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in 2011 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 





The Saint Augustine's College Student Body 



James E. Davis, Eugene Nelson 

Saint Augustine's College 

Raleigh, North Carolina 



Again we have arrived at that time of the year when we try to seek, 
recall and evaluate those experiences we have had over the years at 
Saint Augustine's College. These experiences may be successes, failures 
or a compromising melange of both. 

Realizing of course that many of our experiences are lost to the past, 
or could not be expressed in a single snapshot. 

Taking into consideration our theme; "This is Saint Augustine's," let 
us show you our school. Come with us as we introduce you to our 
faculty, take you into our classrooms and escort you around our campus. 

As the pages unfold before you we hope that you will come to grasp 
a small part of the happiness that we have known during our stay at 
this institution. 

In this 1962 edition, we shall begin to evaluate, thus realizing that 
Saint Augustine's holds very high intellectual and moral standards. 


Saint Augustine's Has: 

A harmonious campus cloistered among nature 

A competent faculty 

A conscientious student body 

Organizations that co-operated with the faculty 

A place for the development of physical stamina 

A diversity of activities 

Greek organizations which promote scholarship 
and love for all mankind 

Queens to grace a regal court 


The class of 1962 dedicates this Falcon to The Rev. Joseph N. Green, Jr. 

In dedicating this year's Falcon the mem- 
bers of the Senior Class choose an indi- 
vidual who in their opinion exemplifies the 
basic principles and ideals upon which Saint 
Augustine's was founded. The magnitude 
of his teachings has influenced and molded 
both our social and religious lives while in 
this institution. From his teachings we 
feel as though we have found the neces- 
sary beacon to direct us in our future en- 
deavors, no matter how bleak life may seem. 

This man has been a friend and teacher 
who has given to the student, spiritual 
guidance and advice in his time of need. So 
it is with deepest sincerity and heartfelt 
appreciation that we dedicate this 1961-62 
edition of the Falcon to Rev. Joseph N. 
Green, Jr. 

tiful two story brick house, constructed of 

^„ ;, an architectural style to harmonize with 

|J that of the larger buildings. 


modern duplex apartment 
which does a great deal to en- 
hance the beautiful scenery 
of the campus. 

ing was constructed in 1950. The Physics 
Department is on the basement floor, Biology 
on the first floor, and Biology and Chemistry 
on the second floor. The first floor, also, has 
an amphitheater — seating approximatelj 
100 persons. 

HUNTER BUILDING. Constructed in 1925. 
The administrative offices and classrooms 
are found in this building. 

ART BUILDING. Constructed in 1917. The 
first floor of this structure is used for classes 
in drawing, and the second floor for handi- 

CHESHIRE BUILDING. This building was 
constructed in 1929. The first floor houses 
the dining hall. The second floor has four 
music studios and various offices. 




cated in 1961 in honor 
of Rev. Edgar H. Goold. 
This structure furnishes 
living facilities for jun- 
ior and senior young 

Was constructed in 1925. 
It is a three story struc- 
ture which furnishes 
housing for sophomore 
and freshmen young 

Was constructed in 1929. 
It provides lodging space 
for approximately 90 
freshmen and sophomore 
young ladies. 


THOMAS BUILDING. This building was 
constructed in 1913. It furnishes living ac- 
commodations for senior and junior young 

— i ^-.v 

■ ■ ■ ■ -.« 

1 - 

BENSON LIBRARY is a beautiful two story 
brick structure. Its design is in perfect 
harmony with the rest of the campus and 
houses countless volumes of interesting and 
unique books. 

HERMITAGE BUILDING was constructed 
in 1914. It furnishes office space for the 
language laboratories, the infirmary, and 
various other offices. 

TAYLOR HALL was constructed in 1912. 
Serves as the "Little Theater." 




CHAPEL — The College 
Chapel was constructed 
in 1895. It is a beautiful 
stone structure which 
serves as a place of wor- 
ship for the student body 
and faculty. 

STUDENT CENTER— This is a three story 
structure which furnishes countless recrea- 
tional activities for the student body of 
Saint Augustine's. 

ATKINSON HALL — This structure was 
made possible due to funds donated by the 
United Negro College Fund. At the present 
time it furnishes living space for approxi- 
mately 125 freshmen and sophomore young 

HEALTH AND FINE ARTS BUILDING— This is the artist's conception 
of the proposed gymtorium which is to be erected by the Fall semester 
of 1962. 


latttt jAugMstine's (Eollege 

Office of the President 

February 17, 1962 

Dear Senior Class: 

On the occasion of your leaving Saint Augustine's 
College after an academic sojourn of four years, I 
congratulate you. Your graduation will truly be the 
commencement of a new chapter in the book of life. 
We have attempted to acquaint you with the religious, 
scientific and humanistic implications in the matter of 
everyday living. It is my prayer that you will now be 
better able to evaluate change in terms of continuing 
human progress rather than as a threat to human stability, 

Always carry with you a Christian optimism based 
upon reality. Forever be true to God and your fellow- 

May success ever attend you. 

Very truly yours 

JAB :mdv 

ames A. Boyer, ^/resident 






4gr \ 


'<i»iw<i P^ ™""""'""""''^"""^'""""' 


Dr. Albert W. Grauer. Received his B.M. from 
the Concordia Teachers College; M.A. from 
Western Reserve University; Ph.D. at Eastman 
School of Music. 


Mrs. Sylvia E. Payne. A part time 
instructor of the Music Department. 
She has received her B.S. from Howr- 
ard University; M.A. from Columbia 
University and did further study at 
Columbia University. 

Department of Music 

Mr. Addidon W. Reed. A new member of the Music 
Department and is the director of the M.E.N.C. He has 
received his A.B., M.A., and B.Mus. from Kent State Uni- 

Miss Alma L. Gregg. A new addition to the 
Music Department. She received her B.Mus. and 
M.A. at Boston University. 

Mrs. Jo Ina Delaney. Instructor in Handcrafts 
who believes in beauty through the hands. 
Received her B.A. at Bennett College; M.S. at 
North Carolina College and further study at 
Columbia University. 


Mr. James F. Wise. The Edgar Degas of St. 
Augustine's. He received his B.A. and M.A., 
at Howard University. He did further study 
at Sknowhegan School of Painting and Sculp- 
ture and the University of Pennsylvania. 

Department of History and Political Science 

Dr. Richard P. de Pagnier. Known to the campus 
as Dr. D. He received his A.B. and S.T.L. at 
Canasius University; M.A., Pont. Greg. Univer- 
sity and Ph.D., Tulane University. 

Dr. Elmer C. Schwertman. The head of the Social 
Science Department whose progressive ideas have 
helped St. Augustine's. Received his B.A. at 
Oberlin College; M.A. and Ph.D. at Columbia 
University and further study at Cornell Univer- 

Mrs. Doris S. Herrell. A helpful addition to the English and 
History Departments. Received her B.S. from Howard Uni- 
versity; M.A. from North Carolina College and further study 
at Ohio State University 

Dr. Anne P. Toliver. She feels as Confucius: 
"Study without thought is vain; thought 
without study is dangerous." She received 
her B.A. from Clark College; M.A. from 
Penn State University, and Ed.D. at Colum- 
bia University. 

Dr. H. I. Fontellio-Nanton. A man whose 
interest is varied and knowledge is vast. 
He received his B.S. from Wesleyan Uni- 
versity; M.A. and Ph.D. from State Univer- 
sity of Iowa. 

Mr. Hosea J. Lofton. A believer in "The 
power of the press" is the Pens Staff Advisor. 
Received his B.S. at Savannah State College 
and M.A. at North Carolina College at Dur- 

Mrs. Willie H. High, who is interested in 
Little Theater work, believes "The show 
must go on." She received her A.B. at Shaw 
University and M.A. from New York Uni- 

Mrs. Julia B. Delany, who is interested in 
the epitome of fine speech, received her B.A. 
at Shaw University, her M.A. at Columbia 

Dr. H. J. Fontellio-Nanton 

Department of English 

Mrs. Willie H. High 


Mr. Hosea J. Lofton 


Business Department 

Dr. Edward R. Schaetz, a recognized scholar. He has a 
Ph.D. in Political Economy; University of Prague; Further 
Study, University of Michigan; Michigan State University. 

Mrs. Etta M. Eason, advisor and true friend of the 
Senior Class. She received her B.A. degree from 
North Carolina College and her M.A. degree from 
New York University. 

Mr. Fred J. Carnage, one of Raleigh's leading attorneys 
who has been able to devote some time to the Business 
Department. He received his B.A. degree at Morgan State 
and his LL.B. at Howard University. 

Mrs. Mable B. Wright is concerned with legality, 
balance sheets, and getting modern business ma- 
chines. She received her B.S.C. and her M.S.C. at 
North Carolina College. 

Department of 
Physical Education 

Mr. George L. Quiett, a graduate of St. Augustine's 
who has returned to be one of the leading mem- 
bers of the Physical Education Dept. He received 
his M.A. at Columbia Univ. and further study at 
Southern Univ. 

Igal E. Spraggins, one of the instructors of 
Sociology, who is also St. Augustine's capable 
Registrar. He received his B.S. at Wilberforce 
Univ., M.Litt. Univ. of Pittsburgh; further 
study at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and the Univ. 
of Texas. 

Mr. Jessie Clements, a graduate of St. Augustine's received 
his M.A. at the Univ. of Illinois. Mr. Clements is a vital part 
of the Physical Education Dept. 

Miss Delores L. Artis. "Rah, Rah, Rah St. Aug." Usually 
found jumping with the cheerleaders. She received her B.S. 
and M.A. at North Carolina College at Durham. 






Mr. Jonathan B. Morland, a prominent member of 
the Sociology Dept. believes that everyone should 
"Take Care" received his B.A. at the Univ. of Calif., 
M.A. at the Univ. of Southern Calif, and did further 
study at Tufts Univ. 

Department of Modern 
and Foreign Language 

Dr. Richard L. Frautschi, who will answer "Qui" to 
"Parlez vous Francais" is a new instructor in the 
French Department. He received his B.A. from the 
University of Wisconsin; M.A. and Ph.D. from Howard 

Dr. Cecil L. Rew is one of the newer members of the 
Language Department. He received his Ph.D. from 
the University of Chicago, Further study University 
of Paris; A.M. and Ph.D. University of Illinois; Further 
study University of Laval, Quebec, Canada. 

Mrs. Margaret R. Davis. This is a person that can 
always be found with a gentle smile on her face. She 
received her B.A. at Texas Western College and her 
M.A. from the University of North Carolina. 

Department of Religious Education 

Mrs. Lula H. Robinson a woman who places emphasis 
on pronounciation and enunciation. She received her 
B.S. from Fort Valley State College, M.R.E. Gammon 
Theological Seminary, Further study, Bishop Payne 
Divinity School, and University of Wisconsin. 

Rev. Joseph N. Green, Jr. Knock and his door shall 
truly be opened unto you. Father Green is a St. 
Augustine's graduate who received his B.Th. at Phila- 
delphia Divinity School, Further study at the Graduate 
School of Theology and the University of the South. 

Department of 
Natural Science 

Dr. Wilbert W. Johnson, The Departmental Head of 
Natural Science, is a science scholar that received his 
B.S. at Kentucky State College; M.S. at the University 
of Wisconsin and did further study at the University 
of Wisconsin and received his Ph.D. at St. Bonaven- 
ture College. 

Dr. Jeffrey Gipson, the Department Head of Chemis- 
try is a Texan who is an interest stimulator that re- 
ceived his B.S. at Wiley College; M.S. at Howard 
University, and his Ph.D. at the University of Texas. 

Mr. Astor Herrell. An instructor in Chemistry, who 
received his B.A. at Berea College; M.Ed, at Tuskegee 

Dr. Joseph Jones, Jr. One of our most capable pro- 
fessors of Biology received his B.S. at Morris Brown; 
M.S. Northwestern University, and his Ph.D. at Ohio 
State University. 

Mr. W. B. Inborden. One of St. Augustine's Mathe- 
matics and Physics instructor received a B.S. in 
Engineering at Howard University. 

Mr. Charles H. McLendon the Practice Teachers best 
friend received his B.S. at A&T College; M.A. at 
Columbia University and did further study at N. Y. 

Mr. W. D. Gay can usually be found looking over his 
glasses saying "That's true." He received his B.A. at 
Talladega College; M.A. at Columbia University, 
Further study Columbia University, Ohio State, Chi- 
cago University and Western Reserve. 

Mrs. D. E. Ball. Known to the Elementary Education 
majors as "The First Lady." She received her B.S. 
at South Carolina State College; M.A. at Columbia 
University and also further study at Indiana Univer- 

Department of Education 


Dr. Prodyot K. Dutt. A nuclear Physicist from Cal- 
cutta, India. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D., at 
Calcutta University. 

Mrs. Rebecca C. Weatherford. Mathematics and 
Science is her field as any Science Major will tell you. 
She received her B.A. and M.A. at North Carolina 


Dr. Prezell R. Robinson, a graduate 
of St. Augustine's College, has stud- 
ied at many leading Universities, 
such as Cornell University; and the 
University of Michigan. His interest 
in the furthering of the college and 
the maintaining of a harmonious 
"College Family" is exemplified 
through his progressive ideas and 
dynamic actions. His philosophy is 
the furthering of "academic excel- 

Mr. J. Mills HoUoway, the Business 
Manager has the financial obligations 
of the college upon his competent 
shoulders. His position requires ex- 
tremely long hours and financial 

Mr. I. E. Spraggins, the St. Augus- 
tine's College Registrar possesses a 
position that requires not only skill, 
competence, and alertness but a cer- 
tain technique that he alone posses- 

Office of the President 

Mrs. Millie Dunn Veasey, Secretary to the President. 

Mrs. Norma J. Grauer, Assistant Secretary. 

Office of the Dean 

Dean Reginald L. Lynch, Dean Emeritus. "The True Spirit of 
St. Augustine's College" has served faithfully for fifty-one years. 
He received his B.A. at Howard University; M.A., French Institute, 
Pennsylvania State University. 

Mrs. Willie O. Pyke, Secretary to the Dean. 

Mrs. Launa Jones, Faculty Secretary. 


Business Office 

Mr. Theodore R. Barnes, Secretary-Assistant to the Business 

Mrs. Laura W. Wise, Cashier. 


Registrar's Office 

Mrs. Augusta B. Turner, Public Relations Assistant. 

Mrs. Pandora D. Penny, Secretary. 



Mrs. C. H. Winters, Assistant Librarian. 

Mrs. Almetta M. Revis, Library Assistant. 

Mrs. Ophelia M. Irving, Acting Head Librarian who 
received her B.A., Clark College; M.L.S., Syracuse 
University; Further Study Atlanta University. 






Mrs. Dorothy H. Chapman, Assistant Librarian. 

Department of Health 

Miss Delia Mae Moore, College Nurse. »_^J^^ 

Personnel and Guidance 

;.,»*■>*«. ^\ 

Miss Alberta V. Hunt, the new Dean of Women who 
has a true interest in the student. She received her 
B.S. at Hampton Institute; M.A., Columbia University; 
Further study, Boston University, University of Cali- 

Mrs. Amanda F. Garris, Residence Hall Directress. 

Mrs. Ethel King Waller, Assistant Residence Hall 

NOT SHOWN: Mrs. Clara O. Mercer, Residence Hall 
Directress; Mrs. Maude P. Smith, Residence Hall 
Directress; Miss Allene Pitts, Residence Hall Direct- 
ress; Mrs. Willie M. Ellis, Assistant Residence Hall 

Mr. Wiley M. Davis, the true friend of the student. 
He serves as Director of Guidance and Student Person- 
nel. He received his B.S., St. Augustine's College; 
M,Ed., Springfield; Further study. University Ten- 
nessee. Miss Lucille M. Johnson is his Secretary. 


Dining Commons 

Mrs. Ida H. Boykins, Manager of the Grill. 

Mrs. June K. Campbell, Secretary-Receptionist. 



Mr. Johnny Alston, Manager-Chef and Mrs. Lois Cole- 
man Johnson, Dietician. 

Mrs. Katie L. Fitts, Postmistress. 

Department of 
Buildings and Grounds 

Mr. Bernice B. Taylor, is a devoted and faithful part 
of the St. Augustine's Family. Through his efforts 
the buildings and grounds are kept at their utmost 
beauty. He is a graduate of St. Augustine's College. 

Faculty members also perform important services outside of their aca- 
demic duties, such as planning conferences, sitting on endless committees, 
and attending formal affairs. Many of these services involve a taxing 
of time and energy that persons not involved cannot begin to compre- 

English Department conducts planning 
committee meeting. 

New Faculty-Staff members. 

Scenes from Faculty-Staff banquet. 

Scenes from Faculty-Staff banquet. 

Scenes from Valentine's Day Party. 

Scenes from Valentine's Day Party. 




Front row, right to left: Ramona Dillard, 
Secretary; Juanita Williams, Secretary 
Antionette Willie, Co-Treasurer. 

Back row, right to left: Eugene Nelson 
President; Edward Cottrell, Vice-President- 
Carl M. Boyd, Co-Treasurer. 

r» w^ 

Adams, Clement Vincent 

Biology, B.S. 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Natural 
Science Club; Student NEA; Social 
Science Club. 

Adams, Dorothy Henderson 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Mu; 
Honor's Program. 

Adcock, Kay Haywood 
Elementary Education, B.A. 

Akins, Juanita Anette Wilson 
Elementary Education, B.A. 
Pyramid Club; Pre-Alumni Club. 

Alexander, Elouise Denise 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Big Sisters Club; Charm Club; Pyramid 
Club; Canterbury Club; Student NEA; 
Young Democrats Club; Church School 

Armstrong, Kenneth O'dea 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Student Council; Intramural President; 
Statistician for Football, Basketball and 
Tennis; "KLAN." 


Attmore, Elveta Barnes 
Elementary Education, B.A. 
Dramatic Club; Pre-Alumni Club. 

Baldwin, Rita Edwina 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

N.A.A.C.P.; Big Sisters Club; Student 
N.E.A.; Altar Guild; Charm Club; Inter- 
Dormitory Council; Young Democrats 

Barry, Richard Livingston Marquess 

Pre-Theology, English, B.A. 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Inter-Greek 
Council; Canterbury Club; Layreader. 

Batts, Arthur James 

Social Studies, B.A. 

Social Science Club; N.A.A.C.P.; N.E.A. 

Baxter, William 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Basketball; Alpha Phi Alpha Frater- 
nity; Inter-Greek Council; Canterbury 

Beckwith, Howard Lee, Jr. 

Who's Who; Beta Kappa Chi; Mathe- 
matics Club; American Radio Relay 
League; "WA4BCC." 


Blake, C. Delois 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Pyramid Club; Big Sisters Club; Physi- 
cal Education Club; Usher Guild; 
Charm Club. 

Blakeney, Theodore William 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Inter-Greek Council; Physical Educa- 
tion Club; Kappa Alpha Psi, (Pole- 
march ) 

Boyd, Carl Marquess, Jr. 

Sociology, B.A. 

Senior Class Treasurer; Vice-President 
N.A.A.C.P.; Canterbury Club; Science 
Club; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Pen 
Staff; Yearbook Staff; "KLAN." 

Brooks, Frederick Thomas 

Biology, B.S. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; N.E.A.; 
Science Club. 

Brown, Mrs. Barbara J. 

Sociology, B.A. 

Social Science Club; N.E.A.; N.A.A.C.P.; 
Big Sisters Club; Altar Guild. 

Bryant, Janie 

Business Education, B.A. 

Big Sisters Club; Charm Club 
N.A.A.C.P.; Canterbury Club; N.E.A. 
Campus Calendar Staff; Pre-Alumni 


Burnett, Carrie 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Big Sisters Club; Charm Club; 
N.A.A.C.P.; Canterbury Club; N.E.A.; 
Pre-Alumni Club. 

BuRWELL, Waymon Leon 
Music, B.A. 
College Choir. 

Chance, George Ray 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Student N.E.A.; Basketball; Lampodas 

Chestnut, Barbara Gail 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Altar Guild; Big Sisters Club; Student 
N.E.A.; Ivy Leaf Club; Canterbury 
Club; N.A.A.C.P.; Miss Sophomore; At- 
tendant to Miss St. Augustine's 60-61, 
Sweetheart of Scrollers Club. 

Coleman, Glady W. 

Biology, B.S. 

Science Club; Pre-Alumni Club; Pyra- 
mid Club. 

Cottrell, Edward Rias 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Co-Captain of Basketball Team ( 60-62 ) ; 
N.E.A.; Kappa Alpha Psi, Keeper of 
Records; Vice-President of Senior Class; 
Layreaders; "KLAN." 


CuMBO, William Frank, Jr. 

Biology, B.S. 

Football (varsity) 1 yr.; Veterans Club; 
Pre-Alumni Club, Newman Club. 

Davis, James E. 

Cheviistry and Mathematics, B.S. 

Student Council; Beta Kappa Chi; 
Who's Who; Yearbook Staff, (co- 
editor ) ; Pen Staff, ( co-editor ) ; Honor's 
Program; Vice-President of Junior 
Class; Natural Science Club, (Pres.); 
Mathematics Club, (Pres.); N.A.A.C.P.; 

Davis, Willie Mae 

Business Education, B.A. 

Student N.E.A.; Pre-Alumni Club; Cam- 
pus Calendar Staff; Achronian Club; 
City Student; Charm Club, Big Sister 


Elementary Education, B.A. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Inter- 
Greek Council; Secretary Big Sisters 
Club; Charm Club; M.E.N.C, Announ- 
cer; N.E.A.; Saint Augustine's Church 
School Teacher; Secretary, Sophomore 
Class; Assistant Secretary, Senior Class; 
Falcon Staff; Sweetheart of Omega Psi 
Phi, (59-60), Dean of Pledgees, Delta 
Sigma Theta. 

Donaldson, Shirley Roberta 

Chemistry, B.S. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Inter- 
Fraternal Council; Drama Guild; Stu- 
dent Council; Natural Science Club 
Chem-o-crats; Pen Staff; Falcon Staff 
Secretary, Junior Class; N.E.A. 
N.A.A.C.P.; Pre-Alumni Club; Charm 

Ellerbe, John Curtis 
English, B.A. 
N.E.A. ; Track. 


Gill, Dallas Lee 
Business Administration, B.A. 
N.E.A.; Pre-Alumni Club. 

High, Shirley 
History and Social Studies, B.A. 

N.E.A.; Social Science Club; Young 
Democrats Club; Canterbury Club; Pre- 
Alumni Club; English Club. 


Business Education, B.A. 

Student Council; Student N.E.A.; Big 
Sisters Club; Charm Club; Zeta Phi 
Beta Sorority, (President), Inter-Greek 
Organization; Miss Phi Beta Sigma, 
(1961-62); N.A.A.C.P.; Campus Calen- 
dar Staff; Canterbury Club; Pre-Alumni 

Hunter, Evangeline Alice 

Business Education, B.A. 

Charm Club; Delta Sigma Theta Soror- 
ity; Freshman Attendant to Miss Saint 
Augustine's; Editor of Campus Calen- 
dar, (60-61). 

Hunter, Hermena Elizabeth Edwards 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Pre- 
Alumni Club; N.E.A. ; Charm Club; 
N.A.A.C.P.; Big Sisters Club. 

Izzard, Delores Barbara 

Business Education, B.A. 

Big Sisters Club; Charm Club; Art 
Club; Canterbury Club; Newman Club; 
Campus Calendar; N.E.A.; Inter-Dormi- 
tory Council; Young Democrats Club; 
Intramural Sports. 


Jeffries, Betty Morris 

Business Education, B.A. 

Dramatics Club; N.E.A.; Charm Club; 
Miss U.N.C.F. 58-59; Pre-Alumni Club; 
Secretary, N.A.A.C.P.; Miss Junior 
Class; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 
Grammateus; Big Sisters Club; Kappa 
Alpha Psi Sweetheart; Miss Saint 
Augustine's College. 

Jetton, Leonard Harrison 

Biology, B.S. 

College Choir; Natural Science Club; 
Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha Psi; 
Pen Staff; Yearbook Staff; Pan-Hellenic 
Council, President; Tennis; "KLAN." 

Jones, Macon Murray, Jr. 

Sociology, B.A. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Pen Staff; 
Yearbook Staff; "KLAN." 

Kirk, Vera M. 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Young Democratic Club; Big Sisters 
Club; N.E.A,; Altar Guild; Usher Guild; 
Charm Club; N.A.A.C.P.; Canterbury 
Club; Art Club. 

Langley, Ozell 

Biology, B.S. 

Canterbury Club; Science Club; Math. 

Lee, Theodore Robert 
History, B.A. 


Makel, Mary Alice 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dean of 
Pledgees; Canterbury Club; Altar 
Guild; Ushers Guild; Inter-Dormitory 
Council; Big Sisters Club; Charm Club; 
Sunday School Teacher; Sweetheart of 
Kappa Alpha Psi; Student Council; 
Inter-Greek Council; Spinx Queen; At- 
tendant to Miss Senior Class. 

McCuLLOUGH, Jean Mary 

Sociology, B.A. 

Social Science Club, N.A.A.C.P.; Ushers 
Guild; Big Sisters Club; N.E.A. 

Merrick, Miriam Juliette 

Biology, B.S. 

Ivy Leaf Club; Library Assistant 
Charm Club; Altar Guild; Science Club 
Mathematics Club; Canterbury Club 
Young Democratic Club; N.E.A. ; Pre 
Alumni Club; M.E.N.C. 

Miles, Hal Vester 
Physical Education, B.A. 

Moss, Henry Edward Creft 

Biology, B.S. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; "KLAN"; 
Chem-o-crats; Science Club; Treasurer, 
Freshman Class; Inter-Greek Council; 
Dormitory Council; N.A.A.C.P. 

Nelson, Eugene 

Business Administration, B.A. 

Dormitory Council, Treasurer; Co-Edi- 
tor of Pen; Co-Editor of Yearbook; 
President of the Senior Class; "KLAN." 


Overton, Paul 
Physical Education, B.A. 
Veteran Club. 

Par«am, Jeannette Venessa 
Physical Education, B.A. 

Patterson, Lucy Blondel 

Biology B.S. 

Dramatic Club; Science Club; Pre- 
Alumni Club; Delta Sigma Theta Soror- 
ity; Charm Club; N.A.A.C.P.; Big Sister 
Club; Attendant to Miss Freshman. 

Perry, Maxine 

Mathematics, B.S. 

Mathematics Club; Natural Science 
Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 
Anti Basileus; National Education As- 
sociation; Beta Kappa Chi Science 
Honor Society; French Club; Honor's 


Peterson, Sylvester 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity ;N.A.A.C.P., 
President; Yearbook Staff. 

Poole, Mary Ella 

English — French B.A. 

N.E.A. ; Charm Club; Achronian Club; 
N.A.A.C.P.; President of Senior Dormi- 
tory; Big Sister Club. 


Pridgen, Clarice 

Business Education, B.A. 

N.E.A.; N.A.A.C.P.; Fre-Alumni Club; 
Miss Fre-Alumni, '60-'61; Ivy Leaf 
Club: Charm Club; Campus Calendar; 
Canterbury Club; Big Sisters Club. 

Reid, Mrs. Doris 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Fre-Alumni Club, Secretary; Student 

RiDDicK, Mamie Carolyn 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Choir; 
Omega Fsi Phi Fraternity Sweetheart; 
Charm Club; Assistant Secretary, Jun- 
ior Class; Attendant to Miss May Queen; 

Roberts, Andrew Lee 

Biology, B.S. 

Natural Science Club; Sphinx Club; 
Veterans Club. 

Rogers, Doris Jean 

Business Education, B.A. 

Charm Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- 
ity; Campus Calendar; N.E.A. 

RoLLE, Virla Cynthia 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Canterbury Club; Big Sisters Club; 
Who's Who: Ivy Leaf Club; Young 
Democrats Club; Charm Club. 


Sanders, Mae Rene 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Art Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; 
Pre-Alumni Club. 

Stewart, Elijah Elmo, Jr. 

Sociology, B.A. 

President, Student Council; Omega Psi 
Phi Fraternity; Social Science Club; 
N.E.A.; Football. 

Thompson, Claudia Arthur Lee 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Charm Club; Cheerleader; Big Sisters 
Club; Canterbury Club; N.A.A.C.P.; 
N.E.A.; Inter-Dormitory Council. 

Thorpe, Alfonza Louis 
Business Administration, B.A. 

Wallace, Frederick 

Pre-Theology-English, B.A. 

Canterbury Club, President; Social Sci- 
ence Club, President; Collegiate Council 
of the United Nations; Choir; Lay read- 
ers; Dramatics Club; Pen Staff; Young 
Democrats Club; Advisory Committee 
to the Student Council; Senior Class, 

Wheeler, Edith Mae 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Canterbury Club; Big Sisters Club; 
Charm Club; Altar Guild; Church 
School Teacher. 


Whittaker, Elizabeth 

Chemistry, B.S. 

President, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; 
Secretary, Student Council; President, 
Natural Science Club; Mathematics 
Club; Pen Staff; Charm Club; Big Sis- 
ters Club; N.A.A.C.P.; Inter-Greek 
Council; Falcon Staff; Chem-o-crats. 

Williams, Amy Gertrude 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Big Sisters Club; Delta Sigma Theta 
Sorority; Charm Club; N.E.A.; Attend- 
ant to Miss Junior Ushers Guild. 

Williams, Benjamin Ceaser 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Art Club; 
N.E.A. , Track Team. 

Williams, Bertadean 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Secretary, Art Club; Charm; N.E.A.; 
Pre- Alumni Club; Sphinx Sweetheart; 
Dramatics Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Williams, Mrs. Juanita Marshall 

English-French, B.A. 

Charm Club, Assistant Secretary, '59- 
'60; Attendant to Miss May Queen, 
'59-'60; Canterbury Club; N.A.A.C.P.; 
Big Sisters Club; Inter - Dormitory 
Council; Pre-Alumni Club; Falcon, 
Typist; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 
Secretary; Miss Senior Class; N.E.A.; 
Senior Class, Secretary; Dramatics 

Willie, Marie Antionette 

Music Education, B.A. 

President, Big Sisters Club; President, 
College Choir; Delta Sigma Theta 
Sorority; M.E.N.C; Charm Club; At- 
tendant to Miss Senior Class; Assistant 
Treasurer, Senior Class. 


Hate Ehun 


Editov's IVofS' 

The following pages of Seniors are not in their proper sequence. Like most of 

us, they were guilty of procrastination. 


Allen, Bernard 
History, B.A. 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. 

Brodie, Robert 

Biology, B.S. 

Veteran's Club, Natural Science Club. 

Brown, Melvin 

Sociology and History, B.A. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Layreader; 
"The KLAN." 

Connor, Webster 
Physical Education, B.A. 
Football Team; Tennis Team. 

Felder, Robert 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Football Team; Tennis Team; Kappa 
Alpha Psi Fraternity. 

Glover, Alfred 

Physical Education, B.A. 

Basketball Team (Captain for 3 years). 


Green, George 
Physical Education, B.A. 

Haywood, Charles A. 

Chemistry, B.S. 

Alpha Kappa Mu; Beta Kappa Chi; 
Who's Who; Mathematics Club, Science 
Club, Alpha Phi Alpha; Chem-o-crats; 
Vice-President Student Council 1961, 
Member at Large 1960. 

Jones, Lemuel 
Physical Education, B.A. 

Hallingsworth, Carl 
Physical Education, B.A. 

Jackson, Ella 
Elementary Education, B.A. 


Lassiter, Isaac 
Physical Education, B.A. 
Football Team; Track Team. 




M^m*: w. j&b - n'n*»ii I rjk, I I 

Madison, Louis E. 

Mathematics, B.S. 

Mathematics Club; Science Club; Who's 
Who; Beta Kappa Chi. 

Martin, Raymond 
Physical Education, B.A. 
Football Team; Omega Psi Phi. 

Murray, Frank 
English, B.A. 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. 

Neely, Elma 

Mathematics, B.S. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha; Big Sisters Club, 
Sunday School Teacher; Mathematics 
Club; Beta Kappa Chi Science Honor 

Saunders, John Wesley 

SociaJ Studies, B.A. 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Pen Staff; 
Social Science Club; Veteran's Club. 

Saunders, Williams 
Biology, B.S. 
Science Club. 



Shirley, Maurice 
Sociology, B.A. 
Kappa Alpha Psi; Layreader. 

Smith, Robert 
Business Administration, B.A. 

Sparks, Audrey 

Elementary Education, B.A. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha; Big Sisters Club; 

Weatherford, Alex 
Biology, B.S. 
Science Club; Mathematics Club. 

Williams, Reba 
Biology, B.S. 
Science Club. 

Williams, Levern 
Mathematics, B.S. 
Mathematics Club; N.E.A. 








Lilly, Helen 

Biology, B.S. 

Beta Kappa Chi; Who's Who; Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Sorority; Member-at- 
Large to Student Council; Science Club. 


(We goofed: Miss Lilly's picture should have been o-n page 41.) 

Seniors Not Pictured 


Bobby Conrad 

James Pinckney 

Elementary Education 

Business Administration 

Vernetta Harris 

Alfred Ricks 

Elementary Education 

Business Administration 

Annette Hogan 

Carl Sanders 


Mathematics, B.S. 

Harry Leazer 

Frederick Stallings 

Physical Education 

Elementary Education 

Frederick McCante 

Sara Weaver 


Elementary Education 









Johnson, Parliamentarian; Morris 
Smith, Vice-President; Maybelle 
Bryant, Secretary; Richard Dent, Presi- 
dent; Leo Williams, Business Manager. 


Anderson, Barbara 
Bain, Rosemarie A. 
BelcheRj Louis 

Bennett, Jessie Mae 


Bonds, Carolyn Anne 

Bonds, Christine 



Brown, Glenn 

Bryant, Maybelle 
Bryant, Jacqulin 
Carr, Frances 


Chavis, Annie 
CooLEY, Dora Yuette 
Connors, William, Jr. 

DuNSTON, Raymond 
Edwards, Peggy 
Ellis, Cleo Virginia 

Davis, Elaine Janice 
Davis, Joyce Ann 
Dent, Richard A. 

Doyle, Sam Arrington 


DiLLARD, Carol 

M^ ^^M 


Greene, Alma 
GuioN, William 
Hardy, Mary Lou 

Heartly, Geraldine 
Hicks, Barbara 
HiGGS, Angie 


Hodge, Mary J. 
Howard, Benjamin 
Jackson, Gloria 

James, Margaret 
James, Thomas 
Jefferies, Barbara 


Jones, Robert 

Lassiter, Shirley 
Lindsey, Henry 
Love, Sherry 


Lyon, Bessie 
Macadoo, Aretha 
Mayo, Charles 

Mills, Anita 
Moorman, Martha 
Moore, Harriet 


Morgan, Barbara 



Newkirk, Evelyn 
Nichols, Cynthia 
OsBURN, Mildred 

Quick, Elvera 
Roberts, Elizabeth 
RoLLE, Samuel 

Simmons, Hattie 
Smith, Morris 
Spease, Willette 

RoYALL, Betty 
Sampson, Gwendolyn 
Sanders, Carolyn 

Sanders, Shirley 



„ lif.