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Full text of "Family record of Daniel Dod, who settled with the colony of Branford, 1644, where he died in 1665; and also of his desendants in New Jersey"

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1839. ... 


Brethren, — To you this family history and genealogy 
is committed. To collect the materials for it, has cost the 
compiler much time and labor. Only a part of it is matter 
of public record. The old generations that, a few years ago, 
could have given us considerable information are nearly ex- 
tinct or are superannuated. So that our traditional history 
of Marriages, Births and Deaths, and other family matters, 
is drawing to a close. I have endeavored to collect and 
save some of the fragments from total dispersion and ob- 

You will, doubtless, discover mistakes and omissions. 
Having resided at a distance from the family for thirty-six 
years, persons and events have passed away without ray 
personal observation. And I could not devote that attention 
to the subject which might have rendered this little family 
history more full and accurate. But with some aid from 
friends in New Jersey, I have done what I could. And now 
I commit this collection to you, with all its imperfections, 
lest by further delay, what has been done should be lost. 
And I bid you a farewell — wishing and praying, that what- 
ever may become of your earthly genealogy^ your names 
may he found written in the LarnVs hook of life. 


East Haven, Aug. 1839. 



Our English ancestors who emigrated from Great Britain 
to this country, in regard to their religion were Puritans and 
Congregationalists ; and for the sake of religious and civil 
liberty, left their native country and took up their residence 
on the rocky shores of New England about two hundred 
years ago. They embraced poverty, exile, and suffering, 
rather than live under prelacy, oppression, and the corrup- 
tions of the British Court. They cast their lot with the 
Godly Puritans, in the vast and hazardous, and almost hope- 
less enterprize, of colonizing the Indian wilderness ; but 
their hope and strength and safety was in Jehovah Nissi — 
the Lord is my banner — and they succeeded in the great 

They appear to have arrived at Boston and other places 
in that vicinity at an early period of these Colonies. A set- 
tlement was soon formed at Sagus, now Lynn, beyond Bog- 
ton ; and a Church was gathered there October 8th, 1636. 
It is probable that Daniel Dod and his connections were 
of that Colony. The name is on the Record of that Town ; 
and is also at the present time a common name there and in 
that vicinity. 

By Winthrop's Journal we. are informed that, in May, 
1640, divers of the inhabitants of Linne finding themselves 
straitened, looked out for a new plantation, went to Long 
Island and located themselves at Southampton. "And be- 
ing now about 40 families, they proceeded in their planta- 
tion and called one Mr. Abraham Pierson a Godly learned 


man and a member of the Church at Boston, to go with 
them, who, with some seven or eight more of the company, 
gathered into a Church at Linne or Lynn, before they went, 
and the whole company entered into a civil combination with 
the advice of some of our magistrates to become a corpora- 
tion." Mr. Abraham Pierson was from Newark, Yorkshire, 
England; and was the ancestor of the Piersons of New 

In 1644, William Swayne and others of Weathersfield 
bought Totoket of New Haven at cost, being £12 or £13, 
and began to settle it that year and called it Brentford, 
which has since become Bradford. "At the same time," 
says Trumbull, Hist. Conn., "Mr. A. Pierson with a part 
of his Church and Congregation, from Southampton, Long 
Island, removed and united with the people of Weathersfield 
in the settlement of the town. 'A regular Church was soon 
formed, and Mr. Pierson was chosen Pastor." This settle- 
ment made progress in population and means of subsistence 
and future prosperity. But in 1662, Connecticut Colony 
having obtained a Charter from King Charles II, including 
what was then called the New Haven Government, in oppo- 
sition to the wishes of the people, demanded the cessation of 
a separate government and a union with Connecticut. This 
arrangement being hostile to some of the main principles 
upon which New Haven government was founded, the ma- 
gistrates refused to accede to their demand. This produced 
an altercation till May 11, 1665, when Connecticut and 
New Haven Colonies (including Branford) were united un- 
der one government, founded on the aforesaid charter: but 
many were dissatisfied. Mr. Davenport of New Haven and 
Mr. Pierson of Branford, who were among the principal 
men of influence, were opposed to it. 

About this time the lands of New Jersey, bought of the 
Duke of York by Lord Carteret and others, were brought 
into market, which excited the attention of Branford and the 


neighboring towns. " And in 1665, agents were sent from 
Branford, Milford, and Guilford to view the country, to 
learn the terms of purchase, and the state of the Indians in 
the vicinity. They discharged their commission, made a 
favorable report and were sent back with power to purchase 
a township, to select a proper site for a town and make ar- 
rangements for an immediate settlement. The committee 
who accomplished this business consisted of Capt. Robert 
Treat, John Curtis, Jasper Crane, and John Treat. The 
purchase included the whole of the ancient township of 
Newark. And the price of this purchase was £130 New 
England currency, 12 Indian blankets, and 12 Indian guns."" 
In the contemplation of this intended settlement, the in- 
habitants of Branford adopted the following fundamen' 

" October 30, 1665. 

"At a meeting touching the intended design of many of 
the inhabitants of Branford, the following was subscribed: 
Deut. i, 13. "1 1st. That none shall be admitted freemen 
Exod.xviii,21. -'or free burgesses within our town, upon 
Deut, xvii, 15. (Passaic River, in the Province of New Jer- 
Jer. xxxvi, 21.J sey, but such planters as are members of 
some or other of the Congregational Churches; nor shall 
any but such be chosen- to magistracy or to carry on any 
part of civil judicature, or as deputies or assistants to have 
power to vote in establishing laws, and making and repeal- 
ing them ; or to any chief military trust or office. Nor shall 
any but such church members have any vote in any such 
elections; though all others admitted to be planters have 
right to their proper inheritances, and do and shall enjoy 
all other civil liberties and privileges, according to all laws, 
orders, grants, which are or hereafter shall be made for this 

"2d. We shall with care and diligence provide for the 
maintainance of the purity of religion professed. in the Con- 



gregational Churches. 

tants of Branford. 
" Jasper Crane, 
Abraham Pierson, 
Samuel Swaine, 
Laurence Ward, 
Thomas Blaichly, 
Samuel Plum, 
Josiah Ward, 
Samuel Rose, 
Thomas Pierson. 
John Warde, 
John Calling, 
Richard Harrison, 

Whereunto subscribed the inhabi 

Ebenezer Canfield, 
John Ward, senior, 
Ed. Ball, 
John Harrison, 
John Crane, 
Thomas Huntingdon, 
Delivered Crane, 
Aaron Blatchly, 
Richard Laurance, 
John Johnson, 

Thomas L Lyon, 
In November, 1666, many of the inhabitants of Branford 
united with their associates in this enterprize. 

The removal from Branford took place before the 24th 
of June, 1667 ; for on that day all the inhabitants of the 
town met and subscribed to the above agreement, as speci- 
fied by the following record. ^ 

"And upon the reception of their letters and subscrip- 
tions, the present inhabitants in November following, de- 
clared their consents and readiness to do likewise, and at a 
meeting the 24th of the next June following, in 1667, they 
also subscribed with their own hands unto the two funda- 
mental agreements expressed on the other side. Their 
names are as follows : 

Robert Treat, 
Obadiah Bruen, 
Matthew Camfield, 
Samuel Kitchell, 
Jeremiah Pecke, 
Michael Tompkins, 
Stephen Freeman, 

Thomas Johnson, 
John Curtis, 
Ephraim Burwell, 
Robert Denison's mark R. 
Nathaniel Wheeler, 
Zechariah Burwell, 
William Campe, 


Henry Lyon, Joseph Walters, 

John Browne, Robert Daglesh, 

John Rogers, Hauns Albers, 

Stephen Davis, Thomas Morris, 

Edward Rigs, Hugh Roberts, 

Robert Kitchell, Ephraitn Pennington, 

J. Brooks' mark J. B. Martin Tichenor, 

Robert Lymen's mark V. John Brawn, jun. 
Francis Links' mark F- Jonathan Seargeant, 

Daniel Tichenor, Azariah Crane, 

John Bauldwin, sen. Samuel Lyon, 

John Bauldwin, jun. Joseph Riggs, 

Jonathan Tompkins, Stephen Bond." 

George Day, 

The Indians called the town Passaic, (New Town,) but 
the settlers named it Newark, after the name of the town 
in England from which Mr. Pierson came. Trumbull says, 
" that Mr. Pierson and almost his whole Church and Con- 
gregation were so displeased (with the charter business) that 
they soon removed into Newark, New Jersey, carried away 
the Church records, and after it had been settled almost 
twenty five years, left ii almost without inhabitants ; for 
more than twenty years from that time, there was not a 
Church formed in that town." 

Daniel Dod's name is. not among the subscribers to the 
agreements subscribed in Oct. 1655, because he was then 
dead, and his sons were all minors. Nor was Daniel, the 
oldest, of age in 1667. But he had a grant of land for his 
home lot in Newark about Bridge street and northward. 
His farm lands were on the hill west of the town, with one 
lot in the neck and salt meadow. In March, 1678, Daniel 
Dod and Edward Ball were appointed to run the northern 
line of the town from Passaic river to the mountain. About 
this time Daniel Dod surveyed and had located to him a 
tract of land on and adjoining to Watsessing plain,, and 



bounded on the west and sowth by unlocated lands. A con- 
siderable portion of this land is yet in the possession of his 
descendants. He was chosen a deputy to the Provincial 
Assembly in 1692, being then 42 years of age. It is a 
family tradition that he was killed by a fall from a load of 

Of the three sons of Daniel, Jun., viz. Daniel, Stephen, 
and John, Daniel lived the longest, and died about the year 
1766, being eighty yfears of age or upwards. From 1721 
to 1731 Daniel was filling the offices of freeholder and sur- 
veyor and then living on his patrimony. In the year 1737 
his brother John appears in the office of surveyor. He 
died about the year 1763. In 1754, his son John was ap- 
pointed assessor, and is then called John 3d till 1762, the 
period of his father's death, when he was called John, Jun. 
Previous to this, John the son of Daniel, who came from 
Guilford, M'as called John, Jun. About the year 1762, the 
names of Isaac and Amos Dod begin to appear in various 
offices of the town. Isaac was captain, and at the begin- 
ning of the Revolution was appointed justice of the peace, 
which office he sustained till his death in 1804. Amos was 
also captain and Caleb was major in the same regiment. 

After the death of the English Daniel his sons petitioned 
the Court that " Richard Lawrence and Laurence Ward 
might be their guardians and might have administration in 
trust granted to them in their behalf. They were appointed 
and empowered to gather in the estate to be assessed, and 
to see that all debts and dues to and from the estate be duly 
prepared, and to look after the children." 

" An inventory of all the goods and chattels of Daniel 
Dod, of Branford, deceased, being appraised upon oath, by 
Lieut. Swayne, John Wilford and John Ward." This ap- 
pears on Probate Record, New Haven, 2d. B. p. 8. The 
clear estate amounted to £146 17s. 4d. This was probably 
nearly equal to sterling money ; and if so, it was about 


The condition of our family two hundred years ago af- 
fords nothing to gratify pride. As to wealth or dignities 
we have nothing to hoast of. Our English father was com- 
paratively a poor man, and his children became orphans in 
their minority ; and with a very small patrimony were cast 
upon the wide world. But he was a Christian and a mem- 
ber of the Church of God in Branford ; and the Lord made 
a bountiful provision for his children and their children's 
children even unto the third and fourth generation. And 
the fifth and sixth generation are generally in as comforta- 
ble circumstances as the cotemporary families of Branford 
and Newark. They have generally been farmers, leading 
retired and industrious lives, in a state of comfort and local 
usefulness. Some of them have annexed mechanical em- 
ployments to their agricultural occupations. And as to 
general character, for a family so numerous, they may bear 
no mean comparison with any of the families of the co- 
temporaries of Daniel Dod of Branford or their respective 
descendants. A large proportion of the family have ap- 
peared as the professed disciples of Jesus Christ, and in 
general have been steadfast in the religion of their fathers, 
and exemplary in the support of gospel institutions and 
good order in the community. And from their puritan and 
^ republican original have derived and maintained the princi- 
" pies of freedom bequeathed to them. And it is with no 
small satisfaction that I record the fact, that with five or 
six short exceptions, their hands are clean from the slavery 
of the negroes ; and especially so far as I know, that I in- 
herit neither blood nor property through the bondage and 
la,bor of the African race. 

It appears that the name Dod was so written from the 
earliest period known to us, even before the emigration of 
our English ancestor from England. About the close of 
the revolutionary war, it began to be written Dodd, and for 
the last fifty years it has been so written by the younger 


generations of the family except the Guilford branch. It 
is now universally written Dodd in Boston and vicinity and 
in Hartford. In England the change from Dod to Dodd 
took place more than a century ago, and will doubtless 
finally be adopted by all the family. 





DANIEL DOD married Mary probably about the 

year 16^16, He died in the winter of 1664-5. She died 
May 26, 1657, and were both buried in Branford. They 
had Mary, who married Aaron Blatchly about the time of 
her father's death. Daniel was born in 1649 or early in 
1650. Ebenezer was born Dec. 11, 1651. A daughter 
March 29, 1653. Stephen Feb. 16, 1655. Samuel May 2, 

DANIEL, Jun., had Daniel, Stephen, John, Dorcas. 
These all removed from Newark to the land left them by 
their father on or adjoining to Watsessing plain. Daniel 
built a house where or in which Amos Dodd now lives. 
Stephen built where the late Neheraiah Ward lived. John 
built where David Dodd lives. Dorcas married the ances- 
tor of Zebina Ward, probably his grandfather. 

Daniel married Mary Ailing of Newark, and died at 
about 80 years of age. They had Eunice Nov. 3, 17! 8. She 
died Oct. 20, 1803, aged 85. She married .David Baldwin, 
and had eight sons and two daughters. 

Sarah, born Dec. 28, 1720. She married Timothy Free- 
man and had three sons and a daughter. 

Thomas, born Jan. 7, 1723. He died Sept. 8, 1815, aged 
92 years and 8 months. 

Daniel, born May 1, 1725, and died in 1795, aged about 70. 

Isaac, July 8, 1728, He died Aug. 19, 1804, aged 76. 


Joseph, Sept. 12, 1731, and died June 4, 1789, in his 
58th year. 
Moses, June 18, 1734 — died in bis youth. 
Amos, Sept. 15, 1737, and died Oct. 7, 1811, aged 74, 
Caleb, May 26, 1740— died in Caldwell, 

Thomas married Sarah Newcombe. She died March 
31, 1791, in her 68lh year. They had Eunice, who married 
Joseph Crane, and died Feb. 20, 1822, aged 80. 

EzEKiEL * * * had Jemima. 

Samuel * * * had Hannah, Isaac, David. 

Nancy married Amos Tompkins. 

Elias married Lydia Ward and had George, Abraham, 

Daniel married * * * and had Robert, Nancy. 

Enos married Mary Edo. They had Jemima Oct. 21, 
1776, and married Samuel Dodd 4lh, Aaron, 19, 1*79. Sa- 
rah, Dec. 2, 1782. Samuel, March 6, 1787. Jonas and 
Hannah, March 28, '92. Jonas, Sept. 6, 1796. 

Jonathan married Eunice Smith. They had Hiram, 
Phebe, Thomas. 

Thomas married Mary Hallam, and had John, William. 

Sarah married and had children. 

Daniel 4th married Jane Smith and Widow Martha Har- 
rison, but had no children. 

Isaac married Jemima Williams, who was born Jan, 6, 
1729, and died July 25, 1810, aged 81 years and 6 months. 
They had Sarah, born March 2, 1753, and died 1838, aged 
^. She married Matthias Baldwin and Aury King. She 
raised two sons and two daughters. 

Moses, Dec 9, 1755; Abijah, Nov. 9, 1758, who died in 
Sept. 1837. aged nearly 80. Abby, Oct. 8, 1759, and died 
Dec. 24, 1764. Joanna, March 9, 1762, married Ichabod 


Baldwin. Abby, Oct. 26, 1764, and married John BoM 
3d, Jepthah, May 17, 1767 — died young. Jairus, Jan. 21, 
1770. Isaac, Dec 23, 1772, and died Sept, 8, 1806. 

Moses married Lois Crane July 3, 1775. She was born 
March 26, 1754, and died Oct. 17, 1818, in her 6bih year. 
They had Stephen, March 8, 1777. Hiram, Nov. 22, 1779, 
and died 21 July, 1823, aged 43 years and 8 months. Abi- 
gail, Jan. 20, 1782, married Jacob Ward, Junr., Jan. 31, 
1800. Betsey, May 3, 1784, married Henry King, Oct. 15, 
1803. Ira, June 22, 1786. Fanny, April 25, 1791, mar- 
ried Rev. Humphrey M. Perrine, Feb. 15, 1813. 

Stephen, married Phebe Peirson, Nov. 29, 1799. She 
vas born Aug. 25, 1776, and died Feb. 27, 1815. He then 
married Abigail Ann Law, Feb. 1816. 

Rev. Stephen Dodd was ordained to the gospel ministry 
Sept. 28, 1803. Supplied two congregations for 7 years, 
in the town of Carmel, Dutchess County, N. Y. In Oct. 
1810, he removed into the town of Waterbury, Ct. and be- 
came the Pastor of the Congregational Church of Salem. 
He resigned that office in May, 1817. He then supplied 
the congregation in East Haven, and on the 10th Dec. 1817, 
was installed Pastor of the Congregational Church there, 
■'•. which relation he still continues. 

Htram, married Julia Crane, Feb. 14, 1799. They had 
Abel Jackson, Christina, Fanny. Mehitabel, died June 25, 
1815, aged 12. Moses, Jairus, Lois, Stephen, Lewis. Mar- 
garet died young. 

Ira married Ann Harrison, Sept. 20, 1810. They had 
Mary, (married Isaac Newton Dodd,j Moses Woodruffe, 
Phebe, Araarintha. 

Abijah married Mary Dodd. They had Jepthah, Cyrus, 
Rhoda, Lucy, died young, Isaac, Joel, David, Morris, Abi- 
jah. Lucy married Thomas Exley. 

Jepthah married Eunice Baldwin; they had Betsey, 
■Jary. Second wife, Phebe Munn,'had Jane. 

16 Names, marriages, births and deaths. 

CvRUs married Mary King, and had Catharine. 

Isaac married Catharine Canfield. They had Horace^ 

Joel married Betsey Harrison. They had Phebe, Mary, 
Jane, Cyrus, David. 

Jairus married Sarah Davis, Sept. 1792. They had Jo- 
anna, Jan. 23, 1794, William, June 6, 1795. Abigail, 
June 4, 1797. Isaac Davis, April 17, 1799. Sarah, April 
25, 1801. Ambrose^ Jan. 22, 1803. Moses, March 20, 
1805. Mary, May 20, 1807. John, June 4, 1809. Na- 
thaniel, Oct. 13, 1811. 

Isaac, Junr. married Widow Jane Smith. They had 
Moreau St. John, Rollin Horace, and both died infants. 
Hannah married Caleb Davis, Lydia married Marquis D. 

Joseph married Mary Lindsley ; she died Feb. 14, 1763, 
aged 29. They had Matthias, Ebenezer, Rachel, married 
Bethuel Munn. Joseph and Marj*, born Oct. 10, 1760; she 
married Aaron Williams, and he died in 1816. Second wife, 
Sarah Williams, who died Sept. 2, 1818, aged 76. They 
had Abigail, 1769, and died Sept. 1, 1777, aged 8 years, 
Amos, Daniel, Moses, Lydia who married James Reynolds, 
Abby married Samuel Crane, Allen. 

Matthias married Sarah Munn. They had Jared, Will- 
iam, Rachel, Lewis, Abby, Charlotte, Nancy, Mary, Be- 

Ebenezer married Deborah Crane. They had Betsey 
Orra Buel, Mary, Nancy, Lois, Ebenezer, Joseph Hollo^ 
way, Joshua Horton, John, Valeria. 

* Jared went to sea in bis 20th year, and was pressed into the Brit-: 
ish Navy and disappeared. William, aged^, was killed by lightning 
June 18, 1799, on Governor's Island. Rachel, being 20 years of age, 
was drowned with her father and cousin Munn, at Coney Island io 


Joseph, Jmir. married Eunice Baldwin. She was born 
March 5, 1763, and died in 1814. They had Mary, March 

27, 1786. Sarah, Sept. 11, 178S, died 1813. Joseph, Sept. 
12, 1790. Louisa, Nov. 1, 1792. Zophar Baldwin, Oct. 

28, 1794. Lydia, Nov. 1, 1796. Martha, Nov. 27, 1798, 
died 1805. William, Feb. 28, 1801, died 1824. Matthias, 
April 3, 1803, died 1805. 

Joseph 3d, married Nancy Clark, 1813. They had Sarah, 
Amarintha, Caroline, Margaret, George, William, Eunice- 

Zophar B. married Jane Cockran. She was born May 
12, 1794. They had Thomas Cochran, Jan. 15, 1818- Sa- 
rah Louisa, Feb. 23, 1819, Mary Jane, May 23, 1820. Es- 
ther Caroline, Dec. 19, 1821. Edward Mills, June 22, 1824. 
Esther Catharine, June 26, 1829. Catharine Maria, Oct. 8, 

Moses, son of Joseph, married Mary Smith, who died 
May 6, 1819, in the 35th year of her age- They had Mary, 
Moses, Edward, Jane. 

Allen, married Mary Osborn- They had Joseph, died 
Sept. 3, 1816, in his 5lh year. George, Daniel, Mary, Eliz- 

Amos, of Daniel 3d, married Hannah Condit, who died 
June 23, 1826, in her 87lh year. They had Isaac, June 27, 
1763. Eunice, June 2, 1765, married Joel Williams. Mary, 
July 29, 1768, married John Condit. Sarah, Aug. 4, 1770, 
married Squire Baldwin, and died Nov. 25, 1832. Eliza- 
beth Feb. 28, 1773, and died Oct. 4. 1776. Daniel, March 
2, 1776. Amos, Oct. 4, 1781. 

Isaac married Polly James, who died Dec. 8, 1826, in 
her 68th year. They had Betsey, married Eleazar D. Ward. 
Lucy married Jabez Cook- Maria. 

Daniel married Esther Ward. They had Phebe, mar- 
ried Jacob K. Mead. Lewis, Josiah, Philetta, Abby, Isaac 
Newton, Sarah Ann, Augustus. 


Amos, Junr. married Polly Canfield. They had James 
Collord, David Canfield, Harriet Newel. 

Caleb, of Daniel 3d, married Hannah Harrison. They 
had Rebekah, married Joseph Patterson. Elijah, Caleb. 

Elijah married Lois Williams, and they had Jabez and 
four daughters. One married William Scott- One married 
Rev. Mr. Thanouse. 

Caleb, Junr. married Polly Bales, and they had Elijah, 
Phebe, Sarah, Philemon, Ezra Squires. 

Stephen, son of Daniel, Junr. married Phebe Harrison, 
and had Nathaniel, Silas, Stephen, Joshua, Phebe married 
, Jonathan "Williams. 

Nathaniel married Ruth Condit, and had Parmenas, 
Matthew, Mary, who married Daniel Condit, Lydia, Jane 
married Nathaniel Harrison, Reuben. 
^ Parmenas married Jane Crane. They had Thaddeus, 
Nathaniel, Stephen, Jepthah, Daniel, Matthew, Albert, Ab- 
ner, Reuben, Isaac. 

Matthew married Charlotte Martin. They had Jane 
Caroline, died aged 2 years. He died April 20, 1826. 

Reuben married Lydia Dodd. They had Zebina, Na- 

Silas, of Stephen, married Hannah Smith. They had 
Dorcas, who married Japhiah Condit. Jane married Amos 

Stephen, Junr. marrried Ruth Peck. They had Jemi- 
ma, Phebe, Stephen, Jerriah, Abigail. 

Joshua married Abigail Condit. They had Bethuel, 
Nathaniel, Phebe married Jehabad Harrison, Betsey mar- 
ried Stephen Harrison, 

Reuben was drowned in the Narrows below New York, 1802. 


Rev. Bethuel Dodd married Sarah Peirson. He grad- 
uated at Queen's College, New Brunswick, and became the 
first pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Whitesborough, 
New York, about 1794, and died in 1799. 

Nathaniel married Lucy Baldwin. They had Bethuel, 
' Matthias, Robert, Alvin, William. 

John, son of Daniel, Junr. married * * * Sampson. 
They had John, David, Abigail married Job Crane, Mary 
married David Chandler, Phebe married Elihu Ward, Eliz- 
abeth married John Peck. 

John, Junr. married Jane Smith. They had Hannah, 
married Bethuel Ward, Eleazar, Uzal, John, Linas. 

Eleazar married Abigail Harrison. They had Hannah, 
Stephen, Abiel, Lydia. 

Uzal married Phebe Freeman. They had Mary, mar- 
ried Caleb Baldwin, Samuel Morris, Amanda, Luciuda.* 

John. 3d, was born Nov. 5, 1761, and died Sept. 5, 1826, 
aged 64. He married Abigail Dodd. They had Jemima, 
Jane, married Joseph Rogers, Joseph Smith, Amri ; both 
graduated in Princeton College, 1813. The first is a prac- 
ticing physician, the other engaged in the profession of law, 
and died in 1838. Sarah, married William Whelpley, Char- 
lotte, married Hugh Randolph, Phebe, Louisa married 
Jesse Pitt. 

Dr. Joseph Smith married * * * Grover. They 
had John, Stephen * * * a daughter. Second wife 
* * * had two children. 

* Oct. 24, 1831, Samuel M., with his only son Samuel C, aged 9, 
and a young negro, went t^o work in a distillery, which had not been 
used for a long time. They opened a large .cider cistern, probably to 
clean it; and they were all found dead at the bottom, fallen upon 
one another, having been destroyed by the bad air contained in the 


LiNAS married Betsey Peirson. They had Achsah, mar- 
ried Daniel D. Condit. Calvin. 

David, son of John, Junr. married Sarah Harrison, and 
died March 31, 1817, aged 83. She died March 12, 1827, 
aged 90 years. They had Polly,' married Abijah Dodd, 
Zebina, Elizabeth, who died Aug. 21, 1794, aged 30, David, 
Sarah, Abby, married John Baldwin, Phebe, Lydia mar- 
ried Reuben Dodd and John Baldwin. 

Zebina married Betsey Range. They had Polly, Lydia, 
both died with consumption, Nancy, who married * * * 
Meeker. John Range, Tyler, Israel. 

David, Junr. married Lydia Ward. They had Ezra, 
Mary, Chandler, Reuben, Josiah, Margaret, Almira, who 
died Sept. 16, 1822. 

Ebenezer, the second son of the English Daniel, is no- 
ticed on the Town Records of Newark, March 19, 1674; 
being then about 22 years of age; wa^ admitted an inhabit- 
ant on subscribing the fundamental agreement, and had 
land allotted him. But then he disappears, and probably 
died about that time. 

Stephen, the third son of the English Daniel Dod, set- 
tled in Guilford, Connecticut, and married Mary Stevens 
May 18, 1678. They had Daniel and Samuel. He died in 
Oct. 1691, in the 37th year of his age ; his wife died before 

The last Will and Testament of Stephen Dod of Guil- 
ford, in the county bf New Haven, dec'd. 26, Oct. 1691. 

"We whose names are underwritten do testify that the said 
Stephen Dod being of sound mind and memory did make 
his Will and Testament as followeth. Imprimis ; The dis- 
posal of his soul and body? and paympnt of his just debts 
being premised, aocordiug to the usu^J course. He gave 


the one half of all his land and meadow together with his 
dwelling-house and the appurtenances thereof, to his oldest 
son Daniel. Item, He gave the other half of all his; other 
lands and meadow to his younger son Samuel. Item, He 
gave all his movable estate to be equally divided between 
his sons Daniel and Samuel, except only that as a legacy, 
he gave a cow to his cousin Mary Wheeler who lived with 
him. As also he gave the wedding gowne of his late de- 
ceased wife unto his sister, Anna Fowler. Item, for the 
fuMlling and true performing of this his said will, he con- 
stituted and made Deacon William Johnson and Lieut. Ste- 
phen Bradley his administrators. New Haven probate rec- 
ords 1 B. page 194. His estate was appraised Nov. 3, 1691, 
and was £337. 2 B. page 121. At this period money was 
not worth as much as at the period of his father's death. 
In the 2d Book of Deeds, Town Records, Guilford ; is re- 
corded a quit claim deed of Daniel Dod, of Newark, Essex 
county, New Jersey, to his brother Samuel Dod, Guilford, 
in which he quits his claim to all right and title to the lands 
and tenements left him by his father Stephen Dod of Guil- 
ford, dated May, 3, 1707. Most of these lands are in the 
hand of the Burgis' family and other descendants of Sam- 
uel Dod." 

Daniel, the son of Stephen Dod of Guilford, was born 
about the year 1679, and married Elizabeth, when he was 
22 or 23 years of age, and removed to Newark when he 
was about 27. They had Stephen April 4, 1703, John, 

Stephen 2d married Deborah Brown. They had Leb- 
beus, Thaddeus, Daniel, Parmenas, Ucal, Elizabeth, Kexiah, 
Peborah, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail. 

liEBBEUs married PJary Baldwin. They had Hannah, 
Eunice, Phebe, Stephen, Abner, Rachel, Mary, Daniel, Abi- 
gail, Elizabeth. 

Stephen married Mehitable Gould. They had Mary, 
Lebbeus, John Gould, Sarah Ann, Charles, William, grad-s 


uated at Princeton College 1833, and is Professor of Math- 
ematics, Center College, Kentucky. Stephen, Mehitabel. 

Abner married Hannah Gould. They had Horace, Su- 
san, Charles, Jacob, Catharine. 

Daniel married Nancy Squire. They had EzraKitchel, 
Robert Baldwin, Lewis Southard, Caroline, Susan, Rev. 
Albert Baldwin, Professor of Mathematics, Princeton Col- 
lege, where he graduated in 1822, Mary, Charles.* 

Rev. Thaddeus, was graduated at Princeton College, 
1773, and settled in the gospel ministry in western Penn- 
sylvania. He married Phebe Baldwin, and had Cephas.. 

Daniel, of Stephen 2d, married Charity Freeman. 
They had Daniel, Mary, Ziba, Phebe, Stephen, Azuba. 

UcAL married Abigail Homan and had Martha. 

John, son of Guilford Daniel, married Jemima Harrison. 
They had Adonijah, 2.. Matthew, James, 4. Cody, Abel, 
6. Jemima, 7. Betty. 2. 4. 6. 7. did not marry. 

Adonijah married Mary Ogden. They had Aaron, Cath- 
arine, Samuel, Matthew. 

James married Sarah Harrison. They had Abraham, 
Phebe, Hannah, Naomi. 

Abel married Martha Osborn. They had Jemima, Ra- 
chel, Polly, Phebe, John, "William, William ; these three 
last died infants. 

Timothy married * * and had Jesse, Timothy, Phe- 
be, the two last did not marry. 

Jesse married * * * Perry. They had Joseph, and 
one daughter, who married Riker. 

Samuel, son of Stephen Dod, Guilford, (died May 24, 
1757), he married Hannah Savage of Middletown, Jan. 10, 

This Daniel went out from ElizaDethtown with' a steamboat which 
he had just finished, to try her machinery, and was blown up with his 
taen, and perished io the ruins. 


1704. They had Ebenezer Dec. 22, 1705, who died May 
19, 1782. Samuel, Feb. 28, 1707, who died unmarried, Aug. 
25, 1751. Hannah, July 28, 1712, and died July 26, 1795. • 
She married Thomas Burgis May 18, 1737. They had two 
sons, one died in infancy, and three daughters, — Sarah, April 
24, 1715, and died Jan. 1787. She married John Burgis, 
but had no children. Second wife, Hannah Benton, ^Ist 
Aug. 1737. Third wife, Mary Evarts, April 22, 1741. 
They had Mary Jan. 10, 1742, and died same month, and 
the mother died Nov. 19, 1790. 

Ebenezer married Sarah White of Hadley. They had 
Sarah, who married Giles White of Hadley, — 'Mary married 
Leumen Ward' of Guilford, both removed from Guilford 
many years since. The Dod family in Guilford, in the line 
of Samuel, is now extinct. 

In town meeting at Newark, Feb. 13, 1679, SAMUEL, 
the 4ih son of the English Daniel Dod of Branford, was 
admitted a citizen and planter, and had his land assigned 
to him on the hill north end of the town, since called the 
Governeur place. And afterwards had new land assigned 
him on the east side of his brother Daniel's land on Wat- 
sessing plain. He had a son Samuel, who was born about 
the year 1694, and died April 16, 1773, in his 78th year- 
He married Mary Peil-son, who died in 1705, a few days be- 
fore her son Samuel. They had Martha, May 20, 1731, 
and married Matthew Harrison. Mary, Dec. 26, 1732- 
Hannah, Dec. 18, 1734, married * * * Smith. Sam- 
uel, Jan. 11, 1736, and died with small pox in July, 1795. 
Aaron, Jan. 13, 1738, and died March 19, 1821, aged 83. 
Rebekah, Feb. 5, 1740, and married Samuel Fairchild. Ke- 
turah, July 26, 1744. Jemima, March 25, 1747, and mar- 
ried Isaac Suverill. 

Samuel 3d married Elizabeth Hinman. They had Jonas 
1762, who died Aug. 20, 1770, aged 8 years. Naomi 1764, 


died May 24, 1766, in her 2d year. Abiathar. Second 
wife, Sarah Baldwin, who died Oct. 14, 1819. They had 
Elizabeth, who died Aug. 20, 1770, in her 2d year. Eliz- 
'abelh, who died June 13, 1790, aged 16. Samuel, Abner, 
who died Jan. 17, 1833, in his 54ih year. Patty married 
Jacob K. Mead. Naomi married Joseph S. Ward. 

Abiathar married Cornelia Cadmus. They had Corne- 
lia. Second wife, Sophia Coggswell. They had Christo- 
pher Columbus Washington, Cornelius. Third wife, 
Mary Bigelow ; had William. 

Samuel 4th married Jemima Dodd. They had Samuel, 
Sarah, Aaron, Mary, Martha, Lorinda married Isaac King. 

Abner married Betsey Canfield and had Eliza, Abner, 
John, Ann. Second wife, Charlotte Walter, had Samuel, 

Aaron married Sarah Nutman. She died Sept. 26, 1805, 
aged 60. They had Mary, married Rev. Amzi Armstrong. 
Job died with cholera 1834, aged 58. Rebekah married 
Samuel Ingham. Joanna, died Sept. 27, 1815, aged 31 
years. Robert, George Adams, died Feb. 5, 1812 in his 
24th year. 

Robert married Rebekah Randal. They had Joanna, 
and he died with consumption. 

The family of Aaron Dodd is now extinct in the