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Dedicated to 
the ECK 


There comes a time in the spiritual history of man 
when he must meet with crises like those today which 
are devastating to him both in Soul and consciousness. 

The deep concern which I have for the human race 
and the individual has brought about this book The 
Far Country. I have tried to lay down the patterns 
of the most breathtaking and far reaching esoteric 
teachings known to man. The contents should settle 
many of the problems which man faces in the spiritual 
and material climax of these times. 

Rebazar Tarzs, the great ECK Master, from the 
eastern region of Tibet, is the moving figure in this 
book. He went through a complete series of dialogues 
with me, about the whole works of ECKANKAR, the 
ancient science of Soul Travel. He also included in 
these discourses the planes beyond the physical 
senses. Hence the title The Far Country, meaning 
those worlds which are generally invisible to man and 
his outer facilities. 

Rudyard Kipling once wrote a short story with the 
same title. It was about a man who had a vision of the 
world beyond his physical senses as a child, and again 
when a soldier dying on the battlefield. 

The Far Country is a matchless piece of litera- 
ture of divine wisdom. There are few sacred writings in 
the world today which can equal it in its beauty and 
revelation of the God worlds and what is contained 
within them. This manuscript gives the ways of 
reaching God, the various planes and what are on 

them, the philosophy and doctrine of ECKANKAR. It 
contains almost everything within it that is needed for 
the God seeker to have in his hands to find the 
heavenly kingdom. 

Whoever reads and studies The Far Country 
becomes an inspired person for the relationship 
between the ECK chela and the MAHANTA, the 
Living ECK Master is clearly outlined. In pursuit of 
the God-Consciousness it is shown how the jig-saw of 
life will fall logically into place. Any one piece, even a 
small one, may bring about revolutionary results if left 
out of the pattern of life for the individual ECK chela. 

As the theme of God-Realization is developed in this 
manuscript, one becomes aware that there is a con- 
stant revelation of the greater results of Soul Travel 
with each trip into the inner worlds. Rebazar Tarzs 
never lets up with the reader, who is considered the 
chela, the God seeker, but keeps him always aware of 
the tangible insight between free will and fate, and the 
understanding of human conflicts as well as those of 
karma and non-karma patterns. 

It is quite certain that if the reader will spend 
anytime at all in the study of this manuscript he will 
come to know that ECK is the highest of all paths to 
God. That there is no other way to gain spiritual 

Paul Twitchell 


Chapter 1 

The Far Country is a vast world lying beyond what 
the human race calls the earth planet and which 
apparently has not been explored by either the 
scientists or politicians for materialist glory. 

It is a magnificent series of spiritual universes where 
the Tuza* goes, following the disposal of its earthly 
body in that phenomena called death, and where so 
many travel in their Atma-Sarupt body from this 
earth plane. 

The Far Country has many names. The Greeks 
called it the Elysian fields, or the Isles of the Blessed, 
Happy Isles, Fortunate Isles, and the Garden of 
Hesperides; the Scandinavians give it the names, 
Valhalla and Asgard; the American Indians knew it as 
the Happy Hunting Grounds, and the Hebrews as 
Canaan, or the Promised Land. 

The Buddhists call it Nirvana and the Christians 
know it as Paradise or Heaven. Other religions have 
various names for this afterworld where all disem- 
bodied entities live. 

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story of a boy who had a 
glimpse of this Far Country. Occasionally he would see 
the vision as he progressed into manhood. He yearned 
to enter that Far Country but had no way except 
through death. When dying from a wound received in 
battle during World War I, he sees the vision of the 

*Tuza the Soul in ECKANKAR terminology. 
tAtma Sarup the soul body. 


Far Country and knows at last he is ready to enter. The 
short story was called The Far Country and is one of 
Kipling's best. 

Those who have had a glimpse of the Far Country 
are always unhappy with their existence on this earth 
planet. Unless they learn the art of Soul Travel, these 
people become extremely restless. Some will commit 
suicide in hope of reaching it, but they only defeat their 

Tom Lea, well known author, did a novel called The 
Wonderful Country. It was the story of a range rider 
who restlessly searched the southwest on his magnifi- 
cent, black stallion, for that world which exists but 
could never be found. 

Many people have a knowledge of The Far Country, 
although they are neither fortunate enough to witness 
it in vision nor can they travel through the esoteric 
planes in the Atma Sarup body like those who have the 
knowledge and ability to leave their bodies at will. 

Those explorers of the Far Country, Rebazar Tarzs, 
Kabir, Yaubl Sacabi, Nanak Guru, Sudar Singh, 
Zoroaster, Buddha, Tulsi Das, Shamus-i-Tabriz, Fubbi 
Quantz, and others have been the pioneers of the Far 
Country. They left a living saga which must be studied 
and admired for its adventurous spirit. 

These great ones have given us a philosophy to live 
by, but much of it has been misused and often 
employed for individual gain, instead of for the uni- 
versal cause of mankind. 

One of the bolder spirits who constantly explores the 
Far Country is Rebazar Tarzs, the great Master of 
ECKANKAR, living in the wildest region of the 
Himalayas near the Afghanistan and Kashmir 
borders, where they are joined by the Hindu Rush 



He gave me additional knowledge of the Far 
Country, adding to that which Sudar Singh at his 
ashram in Allahabad, India had already given me. 
After extensive exploration of Sach Khand,* Sudar 
Singh granted me permission to proceed on my own 
through the spiritual worlds. 

It was through Sudar Singh while traveling in the 
Soul body, that I met Rebazar Tarzs and intensified 
the study of the world called The Far Country, during 
a lengthy visit with him in the Himalayas above 

Later, with Gail, my wife, I came to know Rebazar 
Tarzs better. He talked several times to us. I began to 
leave the body at night and meet with him at his mud 
and brick hut in the Himalayas. 

Rebazar Tarzs is a man who looks to be in his middle 
thirties, but many, including Yaubl Sacabi, say that he 
is well over five hundred years old in his physical body. 
He is approximately six feet in height, covers his 
muscular 185 pounds with a maroon colored robe, 
walks with a springy, youthful stride and generally 
carries a five foot, wooden staff. 

Tarzs' black hair is cropped closely, and is curly 
enough not to bother him in the fierce winds from the 
icy mountains. His beard is coal black and trimmed 
close. His eyes are shining coals of dark fire, his lips 
purple and his speech a clipped style as he barks words 
to emphasize points he is making. His flesh is dark, 
swarthy from the hot sun and winds. 

His hands are noticeable. They are square with long, 
blunt fingers, and restless. He uses the forefinger of his 

*Sach Khand Fifth spiritual plane. 


left hand frequently to emphasize a point. His hands 
are also swarthy from the weather of those high climes. 

His feet are large, generally encased in sandals, but 
he often goes barefooted through the rocks and sand. 
They are as dark as walnut stain. 

Rebazar Tarzs lives alone in his little, mud-brick hut 
high on a cliff above a torrential blue river, roaring out 
of the high glaciers across the valley into the plains to 
feed the teeming millions, six hundred miles to the 
south in the vast sweltering midlands. 

The view is breath-taking. Miles across the valley lie 
the wild outposts of Afghanistan. Due north, beyond 
the flat, monotonous plains, rise the jagged ranges of 
the Hindu Kush, the snow white tip of Tirich Mir, 
rising 25,263 feet above all the smaller peaks. Falah, 
Sar and Monhil, at 1900 feet are dwarfed beside it. The 
mountains are dust-colored by day, indigo by night, 
layer upon layer like a succession of steps in a vast 
staircase that leads, via the Himalayas, to the roof of 
the world. 

From far below echoes the perpetual thunders of the 
Swat River, hurrying to join the giant Indus, whose 
valleys have rung to the march of the invader from 
time immemorial. Three hundred and twenty-seven 
years before Christ an army that marched proudly, 
with the arrogance of countless conquests, plumed, 
helmeted, striking terror everywhere, the Army of 
Alexander the Great, came through these cold passes 
into the soft, warm world of the south. 

In this spot lives Rebazar Tarzs. It is a way station 

between the Earth planet and the Far Country, where 

the Tuza can find its guide and a path to make the 

cross-over into the world beyond. 

Often leaving his physical body on the rude cot 


inside the hut, Rebazar Tarzs goes to the Tuza who 
needs his help, or to teach in one of the temples in the 
Far Country. He is always busy helping others, in or 
out of the physical body. 

I came to his little hut early in the afternoon, one 
day, to discuss with him the doctrine of ECKANKAR. 
Above the canyons filled with blue spruce, silver fir 
and walnut trees and the roar of the raging river, I 
learned more about the Far Country. 

We sat in lotus fashion on the hard earth floor. He 
began by asking a series of questions, while punctur- 
ing the cool air with a forefinger, to emphasize each 

"What lies beyond the Earth plane?" His voice was 
sharp and caustic. "How many worlds make up the Far 

He jabbed a finger in my chest. "Where does it lie? 
How much do the physical scientists know about it?" 

"Nothing!" He barked with his black eyes glower- 
ing. "The materialists look at the heavens with objec- 
tive eyes, and make use of the canopy of air for the 
purpose of scientific progress for the worship of the 
commercial Gods of mankind. 

"The scientists start from the outside and work in- 
wardly toward the center of things. The ECK 
Masters* start from the center of things and work 
outwardly through the same planes. They see much, 
and with realistic eyes. 

*ECK Masters Those who leave their physical body and 
travel through the Far Country in the Atma Samp body. 


"The materialist claims there are five layers in the 
atmosphere lying upward from this world and that we 
are like the primitive savage standing on the shores of 
an ocean and wondering how far the water stretches 
beyond the setting sun. 

"They call these regions or layers the troposphere, 
tropopause, stratosphere, ionosphere and the un- 
known. The travelers give them the following names: 
Sukhsham Desh, Brahm Lok, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar 
Gupha, Sach Khand and beyond these five are hun- 
dreds of others, but mainly three known as Alakh Lok, 
Agam Lok and the nameless world, often called Anami 
Lok, the highest where dwells the SUGMAD.* 

"The Vedantists know them as the Astral, Mental, 
Wisdom, Bliss and God plane. 

"The objective side of these planes is studied by the 
scientists and the subjective by the spiritual travelers. 
Another advantage the latter has is, they come and go 
at will to any plane desired. 

"A comparison of the five planes as seen by both the 
materialist scientists and spiritual travelers is of inter- 
est," he said breaking off here. "Let's have some tea!" 

We seated ourselves again on the floor and silently 
drank the buttered yak tea for awhile. When we had 
finished, he began again. 

"The first of these planes is the troposphere, that 
which encompasses the Earth planet. It is about five 
miles thick at the poles and ten miles or so at the equa- 
tors. It is a region of rapid climatical changes and quite 

*SUGMAD-Name for God in Far Country. 


"A layer of storms here, calms there, polar cold and 
tropic heat; a layer in which the temperature falls 
steadily about 1 degree Fahrenheit for every 300 feet 
until a low of 67 degrees below zero Fahrenheit is 

"Eighty percent of the air by weight is packed into 
the troposphere. Do you understand this?" He fixed a 
cold glare in my direction. 

"I doubt if you do, although you've traveled with 
Sudar Singh in many planes of the Far Country!" 

He sipped his tea and stared through the open door 
at the vast world outside and the shining, white peaks 
in the distance. 

Finally he spoke again. "This is ordinarily called the 
Astral world, though we know it as the Sukhsham 
Desh, or the Anda, the lowest plane of the Far 
Country. It lies nearest the physical world. 

"The lower part of this world is the gross material of 
the universe of the planets and stars, including the 
Earth planet. Coarse matter dominates all but a few 
mana(s)* and some Tuzas! 

"This region embraces all the suns and planets, 
known or unknown to human astronomy. It extends 
out into space, without the knowledge of the physical 
scientists, far beyond the reach of any telescope. 

"The adept returns to this lower region again and 
again to help those who wish to untangle themselves 
from the darkness of this negative world. 

"The capital of this world is at the top of the Astral 
region, a plane often called the Turkya Pad, by the 
Sufis. The city is named Sahasra dal Kanwal, which 
means thousand petalled lotus, the center which all 

*Mana (s) Mind. 


yogis strive to reach inwardly for spiritual perfection. 

"The ruler of this region is Jot Niranjan, the being 
endowed with the negative power. This power is essen- 
tial, for it creates matter in the lower world. 

"He is the center of this power, the thousand petalled 
lotus, the great cluster of lights, these magnificent lights 
which the traveler views when approaching the higher As- 
tral planes. Here is the actual powerhouse of the physical 
universe, what the scientists seek to understand. 

"They have discovered the duality of the atom which 
turns from its spiritual refinement, to gather with the 
coarser to make matter, a process that physical science is 
studying like school children. 

"Out of this powerhouse flows the current of lights 
which has created and sustains all the worlds in the uni- 
verse. These lights are of all shades and tints, but basically 
made up of seven colors, black, red, green, orange, blue, 
yellow and white. 

"These flow off into streams of rays throughout the uni- 
verses, and each have their different aspect to assist phy- 
sical life on the planets of this universe. For example, 
green is the individualizing ray which shows the growth of 
Soul in man's aura, for the rays touch every aura in every 
living thing throughout these worlds. 

"Black is the pure color of the darker or negative side, 
while white is the opposite, or highest. Red is the shade of 
human love, orange the ray of life, called Prana by the Hin- 
dus. Blue is the intellectual ray from which all great 
thinkers and creative artists receive their inspiration and 
yellow is the spiritual ray. 

"If you will take closer scrutiny of the colors in clothes 
worn by a person, it will somewhat tell you about the 
dominating astral rays in their aura. 
"The great Astral city lies just below a shining moun- 


tain. This is where the powerhouse of lights are caught up 
from the current flowing down from the plane above it. 

"The city is often called the City of Lights. Here dwells 
many of the earth's renowned people, from all ages of his- 
tory. Many religious figures live here because they believe 
that this is the heaven that they wanted to reach in the 

"This is the home of Jot Niranjan who lives in a great 
castle within the shining mountain. The ECK* here is the 
bell and the conch. 

"The Astral region is the negative pole of the whole spir- 
itual universe. Life here is so long, that many of its inhabi- 
tants believe they have reached immortality. All the work 
done by these dwellers pertains to some form of creative 

"The Astral world is always wiped out after several mil- 
lion years, in the same manner as the lower material uni- 
verses are, and following a long period of equal darkness, a 
new creation of the region is begun. 

"All who live in the Astral and physical worlds are put 
into a deep sleep and drawn up to the next region higher, 
called the Brahm Lok, or the mental plane. 

"When the creation is finished and a new Astral and 
lower physical universes are re-established, the Souls are 
sent back to their former worlds, where old threads of exis- 
tence are picked up again." 

With this he got up again and refilled the cups with tea. 
While we drank the hot liquid and shuddered against the 
wind which whistled down from the high slopes, he ap- 
peared to sleep. 

*ECK Music of the audible life current known to the spir- 
itual travelers. 


After a while Rebazar Tarzs aroused himself and started 
his discussion again. 

"Now for the second region. 

"The scientist thinks of this as a no-man's land lying 
above the troposphere or Astral plane. They call this 
world, the Tropopause. We give it the name of the Brahm 
Lok, or the mental plane. 

"According to the materialists this region is a thin layer 
in which the temperature ceases to fall with increasing alti- 

"It lies many miles above the earth plane and has not 
yet been very well explored by the material scientists. 

"Sometimes the spiritual travelers call this region the 
Brahmanda,* which means the egg of Brahm, and refers 
to the name of its Lord, Brahm. This Deity is supposed to 
be the supreme being of all creation by the Yogis. This is 
the highest world known to practically all faiths, including 

"If the yogi or other holy man claims to be a master and 
declares that Brahman t is the highest of all creators, that 
this is the supreme heaven, he is not a master in the sense 
that we know. He is only a humble seeker under the su- 
preme ruler of this plane, Brahman. 

"This is the top of the three worlds, the physical, lower 
and upper Astral It is called the first grand division of the 

"This is the world of the spiritual-material essence, be- 
cause spirit dominates it. 

"This is the region of the universal mind, whose power is 
called AUM. Hence the word Omkar, the power on this 
plane, which is still the negative force. The lower part of 

*Brahmanda the third grand division. 
tBrahman Lord of Brahm Lok plane. 


this region is that known as the Home of the Universal 
Mind. It is from here that all individual minds are derived, 
and to that region all minds must return when they are 
discarded during the upward flight of SouL 

"An ECK Master takes you through this world, into the 
next region, for only a master can be the guide, and know 
the path, thorny as it is. He is the recognized Lord of all 

"All other lords, rulers and peoples on every plane pay 
homage to Him. 

"When you arrive at the border of this region the sound 
of Omkar is heard continuously resounding, like a great 
drum. You go up a hill and open a gate, enter a crooked 
tunnel, pass on through to the other side. Then you cross 
high and low hills where the vision appears to be reversed. 
It's as if you are traveling in reverse. 

"You pass through a fort like region which is the home 
of the ruler, Omkar, and halt, for Soul to become adorned 
with the attributes of devotion and faith. 

"The seeds of the traveler's karma are burned and de- 
stroyed here. 

"The color of this region is that of a beautiful, setting 
sun. Above it is another part of the world of Omkar where 
you find deserts, mountains and gardens. Flowers are ar- 
ranged in artistic designs everywhere. 

"You will be intoxicated with joy, wandering through a 
splendid region of canals and streams, before coming to an 
ocean of water over which you can cross by bridge to the 
other side where there are three mountain peaks named 
Mer, Sumer and Kailash. 

"This is a halting place for many spiritualists and 
mystics. Some yogis believe this to be their heaven. The 
miracles of the mind are performed from this section of 
Brahm Lok, e.g., stopping of trains, filling dry wells and 
healing the sick. 


"This world is extremely vast, despite what the scien- 
tists assert when comparing it with the physical world or 
the Astral plane. 

"There are six planes within Brahm Lok, and many sub- 
divisions. The chief city here is called Mersumer Kailash, 
named after the three peaks of Brahm Lok 

"This region is controlled by Brahm whose chief duty is 
to channel the great power, AUM, into the region and the 
worlds below. 

"The function of AUM, a part of the great sound cur- 
rent, is to create, maintain and destroy the universes 
below it. It is the center of creation of die material and 
Astral worlds. 

"Many of the great scriptures have sprung from this re- 
gion, including the Vedas, Christian scriptures, Buddhists 
texts, to name a few. Lord Krishna as well as many other 
spiritual leaders make their home here. 

Rebazar Tarzs paused for a moment to finish his tea. He 
wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his left arm and contin- 

"Now for the third plane/' he said. 

'The physical scientists know this layer or world as the 
stratosphere which extends for miles into the sky. It is a 
region of steady, gentle winds, beautiful clouds and steadi- 
ly rising temperatures. 

"This is what might be called the ozone layer. Beyond 
that is very little physical air. 

"The subjective side of this plane is a region called 
DaswanDwar. It is filled with a brilliant light. Soul can 
bathe itself in the lake of nectar called Mansarover, and 
join the swans, those Tuzas known as the Kansas; hence 
the name, used by many Hindu Holy men, the Parahan- 


sas. The Tuza gives up all its bodies, physical, astral, men- 
tal, and is purified. 

"The lord of this region is known as Ramchar. He is the 
power supply station for all the worlds below this one. The 
light of your Tuza becomes equal to the light and radiance 
of twelve suns, and the happiness and bliss experienced 
by It at this stage is beyond physical description. 

"While on this plane you are capable of performing 
grand miracles, such as giving sight to the blind, some- 
times raising the dead and the ability to travel through the 
ether in the physical body. 

"Here the Tuza beholds itself as pure spirit stripped of 
all materiality. It becomes self-realized. 

"The color ray in this world is the orange hue, the 
stream of the life-giving forces. 

"Very few Souls will attempt to leave this realm for the 
worlds above. Yet their understanding of the Far Country 
is wondrous, for they have an exceedingly good knowledge 
of the worlds still further beyond their world 

"If the Master takes you to the top of this region you 
may hear its sounds, those of the violins. Here you cross 
the Tirbeni, a place where three streams meet, hence the 
Kumba Mehla, a religious fair held every twelve years in 
India. It is only a reflection of this place in the third 

"Then you enter the region of Maha Sunna, where you 
find all the secret knowledge of the worlds. 

"This area is many vast earth miles in circumference 
and in the center pitch darkness. Four sound currents are 
heard emanating from invisible sources; the jhankar* pre- 
dominates and is indescribable in human words. 

* Jhankar another name for melodies of the lower worlds. 
A musical instrument. 


"Here you are entranced by their music and must force 
yourself to leave or you may stay forever. 

"Also here are the five egg-shaped worlds, full of a varie- 
ty of creations and each permeated and governed by a 
Brahm. Each has its predominating color like green or yel- 
low or even white. They are quite vast in comparison with 
which the entire universe below appears very insignificant. 

"He who has gained or attained this region will have in- 
creasing powers and understanding in proportions, as this 
region is vast beyond description, when compared with 
those you have been through to reach it. 

"But there is increasing difficulty as you go higher in 
giving expression to anything relating to the upper re- 
gions. The very ideas in these upper regions are beyond 
the grasp of man's thoughts, until he has traveled them 
and has the experience. Even then he cannot put his words 
into earthly language." 

Rebazar Tarzs paused for a few minutes to catch his 
breath. I looked out the open window at the rocks where a 
frenzy of violent forces were causing a great upheaval of 
slate, limestone, lava, granite and sandstone, mixing all 
into strange patterns. 

The cliffs across from the mud hut showed 
formations twisted and turned into gigantic whorls. I 
was looking at these, wondering why the SUGMAD 
had let nature run wild, when Tarzs spoke again. 

"The fourth region/' he said sharply, gathering my 
attention instantly, "is that which the scientists call 
the ionosphere. Here the physical air is so thin that 
there is a constant electrically excited condition which 
stimulates the atoms. In this condition the atoms are 


called Ions. 

"There are several layers in this objective side of the 
region that serve as reflectors of radio or mental 
waves. One layer reflects long waves, the other reflects 
short waves. Some short waves pass through the 
planes below, like sharp knives cutting through 
materials. The mind and radio waves are like light 
waves, traveling in a straight line. 

"The curvature of the earth would prevent us from 
transmitting and receiving radio messages and even 
psychic impressions, if it weren't for the Ionosphere 

"The electrical mirror in the sky reflects waves back 
to the earth, and the earth sends them up again and so 
they finally reach their destination. 

"Hence, if you send out a strong desire for some- 
thing it goes through the same process and returns to 
you materialized. 

"The spiritual travelers call this region the fourth 
plane, or the land of Bhanwar Gupha. It is the home of 
the Lord Sohang, through whom the great power 
current flows into this region and downwards. 

"This divine being lives in a city of great light called 
Arhirit. He is filled with majestic beauty and 
grandeur. When the Tuza sees Him, Its consciousness 
is filled with over-whelming joy. It says to Itself, 'I am 

"This is the meaning of the word, Sohang. 

"At this moment of sublime realization, you know 
that you are part of the Supreme! In union with me, 
the self, and master! 

"This is why the Occultists call it the Bliss plane! 

"To reach this plane you must cross the pass above 
the Hansni tunnel and enter another tunnel, the 


Rukmini tunnel, where you see a strange and beautiful 
structure. Here the faculties of the power to hear and 
the power to see are greatly enhanced giving peace and 

"To your right are bright islands, and to your left 
many continents covered with palaces, appearing as if 
made of pearls, having their roofs covered with rubies 
and studded with emeralds and diamonds. Only the 
brave can venture this far. That is why Sudar Singh 
told you that only the courageous, the daring and the 
enterprising would have the SUGMAD. 

"This is the city that St. John saw in his revelations, 
which were written and passed down through the 
Christian New Testament. 

"In the distance are the Bhanwar Gupha mountains. 
The Sohang ECK* is easily heard. The sound is like 
that of a keen flute. You see the sun above with an 
immense light and find the world most beautiful, sweet 
and full of light. 

"The Tuzas living here exist on the sound current as 
their food. The roads are sometimes filled with those 
groups of Kansas who have been fortunate enough to 
penetrate this region, followed by the devotees. They 
are trying to reach the regions above. 

"There are numerous plains and worlds with a 
variety of creations, inhabited by millions of Tuzas 
living on the nectar of Bani. Kabir said there are eighty 
thousand continents in this world, with beautiful 
homes on each for their inhabitants. 

"The color of this region is blue, for it is often spoken 
of as the Home of Truth, and is the plane of true 
miracles, from which all things can happen. But woe to 

*The sound heard on this plane. 


him who misuses this power. 

'The physical scientists say there is nothing beyond 
their fourth layer. They admit to the theory of some- 
thing beyond it, but their physical instruments have 
yet to record anything to give them material proof." 

He paused a moment, then continued, "On the spiri- 
tual side the approach to the fifth region is guarded by a 
zone of such deep, dense darkness that none but the 
pure can cross it. 

"Only he who has the light and power may tread 
here in the world of Sach Khand. Here you find dwell- 
ing Sat Nam, the lord of all, above and below. His bril- 
liance is so great that even one hair on his body, if 
there were any, would radiate a light equal to that of 
many millions of suns combined. 

"This is the true home of Soul. It is the grand head- 
quarters of all creation and the reign of immortality. It 
is changeless, perfect and deathless. It is called the 
God or Soul plane by the Occultist. It is untouched by 
dissolution or reconstruction. This is the world of the 
ECK saints, where they live. 

"The fifth region is the jumping off place for the 
Tuza into the great worlds of pure spirit. Its citizens 
are only of the highest order, and in such countless 
numbers that you couldn't estimate them. 

"They live in a joy so great that you couldn't con- 
ceive or measure it. 

"Within the Soul plane is a fort-like place where is 
situated the throne of the Lord of the worlds. You 
know Him as the true Lord. 

"Soul is now taken by the MAHANTA* to a great 

*MAHANTA one possessing the highest of all states of 


park where the scenery is indescribable. There is also a 
huge reservoir here, like those on the earth plane, from 
which flows the most delicious nectar through canals 
to supply the distant regions of this great world. 

"Golden palaces are set in open fields of silvery light. 
The landscape is beyond human description and the 
beauty of the saints living here is incomprehensible, 
the brilliancy of each equal to the combined light of 
sixteen suns and moons. 

"You reach the real entrance of the city. The watch- 
ers at the gates are saints, who pass you through into 
the palace of the Lord and you are greeted by Sat Nam. 

"He is the first, definitely limited manifestation of 
the all Supreme formless SUGMAD. He is the power, 
the light, the great Master flowing down and out into 
all creation, to create, govern and sustain all regions, 
like a gigantic stream of water. 

"This is the shabda, the sound current which perme- 
ates all systems of the Far Country. This is the posi- 
tive pole of the spiritual regions. 

"Above the world of Sach Khand are worlds beyond 
worlds, beyond physical description. Those living in 
these worlds are under the supreme being we call the 
formless one, the Advaita, which is the real name for 
the formless. The SUGMAD is that which is so beyond 
all the worlds that we can hardly conceive that IT 

"This Advaita is not a being, nor anything but life it- 
self, a living force that is called the ECK. Your imagi- 
nation begs to be relieved of trying to image what lies 
beyond the fifth plane. 

"When you come to face Sat Nam, you become aware 
that 1 Am He!' 

"Love is the holy bond that holds all the worlds to- 


gether. Only a saint can reach this region and travel 
into those worlds above. Then he is called a Param 

"All the ECK power, coming down from the far re- 
gions above, come to a perfect manifestation for the 
first time in Sat Nam, as the first actual or complete 
personification of the Supreme One. He is the great 
-Father of all, to worship and love with complete devo- 
tion. He is so fathomless and impersonal you cannot 
approach Him, even in thought. He sits between the in- 
finite light and the created universes, and so in time 
when purged of every imperfection you will approach 
Him as the Father and receive His gracious welcome 

"While still in the lower regions of the Astral Plane 
and that of Brahm Lok, Soul is often compelled to re- 
turn to the earth plane for rebirth and death, or what 
Buddha called the Wheel of the Eighty-Four. 

"But when the Soul reaches the pure region of Alakh 
Lok, the first of the planes in the first grand division of 
the Far Country, there is no returning to earth except 
as a redeemer. 

"The Tuza becomes a saint himself, and the mission 
of Its Master is over. But the Tuza has yet to travel 
into the most sublime and beautiful part of his spiritual 
journey to the SUGMAD. 

"Above Sach Khand are three other planes of incon- 
ceivable splendor known to the saints. Here the Lord 
of the fifth world, Sat Nam, has taken over and guides 
Soul toward the goal of reaching the nameless splendor 
of all splendors. 

"First, the Tuza becomes united with the very es- 
sence of the Sat Nam in a mystical sense, and so, be- 
comes a part of Him, partaking in all Sat Nam's mar- 


velous attributes. Then the Tuza advances to the three 
remaining known planes. 

"First is the Alakh Lok, presided over by the Alakh 
Purusha, and after this is the Agam Lok plane pre- 
sided over by the Agam Purusha, or lord. Finally Soul 
reaches the end of Its journey, the region of the name- 
less One, Advaita, the formless, that which is the first 
you know about the SUGMAD, the feeling or the un- 
derstanding of the Divine. 

"Eventually you come to the SUGMAD in the vast 
worlds above. 

"No words can describe IT. No thought can embrace 
IT. IT is formless, the All Embracing One. 

"IT is the impersonal, infinite ocean of love. 

"From IT flows all life and spirituality, all truth, all 
reality. IT is all wisdom and love and power. All visible 
lords of all regions are ITS manifestation. IT takes 
forms, many forms, in order that ITS purposes might 
be carried out in all creations. They are all ITS forms; 
but none of them express ITS totality. 

"IT may take millions of forms, but IT, ITSELF, re- 
mains formless, impersonal, all pervading. IT is uni- 
versal spirit, universal life. 

"In the literature of the sacred, this divine form- 
less spirit is expressed by many names, such as 
ECKANKAR, Nirankar, Akal, Nirala, Anami, Agam, 
Alakh, Sat Purusha, Prabhu, Prabhswami, Akashar, 
Paramakshar, Purusha. 

"All of these words have been coined in an effort to 
convey to human intelligence some idea of what the 
Saints think of the SUGMAD or Lord God, the highest 

"ECKANKAR means the one oneness, the body of 
oneness, All, or Totality this is the secret name of 


God or the SUGM AD which will be creeping into these 
talks between us as I go deeper into this philosophy. 

"Nirankar means without body or form. Advaita, 
Soami, or Swami means the all pervading Lord. 

"Akal means timeless: Nirala, peerless, having none 
like Him; Anami, without name; Agam, inaccessible; 
Sat Purusha, true Lord, the real Lord, as distinguished 
from all hypothetical gods. That which is not Sat does 
not really exist. Sat means truth, reality, existence. 
Hence the fundamental idea of truth is existence. The 
untrue does not exist; the true does. Truth and exis- 
tence are synonymous terms. Purusha implies being, 
and being implies creative energy, the predominating 
and presiding Lord, the source of creative energy. 
Prabhu means Lord, having power and control. 

"Prabhswami means all-pervading Lord, having 
power. Akashar means the Lord who has real power, 
the actual king of all, like Sat Purusha. This is used in 
contradistinction to Dharam Ray, the negative power, 
who controls the Three Worlds. It implies law and 
order. Remember the more law and order there is in a 
society, the more negative it is the more it is under 
the control of the Dharam Ray. Dharam is law, order, 
system, and it is used to also designate religion, or any 
religious system. 

"Akashar is Sat Purusha, or Akal Purusha, while 
Dharma Ray is Kal* Purusha, or Kal or Brahm. 

"The whole universe is considered as One, the true 
ECKANKAR. There is perfect oneness in the universe, 
which is also co-existent with God, infinite, unlimited. 
Hence the SUGMAD is Nirankar, i.e. formless. 

"As such, he is without personality, without name. 

*Kal means negative. 


He cannot be said to be anywhere, as he is everywhere. 
Since He is everywhere, all and everything, he must be 
impersonal. Of course, He may assume any number of 
forms; but none of these forms embrace his entire 
being, any more than one sun embraces the sum total 
of physical matter. 

"When the SUGMAD limits ITSELF to some ex- 
tent, however slightly, IT becomes Agam Purusha. If a 
little more limited, Alakh Purusha, and when IT takes 
a definite form for the purpose of administrating the 
affairs of the universe, the SUGMAD becomes Sat 
Purusha, or Sat Nam. 

"Sat Nam is the first, definitely limited, manifesta- 
tion of the Supreme Being. But IT is not limited, ex- 
cept to form only. Sat Nam, true name, is that which 
defines ITS individuality, and points definitely to the 
first personal manifestation of the Infinite One. 

"The names of the SUGMAD, in other languages 
than the Sanskrit and Hindi, are as many as are the 
ideas of IT. God is Anglo-Saxon adaptation of good. IT 
is the chief good, or the sum total of God. Deus is the 
Latin name, signifying something like supreme emper- 
or. Theos is the Greek appellation, meaning the chief of 
those august powers who sat upon Mount Olympus 
and ruled the world. 

"Adonai, or Elohim, or Yahveh, are some of the He- 
brew names assigned to the god who was first a tribal 
deity of the Jews, but later proclaimed lord over all 
gods and worlds. He was the supreme law-giver, the 
commander of all the armies of Israel. He was the 
majestic warrior whose wrath was so much to be 
feared. Love was not in his makeup until later. 

"We have others, for example, Allah, the Merciful of 
Islam. Varuna, the greatest of all ancient Hindu gods, 


outstanding in the Vedas. Brahm, Rama, Brahma, 
Vishnu and Shiva, and a host of others in the Indian 
sacred books. 

"Zarathustra spoke of Ormuzd and the Norseman 
had his Thor. The North American Indian worshipped 
their Manitou and each primitive tribe and nation had 
a being to adorn, admire, and to protect them. 

"The ECK travelers know the great SUGMAD by 
many names. For names are only labels. They care so 
little for the knowledge of who IT might be, but are 
seeking to know what IT is and where IT is found." 

He finished, stood up and looked around. Outside the 
mountains had turned a pinkish color and then green. 
It was time to go and I left knowing that on the 
morning, Rebazar Tarzs would start again on his dis- 
cussions of the Far Country. 

I would be back. 



Chapter 2 

The Hindu Kush is a high mountain range which 
penetrates Afghanistan in the northeast corner and 
runs across the nation in a west-by-southwest course. 

Hindu Kush means Killer of Hindus. The bloody 
events of the past which have happened in this beauti- 
ful range of mountains has given it this ominous name. 

The range in its northwestern end has peaks above 
20,000 feet, with Tirich Mir reaching 25,263. The 
passes are some of the highest in the world, that of 
Lowarai, 10,200 feet; Darkot, 15,400 feet; and 
Baraghil, 12,400. Not the highest passes, they are 
among those which reach the top scale in heights in the 
Himalaya mountains. 

It was a perfect summer day with only a few fleecy 
clouds in the sky. The view from the front of Rebazar 
Tarzs' mud and brick hut was one of grandeur. 

At a distance the Tirich Mir seemed more imposing 
than it had at any other time. It is a cold, rough spire 
of snow and ice, reaching into heights where moun- 
tains are not supposed to be. I felt, as if I were looking 
into another world. This peak, like Everest, Kanchen- 
junga, Godwin Austen, Nanga Parbat, and Annapurna, 
reaches far above the abode of man into the supernal 
land, the Far Country. 

Sitting there and watching, one becomes lost in 
thoughts of the supernatural. One soon learns that this 
is the world of spirits and gods and the mysterious 
forces of life. In those mountains are the ECK masters 
and teachers, as also in the Karakoram range and the 


Himalayan mountains. 

We ate a mixture of what tasted like honey and meal, 
drank the buttered tea, then Rebazar Tarzs began. 

"Today, I will turn the spotlight upon religion. There 
are several great forces of religion in the world today. 
When I use the word great, I speak of numbers in each 
varied system of faith. Buddhism is the largest in the 
world, followed by Christianity, Mohammedanism, 
and Hinduism. The other various religions make up the 
fringe in memberships, mainly Confucianism and 

4 The destruction of lives in the name of a holy being 
has been the bane of this earth. The fight between ma- 
terialistic organizations, calling themselves religious 
faiths under the banner of a true God, is the worst of 
the conditions man has invented. 

"No savior who came to this world intended to 
propagate a faith. Instead he wanted to give a few 
simple truths learned in the Far Country, and have 
them passed along to those who would listen. 

"The ancient masters followed this method. They 
hardly wrote anything, for none of their followers had 
the ability to read nor write. They passed the word by 
mouth. Once they initiated a person into the holy path 
which they were following, then they would turn to 

"None had a clinging, social teaching as you find to- 
day in many of the organized churches. Therefore you 
find that religion is simply a social institution, demon- 
strably true of the western religions, and woven 
through those in the Oriental countries. 

"Name one religion which is in existence today and I 
will show you that it is a product of the social con- 
science, instead of the Truth of the SUGMAD. All 


laws, which are called the Law of God, are hardly any- 
thing except the evolution of the social conscience 
from the Law of Manu, the Code of Hammurabi, the 
Law of Moses, and the Canons of the Christian Church. 

"What do they represent? 

"Nothing more than the rules and regulations of the 
priest-craft to control their followers, for a political and 
economic hold over the multitudes. Didn't Fubbi 
Quantz know this when he was challenged by the 
people in his day of open ministry? 

"What has been more hideous than the caste system 
established by the Law of Manu? Or the civil restric- 
tions set by Hammurabi's Code, or the refusals impli- 
cated in the Law of Moses, or the moral issues estab- 
lished by the Christian canons? Restriction, restriction 
and restriction! This is all these social indicators 

"So this leads us to the set of principles laid down by 
Jesus on the Mount. He was getting closer to the 
Truth than those who preceded him, but his laws were 
merely for the unfoldment of the social conscience, 
sweetened for the listeners' ears in another fashion. 
What he said was simply that you must do it my way 
or you do not enter Heaven! 

"Buddha said that everything lay in the middle 
path, and eventually you would become the Buddha. 
The middle path is the weak path, and the Buddha is 
the way through the mind. 

"The way is neither to the right, nor to the left, nor is 
it through the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master. 
It is not below you or above you but it is here; the way 
to enter into the Far Country. 

"Christ said that they way into the Kingdom of 
Heaven, meaning the Far Country, was within. But he 


was wrong. He said again in the Gospel of John that 
He was the Way, as the Christ. And again I say that he 
was wrong! 

"Now I tell you," Rebazar Tarzs emphasized with 
his left forefinger. "The way into Heaven IS! This is 
what I can tell you in so many words this and this 
alone, for it is the same as saying that God IS! You 
recall that this is said time and again, in every lan- 
guage of the human race. 

"Therefore the way into the God realm IS; I will 
illustrate this by saying that Is or Isness means now, 
existence and spiritual reality. I say to you, explain 
speech to the homo sapiens. You can try every possible 
way to explain what speech is. You call it sound, 
words, vocabulary, but it doesn't make sense. Neither 
does the Way make sense, when I say that it IS. 

"It can best be explained by saying that it is sound. 
The human element can do without sight, smell, feel- 
ing, touch, but it can't do without sound. This is also 
true of Soul. The whole principle of Soul is founded 
upon sound and this sound is the way to Heaven. 

"Jesus spoke of this sound current as being that 
which supplies the Earth world with everything 
needed for living, when he spoke of the lilies by the 
road. They toiled not, nor spun not for their beauty, 
yet they succeeded in being beautiful! 

"This is the way into the Far Country! This is the 
path which one must follow, yet not one organized reli- 
gion teaches that the divine sound is the existence in 
all universes. No priest recognizes it in this world. 

"This is a part of the ignorance of the priestcraft. 
The Christian Church, in playing its part in world his- 
tory, destroyed the political power of the ancient 
Roman emperors and established its Pope as the 

leading exponent of western religious leadership. The 
church has held this position since its establishment 
over a thousand years ago. 

"It has survived schisms when other groups broke 
off from the mother church and tried to establish simi- 
lar power; but it has always come back stronger be- 
cause the Church recognizes that as long as it can con- 
trol the social conscience of the Christian society, it 
can rule. The Hindu Brahman rulers recognized this 
centuries ago, and as a result founded the caste system 
in India which made them the highest of the social 
classes. Buddha set a precedent by trying to break this 
system of the Brahman priests; he wanted to make all 
his followers Buddhis like himself, which wasn't at all 

"So as usual, when Soul is implanted within the 
body and cannot leave, it turns to cunning and politics. 
Buddhism evolved into a church like Christianity and 
so have the Moslems, along with a half hundred other 
esoteric groups whose leaders believed that it was 
easier to be a ruler in religion and live off the people. 

"Just like the politicians do! 

"You are right if you believe that I am being critical 
of religions, or rather, the groups of religions, philos- 
ophies and cultures which today parade themselves 
under the wide banners of faith. It would be ridiculous 
to deny this. 

"As you grow older in your observation of the 
peoples of this Earth world, it becomes more notice- 
able that stupidity is the reigning virtue. The masses 
are always willing that somebody takes the responsi- 
bility of caring for them. This lack of self-dependence is 
brought about by the need of a father-symbol, hence 
the seeking out of a masculine deity, and later a femi- 


nine deity which is called the mother goddess. 

"This is the key to the religions. The need of a father, 
or mother godhead in order to give service and adora- 
tion in the form of worship. The priests, who dis- 
covered this in the early dawn of history on earth, en- 
couraged the primitive tribes to obey certain rules and 
follow set patterns of rituals and rites. 

"If you know enough about religions, it will be 
observed that the codes and laws of each individual 
group have a positive and negative effect. That is, you 
are promised a reward provided you obey the codified 
rules of the church; however, if you are at all neglectful 
of the rules, you are promised a punishment. 

"Christianity says you can burn for eternity; some of 
the Hindu religions say you can be returned to the 
lower form of animal life. Other religions have you sent 
back into a stone, or mineral form. 

"This is a pretty rough way of saying that you have 
to behave and get along with the church or you will be 
an outcast; to be an outcast from the church is a social 
evil. What this amounts to is something pretty sim- 
pleit is a socialization of the various groups of people 
in this world. 

"If you do understand this, then you know that reli- 
gions are hardly anything more than man made, and 
that the priests are certainly not appointed by any- 
thing other than themselves. A long history and tradi- 
tion behind a family, church or state seems to insure 
that it's right. Buddhism, which is the oldest of the 
modern religions, is far from truth, although it has a 
grand history and tradition. This is true also of Christi- 
anity, Confucianism, the Upanishads and a few hun- 
dred more. 

"I don't find that you can put your finger on any- 

thing until you adopt the viewpoint of being the ECK, 
ITSELF. When you learn the balance of your being 
within IT, and IT within the center of yourself, then 
you are not questioning your relationships with people, 
nor concerned with social institutions, forms and func- 
tions of human groups. 

"When you have discovered that the social con- 
science is not a part of Soul, you are freed from karma, 
adharma,* and reincarnation. You will instantly drop 
the mind body and enter into the plane of Sach Khand. 
Something else you will find to be true, is that the 
lords of the various planes throughout the whole grand 
divisions of the universes are no longer in power as far 
as you are concerned. 

"They will continue to rule those Souls who need the 
father-mother symbol to lean upon. For you, this is no 
longer true. It's as if you had outgrown the president 
of your country, and he needed you, but you had no 
need of him, whatsoever. This being true, you are 
independent, you can come and go wherever you wish, 
anywhere in the Far Country. 

"The lack of social conscience does wonders for Soul. 
It is the key to longevity in the human body. A true 
master has little conscience toward the social virtues 
and ethics of this world, factors which the priests and 
ministers of the church seem to hold so dearly. 

"The masculine principle cares little about social 
conscience, while on the other hand the feminine princi- 
ple is the promoter and the progressor of this aspect of 
Earthly life. This is why law and order is a prominent 
part of any society. No spiritual traveler is foolish 
enough to let himself get entangled with a set of laws 

*Adharma wickedness. 


on any plane; law and order, as I told you previously, is 
a negative system. You must understand that law and 
order survives on every plane, until you enter the 
Alakh Lok, and progress upward until you reach the 
world of the SUGMAD. 

'This formless thing I call ECK, which previously 
was called the Advaita, or formless, which is the name 
the Hindu religion gives it, fills the very ethers of the 
world in a fluid state, and is a life giving sound, that we 
know as the ECK. IT has no laws, no interest in any- 
thing except to obey the will of those who use IT. 
Beyond the Sach Khand world, IT becomes so sensi- 
tive that even the thought of Soul will have effect and 
IT rushes instantly to obey. 

"Spiritual travelers who have entered into this world 
know this and become sensitively careful of their feel- 
ings. People in lower worlds have no understanding of 
this. These higher worlds of the first Grand Division 
are not worlds of thought, but rather of feeling and 
assumption, working under that grand quality called 
the divine imagination. 

"These are the only qualities that Soul must pre- 
serve in order to be an inhabitant of these worlds. In 
the psychic and physical worlds, man rushes from 
event to event and is controlled by circumstances; in 
these worlds he, or rather the Tuza, becomes the con- 
troller of Its own destiny, as Henley said in his poem, 
'I am the master of my fate, the Captain of my Soul!' 
This is true when you reach the Alakh Lok world, and 
care must be taken to manage the imagination, lest it 
run wild and send Soul hurtling again into the lower 

"Take back to the world what you will of my teach- 
ings, but be certain that you include the basic factor 


which I give you; that man is a social animal when his 
consciousness occupies the body but when he lifts it 
out of this world into the upper stratum and drops the 
social conscience, he becomes Soul, the ECK, ITSELF. 

"If I have never given you other than this, nor give 
you another piece of truth, this would suffice for the 
rest of your days in the Earth world. But like all ECK 
Masters, you will never be happy until reaching the 
end of the journey. 

"Yet listen. The world of the ECKANKAR is an end- 
less universe, for there is what might be called the plus 
element within it. You never will find its ending. It is 
too vast for words, too vast for feeling, and too vast for 

"Spirit or ECK is the working instrument for that 
which we call the SUGMAD. What is the SUGMAD? 

"That which we call the SUGMAD is an unknown 
quality. Many mystics, Plotinus, Meister Eckhart, St. 
Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Revelations, Farid 
Al-Din Attar, Jalal-din'l Rumi, and many others never 
got near the SUGMAD. They believed that their mys- 
tical experience got them near IT, but they hardly 
touched the world of Alakh Lok, if at all. 

"These mystics, as well as those who wrote the 
Bible, the Buddhist texts, and the Upanishads be- 
lieved in authority. In the Bhagavad-Gita there is a 
line which goes something like this 'Worship me with a 
leaf, a flower, but worship me!' This is what Krishna, 
the Christ of India, says to Arjuna, his disciple. This is 
authority speaking. 

"The spiritual traveler who seeks the authority of 
the SUGMAD or God, whatever name you wish to call 
IT, is on the path to failure. No one, who knows any- 
thing about the Far Country, will attempt to look for 


authority anywhere, be it on this Earth plane or be it in 
the worlds beyond, in the Far Country. 

"Gasset y Ortega, the Spanish philosopher and 
statesman, came closer to the truth when a few years 
ago he wrote in one of his many books, 'Man is being 
forced by his nature to seek some higher authority. If 
he succeeds in finding it of himself, he is the superior 
man; if not, he is a mass-man, and must receive it from 
his superiors. To exist in a community, men must har- 
monize their desires; some kind of general equilibrium 
has to prevail. Men who leave the inner check, as 
Babbitt called it, must therefore submit to an outer 
one; they become mass-men, ruled by their superiors. 

'A man without the interior armor of value has no de- 
fense against the pressures of his society. It is pre- 
cisely the loss of value which has turned the inner 
directed person of the nineteenth century to the outer 
directed automaton of today.' 

"This is what one Soul inhabiting a body said a few 
years ago. He was a spiritual traveler who had gath- 
ered his knowledge from a plane far inside the Far 
Country. But what he said was truth, and you cannot 
deny that all seek authority; even the mystics have 
sought authority, this being the security which all reli- 
gions hold up to mankind on this earth plane and up to 
the plane of the SUGM AD. 

"The history of the saints in the Catholic church is 
filled completely with the worship of Christ in many 
forms; the husband of the virginal nun, the Christ 
child, the redeemer, the avenger, lover, father and way- 
shower. He is in a million forms for the saint, mystic 
and well-meaning Christian. 

"Naturally, God appears to all men in the same fash- 
ion, regardless of their faith and religion. Those who 


seek the unknown quality have experiences which are 
far out of this world, to use the vernacular expression. 
Experiences are worthless; you can have them for a 
rupee a dozen, or in the thousands if necessary, but 
what is the use of such? 

"Nothing whatsoever. Man is still working with the 
social conscience. Let me give you the example of 
Catherine of Sienna, fourteenth century saint, who did 
so much good work in Italy for her people. This is all 
well and good, but it is still in the field of social con- 
science, and that is not what the spiritual traveler 

"The true spiritual traveler, regardless of what any- 
body says in any of the planes here or in the Far 
Country, doesn't seek mystic experiences, nor to better 
himself, nor is he interested in people or working for 

"He backs away instantly from any authority what- 
soever. He calls upon none, not even the SUGMAD, 
for aid in anyway, for he knows that it depends upon 
himself to solve the issues which he must face any- 
where, here or in the Far Country. 

"You ask me to explain what he is after? 

"Certainly, sir. He looks forward to complete free- 
dom, and he is aware that only the SUGMAD can give 
him this unknown freedom. It does come in the sense 
that it is granted outright; it is not something which 
you may have by entering into a certain room. It is 
none of these at all, only the opportunity of reaching 
this high world where Freedom is. Continuing to dwell 
there brings this quality of the SUGMAD for the very 
word in the language of ECK means carte blanch, liber- 
ty, liberation and independence. In the name of free- 
dom, this is freedom, the very essence of release from 


all encumbered qualities. 

"You do not give up the yoke, as Christ said in the 
New Gospel, for there is none to surrender. The 
SUGM AD is not a superior being or thing in a sense to 
take on any of your burdens, none whatever, nor is IT 
that which gives you blessings. 

"This basic freedom can best be described as similar 
to the bird who has power over the kingdom of the air. 
You, suddenly, discover that this same freedom is in- 
stilled within you, Soul. You have the power over all 
things, wisdom beyond understanding and freedom 
that is more than you can comprehend. 

"These three qualities are what you have been 
seeking, and they are gained upon entering the World 
of the SUGMAD; Power, Wisdom and Freedom/' 

Rebazar Tarzs left off here and prepared some tea. 
We drank silently in the white light of the noon sun 
upon the walls and roof of the mud hut. It could have 
been 120 degrees from the heat that poured into the 
place, but he never seemed to be affected. Not a drop of 
perspiration showed on that smooth, swarthy face. 
I wondered about him in this lonely outpost far from 

"What do you do with yourself?" I questioned. 

The question seemed to surprise him. "I have guests 
frequently, like yourself, who are interested in knowing 
something of the worlds beyond, or I have discussions 
with those travelers we call the saints. Sometimes 
trips are made into unknown regions of the Far 
Country. Yes, there are worlds yet to be explored on 
that side, as well as some lands in the lower worlds, 
including the planets and parts of the earth. 


"I have also used this way station for many Souls 
wishing to cross over from this material world into the 
Far Country. From this hut I have sent out messages 
to others to change the minds of those who wish to 
destroy certain areas of the earth world for their own 

"Yes, I've been very busy here/' He waved his left 
hand at the bare room. 

Its furnishings were little more than a small fire- 
place, where hung a kettle, and a cot in one corner 
which looked as though it had never been slept upon. 
The window on my left had no pane nor any covering. 
The hot sunlight poured through. The door was with- 
out a covering. 

The place was simply a shelter with a roof overhead. 
I commented on this, but he smiled and made no 

"Freedom is what man seeks throughout his search 
for the SUGMAD," he said, slowly shaking his great 
head. " Hardly a Soul seems to understand this in the 
lower worlds. Basic freedom consists in having the 
possession of a will which can be exercised at one's 
own discretion. 

"This will can never be taken away or tampered with 
at its source. It can be killed by reducing Soul to a sub- 
level; or if Soul is imprisoned in a world of hell, it will 
exist in a minor form. 

"Reaching the world of the SUGMAD gives a free- 
dom which is the fulfillment of independence from any 
restraint whatever. This is a condition which 
encourages and allows for active exercise of the wilL 
No outside interference is possible to change the 
course of the will for freedom through the SUGMAD, 
once it has determined its goal. 


"The World of SUGMAD is beyond explanation. 
None can tell you of its beauty and wonders, only the 
results upon the Soul which enters into it and the quali- 
ties which are gained. This is a world of pure spirit 
and the Tuza, that gains a place here, becomes pure 
spirit only. 

44 IT, the SUGMAD, is the sovereign lord with whom 
the saints have to collaborate in carrying out their 
sacred missions of giving the right instructions to 
Tuzas who wish to enter into this world. 

"Many believe that IT is the great Father, the Su- 
preme Guru, and the Light Giver. What you might 
say, in trying to simplify the idea of this unknown 
quality we call God, or X, that which we know as the 
SUGMAD, is that IT is Soul Itself. 

"What do I mean by this statement?" 

He pounded the earth with his left fist to emphasize 
his point. "Now listen to me very closely! This is the 
essence of ECKANKAR, the whole of the truth. 

"There is no God as known by the Christians, Jews, 
Janists, Buddhists, Taoism, or a half hundred other re- 
ligions in the earth world and the fourth grand division 
of the spiritual worlds that make up the realm of God. 
This includes the Sukhsham Desh, Brahm Lok, 
Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar Gupha and Sach Khand 

"Nobody knows within these worlds what the true 
deity is. They have no understanding and because all 
must lean upon authority, each plane has a mocked-up 
God, conjured out of the imagination of the inhabi- 
tants of those worlds over periods of time. 

"You may not believe this but the example of the 
Gods that existed in the physical world can be cited, 
e.g., the Greek Gods Zeus, Hermes, and the host of 


Olympian deities who ruled that world. They were as 
real as you and I, in a sense, because man had made 
them. They existed as long as the Greeks believed in 
them, but when St. Paul who combined an effete Juda- 
ism and confused Christianity, founded a re-con- 
structed Judaism which went into history as Christian- 
ity with Jesus as the world God and savior, all other 
Gods died. 

"He broke the hold which the imagination held upon 
the Greeks and Romans, and established his own image 
for the peoples of the western world. He preached a reli- 
gion which had a little of everything in it, including the 
Hindu, the old Greek, Mithra, Roman and others until 
it became one. 

"This is how all religions are established, through 
the imagination of the followers. The priest establishes 
the image, and holds it before the people to worship. 

"Billions of years ago there was a mighty deity 
called the SUGMAD, known to all the great races of 
the world. This deity was so powerful that IT forbade 
the worship of ITSELF as God. IT lived in that world 
beyond the reaches of all mankind, but IT appeared 
often upon the physical plane to prove that IT was a 
living being. 

"During ITS sojourn upon this plane, IT explained 
carefully to the leaders of the races that IT existed 
because they allowed IT to exist. Otherwise, IT had no 
form, no shape nor any faculties which could be used in 
transmitting ITS ideas to men unless they furnised IT 
with them. 

"In other words, IT could manifest to men provided 
they would make use of their imagination; it was only 
through this faculty that IT came to this plane. If 
enough would believe and concentrate upon IT, there 


would be a matrix, or rather a mold, formed in the psy- 
chic world, reaching up through the planes into ITS 
world. IT would use this as a channel and come 
through it to manifest upon earth to men. 

"The SUGMAD is part of every Soul. IT is the 
sacred faculty in men which is called the imagination. 
This is the divine spark in all Tuzas and it is that part 
which can draw the SUGMAD down to earth or take 
Soul up to the SUGMAD. 

"This is the great secret which I give you! 

"These leaders of men in the lower world wanted to 
know how IT could walk among them and teach them. 
So IT gave them the divine quality, the imagination, 
by taking a little of ITSELF and placing it within each 

"The great SUGMAD returned to ITS home in the 
Heavenly world when IT had finished with ITS work, 
and found to ITS disadvantage that IT had given 
away so much of ITSELF that little was left. Now it 
was a question of having it returned or IT would not be 
able to exercise the full ability of creation which IT 

"IT possessed this up until the time that it was di- 
vided among men, then IT retired into the heavenly 
world of the Far Country, watching over all affairs of 
those creatures in every plane from this physical earth 
to ITS own. 

"I speak with forked tongue in saying that IT 
doesn't posssess ITS full ability of creation and that 
again IT does possess it. It is put this way for you. 

"The SUGMAD made all creation, and divided up 
ITS creative ability with each creature. By doing so, 
IT lost a certain amount of ITS godly powers, but if IT 
wishes, this power can be regained in a sense by with- 


drawing it from each Tuza; yet, to do so would destroy 
the Tuza. This is the only thing which the Tuza pos- 
sesses that gives it a divine spark of power. 

"Therefore, if you are following me closely, you can 
see that the SUGMAD cannot do without ITS own 
creation, the Tuza, nor can the Tuza do without the 

"It was for this very reason that when the leaders of 
the lower worlds discovered the true secret of them- 
selves, a fight between them and the SUGMAD was 
begun, in hopes of overthrowing IT. They created 
Gods for the lower worlds and put them upon the 
thrones of each plane for the people to follow. This has 
nothing to do with what the Christians call the Devil 
and his demons. 

"This is the truth of the imaginary faculty. IT dis- 
covered ITS mistake soon after man began to work 
with the imaginary faculty, and used it for destruction 
and the making of material things for man's own par- 
ticular use. The SUGMAD went to work and com- 
pletely drove man and his woman out of the beautiful 
Astral world into the universe of this existence. 

"Here man struggles and fights to re-enter into the 
world of the Far Country, but little does he know what 
the essence of his nature is. He is controlled through 
the priestcraft, the materialists and those who claim to 
have leadership in education and in the society of civi- 
lized nations. 

"Others control his imagination faculty. He has no 
chance to develop it toward the makings of a channel 
for the SUGMAD, which it was supposed to be in the 
beginning. Instead, those who preach hardly know the 
true meaning of the Godhead. They preach unknow- 
ingly the love of the material and that their savior 


died on a cross to save them from sin. 

"An ignorant belief, to say the least. 

"If you have full understanding of the mechanics of 
the imaginary faculty and the use of it, you can enter 
into the Kingdom of the SUGM AD, the highest in the 
Far Country. 

"You can become part of the SUGMAD, ITSELF, 
and you then become All Powerful and All Wise, like 
the SUGMAD. You are able to exercise the same 

"Can you imagine the lower worlds being created by 
the creatures of the SUGM AD 's own creation? 

"This is just about what happened during the early 
ages of this planet. After the people became able to use 
the divine spark of life within themselves, this planet 
began to take shape and was formed into a piece of ma- 
terial cosmos. 

"It became this way when the SUGMAD let go the 
divine spark of life and it fell upon the earth like the 
morning dew. This is illustrated in the old Bible when 
the Tribe of Israel awoke one morning to find the 
desert covered with manna. This is an allegory of the 
divine imagination being flung from heaven upon the 
earth, for man, in his blind stumbling, to seize and use 
for his holy purpose. 

"It is said that the SUGMAD called upon a deva* to 
carry his mirror of divine imagination across the fields 
of heaven to another part of the Far Country. While 
strolling along the starry path the deva stumbled and 
broke the mirror into a million tiny pieces. The pieces 

*Deva Angel. 


of divine imagination fell upon the world of people, and 
were found by the luckier ones. 

"Some never found these pieces and to this day are 
without any spark of imagination in themselves. Of 
course this is only a wonderful fable, in a sense, for all 
those who walk the planets of this universe are blessed 
with the holy, divine spark of imagination. It is that 
many never learn how to use it within themselves. 

"The way of the divine path is therefore through the 
imaginative faculty. This is the secret path, the divine 
roadway to the SUGMAD, the royal road of the ECK 
Masters. It has many names, and its simplicity makes 
it complicated. 

"The imaginative channel can be a forked path or it 
can be a straight road into the far world of the 
SUGMAD. It can be the negative path of the material 
world, or the positive path of the spiritual world. Re- 
gardless, it is the path which all people take, and it is 
the only way which the spiritual travelers use in their 
upward climb into the Far Country. 

"The attitude and assumption constitute, of course, 
the principles which have been laid down before you. 
One must assume that he is going to stay with the 
spiritual and adopt the attitude that it is the right 
thing for him to do. He will become the highest of spir- 
itual travelers throughout the whole of the Far 
Country by doing this. 

"Travel in the Far Country is assumed by the use of 
the spiritual eye, or what is known as the Tisra Til. 
This is the third eye, a point in the subtle body, just 
above the pineal gland between the physical eyes. At 
this center, the spiritual travelers begin their 
concentration and from that they go upward into the 
many planes of the Far Country. 


"It is here that the attention is gathered into a single 
concentration and the imagination sends it forth into 
the worlds above, releasing the Nuri-Sarup, the light 
body, which goes out into the subjective worlds alone. 
The attention of the spiritual traveler is shifted from 
the objective to the subjective and it goes traveling 
outward into the other worlds under control of the 

"The body is left in a deep trance. This trance is 
often in the form of a deep sleep and, if awakened by 
some unusual noise or by another person entering the 
room and speaking, it is liable to be killed by the shock, 
or put into a state of deep insensitivity from which it 
could take days to recover. 

"Often the body is guarded by another, for as in the 
case of Ramakrishna, it may be days before Soul 
returns to claim Its body. Meanwhile it has to be 
washed, fed and cared for; so the disciples who know 
the art of spiritual traveling can do the proper things 
for the body, without injury to it or the spirit which 
occupies it. 

"If you are working through the channels of sleep it 
is needful to take care of the body. Many have died 
from the shock of something which occurred while out- 
side the body during sleep and the medical physicians 
of the material plane have claimed heart attack or 
death from unknown causes. 

"It is as easy to leave the body asleep, as when 
awake. The traveler lies down in bed, puts his imagina- 
tive attention upon a series of images he wants to 
occur. He knows when the body is asleep, so he steps 
out and travels on a certain plane if he wants to go 
into another plane he goes through the same process 


"Projection out of the body during the sleep state is 
done in the following manner. First, you lie quietly on 
the back, with the eyes closed and throw your 
thoughts outward into that world where you wish to 

"You may not have ever been there previously, but 
you may mockup what it looks like and put yourself 
into the center of it. You must have a full perception of 
what goes on around you: have the feeling, smell, sight, 
taste and hearing of what environs are on the plane 
you wish to be. Make the picture perfectly and stay 
with it; gradually you will drop off to sleep, and 
suddenly you are aware that you are standing in the 
center of the world to which you have travelled. 

"Do not be alarmed for this projection is simple. 
Always remember that the basic principle in the next 
worlds is that you can change everything in the 
twinkle of an eye. The ethers of the astral and mental 
worlds respond swiftly to thought and you must be 
careful of how you think while moving about in these 
planes. The higher you go, the swifter the vibrations of 
the thought manifestation. 

"For example, if you are moving along the pathway 
of the causal world, which you know as the Brahm Lok, 
and your thoughts suddenly concentrate upon a cer- 
tain amount of money for the physical body left behind 
you when you return it would be lying beside the 
body. Sounds very strange doesn't it, but this is how 
so many of the travelers manifest opulence. This is 
why the holy ones shun wealth as a class because they 
know how easy it is to get. To work like the rest of the 
human race is something to be scorned. This is why the 
saints and magicians laugh at the preachers and 
priests of religions. The latter ones know little more 


than cunning tricks to get money out of people to serve 
their own purposes. But the spiritual travelers have 
the knowledge and ability to manifest it out of the 
ECK current. Yet they seldom will for there is a price 
to pay for this. 

"The high sounding ideals which the earth religions 
preach about hardly can be right. Therefore, if the very 
thought of Souls rules the first three worlds, how can 
religions establish ideals based upon what they call 
morals. Anyone can establish a cult, religion or sect, 
provided they have the energy, belief and the knowl- 
edge of how this mind power works in the first three 

"Those so called mystics and saints of the Catholic 
church, or other faiths have hardly put themselves 
above the three worlds. They believe Brahm Lok to be 
the paradise, the heavenly world where all Souls will 
find their good reward, where St. Peter stands at a 
golden gate welcoming all who have earned the right to 
enter into the world of goodness, where the recording 
angel has all the deeds one has ever thought or done, 
upon the eternal records. 

"Naturally this exists for the Christians on the 
Brahm Lok plane, likewise for the Buddhists, the 
Taoists and all other faiths, for each over a period of 
ages have built a heavenly world for its faithful where 
they shall go after the death of the physical body. 

"This death of the physical body is nothing, but so 
much emphasis is placed upon it by the human race. 
The spiritual medium, although a negative receiver of 
those on the far side of the curtain, brings much truth 
about the Tuzas which have gone to the heavenly 
world. Some spirits do come through a spiritual me- 
dium and speak to those who wish to listen. However, 


you must be very careful for it can well be the speaker 
is not who he represents himself to be. A good test is to 
ask him personal questions about things that you both 
had together while on this earth plane, e.g., you can 
ask a close relative about some intimate and personal 
relationship which only he would know, other than 

"It takes energy to keep one intact and traveling 
through the spiritual worlds. The human body is a fine 
cone of energy consisting of atoms spinning from right 
to left if you could see this with your psychic eye, this 
would be the way your body would appear. Soul is a 
much finer vibration of atoms spinning and since it's 
not so hard to move these atoms, it means the energy 
will stay there throughout all eternity. Pretty messy 
for the SUGMAD when Soul reaches the real heavenly 
world, isn't it? 

"I mean that IT is filling up ITS world with these 
spinning tops, so it seems. Not at all, for the higher 
Soul goes up the path toward the World of the 
SUGMAD, the finer becomes Its vibrations and the 
less it will be found that It spins, that is the vibratory 
rate of the Soul body. In this world It is almost a view- 
pointhardly anything more. 

"So many think Soul is hardly anything more than a 
static piece of atomic mechanism. This isn't true. The 
manner in which Soul exists as an entity is through the 
vibratory rates of Its light body, and It can live 
throughout eternity in this manner for It is self perpet- 
uating. It is like the self-winding clock which can never 
run down, and since Soul is a miniature of the 
SUGMAD, you can get an idea of what this great 
Being is. 

"I cannot explain to you any more than this. Occa- 


sionally I will give you a view upon this magnificent 
Entity, but to explain what and who the SUGMAD is 
in a straight dialectical lecture is impossible. 

"We are going to break off here and get some tea. 
Later I'll take up the subject of the Disinterested 
Works which you will find to be extremely important 
in your study of the spiritual works in your journeys 
throughout the Far Country." 


Chapter 3 

The movement of the sunlight upon the mountains 
during the day is one of the most fascinating phenom- 
enons of nature for me. I love the sunlight, and though 
often in the hot, tropical countries it may become the 
enemy of man, it is still a part of this physical universe 
which attracted me to the world. 

The great snow-packed peaks, now blue in the hazp 
that had settled over the Hindu Kush, were to the 
north and south of the mud hut. Lonely against the 
cobalt sky they were a tug at my emotions, for the 
scene was a reminder of those days spent in the Pacific 
Northwest United States. 

Somewhere among those awful gorges and upflung 
masses of rock was hidden a cold spring of water 
known at the Nirmala Charan* or sometimes called the 
Waters of Immortality. It lies close to the headwaters 
of the Jhelum river. 

I spoke to Rebazar Tarzs of these strange waters 
which were supposedly a fountain of youth and often 
word drifted out to the civilized world about them. 
Many had come to this part of the globe seeking but 
only a few knew of the location and still fewer ever 
found the Nirmala Charan. 

"The Nirmala Charan," he said, musingly, in his 
deep voice. "Yes, I know where it lies hidden back in 
the mountains. Only those who are capable of prac- 
ticing the disinterested works may find it. 

*Nirmala Pure water. 


"Among the people of this region a legend has been 
circulated which has more truth than the tale bearers 

"Alexander, the Greek conqueror, made a march 
over the Hindu Kush range down through the Khyber 
and through the lands spread out before him like a 
picture post card. 

"After that crossing, he gave orders to his sooth- 
sayers to find the fountain of youth. They went 
forward and found by the Jhelum's headwaters far 
back in the mountains a cold spring which was the 
Nirmala Charan; here they made a sacrifice and 
studied the sacred signs. The signs were propitious. So 
they hurried with a skin of the precious waters to the 
camp of Alexander on the plains of Peshawar. 

"Alexander raised the skin to his mouth and was 
about to drink when a toothless man with gnarled, thin 
hands and sunken face came forward, shouting. The 
ancient one prostrated himself before Alexander and 
then cried out: 'O King, if you drink that water you'll 
be like me too old to live, too old to die. I drank some 
several hundred years ago. Look at me!' 

"Many spiritual travelers know the site of these 
wondrous waters but none discloses it to the world for 
if they did the precious spring would no longer exist. 
So many would visit the place that someone would put 
a fence around it and sell the water, before it dried out 
and became nonexistent. 

"A fable to many who hear it, but nevertheless true. 
The old man was a spiritual traveler who wanted to 
protect and keep the spring hidden from the eyes of the 
profane. Disguising himself as an old man, this friend 
of the spiritual Tuzas appeared before Alexander the 
Great and halted the act of what might have been an 


onslaught to find the waters of immortality. 

"This spiritual traveler is still living in the same 
body in these mountains. He is over three thousand 
years of age. Perhaps I will take you to him someday. 
You will learn much by sitting at his feet. 

"Now the disinterested works are those of the bal- 
anced mind. The spiritual seeker becomes indifferent 
to all things, to all of this life he lives in the physical 
world. The Zen-Buddhists have a good expression for 
it; after experiencing the satori* you die in the flesh 
and become reawakened in the spirit. For the rest of 
your physical life on earth, you are dead, and when you 
die, life is reawakened. 

"You surrender to that divine spark of the SUGMAD 
within, and from that moment onward you are moved 
by IT, sustained by IT and live in IT. All else has no 
importance to your life. 

"This is the act of non-attachment to which the 
Bhagavad-Gita gives so much emphasis. Lord Krishna 
tells Arjuna this: 'But the disciplined self, moving 
among sense objects, with the senses free from attrac- 
tion and repulsion (interested only as a spectator of the 
passing show), mastered by the Self (Supreme) he 
goeth to victory'. 

"There are five destructive passions. They are: 
Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahankara. First, 
Kama, or lust is a normal function allowed to run an 
abnormal demand where it becomes abnormal desire. 
It may include drugs, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, or even 
foods which are eaten for the sake of their taste. 

"The chief function of Kama is to pull men down to 
the common animal level and keep them there. It 

*Satori Enlightenment. 


obliges them to fix their attention on that which is 
common to both man and brute. 

"It is a principle of psychology that whatever the 
mind concentrates upon, that thing becomes a part of 
the individual. 

"Second, Krodha is anger. Its action is to stir up 
strife, cause confusion and scatter the mind so that it 
cannot concentrate. It destroys peace, engenders 
hatred and turns individuals and groups into enemies, 
solely for the purpose of destruction. 

"Some of the signs of Krodha are: slander, evil 
gossip, backbiting, profanity, fault-finding, jealousy, 
malice, impatience, resentment, mockery, destructive 
criticism, and ill will. Anger is mental carcinoma. 

"Third, Lobha is greed. The function of greed is to 
bind us to material things, and cloud the mind to all 
higher values. It is the most poisonous of all the un- 
holy five passions. As Kama binds man to the animal 
plane, and Krodha to the mental plane, so Lobha binds 
man to the mineral plane. It makes a worship of the 
commercial gods of gold and silver. 

"Some of the signs of Lobha are: Miserliness, lying, 
hypocrisy, perjury, misrepresentation, robbery, 
bribery and trickery of all sorts. 

"Fourth, Moha is attachment, meaning delusive 
attachment, infatuation. This is the most insidious, 
the most deceitful of them all. It creeps upon its vic- 
tims, like the others, or it comes with flares of 
trumpets like the tamash that goes before the 
approach of the king. But it generally comes with the 
appearance of well dressed respectability, of noble 
bearing and good credentials. It can announce itself as 
your ally and friend and its ideals are plausible. 

"Moha begins its deadly work under the guise of a 


most respectable friend. Its method is to blind you to 
the relative values of your surroundings and associa- 
tions so that you may begin to set false valuation upon 
them. After you have become absorbed in them, then 
you will have no time for anything else. This is exactly 
the purpose of Moha. You are kept forever on the go, 
most of the time between work. Moha takes you from 
your spiritual traveling. 

"Hence Moha is the channel of procrastination. It 
involves you in everything possible to keep your time 
on nothingness, so you can become a slave to it, be- 
come attached to it. 

"The main signs of Moha are worries, anxieties and 
business complications. None of these have any impor- 
tance in the Far Country, so you shouldn't be bothered 
with them here. 

"Fifth, is Ahankara, vanity, the last of the deadly 
five. The word Ahankara has two meanings. First, it is 
the faculty of the mind which gives the power of aware- 
ness of the Soul, self-differentiation, the I-ness. It is 
that faculty which executes the mandates of the 
Buddhi, or the SUGMAD, in the interest of self. But 
the abnormal exaggeration of this faculty becomes the 
Ahankara, which is vanity, or self-admiration. 

"Ahankara has a thousand claws by which to dig 
into the minds of its victims. Its deadly poison infil- 
trates the entire being. Beginning generally in infancy, 
it seldom ceases to operate until the death of the body 
and then it can still carry on, until Soul shakes it off in 
some manner or by the help of a teacher. 

"It is the work of self-righteousness which makes it 
so strong. It is the last of the five deadly passions to 
surrender. Its method is to distort the view point, to 
present everything out of proportion, to make itself 


the center of the world. It destroys all sense of humor. 
"Some of the phases of Ahankara are: bigotry, self- 
assertion, obtrusive show of wealth or power, bossi- 
ness, scolding, faultfinding, liking publicity, making a 
show of religion, and being noisy about giving to 

* * * 

"The disinterested works include the karma-less 
actions," said Rebazar Tarzs staring at me with his 
flashing black eyes. "I will show you how karma binds 
man in the first three planes of the spiritual universe. I 
can also show you that it is possible to escape from 
creating karma. 

"There is no escape from karma, for once it is created 
and the debt is incurred, it must be paid. But there is a 
way of living without creating karma. You know that 
all living beings in the first three planes of this uni- 
verse create karma by every act of their lives. Even the 
Bhagavad-Gita says that inactivity itself creates 
karma, and no one can escape it. But there is always a 
way of escaping it. What is that way? 

"By acting always in the name of the SUGMAD. 

"The SUGMAD itself is karmaless. So is the saint 
who has followed this principle until he has worked out 
his karma by living in such a way as not to create 
further karma. You can enter into the same plane of 
exalted heights through the same actions. 

"This principle once applied gives Soul freedom. It 
can meet and satisfy all of its own karma, by the aid of 
the SUGMAD, and after that rise above the action of 
the karmic law. As long as you remain in the three 
lower worlds, you are subjected to this karmic law, 
unless you follow out the principle of karma-less 


"Then you are no longer subject to this law, because 
you have risen above the plane of its action. You are 
free from the laws of all regions where karma operates, 
and you will never again be bound by that law. 

"All that the spiritual traveler does, is now done in 
the name of the SUGMAD. He seeks to return the 
divine spark as his sacrifice to the holy altar of the Far 
Country. He has no desires of his own, and does 
nothing without the full approval of the SUGMAD; all 
he does is constructive. If he made any karma at all, 
even if such a thing were possible, it would be good 
karma; and good karma elevates you. 

"Now, if you wish to escape the creation of karma of 
any sort, then whatever you do, must be done in the 
name of the SUGMAD, while acting as his agent. So 
long as you do that, you will not create new karma, 
because you are acting solely as the agent of another, 
and always the principal is responsible for the acts of 
his agent. 

"You must do this not merely in a ceremonial way, 
but with your entire thought and Soul in it. In deep 
earnest, you must let yourself do all things, every 
detail of your life, in the name of the SUGMAD. This 
will, by necessity, oblige you to do only what you think 
the SUGMAD intends for you to do. 

"This is the psychology which is a part of the 
philosophy of ECKANKAR. Do every action in the 
name of the SUGMAD, and you have no responsibility 
toward any living creature in the lower worlds, under 
the plane of the SUGMAD. 

"When you approach a task, or a proposed act, you 
will remember that it is to be done in the name of the 
SUGMAD. You will fix your mind merely on the name 
of the SUGMAD, and in sincerity it will be done as a 


genuine service. 

"The SUGMAD does not. The catalytic agent is the 
ECK power which works between you and the 
SUGMAD. It carries out your action relieving you of 
the responsibility which would otherwise have settled 
upon your shoulders. 

"You must remember that nothing is your own. All 
belongs to the SUGMAD, because all creation belongs 
to the greatest deity, and you use your body, mind and 
Soul as the property of the SUGMAD. The main point 
I am making here is that if you use your mind and your 
body and possessions in the name of the SUGMAD, 
you are not creating any karma. 

"Essentially it is the SUGMAD acting and not you. 
You are merely the agent of the SUGMAD, while at 
the same time the SUGMAD is your agent. So long as 
you are acting sincerely and whole-heartedly as the 
agent of the SUGMAD, it is really the SUGMAD who 
is acting as your agent. 

"Gopal Das, noted ECK Master, said that if you give 
all, you will get all. In this saying there is wisdom and 
a great promise. It means that if you give up all, mind, 
body, wealth and Soul to the SUGMAD, the 
SUGMAD must by ITS own law serve you in return. 
You will receive riches that surpass all else on earth, 
and in exchange for this, you will gain a freedom that 
makes you master of limitless worlds. It is not the 
SUGMAD that wants you or your mind or body or 
property. It is for your benefit alone that the 
SUGMAD asks you to dedicate the one thing IT wants 
returned the divine spark, the faculty of imagination, 
so that IT can become whole again. 

"Instead you give up all this divine spark of imag- 
ining. This you must never do, for you are a part of IT, 


and IT is not your own. You must always be yourself, 
your real self regardless of all else and become in the 
end a co-worker with the SUGMAD. 

"You will find the SUGMAD will always keep you 
near, work for you, never let you make mistakes. IT 
never lets you go, for IT knows what is best and cor- 
rect in every possible emergency. In no sense is your 
personal liberty ever circumscribed or limited, for you 
are more free than ever before. You have no fear of any- 
thing; you go where you wish and do what you like 
with the most perfect assurance. 

"Here is a divine paradox by surrendering all to the 
SUGMAD, you gain your liberty. For your will exer- 
cised in the right direction is the will of the Supreme 
SUGMAD. And that is really the secret of this whole 

"I will point out here before finishing this discussion 
on the karmaless actions that there are two different 
administrations of karma that of Kal and of Dayal*. 
You and Dayal are the same, and both refer to the 
Supreme Being, the Lord of the infinite universe. Kal 
is the lord of karma for this world and all regions up to 
the second division which is called Tirkuti. 

"Karma is administered by him in the great bulk of 
humanity. In fact it is the case of all those who have no 
teacher on this plane. They follow the routine of soci- 
ety, and karma holds sway over their lives, from age to 

"From the wheel of karmic destiny there is no 
escape, except to become one who is a spiritual travel- 
er. But the very moment that you have been initiated 
into the secrets of the Far Country and can know and 

*Dayal-The Living ECK Master-the MAHANTA. 


practice the ECK, all of your karmic accounts are 
transferred to the SUGMAD's keeping, automatically 
passing from the hand of the Negative Power. 

"After that you, working under the directions of the 
ECK, will work in karmaless actions. From that hour 
forward, the Kal, or negative power, has nothing to do 
with your karmic debts and has no power or control 
over you. The agents of death cannot approach you, 
nor can you ever be called into the courts of the 
Dharam Ray for judgment. Your destiny in this life 
and in the next rests entirely in your own hands. 

"This all sounds strange to you, but it is one of the 
ancient teachings which has been handed down by 
word of mouth through the ages. You have received 
them to pass along to Gail. 

"By practicing the good works the spiritual traveler 
conquers, first, the lower worlds and then the higher 
worlds. The supreme path called the ECK Marg, is 
that which is known as the secret path of the sound 

"The Gita gives a small part of the results of this. It 
says that he from whom comes no disturbance, who 
cannot be disturbed by others,, who is free from joy, 
from anger, fear and anxiety; such a one becomes the 
toast of heaven. He who does not depend on anything, 
who is pure and active, who does not care whether good 
comes or evil and who never becomes miserable; who 
has given up all efforts for himself alone; such a one is 
heavenward bound. 

"A man winneth not freedom from karma by ab- 
staining from action, nor does he, by renunciation, rise 
to perfection. No one can, for an instant, remain wholly 
actionless. Helpless is every one in this world, each 
driven to action which results in nothingness. 

"All comes to him who has control of his senses by 
the mind, with the organs of the senses uninterested in 
what he does. He is worthy of the SUGMAD. 

"I did not give you the correct wording, but rather in 
my own, so that you would get the meaning. 

"The disinterested works are done by the art of indif- 

"Let me point out here the value of training for Soul 
in its spiritual journeys in the realms of God. As the 
spiritual traveler, you must learn and know where all 
the dangers lie, for if you don't there is much trouble to 
be met. 

"The chela may, as an untrained traveler, meet with 
weird and unusual experiences which are frightening 
to the core of being. They are mostly the fantasies of 
the mind! But once you leave the first division and 
enter into those worlds beyond, it all changes. 

"You take control of your destiny." 

Rebazar Tarzs became silent for a time. He sat cross 
legged upon the dirt floor, bending forward while 
making marks with his left forefinger on it. 

After awhile he spoke again. This time he said, "The 
oldest and biggest question ever propounded to human 
intelligence is: How does one find God? 

"I have just answered that question in speaking 
about the disinterested works, which are gained by the 
art of indifference. To be indifferent to anything is to 
kill it, to destroy it completely. One doesn't know that 
all things come to an end when attention is withdrawn 
from it. 

"This is interesting because only the disinterested 
find their way into the Far Country and come to rest at 


the throne of the SUGMAD. The disinterested are 
those who have a determination to reach the highest 
heaven, but care little if they do. They are not dis- 
appointed in the many things of life which come their 
way; they couldn't care less if they didn't have money. 

"This is an art that comes only with practice. One 
might say it is a professional art to love too much or 
too little is terrible for the heart, and hard for the emo- 
tions. That Soul who does is bound to lose in the long 
stretch of life, and will hardly get any further than the 
world of Brahm Lok. 

"Man can't be interested in all things at a time. His 
attention must be centered somewhere, and as long as 
it is dwelling upon the SUGMAD then it can't be put 
in other directions. To split the attention is the desire 
of those enemies who wish to take you away from your 

"There is a certain technique about this art of indif- 
ference which I find difficult to explain. It's an indiffer- 
ence which comes with the practice of not letting any- 
thing reach the core of your being. By putting himself 
outside of all materialistic and emotional matters, the 
spiritual traveler can journey through the planes of the 
Far Country into the highest heaven. 

"Let me give you an example. Look at the sea with 
its great breakers washing up against the shores of the 
long coast. The sea is pliant; you can pick it up in your 
hands, throw it on the sands, and beat it, but it still 
breaks off into drops. It is nothing when you finish 
with it, but it is still water, the great sea, which made 
up of many drops, becomes a vast ocean. 

"Also there is the wind. What can you do with the 
wind? Can you catch it in your hands? It cannot be des- 
troyed, nor can it be pierced with a sword. It is like 


Soul for it never dies, and for this very reason the wind 
is considered by many ancients as a part of the 
SUGMAD's breath, or ECK, the spirit. 

"This is the way that the center of your very being 
can be. It can be beaten, lashed, pierced with a sword, 
submerged in water, and taken to a high peak to be 
pushed off. But it cannot be destroyed. By knowing 
this, you become invulnerable like Achilles, who except 
for his right heel couldn't be killed. He had been dipped 
in the river Styx but his mother failed to put this heel 
underwater, and as result he was killed at Troy when 
shot through the heel by a poisonous arrow. 

"You are without a spot which can be vulnerable to 
the arrows and slings of gossip, or the weapons of war 
which are flung at you by the enemies of the Far Coun- 
try. Now there is a way of taking care of these misfor- 
tunes and dreary places of the earth life. There is a way 
by which you become immortal. 

"In the world of Das wan Dwar is a river called Man- 
sarover, a stream of the sweet nectar of the heavenly 
gods which flows out of a lake of the same name. Once 
you, the spiritual traveler, bathe in this river of immor- 
tality, nothing can harm you. This is your insurance 
against karma, your place among the gods of the uni- 

"All those who lived on this earth in those early ages 
of its development were bathed in this strange river. 
Hence their long lives, and the factor that they were 
the gods who walked this earth and were inveigled into 
marrying the daughters of men; finally they 
disappeared because they lost their divinity. Not lost it 
but forgot it, all because the women of the earth whom 
they married kept telling them that they were not gods 
but ordinary people. 


"The gods came down to the earth and became men. 
Of themselves, women don't understand that they too 
could be goddesses, but this they can't understand. 

"I'm going off the point for a moment here, to speak 
about women and the earth plane. Women are respon- 
sible for religion. They must have a yardstick or an 
authority upon which to lean. They act with inde- 
pendence and make believe that all is well with them- 
selves and the world. 

"The ancient Greek women were likely better off in 
their status in life than in these days when there is a 
supposedly developed equality of social status. 

"So much for that. 

"The path of indifference which I've been discussing 
is paradoxical. You have the problem of desire. Buddha 
probably brought out more about this than any other 
savior who came to this earth. He taught the art of 
desirelessness to all his disciples. If you want to be 
free, have no desires. Do not put possessiveness upon 
anything of a material or spiritual nature. 

"The three lower worlds are fleeting worlds of tem- 
poral events. Therefore nothing is lasting in them, nor 
should anyone put their faith and belief in this world of 
materialistic nature. Here everything is compounded 
of parts, and is therefore subject to dissolution. Every- 
thing which arises is produced by some cause. 

"Desire of course is a part of karma. By desires we 
are bound to the objects of desire. This is a fixed law of 
nature on this plane. Whatever you desire begins at 
once to travel toward you, unless a stronger desire 
from a different source attracts the attention to it. 
Attention and love are the means of connecting us with 
objects external to ourselves. Everything in the uni- 
verse is subject to Newton's laws of motion. By desires 


we become lost in this world. Remember that Buddha 
claimed that desire is the cause of all suffering? 

"This is why the complete detachment of self from 
every worldly object is necessary. It avoids bondage to 
those things. This is why you should love nothing with 
a desire to possess. The moment that you do this, 
desire something material or spiritual, you enter into 
the first stages of slavery. You shouldn't even desire 
rewards for your actions. Anyone who looks to rewards 
will become a slave to such rewards. So long as man 
craves rewards, he is bound to those rewards and Yin 
Quo, here I'm using the Chinese word for karma, is his 

"It is with complete Vairag* that one enters into the 
world of the SUGMAD. Man must attain this state of 
mind which is like the sun, shining upon all alike, yet 
asking nothing in return. Soul lives forever by giving; 
not by receiving. 

"This is the grand paradox, not only of all spiritual 
thought, but of all that ECK has to offer. You get most 
by not wanting anything, but working in the same 
manner only by giving. 

"Conversely, by receiving much you impoverish 
yourself. By selfish accumulation you become bank- 
rupt. As Emerson, the American philosopher, said, 
'you run in your own debt. ' For in the long run, you can 
never get something for nothing. Each piece of coin 
must be repaid, no matter how it is paid, if it isn't 
earned in the spiritual sense. The law of balance in the 
spiritual realms is just as inflexible as the law of gravi- 
tation. To give and give only, not once thinking of 
rewards, is the beginning of immortality. No man 

*Vairag Mental detachment. 


becomes a Buddha, a Kakusha, a Tathagata or 
Bodhisattva by fleeing from pain or by seeking com- 
forts or demanding rewards. 

"Accept all alike that comes to you, and go on 
giving, make yourself open to the ECK. 

"Sorrow is born of desire. This being truth, then 
what use is the good for knowledge unless it has a cure 
for desire itself? To read a book or listen to a lecture on 
the subject will never remove desire, nor will it allevi- 
ate sorrow. 

"It is useless to tell any man that he must overcome 
sorrow. He cannot do it, and would fight if you tried to 
force him to stop. The mad vortex of desires which is 
attacking man, in a way of speaking, is keeping him 
constantly at war with his fellow man, and causing 
each nation to destroy the other. 

"It still remains a fact of history that not one man 
has ever controlled his senses disinterestedly, just by 
the power of his will, simply by willing it so. By will 
power on may hold impulses in check, follow or not 
follow his desires. But if one is to completely overcome 
the desires and impulses, he must find something 
which the mind and Soul likes better. 

"It can never be accomplished by negation alone. 
This supreme need is supplied only by the heavenly 
bani* melody which is given by the SUGM AD through 
the ECK. 

"Every man comes to this work duly prepared. If he 
is not so prepared, he will not arrive at this point. It is 
one game that no man can beat. 

"The first requirement is Viveka. This means right 

*Bani -Audible life current 


discrimination. It simply means that one is to use all of 
his intelligence properly, he must think long and deep 
and be able to discriminate between the true and false. 
Underlying the entire problem will be found certain 
great and universal truths and principles which should 
be learned well and kept always in mind. 

"The most ancient truth is couched in a classical sen- 
tence in the Vedic literature. 'Ekam sat vipra bahudha 
vadanti/ which means when translated 'That which 
exists is one: sages call it by various names/ 

"It teaches there is perfect unity in the Supreme 
SUGMAD. All that lives is permeated and vitalized by 
the one great Being through ECK. 

"The other noble concept is 'Tat Tvam Asi' which 
means 'Thou art that/ Its deeper meaning is that each 
individual is the Supreme SUGMAD, and that there is 
no essential difference between the SUGMAD and the 
individual Soul. Man is the divine spark of imagination 
linking his being with the SUGMAD. When you reach 
the Sach Khand plane in the upper areas of the Far 
Country and behold Sat Nam, you see yourself in Him 
with overwhelming joy. 

"When you reach this point and have found Viveka 
working within you, there are certain things which will 
happen within. First, a gathering up of all evil tenden- 
cies and a laying them aside for the second point. This 
second point is concentration, the one pointed mental 
action, which, when perfected, leads to samadhi, or the 
beginning of spiritual travel. 

"The next step on the path is Vairag, which I've 
discussed somewhat a few minutes ago. This is the 
mental detachment of oneself from the external world. 

"This doesn't in any way mean that you detach your- 
self physically from the objective world about you, for 


you need not leave your family, or private duties. De- 
tachment is not austerities. Vairag means that you are 
to detach yourself in your affections, in your innermost 
feelings and interests. This means to cease to identify 
yourself with your possessions and environment. 
Don't make them the substances of your life and 
thought. In other words, you must always keep your 
own independence of them. This applies to all things. 

"But it means this, that you must love with detach- 
ment. One may love while keeping his own indepen- 
dence. Then if you lose your possessions, which is 
always a possibility while living on the earth plane, 
your life is not utterly wrecked, and at the same time 
you are able to travel in the Far Country knowing that 
it is of more importance than all your worldly posses- 

4 'You cannot be bound up with earthly duties and 
worldly possessions. You take nothing with you into 
the Far Country but your own inner possessions which 
are the qualities that the SUGMAD has given you 
from your original birth in time and space. 

"One cannot assume the attitude of self-righteous- 
ness. This automatically defeats his own purpose and 
nullifies all progress made. He must keep Ahankar, 
vanity, subdued, and he must allow charity and love of 
knowledge, power, and strength to have full sway over 
his thoughts and actions. 

"By desire, we are bound to objects of desire. This is 
why the complete detachment of the mind from every 
worldly object is necessary, if we are to enter upon the 
path to the Far Country. That detachment avoids 
bondage to the world and its objects of sense desire. 
We should not love anything with a desire to possess 
it. The moment you do, you enter the first stages of 


slavery. This applies to a family or goods. But as said 
before this does not exclude family love. A detached 
devotion to family may not be so easy, but it can be 
acquired. A detached love is a much higher and nobler 
sort of love than that which demands possession, and 
then that possession goes on to self-identification with 
the object of one's love. When such identification takes 
place, one is completely lost. He is not himself any- 
more and he is less able to even serve the objects of his 
affections, while he is a slave to them. 

"The next step on the path to the Far Country is 
that which is known as Shanti, or santosha, the peace 
of self which comes when one is rid of desire. 

"The last step in the attainment of perfect Vairag is 
to get rid of desire itself. This is where many noble men 
and women have failed, even some great yogis. They 
could not get rid of desire itself, even after they had 
separated themselves from all connections with the 
world. But the real Vairag is not attained until all 
desire has been overcome. This is perhaps the most 
difficult of all undertakings. Desire has been declared 
by those saviors and adepts who have come to this 
earth world to help others, to be the greatest evil that 
besets a man on the path of spiritual attainment. Their 
universal verdict is that desire must be gotten rid of at 
all costs. 

"You gain santosha, by getting rid of desire. If one 
wants nothing, he has everything. From the days of 
Buddha to the present, the prevailing teachers in the 
Orient have taught that desire is the cause of all 
sorrows and the other ills of man. Hence, the cure of all 
ills is the destruction of desire. Just how to accomplish 
this stupendous task has been the great question of all 


"Desire has been pictured as a wild beast roaming 
the country, seeking whom it may devour. It is our 
worst enemy, the chief instrument of the mind to bind 
man to this material world. Desire draws us to the ob- 
ject of sense. The senses overwhelm the mind and the 
mind enslaves Soul. Following desire, the mind goes on 
creating karma and entangling itself in the net. 

"Desire never ceases its demands. It doesn't let man 
rest, and it follows him into his inner chamber and tor- 
ments him in the midst of his prayers. It never relents, 
nor does it ever slacken its chains, or cease to apply the 
lash, even though the poor victim lies weak and spent 
upon his deathbed. Even then desire follows him into 
the next world. It will try to make man desire to live 
and this desire is a chain upon the spirit. 

"Now the paramount question how does man get 
rid of desire? 

"Everybody writes books or lectures on how to get 
rid of desire, but none give the true answer. An ECK 
Master can get rid of desire by placing something 
before it which has greater attraction. This is only sub- 
stituting one desire in place of another, but the 
masters put the desire of the SUGM AD in your mind. 
Otherwise you hold desires for things and sensations 
of a worldly sort, for things which belong to the animal 
plane, which holds man on that plane and monopolizes 
his attention. His business is to rise above the world of 
senses, the world of lower desires. If you are to travel 
constantly in the Far Country, it is absolutely essen- 
tial that you detach yourself from the sense objects, 
from all desires for them. You can go away from the 
things themselves, but that is not getting rid of them. 
If you do not get rid of the desire itself, you are no 
better off than at the first. 


"So if man can fasten his attention to something 
which is not of the sense world, something which is im- 
perishable, something which, instead of binding him 
here, actually liberates him from his bondage, draws 
him in the opposite direction, and takes him up to 
liberty and immortality, then that thing becomes his 
chief goal. A desire for that is a worthy desire. 

"The evil of desire is not desire itself, but the nature 
of what is desired. How can the mind conceive the 
desire for a good thing to be evil in and of itself? The 
good or evil lies in the direction toward which a desire 
pulls man. 

"Whatever desire keeps man from becoming a spir- 
itual traveler in the Far Country can be considered a 
bad desire. That which is the stronger desire will pre- 
vail. A pull in the direction of the SUGMAD is the 
greater desire. 

"There is one thing known to human experience 
which will destroy all lower desires. This is the bani, 
the sound current of the SUGMAD. It is the supreme 
instrument of deliverance from bondage. It is the one 
means of detaching man from worldly objects that 
perish and of lifting him up to liberty and indepen- 

"Man attains perfect Vairag when he enters con- 
sciously into this divine stream of life. Controlling and 
destroying desires are two different things, and know- 
ing this, man can progress upward along the path to 
the SUGMAD's domain. 

"Destruction of lower desires can never be done by 
negation. Yet negation is the method employed by 
ninety-nine percent of the human race, by parents, by 
teachers, by reformers, by the courts. They all forbid 
things. They tell people what they must not do. They 


write in their laws, Thou shalt not/ A few understand- 
ing ones offer something better to attract the minds of 
the disobedient. But it should never be done by nega- 

"The world rushes madly into a mire of sensation, 
bondage to work, bondage to pleasures, and bondage 
to a thousand things. Karma kills out all progress of 
the spiritual traveler and he sinks into the mud of 

"But then the traveler learns of bani, and by use of 
this lifegiving force he becomes a light unto himself, 
and a light unto others, for he is no longer in bondage 
to the lower desires. He is the master of his own 
destiny, for he has freedom and independence to act as 
he wishes anywhere in the planes of the Far Country. 

"He is a Master above all Masters. He is the 
MAHANTA-the Living ECK Master!" 


Chapter 4 

The bronze sun moved overhead into its noonday 
position and the hot light poured through the open 
door and window. The mountains in the far distance 
changed from a deep hue to a brilliant golden haze. The 
peaks sparkled like a million diamonds from glaciers 
and snow fields. They were a rugged outline against 
the white skies and here and there clouds hid the high- 
est peaks like children under covers of snow blankets. 

A fly droned around the ceiling making noises as 
though it had a duty to perform within the mud hut, by 
its very ability to disturb the two in human shapes 
below it. It wheeled and dove with the agility of a 
fighter plane. 

Nothing but the dirt floor upon which we were 
sitting while sipping at the buttered tea which Rebazar 
Tarzs had poured in the thick, heavy mugs, seemed 
real. This was something like a scene from a science-fic- 
tion novel which I seemed to have been reading, and it 
was working out in a dream. 

For a moment I could not get my senses together be- 
cause of this unreality. Like a man grasping for a straw 
while struggling in water over his head, it was all too 
much at the present. To take in and absorb all that 
Rebazar Tarzs was saying was more than the mind 
could handle. 

Most minds reject the truth when it is presented in 
full volume like this, coming from the great ECK 
master, Rebazar Tarzs. Naturally, he understood this 
and took his time making the presentation, for it was 


complex and needed much explanation along the way. 
He had taught many the wonders of the Far Country, 
and taken many of us through these high planes so 
that our feet would be steadied upon the ground when 
we left our physical bodies and went into the country 

Finally he finished his cup of tea, wiped his lips with 
the sleeve of his left arm. He looked like a monk of the 
medieval days would have appeared. Visibly similar to 
the ancient looking followers of the older orders of 
mystery cults, he seemed to take pride in his manner- 

He drew a circle in the dirt with his left forefinger. 
"This is the Tuza," he began in his husky, deep voice. 
"This is what it looks like in the other worlds. It is 
nothing more than a viewpoint but it has wavelengths, 
the ability to know, can move about in the spiritual 
universes and has an uncanny awareness. This is the 
real center of man, what we call Soul, the divine self 
which becomes reality when you shift your conscious- 
ness from the external to the internal. 

"This is what most mystics call 'going within', 
switching the positions of the consciousness. Once you 
take control of Soul, then you are able to do anything; 
there is no limitation. 

"This consciousness is the awareness of the real self. 
It is that part which you dwell within, when you be- 
come the spiritual traveler and move through the 
worlds of spirit, upward to the SUGMAD. 

"There is nothing greater in the eyes of the 
SUGMAD than Soul for It is that which holds the 
divine secret, -the sacred imagination, which the 
SUGMAD wants again for ITS own! This is why IT 
calls all Tuzas to return to ITS place in the far sky, 


because IT needs ITS eye as a whole, and not as a part 
as it is now, divided into many parts. IT must see every- 
thing through the eyes of the Tuzas and by ITS own. 

"Soul can balance itself in the heavens of space with- 
out any visible support, but looking through the maya 
we can see that it flings up anchor points and estab- 
lishes them on some object in the heavens invisible to 
the eye, though strong enough to hold an anchor point. 
These points are golden balls with lines similar to very 
thin wires. They run out on a sort of a reel, and pull in, 
as Soul wishes. 

"They can be flung into space and attached to a piece 
of the space world so the Tuza can hang there, swing- 
ing like a child on a summer swing. Soul can be 
steadied by flinging out anchor points in all directions 
until set within a web, similar to a spider's net. Nothing 
can dislodge one as long as he wishes to remain in this 

"Now the Tuza is immortal, of course. The SUGMAD 
had a large number of Tuzas ages ago and released 
them upon Earth for the purpose of developing it into a 
garden spot of the universe. It had been a dull, garbage 
heap in this world of planets and stars, until in ITS 
mercy the decision was made to give it an opportunity 
to become beautiful, and peopled with homo sapiens 
who would take care of it. 

"After IT generously gave ITS imagination faculty 
to all, the people were bound and determined to use it 
to steal their neighbor's possessions, and make war on 
one another. 

"All Souls are immortal, and as the Gita says cannot 
be wetted, pierced by sword, burnt by fire nor be in- 
jured in any manner. It is all there is; that which is the 
hope of heaven and the scourge of all things, is willful 


and unhappy. 

"The problem of the Tuza is unique. The individual 
Tuza can become aberrated like the mind. If It is dis- 
torted in the imaginary faculty, trouble is likely to fol- 
low for a long time, and there is hardly anything that 
can be done unless some spiritual traveler gives It 

"The problems which it suffers are involved with the 
faculty of postulates and considerations, meaning of 
course that while the Tuza is capable of these, it may 
become a victim of another Tuza's postulates and con- 

"There is an old story about a Soul which was given 
a set of considerations by another Soul, that it was a 
rock. So the poor Soul sat for ten thousand years, 
which is only a short time in the God realm, thinking 
that it was a rock, until one day another Soul wandered 
past and asked It for heaven's sake what was It doing? 
'I'm a rock/ was the answer. 

"So the first Soul, realizing what had happened, 
undid the spell by breaking the considerations which 
the other had accepted. Now this sounds silly but stop 
and think how many times throughout your earth life 
that you did accept somebody's consideration for your- 
self. Maybe a Healer said you would be a long time get- 
ting well, and you accepted his consideration. You 
didn't get well for a long time either. 

"This is what I mean by postulates and considera- 
tions being a two edged sword. They can work against 
you, as well as for you. Once you're free, then nobody 
can make your considerations, but as long as you are 
on this Earth plane, you are in danger of having to 
accept other considerations which are not your own. 

"Tuzas fight one another with electronic beams. 


Those which are aggressive do, and often a few are 
hurt, having to crawl off somewhere for recovery. You 
can never kill a Tuza under any circumstance, but you 
can cripple It temporarily with electronic beams. 

"Now Tuza is the only thing in all the universes 
which can occupy the same space as anything else. 
Only spirit can do this, and of course Soul can occupy 
the same space as spirit. 

"Let me give you an example. Two rocks cannot 
occupy the same space, neither can two bodies of the 
physical flesh. But Soul can slip into a body while it is 
occupied by another, and certainly can cause havoc, 
providing it is of that disposition. The spiritual traveler, 
better known as the Tuza, Soul, can go anywhere and 
do most anything within the Far Country. 

"While It is limited in some respects with the 
SUGMAD, there is nothing within the physical planes 
which can be called greater and have greater freedom 
than Soul." 

"There is no assured immortality until the Tuza has 
reached the regions of pure spirit, far beyond all mater- 
iality. Only then is Soul above the complications of 
mind and beyond the grasp of karma, beyond all dis- 
solutions and grand dissolutions which come to the 
worlds below the Sach Khand region. 

"The length of life upon the Brahm Lok plane leads 
one to believe that this is the immortal world. It often 
extends into thousands and millions of years. But the 
spiritual traveler is familiar with the vast regions far 
beyond and above the highest regions known to those 
who seek without the help of the ECK Master. 


"The Christian religions speak of this plane, and so 
does the Bhagavad-Gita, but both are results of 
writers who never went beyond the Brahm Lok region. 
Both the Christian gospel and the Gita are purely 
works of dialectic fiction, not historical reports. 

'The Sat Desh, or world of the SUGMAD which I 
have previously called Anami Lok, is the grand region 
of all creations and of immortality. It is unchangeable, 
perfect, deathless. It is forever untouched by dissolu- 
tion or grand dissolution, and so are its inhabitants. 

"It is divided into four distinct worlds, each having 
its own characteristics and its own Lord or Governor. 
From above downward, they are named: The Anami 
Lok, Agam Lok and the Sach Khand. 

' The light of these four planes is so very intense that 
it is impossible for any mortal to get an understanding 
of it. It simply cannot be described. 

"There are two kinds of dissolution which occur in 
the Far Country. The one, simple dissolution, is that 
which dissolves all those worlds up to the Brahm Lok 
plane, after millions of years of existence. The grand 
dissolutions occur after immeasurably long periods of 
time, extending to the Sach Khand, but not including 
this plane, the first world of immortality. 

"Both of these dissolutions include the entire physi- 
cal universe, every sun, moon and planet in it. At that 
time every star and all satellites are wiped out. There 
follows a period of darkness equal in duration to the 
life of the universe. When the period of darkness has 
expired, a new creation is projected, and the heavens 
once more are alive with sparkling stars. With each 
new creation begins a Golden Age for each planet and 
its inhabitants. But between the minor dissolutions 
there are also periods of renewal for the life of each 


planet, when Golden Ages succeed dark ages. 

"Dissolution will come at a time when all the worlds 
of the physical universe will be dissolved; after periods 
of darkness and silence, new worlds will take their 
places. The inhabitants of all of these worlds to be dis- 
solved are drawn up to higher regions in a sort of coma- 
tose state, to be replaced upon the worlds when they 
are again ready for human habitation. They will then 
begin a new life here under more favorable conditions. 
These periods of dissolutions come to the physical uni- 
verse after many, many hundreds of millions of years. 

"The spiritual traveler who will accept and listen to 
the creative sound current, the ECK, will find himself 
renewed in the spiritual worlds. It takes possession of 
you, it re-creates you, and then you find yourself a citi- 
zen of a new world. The attractions of sense disappear, 
and you are exalted. You are purified and your mind 
renewed. You will live anew, and never shall the shadow 
of death ever cross your path. You have definitely 
become immortal. 

"Beliefs and speculations offer very little support for 
the hope of immortal life. All the elements of the many 
world religions are of doubtful value for the reason 
they are dependent upon ancient books and metaphysi- 
cal theories. This takes the matter out of the category 
of knowledge, and so robs it of its chief value. 

"Now in order to get to the roots of immortality we 
must look at the basis of the philosophy of ECKANKAR. 
It is not a religion, nor a philosophy as known to the 
scholars of the educational systems in this physical 

"The sad fact remains that nobody on this physical 
plane knows anything about Soul, the real self. What 
are the component parts of It? This question is never 


answered in the laboratories of the earth world. 

"The several parts of man will be a quick study for 
you, beginning with the lower stratum, which is man, 
the animal. He is a physical body, called by the Orient- 
als, Isthul Sharir. He has a body which gets hurt, sick 
and which finally dies and returns to the soil. 

'There is another man inside the physical body, a 
much finer body, called by the spiritual travelers the 
Sukhsham Sharir, or subtle body; Nuri Sarup, or light 
body. It is commonly called the Astral body by the 
occultist. It makes connections with the outer world. 
"When seen by the physical senses it appears to 
sparkle with millions of little particles resembling star 
dust. It takes shape with the character of the indivi- 
dual, and has five senses, just the same as the physical 
body. When the physical body dies, this body remains 
as the instrument of expression on the Astral plane. 

"Inside the Nuri Sarup and quite distinct from it, 
there is still another body, much finer and more subtle 
than the astral. It is known as the Karan Sharir, the 
Causal body. So named because in it is the real cause, 
or seeds of all that is to ever take place in the indivi- 
dual's life. It is also called Bij Sharir, the seed body. 
"This body is divided into two or more strata, each 
of which is given a different name. One is sometimes 
known as the mental body because it acts as a sheath 
around Soul, and is very sensitive to impressions from 
the mind. Its function is to receive and transmit im- 
pressions between the mind and Soul on one side, and 
between the mind and the astral body on the other. 

"A perfect record of everything the individual has 
experienced is established from his countless ages of 
existence. Out of these experiences, character is 
formed, and from that character, all actions flow. 


"The mind body is the fourth unit in the construc- 
tion of Soul, or rather the man. It is so closely related 
to the Karan Sharir that it is not easy to distinguish 
between them. The mind body is a sort of sheath cover- 
ing Soul. 

"When reaching the Daswan Dwar region all bodies 
have been shed except the mind body because Soul no 
longer needs them. It can without instrument of com- 
munication or contemplation know all things, rejoice in 
all things by direct perception. 

"When Soul rises upward from Daswan Dwar, it 
sheds this mental body and becomes Self. It alone has 
the power of knowing by direct perception. All knowl- 
edge opens before it without any sort of instrument. 

"The mind itself is sometimes divided into different 
sections, according to the plane upon which one is oper- 
ating. The Nij-manas, the inner mind, carries the seeds 
of all actions within itself. It carries the sanskaras, the 
impressions of all former lives. Sometimes we speak of 
the causal mind, the Suksham mind and the physical 
mind, according to the region or plane, upon which the 
mind is operating. But this is only a distinction for con- 

"Last of all we come to the real man, the Tuza. Soul. 
These two terms we use synonymously. This is the 
very core of his being, and It is the fifth unit in the 
structure of the being that is known as man, as you see 
him in this life. Remember he has all five of these ele- 
ments while living here now. All the lower units which 
are only instruments, he discards, one by one, as he ad- 
vances upward. This is because he has no use for them 
on the higher planes, each instrument being suited for 
expression only upon a particular plane of life. 

"The Tuza is the real man, the spiritual traveler, or 


as some prefer to call it, the Purusha. The individual 
Tuza is the spark from the divine light, a drop from the 
ocean of the SUGMAD. It is in the Tuza that all con- 
sciousness resides, and all power. All below it, even the 
mind itself, is unconscious, automatic and mechanical 
in action. 

"In fact, everything in existence is entirely depend* 
ent upon the ECK for its life and activity. Even the 
humblest plant, or the smallest insect, lives and carries 
on its activities, by virtue of the ECK, the spirit that 
gives it being. 

"All else in man passes away, or is discarded by him 
on his upward flight toward perfect freedom. Were it 
not for Soul's temporary sojourn in these material 
regions, there would be no need for any of these instru- 
mentsthese bodies and the mind. Owing to the ex- 
treme subtleness of spirit, It cannot contact the 
coarser worlds without an intermediate instrument. It 
is obliged to clothe Itself in some sort of medium of 
contact. For this reason the Supreme SUGMAD, 
ITSELF, cannot manifest on these material planes or 
appear to men and give them instructions. A material 
body is necessary in all cases. 

"In any case Soul is a derivative of the SUGMAD 
and identical in substance. The entire world is filled 
with Souls. There is no place where Souls are not. Some 
have better minds and better bodies than the others. 
In this respect there is little difference between the 
amoeba and man, between an insect and a savant. 

"Now I have moved you along to an understanding 
of the problem of Soul. From here I go to the mind and 


the very center of all worldly problems. 

"In the region of Tirkuti, the second region of the 
spiritual worlds, and that of the Brahm Lok plane, the 
mental world, the mind is acquired. Soul in its descent 
through this region picks up the mind as its equipment 
for use on the lower planes. 

"This region is the seat of the Universal or Cosmic 
mind, as sometimes called. It is the place from which 
all mind is derived. Just as Soul originates in the 
region of universal energy, so the mind is acquired in 
the region of the universal . mind. A small portion of 
this universal mind is detached, so to speak, and is 
joined to Soul, not in a permanent union, but in a temp- 
orary union. 

"It is wrapped about It, covering the Tuza, and at 
the same time obscuring much of its light and hamper- 
ing its activity. The Tuza, equipped with this neces- 
sary handicap, begins its career in the regions of mind 
and matter. At that moment it begins to accumulate 
karma. Before this it had no karma except that which 
the eastern wisdom names Adi Karma. This is the 
primal karma, and it consists of the action of the crea- 
tive force, the real ECK, whose function is to bring the 
Tuzas to the material planes, in order that they might 
begin to accumulate experience. 

"The Tuza begins to acquire experience upon its own 
initiative; its era of swadharma, self regulation, is now 
starting. It begins to establish an individual law of its 
own life, its own regime, and to create its own destiny. 
It begins to enjoy, to suffer, to reap rewards and to pay 

"This is the beginning of its own karma. Thus it in- 
augurates its long, long series of Earth lives. By each 
and every act, from that time on, it stores up karma. 


Even when it is least active, still it is making karma, 
and in all of this activity, its mind is the chief instru- 
ment. It is the mind working always under the law of 
cause and effect that creates karma. 

"The mind is not self-conscious, nor self-acting. It 
has no power of automation, or of initiative. It is simp- 
ly a machine, though highly sensitive and extremely 
powerful when motivated by the ECK. As a machine, it 
can be made to do what it was intended to do, just like 
any other machine. It will never do anything different 
from what it was fashioned and trained to do. 

"The western teachers have always taught the mind 
had powers of origination and initiative, but this is un- 
true. Mind and ECK have been greatly confused in 
western psychology. Only the ECK can think, origi- 
nate and take the initiative. Mind works only when 
activated by Soul. 

"Only the negative power and its subordinates have 
minds, just like human beings. The fundamental differ- 
ence between mind and the ECK between Tuza and 
instrument, must be understood, if you are to compre- 
hend the psychology of the ECK travelers. 

"You see now that mind is no essential part of man 
himself. It is only an instrument which encumbers 
Soul, obscures its light and impedes its progress. But 
it is absolutely necessary while you are operating on 
these material planes. 

"Again I say that mind alone is a machine. It cannot 
think, cannot will, cannot love, it cannot remember, 
nor suffer nor enjoy. To do all these things it must, in 
every instance be activated by the ECK. ECK alone is 
the motive power to mind, just as the electric current 
is the power that moves the machinery. We usually 
think of the mind as the chief power for moving the 


human body. 

"Mind is matter, yet quite refined in its essential 
qualities. It is next to Soul in all of its essential quali- 
ties. The chief function of mind is to serve as an instru- 
ment of spirit for all contacts with the material worlds. 

"Mind is a useful instrument, provided it is kept 
under the control of Soul. Mind is an excellent servant 
but a poor master. If it becomes the master, it may 
speedily bring disaster. We have always been taught 
that mind reasons; but it doesn't reason. It acts with 
automatic precision, exactly as it is stimulated to act. 

"The mind is able to carry on deductive processes, 
but has no power of induction. This is often demon- 
strated in the cases of hypnosis. Give the subject cer- 
tain premises, no matter how absurd they may be, and 
he will act upon such premises, with automatic deduc- 
tions. But such a mind has no power of synthesis and 
rational induction. Soul alone has light in it, and Soul 
alone can work independently and rationally. You have 
only to observe a little, the actions of people the world 
over to see for yourself that they act more like ma- 
chines than they do like rational beings. 

"They are moved by mind in grooves, just as they 
have been taught to act. It is a rare individual who 
does independent thinking and when one does that, it 
is because the ECK is in operation, emancipating self 
from the domineering control of mind. 

"This subject is so very important that I must 
devote more time to it. You must make yourself fully 
acquainted with the mind in all its faculties, and its 
several methods of action. 


"The mind is divided into four parts, called Antish- 
karans; functions or modes of action. It has four pri- 
mary attributes, faculties, or qualities. These are its 
antishkarans. These four divisions of mind are named: 
Chitta, Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar. 

Chitta is that function or faculty, which takes cogni- 
zance of form, beauty, color, rhythm, harmony and 
perspective. It enjoys these things and what it doesn't 
like, it rejects. It receives its impressions mostly 
through the eyes as instruments of perception. It then 
passes on its finding to the Buddhi. In all of these reac- 
tions, its processes are as regular and automatic as are 
the reactions of chemistry. 

Manas, is mind stuff, per se. It is that which receives 
and registers impressions through the senses of smell, 
taste, hearing and feeling. Its chief function is taste. 
It tastes, relishes, enjoys, or rejects what it doesn't 
like. Feeling and taste are practically the same thing. 
All of its reactions are automatic. The manas enjoys 
what it has been trained to like, and its reactions are 
instantaneous. It either likes a taste, or it rejects it 
automatically, then passes it on to the Buddhi, for 
final judgment. 

Buddhi, is the intellect proper; that power the Tuza 
uses as its chief instrument of thought. When empow- 
ered by spirit, it produces thought. It discriminates 
and decides. It passes judgment upon all the findings 
of the other two faculties, its decisions are then passed 
on to the final court of execution, Ahankar. 

Ahankar accepts the decisions of the other faculties, 
handed on to it by the Buddhi and executes the man- 
dates. It is the executive faculty of the mind. It is also 
the I-Ness of the individual, the faculty by which the 
individual differentiates self from all else, and it is the 


faculty which enables the individual to distinguish 
between his own interests and that of others. It is the 
faculty which, when unduly exaggerated, becomes 
vanity, or egotism. 

"To sum up what I have just said: Manas receives 
and tastes; Chitta takes notice of form and beauty; 
Buddhi is the instrument of thought, discrimination 
and decision; and Ahankar executes orders. 

"Let us not condemn nature, but try to understand 
and obey it. It is man's best friend, if you first learn to 

"With understanding you work in close cooperation 
with nature to your best advantage. 

"There is practically no limit to the powers of the 
mind, but few people know how to awaken or invoke its 
forces. It's a good thing they don't in their present 
state of spiritual evolution. When man learns to accept 
responsibility, these mind powers will automatically 

"When properly awakened, trained and vitalized by 
the ECK the mind can do anything for you. A trained 
spiritual traveler, knowing how to awaken and control 
the powers of his own mind, can stop a train at any 
place he may wish it to stop. He can start a downpour 
of rain in seconds out of the clear sky; or he can dry up 
a flood of waters. He can do anything he wishes. But 
this is only playing with natural forces. All miracles 
are but the play of mind. They are not the operations of 
any divine power, as most people believe. But to do 
these things one must learn two things he must 
become morally responsible for his actions, and he 
must learn to control his own mind. After that he can 
do what he wishes. He must be responsible in the sense 
that if he isn't he would lose his powers at once. It 


stands to reason, and it is substantiated by all of our 
daily experiences, that if such gigantic powers were let 
loose out of control, or if they were invoked by an evil 
mind, it might bring about disaster of the most terrible 

"It is a provision of the SUGMAD that no man is 
able to invoke such powers until he has first learned to 
control his own passions, to check all evil tendencies 
and all selfish impulses. Otherwise, such a man might 
wreck the whole physical world. Only the spiritual 
travelers can do these things. 

"The essential point here is that the mind is a very 
great power, and must be kept in control. Rightly used, 
it may be made to work marvels; but if allowed to 
assert itself in a lawless manner, it can bring unspeak- 
able disaster to its owner, and sometimes others as 

"I have given you the essences of the five passions: 
Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahankara. These are 
in English lust, anger, greed, attachment to worldly 
things, and vanity. These passions take possession 
when mind is allowed to run wild, out of control of the 

"So long as the ECK controls the mind, the four fac- 
ulties perform their proper functions and these pas- 
sions cannot manifest themselves. But when the mind 
runs wild, out of control, under the impulses of one or 
more of the five passions, it is generally headed for 

"Whenever any of the five evil passions are allowed 
to run wild, in each and every case, a mighty force 
which was meant for our good has been turned into an 
instrument of destruction. No faculty of mind ever 
works itself. It is motivated by spirit, and it is as auto- 


matic in its actions as is the explosion of a stick of 
dynamite. It is only when spirit takes control, that 
mind is directed in safe and sane channels. It may then 
be compared with a fine car that has a good driver at 
the wheel. 

"Every agitation, stimulation, or excitation of mind, 
in any of its functions, creates thought-forms which 
may be seen on the subtle planes. Thoughts are things, 
just as much as clouds, or houses. The four faculties of 
the mind when set in motion by any sort of stimulus 
begin automatically to create thought-forms and set 
waves in motion. The mind will do these things with 
the regularity of chemistry, or machinery. It works in 
this pattern and can do nothing else but this. It has no 
power to originate independent thought, nor can it rea- 
son upon any proposed course of action. 

"I am aware this is all contrary to the western psy- 
chology, but western psychology does not understand 
the mechanism of mind. Mind cannot depart from its 
beaten path, any more than a locomotive can will to 
leave the track upon which it has been set. Habit is the 
chief method of mental action. Habits are likened to 
grooves in which actions run. The first thing which 
mind does, after it is agitated and brought into action, 
is to establish a groove, which you call habit. Man is 
usually a driven slave of habit and custom. 

'The mind resents innovation, dislikes change, and 
accepts without question, what it has been taught to 
believe as truth or right. The mind adores routine, and 
it can be trained to a very high degree of skill in a given 
line of activity. This marks one very great advantage 
of its automatic quality. 

"The mind when activitated by the ECK, forms 
thoughts, and each thought takes a definite shape on 


the astral plane. They may be seen there by anyone 
who enjoys astral vision." 

* * * 

"Now," he said, pacing the floor of the hut furiously, 
attacking the subject of mind as though it were a per- 
son, "Can you teach a machine to believe that it is not 
good to run into trees? Can you convince it that the 
highway is better? You can argue with it for years and 
then turn it loose on full power and it will run straight 
into a tree, if that tree is in its path. 

"So it is with most people. They will usually go on 
doing as they did before, in spite of all rational persua- 
sion. If a little light filters in from the spirit, a person 
may change his course of thinking or acting, but never 

"If the mind enjoys a certain sensation, it wishes to 
repeat that sensation as often as possible, quite regard- 
less of whether the sensation is good for the person or 
not. This is why there are so many drunkards, liber- 
tines and dope fiends. It is why people indulge in anger 
and vanity. Mind will usually do what it likes, regard- 
less of consequences, unless checked by fear, or some 
higher impulse, from the spirit. It is only when Buddhi 
interferes that the mind will forego an indulgence of f er- 

"Of course if it feels pain from a certain performance, 
it instantly rejects that mode of action, regardless of 
its own ultimate good. It is not easy for a man to stick 
a lance into his own abscess, or allow someone else to 
do it, even though he knows it is best for him. It is only 
when the ECK asserts itself that one will do such a 
thing for his own ultimate good. Unreasoning children 
will never consent to be hurt, even when they know it is 


best for them. Perhaps, in such cases, the Buddhi has 
not reached sufficient development for the ECK to 
make use of it. 

"Mind alone is neither moral nor immoral, any more 
than your automobile. It is a machine as much as your 
car. The cannibal can see no more harm in eating a man 
than you do in eating a piece of beef. To some other 
people, both are harmful. Morality, sin and righteous- 
ness are largely matters of custom, and geography. So- 
cial customs, ceremonies, rites, religions and politics 
are based upon mental habits, and are usually handed 
down from one generation to another. 

"Customs make it wrong in one country to enter a 
temple with shoes on, while in another country it is 
wrong to keep your hat on. Custom makes it wrong in 
one section to have more than one wife, while in another 
it is a sign of poverty or inferiority to be so limited. 
Mental habits have all the inflexibility of an iron ma- 
chine. In fact, iron may be bent; but you try to change 
a long established custom and your neighbors will seek 
your immediate destruction. The whole human race is 
a slave to custom. Every single individual in the coun- 
try may condemn that custom, but at the same time 
every one will do his best to perpetuate it. All of this is 
because mind, both individual and social, is machine 
like in its action. It cannot reason. 

"Can you imagine vast armies going out with delib- 
erate aim to destroy each other, if they had the power 
to reason? Crime and moral rectitude are both mental 
habits. International strife is only blind passion run 
wild, en masse. 

"There are some advantages in this machinelike 
action of mind, but there are equally grave dangers in 
it. If the mind, through a gradual process of suggestion 


and experience, becomes accustomed to certain 
grooves of action, it often leads to the wreck and ruin 
of the individual in spite of himself. This is an extreme- 
ly pathetic aspect of the matter. People become entan- 
gled in the net of habits and customs, while deep in 
their hearts they ardently wish to get out of them; but 
have not the power of will, or strength of character to 
extricate themselves. They go deliberately and know- 
ingly to destruction, in spite of themselves. 

"The more a habit is indulged in, the more easily and 
certainly the mind will run in that groove. At the same 
time, Soul Itself becomes less and less able to impress 
Itself and Its wishes upon the mind, or even to get a 
hearing at all. 

"Soul is an exceedingly fine and delicate reality. It 
has tremendous power in its own sphere of action. But 
on the fields of coarse material, it has but little power 
of self-expression. On the other hand, if the Tuza has a 
trained, and responsive mind, it may do almost any- 
thing it decides to do. This is why mind control, 
through spirit, is so important, and is so insisted upon 
by the ECK travelers. 

"Mind may be divided in another way, besides the 
four faculties. It may be spoken of as the higher and 
lower minds, which is the common, the scientific classi- 

"There is only one mind, acting on different planes. 
It may also be divided into three partsthe Pinda, or 
lower world mind; mind which manifests itself in the 
common affairs of this world. Second, the Sukhsham, 
that mind which works on the Astral plane, and last, 
the Karan mind, nij-mind, inner mind, or the causal 

"These correspond to the three bodies of man, and 


the three worlds in which the three bodies operate, 
each in its own sphere. With equal logic you might say 
there are six minds, because the three I've just men- 
tioned may be divided into two, a higher and lower. 

44 In this world, for example, you may speak of a high- 
er mind which engages itself in the highest forms of 
thought activity, e.g. philosophy, literature, music and 
art. The lower mind engages itself in' grossly material 
things, money making, digging, eating, drinking, and 
the indulgence of any of the passions. But in any case 
there is only one mind, functioning on different planes, 
and upon higher or lower things on each plane. 

"At the top of all, the mind which lies next to spirit 
is the real nij-mind, the purest. Below that, each sub- 
stratum of the mind becomes more adulterated with 
coarser and lower substances. Last of all, at the very 
lowest stratum, there is a sort of mind which is but 
little more than electro-magnetism. When the atten- 
tion is on this lower plane, it is the lower mind working. 

"It is here engrossed in its own desires, its passions 
and its plays, 

"When the attention is on the astral plane, it is the 
Sukhsham mind which is used; when the attention is 
on the causal plane, it is that mind which is working. 
But in each and every case, it is the same mind, but 
playing upon the different planes of existence. 

"The higher mind, the nij, is sort of a pilot, or gyro- 
scope, whose function is to receive the impressions of 
the Tuza and pass them on to the subordinate minds 
for their regulation. The important point is that all 
aspects of the mind are automatic. 

"None of them ever calculate results, or assign a 
moral content. Each of them accepts what is given to 
it, and reacts upon it, without question or consider- 


ation. Neither does any aspect of the mind ever con- 
sider what is best for the individual, except just what 
it has been taught by experience to like or dislike. In 
other words, mind is not a rational entity. It reacts 
automatically and always upon the basis of what it 
likes or dislikes; it never considers what is best. If the 
element of calculation enters into the process you may 
be sure a little of the light of spirit has entered into the 

"The mind, if given a stimulus, or as one says, a 
temptation, will always act in accord with the sum 
total of its own past experiences. It cannot act in any 
other way. It cannot even will to act in any other way. 

"Now if the mind always acts automatically and in 
exact line with its previous training, how do we 
account for any new or radical departure from the 
beaten path of its habits and desires? The answer is on 
the basis of a new driving force entering the machine 
from without. 

"It is because a different driving force enters the ma- 
chine that mind obeys, has to obey, the stronger of the 
two impelling forces. Physics is the best field for the 
study of mental phenomena. There is not a single 
action of mind which cannot be reduced to Newton's 
Laws of Motion, and the reactions of chemistry. It is 
no wonder that modern physicists are inclined to bring 
all mental reactions under their mechanistic theory of 
the universe. In the absence of complete knowledge, 
they are fully justified in their conclusions. If we had 
to deal always with mind alone, and spirit never enter- 
ed into the problem, the mechanistic theory would 
apply with perfect accuracy. It would fit every fact of 
experience. But when the ECK begins to enter the play 
there is no foretelling what may happen. Soul operates 


by Its own light. Mind must follow, whether it likes it 
or not. 

"Now that you see that mind is only an automatic 
thing, you know that all intelligence, light and power 
come from Soul. But Soul works under a serious handi- 
cap, for this world is not Its native habitat. All the 
coverings worn by Soul serve to burden It and to weak- 
en Its powers of expression. 

"Soul is in enemy country, and always surrounded 
by the five faithful servants of the Negative Power, 
Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahankara; lust, 
anger, greed, attachment and vanity. 

"These five are commissioned to mislead Soul and 
mind and make trouble for them. It is their business. 
The worst feature is the mind itself being swayed by 
them. It has close relationships with them and lends a 
ready ear to their whispering. 

"But Soul, the spiritual traveler, has a safe harbor 
into which It can sail when these five negative powers 
start working up too great a whirlpool. It can always 
go into the higher realms beyond the mind planes and 
enjoy the world of the SUGMAD." 



Chapter 5 

Rebazar Tarzs quit pacing the floor and dropped 
upon the earth putting his legs under him. He spread 
the robe over his knees, hiding his lower limbs, giving 
the appearance of a great Buddha in silent contempla- 

After awhile he opened his eyes again and stared at 
me for a long time. Finally he said, "I've brought you 
this far, my young friend. Now I will talk about the 
Kali, the Earth mother, whom all India worships, and 
most of the world people, though the latter are not 
aware of this. 

"The Hindu religion has a trinity, consisting of 
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. These represent the three 
currents flowing out of the Brahm Lok world; they are 
creation, continuity, and destruction. The Hindus gave 
them worldly names in order to personalize each cur- 
rent, so they would be recognized. They are: Brahma, 
Vishnu and Shiva, which are worshipped in India and 
other parts of the Oriental world as Gods. 

"These are called the sons of Kal Niranjan, the nega- 
tive power, whose other name is Brahm. The female 
counterpart of Brahm is Shakti, who in fact represents 
a minor creative current. Out of these two great cur- 
rents, the three subordinate currents flow into the 
lower worlds, and to these are attributed the creation 
of all lower worlds. These three became creators, lords 
and governors of the lower worlds, under their father, 
Brahm, and their mother, Shakti, They are said to be 
under the supervision of their mother. In fact, these 


three represent creative currents. They carry the crea- 
tive impulses from the greater powers above, but they 
have been given these individual names, as persons. 

"It is well to remember that all creative currents 
may become personal; that is, take individual form and 
assume individual duties, as Krishna, Christ, Buddha 
and others. Now these three have generally been ac- 
cepted as the Hindu trinity of Gods, as commonly 
known in their literature and religion. Millions worship 
them in spite of their subordinate position. These 
powers are the real servants of man. They perform a 
certain function in carrying on the work of the world, 
in producing human bodies, and in keeping these 
bodies going. They are the agents of the SUGM AD in 
serving mankind, but not gods to be worshipped by the 
human race. They are almost menials in the grand 
hierarchy, but each of them have certain powers and 
prerogatives, and within his own sphere he is all- 
powerful. He carries on according to definite laws and 
rules laid down for his government. These again are 
laws of nature. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva may be 
regarded as servants of the negative power or his 
working committee. In all respects, they do his 
bidding, each in his own department. 

"Still lower than these three, there is another current 
or God, or power, who is also one of the working force, 
helping to carry on the administration of the physical 
universe. His name is Ganesh. He stands practically at 
the foot of the list of subordinates whose business it is 
to serve mankind and help to carry on the work of the 

"In the subtle region close to the earth, there is a 
great host of beings called devas, devtas, bhuts, prets 
to name a few. These are generally called angels in 


English. They are beings somewhat above ordinary 
men and they help to serve man in many ways. They 
have great powers and are quite willing to serve peo- 
ple who live in harmony with them. 

"Last of all, is humanity itself at the very foot of the 
grand hierarchy. If man works in harmony with all of 
these powers above him, he will surely receive their 
help and will eventually become a spiritual traveler. 

"The Kali is the mother goddess of India. I have pur- 
posely left her until the last for she is worshipped by 
the Hindus as the great creative force. She is the six- 
armed deity which rules over all, a powerful current 
representing the female or feminine principle of that 
country. She is the consort of Shiva, but assigned to 
the place where Shakti is supposed to be. 

"Now the Kali represents destruction, the goddess 
which destroys all yet replaces it with fertility of life. 
In other words she is a sex goddess. Another name for 
her is Mahamai, or the great mother, and in the yoga 
system she is the power, the strength of the deity pre- 
siding over the ganglion at the throat. It is sometimes 
called the Kanth chakra, the fifth center that lies near 
the cervical plexus. It has to do with respiration. But I 
will go into these chakra centers later. 

"The Kali is worshipped, as I said before, by the 
Hindus. She has been brought to our attention in the 
west mainly by Ramakrishna, the great Vedantist 
prophet of India. 

"The Christians know her as the Virgin Mother, but 
without the six arms, and the Greeks had a name for 
her, Ceres. All religions have a mother goddess, the 
feminine principle of the universe. 

"Ramakrishna laid for hours before the statue of 
Kali in his hometown, in the temple of course, pleading 


with the mother goddess to give him just one little 
glimpse of her. He sang hymns, songs of praise and 
talked constantly to the statue, as if she were alive. If 
he had been in any other country on the globe it would 
have been possible that he would have been locked up 
for insanity. But he wasn't insane, for when the Kali 
finally gave him a touch of ecstasy, he went into a 
trance for many days and had to be cared for like a 
child, hand fed and bathed. 

"This feminine principle, which is known mostly to 
the Hindus, is frankly the opposite of the male, or posi- 
tive principle. The Chinese have worked it out in the 
idea of Yang and Yin. Yang is the male principle and 
Yin is the feminine. 

"I am going around in circles somewhat to explain to 
you what the Kali, mother goddess of India, is like. I 
want you to understand completely when I'm through 
with this part of the discussion. This feminine principle 
is somewhat destructive in its nature and is closer to 
the lower world than the other currents. Being destruc- 
tive means that it is also the creative side of the 

"This is a part of the Shiva currentwhich is the 
triad Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Do you remember 
the two faces of Shiva? Well, this is the part of the 
Shiva current which most Indians of the Far East wor- 
ship. This is a part of the Shiva sect. The sect is a fol- 
lower of the two faces of Shiva, worshipping Shiva as 
the Father God and Kali as the mother goddess. 

"Shiva is known as the creator of the world and Kali 
as the destroyer. She represents the great womb of the 
universe, for out of her is born all life. Some yogis write 
poems to her, cry out in agony for her smile, and finally 
get a touch of heaven through her. 


"In other words Kali is the symbol of what is called 
Mother India. Now I point out that all men love to 
think of their home country in the symbol of woman- 
hood. They look upon all life as the feminine principle, 
because they have been taught that womanhood was 
greater than manhood. 

"This is some of the misteachings on the earth plane. 
It comes about because India's religious system was 
spread too far west and too far east during its advent. 
You don't find many of the Hindu cults in the west; 
maybe Vedanta has made a strong stand in the west, 
but the other religious groups within the Hindu reli- 
gious framework have not. Yet the influence of Hindu- 
ism has been so strong that it did replace a section of 
thought in China, Japan and, to the west, in most of 
the nations along the Mediterranean coast. 

"Christianity adopted the Virgin Mother idea from 
the Indian philosophy, mainly the Shakti, mother of 
the triad group, and completely lifted and made it over 
into a westernized idea. The whole point is that Kali 
has become the symbol of the feminine mind. The 
whole mystery of the feminine principle is found in the 
Kali symbol. 

"Priestcraft taught man long ago that motherhood 
was greatest because out of it comes the birth of life. 
Doesn't the female of all species give life, be it plant or 
animal, or the human species? But if you look beyond 
this thought, you might see that maya, illusion, is the 
veil through which life comes. This is because man is 
not able to look into the true side of all nature; and this 
maya, which was created from time immemorial, has a 
way of hiding all things to the profane sight of man. 

"Buddha was supposed, according to the famous 
poem 'The Light of Asia', to have stepped through the 


veil of illusion onto this earth. In other words as a tra- 
veler in the spiritual worlds, he descended from the 
Brahm Lok, and regressed into the singular physical 
form, and found his way into the earth world, through 
the womb of a woman. So do all ECK adepts, the 
M AHANTA, including yourself. 

"Now the word maya has a dozen meanings. In the 
west its name is Maria, Mary, May, Molly, Polly, or 
Poll, or even Marietta. Hence comes the Mary who 
gave birth to the savior Jesus, for he only used her 
body in order to visit this planet. It is the way of na- 
ture that all things must be born in the miniature man- 
ner of babyhood and grow to adultship. This is one of 
the laws of nature on this planet, and even the saints, 
saviors and adepts use it, mainly so they may not 
startle man too much; for what he doesn't understand, 
he would not accept. 

"This form of maya, as I have said, is represented by 
the female body which hides as the womb of time and 

"Western psychology puts an emphasis upon an 
aberration of its men; that man longs to return to the 
womb for its comfort; where he laid in soft darkness, 
protected by the woman's belly, and fed without strug- 
gle. This is an escapism which is often laid at men's 
feet to chastize them and get them to accept women as 
their equal. 

"Now I'm going to explain the true psychology of 
the Kali goddess so that you may have a greater under- 
standing of the feminine principle, that current which 
creates life and form on this earth, and destroys it 
without regret. 

"Let's have a few minutes of rest before going on 
with this subject." 


"Now the Kali is a form of worship which is con- 
sidered a blood cult. It was originated during the 
reconstruction period in India, when the development 
of the female side, the wife of the deity, began. The idea 
grew that the god was unapproachable, but the Sakti 
or female side brought mankind in touch with the 
deity, an idea that of course underlies Mariolatry in 
Christian thought. In case you don't know what the 
word means it's the worship of the Virgin Mary a 
term of opprobrium often used in the western world. 

"The Saktas, the worshippers of Kali, grew to such 
importance, especially in Bengal, during this period 
that it formed a right hand and left hand group. It was 
the left hand Saktas who became the troublemakers in 
India; this was the blood cult, Kali, the Vampire whose 
presence influenced men to Thugism, sex cults, and the 
evil of murder. 

"The right hand Saktas were the worshippers of 
woman, the mother they had rituals of worship of the 
female organ of reproduction. They believe that this is 
the height of divinity, for woman's womb represents 
the creativity principle in nature. Of course this is not 
true as I explained before. Kali is often portrayed in 
statue form with a long protruding tongue which is 
precisely parallel with the Egyptian god, Bes, and with 
Medusa as represented in early Greek sculpture. All of 
these are of Gorgon origin, i.e., each is a fierce counte- 
nance intended to frighten evil spirits. She often wears 
the linga, the symbol worn by Shiva, as an ornament 
on her head. 

"In the temples of Kali, and in a vast number of 
village temples in the rural Indian states, animal sacri- 


fice is still in use. But as in the temple of Kali at 
Kalighat, Calcutta, she accepts only the blood as her 
portion of the sacrifice. 

^One fact must remain clear. To the Indian the idol 
of the Kali may have been a stone image to the eye but 
it is a living personal goddess to him. The image has 
been made by human hands, but the goddess lives in it, 
using the stone or metal body as the human uses the 
human body. She lives in the temple among her people, 
receiving from their hands the food by which she sub- 
sists, welcomes them to her presence and makes them 
her guests. She listens to their prayers and answers 
them. She hears and speaks, eats and sleeps, moves 
and acts. 

"The whole of the temple worship depends on this 
belief. The villager goes to the temple to see Kali's 
face. He believes he looks into her own divine eyes. He 
prays with fervent prayer, and hears the goddess 
answer him with her own lips. Not only the villager 
does this, but in the lives of all the saints you can meet 
the same belief. 

"Kali is represented in various forms; as Sati for ex- 
ample the faithful wife who cast herself into the fire so 
as not to be present when her husband and father were 
quarreling, and who was the prototype of all the satis, 
devoted widows, who consented to be burned alive on 
the funeral pyres of their husbands. 

"Next she is Parvati, the girl from the mountain; 
Uma, the Beneficent, whose carnal and mystical union 
with the Divine Spouse is part of her cult; more fre- 
quently as Durga, the Inaccessible; Chandi, the Vio- 
lent; Gauri, the Wild, Kali, the Black; or sometimes as 
Annapura who gives rice in abundance. 

"Associated with several of these are a series of war- 


like tales about conflicts with demons and a ritual 
practice based on human sacrifice. Sometimes she 
bears a serene, pacific aspect as in the poets' vision 
that sees her as the Mother India; but for the most 
part she is a cruel, repugnant figure dripping with 
blood, hungry for human flesh, adorned with bracelets 
of snakes and a necklace and girdle of skulls. 

'"She is the female shakti, energy of Shiva, and be- 
cause of this position she is so honored without giving 
due honors to her divine spouse. For this reason she is 
given high status among the men and women of the 
Far East. 

'The Saktas who adore the wife of Shiva as his sakti, 
or energy, call their manuals, Tantras. These books 
contain a literature of such vast importance that I 
wonder how so many, over the centuries, have missed 
their substantiality. The contents have guided priests 
and gurus in their labors through the centuries, while 
they have been regarded as inspired authorities by 
poets and thinkers. 

"What it contains is most important to you and my- 
self and every spiritual traveler in the worlds here and 
beyond. While secrecy goes with savagery in the Kali 
or Sakta cult, it also has left us something for our own 
knowledge to help in the Far Country. 

4 They have a word a Word of Power a magic 
word. If uttered by one who has so subdued his nature 
as to be near the spiritual worlds, it may move moun- 
tains and achieve empires. It is the very word which all 
inner cults of religion have sought, a Word which was 
boomed out from the idol in the great inner temples of 
Egypt, the Power of Word that was on Aaron's Rod, 
the Power of Word the Psalmist says, 'When the sea 
heard, it fled'; the Power of Word that was on Solo- 


mon's Ring, and which Jesus, said the Jews, used to 
work his miracles. The Power of Word which all men 
seek, 'The gyatri' that must never be said, the sacred 
cry of obscure meaning *Om Mane padni hum!' 'The 
Jewel is in the Lotus/ 

"Nobody seems to find this word which is written 
into the Tantras, the secret mystical word which is 
there but not written. This is the paradox of all things 
which the worship of the Kali has brought out. 

"Now that I have said this much, it behooves me to 
bring you up to the next step. There is the Kali, there is 
the Shiva, the two faced God; the male and female God 
of this earth world. On one side you find the face of 
Shiva, the male God, with his symbol, the Linga, the 
phallic organ of man; the other face is that of Kali, the 
female side with the koni, the female organ of woman. 
Both represent two individual cults; the phallus is the 
male energy, and the vagina is the female energy. 

"Therefore the Word of Power is somehow tied in 
with the energies of the universal power, the ECK, 
which sends its forces into the human elements, the 
body and its bodies or sheaths. The Tuza is aware of 
this lost word, but somehow It hasn't yet found it in 
the worlds below. It is possible that the Tuza won't, 
until getting into the Sach Khand region, as an Initiate 
of ECK. 

"So you see that man worships the Kali in many 
forms, throughout all religions, or he worships the fem- 
inine principle, so to speak. He is concerned mostly 
with destroying and rebuilding in this world. His aber- 
rations keep him on the move destroying most of the 
things which come in his path, and it is through the 
feminine principle that he is interested in the ways of 
creating and destroying. 


"So it is strange that in this weird philosophy of 
destruction, you find the Word of Power. This Word on 
the planes of the lower worlds is a two edged 
sword for it can create or destroy; the creative side is 
the male principle and the destructive side is the 
female principle. 

'This power is in every woman who walks or has 
walked the earth planet. It is in her makeup to give life 
or destroy it; this is her nature and sad as it may be, 
the more freedom that a woman has the more that she 
wishes to experiment with life. She gives birth to 
babies as a creative process, but this is only one of her 
functions on the earth planet. Observe the nature of 
woman in your casual relations with them they want 
to pull everything down to their level this is because 
woman feels inferior to the male species. She will go to 
untold lengths in order to bring a man dlown to her 
level and make herself equal. This is the Kali force 
working within her. This is the power, or the word 
which the Tantras keep so secretly hidden and never 
write down, but at the same time tell you what it is and 
what it might be. 

"The menstruations of woman are tied to the forces 
of nature, and because of this cruelty, Kali herself is 
forced to demand the blood of humans and animals. 
This is to make up for what she loses monthly. She 
fights the desperate fight against nature and not win- 
ning, she takes her revenge by demanding that all 
women obey her and seek the equalization of man. She 
is gaining more strength and status from the ages 
through which she lives, until possibly one day, Kali 
may be the leader of all races that is woman might be- 
come the head of the family and leaders of nations. 

"This is why you and all spiritual travelers must 


study the worship of Kali. Man is coming into the era 
now where he is fighting for his position in the society 
of races, because women are trying to take his place. 
There have been many matriarchal societies in the his- 
tory of the earth and every time this has happened, 
there has been a major regression as the feminine prin- 
ciple rules. 

"The more civilized a nation or society becomes, the 
more it is influenced by women, the feminine principle. 
After it reaches its zenith as in the Golden Ages of 
Greece, when Pericles ruled, the feminine principle 
starts to turn the tide of attitudes with many female 
qualities, like love, charity and forgiveness. Each is a 
feminine quality and not at all like the qualities of the 
SUGMAD, those taught by the great spiritual Lords 
on the upper planes of the Far Country. 

"Kali is a civilizing creature, representing a minor 
current in the lower world which is not very well known 
by most of the people who worship her in some form, be 
it the Virgin Mother Mary, or the Rain Goddess of the 

"I'll take up more about Kali later! " 

"Sakti is the worship of Shiva, the form of pleasure 
derived from the guthya or Koni, the female organ. 
Shiva is the Linga, or the worship of the phallus. The 
union of these two is the cause of all joy in the uni- 
verse, say these followers of the two cults. It is also the 
unknown belief of all religions and cults on this earth. 

"Kali therefore represents the essence, power and 
force in life. Her followers have the complex that is 
sometimes met in the work of the somewhat super- 
feminists, that the female is the superior and dominat- 
ing force in the world and must be allowed to control it. 
You hear this being taught by mothers and feminine 


men to small children during their early years. 

"The important aspect of this fecundity cult is that 
the doctrine of reincarnation is associated with it, as in 
most religions that give credence to the subject. It 
means that every birth allows a waiting Soul to tread 
one more stage to salvation. The looseness of the moral 
code in regard to sex is an excuse given to help a Tuza 
reach perfection through reincarnation. 

'This is a part of the teachings on the Kundalinu 
The Saktis believe that the worship of the mother god- 
dess, Kali, and the performance of the sex act can bring 
about release of the Kundalini; that acts of violence 
will also release this strange powerful force. 

"The Kundalini is actually the sex force, in a manner 
of speaking. In other words the kundalini is a dichot- 
omy with two sides, the physical side and the subtle. 
The Sakti use the physical acts in order to release the 
kundalini, which is neither permanent nor stable in any 

"Those who follow the Patanjali system of yoga use 
the Pranayama exercises, which release or awaken the 
kundalini from its dormant state in the indri chakra, or 
swadhistana center. It lies near the sacral plexus and is 
associated with the function of reproduction. It is the 
creative center in man. Not the brain or the mind; as I 
pointed out before, this is actually the creative center 
in man. 

"When awakened this force rises through the central 
canal of the spinal cord, known to the anatomists as 
the sixth ventricle; to the occultists as the Susumna 
path, with two smaller canals, one called Ida, on the 
left, and the other called Pingala, on the right. When 
the Kundalini rises to the brain, fully aflame, a series 
of important changes take place in the consciousness, 


especially in the feelings and emotions. 

"The individual is on fire, so to speak. He has also a 
very great increase of powerspowers over the forces 
of nature and powers over other people. If, however, 
that individual has not been properly prepared for 
these changes by a rigorous process of training in self- 
control and mind purification, the results may be very 
disastrous. Even death or insanity may follow. 

"For this reason then, the way of the Kali is wrong 
the ecstasy brought to man through affection for and 
love of a woman, or the worship of sex in her, is danger- 
ous if it arouses the kundalini. Take the example of 
John Keats whose love for a woman was so great that 
it released this power in him and brought his death; the 
same happened to Lord Shelley, the poet, who went 
nearly insane and lost his life by drowning; Byron also 
had the same experience and went out of his life at 

"This Kundalini is dangerous on the lower planes. 
No man should play around with it unless he is in- 
structed by the MAHANTA, the living ECK Master. 
It can do great injury to the body and bring ruination 
upon the user's head, unless he is careful and properly 

"The systems taught by yoga to release this flame 
power are of the lower world, and of no need to the spir- 
itual traveler. The Tuza who wants the release of his 
kundalini must contact someone who can help him; 
then he can begin to release it and move into the higher 
spiritual realms. 

"You see man, himself, is a microcosm of the greater 
macrocosm, and in order for him to see this there are 
certain methods by which it can be done, mainly, intui- 
tion. Man is the microcosm and inside him are still 


smaller microcosms, each one of which has a definite 
relation to some portion of the outlying universe. The 
entire existence of man is wrapped up in a larger being. 
He himself is but a cell in the body of the cosmos. Yet, 
taken as an individual, man is a small universe. More 
accurately speaking, man is a cluster of universes, all 
within himself. 

44 In him lies hidden the sum total of all universes. 
Each cell in his body is a still smaller universe and each 
atom in each cell is still a smaller one. The body of man 
is a vast and complicated system of universes, millions 
of universes clustered together in a single unit. 

"Man is indeed a complete replica of the vast sys- 
tems outside of him, and in this fact lies a great hope. 
It is a gracious promise to man by the SUGMAD. 
Man, in the study of himself, learns about the great 
universes on the outside. By going within to go out- 
side, he awakens all his latent powers. Doing this, he 
then comes into conscious touch with the entire sys- 
tems of worlds, both physical and subtle, filling end- 
less space. 

"The exact process by means of which this is to be 
accomplished will be revealed by the spiritual traveler 
to those who wish to follow in his footsteps. 

"Each and every man, when properly trained, is able 
to detach himself from the physical body, while still 
living in that body in perfect health, and travel to all 
parts of the outlying universe. 

"Everyone has this ability, whether conscious of it 
or not, but during his sojourn in this world he has for- 
gotten and lost the knowledge of how this is done. 

"The microcosmic centers in the body are: (1) the 
Mulchakra, which is also called the muladhara or guda- 
chakra. It is located near the rectum and governs elimi- 



"These centers are all shaped somewhat like the lo- 
tus flower, more or less round, and the number of dis- 
tinct parts are spoken of as petals. This lowest one has 
four petals, the higher ones increasing in number, as 
they ascend. 

"It is an interesting fact that all of these body 
chakras taken together, have exactly fifty-two petals, 
corresponding to the fifty-two letters in the Sanskrit 
alphabet, and each petal gives out a sound of a distinct 
musical note, corresponding to one of the Sanskrit let- 
ters. These sounds can be heard by any person whose 
finer sense of hearing has been awakened. He can then 
see these chakras and listen to their sounds. It is 
claimed that these fifty-two sounds comprise all of the 
sounds which can be possibly made by the vocal or- 
gans of man. It is said that the ancient rishis and 
masters, listening to the fifty-two sounds, fashioned a 
character for each one, and that is the way the Sanskrit 
alphabet came into existence. 

"The second chakra is called the Indri-chakra or 
linga chakra, where the Shiva God is worshipped, as 
well as the Kali. It is also called the Shat-dal-kanwal. 
Located near the sacral plexus, it has six petals. It has 
to do with reproduction. 

"Third is the Nabhi chakra. It is often called Ashta- 
dal-kanwal. It is located at a point near the solar 
plexus and has mostly to do with general nutrition. It 
has eight petals. 

"Fourth is the Hrida chakra. It is also named Dvad- 
ach-dal-kanwal. It is near the cardia plexus and has 
twelve petals. Its function is to serve the circulation of 
the blood and breathing. 

"Fifth is the Kanth. It lies near the cervical plexus 


and has to do with respiration. It is also named the 
Shat-das-dal-kanwal, the lotus of sixteen petals. 

"The sixth center is called Do-dal-kanwal, the two 
petaled lotus. It is located back of the eyes on a level 
with the lower part of the eyeballs, but exactly in the 
center of the brain cavity, at a point in the subtle body, 
corresponding with the position of the pineal body. 
This is the seat of the mind and the Tuza. 

"This is the center of control over the body. All cen- 
ters below this one are subordinate. All deities or 
forces which are said to govern the body are them- 
selves subordinate to the mind and spirit of man which 
reside in this center. 

"Above this center is another center called Char-dal- 
kanwal, whose function is to supply the four-fold 
Antishkarans, the mental faculties of the mind, with 
centers of action. These four faculties are: Manas, 
Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankara. Each of the petals of 
this lotus has its own sound, and these four complete 
the fifty-two letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. This is 
the lowest of the six centers in Anda and lies nearest to 
Pinda, the fourth grand division. 

"Just above the Antishkaran four petaled center 
comes the Tisra Til, third eye, at which the chela con- 
centrates his attention, when practicing the spiritual 
exercises of ECK. Thus the Tuza resides in the Do-dal- 
kanwal, when in the body, and leaves through the 
Tisra Til. 

"This is enough for today. Tomorrow I'll talk some 
more on these centers." 

"Now to finish the Tisra Til or the third eye. This 


subtle organ is also called the Shiva-netra, the eye of 
Shiva. It is also Nukti-i-saveda, the black point- 
known mainly to the Saktas, followers of Kali, the 
Black Goddess. 

"In the case of the Nukti-i-saveda, the concentration 
is worked in reverse and Soul, in getting out of the 
body, is kept earth-bound, doing many things which 
often ends in violence. It's a sort of left hand path, or 
black magic. 

"There are many centers still higher in the brain, 
each corresponding to a region in the higher worlds. 
There are twenty-two important centers in man's sub- 
tle body, besides almost numberless smaller ones 
which may be likened to the smaller nerve ganglia in 
the body. They all have a certain function but it is too 
much to explain here, so we'll keep to the high spots. 

"I have given the six centers in Pinda, the lower 
world, or body below the eyes, as a study. This is be- 
cause so many yogis emphasize these and use them, 
but no spiritual traveler uses them. They begin their 
concentration at Tisra Til, and from there they move 

"If one begins there, the next station above Tisra Til 
is Ashta-dal-Kanwal, the lotus of eight petals; then the 
next above that is the true center of all the Astral 
worlds, the Sahasra-dal-Kanwal, and this is the first of 
the great regions traveled by the spiritual travelers in 
the Far Country. 

"All great yogis generally stop here, many of them 
fully believing that they have attained the highest in 
the Far Country. It is practically the starting point of 
the spiritual travelers on their upward journey toward 
the supreme region. That supreme world lies eight dis- 
tinct stages above, or seven exclusive of Sahasra-dal- 


Kanwal. Sahasra-dal-Kanwal lies just below the 
Brahm Lok of the Hindus, which is known in the lan- 
guage of the ECK travelers as TirkutL 

"This is the second stage on the path for the great 
Yogis. For the ancient Hindus and the Vedas, it was 
the end of all, the residence of the Supreme Godhead. 
In the science of the spiritual travelers, Brahma is 
known as the Negative Power. 

''It was inevitable that the feeling of bhakti, or love, 
which is inseparable from the life itself should eventu- 
ally manifest itself in something like the Tantric cult of 
Kali. Tantra's fundamental characteristic is a full, un- 
conditional acceptance of life and the world of creation, 
as they are, whereas the intellectual denied their 

"The former was life-affirming, whereas the latter 
life-denying. The intellectual, in fact, was the represen- 
tative of a petrified civilization's intellect, rational, 
coldly logical and sterile. The greatest modern expo- 
nent of Tantra, the Kali cult, was Sri Ramakrishna, 
who defined Tantra in this manner, 'The bhaktas 
accept all the states of consciousness. They take the 
waking state to be real also. They don't think the world 
to be illusory, like a dream. They say that the universe 
is a manifestation of the SUGMAD's power and glory. 
The SUGMAD has created all these sky, stars, moon, 
sun, mountains, ocean, men, animals. They constitute 

His glory He is within us, in our hearts. Again, He 

is outside/ 

"Ramakrishna added that Jnana, the path of knowl- 
edge, that is obtained through radical negation led to 
the Absolute, impersonal Godhead of monism. But 
bhakti, the progressive affirmation of unquenchable 
love, leads to something else; to the worship of the cos- 


tnic force of the universe, sakti, as symbolized by the 
goddess Kali. 

"The popular, optimistic and almost sensuous as- 
pect of the Kali cult as given in the Tantra, is the natu- 
ral complement of the more negative and intellectually 
aristocratic Vedanta in its complete acceptance and fu- 
sion of the four basic pursuits of man: prosperity, 
(artha), sensual love (kama), earthly duties (dharma) 
and final release (moksha). 

"In the Kali movement, the Hinduism of the last few 
centuries, is finally expressed most completely in its 
catholic rites and devotions: consecrations, transub- 
stantiations, incense and offerings accompany yogic 
meditation. More than anything else, this cult has 
given free rein to the development of the powers of the 
imagination. And nowhere as in India, has the power of 
imagination been able to recreate art and cause a meta- 
morphosis in the devotee himself, than in the Kali wor- 

"Sri Ramakrishna said at one time. The Divine 
Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that it was 
She who had become everything/ 

"The Kali described by the Tantra text is one who 
should be adored with liquors and oblations. She who 
has a gaping mouth and uncombed hair; who has four 
hands and a splendid garland formed of the heads of 
the giants she has slain, and whose blood she has 
drunk; who is as black as the large clouds and has the 
whole sky for her clothes; who has a string of skulls 
around her neck and throat besmeared with blood; who 
wears ear-rings, consisting of two dead bodies; who 
carries two dead bodies in her hands; whose form is aw- 
ful and who dwells in the burial grounds of consumed 


"This is the Divine Mother of the gentle saint, also 
the goddess of the criminal, blood-thirsty Thuggee 
cult. Can you imagine anyone worshipping this out- 
landish symbol? 

"Kali is but the primitive energy called Shakti in 
this lower world, and whoever can understand this all 
creative element which can also destroy, is among the 
highest in the world of the Anda. She is the burning of 
the fire, the subtle side of Shiva. 

"Other mystics in India have followed this strange 
goddess. Vivekananda was her disciple. The great In- 
diafi teacher, Aurobindo Ghose, found refuge in her 
arms. Subhas Bose, a ranking member of the Indian 
congress, whose opposition to Gandhi's non-violence 
platform brought him into the light of international 
news, was a devotee. These are among a few who have 
been followers of the Kali. 

"Having brought you this far, I will go to the next 
step. The symbol of the Kali is the manifestation of the 
feminine principle in man and woman. She is the repre- 
sentation of all womanhood, the great mother, the 
moon goddess, the divine mother. 

"This mother goddess is the heavenly representative 
of womanhood. She is the Mother, the Woman who is 
immortal. She does not die like man, but lives eter- 
nally, the prototype of woman, the eternal feminine. 
She lives eternally and it is her unchanging, enduring 
character which is her most marked characteristic. She 
is the power behind God, or to quote the early Greek 
writers, she is the fatal goddess, the Goddess of Fate, 
and often therefore the inexorable one, the goddess of 
death, whom even the efforts of her devotees cannot 

"The Kali is the All-Giver, mother of Gods and men 


and of the creatures of the field. Her story appears 
again and again in primitive mythologies. Sometimes 
she is the Moon Mother, the creative Earth Mother, 
Mother Nature. In many systems her concept closely 
resembles that of the Kali so it is hard to say what is 
the mother goddess that all ancient people worshipped 
and is still found today in the Kali and the Virgin 
Mary. All are represented as the same generative and 
destructive powers. The Chaldeans, Greeks, Scandi- 
navians, Hindus and Chinese speak of their mother 
goddess, sometimes as earth deities but always in the 
terms of the generative and destructive powers. 

"In all ages and in all places men have conceived of a 
Great Mother, a Great Woman, who watches over 
mankind from some place in the sky, or from the place 
of the gods and the temples. This concept can be found 
in practically every religion and mythology whose con- 
tents have come to my knowledge. 

"These Great Mothers, whose worship has domi- 
nated the religious thoughts of people far removed 
from each other in time, space and culture, have an 
essential similarity which cannot but amaze you. The 
Great Mother was worshipped in ancient Babylonia, in 
the Near East, in Egypt, in Rome, in medieval Europe, 
even to this day among the peasants of Europe, in the 
Celtic countries, in ancient Mexico, among the North 
and South American Indians, in Africa, in Australia, in 
Polynesia, in India, and in ancient China. 

"In all these places, and the list is not complete, the 
Mother has certain clearly defined qualities. She par- 
takes of the characteristics of the moon, and in a pecu- 
liar sense, she is the women's deity. She represents the 
feminine qualities of fertility and virginal births. 

"All women find a worship for the Mother Goddess, 


whether they are aware of it or not. It might be in the 
church, or it could be of their nature to give adoration 
to this strange being, which is actually the minor fem- 
inine current on this earth plane. 

"This feminine principle is in constant struggle 
against the masculine principle, because it is consid- 
ered natural. It is like water which can blend, or bend 
at any moment and by doing so overcome the user of it. 
Drink too much and you will die from over indulgence. 
Immerse too long and you will drown. But stay away 
from it and you die of thirst or dehydration. This is the 
strength of the feminine principle. 

"Women know this and in this manner they use man 
for their needs. In other words they are the conquerors, 
if man doesn't know it in time. You have only to know, 
when a woman has set out to overcome you through 
love, forgiveness and subtle conquest. She intends to 
keep you in the lower creations, but if you can mold her 
and make her pliant to your touch she can become a 
great spiritual traveler. 

"She can reach the world of SUGMAD without 
man's help. Instinctively she knows this yet she 
reaches out for man to hold him to her side. Once she 
understands what can be done for her, then she will 
seek out the ECK which can take her upward into the 
airy heights of the Far Country/' 



Chapter 6 

Rebazar Tarzs wasted little time after my arrival the 
next morning. The sunlight made patterns across the 
floor, via the window and door. A blue fly crawled up 
the side of the wall and tickled his wings as though he 
were going to dive bomb us from that height. 

The long ranges of the high peaks in the Hindu Kush 
mountains sparkled in white brilliancy. The shade was 
cool and inviting, similar to days spent along the Mis- 
sissippi River when I was a child. Everything was a 
perfect setting, but more or less a setting filled with 
unreality. Nevertheless I saw that it was easy to an- 
chor my deeper self to this great spiritual traveler and 
left it that way. 

"Now a study of the Divine SUGMAD is in order," 
said Rebazar Tarzs, dropping upon the floor and 
putting his legs one over the other in a lotus position. 

"You know what the SUGMAD IS, and you have 
some idea of what IT is like, and IT has to fit certain 
mechanical laws which IT has set up for ITSELF in 
the operation and management of the world processes, 
and their complexities. 

"You see the SUGMAD, in a sense, operates like an 
individual. IT makes ITS own laws and must abide by 
them. This is the way that man works on a mechanical 
basis from habit. He sets up certain laws or rather 
postulates by which he must operate. These postulates 
or considerations may be in line with some other group 
of Souls, but all the same he must establish them him- 
self or they will not be followed in the general social 


order in which he lives. 

"This makes for rebels. Those who can't get into the 
swing of things that everybody else is doing must live 
outside the social order and suffer; although this might 
be a slight social ostracization compared to that of 
getting killed, as happened in Hitler's times. 

"I don't know if you are aware of this, but the 
SUGM AD is as fixed in ITS ways as many individuals 
are on this earth plane. IT has to fight battles to stay 
in a certain conformed groove, because once out of it 
too many followers complain. So IT becomes as 
mechanical as the poor weaklings IT commands. Yet 
on the other hand the SUGMAD is also capable of 
changing nature quickly; however any changes made 
are usually done with lightning speed because it is con- 

"The seekers of the SUGMAD must leave the earth 
world sooner or later. Their work is never completed, 
and has to be left to immature disciples who generally 
ignore IT. 

"Seldom do chelas become real ECK travelers. The 
travelers tell their chelas that they have realized God 
in themselves, but as soon as they depart, the disciples 
begin to say that they feel God in themselves. There is 
a vast difference. The travelers see the SUGMAD, 
which is the real deity. They do not feel IT. And that 
constitutes an essential difference. Feeling is more or 
less blind and wholly unreliable. The spiritual travelers 
actually enter and explore the Kingdom of the Far 
Country, but the disciples read about it in books and 
begin to speculate. 

4 You don't find the SUGMAD through religion. 
IT's beyond religion of any nature, and nobody is 
going to seek for IT correctly when they know not 


where IT is. 

"The SUGMAD is beyond this world of senses, this 
world of eternal eating and drinking and talking non- 
sense, this world of false shadows and selfishness. 

"IT is beyond all books, beyond all creeds, beyond 
the vanities of the world. It is the realization of the 
SUGMAD within oneself. 

"A man may believe in all the churches in the world; 
he may carry in his head all the sacred books ever 
written; he may baptize himself in all the rivers of the 
earth, still if he has no perception of the SUGMAD, I 
would class him with the rankest atheist. And a man 
may never enter a church or a mosque, nor perform any 
ceremony; but if he realizes the SUGMAD within him- 
self, and is thereby lifted above the vanities of the 
world, that man is a holy man, a saint; call him what 
you will. 

"I will add that it is good to be born in a church, but 
it is bad to die there. It is good to be born a child, but 
bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, symbols, 
are good for children; but when a child is grown up, he 
must burst, either the church or himself. 

"This realization of the SUGMAD must be explain- 
ed to you. Most people have no idea what one is talking 
about, nor do any of the many writers who turn out 
reams on the subject have the foggiest idea of what 
this expression means. 

"First of all, it is not a feeling. Secondly, it is not a 
metaphysical speculation, nor a logical syllogism. It is 
not a conclusion based upon reasoning, nor upon the 
evidence of books or persons. 

"The basic idea is that the SUGMAD must become 
real to the individual. Not a mental concept of IT, but a 
living reality. This can never be until the individual 


sees IT. Personal sight and hearing are necessary, be- 
fore anything or anybody becomes real to us. To prac- 
tically all men, the SUGMAD is an abstract idea, a 
mental concept. But how can you worship a mental 
concept? When most people say they love the 
SUGMAD, they mean that they have a certain emo- 
tion, superinduced by suggestion. It hasn't got the 
least thing to do with the realization of the SUGMAD. 

"Now, the purpose of all higher thought is to convert 
that mental concept into something that is real to ex- 
perience. It is only then that the ECK traveler can 
have a true insight upon realization. 

"The real poverty of all religions has been their ina- 
bility to make the SUGMAD real to their devotees. 
Can you imagine that men would live as they do, think 
and act as they do, if the SUGMAD was real to them: 
It is unthinkable. It must be confessed that as sad as 
that confession is, that not one Soul in all history has 
been able to realize the SUGMAD by and through any 
religious doctrine, or ceremony; not even by prayer and 
mental devotion to an ideal. 

"We know this is so, because such realization can 
never be achieved by such means. In the very nature of 
the case it is impossible. The best they can do is feel a 
little closer to Reality, or to quicken the imagination a 
little by prayer, Smarana* and concentration. If one 
gets into subtle regions, even to some small degree, he 
will experience a little uplift. 

"This is good, but the feeling he gets will never carry 
him to those heights where he will possess complete 
realization of the SUGMAD. What then can lead him 
to that complete, supreme desideratum, or realization? 

*Smarana repeating of holy names. 


The spiritual travelers can give you the answer. 

* There is but one method of making the SUGMAD 
real to you that is, to make you see the SUGMAD 
and hear IT. If you say this cannot be done, that is be- 
cause you are unacquainted with the path into the Far 
Country, and the true methods. 

"When the seeker enters the higher planes and there 
beholds within his own finer vision some majestic em- 
bodiment of the SUGMAD, clothed in divine power 
and beauty; and when he hears the enchanting music of 
the ECK, he then begins to realize the SUGMAD. 

"But the realization is not complete at this point. 
Only when he rises by the aid of the ECK, to the still 
higher planes, and there in great joy blends his own 
spiritual being with the Supreme SUGMAD, then it is 
that he may experience this divine realization. 

"From this fact, it must be evident that no religious 
ceremony can accomplish so much. Certainly no men- 
tal process can do this. It is a personal experience that 
cannot be had upon this earth plane. It is not an experi- 
ence possible to physical consciousness. One simply 
must enter the super-physical planes to get it. Not only 
this, but he must rise to very exalted regions, and this 
can be accomplished only on the path to the Far Coun- 
try, and with the help of the spiritual travelers. 

"When the chela of a spiritual traveler ascends the 
spiritual worlds, one after another, he enters Daswan 
Dwar, the first plane of the heavenly country; he there 
beholds himself as pure spirit, stripped of all material- 
ity. And this is Self-Realization. 

"After that, if he advances into the higher worlds, he 
there beholds one or more of the most sublime manifes- 
tations of the Supreme SUGMAD, and then merging 
himself with these manifestations of the SUGMAD, he 


comes to know the SUGMAD. And this is genuine 
SUGMAD-realization. There is no other. 

"No man can ever know the SUGMAD, until he con- 
sciously becomes one with the divine Self. Anything 
short of this is more or less speculative, imaginary, 
visionary and imperfect. 

"This is a summing up of the whole matter. Churches, 
formal religions belong to the immature periods of hu- 
man thought and evolution, to the childhood of the 
race. Each religion serves its own purpose in its own 
day and time. But each must eventually give way to 
something more complete, as mankind advances to 
greater spiritual understanding. 

"Throughout the whole of human history, the very 
essence of religion has been an effort to realize the 
SUGMAD. How many have succeeded? What you 
might call a handful! 

"Only the great ECK travelers have had the perfect 
system by means of which it can be done, and the trav- 
elers have been very few among men. Efforts toward 
this sort of realization have always failed, except and 
only, when they have followed the method which I've 
laid down here. 

"If the ardent followers of certain religions insist 
that many people have succeeded by their own meth- 
ods, that is because they over-estimate a partial 

"Something is gained, no doubt, by nearly all forms 
and ceremonies, by prayers and deeds of charity. But 
not complete realization of the SUGMAD not even 
perfect Self-Realization. 

"Do you understand what I am saying? 

"If you do, then we are on the right track, for it is so 
hard to get anyone to grasp the essential meaning of 


Self-Realization. We haven't gotten to the ECK, the 
spirit of all things yetbut that is coming, for all 
things are made up of the ECK, and not the SUGMAD. 

'There is a vast difference between the two. I will ex- 
plain later. " 

* * * 

"Now to continue on the subject of the Supreme 
SUGMAD," said Rebazar Tarzs quietly, while looking 
over my head at the sunlight streaming through the 

"There are six different ways the Supreme SUGMAD 
has to make ITSELF known to men. Notice here that 
sometimes I speak of the SUGMAD in the pronoun, 
HIM, and other times in the neuter, IT. This magnifi- 
cent power is not to be named, for IT is so great that 
we cannot give IT a designation as is the earth men's 
habit of tagging people by names. 

"All right, the six ways that the Supreme SUGMAD 
has to make ITSELF known to man are often called 
rays of light from the Divine. They are spoken of at 
times, as if they are personalities Ameshspenta, 
which means the Holy immortals. 

"They are: 

"First, the Asa-Vahista, the Supreme Will, manifest- 
ed in the world. Second, the Vohu-Mano, good mind, 
divine wisdom, pure mindedness. Third, the Khashath- 
ra-Vairya, all creative, all sustaining power. Fourth, 
the Spenta-Armaiti, perfect piety with single minded 
devotion. Fifth, the Haurvata, absolute, wholeness, 
perfection, spirituality, and sixth, Ameretatat, immor- 
tal life, freedom from death, or dissolution. 

"These six represent both the maternal and paternal 
qualities of the Supreme SUGMAD, the first three, the 
father, and the last three, the motherly nature of the 



"Of course there is the seventh, which is needed to 
make up the total of the first six rays and the essence 
of that we know as the ECK, the highest of all spiritual 
powers. The ECK gives life, sustains all life and binds 
together as the adhesive force we know as love. 

"Now there is an eighth ray, if you wish to call it 
that. Rather an eighth power, which you know as the 
ECK. It is often called Sraosha in the Far Country. A 
word derived from the Sanskrit root, Sru, meaning to 
hear. This is most significant. It is quite clear to the 
spiritual traveler that this ray of the Divine One is 
something that can be heard. This refers to the ECK, 
that audible life stream of the SUGMAD. It can be 
nothing else. 

"This Sraosha is the central theme in all the teach- 
ings of the world. The spiritual traveler knows that it 
is the supreme thing for man to seek and to cultivate. 
He knows that when one fully attains to this Sraosha 
or ECK, that the way stands open before him to enter 
into the Far Country; all obstructions are removed. 

"Going back to religion, you might say that religion 
for anyone is not the church, the organized body of 
those following a series of concepts, but it is the inner 
experience of the individual. To get to this experience, 
one must go inside and find his way through to the spi- 
ritual worlds. 

"He must detach himself from all sense objects by 
concentrating the attention on something inside, and 
suddenly he will be outside in the subjective worlds. 
Does that make sense? 

"By leaving the outer world and entering the inner 
world of consciousness, the spiritual traveler finds 
himself. There is no exception to this rule. This is the 


true system of the ECK travelers, and it is true of all 
other systems which yield any sort of high spiritual ex- 
perience whatsoever. Here is the crucial point as the 
methods differ, so will the experiences differ. The 
method of the spiritual traveler is exacting. All other 
methods are more or less haphazard, empirical and un- 

"Because of these various methods which the many 
religious organizations have, the experiences in the 
other worlds are vastly different. Take for example 
here on this plane; the experience of the movie actor is 
going to be vastly different from that of a public 
accountant. This is obvious. 

"This explains why so many religions exist in this 
world and in the other worlds up to the Daswan Dwar 
plane* Each of the followers of the various religious 
groups have different experiences, in their own meth- 
ods. Within each method the experience is uniform and 
therefore makes for reality for those following that par- 
ticular method. 

"There is a vast difference also in the differences of 
religious experiences. This also explains why there is 
such an endless variety and confusion in the results ob- 
tained by all other methods. 

"Also there is a vast difference in the degree and ex- 
tent of penetration into the inner worlds, and so there 
must be a corresponding difference in the results ob- 
tained. This fact further accounts for the great variety 
of inner experiences, and the variety of religions based 
upon the experiences. 

"One may leave the outer world and enter very 
slightly into the regions of thought. If he concentrates 
at that point, thought-forms will build up about him, 
and his problems will be solved, so far as his own 


thought can solve them. These thought-forms can be 
seen by anyone who has astral vision. This is the re- 
gion where mind plays its greatest dramas. It is on the 
Astral plane that mind goes on creating molding and 
shaping as it desires. All the while there is a constant 
stream of suggestion pouring in upon the individual. 
This helps to mold his thought-forms. Finally many 
Tuzas, who are more sensitive are able to actually see 
their own thought-forms and they imagine they have 
seen some great characters outside themselves. Those 
thought-images will often talk to them, out of the 
depths of the sub-conscious self. 

"There has never been a religion founded, never a 
good book written, never a good picture painted, never 
a good poem composed, never a good invention devel- 
oped, except by going inside to some extent, and there 
concentrating on the task in hand. Even if one is not 
conscious of the exact thing he is to accomplish, he 
gets results by concentration. That is the great thing 
in the process perfect concentration, becoming oblivi- 
ous to the outer world of sense, centering attention 
upon that which is to be found in the Far Country. This 
is the way of attainment, no matter in what line of en- 
deavor. No matter what one is to achieve, this is the 
one and only method leading to success. Concentrated 
attention is the key that unlocks all stores of wisdom, 
of truth and spirituality. 

"When the traveler comes face to face with his own 
mental creation at the beginning of his journey, and if 
he is without previous experience on this path, he will 
be almost helpless unless he has the guiding direction 
of a traveler who has gone on before him. 

"This has been the unfortunate experience of thou- 
sands of those who have entered to some degree into 


the inner consciousness; they got the impression that 
some deity, or some angel, or relative is leading them. 
They hear the Voice of God, they say. Or they get the 
impression that God himself is giving them some 
command, or instruction. 

"But as a matter of fact, such vision, or voices, or im- 
pressions, are as a rule, their own mental creations. 
This process is plainly visible to anyone who has inde- 
pendent astral vision. The individual himself is rarely 
able to make the distinction, because he hasn't such 
independent vision. He fondly believes God is speak- 
ing to him directly, when he is actually hearing nothing 
but the faint whisperings of his own mind, coming up 
out of his subconscious self. He is deceived, self- 
deceived. And so often he announces that he has re- 
ceived a message from God, or that God is leading him 
to do certain things. Many people say that God has 
ordered them to commit murder, or do all sorts of 
atrocities. It is their disordered mind. 

"To the spiritual traveler who has learned much 
about psychological phenomena, it is quite apparent 
that any command from God is nothing more than a 
creation of one's own mind, superinduced by a long 
course of suggestion. 

"It has happened many times in history. New cults 
are started as result of this, movements inaugurated, 
sacrifices made, and books written, solely on the 
strength of such commands from God. These indivi- 
duals are not to be blamed for their mistakes. Most of 
them are serious, sincere devotees of religion. The 
trouble is that they have no safeguard, no reliable 
guidance. They cannot see inside, so as to detect the 
fraud that is being perpetrated upon them by their own 


"As soon as a person enters into the lower spiritual 
worlds, only for a small distance inside, he is always 
confronted and fairly assaulted by multitudes of his 
own thought-forms. They have nearly all taken shape 
out of his own past training and the ideas he has held 
for long periods of time, aided by the suggestions of 
others. They spring up out of his own long-cherished 
desires. In the end, they mislead him into all sorts of 
by-paths. This psychological process, we believe, is the 
real source of most of that endless variety of exper- 
ience which people call religious, and accounts for the 
great multiplicity of religions. Even William James 
was mislead in his studies of those who experienced 
these varieties of religious phenomena. 

"Every ECK traveler keeps a vigilant eye upon his 
mental processes. When he begins to enter the inner 
worlds, even to the slightest degree, he must beware of 
his own misleading mental creations. In all of his 
waking consciousness, he is to remember that his mind 
is his worst enemy, as well as his most useful instru- 
ment. But the main point is that he must keep it under 
control every moment. The mind is a useful servant 
but a bad master. 

"The deeper one penetrates into the finer regions of 
truth and reality, the more perfect his light becomes. 
The spiritual traveler never imagines he is led by the 
SUGMAD. He never gets a false impression, and he 
never organizes a misleading cult out of his own dis- 
ordered impressions. The SUGMAD never talks di- 
rectly to people, as I Ve just described. 

"The SUGMAD has ITS way of leading men to the 
light. There are two methods used by the Supreme 
One: First, is the method of the whole world, led by 
natural law, personal experience and experimenta- 


tion trial and discard. The second is finding the 
M AH ANT A who will help you and give you his benefit 
by taking you with him on trips into the Far Country 
until you're able to travel alone. 

"Remember that the SUGMAD doesn't interfere in 
the affairs of men. IT never speaks to anyone, IT never 
is seen by anyone, nor does IT impress anyone's 

"Now, to be able to hear the Supreme One, is an 
exalted attainment, far above that ever experienced by 
any spiritual seeker, except a saint or traveler. But the 
real saints and travelers are few in this world. 

"A further word of warning has to be given here. 
Even if the seeker sees visions inside, he must beware 
of them. If he meets individuals, men, angels, even 
someone appearing as the Supreme Deity, or claiming 
to be IT or Jesus or a saint, beware that he is not 
deceived. If the seeker is a disciple of a real spiritual 
traveler, he cannot be deceived. 

"He would have a definite infallible method of test- 
ing each vision, or appearance, to prove if they were 
genuine, as claimed. But should he not have this arma- 
ment, he could almost be assured that he was being 

"The mind is treacherous, and besides this, the lower 
subtle worlds are filled with millions of other minds 
who are just as treacherous as our own. Don't believe 
them. Like the spiritual travelers say we shouldn't 
even salute them, or speak to them unless they are 
brought to attention by a traveler. 

"If you imagine you see the Lord himself, any Lord 
whom you regard highly, do not allow that vision to 


carry you off your feet. The vision may be a creation of 
your own mind, or it may be the creation of some other 
intelligence, or an impersonation. Beware of it. 

"Until one has the assistance of an ECK traveler, it 
is wiser to avoid all inner experiences. Above all, one 
should discount all voices which he hears. The use of 
your initiate's word will determine if your experience is 
genuine. If someone appears before you in a vision 
claiming mastership or a Deity, the use of your 
charged word will determine the vision. If a fraud, it 
will disappear. 

"Now let me give you the answer to another question 
which apparently bothers many people. A genuine 
ECK Master is the superman of the ethnologists and 
philosophers. He is that which Nietzsche sought to 
bring out in his Zarathustra. 

"The Master is the highest developed man known to 
history, and consequently by virtue of his develop- 
ment, he has become the prototype of the race, the 
most splendid specimen of manhood, the noblest of the 

"It is generally understood that no man with a defec- 
tive body, any serious deformity, can ever become a 
spiritual traveler. His mind must be of a very high 
type, keen, penetrating, quick of wit, and sound of 
judgment. He may not be educated in a university or 
college, but his mind must undergo the severest train- 
ing and discipline. During the process of becoming a 
living ECK Master, he attains all knowledge which 
could possibly be given in the colleges and universities. 
In all respects the spiritual traveler is the highest type 
of man, when judged as man. 

"The ECK traveler is the only man ever manifested 
in all history in whom individualism and universalism 


are combined in their full expression. That is, the 
spiritual traveler stands alone, is a law unto himself, 
does what he pleases, has what he wants, comes and 
goes absolutely at his own will, and asks favors of no 
man. Neither can any man hinder him in the execution 
of his will. He is the only man who has no need to ask 
favors of others; he has all things at his own command. 
If he suffers hardships, or inconveniences, that is be- 
cause he chooses to do so for some purpose. He always 
pays for what he gets. He is not a slave to anyone, is no 
time server, is not bound by any rule or custom outside 
of himself, and is a citizen of the whole world. 

"There is but one to whom the spiritual traveler 
bows in humble submission the Supreme SUGMAD 
Lord of All things in the highest height of the spiritual 
worlds. ITS sovereign law is the only law the spiritual 
traveler recognizes, and the universal law of all laws- 
Wisdom, Power and Freedom! 

"Now, the world is the theater of the intellect. At 
least this is one of its fields of operation. It is the play 
or sport of the Kali, mother goddess. In this field 
science has made many conquests, and will doubtless 
make more. But there is a vast field far above and be- 
yond the play of the mind, where the developed travel- 
er alone may enter It is into this higher region of the 
spirit the traveler goes, and it is there his real achieve- 
ments are made. 

"Entering there by methods well known to him, he 
finds that this earth world is nothing more than the 
mudball of nature's vast and complicated structure. 
Above and beyond this world of shadow and pain, lie 
innumerable worlds of intense light. They are real 
worlds, full of beauty, color, rhythm and joy. Escaping 
for the time being the limitations of the body, the 


spiritual traveler goes into the higher worlds, in full 
consciousness, and then returns to report what he has 
seen and heard, and otherwise experienced. He finds, 
among other things, that death is only an appearance, 
an illusion. 

"When man leaves his physical body, at the time of 
what we call death, he simply steps out into another 
and higher world. He takes with him a finer body, 
which he now uses unconsciously, and on that higher 
plane, he uses the finer one just as he used the physical 
body here. 

'The Supreme One is the infinite, limitless, whole of 
spiritual existence. The universal Tuza of all Tuzas, of 
all worlds, cannot be wholly centered in and limited to 
a single physical body, regardless of what the Catholic 
religion teaches. 

"The SUGMAD is all Wisdom, Power and Freedom, 
and is the controller of the ECK, omnipresent and all- 
pervading. The spiritual traveler who has reached 
these heights is the same except for his physical limita- 
tions. Spiritually, he has no limitations. But the body 
is not the traveler, it is only a covering, one of his many 

"He may at will leave the body and work on any of 
the higher planes, each higher plane gives him greater 
freedom and scope of action. He himself has no limita- 
tions, being one with the SUGMAD. Only the materi- 
als through which he works limit his actions; in the 
same manner they limit the actions of the SUGMAD, 

"The omniscience of the Lord may not be able to ex- 
press itself through the physical brain of the traveler, 
but the traveler may, in seconds, rise to regions above 
the sphere of the brain activity, where his conscious- 


ness automatically expands, even to the limitless. 
When he returns to this plane he will remember just as 
much of it as can be brought within the compass of 
brain action. 

'Therefore the highest spiritual traveler becomes 
the giver of all life, the Lord of the universe. This is 
true because the traveler on the higher planes is identi- 
cal with the Supreme SUGMAD. If one must ask how 
these things be, the answer is, because the traveler is 
one with the SUGMAD and the SUGMAD is express- 
ing ITSELF through the traveler's form. The travel- 
er's form is therefore the SUGMAD's form. Whatever 
the Universal ECK is, the individual traveler is identi- 
cal in substance and attributes with IT. 

"The beauty of all this is that every man is a poten- 
tial traveler, and is therefore potentially identical with 
the Supreme SUGMAD. He needs only development 
and realization of this so spiritual traveling is the su- 
preme goal of all human evolution. 

"Who can know the SUGMAD, but one who -has 
himself ascended to the spiritual heights where the 
SUGMAD is openly manifest to sight? 

"At the same time, throughout history, men have 
gone along creating Gods in their own image. Thus 
many a sincere student has taken refuge in agnosti- 
cism. They say that man stands between two great 
mountain peaks, the eternal past and the eternal 
future, and no man can see beyond either of those 

"Theologians, in a frantic effort to prove the exist- 
ence of a Supreme Deity, point to the construction and 
order of Nature, the rhythm of the universe, its fixed 
laws and its onward flow all of which they say sug- 
gests an all-wise and all-powerful creator. But after all, 


any argument based upon logical premises is just as 
likely to lead us astray as do the dogmatic assertions 
of the theologians. Of course there is no lie like history, 
so it may be said that there is nothing more misleading 
than logic. The Supreme can never be made a reality to 
any man by mere logic, or by books, or by feelings. 

"I sincerely believe that anything which has to be 
proved by long processes of logic is not worth proving. 
In other words, if the thing is not self-evident, it is of 
little use. If anything in theory or teaching has to be 
established by laborious processes of reasoning, 
this very fact shows that we are on the wrong track 
and should seek new methods of establishing the 

"Therefore the method of proving the existence of 
the great SUGMAD which is worth our time, is the 
experimental method of the spiritual travelers. No 
other method has ever succeeded and none of them can 
ever succeed. 

"We'll leave off here/' 

"Among all peoples, and in all languages, not only is 
the name of the Supreme One different, but the funda- 
mental ideas of the deity are different. 

"In almost every land the people, in total ignorance 
of the SUGMAD, have gone on creating anthropomor- 
phic gods to their heart's content. These gods are all 
given high seats in their heavens, from which they 
keep a vigilant eye upon erring mortals, their recording 
secretaries at their right hands. Nothing escapes the 
recording angels, according to those who believe in 
these gods. Of course, the idea must be all right, as by 


the law of karma man must pay for each offense in due 
course. A knowledge of the karmic laws is certainly the 
source of all such ideas as recording angels, or punish- 
ment for misdeeds. 

"In spite of all the confusion regarding names and 
characteristics among the gods, there runs like a 
golden thread through all the accounts, the central 
idea of a great over-ruling power that is greater and 
better than man. 

4 The human race had been taught to look up to the 
gods with fear and trembling. That is, until the arrival 
of Jesus who said that God should be loved. This has 
been a central theme since the beginning of Christian- 
ity, but it's one the spiritual travelers know to be a 

"Christianity failed in several ways; mainly the 
Supreme One didn't send his only begotten son to that 
age of semi-civilized tribes who demanded his blood. 
This is inconsistent with the ways of the upper world 
for every MAHANTA, every Living ECK Master is 
the son of God, the trinity, God, ITSELF manifested 
for the uplifting of humanity. It is amazing that so- 
called civilized man could even begin to think like this. 
But it happens in Christianity, and someday the lead- 
ers will have to pay for this! 

"Frankly, no one has given any description or analy- 
sis of the divine attributes, nor has any man ever im- 
agined himself capable of doing so. But we find our- 
selves in possession of two opposite sets of qualities, 
the one we call bad and the other good. These two sets 
work in opposition to each other on the lower planes. 
They tend in exactly opposite directions, and they end 
in totally antagonistic results. 

"Hence, in this world life is largely made up of wars 


waged incessantly between these two opposite sets of 
qualities and tendencies. This accounts for the writing 
of the holy scriptures, e.g., the Christian Bible, 
Granath Guru, Koran, etc. Where did man get these 
antagonistic qualities? 

"Okay, then I'll get into the negative side of the 
power. This refers to that individual in the grand hier- 
archy who occupies the position of Creator and Gover- 
nor nearest the negative pole of creation. He is not the 
lowest in the Hierarchy. 

"Under him are many subordinates, but of all the 
negative powers, he is supreme. The rest may be called 
his agents and subordinates. They carry out his orders, 
just as he carries out the orders of his superiors. His 
name is Kal Niranjan, and his headquarters lie at the 
summit of Tirloki, commonly called the three worlds. 
That is, the physical universe, anda, and the lower end 
of Brahmanda, designated as Tirkuti or Brahm Lok. 

"These three subdivisions of creation, in the minds 
of the ancient rishis, constituted the entire sum of crea- 
tion. Kal Niranjan was then regarded as the supreme 
God over all creation. To the spiritual travelers, he is 
the negative power so named because he is at the nega- 
tive pole of creation, with many regions above him. 

"Contrasted with this negative power, the travelers 
speak of the ECK, the positive power. It rules the 
whole of creation from the positive end of all the uni- 
verses. While it isn't the very highest of all, the mani- 
festation of the Supreme One, yet it is generally, re- 
garded by the travelers as the Supreme Creator. It's in 
fact, Father and Creator to all. It is a significant fact 
that below him no member of the grand hierarchy has 
power to create Souls. They have creative power over 
everything else, but no power to create a Soul, and no 


power to destroy one. 

"In Sat Purusha, the ECK, the supreme creative 
energy comes into perfect manifestation for the first 
time in Sat Desha. Agam Purusha and Alakh Purusha 
are so close to the ECK, so slightly differentiated, that 
the ECK, often known as the Sat Nam, is generally re- 
garded as the first actual or complete personification 
of the Supreme One. He then becomes manifest as the 
supreme executive power of the whole creation. His 
region, Sach Khand, may then be known as the govern- 
ing center of the entire system of universes. 

'The Sat Nam is in reality the Supreme One, taking 
form and establishing its throne as the King of Kings, 
at the very gate of the supreme region. It is the sover- 
eign Lord with whom the travelers have to deal most, 
in carrying out their sacred mission of returning Souls 
to their final home. To him all subordinates pay 
homage, and from him they all take orders. 

"Sat Nam is the great father, the light-giver, and the 
supreme guru. To him we must all return, if we are ever 
to re-enter the original home. He is truly the heavenly 
father. All Gods, Lords, or Rulers below him, you can 
love and honor, but the supreme devotion belongs to 
the Sat Nam for he is the real Lord God of all worlds in 

"The Alakh and the Agam, and the Nameless One, 
the SUGMAD are so utterly incomprehensible, so fa- 
thomless and impersonal, that you cannot approach 
them, even in thought. But the Sat Nam stands mid- 
way between the infinite light and the created uni- 
verses; and so in time when we have been purged of 
every imperfection we may approach him as the ruler, 
see him with our own spiritual eyes and be welcomed 
into the highest heaven that we can know, this side of 


the SUGMAD's own world 

"Meanwhile, while we are in the dark region of mat- 
ter, we have to deal with the negative power. With him 
we must contend in our struggle for spiritual freedom. 
It is his duty to try to hold us here, while it is our duty 
to try to escape. The resulting struggle purges us and 
makes us strong, fitting us to the upward travel. 

"The laws of the negative power are known as the 
Laws of Nature. He is the author of all natural law as 
we know it. For he is the creator and lord of the physi- 
cal universe. He is the Lord God of the Bible, the Jeho- 
vah of the Jews, and Christians, the Allah of the Mo- 
hammedans. He is the Brahm of the Vedantists, the 
God of practically all religions. 

"None but the ECK travelers and their followers 
know of any other God; yet this negative power, so 
exalted and so universally worshipped as the supreme 
Lord, is in fact only a humble subordinate in the Grand 
Hierarchy of the universe. What is more important to 
know, is that he is not free from imperfection when 
compared with the Lord of All, Sat Nam. 

"Remember he is the negative power and as such he 
must have negative qualities. But when compared with 
man, he is very exalted, full of light, goodness, wisdom 
and power. It is only when compared with the positive 
power that his lesser light becomes manifest. 

"Now this great quality of love which the spiritual 
travelers and others speak about is the binding force of 
the universes. It is not a love as you and I observe here 
in this physical world. It is an agreement with the 
higher force the positive force which we know as the 

"This agreement, this agreeing force is the highest of 
feeling, or force that anyone directs toward the 


SUGMAD. Since we cannot put our mental fingers 
upon the SUGMAD because of ITS formless being, we 
can certainly look to the ECK for this agreement. If you 
felt that you had to love all things and all beings, it 
would be quite impossible to do so. The best way to 
manage this quality which is called love by so many of 
the ignorant, especially the theologians, is to be in 
harmony with all things. 

"You can love only a few and give good will to all. 
This is perhaps the best way of explaining the quality 
of goodness. These are only words; in order to have 
semantics that give the best explanations of what we 
are trying to get at, it's best to think of words only as 

"This is why the Sanskrit language was invented by 
the higher Tuzas in those worlds far above this plane. 
It might be called the language of the Far Country. 
Sanskrit is more or less an illustrative language, made 
to designate the powers and forces of the higher world. 

"The gods brought Sanskrit to this world many 
centuries ago. It was the ancient universal language of 
this universe and many peoples on many planets 
within this universe still speak and use it. 

"You find derivations of it now throughout the 
world; in China, Japan and other countries of the Far 
East. The Chinese language has roots in the Sanskrit, 
and the Japanese. Look at their pictures, and their 
writings in their native language. It will tell you more 
about the original Sanskrit than most of the languages 

"This language is still in use in the Brahm Lok 
world, and so many who are returning from there to- 
day to this plane for reincarnation are often surprised 
to find it lacking in these countries where they are 


born. As soon as they see it in the Chinese or Japanese 
language, they recognize it immediately. 

"We will stop here for there is so much to be taken 
up in the discussions that our strength must be pre- 
served for the time being. I have much to talk about 
while you are visiting me during these talks." 


Chapter 7 

Rebazar Tarzs sat down again and looked steadily at 
me, before starting his talk. There was a quality about 
this MAHANTA which was deeper than words. He 
seemed far beyond this world, a traveler from the 
misty future who came here to gaze upon this world. 

He tucked the deep red robe under his legs with a 
thick, square hand and looked up again. 

"Now I'll talk about the ECK, that formless fluid, 
the vehicle which the SUGMAD uses to carry all ITS 
messages to this world and back again. It is the crea- 
tive spirit, the great building force which is most often 
called spirit. 

"The SUGMAD is that deity above all deities and 
things. In fact IT is unable to communicate with the 
world of man except through ITS emanations, or rays 
as I have mentioned before. 

"In other words the SUGMAD cannot be compre- 
hended by human minds, by the intellect, nor described 
in words intelligible to man, so as to make ITS exis- 
tence perceptible. It is necessary, therefore, in order to 
render ITSELF comprehensible to man, the 
SUGMAD make ITSELF active and creative. But IT 
cannot be the direct creator, because being infinite, IT 
is without will, intention, thought, desire or action, all 
of which are qualities of finite being only. 

"In other words the SUGMAD didn't make man in 
ITS image as religions teach, especially the Christian 
religion. So the SUGMAD was compelled to create the 
world in an indirect manner through the ECK, the infi- 


nite light and sound which IT is and in which IT 

"The ECK has ten rays or forces which are sent out 
to the worlds below. The first is the male or masculine, 
which is the Wisdom force; second, is the Power force, 
often called the Life force; and third is the Freedom 
force, the liberating quality. 

"From these forces or rays flow the offshoots. For 
example, there is the female, the passive potency, 
which is the Intelligence ray; next, the creative ray; 
sixth, the realization ray; seventh, self-determination; 
eighth is adoration; ninth, physical, the wonder- 
working ray; and ten, the nature or matter ray. 

"These rays are not complex, but simply beams 
which are offshoots of the great spiritual form, the 
ECK, the first manifestation of the SUGMAD in the 
Sat Desh world. The Lords and governors of all the 
planes below Sat Desh are immersed with these ten 
particular rays, making them a part of the Godlike 
quality of the SUGMAD. 

"Of course as the rays descend into the material 
worlds, they are not as strong as in the upper regions, 
because the negative power becomes a part of the rays 
after passing the Brahm Lok plane. Kal Niranjan, Lord 
of the lower worlds, has these same rays, as negative 
rays. You can speak of the ten rays of the Kal power 
which are the reverse of the ECK power. 

"In the negative worlds the female power ray is 
stronger, and intellect or intelligence is more depended 
upon than Wisdom, Power and Freedom. All in the 
negative worlds seem to lean heavily upon the female 
ray of intelligence the example is all around you. All 
of mankind is seeking intelligence or knowledge, 
mostly materialistic facts. No one seems to understand 


what wisdom is. 

"Men call one wise who, glibly and superficially 
utters a few platitudes, aphorisms and maxims. Those 
who can do this live at ease, a burden on their fellow- 
men; they are called philosophers, but woe to the ones 
who give themselves this name they are hardly wiser 
than the kitten which learns to scratch at the door so 
the master will open it. 

"Those who have been called wise are babes in arms, 
for example; Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Thomas Aquinas, 
Aristotle and a few hundred others who are the earth's 
vanguard for this sort of nonsense. What have they 

"Little or nothing. Nothing more than singing a few 
hymns to the nature god, saying that all men are equal, 
making claims to a knowledge that is hardly worth 
speaking of. Yet the earth people sing and have sung 
their praises in books, words and song from the begin- 
ning of these modern times. It is pathetic. If man 
should find and know the true path to the SUGMAD, 
he wouldn't waste his time studying Freud, and other 
immature, negative psychologies and philosophies. 

"These are the traps which the Kal Niranjan sets for 
the unwary, and there are plenty on the earth plane, for 
so many are struggling to make their way upward to 
the other worlds, unconscious of the snares which are 
holding them back. 

"There is little wonder that men take to religion, 
even if they have to invent one. Voltaire said that reli- 
gion is the solace of the weak. Nietzsche repeated this 
in his writings and talks. But be that as it may, the 
weak and the trapped need some support, and far be it 
from me to deny them. I wouldn't take their religions 
away, even if I knew full well that it could be done. 


"Religion has always been a haven for the millions 
who mourn and suffer. It is undeniable that it has been 
generally the unhappy who have sought relief in reli- 
gion; any religion which happened to be near them, and 
who can blame them. It's like a drowning man grasp- 
ing at a straw. 

"A spiritual darkness broods over this world and all 
men are sick of it. Spiritually, and often physically, the 
whole of mankind is sick, blind, deaf, dumb and cov- 
ered with sores. Cancers of moral corruption eat their 
way into the vitals of the human race. 

"The race can change only when it awakens to find 
and accept the spiritual travelers here among them, 
ready to help all who come unto them. Nobody can 
make his way very far into the Far Country unless he 
has the assistance of the spiritual travelers. 

"These ECK travelers know that the path of the 
ECK is the only way to reach the world of the 
SUGMAD. They know its dangers and blessings. 
Leading the blind upward along the path until they can 
see for themselves, the travelers find only the bless- 
ings for their followers bypassing the dangers, 
always letting their companions know what might be- 
fall them if they are careless. 

"Within this earth plane the female ray works quite 
readily. It is the measure of success which followers of 
the sciences of the mind enjoy. The answer lies in this 
area in the well known laws of suggestion. 

"Mind is the greatest power operating in this physi- 
cal universe mind, activated by spirit or what we call 
the ECK. Of course, all mind is vitalized by spirit; but 
once activated by spirit, it is mind that controls all 
physical forces through Prana, the primary force. 

"Mind is the chief instrument of spirit for all con- 


tacts with the physical universe. But mind has its own 
methods of operation. In the subconscious reservoir of 
mind, there lies an almost limitless store of energy. If 
that reserve power can, by any means, be made avail- 
able for our use, there is practically no limit to its scope 
of action. It has been found that by and through sug- 
gestion, the conscious mind may draw upon the sub- 
conscious for its reserve power. This is the way psychic 
healing works it offers a method of applying that 
power to human needs. 

"If the conscious mind can be made to accept the dic- 
tum that there is power available, to remove pain and 
cure disease, beneficial results must follow. The sys- 
tem adds one more factor to the healing process. It 
teaches, not that this latent power resides in all men, 
to be drawn upon at will, but it is given by the Lord on 
occasions, meaning the Negative Lord of the universe, 
whom we know. 

"So if the follower has faith, the power will come; 
when he offers the proper prayers, it works. This 
appeals to the religious sentiments in religion and 
today many people have no idea that it is simply a 
method of self-suggestion and auto suggestion. They 
firmly believe that they are healed by direct interven- 
tion of the Lord. 

"You see, most of the faiths and cults of this earth 
world work on this error or say theory. They continue 
to work like this until a traveler arrives and shows 
them differently, how to enter into the Far Country. 
They are more concerned with bodily health and other 
material things than getting along on the path to the 

"It will be remembered that the top or zenith of the 
positive pole is charged with spirit substance to an ex- 


treme degree; as we descend toward the nadir, the 
extreme negative end, spirit substance undergoes a 
gradual diminution. As a result of this thinning out 
process, the various zones experience a corresponding 
darkness, until finally they take on more and more of 
the qualities associated with the bad or evil side of life, 
as bad health and poverty. 

"All that human consciousness classifies as evil, is 
made so by a diminution or depletion of spirit. This 
means darkness, of course, lesser life, lesser light. Man 
cannot live happily without spirit, and the more he 
departs from spirit, the more he experiences what to 
him is evil. As with an individual man, so it is with the 
worlds themselves. The less spirit substance in them, 
the darker they are and the more troubles are exper- 
ienced by their inhabitants. 

"The Sat Desh country is a region of pure spirit. Its 
inhabitants are pure spirits, in such countless numbers 
as no man can estimate, all enjoying the greatest con- 
ceivable happiness. 

"This is the supreme heaven of all heavens; yet it is 
quite unknown to any of the world religions, because 
their founders have never reached these exalted 
heights. It is known only by the spiritual travelers, 
who alone can enter it. This is the land of the ECK, 
where the light is greater than ten million physical 
suns put together. 

"No Soul can enter into this world unless It has been 
properly prepared by the spiritual travelers, and once 
attained It will never leave again unless It wishes to 
descend into the lower worlds to help those who are 
struggling upward. 

"Soul can also go further upward into those heav- 
enly heights above, which are numerous, but it is spirit 


that motivates It, as fuel does an engine on this 
earthly plane." 

"The word psychology is taken from the Greek 
'psyche' meaning science of the Tuza or Soul. That 
assuredly was the meaning attached to it by the old 
Greek masters; modern scientists have made it almost 
exclusively a study of the mind; and even at that they 
are practically limited to psycho-physiological phe- 
nomena. They never know whether they are dealing 
with chemico-physiological reaction of brain and nerve 
tissues, or with something independent of brain and 
nerve. No psychologist can tell you with assurance 
what thought or spirit is. 

"The ECK travelers can tell you, because they are 
able to see both thought and spirit, and watch the 
former form and disappear. Mental reactions, under all 
sorts of stimuli, are just as visible to the Masters as 
physical reactions are visible to scientists. 

"Finally, the travelers are able to detach themselves, 
even from the mind itself and observe themselves and 
others as pure spirit. It is at that point that the travel- 
ers obtain perfect knowledge about man. When he 
actually observes himself as ECK only, free from all 
coverings, including mind, he knows that he is essen- 
tially the ECK, that mind and all bodies are but instru- 
ments, coverings, needed only for contacts with matter 
in the material regions. 

"Now, that which connects man with the supreme 
deity is sound; and sound can be described as the 
'Word' which is identical with the ECK, yet below the 
highest in the hierarchy, the SUGMAD. 


"This life-giving stream divides into ten powers or 
more, is a creative force and can be heard. The fact that 
it is audible is extremely important. This idea must be 
conveyed, if possible, in any name that is applied to it. 
One of its names is the Bani. 

"This audible current or wave contains the sum of all 
teachings emanating from the SUGMAD via the ECK. 
It is the SUGMAD's word, almost directly, and in- 
cludes everything that the SUGMAD has ever said or 
done. It is the SUGMAD, ITSELF, in expression and 
it is the method of IT making ITSELF known in ITS 
own language. 

"The divine ECK, sound, word, stands for all that 
the SUGMAD is or has ever said or done. It includes 
all of ITS qualities. As said before, it is the only way in 
which the universal spirit can manifest itself to human 

"So when the Supreme SUGMAD manifests ITSELF 
as the ECK, or Sat Nam, in Sach Khand, IT becomes 
fully personified, embodied, individualized, for the first 
time and brings into manifestation all of the qualities 
of the deity. 

"As the ECK IT becomes personal creator, Lord, 
God and Father. IT becomes the fountain out of which 
the audible life stream proceeds. This stream may be 
seen and heard by all who participate in it throughout 
the world. It may be seen and heard by such as attain 
an awakened consciousness, under the training of a 
spiritual traveler. When man hears IT, he hears the 
SUGMAD; when he feels IT, he feels the power of the 

"This sound current is the divine being expressing 
ITSELF in something that is both audible and visible. 
This current must not be understood to be like a river, 


running in one direction. It is more like a radio wave, 
flowing out in every direction from the grand central 
broadcasting station. In fact, it does come from the 
Supreme Creative center of the universe of universes. 

"This wave has two aspects, a centrifugal and centri- 
petal flow. IT moves outward from the central dynamo 
of all creation, and it flows back toward that dynamo. 
Moving upon that current, all power and all life appear 
t<3 flow outward to the uttermost bounds of creation, 
and again upon IT all life appears to be returning to its 
source. It is the latter aspect of IT which we have to 
deal with for the greater gain. 

"Upon that wave we return to the SUGMAD. When 
a traveler makes the connection, or as you say in radio, 
tunes us in, it is then that we begin this journey up- 
ward to the brilliant heights, leaving all perishable 
worlds behind us. 

"This wave is called Nada in the Vedas. In Vedanta, 
sound is always spoken of as creative. Sound, or any- 
thing that sounds, is that creative energy. It is referred 
to as the Nada Brahm, meaning the primal word of 
Brahm. By this Nada Brahm, all creation was brought 
into existence, that is the lower worlds. The whole of 
the visible and invisible universe is the manifestation 
of this primal Nada. The Nada is the grand symphony 
out of which all other symphonies flow in everything 
below the Brahm Lok. It is the primal music of the uni- 

"Every musical cord of this world is an echo of that 
primal cord. It is the Vadan of the Sufis and the 
Shabda of the Hindus. But all Sufis do not distinguish 
between the original sound and its echo. We should 
take care to distinguish between the echo and the 


"This sound has so many names in many languages. 
It is the small still voice and the Voice of Silence. It is 
the same divine sound, no matter by what name it may 
be known. It is, in any case, a sound which can be 
heard only by the developed ear, attuned to its higher 

"This divine Logos is the real lost word of the 
Masonic order; it seems that the spiritual travelers are 
the ones who have rediscovered it again. 

"To explain what this audible life stream is may not 
be so easy. It cannot be defined or explained in words. 
This is because it is beyond the capacity of any lan- 
guage, and it is never again put into words. 

"Stated in the simplest words I can employ, this life 
current is the voice of the Supreme Creator, ITSELF, 
vibrating through space; it is the only quality of the 
SUGMAD which can touch everything in the uni- 
verses. Yet, IT still must go through the ECK, and 
because of this what we are receiving is only second- 
ary; therefore, the ECK is the wave of spiritual life 
being transmitted from the SUGMAD to every living 
thing in the universe. By this current IT has created all 
things, and by it all things are sustained. In it they all 
live and move and have their being, and by this same 
current they will ultimately return to their source of 

"Now to get a picture of this musical Life Current 
you must understand that its heavenly strains are not 
only filling all interstellar space, but they are ringing 
with far more enchanting music through all the higher 
worlds, unto the utmost bounds of the physical. 

"The higher we go, the more enchanting the music. 
In the higher worlds the music is less mixed with 
matter, and so it is not dulled. After passing the third 


region on the pathway of the Far Country, this sublime 
music becomes so overwhelmingly attractive that Soul 
grows impatient to go higher. 

"It becomes absorbed in it and lives in it day and 
night. It is Its life, Its joy and Its spiritual food. There 
is not a cubic millimeter of space in existence which is 
not filled with this music. Its life giving melodies may 
not be consciously heard by all who are not trained to 
catch them, but there is not a living being in all crea- 
tion which does not derive its life from the sound 

"If you still think much of the word religion, then 
you can say that this current is the only real religion. 
It is the ECK, the philosophy of the Sound Current. In 
fact, it is the only thing in the world which gives a tie 
to the living and the SUGMAD. Without this stream 
nothing could live for a single moment, or even exist. 
All life and power comes from it; from the crawling ant 
to the thunder bolt, from the tidal wave to the solar 
cycle, every manifestation of dynamic energy comes 
from this stream of the ECK. 

"That which physical science calls energy, which the 
Orientals call Prana, is only a manifestation of this life 
stream, stepped down to meet material conditions. 
Lake electricity in the air, IT is omnipresent, and IT is 
omnipotent. In IT lies all energy, latent or dynamic. IT 
only awaits the proper conditions to express ITSELF 
as dynamic force, in one form or another. IT has many 
forms of expression, most of which are not yet known 
to physical science. 

"Of course IT has to be stepped down, and at each 
step IT takes a different character and quality, to 
which we give names, if we can demonstrate them at 
all. Most of them science has not discovered. But every 


force known, from primal energy, prana, to electricity 
and magnetism, are all modified forms of the same 
eternal current. 

"ITS stepping down is necessary to serve the 
common cosmic and human needs. But at least, IT is all 
one force, and for this very reason many say that God 
is one. This isn't true. It is only one manifestation of 
the Supreme SUGMAD, working through the ECK; 
and by doing so becomes ITSELF the ECK or su- 
preme spirit. 

"The tremendous heat, energy and light of our sun, 
of all suns, are derived from this stream. Every ray of 
light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite 
stream of light and sound. Upon its power hangs every 
star in its orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its 
buds without this power and no little child smiles with- 
out manifesting this power." 

"The ECK travelers all say that there is no other 
means of spiritual liberation, only the ECK. Without 
actual conscious, participation in the life current, the 
ECK, no one can escape the net of karma and reincar- 
nation, or ever become free and happy. 

"Hence all the travelers and saints lay the strongest 
emphasis upon this great Reality. In fact, without this 
life stream, no saint could ever manifest upon this 
earth, and hence the whole world would sit in darkness 
through endless ages. No Tuza can ever escape from 
this dark material world without conscious participa- 
tion in and a personal relationship with this current. 
He must knowingly merge himself in this life stream 
and upon it he must then rise to freedom. 

"It cannot be done in any other way. By this current 


alone, one is enabled to transcend all lower regions and 
rise to the highest heavens. By other means men may 
advance a little distance toward the light. But sooner 
or later they are automatically stopped. 

'The highway to the Far Country is the royal road. 
It is the only way leading to spiritual insight and com- 
plete emancipation. This is the gospel of the life 
stream, and he who drinks of this stream can never 
thirst again, but in him is a well of water springing up 
into eternal life. 

'This was the water that Jesus offered the woman at 
the well of Sichar, of which he said, if she would drink 
she would never thirst again. Truly, when one begins 
consciously to participate in this life stream, there is in 
him a well of water ever springing up, sufficient to 
supply the whole world. There is a fountain which 
cleanses him, and goes on giving life to every Soul who 
comes in touch with it. It purges both mind and Soul, 
making them whiter than snow. It flows on forever, a 
healing stream for the nations, for the races of the 
world, and whoever bathes in it will never go about the 
world again seeking food for the real self, 

"This indeed is the true light, which lights every 
man who comes into the world. It is the ECK, the 
master power and spirit. It is Wisdom, Power and 
Freedom. All the great qualities you can imagine that 
belong to the SUGMAD, 

"In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, it is 
called the Word, through which all creation came into 
existence. If only the Christian disciple had grasped 
this fundamental fact and held on to it, it would have 
meant a very different history for the church. Unhap- 
pily, the real meaning, which Jesus had in mind, was 
wholly lost. In the third verse of chapter three, Gospel 


of John, Jesus speaks of contacting the Current and of 
actually hearing it. Then he distinctly says the new 
birth is attained through it. All of this is exactly in line 
with the teachings of the spiritual travelers. It's a pity 
the churches have never understood this reference of 
Jesus to the most important experience which can 
possibly come within the range of human life. 

"To the clergy this new birth is a mysterious oper- 
ation, not in the least comprehended. In some way it is 
supposed to be performed by the Holy Spirit, that 
which we know as the ECK. But this process is 
unknown to them. The travelers alone can explain this 
statement of Jesus, for they alone know exactly what 
the new birth is. 

"The disciples of Christ were never spiritual travel- 
ers, nor Masters, in the sense we know, either. Had 
they finished their training and become one with the 
ECK, in other words if they had become spiritual trav- 
elers, the whole course of history would have been dif- 
ferent. Instead, their own teacher was snatched away 
from them by death, before their course of develop- 
ment had more than fairly begun; after which the pure 
spiritual science which Jesus taught was soon ob- 
scured and lost. With that, among the Christians, 
vanished the last remnant of knowledge concerning the 
audible life stream. Jesus and his teachings were 
covered up in a mass of dogma and superstitions. 

"In the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, 
an account is given of what happened on the day of 
Pentecost. They heard a sound, as of a mighty rushing 
wind, and then saw lights, like tongues of fire, sitting 
on the heads of the apostles, and they were filled with 
the Holy Ghost the sound current, ECK and they 
began to speak in foreign tongues. 


"Now, this is a phenomena which may happen, and 
often does happen with those starting on the upward 
journey with a traveler. It is an experience which 
comes in the very beginning of their development. 
Often it is, as if one is standing between two buildings 
and a sound comes like that of a train rushing by, 
heard for a moment and then gone. 

"This is something like the rushing, mighty winds, 
spoken of in the Bible. Other sounds are heard from 
time to time; all of these sounds are heard before the 
true ECK is heard. Again, one of the lights seen by all 
neophytes appears like tongues of fire, as spoken of in 
the New Testament. 

"Later the chela sees many more lights and hears 
much more of the heavenly ECK. As a result of these 
experiences, the young traveler is filled with increased 
light and power. Among other things he is able to 
understand all languages. He understands them all, as 
if each one was speaking his own language. This is a 
universal experience of the beginner on the spiritual 
path, and is encountered in the first region the Astral 

"Everyone understands the language of all others, 
no matter what they might be. To become filled with 
the ECK is simply to hear and participate in the 
audible life stream and to become absorbed in it, to be 
one with it. In becoming one with it, the traveler comes 
into possession of many of the higher powers. 

"This is actually the meaning of becoming one with 
God which all the ancient Rishis spoke about and 
which all or most scriptures tell us. The unity, the 
becoming one with the Lord, is that which I've said, 
becoming one with the ECK, with the audible life 


"By becoming one with it, you have the science of 
the ECK travelers, wrapped up in a few words. This is 
the great truth of the Far Country, which all seekers 
are desperately searching for and may never find. 

"So you might say that the whole truth is this: the 
spiritual traveler, the audible life stream, and spiritual 
freedom, here and now. With these you have perfect 
liberation during this lifetime. You do not have to wait 
until another life of reincarnation to find it. 

"All men wish for liberation, what the theologians 
call salvation, but their type salvation is very different 
from that of the ECK travelers. The salvation of the 
travelers is liberation from the wheel of transmigra- 
tion, from the ills of this life, or of any life. Last of all, 
freedom to live forever in some heaven of unalloyed 
bliss. This is salvation, as it is generally understood by 
the travelers on this path. It must never be confused 
with the theological salvation of the churches. 

"You may pray to all gods on record, and they will 
not hear you; you can call upon any religion known for 
help, but it will get you nothing. It remains a stern fact 
of nature that no man ever has or ever can gain 
freedom from the ills of this life and escape the uncer- 
tainties of the next, until he has the good fortune to 
meet the ECK Master. If he has not done that, he must 
return again and again to this life, until he does meet 
the Master. That is the sum of it and that is final; with- 
out his help no one can ever gain permanent relief from 
this wheel of birth and death. 

"On the other hand when a person finds the 
MAH ANT A he will not fail to get spiritual liberation, 
immediately. This is because the spiritual traveler will 
connect him with the audible life stream, and so having 
both the traveler for his help, and the sound current he 


will get spiritual freedom which is here called Jivan 

"So the formula is to find the MAHANTA who can 
tune you in with the life current, the melodious banL 
Then take hold of that current and merge yourself into 
it. After this you will be lifted up to the city of 
freedom. After you have passed the outermost fron- 
tiers of the material and the impure worlds, you have 
actually entered the regions of pure spirit; having 
grown godlike and fit for the highest regions, you will 
never return to these low lands of birth and death. 

"You have attained Jivan Mukti, life everlasting!" 

"Now I'm going into the various yoga systems. It is 
well that we go over them so you will know those prac- 
ticed by students in the East. They are interesting but 
the ECK traveler doesn't need them. 

"First, Hatha Yoga, which aims at the control of 
mind and acquirement of the siddhis, or what are 
called psychic powers. This is done chiefly through 
asana, or physical postures and exercises. The asanas 
have beneficial effect upon the health, and bring con- 
trol over the senses. 

"Second, Raja Yoga which seeks to concentrate and 
still the mind by ways and natural methods of mental 
discipline and control. Emphasis here is placed upon 
the mind, rather than the body. 

"Third, Ashtang Yoga is a comprehensive scheme of 
yoga training. It consists of eight elements, the first 
five of which Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, 
pratyahara, all refer to the body. The last three 
dharana, dhyana and samadhi, all refer to the mind. 


The aim of this yoga is to merge the Tuza with the 
ECKANKAR, the universal Tuza. 

"Pranayama, which chiefly consists of breath con- 
trol and with that the control of the prana, plays a very 
important part in this Yoga. 

"Laya Yoga Laya means absorption. Laya yoga 
consists in the absorption of the mind in the astral 
light. This is generally achieved through the practice 
of mudra exercises. 

"Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. It enjoins upon 
its followers the necessity of doing one's duty, what- 
ever that may be, without fear of blame or expectation 
of rewards. The essence of Karma yoga is the ideal of 
duty well done and the vairag, spirit of unattachment. 

"Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and it appeals 
most of all to people of the emotional temperament. 
Discarding all rites and ceremonies, it seeks union with 
the ECK through the force of love alone. 

"Mantra Yoga. This system aims at the acquirement 
of psychic powers in spiritual or astral regions by con- 
stant repetition of certain formulas which are supposed 
to set up particular vibrations, especially when re- 
peated with the mind fixed upon certain centers. The 
formulas, as such, are believed to have an efficacy of 
their own. 

"ECKANKAR is what is sometimes known as Sahaji 
or Soul travel, the way of the sound current. This is 
practiced by the ECK travelers. It is the oldest system 
known in the history of mankind. 

"It consists primarily in the following of the inner 
sound. This is the point which distinguishes the 
methods used by the ECK travelers from all other sys- 
tems. This is the supreme test which must be kept in 
mind when studying the other systems. If the sound is 


not a vital part of them, then they are not the system 
of the great spiritual travelers. 

"Many people insist that one system is about as 
good as another, since all are intended to lead to the 
same goal. Far from it. No other system leads to the 
goal of the spiritual travelers, the highest regions in 
existence. Besides, you will generally find that the per- 
son who says that one religion, or one system of yoga is 
just as good as another, has never practiced any of 

"That Master, who doesn't teach or practice the 
science of the sound current, is not a master of high 
order. Nor does his system lead to the highest achieve- 
ments. Every real ECK traveler in all history has 
taught and practiced the way of this life current. It 
couldn't be otherwise, for this is the system estab- 
lished by the SUGMAD through ITS early spiritual 
travelers for this lower kingdom. 

"Most followers of Indian yoga systems will agree 
that most or all of the old systems are very difficult, 
requiring much time, rigid asceticism, and great self- 
abnegation. The path of the ordinary yogi is a rugged 
one. The method of the spiritual travelers is not the 
way of the yogis; it never has been. Before there was 
ever a yogi system, the science of the ECK travelers 
was known and practiced among men. But the exact 
methods of the travelers have from time to time be- 
come obscured, or even lost, in times when real travel- 
ers were few or unknown to the general public. Then, 
yogis developed methods of their own, trying to substi- 
tute for the path of the travelers. The two systems 
have been running along parallel courses for centuries. 
Not only are the methods of the yogis different from 
that of the saints, but their final objective is different. 


"Most of the yogis, even the best of them, know of 
nothing beyond the astral plane, the Turkya Pad, with 
the possible exception of a very few who may have 
reached the Brahm Lok. 

"Here they are automatically stopped, unless they 
have a spiritual traveler who himself goes further. 
Stopping there, most of them believe they have 
reached the supreme heights. There, they accept 
Brahma of that region as the supreme God of all. 

"But the travelers go so far above and beyond 
Brahm Lok, that when they reach that region, they 
have only fairly begun their journey upward. While 
most of the yogis and imperfect travelers believe 
Brahm is the supreme authority, the travelers know 
that he is only a subordinate in the grand hierarchy of 
the universe. While the OM of the Vedas and the Gita 
is regarded as the most sacred word in all Hindu phi- 
losophy, it is because they believe it to be the sound 
symbol of the supreme being; yet the travelers know 
that it belongs to one of the lower Lords who is himself 
not above the regions of Awagawan of death and 

"He, himself, is still under the law of karma, and is 
therefore liable to fall into the snares of Maya, 
becoming a mere man again, or even going lower than 

"He is bound by the very same laws which bind the 
subjects over whom he rules. He is himself a created 
being, subject to the same laws of all created beings 
and must carry on under the wishes of the Supreme 
SUGMAD. He is, by no means, the ultimate ECK, nor 
is he at all the Tuzashottama energy, what you know 
as the individual Soul energy. 

"The way of the travelers accomplishes what the 


yoga of the Vedantists can never do. It is vastly more 
effective and moreover, it has been adapted to the 
needs of modern man. This is its great glory. 

"It is what the person of this world calls modern in 
method and yet it meets all the requirements of all 
ages. In every age of the world, the travelers have used 
a system exactly suited to the needs of the people and 
the times. People change, to some extent from age to 
age, and so the travelers give them, in each age, 
exactly that system of yoga best suited to their 

"But the yogis hold on to their archaic systems 
which are now quite out of date, wholly unsuited to the 
average man of this age. The nervous constitution of 
the modern man is somewhat different from that of the 
men of ten thousand years ago. The yoga of the trav- 
elers may now be practiced not only by the ascetics, 
but by aU men in all walks and conditions of life, while 
carrying on their routine duties of office and home. 
This makes it a universal system of spiritual science 
for all, under any condition. 

"If we take a look back at the study of world reli- 
gions and philosophies from a detached point of view, 
we can see, at a glance, that they talk about realizing 
God and gaining salvation. If you ask any of the 
leaders of the various religions and philosophical 
groups just how they are to accomplish all of these 
goals, they will give you a stock reply; they follow the 
scriptures of their particular faith and believe what 
their priests have to offer. 

"They mostly speak of Self-Realization or Self- 
Knowledge, God-Realization or knowledge of God, and 
lastly, entering the kingdom of heaven, either in this 
life or in the next but all is a mystery to them. 


"However, their techniques are scanty and their 
knowledge poor. None really know how to do this in 
this life, here and now. Of course the end and purpose 
of all of this is individual well-being, happiness. 

' These three points, I Ve just mentioned are the very 
things which the spiritual travelers offer to the indivi- 
dual; but the methods by which the travelers propose 
to accomplish these ends are entirely different from 
that of any and all religions. 

"You may ask just how do the travelers propose to 
place at your feet the treasures of the God worlds? The 
answers lie in the fact that their scientific methods of 
leaving the body and traveling through the innumer- 
able worlds have to be done through a system of exer- 

"The successful practitioner, and there are very, 
very few who are failures at this, will experience spir- 
itual realization. This includes entering into the king- 
dom of heaven, here and now, Self-Realization and 

"Those who fail are usually too lazy to spend any 
time at it, too wrapped up in worldly affairs to let 
themselves go inwardly and outwardly into the spirit- 
ual kingdoms. 

"More about this later!" 


Chapter 8 

Dawn in these high mountains is always a colorful 
drama, with wild streaks of light gleaming across the 
peaks and down through the gorges and gulches. These 
colors remind one of the Astral lights flowing out of 
the great powerful mountain in the city of Sahasra-dal- 
Kanwal, the capital of the astral worlds. 

Sitting alone in the vast, wild spaces of that great 
range of the Hindu Kush, I felt the uplift of every mo- 
ment of that dawn, as if rising into the atmosphere of 
the heavens far above, where the white clouds framed 
picturesque symbols against an azure sky. 

After we had partaken of a light breakfast of ba- 
nanas, wheat cereal and hot tea, Rebazar Tarzs folded 
his robe and dropped upon the hard, dirt floor. He 
motioned for me to be seated; sitting down I prepared 
for a long session of aesthetic discussion. "Now I'll 
take up the rest points in eternity, " he said with a 
broad smile. "Many people in the static religions think 
of the heavens as a place where eternity continues their 
great joy and happiness. 

"This is not so. Eternity within the Far Country 
couldn't be carried out like this under the plans of the 
Universal SUGM AD at all. There must be rest points 
between certain periods of the continuity of eternity. 

"All eternity is a series of stops and starts, a con- 
tinued action of motion in which the cycles run for 
many yugas, or what we call ages. These ages may con- 
tinue for centuries, according to our time, before reach- 
ing a rest point. But they must reach a stop of this 


nature in order to gather momentum to move along to 
the next point. 

"Therefore all eternity is on the move, moving for- 
ward not into a future from out of the past, but always 
in motion in the present. Since the Tuza doesn't age in 
the Far Country, It always lives in the present. This is 
an interesting point which one must consider deeply, 
while at the same time thinking of the present this is 
hard from the standpoint of living on this plane. 

"But it must be done, and without this viewpoint the 
whole of your insight will vanish quickly. 

"The only thing the finite mind can compare with 
eternity is an endless, an immeasurable time period. 
Man claims that eternity is of infinite duration; ever- 
lasting. It is eternal existence or immortality, the very 
opposite of temporal. Continuing unintermittently, it 
is timeless. It is what the Hindu religion calls Nitya, 
eternal and everlasting. 

"Often eternity is confused with reality, which is the 
nowness of time. The Isness or the Nowness is used to 
refer to the Supreme Being. The Nowness is closer to 
eternity than any descriptive words used to describe 
the everlasting. Now is an adverb designating the 
present, and as long as we can look at every second of 
our lives as now, we are observing eternity. No 
adjective is capable of describing the phenomena of 

"The Isness of the SUGMAD is much more a term 
we can use to describe the eternal lord of all things. A 
Greek word denoting identity, it is about the only word 
we can use to form any concept of the everlasting Lord 
of all universes. 

"So you have two words with Latin and Greek roots 
which come close to establishing in the mind concepts 


of the two greatest mysteries, which man has attempt- 
ed to tackle and dissolve. First is Nowness, an adverb 
used to describe the present time or moment, and 
Isness, a verb to describe the allness and presence of 
something, and that something, in our case, is the 

"Therefore, from what point do we work, the active 
verb of Isness or the Nowness of time? All right, I will 
attempt to break these concepts into a finer point for 
you. Isness is the creative point which is always 
working, always creating; or better still, that which is 
always moving like perpetual motion, 

"On the other hand, Nowness is more or less a still- 
ness of motion, a quieting into the present moment; 
from stillness we receive the opportunity to live for- 
ever in the present moment. In other words an alter- 
isness, the extension of the creative moment into 
lengths which give it Nowness. Here is the existence of 
a cycle of action and this is represented by Vishnu in 
the Hindu trinity; in the Christian trinity, it is the son, 
the Christ, the preserver. 

"This is interesting because we are now concerned 
with one fact; in the preserving of Nowness, one is con- 
cerned with the movement of himself from point to 
point in time, what we know as time. In this universe 
we know time because of the position of the sun during 
its twenty-four hour movement around the Earth, the 
zodiac of the universe divisions, like years, months, 
days, hours, minutes and seconds; these are for the 
convenience of a man to judge his position relative to 
time. It is really a calendar for those engaged in busi- 
ness, to make a tab for their material activities. 

"The creative mind of man invented for himself a 
horror for his own destruction. Since time is, in a rela- 


tive sense, destructive and negative belonging to the 
god, Shiva, which I spoke about some while ago, you 
can understand now that the Isness and Nowness of 
eternity is more of a Reality than you ever believed. 

"Columbus was right in disputing the theory that 
the world was flat, but he was not talking about the 
universe or the heaven worlds. The spiritual planes are 
flat, and the suns, which hang in the skies of those 
spiritual worlds you have visited, have no movement. 
They need none, because beyond the Brahm Lok no 
spiritual world has night they do not need darkness. 
What is the need of rest and sleep to the Soul who 
reposes in the sweet peaceful quiet of the SUGMAD's 
arms to use a metaphor correctly. 

"In those high worlds no darkness is available. You 
may move forward in an unceasing activity and never 
be fatigued as on this plane. You need no activity. 
Activity is outside a domain without action. 

"This is a strange paradox; to explain it, I will point 
out this in the beginning of my explanation. Man 
thinks of eternity in the terms of time and space. Since 
there is no time in eternity, I tell you that there is no 
space in eternity. Neither of these relative qualities 
exist in the world of the SUGMAD, anywhere above 
the plane of the Brahm Lok. In fact there is little need 
for either of them they are phenomena of the lower 
worlds only. 

"Now, the matter of space is nothing. Nothing exists 
in the Far Country, except what Souls there wish to 
exist. Since the SUGMAD occupies all of Its world, 
when you become part of the Supreme, you are occupy- 
ing all of ITS world. You are IT, already. There is no 
need of space, 

"Nothing can occupy the same space, except two 


Souls. This being true, there is no space in the great 
beyond. Neither do you travel in the vast world of all 
worlds; there is little necessity to do so. 

"Now in eternity, as I said in the beginning of this 
discourse, there are rest points. These rest points are 
concerned with start, change and stop of the Tuza. 
This is all there is to the Nowness of eternity the 
point of wasness, or time is an illusion. We are always 
up against the illusion of time in the lower worlds, but 
not in the world of the Supreme Being. 

"Yet, living in this world, the Tuza must have sur- 
vival of some kind or he cannot exist here; he would go 
down into the worlds below and start working his way 
up again. 

"This is why we have rest points in the Far Country. 
Being as no space is there, and that you fill the world 
as does the SUGMAD, ITSELF, you must learn to 
survive through these rest points. You do not travel 
you only mockup a cycle of action and observe it as the 
SUGMAD does. This is one of the postulates you have 
to carry out or you do not survive. I mean that if you 
wish to have a picture of another section of the uni- 
verses, you don't travel there; you just observe it! 

"This is too simple, you say; however, by being so 
simple, it puts a mystery into the conditions of which I 
speak. Take this as an example, suppose that you're 
sitting in New York City, on the Empire State 
building, as Soul rather in the Atma Sarup. You want 
to see San Francisco is there any necessity of travel- 
ing to San Francisco to see what is going on there? 

"The answer is no! 

"The reason is simple! You being a part of the uni- 
verse, and since you are the SUGMAD, ITSELF, in a 
way of speaking, you can merely observe it from your 


position on the Empire State building. 

"How much more simple can it be? Yet it appears so 
very complex to your thinking now. All right, I will go 
a little deeper into this. Look at it in another way. The 
whole universe is made up of spiritual matter, and you, 
as the Tuza control all this matter in this world, in a 
sense of speaking. You are one with the Supreme, the 
ECK, and all things are included in this stream flowing 
outwardly from the highest positive pole of the uni- 
verses to the lowest and returning. 

"If you're able to detach yourself from this stream 
and look into it, you can see all things; this is similar to 
what is known on this plane as clairvoyance; you just 
decided that you are going to see San Francisco and 
you bring the reality of the city to you and what you 
wish to observe there. 

"You are also to be concerned with another quality 
known as Hereness! Before you were working with 
Nowness and Isness. So this trinity is going to be the 
real trinity of the SUGMAD. It is this: Isness, the 
creative moment, second, Nowness, the present, the 
preservation of the moment, and Hereness, the present 
state of life. 

"I will clarify something here for you. Isness is not 
creativity as we know it on this plane, but a reality 
which is knowingness. Hence I know, I preserve this 
knowingness, and I live in this present state of know- 

"We will take this up in our next discussion, after a 
little tea for refreshing our throats." 

In order to get to the depth of the trinity as I've 

spoken of here, I'll have to get into causation. But first 
look at the difference in the Christian trinity versus 
the Hindu trinity versus the ECK trinity. The 
Christian trinity is simply three forms of qualities 
which are mental, and physical; the Hindu trinity is a 
symbol for the currents of forces in nature, and the 
ECK trinity is the qualities denoting the present state 
of life. 

"Since we are not dealing with space and time in 
these upper regions, then we must work with a set of 
abstracts founded on experiences based upon the 
newness of everything. Causation is not a matter of 
starting a cycle of action, because you are always in a 
creative cycle which starts, changes and stops with 
each rest point. 

"Also the second factor that we must confront 
shows us that in this high upper region, all work with 
free will and never under a mechanical law. Each Soul 
is a law unto itself, yet never interferes with another. 

"Within this world below each of us carries his own 
cause about him; like a shower of rain, each observer 
carries his own rainbow. If I change my speed of mo- 
tion, I create a new cause for myself, just as if I step a 
few spaces in a rainy shower, I acquire a new rainbow 
for myself. Relativity teaches that there is no cause 
except the defective insight. 

"Causation in the upper regions is relative, and here 
the nature of all things is not accuracy and precision. 
Energy is emitted by the Tuza himself to include only 
that which he is doing, and this doesn't have anything 
to do with another Tuza. As I said before, each works 
unto himself similar to the McWilliams law where all 
particles are moving in space according to their own 
pattern but never crashing or interfering with one 



"There is strictly no causal behavior of any kind and 
the law of karma is not included in this world. There 
are subjective factors, unknown to the minds of men. 

"The subjective factor is not included in any system 
of reference, and cannot be fully deterministic in the 
control of inorganic phenomena. If we wish to emanci- 
pate the material world, we must emancipate mind also 
which is partly made up of what we call self -elements, 
spiritual particles. 

"Being is not the cause of becoming. Causation is 
one of the categories of thought. A man is not actually 
born when he comes out of the female body; he doesn't 
know then, that he is born. He is born actually, when 
he gets the knowledge of birth. The relation of cause 
and effect is not something found in nature, but is 
rather a characteristic of the way in which we regard 
nature. Understand this? 

"The apparent indeterminism of the particle be- 
comes meaningless and the determinism of the energy 
wave has nothing to do with the course of objective 
nature. This is the way it works in the heaven worlds, 
of course. Soul works with the particles of spiritual 
energy and the waves of energy to create a cycle of 
action for itself. These actually are wave pictures. 

"Soul changes its wave pictures to bring itself to 
another rest point. There is no destruction of the wave 
pictures, for they are shared among the millions of 
Souls in this world. In other words, I possess a large 
number of wave pictures, and so does each Soul within 
this universe. There is no changing or deviation of 
these pictures, but a shifting of them among the vari- 
ous Souls who are working from rest point to rest point 
within eternity. 


'The spiritual particles are put together to make a 
wave picture or energy unit, which is actually the rest 
point. These points are similar to events in this world. 
On this plane we are always going from one event to 
another; or experiencing certain events in our lives 

'There are no new events in this world. All exper- 
iences have been experienced by someone at sometime 
throughout the history of the human race. It is possi- 
ble to have every possible experience of man in your 
life provided you have the time, will-power, and moti- 
vation. All you need to do is raise yourself above the 
flow of the negative power within the plane and make 
contact with whatever event you are seeking. 

"It is experience that makes the Tuza harden Itself 
to this world and wish to rise into the upper regions. 
But on the other hand, the experiences or events in the 
heavenly worlds are not too much different from the 
ones on this plane they are similar in that they are 
experiences, events or picture waves. 

"What I'm trying to tell you amounts to this. The 
main difference between the upper region wave 
pictures and those of the lower is simply the degree of 
refinement, the freedom of will in the upper worlds. We 
work with using the wave-pictures for rest points in 
eternity for the sake of bringing energy to ourselves, 
instead of moving to the energy point. Understand 

"It's hard to get this across to you because in the 
Far Country, we have little need of motion unless we 
desire it; desire is the least of our operating apparatus. 
We have little desires of anything because of the domi- 
nating joy and happiness which comes from being in 
contact with the SUGMAD, and from being able to be 


in this heavenly world. 

4 'So the relation of cause and effect cannot be applied 
to the relation of the ECK to this high world, since 
cause has meaning. This is the outstanding point I'm 
trying to make there may be cause in the heavenly 
world, but never effect. Only in relation to the finite 
modes of being, where there is succession, does effect 

4 'Causation has no meaning in the lower worlds apart 
from a change. And as succession is relative, causation 
is merely an appearance. It is certainly useful within 
the limits of experience but cannot be regarded as of 
absolute validity. 

"So here are the basic elements of life in the upper 
worlds succession, wave pictures and rest points. All 
of these are working within the three abstracts which I 
took up previously, Isness, Nowness and Hereness. 
These rest within the framework of the ECK trinity. 

"I hope that this is getting across to you. Maybe it 
isn't, but you must break through the shackles, the 
chains holding you to the lower planes and enter into 
the upper worlds to have the rest of your days in 

"Causation cannot be continuous. It cannot exist 
except in the time occupied by a line drawn across the 
succession, and since that time is not a time but a mere 
abstraction, the cause itself can be no better. It is 
unreal, a non-entity and the whole succession of the 
world consists of these non-entities. This is much the 
same as to suppose that solid things are made of points 
and lines and surfaces. 

"These are fictions, useful for some purpose but still 
fictions they remain. A cause here must be a real event; 
in the upper world, there is no fragment of real time in 


which it can be real. Causation is, therefore, not con- 
tinuous in the heavens above and so, unfortunately, it 
is not causation but mere appearance. 

"You can see there is no unity in the heaven world. 
There isn't even logic, or any logical relation of neces- 
sity for any cause whatever. It stands to reason, to use 
an earth term, that should we become conscious of the 
subjective unity in true relation, the causal chain in the 
pure multiplicity, in this plane, would be broken and 
every means of making the real intelligible would be 

"On further thought, we shall also find that the con- 
cepts of metaphysical causality as necessary and indis- 
pensable are absurd. It implies the possibility of logic 
as something which doesn't exist, and this is certainly 
true when you get off the earth plane and begin soaring 
in the heaven world. 

"Logic simply doesn't exist, therefore, when you use 
rest points in eternity, it doesn't for one minute mean 
that you are following out a mechanical, set pattern of 
behavior, as I have said before. But it brings you an 
opportunity to be resourceful on your own. The 
SUGMAD lives within ITS own laws, and therefore 
you are expected to make and live within your laws, in 
this world. 

"Laws are simply postulates. Freedom in this world 
means making your own postulates and living by them 
or not. Here in this earth world you have to live by 
laws or postulates which others make, for the good of 
the whole. The reasoning behing this is simple, the 
weak must have some defense against the 
strong but in the heaven worlds this isn't true for all 
are strong in fact the strongest. So there are no 
weak that need defending. As a result all and each can 


make their own postulates and live together without 
the slightest harm or damage to one another. 

"In the heaven worlds you may live and feed on the 
ECK or rather the music of the spheres. Here you must 
carry a body, worry about it, and try to make it run 
smoothly on a mechanical order. 

"Life itself in these higher reaches does not exhibit 
tension. As you travel upward you find that 
creativeness is an effort on the lower planes, but up- 
wardly the finer creations are effortless. The less re- 
sistance it has to overcome, the better the creation. 
The free movement of life without resistance is a 
higher experience which we find only in self-expression 
and hence this movement has no definite end to aim at 
or achieve. Spiritual freedom implies the complete 
transcendence of the lower worlds and of causality. 

"Let's leave off here for a few minutes." 

"Well now, we'll get started again/' Rebazar Tarzs 
said definitely, motioning for me to sit again. 

"To obtain a better understanding of eternity, I am 
going into the four grand divisions of the universe 
again. These are: Sat Desha, the highest region; 
Brahmanda, the second region; Anda, the third and 
lowest regions of the heavens; and Pinda, the fourth 
grand division which is the gross material or physical 

"Now don't mix these with the individual planes 
which I explained long ago to you in these discussions, 
and at that time separated them into the various grand 

"It's only for the clearer explanation of eternity that 
I am going to partly repeat myself here. You must re- 

"This is most important to you, for without this 
great creative current there would be no immortality, 
no eternity which the men of this world dream about. 
And it is in this land of the Sat Desha that the 
immortal Tuza finds that it must create to be a part of 
this great region. 

"Soid is never assigned a task by the ECK, the great 
Supreme Lord of all, but seeks the position, without 
the least effort, for the certain task which It must 
fulfill in order to be a citizen of this country, and have 
the utmost happiness. 

"There are many and various things which Soul 
finds to do, upon first entering into the world of Sat 
Desha. It might see his effort can supply a small part 
of the creative current flowing through the ECK, or It 
might be assigned to the duty of looking after those 
entering the world like Itself. 

"There are many and various jobs for all concerned. 
Hardly any Soul within this world is without a task of 
some sort. There are those who personally serve the 
great ECK, as a service to the SUGMAD. Others are 
helping groups which look after the inspection of the 
great world. 

"So you see you need to apply yourself here; you will 
not be idle, as you may think while in the body. This is 
no place for resting and relaxing, in the same sense 
that we do here on earth. 

"Here I point out that every Soul that crosses the 
boundary of a higher plane, from the lowest to the 
highest, must be accompanied by a spiritual traveler, 
unless It is an experienced traveler himself. 

"Since It is entering into these planes normally to be 
a citizen and resident of them, it is only natural that It 
be brought there by someone who is prepared to escort 


It about until It is familiar with this world No 
emigrant going to the shores of America is hardly 
without an escort when landing there; he is met either 
by a friend or somebody who has been assigned by 
some agency to see that he is safely put in the hands of 
the proper individual who will care for him. 

"The customs officer will see to his baggage and 
handle him in a most proper way to make his welcome 
more cheerful Other officials are there to see that he 
doesn't get into the wrong areas of social life, among 
many things. 

"This is similar to what happens when Soul leaves 
this plane and enters into the Astral world. If It 
doesn't have a spiritual traveler to guide It, there are 
others who will come to Its assistance. These are Souls 
who have gone on before It, who are there principally 
for Its assistance and to take It to the proper groups 
where It will be most happy. 

"Sometimes these Souls are relatives during their 
earth life, friends or someone assigned by the group 
who look after those entering the higher world Soul is 
never at a loss to find Its way around without the help 
of somebody, unless It rejects this assistance. Of 
course It can do this, but it is hardly likely. There are 
those who do, however, and they can become lost in the 
many swamps and fogs which abound in the lower 
Astral world They may wander about for what seems 
to be years before someone comes to their aid Of 
course, they are watched, but no one will approach to 
give help until they are asked 

"This is a system established on every plane of the 
grand universe. Every Soul is looked after and cared 
for, as It enters the plane above. It is sometimes 
escorted by a spiritual traveler who can open all doors, 


with only the word needed for the occasion. They pass 
the Angel of Death, Yama, and go where the traveler 
feels his charge should be. 

'Immediately when one dies on this plane, he or she, 
is taken by the messengers of death to the subtle 
regions where Dharam Raya, the righteous judge, sits 
enthroned to judge every individual according to his 

"The Christians call these messengers of death, the 
Angels of Death or the Dark Angels, for dark indeed 
they are; but in India they are called Yama dutas, or 
the messengers of Yama, the King of the Dead. This 
judge is always in court to take care of all comers. 
There is no waiting, nor sitting in some jail cell. 

"No one ever questions the judgment. No comment 
is made; no oratory for the defense, no pretended 
righteous condemnation of the prosecution. The 
prisoner himself makes no complaint and asks no 
favors. He understands that he is to receive judgment 
and asks no help, for he must consent to the judgment, 
the law of the SUGMAD from the highest world to the 

"He is taken to that region, or condition, where he 
has earned his place, be it good or bad. He will remain 
there for a fixed time according to the judgment 
rendered and handed down. After that period has 
expired, he is then returned to this world, or some 
other world, to begin life anew. 

"This is the routine procedure. He may enjoy a rest 
in some heaven, or paradise, some pleasant country, 
perhaps, many times more beautiful and delightful 
than any portion of this world. There he may remain 
for a year, a thousand or million years, all depending 
upon his karma. The higher he goes, the longer the 


period of his residence there. 

"If one's life has been that of a low order, he may be 
taken to some purgatory, or reformatory, often called a 
hell there to endure the punishment earned by him 
during his lifetime here. He cannot escape regard- 
lesshe must meet the appropriate punishments. 
There is one feature about all of such punishment that 
must be understood they are remedial and not 
vindictive. They are intended for his good, to produce a 
reformation of character; but they are not eternal as 
man is often led to believe, especially in the Christian 
religion. But the law is inexorable. Each one must get 
just what he has earned and just what is needed to 
impress upon his inmost consciousness that he must 
obey the laws of nature or be punished. 

"After his period of discipline is over on the subtle 
planes, he may be required to re-enter earth life in some 
lower form, to finish his karmic schooling. 

"This process of death is enacted upon every 
physical plane of the universe, and allows Soul to enter 
into the Astral. But it is not complete on the Astral, 
for if Soul is to rise higher into the next world by 
shedding Its astral body; then It goes through a 
process of death upon it. 

"Therefore, on every plane which Soul must enter, 
after a residence on the lower one, It has to go through 
a process similar to that on the Earth plane; It drops 
the body It is wearing at that time, be it an astral or a 
mental body. If no traveler is there to help It, It must 
appear before the judge of the so-called dead on that 
plane and be rendered justice as to where It may go in 
the higher region. 

"This practice is enacted on every plane up to the 
Sach Khand, where one enters as pure spirit and 


therefore It never returns to the lower worlds except 
through the voluntary effort to help others, or for 
certain experiences needed to keep It in the great 
world of the SUGMAD. 
"Well leave off here for awhile." 

"All right, let's get started again," said Rebazar 
Tarzs. "Now to finish up the part on eternity which 
I've been holding back to the end of this particular 

"Certain phenomena occuring in the high world has 
great interest to us at this point. In the beginning, let 
me explain it this way. We have those ECK travelers 
who roam the universes from end unto end except 
they do not exactly enter into the real world of the 

"Of course, they enter into the land of Sat Desha, 
and mingle freely with all the inhabitants there, and go 
up as far as the ECK, where dwells the first manifes- 
tation of the Lord. But they do not go any further than 

"Within this region where dwells the SUGMAD, 
ITSELF, there are only a few beings who live and 
serve IT. These are the Mahavakyis, the Silent 
Travelers and so mighty are these great ones that 
you seldom can confront them. Those who have been 
fortunate to have come face to face with one of these 
superior beings have thought they were in the presence 

"These Silent Travelers are well named, for they are 
practically invisible to all eyes outside the world of the 
SUGMAD. As they come down from the highest 


region into that of the ECK, instead of taking form like 
one would think of them doing, these superior beings 
remain in their cloaks of anonymity. 

"These are what we know as the Agents of the 
SUGMAD those who travel anywhere through ITS 
vkst empire on ITS business. These strange beings are 
actually the subordinates of the SUGMAD in a way 
they are ITS deputies who carry out ITS will and 

"Now all are subject to the laws of these strange, 
superior entities for they manifest at any point so 
desired in the universe and carry out some order, 
whether it is against the Lord of a certain plane, 
including the Brahma of the Brahma Lok, or the Soul 
suffering in purgatory. It is their duty, not to question. 

"They are in many forms among the inhabitants of 
all planes. Here on this earth plane they may be 
disguised as men, animals, birds or fish, and even 
rocks if it serves their purpose to carry out the mission 
of their Superior Commander. 

"Much as some of the spiritual travelers know about 
the SUGM AD, little is known about these Silent Ones, 
who come and go like the winds of the world. The 
spiritual travelers have their own agents, as well as the 
Lords and governors of the various regions of the 
universes; each in turn reports to his own chief and 
carries out his desire. But the silent travelers are not 
responsible to anyone but the Supreme SUGMAD. IT 
alone gives them their commissions to be carried out 
and they must work for IT alone, or be cast out of the 
heavens into the bowels of the earth, as Lucifer was in 
the beginning of time. 

"These silent ones are in command of the great 
sound current, in the high heavens, and are to give aid 


and comfort to the SUGMAD in ITS eternal home. 
They keep the planes balanced and in order, so that 
little destruction can come to them, should any of the 
inhabitants go on rampages and bring about the 
downfall of planes within planes. They are in charge of 
time, creativity, space and other mechanical phases ctf 
the lower universes. 

'They see that the planets in this world are properly 
hung in space so there will be no collision of them, by 
being out of their assigned positions. 

"They have immense powers, and great wisdom to 
carry out their missions, and of course unlimited 

"Outside the SUGMAD, these Silent Travelers are 
the most powerful beings in all the worlds, and next to 
them are the Spiritual Travelers. The Lords and 
Governors of all the planes can be powerful within 
their own domain, but they are subject to the laws 
which govern them, and even the Brahman, as I have 
said before, will someday have to be reincarnated 
again. They are all limited, in power, wisdom and 

"The ECK Masters know when the Silent Ones are 
around, and they cooperate with them at the level upon 
which they are working at the time. The ECK travelers 
are subject to the Silent Ones; they do not have to 
obey, yet they will because it's realized always that the 
Silents are direct from the SUGMAD out of love 
and respect, they will give their best cooperation, even 
though at times they wouldn't like to do so. 

"So you have three levels of independent workers in 
eternity, who cooperate in the running of the worlds. 
First, the SUGMAD, the all Supreme Being, second 
the Silent Travelers, who are ITS messengers or 


agents, and third, the ECK Travelers who are both the 
agents of the SUGMAD and the Silent Ones. The three 
work together, in perfect harmony and understanding. 

"The functions of the Silent Ones are to serve the 
purpose of the SUGMAD in running the universes, 
carrying out ITS laws and regulations; the spiritual 
travelers have the duty of seeing that Souls are 
returned to the kingdom of the ECKANKAR. 

"These are about the only duties that either of the 
groups have which are in common, otherwise they go 
their own way and live with their own without coming 
in contact with one another. 

"Quite frequently the Silent Ones appear on earth in 
some form or other; often they are the shining angels, 
like those who appeared at the tomb of Christ and told 
Mary that her lord was gone. Jacob wrestled with one 
on the ladder of heaven. Occasionally, you will read of a 
Silent Traveler in a similar manner in the ancient 
scriptures, or somebody will speak of some strange 
phenomena happening to them. 

"As it stands the Silent Travelers are not concerned 
with the rulers of planes, Sat Nam, Ramkar, Omkar or 
Jot Niranjan. These minor gods are only workers 
within the spiritual hierarchy of the SUGMAD. They 
are subject to the nature laws of those works within 
which they are living. 

"The Silent Travelers, as I have said, have no such 
laws hanging over them, and they are free as the winds 
of the world. Now this is the interest the Silent 
Travelers hold for you someday you may become 
one, for it is the highest point in all of the universes 
which you can reach. 

"You cannot in a sense become the SUGMAD, 
ITSELF; you can become a part of IT, and you can 


become a coworker of the SUGMAD. Under no circum- 
stances can you become the Supreme Deity, although 
religions try to tell their followers that this is true. You 
cannot do this, regardless of what is told you by a 
priest or a minister of any gospel. 

"You can become a Silent Traveler, which is one of 
the SUGMAD's closest relations these strange 
beings have their home and habitat within the heart of 
the SUGMAD. Nothing can get any closer than these 
beings who are without doubt the only creatures who 
are in direct contact with the Lord God of all the 

"If you are at all interested you may aim your sights 
at becoming a Silent One. But if you do this, there will 
be an intensity of training which you have never heard 
of in your life nor in your many incarnations spent on 
earth. The training that many lamas are reported as 
going through would be a child's practice besides what 
the candidates go through. Many fail to make the 
ranks of the Silent Ones. 

"For example, I will point out that perhaps out of 
every ten thousand who take the tests and trainings 
they must go through, one will succeed. Candidates are 
picked, without their own knowledge, from the higher 
planes hardly anyone living on the planes below the 
Daswan Dwar is ever picked for training. I would say 
that ninety percent of the candidates have reached the 
plane of the ECK, before they are even considered. The 
Silent Ones are not intending to put anyone through 
the tests and training, who have not finished up their 
training in the lower world. They know better, for it 
would mean the loss of a Soul who had gone through 
the practice of trying to reach the proper plane and 
suddenly shoved into something much over his head. 


"These strange beings are the chosen ones. They 
intend to take care of their own, for they have no re- 
sponsibility to anyone except the SUGMAD. 

"To the human heart these creatures look and act 
cold toward all others, and in a way they are; except for 
the fact they are running the universes through the 
administration of the SUGMAD. Each plane has a 
number of them who are doing their work under the 
supervision of the top Silent One, like a regular 
business staff, from the chief executive to the workers. 

"These creatures are not bothered with the 
individual Souls, but concerned only with the 
mechanics of the universes. They are so busy that 
nothing else matters to them to be filled with all the 
qualities of mercy, kindness and those which serve 
mankind in another way would be rather out of their 

"Their chief concern is with the three qualities which 
I have mentioned several times Isness, Nowness and 
Hereness, the trinity of the SUGMAD." 



Chapter 9 

The old traveler, Rebazar Tarzs, didn't spend much 
time in getting into his dialogue this morning after my 
arrival. He seated himself and began talking. 

"Now the next phase of ECK, that mystical philoso- 
phy quite unknown to the religions of this earth world 
and hardly at all to most of its mystics, pertains to 
matter, space and time. 

"Space and time are joint or rather twin aspects of 
the whole; they are actually members of a materialistic 
team known as MEST, which when broken down are: 
Matter, Energy, Space and Time. These constituents 
are those which make up the physical world the 
Pinda, and are represented in the Occult as that of 
man's physical body. This is the last frontier of Soul, 
or the lowest to be exact. 

"We are discussing matter, space and time in this 
talk. Energy has been somewhat covered, but it will 
get full coverage in the next chapter. 

"In the beginning let me point out that space actu- 
ally has no existence. It is hardly anything but a 
nothingness, a huge hole filled with spiritual energy, 
the ECK. It is nothing, apart from our perception of 
objects and time means nothing, apart from our 
experience of events. 

"Space appears merely as a fiction created by man's 
own mind an illegitimate extension of the nature of 
subjective concepts which help us to understand and 
describe the arrangements of objects as seen by us, 
while time appears as a secondary fiction serving a 


similar purpose for the arrangement of events which 
happen to us. Time and space are both maya in the 
modern study of physics and also in philosophy. They 
are not the same under all circumstances. They are 
more subjective ideas than objective facts. 

"Man's knowledge of the external world cannot be 
divorced from the nature of the faculties with which we 
have obtained physical knowledge. The truth of the 
law of gravitation cannot be regarded as subsisting, 
apart from the experimental procedure by which we 
ascertained the truth. Imagine yourself alone in the 
midst of nothingness and then try to tell me how large 
you are. It is literally impossible. 

"Here are some of the things which you must know 
about so-called space. First, a straight line may not 
necessarily be straight; second, a ray of light has 
weight; third, space is curved; fourth, the universe, 
even the Pinda world, is boundless yet finite; five, 
mind creates matter and matter creates space. 

"Sixth, every sentient (meaning every experience of 
sensation and feeling) being is capable of constructing 
its own universe. Seventh, space and time are not reali- 
ties. There is no fundamental entity called space exist- 
ing in itself in which the world is placed, nor is there 
any fundamental line in which an event occurs. Out of 
an observer's temporal experience, is constructed time, 
and out of the same time is constructed space. But 
there is no underlying time or space with which these 
can conceivably be correlated. Thus the universe and 
its creator are neither in time nor space. Eighth, the 
shortest straight line is an infinite affair. Ninth, the 
universe is infinite, yet paradoxically small, and tenth, 
atoms are world systems. 

"Eleventh, world systems are atoms. Twelfth, the 


mind of man is truly omnipresent because all time and 
space is present in it. Thirteenth, physical qualities in 
general have no absolute values, only relative to 
chosen frames of references or codes. Fourteenth, 
space, time and the physical world of substances have 
no objective reality, apart from the mental concepts of 
them that man creates in his mind. Fifteenth, nothing 
is real except what is in our consciousness and percep- 
tion, and this, when relative, creates an illusion. Six- 
teenth, when we view ourselves in space and time, we 
are quite obviously distinct individuals. When we pass 
beyond space and time we form ingredients of a contin- 
uous stream of the sound current, and seventeenth, 
everything is relative to human perception. There is no 
space which is positive, for it is nothingness. Therefore 
one man's mind is negated by another. Even the trav- 
elers, the saints, sometimes do not like the works of 
another member of their group. Everyone has his own 

"One more point to make on this subject. The pic- 
ture of an electron as a point in space and time fails 
completely. It has wave-like characteristics, therefore 
it is called a wavicle, 

"An event has many sizes relative to the correspond- 
ing standpoints. There are as many imaginary worlds 
as there are observers with varying interests and pur- 
poses, and these worlds appear to change in accordance 
with the subjective changes in the life of those who 
experience them. 

"When we discard our human spectacles entirely, we 
find that light and sound are neither waves nor par- 
ticles. Speaking philosophically, the SUGMAD is 
neither the Satguru nor the Nirguna, but has the 
nature of all things. 


"When a jiva, or student, as a particle approaches 
the ECK, he appears to be the SUGMAD, or Satguru. 
When the student approaches him in the form of a 
wave by means of self-knowledge, he appears to be the 
Nirguna, or negative-self. There can be no separation 
between waves. The nature of light and sound is such 
that they behave as waves in empty space but like 
bullets as soon as light encounters matter. 

"Soul appears as negative when It sees something 
other than Itself. Physical space is a matter of infer- 
ence and construction. The account of an animal given 
by examining an animal's movements is only an event 
in the animal's life. The same is the case with events in 
a man's life. Relativity proves this by equations. 

"It has been established that separate component 
parts of a uniform system of bodies maintain the same 
position in relation to one another as though the sys- 
tem was stationary. Thus, things inside a swiftly 
moving railroad coach behave in exactly the same way 
as when the coach is standing still. In reality, things 
bear their own measure in themselves and to find the 
measure of things is to understand illusion, or maya. 

"The smallest electron and the largest world which 
exists, apart from our study of it is senseless. The idea 
that perception in itself reveals the character of 
objects is a fond delusion. All that exists is what it is, 
and this only within the limits of a certain and very 
small scale. On the spiritual and psychic scale, i.e., 
from another viewpoint, it becomes something. 

"The smaller the reference body, or the reference sys- 
tem, the smaller the world. Space, or nothingness is 
proportionate to the size of the reference body and all 
the measurements of space are proportionate to the 
measurements of the measurement of the reference 


body. By annihilating somebody's life or mind, his 
world-experience is annihilated; by the destruction of a 
jar, that jar's space is annihilated. 

"Our measurements are never of space and time but 
only of the things and the events that occupy space 
and time. My time measurements depend ultimately 
on my space measurements and the latter on my ideas 
of simultaneous action. You depend on your reading of 
simultaneity in precisely the same way. 

"If you built nine boxes of the same measurements 
but different in forms they would occupy the same 
space and time, and would be the same objects yet 
appearing to be different to different observers. In the 
same way one and the same world appears to be dif- 
ferent to different observers. Therefore, every observer 
lives in his own imaginary world. 

"In a dream-experience, earth, roads, mountain sur- 
face, denote only forms of empty space; so, in the 
waking experience also, they are forms of empty space, 
depending on the position of the observer. 

"I, you, he or she are also imaginary forms of waking 
experience. For instance, a mare cannot become the 
wife of a man, and woman can't become the wife of a 
horse, although the mare and woman are both feminine 
characters. As the waking condition destroys the 
dream completely, the condition of self-realization 
destroys the waking experience completely. The body 
of the observer is also a product of thought just as it 
happens in dreams. 

"For each frame of reference there is a scale of length 
and a scale of time. Whether a body has taken up 
energy or not, depends upon the position of his obser- 
vation. All we need to know is the relation of the other 
fellow's space and time standards to our own. This is 


the first thing relativity teaches us. All measures are 
correct for the time and for the space selected, but one 
relative measure cannot be applied to understand all 
events. Therefore, when one thinks that the whole 
world must move according to his ideas, he assumes a 
false position. Other persons are also right from their 
point of view of that time. 

"It is hard to give a satisfactory explanation of the 
theory of space and time in popular language, because 
the language itself is based on old condepts. All the 
student can do is become familiar with the new con- 
cepts, just as a child gets used to the simple relations 
and qualities he meets until he understands them. 
Understanding really means nothing in the world 
except familiarity and getting accustomed to the con- 

"The first postulate of nothingness may be illus- 
trated by the familiar difficulty of determining 
whether a slowly moving train, one is sitting in, or an 
adjacent one, is in motion. The passenger has either to 
wait for bumps or accelerations, or he has to look out 
at some adjacent object which he knows to be fixed, 
before he can decide if he's moving. 

"The second principle is an obvious consequence of 
the wave theory of light and sound. Just as waves in 
water once started by a ship travel through the water 
with a velocity independent of the ship, so, waves in 
nothingness travel onward with speed bearing no rela- 
tion to that of the body which originated them. 

"Leave off here." 

"Okay, now for the second session on the no-exis- 


tence of space. 

"Before starting in on the deeper part of the subject, 
let me divert to a favorite topic, the fad which man has 
taken up and tried to work out to form around it a reli- 
gionthis is reason. 

"Reason is a senseless sort of argument that every- 
thing works out from logic or deduction according to 
what the senses make of it. The definition of reason is 
that it's a statement offered as an explanation or justi- 
fication of an act or procedure. It's a consideration, 
motive or judgment inducing or confirming a belief, 
influencing the will, and leading to an action. 

"It is a ground or cause, the reality which makes any 
fact intelligible to the senses of man. It is supposedly 
the materialistic power of comprehending, of inferring, 
of intellectualizing. 

"It is to work out, think out, figure out, analyze or 
conclude about something. 

"This is reason. The very thing which Thomas 
Aquinas, the Catholic founder of Christian philosophy, 
used to deduct theological thought and start a medieval 
drive toward the worst piece of thinking in all history. 
Man has certainly suffered because of his reasoning 
which is based upon false premises. 

"Today this fad has been split into two warring fac- 
tions, the intellectuals versus the anti-intellectuals. 
The intellectuals, who are supposedly endowed with 
unusual mental capacity, versus the anti-intellectuals, 
who don't believe in intellectualism. 

"Now the followers of intellectualism believe in the 
doctrine that knowledge is derived from pure reason; 
also, the doctrine that the ultimate principle of reality 
is reason. 

"The anti-intellectuals believe in the doctrine of anti- 


reason; opposing the intellectual theory, they believe in 
the doctrine of non-reason. This is a faith in the higher 
senses, the senses of Soul that make contact with the 
sound current and become a part of it. 

"The reasonists are those who follow Francis Bacon, 
Descartes, Hegel, Aristotle and others. These are the 
ones whom the Catholic Church have established as 
their leaders in the field of thought and metaphysics, 
thus forming the intellectualism of the church as a 
basic philosophy. They are: Aristotle, Aquinas, 
Bernard, Pascal, and a few hundred others who put a 
materialistic slant to the church's metaphysical theory 
called Ontonology, which is supposedly the science of 
reality; the branch of knowledge that investigates the 
nature, essential properties, and relations of being. 

"The anti-reasonists are those whom we normally 
know as the spiritual travelers. They are followers of 
the doctrine of directly receiving from the SUGMAD 
and ITS counterparts, the Silent Ones, and of course 
the ECK. Within spirit or ECK, the great sound 
current, are the properties of the SUGMAD Wisdom, 
Power and Freedom. These are supposedly given to all 
who will seek them, if they are willing to take the 
trouble of using the proper techniques of the spiritual 

"The knowledge gained from separating Soul from 
the body, and moving about in what we know as the 
Nuri-Sarup, the light body, isn't concerned at all with 
the reasoning of the mind. Soul learns quickly that It 
can gain more in fifteen seconds, of knowledge, health, 
power and freedom, when submerged in the divine, 
cosmic sound current than by years of trying to reason 
out something by Its intellect. 

"This reasoning out process introduced by the 


Jesuits in the Catholic Church has completely created 
a racial aberration among the homo sapiens of this 
earth plane. Often it looks like a huge, gigantic plot to 
trap all exposed to what is known as education. 
Nothing could be further from the real facts. 

"Intellectualism is really a trap established by the 
Kal Niranjan for the Tuza. So many are falling for it, 
because materialistic education seems to be the only 
way to knowledge. 

"Now I've given this to you for the reason of show- 
ing that the materialistic sciences which are a part of 
intellectualism are a trap to gather all attention to 
their discoveries. These are, as you know, nothing in 
comparison with what an ECK traveler knows. 

"Take for example what happened a few years ago 
when the Nobel prize was given to a pair of American 
scientists at Princeton University for the discovery of 
the rotation of the atom; clockwise to the right for posi- 
tive action, and counter clockwise for negative action. 
When announced through the newspapers, the theo- 
sophical society members pointed out that Annie 
Besant, their renowned leader, had said this in a large 
number of her books in 1880, and again early in this 
century. She was a spiritual traveler. 

"All this is concerned with space. The intellectuals 
are vastly overconcerned with spacebut the travelers 
are not. It is an open hole of nothingness. To the latter, 
there is hardly a piece of space anywhere. Everything 
is loaded with atoms, Tuzas and spiritual things, the 
heavenly wonders. 

"The intellectuals are concerned with emptiness, and 
they are loaded with other materialistic projects made 
by the hands of men, like human beings living in some 
housing project, or in the great, empty beehives of 



"Now, to the intricacies of nothingness again. 

"The wave picture, which I spoke about in my last 
session, begins to appear as the true picture of reality 
and the particle picture merely a clumsy object, an 
approximation of the truth, an approximation 
obtained by trying to cram force into a frame work of 
space and time, into a structure which does not admit 
representation in space and time. 

"A wave starts from a moving particle or group of 
particles growing greater as it moves into the layer of 
upper strata. As one and the same substance appears 
from one point of view as a particle and from another 
as a wave, it is now called wavicle in the language of 
the spiritual travelers. 

"Observers describe events by measures of times 
and distances made with regard to their frameworks of 
references. Therefore, such things as length, velocity, 
energy, momentum are not absolute but relative, Le M 
they are not attributes of the physical reality but rela- 
tions between the observer and what he observes. Con- 
sequently, the observed objects are not laws of the 
physical world but of the observed phenomena. Einstein 
found that the concepts of length between points in 
nothingness or events in time didn't as we supposed, 
represent an intrinsic property of the points or the 
events. Like direction, it is merely a relation whose 
value changes with the observer's position relative to 
the object. 

"As we cannot ascertain the position and the veloc- 
ity of an electron at the same time, it is impossible to 
compute the future path of the electron. Any interfer- 
ence on our part would change the position of the elec- 
tron. Everything depends on how you look at it. The 


visual image will endure as long as we do not change 
our standpoint, and thus it differs from hallucination. 
Matter has really a wave structure. Therefore, it will 
change in quite a definite way when we change our 
standpoint in regard to it. 

"A vista of miles may be represented by an expert 
artist on a small canvas so that if a man would make an 
effort to suppress the usual idea of extension and 
would look at the painting intently, he will perceive the 
scenes actually extending into miles. No matter how 
minute the picture on a paper may be, we always feel it 
to be like its original, so long as the mutual proportion 
of its contents is in harmony. 

"This is also the case in dreams. Extension of space, 
in dreams and the waking state, is nothing real in itself 
apart from the mind of the observer. Mathematically, 
many different kinds of space are conceivable. 

"One of the remarkable outcomes is that the differ- 
ence between a wave and a particle is disappearing. 
This has to do with something that is neither, and yet 
shares the properties of both. The difference between a 
wave and a particle is one of degree, rather than of 
kind. A group wave of a certain frequency may appear 
to us as if it were a moving particle of given energy. 
But it is a clumsy picture. The particle picture tells us 
that our knowledge of an electron is indetermined. The 
wave picture, the electron itself, is also indetermined. 

"The particle picture assumes that an objective uni- 
verse exists outside ourselves and tries to depict this 
objective universe, while the wave picture tries to 
depict our knowledge of the universe as experienced by 
us. The wave picture is a picture of knowledge, not of 

"The mass of an electron is not constant but is a 


function of its speed, and this again depends on the 
observer's system of reference. In each mass phenom- 
ena where many observers are in the same condition, 
the statistical laws appear all the more clearly, with 
the greater number of individuals that cooperate in the 

"In such cases, we get many pictures but it will be 
hard to realize that the two very different shadow pic- 
tures are projections of the same object. Accordingly, 
nothing that varies for different observers can be 
fundamentally true. 

"As stated before, the wave picture provides a repre- 
sentation, not of an objective nature but only of our 
knowledge of nature. The same electron may be repre- 
sented by two different wave pictures, not because it is 
itself different in the two cases, but because our knowl- 
edge of it is different in both cases. 

"All right. This is enough for now!" 

"Now we'll get started again," said Rebazar Tarzs 
slowly sitting down on the hard floor again. 

"One of the things that is much talked about in spir- 
itual circles is intuition. This is the power of knowing, 
the power of obtaining knowing without the senses, 
without recourse to the inference of reasoning; an 
innate, instinctive knowledge. 

"This faculty is connected with the no-thing uni- 
verse. Ordinarily it is supposed to mean inner- 
teaching, inner instruction as given by some kind of 
higher inner self. 

"The word intuition means however to look in, to 
gaze into, see and understand immediately. To know 


by looking inwardly. In other words to project oneself 
by looking inwardly and understanding immediately 
what it is we are seeking. In order to understand the 
no-thing universe we must rely on intuition, as all ECK 
travelers do. It is started by joining, or hooking up the 
forces between Soul within you and the no-thing world 
within, and without. The working together of the sub- 
jective self with the forces of the no-thing world will 
start working out the kinks between this region and 

"The forces of the no-thing world will begin to 
suggest the right course for the outer to take, reason 
over and adapt for use. The object is to bring the two 
faculties into balance and give the forces of the no- 
thing world the edge but nothing too much, for it 
would be quite unreasonable to let this faculty rule you 
completely in this matter-real world; yet on the other 
hand it knows far more about straightening out the 
problems of life than you would ever know. 

"The idea is not to follow it blindly. Learn to pay 
attention to it and then use what information it brings 
to your attention. You have use of it at anytime, any- 
where. It's only that the power of the no-thing world is 
there and must be used whenever you need it. 

"What actually happens is that you can furnish the 
channel for it to flow through your life and when that 
channel is open, when there is nothing blocking it- 
that higher-inner faculty can function readily to tell 
you something which can't be gained from any amount 
of outer, man made logic or reasoning. 

"Intuition doesn't use words. It existed long before 
language was invented, and that is why we are cut off, 
as it were, from our inner selves. We have gone farther 
down into matter than the inner self has and it can 


only talk to us when we furnish it with a channel for 
the no-thing forces to work through. 

'The some-thing forces will fight to keep the inner 
forces from flowing through. The objective will assert 
itself. You must have a free mind and no upsets going 
at the time you wish to use it. Any quarrels or argu- 
ments will upset the workings of this inner force. 

"When you can put the outer to work under the intu- 
ition forces and coordinate them together, they will 
give you a guidance such as you've never had before. 
The objective misses too much when working alone, 
especially the help the subjective could give; and the 
subjective working alone has not a firm hold on the 
outer world without good training. 

"It takes a lot of training to get the inner forces 
working through you, especially to open the channel 
and keep it free from the obstacles and aberrations 
which might clog it. No one will understand this until 
they start traveling on the path upward into the Far 

"Intuition is a basic faculty on this plane. At the 
foundation of matter lies illusion, a form of perception. 
When we see or feel ourselves in the world of four 
dimensions, we shall see that the world of three dimen- 
sions does not really exist and never existed. It was the 
creation of our own fantasy, a phantom ghost, an 
optical illusion, a delusion, anything one pleases to call 
it except reality. 

"The phenomenal world is simply our incorrect per- 
ception of the world. When a man dreams he begins to 
be conscious of the fact that he is asleep, and that what 
he sees is a dream, then he wakes up; also Soul, 
beginning to be conscious of the fact that all visible life 
is a dream, approaches its awakening. 


"Bertrand Russell said, 'When one cosmic time and 
one persisting space are abolished, we have space-time 
instead. Our notion of the world structure is changed. 
There is no cosmic time. We must give up the idea of 
bodies moving and the talk of events. The unity of a 
body is the unity of its history, like the unity of a time. 
Our aspects and interpretations of the universe are 
constructions of the mind of man. If we could intuit 
ourselves and other things as they really are, we 
should see ourselves in a world of spiritual natures, our 
connection with which we didn't begin at our birth and 
will not cease with the destruction of the body/ 

* 'Space, or no-thingness is a quality of Soul. The 
Tuza exists everywhere but through ignorance limits 
itself to a certain region. Evil consists in transforming 
something great into something small. We have to 
remove an obvious limitation. 

"All phenomena traveling past us with the velocity 
of light is called radiation, while the localized events 
which travel much more slowly or not at all, is called 
matter. All may be, fundamentally and equally, of the 
nature of etheric waves. The question is sometimes 
raised, how would things be regarded by an observer 
who is himself traveling with the velocity of light? To 
answer this question, it is pointed out that all things 
would appear equal. In other words they would appear 
to be standing still. 

"The distinction between ourselves and the outside 
world is only arbitrary, a practically convenient divi- 
sion between one type of sense impression and another. 
The group of sense impressions, forming what I term 
myself, is only a small subdivision of the vast world of 
sense impressions when involved in the body matter. 
Obviously, the distinction is only a practical one. The 


color and form which constitutes for us the needle are 
just as much sense impressions within us, as the pain 
produced by its pricks. 

"The old dualism of mind and matter, which was 
mainly responsible for the supposed hostility, seems 
likely to disappear, not through matter becoming in 
anyway more shadowy or unsubstantial than hereto- 
fore or through mind becoming resolved into a function 
of the working of matter, but through substantial 
matter resolving itself into a creation and manifesta- 
tion of mind. 

"Our ordinary thoughts have become space-time 
bound and can get no grip on concept outside space 
and time. Our space-time framework proves inade- 
quate for the representation of the whole of nature, or 
even of this lower world. Therefore, there is absolute 
necessity for us to secure a state of absence of all 
thoughts, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, what I call deep trance, 
in order to experience truth. 

"When war breaks out, many men are ready to die 
for their country. By this, their space-sense somewhat 
increases, and yet the space sense does not increase 
sufficiently because the people of other countries 
remain as their enemies. 

"Those only are the wisest men who live for the whole 
world by loving all the SUGMAD's creatures. Then, 
the space-time sense is perfect and whole. They have 
overcome the otherness. They enjoy the fullness of full- 
space sense. Those who are selfish must die for their 
country in order to develop this nothingness sense. 
The spiritual travelers who are unselfish and wise will 
live for the good of all the SUGMAD's creatures. Spir- 
itual wisdom develops in man the full nothingness 


"The will to wisdom is of greater value to humanity 
than the will to power of the aggressive man. 

"The no-space, the nothingness sense depends on the 
system of reference and the nature of the co-ordinates 

"If we, who have traveled into the Far Country, told 
this openly we would be the damned. By this I mean 
the excluded. Some spiritual travelers have possession 
of data which is terrible in its aspects to mankind. I 
say only the travelers know and hold such knowledge. 

"The ECK traveler must remain almost silent in this 
world. The reason being that whenever he speaks, his 
words are greeted with wild shouts and screams from 
orthodox religions. The old, invulnerable metaphysical 
systems, such as Buddhism and Catholicism shake to 
their foundations. The priests and gurus of all teach- 
ings flout and taunt and jeer at the travelers' presence. 

"All religions, all philosophical systems, all cosmog- 
onies are created to explain the obvious teachings of 
life and things. But they have failed, just like we see in 
the explanation of the no-thing universe versus the 
some-thing universe. 

"Leave off here for a spell." 

"To complete this discussion is my promise this 
afternoon/' said Rebazar Tarzs, as a stretch of sun- 
light beamed through the window and fell upon his 
shoulder like a bright ribbon of gold. "I'll finish this 
subject on the no-existence of space, and tomorrow will 
give you another aspect of the world of the SUGM AD. 

"Now the way to the Far Country is through the no- 
thing universe for all human beings. They must cross 


the land of nothingness in order to get into the first 
plane, the Astral region. 

"In this region of nothingness, the super-physical 
regions, are the Sun Worlds, Moon Worlds and the 
Lightning Worlds. These worlds lie between this phy- 
sical plane and the astral region. They are merely sub- 
planes, well described by the Vedas and later the 
Vedantists who took those scriptures seriously enough 
to consider them as some of the super superior worlds. 

"They really are not very high, but they are worlds 
of nothingness which the ECK traveler must cross to 
reach the first pure plane of the astral region. 

"The spirit body moves something like this in its 
journey upward. It leaves the body through the tenth 
door, the spiritual eye, in the subtle body. At first, 
Soul looks out through this door, and eventually It 
goes through it and leaves the body completely. It then 
steps out into a new world which It has never seen 
before. This new world will probably be some subplane 
of the astral zone, but it. is a new dimension to SouL 

"There is in this greater universe an almost endless 
series of sets of dimension, one above the other, like 
the three dimension world in which we live here, reach- 
ing up to the highest worlds. Each set is separated 
from the one just above it by the difference in the sub- 
stances, the fineness or coarseness of particle and the 
different rates of vibrations. 

"These differences make one set of dimensions invis- 
ible to people living in another set, because the eyes of 
people inhabiting one region will have a limited range 
of vision, making it impossible for them to see a region 
much above or much below their own region, to which 
they have been adapted. This is the reason we cannot 
see the astral worlds by or through the physical eyes. 


"With the astral eyes, we can see on that plane just 
as well as we can see on the physical plane with the 
physical eyes. So, too, with the still higher worlds. 
With each higher world, or set of dimensions, the light 
and the beauty increase materially, also the happiness 
of the inhabitants. 

"At the sublime moment when the traveler steps out 
into the higher world, he begins to realize that he has 
acquired a vast increase of powers, as well as joy. It 
appears to him, and it is a fact too, that he can do 
almost anything he wishes to do. Not only has he 
increased his powers, but his knowledge and under- 
standing have expanded proportionately. 

"At this time, the whole material universe appears 
as an open book to him, and all dark mysteries have 
vanished. He finds himself in possession of all knowl- 
edge of these lower worlds. He now knows them and 
has power over them. From here on up, each world 
gained, gives one complete knowledge and power over 
the world below him. 

"The traveler is now free to proceed on his way to 
still higher zones. He may not allow himself to be 
unduly detained in order to enjoy the new world he has 
just entered. He must proceed always upward, for 
there will be no ending of the worlds he is seeking. 

"Between the physical and the pure astral planes, 
there are many sub-planes. Vedantic pundits speak of 
the Sun Worlds first. Then come the Moon Worlds. 
After that, numerous sub-zones, and finally what 
Vivekananda calls the Lightning Worlds. This corres- 
ponds to the plane of the Sahasra-dal-Kanwal, as it is 
known to the travelers. It is commonly referred to as 
the astral region. It is full of light and far more beauti- 
ful than this world of the earth. 


"It is the region which is commonly considered by 
many yogis as the supreme heaven. This is as high as 
they are able to ascend as a rule. The lord of that region 
they regard as the Supreme Being is only the Kal 
Niranjan, or Brahm. The travelers speak of him as Kal 
Niranjan, while most Hindus think of him as Brahm, 
the supreme God. He is, in fact, regarded as the 
supreme being by nearly all religions, because they 
know of nothing higher. Only the great travelers know 
of the higher regions and the higher deities, on up to 
the SUGMAD, out of whom all others come. 

"At a point between the Sun Worlds and the Moon 
Worlds and the pure Astral zone, the travelers enter a 
zone called Ashta-dal-Kanwal. At that point some- 
thing happens which changes the whole course of his 
life and also his method of procedure. 

"It is the meeting with his own teacher, a superior, 
experienced spiritual traveler in his radiant form. This 
is the traveler's Nuri-Sarup or light form. It is your 
Chiva, or Guru, appearing just as he does in physical 
life, except that his body is now much more beautiful 
and full of light, brilliantly illuminated. 

"The Chiva receives the neophyte traveler with a 
cordial welcome and from that moment on the two are 
never separated throughout the journey to still higher 
regions, until the neophyte reaches the fifth region, the 
Sat Nam world. By now he is experienced and can 
travel upon his own. 

"So you see that the Lord of this world, Kal Niran- 
jan, is almost on the human level. He is the God of the 
no-thing universe, what we are calling space. He is the 
space God, which the Christians worship, and seem to 
look for in the sky, a god over the world of nothing- 


"Man cannot conceive of this space world, nor of a 
space god, for he has personalized his god and made 
him the protector of his household, life and controller 
of his events. He doesn't realize that when he prays to 
a space god, of the nature that I speak about, he is 
praying to a no-thing to create for him something, or 
bring about changes in his affairs. 

"This stupidity is never recognized, for man is 
beyond his capacity when getting into the worlds 
beyond the something plane. It is for certain that he 
cannot get some-thing out of no-thing, and space just 
doesn't exist for him, nor anything else. 

"Now everything including the Kal Niranjan, God of 
this universe, is the narcissus, the unconscious beauty 
of the universe, in the minds of minds. It is the instinct 
of the Kal to act to exploit the ego. Exhibitionism is 
the eternal law of what is called evolution. Autoscopy, 
narcissism and exhibitionism are the motives for all 
movements throughout the universe. 

"Even the genius, the most non-adaptable, who is 
always at war with his environment, is the great pea- 
cock, the show-off and the self-loved individual. 

"The principle of this is 'that whatever exists desires 
an audience/ In everything, including the Kal, and if 
you do not believe this, read all the holy scriptures, the 
desire to be seen and loved is most prominent. Every- 
thing and everyone desires to tell its story. Of course, 
this includes the travelers. 

"Here is where Soul arrives at self-realization. 

"You, yourself, are the supreme one in this universe. 
You are the Kal. You are matter and spirit; being more 
matter than spirit, you are mainly the Kal. You are 
always strutting before the pride of humility that dom- 
inates you. Your modesty is a secret self-kissing exhi- 


bition in the mirror of self-love. Love yourself says the 
law of nature. I mean by this; love your Tuza and you 
love the Kal. 

"The metaphysical basis of exhibitionism is the 
strange and incomprehensible inner urge of expression, 
which is tied into the no-thing universe, space. Theol- 
ogy expresses this urge for exhibitionism. Philosophy 
expresses it as noumenon becoming phenomenon, exer- 
cising an illusion in nothingness. 

"Kal invents mirrors. The spaceless seek space in 
which to move and survey, for space is the ballroom, 
the peacock alley of the invisible, 

"Curse Kal and you are cursing yourself. Praise Kal 
and you are praising yourself. Thus the Kal, which all 
mystics and priestcraft oppose, is the inventor of 
theologies, cosmologies and divine events, with peals 
of laughter ringing from his throat at their ignorance. 

"Even Buddha, who drew the sword against life, 
came to teach the world that there had better be no 
world. His cameras were the eyes and ears of his dis- 

"Many seek to become the supreme exhibitionist. 
Strip away the mask of all earthly dictators and there 
you will find Kal strutting like the peacock. Strip away 
the covering of the mystic and you will find the same 
thing. Even Jesus was the boldest of peacocks who 
annihilated the yoke of the meek and lowly and said; 
'Look at yourselves. You too can be God!' 

"Therefore, I say that in the world of space, or no- 
thing, there are no principles or laws except those of 
the Kal. There are only the exhibitionists, because the 
world has made them so. Principles, theories, ideas are 
the masks of the instincts, the innate craving of the 
ego-vividness, blown to bits by the winds of the no- 


thing universe. 

"I can only show you that space doesn't exist. It is 
all in the mind of man and if he continues to believe 
that it does, he will live long on this earth planet in 
the some-thing universe, until he sees and changes his 
mind about space. Then he can rise into the higher 

"That's all for now." 



Chapter 10 

"The energies of the Tuza are some of the most 
powerful forces in the God worlds/' said Rebazar 
Tarzs starting his talks in the cool of the early morning 

"You will find that Soul operates its own drive like 
an individual motor in a car. It cannot do any other 
way, for this is the law of the ECK. All Tuzas must 
make and use their own energies for their motion, 
movement and drive through the universes. Nothing 
else can help them it must be done on their own. 

"Soul uses the sound current as the basic element, 
out of which the energies It uses can be made to drive 
Itself onward, or for any action that It undertakes. 

"This energy in this universe is called electronic; 
most scientists are aware of it, and make use of it in 
our daily living. But Soul can use this for either deadly 
or peaceful results to Itself. 

"It can use electronic beams to knock out another 
Soul and also to help others. Soul cannot be killed but 
It can be knocked cold by electronic beams provided 
they strike It hard enough. Often Souls meet and have 
fierce battles in which they throw these electronic 
beams at one another until one is either knocked out or 
has to crawl away for Its own safety. 

"All the electronic energy that Soul has, is manufac- 
tured out of the sound current. It does not have 
storage to carry around Its energy, so It must be abk 
to create this energy and use it immediately. To try 
and carry it is both clumsy and impractical. 


"Soul, knowing that the power of creative words is 
one of the secrets it possesses, can use these vibrations 
instantly. Just by the actual calling upon the divine 
energy through the channel of a secret word, Soul can 
have it at Its finger tips. 

"Every manifestation of life comes from this 
dynamic energy of the sound current. From the crawl- 
ing ant to the thunder bolt, from the tidal wave to the 
solar cycle, everything, including the burning stars in 
the Milky Way and the flicker of a candle, all take their 
light and energy from this great central power. 

4 'The pull of gravity, the flash of lightning, the build- 
ing of thought-forms, and the love of the individual 
Soul, all come from this current primordial. That which 
physical science calls energy, which the Orientals call 
Prana, is only a manifestation of this life of the audible 
life sound current stepped down to meet material con- 
ditions. Like electricity in the air, it is omnipresent and 
it is also omnipotent. In it lies all energy, either latent 
or dynamic. It only awaits the proper conditions to 
express itself as dynamic force, in one form or another. 
It has many forms of expression, most of which are not 
yet known to physical science. 

"Of course, it has to be stepped down, and at each 
step down it takes a different character and quality, to 
which we give names, if we can demonstrate them at 
all. Most of them science has not yet discovered. 

"But every force known, from primal energy, prana, 
down to electricity and magnetism, the Tuzashottama 
energy, all are modified to serve the common cosmic 
and human needs. In the highest region it is all one 
force, the Supreme SUGMAD, manifested and mani- 

"The tremendous heat, energy and light of our sun, 


of all suns, are derived from this stream. Every ray of 
light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite 
stream of light. Upon its power hangs every star in its 
orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its buds with- 
out this power and no little child smiles without mani- 
festing this power. Who can comprehend it, or assign 
qualities? Who can analyze it? We know from its mani- 
festation that it has at least three very wonderful 

"These are: WisdomPower Freedom. 

"Now, motion and energy fuse and end up being the 
same thing. Each Soul carries Its own energy or prana 
about It, just as in a shower of rain. Each Soul carries 
Its own rainbow about It. If I, the Tuza, change my 
speed of motion, I create a new ether for myself. 

"As all measurements of energy are relative to some- 
thing, all motions are relative to the Tuza. There is no 
absolute to the Tuza. There is no distinction between 
motion and rest in Soul because these are alternate 
systems of time-space, and a particle at rest, in one of 
them, may be moving in the others; the difference 
between unaccelerated and accelerated motion is like- 
wise relative to the system of reference. 

4 'A parrot dies and is reborn as a peacock. He will not 
generally know that he was a parrot before because his 
Tuzashottama energy has changed everything, e.g., 
this time, space, motion and weight. 

"This energy is vibratory. It works in vibrations like 
the shooting of bullets; with speed greater than the eye 
can comprehend. Light and sound are the basic ele- 
ments in this Soul energy. 

"Light and sound are not parts of the physical 
things themselves, but are the results of waves of 
energy flowing out of the ECK as the fountainhead of 


the SUGMAD. The different vibrations of one thing 
and another are often the same light and sound rays, 
yet seen and heard differently. The essence of a thing is 
an optical or hearing interpretation. What we perceive 
often as separated from ourselves, really isn't, in the 

"An observer in a rapidly descending airplane actu- 
ally sees the earth rushing upward and a traveler in an 
express train actually sees the telegraph poles moving 
past him. 

"It is difficult to see the position and motion of elec- 
trons at the same time with the physical eyes. Once 
though, you step outside the body and look, they are 
perfectly clear. Inside the body looking through the 
physical eyes, one cannot see. The more there is a focus 
on the one, the more blurred the other becomes. 

"The same is true when we look at the aspects of the 
SUGMAD from an earth viewpoint. The positive and 
negative blur if gazed upon together separated and 
viewed from outside the body, they become crystal 
clear. Man cannot experience both simultaneously, 
although the sound current contains both aspects 
within itself on this lower plane. 

"Man cannot ascertain the place and motion of Soul 
at the same instant. It is impossible to compute accu- 
rately the energy which Soul will mock up in an instant 
to either defend itself or move into a higher plane. Both 
are relative to the position in which that particular 
Soul wishes to place itself. 

"Soul works through the visual image channel to 
mock-up energy. It uses the Tuzashottama energy for 
expanding and contracting, through consciousness of 
the world in which it is operating. It uses itself in the 
energy field through the three basic attributes of the 


SUGMAD; wisdom, power and freedom. 

"The energy on which the Tuza exists is eternal, and 
it is necessary to enter into this fluid state and become 
one with it. Working always in the relative and never 
in the absolute, it can change, move and give itself cer- 
tain directive speed that nothing else in the universes 
of the Far Country can accomplish. 

"The law which governs spiritual energies can only 
come to you by an expansion of human consciousness. 
This is also true of spiritual experience. The seed must 
be planted in your mind to receive the dynamic 
presence of the power and to surrender your mind to its 
control. It is this surrender and Soul control which 
brings about the release of the dynamic energies. 

"It is the inner energy which you must liberate in 
order to walk above the ignorant and be of the 
Godhead. However, often without the guidance of the 
true inner traveler, there is danger in opening that 
psychic being concealed within, not usually active; for 
this being takes over and gives you false energy and 

"Philosophy, because of its habit of abstraction, has 
seldom been a power for life. It has sometimes been 
powerful for high speculation in pursuing mental 
truth, for its own sake, sometimes for a subtle mental 
gymnastic in a bright cloud of words and ideas, but 
generally it has got too far off the beaten track. 

"Only the SUGMAD matters, the SUGMAD alone 
will be the continuing need of the whole being of man. 
If there is any compulsion to activity, it will not be 
that of implanted desires nor the forces of nature, but 
the luminous striving for a greater consciousness ever 
becoming the sole motive of the whole existence. 

"The divine energy of Soul comes in at one time; 


when mocked up, it leads, compels, instructs and 
enlightens; then again it may withdraw into the back- 
ground and seem to leave the being to its own 
resources. At all times the seeker will be aware of the 
divine guide and will know that everything is being 
done for the best, 

'This master energy descends upon you, breaks up 
your present psychological formations, shatters the 
walls of the ego and gives you greater powers of vision, 
perception, motivation and perfection. All forms of life 
that are unable to bear the change of this burning, 
fiery energy must disappear and all that can bear it 
will survive and enter into the kingdom of the spiritual 

"The Tuzashottama energy will deal with all that is 
good for the traveler and for the good of all. Alone, the 
awaiting universal will must choose, action must 
change into a dynamic movement of that will, enjoy- 
ment must be replaced by the play of a pure, spiritual 
bliss. All personal will is either a temporary delegation 
from the ECK, or designated by IT. Even after he is 
free, the traveler will be in the world, and to be in the 
world is to remain in its works. To remain in the world 
without desire is to act for the good of the world in 
general, for the race, for some new creation to be 
evolved on earth or for some work imposed by the 
divine will within you. 

"Freedom and truth fulfill its movement in the 
traveler according to each one's nature. This is the 
special aspect of the divine energy of the ECK, out of 
which the Tuza has emerged into action, unlimited by 
any form of this law or way; for Soul is infinite. You 
will manifest the divine moments of truth according to 
the temperament of your being, in any combination of 


essential attributes that may constitute the form given 
to your being by its own inner urge. It is this self- 
nature that men see in you, and not that from the 
"We'll leave off here!" 

"The energy of Soul, sometimes known as the 
master power, is part of the trinity of the ECK, that is: 
Wisdom, Power and Freedom. As a part of the trinity 
it constitutes the movement, the action or motion of it. 

"And as the Tuzashottama energy it makes up that 
part of the being which Soul uses when needing action 
of any kind. Even thought consists of using energy, 
but on a higher level than on the physical plane. 

"So I begin here with wisdom which takes up that 
part of the trinity that gives right direction to action, 
and freedom, the quality that gives Soul an opportu- 
nity to move and do as wisdom directs. In other words 
one has more than a limited choice which man believes 
is freedom he has the chance to choose his actions 
and directions without interference from anything or 
any creature of the SUGMAD. 

"Nobody can think of the trinity in the terms of con- 
cepts while on this earth plane. It isn't possible for the 
human mind to grasp these three attributes. They are 
not shrouded in mystery, but the depths of them are 
beyond the grasp of human thinking. 

"The energy which gives Soul an opportunity to 
have motion with direction is the basic element of all 
the universes. Since this is the sound current it must 
be connected with all things, especially with power and 
freedom. It has to be linked up with these pair of 


attributes or it cannot function. It must also have wis- 
dom and must be free to act in any direction that it 
sees necessary. 

"There is one fundamental perception, indispensible 
to man for gaining wisdom in the many ways of the 
divine self and that is to see the SUGMAD in ITS 
essential self and the Truth, unaltered by forms and 

"Otherwise man is trapped in a net of appearances 
and will wander confusedly in a chaotic multitude of 
cosmic aspects. On occasions by seeking to avoid 
entrapment he will sacrifice all, yet become chained to 
a small mental formula, or shut up in a limited 
personal experience, or caught up in a trap of reliving 
someone else's experiences. 

"Of course, this energy is the manifestation of the 
ECK's creation through spirit, and the key to life's 
hidden secret is the relation of this spirit with its own 
existence in the energy forces. 

"If man has only an intellectual and metaphysical 
view on this, then he is seeking in the dark. So you see, 
what man searches for is not mental truths alone, or 
truth of thought, but the dynamic truth of a living and 
revealing spiritual experience. 

"Man must awaken the inevitable knowingness and 
contact the true and infinite presence of the sound cur- 
rent, always and everywhere. That presence myst 
always remain with him as the living pervading reality 
in which he and all things exist, move and act. He must 
feel it always and everywhere, concrete, visible and in 
all things. He must see, feel, sense, contact it in every- 
way; not merely conceive the SUGMAD and spirit 
here in this existence but know with the same vivid- 
ness all existence in God and spirit. This is the funda- 


mental experience which envelops all knowledge. 

"This energy is the omnipresent reality, the one exis- 
tence everywhere; it is a single, unifying presence and 
not different in different creatures. It can be seen and 
felt in the completeness of each Soul or form in the uni- 
verse. The knowledge or experience of it can begin any- 
where and express itself through anything, for God is 
in all, and all is the divine. 

"This energy begins to pervade and possess your 
being and out of it seems to proceed all your impulse to 
action, all your light of thought and speech, all the 
formation of your consciousness and its relations, and 
all relation with other spiritual forms. By the useful 
efforts of this energy you are no longer the little 
personal self but that with something of Itself put for- 
ward, that which sustains a selected form of Its own 
working in the universe. 

"Since you must live in this world, as long as you 
have a physical body, and take account of its activities, 
it is necessary to have the ability to learn what divine 
truths underlie all things. You must also determine 
apparent opposition existing between the divine truth 
and manifest creation, which is the starting point of 
most spiritual experiences. 

"However, at each point of creation you find that 
you are confronted with a duality, a separation of exis- 
tence (the positive and negative) which seem to be 
opposite and their opposition to be the riddle of the 
universe. Later you will discover they are the poles of 
one being, Jaram Brahm, connected with, rather by 
two simultaneous currents of energy, negative and 
positive, in relation to each other in this world of the 
Brahm. Their tension is the very condition for the 
manifestation of what is within the Being; their 


reunion, the appointed means for reconciliation of life's 
discords and for the discovery of the integral truth of 
which you are seeking. 

"This is a part of the eternal spirit and also a con- 
scious time-spirit bearing the streams of events, a self- 
extended spiritual space of nothing containing all 
things and beings, a spirit substance which is the very 
form and material of all that seems non-spiritual, 
temporary and finite. 

"You cannot stay in peace or bliss for there would be 
no solution to the enigma of the SUGM AD, within and 
without. As it stands now there seems to be a pair of 
divided states of the SUGMAD. Soon you will learn 
that this separation is in your consciousness and this 
truth has immense liberative power, for by it you are 
no longer bound to ignorance. The separation is an illu- 
sion which can be overcome it is maya. 

"By looking close, you discover there is the ECK in 
both shadow and light, but not the SUGMAD; it is the 
ECK who is here with this face of maya. This is the 
beginning of a growing spiritual experience which 
reveals to you more and more that what seems to be 
dark, incomprehensible maya all the time, is no other 
than the consciousness of the eternal, timeless and 
illimitable beyond the universe, though spread out 
under masks of bright and dark opposites for the mir- 
acle of the slow manifestation of the divine in mind and 
life and matter. 

"Now you come to the mystery of the Tuzashottama. 
There are two different energies within you; the inner, 
silent, moving and observing; the other is the outer 
energy which pursues its habitual movements, a mass 
of physical activities, a formation and result of force. 
This outer energy often enters and captures the inner 


consciousness of man and no longer does he have a 
freedom of self, because it acts without his control. 

"As man's consciousness deepens he becomes aware 
that this is only a frontal energy making him reactive 
to the outer senses. For it is only by the permission of 
his inner energies that the outer can exist. Hereby, 
hangs the whole secret of what you are trying to gather 
from these teachings. 

"By the gradual withdrawal of Soul from the outer 
world and from the outer activities, one can slowly 
change the nature of his physical self. Eventually Soul 
will perceive the knower within Itself, and all will 
become an expression of the divine omnipresence, the 
ECK, the will and knower. 

"It is here that man discovers the two poles of exis- 
tence of the one being in the Three Worlds, and the 
lines or currents of their energy, negative and positive, 
in relation to each other which effect simultaneously, 
the manifestation of all that is within it. 

"It is evident that there is one supreme and infinite 
energy the ECK, represented in the two different 
sides of Soul on this plane, the inner and outer in 
relation to each other. All is either prepared or pre- 
existent in the ECK in being, issues from it and is 
upheld by its will and presence. All becomes and acts 
and develops by the energy of the divine in it for indi- 
vidual and cosmic purposes. Duality is necessary in 
the lower worlds for the manifesting, creating and 
enabling of the double current of energy which is 
always necessary for world workings, the two poles of 
the same being, the ECK. 

"On one hand you find the force of matter pushing 
hard at Soul, while on the other hand you feel the Tuza- 
shottama energy pulling upward out of matter. When 


there is a complete balance of the two energies in this 
world and a control of the consciousness, one begins to 
open to the pull of a stronger power that draws him out 
of the confused class of ideas and uplifts him into the 
higher power. He becomes illuminated. 

"When the energy from the sound current enters 
into Soul, every part of the light body is illuminated. 
Soul is purified and taken out of ignorance. The energy 
pours in like a current of air, working in all the inner 
self, dissolving, reshaping, transfiguring all. Bliss will 
invade Soul and all pain will become divine pleasure. 

"Soul will know and understand all within the sphere 
of the degree of consciousness the ECK has given it, 
and will no longer need the element of the negative pole 
of energy, except to sustain itself to live in the earth 
world, and to have control of the body. 

"I will continue with this talk after we have had 
some tea and refreshed ourselves." 

Rebazar Tarzs continued, "One must depend upon 
this Tuzashottama at all times. By use of the spiritual 
exercises which I will give later, one will be eventually 
strong enough to use his own shottama to pass 
through the gates of death alone. 

"Otherwise, he must have a spiritual traveler to help 
him. He cannot do it alone until he has mastered the 
knack of leaving the body at will, and without the help 
of a traveler. 

"After he can do this, then his ability to enter the 
regions above the play of death, as man here knows it, 
will be greatly enhanced, and he can come and go to 
those regions above, retaining perfect memory of all he 


has seen and heard. 

"However, this is one of the minor achievements of 
the neophyte. The samadhi of ECK will take the 
beginner through to these planes beyond death. Of 
course, this solves, once and for all, the most serious 
problem which has ever confronted the human race 
the problem of death and what lies beyond it. 

"This fact of human experience has not remained 
wholly unknown to the world's greatest thinkers. 
Plutarch, for example, said , * At the moment of death 
Soul experiences the same impressions, passes through 
the same process as those who are initiated into the 
Great Mysteries.' 

'This is the exact teaching of the spiritual travelers 
and it is the common experience of all initiates who 
have made some advance on the upward path. 

"The ECK travelers give their charges the true 
method by which they can come and go at will between 
this and the higher worlds, through the Tuzashottama. 
This is what is called dying daily, or dying while we live 
it is a part of the daily routine of the advanced 

"The charges leave their bodies, much in the same 
way a dying man leaves, except the neophyte does it 
voluntarily. The process is always under his own con- 
trol and he can come back into the body at any moment 
he wishes to return. Otherwise, his passing out of the 
body is practically the same as that of the dying man. 
He thus learns how to use the shottama, what death 
means, and also what lies beyond death, even becom- 
ing acquainted with the future home to which he is to 
go, when he finally takes leave of his physical body. He 
may also converse with friends and family who have 
long ago left their bodies. 


"This achievement cannot fail to interest the neo- 
phyte, since it solves the gravest problems of life and 
destiny. It is one phase of the great work of the ECK 
travelers. They have broken the seal of death, and so to 
them and their charges there is no more death. All of 
this is positive knowledge, not speculation, or guess 
work. Neither is it the interpretation of any book. 

"All the world, the western world in particular, has 
been accustomed to think that no man knows, or can 
know, what lies beyond the portals of death. They 
assert, with apparent finality, that death lands us 
upon some mystic shore from whence no traveler ever 
returns. Of course, a few assume that death ends the 
individual career of man. It is time, however, for men 
to cease to think of death in such a gloomy mood. In 
fact, there is no death at all. There is simply a shifting 
of the scene, an awakening in a new world. 

"This, of course, is the matter of using the shottama 
energy, that which is used by the Tuza. He must do 
this through mock ups, in order to make the step 
through the door of death because it is only by the use 
of his imaginary faculty that he actually gets any- 

"Man cannot break through the process of death 
unless he does it in his mockups. He must set the 
course, like any other on this physical plane he can- 
not leave it entirely up to the traveler who has taken 
over the spiritual welfare of the neophyte. The traveler 
can give him so much instruction, and point out the 
problems of travel in other worlds. He can also show 
the neophyte how to get out and return to the body at 
will, but he is not likely to assist him in doing so. 

"I point this out in this manner. The traveler isn't 
going to jerk the neophyte out of his body and shove 


him up the higher path with force; not likely. Maybe he 
will occasionally, but not often, because it is not the 
policy of the traveler to interfere with the development 
of the neophyte, unless the latter shows timidness or a 
lack of self-confidence in doing this. 

"Drastic actions are used here and there, but as I 
have said, not as a policy. The spiritual travelers base 
their work upon the ECK trinity wisdom, power and 
freedom. They know that each Soul must learn for him- 
self how to use the faculty of imagination, for in it lies 
the secret of the universes, and the trinity. If Soul fails 
to use it for Its own benefit, then It is crucifying Itself 
upon the cross of life, the same as the saviour did on 
the cross at Golgotha. 

"This is the drama of life. Your imagination is the 
saviour of your universe. Use it wisely for this is the 
wisdom of the trinity. Use it directly with the energy 
of the shottama. Use it freely this is the purpose of 
the trinity. 

"This shottama is the imaginary image, and the 
energy by which Soul has the power to act. Under no 
circumstances can It do anything with it for the 
shottama is Its own power, created out of the universal 
sound current. It is that invisible thread of life upon 
which Soul travels like the spider that weaves its 
thread and moves along the thread to the areas it 
wants to have in its future destiny. 

"Now if you remember in your study of physics, 
there was an assumption which went something like 
this. The force must establish itself, and the physical 
object will follow it to that point. In other words, a 
thought can fix itself at a certain point and the physi- 
cal body will work out a way of getting itself to this 
point eventually. 


"This is the way Soul operates. It fixes Itself at a 
certain point or in a certain action through Its imagi- 
nation, and the spirit body follows the direction. This 
is a metaphysical law on the higher planes. 

"The traveler never loses consciousness when he 
leaves the body and moves about in the higher regions. 
Nor does he forget, upon returning to the body again; 
he has a complete memory of every experience during 
the absence from his body. Of course this is a bold 
achievement, the most marvelous of all achievements 
of man. The beauty of it is, that this accomplishment 
lies within the power of man through the shottama 
energy. He requires little, rather only the knowledge of 
how to go about it, and then an application to the task. 

"After one is able to leave his body voluntarily, there 
is not only no death for him, in the ordinary sense of 
some dreadful catastrophe, but there is not even a 
moment of unconsciousness, or a shadow of darkness. 
One using the shottama energy steps out of his body at 
will and in full possession of all of his faculties. He 
knows exactly what he is doing and remains always in 
full control of the process. 

"Of course the ECK travelers leave their bodies 
when the time comes for them to go. When that time 
comes, they go as they always have, only at that time 
they sever all connection with the body and discard it 
They go as liberated Souls, rising on wings of power 
and light. They simply step out of their bodies and go, 
as one would step out of a close, stuffy room into a 
beautiful garden. 

"When the spiritual traveler leaves the physical 
plane, he goes where he wishes, for he is the traveler of 
all higher regions. If he pauses on the astral plane, he 
uses his astral body there. If he goes on up to the 


causal plane, he functions there in his causal body. 
And if he goes up to the third plane, he discards all 
bodies and from there on up, he acts as free spirit, 
unlimited and unhindered. As pure spirit, he knows all 
things by direct perception, without any sort of instru- 
ment of contact, such as he was obliged to use on all 
the lower planes. 

"A dying man, of course, breaks all connection with 
his body when he leaves it; but the spiritual traveler, 
when he leaves the body as a part of his daily work, 
leaves a sort of connection with it, so that he may 
return to it at will This connection is poetically called 
in the Bible, the silver cord 

"This cord is never broken by the ECK traveler, or 
his neophyte, until they are ready to leave the body for 
all times. Then they of their own will, break this silver 
cord and pass on up to perfect freedom. This is all there 
is to that most dreadful thing men call death. 

"Now you must remember that every plane has one 
above it, and in order to reach a farther, upper world, 
the Tuza must proceed in the same manner as leaving 
the body on the first plane the physical one that is 
by the use of the imaginary faculty. He must image 
forth a mockup entry into the higher worlds, and pro- 
ceed to reach it, by use of the shottama through the 

"This imagination is the true faculty which Soul 
possesses as its own, and only through it does the shot- 
tama proceed. Otherwise, Soul may go for centuries as 
the victim of Itself and Its own ignorance. 

"We'll leave off here for refreshing the body!" 

* * * 

"We'll continue with the study of death," Rebazar 
Tarzs said resuming his discussion. "This is in connec- 
tion with the Tuzashottama, the energy which the 
Tuza works with in order to make its way through the 
worlds and uses as a creative force. 

"Now I'll talk about the four groups of experiences 
concerning death. Mankind is divided into these 
groups or distinct classes because of the typical types 
of people who experience one or more of the kinds of 
death explained here. 

"The first class includes all who have no spiritual 
traveler to help them. This, of course, takes in the 
great bulk of mankind. All of these are obliged to meet 
the emergencies of death without support of any 
knowledge of how to use the shottama energy to leave 
their body voluntarily. 

"They leave their bodies unescorted, absolutely 
alone and helpless, under the law of their own karma. 
They are to receive payment in full for what they have 
earned in the life just finished. Of them, the messengers 
of death ask not when they shall come, neither do they 
listen to the cries of distress. They are relentless, 
merciless, operating under the orders of their master, 
the Negative Power, whose duty it is to administer 
absolute justice, with no favoritism. As we all know, 
this class includes the vast majority of mankind. No 
matter to what religion they may belong, no difference 
between king or peasant, no matter how good nor how 
bad; all alike must face the dark angel and follow where 
he leads. They must go when the hour strikes, whether 
they are ready or not. None in this class can stay the 
hand of death, when the inevitable moment arrives. All 
must face death alone and meet its issues. 

"The second class are the ones who have had the ini- 


tiation from the MAHANTA, but who have done but 
little or nothing in the way of spiritual exercises. 

"This particular traveler will meet them in his spirit 
body and takes them to that region or locality which 
they have earned. There he places them in a sort of 
training school where they make progress under his 
directions. If they have done wrong, the MAHANTA 
will guide them through the discipline they must 

"They then continue in their training school until the 
time comes when they are fit to go into a higher world. 
But in no case does the neophyte ever go before the 
judge of death, nor does the black angel of death ever 
approach him at the time of his physical death. He can- 
not approach the neophyte of any spiritual traveler, 
the traveler takes care of his own charges; he is the 
master of the situation and since he is an embodiment 
of the ECK, none but the silent ones have any jurisdic- 
tion over him. He has the power to do as he likes, and 
no one can obstruct his path. 

"The third class are those who have learned to use 
the shottama for leaving their bodies, but haven't 
quite attained the mastership of spiritual traveling. 
All of this class know the day and the hour when they 
are to go, long before it comes. The entire process of 
death is under their own control, and there is never a 
shadow of difficulty or distress during the process of 
passing. Neither do they lose consciousness for a single 
moment. They pass out of the body as easily as one 
would lay off an old garment. They use the shottama to 
project themselves. 

"They have practiced this daily so the performance 
is quite familiar. They have visited the region which 
they are now to live in, so it's like going home again. 


They break the silver cord, and release the body for- 

"The separation from the physical body now com- 
plete, they are free to go where they wish, without 
bonds of any sort. They go directly to that region, 
under the escort of a spiritual traveler, where they are 
to stay for a time, until they are ready for a higher 

"These two classes never return to the earth life 
again, unless they so will and are ordered by the ECK. 
Generally they are taken upward, step by step, until 
they reach the highest world of the God realm. 

"It is extremely fortunate for any neophyte, if he has 
been able to reach Sach Khand before he leaves the 
physical body forever. The way to this is open to all. 
They can do it, if they will perform the required prac- 
tice of exteriorization. But actually not many do this. 
In each and every case, the charges of any spiritual 
traveler are saved from the monotonous rounds of rein- 
carnation. Their dreary life here is finished. 

"The fourth class, which is the last one, are the ECK 
Masters themselves. 

"When the time comes that an ECK Master wishes 
to leave his body for keeps, he simply lays it down of 
his own will, steps out of it, as he has done so often; 
now he breaks the cord and discards the body as an 
instrument for which he has no further use. 

"A chela of his, prepares the body and takes it to a 
funeral home where it is burned, what you call crema- 
tion. The Master has no need for the body anymore, 
and its destruction by fire is for his own benefit; there 
could be evil Tuzas who are looking for a body to use. 
The destruction of it by fire destroys any possibility of 


"The entire process of the passing of a Master, as 
well as all circumstances connected with it, are under 
his own control. There is never a momentary shadow of 
unconsciousness. He remains a traveler, even through 
the process of his own death. The ECK Masters are 
lords of life and death, and therefore nothing can inter- 
fere with them because they know the use of the shot- 
tama energies. 

"After leaving their bodies, they rise at once above 
all physical, material worlds, above all the lower 
heaven worlds, and take up their residence wherever 
they may wish, according to their duties and responsi- 
bilities, then enter into the higher duties, as assigned 
to them by the ECK. 

"It may be said that ECK Masters do not generally 
remain in their physical bodies much, no longer than 
the usual time allotted to ordinary mortals; however, 
some who wish to stay have that chance, by immortal- 
izing their physical bodies. Some return and find a 
body to use many have lived here for only a few 
years, and others have been on earth for centuries. It 
depends upon the traveler and what he wishes to do 

"In general, they let nature take its course, in all 
matters physical; although they have plenty of powers 
to interfere with the usual routine, if they see fit to do 
so. It is not usually their plan to do so, interfere, that 
is. They can remain in their bodies for centuries, or 
even thousands of years, if they wish and deem it wise. 

"Many yogis have been known to keep their bodies 
for centuries, and any high class yogi can do it. But 
yogis are not spiritual travelers of the highest order. 
The Masters observe the laws of this world, and carry 
on their work in harmony with those laws, as closely as 


possible. Their work is strictly of a spiritual nature, 
and they do not wish to interfere with the rules govern- 
ing a country in which they have only a temporary 
interest. They come to this world for a definite purpose 
and they stick to that purpose and work as hard as 

"After all, what advantage would it be, if they 
should come for anything other than a spiritual 
mission? After finishing here, they go on to a higher 
work, leaving their successors to carry on. 

"All ECK Masters have learned the use of this 
divine energy of Soul. They can mockup energy 
quickly and use it on the spot, the spur of the moment, 
for some useful means; mainly for traveling in the 
ethers, into other worlds, for making greater decisions 
and for protection. They wear it around themselves 
like a rainbow, ready for use. 

"This is what is known as the magnetic field to the 
scientists of the earth plane. The field itself is similar 
to all other fields of the same nature on every plane, 
and that is the sound current. 

"Now Soul needs this energy, the shottama, for its 
own survival. If it doesn't have it, then it will stay 
somewhere like a stone, in a semi-lifeless state until 
another Soul helps it or gives it consideration to get 
out of its state and use the energy for its own good. 

"When man begins to lose this energy he makes the 
long funeral march downward from the higher planes 
into the lower regions. This retrogression of the human 
race is due to the lack of education; his religions have 
nothing to teach him about the use of the energies to 
keep him buoyant, and to lift him upward out of this 

"Man has nothing to live for provided he has not 


learned the art of using the divine energy. When Soul 
is without strength or knowledge of its use, It cannot 
do anything but flounder. 

"It is like a motor without the fuel to run it. It 
simply cannot make any advance until It has the abil- 
ity to mockup this energy and work through his imagi- 
native faculty, or vice-versa. 

"We will stop here and take up another subject 
tomorrow to discuss!" 



Chapter 11 

Sri Rebazar Tarzs was extremely pleased with him- 
self this particular morning when I entered his little 
hut in the Hindu Rush mountains, overlooking the 
wild country of Afghanistan. 

Seating ourselves in the hot sunlight outside the hut, 
the scenery distracted me for a moment, but quickly 
my attention returned to Rebazar Tarzs as he spoke. 

"No problems/' Rebazar Tarzs said, starting the 
morning's discussion, "of greater or of more moving 
import confront the spiritual traveler than those of the 
potential awareness of his own consciousness, of the 
deep significance of the place he occupies in the Far 
Country as a Tuza, and of the purpose he should first 
discover and pursue. 

"This consciousness of the ECK is the primal meta- 
physical experience, which, while causing one to pene- 
trate into one's innermost being, at the same time 
causes one to penetrate deep into the Far Country. 

"The Far Country cannot be experienced as one does 
the physical universe, for man is such a part of the 
latter that he doesn't see what he is; in fact he aids in 
its formation, because he is, as it were, an actor in a 
kind of drama, the variations of which depend on his 
subjective life expressing its manifold incidents. His 
affective states are not to be considered as mere acci- 
dents, of interest only to himself, to which the universe 
remains impassive. No, for eventually he becomes the 
ECK traveler also, penetrates into intimacy with the 
ECK, participates in the innermost workings of Its 


life, and gains in the revelation of Its mystery. 

"All spiritual science, so the traveler learns in time, 
is essentially centripetal It studies the internal 
thought from the internal planes to the deeper and 
deeper ones, ever approaching the SUGMAD from 
which all life proceeds, the one and only Reality. 

"The ECK traveler turns away from the world of 
human sciences which is peripheric and essentially cen- 
trifugal and which makes a study of the visible part of 
the sensual world, the surface upon which, so to speak, 
thought reflects itself upon itself, in an icy immobility 
and impersonal intellectuality* 

"For ages man has accepted the tradition of the exis- 
tence of two worlds; one, the world of appearances, the 
other the world of existences. They have assumed that 
the knowledge of things link them to his being, and 
have always assumed that the appearances alone were 

"Everything in the outer is therefore necessarily an 
appearance. In fact, reality can only be attained within 
and never without. Man must turn his gaze within in 
order to begin the most marvelous of all explorations. 
Happiness comes only from within. 

"Only by entering into the divine silence and closing 
our eyes and ears to the world of illusions can we hear 
the celestial melody; else we are but yielding to the illu- 
sions of the outer imagination and can only reap a har- 
vest of bitter misery. This outer imagination is, of 
course, maya. 

"The discovery of Soul, the real self, is first of all an 
act of inward retirement; it is termed the going in, 
penetrating the first step into the God realms. 

"We penetrate into an invisible world; but this dis- 
covery occasions anguish and it is presumptuous to 


march to the conquest of this inner world without very 
definite directions, very precise counsels hence the 
necessity, at first, of a spiritual traveler to give the 
right directions on the royal highway to the Far 

"The outward universe withdraws and fades away, 
as does the most beautiful scenery when the play is 
intensely dramatic; soon man experiences the joy of 
the revelation; the universe is no longer an object 
outside, an enigma to be solved; he no longer contem- 
plates it from without, but from within. Its secret is 
our secret. This discovery, far from causing a sense of 
misery, becomes a source of confidence and of light. 
Man will begin to suffer, if and when he refuses to draw 
the satisfying waters from this well of happiness. 

"After living long in the world as a stranger, he, who 
takes refuge in solitude, perceives a new world welcom- 
ing him and, by and by, he obtains the direct percep- 
tion of superior planes. 

"One of the strange phenomena of the times is that 
Hegel, the materialistic German scientist, discovered 
this when he said, It is in the heart of my own subjec- 
tivity that I discover true reality and not in the motley 
spectacle displayed before my eyes. It is contradictory 
to seek for existence outside myself, since outside of 
myself, I can find only an appearance for me; but I 
must seek for it in the very depth of my being since I, 
at least, participate in existence/ 

"To understand truth does not demand violence; it 
needs inward reverence and a willing ear. Truth reveals 
itself only to those who seek and love it. The great pur- 
pose of spiritual training is for Soul to become a co- 
worker with the SUGMAD. 

"This regeneration, this second birth, is what the 


theologians call the descent of the Holy Ghost. The 
inner illumination is united to an infinite love for the 
Divine this inner flame, this simultaneous love and 
knowledge, when born, rises and grows until finally 
through a kind of impersonal ecstacy, our whole being 
is enkindled with a supreme desire to reach the God 

"We call impersonal that state of intuition in which 
our thought is no longer divided into a thinking sub- 
ject and an external world, but rather the outer world 
is abolished by its integration into our personal con- 
sciousness. Our personal consciousness is by no means 
nullified. Nirvana is not the abolition of personality; on 
the contrary, it is the completeness of personality. 

"The summit of Reality can only be reached through 
the inner channels. You cannot hope to possess other 
true riches than those we already bear within us; and 
we should use them and not neglect them. Alas, they 
are neglected. So familiar, they no longer appear of any 
value and we pursue other tawdry chattels whose 
possession is denied us; we are so weak that the world 
is sometimes obliged to rebuff us to cause us to detach 
ourselves from the world. 

"The existence of the SUGMAD is a fact and sooner 
or later all will ardently yearn for IT. Some advanced 
individuals claim a knowledge of IT. Those who 
approach this discovery realize that they are among a 
select, an extremely limited number. 

"Up until recently the western world had never been 
granted the privilege of having the revelations of the 
spiritual travelers given in a common, universal lan- 
guage. Throughout history the philosophical and spir- 
itual teachings were veiled. That is why such teachings 
were classified as esoteric, knowable only to a limited 


number of the initiated 

'The ECK Master is the God-man. A word from him 
is a word from the ECK. He has no need to help others, 
for even his presence alone is elevating, inspiring, 
stirring and life-giving. His company is self -satisfying, 
and living in his presence is a spiritual education. 

"All agonies, miseries, tribulations, taints of world- 
illness and other negative aspects seem to vanish in his 
mere presence, and one's doubts are removed. He can 
awaken through sight, touch, speech and thought. He 
can transmit spirituality to the neophyte as easily as 
one offers fruit to another. He is an ever flowing 
fountain-head of the water of life. A thirsty man only 
drinks from the water. A thirsty aspirant who has 
implicit faith in the Silent Ones, the ECK and the 
SUGMAD, and who is eager to imbibe the teachings 
and experiences of the spiritual travelers, can drink the 
divine nectar. The neophyte, who imbibes from his 
spiritual traveler with an intense degree of faith and 
deep contemplation, will be immortal 

"Spirituality cannot be taught but caught. Once one 
has learned the secrets of spirituality at the feet of an 
ECK traveler and is enlivened with the life impulses 
received from him, it is no more essential to be in con- 
stant physical association with him He can have inner 
association with him anywhere, everywhere. He may, 
however, pay frequent visits, whenever possible, and 
report on his travels to the Far Country. 

"Judging purely from the trend of present events, 
noting the deep under-current of thought, religious, 
philosophical, and scientific it is time for man to 
come forward with acceptance of the Sound Current, 
which can uplift him to a high ethical standard of con- 
duct. This would bring a wholesome reaction from the 


present chaos in morals and standards. 

"This will come about by a universal increase in 
knowledge and an enlightened conscience. At the time 
this comes about, there will be a separation from the 
worthless; all systems of religion and philosophy, the 
wheat from the chaff, a new social order will be estab- 
lished upon the foundation of spiritual, rational and 
scientific demonstration. 

"As flowers and fruit adorn and glorify the plant, so 
upon this new intellectual, ethical and social founda- 
tion a great spiritual evolution will take place. This 
spiritual quickening will not be caused by the new 
social order, powered by the Cliff Hangers, but will 
become the fountain source of the new order. Spiritu- 
ality is not the flower or the fruit of ethics and social 
reconstruction; sound ethics and a just social order are 
good soil out of which spirituality may spring up, when 
vitalized by the springs of living waters. 

"It will be the function of the spiritual travelers and 
their spiritual science, ECK, to supply these living 
waters by connecting all Souls of the lower worlds with 
the living sound current 

"We will leave off here for a few minutes/' 

"Man's first duty is to know himself," Rebazar 
Tarzs said, starting again. "The ancient sages pointed 
this out as man's first and primary duty. Worship the 
gods, if you must; but let your first duty be to find out 
who and what you are yourself. 

"So they wrote over the doors of their temples 
Gnothe Seauton know thyself! This is the first com- 
mand of the ECK travelers. To know oneself, however, 


in the true meaning of that phrase, as given by the 
Great Masters, is a very different thing than the mean- 
ing given it by modern psychologists. 

"Man has a great opportunity to make further pro- 
gress into the universes, for lying latent in his brain is 
a capacity one million times greater than he is now 
using. The materialistic scientists now assert that the 
average man of today uses only about one millionth 
part of his brain cells. 

"With an awakening of the whole brain, man could 
achieve miracles that would put the saviours and magi- 
cians to shame. But man is too lazy, too bound by 
dogma and ritual to think of anything other than his 
own physical comfort. Even the priestcraft has become 
contaminated, and wish for comforts of the body. 

"When man has subjugated his passion, brought his 
mind under the control of spirit, when Soul stands 
unfettered and undimmed, it is then, and then only, 
that he will begin to get some idea of his exalted birth- 

"An ECK traveler can manipulate the forces of 
nature as a mechanic manipulates the levers of his 
machine, for he is master of those forces. They must 
obey him; he is no longer a helpless drifter in nature's 

"Man is a god clothed in rags, a master of the uni- 
verse, going about begging a crust of bread. He is a 
king, prostrated before his own servants, a prisoner, 
walled in by his own ignorance. He could be free. He 
has only to walk out of his self-constructed prison. 
None hold him, but himself. 

"The ECK traveler always has to contend with three 
powerful obstacles to reach his goal, and each of these 
has been almost insurmountable. These three are: 


Monarchism, Priestcraft and Popular Ignorance. 
Slowly and steadily the traveler has been obliged to 
overcome these difficulties every step of his way. 

"Religion is supposed to be a friend of man, yet they 
have been in deadly conflict nearly the entire period of 

"Priestcraft is now almost an absurd anachronism. 
It still exists everywhere in strength, but someday it 
will disappear from the face of the earth. 

"Ignorance is also gaining despite the schools and 
the work of many who are trying to educate the old and 
young. Alas, they are going at it in the wrong manner 
not in the form of showing man how to get out of his 

"All that physical science knows is that life mani- 
fests in certain ways, following certain well attested 
laws. Scientists do not even try to guess the ultimate 
causes of life. Only the travelers, having access to the 
higher planes of being where the phenomena of both 
mind and spirit can be seen by them, know that with- 
out mind and spirit both, no life can manifest on this 
physical plane, or on any plane where matter is a factor 
in such manifestation. 

"Scientists are loathe to allow the assumption of 
mind and spirit animating nature. This is no assump- 
tion to the travelers, for they can see it working from 
the higher planes down to this earth. 

"Man does not live under a democracy here on this 
plane; so many of them believe they live under a demo- 
cratic form of government in your country. But that is 
a pet delusion, a tale to be told to children, along with 
other pretty fairy stories. It may be good for the ora- 
tors, or men seeking office, but it is no more than 
maya. It appears real because men and women vote to 


elect their favorites, for there is no real democratic 
government in the world, and there has never been one. 
There is nothing but oligarchy, and that mostly an oli- 
garchy of wealth. It is not even an oligarchy of culture. 

"So much for generalizations. Now who are the spir- 
itual travelers? They are the co-workers of the 
SUGMAD, the being of ITS spirit operating through- 
out the universes, directly under the ECK and the 
silent ones. 

"They have command of all things, but are not the 
actual supreme ones, although they do have access to 
the throne of the SUGMAD. They possess control and 
command over all nature, on all planes, and can come 
and go as they desire; still they are not supreme in the 
aspects of the silent ones. 

"These ECK travelers have been selected, or elected 
rather, to serve on the physical plane in a human body. 
They are the embodiment of what the spiritual ones 
want an example for the human race, an inspiration 
to man S o that he may be inspired in lifting himself 
into higher planes. 

"All ECK travelers who come to this world to help 
others, do so voluntarily they are surely not appointed 
by the SUGMAD to leave the heaven world and come 
below to this ashcan of the four grand divisions of the 
Far Country, yet they are willing to serve the divine 
reality in this manner of their own free choice. 

"All spiritual travelers are inhabitants of the world 
of Sach Khand, the home of the ECK they can live 
anywhere they please, for example in the world of the 
SUGMAD, ITSELF. They do not choose to take up 
abode there, for the particular reason that it is the per- 
fect world and they wish to bring all living there, to 
the highest state. 


"Since the ECK travelers are dedicated to the Tuzas 
in the worlds below, they do not establish residence in 
the highest region of the universes. They leave that 
joyous place to enter this world of misery. 

"There is complete happiness in the world of the 
ECK, yet it is not as hard to leave as that of the 
SUGMAD's domain. The travelers feel that by living 
here, they are close to the SUGM AD, for direct orders, 
and at the same time not far away. 

"They are willing to perform for the SUGMAD in 
any part of the universe, even in that terrible, murky 
place called Hell, which is a part of the lower world 
below the physical, in one corner of the astral world. 

"Hell is a real place, a mockup by the citizens of the 
earth world, manifested through religions in the hope 
that the priests could frighten enough members of its 
particular religion into joining the church and support- 
ing its clergy with a livelihood. 

"The business of the spiritual traveler is to make due 
investigation of all things first, then give his judgment 
afterwards; or to withhold judgment for further light. 
Escaping for the time being the limitations of the 
body, the spiritual traveler journeys in these higher 
worlds, in full consciousness and then returns to report 
what he has seen and heard, and otherwise experi- 
enced. He proves among many things, that death is 
only an appearance. 

"Travelers explore these higher worlds, going wher- 
ever they please, clothed in god-like vesture of light, 
wisdom, power and beauty, wholly unknown to the 
common earth man. This is but a glimpse of a real spir- 
itual traveler. 

"So many men find it difficult to believe in the spir- 
itual travelers, because they are not common among 


people. One of the strangest freaks of the human mind 
is its tendency to discredit all modern things, espe- 
cially those relating to religion, and to give emphasis 
and glory to that which is ancient. It cannot accept 
that which is right before its eyes; but it will swallow 
instantly what was written in a book two or three 
thousand years ago. 

"It cannot believe in the living spiritual travelers; 
but finds no difficulty at all in accepting the story of 
some adept who lived in dim and distant ages. That 
men should ever have developed the strange notion 
that all mastership and all revelation of truth should 
belong to past ages, is one of the anomalies of history, 
and one of the most unfortunate. 

"The fact that great ECK Masters have lived with 
us for centuries on earth and are here today, is one of 
the most important, most cheerful and most hopeful 
thoughts that man can have. The light of the spiritual 
travelers is in no way dimmed by comparison with 
those of the ancient past in fact many of the ancient 
masters are still living with us here upon the earth 
world. There is an adept over seven hundred years old 
living within a few miles of this mud hut. He is Babaji 
the master of Yogda Satsang, and there are several 
other yoga teachers in the same group. 

"I have been asked many times if there is any differ- 
ence between an ECK Master and the SUGMAD. It is 
only that the ECK Master is the SUGMAD's repre- 
sentative here on this plane, and through the others. 
The spirit of the Supreme One is embodied within the 
ECK Master. 

"Now the Master is still responsible to the ECK and 
the Silent Ones; however, he can travel directly into 
the highest plane and communicate with the SUGMAD. 


Seldom does he do this, for he is concerned in his duties 
with all things below the God world and this is where 
he finds all the work to be done, among Souls who need 
him most. 

"He might be called, in other words, the SUGMAD 
of Being the little God of the lower worlds, all below 
the Sach Khand. 

"We will leave off here/' 

"This being of the SUGMAD, of course, is spirit. 
This spirit is the ECK. It flows into every man, and 
each man has that divine spark of imagination which is 
part of the SUGMAD. I have explained before about 
this divine faculty and how the SUGMAD wishes to 
regather it unto ITSELF. 

"Life is a controllable thing, but it is through the 
imaginative faculty that it is controlled. The imagina- 
tive image is therefore the only thing to see. This is the 
manner in which the SUGMAD has His modus oper- 
andi, and that is only for the spiritual travelers who are 
looking at the image of the divine and finding it. 

"The ultimate purpose of imagination is to create in 
us the being of the SUGMAD, well rather I would say, 
the spirit of the ECK, which is the forgiveness of 
wrongness, nothingness and somethingness. 

"The ECK is, in a sense, the Son of God. Remember 
that the Christian Bible keeps talking about Christ 
being the only son of God and that he is of the trinity, 
Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is the ECK. But I 
will get into this later, for it is worth one whole day of 
discussion for you. 

"The man who is free in the choice of his concepts of 


images in the use of imagination is well on his way to 
becoming a spiritual traveler. He has learned the skill, 
secret and ability of handling himself in the other 
worlds, whether he is aware of this or not. 

"This faculty of imagination is much greater than 
any man can imagine. What is reality on the other side 
of the veil of life is imagination on this side you have 
little in your images which isn't in existence on the 
other side. 

"What is above is below! Remember that I told you 
this somewhere back in my talks? Take for example 
the great astral museum which has all the forthcoming 
inventions in it that will ever be dreamed of on earth. 

"Many inventors like Edison and Marconi were 
brought here in their light bodies so they could see the 
future inventions in which they were interested. Back 
in their bodies again, after awakening from sleep, these 
men believed that they dreamed these and after a 
time they believed that they conceived these inven- 
tions, that they were figurations of their imagination. 

"Not hardly, but this is the way that all inventions 
are created in the earth world. No one can think of any- 
thing but what it hasn't already been created in the 
other worlds. This is the reason that man is so far 
behind in his thought power he tries to reason and 
use logic instead of the imaginative tube in his head. 

"This isn't the imagination as Webster's dictionary 
gives it, or the result of some reasoned out idea. The 
imagination, as I speak of it here, is the divine sense 
the use of the third eye to see beyond this world 
beyond the senses. 

"By sitting in silence and watching the worlds pass 
in succession before you, then it is possible to see all 
things. This is the way the spiritual travelers are con- 


nected with the Far Country. It isn't actually running 
out into the distant spaces or the worlds of nothing- 
ness, but it is that ability to bring into focus whatever 
you wish to see in the other worlds and look at it 
through the third eye. 

"Actually you don't have to travel. You can become 
like the ECK and see all the worlds by letting your 
spirit spread out over them. You become the All- 
Seeing Eye, in other words. Naturally the ability to do 
this needs plenty of practice and that is why the neo- 
phyte should never be discouraged with his practices. 
Remember that Tulsi Das spent seventeen years in a 
dark room before he believed that he had mastered this 

"Many a lama, in order to find control of the mind, 
has spent upwards of five years in walled-in rooms 
which were completely dark. Nobody should think that 
it is mastered in the matter of months, though it can be 
done in a relatively short time, mainly through the 
opening of the third eye and training the visual 

"The battle that man fights on any plane is fought 
out in his imagination. This is the teaching of the ECK 
philosophy and it is to be found all through the Shari- 
yat-Ki-Sugmad, the ECK scripture. 

"There is only one thing in the world, imagination 
and all man's deformations of it. It is the gateway to 
reality. Soul is either the ark of the SUGMAD or a 
phantom of the earth and of the water. Naturally, it is 
only a natural organ subject to the senses. The eternal 
body of man is the Imagination, his spark of the 
SUGMAD, the Divine Body. The ECK is the leader of 
all Souls, and we are ITS members. 

"By imagination we have the power to be anything 


we desire to be. Through imagination we disarm and 
transform the violence of the world. Our most intimate 
as well as our most casual relationships become imagi- 
native as we awaken to the mystery hidden from the 
ages. The ECK in us is our imagination. We realize 
that when we live in imagination, only then can we 
truly be said to live at all. 

4 The visual faculty in man is the redeemer, the ECK 
from heaven, born of man but not begotten of man, 

'Imagination's birth in man, rather his awakening 
to its power and growth, contains the gradual transi- 
tion from a God of tradition to a God of experience. If 
the birth of this faculty in man seems slow, it is only 
because man is unwilling to let go the comfortable but 
false anchorage of tradition. 

"When the imagination is discovered as the first 
principle of religion, the stone of literal understanding 
will have felt the rod of Moses and like the rock of Zin, 
will issue forth the water of psychological meaning to 
quench the thirst of humanity; all who take the prof- 
fered cup and live a life according to this truth, will 
transform the waters of spiritual meaning into the 
wine of understanding. 

"The ECK, the first true son of God, is not to be 
found in the writings of man, nor in any external form. 
IT can only be found in the imagination of IT in whom 
ITS presence becomes manifest. 

"Man is the garden in which the only true son of God 
sleeps. He awakens this Son by lifting his imagination 
to the heavens and clothing men in godlike stature. We 
must go on imagining better than the best we know, 
for it is all there in the upper worlds, and any man can 
have it. 

"The concept of the imaginative faculty raises fun- 


damental questions. Is imagination a power sufficient 
to enable man to assume that he is strong? And is it 
capable of executing the idea? 

"Suppose that I desire to be in the Brahm Lok world. 
Could I put myself in such a state and place and bring 
about the realization? By all means this is possible, for 
the imaginative faculty is that body by which the spir- 
itual traveler makes his journey into the heavenly 
worlds. It is not as you may be thinking, the picture 
making machine of the mind which does mockups of 
little things like desires for more money and other 
materialistic things. No, it is a heaven sent gift which 
can move the spirit body of man to any world he 

"Does imagination comprehend reason? By reason I 
mean deductions from the observations of the senses. 
Does it recognize the external world of facts? In the 
practical way of everyday life is imagination a com- 
plete guide to behavior? Suppose I am capable of 
.acting with continuous imagination; suppose I am capa- 
ble of sustaining the feeling of my wish fulfilled, will 
my assumption harden into fact? And, if it does harden 
into fact, shall I, on reflection, find that my actions 
through the period of incubation have been reason- 

"Is my imagination a power sufficient, not merely to 
assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, but is it also of 
itself capable of incarnating the idea? After assuming 
that I am already what I want to be, must I contin- 
ually guide myself by reasonable ideas and actions in 
order to bring about the fulfillment of my assumption? 

"Experience has convinced me that an assumption, 
though false, if persisted in will harden into fact, that 
continuous imagination is sufficient for all things and 


all my reasonable plans and actions will never make up 
for my lack of continuous imagination. 

"Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagina- 
tion, not upon external facts. Facts are the fruit bear- 
ing witness of the use or misuse of the imagination. 
Man becomes what he imagines. He has a self-deter- 
mined history. Imagination is the way, the truth, the 
life revealed. We cannot get hold of truth with the logi- 
cal mind. Where the natural man of sense sees a bud, 
imagination sees a rose full blown. 

"Truth cannot be encompassed by physical facts. As 
we awaken to the imaginative life we discover that to 
imagine a thing is so, makes it so; that a true judgment 
need not conform to the external reality to which it 

"The imaginative faculty does not deny the reality of 
the sensuous outer world of Becoming, but man needs 
to know that it is the inner world of continuous imagi- 
nation that is the force by which the sensuous outer 
world of Becoming is brought to pass. He needs to see 
the outer world and all its happenings as projections of 
the inner world of imagination. Everything is a mani- 
festation of the mental activity which goes on in man's 
imagination without the sensuous reasonable man 
being aware of it. 

"It is necessary to realize that every man must 
become conscious of this inner activity and see the 
relationship between the inner causal world of nnagina- 
tion and the sensuous outer world of effects. 

"We will stop here for refreshments." 

"It is a marvelous thing to find that man can imagine 


himself into the state of his fulfilled desires on the 
higher planes and escape from the jails which igno- 
rance have built. 

"Until man has the sense of ECK as his imagination, 
he will see everything in pure objectivity without any 
subjective relationship. Not realizing that all he sees is 
a part of himself, he rebels at the thought that he does 
not see the conditions of his life as they are related to 
his own mental activity. Man must firmly come to 
believe that reality lies within him and not without. 

"Although others have bodies, a life of their own, 
their reality is rooted in the earth world; you are rooted 
in the world of the SUGMAD. 

"The world presents different appearances according 
as our states of consciousness differ. What man sees 
when he is identified with a state, cannot be seen when 
he is no longer fused with it. By state is meant all that 
man believes and consents to as true. No idea pre- 
sented to the mind can realize itself unless Soul 
accepts it. It depends on the acceptance, on the state 
with which you are identified, how things present 
themselves. In the fusion of imagination and states is 
to be found the shaping of the world as it seems. The 
world is a revelation of the states with which imagina- 
tion is fused. 

"It is the state from which we image that determines 
the world in which we live here or in the God realms. 
The rich man, the Tuza in hell, the thief and half a 
dozen others are what they are by virtue of the states 
from which they view the world. On the distinction 
between these states depends the distinction between 
the worlds of men and the spiritual travelers. Individu- 
ally, there is a vast difference in the worlds of spirit 
and men. It is not the actions and behavior of the good 


man that should be matched but his point of view. 
Outer reforms are useless if the inner state is not 
changed. Spiritual success is gained not by imitating 
the outer actions of the successful but by the right 
imagination, right actions and right deeds. 

"If we detach ourselves from a state, and we may at 
any moment, the conditions and circumstances to 
which that union gave rise, vanish. Determined imagi- 
nation, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all 

"The future must become the present in the imagina- 
tion of the one who would wisely and consciously create 
circumstances. We must translate vision into Being, 
thinking of into thinking from. 

"Imagination must center itself in some state and 
view the world from that state. Thinking from the end 
is an intense perception of the world of fulfilled desire. 
Visualizing from the state desired is creative living on 
any plane in the Far Country. 

"Ignorance of this ability to imagine from the end is 
bondage. It is the root of all bondage in which man is 
bound. To surrender to the evidence of the senses 
underestimates the capacities of Soul. Once Soul 
accepts imagining from the end as a creative principle 
in which he can cooperate, then he is redeemed from 
the absurdity of ever attempting to achieve his goal by 
merely thinking of, in hopes of entering into another 

"The whole of life is the appeasement of spiritual 
hunger, and the infinite states of the world are purely a 
means of satisfying that hunger. The principle upon 
which each state is organized is some form of hunger 
for the full life, some passion for spiritual traveling to 
even higher levels of experience. 


"The only desire that man can rightfully have is a 
right and natural craving to enter into the state of con- 
sciousness which will allow him to enter into the Far 

"The spanning of the bridge between thinking of- 
desire, and thinking-from satisfaction is the utmost 
ultimate secret. We must move spiritually from think- 
ing of the end to the thinking from the end. This, rea- 
son can never do. By its nature it is restricted to the 
evidence of the senses; but imagination has no such 

"Desire exists to be gratified in the activity of the 
imagination, while satisfaction is in existence because 
it is the activity of the imagination. Through imagina- 
tion man escapes from the limitations of the senses 
and the bondage of the mind. 

"So you see imagination carries man over the 
worlds, where reason holds him immobile. He, who can 
think from the end, has no limitations. He creates the 
means and fashions his way out of limitation into the 
ever greater mansions of the Far Country. It does not 
matter what he has been or what he is. All that matters 
is what he wants to be in the spiritual country. 

"He knows the world to be a manifestation of the 
spiritual activity which goes on within himself, so he 
strives to determine and control the invisible spirit, 
which we call the ECK. He does this by controlling the 
ends from which he thinks, lives and dwells in. 

"In his imagination he dwells within the ends which 
he believes is his proper place in the heaven world, con- 
fident that he will dwell there in the spiritual body, as 
the traveler does when he goes out into the higher 

"He puts his whole trust into the feeling of the spir- 


itual wish fulfilled and lives by committing himself to 
this state, which the arts of fortune have placed before 
him. He puts himself in the ready state of moving in 
the waters of imagination, knowing that every spiri- 
tual state existent is awaiting him, for he has learned 
to think from the end and is indifferent to merely rea- 
sonable probabilities, confident that through continu- 
ous imagination his assumption will harden into fact. 

"Therefore, life is a controllable thing. Man experi- 
ences what he pleases, once he realizes that he has been 
given the divine gift for his own use and that he is what 
he is, by virtue of the state of consciousness from 
which he imagines and views the world. 

"So, it is man's constant attitude which makes him 
master of his own destiny and captain of the universe 
in which he lives; and lord of all universes, should he 
desire to be. 

"Soul is as real in the world of subjective experience 
as man's outer physical body is real in the world of 
external realities, but Soul expresses a more funda- 
mental part of reality. This existing inner body must 
be consciously exercised and directed. The inner world 
of spirit and feeling to which Soul is attuned has its 
real structure and exists in its own higher space. 

"There are two kinds of movement, one that is 
according to the outer body and another that is accord- 
ing to the inner, to the Soul body. The movement rela- 
tive to Soul is casual, to the outer body compulsive. 
The inner movement determines the outer which is 
joined to it, bringing into the outer a movement that is 
similar to the actions of the inner body. Inner move- 
ment is the force by which all events are brought to 
pass. Outer movement is subject to the compulsion 
applied to it by the movement of the inner body. 


"Whenever the action of the inner body matches the 
actions which other bodies must take to appease 
desire, that desire will be realized. 

"To realize the desire of traveling in other worlds, an 
action must be started in your imagination, apart from 
the evidence of the senses on whatever plane you are 
living, to involve movement of Soul and imply fulfill- 
ment of your desire for spiritual traveling. Whenever 
the inner action matches the outer action to appease 
desire, that desire will be realized. 

"The journey is in yourself. You travel along the 
highway of the inner world. Without this inner move- 
ment, there is little you can do, nor anywhere you can 
travel, for it is the secret of all things. Without inner 
movement it is impossible to bring forth anything. 

"Inner action is introverted sensation. This inner 
action orders all things according to its nature. Spir- 
itual action only acts if it's acted upon through the 
imagination. Only by centering Soul, the real self, in 
the center of the imagination and projecting it to that 
place or situation, anywhere, be it here on this physical 
plane or in the Far Country, can Soul fulfill its mission 
of being in the SUGMAD* 

"I cannot find myself, nor can you find yourself in 
anything other than this divine faculty which the 
SUGM AD has placed within each of us, ages ago when 
ITS supreme imaginative eye was broken into uncounted 
pieces and found by the men of the lower worlds. 

"All situations, whether human or spiritual, are 
already made states. All aspects of life, drama, plot, 
circumstance, and, of course, place are in existence 
whether we believe it or not. They become overpower- 
ing reality when we are in them, be they on this plane 
or in the Far Country. 


"Truth is common to all men, but the consciousness 
of it and much more, the self-consciousness of it, is 
another matter. Man needs to study this phrase care- 
fully to understand what lies between himself and the 
heaven world. 

"I will take this up today for our last discussion. 
Meanwhile try to digest what I have told you here." 



Chapter 12 

That morning we sat down for the last discussion on 
ECK, the sun gleamed over the world like a bright, 
golden disk high in the sky. 

The haze hung over the Hindu Kush where the wild 
peaks shone like silver cones in the cobalt sky, and the 
gorges were every color imaginable in the morning 
light. It was a day for rejoicing, a day for beauty as if 
this was the world above. There was a hint of sadness 
in the soft wind blowing from the high range where the 
glaciers gleamed like glittering diamonds. 

The visits with Rebazar Tarzs were coming to a 
close this day and soon the pleasure of the task would 
be gone. It was a depressing mood, and he caught it 

"The day comes and goes on this planet," he said 
softly, while dropping upon the ground floor inside the 
hut and spreading his deep red coat over his feet. "It is 
a world that has changes, for the day dawns and 
swiftly passes into night, and light comes again, in a 
succession which seems endless, but always there is 
the changing. You never find this in the high worlds 
of the Far Country. 

"What need do you have to rest in eternity? None, 
for there is no body which will ever tire; fatigue is as 
unknown as the thing you call disease in this world. 

"Disease is nothing more than the tiny microscopic 
bacteria eating at the flesh body. They are the canni- 
bals. Man cannot compete with them. They attack him 
in every way and shape, yet he seems to think they are 


his fate, that the gods are punishing him for some mis- 
deeds, and usually his means of getting rid of them is 
to pray or offer sacrifice in ritual to his favorite deity. 
It sounds ridiculous but that is the way it is, and 
whether you believe this or not, it needs nothing more 
than observation with a detached attitude on mankind 
to verify the statement. 

"Well, it is so, but to get down to the subject of 
today is necessary for we are going to discuss the Phi- 
losophy of ECKANKAR which you have been think- 
ing about for a long time. 

"The philosophy of ECKANKAR is that branch of 
the ECK sound current which embraces the science 
comprising ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and the 
knowledge of the underlying principles of the trinity; 
wisdom, power and freedom, as you already know. 

"This consists of a lot of points which I have just 
mentioned, but mainly four things, which are, and I 
repeat, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and principles 
of the trinity. Broken down, the major points begin 
with the ethics of ECK. 

"Now I've gone through a lot of this and won't 
repeat my grounds again, when I spoke of the parts of 
the mind, the four Antishkarans, and the five perver- 
sions of the mind. These five were Kama, meaning lust; 
Krodha, meaning anger; Lobha, which is greed; Moha, 
attachment; and Ahankar, which is vanity, the last of 
these deadly five. 

"Then I discussed the five passions and their reme- 
dies, which were Kama, whose opposite is chastity, 
continence; Krodha, which has the opposite of 
Kshama, forgiveness, tolerance; Lobha, matched by 
Santosha, contentment; Moha, opposed by Viveka, 
which is discrimination; Vairag, which is unattach- 


ment, and last, Ahankar, whose opposite is Dinta, 

"All mankind is divided into two groups Manu- 
mukhs and Gurumukhs. This means those who follow 
the dictates of their own minds, and those who follow 
the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master. The Manu- 
mukh follows the mind, obeying its every whim, doing 
just what he likes. He is a slave to the mind and its 
passions. But the man whose face is always toward the 
ECK Master is the free man, one who is developing his 
own powers to the greatest extent possible. 

"He is not under the ever-grinding wheel of birth and 
death, the grinding wheel of desire and karma. This 
sublime achievement is accomplished by the practice 
of using the sound current in one's life. The ECK 
Master shows him the way, and no one has ever done it 
alone in the beginning. There has to be the spiritual 
traveler and the practice, called the ECK, the regener- 
ating Bani, the audible life stream. There is positively 
no other cure for the perversions of the mind none but 
the voice of the ECK ringing through SouL When that 
holy symphony is heard, these passions lose their 
power and drop away, and the high ethics of the 
SUGMAD comes into the life of SouL One must 
become absorbed in that luminous reality, and must 
forget all else. That reality gives strength and will, 
until man becomes more than just a mere flesh and 
blood animal. He becomes a living thing, a living 
power, reborn and exalted. All these perversions dis- 
appear, and he finds real wisdom and freedom. Just as 
the five passions may be regarded as the five black 
angels of death, so the five virtues may be considered 
the five white angels of life. 

"Ethics are good, but there is nothing unique in the 


goodness of man. All religions are loaded with ethics, 
and the same ideas are taught mankind century after 
century in many varying forms. But frankly, ethics 
never yet has opened the way to the inner kingdoms. 
Ethics may clean the mind and prepare the way to 
knock at the inner door, but it can never open that 
door. This can be done only by one of the great spir- 
itual travelers. 

"Ethics as taught by all religions is obsolete. Any 
group teaching ethics alone has very little to offer the 
hungry seeker after spiritual light, except that which 
is common to all religions. 

"All religions consist of five basic elements. They 
are: (1) superstitious assumptions, (2) emotional 
extravaganzas, (3) ritualistic ceremonies, (4) meta- 
physical speculations, (5) ethical principles. 

"Ethics is a means of mind cleansing: although not a 
perfect means, at best it does prepare one to start on 
the path of God-realization. When one reaches this 
God-realization, he becomes a spiritual traveler, is 
united with the sound-current and with it, becomes a 
self-religious person. 

"When man has gained this inner experience, he has 
the dynamic life within himself to meet all temptations 
successfully and live the life called for by the finest 
code of ethics. To make morality a means of attaining 
religion is to work backwards. Ethics is a means of 
getting to this state through preparation of the mind, 
nothing else. It is neither religion, nor the soil out of 
which it grows. Genuine ethics is the fruit of the trinity, 
wisdom, power and freedom, and this is the life-giving 
fruit of the great sound current. Ethics never form the 
basis of a universal philosophy like ECKANKAR, for 
ethics can never create wisdom, power or freedom. 


"For the Christian, ethics are supposed to generate 
love, but this is untrue, for you have witnessed the 
strange phenomena of an intense religionist manifest- 
ing great hatred. Ethics are the best that any historic 
religion has to offer. Take ethics out of Christianity 
and it would fold immediately because its theories 
about God, heaven and spiritual liberation are quite 
worthless, because they are not founded on knowledge. 
Take out of any religion its code of ethics, and it would 
not survive a single month, except in those forms 
where they value ceremony for its psychological effect. 

"One of the ways to make spiritual headway on the 
path to the SUGM AD is to always ask yourself, when 
in doubt about any action Is it true, is it necessary, is 
it kind? 

"This is one of the most inflexible of all laws for such 
as seek spiritual advancement. Let no one imagine that 
he can ignore this law and still make headway on the 
upward path. It cannot be done. The path of the trinity 
leads to enlightenment and liberty and the Far Country; 
but the ways of the five passions lead to the lower pits 
of hell. 

"Ethics are also tied in with good and bad karma, as 
you know. The underlying principle is that every act 
performed must be followed by its natural and legiti- 
mate results. This is a law so universal that it is 
amazing all men have not grasped its general signifi- 
cance and applied it in ethics, the same as in mechanics. 
It is recognized in physical science; any student pick- 
ing up a book on physics, discovers the working of the 
same law in every problem confronting him. 

"The law of karma is the underlying principle of per- 
sonal responsibility. It is a well known law of physics 
that action and reaction are equal, but opposite in 


direction. This is the law that brings back upon the 
doer, in spite of himself, the legitimate results of his 
own conduct. He must gather the fruit of his own reac- 
tions. This reaction he cannot possibly escape. Hence 
every action performed has its double karma, based 
upon this law of action and reaction it affects the 
recipient and it returns upon the doer. The doer is 
always a recipient of the same act. So action and reac- 
tion are the dual forms of karma. 

"This is the basis of ethics, whether you understand 
it or not. There is no need to go into lengthy details 
about this universal law. It is a silent worker in the 
empire of man and matter, but in the higher universes 
where spirit governs all, there is no karma because 
the higher law of wisdom, power and freedom super- 
cedes all other laws. 

"Do not be misled by the old, but erroneous maxim 
'The greatest good to the greatest number/ This is one 
of the most unfortunate slogans that ever gained 
recognition. It sounds plausible, but it is completely 
misleading. This saying has been used for centuries to 
justify murder in the name of society. Nothing can be 
moral or good, if a single individual has to be sacrificed 
to gain it. Who is going to make good to the victim? 
Who shall compensate him for the deprivation of his 
natural rights? If a man misuses his liberty, or his 
privileges, he may forfeit that liberty or those privi- 
leges; but by no means, nor upon any sort of pretext, 
can he be deprived of his life. If society reverts to the 
law of Moses to justify the murder of a criminal, where 
is its boasted Christian ethics? 

"Mental superiority produces no real civilization. 
Culture, literature, art, do not make civilization. 
Refined tastes do not make civilization. There is a vast 


difference between aesthetics and ethics and ethics in 
its highest development, does not constitute 
civilization. Wisdom, power and freedom make civiliza- 
tion and these three are of the essence of pure spirit. 
Spirituality is always abundant in every Golden Age. 

"This is what makes it golden! 

"We will leave off here/' 

"The second aspect of the philosophy of ECKANKAR," 
said Rebazar Tarzs, "is aesthetics. 

"Now in order to understand what I am going to 
speak about, it's best to first explain the word, aesthet- 
ics. It is that branch of philosophy dealing with the 
beautiful, chiefly with respect to its essential charac- 
ter, tests by which it may be judged, and its relation to 
the human mind. It is also a branch of psychology con- 
cerned with the sensations and emotions evoked by the 
fine arts and belles-lettres, mainly the beauty of the 

"Beauty of the spiritual senses has always been 
among the highest perceptions of Soul. It consists in 
the qualities of beauty, harmony, and rhythm. Many 
words are used in order to describe the sensations of 
this perceptive faculty. 

"Those who have reached the world of Daswan 
Dwar, that plane called the third region actually the 
first in the Omkar area, are called the Parahansas, the 
swans, birds of beauty and cleanliness. Before this the 
Tuza is likened to a crow. 

"The faculty which discerns beauty, form and color, 
is one of the four faculties of Antishkarans, consisting 
of manas, buddhi, chitta, and ahankara. Of these four 
faculties, chitta represents the beauty quality of the 


when mocked up, it leads, compels, instructs and 
enlightens; then again it may withdraw into the back- 
ground and seem to leave the being to its own 
resources. At all times the seeker will be aware of the 
divine guide and will know that everything is being 
done for the best* 

"This master energy descends upon you, breaks up 
your present psychological formations, shatters the 
walls of the ego and gives you greater powers of vision, 
perception, motivation and perfection. All forms of life 
that are unable to bear the change of this burning, 
fiery energy must disappear and all that can bear it 
will survive and enter into the kingdom of the spiritual 

"The Tuzashottama energy will deal with all that is 
good for the traveler and for the good of all. Alone, the 
awaiting universal will must choose, action must 
change into a dynamic movement of that will, enjoy- 
ment must be replaced by the play of a pure, spiritual 
bliss. All personal will is either a temporary delegation 
from the ECK, or designated by IT. Even after he is 
free, the traveler will be in the world, and to be in the 
world is to remain in its works. To remain in the world 
without desire is to act for the good of the world in 
general, for the race, for some new creation to be 
evolved on earth or for some work imposed by the 
divine will within you. 

"Freedom and truth fulfill its movement in the 
traveler according to each one's nature. This is the 
special aspect of the divine energy of the ECK, out of 
which the Tuza has emerged into action, unlimited by 
any form of this law or way; for Soul is infinite. You 
will manifest the divine moments of truth according to 
the temperament of your being, in any combination of 


losophy, literature, music and art. This part of the 
mind is that section of it lying closest to the spirit 
self it is called the nij-mind. I am not certain if I dis- 
cussed this with you before briefly, it is a sort of 
pilot, or gyroscope, whose function is to receive the 
impressions of Soul and pass them on to the subordi- 
nate minds for their regulation. 

"This mind is concerned with the aesthetics of life, 
and will deal in this quality unless Soul demands it do 
otherwise. Soul looks upon and seeks beauty on the 
other planes all the time, 

"It is an illuminating fact that all intelligence, light 
and power come from Soul. This statement is without 
qualification. It is literally and universally true. All 
light, all intelligence, harmony, rhythm, beauty, 
wisdom, love, morality and power, come from the 
Tuza. They are all derived from the spirit and are all 
imparted to the mind by the spirit, just as the electric 
current gives power to the bulb to make it incan- 

"The Tuza in turn receives it from the sound current, 
that magnificent powerhouse flowing out of the ECK, 
the first manifestation of the SUGMAD in the worlds 
below. This ECK is full of beauty and rapturous wis- 
dom which can be gathered only by those who are in 
tune with it. 

"This faculty is tied in with the imaginative faculty 
so closely that it's often hard to distinguish the two. 
Take for example, he who sees the beauty in anything 
progresses faster than those who do not. If a man 
thinks of winter as only summer sleeping, or that 
caterpillars are butterflies immobilized, that the storm 
is only the other face of the clear sky, he is living in the 
world of aesthetics. 


"When man desires to change so that he may enter 
into the higher worlds, he enters into a new longing 
and will eventually arrive at that stage of spiritual pro- 
gression called the spiritual traveler, one who can roam 
the worlds at his own desire. 

"Without imagination man remains a creature of the 
earth dust, a materialistic thing. Man either goes for- 
ward in his imagination or remains a prisoner of his 
senses. He is free to soar like the eagle or remain upon 
the earth as does the worm and make his home within 
the dirt. 

"The imagination faculty and the chitta are so much 
one another that when the illumination comes to a 
man, he is never, the first time, certain that it is some- 
thing of his imagination or reality. His imagination 
working in harmony with the other faculties of his 
inner self does bring about illumination; often he has a 
degree of illumination which comes to him as result of 
purity alone. These are natural spiritual travelers; 
although they are often the result of their religious 
training, many are known in the church as saints. A 
degree of illumination of this nature is called 
Prathiba. This is the illumination of the supreme 
genius, the great poet, the superb artist, the benevo- 
lent philanthropist. But such people are born, not 
made by their own thinking. 

"The above class are closely related to those who are 
said to radiate a light and a knowledge, the Dharma 
Megha. Soul appears naturally to be clothed in bril- 
liant light. This is sometimes spoken of as a cloud of 
virtue. Such a great Soul, wherever It goes, is clothed 
in this mantle of glory. It can be seen by all who enjoy 
astral vision. But these are very rare among the inhab- 
itants of this planet. 


"This Dharma Megha is a king of samadhi, an 
absorption of the mind into the object of contempla- 
tion, with complete detachment, particularly detach- 
ment from the love of this world, from worldly desires, 
the Vairag. 

"Such a person is said to radiate a light like a mantle 
of glory. While in this state, the mind is freed from 
activity, inwardly or outwardly, through perfect 
Vairagya, detachment. 

"So to know the truth you must live with the truth; 
to live with the truth your inner actions must fulfill, 
rather match the actions of your fulfilled desire, 
Expectancy and desire must become one. Your outer 
world is only actualized by inner movement; it is 
through ignorance of the law of the spiritual path that 
those who take to warfare are perpetually defeated. 

"This inner war between the negative power versus 
positive power goes on forever, racking the mind and 
body until both are eventually destroyed forever, and 
the Tuza must dwell somewhere in the astral until It 
becomes convinced that It can take over and control 
Its own destiny. The discipline given It will be hard 
and long, until It accepts the understanding of the 
spiritual traveler's goal for It. 

"The whole manifested world is present to show us 
what use we have made with the Word, the ECK the 
creative power of the ECKANKAR. 

An uncritical observation of the inner world will 
reveal to us the ideas from which we view the world. 
Inner motion mirrors the imagination of man, and his 
imagination mirrors the state with which he is fused. If 
the state with which he fused is the cause of the phe- 
nomenon of his life, then he is relieved of his burden of 
wondering what to do. He has no alternative but to 


identify himself with the aim of reaching the Ocean of 
Love and Mercy. 

"It is possible to resolve every situation on any 
plane of the Far Country by the proper use of imagina- 
tion. The task therefore is to think in terms of aesthet- 
ics, not the improper kind which is a false picture of the 
pseudo-goodness of all, but the truth, the reality in 
which man must dwell when he becomes a spiritual 

"Therefore, imagination is the word of the SUGMAD, 
projected through the ECK, for man to dwell in the 
beauty of all things. This imagination is the coin of 
heaven, and it advances all Souls into events, situa- 
tions and positions in life. It is only what is done now 
that counts. 

"Be therefore, wise in choosing what you are think- 
ing, saying, or expelling from the Tuza, because it will 
manifest itself somewhere in the universes and eventu- 
ally return to you the results. Thought can also be 
karma as well as physical action. 

"This I am going to take up in the study on the meta- 
physics of the ECK, which is next after we stop to 
refresh ourselves with tea." 

Rebazar Tarzs said, "Now for a brief discussion on 
the metaphysics of ECK. This is a study of the 
abstract, the abstruse, that division of philosophy 
which includes ontology, the science of being, and cos- 
mology, the science of the fundamental causes and 
processes in things; in a looser term, all of the more 
abstruse disciplines, and in a narrower sense, Ontology 


"What is Ontology? If I have already explained it, I 
will do so again. Ontology is the science of being or 
reality; the branch of knowledge that investigates the 
nature, essential properties and relations of being. 

"The metaphysics of ECKANKAR is the study of 
the spirit which we know as the sound current. This is 
the whole of cosmology, and the fundamental cause 
and process of all things in the worlds of the Far 
Country. It cannot be otherwise, for it is so destined 
that in making all the worlds the SUGM AD used ITS 
only begotten son, the ECK, the highest crown worn 
by all men. 

"Jesus became known as the Christ; Prince Siddhar- 
tha, became the Buddha. So the SUGMAD made ITS 
manifestation in what is known to us as the ECK, and 
when man reaches this height, he becomes a Christ, 
Buddha or MAHANTA, what we know as the ECK, 
the shining one. 

"It must be understood that the knowledge of 
ECKANKAR is not a slow product of evolution, an 
accumulation of learning, gathered during long ages of 
study. It is not the sum of knowledge accumulated in 
libraries, to be memorized by students nor a record of 
acquired information. The knowledge of the ECK, 
known by the spiritual travelers, is unique. Every 
traveler gains the whole sum of metaphysics, anew, 
during his travels. His knowledge of the ECKANKAR 
is gained by a definite line of individual endeavor and 
personal experience. It is not something gathered up 
by him from many sources, but is gained from within 
himself by the expansion of his own consciousness. 
Any man may gain this development and this meta- 
physical knowledge, provided he has the scientific 
method of the spiritual travelers. In the light of this 


illuminating fact, one of the assumptions of the 
worldly knowledge disappears that a definite certain 
knowledge of the ECKANKAR cannot be acquired. 

"The most common concept of the SUGMAD is that 
of a creator. Man can only think of a creator as doing 
something, so he pictures the Christian God as cre- 
ating and managing the universe. He is obliged by the 
urge of his mind to account for things as he finds them, 
at least to try; and the natural conclusion is that some 
power created them. 

"The curious query of whether man created God, or 
God created man is always debated. History has 
proven that man created God, but logic assumes that 
God created man. Both logic and history are unrelia- 
ble. The gods of man sprang out of his imagination. If 
you study the religions of the world, you will find that 
every God represented in them is so like man in charac- 
ter that their parentage is quite unmistakable. To the 
careful student of history there is nothing more clear 
than the fact that mankind has been busy constructing 
gods after his own image. 

"The Christian Bible says that God created man in 
his own image and likeness, and man flatters himself 
that his God is not greatly superior to him. If true 
then, it is no compliment to the Christian God to have 
a few billion creatures, like himself, rushing around 
this earth in the terrible mess created by themselves. 

"The world is full of gods who are claimed to be 
related to man in image and likeness. 

"Too many gods, anyway, like too many cooks spoil 
the broth. So much depends upon what one means by 
the word, God. Here, in fact, is the very heart of the 
question of the metaphysics of ECK. The big discus- 
sion about God and the gods in this world is mostly a 


display of words and vanity. Seldom does any priest 
know the subject he is trying to discuss when the talk 
comes around to the highest reality. 

"The Christians have taken a man called Jesus, as an 
historical figure and clothed hi with all the character- 
istics of man, plus some divine qualities; he is equal to 
the Father, and Spirit they put three qualities in him, 
God, man and spirit. A pretty tall order when you 
think about it. The reason for this is that man's 
imagination cannot think of anything being above him- 
self; so he made God a man. Knowing that man 
wouldn't follow man, he had to give hi some divine 
qualities, and so made hun omnipresent by making 
him spirit. 

"This is what all followers do with those higher than 
themselves in knowledge. Remember that any spir- 
itual traveler who is known to men, had certain qualifi- 
cations others do not have. They have: first, longevity, 
second, omnipresence, third, ability to travel in any 
world of the Far Country, and fourth, the protection of 
the divine power which ordinary man cannot even com- 
prehend. Of course they have also, wisdom, power and 

"No man ever gained the latter wisdom, power and 
freedom by a process of logic, by ratiocination, reading 
books or attending lectures. Yet these are the methods 
employed by the majority of mankind. The ECK 
travelers solve all of their problems by methods exact 
and exacting, as in mathematics. They get their wis- 
dom by spiritual sight and hearing. Even after they 
have proved a proposition, they establish no authority, 
except that of truth itself. Authority hampers truth, 
throttles free investigation. It, in itself, is an enemy to 
progress. The system by which one learns under a spir- 


itual traveler makes personal experience the final and 
only court of appeal. Its processes are simple and 
direct. They can be understood by the most ordinary 
intelligence, and for that reason intelligence need not 
play a part in it. 

"Asceticism is one of the more regrettable features 
of modern degeneration and a radical departure from 
the pure teachings of the spiritual traveler. 

"It has been practiced by men of nearly all countries 
and religions, in the mistaken notion that it will aid 
them in acquiring spiritual perfection. Buddha prac- 
ticed it in extreme forms, until he almost lost his life, 
and when he gave it up, his old friends condemned hi. 
Medieval Christians practiced it. Vast numbers of 
Indian yogis have practiced it, and many are doing so 
today. But the travelers have never taught asceticism 
and they do not teach or practice it today. The path of 
the ECK travelers is for all mankind and as such it 
must be available to all men in all walks of life. 

"Those who practice asceticism are seeking desper- 
ately for their release from material bondage, but they 
seek in the wrong way. They do not know the path of 
the travelers. 

"Now in order to make the first step upon this path 
into the Far Country, man must first find the Living 
ECK Master. He is never too far away and always 
watching to see when one is opened for the oppor- 
tunity. When this is done, he finds one readily, as if 
suddenly coming upon a pile of wealth sitting in the 
turn of the road, and nobody around but himself to 
claim it. 

"He cannot get anywhere unless he finds the 
M AH ANTA who will take him under his wing to teach 
him how to travel the royal highway to the SUGMAD. 


He will gain understanding of the principles, rituals 
and occult knowledge, but not until he comes in con- 
tact with a spiritual traveler does he start on the 
upward road. 

"The Master gives him the initiation, dips the Tuza 
in the ECK, like the mother of Achilles did her son, in 
the river Styx to make him immortal. After this he 
gets down to work practicing the techniques given him 
by the Master. 

"He chooses a room free of all noises and interrup- 
tions. At fixed hours he sits with the body erect and 
comfortable. He keeps his thoughts centered in the 
fore of his head, and inside it at the Tisra Til, the third 
eye. He simply thinks of this center imagining himself 
there, and the attention is held here continuously and 
without wavering. The mind must be perfectly motion- 

"Think only of your friend, the MAHANTA, who is 
going to be with you and help you travel the inner 
worlds of the Far Country. 

"After awhile, the MAHANTA appears to him, in 
the Tisra Til, and beckons. Clad in a white, shining 
spiritual coat, the traveler takes you by the hand and 
you step away from the body in your Nuri-Sarup, the 
astral body. 

"At this sublime moment you have stepped out into 
the higher world. At once you begin to realize that you 
have acquired a vast increase of powers, as well as joy. 
It appears to you, and it is a fact too, that you can do 
almost anything you wish to do. Not only have you 
increased your powers, but your knowledge and under- 
standing have expanded proportionately. At this time 
the whole material universe appears as an open book to 
you, all dark mysteries have vanished. You find your- 


self in possession of all knowledge of the lower worlds. 
You now know them and have power over them. From 
here on up, each world gained, gives you complete 
knowledge and power over the world below you. 

"This is what the ECK traveler is showing you; the 
way to climb the upward path into the Far Country. 

"We will leave off here for some tea." 

Rebazar Tarzs began again, "The principles which 
live behind the trinity are the most important aspects 
of the philosophy of ECKANKAR. 

"The trinity is wisdom, power and freedom. These 
are age old principles but hardly any religion or philos- 
ophy includes them as a trio; the usual trinity being 
wisdom, love and power, or father, son and spirit. 

"These actually represent various aspects of the 
sound current. The wisdom aspect is that part of the 
current which carries the great knowledge of all things 
within it and once contacted by the traveler never 
again does one have doubts of anything concerning the 
Far Country. All things are his in the way of knowl- 
edgehe reaches the pinnacle of the peak in wisdom, in 
knowledge, and ways of learning. 

"Wisdom is the highest quality which Soul can 
develop within Itself. Once It has wisdom then all 
other things are possible, for It knows where and how 
to find all the things of life, all Its desires in the lower 
worlds are forgotten. It no longer wishes for anything 
for it is foolish to do so. 

"Man is the highest form of creation on this plane 
and he is a sojourner here. The wisdom that he learns 
in his material existence is only a speck compared to 


that in the innumerable worlds of light and sound 

"Wisdom, as the mother of all truth, can guide him 
into these worlds provided he listens to her. Power is 
his source of motion, and the instrument to gain that 
divine energy to control all life on any plane in the Far 
Country. Freedom is that liberation from all obstacles 
and the opportunity to live a full life in the spiritual 

"Wisdom also goes with a good mind, purity and 
perfection. Power goes with the supreme will, mani- 
fested in all worlds, and with creativity. Freedom goes 
with immortality, with single-minded devotion to the 
cause of the SUGMAD. 

"While the ECK gives Soul wisdom when It is 
dipped into the immortal river of heaven, IT also gives 
Soul divine creativity, power, the ability of sustaining 
all things in life. At the same time IT gives a love of 
motion, which is freedom from hindering dogma and 

"What I am trying to say here is that all of these 
qualities of the SUGMAD which are latent in Soul are 
actually so great that we are unable to find words for 
them. The system which I have laid down for you to 
follow, leaving the body at will, traveling through the 
universes, is the exalted ideal of all spiritual systems. 
It lays stress upon the unfoldment of spiritual wisdom, 
power and freedom. It shows the lofty vision of the 
spiritual traveler, and once this is revealed, none want 
to turn back. 

"Too many touch the first plane, believe that they 
have met God, and this is the end of their journey into 
the heaven world. "Tis a shame but such self-deception 
is incredible. It is likely they believe that God com- 


mands them to do something, and listening to this 
false voice often ruins their lives and others. 

"The man of wisdom, power and freedom is hardly a 
tender man, but he may be a gentle one. This gentle- 
ness gives strength, but the materialistic critic will 
hardly believe this; in fits of rebellion he points out 
that this is a weakness, a feminine virtue, and not fit 
for earthly strength. 

"Once man enters into the ECK and is submerged in 
ITS life giving forces, then he knows the falsity of this 

"When he is truly submerged into the sound and 
becomes a part of it, the spiritual traveler finds himself 
at one with the world universe of universes. He is the 
supreme one in the infinite, limitless, the whole of spir- 
itual existence. He becomes the center of the Far 
Country, the master of all things, the ECK, the Son of 
the SUGMAD. 

"In finding wisdom, one finds wisdom of the highest 
order. You can say that the Supreme Being is wisdom, 
power and freedom; that IT is omnipresent, all per- 
vading. You, as the spiritual traveler are exactly the 
same, except as to your physical limitations. Spir- 
itually, you have no limitations. But the body is not 
the traveler, it is only a covering, one of your ready 
instruments. You may, at will, leave this body and 
work upon any of the higher planes; each plane, as you 
ascend, gives you greater freedom and scope of power. 

"The living ECK Master has no limitations, being 
one with the SUGMAD. Only the materials through 
which he works limit his actions; in like manner they 
limit the actions of the Supreme Being, ITSELF. Can 
the SUGMAD converse with you, as man with man, 
without first becoming man? The omniscience of the 


SUGMAD may not be able to express itself through 
the physical brain of the traveler, but the traveler may, 
in single moments, rise to the regions of the worlds far 
above the sphere of brain activity, where his conscious- 
ness automatically expands, even to the limitless. 
When he returns to this plane, he will remember just as 
much of it as can be brought within the compass of 
brain action, 

4 The duties of all spiritual travelers consist of con- 
necting Souls with the ECK, the sound current, and 
taking them out of this world to their own place in the 
Far Country, where they have earned their stay. 

"Second, the traveler has to teach the way to all who 
are willing to listen. He alone has the kingdom of 
heaven within. He alone can guide the wandering Soul 
to the open door of heaven, and help Him enter into it. 

'Third, the traveler is to bring light and sound into 
the world, that all may profit by it. Not simply his 
followers but all people and the whole world. This is a 
part of his secret world. None may follow Him into the 
secret chambers of his retreat and see all the features 
of the great work he is doing. There is not a living 
being in all the world who does not receive benefit from 
the spiritual travelers. 

"These travelers know of the SUGMAD because 
they have made experiments and have the proof. The 
travelers know that there is a supreme and all-sustain- 
ing One, whose chief attributes are wisdom, power and 

"Now, man was created by an infinite good, and he 
must derive his own good qualities from that infinite 
good. We must concede, as a matter of fact, that he 
himself has created most of the gods and devils, known 
to history; yet in spite of this, the Supreme Reality 


stands out far above all this sham and exposure. Man 
is the sum of all goodness, but sooner, or later, we have 
to settle the problem of where he got his evil propensi- 

"These are painfully manifest. They must be 
explained. Shall they be attributed to the same infi- 
nite power we call the SUGMAD? If man didn't get his 
evil qualities from the SUGMAD, the author of all 
good, where did he get them? 

. "This can be explained by pointing out that evil 
exists only in the lower worlds. All people should know 
this, but they do not understand why and how they 
were subjected to evil in the first place. I go back to the 
discourse on the mother goddess, the feminine princi- 
ple, the destroying principle of all things not in the 
sense that man usually believes, for destruction is 
necessary in this world. The Kali must exist or man 
would be over populated; nature would never be in the 
balance. Does that explain the two opposites in the 
lower worlds? It should. 

"All ECK travelers agree, and all of the inhabitants 
of the higher worlds say, that there is one supreme infi- 
nite essence, which is called the ECK; it is composed of 
pure spirit substance; and the SUGMAD, in the form 
of the manifested ECK resides in and permeates the 
supreme regions, from whence, as ITS headquarters, 
IT projects ITSELF into and permeates all regions 
throughout creation. IT is in no way limited except in 
the manner of form which IT must take in order to 
exist in certain worlds, other than ITS own. 

"That form is only an infinitely small fragment of 
ITSELF. IT is universal spirit, moving forth in a 
living stream, vibrating through all worlds, entering in 
and vitalizing all that exists. IT is the dynamic life of 


everything that lives. IT is impersonal, universal, all- 
permeating, omnipresent, and all-sustaining* IT is the 
life, the very existence of all. IT is existence absolute. 

"To this all-embracing, all-sustaining essence, no 
name can be applied other than what we know, the 
ECK, the voice of the SUGMAD. There is a universal 
agreement among the world's greatest spiritual 
thinkers that the supreme power is seeking to find 
those who are willing to enter into it and become one 
with it, and that in it, one finds wisdom, power and 

"This is the highest ideal of Soul ever conceived or 
formulated in the thoughts of the ECK travelers. And 
this is the finding of the great ECK Masters. 

"With this I end these talks!" 




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With face of maya, 


Word of the 

SUGMAD projected 

through the, 280 
ECK, Sohang, 24 

Definition, 24 
ECKANKAR, 28, 168, 

272, 281, 282 

Definition, 28 
ECKANKAR, Doctrine 

of, 13 

Kingdom of the, 193 

PATH TO (Chapter 

title), 151-172 


(Chapter title), 


Egyptian Gods, 109 
Einstein, 206 
Electronic beams, 221 
Electronic energy, 221 
Elohim (Hebrew name 

for God), 30 
Elysian Fields (Greek 

name for Far 

Country), 9 
Emerson (American 

philosopher), 71 
Enemy Country (for 

Soul), 101 
Energies of the Tuza, 


Energy (See: Primal 
Energy), 161, 162, 
179, 180, 221, 222, 
229, 231, 232, 235 
Definition, 227, 229 
Energy forces, 228 
Energy of Soul, 227 
Energy Unit, 181 
Energy Wave, 180 
Esoteric teachings, 7 
Eternal Spirit, 230 
Eternity, 173, 174, 180, 
182, 184, 185 
Eternity within Far 

Country, 173 
Etheric Waves, 211 
Ethics (of ECK), 270, 

271, 272 
Everest (Mountain 

peak), 33 
Explorers of Far 
Country, 10 

Faculty of Imagination 

(See: Imagination), 

256, 257 

(Title), 5-291 


COUNTRY (Chapter 

title), 9-31 

Introduction to, 7, 8 

Location of, 9 

Explorers of, 10 


Great Masters 
(Explorers), 10 
Other names of, 9 
Regions of, 13-31 
First Region, 13-17 
Second Region, 18-20 
Third Region, 20-22 
Fourth Region, 22-24 
Fifth Region, 25-27 
Worlds above Fifth 
Region, 26-31 
Scientific descriptions 
of, 13, 14, 18, 22, 23, 

Spiritual descriptions 
of, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 
18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 

Far Country, The, 7, 9, 
10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 31, 
33, 35, 36, 39, 41, 42, 
43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 50, 
51, 56, 63, 67, 68, 69, 
73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 
80, 111, 120, 125, 
128, 131, 134, 136, 
139, 149, 154, 155, 
161, 163, 166, 174, 
176, 177, 180, 185, 
210, 213, 245, 247, 
249, 258, 263, 264, 
266, 269, 273, 280, 
281, 285, 287, 288 
Father and Creator, 146 
Father, Son and Holy 
Ghost (trinity), 256 
Female power ray 

(Female ray), 152, 154 
Feminine principle 

(Kali),105, 106, 107, 

108, 123, 125 

Definition, 125 
Five Destructive 

Passions (The), 59, 

60, 61. 62 

Definitions, 59, 60, 

Five passions and their 

remedies, 270, 271 

Definitions, 270, 271 
Five perversions of the 

mind, 270 

Definitions, 270 
Forces of the no-thing 

world, 209 
Fortunate Isles (Greek 

for Far Country), 9 
Four grand divisions of 

universe, 184 
Free spirit, 237 
Freedom, 287, 288 
Freedom (complete), 43 

Definition, 43, 44 
Freedom force, 152 
Freedom and truth, 226 
Freedom from karma, 

Freud, 153 

Ganesh, 104 
Definition, 104 

Garden of Hesperides 
(Greek for Far 


Great Masters 
(Explorers), 10 
Other names of, 9 
Regions of, 13-31 
First Region, 13-17 
Second Region, 18-20 
Third Region, 20-22 
Fourth Region, 22-24 
Fifth Region, 25-27 
Worlds above Fifth 
Region, 26-31 
Scientific descriptions 
of, 13, 14, 18, 22, 23, 

Spiritual descriptions 
of, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 
18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 

Far Country, The, 7, 9, 
10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 31, 
33, 35, 36, 39, 41, 42, 
43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 50, 
51, 56, 63, 67, 68, 69, 
73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 
80, 111, 120, 125, 
128, 131, 134, 136, 
139, 149, 154, 155, 
161, 163, 166, 174, 
176, 177, 180, 185, 
210, 213, 245, 247, 
249, 258, 263, 264, 
266, 269, 273, 280, 
281, 285, 287, 288 
Father and Creator, 146 
Father, Son and Holy 
Ghost (trinity), 256 
Female power ray 

(Female ray), 152, 154 
Feminine principle 

(Kali),105, 106, 107, 

108, 123, 125 

Definition, 125 
Five Destructive 

Passions (The), 59, 

60, 61. 62 

Definitions, 59, 60, 

Five passions and their 

remedies, 270, 271 

Definitions, 270, 271 
Five perversions of the 

mind, 270 

Definitions, 270 
Forces of the no-thing 

world, 209 
Fortunate Isles (Greek 

for Far Country), 9 
Four grand divisions of 

universe, 184 
Free spirit, 237 
Freedom, 287, 288 
Freedom (complete), 43 

Definition, 43, 44 
Freedom force, 152 
Freedom and truth, 226 
Freedom from karma, 

Freud, 153 

Ganesh, 104 
Definition, 104 

Garden of Hesperides 
(Greek for Far 


Country), 9 
Genuine ethics, 272 
Gnothe Seauton 

Know thyself!, 250 

Definition, 250 
God, 137 

Commands from, 137, 


Consciousness, 7 

Himself, 137 

How does one find 

God, 67-78 

Is in all, and all is the 

divine, 229 

Is One, 162 

ITSELF, 145 

Know all existence in 

God and Spirit, 228 

Message from, 137 

-Realization, 171, 172, 

272, 276 

Realms (penetrating 

into), 246, 262 

Seeker, 7, 8 

Should be loved, 145 

Son of, 145 

The trinity, 145 

The Way to, 34-37 

Voice of, 137 

Whether man created 

God, or God created 

man, 282 

Worlds, 172, 221, 248 
Godhead, 225 
God-man, 249 
Golden Age, 275 
Granath Guru, 146 

Grand Hierarchy, 148 
Grand Paradox, 71 

Definition, 71 
Great Masters (ECK), 

251, 255 
Great Mother(s), 

worship of, 124 

Definition, 124 
Great Mysteries (those 

initiated into), 233 
Great Reality, 162 
Great Sound Current, 

Great Spiritual 

Travelers, 272 
Greed (Lobha), 60 
Greek Gods, 46 
Grinding wheel of 

desire and karma, 271 
Guda-chakra (See: 

Mulchakra), 117 
Gurumukhs (follow 

Mahanta), 271 
Gyatri, The, 112 

Definition, 112 


Hammurabi's Code, 35 
Hansni Tunnel, 23 
Happy Hunting Ground 

(Am. Indian for Far 

Country), 9 
Happy Isles (Greek for 

Far Country), 9 
Hatha Yoga, 167 
Haurvata (absolute, 



perfection), 133 
Heaven (Christian 

Far Country), 9 
Heavenly Kingdom, 7 
Heavenly worlds, 182 
Hegel (Materialistic 

German Scientist), 

153, 247 
Hell, 254 

Definition, 254 
Hell, lower pits of, 273 
Hereness, 178 
Higher worlds, 160 
Himalaya Mountains, 


Hindi (language), 30 
Hindu Brahman rulers, 


Hindu philosophy, 170 
Hindu religion, 174 
Hindu trinity, 179 
Hindu Kush Mountains, 

33, 57, 58, 127, 173, 

245, 269 

Description, 33 
Historical figures, 12, 

Holy Ghost, 164, 248, 

Holy immortals (See: 

Ameshspenta), 133 
Holy Spirit, 164 
Holy symphony, 271 
Home of Truth, 24 

Definition, 22, 23, 24 
How does one find 

God?, 67-78 
Hridachakra, 118 
Human consciousness, 

expansion of, 225 
Hungry seeker, 272 

Ida and Pingala, 115 
Ignorance, 36, 251, 252, 

Ignorance of the law, 

Illumination (Prathiba), 


Illusion(s), 246 
Imaginary (Faculty), 

234, 235 

Imaginary image, 235 
Imagination Faculty 

(Imaginative), 49, 50, 

237, 256, 257, 258, 

259, 260, 261, 262, 

263, 264, 265, 266, 

277, 278, 279, 280, 


Definition, 50 
Imagination, illusions 

of, 246 
Imagination's birth in 

man is his 

awakening, 259 
Imaginative eye 

(supreme), 266 

THE (Chapter title), 



Immortality, 185 
Immortality, Waters of, 

Indian Yoga Systems, 


Indian Yogis, 284 
Individual Soul energy, 

Indrichakra, 115 

Definition, 115, 118 
Infinite One, 30 
Initiates, 233 
Initiation, 285 
Inner body (soul) 265, 


Inner door, 272 
Inner energy, 225 
Inner experience, 272 
Inner illumination, 248 
Inner kingdoms, 272 
Inner movement, 266 
Inner traveler, 225 
Inner worlds, 266, 279, 


Intellectualism, 205 
Intellectuals, 203, 205 
Intelligence ray, 152 
Intuition, 208-211 
Inventors (Edison and 

Marconi), 257 
Ion, 22 

Ionosphere region, 23 
Isles of the Blessed 

(Greek Far Country), 9 
Isness, 175, 176, 178 
Isness or the Nowness, 

The, 174 

Isness of the 
SUGMAD, 174 

Isness, Nowness and 
Hereness, 182, 195 

Isness, the creative 
moment, 178 

Isthul Sharir, 86 
Definition, 86 

(SUGMAD), 28-31, 
46-51, 64, 80, 81, 138, 
139, 142, 143, 151, 
152, 157, 158, 159, 
160, 230, 256, 258, 
259, 290, 291 
Being infinite, is 
without will, 151 
Cannot be direct 
creator, 151 
Emanations or Rays, 

IT can only be found 
in the imagination of 
IT, 259 

IT makes ITS own 
laws, 127 
What IT is like, 127 

Jacob (on ladder of 

heaven), 193 
Jaram Brahm, 229 
Jehovah of Jews and 

Christians, 148 
Jesuits in Catholic 

Church, 205 


Jesus, 36, 47, 108, 139, 

145, 163, 164, 218, 

281, 283 
Jewel is in the Lotus, 

The, 112 
Jhankar, 21 

Definition, 21 
Jivan Mukti (life 

everlasting), 167 
Jnana, 121 

Definition, 121 
Judaism, 47 

Kabir, 10 

Kailash (mountain), 19 
Kal, 65, 216, 217, 218 
Kal, lord of karma, 65 
Kal Niranjan, 103, 146, 

152, 153, 205, 216, 


Kal power, 152 
Kal Purusha, 29 

Definition, 29 

OF (Chapter title), 

KALI, 290 

Annapura, 110 

Chandi, 110 

Durga, 110 

Earth Mother, 103 

Feminine Principle, 


Gauri, 110 

Goddess of Fate, 123 

Kali the Black, 110 

Moon Mother, 124 

Mother Goddess, 


Mother India, 111 

Mother Nature, 124 

Parvati, 110 

Saktis (Saktas), 109 

Sex Goddess, 105 

Temple of, 109 

The Vampire (blood 

cult), 109 

Uma, 110 

Worship of, 103, 109 


Kama (Lust), 59, 122, 
Definition, 59, 122 

Karakoram Range, 33 

Karan mind, 98 
Definition, 98 

Karan Sharir, 86 
Definition, 86 

Karma (good and bad), 
62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 
70, 83, 188, 273, 280 

Karma and reincarna- 
tion, 162 

Karma Yoga, 168 

Kannic laws, 62, 63, 

Karmic schooling, 189 

Khashatra-Vairya (all 
creative; all sustain- 
ing power), 133 

King of Kings, 147 

Kingdom of Far 


Country, 128 
Kingdom of God, 172 
Kipling, Rudyard, 9 
Know Thyself!, 250 
Knowingness, 178 
Knowledge of God, 171 
Koni (Guthya), 112, 114 

Definition, 114 
Koran, 146 
Krodha (anger), 59, 60, 

94, 270 
Kshama (forgiveness), 

Kundalini, 115, 116 

Definition, 115, 116 

Law of God, 35 
Law of Karma, 145, 

170, 180, 273 
Law of Manu, 35 
Law of Moses, 274 
Law of Physics, 273 
Law of the SUGM AD, 


Laws and Canons, 35 
Laws of Nature 

(negative power), 148 
Laya Yoga, 168 
Lea, Tom (author), 10 
Life Current (melodious 

BANI), 167 
Life force, 152 
Life of Soul, 271 
Life stream, 162 
Light and energy, 222 

Light and Sound (rays), 

199, 223, 224, 289 
Light body (Nuri 

Sarup), 86 
Light of the Spiritual 

Travelers, 255 
Lightning Worlds, 214, 

Linga, 112 

Definition, 112 
Living ECK Master, 7, 

78, 116, 271, 284, 288 
Living Spiritual 

Travelers, 255 
Lobha (greed), 60, 94, 

Lord of All (Sat Nam), 

Lord of All Universes, 


Lord, God and Father, 
. 158 
Lord God of all the 

worlds, 194 
Lord of the Universe, 

Lord of this World (Kal 

Niranjan), 217 
Lords and Governors, 

Lower Astral World, 

Lower Spiritual Worlds* 

137, 138 

Lower Worlds, 286 
Lucifer, 191 
Lust(Kama), 59 



Maha Sunna, 21 

Definition, 21 
Mahamai (Kali), 105 

Definition, 105 
Mahanta, 7, 25, 78, 108, 

116, 139, 151, 166, 

167, 281, 284, 285 

Definition, 25 
Mahanta, the Living 

ECK Master, 7, 35, 

78, 116, 271 
Mahantas, All, 276 

Definition, 276 
Mahavakyis (Silent 

Travelers), 190 
Man is a small 

universe, 117 
Mana(s) (the mind), 15, 

Manas (receives and 

tastes), 92 

Definition, 92, 93 
Mansarover, 20, 69 

Definition, 20, 69 
Mantra Yoga, 168 
Manumukhs (obey the 

mind), 271 
Mariolatry, 109 

Definition, 109 
Masculine principle, 39, 

40, 125 

Masonic Order, 160 
Master(s), 140, 157, 

166, 169, 285 
Matter or Nature (ray), 


Maya, 108, 170, 198 
McWilliams Law, 179 

Definition, 179 
Medieval Christians, 

Medusa (Egyptian God), 


Mental superiority, 274 
Mer (mountains), 19 
Mersumer Kailash 

(city), 20 
Messenger of death 

(Angel of Death), 188 
MEST (Matter, Energy, 

Space and Time), 197 
Metaphysics (ECK), 

270, 280-286 
Microcosmic Centers in 

body, 117-120 
Milky Way, 222 
Mind, 91-101, 154 
Mind and Soul, 163 
Mind body, 87 

Definition, 87 
Mind of man, 219 
Mockups, 234, 237 
Moha (attachment), 60, 

61, 94, 270 
Moksha, 122 

Definition, 122 
Moon Worlds, 214, 216 
Mother, the Divine, 

122 123 
Mother, Earth (Kali), 

Mother Goddess (Kali), 


105, 106, 124 
Mother(s), Great, 124 
Mother, Virgin, 105, 


Mount Olympus, 30 
Mountains of Far 

Country, 19, 24 
Mountains of Physical 

Plane, 12, 33, 57 
Mudra exercises, 168 
Mukan Taq, 185 
Mulchakra, (Muladhara 

or Guda-chakra), 117 

Definition, 117 
Musical Life Current, 

Mystics (those who 

sought IT), 41 


Nada (Vedas) (Primal 

music of universe), 

Nada Brahm (Word of 

Brahm; primal Nada), 

Name of the SUGMAD, 

In the, 62-67 
Names for Far Country 

(other), 9 
Negative and Positive, 

229, 231, 279 
Negative Lord of the 

Universe, 155 
Negative pole of 

energy, 232 

Negative Fower(s), 101, 

148, 180 

Neophyte, 234, 237, 249 
Newton's Law of 

Motion (relating to the 

mind), 70, 100 
Nietzsche, 140, 153 
Nij-Dham, 185 
Nirala, 29 

Definition, 29 
Nirankar (without body 

or form), 28 
Niranjan, Jot, 16, 193 

Definition, 16 
Nirguna (negative self), 

Nirmala Charan, 57, 58 

Definition, 57 
Nirvana (Buddhist Far 

Country), 9, 248 
Nitya (eternal and 

everlasting), 174 
Nobel Prize, 205 

(Chapter title), 197-219 
No-existence of space, 


No-thing World, 209 
Norseman (See: Thor), 


Nowness (The), 174-178 
Nowness of Eternity, 

Nowness and Isness, 

Nuri Sarup (light body), 

86, 204, 216, 285 


Obstacles to goal of 


ECK Travelers 251 

Ignorance 252 

Monarchism 252 

Priestcraft 252 

Religion 252 
Ocean of love and 

mercy, 280 
Omkar (AUM), 18, 19, 

193, 275 
Omnipresent reality, 

Ontology, 204, 281 

Definition, 281 
Orientals, 222 
Ormuzd (See: 

Zarathustra), 30 
Ortega, Gassett y, 

(Spanish philosopher 

and statesman), 42 

Paradise (Christian Far 

Country), 9 
Parahansas, 275 

Definition, 275 
Param Mahanta, 26 

Definition, 26 
Pascal (philosopher), 

Passions, Five 

Destructive, 59-62 

Definitions, 59-62 

Patanjali system of 

Yoga, 115 
Path to the ECK, 155, 



(Chapter title), 

Path into the Far 

Country, 284, 286 
Path of indifference, 70 
Path of the trinity, 273 
Perfect freedom, 237 
Phallic organ, 112 

Definition, 112 
Phallus, 112 

Definition, 112 


(Chapter title), 


Definition, 270 
Phenomenal world, 210 
Physical (wonder- 
working ray), 152 
Physical eyes, 214, 215, 

Physical plane, 215, 

227, 236 

Physical space, 200 
Physical universe, 245 
Physical world (the 

Pinda), 197, 206 
Pinda (physical 

universe), 184, 197 
Pinda mind, 98 

Definition, 98 


Pinda world, 198 
Pingala, Ida and, 115 

Definition, 115 
Plato, 153 
Power of Word (See: 

Word of Power), 112 
Power force (life force), 

Power, Wisdom and 

Freedom (ECK 

trinity), 192, 287, 288 
Prana, 154, 161, 162, 

Pranayama exercise 

(Yoga), 115 
Prathiba (illumination), 


Prets (angels), 104 
Priestcraft, 252 
Primal energy, 162, 222 
Primal metaphysical 

experience, 245 
Promised Land (Hebrew 

Far Country), 9 
Psychology, 157 
Pure Spirit(s) (Tuzas), 

157, 185, 237 


Quality of Soul, 211 
Quantz, Fubbi, 10 


Raja Yoga, 167 
Ramakrishna, Sri, 52, 

105, 121, 122 
Ramchar, Lord (Region), 


Definition, 21 
Ramkar, 193 
Rays of Light 

(SUGMAD), 133 
Real trinity, 178 
Realization (ray), 152 
Realizing God, 171 
Reality, summit of, 248 
Reason, 203, 204 
Reasonists, 204 
Reasonists, Anti-, 204 
Recording angels, 144 
Regeneration (second 

birth), 247 
Regions of the Far 

Country, 13-31 
Region of Pure Spirit, 


Reincarnation, 149, 166 
Relativity, 200 
Religion, 252, 272 

Five basic elements 

of, 272 

Definition, 272 


(Chapter title), 33-56 

(See: Searchlight on 


Rest Points, 177, 181 


(Chapter title), 



Rest points in eternity, 

Rest points in the Far 

Country, 177 
Rishis t ancient, 165 
Rivers of Far Country, 

20, 21, 69 

Descriptions, 20, 21, 

Rivers of Physical 

World, 12, 57 

Descriptions, 12, 57 
Rock of Zin, 259 
Rod of Moses, 259 
Roman Emperors (the 

Pope), 36 
Royal Highway to Far 

Country, 247 
Rukmini Tunnel, 23 
Russell, Bertrand, 211 

Sach Khand, 14, 27, 84 

147, 158, 185, 189, 

253, 256 

Definition, 84 
Sacabi, Yaubl, 10, 11 
Safe Harbor (for Soul), 

Sahaji (Soul Travel), 


(center), 120, 121 

15, 16, 17, 173, 215 

Definition, 15, 16, 17 

Saint John (Gospel of), 

24, 163, 164 
Saktas, 109 

Definition, 109 
Sakti (Feminine), 109, 


Definition, 114 
Samadhj, 167, 233, 279 
Samadhi, Nirvikalpa, 


Definition, 212 
Sanskaras, 87 

Definition, 87 
Sanskrit Alphabet, 118 
Sanskrit (language), 30, 


Sanskrit (Original), 149 
Santosha (Shanti), 75 

Definition, 75 
SatDesha, 84, 147, 156, 

184, 185, 186 

Definition, 84 
Sat Loka, 185 
Sat Nam, 25, 26, 27, 30, 

147, 148, 158, 193, 


Sat Purusha, 28, 29, 30 
Satguru, 200 
Satori (enlightenment), 


Definition, 59 


(Chapter title), 33-56 
Seed body (Bij Sharir), 

Seeker, the, 139 


Self-determination (ray), 


Self, Divine, 132 
Self-extended spiritual 

space, 230 
Self-realization, 132, 

171, 172 

Shabda (Hindus), 159 
Shakti (primitive 

energy), 103, 123 
Shanti (Santosha), 75 

(ECK Scripture), 258 
Shining angels, 193 
Shiva (God), 103, 104, 

Shiva, Worship of, 114 

Definition, 114 
Shottama (energy), 232, 

235, 236, 237, 238-243 

Definition, 235 
Sichar, well of (Jesus 

and woman), 163 
Siddhartha, Prince 

(Buddha), 281 
Siddhis, 167 
Silent Ones, 191, 192, 

193, 194, 204, 253 
Silent Travelers, 190, 

193, 194 
Silver cord, 237 
Singh, Sudar, 10, 11, 24 
Smarana, 130 

Definition, 130 
Social conscience, 37, 

39, 41, 43 
Socrates, 153 

Sohang, 23 

Definition, 23 
Sohang ECK (Sound 
current), 24 
Definition, 24 
Sohang, Lord, 23 

Definition, 23 
Solomon's Ring, 111, 


Soul (Tuza), 9, 55, 67, 
81, 82, 83, 85-91, 
98-101, 120, 127, 146, 
147, 156, 163, 176, 
177, 179, 180, 186, 
187, 189, 221, 222, 
226, 227, 229, 231, 
232, 235, 236, 237, 
242, 243, 250, 251, 
262, 263, 265, 266, 
276, 277, 280 

Definition, 265 

All intelligence, light 

and power come from, 


Arrives at self- 
realization, 217 

Body, 265, 276 

Centering, 266 

Discovery of the real 

self, 246 

Divine energy of, 225 

Faith in the higher 

senses of, 204 

Freedom, 62 

Group of, 127 

Highest ideal of, 291 


Highest perceptions 

of, 275 

Hooking up the 

forces, 209 

Individual, 195 

Itself, 98 

Is infinite, 226 

Is purified and taken 

out of ignorance, 232 

Learns quickly, 204 

Liberated, 236 

Looks out through 

(tenth door), 214 

Love of the individual 

Soul, 222 

Movement of, 266 

New dimension to, 


Projecting the, 266 

Science of the, 157 

Separating from the 

body, 204 

Soul energy, 223 

Suffering in 

purgatory, 191 

The last frontier of, 


The loss of a, 194 

Travel, 8 

Wandering, 289 

Sound Current(s), 17, 
18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26, 
158, 159, 160, 161, 
166, 167, 168, 170, 
221, 232, 271, 272 

Sound Current, 
acceptance of the, 249 

Sound Current, living, 


Space, 197, 205 
Space God (Kal 

Niranjan), 216 
Space-time, 211 
Space-time bound, 212 
Space-time framework, 


Space-time sense, 212 
Spenta-Armaiti (perfect 

piety; single minded- 

ness), 133 
Spirit body, 214 
Spirit of the Supreme 

One, 255 

Bliss, 226 

Country, 264 

Energy, 180, 197, 225 

Exercises, 204, 232 

Existence, 288 

Experience(s), 225, 

228, 230 

Eye, 214 

Freedom (liberation), 

148, 162, 166, 167, 


Headway, 273 

Hierarchy, 193 

Hunger, 263 

Kingdoms, 172 

Light, 272 

Material essence, 18 

Planes, 176 

Powers, 134 

Quickening, 250 


Science, 246, 250 
Traveler, 14, 18, 
40-43, 51-54, 58, 59, 
77, 78, 82, 83, 85, 94, 
101, 120, 125, 128, 
131, 134, 136, 138, 
140-144, 146, 148, 
156-160, 164, 167, 
168-172, 185, 186, 
191, 192, 204-206, 
213, 215, 216, 232, 
233, 236-240, 241, 
242, 248-251, 253-256, 
260, 262, 263, 272, 
278, 279, 281, 283-289 
Wisdom, 212 
Worlds, 226, 287 

Cannot be taught but 
caught, 249 
Is always abundant in 
every Golden Age, 

Master can transmit 
to neophyte, 249 
Secrets of learned at 
feet of an ECK 
traveler, 249 
Spiritual quickening, 

Vitalized by springs 
of living water, 250 

Sraosha (eighth ray), 
Definition, 134 

Stratosphere, 14 
Definition, 14 

Study of Death (See: 
Death), 238-243 

Subtle body (Sukhsham 
Sharir), 86 

Sufis, 159 

THE, (Chapter Title), 

(ITSELF), 22, 26, 27, 
28, 29, 31, 41-46, 
47-51, 55, 56, 59-69, 
71-77, 80-84, 88, 94, 
101, 104, 114, 117, 
121, 125-134, 138, 
139, 141-144, 147, 
148, 151, 152, 
157-163, 169, 176, 
177, 178, 180, 186, 
191, 192, 193, 194, 
195, 199, 200, 204, 
225, 227, 228, 247, 
248, 249, 253, 254, 
255, 256, 258, 262, 
266, 271, 281, 282 
Definition, 28, 41, 46 

A mental concept, 

Access to the throne 
of, 253 

Administration of 
the, 195 

Agent of the, 191 
Agreeing force toward 
the, 148 
An abstract idea, 130 


Aspects of the, 224 
Being one with, 142 
Beyond all books, 129 
By human minds, 151 
Called the SUGMAD 
of Being, 256 
Can become a co- 
worker of the, 194 
Cannot be 
comprehended, 151 
Capable of changing 
nature quickly, 128 
Co-worker of the, 253 
Deity above all 
deities, 151 
Did not make man in 
ITS image, 151 
Direct perception of 
superior planes, 247 
Divided states of the, 

Draw the satisfying 
waters from, 247 
ECK first 

manifestation of, 185 
Entering into the 
divine silence of, 246 
Existence of the, 248 
Rays of light, 133 
Realization of, 129, 

Royal highway to the, 

Study of the Divine, 

Subordinates of the, 

Supreme, 131, 133, 
141, 143, 158, 162, 
191, 222 

The ECK, the son of 
the, 288 

The enigma of the, 

The first manifes- 
tation of the, 277 
The Great, 144 
The most common 
concept of the, 282 
The omniscience of 
the, 288, 289 
The one and only 
Reality, 246 
The real trinity of, 

The seekers of, 128 
The trinity of the, 195 
Three basic 
attributes of, 224, 225 
Total ignorance of, 

Traveler is one with, 

Travelers see the, 128 
True path to, 153 
Who can know, 144 
World of the, 253 
Sukhsham Desh, 14, 46 
Sukhsham Mind, 87, 


Sukhsham Sharir, 86 
Sumer (mountain), 19 
Sun Worlds, 214, 216 


Being, 30, 174, 216, 

Definition, 30 

Creative Center, 159 

Creator, 146, 160 

Deity, 139, 143, 185, 


Heaven, 156, 216 

Infinite essence, 290 

One, 138, 139, 142, 

146, 147 

Power, 291 

Reality, 289 

Regions, 290 

Spirit, 162 

SUGMAD, 143, 162, 

3wadhisthana Center, 


Definition, 115 
3wami, 28 

Definition, 28 
System of exercises, 

Systems of faith, 34, 38 


Tabriz, Shamus-I-, 10 
Tantra, 121, 122 
Tantras, 111, 112 

Definition, 111 
Tantric Cult of Kali, 


Taoism, 34 
Tarzs, Rebazar, 7, 10, 


Title: Great Master of 

ECKANKAR, 7, 10 
Personal description 
of:, 11, 12, 20, 80, 
103, 151, 173, 197, 
208, 213, 245, 269 
Description of home 
of Master:, 11, 12, 13, 
33, 57, 79, 127, 173, 
245, 269 

Tenth door (spiritual 
eye), 214 

EXISTS (Chapter 
title), 127-150 

Theosophical Society, 

Third eye (Tisra Til), 

Three Worlds, 231 

Thor (See: Norseman), 

Time and space, 197-202 

Tirkuti (Brahm Lok), 
121, 146 
Definition, 121 

Tisra Til (third eye), 
119, 120, 285 

Tirich mir (mountain 
peak), 33 

Tirloki (three worlds), 

Traveler in Far 
Country, 51-56 

Trinity (ECK) 
Wisdom, Power and 
Freedom, 270, 286-291 

Tropopause, 18 


Troposphere, 18 
Truth, 228, 230, 247, 

267, 279 

Definition, 247 
Tunnels in Far Country, 

Tulsi Das (Explorer), 

10, 258 
Turkya Pad (Astral 

plane), 170 
Tuza (the Soul), 80, 162, 

174, 177479, 180, 

205, 211, 221, 223, 

234, 237, 238, 277 

Definition, 80, 88 


(Chapter title), 79-101 
(The) Tuza is immortal 

(Soul), 81 


(Chapter title), 

Tuzashottama energy, 

170, 222, 223, 224, 

226, 227, 231, 233, 

Tuzashottama, the 

mystery of, 230 

Definition, 230, 231 


Understanding of 

eternity, 184 
Universal mind, Home 

of, 18 

Definition, 18 
Universal sound 

current, 235 
Using the Shottama 

energy, 234, 236 

Vadan (Sufis), 159 
Vairag (mental detach- 
ment), 68-76, 270, 279 

Definition, 71 
Vairagya (detachment), 

Valhalla (Scandinavian 

Far Country), 9 
Vanity (Ahankara), 61 
Vedantic pundits, 215 
Vedantists (Vedas), 14, 

171, 214 

Virgin Mary, 108, 109 
Virgin Mother (Kali), 

105, 114 
Vishnu in Hindu 

trinity, 175 
Viveka (discrimination), 

72, 73, 270 

Vivekananda, 123, 215 
Voho-Mano (good mind; 

divine wisdom), 133 
Voice of Silence, 160 
Voltaire, 153 

Waters of Immortality t 


Wave picture(s) (the 

electron), 180, 181, 

206, 207, 208 
Way to God, the, 34, 

Wheel of birth and 

death, 166, 271 
Wheel of trans- 
migration, liberation 

from, 166 
Wisdom, 286, 287 
Wisdom force, 152 
Wisdom, Power and 

Freedom (trinity), 

152, 163, 204, 223, 

225, 227, 275, 283, 

Word of Power, 111 

Definition, 111, 112, 


Word, the, 163 
World of Aesthetics, 

World of the SUGMAD 

(entering the), 44, 45, 


(THE) (Chapter Title), 


Yang (male principle), 


Yang and Yin, 106 
Yin (female principle), 


Yoga, 167, 168 
Yoga (Patanjali 

system), 115 
Yogi system (Yogi; 

yogis) (system of 

yoga), 169, 171 

Zarathustra (Ormuzd), 

Zen Buddhism, 59 

Definition, 59 
Zenith, 155 

Definition, 155 

Yahveh, 30 
Definition, 30 

Yama, King of the 
Dead (India), 188 




Coins of Gold 

Dialogues With The Master 

The Drums of ECK 

East of Danger 

ECKANKAR Dictionary 

ECKANKAR: Compiled Writings Volume I 

ECKANKAR: Illuminated Way Letters 1966-1971 

ECKANKAR: The Key To Secret Worlds 

The ECK-VIDYA, The Ancient Science of Prophecy 

The Far Country 

The Flute of God 

Herbs: The Magic Healers 

In My Soul I Am Free (biography by Brad Steiger) 

Letters To Gail, Volume I 

Letters To Gail, Volume II 



The Spiritual Notebook 

Stranger By The River 

Talons of Time 

The Tiger's Fang 

The Way of Dharma 

The Wisdom of ECK 

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please write IWP for a complete catalogue. 


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