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Abbreviations— b. boru, m. married, d. died'. 








JOHN SHAW m. Susanna. By deed dated .Tuly 7, 1697, he 
acquirtn] from William Buckiuaa of Newtown, Pennsylvania, title to 
300 acres of land in the lower part of what is now Xortlianipion, then 
in Southampton, Bucks County. Pennsylvania. This tract of land 
was patented to Buckman in 108(3. In 170'J John Shaw is of record 
among the residents of Southaniptoii. His name and tliat of his son 
James are among the petitioners, December 11, 1722, for the separate 
township of Northampton, and James signs the petition in 1725 for 
tlie township of Plumstead. John and Su>anna Shaw, of X(n-tl)am}j- 
ton, were members of the Middletowu monthly meeting of the Society 
of Friends, and the names and dates of birth of their children are 
upon the records of that meeting. They had ten children. 

1. Jamks Shaw, b. Jainuiry 0, l(J!i4. S<:': ■•irrmid ijrntmtion. 

2. Ef.i/.a Shaw, b. July 2, 1097. 

3. Susanna Shaw, b. February 2, IGOO. 

4. John Shaw, b. October 29, 1700 : residence, Noi-thampton ; d. 

about 1776, leaving wid<~iv,-, Sarah, and five cldldren. First, 
James m. and had Rebecca, who m. Amos Subers, of Moore- 
laud. Second, Josf])h d. bt'f.^?"e 1776), had Elizabeth, Mary, 
Kacliel, John, Josepii. Third, John moved to Baltimore, 

Maryland, about 17S(), m. Agnes . Fourth, Jonatliaii 

probably moved to Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 
a]).,mt 179.").* Fiftli, Elizabeth m. John Banes. 

5. JoSKPH Sn.vw, b. Deceml)er !•, 17(»2 : residence, Xorthamptun ; 

d. about 1760. m. 3Iary Clough d. 1772, daughter of George 
Clough, and had five children. First, Sarah b. June 6. 1729, 
m. Ezra Croasdale. Second, Mary b. December 18, 1731, ni. 
Henry Harding. Third, Anna b. May 16, 1737, m. Eber 
Croasdale. Fourth, Josiph b. Fel)ruary 2, 1742, proba'oly 
died y<->ung. Fiftli. Su.^anna b. May .'>, 17r>il, ni. January 24, 
176S, Phineas Pa.Kson and had Josepii Shaw Paxsou. 

6. GtoiKiE Shaw, b. September 17, 1704. 

7. Sarah Shaw, b. Ajn-il 4, ITUG ; m. March 17, 1722, Gc-<m-'jo 

Brown of Solebury, Bucks County, Pennsylvaviia. lirotlin- of 
the wife of her hroth(n- Jaiiu-s. .Vflcr her husband'.^ .l.^atii 
she Ij'.H'aine the second wife of John Watson, gi-andfatlier of 
Judge Richard AVatson. 

8. Ann SifAW. li. February 25, 170D. 

9. Marv Suaw, b. November 2G, 1710. 
10. Jonathan Shaw, b. Feln-uary 22, 1712. 


JAMES SHAW, d. December 3. 17G1 ; roid.Mice, Plumstead, Bucks 
County, Pennsylvania ; m. September 24. 1718. at Abington meeting 
house, Montgoniei-y Ct^unty, Pennsylvania. Mary Brown d. June 0, 
1764, daughter of Thomas and Mary Brown. Thomas Brown b. liJiii), 
immigrated from Barking, Essex County, England, and after living 
some time in Philadelphia and Abington located, probal)ly as eai'lv as 
1712, near Dyr-rstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Thomas Brown 
conveyed by deed, dated June IS, 1724, to James Shaw, 2<I0 a(*res of 
land in IMunistead. James and 3Iary Shaw liad six children recorded 
in the records of the Bucking-ham monthly met^tino- of the Societv of 

1. Eli/.ap.kth Shaw, b. October C, 1710 ; m. Dillon. 

2. JoSKiMi Shaw, b. October 20, 1721 ; d. March 2, 17!i!i, and had 

Thomas, ^Nhisos, Amos d. 1700, and three daughters. 

3. Ja.mks Shaw, b. January 27, 1724 ; d. April 30, 1801 -, m. 

Mary Fen ton, daughter of Ephraim Fenton, and had seven 

I. Jo.<i<f/> ^fiitir ni. Mary Pryor and had seven children : 
David H. m. Margarett Cat tell ; Joseph B. m. Sarah 
Ann Carver ; Mathias m. and no issu»> ; John nev.'V 
married ; Charles m. Margaret Beets ; Mary m. 
Natlian Zinimerinan. and James m. Elizabeth Wat- 
son, no is.-^ue. 
II. M((ry Slniir m., Feljruary 22, 1774. William Brad- 
shaw, and had William, Januvs and Susan. 
III. S>is<iii>i(t S/iitir m. Rol^ert Shaw, no is.-ue. 
\y. Jir/if.< S/iiiir m. for his first wife Ra^'hel Baneroft ai^i 
- . had tlnve children : Jonathan, Eleazor and Jolm. 

Of the.-^c, tii'st. Jonatluni. wlirt ni. in oi'der Eiizu- 
l>et!i Tvson, Elizabeth W'Hihr.uu. ( 'ai le-rin.' Hii,'^-'.T- 
man, and had by rirst wife; Charl.i', te m. Ste[i').'n 
Sha^\• ; James m. Catherine Snyder ; ,]:>\\n iri. Mary 

Hallowell ; by second wife : Hannah ; Rachel ni. 
Jacob Danenhower ; ^lavy m., January, 1842. John 
Danenhower ; by third wife : Woolniau died yoiiiio-, 
and Elizabeth m. Nathan Thomas, and liad John and 
Mary. Second, Eleazor d. unmarried. Third, Jolm 
of Phunstead m. Grace Carr and had five cirddrcn : 
Eleazor C. b. 1810, m. Grace Green ; Elizabeth S. 
m. December 7, lS-1-1, Henry E. Carver ; Hannah : 
Comly ; James b. August 13, ls21, m., 184;'). Char- 
lotte T. Smalley, and had fivt- children as follows : 
Grace E. m. William H. Palmer ; Clementine G. ; 
John S. of Carversville, Bucks County, Pennsyl- 
vania, m. Terrilla Reading : Henry C. m. Sarah R. 
"Watson and had James and Donald ; Albert P. m. 
Ann L. Reading and had Frank, Rertha and Charh'S : 
James Shaw m. for his second wife Elizabeth Sniitli 
and had Rachel, Mary and Elizabeth. 
V. Jo/nt S/iini\ d. September, 178:] ; m., April 1(J. 1774. 
Sarah Skelton and had Anna, never m. ; Elizab(;th 
b. December (J, 1780. m. September 0, ISlo, Joshua 
Michner : Mary b. May 31, 1783. m. June 15, 1S0!». 
Samuel Brown. 
VI. Siimiitl Shai'', never married. 
VIT. Ej'/u-diiii S/i'/ir m. Ruth Bradshaw and had three chil- 
dren : First, Sarah. Second, Mary m. Crisjjin 
ScarL.orough and had Ruth m. Isaiali Quimbv, b. 
September 5, 1814 Third, Ephraim m. Margaret 
Good, daughter of John Good of Plumstead, and had 
Ruth m. September 28, ISGO, Watson F. Paxson of 
Carversville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, b. Au- 
gust 18, 1840. and had Margaret and Mary. 
John- Shaw, b. March G. 1728 ; d. November 11, 1748. 
JoNATEfAN Shaw, b. June 15. 1730 ; residence, Plumstead, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d. May 24, 171)0 ; m. Sarah 
Good b. December 14, 1731-2, d. November U, 1811. They 
had twelve children. 

I. O'eo/'i/e S/i'irr, 5. January 27, 1754 ; d. April 10, 175G. 
IT. Joiiiifhtn Sh<rir^ b. April 18, 1755 ; d. April 17, 
1852, never married. 

III. Sarah S/tair, b. Ma}' 28, 1757 : married twice, no 


IV. Ma/y S/nnr, h. May 2^, 175!» : m. 1777, Jacob Pax- 

son b. 1745, d. 1832, a widower with two children. 


ami had twolvc chiidi'iMi : Anna 1>. 177.'^, Joliii. 
Sarah. Isaiali, Jonathan, Jane, Thomas !>. 17lt:i, ni. 
Ann Johnson and liad thi-(>.' sons, namely. Sainu.'l, 
Albert and Edward: Mai'V b. 17!ir>, Jacob, Olivei-, 
Shaw, and IJuth I). \^(\l. V-^"^^ " 

V. J<>/u> Slni.r^ b. January '.», 17(;i ; m. 1782, Elizal)etli 
Brown and had eight ehildr«'n : Susanna. Mary. 
Jonathan, Benjamin, Sarah, Jane, Joseph and John. 
VI. 2'hoiniis S/t'f/i\ b. DeeembiT I'.',. 17(iL' ; d. Deeendier 
15, 183!) ; m. April L*:j, 180;5, IJannali Mori' and liad 
three children; Eir>t, Jonathan Shaw b. Fel)ruary 
22, 1804; d. April 14, 18(i7 : m. Ai)ril 22, 182S, 
Mary Jack and had five children, as follows : ]'21ias 
H. Shaw b. January 2!>, 1821'. m. Jane Mi-Kinsti-y 
and had three i-hildren, namely. Alfred M., Jona- 
than and Mary : George N. Shaw b. February 2!i, 
1833 : Rosanna X. Shaw I). Dcrember 21, 1S;;4, m. 
December 13, isiiu, IJcnry C. Pennington 1>. Xovcm- 
ber 20, 1835, ami had one child, namely, Edward IM. 
b. March 10, 18(i3. d. March 20. 18(J3 ; Sarah B. 
Shaw b. April 22. 1^3t^ m. Natlian R. Shepherd 
and liad thi-ee children, namely, IMary, J]mily and 
Sarah Elizabeth : Xancy P. Shaw b. May 30. 183!i, 
m. John S. I' and had Edwin and Laura. 
Second, Ann vShaw m. Andrew C(>rnwall and had 
Mary, Sarah, Richard, Hannah and Jane. Third, 
Elizabeth Shaw d. February 22. 1S1>7, m. Benjamin 
Shepherd and had Ilanna E. m. Judson La Barre of 
Chicago, Illinois. 

VII. Rf/jfrf'" S/i'fir^ b. ]May 7, 17G5 ; m. John Town,->end. 
VIII. Eliz'lh-tli Sh'tii', d. young. 
IX. .J<>f.f i>}i S/iiiir^ b. .Vugu^t 5, 17ti>, m. Elizabetli Tyson 

and had Jonathan. Jemima and P-^'oecca. 
X. Jo//i'$ S/kih-^ b. January 22. 1771. m. Hannah \\'orth- 
iugtou and had Jo- pii, .Sarah and Amy. Amy m. 
Josiah Brown and had George, Moses, James, Mar- 
tha and "William. 
XI. AniKi S/nnr, 1). Oct<.!>er 15. 1773. m. Josiah Thomson 
and had Jonathan. Mark, Jolui luid Sarah. 

XII. Sti.onuKi Sh'tir. d. young. 
<k Ar.K.XANiiKR Shaw, !). Xov.']r.b,-r 24. 17:U S-- f/ilff i/riurii- 


^ 1. 


ALEXANDER SHAW. h. Xov.Mnher 24, 17.34, d. January 11. IT'JO ; 
in. Sat-ah Brown, d. about 1S12. widow of Moses Erown. All of tlicir 
children were born on the Shaw honiostoad, devised to Alexander by 
Ids fathei- James, about three miles northeast of Doylcstown. Eueks 
County, Pennsylvania, in Plunistead Township. The lioniestead i^ 
easily reaehed by following the road that leads from Doylotnw n to 
Danborough until past Dyerstown. tlien follow the tirst road to th(> 
right until it ends in another road, and near where these roads j(,iii is 
the old Shaw homestead, now owned and occupied by Samuel \V. Shaw 
b. March 24, -185S, son of Alexander b. April 9, 1815, son of Alexan- 
der b. September 6, 17G7, son of the above Alexander and Sarah 
Alexander and Sai-ah Shaw had eight children. 
George Shaw. b. Ai)ril 2, 17C.0. S>.t' fourt/i <j>.mriiti,,,i. 
James Shaw, b. May 14, 17G2 : d. October 20, 17G5. 
]Mar\- Sha-sv, b. November 8, 17G4 ; never married. 
Alexander Shaw, b. Sc})tember G, 17G7 : d. May 7, 1S20 ; m. 
Martha Wilson b. r^Iareh 9, 1780, d. August 17, 1854, daugh- 
ter of Stephen b. July 2, 1749, and Sarah (Blackfan.) Wilson 
and had nine children : first, Sarah W. b. October IS, 1799, d. 
September 22. 18G1, m. Samuel Fell and liad Rebecca, Joseph, 
Martha, Oliver, Alexander and Sarah ; second, Hannah b. 
April 27, 1801, d. December 7, 1858, no issue ; third, George 
b. April 10, 180G, d. November 28, 1811 ; fourtii, Stephen b. 
March 9, 1811, m. and had Moses and Charlotte; fifth, 
Rebecca b. Septeml)er 3, 1812, d. January 5, 1831 : sixth, 
Alexander b. xl pril 9, 1815. m. Eliza Major August 29, 1848, 
and had Hannah, Henrietta, Martha, Howard, Samuel W. and 
Elliot ; seventh, Martha b. May 7, 1819 ; eighth, Elizabeth 
died young ; ninth. Olivv-r b. July 2, 1828, never married. 
5. John Shaw, b. April 28. 17G9, m. 1798 :\Iartha Brown, daugh- 
ter of John Bi-owu, son of Geoi'ge Brown, of Buckingham, 
Bucks County. Pennsylvania, who was the brother of Thomas 
Brown who.-e daughter Mary married James Shaw son of 
John Shaw of the first generation. John and ^Martha Shaw 
had five children : First, Elias, of Baltimore, Maryland, b. 
July 10, 1799, m. Eliza Krause and had Martha A., Robert, 
Virginia and Elias ; none married except Vii-ginia. Second, 
Robert b. April 14, 1801, \\\. Catherine Schemniel, and had 
Ann :\I.. S^wah and J,>l;n in. Ann Mcwe. Third, Sarah b. 
I\Iarch 15, 1805, m. Moses (rib.son and had Louisa, Letitia, 
Robert, Harriet A., Martha. Fourth, Rach.'l, living in 1897, 

m. James Sands and had AdaliiU', Mai'tha J. and "William ; 
never iiiarriod. FifUi, Mosc- died young. 

6. Hannah Shaw, h. l'"el)i-uary 2'J, 1772 ; \n. Elcazor Jones, e(tni- 

monly c-alled Kia Jones, who m. [\v>i hec sister Sarah. Tlwy 
had Joseph b. April 24, 1S0;5 ; Sarah h. July i:), ISUJ ; Nauey 
b. May 2G. 1806. 

7. Sarah Shaw, b. Oetol)er IS, 1771 ; d. Mareh !!•, 17'.>4 ; m. 

Eleazor Jones 

8. Aaron Shaw, b. August ] H, 177S ; d. ISovember :-!, IS^S ; ni. 

Decembei- 13, 1S04. Susanna Pirown, >i>tei- of the wife of his 
brother John. They had nine tdiildreii. 
I. R<i€kd Slidir^ died young. 
II. Amos B. S/unr, b. April i;!, 1S(I7. ni. Eliza Hopkins 
and had Joslnia, who ni. Eouise Sullivan and luul 
III. Charlts M. S/nnr. b. Juno 11, ISOH ; d. June K;. ISIH) ; 
m. 1S:}4 Euniee Fell, daughtei- of Eli ami Ilaehel 
Fell, and had Annie Eliza, m-ver married, b. OetolxM- 
26, 1834. 
IV." Ihivv'ii S/ h. 1812, m. first May 10, ls;]7, Surah 
W. Ely, daughter of Sanuiel Ely, and m. second 
August 4, 184."). Sophia J. Elliot, of near Xoi-ris- 
towu, Penn>vlvania, and had Isabella 1). May 111, 
184G, and John Elliot, of Philadelphia, Penii>ylva- 
nia, b. February 21, 184S. 
V. KlmliKi Slniii-^ \k May 4, 1814 : d. April 2!>. ISSii ; m. 
April 4, 18;;8, John C. Shepherd of Buekinghani, 
Pennsylvania, and had five ehildren : Harvey S., of 
Chicago, Illinois, b. February C, 1S4(», m. Jo^.-phine 
Wheeler ; John A. b. Mareh 2:'.. 1-42, not married ; 
Charles S. b. August 8. 1S44, d. Fei)ruary 11, iss:;, 
m. November is, 1S74, Emeline C. Mitchell : 
Susanna Emily I). August S. 1^4;. and H^nry C. h. 
December 8, isr)l, m. November lo, 18>4, Willi' ':■ 
mina W. Halloway. 
VI. ,J(tliii B. Sli<nr\ 'died youag. 
VII. John A. S/i<iii\ of Cincinnati and Chicago -. m. \'ir 
ginia Rutherford, and liad Cliarles, died iieM-r mar- 
VIII. A'iron S/ki"-^ b. April 11, 182."), moved west 
IX. G'ty/".i-f S/,'nr_ b. July 2i;, 1-27; d. Se[,tc:;:!uT 11. 
1S60 ; m. iiachel E. Parry, and died in lJuck> 
- County, Pennsylvania ; no issue. 


GEOKGESTTAW, l>. April i\ ITCo ; d. Au-u<1 21. ISdl -. m. Mary 
Wilson; <.l. alxmt ISi'S, al EvansvilU', linliana: she inafi-iiMl, sri-oiid, 
Jolmstoii AVatsoii, and had Elizal»t'th ^Vat^(lIl, wlio nuirrifd first Sandv 

Kial, and second MrCoy. A dofd dated A[n-il 1. ITHT, recordeil in 

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Rook 2S, pa^!*' 544, shows that Thomas 
Brown conveyed land in Plumstead. Bucks County, Pennsvlvania, to 
his son-in-law, James Shaw, on June 18, 1724, and()n December 14, IT.")".!. 
James Shaw deeded part of it to his sou, Alexandei- Shaw, who died 
intestate, and the Orphans Court adjudji'ed this land to his eldest son, 
George Siiaw, and April 1, IT'.'T, George Shaw and Marv, his wife, of 
Plumstead, deed this land to John Fell, and in I'^ll, in Deed Book 4(1, 
page 121, Mary Watson and Jolin>ton ^Vat>on, as administrati'ix and 
administrator of the estate of George Shaw, deceased, perfect tlie title 
in John Fell. By deed. Book 2(;, pagi> 4.')1, dated April S, IT'.tl, 
"George Shaw and !Mary, his wife, of i'lum->tead, yeoman," convey 
land to his bristlier, "Alexander Shaw, yeoman.'' 

Mary Wilson, wife of Georgt^ Shaw, wa.~> \jovn lit!"!. Her mothtn*, 
Elizabeth, nnirried first, John Wilson, of Nockamixon, Bucks County, 
Pennsyhania, d. December, 1778, and had John and Mary ; second, 
William Keith, of Makefield, Bucks Ci^unty, Pennsvlvania, d. 17S1, and 
had Samuel : third, Robert Gibson, d. 17S8, and had Jean and Robert. 
This Robei't Gil-)Son was undouljtedly related to the James Gibson 
appointed guardian of Da\ id Sliaw, minor son of George and Mary 
(Wilson) Shaw, on June 3, 1812, by the Orphans Court of Bucks 
County, I'ennsylvania, to represent him in a dower claim forming part 
of the estate of his grandmother, Sarah Sl;aw. 

The father of Mary "\Vil>on was John Wilson, of Xockamixon, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, d. Decernber, 1771]. Her grandfatlier 
was Ralpli "Wilson, of Nockamixon. b. 1710, d. 177t;. His sons were 
David, John, Samuel. Robert, Andrew, Franci> and William. He v.-as 
Scotch-Iri.-li Presbvterian. George and Mary i Wilson) Shaw had ; 

1. John'' Shaw, never inai-ricd, died about 1S27, at Evans- 

ville, Indiana. * 

2. Andrew Shaw, never a;iarried, died aij'jut 1825, at Evaiibville, 

- 3. David Sii.\w, born in Plumstead, Bueks County, Pennsylvania, 
February 2G, 17'JU. See p'fth ijtucr'itl.on. 



DAVID SHAW, b. in Plumstead. Ikioks County. Penn^v'v;!'.;a. 
February 2r., 1706 ; d. Deeoniber 24. ISGO, at Madison. Indiana ; m. 
July 2i', ISr.l. Nancy Spoor Andrews, of near Dayton. Ohio. Sr.- 
Andrews family. About ISIS, David Shaw moved west in cuiujiaiiv 
with his mother, two brothers, and half sister, Eli/aljeth WatM.n. 
His first residence was near Dayton, Ohio, where his sons, Chai-'cs G. 
and George W. , were born. He then moved to Rising Sun, Indiniia, 
where his children, Hugh. Jolm. James, Elizal)eth and Elconora wore 
born. About 1S3G he moved to Madison. Indiana, where he purchased 
the dry goods store of John Lodge, and continued it until ho retired 
from business a few years before his death. David and Xancv Spocr 
(Andrews,) Shaw had : 

1. Charles Grekx Shaw, b. May 20, 1S20 ; d. in Now York City 

May 14, 1S75 : m. January 20, IS.'jO, Sallio Carr, daughter of 
John Carr, of Charlestown, Indiana. They had born in Mad- 
ison, Indiana, now of New York City : 

I. Charh-s (}ro:)i Sha>r. b. February H, 1S51 : m. Sep- 
tember 2G, ISs^G, Eva Morris of Louisville, Ken- 
tucky ; d. May 2.3. \>X^. They had Charles G. and 
Frank D., twins, b. May 1. 1S1I2. 
II. Frank D. HIkw, b. December G, IS-Jo. 

2. Ge(»R(;e "Wilson Shaw, b. November 10, 1822 ; m. Nover.iln-r 

24, 1S52. Mary, daughter of James Perrino. Residence, 
Dayton, Ohio. They had : 

I. Ella Xorn S/nim^ b. January 31. lS.'i4 ; d. July 2."), 

1877 ; never married. 
IT. Niiurtj AniJrtsiffi Sh'iir^ b. February 2G, 185G ; m. June 
4, 1870, .John Bradley Greene of Burfalo, Nca- Y.u-k ; 
d. October IG, 1S03. They had Katherino Thoiup- 
son b. Decomlx'r 4, l'^S2, and George Shaw b. A;):'il 
9, 1SS4. 
TIT. J-nurs Fcnhn S/,'nr^ b. November 8, 1850; d. 
IV. JxHif. l\)-run^ S/"/>r^ b. July 10, 18G3 : m. June 4, 
1890, Frank Jetlerson Patterson of Dayton, Ohio. 
and had Jerfrrson b. May 14, 1<:'1. M;;ry P.-rria^ b. 
March 22, 1804, and F.fank Stewart 1>. Septeiiil-er 3, 

V. ^'.•'■rn; Cu'.lj,,,-'! S.I.,n<\^ \^, ,\ugii.-~t 2'l, l^G.'i. 

3. Huoii An[>hkws Shaw, b. Fei)i-u;iry 28. l^i',"> ; d. Avigust 1<'. 



4. John Andrews Shaw, b. October 20, 1S27 : d. Februai-v IT, 


5. James Hugh Shaw, b. November 2S, 1821) ; d. January 22. 

1802 ; never married. 
G. Elizaheth Mary Shaw, b. March H>, 1832 ; d. 25. 
1881 ; m. June 10, 185M. Junalliau Rk'hard.s of Chica^n,, 
Illinois ; d. February 22. 18:;»j. Tliey had : 

I. Charles Diivid Ri'/iards, b. March 2t;, 1851. 
IT. lldi.n EUzahrth Ri'-Jiards, died vouno-. 
III. Anna Rirhcu'ih, b. January ;n. 1>'Im ; m. Fei)ruary ] i;. 
ISSG, Henry P. Lowe of Denver, Colorado, and had 
Irene b. February 11, 1887, and ]\Iary Perrine b. 
April 14, 1801. 

7. Eleonora Shaw. b. Augu,--t 21, 18:;4. Sev si.rt/i (jrnt ratii'n. 

8. Theodore Andrews Shaw, b. November 21, 18;](j ; m. Octoiier 

24, 1805, Sallie Van Doren. daughter of William Howard \'an 
Doren. Residence, Chicago. IHinois. They had : 
I. Allre !^h<iir^ died young. 

II. Hoicard Van Dm-',' S/iair^ b. Mav 7, 18(58 ; n). April 
20, 1803, Franrf Wells, daughter of Closes Wells 
of Chieago, IIliuoi>. Tliey had Evelyn b. March 28, 
III. Thojdoir A. Shu,r, b. September 13, 1871. 

9. Sarah Isabella Shaw, b. July 5, 1840 ; d. September 11, 

1870 ; never married. 
10. Edwin Clinton Shaw, b. September 10. 1842 ; m. October 31, 
18GG, Alice Winters, daughter of Valentine Winters of 
Dayton, Ohio. Residence Toledo, Ohio. They had : 

I. Ediriit (J. Shair^ b. S.^ptember 0, 18G7 ; d. October ITi, 

II. Kathryn Wiidas S/rair, b. July ol, 18G9 ; m. William 
Coldham of Toledo. Ohii», and had Alice Winters b. 
September IG, 1-01. and Marjorie b. March 28, 18!»4. 
III. Go:>rf/e IF. S/>a,r, ],. July 12, 1-74. 
IV^. Wi/if'ji-s ,S/iai/\ b. Januai-y 0. 1-7G ; died young. 
V. Carlton Shav, b. July G, 1880. 
VI. Frtd^.rii: D. S/iutr^ b. May 17, 1884 ; d. Sept. 8, 1884. 


ELEONOR.V SHAW. b. .\---^ 21, l-:;i: m. Jure 27, l-*e!, 
Charles Henry Hunt oi Cliicago. h ; d. June 'J, 1870. See Hurxt 
family. Residence Chicago, Illinois. They had : 


1. Ji;nnie C'>u.\ TIl-nt, 1.. April 11, ISiH ; d. F.-hriuii-v lo, ]^~:>. 

2. LiZZIK SUAV.- IlrNT, h. SoptrinhvT I'l, lSi;2. .S'" s, r< ,,f/, ,/, „■ 

«')'(!{ I'm. 


LIZZIE SHAW HUNT, b. September 21, 18G2 ; m. December 7, 
1891, Mose^ J. Wentworth b. May !», 1S4S (see WeiitAvorth Gcnealoo-y. 
Vol. 2, page 71G). They had John and Hunt. Sa ( i</Iif/i tjnn riifinn. 


JOHN WI-]XTWOUTH, b. September 24. ls!»2. 
HUNT AVEXTWOHTH, b. October 24, IS'Jo. 




The author is indehtc'l to " rennsylvaniii Genealogies," by William H. Egle, for 
considerable information relatiii<j: to tiie Ainsworth and Andrews families. 


SAMUEL AIXSWOKTII settled about ITi'.r. in Hunover To\vn^^]lip 
of Lancaster Cumty, afterwards (if Dauphin County and now of 
Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Llis name a])pears in 1751 upon 
the first assessment list of that township. In the assessment list for 
IToC) it is noted that his sou was taken cajitive by the Indians, 
and that he had tlod from his farm. Little is known of him save tliat 
his wife was .Margaret Young, daughter of John Young and Margery 
Stewart, of Hanover. Only two of his ehildren are known. 

1. Joiix AiN.swoRTn, b. 1740. Ste necon J 'j<:)i< ration. 

2. Lazahus AiNSWimTii, d. March, 1777 ; m. ; no children. 


JOHN AINSWORTH. b. 1740 ; d. August 14. 1S12. in Hanover 
Township ; m. 17t'.4 Margaret Mayes of Donegal, Lancaster Ci-unty, 
Pennsylvania, b. 1744, d. Sei)teTnber 1."], ISl'S, daughter of James 
^layes. They had nijie children. 

1. Samikl Ainsworth, b. Novmibor 11, 17b") ; d. Felu-uary, 17'.>S. 
He was twice eleited member of the Pennsylvania Legisla- 
ture ; m. May 10, 171)2, Margaret McEwen b. 1770, in Han- 
over, d. October 2;>. iStjT, near Lanra>ter. Ohio, daughter of 
Richard McEwen. They had tlnv.- <hlldren. 

I. John Alii.'iti'ortJt, b. February l.j, 1703, in Hanover ; 
d. February 1"). ISGO. in Sidnt^y, Ohio : m. February 
24. iSi^O, S..:-ah Hwiing .^f n-rav 3Iad Liv.-r, 
Green Couiity. Ohio, b. September 2'J, K'.'-^, d. 
May 3, 183!:». They had seven children : First. 



Eliza Mary b. Mai\li L'4, ]S21 ; in. April IT). ]<i], 
James Black of Sidney. Ohio, b. SepttMnbtM- L'2, 1^14, 
and had Georo-e Black. Sec'ond, Saniiirl. d. youn;:^. 
Thii-d, John M. b. Sept.>niber :{0, 1S2(; ; m. VAu.ixhoxh 
Ti. Swingley ; ivsi(hnicc. Kansas. Fourth. Ricliard 
M. b. A\n-\\ ."), \^-29 ; in. June 17, l>.-)>^, Rebecca 
Neal, of Sidney, Ohio ; residence, Kansa.s City. 
Fifth, Ephraiin II. b. August IJl, IS:]] ; in. Jani^ G. 
Anderson ; residence. Kansas. Sixth, Manassah X. 
b. March 23, 1S35 ; m. Miss Tlamil of Leavenworth. 
Kansas. Seventh, David E. 1). June 17, 18o7, cap- 
tain, killed in the Battle of the Wilderness. 
Jane EUzo Ainstrorth. b. October 25, 17"J4 ; ni. Judge 
David Ewing of Lancastei-, Oliio ; b. October 2*i, 
1784 ; d. December 30, 1844, and had David. 
III. Rich, ml McKii-rii Ainsicort/i, b. 171)0 ; d. :March 14, 
1847, in Fairview, Ohio ; m. Emily IIollist<n- and 
had Juliet, m. Joseph C. Kincaid of Lancaster. Ohio. 
Nancv Ainsworth. b. January 8, 17(>7 : d. January 2, ls4r) ; 
m. March 18, H'JO, William Alh-n b. May 1('>. 17t;7, d. 
November 14, 1844. They had seven children born in Han- 
over, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. 

I. Scmxrl AJJtii, b. 17;n ; d. January 23, 18G3, in Three 
Rivers, Michigan ; m. 1822 Eleanor Brown, d. 
November 23, 1859. They had five children : First, 
Nancy Jane b. 1823 ; m. Ellas R. Milhnan, of Three 
Rivers, Michigan, and had Ellen, Mary, Martha, 
William, Anne. Second. Mary b. 1825 ; m. Joseph 
W. Marshall of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and had 
William. Samuel, Ellen, Joseph, Maria. Mary, Alice, 
Emma. Third, William b. 1827 ; m. Sally McKee, 
of Vincennes. Indiana, and had William, Anna, 
Ella, Samuel. Fourth, Samuel B. b. ls3U : m. P:ii/a- 
beth Smith and had Nellie, Samuel, William. Fifth, 
Sally M. b. ls32. 

Miii-'jiii: f AUui, b. 1794 ; m. .John Mahargue, of 
Halifa.x, Pennsylvania, and had James, Nancy, 
David, Rebecca. William, Sarah. Mary. 
Rtb'.r,:,, AU'H, b. July 24, 179(; ; d. 1872 ; m. Decem- 
ber 17, I.-IO. D.ivid E.>pv 1". June 11, 1792. d. 
April 21, ls40. in Paxtang. Pcnn-ylvania. They had 
six children: First. Jo.-,iah b. September 2!', 1>!7. 
Second, William K. b. October 9, 1819 ; m. Martha 




Sturgeon and liod Rober<-a ni. Wiiliani Quinn, Eliza. 
Sarah. David. William. Third. Anna M. b. May 11. 
1822 ; m. March 1, lS4n. James Todd b. Man.h, 
1810, d. Sopti-nd)t'r 18. 1S(U, and liad Andrew. 
David, Naney, William. Fourth, David b. Septem- 
ber 28, 182G : m. August 10, 1851, Ann Catherine 
Jackson of Galesburg. Illinois. Fifth. John A. b. 
July 26, 1820 ; m. Martha Fry. Si.xth, Susanna M. 
b. February 1, 18o:{ : m. Martin S. Carr. 
IV. Xanr,/ Allai, b. August Kt. 1700 ; d. May 18, 18G8 ; 
m. May 21. 181S. Samuel Tmld. b. April 2!>, 1705, 
d. July 25, 1841, in Champaign Coimty, Illinois. 
Tliev had seven children : First, James b. Mai'eh 
15. I8l0 : m. Annie Espy. Second, Nancy A. b. 
October 21, 1820 : m. April 0. 1844, Robert E. fiob- 
inson and had Samuel. James, AVilliam, Thomas. 
Anna. Nancy. John ; Harry d. young ; Sarah b. 
June 8, I8(;t;. Third. Mary b. October, 1822 : m. 
November »j, 1840. John H. Runyan, b. December, 
1817, and had Richard. John d. young, Julia. 
Fourth, Caroline .^I. b. August, 1825 : m. Rudolplius 
Petit and had Andrew and Lewis. Fifth, Sarah b. 
July 1(1. 1828. Sixth, Martha b. October 3U. ]8;-]0 : 
m. March G, 185(), James L. Crain. Seventh, 
Samuel N. b. August 2t;. 18:ir; ; m. August 28, Im.U, 
Sallie E. Edgar b. November 20, 1830, reside at 
Sidney, Ohio, and had Edgar b. November 22. 1SG2. 
V. M<n->/ AUt>,, b. 1801 : d. July 4. 1822. 
VI. S'llfi/ Alhii, b. 1803: d. September 15, 1800: m. 
George ^V. Dumars. 
VII. WU/i.iJH Allt>i, b. Marcli 1, iSi.iO : d. 1880. in Hanover. 
Pennsylvania : m. 3Iary Albright and had William, 
Mary, Rebecca. Jiilm. 
Ja.mks AiNSWORTii, b. February 5. 1770 : m. Lydia Crain. b. 
177t), daughter of George Crain, t-i Hanover, Pennsylvania ; 
moved about 18u3 to Franklin, Oliio. They had ten children : 
First. John m. Sarah (Vail) Jenkins and had Sarah and 
Elizabeth. Second, George C. m. Matilda C-.x and had 
Sarah and Lydia. Thinl. Samuel m. -M*nxy Searles and liad 
Enos, Mary, Samuel and Nancy. Fourth, Nancy b. Novem- 
ber 11, 1SU3 : m. Ni-\'-ml)er 2ii. 1-^25. Jam'- LiK-as of 
Osborn, Ohi^, u. July 4. 17:'-. ai.d had r^lary. June, Ly.Iiu. 
Margaret, Caroline and Miranda. Fifth, James m. and left 

t\vo-s(ni.s. in Van W-rt County. Ohio. Sixth. Josoph ir,. 
Mary Beetle and had Gporge, Th(>!na<. .Tames, Eli/.aheth. 
Seventh. Martha iifver niarri.'d. Eighth. Margaret m. 
Nathan Anderson. Ninth, "William m. Susaii Mitten and 
had John. Eliza, Jane, Ji^sopli. Elizabeth. Wallaic, ami by 
seeond wife (Miss Vanee ) had Homer. Tentli, Eli/.abetli ni. 
Henry Van Riper, of Van Wert County, Ohio, and had James 
and Ijydia. 

John Ainswortii, b. June 30. 1772, in Hanover. Penn.sylvania : 
d. December 11, 1S27 : moved to Ohio aljr>ut 1S04 ; buried 
at Bath, Greene County, Ohio : m. Mary Stewart. 

Eli/.ahetii Ainsworth. 1). August '2i'<. 1774. .V'.' '////•</ ,/( uira- 

Maroarkt Ainsworth, b. Noveml_)er 24. 1777 ; d. February 
14, 1854; m. Thomas Brown, d. February 17, 1651 : both 
buried at Paxtang. Pennsylvania. They had nine children : 
First, William b. September (1. 1800, d. 1822. Second, 
Mai'garet b. September 0, 1803. Third, Matlunv b. January 
26, ISOG ; m. May 27, 1834, Rebecca McCIure of Salona, 
Pennsylvania. Fourth, Samuel b. 1808 ; d. 1835. Fifth, 
Eliza b. Dec. 28. 1*^10. d. 1857 : m. January, ls-;o. Jolni C. 
Rogers and had Thomas b. May 2^. Is40. Isabella. Robert. 
Margaret, Jane died young, and Eliza. Si.xth, Thomas died 
young. Seventh. Nauey b. May 17, 181»'i, m. Joslrua Elder 
and had Margaret b. October 4, 184G, Matliew, Eleaner, 
Matilda, Mary b. May 23, L857. Eighth, ^^latilda b. July 17, 
1810. Ninth, Margaret b. April 11, 1822, d. 1847 : m. Sep- 
tember 18. 1>^45, James M. Sh^am, of New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Sally Ainsworth. b. November 18, 1780 ; d. December 27^ 
1831 ; m. October 15, 1807, James Todd b. February 22, 
1779, d. December 11. 1851. They had six children ; Fii-st. 
Mary b. May 3. 1800 : m. September 10. 1833. Alexander 
Sloam. and had Robert died young, Sarah. Margaret and 
Isabella. Second. ^largaret b. September 25. 1811, m. 
Andrew Harrison. Third. James b. January 10. 1-14. 
Fourth, Sally b. May 3. 1810, d. ISGO : m. March 6. 1840. 
Claudius B. French and had James b. May 11. 1842, Her- 
man, Sarah. J()hn died young. David. Baxter. John 1). Au- 
gust. 1850, died young. Fifth. Jolin b. Noveml>er Id. 1>;1S : 
m. S>e])tember 10. 1843. Martha Atkens. b. July 12, 1821. 
o'vl had Tain.'s i,. Fehruarv 11. 1-^5. Ahiria. Quiniu<. 
JJavid b. January 24, 1^5'!. .Sixth. Duvid b. Noveudjer 15. 
1821, never married. 


^i. Jean Aixswukth. h. July l'. 17S4 ; m. John Snodgrass : d. 

Deeoinher 3. 18('>2 : no ehildrtni. 
9. Matthew Ain'sworth, h. Felu-uary 1. 17S7 ; died about 1807 •. 

no cliildron. 


ELIZABETH ATXSWORTH. b. Au^^nist iMi, 1774 : d. Soptomber 1, 
ISoO, in Daytnn. Ohio : m. first. September 10, 17;t!\ Huo-h Andrews 
(see Andrews family). One of their childrru was Xaney Speer 
Andrews b. October 1, 1800 ; sre fourtli iiencrotioi) : m. second. 
April 22, 1818, James Guthrie b. August 10, 1784 ; d. August 3, 
1860. They had : 

1. Abelard Guthrie, b. March G, 1814 ; d. January, 1874 : m. 

Nancy Brc>wn and had Abalura, Xorsona. James, Jacitb. 

2. Eloise Guthrie, m. February 28, 18(31, Jacob Light. 

3. Margaret Guthrie, b. ^lay 10, 1810 ; m. December 2, 1841, 

Isaac Strohm and had Gertrude b. July 14, 1843 ; Elizabeth 
b. February 10, 1845 : Mary b. July 25, 1846 ; Edwin b. 
December 25, 1840, died y<nmg ; Heni-y b. June 7, 1852. 


NAXCY SPEER AXDREWS. b. October 1, 1800 (see Andrews 
family): m. David Shaw b. February 26, 1706 (see Shaw family). 
One of their children was Eleonora Shaw. S>:e ffth ije)teration. 


ELEOXORA SHAW, b. August 21, 1834 (see Shaw family) ; m. 
Charles Henry Hunt b. May 8, 1830 ("see Hunt family). One of their 
children was Lizzie Shaw Hunt. *SV'j si.i'th yeneratiox. 


LIZZIE SHAAV HUXT, b. September 21,n1S62 (see Hunt family) ; 
m. Moses J. Weutworth I). May 0, 1848 (see "Wentworth Genealogy, 
Vol. 2, page 716 j. They had John and Hunt. See sevi.nth r;t:nei-ation. 


JOHX WEXTWORTH, b. Septeraoer 24. 1-1*2 
HUXT WEXTWORTH. b. October 24. 1-^05. 





JOHN ANDREWS, a native of Londonderry. Ireland, came to 
Peunsx'lvania in 17o7. and located on the Mananda River, in Hanover 
Town-ihip. Pennsylvania His name appears on the first assessment 
for the --east end of Hanover." Among his children were: First, 
Robert d. September. 17G2. leaving a widow. Agnes, and children. 
John. Robert. Mar^-aret. Arthur, ]Mary, Huni|)hry, ]\Ioses and Agues. 
Second. John. Third. James d. December, ITSo. See second yum- rut ion. 


JAMES ANDREWS, d. December, 1TS5 : m. March 3, 1761, Jean 
Strain, daughter of John Strain of Hanover. Pennsylvania. They 
had three children : First. John b. 1762. Second. Hugh b. August 31, 
1764. S>:e tJiu-J 'jeiitration. Third. Elizabeth m. Robert Thompson of 
Franklin County, Pennsylvania. 


HUGH ANDREWS, b. August 31. 1764, in Hanover Township, 
Pennsylvania : d. May, 1811. in Dayton. Ohio : m. first. December 
25. 1789. Ann Speer : d. May 25, 1795. They had three children : 
First, John m. Susan Zeigler and had James. Sarah, and Isabella m. 
Albert Williamson. Second. Isabella m. William Williamson and had 
nine children : Jane m. Joseph Morris. Elizabeth m. John Drummoud 
and had one child William, Harriet N.. Anianda, Ann Spcer m. 
Benjamin Morris, Joseph V. m. and had two sons Alexander D. and 
Edward H., Hugh. Catherine m. Nathan Mathews, William. Third. 
Margaret never married. Hugh Andrews m. second, September ](,», 
1799, Elizabeth Ain.-worth. b. Au:^-u<t 26. 1774 {>-<^<' Ainsv/..rTii 
familv). They moved to near Dciyton, Ohio, about 1SU4. They hi.'.d 
five children. 


Nancy Spker Andrews, b. October 1, 1^00. Sec fourth gener- 

Samuel Ainswortii Andrews, b. January 2S, 1S02 ; d. Day- 
ton, Ohio, September 10, ISSO ; m. February 3, 1S31, 
Margaret Ranl^ey, d. October, 1SG8, daughter of James 
Ramsey, and had eleven children : Mar}^ Eliza b. February 
UK 1S32, m. first, October IS, 1S49, Rev. Patterson Recce 
and had Patterson A., m. st^cond, James ]MeMilian, Xenia, 
Ohio ; Hugh b. March III, 1834. d. June, 1805, at Jonesboro, 
Illinois : James R. b. May 25, 1830, m. Alice Hagenbach, resi- 
dence Dayton. Ohio ; John 1). December 15, 1837, of New 
Orleans, Louisiana ; Elizabeth A., b. March 0, 1840, m. Rev. 
James T. Pollock ; George W. b. February 22, 1842, of 
Murphysborough, Illinois ; Sarah Ellen b. January 14, 1844 ; 
Anna Isabella b. August 8, 184t; : Samuel died young ; "Wil- 
liam C. b. August 13, 1850, d. August 17, ISGG ; Margaret 
Effie b. August 25. 1852. m. Henry H. Cory. 

James Andrews, b. November 26, 1805 ; d. 1803 ; m. November 

'20, 1827, Mary Cornelia Van Cleve, b. December 2, 1807,: 
daughter of Beniamin Van Cleve of DavtiMi, Ohio, and had 
six children : Benjamin b. September 5, 1828, m. Samantha 
Bucher, residence Dayton. Ohio : America b. April 8, 1835 ; 
Franklin M. b. August 22. 1838, m. ]Mary E. Pi'ice, residence 
Dayton, Ohio ; John V. b. May 5. 1842, moved west ; Samuel 
D. b. October 11, 1844, residence Dayton, Ohio ; Laura N. b. 
April 8, 1840, m. "William Polan, residence Dayton, Ohio. 

Eliza Andrews, b. Dec. 17, 1807 ; d. February 4, 18G0, at 
Xenia, Ohio : m. Alexander Stejjhen. and had nine children : 
Elizabeth A. m. Horace Looniis, Nancy J. m. Joseph Williams, 
Hugh m. Artemesia Saxon, Eloise m. Luther Haines, Charles 
A. m. Mary I_^ester; John A. m. Harriet Galbraith, Martha, 
George, Eleanora. 

Hugh Andrews, b. September 2, 1810 ; d. March, 18G2 ; m. 
January 18. 1831. Phoebe Cook b. March, 1810. They had 
six children ; Angelina b. Januat-y 7, 1833, m. January 18, 
1855, Levi Kirby ] Abraham b. July 12, 1835, m. December 
30, 1855, Jane Pearson ; Samuel b. January 10, 1841, Elea- 
nora b. May 7, 184G, m. John Cochran ; Joseph "W. b. 
December 4, 1S48 ; Eliza, b. October 11, 1S51. 



NANCY SPEER ANDREW, h. Oct..l.or 1, 1800. in Haiiowi-. 
Pennsylvania ; d. at Dayton. Ohio, July lt». ISSl ; m. July 2!). ISIK. 
David Shaw (see Shaw family). One of tiieir children was Eleoni.ra 
Shaw. Sttjijt/i yeiitralioH. 


ELEONORA SHAW. h. August 21, ISili (see Shaw family); m. 
Charles Henry Hunt h. May S. ISi^O ( .-^-e Plunt family). One of 
their children was Lizzie Shaw Hunt. .SVc ^irt/i (joierctiox. 


LIZZIE SPIAAV HUNT, b. September 21. 1S02 (see Huntjamily): 
m. Moses J. Wentworth, b. May 9, 1S4S (see Wentworth Genealogy, 
Vol. 2, page TIG). They had John and Hunt. Ste scctnf/i (jenrration. 


JOHN WENTWORTH. b. September 24, 1892. 
HUNT WENTWORTH, b. October 24. 1805. 



HINT FA^[rr;v. 



SOLOMON HUNT, b. Jaiuuirv HI 174!i; hirthpliKv unknowr, ; 
rosidiMico Straffoi'd, Vorniont ; m. Lucy Burleigli b. July lil*, 17r)4, aud 
had thirtt^en c-hildivn : Jacob and Samuel, twins, b. Fcliruary 8, 177S ; 
Anna b. January 17, 1780 ; Nabl)y b. March 22, 17S."! ; John and Molly, 
twins, b. St'})tcniber 18, 1784 ; Lucy b, Auo-ust 5, 17>ti ; Mary b. April 
15, 17Sn ; Enoch and Burleigh, twins, b. Januai'y 'AO, 17II2 ; Solomon 
b. February 21', 17II4, .svr stroinl (ji in rution : Joscpli \). Dccend)ci- 2, 
1795 ; Sarah b. June 2, 17r>8, niotlicr of Halsey J. Boardman, Boston, 
Massachusetts. Of the above children, ]Mary b. April 15, 178II, com- 
monly called Polly, ni. Nathaniel Moi-rill and had ten ch.ildren, im-lud- 
ing : First, Justin Smith Moi-riU, United States Senator from Vermont, 
m. Ruth Swan and liad Justin died young, and James. Second, Edna 
and Sidney S. ^^lorrill, twins ; Sidney S. ^Morrill resided at Fulton, 
New York, and liad Jessie, Elmer and Justin. Third, Amos Moi-rill (if 
StrafYord, Vermont, m. and had Henry and Curtis. Fourth, Wilbur 
F. Morrill b. August, 1827, residence New Albany, Indiana, m. Mary 
Crawford, and had Justin died young, Cora m. Henry Merrill, Anna 
died young, Randall C, Mary H., Wilbur N., and Ruth died young. 


SOLOMON HUNT, b. February 2I», 1794. at Norwich, Vermont ; 
d. Sepjtc^mber 4, l'^o2, .buried at Sacramento, California ; m. September 
18, 18l:t, Harriet Hopkins, daughter of Ellias Hopkins, Bath, Steuben 
County, New York, b. September 18, 1802, d. Decendjer IS, 184t;, at 
BalL^ton Springs, New Y<)rk. Tliey had five children. 

1. William Rociiestkr Htnt. b. June 27, 1822, at Bath, New 
York ; d. Auirust 27. 1S71 : m. Adeline Sweezv and had : 
First, Charles H. b. October 3, 1850, d. October 7, 1892 ; 
buried at Stanv.-ih>d. Iowa : m. January 1, ISSO. Carrie A. 
Brown b. October 15, IS,").':;, and liad Tjertha Grace b. Oetober 
2, 1880, and Irmgarde b. December 10, 1S81. Second, Nora 

Jane, rn. Soptcml)cr IM. lS<t). Charles A. Deuieut of Di.vuii, 
Illinois, and had Lorua A. b. August C>, 1SS2 ; Charles H. 
b. June IS, l^Sl ; Aris A. h. September 2i, ISStJ. 

2. Mary Ar,i<;AiL Hunt. b. Fel>i-uary 28. 1S27, in Ano-rlj,;!. Xrw 

York : m. Edwin Wilbur and had Samutd H. b. Ocdolx'r 0, 

3. Charlf.s Henry Hunt. b. }>lay 8, I'sol. S<> thin/ [/< /irratin/i. 

4. Jank Amanda Hunt. b. Fe!)ruary 11, 1834. in Avon, New 

York ; d. April 5, ISGl. at West Junius, New York ; ni. 
March 5, 1853, Joseph Vande'uiark. 

5. Robert J.vmes Hunt, b. May ol, 1840, in Coxsaekie, Xew 



CHARLES HEXRY HUNT, b. in Rochester, Xew York, May 8. 
1830 : d. in Chicaov.. Illinois. June 0. 1870 ; m. June 27. 18(;0, at 
Madison, Indiana. Eleonora Sliaw b. August 21, 1834 (see Shaw 
family ). They had : 

1. Jennie Cora Hunt, b. April 11. 18G1, d. February 10. Is75. 

2. Lizzie Shaw Hunt, b. September 21, 18(!2. ^Ste fourth <j'ji 


LIZZIE SHAW HUNT, b. September 21, 1802 ; m. December 7, 
1801, Moses J. Wcntworth, b. May 0, 1848 (sec Went worth Genealogy, 
Yol. 2, page 710). They had John and Hunt. .SV* fift}( (j* m rut'ion . 


JOHX WEXTWORTH, b. September 24, 1802. 
HUNT WEXTWORTH, b. Oetober 24, 1805. 




The same surna/iw mai/ oc^nr seceral times on a page, vith only one refer<'iice to the 
page in (he uidex. 


Albright 15 

Allen 14, 15 

Anderson 14, It! 

Atkens 16 


Bancroft 4 

Banes 3 

BtLtle 16 

Beets 4 

Black 14 

Boardnian 21 

Bradshaw 4, 5 

Brown 4, 5, 6, 7, S, 9, 14, Iti 17, 21 

Bucker 19 

Bucknian 3 

Burleigh 21 


Carr 5, 10, 15 

Carver 4, 5 

Cattell ... 4 

Clou„'h 3 

Cochran 19 

Ojidhaia 11 

Cook - 19 

Cornwall 6 

Cry 1'. 

Cox ir, 

Crain 15 

Crawford 21 

Croasdale 3 


Danenhower 5 

Dement 22 

Dillon 4 

Drummond IS 

Dumai-s I'l 


Edgar 15 

Elder 16 

Elliot 8 

Ely 8 

K^i>y 14, 15 

Ewing 14 


Fell 7, 8, 9 

Fenton 4 

French 16 

Fry 15 


Galltraith 10 

< Jibson 7, 9 

Good 5 

Gre-jn 5 

<.ireene 10 

Guthrie 17 



Hagoiibach 10 

Hagerinan 4 

Haines 10 

Ilallowfll 5, 8 

Hamil 14 

Hardin;;' 3 

Harrison 16 

Hollister 14 

Hopkins S, 21 

Hilling 13 


Jack 6 

Jackson 15 

Jenkins 15 

Joh nson 6 

Jones . .' .... 6 



Kincaid 14 

Kirby 10 

Kraiise " 


I^ Barre <» 

Lester 19 

Li-ht 17 

Lodge 10 

L<)Oinis 10 

Lowe 11 

Lucas 15 


Mahargue 14 

Major 7 

[Marshall 14 

Mathews IS 

Mayes 13 

McClure 16 

McOjy 9 

McEwen - 13 

McKee. 14 

]SrcKinstry 6 

Mo:Mil!an" 19 

Merrill 21 

Michner 5 

Millman 14 

Mitchell S 

Mitten IG 

:\Iure 6 

^looiv 7 

:M(.rrill 21 

Morris 10, IS 




Pahner 5 

Parry 8 

Patterson IQ 

Paxscn 3, 5 

Pearsi.n J9 

PenninLTti >n g 

Perrine 10 

Petitl 15 

Polan 19 

Poll.M-k 19 


Price 19 

Pry( .r 4 


Quiniby 5 

Qiunn. 15 


Ramsey 19 

Reading 5 

Reece 19 

Rial 9 

Richards i I 

Robinson 15 

Rogers lo 

Runyan 15 

Rntherford 8 




Soarl" ii'< 'Ugh 



Shej.henl f 




Smith 5, 





Suo<lgniss ^ ~ 

Snyder ^ 

Speer 15> 

Stephen 19 

Stewart 13, 10 

Stri^hm 1 '^ 

Strain l'"^ 

Suboi-s ^ 

Sullivan -^ 

Swan -I 

Sweezy . -1 

Swingiy 14 


Thonia-: 5 

Thompr^on If^ 

Thomson o 

Todd 15, hi 

Townsend 6 

Tyson 4, 6 


Vance 1 •> 

Van Cl.^ve !'•' 

Vandeiiiark -- 

Van Doren H 

Van Kiptr 1') 


Watson 4, .'), ',), 10 

Wells 11 

Wentwoith 12, 17, 20, 22 

Wheeler S 

Wilbur 22 

Willian:s 19 

Williamson 1*^ 

Wilson ". 

Winters.... H 

Woolnian 4 

Wortliington ' 6 


Young l-'5 


Zeigler IS 

Zimmerman 4