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Full text of "The Fairfield register, 1904"

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Kent's Hill, Maine : 
Published by The H. e. Mitchell Publishing Company 



q 1907 ^ 

Table of Contents. 

Early Settlement 
Town Officials 
Industrial Account 
Military Matters 
Church Ai^airs 
School items 
Good Will Farm 
Facts of Interest 
Village Corporation 
Lawrence Public Library 
Victor Grange 
Fairfield Journal 
The Gerard Hotel 
Waterville & Fairfield Railway & Light Co. 
Public Men 
Business Directory 

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The beautiful and picturesque town of Fairfield is situated 
on the western side of the Kennebec river, three miles north 
of Waterville, and 26 from Augusta. It is the most southerly 
town in Somerset county, and iS bounded on the north by 
Norridgewock and Skowhegan, on the east by the Kennebec 
river, on the south by Waterville and Oakland and on the 
west by Smithfield. Its total area is about 42 square miles. 
The surface is broken only by low hills and is generally an 
excellent farming town. The name chosen because of its fair 
appearance is by no means a misnomer for some of the hand- 
somest fields to be found in the state are located in this town. 


Who the first white man was to settle within the Hmits of 
the township we are unable to state. it is probable that the 
banks of the river were explored long before any permanent 
settlements were made, as the river formed the principal 
thoroughfare then in use. We are told that when Colonel 
Benedict Arnold was rai^ng volunteers to join his famous ex- 
pedition up the Kennebec in 1775, that David Emery enlisted 
in September that year leaving his farm on what is now the 
River road in this town. We also find that Samuel Emery 
was born in Fairfield. June 15, 1773, being the first white 
child born in this town. So we conclude that Mr. Emery was 
the first settler that we have any record of at this time. 

Peter Pushard was probably the first to locate permanently 
in the southern part of this town. His cabin was built on the 
lot now occupied by the beautiful residence of Chas. Law- 
rence in about 1774 according to data given us. 

About 1780 William Kendall came here having bought up 
most of the land now occupied by the village. He erected a 
log cabin near the upper end of the island and dug the cellar 
upon which he not long after built the first frame house in the 
village. This house still stands and is now occupied by his 
grandchildren, Mrs. Carter and Mr. Wm. F. Kendall. In 
1781 it is supposed he built the first saw and grist mills. 
These be located on the upper end of the natural canal which 
has furnished power for so many mills during the past century 
and a quarter. On Christmas day 1782 he married Abagail 
Chase at Noble's Ferry, near the present Good Will Farm, 
and drifted down the river in a birch canoe to the home thus 
prepa-ed in the wilderness, They had eleven children, 


Capt. William Kendall was a soldier of the Revolution. He 
enliste.i March 12, 1777, and served three years. He witii 
Mr. Emery, who was also a soldier, is buried in the Emery 
Burying Ground. 

Elihu, Harper, and Zaccheus Bowerman came here from 
Falmouth, Mass., 1782. These and other members of the 
same family settled near the central part of the town and 
were among the leading men of the early settlement, as well 
'as now being represented by many prominent descendants. 

Some of the early settlers on the River road running south 
of David Emery's, who has already been mentioned, were 
Capt. Isaac Chase, who had five sons and seven daughters, 
all of his sons holding some military office during their lives; 
Esq. Low, who settled on the lot afterward sold for its 
water power and upon which Shawmut now stands ; George 
Hobbs, noted for moving buildings; Rev. Wilson Colcord, 
who labored on his farm during the week, and in the pulpit 
on the Sabbath; Benj. Burrill; Davin Pearson, known as the 
neatest, and perhaps the thriftiest farmer on the road; Wilson 
Colcord Jr.; Timothy Osborne; Andrew Hanson, John 
Durrell and James and Samuel Emery, who settled on Emery 
Hill. They built a saw mill just above the location of the 
present bridge on the stream which it is said ran much 
stronger then than now. 

Samuel Tobey was another of the early arrivals in the 
town. He had a family of eleven children. Many other se'.- 
tlers arrived during the six years following, and in 1788, the 
Plantation was incorporated into a town. 

The following list of tax. payers dated "Oct. 17, 1798" 


gives the names of all the heads of families in the town at 
that date. We copy it in full. 

List of Taxpayers. 1793. 

"To Heman Atvvood the collector of taxes for the town of 
Fairfield the following is a list of assessments upon the notes 
and estates of the persons herein named each one his propor- 
tion of the sum of $ . . . being the amount of said list con- 
tained in the following pages which we hereby do commit to 
you to collect and you are to collect and pay in the same into 
John Mendel, treasurer of said town on or before the first 
day of April next." 

Ebenezer Allen, Cak-b Allen, Ebenezer Allen, Jr., Francis 
Allen, Barnabas Allen, Stephen Atwood, Hiram Atwood, John 
Burton, Joseph Bovverman, Elihu Bowerman, Harper Bower- 
man, Zaccheus Bowerman, Benjamim Bowerman. J. M. 
Bowerman, Joshua Blackwell, Jabez Blackwell, Seth Bates, 
David Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Jr., 
Josiah Burgess, Stephen Burgess, Joseph Burgess, Thomas 
Blackwell, Israel Blackwell, J. Batts, Nathan Connor, Eben 
Davis, John Davis. Benjamin Davis, A. Davis, Stephen Dil- 
lingham, Calvin Emerson, Geo. Ellis, Alden Fuller, Seth 
Fuller, Eliab Fish, Thomas Fis'i, Fish, Barnabas Free- 
man, Freeman, John Faunce, Heman Gibbs,John Gray, 

iWaim.iluke Gifford, Gideon Hoxie, Ludwick Hoxie, Abel 
Hoxie, Ludwick Holway, Gideon Holvvay, Barnabas Holvvay, 


Asa Holway, David Hoxie, Barnabas Jackson, Appollus 
Jones, John Jones, Kphraim Jones, James Lawrence, Joseph 
Lawrence, Thomas Lander, Thomas Lander, Jr., Zelotes 
Lovel, Jonathan Lovel, John Mendal, Solomon McFarland, 
Elisha Nye, Bartlett Nye, Briant Nye, Jonathan Nye, Eben- 
ezer Phelps, James Pung, Abraham Potter, John Shepherd, 
David Shepherd, Joseph Spaulding, J. M.Tobey, Lemuel Tobey, 
Jonathan Tobey, Jcshua Tobey, Eliakim Tobey, John Tozer, 
Amos Tozer, Jonathan Tozer, John Tozer, Jr., Jeremiah 
Tozer, John Tozer, 3d, Jacob Taber, Benjamin Tupper, 
Ebenezer Tuttle, Jake (.'') Varney, Levy Varney. 

Act of Incorporation. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 

An act to incorporate a plantation in the county of Lincoln, 
known by the name of Fairfield, into a town by the name of 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the 
same, that the tract of land described and bounded as follow- 
eth, to wit, beginning at Kennebec river at the southeast cor- 
ner of the proprietors mill lot marked C. I. in the UDrfherly 
line of Winslow, thence running west, north-west the course 


of the north line of said Winslow six miles, thence north a- 
bout six miles and a half unto a line running an east course 
and striking tne southeast corner of lot number thirty-four in 
Canaan on Kennebec river; then running on last mentioned 
line to the said river; and thence down said river to the first 
mentioned bounds; together with the inhabitants thereon, be 
and they hereby are, incorporated into a town by the name 
of Fairfield, and the inhabitants of said town are hereby vest- 
ed vvitli all the powers, privileges and immunities, which the 
inhabitants of towns within this commonwealth do by law, 
or may enjoy. 

And be it further enacted that Daniel Cony Esq., is hereby 
empowered to issue his warrant directed to some suitable in- 
habitant of the said town of Fairfield, directing him to notify 
the inhabitants of the said town, to meet at such time and 
place as he shall appoint, to choose such officers as other 
towns are empowered to choose at their annual meetings in 
the month of March or April annually. 

In the House of Representatives, June 17th, 1788. 

This bill having had three several readings, passed to be 

Theodore Sedgwick, Speaker, 
in Senate, June i8th, 1788. 

This bill having had two several readings passed to be en- 

Samuel Phillips, President. 

Approved, JOHN HANCOCK. 

The first warrant was directed to Samuel Tobey, and the 
first meeting held in the dwelling house of Seth Fuller on the 


19th day of August 1788. Daniel Cony, Esq. was chosen 
moderator; Samuel Tobey, town clerk; Josiah Burj^ess, Elihu 
Bowerman, and Joseph Town, selectmen and assessors; Sam- 
uel Tobey, treasurer; Gideon Holway, constable; and Joshua 
Blackwell, collector. Tything men, and other necessary offic- 
ers were also elected.. The second meeting was held the fol- 
lowing March at which John Mandal was elected constable. 
.Wuch attention was given to the early roads, many were laid 
out and accepted by the town, and at this meeting £100 was 
raised "in labor" to be worked repairing the roads in the town, 
the price allowed for man's labor being four shillings, and that 
for oxen three shillings per day. John Tozer and Joseph 
Town were also chosen a committee to see that the fish were 
not taken on "unlawful days." 

At the meeting held the next month at the home of Israel 
Blackwell, the town threw its first vote for governor; the 
record says there were 15 votes for Jolin Hancock. 

1702, Feb. 21. Voted that Deacon John Tozer and Dav- 
id Parsons take a new valuation of the estates of Fairfield. 
Voted to notify the meetings by posting warrants, one at Na- 
than Chase's mill, one at Daniel Wyman's, and one at Lem- 
uel Tobey's, these being the places most central or most :om- 
monly frequented. 

1796. Voted $20 to cover Martin Stream bridge. 

1797. Voted for separation of state; yeas, 36; nays, 22. 

1802. Town meeting held in the new meetinghouse. Pre- 
vious to this the meetings had been held at the homes of sev- 
eral of the citizens. (This meeting house was situated at 
Fairfield Centre^ and was used for soipe time as a meeting 


place for transacting town business, in 1847 the town pur- 
chased it of the pew holders who had previously bought the 
church of the town, and it was used as the town house until 
that body began its sessions at the village.) 

1808. Voted that wheat, rye and corn be a legal tender in 
payment of taxes, the prices to be 6s, 5s and 4s, per bushel re- 

1819. Vote on separation of the District of Maine to form 
a separate state, yeas, 117; nays, 26. 

1861. The votes thrown by the town for the presidential 
elections were: Lincoln, 354; Douglass, 6g; Breckenridge, ig; 
Bell, 13. * 

1873. Meetings held in Andrews' Hall until a suitable place 
be provided. 

1872. Bunker Island annexed. 

Nov. 17, 1883. Voted to adopt new Standard time to take 
effect Sunday, Nov. 18, 1883, at noon. 

The foregoing items speak for themselves, we give them as 
of general interest to the citizens of the town. 

Town Officials. 


Samuel Tobey, 1788, '89, '90, ,91, '92, '93, '94, .95, '96, 
'97, '9^, '99. 1800, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, 
'11, '12. 


Thomas Burgess, i8og, 

Eben Lawrence, 1813, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18. 

Reuben Jones, 1819, '20. '21, '22, '23, '24, ^25, '26, '27, 
'28, '29, '30. '31, '32, '33, '34, '35, '37, '38, '39. 

Samuel Burrill, 1836. 

Joseph Burgess, Jr.. 1840, '41, '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, '49, 

Henry Tobey, 1847, '48. 

Stephen J. Burgess, 1851. 

Hiram A. Burgess, 1852. 

Andrew Archer, 1853, '54, '55, '5C, '57, '58, '59, '60, '61, 
'62, '63, '64, '6s, '66, '70. 

William H. Emery, 1867, '68, '69.' 

M. F. Archer, 1871. 

F. E. McFadden, 1872, '73, '74, '75, '76, '-jt, '78, '79, '80, 
'81, '82, '83, 84, '85, '86, '87, '88, '90, 1900, '01, '02, '03. 

M. H. Blackwell, 1889, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, 

Maud McFadden, 1904, 


1788 — Josiah Burgess, Elihu Bowerman, Joseph Town. 
1789 — J. Burgess, William Kendall, Elihu Bowerman. 
1790 — Capt. William Kendall, Joseph Burgess, Thomas 

1791 — Bartlett Nye, Reuben Wyman, Gideon Hoiway. 

1792 — B. Nye, Dea. John Tozier, David Perron. 

1793 — Josiah Burgess, Elihu Bowerman, John Mandai. 


1794 — Josiah Burgess, Elihu Bowerman, Bela Barrel. 

1795 — John Mandal, Elihu Bowerman, Bela Barrel, 

1796 — Thomas Burgess, J. Mandal, Nymphus Bodfish. 

1797 — William Kendall, Elihu Bowerman, Thomas Black - 

1798 — Thomas Blackwell, William Kendall, Elihu Bower- 

1799 — William Kendall, Thomas Burgess, John Mandal. 

1800 — William Kendall, Elihu Bowerman, Thomas Black- 

1801 — Thomas Burgess, Geo. Fitz Gerald, Gideon Holway. 

1802 — Thomas Burgess, Ludwick Hoxie, Geo. Fitz Gerald. 

1803 — Thomas Burgess, Geo. Fitz Gerald, Eben Davis. 

i8o4-'o5 — Geo. Fitz Gerald Bela Ba'rrell, Arnold Gifford. 

1806 — Arnold Gifford, Thomas Burgess, Robert Hathaway. 

1807 — William Kendall, Esq., Bartlett iNye, Amos Towns- 

1808 — William Kendall, Esq., Bartlett Nye, E. Bowerman. 

1809 — E. Bowerman, Noah Burrell, Thomas Burgess. 

1810 — Thomas Wing, Levi Barrett, E. Phelps. 

181 1— William Kendall, Bartlett Nye, Eben Davis. 

i8i2-'i3-'i4 — Bartlett Nye, Eben Davis, Gideon Holway. 

181 5 — Bartlett Nye, Eben Davis, John Tod. 

i8i6-'i7 — Bartlett Nye, Eben Davis, Wilson Colcord. 

1818 — Bartlett Nye, Eben Davis, Elisha Nye, Jr. 

1819 — Gen. William Kendall, Eben Lawrence, Thomas 
Burgess, Jr. 

i820-'2i — Eben Lawrence, Thomas Burgess, Jr., Wilson 


1822 — Thomas Burgess, Jr., Hben Davis, Wilson Cokord. 

1823— Tliomas Burgess Jr., Eben Davis, John Burreli. 

1824 — Thomas Burgess, Jr., HIlis Burgess, Wilson Cokfjn.!. 

i825-'26-'27-'28 — Thomas Burgess, Jr., William Bryant, 
Eliphalet Allen. 

1829 '30— William Bryant, Hliphalet Allen, H. S. Phelps, 

1831 — Eben Lawrence, E. S. Phelps, John Kendall. 

1832 — Eben Lawrence, E. S, Phelps. Arthur L. Chase. 

1833 — Eben Lawrence, E. S. Phelps, Arthur L. Chase. 

1834 — Henry Lawrence, William Bryant, Milton Philbrook. 

1835 — E. S. Phelps, William Bryant, A. L. Chase, 

1836 — William Bryant, Eben Lawrence, Cyrus Latham. 

1837 '38 — Eliphalet Allen, Cornelius Nye, Increase Ken- 

1839 — William Bryant, E. Allen, Thomas Connor. 

1840 — William Bryant, Thomas Connor, Cornelius Nye. 

1841 — William Br}'ant, William E. Burgess, Orrison Burrill, 

1842 — William Bryant, Eben Lawrence, John J. Emery. 

1843 — William Bryant, Eben Lawrence, Joshua Nye, 

i844-'45 — Ira M, Davis, Daniel Alien, J. J. Emery. 

1846 — J. J. Emery, Elbridge G. Pratt, William E. Burgess. 

1847 — William Bryant, E. G. Pratt, J. J. Emery. 

1848 William. Bryant, E. G. Pratt, Ira M. Davis. 

1849— E. G. Pratt, Ira M. Davis, Ezra Totman. 

1850— Joseph Burgess, Jr. Ira M. Davis, J. J. Emery. 

i85i_E. G. Pratt, John J. Emery, Alfred Foster. 

1852— John J. Emery, E. G. Pratt, Jonathan Hobbs, 

1853 — J. J. Emery, Alfred Foster, Andrew Archer, 

1854— E. G, Pratt, Alfred Foster, Andrew Archer. 


1855 — E. G. Pratt, Andrew Archer, Alfred Foster. 

1856 — E. G. Pratt, Andrew Archer, Chas. Cornforth, 

i857-'58-'59 — Andrew Archer. Chas. Cornforth, George 

i860 — Chas. Cornforth, E. G. Pratt, Andrew Archer. 

1861 — E. G. Pratt, Andrew Archer, A. N. Greenwood. 

i862-'63-'64-'65~E. G. Pratt, Chas. Cornforth, A. N. 

1866 — Chas. Cornforth, A. N. Greenwood, Daniel Allen. 

i867-'68 — E. G. Pratt, A. N. Greenwood, H. Lawrence. 

1869-70 — E. G. Pratt, A. N. Greenwood, James Plummer. 

1871 — E. G. Pratt, Chas. Cornforth, Nahum Tozier. 

i872-'73-'74 — C. G. Totman, Nahum Tozier, Silas B. Star- 

1875 — S. B. Starbird, A. E. Lawrence, B. B. Taylor. 

1876 — A. E. Lawrence, S. B. Starbird, B. B. Taylor. 

i877-'78 — J. F. roye, H. C. Burleigh, Stephen Files. 

1879 — ^ ^- Totman, H. C. Burleigh, Chas. J. Green. 

1880 — F. M. Totman, Daniel C. Hall, Chas. J. Green. 

1881— E. G. Pratt, D. C. Hall, Chas. J. Green. 

i882-'83-'84— Albert H. Duren, D. C. Hall, Chas. J. 

1885— D. C. Hall, C. J. Green, F. E. iVlcFadden. 

1886— D. C. Hall, Newell Hoxie, F. E. McFadden. 

1887 — F. E. McFadden, Chas. J. Green, Newell Hoxie. 

1888— F. E. McFadden, Newell Hoxie, Albert H. Low. 

1889— D. C. Hall, C. J. Green, Newell Hoxie. 

1890— D. C. Hall, C. J. Green, F. E. McFadden. 

1891— D. C. Hall, William Balentine, O. G. Flood. 


1892— F. E. McFaddtn, William Balentine, O. G. Flood. 

i893-'94— D. C. Hall, F. H. McFadden, Lester Holway. 

1895 — F. F. McFadden, Lester Holway, Simeon Merrill. 

1896- '97 — F. E. McFadden, Lester Ho, way, M. H. BlacK- 

i898-'99-i900-'oi — b. Kelley, Lester Holway, B. H. Law- 

1902 — E. Kelley, B. H. Lawrence, Anhu, hi Ellis. 

1903 — E. Kelley, B. H. Lawrence, Lester Holway, 

1904 — Percy A. Smith, C J. Greene, Sewell R. Jones. 


Samuel Tobey, 1788, '89, '90. 

John Mandal, 1791, '92, '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, 

Elihu Bowerman, 1801, '02. 

Ebenezer Phelps, 1803, '04, '07 '10. 

Thomas Burgess, 1805, '06. 

Eben Davis, 1808, '09, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16. 

Andrew Archer, 1817, '18, '19, '20, '21, '22, '23, '24, '25, 
'26, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31. 

■Nathan Fowler, 1832, '33, '34, '35, '36, '37. 

Andrew Archer, Jr., 1838, '39, '40, '41, '42, '43. '44, '47, 
,65, '66, '68, '69, '70. 

Joseph Burgess, Jr., 1845, '46, 

Henry S. Tobey, 1848, '49, '50. 

William E. Burgess, 1851. 

Timothy Jones, 1852, '53, '54, '55, '58. 


Joseph F. Nye, 1856, '57, '59, '60, '61, '62, '63, '66, '67. 

E. G. Hideout, 1864. 

Ansel Holvvay, 1871, ,72, '73, '74, '75. 

E. G. Pratt, 1876, 'tt, '78, '79, '80, '82, '83, '84, '85, '86, 


Stephen Files, 1881. 

H. L. Kelley, 1888, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, 95. 

Simeon Merrill, 1896, '97, '98, '99. 

W. W. Merrill, 1900, '01, 03, '"04, 

Industrial Account. 

About the year 1781 Gen. Wiliiam Kendall then the owner 
of the farm upon which Fairfield village now stands took the 
initiative step in the development of the power which nature 
had contributed to his possessions, building a small mill for 
sawing lumber, on the channel, in the rear of our present 
Main street, and later, erected a grist mill near the same. Mr, 
Kendall manufactured lumber, operated his grist mill and 
worked his farm for many years, in the year 1820, when 
Maine became a state of the Union he mortgaged his farm 
and mill property to N. ( jilman et als, for the sum of nine 
hundred dollars to obtain money with which to increase his 
facilities for manufacturing. This was probably the first ag 
gressive movement looking toward tlie establishment of a 
business center at this pcjint. Mr. Kendall was without doubt, 
sagacious enough to see in the futare something like success 


to the part>' who should utilize the splendid water power, hut, 
did his son George just tiien entering manhood, have the 
faintest idea that he would live to see the comparatively wild 
tract ot land, then their broad fields and pastures, teem with 
important industries and that electric lights, city water, elec- 
tric cars, etc., would he the outcome of the developement of 
the power which they were then in possession of? Ahout tiiis 
time Gen. Kendall erected a small store in the vicinitv of the 
"great willow" on Water street, where provisions and New 
England rum could be (-btained. This was the first store. In 
the year 1823, July 31st, Cicn. Kendall purchased of J(jhn 
Hancock for one hundred and ninety dollars seventeen cents 
a certain piece of land containing ninty-nine acres bounded 
easterly by the Kennebec river, westerly by a road, northerly 
by lots 8 and 9, southerly by lots 6 and 10. This piece was 
known as lot No. 7 on a plan ot part of the great lots C. i, 
and C. 2. 

Prior to the year 1834 h\r. Kendall had deeded parcels of 
land and ir.terests in the power, to different individuals among 
whom were Moses Hanson, John Deering, John Woodman, 
Joseph Banks, Albert Bradbury, Benjamin Burrill, Milton 
Philbrook, Alpheus L> on. George and John Kendall, John Os- 
borne, B. L. Deering. et als, ail (;f whom about this time 
transferred their several interests in ihe property to Samuel 
Weston — Samuel Weston deeded same to Gushing Mitchell et 
als, they to Samuel Guile et als, who constituted what was 
then known as the Boston Compan\ . At this time there was 
a dam extending across tne mill pond from a point where E. 
Totman & Go's, former mill stood, to a point on the west 


shore, some five or six mills, includino; the old Kendall grist 
mill, had been built on this dam and about this time a woolen 
mill was erected just south of the same on the bank of the 

The lumber from these saw mills was thrown from the tail 
of the mill into the river below, rafted, and run down the 
river to tide water, where it was loaded into vessels and ship- 
ped to market. The Boston Company operated it for a num- 
ber of > ears. 

Finally this row of mills crumbled to decay. The old dam 
yielded to the power of time and the Company erected the 
first long "BlocK of Mills," which stood where the mills of N. 
Totman & Sons, A. H, & C. E. Duren and S. A. Nye were 
afterward located. About the year 1845 the Boston Company 
sold their interest in the property to the Fairfield land and 
mill associatioi , the individual members were William Con- 
nor, Simon Connor, Ez^a Totman, Nahum Totman. These 
owners in April 1846 by quit claim deeds divided the property 
of the association so that William Connor became proprietor 
of three eights, taking mills Nos. 1,2, 15, and 16 in the block, 
Simon Connor became the owner of the inland mills property 
and E. & N. Totman formed a copartnership, and became 
propritors of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and John Kendall became 
proprieetor of g, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the block. John Ken- 
dall afterwards sold his interest to Clark and Bragdon. This 
block of mills was destroyed with the pail factory which had 
been built and occupied by Cheney Bros., in the year 1856, and 
another block similar in construction was erected the follow- 
ing season. This block was destroyed in the great fire of 


1882. The old woolen mill, that stood near the first row of 
mills, was removed and was operated by Old Scudder for 
manufacturing the famous Scudder Matches. Each mill in 
the long block represented eight hundred inches of water, but 
how and by whom the total power was ascertained is a ques- 
tion which no one now living can tell, presumably the Boston 
Company calculated the power at the time of the purchase. 
The mills constructed by N. Totman & Sons, A. H. & C. 
'E. Duren, and Stephen A. Nye after the big fire of 1882 were 
burned in 1895 when fire again swept through the manufac- 
turing district. The building of the Fairfield Grist Mill has 
remained for many years near the scene of these several fires. 
This was built at Shawmut, then sold to H. C. Newhall in 
1854. and moved to this village, it passed through the hands 
of several owners before it was bought by F. J. Savage in 
1882. Mr. Savage is the present owner. 

Present Day Industries. 

Space admits of but brief mention of the present industries. 

First among these we v/ould mention the Kennebec Mills of 
the American Woolen Co, whose fine brick mill situated on 
the island gives employment to about 200 hands and whose 
payroll amounts to some ^100,000 annually. The main mill 
is of four stories, each 100 x 200 feet and a dye-house 40 x 75 
feet, modern and improved machinery is used and the product 
is of superior grade goods. S. G. Hall is the resident agent. 


The Somerset Division of the United Boxboard and Paper 
Co., located on the upper end of the island, was established 
in 1882. This mill consolidated with the Kennebec Fiber Co. 
in iQOO, and entered the combine in 1902. The Little Mill, 
so called, located farther down stream was built in 1900. The 
product of these mills is shipped largely to the Hollingsworth 
& Whitney Co. at Waterville. Geo. W. Powers is .V\anager, 
Edwm F. Parker, Supt. upper mill, John Noble, Supt. little 
mill. Two hundred hands are employed. 

The S. A, Nye Mfg. Co, is one of the leading industries of 
Fairfield. The goods manufactured are the famous Steinbach 
novelties, consisting of desks, chiffoniers, stands, chairs, fold- 
ing tables and other wood furniture. The business was es- 
tablished in 1870, and reestablished and augmented in 1895 
and mcorporated in 1902. Around 50 hands are regularly 
employed, and the business is increasing, at the rate of from 
$500 to >i6oo per month. The amount of business done dur- 
ing the month of June amounted to $3600. S. A. Nye is 
.president; F. B. Purington, treas. and manager. 

The C. H. Knowles Furniture Co. was established in 1900. 
Upholstered parlor furniture, spring couches, Turkish chairs 
and rojkers, davenports and parlor chairs are a specialty, and 
Morris chairs are also made. The business is located on Main 
street. Ten men are employed, Chas. H. Knowles is man- 

The Fairfield Furniture Co., manufacturers of extension 
tables, have been established about two years. They em- 
ploy about 35 men. S. T. Lawry is manager. 

The Bell-Donnelly Mfg. Co. located on Main street, was 


established in 1901 aiul the company iiKorpurated in 1903. 
Electrical and machine work is done and steel belt fasteners 
manufactured. W. E. Bell, Manager. 

The F. H. Brown Clothing Co., doing business in the base- 
ment of the Opera House, are among the largest manufacter- 
ers of ladies skirts in the state. The companys' products 
have a merited reputation for their general excellence and 
thorough workmanship. The factory is modernly equipped 
•and occupies floor space 45 x C)0 feet. 40 skilled employees 
are kept busy, and nearly ^60,000 worth of business done 
annually. The business was established in i88g and the 
company incorporated in 1895. H. F. Burgess is president, 
F. H. Brown treasurer and manager, while H. S. and H. O. 
Brown, sons of F. H. Brown are connected with the business. 

Crummett & Bragg operate the roller mill on Main street. 
This is a steel roller mill, no stones being used as in the ear- 
lier days. The present owners bought the mill of Jewett 
Pratt Feb. i, igoi. It had been built by him about ten years 
earlier. Eight hands are employed on an average. 

The Portland Packing Co. have packing house No. 12 lo- 
cated near the river where a large business is done each fall. 
There are numerous other smaller industries which add to the 
activity of the place, and make of it one of the busiest hus- 
tling towns in the state. 

Shawmut Industries, 

In the summer of 1835 Ivory Low, Esq., bonded his farm, 
with the water power, to Milton Philbrook of this town for 


the round sum of $40,000 and soon after a permanent deal 
was made. Mr. Phelbrook's purchase included the Albert 
Low farm, the Fuller farm and most of the land now occupied 
by Shawmut. Mr. Philbrook built the first mill here, and for 
a short time the place was called Philbrook's Mills, which 
name was soon after changed to Lyon's Mills, for Alpheus 
Lyon, then a practicing lawyer in Waterville, became chief 
proprietor and built here the first flour mill in town. This 
was managed by Daniel Allen with good success. When Mr. 
Lyon sold out, Mr. H. C. Newhall who had established busi- 
ness at Fairfield village, bought the grist mill and fixtures and 
moved it down to that place, where it now stands occupied by 
Mr. Savage's roller miill. 

Wing and Bates were the next proprietors of the water pow- 
er here. They constructed a saw mill, as also did Messrs. E. 
J. & G. W. Lawrence, but both mills were burned after do- 
ing business for a few years. Both concerns rebuilt. Wing & 
Bates building a small saw mill, the other company building 
larger than before. Mr. Wing afterwards sold his interest to 
Mr. Bates, after which this mill was again burned. 

E. J. and G. W. Lawrence continued, the name later be- 
coming Lawrence, Phillips & Co. They built a big pulp mill 
which did a big business until that was burned in i8go. Be- 
fore this time Boston parties had become interested in the 
concern, and had changed the name of the place once more 
from Somerset Mills, which it had been called for some time, 
to its present name, chosen because it was the name of the 
street in Boston where their office was located. 

E. J. Lawrence with other men, adopting the firm name of 


Lawrence, Newhall & Co., built a urtnind wockI pulp mill. 
Later Mr. Page entered the company which is now doing bus- 
iness under the name of Lawrence, Newhall & Page Co, The 
present sawmill was built about 1889. Approximately 300 
men are regularly employed. The Company owns and runs 
botli the ground wood mill and the long lumber mill being the 
largest business concern in tlie town. These owners have 
recently sold part or all of their rights to wealthy capitalists 
who contemplate greatly enlarging the business done here. 
We cannot say what the future of this mill community may 
be, nor what its future name may be, but it is within tlie 
realm of reason to say that this is destined to become one of 
the great manufacturing centers of the state. 

The Keyes Fibre Company operates a pulp mill here where 
they manufacture pie plates. This business was opened last 
spring and is one of the most successful in town. Twelve 
hands are employed. 

Other manufacturing concerns in town are given in the 
business directory. 

Military Matters, 

The following list is intended to contain the names of all 
the soldiers from this town who served in our armies for the 
suppression of the Rebellion. There may be omissions; but 
the list is as nearly perfect as the data at hand will enable us 
to make it. 


John H. Avery, F. M. Ames, Hiram E. Allen, Amos Avery, 
Moses Avery, Nathan Avery, J. W. Aderton, Marshall Avery, 
Alfred F. Allen, Rufus B. Atwood, Gorham E, Bryant, Edwin 
Bradburv, Elias Brownell, T. B. Brown, Oliver H. Bessey, 
Augustus Bradbury, John Butterfield, Dumont Bunker, Jesse 
Burnes, R. D. Burnham, John F. Brooks, Orin Bates, F. 
Benton Brown, William F. Bates, E, B. Bryant, Daniel W. 
Bowman William W. Bowman, Abram S. Brooks, Franklin 
Burrell, John W. Burrell, Hosea Butterfield, Jackson Cay- 
ford, H. P. Clossen, John W. Chase, James S. Connor, 
William H. Connor, Lemuel H. Cannon, Benjamin G, Can- 
non, H, H, Cain, Henry P. Cannon, Luther B. Crosby, 
Alfred Chase, Daniel Chase, Henry C. Chase, O. W. Cham- 
berlain, Geo. M. Cotton, F..A. Crosby, Gen. Selden Connor, 
Ansel Clark, Robert Clark, J. W. Channing, A. P. Cleve- 
land, Aquilla Chase, M. S. Cleveland, Riley Cochran, Chas. 
Choate, John H. Davis, Martin R. Drew, G. P. Dunbar, 
Ephraim Drew, Charles S. Deering, Thomas Dearborn, 
Henry Dearborn, Geo. Dixon, Joseph R. Emery, Geo. W. 
Emery, Daniel W. Emery, M. D Emery, A. F. Emery, W. W 
Eaton, William H. Emery. Geo. F. Emery, Preston M. Emery, 
Augustus T. Emery, Samuel Emery, Edwin A. Emery, Henry 
Emery, Geo. C. Emery, James H. Emery, Josiah B. Emery, 
W. W. Foster, F. H. Foss, Eben S. Fogg, Henry Fogg, Jr., 
James Fly, Joshua Freeman, James B. Ford, Geo. E. Ford, 
John Farnham, Allen C. Goodwin, Russell B. Gray, Reuben 
Gibbs, Llewellyn Goodwin, William P. Gibson, F. S. Garland, 
Albert J. Gray, Charles H. Gibson, Charles C. Grow, Wil- 
liam O. Howes, Llewellyn Howes, James A. Henderson, W. W. 


Haywood, Peter Huntoun, Joseph Harvey, Samuel Hanscom, 
P. Huntoon, John S. Hall, Joseph Haskell, Geo. M. Hubbard, 
Gustavus B. Hask-11, William H. Hubbard, Moses Hubbard, 
Philander Hubbard, Watson Holway, Jr., Thomas Henderson, 
John H. Henderson, Ellis T. Hinds, James R. Hussey, Horace 
Holmes, Lester Holway, Benjamin F. Hatch, W. H. Jewell, 
James H. Jacobs, Robert H. Jacobs, Rodney Jones, William 
C. Judkins, Henry F. Judkins, Henry Jones, George Keep, 
George Keef, B. T. Knox, Charles E. Lord, Alexander W. 
Lord, Charles M, Loan, W. E. Lewis, Hiram Lawrence, John 
Lawrence, Frank Leavitt, Benjamin Libby, George H. Lord, 
Milford T. Lewis, Cornelius A. Luce, £has. A. Luce, Geo. 
W. Lander, Benjamin F. Luce, Henry Lawrence, Rev. John 
Mitchell, John Merrow, Hezekiah Merrow, Timothy Merrow, 
Ezra F. Mclntire, Charles Manter, Samuel Mack, O. F. Mayo, 

E. M. Mayo, Oscar F. Mayo, Hosea R.Mayo, Edwin R. Mayo, 
Samuel Mack, Edwin Marston, William P. Nye, F. H. Nye, 
A. K. Nelson, Samuel Nelson, Jr„ E. F. Nye, N. D. Nye, O. 
M. Nason, A. N. Stevens, J. S. Nye, Henry W. Nye, Frank 
A. Nye, James L. Nye, Edward Nye N. D. Nye, Geo. W. 
Nye, Frank H. Nye, Alphonzo Nichols, Hiram H. Nelson, 
Harrison H. Nelson, Samuel Nelson, Jr., Alfred H. Nelson, 
Ansel L. Nye, James S. Nye, Albert Nickerson, B. H. B. 
Nock, William H. Newell, Andrew Nock, H. H. Noble, Harris 
Noble, Geo. A. Osborne, ivory C. Otis, Henry D. Otis, J. 
M.Oliver, I. M. Oliver, W. H. Oliver, E. P. Pratt, Benjamin 

F. Priest, W. H. Pearson, Llewellyn Potter, William Potter, 
Alexander Pauquette, John A. Philbrook, Thomas H. Perkins, 
Gott Pooler, Joseph Preaux, Davjs Priest, H. S. Pollard, 


Llewellyn Pattee, Chandler Reynolds, Rufus R. Reynolds, 
Henry S. Rideout, Wiiliam J. Racklieff, Ormandel Robinson, 
Preston R-^binson, E\'erett Robinson, Manly Rann, Charles 
H. Rovvell, John Rider, C. H. Rowell, H. M. Rideout, Daniel 
Sanborn, Addison Stevens, Geo. F. Stevens, William B 
Snell, Chas. B. Seavey, Nathan Smith, A. N. Stevens, C. V 
Seavey, N. R. Shepherd, Valorus P. Stevens, David Sinclair 
Edward F. Tukey, Cyrus D. Tuck, C. H. Thompson, G W 
Tuttle, S. P. Tuttle, Warren W. Tuttle, William C. Tuttle 
Elmer P. Tuttle, Samuel R. Tuttle, Charles A. Tibbetts, Wash 
ington Tuttle, Albion P. Thompson, Gustavus L. ^Thompson 
Horace B. Tibbetts, A. H. Thompson, John W. Varney, John 
A. Vandeets, Geo. E. Wing, F. E. Wilkins, Bray Wilkins 
Samuel B. Webster, Humphrey Webster, William C. Web 
ster, Albion P. Webb, David Washburn, S. B. Webster, T 
M. Wagg, H. E. Webster, William Webster, Joseph Whitney 
Increase Wyman, Samuel Whipple, Ephraim A. York, Benja 
min G. York, Ephraim M. Young, Geo. P. York. 

List of men, residents of the town of Fairfield, who died in 
the service or inconsequence of wounds or sickness contracted 
thereby since April 12, 1861. 

Geo. W. Nye, Chas. E. Lord, Hosea K. Mayo, William C. 
Judkins, John H. Davis, Henry C. Chase, Samuel R. Tuttle, 
Benjamin F. Luce, Rufus B. Atvvood, Timothy Minow, Heze- 
kiah Minow, Abram S. Brooks, John W. Varney, Henry F. 
Judkins, William T. Bates, Jas. A. Henderson, Elbridge P. 
Pratt, Alexander W. Lord, G. L. Thompson, Hiram Lawrence, 
E. A. York, Alfred F. Allen, Newell D. Nye, Reuben Gibbs, 
Watson Holway, Jr., Hiram E. Allen, Nathan Avery, B. G. 
York, Geo. W. Lander, Daniel W. Brown, George McHub- 



bard, Ju-hua hiecmcUi, F. b. Wilkins, Ansil T. Clark, Lii-ut. 
Chis. C. Grow, Chandler Reynolds, Samuel bmery, Hdwin 
A. Hmer\, Ser., Henry D. Otis, Geo. W. Erpery, US. 
Haskell, Geo. E. WiOK', B. W. Fish, Llewellyn Potter. 


The progress and developement of the churches in town 
has been in fair ratio to the increase in population. Their 
early history shows some interesting facts. Elihu Bowerman 
in a letter written to John and Abagail Nichols when he was 
90 years old, he wrote in regard to the *'friends" as follows; 

"In 1782 a first day meeting was set up in Vassalboro, and 
to this meeting Friends in Fairfield belonged, and for several 
years thereafter our roads were no better than cow paths and 
we had no horses. Men and women had to go on foot to at- 
tend eur meeting in Vassalboro and it was very frequently the 
case that our women went on foot in the morning to attend 
meetings, and after meeting the same day come back on foos 
to Fairfield a distance of fourteen or fifteen miles. This going 
.on foot was mostly drne by our women in moderate weather, 
yet sometimes almost dangerous crossing the river. Arid in 
winter before ^e had horses 1 have known our young men 
several times to take the oxsled and some of our young wom- 
en on it, carry them to Vassalboro meeting and back again on 
the same day. They went and came as lively and cheerful 
as though they had been in a superfine four wheeled carriage. 


a :i; * si< /^j^j sotTiewhere about 1788 a first day meeting was 
set up in Fairfield. Tiiis meeting was held in a log house 
covered with bark, and whilst our meeting was held in a log 
house we had many fine public friends come to see us from 
different places and one or more from old ingland," 

The friends belief, however, not being in full accord with 
that of many persons, the town early took measures to secure 
preaching. In 1793 they raised 30 pounds (£30) for the sup- 
port of the gospel. In following yeais this salary was found 
to be too munificent a sum and it was gradually reduced until 
in 1808, the preacher was obliged to keep the wolf from the 
door with 60 dollars from the town. Two years after the in- 
corporation of the town, it was voted to build a meetinghouse. 
This was a union house and built at Fairfield Centre. In a 
few years the town sold the pews to purchasers some of 
whom paid as high as ^50 for a single pew. The pew owners 
afterward deeded them to Hiram Burgess, and he to the town 
in 1847, for the sum of $150. For two years previous to this 
purchase the subject of a town hall had been agitated. One 
party striving for a new hall, and the other advocating the 
purchase of the old meeting house. But the matter was ami- 
cably settled by the purchase of that original meeting house. 
The Friends house was built at North Fairfield about 10 years 
earlier and was twice rebuilt. Close by this is the old burying 
ground of the Friends, where lie the bodies of Elihu and Zac- 
cheus Bowerman, and many other pioneers of the i8th cen- 

The following is given by Mr. An.-el L. Nye, gathered from 


various soLirces chiefly from the History of Mfthociism in 
Maine by Stephen Allen and W. H. Pillsburv. 

The first Methodist sermon preached in Fairfield was by 
Jesse Lee, March 5, 1794 at Fairfield Centre. He preaclied 
here again Aug. 24, 1808. There was a meeting house built 
here in the early settlement of the town, in which occasional 
meetings were held. Sometimes a minister was hired for six 
montns. At one time the preaching is said to have been 
strongly Calvanistic. No awakening occurred until the Meth- 
odist itinerant came and preached a more hopeful gospel. The 
first revival u as in 1809, under the labors of Ebenezer F. 
Newell, the circuit preacher; quite a number of persons were 
converted and a class was formed at that time; For several 
years the meetings were held at the house of Elisha Nye, 
The present meeting-house was built as a Union house in 
1837 and the old meeting-house was left to do duty as a town 
house. The denomination has occupied the ground since the 
Methodist revival of 1809. 

The following is a list of the preachers appointed to this 
charge from 1821 to 1877. The first three or four of these 
were appointed from the New England conference. In 1825 
the Maine conference was formed and continued to appoint a 
-preacher to this charge until 1877. This church is now unit- 
ed with Fairfield village and has regular preaching on Sunday 
P. M., by the pastor. The appointments have been Rev. S. 
Lovell appointed in 1821; S. Bray, 1822; T. Page, 1823; P. 
Munger, 1824-25; D. Hutchinson, 1826; E. Robinson, 1827; 
B. Jones, 1828; D. Wentworth, 1829; P. Burgess, 1830-31; J; 
Whiting, 1832; D. B, Randall, 1833; 1. Lord, 1834; D. Fuller, 


1835-36; Joshua Nye; 1837; S. P. Blake, 1838-39; S. Ambrose 
1840; S. Bray 1841-42; C. L. Browning, 1843; H. W. Latham, 
1844; J- Thwing, 1845; H. Nickerson, 1846; J. Geiry, 1847- 
48; S. B. Brackett, 1849-50; T. Hill 1851-52; W. H. Foster, 
1853-54; Jas. Armstrong, 1855-56; John Allen, 1857-58; W. B. 
Bartlftt, 1859 60; 1. Lord, 1861-62; D. Waterhouse; 1863; A. 
Hatch, 1864-65; A. D. Uexter, 1866; T. J. True, 1867-68; C. 
Andrews, 1869; W. Waterhouse, 1870; J. Gibson, 1871-72; 
E, Gerry, 1873 74; J. Hayden, 1875; J. Fairbanks, 1876; 1 . J. 
True, 1877. 

M. E. Church, Fairfield Village. 

The following account is taken from the records made by 
Rev. Ezekial Robinson, up to 1859, and added to by succeed- 
ing pastors. 

The first sermon preached by a Methodist in the village, 
then known as Kendalls Mills, was by Ezekial Robinson, then 
laboring on the Fairtieki Circuit. In the summer of 1827 Rev. 
Mr. Robinson had been removed from his appointment at 
Bristol to take the place of L). Hutchinson who had been 
transferred to the stewardship of the Maine Wesleyan Semi- 
nary. Miss Louisa Emery, whose parents lived at the village, 
was teaching the di-^trict school on the Ridge where Mr. Rob- 
inson held a class, and occasionally preached, ^u^ exptri- 
enced religion and desired to be baptized by immersion near 
her father's home. After preaching at Nye's Corner during 
the Sabbath the minister came down to the village and 
preached at the old schoolhouse, then situated a few rods 


north of the site of the present church; and baptized her at the 
old landing just above the falls. 

hi 183 1 Rev. Joshua Nye, a local preacher, beg.m preach- 
ing at the village, preaching regularly once a month. Two 
years after this he removed to the village where he remained 
until his deatli in 1856, serving the church and community 
faithfully and well for a long time. He was called "Father 
Nye" by his devoted people. Mid with tie aid of several oth 
ers who assisted in the work from time to time, placed this 
society on a firm worki ig basis. 

In the early part of 1839 a lot of land was presented to the 
society by Messrs John and Samu^rl Kendall and preparations 
were at once made to build a h juse of worship. This was to 
be 60 feet long and 40 feet wide, to be calieJ the "Union 
Meeting house," as all the people in the community were in- 
terested in it. This house wis dedicated the followi.ig July, 
and regularly occupied by Rev. Mr. Nye, although the Uni- 
versalist members occasionally employed a preacher of their 

in 1845 ^Q"^- J- Thwing commenced preaching once a 
month being stationed on this circuit. Father Nye pr^'ached 
the remaining Sabbaths. Oihers of the circuit preachers fol- 

In 185c the village having become quite a flourishing busi- 
ness ce'"^;^' and the church society being well strengthened, 
Rev. Cornelius Stone was appointed the regular j.astor, but 
after one year the work was again turned over to Father Nye-. 
At this time there were 70 members, in full standing. 

In 1852 the church was owned and provided for equally by 


the Congregationalists and Methodists. The Methodists uere 
served by the pastors of the Watervilie charge for a few 
years until 1858, when Rev. Mr. Robinson was appointed to 
the circuit. The belfry was added in 1856. Those appointed 
to this charge succeeding Mr. Robinson were Rev. W. Ride- 
out, appointed in 1859, serving until the next appointment; 
B. Foster, 1861; Wm. H. Strout, 1863; J. Mitchell, 1864; J. 
W. Hathaway, 1865; A. R. Sylvester, 1866; True P. Adams, 
1868; D. B. Randall, 1870, who served three years, and raised 
the church adding the lecture room as a lower story; Rev. H. 

B. Abbott, 1873; Perry Chandler, 1875; K. Atkinson, 1877; 

C. F. Allen, 1879; C. Munger, 1881; J. A. Corey, 1882; D. 
B. Holt, 1885; E. L. Allen, 1888; H. H. Clark, 1889; Wm. S. 
Fitch, 1890; H. Chase, 1891; O. S. Pilsbury, 1895; G, R. 
Palmer, 1900. He served the church until the appointment of 
Rev. J H. Roberts by the last Maine Conference. 

The parsonage, situated at No. 12 Western Ave. was pur- 
chased in 1895 at a cost of $1500. 


This is perhaps the next oldest society in town to the 
Methodists, with whom they worshipped in the Union, now 
the Methodist church, in the early days. The Universalists 
sold out their interests in the union house and in 1856 built 
the Universalist Meeting house. We have been unable to 
find the records of this early society but begin with the in- 
corporation of the present Parish, which took place on Nov. 



lo, 1885. The meetina petitioned for by K. H. Aldrich, V. 
R. Connor, F. P Wing, J. P. Totman and H. F. Thompson 
met at the old Universalist church. Rev. R. H. Aldrich was 
the fir.vt pastor of the organization, it being connected with 
the Waterville cliarge where he was then located. The society 
bought out the remaining pewholders of the old church, tiiree 
in number, and took possession of the edifice. In 1886 a lot 
was bought by subscription for the location of a new church 
on High St., but it was decided to remodel ihe old structure 
which was done during the pastorate of Rev. S. G. havis 
who came to the church m 1889. Rev. E. L. Houghton came 
to the church in 1891 remaining about four years. After he 
completed his work in 1894 the pulpit was filled by supplies 
until the arrival of Rev. J. F. Rhodes in 1898. The pipe 
organ was purchased in 1898 by subscription and placed in 
the church. This is run by water motor which was put in ;it 
a cost of $1000. In 1902 Rev. Mr. Rhodes was succeeded by 
Rev. James Peardon the present efficient and able pastor. 


The Baptist Society was organized on Sept. 18, 1876, with 
twelve charter members, in the Chapel- which had been dedi- 
cated the previous year. Rev. B, F. Shaw was chosen the 
first pastor, Andrew Bradbury, clerk, and David Hanscom, 
deacon. Soon after the organization eleven other members 
joined them, and others continued to increase the membership 
until it became a strong working church society. Rev. Mr. 


Shaw served as pastor until 1878 when J. D. Pope was called 
to serve the parish. He remained one year, Rev. Frank 
Jones followed him remaining but three mouths. Rev. C. C. 
Tilley succeeded him, and served until 1882. During his 
pastorate the parsonage, situated just north of the church on 
Newhall St. was erected. This is a convenient and beauti- 
ful pastor's home, and adds very materially to the attractive- 
ness of the parish. Rev. N. D. Curtis came in 1885, remain- 
ing until his decease in 1891; Rev. A. K. P. Small served 
from 1891 to 1893; Rev. N. T. Dutton, from 1893 to 1896; 
Rev. E. N. Fletcher, 1896 10 '98; Rev. H. M. Ives, 1898 until 
March 29, 1904, since which time the church has had no regu- 
lar pastor but has maintained regular services, the pulpit be- 
ing filled by supplies. 

During the pastorate of Mr. Emery the stable was added to 
the parsonage at a cost of $300, and $650 of the debt paid. 

The Chapel was improved and enlarged in 1888, costing 
^2600. It was rededicated Feb. 28, 1887. The bell was 
hung about this time, the gift of the Newton Baptist Church. 
The church was again remodeled 1899 and the vestry added. 
This is now one of the most prosperous societies in the vil- 
lage, having the support of many l^yal members. A. L. 
Plummer of Benton is the church clerk. 


There were many faithful Catholics in Fairfield long before 
the church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary was built, or 


thought of, and the fact that they had no church huildin;^ of 
their own in which to worsliip was, to them, no reason for 
an) lack of religious enthusiasm. 

Many of the earlier Catholics w^nt to Waterville every 
Sunday to attend Mass, others went to a school house on 
Main street, in Fairfield, where Mass was said once a month. 

It is in this school house that Mass was first said in the town 
of Fairfield. To this place Father Halde came once a month. 
For a long time this was the only Catholic service held in 
Fairfield. For any further spiritual guidance the faithful of 
Fairfield were obliged to go to Waterville. 

Fairfield has been a mission parish since 1870 and up to the 
time of the appointment of Rev. Louis Bergeron it was under 
the charge of the pastor of the church at Waterville. Kev. 
Father Halde attended for a long time and Rev. Father Char- 
land, who is the present pastor of St. Francis de Sales' 
church at Waterville, also had charge for a number of years. 

It was during Father Charland's administration of the 
affairs of the church, that the first chapel was built in Fair- 
field. This building was put up in 1880, but it was soon seen 
that it was not large enough to accomodate all the Catholics. 
Father Charland was succeeded by Rev. Louis Bergeron, 
who was the first resident past('r appointed to Fairfield. 

Early in his church work, Father Bergeron saw that a lar- 
ger building was needed, and with much energy he went at 
the work of raising funds for the erection of a new church 
building. So earnest were his efforts, and so effective the 
work he did that the corner stone of the new building was 
laid in August, 1892. The next year saw the completion of 


the building and on the i6th day of July, 1893, the church 
was dedicated. 

The dedicatory services were conducted by the Right Rev. 
Bishop Healy, of Portland, Me., assisted by Rev. Joseph Gory 
and Rev. Louis Bergeron, and there was a large attendance. 

The old chapel was moved over near the new church build- 
ing and is now used as a winter chapel or vestry, in the 
upper part a hall has been made with a floor space of 32 by 
45 feet. It is used for sociables and other entertainments. 

The cost of the present church was about $9,000 and 
through the splendid efforts of Father Bergeron some J55200 
of this amount was raised leavmg a debt of about $3,800. 

Father Bergeron was succeeded by Fr. P.' A. Jouvin, Dec. 
I, 1899. Since Fr. Jouvin took charge of the parish he has 
bought a rectory at a cost of $2500 and has paid $2000 on the 
old debt. The church has also been improved and the rec- 
tory furnished. 

The church has a membership of about 200 families and in- 
cludes some of the best people of Fairfield. 

Besides his duties in Fairfield village Fr. Jouvin has charge 
of the mission at Shawmut where there is a good Catholic 
community of about 40 families. 


The church edifice at Shawmut was erected as an Episco- 
pal house about fifteen years ago, but few services were held 
for some time in the church. Union Church Society was al- 


SO formed in the village and held its meetings in the old Club 
Room, where the old "Iron Clads" had formerly met. Mem- 
bers of this organization were largely Baptists but contained 
representatives of other denominations. Last spiing the 
church was bought by subscription for the Union Society. It 
has been moved and refitted into a convenient church home. 
It is now occupied regularly, but no pastor is located here. 

Besides these Church societies there is a Free Baptist So- 
ciety, but this is now doing but little active work, being weak- 
ened by the removal or death of many of its chief supporters. 
The Chapel has recently been sold to the Catholic Societies 
of Christopher Columbus and St. John Baptist for a society 

The Advents have a Hall where they worship in the village. 
There is also a Union Mission where regular meetings are 

School Items. 

From the earliest the residents of Fairfield have taken an 
active interest in education. The sacrifices made to this end 
by the first comers was probably greater than any made today 
although the figures they give us of the amounts they raised 
for this purpose would be of an insignificant value today. We 
find that the town was divided into school districts, and places 
selected for the erection of schoolhouses in 1793. These 
divisions were made by Josiah Burgess and Daniel Shepherd. 


It may be interesting to give the boundaries of the five dis- 
tricts or "classes" as they were called. They are ^iven as 
follows: Class i: To begin at the northern part of the town 
and to extend south as far as to include John Button and the 
Davises, and John Shepherd; the center to be at the Friends' 
Meeting House. Class 2: To begin at John Burton's south 
line and include Elisha Nye and extend to Winslow line, and 
as far westerly as to Nathan Cannon and Capt. Lander's; the 
center to be in the south side of Josiah Burgess' lot on the 
road tliat goes to Chase's Mills. Class 3: To include James 
Lawrence, Thomas Blackwell,and all the inhabitants on town 
lots belonging to the town of Fairfield; the center to be near 
Seth Bartlett's. Class 4: To begin at the north part of the 
town and to extend south on the River to Edward Emery's 
south line; the center to be at Mr. Bodfish's, Class 5: To 
begin at Edward Emery's south line and to extend to Winslow 
line; thisicenter to be at Solomon Spencer's. 

We find that the following year the town raised the sum ot 
£60 for schools and houses (also £10 for preaching). "Class 
Masters" were chosen for the several "classes." in 1803 we 
find there were 11 districts, as they were then called; in 1826 
this number had increased to 15; and in 1879 there were 18. 

The advance in management and effectiveness of the pub- 
lic schools of this town have not been one whit behind the 
increasing number of schools established, although today their 
effectiveness cannot be estimated on this principle. In 1875 
the first school supervisor was elected to look after the town 
schools, James Plummer being chosen for the work. New 
and modern books, and ideas, for the management of town 


schools have been adopted, new houses erected as the needs 
of the pupils demanded, and their welfare and prosperity have 
ever remained close to the hearts of this people who well 
know the value of education. 

The schools the past year showed a remarkable advance in 
the attendance. In 19C3 there were 689 scholars rej^istered 
in town outside of the hi^^h school, tiiis year there were 7C5 
registered. There are now 22 schools in town, while three 
more will be opened at the fall session. Of these schools 10 
are rural, 10 in the village, and 2 at Shawmut; the three new 
ones to be opened are rural. The registration in the village 
the past year was 569, in the rural schools 196. 

A new course in music is to be instituted this fall through- 
out the public schools from which much is expected. Mr. 
Drew, the superintendent, is giving much attention to in- 
crease the efficiency of the schools and to keep them abreast 
of modern and up-to-date methods. 

High School. 

In the year 1874, $500 was raised for a free high school in 
this town. This was the beginning of higher education in 
Fairfield, but the instruction given here at this time was 
hardly more than that received in the regular schools by the 
more advanced pupils. The direct object of these schools 
was to offer to the older and more advanced pupils a chance to 
attend school during the winter months. The sum of S400 


was raised annually for the support of the High school which 
gradually but surely raised its standard of scholarship. 

This is now a fitting school for the Colleges, having long 
since become an independent institution. Ten years ago 
Walter Francis Kenrick began as principal of the school, 
and to him and his untiring endeavors is due the strength and 
efficiency of the present High school. He remained for sev- 
eral years, being succeeded in 1903 by Guy C. Healey, who 
did excellent work for one year. Harry Emc ry Pratt has been 
engaged for the coming school year. 

Miss Jennie M. Emery is the First Assistant, Merlin Joy, 
Second Assistant. The registration in 1903 was 66, in 
1904 it had increased to 91, an increase of over 37 per cent. 
There is now the prospect of a large entering class for the fall 
term. The school is not provided with a suitable building, 
but it is hoped that the town will ere long be provided with 
such a building that this school may be enabled to do yet 
more valuable work. 

Good Will Farm. 

Good Will Farm, the home for boys, which has now ac- 
quired a world wide reputation, was early conceived in the 
mind of its founder and director, Rev. George W. Hinckley. 
In Rev. Mr. Hinckley's book "The Story of Good Will Farm" 
he writes "in early life 1 thirsted for an education which I 
could not secure. When a small boy, one of my schoolmates. 



the only son of his widowed motiier, was sentenced to the 
State Reform Scliool. The specific crime for which he was 
sentenced was stealing food from a workingman's dinner pail. 
He was not a viscious boy. He was hungry. For three days 
he had been dinnerless. Over his arrest I was sorrowful and 
indignant. As I was only a boy I could not understand why 
people did not take an interest in the lad before he put his 
hand into that dinner pail, instead of waiting until hunger had 
driven him to petty crime. It was then that 1 began to fancy 
I would sometime become a man. if I became a man I would 
build a house; 1 would build houses, and if 1 knew of a boy 
in peril as that boy had been, 1 would extend a helping hand." 

By his constant devotion to this purpose, and through his 
strong faith in Divine Providence, this man who has become 
one of the greatest philanthropists in the country, has fully 
realized this dream of his childhood. 

When he had reached young manhood he began practical 
work toward the fulfillment of this plan. He was encouraged 
by many, and by a trustee of Mt. Hermon was offered the 
gift of a farm in Connecticut on which were located two 
houses, but Mr. Hinckley had dreamed of a home for boys in 
Maine, and did not accept this tempting offer. He thought 
strongly of purchasing a farm in Fayette, again of one in 
Newport, both in Maine, but did not feel just satisfied with 
either location for the development of the extensive plans 
which he had in mind. He had nearly decided to locate in 
Fayette however when he went to Fairfield where he met the 
editor of the Journal. He told Mr. Hinckley of the location 
at East Fairfield, and at once they went to look at the place. 


When they drove up in front of the Chase farmhouse — now 
Good Will Cottage — Mr. Hinckley said to the editor "This is 
the place," and in his heart he thanked God for directing him 

The farm contained 125 acres, and was purchased in June 
1889. Mr. Hinckley had for some time been collecting a fund 
for this purpose, but found it took all the money in the Boys' 
Fund to purchase the farm. Sunday school classes organized 
themselves into clubs to raise money for its support. These 
were called Good Will Clubs, hence the name Good Will 
Cottage, and Good Will Farm. 

The old farmhouse was cleaned up during the summer and 
put in readiness for the work. On the first day of September 
it was formally opened for boys vvlen three Massachusetts 
lads were taken into its keeping. In November following the 
Good Will Home Association was organized under the general 
laws of the State of Maine and the following officers elected : 
President, Moses Gidding, Bangor; Vice-President, J. B. 
Mayo, Foxcroft; Secretary, N. W. Brainard, Fairfield; Treas- 
urer, George Gushing, Skowhegan; also aboard of Trustees 
and a board of Directors were elected, and a code of by-la>vs 

Thus was begun this noble work which has met with such 
phenomenal success in its advancement, it is beyond the 
scope of this brief narative to give a detailed account of the 
working of the institution, but the following is a brief resume 
of its development. 

Sunshine Cottage was added in 1890, and dedicated Sept. 
I. Just one year from that day Golden Rule Cottage was 



dedicated, having been erected the nreceeding summer. 1 his 
was the first cottage constructed especially for the work. 
Prospect Cottage was the next to be constructed, 'I'his was 
dedicated September i. 1891, to be used as an office, schools, 
etc. During the year following this event C. M. Bailey of 
Winthrop became interested in the \v ork, and told Mr. Hinck- 
ley that he might build a cottage for 15 boys at his expense; 
this cottage — Bailey Cottage — was dedicated the first day of 
the following September and Fogg Cottage, the gift of H, H. 
Fogg of Bangor, was dedicated at the same time. 

Christian Endeavor Cottage was the next to be opened, 
although two attempts had been made to construct a much 
needed schoolhouse. Mary Louise Hall Cottage was dedicated 
Dec. 31, 1895; and the Chas. E. Moody school building the 
following day. 

But Mr. Hinckley had even a broader view than this for he 
had for some time considered the need of a similar home for 
homeless girls who were as destitute of care and protection as 
the boys had been. He, however, hoped to begin on a much 
larger scale than he had been able to with the work for the 
boys. But this was not so to be, for the first donations re- 
ceived were from two of the boys, who had been rewarded 
five cents apiece for having washed dishes two weeks with- 
out bieaking a dish. This was to them perhaps the only 
money they received for the year, but they voluntarily gave 
it to Mr. Hinckley for the Girls' Fund. 

Elizabeth Wilcox Smith Cottage was the first to be 
constructed for the Girls Home. This was given by Mr. and 
Mrs. Walter M. Smith in memory of their deceased daughter. 


The land was purchased by Hon. E. S. Converse of Maiden, 
Mass. This home was located about one mile from the Boys 
Home and is now a part of the Good Will Farm. Moody Me- 
morial Chapel, dedicated June i6, 1897 was located between 
these two Homes for the convenience of both, and is a beauti- 
ful stone building. Grange Cottage was built the same 
summer. Emily F. Ryerson Memorial School Building was 
constructed during the summer of 1900. 

The home for boys was meanwhile progressing in a remark- 
able manner. The "Buckminister", a domitory for the older 
boys; and the "Quincy" the beautiful Manutil training build- 
ing, both dedicated last year, were the next to be opened. 
These are excellent modern structures, and all are well fitted to 
do the work they were intended to do. 

Besides the large area now occupied in Fairfield, the Good 
Will Assembly Associaton owns the assembly grounds, known 
as the "Pines" across the river in Clinton. This beautiful 
pine grove as also the Auditorium erected within it, is the 
gift of Walter M. Smith. And its limit is not yet reached for 
there are yet boys and girls who need the help which it is the 
avowed object of this institution to give. Too much praise 
cannot be given to benevolent men and women who have so 
generously and devotedly aided'in this work, or to the Man 
who has given to the work the undivided force and value of 
his strong and purposeful career. 

The Bancroft-Foote House, a home for boys now being 
erected will be dedicated in September. Thus the work is 
increasing, and will increase from year to year. One hun- 
dred and ten boys, and thirty girls are now cared for on the 


Farm, vvMIe many more mi^lit well be pro\iJed lor were 
there sufticient accomodations for tiieir keeping. 

The boys at tht farm art- not onl\' provided with a Iiome in 
which to grow up, but are taught to work in the several bran- 
ches which will prepare them for practical and useful citizenship. 
They do most of their own work, cultivate the farms, work in 
the greenhouse, laundry, kitchen and workshop. The girls 
also are instructed as they should be in the privat? homes; 
How to become neat and practical housekeepers, or to become 

This is only a temporary home for any of its occupants as 
they are sent out to homes throughout the United States just 
as they are taken from any part of the country whenever 
they are found in need of such a home. 

The Good Will Record is regularly published at the Farm 
much of the work of its publication being under the especial 
care of the boys. 

Good Will Farm railroad station accomodates the Home. 
The boys do some of the work here also. It is doubtful if 
tills spot had ever been selected for the school if it had not 
been so closely connected with the world by railroad facilities. 
Many visitors come to the place. These are always accorded 
a hearty welcome. The Railroad station and Postoffice at 
East Fairfield, sometimes called Pishon's Ferry, and long 
known as East Fairfield, has, this summer, been changed to 
"Hinckley" in honor of the man who has so successfully 
directed this philanthropic institution. 


Facts of Interest. 


This village was incorporated as such in v\arch 1856, under 
the name of Kendall's Mills Village Corporation. The first 
officers were: E. W. McFadden, Clerk, Joseph F. Nye, Treas. 
and Col., Orin Woodman, E. G. Pratt and Geo. Richardson, 

The Corporation maintains a tire department, a night 
watchman and a day police, the water department, and elec- 
tric lights. For these several items, and the cost of inciden- 
tals and management the corporpation last year raised 
^5300. The present officers of the Corporation are: G. G. 
Weeks, W. W. Nye, Neil Gregory, Assessors; A. H. Tot- 
man, Clerk; G. D. Richardson Chief Engineer; W. F. Har- 
rington, Chief of Police; C. E. Duren, Collector; and E, Kel- 
ley, Treasurer. 

A fire department has been maintained ever since 1856 
when the old Victor Engine was brought to town. The Vic- 
tor fire company was formed July 15, the meeting being held 
in the North schoolhouse, James F. Moses being chosen Fore- 

There is now excellent steamer and hydrant service through- 
out the entire village. The Steamer "Amoskeag" now in use 
was bought in Manchester, N. H. in 1882. The engine house 
centrally located on Bridge street was built the same year. 

;tW.».iJ»;i '1 



The electric lighting plant was put in about 1886 when ten 
of Fairfield's most prominent citizens invested in the power. 
The plant was later sold to the Watervillc and Fairfifid 
Light and Power Co., which company operates the 
lighting system of both places, and also the efficient railroad 
system which so closely connects this village with an enter- 
prising city. 


This beautiful structure, the gift of one of Fairfield's most 
esteemed citizens, is the pride of the village; and justly so for 
any town would be proud of such a beautiful library building. 

This was erected in 1901 on a lot given by Mrs. Newhall, 
and is situated in the prettiest part of the village, not f;ir from 
the Railroad station, on Lawrence Ave. The building is a 
beautiful stone structure, artistically finished and decorated. 
It was dedicated July 24, 1901; Hezekiah •Butterworth, the 
well known writer, delivering the address. The building was 
constructed by Horace Purington & Co., from designs by W. 
R. Miller. The late F. E. McFadden assisting largely in the 
-inside decorations. 

Frances Kenrick has served as librarian since it was open 
ed. She is now assisted by Mrs. Cora Sturtevant. The 
library contains about i;ooo volumes, while there are 29 regu- 
lar periodical publications found upon its tables. 

The last report of the librarian shows an accession of books 
and periodicals during the past year as follows. Books: — by 


purchase, Lawrence fund, 167; Newhall fund, 167; by gift 28; 
state documents, 60; Periodicals:— by purchase, 13; by gift, 
16. Circulation: — books given out for home reading, 13,334 
— these being about half fiction. The borrowers list contains 
the names of 1057 patrons. 

Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Newhall, the donors, give annually 
for its support the sum of $500, while the town raises the 
sum of ^600. 


Victor Grange, No. 40, was organized October 29, 1874 
with 29 charter members. This is one of the most prospeous 
and successful granges in the state and has met with a 
remarkable growth. Its present membership is 242. A new 
Hall has justibeen erected at Fairfield Center, the home of 
the organization. This building was dedicated October i, 1903; 
and is one of which its many members are proud. 

The present officers of the grange are: — Master, W. H. Bal- 
entine; Overseer, Chas. M. Williams; Lecturer, Ralph Hoxie; 
Steward, Frank E. Sawyer; Asst. Steward, L. P. Ricker; 
Chaplain, Clara Hoxie; Treasurer, F. M. Archer; Sec, H. T. 
Choate; Gate-keeper, George Tobey; Ceres, Kate R. Balen- 
tine; Pomona, Annie Sawyer; Flora, Nora Goodwin; Lady 
Asst. Steward, Alice M. Ricker; Executive Com., Geo. T. 
Tibbetts, Chas. Hoxie, Chas. L. Tobey, and the Master and 
Sec'y, members ex-officio. 




The Gerald, known to the traveling public throughout the 
country as Maine's most elegant hotel, was opened June 4, 
1900, and has never wanted for guests since The finely 
equipped and carefully managed house is down-to date in 
every particular, the equal in every respect except number of 
rooms to the great high-class hosteleries of Boston and New 
York. It was built by the Hon. Amos F. Gerald and is a pre- 
tentious pressed brick structure, highly ornamented and with 
large plate glass windows. The threshold is a single piece of 
cut granite weighing 16 tons, the largest ever quarried in 
Maine. Fine stores occupy the street floor, and on the three 
upper floors are thirty rooms. Connected with each room is 
a bath, and every room contains a telephone and all other 
facilities for comfort and good cheer. The dining room is a 
marvel of elegance, decorated by Aiken, and unsurpassed 
anywhere. The cusine of The Gerald is fully in keeping 
with the other superb features, and the general atmosphere 
of the house bespeaks all liie luxury of a refined home. Mr. 
W. J. Bradbury, the energetic and progressive proprietor is 
not only widely known co tlie traveling public, but best of all 
to the citizens of this section of the State, who hold him in 
high esteem. He was postmaster here 8 years and is a pro- 
minent Odd Fellow and member of various fraternal organiza- 
tions. Mr. Bradbury also manages the Opera House, and 
from time to time plays excellent attractions. 



The Fairtield plant of tlir Watt-rxilk' iS: Fairlu-Kl Kail\va\- & 
la^lit Co., located nn l.slaiul Street, is iiKulcin and lincl\ 
eiiuippfd. It has 7 dyn.imos, cajiacitN', 12^ K. W., fnr rail- 
way, oHf 62 K,, for railway; 500 volt inachiiit- ; 100 K. W., for 
power; one 180 K. W., 60 cycle alternator, 2200 volts; one 
.125-light Brush Arc machine and one 50-li^ht T. H. Arc mach- 
uie. There is also a storage battery of 165 cells run in con- 
nection with the railway and an auxiliary steam plant of 350 
horse-power. Six competent men are employed. The com- 
pany was incorporated in 1891 and has been of great benefit 
to Fairfield and vicinity. Power is furnished for factoric\s and 
light for Fairfield and Waterville. The fine plant is in charge 
of B. F. Maxfield, an efficient and expert electrician. Mr. 
Maxfleld also has charge of another electric light station here, 
called Station No. 2. 


The Fairfield Journal is one of the breeziest most up-to-date 
newspapers of the state. This was established in 1862 since 
which time it has continued regularly, and has improved and 
enlarged with the growth and development of the place where 
it is so well recognized as an authority on all local happen- 
ings. Mr. A. C. Ladd took possession of the Journal in 1897. 
He is also interested in several other local state papers, while 
other members of his family own different publications in 
different parts of the state, 


Public Men. 


Perhaps no one man has done more for the town of Fairfield 
than Stephen A. Nye, who comes of old Fairfield stock and 
has been in business here for many years. He carried on a 
very extensive lumbering business here in the days when 
this village was a lumbering center. Since 1874 he has been 
actively interested in the manufacture of furniture at the 
plant located near the railroad station, which he established 
in that year. Mr. Nye has been a member of both the House 
of Representatives and the Senate serving in the most satis- 
factory manner in both branches of the Legislature. He has 
ever taken a prominent part in all public affairs, doing much 
for the improvement and advancement of the town and state.- 


Hon. Amos F. Gerald, one of Maine's most prominent fi- 
nanciers and industrial promoters, is a native of Benton and 
63 years of age. When 20 years old he went to California to 
win a position in the world and lay the foundation for fame 
and foitune. After three }'ears, ill health compelled him to 
return home, but his ambition was not curtailed or energy 
daunted. He commenced the manufacture of curtain rollers, 
and possessing the inventive faculty patented several articles 


that brought him considerable money. This capital gave him 
his start, ani with a ready grasp of the possibilities of electric- 
ity as a power that must revolutionize the world's work, he 
established a lightmg plant in his own little village, the first 
in Maine. This was followed by the promotion of electric 
street railways in various sections of the State of which he is 
justly styled king having promoted and built, more than a 
dozen. Mr. Gerald is now developing the water plant at 
Fowler's rips on the Sebasticook river, i^ miles above Ben- 
ton Falls. A dam getting a head of 25 feet and some 1000 
horse power will be built. Electric generators will be estab- 
lished and a line of wire extended to the Kennebec river, sup- 
plying power to industries in Fairfield and Waterville. It is 
probable, also, that this power will be employed to run cars 
on a trolley road between Waterville and Augusta. Mr. Ger- 
ald has extensive real estate and manufacturing interests in 
Maine, and is a firm believer in the State's future progress 
and prosperity. As a citizen of Fairfield he is public-spirited 
and loyal to its advancement. The town's handsome hotel, 
"The Gerald," spoken of elsewhere, is his residence. Mr. 
Gerald is a persistant worker, always finishes what he under- 
takes in the mostcompetent manner. Takes great pride in the 
prosperity and popularity of his town and true to his friends. 
Always ready to do his part in any position he may be placed. 


Gen. Selden Connor, who won many military honors and 
promotions by his gallantry and efficient service in the Civij 


war, was a native of Fairfield, being the son of William Con- 
nor, one of the leadinjj; men of the town durin^z the past cen- 
tury. After tile war (ien. (Connor became connected with 
public affairs, and was (io\'ernor of the state in 1876. 

Fairfield's list of public servants and bent- factors does not 
end with the mention of a few names. Hon. John Cj. Hun- 
toon who served as Governor of the state in 1830 resided in 
this town about 1854. The Hon. Wm. B. Snell, a Judge of 
the Municipal Court at Washington went from this town. 

Hon. Josiah Drummond of Portland was a descendant of one 
of Fairfield's old families, and was said tf' be an honest law- 
yer, "which is admitted by some to be the i.oblest work of 
God," said N. W. Brainard, Hsq. in his historical sketch of 
Fairfield which he gave at the Centennial Celebration which 
was celebrated here in 1888. Mr. Brainard comes from one 
of the most noted families of the town of Fairfield, and 
should be mentioned as one of the able men who have been 
raised within the borders of this town. 

There are also many others whom we might mention, but 
limited space forbids further comment. 

Business Directory. 

Postmasters — F. B. Purinton; Center, Jas. H, Holt; North, 
Mrs. Alden Hoxie; Hinckley, Melvin Palmer; Shawmut, C. 
G. Hume; Larone, Wm. P. Winslow. 

Selectmen — P. A. Smith, Chas. Green, S. K. Jones, 


Town Agent — G. M. Chapman, 

Town Clerk — Maud McFadden. 

Treasurer — W. W. Merrill. 

(Collector — C. H, Duren. 

Constable — C. E. Duren. 

Road Commissiuner — H. M. Flood. 

School Committee — W. W. Merrill, Addie M. Lawrence, E. 
C. Hooper. 
■ Supt.— Mr. W. W. Drew. 

Board of Health— L. D. Rand, Sec. 

Village Corporation: Assessors — G. G. Week, William W. 
Nye, Neil Gregory; Clerk, A. H. Totman; Chief Engineer, 
G. D. Richardson; Chief of Police, W. F. Hiirrington. 

Clergymen — J. H. Roberts, Meth; James H. Peardon, Univ; 
supplied Bap; vacant, F. Bap; P. A. Jouvin, Cath; Center, 
J. H. Roberts, Mtth; J. C. Brownville, Bapt; Hinckley, G. 
W. Hinckley, Union. 

Physicians — F. J. Robinson, L. D. Rand, I. P. Tash, G. F. 
Webber, A. A. Downs, O. B. Ames, E. C. Hooper, Shaw- 
mut, W. H. Walters, (Hom.), Mrs. Celia Walters, (Hom.) 

Dentists— W. S. Miller, F. A. Knowlton, C. F. Kidder. 

Lawyers — Geo. M. Chapman, G. G. Weeks, P. A. Smith. 

Notaries — Geo. M. Chapman, July 20, 1907; W. W. Merrill, 
Apr. 17, 1909; F. H, E. Bragg, Nov. 29, 1905. 

Justices — Geo. G. Weeks, Nov. 24, 1910; W. P. Winslow, 
Feb. 28, 1909; Jas. H. Holt, Nov. 16, 1904; Geo. M. Chap- 
man, Apr. 30, 1909; Percy A. Smith, Nov. 13, 1906; Wil- 
ber A. Lord, May 9, 1908; Appleton Webb, Sept. 20, 1904 
Maud McFadden, (to administer oaths,) Mar. 3, 191 1; Quo- 


rum; William C. Simpson, July 20, 1907, Trial; G. G. 

Weeks, Dedimus. 
Merchants: Apothecaries, Books and Stationery — E. H. bvans, 

G. E. Wilson, F. M. Cotton. 
Bicycles and Electrical Supplies — J. W. Sawyer. 
Boots and Shoes— Albert L. Hatch, E. Kelley & Co., J. C. 

Byrns, C. W. Pooler, W. M. Crawford, (also furnishings), 

William Levine. 
Carriages, etc. — G. C. Small. 
Clothing and Furnishing Goods — J. C. Byrns, E. Kelley & 

Co., C. W. Pooler, Wm. Levine. 
Coal— Crummett & Bragg. 
Dry Goods — E. F. Files, William Shibley. 
Fish Market— G. N. Snell. 
Flour, Grain and Hay — H. J. Savage & Co., Crummett & 

Fruit and Confectionery — C. E. Holt, Amos Learned, Mrs. S. 

C. Scammon, J. E. Mulhollin, Thos. J. Steelbrook. 
Furniture, Carpets, Wall Papers and Crockery — Lawry Bros. 
Gasoline Engines — J. R. Donnelly. 
General Stores — Center, Jas. H. Holt & Son; Shawmut, C. 

G. Hume, Augustus Burke; Hinckly, Palmer Bros; Larone, 

J. Frank Libby. 
Groceries and Provisions — Clark Bros., Neil Gregory, G. A. 

Savage, F. E. Hammond, David King, W. W. Nye & Co., 

Delano & Whitten, Herbert Haskell. 
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware — A. H. Totman, C. E. Fur- 

ber Co., D. B. Donnelly, (stoves,) B. F. Rackliff, (tin- 


Jewelry, Watches, etc. — H. F. Buriiess, E. M. Warren. 

Lime, Cement and Tile — F. J. Savage & Co. 

Lumber — A. Learned, J. L. Parkin & bon. ' 

Merchant Tailor — J. H. McGorrill. 

Millinery — E. F. Eiies. 

Spring Water — Rocky Hill Spring, W. N. Osborne, prop. 

Wood — Crummett & Bragg, J. E. Brown. 

Manufacturers: Bakery — G. A. Savage. 

Belt Hooks— E. F. Parker & Co. 

Bicycles Repairs, etc. — J. W. Sawyer. 

Blacksmiths — F. T. Brown, A. V. Worthing; Larone, J. F. 
Libby; Center, A. 1. Trafton; Shawmut, Jos. Bazier. 

Building Mover— H. M. Flood. 

Cabinet Work and Picture Framing — C. W. Ames. 

Canned Goods — Portland Packing Co. 

Carriage Work — E. Ward. 

Cider — Center, J. H. Holt, 

Clothing and Ladies' Skirts — F. H. Brown Clothing Co. 

Confectionery — C. E. Holt. 

Contractors and Builders — J. L. Parkin & Son, H. T. Burns, 
A. D. Smith & Sons, Stillman Sawyer, J. H. Smith. 

Dressmakers — Mrs. Warren Jones, Mrs. M. E. Bavis. 

Fibre, (chemical) — United Box Board & Paper Co., Geo. W. 
Powers, mgr., E. F. Parker, supt. 

Furniture — Fairfield Furniture Co., The C. H. Knowles Fur- 
niture Co., (upholstered,) 

Granite and Marble — J. E. Brown. 

Gravel Roofer — Wallace A. Hill. 

Grist Mills— F. J. Savage & Co., Crummett & Bragg. 


Harness — I. S. McFarland, J. S. Either & Son. 

Horse Shoes — (steel), F. T. Brown. 

LaunJries — G. H. (iillette, Charlie Chiii. 

Lumber — Shawmut, Lawrence, Nevvhall & I'age Co; Larune, 

J. L. Libby; North, Crosb)' Lumber C>n. 
Machinists and Hlectricians — Bell-Donni-'lly Mf;^. & Supply 

Masons J. E. Brown, C. E. Holt. 
Novelty Work — S. A, Nye Mnfg. Co., A. Learned, (also 

Painters — (House), H. F. Arnold, G. L. Either. 
Plumbing and Piping — D. B. Donnelly, C. E. Furber Co., A. 

H. Totman, B. F. Rackliff. 
Photographer — C. T. Huff. 
Pie Plates — (Pulp), The Keyes Fibre Co. 
Pulp — (Ground Wood) United Box Board & Paper Co. (Ken- 
nebec Div.), J. Noble, mgr; Shawmut, Lawrence, Newhall 

& Page Co. 
Shoemakers — A. L. Hatch, E. Kelley & Co. 
Sleds— Center, J. H. Holt. 
Weather Strips — Lynn Weather Strip Co. 
Woolens — (Coverts,) American Woolen Co. (Kennebec Mills) 

S. G. Hall, agt. 
Barbers— W. R. Burrill, N. C. Wheeler, H. L. Berry, C. T. 

Bickmore, F. R. Ronco, Gilbert Peters. 
Billiard Halls — Amos Learned, Forrest A. Allen. 
Express — American, Crummett & Bragg, agents. 
Hall — Fairfield Opera House, W. J. Bradbury, prop. 
High School — Harry Emery Pratt, Prin, 


Fairfield Boom — ^airfield Boom Co., F. B, Purintuii, tira^. 

Fairfield Jc. Mills & Water PovvenCo.— H. i\. fAanstield, treas. 

Insurance — Maud McFadden, Crunimett & Bra^g. 

Library — Lawrence Free Library, 5000 vols.. Miss Francis 
Ken rick, lib. 

Lumbermen — V. R. Connor & Co., S. A. Nye Mnfji. Co., L. 
F. Nye & Co., J. E. Brown, (hardwood); Shawmut, Law- 
rence, Newhall & Page Co; Larone, J. F. Libby; Center, 
R. E. Greene; North Crosby Lumber Co. 

Printers— A. C, Ladd Co. 

Real Estate — Benton Land Co., Silas T. Lawry, treas., Geo. 
M. Chapman. 

Restaurants — Amos Learned, Thos. J. Steelbrook, J. E. Mul- 
hollin, Mrs. S. A. Keyes. 

Street Railway Cos. — Benton & Fairfield, Arthur Reynolds, 
supt; Waterville & Fairfield Railway & Light Co., H. D. 
Bates (Waterville), treas., B. F. Maxtield, chief engineer. 

Undertakers — Lawry Bros. 

Telegraph— W. U., J. F. Atkins; Shawmut, E. A. Emery; 
Pishon's Ferry, E. C. Joy. 

Telephone— N. E. T. & T. Co, 

Station Agent- M. C. R. R., J.- F. Atkins; Shawmut, E. A. 

- Emery; Pishon'5 Ferry, E. C. Joy; Good Will Farm, G. 
W. Hinckley. 

Livery Stable— Anson P. Morrill, G. C. Small. 

Asso'tns.— Masons-Siloam, No. 92, ist Thurs; Eastern Star 
Merrymeeting, No. 64, ist and 3d Fri; 1. O. O. F. -Fair- 
field, No. 68, Mon; Rebekah Good Will, No. 50, 2d and 4th 
Thurs; G. A. R.-Elbridge P. Pratt, No 90. ist and 3d Wed; 


Relief Corps, No. 71, 2d and 4th Wed; I. O. F,-Shawmut, 
No. 1704, last Thurs; L. O. L. -Eureka, No. 446, Thurs; 
M. W. of A.-Fairfield, No. 10, 356, Thurs; U. O. G. C- 
20th Century, No. 283, Tues; Center, P of H. -Victor, No. 
49, ist and 3d Tues; Hinckley, Good Will Home Assot'n 
-G. W. Hinckley, supervisor. 

Hotels — The Gerald, W. J. Bradbury, prop.. Hotel Fairfield, 
O. L. Buzzell, prop. 

Boarding Houses — John Pines, Mrs. W. R. Burrill, Mrs. Mur- 
ray; Shawmut, Mrs. Howard Priest, E. A. Emery. 

Bank — The National Bank of Fairfield, C. G. Totman, pres. 
W. W. Merrill, cashier, Fairfield Savings Bank, C. G. Tot- 
man, pres., A. A. Merrill, cashier. 

Newspapers — Fairfield Journal, published by A. C. Ladd Co., 
an independent weekly. The Good Will Record, published 
by the Good Will Pub. Co., monthly. 

Census of Fairfield. 

The pop.ilation of the town of Fairfield has been arranj^ed 
herewith in families where that arrangement has been possi- 
ble, in these families, in addition to the resident living 
members, the names of tlie non-resident members are includ- 
ed, it should be borne in mind that this plan does not in- 
clude the names of all former residents of the town of Fair- 
field, as the names of the non-residents appear only when 
one or both the parents are still living in town. At the end 
of the Census will be found the names of the non-residents 
with their present address, when such address has been given 
to us. The non-residents are indicated by the (*). 

Following the names of the population is the occupation. To 
designate the occupations we have used the more common 
abbreviations and contractions. Some of these follow: Farm- 
er — far; carpenter — car; railroad service — R R ser; student, 
a member of an advanced institution of learning — stu; pupil, 
a member of a lower grade of schools — pi; housework — 
Jiw; laborer — lab; physician and surgeon — phy & sur; clergy- 
man — clerg; merchant — mer; teacher — tr; blacksmith — blk; 
clerk — cl; bookkeeper — bk kpr. 

This Census was taken during the summer of 1904 by Rev. 
B. V. Davis, Kent's Hill, Maine. 


Order of Postoffices. 

1. Fairfield P. O. 

2. Fairfield R. F. D. i. 

3. Shawmut P. O. 

4. Fairfield Center P. O, 

5. Larone P. O. 

6. No. Fairfield P. O. 

7. Hinkley P. O. 

8. Oakland P. O. 

9. Oakland, Me. R. F. D. 35. 

10. Skowhegan R. F. D. 3. 

11. Waterville Star Route. 



Fairfield Post Office. 

Ames, Chas. W 


*Geo. W 


*Fannie E 


James E 


E B (Neal 




^Lillian B 


Ames, Ernest L 


Martha M (Decker hw 
Amelia B dress mk'r 

Leslie E dentist 

Clara D pi 

Allen, Ellora E (Adams 

Lydia B pi 

Abbott, Albert A mill yd 

Melvin car 

Bert mill wk 

Atwood, Willard K far 

Addie S (Sears hw 

Winnifred K pi 


Archer, William A Jeweler 
Grace W (Mayo hw 

Wesley W 

Ackley, Ernest B blk 

Sadie B (McPherson hw 
William A pi 

Gladys B 

Ames, O B phy & sur 

Louise H (Langill hw 

Atwood, Howard C car shop 
Sarah C (Walker hw 
Calvin E plummer 

Hattie C hw 

Ames, Laura J (Cilley hw 

Alley, Joseph mason 

Minnie (Lewis hw 

Edward pi 

Allen, Ira F H & W Co 

Carrie M ( hw 

Forest car 


Brooks, Octave car 

Matilda (Laplant hw 

Mamie R mill w k 

Lena R mill wk 

Edward mill wk 



Georgianna pi 

Mary Ann pi 

Bragg, Alva H master mech 
Mabel E (Clough hw 

Bell, Effie A (Pooler hw 

William H mech 

Virgil R car 

Ida F stu 

Bell, W E mach 

Laura M (Ames hw 

John D 
June E 

Berry, Frank S 

newspaper wk 
Mary J (Lamb hw 

Brown, Louisa A (Lewis hw 

Burrill, Chas. sec foreman 
Stella B (Estes hw 

Christine L pi 

Bradbury, Anna hw 

Brown, F H clothing mfg 

Clara H (Desmond hw 
Harry S trav sales 

Herbert'O garment cutter 
Lucy M stu 

Stanley F stu 

Grace M pi 

Burrill, Abbie A (Webster 

B'd house 
Edna L hw 

Burrill, Lottie M (^Percival hw 
Harry L stu 

Helen A pi 

Either, Benjamin F 

harness mk'r 
Gertrude C (Gerry hw 
Hellen A pi 

Brownell, Wesley A sect hand 

Bither, James S harness mk'r 
Mary J (Childs hw 

Geo L painter 

*James S far 

Benj F harness mk'r 

Rose L hw 

Blakney, Joseph C 

boss pulp mill yd 
Herbert H & W Co 

*Alice M hw 

Mabel S Me Gen Hosp 
*Chas L 

Clement A car 

Horace S pressman 

Cora G hw 

Bragg, Jane E. (Emery 

Frederick H E mer 

Bragg, Frederick H E mer 
Alice O (Rockwood hw 
Conrad R pi 

Percival H 

Buzzell, Justin M R R car 
Anna B (Runnells hw 
*Oregon far 

*Roscoe B 

night restaurant 
*Arthur Bath Iron works 
Fannie B hw 



Baker, T F painter 

Mary C ■ Davis hvv 

Burgess, Hiram F jeweler 

Maud E (Emery hw 

William E pi 

Bellows, Maria F hw 

Brown, H O clothing mfg 
Bertha P (, Parkin hw 
Chauncy L 
Russell F 

Brown, F T blk 

Bessie M (Martin hw 

Don P pl 

Bradbury, Wm J 

Gerald Hotel 
Laura E (McFadden hw 
Grace E hw 

Brown, John E teamster 

Jane M (Brown hw 

*Emma I hw 

*Geneva T hw 

Buzzell, Oscar L 

Hotel Fairfield 
Elnora (Brownell hw 
Catherine H waitress 
J Harrison cl 

Blackstone,ChasH motorman 
Nettie (Spaulding hw 
Scott E motorman 

Brown, Geo A motorman 

Helen ( hw 

Sarah R pl 

Blackstone, Edgar C 

wood wk'r 

Eva M (Vaughn hw 

Ralph E pl 

Benjamin, Frank S 

Catherine E(Wheeler hw 

Blackwell, Floyd F R R ser 
Louisa W (Mason hw 

Bryant, M Anna luv 

Bryant, Belinda J hw 

Bowker, Nathan T 

foreman mill 
Jennie (Inman iiw 


Bates, Harry B barber 

Hattie G (Gould hw 

Janet M pl 

Marion E pl 

Bell. Virgil R car 

Annie V (Smith hw 

Bradbury, Augustus 

Ebba F (Cragin hw 

Burns, H T car & buld,r 

Mary E (Marble hw 

Bragg, Silas W ret'd 

*Edwin janitor 

*lda hw 

Alvah mech 

Sylvia J (C'lbbs hw 

Brophy, Henry D 

foreman corn shop 
Ellen J A (McKinnon hw 
Harriet E stu 

John stu 



Neal J 
Helen M 




Carl, John E elec ser 

Florence E (Colpitis hw 
Chas A 

Coro, Edwin W 

hardwood finish 
Alfreda E (Chase hw 
Everett W pl 

Guy E pl 

Herbert H 

Carter, William ret'd 

Carter, AngelineB(Kendall hw 

Chamberlain, Eliza J Osborne 

Scott W lab 

Charity, Leander saw mill 
Mary (Lacross hw 

Albert lab 

Nacie pl 

Horace pl 

Henry pl 

Archie pi 

Alice pl 

Clark, Augusta F (Sewell hw 
Katie hw 

Bessie A waitress 

Fern A pl 

*Effie M hw 

Curtis, Anna M(Haseltine hw 

*Geo H bk kpr & real est 

Gertrude A tr 

*Cora C hw 

*Arthur H missionary 

Curtis, Constance C stu 

Curtis, Donald H pi 

Clemont, Eliza (Davis hw 

Asher pressman 

*Lillian May hw 

Cate, Francis F tr 

Clark, Homer F mer 

Grace A (Doane hw 

Merriam D 

Paul F 

Cain, Bernard pulp mill 

Creech, Eleanor stu 

Creech, Etta stu 

Carr, Sumner V\ mason 

Annie E (Lawrence 

*Harry A cl 

Percy B pl 

Carr, Alonzo M lab 

Chamberlain, Felix hostler 

Clara (York hw 

Walter D mill wk 

Fred F pl 

Cassie M pl 

Albert F pl 

Rosmond L pl 

John J 

Cilley, John A car 

Emily Oones hw 

Edward A mill wk 



Arthur E mill \vk 

^''Addie T hw 

Carter, Mary L (Carter hw 
Clark, Robert M lumberman 

Louise L (Cole 
Clark, R C c\ Gerald ho 

Grace E (Bradbury hw 
Connor, Virgil Roscoe 

Connor, Mary E hw 

Connor, Lucia H hw 

Connor, Lindia A hw 

Clair, Frances (Marcia hw 

Clukey, Joseph P pulp mill 

Mary L (Butler hw 

Coffell, Frank supt elec R R 

Annie (Rice hw 

Charette, Wm C loom fixer 

Frances E W; Bennett hw 
Clark, Albert H cl 

Bertha (Hamlin hw 

Crawford, W S R R Shop 

Lizzie F (Clark hw 

Will M clothier 

Champigne, Joseph carder 

Minnie A (Pooler hw 

Herbert J pi 

Alfred E pi 

Stewart O 

Marion A E 

Henry R 
Clair, Gertrude cl 

Crosby, Albert W conductor 

Nellie B (Chase hw 

Percy H pi 

Choate, Chas E lab 

Matilda (Allison hw 

^William E chief eng 

*Lester J electrician 

Frank W cl 

Chamberlain, Geo car shop 
Mary ( Manery hw 

William K. lab 

Chase, Chas A junk dl'r 

Esther B(Cilley 
Geo S lab 

Chas E upholsterer 

Alfreda E hw 

Crosby, Rodney truckman 
Caroline M (Buck hw 

Corson, Hartley car 

Eva (C^orsor, hw 

Helen pi 

Harold pi 

Alma pi 


Clark, Albert R F cl 

Flavilla A (Pinkham hw 
*Ella S hw 

Chapman, G M lawyer 

L E (Keene hw 

Clyde R stu 

Caro B stu 

Chapman, Chas shop wk 

Annie (Ware hw 

Esther shirt shop 

Archie J shirt shop 



Josie Pub House 

Wallace pi 


Clough, Abbie D (Chapman 

*Maurice L lab 

Mabel E hw 

Fred W stu 

Clark, Warren painter 

Jennie S (Farnham hw 
*Annie M hw 

Laura E hw 

*Edson L 

Choate, Wallace F hardware 
Viola W (Wyman hw 
Annie F pi 

Channing, Martha E (Cilley 

*Frank P supt R R 

*Chas A far 

Cole, Harry W pulp mill 

Sadie A (Horn hw 

Bennie H pi 

Cotton, F M druggist 

Olive A (Rowell hw 

Cotton, Carl druggist 

Annie M (Spencer hw 

Cilley, Edward A novelty wk 
Florence E (Gibbs hw 
Ethel F stu 

Harold N pi 

Crawford, Wm M clothier 
Ethel J (Preble hw 

G 1 

Crosby, Edwin C car 

Edna L (Brown hw 

Cannon, Ann M (Mayo hw 

*Etta J hw 

*Geo L grocer 

*Herbert L shoe laster 


Duren, Chas E 

dept sheriff & tax coll 
Florence T(Hammond hw 
Carl E stu 

Alice G stu 

Dietrich, Albion R. mill wk 
Louise M (Hover hw 

Emily L pi 

Adolph pi 

Davis, Chloie (Tilton hw 

Harry J mill wk 

Danforth, Chas E tailor 

Mabel O (Banton hw 
Norman L pi 

Dillingham, Edward lab 

Downs, Araminta J(SimpsGn 

Arthur A phy & sur 

Mabel B seamstress 

Mattie M seamstress 

Davis, Ellen E ("Horn hw 

'i^Davis, Fred R sec hand 

Lester M laundry team 

Davis, Mary E (Smith hw 
Arthur R pi 

Drisco, Ralph B mech 

Winifred L (Parkin hw 



Ralph B Jr pi 

Marion J pi 

Donliee, James mill wk 

Lizzie (Sealey hvv 

Frances L hw 

Annie J hw 

William H pi 

Arthur E pi 

Delano, T J grocer 

Ada B (Reynolds hw 

Drew.Roxana C f^Clark nurse 
'^'Minnie F hvv 

Daisy M hw 

Deleware, Wm mill 

Mamie M (Dulac 
May Blanche 

Dulac, Joseph foreman 

Irene (Twombly hw 

Henry pi 

Irene pi 

Drilinsky, Abraham, clothier 
Fannie B. (Cohen 
Esther sales girl 

Edith pi 

Drew, F R ins 

Alice M .Chapman hw 
Doris I pi 

Dyer, Joseph mech 

Sarah M (Marco hw 

William C cl 

Alice M hw 

Josephine hw 

Romeo mech 

Frederick L stu 

Duren, Sarah E hw 

Donnelly, Daniel B 

steam titter 
Lizzie E (Murphy hw 

Donnelly, Helen B (Barrett 

John R elec 

Agnes B hw 

Nellie B hw 

Daniel B steam fitter 

Dulac, George lab 

Annie (Dentill hw 

George Dewey teamster 
Adolph pi 

Lottie pi 

Blanch pi 


Dulac, Peter lab 

Angeline (York hw 

Joseph foreman 

Peter lab 

Mary hw 

Georgia hw 


Eldridge, Stephen A 


Emma M (Muller 


Earl S 


Geo M 


Emerson, Lewis A mech 

Carrie M (Robinson hw 
Mattie C hw 

Flora M hw 

Emery, Earl G elec 



Emery, Laura (Atherton hw 

Emery, Joshua elec R R ser 

Elonger, Octavie lab 

Jane (Willie hw 

Martha hw 

*Louisa hw 

John i^hingle sawer 

Henry lab 

Estes, Agnes (Tucker hw 

Mabel hw 

Stella D hw 

Chas D bell boy 

Eaton, G C bk kpr 

*Geo L restaurant 

Stella M hw 

Jennie B stenog 

Emery, Bertha B hw 

Emery, Preston M mech 

Sarah A (Kelley hw 

Mabel A hw 

Maud L hw 

Eugene H tailor 

*Carrie E tr 

Jennie A tr 

Emery, Warren A barber 

Emma (Scott hw 

Inez E stu 

Ralph A stu 

Eme^y, Cora L hw 

Edward, Lou C hw 

Evans, E H druggist 

Mary C hw 

Elliott, Alice G (Buffam hw 

Robert G cl 

Farris, Frank A mill wk 

Grace E (Norton hw 

Octavia H pi 

Fred A pi 

Geo A pi 

Christina S pi 

Grace E 
Flood, Maria (Gage hw 

Frost, Mary A (Osborne hw 
Fogg, Caro L cl 

Fogg, Susie C seamstress 
Furbush, Margaret (Stanley 


*Mary S hw 

Fellows, Mary F (King hw 

Dana hv/ 

*George H mill wk 

Dora L hw 

Flanders, Chas S foreman 

Mattie E (Hunnewell hw 

Foy, D W far 

Amelia S (Weeks hw 

Flood, Howard M road com 

Delia F (Cannon hw 

Melvin O car 

Flood, William H dam bld'r 

Adra L (Craig 

Futter, John lab 

Farrie, H V (Young hw 

Furber, Chester E hardware 

Esther A (Morse hw 

Harry M pi 



Foy, D W (Kelley hw 

Fowler, Elvira (Blackwell hw 

Fogg, R C (Blackwell hw 

Fiirber, Bertha H(Harvillehw 

Files, Everett F mer 

Flora A (Grant hw 

*Geo W lawyer 

Ralph O cl 

Maurice H stu 

Myron J pi 

Foster, Peter furniture wk 

Abbie (Clair hw 

Edith M weaver 

Leon finisher 

Willie lab 

Florence M pi 

Margaret M pi 

Fogg, C H car 

Edith A (Thompson hw 

Lila E cloth hall 

Queenie M stu 

Hazel E pi 

Carl P 

Fish, Lyman F car 

Sarah E (Greenlaw hw 

Foster, Isaac E mach 

Lillian M (Sawyer hw 

Foster, Robert cl 

Abbie (Gerow hw 

Eva W mill 

Ethel W hw 

Leona E pi 

Gertrude C pi 

Fogg, Henry mech 

Maria A (Pinkham hw 

Wallace F stu 

Furber, Samuel ret'd 

Julia tailoress 

Chester A hardware 

*Chas B lock smith 

*Helen M hw 

'^'Amelia hw 

Foster, Levi teamster 

Lucy (Perry hw 

Willie mill wk 

Frank lab 

Eva mill wk 

Louisa pi 

Mildred pi 

Fitzgerald, Edward eng 

Kate (Hand hw 

Edward pi 

Frank pi 

Geo L pi 

Jennie pi 
Ida May 

Fisher, Hiram spinner 

Jennie E (Chase hw 

"^Katie M hw 
Myrtie G dress mk'r 

Clinton H spinner 

Julia A milliner 

Neal H pi 


Green, Moses 
Alberta C 
*Amos E 




Clarence W far 

Green, C W far 

Alice M (Johnson hw 
Gertrude M pi 

Clarence W Jr pi 

Gifford, Sarah A (Whitcomb 

Abbie hw 

Goodrich, Theodore M 

pulp mill 

Gibbs, Fred H pulp mill 

Lizzie M (Hale hw 

Mary W hw 

*Leon E col 

Clyde R R shop 

Carrie A stu 

Minnie E pi 

Gibson, William P lab 

Augusta C (Anderson hw 
^Bertha E tr 

Stanard P lab 

Chas V mill wk 

Clara S bk kpr 

Elsie E millinery 

Minnie W tel 

Garland, Mira A (Trask hw 
*Elmer W car & blk 

*Edgar E pulp mill 

Garland, Jerry mach 

Elmer W car 

Edgar E lab 

Gray, Louisa M (Wood hw 
*Emma H hw 

*Hannah H hw 

Abbie A hw 

Gorden, Frank E weaver 

Ada E (Judkins hw 

Dorothy A 

Goodwin, Camille saw mill 

Maggie (Peters hw 

Stanley pi 


Gallant, Daniel pulp mill 

Gallant, James pulp mill 

Greene, John steam fitter 

Gould, Lillian E (Rackliff hw 

Clyde H pi 

Fred H pi 

Erma N L 

Goodwin, Thaxter L mill wk 

Annie M (Winn hw 

Herbert L pi 

Santord A pi 

Sarah H 

Gibson, Joana(Woodman hw 

*Helen E hw 

Ferdinand C painter 

^Joana hw 

Gillis, Lucy A (Bates hw 

*Ella A hw 

*Geo A far 

*Milton W painter 

^Harry F victualer 

Florence E hw 

Gibson. F C lumberman 

Clara E (Burrill 
Getchell, Maud N hw 

Grant, Maud A hw 



Gilman, C H mech 

Mary C. (Smith hw 

H L 
Joseph A stu 

Gilman, D L car 

Mattie (Burns hw 

Chas M 

Goddard, Cyrus lab 

Mary M (Gilbert hw 

Willie H pi 

Annie pi 


Girt, Chas teamster 

Florence (Tourcotte hw 
Willie cl & undertaker 
Henry cl 

Leona cl 

Louisa mill wk 

Ralph pi 

Greenwood, Ernest car 

Nettie ( 

Gregor> , Neil mer 

Georgia (King hw 

Lucy hw 

Georgia millinery 

Fred L lab & stu 

Lewis E stu 

Beatrice A pi 

C C pi 

Augustus pi 

Gurney, Joseph night watch 
Minnie (Roncoe hw 

Rosie mill wk 

Harry pi 

Melvjn pi 

Bertha pi 

Babyanna pi 

Arthur B 

Goodwin, Rose (Foster hw 
Nellie E waitress 

Gifford, Hattie music tr 

Gifford, Mary C hw 

Gillette, G E laundry 

Josephine H (Foley hw 
Frances E stu 

Bertha pi 

Eleanor pi 

Gray, Millage laundry 

Gerald, Amos S 

elec R R promoter 
Caroline (Rowell hw 

Goodrich, Lottie E hw 

Gilbert, Sophia (Foster hw 
Bliza hw 

Nellie hw 

V C mer 

Edward lab 

Gregory, Paul pulp mill 

Flora (Fortier hw 



Haskell, Mary E 

boarding house 
Herbert L mer 

L A liw 

Ernest G stu 

Hall, Robert weaver 



Isabel (Marshall 


boot & shoe dl'r 

*Robert Jr 


Albertina (Booker hw 

*David loom fixer 

Clara O stu 


mill wk 

Ruth M pl 



Susan A 



Holt, Rose P (Lovejoy 

Harrington, Wm F chief police 

dress mk'r 

Eleanor J (Cashman hvv 

Lina hw 

Leona M 


Hinds, Clara J (Tibbets hw 

Hall, William M 

mill wk 

^Benjamin J tr 

M E (Pratt 


Henderson, Thomas S painter 

Mildred A 


Susan B (Brownell hw 

Hall, R A (Murray 


Luetta E hw 

Herring, E C 

Ruth H pi 

bk kp, pay master 

Horn, Chas E car 

Annie E (Paul 


Alice E (Bickford hw 

Jennie Pauline 


Nellie M skirt mk'r 

Leon D 


Hatch, Susan ( Linscott hw 

Hill, Wallace A 


William- H far 

Nina S (Sawyer 


*Edwin H 

Marjorie S 


boot & shoe dl'r 

Hanscome, Jerome E 


John W evangelist 

Edith E (Cramp 


Albert L boot & shoe dl'r 

Horn, W D car & harness dl'r 

Hatch, Chas C 

Martha A (Perkins hw 

boot & shoe dl'r 

-Oren D 


Emma F (Sterry hw 

*Lillia E 


Hatch, John W evangelist 

Ora B 


Emma A (Flood hw 

iVlae E 


Hatch, W H far 

Horn, C B 


Mary E (Abbott hw 

W E (Fish 


Arobine bk kpr 

Arthur L 


Hudson, J R millwright 

Marion L 


Louise M (Nye hw 

Hatch, Albert L 

*Kate L artist 



Holmes, William L loc team 
Evelyn F (Keene hvv 

Holmes, Harry L 

bank treas 
Minerva M (Brown hw 

Huff, Florence M hw 

Hunter, William lab 

Hattie (Willet hw 

Phoebe pi 

Alice pi 

Henderson, W W car 

Martha ( 

James A 

Hall, S G agt A W M Co 

Sadie F (French hw 

Harris, Martha (Waldron hw 

Haskell, Herbert L mer 

Hazel E (Gray hw 

Hayes, Mary A (Flynn hw 
Mary hw 

Marcellus druggist 

William stu 

Hume, L M (Kidder hw 

*Helen H hw 

*Frank M postmaster 
Chas Guy lab 

Hammond, Mary J (Brown hw 
F E salesman 

Effie L hw 

Hooper, Edward C phy & sur 
Ina S (Taylor hw 


Hooper, Garcelon dental stu 

Hewey, Guv M car 



Marian ( 


Henders(>n, John H 

elec R R ser 

Ethel I (Thompson 
Hall, Wilfred R 

Hattie M (Taylor 

Lida F 

Holt, Chas E mason & car 

Ellen ( hw 

Hammond, Hartson far 

Sarah L (Clark hw 

*Viola A hw 

Florence H hw 
Hammond, Frank E grocer 

Jennie M (Mclntire hw 

Huntress, Columbia far 

Ruth A (Wormwood hw 

Bertha M hw 

Heath, W M pulp mill 

Sadie S (Norris hw 
Ireland, William C conductor 

Jennie M (Waldron hw 

Marion stu 

Johnson, Chas H car 

Catherine M (Keene hw 

Jaqueth, John C agt 

Effie L (Whitten hw 

Dora E stu 

Jackson, N D car 



Rose L (Byther hw 

Myrtie May hw 

Mina A hw 

Hazel L hw 

Effie B pi 

Edna M pi 

Jewell, Albert lumberman 
Mira A (Reynolds hw 
Blanche L hw 

Catherine A hw 

Ralph A bk kpr 

Jones, Alphonzo F car 

Annie M (Gibson hw 
Lewood E pi 

Raymond A 

Johnson, Alfred pattern mk'r 

Daisy M (Dean hw 

Beatrice W pi 

Ruby B pi 


Kendall, William F mech 

Knight, Geo W spinner 

Mary A (Haskell 

Kenrick, Sarah B (Nye hw 
Walter F tr 

Frances librarian 

Kreger, William R s capt 

Jennie (Flood hw 

Henry F pi 

Knowles, Chas H 

furniture mfg 
Alice 1 (Townsend hw 
Ruth C 

Keyes, Martin L 

pres Keyes Fiber Co 
Jennie C (Grossman hw 
Mabel L hw 

Knowlton, Frank A dentist 
Isabel N (Swett hw 

Donald S pi 

Frank W 

Kenrick, Susan B (Doe hw 
N B painter 

*Harry B painter 

Mary bk kpr 

Keene, Harry car shop 

Ethel (Goodale hw 

King, Joseph ' meet dl'r 

Georgiana hw 

Ernest lab 

Augustus weaver 

Albert cl 

Helen pi 

Charlotte (Leclair 
Wilfred Andrew 

Mary A 
^Caroline hw 

Kidder, Milton R car & bid'r 

Knowles, Susan F (Sweet hw 
Chas H furniture dir 

Kelley, Mary J (Crie hw 

^Herbert L mer 

Edbert mer 

Carrie E hw 

Lillian C hw 

Kelley, E mer 

Katherine G ( liw 

Kendall, Frank C 
Keyes, Leroy F 

Susan A (Witham 

Winnie E 

Harland E 

Ola E 

Herbert E 
King, David 

Fred R 

Lord, Arthur J 

Flora E (Allen 

Cleola R 
Lanpher, Sadie B 
Lanpher, Harvey B 
Leavitt, Caroline B 
*Leavitt, Mary J 

Sarah B 
Lessor, David 





printing office 








loom fixer 




dress mk'r 

music tr 

puip mill 

Dora L (Fellows hw 

Lawry, A M painter 

Augusta (Parson hw 

C A pl 

Inez May pl 

Bernard A pi 

Lovejoy, Josiah P ret'd 

*Chas E car 

Rose P hw 

Lawry, Chas A 

undertaker & furniture dlr 
Harriett E (Whitten hw 

Emerson C pl 

Ormand W pl 
John A 

. Abbie J (Racklilt hw 
Walter A pl 

Alice M pl 

Erwin R pl 

Merwin pl 


Lawrence, E J lumberman 
Hannah M (Shaw hw 
Addie M artist 

Alice M music 

Lawry, John P furniture dl'r 
Mabel A (Archer hw 


Luce, Lyman B elec R R ser 
Anni? W B (Leonard hw 
Edmund H pi 

Winona L pi 

Loubier, Chas O foreman 

Rosie L (Roncoe 

Arthur J 


Addie M 

Lascelle, Edward E 

Alice S (Gibson 

Leon E 

Bertram A 

Lillian M 

Beatrice A 

Pearl E 

Edna M 

Clarence E 

Marion G 
Leclair, Sarah )Gallant 




shipping cl 









Jerome fireman 

Charlotte h\V 

Benjamin saw mill 

Leonard, Augustus repair shop 
Delia (Clair hw 

Edward shop wk 

Geo H wood turner 

Lewis, Joseph car shop 

Sarah S (Fitzgerald hw 

Sumner, Frank mill wk 

Mary (Sentie hw 

Herbert mill wk 

William lab 

Geo lab 

Frank pi 

Annie pi 

Eva pi 

Louisa pi 


Ladd, A C 

editor Fairfield Journal 
Nellie M (Pease hw 

Lawry, S G turn mfg's 

Florence A (York hw 
Otis C pi 

Conwell pi 

Lenlin, Frank lab 

Mary (Sentie hw 

Herbert mill wk 

William lab 

Geo H mill wk 

Annie K pi 

Frank pi 

Eva pi 

Louisa pi 



Lewis, Wilbur F weaver 

Edith B (Nurcross hw 
Marion P 

Lewis, Samuel lab 

Helen M (Blackwell hw 
"Wilbur F weaver 

Edith M hw 

Lary, Cornelius shingle sawer 
Katie (Black hw 

John H sawer 

Neil T sawer 

Abbie B hw 

Isabel M hw 

Mary A hw 

Archie B mill wk 

Freddie pi 

Theresa pi 

Gertrude pi 


McQillan, Clara M (Lowell 

*Mabel L hw 

Michaud, Octave M 

shingle sawer 
Martha M (Belarga hw 
Perley J pi 

Edna M pi 

Lewis B pi 

Janet E 



McKennon, Arthur B pulp mill 

McLuce, Mary E (Willie liw 
*William P livery 

McA.jley, W A elec R R ser 
Rosa A (Seeves hw 

Hazel A pi 

Lloyd A 

Mullhollin, John E victualer 
Effie M (Emerson hw 
Eva D pi 

Murray, James H steam fitter 

Mary E ( hw 

Mary E pi 

McCleod, Daniel lumberman 
Cynthia E (Wiggins hw 



*Inez L 




Murray, J T 


McBeth, William p 

ulp mill 

Minnie (Gleason 


Helen R 








McCorrill, John H 


Julia H (Spofford 


Elmer P 


Milton M 


Virgil C 


Mayo, Chas H 

landscape g; 


Fannie M (Carr 


McFadden, O A po 

jltry CO 

Laura E (Somerby hw 
*ArthurW livery business 
*Agnes S hw 

McCurdy, David L salesman 
Esther ( Betts hw 

*Annie K hw 

*Ernest A cabinet m'kr 

elec n-c-edle specialist 
*Seldon R clerg 

*Edgar H med stu 

Geo L salesman 

Mitchell, Wilber F shipper 
Alta E (Cifford hw 

Ray S stu 

Ivan W pi 

Mayo, Etta ( hw 

Etta V hw 

Merrill, Adeiia A( Jewett treas 
William W cashier 

Merrill. W W cashier 

Mabel E (Emery hw 

Mayo, Edward P editor & pub 
Fannie L H (Higgins hw 
Crace E hw 

Marion D stu 

McFarland, Isaac S 

harness mk'r 
Mary (Dunbar hw 

McBeth, Minnie (Cleason 
Helen stu 

Crover stu 

Earle pl 

Nellie pl 



McFadden, Harriett (Atwood 

Maud ins agt 

Mullin, Theresa A( Waterman 

Lizzie B hw 

Marco, Everett M grocer 

Nellie M (Perry hw 

Idella M 
Chas L 

McCoLind, Ora B THorne hw 
Elton H pi 

Marble, L B ret'd 

Mary E hw 

Clara E tailoress 

Marcia, Fred painter 

Mamie (Ronco hw 

Floyd J p! 

Lawrence E 

Micque, Peter bk kpr 

Mary (Dulcue 
Maud spooler 

Rosie pub house 

Cora pi 

Annie pi 

Reta pi 


Moore, Chas pressman 

Mason, Guy S car 

Bertha M (Huntress hw 

Miller, F. H pulp mill 

Mary L (Simpson hw 
*Warren H shop wk 

*Sadie W hw 

McCoombs, Robert mach 

Sarah J (Diffin hw 

William R cl 

Chas C mach 

Howard cl 

Fred C ■ show man 

*Geo M hostler 

*Bertie E hostler 

*Geo Henry shop wk 
*Frank shop wk 

Mamie hw 

McCorkell, Margaret 

(McCorkell hw 
Maggie hw 

Geo S car 

McCoomb, William R painter 
Sadie E ( Harden hw 

Mardin, Edwin F grist mill 
Alice S (Brooks hw 

Edith L pi 

Ethel T pi 

McClintock, William F 

elec R R ser 

McClintock, Chas W mer 

Marco, Alfred newspaper agt 
Maud M (Foster hw 

Lucile M 
Robert M 
Norman I 

Maddocks, Henry M car 

Mabel A ( Proctor 

Mclntyre, Ezra F lab 

Nancy L (Knight hw 

Jennie M hw 



*Chas E 

R R ser 


Nichols, Peter eng 

Catherine (Archibald hw 
James M lab 

Charles O pi 

Margaret J pi 

Alexander F 
Blanche O pi 

Neal, Elvira B (Cair hw 

*Adeliade H nurse 

Nowell, William stone vvk 
Esther E (Walker hw 

Nye, Lester F lumberman 
Sarah S (Tuttle hw 

Norman L pi 

Nutt, Etta M (Clement hw 
*Earl C stu 

Emerson T pi 

Payson G . pi 

Nye, Nellie B tr 

Newhall, Louise (Page hw 
Henry C lumber man 
Mary L hw 

Nye, Stephen A elec R R ser 
Lidie W teleg 

Neal, Fred H druggist 

Mary (Hayes hw 

Nye, Harriett L (Weymouth 

William W mer 

Cora E hw 

Lester F lumberman 

Lizzie M telephone 

Nye, W W mer 

Roger A pi 

Alice L pi 

Neal, Mary E (Allen hw 

Ernest C pi 

Vera May pi 

Winifred K pi 

Norcross, Susie (Weymouth 

Edith B hw 

Chas E stu 

Nelson, Peter A pulp mill 

Abbie (Lary hw 



Osborn, Julia A tailoress 

Oliver, James M ret'd 

Marcia A (McErie hw 

Hattie B hw 

Lenora B hw 

Walter E pulp mill 

Osborn, Clara L tr 

Osborn, Eva O tr 

Oby, Edward H pulp mill 

D iBlanchard hw 

Delena M p! 

A pi 

Georgia M 

Jessie R 

O'Brien, Catherine A tr 

0'B;ien, William S pulp mill 

Mary C (Leclair hw 

Owen, Mary M ret'd 



Page, Albert B lumberman 
Jennie (Philbrick hw 

Camilla stu 

Pratt, Leroy H ret'd 

Mary E (Brown hw 

Page, Geo T ice business 
Alice A (Packard hw 

Arthur S civil eng 

Priest, Carrie M(Chamberlain 
Harvey W pi 

Polk, Jessie (Craig hw 

Margaret C mill wk 

Park, W H R R ser 

Sadie E (Stewart hw 
Anna B pi 

Arthur S pi 

Guy A pi 

Pratt, Laura A (Morse hw 
ME hw 

Pray, Franklin C ret'd 

Vesta W (Flagg hw 

*Chas F supt elec R R 

Percival, Helen M(Farrington 

Lottie M hw 

Peters, John saw mill 

Minnie (Fauntin hw 


Pratt, Rosie ( hw 


Petrie, John lab 

Henrietta ( Inv 

Pillsbury, J J sec hand 

Estella F (Simpson hw 

Pratt, Helen S hw 

Pratt, Cynthia A hw 

Pratt, Chas F far 

Purinton, Frank B 

novelty wk's 
Edna (Hall hw 

Preble, Hallis W car 

Hattie C (Atwood hw 

Parkin, J L con & bld'r 

Clara W (Leighton hw 
Winnefred L hw 

Ella M tailoress 

John H con & bld'r 

Bertha S hw 

Maiy S hw 

Pratt, Sewell ret'd 

Pease, ivory H far 

Cora S (Pease hw 

Crowell E stu 

1 Louisa pi 

Pratt, Geo H car 

H J (Crawford hw 

Geo H Jr car 

Preble, Rachael hw 

Pooler, Edmund mill wk 

Matilda (Simon hw 

Eugene Shop wk 

Eva pi 

Alice pi 

Philbrick, Sylvia J (Gibbs hw 
*Cora E hw 

Philbrick, Chas W mer 



Lucy M (Gregory hw 
Roland J pi 

M Madeline 
Dorothy R 

Percival, Elmer O car shop 
Lucy W (Goddard hw 
*Meda E stitcher 

^William S barber 

Pillsbury, Edwin T grocer 
Grace E (Perry hw 

Edwin T Jr 

Palmer, William P milk man 
Mary E (Keene hw 

Prentiss. Jacob H painter 

Adria A (Eastman hw 
Earl A pi 

Pooler, James A spinner 

Mary ( hv/ 

Ogier spinner & hw 

Joseph far 

Daniel mill wk 

Marshall pulp mill 

Elmer pi 

Perry, Joseph pulp mill 

Minnie S (Pooler hw 

Geo H shop wk 

Chas E pulp mill 

Mary E hw 

Alfred W pi 

Irena pi 

Pooler, Fred B bk kpr 

Mary J (Gary hw 

Alfred J pi 

Maud E pi 

Alice V pi 

Grace V pi 

Putman, Walter A 

wood finisher 
Carrie F (Denico hw 

Alfred H pi 

Lawrence A 

Pratt, Perley lab 

Nellie C (Fisher hw 

Pearson, David far 

Mary J (Woodman hw 

Parkman, Samuel W ret'd 
Roxana (Pooler hw 

Clara P hw 

^Horace G sec hand 

■'•''Cassandra W hw 

Elmer E freight agt 

*Edwin W com trav 

Preble, Geo B mason 

Ada L (Clark hw 

Geo H 

Hallis W car 

Ethel J hw 

Rollins M pi 

Purinton, Horace K asst P M 
Emma E (McNally hw 

Pacher, Philip lab 

Eliza (Gilbert hw 

Willie shop wk 

Frank pi 

Annie pi 

Pooler, Sarah (Dyer hw 

Mary L hw 

*Nellie hw 





Chas W 



Harry J 

sec hand 



Poland, Geo 


metal wk 

Elizabeth ( York 


Pine, John 1 boarding house 
Lizzie hw 

Mina B hw 

Mary O hw 

John A lumberman 

*Curtis O lab 

Trinnie pi 

Pine, James H lab 

Annie E (Donnelly hw 
Nellie L pi 

Atwood pi 

O^is E 

Penney, Allen L fireman 

Lillie M (Emery hw 

Harold L 
Sadie Edna 
Allen P 

Pine, Harrison J. lab 

Nellie M ( Priest hw 

Wilbur pi 

Ethel M pi 

Maud A pi 


Rosberry, Angeline (Foster 
Nellie R hw 

Roundy, William P mech 

Lucy W (Davis hw 

*Chas D furniture cl 

Robinson, Henry W hostler 
Annie E (McKinnon hw 
Alzina M pi 

Ruth E pi 

Geo A 

Richardson, Elbridge M car 
Sarah M (Richie hw 

Rice, William G suptelec RR 
Ava J ( Bunker hw 

*Caroline G hw 

*jane M hw 

Reynolds, C A overseer 

Delia M (Hodges hw 

Nelson H pi 

Russell, ASH (Hudson hw 

Richardson, Frank E car 

Mittie A (Waldron hw 
*Augutsa M hw 

Fred W painter 

Jessie E lab & pi 

Ruth C pi 

Rand, L D phy & sur 

Addie L (Wells hw 

Roberts, John H clerg 

Nellie ( Deane hw 

Jennie May stu 

Ruth O stu 

J Calvin stu 

Reed, John jobber 

Louise (Pine hw 

Thomas D lab 

James N lab 

Robert W lab 



Alfred J 
Frederick G 
Anthony B 
Philip F 
John B 
Frank E 
Ryan, Mae O 
Ryan, Wa'ter H 
R}-an, Lewis D 
Ryan, Mary 1 
Ryan, Helen M 
Reed, Leo E 









Nettie S (Wheeler hw 

Reed, Louise (MciNally hw 
*Lilla M hw 

*Lalia M hw 

David L cl 

Louise M hw 

*Flora B hw 

Reynolds, A E supt elec R K 
Annie G (Fish hw 

Rackliff, J F teamster 

Emma G ( Besse hw 

Lillian E hw 

Rancous, Peter shop wk 

Phoebe ( Dulac hw 

*Geo A shop wk 

*Edward shop wk 

Rose, Prince E cl 

Mira F (Jones hw 

*Herbert E H & W Co 
*Addie M hw 

Rockwood, Ellen O (Cross 


Alice O hw 

*Frederic L mer 

*WilIiam J car 

Rackliff, Jane M (Manter 

*Alice E hw 

*Wallace E 

supt corn shop 
Katie M bk kpr 

Helen L bk kpr 

Rackliff, Benjamin F 

tin smith 
Mabel L ( Lewis hw 

Rollins, W 1 supt pulp mill 
Sadie E (Anderson hw 
Ervin E pl 

Viola M pl 

Lillian G 

Richardson, Geo D truckman 
Laura E ( Clark hw 

Mildred C pl 

Ashton F pl 

Rolinson, Turner boss dyer 
Gertrude F (Wilson hw 
Turner E 

Reynolds, Nettie ( 

*Nathan cl 

Adelbert asst P M 

Hermon car 

Rose, Chas H hostler 

Effie M (Holt hw 

Helen B stu 

Harold E pl 

Robinson, F J phy & sur 

E F ( Cayford hw 



Robinson, Roger B furn wk 
Eva E (Morrill hw 

Raymond E pi 

Runnells, Chas B mason 

Blanch I (Richards hvv 
Flora B 


Simpson, W C justice peace 
Ann L (Spencer hw 

Alice L hw 

Will S mer 

Steelbrooke, Margaret (Linn 
William W cloth fmisher 
*Fred weaver 

*Martha A hw 

*Grace M hw 

Thomas J ret'd 

*Susie E watch factory 

Steelbrooke, Archibald 

Louise I ( Akerly hw 

Hazel M 

Spencer, Henry R mill vvk 
Mary (Nash hw 

Seaney, Winfield A weaver 
Iva L (Saunders hw 

Gladys P 

Sanford, Chas F lab 

Daisy E (Phelps hvv 

Annie M pi 

Savage, Frank J miller 

Elmira J (Cjammage 
Cora S hw 

*Edith M hw 

^ J Jr stu 

Sawyer, Stillman O 

con & bld'r 

Mary A (Hutchins hw 

Joseph W bicycles 

Nina S hw 

Sanborn, Mary (Abbey hw 

Stanley, Floyd W pi 

Snell, Orana (Dearbci^n hw 

Bertha tr 

Walter E printer 

Snell, Walter E printer 

Leora (Ireland hw 

Small, Geo C livery 

Caddie M (Soule hw 

Vera E pi 

Smith. Percy A lawyer 

Maud S (Hersey hw 

Marjorie E pi 

Smith, Geo D R R shop 

Jennie (Ridley hw 

Edward R pi 

Savage, G A grocer 

Olive (Fletcher hw 

Grace A pi 

Savage, Ernest L(L N& P Co 

W Guy stu 

Simpson, William S mer 

Minnie L (Lavvry hw 

Still, Florence E bk kpr 

bpencer, Edward car 

Swett, Lucy A ( Bates hw 

Snell, Geo N fish market 

Florence ( hw 



Shorey, Etiwin A overseer 
Edith L (Bacon hw 

Clyde E pi 

Smith, John C . teamster 

Effie M U (Getchel! hw 
Clifford M pi 

Nora A pi 

Maurice C 

Smith, John H car 

Effie L (Hammond hw 
Aleson H stu 

Stevens, Theodore C 


Minerva J ( hw 

Annie A pi 

Theodore W 

Smith, A D con & bld'r 

Lucy N ( Buttertleld hw 
*Blanch L hw 

*Edith E pub house 

Sadie L hw 

Benjamin L con & bld'r 
Ned L con & bld'r 

Smith, Benjamin L 

con & bld'r 
Angle B (Knox hw 

Shorey, John furniture man 

Anna ( 

Alice stu 

Vera stu 

Gladys pi 

Smith, Ned L con & bld'r 
Eula I (Williamson hw 

Salla, Madeleine pi 

Steves, Fred elect. R R ser 
Nellie (Donnely hw 

Earl pi 

Smith, A J ret'd 

*Lettie M hw 

Sanborn, Theodosia (Taylor 
*Alice A tr 

Sawyer, Joseph W 

bicycle man 
Vern E (Mitchell hw 

Swaine, Adelbert shop wk 
Viola (Gerald hw 

Mildred E stu 

Stpelbrooke, Joseph W 

Louise H (Holmes hw 
Mildred A stu 

Gertrude B stu 

J Willie stu 


Tasker, Mary F (Fogg 

Taylor, John O far 

*Henry E bk kpr 

Julia A (Mclntire hw 

Tozier, Edward C truckman 
Mabel A (Fogg hw 

Alice May pi 

Tilton, Chloe, (Libby hw 
*Mayhew P cl 

Tripp, J C mill wk 

Lizzie E (Whitney hw 
Leslie E 

Tozier, Geo grist mill 

Ann R (Tobey hw 

*Walter express man 



Edward teamster 

*Lena hw 

*Harry express man 

Toas, Eliza A (Brown hw 
Robert J finisher 

Totman, C G pres of bank 
Mary (Clark 

hw & painter 
*Harry druggist 

*Fred mining 

*Percy electrician 

Marion hw 

Thibodeau, John night watch 
Rose (Gagnon hw 

Edmund pulp mill 

William painter 

Fred painter 

John mill wk 

Margaret mill wk 

Eliza hw 

*Lena hw 

Thomas pi 

Effie pi 

Tibbetts, Ann M ( Cannon hw 
Maud A hw 

Tulley, MP H & W Co 

Maud A (Tibbets hw 

Francis G 

Totman, Susan F( Bryant ret'd 
*Everett hardware 

Totman, William H 

Lucy A (Wyman hw 

Christine L stu 

Thomas, Sylvia(Philhrick hw 
*Chas B electrician 

Lillian hw 

Tupper, Frank A painter 

Annie E (Mathews hw 
Blanch H mill wk 

Cora B mill wk 

Earl G pi 

Philip S pi 

Tetrault, Paul sawyer 

Nellie R (Rosberry hw 

Tupper, Philip A ret'd 

Rachel J (Hooper hw 
*Cora B hw 

Wallace W brick mason 
Frank A painter 

Trombley, Frank lab 

Sarah ( Dyer hw 

Freda M stu 

Mabel stu 

Tuttle, Aurelius lab 

Susa (Norcross hw 

Totman, Emma V (Judkins 

*Cora L hw 

*Howard E lumberman 
Henry F reporter 

Eloise J stu 

Capitola L ' hw 

Arnold stu 

Garfield fruit salesman 
Gladys A stu 

Totman, Frank G 



fruit salesman 
Lottie (Vaughn hw 

Gertrude L 

Valin, Selina (Clement hw 
Mamie A hw 

Varney, Herbert R Tea Co 
Mary W (Wentworth hw 
Ray AS pi 

Vickery, Addie (Fitzgerald 
Helen stu 

Hazel pi 


*Weeks, Frank N mach 

Alice B (Wing hw 

Glen A pi 

Olive M pi 

Wliite, Fred A car 

Sadie A (Marden hw 

*Minnie H stu 

Ethel M pi 

Carrol F pi 

Allie T 

Ward, Chas L iceman 

Nellie L ( hw 

Wetherell, Ma-cia A tr 

Whittemore, Elien H (Adams 
James O editor 

Wells, Kate C ret'd 

Webber, G F phy 

Alice M ( Ham hw 

Leonard C stu 

Merlon A stu 

Wing, Willard H pulp mill 

Annie L (Jacobs 


Christine M 


Roy M 


Madeline H 


Ward, Frank E 


Edna F (D) er 


Weeks, Geo G 


Lottie E (Friend 


Harold E 


Helen F 


Lucy A 


Whitcomb, Vernon 


Mary (Horn 


Ward, Elisha W carriage wk 

M (Adrigton 

*Hartwell T 

Frank E 


Whitley, Minnie A 

mill wk 

Williams, Arthur J 


Saiah F (Duren 


Mildred M 


Weeks, Lucy ( Howa 

rd hw 

Amelia S 


*Elizabeth J 


*Chas H 


*Laforest D 


Geo G 


Willward, Will 


Jennie B (Patterson hw 





Wing, Samuel G 


Wing, Eugene E 




Whitten, Abbie (Chase ret'd 
*Everett E bk kpr 

*CIarence L mech 

*Benjamin M ship'g c\ 
Vesta C dress mk'r 

Whittier, Abbie F dress mk'r 

Wald'-on, Jane M (Plummer 

*Andrew O car 

*James E painter 

Jennie M hw 

Wheeler, N C barber 

Isabel (Hamlin hw 

Waldron, James E painter 
Ora B (Home hw 

Winona M pi 

Ida L pi 

J Linwood 

Whitten, Warren F mer 

Cora M (Pennell hw 

Wyman, Sarah (Cook hw 
*Moses G car 

Gracie R hw 

Viola hw 

Eugene R car 

*AIice M hw 

Wyman, Geo lab 

Maud M millinery 

Wilson, Eliza C (Eastman hw 
Willard E mech 

*Annie M hw 

Watts, J 1 com traveler 

Abbie M (Thompson hw 
Gertrude S shirt shop 

John A mer 

Harry W upholsterer 

Welch, Herbert L mach 

Daisy E (Childs hw 


Wyer, John F car 

Susan P (Taylor hw 

*William W grocery cl 
*Chas F hotel prop 

*Calvin S police 

*Hugh E car 

Hov/ard O car shops 

*Lorenzo W cab driver 
J A compositor 

Ward, Abner flagman 

Har.nah M (Adderson hw 
*William F R R ser 

Ware, Philip lab 

Lena ( hw 

Mabel mill wk 

Freda mill wk 

Georgia pi 

Percy pi 

Ward, Wm car 

Jennie Patterson 

Delmont stu 

Verna stu 

Whithey, Harry J ci 

Sadie E (Pillsbury hw 
Leola S 

Worrow, William S carder 
Gertrude E (Longfellow 



^Ernest W carder 

Witham, Truman A teamster 
Lucinda P (Buzzell hvv 
Angie M hw 

Woodman, Caroline A (Edge- 
comb hw 
Zenas L eng 
Arthur, mech 
Sarah O hw 
Annie B seamstress 
Walter C pi 

Wyman. Reuben lumberman 
Helen M (Fairfield hw 
Caroline pi 

Willett, William mer 

Mary (King hw 

M Alice mill wk 

Cecil F mill wk 

Joseph O lab 

Lewis A pi 

Gracie M 

Ware, Andrew carpenter 

Nellie M (Nedeau hw 
Mamie V cl 

Lettie M cl 

Carrie B stu 

Antoinette B stu 

Woodman, Fred S far 

Helen A (Wood hw 

Ernest M plumber 

Ara May seamstress 

Fred R far 

William E far 

Woodman, William E far 

Alma E (Reynolds hw 
Guy K 

Wheeler, Elmer E grocery cl 
Amy A (Mansell hw 

Webber, Henry A lab 

Josephine (^Cary hw 

Lottie M pi 

Carena pi 

Alma pi 

Wilson, Geo E druggist 

Ella F (Curtis hw 

Wing, Stephen telephone 

Blanche L (Jewell hw 

Wyman, Fred A . cl 

Jennie M (Picken hw 

Ware, Joseph shoe shop 

Nellie G (Blair hw 

Louise mill wk 

Albert mill wk 

Gertie hw 

Carrie B hw 

Geneva pi 

Esther F pi 

Cyrus A pi 

Mildred P pi 

Randolph F pi 

Richard J 

Wadleigh, Henry W mason 
Jennie E (Prentiss hw 
Mabel G pi 

Margaret M 

Wheeler, Mary L (Simpson hw 
^Alice M bk kp'r 

*Ella F hw 



Edward W 

pulp mill 


k, Geo H 



Maud A (McCoomb 


York, Randall B 


Donald S 


Margaret J (St 

anley hw 


*Mary S 



*Mahlon B finis'r of wood 
Eva M pub house 
James W mill wk 
Harry A pi 

York, Francis B 

Mary M (Pooler 
Jennie M 



Lizzie L 


Robie B 


John jr 


Clara Ol 


Fairfield P. O. IL. F. D. No. 1. 


Avery, Wealthy (Soule 


Bickford, Fred 


Erwin H glass h 


Julia (Brown 


Anderson, Carl J. 


Bickford, Lucretia 

J (Witham 

Sophia A (Anderson 



Emma F 


*Lilla M 


Ernest H 


^Albert H 

tin worker 

Geo C 


Effie D 


Ames, Daniel A 


Herbert W 


Hannah A (Emery 


Arthur C 


*Alton E 


Ned A 


Nellie M 


Brown, Albert H 


Annie E 


Annie B (Marcia hw 

Iva V 




Allen, Luther L 


Brown, Willie E 


Ella T (Robinson 


Ida M 


Samuel L 


Ernest Fred 


Edwin E 


Royal R 



Elmer E 

Balentine, William 


Ellen E (Brown 



Laura E 


Lena M 


Balentine, Warren H 


Kate R (Tozier 


Burrill, Amanda M (Ellis hw 
-■^Austin R foreman 

Brown, T E far 

Lexavilla A (Whittemore 
*Saphronia F hw 

*Warren P teamster 

Nellie E hw 

Willie E far 

Brawn, Arthur A far 

Annie L (Tidd hw 

Julia A hw 

Raymond A ~ -far 

Mamie E pi 

Maurice C pi 

Brawn, Abbie M (Bicknell hw 
"^Theo A hw 

*Edward C fireman 

*Harry E fireman 

*Mary A stu 

Pearl M pi 

Brawn, Fred W far 

Lena May (Currier hw 
Beatrice L 

Bowman, Parthenia W (Dur- 
rill hw 

*Susie May hw 


Daniel butcher & stock 
dealt r 

Bowman, Daniel butcher & 
stock dealer 
Kate C (Ames hw 

Alton D pi 

Hazel G pi 

Afton S 


Colcord, Fessenden far 

Ann M (Greene hw 

Cora B hw 

Cain, Francis A (Higgins hw 
Sadie B hw 

*Chas G cont & bld'r 
*Elba L hw 

*Horace B mer 

Currier, Louisa L (Horn hw 
Lena M hw 

John H far 

Currier, J H far 

Maggie May (Slocum hw 
Donald H pi 

Crosby, A T car & far 

Lizzie H (Hitchens hw 
Preston M pi 

Crosby, Herbert E car & far 
Susie (Holbrook hw 

Leland W pi 

Gertrude pi 

Alice May pi 

Cannon, Geo W far 

Cora B (Horn hw 




Devine, Rosie M (Till hw 

Richard S pi 

Dusty, Chas far 

Harriet C (Chipman hw 

Chas W pi 
Geo L 
Maynard C 

Emery, H C far 

Florence M (Randall hw 

Maurice C stu 

Ellis, John P far 

Sarah L (Howard hw 
*Howard G reporter 

Ellis, Arthur H far 

Catherine B (Banks hw 

Donald W pi 

Fuller, Chas A far 

Ervin S far 

Fish, William W far 

Amanda M (Burrill hw 

Greene. Chas G 

far & sect hand 

Sarah J (Fish hw 
Reuel E 

Greene, Reuel E 

Ethel J (Higgins hw 

Chas M pi 

James N pi 

Omer E pi 

Harriet V pi 

Faber S pi 


Gra'nt, Ellen M (McClure hw 
Fred L 

far & market gardner 

Gerald, Cyntha G( Young hw 
*Thomas F car insp 

Gifford, Sullivan J far 

Edgar E far 

Nellie A (Allen hw 

Goodwin, L V far 

Sarah (Burgess hw 

*Ruth H hw 

Nellie F hw 

*lV\ary F hw 

Almon D far 

Goodwin, Almon D far 

Harriet (Newell hw 

Marion tr 

Florence shop wk 

Ruth pi 

Roscoe R pi 


Henderson, Wilmore J 

far & butcher 
Rosie M (Devine hw 

Ray E pi 

Horn, Allen A car & blk 

Ella B (Royal hw 

Georgia B pi 

Wilber A pi 

Harold L pi 

Nettie R 
Willard W 

Ham, Howard B far 



Abbie R (Crosby . hw 

*LoIa A hw 

*Benjamin F c\ 
William C painter 

Herbert A far 

Earl H pi 
Clyde R 

Holway, Lester far 

Lottie E (Hoxie hw 
Nelson B com trav 

Higgins, William J far 

Abbie K (Higgins hw 

Gertrude E hw 

*Henry W clerg 
Elmer E electrician 

Higgins, William M far 

Fannie J. ( Jewett hw 

Heald, Minnie A. (Whitaker 

D H pi 

Howe, Fred L far' 

Annie E (Runnells hw 

Elwood A stu 

Howe, Llewellyn P far 

Arthur E far 

Selden P far 

Fred L far 


Jennings, R far & dlr fm impl 

Abbie J (Chapman hw 

Mary Ann hw 

Chas C far 

Harold D stu 

Jones, Sewall R far 

Agnes M (Foley hw 

Jewett, Fannie J (Crosby hw 

Victory L pi 

Joy, Colby C far 

Louise B (Hoxie hw 

Merlin C stu 

Lowe, Alvah W far 

Florence 1 (Spencer hw 
Doris E 

Lord, Fred E far 

Sadie B (Cain hw 

Ervin E stu 

Marguerite H pi 

Lutz, John W far & mill wk 

Nellie (Fortier hw 

Philip C lab 

Fessenden W pi 

Geneva T pi 

Agnes A pi 

Beulah 1 pi 
Alice B 
Albert F 

Lamore, Ida May (Lamore hw 

Lamore, Frank lab 

Margaret (Harrison hw 

Mary hw 

*Agnes hw 

Frank lab 

Jack lab 

*Will lab 

Libby, R E far 

Elizabeth H (Maguire hw 
Harry J musician 

Electa V stu 




McDonald, John p m w 

*Hannah E hw 
Donald saw mill 

Catherine hw 

Mary A hw 

William C lab 

M J . Pl 

Duncan pi 

Moore, Samuel B far 
Elizabeth J (Blaisdell hw 

Fred L far 

Frank A far 

Moore, F A 

Maiy A (Jennings hw 

Hazel A pl 
Lloyd B 
Grace F 

Moore, Fred L far 

Roselle (Camp hw 
Gladys E 

McClure, Ellen M (Wyman 


Herbert J steam fitter 

McLaughlin, Thomas far 

Marcia, Lewis Jr far 

Annie B hw 

Marcia, Louis far 

David P far 

Emma (Turcotte hw 

*Frank E lab 

Augustus G far 

Chas H far 

Everett J far 

Florence May 

Means, Lemuel F far 

Flora (Chandler hw 

Lewis J far 

Nye, Joseph far 

Nye, Daniel F far 

Nye, Mary F hw 

Nye, James F far 

Earl L far 

Mary C hw 

Nowell, Frank E 

far & fruit grower 

Lila M (Jenkins hw 





Osborne, William N 
Bertha H 
Ruth 1 
Elwood N 

Obey, John A far 

Melvina E (Bilodeau hw 
Eddie H lab 

*Willie G mer 

*lda M hw 

*Alice M waitress 

*Lula M hw 

Clara B hw 


Pillsbury, Gladys 1 

*Perkins, Harry W 


Pooler, Chas F lab 

Annie (Commer hw 

Willie pl 

Lottie May pl 



Philips, William 

*!da JW 

mill man 
. far 

Mary A (Lamore 

Record, Lydia H (Clough hw 
Lana A hw 

*Daniel H livery 

*John H 


Sargent, Alfred far 

Eliza (Depledge hw 

Hattie A hw 

William lab 

Edna May pi 

Beatrice H pi 

Gladstone McKinley pV 

Sawyer, Frank car & far 

Helen A (Thurston hw 
Annie M hw 

Elbert F far 

Alta V stu 

Delmar W pi 

Sturtevant, Leland P far 

Minnie A (Heald hw 

Salley, Owen A far 

Laura A (Record hw 


Thurston, Nancy A( Chapman 

Helen A hw 

Tuttle, Clevland B car 

Ethel R (Cain hw 

Tuttle, Elmer P _ far 

Mary S (Bigelow hw 
*Lester E mach 

^JameS W far 

Cleveland B car 
*Geo E 

*Villa M hw 

Oscar B car 

Tobey, Fred C far 
Emma J (Wentworth hw 

Ray W stu 

Tobey, Chas L far 

Helen S (Taylor hw 

Elizabeth L tr 

Mattie M tr 

Geo L stu 

Taylor, Sprague A far 

Tibbetts, Sophia A (Fish hw 

*WilIard B car 

-^Elizabeth M hw 

Tibbetts, Chas L far 

Lucy A (Boston hw 

Beulah E pi 

Winnifred May pi 

Tibbetts, William H far 

Eliza A (Gray hw 

Bernard B stu 

Tozier, Clara B tr 

Tozier, N Wilbur far 

Lula B (Sellers hw 

Mildred S pi 
Norman S 




John M 

Tupper, Cordelia (Clement 



*Geo L h 

orse dealer 

*Elmer E 





Lillian D 



. teamster 


mill wk 

Veazie A 


Tobey, Lemuel J 


Cora E (Parker hw 


Lewis R 


Robert P 


Tuttle, Mary C. 



Williams, Frank E 

saw mill 

Helen M (Dun 

bar hw 

Weymouth, Jacob 


Wealthy(Couldthread hw 
Williams, Louisa (Richardson 

William far 

Williams, William far 

Lottie B (Williams hw 
Olive E stu 

Blanche E pi 

Alice C pl 

Louise E pl 

Lillian N pl 

Ethel V 
Young, Joseph W far & car 
Rosetta H (Perry hw 

*Warren V lab 

*Adelbert blk 

Josephine hw 

Lester • far 

Stephen A p! 

Milton L pl 

Waterville P. O. Star ILoute. 

Marco, Peter far 

Celia (Bow hw 

Mary hw & cook 

*Cjeo mill wk 

*Addie hw 

*Ella. hw 



• mill 





Strong, Geo 


Strong, Emma 


Strong, James 




Skowhegan R. F. D. 3. 

Chandler, Ernest pi 

Carr, Jane F (Pinkham hw 

*Chas H barber 

Herbert W far 

Bertha S hw 

Conforth, Chas E far 

Alma E (Walker hw 


Hoxie, Alonzo far 

Hoxie, Maria E. hw 

Huff, Geo. W far 

Lizzie H (Cannon hw 

Alice L hw 

Merle G stu 

Huff, Lucy J hw 

Heald, Rachael C ( Parker hw 

Chas H far 

Laura E (Fowler hw 

Edith R pi 

Heald, Elvira (Carvel hw 

Fred E far 

Ruth E hw 

Hall, Emerson C far 

Florence A (Wells hw 

Ivol J pi 

Emery D pi 

Lucy A pi 

Paddock, Tinnie J far 

Julia V (Keenon hw 
James C 

Paddock, Daniel M far 

Katherine E (Drew hw 

Savage, Margaret J pi 

Snow, Abel W far 

Laura A (Churchill hw 

Clarence E far 

Daisy A stu 

Fred L pi 

Walker, Katie M tr 

Wing, Paul far 

Hannah R (Buffam hw 

*Phoebe W hw 

*Edward carriage man 

Geo B far 

Maria L hw 

Wentworth, William far 

Ellen D (Donnely hw 

*Henry G straw shop 

Hannah E tr 

Thomas L tr 

Mary E tr 

Sarah L tr 



Oakland P. O. R. F. D. 35. 

Abbott, Richard L far 

Sarah L (Greene hw 

Edith A hw 

*Alvin B far 

Ada B hw 

Willie R far 

Etta S pi 

Omar J pi 

Everett L pi 

Alton R pi 

Brooks, Alonzo T far 

Cynthia A (Avery hw 

Mina A hw 

Walter M far 

Bates, M B car 
*Harry B barber 
Carrie B compositor 

Bigelow, Henry M far 

Emma F (Burdin hw 

Brownville, James clerg 

Sarah M (Morrison hw 

Bates, Chas B far 

Mary S (Sawtelle hw 

Geo H pi 

Clyde C stu 

Ernest S pi 

Bates, Edwin H far 

Etta J (Hoxie hw 

Ethel M stu 

Lottie M stu 

Choate, Henry T far 

Helen (Holt hw 

Grace L tr 

Clark, William H clerg & far 

Mary E (Bennett hw 
*Everett E foreman 

*M'yrtie A hw 
*Bessie M seamstress 

Campbell, Fred far 

Flora S (Avery hw 

Sidney pi 

Nelle M pi 
Melvin P 

Clark, O W far 

Mina Y ( Bennett hw 
*Harry L sec foreman 

*Addie F hw 

Chester A pi 

Grace L pi 

Alton pi 

Alice pi 

Cool, Geo A far 

May (Thompson hw 

Chester G far 



Ethel B tr 

Ida B stu 

Cayford, Fred A far & bld'r 

Harriet S hw 

Emery, Mary E (Haines hw 

Emery, Edward J far 

Etta M < Berry hw 

Urban B pi 

Holmes, Stillman Ecar & far 

Amelia P (Sawtelle hw 

Benjamin T pi 

Harold M pi 

Izona E pi 

Beatrice F pi 

Huff, Laura O hw 

Huff, Samuel, far 

Clarinda S (Otis hw 

*Nettie W hw 

*Mary W hw 
"^Herman mill wk 

*Lizzie A hw 

Jenkins, Dennis millman 

Albert B millwright 

Minnie G (Emery hw 

Leo M pi 

Vera A pi 

Kierstead, William F far 

Sophia (Gregg hw 

*Georgiana hw 

Enoch far 

*Chas S cook 

*Etta hw 

*Ella M hw 

*Edmund fireman 

Harton W stu 

Jessie S tr 

Winifred M stu 

King, Henry S far 

Eppolin (Pooler hw 

*Emma hw 

*Henry S far 

Peter far 

Thomas mill wk 

Libby, Joseph F car & blk 

Emma E (Webb hw 

Henry A millman 

Leon F far 

Geo A pi 

Irene A pi 

Lubier, Fred far 

Paulina (Ware hw 

Percy T pi 
Clemond P 

Luby, Thos far 

Lena (Perry hw 

Meirow, John far 

Salome (Holmes hw 

Lydia A hw 

Annie hw 

Merrow, John G far & cream 

Elizabeth B (Sheaff hw 



Edith S 


Everett P 


Murray, Herbert 


Grace M 

Rella (Otis 



Geo H 


Pratt, William S 




Agnes ( 




Perry, Addie 

woolen mill 



Perry, Lizzie M 

woolen mill 


Priest, Chas E 



Janette L (S 

awtelle far 


*PerIey E far & mk route 


Fred G 


McSorley, Flora 



Addie M 


Alice N. 


Priest, Leander 

sec hand 



Pierce, Clarence 

M far & lum 



Lena (Robbins hw 



Pierce, Fred V 


Merrifield, John 



Perry. Alwilda R 

(Bates liw 

Albert L 


Nora B 



*Edna L 


Nev/ell, Walter 




Nellie A (Otis 


Sheaff, John N 


Everett E 

*Roxie A 


Arthur E 

^Chester D 


*Carrie C 


Otis, Alphonzo 



*Hattie L 


Otis, Joseph W 


*Fred A 

U S Army 

Elmira (Saw 


*Patience N 


Harry W 


Elizabeth B 






Otis, John F 


Robert L 


Mary F (Marcia 


Sheaff, Chas F far & U S Ser 

Willie M 


Maud H (Atwood hw 

Arthur V 


Helen E 


Carroll M 


Viva A 




Wallace H 
Merle T 
Fay E 
Geo A 

Sarrors, Chas C far 

Anthalie ( hvv 

Sadie hw 

Laura hw 

Jennie pi 

StLirtevant, E W far 

Annie W (White hw 

Ada B pl 

Ina T pl 

Laura J pl 
Mattie W 

Spaulding, Abel W far & dro 

Cora E (Nye hw 

Ailene W pi 

Claude B pl 

Sawtelle, Alvin P far 
Loui^sa S (Frederick hw 

Dimon far 

G Raymond pl 

Eva L pl 

Fred R pl 

Sawtelle, Geo W ret'd 
Helen S (Bowden hw 

May S hw 

Sturtevant, Reward A far 

Mary (Pollard hw 

Leland P far 

*Annie M hw 

*Carrie E liw 

*Amy E hw 

Tibbetts, Chas W far 

Alice M (McSorley hw 
Blanche M pl 

Raymond C pl 

Carl M pi 

Lewis W 

Torsey, Geo lab 

Tozier, Warren L far 

Caroline C (Tozier hw 
* Annie O hw 

*Arthur H bookkeeping 
*WiIlard K s shop 

Catherine R hw 

'•^Harry P mech 

Tobie, Will J far & live stock 
Clara J (Noble hw 

Bessie N pl 

Mary E pl 

Marion S pl 

John H pl 

Tobie, Clara M hw 


Williams, Orlando W clerg & 

Drusilla H (Durham hw 
*Nellie C nurse 

*Herbert O s shop 

Beulah, pl 

Williams, John E far 

Lena L (Story hw 



Oakland P. 0. 


Heath, Melvin P far 

Myrtie F (Clark hw 

Sadie A hw 

Daisy B pi 
Florence M 

James, Samuel far 

Ira F far 

Rosetta M (Fish hw 

John far 

Volney stu 

Benjamin pi 

Lydia R pi 

Mary O pi 

Lillian B 


Ruth M 


Inez M 


Knox, Chas 


Sarah E (Knox 



Nelson, Augustus 



Stevens, Milton C 










Alton P 


Hinckley P. O. 

Ames, Herbert L 

Susie M (Huntoon hw 

Walter H pl 

Mildred E pi 


Barrett, James B lab 

Burrill, Scott painter & repr 

Kate hw 

Bogden, Annie G(Stewarthw 

Lyie A 


Blackwell, T 


Blackwell, Leroy T 


Blackwell, Frank L 


Ida (Penney 


Mabel L 


Ruby F 




Crosby, William A lumber'n 
Clara P (Wyman hw 

W Ernest stu 

Connor, John E far 
Lena M (Wardweil hw 

Bertha Mae tr 

Silas Edwin pi 

Harold W pi 

Crawford, Geo M far 

Carrie hw 

Chester K far & saw mill 

Lucinda, hw 

John pi 

Geo pi 

Benjamin pi 

Ernest pi 

Carrie pi 

Daniel pi 


Gifford Betsey E (Ellis hw 

Grace, Daniel A sec man 

Lizzie A hw 

Pearl A stu 
Eva May 
Edith A 

Gifford, Llewellyn far 

Gifford, Browning far 

Holt, Carlton M live stock 
B E (Winiams 
Bernice E 

Hall, Water A foreman 

Fannie M (Rowe hw 

Blanche E pi 

Leon W pi 


Joy, Ernest C sta agt 

Lizzie C (Hoxie hw 

Evelyn pi 


Larrabee, Ann SfScribnerhw 
Lizzie A hw 


Nelson, Geo D far 

Nelson, Alfred K log watch 
Maria A (Hatch hw 

Fred E. pulp mill 

Walter H telegraph op 

Palmer, Melvin 

Ivanella (Smith 
Earl M S 
Palmer, Walter E 
Powers, Sarah I (Fish 
Annie M 

*Abner P 




U S Ser 


Ricker, Percy A blk 

Lizzie M (Merrill hw 

Ricker, Leland P mer 

Alice M (Tibbetts hw 

Richardson, Phoebe (Brackett 

Emma F hw 

*lsra^l M far 

*Addie J hw 



*AIbion F 


Smith, Helen M (Hoi way hw 
Ivanella hw 

Tracy, Sarah J (Parsons hw 
Tracy, William B printer 

Tracy, Mildred L stu 


Walker, John W far 
Emma F (Richardson hw 

*Lida M hw 

Floy L hw 

Wardwell, Arthur F far 

Jennie L (Burrill hw 

Everett M pi 

No. Fairfield. 

Atwood, Stephen A far 

Emma (Walker hw 

Henry K teamster 

Nellie S stu 


Bickford, Amos O far 

Etta C (Goodwin hw 

Iva N pi 

Berry, Almeda H (Piper hw 

Etta M hw 
*Leon E mach 

Blanche B hw 

Bowman, O A far 

Helen M (Goodwin hw 

Brown, Lula P hw 

Bigelow, James S far 

Lucy hw 

Badger, Chas F far 

Linda A (Smith hw 
Hattie L hw & dress mk'r 

James R 


Covell, Eugene A 


Anna O (Jones 


Alton B 


Ervin J 


Leland A 


Arthur E 


Davis, Robert M 


Davis, Malinda 



Goodwin, Allen C 


Ellen L (Sturtevant 


Annie L pub house 

^Walter A 


Goodwin, Geo W 


Goodwin, Pamelia G 




Etta C 





Goodwin, Sylvanus C far & 
Albert B 

Ruby A (Hoxie hw 

Angier L stu 

Nora M tr 

Carl H stu 

Gifford, Elizabeth A hvv 

Gifford. William B far 

Annie M (Powers hw 

Llewellyn P far 

James N far 

Brownie far 

Sarah E stu 

Marshall H far 

William E stu 

Paul K pi 

Ralph A pi 

Annie pi 


Hoxie, Lydia E (Hoxie 

Lillian M hw 

Hoxie. Annie J (Hoxie 

Lula C pub house 

Maurice E far 

Hoxie, Sarah J (Allen hw 

Alden B far 

Hoxie, Alden B far & millm'n 

Etta L (Tobey hw 

Norman T pi 

Hoxie, James E far 
Georgia M (Savage hw 
Orel E 

Hoxie, Annie M (Tozier hw 
*Albert L p.iinter & paper 

Ruth J hw 

*WiIlie C car 

*Emma F hw 

Jones, Ruth J (Hoxie hw 

Annie C hw 

*Mabel E hw 

Jones, Sarah H (Bowman hw 

James C far 

Jones, James C far 
Etta C (Blackwell 

Leora L pi 

Henry C pi 

Jones, Daniel P far 

Geo T far 

Almeda H ( Berry hw 

Jones, Geo T 

Blanche S (Berry 

Langley, William H far 

Addie A (Noble hw 
Bessie B hw & s shop 

Lapoint, W O lab 

McFarland, Lucy J (Case hw 

McFarland, Fred T far 

Zeatta (Peterson hw 

McKechnie, Ermond far 

Grace L (Packard hw 
Delia L 



Valentine E 
Marcia, William J far 

Grace (Farnham hw 

Ray Alton pi 

McKechnie, Lester A mill wk 

Blanche (Brown hw 

Eustace L 

William lab 

Alta M (York hw 

Alfred N 

Katie G 

Alma 1 

Noble, Thankful N (Cannon 


Addie A hw 

Packard, Grace I (Emery hw 

Ruby N pi 


Skillin, riiram G far 

Orin C lab 

Emery O far 
Austin B 

Clifford C pi 

Sawtelle, H K lab 

Lucinda (McKechnie hw 

Gladys V pi 

Savage, Georgia W (Fowler 


Alton E stu 

Tibbetts, Geo T far 

Louisa M (Robinson hw 

*Lulu B hw 

Clara L hw 

Alice M hw 

iarone P. O. 

*Edwin P 


Campbell, Chas S 


Lizzie M 


Grace G (Bickford 



Chas E 


Low, S 



Lydia P (Manter 


Farnham, Edward H 



Lydia A (Tibbetts 


Powers, Martha (Tobey 


Grace G 


*Ansel B 

♦Katie F 


*Martha A 



Ned T 


Holway, Leonard 




Stevens, Lynn C 


Leslie H 



Florence E 

Stevens, Oliver H 


Climena A (Wade 


Isa A 



Earl W 


Merl A 



Winslow, Will P far & P M 

just of peace 

Elizabeth (Holway hw 

Leo V pl 

Basil L pl 

Witham, Frank W far 

Mary (Tibbetts hw 

Truman A teamster 

Shawmut P. O. 

Applebee, John B lab 

Nellie E (Brown hw 

Robie J lab 

Jennie M stu 

Florence E pj 

Gracie L pl 

Ames, William S river driver 

Florence M (Kimball hw 
Guy A 
W Carlyle 

Bushey, Geo H steam fitter 

Bertha A (Rollins hw 

Clara M pl 

Bennett, Thomas E lab 

Louisa (Simpson hw 

Joseph, pl 

Bogin E mill wk 

Mary (Tibbetts hw 

Josephine hw 




Barney, Lawrence teamster 
Hannah (Holden hw 

Lawrence P cl 

Willie J mill lab 

Harry O stu 

Brown, David, hostler 

Frances (Butterfield hw 
Albert H far 

Maud hw 

Lillian B hw 

Bradbury, B H shin sawyer 
Carrie M hw 

Bennett, Gideon saw mill 
Lonia (Begin hw 


Burke, A S mer 



Eliza (Begin hw 

Lillian stu 

Lora stu 

Robert J pi 

Edmund J pi 

Besse, Philander far 

Jennie C (Libby hw 

Rose E hw 

Butler, Lewis mill wk 

Julia L (Dulac hw 

Mabel M hw 

Lewis N eng 

Malinda M stu 

Perley O pi 

Besse, Oliver B far & car 

Rose D (Nichols hw 

Mary E hw 

Florence M stu 

Bray, Edwin C river wk 

Mary E (Bessey hw 

Barllaigeon, J E lumber wk'r 
Sophia (Laurancelle hw 

Exezia hw 

Eleazer pi 

Hattie pi 

Burgess, Napolean teamster 

Daisy (Pooler hw 

Jennie pi 

Daisy pi 


Clatrer, Phelps mill wk 

Nellie (Pepian hw 



Cockran, John J boss pulp 

*Elizabeth M hw 

Margaret M fact hand 
Nellie B hw 

John J Jr \!\ 

Dustin, Got S. millman 

Lucy (Bilodeau 
Got Jr millman 

Joseph millman 

Stella, cl 


Lafie, millman 

Arthur, millman 

Davis, Rena (McDonald hw 
*James W far 

Chas H mill 

-'^Sarah A hw 

Hessie hw 

Davis, Harry C mill wk 

Rose E (Besse hw 

Belle E pi 

Dulac, Malinda (Lewis hw 
Julia hw 

Emma hw 


Emerson, Elmer V mill wk 
*Leon J pulp mill 

Bertha M hw 

Emery A station agt 

Nancy A (Adams hw 



Elizabeth E stu 

Herbert A pi 


Flury, Henry A mill wk 

Mary A (Begin hw 

Rosie E pi 

Blanch A 

Beatrice J 

Fuller, John H ret'd 

Flewelhng, Fred J lab 

Hattie M (Cramp hw 

Ellen K hw 

Iva iV\ . stu 

Gerald, Chas H saw mill 

Addie E (Cain hw 

^William E agt 

*Frank L cl 

Cjetchell, John H far 

Harriet E (Crooker hw 

Roscoe G far 

*Everett L tr 

*Margaret C hw 

John E 

Gilman, Ellen M hw 

*Gene L H novelty shop 

*Myrtie G hw 

*Harry far 

Gurney, Georgia A hw 

Gould, M G asst sta agt 

Gurney, Chas W teamster 

Emma (Dulac hw 

Georgia A hw 

Chas W Jr teamster 

Geo H river driver 

Mabel pi 

Mary Ann pi 

Sylvester pi 

Joseph N pi 

Andrew O pi 

Abraham F 

Grant, John A mill wk 

Theresa ( Grant hw 

*Perley yd master 

Samuel mill wk 

Minnie hw 

Grant, Peter !ab 

Mertie L (Thompson hw 

Grant, Ward M saw mill 

Hessie (Mclntire hw 

Geno, Louis J cl 

Georgia M ( Begin 
Eva D 
Emma E 


Hatch, Henry C millman 

Ada B (Nelson hw 

Henry J saw mill 

Benjamin saw mill 

Ella M hw 

Hobbs, Robert T far 

Ellen E (Low hw 

Ethel W hw 

Jonathan L far 

Ralph S far 

Hoyt, Fred W mill wk 

Lillian M (Nelson hw 
Julia F 

Hodgdon, Myrtie hw 



Jewell, Wallace H millman 
Mary S (Cushman 

*Lottie L nurse 

Eddie B millman 

Eugene L millman 

Moody S stu 

Nettie F hw 

King, Chas lab 

Emma ( Libby hw 

Frederic lab 

Eddie J lab 

Cody, liw 

Charlie G pi 

Frank pi 

Alexander pi 

King, Marshall sect hand 

Lora (Thibeatt hw 

Mary Ann hw 

Napoleon pi 

Ernest pi 

King, William G b'k k'p'r 
Florence M (Odell hw 

Edith G stu 

Beatrice F pi 

Percy H pi 

Lawrence, Benjamin far & 


Olive J 


Colby B 


Earl J 


Lord, Ira W mill wk 

Mary E( Cannon hw 

Leiia F stu 

Lawrence, Rebecca E( hw 

Rosie L hw 

Lewis, Harry mill 

Alice M (Whitten hw 
Ina M stu 

Lucy E pi 

Lizzie P pi 

Lamb, Edgar E sawyer 

Ida M (Rankins, hw 

Lane, Walter B mill wk 

Hattie A ( Barrows hw 
Frank S stu 

Low, Horace M far 

Mattie R ( Pratt hw 

Harry W far 

Everett G fac overseer 


Marcia, V C far 

Olive L ( Lapoint hw 
Maud M hw 

Vida L tr 

Moore, Geo E car 

Bertha M (Emerson hw 
Arthur E 

McKenney, Edward, foreman 
Mary E (Shelley hw 

Bernice M hw 

*Alice L hw 

McDonald, Helen A (Priest 

Harold T stu 



McPhee, Wm fore lumb c'p 
Forest D 

Ross C lab 

Gladys D stu 

Norman B stu 

Winfield J pl 

Mayo, Frank mill vvk 

Mary (Tebo hw 

Albert mill wk 

Clara hw 

Joseph mill wk 

Arthur pl 

Lena pl 

Mary pl 

Antoine, pl 

Amanual pl 


Nelson, Jerome R i 

*Emma hw 
*AIonzo watchman 

Ellen L (Grown hw 

*Lester J far 

Henry R far 

Nichols, Theophilus lab 

Maud (Brown hw 

Ina May stu 

Ruth Bell pl 

Albert LA pl 

Geo U pl 

Nichols, Chas H foreman 

Sadie J (Lord hw 

Dellie W R R ser 

Nollet, Ber.j L eng 

May E (Wilson hw 

Nelson, Edwin W mill wk 

*Clarence S electrician 

Eddie T lab 

Geneve F hw 

Nichols, Olive B (Bassett hw 

Geo A boatman 

*Samuel A mach 

*Adelbert A far 

Oregon T riverman 

Chas H mill man 

*Mary E hw 

Rose D hw 

(Jsborn, J E electrician 
-•'W Harry 

Priest, Edward E mill man 

Cora B (Colcord hw 

Norris, C pl 

Priest, William H mill man 

Ella A (Chase hw 

Maurice A stu 

Oscar C stu 

Pecin, Joseph bik 

Phoebe ( Blair hw 

Lona hw 
Carrie A pie plate mill 

Charlie lab 

Dennie S hw 

O'Neil millwk 

Myra pl 

Homer pl 

Priest, Eleanor( ) 

A A millwriiiht 



Priest, A A millwright 

Minnie E(Lord hw 

*Charles H train disp 
Cecil G stu 

Alma E stu 

Pratt, Geo A mill wk 

Louise H (Whitten hw 
Almon J 
Geo C 

Priest, Howard ii mer & bho 
Lydia A(Runnells hw 
Harry R porter 

H Merle A z\ 

Helen F stu 

Mina H stu 


Reynolds, Freeman far 

Harriet C (Osborn hw 
*Marcia E hw 

Mira A hw 

Olive J hw 

*Willie W far 

*Forest E milk man 

Roderick, Napoleon sawmill 
Lena (Piper hw 

Robert W pi 

Joseph F 

Rigby, Peter sawyer 

Mary L (Pooler 
Sarah May pi 

John H pi 

Ghas W 
Clara Mabelle 

Richards, Chas saw mill 

Virginia (Willett hw 

Mary L 

Raymond A 
Roderick, Sylvester yard boss 

Malinda (Dulac hw 


Spaulding, Henry W far 

Annie M hw 

*F O tel op 
Ronello S butcher & far 

Mabel M (Wheeler hw 

Edith V stu 

Ralph L pi 

Isabel C pi 
Raymond P 


Topin, Geo W mech eng 

Mabel (Butler hw 

Thibodeau, A C woodsman 
Bernice M(McKenney hw 

Teed, Nelson S millman 

Rena (Davis hw 

Trembay, Arthur mill wk 

Clara hw 

Tibbetis, Mary E (Groves hw 
*Clarence A mason 

*Milford M far 

*Bessie E hw 

*Myrtie M ' hw 

Frank H 

Tibbetts, Frank H pulp mill 
Laura M (Judkins hw 




Walters, W H phy 

Ethel W (Hobbs phy 

Whitten, Frank G plainer 
Annie A (Bunker hvv 

Works, Isaac E foreman 

Rosie (Lawrence hw 

Whitten, Albert lab 

Laura F (Banks hw 

Clarence M pi 

Florence M 

Walker, Everett L mill wk 
Mary E (Tibbetts hw 

Fairfield Center P. O. 

Allen, John E far 

*William H officer prison 

Emma R hw 

Nellie P hw 

Luther L far 

*Clara B hw 

*Mary B hw- 

Hilda F ( Bolin hw 

Aurora O M pi 

Anna S pi 

Archie, Clara A hw 

Archie, Farrinjiton M far 

Cynthia L ( Holway hw 


Bates. Polly (Merrow hw 

Barnes, G W peddler 

Hattie D (Davis hw 

Chas O mill wk 

*Ozro G s wk 

*Ernest A painter 

*Ermina hw 

Annie M 




aisdell, J W 

far & car 

Willie r 


Vestie M (Davis hv\ 

Chase, Amanda F( Fairbanks 


*Chas F probat'n officer 

'■^L W mach 

*Emma G hw 

*Edwin W far 

Corson, Sarah A hw 

Cochran, Eliza iV\ hvv 

Cannon, Lemuel H far 

Betsey N (Mght hw 

*William H far 

Sarah V hw 

Edwin E lab 

Frank S far 

Cannon, Benjamin G far 

Joseph A far 



Cannon, Sarah E h\v 

Davis, Clara L (Knox hw 

*Clara L hw 

Sarah L hw 

Doe, Joseph H far 
kebeckah W(Haynes hw 

Gray, Carrie E (Taylor hw 
Ernest L pi 

Aubury C stu 

Greene, Rose B (Holway hw 

George, Ellen M (Taylor hw 
Alton L far 

Goodrich Mina B (Greene hw 

*Fred G 

trav sales 

Annie E 


*Harvey H 


Amber E 


Davis, Leslie A 


& bik 

Gardner, William S 


Mary (Jones 


Gleason, Augustus 


Davis, Hezekiah 


Mary I (Emerson 



Jennie M 


Fowler, Chas G 


Chas A 


Fuller, E N 


Fred A 


Chas A 



*Emma F 


Holt, James H car 

& P M 

Hannah M ( Tozier 


Lizzie M (Allen 


*Cora Bell 


*Alice M 


*iV\ary E 


Holt, Herbert L mer 

& asst 

^Herbert M 

U Sser 

P M 


Helen A (Smith 


Gullifer, James A 


Estelle A 

Amanda F (Ch 



Hoxie, Chas H 


Greene, Henry H 


Clara H (Hulway 


Esther R (Knox 


Harold S 




Ralph H 


Greene, Geo 


Hayes, Cynthia B 


Effie (Bickford 


Holt, Cordelia (Goodrich hw 

*Maud E 


*Virgil C 




Howe, belden P 




Flora B (Merrow 


Grace L 


Harold E 







Jones, Sarah H (Bowman hw 
Alfred A far 

Mary E pi 

Jones, B F ret'd 

*Chas A far 

Helen V hw 

Jones, William, ret'd 

J Allen far & car 

Hannah M( Lawrence hw 

Knox, Helen M (Davis hw 
Ira O far 


Lewis, Geo S lumberman 
H M (Donley hw 

Lawrence, Hannah M (Bow- 
man hw 
*Henry W far 
*Harriet M hw 

Lessor, Addie (Dustie hw 
*Mary hw 

*Sarah hw 

Jonnie weaver 

*Alexander weaver 

*William sec hand 

*Lena hw 

Annie hw 

*Fred cl 

Langwin, John far 

Mary (Goodhue hw 

* Annie hw 

*Josephine hw 


Merrow, Polly(Otis)laged 100 

William B far 

John far 

Merrow, William B far 

Eliza B ( Home hw 

Flora B hw 

Moren, Peter far 

Annie (Dustin hw 

Mayo, M (Boullet hw 

*Addie hw 

Elma hw 
*Fred barber 
*Joe mason 

*Andrew lab 

*Alvelina hw 

*Philip lab 

Geo E far 

Mayo, Geo E far 

Ezelda (Julia hw 

Nye, Hiram M ins 

Helen V (Jones hw 

*Edward L ins 

Nye, Ansel L far & car 

Susan C { Nel^on hw 

Harriet A hw & 1r 


O'Neal, Thomas O 


Ahbie M (Knox 


O'Neal, Harry A 


Almira.A (Knox 


Nora E 


Ora Edna 





Patten, Hiram, far 

Seneth (Weeks hw 

Richardson, Alton E far 

Lero)' C stu 

11a M pi 

Iva D pi 

Fannie F pi 

Orton A pi 
Rosie Delia 

Rice, Martha J (Tupper hw 
Edward C sawer 


Strickland, Frank A far 

Florence M (Knox hw 

Elmer S far 

Walter H lab 

Floyd N pi 

Carl L pi 

Annie 1 pi 
Cecil F 

Snow, James L far 

Iva B (Lombard hw 

Raymond J pi 

Strickland, Geo blk 

Anna J (Shedd hw 

Elizabeth M pi 

Inez G pi 

Fred G D pi 
Sadie M 

Smith, Chas E far & teamst'r 

Emma R (Allen ) hw 

Emery O stu 

Irma F pi 

Chas V 


Tibbetts, Melinda D (Cannon 

William H far 

Susie E hw 

Taylor, Geo W far 

Margaret A (McMullein 

Fred W far 

Taylor, Benj W far 

William R far 

Annie B tr 

*Lizzie R hw 

*Jennie L hw 

Taylor, Joseph S far 

Chas A fore'n pap mill 
Carrie E hw 

Trafton, Arthur 1 blk & far 
Myrtie J pl 

Vera F pl 

Mina B (Goodrich hw 

Talouse, Fred baker 

Carrie ( Thompson hw 

Talouse, David pl 

Talouse, John Jr lab 

Tozier, Hannah (Hersom hw 

Bert J butcher & mer 

*Mabel E hw 

Lula A tr 


Williams, Edgar far 

Sarah M ( Emery hw 

*Percy F tr 



*Frank P 
Henry L 
Chas M 


book keeper 


Lula L 
Edna E 
Sadie A 




Ames, Alton E Clinton 

Abbott, Alvin B Waterviile 
Allen, William H 

Nora Springs, la 
Allen, Clara B 

Manchester, N H 
Allen, Mary B Skowhegan 
Ames, Lillian Berdeen 

95 High St., Bangor 
Ames, Geo W Lynn, Mass 
Ames, Fannie E Smith, 

Berry, L E 

Box 169, Haverhill, Mass 
Bickford, Lillian M 
7 Howard, Dorchester, Mass 
Bickford, Albert H China 

Barnes, Ozro G Auburn 

Brown, Ernest Augusta 

Barnes, Gertie M 

High, Waterviile 

Barnes, Emma Augusta 

Bates, Harry B Waterviile 
Brown, Sophronia F Linnus 
Brown, Warren P Gardiner 
Brown, Edward C 

13 Getchell, Waterviile 
Brown, Geo A 

27 High, Lewiston 
Brown, Harry E 

21 A Portland 
Brown, Mary A 

27 High, Lewiston 
Bowman, Susie M 

Stoneham, Mass 
Bither, James S West Troy 
Brown, Emma B Nash 

Wark, N B 
Brown, Geneva G Portland 
Burrell. Austin R 

324 Wash., Lynn, Mass 
Blakncy, Chas L 

St. John N B 
Blakney, Alice M Brown 



Benton Sta 
Buzzell, Oregon Clinton 

Buzzell, Roscoe Oakland 

Buzzell, J Arthur 

Cor Mid & Spr, Bath 
Bangs, Ella L 
241 Newton, Waltham, Mass 

Clark, Harry L Salem 

Clark, Addie F Skowhegan 
Cain, Chas G Helena, Mon 
Cain, Ella L Walker Brighton 
Cain, Horace B 

Butte City, Mon 
Carr, Chas H 

107 First, Bangor 

Chase, Chas F 

79 Cushing, Waltham, Mass 

Chase, L W 14 Gerome Ave 

West Newton, Mass 

Chase, Emma G 141 Merrim'c 

New Bedford, Mass 

Chase, Edwin W 

New Brighton, Minn 
Cannon, William H Oakland 
Clark, Everett E Madison 
Clark, Myrtie A Oakland 
Clark, Bessie M Oakland 
Clark, Eftle M Monson 

Clement, Lilla May 

Haverhill, Mass 
Carr, Harry A 

169 Union, Springfield, Mass 
Cilley, Adeliade T Roundy 

7 Smith, Portland 
Channing, Frank P 

Albany, N Y 
Channing, Chas A Clinton 
Cannon, Etta J Waterville 
Cannon, Geo L 

81 Main, Waterville 
Cannon, Herbert L 

47 Newhall, Lynn, Mass 
Clough, Maurice L 

Clark, Annie M 9 Cent Ave 
Hyde Park, Mass 
Clark, Edson S 32 Tremont, 
Charlestown, Mass 
Choate, Wm E Waterville 
Choate, Lester J Waterville 

Davis, James W 

Boistown, N B 
Davis, Sarah A St. John,N B 
Doe, Harvey H 

126 College, Waterville 
Doe, Fred G 

29 Myrtle, Augusta 
Davis, Fred R 

149 Main, Waterville 
Dean, Minnie F 

85 Biddeford, Bath 
Emerson, Leon J 
Ellis, Howard G 

70 Silver, Waterville 
Elonger, Louise 



VancoLiver, B C 
Haton, Geo L Gorham, N H 

Farnham, Katie F Rome 

Furbush Mary S 

36 Summer, Skovvhegan 
Felk'WS, Geo H 

8 Lindon, Nashua, N H 
Files Geo W 71 Wall StN Y 
Furber, Chas B Bath 

Furber, Helen M Hallovvell 
Furber, Amelia Htalburg.Cal 

Getchell, Everett L 400 Broad- 
way, Cambridge, Mass 
Getchell, i^Vugaret C 

South Brewer, Gene L 

Wethersfield, Conn 
Gilman, Myrtle G 

Wtthersfield, Conn 
Gilman, Harry Brownville 
Grant, Perley 

56 Bell, Deering 
Goodwin, Walter A Oakland 
Gerald, Thomas F 

Greene, Maud E Smithfield 
Greene, Lena Skowhegan 
Greene, Amos E Washington 
Gibbs, Leon E 

122 Cherry, Cambridge, Mass 
Garland, Elmer W Benton 
Garland, Edgar ^ Benton 

Gray, Emma H 

Plainfield, Mass 
Gerald, William E 

155 Allen Ave., Deering 
Gerald, Fran'< L 

55 Bridge, Worcester, Mass 
Gray, Hannah H Pittsfield 
Gibson, Helen E 

Port Angeles, Wash 
Gibson, Joanna Boston, Mass 
Gibbs, gElla A 

II Border, Boston, Mass 
Gibbs, Geo Oakland 

Gibbs, Milton Oakland 

Gibbs, Harry F 

Pittsburgh, Pa 
Greenwood, Nathan Portland 

Holway, Edwin P Larone 
Ham, Lola A Brooks 

Ham, Benj F 2215 Washing- 
ton, Boston, Mass 
Holt, Alice M 

Center, Waterville 
Holt, Virgil C Skowhegan 
Huff, Nettie W Bingham 

Huff, Mary W Oakland 

Huff, Herman Skowhegan 
Huff, Lizzie A Southport 

Higgins, Henry W 

Center, Effmgham, N H 
Hall, Robert Jr R I 

Hall, David, Hartland 

Hall, John Skowhegan 



Horn, Oren D Hallowell 

Ho,rn, Lilla, Clinton 

Hinds, Benj J 

Elliot School, Boston 
Hatch, Edwin H Rockland 
Hudson, Helen H 

Pittsburgh, Pa 
Hudson, Kate L 262 W 23rd 
New York City 
Hume, Helen H Pittsburg, Pa 
Hume, Frank M Houlton 

Hammond, Viola A (Duren 

Jewell, Lottie L Denver, Col 
Jones, Mabel E 

270 Lake, Lewiston 
Kiersted, Georgian, 

South Norridgewock 
Kiersted, Chas S 

Cambridge, Mass 
Kierstead, Ella M Shiloh 

Edmund Oakland 

King, Emma Fall River, Mass 
King, Henry 
Kenneth, Harry B 

65 Bridge, Nashua, N H 
King, Caroline 

Lockwood, Waterville 
Kelley, Herbert 

76 Silver, Waterville 

Lawrence, Harriet M 

Longbeach, Col 
Lessor, Mary Waterville 

Lessor, Sarah 

Seminary, Waterville 
Lessor, Alexander 

41 Pleasant, Adams, Mass 
Lessor, William 

45 Spring, Adams, Mass 
Lessor, Lena 

901 Waterville, Waterville 
Lessor, Fred 

Kennebec, Waterville 
Laughlin, Annie Waterville 
Laughlin, Josephine 

Lamore, Will Skowhegan 

Lamore, Agnes 
Lamore, Jack 

Leavitt, Emma J( Schumacher 

Hamburg, N J 

Lewis, Wilber F Waterville 

McDonald, Hannah E ( 

Lawrence, Henry W 

McKenney, Alice L 

Merrow, Annie E 

Marcia, Frank E Fairfield 

Merrow, Joshua St George 
Mayo, Addie Conn 

Mayo, Joe Waterville 

Mich i Mayo, Fred Waterville 



Mayo, Andrew Waterville 
Mayo, Alvelina Waterville 
May, Philip Waterville 

Marco, Geo Winslow 

Marco, Addie Farmington 

Marco, Ella Winslow 

Marco, Ellen Farmington 

McQuillan, Mabel L 

McLure, William P Newport 
McCleod, Ada Boston, Mass 
McCleod, Inez Gorham NH 
McCleod, Nellie New York 
McFadden, Arthur W 

21 Spruce, Portland 
McFadden, Agnes S 

6 Belknap, Portland 
McCurdy, A Kate Oakland 
McCurdy, Ernest A 

155 Belmont, Everett, Mass 
McCurdy, Seldon B 

Lynn, Mass 
McCurdy, Edgar H 

Chicago, 111 
Morrow, Ernest W Camden 
Mclntire, Chas E 

96 Morland, Roxbury, Mass 
Miller, Warren H Bemis 

Miller, Sadie M Weeks Mills 
McCoombs, Bertie E 

McCoombs, Geo M 


Nelson, Lester J Pittsfield 
Nelson, Emma Lewiston 

Nelson, Alonzo Lewiston 

Nelson, Clarence W 
NichoH, Samuel A 

44 Winter Lewiston 
Nichols, Adelbert A 

Nichols, Mary E Hallowell 
Nye. Edward 

6547 Monroe Ave, Chicago, III 
Neal, Adelaide H Rush Hill 
Road, Hyde Park, Mass 
Nutt, Earl C 
Maine State School, Portland 

Osborn, W Harry Greenbush 
Oby, Willie G 

Water Waterville 
Oby, Ida M 

114 State, Augusta 
Oby, Alice M 

Hallowell House, Hallowell 
Oby, Lula M 

335 Main, Waterville 
Priest, Chas H 

47 Robert, Portland 
Powers, Abner P 

Maple Plain, Portland 
Powers, Ansel B 
Powers, Martha A Larone 
Perkins, Perley E Skowhegan 
Perry, Edna L 



41 L, So Boston 
Philhrick, Clara E 

East Vassalboro 
Percival, Meda E 

Union, Hallowell 
Pircival, William L Pittsfield 
Pray, Chas F Calais 

Parkman, Horace G 

State, Portland 
Parkman C W 

Morrill, Waterville 
Parkman, Elmer E 

27 Sev\ all, Augusta 
Pooler, Nellie 

26 Pleasant, Augusta 
Pooler, Alfred 

5 School, Augusta 
Pine, Curtis O N B 

Reynolds, Marcia E (Warren 
638 High, Bath 
Reynolds, Willie W Winslow 
Reynolds, Forest E Winslow 
Richardson, Israel M Clinton 
Richardson, Addit- J Clinton 
Richardson, Albion F 

Spring Lake Mich 
Records, Daniel H Anson 

Records, John H Skovvhegan 
Roundy, Chas D 

7 Smith. Portland 
Rice, Caroline G ( Boyer 

84 Elm, Waterville 
Rice, Jane N ( Berry 

5 Water, Portland 
Reed, Lillie M Waterville 

Reed, Lelia M New York 

Reed, Flora B (Spencer 

46 Sewall, Augusta 
Rose, Addie M Newport 

Rose, Herbert E 

83 Pleasant, Waterville 
Rockwood, Frederick L 

Bogota, S A 
Rockwood, William J Cal 

Rackliff, Alice E Auburn 

Rackliff, W E Newport 

Rancour, Geo H Nashua, N H 
Rai.ccur, Frank Nashua, N H 
Rancour, Geo A Deering 

Rancour Edward Deering 

Spaulding, F Livermore 

Sheaff, Chester D 

Sheaff, Carrie C Union 

Sheaff, Hattie L Guilford 

Sheaff, Fred A California 

Sheaff, Patience Wisconsin 
Sheaff, Walter Boston, Mass 
Sheaff, Robert L Plainfield Vt 
Sheaff, Roxie A Kingsbury 
Stevens, Edward Skowhegan 
Stevens, Herman Skowhegan 
Stevens, Evie Waterville 

Sturtevant, Annie M 

12 Wyman, Augusta 
Sturtevant, Carrie E 



14 Conant, Portland 
Sturtevaiit, Amy H 

80 Union, Belfast 
Steelbrook, Fred Hartland 
Steelbrook, Martha A 

Mt Desert 
Steelbrook, Grace M Hartland 
Steelbrook, Susie E 

90 Cherry, Waltham, Mass 
Savage, Edith M Skowhejan 
Smith, Blanche L 

95 Wood, Lewiston 
Smith, Edith E 

3 Bangor, Augusta 
Smith, Lettie M 

563 Cumberland, Portland 
Sanborn, Alice A 

17 Bejijon, Boston, Mass 
Tibbetts, Clara A Madison 
Tibbetts, Milford M 

Tibbetts, Bessie E (Brown 

Tibbetts, Myrtie M ( Rowe 

Tibbetts, Lula B 44 Summer, 
Watertown, Mass 
Taylor, Lizzie R 

272 Main, Waterville 
Taylor, Jennie L 

94 Front, Waterville 
Tuttle, Lester E 
925 North Whipple, Chicago 

Tuttle, James W Skovvhegan 
Tuttle, Geo E Chicago 

Tuttle Villa M Chicago 

Toxier, Annie O 

33 Prospect, Waterville 
Tibbetts, Willard B Green- 
wood, Waterville 
Tibbetts, Elizabeth M 

9 Prospect, Waterville 
Tupper Geo L 37 Charlotte, 
Worcester, Mass 
Tupper, Elmer E 
37 Charlotte, Worcester, Mass 
Tupper, Fred, 37 Charlotte, 
Worcester, Mass 
Tupper, Harry Waterville 
Tozier, Arthur H 77-79 Wash- 
ington, North Boston, Mass 
Tozier, Marshal E Bar Mills 
Tozier, Willard K 

12 Union, Exeier, N H 
Tozier, Harry A 

254 Main, Waterville 
Taylor, Henry E 

Rumford Falls 
Tilton, Mayhew P Lamonia.Ia 
Tozier, Walter, Auburn 

Tozier, Lena (Kenrick 

Nashua, N H 
Tozier, Harry Rockland 

Totman, Harry Denver, Colo 
Totman, Fred 

Thibodeau, Lena R I 

Totman, Llewellyn 



Duluth, Minn 
Totman, Everett 

94 Moody, Waltham, Mass 
Thomas Chas R 

150 Orange, Chelsea, Mass 
Tupper, Clara B Newport 
Totman, Cora Winslow 

Totman, Howard 23 Eddy, 
West Newton, Mas? 
Walker, Lida M Warren 

Wing, Phoebe W 

R F D 3 Augusta 
Wing, Edward Oakland 

Wentworth, Henry G 

Monson, Mass 
Wentworth, Thomas L 

Wisconsin, Wis 
Williams, Nellie C Greene 
Williams, Herbert O 

Weeks, Frank N 

Roxbury, Mass 
Ward, hartwell T 

Benton Station 
Weeks, Elizabeth J 

344 Orange, Albany, N Y 
Weeks, Chas H 

84 Maple, Lynn, Mass 
Weeks, Laforest U 
Whitten, Everett E 

24 Orange, Chelsea, Mass 
Whitten, Clarence L 
70 Shavvmut, Chelsea, Mass 
Whitten, Benjamin M 

Eaton St., Chelsea, Mass 
Waldron, An revv O 

657 No, Pittsfield, Mass 
Wyman, Moses M 

Alden, Waterville 
Wyman, Alice M Wilton 

Wyer, Wm W Millinocket 
Wyer, Chas F Houlton 

Wyer, Calvin S 409 Wash- 
ington, Brighton, Mass 
Wyer, Hugh E Oakland 

Wyer, Lorenzo W 

Boston, Mass 
Ward, William F 

Middle, Skowhegan 
Wheeler, Alice M 

285 Warren, Boston 
Wheeler, Ella 

27 Casco, Portland 
Wetherell, E J (Chamberlin 
Detroit Mich 
Wetherell, Fred 

Memphis, Tenn 
York, Warren V Pittsfield 
York, Mahlon 

36 South, Skowhegan