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)avid and John McChesney, 

— BY— 




David and John McChesney. 

— BY — 


PROM the most complete data obtained by J. 
B. McChesney, of Oakland, California, and 
also Agnes P. McChesney, in the Library of Con- 
gress, and otherwise, the name is of French ori- 
gin and was spelt Chesne or Chesnay, and that 
some of this family went to England with the 
Normans. The Chesnay family were among the 
Landed Gentry. Some of them went to the 
Highlands of Scotland, where the Mc. was added. 
From Scotland some went to Ireland about the 
year 1700, and some of them added Mac to their 

Dr. Charles Green McChesney, of Washington, 
D. C , (son of John McChesney No. 2 of English- 
town, New Jersey,) made several trips to Europe, 
and relates that in the "Heraldry Office" at Edin- 


2 " .^ s 

burg, Scotland, he traced our ancestry back to 
Henry of the Wynd and the Fair Maid of Perth, 
(Henry Smith and Catherine Glover Smith.) He 
had the Family Crest— a head with a wreath of 
laurel above, the head. He had the Crest en- 
graved on Scotch pebble. 


Robert McChesney, in company with three 
brothers and other relatives, came from Edin- 
burg, Scotland, to America about the year 1732. 
One of the brothers settled in New York, the 
other two (2) in the South. Robert settled in 
Newark, New Jersey. " He had one child, John, 
about two (2) years old when he came to America. 
John McChesney No. 1, son of Robert, married 
his first cousin, Miss Newell, who only lived 
about six months after marriage. His second wife 
was Miss McGuireof Inniskellen, Ireland. Their 
children, Robert No. 2, John No. 2, Samuel. 
James, Hugh, William, Joseph (7 boys); Isabel, 
Ellen (2 girls). Robert No. 2 born 1757, and 
Ellen born 1774. John McChesney No. 1 was a 
member of the Continental Congress, and on his 
way to take his seat was taken ill with pleurisy 
and died March, 1775. Robert No. 2 (Judge) Mc- 

Chesney was married; his children were Na- 
thaniel, Mary, Maria. 

Nathaniel married Mary Lawrence. Their chil- 
dren—Jane, Lawrence, Robert No. 3. Jane, their 
daughter, had a daughter named Rose. 

Maria McChesney married Jesse Piatt No. 4, 
son of Jesse Piatt No. 3 (of New York.) Their 
children — Ansel, Sarah, Isaac No. 5, Joel. 

Robert McChesney No. 2 was a soldier in the 
Revolutionary army, and was a Judge for many 
years on the bench of New Jersey, until his death 
in 1834. 

John McChesney No. 2 married Elizabeth Eng- 
lish, of Englishtown, N. J. Their children were, 
David, Conover, Charles Green, John English No. 
3, Eliza. 

Eliza McChesney married Mr. Perrine. 

John McChesney No. 2 was postmaster of Eng- 
lishtown, New Jersey for many years. 

Samuel McChesney was a farmer and was mar- 
ried; had a large family, of which I have no 

James McChesney never married. He was a 
lieutenant in the Revolutionary army. He was in 
15 battles and fought three duels. He was enti- 
tled to a pension of three hundred dollars a year 
but never took it. Occupation, teacher. Was 
only 15 years of age when he joined the army. 

Hugh McChesney, occupation blacksmith; was 
married; had a family; no record of them. 

Joseph McChesney was a Judge, and resided in 
Cranberry, N. J. He was married; had a large 
family, of which I have no record. 

William McChesney No. 1 (our grandfather) 
was born in New Jerse\ ; was a coach-maker by 
occupation, and resided in Trenton, New Jersey. 

He married Mary Dye of Clermont, Ohio. Their 
children — David, Samuel William. John, Eliza. 
Ellenor, Mary, were all born in Trenton, N. J. 
He moved to Georgetown, D. C, (West Washing- 
ton, D. C.,) about the year 1818, and afterwards 
moved to Ohio about 1822. The four sons, David, 
Samuel, William and John, afterwards moved to 
Louisville, Ky., about 1824, where they carried 
on the manufactory of carriages. They after- 
wards, about 1827, moved to Great Crossing, Scott 
county. Ky., and followed their calling. Eliza, 
Mary and Ellenor married in Ohio and remained 

Isabel McChesney, daughter of John McChes- 
ney No. 1, married Nathan Lewis of South Caro- 
lina, who made New Jersey his home. Their 
children were Benjamin Lewis and William 

Ellen, daughter of John McChesney No. 1, 
married William Barricklo. Their children — 
William Barricklo, Jr., and several others, names 




Had three daughters- Eliza McChesney, Mary 

McChesney, Ellenore McChesney. Four boys — 

Samuel, David, William and John — 7 children. 

All born in Treutcn, New Jersey. 

Eliza McChesney married Nathaniel Hubbell of 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Issue of marriage — William, 


Nathaniel, Jr., Mary, John, Charles, (Johu and 
Charles were twins.) Mary Hubbell married Mr. 

Mary McChesney married Mr. Farmer of Ohio. 
Issue of marriage— Michel, William, Mary Jane, 
Seals, Benjamin. When a widow married Mr. 
Rust of Ohio. Issue of marriage — Charles and 
Samuel Rust. 

Ellenore McChesney married Nathaniel Poland 
of Ohio. Issue of Marriage — Nathaniel, Jr., 
Samuel William, Mary Ann, Ehzq, Amanda, Car- 

David McChesney, born in Trenton, New Jer- 
sey, in 1795. Married Anna Wise Webster in 
Georgetown, D. C, in 1815. She was born in 
Prince George county, Maryland, in 1794. Died 
in 1850. David died in 1839 at Frankfort, Ky- 

Issue of Marriage — Caroline, born 1816, died in 
infancy; Eliza Ann, born 1818, died 1899; Mary, 
born 1821, died 1853; John, born 1823, died 1902; 
Samuel, born 1825, died 1889; William, born 1827, 
died 1841; Elenore, born 1829, died in infaucy; 
Francis Lewis, born 1829, living. Elenore and 
Francis Lewis twins. 


Eliza Ann McChesuey, born April 30. 1818, at 
Georgetown, D. C. Married Henry Neet Myers 
at the Great Crossings, Scott county. Kentucky T 
November 17, 1835. (He was born in Georgetown, 
D. C, April 29, 1811.) 


Issue of Mairiage — Catharine Ann Myers, born 
at Great Crossings, Scott county, Ky., November 
3, 1836, died Dec. 1, 1884. Ella Myers, born in 
Frankfort, Ky., February 25, 1840. Henry Neet 
Myers, Jr., born February 1st at Nashville, Tenn., 
died July 11, 1870. He was a Confederate soldier 
during the Civil War. Frances Eliza Myers, born 
May 31, 1844, at Nashville, died June 2r, 1845, 
Lewis McChesney Myers, born July 19, 1846, at 
Nashville, died November 11, 1871. He was a 
Confederate soldier during the Civil War. Caro- 
line Myers, born July 5, 1848, at Nashville, died 
October 12, 1848. Mary Elizabeth Myers, born 
August 27, 1849, at Nashville, Tenn. Charles 
Samuel Myers, born January 29, 1852, at Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Albert Lynn Gordon Myers, born 
April 4, 1854, at Nashville, Tenn. Edwin Newell 
Myers, born April 4, 1854, at Nashville, Tenn. 
Albert and Edwin twins— Edwin died Tuly 12, 
1854. Francis Marion Allen Myers, born Nov. 10, 
1857, at Paradise Ridge. David Robert Myers, 
b3rn December 12, i86r, at Nashville. 


Catharine Ann Myers married Francis Marion 
Allen, of Powhattan county, Va., at Nashville, 
Tenn., October 25, 1854. Francis Marion Allen 
died January 20, 1885. Catharine Ann died De- 
cember 1, 1884. 

Issue of Marriage— Catharine Elizabeth Allen, 
born March 2, 1856, at Nashville. Ida Virginia 

Allen, born October 3. 1858, at Nashville. Fran- 
cis Marion Allen, Jr., born May 16, 1861, at Para- 
dise Ridge. Isaac Archer Monroe Allen, born 
October 6, 1862, at Paradise Ridge. Annie Lillian 
Allen, born March 8, 1S65, at Paradise Ridge. 
Alithia Roberta Allen, born June it, 1867, at Par- 
adise Ridge. Robert Ernest Lee Allen, born 
May 5, 1869, at Paradise Ridge. Verner Moore 
Allen, born October 25, 187:, died April 2, 1877. 
Estelle Howerton Allen, born July 6, 1874. Susie 
May Allen, born October 24, 1877, died August 
18, 1898. 

Ella Myers married James Edwin Brown, of 
Washington, D. C, June 26, 1856. He died March 
14, i860. 

Issue of Marriage— Ella Elizabeth Brown, born 

January 5, 1856. Ella Myers Brown, when a 

widow, married Joseph Landy Bryant November 

12, 1863. He died March 26, 1883, without issue. 

He was born in Greenville, S. C. 

Francis Marion Allen Myers married Mary 
Elizabeth Campbell, of Paducah, Ky., Nov. 24, 
1885, at Nashville. 

Issue of Marriage — Alexander Campbell Myers, 
born October 23, 1886, at Nashville. Sarah Annie 
Myers, born June 12, 1889, at Nashville. Henry 
Neet Myers, born Nov. 19, 1891, at Nashville. 
Francis Marion Myers, born Nov. 7, 1893, at Nash- 
ville. Charles Gregory Myers, born April 8, 1896, 
at Nashville. David Gordon Myers, born Sept. 


30, 1898, at Nashville. Five boys and one girl, 
all of whom are called by their second name. 

Albert Lynn Gordon Myers and Lula Bennett, 
both of Nashville, were married June 19, 1888, at 
Sewanee, Tenn. 

Issue of Marriage— Henry Bennett Myers, born 
Sept. .17, 1896, at Nashville, died November 6, 
1892. Birdie Allen Myers, born March 14, 1893, 
at Nashville. Edna Plumlee Myers, born Feb. 6, 
T895, at Nashville. Albert LeRoy Myers, born 
January r, 1S99, at Nashville. 




Ida Virginia Allen married Philip Anderson 
Shelton, of Rutherford county, Tennessee, April 
30, 1879, in Nashville. 

Issue of Marriage— Kate Bennett Shelton, born 
March 11, 1881. Philip Anderson Shelton, Jr., 
born August 17, 1884. John Howard Shelton, 
born Sept. ro, 1893. All born in Nashville, Tenn. 

Ella Elizabeth Brown married William Marion 
Mangum, of Williamson county, Tenn., August 
5, 1884, in Nashville. 

Issue of Marriage— Ethel Bryant Mangum, born 
December 28, 1885, at Nashville, died June 23, 
1887. Bessie Belle Haden Mangum, born Feb- 
ruary 9, 1888, in Nashville. Alma Mangum, born 
March 23, 1890, in NaihViKe, died March 25, 1890, 
in infancy. Irma Marion Mangum, born Feb- 


ruary 13, 1891, in Nashville. Lawrence Percival 
Mangum, born January 25, 1897, in Nashville. 

Alethii Robeita Allen married Matthew Hughes 
Dobson March 15, 1888, in Nashville. 

Issue of Marriage— Allen Dobson, born Febru- 
ary iS, 1889. Lillian Haynes Dobson, born Aug. 
14, 1895. Matthew Hughes Dobson, Jr., born 
September 13, 1898. Mary Lynn Dobson, born 
October 12, 1900. All born in Nashville, Tenn. 

Isaac Archer Monroe Allen married Louise 
Faulk Apiili9, 1889, in Kansas City, Mo. She 
died in Kansas City January 18, 1898. 

Issue of Marriage — Archer Monroe Allen, born 
November 14, 1889. Dorothy Louise Allen, born 
October 14, 1892. Katharine Ruth Allen, born 
December 23, 1893. Helen Fredricka Allen, born 
April 18, 1S96. All children born in Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Francis Marion Allen married Carrie Young 
Robertson Apiil 13, 1889, in Nashville. 

Issue of Marriage— Theodore Douglas Allen 
born December 23, 1889, in Nashville. Frances 
Marion Allen, born December 25, 1899, in St. 

EsteJle Howerton Allen married Thomas Peter 
Kennedy, of Dundee, Scotland, November 2, 
1898, in Nashville. No issue. 

Annie Lillian Allen married Livingston Had 
ley, of Davidson county, Tenn., June 7, 1899, in 


Issue of Marriage — Annie Embry Hadley, born 
February 22, 1901, at Hadley 's Bend, Davidson 
county, Tenn. 

Mary McChesney married Richard Long at 
Frankfort, Ky., in 1839. 

Issue of Marriage— -Thomas Long. David Long, 
Richard Long, Jr., William Long. Richard Long, 
Jr., married Leslie DeGarmo. 

John McChesney married Lucy Payne of Frank 
Lin county, Kentucky, in 1856. 

Issue of Marriage— Remington McChesney, Ed- 
gar McChesney, William McChesney. 

Samuel McChesney married Julia B. Tanner at 
Frankfort, Ky., in 1849. 

Issue of Marriage — William McChesney, Isa- 
dore McChesney, Samuel Shannon McChesney, 
Tanner McChesney. When a widower married 
Alice Darby. Issue of marriage — John McChes- 
ney, Lewis McChesney, Horace McChesney, Nellie 
McChesney, Eliza H. McChesney. 

Frances Lewis McChesney married Eliza Belle 
Remington. January 2r, 1858, at Cynthiana, Ky. 
She was born April 29, 1838. 

Issue of Marriage — James Remington McChes- 
ney, born January 20, 1862. 

James R. McChesney married Mary Lynn Robb, 
April 29, 1889, in Mercer county, Kentucky. 

Issue of Marriage — Lucie Belle McChesney, 
born January 19, 1S90. 

David McChesney was a coach trimmer by 


Simuel McChesney, s;n of Willi dm McChesney 
No. i, married Elizabeth Clay. He died in Louis- 
ville, Ky., aged 33. Was a blacksmith by trade. 

Issue of marriage— Abram Clay McChesney. 
William Samuel McChesney. 

William Samuel McChesney married Martha 
Curry of Cynthiana, Ky. 

Issue of Marriage— William Samuel McChesney, 
Jr., Curry McChesney; also three girl children, 
names unknown. One married a Mr. Martin. 
j William Samuel, Jr., married Jennie Warfield. 
They have several children, names unknown. 

William McChesney, son of William McChesney 
No. 1, (our Grandfather) married Polly Ann John- 
son of Scott county, Kentucky. He was a coach 
painter by trade.* 

Issue of Marriage— John William McChesney, 
Catharine McChesney, Juliet McChesney, Cave 
McChesney, David McChesney. 

John McChesney, sou of William McChesney 
No. 1, born at Trenton, New Jersey, March 29, 
1804, (lied in St. Helena parish, La., October 6, 
J867,) married Jane Daviess Hardin, born Nov. 3, 
1804, in Washington county, Kentucky. She 
died November 29, 1880, at New Orleans, La. 

John McChesney and Jane D. Hardin were mar- 
ried in Louisville, Ky., April 6, 1:826. He was a 
coach-maker by trade. 

Issue of Marriage— Samuel David McChesney, 
born at Great Crossings, Scott county, Kentucky, 
July 30, 1828, diedat Columbia, S. C, December 


2, 1863. Never married. He served in the Mex- 
ican War. Was three years (as captain) with 
William Walker filibustering in Nicaragua, C. A., 
and was a captain in 15th Louisiana Regiment in 
the Confederate army. Was never wounded. 
Juliet Ann McChesney, born at Great Crossings, 
Scott county, Kentucky, November 25, 1830, died 
on plantation in St. Helena parish, La., Novem- 
ber 27, 1872. Margaret Amanda McCbesney, born 
at Great Crossings, Scott county, Kentucky, April 
9, 1833; died at Old Middleton, Carroll county, 
Mississippi, August 21, 1864. Eliza Belle Mc- 
Chesney, born at Frankfort, Ky., June 13, 1S36: 
died May 4, 1837, in infancy. Wallace Hardin 
McChesney, born at Frankfort. Ky., March 25, 
1838. Served as 1st Sergeant Co. E, 15th Louisi- 
ana Regiment Infantry, Confederate army, four 
years. Never wounded. John Calhoun McChes- 
ney, born at Cincinnati, Ohio, November 1, 1840; 
died in New Orleans, La., November 14, iSSS. 
He served as private in Co. E, 5th Louisiana Reg- 
iment Infantry, Confederate army, four years. 
Wounded at battle of Manassas, July, 1862. Cap- 
ured at Gettysburg, Pa., July, 1863; prisoner of 
war in Fort Delaware. 


Juliet Ann McChesney married Micajah G 
Gwartney at Lexington Ky.,~ October 16, 1849. 
He was born in Coridan, Ind., May 17, 1820. died 


on plantation in St. Helena parish, La., February 
26, 1879. 

Issue of Marriage— Clarence Willis Lee Gwart- 
ney, born at Lexington, Ky., December S, 1850, 
died on Ewing Plantation, near Satartia, Miss., 
Sept. 17, i86r. Ernest Leon Gwartney, born at 
Frankfort, Ky., July 6, 1853. Lurline E. Gwart- 
ney, born on plantation in St. Helena parish, La., 
June 24, 1872. 

Margaret Amanda McChesney married Simeon 
Tarlton Goodwyn in Louisville, Ky., May 28, 
1855. He was born near Evansville, Ind., March 
30, 1822; died in New Orleans, La., Jan. 2, 1896. 

Issue of Marriage— Samuel McChesney Good- 
wyn, born in New Orleans, La., February 10, 1856. 
John Percy Goodwyn, born in New Orleans, La., 
March 29, 1859, died at New Orleans. February, 
i36o. Franklin Miller Goodwyn, born in New 
Orleans, La., January 19, 1862. 

WallaceHardin McChesney married Mary Louise 
Gibbons at New Orleans, La-, March 5, i860. She 
was born in Killconnell County Galway, Irelaud, 
March 20, 1839. 

Issue of Marriage— Edward Wallace McChes- 
ney, born in New Orleans, La., April 24, 1861. 
Leonora May McChesney, born in Richmond, 
Va., Feb. 2, 1864, died June 26, 1864, in infancy. 
Lily Lee McChesney, born in New Orleans, La., 
March 2, 1868. Lolo McChesney, born in New 
Orleans, La., October 29, 1869, died May 24, 1870, 
in infancy. Tiley Scovell McChesney, born in 


New Orleans, La., January 16, 187L Robert Lee 
McChesney, born in New Orleans, La.. May 16, 

1872, died May 24, 1872, in infancy. Allen Zable 
McChesney, born in New Orleans, La., August 3, 

1873. Wallace H. McChesney, Jr., born in New 
Orleans, La., April 27, 1877. 

John C McChesney married Nannie Carter in 
St. Helena parish, La., April 6. 186S. 

Issue of Marriage — Roberta McChesney, born 
in New Orleans, La., in 1869. Minnie May Mc- 
Chesney, born in New Orleans, La., in 1871. 
Eugene Hampton McChesney, born in New Or- 
leans, La., November 3, 1876. Was in Spanish 
war, and died in South Africa in 1900. 


Ernest Leon Gwartney married Hattie E. Bar- 
nard at Waco, Texas, October 17, 1888. She died 
at Waco September 24, 1900. She was born in 
Waco November 10, 1864. 

Issue of Marriage — Clarence Barnard Gwartney, 
born in Waco, Texas, November 3, 1889, died in 
Pine Bluff, Ark., November 30, 1891. Ernest 
Leon Gwartney, Jr., born in Pine Bluff, Ark., 
November 30, 1891. 

Larline E. Gwartney married I. B. Sutler at 
Austin, Texas, in 1894. Had three children, all 
died in infancy. 

Samuel McChesney Goodwyn married Sarah 
Alice Milligan at Milton, Fla., October 25, 1882. 
She was born in Milton, Fla., February 9, 1858. 


Issue of Marriage— Clarence Milligan Goodwyn, 
born- at Taylor, Texas, February 24, 1884. 

Franklin Miller Goodwyn married Nevada Belle 
Nash at Georgetown, Texas, August 14, 1S89. She 
was bora in Leroy, Mo., October 21, 1871. 

Issue of Marriage — Annie Lurline Goodwyn, 
born in Hutto, Williamson county, Texas, April 
4, 189L Mary Lillian Goodwyn, born in Taylor, 
Texas, August 3, 1S93. Roy Leon Goodwyn, born 
in Cleburne, Johnson county, Texas, June 23, 1898. 
Bessie Ahtah Goodwyn, born in Granbury, Texas, 
March 3, 1901. Boy child (not named, 2 days 
old), born in Granbury April 7, 1891; died in in- 

Edward Wallace McChesney married Mamie 
Christopher Emmerson at New Orleans, May 18, 
1886- She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 4, 

Issue of Marriage— Mamie McChesney, born in 
New Orleans January 19, 1893; died in infancy. 
Julia Ayers McChesney, born in New Orleans 
January 27, 1894. Perry Emmerson McChesney, 
born in New Orleans April 8,1897. 

Tiley Scovell McChesney married Estelle Marie 
Theriot in New Orleans, La , January 4, 1894, 
She was born in New Orleans October 20, 1872. 

Issue of Marriage— Charles Burdeau McChes- 
ney, born in New Orleans, October |4, 1894. 
Thelma Louise McChesney, born in New Orleans 
March 20, 1896. Nola Mary McChesney, born in 
New Orleans June 26, 1897. Tiley Scovell Mc- 


Chesney, Jr., born in New Orleans September 3, 
1898, died September 15, 1898, in infancy. Estelle 
Theriot McChesney, born in New Orleans April 
13, 1900. Lucille Hagan McChesney, born in New 
Orleans, July 12, 1903. 

Lily Lee McChesney married W. W. Chapman 
at New Orleans April 8, 1902. 


Roberta McChesney married James Quarrls in 
Dallas, Texas. They have one boy child, name 

Minnie May McChesney married Mr. Wiiliams 
in Texas. Has several children, names unknown. 


Copy of a letter written by Mrs. Isabella A. 
Holmes to Robert McChesney, then living at Eist 
Orange. N. J.: 

Cranberry, N. J., Dec. 6, 1S86. 
Of ray grandfather's family there were seven 
brothers and two sisters. My uncle Robert — your 
great grandfather — was born in 1758, died 1835. 
I presume your father has his record. Uncles, 
John McChesney, Samuel McChesney, William 
McChesney, James McChesney, Joseph McChesney 
and Hugh McChesney. My father's sisters were 
Isabel McChesney and Ellen McChesney. Isabel 
married Nathan Lewis. One of her descendants. 
D. C. Lewis, is living in this place. EHenore Mc- 
Chesney married William Barricklo. Aunt Ellen 
was born April 3, 1776. I have not the date of her 
death or of Aunt Isabel's, but will try to obtain 


them and will forward them, and will also try to 
get the names, the maiden names, of all the un- 
cles' wives and forward them to you. Uncle John 
had five sons, two of them were physicians, Dr. 
Charles G. and Dr. J. English. Dr. Charles G. 
was born Dec. i, 1800; died 1861. He was Secre- 
tary of the State of New Jersey for two terms. 
Died at Trenton, N. J., buried here in Cranberry 
in the Braiuard cemetery. The widow of Dr. 
English is living in New Brunswick, and I snp- 
pose has the family record. I understand there 
are two of n y uncle Samuel's descendants, John 
and Peter, living in Washington, D. C. A son of 
my uncle Hugh William McChesney is living in 
Freehold and may have family record. My uncle 
James had no children. My uncle William left 
here;' removed with his family to Ohio, don't 
know where, before my recollection. One of his 
descendants was an officer of the army in the late 


Copy of a letter which, in 1896, was in the pos- 
session of Mrs. E. R. McChesney, 320 Washing- 
ton avenue, Brooklyn, a descendant of the writer 
of the letter: 

My grandfather, Robert McChesney, came to 
this country about the year 1732, and according 
to my remembrance he came from a place called 
Armah. My father, John McChesney, was at that 
time about two years old. He died in March, 
1775, leaving nine children, seven sons and two 
daughters, all of whom are still living but one son 
named John, who died last March. I am the 


eldest, being in my seventy-second year. I also 
remember when I was about perhaps seven years 
old two elderly gentlemen named William Mc- 
Chesney and Samuel McChesney came to see my 
grandfather, and a son of one of them, I do not 
know which, called Robert, came with them, and 
they lived near Newark in New Jersey. Shortly 
after my grandfather's death the said Robert came 
to see our family, and I think not long after this 
he moved somewhere above Albany, and as I have 
been informed became wealthy and respectable. 
The two elderly gentlemen above mentioned I 
understood were own cousins of my grandfather. 
I saw one of the sons named John perhaps about 
sixteen years ago, who lived near Newark, and 
who had several sons, one of whom was a major 
in the late war and died of a wound received 
therein. I also remember that about the year 
1770 one John McChesney came from Ireland to 
my father's, and shortly after his wife and several 
children came there also. He died the same year 
my father died. After his death the family moved 
down into one of the lower counties in New Jer- 
sey. One of his sons named William came to see 
me the summer before last, and I believe is alive 
yet. The above is a summary of what I know 
respecting the families of the McChesneys. I 
live in the village of Cranberry, in the county of 
Middlesex, New Jersey, and should be happy to 
see any of the name, let the relationship be ever 
so distant. If the above relation, short as it is, 
should be of any use to one of the name I shall be 
much gratified. 
June, 1829. Robert McChesney. 

19 ' 

In compiling this brief sketch of the branch of 
the McChesney family I have found many diffi- 
culties in getting an interest arouse i amongst the 
different descendants to respond to inquiries rela- 
tive to their branch of the family. The descend- 
ants of David McChesney and John McChesney 
are complete and up to date. 

Son of John McChesney, 
Son of Wiujam McChesney No. i, 
Son of John McChesney No. i, 
Son of Robert McChesney. 

New Orleans, La., August i, 1903.