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This impression consists of two hundred and fifty copies, 
of zvhich this is No...//-2/. 



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At first the intention was to give an account merely 
of the family of Moir- Byres of Tonley, together with 
short notices of the families they are related to by 
marriage, &c. In the search for information on the 
various heads, so much was got, connected more or 
less remotely with these families, that I thought it a 
pity not to utilise what had cost so much time and 
trouble to gather together. It is much to be re- 
gretted that admission has not been had to the 
deeds and papers of the various families ; and also, 
through absence from home, I have been unable to 
exhaust several valuable sources of information, such 
as the Burgess Registers and Sheriff Court Records, 
&c. of Aberdeen. 

It will be seen that the surname of Moir or More 
can fairly rank as one of the oldest in the county of 
Aberdeen, even without entering into the debate- 
able question of Ranald or Reginald More, Chamber- 
Iain of Scotland, being progenitor of the Moirs, as 
well as of the Muirs, who, as will be seen at page 
3, had large grants of land in Aberdeenshire in 

As landowners, however — with the exception of 
Patrick More de Belhelvie, in 1467, page 4 — few of 
them appear before the seventeenth and eighteenth 

centuries, and previous to that period the heads of 
most of the different families (doubtless all originally 
of the same stock) seem to have been mostly sub- 
stantial Burgesses of Bon-Accord. 

Of the gallant and brave Moirs of Stoneywood 
there were only four generations — John Moir of 
Kermuck, afterwards of Stoneywood, the foztnder — ■ 
keen, honest, and shrewd, as became his good Burgess 
ancestry. He was succeeded by his son, James 
Moir, II. of Stoneywood, a learned and gallant 
gentleman, for fifteen years M.P. for his county, 
whose picture, attributed to Scougal, is in the 
Tonley collection. His son was James Moir, III. of 
Stoneywood, the brave and staunch supporter of his 
Prince, who, along with Lord Lewis Gordon and 
his kinsman, Moir of Lonmay, was amongst the 
most important of Charles Stuart's supporters in 
Aberdeenshire. He was succeeded by his equally 
good and brave son, James Moir, IV. and last of 
Stoneywood, the tried friend,- of his unfortunate 
Prince. With this worthy son of worthy sires ended 
the male line of the gallant Stoneywoods, whose 
representatives through the female line are the 
Skenes of Rubislaw. Lands and houses pass away, 
and the place which knew them knows them no 

Of the " broad acres " owned by the name of Moir 
in Aberdeenshire, only two families of the sur- 
name hold estates in the county — viz., Moir-Byres 
of Tonley, whose lands came to them through 
the Byres family, and the old family of Moir of 

Scotstown, who have owned that property for at 
least eight generations, and who were much con- 
nected with the University and Old Town of Aber- 
deen. Its present representative, William Moir, is 
a Lieutenant in the i8th Hussars, and will, I hope, 
uphold " the auld hous," and add to, instead of 
diminish the family inheritance. 

Moir of Invernettie had aspired to " founding a 
family," and registered arms on his own account ; 
but his line became extinct before the parent stem 
of Stoneywood, and Invernettie reverted to that 

Of the loyal Moirs of Lonmay, the son of the 
Prince's brave supporter sold the estate and bought 
New Grange, in Forfarshire, which was, however, 
soon again parted with. The representative of this 
family, Captain Moir, was ignominiously hanged in 
London (see page 78). 

William Moir, M.P., of Hilton, although also 
wishful to "found a house," and between 1672-8 
registering arms, endures only a few years ; and in 
1682 there is another Laird, and even the name of 
his estate is changed. 

Moir of Barnes, out of a family of four sons and 
nine daughters, appears at his decease to have only 
left eight daughters, his co-heiresses, whose hus- 
bands, no doubt, carefully and quickly divided his 
estate of the Abergeldie Moirs. I have no parti- 
culars excepting of their cadet, " Moir of Otter- 
burn," (for the account of which family I am in- 
debted, along with a great deal of other most useful 

information, to the kindness of Mr. R. R. Stodart, 
Lyon Depute), of which house there were five Lairds; 
but in 1 765 their estates were also sold. 

From pages 84 to 96 will be found a notice of all 
the Moirs, extracted from the Register of St. 
Nicholas from 1570 to 1700, and although many of 
the entries obviously belong to families whose 
genealogy is given in the body of the work, the 
author thought it better, as he has had no access to 
family papers, &c., to leave them, in most cases, in 
this register, rather than guess at their proper place 
in the various genealogies. 

Of the Tonley Moirs we have first, at page 1 1 . 
the careful and canny burgess of Aberdeen, Andrew 
Moir of Overhill, who is able to give his large 
family by two wives each a comfortable "set-out" 
in the world. His eldest son likewise, Andrew 
Moir, follows a country life, and devotes himself to 
agriculture. No doubt his wife, the Laird of Thorn- 
ton's daughter, brings with her a suitable dowry. 
He is thus able to place his sons comfortably in the 
world, and to give each of his four daughters such a 
tocher as will not decrease their attractions in the 
eyes of a fond husband. The eldest son of the last 
couple, the Reverend Andrew Moir, was for nearly 
thirty years the minister of Ellon. By his well-born 
wife, Jean Forbes, of the family of Waterton, he 
had, with other issue — 

The Reverend George Moir, his heir, who was 
for fifty-five years the much-loved and respected 
minister of Peterhead ; his wife, Martha Byres, 

[Pas^i- V. of Preface.'] 

It is a mistake to designate Patrick Byres of 
Tonley as a Roman Catholic, he being in fact a 
Presbyterian. — Ed. 

Two of this fine couple's sons married their 
cousins, who were sisters ; but John Moir, the younger 
brother, married the elder sister, Catherine Byres, 
whose descendants, as shown in the sequel, now 
hold Tonley ; while Janet Byres, the younger sister, 
married the elder brother, James Moir, M.D., and 
their son Patrick Moir-Crane is the present head of 
this branch of the Moir family, and heir-presumptive 
to Tonley. 

Of the family of Byres, I am inclined to think that 
Thomas de Byres, who in 1392 owned lands in 
Edinburgh, was the real progenitor of the race, that 
the surname was assumed from the lands of Byres, 
in the parish and county of Haddington, and that 
the Hungarian-Franco story is exceedingly mythical. 
Of the house of Coates, its founder undoubtedly 
was the prosperous and talented trader, and good 
citizen of Edinburgh, John Byres, born in 1569, 
who was of the same stock as the Byres of the 
counties of Haddington and Lanark, &c. (In the 
last century, a branch of the family owned in 1661 
the estate of Strathaven, see page 142.) By his 
first wife, Dame Margaret Barclay, the Laird of 
Coates had daughters only ; but by his second wife, 
Agnes Smyth, a sister of Sir John Smyth, Knight of 

Groithill and King's Cramond, M.P., he had at least 
five sons. 

John Byres, I. of Coates, was succeeded by his 
eldest son, the brave and gallant Sir John Byres, a 
devoted Loyalist, who added the estate of Warrestone 
to his patrimonial inheritance, and seems to have 
left his family in a prosperous condition. By 
his wife Isobel, daughter of Sir John Auchmuty 
of Gosford, he had his son and heir, John Byres, 
III. of Coates, through whose extravagance, and it 
is also believed by losses in the ill-managed Darien 
scheme, by which his Aberdeen kinsman also 
suffered severely, the estates had to be sold. 

That the family of Byres of Tonley are descen- 
dants of the house of Coates, I have no doubt, 
although as yet the connection has not been satis- 
factorily traced. James Byres, a prosperous mer- 
chant of Aberdeen, was married there in 1667 to 
Janet Middleton, page 114. At page 109 I hazard 
the suggestion that he may have been the youngest 
son of John Byres, I. of Coates, although I have no 
evidence to show that he had such a son. However, 
I think it more likely that this James Byres of 
Aberdeen was the son of William Byres, born 1627 
(called James in the family memoir), the fifth son 
of John Byres, I. of Coates, and Agnes Smyth, and 
that this William Byres may have been a captain 
under Montrose. 

Robert Byres (the son of James Byres and Janet 
Middleton) was a merchant of good standing in 
Holland and in Dublin, but met his death by acci- 

dental drowning in the Bay of Dublin, before he had 
been able to follow out his Scotch instinct of buying 
an estate and "founding a family." However, his 
widow, Jean Sandilands (and her late husband's trus- 
tees), bought in 1718 for their son, Patrick Byres, 
the lands and barony of "bonnie" Tonley, which 
have since continued to be the home of the head of 
the house. Patrick Byres, I. of Tonley, as shown in 
the text, was a zealous supporter of his Prince, was 
"out in the 45," remained for some time an exile 
in France, and his estate was all but forfeited. He 
registered arms in 1 755, and in the patent is described 
as " representative of the fa77iily of Coates" for what 
reason does not appear ; but the blazon was then 
considerably altered, and the old crest — a bee — was 
changed to a cock, with the motto, " Safe by his own 
exertions," a most appropriate motto for one who no 
doubt had many narrow escapes with his life. By 
his wife, Janet Moir (a daughter of James Moir, 
M.P., III. of Stoneywood), he had, with other issue, 
his son and heir — 

James Byres, H. of Tonley, who was also a 
zealous Jacobite, and for some time a Captain in 
Lord Ogilvie's Regiment. Mr. Byres was a gentle- 
man of great learning and culture, eminent as an 
antiquary, and resided for forty years at Rome. 
Returning from thence in 1 790, he settled at Tonley, 
where he died unmarried in 18 17. Like most men, 
he had his " romance." He had cherished an 
affection for Miss Fraser of Castle Fraser, but 
something came between them — " True love never 

did run smooth." Neither married, and when the 
lady died she left her old admirer her picture (which 
is still at Tonley) and her carriage. The next Laird 
was General Patrick Byres, the nephew of his pre- 
decessor (son of Robert Byres of Kincraigie, page 
124, and Margaret Burnett), who, besides being a 
brave soldier, was much loved as a good neighbour, 
kind friend to the poor, and amiable country gentle- 

The unfortunate death of Lieutenant James Byres 
of the 1st Royals (the only son of the General), who 
was accidentally drowned at Allilane, ended the male 
line of Byres of Tonley ; after which the succession 
opened to the Moir family. 

In conclusion, I beg to acknowledge gratefully the 
cordial assistance I have received from Mr. George 
Burnett, Lord Lyon, Mr. R. R. Stodart, Lyon 
Depute, Mr. W. F. Skene, of Inverleith Row, Edin- 
burgh (whose father compiled the valuable Stoney- 
wood MS., which he kindly lent me), Captain 
Dunbar-Dunbar of Sea Park, the Rev. Walter 
Macleod of Edinburgh, and others. 

I hope that any corrections and additional infor- 
mation will be sent to me, addressed Isthmian Club, 
12 Grafton Street, London, W., and that the portion 
of a good-natured public who may be interested in 
family history will look leniently on a work in which 
I am assured there are many inaccuracies. 



By the evidence of ancient charters, the ortho- 
graphy of this name seems to have been so various 
as to occasion some difficulty in distinguishing the 
different families who bore it, as we find individuals 
of the same family promiscuously designed by the 
names of Moir, More, Moor, More, Mure, Muir, 
sometimes contracted to M^ and even Moreson, 
Morrison, and Mureson. The name has a double 
origin, from Maure or Saracen, borne by foreign 
families in most of the continental countries of 
Europe, varied in accordance with the peculiar idiom 
of the country, and in Scotland from the Gaelic 
etymology, Mohr, big or great — allusive to remark- 
able size of person. Of the five entries of arms 
in the Lyon Office to families of the name of Moir 
or More in Scotland, all are connected with Aber- 
deenshire, and bear the three Moors' or Saracens' 
heads, see p. 46. The name of Morison in Scotland 
bears azure three Saracens' heads, conjoined in one 
neck proper, the faces looking to the chief dexter 
and sinister sides of the shield. 

The family and surname of Muir is much mixed 
up, and often confused with, that of More or Moir. 
The principal family of the surname of Muir seems 
to have been the Muirs of Rowallan, in Ayrshire, 
who bear, argent, on a fesse azure, three stars or, 
quite different bearings from the name of Moir or 
More ; yet there are not wanting instances where 
two or more families, having the same surname, and 
tracing to a common ancestor, bear quite distinct 


One, if not the most ancient family of the surname 
of More, was that of Polkellie, in the county of 
1296. Renfrew. Gilchrist More was one of the Barons 
who swore fealty to Edward I. in 1296, The 
heiress of Polkellie, Janet More, in the time of 
David II., married Sir Adam Muir of Rowallan. 

The late Mr. James Skene of Rubislaw, in a 
valuable and most interesting MS. historj- by him of 
the " Moirs of Stoneywood " family, kindly lent me by 
his son, Mr. W. F. Skene, says, " Sir Gilchrist More 
was a descendant of the Irish O'Mores ; and that 
the connection appears from the grant made by 
Sir Gilchrist Muir of Rowallan (who was knighted 
at the battle of Largs) of his lands of Polkellie to 
his Irish kinsman, Ranald More, who had come over 
to assist in a contest with the Cumings, and that the 
O'Mores in Ireland bore as crest the Moire's head, 
or ' Bluidy Heid,' in allusion to the family name." 
He also says " several families possessing property 
in the Western counties of Scotland branched off at 
different times from that of RoAvallan and Polkellie, 
most of whom adopted the name of Mure, although 
More was the original orthography used both in 
Ireland and Great Britain." 

The Moires, Marquises of Drogheda, in Ireland, 
have a Moor's head, out of a coronet, for crest, and 
their arms have a resemblance in the charges, 
although not in the tinctures, to those of the family 
of Muir of Rowallan. 

But we will now confine ourselves to the history of 
the Moirs or Mores in Aberdeenshire. " The 
introduction of the name into that county, may, with 
great probability, be assigned to the circumstance of 
the extensive possessions acquired there by Sir 

Reginald More, the Chamberlain, in David 1 1. 's Skene's ms. 
reign ; and it is remarkable that while the families in 
the western counties have almost all adopted the 
name of Mure or Muir, those of Aberdeenshire have 
as uniformly retained the original orthography of 
More and Moir." In the older records, however, I 
often find the surname of the Aberdeenshire Moirs 
spelt also More and Moire, Moore, &c., and in a 
very few cases Muire and Mure. 


1328. Sir Adam More, witness to charter of the 
hospital of Turriff. — (" Antiquities of the Shire 
of Aberdeen," Spalding Club, vol. ii., p. 339.) 
Ranald or Reginald More, chamberlain of 
Scotland, has a charter from David II. of 
the lands of Formartine, Akintoir (Kin- 
tore), Aboyne, Mickle Morphie, and Con- 

1382. Johannis Mor, witness to an absolution, Canon 
of Aberdeen. — (" Registrum Episcopatus 
Aberdonensis," Spalding Club, vol. i., p. 163, 

1472. Robert Moir, witness to a charter of the lands 

of Balmur (Balmuir), Torterstoune, Cock- 
law (all in the parish of Peterhead). — (" Anti- 
quities of the Shire of Aberdeen, vol. iii. , p. 5 9 1 .) 

1473. Andrew More, merchant at Bruges (in France), 

is mentioned in a deed, Andrew Reid of Bad- 

fothels (Pitfoddels), at Aberdeen, Thomas 
Moir, also. — Ibid., pp. 261 and 262. 
! 1467. Patrick More de Belhelvie.^ " Baillie Court 

1457. William Moor. > Books of 

] 1440. Simon More. ) Aberdeen." 

I 1529. M"' James Moir, Regent. 
1539. 1 6th May. Andrew Moir, in the Knock, Banff- 
shire. Witness to a charter dated at Froster- 
seit. — (" Reg. of the Great Seal," vol. iii., 
p. 449). 
David Moir (" Antiquities of the Shire of 
Aberdeen," vol. ii., p. 262). 
1550. William Moir owns a tenement of land in 

the Shiprow. 
1566. David Moir infeft in the lands of Braid- 
haugh. Privy Council Records. And many 
others that might be mentioned ; sufficient 
it is to show how long the name has been in 
the district. The progenitors of all of the 
landed families of the name of Moir, in 
Aberdeenshire, appear to have been sub- 
stantial burgesses of the city of Bdn- 
Accord, and could the connection only now 
be traced, would doubtless be found to 
spring at no very distant date from a 
common ancestor. 
There were a good many landed families of the 
surname of Moir, mostly in Aberdeenshire, in the 
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, viz., the Moirs 
. (said to have been first designed of Ferryhill), of 
Kermuck or Ellon, thereafter of Stoneywood, 
amongst whose cadets I may mention Moir of 
Whitehill, in Midlothian, an estate which came to 
them from the Scougal family, see p. 77, afterwards 

of Lonmay, in Buchan, which last estate was sold, 
and New Grange, in Forfarshire, bought. The 
Moirs of Invernettie, which estate, on the extinction 
of that Hne, reverted back to Stoneywood. The 
next family in importance to Stoneywood was Moir 
of Scotstoun, whose cadets were, so far as I know, 
Spittal, Denmore, and Park on Deeside. Besides 
these, there were Moirs of Hilton (now Turnerhall) 
of Abergeldie, afterwards of Otterburn, in Stirling- 
shire, of Barnes, &c., most of whom will be noticed 


1574. 30th Nov'. William Moir, in Auchloun, 

a farm now on the estate of Tillery. — 
(" Sheriff Court Records of Aberdeen, and 
Antiquities of the Shire of Aberdeen," 
Spalding Club.) 

1575. Oct'. Agnes Moir in Meikle Haddo. — Ibid. 

1596. May 29. John Moir in Newburgh. — Ibid. 

1597. 2ist April. Andrew Moir, Smyth in Foveran, 

against Helen Fraser, tried for witchcraft. 
(" Miscellany of the Spalding Club," vol. i., 
p. 108.) In the list of "Nomina assise" 
(Court held at Aberdeen) occurs at p. no, 
ibid., the names of William Moir in Balgeir- 
scho, and Andrew Moir, Smyth in Foveran. 
Reg. of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1613, 22d June, 

Arthur Udny — no doubt of the family of that ilk — 

and Janett Moir, married at Fowerane. 

vol. ii., pp. 
226 and 231 

From Register of Baptisms, Parish of Foveran. 

William Mor in Belhelvie has a son — 

I. Alexander, bap. 4th Jan^ 1659. Witnesses, 

Alexander Lindsay of Many, and Alexander 

Lyon in Darahill. 

Poll Book, Alexander Pirie in Auchnacant, in the parish of 

Foveran, afterwards in Meikle Tipperty, in the adjoin- 
ing parish of Logie-Buchan, m"* Agnes, dau. of 
Andrew Moir L of Oldmill,^ by his first wife, see pp. 
11-15 (b. 1668, Mrs. Pirie died 14th Feb^ 1696. 
Tombstone in Foveran churchyard.) Alexander 
Pirie was clerk and collector of the poll tax for 
Logie-Buchan, 1695-96. Issue — 

1. Andrew, bap. 30th June 1686. Witnesses, 
Andrew Moir and Andrew Sutherland. 

2. Jean, bap. 27th April 1688. Witnesses, 
Andrew Moir, child's grandfather, and 
Robert Moir, probably child's uncle. 

3. Agnes. 

4. Barbara (the four children, all mentioned on 
tombstone, had probably died young). The 
George Pirie in Savock, who appears as a 
witness of the bap. of the Rev"' George 
Moir in 1679, &c. — see p. 12 — had been pro- 
bably a brother of Alexander's in Tipperty, 
and of James Pirie, who was settled at 

1 Andrew Moir I. of Oldmill, see p. J i, had, I think, by his 
first wife (with James, died young, p. 7) : — 

1. Alexander, in Newtyle. See next page. 

2. Gilbert, in Haddo, m" ist . . . and 2dly, 1681, 
Janet Forbes of Blackhall, p. 9. 

3. Robert, in Overhill, p. 9. 
I. Agnes, m"* Alexander Pirie, as above. 

And probably more childrea 

Irewells, in Udny parish, towards the end 
of the seventeenth century, who by his first 
wife, Helen Mair, was father of WilHam 
Pirie, b. in 1700— the first of the name 
who settled at Orchardton in that parish — 
a place his descendants resided at for 
nearly two centuries ; who by his wife, 
Elizabeth Laing, had Patrick Pirie, who m"^ 
ist March 1778 Margaret, dau. of Alex- 
ander Smith, papermaker, Stoneywood ; and 
thus begun the Piries' connection with the 
pape'r trade, which their descendants, the 
Piries of Stoneywood and Waterton, have 
so ably conducted and extended. The 
younger son, James Pirie, succ'' to Orchard- 
ton, and was grandfather of the late James 
Pirie, see p. 23. 

Alexander Moir in Newtyle (perhaps another son 
of Andrew Moir I. by his first wife). 

1. Christian, bap, 30th Jan^ 1659. Witnesses, 

John Turing, in Overhills, and George 
Thomson in Pitmillan. 

2. Lilian, bap. ist Nov"" 1663. Witnesses, George 

Conan there, and Andrew More in Oldmill 
of Foveran. 

3. Janet, buried 2 2d March 1660. 

Besides Agnes Moir, b. 1668, Mrs, Pirie, Andrew 
Moir I. of Oldmill had other children, see p. 6— a 
son, James Moir, was bap. 6th Ocf 1659. Witnesses, Foveran 
Ja^ Scot in Meikle Haddo, and Alexander Houston f^^^'^^' ^^^=- 
in Balgerscho, and buried at Foveran July 5, 1660. 

Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, described as tenant 

and gentleman, 
Poll Book, vol. 

nth his wife and two childrer 
, pp. 150 and 153. 

Foveran Reg. 
of Baptisms. 

Jan'' 1672. Witnesses, 
younger, and Andrewe 

May 1678. Witnesses, 
Milne, and Ro' Milne, in 

16S0. Witnesses, 

1. Andrew, bap. 2d 

Andrew Moire, 

2. Robert, bap. loth 

Ro' More, in Old 

3. Barbara, bap. ist 

Andrew More and Thomas Grig. 

4. Isobel, bap. 27th Aug' 1683. 

Andrew Moir and Geo. Watson. 

5. Alexander, bap. 21st Aug' 1686. 

Alex' Johnston and Alex' Pirie. 

6. Janet, bap. i8th Nov' 1687. 

Andrew Moir, Alex' Pirie. 

^ Gilbert Moir, sometime in Haddo, Foveran 
(another son, I think, of Andrew Moir I. of Old- 
mill, by his first wife) — ■ 

1. Elizabeth, bap. July 1675. Witnesses, James 

Scott and John Blair, both there. 

2. Anna, bap. 5th Jan'' 1678. Witnesses, James 

Scot, Mr Alexander Johnstoune. 

3. Alexander, bap. 15th July 1680. Witnesses, 

Alex' Rose,'^ son to Mr. Jo" Rose,'' and James 

1 It was not uncommon about this period to have two members 
of a family baptized by the same Christian name, and in one 
instance three of one family had all the same Christian names. — 
Information from Rev. Walter Macleod of Edinburgh. 

A Gilbert Moir was M.P. for Banff, 1646-7, and in 1648. 

2 Alexander Rose, son of the minister of Foveran, may have 
been the ancestor of the Roses of Lethinty, see p. 13. — Scott's 
" Fasti," &c. 

^ 1667, Minister of Foveran (D.D. 1684), died 1690, married 
a dau. of the family of Udny of that ilk. His father, the Rev'' 

Scot in Haddo, and Mr. Alex' Burnet, 

schoolm"^ at Foveran. 
Gilbert Moir marries secondly — contract dated 
9th Aug' 1 68 1 — Janet, dau. of the late Patrick 
Forbes, sometime of Blackhall, of the ancient 
family " of Pitsligo." — See contract, p. 42. 

4. James, bap. 27th Sept' 1682. Witnesses, 

James Scot and James Moir. 

5. William, I twins, bap. ist June 1684. Wit- 

6. Thomas, ) nesses, Wm. Gordon and Wm. 

Findlay, Thos. Forbes and Thos. Grig. 

Robert Moir, in Overhill (probably a son of 
Andrew Moir I., by his first wife), m^ 

He is described as tenant and gentleman there, 
with his wife, 1695-6. — Poll Book, vol. ii., p. 151. 

1. Agnes, bap. i6th May 1685. Witnesses, 

And* Moir and George Webster. 

2. Isobel, bap. 12th Sepf 1687. Witnesses, 

And"' Moir and Rob' Temple. 

3. Andrew, bap. i6th Aug' 1690. Witnesses, 

And" More and And" Sutherland. 

4. John, bap. 25 March 1693. Witnesses, John 

Udny, John Scot. 

5. Elspet, bap. 19th May 1694. Witnesses, 

Alex' Pirie, Alex' Johnston. 

The Foveran family of Moir seem to have had 
daughters married to people named Catto, Connon, 

Alexander Rose, Laird of Insch, in the Garioch, descended of 
Kilravock, was Minister of Monymusk. Dr. John Rose of 
Foveran succeeded to the paternal property of Insch. His brother, 
Alexander Rose, was consecrated 1686 Bishop of Moray, and in 
1688 Bishop of Edinburgh, while their uncle, Arthur Rose, was 
Bishop of Argyll 1675, of Glasgow 1679 ; and who, in 1684, 
became Archbishop of St. Andrews, and Primate of Scotland. 

Johnston, FIndlay, Webster, &c., and over two and a 
half centuries ago appear to have had a large con- 
nection in that district. 

Foveran Reg. Georgc Moir in Savock. 

of Baptisms. 

1. Barbara, bap. 20th July 1691. Witnesses, 

George Conan, Adam Mill. 

2. William, bap. 27th June 1693. 

Alexander Moir in Overhill, contracted 6th April, 
and m'^ ist INIay 1705 Janet Milne. 

1. John, bap. 15th Nov' 1705. 

2. Issobel, bap. 21st July 1707. 

3. Elspet, bap. 15th May 1709. 

4. Barbara, bap. 21st July 1721. 

5. Agnes, bap. 1723- 

6. Jean, bap. 20th Dec' 1726. 

James Moir, in Newtyle, m'' ist Jan'' 1704 Mar- 
garet Watson. 

1. Janet, bap. i6th Feb'' 1707. Witnesses, Gil- 

bert Moir in Pitmillan, and William Watson 
in Minnes (probably the paternal and 
maternal grandfathers). 

2. Susanna, bap. 1 7th April 1 709. Witnesses as 


Of this prolific race of the Foveran Moirs, none 
known to be of this stock are now in the district. 
There is still the name in the parish. Mr. George 
Moir in Knockhall, whose progenitors came from 
Dyce, and the Moirs in Tartj', Logie-Buchan, who 
own part of the estate of Auchleuchries, in the parish 
of Cruden, whose descent I am not acquainted with. 

A. J. M. G. 


In the latter half of the seventeenth century, before 
there were so many outlets, as the opening up of the 
colonies, &c., half of the best farms in Aberdeen- 
shire were in the hands of the sons and near 
connections of the gentry ; and many of their 
descendants are still to be found occupying the same 

" Major opima ferat" 

(Let the worthiest carry off the prize.) 

Andrew Mom or More, sometime Laird of 
Overhill, the direct progenitor of the Moir-Byres 
family. B, in or about 162 1. Was a wealthy 
Burgess of Aberdeen (admitted i ith Sept' 1688 — see 
copy of Diploma, p. 45), and resided for many 
years at OldmilV in the parish of Foveran, in that 
county, where he died, at the age of ^2!^ the 14th Dec' 
1694, and was interred in the parish churchyard. 
For inscription on his tombstone see p. 16. 

He was twice married, although I have been unable 
to ascertain the name of his first wife, and for an 
account of some of her children see pp. 6-9. His 
descendants preserve the following tradition, viz., 
" That previous to his second marriage he divided Foveran Re- 
his property with the children of his first wife, in fombst'one. 

^ The house which this worthy built, lived, and died in, is still 
standing, and, architecturally speaking, it is superior to many of 
the Lairds' houses of that period. 

order that he might not do them injustice, by be- 
queathing too large a portion of his property at a 
future period to children that might be born of the 
proposed marriage." By his will (Aberdeen and 
Banff wills were all nearly burned before 1 721), made 
1670-80, he left his wife and four children of the 
second marriage 30,000 merks Scots — a large sum 
in those days." Andrew Moir, who for a few 
years after 1681 appears in the Foveran Register 
of Baptisms, designed " of Overhill " — this had pro- 
bably been the farm of that name, now on the 
property of Blairythan, in the parish of Foveran — 
married in 1670-72, for his second wife, Agnes 
Montgomerie (b. 1650, died March 1730). For note 
on family of Montgomerie, see p. 48, and tombstone 
inscription, see p. 16. 

Andrew Moir of Overhill and Oldmill, and 
Foveran Agnes Moutgomeric, had issue (Foveran Register 
Registers. ^f Baptisms) five sons and three daughters — 

1. Andrew; of him again. 

2. Gilbert, bap. 12th Feb'' 1675. Witnesses, 

Gilbert Moir in Haddo (see p. 8), and 
Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan (see p. 8). Was 
Muster-Master Depute in Scotland, and is so 
designed when admitted a Guild Brother of 
Aberdeen, 28th June 1716. 

3. George, the Rev"*, M.A., bap. 12th May 1679. 

Witnesses, George Pirie, in Savock (probably 
a brother of Alexander Pirie, who m"* Agnes 
Moir, see p. 6), and George Conon, in 
Newtyle, was, according to Scott's " Fasti 
Ecclesiae Scoticanse," licensed 31st Oct"^ 1705, 
called to Towie 21st Nov"" 1708, ordained 


20th July 1709, translated to Cluny 3d 
Octo' 1 71 7, and to Kintore 9th August 
1 727 — (all in Aberdeenshire), and died there 
9th April 1737. Mr. Moir was contracted 
14th Dec"' 1 718, and married 13th Jan^ 
1 71 9 to Jean Forbes, third daughter of Sir 
William Forbes, IV. Baronet of Mony- 
musk, in Aberdeenshire, by his wife, the 
Lady Jean Keith, daughter of John I. Earl 
of Kintore. Issue, two sons and two 
daughters, viz. ; — 

1. William (b. 1726, d. 19th March 1794), the 

Rev"^, M.A., licensed by Presbytery of 
Ellon 4th Ocf 1748, and presented that 
date to Fyvie,in Aberdeenshire; ordained 
27th April following (Scott's " Fasti,") ; 
married 22d Ocf 1776 Helen Constable 
(who died at Aberdeen 26th Feb'' 181 7, 
aged 67), and had issue a son, George. 

2. George, died young, unmarried. 

I. Agnes, born 1723-9, married Alexander 
Rose, eldest son of Rose, Laird 

of Lethinty, Aberdeenshire, and died in 
1809 at the manse of Auchterless. Her 
daughter, Jane Rose, b. 1754, married 
1 790 the Rev"^ Alexander Rose,^ minis- 
ter of Auchterless, also in the county 
of Aberdeen, and died in the town of 
that name 2 2d Sept. 1820, leaving two 

^ Alexander Rose, A.M., translated from Drumoak, presented 
by George III. to Auchterless 1774; died 7th Dec' 1810, in his Scott's 
84th year, and 47th ministry. M"^ ist 14th Oct' 1765 Sarah Gee "Fasti." 
(d. 1789); 2d/y, 5th Aug' 1790 Jean Rose, p. 9. 


daughters — i. Agnes Rose, b. 1795, died 
unm. in 1827; and 2. Jane Margaret 
Rose, b. 1796, m. 1823 the Rev"* John 
Johnston of Forgandenny, in the county of 
Perth, and died 26th Sepf 1832, leaving 
two sons and two daughters, viz., i. John 
Robert Johnston, b. 1828, settled in New 
Zealand, married 1850, and died 1862, 
leaving two sons and four daughters ; 
2. Alexander Rose Johnston, b. 1832, 
married 1866 Pauline, A. M., daughter of 
Alexander Farquhar of Glenesk, Aber- 
deenshire. Issue, two sons and four 
daughters — i. Jane Taylor Johnston 
(eldest dau. of Rev*^ J. Johnston), b. 1825, 
m. 1 88 1 Andrew Paterson Reid of Tigh- 
na-mara, Roseneath, co. Dumbarton ; 2. 
Agnes Rose Johnston (2d dau.), b. 1830, 
married, 1869, Donald M. Macandrew, 
merchant, of Leith, and now of Tor- 
2. J eanMoir (second daughter of the Rev"^ George 
Moir and Jean Forbes), b. 1 730, married 
1 75 1 James Jopp of Cotton (who died 
1794), merchant in, and sometime Pro- 
vost of, Aberdeen,' and died 1 782. Issue 
two daughters : — 

I. Jean Jopp, b. April 1755, married 24th 
Jan'' 1799 Gavin Young of London, 
merchant, and died 1836. (No issue.) 

' James Jopp was Provost of Aberdeen from Michaelmas 1768 
to 1770; again from 1772 to 1774; from 1776 to 1778; from 
1780 to 1782, and in 1786. 

2. Janet Jopp, married John Barnes of 
East Finchley, Middlesex, and of the 
Stock Exchange, and died 15th Nov'' 
1848, leaving issue. 

4. Samuel (son of Andrew Moir I. and Agnes ^^^^^^^^^ 

Montgomery), baptized 21st June 1683. 
Witnesses Robert Montgomery, see p. 49, 
and Samuel Forbes (probably the same 
person who afterwards succeeded to the 
estate, and became II. Forbes Baronet of 

5. James, bap. 17th Aug' 1689. Witnesses, James 

Widowson and James Sutherland. 

1. Margaret,' bap. Feb'' 18, 1677. Witnesses, 

James Scott in Haddo, and Thomas Grig in 

2. Marjory, bap. April 18, 1681. Witnesses, Ro- 

bert Montgomery, see p. 48, in Groveshill. 
Thomas Grig at ye Linhead, and Mr. 
Daniel Taylor, Session-Clerk at Foveran. 
Buried (at Foveran) 12th Aug' 1681. 

3. Isobel, bap. April 3, 1686. Witnesses, George Foveran 

Webster and Gilbert Moir. 


Agnes Montgomerie, Tennant in Oldmill, is polled 
as a gentlewoman. " Her proportione of the walua- 
tione with the general poll is ^i : 9s. Andrew and 
Margaret Mores, her children." — Poll Book of Aber- 
deenshire, vol. ii., p. 52, 1695-6. 

^ George Catto, tenant and gentleman in Monkshill, Foveran, Poll Book, 
Margaret Moir, his wife, and Robert Catto, their son. She may j^gj^^' ' ' 
have been the eldest daughter of Andrew Moir I. — See above. 
These Cattos were, I think, the progenitors of a respectable 
family of Aberdeen merchants who were intermarried with the 
Dingwalls of Rannieston, Lumsdens, &c. 


Copy of hiscription on Andrew Moirs Totnbstone, 
Foveran Churchyard. 
Here lyes under the hope of a blessed Ressurection, 
Andrew More, Burgess of Abd., who departed this 
life the 14 day of December 1694, and of his age 73 


year — Also Agnes Mont spouse to Andrew Moir, 
who died March 1730, aged 80 years — Likewise And- 
rew Moir, their eldest son, who died May 1733 
aged 60 years — also Elizabeth Simpson, his Spouse, 
who died 20 Sep. 1761, aged 86 years. Likewise Isobel 
Moir, his daughter, spouse to John Meders, Burger 
in Abd" who died the . . . day of May 1777, aged 70. 
Represented by the family of Moir-Byres of Tonky, 
in the parish of Tough. 

It will be observed that the surname is first spelt 
More and afterwards Moir, on the tombstone. 

1662. 7th Feb^ James Catto, in Upperhill (Over- 
hill) of Foveran, brings an action against 
Andrew Moir, at Oldmill, and Gilbert Clerk, 
at the Kirk of Foveran. — {Sheriff Court 
Records of Aberdeen) 



Andrew Moir, born in or about 1673; died 2d 
May 1733. See tombstone inscription, former page. 
Settled at Cultercullen, in the parish of Foveran, and 
in 1728 has a renewal of the tack of Oldmill from 
Sir Alexander Forbes, Bart., of Foveran. He 
married 1699-1700, Elizabeth Simpson (b. 1675, 
died 20 Sept. 1761), daughter of Robert Simpson of 
Thornton, Aberdeenshire — see Simpson of Thorn- 
ton, p. 51 — and had issue four sons and four daughters, 
viz : — 

1. Andrew, his heir, b. 1703. Foveran 

2. Robert, bap. I st Nov' 1 71 2. Witnesses, Robert ^^'^'"^' 

Moir in Greyshill, &c., alive (according to 
family papers) and resident at Little Mill of 
Esslemont, parish of Ellon, in 1 746. 

3. George, M.A., "Mr" "student in philosophy" 

(so designed in family papers), bap. by Mr. 
Alexander Gordon, minister, 12th Dec" 17 14. 
Witnesses, Robert Moir in Greyshill, and 
George Pirie in Savock, alive 1 744. 

4. Gilbert, bap. 2d May 1719, an eminent mer- 

chant of Aberdeen, and burgess of that town, 
acquired the property, and built the still 
existing mansion-house of Raeden, near 
Aberdeen; married in June 1745 Helen 
Shepherd (who died 8th Jan^ 1 791), daughter 
of George Shepherd, merchant-burgess of 
Aberdeen, by his wife, Helen Thomson, of 
the family of "Thomson of Banchory," county 
Kincardine. Mr. More — so he and his 

descendants spelt their surname — died 27th 
Nov'' 1 796, and is interred, along with many 
of his family and descendants, in the church- 
yard of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, where 
there are several tombstones to the family. 
Issue, with children died young and un- 
married, two sons and two daughters, 

" Landed 
Gentry," art 
" Innes of 

I. George, II. of Raeden, merchant-burgess of 
Aberdeen, and Provost of that town 
from Michaelmas 1795 to 1797, and 
again from Michaelmas 1807 to 1809, 
married first Jane (who died 24th 
Feb" 1794), eldest daughter of Alex- 
ander Innes of Breda, co. Aberdeen, 
and of Cowie, co. Kincardine, advocate 
in and commissary clerk of Aberdeen, 
and had, with other issue, Gilbert More, 
of the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Civil Service, 
who died at Singapore, unmarried, 25th 
Aug' 1830. Provost More married, 
secondly, Harriet Beauvais of Aberdeen 
(who died 8th July 1855, aged 82), and by 
her had, with other issue, George More, 
Major in the Hon. H. E. I. Co.'s Service, 
married Jane Mitchell, daughter of James 
Mowat of Aberdeen, manufacturer, and 
had issue Charles More, chief engineer 
of the Thames Conservancy, and of 90 
Sutherland Gardens, Maida Vale, Lon- 
don, W. 

Provost More had by both his wives 
fourteen children. 


2. Alexander, b. circa 1756. Sometime mer- 
chant in and Dean of Guild of Aber- 
deen, afterwards collector of customs 
at the port of that town ; married 
Marcjaret (who died in Jan'' 1815, aged 
42), fourth daughter of Alexander Innes 
of Breda and Cowie, and had issue. 
Mr. More died 30th April 1836. 

1. Elizabeth, b. circa 1749, married Baillie 

Charles Farquharson of Aberdeen (who 
was in Dec"' 1809 accidentally killed by 
an explosion of gunpowder), and died 
April 1 83 1. 

2. Catherine, married in July 1792 James 

Thomson, advocate in Aberdeen, and 
cashier of the Aberdeen Banking Com- 
pany, known by the sobriquet of "the 
Black Prince," and died at Aberdeen in 
July 1800, leaving issue. 

Jean Moir (eldest daughter of Andrew Moir II. Foveran 
and Elizabeth Simpson of Thornton), bap. at ^^'^'^"^^ 
Foveran 14th Mar. 1701. Witnesses, Mr. George 
Moir (the child's uncle, afterwards Minister of 
Towie, see p. 12), and William Annand, servitor 
to ye said Andrew Moir. Married (contract dated 
Aug' 14) 2d Sept' 1 73 1, William Mitchell of 
Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, merchant, son of Wil- 
liam Mitchell of Newburgh, merchant ^ (and elder 

^ This family of Mitchell have been connected with this district 
for at least 300 years, and are of the same stock as the Mitchells 
of Tillygreig, in the parish of Udny (whose arms are sable, a fesse 
wavy, between three mascles or) ; afterwards of Thainstone, in 
Kintore, and as Mitchell, of Colpna, now called Orrotk, m 
Belhelvie, and were long connected with trading in grain and 
merchandise at the small shipping port of Newburgh. ^ 

brother of Alexander Mitchell, in Tillycorthie/ in 
the adjoining parish of Udny, progenitor of the late 
Alexander Mitchell, M.P., of Stow, in the county of 
Edinburgh, and of the existing families of " Mitchell- 
Innes" of Ayton Castle and Whitehall, in the shire 
of Berwick, &c. 

Jean Moir — Mrs. Mitchell — was interred in the 
churchyard of Foveran 25th Jan^ 1792 (burial register 
of the parish) ; issue three sons and two daughters, 
viz. : — 

I. William Mitchell, merchant-burgess of Aber- 
deen, acquired the lands of South Stocket, 
near that town, bap. 1 3th Sept' 1 736, married 
first, 1759, his relative, Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir of John Middleton, younger of 
Aberdeen, merchant, by Barbara Simpson, 
of Concraig. (See Simpson of Thornton, 
p. 53.) She died without issue. Mr. Mit- 
chell married secondly, 1 761-2, Mary (who 
died 13th April 1824), daughter of William 
Fordyce of Aquhorties, Baillie of Aberdeen 
(of the eminent family of " Fordyce of Broad- 
ford;" another branch is Dingwall-Fordyce 
of Brucklay), by his marriage in 1738 with 

^ Alexander Mitchell, in Tillycorthie, m. 1737 Isabel Temple. 
One son was William Mitchell, in Haddo, p. 26 ; another, Alex- 
ander Mitchell, m** 1763 Elspet Simpson, a niece of George 
Innes, I. of Stow, co. Edinburgh. Their eldest son, Thomas 
Mitchell (was grandfather of the late Alexander Mitchell of Stow), 
and another brother of last William Mitchell, J. P. and D.L., of 
Parsons-Green, co. Edinburgh, assumed the additional surname 
and arms of Innes, and was first of the Mitchell-Innes family of 
Ayton and Whitehall, m"" 18 10 Christian, dau. of Thomas Shairp 
of Houston, CO. Linlithgow, and had six sons and one daughter. — 
See Burke's "Landed Gentry," art. "Mitchell-Innes of Ayton, &c. 

Margaret, daughter of Walter Cochran of 
Dumbreck, all in Aberdeenshire, see p. 79. 
Mr. Mitchell died loth May 1816, and was 
interred in the churchyard of St. Nicholas, 
Aberdeen. Issue, two sons and five daugh- 
ters : — isL William Mitchell, a Lieut. R.N., 
died unman; 2^. Walter Mitchell, Purser in 
an East Indiaman man of war, under Admiral 
Elliot, also died unmarried. isL Daughter, 
Mary Mitchell, married William Paterson 
of Aberdeen, advocate (no issue) ; 2d. 
Elizabeth Mitchell, born in or about 1766, 
married David Morrison, merchant-burgess 
of Montrose, and had, with other issue, 
James Martin Morrison, President of the 
Manhattan Banking Company, New York, 
married Jane Anne Macgowan, and has 
issue ; 2,^. Margaret Mitchell, married James 
Simpson of Aberdeen, merchant (no issue) ; 
4^/i. Helen Mitchell, b. 1778, died young; 
SM. Elliot Mitchell, bap. Aug' 12, 1782 — Regkterof 

. ^.1, iV^ HIT • St Nicholas, 

Witnesses, Gdbert and George Moir, mer- Aberdeen, 
chants (father and son), married James 
Laurence of Aberdeen, manufacturer, and 
has, with other issue, Walter Laurence, 
Staff-Surgeon, R.N., married 1S66 Hannah, 
daughter of Francis Bennet, M.A., of Brigg,. 
CO. Lincoln (without issue) ; and Elliot 
Laurence, married the late Alexander 
Ogston, J. P. of Ardoe, in the county of 
Kincardine, representative of the ancient 
family of " Ogston of that ilk," and had 
2. Andrew Mitchell, b. 1737, died 13th May 1799, 

settled about 1750 at Savock, in the parish of 
Foveran, married 5th June 1759 Mrs. Mar- 
garet Cattanach (b. 1725, died 15th Feb^ 
18 1 5), granddaughter of Lumsden, Laird of 
Corrachree,^ parish of Logie-Coldstone (in 
whose family she was brought up), cadet of 
the old Aberdeenshire house of " Lumsden 
of Cushnie." The date and initials of Mr. 
and Mrs. Mitchell are on an old lintel slab 
built into the present house of Savock, 
thus — 

[7. A.M. M.C. 73. 

Issue five sons and two daughters — isi. 
William Mitchell, sometime in Pitgersie, 
parish of Foveran, killed by a fall from his 
horse in 1787, unmarried; 2d. Andrew 
Mitchell, who settled at Whiteness, in the 
adjoining parish of Slains, m** 1797, Isa- 
bel, dau. of Alexander Gray, in Knapleask, 
in that parish, and their son is the present 
Alexander Mitchell of Kincraig, a J. P. and 
Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire, 
b. 1807, m"*, and has issue; 2,^. Alexander 
Mitchell, b. 1769, settled at Fiddesbeg, in 
the parish of Foveran, and his only son is 
the present Andrew Mitchell of Logierieve, 
in the parish of Udny, a property he bought 
from the Ligertwoods, b. 1807, who is m"^, 
and has issue ; ^i/i. John Mitchell, bap. Dec. 

' For copy of a curious old letter from Mrs. Lumsden of Cor- 
rachree to her niece, Margaret Cattanach, see p. 66. 


20, 177^' '^^^^ young ; e^f/i. Gilbert Mitchell, 
b. 1774, died 1844, II. of Savock, and who 
in 181 3 took the additional farm of Haddo, 
also in the parish of Foveran, m"^ in 1800. 
Margaret Bruce (b. 1782, died 1846), sister 
of the late James Bruce of Inverquhomery 
and Longside, a J. P. and Commissioner of 
Supply for Aberdeenshire. Of a family 
of seven sons and six daughters, none of 
the sons have left issue, excepting the eldest 
son, the late Andrew Mitchell, b. 1802, of 
Woodland Park, Tasmania, and Foveran 
House, Aberdeenshire, who m"* in 1858 
Margaret, dau. of the late William Fasken 
of Fortrie, Banffshire ; issue one son, Andrew 
William Mitchell, b. 1866, and two daugh- 
ters— ist, Margaret Beatrice; 2d, Bertha 
Mary Bruce. Of the daughters of Gilbert 
Mitchell and Margaret Bruce, only three 
have issue, viz., Jane Mitchell, b. 1805, 
m"^ 1839 the late James Pirie, Orchardton, 
parish of Udny, and Waterton, parish of 
Ellon— see note on family of Pirie, p. 7 ; 
issue, a son, James Mitchell Pirie (who 
m"^ Elsie Harvey, and has a son, James 
Hunter Harvey Pirie), and two daughters, 
the second of whom, Jane Catherine Pirie, 
only is m'' (1878, as second wife), to John 
Leith-Ross of Arnage, Aberdeenshire (eldest 
son of John Leith-Ross, J. P. and D.L. of 
Arnage, afterwards referred to), and has issue, 
a dau!", Jane Catherine Leith-Ross ; 2d. Mar- 
garet Mitchell, b. at Savock 8th March 
?8o9, m-^ 1838 the late David Gill of Blair- 


ythan and Savock ^ (only son of Patrick Gill 
and Margaret Anderson, see Anderson of 
Finshaugh, p. 58), a J. P. and Commissioner 
of Supply for Aberdeenshire ; issue, four 
sons and one daughter, viz. — i. David Gill, 
succ"* 1878 to Blairythan, LL.D., F.R.A.S., 
F.R.S., J. P., &c., Astronomer Royal at 
Cape of Good Hope since 1S79, author of 
several astronomical works, and a Knight 
Commander of the Order of the Medjidie 
(III. class), b. 1843, m"* 1870 Isobel Sarah 
(authoress of " Six Months in Ascension, 
&c."), second dau. of John Black, of the 
family of Black of Wateredgemuir," see p. 49 ; 
2. Patrick Gilbert Gill of Monomeith, Victoria, 
b. 1845 ; 2)d- Andrew John Mitchell Gill, 
who succ'' 1878 to Savock, b. 1847, is a 
Commissioner of Supply for the county, and 
author of this Genealogy ; 4. James Bruce 
Gill, b. 1849, of Runnymede, Victoria — i. 

' This name, of Saxon or Scandinavian origin, is of great antiquity; 

the barony of Gillsland, in Cumberland, was owned by a family 

of the name before 1066. A branch of this stock from the north 

of England is supposed to have settled in Perthshire (with which 

county they were long connected) in the 14th centur)', where they 

See " Genea- held the estates of Halton, Torsophy, &c. The family of Gill 

on^GUUf'" °f Blairythan claim descent from John Gill of Halton, M.P. for 

Blairythan, Perth, 1364-73, of which town either he or his son John Gill was 

&c."— (Scott Provost. Their direct ancestor, Alexander Gill, b. about 1550, 

Edinburgh") dead 16 18, settled at Auchlyne, in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, in 

which he was succeeded by his son Robert. With this district 

his descendants have since been connected. Arms of Gill of 

Blairythan — Lyon Register — Fusily argent and vert on a chief 

gules, three martlets of the first. Crest — a demi-eagle rising 

proper. Mottos — " Sursum Prorsusque " (Upward and Onward), 

and below shield, " In te Domine spes nostra " (In thee, O Lord, 

is our trust). 


Margaret Gill, m^ i yth Jan^ 1 882 Rev"* Henry 
Powell (M.A., Clare, Cambridge), Rector and 
Patron of Stanningfield, Suffolk; issue, a son, 
Henry Mitchell Powell, b. 21st May 1883 ; 
■^d. Barbara Mitchell (youngest daughter 
of Gilbert Mitchell and Margaret Bruce), 
m'' 1845 her cousin, John Ruxton (son of 
Charles Ruxton and Anne Ligertwood), 
M.A., M.D., and L.R.C.S., and has a large 
family, of which the eldest son, John Ruxton, 
M.D., late of the 17th Leicestershire Reg', 
A.M.D., now of Blackpool, Lancashire, 
m'' 1884 his cousin-german, Jane Birnie, 
eldest dau. of Thomas Ruxton of Craigton, 
advocate in Aberdeen. 

1. Jean Mitchell (eldest dau. of Andrew Mit- 

chell and Mrs. Margaret Cattanach), 
m"* 1 783 John Ligertwood (son of Thomas 
Ligertwood, in Cairnhill, Ellon, and Mar- 
garet Gordon, of the family of Hallhead, 
afterwards referred to), in Overhill and 
Pitscaff, Foveran, and had a large family 
(one dau., Anne Ligertwood, m** Charles 
Ruxton, see above) ; their eldest grandson 
is John Ligertwood, J. P., of Bucksburn, 
advocate in and sheriff and commissary 
clerk of Aberdeen ; m*^, and has issue. 

2. Margaret Mitchell, m** 1798 her cousin- 

german, Alexander Mitchell, in Haddo, 
son of William Mitchell there, and had 

3. Alexander Mitchell, bap. 24th Nov. 1740, (must 
have died young). 


1. Elizabeth Mitchell (eldest dau. of William 

Mitchell and Mrs. Jean Moir), b. 1733, m** 
1756 her cousin-german, William Mitchell, 
in Haddo, Foveran, son of Alexander 
Mitchell of Tillycorthie — see p. 20 — and 
had with other issue Alexander Mitchell, II. 
of Haddo ; m** his cousin, as above. 

2, Jean Mitchell, b. 1735, m** . . Shepherd; 

no issue. 

Agnes Moir (second dau. of Andrew Moir II. and 
Elizabeth Simpson of Thornton), bap. 5th Feb^ 
1705; witnesses, Robert Pittendreigh, younger, 
and George Duff, in Oldmill, married — contract 
dated i6th Nov'') Dec"" 10, 1732. George Gray, 
merchant in Boghouse, parish of Tarves, son of 
George Gray in Haddo, Foveran. 

Isobel Moir (third dau. of Andrew Moir II.), 
bap. 2 1st April 1707; witnesses, Robert Simp- 
son of Thorntoune, the child's grandfather, and 
George Duff, in Oldmill ; married John Meders, 
burgess of Aberdeen, and died in 1777. 

Elizabeth Moir (fourth dau. of Andrew Moir II.), 
bap. 6th Aug' 1709; witnesses, Mr. George Moir, 
minister of Towie, the child's uncle, and Robert 
Simpson of Thornton ; married — contract dated 
26th May 1744. James Gray, sometime in 
Overhill, and afterwards in Mains of Foveran, 
another son of George Gray in Haddo ; issue 
at least one son and one daughter. 

I. George Gray, bap. 20th April 1745. 
See next page. 

I. Elizabeth Gray, married James Milne of 


Rosehearty, merchant/ and had a son, 
George Milne, b. 1777; married 1821 
Margaret, daughter of William Milne 
of the same place (she died 1855), 
and had with other issue George 
Milne of Westwood, banker in Aber- 
deen, b. 1826, married 1862 William- 
ina, third daughter of the late John 
Panton, in Knockiemill, Turriff, Aber- 
deenshire, and has issue. 

The other children of George Milne of Rose- 
hearty and Margaret Milne were, besides — ■ 

1. George, of Westwood, banker, see above. 

2. James, late Banker of Elgin, and now of 

Helensburgh, born 1828, married 1869 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Sidney 
Wardlaw, W.S., of Edinburgh, and has 

3. William, died young. 

1. Isabella, married 1841 Alexander Robert- 

son, Town-Clerk of, and Solicitor in 
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, and has issue. 

2. Elizabeth, married the Rev"* Charles 

Wedderburn of Edinburgh, and has 

James Gray, in Overhill, had also by his wife, 
Elizabeth Moir, a son, George Gray, bap. 20th April 
1 745. Witnesses, George Gray, in Meikle Haddo Foveran 
(the child's grandfather), and William Mitchell, at^'^'""" 
Bridgefoot (the child's uncle by marriage). 

^ Of five sons and two daughters of James Milne and Elizabeth 
Gray, all died unmarried, or without leaving issue, excepting the 
third son, George Milne, b. 1777. See above. 



Andrew Moir, the Rev'', M.A. (eldest son of II. 
Andrew Moir of Oldmill and Elizabeth Simpson 
of Thornton), bap. in the kirk of Foveran 13th 
Aug' 1703. Witnesses, Andrew Moir, in Old Aber- 
deen, and Andrew Jaffray, in Cultercullen. Was, 
according to Scott's " Fasti," licensed 9th Aug' 1727, 
ordained and placed at Towie nth Sepf^ 1728, 
translated to Methlick 31st May 1739, and from there 
to Ellon, all in Aberdeenshire, 24th April 1745, of 
which place he died minister 19th March 1774, and 
is interred with his wife and several members of his 
family in the churchyard there. On outside of 
church of Ellon, there is a tablet to his memory. 
Mr. Moir married 7th Sept' 1737 Jane {who died in 
Ocf 1789, aged 74), daughter of the Rev'' William 
Forbes of Tarves (a younger son of Sir John Forbes 
of Waterton, Knight — see that family, p. 54 — by 
his wife, Jean Gordon, sister of George, I. Earl of 
Aberdeen), by Janet, his wife, daughter of Prof. 
James Gregory, inventor of the Reflecting Tele- 
scope — see families of Gregory and Anderson, 
pp. 63 and 56, — issue, three sons and three daugh- 
ters, viz. : — 

1. George, the Rev'*, his heir. 

2. William, born 2d Nov' 1750, who died in 

London unmarried. 

3. Andrew, born 28th April 1753, 

Of the daughters, Janet (the second), born 
loth Oct' 1743, died unmarried, and Jane (the 
third), born 8th Nov' 1745, also died unmarried 
1 6th Sept' 1 816. 



Elizabeth Moir (eldest daughter of the Rev. 
Andrew Moir and Jane Forbes), born 6th Nov' 
1739, married Robert Garden, sometime designed 
of Grange and Clerkhill, both in Aberdeenshire, 
Baron Baillie of Peterhead, and advocate in Aber- 
deen (admitted in June 1784). The register of 
Peterhead gives the following children : — 

I. James Garden,) ^ . , 1 t»t 1 

■, , , y twms, born 4th March, 

bap. 6th, 1 770. Witnesses, the Rev"* George 
Moir (uncle of the children), and Cap' 
Harry Gilchrist, in Fraserburgh. 

3. Francis Garden, bap. 23d June 1771. Wit- 

nesses, Rev"^ George Moir and Alexander 
Reid, in Blackhouse. 

4. Robert Garden, bap. June 5, 1763. Witnesses, 

James Arbuthnot and Charles Smith, mer- 
chants there. 

5. Andrew Garden, bap. 13th Dec"' 1765. Wit- 

nesses, Cap' John Thomson, shipmaster, and 
Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerkhill. 

I. Janet Garden, born Nov' 28, and bap. 30th, 
1767. Witnesses, Rev"* George Moir and 
Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerkhill. Married 

Major Robertson, and had four daughters : 

isL Elizabeth Robertson, married Dr. 
George Fyfe ; 2d. Jessie Robertson, married 
Cap' F. E. Loch, R.N., fourth son of George 
Loch of Drylaw, in the county of Edinburgh, 
and has issue ; 3^'. Catherine Robertson, 
married Adam Gibb Ellis of Edinburgh' 
W.S. (no issue); 4^/1. Rachel Robertson' 
married George Brodie, advocate in Edin- 

burgh, and Historiographer-General for 

2. Mary Garden, bap. 27th Dec' 1768. Wit- 

nesses, Rev"^ George Moir, and George 
Gordon of Sheelagreen (relative of Mrs. 
George Moir's, see sequel). 

3. Jean Garden, bap. 17th Aug' 1764. Wit- 

nesses, George Gordon of Sheelagreen, and 
Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerkhill. 

Of the sons of Elizabeth Moir and Robert Garden, 
one was a Colonel in the Army, and died unmarried. 
Another son, George Garden (not in above list), 
settled as a merchant at Montreal, married his rela- 
tive, Euphemia, daughter of William Forbes of Echt, 
Aberdeenshire — (see family of Forbes of Waterton, 
p. 55) — and had at least two sons — viz., Robert 
Garden of London, married (no issue), and William 
Garden, also of London, married, and has issue. 

Of the other daughters of Elizabeth Moir and 
Robert Garden, one became Mrs. Garland of Cairn- 
ton, near Fordoun, and had issue ; another, wife of 
Lieut. Forsyth, R.N., of Harthill, Aberdeenshire, 
and had issue ; another married Andrew Nicol of 
Aberdeen, of the same family as Nicol of Ballogie, 
in Aberdeenshire, and had issue ; and another be- 
came Mrs. Greig, and had issue ; her husband was a 
farmer in Forfarshire. 



The Rev'' George Moir, M.A., born at Ellon 5th 
April 1 74 1, took his degree of M.D. at Marischal 
College, Aberdeen ; diploma dated 1 765 ; was, accord- 
ing to Scott's " Fasti," licensed 26th April, presented 
by George III., 6th May 1765, to Peterhead, and or- 
dained 1 1 th August following. Of this much respected 
gentleman, who was for the long period of fifty-five 
years minister of Peterhead, it is told that he had at 
the same place, at different times, " three churches, 
three manses, and thrice an augmentation of his 
living." Dr. Moir had a sexton who lived in the 
Kirkton of Peterhead named Mutch, and he was 
fond of saying, "that there is Mutch in the Kirkton, 
but Moir (often pronounced More) in the manse." 
He wrote " The Statistical Account of the Parish 
of Peterhead," which Is very valuable. 

Dr. Moir, who died i8th March 181 8, and is 
interred at Peterhead, married, 7th August 1766, 
Martha, third daughter of Patrick Byres I. of Tonley 
— (see that family ') — and commenced the connection 
between the Moirs and Byres, which has resulted 
in their being merged into one family. 

Mrs. Moir died in Nov' 1816, aged 'j'j, and was 
buried beside her husband. Issue, eight sons and 
two daughters, viz.'' : — 

I. Andrew, bap. June 12, 1767. Witnesses, 

Robert Garden, baillie (the child's uncle by Register of 
marriage), and Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerk- 

1 Copy letter from Earl Marischall, see p. 66. 

2 There are fine portraits of this couple at Tonley, painted by 
their son, John Moir. 


hill. An officer In the army, died in India, 
2. Patrick, or Peter (so called in Register), 
bap. July 5, 1769. Witnesses, Peter 
Buyers of Tonley, and George Gordon of 
Sheelagreen. Was Secretary to Lord 
Minto, Governor-General of India, whom 
he accompanied to Bengal in 1807, and 
was appointed Commissioner of the Court 
of Requests at Calcutta in the same year ; 
a trust which he discharged with integrity, 
assiduity, and ability to the time of his de- 
cease, which occurred there 5th Feb'' 18 10. 
For inscription on his tombstone, erected by 
his friend and patron, Lord Minto, see p. 67.' 
^^sisterof 3. James, bap. 14th Nov"^ 1 770. Witnesses, George 

Gorden, Sheelagreen, and Bailie Robert 
Garden of Clerkhill. Of him again, see 
p. 36. 

4. Robert, bap. 24th INIarch 1772. Witnesses, Mr. 

David Wilson, surgeon, and George Gordon 
of Sheelagreen. Died unmarried. 

5. John, born in or about 1775, well known in the 

north-east of Scotland as an artist, and in not 
a few of the country houses there are his por- 
traits to be seen. He acquired the small 
property of St. Catherine's, near Peterhead, 
where he often resided, and died 28th Feb'' 
1859, and was interred beside his parents in 
Peterhead Churchyard. Mr. Moir married, in 
1800, his cousin-german Catherine, eldest 
daughter and co-heir of Captain John Byres, 

1 There is a fine portrait, by Raeburn, of this gentleman in the 
possession of his nephew Mr. Moir-Crane. 


R.E. — (See Byres of Tonley.) Issue, four 
sons and three daughters, viz. : — 

1. George, born at Ambleside, Westmore- 

land, where he died an infant. 

2. Patrick Moir-Byres, IV. of Tonley— see 

that family. 

3. James Gregory Moir-Byres, V. of Ton- 

ley, see that family. 

4. George Moir-Byres, VI. and now of 

Tonley, see that family. 

1. Isabella, died unmarried. 

2. Catherine, married first John-Foster 

Fraser ; issue, two sons, viz., John 
Fraser and George Patrick Fraser; 
and secondly, William Findlay. 

3. Stuart, married 3d April 1849 James 

Balvaird- Bathgate Junor, and has 
one son, George Moir Junor, born 
2d Jan'' 1850. 

6. William, sometime a writer in Edinburgh, 

went to Trinidad, and died there unmarried 
31st Aug' 1802. 

7. Forbes, died young. 

8. Andrew, of Quebec, merchant, died there un- 

married in 1832. 
I. Janet Moir (eldest daughter of the Rev'' George 
Moir and Martha Byres), married first 
Christopher Norton^ of Penkridge and 
Congrave, in the county of Stafford, to whom 

she had one son and two daughters, viz. : 

I. James Christopher Norton, a Lieut, in the 
Hon. E. I. Company, died in India, 
^ Son of Christopher Norton of Penkridge, &c. 


1. Louisa Latifer Norton, who became the 

first wife of Alexander Copland, 
advocate, Aberdeen, son of Pro- 
fessor Patrick Copland of the same 
place, and had issue — 

2. Martha Norton, died unmarried. 

Janet Moir, married, secondly, Captain John 
Davidson of Gottenburgh, to whom she had two 
sons, viz. : — 

1. George Moir Davidson, minister of Watten, in 

Caithness, married Isabella, daughter of the 
Rev** William Grant of Sandy, in the island 
of Orkney. Issue six sons and two 
daughters, viz.^ : — 

1. George William Davidson, born 1836, 

Professor of Anatomy in the Veterinary 
College, Edinburgh ; died unmarried. 

2. John Kerr Davidson, D' of Blackburn, Lan- 

cashire, married Mary, daughter of Cap- 
tain Woodruffe, R.N., and had issue. 

2. Patrick Moir Davidson, some time an 

officer East India Mercantile Service, 
married Sophia, daughter of Captain 

' The Revd G. M. Davidson of Watten and Isabella Grant— 

3. Patrick Moir Davidson, D"' of Congleton, b. 3d Feby 

1844, m'' first, Anna Phipps, dau. of William Boileau 
of Dublin, merchant, and secondly, Emily Stainforth. 

4. James Andrew Davidson, j ^^^^ deceased. 

5. Robert Davidson, J 

6. David Charles Davidson, Surgeon, Indian Army, married 

Edith F. Meynell, second dau. of Major-General 
Clarke, formerly Commissioner of Oudh. 

1. Jessie Moir Davidson, died 1844. 

2. Isabella Davidson. 



Charles White, Commissioner at Antigua, 
West Indies. Issue, with a son, Patrick 
Howard White, died in infancy. One 
daughter, Sophia Davidson, married first, 
26th Aug' 1856, George Ranken, Lieut.-Col. 
69th Bengal N.I., and had (with other 
issue, died young) — isL George Patrick 
Ranken, born 13th Ocf 1859, Lieut. 6th 
Bengal N.I. ; 2d. Jessie Georgina Ranken, 
married 1876 her cousin, John Claude 
White, C.E., and has issue. Sophia David- 
son (Mrs. Ranken) married, secondly, 1876, 
D' William Michael MacGrath, of Bayswater, 
and has a son, Michael Reginald MacGrath. 

2. Jane Moir (second daughter of Rev** George 
Moir), became first wife of the Rev"* William Donald 
of Peterhead. (No issue.) 



James Moir, M.D. (third son of the Rev'' George 
Moir and Martha Byres of Tonley, see p. 32), bap. 
at Peterhead 14th Nov' 1770, was sometime of 
Johnston, Rubislaw, near Aberdeen, and afterwards 
of Braehead, near Old Aberdeen. Dr. Moir, who 
was one of the leading physicians of his day in 
Aberdeen — see next page — died there in Nov" 
1 86 1, and was interred in St. Nicholas Churchyard, 
in the vault of his maternal ancestors, the Donald- 
sons of Auchmull.^ He married in 1802 his cousin- 
german Janet (who died 181 8, and was also interred 
in the Donaldson vault), youngest daughter and co- 
heir of Cap' John Byres, R.E., by his wife, Isobel 
Donaldson of AuchmulL— See families of Byres 
and Donaldson. 

1. James, died young, b. 181 7, d. 1826. 

2. Patrick, his heir. 

I. Janet (Jessie), of Bon Accord St., Aberdeen ; 
died unmarried 1870. 

The Late Dr. James Moir. 
From ^'' Aberdeen Journal" November 1861. 
We obsened the name of this old and respected citizen in our 
obituary of the bye-past week, and cannot let it pass without some 
slight notice of the event. 

^ Inscription on tomtjstone — " Under this stone, in the place of 
sepulture appropriated during 200 years for her maternal ancestors 
of the name of Donaldson, the last of Auchmull, are deposited the 
remains of Janet, wife to Dr. Moir, Physician in Aberdeen, who 
died in the 17th June 1818, ast. 37. Also of their son James, who 
died in April 1826, aged 9 years; and of the above Dr. Moir, 
who departed this life 4th Nov' 1861, aged 91." &c. 


Dr. Moir was born at Peterhead in 1770, being the son of the 
minister of the parish ; and having received the early portion of 
his education partly there, and partly at the Academy of Mary- 
culter, under the charge of Dr. Glennie, he entered the classes at 
Marischal College, and passed through the usual course of study 
at the University. Being destined for the medical profession, he 
became a pupil of the late Dr. George French, who was Professor 
of Chemistry ; and while thus engaged, he, along with a few fellow- 
students, among whom was the late Sir James M'Gregor, for the 
sake of mutual improvement, met together, and instituted the 
Medico-Chirurgical Society on the 15th of December 1789. He 
subsequently went to Edinburgh, and completed his medical educa- 
cation under the superintendence of his relative, Dr. James Gregory, 
Professor of Medicine in the University, and graduated there about 
the year 1792. He was soon after attached as surgeon to the 
Hopetoun Fencibles, and continued with this corps till it was dis- 
embodied in 1798. After this Dr. Moir settled permanently in 
Aberdeen as a medical practitioner. He was elected one of the 
medical officers of the Royal Infirmary in 1808, and resigned this ap- 
pointment in 1 814. He was also appointed surgeon to the Aberdeen 
Bridewell after its erection ; and, besides conducting an extensive 
private practice, he took an active interest in the management and 
prosperity of the various public charities and institutions of the 
city. Though originally of a strong constitution, he began to feel 
the infirmities of age approaching, and, after a long and laborious 
medical career, he finally retired from the practice of his profession 
in 1843, and from this time lived in the quietness of private life at 
his cottage of Braehead, near Balgownie, enjoying the respect 
and affection of his friends and neighbours. He continued to 
possess remarkably good health, and was seldom confined to his 
bed till within a few days of his death, which took place, without a 
struggle, on the 4th November 1861 — thus wanting only six days 
to complete his ninety-first year. His funeral was conducted on 
Monday, the nth November, from the hall of the Medico-Chirur- 
gical Society in King Street — the remains being preceded by the 
President and Members of the Society walking in procession — to 
the Churchyard of St. Nicholas, out of respect to his memory. Any 
lengthened eulogium on the deceased would be out of place. His 
habits were domestic and retiring, and he avoided public notice 
and display. As a practitioner, he was much esteemed for his 
accurate and extensive knowledge, and the kindness and conde- 


scension he showed in his intercourse with his brethren. The same 
qualities were no less felt in his intercourse with his patients ; 
though sometimes he might startle by the abruptness of his manner, 
his wonted urbanity soon reconciled them to him, and they came 
to regard him with much confidence and affection. In fact, under 
a certain roughness of exterior there lay concealed much tenderness 
and feeling, too often called forth during those scenes of affliction 
and distress which medical men are so frequently obliged to wit- 
ness in the course of their professional duties. To the poor he 
gave largely of his time and skill, without the least expectation of 
being remunerated. He was a sincere Christian, and kind and 
benevolent to all. 



Patrick Moir, present head and representative of 
this branch of the Moir family. Born 1813. As- 
sumed the additional surname of Crane,^ and is now 
of Crowcroft, Levenshulme, Lancashire. Married 
1838 Maria, eldest daughter of John White, mer- 
chant, of Quebec — see family of White, p. 68. Issue 
seven sons and three daughters. 

1. George, now of Stoneywood, Victoria Park, 

Manchester. Born 23d April 1839. Married 
nth Aug' 1866 Sophia Matilda, eldest 
daughter of Andrew Hume Bulteel, of Her 
Majesty's Customs, Liverpool — see family 
of Bulteel, p. 68. Issue, five sons and two 
daughters, viz. : — 

1. Patrick, born loth Oct' 1869. 

2. George Bulteel, born 29th Sept' 1870. 

3. Edward Byres, born 30th June 1873. 

4. Douglas, born 31st J an^ 1875. 

5. James Sandilands, born 28th July 


1. Sophie. 

2. Mabel. 

2. James, born ist July 1842, merchant, of 

Albany, U.S., married 20th April 1870, 
Alice Catherine, daughter of Edward An- 
drews, M.D., of Titchfield, Hants. Issue 
(with a son. Byres, and two daughters, Alice- 

1 The sons of Mr. Moir-Crane drop the surname of Crane. 


Maud and Mary Helen, died young), two 
sons and two daughters : — 

1. James Douglas, b. 29th Aug' 1871. 

2. Gordon, b. 27th Oct' 1877. 
I. Alice-Hilda. 2. Dorothea. 

3. Douglas, M.D., of Manchester, born 15th June 

1844, married 6th Dec' 1876 Mary Flo- 
rence, daughter of Edward Wood of Man- 
chester, merchant. Issue two sons and one 
daughter, viz. : — 

1. Edward, born 14th Jan^ 1878. 

2. Douglas, born ist Sept' 1883. 
I. Marjory Douglas. 

4. John, born 27th July 1848, married 30th June 

1880 Esther Anne Mallaber, daughter of 
William Lowndes- Yates of Congleton, 
Cheshire. Issue two sons : — 

1. Howard Lowndes, b. 7th Aug' 1881. 

2. John Lowndes, b. 20th Dec' 1882. 

5. Patrick, born 22d March 1850, married i6th 

April 1879 Anne, daughter of Charles Smith 
Ross and Euphemia Buchan Cruden, both 
of Aberdeenshire. 

6. Byres, M.B., of Leinster Square, Bayswater, 

London. Born 5th April 1853. 

7. Richard, born 27th ]an^ 1855. 

I. Jessie Caroline, married 23d June 1870 John 
Hill of Manchester, merchant. Issue four 
sons and two daughters, viz. : — 

1. Harold James, born 6th Sept' 1874. 

2. Claude John Gomes, born 3d July 



3- Cyril Patrick, born 28th June 1879. 
4, Francis Joseph, born 15th Nov"" 1880, 
died July 20th 1881. 

1. Florence Maria White. 

2. Evelyn Rebecca, died young. 

2. Caroline, married 20th June 1872 James 

Hutchison of Liverpool, merchant, and has 
issue — 

1. Robert Leonard, b. 4th Nov' 1876. 

2. Allan Moir, b. 20th March 1878. 

1. Caroline Maria. 

2. Kathleen Gilmour. 

3. Margaret Constance. 

3. Maria. 


and Janet Forbes, i68i. 

Att Linnheid, the nynt day of August J^vi" four- 
scoir ane yeires, it is appoyntit, contractit, and agriet 
vpon betwixt Gilbert Moir, in Haddo off Foveran, 
on the ane pairt, and Janet Forbes, laufull daughter to 
vmquhill Patrick Forbes, see p. 9, sumtyme oif Black- 
hall,^ on the vther pairt, in manner, forme, and to the 
effect efterspecifeit : That is to say, the said Gilbert 
Moir and Janet Forbes obleidges thame to solemnise 
and accomplish the holie band of matrimonie, ilk ane 
of thame tuo with the vther, in face of holie kirk, be 
the wordis of the present t}^me, and that with all 
convenient dilligence efter the subscryveing of thir 
presents, and thereafter to love, cherish, and inter- 
taine ilk ane of thame the vther as Christiane 
mairied personis of their degrie and qualitie, swa 
long as it shall pleas God that they two lives 
togidder: In contemplatione of the quhilk marriage, 
and for the better proceiding therintill, the said 

* Forbes of Blackball was a cadet of the old family of Pitsligo, 
thus— Patrick Forbes of Blackball, a grandson of Alexander 
Forbes VI. of Pitsligo, called " the Red Laird," by Beatrix, dau. 
of the Lord Saltoun) m'' . . . issue : — 

1. John, M.D., the Rev"" (degree 1668), minister, first of 

Coldstone, translated to Kincardine-O'Neil 1680. Wit- 
ness to above contract 1681. — (Scot's Fasti, p. 534, 
part vi.) 

2. Alexander, in Benwalls, also a witness, probably another 


1. Janet, m'' 1681 Gilbert Moir. 

2. Isobel, m"" 16th Feb" 1664 the Rev'' John Mair of Tough 

(1663). — Scot's Fasti, ibid., p. 566, and had issue. 


Janet Forbes hes desponit and heirby disponis to 
the said Gilbert Moir, hir futur husband, all and 
sundrie guidis, geir, insight plinishing, or vtheris 
quhatsomever pertening to hir and now in hir 
possessioune. And sicklyke hes made and constitute, 
and be thir presentis makis and constituts the said 
Gilbert Moir, his airis, executouris, or assignayes, 
hir laufull cessioneris and assignayes in and to the 
saidis guidis, geir, insight plinisheing, or vthers 
quhatsomever pertening to hir and now in hir 
possessioune. And sicklyke in and to all and sundrie 
debts and soumes of money, guidis, or geir addebtit 
and resting oweing to hir, be quhatsumever persone 
or personis, either vpone band, obligatioune, contract, 
dispositione, tiket, promise, letterwill, testament, 
leo-acie, provisione, or otherwayes quhatsumever; 
And surrogats and substitutis the said Gilbert Moir, 
hir said futur husband, and his forsaidis, in hir full 
vice and place of the premissis, with full power to him 
and his above writtine to call and persew for pay- 
ment of the saidis debtis, and give dischairges on 
the recept thairof, to intromitt with, uplift, and re- 
ceave the said guidis, geir, insight and plinisheing, 
to sell vs and dispon thairupon at his pleasour, dis- 
penseing with the generalitie heirof, and admitting 
and declairing the samen to be als valid and suffi- 
cient in all respects, as if everie particuUar of the 
saidis guidis, geir, insight plinisheing, debts, soumes 
of money, and uthers above specifeit wer heirin 
insert, ingrossit, disponit, and assignit per expres- 
sume : In consideratione quhairof, and for the said 
Jannet Forbes hir lyfrent provisione, the said 
Gilbert Moir bindis and obleidges him, his airis, 
executouris, and successouris, to wair, bestow, and 


imploy the soume of ane thousand merkis Scotis 
money upon land, band, merchandice, husbandrie, 
guidis, geir, or vther penieworthis, wher best imploy- 
ment may be hade for the tyme, and to sufficienthe 
secur and provyd the forsaid soume of ane thousand 
merks money forsaid to himself and the said Janet 
Forbes, his said futur spous, the langest liver of 
thame two in lyfrent, and to the bairnis to be 
procreat betwixt thame in fie, quhilks failzieing, to 
the said Gilbert Moir, his owne neirest airis, execu- 
touris, or assignayes quhatsumever. With this pro- 
visione alwayes, that the saidis guidis, geir, debtis, 
and soumes of money now perteining to the said 
Janet Forbes, and disponit and assigneit be hir in 
maner forsaid, shalbe a pairt of the forsaid soume 
of ane thousand merkis, quhairinto shoe is provydit 
in lyfrent and hir bairnes in fie, in maner above 
mentionit : And both pairties ar content and con- 
sents thir presentis be insert and registrat in the 
bookis of counsill and sessione, sheref or commissar 
bookis of Aberdein, ther to remaine ad fzitiiram 
rej memoriam, that letteris and executoriallis neces- 
sar in forme as effeiris may be direct thairon, and 
constituts , 

their procuratouris, &c. — In witness quhairof, thir 
presents (writtine be James Cuming, notar publict) 
ar subscryveit with their handis, day, yeir, and place 
forsaid, befoir thir witnessis, Alexander Forbes, in 
Benvallis, Maister Johne Forbes, minister at Cold- 
stane, and the said James Cuming. 

(Signed) Gilbert Moir. 

J- F- 

(Signed) A. Forbes, witnes. 

John fforbes, witnes. 
J, Cuming, witnes. 


1 688. Burgess' Diploma in favour of Andrew 
MoiR, at Old Mill of Foveran, see p. 1 1. 

At Aberdeen, the eleventh day of the month of 
September 1688, in presence of the provest, baillies, 
dean of gild, treasurer, and several of the councillors 
of the said burgh ; on which day Andrew Moir, at 
the Old Mill of Foveran, was received and admitted 
as a free burgess and gild brother of the aforesaid 
burgh of Aberdeen, for the composition of thirty 
pounds money of this kingdom, paid to the dean of 
gild, with ten pounds for the gild wine, for good 
considerations moving them ; five shillings being 
also paid to the provest in a white purse, as the 
manner is, and the usual oath being given by the 
said burgess. 

Extracted from the books of the Council of the 
said burgh by me, 

H^ Robertson. 

{Translated from the original in Latin). 


ARMORIAL BEARINGS of the Family of 
MoiR or More in Scotland, from the " Lyon 

I. Doctor WilHam Moir, of Scotstoune, bears 
argent three negroes' heads coupe, proper, with a 
ribband or scarf about ye brow knit behind, of 

Registered the first ; above ye shield ane helmet befitting his 
•672-78. degree, mantled gules, doubled, argent. Next is 
placed on ane torse for his crest a mort head upon 
two leg bones saltyre ways, proper. The motto in 
the escroll — " Non sibi sed cunctis." — (Not for self, 
but for all.) 

II. John Moir, of Stoneywood, argent three 
mouritannian heads, couped, and distilling gutt de 

Same date, sang, proper. Crest, a mouritannian head couped as 
ye former. Motto — " Major opima ferat." — (Let 
the worthiest carry off the prize). 

III. James Moir, of Invernethie, Esquire, pater- 
nally descended from the family of Stoneywood, 

1792. argent three Moor's heads couped, each wreathed 

with laurel, and distilling three drops of blood, all 
proper ; in chief, a dexter hand pointing with the 
fore-finger towards the base of the last, crest an eye 
proper. Motto — " Deus dedit." — (God gave). 
Matriculated 27th Jan'' 1792. 

IV. Master William More, of Hilton, Advocate, 
bears or, three men's heads couped, distilling drops 

1672-78. of blood proper, wreathed about with bay leaves, 


vert. Crest, a dexter arm issuing from the shoulder 
out of a cloud, and holding a branch of laurel, slipped, 
all proper. Motto — ■" Virtute non aliter." — (By 
virtue, not otherwise.) 

V. Thomas Moir, of Otterburne, whose grand- 
father was a second son of ye familie of Abergeldie, 
argent three Negroes' heads couped, proper, within a 
bordure, counter indented, sable, and ar. Crest, a Same date, 
negroe's head, as the former. Motto — " Medio- 
criter." — (With moderation). 


written 1795 
to l8og. 


" Gardez bien " — (Guard well). 
Simple arms, arure, three fleurs de lis or. 

The first of this name in Scotland was Robert de Montgomery, 
who received a grant of the lands of Eglisham, in Renfrewshire, 
1160-1175, died about 1177. From him comes the noble family 
of Montgomer)', Earls of Eglintoun, and many others. 

Of Agnes Montgomerie or Montgomery, wife of Andrew Moir, 
I. of Oldmill, bom 1650, died March 1730, see p. 12, I have 
been able to find out ver)' httle about. All I presently know of 
her family is from a scrap of paper, amongst the family papers 
of Mr. George Moir of Stoneywood, near Manchester, addressed 
to Provost More, — i.e., George More of Raeden, who was Provost 
of Aberdeen 1795-97, and again from 1807-9, see p. 18, — in 
the handwriting, I think, of his cousin, the late Dr. James Moir, 
of Aberdeen, viz., " Hay of Renneston ^ (a property in Logie- 
Buchan, Aberdeenshire, now held by the Dingvvall family), went 
to Berwickshire or Northumberland (more probably Ayrshire) and 
married a Miss Montgomerie. Her sister, Agnes Montgomerie, 
came with her, and married Oldmill (that is, Andrew Moir). N.B., 
that was the last Rennieston's father. I believe Rob' Simpson 
of Thornton's wife (see p. 50) was some connection of the 
Montgomeries, for he, Rob' Simpson, got acquainted with his 
wife by the connection of the Oldmill people." The matter 
within brackets is added. — No doubt Agnes Montgomerie's or 
Moir's people, had originally come from the south country, as 
above stated, but there were families of the surname located in 
Foveran and the neighbourhood over two centuries ago. 

Reg. of Brp 
of Foveran 

1661. Dec' 2. John Montgomerie in Tillycorthie, parish of Udny — 

(Sheriff Court Records of Aberdeen.) 
1680. April 28. Robert Montgomerie in Groveshill (Greyshill 

probably ; a farm in Foveran), is a witness to the baptism 

• Alexander Hay of Rannieston, died before 1 6th Nov' 1 72 1, when his will 
is recorded. He had probably been a son of Hay of Rannieston, by Miss 
Montgomery, the sister of Agnes Montgomery, wife of Andrew Moir, I. of 
Oldmill — p. 12. Widow, Margaret Brodie. Children — 

I. Alexander ; 2. Hugh ; 3. James, appointed in will his executor ; 4. 
Mr. Thomas ; 5. Charles. I. Elizabeth. 


of Marjory, daughter of Andrew Moir of Overhill — 
see p. 15. 

1 68 1. June 4. Robert Montgomerie in Pitgerso, a son bap., 

called Robert. Witnesses, Robert Montgomerie elder, 
Robert Chein, and Robert Montgomery younger (Pit- 
gerso or Pitgersie adjoins Greyshill). 

1682. Jan' 8. John Montgomery. Witness to the bap. of John, 

son of George More, in the parish of Udny. 

1683. June 2 1. Robert Montgomerie. Witness to the bap. ot 

Samuel, son of Andrew Moir — see p. 15. 

1683. Dec' 6. William Montgomery, at the Hill of Fiddes, has 

Jean bap. Witnesses, William Crawford, William 

1684. John Montgomery, a child bap. in fornication, called 

Gilbert. Witnesses, Gilbert Moir, Robert Montgomery, 

1687. Nov' 18. William Montgomery has Margaret bap. Wit- 
nesses, William Craighead and William Rainy. 

Inferences. — As Robert Montgomery the elder was 
a witness to the bap. of several of the children of Andrew 
Moir and Agnes Montgomery, it is most probable he 
was a near relation; probably Mrs. Moir's father or 
brother. Hid. 

1705. Jan' 7. Alexander Black and Margaret Montgomery married. Marriage 
This had probably been a near relative of Alexander 
Blake (so name is spelt in same register), who married, 
27th July 1714, Agnes Steven (Stephen), and were 
progenitors of the " Blacks of Wateredgemuir," in 
Logie-Buchan. Thomas Black, who bought Wateredge- 
muir, married loth July 1787 Mary Sangster (and was 
succeeded by their eldest son, Thomas Black of Water- 
edgemuir, who married Margaret, daughter of Alexander 
Innes of Clerkseat, Commissary of Aberdeen, father ot 
the late Alexander Black, of Hyde Park Terrace, Lon- 
don, who married Harriet, daughter of John S. Salt, J. P. 
and D.L., of Weeping Cross, co. Stafford), and were the 
grandparents of John Black, who married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Garden of Millfield, Aberdeenshire. 
Their dau., Isobel Sarah Black, m. 1870 David Gill, 
LL.D., of Blairythan — see p. 24. 



' ' Implebitur '' — (It will increase). 

The Simsons — Simpsons — Sympsons, &:c., sons of Simon, are 
believed to have been originally Frasers of the Lovat family. 
Simon being the name of the first of them who settled in the 
Highlands, and a common name for their chiefs, they adopted 
the Gaelic designation of Mac-Shimei — that is, the sons of Simon — 
hence Simonson, Simson, or Simpson. A tradition which is pre- 
served in an old branch of the Simpson family, long setded in the 
parish of Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire, from whom Simpson of Hazel- 
head, near Aberdeen, was descended, is to the effect that at a 
gathering in Inverness-shire, one Simon Fraser, hearing a piper 
play an obnoxious tune, slew him, and had to fly to the Lowlands, 
and was their ancestor. 

The Simpsons of Idoch or Udoch, in the parish of Turriff, in 
Aberdeenshire, are stated to have owned that property from about 
the end of the i6th century. George Sympson of Udoch is Laird 
in 1649 (Acts of Parliament of Scotland, vol. vi., p. 192). Their 
arms in the Lyon Register are, argent, on a chief vert, three 
crescents of the first. ^ Crest, a Falcon. Motto — Alis nutrior 
(I am fed by birds). Robert Simpson of Thornton registers his 
arms, 1672-8, same as Idoch, but indents the chief as his difference; 
and for crest, a crescent or, and motto, Implebitur. Simpson of 
Hazelhead (descended of the Belhelvie family) bears as Idoch, 
within a bordure for difference; indeed all the Scotch families of 
the surname have their arms as " Idoch," with a difference. The 
late Sir James Young Simpson, Baronet, M.D., of Strathavon, 
Linlithgowshire, the most eminent person of the surname, bore, 
or, on a chief vert, a goshawk (the crest of Udoch) between two 
crescents argent. 

I. Robert Simpson was Laird of Thomtoun, Lawellsyde, and 
Pittgavinie, in the parish of Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, prior to 6th 
Oct' 1669, in which year he is witness to a service — John Gordon 
of Bradlane (Broadland, near Huntly). — (Sheriff Court Records.) 
He registers arms as before stated, 1672-8, and is alive, resident, 

Scottish Arms. ^ Lindsay of the Mount, Lyon 154.2, gives this coat for the surname of Sym- 

soun, but a coat with the chief azure (ibid.) occurs 150S. The seal of George 
Symson, 1561, bears a fesse, instead of the chief, between three crescents. 
George Simpson of Udoch, 1672-8, was allowed the coat as in Workman, 

Poll- Book. 1565-6. This Laird, with his wife, Jean Leslie, and family, appear as residing 

at Idoch, 1695-6. 


and polled at Thornton, with his children, Robert, John, and 
Elizabeth, 1695-6 — (Poll-book of Aberdeenshire, vol. i., p. 334), 
and was dead before 1729 — (wife probably a Montgomerie, sister 
of Mrs. Moir, pp. 12 and 48). Issue — 

1. Robert, his heir. 

2. John, polled at Thornton 1695-6. 

r. Elizabeth, born 1675, married 1 699-1 700, Andrew Moir, II. 
(of Cultercullen and Oldmill). — See that family, p. 17. 

II. Robert Simpson, II. of Thornton, &c., succeeded before 
1729; married . Issue (Bourtie Parish Register) — 

1. Alexander, bap. 9th May 17 13. Witnesses, Alexander 

Simpson of Concraig, in the parish of Skene (the child's 
uncle), and James Man, in the parish of Tarves. 

2. Robert, bap. May 8, 1 7 14. Witnesses, Alexander Gordon 

of Auchedie (Auchreddie), and John Symson, servitor 
to the Earl of Kintore (probably maternal and paternal 
I. Mary, bap. Nov' 13, 17 10. Witnesses, Alexander Simpson, 
in Mill of Kinguidy, and Robert Simpson, in Green of 

III. Robert Simpson, III. of Thornton. 

1. Helen, bap. 14th June 1744. Witnesses, John Leith of 

Blair and John Glenny. 

2. Elizabeth, bap. 9th Feb*' 1746. Witnesses, John Leith of 

Blair and John Glenny. 

Probably this Laird married a Miss Leith of Blair, which is a 
property in the parish of Bourtie. 

Alexander Simpson, in Mill of Kinguidy, Bourtie, a member of 
this family, had, according to the Bourtie Register, the following 
children baptized :— 

1. James, 14th Jan*" 1751. 

2. Alexander, 20th Jan'' 1753. 

3. Peter, 28th Ocf 1761. 

1. Janet, nth Feby 1750. 

2. Jean, 3d Nov' 1755. 

3. Elspet, sth July 1759. 

17 16. Dec' 13. (Same Register.) — John Tower, in New Aberdeen, 
and Elizabeth Simpson, married. 



I. Alexander Simpson ^ (brother of Robert Simpson, I. of Thorn- 
ton) was chamberlain to the Earl of Kintore, and in 1695-6 is 
polled as gentleman- tenant in Ardmurdo, parish of Kinkell, Aber- 
deenshire. He acquired, before 17 13, the estate of Concraig, 
in the parish of Skene, in that county. Married Margaret 
Symsone.' Issue, at least one son and six daughters, viz. : — 

I. Patrick, designed younger of Concraig 1729, and Laird in 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Helen ; married John Milne, in Brotherfield, in the parish of 

Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, and died 25th March 1752.^ 

3. Anna. 

4. Margaret ; married the Hon. Major-General Mark Napier, 

fifth son of Francis, V. Lord Napier, and had issue. — (See 
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, Art. Napier.) 

5. Katherine. (These five daughters, with their father and 

mother, are ahve, and polled at Ardmurdo 1695-6.) 

' Alexander Simpson, in Ardmurdo, had (Kinkell Register) the following 
children bap. : — 

1. Jean, iSth June 1706. Wit., Alex' Taylor, in Ardmurdo, and James 

Taylor, in Kinkell. 

2. Robert, 29th April 1 70S. Wit., Rob' Simpson of Thornton, and Mr. 

James Walker, in PeithiU. 

3. Elspet, 20th Dec' 17 18. Wit., Alexander Symson, in Belhelvie (this 

would almost point to a coimection with the, at one time, numerous 
family of Simpson there, one of whom, Elspet Simpson, niece of 
Innes of Stow, m"" Alexander Mitchell — (see p. 20), and Alexander 
Sangster, in Kinkell. 

Some of the other children had probably been bom at Concraig. 

' " 1677. 8th June. Alex. Symsone, and Marg' Symsone, his spouse, re- 
signed their rights in Lawelside, in Bourtie, to Robt Sympsone of Thornton, 
for 3000 merks." — (Inverurie Court Books.) (See Inverurie and the Earldom 
of the Garioch, p. 329.) 

^ Mrs Helen Simpson or Milne, who d. 1752, has the following modest — 
ahem ! — lines on her tombstone at Peterculter (Jervise's Epitaphs) : — 
" So, reader, underneath their lyes 

The virluous, prudent, chaste, and wise. 
Of beauty great, and gentle blood. 
The darling of the neighbourhood. 
Think then of her bright, gentle soul. 
And first admire, and then condole. " 


6. Barbara; contracted nth Jan'' 1730 to John Middleton, Register of St. 
younger of Aberdeen, merchant, and had two daughters. Nicholas. 

1. Ehzabeth Middleton; contracted 6th Aug' 1759 to her 

relative, William Mitchell, Merchant Burgess of Aber- 
deen, whose first wife she was. — (See p. 20.) 

2. Janet Middleton ; contracted 3d March 1766 to John Ibid. 

Ewen, of Aberdeen, Jeweller, author of the fine ballad, 
" Weel may the boatie row," whose only child 
I. Elizabeth Ewen, married 1787 a younger son of Grahame 

of Morphie, in Kincardineshire. Their son is Barron 

Graham of Morphie. 

William Simpson, Baillie of Aberdeen (another brother of the Ibid. 
first Lairds of Thornton and Concraig), married there, nth Sepf 
1699 Mary, daughter of David Aedie of Newark and Easter-Echt, 
Aberdeenshire (sister of Giles Aedie, wife of Alexander Skene, 
XVIII. of that ilk), and had at least one daughter, Sarah Simpson, 
II. wife of her cousin-german, George Skene, XIX. of that ilk. — 
(See Douglas' Baronage, p. 36.) 

Helen Simpson (a sister of the I. Thornton, &c.), married 
James Coutts in Milnbrig. She is alive, and polled at Kirkstyle 
of Cluny, with her daughter, Jean Gouts, 1695-6 (Poll-Book of 
Aberdeenshire, p. 225). Issue — i. James; 2. John, in Meikle 
Finnersie of Echt {Ibid., p. 210). i. Jean. — (Sheriff Court Records 
of Aberdeen, 13th July 1694.) 

1658. June 18. Gilbert Coutts, in Finnersies, on the service of 
Patrick Dun, in the lands of Tartie, and heir of Dr. 
Robert Dun, deceased the night before, pp. 80-81. 

1642. May 26. David Simpson, Burgess of Aberdeen, cautioner 
for Gilbert Coutts, in Finersie. 

1608. Aug' 23. David Symsone, Saddler in Aberdeen, cautioner 
for Robert Symsone, in Miltoune of Ashogle, parish of 
Turriff, which would almost point to a Turriff origin for 
the family.'^ 

1729. . . The said day compeared judicially William Simp- 
son, late BaiUie and Merchant in Aberdeen, Patrick 

• Inferences. — That the Simpsons, so long connected with the Turriff 
district, Lairds of Idoch there, &c., are the progenitors of the Thornton family, 
as also of the large farming family of Simpson, long settled in tlie Belhelvie 
district. George Simpson of Hazelhead, burgess cooper of Aberdeen, of the 
last family, had several daughters ; one of them married Turner of Menie ; 
another married one of the Bannermans of the Elsick family. 


Simpson, younger of Concraig, Alexander Livingstone, 
Merchant in Aberdeen, curators elected, nominate, and 
chosen by Robert Simpson, now of Thornton, lawful son 
to the deceased Robert Simpson of Thornton. 
The four above extracts are from the Sheriff Court Records of 


" Virtute inimica quies " — (Inactivity is an enemy to virtue). 

I. The first of this family was Thomas Forbes, who inherited 
AVaterton from his father — (William Forbes of Tolquhon, in the 
parish of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, by his marriage in 1580 with J. 
Ogilvie of Banff. The Forbeses of Tolquhon, who were celebrated 
for their loyalty to the Stuans, were one of the oldest and most 
influential branches of the noble family of Forbes) — married 
Jean, sister of Sir Gilbert Ramsay, Baronet, of Balmain, and was 
slain by the Kennedys of Kermuck 1652. Their son — 

II. Sir John Forbes of Waterton, Knight, Hereditary Constable 
of Aberdeen (Patent Charles II.), ni'' his cousin, 1663, Jean, sister 
of Sir George Gordon of Haddo, Baronet, afterwards Earl of Aber- 
deen ; died 1675 (both children of Sir John Gordon, Bart., of 
Haddo), whose third son — 

III. William Forbes, was in early life a medical practitioner in 
the town of Aberdeen (Poll-Book of Aberdeenshire, vol. ii., 
p. 632). Subsequent to 1695 Mr. William Forbes relinquished 
the medical for the clerical profession, and was for a long period, 
and up to the date of his death, Minister of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, 
a living to which he had been presented by his uncle on the 
mother's side, George, first Earl of Aberdeen. He m" Janet, 
daughter of Professor James Gregory, inventor of the reflecting 
telescope. — (See family of Gregory, p. 63). Of this union fifteen 
children were bom, who died either young or unmarried, except 
one son and four daughters, of whom the III., Jean Forbes, m"" 1 737 
the Rev. Andrew Moir (see p. 28). For the other three daughters 
of William Forbes and Janet Gregory see family of Gregory, p. 63 . 
The son— 

* For a more detailed account of this family vide Memorandum of the family 
of Forbes of Waterton, &c. 


IV. James Forbes, M.D., of Aberdeen, married— first, Mrs. 
Helen Forbes, who died s.p. 1743; and secondly, Euphemia 
Rowe, whose son — 

V. William Forbes of Echt and Springhill, Merchant in Aber- 
deen, had, by his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Thomas 
Arbuthnott of Montrose, younger brother of John, VI. Viscount 
Arbuthnott, with a son James Forbes, II. of Echt (of this family), 
and other issue, a daughter, Euphemia Forbes, married to her 
cousin, George Garden of Montreal, Merchant, p. 30. 

Arms of Forbes of Waterton. — First and fourth, three boars' 
heads, couped, argent, muzzled, gules, for Forbes ; second and 
third, three unicorns' heads, erased, sable (for marrying Marjory, 
heiress of Sir Henry Preston of Formartme), by way of surtout, on 
an escutcheon argent, charged with a sword and key, saltier ways, 
gules, as Constable of Aberdeen. 


" Stand sure." 

(Skene's History of the Highlands, vol. ii., § 228.) 

This surname, meaning literally the son of Andrew, denoting 
more probably a son of St. Andrew ; that is, a native Scotchman, 
as indicated by the cross of St. Andrew, the patron saint, in their 
shield. The Gaelic sept of Anderson are said to be an offshoot 
of the old potent stem of Clan Anrias, from which also sprang the 
Macandrews, MacGillanders, and the Gillanderes. One of the 
chief septs of this race were the Andersons of Candacraig, in jervise's 
Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, of which family there have been ten " Epitaphs, 
generations. The Andersons of Finshaugh derive from a very old '" '^' 
burgess race of "Bon-Accord," and appear to be connected with the 
town of Aberdeen, holding important offices in it, so far back almost 
as any of the records of the town extend. 

I. Gilbert Anderson, Burgess of Aberdeen, who died 2d Feb'' 
1598, m*" at Aberdeen, 29th May 1576, Janet Moir, who d. 4th Reg. of St 
May 1 60 1 — (inscription on their tombstone given in Menteith's Nicholas. 
Theatre of Mortality)— M\d. had at least three children, viz.. 

David (of him again) and Christian ^ and Marjory Anderson — 
(Marjory Anderson must have been a daughter by a former mar- 
riage, and thus only a half-sister of " Davie-do-a'-thing") — who 
married Andrew Jameson, an architect of Aberdeen. Their son 
was George Jameson, b. 1586, the celebrated painter, termed 
"The Scottish Vandyke," who m"*, 12th March 1624, Isobel 
Toasch, and had a large family, of which Mary Jameson married, 
for her second husband. Prof. James Gregory. — See that family, 
pp. 62-63. 


II. David Anderson (the son) was an eminent merchant ot 
Aberdeen, and acquired the estate of Finshaugh, or Finzeauch, 
in the parishes of Keig and Tough, Aberdeenshire. His mathe- 
matical genius and taste for practical mechanics, and his ingenuity 
Kennedy's in turning his skill to account on numberless occasions, won for 
"Annals, ^^^ ^-^^ sobi-'iquet of " Davie-do-a'-thing." His most notable 
achievement seems to have been the removal, in 16 10, of a large 
rock known by the name of " Crag-Metellan," or Knock-Maitland, 
which obstructed the entrance to the Aberdeen harbour. He 
died 9th Oct' 1629. By his wife, Janet Guild, daughter of a 
wealthy armourer of Aberdeen — probably of Matthew Gwill (or 
St. Nicholas Guild), who was in 1596 " dekin of the Hammerman " — and 
^^S- Mariane Ronaldsoun, m'' at Aberdeen 6th Nov' 1570 (who died in 

1667, having endowed a hospital at Aberdeen for the maintenance 
and education of ten poor orphans), sister of the eminent Dr. 
William Guild (sometime Principal and Lord Rector of King's 
College, Aberdeen), he had, with other issue, a son David, who 
succ** to Finshaugh, and died 19th Dec' 1643, whose representa- 
tives are the Bannermans, Baronets of Elsick, and a daughter, 
Janet Anderson, m*" the Rev. John Gregory of Drumoak ; and 
from this lady the famous mathematical abilities shown by her 
descendants are presumed to have come. 

' 1613. nth March. — David Anderson and Jean Guild had a daughter 
Family Bible. Christian baptized. 

1632. 24 Jany. — Christian Anderson, married George Wilson (eldest lawful 
son of Duncan Wilson, merchant burgess of Aberdeen), who became " of 
Finshaugh," and is represented by the Bannermans. — See Burke's Pterage 
ana Baronetage, &'c. 


The way in which this ingenious individual is said to have Dr. Joseph 
removed the rock Knock-Maitland, which in 1610 obstructed the Robertson, 
entrance to the Aberdeen harbour, is as follows :— " He secured a 
number of empty casks to the block at low-water (presumably after 
it had been loosened), and when the flowing tide lifted the mass 
from its bed, he seated himself on one of the barrels, and, with 
colours flying, sailed up the harbour, amidst the acclamations of 
the delighted citizens." Anderson is believed to have put up the 
sun-dial now in the wall of the Town-House (or probably its 
predecessor) in 1597. Kennedy, in his Antials of Aberdeen, says, 
" He was also architect at constructing the steeple of St. Nicholas 
Church, and placed the weather-cock upon it with his own hands. 
— Council Reg., vol. xlviii., p. 469." 

The picture of David Anderson (by his nephew Jameson) is 
now in the possession of his descendants the Bannermans, as is 
also an old chair, with his arms, &c. cut in high relief on it. 

1536. 27th May. David Anderson, Burgess of Aberdeen, grants Kennedy's 
a perpetual annuity of £1 : 8s., arising from a tenement " ^n"als," 
in the Upper Kirkgate, " moved by devotion, and for ™ ' "" ''' "' 
the good of his soul," to the Chantry and Altar of St. 
Salvator — Church of St. Nicholas. 
From Mortifications fixed up in Town-House, Aberdeen. 

" 1640. Jean Guild, relict of David Anderson of Finach, Janet 
Anderson, spouse of Mr. John Gregory, minister at 
Drumeack, Wil. Thores, son to Mr. Tho. Thores, 
Minister at Udney, and Geo. Wilson, son to the deceased 
Geo. Wilson, Merchant Surges of Aberdeen, mortified 
the heritable and liferent right of the lands and tene- 
ments called the Black Friers Manse in Abd., with the 
barns yeards of the samen, with two tenements of land in 
the Castlegate of the said burgh, and 1700 merks Scots 
money, for maintaining ten orphans at schools or trades 
in the town of Aberdeen, whereof each orphan is ap- 
pointed to have 50 merks Scots per annum." 

" 1657. Alex' Anderson, elder, Burges of Aberdeen, mortified an 
hundred pounds Scotts to the said burgh, and an hundred 
pounds Scotts to the Gild Brethern Hospital, reserving 
the annual rent of both the said summs to himself during 
his life."— Arms, "Anderson of Finshaugh," see next page. 
Alexander Anderson, D.D., Parson of Methlic and Vicar /^^v., p. 269. 
of Kinkell, Principal of the University 1550-8, and Mr. 


Andrew Anderson, Regent, in June 1569 deprived of 
their offices. 
1537-40. Alexander Anderson, Sub-Principal of University. 

Professors of Divinity. — 1704-10, George Anderson; 
17 1 1-34, David Anderson. 

Of the Finsaugh-Anderson family was — 

Alexander Anderson — some say a brother, others say a cousin, 
of " Davie-do-a'-thing," — born at Aberdeen near the close of the 
sixteenth century. He soon became known as an eminent mathe- 
matician, and was for some time a professor of mathematics at 
Paris. He published six thin quarto volumes, some of them 
exhibiting marked ability, and including the posthumous MSS. of 
Vieta, a celebrated geometrician, which he was chosen to edit. 

David Anderson, who went from Aberdeen in the early half of 
the eighteenth century, and settled as a planter at Kingston, in the 
Island of Jamaica, was also of this family. He married, and had, 
with a son David and a daughter Mary, who both died unmarried, 
another daughter, Margaret Anderson, b. 1757, m"* 1782 Patrick 
Gill of Aberdeen ; their son was the late David Gill of Blairythan, 
&c. — See p. 24. 

Arms — " Anderson of Finshaugh." — Argent, a saltire sable, 
in chief a crescent gules, in sinister, dexter, and base a mullet 
gules (so depicted on roof of Town-Hall of Aberdeen). 

" The saltire, or cross of St. Andrew's, evidently allusive to the 
name, is the principal change in 18 out of the 21 entries for the 
name in the Lyon Register." — Scottish Arms, p. 195. 


" Nee deficit alter "—(Another succeeds). 

The Gregories of Aberdeenshire, a family of which so many 
members were celebrated for their mathematical genius, settled in 
that county in or about 1624, and were originally Macgregors, and 
" counted kin " with the celebrated Rob Roy, to whom they were 
not very distantly related. 

From the introduction to Rob Roy, first ed., pp. liv. to lix. : — 
" Rob Roy was sent by the Earl of Mar to Aberdeen to raise, 
it is believed, a part of the Clan Gregor, which is settled in that 


country. These men were of his own family (the race of the Ciar 
Mohr). They were the descendants of about three hundred 
Macgregors whom the Earl of Murray, about the year 1624, 
transported from his estates in Monteith to oppose against his 
enemies the Macintoshes — a race as hardy and restless as they 
were themselves. But while in the city of Aberdeen, Rob Roy 
met a relation of a very different class and character from those 
whom he was sent to summon to arms. This was Dr. James 
Gregory (by descent a Macgregor), the patriarch of a dynasty of 
Professors distinguished for literary and scientific talents, and the 
grandfather of the late eminent physician and accomplished 
scholar, Professor Gregory of Edinburgh. This gentleman was 
at the time Professor of Medicine in King's College, Aberdeen, 
and son of Dr. James Gregory, distinguished in science as the 
inventor of the reflecting telescope. With such a family it may 
seem our friend Rob could have had little communion ; but civil 
war is a species of misery which introduces men to strange bed- 
fellows. Dr. Gregory thought it a point of prudence to claim 
kindred, at so critical a period, with a man so formidable and 
influential. He invited Rob Roy to his house, and treated him 
with so much kindness that he produced in his generous bosom 
a degree of gratitude which seemed likely to occasion very incon- 
venient effects. The Professor had a son about eight or nine 
years old — a lively stout boy of his age — with whose appearance 
our Highland Robin Hood was much taken. 

" On the day before his departure from the house of his learned 
relative, Rob Roy, who had pondered deeply how he might requite 
his cousin's kindness, took Dr. Gregory aside, and addressed him 
to this purport : — ' My dear kinsman, I have been thinking what 
I could do to show my sense of your hospitality. Now, here you 
have a fine spirited boy of a son, whom you are ruining by cram- 
ming him with your useless book learning, and I am determined, 
by way of manifesting my great goodwill to you and yours, to take 
him with me and make a man of him.' The learned Professor 
was utterly overwhelmed when his warlike kinsman announced his 
kind purpose, in language which implied no doubt of its being a 
proposal which would be, and ought to be, accepted with the 
utmost gratitude. The task of apology and explanation was of a 
most delicate description, and there might have been considerable 
danger in suffering Rob Roy to perceive that the promotion with 
which he threatened the son was, in the father's eyes, the ready 


road to the gallows. Indeed, every excuse which he could at first 
think of — such as regret for putting his friend to trouble with a 
youth who had been educated in the Lowlands, and so on — only 
strengthened the chieftain's inclination to patronise his young 
kinsman, as he supposed they arose entirely from the modesty of the 
father. He would for a long time take no apology, and even spoke 
of carrying off the youth by a certain degree of kindly violence, 
whether his father consented or not. At length the perplexed 
Professor pleaded that his son was very young, and in an infirm 
state of health, and not yet able to endure the hardships of a 
mountain life; but that in another year or two, he hoped his 
health would be firmly established, and he would be in a fitting 
condition to attend on his brave kinsman, and follow out the 
splendid destinies to which he opened the way. This agreement 
being made, the cousins parted, Rob Roy pledging his honour to 
carry his young relative to the hills with him on his next return to 
Aberdeenshire, and Dr. Gregory doubtless praying in his secret 
soul that he might never see Rob's Highland face again. James 
Gregor)', who thus escaped being his kinsman's recruit, and in all 
probability his henchman, was afterwards Professor of Medicine in 
the College, and, like most of his family, distinguished by his 
scientific acquirements. He was rather of an irritable and per- 
tinacious disposition ; and his friends were wont to remark, when 
he showed any symptoms of these foibles, ' Ah, this comes of not 
having been educated with Rob Roy.' "^ 

The connection between Rob Roy and his classical kinsman 
did not end with the period of Rob's transient power. At a period 
considerably subsequent to the year 1715, he was walking in the 
Castle Street of Aberdeen arm in arm with his host, Dr. James 
Gregory, when the drums in the barracks suddenly beat to arms, 

' The first of these anecdotes, which brings the highest pi»ch of civihsation 
so closely in contact with the half-savage state of society, I have heard told by 
the late distinguished Dr. Gregory ; and the members of his family have had 
the kindness to collate the story with their recollections and family documents, 
and furnish the authentic particulars. The second rests on the recollections of 
an old man who was present when Rob Roy took French leave of his literary 
cousin on hearing the drums beat, and communicated the circumstance to Mr. 
Alexander Forbes, a connection of Dr. Gregory's by marriage, who is still 
alive, 1S29. The Gregories of Aberdeenshire descend from a common ancestor, 
with their famous kinsman, Rob Roy, viz., Dugald Ciar Mohr, or the great 
mouse-coloured man, a brother of Macgregor of that Ilk, or of Glenstra;, in 
Perthshire, chief of that ancient clan. Tevip. James VI. 


and soldiers were seen issuing from the barracks. " If these lads 
are turning out," said Rob Roy, taking leave of his cousin with 
great composure, " it is time for me to look after my safety." So 
saying, he dived down a close, and, as John Bunyan says, " went 
upon his way, and was seen no more." 


" Altius "—(Higher). 

Gregor Macgregor, fourth son of Gregor Macgregor, XII. of that Douglas' 
ilk, who died about 1413, was ancestor of this family. 496'.°^^^' 

Their direct ancestor, who appears to have acquired consider- 
able wealth, was — 

I. James Gregory, Saddler, Burgess of Aberdeen, who was dead Scott's ^ 
before 27th May 1623, when his son — ^5 pf^o?^^' 

II. The Rev*" John Gregory^ was served his heir. In 162 
Minister of Drumoak, in Aberdeenshire, " refusing to sign the 
Covenant, he fled to England, but, returning in June 1639, he was 
seized in bed on the night of the 2d June 1640 by a party of 
soldiers, carried before Gen. Monk, and fined. He was reponed, 
however, in 1641. He was again deposed in 1649, but the Synod ^ui- 
recommended that the sentence should be taken off. He did not 
long survive, and his son, Mr. Alexander, was served heir to his 
very considerable property 31st March 1651." His landed posses- 
sions were by no means small, viz., the lands and baronies of 
Kinnairdie, Conwath or Inverkeithnie, and also (I think) Nether- 
dale, on Devronside, Banffshire, with the lands and barony of 
Frendraught, in the parish of Forgue, in Aberdeenshire. Mr. 
Gregory m"" Janet, dau. of David Anderson of Finshaugh (see p. 56), 
and by her had at least three sons and three daughters, viz. : — 

I. Alexander, "Mr." of Netherdale, served heir at Banff to his Index of Re- 
father in the lands and barony of Conveth or Inner- ^^^^'j^^j'^^j^ 
keithnie, and the barony of Kinnardie, and fishings in 
the Deveron, &c. ; also in the lands and barony of Fren- 

1 Few men have produced so many talented and distinguished descendants, 
and I much regret having neither material nor space for a more full account of 
a family whose history is in every way so worthy of being recorded. 


" Poll-Book, 
1695-6, vol. 

i., p. 588, 

and Burke"s 
" Landed 
Gentry ;" art. 
Irvine of 

2. David " of Kinnairdie " ^ — best known by this designation — 

succeeded to the large landed propeity of his elder 
brother, b. 1627-8. Like so many of his family, he also 
possessed a remarkable turn for mathematical and me- 
chanical knowledge. This gentleman was twice married, 
and had thirty-two children. He died about 1720. 

Three of his sons were professors of mathematics at 
the same time in three of the British universities, viz. : — 

a. David (b. 1661, m* 1695 Elizabeth, dau. of Oliphant of 

Langtown, M.A. of Baliol, 1692), at Oxford, and 
Savihan Professor of Astronomy there; died 1710. 

b. James, at Edinburgh. 

c. Charles, at St. Andrews. 

3. James (of him again). 

1. Margaret, m** Baillie Mercer of Aberdeen, and had one son 

and four daughters. 

2. Janet, m'' Thomas Thomson of Faichfield, in Buchan, and 

had three daughters — i. Isobel (m'' 1698 Alexander 
Irvine of Crimond, afterwards of Drum, and had issue) ; 
2. Janet ; and 3. Margaret. 

3. . . . (not known). 

III. James Gregory, born Nov' 1638, F.R.S. 1668, &c., a 
distinguished mathematician, and, excepting Newton, the greatest 
philosopher of his age, was, about 1668, appointed Professor of 
Mathematics at St. Andrews, and afterwards filled the same chair 
at Edinburgh. At the age of twenty-four he published Optica 
Promota, a work of great merit, in which he announced the inven- 
tion of the reflecting telescope. This being one of the most 
valuable of modern discoveries, established his reputation in the 
scientific world. After the publication of this work he visited 
Italy, and resided for some years at Padua, where he published, 
in 1667, Vera CirciiH it Hyperbolce Quadratiira, which con- 
tained another discovery of his own, namely, the invention of an 
infinitely conveying series for the areas of the circle of the hyper- 
bole.^ Prof. Gregory had not filled the Mathematical Chair at 

e was also skilled in medicine and philosophy, and, 
the tirst man in Scotland who kept a barometer, 
ly led to his being tried by the presbytery as a 

" The Laird of Kinn 
according to Hutton, 
a circumstance which 

' For a particular list of his works and discoveries, 
and Mathemalical Dictionary. 

It is said that no less than sixteen members of this family have held 
Professorships. — (Chalmers' Biographical Dictionary, p. 289). 

Hutton's Philosophical 


Edinburgh above a year, when, in Oct' 1675, being employed in 
showing some of his pupils the satellites of Jupiter through a 
telescope, he was suddenly struck with total blindness, and died a 
few days after, at the age of thirty-seven. ^ He married in 1669 
his cousin Mary, dau. of George Jameson, termed by Walpole 
" the Scottish Vandyke," and widow of Burnett of Elrick (see 
p. 65), by whom he had a son and two daughters, viz.: — 
I. James (of him again). 

1. Helen, m'' Alexander Thomson of Portlethen, and had issue. 

2. Janet, m'' the Rev*^ William Forbes, minister of Tarves, a 

younger son of Sir John Forbes of Waterton, on Ythan- 
side (see that family, p. 54), and had, with others died 
young or unm. — 
I. James Forbes, Physician in Aberdeen, progenitor of the 
(last) " Forbes of Echt " family (see p. 55). 

1. Katherine Forbes, m"^ William Dyce, schoolmaster at 

Selkirk, and had issue. 

2. Nelly Forbes, m"" the Rev"" John M'Innes of Logie-Cold- 

stone, and had issue. 

3. Jean Forbes, m"* 1737 the Rev"* Andrew Moir, and had 

issue (p. 28). 

4. Susan, b. 1716, m'' nth June 1751 the Rev'' James John- 

ston (M.D. 1748) of Crimond. He died 1796. and she, gcott's 
who was the fifteenth and youngest child of her parents, " Fasti. 
27th Dec' 1799. 

IV. James Gregory, born 1674, Professor of Medicine in King's 
College, Old Aberdeen, where he founded the School of Medicine 
1725-31. (His son John, M.D., filled the same chair from 1732-51, 
and again in 1755-66, along with Sir Alexander Gordon of Les- 
moir.) He was twice married, and had .several children, one of 
whom (the youngest of three children) was — 

V. John Gregory,^ M.D., an eminent medical and moral writer, 
and one of the most distinguished members of his illustrious family, 
b. at Aberdeen June 3, 1724, was some time first physician to His 

^ On account of his reputation and abilities an annuity of 800 merks per 
annum was settled at his death on his children, who were then very young, by 
Charles II., until the youngest should reach the age of sixteen. 

^ After filling in succession the Chairs of Philosophy and IMedicine at 
Aberdeen, he was appointed in 1766 Professor of the Practice of Medicine in 
E dinburgh, and died in February 1773. His works were collected and pub- 
1 ished by Mr. Tytler (Lord Woodhouselee). 


Lyon Reg. 

Majesty in Scotland, m'' 1752 the Hon. Elizabeth Forbes, dau. of 
the XIII. Lord Forbes. He was the intimate friend of the most 
eminent men of Edinburgh in its most brilliant period. Issue — 

1. James (of him again). 

2. William, Rector of St. Mary's, Bentham. 

1. Dorothea, m'' 1782 the Rev. Archibald Alison* (of Balliol 

College, Oxford). 

2. Margaret, m" John Forbes of Blackford, Aberdeenshire, 

whose dau. m'' Wm. Moir of Park (p. 76). 
VI. James Gregor)', M.D. (of Edinburgh), an eminent physician 

and medical professor, b. at Aberdeen in 1753. He was twice 

married, and by his second wife — a dau. of Donald Macleod of 

Geanies — he had a large family. 

1766. John Gregory, M.D., F.R.S., &c., Professor of Medicine in 
the University of Edinburgh. Argent, a fir tree growing 
out of a mount in base, vert, surmounted, of a sword in 
bend, supporting an imperial crown in the dexter canton 
proper, and in chief and base a lion's head erased, azure, 
armed and langued, gules ; crest, a sphere ; motto, Altius. 

GEORGE JAMESONE, Painter, b. 1587, ob. 1644. 

" Sine metu " — (Without fear). 

1. Andrew Jamesone, Burgess of Aberdeen, and an architect or 
builder in that town, m*" there in Aug' 1585 Marjory Anderson, 

Book of Bon- dau. of Gilbert Anderson, also a Burgess of Aberdeen — see p. 56. 
Accord, p. ^_ Elizabeth, b. July 15S6. 

2. George, b. about 1587. 

II. George Jamesone, portioner of Esslemont, born at Aber- 
deen about the end of the i6th century. "He was endowed by 
nature with an uncommon genius for portrait painting, which he 
discovered at an early period of life. After passing through the 
usual course of education at the schools and the college of the 
place, he went abroad and studied at Antwerp, being fellow 
student with Vandyke, under the celebrated Rubens. Returned 
to Aberdeen about 1620, where he prosecuted portrait painting. 
Married 12th March 1624 Isabel Toasch (who belonged to an old 
Burgess family of the town), by whom he had several sons and 
daughters. He was most celebrated as a portrait painter ; yet he 
not unfrequently applied his talent to minature, and also to 

* Prebendary of Sarum, and were the parents of Sir Archibald Alison, 

134, &C. 

" Annals of 


history and landscape painting. He painted many portraits of 
Charles I. and of James VI., as well as of the most of the eminent 
men who flourished in the beginning of the 17th century, and 
many of his works are to be found in the possession of the principal 
families in Scotland. The finest collection of his works is at Tay- 
mouth Castle, the seat of the Earl of Breadalbane, whose ancestor, 
Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, had been the chief and earliest 
patron of Jamesone, who had accompanied him in his travels 
abroad." Jamesone is the first native Scotch painter on record, 
and is most justly termed " the Vandyke of Scotland." Jamesone 
died at Edinburgh in 1644, and was buried in Grey friars' Church- 
yard there; but no memorial has been erected to his memory. 
All his sons died in early life, and he was survived by two 
daughters, viz. : — 

1. Marjory Jamesone, m"" John Alexander, advocate in Aberdeen. 

2. Mary Jamesone, m*" — ist . . . Burnett of Elrick; 2iify. 

Prof. James Gregory — see p. 63 ; and 3^/)'. George ^die, 
Bailhe of Aberdeen, the father of David ^die of Newark, 
P- 53-^ 
" 1653. 20th May. Who being solemnlie swome upon their great 
oathes, affirmit that the deceast George Jamesone, 
painter, burgher of Aberdeen, and father to Marjorie 
Jamesone, spous to Mr. John Alex', Advocat, and to Sheriff Coun 
Marie Jamesone, bearers heirof, died last . . . vest j^^erdeen''^ 
and sast as of fee in all and haill the Mayns of 
Eslemont, with the manour-place, tour, fortalice, yardes, 
and pertinents of the same ; in all the halfe toune and 
lands of Cowhills, with the pertinents, lyand within the 
barrony of Esslemonth and sheriffdome of Abd"; and 
that the said Marjorie and Marie Jamesones are the 
nearest and lawful heirs-pordoners of their said deceast 
father in the lands and others foresaid." 

Mary Jameson (Mrs. Gregory) who appears to have 
inherited a portion of her father's genius, displayed her 
taste in needlework, and the fine tapestries which now 
decorate the east end of St. Nicholas Church, over the 
Magistrates' Gallery, were her work, viz., " Jephtha's 
Rash Vow," " Susannah and the Elders,' &c. 

Arms. — Azure, a saltire or, cantoned with four ships under sail, 

^ 1678. April 23. David ALdie, Baillie of Aberdeen, heir of George Reg- of Sasines 
JEdie, his father in tenements in Aberdeen. 


COPY of LETTER from Mary Grant or Lumsden, Wife of the 
Rev'' James Lumsden, Laird of Corrachree, in Logie-Coldstone, 
and Minister of Towie, both in Aberdeenshire — this Lady was a 
niece of the then " Grant of Balhndalloch " — to her Husband's 
Niece, addressed to Miss Peggie Cattanach at Tillierey. 

"TowiE, Monday, ^th Feb. 1759. 
" I got your letter, dear Peggie, on Saturday night last, and am 
very glade to fiend ye ar like to be seteled in a married state so 
much to the liking of your Good Lady and master. Provedence 
has always been very kinde to you in reasing up friends to you 
when ye was at a distance from your relations. I hope ye'll never 
forget to be thankfull to God for his Goodness to you and to your 
benefactors for theire kiendness. I'm willing to beleve that the 
yong man in your offer is as agreeable in behaveor as he is in 
circumstance, or Mr. and Mrs. Ligertwood wood give him no 
countenance. As ye have never been given to vainity, ye show'd 
at this time buy some Cloaths, useful and substansial, and continow 
to be a good manger, to make up for your want of money. I'll 
be glade to see you when its convenient. Mr. Lumsden and 
Nanie join me in compliments; and I am, D. P. (Dear Peggie), 
your affectionat friend and servent," 

(Sig*") " Mary Lumsden." 

Margaret Cattanch, who m"* 1 7 5 9 Andrew Mitchell, I. of Savock — 
see p. 22 — was governess in the family and friend of James 
Ligertwood of Tillery, in the parish of Foveran — of the Cairnhill 
family, see p. 25 — and his wife, Jean Robertson, sister of the I. 
Andrew Robertson of Foveran; their eldest dau., Margaret Ligert- 
wood, m"' Sir William Seton, Bart., of Pitmedden. 

COPY LETTER, Earl Marischal to Mr. Moir, Minister at 
Peterhead — see p. 31 — dated from Keithhall, loth Octo' 1763. 

" Sir — I have heard from all who know you so good a character 
of you, that I am glad the good Towne of Peterhead has you for 
minister, and I daresay you will be reciprocally pleased; be assured 
of the esteem with which, I am. Sir, your most humble servant," 
(Sig'') " Marischall." 



This highly respected gentleman, the eldest son of the Rev. Dr. 
Moir, of Peterhead, died at Calcutta more than two years ago. 
His friend and patron. Lord Minto, paid the last tribute to his 
worth in the following epitaph, in which his character and merits 
are most happily delineated ^ : — 



PVAo died at Calcutta on the Sth of Fibruary 

A.D. 1810, 


In 1806 he filled the office of Secretary to Lord Minto, at that 
time President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs 
of India, whom he accompanied to Bengal in the year 1S07, 
and was appointed Commissioner of the Court of Requests at 
Calcutta in the same year, a trust which he discharged with 
integrity, assiduity, and ability to the time of his decease. 

His Virtues, Talents, and Accomplishments, 

all of the highest order, 

enhanced by a singular Simplicity 

and Modesty of Character, 

had attracted in an eminent degree 

the Esteem and Regard 

of the World. 

His gentle but cheerful Manners, 

his benevolent but warm Affections, 

endeared him to numerous Friends, 

Whose tender but sorrowful Recollections 

will long survive him. 

He lived respected and beloved, 

and died deservedly and universally 


Soft on thy Tomb shall fond Remembrance shed 

The warm but unavailing Tear ; 
And purple Flowers, that grace the virtuous dead. 

Shall strew the lov'd and honour'd Bier. 

' Aberdeen Journal. 


I. JohnAVhite, bom 12th June 1782, went from Bedfordshire 
and settled as a merchant at Quebec. He married Jane Mac- 
allum (bom 26th July 1793, died 15th Feb'' 1883), and died 26th 
Aug' 1827. 

1. Douglas - Leland, merchant, of Albany, married Sophia 

Horsley, and has issue. 

2. James, married, and is deceased, without issue. 

3. John, died young. 

4. Richard-Peniston, married (without issue). 

1. Maria, b. 15th Sept' 1815, married in 1838 Patrick Moir- 

Crane. See p. 39. 

2. Caroline, married John Gilmour, merchant, of Canada, aud 

has issue. 

3. Henrietta-Helen, married Thomas Blathenvick, late Surgeon- 

Major in the Army, and has issue. 

4. Matilda, married first David Gilmour (brother of the above 

John Gilmour) of Quebec, merchant, and had issue ; and 
secondly Farquharson Smith of Quebec, banker (without 


Three brothers of this surname came to England in 1600, after 
the " Revocation of the Edict of Nantes," and one of them settled 
in London, where he died unmarried ; the other two in Devon- 
shire, in which county they acquired the estate of Flete. 

I. Edward Bulteel (a cousin of the late John Crocker Bulteel, 
M.P. of Flete, who married in 1826 Lady Elizabeth Grey, daughter 
of Charles Earl Grey) left England, and settled at Sligo in Ireland, 
at which place his Uncle Bulteel was Collector of the Customs. 
He married Eleanor Hume, of Scotch descent. Her mother, Susan 
Walker of Londonderry, was a descendant of General Walker, 
Governor of Derry. Issue — 

1. Edward-Josiah, D' 98th Reg', married Sarah Kelly of Dublin, 

and died w-ithout issue. 

2. Andrew-Hume ; of him again. 

3. Samuel-William, of Manchester, Director of the Lancashire 

and Yorkshire Railway, died Nov. 1883, having married 
^ Arms of White of Holcott, Co. Bedford — Argent, a chevron between three 
wolves' heads erased, gules. 

' Bulteel of Flete — Argent, a bend between fourteen billets, gules. 


Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Sharp of Manchester, engineer 
(no issue). 

I. Susan (died unm.) 2. Matilda, married (without issue). 
3. Ellen. 4. Jane. 

5. Margaret. 5. Anne. 6. Mary. 

II. Andrew-Hume Bulteel was many years Collector of H.M. 
Customs at Liverpool ; married, 8th June 1841, Catherine, daughter 
of Rev. Marcus Chartres, Prebendary of Clone and Rector of 
Ferns, county Wexford, by his marriage in 1807 with Sophia 
Irvin of Enniskillen, who was nearly related to the Humes and 
Walkers before mentioned, and also to the Le Flemings of Rhydal, 
in Cumberland. 

Andrew-Hume Bulteel, of Liverpool, and Catherine Chartres. 

1. Edward, b. Jan'' 1848, ) ^^^ pj^^^^^^^ j^^j^^ 

2. Andrew Mark, 29th Sept' 1850, j 

1. Sophia-Matilda, married, nth Aug' i866, George Moir of 

Stoneywood, Manchester. — See p. 39. 

2. Eleanor-Mary. 3. Emily-Catherine. 

The estate of Stoneywood, situated on the River Don, in Aber- 
deenshire, four miles from the sea, consists of the properties of 
Stoneywood, Waterton, Clinterty, and Greenburn, united in one 
barony. It was originally the property of Eraser of Muckills, or 
Muchalls, but was sold by Lady Eraser, in 167 1, to John Moir of Tombstone 
Kermuck, or Ellon (b. i6io, ob. 167 1). Aberfeen'"' 

The Moirs of Stoneywood seem, from the earliest record down 
to their close, to have been devotedly attached to the House of 
Stuart ; and inherited, through Bishop Patrick Scougal, of Aber- 
deen (the grandfather of Mary Scroggie, who married in 1683, as 
first wife, James Moir, II. of Stoneywood), the Bible presented by 
Charles I., when on the scaffold, to his faithful friend Bishop 
Juxon. Bishop Juxon was, it is understood, a relative of the 
Scougal family. The grandson of John Moir, I. of Stoneywood, was 

James Moir, III. of Stoneywood, of whom, and his caird- 
servant John Gunn, many amusing and interesting stories are told. 

' For an interesting and beautiful account of this family, see "A Jacobite 
Family" by John Brown, M.D. (the talented author of " Rab and his Friends "), 
from which the particulars given are taken. 

The best of these, perhaps, is the rescue of the Earl of Winton in 
1 7 15, then under sentence of death in the Tower for his concern 
in the Rebellion cf that period. During his sojourn in the Tower, 
the authorities allowed his books and family papers to be carried to 
and from his cell in a hamper. Stoneywood, who happened to be 
in London with his servant, went to visit his captive friend. John 
Gunn, who was a man of immense size and strength, undertook, 
if the Earl put himself, instead of his charters, into the hamper, to 
convey him out of the Tower. This feat the stalwart Gunn per- 
formed with perfect success. Lord Winton retired to Rome, where 
he died in 1 749. The son of this Laird, 

James Moir, IV. of Stoneywood, bom 1710, was one of the 
Stuarts' keenest supporters in the North, engaged ardently in the 
Royal cause, and raised the regiment known as " Stoneywood's," 
of which he was Lieutenant-Colonel. Defeated at Culloden, he, 
in common with his companions, was proscribed, and roamed for 
some time in the wilds of Aberdeenshire. An anecdote is told of 
his taking shelter with a cobbler named Clark, under the name of 
James Jamieson (a ready rendering of the son of James, his father), 
and acquitted himself so well in this new line of life as to win com- 
mendation from the old man, who said, " Jeemes, my man, what 
for did ye no tell me ye had been bred a sutor?" "And so I 
was freend," replied the Laird; "but to tell ye God's truth, I 
was an idle loon, gey weel-faured, and ower fond o' the lassies, so 
I joined the Prince's boys, and ye see what's come o't ! " It is 
pleasant to add that Stoneywood, when brighter days came, never 
forgot the services of his old friends, and maintained the widow 
and five children of Bartlett (the cobbler in question) at Stoney- 
wood, till the latter were able to support themselves. 

After being assisted through many straits by his faithful wife, 
Margaret Mackenzie of Ardross, and his equally faithful servant, 
Gunn, who with his gipsy spouse, acted as messengers between 
husband and wife, Stoneywood followed his Prince's example, 
and escaped to Norway with some friends. He was protected by 
the King of Sweden, who conferred on him a patent of nobility ; 
and, becoming a naturalised subject, his lady joined him within a 
year from his arrival at Gottenburg. 

In Scotland, meanwhile, Moir was arraigned before the Edin- 
burgh High Court of Justiciary; but even the testimony of adverse 
witnesses only went to prove the honour and humanity displayed 


throughout his soldier life, and he was allowed to return to Stoney- 
wood in 1762, where he died in 1782, leaving a widow and two 
daughters, his seven sons all having died before their father. Mrs. 
Moir survived till 1805, dying at the advanced age of ninety-si.x. 


" Major opima ferat " — (Let the worthiest carry off the prize). 

I. Johannes Moir, 1470-1516. Reg. of the 

John Moore, Burgess of Aberdeen 24th July, 5 of James Great Seal, 
IV., whose son may have been. ^' ^' ^^'' 

II. John Moir. He died before his son. 

III. William Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen 1560, served heir to Skene's MS. 
John Moir, his grandfather. His son, 

IV. Mr. William Moir, M.A., Burgess of Aberdeen, married 
Janet Rae, served heir to his father 1602, Treasurer of Aberdeen 

1. Henrie, bap. 28th May 1605. Reg. of St. 

2. John, born i6io (tombstone) ; of him again, as Stoney wood's ^h'^d'^^' 

ancestor, next page. 

3. William, as Scotstoun's progenitor — see p. 75. 

4. Patrick, 13th July 1615, Baillie, and afterwards, 1648, Dean 

of Guild, and, 1672, Collector of Excise of Aberdeen, 
married 4th Jan" 1637 Issobell Gray (twice in Register 
called Grahame). Issue — • 

I. AVilliam, 7th June 1638. 2. Thomas, 20th May 1640. 

3. Patrick, i8th May 1641. 4. James, 22d July 1642. 

I. Issobell, 15th Dec. 1646. 2. Jean, 25th June 1648. 

3. Elspeth, loth June 1652. Sir Rob' Farquhar, John Leslie, 

y', &c., Godfathers. 

4. Rachel, 25th March 1655. 5. Margaret, loth March 1659. 

5. George. 

V. John Moir, I. of Stoneywood (eldest son of Mr. WilUam Tombstone 
Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen, and Janet Rae), bom 1 6 10, is said, rhuf'h'"''d^ 
according to Skene's MS., to have been first designed of Ferrj-hill, Aberdeen. 


the Family of 
Forbes of 

afterwards of Kermuck or Ellon, and in 167 1, as before stated, of 

" 1657. The two Kennedys, flying the country, make over their 
estates to John Moir, and his wife, J. Sandilands, and the longest 
liver of them, p. 6. He has a charter of Cairnmucks in 1665." 
Memoranda ot " 1668. John Moir and his wife make over to Sir John Forbes 
of Waterton all the lands of Ardgrain, Cairnmucks, Broomfield, 
Kirkhill, and other property they had bought from the Kennedies 
for ^42,500 Scots, p. 8." By which it would appear the estate of 
Ellon had only been held by John Moii- for eleven years. He 
married Jean Sandilands (b. 1636, died 5th Aug' 1687), eldest 
dau. of James Sandilands, I. of Colton, by Marjory Burnett of 
Countesswells — see that family in sequel. (Jean Sandilands 
married, secondly, on Stoneywood's death, William Cumine of 
Auchry, and had issue), 

1. James, 1659. 

2. John, according to Skene's MS., Civilist of King's Coll., and 
an Advocate in and Town-Clerk of Aberdeen, 1689, died 

3. William, 15th Jan'' 1669. Dr. Wm. Moir, Dr. Wm. Johnston, 
Dr. Wm. Eraser, and William Gellie, godfathers — first of the 
Moirs of Invemettie, p. 77. 

4. Patrick, bap. Dec' 12, 167 1. 

1. Issobell, 31st Aug' 1660. 

2. Mariorie, 5th Jany. 1665. 

3. Jean, 21st Oct' 1673. 

According to the genealogy of the family of Sandilands of 
Craibstone and Cotton, Alexander Moir (fourth son of the above 
John Moir and Jean Sandilands) was Professor of Greek in the 
Marischal College of Aberdeen. 

VI. James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, bap. at Aberdeen ist Sept' 
1659, Jo" Jaffray, Provest, James Moir, Mr. Ja' Sandilands, &a 
godfathers, who sat in Parliament for fifteen years as Member for 
Aberdeenshire, 1689-1702, 1702-1707 ; was also one of the Com- 
missioners appointed for settling the Union of the Kingdoms ; died 
22d Nov' 1739. 

James Moir, married first, loth July 1683, Mary, eldest dau. of 
the R' Rev"" William Scroggie, Bishop of Argyll (elected 1666, died 
1675), by his wife, a dau. of Patrick Scougal, Bishop of Aberdeen, 
who was a son of Sir John Scougal of that Ilk, in East Lothian. 

Members of 
P- 253- 

And Tomb- 
Stone St 


1. James, his heir. • Poll-Book. 

2. Rhoderick, bap. at Aberdeen 2Sth Aug' 1689, whose portrait, 

clad in armour, is amongst the Stoneywood pictures; 
drowned at sea along with his cousin James Sandilands, 

3. William, an Advocate (?), and probably the inheritor of the 

estate of Whitehill, in Midlothian, a property which had 
devolved by inheritance from the Scougal family to that of 

4. Ale.xander, Principal of St. Andrews Coll. at the abolition of Skene's MS. 

Episcopacy, whose descendants are stated to have inherited 
the estate of Invernettie, in Buchan — see Moir of Inver- 
nettie, p. 77. 

1. Jean, married John Abernethy, II. of Mayen — see p. 83. 

2. Katherine. 

3. Marjory. 

VI. James Moir, II. of Stone3fwood, married, secondly, Jean, 
dau. of Alexander Abernethy, I. of Mayen, and relict of William 
Moir of Scotstown — see p. 75. 

1. William, of Lonmay — see that family, pp. 77-8. 

2. John, b. 1697, died 19th April 1720. 

3. Patrick, 26th Feb. 1707. Alex' Moir, Regent, a witness. 

1. Janet, married 14th June 1733 Patrick Byres, I. of Tonley — 

see that family. 

2. Isabella, died unmarried. 

VII. James Moir, III. of Stoneywood (eldest son of James 
Moir, by his first wife, Mary Scroggie), one of the keenest of the 
Stuarts' supporters in the North ; engaged ardently in the royal 
cause ; raised, and was the Colonel of " Stoneywood's " Regiment ; 
and, as before stated, married Jean, daughter of William Erskine 
of Pittodrie, by his wife, Mary Grant of Ballindalloch ; and died 
1782. Issue, five sons and two daughters. 

1. James, his heir, b. 17 10. 

2. Thomas, who having had a quarrel with his brother James 

when they were both young men, took it so much to heart 
that he left his father's home clandestinely, and went to 
sea, having engaged himself as a sailor. He afterwards 
settled as a merchant in Falmouth. Issue — i. Cap' 
Thomas ; 2. James, a Barrister; 3. A dau., m** D' Vivian 
of Falmouth. 



Skene's MS. James Moir, IV. of Stoneywood, having lost his own seven 
sons, "was very anxious to fomi a nearer connection by the 
marriage of his daughter Maria to her cousin James Moir (the 
Barrister). He intended to have paid a portion to his elder daughter 
Mrs. Skene, and to settle the estate of Stoneywood on James 
Moir and his daughter Maria, which upon the eve of accomplish- 
ment was defeated by the underhand machinations of Mr. Durno — 
see sequel — the as yet unrevealed enemy of the family, who feared 
that the marriage might become the means of bnnging his base 
practices to light. Accordingly he found means to persuade Mr. 
James Moir that his uncle was deceiving him, and had given a 
false statement of his affairs, as the estate was drowned in debt, 
and he only wanted by the marriage to involve Mr. James Moir in 
his toils, so as to get him to reheve the burdens on the property. 
Upon obtaining this information the young gentleman thought it 
prudent to leave Aberdeen, and when he reached England wrote to 
his uncle stating the cause of his desertion. Miss Moir felt it very 
severely for a long time, and the disappointment occasioned her 
withdrawing herself much from society ; while her father was so 
offended as to revive again the disunion which had so long 
separated the two families." 

3. Alexander; 4. William, — both d. abroad unm. ; 5. Charles 
engaged in the Rebellion of 1745. i. Mary; 2. Clemen- 
tina, named after Queen Clementina Sobiesky, mother of 
Prince Charles Edward. 
" 1745. In the beginning of November Lord Lews Gordon, 
Kennedy's who had been appointed by the Prince Lord Lieutenant of the 
Ab^"d^'° ''' counties of Aberdeen and Banff, made his appearance in the town, 
vol. i.. p.'229. accompanied by William Moir of Lonmay, and James Moir of 
Stoneywood, and assumed the direction of public affairs." 

IV. James Moir, IV. of Stoneywood, b. 17 10, married at 
Ardross, in Ross-shire, in Sept' 1740, his cousin Margaret, 
daughter of Mackenzie of Ardross ; and had fifteen children, 

who mostly died children, excepting Charles (the eighth son), b. 
1752, entered the British Army, and was killed in America.^ 

1. Jane married George Skene of Rubislaw, whose descendants 

now represent this family. 

2. Maria married Major Ramsay of the Scotch Brigade, a son 

of Ramsay of Kinaldie, in Forfarshire (without issue). 

This Laird was, like his progenitors, a warm supporter 
of the Stuarts. 

i Arms — see p. 46. 



" Non sibi sedi cunctis " — (Not for self, but for all). 

V. William Moir (whom I make third son of Mr. William Moir, 
Burgess of Aberdeen, and Janet Rae — see p. 71), I. of Scots- 
town,' Professor in Marischal College, Aberdeen. Married Jean, 

dau. of Gilbert Gordon of Gordonsmill, and had a son. Skene's MS. 

VI. Dr. William Moir, II. of Scotstown, married at Dyce 5 th 
June 1656 Margaret,^ dau. of Gilbert Skene of Dycej and died 
1670. Issue — 

1. William, his heir, bap. 9th Sept' 1658. Ro. Forbes, Bailie, 

Gilbert Skene of Dyce, Mr. Wm. Moir Principal, Pat'' Moir, 
late Bailie, Alex' Skene of Dyce, yo', Mr. John Campbell, 
&c., godfathers. 

2. Gilbert, 15th Feb" 1663, went to Poland 1667. 

3. Patrick, loth Aug' 1666. 

4. Alexander, 8th May 166S. 

1. Jean, nth June 1657. Patrick Moir, Bailie, and Gilbert 

Skene of Dyce, godfathers. 

2. Margaret, 15th Dec' 1659. 

3. Marjorie, 2 2d May i66i. 

4. Jean, 25th April 1670. 

5. Issobell, 24th Dec' 167 1. 

6. Marie, 8th Oct' 1676. 

7. Elizabeth, nth April 1680. Ja" Moir and Mr. Rob' Patrie, 

of Portlathan, godfathers. 

VII. Dr. William Moir, III. of Scotstown, b. 1658, married 
Jean, dau. of Alexander Abernethy, I. of Mayen— see p. 82 ; she 
remarried, as his second wife, James Moir, II. of Stoneywood — see 
p. 73. His son — 

VIII. Alexander Moir, IV. of Scotstown, was served heir to his 

father 26th Jan" 1695 > married Mary Chalmers. Retours and 

1721. Aug' 19. "Alex' Moir of Scotstoune, and Mary Chalmers, Nffholas. ' 
his sp., a da., Janet, bap'. James Moir of Stoneywood, 
and Dr. Patrick Chalmers, physician, witnesses." 

> The estate of Spittal seems also to have gone along with that of Scots- 
town in the Moir family. 

^ She is alive 1695-6, and polled with her daughters Jean and Elizabeth. Poll-Book, vol 

ii., p. 627. 


in vault 
St. Peter's 

Aberdeen, &c. 

1723. March 4. Jean, bap'. Wm. Moir of Innemethy, and James 

Moir, merch', witnesses. 

1724. May 16. William, bap'. Wm. Moir, son to James Moir of 

Stoneywood, a witness. Their son — 

IX. George Moir, V. of Scotstown, married twice. By his first 
wife he had — 

1. Alexander, his heir. 

George Moir married, secondly, Margaret, dau. of George 
Cumine of Pittulie, by his wife and cousin, Christian 
Guthrie, of King-Edward. Issue — 

2. George Charles, b. roth Oct"^ 177I) sometime merchant in 
Bahia, afterwards of Denmore, near Aberdeen ; died 
1851, having married Mary Agnew, only dau. of the late 
Sir William Bruce, IX. Bart, of Stenhouse. Issue, two 
daughters — 

1. Mary Anne Moir, married the late Lieut.-Col. Knight 

Erskine of Pittodrie. Issue, the present Laird, 
and a daughter, Mrs. Flower. 

2. Margaret Isabella Moir, married Joseph Dundas of 

Carron Hall and Fingask, Stirlingshire, and has 

3. William, b. 1789, of Park, on Deeside, married Mary Eliza- 

beth (who d. 1868), dau. of John Forbes of Blackford, by 
Margaret Gregory— see p. 64; and died 1843, leaving 
five sons and five daughters, of whom — 

I. George, as VIII. of Scotstown. 

1. Mary Christina, married, 1795, Alexander Fraser, 

IV. of Fraserfield or Balgownie, of the noble 
family of Saltoun, and had issue. 

2. Isabella, married John Urquhart of Craigston, and 

had issue. 

X. Alexander Moir, VI. of Scotstown, b. 1764, for many years 
Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen; d. 21st June 1824, having married 
Margaret, dau. of James Gordon of Leicheston, in Morayshire, 
and had by her an only daughter. 

XI. Isabella Moir, ^TI. of Scotstown, b. 14th May 1799, 
married loth June 1822 Sir Michael Bruce, VIII. Bart, of Sten- 
house; and died 19th Nov' 1867 (without issue). 


XII. George Moir, C.B., Col. Bengal Horse Artillery, b. March 
1820, VIII. of Scotstown (eldest son of William Moir of Park, 
and Mary Elizabeth Forbes), succeeded to that property under 
the will of his cousin the above Lady Bruce ; married Miss Bean, 
dau. of Col. Bean, and died in India sth Feb'' 1870, whose son, 

XIII. WilHam Moir, IX., and now of Scotstown, is a Lieut, in 
the 1 8th Hussars. 

Arms, p. 46. 


" Deus dedit " — (God gave). 

This family was a cadet of Moir of Stoneywood, and the estate, 
which is near Peterhead, reverted back to that family on the ex- 
tinction of the Invernettie line. 

James Moir of Invernettie matriculates arms in 1792 — see p. 
46. His wife probably was Catherine Arbuthnot, as a James 
Moir of Invernettie marries a sister of John, VI. Viscount Ar- 

William Moir (fourth son of John Moir of Stoneywood, and Jean Sandilands' 
Sandilands), a merchant in Aberdeen, bought the estate of Inver- 'l^^^l^^^fl' 
nettie. There is a charter to William Moir, dated 1708, merchant ms. 
in Aberdeen, of the lands of Invernettie. Mr. Moir was suc- 
ceeded in this estate by his nephew. 

1720. 2ist Dec'. "William Moir of Innernethie, a wit. to the Reg. of St. 
bapt. of William, son of Dr. Mathew M'Kaill, physician, Nicholas, 
and Marg' Black, his spouse." 

MOIR OF LONMAY, afterwards of NEW GRANGE. 

I. William Moir,i first of the Moirs of Lonmay, in Buchan (was 
eldest son of James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, by his second wife, 

1 "The estate of Whitehill, Midlothian, had come into the Stoneywood 
family through inheritance from the Scougals. The Laird seems to have given 
it to his son William, who, in 1727, has a charter of it, and is styled William 
Moir of Whitehill, and by a second charter, dated 1732, this William seems to 
have disposed of Whitehill and purchased Lonmay." 

" Baronag 
Skene MS 


Jean Abemethy— see p. 73). He married a sister of General 
Fullerton of Dudwick. 
I. William, his heir. 

I. Isabella. 2. Catherine. 
3. Jean, married William Cumine of Pittulie, in Buchan, and 

by her had Captain Adam Cumine, first of the Cumines of 
Rattray, near Peterhead. 

II. William Moir, 11. of Lonmay, sold that property and bought 
New Grange, in Forfarshire. He married Wortley, eldest dau. of 

Srosrorparti- James Stuart of Blairhall, of the noble family of Bute. Issue — 

culars about i. William, 

this family -, 

taken from it. 2- James. 

I. Mary. 2. Margaret. 

3. Anne. 

III. William Moir of New Grange married. Issue — 

1. William. 

2. George. 3. Alexander. 

And five daughters, one of whom, Wortley Cornelia Anne 

Moir, was second wife of Sir James Gardiner - Baird, 

V. Baronet. 

"Captain Moir, lately (1837) tried and executed in London for 

having shot a person who was trespassing in his grounds, near 

London, was the representative of this family." 

Reg. of St. 



Lyon Reg. 


" Virtute non aliter" — (By virtue, not otherwise). 
I. William Moir, Advocate in Edinburgh, married 21st May 
1666 Isobel, dau. of John Alexander, burgess of Aberdeen, and 
was admitted in Sept' 1 670, y//rd'/(2/^r«//(?//.f, burgess of Aberdeen. 
In 1666 he bought the lands of Knapema, in Udny parish; 1668 
those of Fisherie in King-Edward, probably from the Guthries of 
King-Edward; and in 1674, from the Donaldsons of Hilton, those 
of Hilton in Ellon parish, all in Aberdeenshire. Between 1672-8 
he matriculates arms, and is designed "of Hilton" — see p. 46. 
About 1682 he sold Hilton to the Roses of Insch, who gave it 
the name of Rosehill. This family again sold it, about 1693, to 
the Turners — a family whose progenitors were farmers in the 
parish of Birse, Aberdeenshire, who gave it its present name of 
Tumerhall. William Moir, who was one of the Principal Clerks 
of Session, was M.P. for Kintore 1667 ; Convention 1669-74. 


1672. 5th July. "He was, by order of the Parliament, sent to 
prison in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh," during the Lord Com- 
missioner's pleasure, " for some words uttered by him tending to Forster's 
the subversion of the constitution of Parliament. He was re- ^'™?^^''^'^°^ 
leased on the loth, having craved pardon of the Commissioner p jj^. 
and the Parliament on his knees." Issue — 

1. William, b. 1667. Sl^^"^'^ ^IS. 

2. James, b. 1670; godfather, James Moir of Ferriehill. 

3. William, b. 167 1; godfathers, D' Wm. Moir of Scotstoun and 

Wm. Moir, his son. 

4. George, b. 1688. 

1. Jeane, 20th June 1673 ; John Moir of Barnes, a godfather. Reg. of St. 

2. Anna, 4th July 1683, after Anna, Countess of Aberdeen, and Nicholas. 

Lady Anna Gordon, dau. of Sir George, Earle of Aber- 
deen, and Lord High Chancellor of Scodand. Mr. Wm. 
Moir, D' of Medicine, John Moir, Apothecarie, Sir Geo, 
Skene of Fintray, godfathers. 


" 1678. 2d April. Walter Reid comperit for John Moir of Barnes, sheriff Court 
and produced ane charter grantit be ye Earl of Mar in Records of 
favour of Alexander Erskine of Barnes, predecessor of ^^ '=^"- 
the said John Moir, dated 22d July 1636." 
I. John Moir of Barnes, in the parish of Premnay, Burgess of 
Aberdeen, married 13th Feb^ 1655, at Aberdeen, Marie, or Mary, Registers of 
Cochran. She had doubtless been a Cochran of Dumbreck.^ ^'- i^''^i^°>^- 

I. Johne, i8th Sept' 1660. 2. Walter, 14th Nov' 1661. 
3. Johne, 2ist April 1663. 4- William, 2d March 1666. 
I. Janet, 22d Nov' 1665; Wm. Moir and Dr. Wm. Moir god- 

1 The Cochrans of Dumbreck were long connected with the town of Aber- Kennedy's 
deen. Walter Cochran of Dumbreck, see p. 21, was its Provost 1691-93 ; ^b'^.X™."'' 
and his son, Walter Cochran, was Town-Clerk-Depute in 1728. They inter- 
married with the old Gordons of Newton, Cruickshanks of Banchoiy, 
Udneys, &c. 

^;v«j.— Ermine, on a chief, gules, a stag's head erased or, between two Lyon Reg. 
mullets argent. 


2. Marjorie, 12th March 1657, became second wife of George 

Gordon, II. of Sheelagreen. 

3. Marie, 20th Jan" 1659; Mr. John Campbell, &c., godfathers. 

4. Isobel, 7th June 1664. 

5. Agnes, 20th April 1667. 

6. Jean, 9th July 1668. 

7. Margaret, nth Nov' 1669. 

8. Christian, 4th July 1671. 

9. Mar}', 26th April 1673. 

1674. April II. Janet, Marjor}', Isobel, Agnes, Jean, Margaret,^ 
Christian, and Marie Moires are ser\'ed heirs-portioners 
of John Moir of Barnes, Merchant Burgess of Aberdeen, 
their father." 

voL ii., p. 623. 

" Mary Cochran, relect of the deceast umquhill John Moir, 
sometyme of Barnes," is alive 1695-6." 


1. James Moire, who has in 1667 a lease of Ferryhill (but is 
sometimes described of Ferr)'hill), married, first, I think, Jeane 


Reg. of St. I. "William, 8th Feb'' 1666; Dr. Wm Moire, Mr. Wm. Moire, 

Nicholas. Advocat, and Rob' Burnet, godfathers. 

2. James, 19th Jan>' 1667, Professor of Philosophy in Marischal 
Retours. Coll. " 1696, April 2d, served heir of John Moir, in 

Ferrihill, his father. 

3. John, 19th Dec' 1668. 

I. Marjorie, 24th Dec' 1669. 

James Moir married, secondly, Rachell, dau. of Charles Dun, 

Memoir of Litster, of Aberdeen, sister of Sir Patrick Dun, Court Physician, 

Sir P. Dun. ^j Dublin, and niece of Dr. Patrick Dun, Principal of Marischal 

College, the munificent founder of the Grammar School of Aber- 

* Margaret Moir seems to have married Captain James Gordon, designed 
' of Barnes," p. 96. 


deen. The Dunns of Tarty, in the parish of Logie-Buchan, were 
near relatives of this family (p. 53). James Moir and Rachel 
Dune had 

1. Janet, 21st Jan^ 1673 5 Rob' Forbes, Provost, Tho' Mitchell, 

late Bailie, &c., godfathers. 

2. Margaret, 28th Jan'' 1674; John Moir of Stonniewood, 

Pat'' Gellie, &c., godfathers. 

3. Catherine, 5th Oct' 1676. 4. Isobel, 1684. Ja' Moir of 

Stoneywood, Mr. Ja= Sandilands of Craibstone, Mr. Walter 
Grahame, Rob' Burnet of Elrick, godfathers. 

Rachell Dune or Moire, with her two daughters, Catherine and Poll-Book, 
Janet, are polled 1 695-6. ""^ '*-' P" ^^5- 


" Mediocriter "— (With moderation). 

I. Mr. Thomas Moir, minister of Morebattle 1610-33, second 
son of Moir of Abergeldie, co. Aberdeen, married Isabel Ker. 

II. Mr. William Moirof Otterburn, in the parish of Morebattle, 
was served heir of his father 29th October 1639. He acquired 
Corbethouse ; it came into the possession of his widow, Dorothy 
Ker, i8th September 1673, who married, 6th October 1672, Mr. 
William Galbraith, minister of Morebattle, and afterwards of 
Jedburgh, and he disponed Corbethouse to her son 9th April 

III. Thomas Moir ot Otterburn and Corbethouse registered 
arms about 1676, and three sons— Thomas, Andrew, Henry. 

IV. Thomas Moir of Otterburn died in May 1756, was 
succeeded by his son. 

V. Andrew Moir of Otterburn, who married Elizabeth Elliott, 
and had a son. 


VI. Thomas Moir of Otterbum, whose estates were sold by 
judicial sale 4th December 1765, Otterbum to Gilbert Elliot in 
Jedburgh, Corbethouse to William Ker of Gateshaw, and Rannies- 
ton to Adam Keir, baker in Edinburgh ; he was dead sp. before 
23d July 1783, when his sisters Sarah, Jean, Barbara, Charlotte, 
Christina, and Elizabeth were his coheirs of provision general 

Arms, p. 47. 


" Salus per Christum " — (Safety through Christ). 

1. Alexander Abernethy (a cadet of the Abernethies, Lords- 
Saltoun) of Auchencloich, in the parish of Rothiemay, Banffshire, 
m'' Isobel, contract dated 30th Nov' 1658, dau. (and co-heir with 
her sisters Christian Racket, wife of Robert Gordon of Chapel- 
toune, and Elizabeth Hacket, of Archibald Dunbar of Newton), 
of Walter Hacket and his wife Jannet Leslye, who had a charter 
of the lands of Mayen in 1649. I^'^r. Abernethie bought up the 
interests of his sisters-in-law in Mayen, and became sole pro- 
prietor. Issue — 

r. John, his heir. 

2. William. 3. " Master " George. 

1. Jean or Joan, m**, first, William Moir of Scotstoun, see p. 75 ; 

and secondly, Jarnes Moir of Stoneywood, see p. 73. 

2. Christian, m'' Alexander Hay of Arnbath, who also owned 

the estate of Tonley ; from him it was bought by the 
ancestors of the Byres family, 8th April 1720. Mr. Hay 
engaged in the Rebellion of 17 15, and was forfeited, 
although he had a family of eight children; his 
descendants are now extinct. 

* Most of the facts about the Abemethys of Mayen were sent me by Captain 
Dunbar Dunbar of .Sea Park, and were taken by him from original documents 
in the Mayen charter-chest. 

In two documents therein is mentioned — " 1643, 4th July. Captain Thomas 
Moore, son of the deceased Thomas Moore in Peterhead, when James Aber- 
nethie, servitor to Mr Robert Bruce. Advocatt, is appointed actor, factor, and 
commissioner for him." 

1644, 20th July. — Thomas Moore is designed " Generall- Adjutant of ye 
Scots Cavilrie " in England, when he gives full power to James Abernethie, 
Writer and Advocat, to arrest James Ore (Orr) in the Canongate. 


3- Janet. 4. Elizabeth. 

5. Isobel, m*" the Rev'' Alexander Shand of Insch. 
Alexander Abernethie died 1683, and his widow, Isobel Hacket, 
thereafter married Alexander Forbes of Blacktoune. 

II. John Abemethy, II. of Mayen, m** Jean, dau. of James 
Moir, II. of Stoneywood, by his first wife, Mary Scroggie, see 
p. 73, while his sister, Jean Abernethie, is the second wife of his 

I. James, his heir. 

1. Jean or Joan, m'' Dr. William Moir of Spittel, see p. 75. 

2. Elizabeth, m'' the Rev"" Hugh Innes of Mortlach. 

III. James Abemethy, III. of Mayen, married Jane, daughter 
of Alexander Duff, I. of Hatton. Having unfortunately shot 
John Ixith of Leith Hall in a duel fought in the streets of Aber- 
deen in Dec' 1763, he fled to the Continent, and was outlawed. 
For an account of this duel, see sequel. Issue — 

I. James, his heir, IV. of Mayen, died unm. and intestate 1785, 
and four daughters, viz. : — • 

1. Jane (b. 1751, d. 1805), m*" Major, afterwards Colonel 

Alexander Duff, 58th Regiment, generally known as 
"Tiger Duff," so called from a deep seam in his face, 
inflicted in an encounter in India with a tiger. Their 
son, Captain William Duff" of Mayen, sold that property ; 
d. 1857. 

2. Isobel, m"* Captain William Graham, 42d Reg', sometime 

" Master of Ceremonies at Edinburgh " (Skene MS.) — 
and had issue. 

3. Helen. 4. Anne. 

Arms. — Or, a lion rampant, gules, surmounted of a ribbon, sable. 
Crest. — A parrot feeding on a bunch of cherries, proper. 


M O I R S.i 

From Reguttrs of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1 570-1 700. 

1570. Feb" 4. James Kay and Margaret Moir married. 

1571. Feb' 17. Eyngane Alexander and Janett Moir married. 

1575. Aug' 14. Robert Boyd and Janett Moir married. 
I. Archibald, 14th Aug' 1575. 

1574. June 20. Walter Moir and Crichton Paterson married. 

1574. Aug' 24. John Fiddes and Marione Moir married. 

1575. Dec' 4. Richard Moir and Nans Fresar have a dau. Nans 


1578. March 3. John Groitt and Margaret Moir married. 

1587. July 25. John Moir and Margaret Paip married. 

1579. Nov' 8. Wm. Carmyshell and Marg' Moir have Alexander 


1581. Jan' II. Thos. Cowper and Kathrin Moir have a dau. 

1583. Sept' 15. Wm. Moir and Cristian Moreson have Alexander 

1607. Dec' 27. Patrick Ferguson and Katherine Moir married. 

1588. May 17. Alexander Moir and Elspet Chein have Patrick 


Patrick or Peter Moir and Elspet Annand have— 

I. Margaret, 24th Nov' 1632; 2. Alexander, 8th Jan" 
1635; 3- John, 7th April 1637; 4. William, i8th 
July 1641 — Thos. Boyes, &c.; 5. A son (blank), 
17th July 1644. 

1604. Feb" 21. Walter Moir, a dau. baptized, name blank. 

1609. Feb" 7. Alexander Moir and Agnes Wilson married. 

' The author hopes this register will be of use in assisting families descended 
from the Aberdeen Moirs in tracing their pedigree. 

I would much have lilced to have followed out, as far as possible, a detailed 
history of the families mentioned in St. Nicholas Register, but have neither 
space nor material to do so. — A. J. M. G. 


i6i2. April 21. John Moir and Margaret Anderson married. 

Arthor Moir and Cristian Wricht. 

I. Elspet, i8th Sept' 1608— Alex' Moir, &c. ; 2. NicoU, 
4th April 1613; 3. George, 6th Aug' 1615. 

1607. July 5. Alexander Moir and Mariorie Marno married. 

I. Thomas, 15th March 1610; 2. A son, nth Aug' 
161 1 ; 3. Thomas, 1 6th July 16 13; 4. A son, 23d 
Feb>' 16 1 6. 

16 13. Nov'. Peter Moir and Elspet Croser married. 

I. Peter, 30th Sept' 1616; 2. Agnes, 26th Dec' 1618; 
3. Mariorie, ist Dec' 1628 ; 4. Janet, twin with 
last — Mr. Jas. Moir, &c. ; 5. Elspet, 1st April 1630; 
6. Christian, 23d Oct' 1632; 7. Margaret, twin 
with last. 
16 1 8. George Angus and Katherine Moir married. 
1620. Sept' II. Andrew Gray and Margaret Moir had Margaret. 
1622. Feb" 21. Alexander Steinson and Margaret Moir had a 
WiUiam Moir and Issobell Meassone. 

I. Samuel, 15th July 1624 ; 2. Alexander, 24th March 
1629 ; 3. Patrick, 7th Sept' 1631 ; 4. Issobell, 
28th Nov' 1635 ; 5. James, 14th March 1639. 
William Moir and Elspet Meassone had Susanna, 3d Nov' 
1628. July 24. Ronald Moir and Agnes Cargill had William. 
Mr. William Moir and Janet Forbes. 

I. Bessie, 28th Oct' 1641 ; 2. Andrew, 31st Aug' 1643. 

1628. Mr. William Moir and Jean Forbes married loth Aug', de- 
signed 1639, &c. baillie (was elected to the Town 
Council of Aberdeen 1595-6, or at least a Mr. William Kennedy's 
Moir was). Principal of Marischal College, and his Annals, p. 
widow, Jean Forbes, is alive, and polled in 1696. ^^^' 

I. Agnes, 27th May 1629; 2. Jean, 29th June 1630 ; ?°"pj^62j.'™'' 
3. Andrew, 2d Sept' 1631 ; 4. John, i6th Nov' 
1632; 5. Jeane, 17th June 1634 (see p. 87); 
6. Patrick, loth March 1638; 7. Issobell, 3d 
Dec' 1639 ; 8. Ehzabeth, 13th Oct' 1648— 
John More, a godfather. 


1629. May 9. Jo. Gray and Margaret Moir had William. 

1629. June 14. John Robertson and Agnes Moir married. 

1630. Jan'' 3. Jo° Knowlly and Margaret Moir had Janet. 

A family named Knowles owned the property of Logie- 
rieve, in the parish of Udny, in the end of the sixteenth 

1633. Jo° Moir and Christian Kinnaird married. 

Robert Gray and Agnes Moir. 

I. Robert, 23d July 1630; 2. Agnes, ist Nov' 1631 ; 
3. Margaret, 30th March 1633 > 4' Jean, 30th 
April 1635. 

1633. Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb married 3d Jan''. 

I. Walter, 14th Nov' 1633 — Mr. Walter Moir, a god- 
father; 2. Patrick, 30th April 1635 ; 3. Elspet, 8th 
Feb' 1638; 4. John, 21st Oct' 1640; 5. Jean, 6th 
April 1643. 

1634. Mr. James Moir and Marione Edie married 2d Dec'. 

She had probably been an Aedie of Newark, pp. 53, 65. 

1636. June II. Mr. William Moir and Elspet Forbes had Alex- 


1639. Aug' II. Gilbert Moir and Margaret Ferguson had Jean. 
1638. June 19. Robert Cruickshank and Margaret Moir married. 
1645. April II. Umquhill Gilbert Moir and Janet Clark had 

Hector bap. 

1637. Nov' 21. George Moir and Issobell Rickart married. 

I. Christina, ist Sept' 1639 — Pat'' Moir, a godfather; 2. 
William, ist April 1641 — Mr. Wm. Moir, &c.; 3. 
Agnes, 18th Jan'' 1652 — John More, &c., god- 

1640. Nov' 30. George Dewgeth (Duguid) and Grisell Moir had 


1641. Dec' 21. Andrew Moir and Annas Lumsden married, 
Adam Moir and Christian Forbes. 

I. William, 8th April 1642 — Wm. Moir, Bailzie, and Pat'' 
Moir, godfathers; 2. John, 26th April 1649; 3- 
Margaret, ist July 1651 — Robert Moir, &c. 


Andrew More and Barbara Boyes. 

I. Elspet, 29th Oct' 1654 — Alex' More, &c.; 2. George, 
nth Sept' 1656— Geo. Boyes, &c. 

1641. July 27. James Rob and Janet Moir married. 
I. James, 24th April 1642. 

1643. Feb'' 9. James Moir and Christian Selbie married. 

1644. June 18. Jo" Moir and Agnes Spinola married. 

1647. April 20. Thomas More and Janet Coupper married. 
I. Barbara, 30th Jan>' 1648. 

1647. Feb'' 9. Jo" Moir and Margaret Purb married. 

John More and Issobell Findlay. 
I. John, 31st Oct' 1648. 

Robert More and Margaret Pressie (Presley). 
I. Janet — John More, a godfather. 

1648. Nov' 21. John More and Janet Johnstoune married. 

I. Alexander, 24th Sept' 1649 — Alex' More, a god- 

Patrick Gellie of Balgerso and Margaret More. 

I. Wm., 24th Sept' 1648 — Wm. More, elder and y', &rc., 
godfathers ; 2. Alex', i ith Aug' 1650 — Alex' Jaffray, 
Provost, John Jaffray, Baillie ; 3. Robert, 18th May 
1652; 4. Paull, 15th Jan*" 1654; 5. James, 8th 
Nov' 1655 ; 6. Issobell, 12th Oct' 1660. 

The Gellies, who were considerable merchants at Aber- 
deen, owned, for some generations, the estate of Blackford, 
in Aberdeenshire, and seemed to have several times inter- 
married with the Moirs and Byres families. 

Alexander Gellie^ of Blackford, 1672-8, bears argent Lyon Reg. 
an ark in the waters proper, surmounted of a dove azure, 
bearing in her beak an olive branch vert. 

1670. April 15. — " Patrick Gellie,^ heir of Patrick Gellie, 
merchant burgess of Aberdeen, his father, in the lands of 
Balgerso, parish of Foveran." — Retours. 

Alexander More Baxter and Janet Runsieman. 

I. Bessie, 25th April 1650; 2. Janet, 13th Oct'i6s3 — 

Poll-Book, vo 
' Appears with his wife and family as alive 1695-6. ii., p. 598. 

- Appears in same record, designed " late baillie." Ibui.^ p. 626. 

Pat'' More, Bailie, &c.; 3. Alexander, 24th April 

1652. Mr. John Campbell married Jean Moir, dau. of Mr. 
William Moir, Principal, and Jean Forbes, p. 85, 14th June. 
1. Wm., 20th March 1654— Mr. Wm. Moir, Principal, Pat'' 

Moir, Bailey; 2. Elizabeth, 20th May 1658 — Wm. 

Moir, Principal, and Wm. Moir, godfathers ; 3. 

James, 30th Dec' 1659 ; 4. John, 12th June 1662 ; 

5. Rob', 28th June 1663 ; 6. Janet, 19th Aug' 1665 ; 

7. Patrick, 14th Jan>' 1667 ; 8. Margaret, i6th 

March 1668; 9. George, i5th Aug' 1669; 10. 

Margaret, 21st Sept' 1670; 11. Anna, nth July 

1654. Oct' I. William Smith and Edrine More, in Oldtown parish, 
dau. Janet. 

1654. Dec'31. Gilbert Davidson and Margaret More have Matthew 

bap. — Dr. Wm. More, &c. godfathers. 

1655, March 27. John More and Agnes More, Oldtown, Barbara, 


1655. Alexander Burnett, designed "Polls," and Agnes Moir 
married June 26. 

I. Margaret, 20th Aug' 1657 — Alex' Burnet, late 
Bailie, Pat'' Moir, &c. godfathers ; 2. Thomas, 
i6th Jan'' 1659 ; 3. Geils, 19th Feb'' t66i— Mr. 
Rob' Burnet of Colpnay, &c.; 4. Agnes, 15 th 
March 1663 — John J affray, late Provost, &c. ; 
5. Alexander, 2d Feb'' 1665 ; 6. Marjorie, 14th 
Aug' 1669 (see p. 95); 7. Robert, 7th March 
1672; S.John, 24th April 1673; 9. John, 15th 
Aug' 1674; 10. David, 14th March 1676; 11. 
George, 21st Aug' 1677 — Geo. Skene of Fintray, 
Provost, Mr. Geo. Peacock, &c. godfathers; 12. 
Andrew, 8th Jan'' 1679 — Wm. Cuming of Auchry, 
&c., godfathers ; 13. Patrick, 7th Nov' 16S0 — 
Pat'' Moire and Pat" Gellie, &c. 

These Burnetts were cadets of the Leys family, and 
Alexander Burnett, b. 1665, was first of the Burnetts of 
Kirkhill, now represented by the Bannermans of Elsick. 

1657. June 15. William Moir and Issobell Gillanders married. 


John Brannes (Brands) and Janet Moir. 

I. Agnes, 29th March 1655 — Rob' and Geo. More, god- 
fathers ; 2. Margaret, 22d Dec' 1658 — Jo" Moir, 
&c. ; 3. Johnne, 12th June 1662. 

Thomas Mitchell and Mariorie Moir. 

I. Mariorie, 12th July 1665 — Mr. Wm. Moir, Principal, 
Ur. Wm. Moir and John More, godfathers ; 2. Alex- 
ander, 28th Oct' 1656 ; 3. Janet, 24th Dec' 1657 ; 
4. Thomas, i6th Jan' 1659 ; 5. John, 15th July 
1662 ; 6. Andrew, 20th Sept' 1663 ; 7. WiUiam, 
13th Sept' 1664. 

Thomas Mitchell, a Bailie of Aberdeen, whose son 
Thomas, b. 1659, was sometime Provost of Aberdeen, and 
first of the Mitchells of Thainstone, see p. 19. 

1655. Nov' 6. Patrick Moir and Issobell Keine, Oldtown, dau. 
Christian bap. 

John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank (perhaps a dau. of 
Robert Cruickshank of Banchory, Provost of Aberdeen 

I. George, 5th Dec' 1661 ; 2. Jean, 9th Dec' 1662 ; 
3. Margaret, ist Jan" 1665 ; 4. John, 8th Nov' 
1666 ; 5. Alex', 1 2th May 1668 ; 6. Margaret, 
i6th Feb>' 167 1; 7. James, nth June 1673; 8. 

1663. George Moiresone, Litster, and Marione Moir married, 
Aug' 4. 

I. George, 12th May 1663 ; 2. Robert, 28th April 
'665 ; 3. John, 27th Aug' 1667. 

1663. June 16. James Brown and Jean Moir married. 

George Moir and Margaret Smellie married 14th July 1663. 
I. James, 5th July 1676 — Jas. Moir, in Ferriehill, Jas. 
Carnegie, &c. ; 2. Issobell, 17th May 1664. 

1664. May 31. John Moir and Janet Bamet married. 

1668. April 16. Walter Stewart, Merchant, Banff (Provost 
1692-95) and Janet Moir married. 

John Moir and Bessie Collison married 4th July 1667. 
I. Margaret, 26th Oct' 1668; 2. John, 3d Nov' 1670 — 


John Moir of Stainiewood, John Moire of Barnes, 
John Moir, son to Bailie Pat'' Moir, &c. godfathers ; 
3. Alex', 2ist Sept' 1672 ; 4. Wm., 15th Nov' 1673 ; 
5. Jean, 9th March 1675 ; 6. George, 17th March 
1677 ; 7. Thomas, 27th Oct' 1678. 

1669. April 22. Robert Moir, Litster, and Marie Baton married. 
1668. Dec' 8. Peter Symmer and Mariorie Moir married. 

1668. Dec' 12. James Schand, Cordiner, and Jean Moir married. 
I. Jean, 8th Jan^" 1670; 2. James, 8th April 1672; 3. 

Thomas, 30th April 1673; 4. Robert, 5th April 

1674; 5. Janet, 23d April 1676; 6. Elizabeth, 8th 

Dec' 1678. 
1659. June 2. Andrew Moir and Jean Mackie married. 

I. Marjorie, i6th March 1660 — Alex' Moir, elder and y', 

godfathers; 2. Wm., 29th June 1667 — Dr. Wm. 

Moir, Wm. Brannes, &c. godfathers ; 3. Elizabeth, 

8th Dec' 1678. 

1670. July 30. .Andrew Moir and Hellene Ker married. 

I. Alex', 8th Sept' 167 1 — Alexander Alex', BaiHe, Alex' 
Burnet, " Buchans, &c. ;" 2. Anna, 3d Sept' 1672 
— Wm. Ker, y', &c. 

1671. July 24. Johne Simmer and Jean Moir married. 

I. Issobell, 5th Aug' 1 67 1. 
1671. April 27. Alex' Hardie and Bessie Moir married. 

I. John, 2d Sept' 1672 — John Moir of Wattertoun, John 
Anderson, &c.; 2. Jean, 25th Dec' 1673 ; 3. James, 
loth Oct' 1675 ; 4. Jean, 1st Dec' 1677. 
1674. Aug' 13. Robert Weir and Issobell Moir married. 

I. John, ist Aug' 167s ; 2. Issobell, 4th March 1677 — 
Dr. Wm. Moir, Pat'' Moir, &c.; 3. Patrick, loth 
Nov' 1678— Pat" Moire, Bailie, Pat'' Sibbald, Pat" 
Sandilands, Pat" Gellie, godfathers ; 4. Margaret, 
23d Nov' 1679 — David Aedie, Bailie, Szc; 5. 
Robert, 20th March 1681 — Rob' Patrie of Port- 
lethan, &c.; 6. Anna, 26th Sept' 1689 ; 7. Wm., 4th 
Aug' 1682; 8. Walter, 26th Aug' 1683— Walter 
Stewart, Provost of Banff, &c.; 9. Jean, ist Jan' 
1688 — John Moire, Bailie, &c. ; 10. Wm. 5th May 
1689 — Dr. Wm. Moir, Wm. Souper, Wm. Black, &c. 


1 679- Donald Riach, weaver, and Christian Moir, married i8th 

I. Issobell, 19th Dec' 1680; 2. Christian, i8th Dec' 
1681 ; 3. Janet, 22d June 1684; 4. Margaret, 
20th Sept' 1685 ; 5. Christian, loth April 1692 — 
Alex' Strachan of Clerkseat, &c. ; 6. Patrick, 
17th March 1695 — Patrick Gelly, &c. 
[680. June 20. William Moir and Jean Clerk married. 
[680. Archibald Campbell and Jean Moir married 23d Nov'. 

I. Issobell, 29th Jan*" 1682 — Pat'= Moir, Bailie, Dr. Wm. 
Moir, &c. 
1 68 1. Aug' 30. Robert Moir and Elspet Moir married. 

John Moir, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, designed 
1684 "late theasurer"; 1687 Bailie, deceased 1699, 
married Jean Campbell 29th April 1683. 
I. Pat'' 23d Dec' 1683— Mr. Pat" Sandilands of Cotton, 
Dr. Pat'' Chalmer, <S:c. ; 2. John, 7th Dec' 1684— 
John Leslie of Colpnay, John Souper, &c. ; 3. 
Jean, April 4, 1686 — Wm. More, Geo. Leslie, 
Provost, Gilbert Black, Bailie, &c. ; 4. Wm. 8th 
Nov' 1687 — Dr. Wm. More, Wm. Souper; 5. Issobell, 
loth Oct' 1688— Sir Thos. Burnet, &c. ; 6. Elspet, 
25th June 1690 — And" Fraser, Sherif-Depute, &c. ; 
7. Margaret, 2d Sept' 1691 ; 8. John, 13th Nov' 
1692 — Mr John Campbell, y', writer to ther ma. 
signet, John Johnston of Nevvplace, &c. ; 9. 
Gilbert, 15th Dec' 1693 — Gilbert Moir, eldest 
lawful son to the late Mr. Wm. Moir, Dr. in Physick ; 
10. Patrick, 12th Oct' 1695 — Mr. Pat'' Chalmers, 
Dr. of Medicine, &c. ; 11. James, 24th March 1698 
— Mr. Jas. Moir, Regent; 12. Issobell (posthumous 
child), 2 2d Dec' 1699 — Thos. Mitchell, Lord 
Provost, presenter of child in place of deceased 

1684. Dec' 18. John Black, smyth, and Janet Moir, married. 
1683. William Moir, messenger, and Christian Ray, married 14th 

I. Katherine, 29th June 16S4 — John Moir, theasurer, 
John Moir, merchand, Geo. Keith, &c., god- 
fathers; 2. John, 2d May 16S6 — ^John More, 


theasurer, John More in Gellen or Ellon, Mr. 
John More, Stanniwood's brother, John More, 
merchand, John More, student, &c. 
1683. Oct' r6. George Moir, miller, and Christian Craigheid, 

1698. May 30. Alexander Moir and Jean Burnett married. 
Alexander Moir, younger, and Janet Currie. 

I. Andrew, 23d April 1657; 2. Janet, 13th May 1658; 
3. Elspet, i2th May 1660; 4. Alexander, 29th 
June 1662; 5. Margaret, 23d July 1663; 6. John, 
nth March 1666 — John Moir of Barnes and John 
Moir, y', godfathers ; 7. Agnes, 26th Nov' 1668 ; 8. 
Issobell, 6th Oct' 1672 ; 9. Alexander, 19th Oct' 
1673; 10. James, 7th Feb" 1675; 11. Margaret, 
2d July 1676; 12. Issobell, 24th Feb" 1678 — 
Alex' Burnett, " Buchans," Pat"" Strinach, &c., god- 
William Moir and Margaret Burnett. 

I. Andrew, 9th June 1657. 
Andrew Moir and Janet Currie. 
I. Marjorie, loth June 1670. 
John More and Margaret Paterson. 

I. Janet, 26th Oct' 1660 — Alex', Rob', and John More, 
godfathers; 2. Margaret, 15th Feb" 1663; 3. John, 
3d Sept' 1665; 4. Robert, 2d Jan" 1668— Pat'' 
Moire, late Bailie, John Moire of Barnes, and John 
Moire, y'. 
Alexander Moir or Mure and Elspet Cook. 

I. Bessie, 13th Jan" i65i ; 2. Issobell, 31st July 1662; 
3. Barbara, 2d Dec' 1664 — John Souper, &c. ; 4. 
Margaret, 3d Feb" 1667; 5. Matthew, 23d April 
James Brown and Jean Moir. 

I. Bessie, 6th Feb" i666; 2. John, 25th Sept' 1668. 
Alexander Moir and Janet or Jean Gellie. 

I. Jean, 2d June 1691 — Pat'' Gellie, &c. ; 2. Thomas, 
19th April 1684. 
John Moire and Agnes Moire. 
I. Jean, 22d Nov' 1673. 


John Murray and Issobell Moire. 

I. Jean, 19th April 1674 — J as. Moire, Alex' Alexander, 
&c. ; 2. Alexander, 20th Oct' 1676 — Alex' Moire, 

Patrick Moir and Janet Tortree. 

I. James, 27th April 1674. 
George Moir and Janet Jaffray. 

I. Issobell, loth Nov' 1674 — John Moire, &c. ; 2- 
Issobell, 3d Sept' 1676 — John Moire, Pat'' Moire, 
late Bailie, &c. ; 3. John, 4th May 1678 ; 4. Robert, 
14th March 1680; 5. George, 23d April 1681. 
Patrick Walker and Issobell Moir. 

I. Alexander, i6th Feb" 1675 ; 2. George, 23d Dec' 
Adam Smith and Elspet Moir. 

I. Patrick, i6th May 1675 — Pat'' Moire, Pat'' Gellie, &c. 
Andrew Young and Janet Moir. 

I. William, loth March 1676; 2. Christian, 3d Aug' 
1678; 3. George, 9th Feb'' 1680; 4. Nathaniell, 
7th Feb>' 1682. 
William Moir, merchant, and Mariorie, dau. of late James 
Walker, merchant, married. 
I. James, 30th March 1686. 
William Moir, elder, merchant, and Margaret, dau. of 
Gilbert Black, late Bailie, married i6th June 1705. 

John Moir, merchant, and Margaret Moir, dau. of the late 

Baillie John Moir, married 14th Feb>'i7i7. 
George Simson, merchant, and Jean, dau. of Gilbert Moir, 

cooper, married 21st March 17 19. 
Alexander Moir and Jean Selbie. 

I. Wm., 28th April 1678; 2. Jean, 21st Aug' 168 1 — 
Thos. Mitchell, litser, John Moire, &c. 
George Largg and Margaret Moir. 

I. Margaret, 8th March 1679 — Geo. Moire, a godfather. 
James Smith and Bessie Moire. 

I. Elspet, 20th July 1679 — John Moire, surgeon, &c. ; 
2. Christian, 25th Oct' 1681 ; 3. Agnes, 6th Oct' 
1682 ; 4. George, 7th Oct' 1683 ; 5. Margaret, 27th 
Feb'' 1686. 


James Robertson and Marie Moire. 

I. Jannet, 9th May 1680 — Thos. Mitchell, late Bailie, 
Walter Robertson, &c. ; 2. Margaret, 15th Sepf 1683 
■ — Mr Geo. Seaton, &c. ; 3. Issobell, 25th Nov' 1685. 
William Moir and Janet Beidie. 

I. Jean, 30th Sept' 1681 — John Moir, Dr. Jas. Leslie, 
Alex' King, and John Anderson ; 2. Christian, 
13th March 1687 — John More, mer', &c. 
John Thomson and Mariorie Mores had — 

I. Thomas, 6th Nov' 16S1. 
William Welch and Issobell Moir had — 

I. James, 19th Feb>' 1684. 
Alexander Aberdeen ^ and Margaret Moir. 

I. Issobell, 2d Aug' 1685 — Sir Geo. Skene of Fintray, 

John Moir, Theasurer, John Ross, &c. ; 2. A dau., 

15th Sept' 1688 — John Moir, present Bailie, and 

Robert Weir, merchant. 

1687. Aug* 21. Mr. Thomas Jaffray,- of Dilspro, and Issobell Moir 


I. Marie, 21st Aug' 1687 — Sir Geo. Skene of Fintray, 
John More, Bailie, Dr. Wm. Moir and Gilbert 
Black, late Bailie; 2. John, loth March 1689 — 
John Moir, late Bailie, John Jaffray, son to the 
deceast David Jaffray, merchant, &c. ; 3. John, 
25th May 1690 — John Sandilands, present Bailie, 
Cap' John Campbell of Moy, &c. ; 4. Margaret, 
13th Oct' 1691 — Wm. Farquharson of Invercauld, 
Mr Geo. Chalmer, Rector of Foord, &c. 
William Chesser, " fermer," and Helen Moir. 

I. John, 4th March 1693 ; 2. Wilham, loth Feb" 1695 ; 
3. James, nth Aprili697 — Jas. Syper j 4. Margaret, 
19th May 1702. 
"Mr." Alexander Moir, "writer," and "messenger," also 
designed " merchant," and Anna Gordon. 

I. John, 4th June 1693 — John Moir, late Bailie, John 
Moir, Town's Councillor, and John Moir, skipper, 
&c. ; 2. Ale.x', 24th July 1694 — Mr. Alex' Moir, 

Poll-Boo'( vol. ' Dead in 1696, when his widow is polled with children, John and Issobell. 
ii., p. 614. He was probably progenitor of the Aberdeins of Cairnbulg. 

' This was a great Quaker family, long connected with the town, and owned 
for several generations the estate of Kingswells. 


Regent in Marischal Coll., Alex'Orem; 4. Wm., June 
26, 1698 — Wm. Moir, mer', brother-german to Stoney- 
wood, Mr. Wm. Moir, messenger, Wm. Bisset, late 
Dean of Gild, and Mr. Wm. Gordon, son to the 
Earl of Abd", &c. ; 5. A son, Sept' 1699. 
Alexander Moir, "burger and wright," and Marjorie 

I. Janet, iSth March 1694— Wm. Moir, messenger; 

2. Issobell, i2th April 1696— Wm. Moir, Burges ; 

3. Margaret, 28th Dec' 1697. 

Alexander Moir, " horsehyer," and Issobell Mathieson. 
I. Jean, 9th Sept' 1689— Rob' Gordon, &c. ; 2. Mary, 
4th Feb" 1691 ; 3. Mathew, 21st Dec' 1692— 
Matthew M'Kaill, elder and y', &c. ; 4. Issobell, 
^ 24th March 1695 ; 5. John, 5th March 1699. 
James Gordon, brother-german to the laird of Badenscoth, 
and Margaret Moir. 

I. Mary, nth May 1690 — Adam Gordon of Inver- 
bucket, and John Moir, late bailie, &c. ; 2. 
(blank), 6th March 1691 ; 3. Anne, 25th Oct' 
1 69 1— Alex' Gordon, late Lord Provost, Adam 
Gordon of Inverebrie, &c. ; 4. Helen, i6th Feb" 
1693— Mr Geo. Moir, Regent, &c. ; 5. Jean, 1st 
Feb' 1694 — John Moir, late Bailie. 
George Ferguson and Elspet Moir. 

I. Janet, 9th Nov' 1690 — Pat'' Gellie, &c. 

John Strachan, merchant, and Margaret Moir. 

I. Alex', 19th May 1 691— Alex' Strachan of Clerkseat, 

late Dean of Gild ; 2. James, 3d July 1692 ; 3. Wm. 

8th Oct' 1693; 4. Issobell, i6th Dec' 1694; 5. 

Ann, 9th March 1697 ; 6. Elizabeth, 27th Dec' 


James Moir, Regent in Marischal Coll., and Marjorie 

Burnett, probably dau. of Alexander Burnett and Agnes 

Moir, p. 88. 

I. Agnes, i6th April 1693— Alex' Moir, Regent, &c ; 
2. Janet, 2d Oct' 1694— Mr Thos. Burnet, advo- 
cate, and John Burnet, designed "Poles"; 3. 
Jean, 23d Aug' 1695; 4- Janet, 12th Jan" 1698; 


5- Rachell, nth Nov' 1699— Pat'' Gellie, late 
bailie, Mr Alex' Moir, Regent, (S:c. ; 6. Alex', 14th 
Jan'' 1 701 — Mr Alex' Moir, Regent, and Alex' Moir 
of Scotstoun, &c. ; 7. James, 31st July 1702 — 
Jas. Moir, of Stoneywood, Jas., son to the late 
Bailie John Moir, &c. ; 8. James, April 8, 1703 — 
Mr Andw. Burnet, minister, and Dr. in Physick, 
Thos. Burnet of Kirkhill, adv' in Edinbro', and 
John Burnet, mer", "designed Poles"; 9. Jean, 
19th March 1705 — Jas. Moir of Stoneywood, and 
Wm. Moir, mer'. 

William Fettes, burges and tailour, and Anna Moir. 

I. John, i2th July 1694 — John Moir, tailor, &c. ; 2. 
Anna, ist Sept' 1695 — John Lesley of Colpnay, 
&c. ; 3. Margaret, 29th Aug' 1699 — James David- 
son of Tillymorgan, &c. ; 4. James, 6th Aug' 1700. 

Gilbert Moir, burges and Cooper, and Margaret Barclay. 
I. Margaret, 5th May 1695 — Wm. Moir, mer', Mr. Geo. 
Leslie; 2. Anna, 28th May 1699 — Alex' Aberdeen, &c. 

Gilbert Moir and Margaret Moir. 

I. Jean, 7th March 1697. 
Cap' John Anderson, mer" and skipper, and Janet Moir. 

I. John, 1 6th Nov' 1698. 

Thomas Orem, merchant, present Master of the Gild 
Hospital, and Agnes Moir. 

I. Margaret, 17th Aug' 1701 — Mr. Thos. Orem, of 
Glasgow — Alex' Orem, present Bailie ; 2. Wm., 2d 
May 1703; 3. John, 12th Nov' 1705. 

Cap' James Gordon of Barnes, and Margaret Moir (pro- 
bably dau. of John Moir of Barnes and Mary Cochran, 
p. So). 

I. Margaret, 12th Oct' 1701 — Adam Gordon of Inver- 
ebrie, adv', and Wm. Gordon of Old Govell, and 
Pat'' Gordon, mer'; 2. Issobell, 23d Oct' 1702 — 
Mr. Alex' Gordon, factor in Campheir, and Wm. 
Gordon of Kintore ; 3. Christian, 27th April 
1704; 4. Margaret, 7th Oct' 1705. 



Like most names, we find it spelt in a variety 
of ways, Birs, Bires, Byres, de Byres, Byris, Birss, 
Byrs, Byires, Byrris, Byers, Buyers, &c., and it had 
no doubt been assumed from the lands of Byres, in 
the parish and county of Haddington ; a district 
with which the progenitors of the family about to be 
treated of, appear to have been for some time con- 
nected. There is a tradition that the family of 
Byres was of Hungarian origin, and settled for a 
time in France, and that the direct ancestor of 
Byres, of Coates, accompanied Mary of Guise, 
Queen of James V., to Scotland; but I can find no 
evidence of this, and as I will afterwards shew, 
people of this surname held land in Edinburgh in 
the 14th century. It is worthy of remark, as shew- 
ing that the descendants of the Coates family, the 
Byres of Tonley, who acquired that property in 
1718, had some faith in "the Guise story," as one 
of the principal farms on that estate is called 
Gttise, although there is no such place on the 
property when the Poll Book of Aberdeenshire was 
made up, 1695-6. There are also other places of 
the name of Byres in Scodand, as one in the county 
of Perth, another near Fochabers, in Morayshire, &c. 
Mr Stodart, Lyon Depute, suggests that in some 
cases, the name in Aberdeenshire may have been 


Art. Kings - 
cote, p. 280. 
De Greville 
Soc. Ant. 
Norm. 1825. 

assumed from the parish of Birse, in that county. 
The surname is certainly occasionally written Birs, 
&c. See above. There was a family named Byres, 
long settled in Northamptonshire; in the time of 
Edward IV., a Miss Byres marries William Kings- 
cote, of Kingscote, in the county of Gloucester. 

Byers. — "The chateau of Biars, in the canton of 
Isiqui, La Manche, in Normandy, temp. Conquest, 
had lords of its own name." 

The family of Byres, of Coates, rose to wealth 
and station as merchant burgesses of Edinburgh, and 
acquired that property by purchase from the Kin- 
caids, as will be afterwards shewn ; and \h€\r probable 
progenitors were long connected with the counties 
of Midlothian, Haddington, Lanark, &c. 
1392. Thomas de Byres is mentioned in the 
chartulary of St Giles, as owning lands in 
Robert Birs, notary. 
Duncan of Birs, Aberdeenshire. 
John Byrs, i in Montrose, \ Register of the 
< mentioned in > Great Seal, vol. 
George Byrs, ( a charter. ) ii., 2716. 
Bernard Byre, " Ducheman" — Privy Council 

Records, vol. i., p. 429. 
Thomas Byris, in Ardgowan, Ayrshire. — Ibid. 
1623, James Byres, in Ardgowan (probably 
a son). 
James Byris is mentioned. Acts of Parliament 

of Scotland, vol. iii., p. 389, James VL 
2. Sepf Margaret Hunter, in Kincardine 
O'Neil, and Andrew Byres, her son, when 
Patrick Hunter, burgess of Aberdeen, is 
their cautioner for ;C500 each, that they will 







not harm Patrick Leslie, son of James 
Leslie, burgess of Aberdeen, or Janet Hun- 
ter his spouse. Privy Councell Records, vol. 
v., p. 567. 

1595. Geordie Byris, in Lymkills, county Dumfries. 
— Ibid., p. 380. 

1593- 14th Nov' Thomas Byris, in Ressavit, Aber- 
deenshire. — Ibid., 606. 

Register of St Nicholas, Aberdeen. 

1574. Duncan Wrytin, and Christen Byrris, married 
4th July. 

I. James, bap. 7th Feb^ 1573. Unless 
there is a mistake in the register, it 
would appear this son was born out 
of wedlock. 
1578. Alexander Byeris, and Janet Blinschell. 

I. Christion, bap. 14th Sepf- 
1618. David Gray, and Margaret Byrris, a daughter 
Janet, 27th June. 


From Old and New Edinburgh, vol. i., p. 153. — 
" Prior to the year 181 1, there remained unchanged 
in the Luckenbooths two lofty houses of great 
strength and antiquity, one of which contained the 
town residence of Sir John Byres, Bart, of Coates, 
an estate now covered by the west end of New 
Edinburgh. He was a gentleman who made a 
great figure in the city during the reign of James 
VL, but no memories of him now remain, save the 
alley called Byres Close, and his tomb in the west 
wall of the Greyfriars' Churchyard, the inscription on 

which, though nearly obHterated, tells us that he was 
treasurer, baillie, and dean of guild of Edinburgh, 
and died in 1629, in his sixtieth year." 

There are several inaccuracies in the above state- 
ment. Sir John Byres of Coates was a simple 
Knight, not a Baronet, and was son of John Byres 
I. of Coates, the Treasurer, &c., of Edinburgh, who 
died in 1629, in his sixtieth year, and it was to him, 
and not to his son Sir John Byres, that the tomb- 
stone was erected. 


Ibid., vol. ii., pp. 1 15-16. — "The lands and 
houses of Easter and Wester Coates lay westward of 
Bearfold's Parks and the old Ferr)^ Road. The for- 
mer edifice, a picturesque old mansion, with turrets, 
dormer windows, and crow-stepped gables, in the 
Scoto-French style, still remains unchanged, among 
its changed surroundings, as when it was built — pro- 
bably about 161 1 — by Sir John Byres, of Coates, 
whose town residence was in Byres Close, in the 
High Street, and over the door of which he in- 
scribed the usual pious legend, ' Blissit be God in 
al his giftis,' with the initials of himself and his 
lady. This lintel was removed by the late Sir 
Patrick Walker, who had succeeded to the estate, 
and was rebuilt by him into the present ancient 
house, which is destined long to survive as the 
deanery of St Mary's Cathedral. Into the walls 
of the same house were built some fragments of 
sculpture from a mansion in the Cowgate, tradi- 
tionally known as the residence of the French 

embassy in Mary's time. They are now in the 
north wing. On the eastern side of the mansion of 
Coates are two ancient Hntels, one dated 1600 with 
the initials C.C.I, and K.H. ; the other bears the 
same initials, with the legend, ' I prays ye Lord For 
All His Benefetis — 1601.' On the west a dormer 
gable bears the date 161 5, with the initials — J.B.M.B., 
that is, John Byres, and Margaret Barclay, his first 
wife, — and a stone built above the western door bears 
in large letters the word Jehova, with the city motto, 
and the date 16 14. Prior to the time of the Byres 
the property had belonged to the Lindsays, as in 
the ratification of Parliament to Lord Lindsay in 
1592 are mentioned 'the landis of Dene, but the 
mylnes and mure thereof, and their pertenents lyand 
within the Sherifdom of Edinburgh, the manes of 
Drym, the lands of Drymhill, the lands of Coittis, 
and Coitakirs,' &c." (Acta Pari. Jacobi VI.) 

1576, 2 2d March, the will of Johne Johnestoun 
of the Cottis, burgess of Edinburgh, is recorded. Per- 
haps he is ancestor of the Johnstons, who appear to 
have been related to Agnes Smyth, II. wife of John 
Byres I. of Coates, see p. 107. Afterwards Coates 
belonged to the Kincaids, who sold it to John Byres 
early in the 1 7th century. By the last family it was 
sold to Lord Roseberry in 1702. Sir Patrick 
Walker, the late owner of the estate, succeeded his 
father, the Rev'^ William Walker (of Old Meldrum, 
Aberdeenshire), who bought the property. 


" Rule be one." 

I. John Byres, born circa 1569, I. of Coates, an 

eminent and leading merchant burgess (admitted 

1595' see p. 147) of Edinburgh, was two years 

BaiHe, six years Treasurer, six years, 1619-24, Dean 

of Guild, and two years Old Provost of the capital of 


Acts of Pariia- Mr Byres was one of the commissioners appointed 

knd, vol. iv° " by James VI., " anent the plantation of kirks, as sit 

pp. 606 and unplantit," and also in the commission by the same 

monarch in 1621, "anent moneyis." 
PrivyCoun- I c;q7. i4th Sept'. Robert Tolie, burgfcss of 

cellRecords, r^j- I u « u • • u- . J T3 J 

vol. V. p. 764. Edinburgh, " being in his voyage towards Burdeaux 
in France, and uncertain of his return, is not able to 
keep the day appointed for his compearance for the 
pursuit of the suspension raised by him against the 
Treasurer and Advocat. Wherefore there is a 
warrant under the sign manual, and countersigned 
by J. Lindesay, secretary to John Andro, to delete 
the act of caution whereby Jolie has found John 
Dougall, and John Byris, sureties for his com- 
pearance upon nth November next. 

iiiid. p. 688. 1598. 28th April. " Johnne Robertsoun younger, 
merchant burgess of Edinburgh, appears for Johnne 
Byris, merchant burgess there, to satisfy the comp- 
troller for the custom of 30 lasts of beens, imported 
by him." p. 704. 159S. 14th Sept'. At Edinburgh, "Johnne Byris, 
merchant burgess of Edinburgh, appears for Johnne 
Ros, minister at Dumbartane, to make the teind 

sheaves of the parsonage of Dumbartane furthcoming 
to all parties having interest." John Byres acquired 
early in the 17th century, probably about 16 10, by 
purchase from the Kincaids, the estate of Coates, in 
the parish of St. Cuthbert's, as well as other projoerty 
(see Extracts from Sasines, p. 161), on which so much 
of the west end of Edinburgh is now built, and 
erected the present interesting old mansion house, 
likely in 1615. For an account of it see pp. 4,5. 
This laird of Coates, who was a man of very con- 
siderable influence and importance, died in 1629, and 
there is a very fine monument to his memory, erected 
by his widow Agnes Smyth, and children, seep. 143. 
By his first wife. Dame Margaret Barclay, who had 
probably been of the ancient house of Barclay of 
Towie, in Aberdeenshire, who died 12th Jan^ 1616, 
(for a copy of her will see p. 14S), he appears 
to have had daughters only. 

I. John Byres of Coates, and Dame Margaret 
Barclay, his first wife. Issue, three daughters : — 
I. Margaret Byres, m"^ Alexander Heriot,' mer- 
chant burgess of Edinburgh. Issue, six sons 
and four daughters : — 

1. Alexander, bap. 14th Nov' 161 9. Witnesses, 

M' John Jolie, D' of Physick, John Byres, 
and Thomas Charteris, merchants. 

2. Thomas, bap. 22d July 162 1. 

3. James, bap. 19th Aug' 1623. Witnesses, M' 

^ The Heriots, who intermarried with the Primroses (Roseberry), 
and FouHs' of Ravelston, were of the same stock as George 
Heriot — " Jingling Geordie " — the munificent founder of Heriot's 


City Parish 
Registers. — 

James Oliphant, advocate, and John 
Kennerd, younger of Fordie, &c. 

4. Robert, bap. 30th Dec"' 1626. Witnesses, 1\P 

Robert Winrame, M' Rob' Burnet, 
younger, Advocate, and John Byres. 

5. George, bap. 3d Jany. 1630. Witnesses, Geo. 

FowHs, M' Geo. Buder, Geo. Scott, and 
Geo. Arnot. 

6. David, bap. 2d March 1631. Witnesses, 

David Cunninghame, of Akinhervie, M' 
David Mitchell, minister, M"^ David 
Heriot, Advocate, and M"^ William Scott, 
D' of Physick. 

1. Agnes, bap. 25th July 1622. Witnesses, John 

Byres, Ja° Heriot, Litster, &c. 

2. Isobel, bap. 21st Ocf 1624. Witnesses, 

Johne Byris, M"' David Heriot, and John 

3. Rachel, bap. 3d Jany. 1626. Witnesses, M"' 

Johne Olyphant, M' James Inglis, and 
George Arnot. 

4. Elizabeth, bap. 21st Dec' 1627. Witnesses, 

M' John Jolie, D"^ of Physick, Tho= Weir, 
and John Pearsone. 
2. Rachel Byres, m'' the Rev"^ Thomas Sydserff' 
(eldest son of James Sydserff, merchant- 
burgess of Edinburgh), one of the ministers 

' " Thomas Sydserff, afterwards Dean of Edinburgh, was con- 
secrated Bishop of Brechin 1634, and translated to Galloway in 
the following year. At the Restoration he was the only surviving 
Scottish Bishop, and died 16 ." — Stodart's "Scottish Arms," 
vol. ii., p. 132. He had no doubt been a cadet of the old family 
of Sydserff of that ilk. There are still the Buchan-Sydserffs, 
of Ruchlaw, in the county of Haddington. 


of St. Giles, Edinburgh (M.A. 1602). Issue, 
three sons and four daughters : — 

1. Johnne, bap. 25th Nov' 162 1. Scott's Fasti 

2. Thomas, bap. 8th Ocf 1624, who fought 

under Montrose, and was knighted. 
Witnesses, M' Alex'' Kincaid, D' in 
Physick, Tho^ Weir, Tho' Charteris, 
mercht", and Tho' Miller. 

3. Alexander, bap. 4th Dec' 1625. 

1. Margaret, bap. March 16. 161 9. Witnesses, 

Johne Byris, bailie, M' John Hall, min- 
ister, &c. 

2. Elspet, bap. Ocf 5. 1620. Witnesses, Johne 

Byris and Alex' Heriot, &c. 

3. Agnes, bap. Sepf 4. 1627. Witnesses, M' 

Johne Struthers, M' Johne Maxwell, 
Johne Byris, and M' Robert Burnet. 

4. Marione, bap. Ocf 25. 1628. Witnesses, 

David Aikinheid, Provost of Edinburgh, 

M' Henrie Rollok, M' David Mitchell, 

minister, M' Rob' Monteith. 

3. Agnes Byres, died Aug' 1631 ' (3d dau. of ^'j;;'^';™' 

John Byres, I. of Coates, and of his ist 

wife Margaret Barclay), sole executrix to 

' Will given up by her husband as administrator to her children, 
who are minors, viz., John, Tho^ Alex--, Marg', Agnes, Rachel, 
and Janet. Inventory of goods in hand, £5,6so. Among the 
debtors are George Viscount Dupplin, Chancelor of Scotland; 
W" Earl of Morton, Treasurer ; John Lord Traquair, &c. ; total, 
_;^ 1 7,383, 6s. 8d. Amongst the debts due is to Mr John Chartres, 
minister at Currie, co. Edinburgh, ;^ 1260; M' Henry Charteris, 
his brother, ^500. To the children of the late M^ Henry Chartres, 
Prof, of Divinity, Edinbro, King James Coll. or University, 
_^i40o, &c. 



her mother, m'' 2. Sept' 1619 Thomas 

Charteris, merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, 

designed 1625 " Baillie of Leyth." Issue, 

four sons and four daughters : — 

Edinburgh i_ Henrie, bap. 15. Jany. 1622. Witnesses, 

ReJsterT— M' Henrie Charteris (Professor of Di- 

^^''■"'S''- vinity, University of Edinburgh), Alex' 


2. Johne, bap. 4. Dec. 1623. Witnesses, John 

Byris, &c. 

3. Thomas, bap. 5. Jany. 1625. Witnesses, 

Tho= Fisher, M' Tho^ Sydserff, minister, 
and William Gray, merchant. 

4. Alexander, bap. 8. March 1730. Witnesses, 

M' Alexander Thomson, Alexander 
Spence, Alexander Heriot, Alexander 

1. Margaret, bap. 8. Oct' 1620. Witnesses, 

John Byris and Henry Charteris. 

2. Agnes, bap. 11. Feby. 1626. Witnesses, 

John Byris, M' Alex' Kincaid, and John 

3. Marione, bap. 3. April 1627. Witnesses, 

David Aikenheid, Provest, John Byris, 
M' Robert Burnet, yo', Advocat. 

4. Rachel, bap. 30. Nov' 1628. Witnesses, 

M' Jolie, Doctor in Physick, Alex' Den- 
nistoun, John Smyth, and David Moore- 
heid, merchants. M'' Robert Brown, 
merchant, of Edinburgh, and had Janet, 


I. John Byres, I. of Coates, married 2dly, 1617-18, 
Agnes (who, on the death of John Byres, married 
Rev'' James Reid, of St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh ; see 
note on family of Smyth, p. 1 79), daughter of Robert 
Smyth, merchant-burgess, of Edinburgh, by Agnes 
Purves his wife (see Extracts Sasines, p. 162), and 
sister, probably, of Sir John Smyth of Grotthill, and 
King's Cramond, Provost of Edinburgh, M.P. Issue, Edininugh 
at least five if not six sons, viz. :— Registos* 

1. Johnne, his heir, bap. 18. Feby. 16 19. Wit- 

nesses, Alex' Heriot, Jo" Smyth, Jo" John- 
stone. Of him again. 

2. Robert, bap. 6. May 162 1. Witnesses, M' ^^'^'°g"*= "^ 

Tho' Sydserff (his brother-in-law) and Rob' index of Re- 
Smyth, child's grandfather, studied at Edin- 79"''' '''*^' """ 
burgh University, M.A. July 1637, Advocate 
of that town, admitted 1642, served heir of 
conquest of his immediate younger brother 
"Mr Thomas" in 1647, and same year 
appointed tutor or guardian to his two 
nephews, George and John, sons of his elder 
brother Sir John Byres, (seep, no), mar- 
ried Elizabeth Aikenhead, probably daughter 
of David Aikenhead, Provost of Edin- 
I. Marie, bap. i. July 1643. Witnesses, M' 
James Reid, M' James Aikinhead, 
advocat. Sir John Smyth, Sir John 
Byres, M' Thomas Aikinheid, Com- 
misar, and John Ramsay. 


Reg. of St. 

Thomas, bap. 8. May 1623. Witnesses, M' 
Tho' Sydserff, minister, Tho' Chartres, &c., 
studied at Edinburgh University, M. A. 15. 
July 1 64 1, married Isabel, dau. of the late 
Captain John Conynghame, heir portioner 
of the lands of Saughtonhall, Midlothian, 
and died in 1647. (Copy of his will, see 
p. 156). 
Alexander, bap. 19. April 1625. Merchant- 
burgess, — admitted 4. Jany. 1660, see p. 148 
— of Edinburgh, designed "of St. Leonards," 
near that town, served heir of line of his im- 
mediate elder brother " M' Thomas," 3. Dec"^ 
1647, died in 1660; will confirmed 26. Aug' 
1661, married, contract dated 17. Nov^ 1648, 
Jean (who died 1674), dau. of M' James 
Drummond, of St. Ninian's Chapel, by Jean 
Fowler his spouse. (This lady had two 
brothers, Robert and Patrick, and a sister, 
Jean Drummond.) In 1643, Alexander 
Byres has, along with his brothers M' Rob- 
ert and M' Thomas, a charter of part of the 
land of St. Leonards (see Extracts from 
Sasines p. 165). 
I. Alexander, II. of St. Leonards, bap. 15. 
July 1660,' married Margaret Tarbat, 
and in 1709 Anne Byres is served heir 
general of her mother, and in the 
following year of her father. 

' 1685. 18. Nover. Alex' Byirs, po' of S' Lenord's, and Mar' 
Torbit, a daughter named Anna. Witnesses, James Douglas, and 
James Torbit The child baptised by a line from M"^ Trotter, of 
their lawfull marriage of this dait. 


1. Jean, bap. 13. Sepf 1649. Witnesses, M' 

Ja' Reid, M^ Rob' Byres, John Stirling, 

2. Helen, born 1657,' married James Tarbat, cfty"paris'h 

merchant-burgess, of Edinburgh, both Registers. 
alive 1 66 1. 

3. Agnes, bap. 24. April 1 65 1. Witnesses, John 

Pearsone, mert., Johne Stirling, of Baler- 
no, and Ludovick Maitland, gentleman. 

5. William (5th son of John Byres, I. of Coates, 

and Agnes Smyth), bap. 13. April 1627. 
Witnesses, M"' William Struthers, M' William 
Arthoure, and Rob' Burnett, Advocat. 

6. James, who must have been born 162S-30. 

(John Byres, his reptited father, having died 
in Nov"' 1629), merchant of Aberdeen — see 
p. 114 — ancestor of Byres of Tonley. In the 
pedigree before quoted, this James is called 
" son of James Byres, younger brother of 
Sir John Byres of Coates, who served under 
the Marquis of Montrose, and was slain 
fighting under his command at the battle of 
the Bridge of Dee, near Aberdeen, in 1644," 
&c. I have, however, found this pedigree, 
written about 1773, so very incorrect and 
unreliable, that I am inclined to think the 
doughty Captain James Byres a mythical 
personage. For the present I am not sorry 
to say farewell to this warrior, who I hope, if 
he ever existed, caused the gallant Montrose 
much less trouble and thought, than he has 
occasioned the writer of this family history. 

' 1657. 2. July. Alexander Byars, Jean Durmond, a daughter 
Helline. Witnesses, M^ James Reid, Johne Byres of Coats. 


II. Sir John Byres, II. of Coates, and I. of 
Warrestone, born as before stated in Feby. 1619 ; 
educated at the University of Edinburgh, M.A. 25. 
July 1635 ; served heir to his father in the lands of 
Coates, &c., by precept of Clare, 2d Nov' 1630; in 
Sasine termed " a discreet young man," see p. 164. 
Sir John Byres, who acquired the estate of Warres- 
tone, county Edinburgh, was a devoted loyalist, and 
engaged in the civil wars of that period. He was 
knighted for his services between the years 1 640-3, 
see p. 165, and was shordy afterwards imprisoned at 
S' Andrews. Warrand (see p. 143). 

Sir John, who " made a great figure" in the city and 
neighbourhood of Edinburgh, see p. 99, married 
Isobel Auchmuty, doubdess a daughter of Sir John 
Auchmuty of Gosford, descended of the old family of 
Auchmuty of that ilk,' in the parish of Markinch, and 
county of Fife, and was dead in 1 648, when his will is 
recorded. Copy — seep. 154. 

Issue, at least three sons, viz. : — 

fboth alive, and minors, in 1648, when 

1. George, I their uncle " Maister Robert Byres, 

2. John, <j advocate," is appointed their tutor or 
born 1639.^ I guardian. George must have died 

[ young. Of John again, as heir. 

St. Cuthbtrt's 
Reg. of. Bap. 

' Auchmuty of that ilk bears argent two spur-rowels in chief, 
and a spear head in base, azure. Sir John Auchmuty of Gosford, 
East Lothian, of this family, was keeper of the wardrobe to Charles I. 

= 1639. 3. Sep^ Mr Johne Byres of Coittis. W., Auchinmutie, 
a son Johne. W., erle Lawderdaill, Sir John Auchinmutie of 
Gosfard, Williame, Master of Gray. 

Thomas, bap. 29- April 1647. Witnesses, Sir j-ji^^urgh 
William Gray, see p. 1 79 ; M'' Thomas ^^'^J^^,!^* 
Byres (child's uncle) ; and M' James Reid, Register blank 

< . ^ A I.- ■ .U 1st March 

mmister, see p. 107. At this time the ,645, to 22d 
family appears to have been very pros- J'"*"' '^■*®- 
perous. There is a picture of Sir John 
Byres, by Jamesone, at Tonley. 

" 1632, 30. Jan^ M' Johne Byres, of Cotts, 
is a witness to the ba^Dtism of John, son 
to William Fairlie, of Bruntsfield, and 
Margaret Skeene." 

" 1642, July 10, Sir John Byres, and M' 
Robert Byres, are witnesses to the baptism 
of William (their brother by half blood), son 
of M'' James Reid, minister, and Agnes 
Smyth, the relict of John Byres, I. of Coates. 


III. John Byres/ of Coates, born 1639, described 
in genealogy before referred to as " a man of parts, 
but much addicted to gallantry and pleasure, and 
having an expensive turn, spent his estate," &c. 
He had not been like his father, the gallant Sir 
John, " a discreet young man." 

This laird had an annuity out of the lands of 
Ruthven, in Inverness-shire. 12. May 1676, he 
married first, Jean Foulis (a daughter of the family 
of Foulis, Baronets of Ravelstoun and Colinton, 
Midlothian), probably the Jean Foulis, bap. 16. 
Jany. 1637, dau. of George Foulis of Ravelstoun, 
and Jean, dau. of Sir John Sinclair. Arms of Foulis : 
Argent, three laurel leaves slipped, proper. 

I. George, bap. 30. Oct' 1659. Witnesses, George 
Foulis of Ravelstoun ; M'' James Reid, Min- 
ister at St Cuthbert's Kirk; M' John Foulis; 
and John Stuart, merchant. 

John Byres married 2'^'*', (contract, copy of, see p. 
144, dated at Cupar-of-Fife 26. May 1666), Lilias, 
eldest daughter of Sir John Grant of that ilk, and 
Freuchie (progenitor of the Earls of Seafield), by 
Mary, daughter of Walter Lord Ogilvie of Desk- 
ford, and by her is believed to have had at least 

' This' laird is said to have left "a natural son, John Byres, who 
was bred to business by his relative, Robert Byres of Dublin; 
after whose death, John Byres, about the year 1720, went to the 
East Indies, and at Fort St. George married a Portuguese lady, by 
whom he got a fortune, and had by her a son, John BjTes, who 
inherited his fortune, and was lately at London," 1773. 


one daughter. i. Mary, who died unmarried, 

having lived latterly with her aunt, the Marchioness 

of Huntly ; she made her will 2d May 1 734, recorded '^'"^■ 

1 6th April 1 740 ; in it she makes her cousin-german, 

Anne Byres, relict of . . . Anderson, merchant, 

Edinburgh, her sole heir and executor, " for the love 

and affection she bears her." She had an annuity, 

dated 9th Ocf 1702, of ^20 sterling yearly, from 

Archibald, Viscount Roseberry, out of the lands of 

Coates, in which year that property was sold to the 


i6qi. Tune 7, John Byres of Cotts, witness to a sheriff Court 

. • A 1 1 1 • Records. 

service m Aberdeenshire. 

At the end of this account of the family of Byres 
of Coates, I subjoin some extracts, no doubt referring 
to members of that family. „,. , , 

-' Edinburgh 

16^^. K. Tune, M' John Pringle, and Jonat Byres, City Parish 

JJ -J J ' J & ' J J ' Registers. 

1638 Robert Dowglas, husbandman, and 

Margaret Byres, married. st. Cuihberfs 

1685. 30. July, Proclaimed, John Byres, in this Parish ^ 

parish, and Elspeth Gib, pledged 3 leg. Marriages. 

dollars. Returned one-half to the said ^5—°" 

John, and the other half to the poor. fy^^!'^'^ '" 

1694. 16. August, James Byres and Janet Kilpatrick 

were married.' 

' The two last couples, as well as several other heads of families 
of the surname of Byres, appear in the S' Cuthbert's register as 
having children baptised, but, unless remotely, they are not con- 
nected with the Coates family. I do not insert them. 



St. Nicholas' 
Reg. Abdn. 

Poll Book of 
shire, vol. ii. 
p. 624. 


' II. James Byres ^presumed younger son of John 
Byres, I. of Coates, and Agnes Smyth — see p. 109) 
was married at Aberdeen 16. July 1667, to Janet 
Middleton,' stated to be a daughter of Middleton of 
Stenhouse. She was born circa 1637, and died at 
Aberdeen 25. Nov' 1695, and is interred in St. 
Nicholas Churchyard there. Copy of inscription on 
tombstone, see p. 143. 

" Janat Middleton, relect of James Byres, mer- 
chant, stock above 10,000 merks. Her son, Robert, 
6/," servants, &c., appear as polled at Aberdeen. 

Mr. Byres died at Rotterdam (before 18. April 
1693), where he had gone on his business, and is 
buried in the Scotch kirk there. Issue, three sons 
and three daughters : — 

I. James, bap. be M' George Meldrum, 4. March 
1673 (designed in 1693, writer in Aber- 
deen). Ja^ Lorimer, Ja' Smith, elder, Ja' 
Carnegie, Ja' Barder, godfathers. Merchant 
burgess of Edinburgh — admitted 1695 — a 
man of genius and enterprise. " He was 
the chief projector and great promoter of 

I The surname of Middleton is derived from the lands of 
Middleton, in the county of Kincardine. Sir George Mackenzie, 
a contemporary of both the Earls of Middleton, says, Middleton 
beareth parti per fesse, or, and gules, a lion rampant, counter 
charged of one and the other. Towards the close of the 17th 
century, this family owned considerable property in Aberdeen- 
shire, and were Principals of the University, Lairds of Seaton, 
near Old Aberdeen, Sheils, &c. 

the Scots Expedition to Darien, and on 
that account was commonly known by the 
appellation of 'King of Darien.' He lost Bmke's 
his life and fortune in that expedition, being Centiy, ed. 
killed by a French privateer in his passage Fatquifa^rson 
home from Lisbon, on board the packet {''"^^'^''*=" 

.' The failure of the Darien Scheme, 
through the influence of the Dutch East 
India Company with William III., brought 
numerous families in Scotland to ruin, made 
the existing government very unpopular, 
and was a great means of fomenting the 
rebellion of 171 5." Mr. Byres married 

, dau. of Gellie, baillie of Memoir. 

Aberdeen, see p. 87, and left an only son, 
who died an infant. 

Robert, bap. 5. May 1675, be M"" Patrick 
Sibbald. Godfathers, Robert Forbes, Ro- 
bert Skein, elder, Robert Cruickshank, 
thesaurer, Robert Innes. Of him again. 

George, bap. 26. Jany. 1729, by last. God- 
fathers, M' George Meldrum, George Rosse, 
George Cruickshank, younger, George Ross, 
younger, George Willocks. He settled at 
Venice, where he died unmarried. 

Jean (eldest dau. of James Byres II. and 
Janet Middleton), bap. 13. Ocf 1668, be M'' 
Patrick Sibbald. William Gray, George 
Middletoun, James Lorimer, and Andrew 
Burnett of Kirkhill, witnesses. Married, 
28. April 1685, William Souper of Gilcom- 
ston, merchant-burgess of Aberdeen (son of 
John Souper, merchant-burgess of the said 
town, and of Margaret Clark). She died 


Reg. of St. 

3d Jany. 1756. They appear to have had 
a large family, of whom (William Souper is 
designed "Master of Mortifications," 1689, 
and " Master of Kirkwork," 1693) — 

William Souper, of Gilcomston, and Jean 


of White- 

Reg. of St. 

1. John Souper, bap. 25. May 1687. John More, 

bailie, Jo° Pirie, &c., godfathers. 

2. James Souper, bap. 13. July 1689. James 

Byres, James Carnegie, godfathers. 

3. William Souper, bap. 13. Ocf 1691. 

4. Robert Souper, bap. 5. Feby. 1695. Robert 

Byres, mer', &c., godfather. 

5. Patrick Souper, b. 1703, died 8. Ocf 1774, of 

Auchlunies, in Kincardineshire, who by his 
wife, Anne Ross, had a dau., Margaret 
Souper, married 1756, William Farquhar- 
son, M.D. ; their son was the late Patrick 
Farquharson, J. P. of Whitehouse, Aber- 

1. Janet Souper, bap. 24. Feby. 1686. Pat'' 

Dovertie, bailie ; Walter Robertson, dean 
of gild ; W"" Livingstone, collector, &c., 

2. Margaret Souper, bap. 4. Aug' 1688. 

1708. Sept"^ 25. W" Souper, mert., and Jean Byres his Sp. 

James, bap'. James Catanch, D"' James Gregory, &c. 
[709. Oct' 25. Same couple. Thomas, bapt. Tho^ Mitchell 

late Provest, &c. Wit^ 
[711. July 31. Do. do. Alexander. 


3- Jean Souper, bap. 6. March 1693. Geo. Keith 
of Crichie, &c., godfathers. 

4. Isobell Souper, bap. 20. Feby. 1698. Alexr' 
Forbes of Craigie, present bailie, and John 
Anderson, merchant and skipper, godfathers. 

There are still people of this rather singular sur- ibid. An. 
name in Aberdeen. William Souper, probably of^^""?^'"- 
this family, of the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Service, married 
in 1800, Harriet Dempster, heiress of Dunnichen in 
Forfarshire, and Skibo in Sutherlandshire, and as- 
sumed the surname and arms of Dempster. 

Gordons of Hallhead and Esslemont. 

2. Isabel Byres (2d dau. of James Byres H. and 
Janet Middleton), bap. 12. May 1670, be 
M' Geo. Meldrum. Ja' Webster, Alex' 
Walker, Gilbert Leslie, &c., godfathers. 
Married Robert Gordon of Aberdeen, mer- Registers of 

1 r 1 • ^ ^ r. T T St. Nicholas, 

chant, treasurer of that town m 1688. He Aberdeen; 
was afterwards a wine merchant at Bor- GMd^on''?/^^' 
deaux, where he amassed a considerable Haiihead. 
fortune, and was not only able to' buy from 
his nephew, Patrick Gordon XH. of Hall- 
head, the old family property, which, through 
that laird's extravagance, would otherwise 
have had to pass out of the family, but also, 
in 1728, the ancient barony of Esslemont, 
in the parish of Ellon. 

Robert Gordon XI H. of Hallhead, and I. of 
Esslemont, had by Isabel Byres — 


1. George Gordon, XIV. of Hallhead, &c., who 

warmly espoused the cause of Charles Stuart, 
and was out in the " 45," married Amy 
Bowdler; their descendant and eventual 
heiress, Anne Gordon, dau. of Robert 
Gordon of Hallhead, &c., married 1856, 
Henry Wolrige-Gordon, J. P. and D.L., 
now of Hallhead and Esslemont, and has 

2. James Gordon, bap. 18. April 1693. M' James 

Moir, Regent in Mareschal Coll., and James 
Byres, writer, son to the deceased James 
Byres, mer', godfathers. 

3. Alexander Gordon, married Jane Grierson, and 

had issue. 

1. Janet Gordon, bap. 24. Aug' 1690. John 

Gordon, factor in Campveir, and collectors 
of their Majesties' Customs, &c., godfathers. 

2. Margaret Gordon, bap. 31. Jany. 1692. David 

Aedie of New-work, &c., godfathers. 

3. Isobell Gordon, 21. April 1694. W"* Souper 

of Gilcomston, Patrick Gellie, &c., god- 

4. Jean Gordon, bap. 9. June 1695. 

5. Jean Gordon, bap. 21 Dec' 1710. 

Of the daughters of Robert Gordon 'Kill, of 
Hallhead, and Isabel Byres, one married .... 
Russell, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University 
of Edinburgh ; and another married John Black of 
Bordeaux, merchant, and had D' John Black, the 
celebrated chemist ; and Isobel Black, who married 
James Burnett of Aberdeen, merchant, see p 181. 
Their daughter, Margaret Burnett, became in 1770 


the wife of her relation, Robert Byres of Kincraigie 
and Memel, see p. 124. 

The Byres' of Tonley are thus lineal descendants 
of Robert Gordon and Isabel Byres, aunt of Patrick 
Byres I. of Tonley. 

3. Elspet Byres (3rd dau. of James Byres II. 
and Janet Middleton), bap. 31. Aug' 1671. 
John Christie, John Archibald, W" Thom- 
son, and Robert Gerard, godfathers. 

In the pedigree of Croker of Rawleighstown, Co. 
Limerick, vol. 8, p. 382 of the Herald and Genealo- 
gist, a. dau. of Edward Croker and Mary Buckner 
married .... Byres. 


III. Robert Byres/ b. 1675, burgess of Aberdeen 
(2nd son of James Byres of Aberdeen, and Janet 
Middleton), settled first in Holland as a merchant. 
Returning from there I find him witness to a service, 
Dunbar, of Mill ofBalcairn, Aberdeenshire, 10 May 
1700 (Sheriff-Court Records). He married in Sept' 
1704, Jean, dau. of Patrick Sandilands of Cotton, 
near Aberdeen, by his ist wife, Margaret, dau. of 
William Ord of Cairnbee, in Fifeshire — see family of 
Sandilands, p. 180. And Nov"' 4, 1704, M' and Mrs 
Byres went to Dublin — see register in Tonley family 
Bible, p. 147. There Robert Byres " carried on a very 
considerable trade, and both his credit and reputation 
were very great, both at home and abroad." — Family 
Memoir. He made his will, which is duly recorded 
at Dublin, 6 May 1712 — copy, see p. 186 — and was 
accidentally drowned in the Bay of Dublin shortly 
after that date. His widow, Mrs. Jean Sandilands 
or Byres, returned to Aberdeenshire ; and she, and 
her late husband's trustees, bought from Alexander 
Hay of Arnbath, the barony of Tonley in that county 
(p. 82), S'*" April 1 7 18, of which place Patrick Garioch 
was laird, 1695-6. — Poll Book. Mrs Jean Sandilands 
was dead before 4 Aug' 1 730. At that date her last 
will and testament is recorded in the Commissary 

' 1735, 2 Jany. Will given up by Patrick Byres of Tonley, only 
executor, decerned as nearest of kin to him by decreet of the 
Commissary of Edinburgh, 21 June 1734. Household furniture, 
;^ioo, &c. Cautioner, James Moir, son of ]\P Alexander Moir, 
Professor of Philosophy, Edinburgh. 

Books of Aberdeen. Issue, two sons and three 
daughters : — 

1. James, born 27. Jany. 1709, died 19 May 17 13, 

and was interred under the chancel of St. 
Mary's, Dublin. 

2. Patrick, born 13. May 1713, his heir Of him 

again (1=' " Byres of Tonley "). 

1. Margarete, born 17. Aug' 1705, died 24 DeC^ Family Bible. 

1 706, buried under the chancel of St. Mary's, ^^^ p- '*^- 

2. Janet, born 25. Oct\ and bap. 15 Nov"' 1706; 

died 5. Feby. 1709. Interred beside her 

3. Jean, born 24. Sepf 171 1, and bap. 12 Oct' 



" Marte suo tutus " (Safe by his own exertions). 

IV. Patrick Byres (2d son of Robert Byres of 
Dublin, and Jean Sandilands), born at Dublin, 13 
May 1 71 3, I. of Tonley, — of this family, — became, 
through the extinction of the elder branch, repre- 
sentative of the Byres of Coates, in the county of 
Edinburgh, and as such registers his arms, 7 Feby. 

FamiiyBibie. 1755 — see p. 142. M' Byres m"^ 14. June 1733, his 
relative, Janet, dau. of James Moir, M.P., of Stoney- 
wood, on Donside, by his 2"^ wife, Jean, dau. of Alex- 
ander Abernethy of Maye" on Deveron side — see 
p. 82, county Banff — (see family of Moir of Stoney- 
wood, p. 73) ; and Oct' 8. same year, settled at 

W^'^h Tonley. Mrs Byres (who was buried at Tough, in 
which parish Tonley is. Sept' 1787) was sister of 
Col. James Moir of Stoneywood — see that family, 
p. 73 — one of the most zealous of the Stuarts' 
■ adherents. Patrick Byres, known as the " Jacobite 
Laird," was "out" in the "45," and engaged 
ardently in the cause of Charles Edward Stuart, 
and was a major in the regiment (known as "Stoney- 
wood's Regt' ") raised by his brother-in-law, the 
above Col. James Moir. 

" After fighting at the battle of Culloden, he was 
concealed in the Castle of Cluny, near Tonley, by 
his friend, Gordon of Cluny, until he got an oppor- 
tunity of escaping to France. He entered into the 
regiment of Royal Scotch in France, commanded by 
Cameron of Lochiel, and was exempted from the 


first pardon, and would have lost Tonley, but through 
the interest of his friends it was made to appear that 
the offending Jacobite was called Patrick and not 
Peter Byres (as his name had been entered in the 
list), therefore his estate was not liable to be confis- 
cated, and he was eventually allowed to return to his 
Highland home in Scotland." For some interesting 
letters from Patrick Byres during his banishment in 
France, &c. — see p. 1 69 ; and for the account of a duel 
fought between John Leith of Leith Hall, and James 
Abernethy of Mayen, in 1 763, and in which Patrick 
Byres was unfortunately mixed up — see p. 175. 

From Memoir of James Young and Rachel Cruick- 
shank, by my late worthy friend, Alexander John- 
ston, W.S., — " It must have been a good many years 
subsequent to the death, in 1763, of John Leith of 
Leith Hall — seep. 175 — that a quarrel arose between 
a near kinsman of that gentleman, the late Alexander 
Leith of Freefield and Glenkindie (father of the late 
M' Leith- Ross of Arnage — see p. 23), and Patrick 
Byres of Tonley, at a meeting at Bridge of Alford, 
of gentlemen connected with Donside. The alter- 
cation is said to have originated as to a road re- 
cently made in that vicinity, and which is understood 
still to exist. High words having passed between 
Freefield and M' Byres, they left the inn at Bridge of 
Alford, in which the company had met, and proceeded 
to the green close by, where the two engaged in single 
combat with the weapons which then formed jDart of 
the every-day dress of persons of their rank. It is 
not recorded that any bodily injury accrued to either 
combatant ; they had, most probably, been speedily 
separated by the interference of the rest of the com- 
pany assembled on the occasion under notice. This 


is said to have been the last rencontre in the way of 
dueUing in that part of Scotland, in which the small 
sword was the weapon used. The exact date of the 
incident has not been ascertained, but it had likely 
taken place several years before the close of last 


Patrick Byres (who was in June 1741 admitted a 
Burgess of Guild of Aberdeen) had issue by his wife, 
Janet Moir, four sons and three daughters, viz. : — 

1. James, bap. 7. May 1734, his heir, II. of 


2. Robert of Kincraigie, bap. 12. Dec"^ 1740. 

merchant, of Memel, in Prussia, and Lon- 
don. He bought the estate of Kincraigie' 
from the Leslies, 8. Dec' 1786, which adjoins 
Tonley, and the old mansion of Kincraigie, 
with additions, is the present mansion-house 
of the property. " The auld hous," or part 
of it, is now the farm house of Mains of 
Tonley ; and a stone, evidently belonging to 
it, bears the date, 1735. Robert Byres m"^ 
his relative (contract dated 12. Nov' 1770), 
Margaret, dau. of James Burnett, merchant 
of Aberdeen, descended of the Dalladies 
branch of the house of Leys — see p. 181. 
He possessed considerable property at St. 
Pierre, Martinique, which he had gone to 
look after, and where he died, 17. Nov' 
1 799. Issue, two sons and two daughters : — 

■ But the title was taken in favour of James Byres II. of Tonley, 
his brother, as specified in a deed dated Nov 1794. 


1. James (from Reg. of parish of Tough). 

"1794, Sepf 24, Died, James Byres, son 
of Robert Byers, brother to the present 
M"' James Byres of Tonley. The death 
of this young man was occasioned by an 
accidental discharge of a fowling-piece in 
the hands of his brother, Patrick Byres, 
while the two brothers were in the field 
shooting crows." 

2. Patrick; of him again, as III. Byres of 


1. Isabella, m"^ (as 2d wife) Lieut.-Col. James 

Stewart, of the 42'' Highlanders, youngest 
son of Charles Stewart of Shambellie, 
in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. No 

2. Janet ; died unmarried. 

William, born 29. Oct' 1742. " He always was 
a delightful child. He served in the Navy ; 
was appointed one of the King's surveyors, 
and dyed in St. Vincent's in 1764-5. He 
always behaved well"— see Reg. in family 
Bible, p. 147. Tablet to his memory in 
church of Tough. 

John, born 31. March 1745. A captain Royal 
Engineers, Hon. E. I. Co.'s Service. He 
made a fine model of Gibraltar, which is 
now in the Museum of the Royal Engineers 
at Chatham. Captain Byres married (con- 
tract dated i" Oct' 1744) Isobel, dau. of 
James Donaldson, M.D., of Auchmull, by 
his wife, Katherine Gordon, of the family of 
Pidurg — see Donaldson of Auchmull, p. 185 


— and died 17. Sept"^ 178S. Issue, two 
daughters and co-heiresses : — 

1. Katherine Byres, married, 1800, her cousin- 

german, John Moir of St Catherine's, 
Peterhead, artist, and had issue. — See 
family of Moir, pp. 32, 2,3- 

2. Janet Byres, married, 1802, her cousin-ger- 

man, James Moir, M.D., elder brother 
of John Moir of St. Catherine's, and had 
issue. — See family of Moir, p. 36. 
Jane, born 6. July 1735, married John Durno, 
J. P., ofCattie, now Whitehouse, in the parish 
of Tough, Aberdeenshire. M" Durno, who 
was b. 1 74 1, was an advocate in Aberdeen. 
At his decease, which occurred in the island of 
Jamaica, in Dec'' 1816, he was the senior 
member of the Society of Advocates of 
Aberdeen, and also the oldest life manager 
of the Royal Infirmary there. A brother of 
his was Sir James Durno, Knight of Art- 
rochie, H.M.B. Consul at Memel, in Prussia, 
who died in 1807. Jane Byres or Durno 
died without surviving issue. 
Isabella, born 15. April 1737, married Robert 
Sandilands, who is stated, on slender autho- 
rity, to have been heir-presumptive to the 
title of Torphichen. He had, more pro- 
bably, been a relative of his wife's, a Sandi- 
lands of the Craibston, or Cotton families. 
This lady, who also died without issue, was 
killed by a fall from a pony carriage. 
Martha, born 6. July 1739, married in 1766 
the Rev"* D' George Moir of Peterhead — 
see family of Moir, p. 31 — and had issue. 


In the diary of the Rev'' John Bisset of Aberdeen, 
of which part is printed in Vol. I. of the Miscellany 
of the Spalding Club, occurs under date Feby. 3, 
1 746, the following paragraph : — " Yesterday, came in 
here from the south, Lonmay (William Moir), Tonlay 
(Patrick Byres, I. of Tonley), Robert Sandilands, 
Charles Moir, and one they call Captain Ferrier ; 
and I am told four more gentlemen came at night 
whose names or designations I have not yet got." 



Family Bible. V. Jamcs Byrcs (eldest son of Patrick Byres I. of 
Tonley, and Janet Moir of Stoneywood), II. of 
Tonley, born 7. May 1734, and bap. by M' Patrick 
Laing; my Lord Forbes, godfather. Like his father, 
this laird was a devoted Jacobite, and was for some 
time an officer in Lord Ogilvie's regiment, under the 
French king. Being mosdy educated in France, 
M' Byres adopted the Roman Catholic faith. He 
was much devoted to the fine arts, and was for 
nearly forty years, before 1 790, antiquarian resident 
at Rome, and was author of " Hypogaei, or Sepul- 
chral Caverns of Tarquinia," the capital of ancient 
Etruria. The engravings in this work, which are very 
fine, were executed by his nephew, M' Christopher 
Norton, who lived for many years with his uncle at 
Rome. It has always been understood in the family 
that James Byres was a lay-cardinal at Rome, and a 
fine oil painting of him, in his cardinal robes, is at 
Tonley. There is also, at least, another good pic- 
ture of him there, as well as one at Castle Fraser, 
the seat of the Mackenzie- Erasers, near Tonley. 
But the finest portrait of this gentleman, by Rae- 
burn, is now in the possession of M' David Scott- 
Moncrieff of Edinburgh. The following extracts 
from " John Leech, and Other Papers," by John 
Brown, M.D., the talented author of " Rab and his 
Friends," &c., are interesting. On Sir Henry Rae- 
burn, p. 420, " Byres, Barry's antagonist, gave him 
an advice he ever after followed, and often spoke 


about : ' Never paint any object from memory, if you 
can get it before your eyes.' Again, speaking of Sir 
Henry Raeburn's pictures, then 1882, at Charles- 
field, Mid-Calder, near Edinburgh, the residence of 
Sir Henry's grandson, L. W. Raeburn, at p. 432 
Dr Brown says, " Besides many others, over the 
fireplace is a life-size portrait of Mr Byres of Tonly, 
whom we ^have mentioned as at Rome with Rae- 
burn : this was painted long after, and is of the first 
quality, done with the utmost breadth of felicity. 
The ruffles of his shirt are still of dazzling whiteness, 
as if bleached by the burn side." 

According to the Scots Magazine, James Byres 
left Rome in 1790, and died at Tonley, 3"^ Sep"" 181 7, 
in his 84"" year. 

From Tough parish register : " 1 796, Feb. 3, 
James Byres of Tonley, and Robert Byres, Esq., 
residing there, were witnesses to the bap. of Patrick, 
son of the Rev. Alexander Urquhart." 

This laird united the two properties of Tonley 
and Kincraigie, and entailed them on a series of 
heirs, besides doing much to beautify and improve 
these estates. 



VI. Patrick Byres, III. of Tonley (eldest surviv- 
ing son of Robert Byres of Memel, and Margaret 
Burnett), born circa 1778, was a major-general in 
the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Service, succeeded to the 
family property on the death of his uncle, James 
Byres, in 181 7; married, first, Jessie, dau. of Lieut.- 
Col. Denny, and had an only son. 

I. James, a lieut. in the i" Royals; accidentally 
drowned at Athlone, Ireland. 

The General m'' 2ndly, in April 1834, his cousin- 
german, Margaret, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Joseph 
Burnett of Gadgirth, Ayrshire, without issue, — see 
family of Burnett, — and died i^' Feby. 1854, and was 
interred at Tough, where there is a tombstone erected 
to his memory. The succession then opened to the 
next heir of entail, Patrick Moir, eldest son of 
Katharine Byres, cousin-german of Gen. Byres, and 
her husband. John Moir, of S'- Catherine's. See 
P- 33- 



VII. Patrick Moir Byres, IV. of Tonley (eldest 
son of Katherine Byres, and her husband John Moir 
of S'- Catherine's, see p. 33), b. 1802, succeeded 
1854 his cousin General Byres, and assumed the 
additional surname and arms of " Byres of Tonley " ; 
was a Magistrate and Commissioner of Supply for 
Aberdeenshire; died at Tonley, unmarried, in 1863, 
and was interred at Tough. He was succeeded by 
his next brother. 


James Gregory Moir-Byres, V. of Tonley. Born 
17 Nov' 1804 ; married in May 1858 Mary, dau. of 
Henry Prideaux Hensleigh,' surgeon, of London, by 
Mary Norrington, his wife, and relict of the Rev. 
Thomas Gordon Torry Anderson (who was son of 
Patrick Torry, Bishop of S'- Andrews, Dunkeld, and 
Dunblane) of Fawsyde, Kincardineshire, sometime 
incumbent of S'- Paul's, Dundee (to whom she had 
one son, Alexander Penrose Torry Anderson, M.D.). 

Mr Moir-Byres, who was a Magistrate and Com- 
missioner of Supply for the county, bought the pro- 

' The Hensleighs were long settled in the counties of Somer- 
set and Devon. John Prideaux Hensleigh, grandfather of Mrs. 
Moir-Byres, m^ a Prideaux of Lueson, an old Devonshire family 
(Communicated by Mrs. James Moir-Byres.) 


perty of Fairley from the Thomsons, in the parish of 
Newhills, Aberdeenshire, and died at Aberdeen 6. 
Nov"^ 1 88 1, and was interred at Tough, leaving an 
only daughter and heiress, viz., Patricia Byres Moir- 
Byres of Fairley, m'' 9 Dec"' 1879 Captain Harry 
Vesey Brooke, formerly of the 92*^ Gordon High- 
landers, second son of the late Sir Arthur Brinsley 
Brooke, Bart., of Colebrooke, county Fermanagh, 
and the Hon. Henrietta Julia Anson. Issue, a son. 

I. James Anson Otho Brooke, b. 1884. 

This laird was succeeded by his next brother. 


George Moir Byres, VI., and now of Tonley. 
Born 1807 ; married 1854 Alleyne, dau. of Thomas 
Houghton Fields of Colby, Lincolnshire, and has 
issue three daughters, viz. — 

1. Alleyne Catherine Elizabeth, married 3*^ Dec' 

1 88 1 Napier Macleod Wylie, of Edinburgh. 

2. Stuart. 

3. Jean. 

Mr Moir-Byres is a Magistrate and Commissioner 
of Supply for Aberdeenshire. 



I. Robert Byres, Burgess of Haddington, m*^ 
Agnes Bromfield, who survived him, and died 2"^ 
Nov' 1593. Will given up by the said Agnes, his Edmbro' 
relict, and M" George Byres, his son, who are his 
executors. Inventory, .^364, 2s. 

1. M"" George, his heir, b. circa 1567. 

2. Andrew, who gets 50 merks under his father's 


1. Geills, gets same amount. 

2. Janet, gets 200 merks ; m*^ probably James 

Kirkwood, Burgess of Haddington ; her 
will confirmed 27 Dec" 1618, in which the ibid, 
following children are mentioned: — i. Ro- 
bert ; 2. George; and i. Agnes ; 2. Isobel ; 
3. Elspet Kirkwoods. 

H. The Rev"* George Byres, b. about 1567, M.A. Scotts Fasti, 
S'- Andrews. Minister, 1=' of Barra, 1589, after- ""'-i'-^^^- 
wards of Legerwood, in Berwickshire, 1592. Died 
May 1640, aged about 73, and 51 ministry, and was 
succeeded by his son. 

HI. The Rev'^ Thomas Byres, b. circa 1606, ibid. 
M.A. {29 July 1626), of Legerwood. "Continued 
until 23 March 1653, when a process against him 
was to be given from hand to hand, and thought of 
before the meeting of Synod," &c, ; and died in 
Feby. 1682. Issue, 5 sons. 

1. George, the Rev^ No. IV., his heir. 

2. " M'" Thomas, marries, and has — 


1. George, who gets looo merks and the books 

belonging to his uncle, Rev"* Geo. Byres 
No. IV., under his will dated in 1684. 

2. Jean, who gets 300 merks under same docu- 


3. James ^ 

4. Robert > All mentioned in said will, 1684. 

5. Joseph ) 

IV. The Rev'' George Byres, M.A. (Glasgow 
University), of Lussuden, or S' Boswell's. Licensed 
10 March 1697 ; ordained 11 Aug' ; died 16 Feby. 
1730 — "a judicious, plain, good man." M"* 26 April 
1698 Lilias, dau. of Mark Gordon, in Cabertie ; 
gives up his will 22 April 1684, and it is recorded 
12 June 1688. Appoints Lilias Gordon, "his dearly 
loving wife," his sole executrix. Cautioner, George 
Gordon, son to Thomas Gordon, Sheriff-Clerk of 

V. The Rev"* George Byres, M.A., of S'- Bos- 
well's, having succ"* his father therein. Lie. i 
Dec' 1724; ord. 24 Sept' 1730. M"* 16 Nov' 1732 

Scott's Jean, dau. of the Rev"* Gabriel Wilson of Maxton ; 

Fasti. -' ' ' 

"suspended 1738, having adopted independant prin- 

I. Michael Byres, burgess of Hamilton, in 1618 
gets obligation from Archibald Hamilton, of Marritoun, 
also mentioned in 1619, 1622, &c., — see p. 163 — 
brother of Matthew and Andrew Byres, of Hamilton, 

' His son, M'' George, gets othenvise half of his estate, the 
other half to be divided amongst the rest of his children. 


see p. (and also probably of John Byres I. of 

1. Michael— mentioned indeed 1618, seep. 163. 

2. James, died Dec'^ 1634. Will given up 6. June 

1635, by Janet Douglas, his relict, who is by 
it appointed "tutor to bairn yet unborn,"' 
"along with M"' John Scougal of Humbie, 
East Lothian, John Peirson, merchant-bur- 
gess of Edinburgh, and Donald Bain Bowar 
(bowmaker), burgess of Edinburgh. By his 
will he leaves ^100 to be distributed 
among poor of Edinbro," and 100 merks to 
the Trinity Hospital of Edinburgh. 

3. Matthew, merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, died 

1645, gets 500 merks from the above brother 
James, by his will; = M'^ Issobel Nisbet. 
Will confirmed 12. May 1646, and given up 
by Janet Byres, relict of Robert Dobie, 
tailor-burgess of Edinburgh. I ssue, four sons 
and four daughters, viz. : — 

1. John, who gets 100 merks under the will of 

Margaret Barclay, wife of John Byres, I. 
of Coates, designed " eldest son " in his 
uncle's will, and as such to succeed to 
the " 500 merks" after his father. 

2. George, bap. 26. March 1623. Witnesses, 

George Fowlis, and M' Gilbert Prym- 

' This child, Beatrix Byres, bap. 3. Feby. 1635,— Witnesses, 
John Pearsone, mert., W™ Gray, Johne Slowen, John Liddaill, 
merchts., and Donald Bayne Bower,— is served heir-general of her 
father in 1635, July xd.—Retours. 

= Amongst the debtors in this document, are John Smyth, 
Provest of Edinburgh, and Janet his spouse— Thomas Somerville, 
^25, " for a i<ths board of Isobell Moffat, daughter to Col. 


Isobel, and 
Janet Dobie's 
only men- 
tioned in it. 

3. William, bap. II. Feby. 1628. Witnesses, W' 

Makmath, elder and y', and W"" Nisbet. 

4. Matthew, bap. 17. March 1637. Witnesses, 

John Pearsone, John Liddaill, James 
Nicoll, merch', Robert Dobie, tailor. 

1. Agnes, bap. 20. June 1619. W" Nisbet, a 


2. Margaret, bap. 27. Dec' 1629. Witnesses, 

M' Rob' Burnet, M' John Pearsone. 

3. Isobell, bap. 3. June 1632. Witnesses, John 

Pearsone, Ja^ Makmath, John Liddail, 
and W" Nisbet, merchants. 

4. Janet (eldest dau.), gets 100 merks in will 

dated 1616 of Margaret Barclay, wife of 
John Byres, I. of Coates,m^ 12. April 1631 
Robert Dobie, burgess-tailor of Edin- 
burgh, (was dead defore 1646). Issue — 

1. Isobel Dobie, bap. 3. June 1632. Witnesses, 

W" Makmath, Cha' Hammiltoun, Ja" 
Dobie, and Matthew Byres, merchants. 

2. Barbara Dobie, bap. 22. Sept'' 1633. Ja^. 

Dobie, and Matthew Byres. 

3. Robert Dobie, bap. 20. Dec. 1635. Wit- 

nesses, Rob' Dobie, Cha' Hamilton, 
John Pearsone, Matthew Byres, John 

4. Issobell, bap. i. May 1638. Henrie Nisbet, 

John Littlejohn, witnesses. 

5. Janet, bap. 11. June 1640. 

6. Rebecca. 

James, (showing that sometimes two brothers 
were called by the same christian name), left 
\y<j his brother James, 1634, " the sum of 
which is due to me by Leith." 



Margaret Byres (daughter of Michael Byres, bur- 
gess of Hamilton) married John Pearsone, merchant- 
burgess of Edinburgh (of the family of " Pearsone of 
Balmades," in Forfarshire). She died 23. March 
1648. Among the debtors is mentioned John Byres, 
son lawful to the late Matthew Byres, merchant-bur- 
gess of Edinbro, see former page. Of Debts, ^500 
to Sir W" Dick of Braid, " for customs on wines" — 
16 tuns of French wine being in their possession, — 
"and for freight of same to skippers from Leith har- 
bour, ^400." Issue, three sons and four daughters : — 

1. Edward, bap. 8. April 1623. Witnesses, Adam ^dmburgh 

and James Pearson, &c. Registers. 

2. Thomas, bap. 9. June 1625. M'^ Tho= Sidserff, 

Tho= Chartres, Tho^ Cleghorn, Tho^ Pear- 

3. James, bap. 2. Nov' 1626 (merchant-burgess of 

Edinburgh, executor to his mother). Wit- 
nesses, John Byres, Edward Edgar, Maister 
James Pearsone, James Pearsone, of Bal- 
mades, and Ja= Pearsone, in Craigie. 

1. Agnes, bap. 16. Nov' 1620. Witnesses, John 

Byres, M' Alex' Pearson, and Tho'^ Chartres. 

2. Rachel, bap. 1622. Witnesses, M' 

Tho' Sidserff, and Tho' Charteris. 

3. Bessie, bap. 18. April 1624. Witnesses, M' 

Alex' and Adam Pearsone. 

4. Issobell, bap. 13. February 1628. Arch'^ Tod, 

Ed" Edgar, and James Pearsone of Bal- 


LiDDELS, Wilsons, &c. 

Agnes Byres (I take to be another dau. of Michael 
Byres, burgess of Hamilton) m'^ 26. Ocf 1625 James 
Liddel, burgess-tailor of Edinburgh. Issue — 

1. Michael, bap. 20. Aug' 1626. Witnesses, 

Michael Gibson, Jo" Forrest, Ja' Russell. 

2. Andrew, bap. 19. Dec' 1627. Witnesses, And" 

Whyte, Michael Gibsone, Ro' Crightoun. 

3. James, bap. 2. June 1635. Witnesses, M"" Ja' 

Chein, Ja' Keyth , Geo. Marshall, 

Alex' Hay, tailors. 

1. Margaret, bap. 13. June 1630. 

2. Anna, bap. 2. Jany. 1633. 

Janet Byres (probably another dau. of Michael 
Byres of Hamilton) m*^ 4. June 1646 Gilbert Wilson, 
merchant-burgess of Edinburgh. 

1. Johnne, bap. 7. March 1647. Witnesses, John 

Pearsone, John Liddaill, merts., Michael 
Gibson, tailor. 

2. Alexander, bap. 10. Ocf 1650. Witnesses, 

John Pearsone, John Littlejohn, merchts., 
John Reid, and David Durie. 
I. Margaret, bap. 17. Oct' 1652. Witnesses, 
John Pearsone, baillie, John Anderson, 
banker, J a' Chalmers, mercht., John Gren- 

Archibald Laurie, merchant, and Margaret Byres, 
m"* I. June 1620. 

Richard Byres, miller or maltman, burgess of 


Edinburgh (perhaps another brother of John Byres, 
I. of Coates, &c.,) is witness in 162 1 to a charter in 
favour of the said John Byres, of the Kirkland of the 
Glebe of St. Cuthbert's,— see p. 161. M'^ ist, Mar- 
garet Fleeming (Fleming). 

1. Johne, bap. 4. May 1623. Witnesses, J ohne Edmburgh^ 

Byres, Johne Mowat, and James Chalmers. Registers. 

2. James, bap. 13. May 1627. Witnesses, Ja' 

Chalmers, J a' Smyth, and Jo" Smyth. 

1. Helene, bap. 24. March 1625. Witnesses, Ja= 

Chalmers, merch', and J a' Whyte, maltman, 
Richard Byres, and Agnes Vaitch (Veitch), 
m'^ 6. Dec^ 1627. 

2. Catherine, bap. 27. June 1630. Witnesses, 

John Walker, Dav. Bartleman. 

Andrew Byres (another brother of Michael Byres 
of Hamilton, &c.,) m'* Janet Smyth, (who died July 
1579), her will' confirmed 25. Feby. 1580. 

1 . Andrew, f appointed her executors, and failing m^- and 

2. James, \ them their brother Michael. 

3. Michael. 

4. John, to whom she, — Janet Smyth, his mother — 

leaves " her part of gear," and describes him 
as " her youngest son." 
I. Catherine, m"* Hamilton, gets ^10 

under her mother's will. 

I. James Byres, indweller in Hamilton, dead be- 
fore 1620, m"* and had a son. 

I. Robert, described at that date as "younger, 
merchant." — Seep. 163. 

' Robert and Isobel Byres, mentioned in will, get two bolls of 


William Byres, servant to John Byres, I. of Coats, 
is the writer of a deed 1622. See p. 163. 

A servant apprentice, or secretary, of this kind was, 
at the period, often a near relative of his master. 

James Byres, servant to John Byres, I. of Coates, 
1630, p. 164. 

Thomas Byres in Scarlaw, West Lothian, 1621, 
p. 163. 

Agnes Byres, m*^ James Riddell, burgess-tailor of 
the Canongate. He died in Dec' 1661, she 1662. 
For copy of their will, which is curious, see p. 152. 

James Byres, wobster in Burnside, par. of Ebdie, 
Fife, died Aug' 1601. Agnes Smith, his wife, 
appointed only executrix. Thomas Byres, his 
brother, gets "his work loom, and best cloak; the 
rest of his clothing and graifth," to Archibald and 
William Byres. Thomas Smith, burgess of Edin- 
burgh, cautioner. Free estate, .;^2,o55. 
Retours, 1 63 7, Nov' 30, John Byris, served heir of John 

xw^i68 Byris in Coulter Manes (in Lanarkshire), his grand- 

I. William Byres, cordiner. Will recorded 12. 
June 1688, by, 

(i.) Adam Byres, cordiner in the Water of Leith, 
his son. Hedied 17. Ocf 171 2. Will re- 
corded 2. Dec' following, given up by 
Edinbro' Thomas Byres, weaver of Bellsmill (pro- 

^^''^^' bably his brother), executor appointed by 

decreit of the commissary of Edinburgh, at 


the instance of the said Thomas Byres, 
against William Byres, son of the said 
Adam Byres. Cautioner both in 1688 and 
1 71 2, Matthew Byres, weaver at Bellsmill, 
Water of Leith. 

Probably of the last branch — 

James Byres, weaver in St. Cuthbert's, m'' Mar- 
garet Fortune. 

I.William, 19. Jany. 1651. Witnesses, W™ Byres, 
weaver, John Chrystie, clothier. 

William Byres, in St. Cuthbert's, m'' i. Dec' 1641, 
Margaret Bennet. 

I. Issobell, 16. Feby. 1651. Witnesses, Patrick 
Hepburne, brewer, and Johne Byris, weaver. 

John Byris, in West Kirk, m'^ Janet Coose. 
I. Johne, 20. April 1651. 

James Byres, cordiner or shoemaker, m'' Janet 

1. Johne, 30. Ocf 1653. Witnesses, Patrick 

Meaklejohne, baxter, and John Doogood, 
&c. &c. 

2. Johne, 1655. 

3. Issobell, 23. May 1658. 



In " Gentleman's Arms," a collection dating from the reign of 
Charles I.— 

Byres, azure on a chevron, between three bees volant, argent, 
a crescent, gules. 

From MS. of Arms by Robert Porteous, Snowdon Herald — 
B)Tes, of Strathaven (in Lanarkshire), azure, a chevTon argent, 
between three bees volant, arriere^, or. 

He gives the same for Sir John Byres of Coates, with the motto, 
" Rule be One." The crest as given in Fairbairn is a bee, as in 
the arms. 

The Byres arms impaled with the arms of Smith of Groithill, 
viz., azure, a burning cup, or, are so depicted on the monument 
to John Byres of Coates, in the Greyfriars' Churchyard, Edinburgh, 
who died in 1639. Mr R. R. Stodart, the talented author of 
"Scottish Arms," &c., in that valuable work says: — "In 1755, 
arms were registered by Patrick Byres of Tonley, in Aberdeen- 
shire, stated to be representative of 'the family of Coatts,' 
— azure, a chevron, argent, between three martlets volant, or. 
Why the bees were changed to martlets it is difficult to see, as 
they are distinctly drawn and described in several verbal blazons." 

"Patrick Byres, Esquire of Tonley, in vicecomitatu de Aber- 
deen, descended from Sir John B}Tes of Coatts, in vicecomitatu 
Laudonife, and now representing the said family of Coatts, bears, 
azure, a che\Ton, argent, between three martlets volant, or. Crest, 
a cock reguardant proper. Motto, ' Marte suo Tutus.' — Matricu- 
lated, 7th Feby. 1755." 


Greyfriars' Churchyard, Edinburgh (James Brown). 

John Byres of Coittes' Tomb. 

1629. Vivo vere probo, civi optimo, Joanni Byres, de Coittes, 
urbis hujus anno ex ordine sex quaestori : duos ballivo et ex bal- 
livo, sex aedile, et duos pro praefecto : famiHare hoc monumentum 
posuerunt uxor A. S. et hberi : obiit multum desicleratus, viii. 
Kal, Decemb. anno salutis mdcxxix., aetatis suae lx. 


To a man truly good, an excellent citizen, John Byres of Coittes, 
six years together thesaurer of the city, two years city bailie and 
suburban bailie, six years Dean of Guild, and two years Old 
Provost— his wife, A. S., and his children, have erected this 
homely monument. He died, much lamented, 24th November, 
the year of Christ 1629, and of his age the 60 year. 

Copy of Inscription on Tombstone, St. Nicholas 
Churchyard, Aberdeen. 

Here lyes (in hopes of) a Blessed Resurrection, Janet Midleton, 
spouse to James Byres, Merchant in (Aberdeen, who) departed 
this life 26 November 1695, and of her age 58 (years). 

II._"WARRAND to the Magistrates of St Androis for 
secureing thir prisoneris following" (amongst whom is Sir 
John Byres). 

{From General Index to Acts of Parliament of Scotland.) 

1645. The estates of Parliament ordanes the Magistratis of S'- 
Androis To provyde roumes vpon th awne charges and expe^^ 
for thir prisoners, vis., the Lord Seytoun, the Lord drumond, the 
laird of Rosyth, . . . Spottiswode, y of dairsie, Mr. Laurence 


rollok, S'' Johne byire, Mr. Patrik hay, and fp-e udre wha ar the 
sen-ands, and came in th'' companie. 

And to keip the saids persones in the samen rowmes w' sufficient 
guardis ; and ordanes the magistrals to be ans'^able for them q" 
Friday next inclusive upon th' highest perell. 

III.— POSTNUPTIAL CONTRACT between John Bvres of 
Coaxes and Lilias Grant of Grant (or that Ilk), 1666. 

From Fraser's History of the " Chiefs of Gra?it" vol. iii., pp. 463 
and 464. 

1666. Contract between John Byres of Coates, and Lilias Grant, 
latiful daughter to the deceased [James] Grant of that Ilk, as 
follows : — 

John Byres, for fulfilling his part of the agreements made 
and concurred in before the marriage solemnised between him 
and Lilias Grant, and for other causes to be shortly stated, be- 
comes bound with all possible diligence to infeft and sease his said 
spouse in liferent in all and whole the annual rent of ten chalders 
good and sufficient bear, with a hundred and twenty pounds 
Scots for the rent of a dwelling-house to her to dwell in, to be 
uplifted in equal portions at Whitsunday and Martinmas, free of 
all teind duties, minister's stipends, or other burdens whatsoever, 
forth of all and whole the lands of Coates, comprehending the 
lands, acres, tenements, superiorities, and others mentioned in 
John Byres's infeftment of the same, with houses and pertinents 
thereof, in the regality and barony of Broughtoune, and sheriffdom 
of Edinburgh, or forth of any portion of these lands, and readiest 
maills and duties of the same, by double charters and infeftments, 
the one to be held of John Byres and his heirs, and the other of 
the immediate superiors of the lands, in free blench farm, for the 
yearly payment of one penny if asked, he also binding himself to 
complete, seal, subscribe, and deliver to Lilias charters and other 
necessary wTits to that effect, containing ample warrandice in the 
manner afterwards laid down ; also John Byres becomes bound to 
warrant and defend the above infeftments in all the terms of them 


as there specified, in liferent, from all perils, dangers, and incon- 
veniences whatsoever, whereby Lilias might be hindered or pre- 
judged in the peaceable possession of the same. John Byres 
further comes under obligation to provide to the heirs-male pro- 
created between them as much of the lands and estate of Coates 
as will extend in yearly rent to ten chalders of bear ; and if there 
should only be female heirs, to divide the ten chalders of bear 
among them, by the advice of one or two friends chosen by either 
of the parties, by whose advice the heirs-female referred to are 
obliged to marry — entry to the rents and duties of the ten chalders 
to be at the first term of Whitsunday or Martinmas after his 
decease. In the mean time, John Byres binds himself to sustain, 
entertain, educate, and upbring the foresaid children in a manner 
becoming their rank and estate ; providing that if George Byres, 
his eldest son, shall depart this life, so that the children had 
between John and Lilias shall succeed to the whole estate, the 
obligation to provide ten chalders of bear shall be null ; and in 
case of such event, John Byres binds himself to add to the life- 
rent provision of Lilias, his spouse, the manor-place of Coates, 
with the houses, buildings, pertinents, and others belonging 
thereto, in lieu of the one hundred and twenty pounds, together 
with a yearly duty of three chalders of victual further to be uplifted 
of the lands and at the terms before stated, to be over and above 
the ten chalders of bear already provided to her in liferent, which 
additions are to be made over to her in liferent in double infeft- 
ment, to be held, and with warrandice, in manner as aforesaid. 
He also binds himself that where he shall acquire any lands, heri- 
tages, or others during the period of his marriage, he will acquire 
the half thereof to Lilias in liferent, and the whole of the same to 
the heirs procreated of them in fee — which liferent provision Lilias 
accepts in full satisfaction of all conjunct fee, Hferent, terce, or 
third of all lands, heritages, goods, and others which shall pertain 
to John at his decease, without prejudice to Lilias of her third of 
the moveables of John's dwelling-house, and insight and plenish- 
ings thereof, which is reserved to her. Lilias, on her part, con- 
stitutes and ordains John Byres, her husband, and his heirs, her 
undoubted and irrevocable cessioners and assignees in and to all 
debts, sums of money, bond of provision, goods, gear, and others 
which she shall in any way fall heir to, or which shall pertain to 
her, dispensing with a more particalar enumeration of the same, 
and declaring the present assignation thereto in all respects 


effectual and sufficient, giving him power to receive and intromit 
with the debts, sums of money, and others, and to dispone and 
use the same at his pleasure, and to do all other things therewith 
which she could have done before the date of this contract, with 
precept of sasine in favour of Lilias, and clause of registration. 
The contract is dated at Coupar of Fyfe, 26th May i666, and is 
subscribed by John Byres and Lilias Grant. The witnesses are 
George, Marquise of Huntly, W. Scott of Ardross, John Saintsery, 
doctor of medicine. Major William Arnot, Andrew Patersone of 
Kilmonie, and Captain Francis Stewart. The deed is also signed 
by Marie, Marchioness of Huntly, sister of Lilias Grant, although 
she is not otherwise mentioned in it. 

IV.— From OLD FAMILY BIBLE at Tonley. 

1775. Copy from a Note in my Father's {viz., Robert Byres, 
of Dublin) Bible. 

1704. In September I was married to Mrs Jean Sandilands, 
daughter to Patrick Sandilands, Esq., of Cotton, and 
November 4th we arrived at Dublin. 

[705. August 17. My wife was brought to bed of a daughter, who 
was the same day christened by the name of Margarete. 

1 706. 2Sth of October. My wife was brought to bed of a daughter, 
who was christened the 15 th of November by the name 
of Janett. 24th December. Our eldest daughter, Mar- 
garete, dyed of chincough and teething, and was buried 
under the Chancell at St. Mary's (Dubhn). 

1709. 27th, at night (at 11). My wife was brought to bed of a son, 
who was christened by the name of James. February 
5th Dyed our daughter Janett, and was buried by her 
sister in the Chancell at St. Mary's. She died of a 

17 1 1. Monday, the 24th September. My wife was brought to bed 
'of a daughter, who was christened on the 12th of 
October by the name of Jean. 

17 13. Wednesday, the 13th of May. My wife was brought to bed 
of a son, 'twixt 9 and 10 at night, who was christened 


Patrick on the ist June. On the 19th of the same 
month, dyed our eldest son, James, and was buried by 
his two sisters under St. Mary's Chancell. 

Follows an Account of our own Family (^Patrick Byres) 
of Tonley. 

1733. I was married to Mrs. Janet Moir, daughter to James Moir, 

Esq. of Stoneywood, and October the 8th we came to 
Tonley, N.B. We were married the 14th June. 

1734. May 7th. My wife was brought to bed of a son, who was 

christened by the name of James by Mr. Patrick Laing, 
my Lord Forbes godfather. 

1735. July 6th. My wife was brought to bed of a daughter; same 

day was christened by the name of Jane. 
1737- April 15th. My wife was brought to bed of a daughter, who 
same day was christened by the name of Isabella. 

1739. July 6th. My wife was brought to bed of a daughter, who 

was christened by the name of Martha, 

1740. Friday, December 12. My wife was brought to bed of a son. 

He was next day christened by the name of Robert. 

1742. October 29. My wife was brought to bed of a son. He 
was next day christened by the name of William. He 
always was a delightful child. He served in the Navy, 
was appointed one of the King's surveyors, and dyed in 
St. Vincent's in 1764-65. He always behaved well. 

1745. March 31. My wife was brought to bed of a son, who was 
christened by the name of John. 

19th August 1595. 

The same day in presens of Alexander Vddert dene of gild and ,„ ^^'^e 
his counsall Jhone Byres merchant prenteis to John Robertsoun 1595- 
merchant comperand sufBcientlie airmit with ane furneist hagbut 
is maid burges of this burgh be richt of his prenteiship and hes 
gewin his aith. . . . and hes payit to the dene of gild - v lib. 

sale Johnne Byris merchand burges of before is maid gild brother 
of this burgh, . . . and hes payit x lib 

Guild Register In presens of the above Matthew Byris merchant prenteis to 
Vol. 2. Johne Byris merchant burges and gildbrother. ... is maid 
be richt of his said prenteiship. . . . 

i6 September burges and gild brother. 


and hes payit 

XV lib 

In presens of David Aikinheid deyne of gild and the gild 
counsell Richard Byris merchand. ... is maid burges. ... be 
richt of Margaret Fleyming his spous lawchfull dochter to Robert 
Fleyming maltman burges of the samyne. . . . and hes payit 

xiij* iiij'' 

John Byris, Dean of Guild. 

3 August 

James Byris cordiner compeirand is made burges. ... as 
prenteis first to wmquhile Andro Greir and nixt to Thomas 
Herpar cordiners burgesses of the samen. . . . and payit v lib 

Thomas Herpar becomes suretie. 

4 January Alexander Byres merchant. . . . made burges and gildbrother. 

'^^°- ... as sone lawfull to wmquhill Johne Byrs of Coatts merchant 

burges and gildbrother therof . . . and hes payed - xxxiij^ iiij'^ 

3 October John Byres of Coats and Mr. Robert Byres advocate com- 

1662. peirand are made burgesses and gild brether. . . . conforme to 

ane act of the provest bailyies and councill of the date the tuelt 

day of September last. . . . and paid. . . . each of them which 

is repayed be the said act - " - - 3'^ Ixvj''*' xiij^ iij"* 

of Edinburgh. 

Vol. 49. 
17 April 1616. 

Margaret Bar- 
clay spouse to 
John Byris 
merchant bur- 
gess of Edin- 

The Testament Testamentar and Inventar of the guidis geir 
sowmes of money and debtis pertening to vmquhile Mar- 
garet Barclay sumtyme spous to Johne Byris merchand 
burges of Edinburgh the tyme of hir deceis quha deceist 
upone the xxij day of January the yeir of God 161 6 yeiris 
ffaithfullie maid and gevin up be the said Johne Byris hir 
spous as father and laufull administrator to Agnes Byris 
minor hir youngest dochter quhome scho nominatis hir 


onlie executrix in hir lattrewill underwryttine in presens of 
Maister Johne Haliday advocat James Dalyell and Johne 
Barclay merchandis burgessis of Edinburgh witnessis. 

In the ffirst the said vmquhile Margaret Barclay and hir said 
spouse had the guidis geir sowmes of money and debtis of the 
availl and prices efter following pertening to thame the tyme of 
hir deceis foirsaid Videlicet Item in ventar with James Wrycht 
to foure lastis hering at ane hundreth pundis the 

last suma iiij"^ lib. Item in wenture with Johne Piersone the 
sowme of thrie hundreth pundis Item in venture with Johne 
Linkvp the sowme of iij^ lib. Item the aucht pairt of Johne 
Linkvp schip with hir ornamentis effeirand thairto estimat to the 
sowme of Thrie hundreth pundis Item of reddie money the sowme 
of v= merkis ffollowis the silwer werk by the airschip Videlicet 
Item ane silwer saltfull weyand sex vnce weycht price of the vnce 
weycht iij''*' suma xviij"'' Item foure silwer coupis weyand all 
xxxvj vnces price of the vnce weycht thrie pundis suma ane hun- 
dreth aucht pundis Item sex silwer spones weyand all nyne vnce 
weycht price of the vnce weycht thrie pundis suma xxvij'''' Item 
in vtenceilis and domiceilis by the airschip with the abulzementis 
of hir body estimat to the sowme of ij= lib. 

Suma of the Inventar - - - j"" ix": Ixxxvj''"' vj= viij'' 

ffollowis the debtis awin to the dead. 
Item thair wes awin to the said vmquhile Margaret Barclay and 
hir said spous be Maister Johne Duncane minister at Liff ]<= lib. 
Item be Stephana Phillope ]''•= Item be Maister Johne Russell 
advocat fyftie pundis Item be Johne Arnot commissar dark of 
Sanctandrois xxxiij'"' vj= viij<i Item be Maister Henry Russell 
and William Twentie sex pundis xiij^ 111]*^ Item 

be Maister David Wod Ixvj'''' xiij= iiij'' Item be Maister Henry 
Russell and Johne Gray Ixvj'"'' xiijs iiij^ Item be Johne Scheveis 
guidman of Ixvj'"'' xiij^ iiijd Item be Maister 

Alexander Gledstanes Ixvji''^ xiij^ iiij"! Item be James Tulloch 
and Johne Browne in xv'''' v= iiij<* Item be Wil- 

liam M'Cairtnay sex barrellis hering at aucht pundis the barrell 
suma xlviij'"' Item be George Smyth elder merchand 'f lib. Item 
be Alexander Erie of Drumfermeling Lord Chansler vj'= Ixvj"'' 
xiij5 iiij'^ Item be George Thomsone ane hundreth thriescoir 
sex pundis xiij= iiij'' Item be Walter Smyth in Elgeine iij'^xx'''' 


Item be Maister Robert Bruce ane hundreth pundis Item be 
Johne Corstoune in Crawmond for relieff of Maister Mark Mawer 
and the rest bund with him twa hundreth pundis Item be 
Thomas Lindsay and Johne Conynghame or ather of thame tua 
hundreth xl"'' Item be Daniell Ros in Tayne ane hundreth vj "'' 
xiij= iiij"^ Item be guidman of Quhytbank as 

assignay lauchfullie constitute be Gilbert Bannatyne and Jeane 
Jonstoune ane hundreth xvij"'' Item be Thomas Diksone ventiner 
for wynes v<= bcxxx"'' Item be Gilbert Dik ventiner for wynes 
v<^ xl'"'"' Item be Henry Seytoune for wyne iiij<: iiij'''= Item be 
Anthonie Goisleine litster for waid ij<: Ixxxviij''^ Item be Johne 
Andersone elder litster burges of Drumfermling for waid ij<: 
Ixxxviij'''' Item be James Glen litster for waid iij<^ Ixxxxij •'•' Item 
be the Laird of Innermarkie the defunct and hir said spous fourt 
pairt of ane blok of wictuall estimat to the sowme of ane thow- 
sand ij<: Ixxv'''^ Item be the Laird of Govye the defunct and hir 
said spous pairt of ane blok of wittuall coft fra him 

estimat to the sowme of ane thowsand pundis Item be Andro 
Scot merchand and his cautioneris the sowme of thretteine hun- 
dreth xxxiiji''' vjs viijd Item be and remanent 
tennentis and occupyeris of his landis of Coitis resten of the price 
of thair firmes and dewties thairof ane thowsand iij= xxxiij'"'' 
vj^ viij<^ Item be the Laird of Airth fyve hundreth pundis resten 
of the price of Coilis Item be the proveist baillies counsell and 
cowmowntie of the burgh of Edinburgh the sowme of iiij"" lib. 
Suma of the debtis awin to the dead xiiij™ v": V'^ xif 
Suma of the Inventar with the debtis xv-j" v': xxxvj'''' iS^ S'' 

fifoUowis the debtis awin be the dead. 
Item thair wes awin be the said vmquhile Margaret Barclay and 
hir said spous To Johne, Alexander, Robert and James Kincaidis 
bairnes of vmquhile Clement Kincaid of the Coitis or ony of 
thame haveand best rycht conforme to ane contract resten of the 
price of the landis of Coitis the sowme of iiij'" viij^^ pundis Item 
to Maister Thomas Sydeserff resten of tocherguid with 
Byris thair dochter the sowme of foure thowsand pundis Item be 
Barclay Laird of Towie resten of the price of 
wictuall v<= lib Item to Johne Barclay merchand in Edinburgh of 
borrowit money sex hundreth thriescar sex pundis xiij^ iiij'^ Item 
to George Suttie merchand for merchandice thrie hundreth pundis 
quhilk is payit sen the defunctis deceis Item to Thomas Dun- 


cane smyth for irne wark ane hundreth aucht pundis quhilk is 
payit sen the defunctis deceis. 

Suma of the debtis awin be the dead- x'" iij<^ Ixxiiij'''' 13= 4^ 

Restis of ffrie geir the debtis deducit - vj™ j"= Ixij'"'' v^ 4'' 

To be devydit in thrie pairtis Deadis 

pairt is - - - - - ij™ Hiij'"° j* ix'' 

Quhairof the quot is componit for - Ixviij'''' 

ffollowis the deadis Legacie and Lattrewill. 
At Edinburgh the twentie ane day of January 1616 yeiris. The 
quhilk day Margaret Barclay spous to Johne Byris raerchand 
burges of the said burghe being viseit with seiknes and infirmitie 
of hir bodie yit perfyte of memorie and senssis knawing nathing 
mair certane nor death nor uncertane nor the hour and tyme 
thairof and hoiping to be saved be the blude of Jesus Cryst com- 
mitis hir saule to his blissed protexioune makis hir testament and 
lattrewill as followis To wit as concerning the vpgeving of the 
Inventar of the guidis geir and debtis and utheris pertening to hir 
and to the said Johne Byris hir spous scho referris the upgeving 
thairof to the said Johne Item scho nominatis makis and con- 
stitutis Agnes Byris hir youngest do'chter hir onlie executrix and 
universall intromissatrix with hir guidis and geir Item scho leives 
in legacie to hir twa oyes Margaret and Bessy Heriotis laufull 
bairnes to Alexander Heriot procreat betwix him and Margaret 
Byris his dochter ilk ane of thame the so\\'me of fyve hundreth 
merkis Item scho leives to the first bairne gif ony sail happin to 
be gottine betwix Maister Thomas Sydeserff minister and Rachaell 
Byris hir secund dochter the sowme of fyve hundreth merkis Item 
scho leives to Jonet and Johne Byris laufull bairnes to Mathow 
Byris burges of the said burghe of Edinburgh ilkane of thame ane 
hundreth merkis Item scho leives to the hospitall of Edinburgh 
ane hundreth pundis and to the pure thairof xx'''= and willis thir 
legacies abonewryttine to be payit be the said John hir husband 
quhen he may convenientlie do the same and his dettis being ffirst 
payit In witnes of the quhilk thing subscryvit be the notar under- 
wryttine at my command becaus I can not wryt my selff day yeir 
place and before the witnessis abone specefeit sic subscribitur Ita 
est Robertus Kirkwod notarius publicus in premissis requisitus de 
mandato dicta Margarete Barclay teste manu propria. 

We Maisteris Johne Airthour etc. and geives and commitis the 
intromissioune with the samyne to the said Agnes Byris onlie 


executrix testamentar nominat be the said vmquhile Margaret 
Barclay hir mother Reservand compt etc. and Johne Byris hir 
father in respect of hir minoritie being sworne maid faith etc. 
Alexander Heriot merchand burges of Edinburgh his sone in law 
cautiounear ane act maid thairv-pon beiris. 

of Edinburgh. 

tailor burgess 
of the Canon- 
gate, Edin- 

Tailor Burgess of the Canongate, Edinburgh. 

The Testament Dative and Inventar of the goodes geir sowmes 
of moneyes and debts perteaning to vmquhill James 
Riddell taylor burges of the Cannongate and vmquhill 
Agnes Byres his spous and the deceist Androw Riddell 
thair sone the tyme of thair respective deceissis Quha 
deceist videlicet the said vmquhill James Riddell in the 
month of Jy. j"" vj'= of yeirs the said vmquhill Agnes Byres 
in the moneth of Jy. last by past 1662 yeirs instant and the 
said deceist Andrew Riddell in the moneth of December 
1 66 1 yeirs ffaithfullie maid and given vp be Walter Riddell 
wryter in Edinburgh only Executor Dative surrogat to the 
said vmquhill defunct in place of the procuratour fiscall be 
decreit of the commissars of Edinburgh As the samyne of 
the daitt at Edinburgh the day of July 1662 yeirs at 

mair lenth proports. 

In the first the saids vmquhill James Riddell Agnes Byres and 
Andro Riddell thair sone had the goodes and geir following of the 
availls and pryces aftermentioned perteaning to thame the tyme of 
their respective deceissis abovementionat videlicet Imprimis the 
whole insight and plennishing of thair duelling house with the air- 
schipe and all vther small plennisching thairin estimat all in 
cumulo to the sowme of ij"^ xl'''= scottes money. 

Suma of the Inventar - - - - - ij<: xl'"'' scotts 

ffollowes the debts awine to the deid. 
Item thair wes restand awand to the said vmquhill James 
Riddell Agnes Byres and Andrew Riddell the tyme of thair 
respective deceissis abovementionat at ieist to ane or vther of 
thame the particular debts and sowmes of money following To 
witt be James Keith laufull sone to vmquhill Alexander Keith 


wryter be band i]" Ix'"' Be the said Walter Riddell executour 
foirsaid v" marks Be the Laird of Smeattoune be compt xix'«' 
xix^ Be Cristiane Dowglas v'ib Be John Clark vij"t= xvij^ Be 
Anna Watsoune xviij'''' xvij^ Be Margaret Sydserff xix''^ xviij= Be 
Alexander Rig xviij'"' xvj^ Be Mareone Aikinheid xxv''^ xiiij^ Be 
Doctour Burnett xx"!" Be Misteres Aikinheid xxx''^ vj^ Be 

Jeane Alexander v'f^ xij^ Be Mistres Maill and hir anties 
vijiib xvijs Be Colonell Hoome vji''' xiij^ Be the Laird of Har- 
tries xij'''' xij'^ Mair be the said Mistres Maill iiij'"'' ix^ Be Maister 
Edward Keith iiij"'' iiij* ij'' Be Gilbert Aitchiesone vj'''^ x\f Item 
moir be the said Walter Riddell by compt xixi»= xix"^ Be the Lady 
Comrie xv^ iiij<i Be Master Symontoune be compt iiij'"'' Be 
Rachaell Hope iiji"= xvij= Be Daniell Clerk viij'"' ij^ Be the 
Lady Rucksollis vij"'' Be the Laird of Troupe or Murrois xv'''' 
vji^ 8<^ Be Captane Ogilbie xij'^i' xij= Be the Laird of Kellie 
iiiji''= viij= Be the Laird of Rednoch and Maister James Keith his 
cautioner xiij'^i' xj= viij^ Be Alexander Keith of Duffes xvj"'' 
iiij'^ Be Maister Alexander Forbes xxviji-'' Be Thomas Mylne 
iij'ib iiijs viijti Be Johne Abircrombie x"'' iij^ Be Master Wil- 
liame Spottiswood iij"'' vij^ Be Johne Edmonstoune iij'''> ij^ viij'' 
Be the Lord Forbes ij"'' viij= Be the Laird of Cluny younger 
vj'''' Be Sir James Grahame xijii*" xij' Be Thomas Steinsone 
xviijiit ijs by two compts Be the Laird of Tilligony xvj'"= xvij^ Be 
Rachaell Primrois Ix'ib Be servitrix to Jonnet Foulles iij "b 

iiij^ Be Jonnet Forbes xviij''^ Be Maister James Thome xxi't 
Be Alexander Seattoune vij'ii' gg James Riddell xxxvij''*' xyj^^ Be 
the tutour of Craigievar xxiiij"b xij= Be Mistres xxiiij'"' Be 
Jonnet Prymrois v'''> xij'' Be Mistres Arnot xv"b Be Mistres 
Marie Chalmers xiiji''' Be Mistres Foulles v''*' Be the Laird of 
Craigievar xiij''"' Be Monsiour Forbes j'''= vj^ Be Master James 
Logan xiij"'' xiij= Be the Lady Bonar viij'"' xvj^ Be Maister 
James Keith be band of principall sowme bygane annualrent and 
expensis iij<: '"= Be Alexander Keith of principall 'sowme bygane 
annualrent and expenssis j"^ Ix"'' Be Maister Symontoune for fur- 
nysching xjii^ Be Alexander Forbes viji'^ or thairby Be Johne 
Gordoune iiij'"' Be Maister James Balfour and his spous xxxviiji''' 
vj' Be Doctour Burnett xxxix'^b x^ Be Mistres Campbell x'ib 
xiiij^ Be Maister James Balfour only restand of ane greater 
sowme xliijii'' xviij' Be Maister Furidell by compt iiij'''' ix= Be 
Mistres Dowglas v'"' Be Maister Sneddell iiij"'' xiij^ iiij^ Be the 
Lady Bonners viijiib viij= Be James Riddell j-^ xj'it ij' iiij^ Be 


the Laird of Hartrie xxiiij'''' x^ Be Doctour Burnett xvij'''' iiij^ Be 
Thomas Rob merchand in Edinburgh by band xLx'''' x= quhilk 
band was granted be him to ^\'i^iame Burnett and assigned be 
him to the said vmquhill Be Adame Diksone in Niddrie 

xxiij'''' Be Duncan Menzles of Comrie by ticket to the said 
vmquhill Andro of xxx"'' Be the Lady Haystoune xxxiiijUb Be 
the Lady Forrester xlvij'''> ix= Be Wmphra vij'''' ix^ . 

Suma of the debts awine to the deid - ij" xlj'''' 17* viij^ 
Suma of the Inventar with the debts - ij"" ij= Ixxxji't 17s 8"^ 
No divisione. 

Sir Johne Nisbitt &c. wndirstanding &c. we decerned &c. con- 
forme to the quhilk &c. James Riddle merchand burges of Edin- 
burgh cautioune as ane act beirs. 

i January 

Commissariot The Testament Dative and Inventar of the goods geir sowmes 
of Edinburgh. of money and debts perteining to vmquhill Sir Johne BjtIs 

Testaments. of Coatts the tyme of his deceis quha deceist in the moneth 

of 1648 yeirs ffaithfullie maid and givine vp be 

Tarman'^ Maister Robert Byres advocat tutour in law servit and 

retourit to and in name and behalf of Johne Byris minor 
sone lawfull to the said vmquhill Sir Johne Byris and onlie 
Executor Dative decernit to him be decreit of the Com- 
missars of Edinburgh as the saymne of the daitt the 8 
day of December j™ vj": fourtie sevine yeirs mair fuUie 

In the first the said vmquhill Sir Johne Byres had the goods 
geir sowmes of money and debts of the availl and pr)-ces efter- 
following perteining to him the tyme of his deceis foirsaid Vide- 
licet Imprimis four wark horssis estimat all to ij^ kxx'''' Item 
fourtie sex scheep estimat all to ]■= l.xxxiiij'''' Item growing wpone 
the ground aucht bolls beir at vij'''' the boll fourtie bolls aitts at 
sex pund the boll threttie bolls peis at fyve pund the boll suma of 
the haill iiij<= xlvj"'' Item the straw of the foirsaid haill come 
estimat to iiij<= '■'' Item the insicht plennisching of his duelling- 
house estimat to the sowme of j™ lib. 

Suma of the Inventar ij" iij": x'"'' 


ffollowes the debts awine to the deid. 
Item thair wes auchtand to the said vmquhill Sir Johne Byres 
the tyme of his deceis abonespecifeit Be Johne Denhohne for 
beir ij<= xiij'i"^ vj^ viij-^ Item be Thomas Forrest xl''^ Item be 
David Mowat xvj"'' 

Suma of the debts awine to the deid ij": Ixix''^ vj^ viij^ 
Suma of the Inventar with the debts ij"" v^ Ixxix''^ v'f S^ 

ffollowes the debts awine be the deid. 

Item thair was auchtand be the said umquhill Sir Johne Byres 
to Maister James Crichtoune for ane half yeirs maill of his 
duelling hous in Edinburgh the sowme of j= xiij''^ vj^ viijd Item 
to Williame Samuell servand for his yeirs fie and bounteth lij'''' 
Item to Hew Jonstoune servand for his yeirs ire xx'ib vj^ Item 
to George Campbell servand for his yeirs fie xixii^ xvj= Item to 
Johne Campbell for his yeirs fie twintie thrie pund Item to 
Agnes Grosart servitrix for hir yeirs fie vij'^t x^ Item to Helene 
Cant servitrix for hir yeirs fie vif •= x^ Item to Patrick Mairschell 
servand for his yeirs fie xvj'ii' xiij= iiij^ Item to Issobell Frame 
servitrix for hir yeirs fie xj"^ xvj'' Item to Maister Robert Hodge 
collectour of the monethlie mantenance for thrie moneths man- 
tenance preceiding the defuncts deceis Ixxxxv'''' 

Suma of the debts awine be the deid iiij<= iiij'''' xviij^ 

Rests of frie geir the debts deducet - ij™ )'= Ixxiiij''^ viij= S* 

To be divydit in 3 pairts Deids 


vij'= xxuij''" xvf if 

Maisteris Johne Nisbett &c. understanding &c. we decernit 
conforme to the quhilk &c. Alexander Byres brother to the said 
Maister Robert become cautione as ane act beirs. 

Edinburgh the xx day of October 1648. 
Eik maid heirto as followes videlicet thair was justlie adebtit 
to the said defunct omittit out of his principall conformit Testa- 
ment be his principall executour and now since the confirmatioune 
thairof is come to his knowledge videlicet thair is adebtit be Johne 
Bell in the AVater of Leith the sowme of liiij"'' as the rest of his 
ferme crope and year of God 1646 quhilk being divydit in 3 
])airts according to the divisione of the principall confirmit Testa- 
ment deids pairt is xviij"'' Alexander Byres brother to the said 
Maister Robert become cautioune as ane act beirs. 


TESTAMENT and INVENTORY of Mr. Thomas Bvres, son 
to the deceased John Byres of Coitts. 

Commissariot The Testament Testamentar and Inventar of the goods geir 

of E dinbu rgh. sowmes of money and debts pertaining to vmquhill Maister 

Testaments. Thomas Byris sone lawfull to vmquhill Johne Byris of 

~r~ Coitts merchand burges of Edinburgh the tyme of his 

29 November deceis Quha deceist in the moneth of last 

■647- bypast 1647 yeirs ffaithfullie maid and givine up be himself 

Mr. Thomas wpone the saxtene day of Junij the yeir of God foirsaid in 

Byris, mer- swa far as consernes the nominatioune of his executour 

of ^EdinWh legacies and ane pairt of the debts auchtand be him and 

givine vp be Maister Robert Byres advocat brother to the 

defunct in swa far as concernes the haill Inventar of his 

goods geir debts auchtand to him and maist pairt of the 

debts auchtand be him quhome he nominal his onlie 

Exectour in his Lattrewill wnderwrittin as the samyne of 

the daitt foirsaid subscryvit with his hand in presens of 

the witnessis eftirmentionat mair fullie proports. 

In the first the said vmquhill Maister Thomas Byres had the 
goods geir sowmes of money and debts of the availl and pryces 
eftirfollowing perteining to him the tyme of his deceis foirsaid 
Videlicet Imprimis of silver wark ane maisser ane saltfatt twa 
silver potts with covers twa porringers ellevine spoons four coupes 
estimat all to iiij^ '■'' Item in his duellinghouse ane chimney ane 
pair of raxes and tanges estimat all to xv''*' twa panes ane pott and 
ane speit estimat all to vj'"'' Twa chandlers estimat baith to iiij'''' 
Item ane round waunittrie buird with falling leivs estimat to 
xxviij'''= Item ane fir buird estimat to iij"'' Item aucht chyres 
and stools estimat to xx'''^ Item four lethir chyres estimat all to 
xyj ''•' Item twa of valnit trie estimat baiih to xxxvj '■'' 

Item ane great walnil trie Frenche cabinet estimat to 1'''= Item 
ane littill sweit wood cabinet estimat to iiij'"'' Item ane Frenche 
coffer pryce thairof xij •''' Twa vther coffers estimat baith to xij ''b 
Item ane resting chyre covered with Frenche schewing with ane 
schewed cuscheone on the heid thairof estimat to xxxvj'"'' Item 
ane stand of arras hingings estimat to ]= lib Item ane stand of 
Frenche hinginges estimat all to xlviij''"' Item ane 

stand of Taffeta courteins with ane pand of Damask with silk 
freinezies with ane covering to ane chyre and ane table cloath 
estimat all to ]■= marks Item sax coverings to chyres schewed 
with French schewing with silk freinezies estimate all to xxxvj '■'' 


Item ane fine capet cloath to the round boord estimat to xvj'''> 
Item Frenche pand schewed to goe round about the bed esthnat to 
xx'''' Item ane littill cabinet covered with grein and ane rid 
lethir coffer estimat all to xvj"'' Item ane long greine tabill cloath 
estimat to xij'''' Item twa fethir beds twa boustirs and four cods 
estimat all to 1'''' Item twa pair and ane single Spanische blankits 
estimat to xxx'''= Item four pair of vther blankits and ane cover- 
ing estimat all to xviij'"'' Item ane pair of great and ane vther 
pair of littill estimat all to Ix'''' Item ane Lint pryce thairof 

xl''!' Item ane steikit tweill bed pryce thairof xviij''"^ Item ane 
dussane of dornick servitors and ane lairge tabill cloath estimat all 
to xxiiij'''' Twa dussane of Frenche dornick servitouris and ane 
lairge tabill cloath estimat all to xxiiij'''' Item twa dussane of 
French dornick servitouris and twa buird cloaths estimat all to 
xxxvj''*' Item ane dussane of blak silk servitouris estimat to v'''' 
Item ane dussane of plaine lining serviters estimat all to vj •''' 
Item ane dussane of hardine serviters estimat all to v'''' Item 
fyve lining and harne buird cloaths estimat all to xv'''' Item ten 
pair of scheits of lining and harne estimat all to xl"'' Item ane 
littill schewed cabinet pryce thairof v'"* Item ane littill blak box 
covered with black lethir pryce thairof iij'''' Item ane lairge 
looking glas blak and covered pryce thairof xxx'"' Item ane littill 
sweetwod looking glas pryce thairof iij'''' Item two chalmer potts 
estimat both to xxx' Item twelf plaitts estimat all to xvj'''> Item 
ane quarter pynt choppine and mutchkine stoupes estimat all to 
yiib xs Item of reddie gold and money lying besyde him the 
sowme of iij'"iij'= xxv'"'' xij* Item certane Frenche Latine and 
EngHsche books estimat all to xx'''' Item the abulzements of his 
bodie estimat to the sowme of j<^ 1"'' 

Suma of the Inventar - - - iiij"^ viij*: Ixxij'"'' V iiij^ 

ffollowes the debts awine to the deid. 

Item thair was auchtand to the said vmquhill Maister Thomas 
Byres the tyme of his deceis abonespecifeit Be the Earle of 
Siforth and his cautioneris to Issobell Conynghame relict of the 
said vmquhill Maister Thomas and belonging to him jure mariti 
the sowme of viij™ lib principall with vj<= xl'"'' of byrune annual- 
rent thairof Item be Sir David Crichtoune of Lugtoune and his 
cautioneris to the said Issobell as perteining to him as said is the 
sowme of ij"" '''' principall with j": W'^ of byrune annualrent 


thairof Item be the Earle of Dumfreis Lord Jonstoune and 
vthers to the said Issobell and perteining to him as said is the 
sowme of ij™ lib principall with ]'= Ix'"'' of byrune annualrent 
thairof Item be the Earle of Dumfreis Lord Jonstoune and 
vthers to the said Issobell and perteining to him jure mariti as 
said is the sowme of ij"" "'' principall with iij= xx'''' of byrune 
annualrent thairof Item be Thomas Somervell merchand burges 
of Edinburgh to the defunct and his said spous the sowme of 
iij'= xiij'''' xiiijs principall with xiij'''' of annualrent Mair be the 
said Sir David Crichtoune of Lugtoune ij<= Ixv]''*" xiij^ iiij") for the 
byrune annualrent of the principall sowme of fyve thousand marks 
adebtit be him conforme to his band Item thair auchtand to the 
said Issobell Conynghame as executrix confermit to hir vmquhill 
father Johne Conynghame and mentionat in the said vmquhill 
Johne his confermit Testament the compts reckoneing sowmes 
and vthers eftirspecifeit quhilkis pertenes to the said vmquhill 
Maister Thomas jure mariti videlicet Imprimis be James Somer- 
vell merchand in Edinburgh iij"= xxv'''' ix= Item be Sir Johne 
Smyth as the remaines of ane compt j'= 1'''' viij^ Item be James 
Boiswall merchand thair be compt ix"^ l''^" ix^ quhairof ressavit 
twa hundereth dollers at fiftie four schillings the peice swa rests 
iiij<= x'''' ix^ Item be umquhill Adame Rae burges of Edinburgh 
vu)'^ xliji'i' xijs Item be Archbald Tod merchand thair j*: lxxxx'''> 
j'' viij'' Be vmquhill Johne Tuedie merchand vij"^ lib vj^ viij"^ 
Be Thomas Wilsoune youngar in Edinburgh ix<= xliiij'''" vj^ Be 
Thomas and James Somer\-ells merchands j"" ix<: Ixiiij'''' Be 
Johne Denholme merchand thair xj'= Ixiij'''' xv^ Be Andro Rae 
indueller in Leith vj'= Ixxij''^ xij^ Be Johne George merchand 
thair j" x'''' x^ viij<* Be James Campbell merchand thair 
ix<: xiij'"'' x^ Be the airs and executors of vmquhill Johne 
Grahame merchand thair viij'= Ixxxxij'''' x^ ix<^ Be Williame 
Patoune and Williame Stirling j™ Iv'"'' xix^ viij*! Be Johne 
Slowane merchand thair ij'^ Ixxxxix''*" xv^ Be Johne Denuistoune 
merchand viij<^ Ixxj''** viij"! Be the airs and executours of vmquhill 
Williame Andersone in Pearth iiij'^ xl'"'' Be Thomas Hendersone 
merchand in Edinburgh iij= 1'''' xij^ Be Johne Schanks in Leith 
Ixvj'''' xiijs iiij^ Be Thomas Mudie merchand in Edinburgh iij>: 
xlviij'"'' viijs Be Gilbert Muire merchand thair V xj"'' viij^ Be 
James Campbell merchand thair j"^ lib Be Androw Duncane 
merchand thair Ix'"'' Be Edward Sinclar sone to Sinclar of 

Seba Ixxxviij''"' Re the Committie of Estates vj": lib principall 


with ij= xvj'''' for thrie yeirs annualrent thairof Be Sir Williame 
Gray the sowme of iij™ vj<: Ixvj'''^ xiij' iiij<^ principall with the 
sowme of vj<^ pundes of byrune annuahent thairof Be Hew 
Somervell and Elizabeth Somervell his spous the sowme of V^ '■'' 
principall with Ixxx'''' of byrune annualrent thairof Be vmquhill 
Maister Bartilmo Somervell the sowme of vj"" vj*: Ixvj'"'' xiij^ iiij'' 

Suma of the debts awine to the deid xxxix" ix'= Ixvj'''' iij'^ i<^ 

Suma of the Inventar with the 

debts Ixiiij"" viij= xxxviij''^' 8^ s"^ 

ffoUowes the debts awine be the deid. 

Item thair wes auchtand be the said vmquhill Maister Thomas 

Byres the time of his deceis foirsaid To Alexander Byres mer- 

chand burges of Edinburgh his brother germane the sowme of 

vij= lib. 

Suma of the debt awine be the deid vij<: lib 
Rests of frie geir the debts deducet xliiij"' ]■= xxxviij'''= 8^ 8^ 
To be divydit in pairts Deids 
pairt is - 

ffollowes the deids Legacie and Lattrewill. 
Be it kend till all men be thir present Lettres Me Maister 
Thomas Byres sone laufull to vmquhill Johne Byres of Coitts 
merchand burges of Edinburgh fforsameikill as I know myself to 
be mortall and als being diseasit in bodie for the present and yet 
perfyte in memorie and knowing nothing to be moir certane nor 
death and nothing moir vncertaine thane the hour and tyme 
thairof and being willing to put my earthlie affairs to ane poynt 
that I may be the bettir prepared quhen it sail pleis God to call 
me in mercie I mak my lattrewill and testament as foUowes In 
the first I leive my soull to God hopeing to be saved be the death 
and merits of my Saviour Jesus Chryst and ordaines my bodie to 
be bureid amongest the faithfull honnestlie as effeirs And I have 
nominat maid and constitute and be thir presents nominats makes 
and constitutes my weelbeloved brother Maister Robert Byres my 
brother germane my onlie executour sole legator and wniversall 
intromettour with my haill goods geir and debts and lives and dis- 
pones the samyne to him secluding all vtheiris thairfra He 
alwayes satisfieing and paying my debts with power to him to give 


vp Inventar thairof confirme Testament thairwpone and doe all 
vther things requisit thairanent that of the law and consuetude of 
this realme in sick caissis is knowine to perteane And because of 
the great burdings and debts payit and vndertakine be me for my 
belovit spous Issobell Conynghame as air to %-mquhill Capitane 
Johne Conynghame hir father I have not beine abill to fulfill to 
my said spous hir contract of marriage Thairfor I heirby declair 
that it is my will that immediatlie eftir my deceis schoe dispone 
that pairt of the lands of Sauchtonhall and teinds thairof pertein- 
ing to hir as air to hir said vmquhill father and als the lands and 
tenements in Edinburgh to the best availl for paj-ment of our 
debts and burdinges quhairin I am ingadgit aither for myself or 
for hir as air to hir father And to the effect the superplus thairof 
may be imployit for implement of our contract of marriage for hir 
lyfrent vse conforme to the tennour thairof and for pa}-ment and 
satisfactione to James Conynghame hir vncle of that sowme of 
provydit thairby to fall and belong to him in caice thair sail be no 
bairnes procreat betwixt me and the said Issobell my spous in 
caice the samyne be swa pro'iydit be our contract of marriage con- 
forme to the tennour thairof in all poynts And this I desyre to 
be done and performit be my said spous as schoe wald deserve my 
blissing And I declair that I am adebtit and auchtand to Alex- 
ander Byres my brother germane the sowme of vij<= lib money 
quhairfor he hes no band nor ticket of me and quhich I have 
givine ordour to my said spous to cause be payit freith of thais 
moneyis lying besyde me In witnes quhairof I have subscrj-vit 
with my hand thir presents ^^Tittin be Maister James Cheyne 
wrj'ter at Edinburgh the saxtene day of Junij 1647 yeirs befor thir 
witnessis Maister James Rid minister of God's word at S'- Cuth- 
berts Kirk neir Edinburgh the said Maister James Cheyne and 
Johne Craufurd servitour to the said Maister James Rid It is 
alwayse declairit that in caice it sail happine my said spous to be 
with chyld and the said chyld to come to perfectione that thane 
and in that caice thir presents sail be null and the said office of 
executrie with my saids goods and geir to belong to my said chyld 
and my said executour to be secludit thairfra siclyk and in the 
samyne maner as gife thir presents had never bene maid nor sub- 
scryvit Sic subscribitur M'' Thomas Byres Mr. James Reid witnes 
Jo" Craufurd witnes. 

Maisteris Johne Nisbitt Ratifies and approves and gives 

and committs Reservand compt Alexander Byres brother 

to the said Maister Robert Byres became cautioune as ane act 

4 September 162 1. Sasine on Charter by Isabell Dalzell, daughter Particular 
of the late James Dalzell, burgess of Edin"", in favour of John Register of 
Byres of Coittis, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, of the Kirk- Edinburgh. 

lands and glebe of St. Cuthberts, with the barn, grange, grass 

yard, &c., situated under the casde wall of Edinburgh, on the east foi jY'' 
side of the cemetery. Richard Byres, miller, burgess of Edin- 
burgh, is a witness. See p. 103. 

6 November 1622. Sasine on Charter by Alexander Logan, Vol. VII., 
burgess of Edin'', to John Byres, portioner of Coittis, of portions ° ' ^'^' 
of the lands of Brochtoun, in the regality and barony thereof, 
and shire of Edinburgh. 

28 June 1623. Sasine on Charter by Mr. Patrick Hepburn, of Vol. VIII., 
Smetoun, and Marion Adamson, his spouse, to John Byres, of ° ' ^^' 
Coittis, and Agnes Smyth, his spouse, of an annuity of 400 nierks, 
out of the mains of Smetoun, in the shire of Haddington. 

10 November 1624. Sasine on Charter by Mr. Samuel Gray, Vol. IX., 
advocate, and Jean Kincaid, his mother, to John Byres, of Coittis, ^°'' ^92- 
Dean of Gild of Edinburgh, of an annual rent of 200 merks, out 
of certain lands which belonged to the late James Kincaid of 

31 January 1625. Sasine on Charter by John Ormistoun to Vol. X., 
John Byres, of Coittis, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, of two ^°^- ^^■ 
acres of the lands of Coittis. 

2 July 1625. Sasine on Charter by Mr. Samuel Gray, advo- Vol. X., 
cate, to John Byres, of Coittis Dean of Gild of Edin^, of 200 ''°'- '59- 
merks yearly, out of certain acres of the Coittis. 


house to John Byres, of Coittis, Dean of Guild of Edinburgh, in 
life rent, and John B., his eldest son, in fee, of an annual rent of 
200 merks out of the teinds of St. Cuthberts. 

Particular 29 Dec. 1625. Sasine on Charter by David Crichtoun, junior, 

S^fner °^ °^ Lugtoun, to John Byres, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, and 
Edinburgh. Agnes Smyth, his wife, in life rent, and Thomas, Alexander, and 
-rr- Janet Byres, their children, of the sunny half of the lands of St. 
fol*. 21. ' Leonard's, near Edinburgh. One of the witnesses is James Byres, 
servitor to said John B., of Coittis. 

Vol. XL, 9 January 1626. Reversion by the s'l John Byres, of Coittis, 

fol. 36. ^Q gd D Crichtoun over the lands of St. Leonard's for 5000 


Vol. XII., 25 April 1627. Sasine on Charter by Robert Scot, eldest son 

fol. loS. ^^ ^j^g j^j.g ^jg^ gj,Qjj^ qJ- Orchardfield, to John Byres, of Coittis, 

of certain acres of the Coittis. 

Vol. XII., 2 June 1627. Renunciation by John Byres, of Coittis, to Mr. 

fol. 168. Samuel Gray of an annual rent of 200 merks. 

Vol. XIII., 4 July 1628. Sasine on Charter by Mr. Samuel Gray, advo- 
fol. 379- p^(g^ j^rid Katherine Lockhart, his wife, to John Byres, of Coittis, 

and Agnes Smyth, his wife, in life rent, and John Byres, their 

son, in fee, of certain acres of the Coittis. 

Vol. XIII., 4 July 1628. Sasine on Charter by John Byres, of Coittis, 
fol. 383. merchant burgess of Edinburgh, to Agnes Smyth, his spouse, in 

life rent, of seven acres, called the Howpairt of Coittis, and seven 
acres of Coittis lying contiguous under the Bourtriebus, which 
lands, with the sum of 5000 merks, were laid out upon the sunny 
half of the lands of St. Leonard's, with mansion house, &c., near 
the burgh of Edinburgh, in the regality and barony of Brochtoun, 
in favour of his said spouse in life rent, in implement of their 
marriage contract, to which Robert Smyth, merchant burgess of 
Edinburgh, and the late Agnes Purves, his spouse, parents of said 
Agnes Smyth, were parties. 



Date of Registration. 

1618. April 16. Michael Byres, burgess of Hamilton, gets Vol. 271. 
ition from Archibald Hamilton, of Marritoun, and Jean Weir 

his spouse, in favour of said Michael, and Michael his son, for 112 
merks, dated at Hamilton, 10. March 1603. One of the witnesses 
is James Byres, burgess of Hamilton. 

1619. 26. Jany. Obligation by Robert Loch, in Birdsfield, to Vol. 279. 
Michael Byres, burgess of Hamilton, for 160 merks, dated 30. 

Jany. 1613. 

1620. 1=' Aug' Obligation by Robert Byres, younger, merchant. Vol. 297. 
son of the late James Byres, indweller in Hamilton, to William 
Gairdin, burgess of Edinburgh, for ;^ 160 scots., dated at Louden- 

dean, 24. Feby. 1620. 

1622. 15. May. Obligation by John Somerville, younger of Vol. 318. 
Cambusnethane, to Michael Byres, burgess of Hamilton, for 860 
merks, dated at Hamilton 22. July 1618. This deed is written by 
Mr William Byres, servant to John Byres, merchant-burgess of 

1622. Dec"' II. Obligation by Thomas Waugh in Decmont Vol. 332. 
(West Lothian), to Thomas Byres, in Scarlaw, for 100 merks, dated 

at Linlithgow, i. Dec 1621. 

1623. 7. Aug' Obligation by James Fergushill, merchant-bur- Vol. 346. 
gess of Ayr, to James Byres, in Ardgowan, see p. 98, for 200 merks. 

19. May 1620. 

1624. 16. June. Obligation by John Hamilton, burgess of Vol. 359. 
Hamilton, to Michael Byres, burgess of Hamilton, for 100 merks, 

dated at Hamilton, 14. June 161 2. 

1 64 


Date of Registration. 

Vol. i6. 1630. Nov 2. Sasine to "a discreet young man," John Byres, 

Fol. 312. ggn ^n(j hejj- of the late John Byres of Coates, proceeding upon a 
precepit of clare constat for infeifting the said John, as heir to his 
father, in half of the lands of Coates, with mansion houses, &c., 
formerly belonging to Clement Kincaid, of Coates, in the barony 
and regality of Broughton, and shire of Edinburgh. John Smyth, 
merchant-burgess of Edinburgh — probably his uncle — his attorney 
(the dififerent parts of estates are mentioned). Witnesses, Thomas 
Charteris, Alexander Heriot, merchant-burgesses of Edinburgh, 
and James Byres, servant to the late John Byres. 

Vol. 11. 1631. May 2. Sasine proceeding on charter granted by Alex- 

ander Heriot, merchant-burgess of Edinburgn, in favour of 
Margaret Byres, his wife, of twelve acres of the lands of Bonning- 
ton, and part of the lands of Hillhousefield (both in Midlothian). 

Yq, 1632. July 30. Sasine proceeding upon a charter by John Lord 

„ . Holyroodhouse, in favour of John Byres, son and heir of the late 

John Byres of Coates, of the teinds of the parish of St. Cuthbert's, 
under the Castle wall. Charter dated at Holyroodhouse, 10. 
April 1 63 1, one witness being James Cairns, servitor to Agnes 
Smyth, relict of the deceased John Byres. The baillie, that is, the 
person who acts for him, is James Byres, servitor to Agnes Smyth, 
relict of the said John Byres. 

Date of Registration. 

Vol. 28. 1639. March 29. Sasine proceeding upon charter by Thomas 

Fol. 58. Kincaid of Warrestone, to M"' John Byres, his heirs and assignees 

heritably, of all and whole those 26 acres of arable land of the 

Coates, with mansion houses, buildings, &c., Kincaid being 

superior. Charter dated at Edinburgh, 3^ Ocf^ 1 638. 


1640. May 7. Sasine proceeding upon charter by Thomas Fol. 412- 
Kincaid of Warrestone, in favour of M-- John Byres of Coates, of 
the lands of Warrestone. In this document EUzabeth Byres is 
mentioned as the first wife of Thomas Kincaid, elder, and the 
mother of Thomas Kincaid, younger. 

1642. June. 2. Bond by Sir David Crichton of Lugton, Knight, Vol. 30. 
to M'^ Thomas and Alexander Byres, lawful sons of the late John Fol. 164. 
Byres of Coates, for ;^i,ooo, referring to another bond of date 
15. Sepf 1625, by the late David Crichton of Lugton, to the said 
late John Byres of Coates, and Agnes Smyth his wife, for 10,000 
merks. This bond is dated at Edinbro', i^' June 1642. 

1642. 2. June. Bond by said Sir David Crichton to M^ Robert Fol. .65. 
Byres, lawful son of the late John Byres of Coates, for ^1,000. 
Given in security for it, the lands of St. Leonard's. 

1643. May 27. Sasine proceeding upon charter granted by the Vol. 31- 
Provest, Baillies, and Ministers of the town of Edinburgh, as Fol. 222. 
Governors of Heriot's Hospital, and superiors of the town of 
Broughton, and Canonmills, in favour of Sir John Byres of Coates, 
Knight, of various portions of the lands of Coates, AVhinnie 
Knowes, and others, in the barony and regality of Broughton, and 

also the lands of Warristone. In this document the first wife of 
Thomas Kincaid is called Elizabeth BurrelU not Byres; see above. 
Witnesses to Sasine, John and William Byres, residing at the 
Water of Leith. Seep. no. 

Sasine proceeding on charter by Sir David Crichton of Lugton, Vol. 31- 
superior, in favour of M-- Robert, and M-- Thomas, and Alexander Fol. 270. 
Byres, lawful sons of the late John Byres of Coates, begotten be- 
tween him and Agnes Smyth his spouse, equally between them, of 
the half lands of St. Leonards, and mansion houses, &c., reserving 
to the said Agnes Smyth her conjunct fee of the said sunny half of 
the lands of St. Leonards. 

1643. June 24. Sasine proceeding upon precept granted by Sir Fol. 272. 
David Crichton in favour of Sir John Byres, of the half of the 
lands of St. Leonards. M^ Robert Byres acts as attorney for said 
Sir John. 



In the name of God Amen. I Robert Byres of the City of 
Dublin merchant being in perfect health of body and in sound 
mind and memory designeing to goe to Scotland make this my 
last will and testament in manner following Imprimis I comit my 
soul to Almighty God who gave it me hopeing through the merritts 
death and passion of Jesus Christ I shall obtain everlasting salva- 
tion, and as to my worldly goods and chattells debts credits and 
estate whatsoever reall or personall with which it hath pleased 
God to bless me I dispose of the same in manner following 
Imprimis I order that all my debts which shall be due by me att 
the time of my death be paid out of the first and readiest of my 
estate Next I leave and bequeath to my dearest spouse besides 
and above the benefit of our Martrimoniall Contract two hundred 
and fiftie pounds sterling at her own disposal! provided she dye 
my widow and the annual Rent and Interest of said mony dureing 
her viddowhood and no longer and if she marry or dye Intestate 
I leave and bequeath the said two hundred and fiftie pounds 
equally amongst the children begotten or to be begotten betwixt 
us and also I bequeath to my daughter Jean Two hundred and 
ffiftie pounds sterling two thirds to be paid att her marriage vith 
her mothers or my exers in trust their consent and one third at 
her mother's death and if I have another child male or femalle 
before or after my death I leave and bequeath the like portion of 
Two hundred and Fiftie pounds sterling to be paid in like manner 
to the said child Alsoe I leave and bequeath to James Byres my 
nephew and apprintice two hundred pounds two thirds of it at ye 
Expiration of his apprintiship one third att my wiffes death. Alsoe 
I leave to Robert Souper my nephew fiiftie pounds sterling to be 
p'' at my death and the like summ of Fiftie pounds ster to George 
Sandilands my brother in law whom I appoint my trustie for 
settling my affairs in Ireland and sending my family and remitting 
all my effects to my Exers Trusties in Scotland hereafter named I 
likewise leave the said Geo Sandilands Sixty pounds per annum occa- 
sioned by my business for his personall charges and trouble in ending 
my business in Irland besides the necessary occasioned by my busi- 
ness untill my Trusties in Scotland discharge his further attendance 
leaving my said Trusties full power to discharge him and appoynt 
another at their pleasure ; and as to all my other debts and credits 


Goods and Estate reall and personall in Kingdome of Great Brittain 
and Ireland or elsewhere I leave and devise the same to James Byres 
my onely sone and failling him to any other sone that I may have 
afterwards, failling which to be equally divided amongst my 
daughters if I have more than one at the time of my death and if 
but "one to her and failing issue of my own body instead of the 
Fiftie pounds forementioned I leave one hundred pounds to the 
said George Sandilands fiftie pounds to his brother William Sandi- 
lands, one hundred pounds to my nephew Robert Souper and 
Fiftie pounds to every childe sone or daughter that either of my 
sisters viz' Jean wiffe to ^Villiam Souper of Aberdeen and Isabel 
wife of Robert Gordon of Burdeaux merchant now have or shall 
have to be paid att their marriage with their parents' consent or at 
their comeing to the age of Twenty one years and- all the Rest of 
my Estate Reall and Personall I leave to the said James Byres 
my nephew. Item I appoint James Moire Esq- of Stonywood, 
M' Alev Thomson Town Clerk of Aberdeen, Patrick Sandi- 
lands younger of Cotton, and the said William Souper to be my 
executors in Trust to see my effects setled for the foresaid uses 
and leave them or any two of them full power to mannage all my 
affairs untill my children or other air come to age and to give 
them what part of what I now leave and bequeath they shall 
think f^tt before they come to age. I order the necessary charges 
alliment and education of my younger children to be born and 
pd out of my eldest sones legacye desireing I may be decently and 
frugally enterred, and I hereby revoke and make void all other 
and former wills by me made and publish this my last will and 
testament As witness my hand and seall this Sixth day of May 
One thousand seven hundred and twelve. 

Signed sealed and published in presence of us the words " and 
Irland " and the word divided being f^rst interlined. 

(Sig^') Robert Byres. 

(Sig<i) Patrick Mitchell. George Sandry. 
Walt"' Robertson. 




















Pd To what I payed the Lady Arnbath - - 109 16 

Pd To what I payed John Thain by Stoniwood's 

order ... - - 

Pd To Alex"' Invine of Safoch as p receipt - 

Pd To Charles Stuart in Cullen - 

Pd To John Forbes of Balflig 

Pd To Culwhick by Stoniwood's order 

Pd To George Keith as p his bill - 

Pd To the Lady Arnbath - - - - 

Pd To Mr. Archibald Dumbar as p bill 

Pd To Patrick Gellie as p his dicharge 

Pd To Balie Catanach as p bond & interest and 

expences - - - . - 635 6 o 

Pd To the Litsters hoypital prinp. and interest till 

^^^litsunday 1720 being 2^ years 

Pd To M"' Patrick Coupland Minister of Tuch 

Pd To M-- George Keith - 

Pd To William Simson 

Pd To John Innes Colquhich 

Pd To M'' James Chalmers Minister at Dyke 

Pd To Alex' Watson 

Pd To James Udny 

Pd M"' Alex'' Thomson p bond 

Pd To Alex'' Thomson p two bills - 

Pd To Stoniwood & Licklyhead of rent - 

Pd To Patrick Byres 

To Ditto .... 

Pd To Alex' Leslie in Kintore 

12353 10 10 

Summa is Twelve thousand three hundred fifty three pounds 
sixteen shillings ten pennies Scots money qh shall be allowed for 
part of the paymt of the lands of Tonley by Alex'' Hay. 

Abdn 25 June 1720. 

- 225 

- 540 

- 800 

- 192 

- 25 

- 575 

- 80 

- 182 

- 240 

- IOI2 


= 62 


- 2723 



- 2200 

- 450 

1 69 

Transferred from the preceding page - 
It. to Portlethen per Aranbaths bond 
Item to Misstress Thomson in Old Aberdeen 
Item to Stonnywood 

Item to the Relict of the Minister of Tuch - 
Item to Rothney - - - - 

Item to Alex'' Thomson 
Item to the Lady Ardinbath 
Item payed to AVilliam Souper 
Item for registratione of the renonciatione - 
Item to the Minister of Mortleth - 
Item to Mf George Keith - 

Summa is - - - 

Price of the lands 

Ballance to be payed by Stonnywood 




- 473 


- 375 

- 1,846 



- 266 







- 266 








- 800 








^29 9 

The above is in full and compleit payment and satisfactione of 
the price of the lands of Tonley and others disponed by Alex"' 
Hay of Ardinbath and Clinshaw Aberdeen To Patrick Byres only 
son and child to the deceased Robert Byres merchant in Dublin 
In witness whereof the said Alex' Hay has subscribed these pre- 
sents at Aberdeen the twenty seventh day of June One thousand 
seven hundred and twenty years before these witnesses Walter 
Hay of Lickleyhead and Alex"' Thomson writter in old Aberdeen 
writter hereof 

Alex'' Hay. 

COPIED from ORIGINAL LETTERS bound into the Stoney- 
wood MS., in the possession of W. F. Skene, W.S., whose 
father compiled it. No. 158. (Marked "from Cap' 

I.— Letter, Patrick Byres, of Tonley, dated from Duffus, to Coll" 
James Moir, of Stoneywood, att Findhorn, 1746, 18 March. 

" Df Sir, — Before I coud dispatch the Carts and the Horses 
into Elgin Mr Moir arrived here, and told me you was march^ w' a 


part of the Battalion for findhorn, and proposed that I should 
meet you on the West road from Elgin. As its impossible for me 
to bring the men to findhorn to-night, having sent them into Elgin 
w' the carts, I thought proper to send the bearer to know if I 
should join you to-morrow there, or continue the party at Gordon- 
ston till furder orders. If I be to join you at ffindhorn you'll 
please ca^\^ (caused) Raeburn goe directly from you to Elgin, 
and cause the Lieutennatt or Ensign bring them up there, and 
then come to me here, but if the party be to be continued at 
Gordonstin he may come straight here, and I shall bring them 
out here. I ever. Yrs &<^ 

(Signed) " Pat>= Bvres.^" 

11. — Letter, No. 164. — From last, addressed A. Mons. Monsieur 
Jacques Jameson (Stoneywood's assumed name, and a ready 
description of his parentage, James, son of James), Nego- 
ciant, a Gottenburgh, dans la Suede, dated Paris 18 May 1747. 

" Sir, — Some days ago I received yours of the iS'i" ultimo O.S. 
Since my last to you the prince is returned from M — d, and lives 
at present in a village called Pessy, about a league from here. In 
consequence of yours I went there, and communicate yours to 
Sir Jo. Graham, who told me what I knew very well before, viz., 
that though the Court of France had approved of the list you and 
I were in, and had ordered the pay< y^of, and altho' on the faith 
of that M"' Waters had advanced above 4000 Livres, yet as the 
demands for the campagne had been, and still continued very 
pressing, the Intendent of the ffinances had not as yet pay^ in 
any part of the money ordered by that list of M' Waters, and that 
till it was pass"' he would advance no more, but that he had 

writt to the Minister the ver)- day I spoke to him, and that 

he Expected the money would be very soon pay^ in to Waters. 
That how soon that happened, he'd let me know, and I should 
have ane order for yours and y bro}T's. As I know very well that 
every word of the above was true I could say nothing in return ; 
only I told him that as I had writt you in Consequence of his own 
desire, I wishi^ he'' give me ane order on Waters. He said he 
would willingly, but he was sure Waters would not pay it (having 
refused severalls before) till he was reimburs'd of his advance, 
which could not be long. I likewise ment'' you and Charlie to 
the Prince at dinner, who expressed his satisfaction of your being 


safe, and seem'd very well pleased when I told him that you'd be 
in Scotland among the first of his friends. When that will be God 
knows, tho' we hope here it won't be long. Please make my 
compliments to Messrs. Scot and Carnegie, and tell them they ere 
in the same list with us, and will draw looo Livres each when the 
money is payd, being insert as Captains. Sir James Stewart and 
his family have been at S' Seden since November last, S"" James 
Leslie is w' the army in Flanders, Lochell is and has been here 
since the p"" (Prince) arrived. I beg you'll make my compliments 
in every particular way to M"" Baxter, and tell him when he goes 
home I hope he'll be so good as lett my wife and the rest of my 
friends know I am well, for tho' I have writt severall times, yett as 
the communication to Holland is now stop', I doubt very much 
if we can e.\pect to hear from Britt. by that way, and let me know 
if you think it more praciticable y way. As to business, there is 
scarce any possibility of success here ; the war has ruined that at 
present. So that the army is the only rescource at present which I 
am not as yet determined to follow. Shall be glad to know what 
scheme youre on, and how you propose to prosecute it. Severall 
British letters insist positively that there is to be a second bill of 
attainder. The F. are carrying all before them in Dutch Flanders : 
they have taken Sluice, Sas de Grand, fort Phillyspinee and Hulst, 
but have lost a considerable number of men before Hulst, the 
dutch having defended it better than their o'yr towns since the 
Election of a Stadhoulder. AVe expect daily the news of a generall 
action in flanders, which is thought unavoidable, and if the Allies 
be beat Its hard to foresee what may be the consequence. The 
D — ke has left this some time ago privately and where's he gone 
is a secret, remember me to young Gask, and to honest Generall 
Gordon. We drink all your healths often. LA Lewis is on this 
this side the water, S"' Will Gordon is here, and is L. Coll. to 
Ld Ogil.— I am. Sir, Y-^ Most Humbl^ Servent, 

(Sig-i) " Pat. Byres. 
" P.S. — When I write to Scotland I sign Pat Robertson, but 
there's no danger twixt this and you I sign my own name." 

HL — Letter, No. 189. — From last to same, dated Paris, i: 
Aprile 1747 N.S. 

" Sir, — I received yours of the 7''' ulto. — I suppose old style- 


some days ago, though I have reasons enough to excuse my 
dedining any correspondence w' you, after the usage I very un- 
deservedly met w' from you, whereof, though you make no men- 
tion, I make no doubt of youre being sensible, yet, as it was 
always my principall that of the two I'd rather any man were in 
the wTong to me than I to him, I therefor thought it incumbent 
on me to acquaint you of some facts which concern you. You 
must know then that after being some time here, on hearing that 
your Brother and you were arrived at Gotheburg, as there was a 
list'of the prince's friends making up, in order to be given in to the 
Court of france, I waited on Sir Jo. Graham, who does business here 
for the Duke of York, and told him that your Broy'' and you were 
arrived in Sweden, and desired that he would put you in the List, 
which he was making up of the prince's friends. He ask'd what 
Quality you had serv'd in. I told him you as Coll. and your 
broy as Cap' of Lord L. Gordon's first Batt. He said he would 
insert you as L' Coll. and your Broy^ as Cap', seeing he knew 
that you had acted as such, L,^ Lewis having been Coll. himself, 
which was accordingly done ; and now the Court of ffrance have 
issued the money for the payment of that List, so that there's 
1500 li\Tes for you and 1000 for Charlie, which you and he may 
send orders to any one of your friends here to wait on Sir Jo. 
Graham, who will give any one so Impower'd ane order on M' 
Waters, the Banq"^, for each of these sums. You'" need also, I 
believe, send at same time y'' recepts to M^ Waters for his ex- 
oneration in case you propose to draw the money, and directions 
What way to apply or remitt it after M' Waters pays it. I believe 
the Court of france may be prevail'd on to make some more 
pay'^ in the same way to such of the prince's friends as are not as 
yett oyrwise provided for, though I doubt much of their being 
continue<i. I have writt to Scotland to let Charlie know of this, 
in case he should be still there. I am heartily Concern'd I do 
assure you for thi loss you have suffered in your family by the 
death of your two sons. If Charlie come to Sweden I'm still of 
opinion that he could do better here than anywhere else. How- 
ever, as his best judge of that is himself, I only hint it that he 
may have it in his eye. M' Ogilvie, of Inshewan, who is just now 
w' me, desires to be remembered to you. — I am, Sir, Your Most 
Humble Servant, 

(Sig'') "Pat. Byres. 
" P.S. — I desire that Charlie may write me how soon he arrives 


in Sweden, and if you write to Scotland that you'd fall on some 
way to cause him Write me from there if he has not yett left the 

IV. Letter, No. 190 — Patrick Byres to James Moir, Paris, 
i^t August 1747. 

" Sir, — At last, after being obliged to be severall times at the 
trouble to go and come to the prince's Quarters at S^ Toin, which 
is 2 leagues from here, I Got an order from S'^ Jo. Graham on 
My Waters for 1500 livres for you, and enoyr for 1000 for 
Charlie, and on giving my recept on the back of them M'' Waters 
has payd me the money, which is now in my custody. I was 
obliged to leave your orders wt Sir Jo. as a voucher to him before 
he'd Give me a precept on M'' Waters, so on recept of this, youll 
send me a recept for the 1500 Livres, as mine lyes w' M"' Waters, 
and in the meantime I shall endeavour to gett a Bill for said sum 
on Holland payable to Mr Crawford, tho' I could wish to hear 
from you first, as possibly you may have altered your intention, 
it has cost me about five and twenty or thirty livres in Coach 
hire, &c., solliciting for you, which I suppose you will not grudge. 
We have had here Copies of ane act of the British pari' which 
they pretend to dignifie w' the title of a Bill of Indemnity, 
tho' in my opinion, it ought rather to be call'd a 2^ Bill of 
Attaindre. There are in it 85 Gentlemen Excepted, besides those 
already attainted, of wh number y"' unkle, you, and I are three. 
Besides these 85 Excepted by name, all abroad, all in foreign 
service, all transported, and all any manner of way concerned in 
the late rebellion are excepted in one Generall Clause, so that one 
or oyr. Everybody is Included ; tho' as to those not Excepted by 
name, in my opinion I think they may w'out any danger go home 
— and I was resolved to have done so myself had I not been 
Excepted. I had a letter from Robie Sandilands two or three posts 
ago, to which I wrote him ane answer the 23'^ ult° w' my thoughts 
anent what he should do, which I see no reasons hitherto to alter. 
Please remember me to him, and tell him that I have gott him 
mark'd down as a Cap' in a list they are just now making up 
to be given in to the Court, but when it will be given in or 
when pay'd is very uncertain. Had he write a post sooner he 
had been in a list just now given in, and which will, I believe, be 
soon pay'd. He wTote me your Lady was come over, I hope she 


is well ; please remember me to her. The only news here are 
that the french have been sadly defeat in Italy, and have lost yor 
8000 men and a number of Generall offr^ ; out of 28 Batt" there 
are 27 Collonels slain along with the Chev''' de Belisle who com- 
manded that Corps, and is said the Marschall de Belisle and the 
whole army have retired to the frontiers of provence, which if 
true, is a very great check. Glenbuckett arrived here two or 
three Days ago w' M"' Menzies. In order to save postage I have 
writt Charlie on this. Having nothing further to add. — I am, Sir, 
Your Most Humble servant, 

(Sig<i) "Pat. Byres." 

V. Letter, No. 191 — Patrick Byres to Mr Charles Moir. 

" Paris, 1st August 1747. 
" Dear Charlie, — I had your's from Gotthburgh, and was glad 
to you had got safe. I have gott your 1000 livres, and 

shall remitt or employ it as you order ; in my opinion you should 
come here, as your passage to Holland would cost you nothing. 
Tarriebreecks you know pay' no freight, and when in Holland 
you should gett your self made Burger at Rotf^"", and then pro- 
ceed to Ostend, Dunkerque, or any oyr place of that kind, and 
buy a prize which you know you can do pretty easy, and so youll 
be just in your old way again, and might be usefuU to y friends. 
Your being made burger at Rott'^™ will cost you but a triffle of 15 
or 2of, or if you please you may gett your self made a Burger of 
Gottenburgh, which I beheve would be better, and then you 
could sail your vessell as a Swedish ship, for in all probebility the 
Dutch will soon be in war w' the french. This is my scheme, 
but if you have any better of your own you know Counsel's not 
Command. When you write me how to order your 1000 li\Tes, 
send on a recept along because mine lyes for it. I heard lately 
from y'^ aunt all is well at home, and she writes me that you had 
left Scotland sometime ago. Make my compliments to all friends, 
and I ever am. Dear Charlie, Yours Most affectionatly, 

(Sigd) "While Pat. Bvres." 
To M'- Charles Moir. 


DUEL between John Leith of Leith-hall and James 
Abernethy of Mayen, 1763. 
" Archibald Campbell's House," stood on the site now occupied 
by the premises of the North of Scotland Banking Company, and 
was a well-known place of festive entertainment in the City of 
Bon-Accord a hundred years ago. It was in that house, sub- 
sequently known as " The New Inn," about or soon after midnight 
of 21=' December 1763 — at which season, in consequence of the 
20'' December being held, in that part of Scotland, as one of the 
half-yearly money terms, many gentlemen from the country dis- 
tricts visit Aberdeen — that, in the progress of a convivial meeting, 
a quarrel arose between John Leith of Leith-hall and James Aber- 
nethy of Mayen in Devronside ; which, from its fatal termination, 
attracted at the time considerable public attention, and was comme- 
morated in a ballad still remembered in some parts of the country. 
The origin of the dispute seems to have been forgotten, but the 
party then assembled had evidently entertained no apprehension 
of its terminating disastrously, as on the two disputants leaving 
the room the only remark which seemed to have been made was 
by one of the gentlemen still remaining in the ajjartment, who 
casually observed that " Leith would take care to keep out of 
harm's way." In a short time, the sound of firearms out of doors 
having been heard, the portion of the company that had remained 
at table rushed out to ascertain the cause, when Leith-hall was 
found lying on the plain-stanes, nearly opposite to Archibald 
Campbell's house, wounded (and, as it soon proved, mortally), by 
a pistol bullet in his forehead. The unhappy gentleman died on 
the third day thereafter. His adversary, reported to have been 
slightly wounded on the thigh, evaded justice by immediate flight 
to the Continent. It is said that one of the balls fired on the 
occasion was to be seen for many years sticking in a neighbouring 
lamp post. — (The Book of Bon-Accord, 1839, p. 156.) 

In reference to that occurrence, the Editor of the Black 
Kalendar of Aberdeen (Edition 1840, p. 77), observes: — "It has 
been stated, though we do not place unhesitating reliance on the 
story, that the quarrel between Leith-hall and Mayen might have 
been settled but for the interference of Patrick Byres of Tonley, 
who urged Mayen to the deed, and even loaded his pistol. It is 


certain that he left the country along with Mayen." Mr Aber- 
nethy was indicted to stand trial at the Circuit Court of Justiciary, 
held at Aberdeen in May 1764, before Lord Auchinleck. In the 
Scots Magazine for 1764, it is recorded that, "At Aberdeen, 
James Abernethy of Mayen, Esq., was outlawed, for not appear- 
ing to stand trial on an indictment for the murder of John Leith 
of Leith-hall, Esq." 

Memoir of " The late D' James Moir of Aberdeen gives a different account 

^>t™% y?""S. of the nature of his grandfather's (Patrick Byres) interference on 

kte A. John- the occasion referred to. The Doctor relates that it is true that 

ston, W.S. Tonley was of the party whereat the dispute happened between 

Leith-hall and Mayen ; and that Patrick Byres followed them 

when they left Archibald Campbell's house, but that before M' 

Byres had reached the plain stanes, Leith-hall had been wounded, 

after which Mr Byres procured horses for his wife's nephew in 

order to enable the latter to escape from the town." 

From a verse of a local ballad commemorating this sad event, it 
is evident that the feeling in the country at the time was against 

" The brave Leith-hall went down the stair, 
Not knowing what to do, 
The cruel men they followed him, 
And shot him through the broo" (brow). 

LETTER. — Ja'^ Montgomerie, Elgin, to Alex" Dunbar, Esq., 
Student of Law, Edinburgh. 

8. Feiy. 1764. 

" Sir, — At the desire of your friend the old Lady, I trouble you 
with the enclosed to which please to be refer'd as M'' Riddoch is 
a very dilitary sort of man. She not only insists for your own good 
offices but that you will likewise be a spur to him, who can inform 
you fully of the affair. The Laird takes a particular concern in 
this, of which he desired you might be acquainted, and that he 
will expect a proper account of your Progress, &c. (S:c. 

Nothing new in this corner, Mayen and Leithhall's story has 
occasioned much speculation of late, the Laird (Archibald Dunbar 
of Thunderton), invariably expenses Mayen's side, and swears 


that in the first place Mayen is a gentleman, secondly a Brave 
man, and lastly that their Grandmothers were sisters (see p. 82). 
Consequently quite incapable of doing anything base. 

(Sign'') " Ja^ MONTGOMERIE." 

EXTRACT LETTER.— John Leslie, King's Coll., Aberdeen, 
to Archibald Dunbar, Esqr= of Thunderton, at Duffus. 

glh Fehy. 1764. 

" Your son tells me you are anxious to have some account of 
Leithhall's death. 

"There is such a variety of contradictory stories about that affair, 
that one does not know what to write. It is not generally agreed 
that M'^ Byres is perfectly innocent, and it is said that all Leith- 
hall's friends except Blackhall, are willing to drop the prosecution 
against him. 

" It is likewise said that great interest will be used for a pardon to 
Mayen, in case it shall appear to have been a duel." 

LETTER from Pat. Duff, Elgin, to Archibald Dunbar, 
Esqre., of Newton. 

27. Deer. 1763. 
" Sir, — I dont wonder that you and every gentleman feels for 
the family of the unhappy gentleman at Aberdeen. The way it 
rose I hear is, that they and some others had been drinking all 
night. That Leithhall, Mayen, and Byres, about four in the 
morning came to the Street in a ffriendly way. Leithhall having 
ordered his servt. to put on a fire to him in his room, and for 
ought yet known here suspected no Damage. Mayen to resent an 
old quarrel, privatly desired his ser' to go for his pistols, they were 
accordingly brought, whether any information was given to Leith- 
hall I have not yet learned, but so it is he was shot as in my last. 
His Ser' heard the report and being alarmed thereby run to the 
Street found his master lying and this Byres by him. He appre- 
hended Byre, and while he held him Byre called on Mayen to re- 
turn and shoot the ser' with his oy'' pistol as he had done nis 
master, the ser' cried out for help and Byres was kecpt. Mayen 
broke open the stable door, took out his horse and rode of without 
obots or Big Coat. Poor Leithhall ffevered Saturday and died on 


Sunday morning. This came last night or this morning p"' express. 
His Lady on her arrival was not permitted to speak to him being 
then speechless. I am going throw your processes, but to write 
of them sensibly will take sometime. — I am, Sir, your obed' 

(Sig<^) " Pat. Duff." 

EXTRACT LETTER.— Arch" Dunbar, Duffus, to Alex-' 
Dunbar, Esq., Edinbro'. 

29. Feby. 1764. 

" It is long since I might have written you anent your unlucky 
friend at Abe" whom I Dare say you are sorry for. But as the only 

gentleman of that Detestable Company (who had Courage or 
Humanity to go to the Street with the unhappy combatants) was 
M'' Byres, and he being kept in custody, and examined with 
others before your Criminal Court, ... to say nothing till that 
was over, of which at this date I have not heard the issue. \Vhere- 
for let me know how the matter now stands. For if it shall 
appear that the other proud man Got but Fair Play, such as one 
Gentleman could expect from another, I shall have little doubt 
but that the Living man will come off by the interposition of 

EXTRACT LETTER.— A. D. (Alex" Dunbar), to Archi> 
Dunbar, Esq"" of Thunderton. 

Dated from Elgin, Thursday Night. 

" I examin'd him (M' Sheriff), about Mayen and Leithhall, he 
says Leithhall gave the Lye, and Mayen gave a challange. Leith- 
hall said he had no pistels. Mayen call'd for his Pistols and offer 
Leithhall one of them which he excepted of, they satt a good 
while after that, and the Pistols befor them on the Table, at last 
Leithhall went out and left his pistel, Mayen follow'd after, and 
caried both the pistols with him, then Byres went out, he says 
Byres is using all his intirst to have a Tryal immeadiately. and 
no Body can know the real Truth of the thing but him, he also says 
that they prevaricat as much about it at Aberdeen, as the doe 
here, but that most people is of opinion that Mayen gave Leith- 
hall fair-play for his life, its tak'd that Stoneywood has sent Mayen 
to Gotenburgh." 



I. John Smyth, so the surname is uniformly spelt in the 
Registers at this period, merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, married 
Agnes Purves. 

I. Sir John. 

1. Geils or Egidia, married Sir William Gray of Pittendrum, 

see p. III. 

2. Agnes, who married, first, 1617-1618, John Byres, I. of 

Coates, see p. 107, and secondly, the Rev^ James Reid, 
Minister of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh — 1630 to June 1634, 
when he died. (His father was John Reid, merchant- 
burgess of Edinburgh). Issue — 
I. William Reid, bap. 30. Jany. 1632, see p. in. 

1. Agnes Reid. 

2. Margaret Reid. 

3. perhaps another daughter, married to John Johnston, 

merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, who may have been the 
descendant of Johnston of Coates, p. loi. 

II. Sir John Smyth, of Grotthill, and King's Cramond, county 
Edinburgh, was Provost of the capital of Scotland, and many 
years its Member of Parliament. 

Arms of Sir John. Azure a saltire couped, between three 
flames of fire, a bordure, or. 

Thus, in a Funeral Escutcheon, but for his sister Giles Smith, 
wife of Sir William Gray, of Pittendrum, there are four flames 
instead of three, and the bordure is argent. Sir John Smyth Scottish 
represented Edinburgh in Parliament 1638 to 1663. His arms yT^jj 
are also to be seen cut in stone on the house of Sir William Gray, p. 373.'' 
of Pittendrum, ancestor of the Lords Gray, who married his sister 
Egidia Smyth. 


Compiled from a Genealogy written about 1770. 

" Justi ut sidera fulgent" (The righteous shine as the stars). 

The surname of Sandilands is one of the most ancient in 
Scotland, and was assumed by the proprietors of the Barony of 
Sandilands, in the county of Lanark, as early as the reign of King 
Malcolm Canmore, who ascended the throne in the year 1057, 
about which period surnames at first became hereditary in this 
country. The chiefs of this name were the Barons of Sandilands 
in the county of Lanark, who afterwards became Barons of Calder, 
in the county of Edinburgh, and are now represented by the 
Lord Torphichen, whose descent is deduced from the royal family 
of Scotland, by the marriage of his ancestor. Sir James Sandilands, 
of Calder, Knight, with the Princess Jean, fifth daughter of 
Robert the Second. 

The family of Craibstone and Cotton descend from 

I. James Sandilands, who settled in Aberdeenshire about the 
year 1606 (a descendant of the Barons of Middlerig, in the 
county of Lanark, and of Bold, in the county of Peebles, who 
were very ancient cadets of the Barons of Sandilands, and were 
possessed of the lands above mentioned as early as the reign of 
King Malcolm the Fourth, who succeeded to the crown in 1153, 
from whom they were granted by charter to be held of the king), 
bought the lands of Craibstone, in Newhills parish. He was 
Doctor of Law, an Advocate before the Court of Session, and 
Commissary of Aberdeen. Besides other important offices which 
he held, he was for many years Clerk to the General Assemblies 
of the Church of Scotland, and appears to have been the first who 
was deprived of office for adhering to the measures of his sovereign 
King Charles I. James Sandilands m'* 1606 Catherine eldest 
dau. of Thomas Paterson, of Granton, in the Merse, merchant, of 
Edinburgh, by his wife Christian Nicolson, "of the family of 
Carnock, by whom he had four sons and two daughters, — the eldest 
son Thomas Sandilands, of Craibstone, nT* Margaret Gumming of 
Culter, on Deeside, and continued the family" of Craibstone. 
The 2d son. 


II. James Sandilands (born 1610, died 1650) — "a person of 
great worth, learning, and eloquence " — I, of Cotton, near Aber- 
deen. M<i 1640 Marjory, dau. of Bailie Alexander Burnett, 
of Countesswells (2<^ son to Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart., of Leys), 
merchant in Aberdeen. He was first Regent and thereafter 
Civilist of the King's College, and Town Clerk of Aberdeen ; and 
when King Charles II. was at Aberdeen, he received His Majesty 
with the magistrates, and upon his delivering to the King the keys 
of the town, he made a remarkable speech in Latin. The King 
took such notice of him on this occasion that on his Restoration 
he sent him a letter appointing him one of the Lords of Session, 
but he (unhappily) died a few days before the letter arrived. Issue, 
three sons and two daughters. 

1. Patrick, his heir. 

2. James, of Countesswells, Provost of Aberdeen. M^ first a 

dau. of the family of Arbuthnott, widow of a younger 
brother of Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart., of Leys, and a^i'y 
Ann, dau. of John Udny, of Newhills, and had issue.' 

3. Robert, rector of Spine, in Berkshire, died without issue. 

1. Jean, m'^ John Moir, of Kermuck, afterwards of Stoney- 

wood. See that family, p. 72. 

2. Rachel, m<^ John Gordon, younger, of Fechill (" of the 

family of Straloch "), in the parish of Ellon, Aberdeenshire, 

and had issue one son and three daughters. 

I. Katherine Gordon (the youngest), m^ Bailie John Burnett, 

merchant in Aberdeen (commonly called " Bonnie 

John"), by whom with a dau., Margery Burnett, m<^ to 

Patrick Turnbull, merchant, Aberdeen (a brother of 

Strathcathro in Angus), and had issue. She had an 

only son. 

I. James Burnett, merchant in Aberdeen, who m'^ Isobel, 

dau. of John Black, merchant, of Bordeaux, by 

his wife, a dau. of Robert Gordon, of Hallhead, 

and of his wife, Isabel, 2<^ dau. of James Byres, of 

Aberdeen, merchant (see p. 118). Mrs. Isobel 

Black or Burnett was sister of Joseph Black, 

1 James Sandilands, of Countesswells, had by his 2d wife, Ann Udny, of 
Newhills, a dau., Martha Sandilands, md George Gordon, of Shillagreen (see 
p. 30), without issue. 

M.D., the celebrated chemist. They had a 
numerous family, of which one son was Lieut.- 
Col. Joseph Burnett, of Gadgirth, in Ayrshire, 
getting that estate through marrying Margaret 
Steele the heiress thereof, whose eldest dau., 
Margaret Burnett, became, in 1834, the 2^ wife 
of her cousin-german. Gen. Byres, III. of Tonley 
(see p. 130), while a dau., Margaret Burnett, 
m^ 1770 Robert Byres, of Memil, &c. (see 
p. 118), and their son. Gen. Patrick Byres, 
m<i his cousin as above. 


Lyon Reg., I. John Burnett, of Daladies, descended of Leys (Kincardine- 
1672-78. shire), bears argent, 'three holly leaves, in chief vert, and a hunt- 

ing horn in base sable, garnished gules, within a bordure counter 
componed of the second and first. M'' Agnes, dau. of Turn- 
bull, of Strathcathro, his son, 

II. John Burnett (" Bonnie John "), bailie and merchant of 
Aberdeen. M^ i^' a dau. of Baton, of Grandholme, their eld. 
son, John Burnett, b. 1704, also of Aberdeen, merchant, who 
m^ Theodosia Stuart, of Dens, from them the Burnett-Stuarts, of 
Dens and Crichie, are descended. John Burnett m<* 2<'i>' Katherine 
Gordon, of Fechill, as before stated, and had a son, 

Ibid., III. James Burnett, merchant in Aberdeen. M'" Isobel Black 

1672-8. ^ggg former page), and had a large family, of which one son was 

Col. Joseph Burnett, of Gadgirth, and a dau., Margaret Burnett, 
m"^ 1770 Robert Byres, of Kincragie and Memel — see p. n8. 
M"' James Sandilands, of Craibstone, bears i and 4 argent, a bend 
counter-embattled, azure, 2 and 3 argent, a heart gules, on a 
chief azure, three mulletts of the first. 

Crest, a star issuing out of a crescent ; motto, as given. 

III. Patrick Sandilands II., of Cotton. M^ i*' Margaret, dau. 


of William Ord, of Cairnbee, in Fifeshire, by his wife, a dau. 
of Grahame of Fintray, by whom he had three sons and three 
daughters, viz. : — 

1. Patrick, Sheriff of Aberdeen. M^ Barbara, dau. of William 

Cumine, of Pittulie (ancestor of Cumine of Rattray), in 
Aberdeenshire, and left no issue. 

2. William, served in the navy. Died without issue. 

3. George, III. of Cotton. Sold his family property, and set- 

tled in France as a wine factor, at Bordeaux. Md 1721 
Susanna Palmer, an English merchant's daughter, and 
had issue. 
T. Isabell, md William Black, advocate in Edinburgh, and had 

2. Jean, m^ 1704, Robert Byres, of Dublin. See p. 120. 

3. Rachel, m<i James Dalgarno, of Aberdeen, merchant, and 

had issue. 
Patrick Sandilands m^ secondly Magdalen Boyes, widow of 
Alexander Davidson of Newton, Aberdeenshire, and had an only 

4. Margaret, m^ Thomas Paull, of Aberdeen, merchant, and 

had issue. 

James Sandilands, III. of Craibstone (son of Thomas Sandi- 
lands, II. of Craibstone, and Margaret Gumming, of Culter— see 
p. 180). M'^ for his 2'^ wife Elizabeth, dau. of John Donaldson, of 

1. John, IV. of Craibstone. M'' Jean, dau. of Sir James Gor- 

don, of Lesmoir, and had issue. 

2. Alexander, whose only child is presently, 1770, Lady Tor- 


1. Jean, m'' Sir William Johnstone, V., Bart., of that ilk, &c., 

and had issue. 

2. Anne, m'^ James Gordon, of Auchline, and had issue. 

3. Elizabeth, m^ Thomas Mossman, advocate, Aberdeen. No 



"Sub Cruce Lux" (Salvation through the Cross). 

This family, doubtless a branch of the numerous and powerful 
Clan of MacDonald, were long settled in Aberdeenshire — one 
branch owned for a time the estate of Hilton in the parish of Ellon, 
and in the " Memoranda of the family of Forbes of AVatertoune," 
printed at Aberdeen in 1857, at p. 57, John Donaldson of Hilton 
is mentioned in 1652 — see p. 78. The Donaldsons of Kinnardie, 
on Devronside, in the county of Banff, were not, so far as I know, 
of the same stock, although I think the Donaldsons of Auchmull, 
in the parish of Newhills, Aberdeenshire (who for many years 
owned that property), were. 

I. Robert Donaldson and Issobell Irvine were married on 
Tuesday, being the sixteenth day of Aprile 1695 years, by M"^ 
Andrew Burnett, Minr. of Abd. at Cults House. (This Robert Don- 
aldson was most probably son of John Donaldson and Isobel 
Leslie, whose initials are on outside, and names on fly-leaf, of 
Family Bible, ' from which most of the following dates, &c , are 
taken.) His wife Isobell Ir\-ine was a daughter of the Laird of 
Cults, a cadet of the ancient house of Drum. Robert Irvine of 
Cults was probably Mrs Donaldson's father. 

I. Robert Donaldson and Issobell Irvine of Cults, had issue — 

1. Robert, born, 21st, and bap. 26 Jany. 1696, by D"- William 

Blair. Godfathers, M-- Ro. Irvine, Cults, M^ Ro. Pater- 
son, Commissar)', Ro. Burnett of Elrick, Ro. Gordon of 
Stroloch, Ro. Bruce, Merct., Ro. Abercrombie, Merct. 
Died 23 Sepf 1734. 

2. John, born 9 June, 1697, and bap. by D' Blair. Godfathers, 

Provost Sandilands, M"' John Stewart, John Bruice, John 
Gray, Bailzie, Jo. Anderson, and died 24 May 1698, and 
was buried beside his grandfather and grandmother. 

3. James, his heir, born and bap. 24 March 1699, by D' Blair. 

' This Bible bears the names of "John Donaldson — Isobel Leslie, and 
motto, 'Sub Cruce Salus,' Anno Domini, 1694." Also, Feby. 16, 1695, 
Bethia Donaldson dyed, buried at the left syde of her Father's ston, &c. 


Godfathers James Roland, Disblair, eld'' James Milne, 
Blairtoun, James Fyffe, Merct., James Bayly, Merct., 
James Mercer, Mercht. 
4. Andrew, born 17 Feby. 1702. 

I. Issobel, born 21 Sepf and bap. 24 1700 by D^ Blair. Wit- 

nesses, Alexr-- Walker, provost, Geo. Davidson of Cairn- 
brougie, James Robertson, M-- Gilbert Leslie, Mercht^ 
Name Mothers, Issobell Forbes, ye lady Auchnegat, 
Issobell Irvin, w. to J. Robertson, Issobell Black, wife to 
B. Ro. Cuming. 

II. James Donaldson, M.D. of AuchmuU, Physician in Aber- 
deen, md at Hilton, 5'h Dec 1727, Katherine Gordon (who died 
1755), daughter of John Gordon, M.D., of Hilton, near Old Aber- 
deen, and sister of James Gordon, M.D., of Hilton, who eventually 
succeeded to the family property of Pitlurg (see Gordon of Pit- 
lurg— Burke's Landed Gentry). Another sister of the last gentle- 
man and of Mrs Donaldson, nTi Turner of Menie in the parish of 
Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire. Issue — 

1. Alexander, born 4 March 1731, his heir. 

2. Andrew, born, 23 July 1732. 

3. John, born 21 Dec" 1734. Witnesses, John Burnet Turner 

and John Rickhart, Auchnecant. Died 21 Jany. 1737, 
buried next day under his great-grandfather's stone in the 

4. James, born 13 June 1743, died 26 May 1744. 

1. Margaret, born 12 Ocf 1728. 

2. Isobel, born 10 DeC^ 1737, bap. same day by M'' Keith. 

Witnesses, Mrs Bell More and Bell M<:Kell. Died 23 
Aug' 1738. 

3. Katherine, born 7 Sept"" 1740. 

4. Isobel, born 25 April 1745. Married in 1744 Cap' John 

Byres, R.E. (see Byres of Tonley, p. 125). 
Dr James Donaldson, died 25 July 1761. 

III. Alexander Donaldson, M.D.,' of Auchmull, married 3 
Aug' 1779, Hope, daughter of John Burnet of Elrick, and widow 
of James Davidson of Midmar, both in Aberdeenshire. 

' Several of this family were Professors of Medicine in Marischall College, 
Aberdeen— 1732. James Donaldson, II. of Auchmull^i754-5S, Ale.xander 

2 A 

Dr Alexander Donaldson died 19 May 1793. 

The Lyon Register contains ten entries of arms for this name 
from 1672 onwards, all but one bearing the eagle and lymphad of 
Macdonald, and in some cases a descent from the Glencoe family 
Scottish Arms, being Stated. In 1642 a Litera Prosapife under the Great Seal 
'^' ■'°' was issued in favour of Alexander Donaldson, M.D., son of 

Walter Donaldson, Professor of Philosophy at Sedan, tracing his 
descent, through five generations, from Donald Donaldson of 
Esslemond, designed baron, and Isabella Hay his wife, of the 
noble house of Errol. 
I yon Register Donaldson of Auchmull, or, an eagle displayed with two heads 
sable, beaked, and membered, gules, surmounted of a galley, 
of the second, flagged of the third, on a dexter cauton, argent, a 
sinister hand couped gules, all within a bordure of the last. 
Crest, a passion cross, gules. Motto, "Sub Cruce Lux." The 
Donaldsons of Hilton have similar arms, but a different crest and 


Aberdeen, Alexander, 

Aberdeen, Anna, Countess of, 

Aberdeen, Bishop of (Patrick Scougal), 

Aberdeen, George, I. Earl of, . 

Aberdeen, Issobell, 

Aberdeen, John, .... 

Aberdein of Cairnbulg, 

Abernethy of Mayen, 

Abernethy, Alexander, I. of Mayen, 

Abernethy, Anne, .... 

Abernethy Arms, .... 

Abernethy, Christian, or Hay, 

Abernethy, Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Abernethy, 

Aberneth)', Elizabeth, or Innes, 

Abernethy, George, son of Alexander Abernethy, '. 

Abernethy, Isobel, or Graham, 

Abernethy, Isobel, or Shand, 

Abernethy, James, III. of Mayen, . 8 

Abernethy, James, IV. of Mayen, . 

Abernethy, Jane, or Duff, . 

Abernethy, Janet, dau. of Alexander Abernethy, I 

Abernethy, Jean, or Moir, 

Abernethy, John, II. of Mayen, 

Abernethy, William, son of Alex. Abernethy, I. of 

Adamson, Marion, or Hepburn, . 

Aedie, David, of Newark, 

Aedie, George, .... 

Aedie, Giles, or Skene, 

Aedie, Mary, or Simpson, . 

Aikenhead, David, 

Aikenhead, Elizabeth, or Byres, . 

Alexander, Eyngane, 

Alexander, Isobel, or Moir, 

Alexander, John, Burgess of Aberdeen, 

Alison, Rev. Archibald, 

Alison, Sir Archibald, 

Anderson of Candacraig, . 

Anderson of Finshaugh, 



• 69, 72 

. 28, 54 




. 82-83 

73, 82, 122 

. 83 

. 83 


, I. of Mayen, 83 

. 83 

I. of Mayen, 82 

. 83 

• 83 

S3, 123, 175-178 

. 83 

• 83 

[. of Mayen, 83 

73, 75> 82, 122 

73, 82, 83 

Mayen, . 82 


S3, 65 














Anderson, Alexander, Burgess of Aberdeen, 

Anderson, Alexander, D.D., Principal of University, 

Anderson, Alexander, Professor of Mathematics at Paris, 

Anderson, Alexander Penrose Torry, M.D. 

Anderson, Andrew Regent, 

Anderson, Christian, or Wilson, 

Anderson, David, I. of Finshaugh, . . 55- 

Anderson, David, II. of Finshaugh, 

Anderson, David, of Kingston, Jamaica, . 

Anderson, David, Professor of Divinity, . 

Anderson, David, son of David Anderson of Jamaica. 

Anderson, George, Professor of Divinity, . 

Anderson, Gilbert, 

Anderson, Janet, or Gregory, . . .56, 

Anderson, John, son of Captain John Anderson, 

Anderson, Captain John, . 

Anderson, Margaret, or Gill, 

Anderson, Margaret, or Moir, 

Anderson, Marjory, or Jamesone, 

Anderson, Mary, daughter of David Anderson of J 

Anderson, Rev. Thomas Gordon Torry, . 

Andrews, Alice Catherine, or Moir, 

Andrews, Edward, M.D., of Titchfield, . 

Angus, George, .... 

Annand, Elspet, or Moir, . 

Anrias, Clan, 

Anson, Hon. Henrietta Julia, or Brooke, . 

Arbuthnott, Catherine, or Moir, . 

Arbuthnott, Elizabeth, or Forbes, . 

Arbuthnott, John, VI. Viscount, . 

Arbuthnott, Dr. Thomas, of Montrose, 

Argyll, Bishop of (Arthur Rose), . 

Argyll, Bishop of (William Scroggie) 

Auchmuty of that Ilk, 

Auchmuty, Isobel, or Byres, 

Auchmuty, Sir John, of Gosford, . 



















56, 64 









55, 77 

Baird, Sir James Gardiner — V. 

Baronet, . 


Bannerman of Elsick, 

56, 57 


Barclay of Towie, . 


Barclay, John, 



Barclay, Margaret, or Byres, 

v., IC 

I, 103, 136, 148- 


Barclay, Margaret, or Moir, 


Barnes, John, of East Finchley, 


Barnet, Janet, or Moir, 



Bean, Colonel, 

Beauvais, Harriet, or More, 

Beidie, Janet, or Moir, 

Bennet, Francis, of Brigg, 

Bennet, Hannah, or Laurence, 

Bennet, Margaret, or Byres, 

Biars, in Normandy, 

Birs, Duncan of, . 

Birs, Robert, 

Birse, Parish of, . 

Black of Wateredgemuir, . 

Black, Alexander, m. Margaret Montgomer> 

Black, Alexander, of London, 

Black, Gilbert, Baihe, 

Black, Isobel, or Burnett, 

Black, Isobel Sarah, or Gill, 

Black, John, smyth, 

Black, John, of Bordeaux, 

Black, John, of Wateredgemuir, . 

Black, Joseph, M.D. 

Black, Margaret, or M'KaiU, 

Black, Margaret, or Moir, 

Black, Thomas, L of Wateredgemuir, 

Black, Thomas, H. of Wateredgemuir, 

Black, William, of Edinburgh, 

Blake, Alexander, . 

Blaterwick, Thomas, 

Blinschell, Janet, or Byeris, 

Boileau, Anna Phipps, or Davidson, 

Boileau, William, of Dublin, 

Bowdler, Amy, or Gordon, 

Boyd, Archibald, . 

Boyd, Robert, 

Boyes, Barbara, or More, . 

Boyes, Magdalen, or Sandilands, . 

Brannes, Agnes, . 

Brannes, John, m. Janet Moir, . 

Brannes, John, son of John Brannes and 

Brannes, Margaret, 

Breadalbane Family Pictures, . 

Brechin, Bishop of (Thomas Sydserff), 

Brodie, George, . 

Brodie, Margaret, or Hay, • 

Brooke, Sir Arthur Brinsley, of Colebrook 

Brooke, Captain Harry Vesey, 

Brooke, James Anson Otho, 

Bromfield, Agnes, or Byres, 

Brown, Bessie, 

Janet Moir, 




24. 49 










Brown, James, m. Jean Moir, 1663, . . .89 

Brown, James, m. Jean Moir, 1698, . . .92 

Brown, Janet, ...... 106 

Brown, John, . ..... 92 

Brown, Robert, . . . .106 

Bruce, James, of Inverquhomer)', . . . .23 

Bruce, Princess Jean, or Sandilands, . . .180 

Bruce, Margaret, or Mitchell, . . . .23 

Bruce, Mary Agnew, or Moir, . . . .76 

Bruce, Sir Michael, VIII. of Stenhouse, . . .76 

Bruce, Sir William, IX. of Stenhouse, . . .76 

Buckner, Mary, or Croker, . . . .119 

Bulteel of Flete, ...... 68 

Bulteel, Andrew Hume, . . . 39, 68, 69 

Bulteel, Andrew Mark, . . . . .69 

Bulteel, Anne, . . . . . .69 

Bulteel, Edward, son of Andrew Hume Bulteel, . . 69 

Bulteel, Edward, of Sligo, ..... 68 

Bulteel, Edward Josiah, . . . . .68 

Bulteel, Eleanor Mary, . . . . .69 

Bulteel, Ellen, ...... 69 

Bulteel, Emily Catherine, ..... 69 

Bulteel, Jane, ...... 69 

Bulteel, John Crocker, M.P., of Flete, ... 68 
Bulteel, Margaret, ..... 69 

Bulteel, Mar}-, ...... 69 

Bulteel, Matilda, ...... 69 

Bulteel, Samuel William, of Manchester, . . .68 

Bulteel, Sophia Matilda, or Moir, . . . . 39, 69 

Bulteel, Susan, ...... 69 

Burrell, Elizabeth, or Kincaid, . . . .165 

Burnet, Hope, or Donaldson, . . . .185 

Burnet, John, of Elrick, . . . . .185 

Burnett of Daladies, ..... 182 

Burnett of Kirkhill, ..... 88 

Burnett of Leys, ...... 88 

Burnett, Agnes, ...... 88 

Burnett, Alexander (" Polls "), . . . .88 

Burnett, Alexander, of Countesswells, . . .181 

Burnett, Alexander, I. of Kirkhill, . . .88 

Burnett, Andrew of Aberdeen, . . . .184 

Burnett, Andrew, son of Alexander Burnett ("Polls"), 88 

Burnett, David, ...... 88 

Burnett, Geils, ...... 88 

Burnett, George, ...... 88 

Burnett, James, of Aberdeen, . . 118, 124, tSi, 182 

Burnett, Jean, or Moir, ..... 92 

Burnett, John (" Bonnie John "), . . . 181, 182 


Burnett, John, of Daladies, 

Burnett, John (1673), son of Alex. Burnett ("Polls"), 

Burnett, John (1674), do. 

Burnett, John, son of " Bonnie John " Burnett, . 

Burnett, Lieut.-Col. Joseph, of Gadgirth, 

Burnett, Margaret, dau. of Alex. Burnett (" Polls ") 

Burnett, Margaret, wife of Pat. Byres, III. of Tonley, 

Burnett, Margaret, wifeofRobt. Byresof Kincraigie, viii., 1 1 

Burnett, Margaret, or Moir, 

Burnett, Margery, or Turnbull, 

Burnett, Marjorie, or Moir, 

Burnett, Marjory, or Sandiland 

Burnett, Patrick, . 

Burnett, Peter, of Elrick, 

Burnett, Robert, . 

Burnett, Thomas, 

Burnett, Sir Thomas, of Leys, 

Byeris, Alexander, 

Byeris, Christion, 

Byre, Bernard (" Ducheman "), 

Byres of Coates, . . . v., 97, 99 

Byres of Haddington, . . . . v., 97. 

Byres of Northamptonshire, 

Byres of Strathaven, 

Byres and Moir-Byres of Tonley, ii., vi., 97, 119, i: 

Byres, Adam, of Water of Leith, . 

Byres, Agnes, dau. of Alex. Byres, I. of St. Leonard's, 

Byres, Agnes, dau. of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, 

Byres, Agnes, or Charteris, 

Byres, Agnes, or Liddell, 

Byres, Agnes, or Riddell, 

Byres, Alex., I. of St. Leonard's, 108, 148, 155, 159, 16 

Byres, Alex., IL of St. Leonard's, 

Byres, AUeyne Catherine Elizabeth Moir, or Wylie, 

Byres, Andrew, of Hamilton, 

Byres, Andrew, son of Andrew Byres of Hamilton, 

Byres, Andrew, son of Robert Byres of Haddington, 

Byres, Andrew, son of Margaret Hunter, 

Byres, Anne, dau. of Ale.K. Byres, H. of St. Leonard's, 

Byres, Anne, or Anderson, 

Byres, Archibald, 

Byres, Arms of families of. 

Byres, Beatrix, .... 

Byres, Catherine, dau. of Richard Byres, miller. 

Byres, Catherine, or Hamilton, . 

Byres, Catherine, or Moir, . . . v., 32 

Byres, Elizabeth, or Kincaid, 

Byres, Elspet, dau. of James Byres of Aberdeen, 


130, 182 


130, 182 





72, 181 





13, 122 



v., 142 

32, 142 



105, 148 
. 138 
140, 152 
162, 165 


126, 130 


Byres, Geills, ..... 

Byres, Rev. George, I. of Legerwood, 

Byres, Rev. George, of St. Boswells, . . 133, 

Byres, Rev. George, son of Byres of St. Boswells, 

Byres, George, grandson of Rev. Thomas Byres, 

Byres, George, son of Sir John Byres, II. of Coates, 107, 

Byres, George, of Venice, .... 

Byres, George, son of Sir John Byres, III. of Coates, 112, 

Byres, George, son of Matthew Byres, of Edinburgh, 

Byres, George Moir, VI. of Tonley, . . .33, 

Byres, Helen, dau. of Richard Byres, miller. 

Byres, Helen, or Tarbat, .... 

Byres, Isabel, or Gordon, .... 

Byres, Isabella, or Mainwaring, .... 

Byres, Isabella, or Sandilands, . . . 126, 

Byres, Isabella, or Stewart, .... 

Byres, Isobell, dau. of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, 

Byres, Issobell, dau. of lames Byres, cordiner, . 

Byres, Issobell, dau. of William Byres of St. Cuthbert's, . 

Byres, James, cordiner, .... 141, 

Byres, James, merchant, of Aberdeen, . . vi., 109, 

Byres, James, in .'Vrdgowan, . . . .98, 

Byres, James, of Ebdie, ..... 

Byres, James, of Hamilton, . . 139, 

Byres, James, of St. Cuthbert's, ' . 

Byres, James, II. of Tonley, . . vii., 12? 

Byres, James, Lieut, ist Royals, . 

Byres, James, m. Janet Kilpatrick, 

Byres, James, servant to John Byres, I. of Coates, 

Byres, James, son of Andrew Byres of Hamilton, 

Byres, James, son of James Byres of Aberdeen, . 

Byres, James, son of Michael Byres of Hamilton, 

Byres, James, son of Michael Byres of Hamilton, 

Byres, James, son of Richard Byres, miller. 

Byres, James, son of Robert Byres of Dublin, . 121, 

Byres, James, son of Robert Byres of Kincraigie, 

Byres, James, son of Rev. Thomas Byres, 

Byres, James Gregory Moir, V. of Tonley, 

Byres, Jane, or Durno, .... 

Byres, Janet, dau. of Robert Byres of Dublin, 

Byres, j anet, dau. of Robert Byres of Kincraigie, 

Byres, Janet, or Dobie, .... 135, 

Byres, Janet, or Kirkwood, 

Byres, Janet, or Moir, . . . . v 

Byres, Janet, or Wilson, .... 

Byres, Jean, dau. of Alex. Byres, I. of St. Leonard's, 

Byres, Jean, dau. of Robert Byres of Dublin, . 121, 

Byres, Jean, granddau. of Rev. Thomas Byres, . 


1 10 


INDEX. 193 

Byres, Jean, or Souper, .... 115,116,167 
Byres, Jean Moir, ..... 132 

Byres, Captain John, R.E. . . 33, 36, 125, 147, 185 

Byres, John, an East Indian Merchant, . . .112 

Byres, John, I. of Coates, v., vi., 100-9, '35. M^, i43, i47, 148, 

161, 162, 164 
Byres, Sir John, II. of Coates, vi„ 99, 100, 107, no, iii, 112, 
154, iS5> 162, 164, 165 
Byres, John, III. of Coates, vi., 109, no, 112, 113, 144-6,148 
Byres, John, m. Elspeth Gib, . . . • J13 

Byres, John, son of Andrew Byres of Hamihon, . -139 

Byres, John (1653), son of James Byres, cordiner, . 141 

Byres, John (1655), son of James Byres, cordiner, . 141 

Byres, John, son of John Byres, East Indian Merchant, . n2 
Byres, John, son of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, 135, 137, 151 
Byres, John, son of Richard Byres, miller, . . 139 

Byres, Jonat, or Pringle, . . • • -113 

Byres, Joseph, . . . • • -134 

Byres, Margaret, dau. of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, . 136 
Byres, Margarete, dau. of Robert Byres of Dublin, 121, 146 

Byres, Margaret, or Dowglas, . . . .113 

Byres, Margaret, or Heriot, . . . 103, 151, 164 

Byres, Margaret, or Laurie, . • ■ .138 

Byres, Margaret, or Pearson, . . . -137 

Byres, Martha, or Moir, . ". . iv., 31, 126, 147 

Byres, Marie, dau. of John Byres, I. of Coates, . . 107 

Byres, Mary, dau. of Sir John Byres, III. of Coates, . 113 

Byres, Matthew, of Bellsmill, . . . .141 

Byres, Matthew, of Edinburgh, . . . 135, 148 

Byres, Matthew, of Hamilton, . . . .134 

Byres, Matthew, son of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, . 136 
Byres, Michael, of Hamilton, . . . 134,163 

Byres, Michael, son of Andrew Byres of Hamilton, . 139 

Byres, Michael, son of Michael Byres of Hamilton, 135, 163 

Byres, Patricia Byres Moir, or Brooke, . . .132 

Byres, Patrick, I. of Tonley, v., vii., 31, 73, 119, 120, 121, 122-7, 
146, 147, 169-74, 175, 176, 177, 178 
Byres, Patrick, III. of Tonley, . . viii., 125, 130, 182 

Eyres, Patrick Moir, IV. of Tonley, . . 33, 131 

Byres, Rachel, or Sydserff, . . . 104,150,151 

Byres, Richard, miller, .... 138, 148, 161 
Byres, Robert, of Dublin, vi., 112, 115, 120, 121, 146,166,167, 183 
Byres, Robert, Advocate in Edinburgh, 107, no, 148 154, 156, 

159, 165 
Byres, Robert, of Haddington, . . . -133 

Byres, Robert, of Kincraigie, . viii., ng, 124, 147, 182 

Byres, Robert, son of Rev. Thomas Byres, . . 134 

Byres, Robert, son of James Byres of Hamilton, . 139, 163 

107, io8, 156, 


Byres, Stuart Moir, 

Byres, " Mr. Thomas," M.A., 

Byres, Thomas de, .... 

Byres, Thomas, of Bellsmill, 

Byres, Rev. Thomas, of Legerwood, 

Byres, Thomas, in Scarlaw, 

Byres, Thomas, brother of James Byres in Ebdie, 

Byres, Thomas, son of Sir John Byres, II. of Coates, 

Byres, Thomas, son of Rev. Thomas Byres, 

Byres, Wilham, cordiner, .... 

Byres, William, of St. Cuthbert's, . 

Byres, William, R.N. .... 

Byres, William, servant to John Byres, I. of Coates, 

Byres, William, son of Adam Byres, 

Byres, William, son of James Byres of St. Cuthbert's, 

Byres, William, son of John Byres, I. of Coates, . 

Byres, William, son of Matthew Byres of Edinburgh, 

Byris, Geordie, in Lymkills, 

Byris, John, of Coulter Manes, 

Byris, John, in West Kirk, 

Byris, John, grandson of John Byris of Coulter Manes, 

Byris, John, son of John Byris in West Kirk, 

Byris, Thomas, in Ardgowan, 

Byris, Thomas, in Ressavit, 

Byrris, Margaret, or Gray, 

Byrris, Christen, or Wrytin, 

Byrs, George, in Montrose, 

Byrs, John, in Montrose, . 

• 132 

161, 162 

v., 98 



40, 163 


125. 147 
140, 163 

Campbeli,, Anna, . 

Campbell, Archibald, 

Campbell, Elizabeth, 

Campbell, George, 

Campbell, Issobell, 

Campbell, James, . 

Campbell, Janet, . 

Campbell, Jean, or Moir, . 

Campbell, John, son of John Campbell and Jean 

Campbell, John, m. Jean Moir, 

Campbell, Sir Colin, of Glenorchy, 

Campbell, Margaret (1668), 

Campbell, Margaret (1670), 

Campbell, Patrick, 

Campbell, Robert, 

Campbell, William, 

Cargill, Agnes, or Moir, 

Carmyshell, Alexander, 

Carmyshell, William, 

Cattanach, Margaret, or Mitchell, . 

Catto, George, in Monkshill, 

Catto, Robert, 

Chalmers, Mary, or Moir, . 

Chalmers, Dr. Patrick, 

Charteris, Agnes, . 

Charteris, Alexander, 

('harteris, Henrie, 

Charteris, Janet, 

Charteris, John, . 

Charteris, Margaret, 

Charteris, Marione, 

Charteris, Rachel, or Brown, 

Charteris, Thomas, merchant, Burgess of Edinburgl 

Charteris, Thomas (his son), 

Chartres, Catherine, or Biilteel, 

Chatres, Henry, Prof, of Divinity, . 

Chartres, Rev. John, of Currie, 

Chartres, Rev. Marcus, 

Chein, Elspet, or Moir, 

Chesser, James, 

Chesser, John, 

Chesser, Margaret, 

Chesser, William, "Fermer," 

Chesser, William, his son, . 

Clark, Janet, or Moir, 

Clark, Margaret, or Souper, 

Clarke, Edith F. Meynell or Davidson, 

Clarke, Major-General, 

Clerk, Gilbert, 

Clerk, Jean, or Moir, 

Cochran of Dumbreck, 

Cochran, Margaret, or Fordyce, 

Cochran, Marie, or Moir, . 

Cochran, Walter, of Dumbreck, . 

Cochran, Walter, Town-Clerk Depute of Aberdeen, 

Collison, Bessie, or Moir, . 

Constable, Helen, or Moir, 

Conynghame, Isabel, or Byres, . . ro8, 

Conynghame, James, 

Conynghame, Captain John, 

Cook, Elspet, or Moir, 

Coose, Janet, or Byris, 

Copland, Alexander, 

Copland, Patrick, . 







.. [06 
. 105 
05, 106 
05, 106 
05, 106 
OS, 106 

05, 106 














158, 160 





Coupper, Janet, or More, . 


Couts, Jean, .... 


Coutts, Gilbert, in Finnersies, 


Coutts, James, son of the following. 


Coutts, James, of Milnbrig, 


Coutts, John, in Meikle Finnersie, 


Cowper, Thomas, .... 


Craigheid, Christian, or Moir, 


Crane, Patrick Moir, of Crowcroft, 

V.', 36 

> 39 

Crichtoun, Sir David, of Lugtoun, . . 157 

, 158, 162, 


Croker, Edward, .... 


Croser, Elspet, or Moir, . 


Cruden, Euphemia Buchan, or Ross 


Cruickshank of Banchory, . 


Cruickshank, Margaret, or Moir, . 


Cruickshank, Rachel, 


Cruickshank, Robert, 


Cruickshank, Robert, Provost of Aberdeen, 


Cumine of Rattray, 



Cumine, Adam, I. of Rattray, 


Cumine, Barbara, or Sandilands, . 


Cumine, George, of Pittulie, 


Cumine, Margaret, or Moir, 


Cumine, William, of Auchry, 


Cumine, William, of Pittulie, 



Gumming, Margaret, or Sandilands, 



Currie, Janet, Wife of Alex. Moir, 


Currie, Janet, wife of Andrew Moir, 



Dalgarno, James, .... 


Dalladies Family, .... . i 

2.4, 182 

Dalzell, Isabell, ..... 


Dalzell, James, ..... 


Davidson, Alexander, of Newton, . 


Dewidson, David Charles, Surgeon, Indian Army, 


Davidson, Rev. George Moir, of Watten, . 


Davidson, George William, 


Davidson, Gilbert, .... 


Davidson, Isabella, .... 


Davidson, James, of Midmar, 


Davidson, James Andrew, 


Davidson, Jessie Moir, .... 


Davidson, John, of Gottenburgh, . 


Davidson, John Kerr, M.D., of Blackburn, 


Davidson, Matthew, 





















36, 184-6 

78, 184, 186 


Davidson, Patrick Moir, . 

Davidson, Patrick Moir, M.D., of Congleton, 

Davidson, Robert, 

Davidson, Sophia, or Macgrath, . 

Dempster, Harriet, of Dunnichen, 

Dempster, William Souper, 

Denny, Jessie, or Byres, . 

Denny, Lieut.-Col. 

Dewgeth, George, 

Dewgeth, Johin, . . • • 

Dobie, Barbara, . . • • 

Dobie, Isobell (1632), 

Dobie, Issobell (163S), . 

Dobie, Janet, - ■ • • 

Dobie, Rebecca, . . ■ ■ 

Dobie, Robert, son of Robert Dobie of Edinburgh 

Dobie, Robert, of Edinburgh, 

Donald, Rev. William, of Peterhead, 

Donaldson of AuchmuU, . 

Donaldson of Hilton, 

Donaldson of Kinnardie, . . 

Donaldson, Alexander, M.D., of AuchmuU, . 185,186 

Donaldson, Alex., M.D., son of Walter Donaldson, . 186 

Donaldson, Andrew, son of James Donaldson of AuchmuU, 185 

Donaldson, Andrew, son of R. Donaldson and Issobel Irvme, 184 

Donaldson, Bethia, . • ■ • ' ^If 

Donaldson, Donald, of Esslemond, . ■ .186 

Donaldson, Elizabeth, or Sandilands, . • -183 

Donaldson, Isobel, dau. of Jas. Donaldson, M.D., of AuchmuU, 185 

Donaldson, Isobel, or Byres, . . -36. i.^S. 185 

Donaldson, Issobell, dau. of R. Donaldson and Issobell Irvuie, 185 

Donaldson, James, M.D., of AuchmuU, . • 125,184,185 

Donaldson, James, son of James Donaldson of AuchmuU, 185 

Donaldson, John, of Hilton, . . • ,,^^3.184 

Donaldson, John, son of James Donaldson of AuchmuU, 185 

Donaldson, John, son of R. Donaldson and Issobell Irvme, 184 

Donaldson, Katherine, dau. of James Donaldson of AuchmuU, 185 

Donaldson, Margaret, . . 

Donaldson, Robert, m. Issobell Irvme, 

Donaldson, Robert, son of R. Donaldson and Issobell Irvme, 

Donaldson, Walter, 

Dowglas, Robert, . 

Drummond, James, of St. Ninian's Chapel, 

Drummond, Jean, . 

Drummond, Jean, or Byres, 

Drummond, Patrick, 

Drummond, Robert, 

Duff, Alexander, I. of Hatton, 


1 98 

Duff, Colonel Alexander (" Tiger Duff"), . 

Duff, Jane, or Abernethy, . 

Duff, Patrick, of Elgin, 

Duff, Captain William, of Mayen, 

Dun, Charles, Litster, 

Dun, Patrick, of Tarty, 

Dun, Dr. Patrick, Principal of Marischal College, 

Dun, Sir Patrick, Court Physician at Dublin, 

Dun, Rachell, or Moir, 

Dun, Dr. Robert, .... 

Dunbar, Alexander, of Edinburgh, 

Dunbar, Archibald, of Newton, 

Dunbar, Archibald, of Thunderton, 

Dunbar, Captain Dunbar, of Sea Park, 

Dundas, Joseph, of Carron Hall, 

Dunn of Tarty, 

Durno, Sir James, of Artrochie, 

Durno, John, of Cattle, 

Dyce, William, in Selkirk, 





76, 178 
52, 177 

77, 178 
viii., 82 



Edie, Marione, or Moir, . 


Eglintoun Family, . 


Elliot, Gilbert, . . 


Elliott, Elizabeth, or Moir, 


Ellis, Adam Gibb, 


Erskine, Alexander, of Barnes, 


Erskine, Jean, or Moir, 


Erskine, Lieut.-Col. Knight, of Pittodrie, 


Erskine, William, of Pittodrie, 


Erskine, Henry William, Knight, . 


Ewen, Elizabeth, or Grahame, 


Ewen, John, 


Farquhar, Alexander, of Glenesk, 


Farquhar, Pauline A. M., or Johnston, 


Farquharson, Charles, 


Farquharson, Patrick, of Whitehouse, 


Farquharson, William, M.D. 


Fasken, Margaret, or Mitchell, 


Fasken, William, of Fortrie, 


Ferguson, George, 


Ferguson, Janet, . 



Ferguson, Patrick, 

. 84 

Ferrier, Captain, . 


Fettes, Anna, 


Fettes, James, 


Fettes, John, 


Fettes, Margaret, . 

. ?6 

Fettes, William, . 

. 96 

Fiddes, John, 


Fields, AUeyne, or Moir-Byres, 


Fields, Thomas Houghton, of Colby, 


Findlay, Issobell, or More, 


Findlay, William, .... 


Fleming, Le, of Rhydal, . 


Fleming, Margaret, or B}res, 

139, 148 

Fleming, Robert, . ' . 

. 148 

Flower, Mrs, .... 


Forbes of Blackball, 


Forbes of Echt, .... 

• 55. 63 

Forbes of Tolquhon, 


Forbes of Waterton, 

■ 54> 55 

Forbes, Alexander, in Benwalls, . 

. 42, 44 

Forbes, Alexander, of Blacktoune, 


Forbes, Alexander, VI. of Pitsligo, 


Forbes, Christian, or Moir, 


Forbes, Hon. Elizabeth, or Gregory, 


Forbes, Elspet, or Moir, . 


Forbes, Euphemia, or Garden, 

• 30. 55 

Forbes, Mrs Helen, wife of James Forbes, M.] 

=>■ ■ -55 

Forbes, Isobel, or Mair, . 


Forbes, James, M.D., of Aberdeen, 

• 55.63 

Forbes, James, II. of Echt, 


Forbes, James, son of Rev. WiUiam Forbes anc 

i Janet Gregory, 63 

Forbes, Janet, or Moir, 

• 9. 42 

Forbes, Jean, wife of Rev. Andrew Moir, . 

. iv., 28, 54, 63 

Forbes, Jean, wife of Rev. George Moir, , 


Forbes, Jean, wife of William Moir, 

. 8s, 88 

Forbes, John, of Blackford, 

. 64, 76 

Forbes, Rev. John, of Kincardine-O'Neil, 

• 42, 44 

Forbes, Sir John, of Waterton, 

■ 28, 54, 63, 72 

Forbes, Katherine, or Dyce, 


Forbes, XHI. Lord, 


Forbes, Mary Elizabeth, or Moir, . 


Forbes, Nelly, or M'Innes, 


Forbes, Patrick, of Blackball, 

• 9. 42 

Forbes, Susan, or Johnston, 


Forbes, Thomas, of Waterton, 


Forbes, William, 1. of Echt, 

■ 30. 55 

Forbes, Sir William, IV. of Monymusk, . 


Forbes, Rev. William, of Tarves, 

Forbes, William, of Tolquhon, 

Fordyce of Broadford, 

Fordyce, Ding\vall-, of Brucklay, 

Ford)ce, Mary, or Mitchell, 

Fordyce, William, of Aquhorties, 

Forsyth, Lieutenant, of Harthill, 

Fortune, Margaret, or Byres, 

Foulis of Ravelston, 

Foulis, George, of Ravelstoun, 

Foulis, Jean, or Byres, 

Fowler, Jean, or Drummond, 

Fraser of Muchalls, 

Fraser, Alexander, IV. of Fraserfield, 

Fraser, Beatrix, or Forbes, 

Fraser, Eliza, 

Fraser, George Patrick, 

Fraser, Helen, 

Fraser, John, 

Fraser, John Foster, 

Fraser, Lady, of Muchalls, 

Fraser, Mackenzie, 

Fraser, Simon, 

Fraser, Nans, or Moir, 

FuUerton, General, of Dudwick, 

Fullerton, , or Moir, . 

Fyfe, Dr. George, . 

zS, 54, 63 


Galbraith, Rev. William, of Morebattle, . 


Garden, Alexander, .... 


Garden, Andrew, ..... 


Garden, Elizabeth, or Black, 


Garden, Francis, ..... 


Garden, George, of Montreal, 

30. 55 

Garden, James, . . . . . 


Garden, Janet, or Robertson, 


Garden, Jean, ..... 


Garden, John, of Millfield, 


Garden, ALiry, ..... 


Garden, Robert, of Grange, 


Garden, Robert, of London, 


Garden, Robert, son of Robert Garden of Grange, 


Garden, William, of London, 


Garioch, Patrick, ..... 


Garland, Mrs, ..... 


Gee, Sarah, or Rose, .... 

Gellie of Blackford, ... 

Gellie, Alexander, son of Patrick Gellie of Balgerso, 

Gellie, Alexander, of Blackford, 

Gellie, Issobell, ..... 

Gellie, James, ..... 

Gellie, Janet, or Moir, .... 

Gellie, Patrick, heir of Patrick Gellie of Balgerso, . 

Gellie, Patrick, of Balgerso, 

Gellie, Paull, 

Gellie, Robert, 

Gellie, William, . 

Gib, Elspeth, or Byres, 

Gill of Blairythan, . 

Gill of Gillsland, . 

Gill, Alexander, in Auchlyne, 

Gill, Andrew John Mitchell, of Savock, 

Gill, David, of Blairythan, .... 

Gill, David, Astronomer Royal, Cape of Good Ho] 

Gill, James Bruce, of Runnymede, Victoria, 

Gill, John, of Hal ton. 

Gill, Margaret, or Powell 

Gill, Patrick, 

Gill, Patrick Gilbert, of Monomeith, Victoria, 

Gill, Robert, in Auchlyne, . 


Gillanders, Issobell, or Moir, 

Gilmour, David, of Quebec, 

Gilmour, John, of Canada, 

Gordon of Hallhead and Esslemont. 

Gordon of Newton, 

Gordon, Alexander, 

Gordon, Sir Alexander, of Lesmoir, 

Gordon, Lady Anna, 

Gordon, Anna, or Moir 

Gordon, Anne, 

Gordon, Anne, or Wolrige-Gordon, 

Gordon, Christian, 

Gordon, George, XIV. of Hallhead, 

Gordon, George, II. of Sheelagreen, 

Gordon, George, son of Thomas Gordon, 

Gordon, Gilbert, of Gordonsmill, . 

Gordon, Helen, 

Gordon, Henry Wolrige, . 

Gordon, Isobell, dau. of Robert Gordon, XHI. of Hallhead, 

Gordon, Issobell, dau. of Captain James Gordon of Barnes, 

Gordon, James, son of Robert Gordon, XIII. of Hallhead, 

Gordon, James, of Auchline, .... 

24, 49 


24, 58 


, 118 

30, 80, 181 




Gordon, James, m. Margaret Moir, 

Gordon, Captain James, of Barnes, 

Gordon, James, M.D., of Hilton, . 

Gordon, James, of Leicheslon, 

Gordon, Sir James, of Lesmoir, 

Gordon, Janet, 

Gordon, Jean, dau. of James Gordon and Margaret Moir, 

Gordon, Jean (1695), dau. of Robt. Gordon, XIII. ofHallhead, 118 

Gordon, Jean (17 10), ditto, 

Gordon, Jean, or Forbes, . 

Gordon, Jean, or Moir, 

Ciordon, Jean, or Sandilands, 

Gordon, John, in Campvier, 

Gordon, John, of Fechill, . 

Gordon, Sir John, of Haddo, 

Gordon, John, M.D., of Hilton, . 

Gordon, Katherine, or Burnett, 

Gordon, Katherine, or Donaldson, 

Gordon, Lord Lewis, 

Gordon, Lilias, or Byres, . 

Gordon, Margaret (170 1), dau. of Capt. Jas, 

Gordon, Margaret, (1705), ditto, . 

Gordon, Margaret, or Ligertwood, 

Gordon, Margaret, or Moir, 

Gordon, Mark, of Cabertie, 

Gordon, Mary, 

Gordon, Patrick, XII. ofHallhead, 

Gordon, Robert, of Chapeltoune, . 

Gordon, Robert, XIII. of Hallhead, 

Gordon, Thomas, . 

Gordon, Dr. Thomas, of Clerkhill, 

Gordon, Sir William, 

Graham, Barron, of Morphie, 

Graham, Sir John, 

Graham, Captain William, 

Grant, Isabella, or Davidson, 

Grant, Sir John, of that Ilk, 

Grant, Lilias, or Byres, 

Grant, Marie, Marchioness of Huntly, 

Grant, Mary, or Erskine, . 

Grant, Mary, or Lumsden, of Corrachree, 

Grant, Rev. William, of Sandy, 

Gray, Agnes, 

Gray, Ale.xander, in Knapleask, 

Gray, Andrew, 

Gray, David, 

Gray, Elizabeth, or Milne, 

Gray, George, in Boghouse, 


80, 96 






. 185 

i8r, 182 

125, i8s 

74, 171, 172 

• 134 
Gordon of Barnes, 96 


• 76 


117, 181 

170, 172, 

2, 144-6 
[13, 146 


22, 66 


Gray, George, in Haddo, .... 

Gray, George, son of James Gray and Elizabeth Moir, 

Gray, Isabel, or Mitchell, . 

Gray, Issobel), or Moir, 

Gray, James, in Overhill, . 

Gray, Janet, 

Gray, Jean, 

Gray, John, m. Margaret Moir, 

Gray, John, son of Robert Gray and Agnes Moir, 

Gray, Margaret, dau. of Andrew Grey, 

Gray, Margaret, dau. of Robert Gray, 

Gray, Robert, .... 

Gray, Robert, son of Robert Gray and Agnes Moir, 

Gray, Samuel, 

Gray, William, 

Gray, Sir William, of Pittendrum, 

Gregor, Clan, 

Gregories of Aberdeenshire, 

Gregory of Frendraught, . 

Gregory of Kinnardie, 

Gregory, Alexander, of Netherdale, 

Gregory, Charles, Prof, at St. Andrews, 

Gregory, David, of Kinnairdie, 

Gregory, David, Savilian Prof, of Astronomy at Oxford, 

Gregory, Dorothea, or Alison, 

Gregory, Helen, or Thomson, 

Gregory, James, M.D., of Edinburgh, 

Gregory, James, Prof of Medicine, 

Gregory, James, Prof at Edinburgh, 

Gregory, Jas., Prof of Mathematics, 28, 54, 56, 59, 6( 

Gregory, James, Saddler, . 

Gregory, Janet, or Forbes, 

Gregory, Janet, or Thomson, 

Gregory, John, Prof of Medicine in Edinburgh, 

Gregory, Rev. John, of Drumoak, 

Gregory, Margaret, or Forbes, 

Gregory, Margaret, or Mercer, 

Gregory, William, Rector of St. Mary's, Bentham, 

Grey, Charles, Earl, 

Grey, Lady Elizabeth, or Bulteel, . 

Grierson, Jane, or Gordon, 

Groitt, John, .... 

Guild, Janet, or Anderson, 

Guild, Jean, or Anderson, 

Guild, Matthew, .... 

Guild, Dr. William, 

Gunn, John, . . . • 

2 D 




26, 27 



26, 27 




, 162 


, 179 














, 62-3, 65 


54, 63 


63. 64 

64, 76 


56, 57 



69, 70 


Guthrie of King Edward, . 
Guthrie, Christian, or Cumine, 

Hacket, Christian, or Gordon, . 


Hacket, Elizabeth, or Dunbar, 


Hacket, Isobel, or Abernethy, or Forbes, . 


Hacket, Walter, 


Hardie, Alexander, .... 


Hardie, James, ..... 


Hardie, Jean (1673), 


Hardie, Jean (1677), .... 


Hardie, John, ..... 


Harvey, Elsie, or Pine, .... 


Hay, Alexander, of Ambath, . . 82,12 

3, 168-9 

Hay, Alexander, of Rannieston, . 


Hay, Alexander, son of Alexander Hay of Rannieston, 


Hay, Charles, ..... 


Hay, Elizabeth, ..... 


Hay, Hugh, 


Hay, Isabella, or Donaldson, 


Hay, James, ..... 


Hay, Thomas, ..... 


Hay, Walter, of Lickleyhead, 


Hensleigh, Henry Pndeaux, 


Hensleigh, John Prideaux, 


Hensleigh, Mar)-, or Moir-Byres, . 


Heriot, Agnes, ..... 


Heriot, Alexander, of Edinburgh, . . 103, 151, i 

52> 164 

Heriot, Alexander (his son). 


Heriot, David, ..... 


Heriot, Elizabeth, . . . . i 

04, 151 

Heriot, George, ..... 


Heriot, George (" Jingling Geordie "). 


Heriot, Isobel, ..... 


Heriot, James, ..... 


Heriot, Margaret, ..... 


Heriot, Rachel, ..... 


Heriot, Robert, ..... 


Heriot, Thomas, ..... 


Hill, Claude John Gomes, 


Hill, Cyril Patrick, .... 


Hill, Evelyn Rebecca, .... 


Hill, Florence Maria White, 


Hill, Francis Joseph, .... 


Hill, Harold James, 


Hill, John, of Manchester, 
Horsley, Sophia, or White, 
Hume, Eleanor, or Bulteel, 
Hunter, Janet, or Leslie, . 
Hunter, Margaret, or Byres, 
Hunter, Patrick, . 
Huntly, Marie, Marchioness of, 
Huntly, George, Marquis of, 
Hutchison, Allan Moir, . 
Hutchison, Caroline Maria, 
Hutchison, James, of Liverpool, 
Hutchison, Kathleen Gilmour, 
Hutchison, Margaret Constance, 
Hutchison, Robert Leonard, 




13. 146 

Innes, Alexander, of Breda, 

Innes, Alexander, of Clerkseat, 

Innes, George, I. of Stow, 

Innes, Rev. Hugh, of Mortlach, . 

Innes, Jane, or More, 

Innes, Margaret, or Black, 

Innes, Margaret, or More, . 

Innes, Mitchell, of Ayton Castle, . 

Innes, William Mitchell, of Parsons Green 

Irvin, Sophia, or Chartres, 

Irvine of Cults, 

Irvine, Alexander, of Drum, 

Irvine, Issobell, or Donaldson, 

Irvine, Robert, of Cults, . 



Jaffray of Kingswells, 

Jafifray, Janet, or Moir, 

Jaffray, John, 1689, 

Jaffray, John, 1690, 

Jaffray, Margaret, . 

Jaffray, Marie, 

Jaffray, Thomas, of Dilspro, 

Jamesone, Andrew, 

Jamesone, Elizabeth, 

Jamesone, George, 

Jamesone, Marjory, or Alexander, 

Jamesone, Mary, . 


56, 64 

63, 64-65, III 


56, 63, 65 


Johnston of Coates, 

Johnston, Agnes Rose, or Macandrew, 

Johnston, Alexander, W.S. 

Johnston, Alexander Rose, 

Johnston, Rev. James, of Crimond, 

Johnston, Jane Taylor, or Reid, . 

Johnston, John, of Edinburgh, 

Johnston, Rev. John, of Forgandenny, 

Johnston, John Robert, in New Zealand, 

Johnstone, Sir William, V. of that Ilk, 

Johnestoun, Johne, of The Cottis, 

Johnstoune, Janet, or More, 

Jopp, James, of Cotton, 

Jopp, Janet, or Barnes, 

Jopp, Jean, or Young, 

Junor, George Moir, 

Junor, James Balvaird-Bathgate, 

Juxon, Bishop, 

loi, 179 






Kay, James, 

Keine, Issobell, or Moir, . 
Keir, Adam, 
Keith, Lady Jean, 
Kelly, Sarah, or Bulteel, . 
Kennedy of Kermuck, 
Ker, Dorothy, or Moir, 
Ker, Hellene, or Moir, 
Ker, Isabel, or Moir, 
Ker, ^^'illiam, of Gateshaw, 
Kilpatrick, Janet, or Byres, 
Kincaid Family, . 
Kincaid, Alexander, 
Kincaid, Clement, of Coates, 
Kincaid, James, 
Kincaid, James, of Coates, 
Kincaid, Jean, or Gray, 
Kincaid, John, 
Kincaid, Robert, . 
Kingscote, Wm., of Kingscote, 
Kinnaird, Christian, or Moir, 
Kintore, John, I. Earl of, . 
Kirkwood, Agnes, 
Kirkwood, Elspet, 
Kirkwood, George, 
Kirkwood, Isobel, 



54, 72 
)8, 150 
50, 164 



Kirkwood, James, . 


Kirkwood, Robert, 


Knowles of Logierieve, 


Knowlly, Janet, . 


KnowUy, John, 


Laing, Elizabeth, or Pirie, 


Lamb, Jean or Moir. 


Largg, George, 


Largg, Margaret, . 


Laurence, Elliot, or Ogston, 


Laurence, James, . 


Laurence, Walter, . 


Laurie, Archibald, 


Leith, Alexander, of Freefield, 


Leith, John, of Leith Hall, 

'83. 12 

3> 175-8 

Leith, , or Simpson, of Blair, 


Leslie, Isobel, or Donaldson, 


Leslie, James, 


Leslie, Jean, or Simpson, . 


Leslie, John, 


Leslie, Patrick, 


Leslye, Jannet, or Hacket, 


Liddel, Andrew, . 


Liddel, Anna, 


Liddel, James, of Edinburgh, 


Liddel, James, son of James Lidde 

1 of Edinburgh, 


Liddel, Margaret, . 


Liddel, Michael, . 


Ligertwood, Anne, or Ruxton, 


Ligertwood, James, of Tillery, 


Ligertwood, John, of Bucksburn, 


Ligertwood, John, in Overhill, 


Ligertwood, Margaret, or Seton, 


Ligertwood, Thomas, of Cairnhill, 


Lindsay of the Mount, 


Livingstone, Alexander, . 


Loch, Captain F. E., R.N. 


Loch, George, of Drylaw, . 


Lovat Family, 


Lumsden, Annas, or Moir, 


Lumsden of Cushnie, 


Lumsden, Rev. James, of Corrachr 




Macallum, Jane, or White, 




Macandrew, Donald M., in Torquay, 


MacDonald, Clan, 


84, 186 

MacGillanders, . . . 


Macgowan, Jane Anne, or Morrison, 


MacGrath, Michael Reginald, 


MacGrath, Dr. William Michael, . 


Macgregors of Aberdeenshire, 


Macgregor, Gregor, son of Macgregor, XII 

. of tha 



Macgregor, Gregor, XII. of that Ilk, 


MacGregor, Sir James, 


Macgregor, Rob Roy, 


M'Innes, Rev. John, of Logie-Coldstone, 


Macintosh, Clan, . 


M'Kaill, Dr. Matthew, 


M'Kaill, William, . 


Mackenzie, , of Ardross, 


Mackenzie, Margaret, or Moir, 

70. 71. 

74, 173 

Mackie, Jean, or Moir, 


Macleod, Donald, of Geanies, 


MacShimei, Clan of, 


Mainwaring, George, 


Mainwaring of Whitemore, 


Mair, Helen, or Pirie, 


Mair, Rev. John, of Tough, 


Mar, Earl of, . 


Marischal, Earl (1763), . 


Marno, Marjorie, or Moir, 


Mathieson, Issobell, or Moir, 


Meaklejohne, Janet, or Byres, 


Meassone, Elspet or Moir, 


Meassone, Issobell, or Moir, 


Meders, John, 


Mercer, Baillie, 


Meynell, Edith F., or Davidson, . 


Middleton Family, 


Middleton, , of Stenhouse, 


Middleton, Elizabeth, or Mitchell, 

2°, 53 

Middleton, Janet, or Byres, 


14, 143 

Middleton, Janet, or Ewen, 


Middleton, John, of Aberdeen, 


Middleton, John, younger, of Aberdeen, 

20, 53 

Milne, Elizabeth, or Wedderburn, 


Milne, George, of Rosehearty, 


Milne, George, of Westwood, 


INDEX. 209 


Milne, Isabella, or Robertson, . . . .27 

Milne, James, of Helensburgh, . . . .27 

Milne, James, of Rosehearty, . . . .26 

Milne, Janet, or Moir, ..... 10 

Milne, John, in Brotherfield, . . . .52 

Milne, Margaret, wife of George Milne, . . .27 

Milne, William, of Rosehearty, . . . .27 

Milne, William, son of George Milne and Margaret Mihie, 27 

Minto, Lord, . . . . . . 32, 67 

Mitchell of Colpna, . . . . .19 

Mitchell of Thainstone, . . . . .19,89 

Mitchell of Tillygreig, . . . . .19 

Mitchell, Alexander, in Fiddesbeg, . . .22 

Mitchell, Ale.xander, II. of Haddo, . . . 25,26 

Mitchell, Alexander, of Kincraig, . . . .22 

Mitchell, Alex., son of Wm. Mitchell and Jean Moir, . 25 

Mitchell, Alex., son of Thomas Mitchell and Marjorie Moir, 89 
Mitchell, Alexander, son of Alex. Mitchell in Tillycorthie, 20 

Mitchell, Alexander, M. P., of Stow, . . .20 

Mitchell, Alexander, of Tillycorthie, . . .20 

Mitchell, Andrew, of Logierieve, . . . .22 

Mitchell, Andrew, I. of Savock, . . . . 21, 22 

Mitchell, Andrew, in Tasmania, . . . .23 

Mitchell, Andrew, in Whiteness, . . . .22 

Mitchell, Andrew, son of Thomas Mitchell and Marjorie Moir, 89 
Mitchell, Andrew William, . . . .23 

Mitchell, Barbara, or Ruxton, . . . .25 

Mitchell, Bertha Mary Bruce, . . .23 

Mitchell, Elizabeth, wife of William Mitchell, . . 26 

Mitchell, Elizabeth, or Morrison, . . . .21 

Mitchell, Elliot, or Laurence, . . . .21 

Mitchell, Gilbert, 11. of Savock, .... 23 

Mitchell, Helen, . . . . . .21 

Mitchell, Janet, dau. of Thomas Mitchell and Marjorie Moir, 89 
Mitchell, Jane, or Pirie, . . . . .23 

Mitchell, Jean, or Ligertwood, . . . .25 

Mitchell, Jean, or Shepherd, . . . .26 

Mitchell, John, son of Andrew Mitchell and Margret Cattanach, 22 
Mitchell, John, son of Thomas Mitchell and Marjorie Moir, 8g 
Mitchell, Margaret Beatrice, . . . .23 

Mitchell, Margaret, or Gill, . . . .23 

Mitchell, Margaret, wife of Alexander Mitchell, . . 25 

Mitchell, Margaret, or Simpson, . . . .21 

Mitchell, Mary, or Paterson, . . . .21 

Mitchell, Marjorie, dau. of Thomas Mitchell and Marjorie Moir, 89 
Mitchell, Thomas, Bailie, ..... 89 

Mitchell, Thomas, son of Alex. Mitchell and Elspet Simpson, 20 
Mitchell, Thomas, I. of Thainstone, . . 8g 

Mitchell, Walter, . 

Mitchell, William, I. of Haddo, . 

Mitchell, Lieutenant William, R.N. 

Mitchell, William (elder), of Newburgh, 

Mitchell, William (junior), of Newburgh, 

Mitchell, William, in Pitgersie, 

Mitchell, William, son of Thomas Mitchell 

Mitchell, William, of South Stocket, 

Moir of Abergeldie, 

Moir of Barnes, 

Moir of Denmore, 

Moir of Ferryhill, . 

Moirs in Foveran, 

Moir of Hilton, 

Moir of Invernettie, 

Moir of Kermuck, 

Moir of Lonmay, . 

Moir of New Grange, 

Moir of Otterburn, 

Moir of Park, 

Moir of Scotstoun, 

Moir, of Spittal, . 

Moir of Stoneywood, 

Moir of Tarty, 

Moir of Whitehill, 

Moir, Adam, m. Christian 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Alex 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Alex 

and Marjorie Moir, 89 

20, 25, 26 

nr, 5 

ill., 5 

79, 8° 


4, 8° 

5, 46, 78-9 
iii-, 5, 46, 77 
iii-, 5, 77, 78 
111-, 5, 77, 78 
111-, 5, 47, 81 
111-, 5, 46, 75-77 

5, 7S 
S, 46, 69-74 


Moir and Janet Currie, 
Moir and Janet Milne, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of George Moir and Issobell Rickart, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Robert Moir in Overhill, 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of William Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, Agnes, in Meikle Haddo, 

Moir, Agnes, or Burnett, . 

Moir, Agnes, m. George Gray, 

Moir, Agnes, m. Robert Gray, 

Moir, Agnes, or Orem, 

Moir, Agnes, or Pirie, 

Moir, Agnes, or Robertson, 

Moir, Agnes, or Rose, 

Moir, Agnes, wife of John Moir, 

Moir, Alex., in Newtyle, . 

Moir, Alex., in Overhill, . 

Moir, Alex., IV. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Alex., VI. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Alex., m. Jean Burnett, 





Moir, Alex., m. Elspet Chein, 
Moir, Alex., m. Janet Currie, 
Moir, Alex., m. Elspet Cook, 
Moir, Alex., m. Jean Gellie, 
Moir, Alex., m. Anna Gordon, 
Moir, Alex., m. Marjorie Marno, . 
Moir, Alex., m. Issobell Mathieson, 
Moir, Alex., m. Jean Selbie, 
Moir, Alex., m. Marjorie Webster, 
Moir, Alex., m. Agnes Wilson, 
Moir, Alex., Principal of St. Andrew's College, 
Moir, Alex., Professor of Greek, Marischal College, 
Moir, Alex. (1662), son of Alex. iV'oir and Jean Burnett, 
Moir, Alex. (1673), son of Alex. Moir and jean Burnett, 
Moir, Alex., son of Alex. Moir and Anna Gordon, 
Moir, Alex., son of Andrew Moir and Hellene Ker, 
Moir, Alex., son of Gilbert Moir in Haddo, 
Moir, Alex., son of Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, 
Moir, Alex., son of James Moir, III. of Stoneyvvood, 
Moir, Alex., son of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 
Moir, Alex., son of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 
Moir, Alex., son of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank 
Moir, Alex., son of Patrick Moir and Elspet Annand, 
Moir, Alex., son of Wm. Moir of New Grange, 
Moir, Alex., son of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, . 
Moir, Alex., son of Wm. Moir and Elspet Forbes, 
Moir, Alex., son of Wm. Moir and Issobell Meassone, 
Moir, Alex., son of Wm. Moir and Christian Moreson, 
Moir, Alice Hilda, .... 

Moir, Alice Maud, .... 

Moir, Rev. Andrew of Ellon, . . . iv. 

Moir, Andrew, in Foveran, 
Moir, Andrew, in The Knock, 

Moir, Andrew, I. of Oldmill, . . iv., 6, 7, i 

Moir, Andrew, II. of Oldmill, . . iv., 12, 15 

Moir, Andrew, of Otterburn, 

Moir, Andrew, of Quebec, ... 

Moir, Andrew, m. Janet Currie, ... 
Moir, Andrew, m. Hellene Ker, . . . , 

Moir, Andrew, m. Annas Lumsden, 

Moir, Andrew, m. Jean Mackie, . . . . 

Moir, Andrew, son of Alex. Moir and Jean Burnett, 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew Moir, III. of Oldmill, 
Moir, Andrew, son of Rev. George Moir of Peterhead, 
Moir, Andrew, son of Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, . 
Moir, Andrew, son of Robert Moir in Overhill, 
Moir, Andrew, son of Thomas Moir of Otterburn, 
Moir, Andrew, son of Wm. Moir and Janet Forbes, 
2 E 

Moir, Andrew, son of Wm. Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, Andrew, son of Wm. Moir and Margaret Burnett, 

Moir, Anna, Countess of Aberdeen, 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Andrew Moir and Hellene Ker, 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Gilbert Moir in Haddo, 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Gilbert Moir and Margaret Barclay, 

Moir, Anna, or Fettes, 

Moir, Anne, dau. of William Moir, II. of Lonmay, 

Moir, Armorial Bearings of the family in Scotland, 

Moir, Arthor, m. Christian Wricht, 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of Alex. Moir and Elspet Cook, 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Milne, 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of George Moir in Savock, 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, . 

Moir, Bessie, or Hardie, .... 

Moir, Bessie, or Smith, .... 

Moir, Bessie, dau. of Alex. Moir and Elspet Cook, 
Moir, Bessie, dau. of Wm. Moir and Janet Forbes, 
Moir, Byres, son of James Moir and Alice Andrews, 
Moir, Byres, M. B., son of Patrick Moir Crane, . 
Moir, Captain, executed in London, 
Moir, Caroline, or Hutchison, 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of James Moir of Ferryhill, 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of Wm. Moir, I. of Lonmay, 
Moir, Catherine, or Eraser, 

Moir, Chas., son of Moir, III. of Stoney wood, 74, 170, 172, 1 
Moir, Charles, son of James Moir, IV. of Stoneywood, 
Moir, Charlotte, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Alex. Moir in Newtyle, 
Moir, Christian, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Keine, 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Wm. Moir and Janet Beidie, 
Moir, Christian, or Riach, ... 

Moir, Christina, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 
Moir, Christina, dau. of George Moir and Issobell Rickart, 
Moir, Clementina, . . . . , 

Moir, David, of Braidhaugh, ... 

Moir, Dorothea, ..... 

Moir, Douglas, M.D., of Manchester, 
Moir, Douglas, son of Douglas Moir and Mary Wood, 
Moir, Douglas, son of George Moir and Sophia Bulteel, 
Moir, Edward, ...... 

Moir, Edward Byres, .... 

Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 
Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew Moir and Jean Mackie, 
Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Gilbert Moir in Haddo, . 

46, 47 




iii., 78 


. 81 



73, 174 


Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 

Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, Elizabeth, or Garden, 

Moir, Elizabeth, or Gray, .... 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Currrie, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Ale.x. Moir and Janet Milne, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Arthor Moir and Christian Wricht, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Robert Moir in Overhill, 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb, 

Moir, Elspet, or Ferguson, 

Moir, Elspet, m. Robert Moir, 

Moir, Elspet, or Smith, .... 

Moir, Elspeth, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

Moir, Forbes, ..... 

Moir, George Charles, of Denmore, 

Moir, Rev. George, of Kintore, 

Moir, George, in Knockhall, 

Moir, Rev. George, of Peterhead, . . . iv 

Moir, George, in Savock, . . . - 

Moir, George, V. of Scotstown, 

Moir, George, VIII. of Scotstown, 

Moir, George, of Stoneywood, Manchester, . 3 c 

Moir, George, m. Janet Jaffray, 

Moir, George, rn. Issobell Rickart, 

Moir, George, m. Margaret Smellie, 

Moir, George, miller, .... 

Moir, George, son of Andrew Moir, II. of Oldmill, 

Moir, George, son of Arthor Moir and Christian Wricht, 

Moir, George, son of George Moir and Janet Jaffray, 

Moir, George, son of Rev. George Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, George, son of John Moir and Catherine Byres, 

Moir, George, son of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 

Moir, George, son of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank, 

Moir, George, son of Wm. Moir of Hilton, 

Moir, George, son of Wm. Moir of New Grange, 

Moir, George, son of Rev. Wm. Moir and Helen Constable 

Moir, George Bulteel, 

Moir, Gilbert, M.P. for Banff, 

Moir, Gilbert, cooper, 

Moir, Gilbert, in Haddo, . 

Moir, Gilbert, in Pitmillan, 

Moir, Gilbert, m. Janet Clark, 

Moir, Gilbert, m. Margaret Ferguson, 

Moir, Gilbert, m. Margaret Moir, . 

Moir, Gilbert, Muster-Master Depute in Scotland. 




Gilbert, son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, . 91 
Gilbert, son of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, . 75 

Gordon, ...... 40 

Grisell, or Dewgeth, . . . .86 

Hector, ...... 86 

Helen, or Chesser, ..... 94 

Henrie, . . . . .71 

Henr)', son of Thomas Moir of Otterburn, . . 8i 

Howard Lowndes, . . . . .40 

Isabella, dau. of James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, . 73 

Isabella, dau. of John Moir and Catherine Byres, . 33 
Isabella, dau. of Wm. Moir, I. of Lonmay, . . 78 

Isabella, VII. of Scotstown, . . -76 

Isabella, or Urquhart, . . . .76 

Isobel, dau. of Andrew Moir, I. of Overhill, . 1 5 

Isobel, dau. of Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, . . 8 

Isobel, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, . . 80 

Isobel, dau. of Robert Moir in Overhill, . . 9 

Isobel, or Meders, . . . . . 16, 26 

Issobell, dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Currie, . 92 

Issobell, dau. of A\ex. Moir and Elspet Cook, . 92 

Issobell, dau. of Alex. Moir and Issobell Mathieson, 95 
Issobell, dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Milne, . 10 

Issobell, dau. of Alex. Moir and Marjorie AVebster, . 95 
Issobell (1688), dau. of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 91 
Issobell (1699), dau. of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 91 
Issobell (1674), dau. of George Moir and Janet Jaffray, 93 
Issobell (1676), dau. of George Moir and Janet Jaffray, 93 
Issobell, dau. of George Moir and Margaret Smellie, 89 
Issobell, dau. of John Moir, I. of Stoneywood, 
Issobell, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 
Issobell, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 
Issobell, dau. of Wm. Moir and Jean Forbes, 
Issobell, dau. of Wm. Moir and Issobell Meassone, 
Issobell, or Jaffray, 

Issobell, or Murray, 
Issobell, or Walker, . 
Issobell, or Weir, 
Issobell, or Welch, . 
Dr. James, of Aberdeen, 
James, of Albany, U.S. 
James, barrister, 
James, I. of Ferryhill, 
James, II. of Ferryhill, 
James, of Invernettie, 
James, in Newtyle, . 
James, Regent, 
James, II. of Stoneywood, 


[&, 176 

73. 74 

46, 77 

70, 72, 73, 82, 122, 147 




James, III. of Stoneywood, . . ii., 69, 73, 169-174 

James, IV. of Stoneywood, . . . ii., 70, 73, 74 

James, m. Marjorie Burnett, . . -95 

James, m. Marione Edie, . . . .86 

James, m. Christian Selbie, • . . .87 

James, son of Alexander Moir and Jean Burnett, . 92 

James, son of Andrew Moir, I. of Overhill, . . 15 

James, son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, . 91 

James, son of George Moir and Margaret Smellie, . 89 

James, son of Gilbert Moir and Janet Forbes, . 9 

James (1702), son of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 96 

James (1703), son of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 96 

James, son of James Moir, M.D., and Janet Byres, . 36 

James, son of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank, 89 

James, son of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

James, son of Patrick Moir and Janet Tortree, 

James, son of William Moir of Hilton, 

James, son of William Moir, II. of Lonmay, 

James, son of William Moir and Issobell Meassone, 

James, son of William Moir and Marjorie Walker, 

James Douglas, .... 

James Sandilands, .... 

Jane, dau. of Andrew, III. of Oldmill, 

Jane, or Donald, .... 

Jane, or Skene, .... 

Janet, dau. of Alexander Moir in Newtyle, . 

Janet, dau. of Alexander Moir, IV. of Scotstown, 

Janet, dau. of Alexander Moir and Janet Currie, 

Janet, dau. of Alexander Moir and Marjorie Webster, 

Janet, dau. of Andrew Moir, III. of Oldmill, 

Janet, dau. of Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan, 

Janet, dau. of James Moir of Ferryhill, 

Janet, dau. of James Moir, M.D., and Janet Byres, 

Janet (1694), dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 95 

Janet (1698), dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 95 

Janet, dau. of James Moir and Margaret Watson 

Janet, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, 

Janet, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Janet, or Alexander, 

Janet, wife of Gilbert Anderson, 

Janet, wife of Captain John Anderson, 

Janet, or Black, 


Janet, or Boyd, 
Janet, or Brannes, 
Janet, or Byres, 
Janet, or Davidson, 
Janet, or Norton, 
Janet, or Rob, 

79. 80 
24, 147 



Moir, Janet, or Stewart, ..... 

Moir, Janett, or Udny, ..... 

Moir, Janet, or Young, ..... 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Alexander Moir, IV. of Scoistown, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Alexander Moir and Jean Gellie, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Alexander Moir and Issobell Mathieson, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Alexander Moir and Janet Milne, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Alex. Moir and Jean Selbie, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Andrew Moir of Otterburn, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Gilbert Moir and Margaret Ferguson, . 

Moir, Jean (1695), dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 

Moir, Jean (1705), dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of John Moir, I of Stoneywood, . 

Moir, Jean, dau. of J-ohn Moir of Barnes, . 

Moir, Jean, dau. of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of John Moir and Agnes Moir, . 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb, 

Moir, Jean (1657), dau. of William Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Jean (1670), dau. of William Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of William Moir and Janet Beidie, 

Moir, Jean, dau. of Wiliiam Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, Jean, or Abernethy, 

Moir, Jean, or Brown, .... 

Moir, Jean, wife of Archibald Campbell, . 

Moir, Jean, wife of John Campbell, 

Moir, Jean, or Cumine, .... 

Moir, Jean, or Erskine, .... 

Moir, jean, or Jopp, .... 

Moir, Jean, or Mitchell, .... 

Moir, Jean, wife of James Moir of Ferryhill, 

Moir, Jean, or Schand, .... 

Moir, Jean, or Simmer, .... 

Moir, Jean, or Simson, .... 

Moir, Jessie Caroline, or Hill, 

Moir, Johannes (1470-15 16), 

Moir, John, of Barnes, .... 

Moir, John, of Newburgh, 

Moir, John, I. of Stoneywood, . . ii., 46, 69, 71 

Moir, John, m. Margaret Anderson, 

Moir, John, m. Janet Barnet, 

Moir, Bailie John, m. Jean Campbell, 

Moir, John, m. Bessie Collison, 

Moir, John, m. Margaret Cruickshank, 

Moir, John, m. Christian Kinnaird, 

Moir, John, m. Agnes Moir, 












89, 92 


85, 88 




72, 18, 



Moir, John, m. Margaret Moir, 

Moir, John, ni. Margaret Paip, 

Moir, John, m. Margaret Puro, 

Moir, John, iji. Agnes Spinola, 

Moir, John, son of Adam Moir and Christian Forbes, 

Moir, John, son of Alex. Moir and Janet Currie, . 

Moir, John, son of Alex. Moir and Anna Gordon, 

Moir, John, son of Alex. Moir and Issobell Mathieson, 

Moir, John, son of Alex. Moir and Janet Milne, . 

Moir, John (1684), son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, John (1692), son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, John, son of Rev. Geo. Moir and Martha Byres, 32, 126, 

Moir, John, son of George Moir and Janet Jaffray, 

Moir, John, son of James Moir, I. of Ferryhill, 

Moir, John, son of James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, John (1660), son of John Moir of Barnes, . 

Moir, John (1663), son of John Moir of Barnes, . 

Moir, John, son of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 

Moir, John, son of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank, 

Moir, John, son of Patrick Moir-Crane, 

Moir, John, son of Patrick Moir and Elspet Annand, 

Moir, John, son of Robert Moir in Overhill, 

Moir, John, son of Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb, 

Moir, John, son of \Vm. Moir and Jean Forbes, . 

Moir, John, son of William Moir and Christian Ray, 

Moir, John, Town-Clerk of Aberdeen, 

Moir, John Lowndes, .... 

Moir, Katherine, dau. of James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Katherine, dau. of Wm. Moir and Christian Ray, 

Moir, Katherine, or Angus, 

Moir, Katherin, or Cowper, .... 

Moir, Katherine, or Ferguson, . . . , 

Moir, Lilian, ..... 

Moir, Mabel, ..... 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Adam Moir and Christian Forbes, 

Moir, Margaret (1663), dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Currie, 

Moir, Margaret (1676), dau. of Alex. Moir and Janet Currie, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Alex. Moir and Elspet Cook, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Alex. Moir and Marjorie Webster, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Andrew Moir, I. of Overhill, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Gilbert Moir and Margaret Barclay, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of James Moir of Ferryhill, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 

Moir, Margaret (1665), dau. of J. Moir and Margt. Cruickshank, 

Moir, Margaret (1671), dau. of J. Moir and Margt. Cruickshank, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Patrick Moir and Elspet Annand, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, • 


Moir, Margaret, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Margaret, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Lonmay, 

Mot, Margaret, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Margaret, or Aberdeen, 

Moir, Margaret, or Carmyshell, 

Moir, Margaret, or Cruickshank, . 

Moir, Margaret, wife of Captain James Gordon. . 

Moir, Margaret, wife of James Gordon, 

Moir, Margaret, wife of Andrew Gray, 

Moir, Margaret, wife of Jolin Gray, 

Moir, Margaret, or Groitt, 

Moir, Margaret, or Kay, .... 

Moir, Margaret, or Knowlly, , . . . 

Moir, Margaret, or Largg, 

Moir, Margaret, wife of Gilbert Moir, 

Moir, Margaret, or Steinson, 

Moir, Margaret, or Strachan, . . . • 

Moir, Margaret Isabella, or Dundas, 

Moir, Maria, dau. of Patrick Moir-Crane, . 

Moir, Maria, or Ramsay, .... 

Moir, Marie, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, 

Moir, Marie, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Marie, or Robertson, 

Moir, Marione, or Moiresone, 

Moir, Marjory, dau. of Andrew Moir, I. of Overhill, 

Moir, Marjorie, dau. of Andrew Moir and Jean Mackie, 

Moir, Marjorie, dau. of James Moir of Ferryhill, 

Moir, Marjory, dau. of James Moir, II. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Marjorie, dau. of John Moir, I. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Marjorie, dau. of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Marjorie, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Marjorie, or Gordon, 

Moir, Marjorie, or Mitchell, 

Moir, Marjorie, or Symmer, 

Moir, Marjory Douglas, .... 

Moir, Mary, dau. of Alex. Moir and Issobell Mathieson, 

Moir, Mary, dau. of James Moir, III. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Mary, dau. of John Moir of Barnes, 

Moir, Mary, dau. of Wm. Moir, II. of Lonmay, . 

Moir, Mary Anne, or Knight-Erskine, 

Moir, Mary Christina, or Eraser, . 

Moir, Mary Helen, .... 

Moir, Mathew, son of Alex. Moir and Issobell Mathieson, 

Moir, Matthew, son of Alex. Moir and Elspet Cook, 

Moir, Nans, ..... 

Moir, Nicoll, ..... 

Moir, Patrick, Dean of Guild, 

Moir, Patrick, m. Elspet Annand, . 

5o, 96 





Moir, Patrick, m. Issobell Keine, . • ■ • 

Moir, Patrick, m. Janet Tortree, . • • • 

Moir, Patrick, son of Patrick Moir-Crane, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Alex. Moir and Elspet Chain, 

Moir, Patrick (1683), son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir' Patrick (1695), son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Rev. George Moir of Peterhead, 

Moir, Patrick, son of George Moir and Sophia Bulteel, 

Moir, Patrick, son of James, Moir, II. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Patrick, son of John Moir, I. of Stoneywood, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

Moir^ Patrick, son of Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Wm. Moir, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Wm. Moir and Jean Forbes, 

Moir, Patrick, son of Wm. Moir and Issobell Meassone, 

Moir, Peter, m. Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Peter, son of Peter Moir and Elspet Croser, 

Moir, Rachel, dau. of James Moir and Marjorie Burnett, 

Moir, Rachel, dau. of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

Moir, Rhoderick, . . • ■ • 

Moir, Richard, m. Nans Fresar, . 

Moir, Richard, son of Patrick Moir-Crane, 

Moir, Robert, in Greyshill, 

Moir, Robert, Litster, . • • • 

Moir, Robert, in Overhill, 

Moir, Robert, m. Elspet Moir, 

Moir, Robert, son of Adam Moir and Christian torbes, 

Moir^ Robert, son of Andrew, II. of Oldmill, 

Moir, Robert, son of Gilbert in Pitmillan, 

Moir, Robert, son of Rev. George Moir and Martha Byrco, 

Moir, Robert, son of George Moir and Janet Jaffray, 

Moir, Robert, witness to a Charter of the Lands of Balmur 

Moir, Ronald, . . . • 

Moir, Samuel, son of Andrew Moir, I. of Overhill, 

Moir, Samuel, son of Wm. Moir and Issobell Meassone, 

Moir, Sarah, ..•■•• 

Moir, Sophie, . ■ ■ • ■ 

Moir, Stuart, or Junor, . • • • 

Moir, Surname of, . 

Moir, Susanna, dau. of James Moir and Margaret Watson, 

Moir, Susanna, dau. of William Moir and Elspet Meassone 

Moir, Captain Thomas, . . ■ 

Moir, Thomas, of Falmouth, 

Moir, Rev. Thomas, I. of Otterburii, 

Moir, Thomas, III. of Otterburn, . 

Moir, Thomas, IV. of Otterburn, . 

Moir, Thomas, VI. of Otterburn, . 

Moir, Thomas, m. Jean Lamb, 









73. 74, 

Moir, Thomas, son of Alex. Moir and Jean Gellie, 

Moir, Thomas (1610), son of Alex. Moir and Marjorie Marno, 

Moir, Thomas (1613), son of Alex. Moir and Marjorie Marno, 

Moir, Thomas, son of Gilbert Moir and Janet Forbes, 

Moir, Thomas, son of John Moir and Bessie Collison, 

Moir, Thomas, son of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, 

Moir, Walter, m. Crichton Paterson, 

Moir, Walter, son of Thomas Moir and Jean Lamb, 

Moir, Walter, son of John Moir of Barnes, 

Moir, William (1550), 

Moir, William, Burgess of Aberdeen, 

Moir, William, M. A., Burgess of Aberdeen, son of 

Moir, William, in Auchloun, 

Moir, William, in Balgeirscho, 

Moir, William, of Hilton, 

Moir, William, I. of Invernettie, . 

Moir, AVilliam, I. of ].onmay, 

Moir, William, II. of Lonmay, 

Moir, William, of New Grange, 

Moir, William, of Otterburn, 

Moir, William, of Park, 

Moir, William, I. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Dr. William, II. of Scotstown, 

Moir, Dr. William, III. of Scotstown, 

Moir, William, IX. of Scotstown, . 

Moir, William, in Trinidad, 

Moir, William, in Whitehill, 

Moir, William, m. Janet Beidie, 

Moir, William, m. Margaret Black, 

Moir, William, m. Margaret Burnet, 

Moir, William, m. Jean Clerk, 

Moir, William, m. Elspet Forbes, . 

Moir, William, m. Janet Forbes, . 

Moir, William, m. Issobell Gillanders, 

Moir, William, m. Elspet Meassone, 

Moir, William, m. Issobell Meassone, 

Moir, William, m. Cristian Moreson, 

Moir, William, m. Christian Ray, . 

Moir, William, m. Marjorie Walker, 

Moir, William, son of Adam Moir and Christian F"orbes, 

Moir, William, son of Alexander Moir, IV. of Scotstown, 

Moir, William, son of Alexander Moir and Anna Gordon, 

Moir, William, son of Alexander Moir and Jean Selbie, 

Moir. William, son of Rev. Andrew Moir of Ellon, 

Moir, William, son of Andrew Moir and Jean Mackie, 

Moir, William, son of Bailie Moir and Jean Campbell, 

Moir, William, Principal of Marischal College, 

Moir, William, son of George Moir in Savock, 

Moir, Rev. William, son of Rev. George Moir and Jean Forbes, 13 
Moir, William, son of George Moir and Issobell Rickart 
Moir, William, son of Gilbert Moir and Janet Forbes, 
Moir, William, son of James Moir of Ferryhill, 
Moir, William, son of James Moir, III. of Stoneywood, . 74 
Moir, William, son of John Moir of Barnes, . . 79 

Moir, William, son of John Moir and Bessie Collison, . 90 
Moir, William, son of John Moir and Margaret Cruickshank, 89 
Moir, William, son of Patrick Moir and Elspet Annand, . 84 
Moir, William, son of Patrick Moir and Issobell Gray, . 7 r 

Moir, William, son of Ronald Moir and Agnes Cargill, . 85 
Moir, William (1667), son of William Moir of Hilton, . 79 

Moir, William (167 1), son of William Moir of Hilton, . 79 

Moir, William, son of William Moir of New Grange, . 78 

Moir, Wordey Cornelia Anne, or Gardiner-Baird, . . 78 

Moires, Marquises of Drogheda, . 
Moiresone, George, Litster, 

Moiresone, George, son of Geo. Moiresone and Marione Moir. 
Moiresone, John, ..... 
Moiresone, Robert, .... 

Moncreiff, David Scott, .... 
Montgomery Family, .... 

Montgomerie, John, in Tillycorthie, 

Montgomerie, , or Hay, 

Montgomerie, Robert, in Groveshill, 

Montgomerie, Robert, in Pitgerso, . . .49 

Montgomerie, Robert, son of Robert Montgomerie of Pitgerso, 49 

Montgomery, Agnes, or Moir, . . . 12, 15, 16, 48 

Montgomery, Gilbert, .... 

Montgomery, James, of Elgin, 

Montgomery, John, father of Gilbert Mitchell, 

Montgomery, Margaret, or Black, . 

Montgomery, Robert de, . 

Montgomery, William, at the Hill of Fiddes, 

Moor, William, ..... 

Mor, Alexander, ..... 

Mor, Johannis, ..... 

Mor, William, in Belhelvie, 

Moore, John, Surges of Aberdeen, 

Moore, Thomas, in Peterhead, 

Moore, Captain Thomas, .... 

Moray, Bishop of (Alexander Rose), 

More, Sir Adam, ..... 

More, Agnes, wife of John More, . 

More, Alexander, Baxter, .... 

More, Alexander, son of Alexander Moir and Janet Runsieman, 88 

More, Alexander, son of George More, II. of Raeden, . 19 

More, Alexander, son of John More and Janet Johnstoune, 87 













More, Andrew, of Bruges, . 

More, Andrew, m. Barbara Boyes, 

More, Barbara, dau. of John and Agnes More, 

More, Barbara, dau. of Thomas More and Janet Coupper, 

More, Bessie, ..... 

More, Catherine, or Thomson, 

More, Charles, of the Thames Conservancy, 

More, Edrine, or Smith, .... 

More, Elizabeth, or Farquharson. . 

More, Elspet, ..... 

More, Major George, .... 

More, George, son of Andrew More and Barbara Boyes, 

More, George, II. of Raeden, 

More, Gilbert, Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, 

More, Gilbert, I. of Raeden, 

More, Sir Gilchrist, .... 

More, Janet, of Polkelie, .... 

More, Janet, dau. of Alexander More and Janet Runsieman, 

More, Janet, dau. of John More and Margaret Paterson, 

More, Janet, dau. of Robert More and Margaret Pressie, 

More, John, m. Issobell Findlay, . 

More, John, m. Janet Johnstoune, 

More, John, m. Agnes More, 

More, John, m. Margaret Paterson, 

More, John, son of John More and Margaret Paterson, 

More, Margaret, dau. of John More and Margaret Paterson, 

More, Margaret, or Davidson, 

More, Margaret, or Gellie, 

More, Patrick, de Belhelvie, 

More, Ranald or Reginald, 

More, Robert, m. Margaret Pressie, 

More, Robert, son of William More and Margaret 

More, Simon, 

More, Thomas, 

Mores, Marjorie, or Thomson, 

Moreson, Cristian, or Moir, 

Morrison, David, of Montrose, 

Morrison, James Martin, . 

Morton, William, Earl of, . 

Mossman, Thomas, 

Mowatt, James, 

Mowatt, Jane Mitchell, or More, 

Muir of Rowallan, 

Muir, Sir Adam, of Rowallan, 

Muir, Sir Gilchrist, of Rowallan, 

Murray, Alexander, 

Murray, Earl of (1624), 

Murray, Jean, 


Murray, John, 

Mutch, , sexton of Peterhead, 


Napier, Francis, V. Lord, . 
Napier, Hon. Major-General Mark, 
Nicol, Andrew, of Aberdeen, 
Nicol of Ballogie, . 
Nicolson, Christian, or Paterson, . 
Nisbet, Issobel, or Byres, . 
Norton, Christopher, 
Norton, Christopher, of Penkridge, 
Norton, James Christopher, 
Norton, Louisa Latifer, or Copland, 
Norton, Martha, . . _ • 

Norrington, Mary, or Hensleigh, . 

Ogilvie, J., or Forbes, 
Ogilvie, Mary, or Grant, . 
Ogilvie, Walter Lord, of Deskford 
Ogston of that Ilk, 
Ogston, Alexander, of Ardoe, 
Oliphant, Elizabeth, or Gregory, 
Ord, Margaret, or Sandilands, 
Ord, William, of Cairnbee, 
Orem, John, 
Orem, Margaret, . 
Orem, Thomas, 
Orem, William, 

120, 182 
120, 183 
. 96 
. 96 
. 96 
. 96 

Paip, Margaret, or Moir, . 
Palmer, Susanna, or Sandilands 
Panton, John, of Knockiemill, 
Panton, Williamina, or Milne, 
Paterson, Catherine, or Sandilands, 
Paterson, Crichton, or Moir, 
Paterson, Thomas, of Granton, 
Paterson, William, 

Paton, , or Burnett, . 

Paton, , of Grandholme, 






2 24 INDEX. 


Paton, Marie, or Moir, ..... 90 

Paull, Thomas, . 


Pearsone of Balmades, 


Pearsone, Agnes, . 


Pearsone, Bessie, . 


Pearsone, Edward, 


Pearsone, Issobell, 


Pearsone, James, . 


Pearsone, John, 


Pearsone, Rachel, . 


Pearsone, Thomas, 


Pirie of Stoneywood and Waterton 


Pirie, Agnes, 


Pirie, William, in Auchnacant, 

6, 12 

Pirie, Andrew, 


Pirie, Barbara, 


Pirie, George, of Savock, . 

6, 12 

Pirie, James, in Irewells, . 


Pirie, James, of Orchardton, 

7, 18 

Pirie, James, of Orchardton, grand 

son of above. 

7> 23 

Pirie, James Hunter Harvey, 


Pirie, James Mitchell, 


Pirie, Jane Catherine, or Leith-Ro 



Pirie, Jean, 


Pirie, Patrick, 


Pirie, William, I. of Orchardton, 


Powell, Rev. Henry, 


Powell, Henry Mitchell, . 


Pressie, Margaret, or More, 


Preston, Sir Henry of Formartine, 


Preston, Marjory, or Forbes, 


Prideaux, , of Lueson, 


Primrose Family, . 


Pringle, John, 


Puro, Margaret, or Moir, . 


Purves, Agnes, or Smyth, . 

107, I 

62, 179 

Rae, Janet, or Moir, 


Raeburn, Sir Henry, 

128, 129 

Raeburn, L. W., of Charlesfield, 


Ramsay, Sir Gilbert, of Balmain, 


Ramsay, Jean, or Forbes, . 


Ramsay, Major, . 


Ramsay, Lieut.-Col. George, 


Ranken, George Patrick, . 



Ranker), Jessie Georgina, or White 


Ray, Christian, or Moir, . 


Raid, Agnes, 


Reid, Andrew, of Badfothels, 


Reid, Andrew Paterson, of Tigh-na 

-mara, . 


Reid, Rev. James, 

107, I 

i> 179 

Reid, John, of Edinburgh, 


Reid, Margaret, . 


Reid, Walter, 


Reid, William, 

[I, 179 

Riach, Christian (1681), . 


Riach, Christian (1692), . 


Riach, Donald, . 


Riach, Issobell, . 


Riach, Janet, 


Riach, Margaret, . 


Riach, Patrick, 


Rickart, Issobell, or Moir, 


Riddell, Andrew, . 


Riddell, James, . 

140, 152-154 

Riddell, Walter, . 

152, 153 

Rob, James, m. Janet Moir, 


Rob, James, son of James Rob and Janet 



Robertson, Alexander, in Peterhead, 


Robertson, Andrew, of Foveran, . 


Robertson, Catherine, or Ellis, 


Robertson, Elizabeth, or Fyfe, 


Robertson, Issobell, 


Robertson, James, 


Robertson, Jannet, 


Robertson, Jean, or Ligertwood, 


Robertson, Jessie, or Loch, 


Robertson, John, . 


Robertson, Margaret, 


Robertson, Major, 


Robertson, Rachel, or Brodie, 

■ '? 

Ronaldsoun, Mariane, or Guild, 

• 56 

Rose of Insch, 

• ^« 

Rose of Lethinty, . 


Rose, Agnes, 


Rose, Alexander, son of Dr. John Rose of Fovera 



Rose, Alexander, son of Rose of Lethmty, 


Rose, Rev. Alexander, in Auchterless, 


Rose, Rev. Alex., Laird of Insch, . 


Rose, Alex., Bishop of Moray, 


Rose, Arthur, Bishop of Argyll, . 


Rose, Jane, wife of Rev. Alexander Rose, 


Rose, Jane Margaret, or Johnstor 




Rose, Jean, wife of Rev. Alexander Rose, 

Rose, Dr. John, 

Roseberry Family, 

Roseberry, Archibald, Viscount, . 

Ross, Anne, or Moir, 

Ross, Anne, or Souper, 

Ross, Charles Smith, 

Ross, Jane Catherine Leith- 

Ross, John Leith-, of Arnage, junior, 

Ross, John Leith-, J. P. and D.L., elder, 

Rowe, Euphemia, or Forbes, 

Runsieman, Janet, or More, 

Russel, , Prof, of Natural Philosophy, 

Raxton, Charles, . 

Ruxton, Jane Birnie, wife of John Ruxton: 
Kuxton, John, son of Charles Ruxton, 
Ruxton, John, M.D., of Blackpool, 
Ruxton, Thomas, of Craigton, 




01, 113 









, Edinburgh, 







St. Andrews, Bishop of (Patrick Torry), 
Salt, Harriet, or Black, 
Salt, John S., of Weeping Cross, 
Saltoun, Lord, 
Sandilands of Cotton, 
Sandilands of Craibstone, . 
Sandilands of Lanark, 
Sandilands, Alexander, son of James, III. 
Sandilands, Anne, or Gordon, 
Sandilands, Elizabeth, or Mossman, 
Sandilands, George, IIL of Cotton, 
Sandilands, Isabel!, or Black, 
Sandilands, Sir James, of Caldcr, . 
Sandilands, James, I. of Cotton, . 
Sandilands, James, of Countesswells, 
Sandilands, James, I. of Craibstone, 
Sandilands, James, III. of Craibstone, 
Sandilands, James, drowned at sea, 
Sandilands, Jean, or Byres, 
Sandilands, Jean, or Johnstone, 
Sandilands, Jean, or Moir, 
Sandilands, John, IV. of Craibstone, 
Sandilands, Margaret, or Paull, 
Sandilands, Martha, or Gordon, 
Sandilands, Patrick, II. of Cotton, 
Sandilands, Patrick, Sheriff of Aberdeen 

of Craibstone, 

146, I 


120, 146, 166, iSi, 182 




126, 127 

69, 72 

Sandilands, Rachel, or Dalgamo, . . . .183 

Sandilands, Rachel, or Gordon, 

Sandilands, Robert, Heir Presumptive to Torphichen, 

Sandilands, Robert, Rector of Spine, 

Sandilands, Thomas, II. of Craibstone, 


Sangster, Mary, or Black, . 

Schand, Elizabeth, 

Schand, James, Cordiner, . 

Schand, James, son of James Schand, Cordiner, 

Schand, Janet, son of James Schand, Cordiner, 

Schand, Jean, .... 

Schand, Robert, .... 

Schand, Thomas, .... 

Scougal, Sir John, of Scoiigal, 
Scougal, Patrick, Bishop of Aberdeen, 
Scroggie, Mary, or Moir, . 
Scroggie, Wm., Bishop of Argyll, . 
Seafield Family, .... 

Selbie, Christian, or Moir, 

Selbie, Jean, or Moir, 

Seton, Sir William, of Pitmedden, . 

Shairp, Christian, or Mitchell-Innes, 

Shairp, Thomas, of Houston, 

Shand, Rev. Alexander, of Insch, . 

Sharp, Elizabeth, or Bulteel, 

Sharp, Thomas, of Manchester, 

Shepherd, George, 

Shepherd, Helen, or More, 

Simmer, Issobell, .... 

Simmer, John, .... 

Simpson of Belhelvie, 

Simpson of Concraig, 

Simpson of Hazelhead, 

Simpson of Idoch, 

Simpson of Thornton, 

Simpson, Alexander, I. of Concraig, 

Simpson, Alexander, in Mill of Kinguidy, . 

Simpson, Alexander, son of Alex. Simpson, Mill of Kinguidy, 

Simpson, Alexander, son of Robert Simpson, II. of Thornton, 

Simpson, Anna, ...... 

Simpson, Barbara, or Middleton, . . . . 20, 53 

Simpson, David, Burgess of Aberdeen, . . -53 

Simpson, Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Simpson, I. of Concraig, 52 
Simpson, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Simpson, III. of Thornton, 51 
Simpson, Elizabeth, or Moir, . . . iv., 16, 17, 51 

Simpson, Elizabeth, or Tower, . . . .51 

Simpson, Elspet, dau. of Alexander Simpson, I. of Concraig, 52 





Simpson, Elspet, dau. of Alex. Simpson of Mill of Kinguidy, 

Simpson, Elspet, or Mitchell, . . . .20, 

Simpson, George, of Hazelhead, .... 

Simpson, George, of Idoch, .... 

Simpson, Helen, dau. of Robert Simpson, III. of Thornton, 

Simpson, Helen, or Coutts, .... 

Simpson, Helen, or Milne, .... 

Simpson, James, m. Margaret Mitchell, 

Simpson, James, son of Alex. Simpson in Mill of Kinguidy, 

Simpson, Sir James Y., M.D., of Strathavon, 

Simpson, Janet, dau. of Alexander Simpson, Mill of Kinguidy, 

Simpson, Jean, dau. of Alexander Simpson, I. of Concraig, 

Simpson, Jean, dau. of Alexander Simpson of Mill of Kinguidy, 

Simpson, John, son of Robert Simpson, I. of Thornton, . 

Simpson, Katherine, dau. of Alex. Simpson, I. of Concraig, 

Simpson, Margaret, or Napier, 

Simpson, Mary, 

Simpson, Patrick, of Concraig, . . . .52 

Simpson, Peter, 

Simpson, Robert, son of Alexander Simpson, I. of Concraig, 

Simpson, Robert, I. of Thornton, . . 17, 48, 50, 52, 

Simpson, Robert, H. of Thornton, . . .51, 

Simpson, Robert, HI. of Thornton, 

Simpson, Sarah, or Skene, . 

Simpson, Bailie William, . 

Simson, George, 

Sinclair, Jean, or Foulis, . 

Sinclair, Sir John, . 

Skene of Rubislaw, 

Skene, Alexander, XVHI. of that Ilk, 

Skene, George, of Rubislaw, 

Skene, George, XIX. of that Ilk, 

Skene, Gilbert, of Dyce, . 

Skene, James, of Rubislaw, 

Skene, Margaret, or Moir, 

Smellie, Margaret, or Moir, 

Smith of Grotthill, 

Smith, Adam, 

Smith, Agnes, 

Smith, Agnes, or Byres, 

Smith, Alexander, papermaker. 

Smith, Christian, . 

Smith, Elspet, 

Smith, Farquharson, of Quebec, 

Smith, George, 

Smith, James, 

Smith, Janet, 

Smith, Margaret, . 

Smith, Margaret, or Pirie, . 

Smith, Patrick, .... 

Smith, Wilham, .... 

Smyth, Agnes, or Byres, v., loi, 103, 107, 143, i 

Smyth, Geils or Egidia, m. Sir William Gray, 

Smyth, Janet, or Byres, 

Smyth, John, .... 

Smyth, Sir John, of Grotthill, 

Smyth, Robert, Merchant Burgess of Edinburgh 

Souper, Alexander, 

Souper, Isobell, 

Souper, James, 

Souper, Janet, 

Souper, Jean, 

Souper, John, dau. of William Souper and Jean 

Souper, John, Merchant Burgess of Aberdeen, 

Souper, Margaret, dau. of William Souper and J 

Souper, Margaret, or Farquharson, 

Souper, Patrick, of Auchlunies, 

Souper, Robert, . 

Souper, Thomas, . 

Souper, William, . 

Souper, William, of Gilcomston, 

Spinola, Agnes, or Moir, . 

Stainforth, Emily, or Davidson, 

Steele, Margaret, or Burnett, 

Steinson, Alexander, 

Steven, Agnes, or Blake, . 

Stewart, Charles, of Shambellie, 

Stewart, Lieut. -Col. James, 

Stewart, Walter, . 

Strachan, Alexander, 

Strachan, Ann, 

Strachan, Elizabeth, 

Strachan, Issobell, 

Strachan, James, . 

Strachan, John, 

Strachan, William, 

Stuart, Burnett- of Dens, 

Stuart, James, of Blairhall, 

Stuart, Theodosia, or Burnett, 

Stuart, Wortley, or Moir, . 

Sydserff, Buchan- of Ruchlaw 

Sydserff of that Ilk, 

Sydserff, Agnes, . 

Sydserff, Alexander, 

Sydserff, Elspet, . 

Sydserff, James, 

162, 165, 

v., 107, 


116, I 
166, I 






































230 INDEX. 


Sydserff, John, .... 

• '05 

Sydserff, Margaret, 

■ i°S 

Sydserff, Marione, 

• 105 

Sydserff, Rev. Thomas, . 

104, 150, 151 

Sydserff, Sir Thomas, 

• i°5 

Syramer, Peter, 


Symson, Alexander, in Belhelvie, 


Symsone, David, saddler, . 


Symsone, Margaret, or Simpson, 


Symsone, Robert, in Miltoune of Ashogle, 


Tarbat, James, 

Tarbat, Margaret, or Byres, 

Temple, Isabel, or Mitchell, 

Thomson of Banchory, 

Thomson, Alexander, of Portlethen, 

Thomson, Helen, or Shepherd, 

Thomson, Isobel, or Irvine, 

Thomson, James, " The Black Prince,' 

Thomson, Janet, dau. of Thomas Thomson and Janet Gregory, 

Thomson, John, ...... 

Thomson, Margaret, dau. of Thos. Thomson and Janet Gregory, 

Thomson, Thomas, son of John and Marjorie Mores, 

Thomson, Thomas, of Faichfield, . 

Thores, Rev. Thomas, of Udny, . 

Thores, William, . 

Toasch, Isobel, or Jamesone, . . . .56, 

Torphichen Family, 

Torphichen, Lady (Miss Sandilands), 

Torry, Patrick, Bishop of St. Andrews, 

Tortree, Janet, or Moir, . 

Tower, John, 

TurnbuU, , of Strathcathro, . 

Turnbull, Agnes, or Burnett, 
Turnbull, Patrick, . 

Turner, , of Menie, . 

Turner, , of Menie, . 

Turner of Tumerhall, 


Udny, Ann, or Sandilands, 
Udny, Arthur, 
Udny, John, of Newhills, . 
Urquhart, John, of Craigston, 


Vivian, Dr., of Falmouth, 



Walker, Alexander, 

Walker, General, Governor of Derry, 

Walker, George, . 

Walker, James, 

Walker, Marjorie, or Moir, 

Walker, Patrick, . 

Walker, Sir Patrick, 

Walker, Susan, or Hume, . 

Walker, Rev. Wm., of Old Meldrum, 

Wardlaw, EliEabeth, or Milne, 

Wardlaw, John Sidney, 

Watson, Margaret, or Moir, 

Webster, Marjorie, or Moir, 

Wedderburn, Rev. Charles, 

Weir, Anna, 

AVeir, Issobell, 

Weir, Jean, 

Weir, John, 

Weir, Margaret, 

Weir, Patrick, 

Weir, Robert, m. Issobell Moir, 

Weir, Robert, son of Robert Weir and Issobell Moir, 

Weir, Walter, 

Weir, William (1682), 

Weir, William (1689), 

Welch, James, 

Welch, William, . 

White of Holcott, . 

White, CaroUne, or Gilmour, 

White, Captain Charles, . 

White, Douglas Leland, of Albany, 

White, Henrietta Helen, or Blatherwick, 

White, James, 

White, John, son of John White of Quebec 

White, John, of Quebec, . 

White, John Claude, 

White, Maria, or Moir-Crane, 

White, Matilda, or Smith, . 

White, Patrick Howard, . 

White, Richard Peniston, . 










White, Sophia, or Davidson, 


Wilson, Agnes, or Moir, . 


Wilson, Alexander. 


Wilson, Duncan, . 


Wilson, Rev. Gabriel, of Maxton, 


Wilson, George, 


Wilson, Gilbert, . 


Wilson, Jean, or Byres, 


Wilson, John, 


Wilson, Margaret, . 


Winton, Earl of, . 


Wood, Edward, of Manchester, 


Wood, Mary Florence, or Moir, 


Woodruffe, Captain, R.N. . 


Woodruffe, Mary, or Davidson, 


Wricht, Christian, or Moir, 


Wrytin, Duncan, . 


Wrytin, James, 


Wylie, Napier Macleod, . . . . .132 


Yates, Esther Anne Mallaber Lowndes- or Moir, . . 40 

Yates, William Lowndes- of Congleton, 


Young, Andrew, . 


Young, Christian, . 


Young, Gavin, of London, 


Young, George, . 


Young, James, 


Young, Nathaniell, 


Young, William, . 



Page 28, fourteenth line, /or Jane read ]ta.n. 

48, from the seventh line of the text delete about. 
56, from the first Une delete David. 
62, last line but one, for conveying r^Zi/ converging. 
62, „ for hyperbole read hyperbola. ' 

65, from the second Une delete " and of James VI." 
65, seventh line,^r John read Colin. 

65, sixteenth line, insert Peter liefore Burnett. 

66, twenty-third line,^r Cattanch r^a(/ Cattanach. 
72, twelfth line,_^r Colton read Cotton. 
85, fourth line from fooi, for p. 87 read 88. 
87, fourth hne from foot, insert a comma between More and 

CI 8, fourth line from foot, for Dr. John Black read Dr. 
Joseph Black.