became identificd with the 
Greck Ajjhrodite. Phoibo. ]'JiOi hus {folZti), ' briglit ' or ' pure,' occurs 
iii Homer as an cpithct of Apollo, exijressive of the purity of youth. 
.\t a later tinic, wlicn Apollo became connected with thc sun, the term 
l'lioebu8 was also appiied to him as the sun-god. 4. Cybebue {^ ; 
tlie more common naine is Cybile (Ki/osA»j). Tlie quantity of thc sccond 
syllable in botli namcs follows that of tlie Greck forms. Cyuele waa 
the great goddcss of the eastem world, and was known under the 
nanics of tlie ' Great Mothcr,' or the ' Mother of tlic gods.' Under the 
nanic Cybcle, hcr worsliip was univcrsal in 1'hrygia. 1'tsnmis, in 
Gulatia, was tlie principal scat of hcr ritcs, wliere slie was worshippcd 
uiidcr tlie name of Agdistis. Slic was also callcd Dindymcne, &;c. 
I>uring the war witli Hannibal, tlie Romans brought tlie image of tlie 
mother of thc gods from Pcssinus, and built a tcmplc for her on tlie 
l'alatine. In Rome, hcr pricsts wcre called flalli. The lion was sacrcd 
to her. Ilercnles, the niost celebratcd of all tlic hcrocs of antiquity, 
wa«, according to Homcr, the son of Zeus and Alcmcne of Tlicbea, in 
Hocotia, Iii thc carlicst (ircck lcgends, Hcrculcs appcars purcly as a 
human hero, a conqncror of nien and citie.s, but hc afterwards is 
dcscribed as a subdiicr of monstcrs, and is conncctcd in a varicty 
of ways with astronomical pheiiomena. Aftcr his death, he was 
worshipj^cd as a liero and a god. — 5. Minerra, the daughtcr of Jupitcr, 
was one of the grcat Roman divinitics. Being a virgin godiless, the 
Komans readily identificd licr with tlic Grcek Athcna, and accordingly 
hhe bccame gr.i<iually invcstcd with all tlic atfributcs of the Grecian 
divinity. Hcr sacrificcs consisted of calvcs which had not borne thc 
yokc. She was wor»liippcd a« the patroncss of all the arts and 
tradcs, and at hcr grcat fcstival (^"""/"«''■la), which continucd from 
thc I&th to tlic '2;'<1 of Marcli, slic was particularly invokcd by all 
who desircd to diRtinguish thcmsclvcs in j^ainting, poctry, tlic art 
of tcaching mcdicinc, dycing, sjiinning, wcaving, <lv;c. Slie was also 
Buppoficd to gui<lc mcn in tlic «langcrs of war, whcre victory was 
gamed by cunning, prudence, couragc, an<l jicrscverancc. In the 
iiumber of thc Capitolinc divinitics shc raiikcl third, Jnjiitcr being 


Honorem fnictu nc vidcamur vcndere. 
At, me Ilercules, narrabit, quud quis voluerit, 
Oliva nobis proptcr fructum est gratiur. 
Tunc sic deorum genitur atque humiuum sator : 10 
nata, mcrito sapicns dicere umnibus ! 
Nisi utile est, quod facimus, stulta est gloria. 
Nihil agere, quod non prosit, fabella admonet. 

first, and Juno sccond. — 7. Honorem, ' tlie lionour wc do tlie trccs by 
selectinp; theni.' — 8. Narrabit, quod qtiis volucrit, ' lct pcoplc say wliat 
tliey wlll.' — 11. iJicere. Anotlicr form of (//c-cns. 


Pavo ad Junoncm venit, indigne ferens, 
Cantus luscinii quod sibi non tribuerit : 
Illum cunctis aurilms admirabilcm ; 
Se derideri, simul ac vocem mi.serit. 
Tunc consolandi gratia dixit dea : b 

Sed forma vincis, vincis magnitudine ; 
Nitor smaragdi collo praefulget tuo, 
Pictisque ])lumis gemmeam caudam explicas. 
Quo mi, inquit, mutam speciem, si vincor sono ? 
Fatorum arbitrio part«s sunt vobis dafae : 10 

Tibi forma, vires acjuilae, hiscinio melos, 
Augurium corvo, laeva cornici omiiia, 
Omncsquc jiropriis sunt ci^ntcntae dotil>us. 

NoH afVectare, quod tibi non est datum, 
Dclusa ne spes ad tpicielam recidat. 15 

2. A'/.vinij. LuKtiiiii i« tlic niorc coinnion fi)riii. Wo liiivc licrc n 
d(»ct)le in tlic nccond placc, iiiHlcad of an iiiiiilniH or Iribriicli, a« we 
■liould cx|>cet. — .'{. Jlluiii, Hiipply luscinitnii. — -1. Mi>eril. An to tlio 
«uhjunotivc, »eo ICUrm. (irain. IVil. — 9. (Jno, ^ toT wliat puri>oMe,' Ati, 
contrnctcd for mihi. Sfn-cicm is govcnicd hy <lr<li>ti, nnderntood.- 
10. (■<)/.(., ' to you niid otlicr liirdH.' — 12. OnienM on tlie riKlit liand were 
connidcn-il fuiiitirnlilc in tlic ea«c of tlio ravcn, nnd on llic lefl in tlio 
c.iHc of tlic crou. 



AESoprs doniino solus quum esset familia, 
Parare coenam jussus est maturius. 
Ignem ergo quaereus, aliquut lustravit domus ; 
Tandemque invenit, ulu luccrnam accenderet. 
Tum circueunti fuerat quod iter longius, 5 

Eftecit brevius : namque recta per forum 
Coeint redire. Et quidam e turlja garrulus : 
Aesope, medio sole, quid cum kxmine 1 
Hominem, inquit, quaero ; et abiit festinans donium 

Hoc si molestus ille ad animum retulit, 10 

Sensit profecto, se hominem non visum seni, 
Intempestive qui occupato aUuserit. 

2. Maiunus, ' earlier tlian usual.' See Kleni. Gram. 3"37- — 3. Ljnem 
quaerens. It was considered by tlie ancients almost an act of impiety 
to refuse iire. — 5. Construe tlius: Tum effecit iter brevius, (/uod /iicrat 
longius circueunii. — 8. Mvdio sole, used here for medio die, ' in broad 
daylight.' — 10. Hoc ad animum rctulif, ' took the matter home to 

P O E T A. 

SuPERSUNT mihi quae scribam, sed parco sciens ; 
Primum esse ne tibi videar molcstior, 
Distringit quem multarum rerum varietas ; 
Dein, si quis cadem forte conari velit, 
Habere ut possit alifjuid o]ieris residui ; 5 

Quamvis materiae tanta abundet copia, 
Labori faber ut desit, non fabro labor. 
Brevitati nostrae praemium ut reddas, peto, 
Quod es poUicitus : exhibe vocis fidem. 
Xam vita morti propior est quotidie, 10 

Et hoc minus pervoniet ad me muneris, 
Quo plus consumet temporis dilatio. 

1. Aftor parco supply scri/>cre. — 5. AUqutd opcns residui, 'some work 
left Jiim to do.' — 9. 1'^xhil>e fidemrocis, 'perfonn your promise.' — 1(1. Tlie 
quantity of tlie antepcnult in r/tujlidi<: is long. — 11. /Joc minus — quo 

48 pnAKnui rAnti.Aiu m 

8i cito rcm pcnigcs, umis tiet loiigior : tHutiiLs, si celcrius copero. 

I.anpiicntis «levi dum suiit aIi<|uao rcliquiae, 16 

Auxilio locus ost : ulim sciiio «lchilcm 

Frustra adjuvarc l>oiiita.s iiitctur tua, 

Quum jam dcsiorit cssc l>ciieticio utilis, 

Et inors vicina flagitabit deliituin. 

Stultum a«lmovcrc tibi prcces existimo, 80 

Proclivis ulti-o «juum sit miscricordia. 

Sacpe iiMpctravit vciiiain coiifcssus rcus : 

Quanto innoccnti justius «lel>ct dari ] 

Tuac sunt partes, fucnint alionim prius : 

Dein simili >ryro vcnicnt aiiorum vicos. 26 

Dcccrnc <|U<m1 rclijjio, <|U<«1 |iatitur lidcs, 

Et jrravitcr mc tutarc judicio tuo. 

Exccdit aniinus, qucm proposuit, terminum ; 

Se«l diflicultcr continctur spiritus, 

Integritatis <jui sinccrac con.scius, 30 

A noxioniin prcmitur insolcntiis. 

Qui siut, rc<juircs : apparcbunt teinporc. 

F,j?o. (|Uon<iam lcgi <piam pucr scntcntiain. 

' ralam mutirc plcbcio piaculum i^t,' 

Duin .sanita.s coiistabit, pulchrc mcminero. 36 

/Jus, ' tJir l<'»i« '— ' tlio mf>Tf.' — 20. Untlcnitnml "«• l>cfoiT admorfr*. .Soc 
(Imm. § ,^!l"i, II. 1.— 'J-l. Tuiu »1(11/ j<nr:r.i, • tlic (\iiirtioii <>f ju»!j;f t« now 
youm.' S<'c Iiitrodurtion. — 'JH. .ifn:,iu> for <</'.-'-"•. Vi/, .Vr., ' Imt 
a tiian'ii fi-rlin^.ii arc rmtrniiicl witli ilidiculty, if, con»riou» of UIIOI1IIU-.I 
lionour, hr \n rrunlicd l>y tlic nm>(fnn<'f of liix opprowioni.' — 3*J. Tfinf^ir, 
' at tlic i>rolM-r tiinc' — .tl, .'l,'). ('«niNtnic tliua : l-'.<jo pulfkr^i mrtiii>,' r^; 
ilum Kiniltu euntlafiil, Kitlinlniin, ifiiitn ijtninJam fturr Ifkji ' fniiruJniH rU 
fjUUiu iHulire palamj' Tliia r|Uotntiun ia fWini tlic Tclc|iliua uf Kiiniua. 

L I B E R Q U A R T U S. 


QriM (lestinassem terminum operi statuere 

In hoc, ut aliis esset materiae satis, 

Consilium tacito corde daninavi nieum. 

Nam si quis talis est etiam tituli appctens, 

Quo pacto demonstrabit, quidnam omiserim, 6 

Ut illud ipsum cupiat famae tradere, 

Sua cuique quum sit animi cogitatio 

Colorque proprius ? Ergo non levitas mihi, 

Sed certa ratio, causani scril>endi dedit. 

Qaare, Particulo, quoniam cajieris fabulis, 10 

(Quas Aesopias, non Aesopi, nomino ; 

Paucas ostcndit ille, ego j^lures dissero, 

Usus vetusto genere, scd rebus novis) ; 

Quartum hhellum, quum vacarit, perleges. 

Hunc ohtrectare si volct niahgnitas, 16 

Imitari dum mm pos.sit, olitrcctet Hcet. 

Mihi parta laus est, quud tu, quo<l similes tui 

Vestras in chartas vcrlia transfcrtis niea, 

I>igiiuni(pie longa ju(hcatis mcnioria. 

Illittcratum plausum cur dcsidero 1 20 

/■ ' ' ' '2. In hor, ' witli tliis vicw.' — ?i. Con- 

n Mn^ morc' — I. Talii lilu/i, ' of siinilax 

<i . ■ tlic uiuittcd in.ittcr.' — 7. Sua unimi 

i' . ' Ijiii own way of tliinkine and stylo 

«'t '«, ' incon«taiicy ;' n.inicly, in chan>o>i? niy 

r . .- ■ .1 ' • ..<.,/,, Ifi. />;/;/;, eqiii- 

\ 1.' Siiiiili», witli tlic 

V ' > ■ .'i.iractcr ; Imt witli tlic 

datut, rt!Miiibl.iiirc iii outw.ird ;ij.jK.;ir.iiicc. .Sce Graiii. g "JGT, n. 'J. 


A S I N U S E T G A L L I. 

Qci natus cst infelix, non vitam inodo 
Tristeni (lecurrit, verum jxtst ol»itum <juo<iuo 
rerseijuitur illum dura fati miseria. 

Galli Cvbcbes circum in quacstus ducore 
Asinum solebant, l>ajulantem sarcinas. fl 

Is quum labure ct plairis esset m«jrtinjs, 
Dctracta pellc sibi fecenint tympana. 
llo'_'ati mox a quodam, delicio suo 
Quidnam fcci.sscnt, hoc locuti sunt modo : 
Putabat se post mortcm socurum forc : 10 

Kccc idiac plagae congeruntur mortuo. 

4. GaiU Cy>djes, Scc iii. 17, 4.-7. Tymjxina. Tlic priort* ui«e<l 
druni)) in thc wornhip of thc go^Mcsa tia one of tlic nc('oni)>animcnt8 t<> 
llii-ir n^jiny ]iriicccdiug8. — 8. Dtticio, Anothcr fonn ii» diUcnif, S»"* 
iCiem. (iram. 54. 

F A B f L A I L 
r O ii T A. 

JocfLARl tibi vi<lomur : ct sane lovi, 
Dum niliil habcmus maju.<<, calamo ludinius. 
So<l dili^'ontcr intucrc lias neni<'is : 
Quantam sub illis utilitatom rcporics ! 
Non .scmpcr ca sunt, «luae vidontur : dccipit 6 

Krons priina inultos ; rara nions intelligit, 
Qu'»«l intcrioro condidit cura an^^ulo. 
Hoc ne biaitus sino merce<Ie existimcr, 
Fabollani adjiciam <le miistehi ot muribus. 

Miistola, <piiim aiiiii^ et Mnootu debilis, 10 

Mtiros v<'l«ces iioii valoret asso<|ui, 
Involvit se farina, et obscuio looo 
Abjocit iH'{^dij,'ciitor. Mus escaiii putAiiii 

2. />rn cviAjmo WiwiM, • wo cmploy onr iwmi on nimrti»!' «tiljjorU.*— 
& /iar<i mmt. Litcmllv, ' i» riin-,' or * a miiwrior inti-lliTi.'~8. Simt 
M^rcedf, ' to uo |iur]Hj*u. ~-\'X Aftcr uhjecU «upply x-. 


Adsiluit, ct cum]>ressus oocubuit neci : 

Alter similiter periit, deinde et tertius. 15 

Aliquot secutis venit et retorridus, 

Qui saepe laqueos, et muscipula effugerat ; 

Proculque insidias cernens hostis callidi, 

Sic valeas, inquit, ut farina es, quae jaces ! 


Fame coacta vnlpes alta in vinea 
Uvam appetebat, summis saliens viribus : 
Quam tangere ut non potuit, discedcns ait : 
Nondum matura est : nolo acerbam sumerc. 

Qui, facere quae non possunt, verbis elevant, 5 
Adscribere hoc debebunt exemplum sibi, 

5. Construc tlius: {nii), qui elevant vertiis {ea), qune non pofsuni facere^ 
iebebunt adicriberi hoc cxemjJum sihi. Eletani rerl/is, ' disparage.' 


Equcs sedare solitus quo fuerat sitim, 
Dum sese aper volutat, turbavit vadum. 
Hinc orta Hs est. tionipes, iratus fero, 
Auxilium [>etiit hominis, quem dorso levans, 
Rediit ad hostem. Jactis hunc tclis eques 6 

Postquam interfecit, sic locutus traditur : 
Laetor, tuH.*se auxihum me prccibus tuis ; 
Nam praedani cepi et didici, quam sis utilis. 
Atquc ita coegit freiios invitum pati. 
Tuni maestus ille : Tarvac vindictain rel 10 

Dum quaero demens, servitutem rtpperi. 

1, 2. Coniitnic tbua : .Iper dum volulat $fte, lurftaril raJum, rpto rrfuus 
tulitu* fuerxU sedare sitim, — 5. Uostem ; that is, tlie boar. — 9. Invitwn. 


Ilacc iracundos admoncMt fahula, 
Impunc potius laedi, quan) dcdi altori. 

Undensfand erfuum. — 1.3. /niptinf, kc, 'tliat it is hotter fo suffor iiyviry 
witlioiit rcdrcss, than to bc delivcrcd u)> to tlic discrctiou uf auothcr. 


Qdum victi murcs mu.^Jtclarum oxercitu 
(Ili.storia cuju.s in tabernis pingitur) 
Fugerent, et artos circuin treiiidarent cavi».s, 
Acf^rc rccepti, tamcn cva.serunt necem. 
Duccs cui-uin, (jui capitilius cornua 6 

Suis ligarant, ut conspicuum in proelio 
Hahcrent si^Munn, (piud sequcrcntur inilitcs, 
Ilacserc in purtis, suiitiiuc capti ali liostibus ; 
Quus immolatos victor avidis dciitibus 
Caj^acis alvi mcrsit tarfareo spccu. 10 

tiucincun<iue p<ipulum tristis evcntus premit, 
rcriclitatiir ma^Miitudu principum; 
Miiiuta plcbcs facili pracsidiu latct. 

6. Littaranl, contracted for litfarentnt. Soo /•.'//•m. Gram. l.Vi, I. — 
12. Mwjnitudo priucipuni, * thc icadiug mcu.* — 13. 1'Ic/m;s. Ah fo tliii 
fonn, Hcc /iVcHi. (,'raiii. SJI, ."i. 

F A li U L A V I L 

V H A E l) K U 8. 

Tr, <|ui, nasute, scripfa <Iesfrinffis mca, 
Kt lioc jocorum li-jific rastidis ^'cnus, 
Tarva libelluiii sustiiic paticntia, 
Sovcritatciii froiitis diim plac<» tuae, 
Kt in cotliuniiM prodit Acso]iiis iiovi.s. A 

I. 7m, r/ui, Ar., ' y<ni wlio, tiiniinK uji yoiir iiom- nf lliem, r<'n«iir<' niy 
»TitiliK«. 5. fulhHrnii norii, * n iiow nii<l lofli^T nlylr.' Citlhui-HH^, 
litiTiilly NigiiiiiMi tlic buakin \»<ini liy trngfdiniiii un tlic Nlago oji thu 

LIBF.R IV. 53 

(Jtinam nec uiuiuam Pclii iiemoris jugo 
Pinus bipenni cuncidisset Thcssala ! 
Xec ad pnifessae niortis aiulacem viam 
P^abricasset Argus opcre Palladio ratem, 
Inhospitalis prima quae Ponti sinus 10 

Patefecit in perniciem Graium et Barbarum ! 
Namciue et superbi luget Aeetae domus, 
Et regna Peliae scelere Medeae jacent, 

$oecus was by comedians. — 6. Pcftf. Pclion was a lofty range of 
moantains in Tliessaly, in the district of Magiiesia, between the lakc 
Bocbeis and thc 1'agascan Gulf. From this mountain the timber was 
taken of which the ship A nio was constructed. — 8. 1'rofessac. Used 
passircly. See Cmm. § 139, 2. — 9. Ar<;us operc PoUadio. Argus was 
the builder of the ship Argo, in whicl» Jason and the Argonautac 
sailed in search of the goldeu flcece. In constructing it, he is said to 
have actcd under tlic direction of Pallas. — 10. hi/ujsj/ilu/is Po/iti. Tlic 
Euxcne was at first ciilicd "Ats><>>- {inhosjiitaile), froni tlie imaginary 
savage charactcr of the people on its coasts, and the supposcd dangers 
of its navigation ; afterw ards, when it became bctter known, its uame 
was cliangcd into Kllnn, in tlie lonic dialcct, EllMts (/lospitalle). — 

11. GraiHm — Uarbarum. Contracted for Graiorum — Barlaroriim. — 

12. Aeetae — Pclia« — .Miitejie. Aeetes was king of Colchis, in Asia, and 
father of the sorceress Medea. During iiis reign, Plirixus, brother of 
Hellc, arrivcd in Colchis, liaving been liome tlirough thc air on tlic 
rani with the goldcn fleece furuished by Hcmics to save liim from 
bcing sacrificcd to Zcus. Plirixus having obtaincd Chalciope, the 
daughtcr of Acetes, in marriagc, sacrificed the ram, and gave its 
fleece to Aeetes, who Ruspended it on an oak-tree in tlie grove of 
Ares, wliere it was guarded day and night by a dragon. AVhen 
Jason, the son of Aeson, camc to lolcos, in Thessaly, to claim as liis 
riglit the kingdom ovcr whicli Pelias tlien rulcd, the latter, with 
tho hopc of getting rid of him, scnt him to bring the golden 
flcece from Colchi». Jason rcadily undcrtook the cxpedition, and 
accompanied by the Argonautae, tlic chief heroes of (xrecce, and as 
aomc say, fifty in iiumbcr, set sail for Colchis in tlic sliip Argo. On 
their arrival, Medca becaiiic cnamoured of Jason, wlio through hcr aid 
defeatcd all the schcmcs of Acetcs, and liaving obtaincd posscssion of 
the treasurc, sct sail by niglit, cirrying with liim Mcdea and her 
youngcr brother Absyrtus. Acetcs ]iursuc(l tlieni, but incffectually ; 
for Mcdca, havin^ nmrdercd Absyrtus, tlirew his limbs ovcrhoard, 
that licr fatlKr's fli;:lit miglit bc retardcd in collccting them. On tlic 
rctum of the .Argonautac, Jason found tliat, during his abscncc, hia 
(athcr, Ac8on, liad bccn put to dcatli by Pclias ; wliercupon Mcdca, to 
avcnge hcr paramour'8 wrongs, pcrsuaded thc daughters of Peliaa 
{PeiiaJet) to cut tlicir fatlier iii picccs, and boil liini, as a mcans of 
rc«toring liim again to yoiith and vigoiir. Aflcr tlic deatli of, 
liiH «on Acastus drove Jason and Medca froni lolcos. Sucli is tlic 
common tradition ; but the storj- probably arosc out of accounts of 
commercial cntcrytriscs ma<Ic by the wcalthy mcrchants who livcd in 
the ncighbourhood of lolcos to tbc coasts of thc Euxiue. Luyet. Ue 

64 i'nAi:i)iti FAitt lauim 

Quac saevum ingouiuiu vaiiis iuvolvcns niuilis 

Illic jicr artus fi-atris oxplicuit fugain ; 15 

Hic caodc patris Pcliaduui iufocit uiaiius. 

Quid tibi viilotur ? Iloc (iuo<|uo iusulsuin est, ais, 
Falsoquo dictuin ; longe quia vetustior 
Aegaea Miuus cliisse iicrduuiuit frota, 
Justo<iuo viudicavit exeuiplo iinpetuin. 20 

Quid ergo pussuni facerc tibi, loctor Cato, 
Si iicc fabollac te juvaut, nec fabulae ? 
Noli molostus essc oiuuino litteris, 
Majoreui exhil>eaut ue tibi luulostiain. 

IIoc illis dictum est, qui stultitia uausoaut, 25 

Et, ut puteutur sapere, coolum vitupcraut. 

had to lamcnt the lo8s of tlie fleccc, of liis daughtcr, and ion. — 
16. IlUo ; that is, in Colcbis. Fratris ; namely, Absyrtus. — )ti. Uic ; 
that is, in 'nicssaly. — V.K Arpaea, AefVirnm tmire was tliat part of 
the Mc<litcrrancnn now cnllcd the Archipclago. It wns boun»U-d on 
thc north by Thr.icc ;iii<l Maccilonia, oii tlic wcst by Hrcccc, and on 
the cast by Asia .Miiior. MniDf wiw a cclcbmtcil kiiig of Crctc, who 
aftcr his <lcnth bccunic oiic of thc jtiil>;c8 of the shn<lcs iii Iln<lcs. 
In hiH tinic, Crctc w:ui a ]>owcrful iii.-iritiinc statc ; aiul hc iiot oiily 
clicckcd thc i» i>un<uit8 of liis coiitciiiponirics, but iiia<le hiinsclf 
ninstcr of fhc lircck ihlaii<Is of thc Acgcan. — "Jl. Lretor C<ito, * austcro 
rcadcr ;" iii allusion to thc pruvcrbial uustcrity uf thc grcat Hoinan of 
this naiuc. 


s K K r i; .N s A I) f A II n f .m r i; u u a u i v .m. 

Muiti)A(i(iKi;M 'Hii iiiipruliu donto appctit, 
Huc arguiuontu so dcscribi soutiat. 

In uilicinain fabri vonit vipora. 
II.10C (luuiii toufarct, si <|ua ros ossct cibi, 
Liinain inuinurdit. Illa contra cuiituinax, 6 

Quid mo, iiniuit, stiilta, dente capta'< laodoro, 
Oinne'vi forruni (luac currudore t 

I, 'J. Ojnstnie thiis ; (///«■) ornlint tr ttrtcrilii hor iirijumrnlo, qiii itpf>rlit 
tnorJiUiorrin luifir-Jxi liinlr. — l. .Si iftttt rri rnet ciln ; ill iniiliilioll "f • 
CJrcck niodc of ux|ir<'iuiioii f<ir »i 711« riV*M» «■»•/•/. — A. /Ilu ; thal i», Iha 
filc. — 7- Anmvi, Diual licru bu rcn<l m foiir H)llablca. 


V U L r E S K T C A r K U, 

lIoMO in pcrioluiii simul ac venit calliclus, 
Repcrire efiugium quacrit altcrius raalu. 

Quum deciilisset vulpes iu puteum inscia, 
Et altiore clauderetur margine, 

Devenit hircus siticns iu cundcm locum : 6 

Sinml rogavit, esset an dulcis liquor 
Et copiosus. IUa fraudein moliens : 
Descende, amice ! tanta bonitas est aquae, 
Voluptas ut satiari non possit mca. 
Immisit se barbatus. Tum vulpccula 10 

Evasit puteo, nixa celsis cornibus, 
Hircumque clauso liquit haercutem vado. 

4. Altiore, 'lii>rher than it wa« poBsiblc for hcr to lcap ovcr.' — 
7. Illu ; that is, tlic fo.x. — 10. /iurljoius, * thc bcardcd auimal ;' tliat is, 
the goat. Consult i, 1, G. — 11. Ntjca, ' leaning upon,' for the purpose, 
namcly, of niaking a higher leap. 'To lcan upoa' is the primary 
mcaniug of nitur. 

D E V I T II S U O >I I N U M. 

Peras imposuit Jupitcr nobis duas : 
Propriis replctam vitiis i>ost tcrguin dedit, 
Alienis aiite [icctus suspendit gravcm. 

Ilac re vidcrc injstra mala non possumus ; 
Alii simul delinquunt, ccnsores sumus. fi 

2. Witli r^pUtam undcnttand perani, — 3. Alienis, undcrstaud vitiia. — 
&. Siinui for rimui ac, ' as soon 08.' 


F A B U L A X I. 
F U R E T L U C E R >• A. 

LucEHNAM fur aoccndit ex ara Jovia 
Ipsumque c>jin|»ilavit ad lunien suuni. 
Onustus qui sacrilegio (luuni disceileret, 
Re|iente voceni sancta misit Ileligio : 
Malorum «luamvis ista fuerint nmuera, 6 

Mihiijue invisa, ut non ofiendar subripi : 
Tamen, sceleste, spiritu culpam lues, 
(Jlim ({uum adscriptus veuerit pueuao dies. 
Sed ne ignis noster facinori praeluceat, 
Per quem verendos excolit pietas deos, 10 

Veto esse tale luminis commercium. 
Ita hfjdic nec lucernam de tlamma deum, 
Nec de lucerna fa.s est accendi sacrum. 

Quot res contineat hoc argiunentnm utiles, 
Non explicabit aUus, quam qui repperit. 16 

Significat primo saepe, quos ipse alucris, 
Tibi inveniri maxime contrarios : 
Secundo ostendit, scelera non ira deiim, 
Fatorum dicto se<l puniri tempore ; 
Novissime interdicit, ne cum malefico 2«) 

Usum bonus consociet ullius reT. 

2. Iprunujiif rompilaril ad lumen suum, ' niul rolibrd tlio tcmplo of 
JupittT hy tlie lifrlit takcn from his own' InKtoml of iti/Min, wa 
xliriuld fXjK-ct '■juf. — t. S<iniiii Hflioio. 'Ilic Toico niay bt- Mii>i»o»i'd to 
liavu iMucil froni tho Htatuo of thc go<]. — (j. iivUm $ultrtpi unJcrHtand 
lUa munerti. — 7- Spirilu, ' witli tliy lifc' — 12, 13. Construo tliu«: lla 
hodie nte fat etl lucermim acctndi d» JLimma dfum, nfc {/at fst) tacmtn 
{accrndi) de lucerma. •Sucrum, ' tlio •acrificc' — 17. lUuximr, 'aboro all 



Opes invisae merito sunt forti viro, 
Quia divcs arca veram laudem intercipit. 

Cuelo rccoptus propter virtuteni Ilercules, 
Quum gratulantes persalutasset deos ; 
Veniente Pluto, qui Fortunae est tilius, 5 

Avertit oculus. Causam ({uaesivit pater. 
Odi, inquit, illum, quia malis amicus est, 
Simulque objecto cuncta corrumpit lucro. 

3. For an account of Hcrculcs, ece iii. 17, 4. — 5. Pluto. Plutus, 
tlie |)er8onification of wealtli {r>.»ZT»t), is described as a son of lasion 
and Dcmetcr. Zcus (Jujiiter) is said to liave deprivcd him of siglit, 
that he niight not bestow his favours on good nicn excluflively. He 
seems to have been comnionly rcprcsentcd iis a boy with a coniucopia. 
F^iriuniie filius. At Tlicbcs there was a statue of Tychc (Tixi) or 
Fortunc, wlicre Plutus waa reprcsented as the cliild of this divinity, 
Bynibolicjdly rcprcsenting the souree of wealth. — 6. Patcr ; that is, 
JoTe, who is callcd tlie father of gods and mcn. 

D E L E N E R E G X A N T K. 

UxiLius homini nihil est quam recte locpii : 
Probanda cunctis est quidem sentcntia, 
Sed ad perniciem sulet agi sincerita.s. 

Quum se ferarum rcgcm fecisset leo, 
Et ae<|uitatis vellet faniam consequi, 5 

A pristina deflexit consuetudine, 
Atque, inter illas tenui contentus cibo, 
Sancta incorru[)ta jura reddebat fide. 
I'o8t<iuam labare coepit i>uenitentia, 
Mutarc quum non posset naturam suam, 10 

1. lieelf loqui, ' to speak in a straiglitforward manner.' — 2. Sentenlia, 
' thii «cntimcnt ;' fhat in, the «cntimcnt cxpresscd in the prcvious 
line. — 3. Sincfritii.', for rinreri /unitinrj, thc abstract for the concrcte, a 
common wulkc in Phacdrus. Couault i. i), 9. — C. l'riUina. Scc L 2, 3. 
— 7. /tfo», «upply/ircij. 

58 rnAKniu i-Aitri.AitVM 

Aliijuas scduxit in secrctum, ut fallerut. 

Ibi quaesivit, os an focteret sibi. 

Quae dixerant jiutere, ct quae negaverant, 

Lauiavit oniues, ct carnc i^aturatus est. 

IIoc quum fccisset multis, ad se siniium 16 

Vocatum intcrrofravit, os an i>utidum 

Ilaberet. Illc cinnaniomo suavius 

Olcrc dixit ct dcorum altaribus. 

Enibuit laudatorcm rcx, ut parccret. 

At mox, ut posset laedcrc, mutavit tidem, 20 

Kt fraudem quacrens hinguoicm fmxit. iStatim 

Mcdici vcncrunt, vcnarum qui pulsibus 

Considciatis ut valcrc vidcnint, 

Ei suaserunt, aliqucm sumcrct cibum, 

Lcvis (|ni forct et toUcrct fastidiuni. 25 

Lco dcindc, cuncta ut rcgibus liccnt, 

Ipnota cst, inquit, simii caro mihi ; 

Illain gustabo. Sic locutus simiuin 

JStatim nccavit, cscaui ut sumcrct, imjirobus. 

19. Eruhiul laudalorrm. For this constructiou, sco (Jram. § 35-, n. I. 
—26. Lucni. Scc Elein. 0'raiii. 'J03. 


IJaiuiam capclhie quum iinpctra.s,sent ab Jove, 
Ilirci macrcntcs indignari coepcrunt, 
(^uod dignitatcm fcininac ao<iuassfnt suiim. 
Sinitc, inquit, illas ghtria vaiia friii, 
Kt usurparc vestri ornatuni iiiuiuTis, 

I*arcs duin imn sint vcstrac fi»rtitudini. 

IIoc arguincntum moiict, ut sustincas tibi 
Habitu esso similcs, qui siiit virtutc imparcs. 

X Af'iiii'viii. TliL" Hiilijiiiu-livc iiitiiii.itcB, tliiii tliin wan tho rcn*on 
Vui\\(W\i \>y tho li('-^'i>:itii fur tlirir iii<liK'ii''ili<>il. S«'0 /•-'/«•»;. (intm. '.\!%',\. 
— h. Vfiilri ornntum h/hh/tm, ' tlic lin<l)ii' <>f your ollirc.' Tliiii rcfcr* I" 
tlin licardfi. — ?• Cormtriio tliuii: (Jt tuiiinftu (homiiifii) fue iimiU* tiln 
ha/iitu^ qui lint im/xirfii virlitlf. For limili', with tllO ilntivo, iiro aliovo 
{/'itfla ail /'iirlirit/nneiit), iv. 17- •"»"''• A» t<» llila iiul>jtiiirtiTc ttftiT (/w, 
tcc /\lrm. liram. 'MW. 




QncM de furtuiiis quidani quereretur suis, 
Aesopus finxit consolandi gratia : 

Vexata saevis navis tenipestatibus, 
Intor vectoruni lacrinias ct mortis nietum, 
Faciem ad serenam subito ut mutatur dies, 5 

Ferri secundis tuta coepit flatibus, 
Nimiaque naut;is liilaritate extollere. 
Factus periclis tum gubcrnator sophus: 
Parce paudero oportet et sensim queri, 
Totam quia vitam miscet dolor et gaudium. 10 

2. Aftcr firurit, undcrstand hanc fahulam. — 6. Tuta, supply navis. — 
8. Factus tophuf, ' reudercd wise.'' With gubemator, understaud imjuit. 

8 E R P E N S.— .M I S E U I C O U D I .\ N CI V A. 

Qui fert malis auxilium, post tempus dolet. 
Gelu rigentem quidani colubram sustulit 
Sinuque fovit, contra sc ipse misericors ; 
Namque ut refccta est, necuit hominem protinus. 
Hanc aUa quum rogaret causam facinoris, 6 

Respondit : Nc quis discat prodessc improbis. 

l. l'osi tcmpus, • aftcr a timo ;' tliat is, ' whcn too latc' — 3. Contra 
le, * to hia own iiyurj-.' — 3. Construe thus : Quum alia (coluLra) ror/arei 
hane {colubram). 

V U L r £ S E T D U A C O. 

VrLPKS, cubile fodiens, dum tcrram cruit, 
Agitquc i^lurcs altius cuiiiculos, 
Pervcnit ad draconis fjpeluncam ultimam, 
Custodiebat (jui thcsauros abditos. 
HaQC simul aspexit : Oro, ut impniduutiae 

60 PUAEUKI I Allt l.AltlM 

Des primiim ; dcindo, si pulchrc vides, 

Quam uun cnnvcnicns aunim sit vitae meae, 

Rcspondcas clcmcntcr. (^ucm fnictum capis 

II()C cx labore, 4Uodvc tantum cst pracmium, 

Ut carcas somno, et aevum in tcncbris exiga.s ? 10 

Nullum, in'[uit ille ; vcjnim hoc a summo mihi 

Jove attributum cst. Ergo ncc sumis tibi 

Ncc uUi donas (|uid<iuam ? Sic fatis placet. 

Nolo irascaris, hbcre si dixcro : 

Dis est iratis natus, «jui cst similis tibi. 16 

Abiturus iliuc, (]uo priores abicrunt, 
Quid mente cacca niiscrum tonpics spiritum ? 
Tibi dico, avare, jraudium hcrcdis tui, 
Qui ture superos, i{)sum te fraudas cibo, 
Qui tristis audis musicum citharac souum, 2C 

Qucm til)ianim maccrat jucundita.s, 
Opsonionim prctia cui gcmitum cxprinumt, 
Qui, dum (juadrantes aggcnus patrimonio, 
Coelum fatigas sordido pcrjurio ; 
Qui circumcidis omncm impcnsam funeri, 26 

Libitina ne ({uid de tuo faciat lucri. 

6. .SV jinlrhre rides. Ol»8cn'o tlio forco of tlic indicativc, ' if tliou 
Mcst clearly nx thou do«t.'' Scc KUm. (ir<im. 'SST. — 11. S'uUum, aupply 
praemium. //ik; ' tliii chargc' — 15. //U. A» to thi» fomi, »co /■./«•;/;. 
Gram. 40. — l'j. Aliilunu illuc, i/uo priori-s nliirrunl, ' Mincc you must ({O 
to that pl.ico whithcr vour anccHtoni havc alrcady rouc.' Ahifntnl, 
Tlic pcnult in hcre Mhort. /■,'/.•»(. (inim. l.'W, H. — Ut. /'i/«i (/i<y>. This 
foraiuhi iuiplicH HouicthiuK indi>;n.tut and chiding iu tho tonc of tho 
lipcakcr. (iuuilium lirmlin, 'thou jov of thy hcir;' thnt i», bccauiic lio 
CxpcctH tliv wc.tltli at thy d<'.ith. — _ll. .W /^ibilina Jitcint iiuid tiu-n d* 
tuii, ' lc^t thc uiiiliTt.nkcr Hliould ittun auglit bj tlice.* Lilntina wa« tlio 
goddcu who prcsidcd uvcr fuucrnU. 

!■ .\ n V L A XX r. 


Qiin judicare cogitct livor nio<lu, 
Licct di.>«Himtdct, piilclire tamcii intelligo. 

1,2. ColiHlruc thuii: /.irrl tir^ir difimulel, r/uid nuiilfl juHinar* mndo. 
fmlcJtrc lamrn inUtiiijo, A/odo, ' iuinicdiatcly uii nadiiig tliuao fablc*. 


Quidquid putabit csse dignum mcraoria, 

Aesopi dioet : si quid miims arriserit, 

A me couteudet lictum quovis pignore. 5 

Quem volo refelli jam uunc responso meo : 

Sive hoc ineptum, sive laudandum est opus, 

Invenit ille, nostra perfecit manus. 

8ed exsequamur coeptum propositi ordincm. 

Modo not only refers to time just now paat, bnt also to tliat wliich is 
immediatelj to come. — (. Dicet (.isc) Aefopi^ ' wiU ascribe it to Aesop.' 
For this construction, see Klem. Gram. 296. .SV qtiid minus arriserit, 
' if auythiiig is lcss (not) plcasing.' — 5. Undcrstana liror as nominative 
to eoRtmdet. Qiioris piijnore, ' takiug a bet to any aniount.' — 8. Ille ; 
that is, Acsop. 


HoMO doctus in se semper divitias habet, 
Simonides, qui scripsit egregium melos, 
Quo paupertatem sustinerct facilius, 
Circuirc cocpit urbes Asiae nobiles, 
Merccde accej^ta laudom victonmi cancns. 5 

lloc genere quaestus postquam locuples factus cst, 
Kedire in patriam voluit cursu pelagio ; 
(Erat autem natus, ut aiunt, in Cea insula) : 
Ascendit navem, quam temj)estas horrida 
Simul et vetu.stas medio (li.«:solvit mari. 10 

Ili 7.ona.s, illi res prctiosas colligunt, 
Subsidium vitae. Qui<lam curicjsior, 
Simonide, tu ex opibus nil sumis tuis ? 
Micum, inquit, mca sunt cuncta. Tunc pauci enatant, 
Quia plures onere degravati pcrierant. l.^j 

1'raedoncs adsunt, rapiunt, <pu»d fjuisquc extulit, 
Nudos relinquunt. Forte Chizomenae prope 

2. Stmnnide; onc of tlie most cflcbratcd iK)CtH of antiquity. Ixini at 
luli», in (Vo«, I1.C JJti. He ih i>aid to have l>c<ii th<- (irst who nceivcd 
money for hiit poemii. — 4. Circuire, niUMt hcre bo ri-nd aa a triHyllable. 
— 1"2. Sitliriilium ritif, ' an a nicanN of Kiif)iw)rting life.' Tlienc costly 
•liiclcn could \>c c.arTied witli leawt diHiciilty, aiid moHt rcadily con- 
vcrted itito moncy. Afler ciini»ior, uiid<THtaiid ro;;<irit. — 17. Claxo- 
memae, an important city of Aaia Minor, «itufttcd on tlic Uulf of SmTrna. 


Antiqua fuit urbs, itotiorunt naufragi. 

Ilio littcraruni quidam studio lieditus, 

Simonidis (jui saopc vorsus logorat, 20 

Erat<iue abscntis adniirator maximus, 

Sorinone ab ipso cognituni cupidissimc 

Ad sc rccepit ; voste, nummis, familia 

Ilominem exornavit. Cctcri tabulam suam 

lV)rtant rogantos victum. Quos casu obvios 2fi 

Simonides ut vidit ; Dixi, ini|uit, mea 

Mecum essc cuncta ; vos (juoil rapuistis, pcrit. 

—24. Tuhnltim guam fKtrtaiif, ' carry nl>otit a rcpresenlation of tlie 
«lii]>\vrcck.' Those wIkj liad snffcroil Klii]>\vrcck, wcri' iii tlio linbit of 
cnrryiiij? about a rcprcscutation of it. t'nr tlio j^uriios.' nt' cxciting 

M O N .s r A n T V UI K N s. 

MoNs parturiliat, pcniitus immancs cicns, 
Eriitquo in torris maxima cxspoctatio. 
At illo nmrom ])oporit. IIoc scriptum ost tibi, 
Qui, magna >piuiii niinaris, extricas niliil. 

I- O U M I C A i; T M U 8 C A. 

Foit.MK A et nnisca contcndobant aoritcr, 
Qiiao pliiris es.set. Musca sic cnopit prior: 
Oonrorrc iiostris tu potos to latidibiis 1 
IJbi iininolatur, cxta praoguslo douin ; 
Moror intor ara.s, tonipla porlustro oiiniia. fi 

lii oapitc rcgis Kcdoo, i|uum visuiii cst iiiilii, 
Kt iiiatroiiarum casta dolibo oscula. 
liaboro iiiliil, ati|uc optimis robiis fruor. 
(^uid Iioruni siniilc tibi coiitingit, niHticu 7 

2. Qiiiif jJiiri» etirt, ' wliicli wm of tln" KTcntcr roimcoucnco.' An to 
tlio coiiatruction of ;</i«r«, «.'0 J:'ltiii. (•'raiii. .'WO. — I'. |'or hinilis wltb 

LiBF.n IV. 63 

Est gloriosus sanc convictus dcum, 10 

Sed illi, qui invitatur, non cpu invisus cst. 

Reges coramenioras et matrunarum oscula. 

Ego granum iu hiemcm (juum studiose congero, 

Te circa murum i>asci vidco stcrcore. 

Aras frciiuentas : nempe abigeris, quo vcnis. 15 

Nihil laboras : ideo quum opus est, nil habcs. 

Super etiam jactas, tegere quod debet inidor. 

Aestatc me lacessis ; quum bruma est, siles. 

Mori contractam quum te cogunt frigora, 

Me copiosa recipit incolumem domus. 20 

Satis profccto rettudi superbiam. 

Fabella talis hominum disccrnit notas 
Eonim, (|ui se falsis (irnant laudibus, 
Et quorum virtus exhibet solidum decus. 

the gcnitive, sce above (Ad Pariiculonem), iv. 17. Rnstica, ' thou clod- 
polc ;' applicd contcmpfuouslj- to tlie ant. — lO. Tlie reply of tlie ant. 
Convictus ilcAm, 'sh.iring the food of the frods.' — 15. Ncmjie abiiieris, 
f/iio rwiii, 'biit Burcly you are drivcn away wlicrevcr you go.' — 
•Jl. liettadi iiipcrbiam, 'I havc knockcd your pridc ou thc hcad.' — 
2"J. hiscemit tiotas, ' distinguifihcs thc charactcristics.' 

P O E T A. 

Qdantim valercnt intcr homincs Jittcrae, 
Dixi superius : fpiantus nunc iilis hoiKjs 
A superis sit tributus, tradam mcmoriac. 

Simonidcs idcm ille, de quo rettuli, 
Victori laudcm cuidam pyctac ut scribcret, 6 

Certo conductus pretio, sccrctum petit. 
Exigua (|uum frcnaret materia impctum, 
Usus poetae more est ot licentia, 

4. SimonitLt. 8«.'c abovc, fab. 22, notc. — 6. Cun>luctwi. Tlic pcrson 
nndcrtaking a picce of work at a ccrtain ratc of paymcnt was said 
conilur^rr ; and tlic jK-rHon ^'iving it out waH BJiiil lncure. Stcrrlum jflU, 
* hc went into a rctircd pl.icc' /'rtit, confra<-ted for fftivit. .See Jcimi. 
(irim. 13.i, 2—7. IJj-iffua, rtc, ' aa thc barrcnn^ hk of thc §ubjcot fcttcrcd 

n4 pnAF.nni FAnri.ARiM 

Atqtic interposuit pemina liodae sidera, 

Auctoritatem similis reforens gloriae. 10 

Opus approl)avit : sed mercedis tertiam 

Accepit partom. Quum relicuam jiosceret, 

IUi, iutiuit, reddent, quorum sunt laudis duae. 

Verum, ut ne irate te dimissum sentiant, 

Ad cocnam mihi |n-omitte : coirnatos volo 15 

Ilodie invitare, quorum cs in numero mihi. 

Fraudatus (piamvis et dolens injuria, 

Ne male dimissus gratiam cornimperet, 

Promisit. Itediit hura dieta, reeuhuit. 

Rplemlehal hilare pocuHs convivium ; 20 

ftlagiK» ajiparatu laeta resonahat domus : 

Repento duo quum juvonos, sparsi pulvere, 

Sudore multu ditHuentos, corporo 

Ilumanam supra fonnam, cuidam servido 

Mandant, ut ad se provocet Simonidom ; 2ft 

lilius interosso, ne faciat nioram. 

Iloino pcrturbatus cxcitat Simonidem. 

Unum promonit vix pedcm triclinio, 

lluina eamarae suhito opprcs.sit coteros ; 

Noc uUi juvenos sunt rcporti a<l januam. 3<) 

Vt est vulgatus ordo narratae roi, 

Omnes scierunt numinum praesontiam 

Vati dcdisse vitam mereetlis loco. 

hiR fanry.'- -P, 10. Alijur, rlr., ' ni»<l iiilr<Hhiro<l tlio iiriii«<-« of tlio twln 
■oiiH of IxmIii, <|ii<.tiii>{ tlifiii nit a iiolilc proof <if Klory «iinil irly iic<|uin'<l.' 
('a«tor aii<l l'o|lux wfrc tlio hoiih of Z«iib (Jii|iitrr) ninl I,«><la. CaHtor 
\vaM fanioiiH for Hkill iii tninin^; iin<l iiiana>ting liorxcH, 1'olliix for liin 
ilfxtcrity iii Ixixiiift. Aftcr tlirir <loatli, tlu^y wcro iilaood ninonK tlio 
Btnpi, inulcr tlio iiniiio <if tlio otiliHtollntion (ivmini. — \'l. /irlicwim (U>r 
rrlii/iiiim), to Ik> ronil lioro nn f<ilir syllahloH.— 13. ConHfrilo tliilH: lUi, 
imiuil, rrdilfnl (rrliifwim fxirlein), i/uorum $uut liuiw {jMiHft) Uiuili». — 
14. For tlic (liHtinction botwoon ut ne nnd ul nnii, ncc l\lrm. (,'niiii. .V>1. 
--1.'». Aftor /iriimilli-, Hii|i|ily If tynlunim (•«><•. Tliin in tlio propor fnnii of 
iiivilatioii. III. (,'ratiiim iiirnim/n-irl, ' lio hIioiiIiI nlifflit tlio oivilitv of 
l>oiiiK iiiviloil.'— '28. /'romurat, oontraot<-il fnr /iidiiioivi al. 800 l.irm. 
(iruiii. l.Vi, 1.--.TI. l'l f»t, etc, ' wlion tlio ])arlioiilnn of this «lory 
bcoamo guiionilly kiiown.' 


poEta ad particulonem. 

ADnrc supersiint niiilta, (luao i)ossini loqui, 
Et copiosa almndat rorum varietas ; 
Sed temperatae suavcs sunt argutiae, 
Immodicae oflendunt. Quare, vir sanctissimc, 
Particulo, chartis nomcn victurum mcis, 
Latinis dum manebit ]irctiujn littcris, 
Si non ingenium, ccrte brcvitatcm ajiproba, 
Quae commcndari tanto dcbct justius, 
Quanto poctae sunt molesti validius. 



Aesoim nonien sicuhi intcrposuero, 

Cui nMldidi ]>ri<iem i|ui(l<iui(i delmi, 

Auctoritatis esse scito pnitia : 

Ut (juidam artiticos nostro faciunt scculo, 

Qui protium opcrilius niajus inveniunt, novo 5 

Si mannori adscripscrunt rraxitclon suo, 

Trito Myronom ar^TUtt^, tahulae Zeuxidem. 

Adoo fucatao plus votustati favet 

Invidia mordax «piam honis praesontilms. 

Sod jam ad riKollain talis exompli foror. 10 

3. Amioritali* flratia, * on acoount of tlie inflnonco of lii* jrrcat ropii- 
tation.' — fi. rr<uiuUf, iiiio of tlio niOHt (iiiitiiuMiiHlicd artiHtH of Hnoioiit 
(trocoo, wnH Ixitli a Hi.Htiiiiry iii Itrotizo aml n h('iil|itur iii iiiarlilo. llo 
llotiri-ilicil nt .\tlii'iiH nlioiit 11.C ^'A. — 7- .Ui/r,.n, niiothcr ci-lcliratctl 
(trook ntnttinry, wlio flotiriHlicd al>out ac. A'M, tlic titiio of tlio liooin- 
ninJt of tlic l'cln|>oiiii(>Hiun wnr. Xftu-it, a (ircok pniiitor, wlio cxoolled 
all lii« oontctn|>c>rnricH cxoc|it P.irrlinjtiu*. I!c floiiriHlioil 11, r. ■I'.M-I1H). 
— fl. Fucaiae ittaslati, ' workn of protondctl ntitiquity.* 


nKMKTUlfs, (pii diitus ost riialoreus, 
AtlicnaM occupavit impcrio improlio. 

I. Ih-mttnut, onllod /'hitlrr^Hn, fniiii lii* hirlliplnco. llio Attlc dcnio» 
of l'liali-ni*, wnn iHirii 11 c. .tl.'i. Ilc mhh riliii-uti d, lo)icllirr willi tliv 
|MH'I Mi iiiiiidi r, iii llic Hcliool of Tlii'i>|>l niMliiH. Iii ii.c. .'117, llio ^ovom- 
iiiciit iif AlliiiiH una inlniHlcd Im liiiii l>\ ( 'uH«niii|cr, ■nn of Anll|iator, 
wlio ■uoooodi d AlcxaiidiT oii llio tliroiiu uf Mnooduiii». 'i. AlKma'. 

LIBFR V. 67 

Ut mos cst vulgi, passim et certatiin ruit 
'Felicitcr!' succlamans. Ipsi principes 
Illam osculantur, qua sunt oppressi, manuni, 5 

Tacite trcmentes tristcm fortunae viceni. 
Quin etiara resides ct scqucntes otium, 
Ne dcfuissft noceat. repunt ultimi ; 
In quis Meuandcr, nobilis comoediis, 
Quas ipsum ignorans legcrat Dcmctrius, 10 

Et admiratus fucrat ingenium viri, 
Unguento delibutus, vestitu fluens, 
Venicbat grcssu dclicato et languido. 
Hunc ubi tyrannus vidit extremo agmine : 
Quisnam cinacdus ille in conspectu meo 15 

Audet venire ? Ilesponderunt proximi: 
Ilic est Menander scriptor. Mutatus statim, 
Iloino, in<iuit, ficri non potcst formosior. 
Iluinanum s;icpe sic judicium fallitur. 

Sec i. 2, 1, note. Improho imf>erio, ' witli unconstitutional power. 
Tln.' writcr doos not rcfer to any abusc of j)ower on tlie j>art of Deme- 
trius, but only to the unconKtitutional nicthod of obtaiuiiig it. See 
note oii Tyrariiiuii, i. "2, 5. — 6. l'i(xm, See Elem. (jram. 57, 3. — 
9. .Mriiander, tiie most distinj.Tiislied poct of tlie new comcdy, wa« 
born at Athcns n.c 342. Ile cnioycd tlie fricndsliij) of Dcmetrius, 
wliose attcntion was first drawn to iiiin from adiniration of his workfl. 
He died B.c. 'Jl'!. — 10. //<..»»( ; tliat is, Mcnandcr. — 15. Cinaedm 
(c/tKiix), 'a lewd, cffcminatc j)crson.' 

1 AIU I.A II. 

Duo quuni inciilisscnt in lafroncm milifes, 
Unus profugit, alter autem rtv-.titit, 
Et vindicavit scsc forti dexfcra. 
Latrone occiso, timidus accurrit comes, 
Stringitquc gladium ; dein, rcjecta paenula, 5 

CchIo, iiKjuit, illum ; jam curabo scntiat, 
Quos attentarit. Tunc, qui de]iugnaverat ; 
Vcllcm istis verbis saltem adjuvisses mo<lo ; 

6. Cedo. Soc Eum. drnm. 196. Before senliaf, understand «/. Sc« 
Gram. § 35*2 n. 1. — B. CunBtruo tliun : VeUem, (ul) modo adjuviuu i$tii 


Constantior fuisscm vcra cxistimans. 

Nunc cunde ferniiii t-t liniruani paritcr futilom, 10 

Ut possis alios ignorantes fallore. 

Ego, (jui sum cxpcrtus, quantis fugias riribus, 

Scio, i|uam virtuti nun sit creilcndum tuae. 

Illi assignari debet hacc nariiitio, 
Qui re sccunda fortis cst, dubia fugax. IS 

rerbis foltem, ' I roiiltl wisli voii liail just iiow assistcd ino witli thcac 
«ordii at lcast.' — !*. IVro, iiiKlerstand verUi esse. 

V A I. V r S E T M U S ( A. ninmordit nnisca nudatum caput ; 
Quani oppriniere captans, alapam silii duxit pmvem. 
Tunc illa irridens : Punctum v«ilucris parvulae 
Voluisti morte uKisci : quiil facies tihi, 
Injuriac qui .addideris cuntumeliam ? ,'> 

Kospoiidit : Mecum facile rc«Ieo iii gnitiuin, 
Quia iion fuisse mentcm Iae<Ieiidi scio. 
Sed tc, contempti pencris animal improlmm, 
(^uae delectaris liihere humanum san^niineni, 
C>pfem necarc vel majore incomtiiodo. 10 

Hoc ar).'umentum vcniam ei dari docet, 
Qui casu jieccat. Nain qui consilio est iioeeiis, 
lllum (> (|uainvis digiium poeiia judieu. 

10. Ojilrm. Ad to tlii* »iilijunrtivc, »cc finnn. § 34)1, imlf. IVi 
mniorf inrowiiK-lii, * cvcn nt a ^rfntcr inroiivciiiriiro to iiiv^rlf.' — 
ISk Itlum, &c., ' liim I (lccni wortliy ofniiy (tlic mvirciit) |>nniiiliincnt.* 

FAI»ri,A IV. 
A H I N I K T I' {» U (• V. I. I. I. 

Qi'il>A.M iniiiioIaHsct verreni i|iium Haiicto llerculi, 
Cui pru Haluti vutum dchcliat sun, 

LIBKU V. (^ 

Asello jussit rditjuias poni hordei. 

Quas aspematus ille sic locutus cst : 

Libeiiter istum prorsus appeterem cihum. 5 

Nisi, rjui nutritus illo est, jugulatus foret, 

Hujus respectu fabulae deterritus, 
Periculosum semper vitavi lucrum. 
Sed dicis : Qui rapuere divitias, habent. 
Xumeremus agedum, qui dejirensi perieruut. 10 

Majorem turbam punitorum rej)eries. 
Paucis tcmeritas est bono, multis malo. 

3. Reliquias kordei, ' tlie retnains of tlie barley ' with which the boar- 
pig had been fed. — 7. JJuJus rerpectu /ahulae, ' from reflecting on thia 
■tory.' — 10. 1'erierutU. The penult is liere short. See Elem. Grani. 
135, 3. — 12. Paucis esl bono. As to esie with two datives, see Eiem. 
Cram. 289. 


Pravo favore labi mortalcs solent, 
Et, pro judicio dum stant erroris sui, 
Ad pocnitendum rebus manifestis agi. 

Facturus ludos quidam dives nobiles 
Proposito cunctos invitavit praemio, 5 

Qaam quisque posset, ut novitatem ostcnderet. 
Venerc artilices laudis ad certamina ; 
Quos inter scurra. notus urbano sale, 
Habere dixit se gonus spectaculi, 
Quod in theatro nunquam prolatum forct. 10 

Dispersus rumor civitatem concitat. 
Paullo ante vacua turbam dcficiunt loca. 
In scena vero postquam solus constitit 
Sine apjiaratu, nullis adjutoribus, 
Silentium ipsa fecit exsj^ectatio. 15 

lUe in sinum repente demisit caput, 

1. Praro, ic., ' mrn are luu.illy mialed by pcn-crsc prepoMCHsions in 
thtoai of some one.' — 2. Pro jwdicio erruri» tui. A siugular cxprcssiou 
iaatead of pro errore judirii tui. — 6, Construc thus : ut iiuiarfue ostenderrt 
mor>ita/em, rfuam ponet. — 7. Artifictt, ' play-actor».'— 8. Notus ur/xitio saJe, 
' fkmed for clegaut wit.' — l"i. Turiam tU/iciutU, ' cannot hold the 


Et sic porcolli vocem est iinitatus sua, 

"Veinini ut subesse pallio ctintoudcrent, 

Et excuti jul>orent. Quo facto simul 

Nihil est ri'i>ertum, multis oner^nt Inudibus, 20 

Hominemmie plausu prosc<iuuntur maximo. 

Hoc viiiit tiori nisticus. Nun mo Horcule 

Me vincet, inquit : et statiiii professus ost, 

Idom facturum molius se postridie. 

Fit turba major. Jam favor mentes teiiet 2fl 

Et dorisunis, non spectaturus, silet. 

Utorquo prodit. Scurra doirrunnit prior, 

Movetque plausus, et clamoros suscitat. 

Tunc siinulans sese vestimcntis nisticus 

Porccllum obtegore (quod facioliat scilicet, 30 

Sod, in j>riore ijuia iiil cuniport rant, latons) : 

Pervfllit aurem voio, (juem colavcrat, 

Et cum dtdure vocem naturac oxprimit. 

Acclaiiiat populus scurram iiiulto simiiius 

Imitatum, ot cogit rusticum trudi foras. 35 

At illo ]>rofoit ipsum porcollum e siiiu, 

Turpeiiuiuo aperto pignore errorem proliaus : 

En ! bic declarat, quales sitis judices ! 

crowd." — 17- •'^ft, nupply rocf. — 18. With r«ruw undcnitnnd /v>nW/iim, 
* a real f>ijf.' — 3«. Quf>(i /arirfxU rriJiret, ' » Jiirh, in fnot, he did.* 
— 31. /n friorf, in the caiic of thc fonncr ; th»t iii, in tho c««c of thc 
tcurra. Jjalcn», ' cscapin^ ol)iMTV!itiiin.' — 3*2. IVro, «upply pororUo. — 
M. .\/u!i.j iimilius, 'iiiucli inorv likc a Jiig.' 


I.Nvi:.NiT calvus f<irto iii trivio pcctiiioni. 
AcccHsit altor, acquo dofoctus pili«. 
Hcia ! iiiipiit, iii cominune i|UiMicuin<|UO ost Iiicri. 
Ostondit illo praodam ot adjocit simul : 
Bupcruni voluiita.s favit ; sod fato iiivido 

CarlNjnein, ut aiunt, pro thcsauro invoiiiiiiuit. 

Quom sjtos dolusit, huic ijiiorola convcnit. 

S. /n ojiiiinunf, •U|i]>ly (xtnftr, ' lct U« go li«lrot>* 

LIBER V. 71 


Ubi vanus animus aura captus frivola 
Arripuit insolentem sibi fiduciam, 
Facile ad derisum stulta levitas ducitur. 

Princeps tibicen notior paullo fuit, 
Operam Bathvllo solitus in scena dare. 5 

Is forte ludis (non satis memini quiltus) 
Dum pegma rapitur, concidit casu gravi 
Nec opinans, et sinistram fregit tibiam, 
Duas «juum dextra^ maluisset perdere. 
Inter manus sublatus, et multum gcmcns 10 

Domum refertur. Aliquot meuses transcunt, 
Ad sanitatem dum venit curatio. 
Ut spectatoruni mos est, et lepidum genus, 
Desidcrari coepit, cujus flatibus 
Solcbat excitari .saltantis vigor. 15 

Erat facturus ludos quidam nobilis ; 
Et incipiebat Princeps a duce ingredi. 
Reductum jtressit precibus, ut tantummodo 
Ipso ludorum osteuderet sese die. 
Qui simul advenit, rumor de tibicine 20 

Fremit in theatro. Quidam affirmant niortuum, 
Quidam in wjnspectum pro<Jiturum sine mora. 
Aulaeo misso, devolutis tonitribus, 

1. Attra mpiiL» frivota, ' tickled witli unfiii1>stantial applauBc' — 
i. l'r\nceii$ in the name of tlic tihicen, and licncf tlie atnbijruity. Sec 27. 
— 5. Batnylluf, thc frced man and favourite of M&ecena«, wa» a 
native of Alcxandria. He brought to pcrfcction thc iniitativc dancc 
or ballct callcd l^nnlomimus. — 7- 1'fpnia (»i;ya«) was a structure of 
wood u«cd in thc Itoman ampliithcatrcs, consistin^r of two or more 
•ta^cs (laJjuJaln), which werc raiscd or dcprcnsed at jilcasure by nicans 
of balancc-wcijrhta. ThcT wcrc «upjMirtcd by wheelB, so aa to be drawn 
into thc circuK. Tlic jtiadiaton who fuuftht upon tlicm wcrc cnllcd 
l'eijmart». — 8. Sinislram tihiam, 'his kft sliin-bonc' — 9. iJuas dfjiras 
(ttlnai), * two flutcA niitcd for the rijfht liand.' The libia dfjctra waa 
UBcd to lcad or commcncc a piccc of munic, and the libta simstni 
foUowed it aa an accompanimcnt. Tlicrv is a play hcrc on the word 
tiUa. — 13. F.t Iffuluin yrnu.», ' and a* tliiH cla>.H of j>cople are fond ol 
amaacmcnt.' — '23. Aul'i'-o. Tlic aulafum, callcd njitirium, waa 
a pieoc of tapcwtry ntrctched on a framc wlncii conccalcd tlic ntagc fri)ni 
tbe ■pectaton t>cfurc a play comnicuccd, or in thc intcnral between 


I>i suut lucuti inorc transhiticio. 

Tuuc chorus i'/nutuni incMlo reducto canticum 25 

Insonuit, cujus hacc fuit scntentia: 

' Laetare, iiicoluniis Hoina, salvo Principe !' 

In plausus cunsurrectuin est. Jactat basia 

Tibiccn ; gratulari fautores putat. 

Equestcr ordo stultuin errorem intelUgit, 30 

Majnioque risu canticuin repeti jubet. 

Iteratur illud. Ilomo mcus se in pulpito 

Totum prostemit. Tlaudit illudcns eques ; 

Rogare populus kunc coronani cxistiniat. 

two picccs. Contrary to our practicc, it w.-is dcprcsiicd wlicn tho play 
Ix-Kan, Ko &8 to go l«'low tlio BtaKc, and v,a<> miBcd again whcn thc pcr- 
fomiancc wa* conchulcd. /inolniu iim.tnhus. Thc thundcr, or rathcr 
thc iuiitution of thundcr, watt jiriMlui-id hy rollinf; bliiddcre full of 
p<'bl)lc« ovcr shcctB of coppcr, and }(rcci'dcd the introiluction of the 
giHlB. — "24. 1>1 ; that 1% pcrHoua n-prcscutiug thc godn. 7'r.i«.«/u/i>io, 
' cuHtomary.' Trunshtticius or trahitinuji wh» ti-chnicilly apjdicd fo 
paBsagcB trausfcrrcd hy a pracfor into IiIb own cdict froni fhat of tho 
practor who prcccdcd hini. Sucli a pa«H.-i^c wii» callcd t'i/"i/ /raAi- 
tiriuni. — ■_'."). / 'Aor»«, connectcd wifh x^t»*» X*;«, 'a plncc,' priniarily do- 
notcd flic ni.irkctplacc, wlicre a band of sini;cn( and danccrB, ciigsged 
iu thc puMic wiimliip of Bome dirinity, wcrc in thc liabit of niccting. 
A» herc UMcd, il,i,rii.i (x«<«f). 'u a Bccondary (•iiihc, cumc to nifnufV tho 
pcmonB cngagcd, not thc plncc In fho (■IdiNf finics, fhc cliorus 
coniii.*itcil (if th<- whole populafion of fho cifv, ofrcring fhnnkBgivinga 
fo thcir countr_v'ii god, hy Kin^inir hyniiiH nnd piTfonning corrc«|K)nd- 
ing danccH. .Soinc poct or inii^iciaii s:iiig or pluycd fhc hynin, thc 
danccm hciiig rcgulutcd iii thcir niovcniciiln hy thc |><n'ni or tho timc. 
Tlic chorutt rcccivcd ilii fintt fiill dcv<-lopmcnt in tlic IViric Bfufc«. 
Tlic I)<>ric dcity waH .\im>1Io. Whcn introduccil into «ccnic rcprcncnta- 
lionH, fhc cliorua, whiiMi roriiicd kucIi a coiiBjiicuouH fcatiirc in (irc<-k 
frnffcdy, and in tlic old comcdy of .\thcnH, occupicd tlio tm-fif.^tm 
(ifX»^'^'", to dancc), a Bcmicirciilar arcu lioiiiiiliiig fhc Htngc in froiif. 
HiTo tlioBc compoBing tho clmru.i iKTfoniicd fhcir dniiccn and chnntcd 
fheiriuin?. Wliilc tho difTiTcnf cliaracfcnt wcro ciiK:>Kcd in ilinlognc, 
fhc '' ••r lcndcr of tho c/iof h». HtiKid U|>on tho nltar (CvluAh), 

oli«' ■ •.gTcMi of thc uctioii, niid rcadv, n* fli<i rcprcBciifafivo 

of 1 1 ' ' takc u part in flic dialoguc. In Ihc Uoniuii Conicdy, 

wliich wii» derivcd froni fho Ncw ('«imcdy of AtlicuH, fhiTO waa 
no rJtorui; aml iii Koinan trmgcdicN, bofh tlio rktiru^ und thc iniDiicUDB 
wcre plarid iiiion tli<' dfnge iUdf, tlio wholo urrkrtirn lM'lng li-fl ^Ticant 
for tlli' Hp<Tt;«. Wifh rflucln undcriitand N''i.-tr»i'. — '2JI. 1 i.«itiirni<-/Mm 
rtl. .Scc /■.'-•.M. (.'rniii. 'Jtl,'». .hirtat /«lo.i, ' hc klimcH IiIh Imild, and 
HlrclchcH il <iut in lokcn of liU liigli Hntinfuctioii.*— ;M). /'./M<^»/<»r on/o. 
In f hc y<-ar 11. c. 611, by thc I^j Hiit.iii, foiirfccn row» of l>ciichc«, imiiio- 
diaf<-ly lM'hin<I thr orr/irtlrii, wcn* »ci n|>urt for thc nfnift. Tlio oomnion 
HjMTfnNirii <lo nol wcm f« hnv<> bccn nwarc <>f flic nii«tnk<' of tlic 'f)ihicrn, 
bcrauHP lliry *uf nl n Krcatrr ili»tnii<'c from thc BtnKc, Tho orcketirii 
WM occupicd by tlic •cnator*.— 3"^. //umo »i<*ic, ' uiy goDtUmun,' H<tid 

LIBKIl V. 73 

Ut vcro cuneis notuit res omnibus, 36 

Princeps, ligato crure nivea fascia, 
Niveisque tunicis, niveis ctiam calceis, 
Superbiens honore divinae domus, 
Ab univei-sis capite est protrusus foras. 

ofthe T\lncfn.— 35. Cuneis. Tlie theatre was divided into parts— tlie 
teena, occupied by the actore ; the cavea, occupicd by the spectators. 
The carea \v:ia seniicircular, aiid consisted of steps (^ru(/«*), each higher 
than that bcfore it, &s they rccded from the stage. Tlie rows of stcps 
or seats were divided at intervals by broad passagca callcd /■ratcinc- 
tiones running round the whole semicirclc. The praccinctiones were 
again dinded into smallcr spaces by staircascs {scdae) converging 
towards the ccntre, and the subdivisions thus made, from beiiig 
wcdge-shaped, wcre termed cunei. 

T E M P U S. 

Cuiisu volucri, pendens in novacula, 
Calvus, comosa fronte, nudo corpore, 
(Quem si occuparis, teneas ; elapsum semel 
Non ipse possit Jupiter reinehendere), 
Occasionem rerum signiticat brevem. 5 

Effectus inipcdiret ne segnis moia, 
Finxerc antiijui talem effigiem Temporis. 

I. Construe tlius : C<ili-us, rolucri cursu, pendens in novacula. — 5. SiffiU' 
licat Itas cilcoi for its uominative. — 6. liffcclu^., ' succcss.' 


T A U U U S K T V I T U L U S. 

Anousto in aditu taurus luctans comibus, 
Quuin vix intrare pos.set ad praesepia, 
Moiistraljat vitulus, (juo sc pacto plecteret. 
Tacc, inquit, ante hoc novi, «juam tu natus e.s. 

Qui doctiorem emcndat, sibi dici putct. 5 

1. Taurits ludnns. A morc unial construction would be tlie dative 
depcndcnt on monftrahai. — 5. Countruc thus : (/?/*) }'uttt (hr>c) dici sibi, 
fM mm tndat dodiorem. 


F A B U L A X. 

C A N 1 S E T S U S E T V E X A T O R. 

Adversus omnes fortis veloces feras 
Canis qiiuni domino semper fccissot satis, 
Langucre cuepit annis ingravantibus. 
Alitjuanilo objectus hispidi pugnae suis, 
Arripuit aurem : se^l cariosis dcntibus 5 

rracdam dinii.-^it. II ic tunc vcnator dolens 
Cancm objurjrabat. Cui latrans contra senex : 
Non te dcstituit animus, scd vircs mcae. 
Qu<k1 fuinms, Iaud:usti ; jam damna.s ipiml sumus. 

IIoc cur, I*hilcte, scripserim, pulchre vides, 10 

5. Aftcr aurem uiiiierKtand tuit. — 7> Latrans tenejc {inqutt), 'tlic olil 
dog replics.* 

To rcndcr tlie Vocaiii i.ahy as complcte as puKsiblc, a 
few AddenJa arc givun at pago 112. 


A B B R E V I A T I X S. 

I, or «ct. = actire ; abl. = ablativc ; acc. = accusative ; adj. = adjectlve ; adT. 
= «dverb; c. = cum {tcilh) ; cf. = confer (compare) ; c. fc. = common (ren- 
der ; corop. = comparative ; con^. = conjunction ; constr. = construcd ; 
contr. = contractcd ; dat. = dalive ; def. = dcfective ; dep. = drponcnt ; 
desid. = desidcrativc ; dim. = diminutive; esp. = especially; etc. or S:c. 
= et cetera ; f. = feminine ; fig. = fipirative ; freq. = frcqucntative ; pen. 
= genitive; Gram. = Grammar ; 1. e. = id est {that is) ; imper*. = imper- 
■onitl ; inch. = inchoative ; indecl. = indeclinable ; indef. = indcflnitc ; inf. 
= inflnitive ; Intens. = Intcnsivc ; InterJ. = intcrjection ; irrep. = irrepular ; 
lit. = literal ; m. = masculine; n. or ncut. = neuter ; obj. = objective; 
onomatop. = onomatopoetic ; pa. = partlciplc; pass. = passivc ; perf. = por- 
fect ; per». = per»on, personal ; pl. = plural ; pron. = pronoun ; prp. = 
prepopillon ; rar. = rarc, rarely ; rel. = relative ; fc. = scilicet [namelii) ; 
sing. = nin^lar ; eup. = ropine ; Buperl. = supcrlative; transf. = trans- 
ferred ; u«n. = n^nal, usually ; v. = verb ; voc. = vocative ; worda in small 
capitaLi, as tro, are obsolote 'Uitin radlcals still found in compounds. Tho 
asterlBli (•) denotes worda not cla.ssical ; and .•. = therefore or consequently. 

A, ab, abM, prp. c. abl. from ; by ; after. 
Ab-<to, didi, ditum, dfre, 3, v. a. I put 

out of the way, hide ; abdere corjitts, 
_to hide onc'i! »elf. 
ib-tit, II («Idom aiiri), \tum, tre, v. 

irreg. I go away, depart ; I ««capc. 
Ab-(go, fffi, acliim, igfre, 3, v. a. {ago), 

I (IriTe away. 
Ab-jicio, jfei, jfclum, Jiefre, 3, v. a. 

(Jacio), I throw away, ca»t from ; te 

ahjiryr, „r,,,.,^„irr,' vo throw one'» 

Belf -vn. 

Ab-K ,\t.,tittfre,i, ■t.n.l 

cca-M, _-. „ . , . .•tjlile limere, banish 

Ab-tolro, tolri, tiltVum, tolrfre, 3, v. a. 

I loone froni, acquit ; dtimmudo ab- 

««-/rir riJitt. i n ronMitiun ihat I bc 

jui1(kV-1 .nti'" < r.'. af'.i r 'liath. 
Ah-aum, fui, 'i", l^n-. part. irnt, v. 

irrcK. 1 am iVi n'. ; •iKrtto hinc, be- 

(fonc; ahtriiiit 'ji/r/iii /'.,r, anadmirer 

of one he baJ ni-vir Min. 
Ab-undo, liri, litum, tlre, 1, v. n. I 

overflow, abuund ; to prcaent itaelf 

in abundance. 
Ac- HM a pretlx = ad-. 

Xc (Celt. agu», Icel. oc), conj. = aique, 

Ac-cedo, cessi,, ced/re, 8, v. a. I 
advance toward.«, approach, go for- 
wardto; I Joln, unite with. 

Ae-cendo, cendi, censum, eendfre, 3, 
V. a. {candeo), I kindlc, het on fire, 
inflame; accendere lucernam, to light 
u lamp ; accensa est, was Inflamed, 
madc even a londcr noisp. 

Ac-cessus, fl.f, m. (aecedo), acccss, 
power of approacbing, liberty of ap- 
proach ; accesstim darr, to givo accesB, 
to allow freely to approach. 

Ac-cidit, 3, V. imi)ers.(r<Wo), it happens. 

Ac-cipio, cfpi, cepltim, efpfre, 3, v. a. 
{capio), I take what is offered, I 
rcccive, accept ; aeceplmtis, we are 
Informed, tnide aceipfre possis, from 
whom or whcncc you may Bct some ; 
bonat in partet nccipias relim, that 
you may rccclve in a fricndly man- 
ner ; aecipims nincta in contume- 
liam, laking cvcrythinif as an insulf. 

Ac-clpller, Iris, m. {id.), a hawk. 

Ac-cltimo, (Iri, dliim, ijre, 1, v. a. I crj 
out, I shoul or bellow out. 



Ae-commddo, dri, /ttum, Sre, 1, r. a. I 

suit, flt. 
Ac-ciMtor, Oris, m. {aeciiso), an ac- 

cu-wr, informcr. 
Ac-cdso, dri, lituin, art, 1, v. a. I iic- 

cu»c in Judfnnont. 
icer, dcris, dcre, adj. Tax»»;], sharp; 
^ficrce; surly; livcly, DrlMC. 
Acerbus, a, um, adj. {acer), Bour; 

nolo aeerbam ('c. uram) nimfre, I 

wont tokc a nour onc. 
Ae-^uir», qtiisiri, quisitiim, qiiirfre, 3, 

T. a. I gdin gradually, I acquire. 
^criter, adv. sharply, smartly, hotly. 
Aciio, aciii, aciitum, acu/re, 3, t. a. 

{dcus;, I whct, sharpcn. 
Aciis, ft», f. nccdle, bodkin. 
Ail, prp. c. acc. to ; at ; melior ad cogi- 

landum ut redeat, may return bcttcr 

quulihcd for Ptudy ; ad liimen suum, 

by hi." own Ii(fht. 
Ad-do, didi, dituin, dfre, 3, r. a. I add. 
Ad-diico, duxi, ductiim, diicire, 8, t. a. 

I brlng or lcad to ; addiirit eum prrtio, 

precihus, he cnticcs him not only 

by moncy, but by cntrcatics. 
Ad-eu, adT. so much, to such n dcgrcc ; 

nec adeo potuit attingfre, and CTcn 
_aftcr iill hc couM not rcacli. 
Adhiic, iidv. yct, ^tiU, uiilil now. 
Ad-ifnscor, ri^lut, ipisri, n, v. dcp. (nrf, 

apitcor), I procuro, obtuin falrly. 
Ad-itui, Cs, m. {eo, Ire), a paiuuigF, 

Ad-jleio, jici, jrctum, jlefrr, 8, t, a. 

(jneio,, I tliniw tn, throw in ordcr 

to strikc foinilhinir; I add. 
Ad-jutor, <JMJ, III. I juni), an iiMlstont; 

nulliMadJiilnrilina, withoiit aMlntantii. 
Ad-jHto, jini, jiitiim, jHcdre, 1, r, a, I 

help, ald, lu-i.ii.t. 
Ad-mlrabttis, e, adj. admlrablc, won- 

Ad-mirdlor, Cris, m. [ndmiror], nn 

Admirnr, mirdlus, mirdri, 1, v. dcp. a. 

I ailmire, wninlrr iit. 
Ad-miineo, III ■■■><•, 2, 

T. a. 1 wii; : 
Ad-lll"! r ., f •.', T.a. 

I tir r , I uitiis ad- 

ni.. ' . i-ntrciitcd. 

Ad fM , 1, V. a. I iiwlm 

liiHri;) l.j. 

Ail sum./iii, i-jjr, T.lrreif. 1 am prcsenl, 

ain ncar, at hand. 
Ad rinio, vfni, rrntum, rfnlrt, ■), T. a. 

1 come to, I arrlvc. 
I. Ad iristii, ,1, iim, adj. advcrne ; 

a</i<"' in tho tlmo or ad 

vri- iic«l. 

M. A'l c. ncc , aKaln*:. 

Ad-rtrli, trili, iristim, irrtirr, 3, 

T. «. I turn to or lowarda. 

Ad-roco, (Jri, iltum, /Ire, 1, T, a. 1 call 

to one, I coll, summun. 
Ad-cdto, dci, tilum, ilre, 1, t. a. 1 fly 

to, I sprin); or dart upon. 
Aedes, is, t. ; sing., a tcmple or church ; 

pl., a hou-ie, a dwcUinK. 
Aeeles, ae, m. .\eetc», a king of ColchlJi. 
Aegaeus, n, um, adj. of the J^^an ^ea. 
Aeijrf, adv. with diftlcultv or much ado. 
AemHldtio, vnu, f. einuiution, compe- 

Aequf, adT. {aeqiius), cqually. 
Aeqtio, dri, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. I equiil, 

l reducc or riii.«c to a levcl with ; 

aequare dignitatein suam, to attiiin a 

diirnitv cquul to Ihcirs, to look aa 

maxculine as thcT. 
Aeqiius, a, um, aaj. equal, equitable, 

importlul ; aequo animv, paticntly. 
Ars, arris, n. ore, coppcr, braaa. 
AesCpiarus, a, um, adj. Esoplan ; Ae»>- 

ptiie /abulae, fubtes wntten In iniita- 

tion of, or in ihc manncr of l-lsop. 
Aesupus, i, m. Esop, thc fnbulist. 
Aesliit, dtis, f. summcr, summcr seoson. 
Aestimo, dri, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. (<i<'j), 

I entimntc, uccount, reckun, con^idcr. 
Aestuo, dti, dliim, dre, 1, v. n. 1 uin 

Tcry hol, nin pnrchcd, ilry, duaty. 
Aetns.dtis, f. uk<- : ■ ' - '. .- „. 

dain, a certaiii : 
Arlrrniis, a, um, .. 

in(f, laating, cvn-. „, , i.;. 

Aerum, i, n. (•<'<»), an nge, a litetiiiie. 
prcfix = ad-. 
-'■■ ■' -, 1, v. a. {ad, 

A/- iis i 


, nn nfTccUon ; 
^ccret fecIliiK». 

A/ ,' •tl-ldlum, a/-frne, 

X. . . ., .'. .- ■•), 1 brlng to, fetch. 

A/-/ICIO, /rci, 'frrlum, ficfre, 8, T. a. 
(ad, /iicio), 1 makc nn ImprcKKion 
111... ti ! i.ri..l>i.'«nchange U|>on, alfcct 
i;. wav; n,;ffic*itw mala, 

!.■ ■■rlt. 

A/ ■ ■II, dre, 1, v. B. {ad, 

jf . iiwcrt. 

Aj ,'' 'iim,fiigfre,S,x.%.l 

sti U onc olijrct airalnst 

nn.illii t ; iijllulis ut Minrurnil, lo 
siiccour thcm In thclr nltllrtlun ; 
affliguntur, aro doahed duwn, ar« 
struck tu liio ground. 

Agf-dum, ailT. como I come on I well t 

Agrr, iigA, m. {iy(it), a fletd, farm. 

Agger, tris, m. a hrnp or pllo uf rarth. 

Afilff<. iiii, iltum, ilrr, 1, T. a. {nggrr), 
1 h<«p up, arrumulnlr ; nfi.jrrnie 
qtiiiilraiilrt polrimnnio, to ailil ii 'cw 
InrtliiHKn limnr'» fnrluiic, tu iiu n .i»« 
iiiic'» wcalth by iKirilld mvlnK*. 

Ag grtduir, grttsus, girdt, I, T. dop. 



{ad, ffradior), I go np to, I aecost ; 
I atuck. 

Af-no*co, nSri, nttum, noicfre, 3, v. a. 
(arf, f»-), I recognise; I acknowledge. 

Agnxa, i, m. [akin to i.f^ti{), a lamb. 

Ago, fgi, acttim, iglre, 3, v. a. {a.ytt], 1 
am activelv engaged in ; I do ; multa 
agendo nikil agens, cngagcd busily, 
yet doing nothing ; age, come, tell 
me ; agere gratias, U> tbank ; agi ad 
poenitendum manifestis rebus, to be 
compelled to recant by evident facts ; 
agere cuniciUos, to ma!ke or carry for- 
ward a mine, to burrow in the earth ; 
de fuis nunc agitmr, concerning 
■whien the dispute now is. 

Agrestis, is, c. g. (ager, a field), a pea- 
»ant, country man. 

Aio, V. def. I »ay. See Gram. 

il<icer, cHs, cre, adj. brisk, joyful. 

Alipa, ae, f. (onomatop.), a slap on the 
bead with the hand open; multo ma- 
jOris alapae mecuin reneunt, the slaps 
tbat set a clave frec arc, i. e., libcrty 
is sold in my family at a much higher 

Srice ; alapam «iW ditxit, he gave 
imself a blow. 
2les, Uis, c. g. n bird [properly — one of 

the largest kinds). 
Alienus, a, um, adj. {alius), of or be- 
. longing to another. another man'«. 
Atl-^juando, adv. Mmetimes ; once, 
^ upon a parlicular occasion. 
Ali-^uis, qua, quod or quid, pron. indef. 

some person or thing. 
JLn-qwtt, adj. indecl. some, several. 
Alixts, a, ud, adj. anothcr of many, 

anotber ; alii, others ; alii — alii, 

8ome — otbers ; aliud quidquam, any- 

tbing elsc ; alius Hejano, any othcr 

than Selanu». 
Al-tlcio, lexi, lectum, Hcfre, S, T. a. 

{ad, lacio), I entice, allure. 
At-ngo, Jri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. 1 bind 

to, tie up. 
Al-ludo, liisi, liisum, ludfre, 3, v. a. I 

mock or insult, I banter, rally. 
Alo, iliii, attum or Stilum, dlfre, 3, 

T. a. I fcod; I support, muintain. 
Alter, fra, frum, adj. anotber of two, 

another ; thc other, thc Kccond. 
Alli-cincius, a, uin, adj. hiifh-girt; 

havin»' fli.uiiiif rot>eii bound high 

w ' • ; honcc — very aclive. 

Al'' . (a^(uj), more dccply, 

Al:' I ■■. nllior, sui^erl. 

" iloop ; alliore 

""■ t. which WBS too 

Ahe6l%u, i, m. {aheut), a watcrlng- 

Bot, a «ctjop, bucket. 
Alieus, i, m. a bcllv-xhaped or hoUow 

Teaael; a bee-bivc (= alvut). 

I. Alvus or altfus, i, ni. a hlve. 

II. Alcus, I, f. the belly. 

Am- as a prefi.x in compoands = amh, 
amphi, aronnd. 

Ambo, ae, o, adj. {iu^u), both, the two. 

Amicus, i, m. [amo), a friend. 

A-mitto, misi, misrum, mittfre, 3, v. a. 
(ab, mitto), I losc byaccidcnt; amit- 

^titfidem, is not crcditcd. 

.^»10, «ri, utum, iire, 1, v. a. I love. 

Amphorn, ne, f. a ve.<sel for wine, an 
eartlien pot or jar. 

Am-plictor, plexus, plecti, 3, v. dcp. a. 
I rmbrace. 

Amplus, a, um, adj. large, spacious. 

An, adv. or conj. whether or not ; 

^whether, or, if. 

AnScharsis, is, m. The Philosophcr. 

Ango, anxi, 3, v. a. I make narrow. 

AngHlus, i, m. {a.yxCXt{), a corner. 

Angiistus, a, tim, adj. (ij-^t*)) narrow, 

^strait; small. 

An-helo, ari, dtum, fire, 1, v. n. {hiilo), 
I brcathe with difliculty or strongly, 

_I pant ; I take a deal of trouble. 

Anima, ae, f. {animtis), the principle 
of life ; n soul ; brcath ; flavour, 

^odour, Fccnt. 

Anim-ad-rerto, rerti, terstim, terlere, 

_3, V. a. (anima, adterto), I observe. 

AnXmal, ttlis, n. (anima), a living 

_being, creature, animal. 

Animus, i, m. (Mfin), the ratlonal 
soul, the mind ; consiientia animi, 
hls (Tuilt ; spirit, couragc ; the afTec- 
tions ; an inclination, wish ; (iruni- 
calhi) — cowardice, dastardly spirit. 

An-niilo, are, v. a. = ad-nnto, wh. see. 

Annus, i, m. a year ; dcfrctus annis, 
worn out, much cnfecbled by age; 
ingravantibus annis, weighcu down 
by a load of years. 

Anie, prp. c. acc. (itr!), beforc ; ante 
hos sex menses, more tnan six months 
ago ; ante hoc novi quam = antl- 
quam, beforc (the wordn bcing dis- 
Joined by tmt-sisj, al.«o uscd as an 
adr., bcforc. 

Antf-hde, adv. formerly. before thls. 

Antf-quam, adv. sooner than, before. 

Antldolus, i, f. ; and antiddtum, t, n. 
{i.tTiitTtt), an antidiite. 

Anliquus, a, um, adj. [ante), ancient; 
_p/., thc ancienls. 

Anus, us, f. an old woman. 

Ap- = ad-, as a prefi.x. 

Aper, pri, m. (akin to xarfot), a wild 
boar ; the gender is kpicenk, in 2, 4, 
9, and 22, whcro it figriiflr» a sow. 

A-pfrxo, pi-rui, pertum, perire, 4, T. a. 
(ab, pario\ I opcn ; nperlum esl, it i» 
plain, evident : aperto pii/noie, by an 
_ Incontrovertlblc, convincing proof. 

Apis, apit, f. (akin to apo, «irTai), abM. 



Apisror, aptut tiim, 8, t. dcp. a. I (fet 

Apo and iipir,, 3, v. a. ( iip, soize), 

I «eize, clinfT. It i« uscd only In thc 

pa. aptus. 

Apollo, hiis, vn. the (rnd of music, 

mcdiclnc, arehcry, botany. 
Ap-parntus, rt.«, m. fiplcndid cquipage ; 
Rtauc-iuachincry ; magniflccnt prc- 
Ap pilreo, parui, parXtum, parfre, 2, 
V. n. I am clcarly seon, am evidcnt ; 
I am perfectly knoim. 
Ap-pflo, peliri or pefii, petitum, pttfrt, 
3, V. 0. I catch at, 1 >nnp at, I at- 
tack, ossail ; appetere unim, to Icap 
at, trv to reach u bunch of fcrapcs. 
Ap-priibo, ari, Stum, dre, l, v. a. 1 

approvc ; I finish as stipulatetl. 
Aptu», a, um, pa. scizcd, fustened. 
Aqua, ne, f. watcr. 
Aqulla, n>; t. {Cclt. achil), an eaglc. 
Ar- as a prcflx = ad-. 
Ara, ae, f. altar ; ex ara, at thc altnr. 
Ariinra, at, f. ; and iininnim, i, n. 

(i{«x":^ a cobweb, (i|)idor"« web. 
Arhltrr, tri, m. un umpire, Jud(fc. 
Aibitrium. li, n. (arbitrr), will or plea- 
»ure, when frce and UMoontroIled by 
any law ; an arbitrary opinion, an 
analtcruhle dccrrc. 
Arbiir ancl nrlxii, firis, f. a tree. 
Arra, ae, f. a Ktronir bo.x, a cbext ; 
diFrt arca = dintiae, a fuU che«t, 
(frent richcd. 
Arrro, arrui, 2, v. a. I cover, ke«p. 
Arciis, us, m. a btiw ; nrnis rrtrnsus, 
unliont, unntrtmir ; nrriim tmilfrr, to 
b<n(l, und hixiirr, to unt>ond u bow. 
Ardrlio, iniis, m. u bUHybodv, nioddlcr. 
Ardrn, nrsi, arsum, ardfrr, 2, v. n. I 
burn or bluzo ; ardere titi, to bc 
pnrchod with thlmt. 
Areu, nrui, 2, v. n. I am drv, (fron- dry. 
Argrntum, i, n. («{yif, whiic), »llvcr;'u 

Hilvor imn(tc or ntatuc. 
Argilmrntum, i, n. (arguo), an nr(ni- 

monl ; a fublo. 
Arauo, argm, nrgiVum, argu/rr, 8, V. n. 

I accuM-, eonvlct. urrul(ni. 
Arqiis, i, ni. ('^i>*<), the buildcr of 

tho «hip Argo. 
Arguliae, ilriim, f. pl. wlltlcliim», wlt. 
Aridus, a, um, ndj. [nrro), dry, pnrchrd. 
Arm/i, Crum, n. pl. looU for labourin(( 

thr Kround. 

Ar-rldro, nti, rJsum, ridfre, a, v. n. 

I «inilo u|ion oiip, a|iprnvo by a 

• mllo, I MniU I,, . xoltc ploniiuro; si 

'"' ' ''. "hould anything 

Ar$, artis, t. art ; abl. arte, as adT., 

nrtificially ; inprcniouislv, with skill 
Arti./rx, icis, c. g. {ars,/acio), an nrtist, 
artificer ; the author ; a performer. 
Arliis, uum, m. pl. thejointa, limbB. 
Arx, arris, f. n tower, a citndel. 
As, nssis, m. a nmall Komnn coin • 
A-srrndo, srrndi, scmsum, tctndfrr, 
3, V. a. (ad, scniido), I ascend ; asccn 
drrr narem, to cmhark. 
A-scribo, scripsi, scriptum, sciibfrr, 3, 
V. a. (ad, scriho), I write in additiiiii 
to what ha.i boon ulrendv writtcn ; 
I nscrlbe; ascribrre txemplum sibi, 
to npply thc fable to thcmselves ; 
ascrilirrr Prnxitilem, to en(frave the 
namcof rra.xitcle«; ascriptus poenae 
dies, thc day appointed by fnte for 
Aullut, i, m. a little aas, a donkey. 
Atia, ae, f. Asia, one of the diviiiQM 

of the (f lobe. 
Asinus, i, m. (Norse, atni), nn ass. 
Asprr, fra, frum, udj. roii(fh ; miser- 

uble; savngc; sharp; crucl. 
A-spemor, ipcmntus, tprrniJri, 1, r, 
(lep. (ab, t-), I do!<pl.He, rcject di.Hdaln- 
A-tpicio, sprxi, sprrtum, spicfrt, 8, 
v. n. fnrf, sprrio), I fi.x the ove upon 
nny objcct ; I bolu.KI, ob.'*orve. 
As-sfi/uor, sfiiltus, sf^ui, 3, v. dei». a. 
('"'.*-), 1 oMTtako. cateh ; I nttuin. 
At-sllio, silui or siliri, sultnm, sifire, 
i, V. u. (nd, salio), 1 lenp to, or on ; 
1 come up FUi)ipin(f. 
As siirsro, surn, suftiim, siirsrfrt, S, 
V. n. (ad, j ), I am ncouHtninrMl ; at- 
tuftam ricrm, uhuuI occupation. 
Astriim, i, n. (irrf..), a star. 
At- ns a (iroflx — nd-. 
At nr iist, conj. (in, Snnsc. alha), but. 
Athcnar, nriim, t. |)1. Athens. 
At i/ur, coiij. nnd; novorlhelpM, 
Alriensis, is, m. n scrrant [to whom 
the cnre of tho hull (alrtum) of n 
Itiimnn houno wuh rommUtcill. 
Atrium, 11, II. [Mirch, hull. 
At-trndo, Irndi, trnlum, ttndfrt, 8, 

V. tt. 1 nltonil, tnko lio<-d. 

Altrslor, trshJlii». Irn,}ri, 1, t. dep. 1 

nttOHt, vouch for, liour wltnoM to the 

truth of. 

Attlciis, ri, m. CArT.ji*»), nn Athenlnn. 

At linyo, lint, larliim, lingfrr, 8, v. a. 

(Inng ' ' * ' — ' 


'•'^ r>I ■'>!, ripfre,»,r. «. 

(rnpi-.\ 1 «i,,- l.iMllyand Tlolonllv, 
I •natch; I ouume afro((antly. 

S/o. 'if. ,.... _, ,. .. 

(Inngo), 1 touch wlth difflcuitT, I 

Al Iribuo, Iribui, tnhiVum, Iribiitre, 3, 

v. n. 1 (fivo u|i t.i (ine what ln hlii 

diip; I allut, afipoint. 
Aiirtor, oris, ni. on authnr ; tlie orl(rl- 

n«l Inventor ; thc makor. 
AutlOrilat, aiu, t. (avctor), ■ulhorlly; 



mteforitatit gratid, on account of the 

inhuence of his rcputation. 
Audacia, ae, f. boldncss ; prcsumption. 
Audacter, adv. {audar), boldly. 
Audax, acis, adj. [audeo), bold; auda- 

cem viain, an adventurous voya|?e. 
Audeo, ausus, audere, 2, v. n. I dare, 

venture ; non audebat, durst not. 
Audio, audivi, auditum, audire, 4, v. a. 

{auria), I hear. 
Au-firo, aha-tiili, ab-latum, au-ferre, 

V. irrcg. I takc away, carry off ; abs- 

tiilit, has refuscd, denied, withheld ; 

aufer, away with ! 
Augeo, auxi, auctum, 2, v. a. I make 

frrow, increase, amplify, aupment. 
Augurium, ii, n. angury, divination. 
AuUuum, i, n. tapestry, the curtain. 
Aura, ae, f. («•;{«), the air (gently agi- 

tated) ; applause, popularity. 
Auris, aurii, {. (Germ. Ohr ; Norse, 

fyr), the ear. 
Auritulus, i, m. the long-eared animal. 
Aurum, i, n. {a.ufot), gold. 
Au(, conj. {au, cLVTii), or. 
Autem, conj. but. 
Auxilium, ii, n. {augeo'^, aid, assistance, 

help ; nullum auxilium, no remedy 

left, no relicf. 
ArSrus, a, um, adj. {aveo), avaricious, 

grecdy ; as a subst., Hvdrus, i, m. a 

Aveo or hHveo, 2, v. n. I inereasc. 
A-verto, rerti, versum, vertire, 3, v. a. 

I tum away, I avert. 
Aviditas, atis, f. {avidfis), grecdiness ; 

decepta aviditas = avidus canis de- 

ceptus, the greedy cnr being duped ; 

est aviditas dives = avidi tunt divites, 

the grasping are rich. 
Avidus, a, um, adj. {aveo), desirous, 

greedy ; = avide, grcedily, 3, 1. 4. 
Avis, avii, f. a bird (of any kind or size}. 

BOjHlo, dvi, dtum, Sre, 1, v. a. {buJH- 

liu, a porter), I bear a burdcn. 
Bdjuiua, i, m. a carrier, portcr. 
Barha, ae, {. a bcard. 
Barbdnu, i, m. {barba), a barb.irian. 
Barbdtus, a, um, adj. (iV/.), hcaiilcd ; as 

subst., Ihe long-bcardcd ; thc goat. 
BHaii, it, f. {fiinc), a basc or pcdestal. 
Bdtium, ii, n. a kiss ; batia jaclat, ho 
■ klitM-x hi« liand, and itrctchcx it out, 

by KC^tures offer^ warnicst tliaiiks. 
Bathyllus, i, m. BathylluH, an actor. 
Bini-ficium, ii, n. [benrficus), a bcnefit, 

a kindness; ranum benejicium, a pre- 

tcndcd favour. 
Bfni-ficua, a, um, adj. doing grKid. 
Bfiiign^tds, dtis, {. [benigniis), kind 

ne<w, libcrality, gcnfro!.ity. 
Bfnignus, a, um, adj. kind, libcrftl. 

bestia, ae, f. a beast, irrational bcing. 
BXbo, btbi, no sup., Sre, 3, v. a. I drink. 
BX-dens, tis, f. {bis), a sheep; {properly 

— one about two years old, having two 

teeth longcr than the rest). 
Bt-linguis, e, adj. {id.), spcaking two 

languagcs ; double-tongucd, deceitful. 
Blni, ae, a, adj. pl. two apiece, two to 

cach; or with a pl. substantive— two. 
Bi-pennis, is, f. an a.\e or hatchet with 

a double hcad, a polc-axe. 
Bis, adv. twicc. 
Blanditia, ae, oftener blanditiae, arum, 

{. pl. {blandus), flattcries, caresscs, 

blandishmcnts, fair spccchcs. 
Blandus, a, uin, adj. sniooth, gentle. 
Bonitas, dlis, f. {bonus), goodncss. 
Bonum, i, n. {id.), a good or exccl- 

lent thing, good-fortune ; bona, good 

things ; an advuntage ; nescio quiU 

boni, somc good, I know not what, 

some mark of imperial favour. 
Bdnus, a, um, adj. ; comp. melior, 

superl. optimus, good, better, best. 
Bos, bovis, c. g. {ileu;), an ox or cow. 
Brivis, e, adj. (comp. brevior, supcrl. 

brivissimus), short, brief, momentary ; 

brevi, briefly. 
Brhitas, dtis, f. shortness, concisencss. 
Briiiter, adv. (comp. brlvius, superl. 

brivissime), {brevis), brietty. 
Bruina, ae, f. the winter-solsticc ; also 

— the winter season. 
Bublle, is, n. an ox-stall, cattle-shcd. 
Bubulcus, i, m. a cow-herd, a herd. 

Cddo, clcidi, cdsuin, 3, v. n. I fall. 

Caecus, a, um, adj. blind. 

Caedes, is, f. {caedo), slaughter; blood; 

skirmish, combat. 
Caedo, cecldi, caestim, 3, v. a. I cnt. 
Ciiesar, iiris, m. Cacsar. 
Cdldmilas, dlis, {. a calamity, mis- 

fortune, dctriment. 
Cdliimiis, I, m. a stalk of corn, a rced, 

a pipe or flute ; a pen ; calamo ludere, 

to umusf oiic'8 sclf with scribbling. 
Calceo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I shoe. 
Calceus, i, m. {calx), a shuc. 
Calhdus, a, um, adj. cunning, cxpert. 
Cdlumnia, ae, f. calumny, sliindcr. 
CHIumnidtor, Oris, ni. u slundcrer ; ca- 

lumnialur canis, a litigious eur. 
CSIumnior, caluinnidlus, caluninidn, 

1, V. dep. a. I slander, calumniate; 

I cavll, am captions, take offence. 
Calvns, a, um, adj. bald. 
Calx, calcis, f. or m. the hocl. 
Camara, ae, f. vault ; room, chamber. 
Campus, i, m. a flcld, a plain. 
Canileo, fre, 2, v. n. (*«('»i, Icel. kinda, 

to kindlc), I glow, bum. 
Candor, Oris, m. wbitcness ; canijonr 



poodnaturc; iioto candore, wHh \xn- 

rescTTed uindoar. 
Ciiitis, u, m. or f. a dog or bitch. 
CQno, eicini, cnntiim, canlrt, 8, v. a. 

I «ing, I |><Tri>rm ma-tlc (is an^ 

way) ; I cclebratc. 
OantXexm, i, n. {canoi), a Rong. 
Oantu», Of, m. (i<^.), a pcrfumiing of 

mosic ; a Dori;;, xinfrini; ; the moaical 

powem ; mclodiouii notc*. 
Cinxa, a, iim, adj. hourr, grar. 
Cipax, dcis, adj. [capiu], roomy, capa- 

ciou^, ani]>lc, larpc. 
CHpella, ar, f. dim. (caper), a young or 

delicatc nho-Koat, a ahcgoat, or kid. 
CSprr, pri, m. a hc-goat. 
Ciipillus, I, m. a hair; hairof tbchcad. 
COpiu, cfpi, coptum, eiipire, 8, t. a. I 

takc; i capttratc, dcliKht, cliarm ; 

I win, (Tiiin ovcr ; I cnslavc, capti- 

vatc; eaptui, da7.7.1c<l ; caitire tom- 

num, to alccp ; capfre fnictum, to 

cnjoy thc bcncllt of; <i celtrius ce- 

peru, «hould I rcccivc it »oon. 
Caplo, dri, dtiim, tlre, 1, v. frcq. a. 

(cnpiu), I catch at kccnly, attcmpt, 

cndcavour carncstly. 
Ciiput, Uit, n. thc hcad ; life ; capite, 

head-forcm'Mt, hcuilInnK. 
Cnrbu, CniM, w. n i ' u. 
Cireu, carui, lu . 2, v. n. I 

huvc ni)t, l V. ,1, fuil of. 

CarKJ, ei, (. bir ■ -^. 

OBrturuf, <i, um, :> !j, ^rniet), worm- 

eatcn, rottcn ; dccaycd. 
Oaritiu, dln, f. dcarncM, Iotc, klfec- 

ti'>n, charity. 
Qirmrn, l/iij, n. (SanK. karman, a 

work, Invcntion =, u lyrio 

imIc, a Ming ; carminis ru, thc furco 

f)f thc vcrw, or thc p<M'iry. 
CH)", f.iifiu, f. lliiih, u plrcc of flcah. 
f.c ii^rHfn, rury^r^, 3, v.n. 

I •inu wiiul lit liltext, i>r 

II .■ ; rnipere etcnm, to 
tcar 111 iiiiii» tlii! luod ; earpere ut- 
eula, to klu fundly ; corpert meltoiet, 
to carp at. 

Oatfia, I, m. n chcoae. 
Cattut, a, um, adJ. cha«t«. 
CiUiK, Oi. m. {cada), a fall ; a nilnfor- 
1 ■■! grari, In hls aad cm- 

' irtunc;r<ui<,bychancc, 

C!ii- 1, <", f u ' ' >t); fcttcr. 

ClUJifdrn UT cn: «a^iifa), 

a cliulr, u m.t : 
Gltu, linit, m. < tlble }U>- 

iiian) ; lnii' ■ ', itcrn, 

au»trrc, nrvi I. ..lcr. 

CB/iJ/mi. I, Mi.illtii 1 tMiJ, M ipinK) ; lil., 

Ihr ycliMT ; B poppy, a vrhclp ; calu- 

lui Jettt, a kltlcn. 
CHIut, a, um, ailj. iihrlll, acutc, ydplng. 
Cn^da, nr, f. » tall. 

Cauta, ae, t. a caiue ; a reason, motlTe , 
wiriJ eaiisif, on my account, for my 
»ukc ; caiita jiirgii, a pretext fur h 
qtiarrcl ; eniuiiDi dnre, to causc, to 
o<-ca>ion ; caiiia quaestionit, the 
mcaning, purport ; fictae causae, 

Cautiis, a, iim, adj. {eareo) cautious, 
wary, prudcnt, circunixiioct. 

CHrro, cJri, caiitum, cniere, 2, v. a. I 
takc carc; carere Ji6i, to attcnd to 
onc'« own aflTnlrs, provide for one'» 

Girrma, ae, t. {cariu), a holc ; cavom. 

I. Ciirut, a, um, ndj. hollow, caTc-like. 

II. Ciirus or r<iri/Hi, i, m. or n. a hole. 
Cea, ae, f. ; and Ceot, i, f. an inland (ona 

of thc Cycladcii) In thc „lCgcan Sca. 
Gdo, cetsi, cetsum, cedfre, 3, v. a. I 

yicld ; cedere loro, to rcKJgn the 

pliicc ; crdrrr inridiar, to bc contcnt. 
CtUltrr, brii, brr, adj. (<Miphon. acxciw. 

forin of crebrr), thronit, crowdcd ; 

famou», colcbratcd ; rrlebrei niipttae, 

u largc mnrruigc-party. 
Cflrr, irit, e, adj. »wift, »pco<ly, ftcot. 
CrlfrMat, iittt, f. (celer), «wiftnc»». 
Cilfriirr, adv. (td.), »wiflly, nimbly; 

comp. celeriut, «ooncr. 
Crlo, uri, dtuin, drr, 1, v. a. I concoal. 
Crhus, a, uiii, udj. high, tall, lofty. 
(V fi.i^o, eriisui, crnstim, ceittfre, S, T, a. 

I KiM.ak, Judgc, think. 
Criisur, oris, iii. (rrnieo), a Roman 

iiiuginlrulc, wiiov' iliity wn» to In- 

»pt'ct und rcKulutc tlic murul» of tlM 

IM-oplc ; a ccnvjr, ccnsurcr. 
Oentum, ai\). Indccl. u hundrod. 
Cii.T. nr, f. w.n ; ;>/., wnxcn ccIU. 
( . llic bruin. 

( ftum, rrrnfre, 3, T. ^ 

, liM.oclcarIy,dl!itlnctly. 
(',-■ ! . r.<n, ctiij, n. (certo), a oontOAt, a 

triul of RkiU. 
CerUtlim, ndv. (id.), omuloualy, vying 

with cach nthcr. 
Crrtf, adv. ccrtalnly ; OTon ; at leaaU 
Orrtu, drr, 1, v. Intcn». n. I contend. 
Orfuj, o, iiHi, nilj. (crmo), ocrtain, 

llxc<i, Rluti-<l ; crrla rntto, kolld rea- 

•on, nialurccl rrllcctlon. 
Cmts, Irij, f. tlic nock. 
Orrut, i, m. a itag. 
O.I1», iln, dtum, dre, 1, T. n. {mJ4>), I 

tliiirli from duty, nhrlnk from labour; 

1 l.iilcr, Idlo. 

Cfltrn, tim, nilJ. pl. tlic roat. 
Cluirla, at, f. (x«{ 

rm), papor; • 

Chdrtts, i, m. n cholr, Iwnd ; company. 
I C'I')MJ, ' ' "'/./'1 ret rttel rtbi, 

Ifcir 1 ■, If llicrr wn« «n» 

ftxMl, ,ublc; i-i6iij iittr*- 

. lut, inHu-i.i icii.ii. 
I Cioida, ae, f. (onuin.), > bolm crlektU 



Ctcdnia, ae, t. a stork. 

Oito, etci, Atum, ciire, 2, v. o. ; or cio, 

cJri, cltum, cire, 4, v. a. 1 rousc ; 

cifre grmittu, to make loud cries. 
Clnis, fria, ro. or f. a^hes. 
Circa and circum, prp. c. acc. abotJt. 
C>rci3-A<, iri or ii, Itum, ire, v. irreg. 

[circum, eo , l go about, I go round 

to, I visit succp!isiveiy. 
Circum-cidn, ciiii, clsum, cidfre, 3, v. a. 

{caedo), I circumcisc ; I restrict, 

pinch, or stiiit. 
Circiim-do, didi, diitum, dare, 1, v. a. 

I surround, 
Cimu, i, m. cnrled hair ; a fringe. 
CllfiSra, ae, f. {xiSifx), a harp. 

I. Cito, Jri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. 1 cite, 

II. dto, adv. (comp. citius, superL 
citistimej, quickly, soon. 

Ciris, is, c. g. a citizen. 
Ciritas, Stis, f. a city, a 8tat«. 
Cldmito, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I cry 

or bawl aloud. 
Cldmo, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I cry, 

am clamorous, bawl. 
Cldmor, Oris, m. {clamo), a cry, cla- 

mour ; a shout ; appluu.^c. 
Cldnis, a, um, udj. ck-ur, loud, shrilL 
Classis, is, f. a flcct. 
Claudo, clausi, clausum, claudire, 3, 

T. a. I shut, hcm in, cnclosc. 
Clazom/nae, drum, {. pl. Clazomenac. 
Ctemens, enlis, adj. clcar, sercne. 
Clementer, adv. [clemens), kindly, calm- 

ly, mildiy, gently. 
Clitellae, drum, t. p1. a pack-saddle. 
Coelum, i, n. ; pl. coeli, m. {xtiXot, hol- 

low), heaven, the vault above. 
Coena, ae, f. 'xeitr, common), suppcr; 

o eoena, after nuppcr ; ad ctteiiam 

mihipromitte, promise tosup w ith me. 
Oorpi, corpissf, p<Tf. I begin. Sec Giiam. 
Coetiis, u>, m. u crowd, a tompany. 
Cogildtio, oiiis, f. {cogito), u way of 

thinking, thought. 
OHgUo, dri, ijium, dre, 1, v. freq. a. 

(eogo), I n ' • • ' plv, I thuik ; 

eogitari - i have in- 

Tented; 1 -c. 

Oa-gndtus, i, in. .. i ■.,... >u, a kinsman. 
Oo-gnoseo, giiuri, gnttum, gnoscirc, 

S, T. B. I kiiow. 

{co- .1. 

Oal-h ■re, 3, v. a. 

{coi.. , , ; ., . ..ictt. 

Pol-loco, «n, iitum, dre, 1, v. a. I placc. 
Oollum, I, n. tbe neck ; ncck und 

I. Colo, dre, 1, v. a. I «train liquor 

throuKh a cloth nr aievc. 
n. Oflo, colui, cultum, 3, v. a. («>.««, I 

break ; SanM. kal, to Rubduf), I break. 
CSlor or cdlos, Oris, m. colour ; colorque 

propriiis, hi« own peculiar fancy or 

stvle ; his pecaliar charactcr. 
CdlSbra, ae, f. a snake. 
Cdlumba, ae, f. a pigeon, a dove. 
Com- and con- = cum. 
Cdma, ae, f. the hair of the head. 
Cdm-tdo, edi, esum or estiini, edSre or 

esse, 3, v. a. I cat up, devour. 
Cdmef, ilis, c. p. {com, eo'„ a conipanion. 
Comis, is, e, adj. courtcous, civil; co»ie 

officium, offlcious civility, scrvices. 
Coni-in(m6ro, dri, dlum, drc, 1, v. a. I 

talk of, mention. 
Com-menJiilio, Onis, f. a recommcnda- 

tion ; cujiis rerbosa ne sit conimcn- 

datio, that I may not be long-winded 

•while I promise to be brief. 
Oom-mendo, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

commend, recommend. 
Com-mercium, ii, n.(mcrx), intercourse. 
Com-minuo, niinui, minutum, minuire, 

3, V. a. I brcak into small picces. 
Com-mitto, misi, missum, miltfre, 3, 

V. a. I commit, intrust. 
Com-modo, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

Com-mCinis, e, adj. {munus), common. 
Com-maio, dri, dtum, drc, 1, v. a. I ex- 

changc, I make a thorough change. 
CdmOsus, a, um, adj. {coma), bairy, 

having much hair, shaggy. 
Com-pello, pCtli, piilsum, pelUre, 3, v. a, 

1 force, compcl, prcss. 
Com-pfrw, piri, perlum, perire, 4, v. n. 

I di.scovcr, find. 
Com-pesco, pescui, no sup., peseire, 3, 

V. a. I restrain, control, curb, repress. 
Com-pilo, dri, dtutn, dre, 1, v. a. I 

pilfcr, steal, plundcr. 
Com-pleo, plevi, pleltim, plere, 2, v. a. 

I fill, fill up, complcte. 
Coin-prihnido, prehendi, prehensum, 

prrhcndfre, 3, v. a. I seize, apprehcnd. 
Cniii-I<i iiiio. presni, prcnsum, primfrr, 

3, v. a. 1 squoc/.e bard, I prcss much. 
Com-pungo, punxi, piiiicluin, pungfre, 

3, V. a. I Rting, prick. 
Om- and coni- = cum. 
Con-cido, cidi, no sup., cidfre, 3, v. n. 

{clido), I fall down, am fellcd. 
Con-cieo, ciri, cilum, ciere, 2, v. a. I 

rousc ; concito gradu, with a nimble 

or qnick pacc. 
Cbfi cinno, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

dcviBc, contrivc. 
Oon-cio, onis, {. an asscmbly. 
Oon-cito, dri, dltim, dre, 1, v. a. I 

move, cxcitc, rouse ; I cuuse a scnsa- 

tion in, put in motion. 
Con-curro, ctirri, riiriunt, currfre, 3, 

T. a. to run togcthcr. 
Con-curso, dri, dtum, dre, 1, T. a. I 

run briskly up and down. 
Oin-dilio, Onis, l. {do), coiidition, tcrms. 
Con-do, didi, dittim, dire, 3, v. t. 1 



brlDK thinp tofrcther ; henc« — I 
build, rc&r ; I eam, actiuirc; I hiJo, 

Cbn </«ro, diixi, duetum, durfrf, 3, v. a. 
I br;nir toirrther ; I hirc, cnuasrc to 
porlorm (fnr moncy) ; euitducfrt 
prftv , to uiitiortukc for hire, stipu- 
Utf for a «*■'. jTico. 

Oon-ffru, cjii ;■ ■ t-.,.,, ^n-ffrrf, 

V. irrc(t- I b: . lomimrc ; 

cunferre te •■ ■ (, to com- 

p.-»ro your»c« ...... ..; my rcpn- 

tat; in. 

Ooii-fi rin, ffci, /retum, f\clrt, 3, v. a. 
(/iK-iv), I tininh ; onftetus macic, 
wiut«l with leanncM, fami.ihol, 
itarvctl; oonfeeitu morbo, enfccbled 
by clinoaiic. 

Cnn-f\tfiir, ftssuM, f\teri, 2, v. dep. {Ja- 
tfnr), \ confc»*, 'icknowlcdifc, .ivow. 

Oon-ffidio, fud\, fottum, fodirt, 8, v. a. 
I ditr ; I «tab, fr<^re. 

Om-qiro, gtui, gettiim, gfrlrt, 8, T. a. 
1 ;imnA% Uiy "n .■( i imiMlntc ; con- 
fffnint fiai' • ■ in piles 

upon liim ; < . nif, many 

blowii are hi a; . ., . ..:ii. 

nniir, coniUiu, <niinn, 1, v. dcp. a. I 
cndeavour, attem|it. 

0."i-«ri>Tiri(i, ac, t. (jnVi^, coniicicnce ; 
ciinciotunCM ; ninnrirntia animi, 
(rviilt; ctiniciriitiii hiuiln, con-clou» 
noHn (if iino'» own »i>rth. 

Con-iciiu, a, um, ndj. (k/.), cnnnclouii. 

Om-iectur, srcliUut, tfctiirt, I, v. dop. n. 
I pnmao wlth (rront c«(remr«i. 

COH-iidfrii, ilrx, dtum, &rf, 1, v. a. I 
ccjntcmpiate, exnmine carefutly. 

Ciiii-siliiMiir, lirit, m. s oountcUor. 

O^u liliiim, n, n. cotin»<-l, «driec ; nn 
undor!iikin(r, cnter|iriiw ; eontilio, 
dcai(rnodly, intentionnlly ; cnntilium 
vtrtrrf, to turn onc'» thoa(rhtii to, 
have rceour«c ti>; nl«<j— n dc«i(rn, 
r-^»-'! .!l'iii. dcti rMiin.iMiiii. 

C ', 8,T. n. I 

'ifir, pre- 

Cu,i . .; . ..'■.■!, .j,,-, I, T. a. I 

uii '•■, 1 I , I •'II i.irc i/.iiim ulliiit 
II,' ^^'«e; to he n pnrt- 

f • i, 1, T. dep. n. I 



. tprt glre, 


T\, ty ■ fum, iplcfrt, 3, 

I >»h.>ld. 

iliu, ijiicdri, 1, T. dep, 

, uin, ndj. (eoHipleiu), 

I, litum, drt, 1, r. a. I 

Oon-ito, ttiti, tfltum or tldtwm, itSre., 
1, T. n. to nland lojrethor ; to lant, 
I continue. 

', 0>ii-iimo, tumpti, tiimptum, tumfit, 
I ,'i, V. a. I con«ume ; 1 cxplre. 
I G»i-surgo, turrrji, mirrrctum, turgtrf, 
8, V. n. I riw up ; iri plaustu consur- 
I rccttim ttt, thcy all started up to 
0>»i-/.'^«, texi, teetum, tfgfrt, 8, v. a. 
I covor, conccnl, hidc. 
I OM-tcmiio, tcmpsi, temptiim, ttmnfre, 
8, v. a. I contomn, dc»pliie. 
Oon-tendo, trndi, tentum, tendfre, 3, 
' V . a. I contcnd ; I asRert, nfilrm, insist. 
Cun-tentia, a, um, adj. {eontineo), 

Cun-trrreo, tcrrui, terrftum, terrfrt, 2, 

V. a. I tcrrify, a(n-i(rht. 
CVjfi-flfiro, flfii/i, trntiim, tinfrt, '1, T. a. 
! I contain, hold ti(rhtly, curb; I hold 
in, rcstrain ; contineiur, oonslitts in, 
is conflned to. 
'• i .'oi,/i.'. V. imp«'n«. it httpj>en«. 
' , tnrlum, tingfre, 3, v. a. 

iirh, roach. 
' . Iv. forthwith, prewntly. 

tV/ii-/fi», jiri>. c. ucc. [eofj, trn from 
TRAUK, to crotw ; sce (ififro, ire), 
intra, ulfr.i], ii(ralnst; adv. on tha 
othcr hand, on thc contrary, on hls 
CVffi-frilAo, tr/lTi, trHcttm, trdhfre, 8, 

V. B. I contract, xhrivel. 
Oon-trdritu, a, tim, adj. [rontra), oon- 
triuv. liii-'.rn I r iinfrii ndlr to one. 

'■ ■ 'iiily, «oclety, 

' , ;,oh«itlnate; 

iviuc} , iiiiiir.u ticablc, uninann(;oublo. 
0<fi-fflffi^/i(i, ar, f. {td.), nn nffront, 

reproiich, abu»e, InRUlt ; ifi cuntiim*- 
I liam, na nn liiniilt, atfront. 
tiifi-iefiicfij, tit, adj. {crfiio), sultable, 

.ifr. .■ililr, lonveiilcnt. 
' I. tentum, r/nlre, i, T. n. 

' II, II. [rox], a brawllnc, ■ 

I AliriU luiul iiolse. 
I Offi-i-K-fuj, i7j, m. (rJro), an Mting 

with, a llrlnir wlth. 
' nifi-rir/i, ae, r, (j. {id.). a ipiest. 

0/>i-flriMm, II, n. (ta.), a fcast, a 


1. iJrt, 1, T. a. I call 

j.rj), plenty, abund- 

alu f. 

O-./ii.iji/j, /1, wm, ailj. {copia), nloniiful, 

nbunilont ; rloh, |i|ent(fUll/ fur- 

ninhfil, well-dtorcil. 
fVir, ciirdii, n. (nkln to mm, ««(iia), 

tlir henrt ; cordt dtiratn, rewilutoly. 
0-ir»fft, jirj). c. nhl. {contra, flMnJ, 

b< fore, In preacnce of. 



Gfrium, t», n. (x*('")> ^ hide, leathcr. 

Oartieut, n, um, a4J. (<»r»iM), horny, 
made of horn, hard as horn. 

Oorniz, icijt, f. (onomatop.), a crow. 

Comu, Hs and ii, n. (akin to Teut. 
hortt), a horn. 

CSrOnn, ae, t. (»«{«»«;), a crown, a 

Curpiu, Srii, n. (Sansc. kraryam, flesh), 
body ; crrvus taiti curporis, a stag of 
hugie size ; /eciiti tantum corporia .' 
have you bfcome »o corpulent! hos- 
tilt corpuM, the body of the enemy. 

Oor-rigo, rexi, rectiini, rtgfre, 3, v. a. 
(rego), 1 eorrect, amend. 

Oor-ripio, rlpui, reptum, ripire, 3, v. a. 
{rapio), I scize upon, eat gTecdily ; I 
«natch up hastilv, snap up. 

Oor-rudo, rusi, rOsum, rOdirc, 3, V. a. I 
^aw in picce», consuinc. 

Our-rumpo, riipi, ruptum, rumpfre, 3, 
T. a. 1 dcstroy, corrupt, spoil, dis- 
fi^re ; tte tnale dimissniix gratiam 
coi^imperet, lest by spvirnin^ the 
favour (invitation, hc should occa- 
slon a rapture ; bures corrtiptos, the 
oxen (were) in a b;id condition. 

Otrtex, tcis, m. rar. f. bark ; a shell. 

Ootrrus, i, m. (onoinatop.), a ravcn ; 
eorvi stupor = corrus stupidus, the 
stnpid raven. 

CdOnimus, i, m. f*«9«{»M), the bnskln, 
a high-hcclcd snoc worn by traffcdi- 
ani; noru cothurnis, in a morc su- 
blime style, in an entirely new dress. 

Ori-Ho, didi, diluin, dfre, 3, v. a. [cenio 
{ere-vi, cri-tum) and do] ; tit., I 
make a division, diittinction ; hcnce 
— I believe, trust ; credens, trusting, 

Cridanias, dtis, f. {credo), crc-<lulity. 

Oreo, aci, dtum, ure, 1, v. a. I crcute; 
I betfct. 

Orfpiiscillum, i, n. dim. (cuEPKa, a 
Siibine word meaning dark), evening 

t rl«»*n, inis, n. {cemo, xfiti), an accn- 
■atioD, a cbarge; a crime, a fuult, 

Oriminor, crimindtus, crimindri, 1, v. 
dcp. I accuM?, ur um accu.tvd. 

OrMdilus, i, m. a crocodilc. 

CrOdilu, e, adj. {crtidiu), crut-l. 

Orudus, a, um, odj. grown ; cruel, 

Cruor, uris, m. blood, gorc. 

Crus, criiris, D. llie lig. 

Orujc, crucis, f. a criNW. 

Oabile, is, n. a kcnnc-l, dcn, holc, »ty. 

Ouipa, ar, f. a fault ; culpae pioxiuia, 
eonccmcd in thc crime allc-geu. 

1. Oum = quiim, conj. «hen. 

li. Cum, pri>. c. abl. wilh. In compo- 
(itioD, il Ctkas Ihe oldcr furm of cun 

Ciiuctus, a, um, adj. all, wholo. 
Cuneus, t, m. a wedgc ; a wcdge- 

shaped division of the seats in a 

theatre ; thc spcctators in a theatre. 
Ciiniciilus, i, ni. a rabbit, a burrow. 
Ciipidi; adv. (comp. ciipidius, superl. 

cupidissime), {cupidus), desirously, 

Ciipidus, a, t/m, adj. {ctipio), covetous, 

(iesirous; forward, presumptuous. 
CCipio, cupiri, cupiluin, ctipcre, 3, T. a. 

I covct, desirc, wish. 
Ciir, adv. {quare = qua re), why. 
Cicra, ae, f. care ; ctira habeudi, the 

desire of accumulating wealth. 
Cardtio, Onis, f. [cura), an application 

with a vicw to cffect a curc, means 

employed for obtaining a curc. 
Ouriusus, a, tiin, adj. (irf.), that on 

which care has been bestowed, curi- 

ous, inquisitive ; conip. = curiosior, 

more inquisitivc than others. 
Ciirro, cHcui-ri, ciirsum, ctirrire, 3, v. a. 

I run ; canes ctirrentes bibcre, dogs 

run while they lap. 
Cursus, iis, m. {curro), acourse, arace; 

cursu leii, by nimble running; a 

voyagc; cursu volucri, wilh winged 

CuslOdio, ctistodiri, ctistoditum, cus- 

todire, 4, v.a. {custos), I guard, kecp. 
Custos, Odis, c. g. a kecper ; ciistos 

liminis, a cioor-keeper. 
Ciitis, is, f. the skin. 
Cyheba, Cybela, Cybebe, Cyhfle, or Cy- 

bele, es, f. Cybele, a goddess, daugh- 

tcr of Coelus and Tcrra, and wife of 


Damiio, Jri, dtum, dre, I, v. a. {ix.- 

/jui»i), 1 condemn. 
Damntim, i, n. damage ; a partial losg. 
(Daps, very rare), dHpis, i, em, e, f. ; 

pl. dapes (no gcn. pl.), dclicious or 

dainty moats, daintics, good chcer. 
Dardiinia, ae, f. thc province around 

Troy ; Troy itsclf. 
Di, prp. c. abl. from, outof, ubout, con- 

ccrning ; dr conspectu, out of sigbt. 
Dea, ae, f. [detis), u goddcss. 
Dibeo, debui, debittim, debere, 2, T. a. 1 

owe, um indcbtcd ; debebat votum, 

he had to puy a vow. 
Ijibilis, is, e, adj. weak, fecble, en- 

J/fbitum, i, n. (debeo), a dcbt. 
Jticem, adj. inciccl. num. (2i«<c), ten. 
Jjr-crrno, creri, critum, cemire, 3, v. a. 

I dccrcc, dctcriiiine, distingnisb. 
Di-cerlo, dci, dltim, dre, 1, T. a. I 

contcnd, strugglc hard for. 
iJfcet, dicAit, 'i, v. iui|>ers. n. it seema; 

it bccomea. 



Df-eido, c , S, ▼. n. 

(c&do , .' :n. 

Df-cipio, ■- , . , . - -, , S, V. «. 

(capio), \ litviiti, I utvrteach by 


De-fUr .. „-1. ,j'f;.r,. ur/: I. T. a. I 

n. I dccUre, 

Df< "y, comc- 

Dt-CWTO, curri or eHcurri, eitrrtem, 

eurr<rr. .i, \. i. I nui ir rt ■« ilivMi; 


■11, Are, 1, T. o. I dcdi- 

' .'fij tsie eo* dfmenfiar, 

•iin» ! 
/ ',i,«ir<iH, wi/f/ri', 3, V. a, 

. eiipul, to liang 

J ■ .it Irnjrth; Hune 

ii.MuiH, iii>.> ' ■' late. 

ll< liti/iir, adv. .rt. 

yvru, /ij, m. ,~ ',, a tooth ; 

a tuftk. 

Di-pnuim, pendi, pentum, pendere, 3, 

V. II. 1 ll.illi; .lr'"Il. 

■■I, perdfre, 

. lUi, I, T. a. 1 

/ 'II. r'''i^AS, T.a. 

mviclf o( 

iiiii' r ■u'_,..c'.i.'n lu ; litUi aium 
Mtuiiiu deditu*, dcTotctl to literarjr 


rst, It.. 


• f. 

•: • nM,.;i',u-lf; 

d.' ■■.■ 

<iut «Ith airc ; 

Dtgo. <l.y., nr, • 
n^), 1 llvr, 1 

. r. a.(rf/, 


TH-frSeo, liri, 1, v. a. I 

"Tprp<iwiT, wriKh .Imwii. 
br-ffruiini<>, ire, i, T. a. I ip-unt 

hard, xiurak likc a plff. ThU 

U the onljr paiuutffc in which thU 

word occum. 
Dthine, a<lT. then ; afler that. 
f>ein, adv. {d«, in), after that ; then. 
Oeindi, adr. (de, iiide), then ; In the 

nrit plnrr. 
Df ■'■ lum, jlc/re, 3, T. a. 

■ I i»n. 
D' 'iim, ijrr, I, V. a. I 

IM-Unio, lentri, lenllum, lenlre, i, T. a. 

I mltliritr, nllajr, eaoe. 
Df ' ' ■oi.drr, l,T. a, I taKle; 

I ' ; delihore vteula, to 

DfKium, ,.. 
drum, i. pl. k 

/W fl|r-«. I>^l. ir 


, 3, T. a. 

Iin^ufre, S, T, ■. 

r. fn.ilt. 

. T. a. I 

Itf i<n-'.i. fi», nij iii.i.i. iiniitir, 

IM mrntut, iir, I. {drmeni], madnea* ; 

.1,, prendi, 
. 3, V. a. I catch in 

/' , ■ i-inim, primfre, 3, 

\. a. 1 jj:i-.i liuwn, deprnw. bear 

liard or licuvily u|>on ; drpnmi, to 

Miik tl. . \i cl.mii. lu lir at thc bottom. 

. nyliim, repire, S, T, a. 

. ritum, ridfre, 3, r. a. I 

)■. ~ 1., 
Df-ritiir, orit, n>. a mockcr, a aroflrrr, 
I)i- lUi.i. ti., m. mi>rkery, drrinlun. 
/' kIi, irenium, temdfrt, i, 

. 1 K» nr come duwn, 1 

/ . >i, trriptum, tcriHrt, 3, 

■ .l>r, 
/ 'ri>iim, tertre, S, T, a. 

■|.., tidfrr, 2, T. n. 
. II. 
/ . 1. T. a. I 

• r, eipect. 
/' , tfnfre, S, 

V. a. I tr. 

Df-eph iiim, t/itcfrt, I, 

r. n. iijKjn ; henc* - 1 


dre, I, T. a. 1 

• 'iriirum, ititufrr, S, 
I fnrwke, abandon. 

1 , llrinpfi e, 
•r ; I crlH- 

irrrir. I am want- 


/W t/m, frlri, Irltiim, Irrfrt, S, T, a, I 

' i'lrtely, 

/ . terrire, 2, 

l>, fr. )/>.., Iiiiiliim, tiatitre, 3, 
T. a. I draw nir, pall olT, llny off. 



Deu», i, in. (Si»,- ; Sansc. dern.t), a god ; 

exta Jjeorum, the ciitraiU of the 

victim» consecrated to the gods. 
Di-tfniu, rfni, rentum, reiiire, 4, v. a. I 

comc to, arrive at, eomc down to. 
De-tdco, dri, dtitm, die, 1, v. a. 1 call 

down ; allure, enticc ; lead on to. 
De-cotco, rolri, cdlutum, colrire, 3, 

V. a. I roU down. 
De-rdro, dci, dlum, dre, X, v. a. I 

devour, I swallow greedily, bolt. 
Dexter, fra, ■''ruiii, or rn, rum, adj. 

right ; on the n^'ht hand. 
Dico, dixi, dictum, dicire, 3, v. a. I 

tell, say ; I «peak ; I pronounce ; 

I depose, declare upon oath ; dicta 

hora, at the appointed hour ; so also 

dicto tempore, at the appointed llme. 
Dictum, i, n. {dico), a saying ; an 

amu«ing ttory. 
Dies, ei, m. or f. fpl. always m.), a dav ; 

pay-day, or aay of payment ; the 

state of thc air, the weather. 
Dif-firo, dis-tuti, di-ldlum, dif-ferre, 

▼. a. I carry hither and tliither. 
Dif-flculler, adv. with difficulty. 
Dtf-fiuo, fliixi, Jiuxum, Jtuire, J, v. a. 

I flow down, I run down ; difflaentes 

iudore, all drlpping witb pcrspiration. 
Difnitai, dtis, f. [dii/nus), dignity ; 

diffnitalem suain, thcir masculine 

Dignus, a, uin, adj. worthy ; deseired, 

merited ; suitable. 
Di-ldtio, Cnis, f. {differo), a delay. 
Di-lijfen», tis, adj. {diiigo), diligent, 

lovmg the task. 
Di-ligenter, adv. (comp. dtliyentitu, 

Bupcrl. diligentissime), diligcntly. 
Di-tigo, lexi, lecliim, ligin-, 3, v. a. 

I love, esteem ; I choosc, sdect. 
Di-mitto, niisi, mis^im, miltire, 3, v. a. 

I •■> ii<l :iW iv. r!;; drop, lct go. 
/' uiii, riplre, 3, v. a. 

/' uim, cedtre, 3, v. a. 

I d(.p;irt. 
Di»-eemo, creci, cretum, eemfre, 3, v. a. 

I »ee thc diffiTi ri< r- tK-twccn oiie 

thlng and .; iy; I distln- 

gui.-h ; I 1) y. 

Disco, didici, :. ■ frt, 3, v. a. 

I learn. 
Di-sperfo, sperti, ipersum, sperglre, 3, 

v. a. hj.iiij.], I dmpcrse, i>calt«r, 

spri-.. : 
Du-s- m, serlre, 3, v. a. 

I ui,: . iw) ; discuss; ex- 

plam ; p;i!',:-:,. 
Du-sideo, sidi, fuiim, sidire, 2, t. a. 

I am at vanancc, I dlsagree. 
Di*-simiilo, dri, dtum, dre, 1, t. a. I 

diascmblr, conccal tbe trutb, I 

Du-*olto, tolci, sdiiUum, solrtre, 3, v. a. 

I dif.solve ; I brcak, shattcr ; disso- 
luti mores, Ucentions or profligate 
Di-stringo, strinxi, slrictum, slriiighe, 

3, V. a. 1 bind f;ist ; I engage very 
much ; I cneuniber, embarrass. 

Diu, adv. (comp. diutiua, gupcrl. diutis- 
shni), long, a long whlle. 

JJi-rcrsus, a, uin, adj. diverse, different. 

Dires, itis, adj. rich. 

Dl-rido, cisi, clsum, vidire, 3, v. a. I 

Licino, dri, atum, dre, 1, v. a. (rfi- 
riniM), I divinc, gucss, conjecture. 

Dicinus, a, um, adj. {dicus), divine. 

Dicitiae, drum, f. pl. [dires), richcs. 

2>irttj, I, m. a god, a deity. 

Do, didi, diiliim, ddre, 1, v. a. I give ; 
dare nialum, to do an injury, to 
commit an act of injustice ; dart 
leto, to kill ; dare aninio, to allow, to 
grant ; dare opiram alicui, to assist 
one ; dare reniam, to pardon ; in- 
dulgc ; excu.«e ; dare poenas, to be 
punished, to suffcr puniahnicnt ; dala 
occasiotie, whcn an oiiportunity of- 
fers ; quod libi non datum est, what 
nature bas dcnied you. 

Dncco, dociii, ddctum, docere, 2, v. a. 
1 teach, shew, inform. 

Ddcilis, is, e, adj. (rfocfo), docile; in- 
ventive ; quick of apprehension. 

Docltis, a, uin, adj. (irf.), learncd, 

D6ciimentum, i, n. (<rf.), a proof, 

Ddleo, doltti, dontum, dolere, 2, v. n. 
and a. I grieve, ani sorry, I smart for 
anything, I repent or rcgret what 1 
havc donc ; I am displca.sed, angry. 

I/r^lo or dolon, Onis, a sting. 

Ji')lor, oris, m. prief, pain. 

1) ijsits, a, um, adj. (dolus), deccitful, 
^ly, cunning. 

Dolus, i, m. deccit, a trick, chrat, 

Ddmesticiis, a, um, adj. (domus), domcs- 
tlc ; dvmeslica res, family coucerns. 

Ddmintis, i, m. [domo), a lord, a mastcr ; 
the eniperor. 

iJdmo, domui, domilum, donidre, 1, 
V. a. I tanie, I subdue. 

DSmus, us or i. f. :i house, a habitation, 
a bome ; a (amilv. 

DOntitio, Onis, f. (iono), a giving libc- 
rally ; a gift, a prescnt. 

DOn-ic, adv. [don {= dum) and ac], 

Duno, liri, dtiim, dre, 1, ▼. a. I bc- 
slow, I gl\e (friim gencrosity). 

Dormio, dornini, dormittim, dormire, 

4, V. n. I ^licp. 

iJorsum, i, n. [dr, rorsum i= rersum)], 

tbc back. 
Dos, dotis, f. (rfo), an accompUalunent, 



.V luerum, ' f 

a qualifiaition, a quAlitj ; ulTtntagr, 

uie ; •!> «KtowmFnt ; uienL 
DrHex), unij, m. i;««» , a drmifon. 
DMto, dri, d(um, lirf, 1, T. a. I 

doubt, bnutatc. 
Dahtus, (1, um, a>ij. (i/ua, rtii), doubt- 

ful ; r.i 1)1 .l.hium renerit, may be ■ 

»u' .•.e. 

Dti< -11, diicirf, S, T. a. I 

Ir.i . . :.!, du.rre uj „,m, 


or carr 

arrum. ■ 

di. ^ -■-'..■: 

a . '>ruught 

Iri' . 

DuiciJ, r. 

Ihe mri'' 
Dum, adv. 

Dum-mndo, l lij. ;! Tiiy ; proviJcU. 
/>u<f, iic, o, ttilj. (?.» , two; qintrum 

lunt laudu dutif, whu harv |;ut t«o- 

thlrda of thc itlory. 
Du-plfx, Icu, atij, (duo, plieo), doublc, 

Dur . 1, T. a. and n. 

( '/ . unit., to laiit, 

t;. . i!o cordf, wilJi 

inviiiLiM'- ; .r-..: ... 
D&nu, a, um, adj. hard ; crucl, inflrx- 

Dux, dOcii, c. g. {duco), a leador, a 



K or rr, prp. c. abl. (1», •«), out of. 
P.-b1h.., hiki, hl'.('u,.>. hihfrr, S, T. a. 1 
dr. . tho whole. 

Ecrr ,1! 

I. > I r rur, 3, T, a. 

(tiiriii. ('!•■.,, 1 lal, di-\our. 
IL R dn, rfidi, ditum, dlrr, 3, T. a. I 

Itlrc ..•it. I uf.T. 

Ej .' I fTcct, cfHc acT, 

1>" ■ \'-iutli>n of ■II 
uoUcrUk,ii>>; , tj^iclu ctirtl, duca nut 

Sf p<.., t, 'i.,'i, t-IJlum, f/frrrf, t, 

Irt. ,1 lirliiK iiul; 1 »aTr , 

r." ... to bunK to Uiiht ; 

bi .rl.l. 




."/"'.anrlHirT, ImaRr, 

"■, ^i, V. a. I furm. 

fiiftrr, 3, T. a. 

F.J !'■, , r^cai*. 

kf>, iiK-i, ;.;.:, »,- , .S"r»r, ff), \. 
S frtduir, grr.ttu, frfdi, 1, T. dcj). 
[gradtor I, 1 gu or coma ouU 

K ftffitiM, a, «M, adj. (o''**) ', '•'•• o»! 

ofihrhrrd; rrm»rk:iblr; rxcrllent. 
/j.l, intcrj. ho thcrc ! .w Ilrta. 
P. Iii '>.ir, Itipstu, liihi, 3, v, dcp. I CBcapc, 

I x.ip away. 
£-/(V«'ij, antii, adj. clofant, •rlcct. 
£-!, . i..'.,i. ,if, f, (fUfotu), elegance, 

: ri-«. 

/ ., 'iiv. 1,T. a. lUflup; 

- .: . 1 undrrvalae. 
.iHre, 3, T. a. I 

irr, 1, T. a. I 
i'.ctiui rm rmrn- 
(o inKtruct onc 

^ 1, T. n. 1 riKe 
11 ; rminrl crl»a 

- :..• l'>flv neck. 
.-, 3, T. a. 

/' . . T. dcp. I 

Kn, interj. lo! bcli..Ui: 
R-n!ito, ari, dlum, lirr, 1, r. a. I (wim 

out, iwlm aahore. 
f.nim, conj. [f, nam), for. 
Rnim-rrri, adT. truly ; inderd ; to ba 

R-nltor, n\nu or nixia, nfft, t, T, dep. 

1 i.tniw'i.'l.. : 1 brln» fortli. 
/. . ■■■. v. irrrir. (Sannc f, 

■ '.', wrrc traTclllnit. 
/ , . , . 1 liim, ptitdrr, 1, T. a. 

1 Uiink tu ihc UrrK*. 
Rquet, itit, c. K- {ri/uut), a horaeman, 

aridcr; u K<'iiian kniKht. 
Rftirtlrr, trit, trr, ailj. ^cfUM), eqne*- 

R-^id*m, adT. Indeed ! In Tery dred ! 
RijuuM, i, m. ("«■« — r»r»<), a hor»r. 
R rddo, rdii, rdium, rddirr, 3, T. a. I 

Dcratch out ; I rnue. 
Kif/', coiij. (!(>■•«), thrrcfore. 
F. rif',', rlpiii, rrptum, rlptrt, S, T. a. 

I ' ' ,1 drlirrr, rracur. 

/• .. arr, 1, T. a. 1 wan- 

' rr. 
/."■'. • ", 111. icrr»), an crror, niia- 

F.-rumpo, rHui, niptum, rumptrr, 3, 

T. a. I brrak <>ul, ully forth. 
R-ruu, rui, iiitum, riUri, >, T. a. I tum 

up. iltir 'II' 
/;.■ . ■ ■ ' ' 1. 

/"•. rturir», 4, 

> .ini alii.ut 

'. . ' jt, 1 wlab tu oat ; 

Kl. . rt rr, both— «nd; alao, 

llki »i»c. 
Fl tiim, conj. (W, yitm), alao; crmi. 
kt-iam-m, conj. aUbuugb. 



Euiifchut, t, m. Kutycbaa. 
R-vSdo, rdti, ttUum, vddrre, 3, T. a. I 

E tt Sg or, ragStu», ragdri, 1, t. dep. I 

wander from thi- right vrav, I stray ; 

I wander out. 
£-feHo, rflli or nilsi, rulsum, rellire, 

3, T. a. I pluck, puU. 
E-vinio, rfni, renlum, renlre, 4, v. n. 

I oome out, come forth. 
B-veniut, ut, m. [ecenio], an event. 
S werto, rerti, ttrtum, rertire, 3, v. a. 

I OTertum. 
B-vdoo, Sci, dlum, dre, 1, t. a. I eall 

forth or cut. 
Ex = e, ■whith §ce. 
Sr-aggiro, lici, utum, dre, 1, t. a. I 

beap np, I accnmutute. 
£r-<iro, dri, dtiim, iire, 1, v. a. I nrite 

hastily ; I cunii>o«o. 
Es-audto, audln, aiiditum, audire, 4, 

T. a. I Usten attentiTely. 
Ex-cido, ceui, c>uiim, ctdire, 3, v. a. 

I exc««d, gi) beyond. 
Ez-cipio, cepi, ceptum, cipire, 3, t. a. 

(capio), I catch; I receive, 1 shclter; 

I foUow or fucceed. 
Ex-cito, dci, utum, dre, 1, v. a. I rouse, 

stir np, ezcitc ; I slart gamc ; I eali 

Ex-c6lo, eolui, eultum, cdlire, 3, v. a. 

I worahip. 
Ez-cuto, lin, dtum, dre, 1, T. a. {cauaa), 

1 CXQUSC; huic ezcMMitum me relim, I 

■hould wish to juitify iny conduct. 
Ex-cutio, cuisi, cusiiiin, cutire, 3, T. a, 

I Bbake out ; I cx;imine or search 

Ezemplum, i, n. (ampliit), an examplc ; 

tua exemi'1" '* <■ ■ » .•m, .•- which 

have been matiy 

poMaget—.i <-, on 

action;c<jii ., , ■-. . :iduct ; 

Ju4to exempiu, wilii riciiipuiry pun- 

Ex-eo, ici or ii, itum, ire, v. irreg. I go 

Mt-*retO, ercui, ercitum, rrcere, 3, T. .i. 

larceu . I cxerciM ; ] utter ; I eui- 

', m. (txereeo), an annjr. 

.r. KiOitum. hdire. .'. v. a. 


lor V 

mrn:. I 

Ezigo, egi, actum, igire, 3, v. ^i. {ago), 
lorivcKi;, ' j- vt'/; arriun, tu Uve, to | 

f"' 1 

£»-!>■ 'Ij. [rrigo', «mall. | 

•cau ■ ,, . . cconom j ; eztgua > 

matena, thc acantinesa, iMrreniieM 

of the subject. 
Ex-istJmo, dci, dtum, Sre, 1, v. a. 

(aestimo), I think, imaginc, suppoee. 
Ex-itium, ii, n. [eo, itum), destruction ; 

fatale exitium, my hapless destiny. 
Exitus, ii», m. («<<.), aa outlet, a pas- 

sage, a place of egress. 
Ex-vmo, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

adorn, deck ; I tit out, Airnish Ube- 

Ex-Oro, dri, atum, dre, 1, t. a. I cntreat 

earnesily, or obtuin by entreaty. 
Es-pidio, pediri, peditum, pedire, 4, 

T. a. 1 extricate, dii^^ntangle, explain ; 

expedire rem, to act sincerely, to leave 

no room for future controversy. 
Ex-piiior, pertus, perire, 4, v. dcp. a. 

I try, prove, ex])criencc, niuke the 

Ex-pers, tis, adj. {pars), ha\-ing no part 

in, void of, destitute of ; expers rirlu- 

tis, rerbis jactans gloriam, a boasting 

Ex-pito, pclivi, pefitum, petire, 3, v. a. 

I dc-sirc, I aim at. 
Ex-pltcu, pricui 01 plicdci, pncituiii or 

phcdtum, pliedre, 1, v. a. 1 unfold, 

display, expand, explain; explicuit 

fugam, facilitated her escape. 
Ex-ploro, dci, dtum, dre, 1, V. a. I 

search, explnrc, examine. 
Ex-primo, pressi, pressuin, primire, 3, 

T. a. 1 press out, extort. 
Ex-siquor, siquutus or sicutus, siqui, 

3, T. dcp. I exccute; I pursue. 
Ex-iiro, sertii, sertum, serire, 3, T. a. I 

shew, cTince. 
Ex-spectdtio, Onis, (. expectation ; ipsa 

exip I ''j,'i-. t:.o mcrc expectation, thc 

su- • ctation. 

Ex-\ im, dre, 1, t. a. I 

bri ■■, I expire. 

Exta, ui uiii, II. pl. Ihe entrails. 
Exter or eztirus, a, um [ex), adj. 

(coiiiii. <-j'-, r,r, «uperl. eztremus «Jid 

ei' • without. 

Ex ■ ,, v. a. I raise np, 

eU , , .- Jjfcro. 
Ex-trdhc, traxi, tractum, Irahfre, 3, 

T. a. 1 drag out ; 1 cxtract. 
1,'xlrinius, II, :ii!i. ezter), last. 
Kx-lrico, ii' 1 , V. a. I extrl- 

cate; 1 i :' -h completclv. 

/.'.--''/;,./■;, • . •'lfld<r;-r, 3, T. a. 

- Lj.iiiUi',T oul ; rxtundei* 
ilcibus, to Btrike or kick on 

£j: .,/ .■, ussi, ustum, /re, 3, v. a. I bum 
np ; I parcb or dry up. 

Flibella, ae, t. dim. [falula), a UtUt 
fable, an apologuc. 



FHber, bn, m. a workman, an arlist or 

Fitbrico, (frt, Stum, Sre, 1, T. a. I con- 
^truct, build. 

Fabiila, ar, t. (fari), a fable ; a traijetlr. 

Fdcus, ei, f. ' fi-i""- ; 'ri"., make, form, 
Rbape ; a :' . ir.ince, uspoct. 

FSclle, adv . ..», «upcrl. /a- 

oU<m^\ y. 

F&ci' ■ .;•. iicilior, superl. 


FiU-i Mrio), a deed ; R bad 

aciKi!. : .1 triMic, guilt. 

Fiicto, pci, factum, fHcfre, 3, r. a. I 
do, make ; facere medicinnm, to 
practise physic, but/ac^r< medicitinm 
aliciii, to jxrform a curc ui>on oiic ; 
fecit mediciiiam lup<> )'<riculuiiini, 
performed upon the wolf nn opcra- 
tion dantfcrous to hcrsclf; facere 
lucrum, to xirotit, (fain ; facere m- 
dum, to builil .1 iR-t cr aii cyry ; fnc, 
make or cau.HC ; tic ficiat muram, in.t 
to delay ; fecit tilentium, Imposcd 
■ilence ; facere ludot, to cxhibit 
sbowit, play», or ^pcctoclcs ; fcuio 
satis = satisfaein, wbtcb »ce. 

Factio, (jnii, f. (fario), u faction, a party. 

Faclum, ■', n. (id.), udeed, on actniii. 

Faex, cis, f. (no pcn. pl.), li-c*, drn;», 
Bcum ; Falertiii fnece = Faleriii (nc. 
n»ii) faece, of the lcea of Fulcrniun. 

Fliltmut, a, um, adj. Kalemian, bc- 
longinfc to Falemus AKcr, a tract of 
Campania, at tbc foot of Mon« Muit- 
ilcuB, and famou» f'ir tt« wino. 

Falldcia, ae, f. ( f ■" - ■ '' •. dccep- 
tion, deceit, a i! :rm. 

Fallax, dcit, adj. :iil. 

Fallo, PfeUi, faitum. j, r,,. .i, T. a. 
I dfcfive, iiiislcad, linpoitc upon ; 
multiim falUrit, you urc vcry mucb 

Falto, adT. (faltut). fnbieljr. 

Faltut, a, um, adj. {fallo), folse; falto 
nomitie, fal.vly i>o cnlUtl. 

Fdma, ar, f. {/or,fiin , famc, rumoiir, 
frood namc; ut i. 
famae tr 

FHmet. it. I 
Fiinr ■ 


id i/isum cupiat 

•■•■ niny dc-nlro to 

• to iHMtvrity. 




■ 1. h' '■ 


FHi 1 


. ■ 

llnir tn 

It i 


fas fil, 
■0 rrll- 


a bnnd 

Fattidio, fattidi' m, fii.tti- 

dire, 4, v. a. I di-vduin 

hauffhtily; .m , ;f you are 

not too nicc, i! \o\i iln iint tbink it 

boncatb you, unworthy of vou. 
Fattiiiiose, adv. {id.\ »cornfully, dis- 

duinfully, witb fa.'»lidlou.t niceness. 
Fiistidiiim, ii, n. loathinfr, fati^e. 
Fdtdli.f, e, adj. {Jatum), futal, decrced 

by thc Fate». 
Fiiteor, fassiis, piteri, 2, T. dep. a. {id.), 

I conff*s, acknowlcdRV. 
Fdfigo, «iri, iStum, dre, 1, v. a. 1 

weary, fati)^ic ; fntigare coelum, to 

tire out hcavcnV paticncc. 
Fi'itisco, fre, 3, v. n. I o|)en, jrape. 
Jiitiim, i, II. (/'T, /i»ri), fate, dc.ttiny ; 

falorum dicto tempdre, ut Ihe limc 

dctermiiuHl by tbe Fatett. 
Fautor, Orit, m. {faceo), favourcr, 

Fiiux (occurs not), ahl. fauce, p\.faueet, 

fducium, f. the Jawn, the throat; 

fiiiice improba, by bis insaliable ap- 

Ficeo, fdci, faulum, ficfre, 3, v. a. I 

favour, approvc. 
Fitror, Oris, m. {fareo), ftTour, par- 

tiulitT, prcjudicf. 
F!iriit, i, m. u bnnfV-comb. 
Fax, lis, f. a torch, tlumbcnu, flrcbrand. 
FeCHiidus, a, um, adj. fruitful ; fecunda 

niiiir.r, briiiKintf fortb ninc liuies. 
Filcs or plit, ij, f. (onomatop., akiii 

to yell), ■ cat. 
Fi'tiiitas, dtit, f. {felix), fclicity, h»p- 

piiicnn; gO(Kl fortune. 
Felix, ieis, ndj. happy, fclicitous. 
Feiiiina, iie, f. a «oiiian, a Ifmale. 
Fk.«<ih>, fre, H, v. u. I ward otf. Thi» 

vcrb i« founil only in defendo, of- 

feiido, nnd itifentut, 
f /■:,.,. . ... I 'nn u|>erture ; a wlndow; 

:i 1 Ihe wnll. 

/V .\\. ■ wild brnst. 

/'. ■ . <-<'minonly. 


F - <■ (»i<-). 

: to 

ii» Kuiiiii Jrirt 
. Ip; fertur, 1* 

Frrnitn, I, n. iron ; ■ sword. 

Ffrut, i, III. (.iA>llo ^<!{ = *<{), ■ wlld 

Fettitt, a, um, adj. {fittitco), wrarlml. 
Feitinn, ,lii, ,I/ii«i, ilre, 1, v. a. (fet- 

titiiii, banly, qiilck), I hastcn. 
Filiii, Ot, m. jrounK, ulfKprinK, bruod; 

a llttrr. 
/'lrf,*/i4, f, adj. {Jtdet), raithful, trusW 

worthy, tbat mujr bc rolled oa. 



Fldes, ei, t. faith, credit ; fincerity, 
friendship ; honesty, integrity ; pac- 
tam fidem, the terms aprced to, the 

F'iducia, ae, f. confidence, presumption. 

Fllia, ae, f. (jHitu), a daughter. 

Fllitis, ii, va. a son. 

Fingo, finxi, fictum, fingfre, 3, v. a. I 
form, dcvise, invent ; I trim, adorn ; 
arte fictas, artificially, ingcniously 
contrived ; fifli.i causis, pretences ; 
fictis fabuiu, fictions. 

F'in, fnctus. fifri, v. irrcjr. (uscd as 
pa.»sive of faciu), I am madc, I be- 
come, happen ; fit turba niajvr, the 
crowd i» still greatcr tlian before ; 
quofacto, upon which, hcrcupon. 

Firmo, dre, 1, v. a. I make firm or fast. 

Firmus, a, um, adj. firm, strong, robust. 

Flagellum, i, n. dim. (flagrum), a 
whip, a lash. 

Fldgito, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 
demand, I insist upon. 

Flagrum, i, n. a whip, scourge. 

Flamma, ae, f. a flame ; flamma deiim, 
tbe flame from thc altars of the gods. 

Fldlus, iis, m. iJlu), a blast. 

Fleo, flici, fletum, flZre, 2, v. a. I shed 
tear», 1 weep, bewail, deplore. 

Fletus, us, m. (fleo), tears, lamenta- 

Flexus, us, m. a turn, a winding ; flexi- 
hut notU, by wcU-known walks or 

Flo, Sre, 1 (Icel. blaea, .Sansc. phal, to 
blow up, burst), v. n. and a. I blow. 

FlOreo, florui, no sup., florere, 2, v. n. 
Lflos), I flourish ; Athenae t/uiim 
florerent neqiiis legibiis, when Alhens 
was flouri-hinjf under a frec (fowrn- 
ment, or thc priitcction of equal laws. 

Flumen, inis, n. IJiuo), a river, a stream. 

Fluo, fluxi, fliixiim, 3, v. n. to flow. 

Fldrius, ii, m. [fliio), a river. 

Fddio, fOdi, fiissum, fodire, .3, v. a. Idlg. 

Foedus, Ins, n. a Icague, a covenant. 

Fons, tis, m. a fountain, sprinfr, sourcc. 

/VJr, filtiis, fdri, v. dep. n. and a. 1 say, 

Fiiras, adv. ont, outward. 

Fdre [=■ fiiturum cj»c ; forem = essem), 
T. dcf. to bc lii.rcaflr-r, to be about to 
be ; se fore, ihat hc would be ; ne 
primusforem, from bctng thc flrct. 

Forma, ae, t. form, shape, staturc ; 
beanty ; humanam supra furmain, 
of more thun mortal Rtaturc. 

Formlra, ne, f. an ant. 

Forinusiis, a, uni, a(ij. (Jorma), band- 
•ome, bcautiful. 

Fors, fonan, furtasse, adv. pcrhaps. 

Forte, adv. by chance. 

Fnrtis, f, adj. brave, valiant, ntrong. 

Forfiter, adv. 'cimp./orfii/i, ((uperl./»/r- 
tissime), [furtuj, bravcly, vnliantly. 

Fortttiido, tnis, f. Ifortis), fortitnde; 

pares dum non sint vestrae fortitii- 

dini, so long as they are not your 

equals in courage. 
Fortultus, n, um, adj. (fors), fortnitous, 

casual, aecidcntal. 
Fortiina, ae, i. (id.), fortnne ; the god- 

dess of Kortune ; de fortunis suis, of 

his misfortunes. 
Fdrum, t, n. a forum ; a market-placc ; 

a court of law. 
Fovea, ae, f. a pit. 
Fdreo, firi, fotiim, fScere, 2, v. a. I 

chcrii^h ; I warm. 
Frango, frPgi, fractum, frangire, 8, 

V. a. I brcak. 
Frdter, tris, m. a brother. 
Frauddtor, Oris, m. (fraudo), a de- 

fraudcr, a cheat. 
Fraudo, dri, atum, dre, 1, v. a. (fraus), 

1 chcat, dcfraud. 
Fraus, dis, f. fraud, dcceit. 
Frfmo, frcmui, fremitum, fremire, 3, 

V. a. I makc a noise; rumor fremit, 

a confused rumonr is spread. 
Freno, dri, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. I bridlc; 

I chcck. 
Frenum, i, n. (pl. freni or frena), a 

bridle, a bit ; frenum solrit pristinum 

licentin, liccntiousness broke through 

ancient rcstraints. 
Frlquens, entis, adj. frequent. 
Friquento, dti, utum, dre, 1, v. a. 

(frequens), I frequent. 
Fritum, i, n. a firth, a sea. 
Frigus, dris, n. cold; pl., cold days, 

cold weathcr. 
Fricoltis, a, um, adj. trifling, frivolous; 

aura frinjla, with vain applause. 

I. Frons, dis, f. a leaf. 

II. Frons, tis, f. the brow, forehead ; 
frons priina, the first appearance, 
view, glance. 

Fnictus, us, m. frult or produce; qtiem 

frtictum capis! what benefit do yoo 

dcrlve ? 
Fruor, fructus or frmtus, frtii, 3, v. 

dcp. a. I cnjoy. 
Frustrd, adv. in vain. 
Frustum, i, n. a bit, morsel, crumb, 

Friitex, Tcis, m. (akinto ^fCti, Isprout), 

a shrub. 
FCictis, I, m. a dronc-bce. 
Fi'ign, ae, f. (?i/>r), flight. 
Fiigio, fiigi, ftigxtum, fiiglre, 3, v. a. 

(fuga\,\ flee, escape ; rtijus iion fiigio 

murtem, a death like liis I rclu^e nol 

to snircr. 
Fiigito, dri, Stum, dre, 1, v. a. (fuffio), 

I flcc eagcrly or an.xlously from. 
Fiigo, dti, dtiim, drr, 1, v. a. (Juga),\ 

put to flight, I drive awa\ . 
Fiilmen, inis, m. a flash of lightning. 
Futmineiis, a, um, adj. (fulmen), like 



Uiunder or lifrhtiiinf; ; fttlminei den- 
tti, thc UTribic lusk» of the bour, 
ahirering obji.^cls us d(>c« liKhtniiiK- 
Funditiu, adv. {Jttndua), uttcrly, cn- 
tirely, coin|iletily. 

I. Fun'(lo,<r i,iitiim,dre, 1, T.o. I fonnd, 
Uv thc foundalionii of. 

II. yundo, fudi, fiisum, fundirr, 8, 
V. a. I jiour out. 

Fundut, I, m. [rtin, wv>i<i\, Uerm. 

*podiim], the boitom. 
Fiiiius, fris, n. a fiineral. 
Fiir, fiiris, m. (?*•), a thief. 
FHror, iirit, m. fury, raudiicM. 
Furlim, adr. by ittcalth, clandc«tincly, 

Furtum, i, n. fjur), thcft. 
Fuitia, u, m. a club, a cudgcl. 

Oalli, oriun, ra. pl. thc pricst» of Cybele. 
Oalliniiceiu, d, um, adj. Ix-lonxinK to a 

ben or chickcn ; gallinnceiu pulliu, 

a yntinK dunKhill cock. 
Oan f>, irr, ■!, t. n. and a. (>^(m>), I 

OamVus, a, iim, adj. (garrio), prat- 

tlinfr ; a pruttlcr. 
Oaudfo, giirisiis, gaudfre, 'J, V. n. I 

rcjoice, I dclifcht in. 
Gawlium, ii, n. (gaudeoy, ]o\ , gladnem. 
lielii, n. (»'>!■ only, no |il.), the coldnea* 

of thc uir, friMt. 
Ofmtiiits, II, um, adj. duuble; geminn 

lidera I^dae, Ihe twin Ktari, Caxtor 

and r<illu\, !H)n« of Ix-da. 
Ofmiliu, tia, ni. (grmo), u nlKh, a RToan. 
Oemma, ae, (. (lccl. i/iiulrin, SanM!. 

ehuma, i>plrndid, /riiin chum, to 

nhincj, a Ki^nif Jewel, preciouR vtone. 
Oemmriu, a, um, n<!l iiirmma), BCt 

with (fcm^ or |'t . ■ ■ ; fnrlit- 

qiie pltimit grn. -n rxpli- 

CKU, und whrn ■■'>\xr tuil 

with iut vuricKutci 1 .iiin.iu'!', It dl»- 

plnyii B bla/.c of f(cm<. 
Oimo, iirmiii, ijrmituin, gem/rr, 3, ▼. a. 

I kIkIi. Kroan. 
OtnUor, urit, m. ( c= gxgno), a 

Oent, tu, t. (id.), a nution. 
0/nuM, frit, n.'id.j,a rncr, a klnd ; birth, 

rank, '|l-"rt-ri* : .1rt-;>i ^rt-n, K^nj'"- 

Gigno, gfnui, gfMflum, i, t. a. I Ken». 

rato, cnKi-nder, bcKct, protiuoe. 
lili^diiit, i», m. a sword. 
lilOria, ar, f. Klory. 
(jlurior, gloriiiliu, gloriJri, 1, T. dep. n. 

I K'<^''y> boasl, plumc myself upon. 
GlOriOstu, a, iim, udj. (gloria), Klorious. 
Gniifus, a, um, adj. (Sanm;. gtinaFat, 

alilc, from giina, quahty), ablc. 
Oiwttu, the archaic forni of uotiit. 
Gniiiilus, i, in. (oniimatop.), ajackdaw. 
Giiulior, grrssiu, gradi, 8, T. d«p. n. 

(gradus), 1 stcp, tuke stcps ; I walk, go. 
On^dut, Ot, m. a jiacc, a step. 
ISrairia, ae, f. Grcecr. 
Grniiis, ii, oftcncr Graii, onun, m. pl. 

thc CJrcelts. 
Oriliiiim, i, n. a Kxain of com, Krain. 
Griilia, ae, f. a favour ; pl., thanlu ; 

abl. gratid, for thc sake of; pm 

gratia, a suitablt- rrtum : redeo in 

gratiam, I ani reroncilftl ; agere 

yralias, to Kivc or return thanks. 
Grdtis, adT. (contr. tor graliu), vainly, 

to no pur|>osc ; for nou^ht, trratis. 
Oriitilliir, grnliilillut, gratuldri, 1, v. 

dr|). a. I cunKrnlulate. 
Oriittit, a, uiii, uilj. Kraterul, aKT^ablc, 

Hcci|itable ; ritrt gratum (mihi), I 

wonld fi-cl ohliKcil to you. 
Gi liris, r, uilj. hcuvv ; gritvit rrt, 

a weiKhty or dilHcuU mattcr, task ; 

drcudful, K^ievou.i ; opprcnsiTc, tc- 

VI re ; dolcful. 
OrHro, dri, dtum, dre, I, T. a. {frari»), 

I weiKh down, I oppres*. 
Orrx, gifgit, m. rar. f. a collectlon of 

uniniuU; u Hock, hrrd ; oxcn. 
Grui.i uiiil grut, u, in. or f. u crane. 
liiilirriiillor, uru, m. (yuArrwo), a pilot. 
Giilirrno, ilre, 1, T, a. (aii>»i{>a«), I 

Kiil;lc, stcer, or liilol n «hip. 
Giilii, ar, f. thc K>'II<'t> '''«" throat. 
Gtulii, (Iri, dlum, lirr, I, v. n. I tante, 
Uiirtis, I, III. n nrclc ; iimili gyrv, by a 

Blnillar rcvolutlon. 

iitrm of 
f.ind of 
way or 

amwx iiiim ; .jruuM t ir 
munnrr of IinIiik. 
Otro, grtst, grtlum, grrfrr, 8, T. •. I 
carrjr ; nuanlum drriirii grru ! how 
•umeljr you nre I 


Iliibro, hnbui, l 
I liu>c ; rur I 

Ki-nlntf .in (■-■ 

r, 5. T. a. 

lirnlre of 

.ing rlch ; 

1 IilU». 

Iiublt, out- 
. ; luo ha- 
. wny, In 

r,X, V. a. 

//.)/«, lirr, \, v. n. and a. I breaths. 

Iliiiid, ndv. not. 

ll.iiirio, haiisi, haiutum and hausum, 

i, V. a. («(k«. •fi^T*), I draw. 
llaiutiu, nt, m. (A(iM> lo), B drauKht ; 

ad niriii hautlut, to thr place whrrf 

I drlnk. 



ITtbrus, I, tii. a rivcr of Thrace. 

Heiu ! interj. = hejii — ejii, which seo. 

Ilerciiles, is, m. llercules, a dcified 
hcro o( antiquity, remarkuble for his 
Btrcngtb. He was son of Jupiter 
and Alcmcna ; Hcrciile, adv. by 
Ilerculcs I 

Ilfres, edis, c. g. an hcir or heiress ! 

Ileu, interj. alius I 

Heus, interj. hark ye ! ho there ! 

I. Hic, haec, hoc, pron. this; inhoc, 
with this vicw, for this purpose. 

II. ITic, adv. up<jn Ihis, hereupon ; 
hcre, in this place. 

Iliems, hi/mis, f. {^iiLUit, x>~u« ; Sansc. 

hima, snow), wmtcr; in hiimem, for 

the wintcr scason. 
HilHris, e, adj. gay, cheerful, joyous. 
Hilaritas, illis, f.' {hilaris), cheerful- 

nens; ni/;iia hilaritate, with cxcessive 

Hinc, adT. {hie), hence; aftcr this. 
Ilircus, I, m. a he-poat. 
Hispidus, a, um, adj. rough, bristly. 
Ilistiiria, ae, f. (/»■«{,«), a history, a 

nndie, aAy.{hoc die), to-day ; at thisday. 
Uomo, inis, c. g. a man, woman ; a 

human beiuif ; contemptumisly—a. fel- 

low ; homn meiis, niy Kcntlcman, the 

poor fellow ; hnminem ijuacro, I am 

inquiring for, in search of a man of 

scnsibllity and intclliffence. 
Honor or honos, Oris, m. honour, pre- 

Hora, ae, t. (i»»), an hour ; hora dicta, 

at the hour appointed ; momentum ut 

horae perrat ojficiis meis, that an 

instant taken frum my public chargc 

should be lost. 
Tlordeum, i, n. barlcy. 
Horrendus, a, um, adj. {horreo), dread- 

Horreo, horrui, 2, v. n. and a. I 

UurrXdiis, n, um, adj. {horreo), horrid, 

terrible, trcmendou». 
Hospfs, Itis, m. and f. (akin to hostis 

and ffusto, from ytCu), a host or 

Uospitium, ii, n. {hospes), a lodging, 

u «ife and hospitable retr<at. 
U"i!ilis, e, adj. {hostis), liostile; be- 

1'inkMng to an enemy. 
Ilostis, is, c. g. a public enciny. 
Hilmdnltas, dlis, (. {humanui), hu- 

manity, politeness, courtesy. 
Ilumdnut, a, um, adj. (akin to homo ; 

humus), human. 
Hiimfru», i, m. a Bboulder. 
UiimiHs, e, adj. low, hunible ; weak, 

Tliimus, i, f. (;(«/««/), thc ground. 
UydruM, i, m. {uitn), a watcr-ocrpcnt. 

Ibi, adv. (old dat. foru. of is), there. 
Ico, tci, ictitm, icfre, 3, v. a. I strike ; 

irto foedere, making a leagne or 

Ictus, iis, m. {ico), a blow, a stroke. 
Idem, eiidem, idcm, pron. (w), the samc. 
Ideo, adv. thcrcforc ; nec idco ridet, 
_ and yet he docs not observe him. 
Iflitur, conj. {agitur), thcrcforc. 
Iffnuviis, a, um, adj. (in, j/inruj), sloth- 

ful, cowardly, dastardly. 
Iijnis, is, m. (Sansc. ngnis), fire. 
lynotus, a, um, adj. {in, gnottis = 

notits), unknown ; ignoto loco, in a 

place whcre he was not known ; 

iynotos fallit, imposcs npon thoso 

w ho do not know him. 
//- as a prctix = in-. 
Ille, illa, illud, pron. he, she, that ; pl., 

they, those. 
Illic, adv. thcrc. 
ll-ftcio, lexi, lectttm, fiefre, 3, v. a. 

{lacio), 1 allure, entice; illicere pre- 

tio, to tempt by offcring a reward. 
Il-lldo, Tisi, nsiim, lidire, 3, v. a. I 

dash against. 
Il-litteratiis, a, iim. adj. {liitera), illi- 

tcrate, unlcarnod. 
Illiic, adv. thither, to that place. 
Il-ludo, liisi, liisum, liidire, 3, v. a. I 

deride, I mock, 1 ridicule. 
Im- as a prefix = t/i-. 
Imher, hris, m. {ijj.Q^os), a shower. 
Imitor, imitdtus, imttari, 1, v. dep. a. 

Iiu-mdnis, c, adj. [ma{g)ntis'], grcat, 

hugc, monstrous. 
Im-misceo, miscui, mistum or mixtum, 

miscere, 2, v. a. {in, misceo), I min^le, 

mi.v ; immiscuit se, intruded himsclf 

Into the corapany of. 
Im-mitto, misi, mi.isum, mitlfre, 3, v. a. 

I send in, I cast or throw at or In. 
Im-mddicus, a, um, adj. immodcrate, 

Im-millo, dii, dttim, are, 1, v. a. I 

sacrifice, immolatc ; tibi immolattir, 

when a vlctim is offcred in sacrifice. 
Im-par, Sris, adj. iiniqual. tinequally 

matched ; not a match, infcrior. 
Im-pidio, pediri, prditum, pedire, 4, 

V. a. Icntanplc; I intcrrupt, prevcnt. 
Im-pendo, prndi, prnsum, pendfre, 3, 

V. a. I lay out, cxpcnd ; impendere 

riiram, to bcstow carc upon, to at- 

tend to. 
Im-prnsa, ae, f. cxpcnse, cost, charge. 
Im-pirium, ii, n. lim-pero), command, 

aulhority, kinnly powcr. 
Im-pfro, dre, 1, v. a. I ordcr. 
Im-peto, ire, 3, v. a. I asHail. 
Im-pitro, dri, dtiim, dre, 1, v. a. (ffi. 



patro^, I obt.ii: 
trarf rftiiiiiii, : 
imprtrtirit, ri.i 
Im-p^tii-f, 113, ni. 
attack, on»ct ; 
imprlu, with i 
impftu, with iin; • ■ 

; rrloci 
• ■ ; iriilo 
lury ; vio- 

lence ; fraxartt impttum, checkcd 

tbe \ih' irnnip ; tenuit imprtus, 

f-'. .irent. 

Jtii :<luiii,ping/re,S, v. a. 

I - .-t; impinge tapidrm 

hiiir, litnki- luTn with a stonc. 
Jm-pUo, pllvL pletum, plcre, 3, T. a. I 

Iin : . poiifre, 3, T. a. 

I r put upon ; I 

Im-p-i '■■, 'Jm, i'i''i„i. ilre, 1, v. a. I 

ini|)ort ; I caiise or occa!<ion. 
Im-prAhitas, ilfis, f. 'improhus), wickr<l- 

neiw ; tnln imprubitas, hi» innatluble 

violencc alune, the innatiablo liou 

Iin-) , .1, wickcd; 

I i ious or 

II. .T htimn, 

a ki.i.i'. :i '1.- ' > 

lUiitf, witli a : 

tuoth ; impcri , 

a rufflan. 
Im-pruiltjis, tis, a<IJ. imprudent, incon» 

dKliTntr; infT^vcrifvfl. «Implf; iie 


Iln : 

/"•■■■'" • 

to >„U I 
Jmiis, a, >. 

(quercuiii , .11 
In U,-, i , .•<, 

nn'1 '»rnii. mt 

1 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

t(i pardon iny incon- 

I- ; quae^ 

.: Ilt pl-OplO 

i', without pun- 
'y, unpiiniKlird. 

. , 1, V. B. I pllt 

iiit, I Itnputo, 

,....,..„, X>.rii>- 

In. . 

.iflrr vcrbd of 
II .'l; but {uilH 

a>>i. tiitrr II II. .(,1 rspieuiiif muttun 
gr rrst i/i a pluct , -in. 

hu'ini.1, e, ndj. ('.«»>, i'ii«s I cmptT), 

enipty, frultlcjwi, vain ; inane mert- 

tum, a worthle«» service. 
In-cipio, cfpi, reptum, eipire, S, T. a. 

(ciipio), 1 beirin. 
In-iito, liri, litum, nre, 1, v. a. I in- 

cito, insti^ute, impel. 
In-cola, ae, c. g. (colo), an inhabitant. 
In-ctildmis, e, adj. »afc. 
Jn-itimmoilum, i, n. inconvcnicncc, luss, 

In r ■•:' t-riirris, ru, adj.unlikc, diffcrcnt ; 
'.tens corpus, not vcry 
Ji. .>, rrrpMum, crepAre, 1, 

V. .1. 1 111,1.1 iiil, renrimand. 
Jn-cumbo, ciibui, ciioilum, cumhfre, 3, 

v, a. I fuU u|>on ; incuburrim in hane 

ritam, I bavc followcd tbis way o( 

/f.</i', adv. thcncc. 
Iii-dico, liri, litum, dre, 1, t. a. I »hew, 

Jn-<lignf, udv. unworthily ; indign» 

frrre, to tuke biKblv uiniM. 
In-dignor, diijniilus, dignari, 1, v. dcp. 

I :ini indiKiiunt. 
h- iiis, a, iim, ui^. unwortby, boM. 
• in. 

1 , diixi, duclum, ducire, 3, v. :\. 

i iiiUucc, persuode. 
Jndii-slria, ae, f. (iNUV or inu = in, 

slruo), uasiduity, induatry. 
Iii-fdia, ae, f. (ido), wunt of food, 

Jn-rptus, a, um - " ' ' .t\ sillv, im- 

pcrtment, lu ^iKliiiiV 

Jn-rrmtf, r, , unanncd, 

/ [itrs), laxy, indolcni, 

, I itli"»», dejected. 
Jri > . r. I, >i,.>ii|.unbappy,unfortunatc. 
Jiifi'riiir, iit, u<IJ. ciimp. (infrn), lower, 

furlhrr down. 

In-ffio, in tiili, il /.;' ' ., v. 

irn-K. I briiiK In , ..«m» 

v;- »), (" •i-rk II pi • .1 rel. 

», uilj. irnii,, , iioiiltlo ; 


frr'iim, firir», 8, T. •. 
• . liiihrue, 

. I, T. u. I blow 
: iiii. 
1 iiilrril, ac. parle), 


, lilsum, fimdtre, 8, t. a. 

1 |.,.ur iiiiii; crrit npuM infUndite, 
|Miur tlie frutt of yuur labour Into 

V"iir wnT»'^ oelN. 
/■.' • . 8. 

iiittirjii liiii 111'« i>i (ininiifp , iIirjhi 
RlUun, charactrr ; Af*i*)*i %»tgrmti, tn 



honour of Esop'^ gcnius ; ingenium 

tuum, thc productions of your ^enius. 
ln-gn'itus, a, um, adj. untrratoful. 
In-griico, dci, dluin, dre, 1, v. a. 1 weitfh 

down ; iugraviiiitibua annin, oj)- 

proscd by the load of ycars. 
lu-grfdii>r, grcsaus, grldi, 3, v. dep. n. 

(gradior), I enter, walk, recover the 

use of mv legs. 
'n-ho.ipitdlis, e, adj. inhospitable. 
Jn-jCiria, ae, f. (juj), injusticc; an 

In-Juslus, a, um, adj. unjust ; correptiim 

laccrat injusia nece, seizinp him, he 

unjustly worries him to dcath. 
Tn-nocens, tis, adj. innocent. 
In-ndlesco, nutui, notcsctre, 3, v. n. I 

become known or notorious. 
In-noziua, a, um, adj. innocent, harm- 
. lcss. 
In-ipia, ae, f. {innps), want, poverty ; 

inopia deperditus, quite ruinod by 
„ povcrty. 
In-ops, dpis, adj. ncedy, destitute, poor ; 

weak, feeblc, infirm. 
Inquam, v. def. I say. See Gihm. 
In-quiuo, ari, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

defllc, poUute. 
In-»cius, a, um, adj. [scio), unwary, 

imprudent, inadvertent. 
Tn-tiqnor, sfcutus, Siqui, 3, v. dep. n. 

I foUow after, ensue. 
Itt-sfro, sfrui, sertum, serfre, 3, v. a. I 

put into, I insert. 
In-sideo, sedi, sessum, 2, v. n. and a. 

I sit or rcst in or upon. 
In-tidiae, drum, f. pl. (insideo), a snare, 

treachcry; habent insidias, havc a 

treacherbus Intontion ; ex insidiis, 

out of the ambush. 
Tn-ttdiusus, a, um, adj. [insidiae), 

insldiotts, trcacherous. 
In tignis, e, adj. [signum), notable, 

extraordinary ; excoUent, very fine. 
In-tilio, silui, siiltum, silire, i, v. a. 

[saliu), I lcap uj>on. 
In-sdlens, tis, adj. insolent, proud, con- 

ceiled ; insoleulrm fixiuciam, a con- 

celted solf-contiilence. 
In-sdlenlia, ae, f. insolonco ; a noxiorum 

insolenliis, by the insolent attacks of 

thc guihy. 
In-silno, aonui, sonitum, sondre, 1, v. a. 

I sound loudly, strike up a tune, 
• boffin to play. 
In-spicio, spexi, spectum, spicere, 3, 

v. a. Ispecio), I look into. 
In-sto, ttili, stitum or sldlum, stdre, 1, 

v. a. I presfl on, I ur^c on, I am at 

tbe beels of, I um near ; quanta nohis 

imtat pernicies .' what (frcat and im- 

mcdiatc dentruction threatons us ! 

inttantcm neccm, inntant doath. 
Iiuuitus, a, um, ailj. unu<ioal, unac- 

coBtomed ; as iubtl., onc not Mcu>- 

tomed to anything, an inexpcrienced 

lusfila, ae, f. (Gcrm. Iiisel), an island. 
Iii .sulsiis, a, uni, adj. {sulsi/s), insipid ; 

foolish, silly. 
In-sulto, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. frcq. n. 

and a. (insilio), I insult. 
In-llgcr, gra, grvm, adj. untouched. 
Integritas, dtis, f. {integcr), upright- 

ness, intcgrity. 
Intel-ligo, lexi, lectum, Tiggre, 3, v. a. 

{inter, l?go), I undcrstand ; nec 

quaestionis positae causam intelligit, 

withont bcins able to solvc or under- 

stand tlie purport of. 
In-tempestiie, adv. nnseasonably. 
In-tendo, tendi, tensum or teutum, ten- 

dire, 3, v. a. I stretch, strain much. 
Jnler, prp. c. acc. (Sansc. antar, Germ. 

unter, Goth. undar), between ; 

among ; iiiter caedem, in the scuflBe ; 

inter haec {rerba), mcanwhile as he 

■was speaking; inter lacrimas et me- 

tum, amidst thoir tcars and tcrror ; 

inter manus sublalus, being taken 

up in their arms. 
Inter-cipio, cipi, ceptutn, cipere, 3, v. a. 

{capio),l intcrcept, 1 hinder, prevent ; 

teram laudem intercipit, steals the 

glory due to truc mcrit. 
Inler-dico, dixi, dictiim, dicifre, 3, v. a. 

I forbid ; interdicit ne bonus, &c., it 

wams, or chargcs a good man not 

to, &c. 
Inler-diu, adv. in the daytime, during 

the day. 
Inter-ficio, feci, fectum, f^cire, 3, v. a. 

[facio), I slay, I kill. 
Intlrior, us, adj. comp. {intra or 

inter), inncr; supcrl. inlimus, inner- 

most ; spelunca inlima, the dcepest 

part of his den. 
In-tfro, trici, tritum, terfre, 3, v. a. 1 

crumble into pieces ; intritut cibus, 

minccd mcat. 
Inter-pono, posui, posftum, ponlre, 3, 

v. a. I put in or bctween, I intcr 

pose, I insert, 1 introducc ; paucis 

diebus interpusilis, a few days having 

Inter-rugo, uci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. 1 

intorrogate, ask, question. 
Inter-sum, fui, esse, v. irrog. I am o( 

importancc ; inesse illius, that it was 

his intcrcst. 
Inler-rfnio, reni, renlum, rfnlre, 4, 

V. a. I intcrvenc, I come in in the 

Intrd, adv. within, on thc inside. 
In-tro, dvi, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. (teo, 

Sansc. tri, 1 paxs), 1 entcr. 
In-tueor, tuitiis, turri, 2, v. dcp. I 

behold, I contomplatc. 
In-rfnio, teni, tentum, tenire, •!, v. a. 

I ftnd : I 4nd ont, I invent. 



In-rJefm, adv. (rtfu), eaeh in tum ; 

mutaally ; in tum. 
In-rfdeo, vidi, rUiim, ridfre, 2, t. n. 

and a., c. dat. I cnvr, (rrudpe. 
In-rldia, ne, f. [iiiiiilu.'], envy ; angi^r, 

wrnth, indi)aiatii>n. 
fn-ridiu, a, um, adj. ji/iri<f«w), envloas. 
In-rlsus, a, um, adj. [id.], bated, odioaa, 

In-rito, liri, dtiim, iirt, \, v. a. I inTitC. 
In-rfitu», a, uin, adj. unwilling, rclac- 

[n-rolro, rolri, rStStiim, rolrfre, 8, T. •. 

I involvp, wrap up or in ; inrolcen», 

conccalinf^, diKKuifinK. 
In-utXlia, e, adj. u«cleM, good for 

Ipse, a, um, adj (= ii-pse, rf«), pron. 

he him^clf, »he hcrnelf, it«clf ; ipsa 

rxtpectatio, the very «unpcnsc of 

ezpcctation ; ipio loco, by the very 

«ituation ; termone ab, from hiii 

Tery conver»allon ; ipto die, on the 

Tcry dav. 
Tra, ae, t. (;»lcin to i^it, uro), Uiger, 
_ wrath. 

Irdcundtu, a, um, adj. [irn), pamionate. 
Traifor, irStus, iratci, S, t. dcp. n. I 

am anin^y; "olo irnscnrit, don't bo 

anirry, talcc offcncc. 
Trdll, ttdT. [irat lu), anfrrily, in anger. 
TrStits, n, um, adj. (irascor), anjfry, 

enraircd ; irntis Dit, undcr thc di»- 

plcaxurc of tho pA». 
Ir-rideo, risi, ri.nim, rjdfre, 2, t. a. I 

moclc, I riiliculc, I makc a Jait of. 
Ir-ritui, a, um, udj. (in, ratiu), Tain, 

/j, ea, id, adj. pron. hc, «he, It, that. 
hte, itta, ittud, adj. pron. (u, le), tbat. 
Ila, adv. (SiiniT. III, thu» ; in, yct, 

Rtill), Ko, thuit ; on tlus conditiun 

Iter, llfnfrit, n. [eo, Ire), a Joumey, a 

It/ro, dri, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. {ilerum, 

aKainJ, I npcat. 

JScto, jneiii, jnritum, jaclre, 8, v. n. I 
lle ; ruplo jnriiit evrpore, her Ixxly 
haTlnK bumt oiiiindcr, ■hc fcll dnwn 
ilcad ; Ttjfiia J'rluir jnrrnt, thc rin- 
plre of Ivlln» lic« iii ruin». 

Jacin, jfci, jnrlum, jae/rt, S, V, a, 
(akln tii ica), I thrnw. 

Jaelllo, dri, aiiim, ilrr, 1, t. frro. n. 
{jnrlo), I make an oatrntatlou* •no%> 
or pitruilc. 

Jatlo, <)ii. aiiim, Art, I, T. freq. n. 
{jarw,, I tliriiw ofti-n ; I lii«ii bark- 
ward» uMil fiirwariU, I tnu ; I boanl. 

Jamt, ailv. now ; jnm niinr, rvcn now ; 
Jam non, no JonKrr. not now. 

Jam-pridem, adT. now for a long Ume, 

lonp !"incc. 
Jdniia, ne, f. a ^te, a door. 
J6cor,ji>ciitus, jocSri, 1, t. dep. {Jocus), 

I Jrnt. I joke. 
JSciil dr 1.1, t, adj. {id.), comical, jocu- 

lar, lauKhuMc. 
JScundilns, dtis, f. (^orMnrfiMl, p|pa.«ant 

ncss, ufiTceablcncw, mirthful oi 

checrfiil »ound. 
Jdciiiidus, (I, i/i;i, adj. = jiicuiidut. 
Jocu.i, i, xn. (pl. jori or jnen), a jokc, 

a jcst, mcrry 5tory ; ficlitjucis, with 

coniical •«torlc» which he invcntcd. 
Jiibfo,, jiissuin, jiihfrt, 2, T. n. I 

biil, 1 ordcr. 
Jiiciindits, n, um, ndj. {juvo), agree- 

ublr, |ilea.'uint, dclightful. 
Judex, icis, c. g. [jut, dlco), n tudgf . 
Jiidiciuin, ii, n. {judex), Juiltfmcnt ; 

pro judiciu tir-nris sni, in defcncc 

nf their miKtakrn JiidKinent. 
JOdico, liri, liluiii, iiic, I, v. a. {id.), 

Ijudgc; I proniiuiicr scntence. 
Jiiijuln, liri, litiim, ilrr, 1, v. n. {jugit- 

hiin). I cut thc throat ; I butchcr. 
Jiii/uhim, i, n. ; and jiijfillut, i, m. the 

Jiiifiim, I, n. {junffo), a yokc ; the top or 

rldife of a rangc of mountain» ; Irmpe- 

rnt jui/um, guide* me undcr the yoke. 
Juny.i, jiiiiTi, jiinrlum, 3, v. a. (•^i^t, 

San«r. yiy, to yokc, Join), I Join. 
Jiino, diiii, f. Jurm, i|uern of thc goda, 

thc niiitcr and wifc of Jupiter. 
Jiipller, Jiirit, m. Jupitcr, the king of 

tbe gods. 
Jiirffiwn, a, n. {jurfo), a ttrifr, a 

Jurgi), lirt, 1, v. n. and n. (for jurt, 

ago), I (juurrel, hrn»l, chlilr, ncold. 
Ju.i. ■r.. 11 (iiKtlcf, riirhl, law ; mul- 

f riirt, thnt lie nught to 

> V ith likc JuKlicc. 

J' 'M^urorirfi, n. nn onth. 

J: \' juiliiii,nuf>vT\.jialu- 

< lantojiutiiu, ao mucb 

W ' ■■ ^ -'Iv. 
Jiulut, a, uiii, ui^J. (jiu^, Junt. 
JHrmrut, i, m. a biillork, a «tcer. 
Jiirfnii, ii, e. g. fSaniic. yiiran, 

ynunK), u young |M'ri><in. 
Jiiiii.jiiri {r\T. jiitum), jiUdri, 1, T. n. 

I un^iiit, \ drirght, I pleaoe. 

I. I^iliar, 6rit, m. labour ; prcxluotion. 

II. hihor, Inpiiii, lijki, 3, v. drp. I 
nlHii-; I iiikvc iin or down ; I fall 
M ki', I rrr, I nni mliilc<l 

J.i wi, <Ir*, I, V. a. I lahour; 

I um dinlrr-JMil, «iiprciuioil, I miflVT. 
lActr, tra, Irum, ailj. hewn ; torn. 



Uetro, Sri, Shim, Sre, 1, v. a. {lacer), 

I Uccratc, I tear. 
Liossto, lacessivi, lacfssitum, lacesslre, 

3, ▼. a. (id.), 1 provoke, harass, vex 

or tca.»e. 
Zjiieio, Ire, 3, t. a. I entice, allare. 
Lier^ma, Ihcrima, licruma, ae, f. a 

LScus, ui, m. a lake. 
Laedo, laesi, laesiim, laedire, 3, v. a. 

I hnrt, I do harm ; Inesnra inricem, 

to be revenged on in tum ; impune 

potius laedi, it is better to submit 

to an injury than fieek to aven^ it. 
Laetor, laeldtus, laetdri, 1, v. dep. 

{laetut], I am irlad, I rejoice. 
Laetut, a, um, adj. i;lad, joyful, gay ; 

laeta viridia, plea.-ant green walks. 
Laevus, a, um, adj. (/.«<«), left, on the 

left band ; laera omitia, lucky omens. 
LSgena, ae, f. (>.kj^>«;), a flagon. 
Lambo, lambi, no sup., lambire, 3, v. a. 

I lick, I lap. 
LSna, ae, f. wooL 
Langueo, langui, no sup., languere, 2, 

V. n. I langTiish, droop. 
Languidus, a, um, adj. faint, langnid. 
LSnl-ger, ira, irum, adj. [lana, gero), 

wool-bearing ; as subst., the sheep, 

the lamb. 
LSnXo, are, 1, v. a. I tear, cut up. 
LSnius, ii, m. [lanio), a butcher; ad 

lanium, at a butcber'8 shop, stall. 
LSpis, idis, m. a stone. 
LSqueus, i, m. a noose, a snarc. 
Large, adv. (/ar^uj^, largely, liberally. 
Largus, a, um, adj. large; largam 

dapem, a large or plentiful repast ; 

largo cibo, witb plenty of food. 
Latso, aci, atum, Sre, 1, v. a. [lassus), 

1 weary, tirc, fatigue. _ 
Lauus, a, um, adj. (ixairra», Gael. 

leasg, Icol. losk, Enfr. lazy), fatigued. 
L^te, adv. widcly ; a great way round. 
LSteo, latui, latitum, latere, 2, v. n. I 

lurk, I lie hid ; latens, unnoticed, 

unobservcd, e»caping noUce. 
Zatibaium, i, n. [lateo), a lurking- 

place, a dcn. 
LStinus, a, um, adj. Latin. 
LStium, ii, n. Latium, a dLstrict of Italy. 
L Latro, Sri, atum, are, 1, v. a. I 

bark ; cui latrans contra senex {re- 

spondet), thc old dog answera hiJm ; 

ne latn m, lcst 1 bark. 
II. Latro, Onis, m. a highwajman, a 

Ldtus, a, um, adj. broad, wide, large. 
Laudubilis, e, adj. Liudable, praise- 

Laudo, Sri, Stum, Sre, 1, v. a. [laus), 

1 commend, I praiw; lice Inudandum 

est, or it ought to be commendcd. 
Lcutrta, ae, f. a laureL, 
Laui, dis, f. praiscj laude multa, witb 

no small glory ; nosiris laudibus, one 

of my high reputation ; victori laudem 

cuidam pyctae ut scriberet, to write 

a panegyric npon a boier who had 

been vietorious; laudis ad certamina, 

to these contests for honour. 
Laxo, Svi, dtum, Sre, 1, v. a. I loosc, 

unbend, unbrace. 
Lector, uris, m. {lego), a reader. 
Leda, ae, f. Leda, the mother of Castor 

and PoUux. 
Llgo, legi, lectum, ligire, 3, v. a. I 

gather, I plnck ; I choose ; I read. 
Lentus, a, um, adj. pliant, supple ; 

slow, in his ordinary duU pace. 
Leo, leonis, m. (Xs'*»), a lion. 
Lipidus, a, um, adj. mirthful, pleasant, 

LSpus, dris, m. a hare. 
Letum, i, n. death. 
Licis, e, adj. light ; swift, nimble ; 

leci calamo, with a light pen, i. e., 

with a trivial subject. 
Lfcitas, Stis, f. lightness, levity, vanity. 
Lico, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. 1 lighteri ; 

I lift, take up. 
I^, legis, f. (llgo), a law; a proposal. 
Libellus, i, m. [Tiber), a little book. 
Libenter,Hdv. [libet), willingly, freely; 

libenter prorsus, quite willingly, 

most heartily. 

I. Liber, bri, xi\. a book. 

II. Liber, Ira, irum, adj. free ; liber 
animus, your mind at ease ; liber ut 
noti sim milii, at the ezpense of my 

Libiralis, e, adj. liberal ; repetUe libe- 

ralis, gencrous all at once. 
Llbire, adv. [liber), freely, frankly. 
Liberi, Orum, m. pl. children (with re- 

ference to some particular parent). 
Libiro, dd, Stum, dre, 1, v. a. I de- 

liver, I free; liberat se fovea, jumps 

out of the pit. 
Liherta.i, dtis, f. liberty. 
Libvt, libuit or libitum est, lih^re, 2, 

v. inipers. it pleases ; ne gloriari 

libeut, that no one may be (Usposed 

to buast of. 
Libitina, ae, f. (the goddess of funcraU, 

put here for) the ondertakera of 

Licentia, ae, t. [Kcet), libcrty ; licen- 

tiousness ; usus poetae licentia, took 

arlvantage of poetic licence. 

I. Licet, conj. altliougb. 

II. Licet, licuit or luitum est, licere, 
2, V. impcrs. it l* lawful, he may. 

Ligneus, a, um, adj. [iigitum), wo<jden. 
Lignum, i, n. wood, timbcr, a log o( 

Ligo, dvi, Stum, Sre, 1, v. a. I bind. 
Lima, ae, I. a flle. 
Limen, inis, n. a threnhold. 
Limus, I, m. mud. 



Lini/ua, ae, t. the tonguc ; the mouth. 

Linquo, tiqui, no sup., linqufre, 3, t. a. 
I leavc, abandon. 

Lintrum, i, n. a Uncn cloth, ?ash, or 

Llnus, I, m. Linus, a poct, son or Apollo. 

Liquidiu, a, um, adj. liquid, thin. 

Llquor, Oris, m. liquor, water ; crj-stal 

Lis, titis, f. strife, a law-suit, a cause 
in a court of justicc ; a quarrcl or 

Liitera, ac, f. a lettcr ; pl., leaming ; 

Litterdtua, a, um, adj. lcarned. 

Liror, Oris, m. spitc, envy, malevo- 

LScliples, etis, adj. {loeus, pleo), rich, 
■wcalthy, opulent. 

LScus, i,'m. (pl. loci or loca), a place ; 
ignoto loco, in a placc whcrc he was 
ujiknown ; ipso loco, by her very 
«ituation ; mercedis loco, instcad of, 
a» a reward for his vcrses ; attxilio 
loeus est, thcre i» room or occasion 
for ajwistance ; locus uarrandi, the 
subject of thc fablc. 

Longe, adv. (longus), far ; loitge inferior, 
far, or much lower down ; longe retus- 
tior, at a time greatly morc remotc. 

Longiludo, inis, t. lcnf^h ; longitudi- 
nem colli = longum collum, lonp ncck. 

Longus, a, um, adj. lonfr; lastinp. 

Ldquor, ISquHtus or locutus, loijui, 3, 
V. dep. I speak. 

lAJrum, t, n. a thonf? ; pl., thc rcins of 
a bridle. 

Lilcerna, ae, t. a lamp, a candle, torch. 

Lucrum, i, n. frain. 

Luctor, luctdtus, luctdri, 1, v. dcp. 1 
wrcstlc, 1 struifffle. 

l.ucttu, iis, m. (fricf, monrnin(f ; quan- 
tum luclus hithuriint, how much sor- 
row they havc bccn attcndcd with. 

LOcullus, i, m. LucuUuK, a celcbrutcd 
Koman Kcncral. 

L6do, l&si, IHsum, liidire, 3, v. o. I sport, 
I play. 

LOatu, 1, m. play, sport, rclaxation ; 
pl., publlc KAmcs or spcctacles. 

Lfigeo, luxi, lucttim, lugere, 2, V. B. I 
mourn, I bcwail, lamcnt ; I drcs» 
in muurninK. 

LOmrn, Inis, n. li(flit ; relo llimen 
commerciiim, I forbid tlic borrowlnif 
of llifbt froni my altur ; ad lumrn 
tiium, by his own liKht, by Ihc liRlit 
of his iiwn nltar ; a candlo, a liKht. 

Lu", lui, luiltim or lutum, liifre, 3, 
V. n. {>.Cu, X»uu), 1 wni>h, I purlf\' 
by wuhknir; liicre poeuiii, to mifrcr 
piinishmrnt ; liirre rulinim, to cx- 
|ii.-ilc, makc atoncmcnt l<>r. 

J.iijiiiM, i, m. [xCntt), n Wdlf. 

Luti Inius, ii, m. n niirhtingale. 

Lustro, dri, Stum, Ore, 1, v. a. X ro- 

view, survey, search. 
Ltisus, us, m. amusemcnt, sport, re- 

Lui, lucis, f. litiht ; liice, during tho 

day, in Ihe daytime. 
Lympha, ae, t. dcar water. 


ilScfro, (Tri, tStum, dre, 1, v. a. I soak, 

maceratc ; I cause to pine away ; I 

fret, rcndcr pccvi.<h. 
Miicies, ei, t. leanness; macie eonfec- 

tus, hair-starved. 
Miige or magia, adv. more, rathcr. 
Miii/istra, ae, t. [magister, ma.ster), a 

mi.*tre»s, directress; an instructress. 
3Iiigniltido, Hnis, t. {mngnus), prcat- 

ncss, sizc ; mngnttudo principum, 

thc grandcur, diirnity of thc frreat; 

or = magni principes, prcat princes. 
Mngnus, a, iim, adj. (comp. mc^jor, 

supcrl. maximus), (frcat ; multo ma- 

joris, at a much hiKhcr ratc. 
Majeslas, dtis, t. niajcsty ; mqj'estas 

Diicis, his imperial mnjcsty. 
Mnjiir, us, comp. ot magiius, which see. 
JJiili', ndv. boldly, unhund.^Dracly ; male 

miilcalus, bcing thus mnltreated. 
Miili-dJco, dixi, dictum, dictre, 3, T. n. 

I revilc, slandcr ; I use scurrilous 

Mtili ficium, ii, n. {malefictis), mls- 

chicf ; poenas malfficii, thc punish- 

mcnt duc to thcir ^illainv. 
MtiU-ficus, a, tim, ndj. (Jio), hnrtful, 

MdlignUas, dtis, f. mnlice ; molicious 

MHntia, ae, t. ill-will, mallcc. 
Miilo, mdliii, malle, v. irreg. (magis, 

rolo), I choosc rathcr, I am more 

Mdliiin, i, n. an evil, a mischief, mls- 

fortune; ndcformity, blemish ; malo 

afliri, to suffcr fi>r unythinp; ttl illud 

extraherenf miiliim, to pull out thnt 

platruc ; n fuult, nn imporfcction. 
Mdlus, a, tim, udj. (comp. pejor, 

stipcrl. peuimus), bad ; unskilful, 

wrctchcd, biinKlinK; cvii, wickcd. 
Mniidillum, i, n. {mandu), n command, 

a cnmmissidn. 
Mando, dn. liliim, Sre, 1, T, a. I com- 

mnnd, (harKC 
Mihieo, nm/i.ti, mantiim, mnnfre, 2, v. n. 

I «tiiy, rcinnin ; Lalini» diim manfbil 

prrtium Itllrris, whilst llomnn Utcra 

Inro nhuU continiic to l>c vnlucd. 
Miiiiifr.iliis, n, um, ndj. mnnifcnt, cvl- 

dcnt ; miinife%lis rebtit, by thc tindc- 

nlnblc cvidcnci-s. 
Miinun, <ls, t. thc hand ; Lurulli ninnii, 

uniUr thc «upcrintcmlcncc iif Ltical- 



lns ; or rather, bv the band of Tvork- 
men emploTed by LucuUus. 

ilare, M, n. the sea. 

ifargSrita, ae, f. a pearL 

Margo, inia, m. rar. f. margin, brink. 

Marmor, Sris, n. marble. 

Mdter, tris, f. luf.Tr.t, Sansc. matrf), 
a mother. 

Mdth-ia, ae, f. matter, materials ; 

ilatrOna, ae, f. a matron. 

Mdturius, adv. comp. {maturus), earlier 
than usuaL 

Mdtiirus, a, um, adj. ripe. 

Maxtme, adv. most of all, more than 
anything else. 

Medea, ae, f. Medea, a celebrated 

Medeor, 2, v. dep., c. dat. [fiilu, 
/uiiii), I heal, cure, remedy, help. 

MSdicina, ae, f. medicine ; medicinam 
facere, to practise physic ; fecit me- 
dicinam lupo, she performed an 
operation upon the -wolf. 

MMicus, a, um, adj. belonging^ to 
medieine, or to a physician, medical ; 
medica ars, the medical art. 

Midius, a, um, adj. middle ; in media 
(sc. arbore or quercu), in the middle 
of the oak ; in media via, in the 
middle of the road ; medio sole, at 
mid-day; aetatis inediae quemdam, 
a middie-aged man. 

Mehercaie and meherciiles, adv. by 
Hercules ! indeed ! tmly ! assuredly'! 

Mel, mellis, n. {im>.i), honey. 

Melior. See Bonus. 

Milius, adv. better (comp. of bene). 

Melos, n. [has only the nom., acc, and 
voc. sing., pL mele, nom., acc, and 
voc], a song, poem, melody ; egre- 
gium melos, excellent lyric poetry. 

Mimini, meminisse, v. def. I remeniber. 

Mgmoria, ae, f. memory, remem- 
brance, recollection ; tradere me- 
moriae, to transmit to posterity, put 
tipon record, shew ; dignum me- 
moriae, worthy of being transmitted 
to posterity. 

Mendax, acis, m. a liar. 

Mens, tis, f. (Sansc. mHnSs ; (Uftt), the 
mind, understanding, intellect ; mens 
est mi/ii, I have an intention or de- 
gign, my design is ; rara mens intel- 
.ligit, few have sufficient capacity to 
comprehend ; caeca mente, blindly. 

Mensa, ae, f. a table. 

Mensis, is, m. {f^f.t), a month. 

Merces, cedis, f. {mereo), hire or wages, 
the reward of labour, a doctor'8 fee ; 
tine ntercede, in vain, at random ; 
accepta mercede, in consideration of 
a recompense. 

Mercilrius, ii, m.Mercury the messen- 
ger of the gods. 

Mfreo, nterui, meritum, 2 ; and mfreor, 

meritus, 2, v. dep. a. I deserve, merit. 
Mergo, mersi, mersum, mergSre, 3, v. a. 

I plunge, I drown, I sink. 
MiritO, adv. {mereo), deservedly. 
Meritum, i, n. {id.), merit, desert ; a 

service, an act of kindness. 
Merx, mercis, f. merchandise, goods. 
Metuo, metui, metutum, metuere, 3, 

V. a. {metus), I dread, fear. 
Mitus, us, m. fear, dread. 
Mens, a, Hm, adj. {ego, mei), pron. my, 

mine ; mea causa, for my sake, on 

my account ; guid refert mea ! what 

care I ? meus homo, my gentleman, 

my simpleton. 
Miles, itis, c. g. a soldier. 
Miluus, ui, m. a kite, a glede. The 

prose form is milrus. 
Minae, artim, f. pl. threats. 
Minerra, ae, f. Minerva, daughter of 


I. Mini/r, mindtus, mindri, 1, v. dep. a. 
I threaten, I raise high expecta- 
tions, I promise. 

II. Minor, less. See Parvus. 
Mlnos, ois, m. Minos, a son of Jupiter. 
Minus, adv. less ; not ; siquid minus 

arriserit, if anything do not please. 
MinHtus, a, um, adj. little ; minuta 

plebes, the populace, commonalty. 
Miractilum, i, n. {miror), a miracle, 

wonder, prodigy. 
Miror, mirdtus, mirdri, 1, v. dep. n. 

and a. I wonder, I admire. 
Misceo, miscui, mistum or mixtum, mis- 

cere, 2, v. a. I mix, mingle ; 1 con- 

found, embroil ; I checker. 
Misenensis, e, adj. belonging to Mi- 

senum (Miseno), a promontory and 

niountain inltaly; Misenensisvilla, 

country-seat at Misenum. 
Miser, ira, irum, adj. wretched, mi- 

Misireor, misertus or misirttus, eri, 

2, V. dep. {miser), I pity. 
Misfria, ae, f. misen', hardship ; rigonr. 
Misericordia, ae, f. {misericors), pity, 

compassion, mercy. 
Mislricors, dis, adj. {miser, cor), 

merciful, compassionate. 
Mitto, misi, tnissum, mittere, 3, v. a. 1 

send, despatch ; I cast or throw ; 

mitiere rocem, to raise or let one'8 

voice be heard ; to utter a speech, 

■words; misso aulaeo, ■when the cur- 

tain dropped. 
Muemosgne, es, f. Mnemosyne, mother 

of thc nine Mus»». 
Modestia, ae, f. modesty. 
Modestus, a, um, adj. modest. 
Modius, ii, m. a bushel, a peck. 
MndiS, adv. just now ; only. 
M6dus, i, m. a manncr ; variis modit, 

several wayn, various artifices, quirks, 


Ifotrto, no Bup. or porf., rrf, 2, v. n. I 

(frievc, I uin sorrowful. 
iloestui, a, um, ktij. sad, di«con«olat«, 

ifulft, is, f. a maM. 
ildltttia, ae, f. {moUtlus), troublc, 

«orrow, vexation. 
ififlettus, a, um, adj. {mol**), trouble- 

il^lior, motltus, motiri, i, t. dcp. I 

contrivc, dcvlsc, invciit. 
il-jinrntum, i, n. a momcnt. 
Mdneo, inonui, iifjnitiint, monerr, 2,v, a. 

I adrisc, admoni.ih, warn ; monel 

ritam, instruci-i nicn how to livc. 
Monitum, i, n. on advicc, admonitlon. 
M'>ns, lu, m. a mountoin. 
i/onstro, (Jri, tltum, lire, 1, v. a. 1 ghcw. 
Miirit, ae, f. dclav. 
Morbus, i, m. a discxv?, malady. 
MorJax, dcis, adj. bitinK; mordacior, 

nnc that bltm moru kecnly tban 

Mordeo, mifmordi, mor$um, mordfre, 3, 

V. a. I bitc. 
Miirior, mortuut, mSri, S, T. dcp. 

{mori), I die ; bit mori, to fecl dcath 

doubly bittcr. 
Mdror, moriJtui, mordri, 1, v. dcp. n. 

I delay, lintfcr: livc; ipcnd ray timc. 
Mori, tiM, f. death. 
MornUj us, m. a bite. 
MorlAlit, e, odj. {mori), niortal, »ub- 

icct tti dcath ; aA lubit., a mortal. 
Jrn, murit, m. a mannor, cuntom ; ut 

mot or morit eit, a» thc cu<lom lii ; 

mort trantlaticio, in thc cuxtumary 

manncr ; morihut bonit, by your 

Kood conduct. 
Motut, Ot, fit in.,,.: niiition. 
Mifrto, mori. re, 2, v. o. I 

movp ; r. • tuii, I di>n't 

carc for, I : . . „ .. . ) lur thrculn ; 

morer» ruum, t<> fxcito IauKht«r, to 

amuae; morrre plautui, to call forth 

Mor, adv. prcM-nlly, by and by. 
Miilit, ae, f. a kIic iniilr. 

Mulrn. .„,. ,i',.m. .irr. 1. \. 0. I bcat, 

mii' riuKbly. 


I. itu . Htum, dre, 
1, V 

II. M j.olior multo, 
mu. :iTable. 

Mulii. 'iin /iillerit, 

yiKi II ; multuni 

• U). 

Ihr , 

fiirtlir: ! 111 ":i.ji!, lii a Wuiii. 
Miitut, i, III. n iiiuIp. 
.MUnio, miutlri, munUum, munire, i, 

V. ■. I fortlfv, drfcnd, •rciirc, protrct. 

Munut, Irit, n. an v.'. -v . 

bounty, mnnlflccncc, ^ 
olTcrinK», oblallona ; 1- 
Miirui, i, m. a wall of any klnd. 
M'is. mi^ris, m. a mousc. 
f. a muae. 
:. flv. 

. iir, {. ; and mutdpulum, i, 
1.. .1 n,..'i>c-trap. 
Musirus, a, um, adj, mu»icaL 
Miis''''i, nr, f. n wcft.«cl. 
Mii' .'ifi/m, «iH/Fr^, 4, T. .1. 

I ) .0. 

J/k' . I, 1, t. a. I chanKc 

MiiiKi. 1. '..1, ,iiij. luutc, dumb, silcnl, 

Mi/ro or Myron, 6nit, m. Myro, a 

rcnowncd sculptor. 
Mtfrtut, i, f. • myrtlc-trc«. 


Xam, conj. for. 

Nam-ijut, conj. for indecd, for trnly, for. 

Kanctscor, narlui, nanctici, 3, t. dcp. 

I Kct ur obtuin by accidcnt, without 

Xdrit, ii, f. tho noMtril ; luually In pl. 

ndre.i, ium, nootriln. 
yarrtil lo, <iriij, f. a talc, a atory. 
yarro, <Jri, illum, ilre, 1. v. a. I rc- 

count, rclate, tcU a nliiry ; ut rsl 

rulffitlus vrdo narraliie rri, whcn 

the dct.iilii of wbul bad transplrcd 

wcrc publinhed. 
Xiiieor, ndtut, natci, 3, T. dep. I ain 

Jfdiiitiii, a, um, adj. aatlrtcal, ccn«o 

rlouK, hypcrcrltlciit ; a« on odrerb 

.Vilfd, ar, f. {nittiu), a daughtrr. 
.Vjrio, unit, f. a natlon, roce ; net. 
ynio, liri, illiim, lire, 1, v. a. I nwim. 
ydtOra, ar, f. noturc ; linittra naturu, 

|K-rvrrnc, malicloiu naturr ; rox na- 

turae, \\l* natural rolce. 
Kdlut, i, ro. a nun ; natoi luoi, hcr (thc 

froif'») broiMl. 
yau fi .!■:■ '. I, III, II •Kipw ri 1 ixTMm. 
A'<i' ■ ■ I .m 

». . i ■■ . t 

ti. .1 

nuusi.ini, '..m',* ulto:it|ii.l lu bc di,'< 

iru*lr<l.,',i, ,,.1-. iii. .1 nallor, a marlncr. 


'I not. 
N ililo», a eltyof Suuih 

ite, ar), nor, nrlthrr. 
r rwi, itum, drt, I, v. a. 

Krr Opintii. 
", n. nrciar. 
,>■,/ ,'.y'-'ifrr, adv. {ne* ), nrullBrnOy. 



Jfef-lfgo, Uxi, Uctum, Ugfre, 8, t. a. 

'fi'r, Uffn'}, 1 neplect. 

'vm, dre, 1, v. a. I deny; I 

a rcfusal. 
. a. (/!<;<:-) , a thing.bosiness. 
/n//ij, i/.i!, c. g. i^ne, homo }, no)>ody, 

no one. 
Xemori-cultrix, lcis, f. an inhabitant of 

tbe woods. 
XimdrOsiis, a, um, adj. (nemus), 

woodj ; nemorotii latibulia, irom the 

■woody covcrts. 
Xempi, conj. snrely, truly, that is to 

gay, true ' bnt ; nempe discitnus, we 

even leam by fablcs. 
NtmuM, Oris, n. trees planted for oma- 

ment, a prove. 


a tr 

rral-song, a dirge; 

, in vain, uselessly. 

.^1«, fie-qucxi or ne-quui, 

.. , -, . L , f. profligacy, vice. 

AV-»cto, «tici, icitum, tcire, i, v. a. not 
to know ; e popu/o, nescio quls, one 
of the multitude, of whom 1 know 
nothing; a plebeian, obscure person. 

Kex, nlcis, f. violent death. 

Kidus, i,m. a nt*t. 

ICiger, gra, grum, adj. block. 

Kxhxl, indecl. nothing; laboro nihil, I 
do not labour at ali. 

Kihilo-minus, adv. nevertbeless. 

Kil, indecl. nothing = nihil. 

Kiius, i, n. Ihc Nile. 

Klmius, a, um, adj. excessive, too 
mucb, immoderate. 

Kisi, conj. (ne, si), nnless, except. 

Kitut, us, m. (II. nitor), endeavour, 

KXtro, nitui, no rap., nitere, 2, v. n. I 
sbine ; I am neat, tidy ; unde sie 
nites ! how come yon to be so sleek I 

I. Kilor, '.ri-, m. i.ojt.-nv, beauty, 
sle* - 'jr. 

II. .\ . dep. 
n. 1 .ve; 1 
mour.'., u-' ' Ti.l, ri^'- !r ':i;. 

Kicnu, a, um, adj. •'noay, snow-white. 
Kir, nins, '. '>,l. •■:■■ . -i./jw. 
KMiis, e, '.i ■ ■ '. cele- 

bratcd ; II. . 
KAeent, lis, ■■ .rtful. 

.\'oceo, nocui, nocitum, nui ■ re, 2, v. a. 

I hnrt. 
.Yoctu (in abl. only), in the nigbt-time. 
Koctua, ae, f. a night-owl. 
Koctumut, a, um, adj. in the nigbt, 

Doctumai ; noctumus /ur, u thief in 

the night. 
yolo, nolui, nolU, T. Irreg. {non, volo), 

I am unwilling; nolo regnnre, I woald 

noi be a king ; nolo lumcre, I dun't 

chooec to takc ; nnli, do not, bewarc. 

KOmen, inis, n. (San^. ndman), a 

name ; faUo nomine, falsely so called. 
KOmino, aci, atum, dre, 1, v. a. {iio- 

men], I name. 
Kon, adv. not. 
Kon-dam, adv. not yet. 
Kosco, nOti, nOtum, noscire, 3, v. a. 1 

know, I am acqnainted with. 
Kotter, tra, trum, adj. pron. {ego, pl. 

noi), our, ours. 
Kota, ae, f. a mark ; a brand ; di»- 

tinctive character. 
Koteseo, nOtui, notesc^re, 3, v. inch. 

{noscd), I become known ; notuit, 

began to be known or understood. 
Ndto, ari, dtum, dre, 1, t. a. {nota), 

I mark out ; I censure. 
Kotus, a, um, adj. {nosco), known ; 

well-knowTi ; noted, vaunted ; notior 

paulo, pretty well known. 
V, , , ,,. ae, f. {lioco, 1 renew), a 

■ . nine times. 
, udv. {novus), lastly, last of 

aii, al U>1. 
yocitas, dtis, f. a novelty ; a new in- 

vention ; a new play or amusement. 
N6co, dre, I, v. a. I introduce as aew. 
KOcus, a, um, adj. new, strange; rebut 

nocis, new matter, new subjects. 
Xoz, noctis, f. (>i«;, night. 
Koxius, a, um, adj. hurtful, guilty. 
Kildo, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. {nudus), 

I strip, lay bare; nudatum caput, 

the bare head ; I lay open, discover, 

shew, espose. 
Kudus, a, um, adj. bare, naked. 
Kullus, a, um, adj. (gen. nulfiut), not 

any, none, no ; nullo modo, by no 

Kum ! adv. whether or not ? num .... 

putat ! you don't pupposc, do you ? 
Kamen, inis, n. a god, a deity. 
Kumiro, dri, dlum, dre, 1, v. a. I num- 

ber, count, rc-ckon up. 
Kumfrus, i, m. a number; quorum es 

in numero mifii, of wbom I acconnt 

you one. 
Kummus, %, m. (more correctly numiu, 

from Sicilian fi/xtt, silver coin), a 

coin, money. 
Kunc, adv. now, alrcady ; bnt now. 
Kunquam, adv. {ne, unquam), never. 
Kuper, adv. lately. 
Kuptiae, drum, f. pl. a marriage, nnp 

Kutrio, nutrJri, nutritum, nutrlre, 4, 

V. a. I nourish, I feed, take care of. 
Kux, ndcis, t. a nut. 

0/ interj. O: 

db, prp. c. acc. {ir!, Sansc. J/!, npa, 
on), on, upon, oguinst. 



6b-eo, \vi or ii, Uum, \re, t. n. and a. 

I fail, porUh ; I Ko or come to. 
Ob-ftu», lij, m. (oA«(), death. 
Ob-jicio, jeci, jfctuin, jlcire, 3, v. a. 

Qacio), l cast before, or in the way 

of ; I expose ; objeclo lucro, by Ihrow- 

in(f grain in thc way. 
Ob-j'ur(/o, flri, dtum, dre, 1, r. a. I cbide, 

repriniiind, reprove. 
Ob-lecto, (Jri, iilum, Sre, 1, v. a. I de- 

light, amiuc. 
Ob-nuxitu, a, uin, adj. liable, nibject, 

expo»od to ; Merritut ohnoiia = ««•rri 

obiiuxii, slave» at the mercy of other.-t, 

exposcd to upprcftsion. 
Obiiurut, a, uin, adj. obscure, dark. 
Ob-tfijo, texi, tectum, teolre, 3, v. o. I 

covcr up, hide, conceal. 
Ob-liru, trlri, Iritiim, tt-rfre, 3, v. a. I 

crush, brui«e ; pruculcntiu obterrt, 

trampUng on ui^ will crush ui> to 

Ob-trecto, Ari, dtuin, dre, l, v. a. 

(tractii), I Blandcr, diHparaKC, treat 

with contempt; obtrectare curam, to 

dcprrciatc thiii kind of study. 
Ob-nua, a, um, adj. (rin), in thc way of, 

mecting ; quot cn.iu obritis Himomdis, 

whi<in tiimonideo mccting accidcn- 

Oc- in compoundn = ob-. 
Oc-ciUio, unia, f. (<<i</o), an occiuilon, op- 

portunlty, a favuurablc op|>ortunity ; 

occatioM dala, as Roon as an opiior- 

tunity pre»cnl* itdclf. 

I. Oc-cidu, ciili, cisuiii, cidire, 3, v. a. 
{caedo), I kill. 

II. (Jc-cido, cidi, cdsum, cld^re, 3, v. n. 
(c^ii^), I die, peri.ih. 

Oc-clpii>, cfpi, crptum, cXpire, 3, V. a. 
(capw), I bc|{in. 

Oc-cumtm, ciibui, ciibitum, cumbire, 3, 
V. n. 1 full down ; occubuit neci, wa» 

Oc-ciipo, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I oc- 
cupy, acizc \i\yon ; I unticlpate ; oc- 
cuparat ne furem, by anticipatinK 
mc ; occupatut, occupifd, buiiily 

Oc-curro, curri or ciicurri, eursum, cur- 
rlre, 3, V. u. I run UKuiiint ur timurd^, 
I iiirct; fi/i autrm docliu illis uccur- 
rtt labor, . . . but if my leurncd pro- 
duction» fall intu thc tiaiuU uf ihonc 
whoro. . . . 

fifHliu, i, m. an eye. 

Odi, Cditte, v. def. I hate. 

ddiosut, a, um, adj. odioUK, drtc^Uiblr. 

Odor, iirit, vn. the naturnl Rmell, 
whrtliir iiKrcruMr or nut ; u llu- 

O/ Tx iib n» n prrflx. 

Of-f—ido, fendt, fmtum, friuUre, 8, 
«. a. I daah uyatiuit, I olfrnd ; ut iwn 

.„ IDI, 

displeiLsed at ihrir bein^ iitolen. 
Of-ffro, ob-tiHL, ob-ldtum, of-ferre, T. 

irrc(f. I offer. 
Of-ficina, ae, f. (contr. for opificinn, frora 

itptfex), a workshop; manufactory. 
Of-ficium, ii, n. {ob, faciu), duty, 

ufhcc ; a publlc charfte or duty ; come 

ojticium, offlciou» civility. 
Of-fundo, fiidi, fiuum, fundfre, 3, v. a. 

1 spread ovrr ; ojTiuo terrore, having 

ovrrwhelmcd hrr with trrror. 
5lim, adv. (for ollim, adv. form oiolliu, 

archaic fonn of ille), formerly, long 

nfco, long nince; at a future tirae; 
^ once upon a time. 
(trira, ae, t. the olive-trcc. 
<~>mm, Xnis, n. an omen, a pre«age. 
U-mitto, misi, mistum, miltfre, 3, v. a. 

(ob, mittu), 1 omit. 
Omnino, adv. [Dinnis), altogether, 

wholly, entircly. 
Oninis, e, adj. rvrry, all ; omni vigilia, 

with all poMiblc care and watchful- 
^ ncss. 

Oiifro, dri, dtum, dre, I, v. a. I load. 
6nxu, trit, n. a load, a burden. 
Onuttut, a, um, a<lj. ludrn, louited. 
dpfra, ae, f. lubour, scrvice, uii.«i8Unce; 

prrlium est oprrae, it U worth while; 

oueram Halhyllo dare, to aiialst Da- 

thyllus ; perdert operam, to Ubour 
^ invain. 
Vpi fex, lcis, m. and f. onc who makrs 

a wurk. 
dpimiu, a, um, udj. {op*), fat, rich. 
Ojiinor, upiiuUiu, opindri, 1, v. drp. a. 

I iinaffinr, thlnk ; nec upinant, uDcx- 
^ l>eclrdly. 
Opiniu, II, iifii, ailj. ulwnys prrcctlcd by 

nec . nec u/nniis, unthouKht of, un- 

expectcd. 8er yecopinut. 
Opit, (ccn. ; opem, acc. ; ope, abl. ; 

power, hrlp ; pl. opes, opum, opibiu, 

wralth, re»ourceii, rlcheii. 
dportet, v. impera. (l.oput), it bchovea, 

it iit tit. 
0/> pftu, petlri, petltum, prtfre, S, v. n. 

I gu BKuiniili, I mert ur rncuuntrr ; 

ii/i/tetere /uiemit, tu bt- puniiihril for. 
Op /nmo, p6sui, tx\iltum,pfinfre, 3, v. a, 

I upiKMie; I match witli. 
Op /x>rli)nut, <i, um, ndj. (ub, portut), 

•'raiMiiiublr, coiivenirlit, «uitlnK thc 

(>p-pi1mo, pretti, prtssum, primfre, 3, 

v. II. I u|>)irnui, I cru*h to druth ; 

I iiitrh, iiur^irlw. 
(t/i />uf/iiu, <]ri, aium, dre, 1, v. a. I 

utiiii V, luuialt. 
(0/,.i , •-/•ij, f. nlrrnKth, force. Rrc Opi». 
!>/• itiiiium, M, n. vlclunU, fixMl. 
O/tlimuM, a, um, nilj. (optu), LivnI 

t,iiupcrl. uf biinus). 



OpU), Svi, Sfum, are, 1, v. a. {cTTo,uai), 
Ijlesire, I wish. 

I. Opiis, indecl. need. 

II. Opus, iris, n. work ; opere Palladio, 
by the art of Minerva ; opus appro- 
hacit, he completed thc work in thc 
manner agreed upon ; aligidd operis 
residui, some work left to be done. 

Ordo, inis, m. an order, arrangement ; 

ordo narraiae rei, the particulars of 
^ the story. 
Orior, ortits, Sriri, 3, ▼. dep. I arise, 

Omatus, us, m. an omament, a badge, 

Orno, aci, atum, cre, 1, v. a. I deck, I 
_ adorn. 
Oro, aci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I beg, I 

Orpheus, ii and eos, m. Orphens. 

I. Os, Oris, n. a mouth ; a bill, a bcak. 

II. Os, ossis, n. a bone. 
OscUlum, i, n. dim. (I. Js), a kiss. 
Os-tendo, tendi, tensum or tentum, ten- 

d?re, 3, v. a. (obs = ob), I shew ; 

ostendere toccm, to display the 
_ powers of his voice ; to publish. 
Otiusus, a, um, adj. at casc, at lcisure. 
Otium, ii, n. idlcncss, rest, repose ; 

occupata in otio, always in a bustle, 
„ though really idJe ; otio, at leisurc. 
Ocis, is, f. {pis), a sheep. 

Paciscor, pactiis, pacisci, 3, v. dep. I 
agree, bargain, stipulate ; si pactam 
non recusassent Jidem, had not rc- 
fused to fultil the compact ; pactum 
praemium, the stipulated reward ; 
pactus is passive in 3, 13, 17, and 
1, 8, 10. 

Pactum, i, n. {paciscor), a bargain, 
agreement ; ullo pacto, oy any means ; 
quo pacto! in what manherf 

Piilam, adv. openly, publicly. 

PaUadius, a, um, adj. [Pallas), bclong- 
ing to Minerva. 

Pallas, adis, t. Pallas or Minerva. 

Pallium, II, n. a cloak. 

Palus, udis, f. a marsb, morass, fen. 

Pdnis, is, m. bread, a piece of bread. 

Fanthera, ae, f. a panther. 

Par, pfiris, adj. e<^ual ; par color, the 
colour of each is likc that of tlic 
other ; par esse, to bc a mutcli ; par 
gratia, a suitable rctum ; par officium, 
a similar service ; parcs, matche» ; 
pares testrae /ortUudini, your cquals 
in courage. 

Parce, adv. Bparingly, not lavishly. 

Parco, pfpcrci, paraum (rar. parsi, 
parrltum), parcfre, 3, v. a. I spare; 
I refrain, forbcar, declinc doing. 

Pirens, tis, c. g. [pareo), a parcut. 

Pnreo, parw, paritum, parere, 2, v. a. 

I obey. 
Pario, plperi, partum or paritum, ire, 

3, V. a. I get, procure ; I bring 

forth ; peperat, had kittened, 2, 4, 2. 
Piiro, aii, dliim, are, 1, v. a. I prcpare, 

I make ready ; paratiis, ready. 
Pars, tis, f. a part ; a party at law ; 

bonas in partes, in a friendly way ; 

peculiar properties ; tiiae sunt partes, 

you must now act your part ; con- 

spiratis factinnum partibus, the fac- 

tious parties having conspired ; parti- 

biisfactis, having divided the shares. 
Particiilo, Onis, m. a friend of Phae- 

drus, to whom he dedicates his lifth 

book of fablcs. 
Partio, partiii, partitum, partire, 4, 

V. a. ; or paitior, partitus, partiri, 

V. dep. I divide, share. 
Partiirio, parturiii, pariiiritiim, par- 

iurire, 4, v. a. I am about to bring 

forth, I desire to bring forth ; I am 

in labour. 
Piirum, adv. little, too little, rathcr 

little, not enough. 
Parviilus, a, vm, adj. very small. 
Parrus, a, um, adj. (comp. minor, 

superl. tninimiis), little, small ; hoc 

minus muneris pcrceniet ad me, so 

much the less advantage shall I 

dcrivc from it. 
Pasco, pHci, pastiim, pascere, C, v. a. I 

pasture, feed. 
Passer, Iris, m. a sparrow. 
Pnstor, Oris, m. a shepherd. 
Piite-Jacio, feci, factum, facSre, 3, v. a. 

ipateo), I open, lay open, discovcr. 
Piitcna, ae ; or patina, ae, f. a plate, 

a dish, a broad dish. 
Pateo, patui, patcre, 2, v. n. I lie 

open ; I am ea.«y. 
Pater, tris, m. {■sra.rf,» ; Sansc. pitri ; 

^OTse, fader) , a father. 
Patiens, tis, adj. (patior), capable of 

euduring, able to endure ; paliens 

injuriae, patient undcr injury. 
Piitientia, ae, f. (patiens), patience. 
Putior, passus, pdli, 3, v. dep. I suffcr, 

submit to ; I allow, pcrmit, admit 

of; siia exempla pati, one ought not 

to complain of treatment similar to 

that with which he has treated 

Patria, ae, f. one's native country. 
PatrimOnium, ii, n. a patrimony, a 

patcmal inhcritance. 
Ptitro, Sre, 1, v. a. I effect. 
Pauci, cae, ca, rar. paucus, a, um, adj. 

few, not many. 
Paulo, adv. by a little, a little. 
Paupcr, iris, adj. poor. 
Paupprtas, litis, f. {paiiper), poverty, 

mediocrity of fortuuc. 



PSreo, p/Wl, pnrere, 2, v. n. I am in 

KTPat fear, 1 lose all prescncc of mind. 
Pavidtu, a, um, udj. [paror), fearful, 

overcome with fear. 
Pdro, onis, m. (x«*f ), a peacock. 
Ptivor, Oris, m. fcar, tcrror. 
Pecco, ari, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I sin, 

I offend ; 1 mistake, blundcr, crr. 
Pecten, Xnis, m. a coiiib. 
Pecfiu, dris, n. thc breast ; soluto pec- 

tore, with mind unoccupied. 
Piciinin, ae, f. money. 
Picus, 6ris, n. cattlc'. 
Pegma, litis, n. a machine. Sce notc to 

5, 7, 7; pape 71. 
Pglaflius, a, um, adj. (xiXayof ), bcloni;- 

inp to the sea ; pchtgio cursu, by sca. 
Piliades, um, f. pl. the daughteVs of 

Pilias, ae, m. Pelias, thc son of Ncptunc. 
Pelius, a, um, adj. l'clian, bclonging to 

Mount Pt-lion. 
Pellis, is, f. the hiilc; the skin ; pelle 

detracla, havinfj Haycd. 
Pello, pfpHli, pulsum, pelllre, 3, v. a. 

I drlve. 
PelHsius, a, tim, adj. belonging to 

Pendeo, pfpcndi, pcnsum, penderc, 2, 

V. n. I hang ; pcndcns, suspcndcil 

npon, rcftting lightly upon the ed(fo. 
Peni, adv. alinost ; nol roaching tho 

point cxactly. 
Pcnilus, adv. wholly, complctely, 

Penna, ae, I. a fcathrr, a wing. 
Per, prp. c. acc. through, by ; per te, of 

yourself, of your own uccord ; per 

artus /ralris, by (scattcrlng) Ihc 

limbs of hor brothcr {.Vbsyrtu»). 
Pfra, ae, f. a wiillet, u bag. 
PHr-ugii, i'gi, nclum, iigirc, 3, v. o. I 

pcrform, tlniHh. 
Pir-ambiilo, ilri, iitum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

walk through. 
Per-do, dldi, dllum, derc, 3, v. o. I lose. 
Per-ddino, domui, domUum, domtJre, 1, 

V. a. 1 tamo, subduo, confiucr. 
Pcr-dfiio, diiri, diictiim, diicirc, 3, v. u. 

I lcad tliroii^^h, conduct. 
Pir-tgrt, udv. In the country, abroiid. 
Pir-igrintis, a, uin, odj. {pcrcgre), 

Pir-eo, ii, Itum, Ire, v. irrog. 1 poriMh ; 

I am loKt or wusted ; pcril, ia ruinod, 

iii uniloMo. 
Per-Jlni, liili, Idtum, frrrr, v. Irrog. I 

corrv tliroiigh ; I witli piitlcnti'. 
Prr-ficio, fiii, frctum, flctrr, 3, v. u. 

(factm, I llninh, pcrfcct, givc tlio 

luiit polinh. 
rirlelltor, dltu, Srt, 1, v. dcp. {peri- 

etiliim), I nm ox]>oiiod to dnngor. 
l%-\cHunis, a, tiin, uilj. (td.), diin- 

gerous ; perlcilosa tnedicina, n cUft 

fraught with dangor. 
PirlcCiltim, i, n. risk, cliance of dangcr. 
Pirltus, a, tim, adj. (PKttioR, I gain 

expericnce), skilful, knowing, expe- 

Pcr-jurium, ii, n. pcrjury. 
Pcr-Ugo, legi, lcctum, lcg/re, 3, v. a. I 

rcud through, or ovcr. 
Pcr-lustro, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. o. I 

survey, range, roam ovcr. 
Pcr-morro, tnOri, niOtum, mori-re, 2, 

v. a. I move grcatly, disturb. 
Pcr-ntcics, ei, t. (nex), dcstruction, 

Per-nicXlas, dtis, f. swiftnoss, flcctness. 
Pir-oro, dri, dtum, drc, 1, v. a. I tinish 

an oration ; caiisam qutim pcroras- 

sent suam, whon thcy had dono 

ploading thcir cause. 
Per-pastus, a, um, adj. [pasco), wcll 

fed, vcry fat. 
Pcr-siilfito, dri, dttim, dre, 1, v. a. 

(snlus), I saluto ull around; I flnish 

Pcr-sii/iior, siqufitiis or accillus, sfqui, 

3, V. dcp. 1 pursuc, follow, run after. 
Per-solro, solri, sulfitiim, sulrfrc, 3, 

V. u. I puv the uttcrmost fiirthing, 

suffor all t^o rigour of tho law. 
Pcr-suna, ae, f. («i);io),a niusk, u virr.rd. 
Pcr-tuddeo, suasi, siiasum, stiadere, 2, 

V. u. I pcrsuade. 
Pcr-ttneii, liniii, tinfre, 2, v. a. (leneo), 

I bolong, Bjiply to, concorn ; hoe quo 

pirtiiicat, what is thc dcsign of 

this fublo, caput ad nostrum pertinet, 

coiicorns our lifo. 
Per-turlii), dvi, dtiim, dre, 1, v. n. I 

disturb groatly, I dlsorder. 
Pcr-rello, vclli, rulsuin, vellire, 3, v. n. 

I pinch, twitch. 
Per-vfnio, rvni, rcnlum, vcnlre, 1, 

V. u. I arrivc, rcach ; I acoruo to. 
Pes, piilis, m. foot ; refcrre jicdcm, f o 

Btait liaok ; susprnso pcde, witli noisc- 

loss troud, stouUliy stop. 
Pr.isimiis, a, tim, adj. wornt. Soo Mnltis. 
J'itii, prliri, prlitum, /irtfrc, 8, v. o. I 

srck, nsk, ro(|iiost ; I go to, mukc for ; 

I iiHsail, ottuck, striko ; I oovot. 
Pfhilans, tit, udj. ])Ctuluut, saucy, 

Pluiidrus, i, m. Phacdrus, thc nuthor 

of tliose fablos. 
1'liiliius, i, ni. Phllotus, a pors<m to 

w lioin Phacdrui dcdicatca somo of 

liis fublrs, 
1'horbtit, i, m. Phochus, ApoUo. 
/'/iri/T, gis, c. g. n I'lii>^'ian. 
J'uiriiliim, I, n. a criiiio thut domundrt 

nn iiloiiriiiciit, dungoroiiR criiiic. 
Pifriiif, II, um, ndj. Piorlun, bclonglng 

to PirruK, a niinintnln in Tbcwuly 

sncrcd to thc Miisc*. 



Piftas, dtis, f. {piiis), piety ; the pious. 
Pignus, oris, n. a pledge ; contejidet 

quovis pignore, he ■will lay any 

wager ; aperto pignore, by a con- 

vincing proof. 
Pilus, i, m. a hair. 
Pingo, pinxi, pictum, pingere, 3, v. a. 

1 paint ; I trini, adorn ; pictis plu- 

mis, -svith variegated plumage. 
Flnus, i or fis, f. a pine-trce. 
PisistrHtus, i, m. Pisistratus, a tyrant 

of Athens. 
Fiits, a, vin, adj. filial, devoted. 
Placeo, placui, placitum, placerc, 2, 

V. a. I please, I am preferred or 

chosen by. 
Fliicet, placuit, ijlacere, 2, v. impers. it 

Placidus, a, iim, adj. (plnceo), gentle, 

cahn, composed, mild. 
Flaco, dvi, utum, dre, 1, v. a. I ap- 

pease, pacify. 
Pldga, ae, f. a' stripe, a stroke, a bloiiv. 
Pldne, adv. {planus), clearly, evident- 

ly ; non plane est, not exactly so. 
Pldnus, a, um, adj. plain, level ; i?i 

plano, on the level ground. 
Plaudo, plausi, plausum, plaudere, 3, 

V. a. I make a noise by clapping 

hands, clap hands. 
Plausus, us, m. applause, plandits ; il- 

litteratum plausum, the applause of 

the illiterate. 
Plebeius, a, titn, adj. plebeian, vulgar, 

common, of the common people. 
Plebes, ei, f. ; or plebs, plebis, f. the 

common people, plebeians. 
Plecto, plexi orplexui, plexum, plecterc, 

3, V. a. I twist, plait; plecti, to be 

punished ; quo se paclo plecteret, 

how he might turn and twist him- 

self, writhe. 
Plenus, u, um, adj. fuU. 
Flerumque, adv. for the most part. 
Plico, dre, 1, v. a. {^Kixu), I ibld. 
Plxima, ae, f. plumage, the downy 

Flurimum, adv. raost ; videre pluri- 

mum, is most sharp-sighted. 
Pliirimus, a, um, adj. See Multus. 
Plus, pluris, n. adj. more (pl. plures, 

plura or pluria, gen. pluriitm) ; qiiia 

plus valeo, because I am stronger ; 

quae pluris esset, of most rcpute, the 

more respected, which was entitled 

to the superiority. 
Plutus, i, m. Plutus, tbe god of riches. 
P')Ciilum, i, n. a cup. 
Poena, ae, f. punishmcnt. 
Poenitentia, ae, f. repcntance. 
Poenitet, poenituit, poenitere, 2, v. 

impers. it repents, it recants. 
Foeta, ae, m. (iro/iiT^j), a poet. 
Pdlio, potivi, poUtum, polire, 4, v. a. I 


Puliiceor, polTicltus, poUicci i, 2, v. dep. 
I promise. 

Pondus, eris, n. 'weight. 

Puno, posui, positum, pon^re, 3, v. a. 
I put, place ; I serve up ; poni asello, 
to be thrown before his ass ; ponere 
domum, to laythe foundation, tn build 
a house ; posuere, erected ; posila 
LucuUi manu, built by LucuIIus ; 
guaestionis positae, of the question 
proposed ; posito praemio, with thc 
offer of a reward ; timore posito, 
laying aside, banishing fear. 

Pontus, i, m. the Euxine Sea. 

I. Pnpiilus, i, m. the people. 

II. Pupulus, i, f. the poplar-tree. 
Porcellus, i, m. {porcus), a little pig. 
Porcus, i, m. (.-itt. '^tToexo;, Varro; 

Germ. "barch, parh), a nog, boar. 
Porro, adv. moreover. 
Porta, ae, f. a gate, an entrance. 
Porto, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I carry. 
Portus, iis, m. a port, harbour, haven. 
Posco, poposci, no sup., poscere, 3, v. a. 

I demand, call for. 
Pos-sum, pntiii, posse, v. iiTCg. {potis, 

sum), I am able ; 7ie possent capi, lest 

thcy should be taken ; quae possim 

loqui, that I could say, add. 
Post, prp. c. acc. after; post tempus, 

after some time, soon; post tergum, 

behind our back. 
PostSri, Orum, m. xt\. {post), posterity. 
Post-quam, adw after, afterwards. 
Postri-die, adv. the day aftcr. 
Postuto, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I make 

a reasonable rcquest, I demand. 
Pot-ens, entis, adj. {possum), powcrful; 

mighty; rich. 
Potior, us, adj. better, preferable, 

more precious. 
Pulis, pntc, adv. able ; possible. 
Pntius, adv. rather. 
Pntu, potdci, putdtum ov putum, potdre, 

1, V. a. I drink. 

Pracbeo, praebui, praebitum, praebcre, 

2, V. a. I aJford. 

Pracceptum, i, n. a precept, maxim, 

Prae-cludo, clusi, clusum, cludere, 3, 

V. a. {claudo),\ shut up against; vuccm 

praecludit metus, fcar makes them 

dumb, stops their croaking ; linyuam 

praecludere, to stop one's moutii. 
Prae-curro, curri or ciicurri, cursum, 

curr^re, 3, v. a. I run before. 
Praeda, ae, f. prey, plunder, booty; 

the i)rize. 
Praeddtor, Oris, m. {praeda), a plun- 

derer, a robber. 
Praido, onis, m. a freebooter, a pirate. 
Prae-fulgeo, fulsi, no sup., fulgere, 2, 

V. n. I shine forth brightly. 
Prae-gusto, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

taste beforc, I am the tirst to taste 



Prof-lucfo, luri, no sup., luffr*, 2, 
V. n. I shinc bcfore; praelucere faci- 
nori, to be a liRht to the impious. 

Prae-m/luo, metiii, no sup., metufre, 3, 
V. a. I fear bcforehand, I anticipate 
witb dread. 

Praemium, ii, n. a reward. 

Prae-p'iuo, pfisui, piSaltum, pOnirf, 3, 
V. a. I prefer. 

Prae-setn, tis, adj. {praesum), presenf. 

Prae-ai^ntia, ae, t. presence, a visiblc 

Prae-sipe, ia, n. a manircr, a Rtall. 

Prae-sti, aidis, m. and f. onc who sit-s 
bcforo, tniards, takcs ciirc of. 

Prae-sidium, li, n. [praeses), ^ard, 
protcction, dcfcncc ; facili praesidio, 
undcr a protcction casily found. 

Prae-sto, stiti, stitum or stdtum, sttlre, 
1, V. a. I perfnrm, rcsume my ordi- 
nary routine of business ; talis prae- 
ttatur sapor, »uch is the taatc wnr- 
ranted to be ; praeslem ros tutas, 
can nccure you ; quod praestiterint, 
bccau-ic thcT had affordcd. 

lyae-sum, fui, e.^se, v. n., c. dat. I am 
bcforc ; I am »ct ovcr, preside ovcr. 

Praeler, prp. c. acc. c.xccpt. 

Praetir-eo, iri or ii, itum, Jre, v. irreg. 
I pajw by, omit. 

Prae-rdleo, ralui, ralere, 2, T. n. I am 
of morc value or worth, I cxccl, «ur- 
pa».», am bcttcr. 

Ih-dtum, t, n. a mcadow. 

Prdrus, a, um, adj. wicked, InBldlous; 
praro fariirr, by inipropcr prcpossc»- 
olon in favour of onc. 

Praxitftrs, is, m. rraxitclc!i, a famous 

Pricis, i, em, e, f. fpl. preces, preeiim, 
precibtis), apraycr, cntrcaty ; preccs 
admorrre, to cntrcat camcstly. 

Prfmo, pressi, presfum, prfmfre, 8, 
V. a. I prcfw ; I opprcw, ufflict ; pre- 
mere rocem, to cca»c brnying. 

Prrndn — pre-hendo, hendi, hensum, 
hrndfre, 3, r. n. I nclzc, catch. 

PriliSfut, a, um, ndj. prccioun, valuoble. 

Pr/lium, ii, n. Ihc price ; n rcward ; 
illirere prrtin, to tcinpt thcm by u 
I cward ; prrtium ett oprrae, It in 
worth whllr; prelii cii;iidiis, nmbi- 
tiouii of |x>««c«mnK » tliiiiu of tliy 
vnluc; Liitinis dum mnnrliil prrtium 
lilleris, n* lonK iw Itomnn litcrnturc 
nhall \tf hcld in cntrom. 

Primn, ndr. Iii thc Mrnt pl.icc. 

Primum, nilv. tlr<t of nll. 

Primiui, a, um, mlj. flrot. 

I. Prinrep», rlpis, in. l"rincrp«, a propcr 
nanir; but, lii ordcr to romprphrnd 
tho p<in, |! ouKht to bc trannlutcd 
Prince In 5, 7, ■! nnd 17. 

M. Ptincepi, cfpii, c. g. a prlncc or 

Princfpatus, <U, m. dominion ; de prin- 

cipatu, for the supcriorily or govcrn- 

mcnt ; in principatu commutando, 

in changing thc form of govcmment, 

or of the govcrnors. 
Prior, ut, adj. formcr, first; priorcs, 

anccstors, predcccssors. 
Priitinut, a, um, adj. ancient, fonuer. 
Prius, adv. bcforc, formcrly. 
Prirdtus, a, um, adj. private ; confined, 

narrow, Umitcd, contracted; prirata 

utilitas, sclfi.*hncss. 
Pririit, a, um, adj. propcr, pcculiar ; 

colorque prirut, his peculiar way or 

Pro, prp. c. abl. {vfi, Sansc. pra), for; 

pro re domini, for my muster's inte- 

rcst ; projudicio erroris siii, in vlndi- 

cation of thcir crroneous Judgment. 
Prilho, (Iri, dtum, Sre, 1, v. a. I prove. 
Priicax, dcis, adj. miuey, |)ctulunt. 
PrCi cido, cessi, cessum, cfdire, 3, T. a. 

I advancc, proceed. 
Pro-ctlris, e, adj. pronc, sufncicntly 

Pni-cul, ad V. (oeulua), afar, at a distance. 
PrO-culco, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

trample upon. 
Priid-eo, In or ii, ttum, ire, v. irrog. 

[pro{d)eo], I go or come forth. 
PrO-do, diai, ditiim, dfre, 3, v. a. I 

dcllvcr, hand down ; I publish. 
Proelium, ii, n. a bnttlc. 
Prfi-frclo, udv. [proficio), inderd, truly, 

Pru-ffro, tiili, Idtum, ferre, v. Irreg. I 

brlng out, prmlucc, cxhihit ; I raisc ; 

1 put forth ; I briiiK forwurd, I pub- 

lish, I announcc iuiMicly. 
Pro-ffcin, frci, frctum, 3, V. a. I ad- 

vnncc, mnkc progrcns. 
Prii-flteor, frssus, fitfri, 2, v. dep. n. 1 

dcclnrc opcnly ; I pronii!«c, undcrtakc. 
Pr(>-fiiyio,filgi,fHg\tum, fHgfre, 3, v. o. 

I run nway, I cscanc. 
PrCi gfnirs, H, f. Ijfrnus), racc, ofT- 

i«pring, projfcny, hrood. 
Pro-ijrfdior, grrsstis, grfdi, 3, V. dep. 

{gradior), 1 advnnrc, procce<l. 
Priilri, is, (. offitprlng. 
Prii-I^iiuor, Itlqiiutiis or lociltus, IHqui, 

3, r. drp. I dcclurc, I uttcr frccly. 
l'rii mittii, ml»i, missum, miltfre, 3, 

V. a. I promlM'. 
Prii-mSreo, muri, motum, morfre, 2, 

V. a. 1 advuncr. 
Pri^pf, udv. nlKh, hnrd by. 
Pritpfro, dri, lUum, dre, 1, v. a. I hastcn. 
PrApior, us, nilj. ncnrcr. 
prii pono, pdiiii, f>6iltum, ponfre, 3, v. a. 

I propow. 
/•/■(. piitlliim, i, n. {proponn), n purpow, 

dr^iKn ; a |>ro|i<Miltlon, oplnlon. 
JPropriiii, n, um, nilj. proiwr, |>cculiar, 

one's own. 



I. Propter, prp. c. acc. for, becanse of, 
on account of. 

II. Propler, adv. near, close by, at 

Prorsus, adv. altogether, quite, en- 

Pro-siquor, s?quutus or secuius, segui, 3, 

V. dep. I foUow ; I proceed; I address. 
Pro-specto, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I 

look at. 
Pro-spicio, spexi, spectum, spicSre, 3, 

V. a. I have a view of ; 1 look out, 

Pro-sterno, strdvi, strdtum, sternSre, 3, 

v. a. ; se prostemere, lo fall prostrate. 
Pro-sum, prO-fui, prOd-esse, v. irreg. I 

do good. 
Pr6-tir>us, adv. instantly, at once. 
Pro-triido, trusi, tnlsum, trudire, 3, v. a. 

I thrust forward, push headlong. 
PrO-vdco, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I call 

forth, call out. 
PrO-volo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I fly 

forth or out. 
Proxlmus, a, um, adj. nearest, next. 
Prudens, iis, adj. prudent, wise, discreet. 
Priidentia, ae, f. skill, art. 
Pudet, pitdiiit or ptiditum est, pudere, 

2, V. impers. it ashames. 

Piidor, Oris, m. modcsty ; the modest. 
Puella, ae, f. (puer), a girl, maiden. 
Puer, i, m. a. boy. 

Puerlitter, adv. childishly, as children. 
Pugna, ae, f. a fight, a contest, a battle. 
Pulcher, chra, cAr«m, ndj. fair, beautiful. 
Pulchre, adv. (comp. pulchritis, superl. 

pidcherrime), fincly ; nosset quum 

pulcherrime, as it (the wasp) very 

well knew. 
Pullus, i, m. the young (of any animal). 
Pulmentdrium, ii, n. dainties, scraps. 
Pulpitum, i, n. the stage (in a theatre). 
Pulvis, irii, m. rar. f., dust. 
Punctum, i, n. a prick or sting, a point. 
Pungo, piipiiffi, punctum, punggrc, 3, 

V. a. I prick, sting. 
Punio, punlvi, punttum, pimtre, 4, v. a. ; 

and punior, punittis, punlri, 4, v. 

dep. I punish. 
Purgo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I rid, I 

Piiteus, i, m. a well, a pit. 
Piito, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I think. 
Pycta OT pyctes, ae, m. a boxer. 

Qud, adv, wherever, which way, as far 

Quadrans, tis, m. a farthinp. 
Quaero, quarslri, quaesitum, quaerfre, 

3, V. a. I seek ; I ask, inquire ; quae- 
ritur, is attcmpted. 

Quaeso, v. def. I pray. 
Quaeitio, unis, f. a question. 

Qtiaestus, fis, m. gain. 
Qudlis, e, adj. of what kind. 
Quam, conj. and adv. than ; how. 
Quam-libet, adv. as you will or please. 
Qiuim-vis, conj. although ; qtiamvis 

sttblimes, pcople however high ; 

quamvis diynum, very deserving. 
Qtiando, adj. when ; since. 
Quanto, adv. how much, byhowmuch. 
Qtiatittis, a, tim, adj. how great, how 

much ; qunnta res ! what a jewel ! 

what a prccious article ! 
Qtia-propter, adv. wherefore. 
Qtid-re, adv. why, wherefore. 
Qunrttis, n, lan, adj. fourth. 
Quii-sl, adv. as if, as though. 
Quercus, tls, f. an oak. 
Quirela, ae, f. a complaint ; ad qtiere- 

Inm recidat, end in coniplaint. 
Qtieror, qiiestus, qtieri, 3, v. dep. I com- 

Questus, us, m. a complaint. 

I. Qtii, qiiae, qtiod, pron. rel. who, 
which, that. 

II. Qui, adv. how. 
Qtiia, conj. because. 

Qtii-ctmque, qtiae-ctmqite, quod-cunque, 

pron. whosoever, whatsoever. 
Qui-dam, quae-dam, qtiod-dam or qtiid- 

dam, pron. a certain one, some. 
Qtii-dem, adv. indecd, truly. 
Quiesco, qttievi, quietum, qtiiesccre, 3, 

V. n. I rest, 1 am quiet. 
Qtiiettts, a, vm, adj. quiet, at peace. 
Quippe, adv. as being, because. 
Qttis, qtine, qiiod or quid, interrog. pron. 

who ? which ? what ? quid ! why ? 
Qiiis-nam, qttne-nnm, qtwd-nam or qttid- 

qttam, pron. who ? what? 
Quis-qunm, qtiae-quam, qttid-qtiam or 

quic-quam, pron. any one, anything ; 

qutdquam, in any resppct. 
Quis-que, quae-que, qtiod-qtie or qtiid- 

qtie, pron. every. 
Quis-quis, no f., qtiid-quid or qutc-quid, 

pron. whoevcr, «hatever. 
Qiii-vis, qttae-vis, qiind-vis or qtiid-vis, 

pron. any one you please. 

I. Qtio, conj. that, to the end that. 

II. Qito, adv. whithcr, to what place; 
anywhere ; to what end. 

Quod, conj. because, whereas ; quod si, 

but if. 
Quon-dam, adv. formcrly, once before. 
Quon-iam, conj. bccause that, Bince. 
Qu3-que, conj. also. 
Quoi, indccl. liow many. 
Qtioti-die, adv. daily. 
Quum, conj. when. 


PdmOsus, a, iim, adj. {ramus), branchy. 
lidmus, i, m. a bough, a branch. 
Rdna, ae, f. a frog. 



Kiiplna, ae, f. rapinc ; rapinam ritaii.i, 

avoidinp being robbed. 
Ripio, rapui, raptum, rapfrt, 3, T. a. 

I «natch, I carry awiiy by foree ; I 

Btf.-il ; to raise, rlcvate ha.«tity ; 

raprre ad te, to apply lo himself. 
Raplor, Oris, m. plundcrcr, bird of 

JitJrus, a, um, adj. rarc, «carce, few. 
Jiiiliii, Onis, f. {rfor\ rc;ison ; cerla 

riitio, inuture rctlpction. 
RiStiM, M, f. a ^hlp, raft. 
Ilattif, II, i/m, p-A. ; adj. reckoned. 
Rf-, in"op. prp. down, bjick, in return. 
lUriilo, ciili, ciisum, cldire, 3, v. n. 

Ii-.iilo), I f.ill b.ick. 
lU ci/'iii, ci-/)i, crptum, elplre, 8, t. a. 

(eiipio\ I reccivc, take back ; 1 takc, 

adniit into. 
Rfctii, adv. dircctly, in a straight 

Ri-cumho, eilbui, eCbXtum, cumbire, 3, 

V. a. I rcclinc. 
R/-CU30, «iri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. (eausa), 

I rcfu.^; damnuin haud recutant, 

do not rcKTCt tho Iom. 
llrd-do, didi, ditum, dfre, 8, v. a. 

' re^d^do], 1 rtndcr, rc«torc, pay ; red- 

dat amicit tempora, rcturn thc vinile 

of fricnds ; praemium ut reddat, that 

you would fp-iint thc rcward. 
Rid-en, ici or ii, itiiin, irr, v. irrcff. I 

rcturn ; redire in gratiam, \o bc rc- 

Uf diici), duxi, duclum, ducfre, 3, v. a. 

I hrini; biick. 
/,:, fi-llo, felli, no dup., felllre, 8, v. a. 

ifilli)), I rcfute, confutc. 
l:i'-f^ro, tiili, liltum, frrre, v. Irrcg. I 

brinK back, I rciiuitc ; I mentlon ; I 

/,'(' frl, V. impcrs. (/rro), It conccm». 
Ilf-firio, fici, fcliiin, ficfre, 3, v. a. 

(ficio), I rcfri--li, rccruit, rccover. 
liri/no, liri, iJtuin, dre, \, v. a. I rctKi>i 

i aiii kinfr. 
Itr./uiim, i. n. B klnedom. 

Av • '■ ••-' •• ' ■ '•■•:*,/('£», I 

^•ct, rulc). 

lU /i»v" 

. .,■■.■•, 8, V. n. 
K, rcjcct ; I dl»- 


u/r, 1, T. a. I relax, 

Itijl, leclum, legfre, 3, ». a. 

t,„k l,.-,,n I,,..,,. I,,- ,,|,^,. 

"i ' .,'lon ; mea 

, iin 

.. .;...., iinqutrt, 8, 

Rf-mfdium, ii, n. {mtdeor), a rcmc<iy, 

a cure. 
Reor, riitus siiin, 2, v. dcp. a. {iit, 

.San.«c. ru, to sound), 1 »p<-ak, »ay. 
IU-pcllo, pHli, pulsum, pellfre, 3, v. a. 

I repcl, rcpulRC, confutc. 
Rf-liendo, pendi, prn.tum, pendfre, 8, 

V. a. I repay, I rcquitc, I rccompcnse. 
Rfpens, lis, adj. (repo, I crccp), crcep- 

inff, unoxpccted. 
IU/>ente, adv. (repens), suddcnly and 

Rf-pfrio, pi'ri, perfum, prrSre., 4, T. a. 

(pario), I tind ; I invcnt. 
Rf-pfto, petici, petitum, pettre, 8, T. a. 

1 repeat. 
Rl plro, pUri, pletuin, plere, 2, T. a. 

I trn. 

Rf-posco, pliposci, no »up., poscfre, 3, 

T. a. I rcquire, I dcmand bnck. 
Rhprehendo, prehnidi, prrhrnsum,pre- 

hendfre, 3, v. a. I scizc Hfpiin, rocover. 
Rf-puha, ae, f. a rcpuUe. 
Jii^ i/iiiro, qiiisiri, ouiailiiin, qiiUfre, 3, 

V. a. I iu)k for, I Inquirc for. 
Rrs, rfi, t. a thinK ; lciuion, inntruction ; 

pro rc, for thc intorcnt ; rc, for it» 

own sake ; res domcstica, family 

conccrn» ; qunnta res! how prcciouit ! 
Rf-sXdeo, sidi, no Bup., sid/re, 2, v. a. 

(sedeo), I nit down, ]>erch ujHin. 
/iV itduus, a, um, adj. rcmaiiiiMK. 
J{f sisto, stili, ifitum, sislire, 3, v. a. I 

«tand Btill. 
Jif-sdno, tdnui, soniire, I, v. n. I rcnound. 
Rr-spectus, ils, m. (fpeeio), a looklng 

Rr-tpondeo, tpondi, tponsum, ipondlre, 

'1, V. a. I oniiwcr. 
Re-spoiisum, i, n. {retpondeo), n roply. 
Rr-slMuo, tlitui, tlitoium, ttitufre, S, 

V. n. (staliio), I roKlorc. 
U/ triido, tendi, tmsiim or trntum, 

tendfre, 3, V. n. I unbend. 
Ri' tlneo, tinui, trntum, tinlre, 2, T. a. I 

liold bnck, rctuin. 
R/ torridiis, II, um, ntlj. «hrivcllcU, 

„ ,,),. ,...1 ■ . . .f,, ..1,1 wir.en. 

I I.-..VO. 

lU Itifiiiar, iirum, t. pl. rrinnanta, n- 

lU-llquiu, a, um, ndj. rrmnlnlnK, tho 

rrst ; otbrt. 

./.'fi-, 3, V. n. 

Rriii, I, m. onr iiccukixI, n rrimlnal. 
Rf irrtor, rersut, rerli, 3, v. dep, I 

/ . iltum, Are, 1, v. n. I call 


.-■„„- nLI,,^. 


I nlirulouiily ; 

. , .-. :, .iif, morc 'in 

jfnt Uiiiii III fnriiml. 

Riaeo, I ii/iii, no »up., rigiri, %, v. n 

I niii Kliir, rlKld. 
Riiiit, Ot, ni. (ndeo), n lauilh. 
Jllcus, i, m. n rlTcr, a ilvulat. 



Rodo, rosi, rOmin, rod&e, 3, v. a. I 

Rogo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I ask, I 

reqnest, begr. 
Rijma, ae, f. Kome, the capital of Italy. 
Hostrum, i, n. a bill, a beak. 
Fiudis, e, adj. rude, i^orant; «o» 

rudis, not inexperienced. 
Riiga, ae, f. {pvTi;, from *pau, l^Cu, I 

draw together), a wrinkle. 
RugGsus, a, um, adj. {ruga), wrinkled. 
Ruinn, ae, f. a fall, downfall, ruin. 
RCimor, Oris, va. a rumour, a report. 
Rumpo, rupi, ruptum, rumpSre, 3, v. a. 

I burst, break. 
Ruo, rui, ruttum, ruHre, 3, v. a. I fall, 

I tumble down, 2, 6, 3. 
Rursus, adv. again. 
Rils, ruris, n. the field, fields, country. 

I. Rusticus, a, um, adj. {rus), homelv, 
clownish, rustic. 

II. Rusticus, i, m. a countryman, a 
pcasant, a rustic. 

Saccus, I, m. {(raxxe;), a sack. 

Siicer, sacra, sacrvm, adj. {ayio;), holy. 

Sacri-ligium, ii, n. {sacer, lego), sacri- 

Sacrum, i, n. {sacer), a sacrifice, a thing 

Sa^pl, adv. (comp. saepius, superl. 

saepisstme), often. 
Saevio, snevlvi, saevitum, saevire, 4, 

v. a. I am angry, I rage. 
Saevus, a, um, adj. cruel, fierce. 
Sal, siilis, m. rar. n. salt ; wit. 
Sdlio, sdlui and sdlii, saltum, saUre, 

4, V. n. I leap. 
Salsus, a, um, adj. saltcd, salt, brackish. 
Salto, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I dance. 
Saltus, iis, m. a leap ; a forest. 
Srilus, utis, t. health, safety ; the reco- 

very of one's liealth. 
Sdlilto, dvi, dtnm, dre, 1, v. a. I salute. 
Salvus, a, «m, adj. safe, well. 
Satictus, a, um, adj. holy, august, 

Sane, adv. {sanus), indced, truly. 
Banguis, inis, m. blood. 
SdnXtas, dtis, t. soundness ; imder- 

gtanding, sanity. 
Sdnus, a, um, adj. (iraof), sound in 

health, healthy, well, whole ; sane. 
Sapiins, tis, adj. {sapio), wL-ie. 
Sd/ii''nlia, ae, f. wisdom. 
Sdpio, sapui, no sup., sapSre, 3, v. n. I 

Sdpor, Oris, m. taste, relish. 
Sarcina, ae, f. a bundle, burdcn. 
Sdtio, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I satiate, 

Sitis, adv. (Sansc. aadhu, full), enough, 


Sdtis-flicio, feci, factum, facire, 3, v. a. 

I (lischarge my duty ; I satisfy. 
Sdtor, Oris, m. {sero), a father; creator, 

Saucio, dvi, dtum, dre, \, v. a. I wound, 

cut, I inflict a wound. 
Saxum, i, n. a large stone, a rock. 
Scando, scandi, scausum, scandere, 3.. 

V. a. I climb. 
ScSlcsfus, a, um, adj.profligate, wicked; 

scelesta malitia, with accurscd ma- 

Sci;lus, Iris, n. profligacy, villainy. 
Sccna, ae, f. the stage, the theatre. 
Schola, ae, f. ((r;^;oX-/i}, a school. 
Sci-ltcet, artv. truly, indeed, forsooth. 
Scio, scivi, scJtum, scJre, 4, v. a. I know, 

design, intend. 
Scopiiliis, i, m. a rugged rock, a cliff. 
Scrlbo, scripsi, scrlptum, scrlbcre, 3, 

V. a. I -«Tite. 
Scriptum, i, n. {scriho), a writing. 
Scrator, scrutdtus, scrutdri, 1, v. dep. I 

search, I rummage, explore. 
Scurra, ae, m. a buttoon, a mimic. 
Scj/phus, i, m. a cup, a bowl. 
Scytha, ae, m. a Scythian. 
Secretum, i, n. a secret place. 
Secretus, a, um, adj. secret, private, 

Secitlum, i, n. an age. 
Secundo, adv. secondly. 
Secundus, a, um, adj. second ; prosper- 

ous ; favourable. 
Secilrus, a, um, adj. securc; ancon- 

cerned, casy, composed. 
Sed, conj. but. 
Sideo, sedi, sessum, sedere, 2, v. n. I 

Sedes, is, f. a seat, a habitation. 
Sedo, avi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I mitigate, 

allay ; I quench ; I lay. 
Segnis, e, adj. slothful, slow. 
Sejdmis, i, m. Sejanus, prime minister 

of Tiberius. 
Sella, ae, f. a seat ; sella prima, on the 

front seat. 
Scmel, adv. once. 
Semi-dninius, a, um; or semi-dmmis, e, 

adj. half-dead. 
Semita, ae, t. a by- or foot-path. 
Semper, adv. always. 
Setulrius, a, um, adj. of six ; senarius 

versus, a line consisting of six feet, 
Senecta, ae, f. old age. 
Shiex, sinis, adj. old; subst. an old 

Senium, ii, n. {scnex), old age ; 

peevishncsg, feebleness, distress. 
Sensim, adv. imperceptibly, moderately. 
Sensus, xis, m. sense ; fecling, taste. 
Sententia, ae, f. {sentio), an opinion, 

sentence, judgment ; the chorus of 

a song ; dixisse sententiam, to havg 

pronounced Bcntcncc. 



Sentio, lenti, tenmm, teHfirt, 4, T. ii. 

I fcel, perceiTc. 
Slftior, tfqufitus or tfcutta, liqui, S, 

T. dpp. I follow, bclonp to. 
Sfrfnut, a, um, adj. scrcne, calm, 

Sfrmo, unis, m. »pcech, conTcrnation. 
Sfro, irrui, Mertum, srr/re, 3, t. a. 

(i'(M), I bind, Join togclher, coonect. 
•S?rui, a, um, adj. lutc. 
Serrio, trrriri, territum, tervire, 4, 

T. n. I ^crvc, am a slavo. 
Serritut, Otis, f. [serrus), slaTcry ; a 

boing dcpcndcnl. 
Serru, tlci, dtum, are, 1, T. a. I naTC, 

prc»crvc, watch, takc carc of: I ob- 

ftcrvc faithfuUy, krcp, maintain. 
SerTiiliu, I, m. a' littlc or contcmptiblc 

Serviu, t, m. a iilaTe. 
Sftf, Bcc. and abl. of txti, which see. 
Sftutiu, a, um, adj. bristly. 
Slreritat, lilit, f. ncTcrity, rlgour. 
Sex, indccl. num. udj. nix. 
Sex centiet, adv. nix humlrcd timc*. 
Si, conj. if ; «incc, nincc indccd. 
Sle, adv. ito, lhu«, in ihla ur »uch a 

Sir-iihi, adT. if in any placc. 
Siruliu, a, um, adj. .Sicilian. 
Sidiit, frit, n. a Ktar. 
Signi Jlco, (jri, dtum, Are, 1, t. a. (tia- 

num, /iieio), I Ki\e ■ hint of, si^lfjr, 

inllmatc, imply. 
Sii/num, i, n. a liKn, itandard, aignal ; 

iin cnniini. 
Silrulium, li, n. Rllcncc. 
Silfo, tiliii, no lup., lilfre, 3, t. n. I 

am nlrnt. 
.Silra, ae, f. a wood, foreiit. 
.Similit, e, ailj. likc, nimilar. 
Stmitilrr, ailv. (conip. ttmlUiit, RUperl. 

limillimrj, in llkc manncr ; mullo 

itmiliia, niuch ninre ac< urutrly. 
iVimiuj, II, m. a iii<>nkry, .>n n|ic. 
Sim^midfi, u, m. Simonidc*, an cmi- 

nrnt lync |>ocl. 
Simplrs, (rij, ailj. Rlmplc. 
SimpUeilrr, adv. (»iifip(rx), «Implr, 

«incrrrly, candnlly. 
Slmul, :i>lv. ut ttir luiinr tlmr, tO)(rther; 

ai iM><<ii ii«, whrncTcr. 
SimCl-nr, uiIt. o* Kmn ai), whrnrvrr. 
iS'iniii/<J<-rum, i, n. an ImaKr, a nhB- 

Simiilo, Ari, dtiim, iJrr, I, t. a. I pr«- 

Irnil, frlirn, «Imulatr. 
Sin, r«nj. but )f; iin aulrm, but If; 

«in aulem mtntu, but If not, but If 

Siiirfriii, ii, iim, B<lj [nnf cera, « Ithout 

W4X), piirr, iitK-onlainlnatrd, «tn 

erro ; lm|Mirtii>l. 
Sinr, nrp. c. abl. (tino), wlthnut. 
binifiUut, a, um, adj. mora comnionly 

uacd In tho plural, tinfuii, ae, 4, 

one by onc, cach, cvery. 
SlHister, tra, trum, adj. left, on the 

lcfl ; unlucky, moiiciuus. 
Sino, «iri and sii, lilum, linire, 3, T. a. 

I «uffcr, pcrnut, allow, I leaTe. 
5inon, 6nit, m. Sinon, the name of a 

trcachcrous Grcck. 
Siniu, iit, m. the bosom ; the fold 

which the toga or imlUum formcd 

upon thc wcarcr'» brcost ; a bay. 
Si-quii, qtia, qiiod or quid, pron. if any. 
Sitio, titiri, iititum, iilirt, \, t. n. 

(litii), I am thirsty. 
Sitii, ii, f. (acc. im, abl. i), thint. 
Si-re, conj. or; lict — lire, whethcr — 

Siciftat^ itit, f. partncrship, alliance. 
Siiciiu, ti, m. a purlnir, an uMwiciutc. 
Sorr&tft, it, m. Snrutri», un cminriil 

and celcbrutcd .Xthiniun philosophrr. 
Sol, lOlu, ro. the sun ; nicdKi lole, ul 

Soliitium, ii, n. comfort, consolation. 
SAlfO, jrt/lfiM, s'-!;-rr, 2, v. n. 1 ain 

wont, 1 aiii arcuotumcil ; ut JUri 

loltt, os U!>ually buppcns. 
SOlrrtia, ar, f. ' sagucity, Ingenuitjr, 

tact, addrcMi. 
Silidiu, a, um, adj. solid, oomplete, 

SiUrmnit, r, uilj. usual, coinmnn. 
Silliciliu, a, uni, ailj, carefiil, sollciton», 

Suliu, a, tim, adj. alonr. 
Sulro, lolci, lOliUiim, tolr/rr, 3, T. ■. 

I loiioc, untir ; I brrak Iuom ; I pay. 
.'iiiinniij, i, m. slrrp, slumbrr. 
S^X-pfi, pfdii, m. a hume, a coaner. 
S6no, lonui, lonltum, lonilrt, 1, v. a. I 

Sdniu, i, m. a aoand. 
Si^phtu, i, m. a wisc man, a philooophcr. 
•Sof 6r<i, jorAiii, 3, T. a. (^«C)i«, ^io, 

froni .Sunsr. rw, ti> souidI), I swallow 

anytliinK tluid,itii|i, 'uik iu,drlnk up> 
SorhHio, Cnu, f. (mrhfu), broth. 
Sordldui, a, um, ndj. •ordld, meon, 

Spiirgo, iparii, iparsiim, tpargfrr, 8, 

T. a. 1 •cattcr, dllfiise ; exhalo, 

SpAttum, II, n. ■parr ; space uf tlroe. 
SpteUi, f; f. Iiriiuty. 
Mhio, ipfTi, ii>reliim, 3, T. a. I siiy, M«. 
AMe/<}ri;.'i."<, 1. n. s nhow, onrxhlbttlun. 
Amc/'! • siirotntur. 

Sptcl ■irr, I, T. a. I vlew, 

brl, ilr. 

Spfrulum, I, II. 11 iiilrror. 

Si^cui, tit, m. ur f. a den, ruvr, lurk- 

InK pUre. 
Spflunea, ae, f. a caTr, e den. 
Sp*i, /i, f. hope, ex|H<ct«ttaa. 



Spintus, tM, m. breath; life; existence; 

spirit, soul. 
Spletuteo, spleiidui, no sup., tplendere, 

2, V. n. I shine. 
Splendor, oris, m. splendour, di^ity. 
Spdlio, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I spoil, 

Spondeo, spopondi, sponsum, spotidere, 

2, V. a. 1 make a solemn promise ; 1 

become surety for one ; vocare spon- 

sum = ad spondendum, to ask one to 

become security for, or to bail us. 
Sponsor, Oris, m. a surety. 
Spumo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I foam. 
Stagnum, i, n. standing-water, a pool. 
Statim, adv. immediately, soon. 
Statio, onis, f. a station, abode. 
Statua, ae, f. a statue. 
Statuo, statui, stalutum, statuh-e, 3, 

V. a. I fix, set, put. 
StercHtinum, stercuUnium or sterquxti- 

nium, ii, n. a dunghill. 
Stercus, oris, n. dung. 
Stirtlis, e, adj. barren, unfruitful. 
Stilus, i, m. stylc. 
Sto, steti, stdtum, stdre, 1, v. n. I 

stand ; I approach, come out boldly. 
Slrdmentum, i, n. straw, litter. 
Strigo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. n. I take 

breath, rest. 
Strdpha, ae, f. a sly eva.sion, quackery ; 

verbosis strophis, by deceitful ha- 

Struo, struxi, structum, struire, 3, v. a. 

I join together ; I raise. 
Studeo, studui, no sup., studere, 2, 

V. a. I study, desire, endeavour. 
StOdiose, adv. diligently. 
StOdium, ii, n. study ; the fruit of study. 
Stulte, adv. foolishly. 
Stultltia, ae, f. foUy, credulity. 
Stultus, a, um, adj. foolish; stulta cre- 

dulitas, the weakly credulous. 
StHpor, oris, m. stupidity, dulness. 
Suddeo, suasi, stuisum, suadere, 2, v. a. 

I advise. 
Sudvis, e, adj. sweet. 
Sub, prp. c. abl. and c. acc. under. 
Sub-dolus, a, um, adj. deccitful, crafty. 
Sab-inde, adv. frequently, now and then. 
Sub-ito, adv. suddenly. 
Sub-itus, a, um, adj. sudden. 
Sub-jicio, jeci, jectum, jicire, 3, v. a. 

{jacio), I put below ; subjecti versus, 

the foUowing verses. 
Subtimis, e, adj. high, lofty ; in sub- 

lime, on high. 
Sitb-mdveo, mOvi, mOtum, mSvere, 2, 

V. a. I remove. 
Sub-ripio, ripui, reptum, ripire, S, v. a. 

{rapio), I steal. 
SM-ndium, ii, n. help, support, aid. 
Sub-sum, no perf., esse, v. irreg. I am 

Suc-cetsu», Us, m, succesg. 

8uc-cumbo, ciibut, ciibitum, ctitnhfn, 

3, V. a. I sink under, yield, confess 

Suc-curro, curri, cursum, currgre, 3, 

V. a. I run to one's assistance, suc- 

cour, help. 
Sudor, uris, m. sweat, perspiration. 
Sui, sibi, se or sese, pron. of himself, 

herself, itself, themselves ; ad se, to 

his own house. 
Sum, fui, esse, v. irreg. I am ; quorum 

sunt duae laudis, whose are two- 

thirds of the glory ; quidtiam Jutu- 

rum est .' what shall beconie of us ? 
Summus, a, um, adj. (superl. ofsuperus), 

highest, greatest, utmost, supreme; 

summo monte, on the top of the 

Sumo, sumpsi, sumptum, sumire, 3, v. a. 

I take. 
Siiper, prp. c. acc. and c. abl. on, upon ; 

above ; moreover. 
Siiperbia, ae, f. pride. 
Siiperbio, superblvi, superKtum, super- 

bire, 4, v. n. I ani proud. 
Siiperbus, a, vm, adj. haughty, prond. 
Siipiti, orutn, m. pl. the gods. 
SHpirior, us, adj. (comp. of supents), 

SiipMus, adv. above, further up. 
Super-sum,fui, esse, v. irreg. I remain ; 

quod superfuit, the only altemative. 
Siipcrus, a, utii, adj. {super), higher. 
Sup-plex, icis, adj. {sub, plico), sup- 

Supra, prp. c. acc. beyond, above. 
Sus, suis, c. g. a boar, a sow. 
Suscito, uci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I set 

up, raise. 
Sus-pendo, pendi, pensum, pendire, 3, 

V. a. I hang up ; suspeiiso pede, with 

a Boft or gentle step, on tiptoe. 
Sus-picio, Otiis, f. suspicion. 
Sus-titieo, tinui, tetitum, tinere, 2, v. a. 

I sustain, support, bear, endure, 

suflfer ; sustinere spiritum, to support 

life ; sustine, have patience. 
Sutor, Oris, m. a shocmaker. 
Suus, a, tim, adj. pron. his own, her 

own, its or their own ; cum suis, 

with their young. 

Taberna, ae, f. a shop; an inn, a tavem. 
THbiila, ae, f. a table ; a picture. 
Taceo, tacui, tacittim, tacere, 2, v. n. I 

hold my peace, I am silent. 
Tacite, adv. silently. 
Tdcitus, a, um, adj". silent ; private. 
Tdlis, e, adj. such, such like. 
Tam, adv. so. 
JZmeti, adv. and conj. neverthelesB, 

yct, however. 
Tandetn, adv. at lcngth. 
Tuiij/i', tCliyi, tactum, tangire, 3, Y. 0. 



I toucb ; Uteia invidia, Jcalous or 

cnviou» of. 
Tantum, adr. only. 
Tantunt-mddo, adv. only. 
Tantua, a, um, adj. so much, so in^cat ; 

nnn esl tanti, is not of such Im- 

Tiinlmt, a, um, adj. glow, lazT. 
Tartnreus, a, um, adj. "fartarcan, 

Taunu, i, m. a bull. 
Tfctum, I, n. {tego), a roof, a house, 

dwcUirp, habitation. 
Tfijo, texi, tectum, teglre, 3, v. a. 1 

covcr, conccal. 
Telum, i, n. a missilc, n dart, Javctin. 
TimMtas, dlit, t. foolbardlncss, ra.-ib- 

77 »10, onif, m. the polo of a chariot. 
Templrdttts, a, um, adj. moderatc, 

Temptro, ihi, ulum, lire, 1, v. a. 1 

tcinpcr, gijvcrn, (fuldc, manage. 
Tempestat, dtis, f. a storin, a tcmpest. 
Temphim, i, n. a tcmplc. 
Tempiu, dris, n. tiino ; adrerso lem- 

pore, in di^trcs» ; ilicto tempnre fa- 

torum, ot tho timc dctcrmincd or 

dccrccd by tbe Fatcs. 
Tenrlo, tfteniii, tcn.num or tentum, ten- 

lUre, 3, V. u. I bcnil, strctcb ; ten- 

drre dolot, to lav snarcn. 
Ttn/brae, drum, {. pl. darkncM. 
Tineo, trnui, trntum, trnrre, 2, V. a. 1 

bold ; I Mi-|>riiil ; f.inir mentes tenrt, 

prcjudlcc hiys hold of thcir mind". 
Ttnrr, fra, frum, adj. tcndcr. 
Tento, dci, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I fccl ; 

I try. 
TfniUtas, dtia, f. slcndcrncs*; povcrty, 

in'liifcnw ; tlic jiiMir. 
Tergum, i, n. thc kick. 
Ttrqui, uria, n. the hide ; the carcasn ; 

dtciao tergore, havinir dividc<l tho 

TVrmfnii.f, i, m. a limit, a bound ; ala- 

ttiere trrminum, to concludo. 
7V/0, triri, tritum, tfrfrr, 3, V. ii. I 

rub, wcar awuy ; tritiu, mucb WDrii, 

Terrn, ae, f. thc cartb, thc (rronnd. 
Terrro, Irrrui, trrrilum, lirrrre, 2, v. .i. 

tcrriry, I utrriKht. 
Trrror, urn, m. torror. 
TrrtiuM, a, iiin, ndj. thc Ihlrd. 
Trtta, ar, t. ciirlhrii %)h«c1, |>ot, jar. 
Trtllmnnium, ii, n. cvidcncc, tOKtl- 

TrntiM, iM, c. ir. n witncii*. 
1'rMtor, trtlillu», lenlAri, I, T. di'p. I 

licar wltnoB to, I tcntlfy. 
TrMindo, hiiM, f. a tortolnc. 
Theiilrum, i, n. a tbcatrc. 
ThtMauria, i, m. a trcanarr, 
TkrMtDliif, n, um, ndj. Thc«» 

Tlireissa, ae, f. a female Thraclan. 
Tilifrius, ii, m. Tiborius, thc cmpcror. 
Tihia, ae, f. the shiii-bonc ; thc leg ; i 

tliilc, u pipe. 
Ttliicen, icfnis, m. a plper. 
Tii/illum, i, n. a smuU bcam, a raftcr, a 

log of wood. 
Timeo, limui, no sup., timfre, 2, v. n. 1 

fcar ; non est quod timeas, you hiivc 

nothing to fear ; sihi timrnles, apprr- 

hcndinK barm to thcmsclve». 
Timidus, n, um, adj. timid, timorous. 
Timor, Oris, m. fcar; caeco timore, 

blindcd bv fcar. 
Tin^o, tinxi, tinctum, tingire, 8, v. a. 1 

dip, I tincture. 
Tintinndhulum, i, n. a bcll. 
TilHlua, i, m. n tille; talis tiluli arli- 

fex, autlior of a book of a tille simi- 

lar to that of mine. 
ToUo, ausliili, suhlalum, tullgre, 3, v. a. 

I lift up, I tnkc awny ; I raise. 
Tunhru, iis, n. thundcr. 
Tnno, lonui, lonitum, tonilre, 1, v. n. 1 

Torqueo, torsi, lortum, torqutre, 2, v. a. 

I throw witb violcncc; I twist, tor- 

ment, perplex. 
71;^«, a, um, ndj. (iren. toilua, dnt. 

loli), all, wholc ; totis naribus, with 

nll thc might. 
Tnxicum, i, n. |)oison. 
Traclo, lire, 1, v. frcq. a. I drn({. 
'Trii-do, dldi, dllum, dfre, 3, v. n. {trani 

or Tiio, do), I dclivcr; I hand down, 

I transiiiit ; Iradilum esl, thcrc is u 

tradition ; Iradilur, i» rcixirtcd. 
T^ilgicus, a, um, adj. tragic, of a Ini- 

TVilAo, traxi, traclum, Irahfre, 3, v. n. 

I draic, drnw in, Inhnlc ; I K|H>nd, 

Jin-" ; Irahrnt exlremum tpiritum, 

lircatliinK hts liuit, iriuipinR. 
T>-iinseo, lci or li, itutn, ire, T. irreg. 

I clnpsc, pnss hv. 
Trnna-ffro, ttlli, liltiim, ferre, v. irre^, 

1 trunsfcr. 
Tranaldtiiius, n, um, adj. ordlnary, 

Tiipldi', ndv. hastlly, In coiifuiion, 

Tr/indo, <Jri, illum, ilre, 1, v. ». I 

trcmlilc, I nm nnxioiiit to mcupe; I 

rtin ulMuit in Krcat fcar. 
7V-l6uo, Irihui, Irihnium, trihtifre, 3, 

T. n. I ifivc onc liU diic ; I nm tho 

rcwurdiif; I utlrihutc; I licntuw. 
7>'i<'/iiiiiini, ii, n. n illiiliiK-riMun. 
'/'ri.tlii, f, ndj. dUmal, luid, Kloonyi 

iirii'>mlnl'iii« ; dinnKliiiii». 
'1'iiliriim, i, n. wbcut. 
Tiiiiiim, li, n. a jiliirc wbcre tliii-* 

wiivii mrct, n public plncc ; a «triyL 
Triirhln, Avi, flium, Are, I, v. a. I 




TVflrfo, friisi, trusum, trudtre, 3, v. a. I 

thrust, push, shove. 
J\i, lui, iibi, te, pron. thon. 
Tueor, tHtus or tuitus, tueri, 2, v. dep. 

I defend by watching, I guard. 
2%ur»"um, ii, n. a cottage, hut ; a 

Fum, adv. then. 
TSmeo, tumui, no snp., iumere, 2, v. n. 

I swell ; tumens, proud, puffed up. 
Tunc, adv. then. 
THnica, ae, f. a coat, a tunic. 
Hirba, ae, f. a crovd, a confused mul- 

titude ; turba mea, my litter. 
Turbo, dii, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I disturb, 

disarrange, confound; I make muddy. 
Turbiilenius, a, um, adj.muddy. 
Turpis, e, adj. base, sbameful ; ugly, 

Tktrpiter, adv. {iurpis), shamefully, 

Tus, iuris, n. frankincense. 
Tuscus, a, um, adj. Tuscan. 
Tutela, ae, f. patronagc, protection. 
Tiltor, iutdtus, tutdri, 1, v. dep. I 

protect, defend. 
Tulus, a, um, adj. safe, protected. 
T\ius, a, um, adj. {tu), pron. thy, thine. 
Tympanum, i, n. a tabour, a drum. 
T)franmis, », m. a monarch ; a tyrant. 

Dbi, adv. where; when. 

dciscor, ulius, ulcisci, 3, v. dep. a. I 

avenge, I inflict a punishment. 
Ullus, a, um, adj. (gen. ullius, dat. ulli), 

Ulird, adv. on the other side, beyond. 
XHtro, adv. voluntarily, ■\villingly. 
Und, adv. {unus), together. 
Unde, adv. ■whence. 
Unguis, is, m. a nail, a claw, a talon. 
Unicersus, a, um, adj. {unus, verio), 

universal, all, without exception. 
Unquam, adv. ever ; nec unquam, never. 
Unus, a, um, adj. (gen. unius, dat. uni), 

Urbdnus, a, um, adj. {urbs), of the city, 

polite ; noius urbaiio sale, noted for 

polished humour, wit. 
Urbs, urbis, f. a city. 
Usurpo, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I nse 
_often, I use. 
Usus, ns, m. {utor), use, benefit, ad- 

vantage ; usum consociare, to have a 

common nse, to have connection or 
„lntercourse with. 
Ui, adv. as, when, how much ; conj. 

as, that. 
Ut-cunque, adv. howsoever. 
Uier-que, Hira-que, fttrum-que, adj. 
_both, each, the one and the other. 
Vtili*, e, adj. {utnr^. useful, profitablc. 

UtiUtas, dtis, f. {uiilis), tisefulness, 

^profit, service. 

Uti-nam, conj. I wish. 

Utor, usus, uti, 3, v. dep. I use (c. abl.). 

Uva, ae, f. a grape, bunch of grapes. 

Uxor, uxOris, f. a wife. 

Vacca, ae, f. a cow. 

Vdcive, adv. at leisure, leisure time. 

Vaco, dvi, dtum, dre, 1, v. n. and a. 1 

am disengaged, attend to, entertain. 
VdcHus, a, um, adj. void, destitute of. 
Vddum, i, n. a ford, a shallo-sv ; clauso 

vado, in Ihe enclosed bottom. 
Vagor, vagdtus, ragdri, 1, v. dep. n. I 

wander, I stroll about. 
Valde, adv. strongly. 
Valeo, ralui, ralitum, valere, 2, v. n. 1 

am strong, in health, powerful ; quia 

plus valeo, because I possess greater 

strength ; to avail, be efficacious ; to 

be able ; to be valued, esteenied ; sic 

valeas, thus may you prospcr. 
Validius, adv. (comp. of valde), more 

powerfully, importunately, vehe- 

Vdiius, a, um, adj. empty, vain ; vanum 

beneficium, a seeming kindness, one 

not genuine. 
Varietas, diis, f. variety. 
Vdrius, a, um, adj. various; crafty. 
Vasto, dvi, diuiii, dre, 1, v. a. Iravage. 
Vasiut, a, um, adj. vast, large, huge. 
Vdies, is, c. g. a poet ; a prophet. 
Vecior, Oris, m. a passenger. 
Vehgmens, tis, adj. fierce, mad, furious. 
Vel, conj. or; even. 
Velox, Ocis, adj. fleet, swift, nimble. 
VSndior, Oris, m. ahunter; necem ve- 

natorum, dcath inflictfd by hunters. 
Ven-dito, dri, dtum, dre, 1, v. a. I dis- 

play, exhibit ostentatiously. 
Ven-do, didi, diium, dere, 3, v. a. 

[venum, do), I sell ; honorem fructu 

vendere, to sell the honour for the 

pake of the fruit. 
Vin-eo, ii, ire, 4, v. n. I am sold. 
Venia, ae, f. pardon, leave ; dare ve- 

tiiam, to grant pardon, to excuse. 
V&nio, veni, ventum, venire, 4, v. a. 

I come ; I befall. 
Venor, vendtus, vendri, 1, v. dep. 1 

hunt; venantum = venaniium. 
Venier, iris, m. the belly. 
Vcnutn, i, n. sale. 

Venus, eris, f. Venus, goddess of love. 
VerbOsus, a, um, adj. verbose, tedioufl. 
Verbum, i, n. a word. 
Vere, adv., indeed, truly. 
Verendus, a, um, adj. {vereor), ador- 

able, venerable. 
Vireor, verilus, vereri, 2, v. dep. I fear. 
ITritns, diis, f. [rerus), truth. 



r?ro, conj. but. 

Verre*, ii, m. a bcMir-pif . 

ffrium or rortum, »Jt. toward*. 

fertuM, ui, m. a Une, • ytne. 

Ferto, rrrti, rrrium, Tert/re, 3, v. a. I 

turn, I brcumr, I am. 
(. Verum, conj. but. 
II. Verum, i, n. thc trutlu 
Vfrus, a, um, adj. true. 
Veteor, no »up., reid, 3, t. dcp. I eat, 

I fecd, enjoy (ood. 
Terpa, ae, t. a wa.<p. 
Vmter, tra, trum, puM. pron. Tour. 
Vestimeutum, i, n. clolbinKi a garment. 
Vetlu, u, C • frarnient, a rube. 
K/to, retui, v*tltum, cetdre, 1, r. a. I 

Vtttii, erii, adj. old, ancicnt. 
Vituitai, dtii, (., crazineaa. 
Vituitui, a, um, udj. ancicDt, uld ; mi- 

noi lotigi reluitwr, much lun^cr agu. 
Vexo, ijri, dlum, lire, 1, v, a. I Tex, 

agitate, tuM. 
Vta, ae, f. a «aj, a road. 
Vultor, Oru, m. a travcllcr. 

I. Vicinui, a, um, adj. neigbbouring ; 

II. Viclnui, I, m. a ncif(hbour. 

Vtcii, ci, cem, ce, t. (pl. only nom., aoc., 
and abl., ricft, ncihui), a chJange, 
turn, Ticiwiludc. 

Viclur, uru, n\. a vicl^ir, conqucror. 

Viriut. «*, m. f<»xl, «n-tonance; rteium 

Viii ' ', U, T, a. lacc; 

|... .11, I •evm. 

rii^i'1 1. "r. t. »..i<.iiiuiiicM, carc, Tigi- 

lance, dillt(cncr. 
Vij/ilo, (iri, (itum, dre, 1, t. a. I watcb, 

1 am wBtcbful. 
Vlaur, Oru, m. force, liTclinea», aKility. 
Vilu, e, adj. worthleM ; omtcmptiblc. 
VtUa, ae, t. furiiihouac ; country-acat. 
Vilticut, i, m. a «teword, a baillff. 
Vinco, riri, rirtum, rincJrr, 3, V. a. I 

cor — - * ^' -"rjtUA*. 

ri-l r, I, T. a. I 

■ \ .iiirnt. 

rt>iu.'..., ..., .. ....► tc, rcTcngc 

Vlnra, ar, t. a Tinryard ; ■ Tinc. 

Vlp/ra, ar, t. a »l|>rr. 

Vir, rlr-i, iii. a muii. 

Firldia, tum, n. pl. a plMUUr»-f»nlai. 

riWiu, Ofw, f. \iRue ; ability ; ctrength ; 

bravery, couratc*. 
Vis, rim, ri, f. (pl. rirtt, rfrfttm, rirl- 

biij , vi..lencr, enerirr; rii el nefuilia, 

tlic iiiiKht iind the Tillainy, craft, 
}'itii, ar, f. life; ritam in hane, to tbi» 

» ay of lirinK ; drferr rilam, to liT», 
Vltium, II, n. a flaw, vice, drfcct. 
I Vito, dri, dtum, dre, 1, t. a. I aToid. 
Vitiilus, I, m. a calf. 
Vitiip^ro, dri, dtum, drt, 1, T. a. 1 

blamc, I diRparafre. 
riro, rin, rirrum, nrfre, 3, T. a. I liT.e. 
riruj, i>, um, adj. allTe. 
Vix, aidT. Marccly, with difflcnlty. 
Viicii, Jri, dtum, dre, 1, t. a. I cail, 

allurc, invitr, a«li, requcat. 

I. r<)/.), 4ri, dtum, drt, 1, t. a. I fly. 

II. Vdlu, iiilui, rrllr, \. irre(t. I will. 
am willinir, I wish ; qutdnam toltntti 
tibi! what did you mran t 

V'iliicrr or cru, err, adj. nwift. 

}'<>liicnj, u, f. a bird ; a fly, an in»ect ; 
prrfj/rina roluent, the itork. 

Volunlai, dlu, t. will ; mroning ; 
buunty; favour. 

Vdluptat, dtu, t. appetite, pleaaure. 

Voliau, dri, dlum, drt, 1,T. a. I roUoften. 
i Vutum, ij n. a vow. 
I Vux, rOcu, (. a Toicc ; «hout ; prnur* 
I ri«-rin, to bc «ilrnt. 

Vultfdrii, e, adj. common. 

Vuitii, lin, dtum, drr, 1, v. a. I pub- 
I llnh, divulKc. 

Vulj/iu, i,n. (M)metimearo.),thoTul{nu', 
the iMpulace, thc oommon pcoplc. 

ru/»uj, fnt, n. a wotind. 

Vulptcdla, ae, t. a little or young fui. 
I a fox of any kind. 
I Vulprt or u, it, t. a fo«. 

yulpiniii, a, uffl, ailj. be!onir1ng to • 
fiix ; ruJpMH catuli, faxwhrlpo. 

VuJltu, <U, m. cxpresaiun, countenanoa. 

Xyilum, i, n, ; or ryitut, i, ro. • fraT«l. 
walk (llneU or Uirdcrcd) wilh txeea. 

Zmarofilta, <, m. an cmrrald. 
Zuna, ae, t. • glrdle ; ■ pure*. 


Accurro, urri, rii/ni, r^rr, 3, v. n. lo 

run to. 
Aeqiillat, liilii, I. rijulty. 
A^'/ii, nifnii, n. an iirmy, a hrrd. 
Alldre, u, n an allnr. 
Apto, an, aiiiiri, iiri', I, v. •. to fll, )otn. 

Aiiifno, arf,altim,ar», I, t. a InaaaigB. 
Atlutut, a, um, (dj. •ubtllr, wlly. 
A llrnlf, ori, altun, iire, I, t. a. lo i 
liiUuliii, I, ni « i>rliblp, « «mall «tuMk. 
I'l>inr,lut, I, m. a Irwil p«r«on. 
I\nndm6mum, i, n n rtnnamun tree 



Comoedta, ae, f. comedy. 
Conceptus, a, ttm, adj. conceived. 
Concupisco, tci, ititm, cSre, 3, v. a. to 

Constans, antis, adj. ready 
Consuetudo, dinis, f. custom. 
Cultrix, icis, f. an inhabitant. 
CUpiditas, tatis, f. desire. 
Curo, avi, atum, are, 1, v. a. to take 

care of. 
Deflecto, xi, ectum, ire, 3, t. a. to bend 

Dcnbutus, a, um, adj. sraearedover. 
Delicatits, a, um, adj. delicate. 
Demetrius, ii, m. Demetrias. 
Educo, avi, atum, are, 1, v. a, to main- 

EJfodio, di, Sitm, ?re, 3, v. a. to dig up. 
EUgo, egi, ettum, ere, 3, v. a. to choose. 
2riibesco, bui, ire, 3, v, n. and a. to be 

red ; blush. 
Excldo, di, sum, dSre, 3, v. a. to cut 

Famcliciis, a, um, adj. hungry. 
Feliciter, adv. happily, prosperously. 
Ferrdrius, a, um, adj. pertaining toiron. 
Fisctts, ci, m. a money-bag. 
Foeteo, ere, 2, v. n. to smell ill, stink. 
Fraxinus, i, f. an ash-tree. 
Fttcdtus, a, um, adj. counterfcited. 
Filgax, acis, adj. swift in flight. 
Fittilis, ts, e, adj. silly, inconsiderate. 
Gressus, us, m. a step, a pace. 
imus, a, um, adj. lowest. 
Incido, cidi, cCtsum, ere, 3, v. n. to fall 

Incorruptits, a, um, adj. incorrupt. 
Injicio, eci, ectum, ere, 3, v. a. to 

throw to. 
D'(bo, avi, atum, are, 1, v. n. to totter, 

Languor, oris, m. &intness. 
Lnuddtor, Oris, m. a praiser. 
Mdndbrium, ii, n. the handle. 
Menander, dri, m. Menander. 
iluliliado, dlnis, f. a multitude. 

Nocivus, a, um, adj. hurtful, 
Obliciscor, litus, sci, 3, v. dep. to forget. 
OUaster, tri, m. a wild olive-tree. 
Olio, liii, ere, 2, v. n. and a. to smeU. 
Oscillor, latus, ari, 1, v. dep. to kiss. 
Paenitla, ae, f. a short coat. 
Pdriter, adv. even as, in like manner. 
Passim, adv. everywhere, all over. 
Pendo, pependi, sum, Sre, 3, v. a. and n. 

to weigh. 
Phdlereus, ei, m. Phalereus. 
Polleo, ere, 2, v. n. to be better. 
Porrectus, a, itm, adj. stretched. 
Pridem, adv. lately, long ago. 
Prologus, i, m. a prologue. 
Pulsus, us, m. a beating. 
Puteo, ui, ere, 2, v. n. to stink. 
Putidus, a, um, adj. stinking. 
Quin, conj. why not, ay more, &c. 
Regdlis, is, e, adj. royal, kingly. 
Rcpo, psi, plum, ere, 3, v. n. to creep. 
Riises, tdis, adj. slothful. 
Rcsptcio, exi, ctum, &re, 3, v. n. and a. 

to look back. 
Robur, oris, n. strength, the oak. 
Saltem, adv. at least. 
Sdtiiro, avi, atum, are, 1, v. a. tofill, glut. 
Scriptor, oris, m. a writer. 
Sicuris, is, t an axe. 
Seduco, xi, cium, ire, 3, v. a. to separate. 
Semtplenus, a, um, adj. half-fuU. 
Sepdrdtus, a, um, adj. separated. 
Sinceritas, tdtis, f. clearness. 
Smdragdus, i, c. g. an emerald. 
Stringo, nxi, ctum, ere, 3, v. a. to grasp. 
Succldmo, avi, atum, are, 1, v. a. to 

Sursum, adv. upwards. 
Temhe, adv. rashly. 
Ultimus, a, um, adj. last. 
Unguentum, i, n. a perfume. 
Urna, ae, f. a water pitcher. 
Vcna, ae, f. vein, pulse 
Vestilus, iis, m. apparel, raiment. 
Violo, are, 1, v. a. to force, violate. 
Vultarius, ii, m. a vulture. 

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