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U 1 soo. c 


The collection of materials for a history of one branch of the Allcott 
family, begun merely to satisfy the compiler's cm'iosity regarding his 
own ancestry, has met with such interest from members of the family 
that it seemed best to preserve the records gathered in permanent form. 
The original name is unquestionably Alcock, and representatives of 
that family are found in England today. Sir Bernard Burke, in his 
"General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales," gives 
twelve coats of arms for as many different families of Alcock and 

While Mr. Henry Olcott, in his "Descendants of Thomas Olcott," 
published 1874, states his belief that the name Alcock is derived from 
two Saxon words: Eald, old, and coc, a male bird; and this theory is 
supported by the fact that no less than eight of the twelve coats of arms 
in Burke contain the cock, nevertheless I find a general concurrence of 
opinion among English authorities that Alcock is like so many other 
family names, a derivative from a forename; that Al is the same as Hal 
or Harry, and cock used here, as often elsewhere, as a simple diminutive; 
i. e. Alcock = Little Hal or Harry. 

I have not been able, in the limited time devoted to such investiga- 
tion, to ascertain anything regarding the family or early English home 
I of our emigrant ancestor, Thomas Alcock. 

/ Numerous forms of the name occur in this country, among which I 

( have noted Alcock, Alcocke, Alcocks, Alcott, Alcox, Allcock, Allcocks, 
Allcok, Allcott and Allcutt, while there is reason to believe that the 
Olcotts are a branch from the same English stock. 

Most of the descendants of Thomas Alcock, following the example 
of Amos Bronson and his cousin, William A., seem to have adopted the 
! form " Alcott." I had thought that our branch, that of Asa, was alone 
i in writing it Allcott. Fuller investigation shows that other families, 
tracing descent probably from near relatives of Asa, use the same form. 
There is a family tradition that Amos, second son of Asa, had the 
name changed to Allcott, from Allcox, by act of the legislature, at the 
time of his marriage to Mehitable Simons, in 1803, and that his tather, 
brothers and sisters followed his example. While no evidence exists of 
I any such change by authority of either the Connecticut or the New York 
legislature, the date must be nearly correct. Asa speaks of himself as 
Asa Allcox in a deed of 25th August, 1798, while in another of i6th Janu- 
ary, 1802, he uses Allcott. His eldest son, Daniel, in a deed of 20th 
August, 1803, mentions himself as "Daniel Allcox, otherwise called 
Daniel Allcott," and the same paper contains the signature of his 
brother, Amos Allcott, while Asa Allcox appears as a witness. 

As this is distinctively an Allcott book, there has been no attempt 
to carr>^ the record more than a single generation away from the name ; 
in other words, the children of mothers who were Allcotts are recorded, 
but not their graudchildreu. 

Beside living members of the family whose records are given, and 
who almost uniformly replied fully and promptly to my queries, speci- 
ally valuable assistance has come from Silas C. H. Bryant (sou of 
Harriet N. [Hawley] Bryant), Mrs. Mary J. Bovee (daughter of John W. 
Hubbard), Miss Harriet D. Phelps (daughter of Lucy J. [Wood] Phelps), 
Mrs. C. E. Richardson (daughter of Mary J. [Ballard] Cooley), Mrs. 
Emeline M. Simons, of Stapleton, N. Y. ; Mr. A. J. Langwortby, of 
Muskegon, Mich., and Mr. P. A. Warthen, of Monroe, Mich. 

New York State Librar}-, 

Albany, November, 1899. 


b. — born; bapt. — baptized; chil. — children; co. — county; d. — died; 
dau. — daughter; m. — married; rem. — removed; res. — residence; s. — son; ' 
s. p. [sine prole'] — without issue. 



Asa Allcott \ s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Dutton) Allcox; 
b. Waterbury, Ct. 27 Apr. 1760. He enlisted at Waterbury 
in the spring of 1776 in Capt. Jehiel Meig's company, Col. 
Andrew Ward's regiment of Continental infantry. This 
regiment joined Washington at New York in Aug. 1776 and 
was stationed at first near Fort Lee. Marching with the 
troops to "White Plains and subsequently into New Jersey, it 
took part in the battles of Trenton 25 Dec. 1776 and Prince- 
ton 3 Jan. 1777,* and encamped with Washington at Morris- 
town, N. J. till the expiration of its year's service. 

In later life Mr Allcott spoke of his experiences at Trenton ; 
the sufferings of the soldiers in crossing the Delaware, etc. 

I Mar. 1778 he enlisted again, this time for three years, in 
Capt. Daniel Pendleton's company in Col. Jeduthan Bald- 
win's regiment of 'Artificers,' Conn, line troops. 

After his return from the war he probably took up his 
residence near his relatives in that part of the town of 
Waterbury Vv^hich later became Wolcott. His name occurs 
on the Waterbury tax lists of 1787 and 1793, and his wife 
joined the church in Farmingburyf parish in 1784, having 
two children baptized there that year. 

Before 1793' he had removed to Ballston, Saratoga county, 
N. Y., v\^here tradition says he kept a grocery store. The 
county records show that he had considerable possessions in 
land in the town. 

There is nothing to indicate when he removed to Benton, 
Yates county, N. Y. where his daughter Paulina was living 
with her husband, Benjamin Havens, but the Pension office 
files show that while living at that place, 23 May 181 8, he 
made application for a pension, which was allowed for two 
years actual service as artificer in the Connecticut troops, 

* William S. Stryker in his " Battles of Trenton and Princeton " i8y8, states that 
Col. Ward's regiment was in Col. Paul D. Sargent's brigade, and that the colonel, 
major, 13 commissioned officers and 144 men participated in this campaign, while 
292 men were absent, sick, on extra duty, or on furlough. 

t See note on p. 9. 


part of the time under Capt. Pendleton and Col. Baldwin. 
Mention is also made of his participation in the Battle of 

" The Report of the Secretary of war. . . 1835 in relation 
to the pension establishment of the U. S." volume 2, part t, 
page 229, under the heading Saratoga county, gives the 
name of Asa AUcox, aged 74, private in the Conn, line, 
placed on the pension roll, 31 Mar. 181S with an annual 
allowance of $96. This would seem to indicate that he 
returned to Ballston from Benton, btit his wife Sabra died 
in Benton in 1836 and "A census of pensioners for Revolu- 
tionary or military services" 1841, page loi, shows that 
"Asa Olcotf'aged 80 -was, i June 1840, living with Benjamin 
Havens in Benton. 

On the death in 1841 of his grandson Daniel Allcott, jr. 
who had been a favorite with him, he went to live with the 
widow and children in Naples, Ontario county, thinking he 
could help them, though 81 years of age. 

His great grandson H. T. Allcott thus recalls him: " He 
had taken a notion to my mother and father, and after 
father's death, moved in with us to help us along. He had 
his corner at the old fireplace which on no occasion did he 
want invaded. Grandfather was an inveterate joker and 
would have his fun on almost all occasions. He had great 
power in seeing the odd side of things and seemed involun- 
tarily to draw the joking fraternity to him, with whom he 
would laugh, talk and smoke for hours. When he got his 
pension money, he always bought a big package of smoking 
tobacco, 8 or 10 pounds at least, as it came then, and several 
dozen pipes, and at no time seemed to enjoy himself so well 
as when relating his 5-arns or cracking a joke upon some one, 
and all done in good heart. He helped mother build a cow 
barn for our cows, and an open shed for them. He also 
encouraged and got up a bee to build a road. He never 
boasted of what he had done in the army, but rather under- 
rated it; in fact, he didn't like to hear anyone boast." 

Till the day of his death, it is said, he never lay down in 
the daytime, d. Naples, N. Y. i8 Jan. 1846. m. Water- 
bury, Ct. 18 May 1780, Sabra Plumb," dau. Simeon and Mary 
(Atkins) Plumb; b. Farming-ton,f Ct. 14 June 1760; d. Benton, 
N. Y. 6 June 1834. Children: 

2 i. Daniel, b. 13 Apr. 17S1; d. 13 ]\Iay 1806; m. Linda 


3 ii. Amos, b. 3 Oct. 1783; d. Rochester, N. Y. 25 

Feb. 1824; m. 1803, Mehitable Simons. 

4 iii. Paulina, b. Waterbury, Ct. 8 July 1785; d. Ben- 

ton, N. Y. 18 May 1866; m. ist, Atkins; 

m. 2d, Benjamin Havens. 

5 iv. Simeon Plumb, b. 25 Nov. 1788; d. Kalamazoo, 

Mich. 17 Dec. 1869; m. ist, Jane A. Whitmore; 
m, 2d, Frances A. Wright. 

6 V. Marilda, b. Ballston, N. Y. 27 Jan. 1793; d. Roches- 

ter, N. Y. 22 May 1876; m. 181 1, Oren Sage. 

7 vi. Sylvia, b. 25 Mar. 1795; d. Attica, N. Y. 20 July 

1870; m. 1818, Lyman S. Ballard. 

8 vii. Almena, b. 15 Oct. 1797; d. Hastings, Mich. Mar. 

1872; m. 1815, James F. B. Grant. 

9 viii. Delecta, b. Ballston, N. Y. 23 July 1800; d. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 23 Aug. 1886; m. 1820, Ira 
ix. Asa, b. 5 Jan. 1804; d. 11 Oct. 1S05; buried in 

*For her ancestry, see " The Plumbs," compiled by H. B. Plumb; 2d edition, 
1S93. Through an error in the date of birth, Sabra is made the youngest instead of 
the oldest child of Simeon. 

+ It should be noted that the town line betv\'een Waterbury and Farmington ran 
through the center of what is now Wolcott green. The settlers in that neighbor- 
hood, being distant from both towns, were, on petition to the legislature in 1770, made 
a separate parish under the name of Farmingbury, though still under the civil 
jurisdiction of their respective towns. In I7^6 this parish was incorporated as the 
town of Wolcott, of territory taken from Waterbury and Southington, as the part of 
Farmington adjacent to V\''aterbury had in 177(5 been set ofi as Southington. 


Daniel Allcott-^ \Asa -J b. 13 Apr. 17S1; bapt. in Water- 
bury, Ct. I Aug. 1 7 84. It has been impossible to learn more 
about his life than the fact that he lived in Ballston, N. Y. 
In a deed of 20 Aug. 1803, he names himself "Daniel All- 
cox otherwise called Daniel Allcott. " d. 13 May 1806, and 
is buried in Ballston. m. Linda Rowley, dau. Samuel and 
Catharine (Fyler) Rowley; b. 11 Nov. 1775, in Wintonbury 
parish, Windsor, (now Bloomfield) or Torrington, Ct. m. 2d, 
John Crawford (by whom she had 2 daus. ) ; d. Saratoga, N. Y. 
31 Mar. 1842. Children: 

10 i. Pamelia, b. 25 Mar. 1803; d. 7 Feb. 1836; m. 1826, 

Isaac W. Hawley. 
ii. Harriet, b. 15 Mar. 1805; d. 31 May 1805; buried 
in Ballston, N. Y. 

11 iii. Daniel, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 23 June 1806; 

d. Naples, N. Y. 23 Oct. 1841; m. 1830, Levinna S. 


Amos Allcott ^ [Asa ']; b. 3 Oct. 1783. bapt. Waterbury, 
Ct. I Aug. 1784. With the other members of his father's 
family he adopted the changed form of name and after 1803 
we find him signing himself Amos Allcott. He was in the 
hardware business in Ballston Springs, N. Y. under the firm 
name of AUcotts and Langworthy ; the other partners being 
his younger brother S. P. Allcott and Lyman B. Langworthy. 
After a duration of ten years, in 1823 the partnership was 
dissolved, and in that year on the opening of the Erie canal, 
Mr. Allcott with others from the neighborhood moved out to 
Rochester, N. Y. then a mere village. Here he began the 
erection of a cotton mill, but before its completion was 
injured by an accident at the dam near the mill and d. 25 
Feb. 1824. He was a prominent freemason. 

m. Colebrook, Ct. 17 Jan. 1803, Mehitable Simons, dau. 
Aaron and Mehitable (Simons) Simons; b. Colebrook, Ct. 21 
June 1785. Her last years were spent with her daughter 

Mrs. Lapham and family in Milwaukee, Wis. where she d 
1 8 Sept. 1854. Children: 

12 i. Sidney Smith, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 20 

Dec. 1803; d. Boston, Mass. i May 1867; m. ist, 

1825, Delia C. Hubbard; m. 2d, 1S36, Julia M. 

13 ii. Volney Simons, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 12 

Jan. 1806; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 4 Feb. 1843; m. 1828, 
Sarah E. Edmonds. 

14 iii. Caroline Adelia, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 28 

Dec. 1808; d. Rochester, N. Y. 31 Dec. 1834; m. 

1826, Samuel Stone. 

15 iv. William Washington, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 

20 Dec. 1 810; d. Kalamazoo, Mich. 4 June 1868; 
m. 1837, Deborah B. Bangs. 

16 V. Mary Jane, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 16 Oct. 

1812; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 15 Sept. 1851; m. ist, 
1830, Henry M. Hubbard; m. 2d, 1843, Tertullus D. 

17 vi. Ann Maria, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 22 May 

1816; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 25 Feb. 1863; m. 1838, 
Increase A. Lapham. 

John (?) Atkins, parentage unknown; res. Ballston, N. Y. 
d. before 1808. m. Paulina Allcott - [Asa']; b. Water- 
bury, Ct. 8 July 1785. After his death she m. 2d, Benjamin 
Havens and d. Benton, N. Y. 18 May 1866. Child: 

i. Harriet, b. 5 May 1805, probably in Ballston, N. Y. 
d. Benton, N. Y. 3 (3ct. 1S31; m. Benton, N. Y. 13 
Nov. 1825, Levi Patchen, s. Jared and Nancy 
(Nash) Patchen; b. Wilton, Fairfield co. Ct. 5 Jan. 
1S04. His parents removed to Onondaga, N. Y, 
1806 and 3 years later to Benton. He was a farmer 
and nurseryman ; res. Benton till Nov. 1843, when 
he removed to Mich. (3 chil. ) m. 2d, 1835, Mary 
Chapman and m. 3d, 1841, Ann Arnold. He d. 
Nottowa, St. Joseph CO. Mich. 25 Sept. 185 1. 


Benjamin Havens, s. Thomas and Mary (Smith) Havens; 
b. 1779 in Wickford, R. I. (?) His parents removed to 
Ballston, N. Y. after the Revolution, and to Yates county in 
1 810. He was a farmer and settled in Benton, Yates co. 
1807 when it was almost a wilderness, d. Benton i Oct 

m. ist, 30 Oct. 1803, Luvina Phelps of Auburn, N. Y. b. 
8 Mar. 1782; d. 13 June, 1807. (2 chil.) m. 2d, about 1S08, 
*Paulina Allcott ^ [Asa '], widow of — Atkins; b. Water- 
biiry, Ct. 8 July 1785; d. Benton, N. Y. 18 May 1866. 
Children : 

i. Lusylvia, b. Benton, N. Y. 5 Oct. 1809; d. Bath, 

Steuben co. N. Y. 22 Mar. 1888; m. Benton, N. Y. 

16 July 1831, Worthington Secor; b. Greenville, 

Green co. N. Y. 30 July 1809; shoemaker; res. 

Bath, Steuben co. N. Y. d. Bath, N. Y. i Oct. 1868. 

(8 chil.) 
ii. Morgan Smith, b. Benton, N. Y. 22 Oct. 1823. 

Farmer; res. on the old homestead in Benton, N. Y. 

and d. there, 3 Apr. 1895: m. 21 Feb. 1848, Maryetta 

Bates of Potter, Yates co. N. Y. b. 19 Dec. 1S26. 

(5 sons.) 

Simeon Plumb Allcott ^ [^.y^: ']; b. 25 Nov. 17S8. Res. 

Ballston Springs, N. Y. and in 181 7 his name occurs in the 
records as overseer of highways in the town of Milton, in 
which that village is located. He was for several years a 
member of the hardware firm of Allcotts and Langworthy. 
of which his elder brother Amos was senior partner. In 
1820 he removed to Rochester, N. Y. and went into the hard- 
ware business there with Ebenezer Watts, the firm becoming 
Allcott, Watts and Langworthy in 1827 on the admission of 
his old partner L. B. Langworthy, who came from Ballston 
Springs that year. They carried on the business of hard- 

*Name also written Polina and Pauline. 

ware merchants and iron founders very successfully till 1836 
when the partnership was dissolved. 

Mr. Allcott afterward lost his property and the latter part 
of his life was a hard struggle with poverty. 

He was a prominent freemason in Rochester at the time of 
the famous Morgan affair in 1826. When Morgan was taken 
from the jail in Canandaigua the night of 1 2 Sept. by four 
men, the carriage was traced with certainty to Rochester; 
and thence the captive was taken probably to Canada. That 
night, as family report has it, Mr. Allcott was out till mid- 
night engaged in the work of the order. Returning to his 
home, his wife was confined at the time of the birth of one of 
the children, and this kept him out more or less for the bal- 
ance of the night. These circumstances gave rise to sus- 
picions on the part of the anti-masons, which were the source 
of much impleasantness and animosity. 

In 1 86 1 he removed to Kalamazoo, Mich, and entered the 
employ of his nephew, William W. Allcott, about his mill, 
d. Kalamazoo, 17 Dec. 1869. m. ist, Jane Ann Whitmore; 
b. 25 Apr. 1791; d. Rochester, N. Y. 3 Sept. 1838. m. 2d, 
Rochester, N. Y. 1839 or 40, Frances Angell Wright, dan. 
Samuel and Sallie (Angell) Wright; b. Pownal, Bennington 
CO. Vt. 6 Feb. 181 2; d. Plain well, Allegan co. Mich. Oct. 
1892. Children by first wife:* 

i. son; d. 3 June 1811, aged one day; buried in 

Ballston, N. Y. 

18 ii. Elizabeth, d. Saline, Mich. 1846; m. 1832, John 

iii. Lucy J. d. 7 Sept. 1817, aged one year, 9 months 
and 13 days; buried in Ballston, N. Y. 

19 iv. Frances S. b. 18 18; d. Rochester, N. Y. 19 Aug. 

1838; m. 1837, James N. Langworthy. 

20 V. DeWitt Clinton, b. 1820; m. ist, 1845, Jane Butler; 

m. 2d, 1 86 1, Mary Duval, 
vi. Lucy Jane, d. 19 June, 1844, aged 18; buried in 
Rochester, N. Y. 

* No complete list has been found and the order of birth is conjectural. 


vii. Volney William, d. 12 vSept. 1S27, aged one year 
and 15 days; buried in Rochester, X. Y. 
By second wife : 

viii. son, d. aged 3 months. 

21 ix. John Tyler, b. Rochester, N. Y. 16 July 1842; m. 

1 86 7, Sarah Bartlett. 

22 X. Jane Ann, b. Rochester, N. Y. 2 Oct. 1S45; d. St. 

Louis, Mo. 9 Mar. 1874; m. 1866, John J. Clements. 

23 xi. Susan Frances, b. Rochester, N. Y. 10 Mar. 1854; 

m. 1876, Austin H. Dwight. 
xii. May F. b. Rochester, N. Y. 2 Nov. 1855; d. at 
the age of 3 weeks. 

Oren Sage, s. Giles and Ann (Wright) Sage; b. Middle- 
town (now^ Cromwell), Ct. 25 Dec. 1787. At the age of six 
he lost his father, and when fourteen was apprenticed to a 
tanner and shoemaker in Middletowm. He received his only 
month's schooling when twenty years of age. In 1808 he 
moved to Hartford and the next year to Ballston Springs, 
N. Y. where he began the manufacture of boots and shoes. 
In 1827 he moved the business to Rochester. For years it 
was one of the largest in the country, employing 1,000 hands. 
In the thirties his son-in-law, Edwnn Pancost, was admitted 
to the firm, and later his sons, E. O. and W. N. Sage, also 
became members. Mr. Sage retired from business in i860. 
He w^as a firm, devoted and consistent Christian throughout 
all his life. At the age of sixteen he united with the Bap- 
tists and w^as one of the founders and a deacon of the First 
Baptist church in Rochester, d. Rochester, X. Y. 12 Sept. 
1866. m. Ballston Springs, N, Y. 30 Mar. 181 1, Marilda 
Allcott^ [Asa' ]; b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 27 Jan. 1793; d. 
Rochester, X. Y. 22 May 1876. Children: 

i. Xelson Allcott, b. Ballston Springs, 18 Feb. 18 12. 
Was a miller in early life, and after 1840, in the 
book and publishing business with his brother W. 
X. Sage. d. Rochester, 12 Jan. 1886. m. ist, 9 
Nov. 1837, Eliza E. Lake; b. Delaware co. X. Y. 27 


Aug. 1819; d. Rochester, 3 Sept. 1855. (5 chil.) m. 
2d, 10 Sept. 1 85 7, Eliza H. Bush; b. Rochester, 7 
Mar. 1831. (2 chil.) 

ii. Emily Elizabeth, b. Ballston Springs, 3 July 18 14; 
d. there, 3 Dec. 1825. 

iii. Julia Maria, b. Ballston Springs, 19 Aug. 181 6. 
She was a lifelong and active adherent of the First 
Baptist church, Rochester, and very prominently 
connected with numerous charitable institutions, 
d. Rochester, 11 Dec. 1883. m. 6 Feb. 1834, Edwin 
Pancost; b. Scipio, Cayuga co. N. Y. i June, 1812, 
Manufacturer of boots and shoes in partnership with 
his father-in-law and brothers-in-law E. O. and 
W. N. Sage. d. Rochester, 1867. (4 chil.) 

iv. William Nathan, b. Ballston Springs, 15 Feb. 181 9. 
Graduated A. B. at Brown univ. 1840; went into the 
book business with his brother N. A. Sage. In 
1857 he was elected county treasurer, retiring from 
mercantile pursuits till i860 when he entered his 
father's firm. He was president of the Monroe 
county savings bank, deacon of the First Baptist 
church and one of the foremost founders of Roches- 
ter university, d. Cottage City, Mass. at his sum- 
mer home, 17 Aug. 1890. m. Lydia G. Brown; b. 
Providence, R. I. 28 Apr. 1823. (i son). 

V. John Henry, b. Ballston Springs, 22 Feb. 1822; d. 
Rochester, 21 Aug. 1832. 

vi. Anna Mary, b. Ballston Springs, 29 July 1824; d. 
Rochester, 10 July 1881; m. 7 June 1843, Charles 
Hubbell; b. Ballston Springs, 9 Nov. 181 7. He was 
in the Commercial bank of Rochester, and later 
cashier in Ellis and Sturges banking office, Cincin- 
nati, O., for many years. His health failing he 
went into the money business in Keokuk, la. and 
later moved to San Diego, Cal. (7 chil.) 

vii. Solon Augustus, b. Ballston Sprmgs, 6 Apr. 1827 ; 
d. Rochester, i Mar. 1830. 

1 6 

viii. Harriet Adelia, b. Rochester, lo Mar. 1830; 
d. Rochester, 17 Oct. 1859; in. 4 June, 1850, Cyrus 
Fay Paine; b. W. Galwa)^, N. Y. 16 July 1827. Was 
in drug business in Rochester for many years. (3 
chil.) Hem. 2d, 1864, Eliza A. Sag-e, dan. of Nel- 
son A. 

ix. Edwin Oren, b. Rochester, 29 Feb. 1832. Gradu- 
ated A. B. at Rochester univ. Since 1856 he has 
been engaged in the mianufacture of boots and 
shoes, m. 2 Oct. i860, Mary Jane Hotchkiss; b. 
Poultney, Vt. 23 Aug. 1839. (5 chil.) 


Lyman S. Ballard; b. 9 Sept. 1795. Was a tinsmith; res. 
Saratoga and later in Rochester. The last 40 years of his 
life were spent in Attica, N. Y. where he d. 13 Jan. 1S71. 

m. 3 July 1818, Sylvia Allcott^ [Asa ^] ; b. 25 Mar. 1795; 
d. Attica, N. Y. 20 July 1870. Children: 
i. Mary Jane, b. Saratoga, N. Y. 
Biiffalo, X. Y. 14 May 1893; m. 
June 1840, Lyman Austin Coole}- 
22 Mar. 181 1. He was a farmer in Attica, removing 
to Darien, 1868 and to Buffalo in 1887. d. Buffalo, 
N. Y. 8 June 1890. (4 chil.) 
ii. Thomas Emmet, b. 14 Sept. 1822. He was a tin- 
smith; res. Leroy, N. Y. removing to Attica in 
1868; d. there, Feb. 1892. 

m. ist, 13 Sept. 1849, Susan E. R. French; b. 30 
Oct. 1832; d. 29 Oct. 1883. (i son) m. 2d, 3 Mar. 
1 886, Betsey Chaddock. 

James Franklin Buckley Grant; b. in Nova Scotia, 29 May 
1794, of Scotch parentage. Was a shoemaker. Res. Ballston, 
N. Y. removing to Penn Yan, N. Y. about 1820 and to Mich, 
in 1836. After living a year in Marshall, he moved to 










1 1 






Belleviie, Eaton co. where he d. 19 Jan. 1S47. ™. Ballston 
Springs, 30 Apr. 1815, Almena Alicott ^ [Asa '] ; b. 15 Oct. 
1797; d. Hastings, Mich. Mar. 1872. Children: 

i. Amos Alicott, b. 16 Nov. 1816. Merchant in Belle- 
vue, Mich, where he d. 12 Sept. 1847. m. ist, 
Emmaline Drake from Castleton, Vt. who d. soon. 

s. p. m. 2d, Eliza of Seneca Falls, N. Y. (3 

child, who died in childhood). After Mr. Grant's 
death she m. 2d, a Mr. Eldred and 3d, a Mr. Whit- 
lock of Homer, Mich. She moved to Jackson, Mich- 
and d. there. 

ii. William Mortimer, b. Ballston, N. Y. 17 Apr. 1819. 
Was a banker; removed to Kalamazoo, Mich, and 
in 1869 to Fort Dodge, la. where he d. 8. Oct. 1889. 
m. Bellevue, Mich. 5 Jan. 1844, Harriet Hedges 
Hunsiker; b. 5 Sept. 1823; d. 17 Sept. 1847. 
(2 sons.) 

iii. Robert James, b. Penn Yan, N. Y. 17 Feb. 1822. 
Rem. to Hastings, Mich. 1840 and became a mer- 
chant; was representative in the legislature from 
Barry co. 1869-72, treasurer of Hastings 8 years, 
mayor three terms, beginning 1S78, beside holding 
other local offices. In religion he was a Methodist, 
in politics a republican, d. Hastings, 12 Aug. 1894. 
m. 1849, Ducelia Jordan; d. 4 Mar. 1875. (3 chil.) 

iv. Marilda Ann, b. Penn Yan, N. Y. 2 Aug. 1825; 
d. Nashville, Mich. 30 May 1892; m. Bellevue, 
Mich. 19 Mar. 1844, DeWitt Chnton Griffith. He 
was a merchant. (4 chil. ) 

V. Caroline Almena, b. 3 May 1834; d. Plastings Mich. 
3 Jan. 1893; m. ist, in Bellevue, Mich. Leonard 
Fitzgerald; m. 2d, Horatio B. Warner, (ison.) 


Ira Wood; b. Ballston, N. Y. 21 Apr. 1794. Soon after 
his marriage, he moved to Rochester, N. Y. where he helped 
build the first brick store, and was actively identified with 
the growth of the town. Removing to Marshall, Mich, in 
1836, he was prominent in the development of that place 
also. Finally in 1855 he took up his residence in Kalamazoo, 
Mich, where he continued for a time to carry on his business 
as a carpenter and builder, retiring soon from active work, 
d. Kalamazoo, 17 Feb. 1878. m Ballston, N. Y. 27 Jan. 1820, 
Delecta Allcott ^ [Asa^]; b. Ballston, N. Y. 23 July 1800; 
d. Kalamazoo, Mich. 23 Aug. 18S6. Children: 

i. Lucy Jane, b. Rochester, N. Y. i Dec. 1820; d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 2 Feb. 18S6; m. 30 Jan. 1841, 
Horace Phelps; d. 13 Aug. 18S3. He removed to 
Kalamazoo 1859 and became general manager of the 
Phelps and Bigelow windmill company. (6 chil.) 
ii. William Agustus, b. Rochester, N. Y. 26 Mar. 
182S. He rem. to Kalamazoo, Mich, about 1849; 
was a banker, member of the firm of Woodbury 
Potter and company, 1856-1S65, and president of the 
Michigan national bank from its organization in 1865 
till his retirement from business in Jan. 1880. d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 8 Mar. 1880. m. Waterloo, N. Y. 
10 Mar. 1858, Sarah E, Deyoe. (3 chil.) 
iii. Henr\', b. Rochester, N. Y. 4 Sept. 1831. About 
1848 he rem. to Kalamazoo, Mich, where he was in 
the hardware business in the firm of Parsons and 
"Wood. About 1887, entered the employ of a wind- 
mill company in Minneapolis, Minn, where he d. 18 
Feb. 1892. m. 20 Oct. 1858, Harriet Bradford of 
Ypsilanti, Mich.; b. 7 Oct. 1837. (4 chil.) 


Isaac Williams Hawley, s. Silas and Sarah (Curtis) Haw- 
ley; b. Pawlet, Vt. 30 Aug. 1779. Was in sash and blind 
business in Rochester for some years, and about 1833 rem. 
to Georgetown, Mass. The last years of his life were spent 
in Albany, N. Y. where he was employed as book keeper for 
the Delaware and Hudson canal compan}^ d. Albany, 14 
Jan. 1S76. 

m. ist, 22 Mar. 1826, Pamelia Allcott^ [Daniel-, Asa '] ; 
b. 25 Mar. 1803; d. 7 Feb. 1836. m. 3d, about 1S38, Deborah 
Scoby, widow of Cornelius McKelvey; d. 1873. Children by 
first wife : 

i. Sidney W. b. 30 Apr. 1827 ; d. of hemorrhage on the 
railroad train between Schenectady and Albany, 
N. Y. 5 Jan. 1847. 
ii. Harriet Naramore, b. Rochester, N. Y. 28 Oct. 
1829; d, Rochester, 12 Jan. 1876; m. Newburyport, 
Mass. 4 July 1850, Michael Cullen Bryant, s. 
Timothy and Johanna (Hart) Bryant; b. in Ireland, 
17 Mar. 1828. Came to Georgetown with his 
parents about 1833. Was a shoemaker; res. George- 
town, Mass. and Rochester N. Y. Enlisted 16 
July 1862 in the loSth regiment, N. Y. infantry, 
was sergeant in company E, and was mustered out 
38 May 1865. He was wounded at Gettysburg, 
Antietam and Wilderness, d. Tiffin, Johnson co. 
Iowa, 4 Aug. 1872. 
iii. Samuel, b. 30 Mar. 1832; d. 23 Dec. 1835. 
iv. William, b. 11 Oct. 1S34; d. 24 Jan. 1836. 

Daniel Allcott^ [Daniel % Asa '] ; b. Ballston Springs, 
N. Y. 23 June 1S06. Was a clothier by trade and worked in a 
woolen mill in Ballston in early life. A carding and woolen 
mill was started in Springwater, Livingston count}', N. Y. 
and the proprietor sent to Ballston for an efficient man to 

put ic in operation. Daniel Allcott was sent there, but after 
the birth of his first child, rem. to a piece of heavily timbered 
land in the town of Naples, Ontario county. He had it about 
half cleared when he d. suddenly 23 Oct. 1841. He was an 
earnest and thorough Christian and strong temperance advo- 
cate, m. Springwater, X. Y. 1830, Levinna vStone Norton, 
dau. Asher and Dorothy (Boardman) Norton; b. Aurelius, 
Cayuga co. N. Y. 29 Mar. 1805; m. 2d, 1845, Stephen Coons 
(i son); died Naples N. Y. 20 Jan. 1868. Children: 

i. Elmira D. b. Springwater, and died there, 11 Sept. 
, aged 13 months. 

24 ii. Harvey Tyler, b. Naples, N. Y, 4 Dec. 1837; m. 

1878, ]\lary F. Cummins 
iii. Harriet Pamelia, b. Naples, N. Y. 11 Nov. 1839; 
res. Springwater, N. Y. m. Naples, N. Y. 18 Dec. 
1872, Jonathan B. Wilhelm, s. George and Sarah 
(Bailey) Wilhelm; b. Milo, Yates co. N. Y. 18 Nov. 
1820. He was a farmer in Springwater, assessor 
and commissioner of highways for a number of 
years; and a member of the Methodist episcopal 
church, d Springwater, N. Y. 24 July 1897. 

25 iv. Daniel, b. Naples, N. Y. 31 Jan. 1842; d. Naples, 

N. Y. 8 Apr. 1897; m. 1S67, Amelia M. Rector. 


Sidney Smith Allcott^ [Amos', Asa^]; b. Ballston 
Springs, N. Y. 20 Dec. 1803. After his father's death in 
1824, he was for some years extensively engaged in cotton 
manufacture in Rochester. His attitude as employer toward 
his operatives is shown by the following contemporary 
account: The 80 youth and children employed in S. S. AU- 
cott's cotton factor}^ in 1827 "are liberally afforded the 
advantages of a school five evenings in the week, supported 
at the expense of the employers. " * 

* S«e •' Rochester and the Post Express," iS.;, pa.Lie 30. 


In 1 83 1, he rem. to Marshall, Calhotm co. Mich, where his 
business was that of merchant miller. Was treasurer of Cal- 
houn CO. 1836-42, vestryman at the organization of the Pro- 
testant episcopal church in Marshall 1837, and first president 
of the corporation when the village of Marshall was incorpo- 
rated in 1839. 

Rem. to Boston in 1858, and was in the wholesale flour 
business there. 

Dr. O. C. Comstock in his History of Calhoun co. thus 
speaks of him: " Sidney S. Allcott filled a conspicuous place 
among the enterprising and business men of the town [Mar- 
shall] for many years. He also filled some town and county 
offices with fidelity and credit. He was a warm and devoted 
friend, scrupulously honest, and died some years ago in Bos- 
ton without a known enemy." * 

d. Boston, Mass. i May 1867. m. ist, Berlin, Ct. 20 Dec. 
1825, Delia C. Hubbard, daa. George and Julia (Porter) 
Hubbard: b. Berlin, Ct. 19 June 18 lo; d. Buffalo, N. Y. 31 
May 1834. m. 2d, Berlin, Ct. 8 Sept. 1836, Julia Maria 
Beckley, dau. Orrin and Harriet (Pattison) Beckley; b. Ber- 
lin, Ct. 16 Jan. 1813; d. Oak Hill, Newton, Mass. 30 Oct. 
i860. Children by first wife: 

i. Amos, b. Rochester, N. Y. 6 Oct. 1S27; d. there, 

14 July 1828. 
ii. George Brooks, b. Rochester, N. Y. 24 Feb. 1829; 
was educated at the Wesleyan Seminary at Albion, 
Mich, (now Albion College) ; d. on his second voy- 
age to California, on board the steamship " Winfield 
Scott," in the harbor of Acapulco, 12 Feb. 1853; 
iii. William Egbert, b. Rochester, N. Y. 23 Oct. 1830; 

d. there, 12 Aug. 1832. 
iv. William Washington, b. Rochester, N. Y. 11 Feb. 
1S33; d. Buffalo, N. Y. 24 Aug. 1834. 

*Michigan pioneer collections, volume 2, page 237. 

Bv second wife: 

V. William Seymour, b. Marshall, ]\[ich. 23 Nov. 1838; 
d. there, 15 May, 1844. 

vi. Julius Lee, b. Marshall, Mich. 20 Aug. 1840; d. 
there, 17 Jan. 1841. 

vii. Julia Maria, b. Marengo, Mich, 15 Dec. 1843; d. 
there, 11 Apr. 1844. 

viii. Charles Henry, b. Marshall, Mich. 11 Jan. 1844. 
Enlisted in Kalamazoo, 21 June 1862, in the 17th 
regiment Mich, volunteer infantry and was sergeant 
in company D. d. in hospital, Washington, D. C. 
4 Sept. 1863. 
26 ix. Frank, b. Marshall, Mich. 15 Sept. 1845; d. Meri- 
den, Ct. 29 Dec. 1891; m. 1875, Elvira M. Thomp- 


Volney Simons Allcott 3 [Amos', Asa'], h Ballston 
Springs, N. Y. 12 Jan. 1806. With the family he went out 
to Rochester, N. Y. in 1823, and w^as engaged in cotton 
manufacture with his brother Sidney after their father's 
death. In 1832 he removed to Lockport, N. Y. and worked 
in a machine shop till 1S36 when he went to Marshall, Mich, 
and for a year or more was in the employ of his brother 
Sidney. Then he kept the National hotel for about two 
years. In 1842 he removed to Milwaukee, Wis. leaving his 
family in Marshall, d. Milwaukee, 4 Feb. 1843. m. Ballston 
Springs, N. Y. 17 Apr. 1828, Sarah Elizabeth Edmonds*; 
b. Stillwater, N. Y. 14 July 1807; m. 2d, 1856, J. A. Phelps, 
and after 1876 resided with her son Amos; d. Milwaukee, 
AVis. 26 May 1896. Children: 

29 i. Amos Edmonds, b. Rochester, N. Y. 9 Apr. 1829; 
m. 1859, Eliza R Hobbs. 
ii. Mary Jane, b. Rochester, N. Y. 24 Feb. 1831; d. 
there, 8 Dec. 1831. 

*Her mother, Mrs. Olive Edmonds, m. 2d, 13 Sept. 1S13. Gen. John Dunning of 
Ballston, N. Y. 


iii. John Dunning, b. Lockport, N. Y. 6 July 1832; d. 
there, 6 Aug. 1S34. 

28 iv. John Dunning, b. Lockport, N. Y. 25 July 1835; 

d. Milwaukee, Wis. 6 May 1877; m. 1865, Mary J. 

29 V. Sidney Volney William, b. Marshall, Mich. 25 May 

1838; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 29 Sept. 1883; m. i860, 
Louise L Kramer, 
vi. Henry Hubbard, b. Marshall, Mich. 24 May 1841 ; 
d. there, 10 Jan, 1842. 


Samuel Stone, s. John and Elizabeth (Leonard) Stone; b. 
Chesterfield, Mass. 6 Dec. 1798. After a course of study in 
Leicester Academy, he was for a time in a large wholesale 
store in Boston. About 181 7 he went to Rochester, N. Y. 
where his father had interests connected with the original 
" Holland purchase. " Here he was a dry goods merchant 
and took a deep interest in military affairs, being active in 
organizing the first military company in Rochester. He was 
commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the 3 2d N. Y. riflemen 
by the governor in 1830, resigning in 1834. 

About 1843 he rem. to Detroit, Mich, and was chosen 
secretary and treasurer of the Board of internal improve- 
ments, which had supervision of what were later known as 
the Michigan Central and Michigan Southern railroads. His 
health failing under these arduous duties, Col. Stone rem. to 
Milwaukee, Wis. in 1849 and was associated with Ezra 
Cornell in the telegraph enterprise. This proving financially 
unsuccessful, he went to Chicago in 1852 where he continued 
to reside the rest of his life. 

Having no special business of his own, he at once devoted 
himself to great public interests, chiefly historic, scientific 
and humane. From the organization of the Chicago Hist- 
torical Society in 1856, he was an active member, and was 
one of the last to leave the building when the great fire of 
187 1 destroyed all. d. Chicago 111. 4 May 1876.* 

*Por a fuller sketch of his life, see Chicago historical society. Collections, 
volume 4, page 130. ' 


m. Rochester, N. Y. i8 Apr. 1826, Caroline Adelia All- 
COtt 3 [Amos-, Asa''\-, b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 28 Dec. 
1808; d, Rochester, 31 Dec. 1834. Children: 

i. Ann Elizabeth, b. Rochester, N. Y. 26 Aug. 1827. 
vShe was prominent in charitable institutions and 
similar lines of work, and all her life an earnest 
advocate of the cause of woman, d. Chicago, 111. 
27 Nov. 1887 ; unm. 
ii. Caroline Adelia, b. Rochester, N. Y. 11 May 1830. 
iii. John William, b. Rochester, N. Y. 30 Sept. 1832; 

d. there, 2 Feb. 1833. 
iv. John Samuel, b. Rochester, N. Y. 14 Nov. 1834; 
d. there, 5 Mar. 1835. 


William Washington Allcott 3 [A^nos' , Asa' ]; b. Ball- 
ston Springs, N. Y. 20 Dec. 18 10. Rem. to Rochester with 
his parents in 1823. For a time he was in the hardware store 
of Allcott, Watts and Lang worthy, where his uncle Simeon 
P. Allcott was senior partner, and later he was in the cotton 
business with his brother Sidney. In 1831 he issued " All- 
cott's produce tables, showing the value of any cjuantity of 
grain," which was so popular and widely used that a second 
edition appeared in 1838. 

While in Rochester he changed his occupation to that of 
miller, at which he continued during the rest of his life. 1836 
he rem. to Boston where he was married and spent the next 
few years, returning to Rochester in 1841. From 1848 to 
to 1858 he was manager of the Suffolk county mills in 

In the latter year he removed to Kalamazoo, Mich, where 
from the first he took a prominent part in the life of that 
comparatively new region. 

In religious belief Mr. Allcott was a Unitarian, and he and 
his wife were leading spirits in starting a church in Kalama- 
zoo. He was chosen a trustee at the organization in Sept. 
1858 and was one of its mainstays during his life. 


d. Kalamazoo, 4 Jime 1868 from the effects of injuries 
received at the caving in of a bank of frozen earth near his 
millrace, where he was repairing damage caused bj^ a freshet. 

One who had known him intimately thus writes: "My 
recollections of \Ym. W. Allcott are clear and pleasant, hav- 
ing lived in his family some years. He was then engaged in 
the milling business in Kalamazoo, Mich. He was a man 
somewhat under the medium height, of light complexion and 
cheerful countenance, of quick motion but not a rapid talker. 

He was generally regarded as a stirring, enterprising 
spirit in the business affairs of the town. His name was 
mentioned first among those who contributed to the life and 
prosperity of the place. 

He was ever hopeful and sanguine; and not seldom, when 
other men would have given over or greatly modified their 
plans from caution or fear, Mr. Allcott could see only success 
as the issue. This quality, combined w^ith an unremitting 
ardor and industry, made him the prominent factor in the 
life of Kalamazoo that he was so generally conceded to be. 

Such an ardent soul would be in danger of overlooking or 
underrating the risks that lay in his path, and it was doubt- 
less well that his business ventures were moderated by his 
dependence on others who furnished means. Perhaps he 
was hampered even more than was needful. 

He had a wonderful faculty of leaving all business per- 
plexities behind when returning home and then giving him- 
self up to the life and joy of the domestic circle. 

He was a lover and helper of the common race, and the 
number and variety of his benefactions in word and deed, 
the recording angel knows. 

He and his wife were the chief originators of the Unitarian 
church in Kalamazoo, and continued devoted to its interest, 
as its first two pastors can gratefully testify. 

Among the honored and worthy names in the annals of 
Kalamazoo, that of W. W. Allcott will ever stand prominent. " 

m. Cdmbridgeport, Mass. 28 Aug. 1837, Deborah Bigelow 
Bangs, dau. Isaiah and Deborah K. (Bigelow) Bangs; b. 


Cambridgeport, 28 May r8i8, She attended the old Cam- 
bridgeport academ}- where she was one of the youngest 
pupils ever admitted. The teacher she remembers most 
pleasantly was the late Rev. James Freeman Clarke of 
Boston, and among her fellow students at the academy were 
Charles, George and Edward Beecher (younger brothers of 
Henry Ward Beecher who was then in Harvard), Wendell 
Phillips, James Russell Lowell, Oliver Wendell Holmes, 
Luther H. Cushing and Sarah Margaret Fuller (afterwards 
Countess Ossoli). 

Mrs. Allcott has continued to live in Kalamazoo with 
yearly visits to Alass. 

After the death of her eldest daughter and her husband, 
Mr. Hascall, she took their two children to her home, rear- 
ing them as she had her own. Children : 

30 i. Caroline Ann, b. Cambridgeport, IMass. 5 Oct. 1838; 

d. Kalamazoo, ]\Iich. 9 Jan. 1S69; m. 1864, Herman 
E. Hascall. 

31 ii. Anna Bigelow, b. Rochester, N. Y. 8 Aug. 1842; 

m. ist, 1865, E. Marvin T. Siliiman; m. 2d, 1869, 
Samuel B. Flagg. 
iii. Ella Bangs, b. Rochester, N. Y. 17 Feb. 1845; d. 
Cambridgeport, Mass. 22 Oct. 185 1. 

32 iv. William Lincoln, b. Cambridgeport, Mass. 11 Aug. 

1854; m. 1876, Ida U. Janney. 


Henry Mortimer Hubbard; b. 1806. He was a grocer in 
Rochester, N. Y. rem. to Milwaukee, Wis. in 1835, where 
he was a hardware merchant and held several important 
offices, as sheriff, magistrate, etc. d. Milwaukee, 28 May 
1 84 1, m. Lockport, N. Y. 3 Nov. 1830, Mary Jane 
Allcott^ [Amos \ Asa' ]; b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 16 Oct. 
1812; after his death, she m. 2d, 1S43, Tertullus D. Butler, 
and d. Milwaukee, 15 Sept. 1851. Children: 

i. Volney Mortimer, b. Ithaca, N. Y. 25 Mar. 1832; 
d. Milwaukee, Wis. 9 Dec. 1S56; unm. 


ii. Henry Otis, b. Rochester, N. Y. 28 Apr. 1834; was 
a telegraph operator; d. Cincinnati, O. 21 May 1858; 

iii. John William, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 7 Aug. 1S36. 
Entered service 15 Oct. 1861 from Eagle Centre, 
Wis. in Company I, 12th Wisconsin infantry, and 
was discharged on account of disability, 15 Aug. 
1863. Mustered again 27 Aug. 1863 from Troy, 
Walworth co. Wis. in Company B, ist Wisconsin 
heavy artillery and was finally mustered out 30 Aug. 
1865. After the war, was a railroad conductor 
d. Lanesboro, Fillmore co. Minn. 19 Jan. 1873. 
m. Troy, Wis. 30 May 1858, Mary Arnold Bovee; 
b. Amsterdam. N. Y. 4 Nov. 1841; d. 2 Apr. 1891. 

iv. Mary Jane, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 22 July 1838; d. 
there, 25 Aug. 1839. 

v. Charles Augustus, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 15 Dec. 
1840. Mustered 8 Oct. 1861 from Milwaukee in Com- 
pany G, I St Wisconsin infantry and was mustered out 
14 Oct. 1864 at the expiration of his service. Clerk 
in an express office, d La Crosse, Wis. 27 June, 
1879. m. La Crosse, Wis. 27 Dec. 1868, Johanna 
E. Carpenter. (2 chil. ) 


Tertullus Dickenson Butler, s. David Butler, D.D. (who 
was rector of St. Paul's church, Troy,'N. Y. 1804-34.) Was 
a painter, and at one time proprietor of a large oil and paint 
establishment in Detroit, Mich. Later lived in Flint, Mich, 
and Milwaukee, Wis. d. Milwaukee, 14 Oct. 1858, m. Mil- 
waukee, 27 July 1843, Mary Jane Allcott3 [Amos- , Ksa^ ], 
widow of Henry M. Hubbard; b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 16 
Oct. 1812; d. Milwaukee, 15 Sept. 1851. Children: 

i. William Tertullus, b. Milwaukee, Wis, 18 Oct. 1844. 
Pavinsf teller in Corcoran'sbank, Washinrj-ton, D. C. 


for a number of years; and later, rem to ]\Iem- 
phis, Tenn. where he was in the steamboat business, 
d. Memphis, 2 Sept. 1878; unm. 
Sidney Allcott, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 10 Mar. 1847. 
Mustered 8 Sept. 1863 from Troy, Walworth co. 
Wis. in company B, ist Wisconsin heavy artillery and 
was mustered out as sergeant 28 Aug. 1865. Res. 
after the war in Kansas City, Mo. and for the last 
20 years has been in the express business. Rem. 
Nov. 1886 to Los Angeles, Cal. where he is agent of 
Wells Fargo express co. 

m. La Crosse, Wis. 24 Dec. 1869, Kittie Keller. 
(2 sons.) 

Increase Allen Lapham, s. Seneca and Rachel (Allen) 
Lapham; b. Palmyra, Wayne co. N. Y. 7 Mar. 181 1. In 
early life he was engaged in canal construction in N. Y. 
Kentucky and Ohio. In 1836, rem. to Milwaukee, Wis. 
with whose interests and those of the new state he was ever 
closely identified. Residing at one of the most important 
shipping ports on the great lakes, where the frequent 
occurrence of great storms is attended with immense loss of 
life and property, Mr. Lapham early perceived the possi- 
bility of telegraph warnings to mariners. As early as 1S42 
he had collected and published a list of shipping losses on 
Lake Michigan and endeavored to induce Congress to make 
an appropriation for harbors of refuge. Though the idea 
gained no hearing at first, he continued to urge it till Feb. 
1870, when Congress passed an act authorizing the Secretary 
of war to provide for taking meteorological observations for 
giving notice on the great lakes and Atlantic seaboard of the 
approach and force of storms. Mr. Lapham was for a time 
assistant signal officer at Chicago. Apr. 1873 he was 
appointed Chief state geologist of Wisconsin but after two 
years of faithful service was removed for political reasons. 


lie was author of a number of works on the antiquities, 
geology and botany of Wisconsin; and in i860 Amherst 
college gave him the degree of LL. D. In religions belief he 
was a member of the Society of Friends, d. Oconomowoe, 
Wis. 14 Sept. 1875.* m. Marshall, Mich. 24 Oct. 1838, 
Ann Maria Allcott 3 [Amos-, Asa'\; b. Ballston Springs, 
N. Y. 22 May 1816; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 25 Feb. 1863. 

i, Mary Jane, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 15 Sept. 1839; I'^m. 

1875 to Oconomowoe, Wis. 
ii. Julia Allcott, b. Mihvaukee, Wis. 20 Nov. 1841; 

rem. 187 1 to Oconomowoe. 
iii. William Allen, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 19 Dec. 1843; 

d. there, 31 July 1845. 
iv. Henry, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 13 Dec. 1846; rem. 
1871 to Oconomowoe, Wis. where he was a farmer; 
1 888 went to California and is in the employ of the 
Wells Fargo express company in Los Angeles, 
V. Seneca George, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 12 Oct. 1848. 
In real estate business in Chicago, m. Cambridge, 
Mass. 8 Apr. 1885, Angelena Moulton of Cam- 
bridge, who d. Oconomowoe, Wis. 16 June 1887. 
s. p. 
vi. Samuel Stone, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 29 Nov. 1852; 

d. there, 22 Mar. 1854. 
vii. Charles, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 10 Feb. 1857. Civil 
engineer, res. Milwaukee, m. Freeport, 111. 13 Oct. 
1882, Sybil Burke, (i dau.) 


John Harris, s. John and Phoebe (Post) Harris; b. E. 
Bloomfield, Ontario co. N. Y. 15 Jan. 1804. Was a mason 
by trade. Res. Saline, Mich, for many years ; 1870 rem. to 
Bakersville, Mitchell co. N. C. on account of his wife's fail- 

*For a fuller account of his life see Sherman, S.S. "Increase Allen Lapham 
LL. D. a biographical sketch " 1876; a pamphlet of 80 pages. 


ing- health; about 1877 rem. to Johnson City, Washington co. 
Tenn, where he kept a drug store until his death, 18 Aug-. 
1S85. Was a radical republican in politics and before the 
Civil war, an officer in the underground railroad; a ruling 
elder in the Presbyterian church and later active in the 
Methodist body where there were none of his own denomi- 

m. ist, Rochester, N. Y. 1832, Elizabeth Allcott -[Siineo?i 
Plumb -', Asa '] ; d. Saline, Mich. 1846. 

m. 2d, Saugatuck, Allegan co. Mich. 19 Sept. 1862, Abbie 
W. Dickinson, by whom he had 2 daus. Children by first 

i. Frances Jane, b. Saline, Mich. 27 Oct. 1835; d. 
Johnson City, Tenn. i Aug. 1883; m. Rochester, 
N. Y. 4 Dec. 1857, Syrel Dantz Fling He was 
engaged in the lumber business in Rochester and 
dealt to some extent in real estate. (2 dau. ) 
ii. George Henry, b. Saline, Mich. 20 June 1840. 
Mustered into the U. S. military service at Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 20 Aug. 186 r, as corporal in Company G, 
6th Mich. Infantry; was discharged as ist sergeant, 
10 Dec. 1863 by special order, and was mustered at 
Port Hudson on the same day as ist lieutenant of 
company G, ist Infantry, Corps de Afrique. This 
regiment later became the 73d U. S. Colored In- 
fantry. Lieut. Harris was transferred 23 Sept. 
1865 to the 96th U. S. Colored Infantry and assigned 
to duty in the Government land office at New Or- 
leans. Was honorably discharged 29 Jan. 1866 after 
a service of 4 years, 5 months and 9 days, having 
participated in the siege and capture of New Orleans 
and Port Hudson, La. and the Red River and Mobile 
campaigns besides numerous smaller engagements. 
For nearly 20 years he was traveling salesman in 
the northwest, representing Chicago houses ard 
later New York city in the grocery trade. Since 
Apr. 1897, has been secretary of the Illinois Soldiers' 


Orphans' Home at Normal, 111. m. Buffalo, N. Y. 
9 Oct. 1867, Juliza Allen Turner, dau. Orsamus 
Turner, the historian of western N. Y. (3 sons.) 
iii. Edward, b. Saline, Mich. 1844; d. 1847. 


James Neill Langworthy, s. Lyman B. and Anna (McNeill) 
Langworthy; b. Ballston Springs, N. Y. 9 Aug. 1814, and 
rem. to Rochester in 1827 with his father's family. Was in 
a large hardware concern in New York city in 1831, but in 
1832 returned and took the position of teller in the Bank of 
Monroe, Rochester, d. Rochester 21 Aug. 1838. He and 
his wife were both victims of typhoid fever and their funerals 
were together, m. Oct. 1837, Frances S. AWcott ^ [Si7//eon 
Plumb^, Asa ']; b. 1818; d. Rochester, N. Y. 19 Aug. 1838. 
Child : 

i. Infant daughter, b. a few days before the mother's 


DeWitt Clinton Allcott 3 {Simeon Plumb \ Asa '] ; b. 
I S20. At an early age went to Mich, and was for a time in Mar- 
shall with his cousin S. S. Allcott and later in Monroe, Mich. 
About 1856 he seturned to Rochester where he was a book 
keeper in a commission house and later shipping accountant 
for the Erie Canal company. Leaving Rochester just before 
the war, he returned to Mich, and became book keeper for 
the Campbell lumber company of Alpena, Mich. About 
1865, returned to Monroe where he was book keeper for W. 
A. Noble, lumber manufacturer and also taught school in the 
rural districts. He left the town about 1875 and has not 
been heard of for a number of years, so it has proved impos- 
sible to ascertain whether he is still living. 

To quote from one who knew him well in Monroe : ' ' He 
was an intelligent, capable man, and I might add, talented, 
brilliant and polished gentkman, but strong drink was his 
failing, causing him to neglect his family, who actually 
suffered for the necessities of life." 

m. ist, Saline, Washtenaw co. Mich. 21 Sept. 1S45, Jane 
Butler, dau. James and Mary (Chase) Butler; b. near Albion, 
N. Y. 19 Nov. 1829. She left him in 1857 on account of his 
intemperate habits and procured a divorce soon after; taught 
in the public schools of Rochester, a short time, v\'as a dress- 
malcer in Coldwater, Mich, a number of years and d. 1 1 Aug. 
1 88 2, in Girard, Mich, where she had gone to live with her 
adopted daughter.* s. p. 

m. 2d, Vienna, Mich. 19 May 1861, Mary Duval, dau. 
James and Regina (Navarre) Duval; b. Monroe, Mich, about 
1844. She left her husband in 1871 and sued for divorce 
but while suit was pending d. at Monroe, Mich. 6 Feb. 1872. 
Children by second wife: 

i. Sarah Ann, b. Monroe, Mich. 15 Apr. 1867; d. 

there, about i June 1869. 
ii. Ida May, b. Monroe, Mich., 22 Jan. 1870. On her 
mother's death, she was adopted by P. A. Warthen 
whose wife was Mrs. Allcott's sister. After endear- 
ing herself to her foster parents in every way and 
showing herself in her school life, endowed with 
unusual capacity, she was attacked with diphtheria 
and d. Monroe, Mich. 12 Oct, 1886. 


John Tyler Allcotts {^Simeon Plumb-- ^ Asa^\, b. Roch- 
ester, N. Y. 16 July 1842. Rem. to Mich. 1862. Enlisted 
9 Jan. 1S65 in Company D, 123d N. Y. volunteers and was 
transferred 8 June 1865, to Company K, 60th N. Y. volun- 
teers and honorably discharged at Alexandria, Va. 17 July 
1865. As was not uncommon, he enlisted and served under an 
assumed name, adopting that of James T. Brown. Later he 
was employed in the flour mill of his cousin W. W. Allcott 
at Kalamazoo, Mich, and after 1870, in that of Merrill and 
McCourtie, Plainwell, Mich. 1872 he entered the ministry of 

*When Mrs. Allcott's sister died in 1854 leaving a daughter eleven daj's old, she 
and her husband adoptad the child, Hattie J. Stone. She grew up and married 
Charles H. Chauncey, living first at Girard, Mich, and later in Green^Forest, Ark. 

the Methodist episcopal church and for the next three years 
was stationed at Benona, Oceana co. Holton, Muskegon co. 
and Muskegon, Mich. After attending Hope college, 
Holland, Mich, for two years, he had charge of a drug store 
till his removal in 1884 to Grand Rapids, which he has since 
made his home. For 12 years was in the employ of the 
Bissell carpet sweeper company and since then has traveled 
for Dwight Bros, paper company, of Chicago, m. Three 
Rivers, Mich. 4 July 1867, Sarah Bartlett, dau. Lyman and 
Charity (Losey) Bartlett; b. Comstock, Kalamazoo co. 
Mich. 30 Apr. 1846. Child: 

i. Maudie, b. Wayland, Mich. 26 Oct. 1883. 

John James Clements, s. John and Margaret (Donahoe) 
Clements; b. at sea on the passage from Portsmouth, Eng. 
to Halifax, N. S. 17 Mar. 1833. Went from Halifax to 
Boston when 13 years of age and learned the trade of a 
cooper. Leaving Boston in 1851 he resided successively in 
Rochester, N. Y., New York city and Kalamazoo, Mich. In 
1872 he went to St. Louis and has since lived in Boston and 
Cambridge, Mass. and Plainwell, Mich. At present he is a 
mail carrier in Yorkville, Mich. 

m. Kalamazoo, Mich. 25 Dec. 1866, Jane Ann Allcott3 
[Simeon Phnnb^ , Asa']; b. Rochester. N. Y. 2 Oct. 1845. 
Was always known by the name of " Kittie." d. St. Louis, 
Mo. 9 Mar. 1874. Child:* 

i. William Herman, b. Kalamazoo, Mich. 20 Aug. 
1867. Rem. about 1887 to California, where he 
is now a fresco painter in San Francisco, m. Oak- 
land, Cal. 30 Apr. 1893, Mary Elleard Heaphy. s. p. 


Austin Herschel Dwight, s. Corydon Greenwood and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Northrup) Dwight; b. Martin, Allegan co. Mich. 
19 Jan. 1855. Senior partner Dwight Bros, paper company, 

*Adopted cliild, Coi-a L,. Clements, b. Jonesville, Mich. 2 Jan. 1867. m. William 
lJ)ccker (divorced) s. p. 


m. Plainwell, Allegan co. Mich. 4 Feb. 1876, Susan 
Frances Allcott ^ [Siiucoti Plmnlr' , Asa' J ; b. Rochester, 
N. Y. 10 Mar. 1854. Child: 

i. Maiid Blanche, b. Plainwell, Mich. 17 Jan. 1877; d. 
II Apr. 1880. 


Harvey Tyler Allcott ^ [Danie/ \ Daniel^, Asw\, b. 
Naples, Ontario co. N. Y. 4 Dec. 1837. 

In the Civil war, he served in Company K. 126th New York 
State volunteers. This regiment was in the thick of the 
fight at Gettysburg, being in one of the six brigades that 
repulsed Pickett's Cemetery Hill charge on the third day, 
and but four regiments lost more men. 

Mr. Allcott had a peculiarly thrilling experience : part of 
the regiment was sent out on the skirmish line near Gettys- 
burg village, but as the firing grew hot, the command 
retreated, leaving a little squad out on the extreme left in 
standing grain, who did not receive the order to retire. 
These men were left between the two fires and but two 
escaped alive, both wounded, Mr. Allcott and another. He 
received two bullets, one from each side, and was taken 
prisoner, but speedily recaptured. 

He spent some time in the hospital, but not being fit for 
duty during the rest of the war, was in hospital service in 
Rochester till its close. Then took a course in Bryant and 
Stratton's college in Rochester and after declining a position 
as teacher in their school in New Orleans, he engaged in 
farm work, and in Nov. 1869 rem. to Mich, and the next 
year took a homestead in Antrim co. town of Forest Home. 
Res. Bellaire, Antrim co. Mich. m. Forest Home, 20 Apr. 
1878, Mary Frances Cummins, dan. James and Sophronia 
(Thayer) Cummins; b. Buffalo, N. Y. 24 Jan. 1847. Chil- 
dren : 

i. Frederick Harvey, b. Forest Home, Mich. 2 Dec. 

ii. James Neil Bertram, b. Forest Home, Mich, i 
Apr. 1883. 


Daniel Allcott + [Daiiiel^, Daniel^, Asa^y, b. Naples, 
Ontario co. N. Y. 31 Jan. 1842. His education was some- 
what limited as his mother had quite a struggle to support 
the family. vSpent his whole life as a farmer on the place 
where he was born. d. Naples, N. Y. 8 Apr. 1897. m. 
Canandaigua, N. Y. 7 Feb. 1867, Amelia Maria Rector, dau. 
Andrew W. and Elisabeth (Coons) Rector; b. Potter, Yates 
CO. N. Y. 18 Jan. 1844; res. Naples, N. Y. Children: 
^2, i. Mabel Levinna, b. Naples, N. Y. 25 Dec. 1869; m. 
1890, Frank W. Thompson, 
ii. Elisabeth, b. Naples, N. Y. 13 May 1872; m. 
Naples, 15 Dec. 1897, Burton Bolles s. John and 
Nellie (Jeffreys) Bolles; b. Naples, N. Y. 19 Mar. 
187 1. Has a small fruit farm and vineyard in 
iii. Daniel David, b. Naples, N. Y. 28 Sept. 1882; 
res. at home in Naples. 


Frank Allcott * [Sidney S.^ , Amos = , Asa ' ] ; b. Marshall, 
Mich. 15 Sept. 1845. Enlisted in Company K, 57th Mass. in- 
fantry and was mustered as a resident of Newton, Mass. 6 
Apr. 1864. He was wounded in the hip and discharged 19 
June 1 865 by order of the War department. During his army 
service he aggravated a tendency to rheumatism and was a 
great and very patient sufferer for many years. He res. in 
New York city and Bronxville and for the last 19 years of 
his life in Meriden, Ct. Worked in Miller bros. cutlery, but 
at last was able to do only light work. Was a member of 
Merriam post, G. A. R. for 10 years. 

d. Meriden, Ct. 29 Dec. 1891. m. New Haven, Ct. 15 
Sept. 1875, Elvira Minerva Thompson, dau. Leveret and 
Emeret (Linslay) Thompson; b. Branford, Ct. 25 Nov. 1852. 
res. Meriden. Children: 

i. Julia Elvira, b. Meriden, Ct. 8 Mar. 1877. 

ii. Sidney Herbert, b. Meriden, Ct. 17 June 1878. 



Amos Edmonds Allcott + [ Volney S. 3, Amos % Asa ^ ] ; b. 
Rochester, N. Y. 9 Apr. 1829. About 1844 he entered the 
employ of the Board of internal improvement in Detroit, 
Mich, under his uncle Samuel Stone ; thence changed to the 
brass foundry of Solomon Davis, and from 1850 to 1857 
worked in a machine shop in Sandusky, Ohio. In 1858 he 
went into the grocery business with his brother John in Mil- 
waukee. In t86o he began railroading with the Lacrosse 
and Milwaukee road; was in Indianapolis 1872-77 and Colum- 
bus, O. 1877-83. Since 1883 has been in Milwaukee in the 
employ of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul. 

m. Milwaukee, Wis. 13 Oct. 1859, Eliza Priscilla Hobbs, 
dau. John and Priscilla (Fawconer) Hobbs; b. near Salis- 
bury, Eng. 31 Dec. 1835; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 11 Mar. 1891. 
Children : 

i. John Edmonds, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 29 Oct. i860; 
d. there, 10 Sept. i866. 

34 ii. Frank Lapham, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 18 June 1864; 
m. 1 89 1, Clara M. Buttles. 


John Dunning Allcott^ \\^olncy S. 3, Amos \ Asa'-Y, b. 
Lockport, N. Y. 25 July 1835. ^^ 1858 he went into the 
grocery business in Milwaukee, Wis. with his brother Amos, 
and with the exception of two years in California continued 
in that occupation the rest of his life. d. Milwaukee, 6 May 


m. Milwaukee, i Jan. 1865, Mary Jane Ryan, dau. Michael 
and Margaret (Moran) Ryan; b. Birmingham., Eng. i Jan. 
1848; m. 2d, 8 Dec. 1881, Edward Albert Tighe; res. Mil- 
waukee. Children : 

i. Amos Sidney, b. Milwaukee, 19 Oct. 1865; d. there, 

16 July 1866. 
ii. John Dunning, b. Milwaukee, 15 May 1867; d. 
there, 3 Sept. 1868. 


iii. Jeanette Clare,* b. Milwaukee, 4 Oct. 1868. Was 
a stenographer for some years; res. Milwaukee. 
35 iv. Caroline Louise, f b. Milwaukee, 24 Aug. 1870; m. 
1896, Michael D. Kelly. 

V. John Volney, b. Milwaukee, 24 Feb. 1873. Grocery 
business in Milwaukee. 


Sidney Volney William AUcott + [PWnej' S. 3, Ajnos ', 
Asa '] ; b. Marshall, Mich. 25 May 1838. Learned machinist 
trade in Sandusky, O. Rem. to Milwaukee, Wis. July 1856 
and the next year entered the employ of the Chicago, Milwau- 
kee and St. Paul railroad (then the Milwaukee and La Crosse) 
and with the exception of five years, remained with them the 
rest of his life; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 29 Sept. 1883. m. Mil- 
waukee, 17 Dec. i860, Louise Isabell Kramer, dau. Martin 
Kramer; b. Bingen on the Rhine, German}', 9 Oct. 1841. 
d. Ivliiwaukee, 22 July 1895. Children: 

i. William Kramer, b. Milwaukee, 13 Jan. 1862; d. 

there, 4 Apr. 1865. 
ii. Sarah Louisa, b. Milwaukee, 19 Dec. 1864. Tele- 
graph operator in employ of the Chicago, Milwaukee 
and St. Paul railroad since 1883, first at Brookfield 
Junction and later in Milwaukee. Resigned her 
position in Jan. 1896; res. Milwaukee, 
iii. Julia Olive, b. Milwaukee, 23 Dec. 1866; res. Mil- 
iv. Samuel Edmonds, b. Milwaukee, 7 Dec. 187 1. 
Telegraph operator in employ of Western Union co. 
and later of C. M. and St. P. railroad. Now clerk 
in the freight office of the same road. 

*Name changed from Mary Jane. 
tName changed from Carrie Wilhelmena. 



Herman Elizur Hascall. s. Judge Augustus P. and Mary 
E. (Hinsdale) Hascall; b. Leroy, Genessee co. N. Y. 19 
Dec. 1 83 1. Rem. to Kalamazoo, Mich. 1847 and entered the 
"Gazette" office; 1858 purchased the "Kalamazoo Tele- 
graph" and continued sole editor and proprietor till i860. 
He helped raise a company for Col Broadhead's ist Michigan 
cavalry and 22 Aug. 1861, was commissioned ist lieutenant 
in company I. Lieut. Hascall was taken prisoner at Bull 
Run 30 Aug. 1862. His commission as captain of Company I 
for gallantry in battle was dated 2 Sept. 1862 though he was 
not exchanged till Dec. having meanwhile been an inmate 
of Libby prison. 

At the battle of Gettysburg, 3 July 1863, he was severely 
wounded. Honorably discharged 22 Dec. 1863. 

After the war, Mr. Hascall was associated with his fathei- 
in-law, W. W. Allcott in the produce and milling business, 
d. Kalamazoo, Mich. 2 Feb. 1872. 

m. ist, Elizabeth Sanford. s. p. m. 2d, Julia Sanford. s. p. 
m. 3d, Kalamazoo, 9 Mar. 1S64, Caroline Ann Allcott^ 
\\Villiain IV. 3, Amos', Asa']; b. Cambridgeport, Mass. 5 
Oct. 1838; d. Kalamazoo, Mich. 9 Jan. .1869. He m. 4th, 
Alice Wiard. s. p. Children by third wife: 

i. Alice Harriet, b. Kalamazoo, Mich. 4 Jan. 1865; 
m. 8 Dec. 1882, Glenn Douglas Stuart, s. William 
H. and Barbara (Allen) Stuart; b. Gowanda, N. Y. 
15 Feb. i860. He is an agent for the sale of bicy- 
cles; res. Charlotte, Mich. (2 chil.) 
ii. William Allcott, b. Kalamazoo, Mich. 14 Apr 
1868. In 1889 he entered the purchasing office of 
the East Tenn. Va. and Ga. railway at Knoxville, 
Tenn. 1891-92 he was in the employ of the Michi- 
gan national bank at Kalamazoo and from 1892 to 
1898 was engaged in paving construction, chiefly in 
the south. Is at present book keeper and assistant 
general manager of the Armour Packing Co. at 
Charleston, S. C. 



m. ist, Toledo, O. 26 Apr. 1891, Maud Mitchell, 

dau. Joseph R. and Eliza ( ) Mitchell; b. Knox- 

ville, Tenn. 7 Feb. 1868; d. Chattanooga, Tenn. 3 
May, 1892. m. 2d, Knoxville, Tenn. 9 Nov. 1897, 
Annie Walker Wilson, dau. Christopher J. and 
Anna M. (Walker) Wilson; b. Augusta, Ga. 31 July 
1870. (i son.) 

Ebenezer Marvin Toof Silliman, s. David and Clarissa K. 
W. T. (Burdick) Silliman; b. Gainesville, Wyoming co. 
N. Y. 21 Nov. 1843. Book keeper in Allcott's mill in Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. d. E. Gainesville, N. Y. 30 Dec. 1866. m. 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 16 Nov. 1865, Anna Bigelow Allcofct + 
{IVilliam IV. 3 , A^nos- , Asa ' ] ; b. Rochester, N. Y. 8 Aug. 
1S42; m. 2d, Samuel B. Flagg. Child: 

i. Charles Marvin, b. Kalamazoo, Mich. 9 July 1866; 
d. there, 10 Apr. 1867. 

Samuel Benjamin Flagg, s. Joseph and Olivia R. (Milli- 
keo) Flagg; b. Grafton, Mass. 6 Aug. 1828. Graduated at 
Brown university, Providence, R. I. in 1850 and soon after 
began the study of medicine, receiving his degree of M. D. 
at the Berkshire medical school, Pittsfield, Mass. After 
practising his profession a short time in Boston, he entered 
the Meadville (Pa. ) theological school. At the completion 
of the course, he v,"as invited to take charge of a new reli- 
gious interest in Kalamazoo, Mich. Returning east on a 
visit in 1858 he was ordained to the Unitarian ministry in his 
native place. The church and society in Kalamazoo were 
soon organized, and here he remained six years and saw 
them firmly established. In 1864 he resigned his pastorate 
and returned to Mass., where he has held the following 
charges: Walth am, 1865-68, Sandwich, 1869-71, Bernardston, 
1873-84, Bridgewater, 1884-85, Marshfield, 1886-91, Dixfield, 
Me. 1891-92, Sandwich, 1893-9S. His present residence is 
Grafton, Mass. 


m. Kalamazoo, Mich. 29 Dec. 1S69, Anna Bigelow All- 
cott* [William W. ^ , Awos^ , Asa ' ], widow of E. M. T. 
Silliman;b. Rochester, N. Y. 8 Aug. 1842. Children: 

i. Charles Allcott, b. Sandwich, Mass. i Oct. 1870. 
Graduated, A. B. af Bowdoin college, Brunswick, Me, 
1894; also received the degree Bachelor of library 
science on graduation from the N. Y. state library 
school, Albany, N. Y. in 1899. Sub-librarian in 
charge of the department of history in the N. Y. 
state library, Albany, 
ii. George Channing-, b. Quincy, Mass. 6 Nov. 1872; 
was a printer in Boston, 1890-93. In the fall of 
1893 he went west and has since lived chiefly in 
California. Res. San Francisco. 

William Lincoln Allcott^ [IVilliam W. 3 , Avws' , Asa ^] 
b. Cambridgeport, Mass. 11 Aug. 1854. Rem. to Toledo, 
O. 1877, where he was shipping clerk for the Union Manu- 
facturing Co. 1877-87, and car recorder in the freight depart- 
ment of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad 
1887-98. Agent for the Metropolitan Insurance company, 

m. Toledo, O. 15 May 1876, Ida Urania Janney, dau. 
James Worth and Louisa (Beitzel) Janney; b. Lambertville, 
Mich. 5 Mar. 1856. Children: 

i. Robert Janney, b. Toledo, O. 8 May 1877. Paint 
maker; res. Toledo, m. Toledo, O. 15 June 1S95, 
Gertrude May Spaulding, dau. William and Caro- 
line (Leach) Spaulding; b. 12 Sept. 1876. s. p. 
ii. William Washington, b. Toledo, O. 2 June 1880. 

res. Toledo, 
iii. Carrie, b. Toledo, O. 25 July 1881; d. 8 Aug. 

iv. Gertrude Deborah, b. Toledo, O. 29 Sept. 1885. 
v. Bessie Bigelow, b. Toledo, O. 12 Mar. 1887. 



Frank William Thompson, s. Charles and Martha (Howlett) 
Thompson; b. Italy, Yates co. N. Y. 13 Sept. 1869. Farmer 
in Italy, N. Y. m. Naples, N. Y. 25 Dec. 1890, Mabel 
Levinna Allcotts \Danith,Danieh,Danicl\Asa^ ] ; b. Naples, 
N. Y. 25 Dec. 1869. Child: 

i. Walter William, b. i Dec. 1897. 

Frank Lapham Allcott^ \Ainos E. \ Volney 5.3 , Amos^ 
Asa^\, b. Milwaukee, Wis. 18 June 1864. In 1883 he 
entered the store dep't. of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. 
Paul railroad. Has been in the employ of the company ever 
since; for a number of years in the mechanical engineer's 
department as foreman of physical tests, m. Milwaukee, 24 
June 1 89 1, Clara May Buttles, dau. Orrin Mortimer and 
Eveline (Warner) Buttles, b. Milwaukee, 15 May 1864. 

i. Gilbert Edmonds, b. Milwaukee, 17 May 1892. 


Michael Daniel Kelly, s. John and Margaret (Ryan) 
Kelly; b. Pockwaukee, Wis. 1870. Special agent for the 
U. S. Fidelity and Casualty company of Baltimore, Md. Res. 
Milwaukee, Wis. m. Milwaukee, 21 Oct. 1896, Caroline 
Louise Allcotts \John D."- , Volney S.= , Amos- , Asa^ J; b. 
Milwaukee, 24 Aug. 1870. Child; 

i. Lenore Marie, b. North Greenfield, Wis. 27 July 

Table showing the 14 ancestors of Sidney Smith AUcott, 

all living at the time of his birth. 

Sidney Smith Allcott 
b, Ballston Springs, N. Y. 20 Dec. 1S03 

































s ■;■ <i^ 
w 8^ 


rt "^ 







:- 3*^ 


?;•£ ^r 


n - 



C n 





^' _: 







g b 5 S ^ X K^ 

z i-i r; 

j-yo ..^ 2 c £ a 

of names of members of the family and those united by 
marriage. References are to pages. 

Alcock, George 42 

John 42 

John 42 

Phihp 42 

Thomas 5. 42 

Alcott, Amos Bronson. . . . 5. 43 
William A 5 

Alcox, John 43 

Allcott, 13 


Almena 9- i" 

Amos 5. 9, 10, 12, 44 

Amos 21 

Amos Edmonds 22, 36 

Amos Sidney 36 

Ann Maria 11, 29 

Anna Bigelow .... 26. 39, 40 

Asa 5, 7, 43, 44 

Asa 9 

Bessie Bigeiow 40 

Caroline Adfclia 11,24 

Caroline Ann 26, 38 

Caroline Louise 37. 41 

Carrie 40 

Carrie Wilhelmena 37 

Charles Henry 22 

Daniel 5. 9- 10 

Daniel 8. 10, 19 

Daniel 20, 35 

Daniel David 35 

Delecta 9. iS 

DeWitt Clinton 13-31 

Elisabeth 35 

Elizabeth i3i 3° 

Ella Bangs '-6 

Elmira D 20 

Frances S • • 13, 31 

Frank 22, 35 

Frank Lapham ... 3^. 4i 
Frederick Harvey 34 

Allcott, George Brooks .... 21 

Gertrude Deborah 40 

Gilbert Edmonds 41 

Han-iet 10 

Harriet Pamelia 20 

Harvey Tyler 8, 20, 34 

Henry Hubbard 23 

Ida May 32 

James Xeil Bertram 34 

Jane Ann 14, 33 

Jeanette Clare 37 

John Dunning 23 

John Dunning 23, 36 

John Dunning 36 

John Edmonds 36 

John Tyler 14, 32 

John Volney 37 

Julia Elvira 35 

Julia Maria 22 

Julia Olive 37 

Julius Lee 22 

Kittie 33 

Lucy J 13 

Lucy Jane 13 

Mabel Levinna 35> 4i 

Marilda 9, 14 

Mary Jane 11, 26, 27 

Mary Jane 22 

Mary Jane 37 

Maudie 33 

May F 14 

Pamelia 10, 19 

Paulina 7, 9, 11, 12 

Robert Janney 40 

Samuel Edmonds 37 

Sarah Ann 32 

Sarah Louisa 37 

Sidney Herbert 35 

Sidney Smith, 1 1, 20. 22, 24, 31, 44 
Sidney Volney William . 23, 37 
Simeon Plumb ... 9, 10, 12, 24 

AUcolt, Susan Frances . . . 14, 34 

Svlvia 0, 16 

Volney Simons 11, 22 

Volney William 14 

AVilliain Egbert 21 

William Kramer 37 

William Lincoln 26, 40 

William Seymour 22 

William Washington, 11, 13, 24, 

38. 39 

William Washington .... 21 

William Washington .... 40 

AUcox, 43 

Benoni 43 

Daniel 5. 7. 43. 44 

Daniel 43 

Elizabeth 43 

Joseph 43 

Mary 43 

Samuel 43 

Susanna 43 

Urania 43 

Allen, Barbara -33 

Rachel 2.3 

Angell, Sallie 13 

Arnold, Ann . . . ir 

Atkins. Harriet 11 

John (?) 9, II, 12 

Mary 9, 44 

Bailey, Sarah 20 

Ballard, Lyman S 9, 16 

Mary Jane 6, 16 

Thomas Emmet 16 

Bangs, Deborah Bigelow . . 11, 25 

Isaiah 23 

Bartlett, Lyman 33 

Sarah 14. 33 

Bates, Maryetta 12 

Beckley, Julia Maria . . . . 11, 21 

Orrin 21 

Beitzel, Louisa 40 

Benham, John 42 

Bigelow, Deborah K 25 

Blakeslee, Deborah 42 

John 42 

Boardman, Dorothy 20 

Bolles, Burton 35 

John 35 

Bovee, Mary Arnold 27 

Mrs. Mary J 5 

Bradford, Harriet iS 

Brown, LydiaG 15 

P)rvant, Michael CuUen .... in 

Silas C. H 6 

Timothy ig 

Burdick, Clarissa K. W. T . . 39 

Burke, Sybil 29 

Burr, Daniel 43 

Bush, Eliza H 15 

Butler, David 27 

James 32 

Jane 13, 32 

Nathaniel 42 

I^Irs. Sarah 42 

Sidney Allcott 28 

Tertullus Dickenson. . ]i, 26, 27 

William Tertullus 27 

Buttles, Clara May 36, 41 

Orrin Mortimer 41 

Carpenter, Johanna E 27 

Chaddock, Betsey 16 

Chapman, Mary n 

Chase, Mary 32 

Chauncey, Charles H 32 

Clements, Cora L 33 

>5° ,• 33 

John James 14. 33 

William Herman 33 

Cooley, Lj-man Austin 16 

Coons, EUsabeth 35 

Stephen 20 

Crawford, John 10 

Cummins, James 34 

Mary Frances 20, 34 

Curtis, Sarah 19 

Darrow, 43 

Decker, William 33 

Deyoe, Sarah E 18 

Dickinson, Abbie W 30 

Donahoe, Margaret 33 

Drake, Emmaline 17 

Dunning, John 22 

Duttou, Benjamin 43 

Elizabeth 7, 43, 44 

Duval, James 32 

Mary 13, 32 

Dwight, Austin Herschel . 14, 33 

Corydon Greenwood 33 

Maud Blanche 34 

Edmonds, Mrs. Olive 22 

Sarah Elizabeth 11, 22 

Eldred, 17 

Fawconer, Priscilla 36 

Ftlt, Mehitable U 

Fitzgerald, Leonard 17 

Flagg, Charles Allcott 40 

George Charming 40 

Joseph 39 

Samuel Benjamin . . . . 26, 39 

Fling, Syrel Dantz 29 

French, Susan E. R 16 

Fyler, Catharine 10 

Grant, Amos Allcott 17 

Caroline Almena 17 

James Franklin Buckley . . 9, 16 

Alarilda Ann 17 

Robert James 17 

William Mortimer 17 

Griffith, DeWitt Clinton . . . . 17 

Harris, Edward 31 

Frances Jane 30 

George Henry 30 

John 29 

John i3> 29 

Hart, Johanna 19 

Hascall, Alice Harriet 38 

Augustas P 38 

Herman Elizur 26, 38 

William Allcott 38 

Havens, Benjamin . 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 

Lusylvia 12 

Morgan Sm.ith 12 

Thomas 12 

llavvley, Harriet Naramore . 6, ig 

Isaac Williams 10, 19 

Samuel ig 

Sidney W 19 

Silas 19 

William 19 

Heaphy, Mary Elleard . . . . 33 

Heaton, James 42 

Susanna 42 

Ilinsdale, Mary E 38 

Hobbs, Eliza Priscilla ... 22, 36 
John 36 

Hotchkiss, Mary Jane 16 

Howlett, Martha 41 

Hubbard, Charles Augustus . . 27 

Delia C 11, 21 

George 21 

Henry Mortimer, . . . ri, 26, 27 

Henry Otis 27 

John William 6,27 

Mary Jane 27 

Volney Mortimer 26 

Hubbell, Charles 15 

Hunsiker, Harriet Hedges . . .17 
Janney, Ida Urania . . . . 26, 40 

James Worth 40 

Jeffreys, Nellie 35 

Jordan, Lucelia i- 

Keller, Kittle 28 

Kelly, John ^j 

Lenore Maria _^i 

Michael Daniel . . '. '. '. 37J 41 

Kramer, Louise Isabell . . .23,37 
Martin ' _ \y 

Lake. EHza E j^ 

Langworthv, -, 

A. J . . : ■.■.'.■; .•'6 

James Neill 13 31 

Lyman B \o, 12! 31 

Lapham, Charles .... 29 

Henry '.'.'.'. 20 

Increase Allen 11 28 

Julia Allcott '29 

Mary Jane ". '. 29 

Samuel Stone ....!.!! 29 

Seneca 28 

Seneca George 29 

AVilHam Allen .' .' 29 

Leach, Caroline 40 

Leonard, Elizabeth 23 

Linslay, Emeret 35 

Losey, Charity 33 

McKelvey, Cornelius ig 

McNeill, Anna 31 

MiUiken, Olivia R 39 

Mitchell, Elizabeth 42 

Joseph R 3g 

Maud 30 

Thomas 42 

Moran, Margaret 36 

Moulton, Angelena 29 

Nash, Nancy ji 

Navarre, Regina 32 

Northrup, Sarah Elizabeth . . 33 

Norton, Asher 20 

Chloe 43 

Levinna Stone 10, 20 

Paine, Cyrus Fay 16 

Pancost, Edwin 14, 15 

Patchen, Jared n 

Levi n 

Pattison, Harriet 21 

Phelps, Harriet D 6 

Horace 18 

Phelps, J. A 22 

Luviua 12 

Plumb, Sabra 9, 43. 44 

Simeon q, 44 

Porter, Julia 21 

Post, Phoebe 29 

Rector, Amelia Maria. . . . 20, 35 

Andrew W 35 

Richardson, Mrs. C. E 6 

Rowley, Linda 9, 10 

Samuel 10 

Ruraery, Lydia 44 

Ryan, Margaret, 41 

Mary Jane 23, 36 

Michael 3*^' 

Sage, Anna ]\Iary 15 

Edwin Oren 14, 15, 16 

Eliza A 16 

Emily Elizabeth 15 

Giles 14 

Harriet Adelia 16 

John Henry 15 

Julia Maria 15 

Nelson AUcott 14 

Oren 9, 14 

Solon Augustus 15 

William Nathan 14, 13 

Sanford, Elizabeth 3S 

Julia 38 

Scob5% Deborah ig 

Secor, Worthington 12 

Silliman, Charles Marvin ... 39 

David . ... 39 

Ebenezer Marvin T . .26, 39, 40 

Simons, Aaron 44 

Aaron 10, 44 

Mrs. Eraeline M 6 

James 44 

Mehitable 10, 44 

Mehitable 5, 9, 10, 44 

Smith, Mary 12 

Spaulding, Gertrude May ... 40 

William 40 

Stone, Ann Elizabeth 24 

Caroline Adelia 24 

Hattie J 32 

John 23 

John Samuel 24 

John William 24 

Samuel n, 23,36 

Street, Sarah 42 

Stuart, Glenn Douglas . . .38 

William H 38 

Thayer, Sophronia 34 

Thompson, Charles 41 

Elvira Minerva 22, 35 

Frank William 25, 41 

Leveret 35 

Walter William 41 

Tighe, Edward Albert 36 

Turner, Juhza Allen 31 

Orsamus 31 

Tuttle, Enos 43 

Walker, Anna M 39 

Warner, Eveline 41 

Horatio B 17 

Warthen, P. A 6, 32 

Whitlock, 17 

Whitmore, Jane Ann .... 9, 13 

Wiard. Alice 38 

Wilhelm, George 20 

Jonathan B 20 

Wilson, Annie Walker .... 39 

Christopher J 3^ 

Wood, Henry 18 

Ira ... .' g, 18 

Lucy Jane 6, i3 

William Agustus 18 

Wright, Ann .... ... 14 

Frances Angell 9. 13 

Samuel 13