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Full text of "Family records, or, Genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants as far as can now be ascertained"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2002 


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It is an interesting object of curiosity to most men to search 
into the origin of their own faniilies. to trace their descents, 
aiul to collect the history of the iiulivi(hials who compose 
them. However remote in time or consanguinity, it is natu- 
ral to believe that we inherit from our fathers their mental 
an I [)liysic:il peculiarities, though moilitiL-il by cin-u^nstaiices. 
We e;\ter a^FcJctioniteiy into thi;ir cjuceriis, ami v<'\ nee in 
their honors or prosperity, and are pcisonally grieved by their 
miscoutluct or misfortunes, A A *^C^^£^ S 

■J- -JL ^-- v^- •„> v> * 

These sentiments are undoubtedly founded in the innate 
and best feelings of the human heart, which delights in mul- 
tiplying and extending the ties that bind us to our fellow 
creatures. The love of our kindred is the first degree of ex- 
pdiision of thj heart in its progress towards universal bene- 
volence. The history of states is but a history of families. 

To satisfy this curiosity, in some measure., has been my 
aim in collecting the materials for the genealogies in this 
publication. Much pains have been taken to obtain correct 
inform.ition respscting families. Wherever family records 
could be obtained, they have been used ; but in most cases 
no such record could be had. 1 therefore had to depend 
on the memory («f some one or more of the family, and in 
consequence, no doubt, many errors may be found; but I 
hope for the most part the names are correct. With the ex- 
ception of one or two, every family may be traced back to 
some branch that lived in Passaic Valley previous to the year 

I have now submitted to the public, and especially those 
whose families or ancestors are named, the labors of some 
seven years, hoping that some, at least, will be pleased lo learn 
something more of their ancestors and connections than they 
would otherwise have known. 


Passaic Valley, New Providence, April, 1852. 


Pa^e 10, line 3. for David read Daniel. 

17, '22, for M;irv^ Lindsley, diu^hter of Joseph, read Nancy 

Lindsl-y, ilau,'luerof Maitliew G. Liiidsley. 

17, 37, for Mary, read Nancy. 

19i 13, for Silis read Snieas. 

19, 17, for Zi.ia real Silas. 

3li batlom line, f )r Eusace read Eunice. 

3-, Heading, for B;ild\viii read Ball. 

3-2, 1-2, for Wais read Watts. 

32, 30, for Boll re id Bill. 

36, SiriAeoiit 5t') Generation. 

42, Heading, for Jacob read William. 

43, do. do. do. 

44, Heading, for William Bedell, son of John, read 
Henry IJedell. 

45, 21, for dauifhter read daughters. 

45, 39, for John .S. Bra Iford read Jolin S. Bedford. 

47, 2). for Elizib Uli B. Tii'venor read iiUjali 13. Ticlienor. 

4S, IS. for Tickenor read Ticlieaor, 

50, 7, for Ills real her. 

54, 45, for L irney read Laney. 

57, 8, for Jonathan read Thomas. 

00, 13, for Herbet read Hnrhert. 

60, -27^ fjr Naphtoli re id Naphiali. 

61, 14, Sirdce out 3d after Parsons. 

63, Headin:^, for George ruad John. 

64, 35, f )r Payer read Poyer. 

67, 3 from b )U(»m, for time read times. 

71, 40, insert 3 h dore children. 

72, HeaJiiiiT, for Wdliam real Robert; 

73, do. for Wdliam read Hii:rh. 

73, 4 from bottom for Alahate)le read Me'i'Jlabel. 

74, 13, for sjran i-d m^hter read jjrand-falher. 
85, 45, for VV'illiam In read William .'^d. 
83, 8, for Wdliam In real WiUia^n 3d. 

101, bottom li:ie, sirilce out son of John 3d. 
132, 12, insert He ar the end of the line. 

102, 24, strilvp out double U. 

103, 2 &, 3 inchi le (s )n of Stephen Crane.) 

lOB, 103, 13, 34, in the pirenthesis, fur Julia read Julia Anne. 

1 1"2, 6, for son read daughter. 

113, '29, for nine rr-ad ten. 

1 17, 25, strike out a at the end of the line. 

123, 38, f )r Vloiace read Moreau. 

129, 29, for Joseph read Joshua. 

134, 19, strike out will. 

134, 31, forLabina read Lebbius. 

136, 3S, for returned read removed. 

136, 39, begin the line with a capital I. 

139, 19, for Polly read Patty AJlen. 

Page 149, line 7, strike out, and died young. 

151, 24, for Illinois read Victor, "Western N. Y. 
151, 7 from bottom, for a dau2:liier read Esther. 

151, 2 from bottom for 4ili read 14tli. 

155, 44. for Marib rrad Maitiia. 

156, 41, for Swan read Swain. 

164, 80, for Micliigaii read Yates Co., N. Y. 

169, 9, insert 7tb liefoie son of. Joseph. 

173, 24. for Saiafi Hand read Sarah Anne Hnnd. 

175, 4, it 5. for Rffd, in cacli line nad KffVf. 

187, 20. fill L'anirl Hole read Charlt-s Hole, Jiin. 

215, for Zacjiai iah Sickle read Zachariali Van Sickle, and so 

of liis cliildi cii. 
224, Heading, f<>r J'din Littell read Benjamin Littell. 

249. 19. for 49 read 29. 

264, 29. fi)r six read <iu:ht. 
283, 11, Ibi 794, read 1794. 

302, Hea(iir)2, li)r Capi. Joiial! an Mulford read .John Noe. 

S0.<5, 9, for David read Daniol Hart. 

306, 9 fnim liotlom. for 848 read 1848. 

307, 8 fmn> b 'iti in. (or brrliam read Abraham. 

826, Hannah, Rlioda, Mary, Kzra. V\ ilhani and F.lizn Pot- 

ter \)'i re children of M;i.\\vt'll Poller and sisters and bro- 
thers of Brnjaniin F^olier, .«(in >>( Maxwell. 
326, 5, for Maxwell read Samuel .Maxwell. 
3-26, 2 from boiom, li»r Levi read Maxwell. 
331, 4. I()r Louisa read Le\ isa. 
342, 19, read died alter who. 

353, Headins, for James read Matthias. 

356, 18, strike out see Lamb. 
369, 13. for Zebra read Sebra. 
# 383, 21, read. 2. Mary Terry married Ephraim Pryanl, of 

Plainfield ; 3. Caleb Conklin went to Missouii, and 

married tbere. 
383, 24, for 7. Caroline, read 8. Cornelia. 
388, 34, read Miles for Mills, and Valley lor Vally. 
889, 5, read Jacob I. for Jarob T. 
390, 20, read Rachel for Hannah, and first line above Ra( hrl, 

insert 3. P' Uy married Uenjamin Moore ; bottom liin; 

read Larzaher lor Lavzalier. 

394, 11 & 12, read Genmio for Genning. 

395, 10, read 4. Juiietle for 2. Jnlieite. 
398, 38, read Ithamar for Iihaman. 

411, 11 from bottom read Goltra for Goitra twice. 

412, 1 1, read 2d Gen. lor Isl Gen. 
426, 36, read Israel for Isaac, 

470, 28, read Mercy for 3Iaiy. 

471, 32, add "and iiad a daughter Miranda." 



&c. &c. &c. 


Jonathan Allen owned one hundred acres, No. 28 of the 
EHzabethtown lots, surveyed above the first mountain, on 
which Daniel Allen and Joseph Allen afterwards lived, who 
were probably his sons. 

DANIEL ALLEN married Nancy Halsey, near Elizabeth- 
town, and had children : 

S 1. David, who married Jane Pasnet, and lived at Paterson. 

? 2. John, who married at Pompton, and lived and died there. 

I 3. Elizabeth married Jonathan Parsons, son of William 

I Parsons, and died 4th July, 1844 ; Mr. Parsons died 9th Sep- 
tember, 1821, at 57 years. {See Parsons.) 

JOSEPH ALLEN, (brother of Daniel.) married Lydia 
Potter, daughter of Col. Samuel Potter, and had children: 

1. Bethuel, who married, in Ohio, Clara Gee, and had a 
son, John ; when his wife died, and he married the widow 
Polly Scott, daughter of John Dean, of Springfield, N. J., 
and had another son. 

2. Phebe married David Clark, son of Stephanus Clark, 
Sen., in Ohio. 

3. Jemima, married in Ohio. 

4. Chloe. 

5. Moses, died a young man, unmarried. 

Lydia, the wife of Joseph Allen, died lUth Feb. 1799, aged 
42 years, after which he went to Ohio, to his children, and 
died there. 

NOTK — [ know of no ronnfPtion belwppn tliis family anA Jo«eplj Allfii, Jun . wliifli follow*. 



JOSEPH ALLEN, Jun:, married Sarah Willcockse, daugh- 
ter of Peter Willcockse, Sen. (The lamily now spell the 
name Willcox.) He drew No. 113 of the Elizabeihtown 
lots surveyed above the first mountain, about one mile east 
of the Mount Bethel Church, but lived in Washington Valley, 
between the mountains. They had children : 

^ 1. David, who married Mary Camp, daughter of Aaron 

g Camp, son of John Camp, (or Johannes Vancampen,) of 

I Passaic Valley. 

i 2. Peter, married Mary Marshill, daughter of James 
Marsiiall, of Washington Vnlley. 

3. Gideon, married, 19th August, 1787, Susannah Cory, 
daughter of Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill. 

4. William married 10th ^larch, 1790, Nancy Marshall, 
sister of Peter's wife. 

5. Philip, married Betsey Clark, daughter of Elias Clark, 
who lived on Stony Hill. 

G. Henry, twin to Philip, married Phebe Clark, daughter 
of James Clark. 

7. Patty, who married Joseph Doty, [See Doti/.'] 

8. Sarah married Jonathan Ruckman, [See Ruchman.'] 

DAVID ALLEN, (1st child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary 
Camp, daughter of Aaron, had children: 
g 1. Sarah, who married John Blackford, son of Benjamin 

Blackford, of Piscataway, and went to Headstone. 

1 2. Jemima, married 31st jNlay, 1785, Jose[jh Cole, Jun., son 
I" of Joseph, of Scotch Plains. {See Cole.) 

3. Phebe, married Jacob Allen, son of Joseph Allen, and 
went to Cincinnati. 

4. Polly, married Levi Parker, son of Isaac Parker, and 
went to the Lakes, N. Y. 

5. Amy, married Richard Roff. son of Richard. {See Rojf.) 

6. Betsev, married Thomas Willet, son of Jonathan Willet, 
of Stony Hill Valley. 

7. John, (the Colonel) married Betsey Cole, daughter of 
Master William Cole, of Scotch Plains ; she died without chil- 
dren, and he went to the west and married there. 

8. Joseph, married Hannah Willet, daughter of Jonathan 
Willet, above named. 

9. Rachel, married Aaron Scudder, son of George Scudder, 
and went to the Lakes, New York. 

10. Martha, married William Sherwood, of Connecticut. 

11. David Allen, Jun. married Susan Townley, daughter 
of Matthias, son of James Townley. 

12. Aaron, married at Pittsburfj, and went to Ohio. 


13. Squier, married Hannah Cor}', daughter of Parkhurst 
Cory, of Stony Hill Valley, and died without children. 

JOSEPH ALLEN, (8ih child of David Allen) and Hannah 
Willet, went to French Creek, and had children : 
^ 1. Camp, is unmarried. 

n 2. John, who married Esther Hall, and went to French 
S Creek, Penn. 
I 3. Bradford, married Line, daughter of Amos Line. 

4. Betsey, who died at about the age of years. 

DAVID ALLEN, (lltli son of David Allen.) and Susan 
Townley, lived in ^Vashington Valley, and had children : 

1. Aaron, who married Maria Stead, daughter of Thomas 
Stead, and had children, 1st, Sophia Elizabeth. 

2. Sarah Anne married Israel iMoore, 21st February, 1849, 
son of Closes ]\Ioore, and had children, 1st, David Allen IMoore. 

3. Elias, married Elizabeth Caroline Spencer, 28th Feb- 
ruary, 1849, daughter of James L. Spencer, and had children, 
1st, Cornelia. 

4. David, 3rd. 

5. John. 
(5. Mary. 

PETER ALLEN, (2d child of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and 
Mary ^Marshall, had children. 
^ 1. Rhoda. who married William Ross, son of Ezra Ross, 
I of Long Hill. 

I 2. Noah, who married Phebe Jennings. 
? 3. Peter, who married Phebe Johnson, of Albany. 

4. Anne married Levi Gould, of New York, have no 


5. Deborah, married David Buckley, of Connecticut ; have 
no children ; 

G. Betsey, married William Randall, of Scotch Plains, and 
have children: 1. Philip Randall; 2. Elizabeth Randall, who 
married Ebenezer Cooper; 3. Harriet Randall. 

7. Mary Anne, married James Beatty. of Staten Island. 

GIDEON ALLEN, (3rd son of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and 
Susannah Cory, had children. 
^ 1. Daniel, who married Hetty Tucker, daughter of Joseph 
^ Tucker, son of John. 

3 2. Henry married Esther Achor, daughter of Philip Achor, 
|. of Scotch Plains. 
= 3. Patty. 

4. Phebe, married Twines Tucker, snn of Joseph Tucker, 
son of John. 


5. Fanny, married William Jennings, son of Benjamin 

Jennings, of Mount Bethel. 

6. Lydia married, 1st, Joseph Hamilton; 2d, William 

7. Sarah, married Henry ^Moore, son of Henry. {See Moore.) 

DANIEL ALLEN, (son of Gideon,) and Hetty Tucker, 
had children : 
* 1. Kosetta, who married her cousin Ephraim Achor, son of 
I Philip. 

= 2. Israel Cory, married Anne Titus, daughter of William. 
i. 3. John married Anne, of New- York. 


4. Gideon. 

5. Aristedes Heustis. 

WILLIAM ALLEN. (1th son of Joseph Allen. Jun.) and 
Nancy Marsiiall, had children : 
g 1. Marsh, who married Marv Willcox, daughter of Daniel. 

[See Wil/cox.] 

1 2. Betsey, married David D. Smalley, son of David, Esq. 
I" {See Smalley.) 

3. Sally, married Moses Stiles, of Morris Counfv. 

4. rollv. married. 1st. Mr.WoodrulV, hut had no children bv 
him. 2d.' Frederick Dell. 20lh July, I 84:J. 

5. Jane, married Isaac Clark, son of Abraham, of Westfield. 

6. William, married Huldah Cole, daughter of Amos, of 
Scotch Plains.. 



HENRY ALWAllD carne Irom England, married Miss 
Conipton ; lived between Liberty Corner and Basking Ridf^e, 
near the mill now owned by Matthias VVoodard, and had 
children : 
2. 1. David, who went to French Creek. 

I 2. John. J HENRY ALWARD. Jun. 

I 3. Henry, Jun., who married Mary Cox, and had children: 
y 1. John, who married — and had children, Henry, and two 
n others. 

i 2. Samuel married Caty King, sister ol" John King, of 
^ Liberty Corner. 

3. Benjamin married Sarah Ayers, daughter of Elislia 
Ayers, and sister of Major John Ayers, of Basking Ridge. 

4. Sarah married Daniel Hampton, whose father lived 
where John Steele did. 

5. Mary married, 1st, Mr. ^'ankirk — 2d, Cornelius Tunison, 
of Washington Valley. 

G. Mercy married Ephraim Martin, son of Col. Martin. 

7. Henry, 3d, married Osee Pennington, daughter of Jona- 
than Pennington. 

8. William married Elizabeth Cross, daughter of William. 

SAMUEL ALWARD, (2d child of HenryAlward, Jun.,) 
and Catv King, had children : 
r. 1. Mark. 

i 2. Mary, who married John Pope, Jun., son of John Pope. 
I 3. David. 
"" 4. Henry married lived at Succasuna Plains. 

5. Sally married John Mizener, of Peapack. 

6. Samuel, Jun., who went to the Lakes, New- York, and 
married there. 

7. Betsey married Mr. Brown, of Monmouth Co. 

8. Charlotte went to Michigan. 

BENJAMIN ALWARD, (3dchildof Henry Alward, Jun.) 
and Sarah Ayers, had children : 

L Elisha, who died at 27 years (by the kick of a horse) un- 

2. Mary, married Joseph Ruckman, son of Jonathan Ruck- 
man. {See Ruckman.) 

3. Jane married John Yeatman, an Englishman, and went 
to Philadelphia ; they had no children. 

4. Plannah married Nathan Ruckman, brother of Joseph. 
{See Ruckman.) 



5. Benjamin. Jun., married Lydia Coddington, daughter of 
^ Benjamin Coddington. 
§ G. Sarah, married Jonas Bird, son of George Bird, ol Mount 
I Bethel. 

7. Esther, (twin to Sarah,) married Stepheu Lawrence, son 
of William Lawrence, of Schoolies Mountain. 

8. William, married Phebe Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer 
Lyon, and went to French Creek, Penn. 

'9. Elizabeth married Benjamm Bnylan, son of Dr. James 
Boylan, of Vealtown. 

10. Anne married Samuel Carman, of French Creek, Penn., 
and lived there. 

11. Stephen married Miss Pool, of Schoolies Moun- 

12. Daniel married Mary Miller, daughter of Smith Miller. 
I'.i. Phebe. twin to Daniel, married John Kin.«ey, of Amboy, 

and live there. 

SAKAII ALW.AKD. 1th child ol Henry Alward, Jun..) 
and Daniel Hampton, had children : 
*. 1. John Hamjiton, who married, as his 2d wife. Mis.s 


i 2. Mary Hampton married Mr. Jackson. 

1 -i. Henry Hampton married Miss Eduar. 

=" 4. Dr. William Hamj»ton married Eliza Leddel, daughter 
of Dr. William Leddel, of Mendham. 
5. Penina Hampton did not marry. 
t». Dr. Reucl Hampton. 

MARY ALWARD, (5th child of Henry Alward. Jun..) 
and Cornelius Tunison. had children : 

1. Henry Tunison. who married Miss Casner. 

2. Elizabeth Tunison married John Bakeman. 

3. IS'elly Tunison married John Bray, of .N'ew Brunswick. 

4. Hannah Tunison married Jephtha Mundy ; lives at 
Middle Brook. 

MERCY ALWARD, ((5lh child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) 
and Ephraim ^Lartin, had children: 
^ 1. Patty ?.Lartin. who married Samuel Stites, son of Isaac 
^ Stites, of Mount Bethel, and went to Illinois, and had 14 
3 children. 

|. 2. Mary Martin married Mr. Scudder. 

° 3. Betsey ^larlin married 

4. Richard Martin lives near Rahwav 

HENRY ALWARD, (7th child of Henry Alward, Jun 
and Osee Pennington, had children : 


t 1. Jonathan, who married Deborah Burrows, daughter of 
? Waters Burrows, of New I'rovitleiice- 

I '2. Mary married Guin McCoy, son of James McCoy, of 
f Basking Kidge. 

3. Anne married Jonathan Hand, son of Jonathan Hand, 
of Basking Ridge. (Scf Hand.) 

4. Osee 

5. Wdham married Miss Allen, of Peapack. 

0. Henry, 4tli, married Fanny CJueriri.and soon died. 

7. Jacob married and soon died. 

8. Joseph married Matilda Doty, daughter of David, son 
of Zeb. 

9. Betsey married, 1st, John Ryerson ; 2d, Mr. Barman. 

WILLIAM ALWARD, (8th child of Henry Alward, Jun.) 
and Eliza Cross removed to the Lakes, New York, and had 
children : 

1. Phebe. 

2. t?arah. 

3. Nathaniel. 

4. Jerusha. 

5. William. 

6. Squier. 

7. Jarvis. 

BENJAAHN ALWARD. Jun. (5ih child of Benjamin 
Alward.; and Lydia ( "oddinL,'ton, had children : 
5: I. Hugh, who went to Illinois. 
9 2. Esilier, who married John Phillips, of Newark. 
I 3. Sarah, who went to Illinois. 
I 4. Jackson, who went to Illinois. 

SARAH ALWARD, (6th child of Hejamin Alward.) and 
Jonas Bird, went to the Lakes, New York, and had children : 

1. Esther Bird, who died at about 18 years, unmarried- 

2. Geon:e Bird, who died at about 10 years. 

3. Phebe Bird. 

4. Silas Bird. 
•"). Sarah Bird. 

ESTHER ALWARD, (7th child of Benjamin Alward.) 
and Stephen Lawrence, had children: 

1. ]Mary Lawrence, who married Stephen Coleman. 

2. William Lawrence, married Miss Coleman, sister of 

3. Sarah Lawrence, married William Walk. 

4. John' Lawrence, married Miss Pool. 

5. Benjamin Lawrence, 


6. Sylvester Lawrence. 

7. Amanda Lawrence, married her cousin Benjamin Alward, 
son of David. 

8. Elizabeth Lawrence, died at about 12 years. 

9. Stephen Lawrence, Jun. 

10. Jane Lawrence. 

ELIZABETH ALWARD, (9th child of Benjamin Alward,) 
and Benjamin Boylan, had children . 
g: 1. Anne Boylan, who died at about 22 years, unmarried. 

2. Sarah Boylan, married William HofT. 
§ 3. John Boylan. lives in Newark. 

1 4. William Boylan. lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5. James Boylan. lives in Newark. 

STEPHEN ALWARD, (11th child of Benjamin Alward,) 
and his wife, Miss Pool, had children : 

1. Sarah. 

2. Esther. 

3. Benjamin, 

DANIEL ALWARD, (12th child of Benjamin Alward,) 
and Mary Miller, had children; 

1. Benjamin, who married his cousin Amanda Lawrence, 
daughter of Stephen Lawrence. 

2. Moses Miller married Sarah Drake, daughter of Abraham 
J. Drake, son of William, of Schoolies Mountain. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Elisha, born 29lh April, 1820 — married, 31st August, 
1847, to Rachel Drake, daughter of the above-named William 

5. Daniel, Jun. 

6. William. 

7. Esther. 

8. Smith Miller. 

9. Rachel. 

PHEBE ALWARD, (13th child of Benjamin Alward.) and 
.John Kinsey. of Amboy, had children: 

1. Daniel Kinsey. 

2. Sarah Kinsey. 
3; Esther Kinsey. 
4. Wesley Kinsey. 

JONATHAN ALWARD, (1st child of Henrv Ahvard,3d,) and 
Deborah Burrows, had children: 

1. Edward, who died, — September, 1834, aged 25 ydars. 

2. Jonathan Pennington, born 21st July, 1812,— graduated at 


Princeton College, — studied Theology, became a Presbyterian 
Minister, — married Catherine Fredenburg, dausjhter of the Rev. 
Mr. Fredenburg, of Somerville. They went to WesturnAfrica, as 
Missionaries. He died there in April, 1841, and she returned 

3. Osee, 

4. Waters Burrows married his cousin, Mary Frances Burrows, 
daughter of the Rev. Waters Burrows. 

5. Francis, who died in 184.5, aged '25 years. 

6. Eliza Anne, who diid in her 9lh year. 

7. Joseph, born July Ith, 1S28, is preparing for the ministry. 


g JAMES ANDERSON, married, 14th September, 1766, Lydia 
? Badgley, and had a son, Baiigley Anderson. His wife Lydia then 
5 (lied, and he married Polly, the widow of Richard Sliaw, and had 
o two other children : 

2. Robert, who married Nancy Moore, daugliter of Isaac Moore. 

3. Betsey, married David Clark, son of Elias Clark, sen. [See 


BADGLEY ANDERSON had three children: 

1 1. John. 
I 2. Israel. 

3. a (laughter who married Mr. Benward. 

ROBERT ANDERSON and Nancy Moore had children : 




4. Elizabeth. 


Xorr.— RICHARD SHAW had children . 

1. Lewis Shaw, who married Phebe Willis, daughter of Willium Wiiiit. 

2. Sally Shaw, who married William Brown, son of John Brown, Sen. 



These three brothers, together with their three sisters, Phebe, 
Sarah, and Betsey, come over from Long Island, to Eliziibethtown. 

George settled in Elizabethtown. He had a daughter, Nancy, 
who married John Brown, and removed to Stonyhiil, [see Brown.^ 
John and James, with their three sisters, came up and settled in the 
Valley between the 1st and 2nd Mountains, in the year 1736-7. 
When Joseph Morse, the Elizabethtown ^Surveyor, was surveying 
this region, he surveyed for John and James Badglcy, a tract of 400 
acres of land, between the mountains. Iving along Blue Brook, 
and extending South to the top of tlie lirsl mountain. John 
Badgley had one son, John Badglcy, Junior, whose wife's name 
was Effa. 

JAMES BADGLEY had four children : 
£ 1. James, Jun., whose wife's name was Sarah. 
« 2. Joseph, married Betsey Scudder, sister of Benjamin Scudder, 
g bt low Springfield. 
5' 3. Anthony married Anne Woodruff. 

4. Robert, married Rachel Vreland. 

5" PHEBE BADGLEY married Peter Willcockse, Senior. [See 

f WiUcocksc] 

1 SARAH BADGLEY married Joseph Doty, Senior. [Sec Doty.'] 

= BETSEY BADGLEY married Uriah Hedges, Senior. \_See 

g JAIMES BADGLEY, Jun., and Sarah, his wife, had children : 

1. James, 3rd. 
i 2. Joseph, 2nd. 

1 3. Lydia. 
P 4. Sarah. 

5. Rhoda. 

JOSEPH BADGLEY, 2nd, (2nd child of James Badgley,) and 
Betsey Scudder, had children : 

1. Timothy. 

2. Moses, who married Susannah — and had two children, 

3. George. 

4. Nancy. 

5. Hannah, 

ANTHONY BADGLEY, (3rd child of James Badgley,) and 
Anna Woocirutf, had children : 

1. Jonathan, who married, 1st Lydia Scudder; 2nd, Hannah 
Searing, daughter of JNoah Searing. 

2. Noah. 

3. Anthony. 2nd, married Abigail Hedges, daughter of Uriah 


4. Samuel, married Polly Frazee, daughter of Henry Frazcc. 

5. Jenny married Barna Ilule. [See Hule.'\ 

6. Nancy, married Maxwell Frazee, son of Henry Frazee, \_See 


ROBERT BADGLEY, (4th child of James Badglcy.) ami 
Racliel Vrcland, liad children : 

1. Enoch, who married >Sally Simson, daughter of John Simson, 
2nd, and had a daughter, Sarah, wlio died '23rd April, 1784. 

2. Robert, Junior. . 

3. William married, 19lh June, 179G, Betsey Frazee. 

4. Hannah, married Joseph Scudder. 

MOSES BADGLEY, son of Joseph, son of James Badgley, Jun., 

married Susannah, and had children: 

^ \. Sarah, who married Calvin Parker, 1 1th June, 178S, son of 
o Benjamin Parkt-r, of Longhill, and had an only son, Moses B. 
» Parker, who died unmarried. 

g- 2. Peggy, who married, 1st June, 1793, William P. Doty, son of 
^ Anthony, Senior, [*Sec Doty.] Mrs. Susannah BaJgley died 25ih 
December, 1799, aged 49 years, and Mr. Badgley married, as his 
2nd wife, Nancy, the widow of Thomas Oakley. They lived on 
Longhill. Another Moses Badgley married, 20lh September, 1795, 
Anna, the widow of Samuel Miller, and daughter of John Simson, 
Junior, and went to Ohio. 

JONATHANBADGLEY, (1st son of Anthony, the 3rd son of 
•James Badgley,) and Lydia Scudder, lived on North side of the 
2nd Mountain, and had children : 

1. Ahijah, who married Betsey Willcox, daughter of Noah 
Willcox, Senior. 

2. Stephen married Catherine Denman, daughter of Joseph 
Denman, of Springfield. 

3. Noah, who died unmarried. 
4. John S. married Hannah Sturges, daughter of Benjamin Sturges, 
of Green Village. 

5. Polly, married David G. Hand, son of Nehemiah Hand, and 
had no children. 

6. Nancy married Thomas Seward, of Springfield, and died in 
about six months. 

7. Jane, married Samuel Ball, son of Garner Ball ; he died, 
and she married IMr. Travers. By his 2nd wife, Hannah Searing, 
he had other children. 

8. Aaron, who went to Canada. 

9. Nancy who went to Canada, and married there. 

10. Jacob, who died young. 

11. Jonathan. 

12. Noah, 2nd. 

13. Sarah, who died young. 


ANTHONY BADGLEY, Junior, (3rd son of Anthony, 3rd son 

of James Bailgley,) and A'ig^ail Hedges, lived on the North side of 

the first niouiilain, where his son Samuel now lives, and had children : 
? 1. Jemima, who married Jacob Price, son of Rice Price. [See 
n Price.] 

I 2. Samuel, who was born 1st December, 1793, married Betsey 
g- Reeve, daughter of Elias Reeve, of Springfield. 
° 3. Anthony, 3rd, married Hannah, widow of William Raddin, and 

daughter of Elias Clark, and had no cliildren. 

4. Phcbc, married John R. Clark, son of Stephen Clark. 
5. David, married Harriet Wilkison, daughter of Nathan 


6. Mary, married George Brown, son of William Brown, son of 
John, and had no children. 

7. Dayton, married Sarah Lyon, daughter of John Lyon, son 
of Ebt-nuzer. 

8. Ilctty, married Benjamin Siurgcs, son of Benjamin Sturges, of 
Green Villai^e, and had no children. 

9. Abigail, born May, 1811, married Moses Reeve, born 
July, 1809, son of Watts Reeve, of Springfield. 

JEMnr \ HMXJLEY. (daughter of Anthony Badgley, Jun.,) and 
Jacob Price, removed to Western New York, and had an only child, 
Phebe Price, who married and soon died. 

SAMUEL BADtiLEY. (-ind child of Anthony Badgley, Juu.) 
and Betsey Reeve, had children : 

1. Charles. 

2. Caroline. . 

3. Ann Eiiza. 

4. John .Milton. 

PHEBE BADGLEY, (4lh child of Anthony Badgley. Junior,) 
and John R. Clark, lived on the South side of 1st Mountain, and had 
children : 

1. Susan Clark, who married Brooks Roll, son of James, son of 
Brooks Roll. 

2. Abigail Clark, who died at about 17 years, unmarried. 

3. Lucilla Clark, married William Woodruff, son of Daniel 

4. Hetty Clark. 

D.WID BADGLEV, (5th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) 
and Harriet Wilkison, lived at N. P. Village and had children: 

1. Samuel, who married Helty HanforJ, daughter of Simeon 
Hanford, and grand-daughter of Isaac Simson, [See Simson.] 

2. Elizabeth, married, September 23rd, 1849, William G. Marsh, 
son of Isaac Marsh and Catherine Griffin. 

3. Amos. 

4. Lyman. 

5. William Hanlev. 


DAYTO.V B.VDGLEY, {7th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) 
and fjarah Lyuu, had children : 

1. -Mary, born April, 1830. 

2. Ellen, who died at about 7 years. 

3. Margaret. 

4. Isabella died olh September, 1S4S, in youth. 

5. Eui^ene. 

6. Eliza. 

7. Harriet Meeker. 

8. James. 

ABK; AIL BADGLEY, (9ih child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) 
end .Moses Hti-vc, hud children : 

1. James W . Reeve, born November, 1833. 
*i. Mary Eiizabeili ileeve, born Aj)ril, 183G. 

3. Ht'stt-r Anne Reeve, born 2nd June, lb33. 

4. Benjainiii Fraidvlin Reeve, born March, lb47. 

5. George B. Dallas R<eve, born December, 1844. 

6. Sarah Jane Reeve, born •i3rd Marcli, 1850. 

S.VMUEL HADGLEY, (4th son of Anthony Badgley,) and 
Polly Frazee, lived between the Isl and -ind Mountains, and hud 
children : 

^ 1. Aaron, wiio married Betsey Force, daughter of Samuel Force. 

^ They both soon died, and left a son, .\aron, who died at about 16 

S years. 

I 2. Moses Frazee, married Sally Wilkison, daughter of Nathan 

S Wilkison; he soon died; he left a daughter, Lydia, who married, 
and went to Ohio, and soon died. 

3. Henry, married, 1st, Phebe Stur<res, daughter of Benjamin 
Sturgcs, of Green Village. 2d. Sarah Gillam, daughter of James 
Gillam; he died December, 1S44. 

4. Iluma married Ezekiel Clark, son ofSlephcn Clark, of West- 

5. Sarah, married William Price, son of Rice Price, [S?c Prtrc] 
G. Lvdia, who died in 1818, aged 19 years. 

7. Anne, married Jesse Gaboon, from' West Jersey; they had no 

8. Maxwdl, married Sally Parker, daughter Calvin Parker, and 
had no children. 

9. Jacob Foster, born 2nd February. 1808, married Anne Brown, 
born 2(ith April, 1812, daughter of William Brown. 

HENRY BADGLEY, (3rd child of Samuel,) and Phebe Sturgcs, 
had children : 
1. Marv. 
=" 2. Hainuel. 
* 3. Lavina. 
I 4. Caroline. 
i o. Benjamin. 


g- 6. Phebe. 

f By his 2iid wife, Sarah Gillam, he had no children. 


% FIUMA BADGLEY, (4th child of Samuel Badgley,) and Ezekiel 
■^ Clark, lived in Weslfield, and had children : 

1. Maria Clark, who married Joseph P. Hays. 

2. Silas Clark, married Lucrclia Haines. 

3. Eliza Clark, married John Heaton. 

4. Anne Clark, married Jesse Heaton, brother of John. 

5. Sarah Clark, married James Apens. 

C. William Clark, married Ant)e I'ink, of Brooklyn. 

7. Charlotte Clark, married Elias Anglcnnan. 

8. Samuel Clark. 

9. Charles Clark. 

JACOB K. BADGLEY. (»ih child of Samuel Badgley,) and 
Anne Brown, lived where his father <lid, and had children : 

1. Mcises, bnrn * Jannary, 1S33. 

2. (ieorg<' Brown, born HUh Aupust, 1835. 

3. Henry, born 2i3lli November, 1S37. 

4. John, born 14lh Juno, I MO. 

.5. Lydia Anne, born 20; h October, 1S42. 
0. Samuel. bornMh March. 1845. 

7. Crook Vnncleve, born 15th June, 1847. 

8. Mary, born 2nd June, 1S49, 



ABNER BAILKY was a liattcr. Ho came from Ooiinoclicut, and 
bought a house and a siimil irad of laud of Jeremiah Clark, and 
livtd on it, (wheri the widow Polly Day now lives.) He married, 1st, 
Margret, — she died loth .March, 1793, and he married, 2nd, the 
widiiW Sarah. — a sister of Philip Cochran, of New York. Mr. 
Bailtv died January, 10, ISIO, without chililron, and his widow 
iSarah, married, *2:ird September, ISII, Thomas ilaldwin, son of 
Nathan, of Union, as her >• r- .i;! luisbanJ ; lie iliid by accidentally 
fMllin^ from a wagon. (> /i,) and she died April 18lh, 

isn.'i. ;i-. i! 72 \e:ii.s. M.. it no \u\\>. in Mew Jersey. 


JONATHAN r.AlLKY lived at New Vernon, Morris County. 
He married Rachel 0.>born, daughter of John Osborn, Sen., and 
had one son, Samuel, who lived in Passaic Valley, where Benjamin 
Hand now lives, [Str O^boiJi.^ 

Samuel Br by. married Sally Tappen. daughter of James 
Taj)pen, \Ste J),i'nha:n.\ He was aCapinin of the Militia, and died 
May, 1824, aged .')2 years. They had rhildren : 

1. Jonathan, who married Abigail Beach, daughter of John 

'- Beach. 

f 2. Samuel married Mary Lindsley, daughter of Joseph Lindsley, 

i' son of .Major Lindsley, of Niorrisiown. 

5 3. Ksther married. Gih July, I S20. Squire Manning, son of James, 
son of Isaac .Manning, of IMainfu-ld, and had an only daughter, 
Sarah, who married William T. Brokaw, son of Cornelius, of 
IMaintield. .Mrs. Rslher Manning died September. 1840, and Mr. 
Manning married Mary Stevens, tiaugluer of John Stevens, of New- 
foundland, New Jersey, and died 19lh December, ISoO. 

JONATH.VN I5A1LHV, son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and 
Abigail Beach, lived in Newark, and had chihlren : 
i_ 1. Silas, who married Mary Haddon, daughter of Benjamin 
~^^ Haddon. of New York, and had children : 1 . Theodore. 2. Reynolds. 
= 2. Henry, who married, 21th December, 18.50, Elizabeth A. 
3 Reuck, of Newark. 


3 • 

SAMUEL BAH.FV. .Inn., son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and 
Mary Lindsley, lived in Morristown, and had children ; 

1. Williiim Francis. 

2. Sarah Kirlland. 

3. George Edgar. 

4. Theodore Frelinghuysen. 

SARAH MANNING, (daughter of Squire Manning,) and 
William T. Brokaw, had children: 

1. Joel Terry Brokaw, born 1 Ith December, 1845. 

2. George Brokaw, born 201h May, 1849 




THOMAS BAKER emigrated from England, and settled on 
Long Island, and from thence he removed to Connecticut Farms, 
(now Union,) and there died. 

THOMAS BAKER, Jun., his son, married Hannah Thompson, 
t sister of Thomas Thompson, on Rahway River, in Union, and 
? removed to Passaic Valley, in New Providence, and bought of 
I John Blanchard, of Elizabethtown, in March, 173S-9, 40 acres, 
I part of lot No. 50, — and in 1761 he bougiii of William Maxwell 
° lot No. 20, of 99 acres, lying west of Jacob Bedell's land, and 
bounded north by the river, and west by Johonis' Camp, afterwards 
owned by Richard Scudder. He also bought of Joseph Rolph and 
John Ocheltree lot No. 57, lying south of No. 50, and extending 
south to the Stony Hill Road, and sold part of lot No. 57 to Wil- 
liam Baker, and 35 acres, adjoining Jacob Bedell, to Jonathan 
Muiford, for his son Cornelius Mulford, who lived on it many yt ars, 
till he died. William Crane, wlio married the grand-daughter 
of Cornf lius Mulford, now lives on it. Peter Hill owns 4y acres, 
and John Liltell, the remaining 15 acres, of Lot No. 26. 

THOMAS BAKER, Junior, and Hannah Thompson, had chil- 
^ dren: 1st. Thomas Baker,:3d who murried, 19ih IVlarch,|17G'J, Hannah 
3 Howel. He married a 2d wife,(I have not learned her name.) He also 
I married for his 3d wife, January, 17h5, the widow, Martha Line, a 
S sister of Benjamin Bedell; his children are not known; he died March 
6th, 17S7. 

2. William Baker, who married Rachel Valentine, daughter of 
Richard Valentine. 

3. Daniel Baker, married, 2iih December, 1766, Abigail 
Hendricks, of Wcstfield, and died 15ih January, 1776. 

4. Nathan, who died April, 1788. 

5. Sarah married, 23rd July, 1769, William Liftell, ."on cf Andrew 
Littell. and went to Sussex, New Jersey, [.SVe Liltell.] 

6. Elizabeth married, 1st, William Maxwell, son of John Maxwell, 
Senior, [See Maxwell,] 2nd, Obadiah Valentine, son of Richard 
Valentine, {See Valentine^] 

^ WILLIAM BAKER, son of Thomas Baker, Junior, and Rachel 
Valentine, had children : 

1. Thomas, baptized 25th December, 1763. 
^ 2. Abner, baptized 21st, June, 1767. 
I 3. Jchn. 

I 4. Hannah, who died 29th January, 1784. 

• His living children went to Ohio, — and are not known here. He 
died 4th July, 1787. His widow died in April, 1790. 


DANIEL BAKER, son of Thomas Baker, Junior, and Abigial 
Hendricks, had children : 

1. Aaron, who married, 14th December, 1793, his cousin Hannah 
Maxwell, daughter of William Maxwell. 

2. Daniel Baker, Junior, who married in AVestern 

Pennsvlvania, and went to Ohio. 

3. Hannah, married Joseph Rulan, son of Abraham Rutan, of 
Long Hill, [See Rutan.] 

AARON BAKER, son of Daniel Baker, Senior, and Hannah 
Maxwell, removed to Dayton Ohio, and had children : 

1. Betsey, who married Moses Simpson, son of Alexander Simp- 
son, of Dayton, [See Simpson] 

2. David, married, 1st, Sophia Vancleve, daughter of Benjamin 
Vancleve, of Dayton; 2nd, Sophia Sourbray. 

3. Silas, who died a young man, uumarried, in New Providence, 
New Jersey. 

4. Zlna, also died a young man, unmarried. 

Aaron Baker, was a Justice of the Peace, in Dayton. His wife, 
Hannah, died December, 1818, and he married, 2nd, in Dayton, 
Mary Nolan, who died December, 1819, and he married, 3rd, Sally, 
widow of David Valentine, and daughter of Benjamin Day, Esq. 
She died 1833, and he married, 4tii, Eve Wright, formerly of New 
York. He had children only by his first wife. 

Noie. — I have not traced any blood kin between Thomas Baker, 1st, and Henry 
Bxker, 1st. 


HENRY BAKER, 1st, lived half a mile from W^cslfiold church, 
towards Springfield. He married Phebc Hedges, of Long Island. 
They had children : 
e 1. Daniel, 1st, born 3rd June, 1753. and died 2nd September, 

178S. He married Margaret Osborn, born 14th July, 1760. 

i 2. WMlliam, who married Jemima Woodruff, daughter of Thomas 

1 Woodruff, Esq. 

3. Jonathan, I. married, 1st, Keziah Clark ; 2nd, Charity Clark, 
sisters, daughters of Jesse Clark, Esq. 

4. Jeremiah, married, 4th March, 1798, Mary King. They lived 
at Dover, Morris county. He was born 28ih August, 1770. She 
was born 9th June, 1778." 

5. Phcbe married Ziba Ludlow, of Berkshire Valley, Morris 

6. Henry, Jun. who married 


DANIEL BAKER, (1st child of Henry Baker, 1st,) and Margaret 
Osborn, had children : 
^ 1. MARY, born 2.5th June, 1780, and married Ezekiel De Camp, 
3 son of Moses and Sarah De Camp. 

i 2. Phebe Hedges, born 25ih September, 1782, — marriedJohD 
i Marsh, of Westfield. 


3. Margaret, born 14th April, 17S4, married William Brillon, of 
Mdison, Morris County, [^ee Britton.l 

4. David, born 11th 'june, 17S0, married Cynthia Eriggs, of 
Albany, and died 7th September, 1S32. 

5. Daniel, 2nd, who died, aged one and a half years. 

6. Elizabeth, born 2nd August, 17S9, married Abraham Brilton, 
brother of William, [See Britton.l 

7. Daniel, Junior, born 26th December, 1790. married. 

8. Hedges, born 12lh August, 1792, married Charlotte K. Crane, 
daughter of lienjaniin Crane, 3rd, and died in April, Ks31,astd 39 
years and 4 months. 

9. Prudence, born 12th April, 1794. and died 26th January, 
1823. She married Moses Lee, son of Tlioinas ; lived at Willow 
Grove, near Rahway. 

10. Cyrus, born 20th December, 1795, went to Darien, Georoja, 
and married Jane Eliza Donnely, and died there in l-"ebruary, 1831. 

11. Ilcnry, born ISlh December, 1797, married Mary Amie 
Radley, daughter of John Radley. 

12. Hannah, born 20lh March, 1800, married Ej)hraim Clark, 
(tanner.) of Westfield, as his 2nd wife. 

13. Elihu, born 3rd July, 1S02, married Joanna and Charlotte 
Carter, sisters, dauchlcrs of Lewis Carter, of .Madison, Morris Co. 
He lives in Middletown, Monmoulli county; is cashier of the 
bank there. 

11. I'^lecta, born 2^^111 September, 1S04. married. 1st. Aaron 
WoodriitT, son of Noah Wood ruff, had no children ; married, 2nd, 
Benjamin Crane, stitne-cutler, son of lienjaniin. Crane, 3rd; lives 
at Paterson, [Sec Crane] 

MARY RAKER, (1st child of Daniel Raker,) and Ezekiel Dc 
Camp, had children : 

I. Phebe De Canip, who married Mr. Hand, son of Elli.s. 

* 2. Hannah De Camp, who married Mr. Hand, brother 

n of Phebe' f» hnsband. 

I 3. David De Camp. 
I. 4. Hiram De (,'amp. 
-= 5. Walter De Camp. 

6. Hcrvy De Camp. 

7. John De Camp. 

8. Joseph De Camp. 

9. Marjjaret l)e Camp. 

10. Mary De Camp. 

II. Sarah Dc Camp. 

12. Moses De Camp. 

13. Job De Camp. 

PHEBE HEDGES BAKER, (id child of Daniel Baker,) and 
John Marsh, had children: 

1. Thomas Marsh. 

2. Mary Marsh. 

3. Anne Marsh, who married Mr. Covert, of Seneca Co., 

New lork. 



4. Margaret Marsh. 

5. Daniel Marsh. 

IIb:D(;i:.S baker, (Sth clilld of Daniel Baker,) and Charlotte 
J. K. Crane, liati cliiltlren : 

"■ 1. Maro-aret, who married Lansing Whitehead. 
! 2. Daniel, married Elizabeth Holt. 
I 3. John, 
i 4. Elizabeth. 

0. Francis. 

TRUDENCE BAKER, (9Ui child of Daniel Baker,) and Moses 

Lee, liad children : 

1. Mary Lee. 

2. Elizabeth Uritton Lee, who married I'hilip Miller. 

' CYRUS BAKER. (10th child of Daniel B*ker,) and Jane E. 
Donnely, had children : 

1. Daniel William. 

2, Cyrus Osborn, died io Daricn, Georgia. 

HENRY BAKRR, (llih child of Daniel Baker,) and Mary 
Anue Radley, had cliildiini; 

1. Courtland lladU-y, who married Caroline Van Pelt, who 
died, leaving a dauijliter abtiut two years old. 

2. David, who was killed by lightning, in Ohio, in 1847, aged 
24 years. 

3. Ehhu. 

4. Anne Martin married Amos Miller, son of Jacob Miller. 

5. Henry. 

HANNAH BAKER, (12th child of Daniel,) and Ephralm Clark, 
had children : 

1. Cyrus Osborn Clark. / Note. — Ephraim Clark, 

2. Daniel Clark. ( by his 1st wife, Phete, had 

3. Ptiobe Clark. A children; 

4. Margaret Clark. J 1. Edwin. 

5. Mary Britton Clark. j 2. James. 

6. Catherine Clark. J 3. Hcrvy„ 

7. Ephraim Newton Clark. f 4. Anue. 

ELIHU BAKER, (13th child of Daniel Baker,) and Joanna 
Carter, had children : 

1. Nancy Carter. 

2. William Morris. 

3. Lewis Carter. 

4. Alfred Britton. ♦ 

6, Margaret. And by his 2d wife, Charlotte Carter, had, 
6. Joanna. 



WILLIAM BAKER, (2d son of Henry Baker,) and Jemima 
Woodruff, had children : 
g 1. Henry, who married Hannah Ross, daughter of James Ross, 
f Esq. 
I 2. William, Jan., married Jane Thompson, daughter of Moses, 

son of Hezekiah Thompson. 

3. Nancy Woodrulf, who died at 15 years. 

4. Jeremiah, who died at 25 years, unmarried. 

5. Jacob married his cousin, Anna M-uria Britten, daughter of 
Colonel William Briiton, of Madison. 

6. Mary Hedges married Christopher Cor)', son of Benjamin. 

7. Phebe married Augustus V. H. Webb. 

HENRY BAKER, (1st child of William Baker,) and Hannah 

Ross, had children : 

^ 1. James Ross, who died September, 1820, aged about 12 years. 

^ 2. William T. married Elizabeth Anne Miller, daughter of 

S Abner Miller, and had children : 1st, Catherine, born 1S39 ; 2nd, 

1 Elizabeth. 

P 3. Sarah Eliza married William Radford, of New York, and had 
children: 1. William Henry Radford ; 2. James Radford; 3. 
Edwin Radford. 

4. James Ross, 2d, married Catherine Mundy, and had children : 
1st, Eliza Ran ford Ross. 

5. Phebe Webb, married John Squire, 3rd, a son of John Squire, 
Jun., and had a child, James Wade Squire. 

WILLIAM BAKER. Jun., (2d child of William Eaker,) and 
Jane Thompson, had children : 

1. Nancy Woodruff. 

2 Moses Thompson, who married Maria Pollard, of Parcipany, 
Morris County. 

3. William, 3d, married Anne Eliza Baker, daughter of Matthiaa 

4. James Augustus married Clarissa ■ 

5. Jeremiah married his cousin, Elizabeth Cebra Webb, daughter 
of Augustus V. H. Webb. 

6. Esther Anjoline married Thomas Hathaway. 

7. Mary married Benjamin Crane ; (not of the Westfield Cranes.) 

8. Aaron. 

9. Sarah Jane. 

10. Ferdinand. 

JACOB BAKER, (5th child of William Baker,) and Anna 
Maria Britton, had children : 

1. W'illiam. 

2. Margaretta. • 

3. James Hervy. 

Mr. Jacob Baker died. 


MARY H. BAKER, (6lh child of William Baker,) and Chris- 
topher Cory, live in Indiana, and had children : 
*. 1, William Cory. 
^ 2. James Richards Cory. 
I 3. Mary Cory. 


i' PHERE BAKER. (7th child of William Baker,) and Augustus 
V. II. Webb, had children : 

1. Elizabeth Cebra AVebb, who married her cousin, Jeremiah 
Baker, son of William Baker, Jun. 

2. Augustus? Webb. 

3. Mary Webb. 

4. William Henry Webb. 


JOXATILYN 1. BAKER, (3d son of Henry Baker, 1st) and 
Keziah Clark, had children : 
.^ 1. Charily, who married ^V^llliam Cory, son of Joseph Cory. 

^ 2. Gitty, married Job Clark, of Rahway. 

S 3. Jesse Clark, married Betsey Thompson, daughter of Hezekiah 

I Thompson. 

? 4. Harriet married John Squire, Jun., son of John Squier. 

5. Mary married Ezra Drake, as his 2d wife, son of Noah Drake. 

CHARITY BAKER, (daughter of Jonathan I. Baker,) and 
William Cory, had children : 

1. Hezekiah Cory, who died at 18 years. 
5- 2. Levi Cory. 
f 3. Margaret Cory. 
I 4. Mary Cory, who died at 18 years. 
f ."j. Abby Cory married Washington Pierson, son of Moses. 

6. Joseph Cory, who died at about 2 years. 

7. Jonathan Cory, who died at about 10 years. 

8. Sarah Cory. 

GITTY BAKER, (2d daughter of Jonathan I. Baker,) and Job 
Clark, had children ; 

1. Elizabeth Clark. 

2. Harriet Clark. 

3. Mary Clark. 

4. Martha Clark. 

5. Keziah Clark. 

JESSE C. BAKER, (3d child of Jonathan I. Baker,) died 
September, IS32. His wife, Betsey Thompson, died September, 
1840. They had children : 

1. Amelia, who married Dr.JohnWilliamson, of Union Township. 

2. Phebe married William Earl, son of Robert Earl, of Union. 

3. Jonathan. 

4. David. 

5. Elizabeth. 

24 llENRN liAKlik 

HARRIET BAKER, (4th cinai ui .iuiKuuaii 1. liuk.r.) and John 
Squier, Jun.. h:i'i children: 
*. I. Mary .Stjiiier, who married James Wade, son of James W. 
Q Wade, Hscj., of Union T»)vvn.ship. 

a 2. Julin Sqiiii-r, 3d, niurrird 1' • ' : 

I. Henry, son of William Hakcr, anu '\> -;:<;. 

? 3. Caleb S'jiiier. 

4. Hannah Si|uicr. 

5. Jonathan Hukcr Squicr. 

MARY BAKER. (5lh child of Jonathan I. Baker,) and E/ra 

Drake, had <liildri'n : 

1. Mrirv \y\Vn'r<< Prakc, 

2. I 

3. (. 


JEllKMlAll BAKER. (Hh child of Henry Baker,) and Mary 
Kinjr. had rhiidren : 

1. Andrtw, born 6th April, 1799, married Nancy Hurd, IGih 
^October. 1823. 

I 2. Hriiry. b.rn 20ih A " -^ >rried. 

I 3. i:,i/i:.. ih. ..r,, \- , .}, married, 2Slh De- 

8 cembrr. 1 -«J J. .' ' 

•1. Wiiiim 11 'ary, 1606, married, 13th June, 1848, 

Claris^n Dtll. 

5. Nincy W.. 1. Ill !?li'i Mnv. 1 ^09, marrird. 17th November, 
1836. Wiiliani ! 2d wife,) son of William 
Spencer, E'*<]., ui ,. .-,. ncer.] 

6. Mnry Kuig, burn 24ih AiJguM. 1&09, married, 2Gth June, 1934, 
Silas S. Palmer. 

7. Phebe. born 28th Novemhcr. 1815, married 26ih November, 
183S, J„hn Dehart, ■ 

8 Mar-aret, born . 1818, married, 20lh July, 1845, 

John Butter worth. 


ANDREW BAKER, (Isi child of Jeremiah Baker,) and Nancy 
Hard, had children : 
1. Jeremiah. 

$ 2. Emily, who married Hyram, and had a child, William 

n Henry. 

I 3. Adeline. 

|- 4. Adolphus. 

6. Henry. 

6. Anne Eliza. 

7. Nancy Louisa. 

ELIZABETH BAKER, (3d child of Jeremiah Baker.) and 
James B. Carle, had children : 
1. Mary Carle. 

UiljiRY BAK£R. 25 

2. Margaret Carle. 

*■ 3. June Carle. 

f 4. \V. •••.:lo. 

I 5. Jii 

I li. Frci. ;i- iv Carle. 

7. Sttliui Carle. 

h. Lucy Carle. • 

WILLIAM If. DAKKR, (4ih child of Jereiniali Baker,) and 
Clarissa Dt-ll, liaii 

MAllY K. IkVKKU, (Oili child of Jeremiah Baker,) aud Silas 
S. Palmer, liud children : 

1. Jeremiah Pulincr. 

2. Seely ralnur. 

3. Henry Palmer. 

PlIKiJK 11. nAKCll. (7ih chiUl ul Jcrcmuh U,ikcr.) and 
John Dehart. liad « hildrtu . 

1. Mary Jane l)cliart. 

2. John Dt-hart. 

3. Winfield Scot Uchart. 

MAU(JARP:T BAKEH. (Sih child ofJcrcmiah Baker,) and John 
Bullorworilj, hid rhiUlren : 
1. Hudson Bulterworlh. 

PHEBE BVKKR. (5th child of Henry Baker, 1st,) and Ziba 
Ludlow, had cliiidren : 

1. Mary Ludlow, who married Thomas Tone, and both diei'. 
V 2. Henry Ludlow. 
'r 3. Daniel Ludlow. 
3 4. Phebe Ludlow. 
I 6. Hedges Ludlow. 
6. Ziba Ludlow, Jun. 



JOHN BALDWIN, had children ; . 

1. Capt. Enos Baldwin, who lived in Livingston Township, and 

1 1st, Phebe Williams, and had three children. 
' 2n(l, Sarah Woodruff^ and three other children 

3rd, widow Phebe Tucker, by whom he had no children. 

4th, widow Prudence Mulford, and had no children : 

2. Nathan Baldwin, married Elizabeth, widow of Jerry Ball, and 
daughter of Jeremiah Hart, as his 2nd wife. By his 1st wife he 
had a son, Lewis, who married Anny Hart, his father's 2nd wife's 

3. Ezekiel Baldwin, who was father of Gabriel Baldwin. 

4. Molly Baldwin, who married Mr. Wade, of Union. 

5. Jemima Baldwin, married Colonel Samuel Potter, [See Potter.] 

6. Phebe Baldwin, married Mr. Ogden. 


CAPT. ENOS BALDWIN, (son of John Baldwin,) had children : 

L Phebe, who married Matthias Denman, of Springfield. 

2. Martha, married George Townley, son of Effingham. [See 

S Townley.] 

I 3. Esther, married Nicholas Parcels, on W, 0. Ridge, Springfield. 

§ 4. Samuel, married Lucy Fairchild. 

5. Sally, married David Brainard Dickerson, son of Philemon, 
\_/See Dickerson-I 

6. David, married Elizabeth Reeve, daughter of Captain Isaac 

7. A daughter who married James Morehouse, son of David, 
the 26lh November, 1788, and had a son, Baldwin, when she died, 
and Mr. Morehouse married Polly Potter, daughter of John Potter, 
of New Providence. [-See Potter.] 

PHEBE BALDWIN, (1st child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and 
Matthias Denman, lived in Springfield, and had children : 
^ 1. Sally Denman, who married William Parcel ; had no children. 

^ 2. Samuel Denman, lived and died in Philadelphia. 

S 3. Aaron Denman, married Mulford. 

E 4. Elizabeth Denman, married Colonel Abraham K. Wooley, son 
§ of Colonel Abraham Wooley, of Springfield. 

5. David Denman, married Miss Lyon, daughter of Elijah Lyon. 

6. Phebe Denman, married Oliver Wade, son of Jonas Wade, Esq. 

7. Mary Denman, married, 1st, Mr. Tenbrook ; 2nd, Charles 
At water. 

8. Charlotte Denman, married Pv.odney Wilber, Esq., of Newark. 

ESTHER BALDWIN, (3d child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) 
and Nicholas Parcel, had children : 

1. Mary Parcel, who married Nathaniel Squier, son of John, 
of Livingston. 

2. Smith Parcel married Miss Lewis, sister of Lawrence Lewis. 

3. Enos Parcel married Caty Smith, of Springfield. 


4. Patty Parcel married Stephen Edwards, of Livingston. 

rp ' S ^- Nicholas Parcel married Mary Anne Lyon. 

■ ( 6. Esther Parcel married Smith Denman, son of Jacob. 

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (4th child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) 
and Lucy Fairchild, had children: 

I. Sally W., who married Bern Foster. 
'' 2. Mary married William Brewster, son of John. 
1^ 3. Elizabeth married Abraham Cook, son of Epaphrus, of Liv 
i ingston. 
; 4. Rhoda. 

5. John married, 1st, Phebe Camel; 2d, Jane, the widow of Dr. 

6. Hannah married John Steinbreck. 

7. Matthias. 

8. Martha. 

9. Charlotte. 

DAVID BALDWIN, (6lh child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and 
Elizabeth Reeve, had children : 

i. Isaac, who married Mary Roll, daughter of Brooks Roll, 
[See Roll] 

2. Moses married Elizabeth Ball, daughter of Enoch Ball. 

3. Lydia married Jacob Morehouse, son of Benjamin, who was 
half brother of Enos Littell's wife. 

4. Aaron married Anna Gould, daughter of Samuel, of Cald- 

5. Nancy married, 1st, Zophar Canfield ; 2d, Andrew Ayers, son 
of Samuel, of Ulster county, New York. 

6. Enos, who died at 23 years, unmarried. 

7. Catherine married, 1st, Abraham French, son of Robert; 2, 
Andrew Miller Camp. 

C 8. William married Margaret Dean, daughter of 
J Daniel Dean, of Springfield. 
IwiNS. < Q^ jy|^|,y married William Littell, son of Enos;— 
t had no children. 

10. Abner married Hannah Day, daughter of Charles Thompson 
Day, son of Thaddeus. 

11. David married Elizabeth Carnes, of Pennsylvania, and went 
to Michigan. 

12. Harriet married Leander Tyson. 

ISAAC BALDWIN, (1st child of David Baldwin,) and Mary 
Roll, had children : 

1. Julia Anne, who married William Gouldy. 

2. Cornelia A. married Stephen M. Littell, son of Enos. [Sec 

3. James Augustus married Catherine Brown, of Newark. 

4. Elizabeth married Mr. Styer, in Ohio. 

5. Mary married Henry Anderson. 

6. Lydia. 


^ MOSES BALDWIN, ('id child of David Baldwin,) and Eliza- 
^ beth Ball, had children : 

S 1. John, who married Sabina Doty, daughter of Captain Aaron 
I Dcty. 

? 2. Joanna married Dennis Smith, of Newark. 
3. Hervy Dayton. 

LYDIA BALDWIN, (3d child of David,) and Jacob Morehouse, 
had children : 

1. Hervy Williams Morehouse, who married Julietta Baldwin. 

2. Aaron Baldwin Morehouse married Elizabeth Gould, daughter 
of Richard. 

3. William Sanford Morehouse married Mary Emily Davison. 

4. David Baldwin Morehouse. 

AARON BALDWIN, (4th child of David,)^and Anna Gould, 
lived in Newark, and had children : 

1. Harriet, who married Moses Searing. 
— 2. Lewis Broadwell married Amanda Ogden. 

3. Milton (is a Doctor,) married Aveline King; — lives in 

4. Martha Louisa married George Hall. 

NANCY BALDWIN, (5th child of David,) and Zophar Canfield, 
had children : 

1. Enos B. Canfield, who married Julia Costar^Benjamin, 

2. Jane Canfield, who died at 16 years ; and by her 2d husband, 
Andrew Ayers, had children : 

3. Catherine Victoria Ayers. 

4. Jane Ayers. 

CATHERINE BALDWIN, (7th child of David,) and Abraham 
French, had children : 

1. Abraham Morris French ; and by Andrew M. Camp, had 

2. Harriet Elizabeth Camp, who died at 4 years of age. 

WILLIAM BALDWIN, (8th child of David,) and Margaret 
Dean, had children : 
1. Jacob Henry. 

ABNER BALDWIN, (10th child of David,) and Hannah Day, 
kad children: 

1. Aaron, 

2. Mary Elizabeth. 
\ 3. Theodore. 

4. Charles Thompson. 

5. Lydia, who died at about 2 years. 

6. Abner, who died at about 2 years. 

7. James. 



DAVID BALDWIN, (Uth child of David,) and Elizabeth 
Games, had children: 1. Margaret: 2. Georae 'Martin ; 3. Sarah 

^ Anne ; 4. Charles; 5. Eiias Reeve ; 6. William. 


I HARRIET BALDWIN, ri2th child of David,) and Leander 
? Tyson, had children: 1. David Alexander Tvson; 2. Lewis 

Baldwin Tyson; 3. Mary Elizabeth Tyson ; 4. William Courllaad 



NATHAN BALDWIN, (2d son of John Baldwin, 1st,) had 

children : 

„ 1. Thomas married, 1st, ; 2d, 23d September, 1811, 

^ Elizabeth, the widow of Abher Bailey, 

5 2. Ethan. 

I 3. John. 

P 4. Ezra, who married Abigail Clark, daughter of Elder John 

Clark. ISae Clark.] 

EZRA BALDWIN, (son of Nathan,) and Abigail Clark, lived 

near Cheapside, and had children : 
I 1. Phebe, who married Joseph T. Hardy, and removed to Ohio, 
Q 4. Sally married Matthias Swaim. 
I 3. Stephen married Hannah Morehouse. 
|. 4. Esther married Ebenezer Morehouse. 
? 5. Abigail married Benjamin Morehouse, brother of Stephen's 


6. Mary married John Davison, son of John. 

7. Daniel married Catherine Meeker. 

STEPHEN BALDWIN, (3d child of Ezra,) and Hannah More^ 
house, had children : 
g 1. Phebe, who married Jacob Reeve, son of Elias. 

2. John Clark married Phebe Roff. 

1 3. Lewis married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas. 

I 4. Mary married Joseph Horton Reeve, brother of Phebe's 
" husband. 

5. Ezra married Martha Burtis, daughter of Abraham, of 

6. Abigail married Aaron Day, son of Joseph, son of Thaddeus. 

7. Hannah Maria. 

8. Lydia married Samuel Bailey, son of Samuel, of Springfield.- 

9. Sarah. 

JOHN CLARK BALDWIN, (2d child of Stephen,) and Phebe 
Rotl, had children : 
g 1. Emily Clark Baldwin. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin. 

1 3. Abby Maria Baldwin. 

|- 4. Stephen Clark Baldwin. 



GABRIEL BALDWIN, (son of Ezekiel,) removed from Con- 
necticut Farms to Longhill, North of New-Providence Church. 
He married Rachel Littell, daughter of John or Henry Littell. She 

died 30th October, 1794, aged 63 years. He died , aged 86 

years. They had children : 
g 1. Mary, who married Nehemiah Osborn. [See Osborn.^ 

2. Samuel /narried, 13th March, 1794, Johannah Squier, daugh- 

1 ter of Ellis Squier, went to Ohio, and had children : 1. Squier, who 
I married Sally Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of Dayton, Ohio ; 2. 
■ Amos married Miss Tucker, near Hamilton, Ohio, and died 

soon after ; 3. Surah married Uriah Sawyer, in Ohio, a Yankee. 

3. Susan married Nathan Halsey, of Parcipany, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Alfred Halsev; 2. John Halsey; 3. Albert Halsey, who died 
young ; 4. Nancy Halsey, who married Abner Bonnel, son of Icha- 
bod Bonnel, of Chatham; 6. Arabella Halsey married Joel Bonne), 
brother of Alva ; 6. Susan Halsey married, 1st, Bjchard Vaus ; 
2d, she married ; 7. Rachel Halsey, twin to Susan, mar- 

" ried Charles Pool, an Englishman, and had children : 1. Elizabeth 

f Pool, born 1st July, 184^ ; 2. John Halsey Pool ; 3. Dwight Pool. 

i 4. Nancv married Daniel S. Wood, Jun., son of Captain Daniel 

f S. Wood. ' [See fVood.^ 

5. David married two sisters, Phebe and Polly Brant, daughters 
of David Brant, and liy Phebe Brant had one child : 1. Ellis D., 
who married Jane Todd, daughter of William, son of James Todd, 
whose wife, Jane Martin, was daughter of Alexander Martin, of 
Longhill. And by Polly Brant had children: 2. Samuel, who married 
Mary Coddington, daughter of John Coddington, and grand-daugh- 
ter of Samuel Parsons ; 3. Asa married Emeline Wilkison, daugh- 
ter of Nathan Wilkison. 

ELLIS D. BALDWIN, (son of David, son of Gabriel,) and 
Jane Todd, had children : 

1. David. 

2. Catherine. 

3. John. 

4. Emily. 

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Mary Coddington, 

had children : 

1. Phebe. 

2. Sarah Anne. 

3. John. 

ASA BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Emeline Wilkison, had 
children : 

1. William. 

2. Caroline. 

3. David. 

4. Mary Elizabeth. 



EDWARD B.\LL lived in Newark — was Sheriff of the county 
of Essex in 1693. In 1678, Edward Ball and Daniel Dod were ap- 
pointed to run the Northern line of the town of Newark from Pas- 
saic River to the 3Iountain. He had a son, Thomas, and also a 
daughter, Abagail. She married Daniel Harrison, who died 1st 
December, 173S, aged 77 years. His son, Thomas Ball, had nine 

DAVID BALL, who lived in Rahway, had a son, Stephen 
Ball, who was spitefully hung by the British refugees at Bergen 
Point, 29lh January, 17S1, in consequence of his activity and 
daring as a partizan patriot, leaving a widow, two daughters, and a 
son, Ezekiel Ball, Jun., who removed to Middletown, Ohio, and 
was a Justice of the Peace, Judge of the Court, and Post-master 
there, many years. 

EZEKIEL B.\LL, Esq., of Middletown, Ohio, had children : 
M 1. Stephen, who was a Captain in the Militia, in 1805. 
^ 2. Abigail, who married Matthew Nichols. 

I 3. Polly married Abraham Squier, son of William, son of Ben- 
I. jamin Squier, of Westfield. 
.=' 4. Plannah. 

Among the nine sons of Thomas Ball, son of Edward, probably 

1. Timothy Ball, who lived in Rahway, and had a son, Stephen, 
and two daughters. 

2. Tusken Ball, of Middleville, who built Tusken Hall there. 

3. Nathaniel Ball, of Connecticut Farms. 

4. Dr. Stephen Ball, whose daughter was the wife of Hobart 
Littell, of Newark. 

5. Edward Ball, of Clinton, who married Esther Mulford, daugh- 
ter of Captain Jonathan Mulford, of New Providence. 

6. Joseph Ball, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of William 
Hand, of Livingston, [<See Hand,'] and whose daughter, Mary, 
married Robert Cauldwell, son of William Cauldvveli, of Passaic: 
Valley, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldivell-I 

NATHANIEL BALL lived at Connecticut Farms, near where 

the tavern is now kept, on the turnpike. He had 

children : 

1. Phebe, who married Jacob Jennings, of Passaic Valley, 
Morris County. \_See Jennings.'] 

2. Rhoda, who married Patrick Crilley, an Irishman, of Con- 
^ necticut Farms, now Union, and had children : \. John Crilley ;. 
^2. Moses Crilley; 3. Sarah; 4. Esther; 6. Martha Crilley; 6. 
I Betsey Crilley; 7. Elias Crilley ; 8. David Crilley. 

I 3. Rebecca married Mr. Loyd, of Camptown, now Clinton. 

3 4. James married Eusice Meeker, of Connecticut Farms. 



5. Salome married Solomon Line, of Sodom — went to Redstone, 

6. Estlier married John Mulford. son of Job. [See Job Mulford.^ 

7. Aaron mnrried, 1st, Pattv Wade, daugluer of Captain Henry 
Wade, of Union ; 2d, Hannah" Willis, daughter of Nathaniel, of 

8. Nehemiah married Esther Sallee, sister of John Sallee, and 
had children: 1. Betsey; 2. Elihu; 3. Nathaniel; 4. Puah and 
Esther, twins; 6. Sineas; 7. James. 

9. Pauh married John Sallee, and removed to Trenton, Ohio. 

10. Davis married Miss Hetfield. 

11. Eunice, married Doct. Wats Bonnel, of Union.- 

JAMES BALL, (4th child of Nathaniel,) and Eunice Meeker, 
had children : 
; 1. Rhoda, who married Jacob Stookey, and had chidren : 1. 
Stephen, who died at about 16 years ; 2. Eunice ; who married — ■ — 

„ ; 3 David, marrried, 1st, Betsey Howard; 2. Sophia Rittenhouse; 

I 4. Abby, who went to New-York, and married there. 5. Aaron 
? Stookey, who married and lived in New- York. 

2. David, who married Abby Wade, daughter of Caleb Wade, and 
lived at the Turnpike gate, in Union, and had children: 

1. Eliza, who married Jotham Brown, son of Henry, and died 
leaving three children: 1. James Brown, 2. Abby Brown, 3. Caleb 

2. Jane, married John Potter, son of Benjamin son of John, [See 


3. Phebe, married .John Burnet, son of Daniel, son of Matthias 
Burnet, and had children : 1. Anna Burnet, 2. Caroline Burnet. 

4. James, married Jane Burnet, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Burnet, 
and had children: 1. William Merton Boll. 

5. Samuel, married Caroline Willcox, doughter of Noah Willcox, 
6on of Noah, and had children : 1. Emma Ball. 

AARON BALL, Esq., (6th child of Nathaniel,) and Patty Wade, 
had children : 

1. Polly, who married Abner Meeker. 

2. Aaron, married, 1. Betsey Willcox, son of John Willcox, 2. 
Betsey Woodruff. 

3. Henry, married, 1st, Hannah Conklin, daughter of Benjamin 
Conklin, of Union; 2nd, Sarah Mullock, daughter of William, of 
Mount Hope, Orange county, New-York. 

4. Phebe married John Hallock, Jun., son of John, of Orang^e 
county, New-York: He was Judge of the County Court, and mem- 
ber of Congress. By his 2d wife, Hannah Willis, Aaron Ball, 
Esq., had children : 

6. Harriet, who married Stephen Bonnel, son of Abraham, of 

6. Nancy married Joseph Shotwell. Live in Rahway. 

7. John, Avho went to Mexico when a young man, and married 
there, and had two children, and died there in June, 1S45. 

AARON BALL, Esq. 33 

POLLY BALL, (1st child of Aaron, Ball, Esq.,) and Abner 
Meeker, had children : 
g 1. Martha Meeker, who married Turner Frazee, son of George, 
o of Westfield. 
p 2. Rachel Meeker, married James Ireland, an Englishman. 

3. Aaron Ball Meeker, married Hannah Frazee. sister of Turner, 
? and had children: 1. Anne Judson Meeker; 2. George D. Board- 
er man Meeker ; 3. Harriet Newel Meeker. 

g 4. Mary Meeker, married William Woodruff, of Elizabethtown. 
|- 5. Henry Wade Meeker, married Julia Clendenen, daughter of 

6. Obed Meeker, married . 

7. Ezekiel Meeker, married . 

8. Henry Meeker, married . 

Note. — Abner Sleeker, and all his children, except Aaron Ball Meeker, re- 
moved to Ohio, and lived in the viciniiy of Franklin, Warren count)'. 

MAJOR AARON BALL, (2d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) lived 
at Westfield, and by his first wife, Betsey Willcox, had an only 
child, Henry, who married Betsey Woodruff, daughter of Asa, of 

HENRY BALL, (3d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) is a Baptist 
Minister, — lives in Sussex county, and by his 1st wife, Hannah 

S> Conklin, had four children : 1. Newton ; 2. Newton, 2d ; 3. Mary; 

{j5 4. William Vanhorn, who all died, and his wife died. 

I By his 2nd wife, Sarah, Rev. Henry Ball had children : 5. 

I Thomas Jeflerson, who also died young ; 6. John ; 7. Clarissa 

? Jane; 8. Elizabeth; 9. Hannah, who died young; 10. Harriet; 
11. Julia; 12. Phebe ; 13. Martha. 

PHEBE BALL, (4th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and John 
Hallock, Esq., had children : 

1. Dewitt Hallock; 2. Charlotte Hallock; 3. Sanford Hallock. 

HARRIET BALL, (5th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,)'and Stephen 
Bonnel, had children: 

1. Eliza Bonnel, who married J. A, Wood; — live in Jefferson 
County, New York; 2. John Bonnel; 3. Julia Bonnel; 4. William 
Henry Bonnel. 

NANCY BALL, (6th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and Joseph 
Shotwell, live in Rahway, and had children: 

1. Gustavus Shotwell ; 2. Harriet Shotwell ; 3. Henry Shotwell ; 
4. John Shotwell. 


TIMOTHY BALL, (probably one of the nine sons of Thomas) 
married and had children : 

g 1. John, who married, 1st, Miss Crane, and had chil- 

n dren : 1. Calvin: 2. Luther; 3. Rachel. John married, 2d, 

? Miss Fairchild, and had other children : 4. John ; 5. David ; 6. 

Daniel ; 7. Uzel. 


34 AARON BALL, Esq. 

2. Uzel Ball, son of Timothy, married Abigail Burnet ■ ■ , 

and had children : 
t;, 1. Enoch, who married Joanna Lyon, daughter of Daniel. 
^ 2. Jonathan" married Phebe Headley, daughter of Gary, and had 
I an only son, Uzel. 

E 3. Noah married Fanny Edwards, daughter of Aaron. 
p 4. Lafayette married Phebe Parker, daughter of Joseph, and 

had an only son, Andrew. 

5. Rachel married James Hogan, and had children, Ira and 
Rachel Hogan. 

6. Rhoda married William Johnson. 

7. Mariah married Daniel Parker, brother of Phebe. 

ENOCH BALL, (son of Uzel,) and Abigail Burnet, had chil- 
& 1. Calvin, who died at 21 years, unmarried. 
« 2. Abby, who married Josiah Durand, son of Briant. 
s 3. Betsey married Moses Baldwin. 

? 4. Jonathan married, 1st, Jane Condit, daughter of Jared : 2d, 
■ Peery Stevenson. 

5. Mahala married John Gildersleeve, son of Joseph. 

6. Randolph married Hannah Stevenson. 

7. Mary married William Hollinn, son of Jacob. 

NOAH BALL, (son of Uzel, son of Timothy Ball,) and Fanny 
Edwards, had children : 

1. Charles, who married Emeline Hand, and had children: 1. 
Henrietta; 2. Thomas; 3. Fanny Jane; 4. Juliette; 5. Salina ; 
6. Susan ; 7. Theodore ; 8. Noah ; 9. Catherine. 

2. Susan married Albert R. Meeker. 

3. Mariah married Thomas A. Reeve, son of Walter S. Reeve. 

4. Marcus Lafayette married Pamela Durand, daughter of 

5. Jane married Nathaniel Burt. 

6. Daniel Freeman married Catherine Alexander, daughter of 

7. Caroline married James S. Brady. 

8. Harriet. 

9. Emeline married John Gardner, son of Daniel. 

RHODA BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and William Johnson, 
had children : 
f 1. Hervy Johnson; 2. Susan Johnson; 3. Mariah Johnson; 
« 4. Eliza Johnson; 5. Alexander Johnson; 6. Alonzo Johnson; 
I 7. Charles Johnson ; 8. Jephtha Johnson. 



^ MARIAH BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and Daniel Parker, had 
children: 1. Uzel Parker ; 2. Caroline Parker ; 3. Abby Parker; 
4. Mary Anne Parker; 5. Harriet Parker , 6. Daniel Parker ; 7. 
Joseph Parker ; 8. Almira Parker ; 9. Albert Parker. 



SAMUEL BEACH lived near JefFersonville, in Union Town- 
ship. Married , and had children : 

S 1. David, who married , and removed to the Lakes, N. Y. 

1^ ^v 2. John married Jerusha Bunnel, daughter of David Bunnel, 

3 (whose wife was Elizabeth Jones, of Union.) 

f 3. Ebenezer married in Washington City, and settled in New 
York, and had children: I. Maria; 2. James; 3. Joanna; 4. 

4. Susan married Isaac Miller, of New Vernon, and had chil- 
dren: 1. Mary, who mauied Farrand Cochran, of New Vernon; 
2. Betsey married Isaac R-iggs ; 3. Isaac ; 4. Phebe. 

5. Elias married Hannah Headley, of Union, and removed to the 

6. Samuel married in Washington, settled in New York, and 
died there. Had children: 1. Susan; 2. Eliza; 3. Julia; 4. 
Harriet; 5. Patty. 

7. Hannah married Stephen Harris, and went to Redstone, Penn. 

8. Patty married Mr. Evarts. 

9. Phebe married David Dean, of Springfield, and had children : 
S 1. Elias Dean, who married his cousin, Hannah Dean, daughter 

of Jacob, above Springfield. ^yr-C^-^ ^ 

1 2. Jerusha Dean married Smith Lyon. J L-o0^.7tlJ''l. 

|- 3. Hannah Dean married Joseph Smith, son of William, son of 
° Walter, of Springfield. 

4. Aaron Dean married Abby Crane, daughter of Samuel Crane, 
of Springfield. 

5. Isaac Dean married , of Newark. 

6. Harriet Dean married John Smith, son of William, son 
Walter Smith. 

7. John Dean married Crane, only daughter of David Crane, 

Esq., of Newark. 

JOHN BEACH, (2nd son of Samuel Beach,) and Jerusha 
Bunnel, lived on Stony Hill, south of Thomas O. Scudder's, and 
subsequently removed to Springfield. He was born 12th May, 1757. 
She was born I7th January, 1764. They had children : 

1. James, born 7th March, 1782, and married, 1st, Ann 
McGinnis, of Newark; 2d. Catherine Allen, of Newark. He then 
removed to Lexington, Kentucky ,and married there, 3d, Betsey 
Ellis ; 4. Mildred Garniss, cousin of Joseph's 2d wife. 

2. Joanna, born r2th February, 1784, and died in infancy. 

-^3. Susan, born 15th May, 178.5, who married Jacob G. Broad- 
well, son of Hezekiah. [See BroadwelL] 

4. William, born 7th August, 1787, married Susan Sovercool ; 
lives in Newton, Sussex county. 

5. Joseph, born 15ih April, 1790, married, 6th October, 1814, 
1st, Rebecca Hoaglin, daughter of Martin Hoaglin. She was 
born 29th June, 1795, in Kentucky — she died 17th February, 

36 JOHN BEACH, (2d son of Samuel Beach.) 

1821, He married, 2d, the widow Catherine Wallace, 29th Sept. 

1822, daughter of Thomas Garniss, of New York. She v/as born 
25th April, 1790, was cousin of James' 4th wife. 

6. Jabez, born 22d June, 1792, married Maria Tillou, daughter 
of JohnTillou. 

7. Samuel, born 3d January, 1795, married, 1st, Phebe Mitchel; 
2d, Elizabeth Van Pelt, in Kentucky; 3d, in Kentucky. 

S. John, born 12th August, 1797, married, 1st, Mary McCollum ; 
2d, Abigail McCollum, sisters, daughters of Aaron McCollum, of 
Sussex, near Newton. His 2d wife died 2d February, 1850, 
without children. 

9. Abigail, born 18th May, ISOO, married Jonathan, son of 
Capt. Samuel Bailey. [See Bailey.^ 

JAMES BEACH, (son of John) by his 1st wife, Anne, had 
seven sons — all died young but one, William, who married his 
cousin, Eliza J. Broadwell, daughter of Jacob G. Broadwell. By 
his 2d wife, 3 children ; but one living. 2. Elisha married Elizabeth 
Winters, of Newton. By his 3d wife, two living — 3. Thomas, 4. 
Lucy. By his 4th wife, Mildred, one — 5. Joseph. 

WILLIAM BEACH, (4 th child of John Beach,) and Susan Sover- 
cool, had children : 

*. 1. Anne Margaret Sovercool, who married Thomas H. Shafer, 

^ son of Isaac Shafer, of Newton, and had children ; 1. Louisa Anne 

S Shafer ; 2. Susan Elizabeth Beach Shafer. 

I 2. Alfred. 

? 3. Hannah married John H. Lyon, son of Stephen Lyon, of 
Basking Ridge, and had children: 1. Emma Louisa Lyon — died 
at two or three years ; 2. Anna Lyon ; 3. William James Lyon. 

WILLIAM MELANCTON BEACH, (4th son of William, 
son of John,) married Catherine Roy, son of Stephen, of Sussex, 
g and had children : 1. Sarah Lucilla, 
^ 5. John Sovercool, who went to St. Louis, Missouri.' 
S 6. Jacob Coursen. 
I. 7. Joseph Greer. 

JOSEPH BEACH, (5th child of John Beach,) and his 1st wife, 
Rebecca Hoaglin, had children : 

1. Joan H., born 25th July, 1815, and died 13th Feb. 1817. 

2. Mary Evelina, born 11th August, 1817, and died 13th May, 

3. James Martin, born 2d August, 1819, married Malinda 
Slitfield, and had a son, Joseph, born 8th February, 1841. And by 
his 2d wife, Catherine, had children : 

4. Lillis Ferrier, born llth February, 1824, and died 25th 
February, 1824. 

5. Thos. Garniss, born 16lh Aug. 1825— died 25th Aug., 1826. 

6. Thomas Garniss, 2d, born 12th December, 1827, died 14th 
October, 1829. 

7. Catherine Garniss, born 16th January, 1829, died 16th 
August, 1829. 


JABEZ BEACH, (6th child of John Beach,) and Maria Tillou, 
had children : 

1. Harriet; 2. Caroline ; 3. Mary; 4. Jerusha; 5. Mariah Catherine. 

SAMUEL BEACH, (7th child of John Beach,) and Phebe 

Mitchell, his 2d wife, had children : 

1. John WiUiam ; 2. Margaret Jerusha. 

JOHN BEACH, (8th child of John, son of Samuel,) and Mary 
McCollom, had children : 

1. Sylvester, who married Mary Catherine Havens, of Marks- 
borough, and went to Illinois. 

2. Ithamar married Mary Elizabeth Bross, daughter of Peter 
Bross, of Hamburg, Sussex Co., and had a child, Jerusha Anne. 


The father of the Bebout family came from Holland, and married 
Mary Miller, sister of the Rev. Benjamin Miller, Baptist minister 
at Scotch Plains. They had two sons, John and Peter. 

John lived near Vealtown, in Somerset County, and early re- 
moved to the west. 

PETER BEBOUT married, December 1st, 1767, Sarah Jewel, 
and had a son, Ebenzer, who also removed to the west. 

Peter Bebout, married, 2d, Sarah Darling, half-sister of William 
Parrot, Sen., and had other children : 
I 2. Peter Bebout, Jun. 

n 3, William married, 1st, Martha Tingley; 2d. Hannah Ogden, 
I of Hanover, Morris county. 
5- 4. Christian, who died at about 18 years of age. 

5. Abigail married Isaac Potter, son of Colonel Samuel. [iSec 

6. Mary married John Osborn, son of John Osborn. [See 

7. Martha married, 12th November, 17S6, 1st, John Bedell, son 
of Jacob, \_See BedelW\ 2d, Luther Jones. [See Jones,'\ 

8. Lewis, who died at about 15 years. 

9. Stephen married Sally Cory, daughter of Elder Daniel Cory. 

10. Nancy married, ist, Simeon Dunn: 2d, Elisha Coriell, by 
Green Brook. 

Peter Bebout, Sen., died I3th January, or 23d August, 1784; 
the statements differ. 

William Bebout died 20th February, 1S20, aged 70 years. 

His widow, Hannah, died 5th September, 1828, aged 72 year.t. 

John Bedell (husb and of Martha) died 1st June, 17S8. 

Martha died 18th May, 1847, aged 80 years, 

Stephen died , 

Sally, v/ife of Stephen, died 5th July, 1843. 

The family has lived on the north side of Long Hill, now nearly 
a century. 


WILLIAM BEBOUT, (3d son of Peter Bebout,) by his first wife 
had no children. By his 2d wife, Hannah, he had one daughter, 
Sally, who married Joseph Crane, son of Joseph. [See Crane.'] 

STEPHEN BEBOUT, (8th child of Peter,) and Sally Cory, 
had children : 
I 1. Peter, who married Abigail Potter, daughter of Samuel, son 

of Caleb Potter. 

1 2. Israel, born 30th October, 1799, married, 4th June, 1843, 
I Mary Crane, daughter of Norris. 

3. Daniel Cory, who died a young man. 

4. Julia married Benjamin Crane, son of Norris. [See Crane.] 

5. Sineus married Louisa Mundy, of Bridgetown ; lives at Plain- 

6. William married Phebe Anne Martin, daughter of Richard, 
of Plainfield. 

7. Susan. 

PETER BEBOUT, (1st son of Stephen Bebout,) and Abigail 
Potter, had children : 
s- 1. Joel Thompson ; 2. Elizabeth Potter; 3. Mary Potter. 
f Peter's wife, Abigail, died 22d October, 1847, aged 49^ years. 

I ISRAEL BEBOUT, (2d son of Stephen Bebout,) and Mary 
Crane, had children : 

1. Helen Todd. 

SINEUS BEBOUT, (5th child of Stephen,) and Louisa Mundy, 
had children : 

1. Sydney; 2. Sarah; 3. Sylvester; 4. Emma Louisa; 5. 

WILLIAM BEBOUT, (6th child of Stephen,) had children: 1. 
Almira ; 2. Martha. 



BENJA.MIN BEDELL, lived in the house where Capt. Abner 
Stites, lately lived, and kept a tavern there in the time of the 
Revolutionary War. 

He married Sarah Herriman, of Elizabethtown, and had chil- 
dren : 

S 1, Mary, who was baptized 19th August, 1764. 

I 2. Benjamin, baptized 27th December, 1769, and both died 

I young. 

§■ 3. Nathan, who married Ruth Morrell, daughter of Robert 

4. Susannah married, Ist, Jonathan Elmer, son of Rev. Jonathan 
Elmer; 2d. James Hedges, I3th April, 1788, son of Uriah Hedges, 
Jun. ; 3. Daniel Cochran, of Green Village. 

5. Timothy married, 2d March, 1789, Chloe Hedges, daughter 
of Uriah Hedges, Jun. 

6. Abigail, who was blind — she died at Basking Ridge in 1846, 

Benjamin Bedell, sold his farm in New Providence to Capt. 
Abner Stites, and bought another at Basking Ridge, but died 13th 
December, 1793, before removing there. 

In the spring of 1794, the family removed to Basking Ridge. 
Timothy subsequently sold the farm, and removed to western 
Pennsylvania, and the widow and her daughter, Abigail, lived and 
died at Basking Ridge. 

Nathan Bedell die'd 1st December, 1793. 

Susannah Cochran died 7th October, 1822, aged 63 years. 

Timothy's wife, Chloe, died 3d August, 1793, aged 22 years. 

• NATHAN BEDELL, (son of Benjamin Bedell,) and Ruth 
Morrell, had children : 
g 1. Sarah, who married Stephen Sutton, son of Uriah, of Bask- 
I ing Ridge. 

i 2. Benjamin married on Long Island, and had a son, John. 
5- 3. Mary, who died unmarried, 

4. Robert Morrell married Keziah Goble, daughter of Timothy 
Goble, of Jockey Hollow^ 

5. James Harper married Nancy Allen, daughter of Zachariah, 
of Scotch Plains. 

6. Betsey married Gould Silliman, of Long Island. 

SARAH BEDELL, (daughter of Nathan,) and Stephen Sutton, 
had children : 
5- 1. Catherine Sutton, who married Pierson Howel, who lives in 
f Newark. 

I 2. Ruth Sutton married, 1st, Benjamin Cook. 2d. Pierson 
I' Howel, above-named, as his 2d wife. 

3. Eliza Sutton married. 

4. Uriah Sutton. 


ROBERT M. BEDELL, (son of Nathan,) and Keziah Goble, 
lived at Basking Ridge, and had children: 

1. Sarah, who married Lawrence Blue, of Somerville, and had 
a daughter, Harriet Blue. 

2. William, who died at 14 years of age. 

3. Betsey married Amos Mclntire, and had children : L Harriet; 
2, Jane ; 3. Eliza ; 4. Sarah Mclntire. 

4. Hervy, who died at 16 years of age. 

5. Jane married William Strang, on Staten Island, and have 
children: 1. Robert Strang, and others. 

6. Robert Finley. 

7. Rebecca married James Cross ; — live in Brooklyn. 

8. Flarriet married, 18th January, 1850, Winant B. Morrell, of 

9. Ruth. 

Robert M. Bedell's wife, Kefeiah, died, and he married a 2d 
wife, and Uves in Brooklyn. 

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (4th child of Benjamin,) and Jonathan 
Elmer, had an only child : 
g L Philemon Elmer, who married, 1. Nancy Potter, daughter of 
55 Isaac; 2. Catherine Jones. And by her 2d husband, (James Hedges,) 
S had children : 

|. 2. Mary, who married Daniel Frost, of Green Village. 
•" 3. Sarah, married Thomas Kinnan, son of Thomas. 

5. Margaret married John Sturges, of Green Village. 

JMARY HEDGES, (daughter of James,) and^Daniel Frost, had 

children : 

1. Jedediahj Sherred Frost, who married Eliza Jane Bruen, 

daughter of Benjamin Bruen, of Madison, and had children : 
* 1. Charles Bruen Frost; 2. Francis Caroline Frost ; 3. Hervy 
I Benjamin Frost ; 4. Eliza Josephine Frost. 
I 2. William Frost. 
f 3. Ezekiel Frost, who died a young man, unmarried. 

4. Hannah Frost, who married Isaac S. Miller, son of Isaac, of 
g New Vernon, and had children: 1. Mahlon M. Miller; 2. Phebe 
I Crowel Miller ; 3. Susan Miller ; 4. Luke Sturges Miller ; 5. Mary 
I Jane Miller. 
|- 5. Hervy Frost. 

6. Charles Frost. 

7. Jane Frost, who married Nicholas Johnston, in Ohio. 

Note. — William, Hervy, Charles, aud Jane Frost, went to Ohio, and 
married there. Their mother went with them, and also married there. 

Note.— I know of no connection between Benjamin Bedell, and John Bedell. 



JOHN BEDELL, Sen., had a son, John Bedell, Jun., who was 
an Elder in the church, in Turkey. He lived where Isaac 
Crane now does, in Morris county, and owned lOO acres of land, No. 
24, (Addition) of the Elizabethtown Survey, and also 114 acres, No. 
20, (Addition) lying North in the next tier of lots, extending into the 
Great Swamp. 

There was also an Elder Jacob Bedell. 

ELDER JOHN BEDELL, married Susannah, Valentine, and had 
g children : 

1. Jacob, who married Eleanor, or Aula, Powers, and was also 

1 an Elder in the church. 

I 2. William, married Esther Littell, daughter of David, Sen. 
^ 3. Martha, married Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill. 

4. Susannah, 

5. Mary, married Henry Gray. 

Old Mis Bedell, widow of Elder Jacob Bedell, died 9th Sep- 
tember, 1773, 

John Bedell Sen., died 2d January, 176S. 

Elder John Bedell, died December, 1763. 

Jacob Bedell, son of Elder John, died 16th June, 1777, aged 
51 years ; his widow, Aula, married Capt. Jonathan Mulford, and 
died about 1803. 

JACOB BEDELL, inherited half the above named Lots, Nos. 
24 and 20,and owned also 120 acres in Essex county, on the opposite 
side of the River, 100 acres of which is still owned and occupied 
by his grand-daughter, Catherine, the wife of Philemon Elmer, son 
of Jonathan. 

JACOB BEDELL, and Eleanor Powers, had children : 
s- 1. Eleanor, who married Samuel Rutan, son of Abraham, [See 
^ Rutan.] 

I 2. Abraham, married Polly Osborn, daughter of John, Sen. 
I 3. John, 3d, married Martha Bebout, daughter of Peter, Sen, 

ABRAHAM BEDELL, (1st son of Jacob Bedell,) sold out his 
lands here, and removed, in April, 1800, with John Maxwell, and 
William Littell, to Sussex county. 

Abraham Bedell, and his wife, Polly Osborn, had children : 

c. 1. Betsey, who died young. 

^ 2. Sally, who married, 25th December, 1797, Lewis Meeker, of 

I Union ; went to Seneca county, New-York. 

I 3. Locky, married Henry Crampton, and went to Ohio. 

? 4. Caty, married John Meeker Littell, son of William, above 

5. Jacob, married ; lives Newark. 

6. John, married Abby Campfield, of Newark; was drowned in 
the North River. 

42 JACOB BEDELL, (Son of John, Jnn.) 

7. Abraham, married Sally Edwards, lived in Newark. 

8. William married Mary Mackerley, of Sussex, and had a child. 
1. Abraham Howel. 

SALLY BEDELL,(lst daughter of Abraham, )and Lewis Meeker 
had children : 

1. Abraham Meeker. 

^ 2. John Meeker, who died at about 22 years, unmarried. 

2 3. Jacob Meeker, married. 

1 4. Clarissa Meeker. 
? 5. Jane Meeker. 

6. Rhoda Meeker. 

7. Matilda Meeker. 

8. Emeline Meeker. 

JOHN BEDELL, son of Jacob, inherited his father's farm of 120 

acres, in Essex county. He and his wife, Martha, had but one 

daughter, Catherine, born 4th December,' 1787, and married in 

June, 1806, Erastus Jones, son of Luther Jones, from Connecticut. 

g Her father died 1st June, 1788, aged 24 years, and she inherited 

the farm, except about 20 acres, which her father sold to Nathaniel 

1 Littell, Esq. 

I Catherine Bedell, and Erastus Jones, had several daughters, who 
•'' all died young except one, Mary Mulford Jones, who married Isaac 
L. Willcox, and had children: 

1. Caroline Jones Willcox. 

2. Erastus Jones Willcox. 


WILLIAM BEDELL, (son of John, Jun.) inherited the half of 
the before named lots, 24 and 20, and lived where his father did. He 
and his wife Esther Littell, had children : 
^ 1. Susannah, who married Jonathan Davis. 

2. Phebe, married, 1st, Charles Johnson, sonofUzel Johnson, on 

1 Longhill, [See Joh7ison ;] 2d, Caleb Mulford, son of Job Mulford; 
|- [See Job Mulford.] 

3. Lydia, married, 7th August, 1787, Elijah Davis, brother of 
Susannah's husband. 

4. Mary, married, 13th March, 1785, Daniel Hole, son of Charles, 
as his 2d wife. 

5. James, married, 5th October, 1791, Nancy Oaklej, sister of 
Polly, wife of John Abel. 

William Bedell, sold out his lands in October, 1792, to his brother- 
in-law, Nathaniel Littell, and with his son-in-law, and son, and their 
families, removed to a section of land that he purchased for $250, 
of Daniel Thompson, between the two Miami Rivers, in Warren 
county, Ohio, where they all settled. 

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (1st child of William,) and Jonathan 
Davis, had children : 

JACOB BEDELL, (Son of John, Jun.) 34 

1. William Davis, who married Sarah Lamb, daughter of Colonel 
S Joseph Lamb ; they both joined the Shaking Quakers, among whom 
^ he died ; she is with them yet. 

I 2. John Davis, married Elizabeth Serrin, and removed to Texas. 
I. 3. Mary Davis, went to the Shakers, where she continues. 
.= 4. Huldah Davis, who married John Monger. 

5. Hester Davis, married Joseph Q, Lamb, son of Col. Joseph 
Lamb, [<See La7nb.'j 

PHEBE BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Charles John- 
son, had children : 

1. Betsey Johnson, who married Boaz Murphy, in Ohio. 

2. Charles Johnson, married Betsey Trembly. 

Mr. Johnson died, and she married Caleb Mulford, as his 2d 
wife. Mr. Mulford, by his two wives, had children : 

1. Jacob Mulford, married Jane Hole, daughter of John. 

2. Rebecca Mulford, married Elias Littell, son of Ephraim, son 
of Andrew, [See Littell.] 

3. William Mulford, married Martha Meek. 

4. Job Mulford, married Mary Dudley. 

LYDIA BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Elijah Davis, 
had children : 

3. Esther Davis, Jonathan Davis, and Elijah Davis, who all went 
to the Shakers, and are lost. 

MARY BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Daniel Hole, 
had^children : 

1. Phebe Hole, who married Daniel Clark, son of Daniel, a 
Baptist Preacher. 

2. Esther Hole, married David Bowers. 

3. Stephen Hole, married Miss Eddy. 

4. Catherine Hole. 

5. Aaron Hole. 

6. Mary Hole. 

7. Elizabeth Hole. 

JAMES BEDELL, and Nancy Oakley, had children : 

1. John, who marriedNancy Enyarl. 

2. William. 

3. Esther. 

I know of no connection between Benjamin, John and Henry Bedell. 

HENRY BEDELL, lived in Passaic Valley; his 1st wife's name 
was Sutton, by whom he had two children : 

1. John, who married Deborah Mulford, daughter of Capt, 
Jonathan Mulford. 

2. Henry, Jun., went to Sussex, married and raised a family 

44 WILLIAM BEDELL, (Son of Johii,Jun,) 

there. The first wife of Henry Bedell, Sen., died, and he married 
a 2d wife, in the southern part of New Jersey, and soon after re- 
moved to the State of Georgia ; — settled and died there, leaving 
three other children : 

3. Chester, who married in Georgia ; — had no children. 

4. Jacob, married in Georgia, and had a son, Henry. 

6. Phebe, married ; — nothing is known here of her children. 
Henry Bedell, Jun., went to Sussex ; married and raised a 
family there. I have learned nothing of them. 

JOHN BEDELL, (1st child of Henry Bedell,) and Deborah 
Mulford, lived by the Spring at the then called Bedell's Bridge, 
(now called Littell's,) and had children: 

^ I. Isaac, who married Mary Kinnan, daughter of Thomas 

« Kinnan, Sen. 

I 2. Stephen, married Phebe Drake, and lived in Sussex, where 

5- his father did, and had eight children : 

3. Ezekiel, married , and died, leaving two children. 

4. Mary, married Martin Vandyke. Mary died, and Mr. Vandyke 
married Ezekiel Bedell's widow. 

5. Esther, married Jacob Grossman. 

John Bedell, with his family, except his son Isaac, removed to 
Sussex county, near the Delaware River; — he died there. 

Isaac Bedell, lived on Long Hill, where Samuel Stanbury formerly 
lived, and had ten children ; four of which died in infancy ; — the 
other six were, 1 . John Kinnan ; 2. Sarah ; 3. Deborah ; 4. Isaac ; 
5. Mary ; and 6. Chester. Deborah died in youth, and Chester 
died in childhood. 

Isaac Bedell, removed to Mendham, where his wife died, Sub- 
sequently, he with three of his children removed to Athens, Ohio, 
where he died. 

Sarah married Ezekiel Day, of Mendham, and went to Athens 
with their father, and subsequently tolllnois, and had children : 
1. Mary; 2. Phebe; 3. Sarah. 

Isaac, married Harriet Martin, daughter of Isaac Martin, of Mend- 
ham, and also went to Athens, and settled in that vicinity, and had 
children : 1. Mary; 2. Sarah. 

Mary also went to Athens with her father. 

JOHN K. BEDELL, (son of Isaac, Sen.,) married Hannah 
Jones, near New Vernon, and lives there, and had ten children : 
g 1. Chester, who married Amy North, of Long Island, and had 

children : 1. William Forrester; 2. Levi North, who died 

1 young ; 3. John Chester, who also died young ; 4. Mary Elizabeth. 
I 2. Phebe married Daniel Oliver, of Water street, Mendham, 
^ and had children : 1. Mary Irena ; 2. Chester. 

3. Deborah. 

4. Sherrod, who died young. 

5. William. 

6. Mary married Daniel Smith ; — lives in New York. 

7. Sarah; 8. Abigail; 9. .John, who died young ; 10. Isaac. 



TIMOTHY BEDFORD, whose wife was Rachel , had 

children : 
S 1. Hnnnah, who married Ezekiel Stillwell : — lived in Sussex. 
9 2, Sarah, married William Willis. 

§ 3. Stephen married Lydia Drake, daughter of William Drake, 
I of Piscataway. 

STEPHEN BEDFORD, .son of Timothy, and Lydia Drake, had 
children : 

^ 1. Timothy, who married Catherine Me Carty, daughter of Jacob, 

of Chatham. 

1 2. Andrew, who died young. 

I 3. William Drake, married, 1st, Asenath Swain, daughter of 
Richard, near Hobart's Hill ; 2. Hannah, widow of Mahlon Simson, 
and daughter of Mr. Le Hommedeau, of Warren county. 

4. Charlotte, married Benjamin Lyon, of South Orange. 

5. Rachel and Lydia, twins, who died in infancy. 

6. Aaron, married Ruth Whitehead, of Short Hills. 

7. Polly, married John Tyson, an Englishman ; lived in Chatham. 

8. John Simson, married Lst, Catherine Jennings, 13th December, 
1822 ; she died 6th July, 1836; 2d. Joanna Jennings, daughter of 
David Jennings. 

WILLIAM D. BEDFORD, (son of Stephen,) and Asenath 

Swain, had children : 
*: 1. Betsey, who married William Effner, of Hacketstown. 
c 2. Lydia married Isaac Hadden, of South Orange. 
I 3. Charles Nelson married Sarah Johnson, of Stanhope. 
|. 4. Stephen Oliver. 
° 5. Mary married John Drew, of Short Hills, in Springfield 


6. Harriet married Squier Day, son of Zacheus, 17th Dec. 1745. 

7. William Jackson. 

8. Emeline, (twin to Abby, who died.) 

9. Sarah. 

By his 2d wife, Hannah, whom he married, 23d August, 1842, 
had children: 10. Elmira ; 11. Frank Day; 12. Isabel; 13. 
Lydia Anne. 

His wife, Asenath, died 1st June, 1840, aged 49 years. 

JOHN S. BRADFORD, (son of Stephen,) and Catherine Jen- 
nings, had children : 

1. Phebe, who married Benjamin Parker, son of Calvin. [/Sec 
Parker. 1 

2. Elizabeth married Joseph Chamberlain. 

3. Albert ; 4. Daniel ; 5. John ; 6. David ; and by his 2d wife, 
Joanna Jennings, he had, 7. Mary Catherine. 



NATHANIEL BONNEL, 1st, came from Long Island to 
Elizabethtown — was one of the tirst company of the " Elizabeth- 
town Associates," and from thence he removed to Passaic River, 
above Chatham, and there settled. He married Hannah Miller, of 
Westfield, and had children : 

g 1. Benjamin (Esq.) who married R.achel Van Winkle. 

S= 2. Nathaniel (Capt.) married, 1st, Elizabeth Allen ; 2d, in 1775, 

I Mary Simpson. 

5- 3. John married Sarah Carter. 

4. Sarah married Samuel Roberts. 

5. Betsey married Capt. -Isaac Ward. 

6. Abigail married Mr. Gardner. 

7. Mary married Elijah Woodruff. 

BENJAMIN BONNEL, Esq., (son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and 
Rachel Van Winkle, had children : 
g 1. Jane, who married Abner Brown, 21sl July, 1763. 
? 2. Joanna married Matthias Woodruff, 2d January, 1764. 
3 3. Benjamin, 2d, (bellows-maker,) married Hannah Ward, 
I daughter of David. 

4. Nathaniel married, 19th February, 1772, Sibbe Hovvel, and 
had children : 1. Calvin ; 2. Luther ; 3. Elijah ; 4. Lockey. 

5. Samuel married Betsey Crane, and had children : 1. Jane; 
2. Lewis. 

6. John (a tailor,) married Nancy Day, daughter of Stephen 
Day, Esq. 

7. Aaron married, 29th|May, 1785, Rachel Clark, 

8. Paul married, 28th December, 1783, Mary Parsons, daughter 
of William, Jun., and had children : Elizabeth, Abigail, &c., and 
went to Ohio. 

9. Rachel married, 13th March, 1783, Major Luke Miller, of 
Bottle Hill. 

10. Sarah married Jacob Searing Parsons, son of William, Jun., 
[-See Par sons. 1 

11. Abigail married Jonathan Johnson, son of Stephen Johnson. 
\_See Stephen Day.l 

12. Rhoda married Calvin Morrell, 17th May, 1787, son of 
Jacob, of Chatham, and went to Ohio. 

13. Polly married Stephen Day, Jun., brother of John's wife, 
Benjamin Bonnel, Esq., was a Justice of the Peace, and an 

Elder in the Presbyterian Church here. He was drowned in the 
winter of 1800, by the upsetting of a ferry-boat, in New York 
Bay, when several persons of this Valley were lost. 

BENJAMIN BONNEL, 2d, (3d child of Benjamin, Esq.) and 
Hannah Ward, had children : 
$ 1. Enos, who married Rachel Ball. 

p 2. Matthias married Sally Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of 
? David. 


BENJAMIN BONNEL, Esq. (Son of Nathaniel, 1st:) 47 

3. Sarah married Enos B. Townley, son of George. [See 

4. Phebe married Dr. Amos King, of Chatham, son of Stephen 
King, of Orange County, New York. 

5. Prussia married Bonnel Brant, of Chatham. 

ENOS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Rachel Ball, had 
children : 

1. Jane. 

2. Charlotte, who married Paul Lum, son of Israel Lum, Esq., 
1^ had no children . 

3. Elam W. married Tacy Howel, daughter of David, of Madison. 

4. Benjamin, 3d, married Sarah De Camp, daughter of Moses, 
of Caldwell. 

5. Alfred married Henrietta Cooper, daughter of John G. Cooper, 

6. Matilda married Jotham Brant. 

7. Harriet married Jared Hathaway, of Morristown. 

8. John married Miss Stagg, of Elizabethtown. 

9. Almira married Talhert Butler, of Staten Island. 

10. Mary married, and soon after died; 

11. Eliza married Mr. Baker, of Staten Island. 

MATTHIAS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Sally Ward, 
had children : 

1. Louisa, who married Albert Leonard, of Connecticut. 

2. Moses Ward married Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of James, of 
New York. 

3. Joanna Day, who died 30th January, 1850, in her 38th year. 

4. Enos married Phebe Anne Gardner, of Newark. 

5. Jane married Elizabeth B. Tickenor, daughter of William, of 

PHEBE BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Dr. King, 
had children : 

1. Prussia King, who married Franklin Day, son of Moses, and 
had children : 1. Charlotte Day, who died at 24 years, unmarried ; 
2. Sylvanus Day, who married Clarissa Fenner ; 3. Hannah Maria 
Day; 4. Almira Day, who died at 18 years, unmarried; 5. 
Matilda Day ; 6. Harriet Day ; 7, Benjamin Franklin Day ; 8. 
Calvin Day. 

2. Almira King, married, 1st, Hartman De Gray, and had chil- 
dren: 1. Jane Agusta De Gray ; 2. Amelia De Gray. 

She married, 2d, Daniel Witter. Live in New York. 

PRUSSIA BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Bonnel 
Brant, had children : 

1. Laura Adaline Brant, who died at IS years. 

2. Sofronia Brant married Mr. Scoiield, and died at 22 years. 

3. Benjamin Brant married in Penn., and lives in Philadelphia. 

48 CAPT. NATHANIEL BONNEL, (2d Son of Nathaniel Bonnel, Irt.) 

4. Lavenda Josephine Brant, lives at Sam'l Robert's. 

5. Elliet Constantine Brant, lives in Newark. 

6. Margarctta died at about 17 years. 

7. Sarah died at about 2 years. 

JOHN BONNEL, tailor, (Gihsonof Benjamin Bonnel, Esq.,) 
and Nancy Day, had children: 
9 I. Joanna, who married, as his 2d wife, Capt. Brooks, near 

Honesdaie, Penn. 

1 2. Barna married Lucy Brooks, daughter of Capt. Brooks, 
g- 3. Polly married Mr. Wood. 

4. Stephen. 

6. Julia married, 9th August, 1S16, Hev. John M. Babbit, of 

BARNA BONNEL, (son of tailor John,) and Lucy Brooks, had 
children : 
g I. Joan Minerva, who married Charles E. Luni, son of David 

R., of Union, and had children : 1. Isabel Alalhca Lum, born 
g March, 1847: 2. Jane Bruen married Ira O. Tickenor, son of 

1 Josiah, of Clinton, 3. Mary Frances; 4. Elijah Day. 


CAPT. NATHANIEL, (2d son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 1st,) was 
born 1731; — died July, 1809; he lived where his grand-son, 
Daniel L. Bonnel, now lives. By his first wife, Elizabeth Allen, 
he had children : 

Sf 1. Abigail, born July, 1754, — married, September, 1755, Jacob 

9 Minthorn. 

1 2. Nathaniel, 3d, born June, 1756, married, 1783, Martha Crane, 

I daughter of Isaac. 

3. Caleb Gilbert, born November, 175"^, married his cousin, 
Joanna WoodrufT, daughter of Elijah. He died 2d May, 1&34, 
aged 76 years. She died 17th December, 1846. 

4. Phebe, born May, 17G1, married William Johnson, son of 
Uzel. [See Johnson.'] 

5. Jane, born April, 1763, married Samuel Crane, son of Joseph. 
[See Crane.] 

6. Jonathan, born March, 1765, and died young. 

7. Jacob, born May, 1767, was a clock-maker, 'married Mar- 
garet Crane. 

8. Elizabeth, born August. 1769 —married, 29th July, 1787, 
Gabriel Friend. Capt. Bonnel's wife, Elizabeth, died 2dth April, 
1774, and he married, 24th November, 1775, Mary Simpson, 
daughter of Ale.xander, and had children. 

9. William, who died younij, 

10. Nancy, born July, 1778, married her cousin, Sylvanus 
Bonnel, son of John. [See S. Bonnel.] 

11. Chloe, born December, 1779, married Abraham Samson, 
son of David. [See Sain son.] 

12. William, 2d, born January, 1783 — married, 25lh December, 
1806, Sally Doty, daughter of James. 

13. Enoch, born 6th October, 1785, is unmarried; — lives with 

NATHANIEL BONNEIi, (Son of Nathaniel, M.) 49 

NATHANIEL BONNEL, 3d. (2d child o"f Capt. Nathaniel 
Bonnel,) and Martha Crane, had children : 
^ 1. Philemon, born 29th March, 1785, married, 26th January, 
=' 1806, Rachael Noe, daughter of John. 

f 2. Huidah, born 1st September, 1787, married, 1st, 'I'imothy D. 
I Pettit, son of Capt. Benjamin. [See Pettit.] Had an only son, 
I Timothy D. 2d, she married David Noe, son of John. [See Noe.] 

3. Jonathan Crane, born 29th September, 1790 — married, 2d 
November, 1814, Phebc Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of David. 

4. Mary, born 29lh February, 1792 — married, 9th January, 1S13, 
Charles Day, son of Moses, and hid an only daughter, Elizabeth 
Day, and Mr. Day died. 

5. Jane, born 3d July, 179"), married her cousin, John M. Stites, 
son of Capt. Abner. \^Sce Slites.^ 

6. Elizabeth, born 11th February, 1797 — married Matthias 
Osborn, son of Nchemiah. [Sec Oshorv.] 

7. Sarah, born 17th February, 1799, married James T. Lcn- 
nington, and went to Oiiio. 

8; Maline Miller, horn 22(1 July, 1802— married Elizabeth D. 
Walker, of Now York. 

Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d, died loth April, lsl4. His widow died 
20th June, 1S16. Maline M. Bonnel sailed for California, 17th 
Julv, 1849, and died of cholera, at sea, the next day. 

PHILEMON BONNEL, (Ist child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and 
Rachael Noe, had children : 
=■ 1. Huidah, who married Sylvester Crane, son of John. [See 
n CTane.] 

p 2. Mary Noe married Ashbel A. Tomkins, .--ou of Joseph. [See 
5 Tomkins.^ 

3. Ellis married, 1st, llth November, 1835, Betsey Day Potter, 
daughter of Major Jotham, and hati children : I.Ellis; 2. Phebe 
Pettit; 3. Rachel Noe; 4. Jotham Potter. 

Ellis Bound's wife, Betsey, died 7th June, 1843, aged 31 years, 
and he married i'er cousin, Charlotte I'otter Osborn (lau.ghter of 
Stephen B., and had other children : .^. Betsey Pettit; 6. Hannah 

4. Nathaniel, 4th . 

5. Martha Crane married, 3d Decembi r, 1S45, John Noe, son 
of Frazee, son of Lewis, and died llth May, 1849, without chil- 

6. John Noe. 

7. Maline. 

8. Sallv Doty married, 1 3th February, 1847, Isaac L. Wood, 
son of Daniel S. [See Wood.] 

JONATHAN C. BONNEL, (3d child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and 
Phebe Ward, had children : 

1. Mahelabel, born 8th December, 1816, married William Lit- 
tell, son of John Littell, Esq. [See LittelL] 


50 JOHN BONNEL, (3d Son of Nathaniel, sit.) 

2. Julia, born 1st January, 1819, married, 27th April, 1836, Dr. 
John S. Smith, son of Abner Smith, of Long Hill. Dr. Smith 
died 16th August, 1841, without childr-: n. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Charity Frost. 

5. Emeline. 

6. Jonathan. 

7. David Ward. 

SARAH BONNEL, (7th chil"d of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) and 
James Lennington, had children : 

1. William Lennington. 

2. Thomas Scott Lennington. 

3. Nathaniel Bonnel Lennington, twin to Thomas S. 

4. Martha Jane Lennington. 

MA LINE M. BONNEL, (Sih child of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) 
and Elizabeth D. Walker, had children : 

1. Helen R., born 4th February, 1836. ' 

2, Martha C, born 30th May, 1839. 


JOHN BONNEL, (3(1 son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 1st,) and 
Sarah Carter, had children : 

I. James, born 10th October, 17.08, married Rosa Burnet, lived 
Sby the Franklin Mill. 

9 2. Nani;y, born 4th September, 1760, married William Day, son 
3 of Stephen, Esq. [See Day.] 

I 3. Jonathan, born 12ih May, 1763, married, 10th August, 1783, 
* Mary Burnet, sister of Rosa. 

4. Israel, born 24th May, 1765, married Fanny Hand, 

6. Joanna, born 20th October, 1767, married Moses Day, son of 
Paul. [See Paul Day.] 

6. Hannah, born 9th September, 1770, and died young. 

7. Sylvanus, born 2Sth February, 1773, married his cousin, 
Nancy Bonnel, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel. 

5. Eleanor, born 21st January, 1776. married Matthias Ward, 
son of Capt. Enos, of Chatham. [See Ward.] 

9. David, born 5th September, 1778, and died at IS years, by 
the fall of a tree, in the Great Swamp. 

10. Sally, born 28th July, 1781 — married Ezekiel Sayre, born 
1st February, 1774, and died 20th January, 1850. He lived 
where his wife's father did, near Passaic River, by the brook, 
near the line between New Providence and Springfield. 

II. Caty, born 1st February, 1784, and died in infancy. 

JAMES BONNEL, (1st child of John, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) 
and Rosa Burnet, had children : 
^ 1. Stephen Carter, who married Sally Simpson, daughter of Isaac 
o Simpson. 

JOHN BONNEL, (3d Son of Nathaniel, IsU) 51 

2. Electa married Abraham Walker, son of Asher, and died, 
leaving a daughter, Electa Walker, who married Dr. John L. 
Munn, son of Dr. J. B. Munn, of Chatham. 

5. Ellas married Caty Simpson, daughter ol Isaac Simpson. 

4. Hannah married Stephen Parcel, had a son, John Parcel, and 
removed to the west. 

5. Nancy, who went to the west with Hannah, and died. 

6. David married Sally Day, his cousin, daughter of Sally 
Bonnel, daughter of John. 

7. Mahlon, twin to David, married Sally Oliver, daughter of 
Capt. Oliver, of New Vernon. 

STEPHEN C. BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) 
and 8ally Simpson, had children : 
y 1. Catherine, who married Nathan Foster, son of Stephen, 
^ of Union, and had children: 1. Sarah Bonnel Foster; 2. 
I Susan Foster. 

|. 2. James M., born 13th August, 1809, and died 1848, un- 
■= married. 

3. Elias, born 9th July, 1811, and died 1836, unmarried. 

4. Nancy, born 16th May, 1813, married, 15th August, 
1832, William Andrews, from Ireland, and had children: 

1. Thomas Andrews ; 2. Stephen Bonnel Andrews. 

5. Electa, born 4th July, 1816 — married, 24th October, 
1835, James Helm, and had a son, Elias Bonnel Helm, and 
died 28th February, lb37. 

6. Stephen Carter, born 7th June, 1818, and died 21st 
September, 1820. 

7. Hannah Parcel Bonnel, born 1st September, 1821, and 
married, 3d June, 1838, David N. Ruckman, son of Nathan. 
\_See Ruckman.'\ 

ELIAS BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Caty 
Simpson, had children : 

1. Edwin, who married Eliza Scofield, of Connecticut. 

2. Caroline married Thomas Smith, of New York. 

3. Rhoda married Francis Doremus. 

4. Elias Freeman married Maria Tashier. 

DAVID BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally 
Day, had children : 

1. Harriet, who married Benjamin Wade. 

MAHLON BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and 
Sally Oliver, had children : 

1. Joanna, who married Henry Lytle, of New York. 2. 

David, who married ; 3. John ; 4. Henry ; 5. Sarah ; 

6. Salina; 7. Mahlon; 8. Cornelia. 

52 JOHN BONNELL, (3il Son of Nathaniel, l<>t.) 

JONATHAN BONNEL, (3d child of John Bonnel, sou of 
Nathaniel, 1st,) and Mary Burnet, had children: 

1. Matilda, who married Alexander Bruen, son of Josepli, 
and had children : 

1. Serenus Bruen, who married a daughter of David 

2. Jonathan Bruen married Sally Muchmore, daughter 
of Stephen. 

3. Harriet Bruen married I^Ir. Knapp, from Connecticut. 

4. Albert Bruen married . Live in Chester. 

INIorris County. 

5. John Bruen married , in Newark. 

G. Charlotte Bruen married . 

7. Hervy Bruen. 

2. Ichabud, who married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas, 
and had a child, Mary Bonnel. who married John Helm, of 
Basking Ridge. 

3. Joel, who married Arabella Halsey, of Hanover, and 
had children : 

1. Albert l^mnel married a daughter of Carter Bruen, 
of Madison 

2. Mary Anne Bonnel married ]Mr. , from Conn. 

3. Joel Bonnel, Jun., married Meeker, daughter 

of John Meeker. 

4. . 

5. Francis. 

4. Alva, who married Nancy Halsey, sister of Joel Bon- 
nel's wife, had children : 

1. Halsey Bonnel, who married , in Newark. 

2. Marcus Bonnel married Miss Lacy, of Elizabeth- 

3. Elizabeth Bonnel, not married. 

4. Joel Bonnel married . 

5. Sylvaniis Bonnel married . 

6. John Bonnel. 

5. John went to the west, and was drowned. 

ISRAEL BONNEL, (4th child of John Bonnel, son of 
Nathaniel. 1st,) and Fanny Hand, had children: 

1. Harriet, who married Lewis Freeman, near Green 
Village, and had children : 

1. Lewis Freeman ; 2. Francis Freeman ; 3. Sarah Free- 
man ; 4. a son ; 5. a daughter. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Lewis married , and left his wife, and went to Iowa. 

SYLVANUS BONNEL, (7th child of John, son of 
Nathaniel, 1st,) and Nancy Bonnel, lived at Springfield, and 
had children : 

JOHN BONNEL, (M Son of NaUianiel, Ist.) 63 

1. Eliza, who married George Sayre, son of Nathan, of 
Ehzabethtovvn. Live at Madison, (he is a merchant there,) 
and had chihiren : I. Sylvanus Sayre; 2. Edward Sayre; 
3. Tiieodore Sayre. who died in infancy. 

2. Calvia married Jidianna , from Philadelphia, and 

had children ; 1. William ; 2. Nancy ; 3. ; 4. 

3. Hervy married , in Iowa. 

4. John. 

5. Charlotte married Abner Stites, of Springfield, son of 
Abner Stiles, of New Providence. 

6. Sylvanu.^. 

7. Nancy. 

8. William. 

All these, except Eliza and Charlotte, went to Iowa, and set- 
tled there. 

SALLY BONNEL, (daughter of John,) and Ezeldel Sayre, 

had children : 
^ I. Sally Day. who married her cousin, David Bonnel, son 
^ of James, and had an only child, Harriet, who married Ben- 
I jamin W^ade. 

I 2. Electa Sayre. who married Stephen Bower, son of 
= Daniel, and had children : L George Bower ; 2. Laura Bower ; 

3. Catherine Bower ; 4. Franklin Miller Bovv^er ; 5. a son. 

3. Catherine Sayre, who died at 35 years, unmarried. 

4. David Sayre, married Mary Spencer, daughter of 
y Samuel, son of William, and had children : 1. Frederick 
^ Sayre ; 2 ; 3, . 

I 5. John Edgar Sayre. 

I 6. Lewis Sayre. Lives at St. Louis, Missouri. 


SOLOMON BOYLE, emigrated from Ireland, and married a 
French girl in this country. He purcliased of East Jpr.sey Prop- 
rietors, 600 acres of land, (west of and adjoining the Berkley tract,) 
a long piece between that tract and Passaic River, .separated from 
the Berkley tract by a line running from the river, due North 
crossing Long Hill, to the river again. He Jived where William 
Boyle now lives, and had children : 

1. John, who married Hannah Frazec. 

2. Solomon, Jun., born February, 1734-5, and married Margaret 

3. Benjamin, who died unmarried. 

4. WiiHam. 

5. Bobert, who resided in New-York. 

6. Jo.seph, who married Caty Cross, daughter of Robert Cross. 

7. Jane, married Joseph Dalrimple, of Succasunna Plains. 

8. Sarah, married Joseph Doty. 


9. Lynche, married John Cooper, son of Daniel, Isl. [See 

10. Polly, married Daniel Munroe. 

JOHN BOYLE, (1st child Solomon, 1st,) built a grist-mill, saw- 
mill, and forge, at the fall where the river passes through Long 
Hill, the site now occupied by Dunn's Mills. He and his wife, 
Ilimnah Frazee, had children: 

g 1. Jonathan. 

o 2. Lvnche. 

i 3. Sallv. 

|. 4. Patty. 

° 5. John, wlio married Betsey Runyon. 

SOLOMON BOYLE. Jun.,(son of Solomon, 1st,) and Margaret 
Hull, had children : 

1. Agnes, who married Stafford Wilson, from Ireland. [See 

2. Susan, married Allen Simpson. 

3. I'ilizabelh, miirried David Moore, son of Isaac. [Ser Moore.] 

4. Jane, is unmarried, lives with her brother Col. Solomon. 

.5, Solomon, 3il, (Col.) married Elizabeth I'icrson, daughter of 

Jonathan, and grand-daughter of Col. Cornelius Ludlow. 
G. William, (Doct.) married Maria Lafferty 

7. Sarah, who died young. 

8. Anne married Jacob Larralier, and went to near Cayuga 
Lake, New-York. 

COL. SOLOMON BOYLE. (.5th child of Solomon. Jun .) and 
Elizabeth Pici^on, lived on Long Hill, on the original tract of GOO 
acres, and had an only child : 

1. Mahelabel Day, who married Jo hnTunis, son of Daniel, of 
New Vernon; had children : 1. Phebe Elizabeth Tunis; 2. Sydney 
Adolphus Tunis; 3. William Lindslcy Tunis: 4. John Sineus 

Dr. WILLL\M HOYLE, (6th child of Solomon, .Uin.,) and 
Maria Lafferty, had children: 

1. William, who married Hannah Anderson, daughter of George 
t. Esq., of Vealtown. 

n 2. Anna Maria, married Dr. James Howard Hutchins, of Brook- 
S lyn, New-Y'ork. 

|- 3. Adaline, married Albert H. Osborn, son of David L. Osborn, 
^ of Brooklyn, who was son of Nehemiah Osborn, of this Valley. 

JOSEPH BOYLE, (6th child of Solomon Boyle, 1st,) and Caiy 

Cross, lived south of Long Hill, on the 600 acre tract, near the 

river, and had children : 

jj 1. Robert, who married, 1st, his cousin Polly Cross, daughter of 

S William ; 2. Larnv Appleman, daughter of David, of Washington 



'2. Polly, who tiled yountf. 

3. William, married his cousin Nancy Cross, sister of Robert's 
wife, and had an only son, Auijustus Alexander Boyle. 

4. Susan, married Peter Cooper, son of Daniel Cooper, Esq. 
[See Coo per. '\ 

5. Patty, married Williams Miller, son of Jonathan, near and 
North of Liberty Corner. 

6. Solomon, marri'.-d Harriet Parcel, daughter of Captain John 
Parcel, of Liberty Corner, and had an only child, John Ferdinand 
Boyle, who married Lydia Anne R. Aiiiiin, daughter of William 
C. Annin. 

7. Alexander, who went to Cuba, (West Indies,) and never 

ROBERT BOYLE. ( eldest child of Joseph, son of Solomon.) 
^ and Polly Cross, had children: i. Caihrine ; *i. Joseph; 3. Sarah 
=■ Anne. 

? 4, William Cross Boyle, who married Mary Aletta Annin, daugh- 
3 ter of William C Annin, of Liberty Corner, and went to Jefler- 
i sonvillc, Illinois, in 1848. Robert Boyle's wife, Polly, then died, 
and by his 2d wife Lany, had other children : 

5. David, who died at about 7 years ; 6. Mary L. ; 7. Elizabeth ; 
8. Martha. 


WILLIAM BRITTIN'S wife's name was Sarah ; she 

died 29th December, 1787. They had children : 
^j L William. Jun., who married Mary Pierson, daughter of 
^ John, of Lyons Farms. 

I 2. Jacob, who married Elizabeth Van Sickle,3d March, 1774, 
|. whose mother was sister of Thomas Tiiompson, of Spring- 
= field ; also was sister of Elizabeth, wife of William Cauld- 
well. [See Thompson Sf CaulrlwrlL] 

3. Joseph married Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Cooper 
Ward, of Hanover, Morris county. 

4. John married, 5th June, 1772, Phebe Pettit, daughter of 
Benjamin Pettit, Jun. 

WILLIAM BRITTIN, Jun., (son of Wilham, Sen.,) and 
Mary Pierson, had children : 

1. Mary, who died young. 

2. Abbey, who married Joseph Green, and had no children. 

3. Vashti married Jeremiah C. Garthwaite, of Elizabeth- 

4. WiUiam, 3d, married Freelove Lewis, of Long Island. 

5. Fanny married Elias Thompson, son of Jonathan, of 


6. Elihu married. 1st, ^Vfary Price, daughter of Thomas, of 
EHzabethtowTi ; 2. Albina Ralston, daughter of Wilham, son of 
John, of Mendham. 

VASHTI BRITTIN, (3d child of William, Jun.,) and 
Jeremiah C. Garthwaite, had children: 
i- 1. William Garthwaite, who married, 1st. Elmira Parker : 
Q 2d, Abba Ward, daughter of Dr. Ward, of Newark. 
I 2. Abba Garthwaite married .Albert Pierson, of Pier.-=on- 
I ville, Morris county. 

3. Samuel Garthwaite married Mary Damon, of Elizabetli- 

4. Mary Garthwaite married Ira Pierson, brother of Albert. 

5. Anne Garthwaite married Henry (Jeiger, of Elizabeth- 
town. Live in Newark. 

6. Jeremiah C. (Jarthwaite, Jun.. married Caroline Darcy. 
daughter of Dr. J. Darcy. 

7. Elizabeth Garthwaite married Joseph Wheeler, of 

8. Thomas Garthwaite married Margaret Brittin, daughter 
of Colonel William, of Madison. 

9. John Rudd (iarthwaite, who was killed by the explo- 
iion of a steamboat, on the Mississippi river. 

WILLIAM BRITTIN, .3d. (4th child of William, Jun..) and 
rreelove Lewis, lived on Long Island, and had children : 

1. William. 4th ; 2. xMaria : .3. Caroline ; 4. John Pierson ; 
5. Lewis: C. Mary: 7. Joseph Dayton ; 8. Lavina : 9. Jane 

FANNY BRITTIN. (5th child of William, Jun.,) and 
Ehas Thompson, lived at Madison, and had children : 

1. Abby Thompson, who married Joseph P. Tucker, son 
ol Charles. ^ 

2. \Villiam Thompson married Miss Marsh. 

3. Mary Thompson married Jonathan Crane, son of Isaac, 
of Madison. 

4. Jonathan Thompson, married Bethia Clarkson. 

5. Phebe Thompson married Edgar Smith, son of James, 
of Woodbury. 

6. Abel Thompson, who died a young man. 

7. Jane Thompson married Mr. Freeman, of Rahway. 

COLONEL ELIHU BRITTIN. (6th child of William 
Brittm, Jun.,) born 1778, and died 9th November, 1849. in 
his 71st year. He lived in Elizabethtown. and bv his 1st 
wife, Mary Price, had children : 

WILLIAM BKITTIN, Jun. (Sou of VViUuun.) 57 

^ 1. Henry, who married Eliza McRride, daughter of Hugh, 

of Tarry town, Mew York, and Iiad ciiildren : 1. 5lary Frances ; 
3 2. Lavina ; 3. Henrietta : 1. Jaines ; 5. George ; 6. Jeannette, 

1 (twin to George.) 

"" 2. Julia, who married Amos Vreeland, and had children : 
I.Mary N reeland, who married William Smith; 2. Henry 

3 Hehrietla married William P. Mulford, son of Jonathan, 
of Pluc.keniin. and had children: 1. Elizal)eth Mulford; 2. 
George Mulford ; 3. Eineline Mulford ; 4. Francis Mulford ; 5. 
Lavina Mulford ; 6. Mary Mulford ; 7. Julia Mulford, 

4. Maria, who married John Silvers, son of Noah, of Rail- 
way, and had children ; 

1. Mary Malvina Silvers, who married Rev. William V. 
Wycoff. and had chiKIren : 1. HelenMaria Wycofl'. 
2. Elihu Brittin Silvers; 3. John Silvers. 

5. John Pierson Brittin married Sarah Fay, daughter of 

, of Cazenovia. New York, and had a daughter, 

Gertrude Fay Brittin. He died at about 36 years. 

(». Emeline, who married Ahraliam C. Scjuier, son of Re- 
compence Squier, of Rahway, and had children: I.Mary 
Esther Squier; 2. Jonathan Squier; 3. William Henry 
Squier. And by his 2d wife, Albina Ralston. Colonel Brittin 
had other children : 7. Mary Helen ; S. Luna. 

JACOB BRITTLV, (2d son of William Brittm, 1st.) lived 
on Longhill, and owned 100 acres of land. No. 23 (addition,) 
of the Klizabethtown survey, and also part of No. 27, extend- 
ing south to the river. 

He and his wife, Elizabeth Van Sickle, had children : 

„ I. Theodocia, who married Miller W^alker, son of Asher. 

J [See Wa/kcr.] 

I 2. William, born Sih February, 1778, and married Mar- 

I garet Baker, daughter of Daniel, of Westfield. He was Col. 

° of the Militia — Judge of the County Court, and was a member 
of the Legislature several years, and also member of Council, 
from Morris county. 

3. Abraham, born 20th February, 1780 ; married Elizabeth 
Baker, sister of William's wife. 

William and Abraham were merchants in Madison many 

4. Isaac married Abby Ludlow, daughter of Benjamin, 
of Westfield ; he also lived at Madison. 

5. Sally married Caleb Boss, son of Joseph, of Longhill. 
They both died leaving no children. 

Jacob Brittin died 18th August, 1784, and his widow Eliza- 
beth, married Jonathan Miller, of Westfield, who lived with 
her at Longhill till she died, 15th July, 1795, aged 41 years. 

58 WILLIAM BRITTIN, Jdh. (Son of Wllliara.j 

Mr. Miller married again a Miss Hedges, of Long Island, 
and died of asthma, 30th July. 1802, aged 41 years. 

COL. WILLIAM BRITTIN, (2d child of Jacob Brittin,) 
and Margaret Barker, had children : 

1. Sylvester, born 5th February, 1802, married Pamela, 
^ widow of Dr. Henry G. Elmer, and daughter of Gabriel John- 
§ son, Esq., — both died without children : 

I 2. Eliza Van Sickle, born 4th June, 1804, married William 
= Woodruff, son of Flavel, and had children. 

I. Mary Elizabeth Woodruff; 2. Sophia Woodruff. 
=■ 3. Anna Maria, born 10th August, 1806, married Jacob 
f Baker, son of William, brother of Daniel, [See Bakei:] 
I 4. Hervy, born August, 1809, and died a young man. 

P 5. Mary", born , 1812, married Apollos M. Elmer, son 

of Doct. Moses, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who became 
deaf in youth. Mrs. Elmer died 9th April,I83G, aged 24 years. 

6. William Jackson, married Helen Maria Howel. daugh- 
ter of Ezra Howel, of East Madison, and had children : I 

1. William Ezra. 2. Edwin Ludlow. 

7. Isabella. 

ABRAHAM BRITTIN (3d child of Jacob.) and Elizabeth 
Baker, had children : 
£ 1. Edwin, who married Rosina Black, of Arkansas. He 

died 27th Sebtember. 1847, at his father's, and left children : 
g 1. Fanny Elizabeth. 

1 2. Abraham Ludlow. 

3. William Isaac. 

4. Ford. 

2. Alfred Bishop, born 1st October. 1814, is an 'engineer. 

3. Margaret Osborn, born 11th June, 1819, married Jacob 
Thomas Garthwaite, son of Jeremiah C, of Elizabethtown; 
— lives in Newark, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Brittin 
Garthwaite ; 2. Mary Turner Garthwaite. who died at about 
three years eight months. 

4. Mary Walker, married Joseph P. Turner, of Alabama, 
and lived there and had children : 1 Rossina Brittin Turner ; 2. 
Fredrick Brittin Turner ; 3. Edwin Brittin Turner. 

ISAAC BRITTIN, (4th child of Sacob,) and Abby Ludlow, 
had but one child : 

1. Benjamin Ludlow, who went to Washington, Arkansas. 

JOSEPH BRITTIN, (3d son of William, 1st) Hved at Sche- 
nectady, New- York. He and Elizabeth Ward had children : 
1. Jacob. 


" 2. William, who died a young man. 
2 3. Maria, who married Asa Sprague, of Connecticut. 
s 4. Eliza, married Dr. Dunlap, of Schenectady. 
f 5 Sarah. 

6. Samuel. 

7. Lydia. 

8. Joseph. 

JOHN RRITTIN, (-llhsoiiof William Brittin,) lived in Sussex. 
He and his wife, Phebe Pettit, had children : 

1. Pettit, who married , lived in Sussex. 

2. Betsey, who married James Primrose, lived in Sussex. 


WILLIAM BROADWELL. Sen., drew lot No. 13, of the Eliza- 
belhtown Survey, and probably l^uilt the house upon it by the 
brook where the Parsons family afterwards lived. He also drew 
lot No. 18, South of No. 13, where Isaiah Meeker subsequently 
lived; he had children: 

1. William Jan., married Mary , who died 23 September, 

~ 1757, aged 32 years. He had a daughter, Jane, who married her 

2 cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah Broadwell, Esq. 

I David, married Mary Ilowel, 25th November, 1767; she died 9th 

i April, 17t)9, aged 21 years. William Broadwell, Sen., died in 

1746, aged 64 years ; his head-stone is of the oldest date of any in 

the Presbyterian grave-yard. William Broadwell and Josiah 

Broadwell, Esq., were of the Committee, in 1757, to confer with 

the Rev. Jonathan Elmer, respecting his settlement as a minister of 

the Presbyterian church, in New Providence. 

WILLIAM BROADWELL, Jun.,andMary , had children : 

1. William, 3d, who died 5th May, 1761, in his 6th year. 

2. Jane, who married her cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah, 

JOSIAH BROADWELL, Esq., lived on lot No. 18, and had 
children : 

Sons. — Samuel, who married Miss Lindsley, and went to Ken- 
- tucky. 

f Hezekiah, who married Abigail Green, daughter of Rev. Jacob 
3 Green, of Hanover, and sister of the Rev. Ashbel Green, D.D. 
I LLD. — late of Philadelphia, who was born 6th July, 1762, and 
died 19th May, 1848. 

Simeon, married Rachel Lindsley, sister of Samuel's wife, and 

went to Dayton, Ohio. Jacob married Jane ■, of Metuchen. 

Moses married his cousin, Jane Broadwell, daughter of William. 

Daughters. — Polly, or Hannah, married William Darling, and 
lived where Isaac Meeker does. 

Esther, married, 1st, John Mills Frost; 2d, Ichabod Ward. 
[See Ward.] She died 29th April, 1835, aged 81 years. 


HEZEKIAH BROADWKLL.son of Josiah, Hsq., and Abigail 
Green, had cliildren: 
*. 1. James, married and liad cliildren : 

^ 1. Charles, who is a I'rinler in Cincinnati. 2. — 

I :-5. Jane, who married in Cincinnali. 

I. 2. Jacob Green Hroadwell, was born tlh April, 17s0, and 

? married Susan Beach, daiitihtcr of John, son of Samuel. 

3. Abby, who died unmarried. 

POLLY, (or Hannah,) BROADWELL, (daughter of Josiah, 
Esq.,) and \Villiani Darlinrr, liad children : 

Thomas Darlinfj, who married Delaey McComb, of Newark, had 
children : 

1. llerbel Darlini;. 

2. Lewis Darlini^. 

3. Thomas Darlirif,', Jun. 

4. Mary Darling, married Silas Lindsh'V, Jun., son of Silas, Es(i. 
of Spring Valley. 

r>. Edgar Darling. 

6. JauKs (iood Darling, married Martha Wilson, daughter of 
Charles NVilson, and .Meriam High, daughter of Jacob. 

7. Aiigusiiis Darling. 

8. Isaac Darling, married I^iura S«Mi2ler, of Bloomfield, and lived 
in Newark 

SIMEON BROADWELL. (son d .losmh K,s.|.,) and Rachel 
Limlsley, lived in Dayton, Ohio, and had children: 

t 1. Silas; 2. Epbraim ; '). Josiah; 4. Lewis. 

o \. Silas, who married, Isl, Sally Byram. daughter of Naphtoli, 

•" of -Morristown : tl<l. \nno Byram, (his first wife's sister, and had 
no children by her.) and had children : 

y 1. Ebf'nczcr Byram Broadwell, who married , in Dayton. 

o 2. Mary, who married Joseph Plunket , of Dayton. 

i 3. Simeon marriod ; 4. Josiah married Ella Cutter, of 

|. Cincinnati; 6. Anne, married George Joycelin ; 6. Amy; 7. 

? Susan : 8. Silas. 

2. Ephraim. married Jane Gardener, daiighterof Benjamin (Jar- 
dener and Sarah Thompson. \^Sre Thompsun ] 

3. Josiah. married 1. : 'i. ; 3. . 

4. Lewis, married Nancy Valenline, daughter of David, son of 
Obadiah, and lives on St. Mary's River, Ohio. 

JACOB G. BROADWELL, (^d son of Hezekiah.) and Susan 
Beach, had children : 

1. Wicklifl'Green, who was born 9th .\pril, 1840, and married 
Joanna Sayre, daughter of Nathan, of Elizabethtown ; had no 

2. Hannah W., born 2sth July, lv<0.5, married, 22d December, 
1S21, Samu*^l Parsons, 5th son ot" 

3. John B., born 10th November, 1807, who died at 9 months. 

4. Jerusha B., born 24th January, 1809, died at 20 months. 

SIMEON BROADWEU^ (Son of Joaiah, Eaq.) 61 

5. William B., born 13th June, 181 1, married Mary Ann Miller, 
daughter of Isaac Miller, of Newark. 

0. Joanna II., born violh January. 1814. 

7. Kliza Jones, born Isl August, l^l'i ; died at 3 years. 

8. James lieach, born 'iviti March, IHIS, died at IS months. 

9. Eliza Jones, 2d. barn 4th February, 1820, married. 19th June, 
l84U, her cousin William Beach, son of James, and lived in Ken- 

10. John Beach, 2d, born 11th March, 1822. 

11 Jacob tireen. born 1st October, 182'>, married, 10th June, 
IH4G, I'.liza Anderson, daughter of James Anderson, of Newark. 

HANNAH W. BIIOADWELL, and Samuel had chil- 
• Iren : 

1. Margaret Parsons, 3d, who died at 17 years, unmarried. 
=! 2 William Henry Parsons. 

(i 3. Samuel Parsons. 

I 4. Charles Parsons, died at about 'i years. 

5" 5. Mary Elizi Parsons, dieil at about one year. 

6. Vt'ic'k lid' Parsons. 

7. .Mary Anno Kliza Parsons. 

8. Richard I'arsons. 

9. Albert I'arsons. 

WILLIAM li. HllOADWLLL, and Mary Anno Miller, had 

children : 1. (ieorjje Mroadwell ; "i. : 3. Ira Green ; 

4. Lillis, born 25th December. 1849. 

ELIZA J. BROVDWKLL, and William Beach, had children, 
who all died but .\rina .Meliinnis Beach. 

Jacob (}. Broadwfll, ami Eliza Anderson, bad children . 

1. William Henry, born 11th .Vpril. 1847; 2. James Anderson, 
born 25lh September, 1849. 


GEORGE BROWN, (son of Andrew Brown,) lived on Stony 
Hill, where John W. Hand now lives. His wife's name was 
I'ilizabeth Martin, of Woodbridge. She died, 6lh August, 1777, 

arred 2.') years ; and he married Wood, a si.ster of Samuel 

Wood, of Dayton, and also a sister of Esther, the wife of Jonathan 
Tolten. He had children : 

1. Thompson, who married Patty Wade, daughter of Andrew, 

•; of .Morris County, whose wife was Rachel Osborn, daughter of 

o John. 

'i 2. Noah, who died at about 22 years. 

=. 3. Elizabeth, who married, 15th March, 179G, Lewis Badgley, 

• and removed to Paterson. 

Thompson Brown removed to Westficld, and ownerl a 
large distilling establishment there. He left his wife and children 
there, and went to Ohio. He had children : 


" 1. Andrew W^ade, born 2d September, 1811, and married 
f Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Jesse V. Douglas, and lives in 
I Springfield Township, at Sayre's Bridge, over Rahway River. 
i 2. Mary marrried John Keith, in Ohio, and had children: 
1. iMartha Keith; 2. Andrew Keith. 

ANDREW W. BROWN, and Elizabeth Douglas, had children : 
1. Thompson, born 14ih .March, lb34. 
9- 2. Mary, born 9ih October, 1835. 

? 3. Caroline, born 4th June, lh37. 

I 4. George, born 24th June, 1S39. 

I ,5. Eliza Jane, born ir)th March, 1S41. 

6. Sarah Anne, born I'ith February, 18411. 

Thompson Brown died November, 1842. 

Patty, his wile, di»>(l , 1842, aped 63 years. 

Elizabeth, wife of A. \V, Broun, 'li»d 1>1G. 


JOHN BROWN came from ICngl.ind to Elizabethtown, and 
married Nancy Badgley, daughter of (ieorqe Bad^ley. 

He removed to Stony Hill, on the Bt,ttit place, and afterwards 
bought the place where his grandson now lives, where Samuel 
Johnson form* rly lived. They had children: 

1. Rachel, who married Henry Hncston, and lived at Bellvillc, 
and had children : 

1. Jane Hueston, who married Israel Simpson, son of John. 
[See Si'iipson] 

2. John Hueston, who died at 10 years. 

2. Jamos. who married .Mary Lvon. daughter of Ebenezer, of 
Stony Hill. 

3. William married Sarah Shaw, daughter of Richard. 

4. Nancy married Allen Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty. [See 

5. Sally married William Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.] 

6. Polly married Thaddeus Titus, and went to Paterson. 

JAMES BROWN, (son of John.) and Mary Lyon, had chil- 
dren : 

1. John, born March, 1799, who married Elizabeth Radley, 
daughter of John, of Westfield. 

2. Aaron married , in New York, and went to French 

Creek, Penn. 

3. Sally married William Mulligan; live on Stony Hill. 

4. Nancy married William Koyer, of Paterson, and live there, 
o. Maria, who died at 18 years', unmarried. 

6. Henry married Locky Moore, daughter of Isaac B., of War- 
ren Township. 

7. Peter married Sarah Hemmingway, an English girl. 


JOHN BROWN, (son of James,) and Elizabeth Radley, had 
children : 

1. Fanny. 

2. Mary Anne, born 1822. 

3. Jonathan M. Willcox, who died at l> months; 4. Eli/a died at 
12 months; 5. James; G. Maria; 7. John Lvon ; S. Eliza Jane, 
born 1832. 

SALLY BROWN, (3d child of James, .son of John,) and 
William Muilif^an, had children. 

1. John Mullii,'an ; 2. Mary Mullij;jan ; 3. Jane Mulligan; 4. 
William Kills Mullegan; 5. George Henry Mullegan. 

NANCY BROWN, (4ih child of James, son of John,) and 
William Koycr, had children: 

1. James Ko^er; 2. William Koyer ; 3. Henry Koyer ; 4. 
Maria Koyer; 5. Sarah Jane Koyer; 6. Peter Koyer. 

HENRY BROWN, (0th cluld of James, son of John,) and 
Loeky Moore, had children : 

1. Mary; 2. Albert; 3. Margaret; 4. William; f). Isaac; 6. 

TETER BROWN, (7th child of James, son of John,) ;and 
Sarah Htmmingway, had children ; 

1. Jolin Lever; 2. Margaret; 3. Hetty; 4. Charlotte, 6. 
Thomas; 6. William. 

WILLIAM BROWN, (3d child of John,) became insane, and 
is in the Xey Jersey Asylum, at Trenton. 
He and Sarah Shaw, had children: 

1. Polly, who married Israel B. Long, son of John ; lived where 
Richard Valentine did. [See Lonf;.'] Died March 10th, 185 1. 

2. George married Polly Badgley, daughter of Anthony, Jun. ; 
have no children. 

3. Anne married Jacob F. Badgley, son of Samuel. [See 

4. Hetty married Henry Price, son of William, son of Rice 
Price. [See Price.'] % 

5. John married Anjolinc Irvin, daughter of John W. Foster, of 
Westfield, and has children: 1. Amanda Merwin; 2. . 

POLLY BROWN, (6th child of John Brown,) and Thaddeus 
Titus, had children : 

1. Cornelius Titus, who married his cousin, Isi, Sally Doty, 
daughter of Allen, son of Joseph, and had children : 1. Lorenzo 
Titus; 2. Cornelius Titus, Jun. ; and by his 2d wife, Maria, (an 
Irish girl,) had other children: 3. John 

2. Henry Titus married, 1st, Eliza Post, of Paterson; 2d, Mary 
Jane Box ; has no children. 


3. Jane Titus married Willard Fisk, sonofRussel Fisk, and 
liad children: 1. Amanda Fisk: 2. Hiisscl Fisk; 3. Mary Jane 

4. Raclu 1 Tiiiis macricd Clirislian Overnirr, and had children : 
1. Cornt'liiis OvernitT- 

5. Mary Tilus, who died at 6 years of age. 

G. Thompson Titus married Anne Lowrcy, and l»ad chihlrcn: 
1. Henry Tilus; 2. Sarah Tilus ; H. Thompson Tilus. Jun. 


WATERS HLKIIOWS. married Franocs M. ikcr. (daufjlilcr of 
James, son of Kotxrl M« ukcr.) They remo\ed fr<tnj Kii/abelh- 
town, and lived wherf Sti-phen r>ay does, and had children : 

1. Hannah, who married Dnirid Jonrs; lived where Jonathan 
Tottcn does. 

2. Stephen, who wcmjI to Cincinnati, Ohio. He died ol rholcra 
in Ib.'iO. 

3. Nanry went to Cincinnati with Stephen. 

4. James wmt to western New \ ork. 
.5. Aaron went to W( stern New York. 

0. Da\id Willi to Cinrinnati, — has three sons in Iowa, John, 
David, and , and Franct-s and Mary Anne, in Newark. N. J. 

7. Mary marri< d Josiah Wilkison. She di»-d 30th April, and 
he died May 1st, \<l^. 

8. Deborah married Jonathan Ahvard (son of Henry, 3d,) of 
Bask ins: Ridge. [See Alward.l 

9. Waters. Jun., (Kev.) married Margaret Wood, danijhtcr of 
Caplain Daniel S. Wood. 

Mr. Waters Hurrows died ftth July, ISI.'>, aped 69 years. 

RKY WATFKS lU'RRMWS is a minister of the Methodic 
Kpiscopal Chiircii. He an 1 Mir;;«rot Wood had children : 

1. Sarah Anne, who married Abraham Parrnt. son of iSquicr. 
[Sec Parrot.] M Mary Frances; 3. Samuel: 4. Walcm, 3d. 

MARY BURROWS, (7th child of Waters Burrow?,) and 
Josiah Wiikison. had children : 

1. James M. Wilkison married Eliza Payer, of Warren county, 
and lives thr-re. 

2. Sleplicn Ihirrows Wilkison married Drusilla Young, daughter 
of Stephen, of East Madison. 

3. Slary Burrows Wilkison married Daniel Y. Harrison, of 
Newark, and went to Cincinnati. 

4. Eiias Riffcs Wilkison married Charlotte F. Davis, dau::hlcr 
of Isaac L.. of Elizahelhtown. 

.5. Flcazer B. Wilkison married Hannah Anne Dickerson, of 


MARY BURROWS, (daughler of Waters,) and Josiah Wilkison, 
had children : 

I. Jaiiits M. Wilkesoii, (sou of Josiuh,) uiul Elizabeth Huyer, 
of NVurren couutv, hnd cliildren : 

I. Josiuh. who died at one year. 
'i. Abiathar, who died at one year. 

3. Jonathan A., who died \'\ 4 years old. 

4. Samuel, born 1H26. 

5. Isaac Newton, who died at 7 years old. 
«). John N. wton. born ls29. 

7. Elius Kigi;s, born 1832. 

•<. Charlotte Anne Foyer, born 1835. 

9. .Mary Martjartt Harrows, horn I'^MT. 

10. .Maivina \oung, born 1840. 

II. James JaqueL, born t84<-i. 


NAPHTALI IJVRA.M lived at Morriatown. He married Amy 
M«-d!^».'.s, and had children : 

1. Abigail, who married her cousin. Hyram Ayers. son of F.lias 
!: Avers. They removed to L*'xinmon, Frebblu county, Ohio. 

J. Amy miirricd Samuel Huiiiday, of Newbur;,', New York. 
'a He lived at Morristown, and was Sherifl of Morri« county several 
i years. 

''^. Ebfuezer married Mary Litteil, diuiirhter of Nathaniel, and 
wnnl to Darke county, Ohio. \_See Litteil.^ 

4. HuUluh married I^oammi M<K»re, o( Morrislown ; In- was a 

5. Susan, who died, aged about 50 years, unmarried. 

6. Silas ('ondit married Nancy Hrown, daughter of Daniel, of 
.Madison; (.she was si.sler of Cdleb Dickcrson's wife;) he went to 
Dayton, Ohio. 

7. Sally niarrieH Sil;\s Hroadwell, ton of Simeon. [6><; 

s. .\nnf: married the same Silas Droadwell, and had no cliil- 
dren ; she was confined to ht-r bed about seven j'ears, at .Morristown, 
by disease, and .subsequently went to Dayton, Ohio, and married. 

.\BI(;AIL BYRAM, (ist child ..f Naphlali Hyram.) and 
llyrdin .\yers, have children ; 

1. .Mary .\vers, who married 'ohn f "iiinniiiii^s, of liOxington, 
Prebble county. 

2. Phebc .Vyers, not married in 1850. 

3. Amy .\yers married Jacol> Westcrfield, of Lexington, son o( 

4. Huldah Anne Aycrs married John IMillcr, of Lcxiii'^lon. 
rt. James Aycrs married . 

A.MY BYR.V.M, (id child of Naplitali,) and Samuel Halliday, 
had children : 


1. Betsey Halliday. 

2. David Halliday is a Presbyterian minister at Peekskill, N. Y 

3. James Richards Halliday. 

HULDAH BYRAM, (4th child of Naphtali,) and Loammi 
Moore, had children : 

1. Byram Moore married in Virginia, and lives there. 

2. Sally Anne Moore married Silas Pierson, son of Benjamin, 
above Madison ; liv^es at Mercersburgh, Penn., and keeps a high 

3. Susan Moore married Baldwin, of Orange, and lives 


4. Abigail Moore went to her sister's, at Mercersburgh. 

5. Phebe Moore also went to Mercersburgh. 

6. William Moore went to Cincinnati, and married there, and 
keeps a book-store. 

7. Eiiza Moore also went to Mercersburgh. 

SILAS CONDIT BYRAM, (6th child of Naphtali,) and Nancy 
Brown, had children : 

i. Ebenezer, who married Sarah Fland, daughter of Aaron 
Hand, of Basking Ridge, and had children: I.Aaron Milton: 2. 
Eliza; 3. Delia; 4. Silas; .5. Albert Barnes; 6. Hannah; 7. 
William Byram. 

2. A ray married Eli Tomkins ; lives at Orange, N. J. 

o. Henry married Anna Searing, of Spring Valley, Morris 
county. New Jersey, and has children: 1. Sarah Anne; 2. Susan; 
3. Henry. 

4. Mary married her cousin, Nathaniel L. Byram, son of 
Ebenezer. They both died, and left one child, Harriet Byram, 
who lives with her relative, the Rev. David Halliday, of Peekskill, 
New York. 

5. David married Dplia Bishop ; — lives in Monmouth Co., IS. J. 

6. Jonas, who went on a whaling voyage, and never returned. 

7. Frances married , at Succasunna Plains, and went to 


8. Silas Pierson. 

Silas C. Byram and his wife both died, and are buried at Dayton. 


JOHANNES VANCAMPEN, (in English called John Camp,) 
owned 300 or 400 acres of laud, lots^No. .50, .'I, 52, of the 
Elizabethtown lots, adjoining Passaic River, west of Littell's lot, 
where he lives. He lived on lot No. 55, south of Mulford's bridge, 
by the brook. He probably exchanged lot No. 50 with John 
Blanchard, for lot No. 55. He lived on No. 55, and Blanchard 
subsequently sold 40 acres of No. 50 to Thoma? Baker, in 1738. 
About half his 300 acres were sold (100 acres of which was subse- 
quently owned by Richard Scudder, now owned by John Littell.) 
The remainder was inherited by his son, Aaron Camp, who lived 


where his father did. Aaron Camp died 8lh December, 1788, and 
his farm was divided among his children. Aaron Camp married, 

1st, , 2d, Hannah Clark, daughter of Daniel. 

Aaron Camp, by his 1st wife, had children : 
w 1. Mary, who married David Allen, son of Joseph Allen, Jun., 

of Washington Valley. [See AUe?i.] 

1 2, Aaron, Jun., married, 22d April, 1771, Ketura Clark, daughter 
I of Daniel, and sister of his father's 2d wife, and lived in Caldwell, 
' near the Little Falls. 

3. Moses married, 1787, Martha Rutan, daughter of Abraham, 
of Longhill, and removed to Pennsylvania. 

4. Job married, 7th January, 1790, Mary Tucker, daughter of 
John, of Stonyhill, and \yent to western Pennsylvania, and from 
thence to Ohio. 

5. John married, 8th November, 1789, Rachel Sayre ; and by 
his -Id wife, Hannah Clark, Aaron Camp had other children: 
6, Lot; 7. Sally; 8, Amy; 9. Theodocia. 

Aaron Camp died, and his widow married Deacon William 


THOMA.S CARLE lived on Long Island, and had two sons : 

Jona ; Jacob. 

Jona Carle sold, in the year 1729, to Benjamin Pettit, of New 
Rochelle, in the State of New York, 105 acres of land adjoining 
Passaic River, and yet in the Pettit family. 

In the deed, from John Blanchard for the Church Parsonage 
lot, Jacob Carle is said to adjoin it on the west ; therefore it would 
seem t!iat Jocob Carle and Jona Carle owned from the Parsonage 
lot up the river, to about the middle of the Pettit farm, and that 
Jacob sold the remainder to Elnathan Cory, who subsequently 
owned it. 

Jacob Carle removed to the farm now owned by John Worth, on 
the north of Dead River. Ht'then bought 500 acres, the one-fourth 
part of the Berkley Tract of 2000 acres, north of Passaic River, on 
which his grandson, Daniel Carle, now lives. 

Jacob Carle married Rebecca Stites, daughter of William Stite.s, 
and had children : 

1. John, who married Providence Layton, .sister of Capt. Peter 
Layton. (Providence and Peter Layton's mother was sister of 
Richard Runyon, Sen. 

2. Sarah, who married Bedient Baird, who lived where Clark 
Squier does. 

3. Jonas, who married Anna Cooper, daughter of Daniel 
Cooper, 1st. 

John Carle, son of Jacob Carle, lived on Long Hill, on the 500 
Acre Tract, wfiich was divided between him and his brother Jonas. 
He was a Justice of the Peace, a Judge of the Court and several time, 
a member of the Legislature of the State, and in 1783, was a mem- 
ber of the Privy Council. 


JOHN CARLE, Esq., (son of Jacob.) and Providence Layton, 
had children : 
CO i. Jemima, who married, 22d April, 1771, Samuel Hayden, and 

went, after the war, to Canada. 

1 2. John, married Lydia Perrine.and he became a Presbyterian 
a minister. 

." 3. Sally, married Alexander Kirkpatrick, sou of David. [See 

JONAS CARLE, (son of Jacob,) lived where his father did, and 
Anna Cooper, had children : 

1. Betsey, who married James Vail, son of Isaac Vail, who was 
brother of Daniel Vail, Sen. \_See VoAl.'\ 

2. Jacob, who died a young man, unmarried. 
S.Elijah, who died in youth. 

4. Anne is unmarried, and lives with her brother Daniel. 

5. Timothy, who died at 19 years of age, unmarried. 

6. Daniel is unmarried, and lives on the farm his father owned. 

7. Sally, married Ebenezer Williams, son of John. [See 

5. Lydia, married the same Ebenezer Williams. They live near 
the cross-roads, one mile cast of Basking BridiTe. 


JAMES CAULDWELL, with his wife Mary, emigrated from 
Ireland, about the year 1732, when his son William was six years 
old, and settled o:< Long Hill, on lot.No. 30, addition of the Elzabeth- 
town lots, which it appears he drew. 

From tradition among the families, it would seem, and I am led to 
believe, that James Cauldwell's wife was Mary Gaston, sister of the 
father of Hugh Cxaston, of Peapack. 

Hugh Giaston, was brother of Capt. William Logan's wife, and 
probably also brother of the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, at Liberty 
Corner. His children called him Uncle Hugh Gaston, and Mr. 
Gaston, Mrs. Logan, and the old Kirkpatrck family claimed kin to 
the Cauldwell fami]3\ 

JAMES CAULDWELL, had children: 

1. William, who married Elizabeth Thompson, sister of Thomas, 
of Springfield. 

2. Robert, who married , and died, leaving three 

daughters, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth. 

3. Hugh, who married Jane Parker, his cousin; lived on Long 

4. Abraham, married Catherine Hill; lived in Orange Co, New- 

5 James, married Peggy , lived near Goshen, Orange Co. 

6. John, who died unmarried. 

7. Jennet, married Mr. '>'' *■ Miller. 

8. Sarah, married Isaac Roll, son of John. [See Roll.^ 


WILLIAM CAULDWELL, (!st child of James,)and Elizabeth 
Thompson, owned, and lived on lot No. 17, (addition,) adjoining 
Passaic River, in Morris County, immediately below Johnson's 
Bridge. They had children : 

1. Aaron, born 7th Jan. 1752, and died unmarried. 

2. James, born 2od Sept. 1753, married his cousin Elizabeth 
Cauldwell, daughter of James. 

3. John, born 23d August, 1755, married Hannah Hutan, daugh- 
ter of Abraham. 

4. Mary, born 14th Fob. 1757, married Nathaiel Littell, son 
of David. [See Litlell.'] 

5. Moses, born 30th Oct. 1758, and died unmarried. 

6. Sarah, born 3d May, 1760, married, 26th March, 1787, Isarel 
Cory, son of Elder Daniel. [See Cory.] 

7. Robert, born 13th Sept. 1762, married ^lary Ball, born 25th 
Aug. 1763, daughter of Joseph. 

8. Elizabeth, born 9lh June, 1764, married, 8th May, 178'-i, 
Alexander Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.] 

9. Dan, born 28th Jan. 1766, married 8th May, 1788, Rachel 
Potter, daughter of Amos, son of Daniel, 

10. Abraham, born 5th Sept. 1768, married, l4th June, 1791, 
Elizabeth Rutan, daughter of Abraham. 

Note. — William Cauldwell. died in 1799, age! 73 years. His wife, Eiizabetiu 
died, -iOth March, 1794, aged 65 year.s. 

John Cauldwell, died 10th Sept. 1801, aged 46. His wife, 
Hannah, died, 3d June, 1797, aged 36 years. William Cauldwell, 
and his son .lohn. were elders in the church here. 

JAMES CAULDWELL, (2d child of William,) and Elizabeth, 
his wife, lived in New York, and had children. 
1. Jane, who married. 2. John 3. Thomas. 

JOHN CAULDWELL, (3d child of William,) lived where his 
father did. He and his wife Hannah Rutan had children : 

1. Rachel, who died 16th Aug. 1784, aged 10 months. 

2. John, who married Electa Hand, daughter of Benjamin, of 
Long Hill. 

3. Abraham Rutan, married, 1. Electa Johson, 26th April, 1815, 
daughter of Gabriel, Esq. 2. Aquilla Berry, daughter of Judge 
BerrVi of Urbana. 

4. 'Hugh, born 15th May, 1790, married, 28th July, 1811, Abigail 
Gibbs, born 24th Oct. 1793, daughter of Joseph Gibbs, of Elizabeth- 
town, and lived there. 

5. Peter Rutan, married Levinah Fitch ; lived in Urbana, Ohio. 

6. Robert M. married his cousin Betsey Cauldwell, daughter of 

7. Jerry, married, 5th Nov. 1793, Mary Eliza Boyer; all these 
but Rachel and Hugh went to the State of Ohio. 

JOHN CAULDWELL, (son of John, son of William,) and 
Electa Hand lived in , Ohio, and had children ; 


1. Abraham, who married. 2. Hannah, married 1. 

Rutan, 2. Mars. 3. Azel. married Jane Stewart ; lives near 

Hill Grove, Darke Co., and had children; 1. Dennis ; 2. John; 3. 
James Mc Na!);4. Electa ; .5. Martha; G.Catherine; 4. Ludlow, 

married ; 5. , who died in infancy ; 6. Phebe, married 

; 7. Mary ; 8. John, 3d : 9. Peter. 

ABRAHAM R. COLWELL, (so he spells his name) son of 
John, son of William. By his first wife. Electa Johnson, had child- 
ren : 

1. Maria Johnson, who married Dr. Wilson Everet, a printer. 

2. William Johnson, who married Jane Ward. 

And by his 2nd wife, Aquilla Berry, had other children : 

3. Charles ; 4. Eliza ; 5. Mary ; 6. Girden ; 7. Benjamin ; 
8. John. 

HUGH CAULDWELL, (3d son of John, son of William,) and 
Abigail Gibbs had children : 

1. Jane, born 25th Oct. 1812, married, 4th November, 1838, 
Daniel Trembly, son of John, of Rahway ; lived in Elizabethtown, 
and had children : 

I. William Trembly. 2. Anna Meeker Trembly. 3, John 
Joseph Trembly. 4. Jane Trembly. 

2. Robert, born 5th November, 1816, married, 16th, May, 1841 
Julia Anne, Marsh, daughter of Gideon Marsh, of Westfield, live in 
Elizabethtown, and have children : 

1. Freeman. 2. George. 

3. Hannah Maria, born 25th December, 1818, and died 2.5th 
April, 1S38. 

4. William McDowel, born 12th May, 1821, and died 8th May, 

5. EUzabeth, born 7th January, 1823, and died 9th August, 1824 
Hugh CauldweU died 14th November, 1822, in Elizabethtown. 

PETER R. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Levinah Fitch had 
children ; 

1. James, born 8th June, 1817, married, 18th Sept. 1844, to 
Sidnev Lawrence, and died 25th Sept. 1844. 2. Robert, R. born 
24th Oct. 1819. 3. Lavinah. 4. Mary Jane, born 11th August, 
1823, married 5th Nov. 1843, Milo Chatfield, and died 25th Sept. 
1845. 5. William Vance, born 13th .Tan. 1826. 6. Anne Maria, 
born 23d Dec. 1828, and died 1st Sept. 1829. 7. Elizabeth 
Electa, twin to Anne Maria, died 21st Sept. 1845. 8. Calvin 
Fletcher, born 26th Feb. 1831; 9. Philander; 10. Olivia; 11. 
Rebecca; 12. Fanny. 

Peter R. Col well died 16th November, 1847. 

ROBERT M. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Betsey Cauldwell, 
his wife, had children : 


1. Luther Littell, born 1st December, 1818, and died at about 19 
years. -. Eliza Jane. 3. Abraham. 4. Hannah, who died 
at about 16 years ; 5. Jonathan Chaplain ; 6. Enos ; 7. David. 

Robert M. Cohvell, died in the spring of 1840, in the field alone, 
supposed bv the bursling of a blood vessel. 

JERRY 'COL WELL, son of John, and Mary E. Boyer, had 
chiidien : 

1. Wallace ; 2. William ; 3, Jerry, born January, 1832, and died. 

Jerry Cohvoll, son of John, was kicked by ahorse on the he.: 
which broke his scull, and resulted in his death after about two 
and a half months. He died 24th May, 1832. 

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (7th child of William,) removed to 
Butler county, Ohio, lived there many years, and subsequently re- 
moved to near Covington, Indiana. 

Robert Cauldweil, and his wife Mary Ball, had children : 

1. Joseph, born 7th November, 1795, married Nancy Reynolds, 
and had children : 

1. Mary Jane ; 2. Eleanor ; 3. Robert ; 4. Franklin ; 5. 
Joseph ; 6. Amzi. 

2. Aaron, born 16th August, 1797, and died at about 22 years, un. 

3. Rachel, born 20th February, 1799, and died at 7 or 8 years 
of age. 

4. Elizabeth, born 24th, January, 1801. 

5. Hannah, married S. S. Moody, and had children: 

1. Mary Moody ; 2. Robert Moody; 3. Matilda Moody; 4. 
Elizabeth Moody; 5. Uly.^ses Moody : 6. Nathaniel Moody. 

6. Margaret, married James Eider, and had children : 

1. Marietta Elder ; 2. John Boyd Elder ; 3. Robert Elder ; 
4. Abraham Cohvell Elder ; 5. Pamela Elder ; 6. Eleanor 

7. Jane, married, 1st, Anthony Dancer, and had children : 

1. Eliza Dancer ; 2. Mary Elizabeth Dancer, and by her 2d, 
husband, John Hayden, had other children; 3. Robert Hayden ; 
4. Lorena Hayden. 

8. Mary, married William Thompson, and had children : 
I.Aaron Thompson; 2. Levi Thompson ; 3. Mary Thompson ; 

4. Margaret Thompson ; 5. Robert Thompson ; 6. Lucinda 

9. Hugh, married Martha M. Galloway, and had children : 

10. Abraham, married, for his third wife, Elmira Boo, and had 
children : 1. William ; 2. Ellen ; 3. Christian. 

11. William married • . 

12. James, married Mahala Patson. 

DAN CAULDWELL, {9th child of William,) and Rachel Potter, 
lived on the same section of land with Robert, and had children : 

1. Polly, who married David Johnson, son of Uzel Johnson, of 
Long Hill. 

2. Betsey, married Josiah Carter. 


3. Nancy, was drowned in the Little Miami River. 

4. William, married twice. 

5. Catherine, married her cousin, Jerry Caiildweli, son of Abra- 

6. John. 

7. Sally, married Hugh Stevenson, 

8. Charlotte, married Mr. Stone, and soon after died. 

9. James, married Lydia Anne Hilyer, 

10. Rachel, died a young woman. 

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (10th child of William,) and 
Elizabeth Rutan, lived on the same section of land with Robert and 
Dan, and had children : 

1. Joseph, who married, 1st Ibbe Linn ; 2. Betsey, the widow of 
Mr. Stewart, and daughter of Mr. Thompson, and by Ibbe Linn, 
had children : 

1. William, who married a Miss Stewart. 

2. James Thompson. 

3. Ella Jane, who died at about 19 years. 

4. Catherine. 

And by his 2d wife, Betsey Thompson, had children : 6. Freelove; 
6. Sarah Ellen ; 7. Minerva. 

2. Jerry, who married his cousin Catherine Cauldwell, daughter 
of Dan. 

3. Hannah, who married, and had one child, which died in in- 
fancy ; her husband died, and she married, 2d, Mr. Hulse, and 

had children : 

1. Elizabeth Hulse, who married James Denise. 

4. Betsey married her cousin, Robert M. Cauldwell, son of John, 
and had 7 children : [See Robert M., son ofJohnV] 

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (2d son of James Cauldwell,) married 

-, and had children : 

1. Sarah. 

2. Mary. 

3. Elizabeth, married, 1st, Mr. Woodrufi; and had a son, Joel 
Woodruff, who died : Mr. Woodruff then died, and she married, 2d, 
Jacob Denman, and had children : 

1. Elizabeth Denman, who married Stephen Muchmore, son of 


2. Moses Denman, married Patty Morehouse, daughter of Isaac, 

of Cheapside. 

3. Aaron Denman, died at about 45 years, unmarried. 

4. Isaac Denman, went a ship-carpenter to sea, and never re- 


5. Robert Denman, married Jane Miller, daughter of Major 

Luke Miller, of Madison. 

6. Hiram Denman, inarried Sally Hardy, daughter of Joseph 

T. Hardy, of Cheapside, lived on White Oak Ridge, and 
had an only son, Theodore. 


7. Hetty Denman, married William Parcel, son of Thomas, of 

White Oak Ridge. 

8. Smith Denman, married Esther Parcel, daughter of 

Nicholas, of do. 

ELIZABETH DENMAN, (daughter of Jacob,) and Stephen 
Much more, had children : 

1. Elizabeth Muchmore, who married Elias B. Sturges, son of 
Ebenezer Sturges, of Chatham, and had children : 

1. Harriet Sturges, who married Hervy Lum, son of Samuel. 

2. William Henrv Sturges. 

3. Maiy Elizabeth Sturges. 

4. Benjamin Smith Sturges. 

2. Smith Muchmore, who married Mary Tucker, daughter of 
Elias Tucker, and had children : 

1. Elias Muchmore. 

3. Anne Elizabeth Muchmore. 

'i. John Joseph Muchmore. 

3. Hetty Muchmore. 

4. Sarah Muchmore, married Jonathan Bruen,and had children : 
I.Elizabeth Bruen ; 2. George Washington Bruen. 

5. Joel Muchmore, married Elizabeth Bond, daughter of Nathaniel 
Bond, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Caroline Muchmore : 2. 
Eliza Muchmore ; 3. Frederick Muchmore. 

MOSES DENMAN, (2d child of Jacob Denman, and Elizabeth 
Cauldwell,) and Patty Morehouse, had children : 1. Mary Denman ; 
2. Isaac Denman, and then Moses Denman went to the Lake 
country, New-York. 

ROBERT DENMAN, (uth child of Jacob Denman. and 
Elizabeth Cauldwell,) and Jane Miller, had children: 1. George 
Denman,; 2. Louisa Denman ; 3. Sarah Jane Denman ; 4. a daughter 
5. Electa Denman. 

Robert Denman then removed to Ohio. 

HUGH CAULDWELL,(3d son of James Cauldwell,) and Jane 
Parker, lived where his father did, at the foot of Long Hill, where 
Abraham Parrot now lives. 

Note. — Jane, the vvilie of Huffh Cauldwell, had a sister, Mary Parker, who 
married '24th Januarj', 17S7, James Stinson. Jane and Mary Parker'.s, father, was 
brother of John Parker, who married Betsey Pettit, daughter of Benjanuii Pettit, 
Jun., James Parker, brother of .Tohn, went to New England, and settled. 

HUGH CAULDWELL, and Jane Parker, had children ; 
I.John; 2. James; 3. Elizabeth; 4. John, 2d; 5. Sarah ; and 6. 
Jane. These all died young, except John, 2d, and Jane. 

John, married Mahateble Day, daughter of Colonel Israel Day, 
and had children : 

1. James, who married Martha High, daughter of Ephraim, son 
of Jacob, and went to Illinois. 


2. Israel Day, married Catherine Hoagland, of INevv-York, and 
had chileren : I. Frederick Ludlow, who died June, 184S, aged 10 

years ; 2. Catherine ; 3, Jenette ; 4. Elizabeth ; 5. . 

3, Elizabeth, born 1812, is unmarried. 

4. Hugh, who went to St. Louis, Missouri ; — returned, and died 
in Newark. 

5. William, who died in infancy. 

6. Jenette, who died at 2-| years. 

JANE CAULDWELL, (daughter ot Hugh. ) married Daniel 
Rutan, son of Joseph, son of Abraham, a-.d had children : 

1. Hugh, who died in Newark. 

2. Hannah, who also died in Newark. 

Daniel Rutan lived where his father and grand-daughter had 
lived ; he died 6th February, 1820, aged 28 years, and his widow, 
Jane, removed to Newark, where both her children died, and she 
died 2d February, 1849, in Newark, aged 61 years. 

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (4th son of James,) an. I Catherine 
Hill, in Orange county, New-York, had children ; 

1. Nathaniel, who married Miss Crawford, daughter of Jennet 

2. John. 

3. Abraham. 

4. James. 

5. Sally. 

6. Susan. 

JAMES CAULDWELL, (5th child of James,) and Peggy , 

of Orange county, New-York, had children : 

1. Thomas. 

2. James, 3d. 

3. Elizabeth, wlio married her cousin, James Cauldwell, son of 

4. Sally, married James Young. 

5. Mary, married Zach. Y^'oung, nephew of James. 

6. Temperance. 

JENNET CAULDWELL, (daughter of James,) and Mr. 

Miller, had children : 

1. John Miller, who married Charity Rutan, daughter of Abra- 
ham, and had a son, James, who lived near New Vernon. 

2. Samuel Miller, married Abigail Roll, daughter of John Roll,2d. 
and had children : 1. Rachel Miller ; 2. Abigail Miller. 

Samuel Miller's wife, Abigail, died 20th March, 178S, and he 
was killed, 4th July, 1793, by the upsetting of a wagon loaded 
with stone. 

3. Abraham Miller. 

4. Jennet Miller, married Mr. Crawford, father of liie wile of 
Nathaniel CauldwvvelJ, son of Abraham. 

5. James Miller. 



DANIEL CLARK, by his 1st wife, liad children : 

1. John, who lived and died at Rockaway, Morris County. 

2. Daniel, who married ; was a Baptist preacher. 

3. Sarah, who married .John Doty, son of Joseph Doty, 1st. [Sec 
Doty,] Daniel Clark's 1st wife then died, and he married, 2d, 
Miss Shipman, and had other children: 

4. Stephanas, who marrie i, 28th May, 1776, Keziah Doty, daugh- 
ter of George, and removed to the State of Ohio. 

5. Jabez, who married Caty Sickle, daughter of Samuel Sickle. 

6. Keturah married, 22d April, 1771, Aai'on Camp, son of Aaron. 
[See Camp.] 

7. Deborah, married Elias Runyon, son of Richard, 1st. [See 

8. Abigail married Thomas Scudder, brother of Richard, wlio 
owned and lived on the Townley Farm, [See Thomas Scudder.] 

STEPHANOS CLARK, (4th child of Daniel,) and Keziah Doty, 
had children : 

1. PoUv, who married Jeremiah H. Osborn, 3d March, 1795, as 
his 2d wife. [See J. H. Osborn.] 2. Israel ; 3. Elmer ; 4. Sally. 


ELIAS CLARK, came up from Rahway, and settled on Stony 
Hill, on No. 47, of the Elizabethtown lots. 

He married Betsey Clark, daughter of Benjamin Clark, of Rah- 
way, and had children; 

1. Elias, who married Sarah Swain, daughter of Jacob. 

2. Nancy married Philip Allen, son of Joseph, [See Allen.] 

3. Betsey married 28th October, 1793, Enoch Sutton, son of 
William. [See Sutton.] 

4. Ichabod married Phebe Badgley, and had a son : 

1. John who married, 18th Febuary, 1817, Susan Radden, 
daughter of Jeremy. 

5. Sarah married David Stewart, son of William, and went to 

6. Mary Anne, who had a son, James C. Lyon, and married 
Henry Littell, 

7. Lockey, married David Wilson, of Mount Bethel. 

S. Hannah, married, I5th July, 1809, V/illiam Raddin, son of 
Jeremy, [See Radden.] 

9. David married, 1st, Betsey Anderson, daug-hter of James; 2d, 
Lockey, widow of Michael Long,and daughter of William Stewart. 

KLIAS CLARK, (1st son of Elias,) and Sarah Swain, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Benjamaa, who went to Long Island. 


2. Noah, n^arried Harriet Smith, daughter of Thomas. 

3. Betsey, married Ephriam Howard. 

4. Stewart, went away unmarried. 

DAIVD CLARK, (9th child of EUas Clark,) and Betsey 
Anderson, had children : 

1. Nancy, who married Samuel Chamberlain, of Newark, 
and had, 1st, Mary Rebecca, who died at about 4 years; 2d, 
Jane Elizabeth; 3d, Phebe, who died at nbout 5 years. 

2. Elias married, 1st, Phebe Long, daughter of Michael ; 
2d, Caroline Doty, daughter of Henry, of Washington Valley, 
and had children by his first wife : 1. Elizabeth ; 2. Samuel. 

3. Robert, born 6th April, 1818, married Sarah Wilson, 
born 7th March, 1817, daughter of Benjamin, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Benjamin, born 26th June, 1839 ; 2. David, born 3d 
December, 1840; 3. Elizabeth, born 2d December, 1H42 ; 
4. Phebe, born 3d Nov., 1844 ; 5. Stewart, 26th Feb., 1849. 

4. James married Hannah Mariah Doty, daughter of Henry. 

5. Mary Anne married Garret Pier, of Newark ; she died 
30th August, 1849, and left children: 1. Jane Pier ; 2. Robert 

6. Eliza married John Wilson, brother of Robert's wife, 
and had children: 1. Isaac Wilson, who died at 2 years; 
2. Mary Anne Wilson. 


ISAAC CLARK, lived near Johnson's Bridge, where 
Samuel Duryee now lives. He died 8th November, 1784, 
aged 72 years. His widow died 28th August, 1793. Isaac 
Clark had children : 

1. Samuel, who married Chloe , and early removed 

to the west. 

2. Ezekiel also early went to the west. 

3. Isaac, Jun., was the Blind Fiddler ; lived where Aaron 
Johnson now lives. He married, 7th December, 1787. Rachel, 
the widow of Andrew VVade, and daughter of John Osborn, 
and had children : 1. John O.sborn, who married Elizabeth 
Sale, daughter of Daniel, son of Daniel Sale, of Elizabethtown. 

2. Ezekiel, who died in infancy. 

3. Polly married John SuUard, of Conn., and removed there. 


JOHN CLARK came from Long Island, and settled in 
this place He was said to be no kin to Daniel, Elias, or 
Isaac Clark, nor they to each other. He was an elder in the 
church here. He lived where Matthias Osborn now lives, 
and, by his first wife, had children : 


1. Jeremiah, who married, 16th January, 1771, Hannah 
Roberts. He built the house and lived where the widow 
Polly Day lives. He sold it to Abner Bailey, and removed 
to the west. 

2. Stephen, who also removed to the west. 

3. Ketura married Mr. Roff, of Newark, and had children : 
1. Aaron Rotl"; 2. Moses Roff; 3. Stephen Roff; 4. David 

Elder Clark's wife then died, and he married Sarah, the 
widow of Jeremiah Hart, and had other children : 

4. Samuel, born 9th December, 1752, married. 1st, Jane 
Osborn, daughter of John, who was born 25th November, 
1756 ; 2d, Damaris Day, daughter of George. 

5. John, born 12th September, 1754 ; married Sarah Doty, 
daughter of George, and removed to the Susquehanna River, 
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. 

6. Abigail, born 9th May, 1755, and married Ezra Baldwin, 
son of Nathan, son of John, of Union, and lived near Cheap- 
side. [See E-.ra Baldwin.] 

7. Susannah, born 12th October, 1757, married Jacob 
Potter, son of Daniel, 2d. [See Potter.] 

8. Sarah, born 9th January, 1759, married Amos Potter, 
Esq., brother of Jacob. 

Elder John Clark died 12th May, 1794, aged 84 years. 

His wife, Sarah, died 1st September, 1808, aged 91 years. 

Sarah, wife of Amos Potter, died 15th January, 1796, 
aged 37 years. 

Susannah, wife of Jacob Potter, died 23d March, 1841, 
aged 832 years. 

SAMUEL CLARK, (4th child of Elder John Clark,) lived 
where his father did, and was Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas, and Justice of the Peace. He and his wife, Jane 
Osborn, had children : 

1. Daniel SeeJy, born 12th August, 1773; married, 28th 
February, 1796, Sally Willcox, daughter of John, and died 
22d February, 1843, nearly 70 years of age. 

2. Eunice, born 5th December, 1 775, and died a young 
woman, unmarried. 

3. David C, born 15th March, 1777; married Susannah 
Condit, of Orange, and died 13th January, 1832. 

4. Stephen, born 6th June, 1788, married Joanna Miller, 
daughter of Jacob, of Long Hill, and went with him to Butler 
County, Ohio. 

5. Polly, born 14th August, 1782, married James Parcel, 
and went to Clark County, Illinois. 

6. Sibbel, baptized 7th June, 1783, and died in infancy. 


Samuel Clark's wife, Jane, died 17th November, 1791, 
aged 38 years, and he married, 1st September, 1792, Damaris 
Day, daughter of George, and had other chileren : 

7. Abraham, who married Jennet Doty, daughter of James 
Doty, and had an only son, James Doty Clark. 

8. Martha Day Clark, who died 16th February, 1827, aged 
24 years, unmarried. 

Samuel Clark, Esq., died 23d February, 1822, aged 71 
years. His widow, Damaris, died 28th December, 1840. 

DANIEL S. CLARK, Esa., (1st son of Samuel,) was a 
Justice of the Peace. He lived on his father's farm — was 
a merchant — and he and Sally Willcox had children : 

1. William M., who married, 1st, Rachel Wood, daughter of 
Daniel S. Wood. Jun. ; 2d. Sally Wood, sister of his 1st wife. 

2. Levi, who married, 1st, Eliza Crane, daughter of Joseph, 
2d, Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Moses, son of John. 

3. Samuel married, 4th December, 1844, Mary Noe, 
daughter of David, son of John. 

4. Daniel Seely, Jun,, who went to Louisville, Kentucky, 
and married there. 

5. Stephen, who also went to Kentucky. 

G. Jane married Hervy »Spencer, son of William Spencer, 
of Chatham. [See Spencer.'] 

7. Eliza married Henry Schureman, son of Thomas, Esq., 
of Hunterdon Co. She lives in New York. 

8. Sarah married Mr. Myers, of New York, and went to 
St. Louis, Missouri. 

9. Mary married Joseph Graham, of New York, and lives 

WILLIAM M. CLARK, (1st child of Daniel S. Clark, 
Esq.,) hved in this valley, in Morris County; was a merchant, 
and was a Major in the Militia, and Justice of the Peace. He 
and his wife, Rachel, had children : 

1. Mary; 2. Anne Curry; 3. Hannah. And by his 2d 
wife, Sally, had other children : 4. Emeline. 

LEVI CLARK, Esa., (2d child of Daniel S. Clark, Esq..) 
was a Justice of the Peace— lived where his father did— and 
he and his wife, Ehza Crane, had children : 

1. Jeremiah. 

2. Joseph Crane, who died at 17 years. . 

3. John Wesley. 

4. Sarah Elizabetli. 

5. Charles Pitman. 

6. Ira Crane. 

JOHN CLARK, Juu. 79 

7. Daniel Seely. 

8. Abigail Morris. 

His 1st wife, Eliza, died 24th October, 1834, aged 34 
years ; and by his 2d wife, Elizabeth Tucker, he had other 
children : 9. Frances ; 10, Emeline. 

SAMUEL CLARK, (3d child of Daniel S. Clark, Esq.,) 
lives in Newark. He and Mary Noe had children : 
1. Arthur Berry ; 2. Samuel ; 3. Jane Noe. 

DAVID C. CLARK, (3d child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) 
and Susannah Condit," had children : 

1. John D., who married Sally Miller, of Westfield. 

2. Smith. 

3. Jane married Jeremiah Crane, son of Jeremiah, son of 
Timothy, and had no children. 

4. Polly, who died unmarried. 

5. Phebe, who died 23d December, 1846, unmarried. 
David C. Clark, died 13th January, 1832, aged 55 ; his 

wife died 26th February, 1841, aged 65 years. 

STEPHEN CLARK, (4th child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) 
and Joanna Miller, had children in Ohio : 

1. Jonas P. who married , and had three sons and 

three daughters. 

2. David C. married ; had five sons and 1 daughter. 

3. Jane married John Hamilton. She died March, 1834 
without children. 

Stephen Clark died, and his widow married Jacob Morris, 
and had children: I.Mary Morris, who married William 
Jordan ; 2. Hannah Morris, who married Charles Porter. 

Mr. Morris died about 1837, and she lives with Mr. Porter, 
in Vermilion County, Indiana. 

POLLY CLARK, (5th child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) and 
James Parcel, had children : 

1. Jane Parcel, who married William Crawford, from 
Long Island, and had children. He died in 1840. 

f 1. Royal F. Crawford, who is a Physician in 
Twins I Clinton Co., Indiana. 

■ ■ I 2. George W. Crawford, a Physician in Cole's 
I Co., Illinois. 

3. William lives in Clinton Co., Indiana. 

4. Adaline married Stanley Cash ; lives in Clark 
Co., Illinois. 

2. William Morris Parcel, born 1st April, 1803 ; had two 
wives and six children. 


3. John Ira Parcel, born 5th October, 1805, had 2 wives 
and 8 children ; Hves in Westfield, Clark Co., Illinois. 

4. Lucinda married Philip Sliper ; lives in Clinton Co., Ind. 

5. Margaret married Joseph G. Hayes ; has three sons 
and two daughters ; lives in Clinton Co. 

JOHN CLARK, Jun., (5th child of Elder John Clark,) and 
Sarah Doty, had children : 

1. Aaron, baptized 4th June, 1786, who married Thirza 
Gore, and had no children. 

2. Philemon, who married Betsey Chandler. 

3. George Doty, who married Deborah Osborn, daughter 
of J. H. Osborn. 

4. Sebia Howel, who married David Doty, son of Joseph, 3. 

5. Sally, who married John Osborn, son of Jonathan 
H. Osborn. [See Osborn.'] 

6. John, 3d, married Betsey Tompkins. 

GEORGE DOTY CLARK, (3d son of John Clark, Jun..) 
and Deborah Osborn, had children : 

1. Sarah, who married, 1st, Salma Hyde ; 2d, s-. 

2. Miriam married Mr. Dunham. 

3. Jotham Potter married . 

Mr. John Clark, Jun., and all his family, but Mrs. Sally, 
wife of John Osborn, lived in Luzerne Co., Penn. 

Mr. G. Doty Clark died, and his widow, Deborah, married 
a Mr. Camel, and went to Ohio, but had no other children, 
and he died and left her a widow again. 


WILLIAM COLE lived by Green Brook, on the nortli 
side, in Somerset County. His wife was Betsey Dennis. 
They had children : 

1. William, who married Elizabeth Williamson, daughter 
of William Williamson of Plainfield. 

2. James, who married Elizabeth Frazee. 

3. Dennis, who died an aged man, unmarried. 

4. Mary married Daniel Hand ; Hved on. the top of the 
First Mountain. 

5. Elizabeth, married John Merril, of Staten Island. 

6. Phebe, died an aged woman, unmarried. 

WILLIAM COLE, (son of William Cole,) was a surveyor 
and school-master, and was known as *' Master Cole." He 
and his wife, Elizabeth Williamson, lived where his father 
did, and had children : 


1. Isaac, who went to North CaroHna, and there married 
Betsey Blanchard, and died there. 

2. Abigail, who married Jonathan Smith, near Springfield. 

3. Joseph married Hannah Paine, daughter of John Paine, 
of Rahway. 

4. Levi, who died at about 33 years, unmarried. 

5. Catherine married Samuel Pound, son of Zachariah, of 

6. Elias married, 1st, Jemima Tingley, daughter of Jacob 
Tingley, of Washington Valley ; 2d. Mary Mulford, daughter 
of Cornelius, of Passaic Valley. 

7. Elizabeth married Colonel John Allen, son of David, of 
Washington Valley, and died without children. 

8. Phebe married Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, of Scotch 
Plains. [See Shotwell.'] 

ISAAC COLE, (1st child of Master William Cole,) and Betsey 
Blanchard, in North Carolina, had children : 

1. James, who married , and lived in Newbern, N. Carolina. 

2. William, who died at about 8 years. 

JOSEPH COLE, (3d child of Master William Cole,) and Han- 
nah Paine, had but one son. 

1. Freeman, who was a Justice of the Peace, and a Surveyor; 
he married Hannah Drake, daughter of Nathaniel, of Plainfield. 

ELIAS COLE, (6th child of Master William Cole,) and Jemima 
Tingley, had children : 

1. Levi, who went to South Carolina, and died there at about 23 

2. William, who is a Doctor of Physic, He married Keren- 
happuc Vail, daughter of Alexander, s<jn of Daniel, Sen., and 
had children : 1. Mary ; 2. Martha. 

3. Jacob married Mary Anne Randolph, daughter of David, of 
Stonehouse Village, and had children : 1. Randolph; 2. Sarah Anne. 

4. George, who died at about 6 or 7 years. 

5. Silas married, 25th September, 1849, Jemima Shotwell, daugh- 
ter of Daniel, and by his 2d wife, Mary Mulford, Elias Cole had 

6. Mulford, who married Emeline D. Shotwell, daughter of 
Daniel, and had children: 1. Elias; 2. Phebe, born 19th February, 

7. Mary married William Crane, 28th May, 1849, son of Isaac, 
of Long Hill, and had children : 1. Cornelius. 

JAMES COLE, (2d child of William Cole, Sen.) and Elizabeth 
Frazee, had children: 

1. Jemima, who married William Vail, son of Daniel. 

2. Rachel married James Clark, of Rahway. 



3. Betsey, who died at about 20 years. 

4. Dennis (who was a printer by trade) married Catherine Van 
Deusen, of Newburgh, New-York. 

5. David married Mary Miller, daughter of Benjamin Miller, of 
Scotch Plains. 

DENNIS COLE, (son of James,) and Catherine Van Deusen, 
lived at Scotch Plains, and had children : 

1. William, who married , in New- York. 

2. Betsey married Elias Frost, son of , of Mine Brook, 

Somerset County, and died without children. 

3. Maria married Mr. Crane, of Newark. 

4. Abraham married . 

6. Susan married Mr. Stout. 

Dennis Cole, Esq., was a member of the Legislature in 
1829 and 1830; was a Justice of ihe Peace, and was much en- 
gaged in settling estates as Executor, Administrator, and other 
public business. He died 10th January, 1844. 

DAVID COLE, (5th child of James Cole,) and Mary Miller, had 
children : 

1. James, who married . 

2. Charlotte married Abraham Hutchings, son of Abraham 
Hutchings, of Springfield. He is a grocer of Newark. 

3. David married ; lives in Rahway. 

JOSEPH COLE, brother of William Cole, Sen., had children : 

1. Abraham, 

2. Mary, who married Henry Line, son of Henry Line. 

3. Sarah married Abraham Williams. 

4. Patty married Benjamin, son of the Rev. Benjamin Miller, of 
Scotch Plains. 

5. Jonathan married, 1st, Dorcas Wallen ; 2d, , widow of 

William Elstone, 

6. Joseph married, 31st May, 1785, 1st, Jemima Allen, daughter 
of David, Sen., of Washington Valley ; 2d. Catherine Willet, 
daughter of Jonathan. 

JOSEPH COLE, (6th child of Joseph Cole,) had children : 

1. Frazee, who married Harriet Vail, daughter of Daniel, Sen. 

2. Allen married Sally Badgley, daughter of Joseph, and had no 

3. Sally married John Osborn, son of Deacon John Osborno 
Scotch Plains. 

4. David married Polly Tucker, daughter of Moses, and had one 
daughter, Mary. 

5. Phebe married Ezra Littell, son of Ebenezer, from Con- 

6. Amos married Betsey Syland, daughter of Benjamin. 

7. Aaron. 

8. Isaac, who went to French Creek. 


FRAZEE COLE, Cson of Joseph,) and Harriet Vail, had 
children : 

1. Mary, who married Job Squier, son of Jonathan, of Rahway, 
and had children : 

1. Jonathan Squier. 

2. Harriet Squier. 

3. Anne Squier. 

4. Mary Squier. 

5. Martha Squier. 

6. Frazee Squier. 

7. Lizzy Squier. 

8. Irene Squier. 

9. Jacob Squier. 
10. . 

2. Jacob, who married Christian Crowel, of Rahway, and had 
children : 

1. William Squier Cole. 

2. Albert. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Edward, who died in infancy. 


WILLIAM CONKLIN married Ruth Hedges, of Long Island, 
and removed from there to Basking Ridge, and had children : 

1. Stephen, 1st, who married Deborah Dimon ; 2. William, 
2d ; 3. Abraham ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Jacob ; 6. Thomas ; 7. Mary ; 
8. Ruth. 

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (1st son of William, 1st,) and Deborah 
Dimon, had children ; 

1. Climena, who married Josiah Ayers, son of Elisha Ayers, 
of Basking Ridge. 

2. William, 3d, married Rebecca Whitaker, daughter of Jona- 
than, of Mine Brook. 

3. Stephen, 2d, married Rachel Lindley, daughter of Benjamin 
Lindley, Esq., east of Morristown. 

4. Ruth, 3d, married Stephen Whitaker, brother of Rebecca, of 
Mine Brook. {See Whitaker.) 

5. Mary, 2d, married John Runyon, son of Richard, of Long 
Hill, and went to Ohio. {See Runyon.) 

6. Isaac, 2d, married Comfort Pitney. 

7. John married Phebe Mills, 

8. Abraham married Jemima Lindley, daughter of Major Joseph 
Lindley, east of Morristown. 

9. Deborah married John Seward, and went to Goshen, New- 

CLIMENA CONKLIN, (1st child of Stephen Conklin,) and 
Josiah Ayers, had children : 


1. Stephen Ayers, the celebrated itinerant Dr. Ayers, so emi- 
nently successful in curing the Cholera at Montreal, in 1832. He 
never married. 

2. Deborah Ayers, who married Stephen Cave, shoe merchant, 
of New-York. 

WILLIAM CONKLIN, 3d, (2d child of Stephen Conklin, 1st,) 
and Rebecca Whitaker, lived at Basking Ridge. He was a tanner 
and currier ; had a farm, and a tan-yard, and was a Justice of the 
Peace. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church 
there. They had children : 

1. Phebe, born 29th Sept. 1779, and died aged 6 years, 

2. Stephen, 3d, born 3d Feb. 1782, married, January, 1807, 
1st, Sally Coriell, daughter of Elias, of Long Hill. He married, 
2d, Catherine Tailor, ;15th August, 1809, daughter of Willet 
Tailor, of Raritan. 

3. Jonathan, born 28th October, 1783, married Apha Colie, 
daughter of Daniel, of Springfield. 

4. Mary, born 7th October, 1785, married, 6th May, 1809, John 
Littell, son ofNathaniel, of New Providence, [See Nathaniel LittelL] 

5. William, 4th, born 23d August, 1787, married Ketura Green, 
and had no children. He married, 2d, Cornelia, widow of Elias 
Sturges, and daughter of Thomas Goltra, near Liberty Corner. 

6. Joseph, born 28th Nov. 1789, married Vilelta Hampton, 
daughter of James, of Woodbridge. 

7. Isaac, 3d, born 24th Jan. 1792, married Sarah Hall, daughter 
of Richard. 

8. Nathaniel, born 5th March, 1794, married Emily Halsey 
■ Fitch, daughter of Col. Grant Fitch, of Newton, Sussex Co. 

9. Sarah, born 2d Oct. 1796, married, in New-York, James S. 
Rose, and has a son, James Augustus Rose, who married Caroline 
Drake, daughter of Reuben Drake, near Woodbridge, who lives at 
Amboy, is a butcher, and has children : 

1. Mary Margaret Rose ; 2. Anne Eliza Rose, born 17th Nov 
William Conklin, Esq., died in a fit, in his bark-house, on the 14th 
February, 1803. 

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (2d child of William Conklin, 3d, Esq,) 
lived where his father did, was a member and elder in the Presby. 
terian church, at Basking Ridge. He subsequently removed to 
Somerville, where he died 3d Nov. 1849. He and his wife Sally 
Coriell had a daughter : 

1. Sarah, born 15th Dec. 1808, and married Thomas Layton, 
had a son, Theodore Layton, and died 23d Feb. 1842. 

Stephen Conklin, by his 2d wife, Catherine Tailor, had other 
children : 

2. Willet Tailor, born 6th October, 1810, who married Emeline 
Heath, 21st Dec. 1836, daughter of Daniel Heath, and had 
children : 


1. William Wilson; 2. Catherine Jane; 3. John Tailor; 
4. Stephen. 

3. Jane, born 15th August, 1815, married John Littell, at the 
south branch of the Raritan River, Somerset County, and had 
children : 

1. Margaret Sydam Littell. 

2. Catherine Elizabeth Littell. 

3. Mary Conklin Littell. 

4. William, born Uth April, 1818, married Mary Toms, daugh- 
ter of Charles Toms, Esq., of Somerville, and had children : 

1. Harriet. 

2. Albert. 

5. John Tailor, born 25th Jan. 1821, married Elizabeth Higgins, 
daughter of Elias T. Higgins, of Rahway, and had children : 

1. Nathaniel. 

6. Nathaniel, born 20th Oct. 1823. He graduated at Rutgers' Col- 
lege, New Brunswick, and became a minister of the Dutch Reformed 
Church, and is preaching in Monmouth County. He married, 24th 
Oct. 184S, Elizabeth Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, 
of Newark, and has children : 

1. Catherine. 

7. Mary Elizabeth, born 13th August, . 

JONATHAN CONKLIN, (3d child of William Conklin, 3d,) 
and Apha Colie, had an only child : 
a 1. Mary, born 9th Feb. 1803. He died September following. 
n Mary married, 31st, Dec. 1848, John Faulks, of Elizabethtown, 
i an Englishman, who died 4th March, 1849. 

^ WILLIAM CONKLIN, 4th, (5th child of William Conklin, 3d,) 
and Cornelia Goltra, had children : 

1. William, 5th. 

2. Mary Elizabeth. 

3. James Alonzo. 

4. Stephen, who died 9th July, 1849. 

5. John Littell. 

6. Sarah Agusta. 

Note.— Mrs. Conklin, by her first husband, had one son, Elias Sturges. 

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (6th child of William Conklin, 3d,) and 
Viletta Hampton, lived several years in New- York, and from thence 
removed to Woodbridge. He was an elder of the church there. 
They had children, besides two who died young : 

1. Eliza Hampton, born 3d August, . 

2. Joseph W., born 29th July, . 

3. Margaret Anne, born 17th Nov., . 

4. Nathaniel, born 19th Sept. 1832, . 

ISAAC CONKLIN, 3d, (7th child of William, 1st,) lived at Bask- 
ing Ridge ; was a shoe manufacturer and farmer. He and Sarah 
Hall, had children : 


1. Elisha Whitaker, born 2d August, 1819, and married, 27th 
March, 1843, Margaret Hibler, born 8lh Feb. 1824, daughter, 
of Jacob Hibler, of Danville, Perm. He was a graduate of Prince- 
ton College ; is now a booliseller in Danville. 

2. Mary Elizabeth. 

3. Emily Halsey, who died at about 16 years. 

4. Oscar. 

NATHANIEL CONKLIN, (Sth child of William 1st,) graduated 
at Princeton College, and studied theology at the Princeton Semi- 
nary ; became a minister of the gospel, preached some years in 
Sussex County, from there removed to Coshocton, Ohio: preached 
there; there his wife died, and he removed to Covington, Indiana; 
after preaching there several years, he returned, with his children, to 
New Jersey. He and his wife Emily H. Fitch had children : 

1. Emily Halsey, born 30th July, 

2. Charles Fitch, born 9th August, 

3. Mary Littell, born 12th Jan. 1831, married, 12th Feb. 1850, 
Capt. Robert Evans, a member of the bar, son of Thomas J. Evans, 
of Covington, Indiana, and resides there. 

4. Millecent Rebecca, born 2d May, . 

5. Nathaniel Whitaker, born 21st December, 1835. 

STEPHEN CONKLIN, 2d, (3d child of Stephen Conklin, 1st, 
son of William,) and Rachel Lindley, had children: 

1. Sally, who married the Rev. Aaron Condit, Presbyterian 
5- minister, of Hanover, Morris County, as his 2d wife ; she had no 
C! children. 

g 2. Betsey, who never married. She was afmilliner, and kept a 
|. milliner's store at Morristown. She brought up and educated 
•" several of the children of her brothers, Stephen and Benjamin. 

3. Rachel, who died in youth. 

4. Stephen, 3d, who married , Abby Cook, daughter of James 
Cook, of Morristown. They lived in New-York, and had children. 

1. Elizabeth, who married in Illinois. 

2. Edgar married in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

3. Henry married in Ohio. 

4. James is a lawyer, married , and lives in Spring- 
field, Illinois. 

Stephen's wife, Abby, then died, and he married Margaret Dunlap, 
of Newburg, and removed to Illinois, and had several other chil- 

5. Benjamin married Mary Johnson, of New-York. He lived in 
New-York ; was a grocer ; and died there, leaving 4 children : 

1. Eliza, who married John Landen, of New-York, and 
died, leaving 2 children : 1. Marietta Landen ; 2. Frederick 

2. Mary. 

3. Jane Kipp, who married Philip W. Crater, merchant at 
Morristown, and had children; 1* Margaret Elizabeth 

4. Henrietta. 


ISAAC CONKLIN, 2d, (6th child of Stephen, son of William, 

and Comfort Pitney, had children. 
*. 1. Sally, who married Sineus Baker, of Littletown, Morris County, 
^ and had children : 1. Isaac Conklin Baker; 2. Harriet Baker. 
§ 2. Damon, who married Sally Nevill, daughter of Charles Nevill, 

of Basking Ridge, and had children : 
s 1. John Nevill. 

2. Elizabeth, who married Abraham P. Jones, son of Edward of 

1 Newark, and had children : 1. Edward ; 2. John Nevill, 
I who died 23d September, 1848, at 3 years. 

3. William. 

4. Charles married, 7th January, 1851, Lydia A. Bird. 
6. James. 

6. Frances. 

Mr. Damon Conklin died when on a visit to Rochester, 
New- York, in August, 1842. His family lives in Newark. 

NoTK. — No relation exists between William and Joshua Conklin. 


JOSHUA CONKLIN, lived at Williams Farms, near Elizabeth- 
s' town. He had children : 

1. Joseph, born 29th July, 1755, married Miss Crissy, sister of 
i Moses, of Elizabethtown. 

1 2. William, born lOth March, 1757, married, 6th March, 1780, 
^ Sarah Halsey, daughter of Joseph, [See Halsey.^ 

3. Joshua, Jun.jborn 3d May, 1759, married Polly Johnson, sister 
of John Johnson, New-York. 

4. John, twin to Joshua, Jun., married Jerusha Haines. 

5. Sarah, born 16th September, 1766, married John Mott. 

6. Abigail, born 26th November, 1768, married Mr Pang- 
born, of Rahway, and by his 2d wife Joshua Conklin had children : 

7. Benjamin, born 28th August, 1777, married Mary High, daugh- 
ter of Jacob, of Sterling Valley. 

8. Keziah Bonnel, born, 12th October, 1779, married Mr 

Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown. 

9. Temperance, born 2d February, 1781, married John Totten, 
son of David. [See Totten.'] 

Mr. Conklin was accidentally killed by the fall of a tree in the 
great swamp. 

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (1st child of Joshua,) and his wife. Miss 

Crissy, had children : 

1. James; 2. Joseph; 3. Betsey; 4. Phebe. 

WILLIAM CONKLIN, (2d child of Joshua,) and Sarah 
Halsey, had children : 
w 1. Sarah Halsey, born 16th June, 1781, married William Crane, 
n brother of Captain Isaac Crane, of Chatham, and had four children, 
i three of which died young ; the other died at 19 years. 
I 2. William Pierson, born 29th March, 1786,. married Nancy 
? Crane, daughter of Norris. 

3. Ahijah, born 24th December, 1786, and died 24th Sept.; 1791. 


4. Caleb, born 26th February, 1789, married Lucy Hoagland, 
and died 3d June, 1826;— left no child. 

5. James, born 6th February, 1792, married, 1st, Susan 
Vredenburg, and had a daughter Susan ; 2d, Lucy French, 
daughter of Anderson. She had no child. 

6. Ezekiel, born 24th December, 1797, married Polly Berry, 
daughter of Charles, of Long Island. 

WILLIAM PIERSON CONKLIN, (2d child of William, son 
of Joshua,) and Nancy Crane, had children : 
j^ 1. Sarah Anne, born June, 1811, married, 1829, John M. Dodd, 
^ who was born Jan, 1806, and had children: 

S 1. Louisa Dodd, born 15th August, 1829, died 2d February, 

I, 1835. 

2. Sarah Anne Dodd, born 4th July, 1832, and died 31sl ^Jan. 
i 1835. 

1 3. John C. Dodd, born I8th June, 1834, died 5th February, 
? 4. Elizabeth W. Dodd, born 7th April, 1836. 

5. Anne Marsh Dodd, born 19th April, 1838. 

6. Helen M. Dodd, born 7th April, 1840. 

2. Mary, born 13th June, 1823, and died July, 1823. 

3. William, born 16th July, 1824, and died July, 1824. 

EZEKIEL CONKLIN. (6th child of William,) and Polly Berry, 
had children: 1. William, who died at 18 years; 2. George ; 3. 
Henry ; 4. John ; 5. Harriet ; 6. Charles, 

Sarah, the wife of Joshua Conklin, died 17th May, 1770. 

William Conklin, son of Joshua, died 20th January, 1806. 

Sarah H., his wife, died 27th August, 1802: 

William Pierson Conklin, son of William, died 15th September, 

James Conklin, son of William, died 21st October, 1835. 

Ezekiel Conklin, son of William, died 28th July, 1821. 

Sarah Anne, wife of John M. Dodd, died 11th April, 1840. 

JOSHUA CONKLIN, Jun., (3d child of Joshua Conklin,) and 
^ Polly Johnson, lived in Spring Valley, and had children : 

|j 1. John Johnson Conklin married Hannah , and had 

3 children : 

!fr 1. Joshua, 

Q 2. Caleb married Margaret Williams, daughter of Abner, 

g son of Noah, of Long Hill. 

I 3. William. 

P 4. Eveline. 

5. Mary, married . 

6. Abigail married William Fairchild, of Morristown, 

7. Sarah, or Phebe. 

2. Polly married Brooks Sayre, son of Isaac. [See Sayre.] 

3. Phebe, is unmarried. 

4. Benjamin Crane Conklin. 

5. Abigail. 

6. Betsey married Mr. Miller, 


JOHN CONKLIN, and Jerusha Haines, had children: 

1. Catherine, who married Isaac Conklin, son of Isaac, had a son 
who died in infancy, 

2. John married Abby Woodruff; had but one son, who died at 
18 years, in 1849. 

3. Abby mariied William Garthwaite, son of Jeremiah, and had 
a son Isaac. 

4. Hannah is unmarried ; lives in Elizabethtown, 

5. Mary married David Merril, of Staten Island ; had no chil- 

SARA.H CONKLIN, (5th child of Joshua,) and John Mott, had 
children : 

1. Jeremiah Mott, who marriedPolly Hand, daughter of Benjamin. 
[iSed Hand.'] 

2. Sally Mott married Mr. Smithson. 

3. Polly Mott married Mr. Smithson, (brothers.) 

ABIGAIL CONKLIN. (6th child of Joshua,) and Mr. Pangborn. 
had children : 

1. Sarah Pangborn, who married , and went to the 


2. William Pangborn went to the Lakes, and married there. 

3. Isaac Pangborn went to New-Orleans, and died there un- 

BENJAMIN CONKLIN, (7th child of Joshua,) and Mary High, 

had children : 
g 1. David, who married Lavina Pollard, daughter of Joshua, of 

Green Village, and hal children: 1. Debby Jane; 2. Mary 
3 Elizabeth ; 3. Benjamin Francis ; 4. William ; 5. Hannah Mariah. 

1 2. Deborah married William B. Crane, son of Joseph, Jun.,and 
^ had children : L Elias Crane , 2. Mulford Crane ; 3. Jerusha Crane. 

3. James D., went to Ohio, and married, and lives there. 

4. William P. married Harriet Roberts, daughter of Samuel, 
and had children ; I. Sophia. 

5. Anna, who died at 16 years. 

6. Mary, who married James Weir, of Ohio. 


HENRY CONNET died JulylOth, 17(51, aged 63 years. The 
widow Connet, mother of Deacon William Connet, diedSlst Aug., 
1771 ; they had childi-en. 
«£ 1. William Connet lived opposite the Franklin Mill, and was 

a deacon and elder in the Presbyterian church, in New 
q Providence. He married, ISth December, 1766, Sarah Rogers, 

1 and 2d, Mary, the widow of Aaron Decamp, 24th May, 1790. 

2. John Connet married, l3th December, 1767, Rachel Allen, 

3. Daniel Connet married, 26th November, 1769, Eleanor 

4. Hannah Connet, who died, 14th May, 1 764, unmarried. 


DEA.CON WILLIAM CONNET, and Sarah Rogers, had chil- 
dren ; 

„ 1. William Connet, Jan., who married, 25th April, 1791, Charily 

Q Bowers. 

S 2. Jemima Connet, baptized 2rst April, 1771 ; married, 10th 

i. April, 1793, Daniel Bowers. 

p 3. Sally Connet married, 14th November, 1793, Phinehas Bowers, 
4. Henry Connet married, and lived at Waterstreet, near Mend- 
ham, and had children : 

^ 1. Lockey, who married Mr. Lindley, and went to Mount 

Aubnrn, Illinois. 

g 2. Mary married Charles Marsh ; lived at Morristovvn. 

1 3. Sarah. 

° 4. William, who went to Ohio, and died there. 

5. Ira, who married Phebe Runnels, and had children: 

1. George Minton ; 2. Sarah Wilson; 3. Mary 
Elizabeth ; 4. Henry, who died unmarried ; 5. Samuel 
Runnels; 6. Caroline; 7. Louisa ; 8. Henrietta; 9. 


The parents of Daniel Cooper emigrated from Holland to New. 
York, in the year 1695. It is said that he was born at sea on their 
voyage, and that the father never arrived. He was born May 1st, 
1695, and married, 17th April, 1726, Grace Runyon, lived in 
Piscataway, and removed to Passaic V^alley, Morris County, in 
March, 1732. He bought lot No. 2, of the Berkeley tract, contain, 
ing 500, acres, lying east of and adjoining the quarter owned by 
Jacob Carle. They had children : 

K> I. Catherine, who was born January, 1728, and married Colonel 

^ Cornelius Ludlow. 

§ 2. Daniel Cooper, Jun., born 14th January, 1729, and died May, 

I. 1787. 

P. 3. Agnes, born 15th May, 1732. 

4. Peter, born 11th February, 1735, died October, 1755. 

5. John, born 20th August, 1738, died 3lst March, 1778. 

6. Benjamin, born 13th December, 1741, died December, 1794. 

7. Rosannah, born 26th March, 1743, died , 

8. George, born 20th August, 1745, died 20th September, 1801. 

9. Providence, born 27th March, 1748, died February, 1798. 

10. Anne, born 4th October, 1750, died 5lh February, 1795. 
Anne married Jonas Carle, son of Jacob. {See Carle.'] 
Daniel Cooper had six wives : 

1. Grace Runyon, born January, 1706, and died November, 

2. Jane Westbrook. 

3. Grace Manning, died April, 1777. 

4. Widow Fanny Jones, died January, 1787. 

6. Barbara Margaret Gibbs, who died December, 1789. 
6. Hannah Martin, widow of Colonel Ephraim Martin. 
He died, 2d May, 1795, aged 100 years. 

DANIEL COOPER, Jdn, Esq. 91 

DANIEL COOPEll, Jun., Esq, (son of Daniel, 1st,) married, 
1st, Miss Conover; 2. Nancy Cross, daughter of the Rev. Mr. 
Cross. He lived in Passaic Valley, on the 500 acre tract of his 

By his first wife he had a daughter, Catherine Cooper, who 
married her cousin, John Ludlow, of Long Hill, son of Colonel 
Cornelius Ludlow ; 

And by his 2d wife, Nancy Cross, had children : 
u 2. Lydia, who married Samuel Annin. 

n 3. Polly, who married Mr. Crane. 

3 4. Peter married Susan Boyle, daughter of Joseph, of Long Hill. 

I. 5. William went to Kentucky. 

? 6. Doctor John, who settled at Easton, Pennsylvania. 

7. Stephen married Mahetabel, widow of John Colwell, and 
daughter of Colonel Israel Day. 

8* Anne married Alexander Richards, of Railway. 

9. Betsey married Henry Freeman, of Elizabethtown, 

10. Sally married Capt. David Kirkpatrick, of Mine Brook, as 
his 2d wife. 

11. Daniel, 3d, who went to Kentucky. 

12. Joseph also went to Kentucky. 

PETER COOPER, (4th child of Daniel Cooper, Jun.,) lived 

on Long Hill, on the 500 acre tract of his father. He and Susan 

Boyle had children ; 

^ 1. William, who married his cousin, Sally Anne Cooper, only 

n child of Stephen Cooper and Mahetabel Day. And she, Sally Anne 

i Cooper, died 25th October, 1846, without children; and he married 

I , daughter of Ellas Brown, Esq., of Pluckemin. 

•" 2. Caty Anne, who married Abraham Dunn. 

3. Joseph, who died in youth. 

4. John, who also died in youth. 

5. Alexander married, 31st December, 1849, Abby Parrot 
daughter of Squier Parrot. 

JOHN COOPER, (5th child of Daniel Cooper, Sen.,) married 
Lynche Boyle, daughter of Solomon Boyle, 1st, and had children: 

*^ 1. Lynche, who married William Annin. 

Q 2. Susan married Squier Martin, son of Colonel Ephraim Martin. 

I 3. Charity married Samuel Sayre, of Madison. 

i; 4. Daniel married Sally Manning. 

? 5. Solomon, who lived and died on Long Hill, unmarried. He 
owned part of the 500 acre tract ; he was an Elder in the Basking 
Ridge church. 

6. Neaty married David Crane, of Union, in Essex County. 
They had no children. 

BENJAMIN COOPER, (6th child of Daniel Cooper, Sen.,) 
married and had children : 


1. Polly, who married, 1st, Mr. Cross, 2d, John Annin, as his 
2d wife. 

2. Caty married Amos Dayton, son of Jonathan, of Basking 

GEORGE COOPER, (8th child of Daniel Cooper, Sen.,) lived 
where his father and grandfather did. He married Margaret 
Laiferty, and had children : 
t 1. Daniel C. Cooper, who went to Dayton, Ohio, and settled. 

He was the principal proprietor of the town. He was born 
S 21st November, 1773 : married Miss Green, in Ohio; had several 

1 children; and died, 13th July, 1818; and his wife and children 
"• have all died. 

2. Bryan Laiferty Cooper, born 6 th January, 1775, died 
12th June, 1798, unmarried. 

3. Mary Cooper, born 30th March, 1778, and died 27th Jan., 
1794, unmarried. 

4. John G. Cooper, born 24th' March, 1780, and died 24th 
October, 1822, at 42 years and 7 months. 

5. Fanny Cooper, born 20th November, 1782, and died 28th 
September, 1811, unmarried. 

JOHN G. COOPER, Esq., (4th child of George Cooper, son 
of Daniel Cooper, Sen.,) lived in the valley where his father did. 
He married Eleanor Perrine, and had children : 
g 1. George, who went to Michigan ; is Treasurer of that State. 

2. John. 

1 3. Harriet, who married Calvin Bonnel, son of Enos, son of 
g- Benjamin. 

4. Catherine. 


ELIAS CORIELL was son of Abraham Coriell, of Piscata- 
way. Elias Coriell came up from Piscataway, and settled on 
Long ^Hill, on No. 1 of the Berkley tract, adjoining Solomon 
Boyle's tract. He married Sarah Runyon, daughter of 
Richard, and had children : 

g 1. Jane, who married John Melick, son of David, of Pea- 

I pack, and removed to Schoharie, New York. 

I 2. Peter married Sally Lindley, of New Vernon. 

§■ 3. David married Anna Squier, daughter of Thomas. 

4. Anne married John Kirkpatrick, son of Thomas, of 
Liberty Corner. [See Kirkpatrick.] 

5. Sally married Stephen Conklin, son of William, Esq., 
of Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.] 

6. Lydia, twin to Sally, married Isaac Davis, of Plainfield. 
as 2d wife. She died, 29th September, 1846, leaving no 


JANE CORIELL, (1st child of Elias Coriell) and John 
Melick, had children : 

1. Elias C. Melick; 2. Aaron Melick; 3. Peter Melick; 
4. Sarah Melick; 5. Charlotte Melick; 6. Jane Melick; 
7. Anne Melick. 

PETER CORIELL, (2d child of Elias Coriell,) lived near 
Dead River, S. W. of the Stonehouse. He and Sally Lindley 
had children : 

^ 1. Elias, w^ho accidentally got killed on board a ferry- 

^ boat coming from New York. 

S 2. Philip married — ; lives in Dayton, Ohio. 

I 3. David married Rachel Nesbitt, daughter of James, near 

P Basking Ridge, and has children: 1. Peter, vs^ho vpent to 
Illinois ; 2. James. 

4. Richard married Abigail Squier, daughter of Ludlow, 
of Plainfield, and had children: I. Elias; 2. Anne Elizabeth. 

5. Israel (Doctor) was killed by falling, or being dashed, 
from his sulkey in the road. 

6. John, who died at home, unmarried. 

7. Mary married Abraham King, son of John, near Liberty 
Corner, and had a child, Mary, and then died ; Mary King 
married Robert Cross Bullman, son of Joseph BuUman, of 
Warren Township, and went to Illinois. 

Mrs. Peter Coriell died 29th March, 1849. 

DAVID CORIELL, (3d child of Elias Coriell,) and Anna 
Squier, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 

1. Augustus ; 2. Edwin ; 3. John ; 4. Helen ; 5. Rachel. 

Mr. David Coriell died in Elizabethtown of a dreadful 
disease, with much the appearance of leprosy, and the widow 
and all the family removed to Dubuque, in Wisconsin, and the 
widow died there, on the 13th July, 1846, aged 60 years. 


STEPHEN CORWIN lived between the mountains near 
Feltville. He married Betsey Drew, daughter of George 
Drew of Springfield Township. They had children : 

1 . John, who married Betsey French, daughter of David 
French, Sen. 

2. Polly, who died, aged about 30 years, unmarried. 

3. Anne married Samuel Price, son of Rice Price. [See 
Rice Price.~\ 

4. Abby married Cornelius Willcox, son of Noah Willcox, 
Sen. [See Willcox.] 

5. Noah; 6. Nathan; 7. Isaac; these three went to the 
Lakes, New York. 


His wife, Betsey, died, and he married the widow of Noah 
Willcox, Sen. 

Nancy Corwin, a daughter of Stephen, married Jonas 
Frazee, son of Samuel Frazee and Sarah Littell, and went 
to Ohio. [See Sarah Littell, 4th child of Benjamin.] 


BENJAMIN CORY Hved west of Elizabethtown, towards 
Westfield. He was an elder in the 1st church of Elizabeth- 
town. He married Hannah Mulford, sister of Thomas Mul- 
ford, of Elizabethtown, and had children ; 

1. Mulford, who married, 1st, Betsey Clark; 2d. Maria 

2. Polly, who married David Mulford, son of Jonathan 
Mulford, Jun., of New Providence. They,both died, leaving 
no children: 

3. Hannah, who married William Meeker, son of Moses 


4. Phebe married Ezekiel Miller. 

5. Abigail married Joseph Hinds. 

MULFORD CORY, (1st child of Elder Benjamin Cory,) 
with his first wife, Betsey Clark, lived near Union Village, 
Somerset County, and had children : 

" 1. Jonathan, who died at nine weeks old, 15th January, 

f 1792. 

I 2. Charlotte, who died, September, 1802, aged 9 years. 

I 3. Mary, who married Mr. Stedman. 

4. Fanny, who married James H. Smith, son of Oliver 
Smith, of Elizabethtown. 

His wife, Betsey, died 1 8th September, 1802, aged 31 years. 
He then removed to near Elizabethtown, and married, 
2d, Mariah Conklin, and had children. 

5. Joseph, who married Mary M. Magie, daughter of 
Elder David Magie, of Elizabethtown. 

6. Benjamin Crane, twin to Joseph, married Mary M. 
Crane, daughter of Job Crane, of Elizabethtown. 

7. Aaron C. Cory, who died at about 19 years. 
Mr. Mulford Cory died in 1814, aged 47 years. 

Joseph and Benjamin Cory entered Princeton College 
together, and graduated at the same time. Studied theology ; 
were licensed on the same day to preach the gospel, 1834 ; 
were both ordained at the same session of Presbytery, in 
April, 1835, Joseph over the congregation of New Vernon, 
Morris County, and Benjamin over the congregation at 
Perth Amboy, Middlesex County. 


REV. JOSEPH CORY, (5th child of Mulford Cory, son 
of Elder Benjamin,) and Mary M. Magie, had children : 
1. Joseph T., who died in infancy ; 2. David Magie Cory, 

REV. BENJAMIN CORY, (twin to Rev. Joseph Cory,) 
and Mary M. Crane, had children : 

1. JuHa ; 2. Jane; 3. Mary; 4. Benjamin, who died in 
infancy ; 5. Sarah. 

HANNAH CORY, (3d child of Elder Benjamin Cory,) 
i and William Meeker, had children : 
p 1. Moses Meeker, who died at about 12 years. 
I 2. Mary Meeker, who died at about 20 years, unmarried. 
f 3. Hannah Meeker, who married Andrew Crane. 

4. Jonathan Meeker. 

5. Abby Meeker. 

6. Anne Meeker, who died at about 20 years, unmarried. 

7. Susan Meeker. 

ABIGAIL CORY, (5th child of Elder Benjamin Cory, 
and Joseph Hinds, had children : 

1. Elizabeth Hinds, who married James Mulford, son of 

2. Phebe Hinds married Mr.« Clark. 

3. Jennette Hinds. 

4. Lydia Hinds married . 

5. Benjamin Hinds went to St. Louis, and married and 
died there. 

6. Julia Hinds. 


DANIEL CORY hved on the north side of Long Hill, 
where Israel Bebout, his grandson, now lives. He was an 
elder in the Presbyterian church in New Providence. He 
married Martha Bedell, daughter of John Bedell, Jun. She 
died 9th April, 1791, aged 54, and he died 26th June, 1815, 
aged 82 years. They had children : 

1. Benjamin, who died in youth. 

2. Susannah, who married Gideon Allen, son of Joseph, 
Jun. [See Allen.] 

3. Israel married, 26th February, 1787, Sarah Cauldwell, 
daughter of William Cauldwell, son of James. 

4. Sally married Stephen Bebout, son of Peter. She died 
5th July, 1843. [See Bebout.] 

5. Daniel, Jun., married Joanna Ludlow, daughter of 
Jacob Ludlow, of Westfield, whose wife was Phebe ; who 
after his death married, 25th September, 1791, Elder Daniel 
Cory, for his 2d wife. [See Ohadiah Ludlow.] 


ISRAEL CORY, (3d child of Elder Daniel Cory,) and 
Sarah Cauldwell, had children: 

1. William, who married Rachel Toms. 

2. Israel married . 

3. Electa died in youth; — was drowned in Simpson's 

4. Betsey Cauldwell, baptized 15th April, 1792, and died 
young. WilHam and Israel removed to western New- York, 
north of Auburn. 

Israel Cory died, 25th November, 1792, aged 26 years. 
His wife, Sarah, died a few years after. * 

DANIEL CORY, Jun., (5th 'child of Elder Daniel Cory,) 
and Joanna Ludlow, had children : 

1. Ludlow, who married Sarah Kelly, in New- York. They 
had a daughter, Sarah, and his wife died, and he went to 
Vicksburg, Mississippi, and died there. 

2. Benjamin, who married Hannah Cory, daughter of 
Noah Cory, of Scotch Plains, and had but one child. Albinos. 

Benjamin Cory died suddenly, in a fit, 26th Feb., 1849. 

3. Martha married Joseph Parrot, son of Thomas Parrot, 
Esq. She had but one child : 

1. Phebe, who marrigd Augustine Trowbridge, and had 
children: 1. Martha Jane; 2. Joanna : and Phebe 
died May 1st. 1847. 


ELNATHAN CORY lived in a house near where now stands 
the house of the Rev. Waters Burrows. His wife's name 
was Hannah, He owned about 200 acres there, formerly 
owned by Jacob Carle, and also about 100 acres. No. 33, of 
the Elizabethtown lots, south of that tract. 

He died the 8th October, 1766, aged 65 years. 
His wife died 24th January, 1785. He left his lands to his 
five sons : 
£ 1. Ebenezer, who married, for a 2d wife, Mary or Molly 
9 Mills, of Westfield. He lived where his father did, and 
I owned west of the parsonage lot. He died 14th April, 1784. 
f 2. Jeremy, who owned next west of Ebenezer, and sold to 
Dr. Jacob Jennings, who built the " Red House," by the 
well, west of Nathan Elmer's present dwelling. Jeremy 
Cory married, 18th December, 1764, Mary Wood. She died 
25th June, 1776. They lived in Morris County, where Luke 
Parsons now does, and had children : 

1. Daniel Cory; 2. Noah Cory; 3. Hannah Cory. 
3. Thomas married Jane Roll, said to be sister of John 


Roll, son of John, 1st. He lived where Mrs. Noe now lives, 
and had children: 1. Gate Cory ; 2. Betsey Cory; 3. James 
Cory ; 4. jMary Cory. 

4. James lived where Jonathan M. Meeker now does. He 
married Patty Carter, of Chatham, and had children: 

1. Jacob Cory ; 2. Luke Cory ; 3. Simeon Cory. 

5. Joseph lived in 1775, in a house that stood in William 
Kindell's orchard, south of Benjamin Pike's house. He 
married, 10th September, 1765, Phebe Simpson, a sister or 
daughter of old Alexander Simpson, and had children : 

1. Nathan Cory. 

2. Jacob Cory. 

3. Stephen Cory, who died 13th January, 1773. 

4. Elizabeth Cory, who died I5th January, 1773. 

5. Joseph Cory, Jun., married, 22d July, 1783, Martha 

6. Job married, and had a son, David Parsons Cory, and 
went to the Mississippi. 

EBENEZER CORY, (eldest son of Elnathan Cory,) and 
his 1st wife, Hannah, who died 25th October, 1763; had a 
g daughter, Sarah, who married, 1st, John Johnson ; 2d, David 
;? Martin : and by his 2d wife, Molly Mills, liad children : 
I 2. John, who married 15th June, 1774, Rebecca Raimond, 
I and went with the militia to Ticonderoga, and there died. 

3. Ebenezer, Jun., who died 20th December, 1772. 

4. Elnathan married Sarah Walker, daughter of Richard 
and Sarah Walker. 

5. Hannah married, 2d October, 1775, John Walker, son 
of Richard. 

6. Samuel married Hannah Davis, sister of Jonathan and 
Elijah Davis, and had children : 1. Mary ; 2. Hannah ; 3. John 

7. William, who died at 22 years. 

8. George, born 15th September, 1772, married Rachel 
Price, born 20th March, 1771, daughter of Abraham Price. 

9. Job. 

10. Mary, who died 6th November, 1784. 

GEORGE CORY, (8th child of Ebenezer,) and Rachel 
Price, had children : v 

I 1. Mary Anne, who married Lewis Osborn, son of John 
n Osborn, Jun. [See Oshorn.'] 

5 2. Locky married Daniel Oakley, son of Thomas. [See 
I Oakley.'] 

3. Betsey married William M. Griffin, son of Isaac. [See 



4. Benjamin married Eliza Willcox, daughter of Benjamin ; 
has no children. 

5. William, born 13th July, 1802, married Harriet Leforge, 
born 4th August, 1802, daughter of Abraham, of Somerset ('o. 

6. Polly married, 15th June, 1822, George Van Benscoten, 
of New York. 

7. Sally married, 4th February, 1824, James C. Vaught, of 
New- York. 

8. Hannah, born 20th October, 1810, married William 
Ityckbeck, of New York ; had no children. He was killed 
by the upsetting of a locomotive engine. 

9. Jane, who died in youth. 

10. Abby married David Devoe, of New- York. 

WILLIAM CORY, (son of George, son of Ebenezer,) and 
Harriet Leforge, had children : 
jj 1. Abraham Morrel, born 1st August, 1828; 2. Mary 
^Elizabeth, born 31st August, 1835; 3. WiUiam Ryckbeck, 
3 born 8th April, 1837; 4. Apollos Elmer, born April . 

^ POLLY CORY, (daughter of George,) and George Van 
Benscoten, had children : 

1 , Mary Jane Van Benscoten; 2. Sarah Van Benscoten; 

3. Henry Van Benscoten; 4. John Van Benscoten ; 5. George 
Van Benscoten ; 6. Tunis Van Benscoten ; 7. James Van 
Benscoten ; 8, Martha Van Benscoten. 

SALLY CORY, (daughter of George,) and James C. 
Vaught, had children : 

1. George C. Vaught, born 19th July, 1828. 

2. John William Vaught. Mrs. Vaught then died. 

ABBY CORY, (daughter of George,) and David Devoe, had 
children : 

1. Sarah Anne Devoe ; 2. Theodore Devoe ; 3. Almira Devoe ; 

4. Mary Louisa Devoe; 5. Leander Devoe ; 6. Emniagene Devoe ; 
7. Adaiine Devoe, born lltli April, 1840; 8. Matilda Devoe; 9. 
Sophia Devoe ; 10. Lavenia, born 23d October, 1845. 


ANDREW CRAIG lived in the township of Westfield. He 
was one of the 3d generation of the " Elizabethtown Associates," 
admitted in 1699, and many years an Alderman of the borough 

of Elizabeth. He married , and had children : 

g 1. James, whose wife's name was Lydia. 

I 2. Susannah, who married David Littell, son of Samuel. [See 

■ David Littell] Alderman Craig may have had other children. 


JAMES and LYDIA CRAIG had children : 

1. Daniel, who married Miss Clark, sister of Richard, 

^ Clark, of Jiahwa}'. 

3 2. James, Jun., married Mary Jennings, daughter of William, 

3 of Rahway. 

I 3. Andrew married Miss Bailey. 

DANIEL CRAIG, (son of James, 1st,) and Miss Clark, had 
*^ children : 1. Isaac ; 3. Terril ; 3. Clark, and two or three others. 
n He removed to Esopus, New-York, and settled there. 


I JAMES CRAIG, Jun., (son of James and Lydia Craig,) and 
•" Mary Jennings, had children : 

1. Sally, who married William Robins, of Ohio. 

2. James, 3d, who married Betsey Tucker, daughter of Amos, 
of Rahway. 

3. William married Jane Roff, daughter of Nathaniel, of New- 

4. Andrew, born 29th January, 1785, married Alsie Manning, 
born 20th August, 1784, daughter of Isaac, of Plainfield. 

5. John married Sally Cooley, an English girl, and had chil- 
dren : 1. David Stewart Craig, and three others. 

All this family, except Andrew, after their father's death, went to 

JAMES CRAIG, 3d, and Betsey Tucker, had children : 
g 1. John, who married in Ohio. 

Q 2. William married , and died, leaving four children. 

I 3. Phebe, who died at about six or seven years. 

^ WILLIAM CRAIG, (3d child of James Craig, Jun.,) and Jane 
Roff, had children : 

1. James. 

2. Shipman. 

3. Eliza. 

4. Phebe. 

5. Nathaniel. 

ANDREW CRAIG, (4th child of James Craig, Jun.,) and 
Alsie Manning, lived where his father did, in Westfield, and had 
children : 

1. John Manning Craig, born 26th August, 1809, went on a 
whaling voyage and died. 

2. Margaret Craig, born 31st January, 1812, married Matthias 
Burnet, son of Matthias, of Union, and has one child, Mary Anne 

3. Isaac Clarkson Craig, born 11th February, 1815; married 
Lavenia Herdman, daughter of Aaron Herdman, of Newark, and 

? had children : 1. Charles Edwin Craig ; 2. James Andrew Craig ; 
o 3. Albert Kitchel Craig. 


4. Alsie Anne Craig, born 16th August, 1817, married John 
Jeroloman, of Bellville, and had children: 
1. Richard Manning Jerolomon. 

6. Mary Catherine Craig, born 9th Ma\r, 1820, married Obadiah 
Ritchel, son of Jesse, son of Obadiah Kitchel, of Hanover, Morris 
County, and had children: 1. Silas Manning Kitchel; 2. Mary 
Hopping Kitchel; 3. Alsie Craig Kitchel. 

6. Richard Merril Craig, born 28th January, 1825. 


JASPEll CRANE and four others, about the year 1644, re- 
moved from New Haven to East Haven, where he built a house, 
and there his son Jasper was born, 2d April, 1651. He sold 
out at East Haven, 7th September, 1651, and removed to Branford, 
and from then ceto Newark. 

JASPER CRANE, (son of Jasper,) was a representative from 
the town of Newark, in the Legislature of New Jersey, in 1699, 
and, indeed, the whole time of the administration of Lord Corn- 
bury as Governor of the Province. 

He was also a magistrate, and held other offices of trust. 
He married Joanna Swain, daughter of Johannah and Samuel 

He died 16th March, 1712. His wife died in 1720, aged 69 
years. They had children John, Azariah, and Jasper 3d. 

John had Azariah had children : Jasper Crane, .3d, 

children: Nathaniel. had children : 

John. Azariah. Joseph Crone, Esq. 

Daniel. John. Jonathan Crane, Esq. 

Jasper. Robert. Elihu. 

Sarah. Mary Baldwin. David. 

Jane Rule. 
The children of Joseph Crane, Esq., (son of Jasper, 3d,) were 
Benjamin, Ezekiel, Isaac, Israel, Josiah, Joseph, Abigail, and 
Joanna. Joanna married Samuel Congar, who died in 1752, and 
left children : David ; Jonathan ; Stephen ; and Samuel Congar. 

Joanna subsequently married Joseph Camp, Esq., and had a 
daughter, Joanna. 

The children of Jonathan Crane, Esq., (son of Jasper, 3d, son of 
Jasper, Jun.,) were 'Samuel, Caleb, Nehemiah, Elihu, John Treat, 
and Margaret Johnson. 

The children of Elihu Crane, (son of Jasper, 3d,) were Lewis, 
Christopher, Charles, Elihu, Isaac, Hannah, and Phebe. 

The children of David Crane, (son of Jasper, 3d,) were Jedediah 
David, Joseph, Abigail Johnson, Phebe Lawrence, Mary Ailing 
Dorcas, and Sarah. 

It is said that Azariah Crane married Mary Treat. Nathaniel 
and Azariah Crane, sons of Deacon Azariah Crane, obtained a 
large tract of land, at the foot of the mountain, called Crane Town, 
now West Bloomfield. 



STEPHEN CRANE, it is said, was the ancestor of the Cranes 
in and about Elizabethtown and Westfield. He was one of the 
first "Elizabethtown Associates," and had sons, John Crane and 
Jeremiah Crane, and perhaps Daniel Crane who was born 1673. 
and died 24th February, 1724. Jeremiah Crane was one of the 
2d generation of Associates, admitted in 1699. 

JOHN CRANE, 1st, (son of Stephen,) had sons John 2d, 
Joseph; Matthias, Benjamin, Samuel; and daughters, Abigail, 
Esther, Sarah ; Rebecca, and Deborah. 

JOHN CRANE, 2d, (son of John, 1st, son of Stephen,) had 
children ; 
g 1. John, 3d, who married, 1st, Huldah Grant; 2d, Miss Bedell, 
^ of Westfield; 3d, a widow Force. 
3 2. Stephen. 

|. 3. Jacob, who went to Canada, soon after the Revolutionary 
.= war. 

4. Isaac, who married Mary Miller, daughter of John, and re- 
moved to Passaic Valley. 

5. Joseph married Ruth Miller, sister of Isaac's wife, and came 
to Passaic Valley. 

JOHN CRANE, 3d, and Huldah Grant, had children ; 
g 1. Elijah, who married Miss Ross, daughter of David Ross, of 
J Westfield. 

I 2. John, 4th, married Phebe Ross, sister of Elijah's wife. 
I 3. Sarah married Isaac Hendricks, of Westfield. 

And by his 2d wife, vvho was sister of Jacob Bedell, of West- 
field, he had, 

4. Mary, who married Aaron Sayre, of Westfield. 

By his 3d wife, the widow Force, he had no children. 

ELIJAH CRANE, (son of John Crane, 3d,) and Miss Ross, 
had children : 
2" I. Stephen, who married JVIiss Williams. 

Q 2. David, who married Miss Denman, daughter of Andrew 
g Uenman, of Westfield. 
|. 3. Huldah married William Miller. 

STEPHEN CRANE, (son of Elijah,) and Miss Williams, had 
children : 

1. John Marsh Crane; 2. Williams Crane ; 3. iMarsli Crane.'who 
married Elias Potter, son of Major Jonathan Potter, of Union, 
and all went to Peoria, Illinois. 

ISAAC CRANE, (son of John, 3d, son of John, 2d, son of John, 


1st, son of Stephen,) removed from Westfield to Passaic Valley, 
purchased and lived on a tract of land of 178 acres, being lot No. 1, 
and part of lot No. 2, of Corsen's survey of Elizabethtown lots, 
above the first mountain lying south of Joseph Cory's farm. 
He and Mary Miller had children : 

^ 1, Jonathan, who died 14th Dec. 1770. 

^ 2. Isaac Miller died 28th April, 1784. 

f 3. Mary, who married Samuel Parsons, son of William. [See 

I Parsons.] She died 11th Nov. 1850, aged 89 years, 10 months. 

f He died 25th Dec. 1822, aged 04 years. 

4. Martha married 15th Jan, 1783, Nathaniel Bonnel, son of 
Capt. Nathaniel. [See BonveL] She died SOthfJune, 1846. 

died 15th April, 1814, aged 58 years. 

5. Huldah married ISth Feb. 1786. Capt. Abner Stites, son of 
Elijah. [See /S^iYes.] She died 24th June, 1835, aged 71 years. 
He died 29ih August, 1831, aged 08 years. 

6. Sally married 4th Nov. 1792, Nathan Elmer, son of Rev. 
Jonathan Elmer. [See Elmer.] She died 19th July, 1838, aged 69 

JOSEPH CRANE, brother of Isaac, came up from Westfield, 
and purchased of Nathaniel Smith, in May, 1764, the Farm of 154 
acres lying north of Isaac Crane's, and west of Benjamn Pettil's 
farm, and extending to the river. He married Ruth Miller, sister 
of his brother Isaac's wife, and had children, 7 sons, andll 4 daugh- 
ters : 

1. Samuel, who married, 7th. Nov. 1792, Abby Roberts. 

2. John married 23d Sept. 1792, Betsey Mulford, daughter of 
Jonathan, Jun. 

3. Stephen married Esther Thomas, daughter of William, of 
Stony Hill, and went to Ohio. 

4. Jonathan married Keziah Tappin, daughter of James Tappin, 
and went to Ohio. 

5. Abner married, in Ohio, Huldah Robinson, daughter of John, 
from Westfield. 

6. Joseph, Jun., married Sally Bebout, daughter of William ; lived 
on the Bebout farm. 

» 7. Moses married, in Ohio, Susannah Dills, of Warren County. 

8. Joanna married William Valentine, son ofObadiah; went to 
Redstone. [See Valentine.] 

9. Annar married Benjamin Corrington, 13th Nov, 1782 ; went 
to Redstone. 

10, Ruth married William Hole, 5th July, 1785, son of Charles ; 
went to Redstone. [See Hole.] 

11, Betsey married, 1st May, 1794, Daniel Doty, son of John; 
went to Middletown, Ohio. [See Doty.] 

Joseph Crane was born 1741, and died 7th June, 1778, aged 37 

Ruth, the widow of Joseph Crane, went to Ohio, with her sons, 
and died, over 90 years of age. 


JOSEPH CRANE, Jun., and Sally Bebout, had children: 
o. 1. William Bebout Crane, who married, 24th April, 1820, 
^ Deborali Conklin, daughter of Captain Benjamin Conklin, and 
I had children : 1. Elias ; 2. Mulford ; and 3. Jerusha. 
£ His wife, Deborah, then died, and he married, 2d, Nancy Potter, 
P daughter of Samuel, son of Caleb, son of Colonel Samuel Potter, 
and had other children : 4. Elizabeth ; 5. Hannah ; G. Sarah ; 
7. John ; 8. Jacob. 

William B. Crane removed to Ohio. 

2. Eliza married Levi Clark, son of Daniel S. Clark, Esq. [See 

3. Ruth married Linus H. Stephens, son of Christopher. [See 

4. Jacob, who, with" all the young children, except Hannah, 
went to Ohio and Illinois. 

5. Aretas married his cousin, a daughter of Daniel Doty, son of 
John. [See Doty.] 

6. Hannah, who died at about 19 years, unmarried. 

7. Ira. 

8. Nancy. 

9. Catherine married her cousin, Daniel Doty, son of Daniel, of 
Middletown, Ohio. 

10. Joseph. 

11. Sarah Wheeler. 

Joseph Crane died 3d June, 1829, aged 58 years. 

His wife. Sally, died 31st August, 1S25, aged 47 years. 

JOHN CRANE, (2d son of Joseph Crane,) and Betsey Mulford, 
lived on part of his father's farm, and had children : 

s 1. Jonathan Mulford, who died a young man. 

n 2. Elias, who went to Indiana, married, and died there. 

I 3. Huldah married Levi Willcox, Jun., son of Levi, and went to 

=. Illinois. [See Willcox.] 

? 4. Orpha married Dr. Erastus D. Crossfield, from New England, 
and went to Warren County, Ohio, and had an only child, John, 
Edgar Crossfield. 

6. Deborah married Ezra Ludlow, son of Joseph ; lived in 
Elizabethtown. [See Ludlow.] 

G. Sylvester married Huldah Bonnel, daughter of Philemon ; 
had three children; his wife died 13th Sept. 1835, aged 29 years. The 
children were Rachel, who died at 8 years and 6 months, John, and 
Elias. Sylvester went to Illinois, and took Elias, who soon died. 
John lives with his grandfather Philemon Bonnel. Sylvester was a 
lieutenant in the Mexican war. 

7. Mary married Aaron H. Lanning, of Warren County. 

and had children : 1. Laura Burnet Lanning ; 2. Orpha Jane 
Lanning ; 3. John Joseph Lanning, 

8. Daniel went to Indiana, and married Catherine Rogers. 

9. Harriet married Samuel G. Benedict, from Connecticut, 
— went to Illinois, where he died, and she removed to her 
sister Crossfield's, in Ohio. 


10. Elizabeth married Samuel T. Day, son of Stephen, and 
lives where her father did. [See S. T. Day.] 

John Crane died 18th July, 1843, aged 79 years. 

His wife, Betsey, died 9th March, 1828, aged 53 years. 

JOHN CRANE, 4th, and Phebe Ross, had children : 
g 1. Rebecca, who married Major Jotham Potter, son of John; 
n both died ; left three children. [See Potter.] 

I 2. John Grant Crane, married Sally Pierson, daughter of 
I William, son of William, and had children : 1. John Davi"s Crane, 
° who married Catherine Potter, daughter of William B. Potter ; 
g 2. William married ■, daughter of John Miller, of Westiield. 

3. Elizabeth married Thomas Moore, son of Robert, of VVood- 

1 bridge, and had children : 1. David Moore; 2 Robert Moore; 
I 3. John Moore ; 4. Israel Moore; 5. Phebe Moore. 

4. Phebe married Benjamin^Potter, brother of Major Jotham. 
[See Potter.] 

5. Elias, born 24th April, 17S9, and married Esther Maxwell, 
daughter of John, lives in Union, and had children : 

1. John, who married Sarah Cutler, daughter of William 
Cutter, of Woodbridgc. 

2. Mary Anne, married Nathan Winans, son of Aaron, of 

3. Phebe married Silas Miller, son of Abraham, son of 

4. Susan married Isaac Williams, of INiew-York, son of 

5. Elias Maxwell Crane. 

6. Amzi Armstrong Crane. 

6. Josiah married Electa Ross, daughter of John, of Union 
and lived where Col. Jacob Crane formerly did, and had children : 

1. Mary married Hampton Cutter, son of William Cutter 
above named. 

2. John Grant Crane married Abby Miller, daughter of John 
O. Miller, and lives on the old John Crane homestead. 

3. Anne Elizabeth, married Job Williams, son of Moses 
Williams, of Union. 

4. Josiah married Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of Jacob. 

7. Huldah married John Potter, also a brother of Major 
Jotham, and had but one child, Mary Hannah Potter. 
8. Sarah, who is unmarried. 

SARAH CRANE, (3d child of John Crane 3d,) and Isaac 
Hendricks, had but one child, Huldah Hendricks, who married 
Aaron Pearce, son of Melvin, of Scotch Plains, and had children : 

1. Hendricks Pearce, who was a physician, and married a 
daughter of Enoch Miller. 

2. Felix Pearce. 

3. Melvin Pearce. 



BENJAMIN CRANE, (son of John, 1st,) son of Stephen 
Crane, married Esther WoodrulK She died 22d February, 1S09, 
aged 98 years. They had children: 

1. Benjamin Crane, 2d, who married Phebe Halsey, daughter 
of Joseph Halsey, who lived between Elizabethtown and Rahway, 

2. Eleazer Crane, who married Susan Day, (5th child of David 
Day, Esq.,) and died without children. \_See Day-] 

BENJAMIN CRANE, 2d, and Phebe Halsey, lived in West- 

field, and had children : 
=■ 1. Benjamin, 3d, borji 29th November, 1761, married Sarah 
? Thompson, daughter of Hezekiah. 

p 2. Abigail, burn 27th November, 1762, and died unmarried. 
f 3. Norris, born 9th February, 1764, married Jane Dunham, 

daughter of John, Sen. 

4. John, born 18th April, 1765. 

5. Phebe, born 19th December, 1766, married John Johnson, 
wholesale grocer, New- York, as his 2d wife. She had no children. 

6. Sarah, born 12th April, 1771, married John Ogden, of Green 
Village, Morris County. 

7. Abigail, 2d, born 17th September, 1774, and died young- 

BENJAMIN CRANE, 3d, (son of Benjamin, 2d, son of Ben- 
jamin, 1st, son of John, son of Stephen Crane,) and Sarah Thomp. 
son, lived in Westfield, and had children ; 

f 1. John, who married Mary Clark, daughter of Robert, of 

? Westfield. 

i 2. Abigail married David Keyt, son of James. 

§• 3. Esther, who died at about 18 or 20 years, unmarried. 

4. Hezekiah Thompson married, 1st, Amanda Osborn ; 2d, 

5. Phebe married, 1st, Francis Randolph, son of Dr. Robert; 
2d, George R. King, of Warren County, and lived there. 

6. Charlotte King married Hedges Baker, son of Daniel. [See 
Baker. 1 

7. Norris, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and married there. 

8. Jacob Thompson went to Cincinnati, and died there at 35 
years, unmarried. 

9. Benjamin, 4th, married Electa Baker, as her 2d husband, 
daughter of Daniel. 

10. David Johnson married Anne Eliza Roll, daughter of Isaac, 
son of John. 

11. Moses Thompson married Eliza Scudder. 

JOHN CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Mary Clark, had 
B- children: I. Benjamin Franklin ; 2. Abigail ; 3. Betsey Anne. 

I ABIGAIL CRANE, daughter of Benjamin, 3d, and David 
P Keyt, had children : 1. James Keyt ; 2. Anne Eliza Keyt. 


HEZEKIAH T. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3cl,) and Amanda 
Osborn, had children; 1. John. 

PHEBE CRANE, (daughter of Benjamin, 3d,) and Francis 
Randolph, had children : 1. Bennington Randolph ; 2. Sarah Anne 
Randolph married Samuel Clark. 

And by George King, Phebe had three other children. 

BENJAMIN CRANE, 4th, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Electa 
Baker, lived at Patterson, and had children : 

1. Catherine Shells, who died at 5 or 6 years. 

2. Alfred Britton, 

3. Margaret Baker. 

4. Benjamin Hervy. 

5. Sarah Thompson. 

6. Joan. 

7. Jane. 

8. Electa, who died young. 

DAVID J. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Hannah Eliza 
Roll, had children : 

1. James. 

2. Jacob Thompson, who died at 2| years. 

3. David Newton. 

4. George King. 

5. Isaac Roll. 

6. John Hezekiah. 

7. Benjamin Franklin, who died at two weeks old. 

MOSES T. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Eliza Scudder, 
had children : 

1. Theodore Augustus. 

2. Sarah Anne. 

NORRIS CRANE, (son of Benjamin Crane, 2d,) and Jane 
Dunham, (born 13th May, 1765,) lived iu Sterling Valley, and had 
children : 

1. Nancy, born 29th September, 1790, and married William 
n Pierson Conklin, son of William. He lived in New- York ; his 

1 widow Nancy is blind ; lives with her brother-in-law, Israel Bebout. 
I. 2. Isaac, born 25th October, 1792, and married Polly and Anne, 
? two daughters of Thomas Parrot, Esq. 

3. Sally, born 27th March, 1797, and married Peter Parrot, 
son of Thomas Parrot, Esq, [See Parrot.'] 

4. John, born 29th September, 1799, and married Abby Flatt, of 
New-York, and lives there. 

5. Benjamin, born 16th April, 1802, and married 2d December, 
1824, Julia Bebout, daughter of Stephen. 

6. Albert, born 17th March, 1804, and married , daugh- 
ter of Anderson French, of Westfield. 

STEPHEN CRANE, Son of Jeremiah. 107 

7. Mary, born 16th March, 1807, and married Israel Bebout, son 

of Stephen. [-See Behout,.'] 

Norris Crane died 21st February, 1846. 
Jane, his wife, died 23d June, 1848. 

ISAA.C CRANE, (son of Norris, son of Benjamin Crane, 2d,) 

and his 1st wife, Polly Parrot, had children : 
g 1. Abraham, who married Margaret Ayers, daughter of Richard 
o of Long Hill, and had children: 1. George Abraham and Margaret, 
i twins; 2. Joanna; 3. Richard Henry; 4. William ; 5. a son and 
|. daughter, twins. 
= 2. William, born 30th January, 1820, married, 28th May, 1849, 

Mary Cole, daughter af Elias Cole, of Scotch Plains, and had 

children, 1. Cornelius. 

3. Anne. 

And by his 2d wife, Anne Parrot, he had other children : 

4. Mary. 

5. John Halsey. 

6. Albert. 

7. Isaac. 

JOHN CRANE, (son of Norris,) and Abby Flatt, had children : 
1. Phebe; 2. Norris; 3. Caroline; 4. Charlotte; 5. Hannah; 
6. Benjamin Franklin. 

BENJAMIN CRANE, (son of Norris,) and Julia Bebout, had 
children : 1. John Ogden ; 2. Fanny ; 3. Sarah. 

ALBERT CRANE, (son of Norris,) and , had children : 

1. Jane ; 2. Lucy ; 3. Mary ; 4. George ; 5. James. 


STEPHEN CRANE, born 1709, and died July 1st, 1780, was 
probably son of Jeremiah, son of Stephen Crane, 1st. His wife's 
name was Phebe, who died 17th August, 1776, aged 62 years. 
They had children : 
5- 1. Daniel, born 3d January, 1735. 

? 2. Stephen, born 14th October, 1737. He was killed by a party 
5 of British soldiers, on their way to Connecticut Farms, when that 
I" place was burnt. 

3. Elizabeth, born 10th March, 174 0. 

4. David, born 27th November, 1742, married, 2ist November, 
1762, Anne Sayre. She was born 23d May, 1742, and died 24th 
November, 1805. They had children: 1. David, born 7th Feb. 
1772, and died 27th September, 1791 ; 2. Sarah, born 13th May, 
1778, and died 16th September, 1778. He married, in 1806, Agnes 
or INeaty Cooper, daughter of John, son of Daniel Cooper, 1st, but 
had no children by her. 

5. William, who entered the army, and accornpanied General 
Montgomery to Quebec, and was severely wounded in the attack on 
that city. He became general of the militia after the war. He 

108 STEPHEN CRANE, Son of Jeremiah. 

married twice : his 3d wife was Abbe Miller, daughter of Benjamin ; 
had 6 children, 

0. Phebe, born 2d June, 1750. 

7. Joseph, born 20th May, 1752; married, 1. Susannah Ross, 
who died 22d October, 1781, aged 32 years ; 2. Margaret Van 
Vechten, of Soinerville. 

8. Jonathan, born 15ih May, 1754. 

9. Catherine, born 8th October, 1756. 

GENERAL WILLIAM CRANE, (5th cliild of Stephen,) had 

children : 
w 1. William, who was commodore in the United States Navy. 
I He died about 1844. 

S 2. Ichabod B., a colonel in the United States Army, now in 
3 command at Governor's Island. 
a 3. Joseph H. married Julia Elliot; lives in Dayton ; is judge of 

the supreme court of Ohio. 

4. Mariah, who lives with Joseph ; is unmarried. 

5. Joanna married John Magie, and died about 181S, leaving a 
daughter Julia Magie. 

6. Phebe, who died about 1818, unmarried. 

JOSEPH CRANE, (brother of General William Crane,) and 
Susannah Ross, had children : 
c, 1. William, who married Sarah Townley, daughter of Richard. 
[See Townley.'] 

2. Susan married Henry Weaver, and went to Trenton, Butler 
I County, Ohio. She died 22d January, 1851, aged 75 year.s. 
P 3. Nancy married Abraham Van Sickle, and went to Trenton, 
Ohio, and by his 2d wife, Margaret, had children : 

4. John, who married Sarah Conover, and lives in Hamilton, 
Ohio ; is a major of militia. 

6. David lives on the River St. Joseph's, Ohio. 

6. Van Vechten. 

7. Sally, who died unmarried. 

8. Richard, who lives near David. 

WILLIAM CRANE, Esq., (1st child of Joseph,) and Sarah 
Townley, had children: 

1. David R. Crane who married Phebe Anne Hallam, daughter 
of Lewis Hallam of Nevv-York. 

2. A ernes married Rev. Curtis Tally, a methodist minister, and 
liad a daughter, Helen Williams Tally. 

3. Richard T. Crane, married Jane T. Dolebeer of Union, and 
had children : 1. Theodore T. Dolebeer ; 2. Frederick T. Dolebeer. 

4. Joseph W. Crane, married, 1st, Harriet J. Willcox, daughter 
of Ezekiel, and had a daughter, 1. Harriet Jemima Crane. His 
wife died, and he married, 2d, Emma S. Brooktield, daughter of 
Lewis P. Brookfield of Spring Valley, ana had children : 2. Lewis 
W. ; 3. Augustus. 


STEPHEN CRANE, Son of Jere iiiah. 109 

. Jonathan T. Crane, who graduated at Princeton College, and 
became a methodist minister, is Principal of the "Pennington 
Male Seminary." He married Mary Helen Pe k, daughter of 
Rev. George IVck, D. D., of N. Y., and had a daughter, Mary 
Helen Peok. 

SUSAN CRANE, and Henry Weaver, had children : 

1. Nancy Weaver, who married Mr. Clavvson. 

2. William Weaver married Miss Clark. 

3. John Weaver married Miss Bowman. 

4. Polly Weaver married James Beard. 

5. Samuel Weaver. 

6. Eliza Weaver. 

7. Clark Weaver. 

NANCY CRANE, 3d child of Joseph, and Abraham Van 
Sickle had children : 
g 1. Susan Van Sickle, who married, 1st, Mr. Long;2d, Mr. 

Bailey : 3d, Mr. Brown. 

1 2. Henry Van Sickle 
f 3. Mariah Van Sickle. 

4. Catherine Van Sickle. 

5. Joseph Van Sickle. 

MAJOR JOHN CRANE, (4th child of Joseph,) and Sarah 
Conover, had children : 
^ 1. William, who married Rachel Crawford, and had chil- 
^ dren : 1. John; 2. William. 
S 2. Joel H. married Sarah Walker. 
I 3. Margaret married H. M. Moore, and die.d. 
? 4. Tryphena E. married Thomas Davis, and had children: 
1. Charles Davis ; 2. Margaret Davis ; 3. Thomas Davis. 

5. George W . G. Mary. 

7. Mariah E. 8. John C. 

9. Jane C. 10. Joseph. 

JUDGE JOSEPH H. CRANE, (3d son of General Wm.,) 
and Julia Elliot had chidren : 
I 1. Mariah, who married Doctor Clements, and had a son, 

Joseph Clements. 

1 2. William. 
I 3. Wilbra. 

4. James. 

5. Henrietta. 

6. Joseph. 

7. Clements. 

110 JOHN DAVIS, Ist. 

TIMOTHY CRANE* married Mary Congar, a sister of 
Designer Congar, who lived in a house which stood near where 
Dayton Badgley now lives. 

Timothy Crane and Mary Congar lived in the house next to and 
east of Amos Morehouse. They had an only son Jeremiah, who 
married Joannah Cogswell, daughter of Nathaniel Cogswell, near 
Chatham, and had children : 1. Jeremiah, who married Jane O. 
Clark, daughter of David C. Clark, and had no children ; 2. 
Designer Congar Crane, who married Mary Beach, daughter of 
Benjamin Beach, of Mendham, and died leaving two children : 

1. Joanna Crane, who married Robert Hatch, of Newark. 

2. Harriet. 

DESIGNER CONGAR had children : 
Polly Crane, baptized 19th January, 1785. 

Anna Designer, baptized l3th April, 1786, as the daughter of 
the widow Congar. 

So it seems that Designer Congar died between those two dates. 


JOHN DAVIS, was born 11th January, 1731, and died in the 
spring of 1760. He married Sarah Crane, born 9th January, 1728. 

They had children : 
g 1. Anna, born 7th March, 1753, and married William Pierson, 
I of Westfield. 

I 2. John, born •29th December, 1754, and was killed at the battle 
f' of Springfield, in the Revolutionary war. 

3. Jacob, born 6th February, 1768, and died 22d February, 
1843 ; was an elder in the church at Westfield. He married Mary 
Littell, 2d child of Moses Littell and Abby Thompson. She was 
born loth March, 1762, and died 21st October, 1823. 

JACOB DAVIS, (son of John,) and Mary Littell, lived in West- 
field, and had children: 
w 1. John, born 20th October, 1779, married Phebe Acken, 

daucjhter of Deacon Joseph Acken, of Westfield, and died 14th 

1 Maixh, 1850. 

I 2. Sarah, born 28th October, 1781, married Henry Hand, 15th 
•'' child of Hezekiah. [See Hand.^ 

* I have not learned to what family Timothy Crane belonged. 

Note. — Sarah, the widow of John Davis, married David Conkling, as his 2d 
wife, who was born 29th May, 1721. By his two wives, David Conkling had 
children : 

1. Daniel Conkling, born 23d January, 17.51. 

2. Mary Conklin<i, born 27th January, 1755. 

3. Hannah Conkling, born 14th February, 1757. 

4. Sarah Conkling, born 30th March, 1759. 

5. Abigail Conkling, born 13th December, 1761. 

6. Samuel Conkling, born 21st July, 1765. 

7. David Conkling, born 10th January, 1767. 

The three or four last named may have been children of Sarah. 


3. Betsey, born 29th January, 1784, married, 1st, Lewis Ludlow, 
son of Matthias, 2d, William Mulford, son of John. 

4. Isaac Littell, born 10th October, 1788, and died 12th April, 
1845. He married, 1st, Margaret Farrand, of Newark ; 2d, 
Catherine, widow of George Price, and daughter of John N. Oliver, 
of Elizabethtown. 

5. Jacob Davis, Jun., born 30th October, 1793, and died 22d 
May, 1817, unmarried. 

6. Mary, born 5th April, 1796, married Isaac French, son of 
Robert, of Springfield. 

JOHN DAVIS, (son of Jacob,) and Phebe Acken, had 7 chil- 
dren : 
^ 1. Joseph Acken Davis, who married his cousin, Mary Mulford, 
o daughter of William, and had children : 
S 1. Phebe Ladoiska Davis. 

§. 2 

^ 2. Mary Davis, who married David M. Woodruff', of Union, and 

? had children : 

« 1. Hiram Washington Woodruff. 

® 2. James Woodruff. 

5- 3. Jacob Woodruff. 

4. Wesley Woodruff. 

5. Mary Woodruff 

3. Rebecca Davis married Henry B. Faitout, of Union, and had 
children : 

i. Emma Faitout. 
2. James Faitout. 

4. Betsey Davis married Benjamin Pierson, son of John D. 
Pierson, son of William Pierson, of Westfield, and had children: 

1. Mary Pierson. 

5. Jacob Davis married Sarah Cory, daughter of Jonathan, son 
of Andrew Cory. 

6. Thomas C. Davis is a merchant in Newark. 

7. Sarah Anne Davis married Hervy Cory, son of Jonathan, 
and a brother of Jacob's wife. 

SARAH DAVIS, (2d child of Jacob Davis and Mary Littell,) 

and Henry Hand, removed to Sandusky, Ohio, where he died, and 

she removed to a place beloW Peoria, Illinois, where she died. 

They had 11 children : 

^ 1. Abigail Hand, born 25th July, 1801, and married Mr. 


1 2. Nancy Hand, born 8th August, 1803, married . 

f- 3. Jacob Davis Hand, born 24th October, 1805, married . 

4. Moses F. Hand, born 4th November, 1807, married . 

5. Mary Davis Hand, born 8th December, 1809. 

6. Betsey Davis Hand, born 3d April, 1812, married . 

7. Rhoda Hand, born 27th August, 1814, married 

8. Henry Hand, > . , m * t iott S married . 

9. Sarah Hand, \ ^^^"^' b°^" ^Ist June, 1817, ^ ^^^^.^^ _ 


10. Caroline Hand, born 21st March, 1S20. 

11. Catherine Hand, born lOlh October, 1822. 

BETSEY DAVIS, (3d child of Jacob Davis,) and Lewis Lud 
low, had children : 
£ 1. Melancthon Ludlow, who died a young man, unmarried. 
o 2. Benjamin Ludlow, who married Fanny Smalley, son of 
s. Abner, son of James, and had an only daughter, 1. Elizabeth 
|- Ludlow. 

His wife, Fanny, then died, and left his daughter here with her 
grandfather Smalley, and went to Buffalo and married there. 

3. Sarah Ludlow, who married, 1st, William Miller, son of 
Lewis Miller, of Westfield, and had a son : 

1. Lewis Miller, who married Martha Hand, daughter of 
Matthias, son of Nehemiah. 
She married, 2d, Caleb Miller, son of Nathaniel, of Springfield, 
and had, 2. Israel M. Miller ; 3. Mary Miller. 

She married, 3d, William Day, of Elizabethtown, an English- 
man, and had, 4. Catherine Day ; 5. William Day. 

Lewis Ludlow, after having three children, died, and his widow, 
Betsey, married William Mulford, son of John. [See Mulford.] 

ISAAC L. DAVIS, (4th child of Jacob Davis,) and Margaret 
Farrand, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children: 
i; 1. Charlotte, who married Elias Riggs Wilkison, son of Josiah. 

[See Burrows.] 

= 2. Margaret, who married John Campbell, of New York. 

1 Isaac L. Davis, by his 2d wife, Catherine Oliver, had children : 
= 3. Sarah. 

4. Henrietta married . 

MARY DAVIS, (6th child of Jacob Davis,) and Isaac French, 
lived at Westfield, and had children : 

1. Robert French, born 24lh September, 1814, married Phebe 
Mooney, daughter of James, and had children : 

1. Mary Elizabeth French. 

2. Isaac Halsey French. 

3. Richard French. 

4. James French. 

5. Phebe French, 

2. Catherine French, born 7th December, 1817, married William 
Woodrufl', son of Benjamin, son of Robert Woodruff, whose wife 
was Mary, daughter of Andrew Denman, and had children : 

I. William Alfred Woodruff. 

3. Mary French, born 23d December, 1822, married Benjamin 
Woodruff, son of Benjamin, of Westfield. She died 16th August, 
1847, and he died, leaving no children: 

4. Jacob Davis French, twin to Mary, married Lydia Pierson, 
daughter of Moses Pierson, of Westfield. 

GEORGE DAY, Ist. 113 


GEORGE DAY lived on Long Island. 

Ht^ had a son, George Day, who came to New Jersey, and 
Jived on the norlh side of Lon^ Hill, and east of Sterling Valley. 
It is believed that John, David and Joseph Day were also his sons. 

GEORGE DAY, 2d, had a son, George Day, 3d, who died 
8th September, 1S03. 

The wife of George Day, 3d, was Elizabeth ; she died 26th 
February, 1815, aged 79 years. They had children : 
^ 1. Damaris, who married Samuel Clark, Esq. [See Elder John 
J Clark.] 

3' 2. Martha married Abijah Wells ; she died 20th January, 1811, 
I of apoplexy, aged 49 years. 
P 3. Polly, who died in May. 1835, nnmarn'ed. 

4. John, who married Polly Marsh, daughter of Joseph, and 
grand-daughter of John Osborn, Sen. 

MARTHA DAY, (daushter of George Day, 3d,) and Abijah 
Wells, lived where her father did, and had children : 

1. Elijah Day Wells, who married ISth June, 1823, Eizabeth 
Hud-oo, of Mendham. He became a Presbyterian minister — 
preached at , in New York. 

2. Charles Thompson Wells married and became a Methodist 

JOHN DAY, (son of George Day, 3d,) and Polly Marsh, had 
children: 1. Charles; 2. George. 

JOHN DAY, (said lo be son of George Day.) of Long Island, 
had children : 1. Martin Day, who had a son Absalom. 
2. Nathaniel Day. 

NATHANIEL DAY, (son of .Tohn Day,) had nine children ; 

1. Rachel, who married David Pei^pers. 
^ 2. Joseph married, 31st July, 1788, Patty Totten, daughter of 
^ Samuel Toiten. 

I 3. Hannah married John Graham, of New York, and had no 
g children. 
P 4. Zacheus married, 1st, Sally Locey ; 2d, Sar-h Parcels. 

5. Josiah married, 2d July, I'Qo, Dorcas Oakley, born 20th 
January, 1774, daugltsr of Thomas, and had no children. 

6. Elijah married Polly Oakley, sisier of Dorcas, and went to 

7. Israel married Polly Brant, and went to Ohio; lad several 

8. Elizabeth mariied John HarrisDn ; had but on9 child, who 
died in infancy. 


Yl^ GEORGE DAY, 1st. 

9. Marv married Jesfe V. Doiigla--, nnf] had cliildreri : 

1. Elizabelh, who married Ar.drew VV. lirowii, son of Thuinp- 
son. l^Sec Brown.] 

2. Jemima, who married Joseph W. Totten, son of Jonaihan. 

10. Sarah married Mr. Mills, and had but one son, Lewis 

RACHEL DAY, (daughter of Nathaniel,) and David Peppers, 
hal children : 
CT I. Pullv Poppers, who married David Drew. 
^ 2. Relsev Peppers married ^^tephen Diew, brother of David. 
S 3. Jane Peppers, who died at about IS years, unmarried. 
S 4. Dorcas Peppers married her cousin, Joseph Day, son of 
p Joseph, son of Nathaniel. 

JOSEPH DAY, (2d child of Nathaniel,) and Palty Totten, had 
children : 

1. Nancy, who married Joshua Sturge, of Green Village. 

2. Rhoda married Simeon Reynolds. 

3. David married Sarah Green. 

4. Israel married Susan Hadly, daughter of William. 

5. Aanm, who died at about IS years. 

6. Josiah married Jenelte Day, cla:igliter of Moses, son of Pau! 

7. Joseph married "his cousin, Dorcas Peppers, daughter of 

ZACHEUS DAY, {4th child of Nathaniel,) and Sarah Locey, 
had children : 
„ 1. Elijah married Anne RofF, daughter of Nathaniel, son of 
^ Richard, sen. 

S 2. Pv)lly, who died at about 25 years 
H 3. Nalhiniel died at aljDUt 30 years, of consumption. 
. ? Zirheus Day, by bis i^d wife, Sarah Parct^ls, had 

4. lU'.tspy. who married Thomas Williams, lives in Newark, 
and had children: L Anne Williams; 2 CJeorge Williams; 3. 
Hervy Williams, who died young; 4. Emeline Williams; 5. 
Harriet Williams. 

5. Abby married Miller Derieu, of Madison, and had children: 
1. Caroline Derieu; 2. John Derieu. 

G. Lsrael married Gracia Anne Blazier, daughter of George, of 
Basking Ridge: children, 1. Abigail; 2. Mary Eiizabeih ; 3. 
William; 4. George; 5. David. 

7. Squier married Emeline Bedford, daiighter of William D., 
of New Providence, and had children: 1. Harriet. 

8. Stephen, who went to Ohio with Captain Benjamin Conklin. 

ELIJAH DAY, (1st child of Zacheus,) and Anne Roff, lived in 
Sterling Valley, and had children : 

I. Nathaniel, who married Anne Elizabeth Browning. 


2. Erastus married Gertrude Nesty, daughter of William, of 
Sprin;i Valley. 

3. Henry. 

4. Mary. 

5. Sarah. 

6. Abby Anne. 

ELIJAH DAY, (6th child of Nathaniel,) and Phebe Oakley, 
had children : 

1. Stephen Snethen. 

2. Elias Ri^gs. 

3. Cyrus Bruen. 

4. John G. Bergen. 


DAVID D\Y, Esa, (son of George Day, 1st.) owned a farm 
where Peter Hill, William Crane, and John Litlell now live. He 
sold 50 acres to Jaccjb Bedell, on which John Litlell and Mrs. 
Elmer now live. 

He h;i(l five daughters, but no sons. 

1. Abigail, who tnarrif^d William Maxwell, son of John M:ix- 
well, of Wesifield. (See Maxwell.) 

2. Sarah married David H:>rrison; lived in Cauldwell township. 

3. Mary married Matthias Potter, son of Joseph. [See Potter.'^ 

4. Jemima married, 

1st, Mr. Dav. 

2d, Aaron Wade. 

3;l, Mr. Kirkpatrick, who lived at Liberty Corner. 

4ih, llev. Mr. Kennedy, minister at Basking Ridg^e. 

.5ih, Jonathan Miller, Sen., of Basking h'idge. 

5. Sus;m married, 1st, Eleazer Cr;me, of lilizabethtown, bro her 
of Benjunin Crane, 2d; 2d, Matthias Allen. 

JOSEPH DAY, (son of George Day, 1st,) married Hannah 

Sargeant, and had children : 
M 1. Jonathan. 

o 2. Amos, who married Miss Magie. 
g 3. Thomas. 

g- 4. Paul, who married, 1st, Elizabeth Thompson; lived at 
•" Chatham ; 2d, Elizil>eth Crane; :3d, Patty Willcox. (of the family 

ol George, at Elizabcthtovvn,) who was the mother of Samuel 

Condit. of Chatham. 

5. Stephen married, 1st, Damaris Foster; 2d, Jemima, widow 
of Stephen Johnson, and daughter of Justice John Ogden, of iNew- 
ark, and sister of Hannah, the wife of the Rev. James Cauldwell. 

6. .Sarah married Gershom Mott, and had children; 

1. Sarah Mott. 

2. Polly Mott. who married David Thompson. 

7. Martha married, 1st. Samuel Lum, father of Israel Lum, 
Esq. ; 2d, Stephen Howel ; 3d, Mr. Carnes, of Mendham. 

8. Susannah married, 1st, Mr Darling; 2d, Mr 


Beach, of Rockaway, and had a daughter, Electa Beach, 
■who married Mr. Jackson. 

JONATHAN DAY, (son of Joseph, son of George, 1st,) 
of Long Island, had a son : 

1. Daniel, who came to New Jersey, lived at Camptown, 
now Clinton, and had children ; 
B 1. Benjamin, who was a justice of the pence. He mnr- 

? ried. 1st, Elizabeth DarHns:, dautrhter of Thomns; 2d, 

I Elizabeth Roberts. 1 9th July, 1 770, dau^j-htt^r of Daniel 

f Roberts, and sister of Samuel R' berts. Sen., and also 

sister of Phebe, the wife of Peter Davison. 

2. Samuel. 

3. Artemas. 

4. Timothy married Mehctabel Merry, daughter of John. 

5. Daniel, Jun., married. 

6. Ezekiel. 

7. Jeremiah. 

8. Nehemiah. 

9. Mary. 

10. Keziah. 

11. Hannah. 

12. David. 

BENJAMIN DAY, (1st child of Daniel, son of Jonathan, 
son of Joseph Day,) and Elizabeth Darling, had children: 
« 1. Stephen, 1st. 
a 2. John. 
3 3. JNIoses. 
I 4 Dailhig. 
° 5. Abncr. 

His wife, Elizabeth Darling-, then died. anJ he, by his 2d wife, 
Elizabeth Roberts, had oiher children : 

6. Daniel, who married Nancy Morrell, daughter of Abraham, 
of Elizabethtown. 

7. Stephen, 2d, born December, 1778, married, 1st, Sally Mnlford, 
daughter of Cornelius; 2d, Elizabeth Wood, daughter of Captain 
Daniel S. Wood. He was a ca|)taiii of the militia. 

8. Abigail married, 1st, Jonathan Valentinf, son of Obadiah ; 
d, John JSchureman. [See Ohadiah Valentine.] 

9. Sarah married, 1st, David Valentine, brother of Jonathan, 
2d, Aaron Baker, Esq , of Dayton, Ohio. 

Benjamin Day, Esq.. died September, 1783, and his widow, 
Elizabeth Roberts, married Obadiah Valentine, as his 3d wife. 

DANIEL DAY, (6th child of Benjamin Day Esq., and 
Nancy Morrell, had children: 


1. Abraham Morrell. 

2. Thomas, who went to Ohio. 

3. Eliza. 

He died August, 1845, aged 71 years. 

CAPT. STEPPIEN DAY, (7th child of Benjamin Day, Esq., 
son of Daniel, son of Jonathan, son of Jospph.) and Sally Mnlford, 
had but one son, Mulford, who jnarried, 1st, Sarah Brookfield, 
daughter of Job, of Spring Valley, and had c'lildren : 1. Harriet ; 
2d Geor<;e Bangheart ; 3. Phebe Anne. His wife Sarah then 
died, and he married, 2d, Sarah Thompson, daughter of Elias, of 
Bordentown, and had other children , 4th, Elias Thompson ; 5th, 
Kachel ; (jih, Betsey; 7th. Benjamin ; Sth, Mary Thompson. 

Mulford Day died 26ih Jime, 1851. 

2. Daniel, who died in iSOo, aged 9 months. 

3. Benjan)in, who married Mary Taylor, daughter of Moses, of 
Bergen County, New Jersey, and had no children : 

4. Stephen married Rachel Brookfield, daughter of Job, lialf 
. sister of Mulford's first wife, and had children : 1. Elizabeth, who 

died at about 2^ years; 2. Mulford Brookfield ; 3. Daniel Davison. 

5. Peter Davison, married, 3st, Stella I'llizabeth Reading, of 
Sussex Ci)unty, and had a son, Watson, who died young, and she 
died, and he married, 2d, Jane Voorhies, of -Mendham, and had 
children : 2. Sarah Elizabeth; 3. Stella Jane; 4. Frances. 

6. Samuel Thomas married Elizabeth Crane, daugtiter of John, 
nd had children : 1. Wilbor Fisk ; 2. Waters Burrows ; 3. Johna 
Crane; 4. Benjamin ; 5. Stephen Sylvester. 

7. Waters, who accidentally . shot himself when a young man, 
and died. 

8. Daniel W. married, 17th November, 1847, Caroline Parrot, 
daughter of Sqiiier, and had children: J. Squier Fari-ot. 

9. Francis Anbury married, 16th November, 1847, Hannah D. 
Hick, daughter of William, of Nevv York, and had children : 1. 
Sarah Elizabeth. 

10. William McKendry married, 28th September, 1847, Lydia 
Anne Cole, daughter of Watson, of Trenton, and had children : 

1. Sarah Elizabeth; 2. Edwin Augustus. 

11. Edwin Augustus. 

TIMOTHY DAY, (4th child of Daniel, son of Jonathan, 
son of Joseph Day,) and Mehetabel Merry, lived at Chatham, 
? and had children : 

? 1. Israel, born l5lh November. 1765, and married, 3d May, 
I 1785. Elizabeth Ludlow, born 25th April, 17G7, daughter of 
f Col Cornelius Ludlow, of Long Hill. 

2. Betsey married, 1st, Capt. Benj;)min Pettit, 3d; [see 
PeUit;'\ 2d, Amus Potter, Esq., bon of Daniel, 2d. [Sec Potter-I 

COL. ISRAEL DAY, (son of Timothy.) was a colonel of 
cavalry, justice of the peace, commissioner of deeds, and elder 



1. Charles Lum, who married Miss Muchmore, daughter 
of John T. 

2. Hervy Lum married, 1st, Harriet Sturges ; 2. Miss Bruen, 
daughter of Ashbel. 

3. Paebe Anne Lum. 

4. Caroline Lum. 

Betsey Lum, and Samuel Diy, liad an only son, 1. Israel Lum 

Lay, who married , in Easton. 

Nancy Lum, and William Kelly, had children : 

1. Nelson Kelly; 2. Hervy Kelly; 3. Charles Kelly: 4. 
W illiam Kelly, Jun. 

MOSES DAY, (4th cinid of Paul, son of Joseph Day,) and 
Joanna Bunnel, had cl ildien : 

1. Charles, Avho married Polly Bonnel, daughter of Nathaniel, 3d, 
and had a daughter, Elizabeth Day. 

2. Betsey married Nathan Potter, son of Jacob Potter. [See 

3. Matthias, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and married, and had 
children : 1. Nemina ; 2. Sophia ; 3. Matthias, Jun. 

4. Nancy lives in Newark. 

6. Franklin married Prussia King, daughter of Doct. King and 
Prussia Bonnel. 

6. Sylvanus went to Ohio. 

7. Emulus went to Ohio, 

5. Henry went to Ohio. 

9. Jenette married Josiah Day, son of Joseph, son of Nathaniel 

10. Thaddeus, who died young. 

11. William. 

MATTHIAS DAY, (7th son of Paul, son of Joseph Day,) and 
Hannah Ward, lived in Newark, and had children : 
L Charles Thompson, who married Elizabeth Miller. 

2. Matthias, Jun. married Henrietta Tenbrook, of Sew York. 

3. William Ward married Eliza Caufield, daughter of Jabez, of 

4. Sarah. 

STEPHEN DAY, Esq., (5th son of Joseph, son of George Day, 
1st,) and his 1st wife, Daniaris Foster, had children : 

1. Joanna, v/ho married, 1st, Moses Lum, and had a daugh- 
ter : 

1. Mary, who married Doct. John C. Budd ; when Mr. Lum 
died, and she married Ichabod Ward, son of David Ward. 
[See WoTd.] 

2. Elizabeth, who died unmarried. 

3. I'lhjah, born 24lh January, 1757, and died unmarried. 

4. William married Nancy Bonnel, dauohier of John, and kept 
tavern at Chatham. 

5. Nancv married (Tailor) John Bonnel, son of Benjamin, 
Esq. [See Bonnel] 


6. David (lied ut Pittsburg, in 1794, imm.uiicd. He went out in 
the New Jersey regin::eiit, against the Whisky Boys. 

7. Mary married Isaac Samson, son of David. [See Samson.l 

8. Stephen, Jun., married Polly Bonnel, daughter of Benjamin, 
Esq , sister of Nancy's husband. By his 2d wife, Jemima, Stephen 
Day, Esq., had children : 

9. Elijah, 2d, married Phebe Crane, daughter of Jolin Crane, of 
Orange, and had a daughter Adaline, who married Charles 
Ailing, of Newark, and had a child, and soon after died, and the 
child died. 

10. Electa, wlio died in infancy. 

11. David Ogden married M.iria Stackhouse, daughter of Samuel, 
of Elizabethtown. 

Mary I^urn, (Jaugliler of Moses Lum and Joanna Day,) and 
Doct. John C. Budd, bad-children : 

1. Bern VV. Budd, who married Catherine Reynolds, daughter 
of David, of Madison. 

2. John S. Budd married Charlotte Ward, daughter of Aaron 
M., son Israel Ward. 

3. Mary C. Budd married John Meeker, son of Daniel H.,son 
of Isaiah Meeker. [See Mceker-I 

4. Joanna Vashti Budd married, 1st, Parrot Reynolds, son of 
William ; 2d, Noble Barry, from Ireland. 

6. Jane C. Budd married Israel Dickerson, son of D.Brainard 
Dickerson. \_See Dickerson.] 

6. Vincent B. Budd married, ls(, Nancy Ward, daughter of 
Jtihn, son of David ; 2. Jane Hancock, daughter of Rev. 
John Hancock. 

7. Phebe Budd married, 1st, Elwin Tryon, son of Rowland 
Tryon, of Connecticut ; 2d, Mr. Loundsbury, of Michigan, 
and lives there, 

8. Susan A. Budd married Ambrose Bruen, son of Carter, of 

Doct. Budd married, 2d, the widow Betsey Cobert, of New York, 
and had other children : 

9. Eliza Budd, who married Stewart Marsh, son of John T. 
Marish, of Rahway. 

10. Sarah Budd married George Servin, and live in Eliza- 
bethtown, and had a daughter, Sarah Servin. 

Bern VV. Budd, (son of Doctor John C. Budd,) and Catherine 
Reynolds, had children: 

1. Elizabeth R. Budd, who married Thomas Gallauflet, of 
New York, 2. David R. Budd ; 3. Bern L. Budd ; 4. Charles 
A. Budd. 
John S. Budd, (2d child of Doctor Budd,) and Charlotte Ward, 
had children: 

1. John C. Budd, who married Bridget Warren ; 2. Thomas 
D. Budd; :3. Nancy A. Budd; 4. Sylvester I. Budd; 5. 
Stephen Boplan Bausabin Budd ; 6. Caroline E. Budd ; 7. 
Ellen Day Budd ; 8. Ludlow Day Budd ; 9. George S. 
Budd ; 10. Mary E. Budd. 



9, Joanna Yashti Budd, 4th eliilcl of Doct. Budd, had no living 
chid by Panol l^eynolds. By iNoble Barry, she hud 
only one daughter, Emma Barry. 

Jane C. Budd, (oili child of Dncior Budd.) and Israel Dickerson, 
had children: 1. David B, Dirkerso ;n 2. Sarih A. Dicker.son ; 3. 
Born W. Dicker.son ; 4. Caroline L. Dic!ier.-on. 

Vincent Budd, (6ih chihl of Dorlnr Budd.) and Nancy Ward 
liad children : 1. Thomas Bund Budd; 2. Melissa Ward Budd. 
And by Jane Hancock had children: 3. Jane HancockBudd; 4. 
Benjamin Ward Fiudd. 

Phebe Budd, (7th child of Doctor Budd,) and Edwin Ty.<5nn, had 
children: 1. Charles Tyson; 2. Ambrose Tyson; 3. Caroline 
Tyson ; 4. William 'J'yson ; 5. Israel Tyson. 

Susan A. Budd, (8ih child of Doctor Budd.) and Ambrose 
Bruen, had children : I.Lewis B. Bruen ; 2. Caleb C. Bruen ; 3. 
John C. Bruen. 

Eliza Budd, (9th child of Doctor Budd,) and Stewart Marsh, had 
children: 1. Albert Marsh; 2, John Marsh. 

CAPT. WLILIAM DAY, (4th child of Stephen Day, Esq.. son 
of Jo.-'pph,) and Nancy Bonnel, lived in Chatham, and had children : 

1. Foster, who married Susan Smith, daughter of Doct. Peter 
5- Smith, of Chatham. 

f 2. Sally married Henry Crane, son of Capt. John Crane, of 
I Chr.tham. 
I 3. Charlotte married Frederick Smith, of Chatham. 

4. Lewis, who di«;d a young man. 

6. Calvin, who also died a young man. 

6. Joanna married Ichabod Burnet, son of Daniel Burnel, of 

« FOSTER. DAY, (son of Captain William Day.) and Susan 

Smith, had children ; 1. Lewis; 2. William Foster; 3. Richards. 


STEPHEN DAY, Jun., (8th child of Stephen Day, Esq., son of 
Joseph,) ar d Polly Bonnel, had children : 
? 1. Jane, who married Moses Ward, son of Ichabod. [5ce Ward''] 
9 2. Elias is a Presbyterian minister in Wayne county, Penn. 

1 3. Mary married Mr. Ketchum, near Bethany, Wayne county. 
g 4. Barna. 

5. Edwin married Fidelii Gleason, of Connecticut. 

6. Lewis married, and lived with his father in Wayne county, 

DAVID O. DAY, (11th child of Stephen Day, Esq., son of 
Joseph,) ami Maria Siackhouse, had children: 
«n 1. I larriet is unniariied. 

2. John Ogden Day married Emily Brown, 30lh September, 

1 1840, daughter of Jonathan, and had children : 

I. 1. Eugene ; 2. Webster ; 3. Robert Baldwin, 


3. Flavel Woodruif, born 5t'i February, 1813, and died 12t}r 
Septprt ber, 18 l-^. 

4. Hannah J^Jaria, born lOih February, 1815, and died 30lh 
October, 1881. 

5. Flavel Woodruff. 2d, born 28lh Nov. 1810, nnarried Miss 
Reynolds, dauwhler of Samuel Reynolds, Esq., above Basking Ridge. 

G. Jatnes Oliver. 

jfoTF.— .TcmiMn, the 'Id wife of St( phcn Day, Esq., had by her 1st husband, 
Ste| hi-n Ji)hneon, two cliiMren : 

1. Joiintliau Jolinson, who marrird Abigail Bonnel, daughter of Ecnjamin EonneJ, 

2 Hinnah Johnson, who is unmarried. She lives with David O. Day, and is 
nearly 80) ears old. 

M.\RTHA DAY, (7th chil I of Joseph, son of George Day, Isf,) 
and Samuel Lum, her first hnsbnnd, had children : Isr.iel Lutn, 
who married Betsey Day, 3d child of Day, [see Paul Day,'] 
and had an only son, Stephen Lum, who m.Trrifd, lives in New- 
ark, and had children: 1. William; 2. John; .3. Hannah; 4. 

After the death of Stephen Lum, she married, 2d, Stephen 
Howel, and lind children : 
^ 1. Luther Howel. who married Miss Young, of Whippany. 

2. Ci.lvin ILjwel married I'olly Sayre, daughttr of Ephraim, of 

1 Miidi-son. 

I 3. David Howel married Sally Burnet, daughter of Josiah. 
° Calvin Howel, ("id son of Stephen Huwel and Martha Day,) and 
Polly Sayre, had children: 

1. Cornelia Howel, who married Philemon Dickerson, son of 
& Peter. [See IHckerson ] 

f 2. Rachel Howel married Samuel Hopping, son of Daniel, of 

I i-last Madison. 

I' 3. Eliza Howel married Benjamin Cook, Jan., son of Benjamin 

of Madison, and had a son, Elias Cook, when Benjamin, 

Jun., died. 

4. Mar'ha Howel married Mathias F. Noe, son of John. 
[See Noe.] 

5. Stephen Howel married Martha Way. 

6. Ephraim Howel, who died at about 17 years. 


PHILEMON DICKERSON lived at the east end of Sterling 
Valley, on the road to Mori istown. He married Johannah Swea/y, 
above Morristown. He died 12ih April, 1777, aged 38 years. 
His widow married Isaac Badgley. He bad children : 

1. David Brainard, who married Sally Baldwin, daughter of Capt. 
Enos Baldwin, of Cheapside, and lived there. 

2. Peter married Catherine Day, daughter of Thaddeus, son of 
Paul. ^^ ,. 

3. Caleb married Matilda Brown, daughter of Daniel, of Madison. 

4. Hannah married, 19lh February, 17G7, Lot Darling. 

5. Philemon, Jun., who died, 6ih August, 1776, aged 14 monihs. 


DAVID BRAINARD DICKERSON, (1st son of Philemon,) and 
Sally Bnldwin, had chihiren: 

1. Philemon, who married Hetty Paradise; lived in Springfield, 
and was a justice of the peace ihere. 

2. Sarah married William Gibbs ; had no children. 

3. Mary, who died immarried. 

4. Israel married Caroline Budd, daughter of Doctor J. C. Budd. 
[See Day and Budd.] 

PHILEMON DICKERSON, Esq., (son of D. Brainard.) and 
Hetty Paradise, liad children : 

1." William, who married Eiiphemia Kelly. 

2. John married, 1st, widow Ellen Camp, and daughter of Isaac 
Roll, son of John Roll ; 2 Mnry Staclvhouse. 

3. Sarah Anne married Stephen Shafer. 

4. Philemon, Jun., married Mary Roll, sister of John's first wife. 

5. Weslev. 

6. Julianne married Theodore Birt, son of Jacob, of Springfield. 

PETER DICKERSON, (•2d son of Philemon,) and Catherine 
Day, had chihiren : 

1. Philemon married, 1st, Cornelia Howel, daughter ofCalvin; 
2. Hannah, widow of Squier Badgley, and daughter of Benjamin 

2. Paul, who died aged 20 years. 

PHILEMON DICKERSON, (son of Peter,) and Cornelia Howel, 
had children : 

1. Calvin, who married, 1st, Mary Ulick, daughter of Adam, of 
Hackets Town, and had a dauuhter, Mary Catherine. His wife 
then died and he married; 2d, Miss Tester, of Sterling Valley. 

2. Paul. 

3. Mary Catherine, who died 22d July, 1841, a^ed 21 years. 

4. Cornelia married, loth May, 1S4-7, Samuel Schureman, son of 
John McClasky Schureman, and went to Illinois. 

5. Peter ; 6. Eliza ; 7. Sarah Anne ; 8. Electa ; 9. William Day ; 
10. Stephen; 11. Mary Catherine, 2d. 

CALEB DICKERSON, (3d son of Philemon,) and Matilda 
Brown, had children : 

1. Samuel, who married Mary Freeman, of Woodbndge. 

2. Mary is unmarried. 

3. Brainard married Mary Ridgeway, of Staten Island, and went 
to Ohio. 

4. Caleb is unmarried. t-i i. u 

5. David went to Tuscaloosa, and married there, Elizabeth 

Mallard. , . j i-i- u u 

G. Wesley went to Natchez, Mississippi, and married h^lizabelti 

Wright, and died there. -„r.,,. ,,, 

7. Philemon married Catherine Griffin, daughter of William M. 

8. Israel, who died young. , .. . e 

9. Caroline married David A. Harrison, son of Abraham, oi 



Capt. Robert Treat, John Curtis. .Taspcr Crane, and John Treat, 
were sent, in 1660, from Branf'ord, Milfurd, and Guilford, in Connect- 
icut, to view the country and lands in New Jersey. They returned 
and reported favoral)!y, and were sent hack with power to select a 
site for a town, and make a purchase. The result at that time was 
a purchase of the township of Newark, by its ancient boundaries. 

The Indians called the town Passaic, but the inhahiiants, 
called it Newark, after a town in England, from whi.di the Rev. Mr. 
I'ierson, their pa>itor, had come. Trumbull, the hi.storian, says t.'. at 
Mr. Pierson, and almost his whole church and congreiia'ion, SDon 
removed from Branford tb Newark, and carried with ihem the 
church records. This removal took place some time previous to the 
24th of June, 1G67. 

DANIEL DOD, Jun,, eldest son of D.iniel Dod, Sen., came to 
Newark, a minor, proi-ably with the colony from Branford. He 
had a lot of land for his home lot in Newark, about Bridge Street, 
and northward. 

His farm lands were on the hill west of the town. In the year 
167IS, Daniel Dod and Edward Ball were appointed to run the 
northern line of the town, from thn Passaic to the Mountain. He 
was chosen deputy to the provincial assembly in 1G92. 

Of the three sons of Daniel Dod, Jan., viz. Daniel, 3d, Stephen, 
and John, Daniel, 3d, lived the longest, and died about 17G6, being 
eighty ye.irs of age or upwards. 

From 172 1 to 1731, Daniel Dod, 3d, was filling the office of free- 
holder and surveyor ; then living on his pitrimony. In the year 
1737, his brother John appears in the office of surveyor. In the 
year 1754, John's son John, then called John 3d, was appointed 
Assessor about the year 1762, the names of Isaac and Amos Dod 
begin to appear as town officers. Isaac was a captain, and at the 
beginning of the revolution was appointed justice of the peace, 
and continued to .sustain that office till his death, in 1804. Amos 
Dod was also captain, and Caleb Dod major, in the same regiment. 

DANIEL DOD, from England, married Mary , probably 

about the year 1640. He died in the winter of l6o4-5. She 
died 26th v'ay, 1637. They were both buried in Branford ; they 
had children : 

1. Mary, born 1647, and tnarried Aaron Blachley, about 1664. 

2. Daniel, Jun.. born in 1649, or 1650. 

3. Ebenezer, born 11th December, 1651, and died about 1675. 

4. A daughter, born 29th March, 1653, died . 

5. Stephen, born 16th Febru.iry, 16.")5, and died in Guilford, 
October, 1691, in his 37lh year. He married, l:?th Mciy, 1678, 
Mary Stevens, and had children, Daniel and Stephen ; his wife died 
previous to 1691. 

6. Samuel, born 2d May, 1657. His family ran out in the 

126 DANIEL DOD, 3d. 

7. Anne, who married Mr. Fowler. 

DANIEL DOD, Jun , (son ofDaniel, 1st.) had children : 

1. D.iniel, 3d, married Mary Ailing, of Newark, and died at 
80 years. 

2. Stephen, 2d, married Phebe Harrison. 

3. John married Miss Samson. 

4. Dorcas married Mr. Ward, the ancestor of Zebina Ward, 
probably his grandfather. 

DANIEL DOD, 3d, (son of Daniel Dod, Jun.,) and Mary 
Ailing, had children : 

1. Eunice, born 3d November, 1718, married David Baldwin, 
and had ciglit sons and two daughters, and died, 20lh October, 
1803, aged >>5 years. 

2. Siiah, burn 18th December, 1720, and married Timothy 
Freeman, and had three sons and one daughter. i 

3. Thomas, born 7ih January, 1723, married Sarah Newcombo. 
He died Sill September, 1S15, aged92 years, 8 months. Shedied 
31 St March, 1791, in her 68th yenr. 

4. D iniel, 4ih born IstMay, 1725, married. 1st, Jane Smith; 
2d, the wi(Jo\v Martha Harrison. He died 1795, witiiout cliihlren. 

5. Isaac, born 8th July, 1728, married Jemima Willi inis, born 
Cth Jamuiry, 1729. He died 19th August, 1804, aged 76 years. 
She died 25th .luly, 1810, aged 81 years. 

6. Josep'i, born 12lh September, 1731, died 4th June, 1789, 
n his 5Sth year. He married, 1st, Mary Lindskiy, who died l4ht 
Feb 17()3, aged 29 years He married, 2d, Sarah Williams, who 
iilied 2d, September, 1818, aged 70 years. 

7. Moses, bom I8lli June, 1734, and died in youth. 

8. Amos,born 1 5ih September, 1737. and died '7th October, 1811, 
nge:i7t years. He married Hannah ConJit, who died 23d June, 
182G, in her 68th ye;ir. 

9. Caleb, born 26 ih May, 1740, and died in Cauldwell. He 
married Hannah Harrison. 

THOMAS DOD, (3d child ofDaniel Dod, 3d,) and Sarah 
Ncwcombe, had children : 

1. Eunice, who married Joseph Crane, and died 20th Feb. 1822, 
aged 80 years. 

2. Ezeliiel married , and had a daughter, Jemima. 

3. Samuel married , and had children: 

1. Hannah; 2. Isaac ; 3 David. 

4 Nancy married Amos TomUins. 
6. Elias married Lydia Ward, and hail children: 
1, George; 2. Abraham; 3. Charlotte. 

6. Daniel married , and had children : 

1. Robert; 2. Nancy. 

7. Enos married Mary Edo, and had children : 

1. Jemima, born 24st October, 1776, married Samuel ^Dodd, 

DANIEL DOD, 3d. 127 

4»h; 2. A;iron, born U)th Oct()I>er, 1779 ; 3. Sarah, born 2i.I Dec. 
17!^2;4. Sunuel. born 6ih March, 1787 ; 5. Jonas and Hannah, 
(iwins,) born 28th March, 1792; 6. J^nar^, born Oth Sept. 1790. 

8. Jon:ithan married Eunice Smith, and liad children: 
1. Hiram ; 2. Phrbe ; '.i. Thomas. 

9. Thomas married Mary Hallam, and had children : 
1. John ; 2. William. 

10. Sarah married . 

ISAAC DODD, (5lh child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Jemima 
Williams, had children : 

1. Sarah, born 2d March, 17')'3, married, 1st Matthias Bal Iwin ; 
2. Aura King, and raised two sons and two daughters, and died 
183^, a^ed 85 years. 

2. Moses, who married Lois Crane. 

3. Ahijali, b )rn 9th November. 173S, died September, 1817. 

4. Abby, born 8th October, 17-39, died 24th December. 1764. 

5. Joanna, born 9th March, 1762, married Isaac Baldwin. 

6. Abby, 2d, born 2nih October, 1761, married Joseph Do U, .3d. 

7. Jephtha, born i7th May. 1767, died young. 

8 Jairus, born 21st January, 1770, married 9lh September, 
1792, Sarah Davis. 

9. Isaac, Jul, born 23d December, 1772. He married the 
widow Jane Smith, and diedSth September, 1806. 

MOSES DODD. (2d child of Isaac.) was born 9th December, 
1755, married, 3d July, 1775, Lois Crane, born 26th March, 17 54, 
and died 1 7th October, ISIS ; they had c! ildren : 

1. Stephen, born 8th March, 1777. married, 1st Phebe Pierson, 
29th November, 1799. She w:!s born 2.5th August, 1776, and died 
27th February, 1815. He married, 2d, Abigail Anne Law. 

NoTF, — Stephen Dodd l>ec me a i readier of the gospel ; was ordained 23th 
September, 180'i ; siipjilied two congreiittiDns sevoa years, in the tow , of 
Carmiii, Dutchess county, N. Y. In iJclob r. l^lil, lio removed to the tow i of 
■Watcrbury, Connecticut, and bee imc p islor of the ' oni/regational chnrch of 
i;alem. Ho resigned t at office in Hl7, and, th-lOi.h Decenib r. I-<17, was 
installed pastor of the Congregational cliurch in East ilanovor, aid was thcro 
still in lo39. 

2. Hiram, 2d child of Mosos, horn 22d Nov. 1779, died 2 1st 
July, 1823. He married, i4lh Feb. 1799, Julia Crane, and had 
cliildren : 

1. Abel Jackson ; 2. Christiana ; 3. Fanny ; 4. Mehetnbel, who 
died 26th June, 1815. aged 12 years ; 5. Moses; 6. Jairus; 7. 
Lois ; 8. Stephen ; 9. Lewis; 10. Marijaret, who died youn'j;. 

3. ,\bis:ail, born 20th January, 1782, married, 31sl January, 
1800, Jacob Ward, Jun. 

4. Betsey, born 3d May, 1781, married, 15th October, 1803, 
Henry King. 

5. Ira, born 22d June, 1786, married, 20lh September, 1810, 
Anne Harrison. 

J 28 DANIEL BOD, 3d. 

G. Fanny, born 25lh April, 1791, and married, 15th February, 
1813, Rev. Humpliry M. Perrine. 

IRA DODD, (5lh child of Moses,) and Anne Harrison, had 

1. Mary, who marripd Isaac Newton Dodd. 

2. Muses Woodruff, who is a bookseller in New York. 

3. Phebe. 

4. Amarintha. 

ABIJATI DODD, (3d child of Isaac Dodd, married Mary 
Dodd, and had children : 

1. Jephtlia married, 1st, Eunice Baldwin, and had children : 
1. lietsey ; 2. Mary. And by his 2d wife, Phebe Munn, 

had a daughter Jane. 

2. Cyrus married Mary King, and had a daughter Catherine. 

3. Rhoda. 

4. Lucy, who died young. 

5. Isaac mariied Catherme Canfield, and had children: 
I. Horace ; 2. Edwin. 

G. Joel married Betsey Harrison, and had children : 
1. Phebe; 2. Mary ; 3. Jane ; 4. Cyrus ; 5. David. 

7. David. 

8. Morris. 

9. Abijah, Jun. 

10. Lucy, 2d, married Thomas Exley. 

JAIRUS DODD, (8th child of Isaac Dodd, son of Daniel, 
3d,) born 21st January, 1770, married, 9lh September, 1792, 
Sarah Davis, and had children : 

1. Joanna, born 23d January, 1794; 2. William, born 
6th June, 1795; 3. Abigail, born 4th June, 1797, 4. Isaac 
Davis, born 17th April, 1799: 5. Sarah, born April, 1801; 
6r Ambrose, born 22d January, 1803; 7. Moses, born 2()th 
March, 1803; 8. Mary, boni 20th May, 1807; 9. John, born 
4th June, 1809; 10. JNathaniel, born 13th October, 1811. 

ISAAC DODD. Jun., (9th child of Isaac, son of Daniel, 
3d,) and the widow Jane Smith, had children: 

1. Morace St. John, who died in infoncy. 

2. liollin Horace, who also died in infancy. 

3. Hannah, who married Caleb Davis. 

4. Lydia, who married Marquis D. Thomas. 

JOSEPH DODD, (6th child of Daniel Dodd, 3d,) and Mary 
Lindsley, had children : 

1. Matthias, who married Sarah Munn. 
2. Ebenezer married Deborah Crane. 


3. Rachel married Bethuel Munn. 
'=■ 4. Joseph, Jun., married Eunice Baldwin, born 5th March, 
f 1763; she died in 1814. 

I 5. Mary, twin to Jose'ph, Jun., born lOth October, 1760, 
? married Aaron Williams. 

Joseph Dodd, by his 2d wife, Sarah Williams, had other 
children : 

6. Abigail, born 1769, and died 1st September, 1777, aged 
S years. 

7. Amos. 

8. Daniel. 

9. Moses married Mary Smith. 

10. Lydia married James Reynolds. 

11. Abby married Samuel Crane. 

12. Allen married Mary Osborn. 

MATTHIAS DODD, (1st son of Joseph, son of Daniel, 3d,) 
and Sarah Munn, had children : 
a 1. Jared, who went to sea, and was pressed into the 
? British navy. 

I 2. William was killed by lightning, 18th June, 1799, on 
f Governor's Island, aged 20 years. 

3. Rachel, at 20 years old, was drowned, together with her 
father and cousin Munn, at Coney Island, in 1800. 

4. Lewis; 5. Abby ; 6. Charlotte; 7. JNancy ; 8. Mary; 
9. Bethuel. 

EBENEZER DODD, (2d son of Joseph, son of Daniel, 3d,) 
and Deborah Crane, had children : 

1. Betsey; 2. Orra Buel ; 3. Mary; 4. Nancy ; 5. Lois; 
6. Ebenezer. Jun. ; 7. Joseph Hollo way ; 8. Joseph Horton ; 
9. John ; 10. Valeria. 

JOSEPH DODD, Jun., (3d child of Joseph, son of Daniel, 
3d,) and Eunice Baldwin, had children : 
g. 1. Mary, born 27th March, 1786. 

2. Sarah, born Uth September, 1788, died in 1813. 

1 3. Joseph, 3d, born 12th September, 1790, married, in 1813, 
I Nancy Clark. 

4. Louisa, born 1st November, 1792. 

5. Zophar Baldwin, born 28th October, 1794, married 
Jane Cochran, born 12th May, 1794. 

6. Lydia, born 1st November, 1796. 

7. Martha, born 27th November, 1798, and died in 1805. 

8. William, born 28th February, 1801, and died in 1824. 

9. Matthias, born 3d April, 1803, and died in 1805. 



JOSEPH DODD, 3d, (3d son of Joseph Dodd, Jun.,) and 
Nancy Clark, had children : 
o 1. Sarah; 2. Amarintha ; 3. Caroline; 4. Margaret; 5. 

c George ; 6. William ; 7. Eunice. 


ZOPHAR B. DODD, (5th child of Joseph Dodd, Jan., son 
of Joseph,) and Jane Cochran, had children : 
» 1. Thomas Cochran, born 15th January, 1818. 

2. Sarah Louisa, born 22d February, 1819. 

1 3. Mary Jane, born 23d May, 1820.' 

I 4. Esther Caroline, born 19th December, 1821. 
^ 5. Edward Mills, born 22d June, 1824. 

6. Esther Catherine, born 26th June, 1829. 

7. Catherine Mariah, born 8th October, 1835. 

MOSES DODD, (9th child of Joseph 1st, son of Daniel, 3d,) 
and Mary Smith, had children : 

1. Mary; 2. Moses, Jun. ; 3. Edward; 4. Jane. 

ALLEN DODD, (11th child of Joseph, 1st, son of Daniel, 
3d,) and Mary Osborn, had children : 

1. Joseph, who died, 3d September, 1816, in his 5th year. 

2. George ; 3. Daniel ; 4. Mary ; 5. Elizabeth. 

AMOS DODD, (Sth child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Hannah 
Gondii, had children: 

1. I^aac, born 27th June, 1763, married Polly James, who died 
Sth December, 1826, in her 68lh year, 

2. Eunice, born 2d June, 1765, married Joel Williams. 

3. IVIary, born 29th July, 176S, married John Condit. 

4. Sarah, born 4th August, 1770, married Squier Baldwin, and 
died 25th November, 1832, 

5. Elizabeth, born 2Sth February, 1773, and died 4th October, 

•6. Daniel, born 2d March, 1776, married Esther Ward. 
7. Amos, Jun, born 4th October, 1781, married Polly Canfield. 

ISAAC DODD, (1st son of Amos, Sth child of Daniel, 3dJ and 
Polly James, had children : 

1. Betsey, who married Eleazer D. Ward. 

2. Lucy married Jabez Cook. 

3. Mariah, 

DANIEL DODD, (6th child of fAmos, Sth child of Daniel, 3d,) 
and Esther Ward, had children : 

1. Phebe, who married Jacob K. Mead; 2. Lewis; 3. Josiah ; 
4. Philetta ; 5. Abby ; 6. Isaac Newton ; 7. Sarah Anne ; 8. 


AMOS DODD, Jan., (7th child of of Amos, 8ih child of Daniel, 
3d,) and Polly Canfield, had children: 

1. James CoUard; 2. David Canfield; 3. Harriet Newel. 

CALEB DODD, (9th child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Hannah 
Harrison, had children : 

1. Rebecca, who married Joseph Patterson. 

2. Elijah married Lois Williams, and had one son, Jabez, and 
/bur daughters. One of his daughters married William Scott, 
and another married the Rev. Mr. Thanhouse. 

3. Caleb, Jun., married Polly Bates, and had children : 

1. Elijah ; 2. Phebe ; 3. Sarah ; 4. Philemon ; 5, Ezra Squiers. 

STEPHEN DOD, 2d, (2d son of Daniel Dod, Jun., son of 
Daniel, 1st,) and Phebe Harrison, had children : 
I. Nathaniel, who married Ruth Condit. 

2. Silas married Hannah Smith. 

3. Stephen, 3d, married Ruth Peck. 

4. Joshua married Abigail Condit. 

5. Phebe married Jonathan Williams. 

NATHANIEL DODD, (1st child of Stephen, 2d, son of Daniel, 
Jun.,) and Ruth Condit, had ( hildren : 

1. Parmeneus, who married Jane Crane. 

2. Matthew married Charlotte Martin, and died 20th April, 1826. 

3. Mary married Daniel Condit. 

4. Lydia. 

5. Jane married Nathaniel Harrison. 

6. Reuben married Lydia Dodd. 

Reuben was drowned in the Narrows of New York Bay in 

PARMENEUS DODD, (1st son of Nathaniel, son of 
Stephen, 2d,) and Jane Crane, had children : 

1. Thaddeus ; 2. Nathaniel; 3. Stephen; 4. Jephtha ; 5. 
Daniel ; 6. Matthew; 7. Albert; 8. Abner ; 9. Reuben; 10. 

MATTHEW DODD, (2d son of Nathaniel, son of Stephen, 
2d,) and Charlotte Martin, had children : 
1. Jane ; 2. Caroline, who died at two years. 

REUBEN DODD, (6th child of Nathaniel, son of Stephen, 
2d,) and Lydia Dodd, had children : 
1. Zebina; 2. Nathaniel. 

SILAS DOD, (2d child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) and Hannah 
Smith, had children ; 

1. Dorcas, who married Sophia Condit. 

2. Jane married Amos Munn. 



STEPHEN DODD, 3d, (3d child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) 
and Ruth Peck, had children : 

1. Jemima; 2. Phebe ; 3, Stephen, 4th; 4. Jeriah ; 5. 


JOSHUA DODD, (4th child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) and 
Abigail Condit, had children : 

1. Bethuel graduated at (Queen's now) Girard College, New 
Brunswick, and became the pastor of the Presbyterian church 
at Whitesborough, New York, about 1794, and died 1799. 

2. Nathaniel, who married Lucy Baldwin. 

3. Phebe married Ichabod Harrison. 

4. Betsey married Stephen Harrison. 

NATHANIEL DODD, (2d child of Joshua Dodd,) and 
Lucy Baldwin, had children -: 

1. Bethuel ; 2. Matthias ; 3. Robert ; 4. Alvin ; 5. WilUam. 

JOHN DOD, (3d child of Daniel Dod, Jun.,) and Miss 
Samson, had children : 

1. John, Jun., who married Jane Smith. 

2. David married Sarah Harrison. 

He died 3Ist March, 1817, aged 83. She died 12th March, 
1827, nged 90 years. 

3. Abigail married Job Crane. 

4. Mary married David Chandler. 

5. Phebe married Elihu Ward. 

6. Elizabeth married John Peck. 

JOHN DODD, Jun., (1st son of John, son of Daniel Dod, 
Jun.,) and Jane Smith, had children : 

1. Hannah, who married Bethuel Ward. 

2. Eleazer married Abigail Harrison. 

3. Uzel married Phebe Freeman. 

4. John, 3d, born 5th November, 1761, and died 5th Sept. 
1826, aged 65 years. He wes colonel of the militia, and com- 
manded the detachment composing the Essex county regiment 
at Sandy Hook, in 1814, and subsequently became general. 
He married Abigail Dodd. 

5. Linus, who married Betsey Pierson. 

ELEAZAR DODD, (2d child of John Dodd, Jun.,) and 
Abigail Harrison, had children : 

1. Hannah; 2. Stephen; 3. Abiel ; 4. Lydia. 

UZEL DODD, (3d son of John Dodd, Jun., son of John,) 
and Phebe Freeman, had children : 
1. Mary, who married Caleb Baldwin. 

JOHN DOD. 133 

2. Samuel Morris, and his only son Samuel C, both died 
24th October, 1831, by entering into an old cistern to cleanse it, 
and died, as was supposed, in consequence of bad air in it. 

3. Amanda. 

4. Lucinda. 

GEN. JOHN DODD, (4th child of John Dodd, Jun.,) and 
Abigail Dodd, had children : 

1. Jemima. 

2. Jane, who married Joseph Rogers. 

3. Joseph Smith graduated at Princeton College in 1813. He 
studied physic, and practised in Bloomfield and vicinity. He mar- 
ried Miss Grover, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Grover, of Cauldwell. 

He was state senator under the new constitution of New Jersey. 

4. Amzi also graduated at Princeton, and engaged in the practice 
of the law. He was a member of council, and of the assembly of 
the state legislature. He died in 183S, unmarried. 

5. Sarah married William Whelpley. 

6. Charlotte married Hugh Randolph. 

7. Phebe. 

8. Louisa married Jesse Pitt, Esq. 

Dr. JOSEPH S. DODD, (3d child of General John Dodd,) and 
Miss Grover, had children : 

1. John. 

2. Amzi, who graduated at Princeton. 

3. Stephen Grover, who also graduated at Princeton. 
' 4. A daughter. 

And by his 2d wife Doct. Dodd had two children. 

LINUS DODD, (5th son of John Dodd, Jun., son of John,) and 
Betsey Pierson, had children : 

1. Acsah, who married Daniel D. Condit. 

2. Calvin. 

DAVID DODD, (2d son of John Dodd,) and Sarah Harrison, had 
children : 

1. Polly, who married Abijah Dodd. 

2. Zebina married Betsey Range. 

3. Elizabeth, who died 21st August, 1794, aged 30 years. 

4. David, Jun., married Lydia Ward. 

5. Sarah. 

6. Abby married John Baldwin. 

7. Phebe. 

8. Lydia married, 1st, Reuben Dodd ; 2d, John Baldwin. 

ZEBINA DODD, (2d child of David, son of John,) and Betsey 
Range, had children : 
1. Polly. 

134 JOHN DOD. 

2. Lydia, who both died with consumption, unmarried. 
3* Nancy, who married Mr. Meeker. 
4. John Range. 
6. Tyler. 
G. Israel. 

DAYID DODD, Jan., (4th child of David, son of John,) and 
Lydia Ward, had children : 

1. Ezra; 2. Mary; 3. Chandler; 4. Reuben; 5. Joshua; 6. 
Margaret; 7. Almira, who died 16th September, 1822. 

STEPHEN DOD, (the 5th child of Daniel Dod, 1st,) married 
Mary Stevens, and settled in Guilford, Connecticut. They had 
children : 

" 1. Daniel, who was born about 1679, and married 'Elizabeth 

9 , at about 22 years. He removed to Newark, when he was 

§ about 27 years of age. 

f 2. Samuel married Hannah Savage, of Middletown, Connecticut, 
19th January, 1704. Their father Stephen had divided his lands 
in Guilford, by will, equally between Daniel and Samuel. 

Daniel sold, and by will quit-claim dated May 3d, 1707, 
conveyed all his right and title to the lands and tenements left him 
by his father Stephen, to his brother Samuel, of Guilford ; most of 
these lands are in the possession of the descendants of Samuel 
Dod to this lime (1839). 

DANIEL DOD, (son of Stephen, son of Daniel Dod, 1st,) and 
his wife Elizabeth, had children : 
g. 1. Stephen, born 4th April, 1703, and married Deborah Brown. 
n 2. John married Jemima Harrison, 
5 3. Timothy married . 

i STEPHEN DODD, (son of Daniel, son of Stephen,) and Deborah 

Brown, had children: 
^^ 1. Zebina, who married Mary Baldwin, 
^ 2. Thaddeus married Phebe Baldwin. 
S He graduated at Princeton College, and studied theology. 
I 3. Daniel married Charity Freeman, and had children : 
I 1. Silas ; 2. Ilhiel ; 3. Daniel. 

4. Parmeneus married Patience Wright, and had children : 

1. Daniel; 2. Mary; 3. Ziba ; 4. Phebe; 5. Stephen; 6. 
Azubah ; 7. Sarah. 

5, Uzel married Abigail Homan, and had an only child Martha; 
6. Elizabeth; 7. Keziah ; 8. Deborah; 9. Sarah; 10. Hannah; 
11. Abigail. 

LEBBEUS DODD, (1st child of Stephen, son of Daniel,) and 
Mary Baldwin, had children : 

1. Hannah ; 2. Eunice ; 3. Phebe ; 4. Stephen married Mehetabel 
Gould ; 5. Abner married Hannah Gould ; 6. Rachel ; 7. Mary ; 
8. Daniel married Nancy Squier ; 9. Abigail ; 10. Elizabeth. 


REV. THADDEUS DODD, (-2d child of Stephen, son of Daniel,) 
graduated at Princeton College, in 1773, and settled in the gospel 
ministry in Western Pennsylvania. He and Phebe Baldwin had 

1. Cephas; 2. Stephen ; 3. Sarah. 

STEPHEN DODD, (4th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) lived 
in Newark; was a surveyor and judge of the court of common 
pleas in Essex county. He and Mehetabel Gould had children : 

1. Mary. 

2. Lebbeus. 

3. John Gould. 

4. Sarah Anne. 

6. Charles. 

9. William graduated at Princeton College in 1833, and is 
Professor of Mathematics in Center College, Kentucky. 

7. Stephen. 

8. Mehetabel. 

ABNER DODD, (5th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) was a 
mathematical instrument maker in Newark. He and Hannah 
Gould had children : 

I. Horace; 2. Susan; 3. Charles; 4. Jacob ; 5. Catherine; 6. 
Abby Elizabeth married, 13th June, 1850, John W. Stryker. 

DANIEL DODD, (8th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) was a 
machinist. He made the machinery for a steamboat at Elizabeth- 
town, New Jersey, and went towards New York to try it, when he 
with his assistants were blown up, and perished in the ruins. He, 
with his wife Nancy Squier, had children : 

1. Ezra Kitchel. 

2. Lewis Southard. 

3. Caroline. 

4. Susan. 

5. Albert Baldwin (Rev.) graduated at Princeton College in 
1822, and was Professor of Mathematics in that college till his 

6. Mary. 

7. Charles. 

8. William graduated at Princeton College, and is a Presbyterian 
minister ; preaches at Port Richmond, near Philadelphia. 

JOHN DODD, (son of Daniel, son of Stephen, son of Daniel, 
1st,) and Jemima Harrison, had children : 

1. Adonijah, who married Mary Ogden. 

2. Mathias died unmarried. 

3. James married Sarah Harrison. 

4. Cody died unmarried. 

,5. Abel married Martha Osborn. 

6, Jemima died unmarried. 

7. Betsey died unmarried. 



ADONIJAH DODD, (3d son of John, son of Daniel,) and Mary 
Ogden, had children : 

]. Aaron; 2. Catherine ; S.Samuel; 4. Matthew. 

JAMES DODD, (son of John, son of Daniel,) and Sarah Harrison; 
had children : 

1. Abraham; 2. Phebe ; 3. Hannah; 4. Naomi. 

ABEL DODD, (5th child of John, son of Daniel,) and Martha 
Osborn, had children : 

1. Jemima ; 2. Rachel ; 3. Polly ; 4. Phebe ; 5. John ; 6. William, 
who died in infancy; 7th, \^illiam, 2d, who also died in infancy. 

TIMOTHY DODD, (brother of John, and son of Daniel, son of 
Stephen,) married , and had children : 

1. Jesse, who married Miss Perry, and had children: 

1. Joseph. 

2. A daughter, Avho married Mr. Riker. 

2. Timothy, who died unmarried. 

3. Phebe, who died unmarried. 

SAMUEL DOD, (2d son of Stephen, son of Daniel, 1st,) and 
Hannah Savage, lived in Guilford, Connecticut, and had children: 
(Note.— Samuel died 24th May, 17570 

1. Ebenezer, born 22d December, 1705, married, 1st, Sarah 
White, of Hadley, anddied 19th May, 17S2. 

2. Samuel, Jun., born 2Sth February, 1707, and died 25th Aug. 
1751, unmarried. 

3. Hannah, born 25th July, 1712, married, iSUi May, 1737, 
Thomas Burgis. They had two sons and three daughters ; one of 
the sons died in infancy. She (Hannah) died 26ih July, 1795. 

4. Sarah, born 24ih April, 1715, married John Burgis. She 
(Sarah,) died January, 17S7, They had no children. 

Ebenezer married, 31st August, 1737, Hannah Benton, his 2d 
wife, and for his 3d wife married, 22d April, 1741, Mary Evarts, 
and had a daughter Mary, born lOth January, 1742, and died 
within 20 days and ; the mother died iSth November, 1790. 

EBENEZER DOD, (son of Samuel, of Guilford, Connecticut,) 
and Sarah White, had children : 

1. Sarah, who married Giles White, of Hadley. 

2. Mary married Leumen Ward, of Guilford. 

Both returned from Guilford many years since. The Dod family 
in Guilford, in the line of Samuel, is extinct. 

In a town rneetingat Newark, 13th February, 1679, Samuel Dod, 
(the 6th child of the English Daniel Dod, 1st,) of Branford, was 
admitted a citizen and a planter, and had his land assigned him on 
the hill at the north end of the town, since called Governeur Place. 
Subsequently he had new lands assigned him on the east side of 
his brother Daniel's land on Walssessing Place. He had a son, 

SAMUEL DOD, 3d. 137 

1. Samuel, Jun., born about 1694, married Mary Pierson. He 
died I6tli April, 1773, in his 78th year ; she died in 1795, about 
June. They had children : 

1. Martha, born 20th May, 1731, and married Matthew 

2. Mkry, born 16th December, 1732. 

3. Hannah, born 18ih December, 1734, married Smith. 

4. Samuel, 3d, born 1 1 th January, 1736, married, 1st, Elizabeth 
Hinman: 2d, Sarah Baldwin; and died of small-pox, in 

July, 1795. 

5. Aaron, born 13th January, 1738, and died 9th March, 
1821, aged 83 years. 

6. Rebecca, born 5lh Feb. 1740, married Samuel Fairchild. 

7. Keturah, born 26lh July, 1744. 

8. Jemima, born 25th March, 1747, married Isaac Suverill. 

SAMUEL DOD, 3d, (son of Samuel Dod, Jun.,) and Elizabeth 
Hinman, had children : 

1. Jonas, born 1762, and died 20.h August, 1770, aged 8 years. 

2. Naomi, born 1764, and died 24th May, 1766. 

3. Abiathar, who married, 1st, Cornelia Cadmus; 2d, Sophia 
Cogswell ; 3d, Mary Bigclow. 

And by his 2d wife, who died 14th October, ISl 9, he had, 

4. Elizabeth, who died 20lh August, 1770, in her 2d year. 

5. Elizabeth, 2d, who died 13lh June, 1790, aged 16 years. 

6. Samuel, 4th, who married Jemima Dodd. 

7. Abner married, 1st, Betsey Canfield ; 2d, Charlotte Walter, 
and died 17th January, 1833. 

8. Patty, 

9. Naomi, who married Joseph S. Ward. , 

ABIATHAR DODD, (3d child of Samuel Dod, 3d,) and his 1st 
wife, Cornelia Cadmus, had a daughter. 

1. Cornelia ; and by his 2d wife, Sophia Cogswell, had children : 

2. Christopher Cadmus Washington. 

3. Cornelius ; and by his 3d wife, Mary Bigelow, had, 

4. William. 

SAMUEL DODD, 4th, (6th child of Samuel Dodd, 3d,) and 
Jemima Dodd, had children : 

1. Samuel, 5th. 

2. Sarah. 

3- Aaron, who married Sarah Nutman, who died 26th September, 
1805, aged 60 years. 

4. Mary. 

5. Martha. 

6. Lorinda married Isaac King. 

ABNER DODD, (7th child of Samuel Dodd, 3d,) and Betsey 
Canfield, had children ; 

J 38 SAMUEL DODD, 4th. 

1. Eliza ; 2, Abner ; 3. John ; 4. Anne ; and by his 2d wife, 
Charlotte Walter, Abner Dodd had, 
5. Samuel ; 6. Charlotte. 

AARON DODD, (3d child of Samuel Dodd, 4th,) and Sarah 
Nutman, had children': 

1. Mary, who married the Rev. Amzi Armstrong, of Mendham. 

2. Job, who died of cholera, 1834, aged 58 years. 

3. Rebecca married Samuel Ingham. 

4. Joanna, who died 27th September, 1815, aged 58 years. 

5. Robert married Rebecca Randall, and had a daughter, who 
died of consumption. 

6. George Adams,; who died 6th February, 1812, in his 24th 
year. The family of Aaron Dod is now extinct in the male line. 

139 JOSEPH DOTY, 1st. 


Joseph Doty came from the east end of Long- Island, and owned 
part of lot No. 39 of the Elizabethtown lots, in Stony Hill Valley, 
on which he lived. He married Sarah Badgley, sister of John 
and James Badgley, and had children : 

S 1. Joseph, Jun., who died young. 

g 2. George, who married Sibbe Howel. 

I 3. John married, 1st, Sarah Potter, and 2d, Sarah Clark, daughter 

§ of Daniel Clark. \_See Daniel Clar'k.l 

4. Anthony married and had but one child, 

1. William Parsons Doty, who married, 1st June, 1793, Peggy 
Badgley, daughter of Moses, son of Joseph Badgley. \_See 

5. Elizabeth married Jeremy Ludlow, son of Jeremiah. [See 
Ludlow.] "Old Mr. Doty died 10th September, 1768," per Rev. 
Mr. Elmer's record. * 

GEORGE DOTY, (2d child of Joseph Doty, 1st), lived on Stony 
Hill, and owned a mill on the brook running down by Samuel M. 
Magie's and Israel Doty's. He and Sibbe Howel had children : 

1. Joseph, 3d, who married Polly Allen, daughter of Joseph, Jan., 
of Washington Valley. [See Allen.] 

2. George, Jun., married Nancy Cook. 

3. David, who wentto the lakes of New York, and married there. 

4. Kezia married Stephanus Clark, son of Daniel Clark. [See 
Daniel Clark.] 

5. Sarah married John Clark, Jun., son of Elder John Clark. 

JOSEPH DOTY, 3d, (1st child of George,) lived where his 
grandfather, Joseph Doty, 1st, did. He and his wife, Patty Allen, 
had children : 
g 1. Anthony, who married Mary Willcox, daughter of Levi. 
^ 2. Allen married Nancy Brown, daughter of John. 
s 3. David married Sibbe Clark, daughter of John, Jun., son of 
5- Elder John Clark. 

4. Sarah married Aaron Oakley, son of Thomas. (See Oakley.) 

6. Aaron (Capt.) married, 15th Dec. ISll, Betsey Hedges, 
daughter of Gilbert, and went to Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. 

6. Sibbe is unmarried. 

7. Mary married Jesse F. Pitts, son of George Pitts, of Orange 
county. New York. 

8. Martha married, 24th January, 1824, Benjamin Weed, from 

ANTHONY DOTY, (1st son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Mary 
Willcox, had children : 
9 1. Rachel, who married William Boyland ; lived in Newark. 
g? 2. Betsey married John Winans Hand, son of Nehemiah and 
I has no children. 


ALLEN DOTY, (2d son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Nancy Brown, 
had children : 

140 JOSEPH DOTY, 3d. 

1. Anna, who married Benjamin Lacy, and had children: 
1. Moses Lacy; 2. William Lacy. 

2. Rachel, who married Ephraim Howard, and removed to the 

3. Aaron married, 1st, Rachel Quackenbush ; 2d, Ellen Medan ; 
3d, . 

4. Ellen married, 1st, Samuel Vangesen, and had children : 

1. Mary Anne Vangesen ; 2. William Vangesen ; 3. Abby 
Her husband then died, and she married Edward Brown, and had 
no children by him. 

5. Squier. 

6. Joseph. 

7. William married Mary Simpson, daughter of William. 

8. Sally married her cousin, Cornelius Titus, son of Thomas 
Titus, of Patterson, New Jersey. 

9. Jane went to the west with her father, and married there. 

10. Mary, and 11. Abraham. 

CAPT. AARON DOTY, (3d son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and 
Betsey Hedges, had children : 

1. Jane, who married Philetus Foster, born 2d October, ISIO, 
sonof Silas, of Chatham. 

2. Phebe married Daniel Hedden, of Clinton. 

3. Martha, born 1824, married, 1843, Smith Taylor, of Millville. 

4. Sabina married John Baldwin, of Chatham, son of Moses, son 
of David. 

5. Josiah. 

6. George. 

JANE DOTY, (daughter of Capt. Aaron, son of Joseph Doty, 
3d,) and Philetus Foster, had children : 
s 1. William, who married Hetty Clark, daughter of John R. Clark, 
o on the first mountain. 

g 2. Emily married Ambrose Mulford, of Green Village. 
|. 3. Sophia married Samuel Johnson, from Ireland. 
•' 4. Lucinda; 5. Phebe Anne; 6. Margaret; 7. Mary; S.John; 

9. Elizabeth; 10. Manning; 11. Edwin Foster. 

MARY DOTY, (7th child of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Jesse F. 
Pitts, had children : 
1. James Clark Pitts. 

t 2. Theodore L. Pitts. 


1 MARTHA DOTY, (8th child of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Benjamin 
f Weed, had children : 

1. La Doty Weed; 2. Hannah Maria Weed; 3. Marcus Hervy 
Weed; 4. John Wesley Weed; 5. Gideon Allen Weed; 6. Mary- 
Elizabeth Weed ; 7. Julia Anne Weed. 

Joseph Doty, 3d, died 8th December, 1844, aged 93 years. His 
wife Patty, 13th April, 1820, aged 55 years. He was an elder in 
thePresbvterian church, from January, 1808, till he died. 



JOHN DOTY, (3d son of Joseph Doty, 1st,) and Sarah Potter, 
lived in Stony Hill Valley, near, but west of his flither's house, and 
had children : 

1. Chloe, who died 27th November, 1772, unmarried. 

2. James, born IGth January, 1756, married, 29th September, 
1788, Nancy Locey, daughter of Daniel Locey, of Mendham. 

John Duty's wife then died, and he married Sarah Clark, daugh- 
ter of Daniel, and had children: 

3. Daniel, born 23d March, 1765, and married, 1st, Elizabeth 
Potter, 2d, Betsey Crane, daughter of Joseph, and went to Middle- 
town, Ohio, and settled there. 

4. John Doty, Jun., married Phebe Cooper, of Hanover, and re- 
moved to Western New York, and from thence to Middletovvn, Ohio. 

5. Zina went to Ohio, with his father and family, and married 

G. Betsey married, 22d March, 1794, Stephanus Clark, Jun., and 
went to Ohio. [See Stephanus Clark.'} 

7. Jane went with her father to Ohio, and married Samnel 
Clark, there. 

8. Chloe, 2d, died 27th December, 17S4. 

9. Ketura, who died young. 

JAMES DOTY, (2d child of John Doty,) and Nancy Locey, had 
children : 

1. Sally, who married William Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel. 
[See Nathaniel Bonnel.'\ 

2. Betsey married James H. Pierson, son of Jacob Serring 
Pierson. [See Parsons.'] 

3. Israel, born 1st July, 1794, married, 1st, Sally Nne, daughter 
of John; 2d, Eliza Squier, widow of Joseph Squier, and dauo-hter of 
Henry Mundy, of Rahway. 

4. Phebe married Edward Hedges, son of Gilbert. [See Hedges.] 

5. Jenette married Abraham Clark, son of Samuel Clark, Esq., 
and had an only child, James Doty Clark. 

Mr. James Doty died 1-llh December, 1747, aged 90 years 11 
months. Nancy, his wife, died 19th April, 1741, aged 73 years. 
Sally, their daughter, wife of William Bonnel, died 5th Januarv, 
1843, aged 54 years. Betsey, their daughter, wife of James H. 
Pierson, died 10th December, 1832, aged 42 years. Sally, wife of 
{^heir son Israel Doty, died 3d October, 1828, aged 31 years. 

ISRAEL DOTY, (3d child of James, son of John Doty,) and 
Sally Noe, had children : 

1. James, who married Harriet Fairfield, of Boston, and live 
there, and had children : 1. James 2. Harriet. 

2. John Noe Doughty. 

3. Matthias married his cousin, Rachel Noe, daughter of Ellis 
Noe, and had children: 1. John Henry. 

4. Israel, Jun. 



DANIEL DOTY, (3d son of John, son of Joseph Doty, 1st,) 
married, 1st, Elizabeth Potter, eldest chih] of Amos, son of Daniel 
Potter, 1st. He married, 2d, Elizabeth Crane, daughter of Joseph 
Crane. He left home 10th September, 1790, on an exploring 
tour down the Ohio river, and landed at Cincinnati 23d October, 
following when there were but two log-houses in that city ; one 
of them was occupied by Major Benjamin Slites, from the Scotch 
Plains, Essex county. New Jersey, the other was occupied by Capt. 
John S. Gano. St. Clair's defeat was on the 4th day of Nov. 1791. 
The Rev. Daniel Clark, from Pennsylvania, was the first minister of 
the gospel in that region. Daniel Doty had no living children by 
his first wife. He was born 23d March, 1765, and died 8th May, 
1848. He returned from Ohio to New Jersey, and married, for his 
2d wife, Elizabeth Crane, and again soon removed to Ohio, and 
purchased a large tract of land at and about Middletown, and 
settled upon it. He, with his wife, Elizabeth Crane, had children: 

1. Joel, born in New Jersey 9th February, 1795, and was 
drowned in the Miami river at 11 years old. 

2. Noah, born 6th May, 1796, in Ohio, and died in his 7th year. 

3. John, born 15th December, 1797, and married Peggy Jewel, 
daughter of John, of Middletown. 

4. Daniel, born 9lh August, 1799, ^married, 1st, Molly Burges, 
daughter of Anthony. He married, 2d, Catherine Crane, daughter 
of Joseph, son of Joseph. 

5. Bi tsey, born 16tli January, ISOl, married Ambrose Doty, 
son of Gedrge, son of George, and had children : 

1. Nancy, who died in Iowa, at 19 years ; 2. Huldah ; 3. . 

6. Huldah, born 8th January, 1803, married John Williamson, 
and had children: 1. Daniel ; 2. Hendrick died at about 19 years ; 
3. Joseph; 4. Ellen; 5. Elias ; 6. William; 7. Mary Anne; 8. 
Sarah Jane; 9. Abner : 10. John Henry Williamson. 

7. Orpha, born Sth June, 1S04, married Thomas Van Tyle, and 
had children : 

1. Sarepta, who married Mr. Golden, and died at about 20 
years, had no children. 

8. Sarepta, born 16th February, 1806, married, 1st, James Jewel, 
brother of John's wife ; 2d, Aretas Crane, son of Joseph Crane, 
son of Joseph, and had children : 1. John Jewel ; 2. Albert Jewel ; 
and bv Aretas had, 3. Joseph ; 4. Sarah ; 5. William ; 6. Elias. 

9. Joseph, born 7th January, 1808, married Mary Vail, daughter 
of Samuel, son of Samuel, brother of Stephen Vail, the proprietor of 
Middletown, and had children: 1. Russel ; 2. Gilbert; 3. Ruth 
Jane ; 4. Zina ; 5. Deborah ; 6. Ellen. 

10. James Mier, born Sth October, 1809, married Susan Anderson, 
and had children : 1. Joel ; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Ruth Anne ; 4. Elias ; 
6. Daniel ; 6. Jerusha. 

11. Jerusha, born 9th January, 1814, married Simeon Taylor, 
and had a son, George Taylor, when Mr. Taylor died. 

12. Elias, born 23d June, ISl.'i, and died in Iowa, at about 22 
years. He married Pamelia Bogart, and had a son, Noah. 



DANIEL DOTY, Jun., (son of Daniel,) and Mary Eurge, had 
children : 

1. Randolph, who died at 23 years ; 2. Mark ; 3. John. And 
by Catherine Crane had, 4. Aretas ; 5. George; 6. Pitman; 7, 
Sarah, who died at 4 years ; 8. Joseph ; 9. Daniel. 

JOHM" DOTY, (4th child of John,) and Phebe Cooper, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Electa. 

2. Harriet. 

3. John, 3d. 

ZINA DOTY, (5th son -of John Doty,) married Sarah Moore, 
daughter of Levi Moore, whose wife was Hannah Enyart, daugh- 
ter of, and brother of Rufus, [.see Daniel Thompson,'] and 
had children : 

1. Electa, who died in infancy ; 2. James died at 10 years ; 3. 
Levi died at 14 months; 4. John died at one year ; 5. Elizabeth 
married James Daugherty, and had children: 

1. Hannah Cevilla Daugherty ; 2. Aquilla Daugherty ; 3. 
Melissa Daugherty: 4. Sarah Daugherty; 5. Harriet, 

6. Mary married Robert Chapman, and had a son, Butler D. 

7. Hannah married Aquilla Daugherty, brother of James, and 
had children: 1. Electa Jane Daugherty; 2. Sophronia i\Iariah 

8. Noah is unmarried in 1851. 

9. Sarah married William McNichols, and had children : 
1. Emma MciN'ichols ; 2. Ellen McNichols. 

BETSEY DOTY, (6th child of John Doty,) and Stephanas 
Clark, Jun., had children : 

1. John Clark, who died at 19 years. 

2. Jonathan Clark married Betsey Patten, and had a son, Samuel. 

3. Zina married, 1st, Sarah Clen'dennen, and had a son, Valentine 

4. Patty married Abraham Clark, son of Jabez, son of Daniel, 
and had children : 1. Nancy Clark, who married Mr. Freeman : 2. 
Daniel Clark ; 3. Catherine" Clark ; 4. Stephanus Clark ; 5. Martha 
Clark ; (5. Washington Clark. 

5. Abraham Doty. 

6. Jotham Doty. • 

7. Elizabeth Doty. 

JANE D0TY,(7th child of John Doty,) mairied Samuel Clark 
a relative of Stephanus; went to Illinois, and had children: 

1. James Clark ; 2. Abby Clark; 3. Sarah Clark, and others. 



JOSHUA (Doty, after a time written) DOUGHTY lived at or 
near the mills at the west end of Long Hill. He married Sarah 
Boyle, 8th child of Solomon Boyle, Isl, and had children : 

1. Solomon, who married Polly Pierson, daughter of Jonathan 
Pierson, whose wife was Agnes Ludlow, 2d child of Col. Cornelius 
Ludlow, of Long Hill. Solomon Doughty was first brigadier, then 
inajor-general, of militia. 

2. Margaret married Joseph Bullman, and went to Ohio. 

3. Susan, who died unmarried. 

GEN. SOLOMON DOUGHTY, and Polly Pierson, had children : 
L Agnes, who married Doct. John D. Jackson, of Rockaway, 
Morris county. 

2. Joshua married Susan Southard, daughter of Col. Isaac 
Southard, of Somerset. He is a merchant, and president of the 
Somerset County Bank. 

3. Betsey Pierson, born 1803, married Doct. Charles H. Jackson, 
from Rockaway. She died 28th July, 1838, soon after she was 
married, and without children. 

4. Sineus, who was born 1808, and died 20th October, 1832, 

5. Sarah Maria, born 13th July, 1814, and died 25th July, 1838, 

6. Eugene S., who married the widow Elizabeth Underdunk, 
at Somerville ; he is a lumber-merchant there ; he has children : 

1. Eugene. 

DOCT. JOHN D. JACKSON, and Agnes Doughty, had children: 

1. Edward E., \v!»o married Miss Osborn. 

2. Charlotte married Mr. Robison, son of Colhn Robison, Esq., 
of Morristown. 

3. Mary married Mr. Chandler. 

4. John Jackson, a physician in Rockaway. 
6. Agnes. 

6. Laura. 

JOSHUA DOUGHTY, Esq., (son of Gen. Solomon Doughty,) 
and Susan Southard, had children : 

1. Louisa; 2. Sarah; 3. Mary; 4. John Rolan; 5. Joshua ; 6. 



EDWARD DRAKE came from Piscataway and settled 
in Washington Valley, 

He married Molly Vail, and had children : 

1. Joseph, who went to the South and married there. 

^ 2. Jeremiah married, for a 2d wife, Elizabeth Wooden, 
I sister of Ezra. 

E 3. Andrew married Eunice Martin, daughter of Edwaid. 
? 4. Mary married Mr. Vail. 

5. (Jaty married Ebenezer Lyon, son of Peter Lyon, of 
Stony Hill. [Sen Lym \ 

G. tSarah married William Littell, son of Andrew, and went 
to Sussex. [_See Andrew LitteiL] 

JEREMIAH DRAKE, (2d son of Edward,) and his first 
wife, had children : 

L Jeremiah Drake, Jun. 

2. Joseph. 

3. Betsey. 

4. Mary« 

Jeremiah Drake, by his 2d wife, Elizabeth Wooden, had 
children : 

5. Peter, who went to Albany and married there. 

6. Jacob married Rebecca Kunyon, daughter of Ephraim, 
of Piscataway. 

7. Joel married Phebe Noe, daughter of Lewis Noe, of 
Long Hill. 

8. Rhoda. 

9. Mary. 

10. Edith married Washington Leason ; live on Long- Hill. 

ANDREW DRAKE, (3d son of Edward,) and Eunice 
IMartin, had children: 

1. Noah, who married Margaret Cole, daughter of Jonathan 

2. Polly mnrried Gideon Allen, Jun., son of Gideon, of 

3. Experience married Thomas Martin, son of Azariah 

4. Martha married James Frazee, son of Jotham Frazee, 
Esq., of Scotch Plains. 

f>. Sarah married Samuel Seacore. 

6. Piatt married Hannah Smalley, daughter of Daniel, son 
of David Smaiiey, Esq. 



NOAH DllAKK, (son of Andrew, son (if Edward,) and 
Margaret (/ole. had children : 
y 1. Ezra, who nn:irried, 1st, Polly Willinms. dau^diter of 
? Zophar Williams, ol Passair Valley, and had one daughter, 
^ 1. Ehza Willinms, who m.'irried Freeman Tucker. S'>n (it 

I' Lines. Ezra's wife died, and he married Polly Baker, 

d mghter of Jonathan 1 . and lirad children : 2. Mary 
Williams; 3. Jonathan Baker; 4 George Wliifefield. 

2. D'lrcas married Jaci-b tSholwell, sun of Kalph. [See 

3. Jonathan married Mnriah Frazee, daugh'er of Max- 
well, and had a daughter. Sarah Anne, when he died. 

4. Humphrey Martin mirried Sarah Frazee, daughter nf 
Maxwfll, and had children: I. Jonathan C ; 2. Maxwell 
Frazee. His wife, Sarah, then died, and he married the 
wiiiow Sally Young, and daughter ol Philip Achor, and had 
children; 3 Margaret; 4. Eliza, and then removed to Michi- 

5. Randolph married Jane Randolph, daughter of Simeon, 
and had chiKlren : 1. I'^dward ; 2. Marjjaret Anne ; 3. Ex- 
perience ; 4. Simeon ; 5. David. 

G. Edwar I Drake, (son ol Noah, son of Edward.) married 
Mary VValdnm, dauuhter of l.affert Waldron. arid had chil- 
dren: 1. Hannah Anne; 2. Jonathan ; 3. Daniel ; 4. Har- 
riet ; 5. George Washington. 

7. William mai ried Hunia l''rench, daughter of David French. 
Jun., and had children : 1. iMaiilda ; 2. Noah ; 3. David. 

8. Nathaniel, born 22d July, 1815, married Sarah Tingley, 
born 11th Sept. 1815, daughter of Squire Tingley, and had 
children: 1. Emma. b(n-n 27th >ept. 18.37: 2. Lucretia, born 
13lh Oilober, 1839; 3 David, born Iblh January, 1842; 4. 
Albert, born 7th August, 1840. 

9. Eunice marred James Drake, son of Elkanah, and hud 
children: 1. Madison; 3. Anne Eliza; 3. James Drake. 

10. Sarah married William Cornell, and had children: 
1. Thomas Lavender Cornell ; 2. Mary Cornell. 

11. Piatt married Julia Brant, daughter ot" David. 

12. John Q. married Thirza S. Stewart, daughter of Wm. 
D. Stewart, Esq. 


J.\MES DUNHAM lived at Littell's Bridge, in Morris 
county, and owned a farm there of upwards of 60 acres 
He had brothers, John, David, and Joseph, and sisters, Abby 
and Polly : they were children (^f two mothers. He married 
the widow Sarah Hedges, who then had a daughter, Sarah 
Hedges, who died 7th Dec 1820, aged 03 years, unmarried. 


He had a son James, who died 5th May, 179 >, aqed 25 years, 
unmarried, and a daughter Hannah, who died 9th July, 18 17, 
aged 54 years, unmarried. 

Jami-s Dunham, Sen, died 7th June, 1796. aged 75 years. 
His widow died 7th .August, 181)7, aged 71 years. When 
Sarah Hedges died, this family was extinct. 


JOH\ DUNHAM was half brother of .Tunes ; he married Keziah 
Marsh, claugliter of Epiuaim, niicl had chiidien : 

t? 1. Nancy, w;i(» married James T.ippen, and went to Ohio. 

f 2. Metlv married Jacob High, son of John, of We.sifield. [See 

I High ] ■ - 

§• 3. John, Jun., married, 1st, Sarah High, sister of Jacob; 2d, 
pally Small.'y, daughter of David, E-q. 

4. Jane, born Sih May, 17(34, married Norris Crane, son if 
Benjamin. [See Benjamin Crane-] 

5. Betsey married Samuel Potter, son of Caleb, son of Col. 
Samuel. [See Potter. ] 

0. Polly married Edos Meeker, of Connecticut Farms, now Union. 
7. Phcbe married, 14th February, 1790, Josepii Ogdi n Meeker, 

son of Joiham, of Plainfield. 

NANCY DUNHAM, and James Tappen, had children : 

1. Sally Tappen, wlio married, 3d March, 1795, Capt. Samuel 
Bailey. [See Bailey ] 

2. Keziah Tappen married Jonathan Crane, son of Joseph, [See 

3. Marsh Tappen, who died at about IS years. 

g 4. Sacniiel Tappen married Catherine Dyke, in Ohio. 

9 5. Betsev Tappen married William Livinofston, in Ohio. 

I 6. Jane Tappen married Henry Rogers, of Piamfield, and went 

5 to Ohio. 

7. Phehe Tappen married Thomas Smith, in Ohio. 

8. Hcnjamm Tappen married Eliza Shaw, of Pennsylvania ; lived 
in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

9. Isaac Tappen married Nelly Dunham, daughter of Doctor 
Dunham, of Imiiana. 

10. Susan Tappen married Peter P. Good, an Englishman ; live 
in New York, and have an only chdd, Pato Good. 

JOHN DUNHAM. Jun., (son of John Dunham,) and Sarah 
High, had children : 

1. Kachel, who married Christopher Stevens, son of John. [See 
Stevens ] 

2. Deborah married, 30lh January, 1796, James Sayre, son of 
DaviJ ; live at Madison. 

3. Kezidh, born July, 17S0, married, 20th June, 1807, Aaron 
Thompson, son of Thomas. [See Thoriipsun.'} 



4. Joel inKiried Eunice Baldwin, of Bloomfielil, and lives there. 
5 Fanny married Levi French, son of David French, Sen. [See 
French ] 

6. Ezra married Nancy Hobro, and went to the lakes, New York, 
and lives there. 

7. VVilliain went to the lakes. 

8. Sally married 22d November, 1822, George Miller, an English- 

9. John, 3d, married Phebe Anne Williams, daughter of 
Henderson Williains, of Westfieid, and had a daughter Ellen, when 
his wile died. 

John Dunham, Jun., married, 2d, Patty, daughter of David Smalley, 
Esq., and had u J 0th child. 

POLLY DUNHAM, (6th child of John Dunham,) and Enes 
Meeker, had children : 

1. Phebe, who married Calvin Freeman. 

2. Ephrairn married Phebe . 

3. Joseph married Electa Headley, daughter of Timothy. 

4. Wheeler married Phebe Fox, daughter of John. 

5. Enos. 

PHEBE DUNHAM, (7th child of John Dunham,) and J. 
Ogden Meeker, had children : 

1. Mary Meeker, who married John Squier, son of Aaron 
Squier, of Long Hill. [See !Squie7\] 

2. .Sarah Aieeker married Ezra Hatfield, son of Daniel, of 
Westfieid. and had children: \. Ogden Meeker Hatfield; 2. 
Phebe Meeker Hatfield; 3. Hariiet Hatfield; 4. J^ebecca 
Hatfield; 5. Charlott.e Hatfield: 6. Sarah Hatfield ; 7. Mary 
Hatfield ; 8. Hatfield. 

3. Anna Meeker married William Line, t^on of Isaiah, and 
had children: L Isaiah Line, who died at 22 yeais 2. 
Huldah Line married Michael McVay ; 3. Hann ih Line 
married Anthony Farley, son of Anthony Farley, of Hunter- 
don; 4. George Line: 5 Sarah Line; 6. Aaron Line; 7. 
Amelia Line ; 8. Phebe Line [See Line.] 

4 Rachel Meeker married Samuel Rutan, son of Joseph, 
of Long Hill, und had no children. 

5. John Meeker married Margaret, daughter of Anthony 
Farley, of Hunterdon county, and had no children. 


REV. JONATHAN ELMER was born in Norwalk, Conn., 
the 4th June. 1727. He married Amy Gale, near Goshen, 
C)range county. New York. He came to Turkey, and became 
the stated minister of the Presbyterian church and con- 
gregation the 1st ol October, 1757, and was installed the 13th 


November, 1765, and continued the pastor till the 14th Oct. 
1793. when he was dismissed, and was never afterwards 
settled He died 5th June. 1807, aged 80 years ; his wife 
Amy, died •24th July, 1812, :iged 94 years- They had children: 
«S 1. Jonathan, born l5th July, 1750. married. 29th May. 177G, 
n Susannah Bedell, daughter of Benjamin ; had a son Philemon, 
I and a daughter Hannah, baptized 3l)th May, 1784, and died 
I young ; and he died 29th March, 1781, aged 34 years. 
^ 2. Philemon, born 13th Sept 1752, became a physiciarf 
and a surgeon in the army of the H evolution. He married, 
1st, 13th Nov. 1774, Mary^Marsh, and lived in Westfield ; 2d, 
Catherine Slack ; 3d, the widow of Charles Clark, Esq. 

3. John, born 29th Sept. 1751, and died 14th May, 1764. 

4. Moses Gale, born 2Gth September, 1757 ; he became a 
physician, and married. 2d December, 1792. Chloe Meeker, 
daughter of Matthias Meeker, of Morristown ; he lived where 
John T. Willcox now lives; he died 31st May, 1835; his 
wife. Chloe, died 19th June,' 1833. aged GO years. 

5. Sarah, born 11th August, 1763, and married, 4th April, 
1779, Abraham Morrell, of Elizabethtown. who died l5th 
April, 1794, and she then married Thomas Lovell, merchant 
of New York. 

6. Nathan, born 5th November, 1763, married, 4th Nov. 
1792, Sarah Crane, daughter of Isaac. 

Note. — The four first children were born at Florida, near Goshen, in the high- 
lands of Oiai ge count}', N. York, and ihe ivvo lasi in Torkey, or New Providence. 

JONATHAN ELMER, son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer, and 
Susannah Bedell, had but two children: 1. Hannah, who 
married, 18th January, 1795, Thaddeus Thompson, and died in 
child-bed, with her first child ; 2. Philemon, who married 
Nancy Potter, daughter of Isaac, and had children : 

CO 1. Abigail Caroline, born 4ih February, 1807, and died 20th 

^ July, 1807. 

§ 2. Jonathan Gale, born 13th August, 1803, and died 25th 

|. April, 1828, aged 20 years. 

? 3. Abigail Caroline, 2d, born 5th January, 1810, and died 
14th March, 1845, aged 35 years, unmarried. 

4. Louisa, born 28th October, ISU, and died 21st January, 
1829, aged 18 years, unmarried. 

5. Potter Elmer, born Gth July. 1813, and went to Western 
Pennsylvania, and married, 8th March, 1839, Amy McFarlan. 

6. Nancy, born 12th January, 1815, and died 27ih July, 
1836, aged 21 years, unmarried. 

7. Philemon, born 14th January, 1817, and died a young 
man in Western Pennsylvania. 

8. Simeon Dunn, born 2d December, 1818, and died 24th 


Febiunry, 1^35, aged 16 years. 

9. Amy, born 27th November, 1820, and married 7th 
April, 1-'4G, WiUiam C. Green, son of Calvin, of JNladison, 
and h:;d children: 1. William Elmer Green; 2. Sarah 
Carohne Green. 

10. Israel, born 29th July. 1822. died 29th September, 1826, 
II.' Sarah Lovel, born 25th February, 1825, and died 8th 

July, 185 >, aged 25 years. 

Nancy, the wife of Philemon Rimer, died 31st December, 
1831, aged 49 years, and he married Catherine, the widow of 
Erastus Jones. 

DOCT. PHILEMON ELMER, (son of the Rev. Jonathan 
Elmer.) and Mary Marsh, had children: 

1. Sally, who married I )('ct. Loree. 

2. Polly married Doct Quimby, of Westfield, and died with- 
out children. 

And by iiis 2d wife, Catherine Slack, Doct. Elmer had chil- 
dren : 

3 Betsey married Ellis Potter, of New York, and had 
children: 1. Frank Potter; 2. Ellis Potter ; 3. Edward Potter. 

4. ' aty married Aaron Coe, Esq., now of Westfield, and had 
childien: 1. Philemon Llmcr Coe, now an Episcopal mhiister; 
2 Catherine ('oe- 

5. i\ancy ; 6. John ; 7 Julia; 8. Caroline; 9. Stewart. 
The five last named children of Doct. Philemon Elmer died 


DOCT. MOSES ELMER, (son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer,) 
and Chloe Meeker, had children : 

1. Matthias Meeker, bapti/ed 24th July, 1794, and died. 

2 Henry G Elmer marieJ, 8th December, 1822, Pamelia 
Johnson, daughter of Gahriel Johnson, Esq., and died 11th 
February, lb24. aged 25 years. 

3. Willi m, who died unmarried. 

4. Apollos Morrell married Mary Britton, daughter of Col. 
William Britton of Madison, end had one daughter, 

1. Elizabeth, who has become deaf. 

Mrs. A. M Elmer died in 1836, and he married, 12th 
April, 1838, Theodor.ia Morrell, daughter of Rev. Thomas 
Morrell, of Klizabethtown, and had children : 

2. William Henry. 



BENJAMIN ENYAUT lived in Passaic Valley, between 
Alexander Kirkpatrick's and Benjamin Alward's, and had 
children : 

1. Samuel. 

2. Sarah, who married Timothy Thompson, son of Daniel. 

3. David. 

4. IliiTus married Sally Thompson, daughter of Daniel, and sister 
of Timothy. 

5. Rachel married Benjamin Thompson, brother of Daniel, as his 
2d wife. 

6. Susannah. 

The family all removed to Ohio about the year ISOO. 


JAMES FINLEY emigrated from Scotland ; he lived some year^ 
at Princeton, and last at Basking IJidge, where he ditd ; he had chil- 
dren : 

1. James, who became a physician, and lived in Western New 
S York. 

? 2. Robert, who graduated at Princeton College; studied theology, 
a and was ordained and installed in the mitdstry at Masking Ridi^e. 
I He inanied Esther Caldwell, the 5th child of the Ucv. James 
* Caldwell, iif R.evolntionai-y memory. 

8. Anne, who married Charles Morford, of Prineton ; lived' at 
Basking Ridge in 18 1 0, and suhs^quentlv removed to Illinois. 

4. Alexnntler was a carpenter and caljinet-malcer ; lived at 
Baskinii Rilge. He married Susan Whitaker, eldest daughter of 
Stephen VVihlakcr. [.See Whitaker.'] 

REV. ROBERT FINLEY, (son of James,) and Esther Caldwell, 
had children ; 

1. Mary L. who married John R. Davison, only child of Peter 
^ Davison, of Basking Ridge. 

S 2 Helen Smiih marrie'l James Cammack; lived in Georgia; he 
s (lied about 18i6; had three chihlren : 1. James Cammack; 2. 
? Thomas Cammack ; 3. Margaret Cammack. 'I'wo had died pre 
vious to Ids death. 

3. James C, who became a preacher of the Methodist denomi- 
nation ; married Margaret Smith, daughter of Doct. Smith, of 
Cincinnati, and liad chihlren : 1. Helen ; 2. William ; 3. a daughter. 

4. Robert S married Julia Robins, of Kentuckv ; lived at St. 
Louia, Missouri, several years; editid the Libeiia Advocate, five 
years at St. Louis, and removed tlieiic^ to New York, and Continues 
that publication. He is a Presbyterian minister, and whs installed 
over the chnrcb i.t IMctuchen the 4ih of November, 1850, by tlie 
presbytery of Elizabeihtown ; he had no children. 


b. Josiah was licensed lo preach the gospel ; went to Liberia, 
Africa, as a missionary, and soon died there by violence. 
(), Anne, who died at about 35 years, unmarried. 

7. John married Miss Fox, of Mississippi ; both died, leaving one 
child, Mary Anne. 

8. Susan married William Brown, Esq., a lawyer of Illinois ; had 
children -.l. Mary Brown ; 2. Anne Brown. 

9. Hannah n^arried and lives in Illinois. 

MARY L. FINLEY, and John R. Davison, had children : 
1. Robert, who died at 23 years. 
1 2. Anne I\Iariah. 

3. John. 

4. James, who died at 23 years. 

5. Fiedericlv Josiah. 

6. Mary, who died at 20 years. 

7. Helen, who died at 2 years. 

8. William, who died at 4 years. 

9. George, who died at 5 years. 

10. Edward; 11, Julia; 12. Robert. 

ANNR FINLRY, (daughter of James Finley, Sen.,) and Charles 
Morford, had children : 

1. Margaret Morford. 

2. Mary Anne Morford. 

3. James Morford. 

ALEX.\NDER FINLEY, (4th child of James Finley,) and 
Susan Whilaker, lived nt Basking Ridge, and had children : 

1. Anne, who married Elisha Whitaker, son ol Samuel, of New- 
ark. [Sec Whilaker.] 

2. Hetty. 

3. Robert, who married and went to Cincinnati. 

4. Mariah married Samuel Hall, son of Richard ; lived in 
Newark. [See Hall.] 

5. Elizi married Rev, David McKinney, D. D., lived in Penn- 
sylvania ; has children living ; 1. Jane, who married Henry Floydj 
has a son Thomas Floyd ; 2. Susan McKinney ; 3. Isiac McKinney, 
born Nov. 1S2S, is principal of the acidtMTiy in Lafayette, East 
Alaban^a ; 4 Alexander; 5. Anna McKinney married James Bailev,. 
had one child, Anna Ba.iley, and died ; 6. William McKinney; 7. 
David McKinney. 

6. Sophia. 

7. Jane, who died a young woman. 

8. Susan married Eli.-is Beam, of Newark, and died, leaving 
children: 1. Alexand^er Finley Beam ; 2. Julia Brovvnlee Beam; 3. 
Frederick Betts Beam ; 4. Helen. Amanda Beam 

9. Alexander married Elizabeth, daughter of John Tuttle, of New- 
ark, and went to St. Louis, Missouri, and had children : 1. Isaac 


Baldwin ; 2. Josephine lives with the Rev. R. S. Finley, of Metuchen, 
New Jersey ; 3. Anna Whitaker ; 4. John Tuttle. 

10. Stephen Hervy. 

11. Cornelia married Frederick Betts, of Pennsylvania. 

12. Sarah. 

13. Helen married Mr. Hurxthal ; lives in Clearfield county, 

Note.— The Rev. James Caldwoll, the father of Esther, the wife of the Rev. 
Robert Finley, D. D., was shot by a soldier standing as a sentinel at F.lizabeth. 
town Point, the 24th November, 1781 (The sentinel was hung for the act.) He 
was a Presbyterian mniisler al Elizabethtown. His family resided at Con- 
necticut Farms, (now Union.) His wife, Hannah, was shot, the •2bth of June, 
17&0, by one of a party of i:ritish passing through that place to Springfield, leav- 
ing nine children, who were all taken up to Chatham, to the house of Stoohen 
Day, Esq , whose wife was a sister of Mrs. Caldwell, where David O. Day now 
lives. [See Step/ten Day.] 

The nine children of iVIr Caldwell were, 

1. Margaret, who married Isaac Canfield, of Morristown. 

2. Hannah m irried Jamns R.. Smith, merchant, of New York. 

3. John Edwards was taken by the Marquis Lafayette to France. 

4. James B. was many years a judge of the court of Gloucester county, and 
died in Woodbury. 

5. Esther married the Rev. Robert Finley, D. D., of Basking Ridge. 

6. Josiah F. was many years in the Post OfBce department at Washington. 

7. Elias was some years clerk of the United States Supreme Court. 

8. Sarah married the Rev. John S. Vredenburg, many years pastor of the 
Reformed Dutch Church at Somerville. 

9. Mariah married Robert S. Robertson, merchant, of New York. 


DAVID FLINN lived where Elias Osborn, son of Stephen B. 
Osborn, now lives ; he married, 1st, , and had children : 

1. Benjamin. 

He married, 2d, Lydia, the widow of Andrew Prior, and daughter 
of David Littell, son of Samuel, and had children : 

2. Stephen, who married Sally , 

3. Lydia, who married, in Ohio, Edmund Buxton. 

4. Susanna married John Miller. They and family went to the 
Shakers. Mrs. Flinn had, by her first huband, Andrew Prior, two 
sons, Andrew Prior, Jun,, and Moses Prior, the latter of whom was 
killed by the Indians in the war of 1794. [See Prior.'] 

STEPHEN FLINN, (son of David,) had children : 

1. Joanna, who married William Mills. 

2. James married Sophronia Smith ; lives on Indian Hill, Ham- 
ilton county, Ohio. 

3. David married Sally . 

4. Vincent married Alia Robison ; lives near Dayton, Ohio. 

5. Jesse married Henrietta Hammel ; have a son, John. 

6. Moses ; 7. William, who died at 21 years. And by his 2d wife 
Joanna, half sister of his first wife, had 8. Sarah, who died at about 
18, and 9. Sabra, who died at 17 years. 



JOSEPH FRAZEE was one of the eighty associates of Eliza- 
bethtovvn, who associated together for the purpose of managing, 
settling, surveying, and disposing of the lands of the " Elizabeth 
Town Grant," purchased of the Indians, a part of which, lying 
above the first mountain, was surveyed, in the years 1736 and 1737, 
into 100-acre lots, and distributed among the freeholders of Eliza- 
bethtown, by lot. 

Joseph Frazee drew and owned two of those lots, Nos. 64 and 65, 
lying in the valley at and about the Falls Mills, but not including 
the mill site, (the mill site at the Falls having been taken up of the 
proprietors before the survey was made, to the number of 25 acres, 
by Daniel Cooper, of Morris county.) 

S Joseph Frazee had children : 

9 1. Cornelius, who married Sarah Robins. 

I 2. John married Hannah Willcox, daughter of Peter, Jr., 5th 

§ December, 1764. 

3. Henry married Sarah Maxwell, daughter of William Maxwell. 

CORNELIUS FRAZEE, (son of Joseph Frazee,) and Sarah 
Robins, had children: 
g 1. Cornelius, Jun., who married, 1st, Sheba Hedges, daughter of 
? Benjamin Hedges ; 2d, Mary Tilyou, daughter of John Tilyou. 
i 2. Betsey, who married William Badgiey, son of Robert, son of 
9 James, 1st. 
" 3. Hannah, who went to the South, and married there. 

CORNELIUS FRAZEE, Jun., (son of Cornelius,) and Sheba 
Hedges, had children : 

1. Polly, who married John D. Murphy, and had three children. 

2. Sally married Abraham Hyat, and had one son. 
And by his 2d wife, Mary Tilyou, he had children: 

3. John, who died at 16 years of age. 

4. Catherine, who is unmarried. 

6. Moses, who married Susannah Hamilton, grand-daughter of 
John Hamilton. 

JOHN FRAZEE, (son of Joseph,) and Hannah Willcox, had 
children : 

1. Peter. 

2. Noah. 

After the death of John Frazee, the family removed to the 

HENRY FRAZEE, (son of Joseph,) and Sarah Maxwell, had 
children : 

1. Polly, who married Samuel Badgiey, son of Anthony, 1st. 
[(See Badgiey.'} 


!? 2. Maxwell, born 10th November, 1774, married Nancy Badgley, 
SI sister of Samuel. He married, 2d, Nancy, widow of Noah Cory, 
I and daughter of Joseph Line ; had no children by her. 
|. 3. Moses married Susan Miller, daughter of Benjamin, of Scotch 
? Plains. 

4. Sally married Jacob Foster Stites, son of Isaiah, of Scotch 

MAXWELL FRAZEE, (son of Henry, son of Joseph Frazee,) 
and Nancy Badgley, had children : 

1. Henry, who died at 12 years. 

2. Noah, burn 31st August, 1799, married Betsey Squier, born 
13th December, 1702, daughter of Aaron, of Long Hill. 

3. Maria married Jonathan Drake, son of Noah, and had a daugh- 
ter, 1. Sarah Anne Drake, when he died, and she married Jacob 
F. Randolph, son of John, as his 2d wife, and had children: 2. Abby 
E. Randolph. 

4. Anne married James C. Lyon, (son of John,) as his 2d wife, 
and had no children. 

5. Sally, (twin to Anne,) married Humphrey M, Drake, (son of 
Noah,) and had children : 

S- 1. Jonathan C. Drake. 

? 2. Maxwell F. Drake. 

I When she died, and he removed to Michigan. 
I" 6. Abby married the above-named Jacob F. Randolph, and had 
children : 

1. Mary M. Randolph; 2. George W. Randolph. 
When she died, and he married her sister, Maria, Jonathan 
Drake's widow. 

7. Su.-'an married Enoch Rino, and had but one daughter, 
1. Susan Kino. 

NOAH- FRAZEE, (son of Maxwell,) and Betsey Squier, had 
children : 

1. Henry, born ^!arch, 1819, married Mary French, daughter of 
"Willis, and had children : 1. George Willis ; 2. Sarah Elizabeth ; 
3. Anne Augusta. 

2. Aaron ; 3. Mary, who died at 12 years ; 4. Samuel, born 11th 
February, IS26 ; 5. Squier, born 1st December, 1827, married 

Caiherine ; Anson, born 27th August, 1829; 7. John, born 

25th November, 1832 ; 8. Anne, born 30th March, 

MOSES FRAZEE, (son of Henry,) and Susan Miller, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Betsey, who married Abraham Nelson, who kept the tavern, 
in 1849-51, ai Scotch Plains, and had children : 1. Julia Anne Curry 
Nelson ; 2. Manh Nelson ; 3. Loyd Nelson ; 4. . 

2. Phebe married Aaron Drake, (son of Huoh Drake, and Hannah 
Littell, daughter of Jonathan Littell,) [see LitteU,'\ and had chil- 
dren : 1. Delia Drake ; 2. Kmidolph Drake; 3. Sarah Drake; 4. 
Louisa Drake ; 5. Henry Drake. 


ASA FRAZEE was son of Joseph Frazee, of Connecticut 
Farms. His children know not of any relation between them and 
the other Joseph Frazee. He married, 25th June, 1775, Sophia 
Littell, daughter of Andrew Littell. He lived on the north side of 
Sutton Hill (or 2d mountain) ; they had children: 
g 1. Jemima, who married, 1st, Abner Tucker, son of Jacob 

Tucker ; [see Tucker ;] 2d, George Holley, of Perth Amboy, and 

1 had a son, 1. Philip Holley, and lived at Amboy. 

1. 2. Sophia married Thomas Smith, of Connecticut Farms, lived 
? where her father did, and had children: 

1. Asa Frazee Smith married Mary Anne . 

2. Joseph Smith married Miss Jennings, and lived in New 
York, and had children: 1. Silas Smith ; 2, Andrew Smith ; 
3. Charles Smith. 

3. Margaret Smith married Thomas Wright, and had children : 
1. Margaret Anne Wright ; 2. Susan Wright; they lived in 
William&burgh, opposite New-York. 

4. Harriet Smith married Noah Clark, son of Elias Clark, Jun., 
and had children: 1. Smith Clark ; 2. Frazee Clark ; 3. 
Thomas Clark. Noah Clark then died, and she married John 
Bryson, of New-York. 

5. Thomas Smith married Lydia Eliza Hoffman, of Dutchess 
county, New-York ; lives on Long Island, aud has children : 

1. John W. Smith, born 27th August, 1828. 

2. James Henry Smith. 

3. Adelia Smith. 

4. Charles Smith, born 25th July, 1835. 

5. Mary Eliza Smith. 

6. George W. Smith married Phebe Jane Presley, and kept a 
large store of brooms, baskets, pails, &c., near Fulton 
Market, New York, and had children : 1. George H. Smith ; 
2. Sarah Anne Smith ; 3. Mary Jane Smith; 4. IDelia Smith ; 
5. Emma Smith ; 6. William James Smith. 

7. Anne Eliza Smith married Timothy Murry, and had a son, 
1. John Murry, who lived on Staten Island. 

8. James Smith, who died at 11 or 12 years. 

9. Servia Jane Smith, who married Thomas Cruger, and had a 
son, John Adolpha Asa C. Cruger. 

3. Betsey Frazee married John Curtis of Monmouth county ; 
lived where her father did, and had children : 

1. James Buckeliew, who married Eliza Swan, daughter of 
Benjamin. He removed to Zanesville, Ohio, and had chil- 
dren ; 1. Mary Curtis ; 2. John, who died at 1^ years ; 3. 
John, 2d, who died in infancy ; 4. Rebecca Curtis ; 5. 
Elizabeth Curtis ; 6. James Curtis ; 7. Catherine Curtis ; 
8. Almira Curtis. 

2. William Curtis is unmarried. 


3. Asa Frazee Curlis married Marlha Smith, daughter of 
Jacamiah, son of Elijah Smith, of Long HiiJ, and had 

1. Cornelia, who died 21st November, 1850, at three years. 

2. Caroline, twin to Cornelia. 

4. Jonathan C-urris married Huinah An<2,leman, of Plainfield, 
and had children: 1. Henrietta Curtis; 2. Alfred Berry- 

5. David Curtis, born Sth November, 1820, married Citheiine 
Lin^-, danujhter of Israel B. Long, and had children: 1. 
Mary Elizabiilh Curlis ; 2. Esaias Curtis ; 3. Luthetter Curtis. 

6. Eliza Curlis married Cornelius Williamson, son of John, 
of Somerset c.juiity, and had children: 1. Martha Elizabeth 
Williamson, born I2ih May, 18:i5; 2. Jonathan Curtis 
Williamson ; 3. Harriet Jane Williamson ; 4. Abraham 
Parrot Williamson ; 5. James Henry Williamson. 


DxlVID FRENCH came from Connectit-iit Farms, now Union, 
and settled about one mile east of Uavid Sip.alley's, Esq. He had a 
brother, John French, who lived where Thomas Conn now does, 
who sold out to Mr. Conn, and went to the lakes, 'New York. 
David French married, 30ih May, 1776, Sarah Wi]lco.\-, daughter 
of Will ani, son of Pcler VVillcocks, Sen., and had children : 
g 1. Benjamin, who married P./lly Collard, daughter of Benjamin 

Col lard. 

1 2. Polly married David Hays, of Westfield. 

I 3. Willis married Hannah Hetfield, daughter of Moses, of West- 
? fi:kl. 

4. Levi married Fanny Dunham, daughter of John, Jan., and 
went to ihe lakes. 

5. Sally married James Williamson, of Monmouth county. 

G. David, Jun., married, 2d November, 1809, Margaret Noe, 
daughter of Lewis Noe. 

7. Cornelius married Sally Winans, above Morristown, and went 
to the hdves. 

8. Betsey married John Corwin, son of Stephen. [See Corioin] 
9 Phebe mariied Moses xMoore, SJii ef Isaac Moo e. [See 


10. Nancy married Moses S. Littell, son of Master Benjamin 
Littell; went to the lakes. [See Littell.'] 

WILLIS FRENCH, (son of David,) and Hannah HetfielJ, had 
cliikli tn : 
to 1. Felsey is unmarried. 

2. S.irah, who married Barzilla Ayers, lives in Elizabethtown, 

1 and has children: 1. Mary Elizabeth; 2. Moses Heltield ; 3. 
|- Hannah Frances. 

° 3. Moses Hetfield married Betsey Cole, daughter of Freeman 


Col'-, Esq. [.sre Parrot.] owned the Stone Mill in Wasliitio-ion 
VdUey, lives tliere, and has children : 1. Ellas C, ; 2. Adclia H. ; 
3. Agnes R. ; 4. . 

4. David A., who married Margaret Wood, dnughter of Daniel S. 
Wood, J;ji)., and h s children : 1. Mary Eliza ; 2. Barziila A} ers ; 
3. Rachel Anne; 4. William Theodore. 

5. Mary married Henry, son of Noah Frazee. \_See Frazee.] 

DAVID FRENCH, (son of David,) and Margaret Noe, had chil- 
w 1 Hiima, who married William Drake, son of Noah. [See 
a Drake.] 

I 2. Pliinehas married Mary Emeline Oswald, danghter of Henry, 
I. of New YorU, lives al Plainfield, owns or mumiges a grisl-n)ill 
.= (here, and had children : 1. Theodore ; •-'. Mary Elizabeth ; 3. John 

3. Lewis Noe, who died by accident, 6lh January, 1849, unmar- 

4/ Phebe niJirried David Coulter, near Mount Bethel, Warren, 
Somerset county, 

5. Harriet married Benjamin Lollard, near Mount Bethel. 

6. Margaret married Frederick Bryant, of Hunterdon county. 

7. Maria, (twin to iMargaret). 

8. Sally Anne. 

9. Hetty Jane. 


TIMOTHY GRIFFIX married Catherine Sayre, daughter of 
Isaac Sayre, of S[)riiigfield Township, and had children: 
»o 1. Jane, who mairicl, 1st, Francis Hrown ; 'z6, Robert Sweetman 
ci 2. Thomas married Triphena Foster. 
i 3. Pally married John Wheeler Foster, of Westfield. 
|. ~ 4. Isaac married Betsey Musty, of Shrewsbury, Monmouih county. 
? 5. Frazee died unmarried. 

6. Bftsi.'y married Clnrles Graves. 

7. Rachel married John Gray. 

8. Prudence married, 1st, Charles Delaney ; 2d, William R. 
Vigers. a Frenchman. 

9. Mary married Peter Maverick, engraver, of New York. 

10. Ephiaim married Effa Simpson, daughter of John Simpson. 

11. Timothy died unmarried. 

12. William died in infancv. 

13. William S. married in New York, and died leaving one child. 

PATTY GRIFFIN, (daughter of Timothy,) and John W. Foster, 
had children : 
w 1. John Fo-ter, who married Betsey Miller, lives in Westfield. 
o 2. Miriam Foster married Matthias Hand, son of Nehemiah. 
? [See Hand.] 


3. Mrtiiii Fosti^r miirriud, John M. Clark, son of John, of West- 
field ; had no (^hildren. 

4. Cli;irlus Fiister married Sirnh C ile. drmn;-hter of Joseph. 

5. tli/.a Foster married Mr, Murpliy, of Connecticut, and lived 

6. Martha Foster married Kinney McManners, son of Moses, of 
West field. 

Patiy, wife of John W. Foster, died, and lie married Rhoda Price, 
dauiihier ot Rice P ire, and had children : 

7. Susannah Foster, who married Martin Hulbert, son of Joshua, 
of Mendh uii. 

8. L'.ivisa Foster married David Dunham, son of Amos, ot 
Liberty Corner. 

9. ftlarcus Foster, who died at ten months. 

ISAAC GRIFFIN, (son of Timothy,) and Betsey Musty, had 
cliildren : 

). William M., who married, 15lh February, 1S16, Betsey Cory, 
daughter of George Cory. 

2. Catherine marrie !, 28th December, 1822, Isaac Marsh, of 
Wesificjd, and had a son, William G. Marsli, who married, 23d 
Siptember, 1849, Elizibeth IJadgley, daughter of David, son of 
Anthony Biduley. Catherine Mursh died 8th November, IS50. 

3. James. 

4. Isaac married in New York, :ind lives there. 

EPHRAIM GRIFFIN, (son of Timothy,) and Effi Simpson, had 
children : 

1. Frazee, who married . 

2. John. 

3. MatilJa married James Parmer, in New York. 

4. Mary married Edward Cliihis, in New Y(ok. 

5. Susrmnali married Mr. Saiiturd, in New York. 
G. Timothy 

7. Israel, whodic^d in iS48, a young man, unmarried. 

WILLIAM M. GRIFFIN', (son of Isaacson of Timothy,) and 
Belsev C iry. hiul children : 
$ I. Mary Anne, who married Philemon Dickerson, son of Caleb ; 
^ [See Dick-^Tson.] 
I 2. Elizabeth. 

I '.i. Catherine married Jonathan Hanford, son of Simeon. 
^ 4. William. 

5. Abitjail. 

6. Lewis R. 

7. Amanda L. 



JOHN HALL lived near Basking Ridge, and had children : 
£ 1. John, Jun. He died unmarried at Basking Ridge, about 1845, 
j! an old man. 

I 2. Richard, who married Elizabeth Roy, the widow of William 
g- Roy, and daughter of Eliphalet Whitaker. 

NoTK. — William Roy was Fon of jud e John Roy, of Pasking Rid^e, who also 
had a son, Joseph Roy, the father of Major Pi^ier, Roy, of Veullown, now 
Btrnardsville ; married Nancy Rickey, daughter of Colonel Israel Kickey, who 
lived at the saw-mill on Passaic inver, east, of Basking Ridge. 

No IE.— Elizabeth Roy, and William Roy, had two children : 

1. Hannah, wlio married Aaron Hand, son of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge. 

2. William Roy, Jun., married Deborah Whitaker, daughter of &ret)hen, and 
lived in Yates county, Niw York. 

3. Isaac Hall. 

4. Jacob inairied Theodocia Fairrhild. 

5. Robert married Mary Hand, daughter of Jonathan, of Basklno- 

RICHARD HALL, (2d child of John Hall,) and Elizabeth Roy, 

had children : 

^ 1. Isaac, who married Betsey Strimple, daughter of ; lives 

^ near Liberty Corner, and had children: 1. Jane; 2. Eliza- 3. 
I Samuel ; 4. William ; 5. Piatt; 6. Sarah ; 7. John ; 8. Catherine • 
I 9. Helen; 10. Elisha. 
* 2. Elipahlet Hall, (2d son cf Richard, son of John, 1st,) married 

Electa Ward, daughter of Samuel C. Ward, of Bioomfieki ; lived 

there, and was a justice of the peace ; they had children : 1. Sarah ; 

2. John ; 3. Richard ; 4. William ; 5. George ; 6. Catherine. 

3. Piatt, who died a young man, unmarried. 

4. Ruth married Levi Dayton, son of Jonathan, of Basking 
Ridge, and had an only snn, Elias H. Dayton, who married Huldah 
Con()v^•r, of Monmouth county, and had children : I. Frank, who 
died in infancy ; 2. Huldah. 

5. Samuel married Mariah Finley, daughter of Alexander, of 
Basking Ridge; lived in Newark, and had children: 1. Elizabeth; 
2. Alexander Finley ; 3, So{)hia ; 4. Anne. 

0. Catherine married Joel C. Homan, son of Thomas H., of 
Mendliam ; lived there, and had children: 

1. Samuel Hall Homan, born 6th September, 1S19, married 
Caroline Vance, daughter of Elias Vance, of Mendham, and had 
children: I. Samuel Hall Homan; 2. Annie Musely Homan; and 
died in August, IS47. 

2. Melancthon Homan. 

3. Elizabeth Sarah Homan, who died at four years. 

4. Thomas Homan. 

5. Elizabeth Sarah Johnson Homan. 

JACOB HALL. ] (j 1 

6. Louisa Homan. 

7. Sally married Isaac Conklin, son of William, Esq., of Basking 
Ridge. [See Conklin] 

8. Betsey married David Howel, of Mendham ; lived there, and* 
had children: I. Anna Mariah Howel; 2. Amelia Howel; 3. 
Elizabeth Howel ; 4. Charles Howel. 

9. Miriam married John Drake, son of Daniel, of Mendham, and 
lived there, and had children ; 1. Sarah Drake ; 2. Aaron Drake ; 
3. Caroline Drake. 

10. John married Mary Ailing, daughter of David, of Newark, 
and lived there ; had children : 1. David Ailing ; 2. Antoinette ; 3. 
Louisa ; 4. Horace. 

JACOB FL\LL, (4th child of John, lst,j and Theodocia Fairchild, 
had children : 
sf 1. Jacob Burrows Hall, who married RaChel Hall, daughter of 
f John, son of Richard, 1st, had children: 

I L Charles Hall, D. D. a Presbyterian minister, and secretary 

I of the A. H. M. S. of New York. He married Sarah 

Lawrence, of Geneseo, New York, sister of the wife of his 

uncle, Israel Hall, and had children : 1. Charles ; 2. James ; 

3. Cornelia ; 4. Mary ; 5. Anne. 

2. Sarah married George Carkner, of Michigan ; lived there. 

3. Benjamin Hudson is an elder of the church, at Tecumseh, 
Lenawa county, Michigan. 

4. Eliza married her cousin, Sherrod McKane, son of William. 

5. Maria married Samuel L. Spaffbrd ; lived at Tecumseh, 
, Michigan. 

6. Lewis Austin married Fanny Landen, daughter of Doctor 
Landen, (jf Michigan. 

7. Sophia. 

8. Rachel Catherine married Mr. Keith, of Monroe, Michigan, 
and lives there. 

2. Phebe married William McKane, and had children : 

1. Sherrod McKane married his cousin, Eliza Hall, daughter 
of Jacob B. Hall. 

2. Mahlon McKane, twin to Sherrod. 

3. John married Miss Howel. 

4. Nancy married Mr. Baldwin, of Orange, New Jersey. 

5. Theodocia married Mr. Bryan. 

6. Abraham B. married Sally Hate, of Albany ; is a silversmith, 
in Geneva, New York, and had children : 

1. Harriet, who married Truman P. Handy, cashier of the 
Commercial Bank, at Cleveland, Ohio. 

2. Samuel, who is a Presbyterian minister in Marshall, Mich- 
igan ; he married Miss Rankin, of Newark. 

7. Israel married Mary Lawrence, of Geneseo, New York, 
sister of the wife of Charles Hall, D. D. 

'8. Lydia married the Rev. Mr. • Myers, of Geneva, New- 
York. ■ 

9. Mariah married Foster Bernard, of Geneva, New Y^ork. 



ROBERT HALL, (5th son of Jolin Hall, 1st,) and Mary Hand, 
had children; 

1. Catherine,, who married Samuel Rickey, son of John Rickey, 

2. Sarah married Joshua Bulhnan, son of Joseph, of Long Hill. 

3. Mary married Thomas Gibbs, of Illinois. 

4. William married a.t Jacksonville, Illinois. 
Robert Hall, with his family, removed to Illinois. 

RICHARD HALL was a younger brother of John Hall, 1st; 
lived at Basking Ridge; married a Miss Compton, and had chil- 
dren : 

S \. John, who married Sarah Austin, daughter of Moses Austin, 

? and sister of Moses Austin, many years deputy sheriff in Eliza- 

I bethtown. 

f 2. Joseph married Ruth Austin, sister of Sarah, John's wife ; he 
lived between the Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, N. Y. 

3. Samuel married Hannah Webster. 

4. Jonathan married Rachel Austin, sister of Sarah and Ruth. 
He lived west of Seneca Lake, in Yates Co., N. Y. 

5. Richard, Jun., married Peggy Rogers ; lived in Lycoming 
Co., Penn. 

6. Nathaniel married Nancy Jones, in Pennsylvania ; removed 
to Ohio, and was there killed by lightnini:. 

7. Margaret ii arried, 1st, Jac«.b Howke ; 2ci, Enos Sillsby. 

8. Polly married, 1st, Mr. Parker, and had a son, James Parker ; 
Mr. Parker died, and she married George Chapin. 


JOHN HALL, (1st child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) 

antl Sarah Austin, had children : 
w 1. Moses, born 25th August, 1776, married, 1st, Phebe Burrows, 
n daughter of John, of Lycoming Co., Penn. She died, and he 
I married, 2d, Mary Whitaker, daughter of Stephen. She died, I8th 
|- November, 1835, and he married, 3d, Phebe Whitaker, sister of 
^ his 2d wife. He lived at Geneva, N, Y. ; carried on an iron 

foundry there. 

2. ilachel married Jacob B. tiall, son of Jacob, (See Jacob B. 

3. John Hall, Jun.^ married Priscilla Fanning, daughter of Asher, 
of Canandaigua, and went to Zanesville, Ohio, and died 11th July, 

4. Joseph married Polly Black, daughter of Archibald, and went 
to Michigan. 

5. Mary married Stephen W^hitaker, son of Stephen, and lived in 
Cleveland, Ohio. {See Stephen Whitaker.) 

6. Jacob Burrows married, 1st, Abigail, daughter of Esq. 
Townsend ; lived in Geneseo, and had children : 1. Sarah ; 2. John ; 
3. Emily"; 4. Abigail ; 5. Elizabeth ; 0- Catherine ; 7. Wealthy 

7. Catherine married Amzi Bruen, of Newark, New Jersey. 


MOSES HALL. (1st child of John, son of Richard,) and Phebe 
Burrows, his 1st wife, had children: 
^ 1. John Burrows, who married Agnes Millspaw, of Geneva ; 
c lives at Williamsport, on the Susquehannah River, and has a large 
g iron foundry there. 

|. 2. Harriet married William C. Tighlman ; and had children: 1. 
•'' Burrows Tighlman ; 2. Phebe Tighlman ; and then Harriet died. 
Moses Hall's wife Ph<'be then died, and by his 2d wife, Mary 
Whitaker, he had other children : 

3. Jane, born 2oth April, 1809, married John Humphrey, 
went to Michigan, and had children : 1, William Humphrey ; 2. 
James Humphrey ; 3. Charles Humphrey ; 4. Henry Humphrey ; 5. 
Mary Humphrey. 

4. Phebe, born .5th November, IS 10, married Nelson Rowley, 
went to Michigan, and had children : 1. Stephen Rowley. 

6. Rachel, born 7th November, 1812. 

6. Stephen Whitaker, born 5th August, 1815, married Nancy 
Graham ; lives at Williamsport, with his brother John, and had 
children : 1. Sarah Jane ; 2. Hetty Amelia. 

7. Henry Axtell, born 9th February, 1817, married Susan 
Claghorn Babcock, daughter of Ji scph M. Babcock, of Lenox, 
Massachusetts ; lives in Geneva, and had children : 1. Lenox. 

8. Mary, born 9th March, 1820, married. 30th September, 1847, 
the Rev. John Jermaine Porter, son of the Rev. Stephen Porter, of 
Geneva. He is pastor of the Presbyterian church, and settled first 
at Kingston, opposite Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. 

9. Hetty, born 18th September, 1S23, married Chauncey B. 
Ackley, son of Oliver Ackley, of New England; lives in Geneva, 
and had children : 1. Mary Ackley. 

JOHN HALL, Jun., (3d child of John Hall, son of Richard,) 
and Priscilla Fanning had children : 
-. 1. Austin married Mary Mitchel. 

2. Eveline married Mr. Harvy ; had a daughter Jane, and then 

1 died ; and the child died. 

g- 3. Elizabeth married Doct. John Scott ; lives in Toledo, Ohio, 
d had a daughter Frances. 
an4. John married Kate Mitchel, sister of Austin's wife. 

5. Mary married Mr. Throgmorton, of Zanesville, Ohio. 

6. Jacob Burrows, who studied medicine, started for California, 
and died on the way. 

7. Charles married Miss Wilhington, daughter of Daniel, who 
married Sarah Hall, daughter of Joseph, son of John. 

8. Frances married Mr. Howard, who went with his brother-in- 
law, Jacob B. Hall, to California. 

9. Jane, who died at 3 or 4 vears. 

10. Henry. 

11. Sarah Jane married William Rogers, lived in New York, 
and had a daughter Molly. 


JOSEPH HALL, (4th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and 
Polly Black, lived in Michigan, and had cliildren : I.Elizabeth; 
2, George; 3. Catherine; 4. John; 5. Charles; 6. Agnes; 7. 
Sarah married Daniel Withington, and had a daughter, who mar- 
ried Charles Hall, son of John, of Zanesville. 

JACOB B. HALL, (6th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and 
Abigail Townsend, lived at Geneseo, and had children: 1. Sarah; 
2. Emily ; 3. John ; 4. Abigail ; 5. Elizabeth ; 6. Catherine ; and 
by a 2d wife, 7. Wealthy Anne. 

CATHERINE HALL, (7th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) 
and Amzi Bruen, had children: 

1. John Bruen. 

2. George Bruen. 

3. Sarah Bruen. 

4. Horace Bruen. 

5. Eveline Bruen. 

6. Austin Bruen. 

7. Anson Bruen. 


JOSEPH HALL, (^d child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 
*. 1st.) and Ruth Austin, had children: 1. Richard; 2, David; 3. 
^William; 4. Isaac; 5. Joseph, Jun. ; G. Susan; 7. Sarah; 8, 
I Deborah ; 9, Mary. 


•= JONATHAN HALL, (4th child of Richard, brother of John 
Hall, 1st,) and Rachel Austin, had children: 

1. Jonathan Austin married Anne Whitaker, daughter of 
Stephen ; lived near Penn Yan, Yates county. New York, and had 
children : 1. Mary Anne ; 2. Deborah married John Litteil, son 
of John Littell, Esq. ; 3. Moses; 4. Stephen Crosby. 

JOSEPH HALL, (son of Jonathan, and brother of Jonathan 
Austin Hall,) married Sarah Flowers ; lived in Michigan, and had 
children : I. William ; 2. Austin ; 3. Charles ; 4. Francis. 

RICHARD HALL, Jun., (5th child of Richard, brother of John 
Hall,) and Peggy Rogers, had children : 

1. Samuel. 

2. Joseph. 

3. William, and others to the number of fourteen. 

MARGARET HALL, (7th child of Richard, brother of John 
Hall, 1st,) and Jacob Howke, had children: I.Mary Howke ; 2. 
Betsey Howke ; 3. Margaret Howke ; and by Enos Silsby, had 
children : 4. John Silsby ; 5, James Silsby. 



THOMAS HALLOCK lived between the 1st and 2d mountains. 
He married Sarah Bedell, (daughter of Moses Bedell, and Elizabeth 
Litfell, daughter of David Littell,) and had children : 

'^ 1. David, who died unmarried. 

S 2. Smith, who married Jane Raddin, daughter of Jeremiah 

I Raddin, as her 3d husband. 

I 3. John married Betsey, the widow of Moses RofT, and had a son, 

4. Betsey married, 1st, Abraham Walker; 2d, Jonathan Walker, 
sons of Asher. [-See fValker.] 

5. Polly married Hugh Davis, son of John Davis, of Washington 

6. Catherine married Alexander Freeman, son of Henry, of 

7. Susan married, 11th February, ISlo, Thomas Mulligan, from 
Ireland ; lives in New York. 

8. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried. 

9. William married Sarah Tucker, of New York ; lived there. 

10. Fanny, born 20th June, 1S04, married Joseph Pope, son of 

11. Caroline married John Van Buren ; lived in New York. 

12. Sibbel, who died in infancy. 

SMITH HALLOCK, (2d child of Thomas,) and Jane Raddin, 
had children : 
g 1. Lewis, who died young. 

2. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried. 

1 3. Catherine died at 13 years. 
5 4. Jeremian. 

POLLY HALLOCK, (5th child of Thomas,) and Hugh Davis, 
lived in Newark, and had children : 

1. Abraham Davis married Elizabeth ; she died 1844. 

2.- Elizabeth Littell Davis married, 1st, David Higby, who died, 
and she married, 2d, Garret Skinner, and lived at Cleveland, Ohio. 

3. Henrietta Davis married James Rogers ; lives in New York. 

4. John Davis, (twin to Henrietta,) died a young man. 

5. Hugh Littell Davis married Elizabeth Hicks, of Dover, and 
lives in Newark. 

6. David Littell Davis. 

7. Thomas H. Davis. 

8. Sarah Davis married George CanufF; lives at Cleveland, Ohio. 

9. Catherine Ross Davis. 

CATHERINE HALLOCK, (6th child of Thomas,) and 
Alexander Freeman, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. 
William Henry Freeman ; 2. Sarah Eme ine Freeman ; 3. George 
Agustus Freeman. Mr. Freeman removed to Ohio, when his wife, 
aud'^'all his children, died, 


SUSAN HALLOCK, (7th clulii of Thomas,) and Thomas 
Mulligan, lived in New York, and had children : 

1. Bridget IVIulHgan, who married William Seaman. 

2. Fanny Mulligan married Woodruff Crane. 

3. William Mulligan married Anne ■. 

4. John Mulligan. 

5. Daniel Mulligan married ; lives in Rahway. 

6. Harriet Mulligan. 

7. Anne Mulligan. 

8. Emma Mulligan. 

FANNY HALLOCK, (loth child of Thomas,) and Joseph Pope, 
lived at Plainfield, and had children: 1. Lucinda Adaline Pope, 
born 3d October, 1827, married 2Slh February, 184S, John Stites, 
son of Samuel Stites, of Sussex, son of John Stites of Monnt 
Bethel; lives in Sussex ; 2. James Nelson Pope; 3. Amanda 
Walker Pope ; 4. William Lewis Pope ; 5. Frances Adelia Pope ; 
6. Newton Hill Pope ; 7. Harriet Matilda Pope ; 8. . 


JOSEPH HALSEY lived near the Wheatsheaf Tavern, between 
Rahway and Elizabethtown, He married Elizabeth Haines, sister 
of Richard Valentine's wife ; he had children : 

^ L Sarah, who married Joshua Conklin, of Williams Farms. [Set: 

g Conklin.] 

3 2. Abigail married James Miller, of Piscataway. 

I' 3. Rebecca married Thomas Williams, near Elizabethtown. 

4. Joseph, Jun., married Mary Armstrong, daughter of John, 
from Ireland ; lived in Springfield. 

5. Hannah married Benj;unin Miller ; (their daughter married 
General William Crane, of Elizabethtown.) 

6. Phebe married Benjamin Crane, of Westfield. [^See Benjamin 

7. Daniel married Miss Williams, daughter of Samuel, and sister 
of John Williams. 

8. Isaac married Rebecca Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown, 

9. Rachel married Benjamin Magie, son of John, of Elizabeth- 

10. Deborah married, Ist, Jonathan Magie, brother of Benjamin ; 
2d, Isaiah Meeker, of New Providence. [See Meeker.'] 

11. Nancy married John Hamilton; lived in Westfield; had 
no children. 

« JOSEPH HALSEY, Jun., and Mary Armstrong, had children : 

I.Joseph, 3d, who married, 1st, Mary Brookfield ; 2d, Miss 

1 Frazee. 

I 2. Daniel married Miss Pierson, of Westfield. 

•'' 3. Mary married Matthias Ross. 

4. Hannah married Daniel Baker, of Westfield, son of Nathaniel. 

5. John married Nancy Sayre, daughter of Isaac. 


6. Abigail married Doct. John Conuit, of Orange. 

7. Isaac married Sally Smith, daughter of Walter, of Springfield. 

8. Rhoda married the same Doct. John Condit. 

JOSEPH HALSEY, 3d, (son of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary 
Brookfield, had children: 

1. Joseph, 4th, who married Sally Bryant, daughter of Samuel. 

2. Mary married John Clarkson, son of John, and by Miss 
Frazee had other children. 

DANIEL HALSEY, (2d child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Miss 
Pierson, had children : 1. Gitty ; 2. Harriet, and others. 

MARY HALSEY, (3d child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Matthias Ross, 
had children : 

1. Ogden Ross, who married Lydia Ludlow, daughter^of John, of 
Butler county, Ohio, and lives there. [See Ludlow.] 

2. Abigail Ross married Capt. Jonathan Burnet, near Spring- 

i). Joseph Ross married, and lived near Springdale, Ohio. 

HANNAH HALSEY, (4th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) 
and Daniel Baker, had children : 

1. Rhoda Baker, who married James DeCamp, son of James, of 
Rahway, and had children: 

1. Caleb DeCamp, who married Elizabeth Ward, of Urbana, 

2. Mary DeCamp, who married Taylor Webster, of Hamilton, 

3. Daniel DeCamp, who died at IS years. 

2. Mary Halsey Baker married Cornelius Ludlow, son of John, 
of Westfield, and had a daughter, Jane Ludlow, when Mr. Ludlow 
died. Jane Ludlow married the Rev. William Spencer ; preaches 
at Sidney, Ohio. 

S. Lewis ConUlin Baker married Margaret Dunham, daughter 
of Joseph, and had an only daughter, Margaret. 

4. Caleb Baker married Sarah Williams, daughter of Marsh 
Williams, and had children : 1. Daniel; 2. Marsh Williams; 3. 
John ; 4. Hannah. 

5. Nancy Baker married Jonathan Cory, son of Joseph, of West- 
field, and had children: I. Daniel Baker ; 2. James; 3. Samuel; 
4. William ; 5. Sarah Jane. 

6. Betsey Ryerson Baker married Samuel Young, of Butler Co., 
Ohio, and had children : I. Josiah ; 2. Hannah Elizabeth. 

7. Hannah Baker married Andrew McClary, of Rossville, Ohio, 
and had children: L Mary McClary; 2. John McClary: 3. An- 
drew McClary. 

JOHN HALSEY, (5th child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Nancy Sayre, 
had children : 


1. Jolin, who married, 1st, Hannah Pool, daughter of John, of 
Loni^ Hill. ['See Pool-I They removed to near Lebanon. Ohio, and 
had children : 

1. Caleb, who married Ruth Wood, and had children : 

1. Hannah, who married Edmund Monroe, son of Nathan; 

2, Rosetta married Marsh Noe, son of Ellis ; 3. Sarah Anne ; 
4. Mariah Josephine ; 5. Joseph ; 6. Eliza ; 7 John Newel. 

2. Joseph, who died at about 22 years, unmarried. 

3. Rhoda married Rev. David Montfort, of Indiana, brother 
of the Rev. Francis Montfort. 

John Halsey married, 2d, the widow of Capt. Cushion, and 
daughter of the Rev. Mr. Yanhorn, and had, 

4. A dauo;hter Eliza, who married, 1st, Asher Corlas ; 2d, 
Doct. Elias Fisher. 

2. Rhoda married Moses Ogden, of Elizabethtown, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. John Ogden; 2. William Ogden: 3. Joseph Ogden; 4. 
Moses Ogden. 

3. Jane married David Miller, of Madison, son of Ichabod, of 
Rahway, and had children: 1. Caroline; 2. Matthias; 3. Sally 
Anne ; 4. Charlotte ; 5. David ; 6. Ichabod. Mr. Miller died at 

4. Joseph, 3d, tparried Mary Potter, daughter of Jacob Poller, of 
New Providence ; removed to near Lebanon, Ohio, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. Mary, who married John Dynes, son of Chamber, and had chil- 
dren : 1. John Dynes ; 2. William Dynes ; 3. Abigail Dynes ; 4. 
Mary Dynes; 5. Clarissa Dynes; 6. James Dynes; 7. Milton 

2. Abigail married James Dynes, cousin of John, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Clarissa Dynes : 2. John Dynes ; 3. James Dynes ; 4. 
Sarah Dynes ; 5. Martha Dynes. 

3. David. 

4. Joseph S. 

5. Jacob Potter Halsey married Sally Banta, daughter of Daniel, 
from Jersey City, and had children: 1. John Russel Halsey ; 
2. William Henry Halsey. 

ABIGAIL, (6th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and, 
RHODA, (8th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Doct. John 
Condit, had children: 

1. Caleb Condit, who was killed by a fall of a horse. 

2. Silas Condit, who lives in Newark ; he has been clerk of the 
county, member of the legislature several times, and a member of 
congress; he had a son, Doct. John Condit ; and by Rhoda, Doctor 
Condit had children : 

3. Joseph Condit, who went to Canada. 

4. Abigail Condit. 

5. Smith Condit. 

ISAAC HALSEY, (7th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Sally 
Smith, had children : 


1. Mary, who mai-ried David Bryant, son of Samuel, of Westfield. 

2. Daniel married Jane Miller, daughter of , of Westfield. 

3. Elizabeth married Samuel Meeker, of Springfield. 

4. William married Abby Woodruff, daughter of Stites. 

5. Smith married Betsey Miller, daughter of Nathaniel, of 
Springfield ; he lives in Newark. 

6. Joseph A. 

7. Samuel. 

DANIEL HALSEY, (son of Joseph,) had a son,Ichabod, who 
went to Ohio, and married Mary Smith, daughtef of John Smith, of 
Warren county, Ohio, and had children : 
g 1. James Smith Halsey, who married Catherine Hinkle, of 
o Springfield, Clark county, Ohio. 
5 2. Ichabod Benton Halsey. 

5- 3. Martha married Doct. Jennings, of V^arren county, Ohio, 
" and went to Indiana. 

4. Mary married Charles Anthony, of Sprinafield, Clark county, 

o. Cynthia married, 5th June, 1845, James K. Hurin, merchant, 
of Lebanon, Ohio, as his 3d wife. [5ee Hurin.] 

6. Daniel, who is editor of a newspaper at Hamilton, Ohio. 
Three daughters have died. 



HEZEKIAH HAND lived in Westfield^; had three wives. By 
his 1st wife had five, by his 2d wife, five, and by his 3d wife, 12 
children ; making 22 in alK 

g 1. John, who went and settled somewhere on the MohaAvk river, 

^ in New York, and married there. 

3 2. David, who married Abigail Osborn, daughter of Benjamin, of 

I near Mount Bethel. 

3. Sarah married , and removed to Philadelphia. 

4. Elizabeth married Isaac Pack. 

5. Charity married Job Gould, lived at Milford, Pennsylvania, 
and had children: 1. John Gould ; 2. Sarah Gould; 3. Rebecca 
Gould ; and by his 2ci wife, had, 

6. Hezekiah, who died unmarried, 

7. Robert married Ractiel Whitehead, daughter of Richard, of 
Short Hills. 

3, Nehemiah, (twin to Robert,) born 6th September, 1764, mar- 
ried Sarah Clark, daughter of David, of Warren township, Somerset 

9. Jacob married, Ist, Miss Lane; 2d, Joanna Crane, a widow. 

10. Nancy, who died young. 

And by his 3d wife, AnnaFerrago, Hezekiah Hand^had 12 chil- 

1 1. Martha, who married, 1st, John Tomer, and 2d, Joseph Stone. 

12. Phebe married Henry Smalley, son of David Smalley, Esq., 
of Warren, Somerset county. 

13. William married, 1st, Sarah Shaw, daughter of John, and had 
four children ; 2d, Elizabeth Richards, daughter of Samuel, of 
Springfield ; .3d, on i4th October, 184S, Elizabeth Littell, daughter 
of Doct. Anthony Littell. He was born 15th June, 1774 ; his 3d 
wife was born 2:^d May. 1790 ; had no children by 2d or 3d wives^ 

14. Mary married Azariah Dunham, of Plainfield. 

15. Henry, born 19ih November, 1779, and married Sarali 
Davis, daughter of Deacon Jacob Davis, and went to Ohio. 

16. Charlotte married John Wayne. 

17. Jotham marrietl Jane Haviland. 

18. Tabitha married Levi Thomas, son of William, and went tO' 
Western New York. 

19. Jonathan married, for his 2d wife, Phebe Rino, daughter of 
Peter Rino. 

20. Nancy married Levi Hetfield, son of Zophar, of Westfieldy 
and had a pair of twins, who died in infa-ncy. 

ROBERT and NEHEMIAH, (sonsof Hezekiah Hand,) removed 
from Wesifield to Passaic Valley, about the year 1796. 
g Robert Hand, and Rachel Whitehead, had children : 
« 1. Fanny, who married, 5th March, 1807, John Stanley, of New 
I York ; she had children : 

5- 1. Matthias Stanley, who went to New Orleans, and died in 

1S46, unmarried. 
2. Eliza Anne Stanley, who married Sylvester Leonard, of 


Rahway, and went to Ohio. John Stanley died, and his 
wife Fanny died 30th May, 1812, aged 27 years. 

2. Margaret married William Bonne!, of Plainfield, and went to 
French Creek, Pennsylvania. 

3. Robert married Hannah Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of New 
Vernon ; lives in Newark. 

4. Uzel msrried Deborah Meeker, daughter of Daniel H., son of 
Isaiah ; lived in Newark. 

5. Deborah married Abner Williams, son of Noah, of Long Hill ; 
lives in Morristown. [See Williavis.'\ 

6. Harriet married William Camp, Jun., son of William, of Liv- 
ingston ; had one daughter, and then died. 

7. Clarissa, born 30th October, 1799, married, 19th February, 
1820, John Trowbridge, of- Morris county. 

8. Frances Everet, who went west to the Mississippi river. 

ROBERT HAND, (son of Robert,) and Hannah Crowel, had 
children : 
*■ 1. Salina, who married Henry Sugard, of Newark, and soon 
n died. 

i 2. Helen married Peter Sugard, cousin of Henry ; he died and 
I she married, 2d, George Backus, of Newark. 
? 3. Charles. 

UZEL HAND, (son of Robert,) and Deborah Meeker, lived in 
Newark, and had children : 

1. Caroline, who married Henry Low, son of Cornelius, of 

2. Robert married Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Jacob, of 
Millville, and had children : 1. Ja'ne ; 2, Sarah Caroline ; 3. Henry- 

3. Frances Everet married Charlotte Warlsie, and had children: 
1. Gertrude Ck)ok. 

j^OTE.— Robert Hand died IHthJuiy, 1819, aged 54 years. Rachel, his wife, 
died2(ith March, 1832, aged 73 years. Uzel Hand, (their son,) died lOth July, 
1839, aged 47 years, ,. 

CLARISSA HAND, (daughter of Robert,) and John Trow, 
bridge, had children : 

1. Mary Jane, who married Francis Woodruff, son of John, of 

2. Maro-aret, who married John Cooper, of Rahway. 

3. Anna Mariah. 

4. John Lewis. 

5. Elizabeth Antoinette, born 14th February, 1831. 

6. Henrietta, born 5th October, 1833. 

7. Henry Augustine, born 17th July, 1836. 

8. Uzel, born 7th June, 1839. 

9. Frances, born 16th October, 1842. 

10. Harriet, born 6th December, 1844. 


NEHEMIAH HAND, (son of Hezekiah,) was born 6lh Sept. 

1764, and died 15th February, 1S34. His '■vife, Sarah, died 26th 

Feb. 1844; they had children: 
^ 1. Sarah, born 24th Dec, 1791, and died 24th Nov. 1793. 
^ 2. Matthias, born 9th Nov, 1793, married, 20th Nov.' 1814, 
I Miriam Foster, daughter of John W. Foster, of Wcstiield, and died 
I 7th April, 1848. 

3. David Clark, born 6th May, 179G, married, 24th Dec, 1814, 
Mary Badgley, daughter of Jonathan, and had no children. 

4. Betsey, born ist Nov. 1798, married, 24th Aug. 1814, John 
Combs, son of James, of Monmouth county, and had children : 1. 
Sally Anne Combs, born 17th Feb. 1815^ and died 31st Auo-. 1839,' 
unmarried; 2. David Hand Combs, born 13th Nov. 181 8^^' Johri 
Combs left his wife and went to Middletown, Ohio; David H. his 
son, when a young man, went to his father. 

5. Benjamin, born 6th Feb. 1805, married Betsey Tice, dauo-hter 
of John, of Westchester county, New Yrk. ^ 

6. John Winans, born 4th Dec. 1800, married Betsey Dotv, 
daughter of Anthony ; has no children. 

MATTHIAS HAND, (son of Nehemiah,) and Miriam Fostei, 

had children : 
^ 1. John Foster, born 18th August, 1815, and died 26th Mav 
Q 1830. ' ■'' 

I 2. Nehemiah, born 7th August, 1817, married, 10th Auo-.j^t 1^37 
I Mary Marsh, of Westfield. "= ^ ' ' 

•= 3. Mariah Clark, born 7th April, 1819, married William Ferris 

son of Randolph, of Chatham. "' 

4. Elizabeth, born 21st June, 1S21, married William Fautoute, 
of Union township. 

5. Martha, born 9th July, 1824, married Lewis Miller, son of 
William, of Westfield, whose wife was Sarah, daughter of Lewis 
Ludlow and Betsey Davis, daughter of Deacon Davis. 

6. Abby, born 7th October, 1826. 

7. William married Emma . 

S, Melissa. 

BENJAMIN HAND, (son of Nehemiah,) and Betsey Tice, had: 
children : 1. Caroline; 2. Mahala Tice ; 3. Sarah Elizabeth. 

WILLIAM HAND, (13th child of Hezekiah Hand,) and his first 

wife, Sarah Shaw, had children : 
g 1. Mary, who married Doct. Corra Osborn, son of Jonathan 
Q Hand Osborn. 

I 2. Hannah, who married John Darbv, Jun., son of John Darbv 
|. of Scotch Plains. ^ 

° 3. William, Jun., who married Nancy Terry, daughter of Thomas 


4. Sarah Anne married James Potter, son of Reuben Potter, of 


MARY HAND, and Doct. Corra Osboni, had children : 
B- 1. Mahlon Osborn, who went to St. Louis, and married Mary 
f Frolliinghain. 

I 2. Mary Osborn married Samuel Hays, son of Doct. Samuel 
i' Hays, of Newark. 

3 Letiiia Osborn married David Miller, son of John, ofWestfield. 

4. Anne Osborn married Nathan Williams, son of Solomon, of 

HANNAH HAND, (2d daughter of William,) and John Darby, 
Jan., hg.d children : 

1. Ezra Darby, who married Mary Ludlow, was a lawyer, and 
.ived in Elizabethtown. He died 1851. 

2. Catherine Darby married Edward Hetfield, son of 
Zophar, of Westfield. 

3. William Darby. 

4. Mary Darby married John Hetfield, brother of Edward. 

5. Sarah Darby. 
G. John Darby. 

7. Margaret Darby. 

8. Elizabeth Darby. 

WILLIAM HAND, Jun., and Nancy Terry, had children : 
L John; 2. Mary; 3. Charlotte; 4. WiUiam ; 5. Henry 
6. David ; 7. Thomas Terry. 

SARAH HAND, and James Potter, had children : 1. Sarah 
Potter ; 3. Reuben Potter ; 3. William Potter ; 4. Apollos 

STEPHEN HAND, (brother of Hezekiah,) had 3 wives, 
the first of which was Eve ; by them had 23 children, among 
which were the following, viz. : 

g 1. Isaac. 

=? 2. Enoch. 

I 3. Lydia, who married Thomas Baker, and went to Ohio. 

I 4. Abigail. 

5. Jane married John Baker, a brother of Thomas Baker. 

6. Andrew. 

7. Lewis. 

8. Stephen. 

9. Nathan. 

10. Hannah married John McManners, son of Moses. 
IL Mary married Alexander Smith ; lived in New York. 

12. Sarah married Absalom Ladner. 

13. Phebe. 

14. James. 

I know not that Benjamin is any way related to Hezekiah 



BENJAMIN HAND lived on Long Hill, where Samuel 
Stanbury formerly lived, and owned the farm lately owned by 
John Littell, and now owned by Richard Ayre and his son 

He married Phebe Wood, sister of Samuel Wood, who 
went to Dayton, Ohio. She was also a sister of the wife of 
George Brown, and of Estjier, the wife of Jonathan Totten. 

Benjamin Hand had children : 
' 1. Daniel, who married Abigail Parrot, daughter of Samuel 
' Parrot, and died. [See Parrot.'\ 

2. Betsey married William Parrot, son of Thomas Parrot. 
[See Parrot] ' 

3. John married Anna S. Williams, son of John Williams, 
of Long Hill. 

4. Dennis, who went to Ohio, 

5. Polly mai'ried, 1st, Jeremiah Mott ; 2d, Charles Layton, 
of New Vernon. 

6- Electa married John Cauldwell, son of John, son of 
William, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldwell.] 
7. Joseph, married . 

JOHN HAND, and Anna S. Williams, had children : 
t 1. Stites, who married Mary Anne Boyle. 
? 2. John Eden. 

! 3. Anna Mariah, who married Henry Frost, of New 
I' Vernon, and went to Ohio. 

4. Harriet, who went to Ohio, and married there. 

5. Emma, went to Ohio, and married there. 

I know of na connection between the following families of 
Hand, with either the two foregoing by that name. 



WILLIAM HAND married Lois Ward ; they lived in 
Livingston township, and had children : 
g L Mary, who married Captain Isaac Gillam. 
? 2. Jonathan married Sarah Reed, daughter of Deacon 
i William Reed, and removed to Basking Ridge. 
I 3. Phebe married Joseph Ball, probably one of the nine sons 
" of Thomas Ball. [-See Ball.] 

4. David married Patty Campbell, daughter of James Camp- 
bell, Esq. 

5. Martha married Isaac Shipman, sonofAbram, of Monroe. 
Morris county. 

6. Moses married Mary Samson, daughter of David. \_See 

7. Aaron married Phebe Smith, daughter of Walter Smith, 
of Springfield. He was a colonel iin the Essex brigade of 

MARY HAND, (1st child of William,) and Capt. Isaac 
Gilliam, had children . 
I 1 . Lois Gillam, who married Cyrus Crane ; she died, and he 
5 married her cousin, Phebe Shipman, widow of John Tichenor. 
R 2. Polly Gillam married Eleazer Baldwin. 
f 3. Anna Gillam married Silas Baldwin, broiher of Eleazer. 

4. Isaac Gillam, Jun , married . 

5. Phebe Gillam married Nathaniel Brown. 

0. Wilham Gillam married Polly Darling, daughter of 

JONATHAN HAND removed from Springfield to Bask- 
ing Ridge ; he married Sarah Reeve, daughter of Deacon 
William Reeve, of Vauxhall ; they had children : 

S I. Aaron, who married Hannah Roy, daughter of William 

f Roy and F:hzabeth Whitaker, daughter of Ehphalet Whitaker. 

I {See E. V/hitaker.] 

I 2. Polly married Robert Hall, brother of Richard. [See 

3. Sally, who died unmarried, nearly 50 years of age. 

4. Gilbert married Eliza Howel, daughter of John, of 
Westfield, and went to Darke county, Ohio. 

5. Esther married Hartman Vreeland, as his 3d wife ; has 
no children. She lives at Basking Ridge, a widow ; has adopt- 
«d a son of her husband by his first wife, named Hartman 
Cornelius Vreeland, 

6. Jonathan, Jun., married Anne Alward, daughter of 
Henry ; has no children. [See Alward.] 



7. Caty married William Todd, son of James, and grandson 
of Alexander Martin. 

8. Nancy married John Moore, son of Benjamin Moore, of 
Mount Bethel. 

9. James married Betsey Pennington, daughter of John, of 
Dead River. 

10. Betsey married Walter Smith Reeve, son of William, 
of Springfield. 

AARON HAND, (1st child of Jonathan,) and Hannah 
Roy, lived at Basking Ridge, and had children : 

1. William Roy Hand," who married Phebe M. Annin, 
% daughter of William C. Annin : he is a physician ; lives at 
= Ringwood, Hunterdon county, and has children: 1. John 
|. Cooper Hand ; 2. William Milton Hand ; 3. Sarah Hand ; 4. 
•" Frances Hand. 

2. Fanny. 

3. Eliza Whitaker, who died at 9 months. 

4. Sarah R., born 20th Dec. 1811, married Ebenezer 
Byram, son of Silas C, sonof NaphtaliByram, of Morrislown. 
[See Byrum.'\ 

5. Aaron Milton, born 1819, died 1820, 

GILBERT HAND, (4th child of Jonathan Hand,) and 
Betsey Hovvel, had children : 

1. Tyler, who died m infancy. 

2. Tyler, 2d, who also died young. 

3. Hannah, who married John Haas, son of Jacob, of 
Liberty Corner, N. J. 

NoTE.-Jacob Haas's wife wns Charity Cooper, daughter of Rcnjamin Cooperr. 
John and Hannah Haas had cl)ildren : I. Lydia Haas ; 2. Sarah Elizabeth ; 3. Job Lane Haas; 4. Gilbert R. Haas; 5. Charity Cooper Haas; G. 
John Calvin Haas. 

4. Jonathan married, in Ohio, Ruth Roberts, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Eliza ; 2. William Reeve. 

5. Eliza married John Sagebury. son of James Sagebury, 
of New York, whose wife was Sally Howel, sister of Eliza's 

6. William Reeve. 

CATY HAND, (7th child of Jonathan Hand,) and William 
Todd, had children: 

1. John Todd, who married . 

2. Jane Todd married Ellis D. Baldwin, son of David. 
[See Baldwin.'] 

3. Sarepta Todd married George Bird. 

4. Mary Todd. 

5. Sarah Todd married William Gibson. 


6. Jonathan Todd mailed . 

7. William I'odd. 

8. Hugh Todd. 

9. James Todd. 

NANCY HAND, (8tli child of Jonathan Hand,) and John 
Moore, had children : 

1. Elsie Moore, who married Joseph Coulter. 

2. Sarah Moore married John Adams, of Mount Bethel. 

3. Keziah Moore married Patterson Waldron, of Mount 

4. Benjamin Moore married Harriet Scofield. 

5. Kliza Moore. 

6. Jonathan Moore. 

7. Esther Moore. 

8. William Moore. 

9. Catherine Moore. 

DAVID HAND, (4th child of William,) and Patty Camp- 
bell, had children : 
u 1. Sally, \vho did not marry. 

n 2. Uriah married . 

I 3. Lois married Mr. Winans, and went to Ohio. 

f 4. Joseph B. married Mary Gardner, daughter of Moses. 

5. Phehe married , of l^arcipany, and lived there. 

6. Ira married Rhoda Crovvel, daughter of Venus Crowel, 
of Livingston. 

7. Prudence married Stephen Brown, son of Phinehas. 

IRA HAND, and Rhoda Crowel, had children: 
$ 1. Mary, who married Horace Vanhouten. 
o 2. Isaac married Caroline Littell, daughter of James, son 
™ of Nathaniel, lives in Middletown, Ohio. 
|- 3. Phebe married Thomas A. Smith. 

4. Lois married Enos Scott. 

5. Matilda married Daniel Terril. 

6. Caleb. 

7. Luther. 

8. James. 

9. Francis. 

10. Sarah. 

11. Elizabeth. 

12. Ira. 

MARTHA HAND, (5th child of William,) and Isaac 
Shipman, had children : 
U I. Phebe Shipman. who married, 1st, John Tichenor ; 2d, 
a Cyrus Crane, as his 2d wife. 



2. Sally Shipman married 

3. Abraham Shipman married 

4. Wilham Shipinan marriea- 

5. iXathaniel Gilliam Shipman married Amy Warner. 

MOSES HAND, (6th child of William,) and Mary Samson,, 
had children : 

1. Daniel, who man-led Miss Winans. 

2. Elias married and lives near West Point, N. Y. 

3. Moses married . 

4. Nathaniel, who did not marry. 

5. Watson. 

6. William. ^ 

COL. AAROX HAND, (7th child of William,) and Phebe- 
Smith, had children : 
" 1. Joseph Smith, born 7th June, 1784, married Lydia 
f Buckbee, daughter of Thomas. 

I ■2. Isaac M., born 3d September, 1787, married, 1st, Mary 
i' Sands, of Long Island ; 2d, Jane, widow of John Barto. 

3. Rebecca, born l2th December. 1789, and died at 3 years. 

4. William, born 12th June, 1793, and died at 17'\ears. 

5. John Smith, born 23d September, 1795, and died at 33 
years, unmarried. 

G. Mary P.. born 2.5th August, 1798, married John Bond, 
son of iVathaniel. of Springfield, and had children: 1. Emma 
Bond, who married Wilham Chatterton, of Elizabethlown ;. 
2. Eliza Bond. 

7. Rebecca, born 18th February, 1802, and died at about 
33 years, unmarried. 

8. Hannah B., born 24th January, 1805, and died at about 
33 years, unmarried. * 

9. Aaron A., born 1 1th November, 1807, and died at about 
23 years, unmarried. 

10: William, born 2Gth July, 1810, and died in infancy, 

JOSEPH S. HAND, (son of Col. Aaron Hand,) lives where 
his father did. He and Sarah Buckbee had children : 
*• 1. Louisa. 

a 2. Mary, who married Asa B. Munn, son of Lewis, of 
I Orange, and had children : 1. Joseph Lewis Munn, 
I 3. William, who died at 35 years, unmarried. 
° 4. Thomas married Mary BrufF, of Columbus, and lives in 
Cincinnati, Ohio, and had children : 1. Catherine. 

5. Isaac S., who married two sisters, 1st, Sarah, 2d, Abby, 
daughters of Eli^s Thompson of Madison, lives on Long. 
C. Catherine ; 7. Phebe. 


ISAAC M. HAND, (son of Col. Aaron Hand,) owns the 
farm adjoining his brother Joseph's, and had children: 

1. Edward. 

2. Mariah Louisa, who died at 9 years. 


JEREMIAH HART Hved on the south-east corner of the forks 
of the road at the Presbyterian church at New Providence. He 
was born 9lh December, 1714, and died 17lh November, 1749 ; 
his wife Sarah, born 1 lib June, 1718. They had children ; 

1. Elizabeth, who married Jeremiah Ball, and had a daughter, 

S Abigail Ball, who married Benjamin Samson, sun of David. [See 

? Sa7f!,son.] Jerry Ball died,.arid Elizabeth married Nathan Baldwin, 

3 of South Orange, as his 2d wife. 

g 2. Deborah, born KUh May, 1745, married J onathan Howel 
Osborn, son of John, Sen. [See Osborn.'\ 

3. Anna, born 25th April, 17-17, married Lewis Baldwin, son of 
Nathan, above named. 

4. Daniel, born 17i.h December, 1749, married, 1st, Hannah, 
daughter of Daniel Potter, 2d. She died 1 Itli October, 1774, aged 
23 years, and he married, 2d, June 6th, 1786, Prudence, daughter 
of Col. Scimuel Potter, a cousin of his first wife. He died 7th 
December, 1832, aged 81 years ; his widow died 22d December, 
1838, aged 87 years, 

DANIEL HART, and Prudence Potter, had children : 

1. Dency, born I4ih January, 1792, married Frazee Noe, son of 

'- Lewis Noe. 

I 2. Sally, born 3d Ap/il, 1796, is unmarried. 

E 3. Daniel, who died young. 



DENCY HART, and Frazee Noe', had children : 
*• 1. Daniel Hart Noe, who married 23th September, 1839, Mary 
a Osborn, daughter of Stephen B., and has a son, Lewis Henry Noe. 
§ 2. John Noe, who married, 3d December, 1845, Martha C. Bon- 
I nel, daughter of Philemon ; she died 11th May, 1849, without chih 
•" dren. 

3. Emeline, who married John S. Dean, son of William, son of 
John, and had children: 

i. William Henry Dean; 2. Phebe Mundy Dean ; 3, Eliza 
Robison Dean ; she died at two and a half years ; 4. 
Hannah Mariah Dean, 6. Eliza Jane Dean, twins ; 6. Sally 
Hart Dean ; 7 Dency Anne Dean ; 8. Martha Frances 




DANIEL HEATH lived at Mine Brook, Somerset county. He 
married EI(?atior Riinyon. and had rliildrpn : 
g 1. J'din, wlio married Polly Kirkpalrick, daiiglilcr of Thomas. 
? [See Kirkpatrick ] 
I 2. Hugh married Betsey Laylon. 
I 3. Elizabeth married Anthony Layton, son of John Layton. 

4. Margaret, or Peggy, married Peter Layton, brother of An- 

5. Nancy married Samuel Dunham, son of David. 

6. Daniel married Jane Wilson, daughter of Stafford, of Long 
Hill. , 

7. Polly married John Mooney. 

8. Robert married Sally Coon, daughter of William, near Amboy. 

JOHN HEATH, and Polly Kirkpatrick, had children : 
g 1. Elizabeth, who married, Ist^ Nathaniel Lyon, son of Stephen, 
o. and had children : 1. John Lyon ; 2. David Lyon. Mr. Lyon 
S then died, and she married, 2d, James Hill, and had children: 1. 
I Phebe Hill, who married David Dunham, son of Amos; 2, Mar- 
•' garet Hill. 

2. Margaret, who married Lewis Douglas, son of Samuel, of 
Basking llidge, lived in Newark, and had children: 1. Nathaniel 
Douglas ; 2. Douglas. 

3. Thomas married Eliza Brees, daughter of Col. John Brees, of 
Basking Ridge, and had children : 

1. William ; 2. Robert Finley ; 3. David ; 4. Crowel ; 5. 
Charlotte; 6. John; 7. Mary Kirkpatrick. 

4. Anne married Silas Brees, son of Col. John Brees. 

5. John married in New York, and livgd and died there. 

HUGH HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Betsey Layton, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Sally. 

2. Nancy, who died at near 40 years of ago, unmarried. 

3. Fanny. 

4. Eliza died a young woman. 

5. John, who married Suffrona Umsted, at Slonehouse Village. 

6. Margaret. 

7. Martha, who died at about 25 years, unmarried, 

8. Hugh Heaih, Jun., who married Rachel Berry of Pomplon, 
Morris county. 

9. Robert married Sarah Mariah Campbell, of Plainfield. 

DANIEL HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Jane Wilson, lived at 
Long Hill, and had children : 

1. Catherine Anne, who died at 29 years, uninarried. 

2. Ao-nes, who married Samuel Southard, son of Lot, lived at 
Newark, and had children : 


1. Sarah Jane Southard ; 2. Susan Southard, when she died. 

3. Alphacene, who married the same Samuel Soulhard, as his 
2d wife. 

4. Jane married Barkley Dunham, son of Amos, of Liberty Cor- 
ner, and had children : 

1. Oscar Wilson Dunham ; 2. Charles Dunham ; 3. Mary 
Jane Dunham ; 4. Daniel Heath Dunham. 

5. Emeline married Willet T, C )nklin, sou of Stephen, of Somer- 
ville, and lived there. [See Conklin.'] 

6. Stafr.>rd Robert Wilson Heath, married, 24th January, 1843, 
Catherine Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, of Newark. 
S. R. W. Heath is a merchant of Newark, and has children : 

1. Martha Crane ; 2. Jane. 

7. Da:<iel, who died in Newark, aged 24| years, unmarried. 
S.Sarah Caroline, who married, 1st May, I8l9, Elias Dayton, of 

Lonj Hill, son John Dayton, of Basking Ridge. 

ROBERT HEATH, (son of Daniel, 1st,) and Sally Coon, lived 
at Mine Brook, where his father did, and have children : 

1. Daniel, who married Matilda Johnson, daughter of Job John- 

2. Sarah Anne married Cornelius Lane, son of Job Lane, of 

3. William married, December, IS49, Anne Voorhies, daughter 
of Garret Voorhies, Esq. 



URIAH HEDGES owned lot No. 39, of the Elizabethtov/n 
lots, and lived on it between the mountains. Joseph Doty owned 
part of the same lot afterwards. 

Uriah Hedges married Betsey Badgley, sister of John and James 
Badgley, and had children : 

^ 1. Uriah Hedges. Jun., who married Phebe Dayton. 

o 2. Stephen, who lived in Stony Hill Valley, east of William 

g Robison's farm. 

|. 3. Joseph, who lived at Rockaway, Morris county. 

? 4. Gilbert, who married Peggy Porterfield. 

URIAH HEDGES, Jan., died 10th October, 1797, aged 72 
years. Pie, and Phebe Dayton, had children : 

1. Gilbert, who married, 1st March, 1773, Margaret McCarty. 

2. Edward, who died IGlh July, 1775, unmarrie 1. 

3. Dayton, who also died unmarried. 

4. Benjamin, who married Polly Willcox, daughter of Peter 
Willcox, Jun. 

5. James married, 3d April, 17S8, Susannah, widow of Jonathan 
Elmer, Jun., and daughter of Benjamin Bedell, and had children : 

1. Polly Bedell.^baptized 17th May, 1789 ; 2. Jane, baptized 
1st July, 1792 ; 3. Sarah, baptized 8th January, 1797. 

6. Farata, who died, an old woman, unmarried. 

7. Betsey married 27th March, I7S8, Thomas Martin. He died 
and she married, 2d, John Leonard. 

S. Abigail married Anthony Badgley, Jun., son of Anthony. 
9. Chloe married, 2d March, 17S9, Timothy Bedell, son of 
Benjamin, and died 3d August, 1793. 


GILBERT HEDGES, (son of Uriah Hedges, Jun.,) and xMargaret 
McCarty, had children ; 
^ 1. John, who died 20lh July, 1783. 

^ 2. Jane married, 12th May, 1793, Matthias Dean, son of John 
I Dean, and went to Ohio. 
5- 3. Edward, who died I'^th July, 1785. 

4. Sally, who married Lewis Miller, of Westfield. 

5. Polly married David Willcox, son of JN'oah Willcox, Sen. He 
died, and she married Nathaniel Roberts, of Green Village, Morris 

6. Phebe, who died unmarried. 

7. Catherine married Zophar Hetfield, of Westfield. 

S. Betsey married Capt. Aaron Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty. 

9. Edward, 2d, I'orn 1793, twin to Betsey, married, 24th Decem- 
ber, 1815, Phebe Doty, born 1798, daughter of James Doty, and 
^ had children: 

^ 1. Salina, who died at 4 years of age. 

g 2. Gilbert, who died at 14 years. 

I 3. Mary, who died at 21 years. ^ 

i' 4. Jenette, born 18 — . 

JOHN' HIGH. 183 

5. Nancy Mariah, born 18 — . 
G. Edward Locey, born 183:?. 
Gilbert Hedges, died 5tli August, 1822, aged 78 3'ears. Mar- 
garet Hedges, his widow, died IStii March, 1888, aged 84 years. 


JOHN HIGH lived in Westfield. He married Deborah' 
the widow of ^Ir. Krooks, and dailghter of 3Ir, Crane, and 
had children : 

g 1. Esther, who married Deacon William Sayre, and had ^ 

« no children. 

I 2. Jacob, who married Hetty Dunham, daughter of John 

I" Dunham, Sen. 

3. Sarah married John Dunham, Jun., brother of Jacob's 
wife. [See Dunham.'] 

4. Benjamin, who died unmarried. 

5. John, Jr, married Rachel Squier, daughter of Benjamia 

6. Eupheme married Robert Woodruff, of Westfield. 

JACOB HIGH, (son of John,) removed from Westfield to 
Sterling Valley, (the great swamp.) about the year 1787. He 
and his wife, Hetty Dunham, had children : 

g 1. Ephraim, who married, 1st, Abbj Ross, daughter of Jo- 

^ seph lloss ; 2d, Polly Case, daughter of John Case. 

I 2. William, born 19th December, 1777, who married Abi- 

I gail Williams, daughter of Noah Williams. 

3. Polly married Captain Benjamin Conklin, son of Joshua. 
[<See Conklin.'] 

4. John married, 1st. Nelly Weir, daughter John Weir ; 2d, 
Jane Weir, sister of his first wife. 

5. Jacob, Jr., who died at 22 years, unmarried. 

6. Miriam, who married, 1st, Charles Wilson, son of James, 
of New Vernon ; 2d, Sylvester Andrews, a Yankee. 

7. Hetty, v/ho married D. Jones, son of Luther 
Jones. \_See Jones.'] 

EPHRAIM HIGH, (1st child of Jacob,) and Abby Ross, had 
children : 

1. Margaret, who married, 1st. Abraham Harman ; he died with- 
S- out children ; 2d, Isaac Denman, son of Philip, of Springfield, 
I 2. Marsh, who married Anna Sutton, of JJasking Ridge, and 
§ went to Ohio. 
I' By his 2d wi.''e, Ephraim Hiijh had children : 

3. Eliza Anne married Peter Thomas, son of Griffin, of Logins- 
ville, and had 6 children. 

4. Catherine married Simon Emmona, son of John, of Mendhina, 
and had 5 children. 


5. Esther married Henry Baird, son of William, of Logansville, 
and lind 5 children. 

^6. Maltha married James Colwell, son of 7ohn, son of Huoh 
Cauldwfll, had 3 children, and went to Illinois. 

7. Hannah married Byram Baird, brother of Henry. 

8. Anndee manied Liicinda Parcels, daughter of James, of 
Green Village. 

WILLIAM HIGH, (2d child of Jacob,) and Abigail Williams, 
had children : 

1. Eliza Marsh, who married Floyd Ferris, son of Randolph, 
went to Ohio, and had children : 

1. Margaret Jane Ferris, who died at 14 years. 

2. Anne Eliza Ferris, who married Cyrus R. Spencer, of 
Ohio. ^ 

3. Walter Ferris. 

4. Emanuel Ferris. 

2. Lncinda High, daughter of William, married William Douglas, 
son of Peter, and had children : 

1. Caroline, who died at 9 months. 

2. Abby Anne Douglas, married Daniel Willcox, son of Ezra. 

JOHN HIGH, (4th cliild of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) by 
his 1st wife, had a son, Ezra, and by his 2d wife had children: 
2. William ; 3. Jacob ; 4. John. 

MIRIAM HIGH, (Cth child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) 
and Charles Wilson, had children : 

1. Martha Wilson, who married James Darling, son of Thomas, 
of New Vernon, lives at Bloomfield, and has childre'n : 1. Albert 

2. John Wilson, who married Mary Bristol, of Connecticut, lives 
near Green Village, and had children: 1. Miriam; 2. Chailes 

By her 2d husband, (Sylvester Andrews,) she had two children 

1. Lorinda, who died I4th November, 1S26, in infancy. 

2. Harriet, who died 18th August, 1S28, in infancy. 

HETTY HIGH, (7th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) 
and Thomas D. Jones, had 6 children : 

1. Martha B. ;. 2. Matilda; 3. Margaret Jane; 4. Mary; 5 
Wealthy Anne ; 6. Emma. [See Jones-I 

JOHN HIGH, Jr., (5th child of John High,) and Rachel Squier, 

lived in Westfield, and had children : 
g 1. Rebecca, who married John Denman, son of Christopher, had 
^ no cl'.ildren : 

2 2. Mary married Ezra Miller, son of Moses, son of John Miller. 
I [See Miller-I 
^ 3. Linus married Anna Scudder, daughter of Ephraim, and 

sister of Smith, of Elizabethtown. 

JOHN HIGH. lf!5 

4. Rachel married James Mooney, son of Nicholas, of Westfield. 

5. John, 3d, inanied Surah Meeker, daughter of James Meeker, 
and sister of J. F. Meeker, of Elizabelhtown. 

LINUS HIGH, (son of John High, Jr.,) and Anna Scudder, had 
children : 
z. 1. Ephraim Scudder High, who became a Presbyterian miu- 
^ ister, and went to Wisconsan. 

; 2. Jiihn, who married Elizabeth Meeker, of Elizabethtown. 
I 3. Martha Anne. 

RACHEL HIGH, (daughter of John High, Jr.,) and James 
Mooney, had children : 
\. Linus High Mooney. 

2. Sarah Mooney, who married Jeremiah Price, son of Edward, 
of Elizdbelhtownj and had children : 

I. Elizabeth Price; 2. Linus Miller Price ; 3. Anna Price; 
4. Edward Price ; they live in Columbia, South Carolina. 

3. James Mooney, who died at about 18 years. 

JOHN HIGH, 3d, (5th child of John High, Jr., son of John High,) 
and Sarah Meeker, had children : 

L Hannah, who married John B. Oliver, son of Joseph, of Rah- 
wav, and had children : 1. Joseph Oliver ; 2. Augustus Oliver ; 3. 
Edward Oliver. 

2. Rachel. 

3. Mary. 

4. Phebe married An\os Woodruff, and had children : 1. Sarah 
Meeker VVoodiuff. 

5. Sarah Anne. 

6. John James. ' 

7. Linus. 




WILLIAM HILL came from Monmoulli county, and settled at 
Mount Betliel, Somerset.ciuiuty, uiarried Anna Laylon, and had 
children : 

1. Thmiias, who married Susan Taynor, 

3. William married Sarah Gunyer, and died soon after. 

3. Lydia married John Bird, son of , of Mount Bethel. 

4. John married Nancy Tilyou, born 25th December, 17&f), 
daughter of John Tilyou, and grand-daughter of John Tucker, of 
Siony Hill. [See Tilyou. See Tucker.'] 

.THOMAS HILL, and Susan Taynor, had children: 

1. William, who married Anna Mundy. 

2. DanieL 

3. Polly. 

LYDIA HILL, (daughter of William,) and John Bird, had chil- 
dren : 

1. William Bird. 

2. Hervy Bird, who married Jane Moore, daughter of Henry. 

3. David Bird married Janette JiucUman, daughter of Levi. 

4. Rebecca Bird married Peter Aloore, Esq., son of HenrJ^ 

JOHN MILL, (son of WjIliaTn,) and Nancy Tilyou, had but one 
child, Peter, who married Henrietta Klin>. He was born 4th 
Jm-i«, 1S03. She was born .5th February, 1820. They had chil- 
dren : 

I. Peter W'illiam, born 11 ih August, 1S42 ; 2. Nancy, born 
7^h February, 1844; 3. Harriet, born 5th December, 1^45; 
4. John, born 31st May, 1847; 5. Mary Elizabeth, born 4tli 
March, 1849. 
John Hill died 31st January, 1846. 



CHARLES HOLE lived close by Blue Brook, between the 
muuniaiu.s, and owned a tract of land between Uriah Hedjies' and 
the large tract of John and James Badg'ley, und had cliildrun : 

1. Rachel, who niarried Abraham Osborn. 2;]d July, 1769, 

2. Zachariah married • . 

3. Daniel married, 3Ist March, 1785, Mary Bedell, daughter of 
William BedelL and went to Ohio. [See William Bedell.^ 

4. Charleji, Jun., married Polly Scudder, and went to the Beech 
Woods, New York, and had a son, Danitd, and perhaps others. 

5. John, (who was a doctor,) married, 1st, Hannah Clark; 2d, 
Mercy Ludlow, daughter of Jeremy Ludlow, [see Jeremy Ludlow,'] 
and went to Ohio, and by whorn he had children : 

L Jeremiah ; 2. Mary ; 3. Elizabeth ; 4. Jane, who married 
Jacob Mulford, son of Caleb, son of Job. [See Job Miclford.] 

6. Betsey, who married . 

7. Polly. 

8. William married, 6tli July, 1785, Ruth Crane, daughter of 
Joseph. [See Crane.'] 

DANIEL HOLE, (son of Charles,) and Polly Scudder, had 
children : 

1. Lsaac, who went to the lakes, New York, and was there drown- 

2. Jacob married Phebe Leonard, daughter of David, in the Gi;eat 

3. Caleb married Betsey . 

4. Charles married Abby Pleadley. 

5. Polly went t'o the Beech Woods, and married there. 

6. Daniel, Jan., married Polly Martin, daughter of Thomas, son 
of Ale.xander, and had children : 

L Sally ; 2. Nancy ; 3. Thomas ; and went to the Beech Woods. 

ZACHARIAH HOLE, (son of Charles,) had children : 
1. EfFa, who married Peter Banta, and had children : 

1. Christiana Banta, who married Isaac Roberts, son of 

2. Albert Banta married. Miss Brown. ■ 

3. Hanna Banta married Martin Foutz. 

4. Peter Banta, a new-light p-reacher, married Keziah Bridge, 
daughter of John, of Wisconsan. 

5. Isaac Banta, also a preacher, married Miss Rica. 

6. Mary Banta married William 1)6 Groot. 

7. James Banta married . 

8. Anna Banta married George Brewbaker. 

9. Rachel Bjnta ma; ried Samuel Johnson. 

10. Effa Anne Banta married, 1st, Thomas Wills, also a 
preacher ; 2d, Mr. Ruski 

11. Henry Banta. ^ • 


2. Polly Hole married John Auckerman, and had children : 

i. Lewis Auckennan, who married, 1st, Miss VVilsuii ; 2d Miss 

2. George Auckerman married Barbara Brewbak'er, sister 
of George Brewbaker. 

3. David Auclierman was killed by lightning at IS years. 

4. Zarhariah Auckerman married . 

5. Elizabeth Auckerman married David Dillman. 

6. Fredrick Auckerman married . 

7. Solomon Auckerman married Miss Sclienk. 

8. Catherine Auckerman. 

9. John Auckerman married IN'iss Schenk, sister of Solomon's 

3. Sarah Hole married William B. Wilson, from Kentucky, and 
had child.-en : 

1. Henry Wilson, who married Margaret Sellers, daughter of 
WiPiam, from Kentucky. 

2. James Wilson married Catherine Shidler. 

3. William Wibon married Hiildah Doty, daughter of John, 
son of'Daniel Doty. She, with her child, was drowned in the 
canal, near Middletown. 

4. Mariah Wilson married Robert Swisher. 
6. Madison Wilson married Margaret NefF. 

6. Si rah Jane Wilson. 

7. Eliza Wilson married Joseph Hunt, lives in Illinois. 

8. John Wilson. 

9. Jackson Wilson. 

10. Washington Wilson married Anne Shippan. 

4. James Hole married Miss Black. 
B. William Hole. 

6. Hannah Hole married Anthony Atkinson. 

7. Lucretia Hole married Mr. Brandon. 

8. Charles Hole married —, and die^. 



SETH HURIN mnnied Mary Hazen, both born in New Eng- 
lind. IVom whuMicf tlicy i-omnved to Morris county, New Jersey, 
whore all thfir chihh'en wero liorn. 

Ill 1787. ihey rf moved to Ulster county, New York, and from 
thence, In 1795, to Hainilton county, Ohio. He was born 22d 
Nnveoibei', 1729. and died in Octo])er, 1815. His wife was born 
22d Miy, )7;35. and died :SOth June, 1794. They had children : 

1. Hmnih. horn 4th Julv, 1754, married John Tharp, in Morris 
county, and died in Ohio, 29Lh November, 1841. They had chil- 
dren : 

1. Elizabeth Tharp, who married John Leming-. 

2. Hurin Tharp, who died in infancy. 

3. Athalia Tharp, who married Robert Porter. 

2. Elizabeth married Uael Bates, of Morris, and had children : 
]. Olhiiiel Bates; 2. Cilherine Bales. 

3. Oihniel mauried Bethia St. John, of New York, and went to 

4. Phei)(>, born 17lh April, 1701, married Bt'thuel Norris, and 
had 0) cliildreii. 

5. Miiry, born 0th Februarv, 17(54, and died in infancv. 

G. Enos, born l9th September, 17(56, married, 1st, ; 

2d, Lvdid Marsh ; had no children. 

7. Mary, 2d, born 11th October, 1709, married Jesse Genung 
and had children : 

1. Hurin ; 2. Rebecca ; 3. David Genung-. 
She died 4lh July, 1844. 

8. Eli, born 21st April, 1772, married Lucretia Martin, in Ohio, 
and di.'d 21st January, 1828. 

9. Silas, born 22d July, 1774, and married Agnes Ludlow, 
daughter of John, son of Col. Cornelius Ludlow. [See Ludlow.'] 

10. Catherine, born 22(1 March, 1777, nianied Mr. McHenry, 
and died 19th March, 1829. 

SILAS HURLV, (9th child of Seth Hurin,) lived at Lebanon, 
Ohio. He and Agnes Ludlow had children : 

1. Catherine C, who married Jlichard Skinner, lived at Delphos, 
in Van Wert county, Ohio, and had children : 

1. Myrilla Skinner, who married Dr. Guilford D. Coleman, 
and had children : 1. Catharine M. ; 2. Mary E. ; 3. Laura 

G. ; 4. Lyoncl O. Coleman. 

2. Catherine Sophia Skinner. 

3. Edwin Skinner. 

4. Anna Maria Skinner married Riley O'Neil, and hid chil- 
dren : 1. Laura Kate; 2. Guilford K. O'Neil. 

5. Richard L. Skinner. 

6. James Hurin Skinner. 

7. Il?.rriet Skinner. 

8. Mary Skinner. 

9. Agnes Skinner. 



2. Mariah married George Pierson, and had children : 

1. Mary Agnes Piersoji, who married, 24th' March, 1851, 
Beniah E. Brower, of Lebanwi. 

2. VViiliam Pierson, 

3. James Pierson. 

3. Susan married Dr. Caleb Clements, lived in Labanon, and had 
children : 

1. Agnes Clements. 

2. Jane Clements. 

3. Sarah Bell.Clemcnts married, 3d January, 1851, James 
Monroe Smith, son of George J. Smith, of Lebanon. 

4. Alfred Clements. 

4. Sarah Hurin married James M. Fisher, lives in Lebanon, and 
had children : 

1. Samuel Fi.sher ; 2. Eveline Fisher ; 3. Amanda Fisher; 
4. Mary Fisher ; 5. Henry Fisher. 

5. John Hurin, who died in infancy. • 

6. Amanda Hurin married John IS. Weaver, and had children : 

1. Susan Weaver. 

2. James Weaver. 

3. Catherine Weaver. 

4. Weaver. 

5. John Weaver. 

7. Hannah Hurin, who died in infancy. 

8. James Kemper Hurin, who married, 1st, Mary Foster, and had 
a child, Mary Foster* Hb married, 2d, Eliza Littel], daughter of 
John Littell, Esq., of Nevv Jersey, and had a daughter, Eliza Littell 
Hurin, who died 27th July, 1843, aged 5 montlis and 6 days. Mrs. 
Eliza Hurin was born Itith December, 1815, and died 19th of May, 
1843. He married, 3d, Cynthia Halsey, daughter of Daniel Flalsey, 
of Ohio, and has children : 3. Alice ; 4. Ella Mariah ; 5. James. 

9. Silas, who died at 17 years. 

10. Agnes Hurin married William Logan, and had one daugh- 
ter, Saral: Catherine, when Mr. Logan died. 

11. William Hurin, who died in lnfancy^ 


DOCTOR JACOB JENNIXGS built the "red house" that 
stood by the well west of JXathan Elmer's house, and lived there. 
He had children : 

1. Sarah, baptized 2Slh January, 1770. 

2. Samuel Kennedy, baptized 29th Sc;ptemher, 1771. 

He sold his hous^e and farm to Thomas 8;inders, of New York. 
I do not know that Sanders ever lived there. Nathaniel Liltell 
lived there from April, 1784, until April, 1786. 



JACOB JENNINGS, who married Phebe Ball, daughter of 
IVathaniel Ball, [see Ball,'] lived where William Parrot lately lived 
and died, and had children : 

1. Keziah, who married, Gth November, 1788, Jonathan Stevens, 
Jini., son of Jonathan. [See Steve7is.'] 

2. Esther married. Gth November. 1788, David Burnet. 

3. Niithaniel married. oOth September, 1793, Sally Scudder^ 
daughter of Thomas. \_See Scudder.'] 

4r Sally. 

5. Salome. 

6. Jeremiah, baptized 7th December, 1786. 

7. Rebecca. 

NoTF.. — David Harris married one of the daughters. Jacob Jennings, Na- 
thaniel Roff, and Jonathan Stevens, went to western Pennsylvania, the Red- 
stone country, a little after 1800. ^ 


WILLIAM JENNINGS married the widow Bedell, who lived 
where Jacob Davis Mutford now lives ; I have not learned withcer- 
taiiitv her first husband's name, but probably it was Jeremiah Bedell, 
who lived in this nei;ihborhood in 17GS. She was the mother of 
Gershom Bedell ; Israel Bedell; Chloe Bedell, who married, Sth 
January, 1784,. Joseph Ludlow, (son of Jeremy,) who afterwards 
lived where his mother-in-law lived; and Sally Bedell, who 
married 8lh January, 1784", Seth Jewel, of Connecticut F^rms. 

DAVID JENNINGS was son of William Jennings, and married 
Phebe Wood, daujfhter of Daniel, son of Joseph Wood, of Rocka- 
w^ay. She died 3d May, 1S3S, asjed 63 years. They had children : 

1. Catherine, who married John S. Bedford, son of Stephen. 
[See Bedford.] 

2. Daniel, who went to French Creek, Pennsylvania. 

3. Henry married Rhoda Sayre, daughter of Benjamin Sayre, of 
Connecticut Farms. 

4. Eli'za, (twin of Henry,) married Squier Parsons, son of 
Samuel. \_See Parsons.] 

5. Mary married Amos S. Nichols, son of John, son of Jonathan 
Nichols, of Madison, and had children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth JVichols ; 
2. Rhece Nichols; 3. John Henry Nichols; 4. Albert Brant 
Nichols ; 5. David Oscar Nichols ; 6. George Nichols. 

6. Joanna married the same John S. Bedford, son of Stephen 

7. Phebe married, 1st January, 1839, Albert Brant, son of Sam- 
uel, of Madison, and had children : 1. Samuel Brant ; 2. Daniel 
Wood Brant. 



JOHN JOHNSON lived in New-York, nnd did a large grocery 
business. He iiad several partners at differ* nt times, l)nt I ecame 
most extensively known as Jnhn Jolinson & Sons. He married Betty 
Ward, daniihter of David Ward, ofChatliam, New Jersey, and had 
children: [See Ward.] 

1. David Johnson, who married Laura Parmalee, and ha 1 no 
children. He retired from business to :i farm on Long IslanJ, and 
died 4ih June, 1849, with cholera, without children. 

2. John Johnson, who married Abigail . 

3. Sarah Johnson married William M. Halsied, who was a 
large dry-goods merchant, in New York. 

4. IMariah Johnson married Richard T. Haines, son of Benja- 
min, of Elizabethtown. [See Townley.~\ 

5. Enos Ward Johnson married Harriet Morton, in England. 

6. Philip Johnson married Mariah Freeman, of Bridge town. 

7. William Johnson married Sarah Frepman, sister i f his bro- 
ther Philip's wife, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Mariah Louisa 
3. Augustus ; 4. Madora. 

JOHN JOHNSON, (2d son of John Johnson,) was a dry-goods 
merchant in New York. He and Abigail had children : 

\. Laura; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Adaline ; 4. Mary; 5. Augustus; 
6. Cornelia; 7. ; 8. William. 

SARAH JOHNSON, {3d child of John Johnson,) 'and William 
M. Halsted, had children : L Mariah; 2.David Johnson ; 3. Thad- 
deus ; 4. Enos ; .5. William M.,J(Ui., w',o married, 20th Febiuiiry, 
1851, his cousin, Mary L. Haines, daughter of Richard T. Haines ; 
6. Sarah. 


MARLVH JOHNSON, (4ih child of John Johnson,) and Richard 
T. Haines, lived in Elizabetlitown, and had children : 

1. William A. Haines, who married Miss • Stagg. 

2. Benjamin Haines. 

3. Elizabeth Haines. 

'4. Sarah Halsted Haines, who married, 2"-d May, 1850, Samuel 
Knox, of New York. 

5. Jolm Johnson Haines. 

6. I\Iary L. Haines married, 20th February, 1851, her cousin, 
William M. Halsted, Jan., son of V^ illiam M. Halsted. of New York. 

7. Stewart Haines. 

ENOS W. JOHNSON, (5th child of John Johnson,) and Har- 
riet Morton, had children : 1. Robert Morton Johnson ; 2. Edward 

PFIILIP JOHNSON, (6th child of John Johnson,) and Mariah 
Freeman, had children: 

1. Philip; 2. Louisa: 3. Elizabeth. His wife Mariah then died, 
and he married again, and went to Michigan. 

uzEL JoiiNsoy. ]93 


UZEL JOHIVSON came from Newark to Long Hill in 1767. 
lived whtre Aluariam Clark now lives. He murrifd, wliile iii New- 
ark, Pliebft Wick, and had cliildrtn: 

S I. William, who married Phi'be Ronnel, daughter of Captain 

f Natlianiel B )iiiiei and had children: 1. Thoodocia; 2. Abigail. 

3 2. Th oiocii, who died young, 29lli November, 1772. 

g 3. David, who also died voun;^. Ibth November, 1772. 

4. Th udorus m irried Susan Brown, of Newark, removed to 
Franklin, Ohio, and died there. 

5. Ciarlts married Pliebe Bedell, daughter of Wil'iam B(hIp]I, and 
died 2d June, 17S7 leaving ciiildren, Charles and Betsey .Johnson, 
who went to Ohio with their mother! [See Bedell] Betsey Jnhnson 
married Boaz Murphy, he dieiJ, and she went to the ."Shakers. 

6. Gabriel, who was born 8th December, 176S, married, 19th No- 
vember, 1790, Lois Bonnel, daughter of Boimel, of Con- 
necticut Farms. She was born 6tii April, 1772, an I died 26ih 
April, 1S27, and he married, 19th July. IS29, Miss Fanny Smith, 
daughter of Doctor Peter Smith, of Flanders, Morris county. He 
died 16th March, 1850 ; had no children by his 2d wife. 

7. David, 2d, who manied, and had children : 

w 1. Lewis; 2. Charles ; b. Susan; 4. Phebe ; 5. Daniel; 6 

n ; 7. David. And by his 2d wife, Polly Cauldwell, 

I daughter of Dan Cauldwell, of Butler county, Ohio, he had 

f- children: 

^ 8. V\ iiliam, who married, and went down the Ohio river. 

9. Betsey, who married Robert Cunningham, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Lucinda; 2. Zcnas Henry Cunningham. 

10. James married Jane Pierson, and lived in Montgomery. 

11. John married, Ist, Harriet ; 2d, . 

12. Mary Anne married, 1st, Mr. Everhard ; 2d, Francis Ste- 

8. Uzel married Phebe Woodruff, of Elizabelhtovvn, and soon 

Phebe, the wife of Uzel Johnson, Sen., died ISfh Nov. 1788, 
aued 54 years, and he married, 15th October, 17^9, Polly, the 
widow of Mr. Hole, and a sister of Capt. John Scudder, of We.'st- 
field, and had children by her: 

9. John, who married, 22d June, 1811, Phebe Squier, daughter of 
Henry Squier, of Long Hill, and removi d to Ohin. [See Walker.^ 

10. Tiieodocia, who miirried William Kint, had one child, and he 
died, and she went to Ohio, and there married a Mr. Tliarp. 

1 1. Betsey married David Samson, son of Isaac. [See Sajrison."] 

Uzel Jolinst)!), Sen., died lOlh September, lbi04, aged 73 years. 

Mr-^. Johnson, after the death of Mr. Uzel Johnson, married, on the 

19ih June, 1813, John Dean, of Springfield. She had by her first 

husband, Mr. Hole, children: 

1. Sally Hole, who married Stephen G. Leonard. 

2. Jane Hole, who manied Elias Slanbury, of Rahway, and 
had children ; 




1. Frazee Stanbury, who died at 26 years, unmarried. 

2. David F. Stanbury died at 28 years, unmarried, 

3. Susan L. Stanbury, who married James M. Whitehead, and 
died 1846, at ^ years. 3> 

4. William Stanbury, who died 1833, at 21 years, unmarried. 

5. John Stanbury, who died 1836, at IS years. 

3. Rachel, who married Joseph Rutan, son of Abraham, as his 
2d wife. [See Rutan.^ He died, and she married Samuel Frazee, 
son of Morris. 

THEODORUS JOHNSON, (4th child of Uzel,) and Susan 
Brown, had children : 

1. Jesse, who married Elizabeth Baldwin, and had children : 

1. Frederick H. Johnson ; 2. William Baldwin Johnson ; 3. A 
daughter, who died young. 

2. William, who died in Ohio, unmarried. 

3. Phebe, who also died in Ohio, unmarried. 

4. Daniel Brown was a Presbyterian minister, and died in New- 

5. Mariah died, a young woman, in Ohio. 

6. Cyrus married in Ohio. 

7. Samuel. 

8. Catherine. 

9. Gabriel. 

GABRIEL JOHNSON, Esq., (son of Uzel,) was a justice of the 
peace twenty years in Morris county. He and Lois Bonnel had 
children : 

1. Sinesey, who was born 7th July, 1793, married, 1st, Anna 
Crowel, born 27th March, 1816, daughter of Samuel Crowel, of 
New Vernon, and removed to Dayton, Ohio, and had children : 

1. Matilda A., who married, 25th September, 1834, Jesse W. 
Harker, sonof Jessf Harker, of Montgomery county, Penn- 
sylvania, and died 1st July, 1836, leaving a daughter, 
Elizabeth Anne Harker, born 21st August, 1835. 

2. Augustus, born 27th February, 1820, married 5th Janu- 
ary, 1847, Caroline Gilbert, daughter of James H. Gilbert, 
of the state of New York. 

3. Samuel Crowel, born 27ih February, 1822, and died 20th 
December, 1842. 

4. Pamelia Elmer, born 27th March, 1824, and married 25th 
September, 1845, Nathan S. Lockwood, son of Jabez Lock- 
wood, from Connecticut. 

Mrs. Anne Johnson died 26th April, 1827, and Mr. Johnson 
married, 2d, Anne Lindley, daughter of Joseph, son of Benjamin 
Liiidley, Esq, of Morristown ; has no children by her. 

2. Charles, born 1st October, 1705, married Charlotte Ferris, of 
Bridgeport, Connecticut, and had children: 1. Mary Charlotte ; 2. 
Catherine Tichenor. H s wife then died, and he married Jane 
Hopping, of East Madison, and had children: 3. Virginia Bishop ; 
4. Charles Emmet. His 2d wife then died, and he married, Sept. 


1S49, Arabella Jones Floyd Nichol, youngest daughter of Benja- 
min Nichol, of Shelter Island, near Sag Harbor, Suffolk county, 
Long Island. 

3. Electa, born 25th December, 1797, married 26th April, 1815, 
Abraham R. Colwell, son of John Cauldwell, and went to Urbana, 
Ohio, and died 15th November, 1826. [See Cauldwell.] 

4. Pamela, born 29th January, 1800, married, Sth December, 
1822, Dr. Henry G. Elmer, son of Dr. Moses G. Elmer. He died 
11th February, 1S24, aged 25 years, and she married, 3d August, 
1825, Sylvester Britton, son of Col. William Britton, of Madison. 
He died soon after, and she died 3d June, 1826, without children. 

6. Aaron, born 27th February, 1802, married, 18th February, 
1828, Betsey Sayre, daughter of John Sayre, son of Isaac Sayre, 
Jun., and had children: 

1. William ; 2. Rebecca ; 3 Fanny Lois, who died at 5 years. 

7.. Uzel E., born 29th June, 1806, married, 4th April, 1833, 
Catherine Tichenor, only daughter of Caleb Tichenor, of Livings- 
ton, and lives there. His wife died, leaving children : 1. Mary 
Tichenor ; 2. Pamela ; and he married 5th December, 1840, 
Caroline Wood, daughter of Baldwin Wood, near Spring Valley, 
and had other children: 3. Frances Henrietta; 4. Julia Day, 

8. Mariah, born 14th May, 1809, went to Ohio, and married 
Calvin Eddy, and soon returned to New Jersey. He died at 
Stanhope, She died at her father's house, 31st August, 1845, 
and left children : 1. William Eddy ; 2. Anne Mariah Eddy. 

9. William, born 20th October, 1812, and died 21st May, 1821. 



JOEL JONES came from Massachusetts, about the yenr 1787. 
He kept schiiol on Long Hill, and m irried, ^ih July, 1790, June 
Vance, diuigliter of Ki nneJy Vance. [See Vance.'] Me dit-d ISih 
Januiirv, 1792, aged 29 years, leaving one child, Hannah, who died 
27th M.irch, 1792, aged 11 months, 11 days. 

LUTFIER JONES was brother of Joel. He came here the 
next vcar lifter iiis urother. He was a widower, and kepi school 
near Litlell's Tavern. Hemirried, l.'ilh November, 1 7b9, Mailha, 
the widow of John Bidf-M, and diiujrhlcr of Pttcr Bt-boui. He 
had cluldrenby his 1st wife, in New Englnnd. 

1. Silence, who married, 7ih October, 179o, Gershom Mills, son 
of David Mill-i. in ihu Suamp. 

Gers'iom Mills lived in New York, and lad children : 

1. Harri't Mill.s. win) muriod Abrahiirn UeMierest;2 Luther 
Mills; 3. Is.iMC MilU; 4. Aaron Mills. 

2. Era^tus, who married Ciitlicrine Bedell, dauglit^r of Jolm 
Iredell, dect.-ased, l!ie only child of his father's wife, and hud chil- 
dren : 

L Elizabeth, lorn 2 1st March, 1S17, and died 27th August, 
1 82o. 

2. Caroline, who died 15lh July, 1823, aged 5 months and 
5 days. 

3. Mary M., who married Isaac L Willcox, son of John 
Willrox. [See Willccx.] 

Erastua Jones died suddenly, 23d September, 1834, aged 55 

3. Wealihv, who continued in New England, and there married 
VVaite Albro, and had children : 

g 1. JfffiTsoii Aibro,.wlio marriel Rachel Stewart. 

? 2. Erastus Albro married Amy Arnold. 

I 3. ^ inerva Albri> nvirried N.ithan L. Robison. 

o 4. Btlsev, wh • married Thonias T. ^^'oo(lruff. 

5. Mary Albro, who married Joseph Sherman. 

6. Hiniet Albro married Lyman 5>. Patrhen 

7. George Albro married , in Brooklyn, and 

lives in Rochester. 

8. Martin, who died young. 

9. Solomon. 

4. Ralph, who died lUli M-rch, 1791, at about 10 years of age. 
Luther Jones and Martha Bebout had children : 

5. Piter Buboul, who went to Maysville, Kentucky, and married 

there, Elizabeth . and had children: I. Lnlher ; 2. John; 

3. Alpheus ; and others who died you.ig. He died I6ih October, 1 

6. Joel, who died 6fh October, ISIS, aged 19 years. 

7. Thomas Darling, who married, iSih August, 1821, Hetty 
High, daughter of Jacob. 


8. Hervv, twill to Abigiil, died in infancy, wiih smiill pox. 

9. Abigail married Joseph Pjrrot, son of Thumas Parrot, Esfj. 
[See Parrot.] 

THOMAS 0. JOMES, (son of Luther,) and Hetty High, lived in 
St» rlino^ Valley, and hail children : 
„ 1. M trllia Bebout, who married Cornelius Totten, son of John, 

and had cliildren : 

1 1. G 'orgiana TottPn ; 2 Matilda Totten, who died in infancy. 
i 2 Matiidrt mdnii'd Ja'Dos White, and had children : 

■ 1. William Wtiiip; 2. Anne Eliza White, and then they went 

to Savaiinih. Georgia. 

3. Marjiarei mirried Jacob Leonard, son of Samuel, of Sterling 
Valley, and had cliildren : 

1. James Leonard; 2. William Leonard. 

4. Mirv, who died of consumption, 23th September, 1850. 
6. Wealihy Anne. 

6. Emma, 

Note ^— There was a fjimily of Joneses who lived in o stone house, on Stony 
Hill, a htilo abuve where John Marshall now lives, on the opp isi'e sidu of iha 
roi<'» I have only linmed thoir names, or some uf ihcm : Isaac, Stephen, John, 
Edward, Justus, and Pticbe. 

1 remember Phobo, an agi;d maiden woman. 



DAVID KIRKPATRICK came from Scotland, and settled at 
Mine Brook, in Somerset county. He married in this country, Miss 
McEowen, a sister of the father of Dr, Hugh McEowen, and had 
children : 

1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Sloan, son of William, of 

^ Lamington. 

I 2. Anne, who married Moses Esty, Esq., of Morristown. 

I 3. Alexander, who was born 14th September, 1751, and married, 

? 4th May, 1774, Sally Carle, daughter of Justice John Carle, of 
Long Hill. 

4. Andrew, who became chief justice of the supreme court of 
New Jersey. He married Jane Bayard, daughter of Col. John 
Bayard, of New Brunsvvick. She died 16th February, 1851. 

5. Polly married Hugh Gaston, lived at Peapack, and had but 
one child, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter 
of Henry Cooper, Esq., of Chester, in Morris county. He inherited 
his father's farm of 300 acres, now owned by John Jeroloman. 
Samuel Gaston had but one child, Henrietta Gaston. 

6. Jennet, who married Dickinson Miller, son of Jonathan Miller, 
of Basking Ridge, lived at Somerville. [See Miller.'] 

7. David, who lived on the homestead of his father. He married, 
1st, Mary Farmer, of Parcipany, Morris county ; 2d, Sarah, the 
widow of his nephew, David Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander, and 
sister of Peter Cooper, of Long Hill, by whom he had no children. 

ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK, (daughter of David,) and Henry 
Sloan, lived at Lamington, and had children: 
c2 1. William Sloan, who was a Presbyterian minister, settled as 
? pastor of the Greenwich church, in Warren county, 40 years. 
5 2. John Sloan was a physician, went to North Carolina, and died 
5 there, unmarried. 

3. Mary Sloan, who died young. 

4. David Sloan was a physician, went to Ohio, and settled near 
Hamilton, married a Miss Crane, and died about 1820, leaving two 

5. Elizabeth Sloan married Dr. Ebenezer K. Sherwood, and died, 
leaving no children. 

6. Henry Sloan married Phebe Suydam, was a major in the 
militia, and liFed where his father and grandfather did. ■ 

7i Samuel Sloan married Elizabeth Boylan, went to Raleigh, * 
North Carolina, as a merchant, and died there, leaving one son. 

Note. — WillLim Sloan, (the father of Henrv Sloan, Sen ) ami his wife, whose 
maiden name was Mary Shields, emigrated from Ireland previous to 1750. 
They had three sons and six dauiihters; (they may not be placeJ in the order 
of their births.) 

1. Henry, who married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, daughter of David. 

2. John, who died an old man, unmarried. 

3. Samuel, who was an Episcopal minister, and settled in Maryland, and 
married, and had but one child, a daughter, who married and died there. 


4. A daughter, who marrioil Samuel McCrea, a son of Parson McCrea, who 
was a long time the pastor of Lamington church ; he removed to Ballston, 
New York. 

5 A daughter, who married David Chambers, a colonel in the Revolutionary- 

6. A daughter, who married Hugh Gaston, as his 1st wife, and died without 
children. Mr Gaston married, for his'2il wife, Polly daughter of David Kirk- 
patrick, and had a son, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter 
of Henry Cooper, Ksq. 

7. A (laughter, who married John Maxwell, Esq. She soon died without 
children, and he married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, the widow of Henry bloan, 
Sen., for his '.\i\ wife. 

8. A daughter, who married Robert Maxwell, (brother of John Maxwell, Esq. 
and also a brother of old General Maxwell, of Revolutionary memory,) and 
had children : 

1. John Maxwell, who married Mary Williams. 

2. William Maxwell, who did not marry. 

3. Mary Maxwell, who is unmarried. 

4. Anne marrioil Adam Ramsey. 

5. Elizabeth Maxwell, who married Mr. Kennedy. 

9. Mary Anne, who married John P. Bryan, of PenpTck, and had children: 

1. Elizabeth Br^an, who married the Rev. Mr. Grant, a Presbyterian min- 
ister, who settled near New Hope. 

2. Mary Bryan, who died young. 

3. Rachel Bryan, who married the Hon. George Maxwell, son of the above, 
named John Maxwell, Esq, by his ^d wife. George Maxwell was a 
member of congress, and had a son, John P. B. Maxwell, who was subse- 
quently a member of congress. 

ANNE KIRKPATRICK, (2cl child of David,) and Moses Esty, 

Esq., had children : 
g 1. David K Esty, who went to Cincinnati, was judge of the 
n supreme court of Ohio. He married Lucy Harrison, daughter of 
I General William Henry Harrison, subsequently president of the 
5- United States. 
° 2. diaries Esty, who was surgeon in the Untited States Army, 

in the war of 1812, and died unmarried. 

3. John Esty, who died in Philadelphia. 

4. Sarah Esty, who married Lewis Mills, merchant, of Morris- 

5. Eliza Esty, who married Mr. Nottingham. 

6. Hannah Esty married Mr. ^ Burnet, son of Judge Jacob 

Burnet, of Cincinnati. He was president of Texas previous to the 
annexation of that state, to the United States. 

7. Mary Esty married . She is principal matron 

of the female seminary at Cincinnati. 

ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, (3d child of David,) and Sally 

Carle, lived in Passaic Valley, Somerset county, and had children : 
w 1. David, who married Sarah Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, 
o 2d, and sister of Peter Cooper, and had a son, who died in infancy. 
■ 2. Mary, who married Lafferty Cross, son of Robert, and had 

children : 
^ 1. David Cross, who died young. 

n 2. Carle Cross married Anne Barcalo, daughter of StofFel of 

? Basking Ridge. 


3. Martha Cross went to Illinois, and married ihere, 1st, Mr* 
Wilson ; 2d, Mr. B.ii.d. 

4. Sarali Cross murried Joel Cory, son of ParUhurst, and went 
to Jersevvillc, Jersey county. Illinois. 

5 Bryant Cross weiil to llliiinis. and ihence to Missouri. 

3. John married Marv Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, Esq., of 
Lilerty Corner. He was a captain of the militia ; removed to the 
lakes, New York, and had children : 

1. William; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Sarah ; 4. Hannah; 5. Samuel ; 
6. Walter. 

4. Jacob, who become the " Kev. Jacob Kirkpatrick, D. D." 
He was settled at Amwell, Hunterdon county, over the Presbyterian 
church, an<l had children : 

1. Alexander, who married Miss Johnson, of Philadelphia, is 
a merchant at Bridgcton, Cumberland county, New Jersey. 

2. John, vvlio died young. 

3. Ddvid Bishiip mariied Miss McNair, of Pennsylvania ; is a 
farmer at Ringoes. 

4. H. Augustus married Miss Quick, of Flemington ; is a phy- 
sician at Redington. 

5. Crtjvin is a merchant in New York. 

6. Newton married Miss Sebring of Easton, Pennsylvania; is 
a teacher in Easton. 

7. Charles W. is a harness-maker. 

8. Jacob. 

9. Lydia married Dr. Lossey. 

10. Anne. 

11. Frarces. 

12. Elizabeth. 

13 Sarah married Joseph G. Brown, a farmer. 
14. .Mary. 
.5. Sarah married W'illiam I. Annin, son of John, of Liberty Cor 
ner, and had children: 

1. L'^lizabeth Annin married Mr. Locey, son of Jacob 

Locey, Esq., of Plnckemin. 

2. Sirah Annin married Joseph Annin, son of William C. 
Annin, of Liberty Corner. 

3. Martha Annin married Mr. Castner, son of Peter Castner. 

4. .Mary Annin, (twin to Martha.) married William Boyle, son 
of R.tbert, ; ml went to Illinois. [See Boyle.'\ 

5. Lyiliii Annin married Feidinand hoyle, sun of Solomon, 
son of Jos ph. \_See B' yle.^ 

6. J Mn .\. Atuiin gr.iduated at Prinrcton cidlege, studied 
theology, and was ordained to the gospel ministry, by the 
presbytery of b^hzabethtown, Sth October, 18.31 ; he preaches 
at Franklin, Warren county, Ohio. He married, 2.i;th 
September, i8')|, Rlizabeth D. Fisher, daughter ol the Rev. 
Jesse Fisher, of Windham, Connecticut. 

7. Antoinette Annin. 

6. I'.lizabeth married Alexander Vail, son of James Vail, of Stone 
house Village ; children : 


1. Kerenhappuck Vail, who marriod Dr. William Cole, son of 
Elias, of Scutch Plains [See C'oZe ] 

2. 'I'hirz I V^ail inanitid Ciuik Squier, son of Ludlow, of Plain- 
fiekl. [See Sguier.] 

Mr. Vail iht-n died, and she married WiHiam B. Gaston, Esq., 
son of .losep'i, and livt s at Sotiierville, and has other chil(!ren : 

3. Ahxaiider Gaston; 4. Josepli Gaston; 5. Hugh Gaston ; 
6. Frederick Gaston ; 7. John Gaston ; 8. Willi im Gaston. 

7. Lydia, who nianied Peter Deniut, son of John Demut, lives 
at Peapack, and lias cliildrcn ; 
$ 1. Sarah Denmt ; 2. Ida Demut; 3. John Demut ; 4. Jacob 

? Demut; 5. Vrooni Demut ; 6. Anne Demut. 

3 S. Anne, who married John Stelle, son of Oliver, lived in Ber- 
f nardstown, Somerset county,- and had children: 

1. Jephtha Sti He, who married Sarah Mandell, lives in Brook- 
lyn, New York. 

2. Jacob Stelle married Jane Compton, daughter of Moore 
Compton, and went to Illinois. 

3. Freeman Stelle married Martha Runyon, daughter of 
David II. Runyon. 

4. Lewis Stelle. 

5. Provy Stelle. 

9. Rebecca, who married Squier Terril, Esq , son of Thomas 
Terril, Esq., nnd had children : 

1. Aula Terril; 2. Mary Terril; 3. Jane Terril; 4. Anne 
Terril; 5. Margaret Terril ; 6. Thomas Terril ; 7. Edward 
Terril; 8. Walter Terril ; 9. George Terril. 

10. Jane married Ji>hn Cory, son of Parkhurst Cory, and went 
to Ohio, lived about 30 miles from Dayton, and had children : 

1. Sarah Cory ; 2. Johannah Cory; 3. David Cory ; 4. Joel 

11. Alexander married Eliza Tinorley, duughter of Ebenezer 
Tmgley. He lived and died on his father's farm, and left children 

1. Kbenezer Tinirley ; 2. Hugh James ; 3, Mary Elizabeth. 

12. Martha married Israel Squier, son of Ludlow, and went to 
Illinois, and had cliildren : 

1. Harrison Squier; 2. Agnes Squier; 3. Caro'ino Squier; 
4. John Squier ; S.Mary Squier; 0. Elizibeth Squier ; 7. 
Ludlow Squier. 

13. Rub rt Finliy. who married Charity Terril, daughter of 
Thomas Terril, Esq. He lived on his father's homestead farm, 
and had children : 

1. Le.^is, who married Agnes Smalley, only daughter of Na- 
than. 1st January, lb51. 

2. Amanda. 

3. Lucinda. 

4. Walter. 


David,) lived in New Brunswick, and had children: 
w 1. Bayard, who lived in Washington City, and had no children : 

2. Littleton married in Philadelphia, and lived in New Bruns- 
g wick. 

1 3. Mary Anne married the Rev, Samuel B. Howe, D. D. 
" 4. Jane married the Rev. Mr. Cogswell, D. D. 

5. A daughter, who died unmarried. 

JENNET KIRKPATRICK, (6th child of David, 1st,) and 
Dickinson Miller, lived at Somerville, and had children : 
^ 1 . John Miller, who married Rebecca Williamson, daughter of 
n Matthew, of Somerville, and went to Ohio. 

S 2, David K. Miller, who married Jane Quick, daughter of Abra- 
E ham, of North Branch, lives at Plainfield, and had children : 
P 1. Jennet Miller; 2. Abraham Miller ; 3. Mary Miller. 

3. Andrew Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Chamberland, of 
Flemington, and lives in Philadelphia, and has no children. 

4. Caleb Miller is unmarried ; lives on the homestead at Somer- 

5. Dickinson Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Van Voorst, 
and lives in Jersey City, and has no children. 

6. Samuel Miller is unmarried ; lives with Caleb. 

DAVID KIRKPATRICK, (7th child of David, 1st,) and Mary 
Farmer, lived on his father's homestead, and had children : 

1. Walter, who married 1st, Maria Cobb, daughter of Lemuel 
Cobb, Esq. ; 2d, Elizabeth Howel, daughter of Benjamin Howel, 
and niece of his first wife. They were both of Parcipany. 

2. Hugh was sheriff of Somerset county; is unmarried ; lives 
on his father's homestead. 

3. Elizabeth, who married Alexander Cobb, 

WALTER KIRKPATRICK, (son of David,) was a lawyer ; 
lived on the homestead ; represented Somerset county several 
years in the' council and assembly of the state of New Jersey. 
He had children: 1. Walter; 2. Mary. 

Note. — I know of no connection between the families of David Kirkpatricir 
and Thomas Kirkpatrick. 



By tradition in the families of Thomas Kirkpatrick, and 
Hugh Gaston, WilUam Lojjan, and James Cauldwell, I am 
led to believe that Ehzabeth, the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, 
and the wife of Captain William Logan, of Peapack, were sis- 
ters of Hugh Gaston, and that the father, of Hugh Gaston, was 
brother of Mary, the wife of James Cauldwell. [See Cauldwell.] 

about a mile westerly of Liberty Corner, and owned a farm 
of 300 acres, on which .was a sawmill ; they had children, 
John and Jane. Jane died unmarried at some 60 years of age. 

JOHN KIRKPATRICK, (son of Thomas,) inherited his- 
father's property, married Anne Coriell, daughter of Elias 
' Coriell, and had children : 

1. Sally, who married John Layton, lives in Plainfield, and 
had children : 

L Josiah Layton, 

2. John Layton, who married Deborah Melissa Bedell, 
of Green Village. 

I 3. James Finley Layton. 

4. Thomas Layton. 

5, Mary Anne Layton. 

2. Elizabeth married John King, son of John, of Liberty 
Corner, and had children : 

1 . James King ; 2. Elias King ; 3. Mary Anne King ; ' 

4. David King ; 5. Jane Elizabeth King. 

3. Thomas married Mariah Ilurd, and had children : 

I. Anne Eliza, who died at 3 years old ; 2. Jacob Hurd ; 
3. Manning Rutan ; 4. Eugene ; 5. Amanda Bausabin. 

4. Elias married Jane Squier, daughter of Ludlow, lived 
at Plainfield, was a justice of the peace, and had children : 

L Anne Amelia; 2. William; 3. Emily; 4. Abby ; 

5. Walter. 

5. James married, 1st, Aletta Van Arsdale, daughter of 
Philip, and had children : 

L Anna; 2. Frederick. 
He married, 2d5 Mary Stout, and had other children : 

3. James Harris ; 4. Josiah Layton ; 5. Hugh. 

6. Lydia married Stephen Woodard, son of Samuel, and 
went to Chicago, lUinois, and had children : 

1. Phebe Anne Woodard ; 2. William Woodard ; 3. 
John Woodard ; 4. Benjamin Franklin Woodard. 


7. Jane married Uavid Kline, and had children : 

1. Anne Kliza Kline ; 2. Fhebe Kline ; 3. Peter Fisher 
Kline; 4. John Casseny Kline; 5. Jacob Kline; 6. 
Franklin Miller Kline; 7. Ellen Taylor K ine ; 8. 
Mary Malvina Pohlman Kline; 9 . 

8. Mary married Tunis Vannest, son of John, of Martinville, 
and had children : 

K, 1. John Vannest. who died young; 2. Anna Mariah 

? Vannest ; 3. William Vannest ; 4. John Vannest, 2d. 

I 5. Sarah Elizabeth Va-nest ; 6 Mary Jane Vannest. 

I 9. John, who died in Newark, aged about 30 years, unmar- 

10 An':e married Philip Van Arsdale, son of Peter, and 

had children : 

1. Peter Van Arsdale ; 2. John Van Arsdale ; 3. Eliz- 
abeth Van Arsdale 
11. Hugh married Elizabeth King, of Bellville, and had 
children: i. John Franklin. 


DAVTD EACY lived in a house west of the parsonage 
house, nearly opposite to Doctor Kent's. He mafned Mar- 
tha Parrot, and had children: 
to 1 Jacob, who married, 1st, Mary Clawson; 2d, Betsey 

widow of Moses Headley, and daughter of Benjamin Parker. 
i 2. Samuel married Charlotte Dove. 

1 3 Daniel married, 1st, Polly Bedell, who died 24th Jan- 
' uary, 1783, aged 20 years; and he married, 2d, Hannah 

Van Court. Iielovv Plainfield. 

4. John married, 1st, Catherine , who died 23d Octo- 
ber, 1794 ; and he married, 20th December, 1705, 2d, ilhoda 
Jennings, and had children: 1. Aaron ; 2. Caty, baptized 7th 
May, 17«6. 

5 Nancy married Master John Blair, a schoolmaster, 
and hail an only son, John. 

6 Patty married, 27th September, 1783, Henry Roff, bro- 
ther of the wife of Uavid Smalley Esq. 

7 Polly married, 30th January, 1785, John Adams,and re- 
moved to western i\ew York. 

8. Sarah, who died 9tb July, 1770, aged 21 years, unmar- 

JACOB LACY, (1st child of David,) and Mary Clawson, 
had children ; 
to 1. David, who died unmarried, 
f 2. Sally, who married, 1st, Potter Mascho ; 2d, Israel Brant 


3. Nancy married Luther Lindsley, of New Vernon, and 
went to Ohio. 

4. Mary married James Leonard. 

5. Jacob married Hannah Badgley, daughter of George ; 
lived in Springfield. 

6. Diliy ; 7. Lany, who both went to ihe lal^es. N. Y. 

8. Clawson. who married Hhebe Force, daughter of Ben- 
jamin, son of Squier, ^-en. Jacob Lacy died about 1846, 
nearly lUO years of age. 

SAMUEL LACY, (2d child of David,) and Charlotte 
Dove, had children : 

\. Daniel, who married Nancy Thompson, daughter of 
Hezekiah. and had children : 

1. John, who married Caroline Johnson, son of John, of 
Am boy. 

2. Hezekiah married Jane Lindsley, daughter of Luther 
Lindsley. above named, and hud children : I. Jesse 
Clark ; 2. Eliliu ; 3. Nancy. 

3. Jane married Marcus B..nnel, of Elizabethtown. 

4. Washington married Elizabeth Roarers, of New York. 

5. Thompson married Hannah Kirkpatrick, daughter of 

G. Daniel married Rebecca Johnson, of Pennsylvania. 

7. Caleb married Mariuh Exon. 

8. Isaac Augustus 

2. Patty, who died in her 2d year. 

3. John is a bachelor. 

4. Eunice died unmarried ; she was lame 

5. Tatty man ied Squier Meeker, had 2 children, and died. 
G. Betsey married, 12th December, 1814, Joel Canfield, of 


DANIEL LACY, (3d child of David,) and Polly Bedell, 
had one son : 
w 1. Nathan, who died young. 

n And by his 2d wife. Hunnah Van Court, had a son : 
I 2. Silas, born 30th March. 1789, who married N;.ncy Par- 
I ker, born 15th May, 1790, daughter of Gershom Parker, and 
lived in Yates county. New York, and hail children: 

1. Mary S. Lacv, born lOth I'ecember, 1809, and mar- 
ried John Mallory. son of Ephraim. and had a dauiih- 
ter, Ruth Anne Mallory, born 1st March, 1845. [See 
Stephen Whituker.] 
*. 2. Elizabeth Lacy, born 20th August, 1811, and died in 

n infmcy. 

P 3. James P. Lacy, born 16th September, 1813, married 

Eliza Wells, of Penn Yan, and had children : 1. JuUa; 
2. James. 



4. Agnes Van Court, born 27th August, 1815, married 
Clinton B Taylor lives at St. Paul's, Minesota, and 
had children: 1. Mary Taylor ;2. Nancy Taylor. 

5. Sally P., born 19th February, 1817, married Jeremiah 
G. Lane, of Vermont, lives in Jamestown, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Cyrus Lane ; 2. Edwin Lane ; 3. Andrew 

6. Abraham Hobart Lacy, born 20th April, 1819, married 
Sarah Anne Beck ; lives in Warren, Pennsylvania ; have 
a son, Andrew Francis. 

7. David Van Court, born 25th December, 1820, married 
Deborah Middleton, lives in Penn Yan ; have a son, 
Charles Silas. 

8. Hannah Van Court, born 28th January, 1822, married 
William P. Gaylord, son of Amos, of Benton. 

9. Alfred Elderlin Campbell Lacy, born 10th December, 
1823, married Catherine Newman, of Beech Woods, 
Pennsylvania, and had children : 1. Mary Irene; 2. 
Jeremiah Newman ; 3. William. 

10. Henry Axtel Lacy, born 28th August, 1825, married 
Lucinda Pickard ; lives in Warren, Pennsylvania ; has 
a son, Adelbert. 

11. Fanny Lacy, born 6th March, 1828, married Orange 
Reese, son of John, near Warren, Pennsylvania, and 
have sons : L Azora Lestelle Reese ; 2. John Reese. 

1 2 . Betsey Lacy, born 2 1 st February, 1 833. 

PATTY LACY, (6th child of David,) and Henry Roff, 
had children : 

1. Philetus RofF, who married, 24th December, 1823, Cathe- 

rine Yaty Crane. 

1 2. Miriam RofF married Daniel Sayre, of Connecticut 
I Farms, and had children : 

•" I. Clarissa, who died unmarried ; 2. Daniel Sayre ; 3. 
Mary died unmarried ; 4. Henry Sayre married * 

3. Hannah RofF married John Stanbury, son of Col. Rec- 
Stanbury, of Scotch Plains. 

4. WillsonRofF. 

5. Robert RofF died a young man, unmarried. 

6. Henry RofF. 

7. David RofF died 17th October, 1818, a young man, un- 

8. Hamsley RofF married , in New York. 

9. Daniel RofF married Sally Pack. 

POLLY LACY, (7th child of David,) and John Adams, had 
children : 

1. David Adams. 


2. Chloe Adams. 

3. Charlotte Adams. 

ABRAHAM LACY, (probably a brother of David,) 
whose wife was Susannah, had 5 children : 

1. Mary, who was baptized 22d April, 1786. 

2. David Broadwell ; 3. Hannah; 4. Abigail; 5. Rachel : 
all baptized 21st May, 1786, 


JOHN LAMB lived in Westfield ; he married Mary Tliompson, 
eldest daughter of Thomas Thompson, (see Thomas Thompson,) 
and had children : 

1. Patience, who married, 11th June, 1769, Noah Clark. 
S 2. Joseph, born 11th October, 1756, and married Ruth Scudder, 
f daughter of, Benjamin Scudder, of Springfield, and went to 
I Labanon, Ohio. 
p' 3. Betsey married Ichabod Ross, son of John Ross. [See Ross.l 

COL. JOSEPH LAMB. (2d child of John Lamb,) and Ruth 
Scudder, lived near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children : 

1. Elizabeth, who was born 28th Sept. 1780, and married, 1st, 
" Frazee Bishop ; 2d, Joseph Worth ; and died in 1844, leaving three 
? children : 1. William Bishop ; 2. Ezra Bishop; 3. Eliza Bishop. 
3 2. Benjamin Scudder Lamb, born 19th Dec. 1782, and lives in 
f New York. 

3. Isaac, born 1st July, 1787, married , and has 8 children. 

4. Sarah, born 13th Sept. 1789, married William Davis, in 
Ohio, son of Jonathan. They, soon after their marriage, both 
joined the Shaking Quakers ; had no children ; Davis died, and 
she is still with them in 1851. 

6. Thompson, born 21st Sept. 1794, married Caroline Stevenson. 
She died, and he married, 2d, Anna Benham. He died 21st July, 
1848, leaving four daughters. 

6. Mary, born 10th Jan. 1798, married Joseph Banker, and she 
died 28th Nov. 1824. 

7. Joseph Q,., born 28th Jan. 1800, married Hester Davis, 
daughter of Jonathan Davis. [See William Bedell,'] She died, and 
he married, 2d, Margaret J, Lowe; he had children : I.Thompson; 
2. Abraham; 3. Hester; 4. Isaac; 5. Ruth; 6. Jacob; 7. 
Charles; 8. Caroline. 

8. Anne, born 10th March, 1802, married John Schenck, who 
died 1846, leaving one child. 

9. Hannah, born 3d Aug. 1805, married Peter Williamson, and 
had children: 1. Ruth Williamson; 2. Mary Williamson; 3- 
Milton Williamson ; 4. Peter Williamson ; 6. Eliza Williamson ; 
6. Ezra Williamson. 




KOGER L\MBER'r,of Wiltshire, in Englan;!. was the father of 
John Lambert, who eniigraied to this country, settled in VVesifield. 
and was I lie l«ther of James Lambert, the lather of James Laiiibert, 
who was born I4lh July. 17.i5, and married Hannah Litteli, tiie 
eldest clii d of Most-s Litiell (son of Benjannin) .and .Miigail 
Tliompsnn, (danjjbter ' f 'J humas Thompson, of Coriiierticut farms, 
IS'ew Jersey ) [See Litiell and Thompaoa families. See also 
Warner Tucker.] 

NoTK. — 1 he name of Roger Lambert is n the first list of "the Elizabcihtown 


.^ JAMES LAMBERT married IL.nnah Litiell, the 2.5th Decern- 

^ ber. 1774. She was bi.rn loth November, 1759. They had chil- 

S dren : 

y, 1. ^!oses, born '29th July, 1776, ami died young. 

^ 2. Maiy, born 24lh .September, I77S, married William Pcrigo, 

s of New York, and lived there. 

I 3 Moses. 2d, born 2 1st October, 1780, married Betsey Dunham, 

i daughie of Julm He died lltli October, 1803. 

4. James, born 8th August, 1762, went to New Orleans, and 
married Eliza Leslie. 

5. Charfiite, born Uth May, 1734, married Andrew Rogers, a 
native of Ireland. 

G. Rachel, born 22d December, 1786, married Henry K off, sou 
of Nathaniel, of New Providence, New Jersey ; lived in New York, 
and are both dead. [See Roff.] 

7. I'hibi', born 2 7th January, 1789, married Simeon Coles. 
She died 10th August, 1^20. 

8. Sarah Sayres, born llth Mav, 179 L She died 12th March, 

9. Hannah, born lOih July, 1793, married Benjamin Radley, son 
of John. 

10. , twin to Hannah, born lOth July, 1793, and died in 


11. Isaac, born 20lh February, 1790, went to New Orleans, and 

married Adclia , and died there, leaving 3 children. Some of 

them are dead. 

12. Sim(on, born 2d May, 1798, married his cousin, Freelove 
Liltfll, daughter of John. 

13. Enoch, born 4th September, ISOl, married, Adaline Force, 
and died in I82S or -9. 

14. John, born 4th March, 1804, went to New Orleans, married 
-, and resides there. 

15. Susan, born 4th September, 1807, married Isaac Brokaw, 
son of John, son of Isaac Brokaw, the clock-maker, of Rahway. 


s MARY LAMBERT, and William Perrigo, had 10 children : 
'ff, 1. Sarah Periis^o, who married George Coddington, of New 
? York, and had 8 children : 
::^ 1. Sarah Coddington, who died young. 

2. George Coddington married , and had 2 children. 

1 3. Moses Coddington. 
|. 4. Eliza Codilington. 

5 5. William Coddington. 

6. Abraham Coddington, who died young. 

7. Mary Coddington, 

8. Henry Coddington, 

g 2. Lewis Perrigo married Mary Anne Cooper, had 3 children : 

~ 1. William Perrigo; 2. Perrigo; 3. Hester Anne 

3 Perrigo. 

I 3. Hannah Perrigo married James Leach, and had 3 children : 

I 1. John Leach; 2. Phebe Dingy Leach; 3. Mary Leach. 

4. Moses Perrigo married 1, , had no children; 2. 

in New Orleans 

5. Mnry Perrigo married Samuel Champ, from England ; had 
2 children: 1, James Champ; 2. William Champ. 

6. Rachel Perrigo married Anthony Austin, of New York, and 
had 10 children : 

1. Peter Austin; 2. William Austin; 3. Mary Austin; 4. 
Joanna Austin; 5. Eliza Austin; 6. Harriet Austin; 7. 
Anne Louisa Austin, 

7. William Perrigo married Hannah Eliza Littell, daughter of 
Jonas, and had one child, Susan Louisa Perrigo. 

8. Anne Louisa Perrigo married James Noe, son of Peter, and 
had children : 

1. Mary Louisa Noe ; 2. Josephine Noe; 3. James Noe. 

9. Phebe Perrigo, 

10. James Perrigo. 

jj MOSES LAMBERT, and Betsey Dunham, had one child. 
^ Moses, who at about 17 or 18 years of age, was killed by the ex- 
S plosion of a steamboat boiler, at Whitehall, New York. 

^ J AMES LAMBERT, 4th, and Eliza Leslie, had 3 children. He 
=■ lived and died in New Orleans. 
» 1. James, 5th, 

2. Mary, 

3. Elizabeth, who married George Roselias. 

g CHARLOTTE LAMBERT, and Andrew Rogers, had 10 chil- 
o dren : 

? 1. David Rogers married Eliza Miller, daughter of David 
i Miller, son of Clark, son of Samuel, son of Alderman William 
? Miller. 

2, Mary Anne Rogers married George Moore, of Woodbridge. 
g They went to Michigan, and had 7 children : 
o 1. William Moore; 2. Mary Moore, who died young; 3. 

* P 



Andrew Moore; 4. Albert Moore ; 5. John Hervy Moore; 
6. Eliza Jane Moore; 7. . 

3. James Rogers died young. 

4. Henry Rogers married Mary Curtis, and went to Ohio. 

5. Hannah Rogers married William Coward, of Plainfield ; had 

1. William Henry Harrison Coward. 

2. Eliza Coward. 

6. Rachel Rogers married James Bailey, an Englishman ; 
went to Canada, and died, leaving 3 children. 

7. Charlotte Rogers married Jeremiah Clark, of Rahway, and 
died, leaving 2 children : 

1. Janips Andrew Clark ; 2. Matilda Clark. 

8. Eliza Rogers married Abraham Cobb; had 3 children : 

1. John Livingston Cobb ; 2. George Washington Cobb ; 3. 

9. James Rogers married Catherine Dunham ; had 3 children: 
1. George Rogers; 2. Rogers; 3. Eliza Rogers. 

10. John Rogers, who died 1818, aged about 24 years, unmarried. 

a RACHEL LA:\1BERT, and Henry RofF. [For their dcscend- 
« ants, see Henry Roff, oth child of Nathaniel Roff.] 


Sf PHKBE LAMBERT, and Simeon Coles, both died, leaving 2 

" children: 

S" 1. Sarah Coles, born 14th September, 1811. 

2. James Coles, who went to Matanzas, and married there, and 
had 3 children : 

V 1. James Coles; 2. Annette Coles ; 3. Coles. 

& HANNAH LAMBERT, and Benjamin Radley, had 4 chil- 
dren : 

& I. Squier Radley, born 5th September, 1812, married Susan 
Woodruff, dauiihter of Benjamin, of Weslfield, and had 6 children: 

^ 1. Charlotte Radley; 2. Mary Radley; 3. Anna Radley; 

o 4. Alfred Radley; 5. Priscilla Radley ; 6. Hannah Radley. 

? 2. Pliebe Radlev married her cousin, Isaac Litlell, son ol John 
and Deborah Littell ; had children: 

1. Norman Leslie Littell, born 10th December, 1839. 

2. Courtland Baker Littell, born 25th September, 1841. 

3. Augusta Littell, born 3d October, 1844. 

4. George M. Dallas Littell, born 27lh January, 1847. 

3. Hannah Radh^y married George Force, and had children: 

1. Georgiana Force. 

2. Waller Force. 

4. Anne Elizabeth Radley. 

w SIMEON LAMBERT, and Freelove Littell, lived where hi» 
-^ father did, at the old windmill, and had 10 children : 
^' 1. John Lambert, born 20th December, 1824. 


2. Freelove Lambert, born 23d February, 1827. 

3. Rachel Lambert, born 15th June, 1830. 

4. Julia Lambert, born 8lh June, 1832. 

5. James Lambert, born 2r»th April, 1834. 

6. Martha Anne Lambert, born 19th December, 1837. 

7. Isaac Lambert, born 2d April, 1839. 

8. Sarah Elizabeth Lambert, born 16th December, 1842. 

9. iMrtlilda Lambert, born 9th November, 1844. 

10. L'eiie Lambert, born 19th January, 1848. 

ENOCH LAMBERT, and Adaiine Force, had 2 children : 

1. Mary, who married VVickliff Williams, and had childjen: 
1. l/cwis Williams : 2. Susan Radley Williams. 

2. Susan married John Newman, son of Jeremiah, of Wood- 
bridge ; children : 

1. Mary Newman ; 2. . 

JOHN LAMBERT went to New Orleans, married, and lires 

SUSAN LAMBERT, and Isaac Brokaw, had children: 
1. Isaac Brokaw, born 17th September, 1842. 



JOBN LEONARD lived on Stony Hill, and married, 1st, 

, and had a son, Stephen Leonard, who lived in Railway. Hia 

first wife then died, and he married, "2d, Betsey, the widow oi 
Thomas Martin, and daughter of Uriah Hedges, Jun., by whom he 
had children : 

2. Lockey, who married Noah Willcox, Jun., son of Noah. 
a [See Willcox.] 

§ :). Chloe married Jacob Bo^worth. 

4. Charles, who died a young man, unmarried. 

5. Benjamin, who went to the lakes, and married there. 

6. Phebe, who married William Brower, of Monmouth county. 

7. Betsey, wlio married Benjamin Sanford, son of Samuel, of 
Monmouth county. 


WILLIAM LINE was a captain of the militia, and lived 
between the mountains near Blue Brook, the east branch of Green 
Brook, and had children ; 
i? 1. Sarah, who married, 5th Jan. 1769, Alarlin Day. 
o 2. Isaac, who married, 23d Feb. 1774, Mary Maxwell, daughter 
P of William, and had but one child, Isaac, who went to the West. 
His widow married John Willcox, Jun. [See Willcox.] 

3. Isaiah married Sarah Pearce, daughter of Melvin Pearce, of 
Scotch Plains, and had children : William, &c. (See page 148.) 

4. John. 

5. Margaret married, 7th ^larch, 1783, Elihu Woodruff. 

6. Joseph married Phebe Wood, of Morris county. 

JOSEPH LINE, (son of Capt. William Line,) lived where his 
father did. He and Phebe Wood had children : 

1. Polly, who married Moses Willcox, son of John Willcox, 
„Jun. (See Willcox.) 

? 2. Deborah married, 30th March, 1791, Joseph Tucker, son of 
John. (See Tucker.) 

3. Nancy married Noah Cory, of Scotch Plains. 

4. Sarah married John Willcox 3d, son of John Willcox, Jun. 
[See Willcox.'] 

NANCY LINE, and Noah Cory, had children: 

1. Joseph Line Cory married Abigail Littell, daughter of Master 

s Benjamin Littell, and went to Indiana. 

I" 2. Aaron Cory, who married Betsey Parker, daughter of 

■ Benjamin, of Scotch Plains. 

Ezra Cory married Phebe Lee, daughter of Thomas, of Short 

4. Mary Cory died at about 20 years of age, unmarried. 

5. Eliza Anne Cory. 

6. Phebe Cory married Benhu McCoy, son of Goin, of Basking 

7. Hannah Cory married Benjamin Cory, son of Daniel, Jun., 
of Long Hill, and had but one child, Albinos Cory. 



z GEORGE LITTLE and BENJAMLV LITTLE, brothers, were 

c merchants of Loudon, and emigrated from lliut city about the 

•" year 1630, or between that year and 1(540, to Newbury, Essex 

county, Massachusett-. Benjamin's cliildren settled in West New. 

bury, at Craneneck Hill, and many of his descendants are there in 

that vicinity to this day. 

George Little had sons, Benjamin, Silas, and John. 
A grandson of George Little, by the name of Nathaniel Little, 
had two sons, Tristram and Henry, who were still living (in iS4S) 
on the old homestead of George and Benjamin Little, in Newbury. 
Tristram married Sally Little, daughter of David, son of Samuel 
Little, of New Hampshire. Henry also married a Little. 

George Little's son Benjamin settled in the vicinity of Newbury, 
and his ftimily spread out into New Hampshire. 

He had a son Samuel Little, who married, and had six sons and 
four daughters, viz. : Abner, Stephen, Joshua, David, Jonathan, 
and Jacob; and daughters, Elizabeth, Polly, Abigail, and Sally, 
Sally married John Webster. 

JONATHAN LITTLE, (son of Samuel,) married Dolly, a grand- 
daughter of Benjamin Little, 2d, and had five sons, but no daugh- 
ters, viz. : 

Joseph, born 26th July, 17S9, lived at Atkinson, Rockingham 
county. New Hampshire. He married Rebecca Webster, daugh- 
ter of John Webster and Sally Little. 

2. Stephen married Betsey . 

3. John married Louisa Caleff, grand-daughter of Silas Little. 

4. Jonathan studied physic, and died at 28 years. 
6. David married Louisa Peasley. 

JOSEPH LITTLE, (son of Jonathan,) and Rebecca Webster, 
had children : 

1. John. 

2. Jonathan. 

3. Elbridge Gerry, born 11th Nov. 1817, graduated at college, 
studied theology at Princeton. He married Sarah E. Coleman, 
daughter of Daniel Coleman, Esq., of Newburyport ; she died 28ih 
March, 1851, aged 27 years. He is preaching in New England. 

4. David. 

5. Joseph Francis. 

6. Laurana. 

JOHN LITTLE, (son of George,) left home to seek his fortune, 
and went to Barnstable or Martha's Vineyard, and thence to Long 
Island, and from thence the family knew not where. But soon 
after 1665, Philip Carteret, Governor of New Jersey, sent mes- 
sengers through all the adjoining provinces to invite settlers. 
These came in considerable numbers from New England and 



Long Island. And in 1676, we find John Little in Elizabethtown. 
a purchaser of land of the proprietors. 

George Little patented 100 arres in Woodhrido-e, ISth March, 
1669, and John Little, of Elizabethtown, ohtained "a warrant, sur- 
vey, and patent for 134 acres of land bounded on Staten Island 
Sound, or Great River," of the New Jersey proprietors, dated the 
9th day of December, 1676. 

.lofin Little, as one of the freeholders of Elizabethtown, also 
obtained lot No. 6 of Corson's survey of the Elizabeilitown lots 
above the first mountain, containing 196 acres, adjoining and lying 
directly north of Peter Willcocks's 400-acre tract, surveyed Oih 
January, 1736--7. 

I have assumed that John Little, the son of George Little, is 
the ancestor of the large number of the descendants of Samuel 
Little in New Jersey. One fact I will adduce aa almost con- 
clusive evidence of it. It is the similarity of names in their 


1st Generation, George Little. 

2d, Benjamin Little, Silas Lirtle, John Little. 

ad, Samuel Little, of New Hamp- 
shire, and Nathaniel Little, 
grand-grandson of George. 

4th, Abner, Stephen, Joshua, 
David, Jonathan, Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Polly, Abigail, 
and Sally. (10) 

3d, Samuel Littell, of New 

5th, Joseph, Stephen, John, Jon- 
athan, David. (5) 

4th, J<:hn, Samuel, Joseph, James, 
Benjamin, Daniel, David, 
Jo /I a than, Sarah, Abigail, 
Catherine, Elizabeth, Martha, 
Nathaniel. (14) 

5th, Andrew, David, Nathaniel, 
Samuel, Catherine, Elizabeth, 

Clh. John, Jonathan, Elbridge (jth, John, Hugh, Polly, Luther, 
Gerry, David, Joseph, Lau- Nancv, Betsey, Huldah, and 
rana. (7) David. (8) 

I have italicised the names common to both branches of the 
family for six generations, in one line, which I think will be 
strong evidence of being descended from the same ancestor. John 
or Samuel, of New Jersey, may have changed the spelling of the 
surname to Littell. 

Note. — The TRev. Mr. Hunting, in his general history ofWestfield, saye 
that Andrew, Anthony, Abraliain, Absalom, Moses, and John Littell, resided at 
the Willow Grove, in Westfield. 


JOHN LITTLE, (son of George,) was most probably the father 
of SAMUEL LITTELL, of Essex county, who was born about 
the year 17S0, and married Lydia Bonnel, and had children : 

L Elizabeth. 

2. IMarlha. 

3. John. 

4. Samupj, Jun., it is said, died a bachelor. 

5. Joseph. 

6. James. 

7. Benjamin married Susan Tucker, of Elizabethtovvn. 

8. Daniel married Miss Acorn. 

9. David married Susannah Craig, daughter of Alderman An- 
drew Craig. [See Craig.l 

10. Jonathan. 
H. Sarah. 

12. Abigail. 

13. Catherine. 

14. Nathaniel ; and two otiiers, who died young. 

I have not ascertained with certainty whether Anthony Littell 
was son or brother of Samuel Littell, or whether the Andrew 
Littell, the father of Polly, William, and Ephraim, was son of 
John or of Anthony. This I remember, that the familiesof Andrew 
and Doct. Anthony Littell, both claimed kindred with the family 
of David Littell, son of Samuel. 

„ ANDREW LITTELL, a grandson of Samuel, and I suppose, 

[ from his age, son of John Littell, the eldest son of Samuel, 

i he having died in 1784, an old man. His wife's name was Molly, 
who lived several years a widow, and died a very old woman ; or 
he may have been a son of Anthony Littell, who was probably a 
son or brother of Samuel. They lived in Stony Hill Valley, 
where James Bryson now lives. 

They had five children, Polly, William, Ephraim, Sophia, and 

? 1. Polly married Zachariah Sickle, 30th October, ^1763, and 
had children : 

f 1. Huldah Sickle. 

n 2. Elias Sickle. 

? 3. Sarah Sickle. 

4. David Sickle. 

5. Zachariah Sickle, Jun. 

2. William married, 1st, Sarah Baker, 23d July, 1769, daughter 
of Thomas Baker, Jun. ; 2d, Sarah Drake, daughter of Andrew 
Drake. He removed to Sussex, and had children : 

1. Mary, who married Henry Ayers, of Sussex, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. John Ayers. 

2. William Ayers. 

2. Levi married Betsey Clark, of Sussex, and had a daugh- 
ter, Sarah, who married William Barkman, and had chil- 
dren: 1. Levi Barkman ; 2. Anne Barkmiis. . 



3. Andrew Littell, (3d child of William, son of Andrew, son 
of John Littell,) married Eve Snyder, uf Sussex, and had 
children : 

1. William, who married Christine McCurdy. 

2. Joseph, who married . 

3. Margaret married John Coss, Jun., and had children ; 
1. Andrew Coss ; 2. A daughter. 

4. Temperance. 

51 Catherine married Abraham Washer. 
6. Eliza married . 

7. Caroline married Philip Simmons. 

8. Mary married 

9. Esther married . 

10. Amos. 

11. John. 

4. Amos married Catherine Wire, of Sussex, and had chil- 
' dren : 

1. Aaron, who married Betsey Harden. 

2. Mary married Joseph Reed, and soon after died. 

3. Clarissa married John B. Gustin. 

4. Matilda married the same Joseph Reed. 

5. Sally married Noadiah Shannon, and went to the lakes, 
N. Y. 

3. Ephraim Littell, (son of Andrew, son of John Littell,) married 

, in New England, and went to Ohio. He had a 

son, Elias, who married Rebecca Mulford, daughter of Caleb, son of 
Job. [See Joh Mulford.'] 

4. Temperance married Joseph Valentine, son of Jonathan, and 
tvent to Ohio. 

5. Sophia, who married, 25th June, 1775, Asa Frazee, son of 
Joseph Frazee, of Connecticut Farms. [See Joseph and Asa 

ANTHONY LITTELL lived at the head spring of the west 
branch of Green Brook, in Stony Hill Valley. In looking over 
old deeds, one was found, dated 20tli May, 1708, from Henry 
Norris, and Joanna, his wife, to Anthony Littell, for a first lot- 
right of land, formerly of Benjamin Homan, conveyed by said 
Hotnan to Henry Norris, and by Henry Norris, of the first part, 
to Anthony Littell. 

Another conveyance intended to convey a moiety or half part 
of that 100-acre lot. No. 88 additional, taken up nn the right of 
Joseph Thompson, son of Aaron Thompson, from Absalom Littell, 
millwright, to Andrew Littell, weaver, dated Feb. 1st, 1743-4, 
Lot No. 88 additional lies at the head of the west branch of 
Green Brook. Also a quit-claim from Abraham Littell, carpenter, 
and Andrew Littell, weaver, to Absalom Littell, millwright, dated 
April 2d, 1843, for a lot of land, &c., devised to said Abraham 
Littell and Andrew Littell, parties of the first part, by the will of 
their father, Anthony Littell, deceased, dated 9th Oct. 1731, 
excepting therefrom a certain lot of land the parties of the first part 


had previously conveyed to Robert Litttll. This last conveyance 
was only executed by Abraham Liltcll, and was cancelled by 
Absalom Littell 19th Feb. 1750. 

Thus it seems that Anthony Littell had sons, Abraham and 
Andrew, and perhaps Absalom and Ruburt, and may liave had a 
son Anthony, the father of Doct. Anthony Liliell, who lived wiiere 
his father, Anthony Littell, lived. 

DOCT. ANTHONY LITTELL lived at the head of the west 
branch of Green Brook. He died May, 1798. His mother 
died I3th Jan. 1784. Doct. Anthony Littell married Anna 
Maxwell, daughter of Caleb Maxwell, son of Samuel Maxwell, 
of Boston, and had children : 

1. Caleb M. Littell, who married Mary Clark, daughter of 
•Toshua Clark, of Westfield. 

2. Elizabeth, born22d May, 1790, who married, 14th Oct. 1848, 
William Hand, son of Hezekiah. [See Hand.] 

3. Amos, who inherited his father's farm of 257 acres, and sold 
it to Ezra Miller, of Westfield, He died af2S years, unmarried. 

CALEB M. LITTELL, (son of Doct. Anthony Littell,) and 
Mary Clark, daughter of Joshua, lived in New York, was a 
grocer, and had children: 

1. Thomas Picton Littell, who married Mary Archer. 

2. Anne Elizabeth married William Archer, cousin of Mary. 

3. Amos Clark Littell married Emeline . 

4. George W. Littell married Mary Aikin, daughter of John. 

5. Marcus. 

6. Irene. 

7. Mary Clark Littell married Mr. Briggs; he went to California, 
and died. 

8. Sarah Anne Littell married, 5th Feb. 1851, Frederick 
Tappen, of New York. 

9. Josephine. 

Caleb M. Littell died 2*^th May, 1848, aged 57 years. 

The widow of Doct. Anthony Littell married, 2d, Jonathan 
Acken, son of Deacon Joseph Acken, whose wife was Rebecca 
Crane, daughter of Jonathan Crane. 

Jonathan and Anna Acken had children: 

1. Rachel Acken, who married Ezekiel Ross, son of David, of 

2. William Acken married, 1st. Elizabeth Miller, daughter of 
Benjamin ; 2d, Hannah Squier, daughter (if John. 

3. John Acken married Maigaret Vail, daughter of William, of 

4. Sarah Anne Acken married Matthias A. Brown, of Titusville, 
and had children: 1. Ellen Louisa Anna Brown; 2. Amos 
Littell Brown ; 3. Caroline Elmer Brown. 

Mrs. Brown lives in New York, and keeps a select school for 
young ladies. 

I will remark here thai Anthony Littell may have been a brother 
of Samuel, and Andrew son of Anthony. 


^ JOSKPH LITTKLL, (r^th cliild of Samuel LilteH, of New 

n Jersey,) liad chilflren : 

S 1. John, who had children: 

I 1. Eiiosvvas killed rii (he hittie of (Jonnantown, fighting by 

.=" the sid(j of his uncle liliiikim. 

2. Lewis, a sea-faring man, died at sea. 

3. A daughter, who married a tory, and went to the enfmy. 

2. Elias, who lived in Newark, and' removed to Duck Creek, 

3. Prudence, who died unmarried in Philadelphia, aged some 
45 or 50 years. 

4. Phebe, who married Elisha Parker, of Philadelphia, and had 
a son, a painter, in Philadelphia, and a daughter Sarah, who 
married , and had 3 or 4 children. 

5. Simeon, who died in the time ouhe old French war. 
> 6. Stephen, who died about the same time. 

7. Jane. 

8. Eliakim, who married, 1st, Hannah Jewel ; 2d, Mary Gillara. 
He distinguished himself in the war of the Revolution, and in 
the war with the Indians, as a partisan officer, and attained a cap- 
taincy in the army. 

CAPTAIN ELIAKIM LITTELL lived on the hill called Ho- 

bart's Hill, between Chatham and Springfield, and died about 1805. 

By his wife Hannah Jewel, he had children : 

ffl 1. Hobart, who married Matilda Ball, daughter of Doctor 

^ Stephen Ball. [See Ball.] He was born 2d March, 1767, 

S and died 17lh Jan. 1849, in Newark; she was born 

3 1774, and died 7th April, IS:")!, in Newark, aged 77 years. 

p 2. Simeon married Susan Toy, removed from Burlington, 

New Jersey, to near Milton, Ohi(», and had child'ren : 

Eliakim, Mary, Rhoda, Fanny, and Stephen. 

3. Stephen, born 3d Jan. 1772, and married Susan Gardner, 
born 6th Jan. 1777, daughter of 'J'homas Gardner, of 
Burlington, whose wife was Susan Elton. 

4. Hannah, who died young. 

And by his 2d wife, Mary Gillam, he had children : 

5. Eliakim, who died at 8 years. 

6. Squier, born 1st Dec. 1776, became a physician, went to 
Butler county, Ohio, and had a large practice. He was 
also a justice of the peace, and judge of the court. He 
married Mary Pearce, daughter of Michael Pearce, for- 
merly of Scotch Plains, but went to Ohio about 1800. 
Doct. Littell had no children, and died 16th Nov. 1849. 

HOBART LITTELL, (1st child of Capt. Eliakim, son of 
Joseph,) and Matilda Ball, had cialdren : 
^ 1. Mariah Seabury, who married Morris Christy, son of Capt. 
a Thomas Christy, of Newark, and died without children. 
I 2. Sarah, who livesjn Newark. 

|- 3. Elizabeth married Richmond Ward, of Newark, and lives 
• there ; has but one son, Mortimer Seabring Ward. 


STEPHEN LITTELL, (3d chil.l of Capt. Kliakim Littell,) 

and Susan Gardner, were married 24lli Murcli, 1790. Slie died 

15th March, IS13. He died 6ih June, 181'5. They renidved from 

Burlington, N. J., in 1808, to Ptiiladfli)hia, and had children: 

? 1. Eliakim, born Ld Jan. 1797, married 12ih Feb 1828, Mary 

f Frazee Smith, horn 2Mh Oct, ISUO, daughter of John and Mi.ry 

■ Aime Smith, and sister of Gen. Persiior F. Smith, first governor of 

California, under the U S. government. Gen. Smith's moth'-r was 

daughter of Col. Peisifor Frazee, of Chester county, Pennsylvania. 

2. Susan Elton, barn 22d March, I7J;), and went to Ohio, and 
there married in 1821, James Urmston, had five childrei:, and died 
7th August, 1837 

3. Squier, born 9lh Dec. 1803, graduated in Philadelphia, and 
studied physic. He married, about 1834, Mary Graff Emlin, 
daughter <if Caleb Emlin, of Philadelphia; he died in 1838, leav- 
ing two children: 1. Rosalie, born 1835, and 2. Emlin, lb3S. 
He went to his uncle Squier, in Ohio, and practised physic with 

4. John Stockton, born 11th April, 1806, married, 1832. Susan 
Sophia Morris, daughter of Luke Morris and Anne Willing, of 
Philadelphia. Fie published the " Law Library," in Phdadelphia, 
some years. He subsequently removed to Germantown, Penn., 
retired from business. 

ELIAKIM LITTELL, (1st son of Stephen, son of Capt. 
EliakiiTi,) and Mary Frazee Smith, hved in Philadelphia, and 
Germantown, till 1844. He published fur 20 years " The Mu- 
seum of Foreign Literature." and then removed to Boston, 
Mass., and is publishing " Littell's Living Age," a weekly- 
magazine. They had children : • 

s. 1. Susan Gardner, born 8th January, 1830. 

n 2. Robert Smith, born 5th May, 1831. 

I 3. Mary Frazee, born 12th December, 1834. 

I 4. Margaret Smith, born 30th iNovember, 1837. 

SUSAN ELTON LITTELL, (2d child of Stephen,) and 
John Urmston, in Ohio, had children : 

1. Caroline Elton Urmston, born 1821, married Jacob 

2. Eliakim Littell Urmston, born 1825. 

3. Stephen Littell Urmston, born 1829. 

4. Mary Enyart Urmston. 

5. John Newton Urmston. 

Mrs. Urmston died in 1837, and he married Anna Pearce, 
and Uve near Philanthropy, Ohio. 

JOHN STOCKTON LITTELL, (4th child of Stephen,) 
and Susan Sophia Morris, had children : 

1. Charles Walling, born 1832 ; 2. Harriet Hare ; 3. 
Thomas Gardner ; 4. Meta Morris, who died 1848. 



BENJAMIN LITTELL, ( 7tli child of Samuel, 1st,) and 
Susan Tucker, lived in Westfield, on the farm on which his 
^ grnndson, John Littell, now lives ; they had children : 
S" 1. Moses, who married Abigail Thompson, 5th child of 
f Thomas Thompson, of Connecticut Farms, had 4 children • 
I Hannah, Mary, Isaac and Betsey. He died 9th October 
I' 1773, aged 35 years. 

2. Isaac, born 10th March, 1764, married Jemima Frazee, 
daughter of Gershom ; had 3 children : Jemima, JSusannah, 
and Benjamin. 

3. John married Phebe Thompson, 8th child of Thomas 
Thompson ; had 6 children : Gershom, Sarah, Abigail, Mosei, 
John, and Isaac. He died 1st April, 1781, in his 35th year, 
and his widow married Benjamin Frazee, son of Samuel 
Frazee and Sarah Littell. 

4. Sarah married, 1st, Samuel Frazee, by whom she had 
4 children : Benjamin, Jonas, Betsey and Samuel Frazee ; 2d 
Benjamin Sayre, by whom she had 3 children : Sarah, Mary, 
and Moses Sayre. 

5. Susan married William Ridgeway, and , had 3 or more 
children : Rachel Rouse, John, and Phebe Ridgeway. 

6. Mary married Thomas Terry, of Westfield ; she died 
21st January, 1708, in her 17th year, and left a daughter, 
Mary Terry, who marrried Moses Frazee, born about 1768. 


MOSES LITTELL, (1st child of Benjamin, 7th son of 

Samuel,) and Abigail Thompson, had children : 

^ 1. Hannah, born 15th November, 1759, married James 

1 Lambert. [See La7?ibert.] 

|. 2. Mary, born 13th March, 1762, married Jacob Davis. 
^ l_See Davis.'\ 

3. Isaac, (called Capt. Isaac,) born 10th March, 1764, and 
married Hannah Frazee, born 20th May, 1766, daughter of 
Jonas Frazee, (who was brother of Samuel Frazee, who 
married Sarah Littell.) He died 25th February, 1825 ; his 
widow died 16th February, 1834. 

4. Betsey married Talmage Ross, son of Ichabod, son of 
John Ross ; they removed to Ohio, about 12 miles N. E. of 
Chilicothe. [See Ross.] 

5 CAPTAIN ISAAC LITTELL, (son of Moses,) and 
Hannah Frazee, lived in Union Township, and had 6 children : 
U 1. Jonas Frazee Littell ; born 27th April, 178-, married 
o Susan Halsey, daughter of Joseph Halsey, of Springfield, 
° lived in Elizabethtown, and had 4 children : 


1. Louisa, born 17lh September. 1809, married William 
P. Denman. and had 5 children : 

t 1. Charles Wallis Denman, born January, 1835. 

" 2. George Henry Denman, born January, 1838 

3. William Denman, born June, 1840. 

4. Hannah Louisa Denman, born April, 1842. 

5. Ldward Denman, born May, 1846. 

2. Isaac, born 8th December, 1810, married, 1st, Erne- 
line Slavvson ; had a son, George Washington, born 
11th March, 1836. 

His wife Emeline then died, and he married, 2d, Adaline 
Gibson, and had children : 

2. Harriet Arnfeldt, born 18th March, 1844. 

3. Emeline Littell, born 18th November, 1846. 

3. Hannah Eliza, born 25th November, 1814. married 
William Perrigo, son of William Perrigo, and had a 
daughter, I.Susan Louisa Perrigo, born 2d March, 

4. George Washington, born 4th July, 1817, married 
Catherine Slawson ; live in Providence, Rhode Island, 
and had children : 

1. William, born October, 1841. 

2. George, born February, 1848, 

g 2. Abby Littell, (2d child of Capt. Isaac Littell.) born 20th 

fi July, 1787, and died 4th November, 1825. She married 

° Ephraim Bolles. of Newark, and had 7 children : 

^ 1. Hannah Elizabeth Bolles, born 1808, married Moses 

#■ G. Baldwin, and had children : 

I 1. Helen Baldwin, born 1834. 

o 2. Elizabeth BaMwin. • 

° 3. William Baldwin. 

2. Eliakim Bolles, born about 1811, married Mary 
Tucker, daughter of Gideon Tucker, of N. Y., andh ad 
children : 

1. William Bolles ; 2. , a daughter ; 3. Ab- 
by Bolles ; 4 and 5, twin daughters. 

3. Mary Frances Bolles married Rev, James Bolles. 

4. Jesse Nicholson Bolles married . 

5. Constance Bolles married Mr. Redfield, a lawyer ; 
Hved in western N. Y. 

6. Alexander Bolles. 

7. Nathan T. Bolles married, 8th May, 1850, Mary Ma- 
tilda Burnet, eldest daughter of Lewis M. Burnet, of 

y 3. Moses Littell, (3d child of Captain Isaac Littell, son of 
^ Moses,) born 2d June, 1789, became a physician, went to Ope- 
S lousas, Louisiana, married Constance Collins, had 6 children, 

and died 4th November, 1837 ; one of them named Theophilus 

Collins Littell. 


4. Eliakim Littell, (4{li child of Captain Isaac LittelL) born 
1 1th July, 1791, manied, 1st, Anne Findley, in the West 
Indies, removed to Opelousas, where his wife died, leaving 3 
children : 

f I. David Findley Liltelj, born 1821. 

n 2 Hart Littell. 

I 3. Louisa Littell, who married Mr. Mudd. 

I Eliakim Littell then married, 2d, Henrietta Wagerhecker, 

■ and had children : 

4 Augustus Littell. 

5. Mary or Elizabeth Littell. 

5. ]\Lary Littell, {5th child of ('a[)t. Isaac Littell,) born 15th 
July, 1799, m;irried Henry Hodge olN. Y., and had children: 

1. Hannah Hodge, born 1818 or 1819, married Elisha 
Phinney, son of Gould Phinney, of Hundaff, Pennsyl- 
vania, and had children : I. Mary Phinney; 2. Robert 

2. Henry Hodge. 

g 6. Ir -ac VVilliamLittell, (6th child of Captain Isaac Littell,) 

born ijth October. 1807, and died 22d May, 1837 ; he married 

1 Mary Crane, daughter of Esther, who was daughter of Ben- 
I jamin, son of Benjamin Crane of Westfield, and had children ; 
^ I. Mary H., born 4th December, 1829. 

n 2. Wdliam, born 8th August, 1831. 

I 3. Theodore, born 1st January, 1834. 

I 4. Sarah, born 14th December, 1835. 


- -ISAAC LITTELL, (2d son of Benjamin Littell, son of 

* Samuel, 1st,) and Jemima Frazee, had G children; viz.: Je- 
mi-ma, Susannah, Benjamin, Abby, Desire, and Sarah. 

§. 1. Jemiina, who married David Mills, of Westfield, and re- 
moved to Sterlings Valley, in Morris county, and had children : 

g 1. Moses Mills, who married , a daughter of 

Daniel Terril, of Rahway. 

1 2. Gershom Mills married Silgftce Jones, daughter of Lu- 
I tber, of New Providence,' and had children : 1. Har- 
•" riet Mills, who married Abraham Demerest, of N. Y. • 

2. Luther Mills ; 3. Isaac Mills ; 4. Aaron Mills. 

3. Aaron Mills. 

• 4. Abigail Mills. 
5. Benjamin Mills. 
c. 2. Susannah, (2d child of Isaac Littell,) married Jeremiah 
n Jenkins, and had several children, one of whom was Jere- 
i miah, Jun. 

|. 3. Benjamin, (3d child of Isaac Littell,) was a schoolmas- 
° ter called Master Ben. Littell ; he married Catherine Littell, 
^ daughter of Daniel, 8th son of Samuel, 1st, and had children: 
? I . Jemima, who married Moses Whitehead. 


2. Sophia marrieil Charles Whitehead, hrother of Moses. 

3. Moses S. married Nancy French, daughter of David 
French, Sen. 

4. Rebecca. 

5. Isaac D. 

6. Sally. 

7. Abby married Joseph L. Cory, son of Noah, of Scotch 
Plains, and went to Indiana. 

Note.— Moses S., Rebecca, Isaac D., and Sally went to French Creek. 

4. Abby Littell, (4th child of Isaac Littell,) married Henry 
Burnet, and removed to Redstone, in Western Pennsylvania. 

5. Desire Littell, (5th child of Isaac Littell,) married Elijah 
Davis, and removed to Shemokin, Pennsylvania. 

6. Sarah Littell, (6th child of Isaac Littell,) married Thom- 
as Lee, and died, leaving one son, 

1. Gershom Lee, who married Sarah Hetfield. daughter 
of Daniel, who died, leavinff his widow, Sarah, and 
two sons : 1. Frazee Lee ; 2 Daniel Lee. 

y JOHN LITTELL, (3d son of Benjamin, son of Samuellst,) 
and Phebe Thompson, (8th child of Thomas,) had 6 chil- 
dren ; 

g 1. Gershom, born 21 st December, 1766, married, 25lh Feb- 

^^ ruary, 1268, Phebe Terry, daughter of Thomas Terry, they 

i had 13 children. (She still lives, 1850.) 

I 2. Sarah married Joseph Sayre, lived in Westfield ; had 9 

.- children. 

3. Abigail, born I5th March, 1771, married, 28th February, 
1793, Ebenezer Ludlow, born 13th January, 1770, son of jy^at- 
thias Ludlow, of Westfield ; he died in N. Y., 23d DecemLer, 

4. Moses married Betsey Terry, sister of Gershom's wife, 
who, after the death of Moses, went to Fulton county, Illinois, 
and died there, 19th April, 1843 ; they had 3 children : 

5. John, born 29th November, 1774, married Deborah 
Dunham, born 19th August, 1779, a daughter'of David Dun- 
ham and Freelove Decamp, (who was a daughter of John 
Decamp, and sister of Doctor Gideon Decamp.) They had 6 

6. Isaac married, 1st, Mary Ludlum, (now Ludow,) a daugh- 
ter of William Ludlow, and brother of Matthias Ludl >w, 
and had 4 children. He married, 2d, Rebecca McLane, of 
Staten Island, and had 2 other children. 

GERSHOM LITTELL, (1st child of John Littell, son of 
Benjamin,) and Phebe Terry, lived in Westfield, and had 
children : 



2 1. Sarah, born 11th September, 1789, married Hezekiafe 
a Pack, and died January. 1811 ; had no children. 

i 2. Hannah, born Gth May, 1791, and died 3d September, 
I 1828, and lett one son. John Osboin, who married, 1st, Har- 
■ riet Stites, daughter of Benjamin L. Stites, and died, leaving- 

2 children : 1. Benjamin Franklin Osborn ; 2. Aiary Stites 

Osborn. John Osborn married, 2d, l.lizabeth Anne Peck, a 

widow, and died ; had no other children. 

3. Elizabeth, born 2.5th August, 1792, married William 

Marsh ; she died 2oth October, 1826, leaving 8 children: 
^ 1. Miriam Marsh, born 5th March, 1809. 

2. Charles Volncy Mansli, born July, 1812, married Cathe- 

3 fine Storms, and had children : 1. Edward i\Iarsh • 2. Julia 

1 Marsh. 

3. Kliza Marsh, born 18th August, 1815, married William 
Noe, and had children : 1. William Harrison Noe, born 
1841 ; 2. Anne Elizabeth Noe, born 1846. 

4. William Henry Harrison Marsh, twin to Eliza, went to 

5. David Marsh, born March, 1820, married Anne Conley. 

6. Phebe Marsh. 

7. Hainiali Marsh. 

8. PrMleila Marsh, who died 7th October, 1848, aged 23 years, 
^, unuKirried. 

^ 4. Thomas Terry Littell, born 2Sth June, 1794, married Mary 

g Moore, of Woodbridge, and had 10 children : 

'„ 1. Phebe, born 1820. married William Clawson. 

^ 2. William Muore Littell, born 1822, married Elizabeth 

S Hulse, and had a son, Thomas. 

I 3. Margaret, born 1824, married Shotwell Frazee, and had 

§ children: 1. Mary Frazee, born 1847; 2. Phebe Frazee. 

4. Marietta married Squicr Willcox, son of Qeujamin Will- 
cox, Jun. [See Willcox.] 

5. John, born 1S29. 

6. Joseph, born 1831. 

7. Agnes, born 18:^3. 
6. Rachel, born 1836. 

9. Althea, born 1839. 

10. Abby, born 1842. 

^ 5. Abigail, born 6th May, 1796, married John Peny, who died 

^ in 1826 ; left children : 

S 1. Sarah Peny, born about 1822, married William Baldwin. 

I 2. Joseph Peny, born 182.5. 

§ Mrs. Abigail Peny died 7ih May, 1847. 

6. Mary, born 27th April, 1798.' 

7. Philetta, born 20th May, 1800, married John Moore, of Wood- 
bridge, who was drowned in New York Bay, ia 1824, and left 
one child : 

1. Mary Moore, born about 1822, and married Joseph Hotton. 

8. John, born 28th October, 1S02, married Susan Webster, and 
died 26th January, 1825 ; left no children. 


9. Carman, born 24th September, 1804, and died 23d Septem- 
ber, 1822, unmarried. 

10. Susan, born 3d October, 1806, married Abraham Denman, 
of Springfield, and had children : 

1. Almira Denman, born 1S33, 

2. Carman Denman, born 1S36. 

3. Eiannah Denman, born 1841. 

11. Gershom, Jun., born 5th July, '„1 808, and died 30th Au- 
gust, 1808. 

12. Moses, born 1st September, 1809, married Magdalen 
Stoims, i)t Brooklyn, N. Y., and had children : 

1. Anna Santbrd, born about 1841. 

2. Uershom, born 1844. 

13. Gershom, Jun., (2d,) born 4th June, 1812, married Anne 
Stites, dau^ of Henry, of Scotch Plains, and had children: 

1 Henry Utiles LitteJl, born 1839. 
2. Theresa Littell, born lb44. 

SARAH LITTELL, (2d child of John Littell, son of Ben- 
jamin,) and Joseph Sayre, had children : 

1. Abigail Sayre, who mai-ried, 1st, Isaac Acken, and had 
r one child, who died young. Mr. Acken died, and she married, 
? 2d, Hezekiah Pack, and had 4 children. 
I 2. Rhoda Sayre, who married Thomas Terrill, son of Enoch 
f of Scotch Plains ; had 1 1 children, or more. 

3. John Sayre married Catherine Thorp, daughter of 
James and Sarah Thorp, of Woodbridge ; had many children. 

4. Daniel Sayre married, and went to Crawford county, 

5. Sarah Sayre married Archer Miller, son of Lewis, of 
Westfield, and had 5 children. 

6. Isaac Sayre, who died at about 23 years, unmarried. 

7. Hannah Sayre married John Burliew, of Rahway, and 
had 5 children. 

8. Betsey Sayre married Elias T. Higgins of Rahway, and 
had 3 children. 

9. Mary Sayre married James Tailor, of New York, a 
cartman ; had no children. 

Abigail Sayre, and Hezekiah Pack, had children : 

1. Joseph vSayre Pack, who married in New York. 

2. Hiram Pack married in New York. 

3. Abby Pack married Mr. Trump. 

4. Sarah Pack married Levi Shattuck, now an agent 
of the Central Rail Road, N. J. 

Rhoda Sayre, and Thomas Terrill, removed to Crawford 
county, Pennsylvania, and had many children : 

I. Arabella Terrill; 2. Sarah Terrill; 3. John Terrill; 
4. Albert Terrill; 5. Halsey Terrill; 6. Erastus 

Terrill ; 7. Enoch Terrill ; 8. ; 9.' Thomas 



Terrill; 10. Mary Terrill ; 11. Eliza Terrill ; and 
perhaps more. 
John Sayre, and Catherine Thorp, removed to Crawford 
county, Pennsylvania, and had many children ; among them 
are John Sayre and Susan Sayre. 

Sarah Sayre, and Archer Miller, lived in Rahway, and 
had children : 

1. Margaret Miller, who married Hiram Brooks, and 
had children : 1. John Brooks ; 2. Mary Brooks. 

2. Sarah Miller married Thomas Lawrence, and had 
children : 1. Franklin Lawrence ; 2. Mary Lawrence. 

3. Isaac Miller. 

4. INIary Miller, who died young. 

5. William Miller. 

Hannah Sayre, and John Burliew, had children : 

1. Alexander Burliew; 2. Mary Burliew; 3. Sarah 

Burliew ; 4. John Burliew ; 5. , a daughter. 

Mrs. Burliew then died. 

Betsey Sayre, and Elias Higgins, had children : 

1. Isaac Higgins. 

2. Mary Higgins, who married John T. Conklin, son of 
Stephen, of Somerville. [<S'ee Conklin.] 

3. Jane Higgins. 

ABIGAIL LITTELL, (3d child of John Littell, son of Benja- 
min,) and Ebenezer Ludlow, of Westfield, had children: 

1. Phebe Ludlow, born l3lh Jan. 1794, married, 24th July, 
1815, Samuel Whitlock, of New York, and lives there. He was 
son of Capt. William Whitlock. 

2 Mary Ross Ludlow, born 24lh March, 1796, married, Nov. 
1815, to Jacob M. Vreland ; lives in New "York ; has no children. 

3. Sarah Ludlow, born 23d Jan. 17 98, and died at about 8 years. 

4. Malth-as Ludlow born 23d Oct. 1801, married, April, 1836, 
Sarah Anne Todd, and lives on Long Island ; has 3 children. 

5. Eliza Ludlow, born 23d Oct. 1805, married, June, 1823, 
Jacob Day, a locksmith, of New York. She died, leaving 3 

6. Abby Ludlow, born 14th April, 1809, married, 25th Dec. 
1829. Peter Rogers, from Scotland; lives in Philadelphia, and 
has 8 children 

Mr. Ebenezer Ludlow was born 13th Jan. 1770, and died in 
New York, 23d Dec. 1833. 

Phebe Ludlow, (daughter of Abigail Littell and Ebenezer Lud- 
low,) and Samuel Whitlock, had 8 children : 

1. Samuel S. Whitlock, born 5th Feb. 1817, married, Feb. 
1838, Esther Nixon, and had children: 1. Jennette Blair 
Whitlock, born 2d Nov. 1840 ; 2. Phebe Anne Whitlock, 
born 2Sth March, 1844: 3. William Whitlock, born July, 


2. William VVhitlock, born 16th June, 1819, is a merchant in 
Ne>v Orleans. 

3. Matthias Ludlow Whitlock, born 5th Oct. 1820, married 
Lucy Chew, of Brooklyn, in 1848; has gone to reside in 
Havre, France. 

4. Catherine Eliza Whitlock, born 5th Sept. 1822, married, 
11th Aug. 1846, Daniel Denice Conover, of New Jersey; 
he is now a flour-merchant in New York. They have 
children : 1. Augustus Whitlock Conover, born 8th April, 

5. George "W. Whitlock, born 28th June, 1824, went to San 
Francisco in 1840. 

6. Daniel Bonneit Whitlock, born 25th April, 1828. 

7. Mary Ross Whitlock, born 23d Aug. 1S31. 

8. Pamela Wigton Whitlock, born 16th Nov. 1833. 
Matthias Ludlow, (son of Abigail Littell and Ebenezer Ludlow,) 

and Sarah Anne Todd, lived on Long Island, and had children: 

1. Sarah Ludlow, born Nov. 1837. 

2. Eliza Day Ludlow. 

3. William Todd Ludlow. 

Eliza Ludlow, and Jacob Day, had children: 

1. Jacob Gardner Day, born 9th June, 1824. 

2. Isaac Hay, who died in Oct. 1846, aged 16 years. 

3. John Day, born 15th March, 1833. 

Abby Ludlow, and Peter Rogers, in Philadelphia, had children : 

1. Peter Wallace Rogers, born 22d Sept. 1830. 

3. Walter Rogers. 

2. Abigail Marion Rogers, born -, 1832 

4. James Rogers. 

5. Jacob Day Rogers. 

t3. George Cadwallader Rogers. 

7. William Ludlow Rogers. 

8. Julia Anne Rogers. 

MOSES LITTELL, (4th child of John Littell, son of Benja- 
min,) and Betsey Terry, had 3 children: 
g 1. William Littell, who married, 1st, Sarah Dunham, daughter 
n of Joseph, of Westfield ; removed to Cincinnati ; had 2 children : 

I 1. Asa, who married ■ ; 2. Eliza married . 

I- His wife Sarah then died, and he married, 2d, Sarah Legge, who 
• bore him 2 daughters, twins, viz. : 

3. Catherine, who married — ; 4. Caroline, who mar- 

2. Freeman Morris Littell, who married Charlotte F. Randolph, 
daughter of Benjamin F. Randolph, and died in Newark, 9th Mar. 
1841, leaving children : 1. William; 2. Juliette, who died in 1848. 

3. Charlotte Littell, who married Benjamin Williams Crane, son 
of Stephen Crane, of Westfield ; removed to Fulton county, Illinois, 
and had 4 sons. 


JOHN LITTELL, (5ih child of John Littell, son of Benjamin,) 
and Deborah Dunham, lived vvher^ his grandlather Benjamin did, 

^ and had children : 

^ I. Freelove, born 29th April, 1S04, married Simeon Lambert^ 

I son of James. [See hamherl.] 

5- 2. Thompson, born 20lh Dec. 1S06, married, in Mobile, Anne 

" Collins, a native of New Jersey. He is in mercantile business at 
Milvvaukie, Wisconsan ; has no children. 

3. Elizabeth, born 3:VJ Aug. 1808. 

4. Sarah, born 4th June, 1813, and died 6th July, 1823. 

.5. Isaac, born 19th Jan. 1816, married Phebe Radley, daughter 
of Benjamin Radley and Hannah Lambert, and had children: 1. 
Norman Leslie Littell, born 10th Dec. 1839 ; 2. Courtland Baker 
Littell, born 19th Sept. 1841; 3. Augusta Littell, born 3d Oct. 
1844 ; 4. George M. Dallas Littell, born 27th June, 1847. 

6. Eliakim, born 29th May, 1819, and died 25th Oct. following. 

ISAAC LITTELL, (6th child of John Littell and Phebe 

=■ Thompson,) and his ist wife, Mary Ludlow, had children : 
o 1. Margaret, who married Rev. Erastus Nichols, lived in 
% Clinton, Michigan; had no children. 

£• 2. William married Susan Jane Randolph, of New York ; re- 
* moved to Mobile, where he died, leaving one child, William 
Rand.lph Littell. 

3, John went to Mobile, and died unmarried. 

4. Mary married Stephen Woods, of New York; had no chil- 

By his 2d wife, liobecca McLane, Isaac Littell had children : 
6. Anne Mariah, who married Mr. Oakes, and went to Nova 

G. Cornelia, who lives with her mother in New York. 

SARAH LITTELL, (4ih child of Benjamin Littell and Susan 
Tucker,) and Samuel Frazee, had 4 children : 

Note — This Samuel Frazce was brother of Jonas Frazeo, the father of 
Haiiiiuh, wife of Capt. Isaac LiUell, 3d son of Moses, son of Benjamin. 

g 1. Benjamin Frazee, who married Phebe (Tliomj son) widow 
Q of Jolm Littell, son of Bi^njamin, and had a son, Carman Frazee, 
i who went to Mobile, married, and died there, leaving one sor/, 
I. Carman Frjizee. 

? 2 Jonas Frazee married Nancy Corwin, daughter of Stephen, 
Corwin.and went to Ohio. 

3. Betsey Frazee had 3 husbands, but no children ; 
ist, Simeon F. Randolph ; 

2d, The Hon. Charles Clark ; 

8d, Doct. Philemon Elmer: [See Elmer.] 

4. Samuel Frazee,*Jun., married Lelitia Squitr. 

Samuel Frazee died, and his widow, Sarah Littell, marritd 
Benjamin Sayre, and had 3 other children : 

5. Sarah Sayre, who married Eliakim Cpr^-. son of Daniel, re- 
moved to Ballston, New York. 


6. Mary Sayre married . 

7. Moses Sayre. 

Samuel Frazee, Jun. , (4th child of Samuel Frazee and Sarah 
Littell,) and Letitia Squier, lived in Westfield, and had children: 

1. Eliza Frazee, who married Samuel Cory, son of Benja 
niin, of Westfield. 

2. Squier Frazee, who went to Ohio, and married there. 

3. Simeon Frazee, who lives in Westfield, unmarried. 

4. Moses Frazee, who went to Mobile, and died there, unmar- 

6. Sarah Frazee married Francis Pease ; lives in Westfield ; 
has no children. 

SUSAN LITTELL, (5th child of Benjamin Littell and Susan 
Tucker,) and William Ridgeway, had children : 
„ I. Rachel Rouse Ridgeway, who married Noah Ludlum, son of 
^ Cornelius Ludlum and Mary Ross, daughter of John Ross. [See 
f Ross.] 

§ 2. John Ridgeway. 
S 3. Phebe Pvidgeway. 

Rachel R. Ridgeway, and Noah Ludlum, had children : 

1. Eliakim Ludlow, who married, 5th Sept. 1813,] Polly 
Walker, daughter of Asher. [See Walker.'] 

2. Henry Ludlow. 

Eliakim Ludlow, and Polly Walker, had children : 

1. Emeliue Ludlow. 

2. Phebe, who married Alonzo Johnson. 

3. Jane married Isaac Egbert, and had a son, William Heavy 
Ludlow Egbert. 

4. Willian), who went to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

MARY LITTELL, (6th child of Benjamin Littell and Susan 
Tucker,) and Thomas Terry, hid one child, Mary Terry, and died. 

Mary Terry married Moses Frazee, and had 6 children : 
m 1. John Frazee, who died at about 18 years. 

^ 2. Sarah Frazee, v/ho married Moses Frazee, son ofGsrshom 

S b razee. 

I 3. Mary Frazee married Moses Ross, son of Talmage Ross ; 

§ lives in Ohio. 

4. Catherine Frazee married, 1st, Abraham Woodruff, son of 
Jonathan, at the Two Bridges; 2d, Noe Clarkson, of Wood 

5. Phebe Frazee married Jeremiah Newman. 

6. Susan Frazee married Samuel Lee, son of Thomas Lee. 
Mr. Moses Frazee lately died, over 80 years of age. 

Sarah Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary 
Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Moses Frazee, son of Gershom 
Frazee, had children: 

1. John W. Frazee, who married Mary Rogers, daughter of 
John Rogers, hves atPlainfield, and had children: 1. Smith 


Frazee ; 2. George Frazee ; 3. Amanda Malvina Fitz Allen 
Frazee ; 4. Sarah Elizabeth Frazee. 

2. (lershom Frazee. 

3. Moses Frazee, who married , went to Ohio, 

and had children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth Frazee ; 2. William 
Henry Frazee. 

4. Abraham Frazee married , and went to Illinois. 

6. Matthias Frazee married Harriet Laing, daughter of Benja- 
min, son of Jiihn Laing, and had children : 1. Sarah Frances 
Frazee ; 2. Mary Margaret Frazee. 

6. Margaret Frazee married Frazee Terry, son of Thomas 

7. Phebe Frazee. 

8. Mary Catherine Frazee. 

Mary Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary 
Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Moses Ross, son of Talmage Ross, 
had children : 

1. Pamelia Ross, who married James Gay, and has 5 children. 

2. Jacob Davis Ross married , and has 2 children. 

3. Frazee Rosg married , and hai 2 childrn. 

4. Talmage Ross. 

5. John Ross. 

6. Resin Ross. 

7. Abby Eliza Ross married . 

8. James Ross. 

9. William Ross. 

Catherine Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary 
Littell and Thomas Terry,) and Abraham WoodrufT, had children : 

1. Jonathan Woodruff, who married Anne Slanbury, daugh- 
ter of Joshua. 

2. Sfimuel Woodruff married Martha Thom, of Plainfield. 

3. Mary Woodruff married William Rogers, son of John, and 
died without children. 

And by her 2d husband, Noe Clarkson, had other children : 

4. Ephraim Clarkson. 

5. Phebe Clarkson. 

6. Ellen Clarkson. 

7. Susan Lee Clarkson. 

S. Sarah Clarkson. ' 

Jonathan Woodruff, (son of Abraham Woodruff, and Catherine 
Frazee,) and Anne Stanburv, had children : 1, Abraham Woodruff; 
2. Susan Ellen Woodruff. ' 

Samuel Woodruff, (son of Abraham,) and Martha Thom, nad chil 
dren : 1. Samuel Ross Woodruff; 2. Eupheme Catherine Wood- 

Phebe Frazee, (daughter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary 
Littell and Thomas Terry.) and Jeremiah Newman, had chil- 

L Clementina Newman, who married Morris Force, now- 
2. Mary Newman married Ezra Hand, son of John Meeker 


Hand, and had children: 1. Phebe Hand ; 2. John Meeker 

3. Thomas Newman, who went to Missouri. 

4. John Newman married Susan Lambert, daughter of Enoch, 
and had cliildren : 1. Mary Anne Newman ; 2. -. 

5. Susan Newman married John Boylan, and had children: 

1. Jesse Boylan ; 2. Jonathan Boylan. 

6. Je<se NewMnan, who lives in Brooklyn. 

Su^an Frazee, (daui;hter of Mary Terry, daughter of Mary 
Liltell and Thomas Terry,) and Samuel Lee, had children : 

1. Frazee Lee, born 26th March, 1823, married Mary 
Hetfield, daughter of Isaac, son of Zophar. 

2. Anne Lee, born 7th Jan. 1830, married Aaron Hetfield, 
brother of Frazee's wife. 

3. Thomas Lee, born r4th Nov. 1832. 



55 DANIEL LITTELL, (Sth child of Samuel Littell, 1st,) had 

^ children : 

S L James, who died a soldier in the Revolutionary war, unmar- 

S ried. 

I 2. Robert, who married Rebecca Casad, daughter of William ; 
lived at, and kept the Blueball Tavern, in Washington Valley, and 
subsequently removed to Sterling Valley, and died there, an old man. 

3. Polly married Capt. Samuel Stanbury, and lived on I>ong Hill. 
He was brother of Col. Recompense and Gapt. Jacob Stanbury, 
of Scotch Plains. 

4. Abby married Charles Munroe ; lived in Wyoming, Penn., 
and had children, Amos Munroe and Sarah Munroe. 

5. Catherine married Master, Ben^ Littell, son of Isaac, son of 
'Ben]a.m'm.(See page 222.) 

6. Martha married Thomas Perry, of Sussex county, and lived 
there, and had children: 1. Daniel Perry, who married his cousin 
Esther, Gth child of Robert, and widow of Thomas Roland ; 2. 
Joseph Perry married, 1st, Sally Martin; 2. his cousin Ehzabeth, 
daughter of Robert, and widow of Edmund Chamberlain. 

ROBERT LITTELL, (son of Daniel,) and Rebecca Casad, 
a had children : 

^ 1. Patty, who married Abraham Hathaway, son of Jacob, above 
S New Vernon. 

I 2, James went to sea, and did not return. 

a 3. Catherine married William Sheldon, of Sussex county, nnd 
lived there. I know nothing of their descendants. 

4. Sarah, born 10th March, 1779, married, 1st, Thomas Martin, 
from Ireland ; Alexander Clark Blair. 

5. Elizabeth married, 1st, Edmund Chamberlain, of Sussex county, 
aad lived there; 2d, her cousin Joseph Perry, son of Thomas. 

6. Esther, who married, 1st, Thomas Roland ; he died, and she 
married, 2d, her cousin, Daniel Perry, son of Thomas. 

7. Eunice married John Rose, of Sussex county, son of Jacob. 

8. John Robert married Patty Totten, daughter of David Totten, 
Sen., and removed to the lakes. New York. 

9.. Isaac, who died at Greenbush, New York, a soldier in the 
war of 1812, aged 21 years. 

10. Daniel married Mariah Hoagland, daughter of Isaac, of 
Newburgh, New York. 

PATTY LITTELL, (1st daughter of Robert, son of Daniel,) 
^ and Abraham Hathaway, had children : 

^ 1. Elias Hathaway, who married Caroline Dewit, of Sussex Co. 
f 2. Isaac Hathaway. 
I 3. Rebecca Hathaway. 


SARAH LITTELL, (4th daughter of Robert, son of 
Daniel,) and Thomas Martin, had children : 


^ 1. Robert Martin, who died at about 23 years, unmarried. 
? 2. James Martin, who died at about 32 years, unmarried. 
2 Sarah had no children by her 2d husband. 


■ ELIZABETH LITTELL, (5th child of Robert, son of 
Daniel,) and lildmund Chamberlain, had children : 

1. Elias Chamberlain. 

2. Phebe Chamberlain, who married Moses KimbaL 

3. Eliza Chamberlain married Jonathan Hambel. 

4. Sally Chamberlain married . 

5. Mary Chamberlain married George Beatty. 

ESTHER LITTELL, (Gth child of Robert, son of Daniel,) 
and Thomas Roland, had" children : 

1. Thomas Roland, Jun., i,vho married Phebe Babbit. 

2. Eliza Roland married V\''illiam McClure. 

EUNICE LITTELL, (7th child of Robert, son of Daniel,) 
and John Rose, had children: 

1. Mary Rose, who married Samuel Johnson, and died, 
leaving 5 children : 

2. Jacob Rose married . 

3. Andrev/ Rose married , a sister of Jacob's wife. 

4. Amanda Rose married John Leporte. 

5. George Rose, who died a young man, unmarried. 

6. Abraham Rose. 

7. Charles Rose. 

8. Anthony Rose. 

9. William Rose, 

JOHN ROBERT LITTELL, (son of Robert, son of Dan- 
iel,) and Patty Totten, had children : 

1. Eliza, who married Charles Reed, and died, leaving 5 
children : 

2. Sally married Moses Johnson. 

3. Isaac married ■ . 

4. Daniel. 

DANIEL LITTELL, (son of Robert, son of Daniel,) and 
Mtriah Hoagland, had children : 

1. Elmira ; 2. Rebecca; 3. George. 

POLLY LITTELL, (3d child of Daniel,) and Capt. Sam- 
uel Staribury, had children: 
I 1. Phebe Stanbury, who married Daniel Potter, son ^of 
o Daniel Potter, 2d. [See Potter.] 

2. Recompense Stanbury married Eunice Ogden, daugh- 



ter of John Ogden, of Monroe, and had an only child, Phebe, 
and went to Worthington, Ohio. His daughter Phebe mar- 
ried there, , a physician. 

3. Jonas Sianbury married Catherine Rague, daughter of 
Doctor John .Rague, of Passaic Valley. 

4. Samuel Stanbury, Jun., married, and went to Ohio. 

5- John Stanbury married Mary Miller, daughter of Ben- 
jamin, of Morris county. 

6. Peggy Stanbury married . 

7. Amos Stanbury. 

Captain Stanbury went to Ohio without his family. "When 
there, he sent for his wife, who went, and took her son Amos 
with her. 



DAVID LITTELL, (9th child of Samuel Littell and Ly- 

dia Bonnel) was born in January, 1718, and died August 2d, 

1790. He married Susannah Craig, daughter of Alderman 

Andrew Craig, of Westfield. She died 5th June, 1753, aged 

about 37 years. They had 7 children : 

Lj 1. Esther, born 19th February, 1739, married William 

I Bedell. He died 30th January, 1814. She died 18th October 

I 1828. [See William Bedell.] 

i. 2. Lydia, born I6th November, 1741, married, 1st, Andrew 
^ Prior. He died February, 17G8, and she married, 2d, the 
14th May, 1709, David Flinn, as his 2d wife. [>S'ee Prior.] 
She died 4th December, 1826. 

3. Catherine, born November, 1743, married, 1st, Jabez 
Rogers. He died 1774, and she married, 2d, Moses Crane, 
of Parcipany, and lived there. 

4. Elizabeth, born 27th October, 1745, married, 1st Oct. 
1784, Moses Bedell. He died, and she married, 2d, David 
Van Sickle, brother of Zachariah. [For her descendants, see 
Moses Bedell, Thomas Hallock, and Isaac Moore.] 

5. Andrew, born January, 1749, married Miss Runyon, sis- 
ter of Daniel Heath's wife, [see Heath,] and went to western 
New York. 

6. David, born January, 1751, married Hannah Miller, 
daughter of Enoch Miller, of Westfield. 

7. Nathaniel, born 26th January, 1753, married Mary 
Cauldwell, daughter of William. \_See CauldwelL] 

David Littell married a 2d wife, and had children : 

8. Samuel, who most probably married his cousin, Sarah 
Littell, daughter of Jonathan. [See Jonathan Littell.] 

9. Susannah married, 28th February, 1784, David Ruck- 
man, probably a brother of Jonathan, [which see.] 

Note. — I have not ascertained any of the descendants of Andrew, Samuel, 
or Susannah. 

ESTHER LITTELL, (1st child of David Littell, son of 
Samuel,) and William Bedell, had children, [^e Bedell.] 
I 1. Susannah, born 27th November, 1761, married Jona- 

than Davis, son of Isaac Davis, whose wife was Sarah Palm- 
S er. After the death of Isaac Davis, his widow, Sarah, married 

1 Sylvanus Oakley, Sen. [See Oakley.] Susannah died 20th 
" September, 1836. 

2. Phebe, born 7th July, 1763, and died January, 1847. 
She married, 1st, Charles Johnson, son of Uzel ; 2d, Caleb 
Mulford, son of Job. [See Bedell and Mulford. ] 

3. Lydia, born 3d August, 1765, died 19th January, 1840. 
She married Elijah Davis, brother of Jonathan. 


ter of John Ogden. of Monroe, and had an only child, Phebe, 
and went to Worthington, Ohio. His daughter Phebe mar- 
ried there, , a physician. 

3. Jonas Slanbury married Catherine Rague, daughter of 
Doctor John .Rague, of Passaic Valley. 

4. Samuel Stanbury, Jun., married, and went to Ohio. 

5. John Stanbury married Mary Miller, daughter of Ben- 
jamin, of Morris county. 

6. Peggy Stanbury married . 

7. Amos Stanbury. 

Captain Stanbury went to Ohio without his family. When 
there, he sent for his wife, who went, and took her son Amos 
with her. 



DAVID LITTELL, (9th child of Samuel Littell and Ly- 

dia Bonnel) was born in January, 1718, and died August 2d, 

1790. He married Susannah Craig, daughter of Alderman 

Andrew Craig, of Westfield. She died 5th June, 1753, aged 

about 37 years. They had 7 children : 

jj 1. Esther, born 19th February, 1739, married William 

I Bedell. He died 30th January, 1814. She died 18th October 

\ 1828. [Ses William Bedell.] 

I. 2. Lydia, born 16th November, 1741, married, 1st, Andrew 
^ Prior. He died February, 1768, and she married, 2d, the 
14th May, 1769, David Flinn, as his 2d wife. [>S'ee Prior.'] 
She died 4th December, 1826. 

3. Catherine, born November, 1743, married, 1st, Jabez 
Rogers. He died 1774, and she married, 2d, Moses Crane, 
of Parcipany, and Uved there. 

4. Elizabeth, born 27th October, 1745, married, 1st Oct. 
1784, Moses Bedell. He died, and she married, 2d, David 
Van Sickle, brother of Zachariah. {For her descendants, see 
Moses Bedell, Thomas Hailock, and Isaac Moore.] 

5. Andrew, born January, 1749, married Miss Runyon, sis- 
ter of Daniel Heath's wife, [see Heath,] and went to western 
New York. 

6. David, born January, 1751, married Hannah Miller, 
daughter of Enoch Miller, of Westfield. 

7. Nathaniel, born 26th January, 1753, married Mary 
Cauldwell, daughter of William. [See CauldwelL] 

David Littell married a 2d wife, and had children : 

8. Samuel, who most probably married his cousin, Sarah 
Littell, daughter of Jonathan. ['S'ee Jonathan Littell.] 

9. Susannah married, 28th February, 1784, David Ruck- 
man, probably a brother of Jonathan, [which see.] 

Note. — I have not ascertained any of the descendants of Andrew, Samuel, 
or Susannah. 

ESTHER LITTELL, (1st child of David Littell. son of 
Samuel,) and William Bedell, had children. [S'ee Bedell.] 
I 1. Susannah, born 27th November, 1761, married Jona- 

than Davis, son of Isaac Davis, whose wife was Sarah Palm- 

1 er. After the death of Isaac Davis, his widow, Sarah, married 
I Sylvanus Oakley, Sen. [See Oakley.] Susannah died 20th 
•" September, 1836. 

2. Phebe, born 7th July, 1763, and died January, 1847. 
She married, 1st, Charles Johnson, son of Uzel ; 2d, Caleb 
Mulford, son of Job. [See Bedell and Mulford.] 

3. Lydia, born 3d August, 1765, died 19th January, 1840. 
She married Elijah Davis, brother of Jonathan. 


4. Polly, or Mary, born 7th July, 1767, married Daniel 
Hole, son of Charles, and died about 1826 or 7- [See BedelL] 

5. James, born 1769, married A'ancy Oakley, and died in 

Susannah Bedell, (1st child of William Bedell and Esther 
Littell.) and Jonathan Davis, (who was born 30th January, 
1760,) had children,: 
2 L William Davis, born 13th December, 1781, married, 

n 185)5, Sarah Lamb, daughter of Col. Joseph Lamb. 

i They both went to the Shakers in about one year 

I after. He died lOLh January, 1846, and she continues 

° with them. 

2. John Davis, born 20th November, 1783, and mar- 
ried Elizabeth Sering, and removed to Texas. 

3. Polly Davis, born I9th August, 1789, and is with the 

4. Rulus Davis, born 18th June, 1792. 

5. Jonathan Davis, born iSth July, 1795. 

6. Huldah Davis, born 9th June, 1800, married John 

?. Hetty Davis, born 29th October, 1805, married Jo- 
seph Q. Lamb, son of Col. Joseph Lamb , of Warren 
county, Ohio. 
Lydia Bedell, and Elijah Davis, had children : 

\. Esther Davis, who is with the Shaking Quakers, call- 
ed Shakers, at Union or Shaker Town, Warren coun- 
ty, Ohio. 

2. William Davis is also with the Shakers. 

3. James Davis went to Indiana. 

4. Daniel Davis is with the Shakers. 

5. Jonathan Davis. 

6. Samuel and Hannah, twins ; these tvvo died young. 
Mary Bedell and Daniel Hole, had children. [See BedelL] 
James Bedell, and Nancy Oakley, had children : 

1. John married ; lives in Indiana. 

2. Susan is with the Shakers. 
3 David. 

4. Sally is with the Shakers. 

5. William married — ; lives in Indiana. 

0. Esther married ; lives in Indiana. 

LYDIA LITTELL, (2d child of David, son of Samuel,) married 
1st, Andrew Prior, as 1 1 is 2d wife, {see Piior ;) 2d, David FHnn, 
horn 22d March, 1731, afid died 4th March, 1S15. By David 
Flinn she had children : 

S 1. StepheQ Fliiui, who married Sally , and had children. 

o [Sec Flinn.] 

f' 2. Lydia Flinn, born 10th February, 1774, married Edmund 


Buxton, born 24th Januar\% 176S, lived east of Reading, in Hamil- 
ton county, Ohio, (he came from JNew England,) and had chil- 
dren : 

1. Charles Buxton, born 29th March, 1793, married, 25th 
June, 1812, Rebecca Ferguson, daughter of Hudson. 

2. David Buxton, born 28tli February, 17^5, married Joanna 
Conklin, born 22d November, 179S, daughter of Stephen, 
son of Joseph Conklin, who married Mary Cory, sister of 
Elder Benjamin Cory, of Elizabethtown. [See Conklin.'] 

3. Anne Buxton married William Ferguson, a cousin of 
Charles's wife ; lives in Flovd county, Indiana. [See poge 

4. Moses Buxton, born 5th July, 1798, married, 2Sth January, 
1818, Prudence E". Bacon, 'born 29ih April, 1799, daugh- 
ter of Nathan Bacon, of Cape May, N. J. 

5. Jane Buxton, born 16th December, 1799, married, 20th 
May, 1S19, Nathan Monroe, only son of Jehu, of Pennsyl- 
vania ; lives near Lebanon, Ohio. 

fi. John Buxton married Hannah Willoy. 

7. Aaron Buxton, born 13th March, 1804, married Hannah 
Lambern, daughter ol Josiah Lambern. 

8. William Buxton, born 10th March, 1806, married Cathe- 
rine W. Terry, born 23d December, 180b, daughter of 
William Terry. 

Mr. Edmund Buxton die<l 20th July, 1806. 
Charles Buxton, (son of Edmund,) and Kebccca Ferguson, had 
children : 

1. Edmund, born 4th August, 1813, and married Eliza Cor- 
tleyou, daughter of Albert, and had childien : 1. Margaret; 
2. Henry ; 3. Rebecca ; 4. Gennette ; 5. Charles. 

2. William, born 22d October, 1815, married Elizabeth, 
Larew, lives in Madison, Indiana. 

3. Jane, born 4th July, 1817, married Hezekiah Bonham 
and hid children : 1. John Bonham: 2. Ellis Bonham ; 3. 
Eliza Jane Bonham ; 4. Tyler Bonham. 

4. John M., born 15th December, 1821. 

5. Aaron, born 27lh May, 1824, married Rebecca Pierson, 
dauohter of Jesse, and had a daughter, Harriet. 

6. Eliza Anne, born 26th May, 1S26, and died about 1834. 

7. Sj.san, born 13th Januaiy, 1829, married, August, 1850, 
James Conover. 

8. Catherine, born 3d March, 1833. 

David Buxton, (2d son of Edmund,) and Joanna Conklin, had 
children : 

1. Lydia, born lUh June, ISIS, and died 26th June,1818. 

2. Mary Jane, born lOlh July, 1819, and died 26th April, 

3. John, born 15th October, 1^21. 

4. Joseph, born 4th January, 1824, married 28th March, 1850, 
Hannah Cornell. 



5. Sarah Anne, born 24th October, 1826, married, 8th Octo- 
ber, 1849, Isaac Ferris, son of Rev. Isaac Ferns, a 
Biptist minister. 

6. William, born 2Sth October, 1828. • 

7. Susan, born 20th March, 1831. 

8. Etneliiie, born 3d December, 1833. 

9. Freelove, born Qih January, 1837. 

10. David, born 19th December, 1839. 

11. Amos, born 16th January, 1841. 

13. Olive, born 29th January, 1844, and died 6th December, 
Anne Buxton. (3d child of Edmund,) and William Ferguson, 
live near New Albany, Floyd county, Indiana, and had children: 

1. Enoch Ferguson, who married Nancy Brown, and lives at 
New Albany. 

2. Nancy Ferguson married John Wood, and went to Mis- 

3. Isaac Ferguson married, 1st, Nancy Karr, daughter of 
Samuel, of Hamilton county, Ohio; 2d, Martha Brt-edlove. 

4. William Ferguson married , and lives in Han- 
cock county, Illinois. 

5. John Ferguson. 

Moses Buxton, (4th child of Edmund,) and Prudence E. Bacon, 
lived on his father's farm, near Readi.ig, Hamilton county, lio, 
anil had children : 

1. Edmund Buxton, born 16th May, 1819, married Harriet 
Larew, daughter of Isaac, and lives at Madison, Indiana. 

2. Lydia Buxton, born 25th April, 1821, married Peter Black, 
son of Peter, and died, ISth August, 1S50, leaving a 
daughter, Louisa Black. 

3. Nancy L. Buxton, born 18th September, 1823, married 
Henry Moody, lives in Carthage, Ohio, and had children : 
1. Harriet Jane Moody; 2. Joseph Moody; 3. Henry 
Moses Moody. 

4. Nathan B. Buxton, born 17th October, 1825, married Sarah 
Jane Mann, daughter of Col. Joseph Mann. 

5. James B. Buxton, born 27th June, 1827, married Rebecca 

6. David F. Buxton, born 29th April, 1831. 

7. William W. Buxton, born 23d July, 1833. 
S. Eliza Anne Buxton, born 12th May, 1836. 

9. Isaac Newton Buxton, born 22d August, 1838. 

10. George W. Buxton, born 3d March, 1841. 

Mr. Moses Buxton died 13th October, 1850, with schirrous 
tumor in the stomach, which stopped the passage from the stomach 
lo the bowels. 

Jane Buxton, (5th child of Edmund,) and Nathan Monroe, had 
children : 

1. Edmund Monroe, born 26th May, 1820, married, 3d De- 
cember, 1842, Hannah Jane Halsey, daughter of Caleb, 
son of John Halsey and Hannah Pool, (see Halsey and 


Pool,) and had children: 1. Nathan, who died yijung ; 2. 
0.-:car ; 3. Hudson; 4, Ijcwis Rid geway, who died young. 
Mrs. Monroe died Auprust, 1851. 

2. John Monroe, born ISlh February, 1S23, marrie 1, 21st 
May, 184G, Martha Jane Maple, daughter of Elias Ma])le, 
from New Jersey, and had children: I. Mary Jane; 2. 
James Walter Monroe. 

3. Aaron Monroe, born 6th May, 1825. 

4. Charles Monroe, born 7th August, 1827, married. 10th Oct, 
1849, Mary Pence, daughter of John, and had children: 

1. Mary Jane. 
6. Lvdia Anne Monroe, born 16th September, 1829. 
6. William Monroe, born 30lh August, 1832. 
John Buxton, {6th childof Edmund,) and Hannah Willey, had 
children : 

1. Eliza; 2. Lvdia; 3. Mary, who died at 7 years; 4. De- 
borah ; 5. John, Jun. ; 6. Charlotte or Amanda. 
Aaron Buxton, (7th child of Edmund,) and Hannah Lambern, 
had children : 

1. Anne C, born 29th June, 1826. 

2. Lydia, born 15th October, 1827. 

3. Josiah L., born 20ih October, 1830. 

4. Emeline, born 17th March, 1834. 

5. Laura, born 6th August, 1S36. 

0. Augusta, born 20th February, 1845. 

William Buxton, (Sth child of Edmund,) and Catherine V/. 
Terry, had children : 

1. Phebe Anne, born 15th April, 1827. 

2. Charles, born 30th October, 1830. 

3. Caroline, born 11th December, J 832. 

4. Eliza Jane, burn 15th August, 1836. 

5. Charlotte, born 30tn Mar^h, 1839. 

6. Newton Stites, born 2d April, 1843. 

3. Susannah Flinn, youngest daughter of Lydia Littell and 
David Flinn, married John Miller, in Warren county, Ohio, and 
had children, Daniel, David, Moses, and Lucy Jane Miller. Mr. 
Miller, and his wife and children, all went to the Shakers. Mr. 
Miller died in 1850, aged 79 years, and Susannah, his wife, in 
1840, aged 62 years. The children are there still in 1851. Moses 
is the principal dealer about the country for the association, and 
Lucy Jane is conspicuous in the house. 

CATHERINE LITTELL, (3d child of David,) and Jabez 

Rogers, lived at Parcipany. He was born 3d November, 

1739, and died 1774, aged 35 years. She was born 1 9th 

October, 1743, and died 1794, aged 51 years. They had 

children : 

g 1. Nathaniel Rogers, born 4th February, 1761, and died 

5 1845, aged 84 years. He married Rachel McDanieLs, 

? daughter of Elkanah ; she was still living in 1848. Thev 


lived near Lake Champlain, and had childrenj Moses and; 
John Rogers. 

2. Sarah Rogers, born 30th Jun®, 1764, married Robert 
Templeton, of Farcipany, and died at 34 years. 

3. Lydia Rogers, born 5th /\pril, 176G, married Ebenezer 

4. Ehzabeth Rogers, born 30th March, 1768, and died at 
13 years. 

5. Jemima Rogers, born 5th February, 1770, and died at 
7 years. 

6. Joanna Rogers, born 22d December, 1771, married 
Noah Estile, of Parcipany. He was born IGth December, 
1706, and died Uth December, 1848. They Uved near 

7. Stephen Rogers, born 28th August, 1 773, married Phebe 
Baldvyin, daughter of Job. 

8. Susan Rogers, born 28th April, 1775, married, I6th No- 
vember. 1795, Jacob Hinds, ofiianover, who was born l4th 
January. 1774, and removed to Bristol, Vermont. 

Ml-. Jabez Rogers died 1774, and his widow, Catherine, mar- 
ried Moses Crane, of Parcipany, and had 3 other children : 

9. Josiah Crane, v.'ho went to Seneca Falls, New York, 
and married Rachel , but had no ciiildren. 

10. Phebe Crane, who married Edmund Compson, of Par- 
cipany, and removed to Montezuma, New York, and had a 
large family of children. 

11. Elizabeth Crane married Caleb \7ood worth, and had 
10 children. She died, and Mr. \¥oodworth married a widow 
with 10 chi'dren. Mr. Woodworth's 2d wife died, and he 
married. 3d, Hannah Compson, daughter of Edmund Comp- 
son. his first wife's niece. 

Sarah Kogeis, (2d child of Catherine Littell and Jabez 
Rogers,) and Robert Templeion. had children : 

1. Elizabeth Templeion, vv-ho married Ashbel Cory, of 
Troy, and had children : 1. Caroline Cory ; 2. ,Mary 
Cory ; 3. Julianne Cory ; 4, Archibald Cory. 

2. Mary Templeton, who married Freeman Ford, (son of 
Samuel, son of William Odell Ford, son of Jonathan 
Ford,) and had children : 1. Evehne Ford; 2. William 

3. Catharine Templeton, who married Alexander Law- 
rence, and had children : 1 Alexander Lav/rence. 

g Lydia Ro-^ers, (3d child of Catharine Littell and Jabez 
-^ Rogers,) and Ebenezer Burnet, had children : 
^ 1, Sarah Burnet, who married John Tichenor, son ol 

I Jabez, and had one son and two daughters, when Mr. 

I Tichenor died, and she married William Churchill, 

? and went to Ohio. 


2. Stephen Burnet, who died at 2 years. 

3. James Burnet went to Georgia, and married there 
Sarah Wilson, of Powlington, and has one daughter 
and three sons living at Sparta, Georgia. 

4. Ralph Burnet married Phebe Lindsley, of Morristown, 
had three sons and two daughters, and went to Sidney, 
Ohio, and died at about 54 years. 

5. Hiram Burnet married Adeline Burrows, had one 
daughter, and died in 1813. 

6. Kbenezer Burnet married Mariah Debow, of Morris 
Co., and went to Sidney, Ohio, and had 13 children. 

7. Catharine Burnet married Joseph Warren, of Kamapo, 
N. Y., and went to Sidney, Ohio, and had 11 children. 

8. Joanna Estile Burnet married David Norris, a black- 
smith, a son of Lebbeus Norris, of Morristown ; lives 
at Millville, Essex county, and has eight children. 

9. John Seward Burnet married Mary Harrison, of 
Orange, had one daughter, and died at 22 years. 

10. Phebe Burnet married Robert Fields, of Paterson ; 
lived there, and has three sons. 

11. Charles Burnet married Frances Tichenor, daughter 
of Jabez, and sister of Sarah's husband ; had seven 
children, all of whom have died except one daughter. 

Joanna E.. Burnet, (8th child of Lydia Rogers and Ebenezer 
Burnet,) was born 7th Jan. ISul, and married David Norris, 
born 10th April, 1791, and had children: 

1. James Burnet Norris, born 26th Nov. 1823, is a black- 
smith ; lives at Springfield ; he married Mary Eliza- 
beth Tailor, daughter of John, of Powerville, Morris 
2 David Alonzo Norris is a blacksmith ; went to Bridge- 
port, and married Sarah Anne Seely, daughter of Hen- 
ry Seely, of that place, and lives there. 

3. Harriet Louisa Norris, born 29th Nov. 1829, and died 
3d February, 1840. 

4. Sarah Frances Norris, born 1st January, 1831. 

5. Mary Josephine Norris, born 16th February, 1833. 

6. John Hunter Norris, born 20th April, 1834. 

7. Phebe Martha Norris, born 24th October, 1836.° 

8. Harriet Jane Norris, born 26th April, 1840. 
Joanna Rogers, (6th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez 

Rogers,) and Noah Estile, lived near Dover, Morris Co., and 
had children : 

1. Jabez Lewis Estile, who married Dency M. Ross, 
daughter of David, of Rockaway ; had children : 1. 
Martha Estile, who married, 7th April, 1850, Rev. 
Enoch Green, of the New Jersey Conference; 2. Mary 
Estile. Mr. Jabez L. Estile died of cholera at Rock- 


away, 24th June, 1849, aged 55 years. 

2. John Rogers Estile married Rebecca Bruen, daughter 
of iSamuel, of Newark ; had children : 1. Noah Eslile ; 

2. iM;iry Mstile; 3. Jose[)h Estile. 

3. Almira Estile married her second cousin, David Lit- 
tell, son of Eiios. son of Daviil. [See Enns LitttlL] 

4. Ste|)hen iiogrrs Estile mariied Margaret Shauger, of 
Rockavvny, and had children : 1. Jane lOstile ; 2. Eliza 
Estile; 3." M.dinda Estile; 4. Melissa Estile. 

5. William l-'-stile married Anne Mariah Lyon, daughter 
of John Lyon, of liockaway, and^^ had children: I., 
^^ illiam Henry Estile. 

Stephen Kogers, (7th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez 
Ro^eri,) and Phebe Baldwin, removed to a farm about lour 
miles north of Seneca Falls, N. Y. He died 1813, aged 40 
years, and left children : 1. Jabez; 2. John. 

Susan Rogers, (8th child of Catharine Littell and Jabez 
Rogers,) and Jacob Hinds, removed to Bristol, Vermont, and 
had children : 

L Stephen Lewis Hinds, born 28th October, 1796, mar- 
ried, 1st, VVeathy Johnson, 2d, Fhebe Hoit, and had 
children: 1 . Miriam Johnson Hinds ; 2. Rachel Hinds ; 

3. Isaiah Bower Johnson Hinds ; 4. Adelaide Hinds ; 
5. Margaret Hinds. 

2. Sally Hinds, born 7th October, 1798, and married 
Miron Sturtevant ; lives near Butfalo, J\ew York, and 
had five children. 

3. Joanna Hinds, born 8th Feb. 1800, married her cou- 
sin, Parson Hinds, son of Aaron Hinds, 51st Decem- 
ber, 1818, and had one daughter, and died 3d March, 

4. Jacob Hinds, born 28th January, 1804, and died the 
next day. 

5. Moses Rogers Hinds, born llth May, 1806, and died 
25th October following. 

6. Persis Urai.ia Hinds, born 12th February, 1812, mar- 
ried, in 1828, William Delony, of Vermont: removed 
to Piqua, Ohio, and died in November, 1835, leaving 
two children. 

ELIZABETH LITTELL, (4th child of David, son of 

Samuel,) and Moses Bedell, had chil'h-en : 

1. Saiah BidcU, who married Thomas Hallock. [Sec 

2. Lyda Bedell, who married Isaac Moore, son of John. 
[See Moore.'] By her second husband, David Van Sickle, 
she had no children. 


■r DAVID LITTELL, (6th child of David,) was a blacksmith, 

? and lived at Cheapside, in Livingston township; was a justice 

' of the peace, and an elder in the Hanover church many jears. 

He was born January. 1751, and died 28th December, 1812, 

His wife, Hannah Miller, was born 6th October, 1750, and 

died 2d July, 1832, aged 81 years. They had children : 

? 1. L:nos, born 19th May, 1774, and died 19th June, 1848, 

p aged 74 years and 1 month. He married Mary Morehouse, 

' daughter of David, at Canoe Brook. 

2. Josiah ; 3. David — who both died young. 

4. William, born 29th January, 1778, and died in a fit in 
his bed, 7th May, 184'J. He married Mary Ward, daughter 
of Joseph, of Northheld, in Livingston ; she died 24th April, 
1843, aged 62 years. 

5. Andrew^ who died 13th August, 1795, aged 23 years, 
6 months, and 9 days, unmarried. 

6. Rhoda, born 1st December, 1781, and married John 
Humes ; lives in Newark. 

7. Elizabeth, born 3'Jth March, 1784, and married David 
Whitehead, son of David, son of Deacon David Whitehead, 
of Elizabethtown ; he was a chairmaker. Mr. Whitehead 
had a cancer on the side of his nose, by which he suffered 
greatly many years, and which eventually caused his death. 

8. Luther, who married Margaret VVade, daughter of 
Henry and Dolly Watle, of Livingston. 

9. Hannah; 10. Calvin, who both died young. 

I ENOS LITTELL, and Mary Morehouse, had children : 

•^ 1. Hannah, who married, 16th May, 1821, Enos B. 

^ Morehouse, son of Jephtha, and died childless. 

p 2. Esther Bedell married, l6th May, 1821, Aaron 
Morehouse, son of John, of Livngston, and removed to Dela- 
ware county, Ohiio, and died 23d September, 1846, leaving 
ch 1 !rdn : 1. Elizabeth Morehouse, who marriad George 
McMasters ; 2. John Morehouse ; 3. Cornelia Morehouse ; 
4. William Morehouse ; 5. Sarah Anne Morehouse ; and 
six others, making eleven. 

3. William, who married, 26th October, 1825, Mary 
Baldwin, daughter of David, of Livingston; lives in New- 
ark ; had no children. 

4. Ddvid. who married his 2d cousin, Almira Estile, daughter 
of JVoali, of near Dover, and had children : 

1. Hannah Mari.ih, born 1 Oih May, 1830; 2. Elizabeth 
Higirjns ; 3. William Estile; 4. Joanna Estile; 5. Emma; 
6. David ; 7. Almira. 

5. Stephen Morehouse Littell married, 23d Sept. 1S32, Cornelia 
A.Baldwin, daughter of Isaac, son of David Baldwin, of Canoe 
Brook ; lives in Delaware, Ohio, and had children : 


DAVID LrrTEl.t. 

1. William Goldy Littell ; 2. Sarah Frances ; 3. Mary Eliza- 
beth ; 4. Eliza; 5. Isaac. 

6. Enos Whitehead Littell married Sarah Anne Fonte, rlaugh- 
tcr of Capt. Foote, of Cuniiecticul, and had one son, John Foote 

7. Betsey married, 19th June, 1833, Isaac Oakley Higgins, of 
Newark, and lives there, and had children : 

1. Edward Paysun Higgins; 2, Cornelia Littell Higgins; 3. 
Mary Elizibeth Higoins. 

8. Aaron Condit Littell married, 20th Nov. 1838, Mary Birt, 
daucrhter of Abraham Birt, of Morris county, and had a son, 1. 
Enos Birt Littell. His wife died 2nth Nov. 1839, and he mar- 
ried, 4lh April, 1841, her sister, Eliz:«beth Birt, and had children: 
2. James Higgins Littell; 3. William Littell; 4. John Wood 


9. Mary married, 22d Nov. 1838, John Wood, an Englishman, 
lives in Newark, and had children: 

1, Frederick Augustus Wood; 2. Henrietta Wood; 3. John 
Wood; 4. Charles Wood. 

WILLIAM LITTELL, and Mary Ward, lived at Northfield, and 
had children : 
o. 1. Joseph Ward Littell, born 3d Oct. 1804, and married Locky 
1 Force, dauirhter ofJtmathan Force, of Livingston, and had children: 
p l'. Sarah Margaret, born Itith Dec. 1828; 2. George Ben- 

edict, born lyth June, 1833; 3. Josephine, born Uth Sept. 

2. Andrew, who married Locky Harrison, daughter of Capt. 
Benjamin Harrison, of Hanover, and had 3 children, who all died 

3. iSarah married Samuel Lynch, of Orange county, New York, 

and lives there. 

4. Charles, who died at 20 years of age. 

RHODA LITTELL, (daughter of David.) and John Humes, 
live in Newark. He is a justice of the peace. They had chil- 
dren : 

1. David Littell Humes. He married, and he and his wife both 

died, Mud left no chikiren. 

2. William Humes, who married Jerusha Thompson, grand- 
daui^hter of Judge Thompson, of Mendham, and hi.d children: 

°l. Charles Humes; 2. Mary Elizabeth Humes; 3. John 

f ELIZABETH LITTELL, (daughter of David,) and David 
n Whitehead, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 
^ 1. Enos Littell Whitehead, who married Joanna Coleman, of 
Rahway ; lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 

1. Elizabeth Whitehead, who married John Jones Vanhouten, 
of Elizabethtown. 


2. Mary M. Whitehead married Israel Townley, son of 
Edward, of Weslfield. 

3. William M. Whitehead married . 

4. Theodore F. Whitehead. 
6. David Whitehead. 

6. Francis L. Whitehead. 

7. Julianne Whitehead. 

2. John Miller Whitehead married Caroline Parker, of New 
York, and had children : 

1. Louisa M. Whitehead. 

2. Hannah F. Whitehead. 

3. Eliza T. Whitehead. 

4. Alphonso Timolat Whitehead. 

3. Susan Brant Whitehead married William R. Todd ; lives in 
Newark, and had children : 

1. David M. Tudd. 

2. Mariah Jane Todd. 

3. Margaret Plum Todd. 

4. Hannah Liitell Whitehead, who married Victor Fleury, who 
is a baker at Morristown, and had ciiildrpn: 

1. John W. Fleury; 2. Victor Augustus Fleury ; 3. David 
Whitehead Fleury ; 4. George VVood Fleury. 

5. Rhoda Humes Whitehead married Simeon D. Ifoagland son 
of Cornelius Hoagland, of Elizabeihtovvn, and had children : 

1. David Whitehead Hoagland ; 2. Adelaide Smith HoL^.gland. 

I LUTRER LITTELL, (son of David,) and Margaret Wade. 
n had children : 

•" 1. Abbi Louisa, who married Isaac Rogers, and lives in New 
York, and had childrsn : 

1. James Henry Rogers ; 2. Mary Eliza Rogers ; 3. Valen- 
tine Eustace Rngers. 

2. Rhoda Anne married David Avers, son of William, son of 
David Avers, Esq., of Liberty Corner, lives at Morristown, and 
had children : 

1. Sarah Louisa Ayers ; 2. Malvina Thompson Ayers ; 3, 
David Humes Ayers; 4. Anne Eliza Ayers; S.John LiUell 

3. John, who went to the south, and was there drowned; did not 



V, NATHANIEL LITTELL was son of David, son of Samuel, 
^ son of John, son of George Littp'l, who emi^intrd from Lnndon 
S about 1635 Nathaniel Liuell, Esq.. married Mary CauldvvHll, 
daughter of William Cauldwell, son of James, who eniigiated from 
Ireltnd in |7.i2. He bought the lot of land, in 1786. of John Be- 
dell, on which he built the house in 1787, where his son Jdin now 
lives, and where he kept a store till he died, the ISlh of February, 
181 1, ajred 5S years. He was a justice of the peace, and an elder 
in the Presb\ terian church. Mary, his wife, was born l4th Feb. 
1757, and died 8th January, 1823. They had children : 

1. John, born 2Sth November, 1779' married, 6ih May, 1809, 
Mary Conklin, daughter of William Conklin, Esq., of Basking 
Ridge. [See Conklin. 1 

2. Hugh, born 3d September, 1781, married 22 1 January, 1814, 
Susan W. Scudder, daughter of Doctor Benjamin R. Scudder, son 
of Richard Scudder. \_Soe Scudder.'] He was a master mason in 
New York, was engaged in the erection often brick houses, when, 
on the 9th of November, 1822, he was ascending a ladder to the 
upper story of one of them, lost his balance, and fell to the curb- 
stone of the street, broke in his skull, and died immediately. He 

had no children. 

3. Polly, born lOth May, 1783, married, 22d March, 1800, Kb. 
enezer Byram, born 29th April, 1778, son of Naphtali Byram, of 
Morristown. [See Eyram.] 

Ebenezer Byram, in 1603, removed to Warren Co., Ohio ; had 
12 children, and died 12th October, 1821, and she married, 12th 
April, 1824, Samuel Robison, Esq., and had two other children. 
They live at New Harrison, Darke county, Ohio. 

4. Aaron, born 17th January, 1786, and died 11th February, 

5. Luther, born 20th April, 1787, and died 19th February, 1833, 
with consumption. He did not marry. He was elected a member 
of the legislature in 1829, held several of llie most important town 
offices, and was, when he died, a colonel of tlie militia. 

6. Nancy, born T th April, 1789, married, 23d iNovember, ISll, 
Peter Rounsavelle, born 7th July, 1791. 

7. Bitsey Thompson, b^rn 16ih August, 1791, married, 11th 
March, 1810, Dr. William F. Piatt, bnin 9lh October, I7h8, son of 
Capt. William Piatt, of Scotch Plains. They removed to New 
York, where she died 29th Nov. 1827 ; and he diad 7ih May, 
1848. [See Sarah SholwelL] 

8. Huldah, born 1 6th December, 1794, mirried, 21st February, 
1822, Daniel Price, now of Newark, son of Daniel Price. At the 
time she married, and some time before, she was a teacher of a 
school in Elizabeihtown. She was taken with fever, and died loth 
November, 1822, without Children, aged nearly 28 years. 

iVIr. Price married again a niece of Rev. Lewis Bond, of Plain- 
field, is a varnish manufacturer of Newark, and has no living chil- 


9. David Cauldwell, born 28th January, 1799, and died 12th 
November, iSiO. 

I JOHX LTTTELL, (1st son of Nathani'-I, son of Dwid.) ]ivo3 
ff> where iiis t'a her (UJ? 'u^ Passaic Valley; near Liiiell's Bridge, and 
•" with his br>)th?r Luther, ki-pt a store from ISll to \H2S, when 
thiv dissolveJ partnership, and he codlinued the store alone till 
18 j8. when he sold out the goods to Jonathan Valentine, who con- 
tinued it till 1839. 

He was twice fleeted to the legislature, viz. 1837 nnd 1 838 ; was 
appointed a juslice of the peace; and jn Ige of the court in 1814, and 
attain appuinted justice of the peace in 1829, and continued by re- 
appointments till iS43 ; was then again elected under the new (y'on- 
slitntion. and was in 1W29 appointed by the legislilure a commis- 
sioner of deels, anJ by successive appointments continued in that 
office to tlie present time. 

He was elected and installed an elder in the Presbyterim church 
in 183-5, and was appointed one of the delegates of the Presbytery 
of Elizabeihtown to the general assembly of the Presbyterian, 
church, in 1835 at Pittsburgh, and in 1840 and 1846 at Philadelphia 
and 1851 at St. Louis. 

John Littell, (Isl child of Nathaniel,) and Mary Conklin, had 
children : 

1. VVilliam Conklin, born 15th April, 1810, and died 27th Sept. 

2. Mary, born 29ih February, 181 2, married 25th July, 1838, 
Jonathan Valentine, son of Peter D. Valentine, and had rhildren : 

1. Siinuel Ruian ; 2 Luther Littell: 3. Eliza Littell; 4. 
William, wh) died ii4 inlancv ; o. lolin, who died in infancy; 
6. Mary Abigad. [S.-e Valenline.'] 

3. Williaoi, born lUth (.)^-tober, 1815, married, ^fitli October, 
1836, Mehetabel Bonne!, duughter of Jonathan C. Bonnel, son of 
Nathani 1 Bonnel, 3d. [Se Bonnel.] 

Ho keeps a store at the summit of the Morris and Essex Rail- 
road, and is Postmaster there. 

4. Eliza, born 16lh December, 1815, married, 9th March, 1842 
James K Hurin, a merchant of Lebanon, Ohio, and went there,, 
and died I9ih May, 1843, leaving a young child, named Eliza, who 
died at three' months old, and he again mariied, 5lh June, 1845, 
Cynthia Halsey. [See Hurin.'] 

5 Harriet, born 14rh November, 1817. married, I5th May, 1848, 
John T. Wilicox, son of Jonathan M. VVillcox, son of Levi, and 
had a son, George. He kept a store in New Providence Vilhiiic. 

6. Susan, born 27ih February, 1820, and innrried, 1st Novem- 
ber, 18)1, (yhirles Whitalv-er, sun of Deacon Stephen Wliitaker, of 
Cleveland, Ohio, and lives there. 

7. Jo'in, born 30ih January, 1822, married, 24ili Sep(omber, 
1851, Deborah Hall, born 24111 December, 1821, daughter of 
Jonathan A. Hall, of Ptmn Yan, N. Y. 

8. Luther, born 21st April, I82i; graduated at Princeton Col- 
lege 25th June, 1844, studied theology at the Princeton theologi- 



cal seminary, and was licensed to preach 4th October, 1849, by the 
ElizabethtDwn Presbytery, and was ordained to preach the gospel, 
and installed over the church at Mount Hope. Orange county, N. 
York, llie 25th September, 1850, by the Presbytery of Hudson. 

9. Huldah Rebecca, burn 3d June, 1826, married. 2d May, 1850, 
to John Thomas, of Hamilton, Butler county, Ohio, and went 
there. Mr. Thomas was born 20th July, 1822, i- a lawyer, a son 
of the Rev. Thomas Thomas, a native of Wales, who graduated at 
Oxford, England. 

10. A daughter not named, born 16th January, 1830, and died 
the same day, 

WILLIAM LITTELL, (son of John, son of Nathaniel,) and 
Mehetabel Bonnel, lived atSiimmit, and had children : 

1. William Henry, born 2d May, 1840. 

2. Theodore, born 14th May, 1»44. 

3. Frederick Rose, born 12th April, 1847. 

4. Julia Smith, born 3d April, 1&51.T 

g POLLY LITTELL, (Sdchild of Nathaniel, son of David,) and 
ft Ebenezer Byram, lived in Darke county, Ohio, and had children: 
•" 1. Mary Littell Byram, born 22d Dec. 1830, married, 12ih 
March, 1818, James Gregory, and died 16th July, 1827, leaving 
children : 
i 1. Samuel Gregory, who married Jane Roll, daughter of John 
and P(dly Roll, lives in Montgomery county, Indiana, and 
had children : 
1. , who died young. 

2. Sarah Gregory, who married John McCIure ; lives in 
Mv)ntgomery ccunty, Lidiana, and has 4 children. 

3. Esther Gregory married William Smith ; lived in Tip- 
pecanoe county, Indiana. She died March, 1849, leaving 
a child 10 days old, named Will Esther. 

4. Martha Jane Gregory, born 24th Nov. 18^5, married 
Silas Thomas, son of Samuel Thomas ; lives near Troy, 
Miami county, Ohio. 

2. Abby Hedges Byram, born 19th August, 1802, and died 12th 
April, 1805. 

3. Eliza Ogden Byram, born 25th Nov. 1804, married, 27th 
Dec. 1824, Tiioinas, son of Jared, and had children : 

1. Mary Elizabeth Barnes married, 8th May, 1845, Derick 
Lamer. She had a child the Sih Jan. 1S47, and died the 
9lh, and the child tne 10th, and both buried in one grave. 

2. Sirah Jane Biirnes, born 1827, and died at about 5 years. 

3. Ebenezer Byram Barnes, born August, 1831. 

4. Huldah Anne Barnes, born August, 1832, married, March, 
1850, James Custons, an Englishman by birlh, brought up 
near Poughkeepsie, New York. 

5. Harriet Barnes died in childhood. 

6. Rachel Barnes died in infancy. 

7. Susan Barnes died in infancy. 



8. Martha Barnes, bom 1837. 

9. James Bii'ties. 
iO. Hairiel Biirries. 

1 1. Caroline Barnes. 

4 Nancy Littoll Byram, born Slh Oct. 1806, and died 25lh 
of the same month. 

5. Amy Hedges Byram, born 16th Sept. 1807, married, 17th 
March, 18^0, Amos Barnes, brother of Thomas, and died 1st Oct. 
1847, leaving 4 children : 

1. Jareil Barnes, born 1st Jan. 1833. 

2. Lewis Byram Barnes, born July, 1835. 

3. John Barnes, born Jnly, 1837. 

4. Elizabeth Barnes, born July, 1839. 

9. Silas Condit Byram, born 2d Sept. 1S09, married 7th April, 
1831, Mary Clark, daughter of Jvihn, son ot Thomas Clark and 
Hebec.-"a Lyon, danghter of Jos 'ph Lyon. [See Joseph Lyon.! 
He lives near Hill Grove, Darke Cminty, Ohio, and had children: 

1. Sarah Byram, born 7th Feb. 1*^32. 

2. Mary Eiizibeth Byram, born 49ih Aug, 1834 

3. Amy Jane Byram, burn Sth March, 1837. 

4. Anne Byram, born 19th April, 1839. 

■ 5. Kliza Mariah Byram, born 10th Sept. 1841, and died 9th 
Jan. 1843. 

6. Harriet By ram, born 8th Feb. 1844. 

7. Susan Byram, bom 17th Sept. 1847. 

7. Lewis Naphtali Byram, born 9th Nov. 1811, married, 3d 
Maich, 1836, ElizaDeifi McAnulty ; lives in Randolph county, 
Indiana, and had child'en: 

1. Martha Jane Byram, born 17lh July, 1837. 

2. James Byram born 9th Dec. Ih38. 

3. David Byram, bora 19th July, 1840. 

4. William Courtney Byram, born June, 1842, and died in 

6. John Liitell Byram, born 20 h Jan. 1848. 
6. Mary Kilen Byram, born 5ih Augu t, 1849. 

8. Nathaniel Lutell Byram, born - 3d Jan. 1814. married, 24th 
April, 1837, his cousin, Ma^^y Byram. daughter of Silas C. 
Byram, son of Naphlali, and had a daughter, Harriet Byram, who 
live« with her relative, the Rev. David Hclliday, at Peekskill, 
New York, [see Byram.,] and also a son, William Nathaniel 
Byram, who died Nov. 1841, aged 4 monih.s. He died Sth Sept. 
1841, of con-'umption. Uis wife, Mary, died 20th July, 1847. 

9. John Littell Byram, born 25th May, 1816, marri d, 9lh Nov. 
1839, Lucmda Manuel, d tuahter of Philip ; lives in Marion, Grant 
county, Indiana, and had children: 

1. Silas Byram, born 15th June, 1841. 

2. Mary Jane Byram, born 3d June, 1845. 

3. J(»hn Franklin Byram, born 9th July, 1848. 

10. James Gregory Byram, twin to David Clark, born 18th 
August, 1818, and died by accident, lOih May, 1822. (He fell off 
the fence, and pulled a rail down upon him.) 


11. David Clark Byram, born 18th August, 1818, married* 
April, 18:30, Eliz;i !^a\v ; lives neur Hill Grove, Darke Co.» 
Ohio, and had children : 

1. iMilion Wesley Byram; 2. Ezra Potter Byram; 3. 
Cl.irk Greenwood liyrarn ; 4. Newton Byram ; 5. 
Mary liyram ; G, Mariah Byram. 

NoTf,. — F^liza Law was daughter of F'raiicis Law, who married Catherine 
Simpson, iliiugliler of laniLS, wlio marriid Jane Vansickle, sister of John and 
Abraham Vansiclile, of I'leiiton, Ohio. [Hee Joseph Crane, pa^e lOc] 

12 Susan Littell Byram, born 25lh April, 1821, and died 
17lh May, 1823. 
And by Samuel Robison, Esq., Polly Littell had children; 

13. Robert Luther Robison, born IGth December, 1824, 
and married, Gth May, 1845, Lavma Frybarger, daughter of 
John Jacob Frybarger, and had children : 

1. Sarah Anne Robison, born 13th May, 1846. 

2. Mary Ellen Robison, born 5th September, 1849. 

14. Samuel Uervy Robison, born lOlh May, 1827. 

• NANCY LITTELL, (Gth child of Nathaniel, son of Da- 

o vid,) and Peter Rounj^avelle, had children : 

-" 1. David Cauldwell Littell Rounsavelle, born 5ih Decem- 
ber, 1812, and married Mary I'arsons, born IGth April, 1807, 
daughter of Jonathan, and had children : 

1. Dayton Rounsavelle, born ISth October, 1834. 

2. <;h;trles Rounsavelle. born 21st June, 1837, and (fied 
10th March, 1838. His wife Mary died 20ih Octo- 
ber, 1840, and he marrieil, 15th April, 1841, Sarah S. 
Whitson, born I9th June, ISM, daughter of David 
Whitson, of Baltimore, and had children : 

3. David Whitson Rounsavelle, born llth July, 1843. 

4. William Littell Hounsavelle, born 7th May, 1845. 

5. Charles Emory Rounsavelle, born 28th April, 1849. 
David C. L. Rounsavelle lives in Baltimore. 

2. Hugh Rounsavelle, who died in infancy. 

3. Mary, born 3d September, 1820, and died 22d March, 
1822. Mrs. Nancy Rounsavelle died 23d December, 1822, 
and Peter immediately left this region of country. 

BETSEY T. LITTELL. (7th child of Nathaniel, son of 
David.) and Doctor William F. Piatt, lived in ^ew York, 
and had children : 

1. Mariah Milnor Piatt born 9lh July. 1811. mnrried, 13th 
November, 1827. Joel Wilson, son of John Wilson, Esq., of 
Plainfield, and h:id chillren: 

1. William Piatt Wilson, born 13ih February, 1829. 

2. Mercy Wilson, born 24 ih March, 1831. 


3. Eliza Wilson, born 2Gth November, 1833. 

Mrs. Miriah \I. Wilson died 4th August, 1834, and Joel 
Wilson married a^ain, and lives in Rahway. 

2. James Mortimer Piatt, born 17th July, 1814, went to 
sea and d d nut return 

Mrs. Betsev T or Iviza T Piatt died, and Docter Piatt 
married, 2d, ('aroline Kempton. widow of Captain Kempton, 
and had a daughter Eliza or Liz/.y C K. Piatt, who is now 
teaching in a private family in IMew York. Dr. W. F. Piatt 
died 7lh May, l84S. His 2d wile died previous to his death. 


I JONATHAN LITTELL, (lOih child of Samuel, 1st, of 
? N. J.,) had 4 sons. 

1. Henry, who it is said married, and lived in the northern 
part of Morris county. 

2. Jonathan, who married Phebe Clark, sister or daughter 
of Isaac Clark, of Scotch Plains. 

3. Cornelius, who married, 1st. Susannah Tucker, daugh- 
ter of John Tucker, of Stony Hill, and had 2 children ; 2d, 
Martha Drake, and had 3 other children: Keziah, James, 
and Martha. 

4. William, who married Phebe Meeker, daughter of John 
Meeker, of Scotch i'lains, and had 7 children. 

g JONATHAN LITTELL, (son of Jonathan,) and Phebe 
? Clark, had 5 children, viz : 

1. Hannah, who married Hugh Drake, son of Andrew, of 

2. Henry married Betsey Hedges, daughter of Benjamin, 
of Stony Hill 

3. Nancy married Charles Rino, who lived north of Green 
Brook, near Scotch Plains. 

4 Phebe married lirueri Brown, a Baptist minister, and 
went to Washington city. 

5. Joanna, who went with her sister to Washington city. 

• HANNAH LITTELL, (1st child of Jonathan and Phebe 
o Clark.) and Hugh Drake, lived at Plainfield, and had children : 
? 1. Nancy Drak(", who married Jonathan llanaolph, son of 
Barzilla. of Plamtield. 

2. Jacol) Drake, who married Eliza Maloy. 

3. Phebe Drake married l-lkana Kandolph. 

4. Aaron Drake married Phebe Frazee, daughter of Moses, 
son of Henry Frazee. 

5. John Drake married Henrietta Martin, daughter of Jon- 


^ 6. Mary Drake married John Briant, of Springfield. 
? 7. Eliza. 

° Nancy Drake, (1st child of Hugh Drake and Hannah 
Littell,) and Jonathan Randolph, had children: 

1. Barzilla Randolph, who married Mary Dunn, of 

2. Hannah Anne Randolph married James Ayres, of 
New Market, 

3. Emeline D. Randolph married David Dunham, of 

4. Daniel Randolph. 

Jacob Dnike, (^d child of Hugh Drake and Hannah 
Littell,) and Eliza Maloy, had children : 
1. Mary Urake ; 2. Caroline Drake. 
Aaron Drake, (4th child of Hugh Drake and Hannah 
? Littell,) and Phebe Frazee, had children: 

• 1. Adelia Drake ; 2. Randolph Drake ; 3. Sarah Drake; 

4. Louisa Drake ; 5. Henry Drake. 

HENRY LITTELL, (2d child of Jonathan Littell and 
^ Phebe Clark,) and Betsey Hedges, had children : 

• I. William, who married ^ancy Willcox, daughter of 
William, son of iMoah. 

2. Hedges, who went to the Genesee Valley, N. Y. and 
married, and had one child, ile and his wife and child all 
died near together, with fever, in 1847. 

• WILLIAM LITTELL, (son of Henry,) and Nancy Will- 
? cox, lived in Westfield. near the Branch Mill, and had children : 
•" 1. Mary, who married Rev. Reuben Porter, a Baptist 

minisler, son of Reuben. 

2. Fanny. 

3. Henry married Sarah Rino, daughter of Ephraim. 

4. Charlotie, born 3d iSeptember, 1829. 

5. Catherine. 

6. Elizabeth. 

7. Abigail. 

8. Amos, 

9. Harriet. 

10. Aaron. 

NANCY LITTELL, (3d child of Jonathan LitteU and 
Phebe Clark,) and Charles Rino, had children : 

1. Betsey Rino. 

2. Dunham Rino. 

3. Hugh Rino, who married, and lives in Rahway. 

4. Amos Rino. 


5. Phebe Rino. 

6. Mary Rino. 

7. Sarah Rino. 

8. Rebecca Kino. 

9. John Rino married and went to Albany, and died. 

10. Charles Kino, who died in inlancy. 

Charles Rino's wife Nancy then died, and he married, 2d, 
Mary Marsh, daughter of Isaac Marsh, of Scutch Plains, 
and had il other children, viz. : 

11. Charles Rino, 2d, who married Mary Van Sickle, of 

12. Ephraim Rino, who went to New Orleans. 

13. Anson Kino married Nancy , of New York. 

14. Jedediah Rino married Georgiana Webber, of New 

15. George Rino mrried Anne Darlin, of New York. 

16. Hannah Rino married .Amos Willcox,son uf Cornelius, 
and had children: 1. Benjamin Sayre Willcox ; 2. Ireno 

17. Thomas Rino. 

18. William Henry Rino. 

19. Alva Rino. 

20. Abigail Rino. 

21. Abilear Rino. 

^ CORNELIUS LITTELL, (3d son of Jonathan, son of 
« Samuel.) by his first wife, Susannah Tucker, had children : 
° 1. Catherine, who married Samuel Frazee in Ohio, and 
had 10 children. 

2. Rebecca married John Murdock in Ohio, and had 4 

Note. — Rebecca Murdock was drowned about 1S20, in crossing a creek 
near Cincinnati, and Mr. Murdock removed, I have not learned wliere. 

And by his second wife, Martha Drake, Coi'nelius Littell 
had 3 children : 

3. Keziah married Moses Larevv, and lived near West 
Chester, Ohio. He died about 1830, leaving 6 children, 
Amos, Mahlon, and Moses Larew, and Martha, Rebecca, 
and Jane Larew. 

4. James Manning, who married Betsey Larew, sister of 
Moses Larew, Keziah's husband. 

5. Martha, who married Jacob Rudasille. 

I CATHERINE LITTELL, (daughter of Cornelius,) and 
o Samuel Frazee, had children : 

^ 1. Hannah Frazee, who married John Spivey ; lives at 
Connersville, Indiana. 




2. Rebecca Frazee, born 23d August, 1805, married Gar- 
ret Vleit, from Sussex; lives near Milwankie, VVisr.onsan. 
He has been considerably engaged in government surveying. 
They had c.hihiren : 

1. John \^■ \ leit, bnrn 2fith April, 1822, married, July, 
184(», Manica Caroline Coon ; has no children. His 
business is engineering in Aiilwaukie. 

2. Ja^per Vleit, burn 8d April, 1824. He is engineer 
on ilie Milvvaukie and Mississippi Uailroad. 

3. William Vleit, born 2inh May, 1827, is a farmer. 

4. Abraham Vleit, burn 5th August, 1829, is with John, 

3. Susan I'razee married. 1st, David Place, and removed 
to De VViit Clinton county, Michigan. Mr. Place died about 
1832, leaving 4 children; 

1. Catlierlne Place married, October, 1846, George 
Sercomb, and had children: 1. George Orville iSer- 
comb ; 2. C,aroline Vleit Sercomb. 

2. Caroline Phice. twin to Catherine. 

3. Mary Anne P ace. 

4. Rebecca Phice. 

After the death of Mr. Place, Susan Frazee married, 2d, 
Henry Moore, and had children: 

5. Harriet Moore; G. John Moore ; 7. Charles Moore ; 
and 3 others. 

4. Cornelius Frazee married Rosannah Spivey ; lives at 
Rossville. Ohio. 

5. William Frazee married Fanny Boid, and soon after 
died, without children 

6. Samuel Frazee died in Indiana, unmarried. 

7. Catherine Fiazee married William Boice, lives at Hart- 
ford, Blackford conniy, Indiana, and had 7 children. 

8. Keziah Frazee married John Petro, lives in Shelby 
county, llhnois. and has children: I. Cynthia Jane Petro ; 
2. Catherine Petro. 

9. John r. Frazee married Julianne Conover, lives in 
Fayette county, Illinois, and had children: 1. Catherine 
Frazee ; 2. liarrison Frelinghuysen Frazee ; 3. Jasper 
Frazee : 4. Rebecca Frazee. 

10. Martha Jane Frazee married Stephen Riggs, lives in 
Favette county, Illinois, and had children : 1. Elbridge 
Riggs ; 2. Allied Riggs ; 3. Albert Riggs. 

KEZL\H LITTELL, (3d child of Cornelius,) and Moses 
Larevv, had cliildren : 

1. Amos Larevv, who married Rosannah Huffman, had but one 
son, Henry Marion Larew. 


2. Mahlfni Larevv married Bridiret Humes, and had children: 
1. John Larew; 2. Lmretta Larew ; 3. Augustus Larew. 

3. Mosts Lirew married Amy Anne Morris, and has no chil. 

4. Marlhi Lu-ew married Joseph Gorman, and had S chihlren: 
1. Eiizib^th Gorman; 2. Kcziah Gorman; 3. Suphronia 

Gorman : 4. Wiiliam Gorman; o, Amanda Gorman; 6. 

Matilda Gormin; 7. Amo.s Gorman; 8. Jo^eph Wilson 

Keziah Gorman, daughter of Jo-ei'h, married Andrew Norris, 
and had children: 1. Hannah Norris; 2. William Htnry Norris ; 
3. M.irtha Anne Norris; 4. KobtMl Benjamin Norris. 

5. Rebecca Larew raarned v\ illiam Voorhee.s, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. Decamp Voorhees ; 2. John Voorhecs ; 3. Harriet Voor- 

6. Jane Larevv married Thomas Gaffner, and had children : 
1. Owen Larevv Gaffacr ; 2. Thomas Martin Gaffner*. 

& WILLIAM LITTELL, (4ih son of Jonathan, son of Samupl, 
? 1st,) and Piiehe Meek- r, had children ; he removed to Sussex county 
•" in 1800. 

1. J .iin Meeker, who marri d, 1st, Catherine Bedell, daniihter 
of Abraham, s m oi Jacob Bedell ; 2d. Betsey Polhenuis, of Sussex. 

2. Polly married Jajob B. Maxwell, son of John, son of John 

3. Elias married, 1st, Mary Collins, of Sussex ; 2d. Lydia, a wid- 
ow, vvhos • muiclen name was Lydia Doremus. She died 6iii July, 
1850. aged 62 years 

4. Hiram married Peggy Stanbury, daughter of Capt. Jacob 
Stanbnry, of Scotch Plains. 

5. Nancy married, 1st, James McPeek, -on of Jonathan Mr. Peek, 
of Sussex; 2d, J (hn Osborn Maxwell, brother of Jacob B. Max- 
well, above named. 

6. .Sally married Benjamin McPeek, brother of James, above 

7. Linus married, 1st, Miss Stites, of Elizabethtown ; 2. 

Joanna Crane, of Lyons Farms. 

• JOH\ MEEKER LITTELL, (^on of William, son of Jona- 

o than,) and Catherine Beded, had children : 

p 1. Lncinda, who died a young woman, unmarried. 

2. Betsey, who married Alexander Hamilton Davis, of Newark. 

3. Kachel went to the lakes, N. Y., and married there. 

4. Phebe went also to the lakes, N. Y., and married there. 
6. Ellas married ; lives in i\ew York. 

6. Hiram ma ried Phebe and Mary , sisters ; lives in N T. 

And by his 2d wife, Betsey Polhemus, he had other children: 

7. Catherine, who married ; lives in Newark. 

8. John. 


9. Cornelius, who died in infancy. 

10. C irnelius. 2d, horn after his father's death. 

John M. Liltell died of the cholera at Patterson, in 1S32. 

ELTAS LITTRLL, (3d child of William Littell, son of Jona- 
than,) and Mary Collins, lived in Bioomfield, and had children : 

1. Mary, who married John Doremus, brother of his father's 2d 

2. John Cidlins Littell married Lucetta Woodruff, daughter of 
Flavel, of Madi.snn. He is a tailor in Newark, and had children : 

1, William Britton Littell; 2. Mary Collins Littell; 3. John 
Collins Littell; 4. Rhoda Woodruff Littell. 

3. Williao), who married Emma Hedenburg, daughter of Edward 
L. Hedenburg, of Newark. He is a carriage maker of Psewark, 
and had children: 1. William; 2. Emma S. 

And by his 2d wife, Lydia, Elias Littell had a son, . 

HIRAM LITTELL, (4th child of William, son of Jonathan,) 
and Peggy Sianbury, had one daughter. 

L Margaret, who married Mr. Balies, of Newark. 

NANCY LITTELL, (5th child of William, son of Jonathan.) 
and Jamps McPeek, lives at Lafayette, Sussex county, and had but 
one child, 1. William McPeek. 

SALLY LITTELL, (6th child of William, son of Jonathan,) 
and Btnj.imin McPeek, had children: 

1. M.iry McPeek; 2. Catherine McPeek ; 3. Phebe McPeek: 
4. Sarah Elizabeth McPeek ; 5. Whiteiield McPeek ; 6. Margaret 
McPeek ; and three others who died young, two of them 1st Aug. 

LINUS LITTELL, (7ih child of William, son of Jonathan,) 
had children : 

1. William; 3. Stiles; 3. Elizabeth. 



. NATHANIEL LITTELL is said by John Littell, his grand. 
5 son, to be brother of Benjamin Littell ; or rather that Nathaniel 
' Littell, Jun., was cuusin to John Littell, of Westlield ; therefore 

Nathaniel Littell, Sen., was son of Samuel. 

Nathaniel Littell, son of Samuel, married Susan Colie, of 

Springfield, thought to be a sister of Daniel Colie ; he had children : 

1. Henry. 

2. William, who died a soldier in the Revolutionary war. 

3. James married Jane Duraont, of Somerset county; lived near 
Green Brook, Piscataway. 

4» John, who went to near .Cherry Valley, New York, and set- 
tled there. 

5. Benjamin married and had but one child, Susan, who married 
and went to French Creek. ^ 

, 6. Noah married Jane Gildersleeve, and lived at JeOT-son 
Village, Essex county. 

7. Nathaniel married Catherine Corsner, of Monmouth county, 

8. Aaron married Sarah Dickerson, and lived in Elizabethtovvn, 
and died without children. 

9. Mary, who married Hobart Jewel, of Sodom, Essex county. 

; HENRY LITTELL, (1st child of Nathaniel, son of Samuel, 
! 1st,) had children : 

1. Jonathan, who married Susan Steinbeck, daughter of Jacob, a 
German, and lived at Cheapside, 

2i William, who had a large red mark on the side of his face. 
He married Jane Smith, daughter of Uriah, of Cauldwell, and had 
children : 1. Mary ; 2. John ; and then removed to Indiana. 

3. Abby married Samuel Lyon, son of Moses, of Short Hills. 

4. Hannah married John Smith. 

5. Susan married John Tailor, son of William, of Springfield. 

6. Polly married John Sip, lived in Newark, and both died there., 
leaving two children ; 1. William Sip ; 2. Matilda Sip, 

7. Nancy married Richard Swain, of Springfield. 

. JONATHAN LITTELL, (1st child of Henry, son of Nathan- 
' iel,) and Susan Steinbeck, lived st Cheapside, and had children : 

1. Betsey, who died a young woman, unmarried. 

2. Phebe, who married John Drew, Jun., son of John Drew, of 
W, O. Ridge, and had children : 

1. Charlotte Drew ; 2. Teresse Drew; 3. Elizabeth Drew; 
4. John Drew ; 5. Phebe Drew. 
3 Mary married Noah Stiles, Jun., son of Noah, of Connecticut, 
and had children ; 

1. Emma Stiles; 2. Edward Stiles; S. Adolphus Stiles. 
4. Sally married Mervin Stiles, brother of Noah. Jun,, and had 
children : 


1. Lnban Stiles; 2. Walter Siiles ; 3. Montgomery Stiles; 
4. Surah Jane Siiles. 
6. Joiin, who (lied at 3 years. 

6. Jane miirried William Stiles, brother of Noah and Mervin, 
and had children : 

1. Mary Siiles ; 2. John Lyon Siiles; S.Cornelia Stiles; 
4. Susan Siiles; 5. Louisa Stiles; 6. William Siiles. 

7. Susctn married Daniel Van Wert, irom Conneciicul, and had 
children : 

1, Caleb Van Wert; 2. John Van Wert. 

8. Vashli Budd Liltftll married Aaron S. Ross, son of Aaron F. 
Foss, of Wliite Oak Ridge, and had a son, William Augustus 

9. Frances, who married Baldwin Townley, of Livingston, and 
had a daughter, Elizabeth Townley. 

4BBY LITTELL, (3d child of Henry,) and Samuel Lyon, had 
children: * 

1. John Lyon; 2. Mary Lyon; 3. Sally Lyon; 4. William 
Lyon; 5. Eather Lyon; 6. Caroline Lyon. 

HANNAH LITTELL, (4th child of Henry,) and John Smith, 
had children : 

1. Charlotte Smith ; 2. David Smith ; 3. Caleb Smith ; 4. Caro- 
line Smiih; 5. Matilda Smith. 

JAMES LITTELL, (3d child of Nathaniel, son of Samuel. 1st,) 
^ and Jane Uumont, lived near Greca Brook, in Middle^tx county* 
g and had children : 

1. Richard Dumont Littell, who married three sisters, 1st, 
Margaret Elizi Dunn; 2d, Anne Mariah Dunn; 3(1, Rtberca 
Dunn, daughters of Judge Dunn, of Staten Island, . nd lives there, 
and by his first wife has children : 

1. Jane .lohannah Dumont Liliell. 

2. John Duinoiil Liiiell, who is a lawyer ; lives at Holoken, 
and married the only daughter of Smith Bloomfield, and has 
a daughter, born 1849. 

By his 2(1 wife, Anne Mariah, he had no living children. 
By his 3d wife, Rebecca, he had 7 children : 

3. Margaret Eliza. 

4. Mary Louisa. 

5. Emma. 

6. Richard Dumont Littell, born 1S49 ; and 3 others, who 
have died. 

2. William, who lived on Staten Island, and married a Miss 
Farmer, near New BrunswicU, New Jer.«ey, and soon after his 
marriage, in attempting to cross the Freshkill Creek, on his way 
to visit his wife, was drowned. After his death, his widow had a 
son, William, born about 1828 or 1830. 


3. Margaret married Mr. Bioadhead, and both died, leaving no 
chilli roil. 

4. Richi-l murrifd 12 Iward Spriiguo, from Long Island, and bad 
a s.)n, William Sprague, born about ib40. 

g NOAH LITTELL. (iHh son of Nathaniel, son of Samuel. 1st.) 
o i^ind Jane Gilder.slt^t've, lived al JetTeiSitii Villag-e, and had cliildroii : 
.= 1. Nalhaiiiel B., who married lla.inah Ciuwol, daugtiier of Syl- 
van us. 

2. Divid married Mary Anne McDonald, daughter of John, 
frotn Ireland. 

3. Pollv married Richard Crowel, son of Daniel, of W. O. Ridge 

4. Pho'oe marriL'd, ist, Abraham Baker; 2d, Gilbert Kindell. 

5. Stnilh, who was accideiilaliy hung on a ladder in his father's 
barn, at abjut 17 years of age. 

p N.\TH\NIEL B. LITTELL. (son of Noah,) and Hannah 
5; Crowel, :ived at Jefferjon Villajre, and had children: 
S 1. Smilii, wh;) married Abby Neely, of Cherry Valley, Essex 
Co., and had children : 

1. Smilli ; 2. Andrew. 

2. M iry Jane married Baxter Wilkison, son of Crowel, and had 
children : 

1. Hanmli Frances VViilcison ; 2. Joseph Wilkison; S.Sam- 
uel VVilkisiiii. 

3. Noah, who die), at about 24 years, unmarried. 

4. iMoses, born 6ih Aug. 1^2 J, married, 1851), Eliza Kinnan. 

DAVID LITTELL, (son of Noah,) and Mary Anne McDonald, 
had cniidren : 

1. John Smith Litlell, who married Amanda Miller, and had a 
daugluL-r, Adaline Littell. 

2. Levi Clark Liltell. 

3. Abi'aham Baker Littell. 

4. Frances Deninan Litlell, who died Oct. 1S47, aged 14 years. 

POLLF LITTELL. (daughter of Noah,) and Richard Crowel, 
lives m Ohio, and has children : 

1. Rebecca Crowel, who married Isaac Ross, of South Oiange, 

2. Louisa Crowed married . 

3. Daniel Crowel married . ^ 

4. Mos(.'s ( rowel. 

5. Aaron Crowel. 

0. Phebe Crowe!. 

PHEBE LITTELL, (daughter of Noah,) and Abraham Baker, 
had a daughter, 

1. Mary Baker, who married David Mitchel. 
And by Gilbert Kindell she had children : 

2. Susan Brant Rindell. 

300 '^^Bf K«88. 

2. Amos Clark married Sarah [Meeker, daughter of Samuel, of 

And by her 2d husband Sanford Hicks, Elizabeth Ross, had 

3. A daughter, whu married John Chaiierion, of Elizabcihiown. 

ICIIABOD ROSS Jiin, (5ih child of Ichabod, son of John,) and 
Phcbe Miller, had children : 

1. John, who married . 

2. Betsey. 

3. Ichabod 3d. 

4. Abncr married . 

HANNAH ROSS, (Uiu child of Ichabod Ross.J Sen.)" and 
Hendi rsxii \Villi;iins, had children : 

1. Sarah \\ iilianm, who married Peter Messier, and had a daugh- 
ter, Eiiza .\nne Messier, who mnrricd Augustus Howcl. 

2. .Mury WilliaiiiH, who married As^n I). Vandcrprift. ' 

3. I'litbc Aitiic Williams married Jolin Dunham, son of John, 
•on of John, of Passaic Valley, and had a daughter, Ellen Dun* 
ham, and then died. 

4. Henjainin Williams. 

6. Thrddorr Wi.jiams marrnil Miss Mulford. > 

6. Eincline Williams, who died. 

JAMES ROSS. !:>;. (fith Bon of John Ross l-i.11)y his first 
S wife, Hannah ThompBon, had children : 
? 1. Betsey, who married John Marsh Clark. 

2. trarah. horn 6ih May, 1777, and married Doctor Joseph 
Quiinby, of " ' ' i, and died 1K)3, wiihoul children. 

Janus H by his 2d wife, Sarah Thompbon, had chil- 

dren : 

3. Jamr* Thompson Ross, who died unmarried. 

4. H ricd, January, lfc07, Henry Baker, son of WiU 
' liam. 1 / r.J 

5. Gideon, married, 20th April, 1820, Cornclii -Millrr, born 
8th May, 1793, daughter of John .Miller, son of Amirfw Miller, and 
Sarah Koss, daughter of John Ross 1st. 

BETSEY ROSS, (daughter of James Ross, Esq.) and John 
a Marsh Clark, had children : 

f 1. Betsey M. Clark, who married Benjamin T. Clark, son of 
' Charles Clark. Esq. 

2. James Ross Clark, born 20ih June, 1793, and married 
Catherine Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, and had children: 
1. James Ross Clark, Jun. born 12th May, 1827. 
3. John Joseph Clark, born 16th July, 1832. 

JOHN R0S3. 3r, \ 

BETSEY M. CLARK, and Benjamin T. Clark, had children : 

1. James Marsh Clurk, who married Miss Maxwell. 

2. Sarah Anne Clark married Kdwiu Keyt. 

3. Eveline Clark married Mr. iiryer. 

4. Susan Clark married Mr. Maxwell. 

5. Charles Auu;usius Clark nmrried Ruih Sanford. 

6. Lockey Clark married Mr. liryer. 

7. Benjamin Clark ; 8. Catherine Clark ; 9. Hannah Clark. 
10. Gideon Clark; II. Henry Clay Clark ; 12. A daiigiuer. 

HANNAH ROSS, (4ih child of James Ross, Esq.) and Henry 
Baker had children : 

1. James Ross Baker, who died September, 1820, aged about 
12 years. 

'i. William T. Baker, who married Elizabeth Anne Miller, 
daughter of Abner, and had children : 

1. Catherme Baker, born 1839; 2. Elizabeth Baker. 

3. Sarah Eliza Baker, who married William Radford, of New 
York, and had children : 

1. William Henry Radford; 2. James Radford; 3. Edwin 
Rail lord. 

4. James Ross Baker 2d, who married Catherine Mundy, and 
had children : 1. Eliza Radford Bukcr. 

0. Phehe Wt'hb Baker married John Sqiiier, son of John, son of 
John Squier, and had children : 1. James Wade Squier. 

GIDEON ROSS, Esq. (5th child of James Ross, Esq.) was a 
surveyor, a justice of the peace, a major in the militia, and was 
scvtral limes elected a member of the legislature. He and Come* 
lia Miller had children : 

1. James, born 17tli June, 1732, and died 21st, July, 1739. 

2. Cornelia, bora 20lh December, lb35. 

262 ^^^'^ LONG. 


a JOHN LONG was a snddler, lived on Stony Hill, mar- 
g ried Susannah Valentine, daughier of Jonah Valentine, and 
had cl'.ildien : 

1. Levi, who married Abby Bond, daughter of Thomas, 
of Lyons Farms. 

2. C.-itherine mnrried Benjamin Swain, son of Jacob, of 
Wolf Hill. [See Su-aiv.] 

3. Susnnnah mariied, 1st, John Caifrey, from Ireland; 2d, 
Enoch Vreeland. 

4. Michael mnrried. 25lh Dec. 1810, Lockcy Stewart. 

5. Joseph man-ied Betsey Wilkison, daughter of N.ilhan. 

6. Israel B., born 1803, married, 21sl August, 1822, Tolly 
Brown, daughter of William. 

S LF.VI LONG, and Abbv Bond, had children: 
8 1. Marcus; 2. William;" 3. Mary; 4. Hetty. 

CATHERINE LONG, and Benjamin Swain, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Hannah Swain, who married William McDonald, of 
Monmouih county, and had children : 

1. Joseph McDonald; 2. William McDonnld, Jun. ; 3. 
Thompson McDon;iId ; 4. Benjamin McDonald; 5. 
Elizabeih McDonald. 

2. John Swain married , at Rah way, and went 

to the lakes. 

3. Polly Swain married Abraham Simonson, and had 
children : 

1, William Simonson ; 2. Joseph Simonson; and others 
who died. 
And Abrahnm Simonson died, and she married Ephraim 
Howard, and lives at Scotch Plains. 

4. Eliza Swain married James Curtis, son of John. [See 
Betsey Frazee and J(,hn Cui tisJ\ 

5. Jonah Swain marrie.l Jane Ward, daughter of Israel, 
son of Joshua. He left her and went to the South, and died 
at 21 or 22 years. 

6. Joel Swain, who married a daughter of Charles Rino. 

7. William Swain married in Pennsylvania. 

SUSANNAH LONG, and John Caffrey, had children: 

1. Lucy ('allVey, who mariied Uavid Edwards. 

2. Barnabas Catfrey, who married in Hanover. 

3. Edward Caffrey. 

4. Philip Caffrey. 

JOHN L.ORO. 268 

5. John Caffrey. 

6. James Caffiev. 
?. Mary Caffrey. 

8. Jane Caffrey, who died at 18 years. 

MICHAEL LONG, and Lockey Stewart, had children: 

1. Susan, who went lo Ohio. 

2. I'hebe, who married IJias Clark, son of David, son of 
Eiias, Sen. She was accidentally shot, and died of the 

3. Hetty married Mr. Vreeland, of Newark. 

4. John married Hetty Vreeland, daughter of Charles, of 

Mr. Michael Long died 5th March, 1833. 

JOSEPH LONG, and Harriet Wilkison, had children: 

1. Harriet, born I5th June, 1828, married John Meeker, 
son of Aaron, of Springfield. 

2. William Henry, born 16th March, 1830. 

3. Mary Elizabeth, born 25th Jan. 1832, married William 
Burnet, sun of Timotliy, of Union. 

Mr. Joseph Long died 3d March, 1831. 

ISRAEL B. LONG, and Polly Brown, had children: 

1. Sally, who married Alexander Baker, son of Samuel, of 

2. Catherine married David Curtis, son of John. [See 
Asa Frazr^e and Curtis.'] 

3. William. 

4. Samuel, born 1830. 

5. George, born 8th Sept. 1832, and died 15th Aug. 1819. 

6. Jacob, born 1835. 

7. Lydia Anne, born 1837. 

8. Susan, born 1839. 

9. Hetty, born 1843. 

10. Caroline, born 1845. 

11. Mary Frances, born 28th June, 1847, and died 8th 
August, 1849. 



g JEREMIAH LUDLOW lived in New Providence, where 
o James M. Morehouse now lives. Fie died 1st August, 1764, 
" aged 67 years.. His widow died 12th March, 1790, aged ^1 
years. They had two children : 

1. Jeremy, who married Elizabeth Doty, daughter of Jo- 
seph Doty, 1st. He lived where Jacob Davis Mulford now 
lives, in Passaic Valley, Morris county, and had children : 

1. Deborah, who married Jonathan Mulford, son of Cap- 
tain Jonathan. [See Mulfoi^d.'] 

2. Joseph, who married, 8th January, 1784, Chloe Be- 
dell, [see Jennings,] lived where his father did, and 
subsequently removed to Western New I'ork. 

3. Mercy, who married Dr. John Hole, son of Charles, 
[see Hole,] and removed to Ohio, a few miles below 

4. A daughter, who had a daughter, who married Sam 
uel Muchmore, of Madison. 

2, Cornelius, who lived on Long Hill, and became a Colo- 
nel of the militia in Morris county. He married, 1st, Cath- 
erine Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, Sen., and had one 
son; 2d, Martha Lyon, and had six other cfiiklren— she died 
9th October, 1790 ; 3d, Polly Wall. He died 27th April, 
1812, aged 84 years. 

^ COL. CORNELIUS LUDLOW, (son of Jeremiah,) and 

^ his 1st wife, Catherine Cooper, had but one child : 

^ ' 1. John, who married, 19th October, 17723 ^st, Catherine 

Cooper, his cousin, daughter of Daniel Cooper, Jun., and 

had five children ; 2d, Susan Demun^ daughter of John, 

and had six other children. 

2. AgneSj who married, 15th Oct. 1774, Jonathan Pierson. 

3. Patty, who married William Remsen, of Eiizabethtown; 

4. Benjamin, who became Major General of the militia of 
New Jersey. He married Eleanor Harris, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Harris, of Morris county, and sister of the wife of John 

5. Israelj who married Charlotte Chambers, of Chambers- 
burgh, Penn. He went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and was one of 

, the surveyors of Symmes' Purchase, between the two Mia- 
mi rivers, before 1800. 

6. Elizabeth, who married CoL Israel Day, son of Timothjj 
of Chatham. [vSee Day.] 

7. William, who married Betsey Haines, daughter of Sam^ 
uel Haines, of Vealtown, and Sister of Ruth, 2d wife of Na- 

^ t^op^pi Whitaker; and. removed to Mill Creeks Ohio ; had six 


or more children; removed to OxforrI, Bn+ler coiiBty,' and 
was superintendent of the building of the c ^'' His 

children were named : 1. Israel; 2. Samuel; o. jiui id 


n JOHN LUDLOW", (1st child of Col. Gomeliiis Ludlo^w,) 
^ and Catherine Cooper, had children, who all married ' ^" "- 
^ L Sarah married John Lyon, and had no childre 

2. Ag-nes married Silas Hurin, son of Seth. [See Hurin.} 

3. Stephen married, 1st, Jane Porter; 2d, Le Amie Bvl 

4. Cooper married, 1st, Elizabeth Reeder, daughter of Ja- 
cob; 2d, Elizabeth Layton, daughter of Judge Lajton, of 
Mad River. 

5. Lydia married Ogden Ross, son of Matthias^ foraierlj 
of Springfield. 

His wife Catherine then died, and by his 2d wife, Susan De- 
mun, he had other children : 

6. VViJliam married Charlotte Hand, daughter of John 
Hand, from Morris coumy. 

7. Betsey married Matthew Patten, of Dayton» 

8. Mary married Alexander Peiidery. 

9. Martha died at 15 years. 

10. Susan married, Istj Stephen Cummings ; 2dj David 
Bingham, son of David. - 

11. John married Hetty Niles. 

12. Ruth married James Baxter. 

13. Catherine married John Long. 

John Ludlow removed to Ohio about 1T90, or shortly af- 
ter, with his family, and lived near Whitens Station, on ^.ill 
Creek, in Hamilto'n county. 

$ STEPHEN LUDLOW, (1st son of John, son of CoL C^6r- 

f neiius,) and Jane Porter, had children : 

^ 1. Oliver, who married Miss -— — ConwelL 

2. Mary Anne, who died at 14 years. 

3. Catherine, who died at 13 years. " 

4. John is unmarried. 


COOPER LUDLOW, (2d son of John, son of Cornelius,) 
had children : 

L ElleOs who married — ; 2. Stephen married —=?-| 
3. John married Elmira — ; 4. Marj Anne„ 

LYDIA ^LUDLOW, (5th child of John, son of CoL Cor» 
neiius,) and Ogden Ross, had children : 

i. Mary Ross, who married Joseph Gasloiij b,ad ^ mn, 
John (a-aston, and died. 


2. Martha Catherine Ross married William Bigham, son 
of David, and had children: 1. Lydia Bi<.,^ham ; 2. John II. 
IJigham ; 3. Caroline Bigham; 4. Ross Bigham : 5. Darwin 
Bi^^'f"-;im ; 6. George Bigham. 

3. C;iroline Ross married Chamberlain Andrew, and had 
a son, 'iolin Aiuliew. 

4. Sarah lloss married James Andiew. 

5. John Koss lives at Lowell, Mass., and married Fanny 
Waldron, of Boston. 

6. Charlotte lloss married John Mattliews, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Louisa Matthews ; 2. Jenny Matthews. 

7. Harriet Ivoss. 

8. Denman Ross lives at Lowell, Mass. ; married Mary 
Waidron, of Boston. 

9. Jane Ross married Holland Smith, and had a daughter, 
Jenny Snnith, who died young. 

10. Lydia Ross married Cyrus Warren. 

WILLIAM LUDLOW, (6th child of John, son of Col. 
Complins.) and Charlotte Hand, had children : 1. Israel, who 
married Eliza McMullen ; 2. Jonn . 3. Harriet ; 4. Caroline ; 
5. Elizabeth; 6. George. 

BETSEY LUnL0W,(7th child of John,) and Matthew 
Patten, lived at Dayton, and had chi'dien : 

1. Margaret Patten, who marritd James Douglass. 

2. Susan Patten married William Wilson, mt- rchant at Ha- 
milton, and had children: L Charles Wilson; 2. Elizabeth 
Wilson; 3. William VV^ilson ; 4. James Hurin Wilson; 5. 
Ebem^zer Thomas Wilson. 

3. Anne I'atten married Hugh Wilson, brother of William, 
and went to Indiana. 

4. Eliza Patten married Rev. David Reed ; lives in Jeffer- 
son county, Indiana. 

5. Mary Patten. 

6. Amanda Patten married . 

7. William Patten married Mary Anne Duffield, daughter 
of Robert. 

8. Sarah Bell Patten. 

9. Martha Jane Patten. 

10. Sophia Patten, who died of cholera, 21st July, 1850, at 

MARY LUDLOW,! (8th child of John,) married Alex- 
ander Pendery, and had children : 

1. Ludlow Pendery; 2. Goodlow Pendery; 3. Martha 
Pendery; 4. Ralph Pendery ; S.William Pendery; 6. Fin- 
ley Pendery ; 7. Susan Jane Pendery ; 8. Israel Pendery. 


SUSAN LUDLOU^ (daughter of John.) and Stephen 
Cumininp^s, had one daugfiter, Marthn June Cummiiigs, who 
maiiied John W. Owens ; and by I) ivid Binghnn had ehil- 
di-en: 1. MaiT Jmiith Bingham ; 2. Gvnru:*'. l-Jingham : 3. Wil- 
liam Donghiss Bingham; 4. Susan Fiances Bingham; 5. 
David Bingham. 

JOHN LUDLOW, (son of J dm,) and Hettv Niles, had 

chihiien : L Hariiet, who manii'd Dr. Fieeman; 2. 

Steplien married ; 3. John. 

RUTH LUDLOW, (daui^-hter of John,) and James Bax- 
ter, had chid en : I. .Susan Jane manied, and died ; 2. Mar- 
tha Jane married J. IL Harper; 3. Andrew James Baxter; 
4. John Ludlow Baxter. 

CHARLOTTK LUDLOW, (daughter of John,) and John 
Long, had ehihiren: L Susan Long; 2. Josephine Long; 3. 
John Ludlow Long. 

^ AG\ES LUDLOW. (2d child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow.) 
g and Jonathan Pierson, had children: 

1. Jonathan Pierson, Jun . who married Ma'.iida Davis, 
lived at Hatnilton, Ohio, was a judge cf ihe court there, and 
had cfiildren : 

„ L Nancy Pierson, who married IVIoses Kline, and had 

^ children: I. James Kline; 2. Matdda Kline ; 3. Sam- 

S uel Kline 

2. Theodore Pierson. 

3. Lllen Pierson, who married . 

4. Isabella Pierson, who married Wdliam Kain. 

5. Joseph Pierson. 

2. I'olly Pierson married Gen. Solomon Doughty, son of 
Joshua I) )ty, of Lone: Hill, and had children: 

L Agnes Doughty, who married Doctor John D. Jack- 
son, of llockavvay, and had children: L Edward E. 
Jackson, who married Miss Osborn ; 2. Charlotte 

Ja(;kson married Mr. llobison, son of Sheriff 

Collin llul)ison, of Mcwristown; 3. Mary Jackson 

married Mr. Chandler; 4. John Jackson, Jun., 

is a physician; 5. Agnes Jackson ; 6. Laura Jackson. 

2. Joshua Doughty, who married Susan Southard, 
daughter of Col. Isaac Southard, of Somerville. is a 
merchant, and president of the Somerville Bank there, 
and had children: I. Liiuisa Doughty; 2. Sarah 
Doughty; 3. Mary Doughty; 4. John Rolan Doughty; 
5. Joshua Doughty; 6. Susan Doughty. 


3. Elizabeth Pierson Doughty was born 1803, married 
Doct. Charles H. Jackson, and died 28th July, 1838, 
without children : 

4. Sineus Pierson Doughty, born 1808, and died 20th 
October, 1832, unmarried. 

5. Sarah Mariah Doughty, born 13th July, 1814, and 
died 25th July, 1838, three daj'^s before her sister 
Elizabeth, unmarried. 

6. Eugene S. Doughty, who married Elizabeth Under- 
dunk, a widow, of Somerville, is a lumber merchant 
there, and had a son, Eugene. He was elected a 
member of the legislature in 1850 and 1851. 

3. Betsey Pierson, daughter of Jonathan Pierson married 
Col. Solomon Boyle, of Long Hill, son of Solomon Boyle, 
Jun. [See Col. Boyle.'] 

4. Sineus Pierson, who died in Ohio, a young man, un- 

GENERAL BExNJAMiN LUDLOW, (son of Col. Cor- 
nelius Ludlow,) Hved on Long Hill, where his father did. 
He was major-general of militia, judge of the court of Morris 
county, and was several times elected to th^ legislature, as 
member of the general assembly, and meraber pfthe legisla- 
tive council. 

General Benjamin- Ludlow, (4th child of CoL Cornelius 
Ludlow,) and Eleanor Harris, had children : 

1. Cornelius, who married Julia Anne Disborough, of New 
Brunswidk, and had children : 1. George ; %. Jane ; and three 
others. He was a justice of the peace, and judge of court of 
Morris county. He died 24th November, 1836. 

2. Israel, born 1790, and died 21st D^c. 1819, wnmarried'. 

3. Mary, who married Dr. John W. Craig, now of Plain- 
field, and died 1846, without children. 

4. Martha, born 1801, and died 17th. November, 1802. 

5. Susan, born 1803, and died 27th March, 1823, unmarried. 

6. George Harris, born 1805. He was successively a jus- 
tice of the peace, sheriff, and clerk of Morris county, and is 
now in the lunatic asylum at Trenton, on account of insanity. 

7. Martha, 2d, who married her cousin, George H. 
MoCarter, 17th November, f840, and died about 1845, without 

8. Eliza, bom 1809, and died 19th March, 1838, unmarried. 

9. Charlotte Chambers, born 1810, died 22d July, 1830, 

10. Eleanor, boin 181-, and died 4th March, 1849, unmar- 


11. Benjamin, born 8th x'Vugust, 1817, and died 17th Novem- 
ber following. . 

General Ben. Ludlow born 1763, and died 27th January, 
1817. His wife Eleanor born 1771, and died 4th September, 
1819, aged 48 years. 

« ISRAEL LUDLOW, (5th child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow,) 
I and Charlotte Chambers, of Cincinnati, had children : 
•^ 1. James C. Ludlow, who lived on Mill Creek, a farmer, 
married Miss Clarkson, and had children : 

1. Sarah Bella, who married Salmon B Chase, who was 
in 1 850, a senator of the United States. 

2. James Dunlop. 

3. Charlotte Chambers married Charles A. Jones, a law- 
yer of New Orleans, La. 

4. ■ Reuhama. 

5. Benjamin. 

6. Hadassa. 

2. Sarah Bella married Jephtha D. Garrard, a lawyer in 
Cincinnati, and son of Governor Garrard, of Kentucky, and 
had children : 

i. Israel Garra!rd, a lawyer in Cincinnati. 

2. Kenner Garrard. 

3. Lewis Garrard. 

4. Jephtha D. Garrard. 

' Mr. Garrard died in 1836, and his widow Sarah Bella mar- 
ried John McLean, one of the judges of the United States 
supreme court, and had a son, Ludlow McLean, who died 

3. A daughter, who married Col. Ambrose Dudley, of 
Cincinnati, and had a daughter, Louisa Dudley, who married 
John G. D. Burrows, a merchant of Cincinnati. 

4. Israel, who married in Kentucky, and died 184-. 



OBADIXH LUDLUM, and Sarah hi.-? wife, rame from 
Long Island, and seiiled m W e^tfield. lliey luid but one clidd 
thai grew up l>> nianliuod, who was named Obadlah, who 
inari-icd Phjbe Marsh, ot Ue.siHehl. and had children: 

^ I. Jacob who mairied M..r-'.net Pont, ol Lhzabethtown, 

= daughti-r ol" Wiiham Pooh and had chihJren : 

* 1. I'lielie, who niari-.ed Jacob Woodruff. 

o 2 Jacob married Miss L\dia (.'iark. 

° 3. Carohne, \vh(j died unmarried. 

4. John married Margaret b^merson, and had children : 

» 1. Maigaret, wlio married Isaac Scudder. son of 

Israel; 2. Sarah; 3. Gideon; 4. Mary Elizabeth. 

cj 2. Sarah married David Urane, of Lhzabeihtown. 

o 3. Watson, who went to the South, and died unmarried. 

•" 4. Samuel, who mairied . 

5. Smith mairied Kuth IJaduley. 

6. Patty married Daniel Muuson. of i\ew York. 

7. IJetsey married Lbenezer Stevenson, of New York. 

8. Joseph, boin I7ih December, 1779, manied Betsey 
INIorehouse. daughteV of Simeon. 

j 9. Joanna, bom 26th Sepiomber, 17S1, married Daniel 
Corv, son of Llder Daniel Cory, ol Long Hill. [See- Cory.^ 

10. Uzra married Kachel Segoine, of New York, and lived 
and liied theie. 

Obadiah Ludlum, Jun , died, and his widow married Elder 
Daniel Cory, of Long Hill. 

The family now spell the name Ludlow. 

JOSEPH LUDLOW, (son of Obadiah Ludlum, Jun..) nnd 
Betsey Morehouse, lived on Stony Hill, he was an elder in the 
Presbyterian church there, and had childien: 

1. Aaron M., who married, 1st, Eliza DeHart ; she dieJ, 
and he married, 2d, Jane Osborn, daughier of John. 

2. Ezra married Deborah (Jrane. daughter of John, of 
Kew i'rovidence ; 2d, Mary Crane, daughter of John Crane, 
of Newark. 

3. .Amos married Catherine W. Hart, daughter of John, of 
New York, and went to Lebanon. Ohio ; his wile died, and he 
married there, 2d. Ixosanna Siinonton ; she died, and he mar- 
ried. 3d. Hannah Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, late of 
Salem county. New Jersey. 

4. Smith, who died an infant. 

5 Hannah died 1st January. 1832. aged 22 years. 

f>. Joseph Marsh married I'hebe Anne Dunham, of West- 
field, had one son, when she died, and he married Jane Max- 
well, of Connecticut Farms. 


7. Israel, who died nn infant. 

8. N;uicy marr;eJ J(jhu M. Ivindall, son of Joshua! [S'e 

9. J;icob. who mnrried De'ior:)h T. Ruckman, daughter of 
Levi, born INth Janii;iry, 181S, and who died 2 Ith l-'eliruary, 
184', leaving two childien, \N ulson and I'liebe, and he died 
24th October 1«50. 

10. b>hza. wht) died an infant. 

11. Watson went to Lebanon, Ohio, and married Mary 
Smith, sister of Amos's 3d wile. 

12- John, wlio died 2')ih February, 1845. aged 21 years. 
Mr. Joseph Ludlow died lOih October, 1849, aged nearly 
70 }ears. 

A\RON M. LUDLOW, by liis 1st wife, had no chiUren. By 
his 2d witb. JiiriP O^boni, he iuul chilclri'n . 

1. J.'reiiiiah Orfbori, Ixini 9di Jamia; y, 1840. 

2. H.-nry Marti I, born IDIi Mircb. fH4I. 

3. Flnraco Jiiilsiin. burn 7ih January. LS-J3. 

4. Wiiriuii Muiiso:). b>ni Isi. August, 1844. 

6. Eli/.i Deliart, burn llth Fi^biuary. 1S46. 

7. John Chirk, uorii lOtn Ociuber, i847. 

EZRA LUnLOW, and Df;borab Crano, had children : 

1. Levi iVlulfcrd, wbo went to Calilornia. 

2. Francis, who died at 9 mouths. 

3. John JiiSP[)h. 

4. Eraslu-s, who died young. 

5. Era.s1n<. 21. 

6. John Edgar. 

7. George. 

8. Jamus F. Meeker. 

AMOS LUDLOW, and Catherine Hart, had children: 

1. John Howe Dar<r. 

2. Martha Aniio Kliza died at 2^ years. 

3. Henrietta, who died nt 16 days. 

4. Deborah Jane, whodied at 2| year.-?. 

Ani by his 2d, wife, Rosaniia had, 5. Phebe Anne, who died at 
1^ years. 

And by his 3d wife, Hannah, had, 6. Catherine Wheeler. 

7. Joseph LeRoy ; 8. Josephine ; 9. Mary Elizabeth. 

WATSOX LUDLOW, and .Mary Smith, had children : 
1. Samuel Joseph ; 2. Elizubeti/Anne ; 3. Semautha Jane; 4. 
Sarah M. 



MATTHIAS LUDLOW married Sarah Williams, daughter of 
Benjamin, lived in Wesificld, and had children : 

1. Ebenezer, who married Abigail Liltell, daughter of John, son. 
of Benjamin, [See LUtell] 

2. Benjamin married Keziah Clark, of Westfield. 

3. CorneJius married Abby Pierson, daughter of William, of 

4. William married, as his 2d wife, Sarah Martin, daughter of 
Alexander, of Long Hill. 

6. Sally married William Lane, of Woodbridge, 

6. Lewis married Betsey Davis, daughter of Deacon Jacob Davis, 
of Westfield. 

7. Isaac was a physician, married Nancy Cutter, daughter of 
Camp Cutter. 

LEWIS LUDLOW, and Betsey Davis, had children: 

1. Malancton, who died a young man. unmarried, 

2. Sarah, who married succesively William Miller, son of Lewis, 
Caleb Miller, son of Nathaniel, and William Day, an Englishman. 
By William Miller she had a son, 1. Lewis Miller, who married 
Martha Hand, daughter of Matthias, son of Nehemiah. By Caleb 
Miller she had children : 2. Israel M. Miller ; 3. Mary Miller. 
And by William Day, an Englishman, she had children: 4. Cath- 
erine Day ;' 5. William Day ; and two others. 

3. Benjamin, who married Fanny Smalley, daughter of Abner, 
son of James Smalley, and had a daughter, 

1. Elizabeth Ludlow, who married John Badgley, a grandson 
of Jonathan. 
His wife Fanny died, and he went to Buffalo, New York, and 
there married again. 



STEPHEN LUM married in Connecticut Farms, and removed 
from ihence to the farm lie bought of Moses Miller, south of John 
M. Stites's bark-mill, and had children: 

1. Moses, born February, 1780, and married, 13th May, 1810, 
Nancy Morehouse, daughter of Simeon, and removed U) Newark 
and died 18th October, 1849. 

2. Artios married Fanny Morehouse, sister of Moses's wife. 

3. John married a widow Osborn, lived in Newark. 

4. Betsey did not marry. 

5. Stephen M. married Betsey Frazee, and had children: 
1. Jane ; 2. Hannah. 

6. Oba married , and died about 1830, leavino- 4 chil- 

MOSES LUM, and Nancy Morehouse, had children: 

1. Isaac, who died an infant. 

2. Amos, who married Amanda Walker, daughter of Abraham, 
and had children ; 

1. Louisa Eveline ; 2. Lavina Parsons ; 3. Martin Luther ; 
4. Adaline Woodhull; 5. Amanda Walker. 

3. Stephen triarried Catherine Conkliu, daughter of Nicholas, of 
Newark, and had children: 

1. Sarah Seely ; 2. Elizabeth. 

4. Rebecca M. married Sidney B. Day, of Orange. 

5. Elias R-iggs, who died at 4 years. 

6. David, who died at 2 years. 

AMOS LUM, (son of Stephen,) and Fanny Morehouse, had'chil- 
dren : 

1. Samuel Y. Lum graduated at college, studied theology, and 
was licensed to preach the gospel by the presbytery of Newark. 

2. Jane, who married Elias D. Hughson, son of Peter, of 

3. Hannah, who married, 20th September, 1848, Charles II: 
Freeman, of Macon, Georgia. 




£• PETER LYON was probably thn son of Ebenczpr Lyon, or 
o Niilhatiiel Lyon, who aiv named in ilio list of the 2(J generation of 
•" '-tbo Elizal)elh Town Associrtip^," admitted in 1699. 

Peter Lvon lived on Stony Hill, rusirly south of Littell's Bridge. 
He was bo'rn 1722. and died 2:5d Sept. 1781. aged 62 years. He j 
marri.-d .lo-inna Claik, half sister of EliasClaiK, of Stony Hill. ' 
She was born 28th Dtc ll'-iii, old style. They had children ; 
S 1. F.benezer, born 29lh April, 1746, and marrie i, 1st, Sarah 
« Willcox, daughter of John Willcnx, Sen. She died Ist Juno, 1705, 
' a<red 45 years. He married, 2d, Caly Drake, dangluer of Edward 
Dialce ; 3d, Fatmy, the mother of Williani Titus [See Titus.] 

2. David, who went to Virginia. 

3. J(nmna married John Blackford, and died 12th Oct. 1783, 
aged 2 I years. 

4. Berijami'i married, 8th March, 1776, Joanna Willmx, daugh- 
ter of Peter, Jnn. He was a carpenter ; bnilt the house on Stony 
Hill, east of his father's, where John Marshall latt ly lived. He 
sold out, and removed to Green county. Pennsylvania, and there 
married, as his 2d wife, the widow Gertrude Rogers. 

5 Belhiah married, 2d May, 1770, John Poller, son of Ames 
Potter, Sen. [See Potlcr ] 

6. Nathaniel mariied Mercy Willcox, sister of Ebeuezer's first 

7. Susan married, 1.5lh April. 1730, John Cory, brother of 
Noah and Parkhurst Cory, and had a dauyhler, Pliobe (Jorv, who 
nuirricd Cornelius Miller, son of Noah, of Wesiheld, and removed 
t(» Indiana, and had a dauirbter, Anne Miiler, who married her 
cousin Peter Lyon, son of Ebenezer. 

8. Phebe married Jonas Clark, son of Jercmi;ih, of Rahway, 
brother of Elias Clark, Sen., and had children, Peter, Jeremiah, 
and Polly Clark. 

£ EBENEZER LYON, (son of Peter,) lived where his father 
? did, and by his 1st wife, Sarah, had children: 

•" 1. Elizabeth, born 2Sth April, 1774, and married, 27th April, 
1791, Moses Tucker, son of John. [See Tucker.'] 

2. Mary, born 16th May, 1776, and married James Brown, son 
of John. [See Broion.] 

3. John, born 7ih Oct. 1778, and died lltb Feb. 1842. Ha 
married Taoilha Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, and had a 
diiugliter, Sarah, born 15th May, 18(19, and married Dayton Badg. 
ley. son of Anthony. [See BadgUy.'] 

4. Rachel, born 21st August, 1781, married Henry Moore, son of 
Joseph, of Mount Bethel. 

5. Sally, (twin to Rachel,) married Jonathan Roff, son of Na- 
thaniel. [See Rof] 

6. Peier, born 27th Feb. 1787, married his cousin Anne Miller, 
daughter of Cornelius, of Indiana, and grand-daughter of Susan 
Lyon (sister of Ebenezer) and John Cory. 

PETER LYON. , 275 

Peter Lyon left his wife, and returned to this place, and died the 
2.5th Aug,' 1851. 

7. Piiebe, b:)rii July 23 J, 1739, and died in infancy. 

5. I'hebe, 2il, b.)rn l4th Dec. 1791, married William Alward, 
son of Benjamin, and went to French Creek. [See Alward.] 

6. Mercy, burn 21st Miy, 179 >, married, 5th Feb. JS15, Sqiiier 
Pope, s)ii ofS.ininel. of Mount Bethel. 

10. Susan, twin to Mercy, is not married. Her mind is partially 

. RACHEL LYON, and Henry Moore, had children : 

J 1. Henry Mc> -re, Jun., who married Sally Allen, daughter of 

' Gideon. [See Allen.] 

2. Amos .Moore married Charity Compton, daughter of .James. 

3. Peter Moore married Rebecca Bird, daughter of John. He 
was a justice of the peace. 

4. Sarah Moo e married Benjamin Coddington, son of Archibald. 

5. .FoUn Moore m irried Eh'za Frazee. 

6. .lane Moore married Henry Bird, brother of Peter's wife. 

7. H irriet Moore married George Coddington, son of William. 

, BENJAMIN LYON, (son of Peter,) and Joanna Willco.x, had 

1 children : 

' I. Betsey, who married Thomas Parmer. 

2. Phebe married George Cook. 

3. Sheba married John Kinney. 

4. Nancy married John Kauffman. 
6. Noah (lid not marry. 

6. Peter married ———. 

And by his 2d wife, widow Gertrude Rogers, had, 

7. William married Betsey Hathaway. 

8. Joanna married L-a French. 

NATHANIEL LYON, (son of Peter ) and Mary Willcox, had 
children ; 

1. Joiham, who lives on the Wabash River, in Indiana. 

2. .Miry, who married ; is now a widow in Indiana, 

3. Pnebe married Joshua Miller, in Ohio, son of Jacob. [See 
Jacob Miller.] 

Note.— I know of no connection between Peter Ljon andJoseph Lyon. 




JOSEPH LYON married Rebecca Littell, daughter of 
David, and had children : 

1. Joseph, who married Barbara . 

2. James married Susan Smith. 

3. Samuel married Hannah . 

4. Thomas married Anna , in Philadelphia. 

5. John married Sarah Hetfieid, daughter of John, of 
Elizabethtown, N. J. 

6. William married Hannah . 

7. Rebecca married Thomas Clark. 

8. Abigail married . 

9. Sarah married John Straun. 

10. Mary married Abraham Kimberland. 

g REBECCA LYON, (7th child of Joseph,) and Thomas 

g Clark, had children : 

1. Jospph Clark, who married Mary Smith. 

2. William Clark married Hannah Smith, cousin of Mary. 

3. James Clark m.arried Susan Smith, a Dutch girl. 

4. Thomas Clark married Anna Stout. 

5. John Clark married Sarah Hetfieid, daughter of Thom- 
as, of Elizabethtown. 

6. Samuel Clark married Mary . 

7. Abigail Clark married William Stonen 

8. Sarah Clark married John Straw. 

9. Betsey Clark married • 

10. Mary Clark married William Moore. 

11. Rebecca Clark married James Thomas. 

John Clark, (5th child of Thomas,) and Sarah Hetfieid, 
had children : 

1. Hiram Clark, who married Elizabeth Long, daugh- 
* ter of Gideon. 

o 2. Elizabeth Clark married William Weaver, son of 

? Judffe Henry Weaver. 

3. Ma^ry Clark married Silas C. Byram, son of bben- 
ezer, son of Naphtali, and lives near Hill Grove, 
Darke county, Ohio. [Sec Naphtali Byram.] 

4. Stephen Clark married Elizabeth Hamilton, daugh- 
ter of Andrew. 

5. Susan Clark married Robert Law, son of Francis, 
and brother of David C. Byram's wife. [See Byram.] 

6. John Clark lives on the St. Joseph's river, Michigan. 

7. Georace Clark married 



JAMES MARSHALL was. son of James Marshall, of 
Rahway. He married Phebe Marsh, sister of Daniel, Chris- 
topher, and Ralph Marsh, of Rahway. He lived in Stony 
Hill Valley, and had children: 

1. Mary, who married Peter Allen, son of Joseph Allen, 
Jun., of Washington Valley. (See Joseph Aihn, Jun.'\ 

2. Nancy married, 10th March, 1790, William Allen, 
brother of Peter. 

3. James married Mary Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, 
of Passaic Valley ; lived and died at Patterson. 

4. iJaniel married Polly Fiazee, daughter of Jacob, on 
the first mountain, and went to Ohio. 

5. Jane married David Brant, of Morris county. He left 
her, and went to Ohio, and she lived and died in New York. 

6. John, born 1789, married Hannah Willcox, born 1795, 
daughter of Daniel VVillcox. He lived on Stony Hill, and 
had children : 

1. Stephen, who married Amanda Smalley, daughter 
of Samuel, son of David, and had children : 1. 
Hutchings ; 2. Samuel ; 3. Mary Augusta ; and then 
went to Illinois. 

2. Deborah, born 1816, married William Brant, son of' 
Matthias, of Union, and had a daughter, Mary Alice, 
born 30th June, 1842, and then parted by consent. 

3. Mary Jane, born 1822. 

JAMES MARSHALL, (3d child of James,) and Mary 
Moore, lived at Patterson, and had children : 

1. John. _ i 

2. David, who died unmarried. 

3. Sally married William Hadley, and removed west. 

4. Daniel. 

5. Rachel married William Walker ; lives at Morristown. 

6. Betsey, twin to Rachel, married Henry Crane, of 

7. Garret. 

8. James. 

9. Calvin, who died young. 


JOHN MASCHO married Catharine Potter, daughter of Daniel 
Potter, 2(1. He lived on Long Hill, and had childien: 

1. Polly. [See Putter.] 

2. David, who went to Western N. Y. 

3. Sarah, who died young. 

4. Daniel Potter Mascho, who married Sally I<acy, daughter of 
Jncob, son of David. 



ALEXANDER MARTIN lived on the south side of Long Hill, 

below Henry Jennings' and the Wosliington schooliiouse. 

His wife's name was Sarah. He was burn I'/SO, and died l^th 
March. 1785, aged 5-3 y^iirs. She was born \T.i7, and dn d 20th 
December, 1797, aged 60 years ; ihey had children : 

1. Jitne, who married James 'J'odd, son of Alexander, of Bed- 
minster, Somerset couniy. \_See Tudd.'j 

2. Sirah married William Ludlow, son of Matthias, of West- 
field. [See Matthias Ludlow.'] 

3. Alexander, Jun., married, 26th Oct. 1788, Mary Darling, 
sister f)l'J"homas Darling. 

4. David married SusHnnah Shotwoll, daughter of John Smith 
Shotwell, and sister of William Sholwell, uf Pluinfield, and had 
no children. 

5. Tliomas married, 27ih March, 1788, Betsey Hedge?, daughter 
of Uriah. \_See Hedges ] 

6. Anne, who iriarried (4eorge Noble, and had a d:'ughter Jane, 
who married iSylvanus Oakley, son of Ephraim Oakley. [See 

7. Samuel married , and went to the West. 

JANE MARTIN, (daughter of Alexander,) and James Todd, 
had children : 

\. Alexander Todd, who died in 1849, aged G4 years. 

2. Sally married John Norton. 

3. William married dtherine Hand, daughter of Jonathan 
Hand, of l{askii)g Ridge. \_Sec Hand.] 

4. Jumes is not munied. 

5. Aiuie married John Nesbit, son of James, of Basking Ridge. 

THOMAS MARTIN, and Betsey Hedges, had children: 

1. I'hoinas, who married, l4th February, 1S22, Rebecca Spin, 
ning, daughter ol Benjamin, and had children: 

1. J iiette. 

2. John Dayton, who tnarried. ISth July, 1850, Nancy Pier- 
son, daughter of James H. Pierson. 

2. Day toll, who married Sdlly Crowel, daughter of Silas Cmwel, 
of Green Village, and had children : 1. Harriet Roberts Martin; 
2. William R. iWartin. 

N Ml-:.— j:ilas Crownl's wife was Agnes Roberts, daughter of Samuel, son 
of iamuel Itoberts, sen. 

3. Polly married Daniel Hole, son of Charles Hole, Jim., and 
had children: I. Sally Hide; 2. Nancy Hole; 3. 'I'homas Hole. 
They went to the lakes, N. Y. [See Hole.] 



JOHN MAXWELL lived in Wo^tfiild, and had children : 

1. William, will) married, 1st, Abigail Day, dang- iter of David 
Dav, E<q. ; 2d, Elizabeth Baker, daughier ol" Ti^ioinas Baker, Juii. 

2. J..h.i, 2 J. 

3. David. 

4. Estlipr, who married Moses Miller, sun of John Miller, Jun. 
[See Miller.] 

g WILLIAM MAXWELL, (son of John Maxwell, Sen.,) owned 
o the farm of 99 acres, a Ij lining on the west that of Jolin Bedfll, 
•" and probahly ho. or his f,ither-in-l<i\v, David Day, Esq., built the 
hou-;e where Peter Hill now lives. 

He also o\vnt d a tract south of it, extending to the top of Stony 
Hill, lie sold tue farm of 99 acres, on the I lih of Apnl, 176 1, to 
Thomas Biker, aid removed to or built a house on the north side 
of Siony Hill, on iIk; oth.T tract now owned in part by John W. 
Hind, lying east of T. O. Scudder's wood lot. 
William Mawvell had cliiidren: 

1. Sarah, who married Henry Frazce, son of Joseph. [See 

2. Divid Day Maxwell, baptized 13th May, 1764, married Nel- 
ly •, and removed to Canada. 

3. William, Jun., who mirried Polly Badgley, 2Sth February, 
1792, daughter of Anthony. 

4. Polly married, 1st, Isaac Line, son ofCapt. William Line, had 
a son. Is lac Line. H r hml)an I then died, and she married John 
Willrox, son of John Willcox. Sen. 

6. Abigail, who died 12th February, IS 16, unmarried, an aged 

6. Simnel, w'lodied a young man, unmarried. 

7. Elizibeth married, 10th May, 1775, John Prior, son of An- 
drew. [See Prior] 

8. John, who married near Pluckemin. 

9. Jemima, who married . 

g JOH>T MAXWELL, 2d, (son of John, 1st.) had children: 
o 1. Nathaniel, who died unmarried, durinof the revolutionary war. 
° 2. John, 3d, was a m ison, learned his trade of Jacob Briltin.of 
Long Hill, Wis a ca|)tain of the militia, married Eunice Osborn, 
daughter of John, and in April, ISOO, removed to Sussex county. 

3. Daniel, who married Abby Potter, daughter of Caleb Potter. 

4. Hannah married Aaron Baker, son of Daniel, son of Tliumas 
Baker, 3d. [See Baker.'] 

g CAPT. JOHN M\XsVELL. (son of John,son of John, It, of 

o Weslfield,) and Eunice Osborn, had children : 

•• 1. Jacob Britlin Maxwell, born 5th Auff st, 1786, and married 



1st, Phebe T. Russel, born ISih March, 1790, daughter of James 
Russel, of Sussex; 2d, Polly Liltell, daughter of Wil,iam, son of 
Jonathan Liltell. 

2. Elizabeth married Luke VanBuskirk, Jun., son of Luke, of 

3. John Osborn Maxwell married Betsey Carey, daughter of 
Jacob, of Sussex. 

4. Esther married James C. Hagaman. son of Barna Hagaman. 
6. Israel Baker Maxwell married Mary Aune (Jiijiied, dau>^liter 

of John. 

$ JACOB B. MAXWELL, (1st child of Capt. John Maxwell.) 
p now lives in Aew ProvidKuce. and by Phebe 'i'. Kussel had a son: 
P L John T. Baker Maxwell, who married Abigail Higgius, daugh- 
ter of Ddvis Higffins. 

And by Polly Liltell had children : 

2. William Newton Maxwell, who died at 25 years, unmarried. 

3. N iiicy, born l7th February, 1817, who married Samuel Dur- 
yee, boni i6th November, IS 14, son of David, of Newark, and had 
children : 

1. William Brittin Duryee, born 17th March, 1840. 

2. John David Duryee, born 4lh May, 1841. 

3. Phebe Ellen Duryee, born 25th March, 1844, and died 
1st October. 1844. 

4. Mary Emma Duryee, born 7th October, 1846. 

5. Charlotte Elizabeth Duryee, born 28th August, 1848. 

4. Is ael Osborn Maxwell, bora 5th August, I82U, and married 
Charlo-e Cntherine Strong, born 1S26, daughter of Davis Strong, 
and had children : 

1. Jacob Brittin Maxwell, born 2Slh November, 1843. 

2. Clara Madora Maxwell, born 21st June, 1848. 

5. Esther, who died young. 

g JOHN T. BAKER MVXWELL. (son of Jacob B. Maxwell,) 

g> and Abigail Higgins, live in New York, atul had children : 
" 1. Phebe Anne; 2. Loui'^a : 3. Chjirlolte ; 4. Harriet; 5. 
Margaret Davis ; 6. Addison Weld ; 7. Mary. 

^ ELIZABETB MAXWELL, (^d child of Capt. John Maxwe 1. 
o and Eunice Osborn,) and Luke VanBuskirk, Jun., of Sussex, had 
." children : 

1. Eunice VanBuskirk, who married Horace Cooper, of Morris 

2. Mary Anne VanBuskirk married Charles Mnckerly, son of 
Michael, and h^id children: 1. Michael Mackerly ; 2. Jacob B. 
Mackerly ; .3. Harriet Mackerly ; 4. Elizabe h Mackerly. 

3. John M. VanBuskirk married Mary Anne Reed, daughter of 
Andrew Reed, and has a son Vv'^illiam VanBuskirk. 

Mr. Luke VanBuskirk, Jan., was accidentally killed by the fall 
ofajtree, and his widow Elizabet!) married Mr. Montague, and had 
a son : 4. Joseph Montague. 


JOHN 0. MAXWELL, (3d child of Cupt. Jolin Maxwell,) 
and Betsey Carey had cliildreri : 

1. Phebe inarrit-d Lansing Predmore, son of Joshua, of Sussex, 
and removed to Michigtn. 

2. Jacob Carey married, and removed to Beecli Woods, N. Y. 

3. Daniel; 4. Rhuda ; 5. James; 6. John ^laxwell, 

ESTHER MAXWELL, (lih child of Capt. John Maxwell,) 
and James C. Hagaman, liad children: 

1. Hannah Hagnman. who married Mr. Masker, from Patterson. 

3. Jaci)b Brittin H agamnn married 'i'elitha Predmore, daui^liter 
of Joseph, and cousin of Lansing Predmore, before named. 

3. Eliza Hagaman married Daniel Gunderaian, son ol Peter, of 
Sussex county. 

4. Sarah Ann Hagaman married Mr. Ross, of Sussex. 

5. Catherine Hagaman, who died at nbout 25 years. 

6. Margaret Hagaman, \> ho died at about 23 years. 

7. Rebecca Frances Hagaman. 

8. James Hagaman. 

9 and 10. Daniel and Mary Hagaman, twins. 

ISRAEL B. MAXWELL, (5th child of Capt. John Maxwell,) 
and Mary Anne Ousted, had children: L Nancy; 2. Esther; 3. 
John Jacob Maxwell ; and then removed to Michigan. 

" DANIEL MAXWELL, (son of John Maxwell, 2d.) and Abby 
g Potter, were married 5ih November, 1789, and had I'hildren : 

1. Phebe. who married Mr. Bisiiop, near tiie Scotch I'lain.s. 

2. Esther, who married Ephraim Terril, of Westfield. 

Abby, the wife of Daniel Maxwell, was drowned in January, 
1800, in New York bay, by the upsetting of a sailboat of Eliza- 
bethtown, when several others were drowned. 

g DAVID MAXWELL, (3d child of John, 1st,) lived in Union, 
f and had children : 

1. John, v/ho married Anna llubbel, and lived in Union township. 

2. Samuel married Ruth Ross, daughter of Daniel Ro-s, and 
sister of Phebe, tiie wife of Johti Crane, [see Crane, page 104, J 
and removed to Ballston Springs. 

3. Isaac married a daughter of George Scudder, and lived near 
Union Village, in Passaic Valley, and had children, David and 
Susan, who went to near Lake Onta:-io, in Western N. Y. 

4. Ruth married Ezekiel Ross, brother of Samuel's wife. 

« JOHN MAXWELL, (son of David,) and Anna Hubbel, 'had 

n children : 

? i. Susan, who married Stephen Foster, of Lyons Farms. 

2. David, who died at about 58 yeais, unmarried. 

3. Abner, who married Siilly Allen, (laughter of John, of^Union. 

4. Nancy, who died at about 64 years, unmarried. 

!>. Mary, who married Denman Meeker, of Lyons Farms. 

6. Esther married Elias Crane, son of John, 4th. [iSee Crane.] 



J03EPF1 MEEKEIl. wns in the firsl list of eighty associates, 
callel '• till! Eli/.abt'ilitovvii Associates," and was probably the (a- 
tlier of Kobnl Met ker. Stephen Me. ker. and I 'avid M, ekiT, who 
wuru brutners, and all settled in or near Elizibel .town. 

Tiie nana: of lienjiinin Meeker is in the list ol' the 2d genera- 
tion of associ.ites, adnulteJ in 1699. 

ROBEllT MEEKER had sons, Jaraes, Rolert, Stephen, and 


tf JAMES MEEKER, (son of Robert,) married Mary Crocheron, 
i? and iiad cliildieii : 

1. Mary, who married Ephriam Sayre. of Eiizabothtown, and 
had children : 1. Hets^ey Sayre ; 2. Fully Sayre ; 3. Nancy Sayre ; 
4. I'!piiraini Sayro, J on. 

2. laiiah married Deborah, the widow of Jonathan Magie, and 
daughter ol Joseph Hulsiv. 

3. Francis married Walters Burrows. [See Burrows.] 

4. Anna, who died a young woman. 

5. Hannah married Edward Hill, of Basking Ridge. 

6. Rebecca married Simeon Morehouse. [See Morehouse.] 

7. James married Hannah Foster, of Lyons Farms. 

8. Aaron. , 

9. Hetty, who married Samuel Foster of Lyons Farms. 

g ISAIAH MEEKER, (son of James,) came up to Turkey, in 1775. 
oand settled on No. 18, of the Elizabethtown lots, first owned by 
" ^Villiam Broadwel!, where Abraham Kent now lives, and died 
there, 23d February, 1814, aged 73 years. He married Deborah, 
the widow of Jonathan Magie. She was the daughter of Joseph 
Haisey, who lived near the VVheatsheaf Tavern, between Eliza- 
bethtown and Rahway. She died fith March, 1836. 

Isaiali Meeker, (2d child of James Meeker,) and Deborah Haisey, 
had childien : 

1. Abigail, who was born 1767. and married, 9th Sept. 1824, 
Thomas P.irrot, Esq , its his 2(1 wife. She died 1st July, 1846, 
aged 79 years. She had no chidren. 

2. Daniel Haisey married, 19ih Dec. 1790, Sally Wood, daugh- 
ter of Capi. Daniel S. Wood. He died 27ih May, 1798, aged 30 

^' 3. Nancy, b-.rn 1 771, married, 23d Dec. 1790, John Roberts 
^ son of Samuel Reb rts. She died 30th July, IM2, aged 71 years. 
S He died 22d April, 1842, aiicl lo years. 

4. Caleb, born 1772, married Charity Frost, daughter of John 
M. Pros', of Morris county. He died Mli Jan. 1815, aged 43. 
She died lOih Feb. 1860, aged 72 years. [See Ward.] 

6. Jonathan Magie, burn 2d April, 1776, and married Elizabeth 
Townley, born 22d August. 1780, d.ughter of Kichaid Townley, 
Son of Effinijham. and had no children. 

6. Mary married Arauna Muir, of New Vernon. 

She died . Ho died 27th Aug. 1S3S, aged 60 years. 


7. Isaac, born 1778, married, olh March, 1808, Betsey Willcoy, 
daughter of Daniel. 

^ DANIEL H. MEEKER, (son of Is.iah.) and Sally Wood, had 
^ ciiildreii : 

S I. .John M , who married Mary C. Biidd, daiighlcr of Doct. Julin 
C. Biidd. 

2, Deborah married Uzel Hand, son of Robert. [See Hand] 

:{. Daniel, who went to Connecticut. 

NANCY MEEKER, (daughter of Isaiah,) and John Roberts, 
had fhiliien : 

1. Phebo. born 791, and di(;d unmarried. 

2, Abigail, who married Nathan Firman Pierson, and had chil- 
dren : 1. John llobeils Pic-r^son ; 2. (icorgu Piers k: ; :». Elizabeth 
Pierson; 4. Daniel Pierson; 5. Elias Pierson ; ti. Jonathan Meeker 

Charlotte H, who died 2d March, 1838, aged 36 years. 

JOHV M. MEEKER, (son of Daniel H., son of Isaiah,) and 
Mary C. Budd, li ,d ciiillren ; 

1. Gertrude, who man ied Jabez Coolc, son of Ellis Cook, of 
Hanover, and had children: 1. Anne Cook; 2. William Cook; 
3. Mary Cook. 

2. John; 3. Sarah; 4. Mary; 5. George ; G. Henrietta Meeker. 

^ CM.EB MEEKER, (son of Isaiali,) and Chari y Frost, had 
n chiidien : 

•" 1, Pollv, who married Amos Wil cox, son of .John Willcox, 
Jnn., and died 27tli Nov. ISil. leaving u son, Theod ire, who 

married , and lives in N. Y. 

ti. Nancy ; 3. Betsey To.vniey ; 4. Charity Frost, who all three 
died yonng. 

6. Caleb Hilsey Mef-kpr, who married Hannah Gillam, daughter 
of John, son of James Gillam, and had chddren: 

1. Albeit, 2. tiarret; 3. Almira; 4. Mary; 5. Emma. 

6. Jonathan Magie Meeker married, Isl, Almira Voder ; 2d, 
^ Mary Elizabeth D>-lliger. of N. Y., and had children : 

5- 1. Fre iinick ; 2. Marv ; 3. Aivin : 4 William ; 5. Theodore ; 

8 6. Ellis. 

7. Isa;ic, birn Pth Dec. 181 I, married Mehetabel Barnet Will- 
cox, daughter of John, 3d, and had children : 

1. Sarah Anne, who married, 27ih I'Vb. I8"0, Benjamin Spin- 
ning, son of John, [sei; Spinning ;] 2. John Lewi? Meek- 
er; 3. Charity Frost Meeker; 4. Isaac Henry Meeker; 5. 
William Francis Meeker. 

MARY MEEKER, (daughter of Isaiah,) and Arauna Muir, 
had children : 

1. Divid Austin Muir, who is a dry goods merchant in Broad.' 
way, New York. Ho married Mary Jaques, ilaughter of Isaac 
Jaques, New York, and had children : 


I 1. Elizabeth J. Mtiir, who married, lOlh Nov. 1S51, David 

n G Tappen, of Morristown ; 2. Frances Muir; 3. Lewis 

= Minr ; 4. Austin Miiir ; 5. Harry Muir. 

2. Jnnatluiii M. Muir. 

3. Josiah Frost Muir, who is a proper manufacturer at Chatham. 
He married Almira Parkhurst, daughter of Ezra, and liad children : 

1. Harriet Muir; 2. James Muir. 
4., Deborah Haisty Muir. 

5. Caleb Mteker iMuir, who married, May, 1849, Abig'iil Brown, 
daughter of Benjamin, of Chatham. 
a. Mary Caroline Muir. 
7. Isaac Newton Muir, who died at 6 years. 

ISAAC MEEKER, (son of Isaiah.) and Betsey Willcox, lived 
east of Sterling's Valley, and had children : 

1. Mariah, who married Lewis Noc, Jun., son of Lewis, and 
had children : ^ 

1. .Jonathan Meeker Noe ; 2. Isaac Meeker Noe ; 3. Lewis I 
Mulford Noe. ^ 

2. Harrii t, who m.arried, 12th May, 1840, Abraham Valentine, 
son of Peter D. Valentine. She died I6ih June, 1843, aged 31 
years, with, ut children. 

3. Eliza Anne, who married, 3d April, 1841, Daniel Noe, of 
Woodbridge, and died without children. 

!!f JAMES MEEKER, (son of James, son of Robert Meeker,) and 
^ Hannah Foster, liven at Connecticut Farms, and had children : 

1. Nancy, who married Jnhn Brewster, son of Timothy, and 
had but one child, Janjes M. Brewster. 

2. Nathan, who mar'-icd Nancy VVatkins, daughter of Trembly 
Watkins, and had children : 

1. James Trembly Meeker, who married Joanna B. Munn, 
diufjhter of Doct. Jephtha B. Munn, of Chatham. 

2. Elizabeth VV. Meeker. 

3. James F. Meeker, who married Rebecca Bloomfield ; is a 
merchant in Elizabethtovvn, and had children. 

1. James R. Meeker, who married Anna Halsey, daughter of 
JnhnT. Halsey. 

2. William Bloomfield Meeker. 

4. Stephen J. Meeker, who married, 1st, Phebe Magie ; ]2d,. 
Eliza Woodruff, daughter of Flavei, ard had children : 

1. David Magie Meeker, who married Olivia Gardner, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Gardner, of Clinton. 

2. Phebe H. Meeker, who married Charles Brown. 
S. Jane H. Meeker. 
4. Hannah Meeker, who married Mr. Harrison, of' 

C. Sally Meeker, who married John High 3d, son of John, Jun.^ 
of Westfield. [See High.'] 

JOHX \nLL.ER. 285 


JOHN MILLER lived in West'neld, and had children: 
n 1. L^iioch, who married Hannah Baker, who was born 
' 1702. and lived in Westneld. 

2. John, Jun. also lived in Westfield. 

g ENOCH MILLER, (son of John,) and Hannah Baker, 

? had children : 

•" 1. Enoch, Jun., who niarried Eliza Ross. 

2. Andrew married Sarah Ross. 

3. Moses married, 1st, Azuba Meeker, of Elizabethtown ; 
2d, Molly Riley, an Irish 'liirl ; 3d, Hannah, widow of Ben- 
jamin Bonnel,'son of Benjamin Bonnel, Esq. He lived at 
Union Village, in Passaic Valley, and was an elder in the 
Presbyterian church of New Providence. 

4. Jacob, born March, 1747, married Lucretia Marsh, 
daughter of Joshua, of Westfield, lived on Long Hill, and 
removed to Butler county, Ohio. 

5. Jedediah. 

6. Lydia married Robert Goble, and went to Ohio, and 
then to Indiana. They had children : 1. Robert Goble; 2. 
Abby Goble married Robert Shafer; 3. Hannah Goble; 4. 

7. Elizabeth married William Scrawfoot ; lived at Spring- 
field, N. J. 

8. Josiah married Jemima Ward, of Cheapside ; lived in 

9. Hannah, twin to Josiah, married David Littell, Esq., 
son of David, and lived at Cheapside, in Livingston town- 
ship. [See David Littell.'] 

I ELDER MOSES MILLER, (3d son of Enoch,) and 
S Azuba Meeker, had children: 

1. Rhoda, who married, 2Uth Feb. 1787, Enos Potter, son 
of Col. Samuel Potter. [See Potter.'] 

2: Sally married Nathaniel Crane, son of Caleb Crane 
and Elizabeth Townley, of Elizabethtown. 

3. Rachel married "Sinith Miller, 8th Jan. 1792, son of 
Mo^es, son of John Miller, Jun., son of John. [See Moses 

4. Lewis married Betsey Noe, daughter of John, of Lono- 
Hill. She died 15th June, 1811, aged 59 years, and he 
married again. He died 8th Feb. 1850. 

5. Charity married, 1st, Noah Meeker, of Union ; 2d, 
Thomas Conn, from Ireland, 31st March, 1811. 



6. Elizabeth married Zopliur Williams, son of John, of 

Killer Miller died . Azuba his wife died 13th 

April, 18)9, aged 68 years. Zophar Williams died 23J 
bt^pt. 1847. 

I LCWIS MILLER, (son of Elder Moses, son of Enoch 
B Millei',) and Hetsey iN'oe, livtd in Warren, Somerset county, 
and had children : 

1. Phehe, who married James C. Lyon, son of John. 
She died 28th Aug. 1835, aged 32 years 

2. Mary married Samuel Osborn, son of Neherniah. [See 
Osb"rn.] She died. 

3. ('hurlotte married Mr. Badgley. 

4. Lewis Noe Millei- married, 1st, Anne Pennington, and 
had a son; he married, 2d, Harriet Ruckman, daughter of 
Levi, and had a son, Levi; 3d, Lockey Moore, daughter of 

5. Rhoda .Anne married John Adams, of Martinville. 

6. Eliza married Stephen Haff, and has a daughter, Mary 
Eliz;.beth Half. 

7. iMeeker married . 

SALLY MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) and Na- 
thaniel Crane, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 

1. Elihu Crane, who married Eliza Miller, daughter of 
Kennedy Miller, of Elizabethtown, and hail children : 

I. Sarah Crane, who died 1850, aged 20 years ; 2. Na- 
thaniel Martin Crane. 

2. Moses Miller Crane married Phebe Williams, daughter 
of John, of Long Hill, and had children : 

L Annar Crane, who married Mr. Miller; 2. Jane 

Crane; 3. John VViUiams Crane. 

3. Betsey Crane married Parmer Kenyon, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Henry Kenyon; 2. Surah Kenyon; S.John Ken- 

4. Mary Crane. 

5. Abigail Crane married Henry Kiggins, of Elizabeth- 
town, anil had children: 

L Charles Kiggins; 2. Symmes Crane Kiggins; 3. The- 
odore Kiggins, who died young. 

? CHARITY MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) and 
3 Noah Meeker, had children : 

1. William Meeker, who married Eliza Osborn, daughter 
of Neherniah, and had children: 

L John W. Meeker; 2. Theodore Meeker. 

2. Allen Meeker married Aletta Woodruff, daughter of 
Benjamin, of Union. 


3. Nathaniel Crane Meeker married Electa Dove She 
died, and lelt one child, Mary Elizabeth Ilortensia Meeker, 
and he went to Bruzos, Texas. 

4. Job Meeker maiiied Patty Pani^born, daughter of 
Stephen, of i'laiiifirld. 

Noah Meekt-r dii d, and she married, 31st Mai ch, 1811 » Conn, and had children: 

5. George Conn, who went to the South, and married 
Charlotte Newman. 

6. K'^njamin Ludlow Conn. 

7. Chill lotte Conn married Edwin Castncr ; she died, 
leavin;^ 2 children : 

1. Sarah Elizabeth Castner; 2. Charlotte Castner. 

8. Sarah Conn. 

9. Mary Conn, who married John Peters, from England, 
lires in Ebzabethtown. 

10. Elizabeth Conn. 

$ ELIZXRETH MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) 
P and Z')[)h:ir VVilJianis, had children: 

\. John Williams, who dicil at 2i) years of age. 
2. Polly VVilliams, who marrit^d Ezra Prake, son of Noah, 
and had one child, Elizabeth Drake, who married Freeman 
Tucker, son of Liies, and had two sons: \. Williams 
Tucker; 2. Lines Ezra Tucker; and she died Dec. 5th, 



^ JACOB MILLER, (4ihPonofEnoch,) and Lucretia Marsh, 
^Mived near Trenton. Ohio, and had chil(iren: 

i. Saviih, who married Moses Crane, son of Noah,. in N. J., 
and liad children : 

i. Lucreiia Crane, who married Michael Culver, and had 
children: I. Moses Culver; 2. Sarah Culver; 3, 
Huldah Culver. 

2. Noah Crane married Mary Hamilton, daughter of 
Andrew Hamilton, from Ireland, and had children: 1. 
Stephen ; 2. Catherine. 

3. Stephen Crane married Betsey Simpson, daughter of 
Aaron, and had a daughter, Huldah. [See Simpson.'] 

Sarah Miller married, 2d, John Martin, in Ohio, ar;d had a 

4. Huldah Martin, who married David Randolph. 

2. Joanna, born July, 1787, and married, 1st, Stephen 
Clark, son of Samuel Clark, Esq., [see Clark,'] and had chil- 
dren : 

1. Jonas Clark, who married Susan Flenner, daughter of 
David, and had children: L Jane Clark, who married 

; 2. Stephen Clark married ; 3. 

Elizabeth Clark ; 4. Susanna Clark ; 5. David Clark. 

2. David Clark married Mary Slypher, and had a son, 
Augustus Clark. 

3. Jane Clark married John Hamilton, brother of Noah 
Crane's wife. 

Joanna Miller married, 2d, Jacob Morris, in Ohio, and had 
children : 

4. Mary Morris, who married William Jordan. 

5. Hannah Mori is married Charles Porter. 

* 3. Jacob Miller married Mary 'Jhompson, daughter of 

I Price ; lives, near Heading, and had an only child, Jacob Miller. 

4 Joshua Miller married, 1st, Sally Miller, his 2d cousin, 

daughter of Enoch, of N. J., and had an only child by her, 

Matilda, who married Moses Davis, son of Moody Davis, and 

lives in Indiana. 

Joshua Miller married, 2d, Phebe Lyon, daughter of Na- 
thaniel, son of Peter, and had children : 

2. Eliza Anne, who married . 

3. Charlotte, twin of Eliza Anne, married Rev. William 

4. Jotham, who died unmarried, at 24 years. 

5. Jacob married -= — ^, and lives in Indiana. 

6. John. 

7. and 8. Martha and Lucretia, twins. 


n 5. Elias Miller married Catherine Moore, daughter of Ger- 
f shorn, and had children : 

1. Rebecca Anne, who married Joshua Bruce. 

2. Ellis married Miss Johnson. 

3. Lucretia. 

4. Philetha married . 

5. Mary married . 

6. Hannah married Solomon Winters. 

7. John. 

8. Elias. 

6. Hannah Miller married her cousin, Nathan Potter, son 
of Enos, and had 5 children. They and all their children 
have died. 

7. Huldah Miller married Solomon Flenner, brother of Jo- 
nas Clark's wife, and had children : 

1 . William Flenner, who married Lany Flenner, daugh- 
ter of Daniel, brother of David Flenner. 

2. John Flenner. 

8. Ellis Miller, born 17th August, 1800, married Rosanna 
Hamilton, born oth January, 1805, is sister of Noah Crane's 
wife. He is a lumber merchant of Hamilton, Ohio; they 
had children : 

1. William Hamilton Miller, born 16th July, 1823, and 
is a lawyer. 

2. Jacob Miller, born 28th September, 1825. 

3. Catherine Miller, born 30th August, 1827, married 
Ezra Potter, son of Samuel M. Potter, son of Russel, 
and had a daughter, Mary Potter. [*S'ee Potter.'] 

4. Mary Anna Miller, born 28th December, 1829, mar- 
ried Abner C. Campbell, son of vSamuel, near Frank- 
lin ; lives in Hamilton. He is a partner of his father-in- 
law, Ellis Miller, and has a daughter Catherine. 

5. Charles Marsh Miller, born 30th October, 1839. 




g JOHN MILLER, Jun., (2d son of John Miller, of Vv'est- 
? field,) had children : 

1. Moses, who married Esther Maxwell, daughter of John 
Maxwell, Sen., of Westfield. 

2. Maline, who was a seafaring man : know not what be- 
came of him. 

3. John, 3d, who married Phebe Valentine, daughter of 
Richard, of Stony Hill. [See Valentine.'] 

4. Jonathan married , daughter of Samuel Wil- 
liams, of William's Farms, and lived between Basking Ridge 
and Liberty Corner. 

5. Mary, who married Isaac Crane, of New Providence. 
\_See Isaac Crane.'] 

6. Ruth married Joseph Crane, brother of Isaac. [See Jo- 
seph Crane.] 

7. .Abigail married Mr. Haines. 

8. Abner. 

" MOSES MILLER, (son of John Miller, Jun.,) and Esther 
f Maxwell, had children : 

L Smith, who married, Sth January, 1792. Rachel Miller, 
daughter of Elder Moses Miller, son of Enoch. 

2. Betsey married Samuel Headly, of North Farms, towards 

3. Sally married Moses Williams, son of Samuel, of Wil- 
liams' Farms. [See I'Villiams.] 

4. Ezra married Mary High, daughter of John High, Jun., 
of Westfield. 

^ SMITH MILLER, (son of Moses, son of John, Jun..) and 
n Rachel Miller, daughter of Elder ^^loses Miller, had children : 
•' 1. Joseph, who died at 16 years. 

2. Betsey, who married John Fisher, son of George, of Fox 
Hill, Hunterdon county. 

3. Ezra, who went to Ohio, married , and had 3 

children, one of which was Smith. 

4. Smith Maxwell Miller, born 16th February, 17.99, mar- 
ried Catherine Coddington, dau2:hter of Benjamin, of Mount 

5. Mary married Daniel Alward, son of Benjamin, Sen., at 
Dead River. 

6. Sally married Joseph Magie, son of Michael, of Eliza- 


7. Esther married old Minard Farley, of Hunterdon coun- 
ty ; he died, and she married Peier Green ; lives in Surgeons- 
ville, in Hunterdon county, and has a daughter, Josephine 

8. Abby married William Lyon, son of Aaron, of Lyon's 
Farms, and has children : 1. William Lyon ; 2. Baker Lyon; 
3. Adelaide Lyon. 

9. Azuba married Henry P. Webb, of Cauldwell, and has 
a son. 

10. Phebe married William Bowen, of Springfield, and has 
children: 1. William Frederick Bowen ; 2. John Joseph 

H. John Wesley married Margaret Collins, at Elizabeth- 
port, and had children : L William Henry ; 2. Emily. 

cj, BETSEY MILLER, (daughter of Smith.) and John Fish- 
^ er, had children: 1. Miller Fisher; 2. Wilham Fisher; 3. 
a Hannah Fisher; 4. Daniel Fisher; 5. Rachel Fisher; 6. 
John Fisher. 

SMITH M. MILLER, (son of Smith,) and Catherine Cod- 
dington, had children : 

1. Joseph, who married Mary Kinner, daughter of Alex- 
ander, of Piscatavvay. 

2. Jane married William Wetmore, son of Samuel, of 

3. Hannah ; 4. Martha ; 5. Mary ; 6. Caroline ; 7. Mi- 
nard Farley ; 8. William ; 9. Edward. 

MARY MILLER, (daughter of Smith, son of Moses,) and Dan- 
iel AUvard, lived near Dead River, and had children : 

1. Benjamin Alward, who married hi.s cousin, Amanda Lawrence, 
daughter of Stephen, who married Esther Alward, sister of Dan- 
iel. [See Alward.] 

2. Moses Miller Alward married Sarah Drake, daughter of 
Abraham J. Drake, son of William. 

3. Elizabeth Alward. 

4. Elisha Alward, born 29th April, 1S26, married, 31st August, 
1847, Rachel Drake, daughter of said William Drake, of Schoolie's 
Mountain ; o. Daniel Alward, Jun. ; 6. William Alward ; 7. 
Esther Alward ; 8. Smith M. Alward ; 9. Rachel Alward 

SALLY MILLER, (6th child of Smith,) and Joseph Magie, had 
children : 

1. Joseph Magie ; 2. Phebe Anne Magie ; 3, Minard Farley 
Magie ; 4. Hester Magie. 



*■ EZRA MILLER, (son of Moses, son of John, Jun.,) and Mary 
^ High, lived in Weslfield, and had children : 

^ 1. Eliza, who married Charles Williams, son of Nathaniel, went 
S to Racine, Wisconsin, and had children : 

1. Jane Williams, who married William Vandeveer ; 3. Re- 
becca Williams, who died at about 20 years ; 3. Alexander 
Williams; 4. Mary Williams; 5. Margaret Williams; 6. 
Anna Williams; 7. Belden Williams. 

2. Rachel, who married John Drake, aon of Nathaniel, of 
Scotch Plains, and had children : 

1. Harriet Drake; 2. Ezra Drake: 3. Sarah Drake; 4. 
Huldah Drake ; 5. Emma Auo:usta Drake. 

3. Esther married David B. Crane, of Newark, (son of 
John, son of Prince, son of Moses Crane, of Parcipany, 
Morris county,) and had children: 

1. Mary Crane ; 2. Mentor Crane; 3. Asenath Crane; 
4. Moses Crane; 5. William Crane. 

4. Linus High Miller married Abigail Price, daughter of 
Elihu, of Elizabethtown, and had children : 

1. Sarah ; 2. Anna ; 3. Moses ; 4. William. 

5. Moses married Frances Diirand, of Racine, and lived 
there, and had children : 

1. William; 2. . 

6. Ezra married, 17th Dec. 1849, Evehna Pierson, daugh- 
ter of Deacon Squier Pierson. 

7. William, who went to Racine, Wisconsin. 

8. Mary Anne married Aaron H. Verselas, son of Georsc 
Verselas, Esq., of Gerniantown, Hunterdon county, and l.'ad 
childien : 

I. Mary Helen Verselas; 2. Rebecca Frances Veist hs. 

9. Rebecca. 

.TONATHAN MILLER, (son of John, Jun.,) and Miss 

." Williams had children : 

a 1. Dickersoti, wlio married Jano Kirkpatrick, daughter of David, 
Sen., [See Kir kp utricle.'] and had children: 1. John, who went 

to Ohio ; 2. David, who married ; 3. Andrew, a 

lawyer; 4. Dickerson, a lawyer ; 5. Caleb; 6. Samuel. 

2. Phehe, who married William C. Annin, of Liberty Corner. 

3. Polly, who married Capt. William Tuule, of Morris county, 
and had no children. 

4. Williams, who married Polly Boyle, daughter of Joseph, of, 
Long Hill ; lived where his father did and had children: 1. Joseph, 
who married two sisters ; 2. Jonathan ; 3. Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried Jacob Stultz Flaas, son of Jaoub Haas, near Liberty Corner ; 
lives in Darke county, Ohio, near Hill Grove, and keeps a tavern ; 
4. Georire. 



EPHRAIM MILLER lived at Smalley's Bridge, in Somer- 
set county, and had children : 

g 1. Eliphalet who married , daughte r of Col. Seely, 

o of Cliatham. 

° 2. Elizabeth married Jacob Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See 
Stevens.l And by a 2d wife , Ephraim Miller luid children. 

3. Ephraim, who was partially insane. 

4. Conklin married Mary Reel, of Virginia; lived near Dayton, 
_ Oliio, and had children : 

^ 1. John, who dieil at about, 16 years. 

S 2. Hannah. 

3. Sarah, 

4. William married Anne Eliza Sourby, daughter of Wil 
liam, of Dayton. 

5. Samuel. 

6. Martha married the Rev. Mr. Griffith, a Presbyterian 
Minister, from Wales. 

7. Ephraim married Margaret Howey, daughter of Albert. 

8. Henry married. 

9. Emily. 

10. Margaret, died at 4 years. 

5. Sabra. 

6. Hannah married Jacob Kautz, near Cincianati, and had chil- 

1. Emily Kautz. 
^ 2. Jacob Kautz married Mary AValker. 

a 3. Sarah Kautz married William Gallagher. ^ 

4. Margaret Kautz« 

7. Meeker Miller 



^ JOHN MOORE lived near Patterson, and had children : 

« 1. Tabilha, who married Jacob Smalley, son of John Smalley, 

° S-n. [See Smalley. '\ 

2. Isaac married, 1st, Sally Smalley, daughter of John Smalley, 
Sen., 2d, Lydia Bedell, daughter of Moses, and grand-daughter of 
David Littell. 

3. John, Jan., married and lived near Patterson, and from thence 
removed to the Lakes. He had children: 1. Charles; 2. Rachel, 
who married her cousin, William Moore, son of Benjamin ; 3. 
Anne married David Pier ; 4. Sarah; 5. R.uth ; 6. Abraham ; 7. 

ISAAC MOORE, (son of John,) and Sally Smalley, lived in 
^ Passaic Valley, in Warren Township, Somerset count)-, and had 
5 children: 

1. David, who married Betsey Boyle, daugher of Solomon, and 
sister of Col. Solomon. 

2. Daniel married, 16th July, 1793, Betsey Rolph, daughter of 
Jonathan. [See Rolph ] 

3. Rachel manied Garret Vreeland, of Acquackanak. 

4. Mary married James Marshall, son of James ; lived at Pat- 
terson. [See Marshall.'] 

5. John married Chloe Tucker, daughter of Samuel, and went 
to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

6. Tabilha married John Lyon, son of Ebenezer. [See Lyon.] 

7. Sally married Samuel Evans, of Hanover, Morris county. 
Isaac Moore, by his 2d wife, Lydia Bedell, had children : 

8. Isaac manied Mary Davis, daughter of John, of Washington 
Valley, and had children : 

1. Mary; 2. Abraham; 3. Louisa; 4. John; 5. Isaac; G. 
Rachel ; 7. Martha ; 8. Sarah. 

9. Moses married Phebe French, daughter of David French, 
Sen. They both died and left children : 

1. Emeline, who died at 3 years ; 2, Lydia lives at Brooklyn ; 
3. Israel, who married Sally Anne Allen, daugliter of 
David ; 4. Harriet married Mi-. Force, a blackswiith ; lives 
at Madison ; 5. David married Catherine Drake, daughter of 
Mary Drake ; 6. Isaac, went to California, in Apail, 1849. 

10. Betsey married, •22d Jan. 1808, Daniel Parker, son of Judah. 

11. Samuel married Mary Ludlow, daughter of Joseph, son of 

12. Ruth married, 2d Aug. 1821, Garret Brown, of Acquacka- 

13. Nancy married Robert Anderson, son of James, had 
children : 

1. Lydia; 2. Aaron; 3. Phebe; 4. Eliza; 5. Sarah; 
6. Charlotte, and wentto Indiana. 


14. Rhoda married Reuben Smalley, son of James, [See 
Smalky.] and went to the Lakes. 

15. Fhebe, who died a young woman. 

16. William I. married Eleanor Falls, lives where his fa- 
ther did, and had children : 1. Delia Anne ; 2. Charles Wes- 
ley ; 3. Lewis Craig. 

17. Susan married William Stevens, son of James Stevens, 
lives on Wolf Hill, near Union Village, and had children : 

'$. 1. Mary Jane Stevens, who married John Mclntire, and 

? went 'to Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

2. Phebe Anne Stevens married John G. McCord, son 
of Nathaniel, of Martinville, and went to Jacksonville, 

3. Sarah Louisa Stevens ; 4. Elizabeth Stevens ; 5. AI- 
mira Stevens ; 6. Ellen Stevens; 7. William Stevens ; 
8. Harriet Stevens; 9. Moses Stevens; 10. Susan 

Mrs Susan Stevens died at the birth of her last child, 28th 
May, 1845. 


SIMEON MOREHOUSC cameup from Elizabethtown, 
in the time of the Revolutionary war, and lived some time 
back of Long Hill, North of Peter Rutan's. He then removed 
to near the Franklin Mill, and subsequently bought of Jeremiah 
Ludlow, or his heirs, the farm on which his son Amos now 
lives. He married Rebecca jMeeker, daughter of James 
Meelier, of Elizabethtown, [_sce. Meeker,'] and had children: 

g 1. James, who died 12th October, 1784, aged 6 years. 

? 2. Betsey, born Jan. 1780, and married Joseph Ludlow, 

■' son of Obadiah, Jun. \_See Lud/oiv.'] 

3. Hannah, who died 13th October, 1784, aged 3 years. 

4. David, born 1st April, 1783, and married Sally Walker, 
daughter of Asher. [See Walker.] 

5. Samuel who died in infancy. 

6. Amos, born 15th April, 1780, married, 9th May, ISll, 
Phebe Noe, born 13th May, 1790, daughter of John. 

7. Hannah 2d, who died at 17 years. 

8. Nancy married, 13th May, 1810, Moses Lum, son of 
Stephen, [see Lum,] lived in Newark. 

9. Fanny married, 18th September, 1815, Amos Lum, bro- 
ther of Moses, [see Lum,] lived in Newark. 

10. Polly married John Marsh Parsons, son of David. [See 
Parsons.] Simeon Morehouse died 4th May, 183G, aged 
81 years; his wife died 16th December, 1839, aged 86 years. 


g DAVID MOREHOUSE, (son of Simeon,) and Sally Wal- 
n ker, lived on Long Hill and had children : 

1. Asher Woodruff Morehouse, who married Eliza Anne 
Whitehead, daughter of Samuel, of Morristown. 

2. Jonathan Walker Morehouse married Mary Anne Tyack, 
daughter of John, of New York, lives in Elizabethtown. 

3. Arnon, who went to Mobile, and married Mary , 

and lives there. 

4. Rebecca. 

5. David Jun., married Mary Condit, daughter of Haines 
Condit, of Morristown, and lives there. 

Q. Sally Anne. 

AMOS MOREHOUSE, (son of Simeon.) and Phebe Noe, 
lives where his father did, and had children : 

1. David Noe Morehouse, who died a young man, unmar- 

2. John A. Morehouse, who married Julia Anne Wilber, of 

3. Mary, born 23d March, 1817. 

4. James M., born 2d Feb. 1820, married, 1st, Susan M. 
Kinney, daughter of John, and had a son, Horace Beach, born 
10th October, 1844 ; his wife Susan died 30th March, 1848, 
and he married, 2d, 20th March, 1850, Henrietta Van Kirk, 
daughter of Nathan. 

5. Elias Riggs Morehouse, born 4th December, 1S24. 


JAMES MOREHOUSE, was son of David Morehouse, 
of Canoe Brook, near Cheapside, in Livingston township. He 

married, 1st, , a daughter of Capt. Enos Baldwin, 

of Cheapside, and had a son, Baldwin Morehouse, who mar- 
ried Polly Potter, daughter of Noadiah, of Ohio. The first 
wife of James Morehouse, died; and he married, 26th Nov. 
1788, Mary Potter, daughter of John, [see Potter,] and had 
other children : 

2. Joanna. 

3. Esther, who married Joel Kennedy, and lived at Hamil- 
ton, Ohio ; he died . 

4. Amos; 5. Betsey; 6. Aaron; 7. Moses; 8. Nancy. 
Mr. Morehouse removed to Warren county, Ohio. 



MAS MULFORD, and two other brothers, with their father, 
whose name is not now (1810) known, lived at East Hamp- 
ton, Long Island. Ezekiel Muiford married Abia, whose 
mother was Deborah Muiford, a daughter of John Muiford, 
probably a relation of her husband. He removed, about the 
year 1700, to Cape May, in New Jersey, and had two sons, 
Ezekiel and Jonathan. 

Jonathan, at four years old, at the request of his uncle 
David, who was a bachelor, was sent back to East Hampton. 
But his uncle David died four days before he arrived, mak- 
ing his'nephew, Jonathan,- his sole heir. The child lived with 
his grandfather, who at a proper age bound him an appren- 
tice to Thomas Osborn, a tanner and shoemaker. His father 
also died before he arrived at 21 years of age. Soon after 
he came of age, he went to Cape May, and received his 
share of his father's estate, amounting to £170, and returned 
to East Hampton. Soon after his return, he married Esther, 
a daughter of Cornelius Conklin, and shortly afterwards re- 
moved to Passaic Valley, and, by deed bearing date the 26th 
of April, 1740, bought of John Pierson a tract of land "con- 
taining fourscore acres," lying adjoining and west of Na- 
thaniel Smith's tract, and adjoining the river, and having 
John Bedell, Jun. on the west, on which he lived till his 
death. He was born 29th September, 1718, and died I6th 
October, 1789, aged 71 years. His wife, Esther Conklin, 
was born 27th August, 1715, and died 22d October, 1776, 
aged 61 years. 

1 CAPT. JONATHAN MULFORD, and Esther Conklin, 
' had children : 

1. Mary, born 18th December, 1741, and married Obadiah 
Valentine, son of Richard. [See Valentine.^ 

2. Deborah, born 30th Jan. 1744, married John Bedell, 
son of Henry. [See Henry Bedell.] 

3. Ezekiel, born 24th June, 1746, and died 3d July, 1768, 
aged 22 years, unmarried. 

4. Jonathan, Jun., born 6th Nov. 1748, married, 27th Nov. 
1771, Deborah Ludlow, daughter of Jeremy Ludlow. He 
died 5th Dec. 1792; she died 28th April, 1801, aged 50* 

5. David, born 5th October, 1750, and died October, 1768, 

6. Isaac, born 9th July, 175,S, and died 25th October, 
1759, aged 6 years. 


7. Cornelius, bom 18th April, 1757, and died 14th May, 
1823, aged 66 years. He married Nancy Bryant, of Spring- 
field, vvho died' IGth March, 1837, agred 77 years. 

8. Esther, twin to Cornelius, who married Edward Ball. 
[See Ball.] Esther Ball died January, 1819, aged 62 years. 

9. Mary B., who died young. 

Capt. Jonathan Mulford, alter the death of his 1st wife, 
married Eleanor or Aula Bedell, widow of Jacob Bedell, 
(her maiden name was Aula Powers,) and had a son, Isaac 
2d, who died Jan. 29th, 1783, aged 1 year and 4 months. 

& JONATHAN MULFORD, (son of Capt. Jonathan,) and 
g Deborah Ludlow, had children : 

1. Jane, who died in infancy. 

2. Elizabeth married John Crane, son of Joseph. [See 
Cram.] She died 9th March, 1828, aged 53 years. 

3. David, who married Polly, daughter of Elder Benjamin 
Cory, of Elizabethtown. They both died without children. 

4. Mary, who died 28th Sept. 1781, aged 2 years. 

5. Daniel, who graduated at Princeton College, about 1805, 
'studied law, conjmenced practice, and bid fair to become em- 
inent in his profession; but consumption seized upon him, 
and he died 26th Oct. 1811, aged 30 years. 

6. Jane, (2d) who died in infancy. 

7. Mary, (2d) twin to Jane, 2d, who died 3d Dec. 1796, 
aged 11 years. 

8. Levi, who died 7th Sept. 1814, aged 26 years, unmar- 

^CORNELIUS, MULFORD, (son of Capt. Jonathan,) and 
Nancy Bryant, had children : 

1. Sally, who married Capt. Stephen Day, son of Ben- 
jamin, and had a son, Mulford Day, and died 7th April, 1801, 
aged 20 years. [See Stephen Day.] 

2. Polly, who married, 31st Jan. 1824, Elias Coles, son of 
Master William Coles, and had children, Mulford and Mary, 
and died 4th May, 1843, aged 56 years. [See Cole.] 

ESTHER MULFORD, (daughter of Capt. Jonathan,) and 
Edward Ball, lived in Clinton, and had children: 

1. Prussia Ball, who married, 1st, Jacob, Peshine, 2d, John 
Gardner, both of Newark, 

2. Sally Ball married, 1st, Edward Bruen, 2d, David Dore-, 
mus, both of Newark. 

3. Nancy Ball married, 1st, Caleb Pierson, of Newark, 2d 
Smith Burnet, Esq., as his 2d wife. 

4. Jane Ball married Edward Gruet. 

5. Hetty Ball married Mr. Robigon, of Newark. 


g EZEKIEL MULFORD, (brother of Capt. Jonathan 

g Mulford.) came to this valley from (^ape May. His first 

wife's name was Jane, who died 6th Aug. 1759, a^ed 40 

years, and he married Jemima Marsh, 6th Sept. 17G7, He 

had children : 

1. John. 

2. Deborah. Mr. Ezekiel Mulford, with his son, John, 
returned to Cape May. soon after his 2d marriage, leaving 
his daughter here, who married Daniel VVillcox, son of John, 
Sen. [See Willcox.'] 


^ JOB MULFORD, came from Long Island, and settled at 
o Connecticut Farms. He- lived a little east of Scudder's Mills, 
F in Union Township. 

He married Sarah Hampton, sister of Jonathan Hamp- 
ton, of Elizabethtown, and had children : 

1. John, who married Esthei Ball, daughter of Nathaniel 
Ball. [See Ball.'] 

2. Abigail married Mr. Harrison. 

3. Abraham married, for a 2d wife, Hannah Sickle. 

4. Davis married Hannah, widow of Mr. Willis. 

5. Caleb married, 13th Oct. 178G, Sarah Stevens, daugh- 
ter of Jonathan Stevens. 

His wife Sarah, died 30th Dec. 1787, and he married. 23d 
June, 1783, Phebe, the widow, of Charles Johnson, and 
daughter of William Bedell, and removed to Warren county 

6. Hannah, who married John Allen. 

7. David married , and had a son, Job, who married 

EfFa Thompson, daughter of Daniel Thompson, of Ohio. 
[See Thompson.'] 

^ JOHN MULFORD, (son of Job,) and Esther Ball, had 
^ children : 

? 1 . Mary, who married Andrew Drake, of Staten Island, 
and lived there. 

2. William married Hannah Durand, daughter of Bryant 
Durand, and brother of John Durand, of Jefferson's Village. 

His wife Hannah died, and he married, 2d, Betsey, the 
widow of Lewis Ludlow, and daughter of Deacon Jacob 
Davis, of Westfiehl. 

CALEB MULFORD, (son of Job,) had children : 

1. Jacob, who married June Hole, daughter of Doct. John 
Hole, of Montgomery county, Ohio. [See Hole.] 

2. Rebecca married Elias Littell, son of Enhraim, son of 
Andrew Littell. [See LiUeli.] 




8. Wmiam manied Martha Meek, and died without chil- 


4. Job married Mary Dudley. They all lived in Ohio. 

a WILLIAM MULFORD, (son of John, son of Job Mul- 

? ford,) lived where Thomas Squier formerly lived, in Passaic 

" V'alley, Morris county, and by his wife Hannah, hud children : 

\. Mary, who married Henry Clearman, ot New York, 

and had 6 children, who all died young. 

2. Esther, who died at 16 years. 

3. Sarah, married John Cameron, of New York, and had 
children: 1. Mary Cameron ; 2. William Cameron ; 3. George 
Cameron; 4. Isabel Cameron; 5. Hannah Cameron; C. 
John Cameron. 

4. John, who married Phebe Lodowiska Davis, and went 
to Ohio. Mr. Mulford's wife. Hannah, then died, and he 
by his wife Betsey, had other children : 

5. Hannah Eliza who married David E. Townley, son of 
Enos B. [see Townley,'] and had children : 

1. Sarah Elizabeth Townley; 2. Hannah Jane Townley; 
3. Laura Townley ; 4. Phebe Jaques Floride. 

6. Harriet. 

7. Mary married her cousin Joseph Davis, son of John, 
[see Davis,'] and had children: 

L Phebe Lodowiska Davis. ' 

8. Esther, 2d. 

9. William, who died a young man, unmarried. 

10. Paulina married Joel D. Thompson, son of Aaron. 
[See Thompson.] 

IL Jacob Davis married I7th Oct. 1849, Sarah Valentine, 
daughter of P. D. Valentine. 
12. Isaac Newton. 

Note.— There waa also a Jeremiah MulforJ, in this place. In the Rev. Mr. 
Elmer's record of baptisms is recorded Abigail, daughter of Jeremiah Mulford, 
Jun., baptized 29th Feb. 1769. Deborah, daughter of widow Mulford, baptiz- 
ed 26th March, 1769. Hannah, daughter of widow Mulford, baptized 17th 
Feb. 1772. 

JOHN NOE. 301 


" JOHN NOE, was sn;i of Daniel Noe, of Woodbridge- 
? He married Mary Ayres, of Woodbridge, and came up and 
^ bought the farm formerly owned by William Darling, at the 
east end of Sterling Valley, where Isaac Meeker now lives, 
and lived there till his (f'-.ith. He died 26th April, 1828, 
aged 71 years. His wife Alary died 31st Oct. 1823, aged 64 
years. They had children : 

1. Ellis, who married, 1st, Esther Osborn, daughter of 
Smith S. Osborn. She died 15th Oct. 18!)5, aged 23 years, 
and he married, 2d, Rachel, the widow of David Cole, of 
VVestfield, and daughter of Noah Williams, of Long Hill. 
She died 27th Dec. 1827, aged 51 years, and he married, 3d, 
Jane Crane, of Elizabethtown. He lived in Elizabethtown, 
and kept the Hotel there several years. 

2. Betsey, v/ho married Lewis Miller, son of Elder Moses 
Miller. [See Miller.] 

3. Rachel married Philemon Bonnel, son of Nathaniel 
Bonnel, 3d. [See Bonnel.'] 

4. Phebe married Amos Morehouse, son of Isniah More- 
house. [See Morehouse.] 

5. David maraied, 10th April, 1810, Huldah, widow of 
Timothy D. Pettit, and daughter of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d. 

0. Sally married Israel Doty, son of James Doty, and died 
3d Oct. 1828, aged 31 years. [See DotT/.] 

7. Matthias Freeman married Martha Howcl, daughter of 
Calvin Howel, of Madison. 

S ELLIS NOE, by his wife Esther Osborn, had children ; 
« 1. John, who died in Western New York. 

2. Ketura, who married James McGinnis, and had chil- 
dren: 1. Elmira, who married, 6th Dec. 1849, Nicholas Del- 
licker, of Newark ; 2. John McGinnis : 3. Uzel McGinnis, 
and by his 2d wife Rachel, Ellis Noe, had children : 

3. Hester, who married David Sanderson. They live above 
Somerville ; had no children. 

4. Eliza married William Starkweather, and had a son, 
Augustus Starkweather. 

5 Isaac married Mariah Miller, of Elizabethtown ; lives 
in New York, and had children : 

1. Ellis; 2. Augustus; 3. Samuel D. Burchard ; 4. 
Henry Martin ; 5. Francis ; 6. Daniel. 

6. Daniel W. Noe married Mary Mulford, daughter of 
Jonathan, of Pluckemin. He died ISth Feb. 1846, and had 
children : 

1. Daniel, who died young ; 2. Esther. 

7. David married Mary -— — , at Patterson, and had a son 



Albert. And by his 3d wife, Jane Crane, Ellis Noe had 
children : 

S. Rachel, who married, 7th June, 1849, her cousin, 
Matthias Doty, son of" Israel, and had children: 
1. John Henry; 2. Eliza Mundy. 

9. Ellis. 

DAVID NOE, (son of John,) and Huldah Bonnel, had 
children : 

1. Joseph Crane, born 25th Sept. 1811. 

2. Mary, born 12th Jan. 1814, and married Samuel Clark, 
son of Daniel S. Clark, Esq., and had children : 

S 1. Arthur Berry Clark; 2. Samuel Clark, 

o 3. Martha Bonnel, born 24th Aug. 1816, who married 
° George B. Ayres, son of Darid, of Metuchen, and had chiN 
dren : 

1. Anna Mariah Ayres, who died 14th Ma3^ 1840, aged 
2 years ; 2. David Ellis Ayres, born 18th Oct. 1840 ; 3. 
Ezra Fairchild Ayres, born 17th Oct. 1742; 4. 
George Wallas Ayres, born 7th Feb. 1845 ; 5. Hel- 
len Mundy Ayres, born 4th Nov. 1847; 6. Huldah 
Noe Ayres, born 10th March, 1849. 

4. Ellis Frazee, born 1st Dec. 1818; went to Illinois, and 
died there 17th Oct. 1844. 

5. David, born 3d March, 1821. 

6. Jane Bonnel, born 19th Aug. 1823. 

7. Huldah, born 1st Feb. 1826, and died 12th March, 

Mr. David Noe was ordained an elder in the Presbyterian 
church, 22d July, 1822. 

MATTHIAS F. NOE, (son of John,) and Martha Howel, 
lived at Morristown, and had children : 

1. Ellis ; 2. Stephen 
Hannah ; 6. John. 

3. ^David 

4. Mary Eliza ; 5. 




~ LEWIS NOE was brother of John, he came up from 
f Woodbridge, and bought the farm formerly owned by Thomas 
DarUng, where Smith M. Miller now lives. He married Phebe 
Mundy, daughter of Henry Mundy, of ]\Ietuchen. He died 
5th A*pril, 1S38, a-ed 73 years. 'She died lllh May, 1814, 
aged 54 years ; they had children : 

1. Henry lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

2. Frazee, who married 3d November, 1810, Dency Hart, 
daughter of David, and died 11th April, 1832. 

3. Margaret married David French, Jun., son of David, 
lives in Stony Hill Valley. [See French.] 

4. Lewis married 7th April, 1834, Mariah Meeker, daugh- 
ter of Isaac. [See Isaac Meeker.'] 

5. Huma married Ellis Coddington, of Woodbridge. 

6. Phebe, married 21st January, 1815, Joel Drake, son of 

^ FRAZEE NOE, (son of Lewis.) and Dencv Hart had 
_S children : 

1. Daniel Hart Noe, who married 25th September, 1839, 
o Mary Osborn, daughter of Stephen B. Osborn, and had chil- 
? dren: 1. Lewis Henry. 

2. Phebe Mundy Noe, who died 5th June, 1832, aged 
17 years. 

3. John Noe, married 3d December, 1845, Martha Bonnel, 
daughter of Philemon Bonnel, she died without children. 

4. Sarah Emeline Noe, born 1811, married John S. Dean, 
born 1806, son of William, and had children: 

s 1. William Henry Dean, born 1831 ; 2. Phebe Mundy 

? Dean, born 1834; 3. Eliza Robison Dean, who died 

at 2 years old; 4. Hannah Mariah Dean; 5. Eliza 
Jane D ean, born 1st, April. 1839, twins. 6. Sally 
Hart Dean, who died 6th February, 1849, aged about 
7 years ; 7. Dency Anne Dean, born 1846; 8. Martha 
Frances Dean, born November, 1849. 



DAVID OAKLEY of Long Island, had sons : 

1. David, Jun., who continued at Long Island. 

2. Ephriam, who was born 1700, and married Sarah, who 
died 9th April, 1761, aged 52 years ; he died 3d April, 1761 ; 
they were buried in the New Providence church yard. I 
have no account of their children. 

3. Thomas came to New Jersey, | lived in Morris county, 
near Passaic river, above Jonathan C. Bonnel's factory and 
paper mill. 

He married Betsey French of Westfield, and had three 
children, who all died, and his wife also died, and he married 
her sister, Nancy French, and had three children, and his 2d 
wife died, and he married Nancy Clark, of Long Island, and 
had 8 other children. 

4. Sylvanus came to New Jersey, and lived where John 
Willcox now lives. His Isl wife's name was jSlartha, who 
died 23d August, 1768, aged 43 years, and he married 2d, 
8th December, 1 768, Sarah Davis, widow of Isaac, and mother 
of Jonathan and Elijah Davis. [See Bedell.'] And he married, 
3d, Mary, the widow of Henry Clark, of Westfield, and 
daughter of Richard Valentine. He died 23d May, 1787, 
aged 63 years. 

SYLVANUS OAKLEY, (4th child of David, 1st,) had 
children : 

1. Ephriam, married 5th July, 1774, Susanah Raimond. 

2. Matthew, baptized 24th February, 1765. 

3. David, baptized 1st November, 1767. 

4. Isaac, who died 23d September, 1768. And by his 2d, 
wife Sarah, widow, of Isaac Davis, he had other children : 

5. Esther, baptized 21st, January, 1770. 

6. Nancy married, 1791, James Bedell, son of William, and 
went to Ohio. \_See Bedell] 

7. John, who did not marry : he was lame, had a wooden leg. 

8. Pol^ married John Abel, and went to Ohio. (His daugh- 
ter Nancy went to the Shakers.) 

9. Elzabeth, who died 11th October, 1791, aged 11 years. 

EPHRAIM OAKLEY, (eldest son of Sylvanus,) and 
Susannah Raimond, had children : 

1. Rachel, who married her cousin, Sylvanus Oakley, son 
of Thomas. 

2. Isaac, who went to the Eeech Woods, Wayne Co., Penn. 

3. Peter Raimond Oakley, who went to Ohio. 

4. Hannah, who married Cooper Osborn. 


5. Pally married, 1st, David Miller ; 2d, David Goble, 31st 
October, 1787. 

6. Svlvanus married Jane Noble, daughter of George 
Noble. * 

7. David, who went to the Beech Woods, with Col. Seely, 
of Chatham. 

e THOMx\S OAKLEY, (3d son of David,) by his 2d, wife, 
g Nancy French, had chiMreti: 

i. Sylvanas, who married Rachel Oakley, eldest daughter 
of Epiiraim. 

2 Dorcas, married 2d July, 1795, Josiah Day, son of Na- 
thaniel Day, of (Chatham. [Sze Daj/.] 

3. David, who went to the south. 

Thomas Oakley, by his 3d, wife, Nancy Clark, had other 
chiitlren : 

4. Jonathan, married at Haverstraw, New York, and lived 
and died there. 

5. Phebe married Elijah Day, brother of Josiah, and went 
to Oiiio. 

6. Aaron, born I5th August, 1783, married, 9th November, 
1804, Sarah Doty, born 2:Jth August, 1788, daughter of 
Joseph Doty, 3d, and lived on Stony Hill. 

7. Juhannah married Richard Minthorn, and went to the 
Lakes, New York. 

8. Jeremiah, who went to the south. 

9. Daniel, married 10th September. 1814, Lockey Cory, 
daughter of George ; lives at Franklin Place. 

lU. Clark married Lucy Wood, of Spotswood; lives on 
Staten Island. 

11. Lot, who died young. 

M A.\RON OAKLEY, (son of Thomas,) and Sarah Doty, had chil- 

o dren : 

P 1. Ira, who died at 19 years. 

2. D.Tvii! Austin, who married Eliza Douglas, daughter of 
Perer, of New Vernon. 

3. Elias Runyon Oikley went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and there 
married xMary Anne Turner. She died April, ISiT, and ho re- 
moved to lov/a. 

4. Rosotta D. married Ebenczer Siurges, son of Benjamin, of 
Grefn Village. 

5. Edward H. A. Oakley. 

0. Aaron Doty Oakley married, 1st, Sarah J. Housey. She 
died, and he married, 2d, Sarah A. Miimick, daughter of Jacob, 
of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. 

7. Sarah E. married, 7t'h Feb. 1847, John G. Hovcy, of Wor- 
isester, Massachusetts. 

8. Nancy C. Oakley. 


200 iMlTH S. OSBORH. 

DANIEL OAKLEY, (son of T.icmas,) and Lockey Cory, bad 
childrt n : 
s I. Willi im. 

^ '2. Julianiie, who married Daniel Paxton, and had children ; 1. 
p Elizd Anne ; 2. Lewis. 

3. Electa married Charles R. Morehouse ; has no children. 

4. Nancy, 5. Sarah ; 6. Eziu; 7. Daniel Thomas. 


r SMITH S. OSBORN was son of Jocob Oshorn, of Long Island. 

P He married Sarah Burnet, daughter of Stephen or Jonatlran 

^ Burnet, of Long Island, ^5no was a cousin to Coi. Israel Day; he 

lived wh^re (Jei/rge Cory now lives. He died 25th April, 1816, 

aged 58 years. She ditd 15lli Sept. lS41,aged 81 years. He 

was a sh;)«maker. They had children : 

1. Estuer. who married Ellis Noe, son of John Noe, [see John 
Noe.] She died l.5lh Oft. 1805, aged 23 ye trs. 

2. Stephen Burnet Oshorn married, 21st Feb, 1808. Sally Potter, 
daughter of Amos Potter, Esq., and died 22d Oct, 1844. 

3. Hannah married 15th Oct. 1817, Richard Holloway, son of 
Elijah. They lived at the east end of Sterlmg Valley. She died 
Jan. 1848, leaving but one child, Smith S. Osborn Holloway. 

4. Jiicob ; 5. Siraiton. T;:ey went to Western New York, and 
both cliid there. 

H. Ellis, who went Ohio, and died there. 
^ 7. Israel Day Osborn, who married Charlotte Vreeland, datigh. 
J= ter of Daniel, and have no children. They live near the Frank- 
lin Mill, on the east side of tiie river. 

^ STEPHEN BURNET OSBORN. (son of Smith S. Osborn,) 
- andjSally Potter, had childi en : (They lived where David Fiinn once 
F lived.) 

1. Esther, who married Joel Faurette, son of James Faurette, 
of New Brunswick. They lived near the Summit, where Col. Sam- 
uel Potter formerly lived, and have no children. 

2. Mary married Daniel H. Noe, Esq., son of Frazee, son of 
Lewis Noe, and had a son, Lewis Henry Noe. 

3. married Meribah Osborn, daughter of Daniel Osborn, of 
Plainfield ; they lived where his father did; she died 16th Feb. 
.848. leavinsr a daughter. Sarah B. Osborn, and he married, 16th 
1 ov. 184S, Eliza .\iine Pierson, daughter of John M. Parsons, and 
h d a daughter, Harriet JVewel Osborn, 

4. Charlotte Potter married, 14th Feb. 1844, Ellis Bonne), (as 
I s 2d 'wife,) son of Philemon. [See Bonnel] 

5 Elizabeth, born 1830. 

6. Hannah, who died 27th March, 1833, aged 13 years. 

7. Phebe P., who died 16th Sept. 1834, aged U years, 

8. Sarah ^■■' -♦ who died 21st Sept. 1834, aged 8 yeari. 



THOMAS OSBORN was a son of Jacob, and brother of Smith 
s S. Osborn. lie came from Long Island to this Valley about 1780, 
» and lived vvliee Jonathan MeeUer, Ksq , now does. 

His 1st wife's nnmo was Li>is Ellison. ' They had children: 

1. Elizabeth, who married Stites Scudder, son uf Richard. [See 

2. Smith S. Osborn, who was a physician. He married Kitty 
Howel, wid.iw of .Joseph Howel, of Burlington county. Her mai- 
den name was Kitty Reynolds. They had but one daughter, 
Eliza S. Osborn, wh • married Samuel Willcox, Esq., son of John, 
JiiM., and lives in Newark. [See Willcox.] 

Thomas Osborn's wife Lois died iStli Jan. 1783, aged 37 years, 
and he married, 13th Miv, 17S3, Rachel, the widow of JDavid 
Sayre, bruther of^Deacon William Sayre. Her maiden name was 
Rachel {{off. Alter Mr. Osborn's deiuh, which occurred 6th of 
April, ISO 5, she married Col. Jedediah Swan, of Scotch Plains. 
Duct. Smiths. Osborn died 'igth St-pl. 1806, and his sisier, Mrs. 
Eiizabetli Scudder, died 22d Nov. 1848. 


JOHN OSBORN. who is named in the 2d generation of the 

^ Elizabethtown A-sociates, admit ed in 1699, and is said to have 

g come from Long Island, and probably the father of J(din Osborn, 

■ who married Puah Howel, who died 15th April, 17S5, aged 60 

years. They lived where Doc. Ridley K^nt now does, and owned 

also the Lacy farm opposite to it, extendinii^ north to the river. 

He was born 1718, and died 1st Sept. 1770, in consequence of a 

kick by a horse. They had children: 

1. Esther, who married, 2;3th Dec. 1767, Josrph Abbot, of Newark. 

2. Puah, who married, 25th Oct. 1770, Joseph Marsh, of Murris 

3. Jonathan Howel married, 6tli Jan. 1766, Deborah Hart, 
daughter of J-'remiah ; she died 11th March, 1782, aged 37 year.?, 
and he married, 2d, in the winter of 1783, Margaret Simpson, 
daughter of John. 

4. Rachel, who married, 3d Sept. 1771, Jonathan Bailey, of 
Morris county. [See Bailey] He died and she married, 2d, An- 
drew Wade, of Morris county. [See Brown.] He died and she 
mrrried, 3d, Dec. 7th, 1787, Isaac Clark, (a bilnd man ;) lived in 
this valley. He died, and she married, 4th, Samuel Tucker, son 
of Abner Tucker. [See Tucker.'\ Mr. Tucker died ; left her a 
widow again, and she lived several years, till Feb. 18-10. 

5. Pt)lly married brrham Bedell, son of Jacob BedelK [See 

6. Eunice, who married, 6th Nov. 1785, Capt. John Maxwell, 
son of John. [See Jacob Bedell and John Maxwell] 

7. John. Jan., married, 28tli Dec. 1785, Mary Bebout, daughter 
of Peter Bebont. 

8. Jane married Samuel Clark. Esq., son of elder John Clark, 
[See Clark.l 

308 JOf^N OSBORN. 

5£ ESTHER OSBORN, (daughter of John,) and Joseph Abbot, 
? had children : 

1. Mary Abbot, who married David Hays, merchant of Newark, 
and hati children : 

1. Esther Hays, who married Ira Tichenor, of Camplown : 
lives in Riclimond, Virginia, and had an only child, Mary 
Tichenor, who married Lewis Lyman, of New York. 

2. Nancy Hays, who married Henry King, of Morristown, 
and had cLildren : L Caroline King; 2. Oliver King. 

3. David Hays, who is a lawyer, and married the widow Caro- 
line Hays, of Burlington, N. J. 

2. Rebecca married William Badgley, of Elizabethtovvn, and 
had children : L Joseph Badgley, who went to Lidiana ; 2. Cornc- 
I'us Badgley, who lives in N. York; 3. Mary Anne Badgley who 
married Henry Donnington, of Elizabellitown, and had children: 
1. William Donnington ; 2. John Donnington ; 3. Joseph Donning- 
ton ; 4. Sarah Donning]on ; 6. Caroline Donnington ; 6. Mary 

PUAH OSBORN, (daughter of John,) and Joseph Marsh, re- 
moved to Sussex, and had children : 

1. Polly Marsh, who married John Day, son of George Day 
Jun., of Long Hill. [See Day.] He died and she married Tho- 
mas Higby, of Sussex. 

2. Howel Marsh married Miss Russel, daughter of James, of 
Sussex, and sister of Jacob B. Maxwell's wife, and live^ on Lonrr 

JONATHAN HOWEL OSBORN, (son of John Osborn,) and 
Deborah Hart, had children : 

1. Jeremiah Hart Osborn, who married 1st, 23d December, 
1789, Polly Squier, daughter of Ellis Sqiiicr. [See Ellis Squier.'\ 
She died 21st Nov. 1793, aged 25 years, and he married. 2d', 
3d March, 1795, Polly Clark, daughter of Stephanus, and went to 
Ohio. [See Stephanus Clark.'] 

2. Jane, born i6th July, 1770, married David Parsons, son of 
"William. [See Parsons.'] 

3. Rhoda married Moses Potter, son of Amos Potter, Sen., and 
went to Ohio. [See Potter.] 

4. Sarah, who died 12ih Apr'il, 1792, aged 9 mouths. 

5. Jonathan, who died &lh January, 17S9, aged 4 years. 

6. Puah, who went to Ohio, and married William Squier, son of 
Meeker, son of Benjamin Squier. [See Squier.] 

7. Sarah; 2d, who died young. 

And by his 2d, wife, Margaret Simpson, J. H. Osborn had chil 
dren : 

8. Deborah, who married George Doty Clark, son of John, son 
of Eldtr John Clark. [See Clark] 

9. Esther, who died r2th February, 1794, aged 5 years. 

10. John, born 20lh April, 1787, married, 2d July, 1809, Sally 


Clark, born 1739, daughter of John Clarl-:, son of Eliler John 
Clark, and lives where his father did. 

Mr. Jonathan Howel Osborn died 2d December, 1792, aged 
49 years, by iiccident in the woods. His widow Margaret, died 
7th' September, 1S32, aged 82 years. 

^ JOHN OSBORN, (son of Jonathan Howel Osborn,) and Sally 
1 Clark, had children : 

1. Jane, who married Aaron M. Ludlow, son of Joseph. [See 

2. Aaron C, who died 15th October, 1826, aged 14 years, 2 mo. 
•3. Jonathan H., who died ISth October, 182(i, aged 12 years, 

I month, and 21 days, 

4. Jeremiah, who died I'lth July, 1S3S, at Carlisle, Penn., aged 
21 years, S months, and 12 days. 

5. Margaret, b;)rn 20th August, 1S09, married, r2th September, 
]83S, Samuel Kent, a carpenter, son of Abraham, and had 

children : 1. Mary Emily Kent, born 1810 ; 2. Sarah Atme Kent, 
burn 1S44 

6. Sarah H., who died 2;id January, 1823, aged 1 year, 4 mo. 

I I days. 

7. Sarah Anne, who married 16th May, 1844, Samuel Totten, 
son of Jeremiah. [See Tuttcn.] 

8. Deborah, born June, 1826. 

9. Sjbbel, born 23d August, 1828, and married 24th September, 
1851, Albert Pierson, son of James H. Piersoii, son of Ja.cub 
S. Parsons. [See Parsons.'] 

10. John Clark Osborn, who died at 8 months. 

RACHEL OSBORN, (daughter of John, Sen.,) married, first, 
Jonathan Bailey, of Morris county; [sea- Bailey ;] 2d, Andrew 
Wade, of Morris county, and had a daughter, Patty, who married 
Thompson Brown, son of George ; [see Brown ;] 3d, Isaac Clark, 
of Morris county, in this Valley ; [see Isaac Clark ;] 4th, Samuel 
Tucker, (as his second wife,) son of Abner Tucker.j [See 

g JOHN OSBORN, Jun. (son of John,) and Mary Bebout, had 

o children ; 

•" 1. Puah, who married Burrows Vanw3% of Sussex county, and 

had children: Jane Vanwy, who married William Completon, of 

Guernsey county, Ohio, and lives there. 

2. Lewis married, IGth Nor. ISll, Mary Anne Cory, daughter 
of George, and went to Ohio. 

3. Nancy married, 3d April, 1813, Daniel Wilson, son of Sam- 
uel, and went to the Lakes, New-York, and had children : 1. Jane 
Wilson ; • , 

4. Jane married, I5th April, 1815, Isaac Denman, son of Joseph, 
of Springfield, and had children: 

1. Runyon Denman, who married . 

2. Elizabeth Deomaa married Theodore Hill 


3. John Den man married 

4. Mary Denman, born — — , 1823. 

5, William Denman, born , 1328. 

6 Jonathan Howel Denman, born , 1830. 

7. George Denman, born , 1832. 

5. Jonathan Howe! Osborn married Phebe M. Sturjri", daughter 
^ f-'f Eleazer Stuigis, of Green Village; lives al the Saw Mill on 
g Passaic River, near Baskingridge, and had children : 

1. Mary Jane, who married William M. Corbit, and had a 
e son, Lewis Corbit. 

f 2. Lewis F., who married Anne Eliza Armstrong, danghter 

of Lewis, of Pleasant Valley, and had children: 1. William 

Osborn ; • 

3. Sarah Roberts Osborn. 


NEHEMIAH OSBORN came from Connecticut Farms to Long 
Hill ; he married Mary Baldwin, daughter (if Gabriel Baldwin ; he 
died I4lh March, 18^6, in his S5th year. They had children : 

1. David L., born 4th Jauuary, 1787, and married Phebe Ward, 
daughter of Joshua, of Clieapside, and had children: 
S 1. Joshua Ward; 2, David Nelson; 3. Albert H., who mar- 

? ried Adaline Boyle, daughter of Dr William Boyle; [see 

U Boyle ;'\ 4. William Sanford ; 5. Edwin; (i. Piiebe Anne. 

^ 2. Rachel, born 30th October, 17S8, and died 20lh July, lb08, 
S unmarried. 

3. b^zra, born 27th March, 1790, and died at abont 30 years, 

4. Asa, born 19lh Dec. 1705, married, ^Oth May, 1824, Jane f/. 
Bennet, an I had a daughter, Mary Jane. His wife Jane died 1827, 
aged 20 years, and he marri<:d Hann*h Wood, ilan^litcr of Daiiiel 
S. Wood. Jun and had a dau-ihtcr, Anne Eliza, born 18th January, 
1831, and married, 24lh Sept. i&50, Philemon Tomkins, son of A. 
A. Tornkms. 

5. Matthias, born 20th Sept. 1797, married Elizabeth Bonnel, 
born I lib February, 1797, daughter of JSathaniel Bonuol 3d, and 
had children : 

1. Mary Elizabeth, born 29th Nov. 1829. 

2. Martha Jane, born 'iSth S* pt. 1833. 
^ 3 Sarah Anne, wiio died in iiif<incy. 

n Matlhia.s Osborn was ordained, 3 0lh November, 1828, an elder in 
•" the church at New Provide nee. 

6. Neheniiah, born 8th February, 1799. lives at Sparta, in Su.s 
sex counlv ; he married first, Miss Hunt; 2d, the widow Coursen. 

7 Samuel H., born 16tli February, 1804. married, 1st March, 
1824, Mary iN. Miller, daughter of Lewis, She died 23d February, 


1814, in her 40th year, and left children r 1. Eliza ; 2. Maltha ; 3. 
David ; and had several others, who died young. 

8. Eliza, born 3d October, 1S07, and married William Meeker, 
son of Noah. He lives near Succasunna Plains, Morris county 
[See Charity Miller, daughter of Elder Moses.] 


BENJAMIN PARKER lived on the north side of Long Hill, 
about a mile west of the Washington School-house. He married 
Lydia Osborn. He died 7th April, 1794, aged 60 years. She died 
3d November, 1822, aged 85 years. They had children: 

g 1. Stephen, born 29th May,"l759, and died 27th March, 1787, 

p unmarried. 

■ 2. Abraham, born 16th Jan. 1762, and died at middle age, un- 

3. Calvin, born 13th Feb. 1768. married, 11th June, 1788, Sarah 
Badgley, daughter of Moses Badgley, and had a son, Moses Badg- 
ley Parker, who died a young man unmarried. Calvin's wife dit-d 
6th December, 1796, aged 27 years, and he married Rhoda Mascho, 
daughter of John Mascho. 

4. Betsey, born 8th Feb. 1770, and married, 12lh Nov. 1796, 
Moses Headley ; he died, and she married Jacob Lacy, son of Da- 
vid Lacy. He died aboL't 1844, nearly 100 years old, and she still 
lives (1850) a widow, where her lather did. 

CALVIN PARKER and Mascho had children : 
g 1. Archibald, who died a young man, unmarried. 
a 2. Jane, who married Maxwell Badgley, son of Samuel Badgley. 
? [See Badgley.] 

3. Sally, who mariied John Hampson, grand-son of John Smith 
Shotwell. [See ShohoelL] 

4. Betsey married William Lariew, of Sussex, and lives there. 
6. Benjamin married Phebe Bedford, daughter of John S. Bed- 
ford. 6. Nancy married . 7. Hetty, who died young. 



> WILLIAM TARROT lived where Ezra Wilcox now does, 
f i'.nd owned 200 ncies of hind, including lh;it now owned by Ez- 
ra Wilcox, Abrafiam \'nlentine and David A. French, extend- 
ing from the River to the St 'ny Hill Road. It was divided be- 
tween his s(»ns William and Thomas. He married the widow 
of Dnniel Clark, and had children : 

1. William, Juii. who mari-ied Catherine Williams, daugh- 
ter of John Williams, of Northfield, in Livingston Township, 
and sister of Zophar Williams. 

2. Thomas, who married, 20th December 1780, Rosannah 
Rutan, daughter of Abraham llutan : s!ie died, and he married, 
2d. September 9th. 1824, Abigail iMeeker, daughter of Isaiah 
Meeker. He lived on Long Hill, and vv.ns a Justice of the 
Peace of Monis county. He died 21st September, 1840. 
His 2d wife died 1st July, 18^6, aged 79 years. 

3. Sam.uel. who married, 18th August, 1783, Polly Thomp- 
son, daughter of Thomas, of Long Hill. He with his famil}'-, 
removed to the Lakes, New York. 

I WILLIAM PARROT, Jan. (son of William.) and Cathe- 
■" rine Williams, lived where his father did, and had children : 
'^ 1. Abraham, who married Majy Erazee, daughter of 
S Abraham Erazee, and lived in New York. 

2. Betsey, who married, ht Januar3% 1816, Mahlon 
Smalley, son of David Smalley, Esq. [See Sjnalley.'] 

3. Abigail married, fir^it, Samuel C. Parsons, son of Jona- 
than Parsons, and had a son John Parsons. Mr. Parsons 
died, and she married, second, Israel Stevens, son of John, 
and had a daughter, Angeline Stevens. They live in New 

4. Squier, born 27th April, 1790, and married, 3d De- 
cember, 181G, Martha Townley, daughter of David, son of 
George Townley. 

5. Polly married, 5th April, 1817, William Williamson, of 
Weslfield, and had children: 

I 1. James Williamson, who married Margaret Anne 

o Lyon, daughter of \^ illiam Lyon, of Lyons' Earms, 

° and had children; 1. Amanda Jenette Wiliic.mson ; 

2 Sally Aniie Williamson; 3. Amelia Williamson. 
2. Sally Anne Williamson, who married Isaac Cole, son 
of freeman Cole, Esq. of Plainfield, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Hannah Eliza Cole; 2. Mary Cole, 3. 
Freeman Cole. 
Note. — Freeman, Esq. only son of Joseph Cole, [see Cole,'] 


and Hannah Drake had children: 

1. Mary who died at IG years. 

2. Joseph who died at 13 years. 

3. William 0. who married Catherine Smalley, daughter 
of Mahlon. [See Mahlnn Smalk}/.'] 

4. Ketsey married Moses Hetfieid French, son of Willis. 
{See Willis French. 

5. Isaac married Sally Anne Williamson, daughter of Wil- 
liam Williamson and Polly Parrot. [_See Polly, daughter of 

William Parrot, Jun.'] 

6. Elias, who died a young man. 

ABRAHAM PARROT (son of William Parrot, Jun.) and 

Marv Frazee, lived in New York, and had but one child 

Emeline. who married, first, Frederick Manchester, second, 

Samuel Miller. By her first husband she had children : 

^ 1. ]\Iary Anne Manchester; 2. Henrietta Manchester; 

f 3. Sarah Manchester. And by Samuel Miller she 

had children: 4. Abraham I\Iillei-; 5. Emeline Miller; 

G. Catherine Miller ; 7. Elizabeth JMiller. 

I SQUIER PARROT (son of William Parrot Jun.) and 
? Martha Towidey, had children ; 

1. Mary, who died at 1 3 years of age. 

2. Elizabeth married Vincent Frazee, son of James Frazee, 
of Scotch Plains, and had children: 1. VViiJiam Frazee; 
2. Rosetta Frazee ; 3 Isabel Frazee ; 4. Mary Ellen Frazee; 

3. Abraham who married Sarah Anne Burrows dani^hter 
of Rev. Waters Burrows, and had children: 1. George; 
2. Mary Francis. 

4. Caroline married, I7th November, 1847 Daniel W. Day, 
spn of Capt. Stephen Day. \_See Vay.'] 

3. Margaret. 

6. Abigail married, 31st December, 1849, Alexander Coop- 
er, son of Peter. \_See Cooper. 1 

7. William, who died yonng : 8. Catherine; 9. George 
Townley; 10. Mary 2d ; 11. Martha. 

I THOMAS PARROT, Esq. (son of William,) and Ro- 
I sannah Rutan, had cluluren : 

1. William, who married Betsey Hand, daughter of Benja- 
min, went to Ohio, and had children: 
I 1. Abraham, who married Margaret Rirdsal ; 2. Sylves- 
o ter married Henrietta Ogdeii ; 3 Abigail married Da- 
niel Hoffman; 4. Electa married ; 5. Thomas 

married ; G. Anne married Jonah Marlovv; 7. 

Simeon; 8. Daniel. 


2. Anna, who mnrried Isaac Crane, son of Norris, as his 2d 
wife. [See Norris Craw'.'] 

3. Peter, who married Sally Crane, daughter of Norris, and 
had children : 

1. Jane, who married William Force, son of Squier 

Force, Jun. live in Morristown. 
2- Hetty married Sylvester Force, son of Squier Force, 

Jun ; 3. Mary. 

4. Fhebe married William High, Jun. son of William. 
[See William High.'] 

5. Hannah; G. John. 

4. Polly married Isaac Crane, son of Norris, as his first 
wife. [See Ci'ane.'] 

5. Joseph, born 23d March, 1800, married, 30th August, 
1820, Martha Cory, daughter of Daniel Cory, Jun. son ot El- 
der Daniel Cory, of Long Hill, and had a daughter, Phebe M. 
who married, l5th Feb. 183S, Augustine Trowbridge, and 
had two (laughters ; and she died. Martha Cory, wile of Jo- 
seph Parrot, died, and he married, second. May 27ih, 1824, 
Abigail Jones, born 26th Jonuary, 1804, daughter of Luther 
Jones, and had children: 2. Erastus ; 3. Thomas; 4. Eliza- 
beth, born lOlh April, 1828. 

SAMUEL PARROT (son of William) and Polly Thomp- 
son had children : 
ta 1. Abigail, who married Daniel Hand, son of Benjamin 
ft Hand. He died without children, and she married William 
." Reynalds, of Livingston, and had a son, Parrot Reynalds, who 
married Joanna Vashti Budd, daughter of Dr. John C. Cudd, 
and died without children. 

2. Thompson. 

3. Johannah. 

4. Mary, who died young. 

5. Joseph. 

6. Cornelia, who married Sears Smalley, son of Abner 

7. Samuel, Jun. 

8. Nancy. 



WILLIAM PARSONS, Esq. came to Passaic Volley from 
Long Island, and settled on lot No. 13 of the Elizabethtown 
lots, first owned by William Broadweii, wheie J H. Parson?< 
lived. He was born 1710, and died 4th October, 1765, aged 
65 years. His wife's name was Deborah, who died 5lh Feb. 
1792, very aged. They had children: 

£ 1. Debf)rah, who married David Potter, son of Daniel Pot' 

g ter, as a first wife. 

2. William, Jun. who married Mary Searing, of Connecti- 
cut Farms. Me died 10th i\ov. 1792. She was born 2d Sept. 
1734, and died 16th August. 1815 They had children : 

g 1. Samuel, born 21st February. 175 ^ and married Polly 

o Crane, daughter of Isaac. He died 25th Dec. 1822. 

? She died 12th Nov. Is50, aged 90 years. 

2. Sally, born 10th Dec. 17587 and died 17th Aug. 1831, 
aged 73 years. She married Capt Samuel Potter, son 
of Col. Samuel Potter, and removed to Lamington. 
[See Capt. Samuel Potter.'] 

3. Jacob Searing, born 7th Jan. 17GI, and married, 21st 
March, 1785, JSally Bonnel, daughter of Benjamin Bon- 
nel, Esq. 

4. Daniel, born lOih Nov. 1762, married, 21 st March, 

1785, Sarah Woodruff, daughter of Matthias Wood- 
ruff of Chatham, and went to Ohio. 

5. Jonathan, born 7th Nov. 1764, married, 30th Decem- 
ber, 1791), Elizabeth Allen, daughter of Daniel Allen. 
He died 9lh Sept. 1821, aged 57 years. She died 4th 
July, 1844. 

6. Elizabeth, born 14th Feb. 1767, married, 17th Feb. 

1786, Samuel Cory, of Westfield. He died 1st March, 
1810, and she married George Townley. She died 
6th May, 1847, without children. 

7. David, born 28th Nov. 1768, married, 23d Dec 1789, 
Jane Osborn, daughter of Jonathan Howel Osboin. 
She died, and he married, ,=econd, Hannah Sturgis, of 
Green Village. She died, and he married, third, De- 
borah Mott, who died 18th July, 1829, aged 52 years. 
He died 10th Nov. 1849, aged' nearly 81 years. He 
had no children by his third v^^ife. * 

a SAMUEL PARSONS, (son of William, Jun.) and Polly 

e Crane, had children : 

9 1. Chloe, who died 7th April, 1788, when young. 



2. Polly married, 1st Dec. 1811, Parker Parcel, of Spring- 
field, and had children: 

e- 1. Chloe Parcel who married Chauncy Canfield, of Con- 

o necticut, and had a daughter Chloe, and then died. 

2. Matthias Parcel married ; 3. Elizabeth Parcel 

4. Phebe Parcel married Augustus Garrison: went to 11 

linois. .5. William Parcel married ; 6. Catherine 

Parcel; 7, Huldah l*arcel ; 8. Mary i^arcel married 
Moses Vail, and had children, Mary Elizabeth and 
Harriet Vail, twins. 

3. Lewis, who died ()th April, 1789, aged 5 years. 

4. Isaac Crane Parsons died 24th March, 1849, unmarried. 

5. Sally, who married John Coddingt^n, and had a daugh- 
ter, 1. Mary Coddington, who married Samuel Baldwin, son 
of David. Mr. Coddington then died, and she married VVm. 
Petty, and had children : 

2. Samuel Petty; 3. Sarah Anne Petty; 4. Charlotte 
Petty ; 5. David Petty. 
G. Chloe, who married Aaron McKinstry, son of John, of 
Lamington, and had children : 

1. Mary McKinstry; 2. Elizabeth McKinstry; 3. Matilda 
McKinstry ; 4. Thankful McKinstry; 5. Jonathan Mc- 
Kinstry ; G. Sarah McKinstry. 

7. Betsey, who married Jonathan Ketchum, lived in New- 
ark, and had children: 

1. David Ketchum, who married ; 2. Elmira Ketch- 

um ; 3. Margaret Ketchum married ; 4. Hyla 

Anne Ketchum. 

8. Squier, who married Eliza Jennings, daughter of David, 
and had children: 

1, Samuel ; 2. Caroline ; 3. Phebe Lucretia married Geo. 
Stanford, son of John, of Boundbrook ; 4. Betsey ; 5. 
Aaron ; 6. Mary. Mrs, Eliza Parsons died January 
5th, 1852. 

g JACOB SEARING PARSONS, (son of William, Jan..) 

? lived where his lather did. He and Sally Bonnel had chii- 

° dren: 

^ 1. William, who died a youno: man, unmarried. 

^ 2. Benjamin, who martied Fanny Willcox, daughter of 

p Wi!li*m, son ot Noaf' Willcox; lived in New York. 

3. Nancy married John Andt^rson ; lived in New. York. 

4. James Hervey mairied, 20th Sept 1812, Betsey Doty, 
dau2;hter of James ; livei where his iather did. He died 
1st March, 1846; his wife died 10th Dec. 1832, aged 42 
years ; they had children: 

|; 1. William, who died at 27 years. 


g 2. Pamelia, who married Lyman Meeker, son ol'Zadoc 

? JMeeker, of Clinton. 

3. Israel married Harriet Pierson, daughter of Charles, 

4. Albert married, 24th iiept. 1851, Sibel _ Osborn, 
dauijhterof John Osborn. 

5. Nancy married, ISth July, 1850, John D. Martin, 
son of Thomas. [See Martia.l 

6. Lewis married . 

7. Betsey, who died at Clinton, of cholera, 24th August, 

5. Mariah married David Howel of Morris county. He 
was Elder of the church of New Providence. 

6. Electa, who did not many. 

JONATHAN PARSONS, (son of William, Jun.,) lived 
where his son, Luke, now does ; he and Elizabeth AUei , had 
children : 
$ 1. Eliphalet, who married Nancy Parcel ; removed to 
g Baltimore, and has children : 1. Ira, horn 1812, and died 
o at 3 years ; 2. Ira, 2d, who died at 23 years ; 3. Elizabeth, 
? who died at 5 years; 4. Lewis; 5. Francis Asbury ; 6. Har- 
riet, who died at 3 years; 7. Joseph ; 8. Stephen ; 9. Har- 
riet, 2d ; 10. Anna ; 11. John, who died at 1 year. 

2. Samuel Cory, who mar.ried Abigail Parrot, daughter of 
William, Jun.; had a son, John Parsons, and died. 

3. Charlotte married Thomas Squier, son of Stephen. 
[See Squie)\'\ 

4. Luke, who lives where his father did ; he married, 1st, 
Eliza Hal-ey, daughter of John Halsey, of Morristown, and 
had children : 

p 1. Emily Eugenia, who died 8th Jan. 1841, aged 9 

« years. 

2. Henry Halsey Parsons, bnrn 22d Jan. 1824. 

3. George Searing Parsons, born 26th Sept. 1825. His 
wife Eliza, died 27th June, 1827, aged 25 years, and 
he married, 2d, Eliza Halsey, daughter of Henry 
Halsey, 3 miles east of Morristown, a cousin of his 
first wife, and had a son. 

4. William Edgar Parsons, born 23d Sept. 1821. His 
2d wife, Eliza, died 9th Feb. 1838, aged 40 years, 
and he married, 3cl, tiliza Walker, daughter of Miller, 
by whom he had no children. 

5. Anne, born 16th Dec. 1805, and married, lOth March, 
1827, David Coddiiigton, son of Archibald, of Mount Horeb ; 
lived at Plainfield, and had children: 

1. Jonathan P. Coddington, born 20th Oct. 1829; 2. 
Mary Louisa Coddington ; 3. Edward James Codding- 


ton, born 23(1 Sept. 1834; 4. Ira Coddington, died at 3 

weeks : 5 Charlt-s Eiiiorj' Cotldiiigtoii, who died at 

5| months. 

" 6. Mary, who married David C. L Rounsavelle, son of 

p Peter, and grandson of Nathaniel Littell, Ksq. ami had one 

son, Katon iiounsavelle, and died in Baltimore, 20th October, 

1840, where they lived. [See i\ancy Littcll, daughter of Na^ 

thaniel Littell, Esq.'\ 

7. Jonaih;in, who went to Raltimoi-e ; he was born 12th 
January, 1812, and married Mary Anne Marr, born 7th jN'ov. 
1813, daucliter of 'I'homas Mai'r, and half sisier of D. C. L. 
Rounsavelie's 2d wile, and had childien : 

1. Eliphalei, born 18th July, 1834; 2. George Francis, 
bnrn 12th August, l83t); 3. William, born 25lh Nov. 
1838, and died at 3^ years ; 4. ("Iharles Emorv, born 
28th iMay. 1841; b. David Rssex, burn 3.lthJune, 
1S43; 6. Emma Eliza, born 12th November, 1846; 
7. John,8th July, 1843. 

DAVID PAHSONS, (son of William, Jun.) had children: 

1. Lewis, born 23d March, 1790, and werit to Ohio. 

2. John Marsh, born 3()th June, 1791. and married, 12th 
March. 1820, I'olly Morehouse, daughter of Simeon; live on 
Stony Hill, and had children : 

1. William; 2. Ehza Anne, who mnrrled, IGth Novem- 
ber, 1848 Elias Usborn sou of Stephen B- Osborn' 
[!«ee Lsborn ;] 3. John L. ; 4. Nancy M. who mar- 
» ried, lOth November, 1848, Ezra Reeve, of Newark; 

« 5. Rebecca. 

" 3 Polly, born 25th May, 1794, and married Samuel Marsh, 
of Westlield. 

4. Hhoda, born 24th March, 1796, and died young. 
5 Esther, born 18lh March, 1798, is not married. 

6. Deborah, born l£th July, 1800, is not married, she lives 
with Maj. J. Potter. 

7. Howel, born 4th July, 1803; he went away, they know 
not where. 

8. William, born 9th March, 1807, and died young. 


MATTHIAS PARSONS lived in this Valley. I know 
not that he was of kin to William Parsons or his family. He 
married Mercy Shaw, sister of Richard Shaw, and had chil- 
dren : 1. John, baptized 25th May, 1788 ; 2. Abigail, baptized 
23th May, 1788; 3. Fhebe. baptized 25th May, 1788; 4. 
Mary, baptized 2Cth June, 1791. Mr Parsons, with his fami- 
ly, removed to the Big Miami River, Ohio. 



JOHN POOL lived on Long Hill, near where David 
Morehouse now hves. He inanied, I3ih Janu;iry, 1773, Je- 
mima Mulford, daughter of Jeremy, and had children : 

1. Elizabeth, and Juan, twins, baptized 4th Dec. 1774, 
and both died young. 

3. Pollv, who married Noah Williams, son of Noah, of 
Long Hill, and went to Ohio, and was there drowned. 

4. Hannah, who married 2oth February, 1797, John Hal- 
sey, and went to near Lebanon, Warren Co. Ohio. [See 


s- BENJAMm PETTIT, ESQ came from New Rochelle, 
fi in the State of New York, to Passaic Valley, and by deed 
p dated 31st December, 1729, purchased 105 acres of land of 
Jona. Carle; he also purchased in 1737, of the Committee of 
the Freeholders of Elizabethtown, lUO acres adjoining and 
lying west of the other tract, and between that and iNathaniel 
Smith's tract, and both adjoining the River, which are in pos- 
sesion of his desendants to this day, on which Major Jotham 
Potter now lives. Benjamin Pettit, Esq. died 30th January, 
1771, aged 72 years, and left children, Mary, Abigail and Ben- 
jamin Pettit, Jun. 

g BENJAMIN PETTIT, Jun. married Phebe Potter, daugh- 
n ter of Joseph Potter, and died 7th October, 1757, aged 35 
f years ; they had children : 

1. Elizabeth, born 5th March, 1753, and married, 1st, John 
Parker, an Uncle of the wife of Hugh Cauldwell, and 2d, John 
Smith, and went to VV^estern New York. 

2. Phebe, born 20th February. 1756, and married 15ih 
June, 1772, John Hrittin son of William, [see Briltin,] and 
had children, Pettit and Betsey Brittin. 

Pettit Brittin married for his 2d wife Betsey Rorback, and 
had children: 1. John Brittin; 2. George Brittin; 3. Sarah 

Betsey Brittin married James Primrose, and had children : 
1. John Primrose; 2. I'ettit Primrose; 3. Sarah Primrose; 
4. Phebe Primrose; 5. Hannah Primrose ; 6. George Wash- 
ington Primrose. 

3. Benjamin 3d, born 17th December, 1757 ; he was Capt. 
in the militia. He married in the winter of 1783 Elizabeth Day, 
daughter of Timothy, of Chatham, and died 25th Oct. 1794, 
aged 37 years. After the death of Benjamin Pettit, Jun. his wi- 
dow Phebe married Kennedy Vance, of Longhill. [Siee Fance.] 



f had children : 

1. Tmioihy Day Pettit, who married 22d November, 1806 
I Huldah Bonnel, daughter of Nathaniel Bonnel 3d, and died 
S 4th August, 1808, aged 25 years, leaving a son. 
\„ 1. Timothy Day Pettit, w^ho died 25th December, 1842, 

I aged 35 years, unmarried. 

? 2. Benjamin Peitit 4th, who died 20th September, 1800/ 
aged 21 years, unmarried. 

3. Betsey Pettit, who died 16th January. 1795, 6^ years. 

4. Phebe Peitit. born 23d December, 1795, and married 
Gih May 1810, Jotham Potter, son of Amos Potter Ksq. 
[See Potter] On the death of Timothy D. Pettit 2d, in 1842, 
the name of Pettit became extinct, and the farm is in j)osses.sion 
of and owned by Major Joihain Potter, and his wife Phebe 



SAMUEL POTTER, the ancestor of the Potter family, in 
{3 this region of county, came from Wales, inEni-land ; he had 
<? childr n : 

•" 1. Hannah, who was born 1G91 ; 2. Daniel, born 1G92. 
3. Saraii, born 1696 ; 4. Samuel, Jun., bo n 1699. 
5. Joseph, born 1702; 6. Elizabeth, twin to Joseph, born 

7. Noadiah, born 1704, and lived at Vauxhall, in Clinton 
township; 8. Mary, born 1708. 

DANIEL POTTE i 1-st, (2d child of Samuel 1st,) lived 
in Connecticut Farms, and had children : 
" 1. Daniel 2d, born 1723: he died by accident, loth Oct, 
S 1774. 

2. Amos 1st, born 1725. 

3. Samel Sd, born 1727 ; he was a Col. in the Revolution- 
ary War. 

These three brothers came up from Connecticut Farms, 
and took charge and possession of Lots No. 6, No. 26 and No, 
27, of the Eiizabethtown Lois, drawn by their father, Daniel 
Pclter, and also Lot No. 22, drawn by David Potter, at the 
Summit of the Morris and Essex Rail Road. 

Daniel Potter 2d, lived where his son Amos Potter, Esq., 
afterwards lived. Amos Potter, lived in a house opposite to 
that built by John Blackburn. 

Samuel Potter, (the Col.,) lived at the Cross Roads, a little 
west of the Summit. 

DANIEL POTTER 2d, (son of Daniel, son of Samuel 
Potter 1st,) by a first wife, had a son, David Potter, who 
married Deborah Parsons, daui^hter of William Parsons, Esq. 
She became crazy Deb, and died childless. And for a second 
wife, Daniel Potter 2d married Catherine Lacy, sister of 
David Lncy. They had child i en: 

^ 1. Hannah, who married Daniel Hart, son of Jeremiah, 

I [See Hart,] 

p 2. Catherine married John Mascho. [See 3Tascho.'\ 

3. Sally married Silas Howel, of Hanover, Morris county, 
and lived there. 

4. Jacob married, 14th May, 177.5, Susannah, daughter of 
elder John Clark He was ordained an elder in the piesby- 
terian church, 4th November, 17!)4, and was an efTjcient 
member of the church and a useful member of society. 

5. Amos married, first Sarah Clark, sister of Jacob's wife ; 
second, Elizabeth, the widow of Capt. Benjamin Pettit, by 
whom he had no children. 


6. Phebe married John Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See 

7. Noadiah married Polly Clark, daughter of Abraham, of 
Westfield, and went to Ohio. 

8- Jotham, who died 21st August, 1777, nged 13 years. 
. 9. Daniel 3(\ married, 28t!i April, 1791, Pl'iebe Sfanbury, 
daughter ofCapt. Samuel Stanbury, of Long Hill, and had 
children : 

$■ 1. Kecom pence Stnnburv Potter, who married . 

? 2. Phebe married Mr. Martin, of Plainfield. 

Daniel Potter 3d lost his wife, and he married Agnes Van 
Court, below Plainfield, who after Mr. Potter's death married 
Stephen Whitaker, of Yates catraty, N. Y. [See Whituke}\'] 

JACOB POTTER, (4th child of Daniel 2d.) and Susan- 
nah Clark, had children: (he died 30th April, 1841, aged 86 ; 
she died 23d March, 1841, aged 84 years, both ripe for heaven) 

1. Jerusha, who died September, 1777, aged 1 year. 

2. Jertisha 2d, born 3d Jan. 1788, and died 7th xMarch, 1 796. 

3. Susannah born, 1780, and died 2Gth March, 1795. 

4. Jonas, born 23d Dec 1782, and died 9th April, 1800. 

5. Nathan, who married Elizabeth Day, daughter of Moses 
Day, of (Chatham. 

6. Mary married Joseph Halsey, and went to Ohio, near 
Lebanon, and had children: 

g 1. Mary Halsey, who married John Dynes. 

P 2. Abby Halsey married James Dynes, cousin of John. 

^ 3. David Halsey; 4. Joseph Halsey; 5. Jacob Halsey. 

7. Amos married, 1st September, 1814, Phet e Denman, 
daughter of Josepii, of Springfield, and had children : 

1. Caroline, born 14th November, 1815, married James 
F. Kent, of the state of New York. 

2. Mary married Sidney A. Lyon, son of Lewis Lyon, 
of Springfield. 

3. Sarah Willis Potter. 

4. James Miller Potter married Jane Elizabeth Ramsey, 
of Kahway. 

5. Charlotte Denman Potter, who died at 19 years, un- 

6. William Clark Potter. 

7. Eliza, who died 21st October, 1839, aged 2 years. 

8. Phebe Anne. 

9. Israel Milton Potter, born 8th January, 1835. 

8. David married in Ohio, Rhoda .Potter, daughter of Rus- 
sel, son of Amos Potter 1st. He lived near Middletown, 


9. Moses M. Potter, who died 10th October, 181^, aged 
16 years, 5 months and 4 days. 

10. Jacob M. I'otter, who died at 18 years. 

DAVID POTTER (son of Jacob) had children: 

1. Jaob, who died young; 2. Mary Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried Hervy Hathaway; 3. Russel ; 4. Louisa; 5. Susan. 
David Potter's wife iihoda then died, and he married Ehza- 
beth Starr. 

^ AMOS POTTER, Esq. (5th child of Daniel Potter 2d,) 
"" and Sarah Clark had children : 

? 1. Hannah, who married Moses Thompson, son of Thomas, 
S of Long Hill. [See Thompson.'] 

2. Jotham, born 3d Oct. 1781, married, 6th May, 1810, 
Phebe Pettit, daughter ot Capt. Benjamin Peltit. 

3. Elizabeth, who died 25th Jan. 179G, aged 12 years and 
2 months. 

4. Sally married, 2 1st Feb. 180S, Stephen B. Osborn, son 
of Smiih S. [See Oshorn.'] 

5. Charlotte married, 14th November, 1816, Jotham Meek- 
er Baldwin, and had children: 

f 1. Jotham Baldwin. 

? 2. Elizabeih Baldwin, who married Isaac H. Labaugh> 
of New York. 

3. James Baldwin, who went to Illinois. 

4. Rowena Baldwin. 

5. Sarah Baldwin. 

They lived in N. Y. Mr. Baldwin died 16th June, 1845. 
Amos Potter's wife Sarah died 15th January, 1796, aged 36 
years, and he married Elizabeth, the widow of Capt. Benja- 
min Pettit. [See Pettit.'] He was a Justice of the Peace, and 
died 8ih July, 1834, a^ed 77 years. His widow died 19th 
January, 1835, aged 73 years. 

^ JOTHAM POTTER, (2d child of Amos Potter, Esq.) 
n was a major in the militia, a Justice of the Peace, and an 
? elder in the presbyterian church, ordained 30th November, 

1828. He and Phebe Pettit had children : 

1. Benjamin Pettit Potter, who married, 7th December, 

1742, Elizabeth Griffin, and had children: 
I 1. En^ily ; 2. Edward Griffin; 3. Ludlow, who died 

o at 2 months. 
• 2. Betsey Day, who married, 11th November, 1835, Ellis 

Bonne!, son of Philemon. [See Bonnel.] 

3. Sarah C. who married, 5th January, 1837, Daniel L. 
Bonnel, son of William. [See Bound.'] 

4. Amos, born 1820. 



5. Ludlow Day married, 4lh June, 1850, Henrietta Malvi- 
na Ketchum, daughter of Enoch Ketchum, of Pennington, 
Mercer county, New Jersey. He graduated at Princeton 
College, studied theology at the senninnry there, was licenced 
to preach, by the presi ytery of Eliza belhtown, in October, 
1846, and went to Hrookville, Indiana, and was ordained and 
installed over the presbyterian church there. 

6. Mahetabel Merry. 

7. Phebe Petlit. 

8. Harriet Newel. 

NOADIAH POTTER, (7th child of Daniel Potter 2d,) 
and Polly Clark, lived below Frankhn, Ohio, and had children: 

1. David, who married in Baltimore ; lived at Hill Grove, 
Darke county, Ohio, and had children : 

1. Mary; 2. ; 3. Noadiah; 4. Sidney; 5. 


2. Abraham. 

3. John Clark Potter married Sally Gard, daughter of the 
Rev. Stephen Gnrd, of Trenton, Ohio ; lived at Greenville, 
Darke county, Ohio, and had children : 

1. Cecelia, who died a young woman in August, 1849, of 

2. Thaddeus. 

3. Polly married Baldwin Morehouse, son of James. [See 

5. Hiram married Hetty Fort; was a merchant in Green- 
ville, ; had no children. 

6. Moses married Margaret Ainsworth, of Franklin ; lived 
near Greenville. 



AMOS POTTER 2d, (son of Daniel Potter 1st,) had children: 
S- 1. Elizabeth, who was baptized, 25lli Jan. 1707, married Dan- 
? iel Doly, son of John Doty. [Sec Daniel Doly.'\ 
' 2. Joanna, who died 23d Dec. 17b7. 

0. Daniel, who died I8lh Feh. 176^. 

4. John, who married, 2d May, 1770, Bethiah Lyon, daughter 
of Peter Lyon, and went to Ohio. 

5. Russel married Rhodfi Maxwell, sister of Caleb Maxwell, 
and went to Ohio. [See Maxwell] 

6. Moses married, 29th April. 1792, Rhoda Osborn, daughter of 
Jonathan Howel O.sborn, and went to Ohio. [See OshornJ\ 

7. Rebecca married Ellis Squier, son of Benjamin, son of John, 
of Westfield, and went to Ohio. [Sl'C Squier.^ 

8. Rachel, (by a 2d wife^) married Dan Cauldwell, son of Wil- 
liam Ciuldwell, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldwell.] 

Amos Potter's wife died l3th Feb. 1768. 

JOHN POTTER, (son of Amos, son of Daniel 1st,) and Bethiah 
_^ Lyon ha I children : 

S- 1. Phehe, baptized 20lh Nov, 1775, and married Ezekiel 
g Wright, Jun^ son of Ezekiel. 

o 2, Rachel married Nathaniel Bond ; lived near Ellis Squier'a in 
? Ohio. 

3. Johannah married, 26;h April, 1790, Allen Woodruff; went 
to Ohio, and there joined the Shakers. 

4. Polly married James Morehouse, son of David, of Cheapside. 
[See Moreheiisc] 

5. Daniel married, 1st, Abby Morehouse ; 2d, Betsey Dre\r, 
daughter of John Drew, both of Cheapside. 

6. Benjamin married Miss Dean, daughter of Thomas Dean. 

7. John married Christiana Potter, daughter of Isaac, son of Col. 
Samuel, and removed to Sussex, and had children : 

1. John Chatfield; 2 Samuel Bebout ; 3. Benjamin; 4. Jona- 
g than ; 5. Isaac Warren ; 6. Henrietta Amanda. 


° RACHEL POTTER, (2d child of John Potter, son of Amos,) 

and Nathaniel Bond, had children; 

1. John Bond, who married Eliza Crowel, daughter of Mose« 
Crowel, of N. Jersey, qnd had chihlren: 1. Julia Anne ; 2. Elias ; 
3. Nathaniel ; 4. Crovt^el; 5. Mary Jane ; 6. Henry ; 7. Ezra Bond. 

2. Joseph Bond, who married Lavisy Osborn, daughter of 
Jeremiah H. Osborn, [see Oi'Sor;?,] and had children: 1. Caro- 

ine ; 2. Benjamin ; 3. Alfred ; 4. Edwin ; 5. Squier; 6. Milton. 

3. Anna Bond married Squier Osborn, brother of Joseph Bond's 
%vifc, anil had children: 1. Rachel Osborn; 2. Sarah Osborn. 

4. Martha. 5. Mary. 

RUSSEL POTTER, (5th child of Amos, son of Daniel Potter 
l«t,) and Rhoda Maxwell had children: 


1. Anna, who married Samuel Martin, son of Joseph, of Penn- 
-sylvania, and had children: 1. Daniel RIartin ; 2. Russel Martin; 
8. Riichel Martin; 4. Mary Martin; 5. Sarah Martin ; 6. Ezra 
Martin; 7. Maxwell Mariin. 

2. Maxwcli, who married, 1st, Elizvbeth Coddington. daughter 
of William, of Maryland, a native of New Jereey, and had a son, 
Benjamin, who married Piiebe Squier, daughter of David, son of 
Ellis Squier. Maxwell Potter married, 'id, Sally, the widow of 
David, son of Ellis Squier, [see Squier.'] and had a daugliter, Sarah 
Anne Potter, who married John Martin, and hud a son, Edwin. 

3. Levi, who married Chloe Potter, daughter of Joim, of Mary- 
land, formerly of New Jersey, (not sou of Amos,) and had chil- 
dren : 1. Rachel; "2. Charlotte; 3. Russel, and John, twins; 5. 
3ulia Anne: 6. Elizabeth; 7. Thompson. 

4. Betsey, who married Josiah Kerr, son of Josiah, of Penn- 
srylvania, and had children: 1. Margaret Kerr ; 2. Elizabeth Kerr. 

5. Rhoda married David Potter, son of Jacob. [See Jacab 

BENJAMIN POTTER, (son of Maxwell,) and Phebe 
Squier had children : 

i. Samuel Maxwell Potter, who married Elizabeth Moore, 
daughter of Abraham ; 2. Georg^e ; 3. William ; 4. Philip 
Landis ; 5. Anne Eliza; 6. Sarah Bell. 

2. Hannah Potter, who marned 1st, Samuel Lee, son of Elder 
James Lee, a baptist minister ; 2d, James Emmons, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Maxwell Poller Lee, who married, 1851, Margaret Moore; 
2. James Lee ; 3. Elizabeth Lee, who married 1st, Joseph Banker, 
and had children : Jacob, and Franklin Banker ; 2d, William Hart- 
ley. 4. Mary, who married Dudley Jones, and had 4 children. And 
by James Emmons, Hannah had a son, Ezra Emmons. 

3. Rhoda Potter, who married Moses Morehouse, son of James 
Morehousp, and had children: 1. Emeline Morehouse, who married 
John Emmons, and had 3 children. 2. Ezra Morehouse ; 3. Rhoda 
Anne Morehouse ; 4. Mary Morehouse; 5. James xMorehouse ; 6. 
Sarah Morehouse. 

4. Mary Potter mar.i'ied William Lucas, and had children : 1. 
'S.imuel Lucas ; 2. Joel Lucas ; 3. E'iza Lucas ; 4. Nelson Lucas; 
5. Mary Anne Lucas; G. William Lujas; 7. Benjamin Lucas; 8. 
John Lucas ; {). Lucinda Lucas. 

5. Ezra Potter married Jst, Mary Gard, daugliter of the Rev. Ste- 
phen Gard, and had children: 1. Ann Eliza; 2. Laura; Ezra 
married 2d, Catherine Miller, daughter of Ellis, and had other 
-children : 3, Frank ; 4. Mary. 

6. William Potter married Rachel Taylor, daughter of Joseph, 
•and had children: 1. Charles; 2. Sarah ; 3. Oscar; 4. Juliette; 
5. Samuel 

7. Eliza Potter, who married John Hartley, and has children : L 
Elizabeth Hartley; 2. Augustus Hartley; 3. Newton Hartley ; 4. 
John Leland Hartley. And by his 2d wife, Levi Potter had one 


MOSES POTTER, (son of Amos, son of Daniel Potter 
2d J and Rhoda Osborn, went to Ohio, and had children: 
^ 1. Levi, who married Sally Sntphen, from Monmouth Co. 
=■ New Jersey, dauu,htex' of Abraham, and had cljildren : 
3 1. John Johnson Potter, who married Catherine Burge, 

dawg'hter of Anthony. 
2. Mai iah Sutphen Potter. 3. Francis Marion Potter.' 

2. Rhoda married Samuel Wood; lived in Dayton, and 
had chihiren: 1. Betsey, who married John Robb ; 2. Jonas 
Wood ; 3. Jerry Wood. 

3. Sally married Stephen Paine, of 'New York ; he died 
leavinij three sons. 

1. Moses Potter Paine, who married Mary Robison. 

2. Daniel Paine mari-ied Elizabeth Young 

3. Jonathan Paine manied Hannah Barnet. 

4. Jane, born 2d April, 1794, manied John Sutphen, born 
2Sth Sept. 1794, brother of Levi's wife. 

5. Amos, who married Eleanor Denny, from Pennsylvania, 
and had children: 1. James; 2. Mary Magdalen; 3. Rhoda. 

6. Jonath. n Hovvel Potter, who married 3 wives, and died 
in .1849, of cholera. He married, 1st, Charlotte Van Scoyke, 
and had children: 1. Amos Van Scoyke Potter; 2. Levi 
Potter ; he married, 2d, Elizabeth Conover, and had a son, 3, 
Carleton Sutphen Potter. He married, 3d, Sarah Anne 
Bond, and had no children by her, 

JANE POTTER, (4th child of Moses,) and Jolin Sutphen 

lived at Middletown, and had children : 
g 1. Abraham Sutphen, who married Eliza Brown, daugh- 
o ter of Christopher, of Virginia, and had children: 1. Levina 
■" Anne Sutphen ; 2. Mariah Louisa Sutphen ; 3. Sarah Lucinda 

Sutphen ; 4. Rhoda Mag'lalen Sutphen. 

2. Joseph Sutphen married Caroline Johnson, and had 
children: 1. Charles Sutphen ; 2. Harriet Jane Sutphen; 3. 
Mary Bell Sutphen. 

3. Moses Sutphen married Lucy Van Ness, and had a son, 
Isaac Sutphen, and died at just 3i) years of age. 

4. Sally Mariah Sutphen married Andrew Brown, brother 
of Abraham's wife, and had a daughter, Eliza Caroline Brown. 

5. Carleton Waldo Sutphen marrie i Elizabeth C'ochran, 
daughter of Thomas, and had children: 1. John Thomas 
Sutphen ; 2. Ruth Jane Sutphen. 

€. Rhoda Jane »Sutphen. 7. John Sutphen. 

8. Martha Anne Sutphen. 9. Levi l^otter Sutphen. 

10. James Heaton Sutphen- IL Darias Lapham Sutphen. 

i2. Eliza CaroUne Sutphen, who died at 4 years. 



COL. SAMUEL POTTER, (?on of Daniel, son of Samuel 

^ Potter 1st ) manied Jemima Baldwin, 5th child of John Baldwin. 

S [See John Baldvnn.'] 

Col. Potter died llth .Tuly, 1S02, aged 76 ; his wife .Temima 
died. 25ih November, IhlU, ao(,>d 89 years. He was an officer in 
the milita, in the revolutionary war, iind an elder, and one of the 
princij);ii supporters of the church of New Providence, and a jus- 
tice of the peace; they had children: 

I 1. Caleb, who married 1st, on the 23d April, 1770, Phebe Par- 

o rot; 2d, a widow Hinds. 

^ 2. Lydia married Joseph Allen, brother of Daniel. [See Alhn^ 

3. Samuel, who married Sarah Parsons, dangliter of William 
Parsons, Jan., and settled on Lamington river, Bedminsler town- 
ship, Somerset county. 

4. Isaac married 1st, Abigiiil Bebout, daughter of Peter, of 
Long Hill ; 2d, Abigail Swain, daughter of John Swain, of Cheap- 

5. Enos, born 28th March, 1702, married 20lh February, 1787, 
Rhoda Miller, daughter of Elder IMoses Miller, and went to Ohio. 

6. Jemima married Mr. Cory, and went up the North 


7. Prudence married Daniel Ilart, son of Jeremiah, as his 2d 
wife. [See Hart.] 

8. Mary, baptized 5th March. 17G9, married 2d December, 1787, 
James Thomas, of Hanover,, Moriis county. 

9. Bethuel, baptized 27th March, 1774, and died 10th October, 

' CALEB POTTER, (son of Col. Samuel.) and Phebe Parrot 
lived where Noah Frazee n )W does, and had children : 
V, 1. Abigail, who married, 5th November, 1789, Daniel Maxwell, 
^ son of John 2d. [See Maxivell] She was drowned in January, 
S ISOO, in N. Y. Bay, by the upsetting of a ferry boat. 

2. Samuel, who"miirried, 25th I>larch, 1797, Betsey Dunham, 
daughter of John Dunham, and had children: 

1. Abigail, who married Peter Bebout, son of Stephen. [See 

2. Nancy married William B. Crane, son of Joseph, Jun. 
[see Crane.'] and removed to Middletown, Ohio. 

Mr. Caleb Potter died 27th May, 1799, aged 49 years. His 
first wife died 25th April, 1771, aged 31 years. 

CAPT. SAMUEL POTTER, (3d child of Col. Samuel Potter,) 
and Sarah Parsons, lived-at Lamington. and had children : 

1. Jonathan, who married Hannah Woolverton, of Canada ; he 
died in 1»31, aged 53 years. He became Colonel of the militia. 

2. Searing, who died at 17 years. 

3. Elizabeth, who married Thomas Mulford, near Pluck6min, 


4. Sarah married Hugli Bartley, son of John, and grand son of 
Capt. William Loo-an, of Peapick ; he lives in Morris county. 

5. Samuel, who died at 20 years. 
Capl. Potter died 17th August, lS31. 

COL. JONATHAN POTTER, (son of Capt. Samuel,) and 

Hanuuh WuoJveMon had children : 
g> 1. Serrinjf, wlio married Elizabeth Smith. 

Q 2. Den;, is married Mary Anne Hyler, daughter of Philip, and 
B had a daughter, Miirgaret, who married William Bonnel, and died 

in 1831, aged 21 years. 

3. Mariah, who died in 1809, aged 3 years. 

4. Sarah married Col. Ji)hn McKinstry. 

5. Samuel married Jane Rue, daiigliter of John, of Lamington. 

6. Thanliful married Beiijamin Dunham, son of David, at iho 
Cross lloads. 

7. Jonathan W. married Gertrude Craig, daughter of William, 
of New Germaiitown. 

8. Mary married David Dunham, brother of Benjamin. 

SERRING POTTER, (son of Col. Jonathan,) and Elizabeth 
g Smith had children : 

^ 1. Joseph; 3. Jonathan; 3. Serring ; 4. Edmund; 6. Hervy; 
S 6. Elizabeth ; 7. Sarah. 

SARAH POTTER, (4th child of Col. Jonathan,) and Col. John 

McKinstry had children: 

1. Jonathan Mc.K n-try ; 2. Emily McKinstry; 3, .John Mc 
Kinstry ; 4. Samuel McKinstry ; 5. William McKinstry ; 6. Han- 
nah IMcKinstry. 

SAMUEL POTTER, (5th child of Col, Jonathan,) and Jane 
Rue ha<l S children, 5 of which are living: 

1. William; 2, Jonathan; 3. Mary; 4. Hannah; 5. Emma 

THANKFUL POTTER, (6th child of Col. Jonathan,) and 

Benjamin Dunham, had children : 

1. Mary Dunh;im, who married, April, 18")!, Philip Philhower. 

2. Hannah Dunham; 3. David Halsey Dunham; 4. Jonathan 
Dunham; 5. Warren Dunham; 6. William Dunham ; 7. Martha 
Dunham ; 8. Sarah Dunham. 

JONATHAN W. POTTER, (7th child of Col. Jonathan,) has 
a mill ami a store at Morristown, and lives there. He and 
Gertrude Craig li^id children: 

1, Samuel, born 1841. 

2, Elizabeth, born 1844. 

3, Hannah, born December, 1850. 


MARY POTTER, (Sih child of Col. Jonathan,) and David 
D;inhain had children : 

1. Mirtha Dunham; 2. Serring Dunliam ; 3. David Dunham ; 
4. William Blauvelt Dunham, and two others, who died ) oung. 

g ELIZABETH POTTER. (3d child of Capt. Samuel Potter,) 

j5 and Th nnas Aiulford had children : 

S 1, Samuel Mulford, who died at "28 years, unmarried. 

2. William P. Muiford, who married Henrietta Britton, daughter 
of Col. Elihu Britton, of Elizabelhtown. [Sf'c Elihu Britton.] 

3. Barnabas Mullbrd married Margaret Todd, daugliter-ol Major 
William Todd, of Bcdminster, and had 6 children. 

4. Eleazer Mulford married Miss Campbell, near Somerville. 
.5. Mdhlon Mulford married Aima Price, of Elizabethtown, 

6. Mary Mulford, who died in infancy. 

7. Miry Elizabeth Mulford married Daniel W, Nne, son of Ellis, 
and had children : 1. Daniel, who died young ; 2. Esther Moe. 

Daniel W. Noe died, and she married Mr. Farringlon. 

5j SARAH POTTER, (4th child of Capt. Samuel,) and Hugh 
^ Bartley had children : 

o I. Caroline Bartley, who married John Salmon, and had 3 chil- 
^ dren : 

g 1. Searing Salmon, who married Angelina Salmon, daughter 

of Joshua. 
2. Hirlan Pag^; Salmon; 31 child died young. 

2. Jonathan P. Bartley married Dorothy Caskey, and had 7 chil- 
dren. He was elected to the legislature, for the county of Morris, 
in 1830, and was accidently killed, in his saw-mill, in June, )S51. 

3. Samuel P. Bartley married Eliza Ewah, in Ohio; had three 
children, and removed to Ohio in 18-50. 

4. Sarah Elizabeth Bartley married Aaron Salmon, of Flanders, 
and had 4 children. 

5. Hannah Bartley died at 18 years, unmarried. 

6. A son, who died young. 

7. William Bartley married Elmira Wolf, of Flanders. 

6. Hugh Bartley, Jun. married Elizabeth Vroom, of German 

ISAAC POTTER, (4th child of Col. Samuel Potter,) and his 
s- first wife, Abigail Beboul lived where his father did, an 1 had cli41- 
f dren : 

„ I. Nancy, who married Philemon Elmer, son of Jonathan., Jun. 

S 2. Christiana married John Potter, son of John, son of Amos, let. 
[See John Potter.'] 

3, Polly, married, 1st April, 1809, Daniel Vreland, of Springfield, 
and had children : 

1. William Alanson Vreland ; 2. Eliza Vreland ; 3. Caroline 
Vreland; 4. Abigail Bebout Vreland ; 5. Lewis Vreland ; 
6. John Vreland. 


4. Nathan married Betsey Notrip, of Sussex, and had children : 
1. Israel; 2. Charlotte; 3. Mary Melvina. 

5. Israel, who died young. 

6. Louisa, married 28th May, 1814, Samuel S. White, Esq., of 
Sussex, lived there, and ha'l chddren : 

1. Job Sanford White; 2. Sylvester Russel White; 3 
Abigail Ciroline White; 4. Natlian Potter While; 5.* 
Thomas Goidon White ; 6. Amanda While. 

7. Lydia married Mr. Digit, m New York, and died with- 
out children. 

Mr-. Abigail Potter died Olh February, 1S04, and he married 
2d, Abigail Swain, daughter of John Swain, of Cheapside, and had 
other children : 

8. Isaac Newton married Mary Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, 
•of Union township. 

9. Aminda married Benjamin Lord, a dentist, of New York. 

10. Malvina married Caleb Baldwin, son of Noah, of Bloomheld. 

1 1. Jemima, who went to Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, with her 
brother Samuel. 

rj. S.imuel Sanford Potter, who graduated at college, in New 
York, studied theology, was licensed to preach the gospel. He 
preached some time in Newark. He married, 8th Se[)tember, 1845, 
Phebe Riggs, daugliter of Rev. Elias Riggs, and had children : 
I. Margaret Riggs Potter; 2. Joseph Lewis Potter; and ja 
November, 1850, rem..ved to Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, and is set. 
tied over the Prebyterian congregation tiiere. 

Mr. Isaac Potter died* 20th April, 18o2, aged 73 years. 

ENOS POTTER, (5ih child of Col. Samuel,) and Rhoda 
* Miller remov-ed to Columbia, Onio, at the mouth, of the Little Mi- 
o ami river, in company with Ludlow and Stites, in 1788, and from 
" thenco to Fort Washington, now Cincinnati, in 1789, and frora 

thence, in 1793, to a section of land near Middletown, which he 

purchased of John Cleeves Symmes, before leaving New Jersey. 

They had children : 

L Azuba, born in N. Jersey, 25th January, 1788, and died 19tk 
g March, 179-1. 

« 2. Nathan, born 28th June, 1791, and married, 28th June, 1822, 
° his cousin, Hannah Miller, daughter of Jacob ; dad 5 children, who 

all died young, and his wife died 17Lii April, 1834, and Nathan 

Potter dit.d near Trenton, Ohio, 17th June, 1836. 

3. Jonathiui, born 18th December, 1793, and died 24th Febru- 
ary, 1823, unmiirried. 

4. Bethuel, born 22d September, 179C, married Fanny Rogers, 
and had a son J(jnalhan, who married , and has 4 chil- 
dren ; Beiliuel died 23d Dt.cember, 1819; his wile died previously. 

5. Jemima, born 2Jlh March, 1799, married 14th November, 
1816, Aaron Flowers. 

6. Samuel, born 2ath October, 1801, married 18th January, 
1825, Nancy Baker. She died 30th November, 1829, leaving a 

332 *^°^- SAMUEL POTTER. 

daughter, Elizabeth, born 3lst August, 1826, who married John 

StewHrt, of Cincinnati. Samuel married, 2il, Fanny Bryant, 

daughter of Nathaniel. May, 27lh IS30, and had children : 

t» 2. Mary, born 6th March. 1S31, married James Lane; 3. 

^ Marlha Anne, born 17lh August, 1S83 ; 4. Mariiih, born 

g 9lh October, 1835; 5. Enieline, born 2.5ih Auiriist, 1838; 

6. MariTaret, born 3d Febrnarv, 184 1; 7. Rlmda, born 

27th April, 1844; 8 Al)by Ellen, born lllh May, lh46, 

died 5ih October, 1846 ; 9. William B., born 30lh August, 


7. Mary, born 5th April, 1804, and married, ]8lh May, 1826, 
David Bryant, bmlher of Fanny, and had a son Enos Bryant, and 
she soon alter died. 

8. Enos Baldwin Potter, born 2'lth .August, 1806, married 26lh 
February, 18^9, Abigail Bryant, si.ster of David and Fanny, and 
had children: 1. Harriet; 2. James; 3. Lewis, who died yoL'ng ; 
4. Samuel. Enos B. Potter died in Dayt(m. 

w 9. Aaron, burn 31st JVIarch, 180U, lives in Hamilton, Ohio ; is an 
^ extensive marble manufacturer. He married, 23d September, 1830, 
S Emeline Ramsdale, who was born in Boston, Mass. 19lh July, 
1813. They had children: 

1. A dauofhter, born and died in Cincinnati, 22d December, 
I 183 1. 

? 2. Charlotte A. born in Cincinnati. 9th January, 1833. 

" 3. Amos, born 2()th February, 1834, and died 8ih July, 1834. 

4. Nathan, born 2d December, 1835, an) died 13lh Jiin 1838, 

5. Laura, born in Hamilton 2&th April, 18^i9, cied 28tli Feb- 
ruary, IS41. 

6. Georgelta.born IGth May, 184G, died 8th December, 1849. 
Mr. Enos Potter died 9th January, 1814. His widow Rhoda 

died 2d April, 1825. 



S JOSEPH POTTER, (olh child of Samuel Potter, 1st,) and 
S Elizibeih VVooilrufTliiul 10 children: 

1 have learned notiiiagof the 6th, 7th, Sih, and 9th of them ; tho 
first was, 
g 1. John, who married Hnnnah Bench, of Jefferson Village. 
g5 2. Sarah married John Wadf^, of Connectir ill Farms. 
" 3. Butsey married Flenry Woodruff, of Eizabethtown. 

4. A daiJirhter, who married Mr. Hal lock. 

5. Pliebe married Benjamin Petiit, Jun., son of Benjamin, of 
New Providence. [See Petiit.] 

10. Maiihius married Mar-y Day, daughter of David Day, Esq., 
of New Providence. [See Day.'\ 

S JOHN POTTER, (son of Joseph,) and Hannah Beach had 

three sons, two of which died young, the other whose name was, 

^ 1. John married Hannah Wade, daughter of Benjamin, and had 

g 1. Elias, who died at about 25 years, unmarried. 

Q 2. Susan, who died at about IS year.-s. unmarried. 

S 3. Jotham, who married Rebecca Crane, daughter of John, 

sun of John Crane, of vVestfield. Jotliam was a major in the 
4. Benjamin married Phebe Crane, sister of Jotham's wife. 
6. John mirried Huldah Crane, also sister of Jbtham's wife» 
and had but one child, Mary Hannah. 

MAJOR JOTHAM POTTER, (son of John, son of John,) and 
Rebecca Crane had children : 

A 1. Susan, who married Joseph Potter, son of William B. Potter, 

Z. son of Matthias, and had no children. 

2 2. Betsey married David Crane, son of Oliver, of Elizabethtown, 
and had a son, Oliver Crane. 

3. Elias married Mariah Crane, daughter of Stephen, of Eliza- 
bethtown, son of Elijah, and had childrtn : 

^ 1. Susan Elizabeth; 2. Emeline ; 3. Catherine; 4. Louisa, 

jp and went to Peoria, Illinois. 

t BENJAMIN POTTER, (4th child of John, son of John, 
? son of Joseph,) and Phebe Crane, daughter of John Crane, 
■ had children : 

f 1. Rebecca, who married Israel Rowland, of Woodbridge. 
o 2. John married Phebe Ball, daughter of David, and had 
" children: 1. Anna; 2. Caroline Burnet. 

3. Alpheus. 

4. Hannah married Mr. Fornote, and went to the South, 
and died. 

5. Phebe married David Bird, of Woodbridge. 


g MATTHIAS POTTER, (lOth child of Joseph Potter 1st,) 
5 and Mary Day, had children : 

1. Philetta, born 16th December, 17G3, and married Benja- 
min HrookfieKI, son ol Benjamin, of fJahway. 

2. Aletta, boin nth Ociuber, 1707, and married Aaron 
Thompson, 12ih child of Thomas. [See Thompson.'^ 

S. iSaWy, born 2Uth February, 1771, married John Meeker, 
of Springfield. 

4. Poll), born 0th April, 1773, married John Crane, son of 
John, of Westfield, [see Crane,] and had no children. 

5. Joseph, born 20th October, 1775, niarried Polly Horton, 
daughter of Joshua, of Springfield. 

6. William Broad well, born Uth April, 1781, married Cath- 
erine Magie, daughter of Michael, and sister of the Rev. Da- 
vid Magie, D. D. of Elizabethtown. 

7. Emily, born 6th January, 1784, married Clark Townley, 
son of Richard Townley, [see Townley,'] and had children : 
Jonathan and Sally Anne Townley. 

PHILETTA POTTER, (1st child of Matthias,) and Ben- 
jamin Brookfield, had children : 
w 1. Mary Brookfield, who married Mr. Davis, of Ohio. 
o 2. Amelia Brookfield married Enoch Scudder, son of Jesse, 
" son of Benjamin. 

3. Fanny Brookfield married Seth Bowden, of Newark. 

4. Aletta Brookfield married Mr. Ellive, of Ohio. 

SALLY POTTER, (3d child of Matthias,) and John Mee- 
ker had children : 
^ 1. Cornelia Meeker, who married William Clark, son of 
o James, of Springfield. 

° 2. Eliza Meeker married John Clawson, of Morris Co. 
3. Susan Meeker married Jacob Mulford, son of Jeremiah, 
son of Jeremiah Mulford, of Cheapside. 

JOSEPH POTTER, (5th child of Matthias,) and Polly 
Horton, removed to Tomkins county. New York, and had 
children : 

g 1. Matthia.s, who married , a daughter of Tho- 

c mas Dean, North of Springfield. 

2. Mary married Jarvis Beach, from New England. 

^ WILLIAM B. POTTER, (6th child of Matthias,) and 
f> Catherine Magie, lived in Connecticut Farms. He was an 
° Elder in the Presbyterian Church there. They had children : 
^ 1. Joseph, born 22d March, 1803, married Susan Potter, 
f daughter of Major Jotharn, and had no children. 


2. Samuel Smith Potter, born2Gth January, 1806, and mar- 
ried Ellen Johnson, daughter of James, of New York, and 
had children : 

^ 1. Margaret; 2. William B. ; 3. James Johnson; 4. 

? Samuel ; 5. Joseph ; 6. Charles Pitman. 

3. Jane Magie Potter, born 24th April, 1810, married Wil- 
liam Darby, Jun., son of VVilliam. of Rahway, a:;d hnd chil- 
dren : 1. Catherine Darby ; 2. Sarah Darby; 3. William 
Darby 3d. 

4. Catherine Haines Potter, born 5th October, 1812, mar- 
ried John Davis Crane, son of John Grant Crane, and had 
children: 1. Anne Nesbitt Crane ; 2. Sarah Catherine Crane ; 

3. Albert Grant Crane ; 4. John Joseph Crane. 

5. David Magie Potter, born 18th September, 1815, and 
married Kliza Sherwood, daughter of William, son of Moses 
Sherwood, of New York, and had children: 1. NN'illiam ; 2. 
Charles Henry ; 3. Hannah Anne, who died at about 3 years ; 

4. Sarah Catherine ; 5. Anne Klizabeth. 

6. Matthias Day Potter, born 26th September, 1818, mar- 
ried Harriet Hedden, of New York, and had a son: 

1. Joseph Matthias Potter, and died in his 26th year. 



ABRAHAM PRICE married Mary Anne Miller, daughter 
of Matthias Miller, of Ehzabethlovvn, and letnoved tu the 
farnn on Stony Hill, lately owned by Levi VV^IIcox, deceased, 
and had sons Matthias. David, Abraham, and Benjamin, who 
all removed to the western ountry; they had daughters: 

5. Rachel, born l4ih July, 1774, and married George Cory, 
son of Ebenezer Cory. [Si-e Cory.'] 

6. Sarah, who married, UthJaii. 1785, John Hand, of 
Long Hill, brother of Benjamin, and went to Ohio. 

7. Phebe, who married Nathan Wiikison, 3Uih Sept. 1795. 
They had children : 

1. Sally Wiikison, who mai'ried Benjamin, Willcox, son 
of Benjamin. \_See Willcox.^ 

2. Harriet Wiikison married David Badgley, son of 
Anthony. [See Bai;^ley.'\ 

3. Abrahom Price Wiikison, born 2d Sept. 1800, marri- 
ed Jane Nahe, and had children: 1. Theodore: 2. 
William; 3. Mariah; 4. Sarah Anne 5. Adalme ; 6. 
David L. 

4. Betsey Wiikison married Joseph Long, son of John. 
\_See Lonff-I 

5. Squier Wiikison, born, 1808; is unmarried. 

6. David Wiikison. 

7. William Wiikison, who married Mary Reeve, of 
Springfield, and lived there, and had a daughter, 
Sarah Caroline Wiikison. 

8. Emeline Wiikison married Asa Baldwin, son of 
David C. Baldwin. [See Gabriel Baldwin.'] 

8. Abigail, who married John Atkins, and lived in New 
York. He died of cholera, 28th July, 1832, aged 53 years. 

Mr. Abraham Price, died 27th Sept. 1784, and his widow, 
Mary Anne, married John Stevens, half brother of Jonathan 
Stevens, but had no other children. 

RICE PRICE was son of Samuel Price, of Warren Co. 
He married Phebe Clark, daughter of Jacob Clark, on the 
first mountain ; lived about Stfjny Hill, and had children: 

g 1. Jonas, who married Jane K add in, daughter of Jeremy, 

o and died at 24 years. [See Raddin.] 

" 2. Samuel married Anne Corwin, daughter of Stephen. 
[See Corwin.] 

3. Jacob married Jemima BaJgley, daughter of Anthony 
Badgley, Jun. 

4. Phinehas married Susan Evans ; became a Methodist 
Preacher, and went to Delaware county, Pennsylvania, 


S 5. Rhoda married John W. Foster, of Westfield, as his 2i 

^ wife, and had children: 

^ 1. Susannah Foster, who married Martin Hulbert, son 

S of Joshua, of Mendham, and had children: 1. Ira 

Marcus Hulbert ; 2. Jiimes Hulbert • 3. Levisic Hul- 
bert ; 4. William Hervy Hulbert, who died at3 years ; 
5. Martin Hrrvy Hulbert, who nlso died at 3 years ; G. 
Harriet Hulbert; 7. Martin Hulbert; 8. a daughter. 

2. Levis I Foster, who married David Dunham, son of 
Amos Dunham, of Liberty Corner, and had children : 
1. Oliver Dunham; 2. Anna Mariah Dunham; 3. 
Susan Francis Dunham; 4. Catherine Dunham; 5. 
Caroline Amanda Dunham ; 6. Louisa Dunham. 

3. Marcus Foster, who died at 10 momlis. 

6. Mary married Abraham Kent, in May, 179 ), and lives 
where Isaiah Meeker formerly lived. 

7. William married Sally Badgley, daughter of Samuel 
Badgley, and removed to Chemung county, New York. 

8. Hannah married Jeremiah Totten, son of Jonathan. 
[See Ti)tten.'\ 

M.VRY PRICE, (6th child of Rice Price,) and Abraham Kent, 
had children : 
w 1. ijiwe Kent who died at 3^ months. 

o 2. Samuel Kent, who marrioil, 12th September, 1S33, Margaret 
° Oaborn, daughter of John, and had children : 
^ 1. iMary Emily Kent; 2. Sarah Anne Kent. 

o 3. Rhoda Anne Kent, who died in her lOlh year. 

4. Mary Ivpot, born ISIS. 

5. Phebe Kent rTiarricd, 30tli November. 1837, Joseph Hastingg, 
son of Jamo.-^, of ElizibethtoWa, and had children: 

1. Theodore Htstings ; 2. John Hastings; 3. Louisa Hast- 
ings ; 4. Mary Hastinors ; b. Joseph Hastings, 

6. Catherine E. Kent, who married, 4th November, 1842, George 
Scofiald, son of — — , and had a daughter, Anne Eliza Scofield. 

7. Abraham Kent, who died at 15 months. 

8. Abraham Kent, 2d, born , 1S29. 

9. Christopher Kent, born , 1833. 

g WILLLWI PRICE, (son of Rice Price,) and Saliy Bad^dey, had 
-^ children , 

n 1. .Jacob, who married Eliza -. 

B 2. Wilham I lenry nurried flet;;y Brown, daughter '^C William, 
son of John Brown. 

'6. Samuel married ■ . 

4. Pnube Anne, who died at 14 years. 

5. Goorga ; (5. Davison Day ; 7. Je3^e. 

8. Sarah Jane, who died at 4 years. 

9. .Martin Hulbert. 



ANDREW PRIOR lived where Elias Osborn now lives. He 

had ehildron, by bis Isl wifo Polly ^: 

^ 1. Sitneon. 

5 2. S:iiah, who mnrried, 12th .Inly, 1770, John Winans. 

3 John married. lOth May, 1775, EliziibcUi Maxwell, daughter 
of VVillJHin Maxwell. 

4. Betsey married William Maxwell, Jun, brother of John Prior's 

5. Jane, who died young. 

]\y his 2d wile, Lydia Littell, daughter of David Liltell, he had 
children : 

6. Andrew, Jun., who went to Ohio with his step-father, David 
Flinn. [See F/inn.] 

7. Muses, whij also went to Ohio, and was killed by the Indians, 
in 1794. 

Mr. Prior died 5th Febrmry, 1768, and his widow Lydia married, 
14lh May, 1769. David Flinn, and had children : 

1. Lydia, who married in Ohio, Edmund Buxton, and lived in 
Hamilton ccjunty, Ohio. 

2. Susannah married John Miller, in Ohio, had a family, and all 
tt-ent to the Shakers. 

ANDREW PRIOR, Jun., married, 1st, Polly Marsh, and had by 
her 9. and by his 2d wife, 3 children : 

2 1. Nancy, wtio married Samuel Liltell, son of , of Cincin- 

^ nati, and had children : L Moses Littell ; 2. William Littell; 3. 
James Liltell. 

2. Lydia married James Centre ; had a child Nancy, who died 
at 9 years. 

3. S illy married William Wilson ; had 4 children. 

4. Hul iah married Edward Priee ; live in Indiana; had children: 
1. William; 2. Hester Anne. 

fi. Phelwi married, 1st, William Bowman j 2, Henpy Myers, 

6. Charltitle married — . 

7. Mary Anne. 

8 Moses married Sarah Ferguson, a nieee of Charles Buxton's 

9. Aaron married Abigail Clark, daughter of Joseph. 
And by his 2d wife Folly, Andrew Prior, Jun., had 
30. William ; II. John; 12. , 



JEPuEMlAH IIAODIN lived near Blue Brook, above 
Feltville. lie married. 13th July, lllo, Lacielia Willnox, 
daughter of William Willcox. Sen., and had children: 

1. Hetsey, who mairiel William Willcox, son of iXoah 
Willcox, Sen. [See Wi/lcox.'] 

2 Wdliam married, Oih Kebruary, 1807, Hannah Clark, 
daughter of Klias Clark, Sen., on Stony Hdl. 

3. Jane marrieil, li^t, Jonas Price, son of Rice Price ; 2d, 
Samuel Clark, son of Ich ibod Clark, )f Westheld ; 3d, Smith 
Midlock, son of ThDmns llallock. [See HalJock.'] 

4. Susan married Jolm Clark, sou of Ichabod, son of Elias 
Clark, Sen. 

g WILLL\M RADDIM, (.son of Jeremiah.) and Hannah 

Clark, lived where Irs father did, and had children : 
% 1. Jeremy, born Apiil. ISOO, married Aliby Frazee, born 
§ 27th August, 180(3, daughter of Reuben Frazee and Joanna 

2. Freeman married Fanny Anderson, daughter of Robert, 
son of James. 

3. Susan married Samuel Heady, of Clinton. 

4. Fillis. who went to Chicago. 

5. David, born February, J8 18. married Phebe Morehouse, 
born 29th July, 1824, daughter of John ^lorehouse. of Eliza- 
bethtown, and had child len: 1. John, born 29th A'ov. 1846; 
2. Hetty Amelia, born 29th Nov.1849. 

6. Eliza married John C. Hays, son of Oliver Hays, of 
Union Township. 

7. John ; 8. Samuel. 

William Raddm died, and his widow married Anthony 
Badgley, son of Anthony. 

t JEREMY RADDIN, (son of William, son of Jeremiah,) 
S' and Abby Frazee, had children: 

1. I\euben, born 27th July, 1824, and married Phebe At- 
kins, dauglUer of John. 

2. Mary, born 5th April, 1830, and married Henry Barrel, 
of Newark. 

3. William, , married , lives in Newark. 

4. Ellis, born 30lh December. 18.34. 

5. Hervy. born 21th March. 1837. 

6. ElizaJane, born 9th May, 1839. 

7. Abby, born 7th February, l846. 



DR. JOH?\r RAGUE was a Frenchman, he married 

Miss Bonnel, the aunt of Lois, wife ol" Gabriel Johnson, 

Esq , and lived in Passaic Valley. They had children : 

1. Betsey, who was brought up by h&v cousin, Lois John- 
son, and married • 

2. Catherine married Jonas Stanbury, sonof Capt. Samuel 
Stanbury, and lived on Long Island. 

3. James went to Urbana, Ohio, and married Polly, a 
widow, and dau^diter of Coats Thornton, of Champaign Co. 
Ohio, and had children: 

L Lemuel, who married Harriet Samples, daughter of 
I'elhuel, of Urbana. 

2. Llevvelen, who was a Lieut, in the U. S. Army. 

3. John F. married in New York, and lives in Iowa City. 


GILBERT RANDOLPH married , lived at 

Stone House Village, and had children: 

L Eliziibeth, who married Mattiiias Lyon ; went to the 
% Lakes, New York ; had 8 children. 
» 2. James, who died at home, unmari'led. 

3. Rhoda married Moses Parcel, brother of Capt. John 
Parcel, of Liberty Corner, and went to Western New York, 
and had 13 children. 

4. Peter married Harriet Steele, dauglilsr of Oliver Steele, 
lived at Stone House Village. 

5. David married Sally Smally, daughter of Jacob, and 
lived at Stone House Village. 

6. Justus married Sally tetrimple, of Rahvv^ay, and went to 

7. Isaac married Sally Steele, sister of Peter's wife and 
lived m the Stone House. 

RODA RANDOLPH, (daughter of Gilbert,) and Moses- 
Parcel had children : 

u 1. John Parcel, who married , a daughter of 

o Henry vSmally, son of David, Rsq. 

° 2. 'Randolph Parcel; 3. Enos Parcel; 4. Isaac Parcel; 
5. Albert Parcel ; 6. Lewis Parcel ; 7. Mary Parcel ; 8. 
Elizabeth Parcel ; 9. Squier Parcel. They then removed to 
Western New York, and had 4 others. 


PETER RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Harriet 
■^ Steele, had children : 

^ 1. Steele, who married JMararnret Smnlley, daughter of 
^ Autirevv, and had children: 1. Peter; 2. George. 
^ 2. Lewis married Mary Gompton, daughter of Moore 
Compton, of Lung- Hill, and had children : 

1. Almira; 2. Ahel Steele; 3. Moore Compton; 4. 
Harriet; 5. Ruth; G. Catharine Anne; 7. Peter; 
and removed to Illinois. 
3. Anne ; 4. i\iary. 

DAVID RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Sally Smal- 
ley, had children : 

L iMarv Anne, who married Jacob Cole, son of Elias. [See 

2. Gilbert. 

ISAAC RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Sally Steele, 
had children : 

1. Isaac, Jun., who married Eliza Jane Ayers, of Cumber- 
land county, and live there, and had children : 

1. Asa; 2. David; 3. Ohver. 

2. Oliver. 

3. Lewis married Nancy Hiscox, of Rhode Island, live at 
Green Brook, and had children: 1. Isaac; 2. Julia; 3. Gilbert. 

4. Christian ; 5, Jeptha ; 6. Mary; 7. William. 


Three brothers by the name of Riggs lived in Massachu- 
setts, and removed from there to Connecticut. Edward Riggs, 
one of the three, removed from Connecticut to Newark, N. J. 
and had a son Joseph Riggs, who lived and died in Orange, 
and he was tiie father of Zebulon Riggs, the father of 

PRESERVE RIGGS, of Mendham, who married Puah 

Hudson, and had children : 

g 1. Elias, born 1st April, 1770, who was a presbyterian 

a minister, and preached a i'ew years at Perth Amboy, and 

-" came to New Providence in October, 1806, and was installed 

the 16th June, 1807, and continued in the ministry there till 

his death, which occurred the 25th February, 1825, aged 54 

years, respected and beloved by all his people, 

2. Silas, who married Harriet Rose, of Long Island, and 
lived at Succasunna Plains. 

8. Mary married Mr. Blachley, of Mendham, and had a 
eon, Moses Blachley. 



^ 4. Hannah married David Cook, brother of the Rev. Hen- 
fi ry Cook, of Metuchen; lived at Geneva, Tvevv York, and had 
" children : 

1. Elins Cook. 

2. William Cook. 

3. Charles Cook, who married his cousin Anna Mariah 
Cook, daughter of ilie l\ev. lleniy (/ook. ofMetuchen. 

4. Caroline Took, who mai-iied Herman Cnm[), lived at 
Truman-buig, Tonikins county, ]\ew Yojk. 

5. Sarah Cook, who died unmuriied. 

5. Elizabeth married Dr. Absalom Woodrufl", son of Dr. Ab- 
salom Woodruff, oi Mendhitm ; she died without children. He 
married Matilda Jones, of Moi'rislowu. and lives there. 

6. rsancy married William (amp Gildei'sleeve, son of the 
I^ev. ivfr. Gildersleeve, of W^ilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. She 
died at Wiikesliarre. and left children : 

1. Elizabeth Gildersleeve. 

2. Mary Gikh rsleeve. 

3. JVorman Gildersleeve, who at about 17 years. 

7. Sarah, who married Ivobert Stoddart, Esq. j. lawyer, of 
Geneva, and had children: 

1. John Stoddart ; 2. Elizabeth Stoddart ; 3. Anne Stod- 
dart ; 4. Luther Stoddart: 5. George Stoddart; 6. 
Sarah Stoddart ; 7. Elias Stoddart. 

REV. ELIAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve.) married 

Margaret Congar, daughter ot David Congar, of New W'ind- 

8or, Orange county, New York, and widow of David Hudson, 

of Newark, who was son of David Hudson, of JMendham, 

brother of the wife of Pret^erve i^iggs, and had children : 

^ I. Joseph Lewis, who is a presbyterian minister, and mar- 

c ried Elizabeih Anne Roosa, daughter of Egbert Roosa, of 

° Wells, Bnidfoid county, Penn. where he is settled as a pastor. 

He had children : 

L Edward Hinman ; 2. William Congar. 
=■ 2. Elias, who niarried Mariha June Dalzel, of IMendham. 
f He became a presb}terian minister, and with his wife went 
' m October, 1S32, as missionaries to Greece, and from thence 
to Smyina, in Asia ; they had children : 

1 . Elizaljeth ; 2. Margaret ; 3. Edward ; 4. Emma Louisa. 

3. Margant mairied, Isl Oct. 1834, James Mitchel liay, 
a nati\e oj (.auldwell, Essex ( ounty, N. J. now a resid* nt of 
Indianity)olis. L.dinna. and is cashier oi the state bank of Indi- 
ana, 'i hey bad children : 

L Anna Axtel Ray ; 2. Harriet Martha Ray; 3. Louisa 
Montfort Ray ; and have lost six children. 

4, Hannah married the Rev. Joseph Y. Montfort, of Greens- 
burgh, Indiana, son of Rev. Francis Montfort, of Ohio. They 
had children: 


1. Elias Riggs Montfort. 

2. Francis L'osat JMontfort. 

3. INIargaret (^ongar Montfort. 

5. Phebe married, 8'th Sept. 18-15, Ke v. Samuel S.Potter, 
son of I.saxic. He is a presbyterian minister, settled in 1850, 
in Lawrenceburgh, Indinna. They had children: 

1. Margaret Kiggs Potter. 

2. Joseph Lewis I'ot er. 

6. Elizabeth married, 25th Aug. 1842, Antrim Robbins 
Forsyth, merchant of Greensburgh Indiana, son of John For- 
syth, of Trent )n, N. J. and had chidren : 

t. Ehas l^iggs Forsyth. 

2. William Congar Forsyth, who died in infancy. 
Mis. Elizabeth Forsyth died 7th Sept. 1848. Mrs Marga- 
ret Riggs, widow of the Rev. Elias Rigiis, died at the house 
of her son Joseph, in Wells, Bradford county, Penn. on the 
28th March, 1851, aged G9 years and 4 days, and was buried 
April 2(1, by the side of her husband in the New Providence 
church yard. 

SILAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve Riggs,) and Harriet 
"Rose, had children : 

1. Peter. 

2. Nancy, who married Caleb Wheeler. 

3. Alexander married , in Pennsylvania. 

4. Albert marrieil Nancy Stansboronu;h. 

5. Edward, who died at Louisville. Kentucky, in 1846. 

6. Elizabeth married Alpha Durham, and live at Tunk- 

7. Harriet married Erastus W. Ripley, and went to 
Iowa. He is at the head of the college at Davenport, 

8. Charles Warren, who died February, 1848, at about 
21 years. 




WILLIAM ROBISON married Betsey Robison. 2fl Dec. 

1772. They lived on Stony Hill, where Andrew Hyslop 

now lives. They had chddren : 
g L David, who married 24th Dec. 1795, Agnes Vance, 
^ daughter of Kennedy, of Long Hill. 

2. Fhebe married 5th JXovember, 1794, Henry Mooney, 
live in IMorris County. 

3. John married Lydia Wilson, of Maryland, was amelh- 
odist preacher of some celebrity. 

4. William married Nancy Roll, daughter of John, son of 
Isaac, ol Springfield. 

g REV. JOHN ROBiSON, and Lydia Wilson, had children : 
ci 1. William, who married Anne Mariah Lafoucherie, and 
" had children : 

1. John Lafoucherie ; 2. James Edw^ards ; 8. Susan. 

2. Elizabeth married Alexander Gilmore, a methodist 
preacher ; (preaching in 1850, in Springfield.) 

3. Catherine is unmarried, she lives in Springfield. 

WILLIAM ROBISON, (son of William,) and Nancy Roll, 
had children : 

1. John, who went away, the family knows not where. 

2. Wesley, who became a methodist preacher, and married 
Margaret Worth, of Rahway. 

3. Caroline married. 1st, Oliver Rowland; 2d, William 
Mawby, and had children : 

1. Victoria Mawby ; 2. William Mawby : 3. Frederick 

4. James, who is crazed. 

5. Isaac, who died at about 18 years, unmarried. 
William Robison, Sen., died 6th August, 1815, aged 71 

years. His wife Betsey died 11th October, 1799, aged 47 



NATHANIEL liOFF, lived near Union Village, in Essex 
County. He married, 7th November, 1773, Jemima Shipman, 
daugliter of Jabez, and h;id children: 

1. Jane, who married James Craig, son of James, son of 
James, son ot Alderman Andrew Craig. [See Craig.] 

2. Betsey married 10th July, 1773,'Daniel Moore, son of 
Isaac. [See Moore.'] 

3. Deborah married Daniel Smalley, son of David Smalley 
Esq. [See Smalley.] 

4. Phebe married William Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See 

5. Jonathan married Sally Lyon, daughter of^Ebenezer, 
and had children : 

I. Betsey; 2. Peter; 3. John ; 4. David; 5. James; 6. 
William; 7. Mary; 8. Phebe. 

6. David married a daughter of John Shadwell, of Mays- 
lick, Kentucky. 

7. Henry married Rachel Lambert, daughter of James, of 
Westfield. [See Lainbert.'] 

8. James. 

HENRY ROFF, (son of Nathaniel,) and Rachel Lambert, 
lived in New York, and had children : 

L Phebe, who married Lewis Dingy, and had children: 
1. Charles Dingy; 2. Louisa Dingy; 3. Phebe Eliza 
Dingy; 4. Lewis Dingy. 

2. Anne Eliza married John M. Force, of New Yoik, and 
had children : 1. Mary Force, and others. 

3. Mary Jane married James Hope, of New York, both 
died, leavmg 3 children : 

L Phebe Anne Hope ; 2. Josephine Hope ; 3, Mary Jane 
Hope, who died young. 

4. Charles married Mariah Dunlap, of New York, and had 
a son, Henry. 

Nathaniel RofF may have been brother of Richard Roff, 
Sen. He with his sons, Jonathan, David, James, and Wil- 
liam Stevens, removed to Kentucky, before A. D. 1800. 




RICHARD ROFF lived where Oliver Stoele lately lived ; he 
was sime year? sheriff of Somerset county. He had children : 
g 1. Ebenezer, who manied Abby Uoberis, and lived (iear Mount 
^ Bethel. 
" 2. Nolly married Simeon Millham, and had no children. 

3. Betsey married Isaac Tail, and lived at Ureen Brook. 
And hy a 2d wife, he had children : 

4. Richard married Amy Allen, daughter of David Allen, Sen. 

5. Niithaniel married. Isi, .luhannah Kogeis, diiughter ol Simeon; 
2d, L\dia T;iinor ; 3. Sally, the widow of Zacheu.s Day. 

6. Moses manied Betsey Ludlow, lived near Mount Bethel. 

7. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Wright; 2d, Moses Rogers, son of 
Nathaniel ; 3d, Jotham Loree. 

8. Jonathan married Phebe Ludlow, sister of Moses' wife, and 
left no children. 

9. Francis, a son, who died at about 24 or 25 years, unmarried. 

EBENEZER ROFF, and Abby Roberts had children : 
g 1. Mary, who married William Slites, son of I;-aac. [See Stiles.] 
? 2. Israel married, Is^t, Abby Smalley, daughter of John, son of 
" James Smalley ; 2d, Khoda Drake ; and by his lirsl wife, he had a 

J. Keziah, who married George Giles, son of Samuel, of 
New Market. 
And bv his 2d, wife, Rhoda Drake, had children : 
2. Phebe; 3. Abby; 4. William; 5. Watson. 

3. Anne married James Moore, l4th December, 1813, son of 
Joseph, and had children : 

L Ruth Moore, who married Cornelius Van Ness. f 

2. Betsey Moore marrii d James Hancock. 

3. Julia Anne Moore married . 

4. Mary Moore married Theodore Housal. 

4. Hiram, who died at about 22 years. 

5. Betsey, who married Allen Willet, son of Thomas Willet, and 
bad a son, Runyon Willet, and she died. 

6. Widiam, who died at about 20 years. 

7. Sally, who married, after her her sister Betsey died, the same 
Allen Willlet, and had chddren : 

1. Harrison Willet, who married Rachel Stites, daughter of 
Amos ; 2. Lewis 

BETSEY ROFF, (3d child of Richard,) and Isaac Yail had 
children : 
g 1. Joel Vail, who married Phebe Webster, of Plainfield. 
o 2. Lydia Vail married Mr. ■ Vandyke. 



RICHARD ROFF, (son of Richard,) and Amy Allen, had chil- 
dren : 
„ I. Sally, who married Alvan Morse, from New England, and 
^ went to tiie Lakes, New York. 
S 2. David, who w«Mit to Wheeling, and marriod, and lives there. 

3. John married, 1st, Lavina Cheeseman ; 2d, yaiiy Hamilton, 
daughter of David, son of John ; had no children, 

4. Miiry marritd John Morris, of Mcluchen- 

5. Anron niarriid Polly , of Lamino[ton, and lived there. 

6. Eliza went lo Ohio, with her uncle Col. John Alien. 

7. Caroline married Chii.stopher Lefcvre ; lived at Jer:jey City. 

NATHANIEL ROFF, (5th child of fRichard,) and Jol annah 
Rogers had but one child : 
g 1. Phche, who married Isaac Bird, and had rhildren: 
* 1. Margaret Bird, who married Jacob Van Ness; 2. Mary 

o Bird niaiiied ; 3. Rt.ff Bird irianied ; 

» 4. George Bird married ; 5. Anne Bird ; G. ; 

7. Isaac Bird, Jnn. 
And by his 2d, wife, Lydia Tainor, he had children : 

2. Johannah, who married Israel Wilson, son of Hopewell, and 
had children : 1. Caroline Wilson, who married 1st, William Coon ; 
2d, Moses Hughes. 

3. Sally married Samuel Leonard, of New Vernon ; live in Morris- 
town, and had children : 1. William Leonard ; 2d, i.ydia Leonard, 
who married C"rnelius Mesler, of Morristown ; 3. Livi Leonard, 
^vho died at 24 years ; 4. Isaac Leonard, who enlisted, and went to 
Me.xico and did not return; 5. Jane Leonard. 

4. Mary, who died unmarried 

5 Anne, who married 1st, Elijah Day, son of Zacheus, by his 
first wife, and had children : 1. Nathaniel Dav ; 2. Erastus Day ; 
3. Mary Day; 4. Henry Day; 5. Sarah Day; 6 Abby Anne 
Day. Elijah Day then died, and she married Nathaniel Edgar, as 
his 2d wife, and iiad children: 7. Theodore Edgar; 8. Elizabeth 
Edgar ; 9. Jane Edgar. 

G. Jane, horn lUth August, 1809, married William Hoit, 
son of John, from Connecticut, nnd had children: 

1. William Hoit, born 1st January, 1846. 

2. Anne Augusta Hoit, born 26th April, 1840; when 
her husband, Wijijam Hoit, died, and she married 
Clarkson Wilson, born 4th June, 1817, son of Zacha- 
riah, son of Hopewell, and had children : 

3. Harriet Wilsim, born lOth July, 1840. 

4. Clarkson Wilson, born 6ih February, 1844. 

Note. — Clarkson Wdson, by his first wife, Prudence 
Anne Lincohi, had children: I. Sarah Wilson; 2. 
Elizabeth Wilson. 

7. Nathaniel Roff, Jun. 

8. Agar Lindley Roff, married Julia ScuJder, of . Westfield, 


aiCHAED Rorp. 

and had children: 1. Fh-man ; 2. Albert; 3. ; 4. Cor- 

neUa; and by his 3d wile, Sally, Nathaniel Roffhad a son, 
9. Eiias. , 

MOSES ROFF, (Gth child of Richard,) and Betsey Lud- 
low, had children : 
g 1. Deborah, who married Mr. Mundy, and went to Ohio. 
o 2. IMariah married David Loree, nephew of Jonathan, be- 
•" fore named. 

3. Phebe married . 

4. Jonathan married , and went to Sussex. 

NANCY ROFF, (7th child of Richard,) and Mr. Wright, 
had a daughter, 

1. Sarah Wright. And by Moses Rogers, had children : 

2. Mariah Rogers. 

3. Samuel Rogers. 

4. Jacob Rogers. 

They removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania, 

JfOHN ItOLl>. 349 


JOHN ROLL, (called in German Johonis Mongle.) came 
from Germany and settled between Springfield and Westfield, 
near the mountain, and had children : 

1. Isaac, who married Sarah Cauldvvell, daughter of James, 
of Long Mill. 

2. John marrierl, 1st, Rachel, who died 21st May, 1768, 
aged 30 years, and he married, 2d, Edith Wick, in 1709. 

3. Abraham married, 1st, Mary Rrooks, 2d, Caty Vreeland. 

4. Molly, who married Mr. VVooliey. 

5. Jane, who married Thomas Corv, son of Elnathan. [See? 

£ ISAAC ROLL, (son of John 1st.) and Sarah Cauldwell,. 
g lived and kept a tavern, in Springfield, many years ; they had 

1. John, born 23th August, 1765, married, 13th December, 
1785, Mary Earl, who was born 21st August, 1768, daughter 
of John Earl, near MiddlevilJe, 

2. Mary, baptized 1 4th June, 17G7, and died young. 

3. James, who married, 1st, Joanna Earl, sistt-r of John's 
wife ; 2d, Abby Meeker, daughter of Benjamin Meeker. 

4. Elizabeth, baptized 21st July, 1771, and died young. 

5. Abraham, who went to the west and died there. 

6. Jacob married Sarah Pierson, daughter of Samuel Pier- 
son, of Springfield, and went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and had 
an only child, Pierson Roll. 

7. Catherine married Abner Woodruff, of Springfield, and 
removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania. He was brother of 
Caty Woodruff, the wife of Col. Abraham Woolley, of 

8. Abigail. 

9. Betsey married Daniel Ayers, of Springfield, son of Ben- 
jamin Avers, of Long Island. 

10. Sally married Jacob Thompson. 

JOHN ROLL, (son of Isaac Roll, son of John,) and Mary Earl 
had chilfJren : 
'^ 1. VVilliiim, who was born 16th October, 1786, and married .Mary 
g Eddy, daughter of William Eddy, of Green Vilianrp. 

2. Nancy, born lOlh March, 1788, and married VVilliam Robi>on, 
son of William, ot'New Providence, and died 9lh Muy, 1819. [See 

3. James, born 10th October, 17S0,- married, 1st, .Mary Clark, 
daughter of Abraham ; 2d, Jiiiia Shipnian, daughter of Jacob, .son 
of Abraham, of Monroe, IMorris connty ; 3d. Charily ncdi:«!?, by 
whonfi he had no children. 

550 ^OUN ROLL. 

4. Isaac, born lUh October, 1791, and married 1st, Rebecca Hig-s 
gins, dau^titer of James; 2d, Mary Clark, widow of Henry Stites, 
of Scotch Plains, and by lier had no children. 

5. John, born 14th October, 1793, atul died 2(1 April, 1794. 

6 John 2d, born llth July, 17^5, and married, 2Ulh May, ISIS, 
Phnbe Sutton, daughter of Joseph Sutton, of Hacltetstown ; lived in 

7. Luther, born 29lh July, 1797. married, 1st, Susan ; she 

died, and he married, 2d, Elizabeth Brant, and removed to Geor^iia. 

8. Charles, born 5ih May. 1799, married, l.',t, Phelie Terri!, 
.dau<^iiter of Enoch; 2d, Nancy Cory, daughtefj of Andrew, of 


9. Wuj^ley, born lOlh October, ISOl, married Anne Smith, bora 
6th December, 1802, daughter of Jonathan Smith, of Scotch Plains. 

10. Mary, born 2 1st January, 1801, married, 1st. David Camp; 
2d, Charles Roll, son of Pett^r, son of Abraham Roll. 

1 1. Jacob, born 1 1th January, 180S, went to Georgia, and mar- 
ried three limes, but had no children. 

^ WILLIAM KOLf/, (son of John, son of Isaac, son of John 1st,) 

^ and Mary Lddy had children: (he removed to Illinois) 

S 1. Mary Anne ; 2. John ; 3. Phebe ; 4 Caroline ; 5. Elizabeth ; I 

6. William died young J 7. Sarah, twin to William ; 8. James; 9. 

Nancy ; 10. Alfred. 

JAMES ROLL, (3d child of John.* son of Isaac Roll,) by his 
1st wife Mary, had a son: 

1. Jobri; who died ;it about 22 or 23 years. 

And by his 2d wif", Julia Sl!i[)man, had other children : 

2. James Madison, who was drowned on his way to Illinois, afred 
21 years. 

3. Stephen Buckley, who married — . 

p. 4. Chancellor Livingston. 

5. Philetia Hicks, (twin to Chancellor,) married William — ■, 

of Plainfield. 

6. Henrietta. 

7. Manning Rutan. 

ISAAC HOLL, (4th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Rebecca 

Higgins liad children : 

1. ilannah Eliza, who married David J. Crane, son of Ben- 
jamin '.id. [•'^t't.' Crane. 1 

2. James Hi<Jgins married Hannah Mariah Smith, daughter oi"" 
Joseph, of Spriegiicid. 

3. Mary Earl married, 1st, Oliver DeCamp ; 2d, Philemon 
Dickerson. son of Pliiiemnn Dickerson, Esq., of Springfield. 

-J. Ellen inairied .Inhn Dickerson, also son of Philemon Dicker- 
5(»n, Esq. 

n. Jiihn mfirtied [""-liztljeih Bond, (lawcrhter of EHhu Bond, brother ' 
v,( the Rev. Lewis Bi;nd, of F]ain(ie!d. 

Jons ROLL. 35^ 

6. Nancy Jane married Isaac Brukaw, son of Caleb, of Bound 

7. David Elmer. 

$ JOH\ ROLL. (6th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Phebc 
^ Sutton had children : 

I. Jacob ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Lnther ; 4. Archibald ; 5. George Van ; 
6. Albert. 

LUTMEU ROLL, (-J-lh child of John, son of Isaac,) and Susan 
had children 

1. William; 2. Mary Frances ; 3. Lulher ; 4. — — , who was 
drowned. ,5. Sarah Arine : 6. Robert. 

His wife Srsan then died-, and he married Elizabeth Bianl, and 
removed to Georgia. 

CHARLES ROLL, (8th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Pl.ebo 
Terril had children : 

i. Albert ; 2. James Hervy, who died at about f5 years. 

3. Anne Eliza ; 4. Cecelia. And by his 2d wife, Nancy Cory, 
had other children : 

3. Parkhurst Cory ; 6. Lucy Jane. 

7. A son, who died in infancy. 

WESLEY ROLL. (l!th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Anns 
Smith had cldldren : 

1. Eliza Jane, who married Edward Tailor, son of James, of 
Springfield, and hud children : 

I. James Maro Taihir ; 2. Wilber Denman Tailor. 

2. Martin Luiher ; 3. Jonathan Smith ; 4. Mary Louisa. 

5. William Henry; 6. Eccell Anne; 7. Susan Alniira. 

8. Jacob Earl ; 9. Sirah Emily; 10. John Janies. 

11. Josephine, wh ) died at 2^ yea'S ; 12. diaries Wesley. 
13. Anna Elizabeth. 

^ MARY ROLL, (lOih child of John, son of Isaac,) and David 
Camp had ciiililren : 

) . David Wheeler Camp ; 2. Cnrolinc Camp, -who died at G yrs. 
Anil by Charles Roll had children : 

3. Mary AufTusta Roll; 4. Caroline Yir2;inia RoH. 

6. Charles Roll ; 6. Sidney Roll. 



54 JAMES ROLL, (son of Isaac, son of John Ist,) and Joanna 
J, Eciii ha I an only diiughter : 

S 1. Joanna, who married George Frazee, son of George Frazee, 
of We>ifiel(J. 

And by his 2d wife, Abbv Meeker, had other rhildren: 

2. Phebe, who married Clark Baldwin, son of Ste[)hen, of Cheap- 
fcide, and had children: I. Sarah Baldwin; 2. Emily Baldwin ; 

3. Mariah Baldwin ; 4. Ahby Baldwin ; 5. Stephen Baldwin. 

3. Sally married Walter Smith, son of William, of Springfield, 
and had children: 1. Mary A. Smith; 2. Abby L. Smith; 3. Ed- 
ward C. Smith ; 4. Albert Smith ; o. Ellen Smith. 

g BETSEY ROLL, (dau^rhter of Isaac, son of John 1st,) and 

£3 Daniel Ayers had children : 

" 1. JamfS Avers, wiio went to Cincinnati, and married. 

2. Isaac Avers married Elsie Allen, of Millville, and went to 

Betsey Roll then died, and Daniel Ayers married Abby Denman, 
(daughter of Jacob Denman, by a first wife,) and had other chil- 
dren : 

3. Jacob Denman Ayers, who married Mary Anne Denfer, 
daughter of Stephesi Denfer, from France. 

4. William Ayers married Phebe Bedell, of New Vernon. 

5. Eliza Ayers. born 1803, married S.itnuel C. Smith, a tailor, 
son of Moses Smith, of Springfield, and had children : 

1. Mary Elizabeth Smiti, who married William Wade. 

2. Emma Smith ; 3. Henry C. Smith. 

6. Phebe Avers, married Jacob Thompson, son of Moses, son 
of Hf^zekiah Tnompson. [See Jacob TkompsonJ] 

7. Daniel Ayers, who died at 9 years. 

8. M iriah Ayers married Nathan Robbins, and went to Oswego, 
New York. 

9. Benjamin Ayers, who died in youth. 

NOTR— Jicob Ddimin'd 2J wifj, wis Elizibsth, daughter of Robert] Cauld- 
well. [See Caiddu-elL] 

JOHN ROLL, son of John, and brother of Isaac, lived on 
the north side of Long Hill ; sold his farm to John Williams, 
and went to Ohio ; he had children : 

1. Matthias, who married, 7th April, 1785, Mary Rutan, 
daughter of Abraham^ and went to Ohio. 

2. John, Jun., who rnanied Patty I'orce, h Horse Neck, 
Cauldwell Township, Essex county. 

3. Abraham married Patty Vance, of Mendham, 

4. Isaac, who died lith March, 1787, aged 21 years 

5. Isaac 2d, who married Prudence Vance, of Mendham. 
sister of Abraham's wile. 


6. Abigail, who married, 7th April, 1785, Samuel Miller, 
grandson of James Cauldwell 1st, 

And by his 2d wife, Edith Wide, John Roll had children: 

7. Wick, who died 8th January, 1790, aged 20 years. 

8 Jacob, who was killed by lightning, 14th August, 1793, 
near the house, at about 18 years. 
9. Edward. 

S MATTHIAS ROLL, (1st child of John Roll, son of John,) 
« and Mary Rutan, had children : 

I. Charity, who married, 1st, Samuel Trousdale, and had 
children : 1. Jane Trousdale ; 2. Polly Trousdale ; 3. Lydia 
Trousdale. Charity married, 2d, John Ayers. 

2 Joseph married Rebecca . 

3. Abigail married Reuben Blackford. 

4. Rachel married William Stewart. 

5. Isaac married Hannah De Camp. 

6. Anna married Christopher Lintner. 

7. John married . 

8. Israel married . 

9. Polly married David Baker. 

10. Matthias married . 

II. Samuel married . 

12. Silas was a physician, and married 



g ABRAHAM ROLL, (son of John 1st,) was born 29th Aug, 

c 1739, and died 2l)t!i October, 1813. He married, 1st, Mary 

' Brooks, born 5th February, 1742; 2(1, C:ity Vieelaiui, sis-Her 

of Daniel. She was dttughcerol Jicob Brooks, who lived on 

the Coriell place, in VVestfielil. lie became blind belore he 

died. By his tirst wile he had chil(iri;n : 

1. Elizabeth, born 29tli Auiiust, 1751), and tlied 20th Sep- 
tember, 185 J. She niat-rietl Isaac Sayre, son of Isaac, from 
New England. [See S lyre.] 

2. Jiicob, born 8t,h November, 1761, and married Betsey 
Mills. He owned the grist mill in New Proviilence several 
yeais, and sold out, and went to Ohio. They had children : 

1. Sally; 2. Mary; 3. Philemon; 4. Moses; 5. Abra- 

3. Brooks, born 9th February, 1763, married Phebe Ross, 
daughter of James, a shoemaker, ot Westheld, 

4. Hannah, born 2d September, 1766, married Moses Par- 
malee, of VVestfiehl. 

5. Baltus, born 3ii May, 1709, married Susan Jennings, of 
Elizabethtown ; had no children. He lived on the top of the 
first mountain in VVestfield, and was rnurdere ; in iiis own 
house about 1833, by some p'rr ons unknown. 

6. Peter, born 7th May, 1773, married Polly Belton, of 
Short Hills. 

7. Jephtha, born 3d Dec. 1776, married Abby Brookfield, 
of Rah way.. 

8. A bniham, born 28th Sept 1779, married Betsey Dun- 
ham, daughtei of David; had two daughters, and removed 
to Ohio. 

9. Mary, born 12th March. 1783, married Abner Smalley, 
son of James. \_See Smal/ei/.] 

And by his 2d wife, Caty Vjeeland, Abraham Rull had chil-j 
dien: J 

10. Isaac, who married Susan ; lives in Rahway. 

11. Abby married Mr. Trembly. 

12. David. 

13. Jane married . 

BROOKS ROLL, (son of Abraham,) and Phebe Ross, had 
children : 

1. Abby, who married a son of John Dunham. 

2. Mary married Isaac Baldwin, son of David, of Canoe 
Brook. \_See Baldwin ] 

3. Saly married Aaron Bailey, son of Samuel, of Spring- 


4. James married Caty Dunham, daughter of David, and 
half sister of his uncle Abraham lioll'd vvifie. 
Mr. Biooks Roll died lOtli Jan. 1833. 

HANNAH ROLL, (4th child of Abraham,) and Moses 
Parmalee, had chi!(Jren : 

1. Mary Parmalee. 

2. Betsey I'armalee married Henry Howard, of N. York. 
8. Abby Parmalee married Aura Wilson, as his 2d wile, 

near Pnughkeepsie. 

4. Rebecca Parmalee married, 1st, Mr. Manning, of Plain, 
field ; 2d, Aaron Coe, Esq., of VVestfield. 

5. Brooks Parmalee majried Miss Wilson, daughter of 
Aura Wilson, by his 1st wife. 

G. Nancy Parmalee died unm.arried. 

7. Lockey Parmalee married James Stafford, and went 
west, where he died, and she returned with 3 children, Isaac, 
Abby, and James Stati'ord. 

8. Sally married Mr. Parmalee, a distant relation. 

PETCR ROLL, (6th child of Abraham,) and Polly Belton, 
had children : 

1. Charles, who married his second cousin, Mary Roll, 10th 
child ol' of John, son of Isaac Ro!l, and had children : 1. Mary 
Augusta; 2. Caroline Virginia; 3. Charles; 4. Sidney. 

2. Baltus. 

3. A daughter. 

JEPHTHA ROLL, (7th child of Abraham,) and Abby 
Brookfield had children : 

1. Sarah, who married Thomas J. Blanck ; lives in New 

2. Wdliam married Susan . 

ISAAC ROLL, (lOth child of Abraham,) had children : 

1. George Washington, who married Sally Wood, daughter 
of John, sun of John Wood. 

2. Samuel Oliver married , a sister of Caroline's 


3. Catherine married, 1st, Mr. Shotwell, 2d, John Wilson. 
4 Caroline married , a brother of Samuel's wife. 

6. Isaac Clawson. 

6. Sanford Vreeland. 

7. William Stone. 

8. Johila Marsh, 

365 ^^^^ ROSS. 


JOHN ROSS, of Westfield, was born 24th Dec. 1715, and 
died 7th April, 1798. He was, in 1748, Alderman (»f the 
borough of Elizabeth ; he nianied, 1st, June, 1 1th 1730, Han- 
nah Talmadge, who was born Gth July, 1715 ; 2d, Joannah 
Crane, a widow, and daughter of Alderman V\ illiam Miller. 
She was born 15th Sept. 1728. married Mr. Ross, 22d Jan. 
1754, and died 13th Sept. 1779, without children by him, and 
he married, 27th Feb. 1780, 3d, Susannah, the widow of ano- 
ther Mr. Crane, his 2d wife's aunt, and sisler of the same 
Alderman Miller, and she died Nov. 1797, without children 
by him. By his first wife, Hannah Talmadge, he had chil- 

1. John Ross, Jun., born 26th August, 1737, married Sarah 
Scud(!er, sister of Corbet t^cudder. 

2. Rebecca, born 14th June, 1739, married Cornelius Lud- 
low, of Westfield. 

3. Timolhy, born 26th Aug. 1741, married Polly Briant, 
daughter of John. [See Lamb.'] 

4. Sarah, born 11th July. 1743. married Andrew Miller, 
and died 4th Aug. 1817, in her 75th year. 

5. Ichabod, born 24th Sept. 1745, married, 1st, Miss Davis ; 
2d. Betsey Lamb, daughter oi John. [See Lamb.'] 

6. James, born 9th Nov. 1751, married 1st Hannah Thomp- 
son, daughter of Thomas, of Union Township ; 2d, Sarah 
Thompson, elder sister of his first wife. [See Thompson.] 

JOHN ROSS, Jun., (son of John) and Sarah Scudder had 
'^ children : 
i 1. Hannah, who married Samuel Freeman. 

2. Sarah married Mr. Tucker. 

3. Folly married John Stevens, of Rahway. 

REBECCA ROSS, (2d child of John 1st,) and Cornelius 
Lndlow had children : 

1 . Noah Ludlow married Rachel Rouse Ridge way, and had 
children : 

1. Eliakim Ludlow, who married Polly Walker, daugh- 
ter, of Asher, of Passaic Valley. [See Walker.] 

2. Henry Ludlow. 

2. Rebecca Ludlow. 

3. John Ludlow. I 

TIMOTHY ROSS, (3d child of John,) and Pol'y Briant 
had one child : 



1. Samuel Ross, who married Huldah Randolph, daughter' 
of Thomas, and had children : 

1. Tnnuihy, who married Sarah Laing, daughter of John 
and hail children: 1. William, who died young; 2. 
Charles: 3. Mary, who married Mr. Decker, and died 
without children ; 4. Harriet; 5. Daniel, who married 
his cousin, Susan Ross, daughter of Mdan; G. Clark; 
7 Mdan. 

2. Milan married Susan Force, and had children ; 1. 
Samuel ; 2. Randolph ; 3. John ; 4. William ; 5. 
Susan, who married her cousin, Daniel Ross, son of 

3. John, who married, .and died without children. 

4. Sally married Mr. Coon, who died and left her a wi- 
dow. And by a 2d wife, a daughter of Ezekiel Day, 
Samuel Ross had two children : 

5. James ; 6. a daughter, w^ho married Peter 


g SARAH ROSS, (4th child of John Ross 1st,) and Andrew 
g Miller, had children : 

1. Hannah Miller, who married Thomas Parcel, of Chat- 

2. Rebecca Miller married John Brokaw. of Rahway. 

3. Enoch ^filler married Johannah Garthwaite. 

4. John Miller married Abigail Stites, daughter of Rich- 
ard. [ See Stites.] 

5. Abner Miller married Bethiah Tryon, of Orange county, 
New York. 

6. Timothy Miller. 

7. Sarah Miller, who married James Tharp. 

8. Andrew Miller. 

9. Susan Miller, who married Capt. John Scudder. 

g JOHN MILLER, (4th child of Andrew Miller, and Sarah 
g Ross,) and Abigail Stites, had children : 

1. Cornelia Miller, who married Gideon Ross, son of James, 
son of John Ross 1st. 

2. Hezekiah Stites Miller, who married Elizabeth Burnet, 
sister of Samuel Burnet, of Livingston, and had children : 

1. Lucinda Miller ; 2. Joseph Augustus Miller; 3. Eliza- 
beth Jenette Miller; 4. Cornelia Miller; 5. Julia 
Anne Miller ; 6. John Stites Miller ; 7. James Ross 
Miller ; 8. Ophelia Miller ; 9. George W. Miller. 

I ICHABOD ROSS, (5th child of John,) and Miss — Davis, 
" had children : 


1. Talmadge, who married Betsey Littell, daughter of 
Moses. [See Littell.] 

2. John, v/ho married Anna Keyt, daughter of James. 

By his 2d wife, Betsey Lamb, Ichabod Ross hnd children : 

3. Mary, who died unmarried .it about 17 or 18 \ears. 

4. Elizabeth married, Is!, Joshua Clark, son of Kobeit ; 2d, 
Sanford Hi('ks. 

5. Ichabod, Jun. married Phebe J\liller, daughter of Abner 

6. Hannah married Henderson Williams. 

g TALMADGE ROSS, (son of Ichabod, son of John,) and 
f Betsey Littell, daughter of Moses, son of Henjnmin Litiell, 

removed tu Ohio, about 12 miles north of Chilicuthe, and had 

children ; 

1. Moses, who married l\fary Frjzce, 2d child of Moses 
Frazee. and Mary Terry. 

2. John married Saraii Lee, daughter of Thomns Lee. He 
died 12th May, 1844, aged 57 years, 8 months, and4dnys. 

3. Abby, born 12th July, 17D1, married Marsh, 
son of Charles, of Westfield. 

4. Jiicob died in 1814, unmarried, aged 22 years 

5. Talmadge died in 1814, unmarried, aged 20 years. 

6. Eliza, who also died unmarried. 

7. Linus H. Ross married , and lived near San- 
dusky, Ohio. 

8. Abraham. 

9. Thompson Seabury Ross. 

s. MOSES ROSS, (son of Talmadge,) and Mary Frazee, 
f lived near Chilicolhe, and had children : 

1. I'aiTiela, who married JainesGa^, and had five children. 

2. Jacob Davis Ro s mariied ; hjid two children. 

3. Fiazee lloss married ; had two children. 

4. Talmadge Ross ; 5. John Ross. 

6. Resin Ross married , 

7. Abby Eliza Ross married . 

8. James Ross. 

9. William Ross. 

JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Talmadge,) and Sarah Lee, had 
ten children : 

1. Talmadge Ross, born 1810, and married Eliza Stiles, 
daughter of Henry, of Scotch Plains, and had children : 

L Anne Eliza, born 1st Jan. 1830; 2. Mary Jane, born 
1839 ; 3. John Henry Ross, born 18th May, 1845. 

2. Jose|)h Ross, born 4t"h Jan. 1813, married Nancy 
Squier, daughter of John Squier, son of Aaron Squier, of Long 
Hill, and had a child, Charles Gideon Ross. 

Joujf P.0S3. 359 

3. Eliza Ross, born lilh Feb. 1815, and married John 
Frazee, son of Levi Frazee, of Vv'estfield. and hnd cliildiea : 

1. Ca'eb Maxwell Frazee, born 6lh Oct. 1838. 

2. Susan Frazee, born 11 th March, 1840. 

3. Pre.slon Frazee, born 17th August, !842. 

4 John Iloss Frazee, born ist October, 1845. 

5. Henry Martin Trazee, born 6th September, 1847, 

4. Susan Koss, born 2yd Febiuary, 1817. and mai-ried 
Isaac Thorn, son otJaniCs Thorn, of New Market, and had 
children : 

1. James Thorn, born 24th February, 1838. 

2. Sartih Anne Thorn born 14th Octol)er, 1839. 
3 Mary Augusta Thorn, born 2()th Feb. 1845. 

5. John Iloss, l)oi-n olh March, 1820, mariied Harriet Bull- 
mm. He died 22d April, 1848 ; she died 20ih Feb. 1S48, 
leaving no children. 

6. Mary Ross, born 27th Llarch 1822, married Clarkson 
Shotvvell, sun of Daniel Shotvvell, of Piainfieid, and had ono 
child. Susan Shotvvell, born 29th April, 1847. 

7. James Ross, born 27th August, 1826, and married Mary 
Freemin, daughter of (>a!eb of Piainfieid. 

8. Moses Lee Ross, born 18th November 1828. 

9. Seth Wiiliston Koss, born 3 Ist xMarch, 1833. 

10. Corneha Ross, born November, 1831. 

^ JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Ichabjd,) and Anna Keyt, had 
o children : 

1. Elizabeth, who married Jolin Miiler, son of Enoch, and had 
children; 1. John li. Miller ; 2. Catherine Miller ; 3. Kezi;di Mil- 
ler; 4. Divid AMler; 5. J.i.n-s Miller. 

2. Electa mairied Josiah Crane, son of John 4ih, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. John Grant Crane married A'oby Miller, daughter of 
Jo!m O. Mdler. He lives on the old-John-Crane homestead. 

2. Marv Crane married Hampton Cutter, son of VYiiliam, 
of Woodbridge. 

3. An tie Elizabeth Crane married Job Williams, son of Moses, 
of Union. 

4. Josiah Crane, Jun, married Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of 

3. Mary married Miller Williams, son of Moses, and went to 
Ohio, wiiere she died. 

4. Anne married Benjamin Williams, sm of Nathaniel, and had 
one daughter, Anne Williams, who married Jon.n Norris. 

ELIZABETH ROSS, (4th child of Ichabod.) and her Hrst bus- 
band, Joshua Clark, had children : 

1. Mary Clark, who married Caleb M. Littell, son of Doctor 
Anthony, [Seo Lit lelL] 

3Q0 ^^^^ R0S3. 

2. Amos Clark married Sarah [Meeker, daughter of Samuel, of 

And by her 2d husband Sanford Hicks, Elizabeth Ross, had 

3. A daughter, who married John Chatterton, of Eiizabethtown. 

ICHABOD ROSS Jun, (5th child of Ichabod, son of John,) and 
Phebe Miller, had children: 

1. John, who married • 

2. Betsey. 

3. Ichabod 3d. 

4. Abner married . 

HANNAH ROSS, (6th child of Ichabod Ross,j_Sen.)" and 
Henderson Williams, had children : 

1. Sarah Williams, who married Peter Messier, and had a daugh- 
ter, Eiiza Anne Messier, who married Augustus Howel. 

2. Mary Williams, who married Asa D. Vandergrift. ' 

3. Phebe Anne Williams married John Dunham, son of John, 
son of John, of Passaic Valley, and had a daughter, Ellen Dun- 
ham, and then died. 

4. Benjamin Williams. 

5. Theodore Williams married Miss Mulford. ^ 

6. Emeline Williams, who died. 

JAMES ROSS, Esq. (6th son of John Ross 1st,) by his first 
w wife, Hannah Thompson, had children : 
? 1. Betsey, who married John Marsh Clark. 
' 2. Sarah, born 6lh May, 1777, and married Doctor Joseph 
Quimby, of Westfield, and died 1803, without children. 

James Ross, Esq. by his 2d wife, Sarah Thompson, had chil- 
dren : 

3. James Thompson Ross, who died unmarried, 

4. Hannah married, January, 1807, Henry Baker, son of Wil. 
*■ liam. [See Baker.] 

5. Gideon, married, 20th April, 1S29, Cornelia Miller, born 
8th May, 1793, daughter of John Miller, son of Andrew Miller, and 
Sarah Ross, daughter of John Ross 1st. y 

BETSEY ROSS, (daughter of James Ross, Esq.) and John 
gf Marsh Clark, had children : 

o 1. Betsey M. Clark, who married Benjamin T. Clark, son of 
P Charles Clark, Esq. 

2. James Ross Clark, born 20th June, 1793, and married 
Catherine Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, and had children: 

1. James Ross Clark, Jun. born 12th May, 1827. 

2. John Joseph Clark, born 16th July, 1832. 

JOHN ROSS. , 361 

; BETSEY M. CLARK, and Benjamin T. Clark, had children : 
! 1. James Marsh Clark, who married Miss Maxwell. 

2. Sarah Anne Clark married Edwin Keyt. 

3. Eveline Clark married ^Ir. Bryer. 

4. Susan Clark married Mr. Maxwell. 

5. Charles Augustus Clark married Rulh Sanford. 

6. Lockey Clark married Mr. Bryer. 

7. Benjamin Clark ; 8. Catherine Clark ; 9. Hannah Clark. 
10. Gideon Clark ; 11. Henry Clay Clark ; 12. A daughter. 

: HANNAH ROSS, (4th child of James Ross, Esq.) and Henry 
' Baker had children : 

1. James Ross Baker, who died September, 1820, aged about 
12 years. 

2. William T. Baker, who married Elizabeth Anne Miller, 
daughter of Abner, and had children : 

1. Catherine Baker, born 1839; 2. Elizabeth Baker. 

3. Sarah Eliza Baker, who married William Radford, of New 
York, ant! had children : 

1. William Henry Radford; 2. James Radford; 3. Edwin 

4. James Ross Baker 2d, who married Catherine Mundy, and 
had children : 1. Eliza Radford Baker. 

5. Phebe Webb Baker married John Squier, son of John, son of 
John Squier, and had children : 1. James Wade Squier. 

GIDEON ROSS, Esq. (5th child of James Ross, Esq.) was a 
surveyor, a justice of the peace, a major in the militia, and was 
several times elected a member of the legislature. He and Come-- 
iia Miller had children : 

1. James, born 17th June, 1732, and died 21st, July, 1739. 

2. Cornelia, born 20th December, 1835. 

«f;0 JO:.'ATf!AN RlCKrlAX. 


s JONATHAN RLXKMAN lived on Siony Hill, south of David 
? Smallcy, l::^^q- Hi; miirricd Sarah Alien, daughter of Joseph Allen, 
Juii. and had children : 

1. Stephen, who married, I2ih March, 1794, Esther Dobbin, of 

2. Nathan, born 1777, married Hannah Alward, daughter of 
Benjamin Aiwaid. 

3. David married Betsey Coon, daughter of Capt. Israel Coon, 
and had no children. 

4. Levi mjrned Jane Leforge, daughter of Abraham, and died 
16th October, lSi4. 

6. Jonathan, who died a young man, unmarried, 

6. Pht be married John Cory ; lived on the 2d mountain, south 
east of Mount Betliel. 

7. Joseph, mairied, 1st, Mary Aiwnrd, sister of Nathan's wife ; 
2d, Sally Kelly, ..f Mount Horeb. He had children: 1. John; 2. 
Josiah ; 3. lilisha ; 4. Joseph; 5. Eliza. And by his 2d wilia, 6. 
Jonathan ; 7. David. 

g STEPHEN RUCKMAN, (son of Jonathan,) and Esther Dobbin, 

o had children : 

" 1. Sally, who married Samuel Dixon, of Washington Valley. 

2. Betsey married Isaac Morehouse, of Livingston, and went 
to Indiana. 

3. Fliebe married Isaac Coddinglon, son of Achibald, of Mount 

4. Hetty, who went to Lidiana with Isaac Morehouse, and died. 

5. Isaac married INancy Winans, of Washington Valley. 

6. Stephen, Jun. went to Indiana, and married there. 

7. Jane married William Buck, near Germantown, Hunterdon 

8. Thirza married John Buck, of the same place. 

^ 9. Ellen married Abraham Bryant, of the same place. 

NATHAN RUCKMAN, (2d child of Jonathan,) and Hannah 
Alward h;id children: 

1. William, who died at about 24 years, unmarried. 

2. David N., born 21st April, l!?04, who married 1st, Jane 
Stevens, daughter of James Stevens, and had 1, a son James ; his 
wife then died, and he married, "id, Hannah P. Bonnel, daughter of 
Stephen C. Bormel, son of Jamts, and had children : 2. William. 

3. Nancy; 4. Hannah; 5. David; 6. Bern; 7. Lemuel. 
8. Stephen C. Bonnel. [See Bonnel.'] 

3. Rachel married Francis Vaughn, and went to North Western 

4. Hannah, who died at 18 or 19 years, unmarried.' 

B. Sarah married Charles Foster, son of Silas Foster, ofChathara; 


LEVI RUCKMAN, (4th child of Jonathan,) and Jane Lefor-e, 
had cliildien : 

I. Martin, born 27th October, 181 1, married Jane Dow, of 
Bedminster, born May, 1806, T.hey had children : 

1. Lucy Anne, born 2Cth December, 1833. 

2. Enoch, born 20th February, 183). 

3. .Jonathan Lewis, born 2d March, I83(>. 

4. Benjamin F., born 2nih October, 1837. 

5. Phebe, born 25 ih March, 1839. 

6. Phinehas, born 20ih Aprd. 1842. 

7. Davii Martin, born I4lh November, 184^. 

8. VVilliam ! lenry, born 7th December, 1845. 

9. Levi, born 8tl) Au^rust. 18-18. 

2. Sarah mirried Josepn-F. Tilyou, and obtained a divorce from 

3. Eh'za married Jefferson Moore, son of Jesse, of Mount 
Bethel, and had children : I. Harriet Moore ; 2. Wesley Moore ; 3. 
Mary Jane Mooro ; 4. Jacob Moore ; 5. Jonathan Moore. 

4. Deborah married Jacob Ludlow, son of Joseph. [See Ludloiu."] 

5. Elarriet married Lewis Nor Miller, son of Lewis. [See 
Miller] She had one son, Levi Miller, and died. 

6. Jenette married David Bird, soi of John, of Mount Bethel, 
and had children: 1. Harriet Bird ; 2. Jacob Bird; 3. Levi Bird. 

7. Mary married, 23 1 June, IS t9, Wats )n Bird, son of Elias, 
and had children: 1. John Henry Bird; 2. . 

8. At wood. 

9. Rebecca. 

10. Hannah. 

PHEBE RUCKMAN, (6tli child of Jonathan,) and John Cory, 
had children : 

1. Daniel Cory, who married Rachel WiJIet, daughter of Jona- 
than, (if W.irren, and had several children. 

2. Jonathan C )ry, wno mariifd Mary Titus, daughter of Wil- 
liam, and had children: I. Elizabeth Cory : 2. Maryetle Cory ; 3. 
Phebe Cory ; 4. Anne Jane Cory. Buth Daniel and Jonathan 
Cory have been members of the legislature, from Somerset county. 




RICHARD RUNYON, (whose ancestors were French,) was 
born 14th April, 1719. He had a sister, who married a Mr. Lay- 
ton, and had children. 

Peter Layton, who was called Capt. Layton, lived at Long 
Hill, did not marry. 

Provy Layton, who married Justice John Carle, of Long Hill. 
[See Carle.] 

A Mr. John Runyon married, 10th September, 17G5, Violet 

RICHARD RUNYON married Jane Van Court, born 13th 
August, 1727, and had children : 

1. Sarah, born 30lh March, 1746, and married Elias Coriell, son 
of Abraham, of Piscataway, and died in 1820, aged 74 years. [See 

2. Anna, born 27th October, 1747, and married Daniel Sayre, 
brother of Ephraim Sayre, of Madison, and had children : 

1. James Sayre, who. married Deborah Dunham, daughter of 
John, son of John. 

2. Elias Sayre married Miss Hetfield, of Elizabethtown, and 
had a son, Thomas O. Sayre. 

3. Elias, born 7th June, 1749, married, 9th January, 1771, De- 
borah Clark, born 27th July, 1749, daughter of Daniel Clark. 
Elias Runyon died 8th March, 1793. 

4. Elizabeth, born 11th December, 1750, married Moses Carpen- 
ter, of Goshen, New York ; had an only daughter, Elizabeth 
Carpenter, and soon after died. 

5. Jean, born 6th December, 1752, and died of consumption, at 
about 20 years. 

6. Rosannah, born 3d November, 1754, and died unmarried. 

7. John, born 26th November, 1756, married Polly Conklin, 
daughter of Stephen, of Basking Ridge, and went to Ohio, and 
settled near the head of the Little Miami river. He died in 1836, 
and she died in 1843. They had children ; 

I.Stephen, who died in 1813, unmarried ; 2. Richard; 3.' 
John; 4. Elias; 5. Betsey, who married Joseph McLain ; 
6. Debby married James McLain, brother of Joseph ; 7. 

Polly married Mr. Vance : 8. Anna, and three other 


S ELIAS RUNYON, (son of Richard,) and Deborah Clark lived 
g at Long Hill, where their father did, and had children : 

1. Richard, born 26th November, 1771, married Phebe Lewis, 
daughter of Isaac, of Sussex. 

2. Anna, born 24th September, 1773, married Ludlow Squier, son 
of Thomas. [See Squier.'] 


3. Daniel, born 23d March; 1776, married 1st, Hope Lewis, sister 
of Richard's wife ; she soon died, and he married 2d, Polly Squier, 
daugliter of Thomas, of Livingston. 

4. John, born 17ih August,, 1778, married his 2d cousin, Mar- 
g-iret Ruiiyon, daughter of Richard, of Piscataway. 

5. Jem, born 16lh January, 1781, and died 4th February, 1781, 
in infancy. 

6. Israel, born 16th March, 1782, married Polly Deeds, daughter 
of Michael, of SpringfieM, and died 28th September, 1813. 

7. Elias, born 5th November, 1784, was a physician, married 
Agnes Day, daughter of Col. Israel Day, of Chatham ; had no 

S. Peter P., born 19th May, 1787, married Phebe Tenyck, daugh- 
ter of Tunis Tenyck, of New Brunswick. Is a justice of the 
peace, and judge of the court in Middlesex county. 

9. Jane, born 29th December, 1790, married Savage Wright, 
froin Virginia, ami lives in Piscataway. 

u RICHARD RUNYON, (son of Elias,) and Phebe Lewis lived 
^ in New Brunswick, and hid children : 

1. Sally, born November, 1797, married John Dunham Martin, 
son of Arauna, of New Brunswick, and had children : 

1. Mary Martin, who married Charles Martin, son of Still 
Martin, of New York. 

2. Richard Runyon Martin ; 3. Arauna Martin ; 4. Isaac 
Lewis Martin. 

2. Debby, born February, 1799, married Ambrose F. Randolph, 
son of Still F. Randolph, and had children : 

\. Still Randolph; 2. Richard Runyon Randolph; 3. 
Howard Malcom Randolph. 

3. Jane, born — — , 1802, married James Boyce, son of 
George and had children : I. Susan Hankinson Boyce married 
Dr. Sears, of N. Y. ; 2. Charles Decildin;^ Boyce ; 3. Peter 
Boyce; 4. Albeit Boyce ; 5. Henry Boyce. 

DANIEL RUNYON, (son of Ellas,) owns his father's 
farin at Long Hill ; was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 
1834, and acted in that office fifteen years. He and Polly 
Squier had children : 

1. Caroline, who is unmarried. 

2. Phebe, who married Augustus Stewart, son of Christo- 
pher, of Plainfield ; went to Illinois, and had children : 

1. John Runyon Stewart; 2. Mary Ellen Stewart; 3, 
Edward Stewart. 

3. George married JNIary Giles, daughter of John Giles ; 
lives in Plainfield, and had children: 1. Williairi Henry; 2. 
Alfred ; 3. John. 

355 PETER ruta:*. 

PETER P. RUNYON, (son of Ellas,) and Phebe Tenyck 
had children : 

1. Trembly, who died young. 

2. Deb by. 

3. Maiy, who m:\rried Peter C. Onderdonk, son of John. 

4. John, twin to Mary, died at about (J or 7 years. 

5. Elias married Emily Fiiz l{andol[)h, daughter of David, 
editor of the N. B Freiloniaii. 

6. Snsan mauied Mahlun liunyon, son of Abel. 

7. Viiginia. 


PETER RUT.4N owned two 100 acre lots, Nos. 28 and 
29 addition of the Elizabethtown lots, and now owned by the 
heirs of Nicholas Van Winkle, Joseph H.. Patten, ami others. 
He had a son, Abraham, that .survived him; who owned 
the eastern half of the 2U0 acre tiact, and lived on it near the 

I ABRAH.^M RUTAN was an El.ler in the Presbyterian 

S" Church of New j'ruvidence. He married, ; she died 

,, 15tli Dec. 1788,; they had 5 sons and S duus^htcrs : 

fi 1. John, who married, 2Uth March, 1774, Catherine Jones, 

" and went to the west. 

2. Samuel married Eleanor Bedell, daughter of Jacob, and 
went west. \8ee Bedc/L] 

3. Peier, born 1757, and died 12th April, 1802, aged 45 
5'ears, unmarried. 

4. Joseph, born 17G9, married, 11th June, 1791, Hannah 
Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker, Jun. She died 26th July, 
1804, ag-ed 34 years, and he married, 2d, Rachel Hole, daugh- 
ter of Uzel Johnson's 2d wife. He died 19th March, 18U9, 
aged 40 years. 

5. Abraham married Hannah Shipman, daughter of Abra- 
ham, of Munroe, Morris county. He died 25ih Dec. 1804, 
au:ed 30 yenrs, and left two childien. Manning and Eliza; 
Eliza died young; Manninar married Miss Hurd. and lived at 
Dover. Morris county, ar.d subsequently removed to Green- 
ville, Montcalm county, JMichigan. 

0. Sally, who marjied, 6ih June, 177r?, Simeon Simpson, 
son of Alexander, as his 2d wife. [&e Simpson.] 

7. Hannah married John Cauldwell, son ol William. [See 

8. Marv married, 7th April, 1785, Matthias Roll, and went 
to Ohio. \Ste Roll.] 

9. Rosannah married, 2i!tli Dec. 1786, Thomas Parrot, son 
of William. [See Pai'rot.'] 

10. Martha mnrried, 17th Oct. 1787, Moses Camp, son of 
Aaron. [Ses Camp.'] 

11. (Charity married John Miller, and had a son, James 
Miller, who lived : t Nt^vv Veinoii, and a daughter, Anna, who 
married in Pennsylvania, Samuel Avers, and lived near Ross- 
ville, ^ hio. 

12. Anna married. 29tli April, 179 ), Moses Squier, son of 
Thomas. [S^^e Squier.'] 

13 Llizibeth mnriied, 14th June, 1791, Al)raham Cauld- 
well. son of William. \_See CauldwelL] 

James Miller, son of Charily liutan, and John Miiler, mar- 
ried Anna Collard, and had children: 1. John Miller; 2. 
Charity Miller, who married Nathaniel Bonnel, of Green 
Village, as his 2d wife; 3. Ebenezer Miller married Hannah 
Wimers, ofN. Y. ; 4. Mary Aiiller; 5. Joseph Miller mar- 
ried Sarah Messier, danghier of John VIeit Messier; G. 
James Miller; 7. Margaret Miller married Mr. Logan. 

g JOSEPH RUTAN, (son of Abraham, son of Peter,) lived 
where his fither did. He and Hannah Bak'er had children: 
?• 1. Daniel, who married Jane CauMwell, daughter of Hugh, 
S and had chililren : 

1. Hugh, who died in Newark, unmarried, aged about 
24 \ears. 

2. Hannah, also died in Newark, unmarried, aged abont 
24 vears. 

Daniel Rutan died 6th Feb. 1S20, aged 23 years. His 
widow, Jane, died 2d Feb. 1849, asfed (51 years. 

2. Abigiul, [torn l9ih March, 170.5, and married Peter D. 
Valentine, son of Jonathan. \_Sei Vakatine ] 

3. .Abraham, who died 9th May, 1811, aged 15 years 

4. Samuel married Lockey Meeker, daughter of Joseph O. 
Meeker, of Scotch Plains, and <iied 1st Aprif iS27, ag<d28 
y, ars. [See Dunham.] And by his 2d wife, Rachel Hole, 
Joseph i.'utan had children: 

5. Eliza, who married Barnabas Earl, and went to Kala- 
mazoo county, Michigan. 

6. Joseph married Sally Anne Fornole, daughter of Wil- 
liam, of Rahway. 

? JOSEPH RUTA?sT, (son of Josep]..)nnd Sally Anne For- 

R note, lived in Rahway, nnd had chiidien : 

" _ I. Mary Elizabeth, who marine 1, 4tli August, 1844, W 11- 

iiain Harris Smith, son of Adam Smith, of iJound Brook. He 

died in Feb. 1S4S, leaving a daughter, Mary Williams Smith, 

2. Henrietta Adams; 3. Jane Anne; 4. Franeifs Adelia ; ,5. 

Hannah Baker. .fosoph '-^utan, Jua , died m .■\pril, 1814. 



^ DAVID SAMSON lived on the north side of Long Hill, 
« where Philemon Dickerson now lives; he married Hannah 
"^ Bonnel, sister of Nathaniel Bonnel 1st, and had children: 

1. Stephen, who died, at about 23 years. 

2. Jacob, who died, at about 21 years. 

3. Sebra, who married Mr. Armstrong, and removed to 

4. Mary married Moses Hand, son of William. [See Hand.'] 

5. Isaac married Mary Day, daughter of StephenDay, Esq., 
of Chatham. He lived and died in Springfield. 

6. Mnses is unmarried ; lives wuth the widow of Peter 

7. Aaron went to sea on board a vessel of war, and did 
not return. 

8. Abraham married Chbe Bonnel, daughter of Capt. Na- 
thaniel Bonnel. 

9. Benjamin married Abigail Ball, daughter of Jeremiah 
Ball, and grand-daughter ot Jeremiah Hart. [>S'ee Ball and 

g ISAAC SAMSON, (son of David,) and Mary Day had 
o children : 

° 1. Nancy, who married Aaron Dean, son of John, of 

2. Joanna married Mr. Freeman, of Union Township. 

3. David, born May, 1791, married Betsey Johnson, daugh- 
ter of Uzel, by his 2d wife. 

4. Mariah married, llth Jan. 1809, David Nafie, of Spring- 

5. Nathan, who died in Springfield. 

6. Charlotte married and went to Western New York. 

7. Julia Anne, who died young. 

Sf DAVID SAMSON, (son of Isaac,) and Betsey Johnson 
r had children : 

1. Isaac Johnson Samson, who married Hannah, the 
widow of William Potter, of Rahway, and daughter of Mr. 
Garthrite. She had a son. William Potter, and they had chil- 
dren : 1. David Samson, born Jan. 1840: 2. John Wesley, 
born 14th July, 1843. Isaac Johnson Samson died 6th Dec. 

2. Nathan Scudder Samson, who married Catherine Anne Rino, 
daughter of Wilson Rino, of Piscataway. 

3. William Edgar damson, born llth February, 1822, married 
Caroline, widow of Edward Tornsee, and daughter of Mr. Powel, 
ot Brooklvn, New Fork ; have no children. 


4. Stepheii, bum llth October, IS2.3. 

6. Mary Jane, bom 27tii November, 1830. 
G. Maiiah, bom 1st June, 18^3, 

7. Elizabeth Day, bora l3ih February, 1838. 

" ABRAHAM SAMSON, (son of David, Sen.,) and Chloe Bonne), 
g lived at Madison, MimtIs county, and had c ildren : 

1. Julia, who married WickliiT Condit, son of Ebenezer , 

and soon died. 

2. Sally married Christopher Scely Miller, son of Eliphalet, of 
Chatham, and v/ent to Ohio, 

3. A^ron S uith, who died at 5 years. 

4. Nancy Bonnel Samson. . 

5. Zebra 

6. Ammda married James B. Condit, brother of Wickliff; live 
in Licking county, Ohio. 

7. Elizabeth Shaver married Oswald Joseph Burnet, son of 
William, of Morris counly. 

8. Mary Malvina married John Radley, son of William, of Ohio, 
and live there. 

9. Enoch Nelson ; 10. Anne Mariah ; 1!. WickliffCondit. ] 
Mr. Abrahaai Samson died about the 1st July, ISui. 

NOTE. — N.anfy, w fe <if Svlv.ums R nnel, a: d sis'er of Chloe, wife of , A lira- 
ham Siaiaon, died llh lu'y, 1S51, and hci -Jd >on Calvin manied .hi'ia Anne 
Criwel. from n (Ml- Ph lad J, hia, and had chdilrn; I. Mary; 2. William; 3. 
John; 4. Euawa ; 5. George WuSiiingtun Bonnel ; he livts in Iowa. 

BENJAMIN SAMSON, (son of David, Sen.) and Abigail Ball, 
removed to Knox couniy, Ohio ; they bad children : 

1. Benjamin Pettit, who married Mary Jones, of Union ; live ia 

2. Harriet married Mulford W. Casterline, son of Mrs. John 
Marshall. [See Daniel Willcnxl^ 

3. Bonnel married in Newark. 

4. Eliza, \v\\o died at abot't 15 years. 

5. Hervy, who died in Newark. 

6. Abeline, who mariied Mr. Tailor, in Ohio. 

7. Hannah married Mr. Lennel, in Ohio. 

8. Vashli married in Ohio. 



ISAAC SAYRE came from New Ensfland ; he married Jane 
Swaine, daughtt^r of Matthias Swaine. They lived between llie 
mountains, south west of Springfield, and had children : 

1. Elizabeth, who married Enoch Vrteland, son of Brown 
Vreeland, and lived where Jonathan Gillam now lives. 
,0 2. lVlaithi;vs nnarried, 27th September, 1767, Patience Tlioirpson, 
a daughter of Aaron, of Lonir Hill. [See Aaron Thompson.'] 
" 3. Cath'^rine married Timothy Griffin, ot iS'ew Providence. 
[See Grijiin] 

4 Isaac- married, 22d February, 1774, Elizabeth Roll, daiigiiter 
of John Rnll, Sen. [See Roll] " She died, 26th September, 1850, 
in her 9:id year, after being along lime a widow. 

MATTHIAS SAYRE, (son of Isaac,) and Patience Thompson, 
had children : 

1. ( aleb, who went to the west, unmarried. 

2. Chloe, who married John Scudder, of Westfield, and went to 
the west. 

3. Noah married Rachel Ilubbel, and went to the west. 

4. Matthias Swaine Sayre went to sea, and died unmarried. 

ISAAC SAYRE, Jun. (son of Isaac,) and Elizabeth Roll lived 
where his lather did, and had children ; 

1. John, who married Abby lirown, of Connecticut, sister of 
Jonathan Brown, of Chatham ; he lived in Passaic Valley, in Chat- 
ham township, opposite the Methodist church. He was horribly 
shot through the window ctf his house, about 1835, the ball pas^^ing 
thrt.ugh his mouth, and knocking out several of his teeth ; be died 
the 2d day after. 

2 Mary Brooks Sayre married Noah Ross, son of James Ross, 
and brother of Brool<s Roll's wife. [See Brooks Roll.'] 

3. Brooks married Polly Conklin, daughter of Joshua Conklin. 
[See Conklin.] 

4. Jane mur'ied Ralph Eltsone, went to Ohio, and had an only 
son, Corn<dius Eistone. 

5. Catherine married Mosrs Thompson. 

6. Betsey married Aaron Briant, son of Cornelius ; he died he 
2d March, 1850. 

7. Anthony Swaine Sayre married Mariah Armstrong, of Long 

S. Hannah rirarried I>rael Ward, son of Joshua, and had a 
daughter, Jane Anne Ward, wlio married 1st, Jona Swaine, son of 
Benjamin ; and 2d, George W. Ogden, son of Richard, and had a 
daughter, Susan Ogden. 


JOHN SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun..) and Abby 
Brown, had children : 
* 1. William, who married Nancy D. Bonnel, daughter of 
a WilHam Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel, and had childien : 
°- 1. Elizabeth Bonnel iSayre ; 2. John Francis Sayre; 3. 

George Sayre; 4. Emily Brown Sayre; 5. Sarah 
Doty sayre; G. Daniel Brown Sayre. 
2. Betsey, who married Aaron Johnson, son of Gabriel 
Johnson Esq. and had children : 1. William C. ; 2. Rebecca. 
[See Johnson.'^ 

BROOKS SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun.,) and Polly 
Conklin, had children : 
^ 1, Elizabeth, who married Henry Faitoute, son of Moses, of 
? Union ; 2. William ; 3. M?.ry married Joseph Ivain, a car- 
penter, of Somerville ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Hannah; 0. Brooks Sayre, 

CATHERINE SAYRE, (5th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) 
and Moses Thompson, had children : 

1. Sarah Thompson, who married Elias Morgan, son of 
Elias, of Elizabethtovvn, and had children: 

1. Mary Elizabeth Morgan, who married William Day, 
son of Josiah Day, of Chatham ; 2. John Sayre Mor- 
gan; 3. Sarah Catherine Morgan; 4. Abby Mariah 
Morgan; 5. Elias Allen Morgan; G. James Henry 

2. Aaron Ogden Thompson, who married Eliza Wood, 
from Newburgh, and had a son, William Thompson. 

3. Eliza Ogden Thompson married John H. Jaques, and 
had a son, David Jaques, when she died. 

4. Isaac Moses Thompson married Mary Smalley, daughter 
of Abner Smalley, and Mary Roll, 9th child of Abraham lloll, 
and have children : 1. Abner Thompson ; 2. . 

BETSEY^ SAYRE, (6th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and 
Aaron Briant, had children: 

1. Mary Briant, who married Daniel Kissam, son of 
Richard, and had children : 

1. Samuel Kissam. born 1827; 2. John R. Kissam. born 
1829; 3. Franklin Kissam, born 1340; 4. Nancy 
Kissam, born 1845. 

2. Isaac Briant ; 3. Hannah Briant married William Kent, 
son of Nathaniel ; 4. Abby Briant married Lewis Denman, 
son of John, of Canoe Brook ; 5. William H. Briant ; 6. 
Emily Briant. 


ANTHONY S. SAYRE, (7th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) 
and Mariah Armstrong, lived where his father did, and had 
children : 

1 Etheniel, a daughter, born 1827; 2. Alhivosto, a son, 
born l'62i) ; 3. Vozifri, a son, born 1830 ; 4. Vinelia, a daugh- 
ter, born 1833 ; 5. Fla Alva, a daughter, boin 1838. 


EPHRAIM SAYRE lived on and owned Lot No. 51, Addition 
of the Elizabethtown lots, whpre Squier Par.ot now lives. He 
had a son Davi I, who married, 2oih Decennber, 1766, Rachel 
Ruffe. He died 3d October, l7Sl, aged 42 years, and his widow 
married, '2d, Thotnas Osborn, [see Osborn.] and after liis death she 
married, 3d, Col. Jcdediah Swan, of Scotch Plains. He also had 
a son Daniel, who married .Anna Runyon, daughter of Richard 
Runyon, Sen., and had children: 1. .hnnes, u ho married 3nth Jan- 
uary, 1796, Deborah DLinham. daughter of John, Jun. and lived 
at Madison ; 2. Elias, a clock maker, of Elizabethtown, who 
married , and had a son, Thomas 0. Sayre. 

Ephrnim Sayre had a son, , who went to Virginia, 

whose son Wil.iam came from thence to this Valley, and married 
Miss Canfield, of Monroe, Morris county, and died 15lh Decem- 
ber, 1820, leavinuf several children. 

And still another son, 'William, who lived where his father 
did. He married Esther High, daughter of John High 1st, of 
Westfieltl, and had no children. He was an elder in the pres- 
byterian church in New Providence. His wife Esther died, 
and he married, 2d, Anna, the widov*^ of Jonathan Acken, of 
Scotch Plains, and removed to Plainfield, where he died. [See 
Dr. Anthony Litiell ] 


EZEKIEL SAYRE lived in 1788. on Stony Hill, where 
John Marshall now lives. He had children : 

1. Levi, who was baptized 31st January, I7fi8. 

2. John, who was baptized 29th 0('tober, 1771. 

3. Huldah, who married in Ohio, (^/ol. John Wallace. 

4. Pierson married in New Jersey. 

5. Benjiimin. 6. Rachel. 

Mr. Ezekiel Sayre removed to Ohio before 1800, and lived 
near Reading, Hatnilton county. 

Note. — See another Ezekiel Sayre, son-in-law of John 
Bonnel, page 50. 



RICHARD SCUDDER owned and lived on the farm of 

100 acres now owned i^y John Litiell, a(ijohiing the river. 

He also owned about 100 acres of the farm now owned by 

Thomas O. Scudder. He married Rebecca Stites, daughter 

of Elijah Stites, of Scotch Plains. [See Stites.] He died 24lh 

December, 1785, and left children : 

to 1. l)v. Oenj imia R, Scudder, who married Sally Wade, of 

o Connecticut Farms ; they lived at Taterson Landing, where 

^ he died. 

2. Nancy married, 3d Jan. 1785, Alexander Steele, of 
Somerset county. 

3. Stites married Elizabeth Osborn, daughter of Thomas 
Osborn, [sse Oshorn,'] and died 1st April, 1812: she died 22d 
JN'ovember, 184H. 

4. Mary married James Bishop, of New Market, Middle- 
sex county. 

5. Thomas married 1st, Rlizabeth Ayers, daughter of David 
Ayers, Esq. of Liberty Corner; and 2d, liebecca Autrn, 18th 
Dec. 181 ] ; and he died in March, 1812, of typhus fever. 

6. Sally married Zebulon Ayers, ol Middlesex countv, and 
lived several years where Lines Tucker now does, and finally 
removed to Seneca county, New-York. 

DR. BENJAMI\^ R. SCUDDER, (son of Richard.) and 
w Sally Wade had chrldren : 

o 1. Susan, who married, 1st, 22d Jan. 1814, Hugh Litiell, 
" son of Nathaniel Littell, Esq. He died 9th November, 1822, 
without children ; and she married, 2(1, the Rev. Peter Ditmus 
Fieliegh. of Acquackanar, and had a son, Peter D. Freliegh, 
who is a lawyer, and married Caroline A. Wilkin, daughter 
of John C. VVilkin, of Orange county. New York. The Rev. 
Mr. Freliegh died, and she married, 3d, John Conklin. 

2. Khoda married Air. • McUea, and had no children. 

3. Nancy married Benjamin Servin, and had children : 
1. l^enjamin Servin ; 2. Oliver Servin. 

4. Sally married Jacob V^an Riper, and had four children. 

NANCY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and Alexander 
Steele, had children : 
> 1. John Steele, who is unmarried. 
S 2. Richard Sieele is unmarried. 

3. Polly Steele is unmarried. 

4. Stites Steele married ■ — , and had children : 

1. Alexander Steele ; 2. Mary Anne Steele, who died young. 
And then he died. 


5. R.ebecca Steele married Peter L. Die, had 3 children, and then 
died ; her children were : 

1. D;i\id Die, who married Emma Sayre, daughter of Coe 
Sayre, and hiid children : Warrren Die ; Anne Eliza Die. 
■2. Aime Mariah Die, who married James Gosman, 
3. John Die married Eliza Cole?. 

6. TUamas Steele, who died at about 30 years. 

7. Peggy Steele. 

8. Moss Steele married Amanda Tailor ; he is a merchant in 
S.)mer»el county, New Jersey. 

9 Hetty Steele. 

Mr. A. Steele and family removed to Seneca county, N. York. 

MARY SCUDDEPw, (daughter of Richard,) and Jnmes Bishop 
removed to Seneca county. New York, and had children : 

1. Aury Bishop, who married Miss McDufTy, daughter of James 

2. Letty Bishop married Samuel Miller. 

3. City Bisliop married Titus I'iiilips, and went to Michigan. 

STITES SCQDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Osborn, 
had childrc!) : 

1. llicInrJ, w!io died 3d March, 1812, aged 15 years. 

2. Thomas Osborn, born 2Uh Deo. 179:), and marrifd Martha 
Vail, daiighier of Daniel Vail, of Stonehuuse Village; lives where 
his futiier did, and has no children. 

3. Lois married Jothun Willcox, son of Daniel, and went to 
Seneca couniy, New York. [See Willcox.l 

£ TL-iOMAS SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Ayers 
9 iive ! v/iiure his father did, and had children : 

1. Uosetta, who married Joseph Miller, of Hunterdon county, 
and had children: 1, Alexander Miller; 2. William Miller. 

She died 1 82$, aged 25 years. 

2. Saliy, born lith September, 1801, and married Samuel 
S^ihureinan, born 20th Feuruary, 1795, sun of John Schureman ; 
they had children : 

i. Eliza Schureman, born l4th April, iS19, and married Abra- 
ham Melick, and went to Illinoi?. 

2. Mariah Schureman, born 22d January, 1821, and married 
22d July, 1843, Jonathan Totten, son of Jeremiah Totten, 
aiid had no children. 

3. Thomas Schureman, born 16th July, 1S23, and married 
Catherine Colie, born 8th August, 1824, daughter of Smith 
Colie, of Springfield, and had children : 

1. Gforge Ailein ; 2. Albert Monroe ; 3. William Eugene, 
born 4ih October, 1851. 

4. John Nelson Schureman, born 10th December, 182;';. 

5. George Banghearl Schureman, born 23(1 February, 1S27. 
Ileiuy Sc.liureman, born 16th June, 1830. 

7. Wihiam I^iulford Schureman, born od December, 1S35. 



8. Harriet Louisa Schureman, born 23d Augrust, 1S3S. 

9. .losepli Perry Scluire:n;u), born 30tli ()ct()l)er, 1840. 

10. Sarah Uattieriiie Seiuiieman, born 2(1 October, lb42. 
[ Samuel Scliureiniui died i)ih Si-plember, 1849. 

3. Mary, who married Cn)driey C. Kline, of Hnnterdon county, 
and had children : 1. Elizabeth Kline ; 2. Koselta Kline ; 3, Isaac 
Kline; 4. William Kline; 5. Sarah Catherine Klme ; G. Mary- 
Frances Kline. 

4. Elizabeth, who married William B. Fisher, of Hunterdon 
county, and had children: I. Jonathan Fisher ; 2. Eli/aboih Fisher ; 
3. Ellen Fisher; 4. Josephine Fisher. 

SALLY SCUDDER, (daughter ofRichard,) and Zebulon Aycrs, 
had children : 

1 Decator Aycrs. 
. 2. Sally Maria h Avers, who died at about 17 years. 

3. Richard S. Ayer?, who married his cousin Mary Willcox, 
daughter of Joiham, [see Willcox,] ami died without childn-n/ 

4. Louisa Ayers married Denton Gnrnee, and had children: ' 
1. Francis Gurnee ; 2. Augusta Gurnec. 

5. Rebecca Ayers. 

6. Anson Ayers. 

7. Nancy Ayers. 


^ THOMAS SCUDDER, brother ofRichard, lived where George 
n Townley lately lived . and owned that farm of 100 acres, sold lo 
3 Mr. Townley, and with his famdy removed to the west. He mar- 

marrird, 5lh April. 1773, Abigail Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark, 

[5ce Daniel Clark,'\ and had children: 

1. ??arah, who married, 10th September, 1703, Nathaniel Jen- 
nings, son of Jacob. [See Jenniiigs.] 

2. .lotham ; 3. Abigail, who married ; 4. Ruth; 5. 

Clark; 6. Jane baptized 24th September. 1789 ;i 7. Daniel Clark, 
Old Mrs. Scudder, the mother of Richard and Thomas Scudder, 

died 10th April, 17S4. 



JABESH SHIPMAN married Agnes Rogers, lived and owned 
the farm next west of Ttiomas Squier's, now occupied mostly by 
Jacob Grisinger and Thomas Conn. They had children: -^=-=^^ 

(^ 1. Abigail, who married, ITlh September, 1772; John Sha^wellT' 
g and went to Kentucky. 5ffoTk)Hul_ 

2. Jemima married, 7ih November, 1773, Nathaniel E-ofF, and 
went to Kentucky. [S e Rof.'] 

3. David married Betsey Tingley. He died 12lh October, 

4. John marrird, I5th May, 1792, Belsey Sievens, daughter of 
Jonathan Stevens, Sen. 

5. Jabf'sh, Jun. niarried the widow Phebe Bryant; she died 16th 
Novem.ber, 1792. 

6. Sarah married, 14th November, 17S5, Jasper Dove, who died 
18lh October, 1789, and left one son, Jasper Dove, Jun. who died 
about 1818, unmarried. 

7. Esther married, 16ih February, 1793, John Frazee. 

8. Phebe, who died l6th March, 1784. unmarried. 

9. Leonard, who died 4th January, 1793. 

g JOHN SHIPMAN and Be'sey Stevens, had children : 

o 1. David, who married Kancy, the widow of Caleb Putney, and 

" died without chihiren. 

2. Abigail married, 14lh June, 1817, Isaac Doty, son of Henry, 
of Washiiigton Valley. 

3. Anne married Nathan Smalley, son of Isaac. [See Smallcy.] 

^ ABIGAIL SHIPMAN, (daughter of John,) and Isaac Doty, had 
a childn n : ^ 

S 1. Pleiiry Doty. 

2. Phebe Anne Doty, who married John Drake, son of Elkanah, 
and had children: 1. Horace Jones Drake ; 2. Emily Drake. 

3. Jo!m Shipman Doty, who married Bridgetta Kaverson. daugh- 
ter « f Michael, and had children: 1. Nelson Doty: 2. Eugene 

4. Marquis Doty, who married Henrietta Williamson. 
. 6. Elizabeth Doty. , 



JOHN SHOT WELL came from Enirland, and settled on the 

ro:\d bftwceii Scotch Pl.iins and Plaiiifiidd ; he married, 1st, Miss 

Smilh, daugluer oi" Shubal Smith; 2d, Mary Webster; he had 

chddreii : 

g 1. Jo!iii Smith Shotwtdl, \v!io mirried 1st, Miss VVebster, sister 

o of his lather's 26, wife ; 2(1, Pliebe Shutwell, daughter of Joseph 

° Shotwcll, of Wood bridge, 

2. Jacob married Bersheba Pound; daughter of Elijah Pound, 
of Piscataway. 

3. William married EHzabelh Pound, sister of Jacob's wife. 

4. Isaiah married Constant Lippencott, of Shrewsbury, Mon- 
mouth county. 

5. James m;irried Elsee, widow of William Runyoii, and daugh- 
of Andrew Smalley, of ilarris's Lane. 

6. Hugh married Rosetta Arri^on. of Sussex, daughter of John 
Arrison, who lived at Wyoming, and was driven out from there by 
the Indians, in time of the war. 

7. Mary married John Stevens, and had a son, John Stevens. 

8. Sarah married, 1st, Ralph Smith, son of Ralph Smith, of 
Hanover, and had no children by iiim ; 2d, Capi. William Piatt, 
son of Jolin Piatt, from France. 

9. Manila married Jonathan Hand Osborn, son of Jonathan 
Osbjrn, of Scotch Plains. 

JOHN SMITH snOTWELL, (1st son of John,) by his first 

wife. Miss Webster, had children : 
w 1. John, who died unmarried. 
? 2. William, who lived at Long Hill, near Franklin Place, and 

died unmarried. 

3. Samuel married Hetty Davison, a widow, and daughter of 
Nathan Cooper, of Chester, Morris county. 

4. Susannali married David Martin, son of Alexander, of Long 
Hill. [See Martin ] 

5. Elizabeth married Dennis Hughes, from Ireland. 

6. Sarah married Mr. Hamson, and had 2 children and died, viz. 
1. Henry LLamson ; 2. John Hamson, who married Sally 

Parker, daughter of Calvin, of Long Hill. 

7. Mary married her cousin, Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, as 
his 1st wife. 

8. Joseph Smith Shotwell married Deborah Fox, daughter of 
George Fox. 

9. Nathan, who died unmarried. 


JACOB SHOTvVELL, (2d son of John,) and Bersheba 
Pound had children : 

1. Sarah, who died at 29 years, unmarried. 

2. Kalph, v.'ho married, l^i, Betsey Mai-sh, daughter of 
William Marsh, of Asli Swamp ; 2d. Osee Tnuglev, daui^hter 
cf Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley. 

3. Daniel married, 1st, his (rousin Mary Shotwell, daughter 
of Smith Shotwell; 2d, Phebe Cole, daughter of Master VVil- 
ham Cole. 

4 Elijah, born October, 1779, married his cousin Jemima 
Piatt, daughter of Capt. William l*iatt. 

5. John, (twin to Elijah,) married Massy Smith, daughter 
of Samuel Smith, oi Newark, and had no children. 

RALPH SHOTWELL, (son of Jacob,) and his first wife, 
Betsey Marsh, had children : 
t 1. Jacob, who married Dorcas Drake, daughter of Noah 
I Drake. 

2. Sarnh married Richard Manning, son of Isaac Manning, 
of Plaiiifiel.i. 

3. Bersheba married Isaac Line, son of Amos Line, and 
went to l"'rench Creek, New York. 

4. Mary married Smith Line, brother of Isaac. And by 
his 2d wife, Osee Tingley had other children : 

5. John. 

6. Betsey married James Rullman, near Rahway. 

7. Anne mairied Alfred Berry, of Dover; lives in Plain- 

8. David married Amelia Clark, daughter of David Clark, 
of Westfield. 

DANIEL SHOTWELL. (3d child of Jacob,) and his first 
wife, Mary Shotwell, had but one son : 

1. John Smith Shotwell, who lives in New York. And by 
his 2d wife, Phebe Cole, had childien: 

2. Mary, who married James Bruen, and had children: 1. 
Margaret Bruen, who married Patrick De Corsey. from 
Ireland; 2. Phebe Bruen; 8. Philip Bruen; 4. Catherine 
Bruen ; 5. George W. Bruen ; G. Mary Bruen. 

3. Elizabeth married Daniel Hatfield, son of Daniel, and 
had children: L Jacob Shotwell Hatfield; 2. Sarah Hatfield ; 
3. William Hatfield. 

4. William, wh) went to Illinois. 

5. Sarah, who married Corra Meeker, son of Jotham 
Meeker, and had children : L Phebe Meeker ; 2. John Meek- 
er ; 3. Jotham Meeker 

6. Kachel married William Williamson, son of Piatt Wil- 
liamson, and had ch'.ldren : 1. Piatt Williamson; 2. Rebecca 
Anne Williamson. 


7. Jemima married, 25lh Sep. 1849, Silas Cole, son of Ellas 

8. Emelifie Davis Cole married Miilford Cole, son of Elias, 
and had children : 1. Elias Cole; 2 Phebe Cole; 3. Jemima. 

Daniel Shotvvell died 8th August, 1851. 

ELIJAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of Jacob,) and Jemima 
Piatt, had bat one child : 

1. William Piatt Shotwell, who was a Justice of the Peace ; 
married Hairiet Peaice, daughter of Noah Peaice, and had 
children: 1. Greenieaf Sliotwell, married Eliz.ihetli Cleve- 
land, (laughter of Ezra Cleveland, of Elizabethtown, and 
died 30th May, 1849 ; 2. Caroline Piatt Shotweil ; 3. Ellen 
Jemima Shotvvell ; 4. Wi-lliam Piatt Shotvvell. 

WILLL\M SHOTWELL, (3d child of John 1st,) and 
Elizabeth Pound had children : 

1. liachel, who mariied Uichard Dell at Dover, and lives 

2. Catherine. 

3. Anne married Jesse Wilson, of Sussex. 
" 4. Phebe married Isaac Wilson, of Sussex. 

S 5. Elizabeth married Joseph Adams, of Sussex. 

6. Elijah married Mi^s Birdsal, in Canada. 

7. Johh married Miss Marsh, m Canada. 

8. Smith ; 9. Sarah. 

William Shotvvell with all his family, excepting Rachel, re- 
moved to Canada. 

ISAIAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of John,) and Constant 
Lippencott, had children: 

1. Mary, who married Th >mas Lane, near Rahvvay. 

2. Jedediah married Anna Pound, daughter of Samuel, of 

3. Abel married Betsey Vail, daughter of Abraham, of 
^ Green Brook. 

3 4. Peter married Phebe Vail, sister of Abel's wife. 

5. Thomas married Elizabeth Satterthwaite, daughter of 
Joshua, of Shrewsbury, and lived there. 

6. William died unmarried at about GO years; he w^as crazy. 

7. Joseph L. married Christain Vail, sister of Betsey and 
Phebe. ' 

8. Samuel married Sarah Rich, daughter of Joseph, of Penn- 
sylvania, and lived there. 

9. Edmund married Sarah Shepperd, of Philadelphia, and 
lived there. 

10. Hugh married Hannah Cole, and lived at Morestown, 



JAMES SHOTWELL, (oth child of John,) and Elsee 

Smalley, lived in Sussex, and had chidren : 
g 1. William. 
? 2. Jonathan lived in Warren county, and died 14th Jan. 

1850, iiged 55 years. 

3. Chillies. 

4. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Vleit ; 2d, Mr. Smuch, of Sussex. 

HUGH SHOTWELL, (6th son of John.) and Kosetta 
Arrison, removed to Harrison co. Ohio, and had children: 

1. John, who mairied S;n ah Shanklin, and had chiU'rcn : 

1. Catherine: 2. Kosetta; 3. Susannah; 4. Emily; 5. 

2. Esther married, 1st, Timothy Smith, and had childien: 
1. John Smith ; 2. Kosetta Smith; 3. James Smith; 4. 

Huiih S. Smith ; 5. Timothy Smiih. Esther marri- 
ed, 2d, George Seaton, and had other children : 6 
Jonathan Seaton ; 7. Charlotte Anne Seaton. 

3. Susannah married Charles VVintermute, and had chil- 
dren ; 

1. William ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Rosetta. 

4. Esther Wintermute ; they lived in Su?sex. 

4. Charlotte married E[)hiaim Sayie. and had children: 
1. Hugh; 2. William; 3. Wesley; 4. Nancy Snyre. 

5. Nancy married, 1st, Peter Van Dolah, and had children: 

1. William Van Dolah, who married Julia ^^ alton. 

2. John Van Dolah married Amelia . 

Nancy married, 2d, Jacob Ebert;live in Hamilton Ohio, 

and had children : 

3. Margaret Ebert. 

4. RoseUa Ebert. 

5. Sarah Ebert, who married, 22d July, 1851, Mr. Lewis, 
a lawyer, of Hamilton. 

6. Jeiome Lbert. 

6. William lives in Cadiz Ohio; married Rhoda Beebe and 
had children : 

1. Stewart Beebe ; 2. William, who died at 25 years. 
3. Theodore; 4. Walter, who died at 16 years. 
5. Loretta ; 6. Joseph. 

7. Joseph lives in Lima, Allen county, Ohio. He married 
his cousin Mary Allison, and had children : 

1. Jeptha, who married Nancy Cooper. 

2. George ; 3. Louisa. 

8. Arrison Shot well lives in Harrison county, Ohio. He 
married Mary Dickerson, and had chile ren : 

1. Elizabeth; 2. Victoria; 3. Judson, and others- 

Jon\ SHOT WELL 581 

SARAH SHOTVVELL, (8th child of John,) and Capt. 
William Piatt had children : 

1. James Piatt, who married Rachel Paird. 

2. Jemima Piatt married Elijah Shot\v<.ll, son of Jacob. [See 
Elijah ShofwelL'\ 

3. Wilham F. Piatt, born 9th October, 1788, and married. 
1st b^hza T. Litteil, daughter of A'athaniel Littell, Esq. and 
had children : 

1. Mariah M. Fiat, who married Joel Wilson, son of 
John Wilson, Esq and had children : 1. William Piatt 
Wilson; 2. Mercy Wilson; 3. Eliza Wilson. 

2. James Mortimer Piatt, who went to sea and was lost. 
His wife Eliza died 29th Novemher. IS^T, and he married 

Caroline Kempton. widow of Capt. Kemplon.' of N. Y. where 
they both lived, and had a daughter, Eliza C. Kempton l^iatt. 

Capt. William Pi;itt was a Capt. in the L'. S. service, and 
was killed by the Indians, in 1794 : his widow died in 1850, 
aged about !<4 years. 

William F. Piatt was a physician in New-York, and died 7fh 
May, 1848; his <Jd wife Caroline had died previous to his 
death. [See Nathaniel Littell, son of David ] 

MARTHA SHOT WELL, (9th child of John,) and Jona- 
than Hand Oshorn, had children : 

1. Ciirra Osbnrn. who is i physicuan and lives in Westfield. 
He mirried, 1st, Mary Hand, daughter of William Hand ; 2d, 
Hannah Uowner, daughter of Samuel Downer, of Westfield. 

2. John Usborn married Nelly I'unison, daughter of Maj. 
Tunison. of Someiville. 

3. Amos Osboiti married Lockey Woodruff, daughter of 
Reuben, of Westfield ; 4. Letitia King Osborn married Den- 
nis Vail, son of Wm. Vail. 

DR. CORRA OSBORN, and his 1st wife, Mary Hand, 
" had children: 1. Mahlon Osborn, who went to St. Louis, and 
S married Mary Frothingham. 

2 Mary Osborn married Samuel Hays, son of Dr. Samutl 
Hays, of Newark. 

3. Letitia Osborn married David Miller, son of John Miller, 
of Westfield 

4. Aime Osborn married Nathan Williams, son of Solomon. 
And by his 2d wite. Hannah Downer, he had children: 

5. Corra Osborn, born , 1830. 

6. Jonat-han Osborn. born , 1832. 



SAMUEL VAN SICKLE lived in Sterling Valley, alitlle 
east of VVilliam High's house ; he had a brother, David Van 
Sickle, who married l:-lizabeth, the widow of Moses Hedell, 
and daughter of David Littell. ^See David Liticll, son of 
Samuel Istl 

NoTK. — S:ir.ih Thompson, ('avightcr of Thomns Thompson, marrlKl, I^t, Mr. 
Van Sirkli-, of Lon>; lliH, ami h d a daunhtcr, Kl Zalu-ih, who niurrieil J;iC(il> But- 
ton, s 'n (if Wliiiin. [Sec Brilion] the marntd, 2d, Mr. Rbtitii, who had a 
son, Peter, wha lived lu Albany, N. V.; 3d, James Euus, or Innes, of Long Hill. 

SAMUEL VAN SICKLE had children: 

1. Zachariah, who married, 30th Oct. 1763. Mary Littell, 
born 4th 3.1arch, 1749, daughter of Andrew Littell, a grand- 
son of Samuel 1st. 

2. John. 

3. Anthony. 

4. Elizabeth. (Is not this Elizabeth the wife of Jacob Brit- 

5. (Christian. 

6. Caty, who married Jabez Clark, son of Daniel. [5ee 
Clark ] 

Note. — Andrew Littell was born 15th Dec. 1718, and died 
1784 ; his wife's name was Mary, or Molly, born 5th Jan. 
1725, and died very old. They had children: 

1. VVilliam Littell, born 12tli April, 1745. {Seepage2\b) 

2. Sophia Littell, born 27th March, 1747. 

3. Mary Littell, born 4th March, 1749, married Zach- 
ariah Vail Sickle. 

4. Rachel Littell, born 6th Jan. 1751. 

5. Ephraim Littell, born 13th Dec. 1760. 

6. Hannah Littell, born 5th Oct. 1762. 

7. Temperance Littell, born 3Uth May, 1769. 

ZACHARIAH VAN SICKLE, and Mary Littell had chil- 
dren : 

1. Huldah, who married Jonathan Terry, son of William, 
of Short Hills. 

2. Ehas ; 3. Sarah ; 4. David. 

5. Zachariah, Jun., who married, 20th October, 1789, 
Rosannah Bowman. 

Zachariah Van Sickle, with his family, excepting Huldah, 
removed to Western Pennsylvania. 

HULDAH VAN SICKLE, and Jonathan Terry had chil- 
dren : 

1. Hannah Terry, who died in her 24th year. 


2. Mary Terry, who married Asa French, son of Auder- 

3. William Terry went to the west and married there, 
Phebe . 

4. Lewis Terry married Phebe Hedden, daughter of Ed- 

5. Martha Terry married, 1st, David Miller ; 2. CorneUus 

6. Iluth Terry married Jeremiah Valentine, son of Joseph. 
\_Se2 Valeiiiine ] 

7. Sally Terry vi'ho died at 1|- years. 

8. Sarah Anne Terry, who is unmarried. 

9. Abba Terry, who .married Cutler Dollbeer, son of 

MARY TERRY, (2d child of Huldah Van Sickle and 
Jonnthaa Terry,) and Asa French had children: 1. Caroline 
Elmer French; 2. Mary French ; 3. Noah Terry French ; 4, 
Huldah Anne French ; 5. Ezra French. 

LEWIS TERRY, (4th child of Huldah Van Sickle, and 
Jonathan Terry.) and Phebe HcLiden bad children: 1. Wil- 
liam Terry ; 2. Mary Terry, who married Caleb Conklin, and 
went to Missouri; 3. Harriet Terry, who died in 1844, at 
about 25 vears ; 4. Jonathan Terry ; 5. Edw;ird Terry ; 6. 
Lewis Terry, who died in 1846, at about 17 years; 7. Car- 
oline Terry, who died in 1^48, at 16 years. 

MARTHA TERRY, (5th child of Huldih Van Sickle and 
Jonathan Terry,) and David Miller had children : 

1. Carlisle Brown Miller, who mairied Mary Badgley, 
daughter of Ahijih. 

2. I'lrastus Miller, who married Eliza Anne Badgley, 
daughter of Ahijah. 

And by Cornelius Brokaw, Mary Terry had, 

3. William Terry Brokaw, who married Sarah Mariah 
Manning, daughter of Squier Manning. [See Baile//, page 17.] 

ABBA TERRY, (9th chid of Huldah Van Sickle and 
Jonathan Terry,) and Cutter Dollbeer had children: 

1. Huldah Anne Dollbeer, who married Thomas Richards, 
son of WUliiim Richards, of Springfield. 

2. Erastus Miller Dollbeer : 3. Martha Elizabeth Dollbeer. 

4. Lewis Faitoute Dollbeer, who died in inf\incy. 

5. Jonathan Woodruff Dollbeer, who died in infancy. 

6. John Terry Dollbeer. 




JOHN SIMPSON came from Long Island, and settled on 
]No. 27 of the Eliza bethtown lots, above the 1st mountain, 
drawn by Daniel Potter, where Jnim M. Parsitns, now lives ; 
he had children, Alexander and John, and died 10th July, 1773. 

ALEXANDER SIMPSON, (son of John,) mariied Eliza- 
beth ; she died 2d April, 1768, and he died 1st May, 

1768 ; he was an elder in the presbyterian church ; they had 
children : 

1. Simeon, who mnrried, 1st, Mary ; she died 21st 

January. 1774, and he married, 2(1, 6Ui June, 1775, Sally Rutan, 
daughter of Abraham, and removed to Washington county, 
Pennsylvania, and died there. 

2. Abraham, who died 29th March, 1770. 

3. Sfr-phen, who went west with Simeon. 

4. Nancy married, 1st. Mr. Ayers; 2d, Mr. Rhodes. 

^ 5- Mary mairied, 14th November, 1775, Capt. Nathaniel 
S Bonnel, as his 2d wife. [See Bonnet.] 

JOHN SIMPSON, (son of John,) lived where his father 
did ; he married Sarah Carle, of Millstone ; and died 9th May, 
1786, aged 60 years ; they had children : 

1. Margaret, who married Jonathan Howel Osborn, son of 
John, Sen. \_!See Oshorn.] 

2. Lynche, called also Magdalen, who married, 26th March, 
1774, Samuel Waldron, and went to French Creek, Pennsyl- 

3. John 3d, married Susan Drake, near Scotch Plains. 

4. Abraham married Jane Pierson, had a son Jacob, and 
went to Ohio. 

5. Isaac married Rachel Drake, sister of John's wife. 

6. Jacob married Sally Turner, of Morristown ; lived at 
Hanover, and had no children. 

7. Anna married 13th May, 1789, as a 2d wife, Samuel 
Miller, and had children : 

1. John Miller; 2. Abigail Miller, who married Mr. 
Pew, lives in Green county, Ohio. Samuel Miller died 
3d July, 1793, and she married, 2d, Sept. 20th, 1795, 
Moses Badgley, as his 2d wife, and went to Ohio ; and 
had children : 
3. Ephraim Badgley ; 4. Hugh Badgley. Moses Badg- 
ley had by his first wife, 1. Benjamin, who marrieJ 
Miss Street ; 2. Sally married Ephraim Simpson. 
S.' Sally married Enoch Badgley ; had a daughter Sarah 
Badglev, who died 23d April, 1784. 


9. Alexander, born 2d May, 1763, married 8th May, 1788, 
Elizabeth Cauldwell, daughter of William, and in 1815, went to 
Dayton, Ohio; he died in March, 1833. She died 3d February, 

10. Ephriam went to Ohio, lives in Green county, and married 
Sally, a daughter of the above named Moses Badgley, by his first 
wife, and had an only daughter, Cynthia, who married William 
Thegley ; lives in Indiana, |and had several children. 

11. William married, 6th April, 1796, Betsey Woodruff. 

JOHN SIMPSON 3d, (son of John, son of John,) and Susan 
Drake lived where his father did, and had children : 
t 1. William, who married Sally Brown, daugnter of John, of Stony 
? Hill, and had children : 1. Jane; 2. John; 3. Pamela, and then 
removed to the west. 

2. Effa, who married Ephraim Griffin, son of Timothy, [See 

3. John 4th, who married his cousin , a daughter of 

Samuel Waidron. 

4. Sally married, ISth March, 1809, Stephen Whitehead Beach, 
son of James Beach, of Livingston, and went to French Creek. 

5. Israel married Jane Heuston, daughter of Kenry Heuston, of 
Belleville, and lived there. 

ISAAC SIMPSON, (son of John, son of John,) and Rachel 
Drake lived by Salt Brook, where Ambrose Tailor now lives. He 
died I4th July, 1329, aged 72 ; she died 25th June, 1S3S, aged 
78 years. They had children: 

1 Susannah, who married James Beach, of Livingston, above 

2. Catherine married Elias Bonnel, son of James, son of John. 
[See Bonnel] 

3. Sally married Stephen C. Bonnel, brother of Elias. 

4. Ephraim, who went to Ohio. 

5. Jonathan Drake married Hannah Spinning, daughter of 
Benjamin. He left her, went to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, obtained 
a divorce, and married again. 

6. Jacob married . 

7. Rachel married, 1st, Simeon Hanford, from Connecticut, and 
had children : 

1. Jonathan Hanford, who married Catherine Griffin, daughter 

of William M. Griffin. 
3. Heity Hanford married Samuel Badgley, son of David. 

3. Henrietta Hanford. 

She married, 2d, Ambrose Tailor, and had other children : 

4. Mary Elizabeth Tailor, born June, 1835. 

6. Nancy Caroline Tailor ; 6. Almond Dunbar Tailor. 

7. Catherine Bonnel Tailor. 
Mr. Tailor died 15th January, 1852. 




ALEXANDER SIMPSON, (son of John, son of John,) and 
» Elizibeili CaiiUuell lived where David A. Oakley now lives, and 
Q hud ilhildren : 

3 i. Aarun, born 19lh February, 179?, married Jemima Scudder, 
daughter of Jesse Scudder. of Springfit Id. 

2. Moses, b )rn 5th September, 1793, married Eliza Baker, 
daughter of Aaron Baker, Esq. of Dayton, Ohio. 

3. Polly, born 22d March, 179.3, married Benj:imin Spinning, 
Jun. son of Benjamin. [See Spinning.'] 

4. Electa, born?»d June, JSOU, married David Stout, an iron mon- 
ger, of Dayton. 

5. Betsey, born Slh April, 1803, and died 27th SepteiTiber, 1818. 

AARON SIMPSON, (son of Alexander,) and Jemima Scudder 
lived near H-imilton, Ohio, and had children: 1. Benjamin. 

2. Elizabeth, who married Stephen Crane, son of Moses Crane 
and Sarah Miller, daughter of Jacob. [See Jacoh Miller.] 

3. Jolm ; 4. Mariah. 

MOSES SIMPSOX, (2d son of Alexander,) and Eliza Baker, 
lived in Dayton, Ohio, and had children: , 

1. Electa Emeline, who married Setli Crowel, of Dayton, and 
had children : 1. Charles Elmore Crowel ; 2. Moses Simpson Cro- 
we! ; 3. David Baker Crowel; 4. Florence Eliza Crowel ; 5. Silas 
Simpson Crowel. 

2. Elizabeth, who married Robert Allen, of Dayton, and had 
children: 1, William Rutan Allen; 2. Aaron Baker Allen. 

3. Henry Allen, who died January, 1849; 4. Emeline Allen. 
6. Theodore Allen ; 6. Robert Allen, Jun. 

3. Jane JVlariah Fuller, who married George W. Morris, and had 
children: 1. Amelia Morris; 2. Charles Morris; 3, Ira Morris ; 4. 
Mahlon Morris. 

4. Silas Maxwell Baker. 

5. Aaron Baker Alexander, who died 20th July, 1839. 

ELECTA SIMPSON, (4th child of Alexander,) and David 
Stout, had children : 

1. Elias Riggs Stout, who married Lydia Britton. 

2. Atlas Lacock Stout, who married V'irginia Crane. 

3. Phebe Stout, who died at 5 years. 

4. Moses Simpson Stout, who died at 24 years. 

5. Elizabeth Stout ; 6. Henry Stout ; 7. Orin Stout. 
8. Ira Stout. 

« WILLIAM SIMPSON, (11th child of John, son of John.) and 
% Betsey Woodruff, had children : 

1. Nancy, who married Robert Ball, of Hanover, Morris county. 

2. Eliza, who married Samuel Woodruff, of Hanover. 

3. Mahlon, who married Hannah LeHomedeau, of Warren Co. 
and had children: Alexander and Israel; Mahlon died, and hi», 
widow married William D. Bedford. [See Bedford.] 4. Chiiion.. 



JOHN SMALLEY lived in Passaic Valley, Warren township, 
Somerset couuiy ; he raarricd Aiiiie Raiuoiph, and iiad cliildren: 
" 1. James, who mariied Abigail Jeiiiuugs, sister of Jacob Jeu- 
g nings. 

2. Isaac married Rachel Siowart, daughter of Joseph Stewart, of 
Washington Valley. 

3. Jacob, twin to Isaac, married Ist, Tabilha Moore, daughter 
of John MoDre ; 2d, Betsey Willet, daughter ol Jonathan, by wliom 
he had no children. 

4. Uavid married Hannah RofF, sister of Henry Roff. [See 
Lacy.] He was a justice of the peace, and a practical surveyor. 

6 S.illy married Isaac Moore, brother of Jacob's Isl wife. 
[See Aluore.] 

JAMES SMALLEY, (son of John,) lived near Passaic liver, 
where his father did, on the farm of 130 acres, now owned by 
John Littell ; he and Abigiil Jennings had children: 

jj 1. Jonas, who married, oOih September, 1793, Rebecca Wise, 

n and went to Western Pennsylvania. 

B 2. Abner married Mary Roll, daughter of blind Abraham Roll. 
[See Roll] 

3. D.ivid L married Nancy Tucker, daughter of Jacob Tucker, 
son of Warner. 

4. John marreid Sally Moore, daughter of Benjamin Moore, 
of Acquackanac. 

5. iieziah married Derrick Thomas, son of William Thomas, of 
Stony Hill. 

6. Reuben married Rhoda Moore, daughter ot Isaac Moore, Sen, 
and removed to the Lukes, New York. 

7. Jacob L married his cousin Anne Smalley, daughter of 
Jacob Smalley ; lived at Paterson. 

8. Benjamin married Keziah Thomas, sister of Derrick. 

9. Mary married Samuel Compton, of Ueid River, in Somerset 

10. Rachel married Jacob Moore, son of John Moore, Jun. of 

IL Catherine married Mr. Brown, in the Lake country. New 

ABNER SMALLEY, (2d son of James,) and Mary Roll, had 

children : 
^ 1. Siyre, who married, 13lh February, 1823, Cornelia Parrot, 
Q daughter of Samuel. 
S 2. Fanny married Benjamin Ludlow, son of Lewis, of Westfield, 

and had an only child, Elizabeth D. Ludlow, who married 26th 

September, 1850, John Badgley, son of Squier, son of Jonathan 




3. Mary married Isaac M. Thompson, son of Moses Thompson, 
and Catherine Sayre, daughter of Isaac, Jun. 

DAVID I. SMALLEY, (3d son of James,) and Nancy Tucker 
went to the Lakes New York, and had chil(h-en : 

1. Abner, who married Rachel Caterline. 

2. Hannah married her cousin Matthias Townley, son of Wil- 
liam. [See Toicnhy.'] 

3. Margaret married Matthew Benjamin. 

4. Huldah. 

5. Charlotte married Elias Parker, son of Samuel. 

6. Abby married Mr. Coriell, 

7. Joel married Harriet Armsbury. 

JACOB I. SMALLEY, (7th child of James,) and Anne, his 
wife, had children: 

1. Louisa, who married Joseph Corley. 

2. Betsey- married Horace Betawnia. 

3. Abraham married Betsey Bower. 

4. Squier ; 5. Phebe; 6. Sally Anne; 7. John; 8. Andrew 

ISAAC SMALLEY, (son of John,) and Rachel Stewart, 
lived on Stony Hill, where Mahlon Smalley now does, and had 
children : 

g \. Elias, who married Hannah Compton, daughter of Reu- 

? ben Compton, and went to the Lakes, N. Y. 

2. Lewi-^ married Miss Ayers, near Liberty Corner, and 
went to the Lakes N. Y. 

3. Nathan married Anne Shipman, daughter of John Ship- 
man. [See Shipman.'] 

4. William married Caty Jobs, sister of Nicholas Jobs, Esq., 
of Liberty Corner. 

5. Polly married Benjamin Coon, son of Levi Coon, near 
Mount Bethel. 

6. Deborah married Samuel Martin, of Martinville. 

7. Rachel married Andrew Putnam, son of Mills, of Green 

NATHAN SMALLEY, (son of Isaac,) and Anne Shipman 

had children ; 
*. 1. Nelson, who went to East Florida, and died there. 
Q 2. Cornelius, who become insane when a young man. 
■ 3. Agnes, who married, 1st Jan. 1S51, Lewis Kirkpatrick, 

son of R. Finley Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander. [See Kirk- 




JACOB SMALLEY, (son of John.) and Tabitha Moore 
had children : 
" 1. Sally, who married David Randolph, son of Gilbert. 
3 [See Randolph.] 

2. Anne married her cousin, Jacob T. Smalley, son of 
James. [See James Smalley.] 

3. Phebe married Moses Ayers, son of Jonathan, of Stone 
House Village. 

4. Ruth married Squier Tingley, son of Jacob Tingley, of 
Washington Valley. 

5. Electa married Restors Cox, from New England ; lives 
in Washington Valley. 

6. Elizabeth, who died at 17 years, unmarried. 

7. Isaac L married Nancy, widow of James Pope, and 
daughter of Jonathan Drake. 

8. Jacob, Jun., married Mariah Bullman, daughter of 
Joseph, of Long Hill, and went to Illinois. 

9. Mary married Jacob Drake, brother of Isaac's wife. 

10. Tabilha, who died at G years. 

PHEBE SMALLEY, (3d child of Jacob,) and Moses 
Ayers had children : 
3- 1. Julia Anne Ayers, who married Israel Coddington, son of 
« Archibald. 

2. Sylvanus Ayers married Eliza Fisher. 

3. Ezekiel Ayers married Miss Lockerraan,' daughter of 
Vincent E. Lockerman. 

4. Jonathan Ayers married Mary Coddington, daughter of 

RUTH SMALLEY. (4th child of Jacob.) and Squier Tin- 
gley had children: 

1. Ira Tingley, who married Mary Coulter, daughter of 

2. Jacob S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield. 

3. Sally Tingley married Nathaniel Drake, son of Noah. 
\_See Drake.] 

4. Tabitha Tingley married Benjamin Fisher, &on of Jerry. 

5. Isaac S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield. 

ELECTA SMALLEY, (5th child of Jacob,) and Restors 
Cox had children : 

1. Julia Anne Cox, who married Jackson Smalley, son of 



2. Marietta Cox married 

3. James Hart well Cox married Elizabeth Tucker, daugh- 
ter of Lines. [See Tucker. 1 

4, Free love Cox married Archibald Baird ; 5. Martha Cox. 

ISAAC T. SjIALLEY, (Tth chil I of Jacob,) and Nancy 
Drake had children : 1. Tabitha ; 2. Jacob. 

JACOB SMALLEY, (fith child of Jacob,) and Mariah 
BuUman had clilldren : 1. Oscar, who married Mary Cjosby, 
in llhnois ; 2. Helen Finley married Mr. Classby, in Illinois. 

MARY SMALLEY, (9th child of Jacob.) and Jacob Drake 
had children : 1. Theodore Drake; 2. James Drake; 3. Isaac 

5. Drake ; 4. Francis Marion Drake ; 5. Sally Anne Drake ; 

6. Ehzabeth Drake. 

DAVID SMALLEY, Esq., (son of John Smalley 1st,) and 
_ Hannah Rolf had children : 

^ 1. Henry, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of Hezekiah, 
S of Short Hills. 

2. Daniel married Deborah Roff, daughter of Jonathan Roflf. 
{See Eojf.] 

3. Hannah married Samuel Casnd, of Warren Township. 

4. Samuel married, 1st lUioda Moore, daughter of Henjamin 
of Mount Bethel ; 2d, Mary Pennington, daughter of John, of 
Dead Kiver. 

5. Prudence married John Geddis. 

6. David D. mairied, 1st, Polly Blackford, and was a justice 
of the peace; 2d. Betsey Allen, daughter of William Allen. 

7. Patty married John Dunham, Jun.. son of John ; had a 
daughter Hannah, when he died, and she went to AJichigan. 

8. .Mahlon married, 1st Jan. 1816, Betsey Parrot, daughter 
of William. 

9. Hannah married, 10th Sept. 1809, John Dunn, son of 
Francis Dunn, of Washington Valley. 

HENRY SMALLEY (1st son of David Smalley, Esq.) and 
Phebe Hand, had children : 

1. Chilion, who married Caroline Allen ; 2. Rhoda married 
Mr. Latrop ; 3. Henry, who married ; 4. Noah. 

DANIEL SMALLEY. (2d son of David Smalley, Esq.) 
and Deborah Roff liad children: 

1. Pamela, who manied Levi Coon, Jun. 

2. Elizabeth, who married Henry Doty, Jun. ; 3. Lelta mar- 
ried George Lavzalier ; 4. Hannah married Piatt Drake, son 


of Andrew; 5. Roff, who went to Indiana; 6. Malilon, who 
went to Lancaster, Ohio. 

SAMUEL SM ALLEY, (4th child of David Smalley, Esq.) 
and Rhoda Moore had children : 

L Keziah, who married Isaac Titus, of Washington 
Valley, son of John. [See Tit'-s.] 

2. David married Docia Wood, daughter of Dael S. 
Wood, Jun, \_see Wood,'] and went to Western New Yoik, near 
Lake Ontario. 

And by his 2d wife, Mary Pennington, he had children : 

3. John, who married Phebe Wooden, daughier of Gideon 

& 4. Rhoda married David Weir, son of William, of Sterling 
f Valley. 

5. Amanda married Stephen Marshall, son of John. [See 
Ma? shall.] 

6. Henry married Hannah Tov/nsend, of Brooldyn, N. Y. 

7. Jackson married Julia Anne Cox, daughter of Kestors 
Cox ; 8. Samuel ; 9. Mary. 

Note. — Samuel Smalley and wife and their six younger 
children, with their families, removed to Illinois. 

DAVID D. SMALLEY, Esq. (son of David, Esq.) and 
Polly Blackford, had children : 

1. Blackford, who went to Illinois, and married there. 

2. Sally married Aaron Carter, son of Gabriel, of Madison. 

3. Hannah married John Linberger, of Washington Valley. 

4. Samuel. 

5. Rachel married John Knapp. 

6. Mary married, in Illinois, Mr. Wilson. 

AH the above six went to llhnois, with their families. And 
by his 2d wife, Betsey Alien, he had children: 

7. Phebe married Peter P. Voorheis, son of Peter, near 

8. Nancy married Edward Sea, and live up the North river. 

9. David D. married, 1st November, 1849, Caroline Titus, 
daughter of William. 

MAHLON SMALLEY and Betsey Parrot, had children : 

1. Catherine, who married William Cole, son of Freeman 
Cole, Esq. and had children : 

1. Mary Cole; 2. Elizabeth Cole; 3. David Cole; 4. 
AdeUne Cole. 

2. Adeline. 

3. Harriet married Elias Drake, son of Nathaniel, of 
Scotch Plains, and had children : 

1. George Drake ; 2. Augusta Drake ; 4. Julia Anne, 



RICHARD SMITH lived on Long Island, and had children : 
g 1. Richard Smith, Jun. who married, atid removed to Herkimer 
? countV; New York; 

2. Thomas married Lois Sutton, sister of Abner and Jeremy 
Sutton ; he lived where Ephraim Stelle does, at Stonehouse Village. 

3. Cornelius married Dorcas Tingley, and lived near Pluckemin 

4. Elijah married Mary Sutton, sister of Lois, wife of Thomas, 
and lived on the west end ol Long Hill, where his son Abner now 

5. John, who lived near Lake Champlain, New York. 

6. Sally; 7. Hannah. 

THOMAS SMITH, (2d son of Richard,) and Lois Sutton, had 
children : 
to 1. Richard, who married Jemima Hayden. 
^ 2. Thomas is unmarried. 

c 3. Rhoda married Jacob Van Ness, and lived near the Sterling 

4. Sarah married her cousin Abner Smith, son of Elijah. 

CORNELIUS SMITH, (3d son of Richard,) and Dorcas Ting- 
ley, had children : 

1. Eoenezer. 

2. John, who married Mrs. Coon. 

3. Mary married Mr. Bateman. 

4. Betsey married Andrew Compton. 

ELIJAH SMITH, (4th son of Richard,) and Mary Sutton, had 
children : 

1. Richard, who married Rachel Worth, daughter of Benja- 
min, and went to Nova Scotia. 

2. Betsey, who died at the age of 16 or 17 years. 

3. Laura married Clark Wiiians, near Rahway. 

4. Abner married his cousin Sarah Smith, daughter of Thomas. 

5. Elijah, Jun. married Sarah McCoy daughte'- of James McCoy, 
of Basking Ridge, and had a daughter Rachel, when he died. His 
daughter Rachel married Elias Dayton, son of John, of Basking 
Ridge, and had several children, when she died, and Mr. Dayton 
married f5arah Caroline Heath, daughter of Daniel Heath. [See 
Heath, page 181.] 

6. Jacamiah married, 1st, Catherine Wilson, daughter of Samuel 
Wilson ; 2d, Mary Sickle, daughter of George Sickle, of Stanhope, 
Sussex county. 

7. Anne married George Collyer, son of John CoUyer, of Bask- 
ing Ridge, and had a son, James Collyer, when she died. 

8. Silas, who was drowned at about 16 years of age. 


RICHARD SMITH, (1st son of Elijah,) and Rachel Worth 
had children : 

1. Grace, who married William Wright. 

2. John went to Western New York. 

3. Madison married Sarah Trane. 

4. Mary, who died at 19 or 20 years. 

5. Eliza married Mr. Woodard, in Western N. Y. 

6. Aretta married Asa Merrel. 

7. Harrison. 

8. Richard. 

9. Jane married her sousin, Elijah Smith, son of Abner. 

10. Annitia, who went to Illinois, 

LAURA SMITH, (3d "child of Elijah,) and Clark Winans 
had children : 1. Elijah Smith Winans, who married Miss 
Quick, daughter of John Quick ; 2. Betsey Winans ; 3. Ben- 
jamin WinansS; 4, David Winans ; 5. William Winans. 

ABNER SMITH, (4th child of Elijah,) and Sarah Smith 
had children : 

1. Sophia Anne. 

2. John Sutton, who married Julia Bnnnel, daughter of 
Jonathan C. Bonnel. He was a physician, and died 16th 
Aug. 1841, without children. 

3. Elijah married his cousin, Jane Smith, daughter of 
Richard Smith. She died at about 20 years, without chil- 
dren, and he went to Illinois. 

4. Sarah married Nathaniel Gillam, son of Peter, of Mend- 

5. Mary Elizabeth married Adolphus Cone, and went to 
Illinois ; 6. Cornelia. 

JACAMIAH SMITH, (6th child of Elijah,) and Catherine 
Wilson had children : 
I 1. Phinehas, who married Susan White, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1 and had children : 1 . Walter ; 2. George ; 3. Howard ; and 
' died 4th February, 1848. 

2. Silas, who died at 18 months. 

3. Samuel lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4. Laura Anne, born 13th January, 1820, and married 
James C. Blazier, born 28th April, 1810, son of Philip Blazier, 
and had children : 

1. Catherine Blazier, born 27th June, 1842. 

2. Silas Blazier, born 3d October, 1843. 

3. Philip Ira Blazier, born 27th August, 1845, 

4. Susan Blazier, born 16th February, 1848. 

5. Martha married Asa F. Curtis, son of John Curtis, and 


had children: 1. Cornelia and Caroline Curtis, twins; 3. 
George Curtis. Caroline died young. 
6. Richard; 7. Daniel; 8. John. 
And by his 2d wife, Mary Sickle, had other cliildren : 
9. Catherine; 10. Andrew; 11. Dayton; 12. George. 
13. Abner; 14. Sarah. 
Jacamiah Smith died ttth September, 1847. 

t;7illiam spencer, esq. 

WILLIAM SPENCER, Esq. merchant of Chatham, was 
son of Henry Spencer of Elizabethtown ; he was born July, 
1765, and died suddenly, in his chair, 29th July, 1848. 

He married Alpha Genuing, born 1768, daughter of Thomas 
Genuinsr; he was justice of the peace, and kept a store in 
Chatham some 50 years : they had children : 
g 1. Polly, who married Jonathan Walker, son of Asher, of 
? Long Hill. [See Walker] 

2. Sally married Thomas Bond, the younger. 

3. Charles married Amelia Bruen, daughter of Jonathan 
Bruen, of Madison. 

4. Hannah married, 1st, Miller Squier. son of Henry Squier^ 
of Long Hill; 2d, James Ba'entine. 

5. Samuel married Prudence Mulford, daughter of Jere- 
miah, of Livingston. 

6. Phebe married Stephen Young. 

7. William Hervy married, 1st, Jane Clark, daughter of 
D. S. Clark, Esq. of New Providence ; 2d, Nancy Baker, 
daughter of Jeremiah Baker, of Dover. 

8. Eliza married Thomas Phipps. 

9. James Lyman married Caroline Willcox, daughter of 
John Willcox 3d. 

10. Julia Anne married William Ashley. 

SALLY SPENCER, and Thomas Bond had children : 
* 1. Sanford Bond, who died young. 
^ 2. Hervy Bond, who died in infancy. 

S 3. Hervy Bond 2d, who married Margaret Beach, daugh- 
ter of William Duane Beach, and had children : 
1. Hellen Bond. 2. t:^mma Bond. 

4. Sarah Bond married James Wood, of Newark, and had 
children: 1. Elizabeth Wood ; 2. Francis Wood. 

5. Charles Bond ; 6. Lewis Bond ; 7. Thomas Bond. 
8. Elizabeth Bond. 


CHARLES SPENCER and Amelia Bruen, had children: 
1. Eliza; 2. Matilda; 3. Lewis; 4. Albert; 5. Charles. 
6. Joseph Ogden. 

HANNAH SPENCER and Millei Squier, had children : 

1. Eliza Squior, who married Mills Day, and had children: 
I. Henry Day ; 2. Helen Day ; 3. Mary Day ; 4. Electa 


2. Henry Squier married Catherine Garret, of Cauldweli, 
and had children : 1. Albeit Squier, and others. 

3. Phebe Anne Squier ; 2. Juliette Squier. 

And by James Balentine, Hannah SjDencer had children: 
5. Mary Balentine ; 6. Sarah Balentine. 

SAMUEL SPENCER and Prudence Mulford, had chil- 

1. Mary, who married David Sayre, son of Ezekiel, and had 
children: I. Fredrick Sayre, and others. 

2. Mulford married, 1st. ('aroline Mills ; 2d, Elizabeth Day. 

3. William ; 4. Julia Anne ; 5. Harriet ; 6. George. 

PHEBE SPENCER and Stephen Young, had children : 
1. Mary Young; 2. William Young; 3. Lyman Young; 
4. Caroline Young. 

WILLIAM HERVY SPENCER and Jane Clark, had 
children : 

L William Nelson ; 2. John Morris. 

And by his 2d, wife Nancy Baker, had children: 

3. Alpha Jane ; 4. Margaret ; 5. Mary ; 6. Phebe. 

ELIZA SPENCER and Thomas Phipps. had children : 
1. Eliza Phipps; 2. William Phipps ; 3. Thomas Phipps ; 
4. Emma Phipps. 

JAMES L. SPENCER and Caroline Willcox, had chil- 
dren : 

1. Elizabeth Caroline, who married Elias Allen, son of 
David Allen, had chddren : I. Cornelia Allen, and others. 

2. John Lyman, who married, 13th January, 1852, Mary 
Allen, daughter of David. 

3. Emily Arno ; 4. Lewis Craig ; 5. William Francis. 
6. Henry Newton ; 7. Georgiana and Josephine, twins. 

JULIA ANNE SPENCER and WilHam Ashley, had 
children : 

1. George Ashley ; 2. John Hervy Ashley ; 3, William 
Ashley; 4. Amelia Ashley ; 5. Lyman Ashley. 

39G Bi:>iJXMiM sriNMNO. 


BFAMAMIX SPIXXIXG was probably one of the de- 
sreiidanls ut llumplirey Spinning, who was anion<: tlie first 

of the Khzabethtown Associates. He married I'harily , 

and came up from Eiizabethtown and lived where his son 
John Spinning now hves. He died 11th March, lbl4, aged 
•1»» years. His widow died 30lh November, 18'23, aged 5G 
years. They had children : 

1. Benjamin. Jiin whf> tnarried Polly Simpson, daughter of 
Alexander, ami went to Hayton < >liio. and had children ; 

1. Anne, who married Caleb Burchard, live in Spring- 
field. Illinois, and had children : 1. Cornelia Burchard; 
2. Klizabeth Burchard . 3. Florence Burchard. 

2. Kliza Jane married .Nathan Allen, of I)ayt«»n. and 
had children : 1. George William Allen; "J. .\lmira 

3. Alexander Simpson married >fi!JS Piew ; live in Green 
countv. nhio. 

4. He Witt Clmtonm arried Hannah Wright, daughter of 

'J Rebecca married. 1 Ith Feb. 18*2'2, Thomas Martin. Jun. 
son of Thomas. [See Martin.] 

.'{. Hannah married Jonathan \). Simpson, son of Isaac, and 
died l.'ith Heceniber, IKiH, aged 38 years, without children. 

4. John, born liJth August 17U3, and married Phebe Win- 
ters, of Fishkill, New York, and had children . 

1. Benjamin, who married, 'J7th Feb. 1H50, Sarah Anne 

Meeker, I'.aughter ot I.saac. son of Caleb. 
'J. Charles: 3. Mary; 4. Jane: 5. Julia: 0. John. 

5. Solomon married Margaret Winters, sister of John's 
wiie, and had children : 

1 (Jeorge ; *2. Catherine; 3. John; 4. Dayton. 
«> Prudence married, tioth Feb. Isln, Solomon Hean, son 
of John, a;i(l had children : 

1. Benjamin S. Hean, who married I'hebe Badgley. 
daughter of Squier ; 2. John Dean ; 3. Sylvester Dean ; 
4. Mary Cohoon Dean, wfiodied young" 

BrNJAMlN fJQl lER 397 


BENJAMIN SQUIKIl lived in Westfield, and had sons: 

1. I'.llis, who married. vi."id J aniKiry, ITti'.i, liebecca, duugli- 
ler ol" Amos Totter Isl. [See Fuller.] 

vJ. Meeker, who married Rachel, daughter of Stephen 
Meeker, of Essex county, Xew Jersey. 

:i. WiUiam, who married Sarali Coukhn. 

LLLI.s SQUIER, son of Benjamin Squier, of Westfield, 
lived in New Providence, where the Franklin school-liouse 
now .-lands. He and Kehecca Potter had children: 

1. -Mary, who married Jeremiah II. ( )sl)orn, son of Jona- 
than II. ( )shorn. [sef Usboi-n,] she died without children, and 
he married "Jd, Polly Clark, daugiiier of Slephanus. and had 

1. Squier Odborn who married Anne Bond, daughter of 

2. Loui-sa Osborn, wiio married Joseph Bond, son of 

3. Sarah Osborn, who married Peter Hendrickson. and 
had a daughter, Mariah. who married George Potts. 

4. Moses Osborn, who did not marry. 

2. Rhoda was baptized, Hth August, 177.'i, and died young. 

3. Johannah mariied, 13th March, 17iM, Samuel Baldwin, 
son of (iahriel. [See Bullwin.] 

4. David, born 1777, who married, November, lsor», in 
(^hio, Sally Gard, born 11th Feb. 177H, daughter of Daniel, 
and sister of the ilev. Stephen Gard, and had three daugh- 
ters ; when he died, and his widow Sally married Maxwell 
Potter, son of Russel Putter, and had a daughter Sarah Anne 
Potter. . 

5. Timothy married in Ohio, l.<t. a widow Briggs ; 2d, Re- 
becca Tucker, daughter of John, of Springdale. (notol Henry 
Tucker's famdy,) and had three daughters. 

G. Mary 2d, baptized 10th Feb. i7J)]. and married in Ohio, 
David Sergeant, son of Sampson Sergeant. By his 1st wife 
had three sons : 

1. Ellis Sergeant; 2. Sampson Sergeant; 3. Timothy 
Sergeant. They lived and both died at Leport, Ind. 
Ellis Squier and family, and Jeremiah II. Osborn, remcjved 
to Ohio, about the year 1798, and lived near the Blue Ball be- 
tween the Miamis. 

JOHANNAH SqUIER, (daughter of Ellis,) and Samuel 
Baldwin, had children : 


1. Squier Baldwin, who married Sally Crowel, daughter* 
of Samuel, of Daylon, whose wilie was Elizabeth Gard. 

2. Amos Baldwin, married Miss Keziah '1 ucker, daughter 
of J'>hn. and sister of Timothy r^quiei's second wile. 

3. kSarah married Uriah Sawver, Irom .\cw England. 

DAVID SQUIEIl, (fon of Ellis,) and Sally Gard, had 
children : 

1. Phebe, who married Henjomin Potter, son of Ma,\well, 
son of Kussel lV>tter. ['S'"^ Jiussel Putter.] 

2. Eliza married Pliilip Landis, son of Philip, and had 
children : 

1. Elizabeth R. Land is ; 2. Mnry G. Landis . 3. Sarah 
G. Landis: 4. John Leland Landis; 5. Charles Lan- 
dis ; <;. Divid Ltinds; 7. Phebe Anne Lan<lis; R. Juli- 
ette Landis ; ?). Harriet Lan<iis ; 10. Sus.nnah Landis. 

3. JiiJH-tte marri6 I J*uiioii Van Pell, and had children : 

I. Alexander Van Pell : 2. David Squier Van Pelt ; 
3. Camilla Van Pell. Mr. l>nvid Squier died in 1814, 
.!_•..! :;-■ ..1= -r ] Is widow Sallv mairied Maxwell 
1'..;:- :. :. ; 1. ..v-l. I'ottcr. [StcRussel Potter.] 

TlMoTUV SQUIER. rr.;b rb?!,! ,S r:!;v) and Rebecca 
Tucker, had children ; 

1. Harriet Anne, who marr;< d i.>a\i(i i.ciicdict Groat, live 
in the state of New- York. 

2. Samanlha. who married William Stone, had two chil- 
dren, and he died. 

3. Mary married Mr. Winters, of Logansporl, Indiana. 

MEEKi:i; SQUIER. (son of Benjamin.) and Rachel 
Meeker lived near the Blue Ball, Wairen county, Ohio, and 
had children : 

1. Rebecca, who married. Isi, Thomas Morton, and had 
children: 1. Rachel Mc»rton ; 2. Samuel Morton; 3. Meeker 
Morton. Rebecca married. 2d, Samuel Sergeant, (as his 2d 
wife.) and had other children: 4. Ivy Serge mt ; o. Eliza 
Serjeant : C. Thomas Sergeant ; 7. Rebecca Sergeant ; 8. 
Phebe Anne Sergeant. 

2. Anna, who married David Johnson, and had children : 
1. Ilhaman Johnson; 2. Phebe Johnson ; 3. Rachel Johnson ; 
4. John Johnson. 

3. William, who married Puah Osbom, daughter of Jona- 
than H Osborn. [S-e Osbom.] 

4. John, who married Mary Potter, daughter of Russel. son 
of Levi, [see Russel Potter'] and had children: 1 Levi ; 2. 


Juanna; 3. Hussel ; 4. Kachel ; 5. Khoda Anne ; (). Mary 
Jane, 7. Ivzekiel ; 8. Ivy; 9. Adeline. 

5. Kzekiel. who is not married. 

6. Phcbe, who married John Squier, son of Tliomas, of 
New Jersey. 

7. Stephen who married Sarah Bond, daughter of Caleb, 
and had children: 1. Levi; '-J Caleb ; 3. Rachel; 4. Char- 

WILLIAM SQUIER, (3d child of Meeker Squier,) and 
Puah ( isborn had cinldren : 

\. Jeremiah, wlio married Caroline Bond, a daughter of 
Caleb, and had children : L Charlotte; 2. Emmazetta ; 3. 

2. Ezekiel, who married 1st, AnneConover, who had no 
children ; 2d. Mary Martin, in 1851, daujjhter of Samuel and 
Arina Miirtin. 

3. Deborah, who married David Eagle, and had a son, 
William Ea-k'. 

4. Meeker, who married . 

WILLIAM SQCIER, (son of Benjnmin.) and Sarah Conk- 
lin lived near the Blue Ball, (Ihio, and liad children : 

1. Calel). who married Elizabeth WelU; 2. Abraham, who 
married Pollv Ball, dau<j;liter of I'zekiei.of Middletown. [See 
Bail]; 3. David; 4. Ellis: 5. William; fi. Mary, who marri- 
ed John Shuckman; 7. Abigail, who married Jeremiah Mas- 
terson; 8. Sarah married Henry Row ; 0. Daniel married 
Miss Case ; lO Rebecca. 




Tnn>r.VS SC^UIKlv lived where William Mulford. now 
lives, HI Morris connty. lie marrietl, 1st. Jeiuiina Camp, 
(laugiiler of Aaron Camp, Sen , and had children : 

1. Sarah, who married Jacob Tingley. and lived in Wash- 
int^ton Valley. 

\». Aaron married^ Nancy Vance, daagluer of Kennedy 
Vance, of Long Ilill. 

li. Stephen married Hannah Litlell, daughter of Samuel, 
of Kf>ckawav. Morris county. 

4. Moses married. *".Hh April. 1790, Anna Rutan, daughter 
of Abraham, and went t<» ^*> '' 

r., Ludlow married Am. of Klias. of 

Long Hill. He lived at I'lumiidd. liy a second wife, 
Thomas Squier had a dau^'hter. 

G. Anna, who married David Coriell, son of Ellas, of Long 
Hill. [See Coridi.] 

SAIl AH SQLMKIl and Jacob Tingley had children: 

1. Jeiiiima Tm;;kv. who married Lhaa Cole, sou "I Mailer 
William Cole. [Sre CoU] 

'2 Annii TinLrb-v married William D. smu ..i 
Da V id . [ Sre SUwarL ] 

li. Osee Tingley married Ralph Shot well, son of Jacob. 
[See Sholwel I. li 

4. Squier Tingley married Ruih Smalley, daughter of 
Jacob, and had rhiMren : 

1. Ira TiiiL'Icv. who married Mary Coulter, daughter of 

2. Sarah T Drake, son of Noah. 
[Sre Drakr. j " 

3. Jacob Smalley Tingley is a carriage maker of Plain- 

4. Isaac S. Tinijley. 

,'■». Tabitlm Tinijley married Benjamin Fisher, son of 
Jerry Fisher, and removed to Jetferson county, X. Y. 
6. George Hacket Tingley, wIk. lives in New York. 

AAROX SQUIER and Nancy \ ance had children: 

1. Betsey, who married Noali Frazee. son of Maxwell. 

'2. Samuel, who is not married. He lives and owns the 
farm on which his father and grand-lather Vance lived. 

3. John married Mary Meeker, daughter of Joseph Ogden 
Meeker, of >Veslfield, aud had children: 


1. Nancy, who married Josepli Koss. son ol" Jolm Koss, 
of Westfield. » 

*J. -Marv married Isaac II. Putter, son of Recompense, 
ol IMiiinfield, and died June, iNiiO, and lelt 3 chiidreu. 

3. Oi^den, who dieil at lU years. 

4. A2;nes, who died at 9 months. 

4. Th »mas married Caifierine Tate, of New York, and had 
children : I. John ; "J Catherine, and then removed to Geneva, 
Aew Vork. 

3. Horatio married Elizabeth Crocker, of Xew York, and 
had chiliiren : I. .Miry: 2. Caroline; 3. Horatio ; 1. iSamiiel. 

Aaron r?«juier died JUh Aug. IS is, aired 57 years. His 
wife died 1 3th June, IMOl, aged 3!» \ ■• u s. ITs son Jolm 
died 2d April, !tS31,aged39 years. 

STCrilRX SQUIi:il and Hannah Littell lived on Staten 
Island, -\. v.. and lud children : 

1. William, who m;irried Sally Merrel, daughter of John 
Merrel. and had children : 

1. Fanny. wh<» is unmarried. 

2. John, who was drowned, at 17 or IS years of ai^e. 

3. Stephen married liarbara Van Xame, daughter of 

4. Caty married 5. Eliza married . 

2. Sally married Samuel t^liarp, son of W dliam, and liad 
children : 

1. Charles Snowden Sharp, 

2. Elizabeth Sharp, wiio married, Ist, Mr. Ciiandler ; 2d 
Mr. Say re. 

3. William Sharp. 

4. Pri.scilla Sharp. Mr. Siiarp removed to Western 
New York. 

3. Thomas married Charlotte Parsons, daiii:hfer of Jon- 
athan. He is a tailor ; lives in Madison, and had chihJren: 

1. Anna ; 2. Mary Elizabeth married Etfintrham Townlev, 
son of Enos B. [.ve Townlt-y .] 3. Israel Rickey; 4. Hannah 
Mariah ; 5. Harriet; (J. Helen Coriell ; 7. Horace Sheldon; 
8. Einily Parsons, who died at 17 months old. 

4. Bttsoy marriod .\l»il Van Camp, and liail children: 

1. Hannah Miriah Van Ciimp, wl>o marrit-d VViJIiiiin Wilson, 
and hud childrtn : 1. Julia Hclnii Wilson, and others. 

2. Sally Anne Van Camp married Mr. Thompson, and had 
children : 

1. Mary Thompson : 2. Elizabeth Thompon ; 3. William 
Thompson ; 4 Charlotte Thompson. 

3. Charlotte Van Camp married James Coburn. 

4. Helen Rebecca Van Camp married Drake Benjamin. 

6. Gilbert Van Camp i 6. FLliza Jane Van Camp. 

7. Ludlow Squier Van Camp, 



TTJ0HA8 sarrrn. 

5. Samuel married Aiine Merrel, daughter of Frederick, and had 

1. Anne E izi. who mnrrifHl Mr. V. Mv. 

2. John, w'i't vriM diownrd nl ab 'Ut 19 y^ari. 

3. Mi-rrerciii, who died m.-ibout 20*. 

4. Rarah ; 5. Mary Louisa ; 6. (Jcorgc. 

U:DLnW SQUICU, {-en of Thoma?.) nnd Anna Runyor, had 
childrrn : 

I. Abbv, who nisrri'd Richard CtuitH, fon of Fetrr. [Sec 
Corieli] ' 

2 Clark married Thirz i Vnil. dmicliter of A'rxandfr Vnil ^on 
of Diir.i. I. nnd had children : I. Khzabcth ; 2. William ; 3. Jofrpli. 
4. Ker. nhtppuck ; •'). Alctsmhr. 

3. iMrnrI riiamcd Martha Kirkpattick, daughter of Alexander, 
and hod children : 

1. Pnrrison ; 2 Arres ; 3. Caroline; 4. J< hn ; T) Mnry. 
6. Eli2nb«ih ; 7. LiiHI<i<v. anil then ieMin\i-d to lUii oin. 

4. htborah marrit-d William D«rby, sun of Jol.o, of Siolch 

fi. Jan** married Elias Kirpitrick, K«q. son of John. [Se« 
Kirkpalrick J 

6. Ludiow married Mary Wright, daughter of Savage Wnght. 



^ OIJVRU STh'LLF: was son nf Ismc St.-llr, nf Pi^cntnway, 
n \li I il.-.»-x c aiiily H-- wn-* l»..rii Ini Aiijn-l 1 7 ><>, ^ml m r cil 
* 2i'ti .l.-iiiunry, 1778. Mury Kviio. nnil fcm "vi d ro Btrnn-cJ'.s Town- 
ship, So nrr»«t couiiiv , ill April. |7;»4. liny liad cliiKlrtu: 

1 . Chrisii Ilia. « ho 13 unnniri i«*'l. 

2. EpIiraiMi. " hti fiiiriMtl Amiii Miimting. diUi-jhtiT nf Isaic* 

3 I:4i!ii' mirriftl [Ltrhcl Cliiwsnn. dauj»hlfr mI C<irre'i"is. 

4 llarritl murritd I*iicr l.aii!oljjh, son of (Jilbeil. [iSee Ran* 
xiolpfi ] 

.*>. Kiiih marri-d John Worih ; hnre no fhildrtMi. 

(J. S-«riih inurricl I-.aric lljiidol|ih, brotlicr (f Pefer. [See 
R(indol}ih ] 

7. Joliii married Anne Ki' kpairick, d lu .•! t.-r of A l<xaiidiT ; he 
went nil a vi^K to hi-' s > 1 a : 'h, i 1 ll.iiiuis, tn 1 di. d there l-i\X\ 
April, IS') ). wiih ihrt- d lys illnc.-s. 

ri. Annir who di»*d in yotilh. 

9. M iry, wh » died a sonnj wnmin 

10. Cliirknun mirricd Lucin U Tcrril, d'liitjliicr of Tliomas, EsO. 
He dit'd \'-\\\\ July, I8.'»0, Slid l»*nly with tul sicLiici. 

1 1. Ruch -I, w i.» tlied u young w.iman. 

J. EPIIKMM STKLLK rinl Nona Matuii-cr. had children : 

o I. K'lz lU- h. who III irr.< «l Drake, so o 'I'h-jiii- I-'s i 

■ [.> U /f IT// J 

Vi. Sil.v iiiurri»'<). 2Slli DfceinhtT. 1SI!», Wiih un f^'od liii'Mnn 
E<ti| III' Boiiii'l Mritok. 

'•\. .Mar;<Mrel married Clmrh.'S Sniulluv, sjii id Andn \v. ICsq ,'iyes 
on MiiK- lirwolx, and \\'\ I di d en : 

1. Aiiiif- Sm tlh-y ; 'i. 'I'hrod n-i'SiimlUy ; 3. -Manning Snialiev. 
4. haiiifl Snalliv, who died y.uii;,'. 
4. Isaac, who die. I ul 4 veiirs oi : ■> .M y. 
6. Jane iniirri«d David Tingley, son of libcnezcr, and lives in 
Newark ; 7. Oliver. 

ISAAC STICM.E nnd Kach- I Cla ws-.n. UdchildiTn: 
1. Mirv, will! iisarritd .MaJison 'I'erril, so.i ol 'I'homas, Esq. 
(Se V. r'/7.J 2 Ci.n^jy. 

JOII.M SI'EM.K ami Anno Kirkpilrick. had rhildrm : 

1. J'-ptli.i, wio married Surah .M.ui Jt II, and In ea in B.'ooklyn, 

New York. 

2 J iC(.t» married Jjhc Comptnn, dau^^hter of Mnorc Coi.pioii,. 

and wiMit to Iliinoi:^. 

3. Freeman married Marihi Rnnyon, dau.'hlerof David R. 

4. Le\vi<, who died younij ; .'>. Provy. 

CLARKSON STELLE and Lncindu Terrel, had chihJren: 

1. Rachel.who married I^iuc Runyon, son of David R. 

2. Mary Anne; 3. Mercy; 4. Lewis; 5. Thomas TerriL ^ 
6. Adeline. 




JONATHAN STEVENS lived near wliere Samuel Squicr now 
lives ; lie liuil children : 
„ 1. John. wh<i married Phebe Poller, daughter of Daniel, an 1 
o 8i»Ur of Amo« Polltr, K.xq. 

* 2. >>aruh inurritd Cuicb Mulford, soa of Job. [See Jub Mul- 

3. Bcisey married JolinSliipmon, son of Jabcsh. [See Shipm an.] 

4. Jnnc. who died an old woiiiaii. unmiirricd. 

&. C'brislop'icr mariied Rachel Dunhain, daughter of John Dun- 
bom, Jiin. 

6. Jonathan married, Gth November, 17!?8, Kcziuh JcnQiog^, 
daugh er of Jacob, m.d hal no chiMren. 

7. Jamtn niarri«d Khoda Gorthwaiic. of Connecticut Farms. 
She died 28th July, lb6U, at Union Village, over »0 years of 

8. William married Phebe RoiT, daughter of Nathaniel RolT, 
and wi ni to Ohio. 

9.;b married Betsey Miller, daughter of Ej)hraiai Miller. 
[*<c<- Millrr.] 

10. Fiazic married Charlotte Ileadley, of Connecticut Farms. 

JJllN .STEVENS, (l»l "■" - 'Jonathan,) and PhcVc Poller 
had children : 
u 1 Philemon, who Hied yoijig. 
p 2 Ijrai'l, who married Hd Drcember. I^'IC, Abby Liltell, daugh- 

• ler of Ebenezer ; lived in New York, and had cliildrcn : 

^ I Squi«r. who murrird Mnfrnft Jones, of New York. 

o L'. J''.rimirr;. ' ■•. of New York. 

3 ',i. N\ illi im II . -cy. 

4. Ilnrrirl, wlm (ii«d \ otinp. 
Mis wife AL»by then dud. niid he married Abi^il, the widow of 
Sft'iiuel C Parsons, and daughter of William Parrot, Jun. and had 
a diii^ht'T. 6. Anjjeline. 

3. Gf'rshom Manning, who died a young man. 

4. Sarah, who died a yoiins woman. 

5. Ainoj, who married. '2'2d January, 1S20, Rarhrl Tottcn, 
daughter of David, and had children : 1. Miller; 2. Llizabeth. 

CIIRISTOPIirR STEVENS, (5th child of Jonathan.) 

and Hnrlicl iHuihaiii had children : 
if 1. Mulford Cory, who married Mary WiJlet, daughter of 
J Thomas, and had children: 1. Aura Bonnet: 2. Sarah; 

3. Eugene ; 4 Kachel ; 5. Gennel ; 6. Linus ; 7. Thomas, and 

then removed to Ohio. 

2. Linus High married Ruth Crane, daughter of Joseph, 

son of Joseph, and had children: 1. HannahJane; 2. Phebe 

Anne : 3. Joseph Crane, and then removed to Bloomfield. 


JAMES STKVKN^, (7tli child of Jonathan,) and Rhoda 
Garihwaiie had children : 

1. Joriaihaii, who iimrried Miss Baldwin, of Bioomfield, 
and live in Newark. 

'J I'fiehe is imiiiarried ; lives in Plainfield. 

0. I)aniel Meeker went tu Baltimore, and married tliere. 
4 Sarah lives in New York. 

5. William married, '2'2d Sept. 1823, Susan Moore, daugh- 
thr of Isaac, and had children: I.Mary Jane; 2. I'hehe 
Anne. 'i. Sarah Louisa; 1. Illi/abetfi . 5. Almira ; fi Ellen; 
7. William; !*» Harriet; '.>. Moses; 10. Susan. [Ste Muore.] 

6. Eliza liv«'s in New York. 

7. James Ilervy married . and lives in New York. 

8. Jane married David N. Itiiokman. son of Nathan, and 
had a son, James Kuckman. and then died. 

JACOB STEVENS, (-»lh child of Jonathan,) and Betsey 
Miller, had children : 

1. Miller, who married Asenath Mayhew, daughter of 
Josejil), near Cincinnati. 

2. Jonathan married Harriet Day. in I >elhi, near Cincin- 

.'I William married . and went to Indiana. 

•1. Hannah married Alexander Stewart ; lives in Cincinnati. 
5. Jac >h. 

G. Elij)lialet married IMari^irel Day. sister of Jonathan's 



JOSrni Srr.UAU r married Afary, the widow of Sarn- 
ucl D"tv . lived in Wasljinglon Valley, and had children : 


'J. IJaclicl, \\\\n lu.iiiitil I>:!ac Siiinil v vnii c,i .T<lm. [See 

3 Pavid nnrricii liacliel i)uiy. d..u;;hler ol ihe abov^ 
named Sainiiel I>. ly. Piid si>ter «>| Henry Doiy. 

•1. Mary ujarried John Drake, foii ol Jcieiiuah. 

DA^■iI' ^'I i:\V\liT and Rachel Doty ha.l children : 

1. Satnuel. who died nl nhfuit 24 years, unmarried. 

2. Mary married Kzekiel liccatiip. son cf Lzekiel, and 
went to ihc Lakes. 

3 Ivritc married Sally Parker, dauzhler of CJeisliom. 

4. l'iiet)e married Ahner Um". son «d John. «»1 Tiscataway. 

5. Sarah married Lowis \> iliel s»n of I homas. 

fl. William Doty. Ixirn Ut Oct. 1794, ntid ntarried Anne 
Tingley. daUL'hter «>l Jac«»b r^he died 1st March, IMS. 

7. Davul. Jut), went to (ieoruui , married ^^(){)hut Rise, 
and difd there 

8. K;i<hel married Mirlnel < ''Conner . she soon died. 
p. Hhudu married liie same Michael C)'(,'onner 

10. Margaret niarried Aaron Hennet, bon of Aaron, of 
Lon^ Island. 

11. Anne married Jac<»b U ambold, son of Jacob, of Eliza, 

12 Kli/a married J«>el Pangborn, son of llichard, of 

\V1LIJAM P .^1 r.WAKT and Anne Tinglcy had chiU 
dreii : 

1. Abel, who married Abby Tollen. daughter of John, son 
of Dji» id. 

2. Thirza Shot well mruried John Q ])rake. f^n of Noah. 

3. Andrew Jackson nianied Phche Kiazce, daughter of 

4. Esther mnrned E.ias Wilson, son of James. 

5. Anne inanie«l John Doi\. son of Henry. 

6. GeorL'e married Elizabeth Ogdcn, an English girl. 

7. William. 

fi. Joseph Warren. 


JOH\ STITES was born in En-I.m.i. in the year A D. 
1.'.3 3. I'i i Jiiion ttn}9 ihat he einii»r;iied hum Lon Ion to Xew 
Lii^'l.iu 1 in ilie time of Olivet Cr unwell. He tin illy saiii.U 
oa Lon^ Ulauii.auJ died iheie m 1717, aged 122 years. 

lil 11 VKh S riTi:s. s..n of J.,hn. was horn 1040. lie 
lived ui Hempstead, L. 1 and died 1702. aged &2 years. 

WU.IJAM STITCS, son of Richard, was born at Hemp- 
stead, in U)7f.. He removed lo Sprmgfield. X. J. and died 
Uiere in 1121, aged 51 years. William .Stites had children : 

^ 1 John, born 17013 at Hempstead ; died at Springfield, 17s'J. 

9 2 Hezekiah. born no-^, " ' 172S. 

3. Kichard.born 171.'), " " " " 1727. 

4. Kebecca. bora 17 17, ami married Jacob Carle. [-Seq 

5. NVilliam, Jnn died at Mount Bethel, aged 91 years. 
C. Klij ih. born 1721, and died at Scctch I'laitis, 17(5.') 

7. Uenj in»in married Hetsey Willcox. daughter of Peter 
Wiilcox, Jun. and lived and died at ^Sc'»tch Plains. 

JOHN STITC'^. eldest son of William, was an .Mdcrman 
of the boroii:,'h of Bliz ibeth. lived near ."^^cuddei's .Mills, oa 
Railway River. He mairied Miss Rushmore. ol L<»ng Islan I, 
a sister of the wife ol Thomas Thompson, Sen. [See Thomp- 
son.] They had children : 

t. 1. Hezekiih. who became a physician, and settled at CroH- 

o bury, Middlesex county. 

" 2. Sarah His wife then died, and he married Miss Hamp- 
ton, and had other children : 

3. A daughter, who married l!ie liev. .Mr. Gano, of Xe.v 

4. A daii::^hfer. who married the Rev. Mr. Manning, and 
went to Rho !e Island. 

5. Abigail m irried Isaac Woo IrufT. Es-j. of Elizabelhlown. 
G. J(jlm married, in New York, returned lo Elizabelhlown, 

and afcer a time went to the NVesi. 

7. Richard married Sarah Thompson, daufjhter of the 
ab)ve named Thomas Tlumpson, [sc^ Thompson,'] and had 

1. Abbv, who mirriel John, son of .Vndrcw Miller, and 
Sarah Ross, she is the mother of Cornelia, the wife of 
Gideon Ross, Esq. and lives with him. 

2. Richard, born 1777, and died in Savannah, Georgia, 
in 1813 leaving a son, Richard W. Slites, now, (1S50,) 
living in Morristown. 

403 'O""' snTEs. 

^ WILLIAM STITES, Jun. (5th child of Willinm,) lived at 
f Mount Bethel, Somerset county ; he married Miss Searing, 
and had children : 

1. Jol.n : 2. William 3d. 

3. ls:ino in.irried Anna IJuller. daughter of Amos, and died 
7lh AiiL'-is!, 1830, aL;ed 70 years. 

Willitim Stites. Jun. married. 'Jd, Sarali, widow of Amos 
Duller, by whom he had no children. 

1SAA<' STITES. (son of William, Juii.) and Anna Butler, 
had children : 
« 1. lilijuh. \v!\o married I'hebe Bird, daughter of George, 
n and h:i«l clnl-iren : 

S 1. Searing; 2. Ellis; 3. Rusannah ; J. Elijah . 5. Ileze- 

kiah ; U. Uaac. 

2. Samnel married Pally Marlin, daughter of Ephraim 
Martin; ihcy remnvtd to III ! had I Ichildrt-n. 

3. John married Kulh M ^hler of Juieph, and had 
childien : 

1. Jacob ; 2. Samuel ; 3. Pheb© ; 4. John ; 5. Joseph ; 
0. Teler; 7. Susan; 8. EUza : 9. William; 10. l-en- 
jamin ; II Harriet. 

4. Sarnli married John Jennings, son of Benjamin. 

r,. W irried, I si, Mary Uoff, daughter ol Ebenc^cr, 

and h.i'. I : 

1. M:ihaia, who married David Simmons lives in Eliza- 

2. Mary Anne married William Bonnel, of Elizabeth- 

3. Israel, who went to Michigan. 

4 .\inv. who married I'l.arles Whilmore. 

5. Martha Jntio married . 

He married. 2d, ihe widow Lydin Garrison, and had a 
son Joel, and died in New Trovidenre. 

0. Amos, who married Agnes Kelly, daughter of Samuel, 
and had children ; 

1. Samuel Kelly; 2. Anna; 3. Knchel; 4. Debby ; 5. 
William llarr'isoo ; 6. Amos Butler ; 7. Isaac A. 

ELIJAH STITES. (son of William Stiles, Sen.) lived at 
Scotch I'lains. He married , and had chiMien; 

1. Kebecca. who married Richard Scuddcr. ['See 6Vut/c^er.] 
-^ 2. Flijih. 

3 a. Nancy, who married David Ross. 

4. Prudence nvuried John Rmo. of Piscafaway. 

5. Chloe niarriei Elias Miller, of ^V e.stfield. 

6. I Ian. ah married Peter Kino, brother of John. 

7 Abner married, l&ih Feb. 1786, Huldah Crane, dangh- 
ter of Isaac, of Nl w Providence. 

iOHW snTEs. 409 

ABXER STITES lived in \e\v Providence, was a Capt. 
of llie .Militia, anti an elder in the Presbyterian cluncli. He 
died vilUli Au<j;ust, Ih3I, his wile died 24ih June 1S35, aged 
71 vears. He an'J lluldah Crane had (children : 
B I. Ehjah is a merchant in Springfield. He married Jane 
V Wade, daughter of Jonas Wade. Esq. of Springfield, and has 
no hving children. 

'2. Wilham is a paper manufacturer of Springfiehl ; was a 
Ju8ti( e of the Peace, and Judge of the court ; has been .several 
times a member of the legishilure. He married Hannah B. 
Smith, tlau<,'hter of Capt. John Smith: had an only (lauu'hier, 
Jane K'obison, who married Dr. John C.Elmer, of Meiidhain, 
son of Dr. Horace Elmer. 

3. Huldah Grant married John Thompson, son of Jabez. 
[.SVf Tfiompson.'\ 

4. John Al. Siites is a tanner and currier in New Provi- 
dence. He is an elder in the |)resbyierian chnrch. He 
married his cousin Jane Bonnel, daughter of Niith:iniel 3(1. 
He was born "Jd Sepl 17U7, she was born 3d July, i7'J5; 
they had children : 

1. Williim Crane, born l«Uh Xov. 1S'20. 

2. Huldah. born 'Jlth July. \>'.VA. 

5. Chloe married E/ra Fairchild. of ^fendham. He is 
principal of a cla.ssical school on Long Island ; lliey had chil- 
dren : I. Emily Fairchild. 

2. Elias Fairchild, who married. 10th March, l.S.'>0, 
Agnes Anderson, daughter of iiobi-rt Anderson, Esq. 
of IMainheld, she died about 1) months therealter. 

6. Abner, born 'J4ih Sep. 1803, is a merchant in Springfield ; 
married Charlottt- Bonnel, born 27th Aug. 1814, daughter of 
Sylvanus, son f>f John Bonnel, and liave children: I. Edward 
Morris born 12lh October, 18t7 ; 2. Charlotte Morrell, born 
March. ls.'')0. 

7. Apollos married Mary Bryant, daughter of Simeon 
Bryant. •>f Springfield ; lives in New York, and has two chil- 
dren, Theodore and Matilda. 

*: BRNJ.VMIN STITES, (.son of William Siites, Sen.) and Betsey 

^ Wilicox, had children : 

1. Henry, who died at Redstone, on his way to Cincinnati. 

2. Benjamin, Jun. married, and went lo Cincinnati. 

3. Elijah went to Cincinnati. 

4. Hezekiah went also to Cincinnati. 

5. Isaiah married r>Iary Foster, daughter of Jacob Foster, of 
Lyons Farms. 

Note — The wife of Benjamin Stites. Jun. was said to be the first 
white woman that ever landed at Cincinnati. 

AtQ cnntAiii tnmoit .—J hoot swArr. 

ISAIAH STITKS, (son iif Benjainin,) and .Mary Foster lived 
at S.:'» r niiiJ', »ft<J Imd cIuMum: 

1 Jjifoii KosUr, uh<» riianud Sarah Fraz<-e, dauglitcr of llcnry, 
a ami ^i-'i'T ol Muxwill. 

^ 2. Hu;.rv iiMrrL-d Mary Clark. »)f Wrslfitld. 

t 3. Hfiijii'i III iiiiirriiii lltiz.i Auih* Diiikr. ihnightrr of Nnlhaniil 
Druki, ot Sc».lcli Pl.iiiis; lie ia a yiotcr in Nt-\»urk. 

JACOB r. STITE3, (son of Isi.i ili.) and Sarah Frazce, had 
childitMi : 

1. Isui.ih, who marri«d, Isl, Miss I)r:ikc ; 2d, Sarnh -. , and 

t has III) childrni. 

f 2. Miiry. who dic^l nl 14 or I.'j vi ars. 

A. Chailoiir inuriicd i'hilcinuii Utinn, and had a son, Albert 
Dunn ; 4. I Icnry. 

IIKMIY STITES. (»on of I«uiah ) and Mary Clark, had chiU 
dren : 

1. Klizi, wlio married Tnlmadgc llnrs, ton of John, ion of 

2. John, who mnrrii d and li«p« in Niw V.rk. 

3 Ann*- niuirud (trrsh'tin Lhh II. ^on ci| (.Jirihonri. 
4. A.if«'ii innriicil uiid livc» m .Ntw \urk. 

HKNJaMIN .^ rnr.S. (H.n of Uaiah.) and EUza Anne Drakf, 
I ad rill ill' n : 
^ I Hill nh. w hii marriid Jamrs Clcnrcr, Fon n! Williom H. 
», Clover; 2. Jiili.i . :J\ ; 1 Ciiroimc ; .'». BMijuiiin. 


Kl'HIilVM SUrrn.N livid on bnlion'a Hill. (2d mountain, ) 
ur^'. "I William Allen's, ami injriie.l. and had children: 

1. .1. SM-. 

'J. Wi.luiin. who mnrricH Lavinn. n Dutch j;irl. had chiMrpn : 
1. J.unc* ; 2. Kfi' ch. who n arriid M« t»i y (.lark, dauglitrr of 

KliHs. fSti- Clark] 
n H'lirv; 4. MniV. wlio narticd Jtihn Sibhons. 
5. Pi»\ lit inarrnd Sully l'«rkir, danjihl.-r ul Judah ; 6. William 
.Inn. 7. Ciilhciiiic ; 8. Sully ; U. John. 
The fainity all rtinovcil to Ohio logftln-r. 


JACUn SWAIN ii\rd on WolT Mill, near Union Village: bis 
wife was Hann \h ; thry had children : 

1. Sarnh, w ho nMrritd Elias Chirk, Jun. ton of FJins, 

2. lU'iijainiii, who niarricd Cdiy Long, daughter of John, and 
had chiMicn : 

1. Hiinnah married WiHinrn McDonald, of Monmouth, and 
had <:liildrfn : I. .Injrph McDonald ; 2. William McDonald, 
3. 'Ihonpson McUona.d , 4. Benjamin .McDonald. 
6. Elizabeth .McDonald ; the others cicd young. 


2. Julin, who manifd ai Kuliwny, and went lo llie Lakes. 

3. I'jllv mirricil Ab'iiiam Smihii'Dii, and liuil cliildiuii: 

1 Williiiiii S$iiniiii!'oii ; 2. Jos'pli Si ■ ihhou. an I oihrrs 
wliu difd y«»u-isj. She inanieil ;-'d, Kpliraiin Hi»uard, 
an I tivoi III Sc itc^t PUms 

4. Kitzi m I' ri« I Jd:iiusC irli<, 8:»n nf Jidin. [Si e Asa Fra zee ] 

5. J.II1.I int'iied an only iLiu-^'iler <»!' Isiai-| W.ird. >«i»ii nf 
J-is'iUii ; liu lot lit-r, ami went suuili, and slic nmriied 
G.'Tjjj W. Og len. 8 ni of Uuli-ir I. 

6 Jitt-1. Mh'> niaiTied u diin^litiT of Charles Rino. 
7. Willi, I, II iii.i:ricd in l*cnn.sylvMMii«. 


TflnMVS TRRIUL cnme up rmm Rdnvav. and spttird on 
Sloriy (Iill. iiboiil .tin: inilr e'NlMl Mouiil !i tlit-l ('itnnh ; he mar- 
ried \\i\T\' Uii n, diu^liler '•! I*hi'«»»« »« Dunn, uf Pisc.iluwav ; ho 
was a justice of ihr prac**, ami htid chilJmi : 

1. Le^i;!. wh«i in;irried Anln Van i.ew, nl New Yurk, and h'ved, 
and ili»-d tticre. wilhout chihlren 

2. S.|nier inarni-d Ketn ica Kirkpalrick. dan^liler »if Alexander ; 
he was justice o( the p.ace, and judge of ihe CKurl ol Sjiiiersel 

3. Gertnide. who died at 42 yarj, uninnrried. 

4. laioinJ-i married CI. irkson Sl«;il«-. >nn ••!' Oliver. ["See StcUe."] 

5. ('Ii.ifitv married Robert F. Kirkpatnek, nou of Ali-.\ander, 
[S -e Kirkpatrick ] 

0. H.irriei miirrnd DaviJ Conn. »nn of Capt. I<<rncl Coon ; she 
4ied. and left ihree chi drun. 1. Georj^c Coi»n ; 2. Waller Coou ; 
3. Firman Chmi. 

7. Julm. wh • dicil at alxiiit 1 "^ yonvi. 

S Drakt* m;.rriid E'i/al)i-lh St«lli'. danghlerof Ephraim, son of 
Oliver. He cied Ih^:*, aijeil Al y<ius. 

9. .Midison married .Mary Stelle, daughter of Isaac, son of Oliver. 

SQUIER TI:R111L, F.^'j. an! R-b c.-a K rkpatrick had chij. 
dren : 

1. Aula, who marriod B id^lev Go'.lra. son nf Jamr« Gnfira, Esq. 
2 .Mary marri-d Sil is Sin il ey. s>in of Andrew Sinallrv, F.sq. 

3. Jane mirrie I John Ross, son of John nf fiouiid Mrook. 

4. Anne; 5. Thocnas ; (i. Marjarel ; 7. Edward; 8. Water. 
9. Geort^e. 

DR\KE TERRIL nnd Eiizaheth Stellc. had children : 
1. Harriet; - Mirv Anne; 3. Ephiaiin ; 4. Surah Jane. 
6. Elizabeth ; 6. .Margaret. 

MADISON TRRRIL and Mary S'rllc had chil Ircn : 
1. Lewis; 2. Clarissa, who dicfj at 9 years ; .1 Rachel. 
4. Jason; 5. Isaac; 6. George. 

^12 friLt.IAM k. THOMAfl TO'^MAS. 


WILLI \M THOMAS Used oo Siouy liill. was a l.aif bushel 
iDsUc-r h- '; > 1 >riilJri-i : 

I. shu married Kczifth Smallry, daugbicr of Jamct. 

[ScO . , , 

i. Kctiah uirricd Bcnjimin Soulleytton uf Jamea. [Se« Smal- 

3. Esther married Surpbca Crfto«, ton of Jo»«pb. (Sec Joseph 

A V 

5. \,>\i iiiarrKiJ Tabtt.Ua Itaod, l^lhcliiiJ uf liczckiah Hand, 
•od wtni lo wc»lcrn Nrw York. 


THOMAS 1 II* )MAS«rM bom 1777, in ahouw which Mood on 
iSbc line between Wali-a and England. After bia father'* death, • 
nobleman of London ronrnved a favorable opininn of liim, look 
him uiidi r hia cart), cduralrd aod 9tn\ him In Otfnrd collrge, wliero 
he ff' >lii<lird l)<< « •* lirrii*<'<l, and ordiin. 

e«! !'• \ ; he m . .'il»*'ih R<»bi*rtn, «<iu^l>- 

:• I <jf l»udoit, ■' • rfi in 

1- II, and pr«-ari li llirrr, 

•ome 1 ' He iitcrec rrmovc' !■• I'adii>'ii Hun. in Hiitirr counlj; 
ihi • < . . Venice, in the aame cou.ily, and waa inatnilrd over ihe 
>n church ihcro , aod died 9ih October, Ibfll ; (hey had 

c Jill ; ' '• . 

1. Manr. who married Nelaon G«lpto, from ConnecticuL 

^ a. r ■ ' J in infancy. 

f rt. I ' r, who graduated at Miami I'niveriity, 

■ ' ' ^ ' n rrtaon, 

1 . i w«a 

]..■,. t.r I.: . UM-rr. iiii i. ' il. Ml 

1- I'l, . . -T. T r*r.n .1. He 

marr r, ol iluslon. 

4.1, . i.n, of Franklin, 

Ohio, f«»nnetly of 1 .N J. 

6. \' a l.iH\.r. «ii it.;ui, Ohio ; he married Mary 
Eliza tor of I'homaa K.'« wife. 

G. '. 

7. .1. , aon of DaTid. a quaker. 

9. :» July, 1>22, it a lawyer of Haniiiton. Ohio: 

hem y, IS50, Huldah R. Liilell. daughter of John 

Liueli, Btq. of Essex county, N. J. 

MARY TIlOM\?=. find N'elton Gclpin had ehildrcn: 
1. S.ifJih Otipin mnrriod, loth May. l^nO. Rev. Mr. Crow. p««- 
lor of the church at South Hanover, Jefferson county, Indiana. 

rii >MAs TUOMAtf. 4]3 

2. Thorn:-. : ; 3 Ilul.lah Gelpin ; I. Allred Uelpm. 
5. Johii<. ■ Sarah kobison (jJelpin. 

7 Mary 2>()euccr lielpin ; 8. David Gelpin. 

REV THOMAS i:. THOMAS and Lydia Fisher had 

1. lCi>onezcr; 2. Mary May ; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Alfred. 
5. Juhn. 

ELlZAin:TH THOMAS and Charles Burrows had chil- 
dren : 

I. Richird Burrows; 2. Mary Burrows. 

3. Sarah Burrows, whu died in infancy. 
1 Thomas Burrovr-* , 5 June Burrows. 

ALFRED THOMAS and Mary Eliza Fisher had chil- 

1. Eliza Ltllie ; 2. Anne. 

ANM: Tll<'MASan.l Dav:,] Linton had children : 
I. Anna Lioton ; 2. ; :i. . 

JOHN TIKtM \Sai..i Huldah R. Liltell, had children; 
1. Clara Loulun, and others. 

4 1 4 nuR TnoMreo:f . 


TmcJiiion in ihc Tlioinpsnn f;tmily snys ihnt ihree broil.ers^ 
M'-ses .•mtl llui 'riu>ii,[)»on emijLiiai' H fn»in >r.(itl;ii,cl 
to A mcrica : iliai imc «1 iliein. (prol»:iI) y selilcd in 
I'ci iisylviiiii.-i . one in ('«i|»iiect cut, .-Jinl t.'iai l.ui seiiled in 
Elizul ellil'wn. 

M'istfs, rimmns nn;l lliir Tli'>mps'in were nmons the first 
setl cr» of Kli/.:il»eiliiuwii anci ilieu names are in \h< fn.-l list 
of ilic •■"\vn Asv»ciates." ies(>eciiii;; iheir l>act of 
l;ir.<J. <if some /vnf) 00') in-res. purr.hnsc I cif tlie Indiifis. as 
recoiiietl in the '(Mtl It 'uk «»! Itcc'iil.t" in Klizahfilitown. 

Ill the >»-ar I<»n9 there was a t »\*n niee!ii:i: he!«l in I'J za- 
beiht'ivvn of all the AssiMiaies t'en hvni;: anti • tlmsr hohlini; 
Under ilicMi. ^r s nne «d ihrin *' ami ammi'i (li(*seis the name 
of John Tlioiiipsou. ^^\\'> " ''•• ' • '•. Tlu.n pson il.ciein 
name 1. 

An I in the »anie "OI«l Hn.ik ' J^JiU I liuuip««>n and SamncI 
Th'imp^on ate *»ni !•• te son** ol lliir 'J li<Mnps>>n It may 
reanonaltly he inlerred then ihit Hnr Tho<nps<>ti \va.< tin 
father ol Jnhn rhum|)8on, who was pmbahiy the iaiher <>i 
'I'll inns 'riiomp«on. mHh was b<iin 'jriih Jim 171*2. nrd died 
2d Nmv. ison. aped 01 yeam. 9 mo ihh and H cla\s lie sur- 
vived his 'Jd wile jtisi one week. Tradition uLso says that 
I'hunia.H had a brother, John Thompson. 

JOHN THOMPSOX. (son ol Hur Thompson.) had seven 
^children lie liv. d a short distance east o: the residcnci' n|' 
I the late (t«neral \V illiam ('inne.ab«Mil two miles w< st nt 
Eliz il'ethtown. The seven clnldr* n ucre ; 

1. Thomas whomarned Ut. Hannah Ku«hmorc. of Hemp- 
stead,;; island ; '2d. Kaclul Slioiweli,«v ol Beijamin, 
Ol I'iseataway 

2 .NIoses who settled near the Church, in Connecticut 
Farms, and dieil there. 

3 Aarnn. who s ttled on l.on;; llill. in Morris county, and 
died in the time of the Frem^h war. 

4. Hannah. \\h<» marred Thomas I'aker. and with him re- 
moved to Tnrkev. nuw Ncv\' Proviilence, IC?»cx countv. \^See 
Buker ] 

5. S.irah manied Isi. Mr. Van Sickle, of I on:; Hi'l. and 
had a daughter, Khzabeth, who marrie I Jacob Mntion. son of 
William. f6Vt' Hritlnn ] Sarah married 2d. Mr Kutan. who 
had a son reier. who lived in Aibanv. N V. She married 
3d. James Eno-. or Innes. ol Lonp Hili. 

G. Patience married .Mr Willis, ol Sh^rt Hills, in W^stfield 
township, and had chidren. but her descendants are not now 

7. Betsey married Wjllnm Cauldwell, son of James, of 
Long Hill.' [Sec CauldwcU.] 



I TilOMAS ri|(>\|PSO\. (soil ..r Join..) live. I in Union 
f Tiiwnsh p. nen lialiway IJiver. rind owi.eil lite mills below 
* JSpnns^tieiil. He ami llinmli Kus'im.e li i.l cliKiien: 

1. MiKv. wh't in irrictl. 1st J<»ht» L;imi) [se- Lj/hO ;] 2d, 
Malthas HetlJeld l>y wliM 11 sh • liuln'»cl»il ren 

2. Livinn. f)»rn JHli Julv. 1731 a id died vounij. 

3. Jofiri nvirried Liioy NV'.)..lcott, of Coanect cut. 

4. Al»ii;iil. who ilied in inl:m(!y. 

5. At>iuMil"2 I. iM\rned 1st. Moses IJiteii. [Sec }f,s\r LiUeV, 
ton of Hr-njiimin ;] Od, John Seahrini;. 

G. ileze!%iah mirrel 1st. J:in* lioss ; 2 I, Jan'* Woodruff. 

7. Ahner mirried Mary lioss and dit-d Juiy. I**!.^. 

8. Phel)e. born April. 17 IS. and died 2:)t'i October. l^^O. 
She tnarri'-d Wr-i, John Liilell. son of lienj im r>. [S-e 
LiU^/l;] 2d. Uciijainiii Fuzee. a granti sou ol' Heiij unia 

9 S.irih born Olh Nov. I T.'iO. an I dieil 2Sih Jan lsi2;she 
marrie I. 1 783. James Uoss. ICsq . son of John, as bi-s 2d wife. 

10. Hannah, born 2:M .\..v. 17:)3. and died 27th F.b 1778. 
She marrr«d James Itoss, Esq.. son of Job. », as lus Isl wife. 
[•Sfc Ross ] 

11. (.'artntn married Patience Headley. "I'hompson. by his 2 I wife Kachel, had, 

li. Aan>n. born lOthDer;. 17G0. and died 3il July. 1702. 
He married .\lella Potter. dau:;hter of .M.uthias Potter 

13 Rachel, born 3 1st Jan 17»»3. married 1st, Noah Mardh ; 
2d. John Potter, and removed to Kedsione. 

14. Chloe. who married Ephr.iim Price, of Elizabethtown. 

15. Hur, born Olh July, 17G7 ; died at abjut 18 or 19 years. 

JOHN THOMPSON, (son of Thomas.) and Lury Wool- 
coll had children : 
5 L Caleb, who married 1st, Mary Jennings ; 2d, Phcbo 
o Blake. 

2. Phebe married Anthony Fountain, son of Vincent, of 
Elalen Island. 

3 John married Martha, daughter of David, and widow 
of Carman Tn ) np< )n. 

4. Abby, who died in l'^33, aged n4 years, unmarried. 

5. Hepsibah n^arried Ephraim Marsh, son of Eijhraiin, of 

6 Josiah WoolcoU marned Hetty Merrel, of Staten Island, 
tnd lived there. 


THOMAS TaoMr?o5. 

7. Lucy married Ist, Andrew Ilennel ; 2d, Jacob Hur- 
bank . Iiad no children. 

8. Cliloe tnarned James Hallet. of WestfieM. 

0. .lulia. horn '2'2d Aug. 17^4. married Caleb Jeffreys, son 
of Caleb, of LUion. 

10. Asa Lay married Hannah Sayre, daughter of Benja- 
min, of Union. 

1 1. 'Hinma^ Rr.?«!imore married JoanQuigley. daughter of 
Capt. Aaron Quiglcy. 

CALHB THOMPSON, {l>i cnw.i .'i J<m„i ) .-uki Mary 
Jennings, had children ; 
f 1. Sarah, who married Stcplien ^V son of Gabriel, 

p 2. WiHiam. who went tw >e.i wl t 2'J years old, 

" and did no! return 

:; .!.-■; ! \-r ■ \ ■. Woodruff. 

IMirJU: TIloMl'SU.N, (2d chdd of John,) and Anthony 
Fountain, had children : 

1. Amy Fountain, who married Mr. Houseman as his 2d 

2. John Fountain married Keziah . and had four 


a Charles Founlain married Jane Van Pelt ; had eight 

1. .Mary Fountain died at about 30 years, unmarried. 
5. Gcortre Foun ain died at about 10 years. 

J(»n\ THuMi'SOX. (.3d child of John.) and Martha 
Thomi son. had children ; 

1. rhebe Anne. 2. Elizabeth, and others. 

lir.l'ZIi'. Ml TH(»MPSOX. (.-ith child of John,) and 
EpI raim, had children : 

1. Betsey Marsh, who marriefl Jacob Stein. 

2. Lucy .Marsh married Joseph Christie. 

3. Abigail .Marsh married Mr. Srhrever, of New York. 

4. Carohne >L'irsh married Jesse Wood, of -New York. 

5. Edwin Mar>h. 

JOSLVH W. THOMPSON, ( child of John.) and Hetty 
Mem! live on Staten Island, and had children : 

1. William, who married . 

2. Mariah ; 3. John married twice. 
4. Josiah married Miss Pool. 

5 George married iSophia 


CULOC THO.MPSOX. (8ih cluld of Jolui.) ami James 
llullet had cliililrea : 
r 1 Aaron (Jilbeil llalk-t, who died at about vJl years. 
I \i. I'ullv llallet, who luurricd Adoiiijah llulbrook. 
3. Susan Hallet married I'lulander Webb. 

I. John Hallet married . 

'}. Lcuy Aunt- Hallet married William Fowler, and had a 
daughtt-r. Hli/.abetii Fowler. 

6. Catherine Hallet. 

7. James Hallet married . 

JULIA TH(^MPSON, (Oih child of John,) and Caleb 
T*»fVerys, had rhildren : 

1. Isaac Morse Jellerys, wiio married Sarah Potter, daugh- 
ter of John. 

2. Jane Eliza Jellerys married Jeremy Jagger, son of 
Stephen, and had no children. 

'{ Henrietta Jellerys married David C Baldwin, son of 

t. Lucy Anne Jellerys married Josiah Miller, son of 
Eni.tch. of Westtield. 

5. Sarah Thompson Jeflerys married Abraham W. Bald- 
win, son of David C. son ofeldfr Thomas Baldwin. 

6. llachel iieeve Jellerys married Samuel Ketchum, son of 

7. Caleb Henry JelFerys left home in 183-i, and did not 

AS.V L. THOMPSON. (lOth son of Jolrn,) and Hannah 
Sayre, had children : 

1. Julia Anne. 2. Hepzibah. who died at 12 years. 

3. Elizabeth. 4. Asa Ferdinand. 

5. Willi;im Baldwin, who died at 17 years. 

6. Josiah, who married Catherine , of New- York. 

7. Haimah, who died at about In years. 

8. Thomas, who died at about ',i years. 

THOM.VS R. TIIO.MPSON, (11th son of John,) and 
Joan Quigley, had children : 

1. Betsey Anne. 

2. Aaron Quigley, who married Theodocia Sayre. daugh- 
ter of James, son of Ephraim, of Madison; 3. John; 4. 
Charity; 5. Thomas; 6. Henry Radley ; 7. Mary. 

AARON QUIGLEY THOMPSON. (2d child of Thomas 
R.,) and Theodocia Sayre, had children: 1. Joan Elizabeth; 
2. Theodocia ; 3, Sidney ; 4. Mary Kate. 



^ HEZI:KIAH TIIOMrSOX. (oth child of Thomas.; and 
p Jane li<'ss, hved on ivaliway Kivcr. in L'nion To\vn>hin. and 
° had children : 

1. Mnry. who married Benjamin Gardner. 
*J Sar.d) niarricd Benjamin ( rane .'id. (Sre Crane.) 
'A. Moses married. Isi. Ksiher Boiinel, daugliier oi Henrv ; 
2d, Polly Winans, daughter ol Joshua. 
4. Jacob, who died younc. 
And by his second wife. Jane WoodrufT, had, 
5 Jacob 'Jd. G Thomas, 7. Isaac. \vh<» nil three died young. 

8. Jane, who had a daughter Mary Anne, who married 
David T<»tlen. s^n of John. [Sec Tolten.'j 

9. Nancy married Haniel Lacy, son i)l Samuel. [Ser I^act/.'^ 

10. B«Msev married Jess** < Maker, son of Jonathan 1. 
[See Baker.'] 

11 I'hebe married Holierl Kail , he died 15ih May, ISJS. 
and left cInMren 

1. Jnhn I'.arl. 2. Mary Elizabeth Earl. 

M\ilV riloMPSON. (1st child of Ilezekiah.) and Ben- 
I janun (lanlnfr. had children : 

i 1. Hc/fkiah Thomfwon Gardner married in Baltimore and 
died in Alabama. 

2. Jane Ro*s Gardner married Ephraim Broadwell, s<»n <>f 
Simeon, and lived in Doylon. Ohio. He died l.'ith Fob. lJi-10. 
[Sre Apprndix] 

3. I'hebe Gardner married Theophilus Eaglesfield, brother 
of \N o •IfiridL.'f Ea^jlesfield. and has chddren : 

1. Th'Muns l",aglesfield. 

2. Jane married William Railsback. 

8. Sarah. 4. Mary Anne. 5. William Eaglesfield. 

4. Noah Gardner married Sarah Baker. 

ft. Polly Gardner married Caleb Scndder. 

6. Jacol) (iardner married Sarah Mdler. of Black Kiver 

7. M<ises Gardner married Pl»ebe , and had children : 

1. Benjamin. 2. Mary. 3. John. 4. Hezekiah T. 

8. Sally Gardner marritd W m. Hall, and had children : 
1. Hampton Hall. 2. Julia Hall. 3. George Hall. 

9. Thomas Gardner. 

10. Carman Gardner. 

MOSES THOMPSON. (3d child of Hezekiafi,) and 
Esther Bonnel. had children : 

1. Nancy, who married John Searing. 

2. Jane married W'm. Baker, son of William. [-SV Bakrr] 
And by his 2(1 wife. Moses Thompson had children: 

3 Sally, who married .lames Aoderson, son ol Andrew, of 
Springfield, and had children : 


1. Aaron Anderson. 2. Eliza Anderson. 3. Caroline 
Anderson. I. Henrietta T. Anderson. 5. Mary W. 
Anderson. t5. Sarah I'.. Amlersun. 7. Jane ii. An- 
derson. 8. James U. Anderson, horn 1n;j7. 

4. Hezekiah married Mary Birt, daughter of Jacob, and 
had children : 

1. Henrietta. \». Ellen Louisa. .'{ Hezekiah. 

5. Ja«-.ob married Phehe Ayers, daugluer ol Daniel, and 
had children : 

1. William Ayers. 2. Moses. 3 Mary Ayers. 
(I. Mary married Milchel Anderson, brother ot' James, and 
had children : 

1. <»eorge Anderson. 'J. Mnses Thompson Anderson. 

7. Hetty, born •,*7th June, ISlO, married Oliver Wade, 
born '2:id .\p.-il. I'^Ol. son of Uzel. and had children : 

1. John 1'. Wade, born *JSih January, \^2\). 

2. Marv Wa-le. 3. Hezekiah T. ' Wade. 4. Emily 
Han' Wade. 

8. Aaron married Phebe ^^ar.■Jh. and had children : 

1. Mary. '2. William Henry. 

* ABXHK TH( )MP?:0\, (7th child of Thomas.) and Mary 

ri Ross, had children : 

^ I. Jose[)h. 2. Smith. .1. Daniel. 

•1. Hannah, who married Jacob Woolley, Sen. of Spring- 
tleld. and had children ; 

1 I'olly Woolley, who married Charles Thompson Day, 
son of Thaddeus. [See Dui/.] 

2. Abner Woolley. who was killed by the fall of a tree in aLjed "J? years. 

3. Jacob Woolley. Jun. married Mary Burnet, daughter 
of lapl. Jonathan, and had children : 1. George W. 

Woolley. who married his cousin Delia . He is a 

shoe manufacturer, of Springfield. 2. Hervey Wool- 
ley, who married . a daughter of Augustus 

Richards. 3. Jonaiiian B. Woolley ; I. Mary Wool- 

4. Betsey Woolley married Jacob Miller, son of Enoch, 
of Westfield. 

5. Thompson Woolley married Elizabeth Dean, daughter 
of William, son of John, and had children: I. Mary 
Woolley; 2. Hannah Woolley; 3. GeorL'e Woolley. 

6. Hannah Woolley married Squier WoodrulT, son of 

7. Charlotte Woolley married Samuel Mooney, son of 

8. Abraham Woolley married . 


^ CARMAN THOMPSON, (11th child of Thomas,) and 

^ Patience Headley, had children: 

f 1. Mary, who married Peter Bennet. of New Brunswick. 

2. Sarah married Mr. Peltenger, of New Brunswick. 

3. Carman married , and died in Albany. 

AARON THOMPSON, (12th child of Thomas,) and Aletta 
Potter, had children : 

1. Martin E. who married Mary Kitchel, daughter of the 
Hon. Aaron Kitchel, of Morris county, and lived in New York. 

2. Aaron married Eliza Ryerson, daughter of Judge Ryer- 
son, of Pompton, lived in New York, and had no children. 

MARTIN E. THOMPSON, (son of Aaron,) and Mary 
Kitchel, had children : 

1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Beach, of Hanover, had 
no children. 

2. Susan married her cousin James Price, son of Thomp- 

3. Matilda married Mr. E. Tomkins. 

4. Aaron. 

5. William, who went to California. 

6 Mary Emma married Henry Munson, of Long Island. 
7. Charles ; 8. Edwin ; 9. Henrietta. 

RACHEL THOMPSON, (13th child' of Thomas,) and 
Noah Marsh, of Westfield, had one daughter, Harriet, who 
married Mr. Leonard, of Bound Brook. And by John Pot- 
ter, she had two daughters. Mr. Potter removed to Redstone, 
Pennsylvania, and there his daughters married two brothers, 
by the name of Potter, from New Proridence, and removed 
to Ohio. 

CHLOE THOMPSON (I4th child of Thomas,) and Eph- 
raim Price, had children : 

1. Thompson Price, who married Miss James; lived in 
New York. 

2. David Price, who was murdered about 1826, on his way 
from Texas to Mexico. 

3. Rachel Price married Mr. Belknap, of New York. 

4. Mary Price married Mr. Condit, son of the Rev. Aaron 
Condit, late of Hanover, and soon after died. 



« AARON THOMPSON, (brother of Thomas and Moses 
o Thompson,) came up, and settled on Long Hill, on lot No. 31 
" addition of the Elizabethtovvn lots. He had children : 

1. Joseph. (See remarks under Anthony Littell.) 

2. Thomas, who married, 1st December, 1763, Abigail Ross. 

3. Patience married, 27th September, 1767, Matthias Sayre, 
son of Isaac Sayre, of Springfield. [See Sayre.'] 

THOMAS THOMPSON, (son of Aaron,) and Abigail 
Ross lived on Long Hill, where Joel D. Thompson now does, 
and had children : 

1. Polly, who married Samuel Parrot, son of William, Sen. 
[See Parrot. ] 

2. Aaron married, 20th June, 1807, Keziah Dunham, daugh- 
ter of John Dunham, Jun. 

3. Joanna married, 3d July, 1791, Noah Beach, of Hanover 
Morris county. 

4. Patience married, 20th October, 1795, Phinehas Beach, 
brother of Noah. 

5. Moses married Hannah Potter, daughter of Amos, Esq. 

AARON THOMPSON, (son of Thomas, son of Aaron,) 
and Keziah Dunham, had children : 

1. Joel Dunham, born 7th April, 1808, and married Paulina 
Mulford, daughter of William Mulford, and had children : 

1. Mary and Esther, twins ; 3. Aaron. 

2. Hester, died 17th Aug. 1844, in her 33d year, 'unmarried. 

3. William, who married, and went to Louisville, Kentucky. 

4. Aaron married Lavina Smith, and went to Louisville. 
Aaron Thompson died 15th November, 1737, aged 71 

years. Keziah, his widow, died 5th December, 1748, aged 
68 years, 5 months. 

MOSES THOMPSON, (son of Thomas,) lived on part of 
his father's farm ; he and Hannah Potter had children: 

1. Elizabeth, who died 12th November, 1823, aged 24 yrs. 

2. Jotham Potter, died 12th Sept. 1828, aged 25 years. 

3. Thomas, who married in New York, Martha Baker, and 
removed to Peoria county, Illinois. 

4. Hannah married John K. Swift, of Sing Sing, N. Y, 
and live there. 

5. Sarah C. who died 28th February, 1846, aged 36 years. 

6. Mary ; 7. Susan. 

8. Amos married, l9th May, 1850, Catherine Doty, daugh- 
ter of Sylvester Doty. 

The three latter went in May, 1847, to Peoria. 
Moses Thompson died lOth June, 1844, aged 69 years. 
His wife Hannah died 3d January, 1838, aged 60 years. 



» TIMOTIl V TIK JMrSCJX was hnrn in 1709. and was son 
J of Tliotnas Thompson, ami probably the same Thomas Thomp- 
son, named as one of the *' I'^lizahethtown Assru-iates." 
Il is n'lt known that he was of kin to Hur Thompson, 
'litiv'thy Thomp.son inairied JSaiah Sallee. hved in Connec- 
ticut Farms, and had children : 

l>aniel. Benjamin and Jabez. He died 27th September, 
1780, aged 71 year."^. 

DAXirr. TII(tMI'S(»\. (son of Timothy.) married Eu- 
phemia liad;:lfy. hved m I'assaic Valley, and had chddren: 

1. Timothy, who married »Sarah Enyarl, daughter of Ben- 

2. Benjamin married Betsey Lewis, daughter of Isaac, and 
sister of |{ichard Hnrjyon's wife 

3. U illiam. who .!u«il tj7lh .March. 17'^;>. 

4. Sally married Kul'us Enyart. brother of Timothy's wife. 

5. I'.tr.i marru-d Job Mullord, boh "f OmvI'^ son of Job. 
[See Mu/ford] 

0. Betsey niarried William BarracK. "i Licking Co. Ohio. 
7. John, who rlied inyoutfj. 

These last three were twin-horn. 

8 Polly married Mr. .NIcFane. in Licking county, Ohio. 
David, who died in Ohio, a young man. 
Daniel Thompson and his family, and Benjamin Enyarl's 
family, went to Ohio, about IboO. 

BF.NMAMIN rH<'M|'.Nn\, (son of Timothy.) married 

Hannah , who died l.'ith Apiil, 1790. aged *2« years, leav. 

ing children. Henry and .\ancy. He removed to Ohio, and 
married as his iid w il'e. Rachel Enyart. daughter of Benjamin. 

JAIU'.Z THOMPSON, (son of Timothy.) was born 19lh 
November, 1759, married Mary Jones, of Lyons Farms, and 
had children : 

1. John, born in ^fay, 178^i. and married 16th July, 1816, 
HuldahCi. Stites. daiiL'hter of Capt. Al ner Siites. 

2. tlias I married. <Uli June. Isll. .\ancy Lewis. daughter 
of Isaac Lewis, and sister of Bichard Kunyon's wife ; they 
live in Newark. 

Jabez Thompson died 31st March, 1835. 

JOHN THOMPSON. ( son of Jabez. son of Timothy.) and 
Huldah G. Stites. had children : 1. Jabez. who died a young 
man. 2. Silas Stites; 3. Jane Siites ; 4. Caroline Elmer; 5. 
Ezra Fairchild. 


Mr. Thompson's wife, Huldah, died 21st Aug. IS32, aged 
30 yoais, and he married Hannah Cooper, sister of the Rev. 
W'llham H. Cooper, son-in law of Ehas 1. Thompson. He 
iiNe:> in Madidou county, New Vork. 

ELI.\S I. THOMPSON, (son of Jabez,) and Nancy Lewis 
liad children : 

1. Mary, born hith March, \s\2, and married, 20th July, 
1"S3I, the liev. William H. ("ooper, now pastor of the Prea- 
bylerian Church in W'ainpsville, Madison county. New York, 
and had children: 1. Harriet Augusta Cooper ; 2. Emma 
Josephine C(.)oper ; 3. Elias Thompson Cooper ; 4. Edward 
I'ayson Cooper. 

2. Martha, born 4th Dec. 1813, and married, 8th May, 
1^39, Jacob F. Reemer ; lives in Newark, N. J., and had 
children: 1. Harriet Thompson Reemer; 2. Charles Henry 
lieemer; 3. Anna Matilda Ueemer; 4. John Reemer. 

3. Harriet Newel, born 8th March, is 10, married, 3d Aug. 
Nl2, the Rev. William W. Holloway, who is now pastor of 
tfie lieformed Dutch Church at Amity, Saratoga county, N. 
\ork. and Miad children: 1. William Whiteman Holloway; 
2. Harriet Newel Holloway. 

4. (George WashingtOii, born 10th Oct. 1819. He gradu- 
ated at llutifers' College, iNew Brunswick ; studied the<dogy ; 
inariied, 0th Oct. 1M.'>, Mary Anne Stilwell, daughter of 
J;imes Slilwell, of New Berlin, Union county, Pennsylvania, 

and is pastor r>f the Presbyterian church at , in Juniatta 

county, Pennsylvania, and lias a child, Charles. 



IM.Tr.R TILYOr came from France. His son. Vincent 
Tilynu. married. Isl. Nancy Tieboul; 2d. Jane Freeman, 
diinirhter of J<).»;eph. He lived in .New York, and by his lirsl 
\Mle had children : 

I John, who married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of John, 
of Ncu Jersey. [N'C Tucker.] 

2. Peter Vincent, who married, Lucy Bigdow ; 2d. 
Sally Field. 

3. Nancy, who married Mr. Spencer. 

And bv hi.t Jd wife. Jane Frieman. he had children: 

4. Vin<'ent, lK»rn 2'Uh May, 1"N^. and married ("atherine 
Curry, bom 26th Aug 1791, who had an <»nly sitter, Jarn 
Curry, and were daughters of Frajici?* Curry. 

r>. Hctt) married Francis Curry, brother of Vincent's wife. 

(\ J<».<iej'h F. niarried n« I. is 2ti wife. Sarah Huckman 
daughter <»t Levi, wlu> nbtaincd a divorce from him. and lu- 
married ug&in ; liveH near Basking Ridge, and has .several 

John TH.^of. aiid i:ii7..ibi-th Tucker lived on Stony 
Hill, in New Providence. .\. J., and had chiUiren : 

1. Nancv. who married Jolin Hill, son of William. iSce 
HWA ' 

2. Mary married Cornelius Frazee, son of Cornelius. [See 

1M:TKU V TILYOU lived in New York. He by his 1st 
wife, Lucy, had a son : 

1 John, who married Betsey Field, and had children: 1. 
Peter V. ; 2. F-liza ; 3. Lucv ; 4. Catherine ; .'>. Caroline ; <>. 
Kvelina ; 7. John V.; 8. Kmma ; !». Thaddeu.s ; 10. Jose- 
phine; II. .\ilelaide ; 12 ( Krar. 

And by his 'Jd wife, Sally Field. I'tttr ^ . Tilyou had chil- 
dren : 

2. Christian married Mary 

3. Louisa, who married Chandler Ingersoll, and had chil- 
dren : 1. Adeline; 2. Chandler; li. Lucy; 4. Francina in- 

VLNCEN T TH.YOU was a sea-captain, and traversed 
the seas many years. Capt. Vincent Tilyou and Catherine 
Curry lived in New York, and had children : 

1. Jane, who married Stephen Decator Morrison, in June, 
18-15, and died lnUi March, 1846. 


2. Catherine married Jcunes D. Morrison, brother of .Ste- 
phen I) . and had children : I. Catherine Morrison : '2. Vincent 
Morrison; 3, Mary Jane Morrison; I. Harriet Morrison; 
5. John Francis Morrison ; G. Margaret. 

3. Ksther. 

1. Harriet Newel, who married the Rev. Shubal Stiles 
Parker, a Baj)tist Minister, who first settled in BurlinLTton. and 
subsequentiv m New Brunswick, N. J., and had children : 1. 
Franklin U'lieelock Parker; '2. Jan© Tilyou Parker. 

5. Viiiccntine S. 

6. Vmcenl. 

Note. — Jane Curry, sister ofCapt. Vincent Tilyou's wife, 
married John B. llalsted, of New York, and hud children: 

1. Sarah Halsted. 

2. Su-*an llalsted, who married Mr. Brush. 

:}. Jane 1 1 aisled died iTtli Feb. 1.^49, aged '.V2 years. 

4. Francis llalste<l ; .'». Benjamin llalsted; (». John 

Halstead ; 7. Catherine llalsted. 

HETTY Til. YOU, (daus;hter of Vincent, Sen.) and 
Francis Curry IkuI children : 

1. Jane Curry, who married Lothrip L. Sturges. and had 
children : 

1. Mary Jane Sturges, who married Jeremiah Wardwell, 
and has children: I. William Wardwell; 2. Tiieo- 
dore Wardwell. 

'2. William .Sturges marrieil Jenetle Smith. 

.'{. Charles .Sturges. 

4. Theodore Sturges; o, Catherine .Sturges; G. Wallace 
Sturges ; 7. Edwin Sturges. 

2. Esther Curry married John Laws, and had children: 1. 
Janet Laws ; 2. Williair. Laws. 

3. William ( 'urry married Julia Washluirn. and had chil- 
dren : \. William Curry; 2. Richard Curry; 3. George 
Curry; 4. Theodore ('urry. 

4. Catherine Curry married George NL Clearman, and had 
childr- n : I. Lewis Clearman ; 2 Mariah Clearman ; 3. Mary 
AuLjusta Clearman ; I. Isaac (^learman ; f). Emma Clearman; 
6. Frederick Clearman; 7. Catherine Clearman; 


en. AS TITUS. 


SILAS TITL'S had children: 

1. Polly, who marrieJ David Van Norton, and lives at 
Bound Brook. 

'J. Josiah married , anri lives up the \orlh River. 

3 John njarried. 1>1. Hannah Manning, dau'jhler of Jerry 
Mannifig, and lived in Washington Valley. He married, 2d, 
the wid'.>w Uachel Boice. 

4. NN'nliam married Jane Squier, daughter of Thomas, of 
Livingston, lie lived in I'assaic V^alley, in Warren, and died 
4th April. IblN, need 73 yeais; 5. Isaac. 

0. .Nelly, who died a young woman. 

J< Ml \ TITL'S, (son of Silas.) and Hannah Monning had 
children : 

1. Isaac, who married Keziah Smalley, daughter of Sam- 
uel, and hves in Washmglcn Valley. 

2. Sarah. Arid by h:s 2d wife, Rachel, had children: 
li. John, who married . 

1. Rachel married Widiam Reed, .son of Kelly Reed. 

lSA.\r rrrrs, (son of John,) and Keziah 5>njalley. had 
children . 

\ .Martha, wjio married Amos Giddis, son of Jacob, of 
Washington \'aliey. 

2. Hannah married Philip Winans. son of John, of do, 

3. Havid, who died at about 10 years. 

4. Rlioda, who married Israel Moore, son of Isaac, of 
Mount Methel, 

5. .Manning ; 0. Samuel : 7. Lewis ; ft. William Henry ; 9. 
David vld, who died at 3 years ; 10. Madison ,11. Amanda ; 
12. Mahlon. 

WMLLIA.M TITUS, (son of Silas,) and Jane Squier had 
childifn : 1. Betsey. 

2. .Mary, who married Jonathan Corv. son of John, and 
had children: 1. Elizabeth Cory; 2. Marietta Cory; 3. 
riiebe Cory; 4, Anne Jane Cory.' 

3. Phebe married Mr. Brewster. 

4. Anne married Isaac C. Allen, son of Daniel. [See All^n] 

6. Charlotte married William Freeman, son of Caleb, of 
riainfield, and had children: 1. Georu'e Freeman; 2. John 
Freeman ; and they, Charlotte and William, both died. 

0. Jennette married Thomas Vail, son of Joel, of Plain- 

7. William is a baker, in Newark. 

8. Caroline married, l^t Nov. 1840, David Smalley, son 
of David D., Esq. 9. Thomas Squier ; 10. George. 



ALEXANDER TODD lived near Liberty Corner, and 
had children : David and James Tmid 

J^nies Ti)dd. who married, J3d .March, 17S4. Jane ^farlin, 
daughter of Alexander Martin, of Loni; llilj, [ste Mailin,] 
and had children : 

\. Alexaiuler, who died suddenly, Cth May, 1S49, aged 
64 years, unmarried. 

2. VVilliam married Catherine Hand, daughter of Jona- 
than, of Masking Ridge. ['V-e Jland] 

3. Sally married John Norton, from Ireland, and had a 
son, Tho/nas Norton. 

4. James Todd. Jun. is unmarried, 

5. Anne married John Nesbitt, son cf James, and had 
children: L Augustus Nesbitt; 2. Andrew Jackson 

WILLIAM TODD, (son of James,) and Catherine Hand 
had children : 

1. John, who married Elizabeth Pouleson, daughter of Cor- 

2. Jane married Ellis D, P.aldwin, son of David, [see 
B<il'lwin,] and h:ul children: 1. David; 2. Catherine ; 3. 
John; 4. Emily Baldwin. 

3. Sarah married George Bird, son of Isaac, of Mount 

4. Mary married James Waldron. son of John, of Washing- 
ton Valley, ami had children : 1 John ; 2. Catherine; 3. Hes- 
ter Sylvenia Waldron. 

5. Sally married James Gibson, son of William ; lives in 
New York, and had children: L James Gibson; 2. Sarah 

6. Jonathan married Hannah Vatican ; lives in the Beach 
Woods, Pennsylvania, an<l had a son : 1. Milton Ira. 

7. William; 8. Hugh; 9. James. 



JOSEPH TOMKINS married Martlia Campbell, of Orange. 
They lived at Cauldwell. and had children : 

1. Sarah, who died a younLj woman. 

"2. Hannah, who married. *J.'»th Feb. 1809, Jacob Marcell, 
of .Newark, and had children : 1. Benjamin Marcell : *J. Alfreil 
Marcell . 3. David Marcell . 1. Stej'hen Marcell ; ihey then 
removed to Illuiois. 

ii. Havid Bunnel. who died unmarried, at about 35 years. 

4. -Nathaniel, who married .Nancy Hedfitrd. daughter of 
David, ol Columbia. Morris county, and had children : 

1. William Alkn, who marriid Rebecca > auu'hn. and 
had children . 1. Anne Bedford ; 2. Mary Elizabeth ; 
;3. John ; 1. Martha Jane. 
'J. Datid Bonnel, who went to Illinois, and died unmar- 
Joseph Tomkins married for his 2d wife. Jerusha, a widow, 
the daughter of David BonncI, of Union, who removed to 
I'asHaic Valley, and had a non. 

5. Ashbel Allen, bom 22d Aujf. 1H06. and married, 11th 
Juno, I'^'.'S. Mary N, Bonnel. daughter of Philemon BonncI. 
and hiid children : 

1. Philefiion Bonnel, born 1 0th April, 1829. and marrird 
Anne I'.li/a Ushorn. daughter ol Asa, tilth t?ept. IN5U. 

2. Huldah Bonnel, born 5th June, 1837; 3. and 4. 
Maitha BonncI and Mary Ksther, twin.s, born 22d 
April, l**!!. 

Mr. A. A Tonikins lives in New Providence village ; is en- 
gaged in blncksmithing. 

Mr. Nathaniel Tomkins lived on Stony Hill, in Warren, 
where his wile died, and he and his son William and familr, 
removed to Illinois. 

Jeru-ha, thr 2d wife of Joseph Tomkins. married, 1st, John 
Beach, [ser finch ;] had H children, when he died, an«J she 
married, 2d, David .Muchmore. of Livingston, hy whom she 
had no children. She married, 3d. Jo.seph Tomkins, who 
died 23d Oct. 1832. at 75 years, and she was again left a wi- 
dow ; and after several years she went with one ol her sons to 
Lexington, Kentucky, where she^died l9lh Jul}, 1843, io 
the midst oi her children : 




JAMHS TOl'TRX was probably the son of Sylvanus 
Tulieri who lived in this neighliorhooti iu 1765. 

He lived on the north side of Long Hill, where Xoah Wil- 
liains lately lived ; he married Hester Propo. who died 7ih 
June, 1773; he died 7th May. 1771 ; thev had children : 

1. Saiah, who married, hilh March. 17»;7. Moses Klancher. 

2. Uavid married, 2 jth January, 177j, Sarah I'ierson. 

3. John married Rhoda Marsh, of Rahway, sister of Daniel 

John Totten died 11th September, ISIO, aged 50 years. 
Rhoda his widow died \JOih January, 1S35, aged S'2 years. 

DAVH) TOTTF.X, (son of James.) and Sarah Pierson 
lived in Sterling's Valley, and had children : 

1. Mary, who married Israel Brant. 

2. Klizabeth married .Mr. Hovian. 

3. John married Tempe Conklin, daughter of Joshua. [See 

4. Joseph married, 17th June, 1S20, Mariah Hathaway, of 

5 James married Sally Freeman, daughter of Philip. 

G. Martha married John Robert Littell, son of Robert. [See 

7. Racliel married Amos Stevens, son of John. [See 

JOHN TOTTEN, (son of David,) and Tempe Conkiin, 
had children : 

1. Betsey, who married John Putnam, son of Miles, live in 
Green Valley, near Plainfield, and had children: 

1. Andrew Jackson Putnam ; 2. Miles Putnam ; 3. John 
Davis Putnam ; 4. Randolph Putnam ; 5. Lewis Craig 
Putnam, twin to Randolph ; 6. Mary Putnam ; 7. Har- 
riet Putnam. 

2. David marrie<l Marv Anne Thompson, daughter of Jane, 
daughter of Hezekiah Thompson, and had children: 

1. Jane; 2. Elias ; 3. l)avid. 

3. Anne married Samuel Pangborn. of Green Valley, and 
had children : 

1. Eli Pangborn : 2. Benjamin Pangborn ; 3. John Pang- 
born ; 4. Drake Pangborn ; 5. Mary Adeline Pang- 
born ; G. Abel Stewart Pangborn. 

4. James married Eliza Wood, daughter of Silas, of Logans- 
ville, and had children: 1. Phebe ; 2. Mary Anne, 3. Wil- 
liam ; 4. Abby ; 5. Ellen ; 6. Catherine Elizabeth ; 7. Car- 
ter ; 8. Fanny. 



5. Abby married Abel Stewart, son of William D. Stew- 
art, Esq. [See Stewart] 

6. Eunice married Alexander Cameron, son of Elisha, of 
Sterling's Valky. 

7. Joshua married, 1st, Emeline Foster: 2d. Caroline 
Spinning, daughter of John, of Elizabeihtown. and had chil- 
dren : 

1. Henry Francis ; 2. John Spinning Totten. 

8. Cornelius married Martlia Junes, daughter of Thomas 
D.Jones, and had children: 1. (Jeorgiaua; 2. a daughter, 
who died young. 

JAMi:S 'r()'l'n:.\. (son of David.) and Sally Freeman, 
had children : 

1. .Nancy, who married William Ayers, son of David, of 
Union, and had children : 

1. Lewis Ay era, born 1^3. '• ; -2 M .rv Avers, born 

2. Silas married Adeline .M<- ( ■iiiiic. 

3 Freeman married Jane Whitenack, and had children : 

I I _'ene ; 2 Sarah Elizabeth ; 3. Thomas. 1 Linus. 
•1 I. ; ^ who died at about 17 y<'ars. 
5. Jane married Wd iam Fuikcrson. 

0. William married Eliza J^quier. daughter of J(;hn. 

7. Ilrrvey ; 8. George Washmglon, U. Joliu Henry, twins. 
10. Jackson. 

Jf^HN T(^TTE\. (son of James Ist.) and Rhoda Marsh, 
lived in Passaic \ alley, and had children : 

1. lienjamm. who died in infancy. 

2. HcMsey. born 17so. ami mai ' "''; March. 1798. Joshua 
Kindall. son of Job Kindall. ot ; >n county, and had 
children : 

1. John Marsh Kindall. who married, 8ih March. 1S3S, 
Nancy Ludlow, daughter of Joseph, and had children : 
1. Joshua; 2. Hannah Ludlow; 3. John Lu<llow. 

4. Sarah .\nnc. 

2. Anne Doty Kindall married Ezra Wooden, son of 
Gideon, of Green Valley, and had childrrn : 1. Eli/.a- 
beih ^V ooden : 2. William N\ ooden ; 3. Sarah Wood- 
en ; 4Mariah Wooden : 5. Ludlow Wooden ; O.Mar- 
tin Wo<iden; 7. Susan Wooden. 

3. MarLTnici Kindall. 

4. WillKim Kindall. born 1823, has a daughter Frances, 
botn .March, 1>43. 

5. Ehhu Kindall. who died of cholera. 10th July. l'^40. 

6. Eliza Kindall ; 7. Mariah Kindall. 

Mr. Joshua Kindall died Gth December, 1831, aged 51 yrs. 




SAMUEL TOTTKX. (brother of James Totten 1st) lived 
a little south ot the corner store south of the church, arvd kept 
a tavern there. He died 25th June. 1775; his widow died 
17th March, I79U ; they ha.l children : 

1. Samuel Totten, Jan. who married Ulh June, 1785. Mar- 
tha Tuitle. 

2. Martha married, ;ilsi Julv, 1788, Joseph Day, [See 

3 Jonathan married, 15th October, 17l)'2. Esther Wood, 
daughter of Jeremiah Wood. 

Mr. Jonathan Totten died vJlth February, 18:J7. aged US 

JOXATHAX TOTTEX, (son of Samuel,) and Esther 
Wood, had children : 

1. Jane, who ma ried John McClasky Schureman, son of 
John, and had children : 1. Jonathan Schureman. who mar- 
ried Keziah ; 2 Satnuel Schureman married Cornelia Uicker- 
son. daughter of Philemon ; 3. Henrietta. 

Jane then died, and Mr. Schureman married again, Mrs. 
Melick, who had a son. Abraham Meliok. who tnarried Eliza 
Schureman, daughter of Samuel Schureman, broiher of John 
McClasky. By this '2d wife. J. McL'. Schureman had a son, 
Leonard Schureman. who is a stone cutter, in Morristown. 

2. Nancy, who married Jacob Nixon, and had children: 

1. Pamelia Xixon. who married .Mr. Dunn; lives in 
Morristown, and keepsa large milliners' shop. 

2. Harriet Jane Nixon married Aaron HedJen, son of 

3. Jeremiah married Hannah Price, daughter of Rice 
Price : live in lloxbury. Morris county. 

4. Betsey, who lived in New- York, and died 31st Jan. 1852, 

5. Esther, wh i married Ezra Williams, son of Noah ; lives 
in Xew-York, and have no children 

0. Abraham Morrel, who die! 20lh Dec. 1 827, aged 27 

7. Joseph Wood married, 31st July 1S23, Jemima Doug 
las, daughter of Jesse V. Douglas, of Springfield. 

JEIIEMI.VH TOTTEN, (son of Jonathan.) and Hannah 
Price, had children : 

1. Samuel, who married Sarah .\nne Osborn, daughter of 
John, and had children : 1. John Osborn, and others. 


Berroin tkemblt. 

2. Jonathan, born 1st Sept. 1821, nrarritd. 22d July 1843, 
Mariah :?chureman, daiirrhier of Samuel, have no children. 
f.SV^ Sc udder.] 

ll William ; 4. Jane: ;'>. Benjamin ; 6. Abigail;? Agnes. 

h. Hannah; l>. Anne; 10. Edwin. 

J()Si:ni W. TOTTLN. (son of Jonathan.) and Jemima 
Douglas, had children : 

1. Abraham Morrel. 

2. William I'lerson. 
:i. Mary Kli/abelh. 

4. llelty Mariah. who married . and died at H> y»'ars 

5. Charles Jackson ; G. John ; 7. Jonathan. 


liEXOM TKKMHLY lived on lot No. 61 of the Eliza- 
bethtown lots south ol Aaron M Ludlow's h-uise. lie was a 
wai:on maker, was an elder m the New I'rovidence church, 
and had children : 

1. Benjamin, baptired ll»th June, 17r.3. 

2. Jonathan, baptized Ifilh I>ecember. 17«;4. 
.'{ Abraham, baptized l.'ilh Aucust. 17«".r». 

1. Becca, b.ij>li/.ed Mth ( >ctober. 1770. 
I have not learned trom whence he came, nor who were his 
family connecUoni. He died 6lh October, 1788. 


JOIIX TO\V\Li:V, llsq was horn m England, in tho 

\Cd\- I 100 

S -Nicholas Townley, the tdird son of John Townlev. Esq. 
1^ lived in the county of Palatine, of Lancaster. Hia wife was 

Kli/abeth. daui^hier of Kichard Catteral. Esq. of Catteral, 

iclijt ol William TeiniJest, son of Roger Tempest, Esq. Loid 

111 the .Manor of Broughton. 
y Kichar«l Townley, Esq son of Nicholas Townley. was 
a reailcr "f (Jrays Inn, in the fourth year of tho reign of Henry 
° VIK. His wile was Margaret, the daughter of lohn Clark, 

of Wazley. by which marria^^e royalty came into the Townley 

*. Nicholas Townley, E«q. of Royall. county of raiatine. was 
o son and heir of Kioliard Townlfv. He married Atme, dauj^h- 
" t«r of Sir Hugh Vaughan. of Littleton Place, Middlesex, 

Privy Councillor of ilt-nry VH and VIII. 
V Francis Townley. 3d son of Nicholas Townley, was oi 
r. Liltleton Place, heiiig left heir of his great uncle, Francis 
= \'auglian. Esq. He married Catherine, daughter ol Thomas 

I'oster, Kniglit, one of the Ju.-^tices of the Court of Common 

Pleas at Westminster, in the reign of James 1st. 
jp Nicholas Townley, Esq. of Lillleton, son of Francis Town- 
Z ley, died June 3d. 1087. He married Joanna, daughter of 
S William U lute, Esq. of Northaim, county of Sussex, and 

s(juantlered Ins tortune. 
-I Col. liich.ird Townley, 8th son of Richard Townley, went 
o to America in the suite of Lord Etruigham Howard, goveinor 
" of Vir^'inia. in the year 1083. He settled in Elizahethtown, 

New Jersey. 

The f.)re.(oing account of the Townley family was sent to 

this country in 17(>0. hy Charles Townley Clarence, of Lon- 
don, Knight York Herald and King of Arms. 

Col. Kichard Townley was one of the Privy Council of 

deputy governor Lord Neil Campbell, in 1086. He left two 

sons, Charles and Ertingham Townley. 





g CHARLES TOWN LEV. Esq (son of Col. Richard Town- 

lev,) WU8 born 16s((, and died, '^d September, 1750, in bis 

• TOlh year. Aiiiguil, his widow, died Sljil Decreniber, 1759. 
They weie both buried in St John's churcli yard, in Ehza- 
belblown ; they h;id children : 

1. l"Jliiij:h ini. who niuiried Miss Kebecca Crane . he was 
born about 1710, married in 17.'JJ, and died about liM). 

2. Sarah or Abigail, who married John Hcrriman ; their 
only daughter married M«>.«ies lletficld. 

3. iNLuy marrird Stephen Burrows ; their only daughter 
mariied Anili"ny Mor>8 

4. Anne marncd Jt».s« ph To<»ker, and had four sons, Charles, 
Joseph, .Vbner. and Jcjhn Tooker. 

5. Elizabflh niarf'«'i •.'*'!? Vugust, 17t'iO, Caleb Crane, and 
left chddren : 

1. Nathaniel ( rnnr. \\h" married Sally Miller, daughter 
of .M«)se^. [Se^ Cranr.] 

2. Abby, who married Amos Clark, 

; EFFINGHAM TOWNLEY, (son of Charles.) and Re- 
el becca (Vane had children : 

* 1. Rirhartl. who was born 2*2d or 27th August, l7no, and 
died 4th Au^usi. 1N»1 ; he married 1st. Rachel Carpenter, 
born ITith I'eccmber. I7M3. and died I7G1 ; 2d. Rhuda Clark, 
boin 4th December. 174.1. and died 2l8l July, 1823, 

2. Catherine married Joseph Deninan. of SfiringHeld. 

3. Joanna, who died in itil.incv. 

•1. \1' L' iii til irried Mr. 1 ■<( Philadelphia. 

T) ri_'jy iiKiiiied Steplit i died in 1M>2. 

6. (Ji'orce. who dieil in inlancy. 

7. Sar;th married John Sayr" =■■" - '" .Joseph Sayre, of 
Elitabethiown. and died in IM. 

8. Mary mairied Jeremiah .Ia_\:er5 

0. Charles man icd 1st. Hannah Thompson, and died in 
1802. 2d. Sarah Thompson, the widow of Moses Earl; 3d, 
, the widow of Timothy .Miller. 

10 George 2d married Martha Baldwin, daughter of Capt. 
Enos B.'tltiwin. 

11. Joanna 2d married John Donahoe, of Philadelphia, 
and died in 1*^0 1. 

12. John mariied Phebe Bonnel, and died in 1801. 

13. Jane married Daniel Osborn. 

5 RICHARD TOWNLEY. (1st son of Effingham, son of 

1 Charles,) and Rachel Carpenter, had children : 


1. James, born 29th June, 17G0, and was killed wiih a 
scytlie. in 177"2. 

*i. Kachel, born 1-Jth December, 17G3, married Henry 
Norris, and died IGtIi .November, lS-24 ; she liad three chil- 
dieii. who ail died young. 

Kichard Townley by his tid wife, Rhoda Clark, had children : 

3. Jonathan, born 13th October. 17tiG, married, lliii De- 
cember, 17M7, Fliebe Magie, daughter of John. 

4. Phebe. born •JOth Ociobrr. I7GS, inarried '28th January, 
17S8. Eider David Magie. son of John. 

5. Ciark. born *JGth .November, 1770, married 1st, Phebe 
Sale, daughter of Daniel Sale, JSen. ; 2d, Emily Potter, uaugh- 
ler ot Matthias Potter. 

G. Rebecca, boru-J;id May, 177-2, married Benjamin Haines, 
of Eliz ibelhtown. 

7. Rhoda, born 12th April, 1774, and died in 177G. 

8. Sarah, born 2Gth < h-.tober, 177G, married William Crane, 
Esq. son of Joseph. [Set; Cranf.'\ 

9. Elizabeth, born 22d August, 1780, married Jonathan M. 
Meeker. Esij. son of liaiah Meeker, of New Providence, and 
had uo children. 

f JtJ.NATlIAN TUWNLEY. (3d child of Richard, son of 
r- Effingham, son of Charles.) and Phebe -Magie were married 
" I Ith December, 1787 ; he died 2'Jth September. 1S27 ; they 
had children : 

1. Richard, who married Hannah Wade, daughter of Jonas 
\\'ade. Es(\. of >prii.gfield. 

2. Jonathan. Juii. married his cousin Rhoda .Magie, daugh- 
ter of elder David Magie, of Elizabethtown, and had no chil- 

3. Phebe. twin to Jonathan, married Col. William Brown, 
of Elizabethtown. 

4. Mary married Samuel Pierson, son of Deacon Piersoo, 
of Union. 

5. John married Eveline Nutman, daughter of Daniel, of 

G. Rebecca married Ichabod Ogden, son of Ezekiel, of 
Elizabelh:own, and had children : 

1. Jonathan Townley Ogden; 2. John Joseph Ogden. 
3. Jarnes Mervey Ogden ; 4. Robert Townley Ogden. 
5. Phebe Rebecca Ogden. 

RinflARD TOWXLEY, (son of Jonathan.) and Hannah 
S ^^'ade, had children: 

^ 1. Robert, who married Miss Baldwin, daughter of John- 
B son Baldwin. 

2. Jonas Wade. 

S. Phebe 0. married, 20th November, 1851, Henry Meeker. 


4. Ilanict inariied Alexander Ball, son of David, of Xew- 

5. James. 

C. Kichaid, who died in February, 1848, aged about IG 

XoTF. — liobert, Jonas, and James went to 1 uji Wayne, in 
Indiana, and arc merchants there. 

rilKBE TOWM.r.V. (4thrhildofUif hard, son of nffrng- 
hati). son of Ch;ii its.) :iiid I'Jder l)avid M:i':ie had thildicn: 

1. Hhoda !Mn;.'if, who married her cousin Jonathan Town- 
ley. Jnn [Scr TrxrnUy ] 

I 2. David Ma^'ie mnri led, 1st, Margaret ^'an ^'ec\llcn. of 
Somerville. and had children: 1. Elizabeth Magic, who died 
at In months; 2. IMiebe Mogie. 

His Wile then died, nnd he married, 2d. CJertrude Krcling- 
huysen. dn ', ! Jolm FrtliriL'hiiy«cn. of Somer- 

ville. she d I <n .iikI he married. ."Ul, Margaret 

Delneau. and had children '^ <iertrude Frehnghuxsen 
Muirie : 4. David Magie 

'.\ He 1 50 y Macie. 

4. riiehr ' ^I.^t:ic marr;cii Lewis F Day, son of Foster 

Day. ol Ki.. wn. aiid children : 

I David .Mnt:;e Day, 2. Kliza tkmnel Day. 

:». Mary Meeker Mngie married Kev. Joseph Cory, son of 
Mulfonl, son of FIder IJenjamin Corv, of Elizubethtown ; he 
is a preshyterian minister, settled in New \'ernon ; they had 
children, David Ma^-.e Cory, and others. 

Ci..\Uk TC'W M.KY, (5th child of Richard, son of EITmg- 
P ham. son of Charles.) and rhebeSale. had children : 
ft 1. Susan, who n»arncd Kohert Meeker. 
■ 2. Daniel married Sarah Headley. 

3. Richard, 4 Edward: 3. M.i'ry. 

And by lus 2il wife. Emily Potter, had other children : 

6. Jonathan ; 7. Sally Anne. 

REBECCA TOWXLEV. (nth child of Richard, son of 
Efhnuham, son ol (,"haries T<>wn'ey.) and lienjamin Haines 
had but one son, Richard T. Haine«. who inairied Mariah 
Johnson, daughter of John Johnsfm. grocer, of New York ; 
lived in Eiizabethtown, and had children : 

1. William A. Hamts, who married Miss Stagg. 

2. Benjamin Haines. 

3. Elizubeth Haines. 

^ 4. Sar:.h Halsted Haines married, 22d May, 1S50, Samuel 
Knox, of .\ew York. 
5. John Johnson Haines. 

CBARLB8 T >W1«LEY. 437 

6 Mary L. Haines married, •20ili February, ]Sol, her 
cousin William M. Hu!sted, Jun ion of William M. Halsted, 
merchant. New York. 

7. iStewart Haines. 


SAflAH TOWXLEY, (8th child of Richard, son of Efiing- 
ham. son of Ch.irles Townley.) and \V illium Crane, Esq. had 
children : 

1. David R. Crane, who married Phebe Anne Ilallam, 
dau:;[iicr of Lewis, of New York. 

2. Agnes Crane married Uev. Curtis Tally, a methodist 
minister, and hn<i a daughter. He'en Williams Tally. 

3. Kichird T. Ciane married Jane T. Dollbeer. of Union, 
and had chil tren : 1. Theodore T. '2. Frederick T. 

4. Joscpli W. Crane married 1st, Harriet J. Willcox, daugh- 
ter of Ezekiel, and had a daughter, Hairiet Jemima Crane; 
his wilo <lied, and he marrieil "Jd. Emma S. Brooklield. daugh- 
ter of Lewis H. lirookHeld, of Sprins? Valley, and had children : 

2. Lewis W. Crane ; 3. Charle-' Auuustus Crane. 

5. Jonathan T. Crane. wh<» graduated at lVincet(jn college, 
and became a methodist minister, is principal of the Pennmg- 
tt-n male seminary, at Pennington. N. J. He married .NLiry 
Helen Peck, daughter >>( George P»ck, U. D. of .\ew York, 
and had chi.dren: 1. Mary Helen Peck, and others. 

^ SARAH TOWXLEY. (7ih child of Ellinzham, son of 
f Chailes,) and John Sayre had children : 
r 1. Samuel S.ivre. wh > married Polly Parlcer. 
•J. Joseph Sayre married Betsey Alesworth. 

3. John Sayre mniried Mary Jewel. 

4. Job Sayre, who died in infancy. 

5. Ezekirl Sayre married Sally Bonnel, daughter of Jojin, 
near Chatham [S^e Bonnel.'\ 

6. Abigail Sayre married VVilliam Reid. 

7. Nathan Sayre married Abigail Southwell. 

SAMUEL SAYRE. (l.-^t son of John Sayre and Snrah 
Townley,) and Polly l*arker had children : 

1. ioanna Sayre. who married Daniel Pierson. of Newark, 
and hid an only daui^hter. wh) m irried and lives in N. York. 

2. Job Savr- married Phebe Crane ; have no cliiliJren. 

3. Sally Sayre married Aaron Crane, and has one son. 

4. Polly Sayre married Cranville Tower, and had children : 

1. Job S. Tower, who mar.ned Miss Crane: lives in 
Elizabethtown, and had two children. 

2. Ezra Tower, who married in Morris county, and has 
several children. 

5. Joseph Sayro-, who married ia Cincinnati; Jives there, 
and has several childreQ. 


0. Nathan Sayre. who married a Mrs. Wntkins. formerl} 
Miss Gillam ; has four children, all married, and live io N. Y. 

7. John Sayre, who died unmarried. 

8. Phebe Sayre niarri»'d Benjamin Coe : lives in ^Connec- 
ticut, and has many children. 

JOSEI'll SAVili:. CJd son of John Sayre. and Sarah 
Townley.) and Hetsey Alesworth had H childre :;, only one of 
whom is hvinjf. Samuel Sayre, who married Elizabeth Telfair, 
and had 7 chddren. 

5 J< '11. \ S.\^ KK. (3d son of John Sayre and Sarah Town- 
f ley.) and Mary Jewel had ten chddren, only two of them ore 
* hviHif : 

1. James Hervey Sayre, who married Hannah Williams, 
and have Ti rliildren 

•2. Wnlier F. Sayre. who married Rachel Luster, and had 
8 daughters. 

rZKKlKL S.WRT:. (5th son of John Sayre ond Sarah 
Townley ) and Sally Bonnel had chi'dren: f 

1. Klecta Sayre. who marned Stej'hen Bowers, son of 

2. (>atheriiie Sayre, who died at about 3.'> years, unmar- 

3. David S.nyre married Mary Spencer, daughter of Sam- 
uel, son of W'llhani S|»cncer, Ei-q. 

4 J<»hn I'.dpar Sayre. 
5. Lewis Sayre. 

ABir..\IL SAYUE. ( rh:id of J«.hn Snyre and Sarah 
Towiiley ) and Willinm llcid had children : 

1. Marcaret Heid. who marned William Bonnel, of Union, 
and had several children. 

2. Isabella Keid. who married Joel Searing. 

3. John Joseph Keid. 

4. Sarah Keid. 

NATHAN S.\YUE. (Tlh child of John Sayre. and Sarah 
T(»wnley.) and Abigail Southwell lived in Elizabethtown, 
and had children : 

1. Jt»anna, who married Wickliff G. Rroadwell, son of 
Jacob G. Brondwell, son of Hezekiah. [Ste Broadwell.] They 
have no children. 

2. George T. Sayre married Eliza Bonnel. daughter of 
Sylvanus, son of John. He is a merchant of Madison, Mor- 
ris county ; has two children. 

3. Saily Sayre. 4. Caroline Sayre. 


5 lldward Sayre married Miss Ilosette ; had one child. 
His wife die I, and he went Ij Illinois, and niarried again, and 
has other children. 

G. Jane Sayre. 

7. Trancis Sayre married Susan Price, daughter of Ed- 
ward, of Elizabelhlown. 

8. Albert JSayre married a Miss Sayre, of Newark, and 
lives there. 


f CHARLES TOWNLEY. (9th child of Effingham, son of 
? Charles Townley,) and Hannah Thompson had but one son: 

1. Stephen, who married Elizabeth Bryant, daughter of 
Simeon Bryant, ot" Sprini;fi«'ld. 

An I by his '2d wife. Sarah Thompson, had childr'-n: 

2. Kebecca, wlio marr.ed Jacob Denman, son of Jacob, of 

3. Moses married Jane Lum, dauijhier of Clark Lum, of 
Union. And by his []d wife. Mrs. Miller, had childien: 

4. Charles, who went to Washington, and married and died 

5. (reorge. who went away and has not returned. 

0. Fanny married Widiam Sanders, and lives at Mendham. 

STEPHEX TOWXEEY, (1st son of Charles,) and Eliza- 
belh lirynnt hid children: 

1. William, wh» became a Presbvterian minister. lie 
married Eliza Barton, daughter of John Barl<)n, of Elizahoth- 
lown. and sister of the Kev. William B. Barton, of Wood- 
bridge ; is settled in Indiana, and has no children. 

2. Charles, who died at about 20 or 21 \ears. 

GEORGE TOWNLEY, (1 0th child of EOingham, son of 
Charles Townley,) and Martha jialdwin, removed from Con- 
necticut Farms, in March, 1797, an.1 bought ot Thomas Scud- 
der, a farm of lOi) acres, near Union \'illage, in Passaic \ al- 
ley, wliere they liv«d and died. 

He was bo n 20th June. 17.5.5, and died 2Sth Septem- 
ber. 1S40 She Wiis b )rn .'JOth Xoveniber, 17.5.5. and died 
22d May. 1810. :ind Mr. Townley married. 2d Elizibeth the 
widow of Samuel Cory, and daui,'hter of Williiam Parsons. 
She dieil »ith May, 1847, without children. [See Pars'jns.'\ 
They had children : 

1. Joanna, born 23d Nov. 1774, and married Samuel 
Headley, of Union. 

2. David, born 2nth March. 1777. married, 1st, Mary 
Tucker, dauu'liter of James Tucker, 2d, Mary Marsh, daugh- 
ter of Jo.seph xMarsh, of Morristown. 

3. George, who died 30th March, 180a, aged 24 yeari. 


^ 4. Effinpham. who died 2nth July. If-O?, npvd 21 years. 

5. I'lieKe. I'orn 14ili Jiinunry, 1789, married, oUth June, 
1808. David Jaques. of New-Voik. 

C. Manila, wliodied 'Joili April, 1812, at IS years of age, 

7. Knos Baldwin, who married, first, Sally nonnel. daugh- 
ter of Bellows Ben. Bonnel ; second, Abigail Deforest, of 
Connecticut. [See Bonml.] 

- JOANNA T< •WNI.l.V, (Isi child of George.) and Sam- 

^ uel Headley. had children : 

I I. Bhcbe Ileadley married Richard Merrel. and had no 


2. Hnriirih Hendley married William S. Ileadley, son of 

Ccry Ilf.-nlltv. nnd had chi'dren " 

1. Joanna Headley. who married William S Burnet, son 
of Cnpt Jonath.nn Bu'net. and had children : I. Mary 
Burnet: 2. Martha Burnet ; 8. Levi Burnet. 

2. Phehe fleadlr»y married Sila.s Burnet, brother of Wi|. 
linm S., and had children: 1. Koxanna Burnet ; and 

n. • .'i- :i <• ileiidlcy. 

4. John lloa«my married Sarah Courier, daughter of 

Jrhn K Courier. 
.*). Jane Hradley married George Baker, of Hcnipstead, 

Long Ixlnnd 
6. Wirki\fl Headley. 
3 Snmnel Head'ey died a younp man. unmarried. 

4. Mailhn Headh'v .,...,! Tnlcli Miller, son of Nathaniel, 
and had children : 

1. Isaac S Mi'ler. \*!'> nnrried and lives in Newark. 

2. Davis Mi'ler married and lives in Newark. 

3. Anre M: !er 

5. Genm' I Hc'.Tdley died a young man. unmarried. 

0. Davis ID adiey married Susan Ball.dau^'hter of Ezekiel, 
son of Timothy, ;ind had children : 

1. Sears Hfadley : 2 Wheeler Hendley; .T. Andrew 
Ileadley ; 1. O'livin !Iead!ey . .'i. Laura' Headley. 
7 Miiry Hendley rrarried l^wel Freeman, of \Ve>lfield. 
and died soon after, aged 18 years, without children. 

P Win T« AVNLEY. (2d child of George.) and his first 
wile. .Mary Tuckci. had children : 

1. Mary, who died a young woman, unmarried. 

2 Martha married Squiei Parrot, son of Willjam. [.^ee 
Pnrrf>f.'\ And hy his second wife. Mary Marsh, had a snn. 

3 George, who married Mary Sluchli'eld, un English girl, 
and lives in New-York. 


rilRBK TOVVNLRY, (5th child ot'Geor-e.) and David 
Jai|u«'"*. lived in New York, and had children: 

1. William Jaque». 

2. Phebe Jaques. who married John W. L^wis. and had 
children: 1. <'harlotte Au-^usta Lewis; *J. Philo Lewis; 3. 
Francis Lewis ; -1. Rd^vard Lewis. 

|- EXOS II TOWXLEV, (7th child of Geor-e,) and Sally 
" IJonnel, h \d chillren : 

3 1. Joanna, wlu niarried Mr. Noe, went to Oliio, ami died. 
Q 2. Daviil E., horn 5th April, 1815, who married Hannah 

Eliza .Mult')ril, born oih January, 1812, daughter of William, 

and had children : 
p L Sarah Eiizaheili. barn lOth July, 1810; 2 H;innah 

n Jane, who di< tl at 4 years ; 3. Lanra. born 30:h March, 

* 1*^-16; I. Phehc Jaques Floride, born 9th October, 

r^4S; 5. Isabel. 

3. Hannah MariaU married Jacob Jeroloman, of Newark'. 
4 Effingham married Mary Elizabeth Sqnier, daughter of 

Thomas, son ofStephen Scinier, and had children: 

1. Emily Pars JUS ; 2. .Montcry Tailor ; 3. Helen Flora. 

5. Elizabeth married William Stevens, above Morristown. 

6. Enos married Jane Wilson, of New York. 

Enos B. Townley, by his 2d wife, Abigail Deforest, had 
children : 

7. Mary: 8. Moses B. ; 9. S nan ; 10. Martha; 11. 
GcTic:''; 12 Joanna 2d. 

ErriNOHa-M totvnley. 

I EFFINGHAM TOWNLEV, (son ot.Col. Richard Town- 
5 ley,) left two sons : 

1, lliohird ; 2. Ef!in2:hani, Jun. 

RICHVIID TOWNLEY. (son of ETin-ham.) was horn 
ISth December, 1720, an! married Catherine Anderson, 14th 
A[Hil, 1747, anil had children : 

1. Willianj, born 21st January, 17tS, died 2d Mav, 1749. 

2. Willi.un 2d. born l5tli .May. 175 t. 

3. Rebecca, biru 1 3th July, 1751. and died I3th Aug. 1751. 

4. Walter, born 2Sth June, 1752. 

5. Rebecca 2 I, horn 11th August. 1754. 

6. Sarah, born lOih January, 1757. 

7. Etfingham, born 1st August, 1759. 

EFFI\3n\M TOWNLEY. JaV, (son of ERagham.) 
was born 1 1th D -ceniber, 1723, and married in 175), Jemima 
Earl, and had children : 

1. Evetts, horn 8th August, 1751. 

2. Henry, born Ist February, 1754. 


3. Joshua, born 21tli August, 1757. 

4. JaiiM's. l»orii 7tti July. 17<;0. 

5. Charks I'orii 3t>th 'March. 17C2. 

6. Ilichard, horn3Nt January, 17G4.^ 

7. John, born 9th September, 17GC. 

9 EVEI TS TOWXLKV, (Ist son of Effingham. Jun .) had 
c a son l^aac, who hail a »ou Clark, whose wife was Rachel, 
" and livfd near JetlVrsons N'iHage, and had cliildren : 

1. Margaret, born 1826. 

2 Ezra, born 1830. 

3. Georjje, born 1834. 

5 JAMES TOWNEEY. (4th son of rfTin-liim Townlcy. 

c Jun ,) bad children : 

" I Malthiaf married. 1st. Nnncy Pe.ijij- .. m. uier «»f Jolui. 

of Union ; 2d, Johannah Sniilh. daughter ot Walter. of t^prinij- 


i. Edward married. Ist, Miss Burrows; 2d. Abigail Price. 

8. Wdliani manied . 

4. Else married lornelius jtadgley. 

5. bally married William Ilitfgms. 

- MA 111 II AS TOWXLEV. (Ist son of James.) and Nancy 
Q 8earmi: IkhI children : 

S 1. William, burn I7lh Dec 177o. married Margaret 
Tucker, daughter of Jacob. b«>rn 30lh Oct. I7»0. 

2. S:i" ' ' ed. 

3. N- ' Kino, of Short Hills. 

4. I?ei>"y m.i: II. ol I'Jizabetlii«)wn. 

5. Sarah mar: »'»n of Pavid. [Srr Alirn] 
0. Edward married .\nna Hamilton, daughter ol David. 
Matthias Townley, by his 2d wife, Johannah Smith, had 


7. Isrino married Mnry Collins. 

8. Keziah man nil .Mr. Evans, of \ewark. 

9. John Clark, who died at 25 years, unmarried. 

10. Abby manied Daniel Clark, son of Ichabod. 

11. Smith, who did not marry. 

^ WII.LI.\M T( >WNLEY, (son of Matthias) and Margaret 

o Tucker had children . 

S 1. Matthias, horn 20th Jan. 1798, married Hannah Smalley, 

daughter of David I., and had four children : 1. William; 2. 

David; 3. Huldah : 4. Harriet 

2. Alfred marrio<! Mary, widow of Cornelius Frazee, and 
daughter of John Tilyow; had no children. 

3. Sally, who died Dec. lot 1605, a^'ed 3i year*. 


4. Piatt, born Oth Miiv, l^Ol, married Sophia ^^olliti.)|•e. of 
Philadelphia, and had children: 1. Margaret; 2. Hanmili : 3. 
George; 4. Susan; 5. Alonzo. 

5. David, born r2th Oct. ISOO, married Susan Clark, daugh- 
ter ot Stephen, of W'estlield. 

0. Sarah, born I'Jth Nov. lSn9, married Joiin Mclntire, 
son of Jamt-s, of New lirunswicU, and had children : 1. Wil- 
liam Mclniire; 2. Llllen Mclntire ; 3, John Henry Mclntire; 
4. James Mclntire. 

7. .Vlexand'-T. born 11th May, 1811. married Mary Samos, 
daughter of Chirles. of Dover, Morris ci>a:ity. and had chil- 
dren : 1. NV'illiani ; 2. Anne ; and died at about 24 years. 

8. Amos, born 8th Aug. I SI 3, married Mary Tunisoii, near 
Somerville. and had a dujjghter. Mary. 

9. VVilliim Mills, born 24th Jan. ISHl married his cousin. 
Joanna, daugtiler of Kdward Powiiley. and had a sin. Georue. 
His wife. Joannah, died and he married. 2d, Martha Scud ler, 
daughter of Abraham, and IkhI a sf»n. Silas ('rane 

10. Aime. born liiith Jan. isi-s. married J<»siah (J. Winn, 
from Connecticut, and had children: 1. Isaac Newton Winn ; 
2. Susan Kmeline Winn; 3. .Mary Elizabeth Winn; 4. Ma- 
tilda Fairchild Winn ; 5. Ellen Maiisville Winn ; U. George 
Jbleniy Winn. 

11. Hannah, born Oth March. 1S20, married Thomas Sea- 
man, son of Joshua, and had children: 1. Thomas Jetfersjn 
Seaman; 2. Mnrgirel Anne Seaman; 3. Hanndi Mariah 
Seaman; 4. Stej)hen Franklin Seaman; o. Harriet Newe 


^ EDWARD TOWN LEY, (Oth child of Matthias.) son of 
n James, and Anna Hamilton lived in Westfield, and had chil- 
dren : 

1. John Hamilton Townley, who became a Presbyterian 
Mmi.ster ; settled in Morristown. He married Cornelia Sear 
ing. daughter of Jamts Searing, of Newark. 

2. Joanna, who married her cousin William Townley, son 
of William. 

w 3. David, who died at the age of 24 years. 

^ 4. Anne Elizabeth married Lewis Bmin. 

" '). William, who died 2()th Dec. LsiS. aged 23 years. 

r». Israel married Afary Whitehead, daughter of En>3 
Littell Whitehead, of Elizabethtovvn. 

7. Malthias. 

8. Mary Louisa. 

9. Hariiet. 

10. Almira, who died at 4 years. 

1 1. Gertrude, who died at 2 years. 



WARNER TUCKER. TUCKlUi mnrried Elizal.eth Lnmlieit. sister 
of Jnmes Lamhrrt ; Hved in Westfield. and had children : 

1. Jncoh, who married Hannah Lines, daughter of Henry, 
nr d hved on the north side of the (irsl mountain, above the 
Scotch I'lains. 

2 Ephraim married, first. Sarah .Miller, of \> cslficM : 2d, 
Rhoda. ihe widow of Kphraim Valentine, and si'^ter ol Ahra- 
liam Price. 

3. Samuel married, first, Patty Tucker, daughter of John. 
of St«'ny Hill Val'ey. 

H f id wife, I have not learned her name. His 3d wife 
was Ruchfl. the widow of Isiac Clark, and daughter of John 
Oshorn. \S^e Othorn] 

4. li'aac mnrried Joanna Cory, ixiicr of Parkhurst Cory, 
of Wan en '!'«).% nshlp. 

5 Mos"S mnrried Mary Masters, daughter of Gideon, en 
the fir-'t .Mountain. 

l>. Mary married Moses Masters, son of Gideon, above 
named, 'i he two latter removed to Ohio. 

■c J\('(»l{ ri ( Kr.K. Hon of Warnrr.) and Hannah Lines 
? had chihiren : 

1. Ahner. who married Jemima Frazec, daughter of Asa, 
of Stony Hill Nalley. 

2. Alfred He with Abner. enlisted in the army, and did 
not return. 

3 Nancy married David I. Smalley, son of James. [S^e 
Smallei/ ) 

4. Margaret married William Townley, son of Matthias. 
[See ToirnA y.] 

5. Samuel mairied Polly Tuck»r. his cousin, dau;:hter of 
Ephraun . had a daughter,' Rhoda, and then removed to In- 

fl Jacob mnrried Pollv Soper. of Pennsylvanio, and had 
children, Jacob 3d, Benjamin, and Harriet 

EPHRAIM TITKER, (son of Warner.) by his first wife. 
Sar.-^.h Miller, had children: 

1. Hannah, who married John Miller, son of William, of 

2. Ephraim. Jun. married Phebe Hand, danphterof Dan'el. 
on tli<' fi:st mountain, wh se wife was sister of Ma^jter V^ il- 
liam Cole. [Stc Cole] 

•i. Sally married Benjamin Tucker, son of James, (no re- 

And by bis 2d wife Rhoda, Epbriara Tucker had children : 


I I'.jllv. who inarrieii lier cousin Samuel, son ol" Jacob. 
5. Bcnjainio. 

SAMUEL TUCKER, (sou of Warner,) and Tatty Tucker, 
his tirst wile, had chihlreu: 

1. Sally, who married Jonathan Parker, sou of Judah, and 
had children : 

1. Allen Parker; 2. Samuel Parker ; 3, Judah Parker ; 
4. Han iet Parker, who ntarried Perry Sutton; 5. 
Patt) Parker. 

2. Nancv, who married Joseph Brooks, and had a son, 
Samuel Brooks 

3. Chloe married Jolm Moore, son of Isiac, and went to 
Cincinnati. [•SVe .1/ ore.] 

4. Polly married Samuel Parker, brother of Jonathan 
And by hisvJd wile, had a son. 

5. Moses. B) his 3il wile, Rachel, he had no children. 

IS.\.\C TUCKER, (son of Warner.) and Joanna ^Cory, 
bad chd Iren : 

1. Polly, who married in Ohio, .Mr. Enochs. 

2. Hannah, who married in Ohio. 

Isaac Tucxer then died, and his widow married Divid 
WuodrulV, and went to Ohio, and took her children with 

I know of no relation between Earner Tucker an>l John 

4 10 



JOIIX TU^'KER married Catherine Line. He lived on 
Stonev Hill Valley, and had rhildrm : 

1. Hcnrv, who married Pollv Me Daniels, and went to 

2. Mary married 7th January. ITIi'i, Joh Camp, son ot' 
Aaron, and went to Ohio. [See Camp.'\ 

3. Susannah marrl* d Cornelius Littell, son of Jonathan, 
and wiMit to (Hiio. [Sec lAllell] 

1 Nancy married Joseph Morse, and removed to Ohio, 
in 1795. 

5. C-hloc married William Ryan, 17lh December, 1786, 
and went to Ohio. 

C. MoM's married 27th April, 1791. Betsey Lyon, daughter 
of Khenezer. an«l died 2lth Auu'Usf. 1^37. 

7. Joj»e|ih married 3'»th March, 1791, Dehorah Line, daugh- 
ter of Joncph. she was born 22d March. 1777. 

8- Klizabeth married John Tiljr'ou, boh of Vincent. [Sec 

9. J«»l»n married Betsey Ptewart, daughter of Joseph, and 
bad no children. 

|0. Rcheera married Jarol» Binee, atul went to Ohio. 

11. l*uttv married J^amii'l Tim l>r sun of Warner. [See 
}\arncr luc^tr] 

2 lir.NUV TI<KI:K.( 1st child of John Tucker.) and Pol- 
J ly Mcl>anicl», removed to Hamilton county, Ohio, about 
1*793. He was born 3 >th June. 1760 She was born 3d De- 
cember, i7Cl>, married 17th December, 178^, and had chil- 
drn : 

1. Elizabeth, born 11th September. 1TR2, and married 
Daniel Voorbies. son of Daniel. He was horn 25ih Decem- 
ber. 1776; Elizabeth Voorbies died 1 1th June. l!>49. 

2. Sarah, born 17th Jan. 1785. married (Oliver Voorbies, 
born 28lh October, 177R. a brother of Daniel. 

3. Catherine, born 3t»th Decendier, 17h6. married Provi- 
dence White. Son of ('apt Jacob XN'hite, of \\ bite's Station. 

4. Mary, born Ittth Janu.iry, 17"^^, married, November, 
18(19, Nathan Smith, son of John, ol Indiana. 

5. Abigail, born 1st May. 1789, married Abraham Skill- 
man, son of Jacob, of Springdale, near her lather's farm. 

G. Nancy, born '24th Au;;ust. 1792. manied Jacob Voor- 
bies. son of Cornelius, a brother of Daniel and Oliver, 

7. Henry. Jun., born 18lh March, 1794, died 29lh May, 
1814, unmarried. 


8. Fanny, born 2Sth March, 1797, married Arthur S. Sor- 
ter, born 3il March, 1793, son ol' Thomas. 

9. Charlotte, horn Ith March, 1799, married Jacob A. 
RiJtlle, son of John. 

10 Manninij Kandolph. born 14th St'ptember, ISi^l, mar- 
ried Uebecca l^erlee, horn *2lsi Feb. 1m)0, daii^Miter ol Peter 
Perlee; they were married oih May, 1^24, and hved on his 
lather's homestead farm of -253 acres, in the valley below 

ELIZ.VBIITII TUCKER. (1st child of Henry Tucker, 
son of John.) and Daniel Voorhies; had children : 

1. Clarissa Voorhies, born 3d Septemher, 1^01, and mar- 
ried Samuel iieaty. 

2. Henry Voorhies, born 4lh July, 1803, married ^lary 

3. Sarah Voorhies, born 1st September, 1805, married 
Joseph Brandenburgh. 

4. Alfred Voorhies, boro 2Gth August, 1807, married Lu- 
cinda Snuck. 

5. Elevesta Voorhies, born 23d October, 1809, died 1 lih 
July, 1810. 

0. Eliza Voorhies, born 9lh August. 181 1, mairied Joshua 

7. .Mary Voorhies, born 23d August, 1813. married Isaac 

8. Catherine Voorhies, born lOlh August, 1815, died 31st 
Deceml)er, 1833. 

9. Caroline Voorhies, born lltli Aug. 1817, married David 

10. Charlotte Voorhies. born Mtli March, 1820, died 24th 
May, 18 32 

11. Manning Voorhies, born 1 llh March, 1820, married 
Rachel J^hepherd. 

12. Rebecca Voorhies. born 3d February, 1828. 

SARAH TUCKER. (2d child of Henry Tucker, son of 
John.) and C)'iver Voorhiis. had children : 

1. Abigail Voorhies, born 1st Oct. It502, married Samuel 

2. Mariah Voorhies, born 4th Aug. 1S04, married William 

3. Nancy Voorhies. born 18ih Jan. 1807, married John 

4. Tucker Voorhies, born 7th Sept. 1808, married Nancy 

3. Wilson Voorhies. born 1st June, 1810, married . 

6. Elizabeth Voorhies, born 9th April, 1811, mariied Elihu 



7. Xewlon Voorhies, bom 23Ai Feb. IS 13, married Sarah 


8. Catherine Voorbies, born, 30ih August, 1817, married 

Richard Carter. 

9. i^mith Voorl ies, born 2Gih Aug. IS 19, married Hebccca 

10. .Manning Voorhies, born 1st May. 1822. married Eliza- 
beth Jennings. 

1 I. Mas'Mi Voorhies, born 8th Dec. 1824, married Martlia 


12. Jnhia Voorhie.s. born 20lh Feb. N'J7. married Sarah 
ClinL;h:im Smith 

13. l.s.ibcl Jaue Voorhies, born 6th Feb. 1829, married 
Jacub Wiisoo. 

CATHi:illNr. TL'CKRR. (3d child of Henry, son of 
John.) and I'r-'videi.ce ^^ hue. children: 

1. J.icob While, who married .Marj^.irel Austin. 

2. Eirza \Vi;ite married Koberl Mc .Neal 

3. Nanr.y White. 

4. Providence White. 

5. Sarah White married .Abraham S.inbDrn. 
G. W dhnm \V lute married June Cosner. 

7. Catherine While. 

MAUY TUCKHR. (4th child of Henry Tucker, son of 
a John.) and Nathan Smiih, had children ; 
■ 1. Sarah r-mitli, born 1 lib Sept. 1810, married William L. 

2 Fanny Smith, born I7lh Nov. 1812. married James Hunt. 

3. Ilinry Dayton SmiUi, born Jan. 1.115, married Marjja- 
ret Conwcll. 

4. Curolme Smith, born 1817, married James W. Hunt. 

5. .Manning T. Smith, born 22d March. 1810. married 
Jane ^^ allace. 

>s. ABIGAIL TLXKKK. (5th child of Henry Tucker, son 
' of John,) and Abraham Skillman, had children : 

1. Mary Anne Skillman, who married William P. Pendry, 
son ol AlexamUr. 

2. Isaac Newton Skillman married Drusilla Cheeseman, 
daughter of llichard. 

3. Charlotte Skillman. 

4. Jacob Skillman. who died at about 10 years. 

5. Henry Manniiiij Skillman. 

6. Martha Anne Skillmau. 

7. Sarah Skillman. 

J^tts ircKER. 4 19 

N.WCY TUCKER. (Gih child of ilcmy Tuoker, sun of 
John.) and Jacob Wurhies ha children: 

I. M iricarei Voorhies boiriSih March, ISU, and ina:;ieJ, 
1st, llaiiis^n Young; '2d, Joseph Mi;\ainar. 

•J. llcniv .M. V.jorhies. bum Isi, ISIG, mjiiied 
l. (Ui-a IJenuet. 

3 Be ijnniii S. Vo^rhies, burn '^iJih November, 18 1 7, mar- 
ried EiiAibeih Itoich; live::* in Ciminnati. 

4. D.inicl J. Voorhies. born lltli October. 181'J. married 
iWargaiet li'Miey, dauirhter of Silas, and hive cUildren : 

I. James Malison; vJ. \ancy I'ucker. 

5. Wihiam Feigisoa Voorliies bjrn '^M July, IsJl.mir- 
ried KIsie Hei vey. 

t» Jolm r. \ oorhies, born IGih May, ISvJl; died Gth M iv. 

7. Wilson G. Voorhics, born l.'jtii May, 1820, and oied at 
23 yens 

8. l.ydia Mariali Voorhies, b(»rn *23d July, \82s, mairieJ 
James Taylor. 

!), and 10 twins, born 2Jd Doceaiber, 1829, and died in 

II. '.Nf.iry Frances Voorhies. born 17i!i May, 1830, died a*. 
It) months. 

F WW TL'CKEIl. (8th « hild of Henry Tucker, son of 
John,) and .Arthur S. Sorier had children : 

I. .Miry Jane Sorter, born 14 h .August, 1821, inarriel 
liCWis Morse, and died 3d March. 1831. 

2 .Mirth I Annr^ Sorter, born fj;h >eplember 1823, nia.-- 
ried Levi Clark, and d.ed 22d .May, IS II. 

3. .Vrlhu- S Mter, born 22d .November, 182^, died 1 llh 
\ovember. 1832. 

4. .Absalom Sorter, born 13lh October, 183), died l">th 
>lay, 183). 

3. Arthur S. Sorter, born llh September, 1833. 

CllVilL'/rri: TL'CKEIl,(9:h child of llcny Tucker, 
soa of John,) and Jacob \ Kid'llc had children: 

1. .Manning lliddle, whj married Lydia SliKvcll ; live in 

2. .\ancy Jane Riddle luarrie I, Isl, Mr. Sayrc ; 2d, Mr. 
Buckle ; live at Pujua. 

3. .Mary, who died young ; 4. Asenath. 

MVWIVG R. TUCKER. (lOth chi'd of Henry Tucker, 
s )n ot Jotui.) aud Re leo -a Perlee, lives on his fulUer's iiume- 
stead farm and had children: 




1. Hnrriet Mariah Newel, born I4th >fay, 1825: and mar- 
ried William \i. Morse, s III of Henry Morse. Esq. of Da\ ton. 
2 MiJrv Smith, born 15th Deceinlier, 1^26. 

3. Peler, born 14th February, lt»28, died 'J 1st October. 

4. Martha Anne, born 19th October, 1629. died Mlh No- 
veniber, lM3i. 

5. Henry, bom 3d Octol)er, If^Sl. 

6. Anfreiinc. I'om iGth May. 1.''33. 

7. Maniiinj; Perlce. born 14th March. KS35. 

8 Fanny, b(»ni 2Gth March. 1837 died 23<l April, 1842. 

9 John . Newton, bom 22d November, lh39. 

NAN':Y TUCKFJ:. (4th child of John.) and Joseph 
Moritc rt-iiioVL'd to Ohio, and settled in Hamilton connty 
9 mill's from Cincinnati. He died 1817: she died 183(i 
they had children : 

1. John Mor-*c.b(>rn 1792, married, successively, Elizabeth 
and Anni- tswallow. fi-Urs 

2. Ihubc .Mor^jc, born 170 1. and died iSl7. niimarricd. 

3. Hrity Monie, born 1796, married William Murdock, 
and had children - 

1. Nancy Murdock; 2. John Mnrdork ; 3. William 
Murdock: 1. S.irah Murdock ; 5. Citizen Murdork 
C. Henry Murdock; 7. Lewis ^lurdock; 8. Janic- 
M unlock. 
Mr. Murdock died in 1835. 

4. Lewi.H Morse, born 0th September, 1790, married 1 lib 
October, 1''32. hail no chiUlren. 

5. Henry .Morse, born I lib September, 1801, married. l!«t 
S'^'th Hecember. 182t», IMiebe Kyan half sister ol M.irtiii 
Hyan ; 2d. Sarah K. (heever. dau;:hier of Ji«hn M. Chiever. 

a. Nancy Morse, bom 1803, and married Daniel W. Tur- 

7. Sarah Morse, born 1805, married Elisha Turner, brotiier 
of Daniel 

8. Jtseph Morse, born 1807. and died nt 2 <''r H years. 

in>NUY M(>H>1'., ^.'ilii rhii(i ol .lo^epfi .Mr.r.'^c. ;ii.«i -NriDry 
Tucker.) was successively a merchant in Cincinnati ; a mem- 
ber <d the senate ol C)hio. in 1834; a judjaje ol the court of 
comnmn jileas. and held other oflices. civil and military : he 
has now retired to a farm near Dayton, Ohio. By his first 
wife, Phebe Kyan. he had chidren : 

1. Mary Jane Morse, born 31st October. 1821, and mariied 
^^r r>yer : lives in Aikansas. 

•J Joseph Morse, boin llih January, IS25, and died 184i> 


3. \\ illiam Uyan .M"isc, born I8ih August, IS-'G. and 
iiKirricd. 1^51. llarnei M. .\. Tuckt-r, dauiililer of MaiiiJiu'' 
K. rucker, son ot ileiiry, sou ot Joliu. 

4 .Martha Ellen Moise, b"ni 1 lih December, IS'27. 

5. Hemy Morse, born 3Ulb Uclobur, ls30, and died 2Jd 
December. IH.'j .2. 

(5. Caroline .Morso, born TihJulv, 1831, and died 22d Julv, 


CHLOE TirCKKIl, (otii cliild of Jol.n,) and William 
Uyan had childien : 

1. Ehzabetfi Kyan, who in rrieil John T. Jones, in Oliio. 
'2. -Maitin K\aii married llctlv rnce, duughier ol' lleze- 

li. Mary Kyan married Osborn Cooper. 
1. U'dliam llyan, Jun. married t?a:ly Gray, and had 
children : 

1. ^Vjlliam II. Uyan; vl. Kli/.abclh liyan : :J. J(jhn W. 
Kyan; 1. Mahnda A. Kyan, wiio married Jacob K. 

M()Si:.S TUCKEK. (Gth child of John,) and Betsey Lyon, 
had children : 

1. ."^allv, who married Jonathan M \\ illcox, son oi Levi. 
[See Wii/cox] 

2. Clarissa married John Kryanl, of Plainfield, an d had 
children: 1. JoeiLiryanl; 2. Apollos Bryant ; 3. Anne Eiiza 

3. Al'ii^ail married David B. Jolley. son of Richard, he 
went to the south and died ; his widow lives in New Wnk, and 
has three children : 

1. Kichanl Jolley, who marriel in \ew York, Maigaret 
M. Eisher, daughter of Kich.ird. 

2 Kobert Jolley married Martha . 

3 John Jolley. 

•I. Elizabeth married Levi Clark. Esq. son of Daniel S. 
Esq. and had children. Frances and Enieline (^lark. 

o. Polly married Uavid Cole, son of Joseph Cole, Jun. of 
Scotch Plains ; had an only child Mary Cole, and di<d. 

G. Susan married Asa W. Ridge, live at PlamHeld, and 
have children : 

I. .Mary Abeline Ridge; 2. Susan Elizabeth Ridge; 3. 
Sarah Fiances Ridge ; -L Theodore Kidge ; 5. John 
Henry Ridge ; G. Moses William Ridge. 

JOSEPH TUCKEK, (7th child of John.) and Deborah 
Line lived near Union Village, and had children : 

L Lines, who married Phebe Allen, daughter of Gideon. 

^^2 JOn!» TUCKER. 

2. Hettv inarric'l Daniel Alien, Ijioiher of I.iius' wile. 
[See AUvri] 

3. I'Vam-es married Eiisha Jdlley, son of Ricliard. and had 
children : 

1. Henrietta Jolley, married Mr. Fisher, of New York. 

2. I'hehe Jolley, who married . 

3. Marv Lmu.s I Jollev married . 

•1. Betsey Meeker Jolley. who died at about If^ years. 

'). Oscar Jolley ; G. ^\ dliani Jolley died nt -.>]> mr .\ yrs 

7. Frances Jo' ley, who died at 14 years 
4. Bct'ov married I'Jam Oenung; they \ve:ii i<> Inuiiiui, 
where .'^lic died, leaviii:; tw«» children : 1. William Koy Ue- 
nunjr ; *-' IMtebe Elizabeth Genung. 

I.IM:S tucker. («on of Joseph, son of John.) and Thebe 
Alli II lived where father did. and had children : 

1. SiLsan. \\ho married Henjamm .Moor, s 'n of Isaac B. 

2. Freeman married Eliza W. Drake, daughter of Ezra 
IVake. and only t'rond child of Zophar Williams ; she died 
5th Decf-i.her. 1847. leaving chddren : 

1 Williams Tu-ker. 

'2 Lines Ezra Tiirker. who died at about o m'Millis. 
And Freeman Tucker married. 2il. ^{uib June. 1S.">0. H.innali 
Marinh .Norinnn. ilau;;h^pr of ."^amucl Joiley'.-* 2d wile, by a 
former hu>band. 

3. -\mo«. wSo died aped about 21 years. 

4. Del'eline married. Isi January. |N41>, Jo«e['h >. l»ii ixon, 
son of Kichaid. (if ,M«»:tmouih . lixes by .Sm.. ley's BmiIl'C. 

5 Mary Elizabeth married T. Hart well Ccx, son of Kcslors 

C. Martha S. 

REBECCA TICKER. (10th child of John Tucker,) and 
Jac'tl) Biniie had children: 

I. r(»lly Binge, wh • married John Vcrn(»i. 

2 Taty Hinge married Allen Parker, son of Jonathan, son 
of Judah. 

3. John Bin;re married Elizabeth Coonrod. 

4. Betsey Binge married Benjamin Chamberlain. 



DANIIX \ AIL. wh ) was the son of \>aar. and Chrisliana 
Vsiil, reiiijved from (jieen Kioak. below Plaiiifield to the west 
eml of L'HLj IMI, iieir Sionehousc VMI;i;[e in Somerset Co. 
lie m:inieilM;iiy .M.:l^oweti. sister of Willmm McEuwen, 
Es(|. of l^luckernin. and lud cluldion : 

1. Anne, who marrie I John llill, (nerch.nnt.) son ol Wil- 
liam Hill, of Baskini; Rid;re an I had no chddreii. 

2. Daniel married Dinah Vandeveer, dau^;hier of Jactibus 
Vaiuleveer, of Bed minster. 

.3 Cailicrine married Dr. Ilui^h ^InEowen, cousin of 
W'dliain .McEowen. Esq She died 22d December. 18r>l. 

4. Jacob manied Sarah Fitz Kandolph, dmi^hter of Ed- 
ward, of Green Uroo';. and live in Kahway Townsliip. 

5. Harriet married Frazee l'<>l<', son of Josepli [S^it CoA-.j 
(>. Alexander married Eliza Kirkpatrick, dau<rhtcr of Alex- 

an ler 

7. .\fartha b'^rn 22A November. 1 70S, and married, May, 
1823 Tiiomas O. Scudd«r. born 2lth Decembe:-, l7l)i), son of 
Stiles, s in of llirhard of xNe.v Providence, and had no chil- 
dren. [S^e •Sctt^'/'T.] 

8. l>riiel married .\Iariah Barkalo, daughter of Sloflel, if 
the Sterling Farm near liasking liid^o. 

DAM EL VAIL, (-Jd child of Daniel.) and Dinah Vande- 
veer, hal childien : 

1. Mariab, who m irrii'd Abier Cory, son ofPaikhurst, 
an<l hail children: I. Mai tha Jane (Jory ; 2. Phebe Cory, 
who married .Mr. W'hitenack. 

2. Catherine married Abraham Smi'h, below Plainfield. 

3. Alexaniler married Nancy Southard, daughter of Lot, 
son o\ the Hon. Henry Southard. 

J. ('aroline marrietl Cornelius Barkalo. son of Stoffel. of 
r.itskini; Uidije, ami had children. I. Vir'^iiiia Barkalo; 2. 
Israel Barkalo. 

CATHERINE VAIL, (3d child of Daniel.) and Dr. Hugh 
McEowen had children: 

1. Mary McEowen, who married Dr. Edward \. Darcey; 
removed to Illinois, and had children: I. Caroline Darcey; 
2. Calberine Darcey. 

2. Matilda McEmven married Rev Elias Fairchild, D. D. 
of Mendham; he is secretary and agent of the Foieign 
I'.vangelical Society ; they live in Newark, and have no chil- 

3. Alexander McEowen married Margaret Hrown. dauf^h- 
ter of Eii^s Brown, Esq. of Pluckomiu, whose wile was 



(lau-liicr ( f \\ illiam McEowen, Esq. above named ; li^'^s 
where liis fallierdid. 

JACOl'. VAir.. (lili cliild of Daniel.) and Sarah Fitz Ran- 
dolph hnd children: 

1, Alihea 2. Mary; 3. Nelson; 1. Eden; o. Xerr : 
0. MiiFLMret ; 7. Israel. 

Al,I".X.\M'r.R N.\il- i^:'' rli:i.I .,f Dan!ol.) and Eliza 
Kirkpattick had rhildrei 

1. KtTcnhnppui*. who in.ii 1 «■(! I'm I \\ iiii;iiii ( 'o!e, son of 
Flins. find had children; I.Mary Cole; 2 Martha Cole. 
[See Cnir ] 

2. Thitzo, who married Clark Squitr, son ol Ludlow. [See 
Sff'iier ] 

Mr. Vail then died, and his widow married Wiiliain H. 
Gaston, Esq., of Somerville. [See Kitf>jialricf>.] 

iSIJAr.L N All.. (Slh child of Ibniel.) and Mariah Har- 
kalo had children : 

1. WiUiain. who died ni .. w..; 1! years: 2 Oscar; 3. 
Christopher Bnrkal«» ; 4. Anna Mariah; b. Martha; 0. Dan- 

7. i> 

icl ; 7. Mehnda. 

JAMES V AIE was a Irother of Daniel Vail. Sen., and 
livetl at the Stone H<»use Village. He married Betsey Curie, 
eldest daughter ol Jonas Carle, and hid cluldren : 

1. Isaac, who inatned Afnes t <»opcr, daughter of Daniel, 
pon of John. an<l had th Idren: I John ( Ooper Vail ; 2. L\- 
dia Anne, who married Charles Ko?8, meichanl, of Elizabeth- 

2. Anna, who married Edward Vad, son of Joel, below 
Plaiii(ie!d. and had no chddren. 

3. James married .Mary Simpson, daughter of James Sinip- 
8011. of .M •uiit Be hel. and had childti n : 1. Isabel ; 2. Isaac. 

Jacol) Vail, another son ol Isaac ^ ;iil ; lived near felone 
Iloii&e Village ; he died i.n old man Without chddreo. 



Kr,\\I'J>V NANCE liveii where Samuel Squier now 
d'> s. He iniirneii Piiehe, the wiJovv of lienjunin IVttit, 
Jiiii.aiul il mi^il'T <»f Joseph l^otttT, [S-'^ I'ettit a/nl l^utler] 
She die.l 9lM Murch. 1793 ; iriey had child len : 

I. Suiniiul. who was shot d'-ad by the British, Slh June, 
17S0, a.:ed 20 y»;ars, at tfie buttle of Spriii;i^lield. 

'2. \ancy, who married Aaron Sqaier. son of Thomas, 
[^'•c Srfuier.^ 

3. Jane married, Sth July, 1790, Jod Jones. [See Jun^s.'\ 

4. John, who went to Western New York, and marrieJ 
Eve Kope. 

.'». A:.'nes married David Kobison, son of William. [See 


Kl ll\KI) \ VIJ'A TIM: owned Nos. 3o and It of the 
Elizahethowii lot.s, and livi-d on No. 11. where Israel IJ. I..onor 
now lives This lot corilain'-d IHt ju-ris, and txtended over 
the Mountain, and adjoined Peter Willcox's tract, lyinaf west 
of It It also adjoined the I'etlil tract. No. 1.5, lymi^ west of 
Vilentme's He marrie I I'hebe ll.iines, and d.ed I'hli .Much, 
17ti(5. ai^ed 63 vears ; his widow, IMiehe, then mirricd William 
Miller, of Weslheld , and alter his death, she returned to her 
former homestead, on Stony Hill, and died there, '2 1st May, 
1783. atre I 70 years. Richard Valentine and Phel)e Haines 
had children: 

1. Jonah, who married Susannah Bedell, daughter of Joha 
Bc'del', Jun. 

2. Ephraim mirried Rhoda Price, sister ol Abraham Price. 
\_S--" Ephrdiin Tucker.'^ 

3. Obadiih married, first, Mary Mul ford, daughter of Capt. 
Jon:ithan .Mulfo d ; *2d. Elizabeth, the widow of William Max- 
;vell, and dauirhter of Thomas Baker. .lun. : 3d, Elizabeth, IGth 
Feb. l7Sfi. widow of Kenjamin Day, Esq.. and sister ol I'hebe, 
•.he wife of Peter Davison, the father of J<jhn R. Davison, of 
Newark, and also sister of Samuel Roberts, Sen., children of 
Daniel Koberts. 

4. Phebe married John Miller 3d, of Westfield. son of 
Jjhn, Jun. [See Miller.] 

o. Mary married, first, Henry Clark, of Westfield ; 2d, 
Sylvanus Oakley, son of David. [<See OuA/ey.] She married, 

456 RICHARD VAT.EXrmE. IT-"*!). 3d, David Caminel, and died 7tli .M;.ic:h, 
17i)j. ;i,:,'e I 61 yc us 

0. El/, ibeih miirred. lOlli Sej.t. 1707. Ii( r j imin Nd lli. 

7. K ichel married Willi.uii linker. [Vf li'ik'r] 

8. Sarrth. Iwin to Kacliel, died '^Glli Juue. 1703, aged 20 
years, unmarried. 

JONAH V\LK\TI\n. (1st child of Richard) and Sii- 
Jtnnnah Me«lell li id children : 

1 Jeniimi. wl»<> married, 11th July, 1784, William WooJ- 
rufT. of \\ esilicl.l. 

2 Simiicl. who died in his 19th year. 

^ ^l rtha married Juseph .Ma«8li. of Rah way. 

1 riichc married .\iidrew Joline. 

5 SiHannah married John Lonir. [Ser. L'^n^.J 

Joseph marrie«l I'trnpeiance l^iltell. daughter of Andrew. 

7. Ke-.jimin wh.> died m hi« Nth year. 

8. LyJia mirric.l Hiown HiookfieM . lives on tho notth 
si Ic ol Lo'ig lid! . 18 1 >viri(i\v . Rlie iii> <■ • t>«*ii 

9 ICnth -r married J"hn Bloomfield. 

10. Sarah married, v!d Jan. 179 1, Davi.i i.;ttei', Irom Ire- 
land, and reaioved to Lcbaiiun, Ohio. 

JO.SKIMI VALi:\ H.M:. (mh child of Jonnh.) and Tern- 
peranre l.ittell. (daui;hler ol Andrew.) hid children * 

1. William; 2. Ma:lha; 3 Samu.l ; I Jeremiah; 5. Jo- 
seph, J tin. 

JKRKMI \ll VALi:.\ riNi:. (tlh child of Joseph) mar- 
rie I Ruth TeTV. danjfhler of Jonathan Terry anJ HulJah 
y.m Sickle, anl had chddren : [.SV« pnj;f.'.\s « ] 

I. Lucy Amio 2. .Abiijail; 3. I.ristus Lewis; 1. Te:ii- 
perunce ; 5. Josei'h ; G. Andrew; 7. ;Su»an ; ^. Ruth. 

EPUIiAlM \' \K'Ari\E, (2d child of Richard,) and 
Rh )da PriC'- hid <ii Ifiron : 

1. Ri-njamin, who maired Polly I'riant. 

2 David. 

3. Uichnrd. 

4. Sarah married Isrnel Martin. 

5. Abigail married Dennis WuodrufT. 

ELlZVRKTir VALKXTIXK. (6ih child of Richard.) 

and Keii|inuii .\orih had chiMicn: 

1 .Mahala North. 

2. Ruth N .rlh. wh-) mirriel. Ui. Mr. McCi.ul. of Piul- 
ndelphia; 2d, Richard Oo'den, son of iNdlhauiel. lihe had no 

FiciARD valextivt:. 


OKVDIVll VALKXTIXE. (3d cliild of Ricliani.) lived 
on l<»i \(» 35 •»! tlie Elizabellil'iwn lots, wheie Israel 
U'lty now lives ; he and ins fust wife, .Mulford, had 
cl)ili:eii : 

1. KsJher, whomirried. iJ^ili May. 17n3. Levi Willcojc, son 
of WillKun. [S e iVillox] 

•J. VVduain ininied. Ul A;)iil. 1787, Joanna Crane, daufrli- 
ler of Joseph. Sen and went lo Oliio. 

3. J'inal i.m mairieJ lOih Apiil, 1791. Abii^ii! Diy. daugh- 
ter ot Uenjiin n Day. Esq. and daughter o.'' his fat.icr's '3d 

4 David manied, 23d September, 1792. Sarah Day, sist'*r 
of Jonathan's wife, an I .went to Dayton. Ohio; [so- A'irnn 
linger] he luid a d uii^liier Nancy, who inarjieJ L-wis 
Hroailwell. son of Simeon. ««f Dayioa. and had a son Jona- 
than, who marrie I, and lives in Piqui, Oliio. 

5. Levi, who «lied at I ( years of age. 

(I D.ui el married Miss W^in ins, of Union, and weat to 
D;l} to I, Ohio. 

.Marv. ihtt wile of Obadiah Vilentine die I 9lh June. 1777, 
a'ied :iJ veais. An I by his 2d wifo Lilizabcih. tiie widow of 
NVill am Maxwell, he hid. 

7. Mary, who went to Ohio, and there married John Craig, 
in lSf)5. 

lis 2{ wife. Elizabnh died. 13:h Septemb-r. iTS."). and ho 
marrie 1 Rhz ibclh, the w.doiv of Benjimu Day. lisq. and 
dau:»htor of Dani--! l{o!»eiis. by wii nn he h id no t:h iilrea 

Me die I 19th May. I7HS. ag.-d 43 yours; liii widow died 
4lh October, 183), ag.d SI years. 

JONA ril.VX VALl:\ riXE, (sonofObadiah,) and Abigail 
Day, had chidren : 

1. Biiiji'nii, whoiU»»d 2:)th July. 1787. 

2. IJelsev. born ist Dec.mber, 1791, and died 25lh August, 
17 i 

'.i. Peter D ivison, born 2')th October. 171)3, married. 2Slh 
November. lSl-2. Abii;ail llutm, daughter of Joseph Ilulan ; 
she Wis born 10th March. 1794. 

4. Sarah : 5. Phebe ; 6. \V'illi am, who all three died in 
infm :y. 

.Mr. Jonathan Valentine died 18ih April. ISOl, aged 
35 years 

And his wi low married John Schureman ; s!ie died 3d Sept. 
1817, ajjed 47 year?. 

PETE 'I D. V v1J:\TINR, (s-.n of Jonathan, son ofOba- 
diah,) and Abigail Kutan, had children; 


1. Jonathan, born 19lh September. 1814, and married, 2jlh 
July, Ift3«. Mary Lillell. daughter of Jf)hn Littell, Esq. 

He was elected a memher ol the legislature in 1849. and 
again in 1S50; he has served 5 years as a justice of ilie 

2. Hannah, born 3d November, I'^IC, and died Cth July, 

3. Abraham, born 4th October, 1818, married, l"Jth March, 
1810, Harriet Meeker. daughter,ol Isaac Meeker; she die i 
IGih June. 1813, aged 31 years, and he married Debby Aime 
Willcox. dauiihter of Ezra. 

4. Elizabeth 

5. Daniel Uulin 

c, Wtlliain married. 19th February. 1*52. Caroline Amanda 
Sl'HJt. dauffhter of Elijah Slout. of Kingst m. Somerset coiiniv. 

7 Sarah, who inarneH. I7lh October. |n49, Jucub D. Mal- 
ford. son of W'dliam. [See Job Mulford.] 

8. Harriet 

JON \ril \\ VM.i:\TI.\E, i:*., (vunfTctcr I). Vakn- 
tine.) and Mary Littell. had ch.ldten : 

1. Samuel IJutiin. Inirn 13 h July._|K39. 

2. Luther Eitl'll. born 3«Uh September, 1812. 

3. Eliza 1 iliell. born I3ih November. 1845. 

4. William, who ilicd in infancy. 

5. John, born2l8l iNovember, 1819. and died 22d Januarv, 

G. Mary Abigail, born I4lh July, 1851. 

aifHARD WALKER. 459 


RICHARD h:i.l ihiec wives, one of which 
was Sarah; he HveJ iii Wesitield. atid had rhildren : 

1. Asher, who married i*hebe MiHer, daughter of Daniel 

And by a '2i[ wife, he had other children : 

2. Sarah, who in irried RInathan ('ory. son of Ebenezer. 

3. Abraham, whose wife's name was r^arah. 

1 J'»!in, who married Hannah Cory, daughter of Ebene- 
zer. ^^ 

5. David, and others. 

Abiaham an I John Walker probablv bought the tract of 
land where Geo-ge Cory now lives, of Jacoli Carle. 

They liveti on that place, between the years 1771 and 
17S4, and probably sold it to ?^m th S. ( )sboru, who lived there 
in 1784, and they removed to the west. 

A.Siil'Ji W'ALKI'R bouu'htof Alexander Porter, the farm, 
partol which is now owned and «)ccupied by Samuel Dur- 
yee. and lived there He died llU'i Novetnher. 18)5, aged 
63 years ; his wife Phebe died 8th December, 179S. aged 53 
years ; they had children : 

1. Susan, who marriril Henry ScpiJer, son ol Eleazer 
Squier, of Wesifi.-ld. and hid chil<lr<-n : 

1. ICIi S(piuT. who married .Matdda Johnson. 

2 Milli.M, who marri«id Hannih Spencer, daughter of 

Willi, im Spencer, Esq. [.V e Spenc^ir ] 
3. Phebe married John Johns jn, son of (Jzel, and'went 

to ( )hi I. 
Susan married, 2d. Joseph floss, and Ind a sou Jonas. 

2. Miller, who married Theodocia Brittin, daughter of 
Jacob. [See Brittin \ 

3. Sally married David Morehouse, son of Simeon. [See 

4. Abraham married, 1st, Electa Bonnel, daughter of James; 
2d. Elizabeth Hallock, daughter of Thomas. 

5. David married Koxy Miller, daughter of Ichabod, of 

6. Jonathan married, 1st, Polly Spencer, daughter of Wil- 
liam Spencer, Esq. of (yhatham ; 2d, Electa Miller, daughter 
of Major Luke Miller, of Maciison ; 3d, Khoda Johnson, of 
Chester, Morris county ; 4th, Elizabeth, the widow of his 
brother Abraham. 

7 Temj)erance, who died Inth August, 1794, aged 23 
years, unmarried. 

8. Phebe married, 14th May, 1809, Peter Van Horn, of 
Bergen county. 



I'olly married, 5lh Scplember. 1813. Elinkirn I.udlow, 
s>n 'I N'>alj, son of Cornelius, of Wcilfield. [Sec IKou/t 

MII.I.KR WALKER. {\!<\ child of Asher. son of Richard,) 
and i heodor.ia r.rillin, children : 

1. Abiaham HriHin NVa'ker. who married llelty Cro^Acl. 
d;iij;,'hter >>( Divid A. CroWel, of Chalham, and h»3 an only 
ithiM, lU-nry Hartsiein. 

2. Isa.ic Hritim, who died llh February, 1830, aged !23 
vents, unmarried. 

3. Jacob Hritlin. who went to Mobile, and married Susan 
Youngbloiid and lives there, and imd children : 

I Eugene ; 2. Ku^enia. 

4. David, who died '27th May, 1827. aged 27 years, unmar- 

5. Rliza married. 30lh AugiHt. 183S. Lu'»e Parsons, son of 
Jonathan, ns his 3d wife ; sh^; has no chddren. 

Mrs. TheodiJiTia Walker died iGih September. 1834, aged 
50 i ^ear«». 

y\r. .Milhr Walker died IGth March. 1840. 

A15UAIIAM \VALKi:i:. (Uh child of Asher.) aod Electa 
Honne!. his ftrj*t wife, had but "ne child : 

1. Khoda. Who iii:itri«»d Dr. JoIm L. Munn. son ofDr J. B. 
Mu t). ol Chatham, and had children : 

1 Je:*litlii IV Muno; 2. George Ludlow Munn. 
3. Jo inna .^fu^^. 
lli» w>fc Klecti died 2l8t November, 1 808 ; and by his 
2d wife. Klixal>elh. he had rhi'dien : 

2. Kicri.i. wh'» married Thomas Garrison. live in New- 
ark, and havech I'lren : 

L Hirnci \ewel Garrison; 2. Sarah Ehzabeth Garri- 
son; 3. Theod«>cia Harkus Gatris«)n : 4. .\ri:na Garri- 
son ; 5. .Ade'aide Garrison . 0. Thomas John Garrison. 

3. Amanda married .Vmos Lura. son of Moses, ol Newark. 
[Sre Lwm ] 

4. Abraham inarrieti Jane Crane, daughter of John Crane, 
of Newark, and haveC iitlren: 

1. .Mary Eli/abelh ; tj. .Tiiim s >T;ilil<»p. . 3. Abraham 
Hriltin Walker. 

5. D -vid Littell Walker 

0. Afary married John Price, spectacle maker, of Newark, 
and have rhi'dren : 

L Henry .Martin Price ; 2. Adelaide Price ; 3. Electa 
7. Eliza m»rri<'d FL-nty II. Solnman, of New P, -n- vide, as 
his 2d wiic, and had cliilJiou : L Lavcuia ; 2. • 


fi. Sarah Anne, who iIkiI -iDtli June, 1838, aged 15 y«ars. 

9. Louisii Enicline, \vi»o died 4lli August, 1530, agt-d 13 

Mr. Ahrahani Walker died 19th April. 18J7, aijed 32 
years. His wiJovv married Jonulhau Wiiiker. 

DA\ ll> W VLlvEU. (Jth child of Asher,) and Roxy Mil- 
ler, hid childit II : 

1. David, who died J-Jlh .\u:;iiNt. In! 7, aued v>^, years. 

2. <'lKiltiel I. will) Went to ( )liio, and iiiaiiied . 

David Walker died 2311) July. \&it>. a-ed 14 years, and 

his widow went to Ciuciiiaati, Uhio, with her son. 

JON AT 11 \\ \V ALKRR. (Gih ohihi of Asher.) and Polly 
Spencer, had one dangliter, .Mary, who niairieil Luke C. Dc- 
harl, of .Madison, un«l tiad chililreii : 

I. William Dehart; 2. (ieiir^'e Dehart. 

And hv l^lecta Miller, he had chihlien: 

2. Ji)hn Henry. 

3. Sarah Anne. 
4 Cjeori;e. 

5. Car3line. 

And hy hi«» third wife. Rhoda Joh ;son, had 

6. William. By his "Ith wile he had no children. 

Plir.liH W A I. KI:K, (8th child of Asher.) and IVtcr Van 
Horn, had children : 

I Oariel Van H«)rn ; 2. nnrijhrr \ an Horn. 

Mr. Van Horn di<'<| 9th Tebruary. 1825. au'cd ;{7A vears ; 
his widow Pliehe, ilied 28th .May, 183 >, aged 48 \eais! 

POLLY WALKRR, (Ijth child of Ashen) and Eliaklm 
Ludlow, had children : 

1. I-jini-line Ludlow. 

2. Phehr. who nianicd Alonzo .Johnson. 

3. Jane inarrird Is.iac lii^hert. and had a son: 
I. Willi. im Henry Lndlow Lirhert. 

4. William, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio. 




DAVID WAKD mairi.-.l Hannah Farraiul, of Xewaik. 
Tliev livid at (.'hatham. and had childicn: 

I.Krios, (Cuptaiu,) who married Mahclabcl Duiuet, daugh- 
ter ol James, of Madison. 

2. David, born 19th September, 17-19, married llamutal 
I ndner. born loth Deeembei I7.'»" <-! Madison ; he died 19ih 
July, 1811; she died Ih3i». 

3. Ilaiiiiah married. (beMuus) licnjamin Donnel, son of 
Jicnjiimin, ICsq. [See Ji vvel] 

4 Tollv married Isaac Howard, and bad no chihlren. 

5. lebubod mariied, Ut. Juhannah Da}', daughti i ol Ste- 
|ilien l)av. Est)., an her 2d husband. 

Kh.ib«»d War. I married, 2d. June 2l8t . 1789. iMiui. the 
widow ul John MilU Fiost.and duui;hler ol Jo^iab liroadwell, 

6. Phehe, who died at about 20 years, unman icd. 

7. Ketiy matncd John Jubnson, a wholesale grocer, of 
New York. [See John Johnson] 

a. Suiah mairic«l rhd<|> Cockran, of New York; she 
died without ihildren. and be married Harnah, the daughter 
ol (apt. hnos Ward, hiii lirst wile's niece. 

CAPTAIN ENOS WARD, (M child of David.) and Ma- 
hetabel Hurnet. had children : 

!• Until, who marrird liubriel Pierson.son ol Benj «njin. 

i. Hannah marriil Philip Cockran, as his 'Jd wile, and 
hud no children. 

3. Matthias marrii.. 1... auor BuuDcl. daughter of Jolm, 
son of Nathaniel Konncl Iftt 

4. James married iSophia Scclj, daughter of Col. Sylvanus 

5.' Haniutal married Paul Day, son of Thaddcus, and had 
no children. 

liUTH N\ AlU). (1st child ol Cap:. Lnos \S arc),; and Ga- 
l)ri«l Pitrson. had childun: 

1. Matthias Pierson, who married Charlotte Genung, 
daught«r of David Genuntr. 

2. Knos Pierson. who died at 25 years, unmarried. 

3. Juliette Pierson, died at 18 years, unmarried. 

4. Phrho Pierson is unmarried. 

5. Sarah Pierson niarii<d Paul Day, son of Thaddeus, as 
his 2d wile, and had no chi'dren. 

G Mahetabel Pierson is unmarried. 

7. Benjamin Pierson died at 13 years. 

8. Hannah Mariah Pierson died at 3 months. 


MATTHIAS PIERSON, (1st child' of Gabriel,) and 
Charloite (Jciiuni^. Iiad cliiKlreii: 

1. Juliette Picison, who mariiid Thomas II Skinner. 

2. Ainhrose Pierson, whu diid at ahout l^ years. 

3. Nancy Jane Pierson married Henry Judsun. 

4. Cnarles Pierson married Emily Trowbridge, daughter 
of Shubal, ul" Brooklyn. 

5 .Matthias Ward Pierson married Drusilki Startup. 
U. JJarali I'lerson, who died young. 

MATTHIAS WAKD, (3d child ol Capt. Enos.) and Ele- 
anor Hoiinel. had children : 

1. Philip, who married Jane Garthwaite, oC Elizabethtown. 

2. Mahlon man ied Caroline Hunt. 

3. Sarah, wh.j «lied at about IH years, unmarried. 

4. .Mahelabel dieil at about Hi yeais, unmarried. 

5. Harriet married Robert Lackron, a I^uropean. 

G. Louisa married Calvin Smith, son ol" Frederick, of Chat- 

7. Laura marri«'d D ivid Bowers, son ol David, of Newark. 

8. I'^n »s j|i*d at 'Jo years, unmarried. 

9. Juliette is unmarried. 

JAMES WARD. (4th child of Captain Enos,) and Sophia 
Setjy, had chd Iren : 
\. JdIiu, who (lied unniarried. upwards of 20 years old. 
2 J.iiie, who died at about 2U years, unman ied. 

3. Sylvanus, who married Abby , near Bethany, Penn 

sylvania, and lives there. 

DAVID W'AliD 2d. ('2d son of David Ward 1st,) and 
Hanuital Ladner had clnldren : 

\. Birnabas, b )rn 17lh \>>v. 1771, and was drowned ISOS. 
He did not marry. 

•2. Benjamin, born KJlh May. 1774, and died Lllli July. 1803. 
lie marrie 1. .5th Oct. 171)6, Lydia Young, diughter of Moses 
and Uos mnah Vouni;. 

:{. Phebe, born .'J'Jih Oct 1781. nnd married, 3d April. 1802, 
tlie Rev. John Hancock, son of John and .Mary Hancock, and 
live in East -Madison. 

4. John, born 4th June, 1780, married, '27th Nov. 1808, 
Melissa Bf»nd, daughter of Thomas Bond, of Chatham, and 
diefi '27th March, 18;{7. 

.'j. Philip, born 10th .Marc!i, 1789, and died in youth. 
6, Earrund, born 20th (Jet. 171)0, married Chariolie Bruen, 
daui^hier of Carter Bruen, and died 11th July, 1835. 



DA no WAHD. 

BBN.IAMIN WARD. (2(1 chiltl of David Waul 'id.) :uul 
Lydia Vnnni,' had children ; 

1. Svlvcsla. b irii 28lh.Iiily. 1797, married. 28lh IVI) 1818, 
John K Midlopl. son ol Chnstophei. mid h:id no children. 

•J Menzies. a eon, born I5lh ^^epl. 1802, and (hed tiih Oct. 

I'll I. lib \N AliJj. (:ia child u! i'av.l Ward id,) and iiev. 
Jolin Hancock hadchddren: 

1 J:ine Hancock, horn 8ih Oct. 1803. married. 2id Feb. 
l-;J.j. Vincent B Kudd. as his 'id wile, son o( Doct. John C. 
Hiidd. and had childnn: I Jane Hancock liiidd hoin'ilsl 
June. isnC: i lienjamm Ward Hudd. horn IhhJuly ItM'i. 

2 John Wiesley Hancock, horn 30th Auj;. lM)5. He was 
a Mjrvey<'r. and married. 17th Dec l8iH .Mary .\iine ('. Ciiis- 
\Vo|d. ihinghter ul ('haitnry. and I'ohy (*risv%old. She died 
I'lih Feb. 1N40; lliev had child ren : I*. Jane, born Dili Nov. 
Is-i'i. died 20!h July. I«33: tl John Weslev. horn (ith Jan. 
l.H;n . died 22.1 July', 1833 ; 3. Iheho. boin I7lh AprJ, 1^33 ; 4. 
Jolin Knmry. h«>rii I^lh Jiil\, is:]."): o. FMcn. horn (Uh Nov. 
iH.n died 4ih June. |s3U ; U .Mcrvin Giiswidd. born 2.'>lh 
Pec. 1830; 7. Mar\ Anne, born 20ih Die. 1841 ; 8. KoswoJi, 
born 21th Sept. 1845. 9. Robert Harris, b.irn Ist Feb 1H|8. 

3. IMicbo Hnncock. born ICih Oct. 1807. died 28th March, 

4. Mary Grnhnm Hancock, born 4tb Nov 181 1. 

rt MonrcH* H tncork b »rn 20th Feb. |8|7. mirried Sally 
Anne Cole, dnuu'hler ol Henry, and had rhildron : I. George 
Hui;h, born 25ih June. 1843; 2. Ficlcher. b.irn 7ih July, 
184H, died .'ithSept. 1849 : 3. \^ ilham, born MUh June. 1850. 

6 Finuhnc Hancock, born 8th March, 1810. died 23d Nov. 

JOHN WARD, (3d child of David Ward 2d.) and Melissa 
Bond had cinldren : 

1. Nancy L.ulner. born 26lh Jan. 1810. married. 27th Jan. 
1828. to Vincent B Hudd. as his Ist wife, pon of Dort. John 

,0 llud.l. and died Fh. IGiii 1m3I. I hey had childnn: 1. 
Thomas Bond Budd. born lOth J;in 1820: 2 .VIelissu Ward 
Bii<!d. horn 14ih June. 1831 ; 3. .\ancy Ladner B>«' '. ' - m 
Snth Sept. 1833. died 19th Auc 1834. 

2. Lydia Vonni:. bom i^ih Niarch, 1812. married. i^\ i 'co. 
183t>, to M(^scs L. Bruen. son of ichnbod and Dainaris Hruen, 
and had children: I .lohn Ward Biucn. born — Aug. Is33; 
2. Laura Johnson Biiien. born June. 183s. 

3. David Farrand. born 20th Nov. 1814. marrie*!. 20tli 
Feb. 1839. to Chnrlo'te B Matthews, dau^lUcr ol Ciiailcs. 
and had no children by her. 


4. Julia Anne, born 27th April, 1817, married, lOili Jan. 
183"^, Beiijunih B. (iriswold. son of Chaunoy Ciiisvvouj. iinl 
hud I'liiiilrci: : 1. Chuuncy (Jriswold, born 1st April, 183!); 
2. Mary Ward Gnswold, burn 31st May, lJ>4I ; 3. Anna 
Ladner Griswold, born otii Marcli, 1815 , 4. Lydia Bruen Gris- 
wold, born t»lst Feb. IH47. 

5. Mary Bond, born lllli Nov. 182*2, married, 8th Dec. 
1S47, to Janus Albright, son of Robert Albright, Esq , and 
had children: 1. Eliza Albright, born Isl Sept. 1848; 2. 
Julia Ward Albright, born 2d Sept. 1850. 

FARRANI) WARD, (<;th child of David Ward 2d,) and 
Charlotte Bruen liad children : 

1. David Johnson, born 8th Sept. 1S22. 

2. Phebe Bruen, born Ut!i Jan. isjj, married Allen S. 

3. Harriet Elenora, born 25th April, 1829. married George 
W. Feljh. She died 23d Oct. 1849. 

4. Benjamin Collins, born 2d Oct. 1832. died 4lh April, 

5. Benjamin Farrand, born 18th Sept. 1834. 

David J. Ward married Catherine Tunis, daughter of Jo- 
seph M. and Charity Tunis, and liad children: I.Charlotte 
Augusta ; 2. Joseph FarranJ. 

IC1IAB<.)I) WARD, (3th child of David,) and Johannah 
Day had children : 

1. Elijah, who married Matilda Lindsley, daughter of 
Judije Lindsley, ot Orange. 

2. Moses married Jane Day, daui^hter of Stephen Day, Jun. 

3. Damaris married Ichahod Bruen, ot Madison. 

4. Sally married Matthias Bonnel, son of Bellows Ben. 
Bonne!. [See Bonnel.] 

Ichabod Ward, by his 2d wife, Esther, had children : 
Ty. David, who died at about 17 years. 

6. Phebe married Jonathan C. Bonnel, son of Nathaniel 
Bonnel 3d. [See J. C. Bonnel.] 

Note. — Mrs. Esther Ward, by her first husband, John 
Mills Frost, had children : 

1. Josiah Frost, who married Abigail Jones. 

2. Charity Frost married Caleb Meeker, son of Isaiah. 
[See Meeker.] 




Tradition in the Whitaker family says that three brothers 
ernl'arked in KfiL'land lor America; that the ship in which 
theve;: ^^;»s cast nwriy, and l»ut one ol the three arriv- 

ed ; wii ic was Jonathan Whitaker. whj settled in 

New England ; his wife's name was Elizabeth. They had 
children : 
k 1. Nathaniel, who married Miss Smith. 
? 2. Kliphalet marrifd Hulh Bailey. 

3 Elizabeth married Stephen ( >gden, of Baskinc Ridge. 

4. Mary iimrned, l6t, Samuel Brown : 2d, KbcDezer 

5. Jon >ihan. Jun. married Nfary Miller. 

Nathaniel Whitaker l>ecame a presbylerian minister, and 
aetlied la Norwich. Connecticiii : h« was sent in ITfil or (\5. 
with .M ' '!!. an iii<! Mo 

collect ie*8 Cha; ;iii 

Indian school. 

Jonai' an Whil«ker. Sen. reniovcd with his family, (rxrcpt 
Nathaniel.) from New England t«> New Jersey, and purchased 
of Thomas I'enn and Kichard IVnn. proprietors of the I'ro- 
vince of I'ennsylvania. (Iiy Kichard Peters and Lynlord 
Lariiner, tluir altoimes and agenLs ) lor th-- sum of £221), law- 
ful in.>ii.'\ -f the Slate of New Jersey, a tract of land, lying 
on ^ of .Mine Brook, in Someisel county. 407i acres, 

by utftj If iring date lOth l>e<*ember. 17.52. and by writing 
ol transfer on llic back of said deed, bearing date 7th day of 
July, 1763. f« r ' • ' ' currei I money, of East New 

Jersey, at ciirht ^ <'c, he conveyed to JonrKhan 

Whitaker, Jun his cuiesl son, the whole of the afoiesaid tract 
of 4071 acres, excepting al»oul 163 n'-'o^ ;.,,.v;.. -ly ^.Id 
and conveyed to bid son Eliphalet 

KLiril.VLET WHITAKER, (son of Jonathan.) married 
Ruth Bailey, and at length sold his farm, and removed to 
Cleoriria. and settled there, leaving two children, Samuel and 
Elizabeth, in New Jersey. 

SAMUEL WHITAKER. (son of Eliphalet,) was born 
26th November, I7.56 and died fiih June. 1HI«. aged 614 yrs. 
He married. 2d M.irch. 17S3, Mary, a wid«j\v, and daughter 
of John Rivers. She was born I5ih March. 1754. and died 
2il October, 1825. aged 71^ years ; they had children: 

t 1. Mary, born 20th Dec. 1784, and married, 24th Dec. 

« 1S()4. JohJi Taylor. 

*" 2. Benjamin, boni IGth 1% bruarv, 1767, and died 27th Oct 


3. Samuel, born 1 Ith June. 17S0. and died hUh AFay, 1818. 

4. Thehe, horn 9th July. l7'J-,». and died '^Jd April, IS lo. 

5. Fjlisha, born vJlsi February, 17Uj. married, '2Sih April, 
IS24, Anne M. Finley, liaugliier ot Alexander, ol" Basking 
Ridge ; she was born 14 ih December, 17«jl), and died '-id Octo- 
ber. H12. 

MAKV WIIITAKEU, (dauLjhter of Samuel.) and John 
Taylor lived in New York, and had children: 
9- 1. Mary Antoinette Taylor, born lOlh .March, 18i>6, and 
? married Jabez Hays. 

•J. Abis^ail Amelia Taylor, born 7th October, 1808, and 
married Nfr. Chandler, 

3. Samuel Taylor, born UUh August, 1811, and married 
Harriet Jackson. 

4. I^hebe Taylor, born 5th September, 1813, and died loth 
August, LSI'). 

0. Horace Taylor, born I3th November, 1N15, married, 
and soon died. 

(J. I*hebe Taylor, born '21st November, 181S. 

7. tieorge Edwin Taylor, born vJ.jth August, 1821, and 
married Martha Durkin. 

8. John Ilom^'yn Taylor, born •27lh December, 1824. 

9. Susan Taylor, born 4th November, 1m27, and died 

KLISIIA WHITAKER, (son of Samuel,) and Anne M. 
Finley lived in Newark, and had children: 

1. Phebe Amelia, born -2 Ith March, 182(5, and died 1 Uh 
Aprd, 1846. 

2. Samuel Elisha. born 12th February, 1831. 

3. Alexander Fmley, born 10th May, 1832, and died 13th 
April, 1833. 

4. Alexander Finley, born (Itli June, 1834. 
.5. Mary .Vnne, born 7th June, is 10. 

r». Elisha Samuel, born *2.'{d January, 1812, and died lOlh 
October, 1842. 

Elisha Whiiaker married f'>r his 2d wife, 12lh June, 1SJ4, 
liliza M. Kinsey, widow of Jonathan Kinsey, of Philadelphia, 
and daughter of Nathaniel Manning; she was born 14th Feb- 
ruary, 180S. 

ELIZABET[1 WHITAKER, (daughter of Eliphalet,) 
married William Roy. son of ,Judge John Roy, oi Basking 
Ridi^c, :ind had children : 

1. Hannah Roy, who married Aaron Hand, son of Jona- 
than ; she died 21st January, 1850. [See Hand.] 

2. William Roy, Jun. married Deborah Whitaker, daugh- 


ter of Stefihen. sun of Jonathan Whilaker, Jun. ; he lived in 
Yotes couuiv. New Ymk. 

WiHiaiM Koy, .Sen. died, nnd his widow Elizabetli married 
Richard Ilall.'son of John Hail. [SecJohn JIalL] 

KLIZAUKTH WHITAKKR. (daughter of Jonathan 
\\'liitaker. Sen.) ntunied Siejihen ( >gden, ol Hn^ki^p Hidge, 
hved where Patrick Matthews now does, and had childien: 
g 1. Jonathan Ogden, who lived near Morrislown. was 
o judge of the court 

U. Nathaiiiel < )gdcn. 

3. Isaac < 'gden was a physician, Hved at nermantown, 
Hunterdon county. New Jersey, rind had a s«»n Ohver Wayne 
Ogden. who was several year« Marshall "f ti.- vi.i.. ..f New 

4. s?ally Ogden. who married John ( i.i;-b n. iuuier "i Jo- 
seph (iaston. o( I'lurkMhin. who was the latlier of John Gas- 
ton and Wdliani li. Ciaslon, Est^s. of Somervdie. 

MARY WHITAKKR. (daughter of Jonathan Whitaker. 
Sen) married, l»t. Samuel Brown; 2d, Lbenezer White, and 
removed to Long iHJatid. 

.Mrs NNliite. after the death of her husband, returned to 
Basking Kidgc. anil lived m the house where t General Lee w;i9 
taken prisoner, in the revolutionary war. She had a daugh- 
ter, Susan White, who married her cousin. Strphen NN hitaker, 
eldfsison of Jonathan Whilnker. Jun. and had an only daugh- 
ter, Susan Wiulaker. who married Alexander Finley. [iitc 




JO.NA TilAX W ill TAKER, Jun. (son of Jonathan,) and 
Mary Miller lived on pail ol' the 107 acres of laud purchas- 
ed ol his father, on Mine Brook, and had children : 
K 1, Stephen, who married, 1st, his cousin. Susan White, 
": daut;ht<r of Fiheiiezer White ; she died 1st September, 1773 ; 
L'd, Ruth Conklin, daughter of Stephen Coiiklin, who was 
born in Sutlolk county, Long Island, 22d December, 1753, 
and died in Somerset county. N. J. 21st October, 17i)7. 

2. Phebe married Rev. Francis I'eppard, and lived in 
Sussex. [Se Pe/ipanl.] 

3. Polly, who died l'.»t1i February, 1822, aged 68 years, 

•1. Sally married Moses Allen, removcil to Crawford county, 
Pennsylvania, Is miles west of Meadville, and had children: 
I. Stephen Whiinker Allen; 2. Jeremy Alien. 

5. Rebecca, born lOth May. 1754, married U'illiam Conk- 
lin. Ksq son of Stephen. Mr. Cniiklin was an elder in the 
Presbyterian church at liasking Rid:,'e. [See Cnnklin.'] 

G. Jonathan 3d married Mary Mitchel, had 1;} children, 
and removed to Warren county, Ohio, about 1800. 

7. Nathaniel, born June, 175^, and married, June. 1787, 
Hannah Drake, dauiijhter of John Drake. (dMendham, and 
had a daughter. Sally, who married (larret V^jorhies, Esq. 
His wife Hannah died December, 17 H, and he married, 2d, 
Ruth Haine.s.dauuhter of Samuel Haines, near Vealtown, and 
had a daughter, Hannah, who married Nicholas Arrowsmith, 
Jun. Esq. 

Nathaniel Whilakerdied 27th October, 1841, and his widow 
Rulh tlied loth November, ls44. 

Jonathan Whitaker, Jun. died 17S5, aged 73 years. 

STEPHEN WHITAKER, ( child of Jonathan Whita- 
ker, J nil ,) was horn l<Uh .January. 17 17, and dieil 4th Novem- 
ber, 1827. He and Susan White had a daui^^hter. Susan, 
who married Alexander Finley. And by his 2d wife, Ruth 
Conklin. had children : 

2. Jonathan, who married ^fary Bailey, daughter of Thad- 
=■ dcus Railey, of Sussex county ; and lives in Vates county, 
i New York. 

3. Marv married Moses Hall, son of John, son of Richard 
Hall. [See Hall.] 

4. Deborah married William Roy, Jun., son of William, 
son of John Roy, and lived in Yates county, New York. 
Mr. Rov was an I'^lder in the Presbyterian Church. She 
died 20th July, 1851. 



o. Steiihen. born 21s( July. 1784, and married Mary Hall, 
sister of Mos»-s Hall, lives al Cleveland, Ohio ; he was an El- 
der and Deacon iti the I're-sbx terian (church there. 

G. 11(111) married, 1st, Ephraim Mallory, and had a son. 
John .Mallory ; 'Jd. Jacob > andeventer, son of Jacob, of l*ea- 
pack, lived in Vates county. N»\v V'tU. She di. i Icih Oct. 
Ibo'l, of cancer in the breast. 

7. I»a:ic married Acsah (vu>iiiii.iii. »>i liciiiun. \.ii>> Cu., 
and went to Michijran. 

H. I'hebe marrieti .Moses Hall, after the death of her sister 
Mary, and has no children. 

9. Anie married Jonathan A. Hall, son of Jonathan, and 
nephew of Moses, and lives near IVnn Yan, N-^^ V' ri . Mr. 
Hall died 21th January. 1852. [See Hati] 

Stephen Whitaker's 2d wife, Ruth. died, and ii- n.urri <i, Jd, 
Polly, the wid<jw of J<»lm C"ro>s ; }»he died, and he married, 
4th, Affnes (\ an < onrt.) the widow of I)ani« I I'otter ; [See 
J*i tier.] she was sister of Hannah Van Court, who mnrricd 
Daniel Lacy, son of David Lacy. [See /xicr/ ] His -Ith wife 
Allies died in Benton, Yates county, \' -v \ ork. -JOth July, 

JOXAl UA.N W lUTAKLR. (2d child of Stephen, son of 
Jonathan. Jun..) and Mary Hailey, live in Yates county. N. Y. 
He was an Elder and an efficient member of the I*resbytc- 
rian Church at Benton : he was born •-J4ih January. 1780 ; 
she was .' > «t. I7H.1. T! -hildren: 

^* . I. S(j . I ^.'Oth Nfay. 1- ' married. Est, 

f .Mary .Amsbury. "^ !ien ; 'id, in l'^3'2. Lydia C. 

Amsbury, hi<>ter ^ . ... ; — . .^he died in childbed, w'''' 1" ' 
first child, '.21th January, 1852, leaving an infant son. 

2. Stephen Madison, born 3d June. 18<i9, and m;iiind 
Mary Anne (laije. daughter of Martin Oagc, of Bellona, and 
is a merchant there. They had children : 

1. Epliraim Sewanl ; 2 George Ilonur ; 3 Maiy Vir- 
ginia , 4 iStephen Eddy. 

3. Alexander Einley. born 7th Auifu^i. l.M I, n.arried, 20tii 
June, 1848, Louisa P. Torrence, daughter of Richard Tor- 
rence. He is a Major General of Militia, and a farmer. They 
had children : 

1. Hellen Lucinda. born 17th March. 1845. 

2. Charles, who died 25th February, 1850, aged 3 
months and 19 days. 

3. Melville Torrence. born 26th April, 1851. 

4. Harlow, born 16th Aucr. 1813. married Anne 
Eliza Mc Dowel, dauijhter of Jonathan, and had children: 

1. William Henrv : 2. Jonathan; 3 Augustus; 4. Ma- 
rietta . 5. Erancis ; G. Alice Aurelia ; and a daughter. 


5. Ephiaim Mallory. born 27th Aiisust, 1816, married 
r2tli September, lb4i. Eliza W. Bites, live in Ann Arhor, 
Miehii?aa, is a m»T»-haiit there, and has chiMien: Grenville 
Adolbert, born '23d November, 1840, and Herbert Bellctti, 
born October titb. IS50 

6. Ruth Ann, born Ijth November, ISlS. 

7. Marietta, born 21st December, 1820. 

8. Geori^e W., born -JTth November. 1823, and died at 20 
months old. 

M AllV Will lAlvER. (3d child of Stephen, son of Jona- 
than NVIiitaker, Jun,) and Moses Hall, lived at Geneva, and 
had children : 

^ 1. Jane Hall, born 25th April, 1309, and married John 

C' Humphry ; live in Miehinan. 

" 2. I'hebe Hall, born 5th November, 1S1<>, married Nelson 
Rowley ; live in Miehi^'an. 

3. Rachel H«ll, born 7lh November, 1812. 

4. Stephen VVhitaker Hall, born fith August, 1815, mnrii- 
ed Nancy Graham, and live at Williamsport. Pennsylvania. 

5. Henry Axtel Hall, born 9th February, 1817, married 
Susan C. Rabcock; live in Geneva. 

6. Mary Hall, born Uth March, 1820. married 30th Septem- 
ber, IM47, the Rev. John Jermain Poller, of Geneva. 

7. Hetty Hall, born isth September, 1823, married Chaun- 
cey B. Ackley ; live in Geneva. 

DEn< lilAll W IIITAKKR. (1th child of Stephen, son of 
Jonathan Whitaker, Jun,) and William Roy, had children : 

1. Charles Roy, who married Elizabeth Tracy, and had 
ciiildren : 

I. William Tracy Roy; 2. Chester Roy. 

2. Eliza Roy, who married Doctor Joel 11. Ross, and live 
in New York. 

DEACON STEPHEN W^HITAKER. (oth child of Ste- 
phen, son ol Jonathan Whitaker, Jun..) and Mary Hall, had 
children : 

1. John Hall Whitaker, born 6th May, 1813, and married 
Francis Elviiia Grosvenor. daui^hter of Vine Grosvenor, of 
Fittsfield, Mass ; live at Toledo, Ohio ; is an iron monger. 
His wife died 2d September, 1849. ai^ed 32 years, and left one 
child, Charles Henry, born 5th September. 1846. 

2. Charles, born l3th March, 1817. and married, 1st Novem- 
ber, 1851, Susan Littell, daughter of John Liltell, Esq., son of 
Nathaniel, ol New Providence, Essex county, New Jersey. 
[See Satlianiel Liitell. son of David.] 

3. Mary Catherine, born l3th January, 1820. 


jonatha:* whitakeb, jun. 

4. Steplun Conklin , died suddenly ol" erysipe- 
las, Nnvf'ip.ber, Ijlh Isol. after 4 days illness. 

5. He;iry Axttl. who died al 5 years. 
C. William Henry. 

7 Helen Elizabelh, who died at 11 months. 

RUTH \VHIT.\KER, (6th child of Stephen, son of Jona- 
than Whiiaker, Jun.,) and Kphraini Mallory, lived in Yates 
connty, New \ ork. 

XoTK. — Kphraim Mallory was son of Meredith Mallory 
and Mary Harnum. of ('onnecticut ; they had tlirce children : 
1. John ; ->. Meredith ; and 3. Ephraim Mallory. 

Ruth Wliitaker and Kphraim Mnllory. had children : 
5 1. John Mallory, who niarrie<l Mary Lacy, daughter of 
? Silas Lacy, son of Daniel Lacy [See I act/] and Hannah 
Van Court, sister of Agnes Van (-ourt, widow of I>ani«l Pot- 
ter, [Set Pottrr] the llh wife of Stephen Whitaker, son of Jo- 
nathan. Jun. John Mallorv had an onlv daughter. Ruth Anne, 
born .March. 1815. 

2. Prliorah Mallory. horn 0th Nuvcinher. I^IL who mar- 
rie«l .Milton Curti>. son '.f Tracy (uilis, and had a son. Charles 
Curtis, born 2^«th November, 1833. Mr. Curtis died 17th 
October. 1H3U. 

Ephraim Mallory died 1813. and his widow, Ruth, married 
Jacob Vandcventcr, son of Jacob, of Pcapack, and had chil- 
dren : 

3. William Vandcventcr. born I'^IO, who married Eliza- 
beth I>erry. dau^litrr of John hcrry. near IVnn Yap. and 
had children : 1. Edward; 2. John Jacob ; 3. Frank Der- 
ry Vandcventer. 

4. Mary Vandcventcr. born 0th November, 1820, married 
Doctor William Hreck. born llth November. 181S. son of 
Joseph Hreck. and live at Springfield. Mass. and have a son, 
Theodore Frelinirhuysen Hreck. 

5. Stephen Vandeventer. born 7th February. 1823. married 
Anne Eliza .\ndrews. daughter of Doctor Jerry Andrews, 
and have a son, William Hrvant Vandcventcr, born 7th De- 
cember. 1843. 

6. I'.lizabelh, who died in 1829, aged 11 months. 

ISAAC WHITAKER. (7th child of Stephen. .«;on of Jona. 
than. Jun .) and .\csah Cushman, removed to Michitran. He 
was born I6th January, 1792; she was born llth July. 1796. 
They had children : 

1.' Charles, born 16lh November. 1818, married Laura 
Beach. 2<Mh December, 1843, daughter of William Beach, 
and had chiildren : 

1. Finlev Beach, born 2d December. 1846. 

2. Caroline Fidelia, born Sth May, 1849. 


2. Stephen Demlng. born 12th December, 1820. and mar- 
ried, 5th October, 1845. Caroline Kello-j^g, daua^hter of Judi^e 
KflloiTfl^, of Sharon, Conn, and have a daughter, Adeline 
Matilda, born K'th Ani^ust, lS4'^. 

3. I'hel^e Caroline, born 2Uh December, 1824. 

4. Isaac .Millon, born 2d May. 182G. 

5. Matilda Jane, born l'.>th July, 1828. 

ti. Sabrina, born 2Sth .Sei)teinber, ISJl, and died 15th 
June, I83t). 

7. Byron Cushman, born lltlj May, ISJj. 

IMIEBR WrilTAKEll, (2d child of Jonathan Whitaker, 
Jan..) and the Rev. Francis l'epj)ard, lived in Sussex, an 1 had 
children : 

1. Phebe Ptppard, who died in childhood. 

2. J«^»nathan l*e|)p;ird rem jved to Wheeling. Virginia, and 
from thence to NV'orcester, (^liif>, and rendered much assis- 
tance in the establishment of the church in that new settle- 
ment. He had a numerous family. 

3. Phebe Peppard 2d married John Caruthers, Esq., of 
Lycoming county. Pennsylvania, and had one daughter and 
six sons. She died about 1x47, aired si» years. 

4. Elizibeth Peppard married Lewis Kerr, son of Joseph, 
and lived in Brook county, Virginia. She died about 1320, 
ag<;d about o3 years. Lewis Kerr was many years an 
Elder in the Presbyterian church. 

5. Xalhani«'l Peppard married Peggy Green, or ^liss Free- 
man, and had a numerous family, living in Indianapolis. He 
has been many years a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian 

6. Sarah Peppard married Aaron Kerr, brother of Lewis, 
about the year 1800 ; they were both born in 1777 ; he was 
elected at the age of 22 years an Eider in the Presl)yterian 
church, at llardwich, Su.ssex county, Xew Jeisey, and about 
the same time elected to a seat in the Legislature of New 
Jersey. He subsequently removed to Washington county, 
Pennsylvania, and continued to serve his country and the 
church in a public capacity. 

7. Rebecca Peppard. 

8. Isaac Peppard, who died in youth. 

After the death of the Rev. Francis Peppard, his widow 
removed with her son-in-law, Aaron Kerr, to Pennsylvania, 
about 1810. She died at about 80 years of age, in the tri- 
umphs of the gospel. 

ELIZABETH PEPPAPtD and Lewis Kerr removed to 
Washini^ton county, Penn. about 1H08, and had children : 
L Phebe Kerr, who married Doct. John Todd, from New 


York, and liafl one son, John Todd. Doct. Todd died, and his 
widow riiel>e married Doct. ('ebar. She died about lS4t;. 

2. L)dia Kerr married William Cordon, of Western Penn- 
sylvania, and had 7 chillren. viz. Ilaniptun, Amanda. James, 
and •ithcrs. 

3, Isaac Kerr marri<*d Miss Thompson, dannhtcr of Wil- 
liam, and had children, William, Amanda, Lydia. and two 

•1. KIsie Kerr married .Tames Carson, of TUo ik cunty. 
Virginia, and had children, Harriet. Sarah. William, James, 
and others. 

Mr. Lewis Kerr married, 3d, Sarah I>awson, and IkkI 
other cliildrcn. 

NATHAMKI. ri:iMV\IU) and his wife had children : 

1. Lli/.ahelh niuried .Mr L:indi$. and had a daughter, 
Mary, who niairied (he Rev. Lawrence 6. Hay, of the 
Allahabad mission, in Northern India. 

2. Mary married .Nlr. Morris, and lives in Indianapolis, 

3. Hampton , 4. Phebe married . in Indianapolit. 

5. James married . in Indianapolis. . 

ti. Margaret married.Mr. Deiuuti; lives m Indianapolis. 
7. Joseph married ■ ■ ; livei in New Orleans. 
S. rhe)>e marrioil Mr. Reabill ; she is now a widow. 

SARAH rKPPAUI) and Aaron Kerr had childrm : 

1. Snsan Kerr, who married hoot. Samuel Todd. br'>th< r 
of Doct. John Todd, and had children: 

1. Marlon Todtl. who married .and lives in 

^Vashinglon county. Pennsylvania. 

2. Jane Todd. 

3. Stephen Todd married, nnl V.\■^'< in Mo- 

nongahela (^ily. 

4. .\ndrew Oliphanl Todd is a IVe^'v icimh imiiistcr ; 
settled in Ohio. He married. 1851. . 

5. John Milton Todd ; i». Elizabeth Todd; 7. Hamilton 
Todd ; S. Samuel Krskine Todd. 

Doct. Todd died, and his widow, Susan, married Mr. Apple- 
gate, near Monongahela City. 

2. Francis P. Kerr, was a physician ; married Jane Flem- 
ing, daughter of Daniel. He died in 1S25, aged 25 years, 
leaving children. Daniel and Francis. 

3. Elizabeth (Jrcen Kerr married Joseph Fleming, brother 
of Jane, and had cliildren : I.Kerr Fleming; 2. Alexander 
Fleminj? ; 3. Susan Fleming; 4. Hampton Fleming; 5 
Amanda Fleming ; n. Joseph Fleming ; 7. Hervy Fleming. 

4. Joseph Kerr, born 5th Feb. 18<>6, is a Presbyterian min- 
ister ; was ordained in 1S33. and soon went as a missionary 


to the Indians, west of Missouri, and subsequently settled in 
Poland, Ohio, near the West line of Pennsylvania. He mar- 
ried Mary Anne Caldwell, daughter of William Caldwell, of 
Piit-burg. and had childrta: 1, E. Byington ; 2. Joseph Brai- 
nerd ; 3. Clarissa; 4. Elliot ; 5. Walter Lowry ; ti. Anna 

5. Phebe Kerr married James Hair, of Washington county, 
Pennsylvania, and have cluKlren : 1. llainiltun Hair, and 

6. Hampton Kerr married Jane Lee. daughter of John 
Lee. of Washington county, Pennsylvania, and had children : 
1. Lee Anne; '2. Aaron. 

7. Ainatjda Kerr married, iirst, liev. Joseph Reed, and 
had one child, Sarah Elrzabeth Reed. l\Ir. Reed died, and 
she married, 2d, Henry Haman, of Pittsburg, and lives 

8. Aaron Hervy Kerr is a Presbyterian minister in Ontario, 
Indiana; was licensed in ls47. He married, in I'^-IS, Eliza- 
beth Craig, daughter of the Hon. Walter Craig, of Penn. 

Walter Ker, the ancestor of the Kerrs, belore named, was 
banished from Scotland, in the time of the persecution, and 
was permitted to remove to America. He came to N. Jersey, 
and settled in Freehold, in the year Itisj, and as a layman 
was eminently useful in the establishment of the gospel 
in that region ; his descendants have been l)lessed as uselul 
members of the church of Christ. He had a son, Samuel, who 
hail two Sons, Samuel and Joseph. Joseph had sons, Lewis 
and Aaron Kerr. 

Samuel had a son Jacob, who was a minister of the gospel, 
and Pastor for thirty years over two churches near Salsbury, 
Maryland, and died in 1795. 

Rev. Jacob Kerr had a son, Doct. Samuel Kerr, of Prince 
Anne. Somerset county, Maryland, who had a son, Rev, Jacob 
W. E. Kerr, Pastor of the Presbyterian church at Deerfield, 
West Jersey Presbytry 

JOXATIIAX WIHTAKER 3d. (Gth child of Jonathan, 
Jun.) and Mary Mitchel lived in Warren county, Ohio. He 
died July, IS 10, aged 79 years ; his widow died November, 
1850. aged 87 years ; they had children : 

1. Nathaniel, who married Nancy Hayden. 

2. Abigail, who died young. 

3. Jonathan M., who married, 1st, Jane Irvin ; 2d, Anne 
Mclntire : 3d, Polly Miller, daughter of John Miller, of 
Spriiigdale ; he removed to Centreville, Indiana. 

4. William, twin to Jonathan M. married Sarah Skinner, 
sister of Richard Skinner, who married Catherine Hurin, 
[see Hurin,] and daughter of Daniel Skinner. 



5. Sarah married David Reeder, son of Daniel, of Pleasant 
Rid^re. and removed to Illinois. 

G. A b::,'ail married Daniel Skinner, sou of Abraham, bro- 
ther of Daniel. 

7. Benjamin married. 1st. Catherine Feller: 2d. Hannah 
IMiller, si.'^ter of Jonathan's 5A wile, and has HvIhl' chiKireii : 

1. Jonathan, who married Nancy Cox. 

2. Mary. 

8. Stephen married Huldah Skinner, sister of Daniel, Abi- 
gail's husband ; lives near .Mason. Hamiltun county. Ohio. 

9. James. l)orn 2'2d ( >«:tober,17l»b. married Mary Abbot, 
daughter of J<ihn . he is a mason, lives in Huntsville. Ohio. 

UK Pollv Halsted married Joseph Kuny<>n. of Lebanon, 
and had children. Couriland Hunyon and Mary Runyon. 

JONATHAN M WIHTAKI'.R and Jane Irvin, had 
children : 

I. James Irvin, who marrie<l Mary .McCIure. 

£. Mary Halsted married Alexander Morrow, son of Rich- 

3. Nancy Jane, who died at about 1ft years. 

•1. William .Mttchel married Sarah Jane McKannis, daugh- 
ter of Knlerl. 

5. .Sarah lives in Piqua. 

Jonathan M. NVhitaker. bv .Aiiiu- M<liiiire chiidreii : 

♦5. David .\owton, who died at about 23 years. 

7. Martha died at about 13 years. 

S J.i. ir!i.::: Milton, born 2.'»ih October, 1829, lives at 

9. M.ii l; .!< > .Vnne died at al>oiil one year. 

10. Mary Jane lives at Reading. 

By his 3d wife, Polly Miller, he had no children 

WILLIAM WHITAKER, (1th child of Jonathan .^d. 6th 
child of .lonathan. Jiin ) and Sarah Skinner, had children: 

1. Mary M. who married Daniel Morris, and went to 

2. Jonathan Miller went to Texas, and married there, 
Cynthia Robins. 

S. Martha Anne married David Knyart. son of DaviH. 

4. Sarah Skinner married Nelson Littleton, ol Middle- 

5. Phebe Mills, twin to Surah Skinner, married, 1st, Daniel 
Paulv: 2(\. Ambrose Voorhies. 

C Isabel Skinner married Paulaski Whelan. 

7. Amanda married Andrew May, Jun. lives in Indiana. 

8. Rebecca Reeder : 9 Richard. 

10. William Pitt Skinner went to Texas. 

1 1 . Caroline 


JAMES WHITAKER. (9th child of Jonathan 3d,) ami 
Murv Abbot hved at lluiitsville, and had children : 

1. John, who married Hannah Jane Ulifion ; live in Ross- 
ville, and had children : I. Laura; 2. Clement. 

2. Jonathan married. 1 st, Elizabeth Jaques, who had no chil- 
dren; 2d, Charlotte Harper, lived in Tennessee, and had 
chddrcQ : 1. Austin; 2. Mary Anne. 

3. Stephen married Sarah Irvin; live in Butler county, 

4. Joseph married Emily Jones ; live about 40 miles west 
of Hamdton, Ohio, in Indiana. 

5. Benjamin ; 6. Ichabod ; 7. James. 
8. Albert, born 10th Juno, 1842. 

Note. — The widow Mitchel, mother of Jonathan Whit- 
aker's wile, Mary Mitchel, married William Coniilin, Sen. 
as his 2d wife. 

NATHANIEL WHITAKER, (7th child of Jonathan 
Whitaker, Jun.,) and Hannah Drake had one daughter, Sally, 
who married G.uret Voorhies, Esq. ; lives where her lather 
did, and had children: 
V I. John Voorhies, horn 14th June, IS 17. 
o 2. .Matilda Voorhies married, 8th Jan. 1851, Charles Barker, 
° an Englishman. She died in childbed, Sept. 28th 1851; 
had twms. born 2 1st Sept. and both died before her. 

3. .Vnne Voorhies married, Dec. 1841), William Heath, 
Bon of Robert. 

4. Hannah Voorhies married, 28th Oct. IS47, James 
Garritson Kline, son of John, son of David Kline, ol Redding- 
ton, Somerset county, and had a daughter, Dorothy Kline, 
born 17th \ov. 1841). 

5. Ellen Voorhies ; 0. Garret Voorhies. 

7. Nathaniel Whitaker Voorhies. 

8. Samuel Scott \'oorhies ; 9. Mary Voorhies. 

10. Ruth Elizabeth Voorhies; 11. Ralph Voorhies. 

Nathaniel Whitaker, by his 2d wife, Ruth Haines, had but 
one daughter, Hannah, who married Nicholas Arrowsmith, 
Jun. Esq. son of Nicholas, Esq. of Peapack, and had children: 

1. Theodore Arrowsmith. 

2. Elizabeth Barnet Arrowsmith, who married Charles 
Dayton, of New Brunswick, merchant, son of Jesse 
Dayton, of Fort Plain, and had children: 1. Mary 
Elizabeth Dayton; 2. Anna Whitaker Dayton; 3. 
Emma Dayton; 4. Charles Meredith Dayton; 5. 
Frances Salina Dayton ; 6. James Dayton. 

3. Henrietta Arrowsmith, who married, 22d November, 
1848, Doctor Alexander N. Dougherty, of Newark, 
and had a son, Alexander Dougherty. 

478 '^^^ WILLI AMI. 


JOH\ WILLIAMS, brother of Samuel, lives in West- 
field, :iii(l had children : 

1. Noah, who married Detsey Marsh, daughter of Joshua, 
oof Westfield. He died 3d Jan. I.sj4, aged 73 years. 

} 2. J<»hn, Jun., who diedun married. 

3. Cornelius married I'>et.sey Ueddin. of Westfield : lived in 
New York >everal years, and removed to .New Providence, 
where he ciied 2biii .\u^. 1(h26, aped 10 years. His wife 
died 2d Nov. 18 IN. aped 55 years, and left no children. 

4. Henry married Betsey Scudder. 

5. Scjuier married Nmcy ^^ ' r (if llonry. 

«i. Siiulh m^'ried IJeU»ev i j of Ueacon 

Hctfield. of W 

7. David n. j1 Aug. 1788. Hanoali Marsh. 

8. Lewis married Chioe Campbell. 

9. Ezekiel married ; lived nnd died in N. York. 

10. Ahncr went to the i^outh, and died unmarried. 

N(^AH WILLI VM.*^, (1st son of John.) came from West- 
field, -d the farm now " ' '" ' nti Price, 
on til. ..f Lonp Hill, an . ry, ls2I, 
age ■ 7."< vears He and Hct>«"y .Mnrifh had chndrcn : 
u 1. Ezra, who married .Margaret Faitout, and ft»r several 
e years kept a tavern and store m the village of New IVovi- 
(lenoe. His wife Maigaret died, and he married. 2d, Hetty 
ToiIi'M. d.iii::liter «if Jon.Tihau Tfttion. .nnd remove*! to New 
York, and is there a pi 

2. Noah, who mari • i i Pool. 

3. Rachel, who married, Isi. iJaviu Cole, of Westfield. 
hod a son, Jchn Cole ; when Mr. Cole died, and she married 
Ellis Xoe, son of John, and had children: 1. Hester N<»e; 2. 
Eii/a . 3 Isaac Noe ; J. Daniel W. Noe ; 5. Pavid Xoe. 
[S-c FMh .Voe.] 

1. h.iriiel. who died in New Y'ork. 

5. AbiL-'-l \\Ii'> married N^ilham High, son of Jacoh. [.sVe 

ti. Abner innrned DeVvorah Hand, daughter of Rol>ert 
Hand ; live in .Morristown. and had children: 
1. Trances. 
t- 2. -Mariuh, who married William Crowel, of New Y^ork. 
? nnd lives there. 

3. David, who married : 4. Robert. 

5. Margaret married Caleb Conklin, son of John John- 
son Conklin. of ."Spring Valley. 

6. Alfred married Elizabeth Wilson, of Morristown, and 
lives there. 

7. Abner Williams. Jun. ; 8. Harriet; 9. Alvira. 
10. Charles; 11. Catherine. 

SAMi i:l wiixiaMBj 479 


SANIUEL WILLIAMS, (l.rother <.f John.) lived at Wil- 
liams' Farms, betwt-en Westtield and Elizabethtown. He 
had tliree wives, and sevt-nteeii children some of his chil- 
dren were, Joel. Samuel, Jedediah, David, Moses, Na- 
thaniel. John, I'olly, and another daughter, who married Jacob 

Mo«.es married Sally Miller, daughter of Moses Miller, of 

JOHN WILLIAMS, (son of Samuel.) came up and bout^ht 
the farm of John Koll. on the north side of Long Hill ; he was 
born lOlh August, 17GS. aud died 'ioth February, 1831), aged 
7' 4 yi-ais. He married .Anna Spinning, who was born "Jd 
September, 177J, and died Gth March, 1828; they had chil- 
dren : 

1. Anna Spinning, born 10th November. 1792; married, 
Hi I December, 1808, John Hand, son of IJenjamin, of Long 

2. Kbenezer Spinning, born '28ih October, 1704, and mar- 
ried. 17th March, ISIU. 1st, Sarah Carle; ^d, Lydia Carle, 
daughters of Jonas (^irle. 

3. Mariah, born 1 1th December, 1790, married, It'ih Jan. 
18 lU, Jolm \V. Stiles, son ol Daniel Stiles, of KlizabLthtown, 
and live there. 

•1. I'hebo S. born 12th January. IsiK); married, 21th Feb. 
182o, Moses M. Crane, son of Nathaniel Crane, of Elizabeth- 
town, and live there. 

5. Stiles, born iDlh Atigust, 1S02, married Annetta Rogers, 
daui:hter of Dr. John Rogers, the widow of Mr. Vnn\Vag- 
ener, of Luzerne county. I'ennsylvania ; has no childicn. 

G Lockey. born 23(1 December. 18')4. married, 2.3(1 .NLirch, 
182G. Cornelius Winnie, son of .Martin Winnie, and had o chil- 
dren, who all died young, and then she died. 

7. Elias Rigus, born 2d July, 1807, married IGth February, 
1832, Mary Vandervoorl, daughter of Paul Van'lervoort, of 
Lainini^ton ; he lives where his father did. 

s. li.iza Ellen, born 2.">th February, 1810, and married the 
above named Cornelius Winnie. 

9. ILirriet Edney. born 0th October, 1812, and married 
Jacob G. White, of New Vernon. 

ANNA S. WH LIAMS. (daughter of John, son of Sam- 
uel.) and John Hand had children: 

1. Stiles Williams Hand, who mairied Mary Anne Boyle. 

2. John Eden Hand. 



3. Anna Mariah Hand married Hervy I'rusl, of Creen 
Village, and went to Ohio. 

4. Harriet Hand went tu( »hio, and married. 

5. Ilinnia Hand uenl ti^ Uhio. and married. 

EBi:Ni:zr.U S. WILLIAMS, (^son of John.) and Sarah 
Carle, had children : 

1. l)aniel Carle; 2. TIjeodore : 3. Sarah Anne. 
He liad no children by his 2d wife Lydia. 

M Alii AH U ILLIAMS, (daughter of John.) and John W. 
tallies had children : 

1. David \V. Si.'es; 2 Henrietta Siiles ; 3. Eliza Ellen 
8tiles , 1. Ebenezcr Suleu; o. Harriet W.Sules ; C. Lockey 
Anne Stiles. 

riniiJE S WU. LI A MS. (daughter of John,) and Moses 
M. Crane h • n ; 

1. Eliaa >, ' lane, who died at 14 years. 

2. Anna \S . Crane, who married .\braham Miller, of 
Union; 3. Jane Crane ; 4. John Williams (.'rane. 

5. Charles Crone. 

EI.I.VS K. W ILI.IA.MS. (son of John.) and Mary Vander- 
Toort, had children : 

1. John; 2. I'aul \ andervoort ; 3. Elias Edwin ; 4. Mary 

ELIZA ELLE.N WILLIAMS hter of John,) and 

Cornelius Waiiue lives on the S • nr\. and had chil- 

dren : 

1. Jane Winnie; '2. Henry Winnie; 3. Si>enf^er Winnie; 

4. .\nna Winnie ; 5. Rachel Winnie ; 0. Harriet Annetta 

HARRIET EDXEY. WILLIAMS, (daughter of John,) 
and Jacoh Ci. White had children : 

1. Theodore White; 2. Eliza Ellen White; 3. William 
White, who died at o years; 4. Benjamin Franklin White; 

5. A son. 




PKTKU WlLI.COCKSEcnme fiotn Eiiglaiul, and sett'ed 
I't'tweeii Ihe inijunl:iins on a lull known t" tins dav as "I'eler's 
llill." o:i ilio noil'i Nide of Blue Brouk. a liule above Feltville, 
<>ili Jaiiu.irv. 173(i-7 Ti ere was surveyed to him ihe;e. 
by Joseph \[orss. surveyor lor ihe "'Eiiz .beltilown Associates" 
424 acres of Imd, Ivinij ;ilong t e east branch ol ( Jrecn Brook, 
cil'ed B'lie Bro»k ; Keliville is situaied on iIks tract 

The Kev. Mr. IIuMlin.'. in liis history ol" llie Parish of West- 
fir-id s.iys that "this Parish was sfUled about ihe )ear 17'J0, 
by the fclni^hsh, and that James Badgley ana Peter \N ill, ox 
loc.itcd oi\ the m »untiin befMe any persons settled below, be- 
cause it abounded in heavy tnnbe ." 

P-.'ter Wdlcockse minie I Phebe Bilgley, sister of James 
and J')hn B.idjj'ey. lately Irom Loni; Island, and had children: 
2 I. IVler VVillcox. Jun. who married Betsey Mdler. 
V 3. Willi im, who married, Isl, Miss llowel : -Jd, Betsey 
Hole s ster of Charles Hole. 

:|. John iiurriel Massy Uoss ; he died 22d November, 
I77G. :i-ed ID years. 

4. Stt'phea m irried Polly Carter, and lived near Eliza elh- 

'). S.irah muried Joseph Allen, Jun. of W'ashin-jlon Va^ey, 
ISs'i Alien] 

PETEll WILLCOX, Jun. and Betsey Miller, had chil- 
dren : 

si I. David, who died young. * 

f 2. Noah, who married his cousin, Rachel Willcox, daugh- 
ter of \V;l|i;im. 

3. Betsey married Benjami i Stiles, son of William. [See 
aS tit's ] 

1 Hannah marrle 1, otli D.cembL'r, 17U4, John Fra '. e, 
•n of Joseph. 

5. S ibc-ra married her cousin, Ephriam Miller, of West- 

6 Polly married Benj imin lie l:;cs, son of Uriah, Jun. 

7. Joanna m irrie I Be.ijiin.n Lyon, sjnof Peter, [sea Ly n. 

NOVH WILLCOX, (2d son of Peter. Jun) and Rachel 
\\ illox. h \\ children : 
I L Divid, who m irried Polly Hedges, daughter of Gilbert, 
n nnd had no (thildrtn 

" 2. Willi. im married Betsey Raddin, daughter of Jer^ ny 
.3. Joanna, born loth I'ebruiry, 1783, and married, 1st 
Rtubeu Frazee ; lAy EdwarJ Page 



4. r<irneliii8 marrie I Abby (.'nrwin. ilaiuhlcr of JSleplun. 

6. Hetty marneil Ahijali BadL'Icy. son of Jonathan. [See 

W. .Noah, Jun. married Lockcy Leonard, dau^'htcr of 


WILLIAM WILLCOX. (2d «;on of Noah.) and Uetsey 
Rnddn. hul rhiUirm : 
9 I. Fanny, who n»arricd iicnjamin Parsons, son of Jacob 
o Searin).: Purs<»ns. 

? '1. Nancy niirried WiHiam LilCell, son of Henry, son of 
Jonathan Litlell. [See iitlell] 
3. Charlotte, who died lu lulancy. 

JOAN\\ Wli.LCOX. (3J child of Noah) and Reulcn 
Frnzeo hid <:liildrcn : 

1. Lockcy Ff«, who had n son, Robert Dunlap, who 
marrifd Joannn VVhilile8»*y. «»f Pi.iinfield. 

2. Ahby Fr.iiec married Jeremy Kudilin 8f.»n of William. 
3 Klizi Fra/.ec x*h<i dud al iiimui 7 years. 

-I. WiMi im Frii/ce married Marjjaiel Roseboam. daugh- 
ter of Cianci Ho.<objam. ol IMainfied. 

5. Jane Fraree mnrried Merlon (>»born. of Clinton. 
G. John Fr.irei'. who died at alwiui <ine )car. 

7. Mary Frazcc died at about 7 years 

8. John Frazce married Jane , of Long Island ; lives 

in New.irk. 

Aiiilicw J. Frazce, who died in infancy. 

CORNF.LIL'S W ILLCOX. (lih child of Noah,) and Alby 
Corwin. had children : 

1. Harriet, who married Seors Ifetfield. 

2. l?«anc married Sarah Uunham. daughter of Samuel, of 
L bcrty Corner. 

3. l-.zr.i married Sarah Baker, of Elrabcthtown. 

■i. Amos married Hiimi di Rino. dantjhter of Charles. 
ru Mary married Kdward Durcy I'ennmgiun, son of Wil- 
liam, o| I) RiV( r. 
G. Aaron ; 7. A:.ric. 

HLTSKV \V ILLCOX. (ji!i child of .\oaii.; and Ah:jah 
Badi,'lfy had cliildren 

1. .M;ity Hadi'ley. who married Carlisle Milh-r. 

"2. l^liza Bad^ ey rnnrned Erastus .Miilfi. I roilier of 
Carlisle. 3. Noah Badgley. 

NO.Ml W1LL(^(1X. Jun. (Glh child o( Noah,) and Lockey 
Leonard, hua childicn : 


I Ehzii, vvh ) inarrio I Abs;ilt>tn Moriin M.iffetl. an. I had 
cIiiMren : i. Bryan M'»tTjil ; 2 Carolitu' MofTetl ; 3. .Mary 
iMortoti; 4 John Al.jfroii . 5. Lavisa M ilFeit , G. Lmtni 
M tleu. 

•J. Phebe maTied IJyrain Darhn, son of William, and had 
children: I John D.trlin ; 2. Susan Durlin ; 3. Rachel Uar- 
lin . 4. Clarence Darlin. 

3. Charlotte married Dennis Moffett. son of Absalom Mof- 
tetl. and had children; 1. Klizabeih Mofleil ; 2. Albert Muf- 
leit . 3. Harriet M tielt ; i Henry Moffeit. 

4. Ilervy. 

5 Caroline married i^aiunel Bill. sf>n of David, of Union, 
and had children: I. Emma Ball, and others. 

i>; 7. Albert; 8. Noah. 3d. 9. Mary Anne. 
!'►. .Vmanda. 

WILLIAM V, ILLCOX. (2d child of TetcT Willcockse,) 
and Miss llowel had children: 
■ I. NVillianj. Jim., who married, l3th Sept. 17G7, Phebe 

2. L«rvi married. l8ih.M:iy, \l->3, Hester Valentine, (lauf?h- 
ter Obadiah. He died 2d .March. 1.^4 ^he di. d 7ili June 

3. Benjamin married .Mary Mills of We^tficld. 

4. Cornelius, who died untnarried 

.5. Sabera married, Uth Aul'. I77it, Daviil Broad well, o 

(• l.hzaheth married, ^(itli Jan. 17G7. James Hall. 

7. Polly, who dic.l youni; 

•^. I*hcbe married, 3d May, 1770, Joicph Jennings, west of 
Mount Belie'. 

9. Lnoreli.i marric I Jeremy Rnddin. [Sne Eo'hlin.'] 

li>. Sarah married, 3 )th -May, 1770, D.ivld Fr-Micli. [See 
I rent A.] 

I I Rachel married her cousin Noah Willco.K. [_See Noah 

LEVI WILLCOX, (son of William.) and Esther Valen- 
tin'- chiMren : 
^ L .\Larv, who marric d, 1st. Anthony Doty, son of Joseph 
r, 1) .ly 3d :'2d, Jose,'h Wilson, broihrr of Jacob Wilson, of 
' .Moiri3ti>vvn 

2. Rachel married William Van Blarcum. of Paterson, and 
lives therp. 

3 Jonathan ■VruHord married Sally Tucker, daughter of 
Moses. She died 24lli .\ugust, 184!). 

4. Levi. Jua. married, 1st, Huldah Crane, daughter of 
John Crane, and removed to Covington, Indiana. He mar- 
ried, 2d, m Indiana, Clarissa Norris. 


MMIV W 11. LC^X, (daughter ofL evi. ) and AnilM.ny 
Doty li;.>l 
y 1. Bosey. who rnmricd J«din ^^'. Hand, son of Nchcmiah, 
^ and h id no cluldieii. 
e V,\ Joiiepli \N ilson. she had children: 

2.' Ri'l'erl Turner, uh(» married, l^l. Mary ^V<»«ld, daiifih* 
ter oi l>ani« I S. Wood. Jun. ; 2d Harriet liiookfield, 
daughter of Job B/ookhi Id, Lmj., of Mornsiiwn. He is 
9, niaible cutler, and a Justice ul the IVace. ;uiil .lud.'C 
o( the court. 

3 Ilachel. who married William Bovu.i,. . i \.\\.uk. 

JONATHAN M. WH.U OX. (son of Lev.) and Sally 
Tucker liad cluldren : 

1 John Turker. birn lOth Nov. 1814, nnd married. IClh 
May. IHIS. Harriet l.mell. daughttr of John I mell, Esq., 
and h d one cluUi : I * Cjeorge, born 2 1 si Nov 18lU. 

2 >i ed S.irah Anne Hiak», •ianghi«r of Jonathan, 
nnd h.i : • II : I. ^^nrah Auue, 2. Jonuiliau M. 

:< lluiiy 18 unmarried. 

I,r.\ I W ILL' OX. Jun., (son of Levi,) and HuUlah Crane 
hail ch. <lien : 

1. Havid Bnrtine. ^'ho died at about 20 years. 

2. Annar m:irned. Ist. ; 2(1. .Mr .Viiiinson 

3. Lhfis Crane married, Mh Feb. IM9. Rachel V. Fi 'I 

4. < )ri ha. who died ni about 14 yenrs. 

5. Ali'Cil. G Fr.mci.H; 7. Mul:ord ; 8. John; 9. Maiy. 

1.1 \.I AMIN WILLCOX. (3d son of William,) and Mary 
.\L. .s rh.ldicn . 
t I. Benj.imm. Jun . who married. Ist, .Sally the widow of 
? Moses F B.idi,dcy. and dnuphter of Nuthati WMkison. 

2 I'liza. wh> niarrie I Benjamin Cory, son of Ucorge. and 
died without chddren. 

'.i Mniv. \vi.(» <i fd \ I mill' 

BEXJAAHN \V1LL(()X. (son of Benjamin, son of Wil- 
liam,, and S.illy W ilkison had rhddren: 

g \. JosepiK who married Phebe Bailey, daughter of John, 

o son of Sninuel. of Sprii gfiehl. 

* 2. J*qu!er married .Maryetta Liltell, daughter of Thomas 
T. Liltell, and had childten : L Ann** I'lizaliclh ; 2. Sarah. 

3. Sii>;in married Isaac Brant, sonofj.imes ol Railway. 

4. Marcus: 5 John; 0. I>avid ; 7. ."^arah .\iine. 

Sally, the wife ol lienjimin NVi Ir.ox. Jun. then «lied. and he 
married, 2d, Nancy Liltell, daughter of John, of .Maitinville, 
■who was son of Aaihamel Litlull, dun., sou of Nathaniel, son 


of S unuel Littell. and hud c-liildrea : 8 Mary E izabe li ; 9. 
Mercy; 10 Benj iinin . 11. James; I'J. Cieorge. 

P1II:BE WILLCnX. (daLi-hter of William,) and Joseph 
Jeiiniiig' had children: 
f 1. I*<»lly Jetuiuii^s. 

« i. Henry Jeimnigs who married Sally Mulford, and had 
childen: I. Pliebe Jennings: 'J. Ehzabeth Jennings; 3. 
Hannah Jennings; 4. .Mullord Jennings. 

3. Khoda Jennings, who married John Lacy, and had a 
cliild. Mary Lacy. 

iOH\ WILLCOX. (3d chid of Peter Willcockse.) and 
^^lS3y Ross ha I cluldren : 
i; \. John Wilicox. Jun., who married Polly, ihe widow of 
I Isaac Line, and daughter of William Maxwell. 

Note. — She had a son, Isaac F^ine, l>y her first husband. 

2. Isaac, vvh<i married Polly Dunham. 

3. Peter 3d, who m:irried . 

4. Dame! married. 19th Oct. 17b3. Deborah Alulford, 
daughter of Ezekiel .Mullord, bioiher of Capi. J- naihan Mul- 
tord. [S^e Mulf >}.!.] 

5. Sieplien. who die I younp. 

6. Moses married Polly Line, daughter of Joseph Line ; 
livcil in .VLd lle^fX county. !>e!«iw New Brunswick 

7. Sarah marred Ebenezer l.y«»n, s ju ol Peicr. [See Li/( n] 
8 Massy m.irried Xaihiiiiel i^yon, snu of I'eter. ISee 

9. Po 

lly married Isaac Garlhrite. 

JOHX WILL' 'OX. Jun., (son of John Willcox,) and Polly 
Maxwell liad children : 
g 1. Al)igail, who married, 2d July. 179."). Israel Brant. She 
o married. 2d. John Morris, of Xcwark, and .'id, Darnel Magie, 
of Elizabelhlown, and had no children. 

Z. S:irah married. •,'8th Feb 179U, Daniel S Clark, son of 
Samuel Claik, E>q. [•See CVarA- ] 

:i. Betsey married Aaron Ball, .sou of Aaron Ball. Esq. 
[.See nnli.\ 

4. William and John, twins ; William died young. 

5. John 3d, born loth Jan. 1788, and married Sarah, 
born 1st Nov. 1793, daughter of Joscuh Line. 

6. Poly mairied her cousin, l-^zekiel Wilcox, son of 

7. Samuel married Eliza S. Osbo'n, daughter of Dr. Smith 
S. O.sborn. He is a Justice of the Peace m Xewark, and had 
cluldren: I. Augustus; 2. Catherine; 3. Samuel. 


3. Amn« mMiied. I3ili.lnn 1818, Polly Meeker, dauulilpr 
of('alil», :iii(i l»:id a sdii. 'llie-xIcMC llis wile died an'i lie 
mnined. 2d. Id za Nail, of New Yoik . he is u inaible wui- 
kei. in Newark, atid has oilier cli:ldren. 

JOHN \VILLC()X3I. (son ofJolin Wiilcox. Jun.) and 
Sal all Liiii', lives wluii- his hiliitr dil, and hud chihlrt-n : 
^ 1. (-nrdine. who maniid James I.. S|itnciT, sou ol Wil- 
[• liam. [S-e Spencer.] 

•2. Hilly marrieiilsaac Meeker. Jun., son of Caleb. [Sre 


3. Isaac Line mnrricd, 19lh September, 1P38. M.;v M. 
J .nrs. <Mily daiij;hier of ICrai»(u« Jones, and have childicii, 
Corolinc and Ciaottlft. 

4 Henry, bom 25th Se|iicnibcr. 1818. 

5. Edmund Ainold. 

6 A'.i^nil. birn 27lh September. 1827, married Henry 
Jtii 1 of H» nry Ji-nii»«»n and Hannah LilUll. d.»n;4h- 

UT A Mrp I l.mell. Jun. (See pai-f 261.) 

7. John Morris, born 31 si July, 1929, married, 12ih Nov. 
1851. Anna Mariah Vail. 

8. Maty Louisa, burn 23d April, 1831. 

1> Wir.L \\ lM.<'OX. (4lh child of .Tr,hn Willcox. Sen..) 

and i)i l)orah Mulford. had rhililren 

^ I. H.<nnah. who married Ju.<«e|di ( ..-, . i.l had a Rrn 

£> .Mnlford Casterlinr. i%h<> nianird. 2Clh May, I82:i. Harrie, 
* San 1 ol Ik"n|;inii'i. Mr. Casti-ilinc thru died, and 

nil. J<diM M.irvhall. son ol Janus [S r Marshal/ ] 

2. LztKicl. b rn tSih l>«'C. 178'*, and married. 1st, h a 
cousin. Polly NViHcox. dau;»hter cif Jidin Willrox. Jnn. ; hhc 
died, and h»* m-iuird. 2d, B«-they Brown, dauglilcr of Matthew 
Brown, ol ^^■ ' '-■ Me married. 3d. tlie widow Drnm- 
mon I. of .M ' lie li\es between Wtstficld. and 

3. J«»tham married Lois Scuddcr. daughter of Stites Srini- 
der. ami removed to Seneca county. New York, between the 

4. Jane married Isaac Meeker, son of Isaiah. [S-'eMrel'^r 

5. .Mary marri«'d M.irsh Allen, son (>( NVi',!iani. [-SVe Ailc~ 
She marrie«i. 2<l, John Mnehinore, of .M.iiii>on 

6 F.zra manii-d. I>t. Sarah Mi/ener. (Iaii'.;lifer of Uanr, of 
Kinu'slon; she ditjl. and he maniid, 2d, Rachel 
dan-.:hter of Benjamin, of VVashinu't"n Valley. 

Mr Daniel \> illeox died 27th February. 1842. 

F.ZrKiri. WII.I.COX. (2d child of Daniel, son of John.) 
and hi«; 1st wilV. Polly WiUcox. had cliil.lrfn : 
y 1. Abigail, who married Abraham Randolph, live in Cher- 


PETKR \VrU.C0CK9E. ^ gy 

ry Valley, Ashtabub county, Ohio, and had children : 1. 
Amos; 2. Elizi ; and otht-rs. 

2. Eliza Anne inanifd Madison Stone, of Connecticut, 
and live in Cherry Valli'y. 

3. Dani»-I Mnlior I mnriicd Susan Re jd, daughter of John 
Roed. olNew Vork ; lives in Rihw.iy, and had ehildren : 

!. Mary; '2. Anne Elj/.a ; 3. John; 4. Ezekiul Morri- 

1. M.iiy Jane married Hirini Williams. 

6. John, who died in his 2 'th year. 

6. Harnet niirried Josrph \V. Crane, son of William 
Crane, Esrj [Se^ Crane.] 

Ezirkifl Wilko.x, hy his 2d wife. Betsey Brown, liad 

7 Emily, who nnrii rd .Mr. Frank, and had a daughter, 
Emily I'Vank. when he died. 

8. M.itilda, wh ) nnrrie I John Emmick. 
And l»v his third wife, Mr. W'illcox had 

9. Ezekid llalsey. 

JOTHAM WILLCOX. (31 child of Daniel, son of John.) 
and L )is S.-uldcr, hid children : 

I. Eliza Catherine, who married Benjamin Baitlct, and 
had children: 1. Martha liirtlet ; 2. .M;iry J;ine Bartlet; 3. 
Eliz I Anne B .rtlet ; -I. Hii(l.->on who died young. 

J l)iniel, wno married Eliza lOllen Fisher, and had chil- 
d L-n : I Louisa Catheiiuf;; 2. Jotham Oslioin; 3. Peter 
Fisher . 4 Ja'.ies Hamilton ; .5. Mary Helen. 

3. .M iry Jam; mariied. 1st, hi-r cousin Kieharl S. Ayers, 
son of Z.-hulon ; h^^ died without ehildren, and she married, 
2d, Ed v.nd v. Jud I, and hid chldren : 

I. Frances Judd; 2. Richard VV. Judd. 

4 Stites married 

o. Richard. 

EZRA WILLCOX. (6th child of Daniel, son of John,) 
and Sarah Mizener had chddien : 
y L Daniel, who married Abby Anne Douglas, grand daugh- 
o ter of William Hii,'h. 

° 2 Deborah Anne, who manicd Aljraham Valentine, son 
of Peter 1). Valcniine. [-Ve Vdlfntine..'] 

V.AVA WiHcox, i)y his 2d wife, Rneht I, had children ; 

3. Aaron D, wh'j died 2Iit ALiy, 1847, aged 2J years. 

4. Jatie ; 5. Patience 

C. lanny ; 7. Sarah ; 8. John ; 9. Benjamin. 

MOSr.S WH.LCOX, (6th chihl of John,) and Polly Line 
had cinl li(;n : 

1. Phebe, who married John Pennington. 

4 5t9 CATT. DAKIEL 8. WOOD. 

*J. Abi/iiil rnanicil Mi. F.irriii;;sWoi tli. .mid went lo 

3. AiiiM- inainel IIciir\ ^V. Tultle, ol .Moiii?, namty. 

4. Jobtph ini.riiid . 

5. I"«.i:ic married Miss Rasliiio. 
li. .Mosi-s, Jun. 

7. Eli/a married Mr. Brers. 

b. ('oiiK'lia iiiairicd Mr. Brecs, brother of Eliza's husband. 

9, Catharine. 

10. Jtdin. Mr. Willcox died in the winter of 18Jii-l. 

Sri:rili:.\ WII.IXOX. (4lh8onoJ iVtcr Willcockse.) 
and I'olly Carter had children: 
*? I James, who married Bel»ey Jewel. 
^ 2. IVter. 

3. Phcbe married Abraham Mann. 


CATT. DAMKL S. WOOD rnmc from Lonff Islnnd to 
Passiic Vul ey, an ut thi- year 1751. nnd learned tlic hlack- 
bni 0\ trade, with a .Mr. .Miiore. Mr V^(x>d. when he i>eeamo 
of nee, htiii^hi the larm of Mr. M«»ore. and set np (he husi- 
1 -ell. ;"nd live ' tdl lti«( death which ocrcur- 

;h Fel»rnar\ :»! years The f.irm h pat 

oi loi iNo. 20 ol ' •citiiwi^n loi.^. KiMveved in 173«l-7, 

nhove the first n lie married .Mary l*"tte.', of 

Hanover, and had tworhildien, who died young and his wife 
died iNth February, 1 70ft ; he then mnrned Sirah Jolmsnn. 
sisier (d t'zcl Johnson : she died 12lh April, IbOG, in her 6Glh Tiiev h ni m : 

l.John.whou .«• I. 27ih ,^pril. 1772 and died young. 

2. Sully, who married, l!Mli December, 1790, Daniel Meek- 
er, son ol Uaiah. [Sfc Meeker.] 

3. Docia is unmarried. 

4. Daniel Smith married \ancy Baldwin, daughter of 
Gabriel, and dicd 23d December. IH42 

5. Joseph, who was baptized 17lh April. 17^5, and died in 

II. 5?nmnel. who is unmarried. 

7. I.liz)l)eth A. mnrned Capt. Stephen Day. .-^in i Benja- 
min Day, Ksq a.s his 2d wife. [.S'*' Dm/ ] 

8. Margaiel Willist'n. who married the Kev. Waters Bur- 
rows, son of V> alt rs Burrows. [Sec liurrous ] 

9. David maiiied Sarah Bonsd. of Sprmf; Valley, .Morris 
county : he is a grocer in Newark, and has children : 

1. Marv E. ; 2. Samuel W. ; 3. Mariah H. ; 4. Francis 


DANIELS WOII), Jan (s )n of Capt. Daniel S. Wood,) 
and -Nancy Baldwin. Iiail cliiUlren : 

1. Uocia, who married l)avid Snuillcy, son of Samuel, and 
removed to Ohio. 

2. Kai'hel married Major William M. Clark, son of I). S. 
Clark Esq. [Sgti Cla>k-] 

3. Liliis inirried Jadah Phelps, of Counecticut ; he died 
leavins chddren : 

1. Lemuel Cicero Phelps. 

2. ILirnei Elizi Phelps, who married. 10th April, 1850, 
George Rawden, of Newark. 

3. Wilham Phelps; 4. Franklin Phelps. The family 
live in -Newirk. 

4. Sail v man ied Major William M. Clark, as his 2d wile. 
[S^e Ctuik.] 

5. David Jones married Rhoda Bro kficld. daughter of Job, 
of Spring N'alley, and removed lo New York, near Lake On- 
tario, and had children : 

1. Geoigiana. 2 Smith Ilalsey, who both died young. 
3. Ceorgiana ; 4. David Franklin. 

0. Daniel llalscv, born I nh September, 1800. and married 
Hannah Bell Lippt.-ncott. born 2d September. 1823. daughter 
of Willi im liippencoU, of Allegany county. New York, and 
h.ive childrt-ii : 

\. Theodore Hell, born 1 I th .\ugiist. ISll. 

2. Daniel S. born'ilsl September, l'»4.'J. 

7. II innah miriied .\sa Osborn, son of Neliemiah, and has 
on only daughter. .Anne Eliza, who married. 24lh Sepi'.inber, 
lM5i>, PhileuKm Tomkins, son of Ashbel A. Tomkins. [See 
Tumkins "^ 

8. Maiymariied Robert T. Wilson, Esq. grand-son of Levi 
Willcox. [S:^. W'tlUox.] She died 1 1th February, 1842, 
leaving a daughter, .Mary, who dud in iiilancy. 

1>. Margaret married David A. French, son of Willis. 
l^Se.e Frcncfi] 

10. Isaac L. born lOlh August, 1821, married. I3th Febru- 
ary, 1847, Sally Doiy iionnel, born l:Uh September, 1831, 
daughter of Philemon, md had children: 

I John Bonnel Wood. l)oru I'Jlh December, 184S. 

11. Samuel i.s unmarried. 

12. John. i)orii 25lh September, 1818, married, 27lh Octo- 
ber, I84»5. (yhnrlotte A. i'orboss. bom Uth June. 1831, daugh- 
er of Peter Torboss. of Union Vill.ige, and had cSildren: 

1. M iry Eliza, who died at 2 months; 2. I'eter Torboss, 
born 9th June, 18j0. 



Al^ TKN 1)1 \ . 


Li:\VIS r, \KrR s .11 or Dimel Ihkc. of Woslficld, 
married Lliz i' eili R'»!':>-(;n ; lived at Liiilei«jwii. Morns I'o. 
niid had cliddren : 

I. Calhcrine, who married David Wheeler, and lind a s.^n, 
Lewis H. Whtoler. 

'2. Abigail married Stephen Younc, of Malapardis, Morris 

3. S.unh married Mahlon Johnson. 

4. Daniel married ■ 

ft. Abraham mi rried ; lived at Ilavcrstraw. N. Y. 

and died abdiii |H|0. leaving children. Ismcand Jamh. 

|{. Mury married Jarod ll«»ucl. **( I'arcipany Morris f'o. 
and had <li I Iron I. Sttplien H-iwel : '2 ,\t>raliain llovvcl; 
3 l-:vcliiic Howe!. 1 M<iv H AC' .^ Sc^-c! D.wc! : 0. 
Jumi-fi llowel 

7. Jane innrried Ml I-i.-m.- .- .. -. i ,■ I u- ot 

New Vernon, and bad rhildten : I. Ur^l Tun : 

mrried "- • iklin. daii^liier ui i^iic s(ni of 

:\vA \\ - fii Siiicu!*. Ilariict and Isaac 

1>. \ .; ,anlli:i>I r'l Idrcn : Lewi-j 

and oiiiers 

Irt. Lewis marrie i .lived wiKic ii** father did, 

and had two cinldren. 

ABKJAIL liAKLli. (2d child of Lewis) and Sicphen 
Young, had children L Lphiann Youn^. who married M:iiy 
Dreuncn ; *J. I.hza Yuung : 3. Juiia Young married Mr. 
Co.k . lived nt Dover. 

SAliAlI liAKLK r^\ rW.'u] ..fLnwi.^ :^^^^ ATtl.'-i T.lni- 

son. hud children : 

I. Jacob Johiiifon, wwi ii.irrcit lie.ty \ .ii. (jaii^Dicr of 
Davis Vail 

*J. (Million Johnson married Anne WoodiufT; live at Craw- 
fordsville. Indi.ina. 

3. Maker Johnson, born 23d Orto'ier. 1^03. and married 
Ehcta King, dauirhlcr f«f the Rev Itarnahas King, ot Ilocka- 
wny . he is a Presbyt- rian mini-ter of conniy. and has 
children: I. Sosan H. Jiihns >n ; 2 S. Johnson; 
3. Sarah E. Johnson: 4. Wilhain X. Johnson; 5. Barna- 
bas H. Johnson. 

4. .Mlied Johnson n carried Sarah Baker, daughter of Jona- 
than, of Litlietown, and has child, en : 


1. M;ir_'aret Jolinson ; 2 Lncilla Johnson; 3. Heivy 
Joliiisou; 1 Tlioinas Johnsjii ; 5. Mary Jtihnson. 

DAVID C BAKER. (Sco pago 19.) 

iiWID ('. r, VKER. (s'^n of Anion Haker, Esq) and 
Sophia Van CIcve, (l.iui,'l»lor of Dcnj uiiin Van Ckvc, Esq. 
IivlmI near Dayton. Ohio, and had childien: 

1 Miry Sopliia 2. Claia; 3. Oharles who lied at 5 yrs. 

4. l)avid. And by his second wil'o, Sophia Souihy, David 
C. IJaker hail, 5. Harriet ; 0. Axiu Green; 7. A;iron ; 8. 
Hannah : !). Mah ila. 

Xo : i: — I5enj miin Van Cleve married, first, Mary Wliiting, 
and had children : 

1. John VV. Van Cleve born 180 ). 

2. Henrietta .Maria, who man ie.i Samuel Dover. 

3. Mary married An irews. 

4. \\ ilfiam, who died at about C. years. 

5. S;irah Sophia, wfio married David C. Kaker, son of Aaron 
Baker. K.-q. Mr Van (Jleve married. f)r his sec >:i(l wife, 
Mary Tatiiplin. He was asui veyor and clerk ol Munlgomery 
county. Oino, and lived in Dayioti. 

EZBKICIj ball. (See p\gc 31.) 

EZEKIEL U.VLL, of .Mid.llctown. Ohio, had chi'dien : 
• 1. Stephen, wh » was a captain of rr.ililia, married Rebecca 
Irene, imd had childien : 

1. Abhy; 2 William; 3. Pier^on ; 4. Peiiey ; o. .lohn; 
0. Nancy. 

2. Abby married Matthew Xichols. and had children: 

1. Ibbe Nichols; 2. Jo-eph Nichols; 3. Willia n Nichols; 
4 Sallv Nichols; .'>. Polly Nichols; 6. Joanna Nichols. 

3. Polly married Abraham Squier, son of William. [See 
S(/uicr 1 

4. Hannah married Joseph Hays, 

5. Sally married Robert FisluT. 

6. Pheiie married Elias Spinning. 

DAVI3 BALL. (Sec p. nc .31.) 

I»\\l^ r>\LE. (lOih child of Nathaniel Ball ) married 
Mary llellieil, daUa^liter ol 'rirjmas lletlield, (d" Eliz;ibeih- 
lo^v n. 

XuTt. — Mary Hellickl was sister of Sarah Hetfield, the 



U'ile of Jolin ('lark, son of Thjmas ('lark, nn 1 John Claik 
was the lattier of Marv Cluik. llie wife of Silas C. iJyiarn.son 
of KheiiCzer. (See page '2 19 and 27G ) 

Davis Ball went to Ohio previous lo 1801. ai d kept a lerry 
over the CJre t Miami river, near Trenton, Butler run ty.arjd 
w:is tiiere drowned. Davis Ball and Mary Hetlield had 
children : 

1. Steplien, vrho married Susan Berry, daughter of Thomas. 

2 Atiiicr married llhoda Marlni. dauihlcr of Uaiu*. 

li Dr. Bonnel Hall niarrie i Rachel Denmau, daughter of 
MoHcs. on Ijik Crcfk. 

4. Anron married I'uuh Thompson, dauajhier of Joseph, and 
gianddau^'hter v( John Sallee, who married Puah Ball, sis- 
ter of DavM. 

Ci. Kunice nmrriod William Carr, son of Joh:;. 

(J Sar.ih mairicd. ist, Dauiel Craig, son <d J..!iii , J(i. .I();in 
lliitl, sou id i^t.iac. 

sTi:riii:\ b.vll vi- *-'''i ••* '^'^ • * "■' ^'-" '^'•"^■ 

lived in Mu.hiffan. aii<l chtldrci. 

cd Dr. Jolui I'lt.KiT', >n. 

ircHi SVriL'hi.daugliter of William, and 
granU-<:n .iohn l*«»tler 

3. S(|u.i --d. in .Miclui; n, .Mary Sergeant. 

4. I.lizi inarned in Minh;:: m 

5 .Muliala married \V dham IVrry, a Yankee. 

6 Davis mntried ('a'.liarme ( l.irk dioghtcr of Step'ien. 
lMi>i!,er i>] Mary, wile ol Situn C. Hvram, and son ol John 

'i . Tiiomas ; H. Esther. 

ARM.K r. VLL. (2d child of Davis) and Rhoda Martin, 
had chiMr»»n : 

1. Mary, who married Thomas Smiley. 

2. I' mnrried Isaac .Martin. 

3. .Sarah married 

4. Phebe. 

I)K. B0\.NI:L ball, (.ll child of Davis.) and Rachel 
Dcniian. lived in Indiana, and had children : 

1. M.uiah. who married William .Maxivell. 

2. I'lucience married John Stoui. 

3. Stephen married . 

4. Sarah ; 5. .Xar.n G Mary 7 Wi> m . 8. Doctor. 

AARON BALL, (^lia cij..d ol Uav s.) and Puah Thomp- 
son h d cliildrcu : 
1. Abuer. 


2 lMiel»e, who married John Watson. 

3 D.iniel marned Clizibetli Hull", daughler of Isaac. 
1 Lilcn , 5. Mejilieu ; 0. Uuvis. 

EUNICE BALL. (->ili child of Uavis) and William Can- 
had children : 

1. Mary Carr, who married Josi^pli Van llysc. 

2. Sarah Carr marri-d John S\kes. 

3 lUioda Carr married John ('ornquit, 

I Uilliam Carr ; 5. Aaron Carr; U. Susan Carr. 

S Mi \1I V,\\ L, (Gih cliild of Davis) and Daniel Craig, 
had cinluren : 

1. Melinda Craig, who married Joseph \'an Sickle. 

2. Ji»hn Craii,' married Jane Berry. 

And by John I luff Sarah Ball had children : 

3. VVdhain Hutf married Caiiiarine Wright, daughter of 
Joel Wriirht. 

4. Wilson Iliitf; .'). Doctor Bonne! HiilF; C>. Abner Hull". 
:. Wc>,cv lIutT; 8. Ann Eliza Hull: 


WILLI \\[ r.lit)Al)W!:LL. JU\. married, 1st. .Mary, and 
had cuijtl en : 

i. William 3d. who died 5ih "Slav, ITjH, in his Cth year. 
a David. 

3. Naihanicl. who married Joanna Lindsley, daughter of 
John, and si.-ter of Silas Lindsley, Esq. of Spring Valley. 

Wilham Broadwell married, 2d, Mary or Polly.^and had 
children : 

4. Silas; 5. Ezra; fi. Airy; 7. William. 

8. Jane, who married her cousin, Moses Broad well, son of 
Jcsiah. E-q. 

9. Elizabeth; 1(>. Susan; IL Rebus; 12 Joanna. 

N.VTIIAXIEL BROAD WELL, (:3d child of William, 
^un.) ;ma Joanna Linds!ey livel near Morristo^vn, and had 
children : 

1. John, who married Phebe Lindsley, daughter of >Lijor 
Joseph Lindsley, and half sister of Abraham Conklin's wife, 
and had children : 

1. Mahloa, who married, 1st, Sarah Agnew ; 2d, Anne 

2. Henry tnnrifd Anne Eliza Wainwright. 

2. Sally m.irried Tnoinas Armstrong, son of iVathaaiel, of 
Newtown, ou the Little Miami, and had children ; 


1. I'ririii'' Armstiuiiif. wli'i iiKiiiieil \\ II;ii°risoii. 

2. ICliza Arnistr<Mii;. who dieil jil20 veus, iinuiai lii-d. 
8. Sidney Armsiron<jr inarticil Biizabetti WaUiion. 

4. John Armstrong died ut 28 yeais, uninr\iried. 

0. IMwin AiniHtrong. 

G. Milton Arnistronv; iiiarried Julia Deboldl. 
7. I' Arnisitonsj. 
3. fra. who ni:«rrie«l Dt-borah Conklin. daughti-r of Ahra- 
hani. hve near .Ma'!isoM\ill'-. U i^.Hi 'n cniMtx, (Ti.i,. :,ii<| 
had children : 

1. Ad»-li,i. who died at t rii im > 

2. Alhrrt. horn 7th Dcceuiher, 1815, and dird 22d .\o- 
vinhir. |H«D. 

3. Mary Ivua lK>rn Ul M.iy. I8|H. and mnriicd Wil- 
iiiim Smith, who ciicd ol rholern, in (''iDciniiiiti. 4th 
July. IH40 leivin^ two rhiidien: 1. Allien Hro:id- 
ucll Smith; 2. Ifa He<l>erl Snnlh 

4 Siiiah An e. l> >rM 25ih Octuber. 1820. and died at 6 

5 M ti bom 3lst July. 1821. married. 5ih Scpteml»cr. 
1-1 \ .... r i...r..„. jiiid lin.l t idien : I. hir.'.,. 

ihc'ino I tnurun. 

(;. J.. 


1 ' tober. I •^.3*5. mid A'.cd 

111 ('nrman. danchtti .-i Jt-wrpl,^ 
(She w.isaunl of Isaac Coiikhi/s 

f^e Clark. 
2. Jonnnn iiiRrried lioctor Albert ICs^ex. 
:r Xthaniei. 

■1. id 5. Amazon and Missouri, twins, named after 
th - :i. 

0. II 1.8. Louisa. 
9 Jnck»on. 1<>. 1 cidmnnd. 

6. Po'lv married Zimii Hale, and had children; 

1. Albert llnle who mnined .Mary . 

2. Klizibcth Hale married Naihuuie! > an Zant. a Phv- 

3. Joanna ITale. 

6. Julia died in In2S. ocrcd 27 yeirs. 

7. Eliah married Jane Nai'or, and had ciiildren ; 
1. Joanna ; 2. Jane 

8. Heniy, who died at about 7 years. 






Ell.-- 1 - 

mil February. 

4. r 

' • rne»i 

of M. 

•V. N 


'i h. V 


Jam-, u 


M33ES BROADWILL, (S.e p.-i;jo 7'J.) 

Ml)Si:S HliDAD^V 1:LL. (son ofjosiali Brondwell. Esq.) 
and Jane Hroadwell, his wile, daiigliter of William Hioad. 
well, owno I lour sections ol" Lund near Spiini^tield, Illinois 
and lived on <>ne of those sections, and had ciiil ten : 

I. I'oliy ; '2. \> ilhatn ; 3. U.ivid ; -1. John; o. Cynthia. 

G. Jetll'ison; 7. Sally, !3. Euclid. 

EPIIKAIM BliOADVVWELL. (2d child of Simon.) 
married Jane U<»ss Ganlnei', <iaui,'hter of S.nnuL'i <Jardiier, 
(vvlin married .Mary, elde-^t tlauL,'hter ol" llezekiah Thompson, 
s<:^ T/i'i'iifisttn ) lived m l)a\ton. Ohio, and had children: 

I Maiy, wh'i died at l(> months. 

•J. 1 1. 1 1 rut d ed .it i) months. 

3. VV' marned Avira Smith, and had childicn : 

I. |-:ilen: '2. -Mary; 3. Julia ; 1. Eliza And he diel ai 
23 \ears. 

4. Simeon masried Mary Elliot, daughter ol Jain( s, of 
Hamilton. Oh o. 

5. John married Mar^arit Emhra, and had children: 
I Anna; '2 C.ikb ; 3. Sarah Jane; 4. Harriet. 
5 M :rv. And he did at 3j ve us. 

"WILLIAM CAULDWELL, (=cc pigo 71.) 

I)\\ (ArLDWi:!.!.. (!nh child of William ) and Rachel 
Potter, had caildren : 

I. I'olly, who married IXivi J Johnson, son of U/.el. [See 
Ju/tiig'-n ] 

'2. Betsey niarrie 1 Josiah Carter, and had children: