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Mr. Lyon G. Tyler, President of the College of William and 
Mary, has lately prepared and printed in the William and Mary 
College Quarterly a better history of the family of Armistead of 
Virginia than one would have thought possible. The unfortunate 
loss of so many of the early records of that State makes it exceedingly 
difficult to write the genealogy of a Virginia family with any cer- 
tainty of either correctness or completeness. But it is probable 
that the mistakes in Mr. Lyon's work are very few indeed, though 
it is quite certain that the same cannot be said as to the omissions. 
There are lines, how many it is impossible to say, of which he was 
unable to obtain any record, or which could not be connected with 
the parent stem. The reason of my own interest in the family ap- 
pears in the sixth generation. I have therefore arranged in simple 
genealogical shape so much of the matter in the Quarterly as was 
necessary for the purpose. The only additions of any importance, 
which I have been able to make to the work of Mr. Tyler, relate to 
the elder branch of the family, descendants of John Armistead of 
Caroline County, great-grandfather of my wife. The family sent 
many soldiers to the service of the Confederate States ; and though 
it would be very pleasant to find at least one who fought in the 
army of the United States between 1861 and 1865, I much fear 
that he will be sought in vain. Fortunately the sons of the only 
son of the brave defender of Fort McHenry in 1814 were too young 
to take any part in the war against the Star-spangled Banner, 
which his gallantry helped to celebrate in song. If the printing of 
this little pamphlet shall in any way help to the preparation of a real 
genealogical history of the family, it will be to me a matter of great 

William S. Appleton. 


William Armistead, founder of the principal family of the 
name in Virginia, ancestor undoubtedly of most* of the name in 
the United States, received grants of large tracts of land in Eliza- 
beth City County in 1636 and other years, and in Gloucester County 
in 1651. He probably came from Yorkshire, England, where the 
name was a very common one. He has been thought to be the 
WilHam Armistead, son of Anthony, baptized 3 August, 1610, at 
Kirk Deighton in Yorkshire, but of this there is no proof. It is 
of course possible, though it would make William Armistead a 
rather younger man than one would expect. Be this as it may, 
William Armistead with wife Anne was undoubtedly in Virginia 
soon after 1635. Nothing whatever is known of his life in Virginia, 
except that he was Vestryman of St. John's Church, Hampton, 
1646. The date of his death is not on record, but he was dead in 
1660. He had four children : 

i. William, who was also dead in 1660. 

ii. John. 2 

iii. Anthony. 3 

iv. Frances, who m. the Eev. Justinian Aylmer of Jamestown ; second, 
Lieut.-Col. Anthony Elliott of Middlesex County, who d. in 
1665; third, Col. Christopher Wormeley ; d. 25 May, 1685. 

Second Generation. 

2. II. John Armistead, of Gloucester County, Lieut. -Colonel 
of horse 1680, J. P., Member of the Council 18 October, 1688 ; 
m. Judith . Children : 

i. William, b. about 1665. 4 

ii. Henry. 5 

iii. Judith, m. Robert Carter; d. 23 February, 1699. 
iv. Elizabeth, m. 16 February, 1687, Ralph Wormeley; second, 5 
October, 1703, William Churchill ; d. 16 November, 1716 ; he d. 

* It is not probable, though possible, that he was father of Ralph Armistead, who re- 
ceived grants of land in Gloucester County in 1678 and other years. See Appendix I. 

3. II. Anthony Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, Cap- 
tain of horse 1680, Sheriff 1684, J. P., Burgess 1693, '96, '99 ; 
m. Hannah, daughter of Robert EUyson of James City County ; 
shed. 1728. Children: 

i. William. 6 

ii. Anthony. 7 

iii. Robert. 8 

iv. Judith, m. in 1G95, John West; second, Butts. 

V. Hannah, m. in 1698, WilUam Sheldon. 
?vi. Dunn, d. 1716. 

Third Generation. 

4. III. William Armistead, b. about 1665, of Gloucester 
County; m. Anna, daughter of Hancock Lee; d. 13 June, 1711, 
aged 46. Children: 

i. John. 9 

ii. Mary, m. James Burwell, who d. 6 October, 1718; second, Philip 

iii. Judith, m. George Dudley, 
iv. Elizabeth. 

V. Anna, m. 4 April, 1725, Anthony Walke ; d. 14 February, 1732. 
vi. Joyce, m. Mordecai Booth, 
vii. Frances. 

5. III. Henry Armistead, of Hesse in Gloucester County, 
Colonel; m. Martha, daughter of Lewis Burwell;* d. in 1739. 
Children : 

i. William. 10 

ii. Robert. 11 

iii. Lucy, m. Thomas Nelson, 
iv. Martha, m. Dudley Digges. 

6. III. William Ar3Iistead, of Elizabeth City County, 
Major, Sheriff 1695 ; m. Hannah, daughter of Thomas Hind ; 
secondly Rebecca, daughter of Edward Moss; d. in 1715; she m. 
secondly 1720, John King; d. in 1758. Children: 

i. Anthony. 12 

ii. William. 13 

iii. John. 14 

iv. Hind, m. Hannah, widow of Matthew Watts. 

V. Robert. 15 

vi. Moss, d, 1736. 

vii. Edward. 16 

viii. Hannah, m. Miles Gary. 

ix. Judith, m. John Robinson ; d. 1768. 

* See Appendix II. 

7. III. Anthony Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, 

Lieut.-Colonel ; m. Anne ; secondly Elizabeth Westwood ; 

d. in 1728 ; she died in 1760. Children : 

i. Westwood. 17 

ii. Anthony. 1° 

ill. Hannah, m. William Allen. 

8. III. Robert Armistead, of Elizabeth City County; m. 
, daughter of Robert Booth; secondly Katherine, daughter 

of Thomas Nutting; d. in 1742 ; she d. in 1748. Children 

i. Ellyson. 19 

ii. Booth, d. 1727. 

iii. Robert. 20 

iv. Booth. 21 

V. Angelica. 

Fourth Generation. 

9. IV. John Armistead, of Gloucester County, Captain; 
m. Susanna, daughter of Thomas Meriwether; d. in 1762. 
Children : 

i. John. 22 

ii. William. 
iii. Susanna, m. Moore Fauntleroy. 

10 . IV . William Armistead, of Hesse in Gloucester County ; 
m. in 1738 Mary, daughter of James Bowles;* d. in 1755; she 
m. secondly 15 September, 1765, Rev. Thomas Price. Children: 

i. William. 23 

ii. John. 24 

iii. Bowles. 25 

iv. Henry, was dead in 1773. 

?v. Judith, m. 13 August, 1764, William Thomas. 

11. IV. Robert Armistead, of King George County; m. 
Ehzabeth, daughter of Charles Burgess, widow of Jeduthan Ball ; 
secondly Anne Smith. Children : 

i. Henry. ^^ 

ii. Thomas. ^' 

iii. Robert.f 

iv. Martha Burwell, m. Benjamin Dabney. 

* See Appendix m. 

t He is said to have married and had six children. 


12. IV. AntMONT ARMtSTEAEi, of Warwick County; m. 
Margaret? Starkey; d. 1738. Chadren : 

i. John. 28 

ii. Anthony.* 
iii. Benit. 

13. IV. William Armistead, of Warwick County; m. 
Judith ; d. 1727. Children: 

i. Dunn, m. Mary ; d. 1752 ; she m. sec. Joshua Curie. 

ii. William. 29 

iii. Anne, 
iv. Frances. 

V. Simon, 
vi. Henry. 

14. IV. John Armistead, of New Kent County, Colonel ; 
m. Elizabeth Gill. Children : 

i. Gill. 30 

ii. William. 31 

iii. John. 32 

iv. , m. William Russell. 

15. IV. Egbert Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, 
Colonel; m. Ann, daughter of Rev. James Wallace; d. 1774. 
Childi'en : 

i. William. 33 

ii. James.t 
iii. Robert.f 
iv. Mary, m. Joseph Selden. 

16. IV. Edward Armistead, of Elizabeth City County; m. 

Jane ; she d. 24 February, 1756, and he m. secondly 

Martha Tompkins ; d. 1771; shed. 1784. Children: 

i. Robert, b. in February, 1738 ; d. 15 November, 1738. 

ii. Moss, b. 4 May, 1740 ; d. 1771. 

iii. William. 34 

iv. John. 35 

V. Anne, m. William Reade. 
vi. Edward, d. 1772. 

vii. Samuel, b. 9 September, 1757. 36 

viii. Rebecca, b. 22 February, 1761 ; m. Robert Walker. 

17. IV. Westwood Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, 
Captain; m. Mary, daughter of John Tabb ; d. ?1756. Children: 

i. Westwood. 37 

ii. Elizabeth, m. Vincler Jones ; second, Thomas Smith. 

* He was probably of North Carolina ivith wife Mildred, 1759. See Appendix IV. 
t See Appendix V. 


18. IV. Anthony Armistead, of ?Elizabeth City County; 
m. Mary, daughter of Anthony Tucker. Children : 

i. Anthony. 38 

ii. Robert, 
iii. Westwood. 
iv. Alexander Carver. 

19. IV. Ellyson Armistead, of York County; m. 

; secondly, 1740, Jane, daughter of Rev. Charles Anderson ; 
d. in 1757. Children: 

i. Robert Booth. 39 

ii. James Bray,? of College of William and Mary 1753 ; d. 1790. 

iii. Ellyson, m. Susanna, dau. of Michael Christian. 

iv. Charles. 

V. Frances Anderson, m. Nelson. 

vi. Jane. 

vii. Elizabeth. ^: 

20. IV. Robert Armistead, of Louisa County ; m. Louisa, 
daughter of William Westwood ; d. in 1791. Children: 

i. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1740 ; m. 1 May, 1783, Hon. Stevens T. Mason ; 
d.- 12 February, 1824: he d. 10 May, 1803. 

ii. Catharine, m. James Maury. 

iii. , m. Israel Lacy. 

iv. Robert. 40 

21. IV. Booth Armistead, m. ; d. 1770. 

Children : 

i. Robert. 

ii. John. 

iii. Booth, ? of College of William and Mary 1775. 

iv. Elizabeth, m. William Armistead, 48. 

Fifth Generation. 

22. V. John Armistead, of Gloucester County ; m. in 1749 
Mary, daughter of Armistead Churchill. Child : 

i. Churchill, m. in July, 1775, Elizabeth Boswell. 

23. V. William Armistead, of Hesse in Gloucester County, 
of College of William and Mary 1756; m. in 1765 Maria, daugh- 
ter of Charles Carter of Cleve, in King George County. Children : 

i. Mary A., b. 1766 ; m. Thomas T. Byrd of Westover. 

ii. Lucy B., b. 1708 ; m. Harvey. 

iii. William B., b. in October, 1770. 
iv. Jane, m. William Cocke. 


V. Ann Cleve, b. 2 October, 1773; m. 14 March, 1793, John P. 

Pleasants of Baltimore, 
vi. Judith Carter, b. 29 December, 1774; m. IG April, 1797, Richard 
H. Moale of Baltimore ; second, Robert Biddell ; third, Richard 
vii. Sarah, b. 22 February, 1776 ; m. Fairfax Washmgton. 
viii. Charles Carter, b. 1778. 
ix. Eleanor B., m. William McMechen of Baltimore. 

24. V. John Armistead, of Caroline County, of College of 
William and Mary 1755 ; m. 17 March, 1764, Lucy, daughter of 
John Baylor* of Newmarket. Children : 

i. John Baylor. 41 

ii. Mary, m. Landon Carter of Richmond County. 

iii. William. 42 

iv. Frances, m. Gillis of Alexandria. 

V. Addison Bowles. 43 

vi. George, b. at Newmarket 10 April, 1779. 44 

vii. Lewis Gustavus Adolphus, Captain U. S. A., killed in the sortie 

from Fort Erie, Canada, 17 September, 1814. 
viii. Walker Keith, b. in 1783. 45 

ix. Eleanor Bowles, m. Col. John Dangeriield of Essex County. 

25. V. Bowles Armistead, of Culpepper County, of College 
of "William and Mary 1755 ; m. Mary, tlaughter of Peter Fon- 
taine ; d. in 1785. Children : 

i. William Bowles. 

ii. Peter Fontaine. 46 

iii. Mary, m. C. Alexander ; sec. W. C. Selden. 
iv. Elizabeth, m. Ludwell Lee. 

V. , m. Terrell. 

26. V. Henry Armistead, of Fredericksburg ; m. Winifred, 
daughter of William Peachy; d. in 1787. Children: 

i. Elizabeth Burgess, 
ii. Alice. 

27. V. Thomas Armistead, Captain in Revolution; m. 
Marchant of North Carolina. Children : 

i. Martha Burwell, m. Fowler of Baltimore. 

ii. Abiah, m. William Mitchell. 

iii. Anne Smith, m. Barton. 

iv. Catharine, b. 25 March, 1787 ; m. William Pierce ; sec. Everard 
Hall of Norfolk; d. at Richmond, 2 June, 1864. 

 See Appendix VI. 


28. V. John Aemistead, of Elizabeth City County; m. 
Anne ; secondly Elizabeth ; d. in 1791. Children : 

i. Starkey, of College of William and Mary 1758 ; m. 19 June, 1773, 
Mary Tabb ; d. in 1775. 

ii. John, of North Carolina, 
iii. Robert.* 
iv. , m. Thomas Smith. 

29. V. William Armistead, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Wil- 
liam Moseley. Children : 

i. Hannah. 

ii. William, t 
iii. Anthony. 
iv. Moseley. 47 

30. V. Gill ARivnsTEAD, of New Kent County, Colonel ; m. 
23 May, 1751, Elizabeth Allen; d. in 1762; she m. secondly 
John Lewis of Williamsburg. Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. 9 March, 1752 ; m. 27 March, 1774, Miles Selden ; 
d. in April, 1833. 

ii. Susannah, b. in 1753 ; m. John Cary ; d. in 1834. 
iii. Mary, m. 24 November, 1774, Thacker Burwell ; d. in 1825. 
iv. Frances, m. John Ambler. 
V. Martha, m. Abraham Green, 
vi. William. 48 

31. V, William Armistead, of New Kent County, Major; 
m. Mary . Child : 

i. Susanna, m. William Dandridge ; sec. David Dorrington. 

32. V. John Armistead, of New Kent County, Colonel ; m. 
Agnes ; secondly Mary Burbage ; d. 2 May, 1779. Chil- 
dren : 

i. William, b. 5 June, 1754. -49 

ii. Agnes, 

iii. Susan. 

iv. Robert Burbage. 50 

V. Lucy B., m. 4 December, 1801, Aylett Waller. 

33. V. William Armistead, m. ; d. in 1799. 

Children : 

i. Robert. 51 

ii. Euphan, m. William A. Graves, 
iii. Anne, m. Starkey Robinson. 

* See Appendix VH. 

t Perhaps he married Constance , and died in 1772, having had Robert, Wil- 
liam, Mary, and Judith who probably died young. 


iv. Sarah. 
V. Mary, 
vi. William. 

vii. Moss. 52 

viii. Rebecca, m. Elijah Phillips. 

34. V. William Aeivostead, m. ; d. in 1773. 

Children : 

i. Robert, 
ii. William. 

35. V. John Armistead, m. . Child: 

i. James. 

36. V. Samuel Armistead, b. 9 September, 1757; in. 
Frances, daughter of Charles Mennis ; d. in 1785. Children: 

i. Francis Mennis, b. 2 May, 1782. 53 

ii. Samuel, b. 6 June, 1784. 
iii. Martha Tompkins. 

37. V. Westwood Armistead,? of College of WiUiam and 
Mary 1758; m. Mary Jenkins ; d. 1786. Children: 

i. Elizabeth. 

ii. Mary, m. Young. 

iii. Westwood. 

iv. Robert, b. 9 August, 1766. 54 

38. V_. Anthony Armistead, m. Mourning of North 

Carolina. Child : 

i. William. 

39. V. Robert Booth Armistead, of College of William 
and Mary 1753; m. Ann, daughter of James Shields, widow of 
James Inglis ; she m. thirdly Frederick Bryan. Child : 

i. Mary Marot, b. in 1760; m. John Tyler*; d. in April, 1797; he 
d. 6 January, 1813. 

40. Robert Armistead, of Londoun County ; m. Margaret 

Ellzey ; secondly Frances, daughter of Ilislop, widow of 

Dairy mple. Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. in 1800; m. John McKmley of Kentucky ; d. in 1893. 

ii. Mary, m. Willis Pope. 

iii. Robert. 55 

iv. George Graham. 56 

V. Isabella, m. Dr. Benjamin F. Brocchus. 
vi. Harriet M., m. William II. Nolan, 
vii. Nancy Ann, m. 15 February, 1832, Henry A. Bragg. 

* These were the parents of John Tyler, President of the United States. 


Sixth Generation. 

41. VI. John Baylor Armistead, Captain XT. S. Army 
1799-1800; m. Anne B., daughter of Jolm Carter of Prince 
William County. Children : 

i. Robert L. 57 

ii. John. 58 

iii. Louisa, m. Rev. Charles Tahiferro. 

iv. Mary F., m. J. B. Kerfoot. 

42. VI. William Armistead, of Prince William County; 
m. Ann Cary Norton. Children : 

i. Hebe. 

ii. Wilson Cary. 

iii. Edmund Randolph, 

iv. Mary. 

V. Willie Ann. FWilliam. 

vi. George. 

43. VI. Addison Bo"\vles Armistead, of Prince William 
County, Captain U. S. Army 1806 ; m. Mary Howe, daughter of 
John Peyton of Winchester ; d. 10 February, 1813. Children: 

i. Mary, 
ii. Susan Peyton, m. James Innes Randolph ; d. in November, 1884. 

44. VI. George Armistead, b. at Newmarket 10 April, 
1779 ; Second Lieutenant U. S. Army 1799, Captain 1806, Major 
3d Artillery 1813, brevet Lieut.-Colonel 1814, the defender of Fort 
McHenry 12 September, 1814; m. 26 November, 1810, Louisa, 
daughter of Christopher Hughes* of Baltimore ; d. at Baltimore 
25 April, 1818; shed, at Louisa C. H., Va., 4 October, 1861. 
Children : 

i. Mary, b. at Baltimore, 27 December, 1812 ; m. 10 June, 1845, John 
Bradford ; d. at Big Lake, Minn., 2 February, 1885 ; he d. in 
Virginia 1851 or 1852, 
ii. Margaret Hughes, b. at Gettysburg, Penn., 15 September, 1814; 
m. 22 October, 1840, Lewis Howell of New Jersey ; d. at Balti- 
more, 23 February, 1861 ; he d. . 

iii. Christopher Hughes, b. at Baltimore, 21 April, 1816. 59 

iv. Georgiana Louisa Frances, b. at Fort McHenry, 25 November, 1817 ; 
m. 27 November, 18.38, William Stuart Appleton ; d. in New 
York, 25 July, 1878; he d. at Pepperrell, Mass., 7 March, 1891. 

* See Appendix VIII. 


45. VI. Walker Keith Armiftead, b. at Newmarket in 
1783 ; U. S. Militaiy Academy at West Point 1803 as Second 
Lieutenant of Engineers, Captain 1806, Major 1810, Lieut. -Colonel 
1812, Chief of Eno^ineers with array in Canada, Colonel 1818, 
Colonel 3d Artillery 1 821, brevet Brig. General 1828 ; m. in 1814 
Elizabeth, daughter of John A. Stanly of Newbern, N. C. ; d. at 
Upperville 13 October, 1845 ; she d. in September, 1861. Children : 

i. Lucinda Stanly Gillis, b. at Alexandria, 1 November, 1815; m. 13 
May, 1835, Joseph G. Carr of Fauquier County; d. 3 January, 
ii. Lewis Addison, b. at Newbern, 18 February, 1817. 60 

iii. Mary Walker, b. at Newbern in 1821 ; m. 8 June, 1843, J. Travis 

Rosser of Petersburg; d. at Alexandria in December, 1857. 
iv. Elizabeth Frank. 
V. Virginia Baylor. 

vi. Cornelia, m. Major Washington Irving Newton, U. S. A. 
vii. Frank Stanly, U. S. Milit. Acad. 1856, Second Lieut. 10th Infantry, 
First Lieut. 1861, resigned 1861, Colonel C. S. A.; d. in Ken- 
tucky, 18 April, 1888. 
viii. Bowles Edward, b. at Upperville, 26 April, 1837. 61 

ix. Walker Keith, Sergeant 6th Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A. 

46. VI. Peter Fontaine Armistead, m. Martha Fontaine, 
daughter of Isaac Winston. Children : 

i. William Bowles. 

ii. Peter Fontaine, b. ab. 1817, of Tuscumbia, Ala. 

iii. Patrick Henry, m. Clanton. 

iv. Isaac Coles. 

V. Eliza. 

vi. Virginia, m. Lanier. 

vii. George Washington. 

viii. Mary Ann. 

ix. Martha. 

47. VI. Moseley Armistead, m. in 1766 Margaret, daugh- 
ter of John Herbert ; secondly Whiten, daughter of Banister 
Minson. Children : 

i. Judith Curie. 

ii. Elizabeth Moseley. 
iii. William.* 
iv. Moseley. 

V. Anthony. 

* He married and had children. 


48. VI. William Armistead, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Booth Armistead of Elizabeth City, 21. iv. Children : 

i. Booth, 

ii. Gill, 

iii. Frances. 

iv. Contolas. 

V. Eliza, 

vi. Virginia. 

vii. Catharine. 

49. VI. William Armistead, b. 5 Jime, 1754 ; m. Susanna 
Hutchings, daughter of Edward Champion Travis of Jamestown ; 
d. in June, 1793. Children: 

i. William. 
ii. Robert.* 

50. VI. Robert Burbage Armistead, m. Mary Semple ; d. 
in 1811. Children: 

i. John Danclriclge, d. y. 
ii. William, b. in 1797. 62 

51. VI. Robert Armistead, m. Hannah, daughter of John 
Patrick of York County ; secondly Priscilla, daughter of Henry 
Tabb. Children : 

i. William, b, 14 March, 1785, of Ohio. 

ii. Patrick, b. 7 April, 1787. 

iii. Mary Manson, b. 6 November, 1789; m. Francis Mennis Armis- 
tead, 53. 

iv. Anne, d. 1815. 

V. Maria Tabb, m. George ; see William M. Peyton. 

vi. Robert. 63 

52. VI. Moss Armistead, m. Mildred ; d. in 1813; 

shed, in 1821. Children: 

i. Martha. 

ii. WilUam Moss. 

53. VI. Francis Mennis Armistead, b. 2 May, 1782; m. 
Mary Manson, daughter of Robert Armistead, 51, iii. Children : 

i. Francis Mennis. 64 

ii. Martha, m. Robert Servant, 
iii. Susan Jemima, m. Constable ; sec. Edmoud Curtis. 

* He married and had children. 


54. VI. Robert Armistead, b. 9 August, 1766 ; m. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Thomas Smith ; d. 31 August, 1817. Children : 

i. We.stwoofl Smith, b. 17 June, 1790, 65 

ii. Maria Smith, b. at Norfolk 18 August, 1792 ; m. 28 August, 1814, 

Thomas Crawford, 
iii. EUza, b. 26 May, 1794; m. John Todd, 
iv. Louisa Yancey, b. 20 Marcli, 1796. 

V. Thomas Suuth, b. 30 March, 1799. 66 

(Helen Smith, b, at Hampton 22 January, 1802, 
(Emily, b, at Hampton 22 January, 1802; m. John W. Keeling, 
viii, Susan Smith, b, at Hampton 22 July, 1801 ; d. y. 
ix. Harriet, b, at Hampton 26 August, 1806; d. 20 October, 1834, 
X. Robert Augustus, b. at Hampton 7 May, 1808, 67 

55. VI. Robert AR3nsTEAD,m. Vaughan of Alabama. 

Children : 

i. George G. 

ii. Mary L. 
iii, Neppie, 
iv. Fannie L., m. Forrester of Louisville, Ky. 

V. Nannie. 

56. VI. George Graham Armistead, m. 7 November, 1831, 
Alice Virginia Fontaine ; secondly Jane, daughter of James H. 
Forsyth ; lived at Florence, Ala. Children : 

i, Hislop, Capt, 4th Alabama Inf., C, S. A, ; killed at Malvern Hill 
1 July, 1862. 

ii, Lewis Carter, 68 

iii. Mary Frances, m. Young A. Gray of Florence and of Texas, 

iv. Alice Fontaine, d. y. 

V, A, D. Hunt, 69 

vi. George Graham, 70 

vii. Ellen Forsyth, m, L, H, Medberry of Chicago, 

viii. Lizzie Baker, m, Peter Fontaine Armistead, 

ix. Arabella Dobbin, m, Francis S. Bragg of Ai-lington, Tenn. 

X. Jane, m. E, Y, Moore of Chicago, 

Seventh Generation. 

57. VII. Robert L. Aiqiistead, m. Mary B., daughter of 
George Carter. Children : 

i. George. 

ii, Gertrude, m. Eev, Nash, 

iii, Louisa. 

iv. Ann, m. Otway Carter. 

V. Walter. 


58. VII. John Armistead, m. Ann Harrison. Children : 

i. Buford. 
ii. Frances, 
ill. Ann B. 

59. VII. Christopher Hughes Armistead, b. at Baltimore 
21 April, 1816; m. at Fredericksburg 2 March, 1841, Agnes, 
daughter of Samuel Gordon ; d. at Baltimore 14 February, 1876 ; 
she d. 4 January, 1880. Children, all b. at Baltimore : 

i. Susan Gordon, b. 21 July, 1842 ; m. 21 November, 1867, Cuthbert 

Powell Grady. 
ii. Louisa, b. 18 September, 1844; d. 24 November, 1847. 
iii. Agnes Gordon, b. 12 September, 1847; m. 9 January, 1877, 

Alexander Gordon, 
iv. George, b. 27 August, 1849. 

V. James Ryan, b. 30 April, 1851 ; d. 8 February, 1894. 
vi. Frances Carter, b. 17 November, 1855. 
vii. Marion Gordon, b. 9 December, 1857 ; m. 29 January, 1877, 

Clarence C. Whiting. 
viii. Samuel Gordon, b. 27 July, 1860; m. 21 October, 1896, Ella 
Howell of Philadelphia. 

60. VII. Lewis Addison Arivhstead, b. at Newborn, N. C, 
18 February, 1817 ; Second Lieutenant 6th Infantry, U. S. A. 
1839, Captain 1855, brevet Capt. and brevet Major for services in 
Mexican War; resigned 1861, Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry, 
C. S. A., and Brig. General C. S. A. 1861 ; m. 3 February, 1844, 
Cecilia Lee, daughter of Richard H. Love of Fairfax County. 
Children : 

i. Walker Keith, b. at St. David's, Ala., 11 December, 1844; m. 12 
April, 1871, Julia Frances, daughter of Samuel Appleton Apple- 
ton, of Boston ; d. at Newport, R. I., 28 March, 1896. 

ii. Flora Lee, b. in 1846; d. in 1849. 

His wife d. 12 December, 1850, and he m. secondly , 

daughter of Talliaferro, widow of Capt. Jameson, 

U. S. N. ; kiUed at Gettysburg 3 July, 1863. 

61. VII. Bowles Edward Armistead, b. at Upperville 26 
April, 1837 ; Captain 6th Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A. ; m. 15 
October, 1867, Susan Lewis, daughter of Fielding L. Marshall; 
she d. in July, 1868, and he m. secondly 23 November, 1871, 
Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Henry M. Marshall. Children : 

i. Mary Morris, b. 2 January, 1873. 

ii. Henry Marshall, b. 15 May, 1874. 

iii. Lewis Addison, b. 2 January, 1876. 


iv. Stanly, b. 9 September, 1877. 

V. John Baylor, b. 22 January, 1879. 

vi. Eleanor Bowles, b. 18 April, 1881. 

vii. Elizabeth Marshall, b. 30 August, 1884. 

viii. Robert Morris, b. 26 August, 1886. 

ix. Virginia Baylor, b. 18 April, 1888. 

X. Courtenay Warner Seldeh, b. 17 August, 1890. 

62. VII. William Armistead, b. in 1797, of College of 
William and Mary 1816; m. Lucy Boyd; moved in 1833 to 
Alabama; d. in 1856. Children: 

i. Robert, Major 22d Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. ; killed at Shiloh. 

ii. William B. 

iii. Rosalie Virginia, m. Elmore G. Fitzjiatrick. 
iv. Mary, m. Philip Gayle of Montgomery, Ala. 

V. Lizzie Rowe, m. Paul Tucker Sayre. 
vi. Herbert, Lieut.-Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. ; mortally 

wounded at Franklin, 
vii. Lucy Boyd, m. Richard Goldthwait. 

63. VII. Egbert Armistead, m. Julia Samuel, daughter of 
Samuel Travis. Children : 

i. Robert Travis, of Williamsburg, m. Mary Frances, daughter of 

Francis Mennis Armistead, 64. i. 
ii. William Champion, 
iii. Susan P., d. y. 
iv. Samuel P., d. y. 
V. Henry Tabb, m. Rebecca Holt, 
vi. Gary Peyton, m. Dora Jones, 
vii. Julia, 
viii. Mary E., m. V. T. Holt. 

64. VII. Francis Mennis Armistead, m. Virginia Edwards. 
Child : 

i. Mary Frances, m. Robert T. Armistead, 63. i. 

65. VII. Westwood Smith Armistead, b. 17 June, 1790; 
m. 1 May, 1813, Louisa Moore Todd; d. 25 January, 1848. 
Children : 

i. Westwood Todd, b. 26 January, 1814; d. 27 October, 1873. 

ii. Robert Smith, b. 2 April, 1815; d. y. 

iii. Nancy Todd, b. 10 February, 1817. 

iv. Elizabeth Smith, b. 23 July, 1818; m. Dr. Samuel R. Shield; d, at 
Hampton 24 May, 185S. 

V. Louisa, 

vi. Diana. 


66. VII. Thomas Smith Armistead, b. 30 March, 1799 ; m. 
. Children : 

i. Elizabeth. 

ii. Andrew. 

iii. Amanda. 

iv. Alexander. 

V. Westwood. 

vi. Mary. 

vii. Thomas Smith, 
viii. John. 

67. VII. Robert Augustus Armistead, b. at Hampton 7 
May, 1808, Rev. ; m. Martha Savage; d. at Richmond 6 March, 
1891 ; she d. 1 June, 1879. CliQdren : 

i. Elizabeth, 

ii. Martha A. 

iii. Westwood, d. y. 

iv. Robert. 

V. George, m. Harrison of Nashville, Tenn. 

vi. Harriet. 

vii. Thomas S., m. Grant; d. at Richmond in April, 1884, 

leavincj children. 

viii. Mary Louisa, m. Nelson of Mississippi. 

ix. Wilbur T. 

X. Virginia, m. A. W. Garber. 

xi. Emily. 

xii. Westwood, m. Tabb ; d. in Chicago. 

68. VII. Lewis Carter Armistead, Lieut. 4th Tenn. Infan- 
try, C. S. A. ; m. Rosalie Dobbin of Louisville, Ky., d. in Sumner 
County, Tenn., in October, 1897. Children: 

i. Hamilton, 
ii. Berkeley. 
iii. McFarland. 
iv. Hislop. 
V. Jane, 
vi. Hattie. 
vii. Mary, 
viii. Rosalie, 


69. VII. A. D. Hunt Armistead, m. Martha, daughter of 
Thomas D. Eldridge of Memphis, Tenn. Children : 

i. Eldridge. 

ii. A. D. Hunt, 
iii. Mary Eldridge. 
iv. Jane Forsyth. 

V. Georgia Graham, 
vi. Martha Graham. 

70. VII. George Graham Armistead, m. Martha Smith of 
Manchester, Iowa. Children : 

i. Hunt, 
ii. Ellen. 
iii. Belle. 



Ralph Armistead had children, whose descendants have always 
lived in Gloucester County, in that part which is now Mathews 
County. Francis Armistead of Mathews Court House wrote in 
1894 that he was 84 years old, and son of Ralph Armistead, who 
died about 1820 aged about 65, and that his father had brothers 
Robert, William and John. From the parish register of Kingston 
in Mathews County we learn that Ralph, son of Richard and Eliza- 
beth Armistead, was born 4 May, 1770, evidently the father of 
Francis. There are other entries in the register relating to this 
family, but not enough to establish any certain line of descent. 


Descent of Martha Burwell, wife of Henry Armistead, 5. III. 

Edward Burwell of Bedfordshire, England = Dorothy, daughter of William Bedell. 

Lewis Burwell, b. 1621 = Lucy, daughter of Kobert Higginson. 
d. 1653. I d. 167.5. 

Lewis Burwell = Abigail, daughter of Anthony Smith. 
d. 1710. I d. 1693. 

Martha Burwell, b. 1685 = Henry Armistead. 


From the Boston Gazette of 9 April, 1739 : 

"Williamsburg, February 2. We hear •from Maryland, that about 6 
Week ago Mr. William Armistead, Son of Colonel Henry Armistead of 

Gloucester County in this Colony, was married to Miss Bowles, 

second daughter of James Bowles Esq : deceas'd some years since, one of 
the Right Hon. the Lord Proprietor's Council of that Province and grand 
daughter of Tobias Bowles Esq. formerly an eminent Merchant in London 
in the Virginia Trade ; a very agreeable young Lady, with a Fortune of 
upwards of 6000 1. SterUng." 

Descent of Mary Bowles, wife of William Armistead, 10, IV. 

Tobias Bowles of London = Thomas Addison = Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
^1 I Tasker. 

James Bowles of Maryland = Kebecca Addison. 

Mary Bowles = William Armistead. 



This Anthony is thought to have founded a branch of the family 
in North CaroHna, which runs thus : 

VI. William Armistead, b. 19 September, 1730; son of 
Anthony; m. 18 March, 175G, Sarah ?Jordan ; d. in Bertie 
County, N. C, in January, 1791. Children: 

i. John, b. 2 September, 1757. 2 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 29 December, 1759. 
iii. William, b. 5 March, 1762; d. 13 May, 1796. 
iv. Anthony, b. 2G July, 1764; d. 14 June, 1789. 
V. Robert, b. 13 November, 1767. 5 

vi. Sarah, b. 13 July, 1770 ; d. 4 December, 1800. 
vii. Jordan, b. 19 January, 1775; d. 27 December, 1799. 
viii. Mary, b. 29 September, 1777 ; m. David Wright, 
ix. Starkey, b. 16 .July, 1780. 

( Thomas, b. in November, 1783 ; d. 24 November, 1783. 
( Priscilla, b. in November, 1783. 

2. VII. John Armistead, b. 2 September, 1757 ; m. 

Hammond. Chiklren : 

i. William Anthony, b. at P'ymouth, N. C, 11 October, 1808. 4 
ii. Susan .Jordan, m. Augustus Moore, Judge of the Superior Court of 
North Carolina. 

3. VII. Robert Armistead, b. 13 November, 1767 ; m. 
Mary Stuart of Daly's Hill, Martin Coimty, N. C. Children : 

i. John, d. lost off Ilatteras about 1820. 

ii. Robert, b. in 1800. 5 

iii. Thomas Stuart, d. at Plymouth, N. C, 3 June, 1871. 
iv. Anthony, m. Ely of Florida. 

4. VIII. William Anthony Armistead, b. at Plymouth, 
N. C, 11 October, 1808; m. Susan Capehart of Avoca, Bertie 
County, N. C. ; d. 17 January, 1856. Children: 

i. CuUen, d. y. 

ii. Meeta, m. B. Ashbourne Capehart. 
iii. Susan P., d. y. 

5. VIII. Robert Armistead, b. in 1800, Doctor; m. 

Marietta, daughter of Blount, widow of Gen. P. O. Picot 

of France, d. 3 August, 1857. Children: 

i. Thomas Stuart, b. 3 March, 1843; A.B. Univ. of N. Y. 1862; 
Lieut. C. S. A., of Plymouth, N. C. ; m. 14 January, 1868, 
Mary De Beniverre, dau. of Dr. Johnston Blakeley Jones ; she 
d. 24 August, 1868, and he m. 28 May, 1872, Mary, dau. of Dr. 
S. E. Bratton of Charlotte, N. C. ; d. 



One of these was undoubtedly father of Moss Wallace Armis- 
TEAD, who m. Catherine , and d. in 1786. Children: 

i. Mary. 

ii. Ann. 
ill. Moss. 
iv. Priscilla. 


Descent of Lucy Baylor, wife of John Armistead, 24, V. 

John Baylor = 

John Baylor, b. 1650 = 

John Baylor, m. 1698^ Lucy, daughter of Todd, widow of O'Brien. 

John Baylor, b. 12 May, 1705^ Frances, daughter of Jacob Walker, 
m. 2 Jan., 1744 ; d. 16 April, 1772. | 

Lucy Baylor ^ John Armistead. 


Perhaps this is his record, according to will, which mentions 
mother Elizabeth. 

Robert Armistead, m. Ann , d. in 1793. Children: 

i. William. 2 

ii. Elizabeth. 

2. William Armistead, m. Priscilla ; she d. 1825. 

Child : 

i. Robert Henry, of Williamsburg. 


Descent of Louisa Hughes, wife of George Armistead, 44, VI. 

Frances Sanderson = Margaret McGee. 
of Lancaster, Penn. | 

Christopher Hughes ^Margaret Sanderson. 

b. in County Wexford, 

Ireland, ab. 1745, d. in 

Baltimore, 7 Sept., 1824. 

b. ab. 1760, d. in 
Bait., 5 Aug., 1825. 

Louisa Hughes, b. in = George Armistead. 
Bait., 4 Nov., 1787. 



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