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Full text of "Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation"

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The Rev. W. S. Crockett, Minister of Tweedsmuir, Convener and General Editor. 

The Rev. Professor James Cooper, D.D., D.Litt, D.C.L. 

W. Traquair Dickson, W.S. 

Francis James Grant, W.S., Lyon Clerk and Rothesay Herald. 

The Rev. Professor James Mackinnon, Ph.D., D.D. 

Alexander T. Niven, C.A. 

Sir James Balfour Paul, C.V.O., LL.D., Lord Lyon King-of-Arms. 

The Rev. Stephen Ree, B.D. 

The Rev. James Smith, B.D. 

The Rev. Robert W. Weir, D.D. 


The Rev. Prof. Herkless, D.D., St Andrews 

The Rev. James Brebner, D.D., Forgue 

The Rev. Thomas Burns, D.D., Edinburgh 

The Rev. W. W. Coats, D.D., Brechin 

The Rev. J. B. Davidson, D.D., Peterhead 

The Rev. R. Menzies Fergusson, D.D., 

The Rev. J. King Hewison, D.D., Rothesay 

The Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D.D., Paisley 

The Rev. David Paul, LL.D., Edinburgh 

The Rev. J. R. Aitken, M.A., Edinburgh 

The Rev. William Auld, B.D., Carnock 

The Rev. James W. Blake, M.A., Temple 

The Rev. John Burleigh, Ednam 

The Rev. Andrew Burns, Fenwick 

The Rev. J. A. Cameron, B.D., Legerwood 

The Rev. A. J. Campbell, B.A., Glasgow 

The Rev. J. T. Cox, B.D., Dyce 

The Rev. A. A. Duncan, B.D., Auchterless 

The Rev. J. E. Gillespie, Kirkgunzeon 

The Rev. A. H. Gillieson, B.D., Olrig 

The Rev. John Hunter, B.D., Rattray 

The Rev. Geo. D. Hutton, M.A., B.Sc, 

The Rev. A. J. Macdonald, Killearnan 

The Rev. A. M. Macgregor, Lochryan 

The Rev. R. D.Mackenzie, B.D., Kilbarchan 

The Rev. J. Mitchell, B.D., Mauchline 

The Rev. John Muir, B.D., Yester 

The Rev. J. Muirhead, B.D., Avendale 

The Rev. J. W. Murray, B.A.(Oxon.), Manor 

The Rev. W. H. Porter, Cults, Pitlessie 

The Rev. Robert Pryde, M.A., Glasgow 

The Rev. John Sharpe, Selkirk 

The Rev. W. Stephen, B.D., Inverkeithing 

The Rev. G. Walker, B.D., Castle-Douglas 

The Rev. D. Macfarlane Wilson 

The Rev. Wm. Wilson, M.A., Trossachs 

C. E. W. Macpherson, Esq., C.A., Edin. 

Thomas Reid, Esq., M.A., Lanark 

J. H. Stevenson, Esq., Advocate, Edin. 








Revised and continued to the Present Time under the Superintendence 
of a Committee appointed by the General Assembly 









The design of the present work is to present a comprehensive account of 
the Succession of Ministers of the Church of Scotland since the period 
of the Reformation. An attempt is made to give some additional interest 
by furnishing incidental notices of their lives, writings, and families, 
which may prove useful to the Biographer, the Genealogist, and the 

The sources from which the work has been compiled are the various 
records of Kirk Sessions, Presbyteries, Synods, and General Assemblies ; 
together with the Books of Assignations, Presentations to Benefices, and 
the Commissariat Registers of Confirmed Testaments. From these 
authentic sources the information here collected will, it is believed, be 
found as accurate as the utmost care can render it. Having been com- 
menced at an early period of life, this work has been prosecuted during 
all the time that could be spared from professional engagements for a 
period of nearly fifty years. 

Some idea of the labour and continuous research involved in preparing 
the work may be formed when the Author states that he has visited all 
the Presbyteries in the Church, and about seven hundred and sixty 
different Parishes, for the purpose of examining the existing records. 
In this way he has had an opportunity of searching eight hundred and 
sixty volumes of Presbytery, and one hundred volumes of Synod Records, 
besides those of the General Assembly, along with the early Registers of 
Assignations and Presentations to Benefices, and about four hundred and 
thirty volumes of the Testament Registers in the different Commissariats. 

The Author has to express his grateful acknowledgments to the Synod 
and Presbytery Clerks, and, indeed, to almost all the Ministers of the 
Church to whom he applied. While carrying on his early researches in 
Edinburgh, he cannot forget his obligations to the late Thomas Thomson, 
Esq., Deputy Clerk Register, to the late Alexander Macdonald, Esq., and 
other gentlemen connected with the Record Department in the General 
Register House. He is indebted to the Rev. Thomas Gordon of Newbattle, 
and the Rev. John Struthers of Prestonpans, for revising the divisions 
which contain the Presbyteries of Dalkeith and Haddington; also, for 


other services, to the Very Rev. Principal Campbell, Aberdeen ; the Rev. 
Walter Wood, Elie ; Major A. Stewart Allan, of the Bengal Staff, India ; 
Mr William Troup, University, St Andrews; John Barron, Esq., C.A., 
Teind Office, and Adam C. Longmore, Esq., of the Exchequer. He 
likewise has, in particular, to acknowledge how much he owes to David 
Laing, Esq., LL.D., for the interest which he has uniformly taken in 
the progress of the work, and for suggestions while the sheets were 
at press. 

The plan adopted by the Author was to follow the usual division into 
Synods and Presbyteries, and to embrace the Ministers of the several 
Churches from the Reformation in 1560 to June 1839. At the request, 
however, of some of his friends, in order to make the work more complete, 
by bringing it down to the present time, the names of Ministers are added 
who have since been appointed. 

The Part now issued comprises the important Synod of Lothian and 
Tweeddale. The next Part, which is already in the Printer's hands, will 
include the three Southern Synods of Merse and Teviotdale, of Dumfries, 
and of Galloway. It will be followed by the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr. 
It only remains to add, that so far as the Author is able to calculate from 
what has already been completed, the work will be comprised in three 
volumes, forming a companion to the Origines Parochiales Scotice, of 
which it may, in some measure, be regarded as a continuation. Being 
undertaken altogether as a labour of love, the Author begs to add, that 
any profits will be devoted to the Societies for the Sons, and the Institu- 
tion for the Daughters of the Clergy. 

H. S. 

Manse of Anstruther Wester, 
nth November, 1866. 


Following an Overture to the General Assembly, a Committee was 
appointed to deal with the Continuation of the Fasti Ecclesice Scoticance. 
A Revision of the whole work was afterwards agreed upon. The present 
edition, therefore, is the result. Synods and Presbyteries are arranged in 
the order of the Roll of the General Assembly, and Parishes alphabetically 
under Presbyteries. A condensed notice of each minister's career is now 
given under his last incumbency, except in the case of professors and 
bishops, who are placed under a separate heading. The genealogical and 
bibliographical details have been much extended, proper names 
modernised, and some irrelevant matter omitted. A selection of the 
authorities quoted by Dr Hew Scott has been retained, and some newer 
ones added. For the Continuation, authorities are only occasionally 
mentioned, the information having been derived from the ecclesiastical 
records and the ministers themselves, or their descendants and acquaint- 
ances. Session and Presbytery Records have been again consulted, and 
considerable additions made from the Separate Register. Parish and 
family histories, biographies, and books of reminiscence have yielded an 
abundant crop of fresh information. To each volume a Bibliography of 
local literature is appended, also an Index of Parishes and Ministers 
mentioned therein, and in the last volume a cumulative Index of the 
whole work will appear. 

So many persons have kindly given assistance in the preparation of 
this work it is impossible to thank them in detail, but mention must 
be made of the Clerks of Presbyteries, whose help has proved in- 
valuable, and of John Maitland Thomson, LL.D., to whose learned 
researches the Committee is much indebted. 

w. s. c. 

31st December 1914. 



Biographical Sketch of Hew Scott, D.D. 
I. Presbytery of Edinburgh 
II. Presbytery of Linlithgow 

III. Presbytery of Biggar 

IV. Presbytery of Peebles 
V. Presbytery of Dalkeith 

VI. Presbytery of Haddington 
VII. Presbytery of Dunbar 

Bibliography of Church and Parish Histories, etc. 
Index of Parishes and Chapels 
Index of Ministers 





The making of the Fasti Ecclesice Scoticance is a curious and stimulating 
example of literary industry. Mainly the work of one man, it was the 
undertaking of a lifetime. Those who have tested the value of the work 
will best appreciate its magnitude, as well as the manifold difficulties 
which must have faced its projector. It was a toiler's task, possible 
only through much patient perseverance, and its completion after forty 
or fifty years' arduous labour was an achievement of infinite merit. 
As Dr Hew Scott's letters show, the strain was enormous, the sympathy 
depressingly sparse. At times there was disappointment enough almost 
to crush the eager spirit of the worker, and to put an untimely finis on 
his enterprise. Still he stooped to his self-imposed burden in the temper 
of which heroes are made. Year after year Scott pursued his remarkable 
perambulations, in the course of which he visited, he computed, about 
seven hundred and sixty parishes. He must have ransacked many 
hundreds of musty old registers belonging to every kirk-session and 
presbytery within his purview. As a probationer he began the Fasti, and 
as a veteran of eighty he gave the last touches to his opus magnum. 
Coadjutors were few and were mostly concerned with the first volume — 
enthusiasts like Dr Gordon of Newbattle, Dr Struthers of Prestonpans, 
and David Laing, LL.D., prince of bibliophiles. Laing may be described 
as prompter-in-chief. Indeed, but for him there would have been no Fasti 
at all. Soured at the lack of preferment, Scott volunteered for service in 
Canada, and was actually on his way to the boat when Laing met him 
and persuaded him to remain at home. Until he became the minister 
of a parish, the accumulation of material for the Fasti engrossed most 
of Scott's attention. He carried on researches in all the likely sources, 
copied extracts with minute, painstaking care, and left no stone 
unturned to ensure the thoroughness and completeness of his task. The 



first portion of the work (it was in three volumes of two parts each) 
appeared in 1866, the last in 1871. The price was twenty-five shillings 
a part, and the impression was limited to 250 copies. 

The Fasti was pre-eminently a labour of love. Whatever profits might 
accrue from it were to be devoted to the Societies for the Sons of 
the Clergy and the Ministers' Daughters' College. At least £200 are 
known to have reached those institutions out of the Scott exchequer. That 
amount may or may not have been a contribution from Fasti profits. 
From Scott's letters to Laing we learn that the prospects were anything 
but rosy: "I thought, at least was always told, that the sales were 
greater, and as I expected something would be gained, perhaps not 
much, I find myself disheartened, and tremble at proceeding further. 
No gin-horse has worked harder than I have done for years, and 
here is the result — only making business for printers and booksellers." 
And again : "I am puzzled about going on with such a loss. The 
sales show that few of the great or literary folks care for it." A 
third letter informs Dr Laing that of 250 copies of one part, 96 
were sold, 12 were in the author's hands, while 142 remained on the 
booksellers' shelves. Hew Scott's last letter to David Laing is full of 
pathos: "I received yours when in bed yesterday (4th Dec. 1871), where 
I have been for eight or ten days. I am very thankful my humble, or 
what you call great work, is so near a close. Dr Gordon wrote me lately 
something similar when I told him I intended doing no more, but he 
persuaded me it would be necessary to give the Moderators. The work 
at the very outset brought me into trouble, even with the purest 
intentions, and has been carried on under sometimes great privations, at 
times under great depression of spirit, exertions few constitutions could 
have undergone, and an expense which to many might have been a little 
fortune. For the last twelve months it has been carried on in a sick- 
room and nursing an affectionate partner, and last of all, threatened with 
blindness. So you may judge if I would not gladly be done with it. 
Whoever is dissatisfied with my past labour is very welcome to try his 
hand and make it better. I know of none such except two individuals." 

But if the author of the Fasti toiled and sowed in tears, the herculean 
labour of his life has not been lost. The Fasti has filled a noble niche in 
Scottish ecclesiastical history. As a work of reference it has long taken 
a high place, and its pages have been a mine for the digging of every 
local annalist. By the triumphant realisation of his early dream, Hew 
Scott made not merely the Church but the whole of Scotland his debtor. 



The story of his career can be told in few words. Hew Scott was 
an admirable illustration of the pursuit of knowledge under difficulties. 
Born at Haddington, 5th February 1791, he was the son of Robert Scott, 
an Excise officer (Scotticd, gauger), who counted kin with Sir Walter's 
own sept of the romantic Border clan. His mother (her husband's second 
wife) was Catherine Dunbar, a native of Coldingham. Hew took to learn- 
ing early, " could conjugate amo in his tenth year," and was altogether a 
promising " lad o' pairts." Dr Lorimer of the First Charge of Hadding- 
ton encountered him deciphering Latin lines on an old tombstone there. 
" You'll be a minister yet," said the clergyman, and the words so rang in 
the boy's ears that he could not sleep. His father died about this time, 
leaving wife and family practically penniless. The opening of a little 
shop helped to keep the wolf from the door, and Hew was apprenticed 
to an ironmonger of the burgh. There is a tradition that he added 
stationery to his mother's slender stock, hawking that commodity from 
house to house in the evenings. At twenty we find him blossoming into 
a bookseller. 1 But the minister's prophecy was coming true. Ambition 
may have been fostered by the example of George Dunbar, who, from a 
disabled gardener's boy, found his way to the University, and was rising 
into fame as a Greek scholar. It is more than likely that Dunbar himself 
paved the way for his kinsman's entrance on a scholastic career. Hew 
Scott's name appears in the Edinburgh matriculation album for the first 
time in Session 1813-14, and for the last time in Session 1819-20. He 
followed a somewhat unsystematic but comprehensive course — giving 
attendance on the classes of Humanity, Logic, Greek, Natural Philosophy, 
Moral Philosophy, Scots Law, Anatomy, Surgery, Chemistry, Practice 
of Medicine, Agriculture, Hebrew, and Divinity. " Had the war con- 
tinued," he said, "I would have been a doctor in the army instead of 
a minister of the Kirk." During two sessions he acted as assistant- 
librarian of the University, and for this service he was rewarded by a 
remission of the matriculation fee of half a sovereign. It is singular to 
find him graduating at Aberdeen in preference to Edinburgh. Aberdeen, 
it seems, was "a more frugal Senatus," and having applied to King's 
College, the degree of M.A. was conferred, 2nd December 1816, " in 

1 The Foundling, a tale, in verse, by Thomas Adams, Royal Artillery, Drivers. . . . 
Haddington : Printed for the Author by G. Miller, and sold by Hew Scott, bookseller 
(1811 ; 70 pp.). 


consideration of his attainments as a student, and on the recommendation 
of James Ferguson of Pitfour and John Buchan, W.S." 


Sometime in his Arts curriculum, Hew Scott became known to 
Thomas Thomson, Deputy Clerk-Register of Scotland, most erudite of 
legal antiquaries. Thomson had set out to reform the whole system of 
public registries and the method of the custody of records in rendering 
these records accessible to research, in rescuing and repairing old records, 
in editing the Acts of the Scottish Parliament and other governmental 
registers, under authority of a Record Commission. Scott became one 
of Thomson's best helpers. The work was congenial, and it may have 
inspired the idea of the Fasti, although the zealous researcher was 
acquainted with Le Neve's Fasti Ecclesias Anglicanm — a monumental 
work like his own that was to be. 

His divinity course completed, Scott was licensed by the Presbytery 
of Haddington 24th October 1820. In 1829 he received ordination in 
order to proceed to Canada — a step frustrated by the appeal of David 
Laing, as has been already stated. Assistantships followed at Garvald, 
Ladykirk, Cockpen, and Temple. The minister of Cockpen was his 
college friend, James Grierson. " I was not a little encouraged by his 
story," Scott used to say ; " like many of us, he had two strings to his 
bow, and kept a drug shop for years in the North Bridge till he was 
presented to a parish, Lord Dalhousie writing the preferment on the 
field of Echlar." 

Promotion came at long last to the indefatigable investigator. On 
the death of Dr Carstairs, Sir Windham Carmichael Anstruther offered 
Scott the parish of Anstruther Wester, and he was admitted 12th June 
1839. The Rev. Jardine Wallace, of Traquair, used to relate how Hew 
Scott arrived one evening at his father's manse of St Michael, 
Dumfries. In the course of conversation he spoke somewhat sadly 
of the changes which had taken place from the Secession of 1843. 
Mrs Wallace said : " Mr Scott, were you not tempted to go out ? " 
"No! no!" he naively replied, "I had too much difficulty to get in." 
Scott's curious story about the actual genesis of the Secession may be 
recalled : "In the arrangement of viands for a party at dinner, one of 
the guests, wife of the schoolmaster, who was also assistant minister in 
the parish [Marnoch], happened to make some observations about its 


impropriety, which gave offence to her hostess. This caused considerable 
ill-feeling, and laid the foundation for disputes of various kinds in the 
Presbytery, which at length terminated in the Secession of 1843, inflicting 
a severe wound on the Church of Scotland." The author of the Fasti 
had no leaning towards the popular party. He stoutly opposed the 
measures of the non-Intrusionists, and supported Charles Rogers (after- 
wards his assistant) in the attempt to depose Sir David Brewster from 
the Principalship of St Andrews for his adherence to the Free Church. 

Hew Scott received the honorary degree of D.D. from St Andrews in 
1867. He was an exemplary minister of the old school — " his preaching 
much, but more his practice wrought, a living sermon of the truths he 
taught." Into all his work — both in the pulpit and out of it — he put 
his best. Parochial movements were assured successes under his sagacious 
pilotage. He had his peculiarities and foibles. From the established 
mode of worship he would brook no variation. A "repeating" tune was 
anathema — and he declined to preach in a church where the Doxology was 
sung. He was the strictest of disciplinarians, but behind all his outward 
severity beat a heart that was warm, and true, and kind. He was penu- 
rious to a proverb — his besetting fault — a relic, doubtless, of less fortunate 
days. " No nail, or potato, or turnip, or piece of coal was ever left on the road 
by Hew Scott." Dr Rogers declared that he never bought writing paper, 
but wrote all the Fasti on letter-backs — a precursor of the modern card 
index method, quaint, but in his hands thoroughly effective, the result 
showing a marvellous mastery of the multifarious materials collected at 
divers times and places. He used turned envelopes for his correspond- 
ence, a fact which was demonstrated after his death, when his desk was 
opened and disclosed " nearly 2000 envelopes all reversed, the stamps and 
addresses being in the inside, according to which the old economist had 
been in the habit, almost from the day of Sir Rowland Hill's penny 
postage, of refolding the covers of his correspondence for future use." It 
has been hinted that he was the hero of the story told by Dr William 
Chambers, about a minister who married the schoolmaster's widow for 
the sake of the dead dominie's new coat. That, however, is baseless. 
He married the lady (one who knew him well, told Dr Hay Fleming) 
"because she had shown so much kindness to her husband [Alexander 
M'Dougall] in his illness, and because if he married her she would receive 
a substantial allowance from the Ministers' Widows' Fund, and thus be 
rewarded for her untiring devotion to the schoolmaster." Dr Scott died 
at Anstruther, 12th July 1872; his widow, Sarah (daughter of James 


Kennedy, a Colmonell farmer), surviving him till 1st May 1874. He left 
£9000 mostly to the Kennedy family, and a parcel of land at Pittenweem — 
" two crofts and a toft " — to endow the " Scott and Dunbar Bursary " in 
his alma mater. His large and interesting library was disposed of by 
auction. Parsimonious he never was where any rare volume was at stake. 
The Laing letters are full of references to book sales and the picking up 
of rarities. Scott's passion was books, and his book-plate (displaying an 
array of books surmounted by a John Knox bust, a scroll with the 
" Amo " of the Buccleuch Scotts, and the " buck that in the cleuch was 
ta'en ") is a sure indication of where his heart lay. Hot and choleric 
on occasion, he was as a little child when surrounded by tomes that were 
his dearest treasures. 

Such, then, was the compiler of the Fasti. Seldom has a finer piece of 
work been carried out with almost the minimum of encouragement. Yet 
one of the author's sunniest moments was Dr Chalmers's benediction on the 
superlative undertaking: "Go on, Mr Scott, go on; the unborn will bless 
you, sir. It is the work I would so like to do." Courtly compensation 
for much that might have been ! To have earned the approval of Thomas 
Chalmers was not only recognition worth while : it was stimulus sufficient 
for the perfecting of what was truly a patriot's legacy to posterity. 






Marr. . 

App. . 


Min. . 



Ord. . 



Pres. . 

Cont. . 


Presb. . 


Pro. . 



Res. . 



Trans. . 



Univ. . 

















Page 11— Col. 1, line 45, delete " to St Boswells, 1662 ; trans." 

Col. 2, line 2, delete " (1) Esther Scougall, and had issue— Janet (G. B. Sas., 
xxix., 11): (2)." 

Page 77.— Col. 1, line 35, for " Canongate (Second Charge) " read " South Leith.' : 

Page 175.— Col. 1, line 20, for "Edward Kinnear" read "Andrew Kinnear." 

Page 189.— Col. 1, line 19, for "John Laing" read "James Laing." 

Page 317.— Col. 2, line 23, delete " Robert John, died at school, 1877." 

Page 364,— Col. 2, line 32, delete " died 14th Nov. 1903." 



[The Kecokds, contained in nineteen volumes, date from 1st April 1589 to 
27th April 1596 (volume recovered from University of Edinburgh — vide 
Presbytery); from 14th April 1640 to May 1661; and from July 1687 
to the present day.] 


[Excepting blanks from 1st November 1750 to 3rd June 1753, the Registers are com- 
plete from 14th May 1701 to the present day. One volume previous to 1638, and all 
after till 14th May 1701, were destroyed by a fire at the Presbytery Clerk's house 
in the Lawnmarket, 28th October 1701. Three volumes of Records, from 19th April 
1586 to 24th August 1603 (with blanks from 24th March 1589-90 to 13th April 
1591)— and the Synod volume mentioned above— were restored by the University of 
Edinburgh, in whose possession they had been for over two hundred years. The 
Presbyteiy raised an action in the Court of Session, which was defended. On 16th July 
1890, Lord Well wood gave judgment in favour of the pursuers, finding the Presbytery entitled 
to the books and documents claimed, and ordaining the defenders to deliver them up. 
The grounds of decision were : (1) that the Presbytery were the successors of the 
Presbytery to whom they belonged ; (2) that the Records, being those of the established 
courts of the country, were extra commercium, and the pursuers were not barred by 
prescription or the presumption arising from long possession or acquiescence. The decision 
was appealed to the Inner House, but was abandoned by the University when the 
case was about to be heard in the Second Division of the Court, 28th November 1890. 
For a complete statement of the case see Appendix to Report to Assembly, 1891, and 
Scottish Law Reporter, xxviii., 567.] 


[A Mission in connection with West 
Calder was started in 1871, the services 
being held in a hall. Amongst those 
who served as missionaries were William 
Fotheringham Cameron (afterwards of 
Tweedmouth): John Kerr (Dirleton); John 
Gunson (Kingston, Glasgow) ; and, in 
1879, William Peter M'Laren. The Mission 
became a separate charge in 1882. A 
church, costing £1550, was opened 3rd 

VOL. I. 

April 1885, and on 23rd Jan. 1893 Addie- 
well was erected into a parish quoad sacra.] 


Edinburgh, 12th July 1843; edu- 
cated at Edinburgh Univ.; student 
missionary at Addiewell from 1879 ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 6th May 1882 ; ord. 
12th July 1882; died 2nd May 1894. He 
marr. 1871, Jean Robertson, and had issue 
— William David, professor in Thomas- 
son College, Roorkee, India; David John, 




min. of Patna j James Archibald, died in 

of Canada; educated at Edinburgh 
1894 Univ. ; M.A. (1887) ; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 15th May 1891 ; assistant at 
St George's, Edinburgh ; ord. 8th Nov. 1894 ; 
res. 15th June 1898; min. at Bulawayo, 
Rhodesia, 1898, at Beaconsfield, Cape 
Colony, 1914. 

burgh, 22nd Feb. 1860, son of David 
J. ; educated at Canongate Burgh 
School and Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. (1887) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 14th May 
1890; assistant at Northesk; ord. 27th 
Sept. 1898. Marr. 28th Aug. 1909, Eliza- 
beth Forster, daugh. of W. R. Scott, 

COLINTON, originally HAILES. 

[St Cuthbert's Church and parish of Halis 
or Hailes, now Colinton, was founded about 
1095 a.d. by Ethelred, Earl of Fife, son of 
Malcolm III. and Queen Margaret. A 
church dedicated by David de Bernham, 
27th Nov. 1248, was probably destroyed 
during the English invasion, 1544-5. A 
church built on the present site in 1636 was 
rebuilt in 1771, and again in 1907. Before 
the Reformation the church belonged to 
the Preceptory of St Anthony, Leith.] 

15&J of the Corstorphine family, reader in 
1567.— {Reg. Min.] 

JOHN DURIE, mentioned as min. in 
16Q9 1569; trans, to Leith, May 1570.— 
[Spottiswood's Hist., iii., 83; Beg. 
Min. ; Wodrow's MS. Biog., i. ; Edin. Ghr. 
Inst., v. ; Belig. Mon., v. ; New Stat. 
Ace, ix.] 


15?4 TON], had charge of Currie, Hailes, 

and St Catherine's of the Hopes 

in 1574. There were readers at Currie 

and Hailes, and the office of reader at St 
Catherine's was vacant. The reader at 
Hailes was Andrew Robeson. — [Beg. 

JOHN HALL, min. in 1579; trans, to 
157g Leith 24th Oct. 1596.- [Beg. Assig., 
Booke of the Kirk, Wodrow Miscell. ; 
Calderwood's Hist., iv.] 

PETER HEWAT, trans, from the High 

1Bg _ Kirk, Edinburgh, 26th Oct., and adm. 

5th Nov. 1596; trans, to Greyfriars 

Jan. 1597.— [Edin. Counc. Beg., x. ; Beg. 


JAMES THOMSON, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1598 12th Aug. 1592); called 23rd Jan. 
1597; elected 23rd May, and adm. 
14th July 1598. He refused to conform to 
the Bishop's instructions regarding the 
method of celebrating Communion, 5th 
March 1634 ; died before 2nd April 1635, 
aged about 63. He marr. Helen, daugh. of 
John Leyis [Lees], merchant, Edinburgh, 
and through her was entered burgess 
and guild-brother of that city, 18th May 
1608. His widow was admitted "as ane 
ordinar pensioner by the Session of Edin- 
burgh, to receive quarterly the sume of 
20 merkis," 11th Oct. 1644.— [Test., Edin. 
Gen. Sess., Guild, and Beg. (Bapt.) ; Beg. 
Assig., Sec. Sigill., cvi. ; Old Dec, i. ; Sed. 
Book of Teinds; Row's and Stevenson's 
Hists., i. ; Inq. Bet. Edin., 220.] 

WILLIAM OGSTON, M.A. ; regent in 
1635 M&rfodMd College, Aberdeen, 1619 ; 
on the commendation of Bishop 
Forbes, he was pres. by Charles I. 1635. 
Previous to the celebration of Communion, 
he caused his parishioners to undergo his 
examinations kneeling. Refusing to take 
the Covenant, he was abused in Edinburgh 
by a mob of women, 9th May 1637, who 
waited on him after sermon, "and did 
showre him with strokes." Deposed 4th 
Jan. 1639, for deserting his flock "twenty 
weeks togidder," etc. ; coll. at Corstorphine 
in 1664.— [Wodrow's MSS. ; Baillie's Lett., 
i. ; Peterkin's Bee. ; New Stat. Ace, i. ; 
Stevenson's Hist.] 



less GAVINE], M.A. j adm. 1639 ; trans, 
to Old Kirk, Edinburgh, 1649.— 
[Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Dalkeith Presb. 
and Edin. Counc. Beg. ; Stevenson's Hist., 
ii. ; Rutherfurd's Lett.] 

(? Glasgow 1633). On the occupation 
of the country by the English army 
after the battle of Dunbar, he absented 
himself from his parish from Sept. 1650 to 
Sept. 1651. Died at Edinburgh, 4th July 
1660. He marr. Mary Sharp (Beg. of 
Deeds, Mack., 6th Dec. 1671), and had issue 
— Elizabeth, died Nov. 1675; Margaret 
(marr. an officer in the army) ; Alexander, 
died February 1664.— [Test, and Edin. 
Reg. (Bur.), Tombst.] 

ROBERT BENNET, M.A. (St Andrews, 
le _ 20th July 1650) ; adm. (assistant and 
successor) 28th Sept. 1659. Deprived 
for refusing the Test, 1681 ; inst. to Ancrum 
1687 (q.v.). Died before 4th June 1709. 
He marr. Magdalen, daugh. of Adam 
Cunningham, Commissary of Dumfries 
(Edin. Sas., xxvi., 303, 307), and had issue 
— Mary; Adam, M.D., who was served 
heir. — [Act. Meet. Univ. St And., Test. Beg.; 
Spec. Bet. Fife, 101 ; Wodrow's Hist.] 

THOMAS MURRAY, adm. and inst. 

1682 26tl1 ^ ct * 1682 > trans - to Kinloch 

SAMUEL NIMMO, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1686 27th July 1663); ord. min. of Old 
Cumnock 1673 ; trans, and adm. 
15th April 1686. Accused of not having 
read the Proclamation of the Estates, and 
of not praying for King William and Queen 
Mary, but for King James; acquitted by 
the* Privy Council 22nd Aug. 1689 ; was 
"hindered to preach by some of the Earl 
of Argyll's Regiment"; dep. by the Com- 
mission of Assembly, Jan. 1691, for 
declining their authority. He died June 
1717, aged about 74. He marr. as a 
second wife (pro. 20th Aug. 1704), Isobel, 
daugh. of Thomas Halyburton, cordiner, 
Edinburgh. He had issue — William, died 

June 1692; Charles, died December 1694 
(Greyfriars Beg.)— [Test, and Edin. Beg. 
(Bur.) ; Acts Pari., ix. ; Peterkin's Con- 
stitution of the Church ; MS. Ace. of Min., 
1689; Murray's Biog. Annals, Warrick's 
Hist, of Old Cumnock.] 

JAMES THOMSON of Newton of Col- 
1694 l ess i e J called 19th Nov. 1693; ord. 
7th March 1694 ; trans, to Elgin 21st 
May 1696. — [Murray's Biog. Annals.] 

THOMAS PATERSON, called 3rd Jan., 

^ and ord. 21st April 1697 ; trans, to 

St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 22nd Oct. 

1699. — [Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Murray's 

Biog. Annals.] 

WALTER ALLAN, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1700 11th July 1696); called 20th Aug., 
and ord. 25th Dec. 1700 ; died 22nd 
Nov. 1732, in 54th year. He marr. (1) 
6th June 1703, Margaret, daugh. of James 
Pillans, regent in the College of Edinburgh, 
and had issue — James, served heir 1734 ; 
Elizabeth, died unmarried before 1780; 
Bridget, died before 1738 : (2) (cont. 28th 
Aug. 1717) Isobel, daugh. of John Brown, 
merchant, Edinburgh, and had issue — 
Helen (marr. 19th April 1733, James 
Clerk, mason, burgess of Edinburgh); 
Isobel (marr. 22nd Feb. 1747, Alexander 
Maconochie of Meadowbank, writer, Edin- 
burgh).— [Test. Beg., Tombst., Edin. Mar. 

GEORGE GIBSON, born 1706, son of 
John G., physician, Kelso, and 
1733 Catherine, daugh. of George Home 
of Bassendean; licen. by Presb. of Kelso 
1st June 1731 ; pres. by Charles, Earl of 
Lauderdale, 16th May, and ord. 25th July 
1733; died 1st Jan. 1746. He marr. 1st 
Oct. 1736, Janet Blackwood (marr. (2) 
21st June 1747, Alexander Young, brewer 
in Potter row : Edin. Sas., exxxiii., 115).— 
[Test, and Edin. Beg. (Bur.).] 

JOHN HYNDMAN, called 14th Aug., 
and ord. 25th Nov. 1746; trans, to 
1746 St Cuthbert's 20th Feb. 1752.- [Car- 
lyle's Autob., Murray's Biog. Ann.] 




ROBERT FISHER, born 1716, son of 
Francis F., Cochram, Cumberland; 
M.A. (Glasgow 1739); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 27th Oct. 1742 ; ord. to 
Lauder 22nd Sept. 1747 ; pres. by James, 
Earl of Lauderdale, 13th July 1752; trans, 
and adm. 3rd March 1753; died 8th April 
1782. He marr. 29th March 1763, Ann 
(died 24th Aug. 1774, aged 39), third 
daugh. of Sir John Jardine of Applegarth, 
Bart. Their only child, Jane Charteris, 
born 21st Jan. 1770 (marr. John Stewart, 
of the Trustees' Office, Edinburgh). — 
[Presb. Beg., Tombst., Murray's Biog. Ann. ; 
New Stat. Ace, i.] 

JOHN WALKER, born 1731, son of 
1783 J° nn W., rector of the Grammar 
School of the Canongate, Edinburgh, 
and Eupham Morison; educated by his 
father, and at Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. 
by Presb. of Kirkcudbright 3rd April 1754 ; 
ord. to Glencorse 13th Sept. 1758; trans. 
to Moffat 8th June 1762. In 1764 he 
was appointed by the General Assembly 
to make a survey of the Hebrides, 
being at the same time commissioned to 
make a report to the Society for the Pro- 
pagation of Christian Knowledge. He 
travelled 3000 miles in seven months. His 
report, found among his papers after his 
death, was printed by his friend Charles 
Stewart. M.D. (Glasgow 1765), D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1765); app. Professor of Natural 
History, Univ. of Edinburgh, 15th June 
1779, retaining also his post as min. of M. 
The Presb. of Lochmaben found the holding 
of both offices to be incompatible, but the 
Synod reversed the finding. On 13th Feb. 
1783 he was adm. to this charge ; Moderator 
of Assembly 20th May 1790 ; died 31st Dec. 
1803. During the last years of his life he 
was blind. He marr. 24th Nov. 1789, Jane 
Wallace (died 4th May 1827), eldest daugh. 
of Andrew Wauchope of Niddrie. Publica- 
tions — Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1756, 1791); Classes Fossilium, sive Char- 
acteres naturales et Chymici classium et 
ordinum in systemate minerali, cum nomibtis 
Genericis adscriptis (Edinburgh, 1787) ; 
Institutes of Natural History (Edinburgh, 
1792); Memorial concerning the Present 

Scarcity of Grain (Edinburgh, 1801); An 
Economical History of the Hebrides and 
Highlands of Scotland, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 
1808 ; reissued in London, 1812) > Essays on 
Natural History and Bural Economy 
(Edinburgh, 1808 ; London, 1812) ; " Report 
to the General Assembly, 1772, concerning 
the State of the Highlands and Islands" 
(Scots Mag., xxxiv.) ; " Experiments on the 
Motion of the Sap in Trees " (Trans. Boy. 
Soc. Edin.) ; many papers in Trans, of 
the Highland Soc. ; Account of the Parish 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xix.). — [Grant's Univ., 
ii. ; Jardine's Nat. Lib., xxvi. ; Murray's 
Biog. Ann. ; New Stat. Ace, i. ; Diet. Nat. 


JOHN FLEMING, born 1750, son of 
James F. of Craigs, and great- 
grandson of Edward Marshall of 
Keymuir, Muiravonside, who suffered 
martyrdom in 1685 ; educated at Bathgate 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. 
by Presb. of Linlithgow 23rd Feb. 1785; 
ord. to Carrington 7th May 1790; pres. 
by James, Earl of Lauderdale; trans, 
and adm. 22nd Nov. 1804; died un- 
married, 23rd Jan. 1823. In early life he 
succeeded to his father's property, and 
devoted himself with much success to 
agriculture. He was, for a time, factor to 
Neil, Earl of Rosebery, and even after being 
called to the ministry, was frequently em- 
ployed as a valuator of landed estates. He 
bequeathed his library to the parish, after 
thirty of his most intimate friends had 
each selected a book as a token of re- 
membrance. He left £240 for educating 
"a certain number of free scholars in 
the parochial school," and the remainder 
of his fortune he conveyed to trustees for 
behoof of his nearest relatives, but in the 
event of their leaving no issue, for establish- 
ing professorships of Political Economy in 
the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. 
Publication — Account of Primrose or Car- 
rington (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xiv.). He 
is said to have been offered a hundred 
pounds for the right of publishing the 
sermon preached at the admission of John 
Kellock to Crichton, but it never appeared 
in print. See Memoir by Archibald Con- 



stable (one of his trustees) in Scots Mag., 
xci., xcii. — [Scot's Fun. Serm., Murray's 
Biog. Ann.] 

LEWIS BALFOUR, born Edinburgh, 

1823 30t k ^ Ug " 1777 ' ^^ SOn °* ^ 0lln 

B. of Pilrig, and Jean, daugh. of 
Robert Whyte [Whytt] of Bennochy, Pro- 
fessor of Medicine in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; educated at Edinburgh High School 
and Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
30th Jan. 1805; ord. to Sorn 28th Aug. 
1806 ; pres. by James, Earl of Lauderdale ; 
trans, and adm. 28th Aug. 1823; D.D. 
(Glasgow 1853) ; died 24th April 1860. He 
marr. 26th April 1808, Henrietta Scott (died 
13th March 1844), third daugh. of George 
Smith, D.D., min. of Galston, and had 
issue — John, surgeon, H.E.I.C.S., born 8th 
July 1809, died 13th Dec. 1886; Marion, 
born 29th Oct. 1811 (marr. 7th April 1835, 
Colonel J. A. Wilson, R.A.), died 14th Dec. 
1884; George Smith, born 20th July 1813, 
died 3rd May 1816 ; Jane Whyte, born 6th 
Nov. 1816, died 6th Feb. 1907; Lewis, 
merchant, born 14th Sept. 1817, died 13th 
Feb. 1870; James, born 30th July 1819, 
died 20th June 1824; William Somerville, 
born and died 1821 ; George William, M.D., 
LL.D.Edinburgh, born 2nd June 1823, 
died 9th Aug. 1903 ; Mackintosh, manager, 
Agra Bank, born 9th March 1825, died 7th 
June 1884; a son, born and died 1826; 
Henrietta Louisa, born 14th Jan. 1828 
(marr. 14th Dec. 1847, Ramsay H. Tra- 
quair), died 25th Nov. 1855; Margaret 
Isabella, born 11th Feb. 1829 (marr. 28th 
Aug. 1848, Thomas Stevenson, C.E., and 
was mother of Robert Louis Stevenson), 
died 14th May 1897 ; James Melville, C.E., 
born 8th June 1831, died 18th Dec 1869. 
Publications — Sermon on the Death of the 
Rev. Daniel Wilkie (Edinburgh, 1838); 
Account of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, i.). — 
[The Bal fours of Pilrig, Graham Balfour's 
Life of Robert Louis Stevenson, Simpson's 
The Stevenson Originals]. 


1861 17th May 1825, son of Robert L. 

and Isabel Williamson ; educated at 

Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1853), F.S.A.Scot. ; 

licen. by Presb. of Dunoon 23rd Nov. 1853 ; 


assistant at New Greyfriars, Edinburgh ; 
ord. to Queensferry 11th Feb. 1855; trans, 
and adm. 11th Jan. 1861; D.D. (St 
Andrews 1893); died unmarr. 30th Sept. 
1902. By the will of his sister, Margaret, 
a considerable sum was bequeathed for 
the erection of a church (preferably in 
the Grange district of Edinburgh), in his 
memory, to be called The Lockhart 
Memorial Church. Publications — On the 
Place and Importance of Ordinances; On 
Authority in the Institution of Ordinances ; 
On Oaths (Edinburgh, 1852); The Church 
of Scotland in the Thirteenth Century, the 
Life and Times of David de Bernham, 
1239-58 (Edinburgh, 1889; 2nd ed., 1892); 
Dies Tristes, Sermons for Seasons of Sorrow 
(Edinburgh, 1892); contributions to the 
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries 
of Scotland. 

NORMAN MACLEAN, M.A. ; trans, 
from Glengarry, and adm. 18th May 
1903; trans, to the Park Parish, 
Glasgow, 23rd June 1910. 

April 1871, son of George M., D.D., 
min. of Stenton ; educated at Stenton 
School, Collegiate School, and Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; M.A. (1891), B.D. (1894) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Dunbar 2nd May 1894 ; assist- 
ant at West Parish, Aberdeen, and St 
Cuthbert's, Edinburgh ; ord. to Houndwood, 
9th Dec. 1898; trans, to Callander 27th 
Feb. 1903 ; trans, and adm. 25th Nov. 1910. 
Marr. 9th Jan. 1907, Mary Ord, daugh. of 
William Logan, Madras Civil Service, and 
Anne Selby Burrell Wallace, and has issue 
—George, born 19th May 1908; William 
Logan, born 26th Feb. 1910 ; James Alex- 
ander Milne, born 29th May 1911. Publica- 
tions — In the Likeness of Men, Studies in 
the Life of Our Lord on Earth (Edinburgh, 
1908); The Fulness of the Godhead, Further 
Studies in the Life of Our Lord (Edinburgh, 
1910); The Sevenfold l I Am' (Edinburgh, 
1913) ; editor of In Far Fields. 


[The church, dedicated to St John 
Baptist, and made collegiate by Sir John 



Forrester in 1429, was, previous to the 
Reformation, an appanage of the Abbey 
of Holyroodhouse. Nicol Ballantine, the 
first Provost, died 1470. Robert Cairn- 
cross, Bishop of Ross, King's Chaplain, 
and Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, 
was Provost in 1544. Gogar, which 
formerly belonged to the Trinity College 
Church, was united to Corstorphine on 
22nd May 1599.] 

1554 JAMES SCOTT, reader. 

1560 ALEXANDER M'GILL, reader. 

1561 JOHN COISE, reader at Gogar. 

WALTER COUPER, reader ; died Nov. 
157 1570; probably progenitor of the 
Coupers of Gogar; Adam C. was 
Laird of Gogar in 1600. 

15 formerly of Keith-Marischal ; trans, 
to Cranstoun 1590. — [Reg. Assig.] 

1590 Had a son James, apprenticed to 
George Lindsay, hatmaker, Edin- 
burgh, 11th Nov. 1590. 

ANDREW FORRESTER, trans, from 
1590 Glencorse; Gogar also was in his 
charge 1593; trans, to Dunfermline 
1598.— [Reg. Assig.] 

WILLIAM ARTHUR, M.A. ; adm. 8th 
1599 «^ une 1599. At a visitation by the 
Presb., 16th Oct. 1599, a complaint 
was made that he was " overleirnit a man 
for thame." It was found " Mr Will, edifiet 
them, but that he suld be mair plain to 
the people in deliverie," though "he was 
honest in lyf, and careful in discharging 
his dewtie." At the same time the Presb. 
enacted "that the parishioners of Gogar 
[who objected to the suppression of 
their parish on 22nd May], sail come 
to Corstorphine one day, and those of 
Corstorphine sail go to Gogar another"; 
and they again ordered, 10th June 1600, a 
like exchange on the part of both parishes. 
A. was nominated by the Assembly, 15th 
May 1601, for supplying the kirks in Niths- 
dale; trans, to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 

in 1607. — [Reg. Assig., Booke of the Kirk, 
Calderwood's Hist. ; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

1607 burgh, 1st Aug. 1590) ; ord. 14th Oct. 
1607; died 25th April 1616, aged 
about 46. He marr. Christian Dick, who 
survived him, and had issue — Katherine; 
Isobel; Margaret; Agnes. (See Privy 
Council Record, 10th Sept. 1609, for a 
curious attack on Rutherfurd at a burial 
in church.) — [Reg. Assig., Haddington Presb. 
and Test. Reg.~\ 

ROBERT LINDSAY, M.A. (St Andrews, 
1617 28th July 1610) ; adm. in 1617 ; died 
April 1624, aged about 34. He marr. 
Elizabeth Abercrombie, who survived him, 
and had issue — David ; Helen. — [Act. Red. 
Univ. St And. ; S. Leith Sess., Test., and 
Edin. Reg. (Rapt.).'] 


1626 July 1612 ); adm - 1626 ; died 1654 > 

aged about 62. He marr. (cont. 23rd 
Aug. 1624 : Reg. of Deeds, ccccxv., 8th April 
1629) Margaret (who survived him), daugh. 
of Michael Cranstoun, min. of Cramond, 
and had issue — George ; Margaret, bapt. 
12th April 1635 ; Bethia, bapt. 10th Dec. 
1639 (marr. William Munro of Culcraigie : 
Edin. Sas., xxv., 74) ; Alexander, bapt. 1st 
Jan. 1643 ; Helen (marr. (1) George Mar- 
shall, tailor, burgess of Edinburgh : (2) 
before 3rd Jan. 1656 (G. R. Inhib.), 
Nicol Hamilton, writer, Edinburgh : (3) 
John Forrest, burgess of Edinburgh) ; 
Agnes (G. R. Sas., xlviii., 382); Rebecca 
(Reg. of Deeds, dxxiii., 224); Christian 
(marr. James Sett, burgess of Edinburgh). 
— [Act. Red. Univ. St And. ; St Cuthbert's 
Sess. and Test. Reg. ; Sed. Book of Teinds, 
Edin. Sasines ; Reg. Old Dec, ii.] 

ROBERT HUNTER, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1656 July 1643); called 11th June 1654; 
ord. 11th April 1655. Deprived by 
Act of Parliament 11th June, and by the 
Privy Council, 1st Oct. 1662, for not con- 
forming to Episcopacy. He is still called 
min. in 1668 (G. R. Sas., xix., 83), probably 
of a meeting-house. Marr. Margaret 
Hunter. — [Wodrow's Hist.; Mun. Univ. 
Glasg., iii.] 



[WILLIAM OGSTON, D.D. (Aberdeen), 

1664 f° rmer ly °f Colinton; coll. 19th 
March 1664. Probably he was in- 
firm, as the Register is unsigned, and he 
does not appear to have taken charge. 
After the former min. "gave over to 
preach, the church lay vacant till 1665, 
so that the children were baptized in 
other churches for the most part." He 
died Dec. 1667. He marr. Isabel Ewen, 
and had issue — Rachel. Publication — 
Oratio funebris in obitum Georgii, Mari- 
schcdli Comitis (Aberdeen, 1623). — {.Reg. 
Collat., Test. Reg. ; Wodrow's MSS., lxiii.] 


1665 b ur £hj lW* April 1645); teacher 
in the parish school of Dalkeith j 

licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith, 30th May 
1650; chaplain to Lord Cranstoun's Regi- 
ment in Prussia ; assistant at Campvere ; 
adm. min. there 26th Sept. 1660 ; resigned 
1664 ; adm. to this charge 13th March 1665 ; 
died May 1666, aged about 41. He marr. 
Sarah Cranstoun, and had issue — Margaret, 
and a posthumous son, Thomas, bapt. 1st 
July 1666. Publication — The Honour of 
Kings Vindicated and Asserted, a sermon 
Davidson's The Scottish Staple at Veere.] 


1666 son °^ Walter C, bailie of Dunblane ; 
MA. (St Andrews, 13th May 1653) ; 

ord. to Newbattle 20th Nov. 1663; pres. 
by James, Lord Forrester of Corstorphine ; 
trans, and coll. 21st Nov., adm. 7th Dec. 
1666; died in 1670. He marr. Margaret 
(died 23rd April 1680), daugh. of Oliver 
Colt, min. of Inveresk, and had issue — 
Jean, bapt. 8th March 1668. — [Reg. Collat., 
Test. Reg., Malcolm's House of Drummond.] 

JOHN PRINGLE, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1670 ^ ■^ arc l 1 1669); pres. by James, 
Lord Forrester of Corstorphine ; ord. 
and coll. 23rd, and adm. 24th July 1670; 
disappears from the Record of 1671. — [Reg. 

GEORGE HENRY, M.A. (Glasgow, 

1672 1656); ord. to Dairy 1663; trans. 

to Stoneykirk 1665 ; pres. by James, 

Lord Forrester of Corstorphine ; trans, and 


adm. 9th May 1672. Deprived by the 
Committee of Estates 10th May 1689, for 
not reading the Proclamation, nor praying 
for King William and Queen Mary. He 
died in Edinburgh, 17th April 1723, in 
his 92nd year. He marr. Nov. 1649, 
Margaret, elder daugh. of Geo. Lundie, 
town-clerk of Dysart, and had issue — 
James; John; William; Margaret; 
Edward, bapt. 19th Sept. 1680; Mary; 
Janet; Hugh. — [Test. (St And.), Edin. 
Guild, and Reg. {Bur.) ; Fountainhall's 
Diary; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Acts 
Pari., ix. ; Monro's Apology, Peterkin's 
Constitution of the Church.] 

ROBERT LAW, M.A. ; mentioned as 
minister 16th March 1689 ; (probably 
only officiating for a time, and per- 
haps the late min. of Kilpatrick). — [S. Leith 
Reg. (Bapt.).] 

1692 Arch. H., min. of Wigtown ; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 28th Aug. 1683) ; ord. to 
the Presbyterian Congregation at Wycombe, 
Buckinghamsh., in 1688 ; adm. 1692 ; died 
30th April 1709, aged about 46. He marr. 
Sarah Winne (Edin. Sas., Ix., 368). He 
was, presumably in right of his wife, pro- 
prietor of lands in Montgomeryshire (Edin. 
Com. Deeds, 6th March 1710). His only 
daugh. Sarah (marr. John Kenrick, Noncon- 
formist min. at Wrexham, Denbighsh.), died 
22nd Oct. 1775, aged 80.— [Hart's Journal.] 

GEORGE FORDYCE, born 1683, son of 
17 Alex. F., min. of Rafford (Reg. of 
Deeds, Mack., 22nd Dec. 1709); 
studied at King's College, Aberdeen, 1696- 
1700; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 22nd 
April 1708 ; called 29th July, and ord. 18th 
Oct. 1709 ; died 30th Aug. 1767. He marr. 
9th July 1713, Jean, daugh. of Henry 
Douglas of Friarshaw, and had issue — 
Anne (marr. John Dickie, W.S.); Sarah 
(marr. David Moubray, min. of Liberton). 

by Presb. of Edinburgh 12th June 
1768 1754; ord. to Abercrombie 1757; 
pres. by Sir Alexander Dick of Preston- 
field, Bart., trans, and adm. 23rd Nov. 
1768 ; died 12th June 1788. He marr. 26th 



Oct. 1751, Helen (died 13th Dec. 1814, in 
her 83rd year), daugh. of James Pillans, 
brewer, Pleasance, Edinburgh, and had 
issue — John; Barbara, born 1st June 
1760; Robert, born 16th Nov. 1763; 
Agnes; Alexander, born 1st Jan. 1769, 
died 8th Feb. 1812 ; Ann, born 28th Aug. 
1772 (marr. 6th July 1813, William Forbes, 
Keeper of the Records of Council). The 
introduction of the Paraphrases into public 
worship gave offence to various persons in 
the parish, and resulted in the formation 
(1783) of a Secession congregation at Sight- 
hill, now represented by Slateford U.F. 
Church. — [Murray's Biog. Annals.'] 

THOMAS SHARP, licen. by Presb. of 
178g Linlithgow 5th Aug. 1778; ord. to 
Ettrick 20th April 1781 ; trans, to 
Hawick 22nd Oct. 1784; pres. by Sir 
William Dick of Prestonfield, Bart., trans, 
and adm. 15th Oct. 1789; died 13th July 
1791. He marr. 5th March 1782, Alison, 
daugh. of James Russell of Ashestiel, who 
died 1st June 1793, and had issue — Thomas 
Boston, born 9th July 1784; Jean, born 
24th April 1786, died 27th Oct. 1786 ; Jean 
Boston, born 29th May 1788. 

JAMES OLIVER, ord. to Ancrum 14th 

1792 ^ y 1 ^ 91 ' P res * ^ Sir William 
Dick of Prestonfield, Bart., trans, 
and adm. 5th July 1792 ; died 10th March 
1814, in 56th year. He marr. 24th July 
1790, Elizabeth (died 17th Feb. 1809), 
natural daugh. of Douglas, Duke of Hamil- 
ton, and had issue — Stephen John, born 5th 
Nov. 1793, died 22nd Nov. 1811 ; James, 
born 4th Aug. 1796 ; John Hamilton, born 
11th Jan. 1798, died 1860 ; Archibald Hamil- 
ton, born 20th April 1800 ; William Douglas, 
born 3rd July 1803. Publication — Account 
of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xiv.). 

DAVID SCOT [SCOTT], born 1770, 
1814 son °^ William S., Carrington (a 
ploughman whose love for specu- 
lative theology caused him to sell his cow 
to enable him to publish (1778) a pamphlet 
in refutation of Arianism); educated at 
Penicuik and Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 25th Nov. 1795; 
studied medicine ; took the degree of M.D. 
25th June 1812 ; sometime a private 

teacher, and devoted himself to the study 
of Oriental languages, in the knowledge of 
which he had few equals ; pres. by Sir 
Robert Dick Keith of Prestonfield, Bart., 
22nd Aug., and ord. 17th Nov. 1814; res. 
on app. to the Chair of Hebrew in St 
Mary's College, St Andrews, 26th June 
1833; died 17th Sept. 1834. Marr. 15th 
Nov. 1832, Helen (died 18th Aug. 1870), 
daugh. of John Heugh of Gartcows. 
Publications — Observations on the Pro- 
priety of an Establishment in Edinburgh 
for teaching Oriental Languages (Edin- 
burgh, 1820); edited Dr Murray's pos- 
thumous work, History of the European 
Languages, Ancient as well as Modern, 2 
vols. (Edinburgh, 1823) ; Essays on Various 
Subjects of Belles Lettres (Edinburgh, 
1824) ; Discourses on some important sub- 
jects of Natural and Revealed Religion 
(Edinburgh, 1825); Key to the Hebrew 
Pentateuch (London, 1826); Key to the 
Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song 
of Solomon (London, 1828); A Hebrew 
Grammar (Edinburgh, 1834) [said to have 
been dictated extempore to the printer]. 
— [Scots Mag., lxxiii. ; Murray's Biog. Ann., 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

DAVID HORNE, born Braziets, 
1838 Kirkintilloch, 25th Aug. 1802, sixth 
son of Robert H. and Margaret 
Stevenson ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 6th Aug. 
1827 ; tutor in the family of Sir Robert 
Keith Dick, Bart., of Prestonfield ; ord. to 
Yester 12th May 1831 ; pres. by Sir Robert 
Keith Dick, Bart., trans, and adm. 28th 
Nov. 1833; died 24th April 1863. He marr. 
18th Dec. 1832, Caroline (died 7th May 
1875), daugh. of Edward Cook, H.E.I.C.S., 
and had issue — Robert Keith Dick, his 
successor ; David, born 2nd April 1835, died 
14th Jan. 1864; Harriet Margaret, born 
13th Dec. 1836, died 26th Jan. 1909; 
Caroline Mary Patricia, born 28th Dec. 
1838 (marr. 1867, Rev. James Roberts, 
Indian chaplain) ; Edward Keith, born 8th 
June 1840, died 3rd July 1841; Annie 
Gordon, born 8th June 1840; Elizabeth 
Fleming, born 27th Nov. 1842, died 24th 
Sept. 1851 ; Emily Cunningham, born 23rd 
Feb. 1846 (marr. Fred Turner). 




Yester, 25th Sept. 1833, son of pre- 
ceding; educated privately, and at 
Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh; tutor in family of Lord President 
Inglis ; assistant at Redgorton and Bath- 
gate; ord. 23rd July 1863; res. 3rd June 
1881 ; died at Eastbourne, 20th May 1907. 
He marr. 14th April 1868, Helen, daugh. 
of James Macfarlane, D.D., min. of Dud- 
dingston, and had issue — Agnes Alexandra, 
born 17th July 1869; David Macfarlane, born 
7th April 1874 ; Helen, born 4th Sept. 1883. 

JAMES DODDS, born Rosneath, 29th 
May 1831, son of John D., parish 
schoolmaster, and Mary Macalister ; 
educated at Rosneath School and Glasgow 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dumbarton 
1854; assistant at Alloa; ord. Melville 
Church, Montrose, 11th Sept. 1856; trans, 
to St Clement's, Dundee, 23rd Sept. 1858 ; 
trans, to St Stephen's, Glasgow, 2nd Aug. 
1860; trans, to Paisley Abbey (Second 
Charge), 21st Dec. 1865; trans, to St 
George's, Glasgow, 7th Jan. 1875; trans, 
and adm. 22nd Dec. 1881 ; D.D. (Glasgow 
1879) ; died 17th Feb. 1907. He marr. (1) 
11th Dec. 1856, Elizabeth (died 4th April 
1871), daugh. of John Miller, Alloa, and 
had issue — John Macalister, M.A., Fellow 
and Tutor of St Peter's College, Cam- 
bridge, born 23rd April 1858 ; Sir James 
Miller, K.C.B., M.A., LL.D., Under Secre- 
tary for Scotland since 1909, born 31st 
May 1861 ; Elizabeth, born 4th Nov. 1862, 
died 3rd July 1911 ; Agnes Jeanie, born 
31st July 1864 (marr. Robert Stevenson, 
min. of Gargunnock); Mary Janet, L.R.C.P., 
D.C.S., formerly missionary at Poona, India, 
born 8th Nov. 1869: (2) 9th Oct. 1872, 
Elizabeth Leishman, Dublin. Publications 
— Ed. Diary of William Cunningham of 
Craigends (Scottish Hist. Soc, 1887) ; Our 
Duty to the Lower Animals (1897) ; Presby- 
terianism (ordination address : Edinburgh, 
1898); The Apostles' Creed (Guild Text- 
Book Series). 

JAMES FERGUSSON, born Lochmaben 
17th Dec. 1866 ; educated at Noble- 
hill School, Dumfries, and St Andrews 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 1891 ; 

assistant at St Columba's, London, and 
Corstorphine ; ord. (assistant and successor) 
12th Dec. 1895; marr. 11th June 1913, 
Caroline Manuel, daugh. of John Potter, 
London, widow of Donald Macleod, D.D., 
min. of St Columba's, London. 


( Chapel-of-Ease). 

[Church built after a design by P. Mac- 
gregor Chalmers, and dedicated 4th Oct. 

born Neilston, Renfrewshire, 21st Feb. 
1861, son of Robert R. and Mary Ander- 
son ; educated privately, and at Univ. of 
Glasgow; M.A. (April 1883); licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 9th June 1886 ; assistant 
at Rutherglen and West Kirk, Perth ; ord. 
to Tenandry 14th May 1889 ; res. 17th May 
1903, to take charge of the new church of 
St Anne, Corstorphine. Marr. 25th June 
1895, Jean, daugh. of William Mathewson 
and Mary Spedding, Dunfermline, and has 
issue — Athol, born 29th March 1897; 
Douglas William, born 30th Nov. 1898; 
Aileen, born 5th Oct. 1901. 


[Erected into a parish quoad sacra, 10th 
Dec. 1897, out of the parish of St Cuthbert, 
and the Slateford district of the parish of 
Colin ton. A church in the fifteenth- 
century style of Scottish architecture, 
designed by Hay and Henderson, was 
dedicated 9th June 1899.] 

Edinburgh, 1833, son of William 
1898 M., W.S., and Elizabeth, daugh. of 
Robert Walker of Sunnybank, Fife ; edu- 
cated at High School and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh; 
missionary at Roslin 1861 ; assistant at 
West Church, Aberdeen; ord. 1870 to 
Caledonian Church, London; pres. to 
Chapel of Garioch, but (after objections 
had been repelled by the Presb.) withdrew 
on account of opposition; app. to Craig- 
lockhart iron church 20th Nov. 1880 ; adm. 





first min. of the parish 12th Jan. 1898 ; res. 
12th Nov. 1902 ; died 21st Nov. 1902. He 
marr. 24th Jan. 1867, Margaret Glenny (died 
13th Nov. 1897),daugh. of Arthur Thomson, 
banker, Aberdeen, and had issue — William 
Arthur, actor, born 7th March 1869. 

born 20th Sept. 1869, son of Alex- 
ander A., min. of Rhynie ; educated 
at Aberdeen; MA. (1890), B.D. (1893); 
licen. by Presb. of Strathbogie 1893; 
assistant at Dunnottar; ord. to Leslie, 
Aberdeenshire, 28th Aug. 1895 ; trans, and 
adm. 18th May 1903. He marr. 8th April 
1896, Elizabeth, daugh. of William Bain, 


[A mensal or patrimonial kirk, dedicated 
to St Columba. Previous to the Reforma- 
tion it belonged to the Bishop of Dunkeld.] 

15 ^_ exhorter; had a glebe assigned to 
him 6th April 1573. — [Act. and 
Dec., 214.] 

GEORGE LUNDIE is mentioned by 

151 _ 5 Calderwood (iii., 47) as min. 6th Aug. 

1575. He was then at Dalmeny, 

with Aldcathie, Abercorn, and Cramond 

in his charge, till 1577. — [Reg. Assig.] 

JOHN SPOTTISWOOD, trans, from 
15 ^ Lesmahagow; trans, to Mordington 
in 1581. — [Reg. Assig.] 

PATRICK SIMSON, MA. ; trans, from 
1582 Spotty trans, to Stirling 7th Aug. 
1590. — [Reg. Assig., Booke of the 

lg90 Thomas O, min. of Liberton ; ord. 
to Selkirk 1580; trans, to Liberton 
1585 ; trans, and adm. to the vicarage 
Feb. 1592, to which he was pres. by 
James VI. 20th March 1603; declined a 
call to Leith 1593 ; another to Lanark 
1597. In 1596 he was styled "a verie 
forward minister," and on 20th Dec. im- 
prisoned for "stirring up a tumult and 
uproare" in Edinburgh. In 1603, on the 

Union of the Crowns, he was one of the 
ministers who met His Majesty " on their 
knees, and prayed for him," at Haddington, 
on his way to London ; and also one of those 
who met at Linlithgow in 1606 to confer 
with "the imprisoned ministers" previous 
to their trial for declining the royal 
authority in "causes spiritual." He died 
in 1631. He marr. Agnes, sister of James 
Murehead, min. of North Leith, and 
had issue — John, min. of South Leith ; 
Nathaniel, apprenticed to Walter Scott, 
merchant, Edinburgh, 1607; Caleb, ap- 
prenticed to Andrew Lauder, bookbinder, 
Edinburgh, 1603 ; Jean ; William; Margaret 
(marr. David Balsillie, min. of Corstor- 
phine). — [Reg. Assig., Test. Reg., MelvilPs 
Autob. ; Calderwood's Hist., v.-vii. ; Orig. 
Lett., i. ; Wood's Hist, of Cramond.] 

WILLIAM KING, MA. (Edinburgh, 
1631 25th July 1607); regent in the 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; adm. 1631 ; 
died June 1632, in his 44th year, and was 
buried in the Canongate. He marr. (1) 
a daugh. of Alex. King, advocate : (2) 
29th Aug. 1616, Margaret (died Nov. 1620), 
daugh. of Richard Casse of Fordel, and 
had issue — William; Jean (marr. George 
Trotter, W.S.), died 20th Dec. 1644 ; Mar- 
garet : (3) Margaret (died 1645), daugh. 
of And. Couper, writer, and had issue — 
William and Alexander (who both died 
young); Margaret; Isobel; Marie (pos- 
thumous). Publication — Two Poems in The 
Muse's Welcome, 1617. — [Craufurd's Univ., 
Test, and Edin. Reg. {Marr. and Rapt.); 
Inq. Ret. Gen., 1908, 3098— de Tut., 355, 
356, 1338, 1339, 1340; Wood's Hist, of 
Cramond; Hempsterii Hist. Eccl., ii.] 

WILLIAM COLVILL, MA. ; ord. 1635 ; 
1635 * rans ' to Trinity Parish, Edinburgh, 
1639. — [Edin. Counc. Reg., xiv., 
xv. ; Wood's Cramond ; Wodrow MSS., 
Ixiii. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; Guthrie's Mem. ; 
Stevenson's Hist., ii. ; Murray's Life of 


1639 son °^ J ames -D., grandson of Robert 

D. of that ilk ; MA. (St Andrews 

1615) ; ord. to Kirkmabreck 1634 ; dep. by 




the Bishop of Galloway for nonconformity 
1635, but reponed ; a member of the As- 
sembly of 1638 ; trans, and adm. 16th Jan. 
1639; one of the commissioners for visit- 
ing the Univs. of St Andrews and 
Edinburgh in 1649. Deprived in 1662, 
and died about 1676. He marr. Elizabeth, 
daugh. of Robert Colvill of Cleish, and had 
issue — James; John, min. of Roxburgh, 
served heir to his father 16th Sept. 1676 ; 
Alexander, min. of Linlithgow; Janet 
(marr. Richard Dawling, skipper, Bo'ness). 
— [Wood's Cramond ; Acts Pari., vi. ; Wod- 
row's Hist., i.; Inq. Ret. Gen., 5933; Murray's 
Life of Rutherford.] 

JOHN HAMILTON, M.A.; regent in 
St Leonard's College, St Andrews; 
got a certificate from the Presb. to 
the Archbishop for ordination 11th March, 
and was adm. before 31st July 1663 ; trans, 
to South Leith 10th Sept. 1663.— [Ander- 
son's House of Hamilton, Lamont's Diary, 
St Andrews Presb. Reg., Reg. Collat.] 

ALEXANDER YOUNG, trans, from 
Dalmeny and adm. 1664 ; trans, to 
the Archdeaconry of St Andrews in 
1666. In 1671 he became Bishop of Edin- 
burgh, and in 1679 Bishop of Ross (q.v.). 
— [Edin. Reg. {Marr.), Wood's Hist, of 
Cramond, Lamont's Diary.] 

DAVID FALCONER, M.A. ; regent in 
St Leonard's College, St Andrews ; 
Keen, by Presb. of St Andrews; 
got a testimonial to the Archbishop 17th 
Aug. 1665 ; adm. in 1666 ; pres. to the 
second mastership of St Andrews College 
in June 1674 (Warrant Bk. Scot., ii., 377); 
app. to the Professorship of Divinity in 
St Mary's College, St Andrews, in 1675 
(q.v.). — [St Andrews Presb. Reg., Wood's 
Hist, of Cramond, Lamont's Diary.] 

1&7 a cadet of the family of S. of 
Cambusnethan ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 
July 1642); ord. to St Boswells 1662; 
trans, to Kirkcowan 1666; trans, to 
Glasserton 1667 ; trans, to West Calder 
1668 ; trans, to Mid-Calder 1672 ; trans, and 
adm. 1675 (G. R. Horn., 22nd Aug. 1678) ; 
deprived 2nd May 1689 for not reading 

the Proclamation of the Estates, etc. ; died 
at London, 1692. He marr. (1) Esther 
Scougall, and had issue — Janet (G. R. 
Sas., xxix., 11): (2) 5th Feb. 1674, 
Katharine, daugh. of James Brown, 
merchant, burgess of Edinburgh (G. R. 
Sas., xli., 204), who survived him, and in 
whose right he entered burgess and guild- 
brother of Edinburgh, 27th Feb. 1689 ; she 
succeeded to his estate, 12th Feb. 1692, and 
had issue — Margaret, born 30th Aug. 1675 ; 
James, born 17th May 1679; Hugh, born 
7th July 1681 ; William, born 10th Dec. 
1682; Anne, born 9th Jan. 1685 (marr., 
cont. 21st Aug. 1704, George Dundas, 
surgeon - apothecary, Edinburgh : Edin. 
Sas., lxxvi., 230) ; John, born 19th Sept. 
1686, died 24th March 1689 ; Robert, born 
1st Oct. 1689 ; and three children who died 
in infancy. — [Test, and Edin. Reg. (Marr. 
and Bapt.); Acts Pari., ix. ; Wood's Hist, 
of Cramond ; Min. Book Reg. Priv. Seal, 
v. ; Fountainhall's Dec, i. ; Peterkin's Con- 
stitution of the Church, Greyfriars Burials.] 

JOHN HAMILTON, M.A.; adm. 16th 
1689 ^ ec * *^ ' trans, to Greyfriars, Edin- 
burgh, 7th Sept. 1692. — [Colinton 
Sess. Reg., Wood's Cramond; Reid's Hist, 
of Presb. Ch. in Ireland, ii., iii.] 

WILLIAM HAMDLTON, called 14th 
1Q94 Aug., and ord. 26th Sept. 1694; 
app. Professor of Divinity in the 
Univ. of Edinburgh, and dem. 21st Sept. 
1709. He was Principal in 1730 (q.v.).— 
[Anderson's House of Hamilton, Wood's 
Cramond ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Grant's 
Univ. of Edin., Warrick's Moderators.] 

JAMES SMITH, trans, from Morham 
i<n* (after a vacancy of two years); 
called 3rd Aug. 1711; adm. 16th 
Jan. 1712; Moderator of Assembly 9th 
May 1723; trans, to New North Parish, 
Edinburgh, 23rd July 1730. — [Wood's 

ROBERT HAMDLTON, called 10th Dec. 

1730; ord. 4th April 1731; trans. 

to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 7th 
Oct. 1736. — [Wood's Cramond; Bower's 
Univ., ii. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Morren's 
Ann., ii.] 




GILBERT HAMILTON, born 16th May 
7 7 1715, son of William H. above 
mentioned ; educated at Univ. of 
Edin. ; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 
7th Sept. 1736; pres. by John, Earl of 
Ruglen, 21st Sept. 1736; ord. 28th March 
1737; D.D. (King's College, Aberdeen, 
1760); Moderator of Assembly 19th May 
1768; died 17th May 1772. He marr. (1) 
9th Jan. 1742, Isabel, daugh. of James 
Smith of Nether Alderston : (2) 4th March 
1754, Margaret, daugh. of John Craigie of 
Dunbarnie, and had issue— Anne Cock- 
burn, born 27th June 1756; Mary, born 
24th Feb. 1758 (marr. William Dinwiddie, 
Manchester); Susan, born 6th Jan. 1761 
(marr. 14th Sept. 1786, Patrick Anderson, 
W.S.), died 18th July 1821. Publication 
— The Disorders of a Church, and their 
Remedies, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1752). — 
[Wood's Cramond.] 

CHARLES STUART, born 1745, son 
VT7S °^ ^ ames S. of Dunearn, Lord 
Provost of Edinburgh, a descendant 
of James, fourth Earl of Moray, and 
Elizabeth Drummond ; licen. by Presby- 
terian ministers in and about London, 
25th Aug. 1772, and enrolled as a preacher 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 30th Sept. follow- 
ing; pres. by Willielma, Lady Glenorchy, 
and ord. 27th April 1773. Entertaining 
scruples about Church Establishments, he 
resigned 17th May 1776 and formed an 
Anabaptist congregation in Edinburgh, 
which was ultimately dissolved. Having 
studied medicine, he took the degree of 
M.D., 12th Sept. 1781, and practised as a 
physician ; died 28th May 1826. He suc- 
ceeded to Dunearn, and marr. (1) 29th Oct. 
1773, Mary (died 12th April 1817), daugh. 
of John Erskine, D.D., Edinburgh, and had 
issue — Christian, born 24th Aug. 1774, died 
unmarr. 5th June 1808 ; James of Dunearn, 
W.S., born 24th Nov. 1775, engaged in a 
fatal duel with Sir Alex. Boswell of Auch- 
inleck in 1822 (see Diet. Fat. Biog.), died 
3rd Nov. 1849 ; Elizabeth Ann, born 29th 
Aug. 1777, died 6th April 1836 ; Mary, born 
14th July 1786, died 1st March 1872 (marr. 
June 1814, John Burnett of Kemnay); 
John Alexander of Carnock, born 4th Nov. 

1787, died 3rd Nov. 1869; Alison, born 
6th Dec. 1791 (marr. 1816, Capt. J. W. 
Carmichael), died 1885 : (2) 18th Jan. 1819, 
Margaret (died 10th Nov. 1821), youngest 
daugh. of Alex. Parlane, surgeon, Glasgow. 
Publications — The Present State of Human 
Nature according to the Word of God (Edin- 
burgh, 1 773) ; Probation Sermon preached in 
Edinburgh (1777), from John xviii. 36 ; The 
Distinction between the Kingdom of Christ 
and the Kingdoms of this World, and 
applied to confirm the Loyalty and assert 
the Liberty of Christians, a sermon (Edin- 
burgh, 1777); see Essays in Speculative 
Society's Proceedings on "The Motives of 
Human Actions"; Dissertatio Medica in- 
auguralis De systematis nervosi qfficiis 
(Edinburgh, 1781); edited the Edin- 
burgh Quarterly Magazine, 1798-1800. — 
[Douglas's Peer., ii. ; Wood's Hist, of 
Cramond, Haldane's Mem., Kay's Portr.~\ 

ROBERT WALKER, pres. by Willielma, 
vn Lady Glenorchy, and ord. 27th Nov. 
1776 ; trans, to the Canongate 19th 
Aug. 1784. — [Wood's Cramond.] 

ARCHIBALD BONAR, born 23rd Feb. 
7 1753, fifth son of John B., min. of 
Cockpen and Perth; originally in- 
tended for the legal profession ; educated at 
High School and Edinburgh Univ. ; tutor 
in the family of David, Earl of Leven ; 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 29th Oct. 
1777; ord. to Newburn 31st March 1779; 
trans, to North- West Church, Glasgow, 17th 
July 1783 ; pres. by Willielma, Lady Glen- 
orchy ; trans, and adm. 19th April 1785 ; 
died 8th April 1816. He marr. (1) 15th 
Aug. 1782, Bridget (died 4th Jan. 1787), 
daugh. of David Black, min. of Perth : 
(2) 16th Aug. 1792, Anne (died 8th May 
1861, in her 94th year), daugh. of Andrew 
Bonar of Litchfield, and had issue — John, 
born 10th Nov. 1793, died 4th Oct. 1800 ; 
Elizabeth, born 31st May 1797 (marr. 13th 
March 1827, John Purves, min. of Lady 
Glenorchy's, Edinburgh, afterwards of Jed- 
burgh), died 6th June 1865 ; Archibald, 
banker in Edinburgh, born 25th June 1799, 
died 29th Feb. 1872 ; John, min. of Lar- 
bert and Dunipace, afterwards of the Free 
Church, Aberdeen and Glasgow, and secre- 




tary of the Colonial Committee, born 22nd 
July 1801, died 20th Dec. 1863 J Ann, born 
17th June 1804 (marr. John Morrison, min. of 
Free Church, Port-Glasgow), died 21st Feb. 
1875 j Bridget Black, born 8th July 1807, 
died 8th June 1838 ; Sarah, born 1st June 
1809, died 28th Feb. 1895. Publications— 
Genuine Religion the Best Friend of the 
People (Edinburgh, 1796); A Sermon 
p>reached before the Society for the Benefit 
of the Sons of the Clergy (Edinburgh, 
1800); Sermons, with Memoir by his 
brother James (Edinburgh, 1815-17, 2 
vols.).— [Sermons, ii. ; Wood's Cramond, 
Family Papers.] 

GEOEGE MUIRHEAD, born 11th Feb. 

1816 1 ^ 64 ' son °^ P at " c k M., D.D., min. 
of Dysart; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 25th 
Sept. 1787 ; ord. to Dysart, Second Charge, 
4th Sept. 1788; trans, to First Charge 
10th June 1807 ; pres. by William Ramsay 
of Barnton, trans, and adm. 24th Oct. 
1816; D.D. (Glasgow, 8th Nov. 1816). 
He was the oldest ordained min. who 
joined the Free Church ; min. of Cramond 
Free Church 1843; died 5th April 1847. 
He marr. 27th Aug. 1807, Maxwell (died 
18th Aug. 1854), daugh. of Thomas Fleming, 
D.D., min. of Lady Yester's, and had issue 
—Anne, born 12th Sept. 1808 ; Elizabeth, 
born 1st June 1815 ; Patrick Thomas, min. 
of the Free Church, Kippen, born 9th Nov. 
1819, died 1888; Isabella Maxwell, born 
2nd Nov. 1822. Publications — Sermon on 
the Death of Thomas Davidson, D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 1827) ; Sermon on the Death 
of George Wright, D.D. (Stirling, 1827); 
Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of 
Cramond Parish (Edinburgh, 1837) ; Hints 
respecting the Low State of Vital Godliness 
among Professing Christians ; Conversion 
of the Jews (Edinburgh, 1842) ; Account of 
Dysart (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xii.). 

4th June 1812, son of Robert C, D.D., 
min. of Johnstone, Dumfriesshire ; 
educated at Glasgow and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
MA. (Glasgow 1830); licen. by Presb. of 
Lochmaben 5th Aug. 1834 ; assistant at 
East Kilbride; ord. to Shotts 11th Aug. 


1836 ; trans, and adm. 2nd Nov. 1843 ; 
D.D. (Glasgow, 26th April 1859) ; died 19th 
Nov. 1877. He marr. 22nd Oct. 1844, Anne 
Grace (died 9th March 1896), daugh. of 
William Hine, Falmouth, Jamaica, and had 
issue— Mary Ramsay, born 23rd Jan. 1846 
(marr. William Macfie of Clermiston), died 
11th Aug. 1895; Eliza, born 5th March 
1847 ; Annie Marion, born 26th March 1849, 
died 21st July 1895 ; Walter Robert, born 
6th July 1850, died at San Francisco 1872 ; 
Alice Jane, born 18th Oct. 1851 ; Jessie 
Louisa, born 1853; William, stockbroker, 
Glasgow, born 17th Dec. 1854; Francis 
Henry, M.B., CM., born 1856, died 17th 
June 1895 ; Victor Albert, min. at Connel 
Ferry; Charles Edward, died young. 
Publications — Two Sermons on Election 
and the Extent of the Atonement (Edin- 
burgh, 1843) ; Sermon preached before 
the Society for the Sons of the Clergy 
(Glasgow, 1868); "Accounts of Cramond 
and of Shotts " {New Stat. Ace, vols, i., vi.). 

GEORGE WILSON, trans, from Tol- 
booth, Edinburgh, and adm. 11th 
July 1878 ; res. 4th May 1887 to be- 
come min. of St Michael's Mission Church, 
and first min. of St Michael's Parish. 

JOHN WEBSTER, born Forglen, 1827, 
son of Robert W. ; educated at 
King's College, Aberdeen ; M.A. 
(1843) ; schoolmaster of Banchory-Devenick 
1844-52; licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen; 
Murray Lecturer at King's College, 1850- 
52; ord. to Strichen 2nd Sept. 1852; 
trans, to East Anstruther 29th Oct. 1857 ; 
trans, to Cameron 10th March 1864 ; trans, 
to St John's, Edinburgh, 28th Dec. 1876; 
trans, and adm. 11th March 1884; D.D. 
(Aberdeen 1885) ; res. 16th Oct. 1889 ; died 
23rd Jan. 1903. He marr. 10th Feb. 1857, 
Anna Milne, who died 30th May 1913, and 
had issue — James Melville, died 11th June 
1913; Edward, solicitor, Edinburgh; and 
others. Publication — Two Lectures from a 
series of discourses on the Epistle to the 
Hebrews and on the Parables, 2 vols. 
(Aberdeen, 1852). 

THOMAS MARTIN, M.A. ; trans, from 
Forgan 17th May 1890; trans, to St 
1890 Mary's, Edinburgh, 15th May 1896. 








MA., B.D. ; trans, from Turriff, and 
adm. 15th Oct. 1896; trans, to 
Peebles 9th May 1907. 

190*7 Auchinblae, Kincardineshire, 23rd 
July 1869, son of James M. and 
Christina Anderson ; educated at Fordoun, 
High School, Edinburgh, privately at New- 
lands Manse by his uncle, Aberdeen Univ., 
and Univ. of Paris ; MA. (Aberdeen, 1890) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Fordoun; assistant at 
Forgue, Aberdeen (West Church), and St 
Andrews ; elected in 1897 min. of Alyth, 
but declined in order to accept appointment 
as min. of the Scots Church, Paris ; ord. 
there 25th Oct. 1897; ind. to Lyne and 
Megget 6th Dec. 1901 ; trans, and adm. 
26th Sept. 1907; died 14th Nov. 1909. 
He marr. 7th Aug. 1906, Mary Lee, daugh. 
of John Davis Bowden, Church of Scotland 
chaplain, Dresden. 

Montrose, 29th March 1868, son of 
George S. and Isabel Gordon Grant ; 
educated at Craig Public School and St 
Andrews Univ. ; MA. (1890), B.D. (1893) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Perth 12th May 
1893; Assistant Professor of Hebrew, St 
Andrews Univ. 1893-4 ; assistant at St 
Columba's, London, and South Leith ; ord. 
to Dulwich, London, 15th Dec. 1898 ; trans. 
to Northesk 24th Sept. 1906; trans, and 
adm. 10th June 1910; Examiner for 
Degrees in Divinity, St Andrews Univ. 
Marr. 5th April 1899, Flora Corsar, daugh. 
of Mark Louden Anderson, D.D., min. of 
the Second Charge, St Andrews, and has 
issue — Richard Corsar Gordon, born 13th 
May 1900; Ian Fergusson Gordon, born 
14th Jan. 1904 ; George Gordon, born 22nd 
Dec. 1909. Publications — Contributor to 
Hastings' Dictionary of Christ and the Gos- 
pels, and to One Vol. Bible Commentary. 




1900 10t ^ ^- ay 1862 ' son °^ R°b erfc Home 
S., D.D., min. of St George's, Edin- 
burgh; educated at Edinburgh Academy 

and Univ. (M.A., 1884), and at Berlin and 
Bonn ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh May 
1888; assistant at Galashiels and St 
Bernard's, Edinburgh ; ord. to Athelstane- 
ford 17th Sept. 1891; res. Dec. 1899, in 
order to take charge of Blackhall Chapel- 
of-Ease, Edinburgh, and adm. 5th Jan. 
1900 ; res. 1912, on appointment as organ- 
ising secretary of the Foreign Mission 
Committee. He marr. 5th June 1894, 
Jean Lilias, daugh. and co-heiress of 
Alexander James Dennistoun Brown, of 
Balloch Castle, Dumbartonshire, and has 
issue— Robert Dennistoun, born 7th June 
1895 ; Meta Frances, born 26th Dec. 1897 ; 
Alexander James, born 15th July 1901. 
Publication — The St Columba Scrip (Edin- 
burgh, 1904). 

igl3 Edinburgh, 26th March 1886, son 
of George Boyd T. and Elizabeth 
King Galbraith ; educated at Merchiston 
Castle School, and Univs. of Oxford (BA. 
1911) and Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 1910; assistant at St Mark's, 
Dundee; ord. 12th Feb. 1913. He marr. 
5th June 1912, Hilda Buchanan, daugh. of 
Robert and Elizabeth Batchelor. 


[Formerly Killeith. Belonged to the 
Archdeaconry of Lothian previous to the 
Reformation. The church was dedicated 
to St Mungo. Near by is St Mungo's 

TON], adm. Nov. 1568. In 1574 
Hailes and St Catherine's of the 
Hopes were also under his care ; said 
to be "in his old age" 1588 (Presb. Reg.); 
continued in 1591. His son Matthew 
succeeded to the charge. — [Reg. Min. and 
Assig., Test. Reg., Booke of the Kirk, Wod- 
row Miscell.] 

MATTHEW LICHTON, son of pre- 
ceding; educated at the Univ. of 
Edinburgh; MA. (Aug. 1588). In 
1590 he was " not of the age " required by 
Act of Provincial Assembly of Linlithgow, 
but was permitted " to serve with Mr Adam, 





his father"; proposed 21st Jan. 1591 ; adra. 
(colleague and successor) 16th Dec. 1591. 
In 1594 there was a complaint to the 
Presb. that William Wardlaw of Curriehill 
" brak up his rooms, cuist out his guds and 
geir, tramping his books under feitt," and 
" misused himselff by catchand him by ye 
neck and pulling him under his feet." He 
dem. Jan. 1631; died 12th Oct. 1634, 
aged about 66. He marr. (1) before 1596, 
Isobel Matheson : (2) after 1606, Janet Aird, 
who survived him, and had issue — Henry ; 
Adam ; James ; William, apprenticed 18th 
June 1628 to James Wright, hatmaker, 
Edinburgh ; Ronald ; Helen (marr., cont. 
26th Sept. 1621, George Straiton, hatmaker, 
burgess of Edinburgh : Beg. of Deeds, 
cccxxxvi., 105); Martha (marr. Alex. Hay 
of Ravelrig). — [Reg. Assig. ; Test., Edin. 
Counc., and Beg. Sas. and Bapt. ; Stat. 
Bep., 1627 ; Inq. Bet. Edin., 772, 890, 1386 
—et Gen. 2093.] • 


JOHN CHARTERIS, son of Henry C, 
Professor of Divinity in the Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; educated at Edinburgh 
Univ.; M.A. (25th July 1624); pres. by 
the Town Council of Edinburgh 19th 
Jan., and adm. before 17th June 1631 ; 
died 14th Feb. 1668, aged about 64. He 
marr. 26th Sept. 1633, Rebecca, died 23rd 
March 1676 (she is called Sara in the 
register of her interment in Grey friars), 
second daugh. of Laurence Henderson, 
merchant, Edinburgh (A. Guthrie, Prot. 
Bk., iv., 225), and had issue — Rebecca; 
Isobel; Laurence, advocate, 1668, died 
19th Aug. 1676; John (A. Peters, Prot. 
Bk., 10th Oct. 1664) ; Barbara.— [Craufurd's 
Univ. ; Edin. Counc., xiv. ; Edin. Test, and 
Begs. ; Wodrow's Hist., i. ; Sed. Book of 
Teinds ; Inq. Bet. Ayr, 346 ; Gen. 2492— de 
Tut. 635, 636.] 

1668 °* Kirkton, Dundee, and Jean, daugh. 
of James M'Gill of Rankeillor ; edu- 
cated at St Leonard's College, St Andrews ; 
M.A. (25th July 1663); ord. and coll. 
22nd Oct. 1668; became Presb. clerk; 
deprived by the Committee of Estates, 
May 1689, for taking away the key of the 
kirk door, not preaching, not reading the 

Proclamation, and not praying for King 
William and Queen Mary. He died 
in 1699, aged about 56. He marr. 17th 
Dec. 1668, Elizabeth, daugh. of Walter 
Chisholm, bailie of Dunblane, and had 
issue — James, died in 1680; Henry, W.S., 
of West Lochgelly, held a bursary on 
Robert Johnston's foundation, 7th Aug. 
1685, died 9th Oct. 1731; John, student 
at the Univ. of Edinburgh, bursar of 
the Presb. in 1686 and 1687; and two 
daughters alive in June 1772 {The Scottish 
Antiquary, Sept. 1880). — [Act. Beet. Univ. 
St And. ; Corstorphine and Baiho Sess., 
Edin. Counc. Beg., xxxiii. ; Beg. Collat. ; 
Acts Pari., ix. ; Peterkin's Constitution of 
the Church, Malcolm's House of Drum- 
mond; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Douglas's 

HENRY HAMILTON, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
16Q1 11th Feb. 1681); ord. to Falkland 
1690 ; trans, and adm. 1691 ; trans, 
to Donaghadee 6th Nov. 1700. He marr. 
Esther, daugh. of Andrew Stewart, min. of 
Donaghadee. — [Corstorphine Sess. Beg.] 

ROBERT TAYLOR, ord. to Houston 
1701 *^ 5 » trans, and adm. 13th Nov. 
1701; died 10th Aug. 1713. He 
marr. March 1699, Margaret, daugh. of 
Hew Verner, merchant, Edinburgh, and 
had issue — Margaret (marr. 13th July 1727, 
Andrew M'Farquhar, Excise officer in South 
Leith).— [Edin. Test, and Begs.] 

MUNGO CLARKSON, a native of 
1714 Selkirkshire, brother to John C, 
baker, Edinburgh (Services, 1729); 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 18th April 
1711; called 29th Dec. 1713; having 
previously been presented to Galashiels, 
his ordination was delayed till 23rd Dec. 
1714; died 28th Oct. 1717. 

JOHN SPARK, tutor in the family of 
„ Erskine of Grange ; licen. by Presb. 
of Dalkeith 6th July 1718; called 
22nd April; ord. 11th Aug. 1719, in 
opposition to the Magistrates and Town 
Council of Edinburgh. When returning 
from a meeting of the Presb. at Edinburgh, 
he was drowned in crossing the Water of 
Leith on horseback, at the " Sclait fuird," 





27th June 1739. The Caledonian Mercury, 
1739, calls him "a serious, honest, and 
worthy pastor, one of the most popular 
preachers of the time." He had six 
children, one being posthumous. Three 
years after his death appeared : Help to 
Patience under Affliction, in a poem written 
upon occasion of the late accidental death 
of a worthy venerable gentleman very much 
lamented (Edinburgh, 1742). — [Scots Mag. ,i. ; 
Diary of a Senator of the College of Justice.] 

DAVID MOUBRAY, called 17th July; 
1740 orc *' 25 ^ Sept. 1740; trans, to 
Liberton 28th May 1751. 

JAMES CRAIG, born Innerwick, 1721 ; 
one of the masters in Heriot's 
Hospital 4th June 1739; licen. by 
Presb. of Dunbar 1st Sept. 1742; ord. 
9th April 1752; app. Presb. clerk 31st 
Jan. 1753; died 24th June 1792. He 
marr. 11th Sept. 1744, Mary Buntine or 
Bontein, a quakeress with whom he had 
eloped, who died 5th June 1805, and had 
issue — Ann, born 20tb April 1746 (marr. 
24th Jan. 1781, John Bird of Cresfinhall, 
Norfolk, who was buried at Currie). — 
[Steven's Mem. of Heriot, Carlyle's Autob. ; 
JVew Stat. Ace, i. ; Grant's Old and Neiv 
Edin., ii., 224.] 

JAMES DICK, tutor in the family of 
1793 Adnriral Duncan ; pres. by the 
Magistrates and Town Council of 
Edinburgh Aug. 1792 ; ord. 21st March 
1793; died 12th Dec. 1815, in his 52nd 
year. He marr. 3rd June 1796, Elizabeth 
Lawrie, who died at Edinburgh 15th Feb. 
1829.— [Tombst.] 

JOHN SOMERVILLE, born Dalmeny 
1774 ; in agricultural employment till 
he met with an accident which injured 
his spine. He then entered the Univ. of 
Edinburgh, and distinguished himself by 
his proficiency in classical knowledge; 
was one of the masters in Heriot's Hospital 
11th Nov. 1801; and House Governor 6th 
Sept. 1805, where "by a happy mixture of 
severity and gentleness, he came to be 
respected and loved by his numerous pupils 
beyond any former example." He was 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 25th July 

1809; pres. by the Magistrates and Town 
Council of Edinburgh, and ord. 20th Dec. 
1815; M.A. (Edinburgh, 31st May 1816); 
D.D. (St Andrews, 13th April 1833) ; died 
unmarr. 7th June 1837. He was the 
inventor of several articles for use in 
curling — the justice, the iron tee, the 
counter, and the crampits. The death of 
one of his congregation by the accidental 
discharge of a firelock led him to an in- 
genious contrivance for the prevention of 
similar accidents, for which he obtained a 
patent, 4th Nov. 1824. He preached the 
sermon at the laying of the foundation 
stone of the National Monument on the 
Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Publications — 
Speech in the General Assembly on the 
Cowgate Chapel (Edinburgh, 1818) ; Presen- 
tation of the Rev. Dr M'Farlane to the 
High Church, Glasgow, Vindicated (Edin- 
burgh, 1824) ; Substance of a Speech in the 
Synod of Glasgow and Ayr on Pluralities 
(Edinburgh, 1825) ; On the Methods of Pre- 
venting the Accidental Discharge of Fire- 
Arms (Edinburgh, 1825) ; Directions for the 
Use of the Safety Gun (Edinburgh, 1826), 
with Attestations in its favour (Edinburgh, 
1827); Sermon on Cruelty to Animals, 
preached in the High Kirk, 1827 ; Essay on 
the Safety Gun (Edinburgh, 1828); The 
Duty of Relieving Strangers in Distress 
(Edinburgh, 1834) ; Essay on the Construc- 
tion, Advantages, and Mode of Using Dr 
Somerville's Patent Safety Gun (Edinburgh, 
1835); Sermon XIII. (Gillan's Scott. 
Pulpit); Two Songs (Lit. and Stat. Mag., 
ii.). — [Steven's Mem. of Heriot, Williamson's 
Fun. Serm., Taylor's Curling.] 

ROBERT JAMIESON, trans, from 
Westruther ; pres. by the Magistrates 
and Town Council of Edinburgh, and 

adm. 14th Dec. 1837; trans, to St Paul's, 

Glasgow, 14th March 1844. 

THOMAS BARCLAY, born 14th June 
1792, son of James B., min. of Unst ; 
1844 educated at home, and at King's 
College, Aberdeen; M.A. (28th March 
1812) ; teacher of elocution at Aberdeen ; 
from 1818 to 1822 he was a Parliamentary 
reporter for the Times in London; licen. 




by Presb. of Lerwick 27th June 1821 J ord. 
to Dunrossness 12th Sept. 1822; trans, to 
Lerwick 13th Dec. 1827; clerk of the 
Synod of Shetland 27th April 1831 ; trans, 
to Peterculter 24th Aug. 1843; trans, and 
adm. 11th July 1844 ; D.D. (King's College, 
Aberdeen, 10th Feb. 1849); Principal of 
Glasgow University 13th Feb. 1858; died 
23rd Feb. 1873. He marr. 21st Sept. 

1820, Mary (died 18th Jan. 1881), daugh. 
of Captain Charles Adarason of Kirkhill, 
and had issue — Archibald, born 23rd Oct. 

1821, drowned in China 9th April 1850; 
Elizabeth Mitchell, born 8th April 1823 
(marr. 7th Oct. 1851, William Alexander 
Peterkin, general superintendent, Board of 
Supervision), died 1st April 1901 ; Charles 
Frederick, born 31st Dec. 1825 ; John, born 
17th May 1827; Ursula Euphemia, born 
5th April 1829, died 5th Dec. 1831 ; Bruce, 
M.D., born 14th Feb. 1833 ; Jean Adamson, 
born 31st Oct. 1835, died unmarr. ; Mary 
Caroline, born 7th July 1837 ; Thomas, born 
26th Feb. 1841. Publications— A Speech 
delivered in the Presbytery of Edinburgh, 
25th March 1857, against the Transmission 
of an Overture condemning the System of 
Government Education in India ; " Charity, 
the Characteristic of Christianity " (Church 
of Scotland Pulpit, 1845) ; " Explanation of 
Inscription on the Chambers of the Maes- 
Howe'"' (Collectanea Archxeologia, vol. ii.) 
[see Wilson's Prehistoric Annals, ii., 284 ; 
Caird's Memorial Sermon, Sir Henry Hol- 
land's Recollections, Diet. Nat. Biog.~\ 

JAMES LANGWILL, born Greenock, 
2nd April 1824, third son of 
Archibald L., H.M. Customs, and 
Rosina Watson; educated at Greenock 
Public School and Glasgow and Edinburgh 
Univs. ; entered the Relief Theological 
Hall 1844 ; joined the Church of Scotland ; 
licen. by Presb. of Greenock 1850; assist- 
ant at Currie ; ord. to Legerwood 8th Sept. 
1853; trans, and adm. 21st Jan. 1859; 
Presbytery clerk 1872; D.D. (Glasgow 
1888); died 2nd June 1898. He marr. 
2nd April 1856, Anne Adair (died 17th 
July 1908), daugh. of Robert Balfour 
Graham, D.D., min. of North Berwick, 
and had issue— Archibald, C.A., born 14th 

VOL. I. 

June 1857 ; Robert Balfour, Royal Bank 
of Scotland, born 30th Sept. 1858 ; James, 
born 22nd Aug. 1860, died 25th Feb. 1872 ; 
Mary, born 13th Jan. 1862, died 26th April 
1880 ; William, M.A., student of medicine, 
born 28th Feb. 1865, died 16th June 1887 ; 
Hamilton Graham, M.D., born 24th April 

1898 Ochiltree, 25th Sept. 1860 ; educated 
at Ochiltree Parish School, Normal 
Training College, Glasgow, and Edinburgh 
Univ.; M.A. (1891); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 1894; assistant at St Cuth- 
bert's and Lady Glenorchy's, Edinburgh; 
ord. 25th Nov. 1898. Marr. 7th Feb. 1899, 
Annie (died 10th July 1902), daugh. of 
Hugh Morton, Barnockholm, Ochiltree, 
and had issue — Quintin Ridgley, born 
11th Aug. 1900 ; Annie Morton, born 30th 
June 1902. 


[The church previous to the Reformation 
belonged to the Abbey of Kelso.] 

1560 vicar. 

JOHN BRAND, min. of Holyrood, had 
1M4 the oversight for some years, with 
the addition of the church in the 
Castle of Edinburgh. — {Reg. Assig.] 

NINL\N HAMILTON (Reg. of Deeds, 
1574 xxi.), a prebendary of St Giles as 
far back as 1542, and in 1553 and 
1556. He is called "Exhorter" in 1576, 
and held office till the appointment of a 
minister in 1588, in which year he probably 
died.— [Reg. Min.] 

CHARLES LUMSDEN (primus), son of 
1MR Andrew L., tailor, burgess of Edin- 
burgh, and Agnes Cor (G. R. Inhib., 
2nd Series, viii., 77 ; Prot. Bk., John Hay, 
iv., 21); adm. burgess of Edinburgh in 
right of his father, 14th Dec. 1614 ; M.A. ; 
regent in the Univ. of Edinburgh 1587; 
pres. by James VI. in 1611, and 30th Oct. 
same year had 50 merks allowed by the 
Town Council of Edinburgh, "for his 
paynes and travell in examination of the 





North-West quarter sen March last to 1st 
Nov." Signed the protest to the King and 
Parliament in support of the Liberties of 
the Kirk, 14th June 1617. He long offici- 
ated as Presb. and Synod clerk, and died 
30th Nov. 1630, aged about 69. He marr. 
(l) Beatrice, daugh. of Robert Pont, min. of 
St Cuthbert's, and had issue — Robert, bapt. 
30th July 1595; James, bapt. 28th March 
1599; Rachel, bapt. 8th Aug. 1602: (2) 
Katherine Bruce, who died before 1609 (G. 
B. Inhib., xix., 242 ; xxxvii., 204), and had 
issue — Robert : (3) Beatrix Muirhead, who 
survived him, and had issue — John, bapt. 
2nd Sept. 1610; Margaret; Charles, his 
successor ; Andrew ; Jean ; Rebecca (marr., 
cont. 22nd June 1640, James, son of James 
Ritchie, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh: 
Beg. of Deeds, dxxxix., 227) ; Thomas, died 
23rd Feb. 1649. Publication— Translation 
of an Exposition upon some Select Psalms of 
David, written by Mr Robert Rollock, out 
of Latine (Edinburgh, 1600). — [Beg. Assig. ; 
Edin. Counc. Bapt., and Test. Beg. ; Calder- 
wood's Hist. ; Pitcairn's Cr. Trials, ii. ; New 
Stat. Ace, i. ; Craufurd's Univ. ; Rollock's 
Sel. Works, i. ; Lee's Memorial.'] 

1630 MENTEITH] "of Salmonet," bapt. 
25th Jan. 1603, third and youngest 
son of Alexander M., merchant, Edin- 
burgh, and Rachel Sandilands, Edin- 
burgh; educated at the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; MA. (14th July 1621); Professor 
of Philosophy in the Univ. of Saumur, 
where he continued four years, and 
returned, "with an great shew of learn- 
ing." He was pres. by Charles I., ord. 
(at St Andrews) by the Archbishop, and 
adm. 28th Dec. 1630, but engaging in an 
illicit amour with Dame Anna Hepburn, 
wife of Sir James Hamilton of Priestfield, 
he fled the country, and was denounced 
rebel 7th Oct. 1633. He joined the Roman 
Catholic Church at Paris, where he obtained 
the patronage of Cardinal Richelieu, and 
was made a canon of Notre-Dame by the 
Cardinal de Retz. He died before 13th 
Sept. 1660. From his brother, William 
M. of Carribber and Randeford, was 
descended Sir James Stuart M., Bart., 
of Closeburn. He marr. Marion Broun, 

who was dead 1639 (Edin. Sas., xxviii., 
150). Publications — A Bemonstrance to the 
King of Great Britain, in French (Paris, 
1652) ; Histoire des Troubles del a Grande 
Bretagne depuis 1663 jusques a 1646 
(Paris, 1661), translated by Captain James 
Ogilvie (London, 1739) ; also a Pasquil 
against Robert Bruce of Kinnaird, formerly 
min. of Edinburgh ; and some Essays 
which were admired as specimens of the 
purity of style and facility of diction which 
a foreigner could attain in the French 
language. — [Craufurd's and Bower's Univ., 
i. ; Edin. Beg. (Bapt.) ; Sinclair's Stat. 
Ace, xviii. ; New Stat. Ace, Scot's Stagg. 
State ; Morrison's Dec, x. ; Scots Mag., 
lxxxiv. ; Calderwood's Hist., viii. ; Bail- 
lie's Lett., iii. ; Riddel's Comment., Bruce's 
Sermons (Life) ; Nimmo's Stirlingsh., i. ; 
Hill Burton's The Scot Abroad, Francisque 
Michel's Les Ecossais en France, Baird's 
Duddingston, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JASPER HUME, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1633 24th July 1619) ; pres. by Charles 
I. 20th Sept. 1633; died Feb. 1635, 
aged about 34. Marr. Margaret, daugh. of 
John Livingstone, in Wester Duddingston 
(Edin. Sas., xxv., 207), who survived him 
and marr. Charles Lumsden, min. in 1640. 
— [Beg. Sec. Sig., cvi.] 

1685 by Charles I. 14th Feb. 1635 ; trans, 
to Liberton 19th May 1639. 

CHARLES LUMSDEN (secundus), son 
1640 °^ Charles L. (primus), bapt. 22nd 
March 1614 ; educated at the Univ. 
of Edinburgh; M.A. (22nd June 1633); 
adm. 8th Sept. 1640; pres. by Charles I. 
23rd Aug. 1641 ; continued in 1681, and 
was alive at the baptism of a grandchild, 
3rd May 1686. He marr. (1) Margaret 
(died Sept. 1643), daugh. of John Living- 
stone, in Wester Duddingston (Beg. of 
Deeds, dxi., 249), widow of Jasper Hume, 
and had issue — Charles, min. of Kirk- 
newton ; Jean ; Margaret ; Robert : (2) 
Beatrix Melvill, who was buried in Grey- 
friars, 8th June 1696, and had issue- 
Beatrix, bapt. 25th Nov. 1655 ; Margaret 
(marr., cont. 7th March 1673, Robert Bell, 
writer, Edinburgh : Beg. of Deeds, Dal., 23rd 




Nov. 1710); James, bapt. 16th Nov. 1651 J 
Michael, advocate, died 5th April 1739 ; 
Daniel ; Andrew, his successor ; James ; 
Thomas ; John ; Charles ; William ; Robert 
and Beatrix (twins). — {Dalkeith Presb. 
and Edin. Reg. Sas. and Bapt. ; Reg. Sec. 
Sig., cix. ; Fountainhall's Dec, i. ; Wod- 
row's Hist., i.] 

ANDREW LUMSDEN, son of preced- 
1681 ing, bapt. 8th Oct. 1654; educated 
at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. 
(1671); licen. by Alexander, Bishop of 
Edinburgh, 4th Aug. 1675 ; charged before 
the Privy Council, 22nd Nov. 1681, for 
refusing to take the Test. He was 
assoilzied, but the church was declared 
vacant by the Bishop. He petitioned the 
Council, 6th Dec. thereafter, "for liberty 
to take the Test from his Ordinary," and 
this being allowed, he was reponed to the 
charge, but was deposed by the Commiss. 
of Assembly, Jan. 1691, for declining their 
authority. He was consecrated a bishop 
by the Nonjurors, 2nd Nov. 1727, and died 
20th June 1733. He marr. 26th Oct. 1682, 
Katherine, only child of John Craig, and 
had issue — Elizabeth (marr. William Alex- 
ander) ; Beatrix ; John ; Charles, surgeon, 
Edinburgh ; William, writer, Edinburgh ; 
Margaret (marr. Capt. Dalzell). — [Wodrow's 
Hist., St Cuthbert's Sess. and Edin. Reg. Sas. 
and Bur. ; Acts Pari., xi.] 

JAMES CRAIG, M.A. (Edinburgh, 23rd 
16g4 May 1655) ; ord. to Hoddam 1661 ; 
trans, to Selkirk 1666; trans, to 
Tranent 1676 ; deprived for not taking the 
Test in 1681 ; adm. min. of the Canongate 
14th Sept. 1687; trans, and adm. 1694; 
died 31st May 1704, aged about 72. He 
marr. (his wife's name is unknown), and 
had issue — John, vicar of Gillingham, 
Dorset, 1696, died in London 1731 ; 
William, prebendary of Sarum (G. R. 
Inhib., 14th Sept. 1706). 

DAVID MALCOLM, licen. by Presb. 

1705 of Haddington 1 1 th Jan. 1 700 ; called 

1704; ord. 28th March 1705. He 

was rebuked 10th Nov. 1721, for celebrating 

the marriage of Lord Provost George 

Drummond, Edinburgh, a chief promoter 
of the improvements in the city, to 
Catherine, daugh. of Sir James Campbell 
of Aberuchill, Bart. ; dep. 24th March 1742, 
for deserting his charge two years without 
leave. He demitted 27th April 1743, the 
sentence of deposition being recalled. He 
claimed to be entitled to the benefit of 
the Ministers' Widows' Fund. This the 
Trustees refused, and brought an action of 
declarator, which he defended, when it was 
found by the Lord Ordinary, 21st Nov. 

1747, " that having demitted his charge as 
min. of D. in April 1743, he was not in the 
sense of the Act of Pari, a min. of the 
Church of Scotland on the 25th March 
1744, and that he, his wife and children, 
are entitled to none of the benefits arising 
from the Act." The decision was confirmed 
by the whole Lords. He died 7th Feb. 

1748. He was a Fellow of the Society of 
Antiquaries of London, and was " eminent 
for learning, honesty, moderation, good- 
nature, and a benevolent disposition." His 
leisure hours were employed in the study 
of philology. Publications — Essay on the 
Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland 
(Edinburgh, 1738); Tracts illustrating the 
Celtic Antiquities of Great Britain and 
Ireland (Edinburgh, 1738); Collection of 
Letters, in which the Imperfection of Learn- 
ing, even among Christians, and a Remedy 
for it is Hinted (Edinburgh, 1739)— all 
these, with slight modifications, being the 
same book, although under different titles ; 
Letters, Essays, and other Tracts relating 
to the Antiquities of Great Britain and 
Ireland (London, 1744). He proposed 
publishing a Celtic Dictionary, but it 
went no farther than a prospectus and 
specimen page, though receiving every en- 
couragement from a committee of the 
General Assembly in 1737. — [Trustees' 
Reports; Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xviii. ; New 
Stat. Ace, i. ; Scots Mag., x. ; Morren's Ann., 
i. ; Acts of Ass., 1736, 1737.] 

ROBERT POLLOCK, M.A. ; pres. by 

W44 Archibald, Duke of Argyll, 19th 

Nov. 1743; ord. 13th March 1744; 

trans, to Greyfriars, Aberdeen, 31st July 





WILLIAM BENNET, son of Andrew 
B., min. of Muiravonside ; Keen, by 
1 T Presb. of Linlithgow 10th July 1734 ; 
ord. to Denny 22ud Aug. 1738; pres. by 
James, Earl of Abercorn, 27th Feb., trans, 
and adm. 14th May 1746; died unmarr. 
14th July 1785, in 78th year.— [Carlyle's 

WILLIAM BENNET, born 1st July 
1786 l"^, son of Patrick B., min. of 
Polmont, and nephew of preceding; 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 21st Dec. 
1785; pres. by James, Earl of Abercorn; 
ord. 12th May 1786 ; chaplain to the 
Eastern Begt. of Midlothian Volunteers ; 
found drowned in the loch adjoining 
the manse, 15th April 1805. He marr. 
18th Dec. 1787, Mary (died 9th Jan. 
1798), daugh. of John Archibald, wine 
merchant, Leith, and had issue — Patrick 
of Whiteside, born 1st Feb. 1790, died 4th 
May 1825 ; Margaret, born 10th Aug. 1791 
(marr. 23rd Aug. 1814, William Clark, W.S., 
one of the clerks of Session), died 18th 
July 1830; John, min. of Ettrick, born 
10th Aug. 1793 ; Elizabeth, born 19th July 
1795. Publications — Three single Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1801-5) ; Account of the Parish 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xviii.). 

JOHN THOMSON, born 1st Sept. 1778, 
1805 y° un g es t son °f Thomas T., min. of 
Dailly; educated at Dailly school 
and Edinburgh and Glasgow Univs. ; licen. 
by Presb. of Ayr 17th July 1799 ; ord. to 
Dailly 24th April 1800; pres. by John, 
Marquess of Abercorn, 29th Aug., trans, 
and adm. 14th Nov. 1805 ; died 28th Oct. 
1840. Distinguished as a landscape painter 
(Zf.B.S.A.). He marr. (1) 7th July 1801, 
Isabella (died 18th April 1809),daugh.of John 
Kamsay, min. of Kirkmichael, and had issue 
Thomas, M.D., Mayor of Stratford-on- 
Avon, born 17th May 1802, died at Leaming- 
ton, 17th Jan. 1873 ; John, capt. H.E.I.C.S., 
afterwards inspector of the Coast Guard 
at Cromarty, born 15th Nov. 1803, died 4th 
May 1870 ; Margaret, born 13th Oct. 1805, 
died 12th Feb. 1827 ; Mary, born 27th Nov. 
1806, died in infancy; Isabella, born 1st 
April 1809 (marr. 10th Sept. 1833, Bobert 
Scott Lauder, B.S.A.), died 27th Aug. 

1869 : (2) 6th Dec. 1813, Frances Ingram 
Spence (died 11th Oct. 1845), widow of 
Martin Dalrymple of Fordel and Cleland, 
and had issue — Francis, M.D., born 17th 
Oct. 1814, died at Peterhead, 4th Oct. 
1858; Emily, born 4th Sept. 1816; Mary 
Helen, born 6th Dec. 1817, died 13th Jan. 
1819; Henry Francis, coffee-planter, born 
3rd Aug. 1819, died in Ceylon; Edward, 
born 19th April 1821, died in Australia. 
Publications— Contributions to the Edin- 
burgh Encyclopaedia. — [Murray's Biog. 
Ann., Baird's Duddingston, and Memoir; 
M'Kay's The Scottish School of Painting.'] 


beck, 27th April 1808, third son of 
John M., min. of the Belief Church ; 
educated at Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1825) ; 
entered the Belief Hall in 1825, but joined 
the Church of Scotland before his course 
was finished; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
31st March 1830; pres. by Town Council 
of Stirling to the Third Charge, and ord. 
min. of the North Church 3rd May 1831 ; 
min. of Stockbridge Chapel-of-Ease (now 
St Bernard's) 18th Jan. 1832; trans, and 
adm. 18th May 1841 ; D.D. (Glasgow 1848) ; 
F.B.S.E., Moderator of the General As- 
sembly 1865 ; died during his tenure of 
office 6th Feb. 1866. He marr. 15th July 
1841, Agnes Jane, only surviving child of 
Alexander Goodsir, manager of the British 
Linen Co. Bank (who marr., secondly, 
April 1869, John Gunn, secretary, British 
Linen Bank, and died 17th May 1895), 
and had issue — Agnes Goodsir, born 26th 
May 1842 (marr. 28th Oct. 1873, John 
Adam Macfarlane, min. of Urray) ; Helen, 
born 24th July 1843 (marr. Bobert K. 
D. Home, min. of Corstorphine) ; Eliza, 
born 13th Nov. 1844 ; John, a soldier, 
born 7th Oct. 1845, died 4th May 1878; 
Mary, born 3rd Aug. 1847, died 2nd July 
1850; Alexander Goodsir, born 5th July 
1849, died 6th March 1897 ; James, a mer- 
chant, born 17th Feb. 1852, died 15th June 
1880 ; William, a merchant, born 27th Aug. 
1855 ; Malcolm David, a lawyer, born 31st 
May 1860, died 25th Sept. 1895. Publi- 
cations — A Nation's True Glory (Edin- 
burgh, 1838) ; Three single Sermons 




(Edinburgh, 1839-43) ; Remarks on the 
Tracts lately published on the Intrusion 
of Ministers (Edinburgh, 1839) ; Letter to 
Sir James Graham on the Proposed Aboli- 
tion of Tests (Edinburgh, 1845) ; A Version 
of the Prophecies of Ezekiel (Edinburgh, 
1845) ; The Late Secession from the Church 
of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1846) ; A Glance at 
the Temple (Edinburgh, 1847) ; The Church 
and the Nation (Edinburgh, 1849) ; Lectures 
on Popery (Edinburgh, 1854) ; The Disciple 
whom Jesus Loved (Edinburgh, 1855); 
The India Mission of the Church of Scot- 
land (Edinburgh, 1856) ; The Reign of 
Harmony (Edinburgh, 1859) ; The Railway 
(Edinburgh, 1863). 

1866 k° rn Greenock, 8th July 1830, son of 
John P., writer, and Margaret Park, 
sister of John P., D.D., St Andrews ; edu- 
cated at Glasgow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Greenock ; assistant at Corsock, and 
St Andrew's, Edinburgh ; ord. to Crawf ord- 
john, 23rd July 1862 ; pres. by James, Duke 
of Abercorn ; trans, and adm. 13th Sept. 
1866; died at St Andrews 4th Feb. 
1911. He marr. 14th April 1869, Margaret 
Sheriff Fulton, and had issue — John Hunter 
Paton, M.D., St Andrews, born 19th Feb. 

WILLIAM SERLE, born East Linton, 
1903 11th Nov. 1866, son of William S. 
and Euphemia Imrie; educated at 
East Linton Free Church School and Edin- 
burgh Univ.; M.A. (1889), B.D. (1892); 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 16th May 
1892; assistant at Peterhead, Northesk, and 
St Aidan's, Edinburgh ; ord. (assistant and 
successor) 16th April 1903. Marr. 15th 
Dec. 1903, Isabella, daugh. of William 
Ingram, and has issue — Isabella Murray, 
born 1st March 1905; William, born 29th 
July 1912. 


( Chapel-of-Ease). 

[Formed as a mission station in 1874. 
Services were begun in Portobello Town 
Hall, and conducted for a time by the min. 
of Duddingston until the appointment of 

William Adam Stark (afterwards min. of 
Kirkpatrick-Durham). In 1876 John Miller 
Darling was in charge, but res. in 1878 
on appointment as min. of St Andrew's 
Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool. From 
1878 to 1880 William Dunbar Dey (after- 
wards of Tomintoul) officiated, and in 1880 
the present min. took up the work. Church 
opened 9th June 1912.] 

JAMES OLIVER, born Teviothead, 

1880 10t ^ ^y 1845 ' son °^ J° nn G. and 
Helen Sibbald ; educated at Hawick 

Grammar School and Edinburgh Univ. ; 

M.A. (1863) ; licen. by Presb. of Jedburgh 

1865 ; ord. min. of the Church of Scotland, 

Tweedmouth, 3rd Feb. 1870; adm. 14th 

Dec. 1880. He marr. 24th June 1884, 

Elizabeth Young (died 1st Jan. 1900), 

daugh. of John Scott, Howford, Ettrick. 


ABBEY (Q.S.). 

[Disjoined from Greenside and South 
Leith, and erected into a parish quoad 
sacra, Jan. 1876. The present church was 
opened 19th Dec. 1875. An endowment 
was provided by money obtained under 
sanction of an Act of Parliament for the 
discontinuance of the Second Charge, 
South Leith (36 & 37 Vict. cap. 171).] 

ROBERT MILNE, born East Bal- 

?6 hagarty, Garvock, 8th July 1837, 

son of Kenneth M. and Elizabeth 

Cadenhead ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 

ord. to Macleod Parish, Glasgow, 7th Aug. 

1872; trans, and adm. 23rd March 1876; 

died unmarr. 28th March 1909. 


born Sandwick, Orkney, 15th May 
1856, son of Peter S. and Euphemia 
Halkland ; educated at Sandwick and Kirk- 
wall schools, and Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. 
(1879), B.D. (1882); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh May 1882; assistant at St 
Ninian's, Stirling; ord. to Libberton and 
Quothquan 12th Jan. 1883 ; trans, and adm. 
(assistant and successor) 16th Oct. 1889. 
Marr. 31st Oct. 1882, Gretchen Smith. 





(Formerly St Cuthberfs Chapel- 

[Proposed 1754 as a Chapel-of-Ease to 
St Cuthbert's (in place of "The Little 
Kirk " built in 1593 as an additional church 
at the west end of the Pre-Reformation 
church of St Cuthbert, and destroyed by 
the Ironsides of Cromwell 1650), built 
1755, and opened 1756. The bell which 
hung in the steeple of St Cuthbert's Church 
from 1700 to 1753 was used in the belfry 
of the daughter church at the Crosscause- 
way from 1763 to 1866, when the church 
was considerably altered and a new bell 
supplied. Declared a parish quoad sacra 
by Act of General Assembly 31st May 1834, 
and named Buccleuch Parish. Erected by 
the Court of Teinds 2nd Feb. 1859.] 

JAMES ROY, ord. 13th June 1758; 
?58 trans, to Prestonpans 28th Nov. 
JOHN TOUCH, born 12th July 1740, 
76Q eldest son of John T., min. of Aber- 
lour; educated at Aberdeen; M.A. 
(King's College 1759) ; one of the teachers 
in Heriot's Hospital 10th Dec. 1759 ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 26th June 1765, 
elected by the Kirk-session of St Cuth- 
bert's 3rd Jan., and ord. 20th March 1766 ; 
D.D. (King's College, Aberdeen, 1781) ; dem. 
27th Jan. 1808; died 29th Oct. 1820. He 
was for many years chaplain of the Grand 
Lodge of Freemasons. He marr. Flora 
(died 23rd Sept. 1805, in her 71st year), 
fifth daugh. of Murdoch M'Donald, min. of 

[During these years of vacancy the chapel 
1808-1818 was su PPKed b y the Rev. Sir 
Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, and 
Dr David Dickson, ministers of St Cuth- 

HENRY GREY, trans, from Stenton 
1818 18th Nov. 1813 ; trans, to New North 
Parish, Edinburgh, 11th Jan. 1821. 

ROBERT GORDON, trans, from Kin- 
1821 fauns 22nd Feb. 1821 ; D.D. (Aber- 
deen, Nov. 1823); trans, to Hope 
Park Chapel (now Newington Parish) 5th 
Jan. 1824. 

PATRICK CLASON, born 13th Oct. 
1824 1 ^^> third son of Robert C, min. 
of Dalziel (afterwards of Logie, 
Stirlingshire); educated privately, and at 
Glasgow and Edinburgh Univs. ; licen. by 
Presb. of Hamilton 9th June 1813 ; ord. to 
Carmunnock 11th May 1815 ; trans, and 
adm. 16th April 1824 ; D.D. (Glasgow, March 
1836). Joined the Free Church ; min. of 
Free Buccleuch, Edinburgh, 1843; joint- 
clerk of Free General Assembly 18th May 
1843 ; Moderator of Free General Assembly 
1848; died 30th July 1867. Publica- 
tions — Considerations on the Propriety of 
erecting the Chapels-of-Ease in the Parish 
of St Cuthbert into Parish Churches (Edin- 
burgh, 1833); Strictures on the Statement 
of the Central Board of Scottish Dissenters, 
two letters (Edinburgh, 1835) ; Speech on a 
Suitable Provision for the Ministers of the 
Gospel (Edinburgh, 1835); Speech in the 
Presbytery of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, 1839); 
Three single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1829- 

1844 from 1843 to 1851; he died 16th 
Dec. 1855. 

[During most of this period the chapel 

1861-1867 was unc * er tn e charge of the 
Edinburgh University Mission- 
ary Association.] 

5th March 1857 ; trans, to Houston 


17th Sept. 1863. 

FINLAY MATHIESON, born Inverness- 
1884 g hire; educated at King's College, 
Aberdeen, 1846-9, 1856-7; M.A. 
(1857) ; schoolmaster of Dunoon 1853-63 ; 
missionary at Kirtle, Annan, 1863 ; ord. 
10th March 1864; dep. 28th May 1875. 
He marr. 24th Nov. 1849. 

JOHN YOUNG SCOTT, trans, from 
1875 I nver tiel, an d a dm. 16th Dec. 1875 ; 
trans, to Campsie 20th Sept. 1881. 

JOHN CAMPBELL, bornPictou County, 

1882 Nova Scotia > 29fc h Feb. 1844, son of 

John C. ; educated in Canada and 

at Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. 

of Glasgow ; ord. to Newark 7th Jan. 1879; 




trans, and adm. 8th March 1882 ; died 22nd 
Jan. 1901. He marr. Margaret Johnston 
(died 26th Dec. 1901), daugh. of James 
Caie, Inspector of Post Offices, Chatham, 
New Brunswick, and had issue — Ian Went- 
worth, Wairoa, New Zealand, born 31st 
Dec. 1876. 

B.D. ; trans, from Avendale 17th 
May 1901 ; trans, to Springburn, 
Glasgow, 24th Sept. 1907. 

1908 B.D. ; trans, from Cambuslang, and 
adm. 15th Jan. 1908 ; trans, to Shaw- 
lands, Glasgow, 19th Feb. 1913. 

1Q13 dale, Skye, 24th Sept. 1873, son of 
Kenneth R. and Margaret Macleod ; 
educated at Glasgow High School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh; MA. (1904), B.D. 
(1908) ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 1904 j 
assistant at Holburn, Aberdeen, and St 
Andrew's, Edinburgh; ord. to St James's, 
Kirkcaldy, 13th March 1907; trans, to 
Rosemount 10th Aug. 1911 ; trans, and 
adm. 17th Sept. 1913. Marr. 21st Aug. 
1907, Helen Annand, M.A., daugh. of 
David Smith, Alyth, and has issue — Janet 
Morag, born 21st Feb. 1909; Kenneth 
David, born 25th Feb. 1913, died 3rd 
March 1914. 

CANONGATE, formerly 

[The Privy Council, at His Majesty's 
desire, 13th Sept. 1672, forbade the use 
of the church at Holyrood as a Parish 
Church, that it might be set apart as a 
Chapel Royal, and a chapel for the Knights 
of the Thistle (Treas. Beg., iii., 449). The 
congregation worshipped in Lady Yester's 
Church until the new church in the 
Canongate was opened in 1691.] 

JOHN CRAIG, app. in 1561 ; trans. 
1561 ( c °U ea g ue to John Knox) 2nd July 
1562. " The counsale, understanding 
the tedious and havie laboris be thair 
minister, Johnne Knox, in preiching thris 
in the ouek and twis on the Sounday, 

ordanis with ane consent to solist and 
persuade maister Johnne Craig, presentlie 
minister of the Canongait, to accept upoun 
him the half chargeis of the preaching in 
the said kirk of Edinburgh for sic gude deid 
as they can aggre on.' ; 

JOHN BRAND, formerly a canon in the 
1564 Abbey °f Holyrood, was employed 
by Archbishop Hamilton, during 
the progress of the Reformation, to carry a 
message to John Knox, "That howsoever 
he had introduced another Form of Religion, 
and reformed the doctrine of the Church, 
whereof it might be there was some reason ; 
yet he should do well not to shake loose the 
Order and Policy received, which had been 
the work of many ages, till he were sure of 
a better to be settled in place thereof." 
Examined and admitted by the Superin- 
tendent of Lothian in 1564. He was pres. 
by James VI., 5th Jan. of that year, to the 
chaplaincy of St Ninian; died 2nd Sept. 
1600, having " served many years with good 
commendation." He marr. (1) Elizabeth 
Johnston, and had issue — James, who had 
a pension of £40 out of the Archbishopric 
of St Andrews, 1580 (Reg. Sec. Sig., 475) : 
(2) Abigail Smyth, and had issue— Eliza- 
beth; Katherine; John, student of philo- 
sophy, who killed a young man with a 
knife at St Leonard's Crags, 27th May 
1615, for which he was sentenced to be 
beheaded at the cross of Edinburgh ; James 
(St Andrews K. S. Reg. Scot. Hist. Soc., 
627) ; Janet (marr. James Brown : Reg. of 
Deeds, xlv., 277); Katherine, bapt. 19th 
March 1600 (Edin.).— [Keith's Hist., Reg. 
Min. ; Assig., Test., and Reg. (Bapt.) ; Book 
of the Kirk; Zurich Lett., ii. ; Wodrow 
and Maitiand Miscell., ii. ; Pitcairn's Cr. 
Trials, iii. ; Wodrow's Biog., i.] 

HENRY BLYTH, MA. ; trans, from 
1601 Second Charge, and adm. 1601 ; 
deprived by the Court of High 
Commission, 26th Jan. 1620, it being His 
Majesty's pleasure he " should not return, 
and that he wald give obedience in some 
other place." He was settled at Eccles in 
1622. — [Reg. Assig., Priv. Counc. Reg.; 
Pitcairn's Cr. Trials, ii. ; Row's and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Orig. Lett.] 




1620 M.A. (St Andrews 1601); ord. to 
Kinnaird 1607 ; was a member of 
the General Assembly and Privy Conference 
at Perth 1618; pres. by James VI. 12th 
Feb., trans, and adm. before 16th June 
1621 ; died 30th Nov. 1623, aged about 43. 
The oversight of his affairs he committed 
to Patrick, Bishop of Ross, and George 
Symmer, min. of Fern, his brother, as was 
also Archibald S. of Montrose. He left 
a widow, Agnes Lindsay. — [Reg. Sec. Sig., 
Test. Beg.] 

1624 trans - fr° m Kilmaurs; pres. by 
James VI. 5th Dec. 1623; adm. 
1624; trans, to the Deanery and High 
Kirk of Edinburgh in 1635. — [Maitland 
Miscell., iii. ; Bannatyne Miscell., iii. ; 
Baillie's Lett., iii.] 

MATTHEW WEMYSS, born 1603, son 
1635 °^ P at " c ^ W., min. of Dunbarney ; 
M.A. (St Andrews 1623); ord. to 
Second Charge 1630; trans, and adm. 
about 1635. Subscribed the Covenant 16th 
March 1638; preached before the King 
7th Sept. and 31st Oct. 1641 ; died Aug. 
1645. He marr. 29th July 1631, Margaret, 
daugh. of James Durie, in the parish of 
Dunfermline, and had issue — Margaret; 
John; Janet; Matthew; William. — [Dun- 
fermline Sess. Beg. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; 
Balfour's Hist. Works, iii.] 

GEORGE LESLIE, M.A. (St Andrews 
1646 1619 )j or( *- t0 Second Charge 22nd 
Nov. 1639; a member of the Com- 
missions of Assembly 1643-5 ; pres. by 
Town Council of Edinburgh 18th Feb. 
1646 ; trans, and adm. soon afterwards ; a 
member of the Commissions of Assembly 
1647-9, and commissioner for visiting the 
Univs. of St Andrews and Edinburgh in 
the latter year ; died 26th Aug. 1656, aged 
about 57, and was buried in the Easter 
Kirk of Holyrood (Canongate Beg.). He 
marr. (1) 19th Aug. 1640, Elizabeth Murray, 
who died 20th June 1641, and had issue — 
John, bapt. 7th June 1641, who was served 
her heir 14th July following : (2) Elizabeth, 
daugh. of Henry Charteris, Professor of 

Divinity, by whom he had George ; Henry 
and Isabel (twins), bapt. 19th May 1650 ; 
Margaret, buried Feb. 1658; Elizabeth, 
buried July 1661. — [Edin. Counc., Guild, 
Edin. Test. Begs.; Lamont's and Nicoll's 
Diaries ; Acts of Ass. and Pari., vi. ; Inq. 
Bet. Gen., 2584 ; Crauf urd's Univ. ; Baillie's 
Lett., iii.] 

JAMES NAIRNE, M.A.; trans, from 

ie5 ,_ Second Charge ; adm. in 1657 ; trans. 

to Bolton in 1662.— [Wodrow's Hist.] 

JAMES KID, educated at the Univ. of 
1663 Edinburgh; M.A. (21st July 1632); 
instituted to the vicarage of Long- 
haughton, Northumberland, but was ejected 
during the civil war ; he had £100 allowed 
by Parliament on account of his sufferings, 
12th July 1661 ; coll. 26th, and adm. 29th 
March 1663; died Dec. 1673, aged about 
62. He left to the church and session, for 
his burial within the church, 100 merks. 
[Elizabeth Hill, widow of John (sic) Kid, 
minister, was buried in Greyfriars, Edin- 
burgh, 29th Oct. 1689.]— [Test. Beg., Beg. 
Collat. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; Walker's Suffer- 
ings ; Hutchinson's Northumberland, i.] 

JAMES INGLIS, son of Cornelius I. of 
^ Eastbarns, Dunbar; educated at 
Univs. of St Andrews, Aberdeen, 
and Edinburgh; M.A. (Edinburgh 1664). 
He passed his trials at Dunbar, and being 
recommended to George, Bishop of Edin- 
burgh, was licen. 13th Jan. 1671. In 
consequence of the infirmity and sickness 
of the preceding min., he was recom- 
mended by the Bishop to supply his 
place 30th May 1673, and officiated till 
22nd Aug. 1676. — [Dunbar Presb. and 
Edin. Counc. Beg., Beg. Collat.] 

ROBERT SCOTT, trans, from Inver- 

7 keithing, adm. before 28th Nov. 

1676; trans, to (Hamilton) the 

Deanery of Glasgow. — [Act. Beet. Univ. 

St And. ; Fountainhall's Dec, i. ; Maitland 

Miscell., iii.] 

1687 J une 1653, son of Robert B., advo- 
cate, and Katherine Pearson (Beg. of 
Deeds, Dal., 19th Feb. 1733) ; ord. to Cross- 




michael about 1672 ; trans, to Kirkton 
17th April 1684; trans, to Second Charge 
13th Aug. 1685 ; trans, and adm. 28th June 
1687 ; deprived by the Privy Council 23rd 
Aug. 1689, for refusing to read the Procla- 
mation of the Estates, or pray for King 
William and Queen Mary. He marr. 
Elizabeth Kirk, who was buried in Grey- 
friars, 31st Jan. 1696.— [Peterkin's Con- 
stitution of the Church ; MS. Ace. of Min., 
1689 ; Hist. Bel. of the Gen. Ass., 1690.] 

THOMAS WILKIE, born 8th April 

1689 1645 ' ne P new °f Thomas W., min. 
of the Tolbooth Parish; educated 
at Univ. of Edinburgh; MA. (31st July 
1662) ; was a member of the meeting of 
ministers in the province of Lothian and 
Tweeddale (after the Toleration) 6th July 
1687 ; pres. by the Town Council of Edin- 
burgh 6th May 1689, and adm. soon after ; 
formed a kirk-session 14th Jan. 1690; 
continued his services in the meeting- 
house till 22nd Aug. 1691, when the keys 
of the church were delivered to him by 
order of the Privy Council ; Moderator of 
Assembly 17th Feb. 1701, and a second 
time 16th March 1704; died 19th March 

1711. He bequeathed about four hundred 
volumes to the Library then recently 
founded for the use of the Divinity Hall 
at Edinburgh. He marr. Kachel, daugh. of 
John Sinclair, min. of Ormiston (Beg. Sec. 
Sig., vi., 497), and widow of William 
Hog, W.S. — \Edin. Guild and Beg. (Bur.), 
Tombst. ; Monteith's Mort., ii. ; Edin. Chr. 
Inst., xxv. ; Bower's Univ., i. ; Wodroio 
MSS., lxxxii. ; Bonar's Canongate.'] 

JOHN WALKER, trans, from Second 

1712 Charge and adm. 30th Jan. 1712 ; 

retrans. to Second Charge 9th April 

1712, with an admonition from the Presb. 
" not to be so changeable in future." 

JAMES WALKER, MA. (St Andrews, 
1718 12th July 1698) ; licen. by Presb. of 
St Andrews 21st Nov. 1700; ord. 
to Auchtergaven 30th April 1701 ; trans, 
to Forteviot 29th Jan. 1707 ; trans, to 
Ferryport-on-Craig 14th June 1710 ; called 
15th April 1712 ; trans, and adm. 23rd 
June 1713; died 3rd March 1752, in 73rd 

year. He marr. Isobel Oliphant, who died 
11th Jan. 1762, and had issue — Samuel. 

JAMES WATSON, formerly master of 
175 _ George Watson's Hospital, Edin- 
burgh; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 
5th June 1745; ord. to Newbattle 19th 
Aug. 1746; called 28th Nov. 1752; trans, 
and adm. 7th Aug. 1753; died at Peffer- 
mill, Liberton, 5th Nov. 1673. Three of 
his letters to James Pillans, the son of a 
cousin, who became Rector of the High 
School of Edinburgh, and Professor of 
Humanity in the University, have been 
preserved. They show shrewdness and 
great knowledge of the world, and teach 
sound lessons of morality. He marr. 14th 
Dec. 1750, Anne (died at Edinburgh, 15th 
Nov. 1824, aged 93), daugh. of Walter 
Foggo, principal clerk in G.P.O., Edin- 
burgh. — [Scots Mag., xv., p. 423; Morren's 
Ann., ii. ; Acts of Ass., 1753 ; Steven's High 

WILLIAM LOTHIAN, born 5th Nov. 
1764 1740, son of George L., surgeon, 
Edinburgh ; educated at Edinburgh 
High School and Univ.; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh- 1762; pres. by George III. 
12th April (Beg. Sec. Sig., ix., 372), and 
ord. 16th Aug. 1764; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
15th Oct. 1779); died 17th Dec. 1783. He 
marr. 1st Oct. 1776, Elizabeth (died 8th 
Aug. 1815), daugh. of Edward Lothian, 
jeweller in Edinburgh, and had issue — 
Edward, W.S., afterwards advocate, born 
20th Sept. 1769, died 12th April 1840; 
William, born 11th Nov. 1770; George, 
merchant, Leith, born 30th Jan. 1772; 
Helen, born 24th July 1773; John, born 
7th May 1775, died 5th Aug. 1779 ; Thomas, 
surgeon, Edinburgh, born 13th Nov. 1776. 
Publications — History of the United Pro- 
vinces of the Netherlands (London, 1780); 
Sermon XXI. (Scotch Preacher, ii., Edin- 
burgh, 1776).— [Steven's High School, Test. 
Beg., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

ROBERT WALKER, born 1776, son of 

William W., min. of the Scots 

Church, Rotterdam ; licen. by Presb. 

of Edinburgh 24th April 1770; ord. to 

Cramond 27th Nov. 1776 ; pres. by George 




III., trans, and adm. 19th Aug. 1784; 
F.R.S.; died 30th June 1808. He marr. 
8th May 1778, Jean (died 10th June 1831), 
daugh. of John Fraser, W.S., and had 
issue — Magdalene, born 23rd Feb. 1779 
(marr. 3rd March 1800, Richard Scougal, 
merchant, Leith); Jane, born 30th Sept. 
1781 (marr. James Thomson, merchant, 
Leith); John, born 6th April 1784; 
William, born 13th March 1786, died 1st 
April 1787; Robert, born 9th Sept. 1788. 
Publications — Sermons (Edinburgh, 1791); 
Three single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1794-8); 
Observations on the National Character of 
the Dutch, and the Family Character of 
the House of Orange (Edinburgh, 1794); 
The Psalms of David Methodized (Edin- 
burgh, 1794) ; Kolf, a Dutch game (Sinclair's 
Stat. Ace, xvi.). — [Kay's Portr.] 

ANDREW GRANT, D.D. ; trans, from 

1808 Kilmarnock; pres. by George III., 

and adm. 20th Oct. 1808; trans. 

to Trinity Parish, Edinburgh, 11th Oct. 

1810. — [Anderson's Sketches.] 

HENRY GARNOCK, born Dunblane, 
1811 1768; educated at St Andrews 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dunblane 
11th Feb. 1794; ord. to Legerwood 14th 
March 1798; pres. by the Crown, trans, 
and adm. 25th July 1811 ; Synod clerk 
14th Nov. 1815 ; died in a carriage on his 
way home, 22nd Jan. 1820. He was un- 
marr. — [Tombst.] 

1820 ^ an " 1^64, son of Alexander S., min. 
of Blair Athole ; educated at Univ. of 
St Andrews ; tutor in the family of Graham 
of Greigston ; licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 
8th Feb. 1786; ord. to Moulin 21st Sept. 1786; 
M.A. (St Andrews 1792) ; trans, to Dingwall 
1805 ; pres. by George IV., trans, and adm. 
13th July 1820; died 27th May 1821. A 
proficient Gaelic scholar, he did great 
service to the Highlands in revising the 
translation of the Scriptures in his native 
language (S.P.C.K.), and for this work he 
received the unanimous thanks of the 
General Assemblies 1819 and 1820. He 
marr. (1) 31st Oct. 1793, Louisa (died 6th 
Feb. 1799), eldest daugh. of Capt. Lachlan 

Macpherson, and had issue — Alexander, 
min. of Cromarty, born 25th Sept. 1794; 
Catherine, born 11th May 1797 (marr. 
Hector Allan, min. of Kincardine) : (2) 4th 
March 1802, Emilia (died at Bays water, 
12th Nov. -1855), eldest daugh. of Charles 
Calder, min. of Urquhart, and had issue — 
Charles Calder, min. of Aberdalgie, born 
22nd Nov. 1804 ; Duncan, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., 
born 21st Jan. 1805; James Calder, born 
29th Aug. 1806 ; Patrick, born 30th May 
1808; Margaret Brodie, born 16th Aug. 
1810 (marr. 3rd March 1829, Sir John 
Herschel, the astronomer) ; Isabel Robert- 
son, born 27th May 1812, died unmarr. ; 
John, born 18th June 1814. Publications 
— Elements of Gaelic Grammar (Edinburgh, 
1801) ; Account of a Late Revival of Religion 
in a Part of the Highlands (Edinburgh, 
1802) ; Address to the Royal Athole Regt. 
of Volunteers (Edinburgh, 1804); A Primer 
or Spelling Booh, in Gaelic ; Sermons, with 
a Memoir (Edinburgh, 1822); Hints on 
Faith and Hope (Edinburgh, 1858) ; trans- 
lated into Gaelic Isaac Watts' Preservative 
from Vice and Folly ; revised the Original 
of Ossian, under the superintendence of 
the Highland Society of London ; Account 
of Moulin (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, v., xxi.). 
— [Sermons (Mem.), Bonar's Canongate; 
Memoir, by James Sieveright, D.D., 

JOHN LEE, LL.D., M.D., Professor of 
1828 Di vm i tv an( l Ecclesiastical History, 
St Mary's College, St Andrews; 
pres. by George IV. 15th June 1821 ; adm. 
21st March 1823 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 28th 
Dec. 1823); trans, to Lady Yester's, 17th 
Feb. 1825.— [Bonar's Canongate.'] 

JOHN GILCHRIST, a native of Edin- 
1825 Dur sh> w h° se parents belonged to 
the Cameronian Church; licen. by 
Presb. of Stranraer 2nd Aug. 1797 ; assistant 
at Dundee ; ord. to East Church, Greenock, 
10th Nov. 1807; D.D. (Glasgow, 1st May 
1812) ; pres. by George IV. ; trans, and 
adm. 25th Aug. 1825 ; died 23rd May 1849, 
in 79th year. He marr. 26th Oct. 1812, 
Catherine (died 24th Oct. 1842), daugh. of 
James Addie, min. of Kilmaronock, and 
had issue— Margaret, born 2nd Aug. 1813, 





died 17th March 1834; Mary, born 27th 
Oct. 1814 ; Anne, born 4th April 1816 j 
George Baird, born 4th Dec. 1818, died 
6th Oct. 1831 j John, born 20th April 
1820, died 30th Aug. 1829. Publication— 
Sermons and Lectures (Edinburgh, 1833). — 
[Bonar's Fun. Serm., and Canongate.] 

28th March 1818, son of James B., 
accountant of Excise, Edinburgh, 
and Ann, daugh. of Archibald Lawrie, 
Spylaw, Colinton; educated at High 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 1843 ; ord. to 
Fogo 26th Sept. 1843; trans, to Second 
Charge, Canongate, 13th March 1845 ; trans, 
and adm. 28th Nov. 1849 ; died 25th Feb. 
1867. He marr. 5th Aug. 1856, Jane Bell 
(died 5th Nov. 1862), daugh. of James Weir, 
and had issue — Agnes Ann, born 22nd 
Nov. 1857. Publications — Last Days of 
the Martyrs (1841) ; Last Days of Eminent 
Christians (1843) ; The Holy Land (London, 
1844) ; Incidents of Missionary Enterprise 
(1846) ; The Church's Duty to the Masses 
(1857) ; Presbyterian Liturgies (1858) ; Poets 
and Poetry of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1864) ; 
The Canongate of Edinburgh : Its History, 
Remarkable Houses, and Traditions (1856 
and 1865) ; The Crown of Thorns (London, 

DANIEL M'FEE [MACFIE], born Ross- 
18Q| _ shire, 9th Aug. 1811, son of John M'F.; 
educated at King's College, Aber- 
deen, and Univ. of Glasgow; ord. to St 
Andrew's, Kilmarnock, 15th Aug. 1848; 
trans, and adm. to Second Charge, 15th 
Aug. 1850 ; became sole min. 1867 ; res. 1st 
April 1869; he was at Pittsburg, U.S.A., 
1872-7; Seattle, U.S.A., 1877-8; Chehalis 
and Freeport, U.S.A., 1878-9; Port Town- 
send, 1879-81 ; Cambria, California, 1881-6 ; 
died at Edinburgh, 26th Nov. 1899. He 
marr. (1) 17th April 1835, Jane Gibson, 
whom he divorced 23rd June 1863 : (2) 13th 
Jan. 1865, Margaret Livingstone Macleod, 
widow of Thomas Ker, surgeon, Edinburgh. 

JAMES MACNAIR, born Ballantrae, 

186g Ayrshire, 24th April 1821, son of 

Robert Macnair, D.D., Abbey Parish, 

Paisley; educated at Paisley Grammar 

School and Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. 
(1841) ; licen. by Presb. of Paisley ; assist- 
ant at Lanark; ord. to Legerwood 19th 
Dec. 1844; trans, to Auchtermuchty 1st 
July 1853 ; trans, and adm. 23rd Dec. 1869 ; 
died 13th Nov. 1888. He marr. (1) 8th 
June 1852, Jane (died 2nd March 1868), 
daugh. of John Gregorson of Ardtornish, 
Sheriff- substitute of Argyll, and Mary 
Maclaine of Lochbuie, and had issue — 
Mary, born 31st Aug. 1853, died 15th Nov. 
1871 ; Robert, stockbroker, Edinburgh, born 
17th April 1855, died 21st May 1904 ; John 
Gregorson, banker, Edinburgh, born 27th 
Sept. 1857, died 26th March 1899 ; Angus 
Gillian Maclaine, engineer in Mexico, born 
18th March 1860, died 28th Feb. 1903 ; James 
Alexander Hill, C.A., London, born 23rd 
Oct. 1861: (2) 7th April 1875, Harriet 
(died 22nd June 1892), daugh. of Professor 
Hill, Glasgow. 

THOMAS WHITE, born Applegarth, 
Dumfriesshire, 29th Sept. 1858, son 
of George W. and Jean Frood ; edu- 
cated at Sandyholm and Lockerbie Schools, 
and Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh May 1886 ; assistant at 
Canongate; ord. 13th Feb. 1889. He 
marr. 7th Jan. 1890, Janet Barbara, daugh. 
of Peter Stuart and Margaret Wilson, and 
has issue— George Thomas Frood, born 29th 
Nov. 1890; Margaret Stewart, born 3rd 
Aug. 1891. 

Second Charge. 

[Uncollegiated by Act of Parliament (30 
& 31 Vict. cap. 107) 20th Aug. 1867.] 

JOHN DAVIDSON, M.A.; formerly at 
Liberton. He officiated for a time 
in the East (or New) Kirk of 
Edinburgh, "who, as well as the Synod, 
allowed weill of his travellis," 1st Dec. 
1592, and was found qualified by the Synod 
1st Oct. 1594; proposed for Haddington, 
Second Charge, 2nd April 1595, and took his 
farewell on 9th Dec. ; trans, to Prestonpans 
1595, but continued on the Register 1599.— 
[Reg. Assig., Edin. Counc. Reg., Wodroio 
Miscell. ; Booke of the Kirk, Calderwood's 




HENRY BLYTH, M.A.; app. by the 
1598 Presb. 20th Oct. 1594, to officiate 
occasionally in room of John Brand ; 
called 4th Feb., and adm. 6th April 1598 j 
trans, to First Charge about 1601. — [Act. 
Red. Univ. St And., Test. Reg., Reg. Assig., 
Wodrow Miscell.] 

OLIVER COLT, MA.; regent of 
lell Humanity in Univ. of Edinburgh; 
adm. 1611 ; trans, to Foulden 1614. 

MATTHEW WEMYSS, adm. 1630; 
1680 trans, to First Charge 1635. 

JOHN WATSON, MA. (Edinburgh, 
1636 23rd July 1631); adm. about 1636; 
dep. 1st Jan. 1639, "for desert- 
ing his charge." — [ Wodrow MSS., lxiii. ; 
Ace. of Ass., Peterkin's Records, Stevenson's 

GEORGE LESLIE, MA. ; adm. 22nd 
1639 ^ 0V * l^ 39 ; trans, to First Charge 

JOHN HOG, MA. ; trans, from West 
164 _ Linton ; nominated by the Town 
Council of Edinburgh 25th Feb., and 
adm. 19th May 1646; trans, to South 
Leith in 1653. — [Edin. Counc. Reg. ,Lamont's 

JAMES NAIRNE, called 12th Nov. 
1Q5Q 1655, and adm. 17th April 1656; 
trans, to First Charge 1657. — [Edin. 
Counc. Reg.] 

(Edinburgh, May 1653); called 8th' 
Dec. 1657; adm. 14th April 1658. 
Deprived by the Act of Parliament 11th 
June, and of the Privy Council 1st Oct. 
1662. Having been summoned to appear 
before the Privy Council in 1673, and not 
obeying, he was ordered, 4th Sept., to be 
apprehended wherever found. He died 2nd 
April 1676, aged about 43. He marr. 14th 
Dec. 1658, Janet (died 20th Jan. 1709, aged 
71), daugh. of Robert Hardie, burgess and 
guild-brother of Edinburgh, in right of 
whom he entered on both 22nd July 1668. 
They had issue — Mary (marr. 23rd Nov. 
1702, Nicol Spence, writer, Edinburgh) ; 

Jean (marr. Jan. 1698, Dugald Simpson, 
min. of Applegarth) ; John, bapt. 19th Aug. 
1670 ; Elizabeth (posthumous), bapt. 6th 
April 1676.— [Edin. Reg., Wodrow's Hist., 
Canongate Reg.] 

PATRICK HEPBURN, MA. ; formerly 

lees °^ Bolton '} elected by the Magistrates 

and Kirk-session 9th July, ord. and 

coll. 20th, and adm. 22nd Nov. 1663 ; trans. 

to St Cuthbert's in 1680.— [Reg. Collat.] 

1680 19 *^ ^ une 1^57, son of Thomas C, 
Dean of Guild in Edinburgh, and 
Elizabeth Mortimer ; educated at Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; MA. (7th April 1675) ; adm. 
about end of 1680, and died unmarr. in 
Nov. 1681. — [Calderwood's Hist., viii. ; 
Edin. Reg. {Bapt.) ; Inq. Ret. Edin., 1279.] 

JOHN LUMSDEN, trans, from Dal- 
1682 £ et y^ a( * m- 1682; trans, to Lauder 
1685.— [Fountainhall's Dec, i.] 


ALEXANDER BURNET, trans, from 
Kirkton ; adm. 13th Aug. 1685 ; 

trans, to First Charge 1687. 


JAMES CRAIG, M.A.; formerly of 
Tranent ; elected by the Kirk-session, 
Magistrates, Heritors, and Deacons 

of Crafts 29th Aug., and adm. 14th Sept. 

1687 ; trans, to Duddingston about 1694. 

WILLIAM MITCHELL, called (after 
12th April), and ord. in 1695 ; trans. 
1695 to the Old Kirk Parish 27th June 


JOHN WALKER, licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 9th Feb. 1709; called 
19th July, and ord. 27th Sept. 1709 ; 
trans, to First Charge 30th Jan., but this 
was recalled 1st, and he was readm. 9th 
April 1712 ; died 13th Nov. 1741, aged 61. 
He was distinguished for his services to the 
Society for Propagating Christian Know- 
ledge. He marr. (pro. 15th July 1710) 
Mary, daugh. of Adam Leslie, merchant, 
Dumfries {Canongate Reg.). His son 
Robert was min. of the High Kirk Parish, 
Edinburgh. — [Morren's Ann., i. ; Kay's 
Portr., i.] 




HUGH BLAIR, MA. ; trans, from Col- 

194 „ lessie; called 13th Jan. and 10th 

Feb., and adm. 14th July 1743; 

trans, to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 11th 

Oct. 1754. — [Bonar's Canongate.'] 

JOHN WARDEN, son of John W., min. 
17 __ of Gargunnock; M.A., (Glasgow, 
May 1725) ; licen. by Presb. of Stir- 
ling 9th Dec. 1730; ord. to Carapsie 21st 
March 1732; trans, to Perth 19th March 
1747; pres. by the Heritors and Kirk- 
session (another presentation being given 
by George II. on 16th Jan. 1755 (R. Sec. 
Sig., 560) to Hugh Bannatine, min. of 
Dirleton ; both were withdrawn, and a 
moderation at large allowed). He was 
called 21st Aug., and adm. 6th Nov. 1755 ; 
died 29th Dec. 1764. He marr. (1) Anne, 
daugh. of Hugh MacFarlan of Ballan- 
cleroch, and had issue— Elizabeth ; Helen ; 
Margaret; Lilias, born 26th Dec. 1738; 
John, his successor; William, born 5th 
Oct. 1745 ; James, born 21st Jan. 1747 : (2) 
13th Feb. 1750, Janet (died 18th March 1762), 
daugh. of James Campbell of Burnbank. 
Publications — An Inquiry into the Nature, 
Obligation, and Advantages of Religious 
Fellowship (1746) ; The Happiness of 
Britain illustrated, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1749); A System of Revealed Religion, 
composed in the express Words of Scrip- 
ture (London, 1769 ; another edition, 1843). 

1765 born 29th May 1740, son of pre- 
ceding; educated at Univ. of St 
Andrews ; MA. (1761)"; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 27th Oct. 1762 ; elected by the 
Heritors and Kirk-session 17th Jan., and 
ord. 18th April 1765. Assumed the name 
of MacFarlan on succeeding to the estate 
of Ballancleroch ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 2nd 
March 1778); secretary to the Society 
for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 
1784; Almoner to His Majesty 12th 
July 1785; died 24th Dec. 1788. He 
marr. 16th Feb. 1766, Helen (died 10th 
May 1819), daugh. of James Macdowall 
of Canonmills, and had issue — John of 
Ballancleroch, advocate, born 12th Jan., 
1767, died 18th Dec. 1846; Lilias, born 
16th Aug. 1768, died 15th April 1769; Ann, 

born 5th Dec. 1769, died 13th Nov. 1774 ; 
James, born 22nd Jan. 1771 ; William, born 
17th June 1772, died 18th Dec. 1772; 
Archibald, born 15th April 1 774 ; Elizabeth 
Home, born 13th Aug. 1775, died 1794; 
William, born 2nd Dec. 1776; Hew, born 
31st March 1778, died 29th July 1778; 
Helen, born 15th Sept. 1779 ; Patrick, min. 
of Greenock, born 4th April 1781. Publi- 
cations — On the Perpetuity of the Gospel 
Dispensation, & sermon (Edinburgh, 1778); 
A Defence of the Clergy of the Church of 
Scotland who have appeared in Opposition 
to an unlimited Repeal of the Penal Laws 
against Roman Catholics (Edinburgh, 1779) ; 
Inquiries concerning the Poor (Edinburgh, 
1782) ; A Summary Account of the Rise 
and Progress of the Society in Scotland 
for Propagating Christian Knowledge (Edin- 
burgh, 1783) ; Tracts on Subjects of National 
Importance (London, 1786); revised his 
father's System of Revealed Religion (see 
Scotch Preacher, 1789). — [Moncreiff's Life 
of Erskine, Bonar's Canongate.'] 

WALTER BUCHANAN, born 11th Jan. 
1789 1^ 55 > second son of Andrew B., malt- 
man, Glasgow ; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow ; MA. (1774) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow 2nd Dec. 1778; ord. to Stirling 
23rd Nov. 1780; elected by the Magis- 
trates, Kirk - session, Deacons of Crafts, 
and Heritors 19th Feb., and adm. 18th 
June 1789; D.D. (Edinburgh, 9th Dec. 
1805); died 6th Dec. 1832. He was the 
friend of Charles Simeon of Cambridge, 
who thought "it one of his greatest 
blessings to have known him." He marr. 
22nd Feb. 1785, Margaret Stobie, who died 
28th July 1847. Publications— The Bene- 
ficial Influence of the Gospel, a sermon 
preached before the Christian Knowledge 
Society (Edinburgh, 1804); Account of the 
Life of John Witherspoon, D.D., LL.D. 
(Witherspoon's Works, i.); edited The Re- 
ligious Monitor till its close in 1819. — 
[Haldane's Mem., Bonar's Canongate^ 

JOHN CLARK, MA. ; trans, from New 
Street Chapel; pres. by the Heritors, 
1883 etc., and adm. 12th Sept. 1833 ; trans, 
to the Old Kirk 6th June 1844. 





1845 * r0m ^ 0g0 13t ^ ■^• arc ^ 1 1845 > trans - 

to First Charge 28th Nov. 1849. 

DANIEL M'FEE [MACFIEJ, trans, from 

St Andrew's, Kilmarnock, and adm. 

15th Aug. 1850 ; became sole min. on 

death of preceding in 1867. (See First 


DEAN (Q.S.) 

[First church opened by Dr Chalmers, 
15th May 1836; disjoined from St 
Cuthbert's and declared a parish quoad 
sacra by the General Assembly, 30th May 
1836. Erected into a parish quoad sacra 
by the Court of Teinds in 1870. A new 
church was opened, 30th May 1903.] 

JAMES KEITH HAY, born (?) Avon- 

bridge ; studied at the United 

Secession Hall; joined the Church 

of Scotland about 1824; licen. by Presb. 

of Dunblane 18th Sept. 1832; ord. 18th 

Aug. 1836 ; dep. 30th March 1842. 

JAMES MANSON, ord. 10th Nov. 1842. 
1842 J° me( * tne Free Church ; min. of the 
Free Church, Duns, 1843 ; died 21st 
Feb. 1890. 

JOHN BIRKMYRE, born Kilbarchan, 
1844 14th Dec. 1796, son of William B. 
and Elizabeth Stevenson; educated 
at Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1816) ; ord. to 
St Paul's, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 
1832; D.D. (Glasgow 1840); returned to 
Scotland 1841 ; adm. 2nd May 1844 ; died 
6th June 1864. He marr., and had issue — 
William Frederick, actuary, Glasgow. 

^^ Musselburgh, 6th Dec. 1840, son of 
Andrew W., schoolmaster at White- 
kirk, and Jean Telfer; educated at High 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. 
(1859), B.D. (1861); licen. by Presb. of 
Dunbar 3rd July 1863; ord. 11th May 
1865 ; res. 9th Jan. 1879; died 26th April 
1882. He marr. 14th June 1870, Jessie, 
daugh. of James Ogilvie, and had issue — 
Helen Ogilvie, born 24th Aug. 1876. 

JAMES WILLIAMSON, born Kirkcud- 
1879 bright;* 26th June 1833, son of James 
W. and Janet Gordon ; educated at 
Kirkcudbright Academy and Glasgow 
Univ.; M.A. (25th April 1854); licen. by 
Presb. of Kirkcudbright 9th June 1858; 
assistant at Kirkmabreck and St Michael's, 
Dumfries ; ord. 22nd June 1859, as chaplain 
on the Bengal Ecclesiastical Establishment ; 
ind. 26th June 1879; convener of the 
General Assembly's Committee on Indian 
Churches from 1881 ; D.D. (Glasgow 1905). 
Marr. (1) 4th Nov. 1861, Agnes (died 24th 
March 1870), daugh. of Robert Wallace, 
D.D., min. of St Michael's, Dumfries, and 
had issue — James Gordon, M.B., Gates- 
head, born 28th Oct. 1862; Elizabeth 
Wallace, born 31st Jan. 1864, died 22nd 
Nov. 1884 : (2) 1st Nov. 1875, Isabella Agnes 
Jane, daugh. of John Donaldson, min. of 
Kirkconnel, and has issue — Mary Gordon, 
M.A., born 14th June 1877, authoress of 
Edinburgh (Series of "Ancient Cities"). 


[Proposed July 1766, built 1768, opened 
June 1769 ; united to the Gaelic and English 
Chapel, and closed 22nd Oct. 1815.] 

1*775 GREGOR], a native of Perthshire, 
for sometime clerk in an upholstery 
warehouse in the city ; licen. by the New- 
castle Classis [Presbytery] of Dissenting 
Ministers, 13th April 1773, and ordained 
by them next day. Officiated among this 
people, and was received into communion 
and authorised by the Presb. 26th July 
1775. Assumed the name of MacGregor 
in 1784 (which had long been proscribed), 
and died 12th Jan. 1801. He marr. Janet 
Brown, who died 5th April 1789, and had 
issue — Robert Brown, Colonel of the 88th 
Foot; Margaret (marr. Joseph Maclaren, 
surgeon, Royal Scots). — [Kay's Portr., i. ; 
Duncan's Elog. Sepulch., Epitaphs.] 

chaplain to Fraser's Regt. of Scots 
Fencibles, and Missionary at Strath- 
glass ; nominated by the Society for Propa- 





gating Christian Knowledge, and adm. 
(assist, and sue.) 12th Sept. 1799. He 
officiated also as chaplain to the 10th 
Militia, then stationed in the Castle; 
trans, to Moy and Dalarossie 3rd Sept. 
1806— [Kay's Portr.] 

JOHN M'DONALD, M.A. ; missionary 
at Berriedale ; adm. 29th Jan. 1807 ; 
trans, to Urquhart (Ferintosh) 1st 

Sept. 1813; afterwards known as "the 

Apostle of the North." 


[Originally the Gaelic and English 
Chapel-of-Ease, Edinburgh ; declared a 
parish quoad sacra by Act of Assembly, 
31st May 1834 (constitution revised 29th 
May 1837), and erected by the Court of 
Teinds 27th Nov. 1850. The original 
chapel, of which no trace remains, was 
built in the Castle Wynd in 1789. In 
1815 a chapel in Horse Wynd belonging 
to the Gaelic and English congregation 
was acquired, and occupied until 1877, 
when the church in Broughton Street was 
purchased from the Catholic Apostolic 

1813 ^k^ by the Proprietors 7th April ; 
trans, from Kilmuir-Easter, and adm. 
29th July 1813; dem. 31st Aug. 1814, 
having been pres. to Kilmuir-Easter, his 
native parish. 

JOHN MUNRO, M.A.; missionary at 
1815 Strathmore and Strath-Halladale [or 
Dirlot]; nominated by the Society 
for Propagating Christian Knowledge Oct., 
and adm. 14th Dec. 1815 ; dem. 10th May 
1821, having been pres. to Halkirk. 

DUNCAN M'CAIG, bapt. 23rd March 
1823 ^96, son of Duncan M. in Ballgar ; 
ord. by Presb. of Abertarff, 19th 
June 1822, as missionary at Fort William ; 
nominated by the Society for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge, and adm. 25th April 
1823 ; pres. to Uig by George IV. June 
following, but did not accept ; dep. 

11th July 1831. He became a teacher in 
Van Diemen's Land, where he died. 
Publication— Translation of the Shorter 
Catechism into Gaelic. — [Lismore Sees.; 
Kay's Portr., i.] 

JOHN MACALISTER, trans, from 

1831 Glenlyon ; nominated by the Society 

for Propagating Christian Knowledge 

5th Oct., and adm. 1st Dec. 1831 ; trans, to 

Nigg 20th April 1837. 

HUGH M'LEOD, M.A.; missionary at 

183g Melness [Emboli]; nominated by 

the Society for Propagating Christian 

Knowledge Sept., and adm. 10th Nov. 1837 ; 

trans, to Logie-Easter 19th Sept. 1839. 

JAMES NOBLE, born Killearnan, 1805 ; 
1840 e( *ucated at King's College, Aber- 
deen, 1819-24, and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
schoolmaster of Lochbroom 1826-38 ; licen. 
by Presb. of Lochcarron, 12th Feb. 1834 ; 
ord. to Lybster 2nd Jan. 1839 ; trans, 
and adm. 1st Sept. 1840. Joined the Free 
Church ; min. of the Free Church, Poolewe, 
1848 ; died 28th Oct. 1864. 

1846 ^ ec " 1846; trans, to Kirkmichael, 
Perthshire, 15th Feb. 1849. 


18 _^ trans, from Kilmuir, and adm. first 

min. of the parish, 28th Aug. 1850 ; 

trans, to Inverness, West Church, 13th 

May 1853. 

1854 Flemington, Nairn, 21st Jan. 1826, 
son of William M., tacksman, and 
Margaret Tolmie ; educated at Knockbain 
School, Ross-shire, and King's College, 
Aberdeen; M.A. (1849); parish school- 
master at Knockbain 1844; licen. by 
Presb. of Chanonry 1851 ; ord. to Stoer 
4th May 1852; trans, and ind. 21st Feb. 
1854 ; M.D. (St Andrews 1862) ; res. 30th 
June 1897; died 9th Nov. 1913. He 
marr. 18th May 1855, Helen Jane (died 8th 
Oct. 1905), daugh. of Archibald Browne, 
min. of St Andrew's Church, Demerara, 




first Presbyterian chaplain sent by the 
British Government to the West Indies, 
and Martha Fraser, daugh. of Colin Mathe : 
son of Bennetsfield and the Suddies, chief 
of the clan Matheson, and had issue — Grace 
Isabella, born 6th April 1856; William 
Archibald, born 10th May 1858, died 5th 
Nov. 1861 ; Helen Margaret, born 2nd Dec. 
1859; Jane Fraser, born 29th Oct. 1861, 
died 13th Nov. 1861 ; Donald Hugh, Fre- 
mantle, West Australia, born 3rd Nov. 1 862 ; 
Christina Amelia, born 22nd March 1864 ; 
Alice Isobel, born 15th July 1866 (marr. 
Raymond Dexter Clark, flockmaster, Aus- 
tralia); Flora M'Donald, born 18th July 
1868 (marr. William Green, min. of Inver- 
allan); William Muir, manager of the 
Panjab Bank, in succession to his uncle, 
Sir David Masson, born 2nd Feb. 1871 ; 
Katherine Hamilton, head mistress of 
County High School for Girls, Sale, 
Cheshire, born 14th Jan. 1874. Publications 
— Vestigia Celtica ; various papers in Celtic 
and other periodicals. 

189*7 M.A. ; trans, from Coll, and adm. 
8th Dec. 1897 ; trans, to Thurso 11th 
Nov. 1910. 

born Ardenny, Taynuilt, Argyll, 
2nd Nov. 1869, son of John MacG., 
surgeon, and Catherine Campbell ; educated 
at Glasgow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Lorn, 
May 1898 ; assistant at Kilfinichen, Steven- 
ston, Maxwell, Glasgow; F.R.G.S. (1908); 
V.D. 1912; ord. to Strachur 17th July 
1901 ; trans, and adm. 29th June 1911. 
Marr. 3rd Sept. 1902, Robina Ralston, daugh. 
of Alexander Campbell Macintyre, min. of 
Kilbrandon, and has issue — Constance 
Evelyn Campbell, born 25th Sept. 1903; 
John Alexander, born 29th Nov. 1904 ; 
Robert George, born 17th June 1907, died 
2nd Jan. 1908; Angus Duncan, born 28th 
Jan. 1909 ; Alistair Macintyre Campbell, 
born 3rd Nov. 1912. Publications— Ap- 
preciation of Wordsworth's Ode on the 
Intimations of Immortality (Ardrossan, 
1898); Comparative Geography for the 
Use of Teachers (Ardrossan, 1898). 


[Disjoined from St Cuthbert's and erected 
into a parish by the Town Council with 
concurrence of the Presbytery, 29th June 
1836, when the Old Kirk Parish was made 
an uncollegiate charge ; church opened 6th 
Oct. 1839.] 

WILLIAM GLOVER, born Leith, 27th 
. 7 Aug. 1801, son of William G. and 
Anne Kennison; educated at High 
schools of Leith and Edinburgh (he was 
dux of the latter) and Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
licen. by Presb. of Chirnside 11th Oct. 1825 ; 
assistant at Tolbooth, Edinburgh ; ord. to 
Crossmichael 17th Jan. 1828 ; pres. by the 
Town Council of Edinburgh, and adm. 31st 
March 1837; D.D. (Edinburgh, 9th April 
1849); died 30th Jan. 1871. Perhaps no 
man of his time exercised a more whole- 
some influence on young men looking 
forward to the ministry. He marr. 4th 
Oct. 1831, Elspeth (died 5th June 1873), 
daugh. of Cunningham Burnside, min. of 
Terregles (afterwards of Dunscore), and had 
issue — Isabella Riddle, born 5th Sept. 1832 
(marr. 15th June 1858, John Caird, D.D., 
Principal of the Univ. of Glasgow), died 
10th Sept. 1913; Jane Burnside, born 
7th July 1835, died 18th March 1838. 
Publication — Tract IX. on the Sabbath. 

ARCHIBALD SCOTT, trans, from Lin- 
lithgow, and adm. 21st Sept. 1871 ; 
D.D. (Glasgow 1876); trans, to St 
George's, Edinburgh, 29th Jan. 1880. 


JOHN MILNE, M.A.; trans, from 

1880 Kirkurd 12th Aug. 1880; trans, to 

Newlands, Peeblesshire, 30th Jan. 


1884 fr° m Morton, and adm. 10th July 
1884; trans, to Wilton, Hawick, 
18th May 1887. 

JOHN PATRICK, trans, from Monkton 

^ and Prestwick, and adm. 28th Dec. 

1887; D.D. (Edinburgh 1895); res. 

on appointment to the Chair of Biblical 

Criticism, Edinburgh Univ., 5th Oct. 1898. 




JOHN LAMOND, born Auchterhouse, 
1899 Forfarshire, 2nd Feb. 1855, son of 
William Ogilvy L. and Jane Hendry j 
educated at Wateresk School, Glen Clova, 
and Aberdeen and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
MA. (Edinburgh 1885), B.D. (Edinburgh 
1886); licen. by Presb. of Ayr 5th May 
1886 ; ord. to Kelton 7th Sept. 1886 ; trans, 
to Skelmorlie 19th May 1891 ; trans, and 
adm. 20th April 1899. Marr. 28th April 
1887, Mary, daugh. of John Logan, Provost 
of Troon, and Catherine Simpson, and has 
issue — John Logan, born 5th Sept. 1889 ; 
Kathleen Ogilvy, born 14th Oct. 1896; 
Isabella Ogilvie, born 6th Oct. 1899. 
Publications — Modern Palestine (Edin- 
burgh, 1896) ; The Elberfeld System (Edin- 
burgh, 1907); The Eternal Christ and other 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1914); The World's 
Outlook (Univ. of Colorado, 1913); Our 
Little Niche (Edinburgh, 1913). 


[A church ordered by the Town Council 
to be built in 1719 was finished in 1721, 
and the parish was erected in 1722 ; formed 
out of portions taken from the Tolbooth and 
Old Greyfriars.] 

JOHN HEPBURN, trans, from Torry- 
1723 burn; called 29th Nov. 1722. This 
appointment was signed by only 
seven of the fifteen ministers, and about 
twenty elders, without any of the Town 
Council — the minority being in favour of 
James Smith, min. of Cramond, who came 
to the city about eight years after. The 
Assembly sustained the call 18th May, and 
H. was adm. 3rd Oct. 1723 ; trans, to Old 
Greyfriars 28th June 1732.— [Acts of Ass., 
1723 ; Wodrow's Corresp., Edin. Chr. Inst.] 

JOHN GLEN, trans, from Stichill; 
called 31st Aug., and adm. 14th 
Dec. 1732 ; trans, to the New North 
Parish 22nd Nov. 1733. 

ROBERT WALLACE, trans, from 

7 Moffat ; called 23rd Aug., and adm. 

22nd Nov. 1733. About 1735 he 

assisted in establishing the Philosophical 

Society, which merged some fifty years 

after into the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

VOL. I. 


He was trans, to the New North Parish 
30th Aug. 1738. — [Scots Mag., xxxiii., lxxi. ; 
Morren's Ann.] 

17 „ the Scottish Church, Founders' 
Hall, London ; called 6th Jan. 1737. 
Charges of heresy 'alleged to be contained 
in two published sermons, were brought 
against him by the Presb., but he was 
acquitted by the Synod and by the As- 
sembly, 18th and 20th May 1738. He 
was adm. 13th July following, and app. 
to this charge 7th Feb. 1739 ; trans, to 
Tron Parish 25th July 1744. — [Observations 
on Two Serm., Answers for Dr W.; Acts of 
Ass., 1738 ; Morren's Ann. ; Erskine's Disc., 
i. ; Bower's Univ.] 


l745 from South Leith, Second Charge; 

called 28th March, and adm. 20th 

June 1745; trans, to Old Greyfriars 24th 

Dec. 1747. 

.,_.,_ 1708, son of Gershom C, Professor 
of Moral Philosophy, Univ. of 
Glasgow; educated at Univ. of Glasgow; 
MA. (4th May 1725); licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow 27th Sept. 1733; ord. to Monimail 
31st March 1737 ; trans, to Inveresk, 15th 
April 1741 ; nom. Professor of Divinity in 
Marischal College, Aberdeen, 24th Nov. 
1744, but declined ; called 4th May, trans, 
and adm. 24th Dec. 1747 ; died 17th Oct. 
1751. He marr. (pro. 7th Aug. 1743) Isobel 
(died June 1790), daugh. of John Lauder, 
surgeon, Edinburgh. Publications— Chris- 
tian Zeal, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1753); 
Sermons on Several Important Subjects 
(Edinburgh, 1753). — [Test, and Reg. 
(Bur.), Watt ; s Bibliotheca Britannica.] 

GEORGE KAY, M.A. ; trans, from St 
Cuthbert's; called 30th July, and 
adm. 26th Oct. 1752 ; trans, to Old 
Greyfriars 11th Oct. 1754. 

ROBERT DICK, M.A. ; trans, from 

7 Lanark; called 8th March, and 

adm. 11th Oct. 1754 ; trans, to Old 

Kirk Parish 21st, but changed to Trinity 

15th June 1758. 




JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock, M.A. ; 
1758 trans, from Culross ; called 13th 
Aug. 1756 ; adm. 15th June 1758 ; 
trans, to Old Greyfriars 9th July 1767. 

JAMES BROWN, trans, from Melrose ; 

1787 called by the Town Council, ministers, 
and elders 28th Nov. 1766 ; adm. 9th 

July 1767 ; trans, to New North Church 
24th Nov. 1768. 

ROBERT HENRY, min. of the High 

1788 Meeting, Berwick - upon - Tweed ; 
called by the Town Council 13th 

May, and adm. 24th Nov. 1768 ; trans, to 
the Old Kirk Parish 19th Dec. 1776.— 
[New Stat. Ace, viii. ; Scots Mag., liii.] 

JOHN KEMP, trans, from Trinity 
1W Gask ; called 2nd Aug., and adm. 
19th Dec. 1776 ; trans, to Tolbooth 
Parish 25th Nov. 1779. 

ANDREW HUNTER of Barjarg, D.D. ; 
17*79 trans - f rom New Church, Dumfries ; 
elected by the Town Council 3rd 
Sept., and adm. 25th Nov. 1779, being 
elected Professor of Divinity in the 
University, which he was to hold in 
conjunction ; trans, to Tron Parish 2nd 
April 1786. 

WILLIAM MARTIN, licen. by Presb. 
1W ^ of Haddington 1773; ord. to Gar- 
gunnock 6th April 1773; pres. by 
the Town Council 3rd Aug. 1786; trans, 
and adm. 22nd Feb. 1787, holding in con- 
junction the chaplaincy of Stirling Castle ; 
pres. to Tron Parish 8th Oct. 1788, but 
died previous to the day fixed for his 
admission, 10th Feb. 1789, in 45th year. 
He marr. 4th June 1787, Margaret Cock- 
burn, who died 5th Feb. 1855, having sur- 
vived her husband sixty-six years. 

HENRY GRIEVE, D.D. ; trans, from 
17 Dalkeith; pres. by the Town 
Council, and adm. 22nd July 1789; 
trans, to Old Kirk Parish 27th April 1791. 

JOHN SCOTLAND, born 1735, son of 

1791 ^°^ n ^*» Dunfermline; licen. by 

Presb. of Dunfermline 12th Nov. 

1760; ord. to Eskdalemuir 6th Jan. 1763; 

trans, to Westerkirk 16th June 1768 ; trans. 

to Linlithgow 17th Dec. 1778; pres. by the 
Town Council, and adm. 13th Oct. 1791. 
In the delirium of fever he terminated his 
life by throwing himself from a window, 
3rd May 1792. He marr. 21st April 1778, 
Helen (died 17th Sept. 1793), daugh. of 
Professor John Millar, Glasgow. Publica- 
tions — The End of Preaching, and the Way 
to Attain to It, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1780) ; 
Sermon IV. (Scotch Preacher, ii., Edinburgh, 
1776).— [Scots Mag., xxxvi.] 


17g2 trans, from Dunkeld ; pres. by the 

Town Council 8th Aug., and adm. 

15th Nov. 1792; trans, to New North 

Parish 10th Jan. 1799. 

ANDREW BROWN, D.D. ; trans, from 

1?99 Lochmaben ; pres. by the Town 

Council 3rd July, and adm. 18th 

Oct. 1799; trans, to Old Kirk Parish 24th 

July 1800. 

JOHN THOMSON, D.D. ; trans, from 

1& ^ Markinch ; pres. by the Town Council 

30th July, and adm. 18th Oct. 1800 ; 

trans, to New North Parish 16th Dec. 

1802; min. again in 1814. 


1803 Bolton ; pres. by the Town Council 

23rd March, and adm. 15th Sept. 

1803 ; trans, to Tron Parish 23rd Nov. 1809. 


1810 trans, from East Parish, Perth ; 

pres. by the Town Council Dec. 

1809; adm. 16th May 1810; trans, to St 

George's 16th June 1814. 

JOHN THOMSON, father of preced- 
iai4 m £' k orn 1741 ; licen. by Presb. of 
Penpont 1st April 1767 ; ord. to 
Sanquhar 7th Sept. 1769; trans, to Mark- 
inch 5th May 1785 ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 10th 
Dec. 1789); trans, to this charge in 1800; 
trans, to New North Parish 16th Dec. 
1802 ; pres. by the Town Council, trans, 
and adm. 20th Oct. 1814; died 17th Feb. 
1822. He marr. (1) 6th June 1770, Helen 
Forrest, who died 25th Oct. 1801, and had 
issue — William, D.D., min. of Perth, born 
28th Jan. 1773; James, born 29th Aug. 
1774; Andrew Mitchell, D.D., above 





mentioned; Jean, born 3rd March 1782 
(marr. 20th Aug. 1806, George Irvine of 
the High School), died 20th June 1808: 
(2) 5th Jan. 1803, Ann (died 27th May 
1837), daugh. of Francis Cowan, min. of 
Gladsmuir, and had issue — John, min. of 
Shettleston, born 25th Sept. 1803 ; r rancis, 
born 8th March 1807, died 23rd Nov. 1810 j 
Ann, born 19th Sept. 1809. Publications — 
Three single Sermons (Glasgow, 1781-93); 
View of the Agriculture of the County of 
Fife (Edinburgh, 1800) ; Account of Mark- 
inch (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xii.). 

WILLIAM MUIK, D.D., LL.D. ; trans, 
from St George's, Glasgow ; pres. by 
the Town Council 12th June, and 

adm. 12th Sept. 1822; trans, to St 

Stephen's 26th Feb. 1829. 

DANIEL WILKIE, born 1781, son of 
1829 J ames W. of Gilchriston ; educated 
at Haddington and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Haddington 25th 
March 1806 ; ord. to Stonehouse 28th Aug. 
1806 ; trans, to Yester 6th Dec. 1821 ; pres. 
by the Town Council, and adm. 13th Aug. 
1829; died of a malignant fever caught 
while visiting among the poorer classes of 
his parishioners, 29th Nov. 1838. He marr. 
20th Sept. 1809, Jane Clark Elliot (who 
died from having accidentally set her dress 
on fire at Portobello, 10th Dec. 1866, aged 
78), and had issue — Jane Bogle, born 
19th Oct. 1810, died 14th June 1833 (marr. 
Robert Batt of Purdie's Burn, Co. Down) ; 
Anne Macqueen, born 14th Nov. 1811 ; 
James, born 10th March 1813 ; William 
Clark, born 23rd July 1814 ; David Elliot, 
born 14th Aug. 1815 ; Daniel M'Queen, 
born 26th Oct. 1816; Susan Charlotte, 
born 7th Nov. 1817 ; Mary Elliot Lock- 
hart, born 9th Aug. 1819 ; Christiana 
Stewart, born 7th June 1821 ; Caroline 
Nisbet, born 21st May 1823 ; Emilia, born 
11th Jan. 1825; George Hay, born 13th 
Oct. 1826; Patrick John, born 2nd Nov. 
1828.— [Anderson's Sketches.] 

1889 Dur 6 n 4t h Sept. 1800, son of Dr 
William Wood, a medical practi- 
tioner in Jedburgh, and Isabella Hedley ; 
M.A. (Glasgow); licen. by Presb. of Jed- 

burgh 5th Oct. 1825; ord. to Newton-on- 
Ayr 16th Aug. 1827 ; trans, to First Charge, 
Stirling, 12th March 1836 ; trans, and adm. 
5th June 1839; when on leave of absence 
for ill-health acted as chaplain to 42nd 
Royal Highlanders at Malta 1842. Joined 
the Free Church ; was unable because of 
ill-health to accept a church at once ; 
resided two years in Madeira, and subse- 
quently assisted Dr Guthrie, Dr Clason, 
and others ; became min. of the Free 
Church, Dumfries, 8th June 1848; D.D. 
(Glasgow 1856); Moderator of the Free 
Church Assembly 1857; died 27th March 
1 877. Marr. 21st Oct. 1 833, Christian Inglis 
(died 14th Feb. 1886), daugh. of James 
Henderson, I.R., and Sophia Young, and had 
issue — William, born 31st July 1834, who 
died in New Zealand; Sophia, born 8th 
March 1836 (marr. D. N. Mackay, min. of 
Free Church, Rafford) ; Isabella Hedley, 
born 13th May 1838 ; James, banker, 
Sydney, Australia, born 14th March 1840 ; 
Julius, M.D., lieut.-col. I.M.S., born 10th 
April 1842 ; besides one who died in in- 
fancy. Publications — Two single Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1841-7); Letter to the Con- 
gregation of New Greyfriars, from Malta, 
1843 ; Address to the Congregation of New 
Greyfriars, on occasion of quitting the 
Establishment (Edinburgh, 1843); Lecture 
to Young Men (Glasgow, 1842).— [Smith's 
Scott. Clergy.] 


1848 28th ^ Uly 18 ° 5 ' S ° n ° f William 

R., corn merchant, Eyemouth (whose 
father, Robert R. of Prenderguest and 
Brownsbank, was descended from the 
Robertsons of Ladykirk), and Margaret 
Henry; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; 
licen. by Presb. of Chirnside 10th June 
1828; ord. to Muckhart 28th July 1831; 
trans, to Logie, Bridge of Allan, 12th Jan. 
1832; trans, and adm. 21st ' Dec. 1843; 
convener of the Committee on Correspond- 
ence with Foreign Churches 1845-70; he 
took a deep interest in the work of the 
Waldensian Church, and (along with Drs 
Guthrie and Andrew Thomson) raised a 
sum of £12,000 in its behalf; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1868); died at Cannes, 21st Feb. 



1882. He marr. 22nd July 1834, Georgiana 
Touchet (died 17th July 1892), daugh. of 
James Cossins of Weymouth, and Eliza- 
beth, daugh. of George, Lord Audley, and 
had issue — William Buxton, captain 79th 
Highlanders, born 2nd June 1835; James, 
born 3rd April, died 13th April 1841 j John 
Hay, born 20th Dec. 1843 j Henry Robert, 
born 12th Jan. 1845, died 5th May 1855; 
George Touchet, planter, born 14th July 
1847 ; Gertrude Susan Audley, D.C.S., born 
17th July 1849, died 24th Dec. 1900. A 
man of rare spiritual gifts and consecration. 
He devoted himself to developing Home 
Mission Work in the Grassmarket on lines 
which have since been widely followed. 
The Vennel Ragged School, established by 
him in 1846, was the first of its kind 
in Edinburgh. The William Robertson 
Memorial Mission Church in the Grass - 
market was erected to his memory. Pub- 
lications — Four single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1845-61) ; Journal of a Clergyman during 
a Visit to the Peninsula (Edinburgh, 1845) ; 
Letters to the Congregation of New Grey- 
friars, from Rome, 1850, and from Florence, 
1851 ; Account of the Parish of Logie {New 
Stat. Ace, viii.). — [Border Almanac, 1883 ; 
private information.] 

HENRY COWAN, trans, from Rubis- 

1882 ^ aW ' Aberdeen, an( l a ^ m - 1882 i D-D. 

(Aberdeen 1888); res. on appoint- 
ment as Professor of Church History in the 
Univ. of Aberdeen 30th Oct. 1889. 

ROBERT STEWART, born Dumbreck, 
1890 Kirkintilloch, 13th Dec. 1847, son of 
William S. ; educated at Southport 
School and Univ. of Glasgow ; MA. (1868), 
B.D. (1871); licen. by Presb. of Glasgow; 
assistant at Campsie; ord. to Skelmorlie 
11th June 1872; trans, to Duns 19th Aug. 
1875 ; trans, to North Leith 4th Oct. 1877 ; 
trans, to Jedburgh 15th Dec. 1881 ; trans, 
and adm. 8th May 1890; D.D. (Glasgow, 
24th April 1891); died 1st May 1905. He 
marr. 12th July 1877, Margaret, daugh. of 
John James Erskine Brown of Rosebank, 
Kelso, and had issue— Wilhelmina Jane, 
born 21st May 1878; William, born 28th 
July 1879; John James Erskine Brown, 
born 29th Dec. 1885. 

1 Monymusk 4th April 1860, son of 

Alexander Ogilvie, LL.D., head 
master of Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen, 
and Maria Nicoll ; educated at Monymusk 
School, Grammar School and Univs. of 
Aberdeen and Edinburgh; M.A. (1881); 
licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 1883 ; ord. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 21st April 1885 ; app. 
chaplain on Indian Ecclesiastical Establish- 
ment, Madras, 8th June 1885; Fellow of 
Madras Univ. 1899 ; returned to Scotland 
1 904 ; promoted Presidency senior chaplain 
23rd Sept. 1904; elected to this parish, 
and adm. 26th Sept. 1905 ; joint-convener 
of the Committee on Indian Churches 1907 ; 
convener of the Foreign Mission Committee 
1909; D.D. (Aberdeen, 5th April 1911); 
member of the World Missionary Con- 
ference Continuation Committee 1911 ; 
Croall Lecturer 1914. He marr. 30th April 
1885, Elizabeth Johnston, daugh. of John 
Massie, Aberdeen, and has issue — Norman, 
BA. (Cantab.), born 20th April 1890. 
Publications — The Presbyterian Churches 
(Guild Library) ; Tide Marks of the Cove- 
nant (Edinburgh, 1909); Castle Memories, 
Twenty Tales of Edinburgh Castle (Edin- 
burgh, 1911; 2nd edition, 1913); Women 
of the Covenant (Edinburgh, 1912); The 
Greyfriars' Churches (Edinburgh, 1913). 


[Founded in 1885 in memory of William 
Robertson, D.D., min. of New Greyfriars.] 


1884 [afterwards of Dunottar]. 


1885 wards of St Bernard's, Edinburgh]. 


1886 [afterwards of Logie Buchan]. 

1889 wards of Powis]. 

1896 [afterwards of Shapinshay]. 

DONALD DAVIDSON [afterwards of 
1899 Invergowrie]. 

JOHN RITCHIE, M.A. [afterwards of 
1901 Halkirk]. 



1904 of Trinity, Aberdeen], 



[In 1598 Edinburgh was divided into four 
parishes, and on 18th May of that year the 
High or Upper Tolbooth, then situated in 
the west part of St Giles, was allocated as 
a church for the South-West Quarter of the 
city. In the following year the "bigging 
of ane new kirk in the Kirk-of-Feyld 
yaird" was proposed, being either to the 
south or east of the present University 
buildings. That proposal was given up, 
and another made, 6th Nov. 1601, of 
" bigging a kirk in the Greyf riars burying- 
ground" (formerly the garden of the 
Grey Friars convent), "ye maist meitt 
and convenient plaice." Nothing, how- 
ever, was done until 1612. The church 
was built very slowly, and was not 
opened till Christmas 1620, when Patrick 
Galloway preached. In Nov. 1650 much 
of the inside work was destroyed by the 
English soldiery. Following a reparation 
about 1653, the church was soon after (1656) 
divided into two by a partition wall, which, 
however, was removed in 1663. Unfortun- 
ately the steeple was used as a magazine for 
holding gunpowder. On 7th May 1718 it 
was blown up, and part of the church carried 
away. Another catastrophe followed more 
than a hundred years later. Through the 
overheating of one of the flues the build- 
ing took fire on the morning of Sunday, 
19th Jan. 1845, and in a few hours nothing 
was left but the strong old rubble walls. 
After considerable delay it was again re- 
stored, and reopened 13th June 1857.] 

ROBERT ROLLOCK, born 1555, son 
of David R., of Kincledie and 
Powis, and Mariota Livingston, 
connected with the noble family of that 
name; educated at Stirling Grammar 
School and St Andrews Univ. ; M.A. 
(1573); regent and sole teacher at Edin- 
burgh College, 1585-6; Principal 1587-9; 

preached every Sunday at seven a.m., in the 
East Kirk ; took full charge of the East 
Kirk 1596 ; Moderator of General Assembly 
1597 ; adm. 18th April 1598 ; died 8th Jan. 
1599; a man of singular piety and integ- 
rity of life, unceasing in his labours, and 
vigilant in his superintendence. He marr. 
in 1587, Helen, daugh. of James Baron of 
Kinnaird, who survived him, and had a 
posthumous daugh., Jean, bapt. 22nd April 
1599 (marr. Robt. Balcanquhal, min. of 
Tranent). Publications — Comment in 
epistol. ad Ephesios (Edinburgh, 1590) ; 
Comm. in libr. Danielis (1591); Analysis 
epistol. ad Romanos (Edinburgh, 1594) ; 
Quaestiones et Responsiones aliquot defoedere 
Dei, et de Sacramentis (Edinburgh, 1596) ; 
Tractatus de Vocations efficaci (Edinburgh, 
1597); Comm. in epistol. ad Thessalonicenses 
et Analysis in epistol. ad Philemonem (Edin- 
burgh, 1598) ; Comm. in selectos Psalmos 
(Genev., 1598) ; Comm. in Evangel, secund. 
Joannem (Genev., 1599) ; Certaine Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1599) ; Comm. in epistol. ad 
Colossenses (Edinburgh 1600); Comm. in 
ejristol. ad Corinthios (Herborn, 1600) ; 
Analysis in epistol. ad Galatas (London, 
1602) ; Tractatus brevis de Providentia 
Dei, et de Excommunicatione (Genev., 
1602) ; Comment, in prioris Epist. Petri 
(London, 1603) ; Analysis in epistol. ad 
Hebrceos, et Tractatus de Justificatione 
(Edinburgh, 1605) ; Lectures upon the 
History of the Passion (Edinburgh, 1616) ; 
Select Works, edited by William M. Gunn, 
2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1844-9).— [Vita Rolloci, 
Robert Crawford; Grant's Hist. Univ., 
Edin. Counc. and Guild Reg. (Bapt.), Sel. 
Works, Melvill's Autob. ; Spottiswood's, 
Row's, and Calderwood's Ilists. ; Living- 
ston's Charac., Mackenzie's Lives ; Dempster 
Hist., i. ; Eccl. Anal. Scot., i. ; Middleton's 
Appendix, Nimmo's Stirlingsh., Watt's Bill. 
Britt., Diet. Fat. Biog.] 

PETER HEWAT, M.A. ; trans, from 

Second Charge ; app. by the Town 

Council 16th Jan. 1599; removed 

to East or Little Kirk in 1610. — [Edin. 

Counc. Reg. ; Booke of the Kirk, Row's and 

Calderwood's Hists. ; Orig. Lett., I] 



[PltESB. OF 

ANDREW RAMSAY, M.A. ; adm. 28th 
1614 April 1614; trans, to the Old Kirk 
Parish, probably about 1640-1. — 
[Edin. Counc. Reg.; Row's, Stevenson's, 
and Calderwood's Hists. (vii.) ; Maitland 
Miscell., ii. ; Reg. Sec. Sig., ci.] 

1642 f rom Wemyss ; elected and pres. by 
the Town Council 12th Oct. 1641 ; 
adm. 23rd Sept. 1642 ; trans, to the High 
Kirk Parish after Sept. 1647. — [Edin. Counc. 
Reg., Murray's Life of Rutherford.] 

[WILLIAM RAIT, min. at Brechin, was 

1648 nommate d 22n d March 1648, his 
presentation being "inibraced with 

ane hearty thanksgiving," but he did not 

ROBERT TRAIL, born 1603, son of 

1649 Colonel James T., of Killcleary, 
Ireland, Gentleman of the Privy 

Chamber to Henry, Prince of Wales, and 
grandson of the Laird of Blebo, and 
Matilda Melvill of Carnbee; M.A. (St 
Andrews, 21st July 1621); studied at the 
Protestant College of Saumur ; English tutor 
in France to the sister of the Due de 
Rohan 1628; chaplain to Archibald, Mar- 
quess of Argyll (beheaded 1661); ord. to 
Elie 17th July 1639 ; chaplain to the Scots 
army at Marston Moor 1644; elected by 
the Town Council 7th Nov. 1648; trans, 
and adm. 23rd March 1649. In 1650 he 
attended the Marquess of Montrose on the 
scaffold. He preached before Charles II. 
at his coronation at Scone in 1651. In 
1654 he was appointed by Cromwell one 
of those for certifying the ability and piety 
of such as were fit to be admitted to the 
ministry in the Lothian and Border pro- 
vinces. With several others he was com- 
mitted to Edinburgh Castle, 23rd Aug. 
1660, for engaging in a new Remonstrance, 
where he lay for ten months, when, having 
fallen sick, he was temporarily permitted 
to return home. He was next charged 
with high treason before the Privy Council, 
when he obliged himself, 11th Dec. 1662, 

to remove from the kingdom within a 
month, under pain of death. Owing to 
tempestuous weather he experienced diffi- 
culty in finding a ship in which to sail 
to Holland, and the Privy Council granted 
him a month's further grace in which 
to take his departure. In a petition he 
states that he "is towards the age of 
sixty years, if not more, and so cannot 
weill take such a journey in such a season 
without evident hazard of his life" (Reg. 
P. C). For some years he carried on a 
weekly correspondence with his friend 
Guthrie of Fenwick. Returning to Edin- 
burgh, he died 12th July 1678, and was 
buried in Greyfriars. A portrait of him 
is preserved in Smith's Iconographia Scot 
and Pinkerton's Scottish Gallery. He marr. 
23rd Dec. 1639, Jean (died Dec. 1680), 
daugh. of Alexander Annand of Auchter- 
allan, Aberdeenshire, and Margaret Cheyne 
(who suffered imprisonment, June 1665, 
for corresponding with her husband in his 
exile), and had issue — William, min. of 
Borthwick ; Robert, min. in London, 
and Bass Rock prisoner, born 1642, died 
16th May 1716 ; James, Lieut, of Stirling 
Castle, bapt. 10th March 1650, died 1721 ; 
Helen (marr. Thomas Paterson, min. 
of Borthwick); Agnes, born 1646, died 
1690 (marr. Sir James Steuart of Good- 
trees, Lord Advocate) ; Margaret, born 
1648, died 1717 (marr. James Scott of 
Bristo, writer in Edinburgh). Publication 
— A Letter from a Father to his Children, 
— [Elie Sess., Edin. Counc., Gen. Sess., 
Guild, and Reg. (Bapt. and Bur.); Acts 
Pari., vii. ; Lamont's and Nicoll's Diaries ; 
Rutherford's and Baillie's Lett., iii. ; Peter- 
kin's Rec. ; Wodrow's Hist., i., ii., and Anal. 
iv. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxiii. ; Chambers's 
Ann., ii. ; Wilson's Diss. Churches, i. ; 
Mun. Univ. Glasg., ii. ; Steven's Scott. Ch., 
Rotterd. ; Murray's Life of Rutherford, 
Lockerby's Life of J. Brown, Lord 
Guthrie's Chalmers and Trail Ancestry, 
Bryce's Old Greyfriars (portrait).] 

ROBERT DOUGLAS, M.A.; trans, from 

1662 *^ e "^ ast (®* Giles) Church, to make 

provision for the new Bishop of 

Edinburgh, 2nd June 1662, but deprived 




for not submitting to Episcopacy, 1st Oct. 
1662 ; settled at Pencaitland 1669. — [Edin. 
Counc. Beg., Lamont's Diary; Wodrow's 
Hist., i.] 

JOHN ROBERTSON, a West country- 
2 man ; M.A. (Glasgow 1654); chaplain 
to Alexander, Earl of Leven ; min. 
of the Second Charge, Kirkcaldy, 1658 ; 
trans, to Dysart 1661 ; pres. by the Town 
Council 6th Oct., trans, and adm. (in the 
High Church) 6th Nov. 1662. Having 
countenanced a movement in favour of 
a National Synod, he incurred the king's 
displeasure, who, 16th July 1674, directed 
his removal to the manse of Auchterless. 
In 1675 he submitted, petitioning to be 
restored to his charge, and was released 
by the Privy Council 27th April of that 
year ; was Almoner to His Majesty 24th 
March 1681 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 6th Nov. 
1686) ; died 11th Jan. 1691. He marr. Jan. 
1659, Elizabeth Scott, a gentlewoman in the 
Leven family, who was buried in Grey- 
friars, 26th Jan. 1692. — [Edin. Counc., 
Guild, Corstoiphine Sess., and Reg. (Bur.) ; 
Lamont's and Nicoll's Diaries; Wodrow's 
Hist., ii. ; Rule's Sec. Vindication ; MS. 
Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

GILBERT RULE, born about 1629, 
probably in Edinburgh, where his 
brother, Archibald, was one of the 
bailies (there is some likelihood, however, 
that he was born at Elgin in Oct. 1628, see 
Tate's Alnwick) ; after a distinguished 
career at the Univ. of Glasgow, where he 
was regent, he became (at an unusually early 
age), Sub-Principal of King's College, Aber- 
deen. Thence he went to Alnwick to be 
minister of a Dissenting congregation. After 
the Restoration he was much molested by 
local authorities, who tried to force upon 
him the use of the English Prayer Book. 
In 1662 he was ejected under the " Barthol- 
omew Act." He returned to Scotland, 
preached for a time in Fife, but incurring 
the displeasure of the Privy Council, fled 
to France and Holland. He took the degree 
of M.D. at Leyden, and practised medicine. 
In 1679 he was in Berwick-on-Tweed, where 
he was engaged both as a minister and a 

doctor. He was indulged at Linton Bridge, 
East Lothian, in the same year, but on 
going to Edinburgh and officiating at the 
baptism of a niece's child in St Giles 
(though with the full consent of Turner, 
the Episcopal minister), he was appre- 
hended and sent to the Bass. The sea 
air made him seriously ill, and after three 
months he was discharged under bond to 
quit the kingdom. He returned to Berwick, 
where he evaded arrest by keeping on the 
English side of the Tweed. For a time he 
was minister of a congregation in Dublin, 
and on 7th Dec. 1688 he received a call to 
this charge, which was confirmed by the 
Town Council, 24th July 1689. He was 
Principal of the Univ. in the following 
year, and retained both situations till his 
death, 7th June 1701. Engaging usually 
in study till a late hour, he was termed 
"the Evening Star" (in contrast to the 
Professor of Divinity, who was called 
"the Morning Star"), and was dis- 
tinguished for great learning, piety, 
candour, and moderation. He marr. 4th 
Feb. 1655, Janet Turnbull (who was buried 
7th March 1699), and had issue— Gilbert, 
M.D. ; Andrew, advocate, died Dec. 1708 ; 
Alexander, Professor of Hebrew in Edin- 
burgh Univ. 1694; Rachel; Janet. Pub- 
lications — A Modest Answer to Dr Stilling- 
fleet's Irenicum (London, 1680) ; Historical 
Bepresentation of the Testimonies of the 
Church of Scotland (1687); "A Sermon 
preached before Parliament from Isaiah ii. 
2" (Edinburgh, 1690), and others; A 
Bational Defence of Ron- Conformity 
(London, 1689); A Vindication of the 
Church of Scotland (London, 1691); A 
Second Vindication of the Church of Scot- 
land (Edinburgh, 1691); A Defence of 
the Vindication of the Church of Scotland 
(Edinburgh, 1694); A Sermon preached 
at the Meeting of Council of George 
Heriot's Hospital (Edinburgh, 1695); 
The Cyprianick Bishop Examined, and 
Found Not to be Diocesan (Edinburgh, 
1696); The Good Old Way Defended 
(Edinburgh, 1697) ; Discourse of Svppitn- 
ing Immorality and Promoting Godli- 
ness (Edinburgh, 1701); A Vindication 
of the Purity of Gosjiel-icorship ; A Repre- 




sentation of Presbyterian Government; 
Ansiver to Ten Questions concerning 
Episcopal and Presbyterian Government. 
— [Edin. Counc., Test., and Peg. {Bapt. and 
Bur.) ; Wodrow's Hist., MSS., and Anal. ; 
Calamy's Account and Continuation ; Watt's 
Bibl. Britt., ii. ; Mun. Univ. Glasg., ii. ; S. 
Presb. Eloq. ; Acts Pari., ix. ; Grant's Edin. 
Univ., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES HART, born 1663, son of James 
1702 ^'' P rovost °f Jedburgh ; MA. 
(Edinburgh, 11th July 1687); ord. 
to Ratho 4th July 1692 ; called 29th July, 
app. by the Presb. 9th, and adm. 20th 
Sept. 1702. In autumn 1714 he was ap- 
pointed by the Commission of Assembly 
one of those to congratulate George I. 
on his accession to the throne of Great 
Britain, and in Aug. 1726 Almoner to His 
Majesty ; died 10th June 1729. He was 
greatly opposed to the Union, and de- 
nounced from the pulpit as a traitor to the 
Church, his colleague Carstares, who was a 
chief promoter of the measure. He marr. 
(1) 4th Aug. 1692, Margaret Livingston : (2) 
Mary Campbell, and had issue — John, born 
1703; Alexander, born 1705; Mary, born 
1707 ; William, born 1708 ; James, born 
1709; David, born 1711 ; Charles, born 1712 ; 
Archibald, wine merchant, Edinburgh, born 
1713 ; Margaret, born 1715 ; Katherine, 
born 1716 (marr. 22nd Feb. 1741, James 
Thomson, merchant, Edinburgh); George 
and Wilhelmina, born 1717; Frances, born 
1718 (marr. 30th Aug. 1741, Andrew Steven- 
son, writer, Edinburgh). Publications — 
The Qualifications of Rulers and the Duty 
of Subjects Described, a sermon (Edin- 
burgh, 1703); The Journal of Mr James 
Hart in 1714, ed. by Principal Lee 
(Edinburgh, 1832).— [Test, and Reg. {Bur.) ; 
Wodrow's Ann., xv.- } Stevenson's Hist., ii. ; 
Murray's' Biog. Ann., Joum. {Mem.), Experi- 
ences of John Ronald, Diet. Nat. Biog.'] 

WILLIAM BROWN, born Edinburgh ; 
1780 educated at High School and Univ. ; 
MA. (30th April 1700); licen. 22nd 
April 1708 ; ord. to Second Charge, South 
Leith. 25th July 1712; trans, to Lady 
Yester's 19th Jan. 1721 ; trans, and adm. 
23rd July 1730; died 23rd March 1736, in 


54th year. He marr. Bridget Balfour, 
and had issue — Janet, born 3rd Dec. 1756, 
died Dec. 1789; James, born 26th Jan. 
1762. Publication — The Benefit and Com- 
fort of the Christian Revelation, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1736).— [Test, and Reg. {Bur.) ; 
Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv.] 

of Wemyss, Fife, 30th June 1686; 
third son of William R. of Gladney 
and Brunton, and Margaret Mitchell ; licen. 
by Presb. of Kirkcaldy 14th June 1711 ; 
ord. to a congregation in London 1711 ; 
adm. to Borthwick 23rd Sept. 1714 ; trans, 
to Lady Yester's 22nd Nov. 1733; trans, 
and adm. 10th Oct. 1736; died 16th Nov. 
1745. For many years he employed his 
leisure hours investigating the transactions 
occurring in the reign of Queen Mary, 
which may have led his son, the Principal, 
at an after period to complete them in his 
valuable History. He marr. 20th Oct. 
1720, Eleanor (died six days after her 
husband), daugh. of David Pitcairn of 
Dreghorn, Colinton, and Mary Anderson, 
and had issue — William, his successor, the 
historian ; Robert, born 10th Nov. 1722, 
died 15th Jan. 1723 ; Mary, born 6th Nov. 
1723 (marr. 17th Oct. 1751, James Syme, 
min. of Alloa, and was the grandmother of 
the 1st Lord Brougham and Vaux), died 
9th April 1803 ; Margaret, born 16th Feb. 
1725 (marr. 15th June 1750, Alexander 
Bruce, merchant, Edinburgh), died May 
1781 ; Elizabeth, born 25th Oct. 1727 
(marr., pro. 2nd June 1754, Archibald 
Hope) ; Patrick, jeweller, Edinburgh, born 
6th Aug. 1729, died 8th Sept. 1790 ; Helen, 
born 5th Feb. 1734, died 24th Jan. 1816, 
unmarr. ; James, born 30th June, died 
1st July 1737; Jane, born 4th July 1738 
(marr. 4th July 1756, William Gifford); 
Eupham, born 13th Feb. 1739 (marr. James 
Cunningham of Hyndhope), died March 
1807; Archibald, born 28th March 1741, 
died March 1742. Publication— Ministers 
ought to please God rather titan Men, a 
sermon (Edinburgh, 1737). He contributed 
Paraphrases XXV., XLIL, and XLIII. to 
the Collection published in 1745. — [Edin. 
Counc., Borthivick Sess., and Reg. {Bur.); 
Edin. and Alloa Reg., Edin. Test., Grey- 






friars Bur. Reg. ; Wodrow's Anal., iv. ; 
family information.] 

Andrews, 6th May 1713); licen. by 
Presb. of Dunblane 25th Oct. 1720 ; 
,ord. to Second Charge, South Leith, 17th 
Aug. 1721 ; trans, to New Grey friars 20th 
June 1745 ; trans, and adm. 24th Dec. 
1747; died 15th July 1760, aged 67. He 
marr. 16th Sept. 1724, Anne Lainont, of 
the parish of Scoonie, who died 24th March 
17G6, and had issue — Anne, died 4th July 
1760 (marr. 12th April 1747, Robert Norie, 
painter, Edinburgh); Christian (marr. 
William Aitken, min. of South Leith) ; 
James ; Barbara ; Andrew ; Mary ; William, 
died 25th Dec. 1759 ; Alexander. — [Scoonie 
Sess. Reg.] 

wick, 8th Sept. 1721, son of William 
R., min. of Greyfriars ; educated at 
the Grammar School of Dalkeith, and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of 
Dalkeith 28th June 1743; ord. to Glads- 
muir 17th April 1744; enlisted as a 
volunteer 1745; trans, to Lady Yester's 
15th June 1758 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 1758) ; 
chaplain of Stirling Castle 1759 ; one of 
His Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary 1761 ; 
trans, and adm. 26th Nov. 1761 ; Principal 
of the Univ. of Edinburgh 1762 ; Moderator 
of the General Assembly 26th May 1763 ; 
Historiographer-Royal for Scotland 6th Aug. 
following ; died 1 1 th June 1 793. Unrivalled 
in persuasive eloquence, he acquired great 
influence in the General Assembly and 
guided its business for twenty-eight years. 
He insisted on the independence of the 
Church in opposition to dependence on the 
policy of political parties ; on obedience 
being shown to the General Assembly by 
the inferior judicatories ; and on the en- 
forcement of the law of patronage, unless 
on cause shown, of erroneous doctrine, or 
immoral conduct. His industry, accuracy, 
and profound views, joined to the elegance 
and beauty of his style, entitle him to a 
high rank among historians. He marr. 
22nd Aug. 1751, Mary (born 10th Jan. 1723, 
died 11th March 1802), daugh. of James 
Nisbet, one of the min. of the Old Kirk 

Parish, and had issue — Mary, born 2nd 
Aug. 1752 (marr. 4th April 1785, Patrick 
Brydone, F.R.S., author of a Tour through 
Sicily and Malta, by whom she had three 
daughs., who marr. the 2nd Earl of Min to, 
Admiral Sir Charles Adam, K.C.B., and 
Gilbert Elliot, Dean of Bristol); William, 
advocate, Procurator of the Church of Scot- 
land 26th May 1778, Senator of the 
College of Justice, with the title of Lord 
Robertson 14th Nov. 1805, born 15th Dec. 
1753, died 20th Nov. 1835 ; Eleanor, born 
5th Aug. 1755 (marr. 8th June 1778, John 
Russell, jun., W.S.), died 17th Jan. 1837 ; 
Janet, born 3rd Dec. 1756, died Dec. 1789, 
unmarr. ; James, born 26th Jan. 1762, 
served in 1st Batt. of Lord Macleod's 
Highlanders (afterwards the 71st Regt.), 
was lt.-col. 92nd Gordon Highlanders 1798- 
1804, and subsequently promoted general, 
died 29th March 1845 ; David, born 29th 
Sept. 1764 (marr. 2nd Oct. 1799, Margaret 
Macdonald of Kinloch-Moidart,and took the 
additional surname of Macdonald when his 
wife succeeded to the estate of her brother, 
Lt.-Col. Donald Macdonald of Kinloch- 
Moidart), served in the 92nd Regt., and 
then in the 23rd Regt., was Deputy 
Adjutant-General of Ceylon 1801-3, and 
retired with 'the rank of lieutenant-colonel, 
died 7th Sept. 1845. Publications — The 
Situation of the World at the Time of 
Christ's Appearance and its Connection 
with the Success of his Religion Considered, 
a sermon (Edinburgh, 1755), which went 
through several editions, and was trans, 
into German ; The History of Scotland 
during the Reigns of Queen 3Iary and King 
James VI., till his Accession to the Crown 
of England, 2 vols. (London, 1759; 17th 
ed., with his last emendations, 3 vols., 
Edinburgh, 1806); The History of the 
Reign of the Emperor Charles V., 3 vols. 
(London, 1769) — The History of America, 
2 vols. (London, 1777), (its translation into 
Spanish was far advanced, when it was 
stopped by order of the Spanish Govern- 
ment); Books IX. and X., containing the 
History of Virginia to 1688, and the History 
of New England to 1652 (edited by his son, 
William), (London, 1798); An Historical 
Disquisition concerning Ancient India 




(London, 1791) ; eight Articles in the Edin- 
burgh Review (Edinburgh, 1755).— [Edin. 
Counc. Reg., Stewart's Life; Erskine's 
Disc., i. ; Grant's Univ., ii. ; Greyfriars 
Bur. Rec, Brunton and Haig's Senators 
of the College of Justice, Diet. Nat. Biog., 
family information.] 

17g4 from Lady Yester's ; elected and 
pres. by the Town Council 20th 
Nov. 1793; adm. 9th Jan. 1794, holding 
in conjunction the professorship of Logic 
in the Univ. ; trans, to the High Kirk 
Parish 14th March 1799. 

JOHN INGLIS, born 1762, youngest son 
1?9 _ of Harry I., min. of Forteviot ; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. 
by Presb. of Perth 28th Sept. 1785; ord. 
to Tibbermore 20th July 1786 ; pres. by 
the Town Council 3rd July, trans, and 
adm. 17th Oct. 1799; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
March 1804); Moderator of the General 
Assembly 17th May following ; one of the 
Ueans of the Chapel Royal 23rd Feb. 1810 ; 
died 2nd Jan. 1834. He had great weight 
in the councils of the Church, and was 
sometime leader of the Moderate party. 
In personal appearance he was stately and 
commanding. Through his influence the 
General Assembly, on 27th May 1824, agreed 
to appoint a committee for Foreign Missions. 
He was the first convener, and did 
much to forward its interests. He marr. 
16th Oct. 1798, Maria Moxham Passmore, 
who died 12th Jan. 1864, aged 87, and 
had issue — Harry, of Loganbank, W.S., 
born 25th May 1800, died 7th May 1883 ; 
Abraham Passmore, an officer in the army, 
born 14th Jan. 1803 ; William Bryce, born 
30th Aug. 1806, died 1808 ; The Right Hon. 
John, of Glencorse, Lord President of the 
Court of Session, born 21st Aug. 1810, died 
20th Aug. 1891; Mary Jane, born 7th 
Dec. 1804 (marr. Dr John Mackenzie 
of Eilanreach). Publications— Four single 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1803-26) ; A Letter on 
the Case of Mr John Leslie (Edinburgh, 
1805) ; An Examination of Mr Dugald 

Stewart's Pamphlet relative to the Election 
of a Mathematical Professor (Edinburgh, 
1806) ; Rejiiy to Professor Plat/fair's Letter 
to the Author (Edinburgh, 1806); The Im- 
portance of Ecclesiastical Establishments 
(Edinburgh, 1821) ; A Vindication of 
Christian Faith (Edinburgh, 1830) ; A 
Vindication of Ecclesiastical Establishments 
(Edinburgh, 1833) ; Account of Tibbermore 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xvii.). — [Brunton's and 
Gordon's Fun. Serms., Anderson's Sketches, 
Cockburn's Mem.} 

JOHN SYM, born Paisley, 19th Jan. 
1834 ^09, fourth son of James S. and 
Jean Melvill ; educated at Glasgow 
Univ.; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 14th 
Dec. 1831 ; ord. to Sprouston 6th June 
1833 ; pres. by the Town Council, trans, 
and adm. 25th Sept. 1834. Joined the Free 
Church 1843, and died 28th Jan. 1855. 
He conducted the Church History class 
in the New Coll., Edinburgh, during the 
last illness of Dr Welsh ; was convener of 
the Presb. of Edinburgh Home Mission 
Committee ; suggested better accommoda- 
tion for the houseless poor, and promoted 
the Lodging-house Association. He marr. 
28th June 1836, Catherine Glassford (died 
27th Oct. 1886), only daugh. of Lieut.-Col. 
John Munro, H.E.I.C.S., and had issue — 
James, born 6th Sept., died 21st Dec. 1837 ; 
Major-General Sir John Munro, K.C.B., 
born 15th Feb. 1839 ; Margaret Scott, born 
23rd March 1840 ; Jane Melvill, born 12th 
June 1842 ; Catherine, born 14th Sept. 
1846 (marr. 16th Dec. 1886, Alexander 
Gordon Miller, F.R.C.S.E.); Mary Agnes, 
born 21st Oct. 1848 (marr. 22nd June, 
1869, George Tait, min. at South Yarra, 
Australia) ; Georgina Violet, born 29th 
Nov. 1851, died 23rd July 1876 ; Henrietta 
Wilson, born 29th Oct. 1853. Publication 
— A posthumous volume of Discourses 
(1856, with Memoir). 

ROBERT LEE* born Tweedmouth, 

1843 llt; k ^° V ' 1804 ' SOn °^ George L., 

boatbuilder, and Jane, daugh. of 
Robert Lambert ; educated at the Gram- 

* Almost all the notices of Robert Lee's life contain 
erroneous statements as to his earlier years, his poverty, 
etc. The following is derived from first-hand informa- 

tion. His grandfather, Robert Lee, was a shipbuilder, 
and marr. Lily, daugh. of Isaac Davidson, a clever 
woman, a sweet singer, and a good violinist. Their son, 





mar School of Berwick-on-Tweed, and in 
1824 entered the Univ. of St Andrews. 
When he finished his studies in 1832, 
Principal Haldane said : " This Univer- 
sity has not for many years sent forth a 
more distinguished student. He has gained 
during a succession of years the highest 
honours which the University can award ; ' ; 
licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 10th May 
1832 ; ord. to Inverbrothock Chapel-of-Ease 
10th April 1833 ; pres. to Campsie, and adm. 
5th May 1836 ; trans, and adm. 9th Nov. 
1843; D.D. (St Andrews 1844); Dean of 
the Chapel Royal, and one of H.M. Chap- 
lains-in-Ordinary 1846; Professor of Bibli- 
cal Criticism in Edinburgh Univ. 20th 
Jan. 1847. In"1857.jhe began his reform 
of the Presbyterian Church service. He 
restored the reading of prayers, and intro- 
duced the custom of kneeling at prayer and 
standing during praise. In 1863 a har- 
monium was placed in his church, and in 
1865 an organ. These innovations provoked 
keen opposition in the Church Courts, and 
the Greyfriars' case was still pending before 
the General Assembly when on 22nd May 
1867 he fell from his horse in Princes Street, 
struck with paralysis. He died at Torquay, 
14th March 1868. He marr. 21st June 1836, 
Isabella Carrick Buchanan, who was granted 
a Civil List pension of £100 a year on 17th 
Nov. 1868 ; she died 4th Sept. 1889, and had 
issue — Margaret, born 29th July 1837 (marr. 
Lockhart Thomson, S.S.C.), died 26th March 
1862 ; George, born 17th March 1839, died 
13th Sept. 1862 ; Bella, born 7th Dec. 1840, 
died 11th Nov. 1863; Jane Anne, born 
5th April 1843, died 19th Aug. 1858; 
Catherine Napier, born 13th July 1845. 
Publications — Lectures on the Causes of 
Departure from the Parochial Economy 
and the Evils of that Departure, especially 

in Large Towns (1835); The Theses of 
Erastus Touching Excommunication, trans- 
lated, with a preface (1844); A Handbook 
of Devotion (1845) ; The Holy Bible, with 
the Marginal References revised and im- 
proved (1854 ; another edition, 1855) ; 
Prayers for Ptiblic Worship, with Extracts 
from the Psalter and other parti of Scrip- 
ture (1857; 2nd edition, 1858; 3rd edition, 
1863; 4th edition, 1864); The Order of 
Public Worship and Administration of the 
Sacraments as used in the Church of the 
Greyfriars, Edinburgh (5th edition, 1873) ; 
Prayers for Family Worship (1861 ; 3rd 
edition, 1884); The Family and its Duties, 
with Other Essays and Discourses for 
Sunday Beading (1863) ; The Beform of 
the Church in Worship, Government, and 
Doctrine (1864) ; The Clerical Profession, 
some of its Difficulties and Hindrances 
(1866) ; A Letter to the Members of the 
General Assembly respecting Innovations im- 
puted to the Writer (1867) ; Sermons (1874) ; 
numerous newspaper articles, addresses, 
discourses, and single sermons. — [Life and 
Bemains (2 vols., 1870), by Robert Herbert 
Story ; St Giles' Lecture (XL), by Principal 
John Cunningham ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

ROBERT WALLACE, born 24th June 
1869 1831 > son °f Jasper W., gardener, 
Kincaple, Fife, and Elizabeth Archi- 
bald ; educated at the parish school of 
Culross, and Univ. of St Andrews; M.A. 
(1853); Classical Master of Cupar Academy 
1854; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh July 
1857; ord. to Newton-on-Ayr 23rd Dec. 
1857; trans, to Trinity Parish, Edinburgh, 
21st Dec. 1860; trans, and adm. 26th Dec. 
1868; D.D. (Glasgow 1869); app. to the 
Chair of Church History in Edinburgh 
Univ. 1872; res. his professorship as well 

George Lee, was precentor In the Scots Church, Tweed- 
mouth, and later treasurer, elder, and session clerk. 
George early entered on business as a boatbuilder on his 
own account, and became a fairly prosperous man, 
employing from eight to ten men in addition to appren- 
tices. Robert, his son, was educated under a good 
classical teacher, Guy Gardiner, and served an appren- 
ticeship of six years with his father as a boatbuilder. 
When he was nine years old the father was able to 
buy a substantial house, still occupied by a relative. 
The story of his having to sell a boat for his 

college fees is unlikely, as his father was a prosperous 
man. In his vacations Robert Lee used to bring fellow- 
students down with him and take them out in a 
boat, probably built by himself. He was the eldest 
son. Anthony Pye, his brother, entered the Church of 
England, but died at the early age of twenty-five, in 1842. 
Another, William, who was an engineer, entered the 
Mint at St Petersburg, but fell under suspicion during 
the Crimean War, was banished to Siberia, and never 
more heard of. 




as his charge, and dem. his clerical 
orders on becoming editor of the Scotsman 
newspaper, 1st Aug. 1876. Retired from 
the editorship, 1st Nov. 1880 ; studied law, 
and was called to the English Bar at the 
Middle Temple, 17th Nov. 1883 j became 
radical Member of Parliament for the 
East Division of Edinburgh at the General 
Election of 1886, and sat (re-elected 1892 
and 1895) till his death at London, 6th June 
1899. He marr. 10th March 1858, Mar- 
garet (died 30th Jan. 1898), daugh. of James 
Robertson, Cupar-Fife, and had issue — 
Robert Lamb, barrister-at-law, born 12th 
Dec. 1858, died 16th Feb. 1894; James 
Robertson, M.D., born 23rd March 1860; 
William John, born 31st Oct. 1861, died 8th 
March 1862 ; Patrick Robertson, born 29th 
Oct. 1862 ; Archibald Duncan, born 4th 
April 1864, died in infancy ; Maggie Ireland, 
born 27th Aug. 1866 (marr. Alfred Gray, 
London) ; Arthur Stanley Jowett, born 8th 
Feb. 1872, died young; Alfred Campbell, 
actor, born 1st Oct. 1875, died 6th Feb. 
1911. Publications — Church Tendencies in 
Scotland (Recess Studies, Edinburgh, 1 870) ; 
The Study of Ecclesiastical History in its 
Relation to Church Theology (Edinburgh, 
1873) ; George Buchanan, in " Famous Scots 
Series," completed by J. Campbell Smith 
(Edinburgh, 1900). — [Recollections and 
Anecdotes, by Roderick Lawson (Paisley, 
1899); Life and Last Leaves, edited by J. 
Campbell Smith and William Wallace 
(London, 1903); Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


JOHN GLASSE, born Auchtermuchty, 
27th Jan. 1848, son of John G. ; 
educated at the Free Church School 
there, Univ. of St Andrews, and New 
College, Edinburgh; M.A. (St Andrews 
1872); licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh July 
1876; ord. 27th March 1877; D.D. (St 
Andrews 1895); res. 13th Oct. 1909. He 
marr. (1) 16th July 1878, Jane Scott (died 
9th Nov. 1904), daugh. of Provost White, 
Auchtermuchty, and had issue — John 
Morley, M.D., Haltwhistle, Northumber- 
land, born 13th April 1879; Helen Mar- 
garet, born 16th June 1881 (marr. E. B. 
Scott Melville, Dundee) : (2) 4th June 1907, 
Louisa Plymer, daugh. of Alexander Gibson, 

Ceylon. Publications — John Knox, a Criti- 
cism (London, 1905) ; Modern Christian 
Socialism; The Relation of the Church to 
Socialism ; Robert Owen and his Life- work ; 
Pauperism in Scotland, Past and Present. 

1910 Dowanhill, Glasgow, 16th Feb. 1871, 
eldest son of Colonel Alex. Brown 
G., M.V.O., D.L., Killochan Castle, 
Ayrshire, and Helen Underwood Marr ; 
educated privately, and at Academy and 
Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. (1895), B.D. 
(1898); licen. by Presb. of Stranraer, 9th 
Aug. 1898; assistant at East Church 
(Aberdeen), Greenside (Edinburgh), and 
Barony (Glasgow) ; ord. to Garelochhead 
19th Sept. 1900; trans, to Ecclesmachan 
26th Oct. 1905; trans, and adm. 10th May 
1910. He marr. 19th Feb. 1901, Agnes 
Brydon, third daugh. of John M'Lean 
MacKendrick, C.E., Glasgow, and Janet 
Turner, and has issue — Juanita Turner, 
born 12th March 1903; Alexander Brown, 
born 6th Dec. 1908. Publication— Eccles- 
machan Church and its Patron Saint, 
Saint Machan. 

Collegiate, or Second Charge. 

[Uncollegiated by the Town Council, 
with concurrence of the Presbytery, on the 
erection of the parish of St John, 28th 
Oct. 1840.] 

PETER HEWAT, M.A. ; trans, from 
--.y. Colinton, elected by the Commis- 
sioners of Assembly at Falkland, 
and adm. before 31st Jan. 1596-7; 
readm. 18th April 1598 ; trans, to first 
charge in 1599. — [Edin. Counc.Reg.; Calder- 
wood's Hist., v. ; Spottiswood's Hist] 

PATRICK SANDS, M.A., Principal of 
1620 *^ e Univ. °f Edinburgh ; appointed 
by the Town Council to supply in 
the afternoon, 1st Dec. 1620. He demitted 
office as Principal, Aug. 1622, and died in 
1635, aged about 68. He marr. 23rd July 
1606, Marion, sister of David Aikinhead, 
Lord Provost of the city, who survived 
him. Publication — Two Latin poems in 
The Muse's Welcome.— [Edin. Coune., Test., 
and Reg. (Marr.) ; Craufurd's and Bower's 




Hists., Univ. Edin. ; Denipsteri Eccl. Hist., 
ii. ; lnq. Ret. Gen., 3557.] 

ROBERT BOYD of Trochrig, M.A. ; 
formerly Principal of the Univ. of 
Glasgow ; elected by the Town 
Council 18th Oct. 1622, being at same 
time Principal of the Univ. of Edinburgh. 
The magistrates having received a com- 
munication from James VI. intimating his 
displeasure at Boyd : s continued want of 
conformity to the " five Articles of Perth," 
sent for him to their meeting of Council, 
31st Jan. 1623, when he demitted both 
situations, but continued in the city, and 
countenanced the disaffection of the people 
against the aforesaid Articles. He was 
charged to appear before the Privy Council, 
23rd June 1624, and this he did, rebutting 
the charge, and obliging himself to remove 
instantly with his family to Trochrig, his 
property in Ayrshire. He was minister 
at Paisley in 1626. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.; 
Wodrow's Biog., ii. ; Craufurd's and Bower's 
Univ., i. ; Livingston's Charac. ; Row's and 
Calderwood's Hists., vii. ; Orig. Lett., ii. ; 
Rivet's Life, Diet. Nat. Biog. ] 

JOHN DUNCANSON, app. by the 

1626 Town Council 16th Au &- 1626 -— 
[Edin. Counc. Reg., xiv., 12.] 

[HENRY ROLLOCK, nephew of Robert 
1629 ■^•» a PP om ted by the Town Council 
17th June 1629, but did not accept.] 

JAMES FAIRLIE, MA. j Professor of 
leso Divinity in the University 1629 ; 
pres. by the Town Council 29th Oct., 
and adm. 17th Nov. 1630 ; dem. 28th July 
1637, having been elected to the Bishopric 
of Argyll, of which he was deprived by the 
Glasgow Assembly 1638. In 1644 he became 
min. of Lasswade. — [Edin. Counc. Reg. ; 
Row's and Stevenson's Hists., i.] 

MUNGO LAW, M.A. (Glasgow 1627); 
1644 schoolmaster of Kirkcaldy 15th July 
1628 ; tutor to George, Master of 
Ramsay, 1635 ; min. of Dysart (Second 
Charge) 2nd Oct. 1636; elected by the 
Town Council 25th Dec. 1643; trans, and 

adm. 27th March 1644 ; a member of the 
Commissions of Assembly 1644-9 ; acted 
as an army chaplain, and witnessed the 
defeat of Argyll's forces at Inverlochy, 
2nd Feb. 1645. In 1649 he was nomin- 
ated by Parliament one of the Com- 
missioners for visiting the Univs. of St 
Andrews and Edinburgh. He was in 
Edinburgh Castle when it was surrendered 
to Cromwell, 17th Dec. 1650. At Alyth 
he was taken prisoner, 28th Aug. 1651, and 
carried off to England ; returned to his 
charge Jan. 1653; died Feb. 1660, aged 
about 54. He marr. May 1638, Lilias (died 
Oct. 1658), daugh. of Patrick Turner, min. 
of Dalkeith, and had issue — Mungo, min. 
at Perth ; John ; Katherine ; Lilias, died 
May 1666; Anna (mai-r. John Liddell, 
min. of Scone) ; James ; Andrew ; David. 
— [Edin. Counc., Dysart Sess., Test., and 
Reg. (Bapt. and Bur.) ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Acts Pari., vi. ; Acts of Ass., Lamont's and 
Nicoll's Diaries ; Bannatyne Miscell., ii. ; 
Guthrie's Mem. ; Reg. Sec. Sig., iii. ; 
Edin. Chr. Inst., i. ; Army Treasurer's 
Ace, Pardovan's Collec, Muir's Gleanings 
of Dysart.] 

DAVID STIRLING, M.A. ; trans, from 

1664 F°ulclen ; elected by the Town 

Council 25th May 1664; dem. in 1669; 

became min. of Cockburnspath in 1671. — 

[Edin. Counc. Reg. ; Edin. Sas., xviii., 124.] 


Rfio from Auchinleck ; elected by the 

Town Council 8th May 1669 ; trans. 

to the High Kirk Parish in 1672.— [Edin. 

Counc. Reg.] 

1672 k° rn at Aberdeen ; M.A. (King's 
College, Aberdeen, 19th July 1666) ; 
min. of West Kilbride 1669; elected by 
the Town Council 23rd Aug., trans, and 
collated 12th Dec. 1672. He was adm. 
burgess and guild-brother of the city 
12th Nov. 1673; dem. at Whitsunday 
1674; assistant at Logie-Buchan 1682-5. 
He marr. 20th Dec. 1672, Grizel Ramsay, 
and had issue— Andrew, bapt. 8th Jan. 
1674; Jean (marr. 1705, James Miller, 




servitor to Sir Hew Dalrymple of North 
Berwick, Lord President).— [Edin. Comic, 
and Guild Reg., Kirkton's Hist.; Mair's 
Presb. of Ellon, p. 199.] 


1674 mentioned ; retrans. from High Kirk ; 

appointed by the Town Council 14th 

June 1674 ; trans, to the Old Kirk Parish in 

1681. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.~\ 

1681 Newbattle ; elected by the Town 
Council 16th, pres. 18th, and insti- 
tuted 31st March 1681 ; trans, to Tron 
Parish in 1687.— [Edin. Comic. Reg.] 

1687 from North Leith ; elected by the 
Town Council 11th Aug. 1687 ; dep. 
in 1691 " for contumacy " ; restored by the 
Commission of the Gen. Assembly in 1699 ; 
min. of Fintray 1702. — [Edin. Counc. Reg. ; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689 ; Acts of Ass., 1699.] 

[JAMES WILKIE, min. of North Leith j 

1691 was a PP° mte d by the Town Council, 

but on account of opposition his 

induction was not proceeded with. — 

Counc. Reg.] 

JOHN HAMILTON, born 1651, son 
1693 of Archibald H., min. of Wigtown; 
educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; 
MA. (1668); ord. to the Presbyterian 
Church at Comber, Co. Down; adm. to 
Cramond 16th Dec. 1689; trans, and 
adm. in 1693; died 17th Oct 1702. He 
bequeathed to the poor of Bally, £20; of 
Comber, £7 (both in Ireland) ; of Cramond, 
£10 ; and of Edinburgh, £17. He marr. (1) 
in 1673, Anne Rainalds, who died 28th 
Dec. 1692, aged 42, by whom he had issue — 
Archibald, who predeceased him; James, 
who succeeded to the estate of Ballikeigly, 
Co. Down ; Jean (marr. Hugh Hawthorn, 
merchant, Edinburgh); Dorothy (marr. 
Philip Mair of Billcleugh, Co. Down) : (2) 
5th Feb. 1696, Jean (buried 16th June 
1697), daugh. of Peter Blair, min. of Jed- 
burgh : (3) 29th June 1698, Maybel, daugh. 
of Hew Campbell, collector at Donaghadee : 
(4) (pro. 25th May 1701) Elizabeth, daugh. of 
Henry Cunningham of Carlung.— [Test. 

and Cramond Sess. Reg. {Mar. and, 
Bur.); Acts of Ass., 1694; Wood's Hist. 
of Cramond.] 

1704 pal of the Univ., and chaplain to His 
Majesty ; called 9th Sept. ; app. by 
the Presb. 11th Oct., and adm. 8th Nov. 
1704 ; trans, to the High Kirk Parish 28th 
Dec. 1707. 

MATTHEW WOOD, trans, from Leslie ; 

1711 called 5th Dec. 1710 ; app. by Presb. 

14th Feb., and adm. 18th March 

1711 ; trans, to the Tron Parish 16 th 

Jan. 1715. 

WILLIAM MILLAR, an Englishman, 
1721 M.A. (Edinburgh, 27th Feb. 1694); 
licen. by Presb. of Chirnside 14th 
Jan. 1698; ord. to Chirnside 6th April 
1699; trans, to Meigle 31st Dec. 1702; 
trans, to Lady Yester's 18th July 1708; 
app. by Presb. 18th, trans, and adm. 22nd 
Jan. 1721 ; Dean of the Chapel Royal in 
1727 ; died 18th May 1732, in his 59th year. 
His daughter Jean marr. Robert Dunbar, 
min. of Dyke.— [Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv. ; 
Playfair's Bar., iii.] 

JOHN HEPBURN, son of John H., 
1782 min. of Urr ; ord. to Torryburn 26th 
Dec. 1717 ; trans, to New Greyfriars 
3rd Oct. 1723; trans, and adm. 14th Dec. 
1732; Almoner to His Majesty 13th Feb. 
1747 ; died 29th April 1749. He marr. 2nd 
April 1721, Margaret (died 26th June 1769), 
daugh. of Thomas Fenton, one of the 
bailies of Edinburgh, and had issue — Emilia 
(marr. 24th Jan. 1742, Daniel Carmichael of 
Mauldslie, and was mother of Thomas and 
Andrew, 6th and 7th Earls of Hyndford).— 
[Scots Pee)-., iv. ; Carlyle's Autob.] 

ROBERT HAMILTON, born 19th May 
1750 1707, fourth son of William H., min. 
of Cramond (afterwards Principal of 
Univ. of Edinburgh) ; educated at High 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 30th Sept. 1730; ord. 
to Cramond 4th April 1731 ; trans, to Lady 
Yester's 7th Oct. 1736; trans, and adm. 
6th Dec. 1750; app. Professor of Divinity, 
and dem. 6th Feb. 1754; Moderator of 




Assembly 23rd May 1754; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 13th March 1759) ; again Moderator 
15th May 1760, and one of the deputation 
appointed by the Commission to congratu- 
late George III. on his accession ; Dean 
of the Order of the Thistle 1766 ; died 3rd 
April 1787. He marr. 31st March 1745, 
Jean (died 4th April 1804), eldest daugh. 
of John Hay of Haystoun, and had issue 
— James, M.D., distinguished Edinburgh 
physician ; Grizel (marr. Benjamin Bell, 
surgeon, Edinburgh) ; Gavin ; and others. 
— \Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Tombst. ; Kay's 
Portr., ii. ; Morren's Ann. ; Grant's Univ., 
ii. j Somerville's Life, Carlyle's Autob.] 

GEORGE KAY, M.A. (St Andrews, 7th 
7 May 1729); licen. by Presb. of 
Kirkcaldy 7th Nov. 1734; ord. to 
Collessie 13th Sept. 1739 ; trans, to Minto 
23rd Oct. 1741 ; trans, to Dysart 8th Dec. 
1743 ; trans, to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 
3rd Sept. 1747 ; trans, to New Greyfriars 
26th Oct. 1752 ; trans, and adm. 11th Oct. 
1754 ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 13th March 1759) ; 
Moderator of the General Assembly 24 th 
May following, and chaplain of Stirling 
Castle; died 10th April 1766. He marr. 
14th Dec. 1747, Charlotte Sherriff, and had 
issue — David, born 12th July 1749 ; Charles, 
born 5th Oct. 1751, died 15th Oct. 1762 ; 
Margaret, born 2nd March 1757 : (2) 20th 
Aug. 1761, Ann Forth, who died 10th 
June 1788. — [Morren's Ann., ii. ; Carlyle's 

JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock, born 
17 7 2nd June 1721, eldest son of John E. 
of Carnock, Professor of Scots Law, 
Edinburgh Univ., and Margaret, daugh. of 
the Hon. James Melvill of Balgarvie ; 
educated at Cupar-Fife, and High School 
and Univ. of Edinburgh ; originally in- 
tended for the law, but studied divinity 
and was licen. by Presb. of Dunblane 16th 
Aug. 1743 ; ord. to Kirkintilloch 31st May 
1744; trans, to Culross 21st Feb. 1753; 
trans, to New Greyfriars 15th June 1758; 
D.D. (Glasgow 1766) ; trans, and adm. 9th 
July 1767 ; died 19th Jan. 1803. He was 
a classical scholar of distinction ; for many 
years leader of the evangelical party in 

the General Assembly and a master of the 
preacher's art. He warmly supported a 
proposal in favour of foreign missions, which 
was opposed by Hamilton of Gladsmuir and 
the moderate party generally. His open- 
ing words, when replying to Hamilton, 
became famous in the history of the 
mission cause. Pointing to a Bible which 
lay on the table, and of which he intended 
to make use, and employing an expressive 
Scottish idiom, he said, " Moderator, rax 
me that Bible." The best pen-portrait of 
him is contained in Guy Mannering (chap. 
37). He marr. 15th June 1746, the Hon. 
Christian Mackay (died 20th May 1810), 
fourth daugh. of George, Lord Reay, and 
had issue — John, born 30th Sept. 1747, died 
June 1776; George, born 21st Aug. 1748, 
died in Bengal in autumn 1770 ; Mary, 
born 19th Feb. 1750 (marr. 29th Oct. 1773, 
Charles Stuart of Dunearn), died 15th April 
1817 ; Margaret, born 17th Sept. 1751, died 
5th Feb. 1795 ; Ann, born 30th Dec. 1752, 
died 18th May 1820 ; Alexander, born 28th 
July 1754, died 25th Feb. 1760; Robert, 
born 4th May 1756, died 9th April 1784 ; 
Charles, born 20th Oct. 1757, died 28th 
June 1782; Christian, born 28th June 
1759; Hew, born 27th Jan., died 25th 
Sept. 1763; James Bruce, born 8th Sept. 
1764, died 11th Oct. 1771 ; Harriet, born 
11th Oct. 1766, died 10th Oct. 1771 ; David 
of Carnock, born 18th April 1770, died 
16th March 1838. Publications — Theo- 
logical Dissertations (Edinburgh, 1765 ; 
another edition with account of the author 
by Thomas Davidson, D.D., Edinburgh, 
1808) ; Considerations on the Spirit of 
Popery (Edinburgh, 1778) ; Sketches and 
Hints of Church History and Theological 
Controversy, chiefly translated ami abridged 
from Modern Foreign Writers, 2 vols. (Edin- 
burgh, 1790 and 1797) ; Letters on Loss of 
Children and Friends : A Supplement to 
Gillies 's Historical Collections (Edinburgh, 
1796); Discourses on Several Occasions, 2 
vols. (1798, 1804) ; and others. In addition, 
he edited at least twenty publications, 
chiefly the works of Jonathan Edwards 
(with whom he was on terms of intimacy), 
and other American divines. See Life by 
Sir Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, Bart. (Edin- 




burgh, 1818). — [Moncreiff's Life; Kay's 
Portr., i. ; Douglas's Peer., ii. ; Davidson's 
and Inglis's Fun. Serms. ; Carlyle's Autob., 
Haldane's and Cockburn's Mem.; Scots 
Mag., lxv. ; Conolly's Eminent Men of Fife, 
Diet. Nat Biog.] 

ROBERT ANDERSON, born 6th June 
1804 1 ^ 68 > son °* George A., farmer, 
Amulree ; licen. by Presb. of Ayr 11th 
Oct. 1791 ; ord. to Symington (Lanarkshire), 
29th April 1795 ; trans, to Eastwood 5th 
July 1798; trans, to Trinity College, Edin- 
burgh, 16th July 1802; pres. by the Town 
Council 15th June 1803; trans, and adm. 
(in New Greyfriars) 12th Jan. 1804 ; D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 16th Sept. 1809); died 24th 
Jan. 1837. He marr. 12th May 1797, Anna- 
bella (died 10th April 1853, in her 86th 
year), daugh. of Thomas Brown of Water- 
head, and had issue — Helen, born 1st Jan. 
1798, died 26th Jan. 1805 ; Annabella, born 
30th May 1802, died 20th April 1804; 
George, born 31st May 1804 ; Agnes Helen, 
born 27th April 1806, died 23rd Sept. 1818 ; 
Jane Hamilton, born 22nd June 1808, died 
15th Aug. 1828; Thomas of Glendrissaig, 
advocate, born 7th Oct. 1810, died 11th 
May 1885; Henry, born 16th Dec. 1812; 
Mary, died 10th Dec. 1820 (marr. 12th 
June 1820, James Anderson, younger, of 
Stroquhan). Publications — Sermons (Leith, 
1837). — [Anderson's Sketches, Tombst.~\ 

THOMAS GUTHRIE, trans, from 
183*7 Arbirlot ', pres. by Town Council, 
and adm. 21st Sept. 1837 ; trans, to 
St John's 28th Oct. 1841. 


[There is record evidence of a church 
here, very likely on the present site, in the 
year 854. In 1120 King Alexander I. re- 
built the church in the Norman style. 
Of this building characteristic features 
survived until 1798. During the four- 
teenth century, Edinburgh was captured 
and plundered by the English under 
Edward II. and Edward III., and twice 
St Giles was laid waste. After restora- 
tion, the church was more thoroughly 
ruined at the Burnt Candlemas in 1387, 

when Richard II. sacked the city. The 
western part of the fabric was soon in use 
again ; but the restoration of the choir 
and transepts, which were much enlarged, 
lasted on into the sixteenth century. In 
1467 the city endowed St Giles as a 
collegiate church. 

It now became usual to speak of the 
nave, where the stonework was ancient, as 
the Old Kirk, while the eastern part of 
the building was called the New Kirk. 
When the movement for reform drew 
large crowds to St Giles, separate services 
began to be regularly held in the Old and 
New Kirks. Soon this was not enough, and 
the great church was partitioned off into 
smaller sections. In 1571 St Giles was 
seized by Kirkcaldie of Grange, and held 
by him as a stronghold for Queen Mary. 
This resulted in serious damage to the 

At the Reformation the parish of St 
Giles was coextensive with the city of 
Edinburgh. Our Lady's Kirk of Field 
and the other College Kirk of the Holy 
Trinity were not parochial charges. To 
meet the spiritual needs of the growing 
population, the first plan of the Reformers 
was to add to the staff of the parochial 
clergy. Thus St Giles was given four, and 
even five ministers. The better to carry 
out this method, the parish was divided 
into four districts, called the Quarters 
of the city. These were distinguished 
as the North-East Quarter, the South- 
West Quarter, etc. Each Quarter was 
placed under the special care of one of 
the ministers. 

The choir of St Giles was known as the 
New Kirk, the East Kirk, or the Little 
Kirk, while the Old Kirk to the west was 
also called the Great Kirk. At length, in 
1598, Edinburgh was broken up into four 
parishes. The North- West Quarter, as 
the remanent part of the ancient parish, 
continued to occupy the choir of St Giles, 
which alone became the High Kirk of the 
city. In it the Magistrates, the Court of 
Session, and other dignitaries officially 
worshipped. In it also was the royal 
pew. From its place of worship this dis- 
trict became known as the High Kirk 




Parish. The South-East Quarter became 
the Old Kirk Parish, and its congregation 
still met in the Old Kirk. For the other 
two Quarters separate churches were pro- 
vided. To the North-East Quarter was 
given the fine old church of the Holy 
Trinity, and for the South-West Quarter 
a new place of worship was built at the 
top of the Greyfriars burial-ground. 

In 1633, when a bishopric of Edinburgh 
was set up, the choir of St Giles was made 
to serve as its cathedral. But all that was 
annulled in 1637. Again in 1661 the choir 
was fitted up anew for cathedral functions. 
This lasted till 1689, when once more it 
was made a parish church. It had been 
intended to make the whole church a 
cathedral, but that was not carried out. 

In 1641 the parochial areas of Edinburgh 
were recast, and two new city parishes were 
founded. Each of these got its name from 
an outstanding public building in it. One 
was called the Tolbooth Parish, and the 
other the Tron Parish, from the city Tron, 
or Weighhouse, which stood very near the 
east end of St Giles, close to the Cross. 

From 1829 till 1833 a restoration of St 
Giles was carried out by the city, at a cost 
of nearly £21,600. Toward this Govern- 
ment gave a grant of £12,000. That 
renovation is remembered rather for what 
the restorers destroyed than for what they 
achieved. In 1870 Dr William Chambers, 
who had been Lord Provost of the city, 
began a far more real restoration. With aid 
from various sources, and very largely at his 
own expense, this was finished in 1883. But 
just as his great undertaking saw its end, 
the generous worker died. Two days after 
the reoj.ening of the restored church (23rd 
May 1883), the funeral service of Dr Cham- 
bers was held in it. The renewed church 
can seat a congregation of 3000.] 

JOHN KNOX was born in or near 
1560 Haddington. There are grounds for 
accepting Morham as his birthplace. 
He was the son of William Knox, a peasant 
cultivator of the soil. All that is known 
of his mother is that her name was 
Sinclair. It seems likely that 1513-15, 
and not the commonly accepted date 

VOL. I. 

1505, was the year of his birth. He 
was educated at the burgh school of 
Haddington, and probably at the Univer- 
sities of Glasgow and St Andrews, in 
both of which another Haddingtonian, 
John Major, taught for a time — at the latter 
place for more than half a century. For 
twenty years of Knox's manhood there is 
little known of his career. He is believed 
to have returned to East Lothian, where 
he acted as a notary and as private tutor 
in the families of the local gentry. When 
he took priest's orders is unknown, but in 
1540 we find him styled " Sir John Knox " 
(a "Pope's knight"), and in a deed of 
27th March 1543 he is described in his 
own handwriting as " John Knox, minister 
of the sacred altar of the diocese of St 
Andrews, notary by Apostolical authority." 
Three years later, in 1546, he had avowed 
the Protestant doctrines, and was carrying 
a two-handed sword before George Wishart, 
then in peril of arrest and condemnation 
to the stake at the hands of Archbishop 
Beaton. In 1547, with two pupils, he took 
refuge within the Castle of St Andrews, 
now held by the murderers of Cardinal 
Beaton. And here he had his call to the 
ministry of the Reformed Church. The 
Sunday after, he preached in the parish 
kirk of St Andrews, denouncing the Pope, 
and striking straight at the root of the 
evils of which the papacy was the fruit. 
A month later the castle fell to the 
French, and the captured garrison were 
consigned to the galleys and to prisons in 
France. For nineteen months Knox toiled 
as a galley-slave, amid much suffering 
of body and mind. Released in Feb. 1549, 
he went to England, and was appointed 
by the Privy Council to minister to the 
garrison and town of Berwick-on-Tweed. 
In 1551 he was removed to Newcastle-on- 
Tyne. He acted as chaplain to Edward 
VI., and declined the Bishopric of Rochester 
as well as the vicarage of All-Hallows in 
London. In 1554 he was in charge of the 
English church at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 
but went to Geneva in 1555, where he 
became intimate with Calvin, and 
ministered to the English colony who 
had gathered there and had been granted 





a place of worship. Next year he re- 
visited Scotland, returning to Geneva by 
the end of July. On the 2nd of May 
1559, Knox was again in Scotland, and on 
29th June he preached in St Giles for the 
first time. At a meeting held on 7th July 
he was elected minister, and commenced 
his labours immediately, preaching twice 
on Sundays and thrice during the week. 
He bore an active share in drawing up 
the Confession of Faith, approved of by 
Parliament in 1560, and the Book of Dis- 
cipline. A member of the First General 
Assembly, 20th Dec. 1560, he was Moderator 
25th Dec. 1562, and again in 1568. In 
1564 he was appointed to superintend the 
northern churches, and in the next year 
those of Fife and Perthshire. He preached 
at the coronation of James VI., 29th July 
1567. In the autumn of 1570 he was 
struck by apoplexy, and preached for the 
last time, 9th Nov. 1572, at the induction 
of James Lawson. He died 24th Nov. 
1572. At his burial in St Giles' graveyard, 
the Regent Morton pronounced his eloge : 
"There lies one who neither feared nor 
flattered any flesh." He marr. (1) 1553, 
Marjorie (died Dec. 1560), fifth daugh. of 
Richard Bowes, governor of Norham 
Castle, and Elizabeth Aske of Aske, in 
the County of Durham, and had issue — 
Nathaniel, M.A., born May 1557 ; Eleazer, 
B.D., bapt. 29th Nov. 1558 ; both took orders 
in the Church of England, became Fellows 
of St John's College, Cambridge, and died 
without issue — Nathaniel in 1580, and 
Eleazer 23rd May 1591. At the time of 
his death, Eleazer was vicar of Clacton 
Magna, in the archdeaconry of Colchester : 
(2) on Palm Sunday, 1564, Margaret Stewart, 
daugh. of Andrew, Lord Ochiltree, and 
had issue — Martha, born 1565 (?) (marr. 
1584, Alexander, eldest son of Robert 
Fairlie, laird of Braid, Edinburgh), died 
1st Dec. 1592 ; Margaret, born 1567 (?) 
(marr. Zachary Pont, min. of Bower); 
Elizabeth, born 1570 (?) (marr. John 
Welch, min. of Ayr). Within two years of 
his death, Knox's widow married Andrew 
Ker of Faldonside (one of those who 
attacked Rizzio). She died 1612, leaving 
a son, John Ker, min. of Prestonpans. 

Publications — See David Laing's edition 
of Knox's Works in 6 vols. (Edinburgh, 
1846-64).— [Reg. Min., Edin. Counc. Beg., 
Test. Reg. {Edin.), Booke of the Kirk; 
Keith's, Calderwood's, Petrie's, and Spot- 
tiswood's Hists. ; Diet. Nat. Biog. ; Lives by 
M'Crie, Hume Brown, Macmillan, MacCunn, 
Andrew Lang, Glasse, Cowan, Stalker ; 
Leishman's A Son of Knox. Dr Hay Flem- 
ing has in preparation a Life of Knox.] 


JOHN WILLOCK. At first he appears 
as a friar of the Franciscan House 
at Ayr. Having joined the party of 
reform before 1541, he fled for his life to 
England. There he became noted as a 
zealous and taking preacher. This led to 
his arrest for heresy under an Act of 
Henry VIII., "for abolishing diversity of 
opinion" in matters of religion. Found 
guilty of preaching against purgatory, holy 
water, priestly confession, and prayer to 
the saints, and of holding that priests 
might lawfully be married, he was for 
some time confined in the Fleet prison. 
After the accession of Edward VI. he was 
chaplain to Henry, Duke of Suffolk, who 
had married King Henry's niece, and is 
best known as the father of Lady Jane 
Grey. He preached for a time in London, 
in St Katherine's Church, when both he 
and John Knox, his fast friend, were 
granted general license to preach any- 
where in England. Henry, Earl of Hun- 
tingdon, presented him to the rectory of 
Loughborough in Leicestershire, a living 
which he continued to hold during King 
Edward's reign, and again during that 
of Queen Elizabeth for the rest of his life. 
Thus in his later years he was in the 
unique position of being at the same time 
a parish minister in both England and 
Scotland. When Mary Tudor came to 
the English throne in 1553, Willock fled to 
Embden, in the Protestant Duchy of Fries- 
land. There he practised as a physician 
with much success, and rose to some 
eminence. In 1555, and again in 1556, the 
Duchess Anne of Friesland sent him to 
Scotland as her Commissioner on matters 
of trade. In 1558 he returned home, and 
preached for some time in Dundee, with 




much acceptance among the friends of 
reform. In 1559, when John Knox had to 
leave Edinburgh in peril of his life, Willock 
took his place as the evangelist of the 
Reformation. It was then that he con- 
ducted in St Giles what is believed to have 
been the earliest public celebration of the 
Holy Communion in Scotland after the 
reformed ritual. In 1560, when Queen 
Mary of Guise lay dying, the Earls of 
Argyll and Moray, and other Lords of the 
Congregation advised her to "send for a 
godly, learned man of whom she might 
receive instruction " ; and Willock was 
chosen to minister to her, which he faith- 
fully did. That same year he was made 
Superintendent of Glasgow and the West. 
He was also one of the six Johns entrusted 
with the drawing up of the First Book of 
Discipline, the others being John Knox, 
John Winram, John Spottiswood, John 
Douglas, and John Row. Sometime in 
that year he went to England, and brought 
home his wife, Katherine Picknavell, an 
English lady. He was chosen Moderator of 
the General Assembly in 1563, 1564, 1565, 
and 1568. In 1565 Queen Mary endeavoured 
to put a stop to his activity by having him 
imprisoned in Dumbarton Castle ; but the 
Reformers were now too strong for her, and 
she had to depart from her purpose. 

After that, Willock went back to his 
English rectory at Loughborough. In 
1567 the General Assembly sent him a 
strong letter of appeal, begging him to 
come again to aid the good cause. This 
led to his return, and he was Moderator of 
Assembly in 1568. He went again to 
Loughborough, and was there in 1570 when 
the Regent Moray was assassinated. Knox 
then wished much to have the aid of his 
old friend in the perplexities of the time, 
but Willock could not come. His letter 
to Knox tells of his sorrow at the loss 
of the good regent, and of his great admira- 
tion for that departed statesman. 

Willock died at the rectory of Lough- 
borough, 4th Dec. 1585. His wife survived 
until 1599. His last will makes provision 
for his son Edmund, and Edmund's wife 
Grizel, also for their children John, Kath- 
erine, Mary, Bridget, Dorothy, and George. 

— [Knox's History, Keith's History, Foxe's 
Martyrs, Wodrow's Works; Transactions 
of Scott. Ecclcsiological Society, 1913.] 

JAMES LAWSON, born 1538, at Perth, 
15?2 of humble parentage ; received his 
early education at the Grammar 
School of his native city under the 
celebrated Andrew Simson. In 1559 he 
became the fellow-student and friend of 
Andrew Melville at St Andrews; and 
afterwards travelled on the Continent as 
tutor to the young Earl of Crawford. In 
1568 he was appointed to teach Hebrew 
in the New College, St Andrews ; in 1569, 
after the "purging" of the University 
of Aberdeen, he was promoted to be 
Sub-Principal of King's College, and the 
same year he became min. of Old 
Machar. In 1572, "after long reasoning," 
he was called to be successor to Knox. 
Following a "trial" sermon preached on 
19th Sept., he was admitted to the charge 
by Knox himself on 9th Nov. He assisted 
in the drawing up of the First Book of 
Discipline, and was an examiner of all 
books proposed to be printed. He was 
Moderator of the Dundee Assembly, 1st 
July 1580 ; attended the Regent Morton on 
the scaffold in 1581 ; and was zealous in 
defending the authority of the Church in 
the affair of Archbishop Montgomery, 1582. 
In 1584 he declaimed so vehemently against 
the Parliament, that the Earl of Arran 
said : " If Lawson's head were as great as 
an haystack, I shall cause it to leap from his 
hawse [throat]." For this he was compelled 
to fly, and accompanied by Balcanquhal, 
sought refuge at Berwick, 27th May 1584. 
Always a man of melancholic mood, he was 
so affected by the troubles of the times 
and the unworthy conduct of some of 
his flock that he resolved to leave the 
country altogether, and make his home in 
England. He had barely reached London 
when he was seized with illness, and died 
12th Oct. 1584. James Melville spoke of 
him as "a man of singular learning, zeal, 
and eloquence, whom I never heard preach 
but he melted my heart with tears" 
{Diary, p. 146). Lawson's great educational 
achievement was the founding of the 




University of Edinburgh. He may be 
said to have been its principal promoter, 
and its best and wisest friend during the 
first year of its history, 1583. He marr. 
Janet (died 1592), daugh. of Alexander 
Guthrie, common clerk of Edinburgh, and 
had issue — James ; Elizabeth ; Katharine 
(marr. (1) Gilbert Dick ; (2) Patrick Gallo- 
way, min. of St Giles, 1607). Publications 
— Heads and Conclusions of the Policie of 
the Kirk [jointly]; Letters to their Flocke 
in Edinburgh [jointly] (Calderwood's Hist., 
iv.) ; Account of the Life and Death of 
that Illustrious Man, John Knox (Knox's 
Works, vi. ; Christ. Mag., vi.). — [Edin. 
Counc. and Test. Reg., Reg. Assig., Petrie's 
and Calderwood's Hists., Wodrow's Biog. ; 
Grant's Univ. of Edin., i. ; New Spalding 
Club Collections, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


KOBEET BRUCE, recommended by 
Andrew Melville to the General 
Assembly, and called 1587. On the 
division of the city into parishes, he was 
translated to the New or Little Kirk in 
1598. — [Edin. Counc. Reg., Sermons (Wod- 
row's Life), Reg. Assig., Petrie's and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Scots Mag., lxiv. ; Maclaren's 
Ann. Tax ; Acts Pari., iii., iv.] 

The Colleagues, or those to whom no 
parochial district had been allowed, or has 
been discovered : — 

JOHN CRAIG, trans, from Holyrood- 
-„ 2 house; adm. after 18th June 1562. 
He proclaimed, or rather denounced, 
the marriage of Queen Mary and the Earl 
of Both well in May 1567 ; was Moderator 
of the General Assembly, 2nd March 
1569; trans, to Montrose in 1571. — [Edin. 
Coun. Reg. ; M'Crie's Knox, ii. ; Spottis- 
wood's, Petrie's, Row's, and Calderwood's 
Hists. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., iii. ; Lee's Lett., 
Maclaren's Ann. Tax.] 

JOHN DURIE, trans, from Leith ; adm. 
1573 before 6th Aug. 1573. In 1580 he 
was Visitor or Superintendent of 
Teviotdale. With his colleagues, Lawson 
and Balcanquhal, he attended the Earl of 
Morton at his execution, 1581. He became 
conspicuous in the conflicts between the 

King and the Church, and for inveighing 
against the Court on a Fast Day, 23rd May 
1582, he was called before the Privy Council 
and ordered to quit Edinburgh and desist 
from preaching. By and by he was per- 
mitted to return, when he was met and 
welcomed by a great concourse of people, 
4th Sept. 1582. " At the Nether Bow they 
took up the 124th Psalm, ' Now Israel may 
say, and that truly,' and sang it in such a 
pleasant tune, in all the four parts, these 
being well known to the people, who came 
up the street bareheaded and singing, till 
they entered the kirk. This had such a 
sound and majesty as affected themselves 
and the huge multitude of beholders Avho 
looked over the shots and forestairs with 
admiration and amazement. The Duke 
[Lennox] himself was a witness, and tare 
his beard for anger, being more affrayed at 
this sight than anything he had ever seen 
since he came to Scotland. When they 
entered the kirk Mr Lawson made a short 
exhortation in the reader's place to thank- 
fulness, and after the singing of a psalm 
the people departed with great joy" 
(Calderwood's History, iii.). In Nov. 1583 
he was again charged to leave the city, 
and was confined to Montrose, of which 
parish he became minister the year 
following. — [Reg. Assig., Melvill's Autob., 
Wodrow Miscell. ; Wodrow's Biog. (i.) and 
MS. Biog. (i.) ; Petrie's, Spottiswood's, and 
Row's Hists. ; Edin. Counc. Reg. ; Edin. 
Chr. Inst., v. 

1574 Whitsunday 1574; dem. May 1596, 
so as to allow a parochial division of 
the city which had been proposed for some 
time; adm. to Trinity Parish for the 
North-East Quarter of the city, 1598.— 
[Reg. Assig., Edin. Counc. Reg., Melvill's 
Autob. ; Petrie's, Spottiswood's, Row's, and 
Calderwood's Hists., L, ii.] 

JOHN CAIRNS, probably son of Henry 
15?8 C, skipper in Leith (who was forced 
to leave the country, being denounced 
as a fugitive and condemned for heresy in 
1538), was one of those who privily held 
meetings in maintenance of the Protestant 
faith in the city in 1555, and was " lectour 
of the morning prayers," or reader, in 1561. 





Application was made to the Assembly, 
26th June 1566, for his admission to the 
ministry in the city, and the matter was 
remitted for consideration as to his fitness 
and sufficiency. He is mentioned as fourth 
minister, 23rd Jan. 1578, though in the 
Book of Assignation he appears as reader 
only, ten years afterwards, 1588. He died 
in 1595, leaving a widow, Janet Wilson.— 
[Knox's Works, ii. ; M'Crie's Knox, ii. ; 
Edin. Count. Reg., Reg. Assig. ; Wodrow's 
Biog., i. ; Wodrow Miscell., Boohe of the 
Kirk; Keith's, Spottiswood's, and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Bannatyne Miscell., ii. ; 
Lee's Lett., Maclaren's Ann. Tax.] 

STON], formerly of Crail ; adm. 
1584; trans, to Dunning in 1586.— 
[Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

JAMES HAMILTON, min. of Dairy, in 
Galloway; elected 27th Nov. 1584, 
1585 and "admitted for a time at His 
Majesty's command," 16th April 1585. He 
returned to his former charge in same year. 
—[Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

WILLIAM WATSON, entreated by the 
Council to remain and teach " fifteen 
days," 5th March 1584; adm. 13th 
April 1585. He was imprisoned for a time 
in the end of that year, for comparing James 
VI. to Jeroboam. After the tumult, 17th 
Dec. 1596, for which he and his brethren 
were blamed, he withdrew to Fife, made 
an apology, and was restored to civil 
liberty, 22nd April 1597. He returned 
and re-entered on duty 24th July follow- 
ing. On the division of the city, he was 
admitted to the South or Old Kirk Quarter. 
-{Edin. Counc. Reg., Reg. Assig., Melvill's 
Autob., Row's and Calderwood's Hists.] 

JOHN COWPER supplied the vacancy 
.___ for a time, and was elected by the 
Town Council 23rd Nov. 1586. 
Refusing to pray for Queen Mary, then 
under sentence of death, he was ordered by 
the King to leave the pulpit, that his place 
might be supplied by Patrick, Archbishop 
of St Andrews, and was imprisoned in the 
Castle of Blackness, on which the city 
gave him £40 Scots in consideration of 


the expense to which he had been sub- 
jected; trans, to High Church, Glasgow, 
Feb. 1587.— [Test, and Edin. Counc. Reg.; 
Booke of the Kirk, Melvill's Autob. ; Spottis- 
wood's, Petrie's, Row's, Calderwood's, and 
Cook's Hists. ; Reg. Assig. ; Wodrow MS.] 
JOHN DAVIDSON, formerly of Liber- 
ton ; ordered to continue " till he be 
provided as the Kirk and Council 
crave " ; chosen 3rd June 1589 ; trans, to 
Second Charge, Canongate. — [Booke of the 
Kirk, Calderwood's Hist.] 

JAMES BALFOUR, trans, from Idvies 
8th Oct, 1589. After the tumult in 
the city, 17th Dec. 1591, he was 
apprehended, but escaped to Fife by the 
assistance of the citizens, was put to the 
horn, made an apology, was relaxed there- 
from 22nd April 1597, and returned to his 
charge 24th July 1597. On the division of 
the city he was admitted to the North - 
West Quarter, in the East or Little Kirk, in 
1598.— [Edin. Counc. Reg., Reg. Assig., 
Booke of the Kirk, Melvill's Autob., Calder- 
Avood's Hist. ; Acts Pari., iv.] 
7 1551, son of Thomas G., baxter, 
burgess of Dundee, and Christian 
Nicoll ; was min. of Fowlis Easter in 1576 ; 
trans, to Perth 25th April 1581 ; suspected 
of attachment to Gowrie interest, he had 
to take refuge in England, and failing to 
appear before the Council, was outlawed 
6th June 1584. He became min. of the 
King's House 11th Feb. 1589-90, and was 
Moderator of Assembly 4th Aug. 1590 and 
10th Nov. 1602; chaplain to James VI., 
and attended His Majesty at the Hampton 
Court Conference, 1604, acting as inter- 
mediary between the Presb. of Edinburgh 
and the King; adm. end of June 1607; 
member of the Courts of High Commis- 
sion, 15th Feb. 1610, 21st Dec. 1615, and 
15th June 1619. He signed the Protesta- 
tion for the Liberties of the Kirk 27th 
June 1617, but withdrew his protest, the 
most obnoxious of the measures by which 
James sought to override the Assembly 
having been withdrawn. On the division 
of the city in 1625, he was nominated to 
St Giles, and his admission appointed for 




24th Jan. 1626; illness supervened, and 
he died before 10th Feb. following. He 
marr. (1) 1st May 1583, Matilda Guthrie, 
who died June 1592, and had issue — James, 
created Baron Dunkeld 15th May 1645 ; 
William ; Dorothy (marr. William Adam- 
son of Craigcrook) ; Christian : (2) in 
1600, Katherine, daugh. of James Lawson 
(Knox's colleague), widow of Gilbert Dick, 
merchant, burgess of Edinburgh. Pub- 
lications — Catechisme (London, 1588); A 
Short Discourse of the Good Ends of the 
Higher Providence, in the Late Attempts 
at His Majesty's Person (Edinburgh, 1600) ; 
Letters to the Presb. of Edinburgh and to 
James VI. (Orig. Lett.) ; The Apology when 
he Fled to England — Discourses on the 
Gowrie Conspiracy (Bannatyne Miscell., 
i. ; Pitcairn's Cr. Trials, ii.). — [Edin. 
Guild, Counc., and Test. Peg. ; Douglas's 
Peer., Pollock's Works, Melvill's Autob. ; 
Bann. Miscell., i. ; Row's and Calderwood's 
Hists., Wilson's Pr. Perth, Diet. Nat. 

THOMAS SYDSERFF, M.A. ; adm. by 

1611 t ^ ie A rcn ki slao P 30fcn Mav 1611 - He 
signed the Protestation for the 
Liberties of the Kirk 27th June 1617, and 
on the division of the city in 1625 was 
given the North-East Quarter, or Trinity 
Parish. — [Edin. Guild and Counc. Reg., 
Law's Univ. Edin., Orig. Lett., Calder- 
wood's Hist. ; Wodrow's Biog., i.] 

. 14 from High Church, Glasgow ; elected 
28th April, and adm. 15th June 
1614 ; and on the division of the city in 
1625 nominated to the North- West Quarter, 
or High Church. — [Edin. Guild and Counc. 
Reg. ; Spottiswood's, Row's, and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Scot's Apolog. Narr. ; Orig. 
Lett., ii. ; Acts Pari., iv.] 

JOHN GUTHRIE, M.A. ; trans, from 
1621 Perth ; elected 26th March 1620, 
but refused to accept. The Council 
again dealt with him 9th May, and he was 
adm. 15th June 1621 ; he became Bishop of 
Moray in 1623 (q.v.). — [Edin. Counc. Reg. ; 
Spottiswood's, Row's, and Calderwood's 
Hists.; Orig. Lett., ii.] 


WILLIAM FORBES, D.D. ; trans, from 
Aberdeen ; elected by the Town 
Council and Session 19th Dec. 1621 ; 
adm. 21st March 1622. On the division of 
the city in 1625 he was nominated to the 
South-East Quarter. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.; 
Spottiswood's, Row's, and Calderwood's 
Hists. ; Orig. Lett., ii. ; Wodrow's MS. 
Biog., ii.] 

ROBERT ROLLOCK, M.A., Principal 
15S7 of the Univ., was appointed to teach 
in the East Kirk in the morning, 5th 
Sept. 1587, but, 13th Dec. 1589, another 
was appointed for that duty; in 1596 he 
took full charge, was Moderator of Assembly 
10th May 1597, and removed to the South- 
West Quarter, or the Upper Tolbooth, prob- 
ably the west portion of St Giles, in 1598. — 
[Presb. and Edin. Counc. Reg., Calderwood's 
Hist., Craufurd's Univ.] 


ROBERT BRUCE, born 1554, second 
son of Sir Alexander B. of Airth 
and Janet, daugh. of Lord Living- 
ston and great-granddaughter of James 
I.) ; educated at St Leonard's College, 
St Andrews; M.A. (1572;; studied law in 
Paris and practised his profession in Edin- 
burgh. He was on his way to becoming 
a judge, but a remarkable spiritual 
experience "on the last night of Aug. 
1581 " sent him to study for the Church. 
He was licensed by the Presb. of St 
Andrews in 1587, and almost immediately 
called to this charge. He was Moderator 
of the Assembly summoned to meet on 6th 
Feb. 1588 to consider means of defence 
against the threatened invasion of the 
Spanish Armada. In Oct. 1589, when 
James VI. (who both respected and feared 
him) sailed to Norway to fetch his bride, 
and parties in Edinburgh were somewhat 
excited, the King appointed Bruce an extra- 
ordinary Privy Councillor, and such was 
his influence that he kept all quiet, and 
on His Majesty's return received a cordial 
letter of thanks, 19th Feb. 1589-90. He 
crowned the Queen 17th March 1590, and 
was again Moderator May 1592. His power 
and success as a preacher were very remark- 
able, and he continued to enjoy the King's 




favour till 1596, when, giving offence by his 
opposition to James's prelatic tendencies, 
he, with others, was banished from Edin- 
burgh. He was allowed to return after a 
time, and in May 1598 was admitted to the 
Little Kirk. At first he refused the im- 
position of hands, not judging it an essential 
part of the ordination ceremony, but ulti- 
mately he consented to accept it "as a 
ceremony of entry only." In August 1600 
the Gowrie Conspiracy took place, and 
Bruce being one of those who entertained 
doubts as to the treason of the Euthvens, 
refused to offer up thanks in the manner 
prescribed for the King's deliverance. As 
a result (and spite of the efforts of his 
friends to get the matter settled), Bruce 
was ordered to quit Edinburgh, and pro- 
hibited from preaching anywhere in the 
kingdom upon pain of death. The last 
thirty years of his life were spent in various 
places. From 1605 to 1609 he was confined 
to Inverness, where he met with much hard 
treatment from Lord Enzie and others, 
but where his preaching was much appreci- 
ated by his friends. On a vacancy he 
supplied the charge of Forres for a time, 
after which, on the solicitation of his son, 
he received permission to return to his 
patrimonial estate of Kinnaird, near Stir- 
ling, where he repaired at his own expense 
the church of Larbert, and discharged all 
the duties of the ministry, officiating some- 
times also at Stirling. Occasionally he 
resided on his other property at Monkland. 
"Wherever he had an opportunity of 
preaching, great crowds attended ; he 
preached with remarkable power, and his 
own life being in full accord with his 
preaching, the influence he attained was 
almost without parallel in the history of 
the Scottish Church." In 1620 he was 
again banished to Inverness, where, broken 
in health and in increasing weakness, he 
remained till 1624. On King James's death 
in 1625 the severity against him was much 
mitigated, and by King Charles's order he was 
allowed to return to Kinnaird, where he died 
27th July 1631. In person he was tall and 
dignified, with a majestic countenance and 
venerable appearance in the pulpit. He had 
a knowledge of the Scriptures beyond most 

of his time. Andrew Melville described 
him as a " hero adorned with every virtue, 
a constant confessor and almost martyr to 
the Lord Jesus," whilst Livingstone of 
Ancrum said : " Mr Bobert Bruce I several 
times heard, and in my opinion never man 
spoke with greater power since the Apostles' 
days. ,: He marr. 22nd Aug. 1590, Martha 
(died Nov. 1620), second daugh. of Sir 
George Douglas of Pittendreich, and had 
issue — Bobert, ancestor of James Bruce, 
African explorer ; Anna, bapt. 10th March 
1595 ; Bebecca (marr. Andrew Young, 
minister : Stirling Sas., iv., 89) ; Margaret, 
bapt. 9th July 1598 ; Maria, bapt. 1st Sept. 
1599 ; James ; Jean, bapt. 21st Jan. 1601 ; 
Mary (marr. 15th Feb. 1618, Michael Elphin- 
stone of Quarrel : Beg. of Deeds, cclxxviii., 
295) ; John, a clergyman of the Church of 
England ; Elizabeth (marr. 26th April 1624, 
James Campbell, younger, of Moy) ; Martha 
(marr. in 1648, James Bamsay, son to Barn- 
bougie). Publications — Sermons upon the 
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (Edinburgh, 
1590 ; republished and edited by Prof. John 
Laidlaw, D.D., Edinburgh, 1901); [see 
Answer to foregoing by William Beinolde, 
priest at Antwerp, 1593]; The Way to True 
Peace and Best (London, 1617); [which, 
with another, and Life by Wodrow, were 
edited by William Cunningham, D.D., and 
printed for the Wodrow Society, 1843].— 
[Sermons; The Edin, (Bapt.), Counc., and 
Test. Beg. (Stirl.) ; Booke of the Kirk ; Pet- 
rie's, Spottiswood's, Bow's, and Calderwood's 
Hists. ; Melvill's Autob. ; Scots Mag., lxiv. ; 
Orig. Lett., Maitland's Hist, of Edinburgh, 
Diet. Nat. Biog., W. Bruce Armstrong's 
Braces of Airth, M. E. Cumming Brace's 
Family Becords of the Bruces, Macnicol's 
Master Bobert Bruce (contains account of 
recently discovered MS. Sermons of B. B.).] 

JOHN HALL, son of Andrew H., 
burgess of Kirkcudbright ; mentioned 
1610 as min. of Hailes or Colinton in 1579 ; 
one of the commissioners for trial of the 
brethren in Lothian in 1586; trans, to 
Leith 24th Oct. 1596; adm. min. of the 
Second Charge, St Giles, 7th Dec. 1598 ; 
along with others of the city ministers he 
declined to believe in the genuineness of 




the Gowrie Conspiracy, or to offer thanks- 
giving for the King's escape ; on 6th Aug. 
1600 he was inhibited from preaching, 
and on 10th Sept. was called before the 
Privy Council, when he declared himself 
satisfied as to the truth of the plot 
against the King. He was reponed; was 
Moderator of Assembly in 1601 ; would 
join in no steps for the relief of the 
brethren who held an assembly at Aberdeen 
in 1605 ; nominated constant Moderator of 
Presb. in 1606 ; was a member of the Court 
of High Commission 15th Feb. 1610 ; trans, 
in terms of His Majesty's request, and adm. 
after 21st Feb. 1610. He was a member of 
General Assembly same year, and again of 
the Court of High Commission 21st Dec. 
1615. In 1616 he drew up (with John 
Adamson, min. of Liberton), a Confession 
of Faith and Catechism. In 1617 he signed 
the Protestation for the Liberties of the 
Kirk, but withdrew his protest, and de- 
mitted March 1619, being then old and 
infirm. In the latter years of his life, sus- 
pected of having encouraged resistance to 
the Articles of Perth, he was ordered by 
the Privy Council to remove to Montrose. 
He died Aug. 1627. He marr. Margaret 
Arnot, niece of John Johnston, writer, 
Edinburgh, and of John Arnot, burgess 
of Edinburgh (So*., 6th June 1592 j Prof. 
Bk. of Henry Elder, p. 895), and had 
issue — John ; William ; Andrew, bapt. 19th 
July 1601 ; Robert, bapt. 19th Oct. 1604. 
Publication — Catechism (Edinburgh, 1619). 
— \Edin. (Bapt.), Counc, Guild, and Test. 
Reg. ; Orig. Lett., Booke of the Kirk, Mel- 
vill's Autob., Scott's Apolog. Narr., Row's 
and Calderwood's Hists.; Wodrow's MS. 
Biog., ii.] 


ERS], born at Glasgow about 1578 ; 

probably son of the reader there ; 
educated at Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. 
(1599); an "expectant" in the Merse in 
1602 ; on the exercise at Glasgow 21st 
March 1604 ; adm. min. of Kirkintilloch 
8th March 1607; trans, to High Church, 
Glasgow, 3rd May 1612 ; trans, to St Giles, 
Edinburgh, after 15th June 1614; one of 
four app. by the Assembly of 1616 to 

answer the books and pamphlets written 
by the Papists, and to revise the Confes- 
sion of Faith previous to publication. He 
signed the Protestation for the Liberties 
of the Kirk 27th June 1617, but withdrew 
his protest; was a member of the Court 
of High Commission 15th June 1619 ; 
trans, and adm. 25th Jan. 1626. On the 
erection of the diocese of Edinburgh, he 
became Dean, and died 9th Nov. 1633. To 
the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow 
he left 6000 merks for theological bursaries. 
He marr. Elizabeth (died Feb. 1641), daugh. 
of Andrew Roberton of Stonehall, and 
had issue — Andrew, whose son John was 
served heir to his grandfather (G. R. Inhib., 
9th May 1645) ; Margaret ; William, bapt. 
29th June 1617 ; James and Elizabeth 
(twins) ; Samuel, Publications — Christian 
Observations and Resolutions (Edinburgh, 
1628 ; another edition, 1629) ; A Looking 
Glasse for Princes and People, with a 
Looking Glasse for Princes and Popes 
(Edinburgh, 1632); True Happiness, or 
King David's Choice (London, 1633); 
Letter to the Earl of Airthe ; Grievances 
of Ministers (1635) ; The Sanctuary of the 
Troubled Soul (anon.). — \_Edin. (Bapt), 
Counc, and Test. Reg. ; Row's and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; Demp- 
terii Hist., ii. ; Deeds Coil, of Glasg., Kirk 
Pap. ; Bannatyne Miscell., ii. ; Wodrow's 
MS. Biog., ii.] ' 

1634 ^ rom trinity Parish; pres. to the 
Deanery of Edinburgh by Charles 
I. 18th Jan. 1634 ; elected by the Council, 
adm. 19th Feb., and dem. 30th July 1634, 
having been consecrated Bishop of Brechin 
(q.v.). — [Edin. Counc. Reg. ; Wodrow's MS. 
Biog., ii.] 

JAMES HANNAY, son of John H, 
bailie and burgess in the Canongate 
(of the family of Hannay of Sorbie, 
Wigtownshire); M.A. (Edinburgh, 22nd July 
1615) ; min. of Kilmaurs in 1620 ; trans, to 
Canongate in 1624 ; pres. to the Deanery 
by Charles I. 13th May and 20th Oct. 
1634 ; pres. by the Council 30th March 1635, 
and adm. soon after. On 23rd July 1637 
he proceeded to read " Laud's Liturgy " 





in St Giles. The result was a brawl, when 
the famous Jenny Geddes flung her stool 
at the Dean's head. The service was inter- 
rupted ; Bishop and Dean were pelted by 
the mob, and protests against the English 
Prayer Book were bitter and universal. 
Seldom has there been a popular tumult 
leading to greater results. "It not only 
suppressed the English Liturgy almost until 
the nineteenth century, but it gave an 
impulse to the Civil War of England, which 
ended in the overthrow of church and 
monarchy" (Dean Stanley's Lectures on 
the Church of Scotland). H. was dep. 1st 
Jan. 1639, for declining the General 
Assembly, and reading and defending the 
Service Book. He died before 21st June 
1661, when his children had £100 allowed 
by Parliament, out of vacant stipends, on 
account of their father's sufferings. He 
marr. Isobel Brown, who was buried in the 
Kirk of Holyrood House, July 1674 {Canon- 
gate Reg.), and had issue — Magdalen ; John ; 
Martha ; William ; James ; George ; Marion 
(marr. George Smelholm, servitor to the 
Earl of Tweeddale : P. C. R., Third Series, 
i., 517); Isobel. — [Beg. Sec. Sig., Edin. 
Counc. and Canongate Reg. (Rapt.) ; 
Baillie's Lett., i. ; Stevenson's Hist., Peter- 
kin's Rec, Wodrow's MSS. ; Acts Pari., v., 
vii. ; Maitland MiscelL, ii. ; Charters of St 
Giles, Lees' St Giles.] 

1639 a * Guthrie, in the Fife parish of 
Creich, in 1583. Of his parentage 
and family history hardly anything is 
known. Tradition says he was the son of a 
feuar, and a cadet of the Hendersons of 
Fordel. In support of the latter statement, 
his remains lie in the burying-ground of that 
family in Greyfriars Churchyard, and a 
contemporary portrait of him is still in 
possession of a representative of that house. 
At the age of sixteen he matriculated 
at St Salvator's College, St Andrews, and 
took his degree of M.A. in 1603. From 
1603 to 1611 he was a Regent of Philosophy, 
and during that period he completed his 
course in divinity. He adopted strong 
prelatic principles, and was a staunch 
upholder of Archbishop Gledstanes, who 

afterwards became his patron, and pre- 
sented him to the parish of Leuchars. 
His settlement was so unpopular that on 
the day of his ordination, probably in 
Jan. 1614, the church doors were found 
securely nailed up, and he and his friends 
were obliged to enter by the window. 
A Communion sermon preached in a 
neighbouring parish by Robert Bruce of 
Kinnaird, was the means of changing 
Henderson's spiritual outlook. Attracted 
by the fame of the preacher, he slipped (so 
goes the story) into the darkest corner of 
the church, hoping to steal out again un- 
recognised. Bruce chose for his text the 
words : " He that entereth not by the door,"' 
etc. The effect of his earnest appeal won 
Henderson to the side of Presbyterianism. 
His first appearance in that connection was 
at the Perth Assembly of 1618, when he 
strenuously opposed the Five Articles, not- 
withstanding the threats of the Govern- 
ment. In Aug. 1619 he appeared before 
the Court of High Commission charged 
with the publication of a pamphlet 
denouncing the Perth Assembly. But 
nothing came of the matter, and Hender- 
son returned to his parish. Of the 
next eighteen years we know little or 
nothing. With the memorable year 1637 
he reappears on the scene, a keen opponent 
of "Laud's Liturgy," which King Charles 
was determined to foist on the Church. 
Mainly through Henderson's influence 
the National League and Covenant was 
signed, 21st Feb. 1638, and he was Modera- 
tor of the Assembly which met at Glasgow, 
21st Nov. of the same year. He received 
calls to St Andrews, and Greyfriars, Edin- 
burgh, and was translated to this charge, 
10th Jan. 1639. He was appointed a Com- 
missioner for framing a treaty of peace 
with England, and was again Moderator in 
1639. In Jan. 1640 he was Rector of the 
University of Edinburgh, and held office 
for the rest of his life. In 1641 he preached 
before King Charles at Holyrood, and was 
made Dean of the Chapel Royal. A third 
time he was Moderator, 2nd Aug. 1643, and 
was elected a member of the Westminster 
Assembly of Divines. He declined the 
principalship of St Mary's College, St 




Andrews, and died unmarried 19th Aug. 
1646. Next to the Church, Henderson's 
greatest service was devoted to the Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh. "He was the ablest 
educationist and the man of clearest in- 
sight of all who had to do with the college 
since its foundation. He saw what was 
wanted, and had the energy and the tact 
necessary for securing it. It would have 
been an inestimable advantage for the 
universities of Scotland if his life could 
have been prolonged for twenty years" 
(Grant's Univ. of Edinburgh, i., 209). 
Publications — The Remonstrance of the 
Nobility, etc., within the Kingdom of 
Scotland, vindicating them and their Pro- 
ceedings from the Crimes wherewith they 
are charged by the late Proclamation in 
England (1639); The Government and 
Order of the Church of Scotland (Edin- 
burgh, 1641 ; another edition, 1690) : 
Speech delivered immediately before the 
taking of the Covenant by the House of 
Commons and Assembly of Divines (Edin- 
burgh, 1643); Three single Sermons 
preached before the Houses of Parliament 
(London, 1644, 1644, 1645) ; The Bishops' 
Doom (Edinburgh, 1762) j Declaration upon 
his Deathbed {concerning King Charles] 
(1648); Sermons, Prayers, and Pulpit 
Addresses, edited from the original MSS. 
by R. Thomson Martin (Edinburgh, 1867). 
— [Life and Times, by John Aiton, D.D. ; 
Baillie's Lett. ; Christ. Mag., x. ; Wodrow's 
Anal, and Hist. ; Acts Pari., v. ; Grant's 
Univ., i. ; Livingston's Charac. ; Burnet's, 
Stevenson's, and Cook's Hists. ; Tombst., 
Edin. Counc. and Test. Beg., Reid's Westm. 
Divines, Turner's Scot. Secess., Lockerby's 
Life of J. Broivn, M'Crie's Life, Pringle 
Thomson's Alexander Henderson, Diet. Nat. 

GEORGE GILLESPIE, born 21st Jan. 
1647 1613, son of John G., min. of Kirk- 
caldy; studied at St Andrews, and 
is said to have graduated M.A. 1629, 
though the date is probably that on 
which he entered the University; bursar 
of the Presb. of Kirkcaldy. He became 
chaplain to John, Viscount Kenmure; to 
John, Earl of Cassilis, and tutor to his son, 

James, Lord Kennedy ; ord. to Wemyss 
26th April 1638 ; had calls to Aberdeen and 
St Andrews ; trans, to Greyfriars, Edin- 
burgh, 23rd Sept. 1642. He was a member 
of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 
1643, and though the youngest member, by 
his learning, zeal, and sound judgment, 
gave essential assistance in the preparation 
of the Directory and Confession of Faith. 
He took final leave of Westminster 10th 
July 1647, and presented the Confession of 
Faith to the General Assembly on 4th 
Aug., obtaining its ratification. This dis- 
poses of the legend which connects him 
with the Shorter Catechism, which was 
not begun till 5th Aug. Dr Hew Scott 
mentions the fable that Gillespie drew it 
up "in the course of a single night." He 
was elected to this charge by the Town 
Council 22nd Sept. 1647, and adm. shortly 
after; Moderator of Assembly 12th July 
1648; died at Kirkcaldy 16th Dec. 1648. 
He marr. Margaret Murray, who had 
£1000 sterling voted by Parliament im- 
mediately after his death, for the support 
of herself and family, but, owing to the 
distractions of the time, it was never paid. 
His children were — Robert, bapt. 15th May 
1643 (received ordination from the "outed" 
ministers ; was imprisoned in the Bass for 
preaching at conventicles (1673); subse- 
quently went to England, and died, his 
widow and children being recommended by 
Parliament to the royal bounty, 17th July 
1695) ; George, bapt. 20th May 1644 ; Archi- 
bald, died in 1659 ; Elizabeth (marr. James 
Oswald, merchant in Edinburgh, afterwards 
of Fingleton). Publications — A Dispute 
against the English Popish Ceremonies 
obtruded upon the Church of Scotland (1637 ; 
another edition, 1844) ; An Assertion of the 
Church Covenant of Scotland (1641) ; Dia- 
logue between a Civilian and a Divine, 
concerning the Present Condition of the 
Church of England (London, 1644); A 
Recrimination in Defence of Presbyterian- 
ism (London, 1644); Nihil Respondes 
(London, 1645) ; The True Resolution of 
a Present Controversy concerning Liberty 
of Conscience (London, 1645) ; Wholesome 
Severity reconciled with Christian Liberty 
(London, 1645); Aaron's Rod Blossoming 




(London, 1646 ) J Male Audit, an Answer to 
Coleman's Male Diets (London, 1646) ; A 
Treatise of Miscellany Questions (Edinburgh, 
1649) ; An Useful Case of Conscience Dis- 
cussed (Edinburgh, 1649); Works, with 
memoir by W. M. Hetherington, LL.D., 2 
vols. (Edinburgh, 1843-6) J Notes of Debates 
and Proceedings of the Assembly of Divines, 
edited by David Meek (Edinburgh, 1846). 
— [Wodrow's Anal, and Hist., Livingston's 
Charac. ; Mitchell and Struthers : s Minutes 
of Westminster Assembly, 1874 J Mitchell's 
Westminster Assembly, 1884 ; Brodie's 
Diary, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

ROBERT DOUGLAS, M.A. ; trans, from 
Tolbooth Parish; elected by the 
Town Council 22nd Dec. 1648, and 
adm. in 1649. Refusing to accept the 
Bishopric of Edinburgh on the establish- 
ment of Episcopacy, he was removed to 
the Greyfriars, or South-West Quarter, 2nd 
June 1662, " that the bishop might be pro- 
vided."— [Edin. Counc. Reg., Lamont's and 
Nicoll's Diaries, Baillie's Lett.] 

ROBERT LAURIE, M.A. ; trans, from 
,„. Tron Parish ; pres. to the Deanery 
of Edinburgh by Charles II. 23rd, 
and coll. 24th Sept. 1662 ; prom, to the 
Bishopric of Brechin in 1672 (q.v.).—[Min.- 
book Reg. Privy Seal, Reg. Collat., Keith's 
Catal., Nicoll's and Brodie's Diaries, Kirk- 
ton's and Wodrow's Hists.] 
JOHN PATERSON, trans, from Tron 
Parish; pres. to the Deanery of 
Edinburgh by Charles II. 13th May, 
and adm. before 6th Aug. 1672; adm. 
burgess and guild-brother 13th Nov. 1673 ; 
prom, to the Bishopric of Galloway in 1674. 
In 1679 he became Bishop of Edinburgh, 
and Archbishop of Glasgow in 1687 (q.v.). 
—[Min. - book Reg. Privy Seal, Edin. 
Counc. and Guild Reg.~\ 

WILLIAM ANNAND, born Ayr, 1633, 
lens son of William A., min. of Ayr, 
afterwards vicar of Throwley, and 
rector of Leaveland, both in Kent ; educated 
at King's College and Univ., Aberdeen, 
and University College, Oxford; M.A. 
(Aberdeen 1649), B.A. (Oxford 1655), 
M.A. (Oxford 1656); ord. by Thomas, 
Bishop of Ardfert, 1656, as assistant 

preacher at Weston-in-the-Green, Oxford- 
shire ; vicar of Leighton-Buzzard, Bed- 
fordshire; chaplain to John, Earl of 
Middleton; min. of the Tolbooth Parish, 
Edinburgh, 1st Feb. 1663; trans, to Tron, 
Edinburgh, 16th Aug. 1672; pres. to the 
Deanery of Edinburgh by Charles II. 28th 
April (Privy Seal, ii., 516), and coll. 19th 
May 1675; D.D. (St Andrews, 1st Oct. 
1685); died 13th June 1689. Interred in 
Greyfriars. He marr. 14th Jan. 1670, 
Helen (buried 20th Feb. 1687), second 
daugh. of John Lundie of Auchtermairnie, 
and had issue— Barbara, buried 28th March 
1687. Publications — Fides Catholica 
(London, 1661-2) ; Panem Quotidianum 
(London, 1661); A Sermon in the Defence 
of the Liturgy (1661); Pater Noster, a 
Treatise on the Lord's Prayer (London, 
1670); Mysterium Pietatis (London, 1671); 
Doxologia, or Glory to the Father, etc. 
(London, 1672); Dualitas, or a Twofold 
Subject on the Power and Honour, etc., 
of Magistracy (Edinburgh, 1674); A 
Funerall Elegie upon the Death of George 
Sonds, yr., 1665, is ascribed to A. in the 
British Museum Catalogue.— [Reg. Privy 
Seal, Monro's Apology ; Wood's Ath. Oxon., 
iv. ; Lamont's Diary, Grub's Ecclesiastical 
Hist, of Scotland, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

1689 ^°^ n "" °* Bangour; M.A. (Glas- 
gow 1649); studied both medicine 
and divinity ; ord. to Dalmeny 2nd July 
1656; dep. 1662; removed to Dalserf by 
order of the Privy Council 1677; called 
(after the Toleration) 6th Sept. 1687; 
appointment confirmed by the Town 
Council 24th July 1689 ; he removed to his 
former parish (Dalmeny) in terms of the 
Act of Parliament 25th April 1690, but 
returned same year, and died Dec. 1696, 
aged about 70. He bequeathed £100 to 
the poor of Dalmeny. He was the means 
of preventing the Duke of Hamilton, 
during a sitting of the Convention of 
Estates, from bringing in a measure 
which would have included many of the 
Episcopalian clergy under the benefit of 
the Act for restoring the Presbyterian 
ministers. He marr. (1) Anna Scott, who 




died 1st Oct. 1692: (2) (pro. 24th June 
1692) Helen, daugh. of Robert Elliot, 
min. of West Linton. She afterwards 
marr. 14th April 1698, John Duncan, 
merchant, Edinburgh. Sir William Hamil- 
ton of Whytlaw, Lord Justice-Clerk, was 
his brother - german. Publication — A 
Cordial for Christians Travelling Heaven- 
ward (Edinburgh, 1696). — [Edin. Coune., 
Guild, Test., Cramond Sess. Reg. ; Wod- 
row's Anal.] 

GEORGE HAMILTON of Cairns, born 
1697 1635, eldest son of George H, min. 
of Pittenweem; M.A. (St Andrews, 
13th May 1653); ord. to Newburn 10th 
Feb. 1659; deprived 1662; restored 1690; 
returned to Newburn 1692 ; trans, to St 
Leonard's, St Andrews, 26th Feb. 1696; 
Principal of St Leonard's College ; trans, 
and adm. after 27th Jan. 1697 ; Moderator 
of Assembly 20th Jan. 1699; dem. 18th 
Jan. 1710 ; died 26th May 1712. He marr. 

(1) Margaret, daugh. of John Boyd of 
Trochrig, and had issue — Margaret (marr. 
Robert Clelland, min. of Kilrenny) ; Sophia 
(marr. Thomas Spence, writer, Edinburgh) : 

(2) Elizabeth (died 2nd Oct. 1708), sister 
of Dr John Hay of Cousland. — [Test. Beg., 
Wodrow's Hist, and MSS.] 

JOHN MATHIESON, born 1679 ; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 26th June 1699) ; chap- 
lain to Lord Advocate Sir James 
Steuart ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 3rd 
April, and ord. to Tolbooth, Edinburgh, 
12th Dec. 1706; app. by the Presb. 19th 
Oct., trans, and adm. 5th Nov. 1710 ; Dean 
of the Chapel Royal 1735; died 8th Nov. 
1752. He is said to have suggested (in 
1741) the establishment of a fund for 
supporting the widows and children of 
ministers of the Church. That may be 
true so far as the fund established in 
1744 was concerned, but a similar pro- 
posal had been made as early as 1716, by 
Patrick Couper, min. of Pittenweem. He 
marr. (1) 11th Feb. 1708, Margaret, daugh. 
of Robert Douglas, merchant, Edinburgh : 
(2) 28th April 1715, Isobel, daugh. of 
Matthew Hairstanes of Craigs, who sur- 
vived him, and had issue — Gilbert ; Jean ; 
Margaret (marr. 10th Oct. 1736, George 


Ross, Provost of Montrose). Publication — 
The Necessity of Divine Revelation, and 
Knowledge thereof, in order to Salvation 
(Edinburgh, 1730).— [Test. Reg., Morren's 
Ann. ; Chambers's Biog. Diet., iv. ; Wod- 
row's Corresp., ii. ; Scots Mag., xxxiii.] 

ROBERT WALKER, born 1716, son of 
1?54 John W., min. of Canongate ; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. 
by Presb. of Kirkcudbright 6th April 1737 ; 
ord. to Straiton 14th Sept. 1738 ; trans, to 
Second Charge, South Leith, 20th Nov. 
1746; trans, and adm. 11th Oct. 1754; 
Moderator of Assembly 23rd May 1771 ; 
died 6th April 1783. He marr. 27th May 
1743, Magdalen Dickson, who survived 
him. Publications — We have Nothing 
which We did not Beceive, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1776); Sermons on Bractical 
Subjects, 4 vols. (Edinburgh, 1765-96).— 
[Sermons, iii. ; Kay's Bortr.~\ 

THOMAS HARDY, trans, from Bal- 
^ . lingry; called 30th April, and adm. 
25th Nov. 1784 ; trans, to New North 
Parish, 3rd Dec. 1786. 

-,__,_ John G. and Grizel Cockburn ; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 7th April 1778); ord. 
to Wemyss 6th Sept. 1781 ; trans, to St 
Andrew's, Edinburgh, 25th Nov. 1784 ; 
pres. by the Town Council 21st Feb., 
trans, and adm. 1st April 1787, holding in 
conjunction the Professorship of Rhetoric ; 
Almoner to the King, March 1789, which 
he res. in 1798; D.D. (Edinburgh, 31st 
March 1789) ; Moderator of Assembly 19th 
May 1796 ; dem. 20th, and dep. 26th Dec. 
1798. He was degraded by the Univ. from 
his degrees of M.A. and D.D. ; died in the 
North of England 28th April 1827. He 
marr. 22nd Nov. 1782, Janet Bervie, who 
assumed the name of Rutherford, died 20th 
June 1827, and had issue — Margaret, born 
25th July 1784 ; Hugh Blair of Crosshill, 
captain 25th Regt., born 7th May 1786; 
Grizel, born 5th Dec. 1787 (marr. Thomas 
Clark, min. of St Andrew's, Edinburgh) ; 
Jane, born 7th July 1789 ; Andrew, Senator 
of the College of Justice, born 21st June 
1791, died 13th Dec. 1854 ; James Hunter, 
major R.E., born 13th Aug. 1794. Publica- 




tions — Sermon 2?reached at the Opening of 
the General Assembly (Edinburgh, 1797) ; 
Essays on the Sources of the Pleasures 
received from Literary Compositions, anon. 
(London, 1809) ; " On the Use of Negative 
Quantities in the Solution of Problems, by 
Algebraic Equations" {Trans. Roy. Soc. 
Edin., i.). 

JAMES FINLAYSON, born at Nether 
Cambushinnie, Dunblane, 15th Feb. 
1758, eldest son of William F., 
farmer ; educated at Univs. of Edinburgh 
and Glasgow; tutor in the family of Sir 
William Murray of Ochtertyre; ord. to 
Borthwick 6th April 1787 ; trans, to Lady 
Yester's, Edinburgh, 29th July 1790 ; trans, 
to Old Greyfriars 9th Jan. 1794; elected 
by the Town Council 2nd Jan., trans, 
and adm. 14th March 1799, holding in 
conjunction the Professorship of Logic, to 
which he had been appointed in 1787 ; 
D.D. (Edinburgh, 28th March 1799); 
Moderator of Assembly 20th May 1802; 
Almoner to the King 1802, but resigned; 
died 28th Jan. 1808. Publications— Heads 
of an Argument in Support of the Overture 
respecting Chapels-of-Ease (1798) ; Preach- 
ing a Means of Promoting the General 
Progress of Human Improvement, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1801) ; Sermons, with Memoir 
(Edinburgh, 1809) ; Sermon VIII. (Scotch 
Preacher, iv.) ; " Life of Dr Blair " (Blair's 
Serm., v.). — [Tombst. ; Scots Mag., lxx. ; 
Chalmers's Biog. Diet., ii. ; Cockburn's 
Mem., Grant's University of Edinburgh.] 

WILLIAM KITCHIE, bapt. 3rd Jan. 

i8oa 1 ^ 48 ' e ^ es ^ son °f J° nn R-> Foulis- 
Wester; educated at the Parish 
School ; became schoolmaster of Newtyle 
1763, and of Foulis- Wester 1766; studied 
at St Andrews Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Fordoun 14th Dec. 1774; tutor to Lord 
Inverurie, with whom he travelled on the 
Continent for five years ; declined the 
parish of Trinity Gask, and a charge 
in Dundee ; went a second time to the 
Continent in 1789 as tutor to the sons of 
Oswald of Auchencruive ; ord. to Tarbolton 
24th April 1794; D.D. (Glasgow 1798); 
trans, to Kilwinning 8th Nov. 1798; 
Moderator of Assembly 1801 ; trans, to 

St Andrew's, Glasgow, 1st Oct. 1802 ; pres. 
by the Town Council ; trans, and adm. 
18th Aug. 1808 ; Professor of Divinity 10th 
May 1809, which he held in conjunction; 
died unmarr. at Tarbolton 29th Jan. 1830. 
Sir Robert Christison's recollection of him 
was that "in his old age he had in the 
pulpit the piercing gaze of an old eagle ; but 
he was of mild disposition and gentle in 
manners. His sermons were delivered with 
great earnestness, a persuasive voice, and 
the remains of an Ayrshire intonation." 
Publications — Five single Sermons (Glas- 
gow, 1803; Edinburgh, 1809); Statement 
connected with Employing an Organ in 
Public Worship (relative to the use of an 
Organ in St Andrew's Church). — [Nelson's 
Life, Thomson's St Andrews; Grant's 
Univ., ii.] 

ROBERT GORDON, born Old Craw- 
1830 f° r dton, Glencairn, 5th May 1786, 
only son of James G., school- 
master, and Janet MacAdam ; educated at 
Tynron School ; became master of Kirkland 
School in his native parish, and afterwards 
taught in Perth Academy ; studied at Mari- 
schal College, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Perth 27th July 
1814; ord. to Kinfauns 12th Sept. 1816; 
trans, to Buccleuch, Edinburgh, 22nd Feb. 
1821; D.D. (Aberdeen 1823); trans, to 
Newington 5th Jan. 1824; trans, to New 
North 8th Sept. 1825 ; pres. by the Town 
Council, and trans, and adm. in the High 
School, where the congregation were meet- 
ing for the time, 9th Sept. 1830 ; collector 
of the Ministers' Widows' Fund 1 1th Aug. 
1836, which he resigned 28th Nov. 1843; 
Moderator of Assembly 20th May 1841. 
Joined the Free Church ; Professor of 
Divinity in succession to Dr Chalmers ; 
min. of Free New North Church ; declined 
appointment as Principal of the Free 
Church College, Edinburgh, 1843 ; died 21st 
Oct. 1853. He had talents of the highest 
order, which in early life were cultivated by 
the careful study of some important depart- 
ments of science, and he was the inventor 
of a self -registering hygrometer. He marr. 
30th Nov. 1816, Isabella (died 23rd Sept. 
1877), daugh. of Donald Campbell, school- 




master, Kinnaird, and Mary Halley, and 
had issue— Janet Veitch, born 2nd Aug. 
1818, died 3rd Jan. 1877; Mary Ann, 
born 10th Jan. 1820, died 2nd March 1821 ; 
James, W.S., Sheriff-substitute of Banffshire, 
1853-77, born 24th July 1821, died 23rd May 
1914; Robert, min. of Buccleuch Free 
Church, Edinburgh, born 18th May 1823, 
died 10th Nov. 1910; Donald Campbell, min. 
of South Free Church, Elgin, born 14th 
Nov. 1824, died 6th Nov. 1866; Alexander 
Moncrieff, banker, born 15th May 1826, 
died Oct. 1889; Isabella Alison, born 13th 
Jan. 1828, died 10th June 1900; Jean, born 
25th Aug. 1829, died 2nd Oct. 1910; Susan 
Campbell, born 14th April 1831 ; Georgiana 
White, born 20th Feb. 1833; William, 
M.D., born 12th May 1836; Ann Banner- 
man, born 12th May 1836, died 19th Nov. 
1910. Publications — Introductory Essays 
for The Redeemer's Tears, Mourner's 
Companion, Emmanuel, Anderson's Scot- 
tish Nation; The Duty of Searching the 
Scriptures, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1823); 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1825); Christ as 
Made Known to the Ancient Church, 4 vols. 
(Edinburgh, 1854); the articles Euclid, 
Geography, Meteorology {Edin. Encyclo- 
paedia). — [Presb. Beg. ; Edin. Encycl., 
xviii. ; Clason's, Cunningham's, and Bry- 
don's Fun. Serms. ; Diet. Nat. Eiog.] 

DAVID ARNOT, born Blacketyside, 
1843 Scoonie, 20th March 1803, son of 
William A., farmer, and Janet Kel- 
lock; educated at Largo Parish School, 
Univ. of Edinburgh, and St Mary's College, 
St Andrews; licen. by Presb. of St And- 
rews 2nd April 1828 ; assistant at Ceres ; 
ord. (assistant and successor) St Paul's, 
Dundee, 29th June 1836; trans, and adm. 
20th Sept. 1843 ; D.D. (St Andrews 1843) ; 
died 15th May 1877. He marr. (1) 16th 
Aug. 1836, Helen Spence (died 8th March 
1843), daugh. of Captain John Smith, 
merchant, Leith, and had issue — Agnes, 
born 2nd March 1838 (marr. Walter Scott 
Riddell, Hong-Kong and China Bank), died 
6th Jan. 1914; Anna Fernie, born 29th 
Jan. 1840 (marr. James Gourlay); Janet, 
born 28th June 1841, died unmarr. 14th 
March 1910; David William, born 7th 

March 1843, died 31st May 1843 : (2) 1st 
Sept. 1846, Mary Walker, daugh. of David 
Walker Arnott of Arlary, and widow of 
Edward Bayley, lieut. R.N. Publications 
— The Witches of KeiVs Glen, and other 
Poems (Cupar, 1825) ; The Strait Gate and 
the Narroxo Way (Dundee, 1838); The 
Vision Written, a discourse on the destruc- 
tion by fire of the three churches in Dundee 
(Dundee, 1841); The Vision Speaking, a 
sequel (Ch. of Scot. Pulpit, i.), a discourse 
on the death of the Prince Consort (1861). 
Dr Arnot had considerable ability as a 
painter and sculptor, and he was an 
accomplished musician. 

1877 24th July 1834, eldest son of John L., 
manager of the Royal Caledonian 
Asylum (afterwards min. at Stornoway); 
educated at London and Univs. of Glasgow 
and Aberdeen; licen. by Presb. of Lewis 
28th Nov. 1855; ord. to Carnoch, Ross- 
shire, 27th Nov. 1856; trans, to Paisley 
Abbey, Second Charge, 1st Sept. 1859; 
trans, to First Charge 28th June 1865; 
trans, and adm. 19th Oct. 1877 ; D.D. (Glas- 
gow 1871, Aberdeen 1894, Edinburgh 1906), 
LL.D. (St Andrews 1889), C.V.O. (1906), 
K.C.V.O. (1909), Dean of the Order of the 
Thistle and of the Chapel Royal of Scotland 
from 1886; chaplain to Queen Victoria 
1881-1901, to King Edward VII. 1901-10, 
and to King George V. 1910 ; res. 15th May 
1909; died 26th June 1913. He marr. 7th 
Feb. 1872, Rhoda Clara Rainsford (died 
4th Dec. 1887), daugh. of Major Rainsford 
Hannay of Kirkdale, Creetown, and had 
issue— Constance, born 28th Oct. 1873 
(marr. 28th March 1898, Thomas Edward 
Taylor, missionary at Darjeeling, and died 
22nd Feb. 1902, leaving a son, Charles 
Cameron, born 10th March 1900); Mary 
Isabella Cameron, born 7th Aug. 1876, 
died 23rd Feb. 1893 ; John Cameron, born 
2nd Dec. 1880, died 3rd Jan. 1909 ; Arthur 
Stanley, born 8th Nov. 1882. Publications 
— The Abbey of Paisley from its Founda- 
tion to its Dissolution (Paisley, 1878); St 
Giles, Edinburgh : Church, College, and 
Cathedral (Edinburgh, 1889); Tobersnorey 
(Edinburgh, 1878), Stronbuy (Edinburgh, 




1881), both anonymous ; Life and Conduct 
(Guild Text-Book) ; A History of the County 
of Inverness (Edinburgh, 1897) ; Visitation 
of the Sick (Edinburgh).— [See Life of Br 
Lees by Kev. Norman MacLean.] 

born Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, 29th 
Dec. 1856, youngest son of James W. 
and Margaret Wallace ; educated at Morton 
School, Wallace Hall, and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; M.A. (1878); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 1881 ; assistant at North Leith ; 
ord. to North Leith 15th April 1882 ; trans, 
to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 6th Sept. 
1883 ; trans, and adm. 19th Jan. 1910 ; D.D. 
(1900); one of the Chaplains in Ordinary 
to King Edward VII. and King George V. ; 
Univ. Lecturer in Pastoral Theology 1897-8 ; 
Croall Lecturer 1907-8 ; #.R.S.A. ; Joint- 
Convener of Committee on Union with 
United Free Church 1912; Moderator of 
the General Assembly 1913; Dean of the 
Order of the Thistle and of the Chapel 
Royal 7th Aug. 1913. He marr. (1) 18th 
Sept. 1883, Agnes (died 7th Aug. 1885), 
second daugh. of Walter Blackstock, Edin- 
burgh : (2) 2nd Oct. 1888, Elizabeth Mary 
Phoebe, daugh. of Robert Croall, Craig- 
crook, Midlothian, and has issue — Agnes 
Honor Margaret, born 7th Aug. 1889, died 
1892; Robert Howard, born 28th March 
1892; Verona Maud, born 27th Jan. 1898. 
Publications — John Macleod, his Work and 
Teaching; Macleod Memorial Lecture 
(Edinburgh, 1900); Ideals of Ministry 
(Edinburgh, 1901); The Methodist Church 
(St Giles Series); Social Unrest; The 
Unity of the Church; Sacramental Vows 
and Privileges; "Foreign Missions," a 
speech delivered in the General Assembly, 
1905 ; A Farewell Message of St Paul 
(1910); Ambassadors for Christ (1910); 
The Spiritual Calling of the Church 
(Assembly Closing Address, 1913). 

Second Charge. 
PETER HEWAT, M.A. (Edinburgh 
1594 * 588 )j mentioned as min. in 1594; 
trans, to Hailes (Colinton) 1596.— 
[Counc. Reg,] 

[Charles Ferme [Fairholm], M.A., 

James Muirhead, M.A., and George 
Grier, M.A., were severally authorised 
by the Presb. to preach in the North-West 
Quarter 13th Dec. 1589 to 18th Dec. 1599, 
" at sic tymes as were necessary." 

JAMES BALFOUR, son of David B. of 
1598 Powis, grandson of Alexander B. of 
Inchrye, Fife, and brother of Captain 
John B. of Pitcorthy {Reg. of Deeds, xl., 
272); adm. 19th May 1598. Hesitating to 
offer public thanksgiving for His Majesty's 
deliverance from the Gowrie Conspiracy, 
he was inhibited from preaching under pain 
of death, and two days after he left the 
city. Called before the Privy Council, he 
declared himself satisfied of the truth of 
the story. By the continuance of the Royal 
displeasure, he was ordered to be trans- 
ported, 16th May 1601, yet he continued in 
his charge. He was summoned to London 
(with seven others) 21st May 1606. After 
various ineffectual conferences they were 
handed over to the charge of different 
bishops of England, Balfour being con- 
signed to the care of John, Bishop of 
Norwich. On 8th March 1607 he peti- 
tioned the Privy Council to be sent home, 
when he was ordered to be confined to 
Cockburnspath and Alford. He returned 
and was preaching in the city, when he 
was again removed by a royal warrant, 
20th Jan. 1610, but the city continued 
payment of his stipend until 1st May 
1613, when he died. He marr. (1) in 
1575, his cousin once removed, Barbara, 
youngest daugh. of Richard Melvill of 
Baldowy, min. of Maryton, who survived 
him, and had issue — James (G. R. Sas., 
liii., 385), servant to Lord Haddington ; 
Andrew, min. of Kirknewton ; Nicolas 
(marr. George Gordon of Lawtoun : G. 
R. Inhib., First Series, vi., 98), who was 
threatened to be banished from the city 
in 1620 for entertaining conventicles in 
her house : (2) 5th July 1595, Isobel or 
Elizabeth King (buried 4th Dec. 1643), 
widow of Robert Danielston, tailor, 
burgess of Edinburgh {Edin. Inhib,, viii., 
206 ; G. R. Inhib., Second Series, iii., 295). 
Publication — The Great Work of Mercy. — 
[Edin. Counc. Reg., Booke of the Kirk, 




Melvill's Autob., Scott's Apolog. Narr.; 
Petrie's, Spottiswood's, Row's, and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Orig. Lett. ; Wodrow's MS. 
Biog., ii. ; The Balfour s of Pilrig-.] 

PETER HEWAT, M.A., above men- 
tioned ; trans, from Colinton to Old 
Greyfriars 1597; trans, in terms of 
King James's request, and adm. after 21st 
Feb. 1610 ; was a member of Assembly 
same year, and of the Court of High 
Commission, 21st Dec. 1615. He had a 
gift from the King of the Abbey of Cross- 
raguel, 29th Dec. 1612, which entitled him 
to a seat in Parliament (ratified to him 
and his children for nineteen years after 
his death, on payment of 5 merks yearly, 
by Charles II., 27th Oct., and by Parlia- 
ment, 17th Nov. 1641); one of those 
appointed by the Assembly, 17 th Aug. 1616, 
for revising the Li turgy. He consulted with 
the ministers regarding a Protest for the 
Liberties of the Kirk in 1617, drew out one 
of his own, and still adhering to it was 
deprived by the High Commission, 12th 
July of that year, and confined to Dundee. 
He was still recognised, however, as minister, 
and had his stipend paid by the city to 
Candlemas 1619, but he was charged to 
remove, and be confined at Crossraguel by 
royal warrant, 12th, and by that of the 
Privy Council, 17th June following. He 
died in the parish of Maybole, Aug. 1645, 
aged about 78. He marr. Isobel (died Aug. 
1644), daugh. of William Smail, merchant 
in the city, and had issue — Margaret, bapt. 
23rd Nov. 1600; John, bapt. 30th May 
1602; Lilias, bapt. 26th June 1603; 
Margaret, bapt. 5th Sept. 1605; Jean, 
bapt. 18th April 1611; William (Beg. of 
Deeds, cclxxx., 24th Jan. 1619); Elspeth; 
Janet ; Elizabeth, or Elspeth (marr. Bryce 
Blair of Goldring). Publication — Three 
Excellent Points of the Christian Doctrine 
(Edinburgh, 1621). — [Edin. Counc, Guild, 
Bapt., and Test. Beg. (Glasg.) ; Acts Pari., 
v. ; Row's, Spottiswood's, and Calderwood's 
Hists. ; Melvill's Autob. ; Morrison's Dec, x.] 

JOHN MAXWELL, M.A. ; trans, from 

1622 Mortlach; elected by the Town 

Council 18th July 1622, and adm. 

soon after. On the division of the city in 

1625, he was removed to the North-East 
Quarter, or Trinity Parish. — [Row's, 
Spottiswood's, and Calderwood's Hists. ; 
Edin. Counc. Beg.] 

Alexander T., min. of Stonehouse 
(Acts and Decreets, cccclxxiv., 13) ; 
M.A. (Glasgow 1613); min. of Cambuslang 
1623; elected by the Town Council 3rd 
July 1628, and adm. soon after. Deposed 
1st Jan. 1639 for declining the General 
Assembly 1638, and reading and defending 
the Service Book ; died in 1646, aged about 
53. He marr. Margaret Moorehead, and 
had issue — James, apprenticed to James 
Stewart, merchant, Edinburgh, 6th Nov. 
1639; John, who had £100 sterl. granted 
him by Parliament, 5th July 1661, in 
respect of his father's sufferings ; William ; 
Margaret (marr. James Hamilton, Bishop 
of Galloway). — [Edin. Counc, Test., and 
Beg. (Bapt.) ; Row's and Stevenson's Hists., 
Peterkin's Bee. ; Wodrow's MSS., lxii. ; 
Acts Pari., vii.] 

ROBERT DOUGLAS, M.A. ; trans, from 

Second Charge, Kirkcaldy; elected 

14th Jan. 1639, and adm. after 22nd 

Aug. same year; removed to North-West 

Quarter, or Tolbooth Parish, 24th Dec. 

1641. — [Edin. Counc. Beg.~\ 

HENRY ROLLOCK, M.A., son of John 

1641 R - of Woodside ( G - R - Sas " lviii > 202 ) J 
adm. 24th Dec. 1641 ; died 2nd June 

1649, aged about 47. He marr. Helen, 
youngest daugh. of Alex., Lord Elphinston, 
and widow of Sir William Cockburn of 
Langton, and had issue — John of Wood- 
side. — [Edin. Counc. Beg.; Baillie's Lett., 
ii. ; Douglas's Peer., i.] 

DAVID DICKSON of Busby, born 
Glasgow 1583, son of John D., a 
wealthy merchant of the Trongate, 
was at first intended for the mercantile 
profession, but afterwards studied for the 
Church. After becoming M.A. of Glasgow, 
he was appointed Regent of Philosophy in 
the University, and on 31st March 1618 
was ordained minister of Irvine. He 
declared against the Perth Articles, and 
was summoned before the Court of High 




Commission. Declining its authority, he 
was deprived. In 1622 he was allowed to 
return to his parish, but in 1637, having 
given shelter to Robert Blair and John 
Livingston, driven from their charges in 
Ireland by the interference of the bishops 
there, he was again cited before the High 
Commission Court. He took an active 
part in the Glasgow Assembly of 1638, 
and in 1639 acted as chaplain to an Ayr- 
shire regiment commanded by the Earl of 
Loudoun. He was Moderator of Assembly 
in 1640, and appointed to the Professor- 
ship of Divinity in Glasgow University. 
In 1650 he was transferred to the Chair of 
Divinity at Edinburgh. He was appointed 
to this charge by the Town Council 12th 
April 1650, and adm. shortly after; a 
second time Moderator of Assembly 21st 
July 1652. In Oct. 1662 he was deprived, 
and by the end of the year he was dead 
(buried 31st Dec). He was a popular 
preacher, and highly instrumental in pro- 
moting the notable revival at Stewarton 
about 1625. Nor was he less zealous and 
useful in the overthrow of Episcopacy, 
having taken a prominent part in the 
business of the Assembly at Glasgow. 
When the Church unhappily divided into 
Resolutioners and Protesters, he became a 
leader in the party of the former. He 
marr. 23rd Sept. 1617, Margaret, daugh. of 
Archibald Roberton of Stonehall, and had 
issue — John, clerk to the Exchequer (who 
predeceased him) ; James {G. R. Sas., 
xxxviii., 241) ; David (who also predeceased 
him) ; Alexander, min. of Newbattle, Pro- 
fessor of Hebrew in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh. Publications — A Treatise on the 
Promises (Dublin, 1630) ; Explanation 
of the Epistle to the Hebrews (Aberdeen, 
1635) ; Expositio Analytica Omnium Apos- 
tolicarum Epistolarum (Glasgow, 1645); 
True Christian Love, in verse (1649) ; 
Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew 
(London, 1651) ; Explanation of the Psalms, 
3 vols. (London, 1653-5); Therapeutica 
Sacra (Edinburgh, 1656 — trans., Edin- 
burgh, 1664) ; A Commentary on the Epistles 
(London, 1659) ; Pr&lectiones in Confes- 
sionem Fidei ; trans, under the title of 
Truth's Victory over Error (London, 1688, 

VOL. I. 

and Wodrow Society, 1847); several pam- 
phlets in the Disputes with the Doctors of 
Aberdeen, and some in defence of the 
Public Resolutions. The " Directory for 
Public Worship " was drawn up by 
him, with the assistance of Alexander 
Henderson and David Calderwood — and 
the "Sum of Saving Knowledge," in 
conjunction with James Durham. Some 
minor poems, "The Christian Sacrifice," 
and " O Mother dear, Jerusalem." — [Edin. 
Counc., Test, Glasgoio {Marr.), Canongate 
{Bur.), and Reg. {Bur.) ; Baillie's Lett., 
Lamont's and Nicoll's Diaries; Wodrow's 
Life, Hist., i., iv., and Anal., i., iii. ; 
Livingston's Charac., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES LUNDIE, M.A.; trans, from 

-___ Tron Parish; elected by the Town 

Council 1st May 1665, and adm. 

soon after; trans, to Tolbooth Parish 1672. 

— [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 


. „„ f rom Greyf riars ; elected by the Town 

Council 11th Dec, and adm. shortly 

after; retrans. to the Greyf riars in 1674. 

— [Edin. Counc. and Guild Reg.] 

ANDREW CANT, son of Andrew C, 
min. of Aberdeen ; M.A. (Marischal 
College 1644); regent in Marischal 
College, Aberdeen, 1649-58 ; min. of Liber- 
ton 10th March 1659; trans, to Trinity 
Parish, Edinburgh, 1673; Principal of the 
Univ. of Edinburgh 1675; elected by the 
Town Council 29th Sept., trans, and adm. 
soon after ; died 4th Dec. 1685. He marr. 
(1) about 1553, Ann, daugh. of Sir Thomas 
Burnet of Leys {G. R. Inhib., 4th June 
1662); she was buried 7th May 1662: (2) 
13th July 1663, Jean Cockburn, who died 
25th Oct. 1675, and had issue — Jean; 
Anna ; Marion ; Andrew ; John, died 14th 
Dec. 1675 ; Alexander : (3) Anne Murray, 
who was buried 17th March 1685, and 
had issue— Agnes, bapt. 24th Aug. 1678. 
Publications — Theses Philosophies ; De 
Libero Arbitrio ; Oratio de Concordia 
Theologorum et Discordia (Edinburgh, 
1676). — [Edin. Counc., Test., and Reg. 
{Bapt. and Bur.).] 






ALEXANDER MONRO, fourth son of 
Hugh M. of Fyresh, and Isobel 
Munro ; min. of Second Charge, 
Dunfermline, 1673; trans, to Kinglassie 
1676; trans, to Wemyss 1678; D.D. (St 
Andrews 1682) ; Professor of Divinity there 
1682 ; Principal of Edinburgh University 
9th Nov. 1685; elected by the Town 
Council 9th Dec. 1685 ; trans, and adm. 
soon after. Befriended by Claverhouse, he 
was nominated to the Bishopric of Argyll, 
24th Oct. 1688, but was never consecrated. 
Expelled from office at the Revolution 
Settlement, 29th April 1689; died in 
London 1698. He was a staunch Episco- 
palian, and was suspected of a leaning 
towards Romanism. In 1687 he altered 
the sponsio which was administered to 
graduates, making them promise persever- 
ance " in the Christian religion," the word 
"Reformed" being omitted. He marr. (1) 
6th May 1673, Anna Logan, Aberdour, who 
died 16th May 1674, and had issue — Anna, 
born 18th March 1674, buried 20th Sept. 
1688 : (2) 11th April 1676, Marion Collace, 
and had issue — Elizabeth, born 26th June 
1677 (marr. Captain George Papley) ; David, 
born 1679, died young; James, student of 
Baliol College, Oxford, M.D., physician 
to Bridewell and Bethlehem Hospitals, 
London, a specialist in insanity, born 2nd 
Sept. 1680, died 4th Nov. 1752 ; Margaret 
(twin with James) ; Catherine, born 1682 ; 
Christian, born 1683 ; Marion and Helen 
(twins), born 1685 ; the last five died in 
infancy. Publications — A Memorial for 
His Highness the Prince of Orange ; Presby- 
terian Inquisition, as it was lately practised 
against the Professors of the College of 
Edinburgh, August and September 1690, 
anon. (London, 1691); Sermons preached 
on Several Occasions (London, 1693); An 
Apology for the Church of Scotland 
(London, 1693); Spirit of Calumny, etc., 
Slander Examined, Chastised, and parti- 
cularly addressed to Mr George Redpath 
(London, 1693); An Answer to Dr Rule; 
An Inquiry into the New Opinions of the 
Presbyterians (London, 1696); Letter to 
Sir Robert Howard, occasioned by his Two- 
fold Vindication of Archbishop Tillotson 
(London, 1696). — [Edin. Counc., Aberdour, 

Dunferml., and Kinglassie Sess. Reg. ; MS. 
Ace. of Min., 1688 ; Keith's Catal., Fountain- 
hall's Diary ; Edin. Mag., xvi. ; Grant's 
Univ., ii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN LAW, born 1632, son of Thomas 
1692 kj mm - of Inchinnan, began life as 
an apothecary ; M.A. (Glasgow 1653) ; 
ord. to Campsie 1656 ; deprived 1662 ; 
restored 1678 ; again deprived on account 
of the Test 1681 ; called 22nd July 1689 ; 
app. to the charge 20th April 1692 ; con- 
firmed by the Town Council 24th July 
1689 ; was a member of the General 
Assemblies 1690, 1692, and Moderator 1694 ; 
Almoner to His Majesty 2nd Oct. 1700 
(P. S. Reg. Eng., v., 390) ; dem. 26th Nov. 
1707; died 26th Dec. 1712. He marr. 
Isabella (died 8th Nov. 1703, aged 70), 
daugh. of Robert Cunningham, min. of 
Holy wood, Ireland, and had issue — William, 
Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Univ. 
of Edinburgh, founder of the family of 
Law of Elvingston, East Lothian. — [Edin. 
Counc., Guild, Reg. (Pur.); Tombst. ; 
Monteith's Mort., ii. ; Wodrow's Anal., 
iii. ; Peterkin's Const., Leven and Melv. 

17o7 Feb. 1649, eldest son of John C, 
min. of Cathcart; studied first at 
Edinburgh, and afterwards in consequence 
of the troubled state of the times in Scot- 
land, at Utrecht, where he formed the 
friendship of William, Prince of Orange, 
and became his confidential adviser on all 
matters relating to Britain. In 1682 he 
was at home bent on entering the Church, 
but discouraged by the spirit of persecution 
which was so manifest, he returned to 
Holland after receiving license to preach. 
Passing through London he became in- 
volved in what was afterwards known as 
the Rye-house Plot, which had for its 
object the exclusion of the Duke of York 
from the succession to the throne. He was 
arrested at Tenterden, in Kent, and con- 
veyed to Edinburgh to be tortured by the 
boot and thumbscrew. He was offered a 
full pardon, and the promise was made that 
no statement from him would be used 




against any person. But the information 
extracted on such terms was freely used 
against his friend Baillie of Jerviswood. 
After lying in prison for a year and a half 
at London, Edinburgh, and Stirling, he 
returned to Holland in the winter of 
1684-5, when he was made chaplain to the 
Prince of Orange, and appointed minister 
of the English Church at Leyden. He 
accompanied William to England in 1688, 
and when matters quieted after the Revolu- 
tion, and William and Mary sat upon the 
throne, he was probably the most influ- 
ential personage in the land. The King 
required his constant presence, assigned 
him apartments at Whitehall, and paid 
him liberally when abroad with the army. 
From 1693 to William's death in 1702 he 
was virtually prime minister of the country, 
and his authority in Church affairs was such 
that he was popularly called "Cardinal 
Carstares " by the Jacobites and those who 
were opposed to his policy. He became 
Principal of the Univ. of Edinburgh in 
1703, and in 1704 min. of Grey friars ; was 
Moderator of Assembly 1705 (an office to 
which he was re-elected 1708, 1711, 1715), 
and was trans, to this charge 28th Dec. 
1706. The Treaty of Union had his 
enthusiastic support, and he warmly pro- 
moted the succession of the House of Han- 
over to the British crown. He was chaplain 
to Queen Anne, and to King George I., and 
died 28th Dec. 1715. He marr. 6th June 
1682, Elizabeth (died 1724, without issue), 
daugh. of Peter Kekewich of Trehawk, 
Cornwall. Publications — The Scottish Tol- 
eration Argued (London, 1712); the State 
Papers and Letters addressed to William 
Carstares were published by Principal 
M'Cormick (Edinburgh, 1774). — [Wod- 
row's Hist., Corresp., MSS. lxxxii., and 
Anal. ; Ferrie's Life of J. Carstairs, Dun- 
lop's Serm., Burnet's Hist., Grant's Univ., 
Edin. Mag. and Rev. ; Ghr. Inst., xxvi. ; 
Story's William Carstares, Proc. Soc. Ant. 
Scot. 1892, Diet. Nat. Riog.] 

WILLIAM MITCHELL, born 1670, son 

1721 °^ William M., min. of Footdee, 

Aberdeen, and Margaret Cant; 

licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen; ord. to 

Second Charge, Canongate, 1695 ; trans, 
to Old Kirk Parish 27th June 1708; 
Moderator of Assembly 1710; a second 
time 1714 ; a third time 1717 ; called 10th 
Jan. 1718 ; trans, and adm. 5th Feb. 1721 ; 
a fourth time Moderator of Assembly 1722, 
and a fifth time 1726, though the last was 
carried by a single vote; Chaplain in 
Ordinary to George I. While on his way 
to London as one of the deputation sent to 
congratulate George II. on his accession, 
he died at York, 8th Sept. 1727. He had 
great influence at Court, and was the chief 
figure in the Church after the death of 
Carstares. He marr. (1) 29th Oct. 1705, 
Margaret, daugh. of Hugh Cunningham of 
Edinburgh, and widow of James Stewart, 
advocate, and had issue— a daugh., who 
died May 1726; Hugh, died young; Sir 
Andrew, born 1708, K.C.B., M.P. for Aber- 
deenshire 1747-54, and for Elgin burghs 
1755-71, envoy to Berlin 1756, and 
ambassador to Frederick the Great 1765, 
died 28th Jan. 1771 : (2) 7th July 1723, 
Barbara, daugh. of John Forbes, and 
widow of Thomas Mitchell of Thainston, 
bailie of Aberdeen. Publications— He left 
behind him a Diary ready for the press, in 
which he had noted incidents connected 
with himself and the affairs of the Church. 
See Catalogue of the Forbes of Craigievar 
MSS. in Fifth Report of the Historical 
MSS. Commission.— [Reg. (Marr.), Wod- 
row's Corresp. and Anal.; Acts of Ass., 


Andrews, 7th May 1706); studied 
at St Leonard's College; licen. by 
Presb. of Dundee and Forfar 3rd Oct. 
1711; called to Third Charge, Dundee, 
22nd June, and ord. 26th Aug. 1713 ; trans, 
and adm. 8th Oct. 1728;* Moderator of 
Assembly 7th May 1747 ; dem. 24th Feb., 
and died 3rd April 1756. He marr. Lilias 
(died 12th July 1769), third daugh. of Colin 
Campbell of Monzie, and had issue— John 
(second son), W.S. apprentice 1738. Pub- 
lication— The Truth and Excellency of the 
Gospel Revelation, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
mi).— {Reg. (Bur.), Morren's Ann., Wod- 




row's Anal., Carlyle's Autob. ; Playfair's 
Bar., iii. ; etc.] 

HUGH BLAIR, born 7th April 1718, 
.^-g son of John B., merchant, Edinburgh, 
and grandson of Robert B., min. of 
St Andrews ; educated at Edinburgh 
Univ.; M.A. (1739); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 21st Oct. 1741 ; ord. to Collessie 
23rd Sept. 1742 ; trans, to Second Charge, 
Canongate, 14th July 1743 ; trans, to Lady 
Yester's 11th Oct. 1754 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 
13th June 1757) ; trans, and adm. 15th June 
1758; Lecturer in Rhetoric and Belles- 
lettres, Univ. of Edinburgh, 1759; Regius 
Professor of the same 1762 ; chaplain to 
the 1st Batt. 71st Foot 1776 ; retired from 
the duties of his chair 1783; died 27th 
Dec. 1800. He marr. 19th April 1748, his 
cousin, Katherine (died 9th Feb. 1795), 
daugh. of James Bannatine, min. of Trinity 
College Church, and had issue — a son, who 
died in infancy ; Katherine, born 24th Jan. 
1749, died 23rd Aug. 1769. Blair's Sermons 
are the chief source of his celebrity. They 
were part of the literary revival in Edin- 
burgh, and, like Robertson's History, they 
took people in London by surprise. His 
discoverer may be said to be Dr Johnson, 
for, when Strahan the publisher failed to 
appreciate the merit of the MS. which had 
been handed to him, Johnson got a sight of 
it and said : " I have read over Dr Blair's 
first sermon with more than approbation : 
to say it is good is to say too little." The 
volume was then published, and had at 
once a great sale, no devotional work pro- 
duced in Scotland having attracted so much 
attention. Both from diffidence and from 
a singular deficiency as an extempore 
speaker, he refrained from prominent 
public appearances, and declined the 
Moderatorship of Assembly. Publications 
— De Fundamentis et Obligations Legis 
Naturaz (1728) ; The Wrath of Man prais- 
ing God, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1746); 
The Importance of Religious Knowledge 
to the Happiness of Mankind, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1750); Observations upon the 
Analysis of the Moral and Religious Senti- 
ments contained in the Writings of Sopho 
and David Hume, Esq. (Edinburgh, 1 755) ; 

A Critical Dissertation on the Poems 
of Ossian, the Son of Fingal (London, 
1763) ; Sermons, 5 vols. (Edinburgh, 1777 ; 
London, 1801) ; Lectures on Rhetoric and 
Belles - lettres, 2 vols. (London, 1783) ; 
The Compassion and Benevolence of 
the Deity, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1796) ; 
four Articles in the Edinburgh Review 
(Edinburgh, 1755) ; Translations and Para- 
phrases (used by the Church of Scotland), 
iv., xxxiii., xxxiv., xliv., xlv. ; Pastoral 
Admonition addressed by the General 
Assembly, 23rd May 1799, to the people 
under their charge. — [Hill's Life ; Sermons, 
v. ; Carlyle's Autob., Mackenzie's Life of 
Home, Somerville's Life, Kay's Portr., Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 

1801 13t ^ ^ U ^ 1761, second son of James 
B., Inveravon, Bo'ness ; educated 
at the parish schools of Bo'ness and 
Linlithgow, and at the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; tutor in the family of Colonel 
Blair of Blair 1784 ; licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 5th July 1786; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh, 29th March 1787) ; ord. to Dunkeld 
3rd April 1787; pres. to Lady Yester's 
1789, but declined; trans, to New Grey- 
friars, Edinburgh, 15th Nov. 1792 ; joint 
Professor of Oriental Languages in the 
Univ. of Edinburgh 1792 ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
24th Oct. 1792); Principal of Edinburgh 
Univ. 1793 ; min. of New North Parish 
10th Jan. 1799; Moderator of Assembly 
1800 ; trans, and adm. 30th April 1801 ; 
died at Manuel, Linlithgow, 14th Jan. 
1840. He was founder and first convener 
of the General Assembly's Highlands and 
Islands Committee 1824. Though advanced 
in years, he travelled no fewer than seven 
thousand miles in the interests of this work, 
affirming that "he had found nearly one 
hundred thousand human beings unable 
either to read or write, and innumerable 
districts where the people could not hear 
sermon above once a year, and had seen 
thousands of habitations where a Sabbath 
bell was never heard, where he had now 
witnessed schools and libraries established, 
knowledge increased, and greedily received." 
He marr. 8th Aug. 1792, Isabella (died 18th 




Aug. 1826), eldest daugh. of Thomas Elder 
of Forneth, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 
and had issue — Emelia Husband, born 1st 
Dec. 1793, died 5th June 1794; Thomas 
Elder of Forneth, advocate, born 30th Sept. 
1795, died 1876 ; Marion Spottiswood, born 
13th July 1797 (marr. 8th Aug. 1823, Isaac 
Bayley of Manuel, S.S.C.); James, born 
27th Dec. 1799, died 21st May 1823; 
Emelia Husband, born 22nd Oct. 1801, 
died 23rd Aug. 1824. Publications — A 
sermon on the Universal Propagation and 
Influence of the Christian Religion (of 
which only 48 pp. were printed, 1795); 
edited Poems of Michael Bruce (Edinburgh, 
1799).— [Anderson's Sketches, Kay's Portr., 
Grant's Univ., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES BUCHANAN, born Paisley, 
14th April 1804, son of James B. ; 
educated at Paisley Grammar School 
and Univs. of Glasgow and Edinburgh; 
licen. by Presb. of Paisley 27th Sept. 
1826; ord. to Roslin 23rd Nov. 1827; 
trans, to North Leith 25th Sept. 1828; 
trans, and adm. 20th Aug. 1840. Joined 
the Free Church; min. of the Free High 
Church, Edinburgh, 1843-4 ; first min. of 
St Stephen's Free Church, 17th March 1845 ; 
Professor of Apologetics in Free' Church 
College, 30th May 1845; Professor of 
Systematic Theology, 1847 ; res. 1868 ; D.D. 
(Princeton 1844), LL.D. (Glasgow 1852); 
died 19th April 1870. He marr. (1) 10th 
Feb. 1829, Elizabeth (died 6th May 1832), 
daugh. of John Cochrane, merchant, Glas- 
gow, and had issue — James, born 13th Dec. 
1829 ; Elizabeth, born 5th Feb. 1831 : (2) 
12th Dec. 1836, Mary (died 25th Aug. 
1887), daugh. of John Morison of Het- 
land, and had issue — Janet Morison, born 
22nd Aug. 1840. Publications— Two Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1835) ; Preparatory Dis- 
course to Lectures on Civil Establishments 
of Religion (Edinburgh, 1835) ; Comfort in 
Affliction (Edinburgh, 1837); Improvement 
of Affliction (Edinburgh, 1840) ; The Offlce 
and Work of the Holy Spirit (Edinburgh, 
1842); Faith in God and Modern Atheism 
Compared, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1855) ; The 
Essays and Reviews Examined (Edinburgh, 
1861) ; Analogy Considered as a Guide to 

Truth and applied as an Aid to Faith 
(Edinburgh, 1864) ; The Doctrine of Justifi- 
cation (Cunningham Lecture, 1866).— [Dis- 
ruption Worthies, Hist. Notices of Free St 
Stephen's, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES M'LETCHIE, born Maybole, 
1844 24th Dec. 1800, son of John M'L., 
merchant, and Mary Thom ; educated 
at Dalrymple School and Univ. of Glasgow ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 4th Jan. 1826 ; 
missionary at Larkhall, and ord. there 27th 
July 1837; trans, to Gartsherrie 11th Jan. 
1838 ; trans, to St Thomas's, Leith, 6th May 
1841 ; trans, to the College Church, Glas- 
gow, 28th April 1842 ; trans, and adm. 13th 
July 1844; D.D. (Glasgow, 29th April 
1857); died unmarr. 18th Sept. 1866. He 
was a capable classical student, and had 
few rivals as a linguist. Publication — 
Sermon preached on a Special Fast (Edin- 
burgh, 1849); Sermons, with memoir, by 
John Macrae, D.D. (Edinburgh, 1871). 


WILLIAM WATSON, min. of St Giles ; 

adm. 18th April 1598. Doubting the 

genuineness of the Gowrie Con- 
spiracy, he refused to return thanks for 
the King's deliverance in the terms which 
had been prescribed; he was summoned 
to appear before the Privy Council 9th 
Sept. 1600, and ordered to be imprisoned, 
but recanted on the following day, a step 
he ever afterwards regretted. The King 
was resolved, however, that he should no 
longer retain his ministry in the city, and 
he was removed by the Assembly 16th May 
1601, and admitted to Burntisland.— [Presb. 
and Edin. Counc. Reg.; Spottiswood's, 
Row's, and Calderwood's Hists. ; Booke of 
the Kirk.] 
WILLIAM FORBES, D.D., min. of 

St Giles; adm. 27th Jan. 1626. 

He craved to be transported "on 
account of weakness of body" 12th Aug. 
thereafter, and was retrans. to his former 
charge at Aberdeen about Michaelmas. 
He became Bishop of Edinburgh Feb. 1634 
( q .v.)—[Edin. Counc. Reg., Row's Hist.; 





Wodrow's MS. Biog., ii. ; Irving's Lives of 
Scottish Writers, Memoirs by Bishop Syd- 
serff, Macmillan's Aberdeen Doctors.] 

JOHN MAXWELL, M.A. ; trans, from 

1626 Second Charge; trans, to the 

Bishopric of Eoss 26th April 1630 

(q.v.). — \_Edin. Counc. Reg., How's and 

Calderwood's Hists.] 


M.A. ; trans, from Second Charge in 
1634; dep. 3rd Dec. 1638, for his 
teaching of Arminianism and declining the 
authority of the General Assembly. He 
survived the Eestoration, and on account 
of his sufferings, had £200 allowed by Parlia- 
ment from vacant stipends, 21st June 1661. 
He became Bishop of Aberdeen 1662 (q.v.). — 
[Edin. Counc. Beg. ; Acts of Ass., 1638 ; Peter- 
kin's Bee, Kirkton's Hist. ; Acts Barl., vii.] 

ANDREW RAMSAY, born 1574, son of 
1641 *^ r -David R- of Balmain, Fetter- 
cairn, and Catherine, daugh. of Sir 
Robert Carnegie of Kinnaird ; M.A. 
(Marischal College and Univ. of Aber- 
deen) ; prosecuted his theological studies in 
France, and occupied a professorial chair 
in the Univ. of Saumur. In 1606 he 
became min. of Arbuthnott. In 1613 the 
Town Council obtained authority from the 
Archbishop of St Andrews, directing him 
to proceed to Edinburgh to stand " trials " 
as one of the city ministers ; and he was 
appointed on the 28th April of the following 
year to the pulpit of the South-West con- 
gregation. He continued his ministrations 
there until Dec. 1620, when the new church 
at the Greyfriars was taken over by the 
South- West congregation. He was a member 
of the Court of High Commission 21st Oct. 
1615 and 15th June 1619; signed the 
Protestation for the Liberties of the Kirk 
27th June 1617, but withdrew his protest; 
was proposed for the Principalship of Mari- 
schal College, Aberdeen, 1620, but trans, 
was refused. From 1620 to 1625 he was 
Professor of Divinity at Edinburgh. At a 
division of the city into four parishes, 
25th Nov. 1625, the South-West Quarter 
was once more relegated to the Greyfriars, 
with R. as minister. He seems to have 

been readm. there on 31st Jan. 1626; 
trans, and adm. to this charge 24th Dec. 
1641 ; had a protection from the Marquess 
of Montrose, after the battle of Kilsyth 
in 1645 ; was Rector of the Univ. 1646 
and 1647 ; dep. 27th July 1648, for favour- 
ing the Duke of Hamilton's Engagement 
with Charles L, a sentence which was 
recalled 8th Nov. 1655. He retired to 
Abbotshall, where he died, 30th Dec. 1659. 
Bishop Guthrie describes him as "a guid, 
modest, learned, godlie man, full of pietie 
and learning; an ornament to the Church 
of Scotland." He marr. (cont. 18th Dec. 
1605) Marie, daugh. of Sir Alexander 
Fraser of Durris (G. B. Sas., xviii., 337), 
and had issue — Robert of Woodston, min 
of Ecclesgreig (G. B. Sas., Ii., 65); Sir 
Andrew of Abbotshall, Lord Provost of 
Edinburgh, 1654, and Senator of the Col- 
lege of Justice, 1671, died 27th Jan. 1688 ; 
Eleazer, bapt. 4th Dec. 1614; David, 
bapt. 20th July 1625, died July 1660; 
William, a preacher, who was presented 
to Pencaitland 16th Aug. 1641, but gave 
way to Calderwood, the ecclesiastical 
historian, and subsequently was pro- 
prietor of Woodston. Publications — 
Oratio (1600); Paramesin et Orationes de 
Laudibus Academics Salmuriensis ; Poemata 
Sacra et Miscellanea et Epigrammata Sacra 
(Edinburgh, 1633) [Del. Poet. Scot. II.]; 
A Warning to Come Out of Babell, a 
sermon (Edinburgh, 1638); A Treatise 
(1646). — [Edin. Gen. Sess., Guild, Counc. 
Beg., and Beg. (Bapt.); Beg. Sec. Sig. ; 
Mem. of Montrose, ii. ; Peterkin's Bee. ; 
Nicoll's and Lamont's Diaries, Row's and 
Stevenson's Hists. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., vii. ; 
Baillie's Lett. ; Acts Pari., vi. ; Guthrie's 
Mem. ; Grant's Univ., i. ; Wodrow's Anal., 
iii. ; Cameron's Hist, of Fettercaim.] 


GAVINE], M.A. (Glasgow 1624); 
min. of Colinton 1639 ; trans, and 
adm. 28th Dec. 1649. He declined the 
authority of the Sheriff, 22nd Aug. 1655, 
in not praying for His Majesty. Deprived 
1st Oct. 1662, for not submitting to 
Episcopacy; died 1669, buried 25th Feb., 
aged about 65. He marr. Catherine 





Whyte, who survived him, and had issue 
— Thomas, apprenticed to Patrick Dickson, 
merchant, Edinburgh, 28th Feb. 1649; 
Jean ; David, died Aug. 1672 ; Anna, bapt. 
20th Aug. 1654; Margaret, bapt. 17th 
Nov. 1656; James, bapt. 4th July 1659; 
Elizabeth {Edin. Sas., i., 243); Barbara, 
buried 18th Jan. 1660 ; and Katherine, 
buried 13th June 1660. — [Edin. Counc., 
Gen. Sess., Guild, Test., Reg. {Bapt. and 
Bur.), and Cupar Reg. {Deaths) ; Nicoll's, 
Lamont's, and Brodie's Diaries ; Kirkton's 
and Wodrow's Hists., Blair's Autob., Peter- 
kin's Rec] 

ARCHIBALD TURNER, born 1629, son 
of Patrick T., min. of Dalkeith; 
M.A. (Edinburgh, July 1642); ord. 
to Borthwick 23rd March 1648; trans, to 
North Berwick 18th Dec. 1649 ; elected by 
the Town Council 22nd Oct., trans, and 
adm. in the High Church 15th Nov. 1662 ; 
Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal 4th June 
1663. The Privy Council, 2nd July 1674, 
being informed "of some insolent expres- 
sions at a meeting of Presbytery," removed 
him to Glasgow; but having expressed 
regret for his action, he returned in the 
following year. The degree of D.D. was 
conferred on him ; he died 30th March 
1681. He marr. Rebecca (died 2nd Dec. 
1675, aged 47, buried in Greyfriars), daugh. 
of Alexander Couper of Failford, W.S. 
{G. R. Inhib., 7th March 1666).— [Edin. 
Counc., Guild, and Test. Reg. ; Lamont's 
and Fountainhall's Diaries; Kirkton's and 
Wodrow's Hists. ; Nisbet's Her., i. ; Reg. 
Sec. Sig., vii. ; Inq. Ret. Fife 1196, Had- 
dingt. 342, and Gen. 6298 ; Blair's Autob. ; 
Monteith's Mort., ii.] 

schal College, Aberdeen, 1658) ; min. 
of Auchinleck 1663 ; trans, to Grey- 
friars, Edinburgh, 1669 ; trans, to High 
Church 1672 ; retrans. to Greyfriars 1674 ; 
trans, and adm. after 18th March 1681. 
He was suspended, 16th Feb. 1686, for 
expressing his fears of popery, but was 
reponed. Deprived by the Privy Council, 
10th Sept. 1689, for not praying for King 
William and Queen Mary, but praying for 
King James and the bishops. He died 



17th Aug. 1702, in his 64th year. He 
marr. (1) Jean M'Lauchlan, buried in Grey- 
friars, 26th June 1689 : (2) Jean Orrock, 
widow of Gilbert Lyon, D.D., min. of 
Kinghorn {Privy Seal Eng. Reg., v., 112). 
A son, Robert, merchant in the city, died 
in Nov. 1716 ; a daugh., Jean, marr. 10th 
Aug. 1720, Alexander Falconer, advocate. 
— [Test, and Edin. Counc. Reg. ; Fountain- 
hall's Diary and Dec, i. ; Reg. Bur., Peter- 
kin's Const. ; Kirkton's and Wodrow's Hists., 
iii. ; Rule's Sec. Vindication, Monro's Apol. ; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

DAVID BLAIR, born 1637, eldest son 
of Robert B., min. of St Andrews, 
and his second wife, Katherine 
Montgomerie of Braidstone, daugh. of 
Viscount Montgomerie of Airds; educated 
at Univ. of St Andrews ; M.A. (28th July 
1656). He emigrated to Holland and made 
his residence at Leyden. On the erection 
of a second charge in the Scots Church 
at the Hague in 1688, he was ord. 20th 
June of that year; elected to Rotterdam 
in the following year, but refused, having 
been called, 28th June 1689, to Edinburgh 
(New Meeting-house); chaplain to His 
Majesty 1st Aug. 1690; a member of 
Assembly 16th Oct. 1690 ; adm. 9th Aug. 
1691 ; declined call to Inveresk Feb. 1693 ; 
Moderator of Assembly 2nd Feb. 1700; 
died 10th June 1710. He marr. 10th Feb. 
1697, Eupham Nisbet of Hillhead, Parish 
of Bothwell (Macfarlane's Top. Coll., i., 
421 (died 2nd June 1740, aged 75), daugh. 
of Archibald Nisbet of Carfin, and had 
issue — Robert, min. of Athelstaneford, 
author of The Grave; Archibald, min. of 
Garvald; Eupham (marr. Robert Hunter, 
min. of Livingston) ; Katherine (marr. 
23rd Feb. 1725, Andrew Dunlop, min. of 
Ormiston).— [Blair's Autob., Hill's Life of 
Blair, Blair's Serm. ; Steven's Ch. Rotterd. ; 
Privy Seal, v. ; Peterkin's Constitution, 
Wodrow's Anal, and MS., Hamilton's 
Lanark ; Hist. Gen. Ass., 1690 ; Leven and 
Melv. Pap. ; Acts Pari., ix., xi.] 

JAMES NISBET, born 1676, probably 
brother-in-law of preceding; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. 
(13th July 1625); chaplain to the Laird 





of Woolmet ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
25th Feb. 1702; ord. to Innerwick 15th 
April 1703 ; called 23rd May, and adm. 
27th Sept. 1713; died from fracture of 
the skull caused by a fall on a stair two 
days before, 8th Aug. 1756. He marr. 
June 1707, Mary (died 10th Jan. 1757), 
daugh. of David Pitcairn of Dreghorn, 
Colin ton, and had issue — David ; William ; 
Mary (marr. her cousin, Principal Robert- 
son); Patrick, min. of Hutton and Cor- 
rie ; Janet, died 23rd April 1775. Publi- 
cation — The Perpetuity of the Christian 
Religion, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1737). — 
[Innerwick Sess. and Edin. Reg. {Bur.) ; 
Murray's Biog. Ann.} 

DANIEL MACQUEEN, son of Daniel 
M., merchant, Edinburgh, and Helen 
Greig ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
29th June 1735 ; ord. to Dalziel 29th Oct. 
1736; trans, to Stirling 31st Dec. 1740; 
called 13th Aug. 1756; trans, and adm. 
15th June 1758; D.D. (Edinburgh, 12th 
April 1759); died 22nd Oct. 1777. He 
marr. (1) 26th Dec. 1738, Elizabeth Nisbet, 
who died 9th May 1748, and had issue — 
Emilia, born 24th Oct. 1739 ; Daniel, min. 
of Prestonkirk ; Ann, born 24th Jan. 1747 ; 
Elizabeth (marr. John Moir of Hillfoot, 
W.S.), died 2nd June 1783; Helen, died 
9th May 1748 : (2) 10th Sept. 1762, War- 
burton (died 7th Sept. 1766), daugh. of 
Ronald Dunbar, W.S., and had issue — 
Ronald, born 8th April 1764, died 22nd 
July 1765; a daugh. (marr. James Wilkie 
of Gilchriston). Publications — Observa- 
tions on Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy 
Weeks (Edinburgh, 1748, anon.); Letters 
on Mr Hume's History of Great Britain 
(Edinburgh, 1756, anon.); A Sermon on 
Coloss. i. 23 (Edinburgh, 1759). — [Mon- 
creiffs Life of Erskine ; Soc. Serm., 1780.] 

JAMES MACKNIGHT, born 17th Sept. 
1V78 1721, son of William M., min. of 
Irvine; educated at Irvine, Univs. 
of Glasgow and Leyden; licen. by Presb. 
of Irvine ; preacher at Gorbals Chapel- 
of - Ease ; assistant at Kilwinning ; ord. 
to Maybole 10th May 1753; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1759); Moderator of Assembly 1769 ; 
trans, to Jedburgh 30th Nov. 1769; trans. 

to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 21st July 
1772; trans, and adm. 26th Nov. 1778; 
joint-collector of the Ministers' Widows' 
Fund 17th Feb. 1784; died 13th Jan. 
1800. One of the ablest commentators 
and divines whom the Church of Scotland 
has produced. He marr. 30th April 1754, 
Elizabeth (died 10th March 1813), eldest 
daugh. of Samuel M'Cormick, General 
Examiner of Excise, and had isstie — 
Samuel, W.S., born 2nd Feb. 1757, died 
24th Aug. 1807 ; James, born 8th Oct. 1759, 
died 17th Nov. 1793; Thomas, D.D., min. 
of Second Charge 1810. Publications — A 
Harmony of the Four Gospels, with a para- 
phrase and notes (London, 1756 ; 2nd 
ed., 2 vols., London, 1763); The Truth 
of the Gospel History (London, 1763); A 
New Literal Translation from the Original 
Greek of all the Apostolic Epistles, with a 
Life of the Apostle Paul (4 vols., Edinburgh, 
1795 ; 2nd ed., 7 vols.). — [Scots Mag., lxix. ; 
Memoir prefixed to Epistles, Diet. Nat. 

ANDREW BROWN, born Sillerknowes, 
Biggar, 22nd Aug. 1763, son of 
Richard B., weaver, and Isabella 
Forrest; educated at Univ. of Glasgow; 
licen. by Presb. of Biggar 1786 ; ord. min. 
of the Presbyterian Church, Halifax, Nova 
Scotia, 1787; D.D. (Edinburgh 1788); 
min. of Lochmaben 1795-9; of New Grey- 
friars, Edinburgh, 1799-1800; elected by 
the Town Council 19th Feb., trans, and 
adm. 24th July 1800 ; Professor of Rhetoric 
and Belles-lettres in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh, 14th Nov. 1801, which he held in 
conjunction; Moderator of Assembly 20th 
May 1813 ; died 19th Feb. 1834. He marr. 
(1) 10th Sept. 1792, Daniel, daugh. of George 
Cranstoun of Harvieston, and had issue — 
George Cranstoun, W.S. apprentice 1810, 
born 18th July 1794; Daniel Isabella 
Elizabeth, born 2nd Nov. 1795, died 9th 
Aug. 1809: (2) 7th March 1805, Mary 
(died 27th Jan. 1826), eldest daugh. of 
Dr Gregory Grant, Edinburgh: (3) 10th 
March 1830, Mary Ogilvie (died 18th April 
1852), widow of Andrew Pearson, M.D., of 
Primrose Bank. Publications — Two single 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1801, 1810); Notice 




of the Life and Character of Alexander 
Christison, A.M., late Professoi' of Human- 
ity (Edinburgh, 1820). He compiled an 
elaborate History of America which has 
never been published. — [Hunter's Biggar.] 

JOHN LEE, born 22nd Nov. 1779, son of 
James L., weaver, Craenesshills, Tor- 
woodlee Mains, and Helen Paterson ; 
educated at the "Luggie," Clovenfords 
(John Leyden being his teacher there), 
and at Univ. of Edinburgh; M.D. (24th 
June 1801); M.A. (St Andrews 1801); 
amanuensis to " Jupiter Carlyle " 1804-5 ; 
licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 16th July 
1804; ord. by Presb. of Edinburgh min. 
of the Presbyterian congregation, Hanover 
Street, London ; adm. min. of Peebles 7th 
April 1808; Professor of Divinity and 
Ecclesiastical History, St Mary's College, 
St Andrews, 1812 ; and in 1820 Professor 
of Moral Philosophy, King's College, Aber- 
deen, his lectures there being delivered by 
proxy ; adm. min. of Canongate, Edinburgh, 
21st March 1823 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 28th 
Dec. 1823); F.R.S.E. ; trans, to Lady 
Yester's 17th Feb. 1825; principal clerk 
of the General Assembly 1827; Chaplain 
in Ordinary to George IV. 1830 ; pres. by 
the Town Council July 1834; trans, and 
adm. 22nd Jan. 1835 ; Principal of the 
United College, St Andrews, 12th June 
1837, which he resigned in Nov. of same 
year. On the establishment of a Board 
in Scotland for printing and publishing 
Bibles in 1839, he was selected as Secre- 
tary, but declined to accept ; Principal of 
the Univ. of Edinburgh 12th March 1840, a 
Deanery of the Chapel Boyal of Stirling 
being annexed. He demitted his parochial 
charge 30th Sept. 1840, was app. Pro- 
fessor of Divinity at Edinburgh in 1843, 
and Moderator of Assembly 16th May 
1844; died 2nd May 1859. With vast 
stores of varied and minute information 
he had much ill-health, which destroyed 
his energy and prevented him from accom- 
plishing many cherished literary projects. 
He is the "Archdeacon Meadow" of Hill 
Burton's Book Hunter. He marr. (1) 5th 
July 1813, Rose (born 4th Jan. 1792, died 
23rd Oct. 1833), daugh. of Thomas Masson, 

D.D., min. of Dunnichen, and had issue 
— James, born 2nd May 1814, died 10th 
July 1870 ; Thomas Masson, M.D., Indian 
Army, born 24th Dec. 1815, died 30th Nov. 
1858 ; William, min. of Roxburgh, and 
afterwards Professor of Church History, 
Glasgow Univ. ; John Johnston, born 13th 
May 1819, died 17th Dec. 1828 ; Jane, 
born 21st March 1821 ; Helen Agnes, born 
28th Sept. 1822, died 28th Feb. 1831; 
Isabella Euphemia, born 9th May 1824, 
died 19th Oct. 1895 ; David Henry, born 
20th Jan. 1826; Alexander Henderson, 
C.E., India, born 9th Feb. 1828; Robert, 
Procurator of the Church of Scotland, 
Senator of the College of Justice, born 1st 
April 1830, died 11th Oct. 1890; Rose 
Masson, born 14th Oct. 1832, died 29th 
May 1839 : (2) 30th June 1841, Charlotte 
E. Wright, who died 19th March 1871. 
Publications — Dissert. Med., Inaug. De Viri- 
bus Animi in Corpus Argentibus [gradua- 
tion thesis] (Edinburgh, 1801); Six single 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1809-29); Memorial 
for the Bible Societies in Scotland, and 
Additional Memorial (Edinburgh, 1824-6) ; 
Letter relating to the Annuity Tax and 
the Ecclesiastical Arrangements proposed for 
Edinburgh (Edinburgh, 1834); Refutation 
of the Charges brought against him by the 
Rev. Dr Chalmers and Others, 2 parts (Edin- 
burgh, 1837) ; Lectures on Church History, 
2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1860 ; ed. by his son) ; 
Inaugural Addresses (Edinburgh, 1862; with 
Prefatory Memoir by Lord Neaves); Pastoral 
Addresses of the General Assembly Edin- 
burgh, 1864). He contributed a number 
of articles to Brewster's Edinburgh Ency- 
clopaedia ; edited Vita Rob. Rollock, for 
the Bannatyne Club (Edinburgh, 1826); 
Wodrow's Life of James Wodrow, A.M. 
(Edinburgh, 1828); contributed Introduc- 
tion to the Edinburgh Academic Annual 
for 1840; edited Joceline's Mother's 
Legacie to her Unborn Childe (Edinburgh, 
1852), and contemplated editing the 
Tracts of David Fergusson, which was 
afterwards done for the Bannatyne Club 
(Edinburgh, 1860); edited Journal of 
Andrew Hart. — [Hogg's Instruct., Ander- 
son's Sketches, Grant's Edin. University, Diet. 
Nat. Biog., Craig-Brown's Selkirkshire.] 




THOMAS CLARK, trans, from Meth- 

1841 Ven ' an( * ao ^ m ' l^th Aug. 1841 J 
trans, to St Andrew's, Edinburgh, 
17th Nov. 1843. 

JOHN CLARK, born Glasgow, 15th 

1844 -M- arc k 1790 > son °f ^ onn ^ i e( ^ u " 
cated at Glasgow Univ. ; M. A. (1814) ; 

licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 5th May 1819 ; 
ord. to New Street Chapel, Edinburgh, 25th 
April 1823 ; trans, to Second Charge, Canon- 
gate, 12th Sept. 1833 ; trans, and adm. 6th 
June 1844 ; died unmarr. 1st Sept. 1859. 

Collegiate, or Second Charge. 

[Un collegia ted by the Presbytery, 27 th 
April 1836, with a view to the erection of 

JOHN HALL, trans, from Leith, and 
15Q8 adm. 7th Dec. 1598. Hesitating to 
believe in the Gowrie Conspiracy, 
or to offer thanksgiving for the royal 
deliverance on 5th Aug. 1600, he was dis- 
charged from preaching in any part of His 
Majesty's dominions, under pain of death, 
but afterwards declaring himself satisfied 
as to the truth of the affair, he was re- 
poned ; trans, to the East, or Little Kirk, 
at the King's request, after 21st Feb. 1610. 
— [Edin. Counc. and Privy Counc. Reg., 
Booke of the Kirk; Row's, Spottiswood's, 
and Calderwood's Hists. ; Orig. Lett., i. ; 
Melvill's Autob."] 

JOHN MAXWELL, M.A. ; trans, from 

Trinity Parish; elected by the 

1626 Town Council 14th Dec. 1625 ; adm. 

27th Jan. 1626; trans, to First Charge 

same year. — [Edin. Goun. Reg.] 

M.A. ; trans, from Garvock ; pres. 
by the Town Council 25th Jan., and 
adm. before 9th April 1628 ; trans, to First 
Charge about 1634. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 



1625) ; elected by the Town Council 

1685 29th April, and adm. 22nd May 1635. 

Deposed 1st Jan. 1639 for declining the 

preceding Glasgow Assembly, and reading 

and defending the Service Book ; reponed 
27th Aug. 1639. He became min. of Mel- 
rose, and held the Bishopric of Argyll 
in conjunction (q.v.). — [Edin. Counc. Reg., 
Peterkin's Rec. ; Acts Gen. Ass., 1638; 
Monteith's Mort., ii. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; 
Stevenson's Hist.; Wodrow's MS., lxiii.] 


JAMES HAMILTON, born 1600, son 
of Gawen, third son of Hans H., 
vicar of Dunlop, and nephew of 
Viscount Claneboye ; studied at Glasgow 
Univ. ; acted for a time as his uncle's 
land agent in Ireland; ord. by Bishop 
Echlin min. at Bally waiter, Co. Down, 
1626 ; dep. for refusing to use the Service 
Book 1636; was adm. a min. of the 
Church of Scotland in 1638, and settled 
at Dumfries. He was commissioned by 
the Assembly of 1642, 1643, to visit the 
Presbyterians in the north of Ireland, and 
when returning was captured by Sir Alex- 
ander Macdonald (Montrose's lieutenant), 
and imprisoned for ten months with great 
hardship in Mingary Castle; pres. by the 
Town Council 13th July, and adm. 26th 
Nov. 1647. He was a member of Assembly 
1648, and along with James Guthrie was 
appointed to draw up an account of the 
duties of elders, and a form for visitation 
of families. He was nominated by the 
Estates, May 1650, for examining Montrose 
after his capture. In Jan. 1651 he was one 
of those who met with the Protesters at St 
Andrews to adjust their differences, but 
without effect. While sitting with a com- 
mittee of the Estates at Alyth, 28th Aug. 
1651, he was seized, with others, by the 
English army, carried into England, and 
detained in the Tower of London for nine- 
teen months. Released by Cromwell's 
order, 20th Nov. 1652, he returned to 
Edinburgh, where he preached till the res- 
toration of Episcopacy drove him from his 
pulpit and compelled him to retire to Inver- 
esk, 7th Aug. 1662. He died at Edinburgh, 
10th March 1666. He marr. (1) Elizabeth, 
daugh. of David Watson, min. of Killeavy, 
Ireland, by whom he had fifteen children ; 
of whom Archibald, min. of Killinchy, 
Jane, Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth, only 
arrived at maturity : (2) Anna, daugh. of 




Sir James Pringle of Galashiels, and widow 
of William Inglis, W.S., who in her old 
age (being 80 years) and poverty on 10th 
Feb. 1687 presented a petition to the 
Exchequer ; she was buried 5th Sept. 1691 
{Charity Papers). — [Edin. Counc., Canon- 
gate (Bur.), and Test. Begs.; Livingstone's 
Charac; Nicoll's, Lamont's, and Brodie's 
Diaries; Reid's Ireland, Acts of Ass., and 
Pari.; Peg. Sec. Sig., Peterkin's Pec. ; 
Baillie's Lett., ii., iii. ; Stevenson's and 
Wodrow's Hists., and Select. Biog., i. ; 
Hamilton MSS., edited by T. K. Lowry; 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


burgh, 19th July 1660) ; ord. to East 
Calder 24th April 1663; elected by 
the Town Council 28th Oct., trans, and 
adm. soon after; died before 24th March 
1682, aged about 42. He marr. 10th Sept. 
1668, Marion Mason, and had issue — Alex- 
ander, bapt. 5th July 1670; Jean, bapt. 
7th Sept. 1671; Andrew, bapt. 19th Oct. 
1672; Barbara, bapt. 20th March 1674; 
James, bapt. 11th July 1675 ; William, 
bapt. 13th May 1678 ; Andrew, bapt. 26th 
Sept. 1679; Margaret, bapt. 18th Feb. 
1681 (marr. 15th Dec. 1705, John Car- 
michael, writer, Edinburgh); Elizabeth, 
buried in Greyfriars, 4th July 1694 ; Andrew 
(posthumous), 8th Aug. 1682. — [Edin. 
Counc., Guild, and Reg. (Marr. and 


JOHN FARQUHAR, regent in Mari- 
schal College, Aberdeen, 1674; min. of 
the Tron Parish, Edinburgh, 1677; 
elected by the Town Council 24th March 
1683, and adm. soon after ; dep. by the 
Commissioners of Assembly Jan. 1691, for 
declining the authority of the Church. 
What became of him is unknown. — [Edin. 
Counc. Peg. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

GEORGE CAMPBELL, son of George 
1690 ^" wr ^ er ' Inveraray; educated at 
Glasgow and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh 1656); licen. by Presb. 
of Dumfries 20th July 1658; called same 
day by the Town Council and Kirk-session, 
and adm. 11th Oct. 1658. He was 
imprisoned at Edinburgh with his colleague 

in 1661, for refusing to keep the anni- 
versary of the Restoration, and deprived 
by Act of Parliament 11th June, and of 
Privy Council 1st Oct. 1662. The Privy 
Council indulged him at Loudoun 3rd Sept. 
1672, but like many others he declined, 
and was again imprisoned 17th Sept. 1684. 
On being liberated he fled to Holland ; re- 
turned in 1687 ; became min. of a meeting- 
house in Dumfries 1688; was restored to 
the First Charge there 25th April 1690; 
and shortly afterwards adm. min. of this 
parish, holding in conjunction the Pro- 
fessorship of Divinity in the Univ. He 
was on the commission for visiting schools 
and colleges the same year ; died 3rd July 
1701. From his habit of early rising, in 
opposition to that of his friend, Principal 
Rule, who was accustomed to sit late into 
the night, he was styled "the Morning 
Star," and on hearing of Rule's death (only 
twenty-six days before his own), he quaintly 
observed, " the Evening Star has now gone 
down, and the Morning Star will soon dis- 
appear." He marr. (1) Rose (buried 4th 
June 1676), daugh. of Hew Henderson, 
his colleague at Dumfries, and had 
issue — Janet, bapt. 5th March 1665 ; 
Margaret, bapt. 30th Dec. 1666 : (2) Marion 
Fyfe (buried 22nd March 1696), and had 
issue — James, bapt. 18th July 1685 ; 
Marion ; Christian (marr., procl. 27th Sept. 
1696, George Chalmers, min. of Kilwin- 
ning) : (3) 4th Feb. 1697, Catherine, 
daugh. of Robert Blair, min. of St Andrews. 
— [Edin. Peg. (Marr., Bapt., and Bur.); 
Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Leven and Melv. 
Pap. ; Calamy's Ace, ii. ; Wodrow's Anal., 
iii., and Hist., iii., iv. ; Acts Pari., ix. ; 
Grant's Univ., ii.] 

JOHN ORR, licen. by Presb. of Hamil- 
17 ton 27th Dec. 1687 ; ord. to Bothwell 
26th Sept. 1688 ; app. by the Presb. 
9th Dec. 1702 ; trans, and adm. 1703 ; died 
25th Jan. 1707, in 44th year. He marr. 
Grizel (died after 1745), daugh. of Andrew 
Myreton, min. of Carmunnock (Lanark Sas., 
xiv., 108), and had issue— Andrew, min. of 
Carluke ; John ; David ; Jean ; Elizabeth ; 
Grizel; Janet.— [Test. (Edin., Glasg., and 
Lan.) and Edin. Peg. (Bur.).] 




WILLIAM MITCHELL, trans, from 

1?08 Canongate; called 17th May, app. 

by the Presb. 23rd, and adm. 27th 

June 1708 ; trans, to High Kirk Parish 5th 

Feb. 1721. 

JAMES CRAIG, bapt. 5th Sept. 1669, 
1721 secon< i son °f John C, Thornton- 
loch ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; M.A. (9th July 1694); ord. to 
Yester 15th April 1701 ; trans, to Dunbar 
26th Nov. 1718; called 17th Nov. 1720; 
trans, and adm. 16th March 1721 ; died 
31st Jan. 1731. He marr. Margaret 
Oswald, who survived him, by whom he 
had fifteen or sixteen children, of whom 
Margaret, who marr. 10th Dec. 1729, Thomas 
Hay, baker, Edinburgh {Edin. Marr. Reg.), 
and another only survived him. Publica- 
tions — Spiritual Life, or Poems on Divine 
Subjects (Edinburgh, 1727) ; Sermons (3 
vols., Edinburgh, 1733-8, of which two in 
the first vol. were published singly, Edin- 
burgh, 1732). — [Wodrow's Anal., Brown's 
Gospel Truth.'] 


1782 1 ^ 95 ' e ^ est SOn °^ R° Dert C. of 

Relugas ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 4th May 
1716); chaplain to Lord -Justice-Clerk 
Grange ; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 
5th Jan., and ord. to Kirkmahoe 18th 
Aug. 1720 ; trans, to Lochmaben 30th 
March 1725; called 18th Nov. 1731; 
trans, and adm. 20th Jan. 1732; Pro- 
fessor of Church History, Edinburgh 
Univ., 1737-62; Moderator of Assembly 
11th May 1749; D.D. (Edinburgh 1752); 
a second time Moderator 14th May 1752 ; 
a third time, 20th May 1756; died 1st 
April 1776. He marr. 7th Dec. 1732, Jean 
(died 23rd Nov. 1769), eldest daugh. of 
David Lauder of Huntlywood, advocate, 
youngest son of Lord Fountainhall and 
Margaret Maxwell of Pollok, and had 
issue — Robert, Professor of Church His- 
tory, Edinburgh Univ., 1762-88; John, 
born 30th .Nov. 1738; Patrick, Professor of 
Oriental Languages, Glasgow Univ., 1761- 
1814, born 11th Oct. 1741, died 27th Oct. 
1820 ; George, of Relugas, W.S., born 31st 
March 1746, died 2nd Oct. 1804 ; Thomas, 
surgeon, born 20th Nov. 1749, died in India 

1776 ; Jean, born 3rd March 1753, died 
1775. He was much consulted in regard 
to Patronage by Archibald, Duke of 
Argyll. For some years before Principal 
Robertson rose to eminence in the General 
Assembly he was leader of the Moderate 
party. Publications — Three single Ser- 
mons (1726-60) ; The Flight of the Timorous 
Clergyman. — [Wodrow's Anal., Moncreiffs 
Life of Erskine, Morren's Ann., Mackenzie's 
Life of Home, Carlyle's Autob., Douglas's 
Bar. ; Erskine's Disc, i. ; Grant's Univ. of 
Edin., ii. ; Somerville's Autobiography.] 

ROBERT HENRY, born 1st March 1718, 
17?Q son of James H., farmer, Muirton, 
St Ninians ; educated at the Parish 
School, Stirling Grammar School, and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; master of the 
Grammar School of Annan; licen. by 
Presb. of Annan 27th March 1746 ; ord. 
min. of the Presbyterian congregation at 
Carlisle 4th Nov. 1748 ; trans, to the High 
Meeting, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 13th Aug. 
1760 ; trans, to New Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 
24th May 1768; D.D. (Edinburgh, 24th 
July 1770); Moderator of Assembly 1774 
(his first appearance as a member) ; trans, 
and adm. 19th Dec. 1776. He had a 
pension of £100 yearly, 28th May 1781, "in 
consideration of his distinguished talents 
and great literary merit " ; died 24th Nov. 
1790, and was buried in Polmont Church- 
yard. The great achievement of his life 
was the History of Great Britain, a work 
now forgotten, but of which David Hume 
remarked that there " could hardly be found 
in our language any performance that unites 
together so perfectly the two great points of 
entertainment and instruction." He devised 
and carried into effect in 1762 a scheme for 
the widows and orphans of Nonconformist 
ministers in the North of England. A few 
days before his death he bequeathed his 
library to the Town Council and Presbytery 
of Linlithgow, as a foundation for one which 
might be used by the public. He marr. 26 th 
June 1763, Ann Balderston, who died 15th 
Feb. 1800, without issue. Publications — 
The History of Great Britain, 6 vols. — the 
last vol. being posthumous, was edited by 
Sir H. Moncreiff Wellwood, with additions 




by Malcolm Laing (London, 1771-93 ; 
5th ed., 12 vols., 1823; translated into 
French, 1789-96) ; Revelation the most 
Effectual Means of Civilising and Reform- 
ing Mankind, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1773. 
He translated Goguet's Origin of Laws, 
Arts, and Sciences, 3 vols. (Edinburgh, 
1761). — [Hist., vi. ; Nimmo's Stirlingsh. ; 
Scots Mag., liii. ; Transactions Antiq. Soc, 
i., 1792 ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

HENRY GRIEVE, born 1736 ; licen. by 
1991 Presb. of Dunbar 4th April 1759 ; 
ord. to Twynholm 30th March 1762 ; 
trans, to Eaglesham 16th Sept. 1762 ; trans, 
to Dalkeith 7th June 1765; D.D. (St 
Andrews 1775); Moderator of Assembly 
1783; Chaplain in Ordinary to the King 
1784 ; trans, to New Grey friars, Edinburgh, 
22nd July 1789 ; pres, by the Town Council ; 
trans, and adm. 27th April 1791 ; died 10th 
Feb. 1810. He marr. 14th June 1762, Janet 
Home, who died 14th March 1810, and had 
issue — Henry Home, min. of Crichton ; 
and David, John, Christian, Alexander, 
who died in childhood. Publications — 
Observations on the Overture concerning 
Patronage (anon., Edinburgh, 1769) ; Three 
occasional Sermons (Edinburgh, 1784-96). — 
[Brown's Fun. Serm.~\ 

Aug. 1762, son of James M., D.D., 
min. of Old Kirk Parish; educated 
at High School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 30th April 
1788 ; ord. to Canongate (Second Charge), 
17th Feb. 1791 ; assistant junior clerk of 
Assembly 1802 ; trans, to Trinity Parish, 
Edinburgh, 21st June 1804; junior clerk 
of Assembly 1808 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 1808) ; 
pres. by the Town Council, trans, and adm. 
15th May 1810; Moderator of Assembly 
18th May 1820 ; died 21st Jan. 1836. His 
great learning in various branches of know- 
ledge, pointed him out as well fitted for a 
professorial chair. He taught the Greek 
and Natural Philosophy classes with great 
distinction, and was a candidate for the 
Chair of Mathematics in 1805, when Sir 
John Leslie was appointed. He marr. 18th 
April 1808, Christian Crawfurd (born 31st 
July 1780, died 29th Jan. 1862), eldest 


daugh. of Thomas Macknight of Ratho, 
and had issue — Christian Crawfurd, born 
17th Jan. 1809, died 18th Jan. 1890 (marr. 
13th July 1840, Robert Hamilton, W.S.); 
James, W.S., born 23rd Sept. 1810, died 
6th Nov. 1878 ; Thomas, M.D., born 11th 
March 1812; William, born 29th Aug. 
1813; Samuel Arthur, born 19th Sept. 
1815, died 16th May 1816; Alexander 
Edward, advocate, born 23rd July 1817, 
died 8th June 1899; Charles Hamilton, 
born 13th Aug. 1819. Publications — A 
Discourse, addressed to the Volunteers of 
Leith (Edinburgh, 1795); Account of the 
Rev. Dr Macknight. [Trans, of the 
Epistles, 2nd ed.] 


[By the passing of the Annuity Tax Aboli- 
tion Act (23rd July 1860), the Old Kirk 
Parish was deprived of its ecclesiastical 
endowment and of all the benefits of a 
parochial ministry, the Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners not making an appointment, 
either permanent or ad interim, as had 
been left to their discretion, but steps were 
at once taken to continue the charge by 
voluntary endowment. For some years 
the congregation met in the south transept 
of St Giles, and the session held regular 
meetings, presided over by Dr David Arnot, 
of the High Kirk, appointed Moderator 
during the vacancy. The Presbytery elder 
was elected, and all ecclesiastical rights and 
privileges continued as before. In 1869 
the congregation ceased to worship in 
St Giles, and services were held in a hall 
in Blackfriars Street. On 19th June 1872, 
a petition was presented to the Court of 
Teinds for the erection and constitution of 
a church and parish quoad sacra, but was 
opposed by the Magistrates of Edinburgh, 
the Court, 9th Feb. 1874, refusing the 
petition. A site at the south-west corner 
of St John Street being secured for a 
church, and approved by the Presbytery, 
the present church was built thereon, and 
decree of disjunction and erection granted, 
13th March 1882. The new parish quoad 
sacra includes all the old parish, plus the 



piece of ground on which church and halls 
now stand disjoined from Canongate Parish 
immediately adjoining. The church was 
opened 11th June 1882.] 


JAMES ANDERSON, born Conniven 
farmhouse, Kirkgunzeon, 22nd Nov. 
1840 ; educated at St Andrews Univ. 
and Congregational Hall, Edinburgh ; ord. 
in Augustine Church, Edinburgh, a mis- 
sionary to China, 28th June 1865, under 
the London Missionary Society; laboured 
in Hong-Kong and Canton for five years, 
returned, because of illness, to Scotland, 
1870 ; ind. to Elgin Congregational Church 
Sept. 1872, and to Norwood, London, 1879 ; 
adm. a min. of the Church of Scotland 
May 1882; adm. to this charge 20th 
Dec. 1883 ; died 4th Aug. 1894. He marr. 
29th June 1865, Mary Jemima, second 
daugh. of William Walker, Kirkcaldy, who, 
on her husband's death, became a deaconess 
of the Church of Scotland, and laboured 
for the Church's Mission in China ; she 
died in Edinburgh, 25th Nov. 1905. The 
" Anderson Memorial Dispensary " at Ichang 
was built in 1909 from a legacy by Mrs 
Anderson for this purpose. — [See A Mission- 
ary Minister ; Memorials of the Rev. James 
Anderson, with Selections from his Sermons, 
and a preface by Arch. Scott, D.D. (Edin., 


SUTHERLAND, M.A., B.D. (Edin- 
burgh) ; ord. (assistant and successor) 

16th May 1894; trans, to Innerwick 16th 

Nov. 1906. 

Auchenlochan, Kilfinan, Argyllshire, 
1907 22nd June 1865, third son of James 
A., builder and contractor, Glasgow, and 
Jessie Richmond; educated at Glasgow 
Univ. and Regent's Park College, London ; 
MA. (Glasgow, April 1891); min. of the 
Baptist Church at Pitlochry 1893-4, at 
Olney, Bucks, 1894-8, at Dunnington, 
Warwickshire, 1898-1906; adm. to the 
Church of Scotland May 1906, and licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh Sept. 1906; assist- 
ant at St Stephen's, Edinburgh; ord. 6th 

March 1907. Marr. 2nd Sept. 1897, Ger- 
trude, eldest daugh. of Rev. Joseph Allen, 
B.A., Olney, and has issue — Marguerite, 
born 27th Dec. 1898; Ronald Richmond, 
born 14th Sept. 1900 ; Malcolm, born 15th 
Jan. 1904, died 19th Jan. 1904. Publica- 
tions — Love in its Tenderness (London, 
1901) ; The Sins of a Saint (London, 1903) ; 
The Christ of the Men of Art (Edinburgh, 
1913); A City Garden (London, 1913); 
My Garden of the Red, Red Rose (London, 


[Founded by Willielma, Viscountess 
Glenorchy, Oct. 1772; opened 8th May 
1774 ; and conveyed to five Trustees, 26th 
Jan. 1786. The constitution was revised 
20th May 1837, when the Trustees obtained 
an Act of Parliament (1 & 2 Vict. cap. 22), 
which extended and explained their powers. 
It was then constituted a parish quoad 
sacra. In 1845 the chapel was acquired 
from the Trustees on erection of the 
North British Railway Station. After a 
protracted litigation Roxburgh Place 
Chapel was purchased in 1856, and a 
parish quoad sacra was created by the 
Court of Teinds on 2nd July 1862. New 
church and halls were built 1909-12, and 
opened 10th Dec. 1913.] 

FRANCIS SHERRIFF, born 1750, son 
1777 of Francis S., Dremhills, East 
Lothian; educated at Musselburgh 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. 
(1770); through the influence of John 
Home, author of Douglas, he was for a 
time tutor in a nobleman's family, and 
afterwards a clerk in the War Office. In 
1771 he visited Jamaica, and on his return 
was licen. by the Presb. of Haddington, 
30th March 1773; ord. 6th July 1775, 
chaplain (assistant) to General Houston's 
Regt. of the Scots Brigade in Holland; 
app. by Lady Glenorchy, and adm. 12th 
Nov. 1777 ; died unmarr. 12th June 1778 — 
[Lady Glenorchy 's Account, Wood's Hist, 
of Cramond, Jones's Life of Lady 





a native of Gloucester ; educated at 
1779 i 

the Nonconformist Academy of Tre- 

vecca, in Wales ; assisted for two years an 
aged clergyman at Plymouth, when he 
became known to Lady Glenorchy, and was 
invited to be min. of her chapel. With this 
view he was ord. by the Scots Presbytery 
in London, 9th June 1779, and adm. 25th 
July following. D.D. (Aberdeen 1810); 
died 3rd March 1837. He marr. (1) Eliza- 
beth Pay ton, who died 10th Sept. 1780, 
aged 26, and had issue — Elizabeth Payton, 
died Dec. 1848, aged 68 : (2) Mary Belshes, 
who died 27th May 1786, aged 35 : (3) Anne 
Gardner, who died 6th May 1822, aged 70, 
and had issue — Thomas, banker, Leith, died 
3rd May 1868, aged 75; Anne, born 18th 
July 1790, died 4th Jan. 1885 ; John, died 
19th Nov. 1861, aged 69. Publications— 
Mankind Accountable Creatures, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1786) ; A Sermon on the Death 
of Lady Glenorchy (Edinburgh, 1788) ; Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1816) ; Address delivered 
at the Baptism of Joseph Davis, a converted 
Jew (Grey's Sermon, Edinburgh, 1820) ; The 
Life of Willielma, Viscountess Glenorchy 
(Edinburgh, 1822). — [Anderson's Sketches, 
Hunter's and Makellar's Fun. Serms. ; 
Tombst., Haldane's Mem., Hanna's Life of 
Chalmers, Duncan's Elog. Sepulchr., Kay's 

GREVILLE EWING, born Edinburgh, 
1793 1 ^ 6 ^' son °^ Al exan der E., teacher 
of mathematics, and Isobel Gray ; 
educated at the High School, Edinburgh ; 
apprenticed to an engraver, but afterwards 
studied for the ministry at the univ. of his 
native city. He became tutor in the 
family of Lockhart of Castlehill, and was 
licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 25th Sept. 
1792. His gifts and popularity as a 
preacher pointed him out to the Trustees, 
by whom he was nominated 22nd June, 
and he was ord. (colleague) 17th Oct. 1793. 
Devotedly attached to the cause of 
missions, he established the Missionary 
Magazine, the first religious periodical 
north of the Tweed. Having adopted 
sentiments inimical to a National Estab- 

lishment of Religion, he demitted his 
charge and was declared no longer a min. 
of the church, 26th Dec. 1798. From 
1799 to 1836 he ministered to a large 
congregation at the Glasgow Tabernacle, 
under the auspices of the Haldanes of 
Airthrey, and was for the same period 
tutor of the Glasgow Theological Academy 
— a Congregationalist foundation. The 
introduction of Congregationalism into 
Scotland owed much to his efforts. He 
had D.D. conferred by an American college 
in 1821, but did not adopt it, and died 
1st Aug. 1841. He marr. (1) 13th Nov. 
1794, Anne (died 23rd Aug. 1795, aged 
20), daugh. of James Innes, min. of Yester : 
(2) Janet Jamieson, died 18th Jan. 1801, 
aged 23, and had issue — Janet (marr. James 
Matheson, D.D., Durham) : (3) 15th Nov. 
1802, Barbara, daugh. of Sir James Maxwell 
of Pollock, Bart., killed by the overturning 
of a carriage near the Falls of Clyde, 14th 
Sept. 1828, aged 55. Publications — Five 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1797-1834); 
Animadversions on a Pamphlet entitled 
Lay-preaching Jndefensible on Scripture 
Principles (Glasgow, 1800) ; Remarks on 
Mr Dick's Sermon concerning the Quxdifi- 
cations and Call of Missionaries (1801) ; 
Rudiments of the Greek Language (Edin- 
burgh, 1801) ; The Ignorance of the Heathen 
and the Conduct of God towards them, a 
sermon preached before the L.M.S. (London, 
1802); A Greek Grammar and Greek and 
English Scripture Lexicon (Edinburgh, 
1802; 2nd ed., Glasgow, 1812; 3rd ed., 
1827) ; An Attempt towards a Statement of 
the Doctrine of Scripture on the Govern- 
ment of the Church (Glasgow, 1807) ; Facts 
and Documents respecting the Connexions 
which have subsisted between Robert Hal- 
dane, Esq., and G. E. (Glasgow, 1809); 
Essays to the Jeios, 2 vols. (1809-10); An 
Essay on Baptism (Glasgow, 1823) ; Memoir 
of Barbara Ewing (Glasgow, 1829) ; Ser- 
mon III. in " Sermons by Ministers of the 
Congregational Union" (Glasgow, 1823); 
editor of the Missionary Magazine, vols, 
i. to iii. (Edinburgh, 1796-9).— [Wardlaw's 
Fun. Serm., Haldane's Mem., Kay's Por- 
traits, Tombst.; Memoir by his daughter, 
J. J. Matheson, 1843; Ross's Hist, of 




Congregational Independency in Scotland, 
Fraser's Maxwells of Pollok, Diet. Nat. 

JOHN PURVES, nom. (assistant and 
1826 successor ) by the Trustees, and ord. 
14th April 1826 ; res. 27th Oct. '1830 
on presentation to Jedburgh. 

JAMES BEGG, trans, from Maxwell- 

1830 town ; nom. by the Trustees (assistant 

and successor), and adm. 23rd Dec. 

1830; trans, to Middle Church, Paisley, 

25th Nov. 1831. 


THOMAS LIDDELL, trans, from Mon- 
trose Chapel-of -Ease ; nom. (assistant 
and successor) by the Trustees, and 
adm. 22nd Dec. 1831 ; res. on app. as first 
Principal of Queen's College, Kingston, 
Canada, 27th Oct. 1841 ; [afterwards min. 
of Lochmaben]. 

1842 Brechin, 1801, son of David D. ; 
educated at Brechin Grammar 
School and St Andrews Univ. ; M.A. 
(1820); licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 
25th June 1823; ord. to Drumblade 8th 
May 1828 ; trans, and adm. 14th July 
1842. Joined the Free Church; min. of 
Free Lady Glenorchy's, Edinburgh, 1843; 
D.D. (St Andrews); died 17th May 1890. 
He marr. 8th June 1830, Jessie (died 10th 
Sept. 1876), daugh. of William Lumsden, 
architect, Edinburgh, and had issue — Eliza 
Maule, born 4th March 1831 (marr. 13th 
June 1851, Sir Thomas Clark, Bart.); 
Mary, born 15th Feb. 1833 (marr. 
Alexander Cusin, her father's successor, in 
Lady Glenorchy's Free Church); George 
Ramsay, born 29th Jan. 1836 ; David 
William, born 12th Feb. 1838. Publica- 
tions — Privilege and Duty, a Pastoral 
A ddress (Edinburgh, 1845); Britain's Past 
Policy, Penitence, and Pledge, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1857); Account of the Parish 
of Drumblade {New Stat. Ace, xii.). 

DANIEL M'LAREN, ord. 29th Jan. 
1863 1863; trans, to Carluke 19th 
March 1874. 

JOHN GRIGOR, trans, from Fullarton, 
1874 Irvine, and adm. 24th Sept. 1874 ; 
trans, to St David's, Glasgow, 16th 
Nov. 1876. 

1877 f rom St James's, Kirkcaldy, and adm. 
17th May 1877 ; trans, to St George's, 
Paisley, 21st March 1882. 

THOMAS BURNS, born 3rd March 1853, 
1882 son °^ Thomas B., min. of Lesma- 
hagow; educated at Glasgow High 
School and Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow May 1876 ; assistant at St George's 
Parish, Glasgow; ord. to Melville Parish, 
Montrose, 8th Nov. 1877 ; trans, and adm. 
30th Aug. 1882 ; governor of George Heriot's 
Trust 1890; chairman of Royal Blind 
Asylum 1894; deputy - chairman, Edin- 
burgh School Board 1903 ; convener of the 
General Assembly's Committee on Benefice 
Register and Records of the Church ; D.D. 
(Glasgow 1906) ; F.R.S.E., F.S.AScot. He 
marr. 3rd June 1890, Sarah Frances Town- 
send, daugh. of Charles Wilson Murray of 
Croston Towers, Alderly Edge, and grand- 
daughter of Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair, 
LL.D., St Andrews, and has issue— Agnes 
Mary Frances, born 26th April 1891 ; 
Reginald Thomas Murray, born 9th Aug. 
1892 ; Norman Frederick MacGregor, born 
4th April 1902. Publications— Old Scottish 
Communion Plate (Edinburgh, 1896) ; 
American Educational Institutions and 
Methods (1901); Benefice Lectures, de- 
livered at the four Scottish Universities 
(Edinburgh, 1905). 


[Founded by Margaret, third daugh. of 
Mark, first Earl of Lothian, and wife of 
James, seventh Lord Hay of Yester. She 
died 15th March 1647. The church was 
badly damaged by Cromwell's soldiers 
in Nov. 1650, but being restored, was 
erected into a parish church, 24th Aug. 
1655, for the south-east portion of the 
city. During the Episcopacy it was shut 
up and the parish annexed to the Tron. 




From 1687 to 1691 the parishioners of the 
Canongate used it while their own church 
was in process of building, and it was 
afterwards reconstituted as a parish. The 
present edifice dates from 8th Dec. 1805.] 

JOHN STIELING, M.A. ; trans, from 
less ^ron P ar "i sn on the appointment of 
the Town Council 3rd Sept. 1655. 
In the same month he employed Patrick 
Gillespie, who had been deposed, to preach 
for him on a week day, which gave umbrage 
to his brethren and many others. While 
engaged with other Protesters in drawing 
up a new Remonstrance, he was appre- 
hended and committed prisoner to the 
Castle, 23rd Aug. 1660, where he continued 
till the following year, when he was 
brought before the Lords of the Articles, 
25th Sept. For subscribing the Remon- 
strance, his stipend was sequestrated by the 
Committee of Estates, but it was allowed 
to be paid by Act of Parliament, 13th 
March 1661. He was deprived by the 
Privy Council, 1st Oct. 1662, for not 
conforming to Episcopacy, and ordered to 
leave the city with his family. Similar 
authority, however, gave him leave to 
return for twenty days, 22nd June 1665, 
and on 20th July he was allowed till 1st 
Sept. After being " indulged " at Hounam, 
he became min. at Irvine. — [Edin. Counc. 
Reg., Lamont's and Nicoll's Diaries, Kirk- 
ton's and Wodrow's Huts. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Baillie's Lett.] 

THOMAS WILKIE, born 1638, a native 
1Qgl of the Border (probably Bowden) ; 
MA. (Edinburgh, 14th July 1659); 
ord. to a charge in London ; adm. min. of 
Galashiels 1665, of North Leith 1672, of 
the Tolbooth (Second Charge) 1687; 
elected by the Town Council, and adm. 
30th Oct. 1691; dem. 21st April 1708; 
died 7th Jan. 1715. He had sasine of an 
annual rent of 300 merks out of the lands 
of Feirlienowis and Bewlie in Lilliesleaf ; 
and gifted to the church four silver 
communion cups. He marr. (1) 4th April 
1665, Margaret, daugh. of James Hepburn 
of Eastcraig, North Berwick, and had issue 
—John, W.S., born 1670, died 26th May 
1 704 ; George of Bridgeheugh, W.S., died 

VOL. I. 

March 1716 : (2) 7th June 1704, Margaret 
Alexander, widow of George Paul, maltman 
in South Leith. — [Edin. Counc., A". Berwick 
Sess., and Reg. {Bur.) ; New Gen. Reg. Sas., 
xxiv. ; Hall's Galashiels.] 

WILLIAM MILLER, M.A. ; trans, from 
1? Meigle ; called 17th May ; app. by 
Presb. 9th, and adm. 18th July 1708 ; 
trans, to Old Greyfriars 22nd Jan. 1721. 

WILLIAM BROWN, M.A. ; trans, from 

1*721 South Leith, Second Charge ; called 

19th Aug. and 17th Nov. 1720 ; adm. 

19th Jan. 1721 ; trans, to Old Greyfriars 

23rd July 1730. 

JOHN GOWDIE, trans, from Earlston ; 
1730 ca ^ ec ^ 3 * st March, and adm. 23rd July 
1730; trans, to New North Parish 
14th Dec. 1732. 


1732 k ur &h> 28tn ^ a y 1714 ) '> tutor m tne 

family of Sir Robert Stewart of 
Tillicoultry, Bart. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Dunblane 30th July 1718; ord. to Dun- 
blane 18th Aug. 1719 ; trans, to St Ninians 
5th June 1728; called by the General 
Session 31st Aug., trans, and adm. 14th 
Dec. 1732 ; died 2nd Feb. 1733, in 40th year. 
He marr. (cont. 5th Oct. 1721) Margaret, 
second daugh. of Robert Tod, merchant, 
burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue — John, 
min. of St Cuthbert's. Publication— Not 
Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1732).— [Reg. (Bur.).] 

Borthwick ; called 23rd Aug., and 
adm. 22nd Nov. 1733 ; trans, to Old 
Greyfriars 10th Oct. 1736. 

ROBERT HAMILTON, trans, from 
1736 kVamond; called by the Town 
Council and General Session 29th 
April 1736 (the kirk-session declaring "he 
cannot be of use in that church, because of 
his low voice " ) ; he was, however, a highly 
successful min. ; adm! 7th Oct. 1736 ; 
trans, to Old Greyfriars 6th Dec. 1750.— 
[Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Morren's Ann., ii.] 

JOHN JARDINE, trans, from Liberton ; 
called 26th July, and adm. 6th Dec. 
1750; trans, to Tron Parish 11th 
Oct. 1754. 






HUGH BLAIR, MA.; trans, from 
1754 Canongate, Second Charge ; called 
8th March, and adm. 11th Oct. 
1754; trans, to Trinity Parish 28th Feb. 
1756. A delay having occurred over his 
admission to Trinity Parish, his translation 
was fixed for St Giles instead, 15th June 
1758. This was affirmed by the General 
Assembly 2nd June 1758. — [Acts of Ass.,. 
1758 ; Kay's Portr., i. ; Morren's Ann., 
ii. ; etc.] 

WILLIAM ROBERTSON", trans, from 
17 _^ Gladsmuir; called 13th Aug. 1756, 
but, owing to delay in the transla- 
tion of Dr Blair, not adm. till 15th June 
1758; trans, to Old Greyfriars 29th April 
1761. The kirk-session appealed ; the 
translation, however, was confirmed by 
the Synod 5th May, and by the General 
Assembly 26th May thereafter. — [Carlyle's 
Autob. ; Acts of Ass., 1761 ; etc.] 

JOHN HYNDMAN, born 1723, son of 
1761 John H, shipmaster, Greenock ; 
educated at Glasgow Univ. ; ord. to 
Colinton 25th Nov. 1746; trans, to St 
Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 20th Feb. 1752; 
D.D. (King's College, Aberdeen, 1761); 
called 25th June, trans, and adm. 26th 
Oct. 1761; died 10th Aug. 1762. Carlyle 
of Inveresk, one of his intimates, char- 
acterised him as "a clever fellow, a good 
preacher, and a ready debater." He marr. 
5th Jan. 1747, Margaret Dalrymple of 
Dreghorn, who died s.p. Dec. 1811. Pub- 
lications — A Just View of the Constitution 
of the Church of Scotland, and of the 
Proceedings of the General Assembly, in 
Relation to the Deposition of Mr Gillespie 
(Edinburgh, 1753, anon.), (which called 
forth other pamphlets, particularly Wither- 
spoon's Ecclesiastical Characteristics); a 
Sermon on Proverbs xiv. 34 (Edinburgh, 
1761). — [Reg. {Bur.), Carlyle's Autob., 
Murray's Biog. Ann.; Morren's Ann., ii.] 

JOHN DRYSDALE, trans, from Kirk- 

,,_-, liston; pres. by the Town Council 

1st Dec. 1762, by a majority of 23 

to 5, the first instance of an appointment 

by presentation since the Revolution. A 
protracted litigation ensued before the civil 
and ecclesiastical courts. It was main- 
tained that the Town Council had only a 
joint right with the ministers and elders, 
or general session, to call and settle 
ministers in the city, but the Court of 
Session found, 18th Feb. 1763, "that the 
Magistrates and Town Council have the 
sole privilege, exclusive of, and without 
consulting the ministers and kirk sessions, 
of presenting ministers to all the vacant 
churches within the city," which decision 
the House of Lords affirmed 13th March 
1764. The General Assembly, 17th May 
following, sustained the call, and he was 
adm. 14th Aug. thereafter; trans, to the 
Tron Parish 29th April 1767.— [Scots Mag., 
1764, xxvi., pp. 237-48 ; Morren's Ann., ii. ; 
Carlyle's Autob. ; Kay's Portr., i.] 

WILLIAM GLOAG, trans, from Cock- 

1767 P en ^ ca, H e d by the Town Council 

and general session 27th Feb., and 

adm. 22nd Oct. 1767; trans, to the New 

North Parish 21st July 1772. 

1772 from Jedburgh; called 28th Nov. 
1771 ; adm. 21st July 1772 ; trans, 
to the Old Kirk Parish 26th Nov. 1778. 

THOMAS RANDALL, trans, from East 
177 Parish, Glasgow ; called 30th March, 
and adm. 26th Nov. 1778 ; trans, to 
the Tolbooth Parish 9th June 1785. 

WILLIAM SIMPSON, trans, from More- 
ll78 _ battle ; pres. by the Town Council, 
and adm. 9th June 1785 ; trans, to 
Tron Parish 2nd Aug. 1789. 

JAMES FINLAYSON, M.A.; trans, from 
17 Borthwick; holding in conjunction 
the professorship of Logic in the 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; pres. by the Town 
Council 30th Dec. 1789; adm. 29th July 
1790; trans, to Old Greyfriars 9th Jan. 

DAVID BLACK, born 1762, son of David 

1794 ^'' m * n ' °^ ^ ertn * educated at Univ. 

of Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of 

Perth 25th Aug. 1784; ord. to St Madoes 




15th Sept. 1785 ; pres. by the Town Council 
25th June, trans, and adm. 20th Nov. 1794 ; 
died 24th Feb. 1806. He marr. 26th March 
1795, Agnes (died 14th Sept. 1844), daugh. 
of George Wood of Warriston, and had 
issue — Agnes, born 30th Jan. 1796, died 
17th Oct. 1812 ; Jean MacVicar, born 30th 
April 1797, died 6th Feb. 1799 J Elizabeth, 
born 20th Sept. 1798; Jean MacVicar, 
born 24th May 1800; Veronica, born 15th 
July 1802, died 31st Oct. 1816; David, 
born 20th Feb. 1804 ; Bridget Bonar, born 
4th June 1806, died 4th May 1819. Publi- 
cations — Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1798-1803) ; Sermons on Important Sub- 
jects, with an Account of the Author 
(Edinburgh, 1808); Account of St Madoes 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, iii.). — [Bonar's Serm., 
i. ; Kay's Portr., Haldane's Mem.] 


THOMAS FLEMING, born 1754, a 
native of Kirkmichael, Perthshire ; 
educated at the Parish School of 
Blairgowrie and Perth Grammar School, 
and at the Univs. of St Andrews and Edin- 
burgh ; tutor to the Haldanes of Airthrey ; 
licen. by Presb. of Dundee 5th Nov. 1777; 
ord. to Kirkmichael 29th April 1779 ; trans. 
to Kenmore 24th Aug. 1780; trans, to 
Kirkcaldy 10th July 1788 ; D.D. (Harvard, 
U.S.A., 1804); pres. by the Town Council 
18th June, trans, and adm. 23rd Oct. 1806 ; 
died 19th July 1824. "The benevolent 
institutions of the city reaped much 
advantage from his friendly counsels and 
aid. He was particularly attentive to 
the affairs of George Heriot's Hospital, the 
Orphan Hospital, the Edin. Education 
Society, and the Society for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge." He marr. 14th 
Nov. 1780, Anne Robertson, who died 17th 
April 1829, in 78th year, and had issue — 
William, banker in Edinburgh, born 28th 
Aug. 1786 ; Thomas, lieut. 1st Batt. Berar 
Native Infantry, born 22nd Dec. 1797, died 
March 1821 ; Maxwell, born 9th Aug. 1781 
(marr. 7th Aug. 1807, George Muirhead, 
D.D., min. of Cramond); Catherine, born 
30th Jan. 1785 (marr. 28th March 1810, 
George Lyon of Wester Ogill, W.S.) ; 
Isabella, born 27th March 1783, died 9th 
Sept. 1852 ; Grace, born 14th July 1790 ; 

Anne Campbell, born 13th July 1792 ; 
James, born 6th May 1794. Publications 
— Three single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1790- 
1809); Sermons (Edinburgh, 1826); "A 
Remarkable Agitation of the Waters of 
Loch Tay" (Trans. Roy. Soc. Edin.); Ac- 
count of Kirkcaldy (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, 
xviii.); "Memoir of Robert Cathcart of 
Drum " (Edin. Chr. Inst., vi.) ; Translated 
the Shorter Catechism into Gaelic, and 
assisted in revising the Gaelic Translation 
of the Scriptures, published by the Society 
for Propagating Christian Knowledge. — 
[Sermons, Tombst., Society Sermons ; Scots 
Mag., xciv. ; Stewart's Sermons (Mem.).~\ 

JOHN LEE, D.D. ; trans, from Canon- 

1825 ^ ate ' P res - by the Town Council in 

1824 ; trans, and adm. 17th Feb. 

1825 ; trans, to the Old Church 22nd Jan. 


ARCHIBALD BENNIE, born Glasgow, 
1835 1st Nov. 1797, fourth son of William 
B., merchant; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
Sept. 1820 ; ord. min. of Albion Street 
Chapel, Glasgow, 6th March 1823; trans, 
to Third Charge, Stirling, 28th Oct. 1824 ; 
trans, to Second Charge 17th June 1825 ; 
trans, to First Charge 31st March 1829 ; pres. 
by the Town Council, trans, and adm. 24th 
Sept. 1835 ; one of Her Majesty's Chaplains 
in Ordinary ; Dean of the Chapel Royal 
1841 ; D.D. (Glasgow, 10th Jan. 1845) ; died 
at Dunoon 21st Sept. 1846. He marr. 9th 
July 1827, Eliza (died 25th Nov. 1867), 
only child of James Noble, collector of 
Excise, Stirling, and had issue — Ann 
Young, born 10th May 1828 ; Agnes Mary, 
born 7th Aug. 1829 ; James Noble, LL.D., 
Canon of Peterborough, born 6th Jan. 1831, 
died 27th March 1899 ; Elizabeth Noble ; 
Archibald, born 8th Nov. 1836. Publica- 
tions — Five single Sermons, Christian 
Benevolence, etc. (1825-39) ; Letter to Patrick 
Arkley, Esq., Advocate (Edinburgh, 1846) ; 
Discourses, with a Memoir, by Rev. John 
Paul (Edinburgh, 1847). He edited the 
Edin. Christian Instructor (Edinburgh, 
1836, 1837, Third Series, 2 vols.).— [Smith's 
Scott. Clergy, i. ; Tombst.] 




JOHN CAIRD, MA.; trans, from 

1847 Newton-onAyr, and adm. 6th May 

1847 ; trans, to Errol 13th July 1849. 

WILLIAM HENRY GRAY, trans, from 
1850 ®* P au l' s ) Perth, and adm. 9th 
May 1850 ; trans, to Liberton 3rd 
June 1880. 

1880 G rantown - on -l3pey, 24th April 1839, 
son of William MacG. and Isabella 
Grant ; educated at Gran town School and 
Univ. of Aberdeen; MA. (1861); school- 
master of Duthil 1861-7 ; licen. by Presb. 
of Abernethy 6th May 1867; assistant at 
Weem and Kenmore; ord. to Ardoch 
6th May 1869; trans, to Dornoch 12th 
March 1874 ; trans, (assistant and successor) 
East Church, Aberdeen, 7th Aug. 1877 ; 
trans, and adm. 8th Dec. 1880; D.D. 
(Aberdeen 1893). He marr. (1) 2nd Sept. 
1873, Janetta (died 23rd July 1880), daugh. 
of Duncan Campbell, min. of Moulin, and 
has issue — Duncan Campbell, merchant, 
St Paul, Minnesota, born 6th June 1874; 
Isobel Grant, born 15th Sept. 1875 (marr. 
Hans Artner, merchant, Hamburg) : (2) 
1st June 1882, Williamina, daugh. of 
Samuel Blair, min. of Dairy, Galloway, 
and has issue — Caroline Isabella, born 
28th March 1883 ; Blair, farmer in Canada, 
born 2nd July 1884; Campbell, W.S., 
born 23rd July 1886. 

1910 Gartsherrie, Lanarkshire, 2nd July 
1867, son of Colin M'L. ; educated at 
Gartsherrie Academy and Univ. of Glasgow ; 
licen. by Presb. of Hamilton May 1891 ; 
missionary at Newton, Cambuslang, 1891-9 ; 
ord. to Scots Church, St Vincent, West 
Indies, 13th Jan. 1897; app. to Ruthrieston, 
Aberdeen, 1901, and ind. as first min. there, 
15th Jan. 1903; trans, to Wallacetown, 
Dundee, 11th April 1906; trans, and adm. 
(assistant and successor) 9th June 1910. 
Marr. 27th Jan. 1897, Mabel Annie, daugh. 
of William Henry Johnston, London and 
has issue— Joyce Elinor, born 2nd March 


[A church was opened 6th July 1879 ; 
disjoined from Liberton and erected into a 
parish quoad sacra, 12 th March 1888.] 

ALEXANDER NEIL, born Larbert, 
1879 Stirlingshire, 7th June 1845, son of 
Alexander N. and Jane Galloway 
Russell; educated at Falkirk Grammar 
School and Glasgow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Glasgow 10th June 1868; assistant at 
Kingarth and St James's, Glasgow ; ord. to 
Lochryan 23rd Jan. 1873 ; app. to Mayfield 
Chapel (iron church) 7th Dec. 1877; ind. 
as first min. 8th July 1879. Marr. 23rd 
May 1882, Cecilia, daugh. of Patrick 
Graham Morison of Cuilvona, Aberfoyle, 
and has issue — Cecilia M'Gregor, born 17th 
July 1883 ; Patrick Graham Morison, born 
17th Sept. 1885, died 16th Dec. 1896; Jane 
Russell, born 24th Feb. 1889, died 23rd 
June 1902 ; Norman Alexander Gordon, 
born 15th Jan. 1899. 


[Declared a parish quoad sacra by the 
General Assembly, 19th May 1838; dis- 
joined from St Cuthbert's and erected by 
the Court of Teinds, 20th July 1864.] 

GEORGE SMEATON, missionary in the 
1839 P ar i s h °f North Leith ; elected 31st 
Dec. 1838; ord. 14th March 1839; 
trans, to Falkland 26th Aug. 1840 ; [after- 
wards Professor in the Free Church College, 

THOMAS ADDIS, born London, 23rd 

1841 "^ ec ' 1813 > son °^ William A. and 
Ann Salmond ; educated at Perth 
Academy and Univ. of St Andrews ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh ; assistant at 
South Leith; ord. 17th Dec. 1841. Joined 
the Free Church ; min. of Morningside 
Free Church 1843; D.D. (St Andrews): 
died 18th July 1899. He marr. 30th Aug. 
1842, Robina Scott (died 3rd April 1900), 
daugh. of George Thorburn, merchant, 
Leith, and had issue — William, Snell Ex- 
hibitioner, formerly R.C. priest, vicar of 
All Saints, Ennismore Gardens, London, 
Master of Addis Hall, Oxford, 1910, joint 




author of the Catholic Dictionary and of 
various theological works, born 9th May 
1844; George Thorburn, banker, born 
1846; Thomas Chalmers, Inland Revenue, 
born 1847; David Foulis, I.C.S., born 
1849; Annie Forrester, born 1851 (marr. 
Peter Graham, R.A., LL.D.); Susan 
Foulis ; Robert Forrester Thorburn ; 
Robina Scott, died young; Henrietta 
Thorburn (marr. Archibald Syme Black, 
farmer, Bogany, Bute); Jane Thorburn 
(marr. Alexander Martin, D.D., Professor 
of Apologetics and Practical Theology, 
New College, Edinburgh) ; Sir Charles 
Stuart, banker, London; Robina Scott 
Thorburn (marr. Robert M. Adamson, U.F. 
min., Ardrossan). 

1844 G reenoc k, 9tn May 1813, son of John 
M. and Janet Stuart; educated at 
Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1831) ; licen. by Presb. 
of Glasgow ; missionary at Dumbarton and 
Wallacetown, Ayr ; ord. 22nd March 1844 ; 
res. 21st March 1864 ; died 9th Nov. 1871. 
He marr. 28th July 1853, Isabella (died 30th 
June 1903), daugh. of Robert Clarke of 
Comrie, and Isabella Wellwood, and had 
issue — Isabella Wellwood Preston (de- 
ceased) ; Janet Anne Stuart ; Mary Well- 
wood ; John (deceased) ; Susan Catherine 
Clarke; Hannah Clarke Preston, R.S.W., 
died 20th Aug. 1913 ; Robert ; William. 

ANDREW GRAY, M.A.; trans, from 
186 _ Mouswald, and adm. first min. of the 
parish 19th Jan. 1865 ; trans, to St 
John's, Glasgow, 1st Sept. 1867. 

JOHN MARSHALL LANG, trans, from 
1868 Anderston, Glasgow, and adm. 25th 
June 1868; trans, to Barony, Glas- 
gow, 9th Jan. 1873. 


1873 trans, from Crathie, and adm. 27th 

Nov. 1873; res. 29th Oct. 1879, on 

appointment as Professor of Church History, 

Edinburgh Univ. 

PEARSON MADAM MUIR, trans, from 
1880 P°l mont > an< i adm. 24th Feb. 1880 ; 
trans, to St Mungo's, Glasgow, 6th 
Aug. 1896. 

1897 Millport, 20th Sept. 1854, son of 
Andrew S. and Helen Gibb; edu- 
cated at Free Church School, Millport, 
Univ. of Glasgow, and Univ. of Gottingen ; 
M.A. (Glasgow 1876), B.D. (Glasgow 1879) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glasgow ; assistant at 
New Kilpatrick; ord. to Glendevon 20th 
Sept. 1881 ; trans, and adm. 11th March 
1897; D.D. (Glasgow 1897); died 26th 
March 1900. He marr. 10th Jan. 1882, 
Wilhelmina Amalie Marie, daugh. of 
Louis Moritz Pancke, and had issue — 
Wanda, born 10th March 1883 (marr. 
Walter Veitch) ; Margaret, born 9 th March 
1884 ; Louis Moritz, electrical engineer, born 
23rd Oct. 1885 ; Marie, born 12th Jan. 1888 ; 
Andrew, born 23rd Feb. 1890 ; Anna, born 
22nd June 1891; Vera, born 2nd Dec. 
1894. Publications — Reviews and contribu- 
tions to magazines, etc., including article in 
Chambers's Encyclopaedia on " Moravians " 
and the "Moravian Church"; numerous 
translations — Erdmann's History of Philo- 
sophy ; Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy 
of Religion (1895); Harnack's History of 
Dogma; see memorial volume of Ser- 
mons (1902). 

1900 April 1861, son of Matthew F., min. 
of Cross and Burness ; educated at 
George Watson's School and Univ., Edin- 
burgh ; MA. (1880), B.D. (1884) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh May 1884 ; assistant at 
St Bernard's, Edinburgh; ord. to Skel- 
morlie 20th Aug. 1885 ; trans, to Jedburgh 
20th Nov. 1890; trans, to West Church, Aber- 
deen, 19th May 1896 ; trans, and adm. 2nd 
Oct. 1900 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 1905) ; one of 
H.M. Chaplains in Ordinary 1913; trans, and 
adm. to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 6th May 
1914 (q.v.). He marr. (1) 5th Oct. 1886, 
Margaret Ada (died 15th Jan. 1899), daugh. 
of Robert Hutchison of Carlowrie, and has 
issue — Matthew George, advocate, born 31st 
March 1888 ; Mary Tait, born 2nd Feb. 1891 ; 
Charlotte Williamina Tait, born 26th Dec. 
1895: (2) 16th April 1906, Edith Mary, 
daugh. of Robert Strathern, W.S., and 
widow of William Percival Lindsay, W.S. 
Publications — Editor of Life and Work 




since 1902; The Four Gospels (London, 
1899 ; 2nd ed., 1910) ; The Beatitudes (Edin- 
burgh, 1912). 

ANDREW BROWN, born at Craig, 
lgl4 Montrose, 24th Feb. 1868, son of 
Andrew B. and Jane Gray ; educated 
at Univ. of St Andrews; M.A. (1890); 
licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 1895 ; assist- 
ant at Kirkcaldy ; ord. to Ceres 8th April 
1897 ; trans, to West Parish, Aberdeen, 
6th June 1901 ; trans, to Queen's Park, 
Glasgow, 15th Nov. 1907; trans, and adm. 
8th Oct. 1914. He marr. 1st Sept. 1897, 
Alice, daugh. of William Moir, Montrose, 
and has issue — Andrew Chassar, born 24th 
Sept. 1900 ; William Moir, born 14th May 
1902; Alice Mary, born 17th May 1904; 
David Moir, born 11th Sept. 1906 ; Douglas 
Chassar, born 17th Jan. 1909. 


[Disjoined from West Coates and Craig- 
lockhart, and erected into a parish quoad 
sacra, 6th June 1913. Church built 1907, 
at a cost of £7000.] 

lgol formerly min. of St James's, Kirk- 
caldy, 16th Dec. 1901 ; trans, to 
Aberdour, Fife, 1914. 


[Formerly Hope Park Chapel-of-Ease 

under St Cuthbert's ; opened 4th Jan. 

1834 ; declared a parish quoad sacra by Act 

of General Assembly, 31st May 1834; named 

Newington, and erected by the Court of 

Teinds, 18th March 1859.] 
ROBERT GORDON, D.D. ; trans, from 

1824 ^ Cuthbert's Chapel (Buccleuch), 
and adm. 5th Jan. 1824 ; trans, to 

New North, Edinburgh, 8th Sept. 1825. 
JOHN FORBES, elected by the Kirk- 
session of St Cuthbert's; ord. 16th 
Nov. 1826; res. 26th Nov. 1828, to 

become min. of High Church (Outer), 

DAVID RUNCIMAN, MA. ; elected by 
the Kirk-session of St Cuthbert's 
Sept. 1829; adm. 24th Dec. 1829; 

trans, to St Andrew's, Glasgow, 4th 

April 1844. 



[From 1844 to 1859 the congregation was 
served by missionaries and otherwise.] 

185g East Church, Perth ; adm. first min. 
of the parish 6th Oct. 1859 ; trans, to 
Sandyford, Glasgow, 11th May 1871. 

JOHN ALISON, born 23rd June 1835, 
18?1 son of James Alison, farmer, Mearns, 
and Janet Craig ; educated at 
Mearns School and Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. 
(1854) ; licen. by Presb. of Paisley ; 
assistant at St Matthew's, Glasgow ; ord. 
to Middle Parish, Paisley, 10th March 1859 ; 
trans, to Bonhill 21st Nov. 1861 ; trans, 
and adm. 19th Oct. 1871 ; sometime con- 
vener of the Jewish Mission Committee; 
convener of the Edinburgh Synodal Board 
for the examination of divinity students ; 
D.D. (St Andrews 1883); died 29th May 
1902. He marr. 10th Aug. 1875, Margaret, 
only child of Andrew Macgeorge, LL.D., 
Glasgow, and had issue — Margaret Dora, 
born 13th Aug. 1876 (marr. George H. 
Donald, min. of the West Parish, Aber- 
deen); Janet Helen, born 13th June 1878 
(marr. David Denholm Fraser, min. of 
Sprouston); Mary Lilias, born 13th May 
1885 (marr. Ernest Wolff). Publications— 
Simple Lessons on the Lord's Supper; 
Simple Lessons on Baptism ; The National 
Church and Religious Equality ; Union in 
a National Church. See Memoir, con- 
taining a selection of his sermons and 
papers (Edinburgh, 1903). 

HUGH CAMERON, born Glasgow, 4th 
Jan. 1855, son of John C. and Eliza- 
beth Macfarlane ; educated privately, 
and at Glasgow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow May 1882 ; ord. to Second Charge, 
Montrose, 14th Sept. 1883 ; trans, and adm. 
(assistant and successor) 8th June 1898. 
He marr. 21st Nov. 1883, Maud Agnes, 
daugh. of James Pennell, min. of Ballingry, 
and has issue — James Douglas, born 18th 
Dec. 1884; Dorothy, born 8th May 1886; 
Maud, born 6th May 1888; Norah, born 
28th July 1892; Elizabeth Leslie, born 
5th Feb. 1897; Marjorie, born 7th May 
1898; Ian Paul, born 27th July 1901; 
Hugh Ross, died in infancy; Donald 
Morison Ross, born 17th Aug. 1906. 





[Begun 13th Nov. 1898, as an extension 
charge, by Robert Buchanan, B.D., formerly 
min. of Clydebank (q.v.), who served till 
Oct. 1903. Disjoined from Liberton, Dud- 
dingston, and Mayfield, and erected into a 
parish quoad sacra, 30th Oct. 1908. A 
church was built in 1902.] 

DONALD MACMILLAN, born 7th Dec. 
1866, eldest son of Duncan M., 
1908 architect, Aberdeen; MA. (Aber- 
deen 1887) ; licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 6th 
May 1890; ord. to Careston Sept. 1892; 
dem. 30th Sept. 1904, to undertake Preston- 
field extension charge, and ind. first min. 8th 
Dec. 1908. Marr. 12th July 1894, Edith Mar- 
jorie Eveline, youngest daugh. of John Watt, 
advocate, Aberdeen, and has issue — Sybilla 
Catherine, born 6th May 1895 ; Duncan 
Stewart, born 8th Nov. 1907. Publications 
— Contributor to Aurora Borealis Academica 
(Aberdeen, 1899); Farewell Sermon, Care- 
ston Parish Church (Brechin, 1904). 

[Prior to the Reformation Restalrig was 
a collegiate parish church, founded (in 
connection with the tomb and well of St 
Triduana) by King James II., with a dean 
and nine prebendaries. It was a noted 
place of pilgrimage. After the Reforma- 
tion the church was allowed to fall into 
decay, but in recent times it was partially 
restored. The revived parish is taken 
entirely out of South Leith, and was dis- 
joined and erected into a parish quoad 
sacra, 31st May 1912.] 

GEORGE BOYD, born 9th May 1824, 
1870 a * I jan( iguard Fort, Suffolk, son of 
Thomas B. (H.M. Coastguard Ser- 
vice) and Elizabeth Haskell ; educated at 
Grammar School, Cromarty, and Univ. of 
Aberdeen; MA. (1851); licen. by Presb. 
of Lewis 1855 ; ord. to St Andrew's, Hali- 
fax, Nova Scotia, 1856 ; res. 1865 ; assistant 
at Tolbooth, Edinburgh ; app. to Restalrig 
Mission 1870; res. May 1903; died 27th 
Nov. 1905. He marr. 15th Aug. 1856, 
Elizabeth (died 20th Feb. 1914), daugh. 
of John MacKeddie, shipmaster, Cromarty, 

and had issue — Mary Matheson, born 1st 
June 1857 (marr. 6th Sept. 1895, John 
Deacon Murray, engineer, Egyptian Govern- 
ment Service) ; Thomas John, born 4th 
Sept. 1858; George Haskell, W.S., born 
25th Dec. 1859; Elizabeth MacKeddie, 
born 27th July 1861 (marr. 2nd July 1896, 
William Auchie Alexander, C.A.); Alex- 
andra Keith, born 17th Oct. 1863 ; John 
William Parker, born 11th June 1866, died 
24th May 1912. 

WILLIAM BURNETT, born Edinburgh 
1912 19th June 1864, son of Peter S. B. 
and Elizabeth Mitchell ; educated at 
George Watson's College and Edinburgh 
Univ. ; MA. (1884), B.D. (1887) ; licen. by 
the Presb. of Edinburgh, May 1887 ; assist- 
ant at Hawick and Dundee ; ord. 4th Oct. 
1891 to Woolloomooloo, Sydney, N.S.W.; 
inducted here Dec. 1904 ; adm. first min. 
of the parish 31st May 1912. He marr. 
13th April 1892, Lena, daugh. of David 
Russell Dawson, Tayport, and has issue — 
Mary Johnston, born 16th May 1904. 


[Erected into a parish quoad sacra 30th 
Oct. 1871. The foundation stone of the 
church was laid, 28th May 1870, by John, 
Earl of Stair, Lord High Commissioner, and 
the building was opened, 1st Oct. 1874, as a 
memorial of James Robertson, D.D., Pro- 
fessor of Ecclesiastical History in Edin- 
burgh University, formerly minister of 
Ellon, and founder of the Endowment 
Scheme of the Church.] 

deen, 28th March 1824, son of John 
1872 -^ an( j ]yj ar y D awS0 n; educated at 

Grammar School, Aberdeen, and Marischal 
College and Univ.; MA. (1846); licen. 
by Presb. of Aberdeen 1851 ; assistant at 
Broughton; ord. to Balmaghie 23rd. Dec. 
1852 ; trans, to Pencaitland 1st Feb. 1855 ; 
trans, and adm. 14th March 1872; res. 
11th Dec. 1895; died 13th June 1912. He 
marr. 25th July 1861, Agnes Geraldine, 
daughter of Edward Potter, Cramlington, 
Northumberland, and had issue — Margaret 




MacKinlay, born 19th July 1862, died 26th 
Sept. 1865 ; Agnes Mary, born 8th Oct. 
1863; Jessie MacKinlay, born 20th Jan. 
1865 ; Matilda Mima, born 20th April 1866 ; 
Augusta Charlotte ; Catherine Alice ; 
William Lyon ; Arthur James ; David 
MacKinlay Potter. Publication — Naaman, 
the Syrian Soldier (Edinburgh, 1901). 

DAVID PAUL, born 28th Aug. 1845, 
seventh son of William P., D.D., min. 
of Banchory-Devenick ; educated at 
Banchory-Devenick School, Aberdeen and 
Edinburgh Univs.; M.A. (Aberdeen 1864); 
licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 1868 ; assist- 
ant at Udny 1868 ; took charge of Scots 
Church, Dresden, 1869 ; ord. to Morebattle 
29th July 1869; trans, to Roxburgh 8th 
Feb. 1876 ; LL.D. (Aberdeen 1894) ; trans, 
and adm. 15th July 1896; examiner for 
Degrees in Arts at Aberdeen 1871-6; 
president of the Botanical Society of 
Edinburgh 1899-1901 ; principal clerk of 
the General Assembly 1912; Moderator of 
Assembly 1915. Marr. 27th April 1876, 
Katherine (died 8th Sept. 1913), fourth 
daugh. of Alexander John Kinloch of Park 
and Altries, and has issue — Alexander John 
Kinloch, born 28th Feb. 1877 ; Katherine 
Ethel, born 15th Dec. 1878; Alice Mary, 
born 22nd Nov. 1880; David Hutch eon, 
born 21st May 1883 ; George Morison, born 
10th Nov. 1884. Publications — Numerous 
botanical papers in the Transactions of 
Botanical Society and in History of Berwick- 
shire Naturalists' Club. 


[The building, constructed about 1800 
as a chapel of Relief, was bought from the 
U.P. Church by St Cuthbert's congregation 
in 1885. Erected into a parish quoad sacra, 
14th March 1887.] 

JAMES THOMSON, MA. ; ord. mission- 
ary to Calcutta ; app. by the Kirk- 
1887 session of St Cuthbert's; ind. 28th 
April 1887 ; trans, to St Andrew's, Glasgow, 
11th Jan. 1894. 

ANDREW BENVIE, born Abernyte, 

Perthshire, 14th Nov. 1845, son of 

1894 -wiUj am Benvie, jute manufacturer, 

Dundee, and Isabel Robertson ; educated 

at Normal College, Edinburgh, and Edin- 
burgh Univ. ; M.A. (1869), B.D. (1872), Pitt 
Scholar (1872); licen. by Presb. of Perth 
Oct. 1872; ord. Scone 10th July 1873; 
trans, and adm. 22nd May 1894 ; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1912). He marr. 27th April 1875, 
Elizabeth Williamson, younger daugh. of 
David Crighton, Ardo, Stracathro, and has 
issue — George William Rodney ,New Mexico, 
born 1887 ; Maybel Margarita, born 1881 ; 
Bertha Crighton, born 1887. Publications 
— Higher on the Hill (London, 1900 ; 2nd 
ed., 1903) ; The Minister at Work (Pastoral 
Theol. Lectures ; Edinburgh, 1911). 


[A church and parish being required for 
the increasing population of the New Town, 
this erection was proposed by James Hunter 
Blair (afterwards Lord Provost), 25th April 
1780, and unanimously resolved upon by the 
Town Council 31st Jan. 1781. Opened 12th 
Dec. 1784. St Andrew's was thus the first 
parish of the New Town. It was built after 
designs by Major Fraser of the Engineers, 
at a cost of £7000, and was seated for about 
1053. A spire rising 166 feet in height, de- 
signed by William Sibbald, was erected in 
1787. The General Assembly met in St 
Andrew's Church for some years up till 
1851, and it was the scene of the memor- 
able Secession of 1843.] 

1784 f rom Wemyss; called 30th April 
1784 ; adm. 25th Nov. 1784 ; trans, 
to the High Kirk 1st April 1787. 

WILLIAM MOODIE, born 2nd July 
1TO? 1759, son of Roger M., min. of 
Gartly ; educated at Univs. of St 
Andrews and Edinburgh ; licen. in 1781 ; 
tutor in the family of James Oswald of 
Dunnikier; ord. to Kirkcaldy 9th June 
1784 ; pres. by the Town Council 1st Aug., 
trans, and adm. 25th Oct. 1787 ; app. 
Professor of Hebrew in the University of 
Edinburgh, which he held in conjunction, 
11th Sept. 1793; D.D. (Edinburgh, 6th 
Feb. 1798) ; Moderator of the General As- 
sembly 23rd May 1799; died 11th June 




1812. He marr. 10th Nov. 1786, Johanna 
Lindsay, who died 24th Aug. 1796, and 
had issue — Margaret, born 29th Dec. 
1789; John, born Dec. 1790, died 10th 
Feb. 1791 ; George Mackenzie, born 7th 
Feb. 1795, died 13th March 1800; Sarah, 
born 11th Aug. 1796 (marr. Dugald Camp- 
bell, min. of Glassary). Publications — 
Political Preaching, or the Meditations of 
a Well-meaning Man, in a letter addressed 
to the Rev. William Dun, min. of Kirkin- 
tilloch (Glasgow, 1792); Four single Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1794-9); Observations 
on the Overture respecting Chapels-of-Ease 
(17977; A. Cobbler's Remarks on a Tour 
through the Northern Counties (Edinburgh, 
1798); An Address to the Public on the 
Death of Sir Ralph Abercromby (Edin- 
burgh, 1801); Sermons, with a Short Ac- 
count of his Life (Edinburgh, 1813); 
Sermon II. {Scotch Preacher, iv. ; Edin- 
burgh, 1789) ; edited Wilson's Hebreio 
Grammar, 3rd edition. — [Sermons, Grier- 
son's St Andrew's.] 

ANDREW GRANT of Limepots, Scone, 
1813 son °^ David Grant of Limepots 
and Margaret Henderson, bapt. 4th 
June 1757 ; educated at Univ. of St 
Andrews ; licen. by Presb. of Perth 25th 
July 1781 ; assistant to Dr Wishart, 
Edinburgh ; ord. Portmoak 16th Sept. 
1784 ; trans, to Kilmarnock 6th May 1802 ; 
D.D. (St Andrews 1807); Moderator of 
Assembly 1808; trans, to Canongate 20th 
Oct. 1808; trans, to Trinity Parish 11th 
Oct. 1810 ; promoted by the Town Council 
11th Sept. 1812 ; trans, and adm. 14th Jan. 
1813 ; Chaplain in Ordinary to George III., 
George IV., and William IV. ; Dean of the 
Chapel Royal 1820; joint collector of the 
Ministers' Widows' Fund 19th Sept. 1827, 
and sole collector 24th Nov. 1835 ; died 2nd 
July 1836. He marr. 26th Aug. 1793, 
Agnes (died 2nd Dec. 1842), daugh. of 
George Willis, min. of Leslie, and had issue 
—David, born 1794, died 1800; George, 
born 25th Nov. 1795, advocate, Sheriff-sub. 
at Falkirk, and later at Cupar-Fife, died 
15th Sept. 1857 ; Anne, born 23rd Aug. 
1797, died 1881 ; James, min. of St Mary's, 
Edinburgh ; Margaret, born 15th Nov. 1801, 

died 1881 ; Andrew, H.E.I.C.S., born 16th 
Dec. 1803, died 1848; Agnes Willis, born 
4th April 1807, died 21st May 1838; 
Thomas, actuary, born 25th April 1809, 
died 1st May 1855; David, probationer, 
born 18th Dec. 1811, died 1892; Jane 
Arnot, born 10th July 1813 (marr. 13th 
Nov. 1838, Thomas Arnot of Chapel), died 
5th Oct. 1846. Publications— Sermon IX. 
(Gillon's Scott. Puljrit) ; Account of Port- 
moak (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, v.).— [Ander- 
son's Sketches, Trustees' Rejwrt.] 

JOHN BRUCE, born 30th Nov. 1794, 
1837 son °^ J° nn B., min. of Forfar ; 
educated at Forfar, Marischal Col- 
lege, Aberdeen, and Univ. of St Andrews ; 
MA. (Aberdeen 1812) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Forfar 2nd April 1817 ; ord. to Guthrie 24th 
Sept. 1818 ; trans, to New North Parish, 
Edinburgh, 13th Jan. 1831 ; trans, and 
adm. 12th Jan. 1837. Joined the Free 
Church, and became min. of Free St 
Andrew's 1843; D.D. (Marischal College, 
Aberdeen, April 1853) ; died at Humbie, 
Kirkliston, 4th Aug. 1880. He marr. (1) 
18th May 1836, Marjory (died 13th Oct. 
1841), daugh. of George Ramsay, banker, 
Edinburgh, and had issue — Margaret 
Morton, born 7th Oct. 1838, died 15th 
Jan. 1842 : (2) 2nd Sept. 1845, Susan 
(died 28th Jan. 1857), daugh. of John 
Abercrombie, M.D., Edinburgh, and had 
issue — Agnes, born 16th, died 31st July 
1846 ; Agnes, born 14th April 1848. Pub- 
lications — The Moral Discipline of Divine 
Providence, a sermon (Dundee, 1813) ; Four 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1833-44) ; Lec- 
ture on Civil Establishments of Religion 
(Edinburgh, 1835) ; A Testimony and Re- 
monstrance Regarding the Moderatorship 
(Edinburgh, 1837) ; The Duty and Privilege 
of Keeping the Sabbath (Edinburgh, 1842) ; 
The Biography of Samson (Edinburgh, 1854) ; 
The Revivals of the Church (Edinburgh, 
1859); The Great Disruption Principle 
(Edinburgh, 1859); The Life of Gideon 
(Edinburgh, 1870) ; Our Dread and Strange 
Bereavements, sermon on the deaths of the 
Prince Consort and Dr Cunningham ; Ser- 
mons, with a sketch of his life by Rev. 
James C. Burns (Edinburgh, 1882). 




THOMAS CLARK, born Galloway, 
1843 Sept. 1790; educated at Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Kirk- 
cudbright 7th July 1819 ; ord. to Methven 
12th Aug. 1824 ; trans, to Old Kirk Parish, 
Edinburgh, 19th Aug. 1841 ; trans, and 
adm. 17th Nov. 1843 ; convener of the 
Colonial Committee ; D.D. (St Andrews 
1843) ; died 11th Jan. 1857. He marr. 7th 
Sept. 1824, Grace (died 7th Feb. 1873), 
daugh. of William Greenfield, min. of High 
Church, sister of Andrew Rutherford, 
Senator of the College of Justice, and 
had issue — Patrick, lieut. 49th Regiment 
Madras Native Infantry, born 7th July 
1826 ; Andrew Rutherford, LL.D., Senator 
of the College of Justice, born 9 th Aug. 
1828, died 26th July 1899 ; Jane Gordon, 
born 21st Dec. 1831. Publication — Speech 
on the Independence of the Church (Perth, 

JOHN STUART, born Edinburgh, Jan. 
18 _ 7 1819, son of William S. and Dorothy 
Miller; educated at Edinburgh 
Academy and Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh May 1846 ; ord. to St George's- 
in-the-Fields, Glasgow, 19th March 1846; 
trans, to Newton-on-Ayr 25th Nov. 1848 ; 
trans, to Moffat 26th Oct. 1849; trans, to 
East Parish, Stirling, 18th May 1853; 
trans, and adm. 14th May 1857; D.D. 
(Edinburgh 1873); Chaplain in Ordinary 
to Queen Victoria; died 22nd Aug. 1888. 
He marr. 14th May 1867, Jessie, eldest 
daugh. of James Duncan, M.D., Edinburgh, 
and had issue — Margaret Balfour, born 4th 
March 1868, died 13th April 1876 ; William 
James, F.R.C.S.E., Edinburgh, born 17th 
Dec. 1873. Publication — Sermons, pub- 
lished posthumously (Edinburgh, 1889). 

ARTHUR GORDON, M.A. ; trans, from 
188g Kirknewton, and adm. 10th Jan. 
1889; trans, to Monzievaird 16th 
May 1895. 


burgh, 10th Sept. 1854, son of James 

H., paper merchant, and Ann Hay ; 

educated at Univs. of Edinburgh and 

Leipzig, College of France and Sorbonne, 

Paris; M.A. (Edinburgh 1877); licen. by 

Presb. of Edinburgh 1881 ; assistant at 
Elgin ; ord. to Elie 13th April 1883 ; trans, 
to Yester 19th Aug. 1886 ; trans, and adm. 
jure devoluto 7th Feb. 1896; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1902); chaplain to the Lord High 
Commissioner, Marquess of Tweeddale 
(1890-2, 1896-7) ; died 26th Dec. 1909. He 
marr. 21st Sept. 1886, Helen, daugh. of 
James Dawson, manufacturer, Dalkeith. 
Publications — The Story of Daniel (Edin- 
burgh, 1883) ; My Ducats and my Daughter 
(in collaboration with Walter White) 
(London, 1884); The Crime of Christmas 
Day (London, 1885); Sons of the Croft 
(Edinburgh, 1887); After the Exile: A 
Hundred Years of Jewish History and 
Literature (Edinburgh, 1889, 1890) ; James 
Inwick, Ploughman and Elder (Edinburgh, 
1894) ; The Silver Bullet (Edinburgh, 1894) ; 
Gruppy Davy, serial in Life and Work 
(1895) ; John Armiger's Revenge (Edin- 
burgh, 1897); The Tacksman of Uavaig, 
serial in Life and Work (1903) ; Bible and 
Sword (London, 1904). 

GEORGE CHRISTIE, born Elgin, 12th 

1908 ^ a y 18 ^°> son °^ ^ ames Murdoch C. 
and Janet Smith ; educated at West 
End School, Elgin, St Andrews Univ., 
and Jena ; M.A. (St Andrews 1891), B.D. 
(St Andrews 1894) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Forres 28th Aug. 1894; assistant at St 
Mary's, Partick ; ord. to Renton 21st Dec. 
1897; trans, to St John's, Dundee, 8th 
Oct. 1902 ; trans, and adm. 18th May 1908. 
Marr. 1st June 1904, Janet Stratton, daugh. 
of Thomas M'Ewen and Susan Bruce. 
Publications — The Influence of Letters on 
the Scottish Reformation (Edinburgh, 1908) ; 
The Church's Commission (Edinburgh, 1911). 

Second Charge. 

[Erected by the Town Council, and con- 
curred in by Presb. 31st Dec. 1800; 
ceased in I860.] 

DAVID RITCHIE, born Methven 1763 ; 

1801 e( * uca ted at Univ. of St Andrews. 

schoolmaster of Trinity -Gask ; licen 

by Presb. of Perth 24th June 1789; ord 

by Presb. of Edinburgh 26th April 1797 




chaplain to the 1st Batt. 2nd Kegt. Edin. 
Volunteers ; adm. min. of Penicuik 2nd 
Feb. 1798 ; dem. 20th Oct. 1798, becoming 
assistant in the First Charge of this parish ; 
adm. to Kilmarnock 27th Feb. 1800 ; pres. 
by the Town Council July 1800; trans, 
and adm. 2nd July 1801 ; junior clerk of 
Assembly 20th May 1802 to 19th May 1808. 
Appointed Professor of Logic in the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh 24th Feb. 1808, 
which he held in conjunction till 1836, when 
he resigned the Chair; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
17th Dec. 1813) ; Moderator of the General 
Assembly 19th May 1814; died 10th Jan. 
1844. He marr. 23rd Aug. 1811, Margaret 
(died 15th Oct. 1840), eldest daugh. of 
William Pearson of Kippenross, and had 
issue — Jane Frances, born 3rd Sept. 1812, 
died Oct. 1838; Margaret Ann, born 30th 
May 1814, died 6th March 1826. Publica- 
tions — Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1803-4); Address on Intimating a Collec- 
tion/or the Royal Infirmary (Edinburgh, 
1818) ; Lectures Explanatory and Practical 
on the Doctrinal Part of the Epistle to the 
Romans, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1831) ; Sermon 
VII 1. (Gillan's Scott. Pulpit).— [Anderson's 
Sketches, Grant's Edin. Univ.'] 


1844 M.A., D.D. ; trans, from Glamis, and 

adm. 16th Aug. 1844 ; app. Professor 

of Divinity, Edinburgh Univ. ; res. 27th 

June 1860. 


[Formerly Stockbridge Chapel-of-Ease. 
A committee of Kirk-session of St Cuth- 
bert's Parish, of which Stockbridge formed 
a part, reported in 1822 that the popula- 
tion in the northern districts amounted 
to 5120, that there were 4070 of these 
above six years of age, that the total 
number provided with seats in any place 
of worship connected with the Church 
of Scotland, or with other congregations, 
was only 1954; the Session of St Cuth- 
bert's thereupon resolved to build a chapel 
at Stockbridge, to be their property and 
to be under their superintendence. This 
resolution was didy sanctioned by the 
Presbytery and by the General Assembly. 

The erection of the church was at once 
proceeded with, and completed at a cost of 
about £4000. The building was opened on 
16th Nov. 1823; declared a parish quoad 
sacra by Act of Assembly, 31st May 1834, 
named St Bernard's, and erected by the 
Court of Teinds, 19th Nov. 1851.] 

JAMES HENDERSON, min. of the 

1823 -k° w Meeting, Berwick-on-Tweed ; 

elected by the Kirk-session of St 

Cuthbert's, and adm. 27th Nov. 1823 ; trans. 

to Ratho 21st Feb. 1828. 

JAMES MARTIN, M.A.; trans, from 
1828 Glenisla, and adm. 16th May 1828 ; 
trans, to St George's, Edinburgh, 6th 
Oct. 1831. 

1882 ^ rom Stirling, Third Charge; nom- 
inated by the Kirk-session of St 
Cuthbert's 30th Nov. 1831, and adm. 12th 
Jan. 1832; trans, to Duddingston 18th 
May 1841. 

1841 16th Dec. 1841; joined the Free 
Church ; min. of Free St Bernard's, 
where he remained for about twenty years. 
In 1863 he returned to the Church of 
Scotland, and was min. of the East Parish, 

JAMES FRENCH, Professor of Rhetoric 
in the Andersonian College, Glasgow ; 
ord. 14th Sept. 1843 ; trans, to Abbey 

Church, Second Charge, Dunfermline, 2nd 

May 1845. 

JAMES HAY, MA. ; ord. 2nd Oct. 1845 ; 
1845 trans, to Lunan 17th Jan. 1850. 

WILLIAM CiESAR, ord. 12th Sept. 
,__. 1850; trans, to Tranent 15th Jan. 

1850 _ _ 


DAVID BROWN, formerly min. of St 

1852 Mary's, Dumfries ; trans, from Rodney 

Street Church, Liverpool, and adm. 

11th March 1852 ; trans, to Scoonie, 15th 

Nov. 1855. 


1856 Midmar > and adm - llth A P ril 1856 > 
trans, to Hamilton, Second Charge, 

23rd Nov. 1858. 





18 _ BOYD, trans, from Kirkpatrick- 

Irongray, and adm. 14th April 1859 ; 

trans, to St Andrews, First Charge, 14th 

Sept. 1865. 

JOHN M'MURTRIE, born Ayr, 16th 
1866 ^ ec ' 1831, son of John M., bank 
agent, Dean of the Faculty of Pro- 
curators, Ayr, and Agnes Tweedie, daugh. of 
James Nichol, Glasgow; educated at Ayr 
Academy and Edinburgh Univ. ; B.A. 
(1854), MA. (1856) j licen. by Presb. of Ayr 
12th Aug. 1856 ; assistant at New Kilpatrick 
1856; ord. assistant at St George's, Edin- 
burgh, 12th April 1858 ; adm. to Mains and 
Strathmartine 2nd Sept. 1858; trans, and 
adm. 11th Jan. 1866; res. 7th July 1885, 
on appointment as convener of the Church 
of Scotland Foreign Mission Committee, 
which he held till May 1908 ; Moderator of 
the General Assembly 1904; D.D. (Aber- 
deen 1890), F.R.S.E. (1893), Fellow of the 
Botanical Society of Edinburgh, member 
of Conchological Society of Great Britain 
and Ireland; died 2nd April 1912. He 
marr. £0th July 1875, Beatrice Somerville, 
daugh. of Alexander Brodie, Edinburgh, and 
had issue— Elizabeth Somerville, missionary 
at Kikuyu, East Africa, 1912, born 19th 
May 1876 ; Agnes Katherine, born 19th Feb. 
1878 ; John, min. of Skene, born 2nd March 
1879; Beatrice Somerville Brodie, M.A., 
classical mistress, Kentish Town School, 
London, born 16th July 1880; Isabel Mary 
Dorothea, born 12th Dec. 1881 ; Alexander 
Church Brodie, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., born 12th 
May 1883. Publications — Editor of Life 
and Work for nineteen years; papers to 
Journal of Conchology ; etc. 

GEORGE MATHESON, born Glasgow, 
^^ 27th March 1842, eldest son of George 
M., merchant, and Jane, daugh. 
of John Matheson of the Fereneze Print 
Works, Barrhead ; educated at Glasgow 
Academy and Univ.; B.A. (1861), M.A. 
(1862), B.D. (1866); licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow 13th June 1866; assistant at 
Sandyford ; ord. to Innellan 8th April 1868 ; 
declined a call to Crown Court, London ; 
D.D. (Edinburgh 1879), F.R.S.E. ; Baird 
Lecturer 1881 ; trans, and adm. 12th May 

1886; res. 26th July 1899; app. Gifford 
Lecturer in Univ. of Aberdeen for 1900-2, 
but declined; LL.D. (Aberdeen 1902); 
died unmarr. at North Berwick, 28th 
Aug. 1906. He was blind from his 
eighteenth year. Publications — Aids to 
the Study of German Theology (1874) ; The 
Growth of the Spirit of Christianity (1877) ; 
Natural Elements of Revealed Theology 
(Baird Lecture, 1881) ; Confucianism (St 
Giles Lecture, 1882); My Asjiirations 
(1882) ; Moments on the Mount (1884) ; The 
Religious Bearings of the Doctrine of Evolu- 
tion (1884) ; Can the Old Faith Live with 
the New ? (1885) ; The Psalmist and the 
Scientist (1887) ; Landmarks of Neio Testa- 
ment Morality (1888) ; Voices of the Spirit 
(1888); Sacred Songs (1890); Spiritual 
Development of St Paul (1891) (translated 
into Chinese); Distinctive Messages of the 
Old Religions (1892) ; Searchings in the 
Silence (1895) ; Words by the Wayside 
(1896); The Lady Ecclesia (1896); Side- 
lights from Patmos (1897) ; Bible Definition 
of Religion (1898) ; Studies of the Portrait 
of Christ (vol. i., 1899 ; vol. ii., 1900) ; Times 
of Retirement (1901) ; The Sceptre without 
a Stvord (1901) ; The Representative Men of 
the Bible (First Series, 1902 ; Second Series, 
1903) ; The Representative Men of the New 
Testament (1905) ; Leaves for Quiet Hours 
(1904); Rests by the River (1906); The 
Women of the Bible (1907); numerous 
contributions to contemporary literature; 
author of the hymn, " O Love that wilt not 
let me go." — [Life, by D. Macmillan, D.D., 
1907 ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

189*7 -M-*A-> ^.D. > * rans - f rom Longfor- 
macus, and adm. (assistant and 
successor) 22nd Oct. 1897; trans, to Jed- 
burgh 7th Dec. 1899. 

ALEXANDER FIDDES, born 17th Jan. 
1860, son of Edward F., joint- manager 
of North of Scotland Bank, Aber- 
deen ; educated at Aberdeen Univ. ; M.A. 
(1879), B.D. (1882); licen. by Presb. of 
Aberdeen 2nd May 1882; ord. to Cairney 
21st Jan. 1886 ; trans, to St Bernard's 17th 
May 1900. Marr. 10th Feb. 1886, Mary 
Ross, eldest daugh. of Colonel James 





Allardyce of Culquoich, Aberdeenshire, and 
has issue — Edward Scott, born 6th Sept. 
1892; Christian Mary, born 18th March 1895. 


[According to Dr Skene, Historiographer- 
lloyal, the first church erected on the site 
occupied by the present fabric, if it did not 
owe its existence to the personal efforts of 
St Cuthbert himself, was at least erected 
shortly after his decease in the latter part 
of the seventh century. In the early ages 
this was one of the wealthiest parishes 
in Scotland, but in 1128 it was, with 
all its endowments, transferred to the 
Abbey of Holyroodhouse, then founded by 
David I.] 

WILLIAM HARLAW, born at Edin- 
1560 kurgh a ^ ter 1500 ' anc * originally 
bred a tailor in the Canbngate. 
Imbibing the doctrines of the Reforma- 
tion, he took refuge in England, where he 
was ordained a deacon, became one of the 
King's chaplains, and remained some years. 
On the death of Edward VI. he returned 
to Edinburgh in 1553, and engaged in 
preaching in private houses in 1555 ; after- 
wards he did so publicly. He was re- 
primanded for preaching at Dumfries in 
1558, summoned to appear before the 
Lord Justice at Stirling 10th May 1559, 
and denounced a rebel for usurping the 
authority of the Church, "in taking into 
his own hand the ministry thereof," within 
the burgh of Perth and places adjoining. 
Appointed to St Cuthbert's in 1560, he 
was a member of the first General 
Assembly, 20th Dec. An attempt to 
have him removed and another presented 
was made 25th June 1566, by the patron 
(Robert, Commendator of Holyroodhouse), 
but being opposed by the parishioners, 
was ineffectual. Pres. to the vicarage by 
James VI. 6th Feb. 1572; died 1578. 
Though " not verie learnit, yitt his doctrine 
was plaine, sound, and worthie of com- 
mendatioun." His son, Nathaniel, was min. 
of Ormiston.— [Knox's Works, i., ii. ; Scott's 
Reformer*, Booke of the Kirk, Reg. Min. 

and Assig.; Keith's, Spottiswood's, Row's, 
and Calderwood's Ilists., ii. ; Pitcairn's Cr. 
Trials, i. ; Wodrow's Miscell., Biog. i., and 
MS. Biog.; Sime's West Kirk, Treasury 
Accounts. .] 

1578 PONT], born at or near Culross 1524 
(Buchanan, De Scriptoribus Scotis 
lllustribus), son of John P. of Shyresmill, 
and Catherine Murray, said to be a daugh. 
of Murray of Tullibardine (Blackadder MS. 
Memoirs). [The statement of Dr Andrew 
Crichton that the father was a Venetian, 
who, having been banished for his adherence 
to the Protestant faith, arrived in Scotland 
in the train of Mary of Guise, is essentially 
improbable as well as inconsistent with 
well-known facts]; educated at Culross, 
and St Leonard's College, St Andrews; on 
completing his course there, is supposed to 
have studied law at a foreign university. 
Nothing is definitely known of his career 
until 1559, when he settled at St Andrews, 
where he acted as a member of the kirk- 
session . He was present at the first General 
Assembly, 20th Dec. 1560, and was one of 
twenty within the bounds of St Andrews 
declared to be qualified for ministering 
and teaching. He was one of the Com- 
mittee who revised the Second Book of 
Discipline, 1561. In 1562 he was appointed 
preacher at Dunblane, and in Dec. of the 
same year he was removed to Dunkeld. 
The following year he was Commissioner 
of Moray, and minister at Elgin. He was 
Moderator of Assembly in 1570, an office 
to which he was five times afterwards 
elected. In Jan. 1571 he was Provost of 
Trinity College, Edinburgh, and accepted 
a senatorship in the College of Justice, at 
the express wish of the General Assembly, 
on 12th Jan. 1572. Following that, he was 
charged with dereliction of duty in failing 
to visit the churches in Moray, but pled 
lack of leisure in consequence of his judicial 
work. In Nov. 1573 he received a pension 
of 300 merks, on account of having no 
ecclesiastical stipend "quhairon he may 
commodiously leif." In Feb. 1574 he 
resigned the Commissionership of Moray, 
and was admitted collegiate (junior) min. 




of St Cuthbert's. In 1575 he was a 
second time Moderator of Assembly, and 
on 29th Dec. 1578 he was presented by 
James VI. to this charge. On 24th 
April 1581 he was elected a third time 
Moderator of Assembly, and the year 
following appointed to St Andrew's, but 
failing to obtain any stipend there, returned 
to St Cuthbert's April 1583. He was a 
fourth time Moderator of Assembly, 10th 
Oct. of same year. By Act of Parlia- 
ment of 22nd May 1584, ministers were 
declared incapable of being employed as 
judges or in any office other than their own 
vocation. Three days after, he and another 
protested against this and other Acts then 
passed affecting the constitution and power 
of the Church. Deprived accordingly of 
his seat on the bench on the 27th, he took 
flight to England. On his return he was 
put in ward, but soon restored to his 
charge. In 1587, when appointed Bishop of 
Caithness by James VI., he referred the 
matter to the Assembly, who found " that 
corrupt estate or office of them who hes 
been termit bishops heretofore, we find 
not agreeable to the Word of God"; he 
was, however, Commissioner of Orkney 
from 1590 to 1601 inclusive, and was placed 
a fifth time in the Chair of the Assembly, 
24th March 1595, and a sixth time, 27th 
April 1597. When a new translation 
of the Scriptures was proposed in 1601 
he was invited by the Assembly to revise 
the metrical translation of the Psalms. 
"In respect of his great age, long travels 
in the kirk, and continuall sickness, the 
General Assembly, 15th Nov. 1602, allowed 
him to be releivit from the ordinarie 
burden of teaching, vpon condition, he 
substitute ane in his place quhen through 
infirmitie he sail not be able himselfe." 
He was the first to salute King James on 
his elevation to the throne of England, 24th 
March 1603 ; died 8th May 1606. He marr. 
(1) Catherine, daugh. of Adam Masterton 
of Grange, and had issue — Timothy, min. 
of Dunnet, celebrated as the first projector 
of a Survey of Scotland ; Zachary, min. of 
Bower (marr. Margaret, daugh. of John 
Knox); Catherine; Helen (marr. Adam 
Blackadder of Blairhall) : (2) in 1587, Sarah 

Denholm, and had a daugh. Beatrix (marr. 
Charles Lumsden, min. of Duddingston) : (3) 
Margaret Smyth (who still survived 29 th 
Nov. 1627), and had issue — James ; Kobert ; 
Jonathan. " Considering Mr Robert's great 
charges, labours, and travels in the affairs 
of the Kirk, and in visiting and planting 
the kirks of Orkney and Zetland," the 
King, 17th Dec. 1602, "bestowed a gift 
for lyff, and efter his deceis to his three 
(last-mentioned) sons, and failing, one to 
the langest liver for seven years, for 
halding them at the Scholis to mak them 
abill for the ministerie, an yearly pension 
of four last coist (chalders) of victual from 
thirds of the Bishopric of Orkney, begin- 
ning crop 1602." His tombstone became a 
subject of dispute, as appears by the follow- 
ing minute of Privy Council, 4th June 1607: 
— P. "having before his death causit dresse 
ane stone for his buriall quhairon twa or 
three epitaphis written be himself were 
drawn," his widow, Margaret Smyth, dis- 
liking the stone, had contrary to the wish 
of the session, set up another intended to 
stand upright, and not lying on the grave 
as at first arranged. The Privy Council 
having heard both parties, instructed the 
session that the widow was to be allowed 
to take her own way in regard to the 
matter. Publications — Parvus Catechis- 
mus (Andreap, 1573); Wodrow Miscell.; 
Three Sermons against Sacrilege (Edin- 
burgh, 1599) ; A Treatise of the Eight 
Beckoning of Yeares and Ages of the World 
(Edinburgh, 1599); De Unione Britannice 
(Edinburgh, 1604); De Sabbaticorum 
annorum periodis (London, 1619) ; Chrono- 
logia de Sabbatis (London, 1626); Trans- 
lation and Interpretation of the Helvetic 
Confession, 1566; Contributions to Second 
Book of Discipline; Six of the Metrical 
Psalms (Edinburgh, 1565).— {Reg. Assig.; 
Privy Counc., Edin. N.E. Sess., and Peg. 
(Bapt.) ; Booke of the Kirk, Wodrow Biog. 
and Miscell., Melvill's Autob., Sime's West 
Kirk, Brunton's Senators; New Stat. Ace, 
i. ; Pont's Typog. ; Row's, Spottiswood's, 
and Cook's Hists., i. ; Calderwood's Hist., 
M'Crie's Life of John Knox ; Baillie's Lett., 
iii. ; Crichton's Life of Blackadder, Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 




KICHAED DICKSON, M.A. ; licen. to 
1603 P reacn * n the West Kirk (probably 
assistant to preceding) 27th March 
1599; but only adm. helper, with imposi- 
tion of hands, 2nd June 1603 (Pont pro- 
testing that it be not prejudicial to him) ; 
pres. to the vicarage by James VI. 16th 
April 1607. Having administered the Com- 
munion 7th March 1619, in the Presbyterian 
form, when many citizens of Edinburgh, 
leaving their own churches, were partakers, 
he was summoned at the instigation of the 
ministers of Edinburgh before the Court 
of High Commission on the 12th March 
following, was deprived of his charge, and 
imprisoned in Dumbarton Castle. The 
session agreed, 15th April following, to 
present a petition to the Synod, or to the 
Bishop of St Andrews, requesting that he 
might "be permitted to continue the dis- 
charge of his ministry among them as he 
had done before," but he was ordered, 
30th July 1624, to be sent to Ireland ; and 
22nd Sept. thereafter, when again called 
before the Privy Council, a letter having 
been received from the minister and magi- 
strates of Dumbarton, "Testifeing that 
Mr Pi.'s wyffe and nine young bairnes ar 
all lying deadlie seake of the fever; and 
his awne letter vpoun his oathe, that he 
had not expense to bring him to this toun," 
his case was delayed, and in 1625 he was 
appointed to Kinneil. — [Reg. Assig. el 
Sec. Sig., Sime's West Kirk, Livingston's 
Charac.; Row's and Calderwood's Hists., 
vii., viii. ; Orig. Lett. ; Select. Biog., i. ; 
Hill Burton's Scotland.'] 

WILLIAM ARTHUR, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
162Q 12th Aug. 1592) ; adm. min. of Cor- 
storphine 8th June 1599; trans, to 
Collegiate Charge 8th Oct. 1607; was 
Visitor of Clydesdale (along with John 
Spottiswood) ; signed the appeal on behalf 
of the liberties of the Kirk 27th June 1617 ; 
was tried before the Court of High Com- 
mission 12th May 1619 for only partially 
recognising the Five Articles of Perth, but 
acquitted ; in 1621 he was on a leet of four 
from whom a minister for Edinburgh should 
be chosen, but declined ; he refused to sub- 
mit to the Bishop's instructions regarding 

the mode of Communion 5th March 1634 ; 
subscribed the Covenant in 1639; was a 
member of the Commission of Assembly 
1642 ; dem. in 1649, being full of years and 
not able to supply the charge 7th Feb. 1650. 
The heritors and kirk-session voted him a 
retiring allowance of 500 merks per annum, 
but this obligation they did not fulfil. He 
died in 1654, aged about 82 years. He marr. 
9th Feb. 1609, Jane, eldest daugh. of James 
Stewart, portioner, Strathbrock, and had 
issue — Rachel ; William ; Marion and 
Margaret (twins) ; Jean ; Helen ; James ; 
John; Thomas; Elizabeth (marr. Major 
John Somerville, eldest son of Sir James 
S. of Cambusnethan). All issue dead 
before 1684, when the daugh. of John, 
eldest brother of William Arthur, was 
served heir to Elizabeth. — [Uphall Sess. 
and Edin. Reg., Sas. Reg., Sec. Sig., Acts 
of Ass., Sime's West Kirk ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 
6548, 6549, 6777; Laivq Charters, West 
Kirk Records."] 

JAMES REID, son of John R., mer- 
1649 cnant > Dur g ess °f Edinburgh; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 26th July 1623); ord. 
to Collegiate Charge 10th Sept. 1630; 
called 16th Aug. 1649, and adm. soon after. 
He found shelter in Dundee when East and 
Mid Lothian were overrun by the English 
army in 1651 ; coll. 2nd Oct. 1662 ; died 
towards the end of June 1664, aged about 
61. He marr. Agnes, widow of John Byres 
of Coittis, and daugh of Robert Smyth, 
merchant, burgess of Edinburgh, and Agnes 
Purves his wife, and probably sister of Sir 
John Smyth of Grotehill and Cramond, 
Provost of Edinburgh, and had issue — 
Agnes; Margaret; William, bapt. 20th 
Jan. 1632, died June 1664.— [Test., Edin. 
(Bapt. and Bur.), and Canongate Reg. 
(Bur.); Reg. Collat.; Sinclair's Stat. Ace, 
viii. ; Wodrow's Hist., Sime's West Kirk.] 


WILLIAM GORDON, M.A. ; trans. 

from Bourtie; coll. 6th, and adm. 

16th April 1665. A number of people 
alleging he had been chiefly instrumental in 
the removal of his colleague, Williamson, 
mobbed him and closed the church door in 
his face, for which some were imprisoned, 





and a man and woman scourged through 
Edinburgh; trans, to Kintore in 1680. — 
[Reg. Collat., Sime's West Kirk, Wodrow's 
Hist, Nicoll's Diary.] 


1680 kurgh, 15t h J 11 ^ 1650); licen. by 
Presb. of Haddington 13th Sept. 
1654 ; min. of Bolton in 1661 ; adm. min. 
of Canongate 22nd Nov. 1663 ; trans, and 
adm. 1680. Marr. Jean, only daugh. of Sir 
John Johnston of Elphinston. Had an 
only son, George. He died about the time 
of the Revolution. — [Sime's West Kirk ; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689 ; G. R. Inhib., 14th 
July 1666; Deeds, Durie, 17th April 1730; 
Edin. Sas., xix., 368 ; Gen. Reg. Sas., 
xxxiv., 430.] 

in Collegiate Charge ; was de- 
nounced as a rebel 6th July 1674, 
for holding conventicles, and intercommuned 
6th Aug. 1675. After the final Indulgence 
granted to the Church in 1687, he returned 
to Edinburgh, when a meeting-house was 
erected for him in the village known as 
Water of Leith. On 3rd Feb. 1688 he 
was arrested, his name having been dis- 
covered in a memorandum belonging to 
Renwick, who had been captured two days 
previously, but as the entries referred to 
a period covered by his indemnity, he was 
liberated after a fortnight's imprisonment. 
Not long afterwards he was arrested on the 
charge of not praying for the recently born 
Prince of Wales, but nothing followed 
thereon, At the General Assembly sum- 
moned after the Revolution, which met on 
16th Oct. 1690, he was restored to his 
former parish, where he continued to offici- 
ate until the day of his death. He was 
one of the Commissioners sent by the 
Church to congratulate King William on 
his accession to the throne. He was 
a member of Assembly 1692; elected 
Moderator to that of 6th March 1702, and 
died "without painful sickness, generally 
esteemed," 6th Aug. 1706, aged about 72. 
He presented a dwelling-house, 18th Jan. 
1700, to his colleague and his successors in 
office, discharging the feu-duty, £3, regu- 
larly during his lifetime. He marr. (1) 

Isobel Lindsay, who died March 1665, and 
had issue — William, who died young : (2) 
Margaret Scott, and had issue — Margaret 
(marr. James Haswell, merchant, Jed- 
burgh) : (3) about 1676, Jean, daugh. of 
William Kerr of Cherrytrees (the romantic 
episode which probably led to this marriage, 
gave rise to the song formerly well known, 
of "Dainty Davy"), and had issue — 
Elizabeth (marr. 1704, John Brown, min. 
of Abercorn, brother of George Brown of 
Finmount : (4) Margaret Melville, servetrix 
of the Countess of Wemyss, who died Oct. 
1692, probably mother of John, min. of 
Inveresk, Wodrow's correspondent ; Agnes 
(marr. April 1708, Henry Robin, min. of 
Burntisland) : (5) Margaret, second daugh. 
of William Dougall, merchant, Dysart, and 
had issue — David, apprenticed 1713 to a 
surgeon in Edinburgh ; Mary (marr. 1st 
Feb. 1716, George Andrews, merchant, 
Edinburgh) ; William : (6) name unknown : 
(7) 10th May 1700, Jean, daugh. of Arthur 
Straiton of Kirkside, Forfarshire, and had 
issue— Arthur ; Joseph, advocate, one of the 
principal city clerks, and clerk to the Com- 
mission of Teinds, died 29th July 1 795, in 
his 95th year ; Jean (marr. 5th April 1730, 
James Steele, saddler, Edinburgh). Mrs 
Williamson marr. secondly, in 1717, John 
Martine, of Little Aries, Wigtownshire. 
Publications — Two single Sermons (Edin- 
burgh, 1696-1703). The latter called forth 
" Some Remarks " (by Archibald Campbell, 
D.D., of the Non-jurant Church) (1703).— 
[Edin. Reg. {Marr. and Bur.), Kirkton 
and Wodrow's Hist, and Cowesp., Sime's 
West Kirk, Scottish Pasquils ; Acts Pari., 
xi. ; Leven and Melv. Pap., S. Presb. Eloq. ; 
Scot. Mag., lvii. ; Fife Sasines, xv., 376 ; 
Deeds, Durie, 19 Melv. 1707 ; Herald and 
Genealogist, vii., 226 ; Renwick's Life, War- 
rick's Moderators.] 

THOMAS PATERSON, studied theo- 
7 logy at Univ. of Glasgow; ord. to 
Colin ton 21st April 1697; trans, to 
Collegiate Charge 22nd Oct. 1699; called 
8th, trans, and adm. 13th Nov. 1706; died 
22nd May 1726. He marr. (1) 27th Nov. 
1699, Christian, daugh. of David Pitcairn 
of Dreghorn, and had issue— Mary ; Helen 





(marr. 21st April 1729, William Brackenrig, 
If. A. .preacher); Rachel; Christian; David: 
(2) 6th Oct. 1719, Marion Hay, relict of John 
Anderson of Dowanhill, Lord Provost of 
Glasgow. — [Test. Reg., Sime's West Kirk.] 

GEORGE WISHART, M.A. ; called 14th 
July, and ord. 24th Nov. 1726 ; trans. 
to Tron Parish, Edinburgh, 23rd July 

1730. — [Sime's West Kirk, Carlyle's Atitob. ; 

Wodrow's Anal., iii.] 

1782 times called WOTHERSPOON] ; 
educated at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
M.A. (18th May 1725); ord. missionary to 
the miners (principally from Leadhills and 
Wanlockhead, with a few from England 
and Wales), at Sunart, now Strontian, 
by Presb. of Lorn, 22nd May 1729, from 
which he removed the following year. A 
meeting for a call was held 24th Nov. 1730, 
and he was pres. by George II. 1st Jan. 
1731. After much dispute and appeals to 
the Synod and Assembly, his settlement 
was appointed by the Commission 8th 
March 1732. At serving the edict on the 
12th, by James Dawson (afterwards his 
successor), such a tumult arose that the 
City Guard was called out, commanded 
by Captain John Porteous, who afterwards 
met with such a tragic fate. Some of his 
men were so severely handled by the crowd 
that in self-defence they fired upon them, 
when several were severely wounded. 
When tried for his life after the riot of 
April 1736, Porteous, who maintained that 
he had then given no orders to fire, referred 
to what had happened at the West Kirk, 
when counsel for the Crown did not dis- 
pute his assertion that on that occasion the 
shots had been fired without his orders. 
On 30th March Wedderspoon's admission 
was completed (under protection of the 
civil law), to the grief of the other mins., 
by the Presb. and a committee of corre- 
spondents, James Burnett, min. of Lass- 
wade, presiding. It was believed the 
injurious treatment Wedderspoon received 
hastened his death, which took place on the 
12th May succeeding, in his 26th year. He 
had an unblemished character, and with the 
fortitude and resolution which belong to 

VOL. I. 

genuine principle, adhered to what he con- 
sidered right, in defiance of popular clamour. 
Publications — Sermons on Several Subjects 
and Occasions, posthumous (Edinburgh, 
1733). — [Mull Presb. and Argyll Syn. Reg., 
Sime's West Kirk ; Acts of Ass., 1731, 1732 ; 
Wodrow's Anal., Trial of Capt. Porteous.'] 

JAMES DAWSON, son of John D., 
^ min. of Langton ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 
9th Nov. 1722); licen. by Presb. of 
Duns 25th Feb. 1725 ; ord. to Langton 18th 
Aug. 1727; called 28th Dec. 1732; trans, 
and adm. 15th Feb. 1734 ; died 22nd Jan. 
1735, aged about 33. Marr. (pro. 21st May 
1732) Jean, daugh. of John Keir, baker, 
convener of the Trades, Edinburgh. She 
marr. secondly, 14th March 1742, John 
Nisbet, writer. 

THOMAS PITCAIRN, son of David P. 

of Dreghorn and Mary Anderson ; 

educated at Univ. of Glasgow ; licen. 
by Presb. of Biggar 10th Sept. 1719 ; ord. to 
Lauder 29th March 1720 ; pres. by George 
II. 31st May, trans, and adm. 16th Oct. 
1735. Like his colleague, he had the forti- 
tude to pray for His Majesty on the Sunday 
immediately after the battle of Prestonpans, 
when the city was practically in the hands 
of the rebel party. During his incumbency 
a great revival of religion took place in the 
parish. He was a friend of George White- 
field, the West Kirk being one of the first 
places he preached in on the occasion of 
his visit to Scotland in Aug. 1741. He 
died 13th June 1751, having marr. Mary 
(died 8th Feb. 1780), daugh. of Patrick 
Redpath, younger, of Byrecleugh, and had 
issue — James, succeeded his uncle Patrick 
Redpath in Gladswood, Berwickshire ; Jean, 
died 9th Oct. 1807; William, physician, 
London ; a third son, a major in the army, 
was killed early in the American Rebellion ; 
and a daughter, Elizabeth, died unmarr. 
28th June 1809.— [Sime's West Kirk, Car- 
lyle's Autob., Hist, of the RebelL] 

JOHN HYNDMAN, D.D. ; trans, from 
Colinton ; pres. by George II. 30th 
Oct. 1751; adm. 20th Feb. 1752; 
trans, to Lady Yester's Church, Edin- 
burgh, 26th Oct. 1761. — [Sime's West 
Kirk, Peterkin's Annals of the Church.] 





1762 Presb. of Edinburgh 24th Oct. 1753 ; 
ord. to South Leith, Second Charge, 
10th July 1755 ; pres. by George III. 3rd 
Dec. 1761 ; trans, and adm. 10th June 
1762; died 5th April 1775, in his 45th 
year. During his incumbency the church, 
which was erected about 1548 after Somer- 
set's invasion, was declared unsafe and 
taken down. He marr. (1) 7th July 1756, 
Margaret Heriot, who died 2nd Aug. 1764, 
and had issue — Isabel, born 4th Nov. 1757 ; 
John, born 4th May 1760; George, born 
7th June 1763, died 3rd March 1764 ; Mar- 
garet, born 26th July 1764 : (2) 29th April 
1767, Jean (died 15th Oct. 1792), daugh. of 
William Herries of Hartwood, merchant, 
Leith. — [Sime's West Kirk, Laing Charters.] 

1775 WOOD, eighth Baronet of Tullibole, 
born 6th Feb. 1750; eldest son of 
Sir William Moncreiff, Bart., min. of Black- 
ford; educated at Univs. of Glasgow and 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Auchter- 
arder 8th May 1771 ; ord. to Blackford 
15th Aug. 1771 ; pres. by George III. 24th 
May, trans, and adm. 26th Oct. 1775; was 
nom. Moderator of Assembly 25th May 
1780, in opposition to Henry Spens, D.D., 
Professor of Divinity, St Andrews, but 
defeated by a majority of 112 to 106; 
joint-collector of the Ministers' Widows' 
Fund 17th Feb. 1784; Moderator of 
Assembly 19th May 1785 ; D.D. (Glasgow, 
June 1785); app. one of the chaplains 
to George, Prince of Wales, 1785, but 
declined to accept ; Chaplain in Ordinary 
to His Majesty, 1793. He died 9th Aug. 
1827. In the affairs of the Society for Pro- 
pagating Christian Knowledge he took a 
sympathetic interest,and constantly devoted 
his best efforts to promote its efficiency ; he 
was also one of the original members who, 
in 1790, formed the Society for Benefiting 
the Sons of the Clergy. He marr. 16th 
Nov. 1772, his cousin Susan (died 24th 
July 1826), eldest daugh. of James Robert- 
son Barclay of Cavell, W.S., and had issue 
— Isabella, born 31st March 1774 (marr. 1st 
Aug. 1803, Sir John Stoddart, Chief Justice 
in Admiralty Court, Malta), died 1846 ; 

William, King's Advocate in the Admiralty 
Court, Malta, born 20th July 1775, died 5th 
Sept. 1813 ; James, who succeeded to the 
Baronetcy, Senator of the College of 
Justice, born 13th Sept. 1776, died 4th 
April 1851 ; Henry, W.S., born 25th Feb. 
1778, died 16th April 1817; Catherine, 
born 17th Jan. 1780, died unmarr. ; George, 
born 19th Nov. 1782, died 15th March 
1822; Archibald, born 20th May 1786. 
Publications — Seven single Sermons (Edin- 
burgh, 1777-1812); Sketch of a Plan for 
Augmenting the Livings of the Ministers 
of the Church of Scotland (Edinburgh, 
1788) ; A Letter to the Contributors to the 
Fund for Ministers' Widows (Edinburgh, 
1797) ; Memorial to the Trustees for 
Managing the Ministers' Widows' Fund 
(Edinburgh, 1800); Remarks on Principal 
Hill's Speech in the General Assembly 
(Edinburgh, 1807) ; Discourses on the 
Evidence of the Jewish and Christian 
Revelation (Edinburgh, 1815); Account of 
the Life and Writings of John Erskine, 
D.D. (Edinburgh, 1818); Sermons (Edin- 
burgh, 1805-31, 4 vols.); prepared for the 
Press Discourses by John Erskine, D.D., 
vol. ii. (Edinburgh, 1804); edited Dr 
Henry's History of Great Britain, vol. vi., 
and prefixed a Life of the Author (London, 
1793) ; contributed Account of the Family 
of Moncreiff Wellwood (Playfair's British 
Baronetage, iii., London, 1811) ; also Life 
of Alexander Murray, D.D., to History of 
the European Languages (Edinburgh, 1823). 
— [Sime's West Kirk; Playfair's Bar., iii. ; 
Thomson's and Dickson's Fun. Serms., 
Anderson's Edin. Clergy ; Edin. Chr. Inst., 
N.S., i. ; Kay's Portr., Cockburn's Mem. ; 
Life of Jeffrey, i. ; Haldane's Mem. ; Peters 
Letters to his Kinsfolk, iii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN PAUL, born 12th March 1795, 
1828 son °^ William P., min. of St 
Cuthbert's, and nephew of preced- 
ing ; educated at High School and Univ. 
of Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 7th Aug. 1816 ; ord. to Straiton 1st 
May 1817; trans, to Maybole 4th Sept. 
1823; pres. by George IV. 25th Oct. 
1827, trans, and adm. 17th April 1828; 
D.D. (Edinburgh, April 1847) ; Moderator 





of the General Assembly 20th May 1847 j 
died 18th May 1873. He marr. 9th Dec. 
1830, Margaret (died 27th Jan. 1860), 
daugh. of James Balfour, W.S., of Pilrig, 
and had issue — William, min. of White- 
kirk ; James Balfour, born 16th Nov. 
1846, advocate 1870, Lord Lyon King-of- 
Arms 1890, knighted 1900, LL.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1908), C.V.O. 1911. Publications- 
Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1834-42) ; 
Civil Establishments of Religion (Edin- 
burgh, 1835) ; Memoir of Archibald Bennie, 
D.D. (Edinburgh, 1847).— [Sime's West 
Kirk, Anderson's Edin. Clergy.'] 
JAMES MACGKEGOK, born Brownhill, 
Scone, 11th July 1832, eldest son of 
James MacG. and Margaret Mac- 
Dougall ; educated at Scone Parish School, 
Perth Academy, and Univ. of St Andrews ; 
licen. by Presb. of Perth 18th May 1855; 
assistant at Newton-on-Ayr ; ord. to High 
Parish, Paisley, 8th Nov. 1855; trans, to 
Monimail 7th Aug. 1862; trans, to Tron, 
Glasgow, 10th March 1864 ; trans, to Tron, 
Edinburgh, 9th Jan. 1868 ; trans, and adm. 
30th Oct. 1873; chaplain to the Koyal 
Scottish Academy and to the Midlothian 
Volunteer Artillery 1877; Chaplain in 
Ordinary to Queen Victoria ; Chaplain in 
Ordinary to King Edward VII. ; Moderator 
of the General Assembly 1891 ; died 25th 
Nov. 1910. Marr. (1) 23rd Aug. 1864, 
Helen King (died 23rd Jan. 1875), daugh. 
of David Robertson, publisher, Glasgow, 
and had issue — Frances Robertson, born 
1st Jan. 1866, died 17th March 1875; 
Margaret Grace, born 17th Dec. 1866, died 
9th Feb. 1871 : (2) 6th Sept. 1892, Helen, 
daugh. of Charles Murray, Perth. For 
many years Dr MacGregor enjoyed the 
reputation of being one of the most elo- 
quent preachers in the Church of Scotland. 
— [See Life and Letters, by Lady Frances 
Balfour (London, 1912).] 
STEWART DUNCAN, born 23rd 
April 1870, son of Thomas D., D.D., 
min. of Bridge of Weir ; educated at High 
School and Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1890), 
B.D. (1895), and at Jena ; licen. by Presb. 
of Paisley 1st May 1895 ; " Black " Fellow 
and assistant Prof, of Divinity at Glasgow 


Univ. ; ord. to Glendevon 21st July 1897 ; 
trans, to Glencairn 25th Jan. 1900; trans, 
to Inveresk 16th May 1907; trans, and 
adm. 12th May 1910; res. 21st Jan. 
1914, on election to St Andrew's (Church 
of Scotland), Montreal. He marr. 10th 
Oct. 1914, Catherine Louise, only daugh. of 
Robert Hunt White, Prestonpans. Publica- 
tions — The Essenes ; Modem Theories of 
the Resurrection ; Echoes and a Vision. 

1914 * rans - from Morningside (q.v.), and 
adm. 6th May 1914. 

Collegiate Charge. 
[At the outset there was a considerable 
difference between the emoluments of the 
two ministers, in 1574 that of the one 
amounting to £100, together with the 
"kirk land" of the church, while that of 
the other was only £67, 18s. 8d. ; but in 
1706, on the occasion of the promotion of 
Thomas Paterson to the First Charge, con- 
sequent on the death of David Williamson, 
the opportunity was taken of making an 
arrangement whereby the stipends of the 
two ministers were equalised. This change, 
which was ratified by the Presbytery 12th 
November 1706, was no doubt suggested 
by the deceased minister, who in order to 
equalise matters had purchased a house 
recently erected, adjacent to the existing 
manse, and presented it to the kirk- 
session for behoof of his colleague and his 
successors in office. The upkeep of this 
second manse was declined by the heritors, 
and eventually the house was sold. The 
absence of a manse or manse fund for 
the minister occupying the Second Charge 
was long the only difference existing 
between the respective charges.] 

ROBERT PONT, trans, from Elgin, and 
lgl74 adm. 1574 ; Commissioner of Moray ; 
trans, to Collegiate Charge in 1578. 
— [Reg. Assig., Wodrow's Miscell., Sime's 
West Kirk ; M'Crie's Knox, ii. ; Calder- 
wood's Hist.] 

NICOL DALGLEISH, brother to 
1M1 Thomas D., burgess of Inverness, 
formerly regent in St Leonard's Col- 
lege, St Andrews; mentioned as min. in 
1581. At Whitsunday 1586 he was chap- 




lain to the Earl of Angus, and continued 
till the Earl's death in Aug. 1588. He 
got license to transport himself to some 
other parish, as " he could not continue for 
lack of provisioun, 12th July 1586, and had 
ane testimoniall from the haill parochin " ; 
was settled at Pittenweem in 1589. — [Booke 
of the Kirk; Spottiswood's, Row's, and 
Calderwood's Hists., iii , vi. ; Pitcairn's 
Cr. Trials, i. ; Sime's West Kirk, MelvilPs 
Autob. ; Edin. Com. Bee, 27th Feb. 1588.] 

[Dr Hew Scott incorrectly enters James 
Daes (minister of Earlston in 1586) as succes- 
sor to Nicol Dalgleish. Dalgleish made his 
last appearance at a meeting of kirk -session 
in the middle of Oct. 1586, but that he was 
expected to leave at an earlier date appears 
from the fact, that on the 2nd July preced- 
ing, the kirk-session agreed to grant him 
a testimonial ; while Aird, his successor, 
is found presiding at a meeting of kirk- 
session on the 3rd Sept. The two incum- 
bencies therefore overlapped, while the 
name of Daes is not even mentioned.] 

WILLIAM AIRD. He was a mason till 
.___ his twentieth year ; was taught to 
read English by his wife, and after- 
wards acquired a knowledge of Latin, Greek, 
and Hebrew. After having attended the 
divinity classes for several years, he was 
called to the ministry (1584), but shortly 
thereafter fled with others of his brethren to 
England. He was adm. to this charge 13th 
Sept. 1586. He pronounced the sentence 
of excommunication passed by certain 
ministers who met at Edinburgh, against 
Francis, Earl of Bothwell, 18th Feb. 1585; 
was on the leet for the ministry of Edin- 
burgh with fourteen others, 2nd June 1596, 
out of whom four were to be chosen ; and in 
1 598 was proposed by Robert Bruce along 
with others as suitable to be his colleague. 
At the Assembly of same year he was 
one of those who maintained that ministers 
should have no vote in Parliament ; he was 
also a member of the Assembly of 1602. 
His last appearance in the kirk-session 
was on 19th July 1606. According to 
report, being at one time straitened in 
circumstances, James VI., previous to a 
meeting of the Assembly at which he 

intended to prepare the way for Episco- 
pacy, forwarded to him a purse of gold, 
which he refused to accept, though then 
in the utmost privation, considering it as 
designed for a bribe. Next morning his 
fidelity Avas rewarded by the generosity of 
a person unknown, who left several bags 
of meal for the support of his family. His 
son John was his assistant for a time, and 
subsequently settled at Newton. — [Edin. 
Counc., x. ; Test. Reg., Sime's West Kirk 
Assig., Booke of the Kirk, Melvill's Autob., 
Calderwood's Hist., Livingston's Charac. ; 
Select Biog., i. ; Craufurd's Univ.] 

leQtJ M.A. ; trans, from Corstorphine ; 
called 20th Sept., and adm. 8th 
Oct. 1607 ; trans, to Collegiate Charge in 
1626. — [Beg. Assig.; Beg. Sec. Sig., xcix. ; 
Orig. Lett. ; Calderwood's Hist., vi., viii. ; 
Sime's West Kirk ; Bannatyne Miscell., iii.] 

JAMES REID, M.A. ; pres. by Charles 

1630 "^ 10t k March, and adm. 10th Sept. 

1630; trans, to Collegiate Charge in 

1649.— [Reg. Sec. Sig., cii. ; Sime's West 

Kirk ; Balfour's Hist. Works, iii.] 

PETER BLAIR, M.A.; called 10th March, 

1653 anc * a( ^ m - 22n d June 1653; trans, to 

Jedburgh in 1661. — [Inq. Ret. Gen., 

3875 ; Sime's West Kirk ; Wodrow's Hist., i.] 


1661 Sept " 1636 ' son of William w > 
glover in St Andrews; graduated 

M.A. at the Univ. of St Andrews in 
1655 ; was recommended by the Masters of 
the New College 24th March, and licen. 
by the Presb. thereof, 23rd June 1658; 
became helper to Alexander Balfour, min. 
of Abdie, in 1659; pres. by Charles II. 
13th July, and ord. 30th Nov. 1661. 
Deprived by the Act of Parliament 11th 
June, and that of the Privy Council 1st 
Oct. 1662, for not conforming to Episco- 
pacy, but continued to 13th April 1665, 
having refused a call to Glasgow in June 
preceding. When preaching his farewell 
sermon, he declared, " I will return and die 
minister of this kirk," which he did (see 
page 96). — [Edin. Counc. and Min. Book 
Reg.; Priv. Seal, Sime's West Kirk, 




Nicoll's Diary, Wodrow's Anal., Wilson's 
Pr. Perth.] 

WILLIAM KEITH, son of Gilbert K. 

of Lentush, min. of Bourtie; M.A. 

(Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1643) ; 
adm. to Kinnellar before 13th Feb. 1649 j 
trans, to Montkeggie (Keithhall) 10th Oct. 
1650 ; trans, to Udny Oct. 1653 ; dem. 8th 
June 1663 ; became Professor of Divinity in 
Univ. of Edinburgh in conjunction ; coll. 
7th, and adm. 15th March 1666; had D.D. 
conferred ; died Nov. 1675. He marr. (cont. 
9th Jan. 1652) Christian, second daugh. of 
Sir George Johnston of that ilk, and had a 
son, Robert of Lentush, regent in Marischal 
College, Aberdeen. His brother George 
succeeded to his estate. — [Reg. Collat., Test. 
Reg.; Playfair's Bar., iii. ; Grant's Univ., 
ii. ; Middleton's Appendix ; Reg. Deeds, 
M'Kenzie, 13th Nov. 1671.] 

CHARLES KAY, M.A.; adm. in 1677 ; 
16 «_ trans, to South Leith, Second Charge, 
in 1681. — [Stow Sess. Reg., Sime's 
West Kirk.] 

1682 a( ^ m - m 1 ^ 82 J trans, to Larbert and 
Dunipace in 1686. — [Sime's West 

DAVID GUILD, M.A. (King's College, 
1687 Aberdeen, 1678); adm. in 1687; 
deprived by the Privy Council, 16th 
Aug. 1689, " as being imposed on the paroch 
by the Bishop, and for acting as a spy 
and otherwise intelligencer to the Castle of 
Edinburgh, then besieged, and also having 
acknowledged that he married persons and 
baptized children in the West Kirk since 
the order of Council discharging him to 
preach in that place." — [Sime's West Kirk, 
Peterkin's Constitution of the Church ; MS. 
Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

JOHN ANDERSON, M.A. ; trans, from 
1691 Earlston, adm. in 1691 ; trans, to St 
Andrews 16th May 1699.— [Sime's 
West Kirk ; Acts of Ass., 1699.] 

THOMAS PATERSON, trans, from 

1699 Colinton ; called nem. con. from a 

leet comprising Thomas Thomson, 

min. of Ednam, father of the poet, and 

John Tait, preacher, afterwards of Kil- 
bucho, and adm. 22nd Oct. 1699 ; trans, to 
the Collegiate Charge 13th Nov. 1706.— 
[Sime's West Kirk.] 

NEIL M'VICAR, chaplain at Fort 
1707 William; called 13th Dec. 1706; 
adm. 1st May 1707. He refused to 
take the Oath of Abjuration in 1712 ; 
was Almoner to His Majesty in 1729 ; pres. 
by Sir James Campbell of Auchinbreck to 
N. Knapdale in 1746, but declined; died 
29th Jan. 1747, in his 75th year. Being the 
only minister in Edinburgh who under- 
stood Gaelic, he was recommended by 
the Assembly " to take particular charge of 
the Highlanders in and about the city who 
do not understand English," and in this 
way did a great deal for their improvement 
and welfare. Opposing the law of Patron- 
age in sympathy with the popular feeling 
of the time, the settlement of his several 
colleagues was rendered no easy task ; and 
to one of them indeed he never gave the 
smallest countenance or encouragement. 
During the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 
1745 he strenously supported the consti- 
tuted authority. After Prince Charles 
Edward had obtained a victory at Preston- 
pans and entered Edinburgh triumphantly, 
M 'Vicar preached to a promiscuous and 
hostile audience, praying earnestly for the 
reigning monarch as usual, and then refer- 
ring to the intruding Prince, petitioned the 
Almighty thus — "In regard to the young 
man who has recently come among us in 
search of an earthly crown, may he soon 
obtain what is far better, a heavenly one." 
He marr. (1) July 1705, Lillias, daugh. of 
Alex. Dunbar, W.S., who died 12th Dec. 
1732, in 47th year, and had issue— Hugh, 
min. of Dalziel; Alexander, merchant, 
Edinburgh; Jean (marr. David Black, 
min. of Perth) ; Marion ; Patrick, W.S. 
apprentice, 1729 ; Catherine ; Ann; Rachel ; 
Archibald; Mary: (2) in 1737, Bridget 
Balfour, sister of James Balfour of Pilrig, 
who died 23rd Nov. 1764.— \Edin. Reg. 
(Marr.), Sime's West Kirk ; Acts of Ass., 
1710; Black's Sermons, Brown's Gosp. 
Truth, Hist, of the Rebellion.] 




GEORGE KAY, M.A. ; trans, from 

1747 Dysart, Second Charge; called 9th 

July, and adm. 3rd Sept. 1747 ; 

trans, to New Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 26th 

Oct. 1752.-[Sime's West Kirk.] 


JAMES MACKIE, licen. by Presb. of 
Dalkeith 4th Aug. 1719; ord. to 
Forteviot 24th March 1720; trans, 
to St Ninians 5th June 1734; pres. by 
George II. 13th April, trans, and adm. 
30th Aug. 1753; died 13th June 1765, in 
his 80th year. Marr. 3rd Nov. 1726, 
Catherine Laing, a widow, who died 30th 
Dec. 1770, and had issue — Alexander, min. 
of Arbroath ; Emilia ; Catherine (marr. 
Andrew Gray, min. of Abernethy); Jean 
(marr. 1st March 1756, Patrick Meik, min. 
of Kinnoul). Publications — A True and 
Impartial Account of the Blowing Up of the 
Church of St Ninians, 1746 ; Answer to Mr 
Hamilton's Testimony. — [Sime's West Kirk ; 
Morren's Ann., i.] 

JOHN GIBSON, son of Archibald G., 
176g min. of St Ninians ; licen. by Presb. 
of Dunblane 18th Sept. 1750; ord. 
to St Ninians 9th May 1754; pres. by 
George III. 31st July, trans, and adm. 
31st Oct. 1765. He was appointed chap- 
lain of Stirling Castle, April 1766. A new 
church to seat fully 2500, which had been 
erected by the heritors at a cost of £4000, 
was opened by him, 31st July 1775. He 
died 30th July 1785. He marr. (1) 20th 
March 1755, Mary Tait, who died 20th 
Dec. 1756 : (2) 10th Aug. 1759, Mary (died 
4th Feb. 1821), youngest daugh. of James 
Nimmo, cashier of Excise, and had issue 
—Archibald, W.S., born 8th Aug. 1760, 
died 9th April 1845; Mary, born 18th May 
1762, died 6th March 1838 (marr. 20th 
March 1781, John Dickson of Coulter, ad- 
vocate) ; Margaret, born 29th Sept. 1763 ; 
Catherine, born 20th May 1765 (marr. 
Lieut. Lockhart of 30th Foot); Elizabeth, 
born 14th Dec. 1766 (marr. John Lockhart, 
D.D., min. of Blackfriars, Glasgow, father 
of John Gibson Lockhart). Publications 
— Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1762-8). 
—[Sime's West Kirk ; Douglas's Peer., ii. ; 
Erskine's Serm., ii.] 

WILLIAM PAUL, born Glasgow, 10th 
June 1754, son of Robert P. and Agnes 
1786 Anderson; M.A. (Glasgow 1773) 
tutor in the family of David, Earl of Leven 
licen. by Presb. of Cupar 2nd Sept. 1777 
ord. to Newbattle 24th Sept. 1779 ; pres. by 
George III. 29th Oct. 1785 ; trans, and adm. 
23rd March 1786; one of His Majesty's 
Chaplains in Ordinary 1793 ; died 27th Oct. 
1802. He marr. 7th April 1783, Susan (died 
21st Nov. 1828), only daugh. of Sir William 
Moncreiff, Bart., min. of Blackford, and had 
issue — Katharine, born 2nd Aug. 1784, died 
in infancy; Susan, born 29th April 1785 
(marr. 30th March 1814, Robert Tennant, 
jun., merchant, Glasgow), died 1836 ; 
William, accountant, Edinburgh, born 10th 
June 1786, died 1848 ; Robert, manager of 
the Commercial Bank, born 15th May 
1788, died 16th July 1866; Agnes, born 
9th Jan. 1790; Henry, accountant, Glasgow, 
born 11th Oct. 1791, died 1860 ; Archibald, 
born 23rd Nov. 1792, died 29th Sept. 1813 ; 
John, min. of St Cuthbert's ; Catherine 
Isabella, born 13th March 1797, died 18th 
Sept. 1884. Publication — The Influence of 
the Christian Character upon the Propaga- 
tion of Christianity, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1797).— [Sime's West Kirk; Bonar's Serm., 
ii. ; Playf air's Bar., iii. ; Kay's Portr., 

DAVID DICKSON, born 23rd Nov. 
1808 l" 780 ' e ldest son of David D., min. 
of Libberton, afterwards of New 
North Parish, Edinburgh ; educated at 
Bothkennar School and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 3rd 
Dec. 1801 ; ord. to High Kirk Parish, 
Kilmarnock, 10th March 1802; pres. by 
George III. 29th Dec. 1802; trans, and 
adm. 16th May 1803; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
24th June 1824); died 28th July 1842. 
[See monument at St Cuthbert's, which 
shows an accurate likeness of him in his 
later years.] He was for many years 
secretary of the Scottish Missionary 
Society, and an indefatigable advocate 
of all benevolent and missionary work. 
He marr. 24th Aug. 1808, Janet (died 31st 
Oct. 1878, aged 95), daugh. of James 
Jobson, Dundee, and had issue — David, 




born 18th June 1810 ; James Jobson, 
accountant, Edinburgh, born 24th Nov. 
1811, died 2nd Dec. 1891 ; John Wardrobe, 
born 26th June 1813, died 7th Jan. 1818 ; 
Elizabeth Crawford, born 12th Dec. 1815 
(marr. 13th June 1837, John George Pack, 
M.D., Bathgate) ; Charles, advocate, born 
5th Aug. 1817, died 27th May 1857; 
Christian, born 26th March 1819, died 
25th April 1820; Jane, born 5th July 
1820, died 9th Dec. 1912 ; Christian Helen, 
born 3rd March 1822, died 24th Feb. 
1902 ; Margaret Ann, born 22nd May 1825, 
died 23rd May 1826. Publications— Five 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1806-31); The 
Influence of Learning on Religion (Edin- 
burgh, 1814); Sermons (Edinburgh, 1818); 
Discourses Doctrinal and Practical (1857) ; 
edited Memoir of Miss Fanny Woodbury 
(Edinburgh, 1826); Sermons by the Rev. 
W. F. Ireland, D.D. (Edinburgh, 1829); 
Lectures and Sermons by the Rev. George 
B. Brand (Edinburgh, 1841); Articles in 
the Edinburgh Encyloposdia, Christian 
Instructor, and other periodicals. — [Sime's 
West Kirk, Anderson's Edin. Clergy, 
Modern Athenians (portrait), Tombst., 
Kay's Portr., Diet. Nat. Biog,] 

JAMES VEITCH, born Inchbonny, Jed- 
1843 burgh, 27th April 1808, son of John 
V., millwright, an eminent self- 
taught astronomer and geologist ; educated 
at Univ. of Edinburgh ; ord. to Galashiels 
6th Aug. 1834 ; trans, to Newbattle 2nd 
Oct. 1840; trans, and adm. 6th March 
1843 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 1854). For several 
years convener of the India Mission. In 
1877 he fell into bad health, and applied 
for the appointment of an assistant and 
successor. Died unmarr., 11th April 1879, 
leaving a large sum of money for the 
erection and endowment of a district 
church in the parish. He was an earnest 
and polished preacher, and had the reputa- 
tion of being deeply read in theological 
literature. He was uncompromising in his 
hostility towards all forms of innovation 
in public worship. Publications — Reasons 
against Affiliating our Christian Missions 
to the Secular System of Government 
Education in India (Edinburgh, 1857) ; 


The Efficacy of Prayer (Edinburgh, 1865). 
— [Border Almanac, Hall's Galashiels, The 

JAMES BARCLAY, born Paisley, 19th 
June 1844, third son of James B. ; 
educated at Paisley Grammar School, 
Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, and 
Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1865) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Paisley 1870; ord. to St 
Michael's, Dumfries, 26th Jan. 1871 ; trans, 
to Canonbie 10th July 1874 ; trans, to Lin- 
lithgow Nov. 1876 ; trans, and adm. (assist- 
ant and successor) 16th May 1878 ; res. 18th 
May 1883, on appointment to St Paul's, 
Montreal; D.D. (Glasgow 1892); LL.D. 
(M'Gill Univ., Montreal, 1907); res. 1909. 
He marr. 18th June 1873, Marion, daugh. 
of Alexander Simpson, solicitor, Dumfries, 
and has issue — James, M.D., born 8th July 
1874, died Feb. 1913 ; Alexander, engineer, 
born Nov. 1875 ; Hugh Brown, died in child- 
hood ; Charles Norman, born Sept. 1877 ; 
Malcolm Drummond, C.E., born May 1880 ; 
Marion Rutherford, born 25th Dec. 1881 
(marr. 1905, Robert Dale); MacGregor, 
born Jan. 1885. 

SON, trans, from North Leith, and 
1884 adm. 6th Sept. 1883; trans, to St 
Giles 19th Jan. 1910. 

1911 Dundee, 6th May 1866, son of 
Thomas W. and Amelia Swan ; 
educated at George Watson's College and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (1888) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 1892 ; assistant at 
St Andrew's Scots Church, Buenos Aires, 
1892-4 ; ord. to Lesmahagow 6th June 1895 ; 
trans, to St Mary's, Dundee, 29th June 
1905 ; trans, and adm. 12th May 1911 ; died 
1st Aug. 1914. He marr. 6th May 1901, 
Margarita, daugh. of James MacCulloch, 
Estanciero, Uruguay,and Agnes M'Clelland, 
and has issue— Agnes Ruby Lyall, born 3rd 
Sept. 1902 ; Thomas Leslie Lyall, born 17th 
Nov. 1907. 

BONNINGTON (Chapel-of-Ease). 

[Opened 14th Oct. 1900, as a Chapel-of- 
Ease under St Cuthbert's.] 




lgoo MA.; app. 14th Oct. 1900; res. 
22nd Nov. 1907, on election as min. 
of Knoxland, Dumbarton. 


min. of Holy town (1890-1905) ; app. 
1908; res. 1911. 

[Ordained assistants at St Cuthbert's 
Church have carried on the Mission at 
Bonnington since 1911.] 


[Opened 24th May 1912, as a memorial of 
Archibald Hamilton Charteris, D.D., LL.D., 
Professor of Biblical Criticism, Univ. of 
Edinburgh, 1868-1898; founder of the 
Guilds of the Church of Scotland, and 
Moderator of Assembly 1892.] 

WILLIAM COWAN, born Edinburgh, 
25th Oct. 1857, son of James C, 
Selkirkshire; educated at Heriot- 
Watt School, and Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh May 1888 ; 
assistant at Tolbooth Parish, Edinburgh ; 
ord. by Presb. of Edinburgh Feb. 1891, for 
service in Egypt at St Andrew's Church, 
and as consular chaplain, Alexandria ; 
began Scottish congregation in Cairo ; 
returned to Scotland; was, 1903-5, senior 
assistant at St Giles ; app. to St Ninian's 
Mission 1905, having oversight of the 
Institute of Missionary Training, and adm 
min. of the Charteris Memorial Church 24th 
May 1912. He marr. 26th Sept. 1893, 
Margaret, daugh. of Peter Black, Bey, 
Egyptian Government Service. 


[Formerly Gardner's Crescent Chapel 
under St Cuthbert's ; opened 29th May 
1831. Declared a parish quoad sacra by 
the General Assembly, 30th May 1836, and 
named St David's. Erected by the Court 
of Teinds, 6th July 1874. A new church 
was built in 1912, and the parish extended 
31st May 1912.] 

lg37 TANNOCH, nominated by the Kirk- 
session of St Cuthbert's, and ord. 
9th Feb. 1837; trans, to Kinross 27th 
Sept. 1842. 

ROBERT FERGUSON, born Morton, 

1848 15tl1 ^ ept ' 18 ° 2 ' SOn ° f William F-> 

farmer, and Mary Johnstone ; edu- 
cated at Edinburgh Univ.; MA. (12th 
April 1828); ord. to Fenwick 25th Aug. 
1836; trans, and adm. 16th May 1843. 
Joined the Free Church; min. of Free St 
David's, Edinburgh, 1843 ; died at Grace- 
field, Keir, Dumfriesshire, 18th Dec. 1866. 
He marr. (1) 10th Oct. 1836, Agnes (died 
30th Nov. 1853), daugh. of Robert Lidgate 
of Maines, Berwickshire, and had issue — 
William, born 3rd Jan. 1842 ; Agnes Mar- 
garet, born 2nd June 1844; Robert, born 
7th June 1849 : (2) 3rd April 1856, Eliza- 
beth Black, who died 22nd Sept. 1888. 
Publication — The New Creature, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1844). 

1844 k° rn Aberdeen, 2nd Aug. 1799, son 
of William P. and Margaret Gordon ; 
educated at King's College 1828-32; assist- 
ant to Dr Kidd, Aberdeen ; licen. by Presb. 
of Aberdeen ; ord. to Scots Church, Alnwick, 
Northumberland; adm. 26th Dec. 1844; 
died 23rd March 1869. He marr. Jane 
(died 3rd July 1882), daugh. of Joseph 
Hartridge, wood-bailiff to Duke of North- 
umberland, and had issue — Mary Nicolson, 
teacher, born 1845, died 20th Dec. 1903; 
George, marine engineer, born 1846 ; Joseph, 
died aged 60; Thomas Millons, manager, 
Norwich Union, Edinburgh, born 25th 
March 1851, died 24th April 1913 ; Susan, 
born 1854 ; Maggie Jane, born 1856. 


1869 at Dalton, was app. to take 

charge of the parish as the mission 

district of the Edinburgh Univ. Mission 

Association, 1869 ; he died in Feb. 1871.] 


1871 ord ' first mm " of tlie P arisn 2n d 
Nov. 1871 ; trans, to Monimail 23rd 
Sept. 1875 ; [became Professor of Hebrew 
in Edinburgh Univ.]. 




18*76 ^een, 5 ^ J an - 1834, son of William 
W. and Annie Hendry ; educated at 
Grammar School, Aberdeen, and Edin- 
burgh Univ.; MA. (Marischal College 
1853) ; licen. by Presb. of Burntisland ; 
assistant at Kinghorn, Dysart, Kilrenny, 
Edinburgh (Tol booth and New Grey friars) ; 
ord. to Laigh Kirk, Kilmarnock, 9th Aug. 
1866 ; trans, and adm. 1st June 1876 ; died 
30th May 1896. He marr. 3rd June 1869, 
Margaret Husband (died 16th Oct. 1914), 
daugh. of William Dawson MacRitchie, 
surgeon H.E.I.C.S., who afterwards marr. 
William Findlay, ord. assistant at Saline, 
Inchture, 6th Aug. 1861, son of John 
B. and Helen Murray; educated at 
St Andrews Univ. ; MA. (1884) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Dundee 1887 ; assistant at Abdie 
and Edinburgh (St David's) ; ord. 23rd Dec. 
1896. Marr. 27th July 1897, Euphemia 
Grace, daugh. of David Galloway, merchant, 
Edinburgh, and has issue — Marion Gallo- 
way, born 1898 ; John Murray, born 1899 ; 
William Galloway, born 1901 ; Robert 
James, born 1902 ; David James, born 1904 ; 
Helen Grace, born 1905 ; Charles Ritchie, 
born 1908. 


[Founded 14th May 1811, erected by 
Presb. 26 th Jan., and opened 5th June 
1814. The church, built from a design by 
Robert Reid, cost £33,194.] 

1814 k° rn Hth July 1778, son of John 
T., min. of Sanquhar, afterwards of 
Edinburgh ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; schoolmaster of Markinch ; licen. 
by Presb. of Kelso 7th Oct. 1800 ; ord. to 
Sprouston 11th March 1802 ; trans, to 
East Parish, Perth, 31st March 1808; 
trans, to New Greyfriars 16th May 1810; 
MA. (Edinburgh 1811); pres. by the Town 
Council 9th Feb., trans, and adm. 16th 
June 1814 ; D.D. (Columbia College, New 
York, 4th Aug. 1818, which he did not 
accept, and by the Univ. and Marischal 
College of Aberdeen, Nov. 1823). Return- 
ing from a meeting of Presb., in whose 

business he had taken an active part, he 
died instantaneously within a few steps of 
his own door (29 Melville Street), from an 
affection of the heart, 9th Feb. 1831. He 
Avas an enthusiastic musical amateur, and 
the composer of many psalm tunes. In 
1820 he published Sacred Harmony, for the 
Use of St George's- Church, Edinburgh, in 
which will be found "Redemption" and 
" St George's, Edinburgh," and eleven other 
original tunes by Dr T. In the " Apocrypha 
Controversy " he very strongly opposed the 
policy of circulating copies of the Bible in 
which the books of the Apocrypha were 
inserted, and he pleaded with great 
eloquence for the immediate termination 
of slavery in the British colonies. Able 
character sketches have been drawn by 
Dr M'Crie, Dr Chalmers, and Dr Burns 
of Toronto. He marr. 26th April 1802, 
Jane Carmichael, who died 8th June 1840, 
and had issue — Jean and Helen, born 30th 
March 1803; Agnes, born 24th Aug. 1804, 
died 27th Sept. 1816; John, Professor of 
Music in the Univ. of Edinburgh, born 
28th Oct. 1805, died 1st May 1841 ; Janet, 
born 2nd Oct. 1809; Isabella, born 17th 
Nov. 1811; James, born 8th Oct. 1813, 
died 23rd June 1815 ; Andrew, min. of 
Maybole, born 10th May 1815; Christian 
Bonar, born 8th Dec. 1819. Publications 
— A Catechism on the Sacrament of the 
Lord's Supper (many editions) ; A Letter 
to Principal Hill (Edinburgh, 1803), a 
second (Edinburgh, 1805), and another 
on the case of John Leslie (Edinburgh, 
1805) ; Our Guilt, our Danger, ami 
our Duty as a People, a sermon (Perth, 
1809) ; Seven single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1809-10) ; Lectures, Expositcyry and Practi- 
cal, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1816) ; Sermons 
on Infidelity (Edinburgh, 1821); Lectures 
on Select Portions of the Psalms (Edin- 
burgh, 1826) ; Sermons on Various Subjects 
(Edinburgh, 1829); The Doctrine of Uni- 
versal Pardon Considered and Refuted 
(Edinburgh, 1830); Sermons and Sacra- 
mental Meditations (Edinburgh, 1831) ; with 
many smaller works. He edited for twenty 
years the Edinburgh Christian Instructor 
(30 vols.), writing many of its papers with 
singular ability ; and not fewer than forty- 




three articles in the Edinburgh Encyclo- 
paedia, of which he was part proprietor. — 
[Edin. Chr. Inst., xxxi., New Series, i. ; 
Chalmers', M'Culloch's, and Brown's Fun. 
Semis.; Anderson's Sketches; Cunningham's 
Hist.,\\. ; Chambers's Biog. Diet., iv. ; Kay's 
Portr., ii. ; Cockburn's Mem., Wilson's 
Pr. Perth, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES MARTIN, born 30th July 
1831 1800, son of John M. of Swan Inn, 
Brechin ; MA. (Aberdeen, 2nd April 
1816); attended divinity classes at Edin- 
burgh; tutor in the family of Ogilvie of 
Tannadice ; licen. by Presb. of Forfar 15th 
Aug. 1821 ; ord. to Glenisla 18th Sept. 
1823; adm. to Stockbridge Chapel 14th 
May 1828; pres. by the Town Council (at 
the request of the kirk-session), trans, and 
adm. 6th Oct. 1831 ; died unmarr. at Leg- 
horn, where he had gone for the recovery 
of his health, 22nd May 1834. Publication 
— Discourses, with Letters on Prayer, and 
a Memoir by Robert Paul (Edinburgh, 
1835). — [Discourses, Bruce 's Fun. Serni., 
Anderson's Sketches; Maclagan's Hist, of 
St George's Church.] 

1834 2 ^ r< ^ March 1806, son of James C, 
M.A., teacher of Medicine, Edin- 
burgh, one of Burns's intimates, and Jane 
Smith, one of his " six Mauchline belles " ; 
educated at Univ. of Glasgow; tutor in 
the family of Sir Hugh Hume Campbell 
of Marchmont, Bart. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow, 6th Aug. 1828; assistant at St 
Andrews, Glasgow, and Bonhill ; offered 
himself for service in Canada; employed 
as assistant min. in absence of preceding, 
and on his death presented by the Town 
Council, 20th May 1834, and ordained 14th 
Aug. 1834. He was appointed to the new 
parish of Greenside in 1836, but declined 
acceptance ; also in 1841 offered the newly 
instituted Professorship of Divinity and 
Biblical Criticism in Edinburgh University, 
and a deanery of the Chapel Royal, both of 
which appointments, owing to the part he 
took in the Non-Intrusion Controversy, 
were cancelled; D.D. (Princeton College, 
New Jersey, 1841). Joined the Free 
Church; min. of Free St George's, which 

he opened, 28th May 1843; appointed 
Professor of Divinity in the New College, 
1847, but relinquished it, and remained 
in his charge ; Moderator of the Free 
General Assembly 22nd May 1862, and 
Principal of the New College 1862; D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 24th April 1865). After the 
death of Dr Chalmers he was the most 
influential of the leaders of the Free 
Church; died 19th Oct. 1873. He marr. 
6th Jan. 1835, Jessie (died 16th Sept. 
1894), daugh. of Walter Brock and Janet 
Crawford, and had issue — James Smith 
Candlish, D.D., min. at Logie-Almond and 
Aberdeen, Professor in Free Church College, 
Glasgow, 1872-97, born 14th Dec. 1835, 
died 7th March 1897 ; Jessie, born 14th 
Jan. 1837, died 29th Jan. 1893 (marr. 
1865, William Anderson of Glentarkie); 
Jane Smith, born 14th June 1838, died 
30th March 1840 ; Walter, born 10th Aug. 
1839, died 20th Feb. 1840; Elizabeth 
Smith, born 28th Dec. 1840 (marr. 1863, 
Archibald Henderson, D.D., United Free 
Church min. at Crieff); Agnes, born 3rd 
Aug. 1842, died 24th April 1845 ; Robert 
Smith, marine engineer, born 21st April 
1844, died 20th May 1887; Margaret 
Charlotte, born 28th Jan. 1846, died 16th 
April 1899; John Bogle, insurance agent, 
Australia, born 2nd Nov. 1847 ; Mary Ross, 
born 9th June 1851, died 30th Sept. 1866. 
Publications — Eleven single Sermons (Edin- 
burgh, 1834, et seq.) ; Contributions towards 
the Exposition of the Book of Genesis, 3 
vols. (Edinburgh, 1842-52); The Word of 
God the Instrument of the Propagation of 
the Gospel (1843) ; Scripture Characters and 
Miscellanies (Edinburgh, 1850); Reason and 
Revelation (Edinburgh, 1854) ; Man's Right 
to the Sabbath (Edinburgh, 1856); Life in 
a Risen Saviour (Edinburgh, 1858); The 
Atonement (Edinburgh, 1860); Two Great 
Commandments (Edinburgh, 1860); The 
Fatherhood of God (Edinburgh, 1865) 
Sermons, memoir (Edinburgh, 1874); Dis 
courses on the Ephesians (Edinburgh, 1875) 
numerous pamphlets, etc. — [Tombst. ; 
Smith's Scott. Clergy, i. ; Diet. Nat, 
Biog., Wilson's Memorials of Robert Smith 
Candlish, Maclagan's Hist, of St George's 




1843 Netherinch, Campsie, 27th Oct. 1812, 
son of John S. of Gartclash, farmer, 
and Margaret, daugh. of Robert Home 
of Braziets ; educated at Campsie School 
and Univs. of Edinburgh and Glasgow; 
licen. by Presb. of Dumbarton 23rd Oct. 
1832 ; tutor to A. J. Dennistoun-Brown of 
Balloch, with whom he travelled exten- 
sively on the continent of Europe ; mission- 
ary in the Second Charge, Kilmarnock ; 
assistant at Crieff 1839 j ord. (assistant and 
successor) there 6th May 1840; clerk to 
Presb. of Auchterarder, April 1843 ; trans. 
and adm. to St George's 28th Sept. 1843 ; 
D.D. (Edinburgh 1871); Moderator of the 
General Assembly 1871 ; chairman of Coun- 
cil of the College for Daughters of Ministers 
and Professors ; one of Edinburgh Ecclesi- 
astical Commissioners; res. 25th June 
1879; died 15th Nov. 1886. He marr. 
26th Jan. 1853, Frances, daugh. and co- 
heiress of Robert Cadell of Ratho, and 
had issue — Anne Frances, born 6th June 
1854 ; John (Robert) Home, Knight of 
Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem 
in England, M.A., advocate, Unicorn Pur- 
suivant, born 2nd July 1855 ; Robert 
Cadell, member of the London Stock 
Exchange, born 10th April 1859 ; William 
Black, M.A., min. of Athelstaneford, and 
St Columba's, Edinburgh, organising secre- 
tary, Foreign Mission Committee, born 
10th May 1862; Louisa Hope, born 21st 
March 1864 (marr. 1904, Alexander Garden 
Sinclair, artist) ; Henry James, M.A., W.S., 
secretary of the North British and Mer- 
cantile Insurance Co., born 12th July 
1867. Publications — Several Funeral Ser- 
mons ; Farewell Letter to the Congregation 
of St George's (Edinburgh, 1879). 

ARCHIBALD SCOTT, born Cadder, 
1880 *®*k Sept. 1837, sixth son of James 
S., farmer, Bogton, and Margaret 
Brown ; educated at Cadder School, Glasgow 
High School, and Univ. of Glasgow ; B.A. 
25th April 1855 ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
8th June 1859; assistant at St Matthew's, 
Glasgow, and Clackmannan ; pres. by the 
Provost and Magistrates, and ord. to the 
East Church, Perth, 2nd March 1860 ; trans. 

to Abernethy 29th Jan. 1863; trans, to 
Maxwell, Glasgow, 1st June 1865; trans, 
to Linlithgow 23rd Sept. 1869; trans, to 
Greenside 21st Sept. 1871 ; D.D. (Glasgow 
27th April 1876) ; trans, and adm. 29th 
Jan. 1880; Moderator of the General 
Assembly 1896; convener of the General 
Committee of the Church; chairman of 
the Consulting Committee of the Ministers' 
Widows' Fund ; one of Edinburgh Ecclesi- 
astical Commissioners ; one of the Baird 
Trustees ; chairman of the Edinburgh School 
Board 1878-82; Croall lecturer 1889-90; 
Baird lecturer 1892-3 ; lecturer on Pastoral 
Theology ; died 18th April 1909. He marr. 
(1) 4th June 1861, Isabella (died 1st May 
1892), daugh. of Robert Greig, merchant, 
Perth, and had issue — Robert Greig, W.S., 
born 25th Sept. 1867, died 12th Sept. 1911 ; 
Margaret, born 26th March 1870 : (2) 18th 
July 1894, Marion Elizabeth, daugh. of 
John Rankine, D.D., min. of Som. Publi- 
cations — Endowed Territorial Work (Edin- 
burgh, 1873) ; Buddhism and Christianity : 
A Parallel and a Contrast (Croall Lecture, 
Edinburgh, 1890); Sacrifice, its Prophecy 
and Fulfilment (Baird Lecture, Edinburgh, 
1894); Our Opportunities and Responsi- 
bilities (Assembly Closing Address, 1896). 

GAVIN LANG PAGAN, born 13th April 

1909 1873 ' SOn °^ ^°^ n * > '' ^'^'' m " 1 ' °^ 

Bothwell; educated at Hamilton 
Academy and Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. 
(1893), B.D. (1896); licen. by Presb. of 
Hamilton 29th Sept. 1896; assistant at 
Abbotshall, Rosemount, Aberdeen, and 
Edinburgh (St Cuthbert's); ord. to Cal- 
lander 7th Sept. 1899; trans, to Largs 
26th Nov. 1902; trans, and adm. 7th 
Oct. 1909. 


[Disjoined from St Cuthbert's and 
erected into a parish quoad sacra, 6th 
July 1891. Church built in 1895.] 


lasi 19th Jan * 1833 ' son ° f William S '' 
U.P. min. at Stromness, and Jessie 

Somerville ; ord. to Ardrossan U.P. Church 

22nd Dec. 1857; res. 13th March 1860; 




adm. a min. of the Church of Scotland 

1863 ; assistant at St Michael's, Dumfries ; 
ind. to Swallow Street, London, 1864, to 
Lugar 1867, to St Matthew's, Montreal, 1876, 
to Messer Street, Jersey City, U.S.A., 1878 ; 
returned to Scotland and took up work in 
Elder Street Mission Church, Edinburgh, 
1881 ; adm. first min. of this charge, 3rd 
Sept 1891 ; res. 17th Oct. 1898; died 10th 
Feb. 1911. He marr. 10th June 1890, F. 
Eleanor Gordon. Publications — Heartsease; 
Self -Education ; Hymns and Meditations in 
Verse ; Budget of Holiday Letters ; Chinese 
Views and Peoples ; Light in the Darkness. 

burgh, 3rd June 1861, son of James 
P. and Margaret Nicol ; educated at 
George Heriot's School and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; M.A. (1880), B.D. (1883) j licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 18th May 1883 ; assist- 
ant at St Ninians, Stirling, and Tron, 
Edinburgh; ord. to Gordon 24th Sept. 
1885; trans, and adm. 30th March 1899. 


[In 1840 a part of Old Greyfriars Parish 
was disjoined and erected by the Court of 
Teinds into a new parish, which was called 
St John's, because certain of the lands 
within the area had belonged before the 
Reformation to the Knights Templars of 
St John of Jerusalem.] 

THOMAS GUTHRIE, born Brechin, 
1840 12th July 1803, sixth son of David 
G., banker, Provost of Brechin, and 
Clementina Cay ; educated at Brechin and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Brechin 2nd Feb. 1825 ; ord. to Arbirlot 
13th May 1830; trans, to Old Greyfriars 
21st Sept. 1837 ; trans, and adm. 28th Oct. 
1840. Joined the Free Church, and became 
min. of Free St John's 1843 ; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 9th April 1849) ; Moderator of Free 
Church General Assembly 1862; retired 

1864 ; F.R.S.E. (1869) ; founder of the Edin- 
burgh Original Ragged Industrial Schools ; 
one of the earliest Temperance reformers ; 
an eloquent preacher, and writer of great 
popularity ; died 24th Feb. 1873. He marr. 
6th Oct. 1830, Anne (died 2nd June 1899), 
daugb. of James Burns, one of the mins. of 

Brechin, and had issue — David Kelly, min. 
of the Free Church, Liberton, born 9th 
Aug. 1831, died 6th Sept. 1896; Christina, 
born 31st May 1833 (marr. 22nd March 
1854, William Welsh of Mossfennan, D.D., 
min. of the Free Church, Broughton), died 
17th Feb. 1895; James, banker, Brechin, 
born 15th Jan. 1835 ; Patrick, banker, Edin- 
burgh, born 1st Oct. 1836 ; Clementina, born 
28th June 1839, died 22nd Jan. 1908 ; Annie, 
born 28th June 1841 (marr. 27th April 
1859, Stephen Williamson, M.P.) ; Thomas, 
farmer, near Buenos Ayres, born 19th 
Nov. 1843, died 3rd Nov. 1900; Alex- 
ander, merchant, Liverpool, born 10th 
March 1846 ; Charles John, Senator of 
the College of Justice, born 4th April 
1849 ; Helen, born 30th Nov. 1851 (marr. 
David Gray, Glasgow), died 9th July 
1883 ; John, born 11th Dec. 1853, died 9th 
Aug. 1855. Publications — On the Intrusion 
of Ministers (Edinburgh, 1839); A Short 
Plea for the Public and Free Use of the 
Bible in Ragged Schools — A Plea for 
Bagged Schools— A Second Plea for Bagged 
Schools (Edinburgh, 1847-9); A Plea on 
Behalf of Drunkards and against Drunken- 
ness (Edinburgh, 1851); Lost and Found 
(Edinburgh, 1853) ; The Gospel in Ezekiel 
(Edinburgh, 1855) ; The City, its Sins and 
Sen-rows (Edinburgh, 1857); Christ and 
the Inheritance of the Saints (Edinburgh, 
1858); A Word in Season: a New Year 
Tract (1861); The Way to Life (Edin- 
burgh, 1862); The Disruption: its Obliga- 
tions and Responsibilities (Edinburgh, 
1862) ; Bear Ye One Another's Burdens 
(London, 1863); Sj>eaking to the Heart 
(London, 1863); Man and the Gospel 
(1865); The Angels' Song (1865); The 
Parables (1866 ; new edition, with memoir 
1908); Our Father's Business (1867); Out 
of Harness (1867); Early Piety (1868); 
Studies of Character from the Old Testa- 
ment (1868-70); Sundays Abroad (1871). 
He edited The Street Preacher, or Auto- 
biography of Robert Flockhart (Edinburgh, 
1858), and wrote a Memoir of the Rev. Robert 
Coutts, Coutts' Sermons (1848); editor of 
the Sunday Magazine (1864-73). — [Auto- 
biography and Memoir, by his sons, D. K. 
and C. J. Guthrie ; Diet. Nat. BiogJ] 




Perth, 10th July 1810, son of Cap- 
tain Robert F., sometime of the 
Household of George, Prince of Wales, 
and Helen Buchanan ; educated at Univ. 
of Edinburgh; M.A. (1836); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 1840 ; ord. to Burnt- 
island 8th Sept. 1843; trans, and adm. 
21st March 1844; died 10th Sept. 1876. 
He marr. 25th Aug. 1828, Margaret (died 
23rd Jan. 1890), daugh. of Captain Andrew 
Buchanan, Ringwood Lodge. County Wex- 
ford, and had issue— Margaret Olivia, born 
1st Feb. 1831 (marr. 31st Dec. 1862, 
Charles Cadell Macdonald, D.D., min. of 
St Clement's, Aberdeen) ; Robert George, 
min. of St Thomas's, Leith ; Thomas Thom- 
son, born 2nd July 1836; William Henry, 
born 28th May 1837, died 28th Oct. 1844 ; 
Mary Gertrude, born 5th May 1838; 
Oswald, born 9th May 1840, died 13th 
May 1842; Edith, born 18th June 1843, 
died 16th March 1859. Publications— 
Moriah : Sketches of the Sacred Rites of 
Ancient Israel (Edinburgh, 1849); The 
Path of Life (Edinburgh, 1851); Leaves 
from the Tree of Life (Edinburgh, 1851 ; 
2nd ed., 1852) ; Turkey, Ancient and Modern 
(Edinburgh, 1854); Elements of Physical 
Science (London, 1855 ; 3rd ed., under the 
title of The Handbook of Physical Science, 
London, 1866); The Kirk and the Manse 
(Edinburgh, 1857); Ebb and Flow, The 
Curiosities and Marvels of the Seashore 
(London, 1860); Head and Hand (Edin- 
burgh, 1861) ; Seaside Divinity (London, 
1861); The Seaside Naturalist (London, 
1868); Gladdening Streams (Edinburgh, 
1868).— [Scotsman, 12th Sept. 1876; Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN WEBSTER, D.D. ; trans, from 

1876 Cameron, and adm. 28th Dec. 1876 ; 

trans, to Cramond 11th March 1884. 

DAVID NEIL IMRIE, born Kinrossie, 
1884 Collace, son of James Imrie and 
Janet Strachan ; educated at Bal- 
beggie School, Perth Academy, and Univ. 
of Glasgow ; M.A. (1867), B.D. (1870) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Perth May 1876 ; assistant at 
St Matthew's, Glasgow ; ord. to North 


Parish, Paisley, 1st Dec. 1870; trans, to 
Logie 18th Jan. 1872 ; trans, and adm. 
19th Sept. 1884; died 14th Dec. 1891. 
He marr. 28th Oct. 1873, Eliza Mary Ann 
(died 17th May 1890), daugh. of Captain 
Ferguson, Irvine, and had issue — Arthur 
Stanley, born 24th Sept. 1874, died 6th 
June 1888 ; Frederick William, born 17th 
Aug. 1876, died 20th July 1911; John 
Hamilton, Life Association of Scotland, 
born 30th Nov. 1878 ; Herbert Neil, born 
2nd July 1881. 

ROBERT BLAIR, born Bullwood, 
Dunoon, 3rd May 1837, son of 
Duncan Blair and Margaret Camp- 
bell; educated at Bowmore School, Islay, 
and Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1863) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Kintyre 29th Nov. 1865 ; assist- 
ant at Saddell, Kintyre; ord. to Tarbert, 
Lochfyne, 19th Sept. 1867; trans, to St 
Columba's, Glasgow, 6th May 1869 ; trans, 
to Cambuslang 23rd May 1882 ; trans, 
and adm. 20th July 1892 ; D.D. (Glasgow 
1891); chaplain to Glasgow Highlanders; 
V.D. ; chaplain to H.M. Prison, Edin- 
burgh; died 4th Nov. 1907. He marr. 
29th Oct. 1889, Flora Anne, daugh. of 
Duncan Cameron and Mary Brown Small 
(who afterwards marr. George Macaulay). 
Publications — Edited the Gaelic poems 
(with Memoir) of William Livingstone, 
the Islay Bard (Glasgow, 1882); trans 
lated a number of hymns into Gaelic ; 
wrote Gaelic articles for The Gael (Glas- 
gow, 1873-6) ; one of the translators of the 
Revised Version of the Bible into Gaelic. 


1908 wel1 ' Midlothian, 23rd Au S- 1863 > son 
of John Gavin D. and Euphemia 
Ramsay ; educated at East Linton and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. (1885) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Dunbar May 1888; assistant at 
Dalserf; ord. to Kippen 14th Aug. 1889; 
trans, and adm. 18th May 1908. Marr. 10th 
Dec. 1889, Agnes M'Allum, daugh. of Gavin 
Paul and Janet Annan, and has issue- 
Eleanor Mary, born 26th Sept. 1890 ; Lilian 
Paul, born 13th Feb. 1892 ; Agnes Mary, 
born 20th July 1893 ; John Gavin, born 3rd 
April 1897 ; Jean Shearer Paul, born 5th 
Sept. 1906. 






[The first church, opened 6th April 1879, 
was destroyed by fire on the morning 
of 21st Nov. of the same year. A new 
church was erected, and opened 21st May 
1880, and the district formed into a parish 
quoad sacra in 1884.] 

born Leeds, 17th June 1838, son of 

John A. and Mary Carter; edu- 
cated at Leeds, Glasgow, and Edinburgh j 
a Primitive Methodist min. in England, 
and at Motherwell and Edinburgh; adm. 
to Church of Scotland 1878; ord. 16th 
July 1879 ; died 8th Sept. 1903. He marr. 
19th Aug. 1879, Jane Edmonstone, daugh. 
of Robert Morham, depute city clerk, Edin- 
burgh, and had issue — Lewis Frederick, 
lay missionary of the Church of Scotland 
in Nyasaland, born 9th Oct. 1880; Janet 
Mary, born 21st April 1883; Helen Rose- 
hannah, born 8th June 1885; Elizabeth, 
born 6th April 1887; Phoebe Jane, born 
8th Jan. 1893. 
JOHN CALDER, born Old Aberdeen, 

21st May 1875, son of William C. 

and Jennie Keith Fiddes ; educated 
at Gordon's College and Aberdeen Univ. ; 
MA. (1900); tutor in the Church of 
Scotland Normal Practising School, Aber- 
deen; licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 1903; 
assistant at Turriff; ord. 19th Feb. 1904; 
res. 9th Oct. 1912, and settled in Australia. 
Marr. 1st Aug. 1906, Euphemia Thorn, 
youngest daugh. of Duncan Duthie Mackie, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements, and has 
issue — Ruve Fiddes Duthie, born 4th July 
WILLIAM LIDDLE, born Linlithgow, 

26th April 1864, son of William L. ; 

educated at Linlithgow Grammar 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh; MA. 
(1896), B.D. (1890); licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 1890; assistant at Partick; 
ord. to Grahamston, South Africa, 28th 
Dec. 1896; res. 1900; app. to St Mar- 
garet's Chapel-of-Ease, Glasgow, 1901 ; 
trans, and adm. 10th April 1913. He 
marr. 21st May 1907, Florence Louisa, 
daugh. of Oscar Nystrom, Stockholm, 
and has issue— Florence Gunilla Anne 



Nystrom, born 20th April 1910 ; Margaret, 
born 30th June 1912; William John, 
born 18th Oct. 1913. Publication — Sweden 
(London, 1911). 

ST LUKE'S (Q.S.). 

[A church in Young Street, originally a 
Unitarian chapel, was purchased by the 
Kirk-session of St George's in 1834, and re- 
built. It was opened for public worship 28th 
May 1837. In 1843 the minister, the twelve 
elders, and the trustees joined the Free 
Church, retaining possession of the build- 
ing. They were, however, ejected on 4th 
March 1849, ' and services in connection 
with the Church of Scotland were resumed. 
The church and district were constituted a 
chapel-of-ease by the General Assembly 
in 1841, and erected into a parish by decree 
of the Court of Teinds, 11th Feb. 1863. 
The district having become depopulated, 
an Act of Parliament (3 Edward VII., cap. 
66) was obtained to transfer the endow- 
ments, minister, etc., to a new church and 
parish to be erected within the city of 
Edinburgh. A new church was accord- 
ingly built at Comely Bank, and opened 
for worship 10th Oct. 1908. The old 
parish was reannexed to St George's, and 
the new parish (taken chiefly from the 
Dean and partly from St Bernard's) was 
erected by decree of the Court of Teinds 
on 6th Feb. 1909.] 

Paisley, 15th June 1809, sixth son of 
Andrew Moody of Muirshiel, banker, 
Paisley, and Margaret Fulton McBrair; 
MA. (Glasgow 1830) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow 5th Oct. 1831 ; missionary in 
Holy Island, Northumberland, 1831 - 5 ; 
under the Kirk - session of St George's, 
Edinburgh, began in 1835 the work of 
gathering a congregation in Young Street ; 
ord. first min. 27th July 1837. Joined 
Free Church and became min. of St 
Luke's Free Church 1843; convener of 
Jewish Mission of Free Church from 1847 
to 1889 (with a brief interval) ; Moderator 
of the General Assembly of the Free Church, 
1875; D.D. (Edinburgh 1875); died at 
Crieff, 31st July 1898. All his life he 
was a strong supporter of the principle of 





Church Establishment, and an opponent of 
ecclesiastical and political agitation for dis- 
establishment of the Church of Scotland ; 
dissented strongly from the positions of the 
adherents of the " Higher Criticism " of the 
Old Testament ; took a prominent part in 
opposition to the movement for union 
between the Free and United Presbyterian 
Churches between 1863 and 1873; in- 
terested himself in promoting friendly rela- 
tions between Scottish Presbyterians and 
the Reformed Churches of Hungary and 
Bohemia. He marr. 9th Sept. 1839, Jessie 
(died 27th April 1891), eldest daugh. of 
Kenneth Bruce Stuart of Annat, whose 
name he assumed, and had issue — a daugh., 
born and died July 1840; Kenneth, Free 
Church min. at Moffat, author of a Memoir 
of his father and a Memoir of Brownlow 
North, born 13th June 1841, died 15th 
March 1904 ; Andrew, born 6th Dec. 1842, 
died 1st Sept. 1866; Alexander, advocate, 
LL.D., Professor of Law, Univ. of Glasgow, 
1887-1905, born 30th May 1844; Robert, 
chartered accountant, Dundee, born 17th 
March 1846, died 22nd June 1896; Mar- 
garet, born 16th March 1848, died unmarr. 
17th March 1880 ; Jessie, born 14th March 
1850 (marr. 1883, George Watt, K.C., 
Sheriff of Chancery), died 15th Jan. 1895 ; 
George, merchant in London, born 27th 
Oct. 1851 ; John, Fellow of Institute of 
Actuaries, born 23rd July 1853; Charles, 
Bank of Scotland, Lossiemouth, author of 
Sandy Scott's Bible Class, etc., born 13th 
Sept. 1854, died 19th July 1900; Eliza, 
born 4th March 1861. Publications— A 
Pastoral Letter on the Present Position of 
the Church of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1840) ; 
Revival of Religion (Glasgow, 1842) ; Con- 
version of the Jews (Edinburgh, 1842-8) ; 
Deathbed Scenes (Edinburgh, 1843); A 
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the Opening of the Free Church General 
Assembly, 1876 (Edinburgh, 1876); The 
Bible True to Itself (London, 1884); The 
Path of the Redeemed (Edinburgh, 1893). — 
[Memoir, London, 1899.] 

PETER MACMORLAND, trans, from 
Inverkeithing, and adm. 10th Dec. 
1852; trans, to North Berwick 10th 
April 1856. 

assistant at Struan, and at St 
George's, Edinburgh ; app. 17th April 

1856, and adm. 10th July 1856; died at 

Malaga, Spain, 3rd Jan. 1858. 

THOMAS ANDREWS, ord. 19th May 
1858; trans, to South Queensferry 
1858 9th May 1861. 




Greenock, 13th March 1821, son of 
Alexander M. ; educated at Univs. of 
St Andrews and Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. 
of Kintyre 1851, missionary at Brodick ; 
ord. min. of the Church of Scotland, 
Swallow Street, London, 1853; trans, and 
adm. 7th Oct. 1861; res. 26th Oct. 1892; 
died at Edinburgh, 14th March 1902. He 
marr. 5 th June 1855, Elizabeth (died at 
Edinburgh, 12th Jan. 1903, aged 78), 
daugh. of Captain James Harvey, and had 




issue— Charles, died young ; Ranald ; Kate, 
for 15 years missionary in Palestine, died 
1900 ; Jessie (marr. David G. Millar, mer- 
chant, Leith); Jean, secretary to the 
Church of Scotland Women's Association 
for Foreign Missions. 

1893 ^een, 23r( * J an - 18 63, son of George 
M. ; educated at Univs. of Aberdeen 
and Edinburgh; M.A. (Aberdeen 1885), 
B.D. (Edinburgh 1889); licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh May 1889; assistant at 
Peterhead; ord. 22nd March 1893. Marr. 
12th June 1895, Jeanie, only daugh. of 
James Mackay, Banff, and has issue — 
David, born 11th March 1896; Mary 
Catherine, born 18th Feb. 1899 ; Agnes 
Jane Michie, born 9th May 1906. 


[Disjoined from St Cuthbert's and erected 
into a parish quoad sacra, 1885. A church 
was opened in 1881.] 

1881 Dundee, 24th Dec. 1834, son of Peter 
B. and Jean Ogilvie ; educated at 
Dundee schools and Aberdeen Univ. ; M.A. 
(Marischal College 1860); ord. missionary 
to the Jews at Constantinople 1868 ; after- 
wards min. of Elder Street Chapel, Edin- 
burgh ; adm. 25 th Oct. 1881 ; died 21st Aug. 
1902. He marr. 25th Aug. 1865, Elizabeth 
Brodie, daugh. of Captain William Powrie 
and Margaret Anderson, and had issue — 
Alexander, advocate ; Margaret Anderson 
(marr. John Ewing Wallace, min. of Kirrie- 
muir) ; Isabella Ogilvie. 


JOHN COCHRANE, born Scone, 1856 ; 
educated at St Andrews Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Perth; ord. 4th 
Feb. 1903; res. 17th May 1905; died at 
Toronto, 15th July 1910. He marr. Kate 
Elder Robertson, who marr. again. 

JAMES GILLAN, born 13th June 1847, 

1005 son °^ J ames Gk> D.D., min. of 

Alford ; educated at Aberdeen Univ. ; 

M.A. (1866), B.D. (1870); licen. by Presb. 

of Alford 1869 ; assistant at Newbattle ; 

ord. to Alford 6th July 1871; res. 16th 
May 1896; took charge of Dairy Mission, 
Edinburgh, from 1898 to 1904; adm. 1st 
Aug. 1905; res. 30th Nov. 1910; took 
charge of Scots Church, Brussels, 1911 ; 
and of St Andrew's, Cairo, 1912. Marr. 
8th June 1882, Margaret Henderson, 
daugh. of John Wilson of South Ban- 
taskine, Stirlingshire, and has issue — Mary 
Johanna Russel, born 3rd Oct. 1883 (marr. 
29th Jan. 1913, Neil Meldrum, chaplain, 
Church of Scotland, Madras) ; James 
Angus, Sudan Civil Service, born 11th 
Oct. 1885 ; Catherine Jessie, born 3rd 
April 1888, died 22nd July 1913; John 
Robert Wilson, student of divinity, born 
12th Nov. 1890. 


WILLIAM VEITCH, born Edinburgh, 
16th March 1860, son of William V., 
D.C.S., and Mary Johnston ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh May 1883 ; ord. to 
Belhaven 20th Sept. 1888 ; trans, and adm. 
6th June 1911. Marr. 23rd Oct. 1888, 
Helen Flowerdew, daugh. of William 
Lowson of Balthayock and Helen Flower- 
dew, and has issue — Helen Flowerdew, 
born 8th Oct. 1891 ; Gladys Muriel, born 
7th Dec. 1892 ; Vera Cecil, born 21st April 
1896; William Lionel Douglas, born 21st 
Nov. 1902. 


[Erected into a parish by the Town 
Council, and concurred in by the Presb., 
27th Oct. 1824. A church, which cost 
£23,000, was opened 12th Dec. 1824, and 
the name St Mary's given to it in 1825.] 

HENRY GREY, born Alnwick, 11th 
1825 "^ e k" 1>7 78, son °f Lr G., physician, 
Morpeth ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 26th 
Nov. 1800; ord. to Stenton 17th Sept. 
1801; adm. to St Cuthbert's Chapel-of- 
Ease 18th Nov. 1812; M.A. (Edinburgh, 
26th April 1818); trans, to New North 
Parish 11th Jan. 1820 ; pres. by the Town 
Council Oct. 1824 ; trans, and adm. 13th 
Jan. 1825. Joined the Free Church ; min. 




of St Mary's Free Church, Edinburgh, 
1843; Moderator of the Free Church 
General Assembly 16th May 1844; died 
13th Jan. 1859. In the " Apocrypha Con- 
troversy" he took a prominent part in 
opposition to Dr Andrew Thomson, 
in favour of the policy of circulating in 
foreign countries Bibles with the Apoc- 
rypha. He was one of the first of the 
city ministers to introduce more frequent 
celebrations of the Holy Communion. On 
his jubilee in 1851, a sum was raised for 
the endowment of bursaries in the New 
College, to be inscribed with his name. 
He marr. 12th Oct. 1808, his cousin Mar- 
garetta (died 22nd Nov. 1858, aged 72), 
eldest daugh. of George Grey of West 
Ord, Northumberland, and had issue — 
Mary, born 9th Feb. 1810 (marr. 24th Oct. 
1839, John Hampden Gurney, M.A., rector 
of St Mary's, Bryanston Square, London, 
miscellaneous writer), died 16th July 1857 ; 
Harriet Jane, born 2nd July 1811 (marr. 
8th March 1837, Charles Birrell, min. of 
Pembroke Baptist Church, Liverpool, and 
was mother of Augustine Birrell, statesman 
and author), died 26th Oct. 1863; George 
Edward, born 31st July 1812, died 26th 
Jan. 1819; Henry Campbell, M.A., vicar 
of Watling, Sussex, born 18th June 1814, 
died 17th Aug. 1854 ; Emelia Isabella, 
born 27th Sept. 1816, died 11th July 
1843; Edward John, born 26th Nov. 
1820, died 1869. Publications — A Cate- 
chism on Baptism (Edinburgh, 1811) ; 
Sermon on Behalf of the Edinburgh 
Lunatic Asylum (1815); The Diffusion of 
Christianity Dependent on the Exertions 
of Christians (1818); The Veil of Moses 
done aivay in Christ (1820); Man's 
Judgment at Variance toith God's (1824) ; 
Review of Remarks Relative to his Con- 
nection with the Letters of Anglicanus 
Edinburgh, 1828); The Duty and Desir- 
ableness of Frequent Communion with 
Christ in the Sacrament of the Supper 
(Edinburgh, 1832) ; Address to the Congre- 
gation of St Mary's (Edinburgh, 1843); 
A Parting Memorial (Edinburgh, 1858) ; 
Thoughts in the Evening of Life, ed. 
with Memoir by C. M. Birrell (London, 
1871); Lecture IV., "On the Conversion 

VOL. I. 

of the Jews " (Edinburgh, 1842). — 
[Tombst., Anderson's Sketches ; Kay's 
Portr., ii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog., private 


JAMES GRANT, born 23rd Jan. 1800, 
third son of Andrew G., D.D., min. 
of Portmoak (afterwards of St 
Andrew's, Edinburgh); educated at High 
School and Univ. of Edin. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 27th Feb. 1822 ; ord. to South 
Leith 26th Aug. 1824; trans, and adm. 
16th Nov. 1843; D.D. (Glasgow 1842), 
D.C.L. (Oxon. 1854); Moderator of the 
General Assembly 1854; collector of the 
Ministers' Widows' Fund 1843-60 ; chaplain 
Highland and Agricultural Society of 
Scotland 1840-90; secretary Scottish Bible 
Society 1836-74 ; chaplain Harveian Society 
1833-90 ; Fellow and sometime member of 
council of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 
1851-90; original member, and for many 
years chairman of the Edinburgh Ecclesi- 
astical Commissioners ; director of the 
Scottish Widows' Fund Assurance Society 
1840-90 ; res. 1871 ; died 28th July 1890. 
He marr. 25th April 1826, Jessie Anne 
(died 6th May 1881), youngest daugh. 
of Colin Campbell, Achindoon, Argyll- 
shire (widow of Major Archibald Camp- 
bell of Braglen), and had issue — Agnes 
Willis, born 16th Sept. 1828, died 
8th Jan. 1855 ; Andrew, merchant, Bom- 
bay, sometime M.P. for Leith Burghs, 
born 13th June 1830; Colin Campbell, 
W.S., afterwards barrister-at-law, Middle 
Temple, born 13th June 1830, died 30th 
April 1902 ; James, captain R.N., born 8th 
April 1833, died 24th Feb. 1909; George, 
born 15th May 1834, died 11th June 1848 ; 
Margaret Campbell, born 10th Oct. 1836, 
died 20th April 1906; Archibald Duncan, 
East India merchant, Snell Exhibitioner 
(Glasgow Univ.), B.A. (Oxon.), born 3rd 
June 1839. Publications — Memorandum 
for the Solicitor - General for Scotland 
(Edinburgh, 1842) ; Statement regarding the 
Fund for a Provision for the Widoios and 
Children of the Ministers of the Church and 
Professors in the Universities of Scotland 
(Edinburgh, 1860). 






16th Aug. 1828, son of William G. 
and Agnes Leitch ; educated at 
Mearns School and Univ. of Glasgow ; 
licen. by Presb. of Paisley ; missionary at 
St Enoch's, Glasgow ; assistant at Alloa ; 
ord. (by Presb. of Paisley) to Oldham 
Street, Liverpool, 29th March 1852 ; trans, 
to Dailly 13th Sept. 1855 ; trans, to Trinity 
Parish, Edinburgh, 13th May 1869; trans, 
and adm. 11th Jan. 1872; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1892); died 20th Feb. 1897. He 
marr. 4th March 1856, Ann Caldwell (died 
7th April 1907), daugh. of Thomas Camp- 
bell, Provost of Irvine, and Ann Ranken 
(died at Kirkcaldy, 15th Dec. 1914), and 
had issue — Annie, born 4th Dec. 1856 ; 
Agnes, born 24th Feb. 1858 ; William, born 
18th June 1860 ; Margaret, born 5th June 
1861 (marr. William Jack, min. of East 
Kilbride) ; Katherine, born 7th Sept. 1862 ; 
Janet, born 5th Sept. 1864; Sophia, born 
27th May 1867 (marr. 5th July 1893, 
James Pender) ; Jane, born 17th July 1868 
(marr. 31st May 1907, Percy Leech) ; 
Thomas, born 13th Aug. 1872. 

THOMAS MARTIN, M.A., B.D. ; trans, 
from Cramond 15th May 1896 ; trans, 
to Barony, Glasgow, 25th Oct. 1900. 

Linton, 13th Jan. 1862, son of Thomas 
F. and Jessie Agnew; educated at 
Douglas Academy, Newton-Stewart, Univs. 
of Glasgow and Paris; M.A. (Glasgow 
1885); licen. by Presb. of Wigtown May 
1888 ; assistant at Irvine ; ord. to Sprouston 
14th March 1891 ; trans, from Sprouston 
and adm. 4th April 1901 ; trans, to Glen- 
cairn 17th July 1914 (q.v.) ; chaplain, 
Scots Church, Cairo, 1908-9. Marr. 22nd 
June 1905, Alice Mary, daugh. of 
Thomas Chambers Newton, Staindrop 
Lodge, Thorncliffe, Yorkshire. 


[An iron church was opened on 11th Nov. 
1883. The foundation stone of the present 
building was laid by the Lord High Com- 
missioner, John, Earl of Hopetoun, 1st June 
1888, and the church was dedicated 2nd May 
1890. Erected into a parish quoad sacra 9th 



July 1909, composed entirely of the south 
part of Morningside Parish quoad sacra, and 
all in the original parish of St Cuthbert.] 


gg^ assistant at Morningside; took 

charge of St Matthew's 11th Nov. 

1883; ord. 24th Feb. 1887; trans, to 

Caputh 11th Feb. 1894. 

DUNCAN CAMPBELL, born 10th June 
1894 184 7, son of Duncan Campbell, min. 
of Moulin ; educated at High School 
and Univ. of Edinburgh ; MA. (1866), B.D. 
(1870) ; licen. by Presb. of Dunkeld 1871 ; 
assistant at St Bernard's, Edinburgh ; ord. 
to Keig 22nd Sept. 1873 ; trans, to Graham- 
ston 3rd Feb. 1876 ; chaplain of the Scots 
Church, Paris, 1880; app. to Rosemount, 
Aberdeen, 11th May 1882; trans, to St 
Matthew's 25th July 1894; convener of 
Committee on Correspondence with other 
Reformed Churches 1894-8; vice-convener 
of Young Men's Guild ; died unmarr. 20th 
July 1903. Publications— The Boll Call 
of Faith (Edinburgh, 1895); Hymns and 
Hymn Writers (Guild Library); joint 
editor, The Guild Manual (Edinburgh, 

1904 B.D. ; trans, from St Margaret's, 
Arbroath, and adm. 6th Jan. 1904; 
res. 1906. [Afterwards min. of Erskine.] 

lgo7 B.D. ; trans, from New Kilpatrick, 
and adm. 21st Feb. 1907; became 
first min. of the parish on its erection 9th 
July 1909 ; trans, to Pollokshields, Glasgow, 
14th Sept. 1911. 

1912 gannon, 10th Oct. 1871, son of James 
Robert M. and Elizabeth Moore; 
educated at Belfast and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
B.A. (Royal Univ. of Ireland 1894), B.D. 
(Edinburgh 1899) ; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh March 1898; assistant at St Paul's, 
Perth ; ord. to St Paul's, Perth, 19th Sept. 
1900 ; trans, and adm. 29th Feb. 1912. 


[In 1876 a temporary mission church was 
built at the corner of Angle Park Terrace. 




In 1881 the foundation stone of the present 
church was laid, and on 2nd Dec. 1883 
it was opened. Disjoined from St Cuth- 
bert's and erected into a parish quoad sacra 
by decree of the Court of Teinds, 14th 
March 1887.] 

GEORGE WILSON, born Duns Law, 
7 Berwickshire, 11th Aug. 1838, son of 
John W. and Agnes Wilson ; educated 
at Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 1873; assistant for a few 
months and ord. to Tolbooth, Edinburgh, 
25th Sept. 1873; trans, to Cramond 11th 
July 1878; trans, and adm. 4th May 
1887 ; sometime convener of Committee on 
Temperance ; convener of Mission Weeks 
Committee; D.D. (St Andrews 1895). 
He marr. 30th June 1874, Fanny 
Coghlan, who died 22nd Dec. 1889. Pub- 
lications — Hints to the Mission Preacher, 
Hints to the Parish Minister (Mission 
Weeks Booklets). 

ST ORAN'S (Gaelic). 

[See page 31.] 


[Opened 12th Oct. 1890, the original iron 
church being known as St Mark's. Robert 
Wilfrid Wallace, M.A. (afterwards of St 
Leonard's, St Andrews), took charge as 
probationer till 1894. A new church, which 
cost £11,936, was dedicated 24th June 1900, 
and a parish quoad sacra, under the desig- 
nation St Oswald's, was erected 8th March 
1907. Disjoined from St Cuthbert's.] 

lgo7 SPOON, born 22nd Oct. 1850, son 
of William Lang W., min. of Kil- 
spindie ; educated at Dundee High School, 
St Andrews and Edinburgh Univs. ; M.A. 
(St Andrews 1871) ; licen. by Presb. of Perth 
1875 ; assistant at Galashiels, Edinburgh (St 
George's), Dunning, and Swinton ; ord. to 
Burnbank 14th Sept. 1880; clerk to 
Presb. of Hamilton 1892-4 ; res. 13th June 
1894, to take charge of St Oswald's; ind. 
first min. 11th April 1907 ; Alexander 
Robertson, lecturer, Glasgow Univ., 1913; 
D.D. (St Andrews 1913). Publications— 


The Divine Service, a Euchanstic Office 
(1893) ; Kyrie Eleison, a Devotional Manual 
(1903) ; Parish Church Tracts ; Creed and 
Confession (Macleod Lecture, 1905); The 
Second Prayer-book of King Edward VI. 
(1905) ; numerous contributions to the Pro- 
ceedings of Church Law Society, Scottish 
Church Society, and Scottish Ecclesio- 
logical Society. 


[Disjoined from St Cuthbert's, St Ber- 
nard's, and Newhaven, and erected into a 
parish quoad sacra by decree of the Court 
of Teinds, 1st Nov. 1912.] 

Birkenhead, 7th Feb. 1872, son of 
Robert Gordon H. and Ellen Char- 
lotte Forbes ; educated at George Watson's 
College and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. 
(1892); licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
April 1895 ; assistant at Greenock and 
North Leith; app. to St Serf's Mission 
Oct. 1900 ; ord. 27th June 1901, and adm. 
first min. of the parish 1st Nov. 1912. 
Marr. 16th Sept. 1902, Agnes, daugh. of 
Davidson Hunter, schoolmaster, Leith. 


[Erected into a parish by the Town 
Council 26th Nov. 1828; concurred in by 
the Presb. 10th, and opened 21st Dec. same 

WILLIAM MUIR, born Glasgow, 11th 

1829 ^ ct ' 1787 ' third son °* William M., 
merchant; educated at Univs. of 
Glasgow and Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. 
of Glasgow 7th Nov. 1810 ; LL.D. (Glas- 
gow, 1st April 1812); ord. to St George's 
Parish, Glasgow, 27th Aug. 1812; D.D. 
(Glasgow, 18th April 1820) ; trans, to New 
Grey friars, Edinburgh, 12th Sept. 1822; 
pres. by the Town Council in 1828 ; trans, 
and adm. 26th Feb. 1829 ; Moderator of 
the General Assembly 17th May 1838. 
Previous to this he took no share in the 
question of Non-Intrusion, but called by 
his position to declare himself, he sided 
with the minority, and at the Secession 
was frequently consulted by Government 




in the disposal of patronage. He was 
appointed Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen 
Victoria and Dean of the Order of the 
Thistle in 1845, and died 23rd June 1869. 
He marr. (1) 22nd June 1813, Hannah 
(died 12th Aug. 1827), eldest daugh. of 
James Black, merchant, Lord Provost of 
Glasgow, and had issue — Hannah Short- 
ridge, born 17th Jan. 1816, died 15th Nov. 
1822 ; James, born 31st May 1817 ; Eobert 
Hugh, min. of Dalmeny ; William, born 
16th Aug. 1820; John, died 18th Jan. 
1823; John Stenhouse, min. of Cockpen; 
Hugh, born 14th June 1826, died 2nd June 
1827 : (2) 3rd Oct. 1844, Anne (died 23rd 
March 1887), youngest daugh. of Lieut.- 
General Dirom of Mount Annan. Publica- 
tions — Ten single Sermons (Glasgow, 1814 ; 
Edinburgh, 1865) ; Discourses on the Epistle 
of Jude (Glasgow, 1822) ; Memoir and Let- 
ters of the Rev. William Guthrie (Edin- 
burgh, 1827) ; Sermons on the Seven Churches 
in Asia (Edinburgh, 1830) ; Three Sermons 
connected with the Present Distress (Edin- 
burgh, 1832); An Arrangement of the 
Parables (Edinburgh, 1836); The Whole 
Service in the High Church of Glasgow 
at the Commemoration of the Glasgow As- 
sembly of 1638 (Glasgow, 1838) ; Sermon I., 
at opening of the North Parish Church, 
Kelso (Edinburgh, 1838); A Letter to the 
Congregation of St Stephen's on the Church 
Question (Edinburgh, 1839); Speech on 
the Auchterarder Case (Edinburgh, 1839); 
Practical Sermons on the Character and 
Work of the Holy Spirit (Edinburgh, 1842) ; 
System of Lessons for St Stephen's Sabbath 
Schools (Edinburgh, 1842); A Letter on 
Education (Edinburgh, 1849); Metrical 
Meditations (Edinburgh, 1870). — [Ander- 
son^ Sketches ; Mem. Sermon, by J. C. Herd- 
man, D.D. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

July 1818, son of Christopher N., min. 
of Whithorn ; educated at Whithorn 
School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; tutor in 
the family of Sir Neil Menzies, Bart. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Weem 1840 ; assistant at 
Tranent; ord. to Pencaitland 29th Aug. 
1843 ; trans, to Tron, Edinburgh, 24th Aug. 
1854; trans, and adm. (assistant and suc- 

cessor) 11th June 1867 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 
1867) ; died 30th Dec. 1874. He marr. 21st 
Nov. 1843, Frances Isabella (died 9th April 
1892), daugh. of Stuart Oliphant of Rossie 
and Anna Reid, and had issue — Christopher, 
born 18th March 1845, died 24th May 1845 ; 
Anna, born 28th Oct. 1846 (marr. Theodore 
Marshall, min. of Caputh) ; Stuart Oliphant, 
cotton merchant, Liverpool and New 
Orleans, born 29th Jan. 1849; Mary, 
born 19th Feb. 1852 (marr. Robert Ellis, 
C.E., Edinburgh); Francis Maxwell, mer- 
chant, Buenos Ayres, born 24th Dec. 1855 ; 
Margaret Marianne, born 28th Jan. 1859 
(marr. Adam Rankine, cotton broker, 
Liverpool); Anne Helen, born 5th Oct. 
1862. Publications — Best in Jesus (Edin- 
burgh, 1866) ; Prayers for Social and 
Family Worship (Edinburgh, 1874); He- 
deeming the Time, and other Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1875) ; Communion with 
Heaven, and other Sermons (Edinburgh, 

NORMAN MACLEOD, D.D. ; trans, from 
7 Blair-Atholl, and adm. 28th Sept. 
1875; trans, to Inverness 7th Aug. 

1891 k° rn Ordiquhill, Banffshire, 21st June 
1852, son of James G., D.D., min. of 
Fordyce; educated at Fordyce Academy, 
and Univs. of Aberdeen and Edinburgh ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh 1877) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Fordyce May 1879 ; assistant at St Mary's, 
Edinburgh; ord. to Haddington (Second 
Charge) 23rd Sept. 1880; trans, and adm. 
3rd June 1891; D.D. (Edinburgh 1904); 
died 12th Aug. 1912. He marr. 8th Nov. 
1882, Diana Shank, daugh. of John Cook, 
D.D., min. of Haddington, and had issue 
— Helen Katherine Stuart, born 3rd Sept. 
1883; Mary Elizabeth, born 25th Aug. 
1885 ; Diana Victoria, born 5th May 1887. 

lgll born Grantown, 24th Oct. 1867, 
son of Andrew MacLean W. and 
Margaret Gillanders MacLean, Dunvegan, 
Isle of Skye ; educated at various schools, 
and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (1894), 
B.D. (1897) ; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 




12th May 1896; assistant at Lady Glen- 
orchy's, Edinburgh ; ord. to Turriff 7th April 
1897; trans, to Alloa and Tullibody 12th 
Feb. 1901 ; trans, and adm. (assistant and 
successor) 16th Feb. 1911. Marr. 8th June 
1897, Jennie Hall, daugh. of John Alexander 
Reid, New Kelso, Strathcarron, Ross-shire, 
and has issue— Hector MacLean, born 31st 
Oct. 1900. Publications — God's Altar Stairs 
(Aberdeen, 1899) ; In Love's Garden (London, 
1901); The Grey Mother (London, 1903); 
The Communion Table (London, 1903) ; 
Alloa and Tullibody (Alloa, 1903) ; By Still 
Waters (Edinburgh, 1904) ; edited Metrical 
Psalms and Paraphrases (Paisley, 1906) ; 
Smith's Summer in Skye (London, 1907); 
Stowe's Dred (London, 1907); The Tryst 
(London, 1907); Edragil, 1745 (London, 
1907); Attic and Elizabethan Tragedy 
(London, 1908) ; Moran of Kildally (London 
1909); In Poets' Corner (London, 1910); 
Oscar (Edinburgh, 1911); Literature and 
Life (London, 1912) ; History of Britain 
for Schools, George I. to George V. 
(Edinburgh, 1912); Carlyle (The People's 
Books; Edinburgh, 1912); The House of 
Sands (London, 1912); Gates of Prayer 
(London, 1912); The Minister's Manual 
(London, 1912); Green Meadows (Edin- 
burgh, 1912); Scottish Life and Poetry 
(London, 1912) ; Hills of Home (Edinburgh, 
1913) ; Burns (The Nation's Library, 1914) ; 
The Saviour of the World (Edinburgh, 1914). 


[Erected by the Town Council 24th Dec. 
1641, the west portion of St Giles adjoining 
the Tolbooth being appropriated for its 
use. The present building was erected 
1840-3, in terms of the arrangement be- 
tween the Commissioners of H.M. Treasury 
and the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and 
Council of Edinburgh. The latter body, 
by Act 7 <fc 8 George IV., cap. 76, entitled 
"An Act for carrying into effect certain 
improvements within the city of Edinburgh 
and adjacent to the same," were authorised 
to discontinue two of the places of worship 
under the roof of St Giles, and were at 
the same time required to erect two addi- 

tional churches in place thereof, including 
a church then in course of erection in St 
Vincent Street (now known as St Stephen's), 
the second church to be erected within the 
bounds of the ancient royalty. The Tol- 
booth was erected as the second of these 
churches. The arrangement under which 
it was erected is narrated in the disposition 
by the Commissioners of Improvements of 
the City of Edinburgh, with consent of the 
Lord Provost and Council, in favour of 
the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, etc., 
dated 12th May 1846. That disposition 
proceeds on the narrative that it having 
been found necessary to provide a suitable 
hall for the meetings of the General 
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, an 
arrangement was entered into between the 
Lords Commissioners of H.M. Treasury and 
the Lord Provost and Council, whereby the 
latter body agreed to pay the sum of £6000 
towards the erection of an edifice on a 
certain site near the Castlehill, which 
should serve both for an assembly hall 
and a church, provided the Treasury would 
agree to defray the remainder of the ex- 
penditure, including the price of the ground 
(which was fixed at £3600), and make over 
to the Lord Provost and Council the aisle 
of St Giles, in which the General Assembly 
was wont to meet, to be used as a city 
church in all time coming. The disposition 
contains the terms and conditions on which 
it was granted, which include, inter alia, that 
the whole building is to be appropriated to 
the uses of the General Assembly during its 
sittings, that on all other occasions the 
whole of the building, except the church 
and such accommodation as may be required 
for it as a place of public worship, shall be 
appropriated to ecclesiastical purposes con- 
nected with the General Assembly of the 
Church of Scotland and of the Commission 
of that Church, and of the Synod of Lothian 
and Tweeddale, and of the Presbytery of 
Edinburgh, and that on all other occasions 
(except during the sittings of the General 
Assembly) the church, with such accom- 
modation as may be necessary for its use as 
a place of public worship, shall be used 
as one of the city churches in connection 
with the Church of Scotland. 




The foundation stone was laid on the 
occasion of Queen Victoria's first visit to 
Scotland. The following is the inscription 
on the stone : " To the Glory of God, in 
honour of the Queen, on the 3rd day of 
September in the year of our Lord 1842, 
the day of Her Most Gracious Majesty 
Queen Victoria visiting the City of Edin- 
burgh, the Eight Honourable Sir James 
Forrest, Bart., of Comiston, Lord Pro- 
vost; the Reverend David Welsh, D.D., 
Moderator of Assembly; the foundation 
stone of this superstructure, to be called 
Victoria Hall, for the use of the General 
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, was 
laid by the Right Honourable Lord 
Frederick Fitzclarence, G.C.B., etc., Grand 
Master Mason of Scotland, in presence of 
the Grand Lodge and other masonic 
lodges ; James Gillespie-Graham of Orchill, 
architect (of the hall) ; John Lind, master 
builder of the hall. Length from east to 
west, 141 feet; height of spire over the 
entrance, 241 feet." (For further informa- 
tion regarding the ceremony, see Sir Thomas 
Dick Lauder ; s Memorials of the Royal Pro- 
gress in Scotland in 1842.) 

ROBERT DOUGLAS, M.A.; trans, from 

1641 ^ e ^S n Church; had this parish 

allotted by the Town Council 24th 

Dec. 1641 ; retrans. to the High Kirk Parish 

1649.— [Edin. Counc. Reg. ; Acts Pari., vi.] 

1649 f rom Colmonell ; pres. by the Town 
Council 7th Nov. 1648, and appointed 
to this charge 4th April 1649. In the same 
year he was one of the visitors of the 
Univ. of Edinburgh, and a member of the 
Commission of Assembly who proceeded 
to Breda in 1650, to interview Charles II. 
He attended Archibald, Marquess of Argyll, 
after his condemnation, and accompanied 
him to the scaffold 27th May 1661. 
Declining to conform to Episcopacy, he was 
inhibited from exercising his ministry by 
Parliament 7th Aug. 1662. In 1669 he was 
min. at Irvine. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.; Acts 
Pari., vi., vii. ; Kirkton's and Wodrow's 
Hists., i. ; Blair's Life ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 

Livingston's Life, Nicoll's and Brodie's 
Diaries, M'Ure's Glasg.] 

WILLIAM ANNAND, M.A.; elected by 
the Town Council and adm. 1st Feb. 
1663 ; trans, to Tron Parish in 1672. 
— [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 


JAMES LUNDIE, M.A.; trans, from 

1672 ^ e High Kirk Parish; elected by 

the Town Council and adm. after 

16th Aug. 1672 ; trans, to Tron Parish in 

1675. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

WILLIAM MELDRUM, son of Andrew 
1Q| __ M., dyer, and bailie in Aberdeen ; 
M.A. (Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
1654); regent in Marischal College 1660; 
min. of Auchterless in 1671 ; trans, to 
Tranent 8th Aug. 1672 ; pres. by the Town 
Council, trans, and coll. 16th July 1675 ; 
dep. in 1681 for refusing the Test ; died 
Jan. 1684. He marr. (1) Jean Colston, 
and had issue — Christian, bapt. 24th June 
1673 ; Jean, born 12th Nov. 1674 (marr. 
15th March 1694, Sir Francis Grant, Lord 
Cullen) : (2) at Holyrood House, 20th Sept. 
1677, Sarah Lawson, who died Nov. 1693, 
and was buried in Greyfriars. — [Edin. 
Counc. Reg. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 6535 ; G. R. 
Homings, 18th Nov. 1685.] 

JOHN HAMILTON, M.A.; trans, from 

leal South Leith ; pres. by the Town 

Council 23rd Nov. 1681; dem. in 

1686, on appointment as Bishop of Dunkeld 

(q.v.). — [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

WILLIAM GARDYNE, a native of 
lBfifi Forfarshire, passed trials before the 
Presb. of Arbroath, and was recom- 
mended for license to the Bishop 23rd July 
1664; ord. to Second Charge 22nd Oct. 
1668; elected by the Town Council 24th 
Sept. 1686, and adm. soon after ; D.D. (St 
Andrews, 6th Nov. 1686). Deprived 17th 
Sept. 1689, for refusing to read the Pro- 
clamation, etc. Died 2nd Feb. 1708. He 
marr. 25th Aug. 1671, Barbara Guthrie, and 
had issue — Harry, bapt. 19th June 1672, 
died 14th May 1673; David, bapt. 27th 
June 1675 ; Janet, bapt. 14th Jan. 1677 ; 
Margaret, bapt. 20th June 1678 ; William, 




bapt. 3rd Nov. 1680 ; James, bapt. 30th 
Dec. 1681 ; Alexander, bapt. 15th April 
1683; Anna, bapt. 9th Sept. 1684; John, 
bapt. 20th April 1686.— [Edin. Counc., Test., 
and Beg. {Bapt., Marr., and Bur.) ; Rule's 
Sec. Vindication.] 

JAMES KIRKTON, born 1628; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 22nd July 1647) ; bursar 
of the Presb. of Jedburgh; min. of 
Second Charge, Lanark, 1655 ; trans, to 
Mertoun 1657 ; deprived 1662 ; resided for a 
time in England and Holland ; called (after 
the Toleration, 22nd July 1687) to a meeting- 
house on the Castlehill, Edinburgh, and adm. 
to this charge 25th Jan. 1691 ; died 17th Sept. 
1699. He marr. 31st Dec. 1657, Elizabeth 
(buried in Greyfriars, 7th April 1697), 
daugh. of George Baillie of Jerviswood and 
Mellerstain, and had issue — George, surgeon, 
Edinburgh ; Dr Andrew, died Sept. 1694 ; 
James, captain in the Navy ; William, 
drowned in the Water of Leith, 1676 ; 
Elizabeth, died June 1673; Rachel, died 
Aug. 1700. Publications — Life of Mr John 
Welch (Edinburgh, 1703; Sel. Biog., i.); a 
Sermon, being the last he preached (Edin- 
burgh, 1726) ; The Secret and True History 
of the Church of Scotland, from the Bestora- 
tion to 1678, edited (with a biographical 
notice) by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe 
(Edinburgh, 1817). — [Edin. Counc., Guild, 
Lanark Bresb., and Beg. {Bur.) ; Wodrow's 
Hist. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Brodie's and 
Fountainhall's Diaries; M'Crie's Life of 
Knox, ii. ; S. Bresb. Eloq., Leven and 
Melv. Bap. ; Acts BarL, ix. ; Diet. Nat. 

JOHN MATHISON, M.A.; called 19th 
1706 Sept., and ord. 12th Dec. 1706; 
trans, to the High Kirk Parish 5th 
Nov. 1710. 

JOHN M'LAREN, born 1667, educated 
1?11 at Glasgow Univ. ; master of the 
Grammar School, Glasgow ; licen. 
25th March 1691; ord. to Kippen 1692; 
trans, to Carstairs 1699 ; called 20th March, 
trans, and adm. 29th July 1711. He refused 
to take the Oath of Abjuration in 1712, and 
was one of six who protested against the 
loosing from their parochial charges of 
Ebenezer Erskine and his friends, 16th 

Nov. 1733. He died 11th July 1734. He 
marr. (1) 25th July 1695, Eupham Park, 
and had issue— Helen (marr. 10th Nov. 
1728, William Tod, merchant, Edinburgh) : 
(2) Agnes, daugh. of William Mein, min. of 
Dalkeith. Publications — The New Scheme 
of Doctrine contained in the Answers of Mr 
John Simson, Brofessor of Divinity in the 
College of Glasgow (Edinburgh, 1717) ; The 
Spiritual Burgess, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1735). He is said to have drawn up a 
reply to Limborch's System of Divinity. — 
[Brown's Gosp. Truth; Wodrow's Anal., iii.] 

JOHN TAYLOR, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1785 12th May 1703) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 18th Nov. 1713 ; ord. to 
Tillicoultry 1714 ; trans, to Alloa 1728 ; 
trans, and adm. 27th March 1735 ; died 
12th Aug. 1736, aged about 54. He marr., 
and had issue — William; Cecilia (marr. 
Henry Sinclair, writer, Edinburgh); Marion 
(marr. Simon Bennet, brewer, Edinburgh). 
— [Wodrow's Anal., iii. ; Erskine's Supp. to 
Gillies's Hist. Collect. ; Kay's Bortr., i.] 

lim son °^ J ames W., min. of the Second 
Charge; educated at High School 
and Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. 
of Haddington 13th March 1733; ord. to 
Culross 6th Sept. 1733; called 6th Jan., 
trans, and adm. 2nd June 1737. To him 
the Church is indebted for the promotion 
and prosperity of its fund for ministers' 
widows and children. He received the 
thanks of the General Assembly, 15 th May 
1744, "for the extraordinary pains and 
trouble taken by him in the rise and pro- 
gress of the scheme," the first institution of 
its kind in Scotland. He was appointed 
chaplain to Frederick, Prince of Wales, 
1748, and was Moderator of Assembly, 24th 
May 1753. In 1755 he drew up an account 
of the people, and made what was practi- 
cally the first census of the population of 
Scotland for the information of Govern- 
ment ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 24th Nov. 1760) ; 
one of an Assembly deputation who pre- 
sented an address to George III. on his 
accession, 20th Dec. 1760 ; general collector 
of the Ministers' Widows' Fund, 26th June 
1771. He was one of His Majesty's Chap- 




lains in Ordinary, and a Dean of the Chapel 
Royal. He died 25th Jan. 1784. Though 
strictly evangelical in doctrine, he was of 
convivial and social habits, and withal so 
popular and beloved that sittings in the 
Tolbooth Church were not easily obtained, 
which led one of the city functionaries to 
observe, " it was easier to get a seat in the 
kingdom o' heivin than i' the Tolbuith 
kirk." "Webster is said to have suggested 
the erection of the New Town, Edinburgh. 
He was enthusiastic in furthering the 
civilisation of the Highlands by the pro- 
mulgation of the gospel and the spread 
of industry. He marr. 13th June 1737, 
Mary (died 28th Nov. 1766), eldest daugh. 
of Colonel John Erskine, brother of Sir 
Charles E. of Alva, Bart., and had issue — 
John, born 31st May 1738; James, born 
9th Jan. 1740; George, civil paymaster, 
H.E.I.C.S., born 15th Oct. 1744, died in 
Bengal, July 1794 ; William, born 21st Dec. 
1750, died 9th Jan. 1767 ; Ann, born 22nd 
Sept. 1752 (marr. Captain Eyre Robert 
Mingay, of the 66th Foot), died 16th May 
1786 ; Alexander, mate of the Dutton East 
Indiaman, born 29th Sept. 1754, died on his 
passage to India in 1782; Basil, born 8th 
Aug. 1757, died 2nd Dec. 1759. Publica- 
tions — Four single Sermons (Edinburgh, 
1740-54) ; Divine Influence the True Spring 
of the Extraordinary Work at Cambuslang 
(Edinburgh, 1742 ; 2nd ed., with Postscript, 
1742); Vindication of said Postscript 
(Edinburgh, 1743); Calculations, ivith the 
Principles and Data on which they are 
Instituted, relative to the Widoivs' Scheme 
(Edinburgh, 1748); Zeal for Civil and 
Religious Interests (1754). He was author 
of a well-known song, "Oh, how could I 
venture to love one like thee." — [Scots Mag., 
xlvi., lxiv. ; Webster's Mem., Morren's Ann. ; 
Douglas's Peer., i. ; Mackenzie's Life of 
Home, Somerville's Life, Carlyle's Autob.; 
Kay's Portr., i. ; Struthers's Harp of 
Caled., i., ii. ; Diet. Nat. Piog.] 


1?85 born July 1747, son of Thomas R., 

min. of Inchture ; educated at Univ. 

of Leyden ; licen. at Rotterdam 14th June 

1769; adm. min. of Inchture 21st Feb. 

1771 ; trans, to Glasgow (Outer High) 18th 
Nov. 1773; trans, to Lady Yester's, Edin- 
burgh, 26th Nov. 1778 ; trans, and adm. 9th 
June 1785; D.D. (Harvard Univ., Cam- 
bridge, U.S.A., 1793). By the death (1794) 
of his maternal uncle, William Davidson, 
he succeeded to the property of Muir- 
house, in the parish of Cramond, and 
assumed the name of Davidson ; died 25th 
Oct. 1827. He was an affectionate and 
assiduous evangelical minister, and did 
much to counsel and assist young men 
studying for the ministry. He marr. (1) 
29th Jan. 1772, Christian (died 6th July 
1797), daugh. of John Rutherford of Edger- 
ston, and had issue — Sarah, born 18th Jan. 
1773; Mary, born 19th Feb. 1776, died 
unmarried ; William of Muirhouse, born 7th 
May 1783, died 23rd July 1865 : (2) 20th 
Aug. 1798, Elizabeth (died 30th March 1850), 
daugh. of Archibald Cockburn, Baron of 
Exchequer, and had issue— Jane, born 6th 
Oct. 1800 ; Elizabeth, born 23rd June 1802 ; 
Thomas, born 5th Nov. 1803, died 3rd Nov. 
1811 ; Archibald, advocate, Sheriff of the 
Lothians, born 17th Oct. 1805, died 28th 
March 1886 ; David, born 20th May 1808 ; 
Henry, born 15th June 1811 (marr. 1845, 
Henrietta, daugh. of John Campbell 
Swinton of Kimmerghame, and was father 
of Randall Thomas Davidson, Archbishop 
of Canterbury 1903). Publications— Three 
single Sermons (Glasgow, 1779; Edin- 
burgh, 1802); A Sketch of the Character 
of Dr John Erskine (1803).— [Muirhead's 
Fun. Serm., Kay's Portr., Philip's Ancestry 
of Randall Thomas Davidson.] 

JAMES MARSHALL, born Rothesay, 
1828 23rd Feb. 1796; son of Hugh M., 
surgeon; educated at Paisley and 
Univs. of Glasgow and Edinburgh; licen. 
by Presb. of Glasgow 2nd Sept. 1818 ; ord. 
to Glasgow (Outer High) 8th July 1819; 
pres. by the Town Council 15th Dec. 1827 ; 
trans, and adm. 12th June 1828. He 
adopted views which led him to renounce 
connection with the Church of Scotland, 
and demitted his charge 27th Oct. 1841 ; 
took orders in the Church of England, was 
curate to William Stephen Gilly, vicar of 
Norham, and canon of Durham ; became 




rector of St Mary-le-Port, Bristol, in 1842 ; 
and perpetual curate of Christ Church, 
Clifton, where he died, 29th Aug. 1855. 
He marr. 28th May 1822, Catherine Mary 
(died 8th Oct. 1876), daugh. of Legh Rich- 
mond, rector of Turvey, and had issue — 
Mary Richmond, born 9th May 1823, died 
in 1863; Hugh Graham, born 2nd Dec. 
1824 ; Legh Richmond, born 11th July 
1826; James Wilberforce, born 19th July 
1828, died 3rd Nov. 1828; Sir James, 
colonial judge (see Diet. Nat. Biog.), born 
19th Dec. 1829, died 9th Aug. 1889 ; Henry, 
born 29th Jan. 1833 ; Elizabeth Agnes, born 
16th April 1837 ; Henrietta Fanny, born 1st 
July 1839. Publications — Address to the 
Students of Divinity in the Univ. of 
Edinburgh (Edinburgh, 1817); A Sermon 
preached after the Interment of the Rev. 
Alexander Ranken, D.D. (Glasgow, 1827) ; 
A Sermon on Cruelty to Animals (Edin- 
burgh, 1829); Early Piety, illustrated in 
the Life and Death of a Young Parishioner 
(Edinburgh, 1837) ; Letters of the late Mrs 
Isabella Graham, of New York [his aunt] 
(Edinburgh, 1839) ; Inward Revival (Edin- 
burgh, 1840). — [Anderson's Sketches; Kay's 
Portr. i. ; Memoir, by his son, 1857 ; Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 


1842 8t k ^ a y 18 03> eldest son of John 
T. (descended from the Drumelzier 
family) and Janet King ; educated at Univs. 
of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St Andrews; 
licen. by Presb. of Arbroath 1828 ; ord. to 
Scots Church, London Wall, 1832 ; trans, to 
South Parish, Aberdeen, 1836; trans, and 
adm. 10th March 1842. Joined the Free 
Church 1843; app. to assist Dr Chalmers 
in the work of the Free Church Sustenta- 
tion Fund ; convener of the same 1845-7 ; 
convener of the Foreign Mission Committee 
of the Free Church 1848-62; D.D. (St 
Andrews 1852); died 24th March 1863. 
He marr. 11th May 1835, Margaret (died 
3rd March 1885), daugh. of Hugh Bell of 
Old Garphor, Straiton, Ayrshire, and had 
issue— William, of Lettridk, born 31st Oct. 
1836, Major-General, C.S.I., served in Indian 
Mutiny, held numerous military and politi- 
cal appointments in India, Political Resident 

in Turkish Arabia, and H.M. Consul-General 
at Bagdad, died 18th Sept. 1914; John, 
Bengal Civil Service, born 30th July 1838, 
died 3rd May 1897; Maria Meredith, 
born 20th May 1841; Margaret Bell, 
born 4th Nov. 1843; Jessie Anne, born 
17th Sept. 1845. Publications — Man by 
Nature and Grace (Edinburgh, 1850); 
Lights and Shadotos in the Life of Faith 
(1852, 1857 ; and 5th ed., 1860, with title 
Pathways of many Pilgrims) ; A Lamp to 
the Path (1853) ; Glad Tidings (1853) ; The 
Hand of God in War (1854) ; Balm from 
Gilead (1854) ; The Gospel of other Days 
(1854); Man and his Money (1855); The 
Early Choice (1855 and 1861); Home, a 
Book for the Family (1857) ; The Rivers 
and Lakes of Scripture (1857) ; The Peace 
of God in the Words of Jesus (1858) ; The 
Parables of Our Lord (1861); Daily 
Devotion (1861); Satan as Revealed in 
Scripture (1862); The Life and Works of 
Earnest Men (1863) ; The Lakes and Rivers 
of the Bible (1864) ; The Psalms of David 
in Metre (1865) ; Youthful Diligence (1866) 
Eastern Manners and Customs (1870) 
Jerusalem, Pictorial and Descriptive (1871) 
Environs of Jerusalem (1871). — [Disruption 
Worthies, private information.] 

GEORGE SMITH, born 18th Feb. 
1844 1793 ' son °^ George S., D.D., min. 
of Galston ; educated at Glasgow 
Univ.; M.A. (1812); licen. by Presb. of 
Ayr 29th April 1818 ; ord. to Second Charge, 
Kilmarnock, 16th Sept. 1824 ; trans, to Pen- 
pont 16th April 1833; trans, to Tolbooth, 
Edinburgh, 15th Aug. 1844 ; D.D. (Glasgow 
1854) ; died at Waltham Abbey, Essex, 10th 
June 1866. He marr. 2nd Aug. 1825, Jane 
(died 20th June 1873), only daugh. of David 
Hogarth of Hilton, Berwickshire, and had 
issue — George Freer, born 9th March 1827, 
died in India; David Hogarth, indigo 
planter, born 4th May 1828, died in the 
Mauritius, 27th May 1846 ; Hamilton Lee, 
engineer-in-chief to the Khedive of Egypt, 
born 25th Dec. 1829, died 1889 ; Beatrice, 
born 21st Feb., died 2nd Sept. 1831; 
Walter Francis Montagu, captain Royal 
Artillery, born 13th Sept. 1834, died in 
London, 1873 ; Sir (William) Henry, Chief 



Superintendent of Police for the City of 
London 1885-90, and Commissioner 1890- 
1901, C.B. 1869, K.C.B. 1897, born 15th 
Dec. 1835. Publications — Two Dis- 
courses preached before the Presbytery of 
Edinburgh (1844) ; Sermon (preached before 
the Governors of George Heriot's Hospital) 
(1854); The Sunday Question (Edinburgh, 


[By the Annuity Tax Abolition Act, 23 
& 24 Vict., cap. 50 (1860), the whole rights 
of administration and custody of fifteen 
churches in Edinburgh, of which the Tol- 
booth was one, were transferred from the 
Magistrates and Town Council to the 
Ecclesiastical Commissioners. It was also 
enacted that the Annuity Tax which had 
been levied for the maintenance of the 
ministers of these churches should cease to 
be imposed, and that the Commissioners 
should, out of the moneys to be received by 
them in terms of the Act, make payment of 
stipend to one minister of each of thirteen 
of the churches above referred to. The 
Tolbooth was not one of those so provided 
for. The right of patronage or presenta- 
tion of ministers to five of these churches 
(of which the Tolbooth was one) was also 
transferred from the Magistrates and Coun- 
cil to the Commissioners, it being left to 
their discretion, on a vacancy occurring, to 
make a presentation or appointment either 
ad interim or permanent, or to make no 
presentation or appointment and to allow 
any charge becoming vacant to lapse and 
become extinct, as to them should seem 
most beneficial and expedient. On the 
death of Dr Smith in 1866, the Commis- 
sioners made no presentation or appoint- 
ment of a minister to the Tolbooth either 
ad interim or permanent. The parish, 
however, remained intact, and the Com- 
missioners sanctioned a temporary arrange- 
ment whereby two licentiates, in succession, 
undertook the duties of the charge. These 
were — Alexander Webster, afterwards min. 
of St David's, Edinburgh; and Joseph 
Hunter, afterwards min. of Cockburns- 

By the Annuity Tax Abolition Amend- 
ment Act, 33 & 34 Vict., cap. 87 (9th Aug. 
1870), it was provided that it- should not be 
competent to the Ecclesiastical Commis- 
sioners to nominate or present a minister to 
any of the five churches referred to above, 
and that these churches or charges should 
not be provided with ministers or " other- 
wise maintained as churches or charges 
endowed by law." A proviso was, however, 
inserted in the Act, that nothing contained 
in it should prevent the Tolbooth from being 
provided with a minister of the Church of 
Scotland, who should be paid or endowed 
from voluntary sources, and in the case of 
a permanent endowment from voluntary 
sources being obtained and provision made 
for maintaining the church, all in such 
manner as to warrant the erection and 
constitution of a church and parish quoad 
sacra, the Commissioners were authorised 
and required to concur so far as might be 
necessary on their part, in the proper pro- 
ceedings before the Court of Teinds to 
attain that object. 

In this state of matters the Edinburgh 
University Missionary Association volun- 
teered, under the energetic leadership of 
Professor Charteris, to carry on the paro- 
chial work and to furnish a considerable 
part of the salary if the Presbytery would 
agree to the appointment of a licentiate to 
act as missionary. The Presbytery agreed, 
and appointed Professor Charteris to ad- 
minister the sacraments. Peter Thomson 
(afterwards min. of Dunning) was chosen 
as parish missionary, and was succeeded 
by George Wilson (afterwards min. of St 
Michael's, Edinburgh). In 1873 the Tol- 
booth was erected a parish quoad sacra, 
and as now constituted contains the greater 
part of the old parish.] 

GEORGE WILSON, first min. of the 

18*78 P ar i s h quoad sacra, ord. 25th Sept. 

1873; trans, to Cramond 11th July 


THOMAS NICOL, trans, from Kells, 
18TO and adm. 30th Jan. 1879 ; res. 25th 
Oct. 1899, on app. as Professor of 
Divinity and Biblical Criticism in Aber- 
deen Univ. 




trans, from Garelochhead, and adm. 
3rd May 1900 ; trans, to Cambuslang 
24th June 1908. 


JAMES LUMSDEN, born Markinch, 
lgog Fife, 14th March 1864, son of 
Robert L., Fortrose, Ross-shire, and 
Jane Houston Hetherwick ; educated at 
Avoch School, Ross-shire, Grammar School 
and Univ. of Aberdeen (M.A. 5th April 
1884, B.D. 4th April 1887), and Bonn 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Chanonry 9th 
May 1887 ; assistant at St Stephen's, 
Broughty Ferry ; ord. to Grange 14th May 
1890; trans, and adm. 16th Feb. 1909. 
Marr. 4th March 1891, Alice Annie, daugh. 
of Thomas Morton Black, surveyor of taxes, 
Hamilton and Dundee, and Annie Nicol, 
and has issue — Dorothy Alice, born 16th 
Dec. 1891; Janet Amy, born 15th Feb. 
1893; Emily Mary, born 2nd May 1894; 
Margaret Grange, bom 21st March 1902. 

Collegiate, or Second Charge. 

[Uncollegiated by the Town Council, 26th 
Nov. 1828, and by the Presb., 10th Dec. 
1828, with a view to the erection of St 

JOHN OSWALD, trans, from Aberdeen ; 

1648 pres - k y tne Town Council 1st Nov. 

1643, and adm. before the close of 

the year ; trans, to Prestonpans in 1648. — 

[Edin. Counc. Reg., Acts of Ass.] 

1668 O^ell > elected by the Town Coun- 
cil 28th Oct. 1663; trans, to New- 
battle in 1667.— [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

WILLIAM GARDYNE, elected by the 

1668 Town Council 7th Aug. ; ord. and 

coll. 22nd Oct. 1668; trans, to the 

First Charge in 1686.— [Edin. Counc. Reg., 

Reg. Collat.] 

THOMAS WILKIE, M.A.; trans, from 

1Q87 North Leith ; elected by the Town 

Council 11th Aug. 1687. He was the 

only min. of the city not superseded at the 

Revolution and was appointed to Greyfriars 

23rd Jan. 1691. Being requested to waive 
his appointment, he replied, "he would 
very readily obey the good town, provided 
his legal right as one of the min. of Edin- 
burgh was not prejudged." The Council 
then offered him the meeting-house in the 
Castle-hill, which he declined, as it was not 
one of the legal churches of the city, to 
which he considered himself to have an 
undoubted claim. He was trans, to Lady 
Yester's 30th Oct. 1601.— [Edin. Counc. 

JAMES WEBSTER, of Fife origin; 
1698 educated at Univ. of St Andrews ; 
suffered during earlier life for his 
religious opinions, being imprisoned no 
fewer than three times; ord. to Liberton 
1688 ; trans, to Whitekirk 1691 ; called 23rd 
Nov. 1692; trans, and adm. 1693. He 
scrupled to take the Oath of Abjuration 
in 1712; had a process instituted against 
him before the Lord Ordinary (Grange), 
same year, by the celebrated Dr Archibald 
Pitcairne, for calling him an atheist, which 
was amicably settled. He opposed giving 
toleration to Episcopalians. Died 18th May 
1720, aged 61, and buried in Greyfriars. 
He took an active part in favour of the 
prosecution of Professor Simson of Glasgow 
in 1717, and in connection with the case 
worked himself into such an extremity of 
passion, that there was a probability of his 
being deposed by the Assembly at their 
next sitting, had he not tendered an apology. 
He marr. (1) Margaret Keir, who was buried 
in Greyfriars, 12th April 1698 : (2) Dec. 1698, 
Mary, daugh. of Dr James Stewart : (3) 
Sept. 1703, Agnes, daugh. of Alex. Menzies 
of Culteiallers, advocate, and had issue — 
Alexander, min. of the Tolbooth Parish in 
1737 ; Mary (marr. 6th Jan. 1724, Ebenezer 
Erskine, min. of Portmoak); Ann (marr. 
28th May 1732, James Grant, merchant. 
Edinburgh). Publications— A Discourse, 
demonstrating that the Government of the 
Church is Fixed, and not Ambulatory (Edin- 
burgh, 1701); A Discourse on the Govern- 
ment of the Church (Edinburgh, 1701); An 
Essay on Toleration (1703) ; An Apology 
for his Sermon (1703) ; Sacramental Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1705); Three Poems 




(Edinburgh, 1706) ; A Sermon at the Elec- 
tion of Magistrates (Edinburgh, 1706); 
The Covenants Displayed (Edinburgh, 
1707); Lawful Prejudices against the 
Union (Edinburgh, 1707); The Author 
Defended [reply to Daniel Defoe] (Edin- 
burgh, 1707) ; Second Defence of the Author 
(1707); Select Sermons (Edinburgh, 1723); 
The Wicked Life of Haman (Edinburgh, 
1740). — [Edin. Counc., Test., and Beg. (Marr. 
and Bur.); Wodrow's Anal., iii. ; Boston's 
and Webster's Mem.; Edin. Chr. Inst., 
xxiii. ; Carlyle's Autob. ; Kay's Portr., ii. 
See Some Tears from the South for the 
Death of Mr James Webster (1720).] 

1721 kurgh, 16th July 1698); adm. min. 
of Crailing 10th June 1708 ; refused 
the Oath of Abjuration 1712; deputed to 
congratulate George I. on his accession ; 
was successful in obtaining a modification 
of the aforesaid Oath, 1717 ; called 30th 
Aug. and 17th Nov. 1720 ; trans, and adm. 
22nd Jan. 1721 ; one of His Majesty's 
Chaplains in Ordinary, and Dean of the 
Chapel Royal 1726 ; died 27th March 1764. 
He marr. (1) 24th July 1711, Ann, daugh. 
of Adam Tait of Howden : (2) 13th May 
1718, Ann, daugh. of Robert Hepburn of 
Whitburgh, and had issue — Robert; Jane, 
died 1795; Elizabeth, died 1792; John.— 
[Edin. Counc. Peg. ; Wodrow's Corresp., ii.; 
Morren's Ann., i. ; Fraser's Life of P. 
Er shine, Carlyle's Autob.'] 

17Q5 of Patrick P., min. of Saline ; licen. 
by Presb. of Kincardine-O'Neil 6th 
Oct. 1731 ; ord. to Ormiston 20th Sept. 
1732; trans, to Dalkeith 7th Oct. 1746; 
pres. by the Town Council 15th Aug. 1764 ; 
trans, and adm. 30th Jan. 1765; died 26th 
April 1779. He marr. 6th Sept. 1743, Helen 
(died 25th March 1796), daugh. of Matthew 
Simson, min. of Pencaitland, and had issue 
— Alison, born 20th Jan. 1745; Patrick, 
born 10th July 1746 ; Jean, born 16th Oct. 
1749 (marr. Thomas Sellar of Westfield); 
Helen, born 18th Aug. 1753; Janet, born 
10th Nov. 1755; Robert, hosier in Edin- 
burgh, born 18th March 1759. Publication 

— Religion a Treasure to Men and the 
Strength and Glory of a Nation, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1754). — [Edin. Counc. Peg. ; 
Kay's Portr., i.] 

JOHN KEMP, born 1745, son of David 
1Wg K., min. of Gask ; educated at Univ. 
of St Andrews ; licen. by Presb. of 
Auchterarder 7th Feb. 1769 ; ord. to Trinity 
Gask, 4th April 1770 ; trans, to New Grey- 
friars 19th Dec. 1776 ; trans, and adm. 25th 
Nov. 1779 ; secretary to the Society in 
Scotland for Propagating Christian Know- 
ledge, 1789; D.D. (Harvard Univ., Cam- 
bridge, U.S.A., 1793); died 18th April 
1805. He marr. (1) 2nd Oct. 1780, Beatrix 
(died 12th March 1796), daugh. of Andrew 
Simpson, merchant, Edinburgh, and had 
issue — David of Balsusney, born 13th Sept. 
1781; Agnes, born 18th Aug. 1783; Jane, 
born 24th Sept. 1784, died 24th Aug. 1794 ; 
Robert, born 22nd July 1790, died 5th Sept. 
1790 : (2) 2nd June 1797, Lady Mary Anne 
Carnegie (died 11th Aug. 1798), youngest 
daugh. of George, Earl of Northesk : (3) 
26th Aug. 1799, Lady Elizabeth Hope 
(died 17th Sept. 1801, aged 33), seventh 
daugh. of John, Earl of Hopetoun. 
Publications — The Gospel adapted to the 
State and Circumstances of Man, a sermon, 
to which are added Facts serving to illus- 
trate the Character of Thomas, Earl of 
Kinnoull (Edinburgh, 1788); Account of 
the Society in Scotland for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge (Edinburgh, 1796); 
Observations on the Islands of Shetland 
(Edinburgh, 1801); The Character of the 
Apostle Paul in some of its Features, 
Delineated (Edinburgh, 1802).— [Douglas's 
Peer. ; Kay's Portr., i., 282.] 


JOHN CAMPBELL, born Glasgow, 
24th May 1758, son of Daniel C, 
merchant; educated at Grammar 
School and Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 1st Aug. 1781 ; chaplain 
to Willielma, Lady Glenorchy, 1782 ; ord. 
to Kippen 8th May 1783 ; pres. by the Town 
Council 31st July; trans, and adm. 24th 
Oct. 1805 ; secretary to the Society in 
Scotland for Propagating Christian Know- 
ledge, 1806; D.D. (Edinburgh, 10th Jan. 



1807); Moderator of Assembly 21st May 
1818; died 30th Aug. 1828. He marr. 
(1) 29th Feb. 1788, Christian (died 23rd 
April 1796), daugh. of Dr Robert Innes of 
Giffordvale : (2) 15th Oct. 1801, Jean (died 
1st Jan. 1838, aged 67), daugh. of Thomas 
Kinnear, banker, Edinburgh, and had 
issue— Daniel, born 23rd Nov. 1803, died 
14th Nov. 1809 1 Elizabeth, born 31st May 
1806; Mary, born 27th Jan. 1808 (marr. 
James Barclay Mellis, min. of Tealing); 
Jane, born 30th Dec. 1810 ; Margaret, born 
12th May 1814 (marr. Charles James 
Kerr) ; Jane (marr. John Gordon Lorimer, 
D.D., min. of St David's, Glasgow. Pub- 
lications — Reflections on the Death of H.R.H. 
Princess Charlotte (Edinburgh, 1817); The 
Acclamation of the Redeemed, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1818); A Sermon after the 
Interment of Robert Balfour, D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 1818) ; Account of Kippen (Sinclair's 
Stat. Ace, xviii., xxi.). — [Lorimer's Fun. 
Serm., Haldane's Mem.] 


[Originally founded in 1462 as a collegiate 
church by Queen Mary of Gueldres, widow 
of James II., though only choir and tran- 
septs were erected. In 1584 it became 
the church for the North-East Quarter of 
the city. The Town Council, 14th Jan. 
1595, "caused make ane loft in the east 
end fit for the students and regents of 
the Town's College in the Kirk-of-Field." 
The interior was greatly damaged by 
Cromwell's troops in Nov. 1650, but was 
restored in 1653. Of decorated Gothic, 
displaying exceeding grace of execution, 
it was almost the only large illustration of 
the Scottish Gothic which gave promise 
of being developed with distinctive features 
of peculiar excellence. In 1848 this 
venerable edifice was sold to the North 
British Railway Co. for about £18,000. 
The stones were carefully numbered and 
laid aside with a view to the church 
being rebuilt on a new site. Unfortunately 
the Town Council did not carry that out, 
but placed many obstacles in the way, with 
the hope apparently that the congregation 

would disappear and the church should not 
be needed. Despite many difficulties the 
members held loyally together and steadily 
increased, till in 1873, when the new church 
was opened, there were over 800 on the roll. 
All that remained of the stones were built 
into the apse. Long litigation before the 
Court ended in a judgment of the House 
of Lords, who reversed a decision of the 
Court of Session that all the money must 
be spent on the new church, and allowed 
only £7000. For a time the congrega- 
tion met in the Calton Convening Rooms, 
a place too small to hold all the com- 
municants. Afterwards the kirk-session 
hired the AVaterloo Rooms, at a rent of 
£70, which the Town Council refused to 
pay, but soon after sent them to worship 
in John Knox's Free Church, at a rent 
of £400 a year. After three years there, in 
1861 the congregation removed to a part 
of St Giles, where they remained until 
the new church was opened.] 

1Q ^ CANQUHALL], is almost certain 
to have been born at Balcanquhal, 
Strathmiglo, probably in 1548 (cf. Sib- 
bald's List of Heritors). After studying 
at St Andrews, he was exhorter at Aber- 
dour in 1571, and entered St Giles on 
Whit Sunday 1574. At that time he is 
described in James Melvill's Diary 
(Wodrow Society, p. 41) as "ane honest, 
upright-hearted young man, latlie enteret 
to the ministerie of Edinburgh." He was 
elected to the chaplaincy of the Altar 
called Jesus, 20th Nov. 1579. Having 
preached against the influence of the 
French at Court, 7th Dec. 1580, he was 
called before the Privy Council, 9th Jan. 
1581, and admonished. He attended the 
Earl of Morton on the eve of his execu- 
tion, 1581. He opposed the Acts of Parlia- 
ment of 1584, and was obliged to flee for 
safety to Berwick-on-Tweed [while here, 
his wife along with Mrs Lawson ad- 
dressed to the Archbishop a long and 
most extraordinary letter of rebuke and 
vituperation (Calderwood, iv., 126 ; P. C. 
Reg., iii., 691) ], but on returning after the 
storm had passed, came once more into 




royal favour. On 2nd Jan. 1586 he 
preached before the King (though James 
"rebuked him from his seat in the loft" 
for some of his opinions) ; he attended the 
coronation of Queen Anne, 17th May 1590. 
In 1596 his bold utterances again brought 
him into conflict with the sovereign, and a 
warrant having been issued, again he 
escaped to Yorkshire. He demitted in 
May 1597, in order to admit of new 
parochial divisions of the city, and on 
18th April 1598 he was admitted to this 
charge. On 10th Sept. 1600 he was called 
before the Privy Council for questioning 
the genuineness of the Gowrie Conspiracy, 
but, professing to be satisfied with its 
reality, he was dismissed. He was a 
member of the Assembly of 1602. Along 
with Robert Pont he took protestation at 
the cross of Edinburgh, in name of the 
whole Kirk, against the verdict of the 
Assize finding the brethren who met in 
Gen. Assembly at Aberdeen guilty of 
treason. For condemning the proceedings 
of the Gen. Assembly, 1610, he was again 
called before the Privy Council, and 
admonished. Falling into bad health, he 
ceased preaching, 16th July 1616, and died 
4th Aug. 1617. He bequeathed 1000 
merks towards the stipend of a Professor 
of Divinity in the Univ. of Edinburgh. 
He marr. Margaret, daugh. of James 
Marjoribanks, merchant, in right of whom 
he entered burgess and guild-brother of 
the city, 15th Feb. 1591, and had issue 
— Robert, min. of Tranent; Walter, D.D., 
Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1611, 
chaplain to James VI., Dean of Rochester 
1624, Dean of Durham 1639, one of the 
executors of George Heriot, and author 
of the Statutes for the regulation of 
Heriot's Hospital, born 1586, died 25th 
Dec. 1645 ; John ; Samuel, bapt. 11th Jan. 
1595-6 ; Katherine (marr., pro. 30th Sept. 
1601, Nicol Udward, Dean of Guild, Edin- 
burgh) ; Rachel (marr., pro. 31st Oct. 
1605, John Makcubine, merchant, Edin- 
burgh) ; Sara ; Margaret ; Libra. {Edin. 
Com. Bee. Dec., 20th Nov. 1592-3); Anna 
(G. B. Inhib., viii., 384).— [Edin. Counc., 
Guild, and Beg. (Bapt.) ; Steven's Mem. 
of HeHot, Booke of the Kirk, Craufurd's 

Univ. Edin., MelviU's Autob., Diet. Nat. 

THOMAS SYDSERFF, M.A., formerly 
1626 of ^ fc Giles; adm - 26th Jan. 1626; 
trans, to the Deanery of Edinburgh 
in 1634; Bishop of Brechin 1634; Bishop 
of Galloway 1635 ; Bishop of Orkney 1662 
(q.v.).—[Edin. Counc. Beg. ; Orig. Lett., ii. ; 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

1689 ^ rom Cramond; pres. by the Town 
Council 14th Jan. 1639, and adm. 
soon afterwards. In the same year he 
was sent by the Covenanters to solicit 
the aid of the King of France against the 
despotic proceedings of Charles I. On 
his way through England his papers were 
seized, and he was incarcerated at New- 
castle till the victory of the Scots at 
Newburn, when he was released, Aug. 
1640. On the new parochial division, 
Dec. 1641, he was removed to the Tron 
Parish.— [Edin. Counc. Beg.] 

ROBERT LAURIE, son of Joseph L., 
1644 min. of Perth ; M.A. (St Andrews 
1636); ord. to Perth 11th May 
1641 ; pres. by the Town Council 25th 
Dec. 1643; trans, and adm. 29th March 
1644 ; trans, to the Tron Parish in 1648 ; 
trans, to the High Kirk Parish 1662, and 
being the only min. of the city who con- 
formed to Episcopacy was popularly known 
as "The Nest Egg." In 1672 he became 
Bishop of Brechin, but returned to this 
charge in 1674. 

-^ g KAILE], min. of Percietown [Presb. 
of Irvine] 1633 ; trans, to Irvine 
1642 ; elected by the Town Council, trans, 
and adm. after 12th Oct. 1649 ; died March 
1660. He marr. Sybella Stevenson (died 
between 9th March 1665 and 26th Sept. 
1666), and had issue — Matthew, medical 
writer, M.D., Aberdeen, 1657-96 [see Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] ; Margaret (marr., pro. 2nd Sept. 
1653, George Dickson, merchant, burgess 
of Edinburgh). — [Edin. Counc., Test., and 
Canongate Beg. (Bur.)', Mackaile's Ser- 




mon, Lamont's Diary ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Steven's Mem. of Heriot, Kirkton's Hist.] 

[JOHN GLENNIE, assistant to the col- 
legiate min. ; app. by the Town Council 
13th Feb. 1661, and probably ordained, as he 
is styled "some time min. of Edinburgh," 
when he was admitted burgess and guild- 
brother, 10th Aug. 1687. He went to 
Ireland, and on 6th Sept. 1667 was Dean 
of Cashel and Prebendary of St Michael's, 
Dublin (Reg. of Deeds, Mack., 21st Jan. 

1662 Andrews, 1633) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Kirkcaldy; min. of Auchtertool 
17th Feb. 1642; trans, to Kinghorn 26th 
June 1651 ; elected by the Town Council 
6th Oct., trans, and adm. 5th Nov. 1662 ; 
died 2nd April 1673, aged about 60. He 
marr. Helen Wood (who died 13th July 
1672, and was buried beside him in Grey- 
friars), and had issue — Andrew, min. of 
Mertoun. — [Edin. Gounc., Guild, and Test. 
Reg. (Dunbl.) ; Lamont's and Nicoll's 
Diaries, Wodrow's Hist.] 

ANDREW CANT, trans, from Liber- 
ies * on > P res " ky tne Town Council, 
and adm. after 9th April 1673. In 
the following year a complaint was made 
to the Privy Council of Cant's "insolent 
carriage and expressions," upon which he 
was removed from his ministry in Edin- 
burgh, and confined to Liberton "till the 
King's further pleasure." Reponed in 1675, 
and trans, to the High Kirk Parish same 
year. — [Edin. Gounc. Reg., Kirkton's and 
Wodrow's Hists., Pratt's Buchan.] 

ROBERT LAURIE, M.A., Bishop of 
16?4 Brechin, who had been min. in 1644, 
was appointed, 16th July 1674, "to 
preach ordinarily." He died March 1678, 
aged about 72. — [Wodrow's Hist., ii. ; 
Keith's Gated.] 

ANDREW CANT, younger son of 

16?9 Alexander O, min. of Banchory- 

Ternan ; M.A. (Aberdeen, 6th March 

1668); licen. by George, Bishop of Edin- 

burgh ; ord. to Second Charge, Leith, 30th 
Jan. 1671 ; elected by the Town Council 
27th Jan. 1679 ; trans, and adm. soon after- 
wards. Deprived 26th April 1689, for not 
reading the Proclamation disowning James 
VII., and acknowledging William and 
Mary. Consecrated Bishop of the Non- 
jurant Church, Glasgow, 17th Oct. 1722 ; 
died 21st April 1730, in his 81st year. He 
marr. Margaret, second daugh. of James 
Thomson, clerk of Exchequer, and widow 
of William Stevenson, merchant (Prot. 
Book of JSneas Macleod, v., 172, 21st Nov. 
1694). A daugh., Jean (marr., pro. 13th 
Oct. 1700, John Gordon, merchant, burgess 
of Edinburgh). Publications — Sermon 
preached on the 30th day of January, 1702/3 
[Anniversary of the execution of Charles 
I.] (Edinburgh, 1703, 1704) ; and another 
on the same Anniversary (Edinburgh, 
1715). — [Edin. Gounc. and Reg. (Marr. 
and Bur.) ; Monro's Apology ; Acts Pari., 
ix. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 6303 ; Wodrow's Anal., 
iii. ; Pratt's Buchan.] 

HEW KENNEDY, of Easter Inch, Bath- 
1689 ^ ate » educated at Glasgow and St 
Andrews; M.A. (Glasgow 1641); 
ord. to Mid-Calder 13th April 1643; a 
member of the Commission of Assembly 
1648 ; assisted in forming the Protesting 
Presb. 6th Aug. 1651 ; deprived at the 
Restoration of Episcopacy 1660; returned 
to Mid-Calder at the Toleration, 1687, but 
was called to Edinburgh 22nd July same 
year, and settled (in a meeting-house) ; 
adm. to this charge 24th July 1689 ; 
Moderator of the first General Assembly 
after the Revolution, 16th Oct. 1690, " and 
managed their business with great tact." 
Died 25th April 1692, aged about 71, and 
was buried in Greyfriars, Edinburgh. He 
marr. (1) Margaret Buchanan, who died 
before 1662 (G. R. Inhib., 15th March 
1665), and had issue— John, born 1654 
(Edin. Sas., i., 409) : (2) 6th June 1662, 
Margaret, daugh. of Joseph Douglas and 
Jean Sandilands, grand-daugh. of Lord 
Torphichen, and had issue — Jean (marr. 
Hugh Campbell) ; John, born 18th March 
1649 ; Hew, born 25th Nov. 1652 ; Thomas, 
born 18th Nov. 1654 ; Margaret, born 15th 




Feb. 1657 ; William, born 7th March 1658 ; 
James, of Muirhousedykes.— [Edin. Counc. 
and Guild Beg., Leven and Melv. Pap.; 
Gen. Ass., 1690 ; S. Presb. Eloq. ; M'Call's 
Midcalder, Warrick's Moderators.'] 

JOHN MONCKEIFF, son of Alex. M., 
16g2 min. of Scoonie ; M.A. (St Andrews, 
25th July 1668) ; denounced for hold- 
ing conventicles 1682 ; min. of Prestonpans 
1687; called 15th Jan. 1692; trans, and 
adm. shortly afterwards ; died at Rumgally, 
Fife, 25th Nov. 1709, aged above 40. He 
marr. (1) Mary Gregg, buried in Greyfriars, 
4th Oct. 1698 : (2) (pro. 6th Aug. 1699) Janet, 
daugh. of John Mitchell of Balbairdie. — 
[Acts Pari., xi.] 

JAMES BANNATINE, educated at 
Univ. of Edinburgh; tutor in the 
family of Eobert Dundas, Cord 
Arniston ; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 
26th Oct. 1703; ord. to Whittingehame 
19th June 1707; app. by the Presb. 21st 
July, trans, and adm. 10th Oct. 1714 ; 
Moderator of Assembly 10th May 1739; 
died 10th April 1756, in his 82nd year. 
He marr. 19th March 1708, Katherine, 
daugh. of Hugh Blair, Dean of Guild, 
Edinburgh, and had issue — Hugh, min. of 
Dirleton; George, min. of the Wynd 
Church, Glasgow ; Elizabeth (marr. Andrew 
Shaw, min. of St Madoes); Katherine 
(marr. Hugh Blair, D.D., min. of St 
Giles); Grizel. Publications — An Essay 
on Gospel and Legal Preaching (Edin- 
burgh, 1723) ; Mistakes about Religion 
amongst the Causes of our Defection from 
the Spirit of the Gospel (Edinburgh, 1737) ; 
Peace and Truth (1738).— [Finlay son's and 
Hill's Lives of Blair ; Kay's Portr., i. ; 
Warrick's Moderators.] 

HENRY LUNDIE, son of Archibald 
1*758 k.> niin. of Saltoun ; educated at 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. 
of Haddington 24th June 1740; ord. to 
Monzie 10th May 1743 ; trans, to Abercorn 
24th Sept. 1747; called 13th Aug. 1756; 
trans, and adm. 15th June 1758; dem. 
29th Jan. 1799; died 1st Jan. 1800. He 
marr. 7th Dec. 1749, Christian (died 10th 


Nov. 1810), daugh. of John Menzies, 
physician, Dumfries, and had issue — 
Archibald, W.S., born 22nd Dec. 1751, 
died 4th May 1841 ; John, born 1st Dec. 
1755 ; Margaret, born 4th May 1757, died 
20th Dec. 1759; Robert, born 13th June 
1760, died 1st June 1767.— [Kay's Portr., 
ii. ; Moncreiff's Life of Erskine ; Morren's 
Ann., ii.] 

DAVID DICKSON, trans, from Canon- 

1799 £ a ^ e Chapel-of-Ease ; pres. by the 

Town Council, and adm. 21st March 

1799; trans, to New North Parish 26th 

Nov. 1801. 

ROBERT ANDERSON, trans, from 

1802 Eastwood ; elected by the Town 

Council 27th Jan., pres. 17th Feb., 

and adm. 16th July 1802 ; trans, to Old 

Greyfriars 12th Jan. 1804. 

THOMAS MACKNIGHT, trans, from 
Second Charge, South Leith ; elected 
by the Town Council 2nd Feb., and 

adm. 21st June 1804 ; trans, to Old Kirk 

Parish 15th May 1810. 

ANDREW GRANT, D.D.; trans, from 

1810 Ganongate; elected by the Town 

Council 6th June, and adm. 11th 

Oct. 1810; trans, to St Andrew's Parish 

14th Jan. 1813. 

WALTER TAIT, born 1771, fifth son 
1818 °^ WiUiam T., merchant, Glasgow, 
and nephew of Admiral Viscount 
Duncan ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
M.A. (1786); min. of Lundie and Foulis 
1795-7, of Tealing 1797-1813; elected by 
the Town Council 27th Jan., pres. 16th 
June, trans, and adm. 25th Nov. 1813. 
He adopted the teaching of Campbell of 
Row, and Edward Irving, and in 1833 the 
Presb. reported to the General Assembly 
that he " had given countenance to certain 
extraordinary interruptions of public wor- 
ship in his church on the Monday im- 
mediately after the Communion, by a 
person [Thomas Carlyle, Edinburgh] pre- 
tending to speak in the Spirit." The 
General Assembly expressed "their high 
disapprobation of these disorders and ir- 
regularities," and remitted the case to the 




Presb. Tait was dep. 22nd Oct. 1833. 
He became pastor of the congregation in 
Edinburgh belonging to the Catholic 
Apostolic Church, and continued till his 
death, 22nd Feb. 1841. He marr. (1) 29th 
Oct. 1800, Jane (died 21st June 1812), 
daugh. of John Waugh, merchant, London, 
and had issue — Anne Elizabeth, born 5th 
Jan. 1802 ; Adam Duncan, min. of Kirklis- 
ton ; John Waugh, born 29th July 1805, 
died 14th Sept. 1814 ; Robert and William, 
born 15th May 1807, both of whom entered 
the Church of England, the latter becoming 
vicar of Wakefield, Yorkshire : (2) 12th Jan. 
1816, Mary Tennant (died at Bathgate, 28th 
Aug. 1845), widow of James Robertson, 
solicitor. Publications — Two single Ser- 
mons (Dundee, 1809-11). — [Anderson's 
Sketches ; Acts of Ass., 1833 ; Haldane's 
Mem., etc.] 

1884 Hamilton, 2nd Oct. 1805, eldest 
son of Charles C, merchant, and 
Helen Cunningham (no relative); edu- 
cated at Duns Academy (he was then 
living at Cheeklaw) and Edinburgh Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Duns 2nd Dec. 1828; 
assistant at Middle Parish, Greenock ; ord. 
there (assistant and successor) 15th Oct. 
1831 ; pres. by the Town Council 30th Oct. 
1833; adm. 16th Jan. 1834; D.D. (Prince- 
ton, New Jersey, 1842). Joined the Free 
Church; Professor of Divinity, New Col- 
lege, Edinburgh, 1843 ; Professor of Church 
History, New College, 1845; Principal of 
New College, 1847 ; Moderator of the Free 
Church General Assembly 19th May 1859 ; 
died 14th Dec. 1861. He marr. 15th July 
1834, Janet (died 2nd March 1888), daugh. 
of John Denniston of Greenock and 
Jean Fairrie, and had issue — Janet, born 
7th June 1835 (marr. George Carphin, 
banker, Dunkeld), died 23rd Jan. 1913; 
Helen, born 14th April 1837 (marr. Robert 
Mackenzie, Dundee), died 15th Nov. 1865; 
William, born 15th Sept. 1839, died 16th 
Oct. 1843; Jane Fairrie, born 4th May 
1841, died 29th Dec. 1894 ; John Dennis- 
ton, M.D., born 11th Dec. 1842, died 20th 
Aug. 1871 ; Charles Gordon, merchant, born 

VOL. I. 

9th July 1845, died 12th Dec. 1894 ; Andrew 
Blackadder, born 1st Aug. 1846, died 14th 
Sept. 1852; William Robertson, born 9th 
Sept. 1848, died 13th June 1849 ; Archibald, 
merchant, born 26th Dec. 1849, died 12th 
Feb. 1892 ; Elizabeth, born 3rd April 1851, 
died 6th Sept. 1852 ; Mary Anne, born 7th 
Jan. 1853. Publications — Reply to the 
Statement of Certain Ministers and Elders, 
published in Answer to Dr Chalmers' Con- 
ference (Edinburgh, 1837); Speech on the 
Independence of the Church (Edinburgh, 
1839); Letter to John Hope (Edinburgh, 
1839) ; Tracts On the Intrusion of Ministers 
(Edinburgh, 1839); Defence of the Eights 
of the Christian People in the Appointment 
of Ministers (Edinburgh, 1840) ; Strictures 
on the Rev. James Robertson's Observations 
upon the Veto Act (Edinburgh, 1840); Letters 
on the Church Question in Answer to Mr 
Robertson of Ellon (Edinburgh, 1842); Anim- 
adversions on Sir William Hamilton's 
pamphlet, " Be not Schismatics," etc. (Edin- 
burgh, 1843); edited Bruce 's Sermons and 
Life (Edinburgh, 1843) ; Introduction and 
Notes to Stillingfleet's Doctrines and 
Practices of the Church of Rome (1845) ; 
The Unchangedbleness of Christ, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1853) ; The Reformers, and the 
Theology of the Reformation (Edinburgh, 
1862); Historical Theology, 2 vols. (Edin- 
burgh, 1863); Discussions on Church 
Principles, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1863); 
Sermons, edited by J. J. Bonar (1872); 
Theological Lectures, edited by Thomas 
Smith, D.D. (1878). — [Life, by Robert 
Rainy, D.D., and James Mackenzie (1871) ; 
Disruption Worthies; Smith's Scot. 
Clergy, iii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

WILLIAM STEVEN, born Peebles, 
184 ^ 22nd Nov. 1796, only son of James 
S., builder, Edinburgh, and Janet, 
daugh. of Andrew Ritchie, farmer, Wood- 
house, Manor, and sister of William 
Ritchie, min. of Athelstaneford ; edu- 
cated at the school of his uncle, Robert 
Steven, Edinburgh, and at the High School ; 
entered Edinburgh Univ. 1814; M.A. 
(1822); licen. by Presb. of Peebles 24th 
Sept. 1822; tutor to family of Grant of 




Glenmoriston ; ord. by Presb. of Abertaff as 
assistant to James Anderson, D.D., min. of 
Second Charge of the Scottish Church, 
Rotterdam, 9th April 1862 ; adm. to Second 
Charge 8th March 1829, and later became 
sole min. ; elected by the Governors head- 
master of Heriot's Hospital and inspector of 
the Heriot Foundation Schools, April 1839 ; 
D.D. (Leyden 1839) ; pres. by Town Council, 
and ind. 28th Dec. 1843; died 2nd April 
1857. He marr. 6th Oct. 1830, Margaret 
(died at Twickenham, 10th Nov. 1865), 
daugh. of George Gibson, merchant, 
Rotterdam, and had issue — Elizabeth 
Mary Gibson, born 19th Nov. 1836, died 
unmarr. ; Jessie Ritchie, born 31st Jan. 
1838 (marr. John Moodie, min. of 
Chryston and of Kippen); George Heriot, 
born 23rd July 1839, died in Australia; 
Isabella Martin, born 9th Nov. 1840, died 
unmarr. ; William Ritchie, insurance 
manager, London, born 1st April 1842. 
Publications — History of the Scottish 
Church, Rotterdam, to which are subjoined 
Notices of the other British Churches in 
the Netherlands (Edinburgh, 1833); to 
this was appended a "Brief View of the 
Dutch Ecclesiastical Establishment," after- 
wards enlarged and published separately; 
Memoirs of George Heriot, with the History 
of the Hospital (Edinburgh, 1845) ; History 
of the High School (Edinburgh, 1849) ; Pro- 
gressive Geography (Edinburgh, 1841), of 
which later editions were enlarged and 
issued in parts. — [Biographical Sketch, by 
Thomas Murray, LL.D.] 

WILLIAM SMITH, trans, from Lauder 
leE t- and adm. 25th Dec. 1857; trans, to 
North Leith (assistant and successor) 
15th March 1860. 

ROBERT WALLACE, M.A. ; trans, from 
i860 Newton-on-Ayr, and adm. 21st Dec. 
1860; trans, to Old Greyfriars 26th 
Dec. 1868. 

CORNELIUS GIFFEN, trans, from 
18Q9 Dailly, and adm. 13th May 1869; 
trans, to St Mary's, Edinburgh, 11th 
Jan. 1872. 

THOMAS GENTLES, M.A. ; ord. assist- 
?2 ant at Alloa, adm. 18th April 1872 ; 
trans, to Paisley Abbey (First Charge) 
20th Dec. 1878. 

1879 ^ een 25t ^ March 1840, son of John 
K. and Mary Hardie ; educated at 
Univs. of Aberdeen and Glasgow ; M.A. 
(King's College, Aberdeen, 1859); licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 1865; assistant at 
Kilmun; ord. to Stewarton 14th May 
1865; trans, and adm. 13th May 1879; 
D.D. (Edinburgh 1906); died 13th April 
1908. He marr. 8th May 1866, Susannah 
Simpson (died 14th Jan. 1908), daugh. of 
Alexander Ralston and Margaret Mac- 
Dougal, and had issue — Margaret, born 10th 
Feb. 1867; John, born 11th April 1869, 
died 4th Jan. 1910 ; Susannah, M.A., born 
23rd Oct. 1870 (marr. David Paterson, 
min. of U.F. Church, Restalrig); Mary, 
born 19th April 1872 (marr. John Henry 
Dickie, min. of New Kilpatrick); Mac- 
Dougal, major, Royal Engineers, Egyptian 
Army, born 20th Dec. 1874; Alexander, 
mining engineer, born 25th Aug. 1876; 
William, architect, born 5th May 1878; 
Thomas, teacher, born 11th June 1883. 

WILLIAM MAIN, born Paisley 27th 
190Q July 1867, son of John M. and Jane 
Shepherd ; educated at schools in 
Glasgow and Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by 
Presb. of Lorn 12th May 1891 ; assistant at 
Alexandria, Dumbartonshire ; ord. to Middle 
Pariah, Perth, 21st July 1892 ; trans, to An- 
woth 31st July 1902 ; trans, and adm. 20th 
Dec. 1906 ; app. clerk of the Presb. 3rd Dec. 
1913. He marr. 17th Nov. 1892, Annie, 
daugh. of Robert Macnaughton and Mar- 
garet Campbell, and has issue — Margaret 
Mary, born 20th Feb. 1894; William 
Robert, born 24th May 1900. Publications 
— Man's Dominion, its Nature and Limits, 
a sermon (Perth, 1893); Charles William- 
son, Founder of Bath, NY. (Perth, 1899). 

Collegiate, or Second Charge. 

[The Town Council having resolved (31st 
Jan. 1781) to erect St Andrew's Church in 




the New Town, this charge was discon- 
tinued at the vacancy of 24th Aug. 1782.] 

GEORGE ROBERTSON, son of Patrick 
R., burgess of Edinburgh (G. R. 
1597 Inhib., 28th March 1622); regent 
in the Univ. ; was on the Exercise 20th 
June 1592; elected by the Commissioners 
of the General Assembly at Falkland, and 
adm. 6th June 1597. This having been 
considered informal, he was readm. 18th 
April 1598. He died before 20th July 1604. 
He marr. (cont. 24th Aug. 1598) Margaret, 
eldest daugh. of William Pringle, tailor, 
burgess of Edinburgh {Reg. of Deeds, lxix.), 
and had issue— Bessie, bapt. 9th May 1599 
(marr. David French); Katherine, bapt. 
13th July 1600, died before 1612. Publica- 
tion — Vitce et Mortis D. Roberti Rolloci 
Scoti Narratio (Edinburgh, 1599).— [Edin. 
Counc. and St Cutkbert's Sess. Regs. (Bapt.) ; 
Rollock's Set. Works, Bruce's Sermons 
(Life), Craufurd's Hist. Univ. Edin., Reg. 
Assig., Spottiswood's and Calderwood's 
Hists., Murray's Life of Rutherford.'] 

JOHN MAXWELL, M.A.; trans, from 

1Q2 _ New Church; app. by the Town 

Council 25th Nov. 1625; trans, to 

Old Kirk Parish 1626.— [Edin. Counc. Reg., 

Murray's Life of Rutherford.'] 

HENRY ROLLOCK, M.A.; trans, from 
le2 _ Kilconquhar; elected 2nd, and pres. 
by the Town Council 16th Jan. 1628 ; 
pres. to Greyfriars 1629, but continued. — 
[Edin. Counc. Reg., Row's and Stevenson's 

JAMES ELLIOT, M.A. (St Andrews 
lea _ 1620 ; adm. colleague min. of College 
Church, Glasgow, 1633 ; D.D. (Glas- 
gow); a member of the Court of High 
Commission 21st Oct. 1634 ; elected by the 
Town Council 18th, and trans, and adm. 
30th Dec. 1635. He was prepared to 
intimate a solemn fast to pray for a 
blessing on the Covenant, 3rd June 1638, 
but was inhibited from doing so by the 
Bishop. His ministry in consequence 
became unpopular, and one day going to 
the pulpit in room of another [Rollock], 
the women "after sermon fell upon him 

with many sad stroakes." He did not 
decline the Assembly that year, but as he 
had used the Liturgy complaints were 
lodged against him 7th Jan. 1639, and a 
committee appointed to deal with the case 
reported that "having considered the said 
Mr E.'s preaching cannot for the present 
serve to the edification of the people of 
Edinburgh, ordains and appoints him to 
cease from preaching till the provincial 
Synod, and in case he before then acknow- 
ledges the Acts of the Assembly at 
Glasgow, recommends to the Synod to 
transport him from the Church of Edin- 
burgh, except the people desire him to stay ; 
and if he does not then acknowledge the 
Acts of the Assembly at Glasgow, refers to 
the Synod to depose him of his ministerial 
function." A report was made to the 
General Assembly, 26th Aug. 1639, by two 
of its members appointed to take notice of 
his case, "that they thought him to be a 
humble and modest man, penitent for any- 
thing he has done, and submissive to the 
constitutions of the kirk." On which the 
Assembly declared him capable of the 
ministry, and to be provided at the first 
occasion. On 2nd April 1640 he granted a 
disposition to his wife on the narrative that 
he intended to leave Scotland and was 
uncertain of his return (Reg. Deeds, dxli., 
383). He appears to have gone to England 
and obtained a living. He died probably 
about 1652. He marr. 20th July 1634 (cont. 
27th June 1634, ibid., dxli., 383), Helen, 
eldest daugh. of John Strang, Principal of 
Glasgow Univ. (who survived her husband, 
and marr. Robert Baillie, Principal of 
Glasgow Univ. : Glasgow Com. Deeds, 
19th Oct. 1709), and had issue — John; 
James ; Janet (marr. Hugh Blair, min. of 
Muiravonside) ; Christian (marr. Robert 
Watson, min. of Cardross).— [Edin. Counc., 
Rapt., Test. (Glasg.), and Glasg. Reg. 
(Marr. and Bapt.)', Baillie's Lett., Peter- 
kin's Rec., Wodrow MSS., Stevenson's 
Hist., Murray's Life of Rutherford.] 

WILLIAM BENNET, probably son 
of Andrew B., min. of Monimail; 
M.A. (St Andrews 1619); min. of 
Monimail 1626; pres. by the Town 





Council 14th Jan. 1639 ; confirmed by the 
Assembly at Aberdeen 1640; trans, and 
adm. 28th Oct. 1641 ; was a member of the 
Commission of Assembly 1642-6, and died 
March 1647. He marr. Jean Bonar, and 
had issue — James ; Elizabeth {Reg. Horn., 
xxvi., 235 ; Fife Reg. Sas., v., 276, xviii., 
354) ; George, in the service of the King of 
Poland, created a baronet, 28th July 1671 ; 
William and Helen (twins); Catherine; 
David ; Eobert, in 1666 lieutenant in the 
Polish army (Reg. of Deeds, Mack., 18th 
Nov. 1672). — [Edin. Counc., Rapt., and Gen. 
Sess. Reg. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; Acts of Ass.] 

JOHN SMITH, probably son of John S., 
1648 m * n * °^ ^ axton 5 M.A. (Edinburgh, 
14th July 1621); licen. by Presb. of 
Kirkcaldy 14th Aug. 1634 ; ord. to Burnt- 
island 1634 ; pres. by the Town Council and 
Kirk-session 16th March 1647 ; trans, and 
adm. 17th March 1648; a member of the 
Commissions of Assembly 1648-9 ; app. 
by Parliament one of the Visitors of the 
Univ. of St Andrews 16th Jan. 1649, and 
of Edinburgh 31st July 1649; taken 
prisoner at Alyth 28th Aug. 1651, by the 
English army, carried to Tynemouth Castle 
and afterwards to London, where he was 
liberated, and returned to Edinburgh 29th 
March 1653. Refusing to conform to 
Episcopacy the parish was declared vacant, 
7th Aug. 1662; he died in the neighbour- 
hood of Prestonpans, 9th Dec. 1667. He 
drew up some of the public papers on the 
part of the Resolutioners against the Pro- 
testers. He marr. Eupham Monipennie 
(buried 22nd Dec. 1672), and had issue— 
Eupham, bapt. 29th July 1649; James, 
bapt. 20th Oct. 1661; John, M.A. (G. R. 
Sas., xxviii., 88).— [Edin. Counc., Gen. Sess., 
and Reg. (Bapt.) ; Acts of Ass. and Pari., 
vi., vii. ; Lamont's, Nicoll's, and Brodie's 
Diaries ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; Kirkton's and 
Wodrow's Hists., and Anal., i. ; Inq. Ret. 
Gen., 5682.] 


1663 al:)0ut 1637 > son °f ^ eor S e C. (a 

dyer in the Canongate for many 

years, in which occupation he was so 

successful that he was enabled to regain 
part of the estate of Colmslie, Lauderdale, 
which belonged to his progenitors), and 
Christian Ogilvie ; studied at the Univ. of 
Edinburgh; M.A. (26th July 1657); licen. 
by George, Bishop of the diocese, 31st 
Oct. 1662 ; elected by the Town Council 
29th April 1663 ; pres. to Ayton by Charles 
II. 13th Oct. 1664, but did not remove; 
trans, to Dumfries in 1668 ; became Bishop 
of Brechin (1684), Archbishop of Glasgow 
(1684), and finally (1693) Bishop of Raphoe 
in Ireland ; died unmarr. 14th May 1701. 
— [Keith's Catal., Edin. Counc. Reg., Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN MACQUEEN, M.A. (Edinburgh 
16Q9 27th July 1663) ; ord. to Carmichael 
1666; pres. by the Town Council 
16th Dec. 1668 ; trans, and coll. 29th Jan. 
after. He was suspended "for a foolish 
frolic," Dec. 1683, but reponed Feb. 1684 ; 
Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal 28th Jan. 
1688; deprived by the Convention of 
Estates, 26th April 1689, for not reading 
the Proclamation against owning James 
VII., and not praying for William and 
Mary. He became min. of Welton, near 
Daventry, in Northamptonshire ; and was 
app. in 1698 to St Mary's, Dover, where 
he died 10th Jan. 1733, aged about 90. 
He marr. 21st Dec. 1668, Helen Meldrum, 
and had issue — Margaret, bapt. 18th Jan. 
1670 ; Mary, bapt. 22nd Dec. 1671 ; Helen, 
bapt. 10th Dec. 1673; Isabel, bapt. 9th 
Sept. 1675; John, bapt. 5th Nov. 1678. 
Publications — God's Interest in the King 
(London, 1687); The Magistrates' Dignity, 
Duty, and Danger, a sermon (London, 
1693); The Good Patriot set forth in the 
Example of the Public-spirited Centurion, 
a sermon (Edinburgh, 1694) ; A Divine and 
Moral Essay on the Christian Pilgrim's 
Conduct (London, 1699) ; A Sermon on the 
Victory of Blenheim; etc. — [Edin. Counc., 
Guild, and Reg. (Marr. and Bapt.); Acts 
Pari., ix. ; Fountainhall's Diary, Kirkton's 
Hist.; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Steven's 
Mem. of Heriot, Batchellor's Dover, Reg. 
Collat. and Privy Seal, Carstares' State 
Pap. ; Chambers's Ann., ii.] 




1701 ^nd son °f Sir Walter R., Baronet 
of that ilk, and Janet, daugh. 
of William Rigg of Athernie, Fife. Edu- 
cated at Edinburgh Univ., he took the 
degree of M.A. 9th July 1656, and was 
min. of Kippen about the year 1670. He 
became famous as a field preacher and 
suffered frequent imprisonments from 
1680-4. In the latter year he was 
released from the Bass on condition of 
removing to America. During the voyage 
fever broke out on the vessel and raged 
with fearful mortality, RiddelFs wife being 
among the victims. On reaching New 
Jersey, he had calls from Newbridge, 
Long Island, and Woodbridge, the latter 
of which he accepted. After the Revolu- 
tion he assayed to return to Scotland, but 
was captured with one of his sons by a 
French man-of-war, carried prisoner to 
Nantz and various ports, and cruelly 
treated for fully two and a half years. 
Released at the request of King William's 
government, he was adm. min. of Wemyss 
28th Sept. 1691, of Kirkcaldy 20th May 
1697, of this charge 8th Dec. 1701 ; died 
17th Feb. 1708, "a singularly pious and 
laborious servant of Jesus Christ." He 
marr. (1) Helen, daugh. of Henry Aitken- 
head, min. of North Berwick, and had issue 
— Capt. Walter of Granton, died 1738; 
Dr John, physician, Edinburgh, died 1740 ; 
Sarah, who marr., 26th Nov. 1703, John 
Currie, min. of Oldhamstocks : (2) (pro. 
8th May 1694) Jean Ker (Canongate Reg.), 
who survived him. — [Edin. Beg. (Marr. and 
Bur.), Douglas's Bar., Nisbet's Her., Wod- 
row's Anal., Playf air's Bar.] 

JAMES GRIERSON, born 1662; ord. 
1710 to ^ em y ss 22n< * Sept. 1698; called 
14th Dec. 1709 ; app. by Presb. 14th 
June, trans, and adm. before 1st Aug. 
1710; Moderator of Assembly 14th May 
1719; died (after having been several 
years ill of palsy) 5th July 1732. 
He marr. a daugh. of Matthew Selkrig, 
min. of' Crichton. — [Test, and Beg. 
(Bur.), Wodrow's Anal., Warrick's Modera- 

GEORGE LOGAN, born 1678, son of 
1732 George ki descended from Logan of 
that ilk. His mother was the only 
daughter of John Cunningham, min. of Old 
Cumnock. M.A. (Glasgow 1696); licen. 
by Presb. of Glasgow 4th March 1703; 
chaplain to John, Earl of Lauderdale; 
ord. to Lauder 7th April 1707; trans, to 
Sprouston 22nd Jan. 1719; trans, to 
Dunbar 24th Jan. 1722; called 31st Aug., 
trans, and adm. 14th Dec. 1732 ; Moderator 
of Assembly 1740, which dep. Erskine and 
the Seceders. He strenuously supported 
the Hanoverian succession ; and on the 
approach of Prince Charles's army toward 
Edinburgh, was a warm but unsuccessful 
advocate for placing the city in a state of 
defence; died 13th Oct. 1755. He marr. 
(1) 5th April 1711, Anne, daugh. of James 
Home of Eccles, and had issue — George, 
min. of Ormiston, and a daugh. : (2) 
(pro. 1st Jan. 1744) Lilias (died before 
17th Dec. 1770), daugh. of Thomas 
Weir, surgeon, Edinburgh. Publications — 
A Synod Sermon (1728) ; An Assembly Ser- 
mon (1729) ; A Modest and Humble Inquiry 
concerning the right and power of Electing 
and Calling Ministers to Vacant Churches 
(Edinburgh, 1732) ; Continuation of the In- 
quiry (Edinburgh, 1 733) ; Vindication of the 
Inquiry (Edinburgh, 1733); The Publick 
Testimony of above 1600 Christian People 
against the Overture of the Assembly 1731, 
made more Publick and Set in its due 
Light (Edinburgh, 1733); An Account of 
the Method of Electing a Minister to the 
Parish of Strathmiglo (Edinburgh, 1733); 
Grange, or the Schism in Calling of 
Ministers in Scotland (Edinburgh, 1735); 
An Overture for the right Constitution of 
the General Assembly, and an Illustration 
of it (Edinburgh, 1736); The Lawfulness 
and Necessity of Ministers, their reading 
the Act of Parliament for bringing to 
Justice the Murderers of Captain John 
Porteous (Edinburgh, 1737, 49 pp.); 
Sermon preached at the Opening of the 
General Assembly (Edinburgh, 1741); A 
Treatise on Government (Edinburgh, 1746); 
A Second Treatise on Government (Edin- 
burgh, 1 747) ; The Finishing Stroke, in two 
parts (Edinburgh, 1748); The Doctrine 




of the Jure-divino-ship of Hereditary In- 
defeasible Monarchy enquired into and 
exploded (Edinburgh, 1749); A Second 
Letter to Mr Thomas Ruddiman (Edin- 
burgh, 1749).— [Test. Reg., Chalmers's Life 
of Ruddiman, Morren's Ann., Warrick's 
Moderators, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

ROBERT DICK, born 1722, son of 
-,-„ James D., min. of the Wynd Church, 
Glasgow; M.A. (Glasgow 1744); 
licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 14th Jan. 
1747 ; ord. to Lanark (his settlement being 
violently disputed) 4th Oct. 1750 ; trans, to 
New Greyfriars 11th Oct. 1754; trans, and 
adm. 15th June 1758; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
13th March 1759); died 24th Aug. 1782. 
He was one of the ablest and most dis- 
tinguished ministers of his day. He marr. 
29th June 1756, Grizel Ford, who died 16th 
June 1822, and had issue — James, born 9th 
May 1760, died 20th June 1769 ; Elizabeth, 
born 10th Oct. 1762; Grizel, born 19th 
Aug. 1764, died 28th Oct. 1765; Robert, 
W.S. apprentice 1781, born 22nd July 
1765; Isabella, born 28th Oct. 1766, died 
3rd Oct. 1767; William, born 12th Oct. 
1768, died 3rd Aug. 1769 ; Isobel, born 29th 
Dec. 1769, died 16th Nov. 1792. Publica- 
tions — Two single Sermons (Edinburgh); 
The Simplicity and Popularity of the 
Divine Revelations and their Suitableness 
to the Circumstances of Mankind (1758) ; 
The Counsel of Gamaliel Considered (1762) ; 
True State of the Case (Edinburgh, 1763). 
— [MoncreifFs Life of Erskine, Mackenzie's 
Life of Home, Morren's Ann., Carlyle's 


[Christ's Kirk at the Tron, so called from 
the great beam, the public weighing-place 
of the city. The foundation stone was laid 
4th March 1637, and the church dedi- 
cated 1641. The present building is but 
a fragment of the original structure, 
whose stately proportions were mercilessly 
despoiled on the formation of Hunter 
Square and the South Bridge. A notable 
feature of the interior is the oak roof, not 

unlike that of the Parliament House. The 
steeple dates from 1826, its predecessor 
being destroyed by fire 15th Nov. 1824. 
The General Assembly met in the Tron 
Kirk from 1830 to 1840.] 

1641 M.A. (St Andrews 1631); min. of 
Cramond in 1635; trans, to Trinity 
College, Edinburgh, in 1639; trans, and 
adm. about 24th Dec. 1641. Five days 
after the battle of Kilsyth (15th Aug. 
1645), he obtained a protection from the 
Marquess of Montrose, and was accordingly 
regarded with grave suspicion. He was 
suspended by the General Assembly in 
July 1648, and dep. 26th July 1649, for 
maintaining the lawfulness of the Duke 
of Hamilton's Expedition into England. 
For a time he ministered in the English 
Church at Utrecht. In April 1652 he was 
elected Principal of Edinburgh University, 
but having been carried prisoner to the 
Castle for praying for Charles II., he was 
not permitted by Cromwell's Government 
to take possession of the office, which was 
declared vacant, 17th Jan. 1653. He re- 
ceived, however, a year's stipend (2000 
merks) in consideration of having dem. 
his charge in Holland. On 8th Nov. 1654 
he was reponed by the Synod of Lothian 
(there being no General Assembly during 
the Protectorate), and became min. of 
Perth. On Leighton's resignation in 1662, 
he was again app. Principal of the Univer- 
sity, and died (buried 3rd June) 1675. He 
marr. (1) Marion Brisbane, and had issue 
—John, M.A., advocate, died 1679 ; Alex- 
ander, bapt. 12th May 1643 ; Janet, bapt. 
24th Sept. 1646 ; Matthew, bapt. 8th Oct. 
1647 ; Thomas, bapt. 27th May 1649, died 
before 16th Nov. 1678 : (2) Marion Fyfe, 
and had issue — James, bapt. 18th July 
1655. Publications— Ethica Christiana — 
Sermons on the Righteous Branch. See a 
rare pamphlet, Submission to the Censures 
of Suspension and Deposition exemplified 
in the case of the Very Rev. Mr William 
Colvilli sometime one of the ministers of 
Edinburgh, and afterwards Principal of 
the College there. From authentic and 
unquestionable vouchers (Edinburgh, 1734). 




— [Edin. Counc. and Dalkeith Presb. Reg. ; 
Wood's Hist, of Cramond ; Mem. of 
Montrose, ii. ; Nicoll's and Brodie's Diaries, 
Wodrow's Anal.; Balfour's Hist. Works, 
iii. ; Butler's Tron Kirk, Grant's Univ., 
Mar and Kellie Papers; Hist. MSS. 
Comm., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

ROBERT LAURIE, M.A.; trans, from 
1648 Trinity College; app. by the Town 
Council to take charge during Col- 
vill's suspension. When the Presb. peti- 
tioned Parliament (1661) for a meeting of 
the General Assembly to settle the question 
of Church Government, he was one of those 
appointed to wait on Middleton, the Lord 
High Commissioner. Trans, to the High 
Kirk Parish 1662. In 1672 he became 
Bishop of Brechin, but returned to Trinity 
College in 1674. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.; 
Kirkton's and Wodrow's Hists., i, ; Baillie's 
Lett., iii.; Brodie's Diary; Chambers's 
Ann., ii.] 


JOHN PATERSON, trans, from Ellon ; 
elected by the Town Council 24th 
Oct. 1662 j adm. 4th Jan. 1663. Five 
mins. drew lots as to which parish they 
should be appointed to, when the South- 
East Parish fell to the lot of P. Trans, to 
the High Kirk Parish 1672.— [Edin. Counc. 
Reg., Reg. Collat., Lamont's and Nicoll's 

WILLIAM ANNAN D, M.A.; trans, from 
lff72 Tolbooth ; app. by the Town Council 
16th Aug. 1672; trans, to the High 
Kirk Parish 1675. — [Edin. Counc. Reg.] 

JAMES LUNDIE, M.A.; trans, from 
Tolbooth ; app. by the Town Council 
21st April, and coll. 29th May 1675 ; 

trans, to Dalkeith 1680.— [Edin. Counc. Reg., 

Reg. Collat.] 



ROBERT BRUCE, M.A. (Marischal 
College, Aberdeen, 1665), regent 
in Marischal College, Aberdeen 
(1667-74); adm. to Old Deer in 1676; 
pres. by the Town Council, trans, and 
inst. 25th May 1681. Refusing to take 
the Test, he dem. same year. He marr. 

Marjory Leslie, and had issue — Robert, 
bapt. 6th June 1682. — [Edin. Counc. and 
Reg. (Bapt.) ; Wodrow's Hist., iii.] 

[JOHN MENZIES, min. at Aberdeen ; 
1682 P res ' ky ^ e Town Council 18th Feb. 
1682, but declined.] 


GEORGE TROTTER, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
19th July 1661); licen. by George, 
Bishop of Edinburgh, 30th July 
1664 ; adm. min. of Bunkle 21st July 
1665 ; trans, to Edrom in 1677 ; trans, to 
Tron, Second Charge, in 1682 ; elected by 
the Town Council 16th March 1683, and 
adm. shortly afterwards. Libelled for 
various offences — "traducing the Town 
Treasurer and others of the Magistrates, 
and frequently abusing the Kirk Treasurer, 
and putting violent hands upon them," 
etc., he was suspended by Bishop Pater- 
son. Had D.D. conferred ; died Aug. 
1687, aged about 46. He marr. Oct. 1669 
(cont. 7th Sept. 1669 : G. R. Inhib., 21st 
April 1673), Elizabeth, eldest daugh. of 
Andrew Oswald, merchant, burgess of 
Edinburgh, who died Nov. 1689.— [Edin. 
Counc., Test., and Reg. (Bur.); Fountain- 
hall's Diary.] 


1687 0rwe11 1663 > of Tolbooth, Edin- 
burgh, 1663, of Newbattle 1667, of 
Greyfriars, Second Charge, 1681 ; elected 
by the Town Council 11th Aug. 1687, and 
adm. soon after ; deprived in 1689, and dep. 
by the Commission of Assembly, Jan. 1691, 
"for declining their authority." Having 
gone to England 25th March following, he 
was advised by Bishop Burnet to return 
and submit to the Presbyterian establish- 
ment. What became of him is unknown. 
He marr. (1) 9th Nov. 1665, Janet Mason, 
and had issue — Jean, bapt. 6th July 1666 
(marr. 28th Oct. 1696, William Gray, 
merchant, Edinburgh) ; William ; Nicholas ; 
Henrietta ; Mary; Janet; Lilias (marr., pro. 
5th Nov. 1699, Archibald Malcolm, M.A., 
student of divinity) : (2) Jean Reith, and 
had issue — Alexander, bapt. 25th Dec. 
1685; John, bapt. 28th March 1687.— 
[Edin. Counc., Newbattle Sess., and Reg. 





{Marr. and Bapt.); MS. Ace. of Min., 
1689 ; Wodrow's Anal., i. ; Sage's Works, 
i. ; Rule's Sec. Vindication^ 

WILLIAM ERSKINE, brother of James 
E. of Shielfield; M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1st Aug. 1651); min. of Girthon in 
1658; min. of Carsphairn in 1672; called 
22nd July 1687 ; confirmed by the Town 
Council 24th July 1687 ; died unmarr. 
May 1692, aged about 61. — \Edin. Counc., 
Guild, Test., and Beg. (Bur.); S. Presb. 

169g burgh, 26th July 1649); ord. (by the 
Protesting Presb.) min. of Bathgate 
10th April 1654; Moderator of Assembly 
15th Jan. 1692; trans, to Falkirk 23rd 
Aug. 1693; trans, and adm. 8th Sept. 
1695 ; a second time Moderator of As- 
sembly 2nd Jan. 1697; dem. 12th May 
1707. "As a mark of respect for the 
vigilance, prudence, piety, and zeal with 
which he has performed his ministerial 
duties while free from sickness and 
infirmity, the Council granted him a yearly 
allowance of 1000 merks Scots." Died 27th 
Nov. 1708, in 78th year. He marr. and 
had issue (nothing is known as to his 
wife and children.) — \Edin. Counc. and 
Beg. (Bur.); Acts Pari., xi. ; Warrick's 

1707 k° rn 1660, son of William W., min. 
of Kinneil ; educated privately and 
at the Univs. of Edinburgh and Utrecht ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh 1680). Returning from 
Holland, he was charged with denying the 
King's authority, and put into prison, 1684. 
Released the following year, he was called 
to be min. of the Meeting-house, near the 
Sheriff Brae of Leith (in which his father 
had ministered), and was ord. 12th Jan. 
1688. In 1692 he removed to the Parish 
Church of South Leith, a step which 
met with much opposition from the 
Episcopal section of the community, who 
tried by force to prevent him and his 
friends from gaining possession of the 
church (vide South Leith). He was 
Moderator of Assembly 4th April 1706, 
and on 12th Oct. 1707 was adm. to this 

charge. He was a second time Moderator 
of Assembly 30th April 1713, a third, 
14th May 1718, a fourth, 14th May 1724, 
and a fifth, 2nd May 1728; Principal of 
the Univ. of Edinburgh (which he held in 
conjunction) Rth June 1716; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 31st Dec. 1728); died 11th June 
1729. Bell of Gladsmuir described him 
as " a godly, grave person, a sweet and ex- 
cellent preacher, whose life being of a piece 
with his preaching, he made almost as many 
friends as there were persons known to him." 
He marr. 15th March 1691, Janet (died 
30th June 1744), daugh. of Major William 
Murray, of Touchadam family, and had 
issue — William and George, both his suc- 
cessors. Publications — Many single Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1701-31); A Discourse 
of Suppressing Vice (Edinburgh, 1702) ; 
Theologia, or Discourses of God, 2 vols. 
(Edinburgh, 1716) ; Sermons on the Lord's 
Supper (Edinburgh, 1721) ; A Short and 
Impartial State of the Case of Mr John 
Simson, as it comes before the General As- 
sembly of 1729 (anon., London, 1729). — 
[Edin. Counc., Prestonpans Sess., Test., and 
Beg. (Bur.) ; Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv. ; War- 
rick's Moderators, Grant's Univ., Advocates' 
Lib. Catal.] 

GEORGE WISHART, son of preceding; 
1780 educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; 
M.A. (27th May 1719); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 27th April 1725; ord. 
to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 24th Nov. 
1726 ; called 31st March ; trans, and adm. 
23rd July 1730; app. by the Commission 
of Assembly, 9th Nov. 1743, to go with 
Robert Wallace (New North Church) to 
London to make application to Parliament 
for getting an Act to provide for the 
widows and children of ministers. In this 
they succeeded, and were "thanked for 
their faithfulness and diligence" by the 
Assembly, 15th May 1744; principal clerk 
of Assembly 21st May 1746; Moderator 
12th May 1748; D.D. (Edinburgh, 13th 
March 1759); one of His Majesty's Chap- 
lains in Ordinary; Dean of the Chapel 
Royal July 1765; died 12th June 1785, 
aged 82. He marr. 6th Dec. 1727, Ann 
(died 17th Nov. 1782, aged 72), daugh. of 




John Campbell of Orchard, and had 
issue — Ann ; Janet (marr. 12th June 1750, 
Major-General John Beckwith, of Viscount 
Bury's Regiment), died 28th July 1827, aged 
97 ; Margaret ; Elizabeth Marion, born 8th 
May 1739; Jane, born 20th Sept. 1742 
(marr. 13th Sept. 1765, Baron von West- 
phalen); George, born 3rd Dec. 1748, died 
4 th March 1760. Publications — Four single 
Sermons (Edinburgh, 1733-40); A Letter 
to the author {Logan) of a pamphlet in- 
tituled Lawfulness and Necessity of 
Ministers, their Reading the Act of 
Parliament for bringing to Justice the 
Murderers of Captain John Porteous 
(Edinburgh, 1737).— [Wodrow's Anal., iii., 
iv. ; Drysdale's, i., and Erskine's Disc, i. ; 
Mackenzie's Life of Home, Morren's Ann., 
Carlyle's Autob. ; Kay's Portr., i. ; 
M'Ure's Glasg.] 

ANDREW HUNTER of Barjarg, Dum- 
1786 fri essn i re > DOrn 1743, eldest son of 
Andrew H., W.S., Edinburgh, and 
Grisell Maxwell of Cardoness ; educated at 
High School and Univ., Edinburgh; ord. 
to Second Charge, Dumfries, 20th Sept. 
1770; D.D. (Edinburgh 1779); trans, to 
New Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 25th Nov. 
1779; pres. by Town Council 21st Oct. 
1785; trans, and adm. 2nd April 1786; 
holding in conjunction the Professorship of 
Divinity. Moderator of Assembly 17th 
May 1792. In the year following he de- 
clined appointment as one of His Majesty's 
Chaplains in Ordinary. Died 21st April 
1809. He marr. 14th April 1779, Hon. 
Mary Shaw Scott (born 5th Aug. 1756, died 
9th Oct. 1806), eldest daugh. of William, 
sixth Lord Napier, by whom he had issue — 
Andrew, born 6th, died 27th March 1781 ; 
William Francis of Barjarg, advocate, born 
30th July 1785, died 22nd April 1827 ; John, 
min. of Swinton, and his father's successor ; 
Mainie Anne Charlotte, born 28th May 1783, 
died 21st Feb. 1790 ; Grizel, born 15th June 
1784 (marr. 27th June 1808, George Ross, 
advocate), died 12th Aug. 1864 ; Henrietta 
Hope, born 2nd Nov. 1793, died 17th Jan. 
1856, unmarr. Publications — Five single 
Sermons (Edinburgh 1775, and 1803); 
Advice from a Father to a Son first entering 

the Army (anon., 1776).— [MoncreifFs Fun. 
Serm. ; Grant's Univ., ii. ; Kay's Portr. ; 
Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Carlyle's Autob. ; 
Playf air's Bar., iii.] 

1 Edinburgh 1772 ; licen. by Presb. of 

Linlithgow 26th Aug. 1796 ; ord. to 
Bolton 28th Sept. 1797; trans, to New 
Greyfriars 15th Sept. 1803 ; pres. by Town 
Council 6th Sept., trans, and adm. 23rd 
Nov. 1809 ; Professor of Oriental Languages 
in the Univ. of Edinburgh 19th May 1813, 
which he held in conjunction ; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 17th Dec. 1814); Moderator of 
Assembly 22nd May 1823; convener of 
the India Mission Committee 26th May 
1834, the duties of which he discharged 
for thirteen years with the highest satis- 
faction, when declining years obliged him 
to retire from public life. He died near 
Cupar-Angus, 9th Feb. 1854. He marr. 
5th Dec. 1798, Mary, born 1st Nov. 1778 
(only daugh. of Colonel Thomas Balfour of 
Elwick, and Mary Ligonier), authoress of 
Self-Control, Discipline, and an unfinished 
story, Emmeline, who died in childbed, 19th 
Dec. 1818. Publications — Extracts from 
the Books of the Old Testament, with 
Sketches of Hebrew and Chaldee Grammar 
(Edinburgh, 1814 ; 3rd ed., 1831) ; Sermons 
and Lectures (Edinburgh, 1818); Out- 
lines of Persian Grammar, with Extracts 
(Edinburgh, 1822) ; Memoir of Mrs Brunton 
(in Emmeline, 1819); a Sermon preached 
on the Death of Dr Inglis (Edinburgh, 
1834); Outlines of a Speech for the Com- 
mission of Assembly (Edinburgh, 1843); 
Forms for Public Worship in the Church 
of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1848). — [Ander- 
son's Sketches, Kay's Portr., Acts of Ass.; 
Blackwood's Magazine, v., 183 ; Diet. Nat. 


1854 from Pencaitland 24th Aug 1854 ; 

became sole min. in 1866; trans, to 

St Stephen's (assistant and successor) 11th 

June 1867. 

1868 ^ rom ^ ron ^ ar ^ sn > Glasgow, 9th Jan. 
1868 ; trans, to St Cuthbert's, Edin- 
burgh, 2nd Nov. 1873. 




JOHN BARCLAY, M.A.; trans, from Old 
18*74 Kilp a trick 7th May 1874; trans, to 
West Parish, Greenock, 4th Nov. 

187Q JAMIESON, born Edinburgh, 6th 
Dec. 1839, son of Robert J., solicitor, 
and Isabella Eddie ; educated at Edinburgh 
High School and Univ. j B.A. (1861) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 26th July 1865; 
assistant at Trinity Parish, Edinburgh, 
and New Greyfriars, Edinburgh; ord. 
to Invertiel 16th April 1868; trans, to 
St Matthew's, Glasgow, 4th Aug. 1869; 
trans, and adm. 4th May 1876; died 30th 
Jan. 1881. He marr. 21st June 1870, 
Jessie, second daugh. of John Archibald, 
farmer, Duddingston, South Queensferry, 
and Marion, daugh. of John Paterson, 
Hawkshaw, Tweedsmuir, and had issue — 
Menie, born 2nd April 1871 (marr. 7th 
June 1899, James Watt, W.S., Edinburgh) ; 
William, born 23rd Oct. 1872, died 1st 
April 1876; John Robert, born 21st Aug. 
1874; Jessie, born 14th Aug. 1878. Pub- 
lication — The Lord's Prayer (Edinburgh, 
1881), posthumous. 

1881 M.A. ; trans, from Stow 22nd Sept. 
1881 ; trans, to St Ninians, Stirling, 
19th May 1885. 

DAVID MORRISON, born Mill of Mon- 
1885 dynes, Fordoun, 2nd May 1838, son 
of Alexander M. and Christian Lyall ; 
educated at Coquetty, Fordoun, and Laur- 
encekirk schools, and at the Grammar 
School and King's College, Aberdeen ; M.A. 
(1859) ; licen. by Presb. of Fordoun 7th July 
1863; assistant at Barony, Glasgow; ord. 
to Durrisdeer 20th April 1865 ; trans, to 
Dunblane 2nd Feb. 1872 ; trans, and adm. 
24th Oct. 1885; died 12th March 1911. 
He marr. 28th April 1874, Anne Gray, 
daugh. of Patrick James Stirling, LL.D., 
and Henrietta, daugh. of Alexander Gray, 
D.D., min. of Kincardine - in - Menteith, 
and had issue — Patrick James Stirling, 
born 15th Feb. 1875, died 12th July 1886 ; 
Austin Alexander, born 5th November 1876, 
died 25th March 1895; Henrietta Gray, 

born 16th Sept. 1878, died 13th March 
1896; George Norman, LL.B., solicitor, 
Glasgow, born 24th July 1880 ; David Lyall, 
M.D., born 16th July 1882 ; Edwin Arnold, 
born 19th Oct. 1884, died 31st Oct. 1890 ; 
Anne Gray Stirling, born 5th Feb. 1889. 
Publications — Sermon on the Occasion of 
the Death of Norman Macleod, D.D. 
(Glasgow, 1872) ; Sermon, The Blessed Influ- 
ences of Bereavement, private circulation 

189*7 f rom Newton, and adm. (assistant 
and successor) 18th May 1897 ; trans, 
to St Columba's, London (q.v.), 31st Jan. 
1902. During his Tron incumbency he was 
editor of Life and Work. 

DUGALD BUTLER, M.A. ; trans, from 
1902 Abernethy, and adm. (assistant and 
successor) 10th July 1902; trans, to 
Galashiels 7th Aug. 1907. Publication — 
The Tron Kirk of Edinburgh : A History 
(Edinburgh, 1906). 

JOHN WALLACE, born Dalrymple, 
1908 30th Sept. 1873, son of John W., 
min. of Dalrymple ; educated at 
Dalrymple School and Glasgow Univ. ; 
M.A. (1896); licen. by Presb. of Ayr 4th 
March 1898; assistant at Inverness; ord. 
to Abercorn 10th Jan. 1901 ; trans, and 
adm. 30th Jan. 1908; chaplain to H.M. 
Prison, Edinburgh, 1913. He marr. (1) 
18th April 1901, Annie (died 22nd Oct. 
1901), daugh. of Henry Morin, Inverness : 
(2) 29th April 1905, Mabel Blanche, daugh. 
of Henry Powell, Heme Hill, London, and 
has issue — Ian Dalrymple, born 6th June 
1907; Alastair Macleod, born 7th May 
1910. Publication — A Plea for Optimism 
in the Christian Ministry, a Synod sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1909). 

Second Charge. 

[Abolished by the Annuity Tax Act of 

JOHN STIRLING, M.A. ; trans, from 

1fi50 Bara ; invited by the Town Council 

9th Jan., elected by the Commission 

of Assembly 15th Feb., and adm. 12th April, 




1650. He belonged to the Protesting party 
in the Church, and was trans, to the newly 
formed parish of Lady Yester's 3rd Sept. 
1655.— [Edin. Counc. Beg.; Baillie's Lett., 
iii. ; Peterkin's Rec] 

[David Drummond, min. of Moneydie, 
was called 1662, but declined on account 
of illness.] 

JAMES LUNDIE, M.A. ; elected by the 
1663 Town Council 29th April 1663 J trans, 
to High Kirk Parish 5th May 1665. 
— [Edin. Counc. Reg., Reg. Collat.] 

KOBERT MORTIMER, licen. by George, 
1666 Bishop of Edinburgh, 19th Oct. 1664 ; 
elected by the Town Council, 2nd 
Aug. ; ord. and coll. 15th Sept. 1665 ; dem. 
Oct. 1676. He marr. 21st Dec. 1669, Ann 
(died 1st Feb. 1705, aged 66), daugh. of 
Patrick Murray of Bonytoun (G. R. Inhib., 
2nd May 1670), and had issue — Martha, 
bapt. 11th May 1671 ; Anna, bapt. 9th 
June 1672 ; Helen, bapt. 10th Oct. 1673 ; 
James, bapt. 25th Sept. 1674; Alexander, 
bapt. 11th March 1676.— [Edin. Counc., 
Guild, Test., and Reg. {Marr., Bapt., and 
Bur.) j Reg. Collat.] 

JOHN FARQUHAR, regent in Mari- 

lew scna ^ College, Aberdeen ; elected by 

the Town Council, and adm. 1677; 

trans, to Old Kirk Parish 1682.— [Edin. 

Counc. Reg.] 

GEORGE TROTTER, M.A.; trans, from 

1682 Edrom ; elected by the Town Council 
17th March, and adm. 1682; trans. 

to First Charge in 1683.— [Edin. Counc. 

JOHN STRACHAN, M.A. (Aberdeen 

1683 1655) ; adm. min. of Tarves 1662 ; 
elected by the Town Council 21st 

March 1683, and at the same time to the 
Professorship of Divinity, which he held 
in conjunction ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 1st July 
1685); deprived 27th April 1689, for not 
reading the Proclamation and praying for 
King William and Queen Mary. He died 
before 15th July 1699, aged about 64. He 
marr. (1) Janet, eldest daugh. of William 

Forbes of Fingask, advocate : (2) Isobel 
Irving, and had issue — William, who was 
served heir ; John, bapt. 21st March 1684 ; 
Arthur, bapt. 2nd July 1685 ; Alexander, 
born 4th Oct. 1687 ; Isobel.— [Edin. Counc. 
and Reg. (Bapt.) ; Acts Pari., ix. ; Inq. Ret. 
Aberd. et Gen., 8116; MS. Ace. of Min., 

GEORGE MEL DRUM, born 1634, 
1692 f° ur th son °f Andrew M., dyer and 
bailie in Aberdeen ; M.A. (Marischal 
College, Aberdeen, 1651); regent in Mari- 
schal College, Aberdeen, 1653 ; ord. to 
Second Charge, Aberdeen, 2nd Feb. 1659 ; 
deprived by Act of Parliament and Privy 
Council 1662, but was restored 1663, and 
became rector in Marischal College until he 
was again deprived in 1681 for refusing the 
Test ; adm. to Kilwinning in 1688 ; elected 
by the Town Council and General Session 
11th May 1691 ; trans, and adm. 1692 ; 
Moderator of Assembly 11th Jan. 1698; 
Professor of Divinity, Edinburgh Univ., 
24th Dec. 1701, holding it in conjunction; 
a second time Moderator of Assembly 10th 
March 1703. When after several sittings, 
and during a discussion on an overture, 
the Lord High Commissioner (James, 
Viscount Seafield) abruptly dissolved the 
Assembly, M., embarrassed for the moment, 
concluded as usual with prayer. This 
collision led to an understanding between 
the Church and the Government as to the 
manner of dissolving the Assemblies in 
future. He died 18th Feb. 1709. A 
number of Elegies written immediately 
after his death are preserved in the 
Advocates' Library. Publications — Four 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1690), includ- 
ing one preached before James, Duke of 
Queensberry (Edinburgh, 1703); Letter 
asserting the Lawfulness of informing 
against the Vicious and Prophane (Edin- 
burgh, 1701, anon.) ; Vindication and De- 
fence of his Sermons, being a reply to a 
pamphlet by Bishop Sage, entitled Examina- 
tion of Some Things in Mr Meldrum's 
Sermon (Edinburgh, 1703) ; Letter from a 
Friend in the City to an M.P., anent 
Patronages (Edinburgh, 1703); Toleration 
Defended (Edinburgh, 1703); The Danger 




of Popery Discovered. — [Edin. Counc. Reg. 
{Bur.) ; Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv. ; Grant's 
Univ., ii. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv. ; Acts 
Pari., ix., xi. ; Boston's Mem., Pennecuik's 
Works ; Test., 2fith Nov. 1708, recorded 23rd 
Feb. 1709 (Reg. of Deeds, Mack.) ; Warrick's 

JOHN STEEDMAN, son of Kobert S., 
1710 mm ' °^ Camden ; licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 19th Feb. 1699; ord. to 
Dalmeny 16th Aug. 1699 ; called 20th July, 
app. by Presb. 22nd Nov., and adm. 27th 
Dec. 1710; died 24th Nov. 1713, aged 35. 
He marr. 9th Jan. 1701, Jean, second daugh. 
of John Kinnaird, min. of East Calder, 
and had issue — Kobert (colonel in the Scots 
Brigade in the Dutch service) ; Jane (marr. 
Adam Rolland of Gask) ; Sarah, died 17th 
July 1716 ; Sophia (marr. John Gray, min. 
of Dollar) ; Margaret ; John, surgeon, Scots 
Greys; Alexander, died in Jamaica, Oct. 
1735 ; Rachel, died at Edinburgh in 1716 ; 
Marion (marr. William Black, clerk to 
the Regality of Dunfermline). — [Dalmeny 
Sess., Test., and Reg. (Bur.); Wodrow's 
Corresp., i. ; Erskine's Supp. to Gillies's 

MATTHEW WOOD, educated at Univ. 
l^is of Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of 
Lanark 27th Nov. 1704 ; ord. to 
Leslie (Fife) 3rd Feb. 1709 ; trans, to Grey- 
friars, Edinburgh, 18th March 1711 ; trans, 
and adm. 16th Jan. 1715 ; died 19th Oct. 
1741, in 65th year. He marr. 13th Dec. 
1711, Katherine, daugh. of Bailie William 
Hutchison who, as his widow, obtained a 
decreet of the Court of Session against the 
Magistrates for the ann 9th June 1747. 
— [Reg. (Bur.), Hart's Journal; Morrison's 
Digest and Diet., i.] 

WILLIAM WISHART (secundus), son 
74 _ of William W., min. in 1707; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh; min. 
of the Scots Church, Founder's Hall, 
London ; elected Principal of the Univ. of 
Edinburgh 1737, receiving at the same 
time a call to be min. of New Greyfriars ; 
trans, and adm. 20th June 1745. He 
supported the measures of the popular 
party in the Church, and dissented 15th 
May 1751, from a resolution of the General 

Assembly, censuring the Presb. of Lin- 
lithgow for not proceeding in the settle- 
ment of Torphichen as appointed by the 
preceding Assembly. He died 12th May 
1753. He marr. (1) 1st Dec. 1724, Margaret 
(died 27th Feb. 1746), daugh. of Thomas 
Halyburton, Professor of Divinity, St 
Andrews, and had issue — William Thomas 
of Foxhall, died 3rd Dec. 1799 ; a son, died 
Jan. 1739; Ann, died in 1819, aged 82; 
Janet (marr. Mr Maxwell, merchant, 
Dundee); Margaret (marr. 27th Oct. 1766, 
James Macdowall, merchant, Edinburgh); 
Cordelia (marr. 6th Jan. 1724, John Mon- 
crieff of Rumgay, M.D.) : (2) 17th March 
1747, Frances, daugh. of James Deans of 
Woodhouselee. His widow marr. in 1754, 
John Scott of Stewartfield, and subse- 
quently John Strother Ker of Littledean. 
Publications — Charity the End of the 
Commandment, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1731); A Sermon preached before the 
Societies for Reformation of Manners in 
London (1732) [on which was founded 
a libel for heresy, from which he was 
acquitted by the General Assembly, 20th 
May 1738]; Answers to the Charge 
exhibited before the Synod of Lothian 
and Tweeddale (Edinburgh, 1738); edited 
Scougal's Life of God in the Soul of Man 
(Edinburgh, 1739); Select Sermons of Dr 
Benjamin Whichcote (Edinburgh, 1742); 
Ernesti's Preface to Cicero (1743); Public 
Virtue recommended, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1746) ; Volusenus' (Florence Wilson) De 
Animi Tranquillitate (Edinburgh, 1751); 
Discourses on Several Subjects (London, 
1753) ; Essay on the Indispensable Neces- 
sity of a Holy and Good Life to the Happi- 
ness of Heaven (London, 1753). — [Test, 
and Reg. (Bur.) ; Erskine's Disc, i. ; Wod- 
row's Anal., iii. ; Wilson's Diss. Churches, 
ii. ; Morren's Ann., i. ; Somerville's Life, 
Carlyle's Autob. ; Playfair's Bar., iii. ; 
Grant's Univ., ii.] 

JOHN JAB DINE, born 1715, son of 
1*754 Robert J., Lochmaben; licen. by 
Presb. of Lochmaben 7th Sept. 1736 ; 
ord. to Liberton 30th July 1741 ; trans, to 
Lady Yester's 6th Dec. 1750; trans, and 
adm. 11th Oct. 1754; D.D. (St Andrews, 




20th Nov. 1758); one of His Majesty's 
Chaplains in Ordinary 1759 ; Dean of the 
Chapel Koyal 1761; Dean of the Order of 
the Thistle 1763. He died suddenly in 
the General Assembly, 30th May 1766. 
He was an intimate of John Home, 
author of Douglas, and a man of infinite 
pleasantry as well as great talents, whose 
conversation possessed the charm of easy, 
natural, attractive humour. His playful 
vivacity often amused itself in a sort of 
mock contest with the somewhat infantile 
simplicity of David Hume the philosopher, 
who enjoyed the discovery of the joke which 
had excited the laugh of his companions 
around him : On one occasion Hume, going 
down the stair after visiting Jardine, refused 
a light, saying " he was well acquainted with 
the stair." He stuck, however, when his 
friend exclaimed, " Ah ! David* I knew you 
wanted supernatural light." He marr. 7th 
Feb. 1744, Jean (died 27th Sept. 1766), eldest 
daugh. of George Druramond, commissioner 
of Excise, and Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 
and had issue — Robert, died at Liberton, 
8th Feb. 1747 (see tombstone there) ; George, 
born 10th- Aug. 1753, W.S. apprentice 1770; 
John, born 24th Dec. 1759, died 17th March 
1763; Janet, born 15th May 1762 (marr. 
11th Oct. 1782, George Drummond Home 
of Blair-Drummond), died 30th Jan. 1840 ; 
Sir Henry, W.S., King's Remembrancer, 
born 30th May 1766, died 11th Aug. 1851. 
Publication — In the theological depart- 
ment of the old Edinburgh Review (Edin- 
burgh, 1755-6) he handled some Secession 
publications severely. Great indignation 
was aroused, and the Review was withdrawn 
after only two numbers had been issued.— 
[Scots Mag., xxviii. ; Mackenzie's Life of 
Home, Malcolm's House of Drummond, Car- 
lyle's Autob., Kay's Portr., Lawson's Case ; 
Morren's Ann., ii.] 

JOHN DRYSDALE, born 29th April 
1767 1718, son of John D., min. of Kirk- 
caldy ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Kirkcaldy 1740 ; 
assistant at Trinity Parish, Edinburgh ; ord. 
to Kirkliston 9th Aug. 1749 ; trans, to Lady 
Yester's, Edinburgh, 14th Aug. 1764 ; D.D. 
(Aberdeen 1765); one of His Majesty's 

Chaplains in Ordinary and a Dean of the 
Chapel Royal 1766; trans, and adm. 22nd 
Oct. 1767 ; Moderator of Assembly 20th 
May 1773; principal clerk (assistant and 
successor) 29th May 1778 ; a second time 
Moderator 20th May 1784; died 16th June 
1788. He possessed indefatigable industry 
and talent, and strenuously assisted Prin- 
cipal Robertson in managing the business 
of the Church. He marr. 11th June 1749, 
Mary (died 20th Jan. 1799), fourth daugh. 
of William Adam of Maryburgh and Blair, 
and had issue— Anne, born 29th Oct. 1751 
(marr. 28th April 1786, Andrew Dalzel, 
Professor of Greek, Univ. of Edinburgh), 
died 1826; Wilhelmina, born 23rd Sept. 
1757, died 20th July 1766; Mary, born 
10th Sept. 1760 ; Elizabeth, born 29th July 
1767, died 2nd Sept. 1773. Publication— 
Sermons, with an Account of his Life, by 
his Son-in-law, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1793).— 
[Serms., i. ; Sinclair's Stat. Ace. and New 
Stat. Ace, Douglas's Bar., Carlyle's Autob., 
Moncreiffs Life of Erskine; Scots Mag., 
lv. ; Kay's Portr., i. ; Grant's Univ., ii. ; 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

WILLIAM SIMPSON, born 22nd Aug. 
1744, second son of James S., min. of 
Wilton ; licen. by Presb. of Kelso 3rd 
Oct. 1760; ord. to Morebattle 18th April 
1761 ; trans, to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 
9th June 1785 ; pres. by the Town Council 
25th Feb., trans, and adm. 2nd Aug. 1789 ; 
D.D. (Edinburgh, 8th Feb. 1810) ; died 24th 
Jan. 1831. He marr. (1) 7th Nov. 1775, 
Jean Douglas Balderston, who died 2nd Dec. 
1786, and, had issue — Euphemia, born 15th 
Sept. 1776; Ann, born 15th Nov. 1778; 
James, advocate, author of A Visit to 
Flanders after the Battle of Waterloo, 
born 10th Sept. 1780, died 2nd Sept. 1853 ; 
George, born 5th July 1782, died 3rd Sept. 
1807 : (2) 29th Sept. 1794, Isabella (born 
27th Nov. 1742, died 27th Nov. 1825), daugh. 
of James Ker of Bughtrig.— [Kay's Portr., 
i. ; etc.] 

JOHN HUNTER, born 1st Nov. 1788, 

youngest son of Andrew H., D.D., 

min. in 1786; licen. by Presb. of 

Penpont 9th June 1812; ord. to Swinton 

28th Sept. 1814 ; pres. (assistant and sue- 





cessor) by the Town Council in 1829. A 
minority of the patrons challenged the right 
to appoint a successor, but having been 
found lawful, both by the Court of Session 
and House of Lords, he was adm. 11th Oct. 
1832 ; D.D. (Edinburgh, 29th May 1847). 
He declined nomination as Moderator of 
Assembly. He died 21st July 1866. He 
marr. 25th July 1817, Caroline Felicite 
Hepburn (died 21st July 1866, aged 77), 
second daugh. of Archibald Mitchelson of 
Middleton. Publications — Two single Ser- 
mons (Edinburgh, 1837-48); Preface t6 
Newton's Letters. — [Kay's Portr., i. ; New 
Scots Mag., ii. ; Acts of Ass., 1830.] 


[Church built in 1901 ; disjoined from St 
Cuthbert's and erected into a parish quoad 
sacra by decree of the Court of Teinds, 
5th July 1912.] 

JAMES BELL NICOLL, born Forfar, 
24th Feb. 1849, son of John N., of Bel- 
field, and Elizabeth Bell ; educated 
at Forfar Academy, Univs. of St Andrews 
and Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Forfar 
April 1884 ; assistant at Largo ; ord. 17th 
May 1891. Marr. 4th Aug. 1891, Jessie, 
daugh. of James Thomson and Jane 
Mackenzie, and has issue — James; Jean; 
Elsie; Maria. 


[Disjoined from St Cuthbert's and 
erected into a parish quoad sacra, 5th 
June 1871. A church was built in 1868-9, 
and opened in Jan. 1870.] 

^ of Sandhaven, Pitsligo, 11th July 
1838, son of George F. ; educated at 
Parish School, Fraserburgh, and Grammar 
School, Univ., and King's College, Aber- 
deen; M.A. (1858); licen. by Presb. of 
Deer 1863; assistant at Lonmay, 1863-5; 
ord. 27th April 1865 to New Pitsligo; 
trans, to Macduff 4th Sept. 1868; trans, 
and adm. 22nd Feb. 1872 ; D.D. (Aberdeen 
1892); died 19th Aug. 1913. Marr. 15th 
Dec. 1868, Margaret (died 21st Sept. 1899), 

daugh. of Rev. George Stephen, school- 
house, Fordyce, Banffshire, and had issue— 
Margaret, born 4th Dec. 1869 ; Elsie, B.Sc. 
(Lond.), Lecturer in Mathematics, London, 
born 11th Aug. 1871 ; Annie, born 18th Dec. 
1872, died 12th June 1892 ; George, C A., 
Inverness, born 20th July 1874 ; Robert, 
estate office clerk, London, born 13th March 
1876; Jane, born 11th May 1879 (marr. 
George Victor Dunnet, min. of Cockburns- 
path); Stephen, M.D., Alexandria, Egypt, 
born 27th July 1881. Publication — 
Christ the Corner Stone (Edinburgh, 1914), 

1909 k° rn Kinnoull, 3rd March 1868, son 
of William Duncan K., B.A., Con- 
gregational min. at Perth; educated at 
Perth Academy and Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. 
(1889) ; B.D. (1893) ; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 10th May 1893 ; assistant at Barony, 
Glasgow, 1893-7; ord. to Kerse 2nd Sept. 
1897 ; trans, and adm. (assistant and suc- 
cessor) 1st Oct. 1909. 

ST BRIDKS (Chapel-of-Ease). 

[Begun in 1880 as a mission within the 
Dairy district of West Coates Parish. A 
church was built in 1901, at a cost of 
£6500. James Gillak, B.D. (afterwards 
of St Margaret's, Edinburgh), took charge 
from 1898 to 1904.] 

lgo4 Lishawara, 11th July 1868, son of 
Joseph A. and Margaret Wilson; 
educated at Banbridge Academy and Royal 
Univ. of Dublin ; B.A. (1893) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Banbridge May 1895 ; assistant 
at Rutland Square Church, Dublin ; adm. 
to the Church of Scotland 1903; acting 
chaplain at Aldershot; assistant at St 
Mary's, Dundee; ord. 4th May 1904. 


[There was a meeting-house in the 
Lawnmarket in 1692, to which a parish 
was allocated 25th March 1698, termed 
the New North, for whose accommodation 




the north-west portion of St Giles was 
fitted up 20th Dec. 1699. Having been 
the place where Sir John Gordon of 
Haddo was imprisoned previous to his 
decapitation in 1644, it was generally 
called Haddo's-hold, and from its size, 
the Little Kirk. During alterations in 
St Giles, the congregation was accom- 
modated in the Methodist Chapel, Nicol- 
son Square, from 1829-35, and in Brighton 
Street Chapel from 1835 to 1843, when 
they returned to the nave of St Giles. 
At the restoration of the Cathedral by 
Dr William Chambers, a sum of £10,000, 
raised chiefly by voluntary contributions, 
was vested in the Edinburgh Ecclesiastical 
Commissioners, and a new building erected 
near the Meadows, to which the congre- 
gation removed in 1880.] 

1693 ^.A. (Glasgow 1656) ; min. at 
Omagh, Ireland, 1662; trans, to 
Dunscore 26th Nov. 1689 ; trans, to Dryfes- 
dale 1st June 1691 ; trans, and adm. 
probably in Nov. 1693. He is described as 
"now minister in Ireland," 6th July 1694 
(Treas. Reg., iv., 229) ; was settled at Ard- 
straw, and died in 1724, aged 87. He had 
a son Samuel, min. in Belfast, a chief pro- 
moter of the Non-subscription of Creeds 
and Confessions of Faith. — [Edin. Counc. 
Beg. ; Wodrow's Anal., ii. ; Reid's Ire- 
land, iii.] 

- burgh 1685) ; licen. by Presb. of Ayr 

3rd July 1688; ord. to Tarbolton 
28th March 1689; trans, to Prestonpans 
10th Oct. 1694; trans, and adm. 1699; 
died 15th May 1705, in 39th year. He 
marr. Geills Millar, and had issue — George, 
teller in the Royal Bank, died 1st May 
1739, aged 44; Rachel; Margaret (marr. 
10th July 1717, William Rae, merchant, 
Haddington). Publication — •Sermon upon 
the Twelfth Chap, of Hebrews (Edinburgh, 
1711, posthumous).— [Edin. Counc., Preston- 
pan's Sess., Test., and Beg. (Bur.).'] 

JOHN FLINT, a proteg<£ of the United 
ir _ 10 Societies or Cameronians, and edu- 
cated at Groningen Univ. at their 
expense. For some reason, on his return 

to Scotland he was disowned by the 
Societies. He became min. of Lasswade 
in 1688 ; had been called to the city in 
1695, on 18th July 1697, and a third time 
6th Sept. 1697; app. by the Presb. 7th 
Dec. 1709 ; adm. 1st Jan. 1710. He refused 
to take the oath of allegiance in 1712 ; 
died 19th Jan. 1730, in 71st year. A 
worthy, affectionate, zealous man, and of 
considerable learning as a linguist. He 
marr. Janet Elphinston, and had issue — 
John. Publications — A Synod Sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1705); Examen. Doctrince D. 
Johannis Simson, in academia Glasguensi 
professoris (Edinburgh, 1717); and was 
serviceable in publishing Poole's Synopsis 
Criticorum. He revised Boston's Fourfold 
State and Treatise on Hebrew Accentuation. 
— [Lasswade Sess. and Beg. (Bur.), Boston's 
Mem.; Wodrow's Anal., iv., Corresp., i., and 
MSS., lxxxii.] 

JAMES SMITH, trans, from Cramond, 
1780 and adm. 23rd July 1730 ; app. Pro- 
fessor of Divinity in the Univ. of 
Edinburgh, and dem. 27th April 1732, 
although several "of the elders and 
deacons appeared, craving he might be 
continued, there being no inconsistency in 
discharging both offices." 

JOHN GOWDIE, trans, from Lady 
1732 tester's; adm. 14th Dec. 1732; 
Moderator of Assembly 3rd May 
1733 ; dem. 1st Aug. thereafter, on appoint- 
ment as Professor of Divinity in the Univ. 
of Edinburgh (q.v.). — [Bower's Univ., ii.] 

JAMES SMITH, tutor in the families of 
Dalrymple of Cousland and Dundas 
of Arniston; licen. by Presb. of 
Dalkeith 26th Oct. 1703 ; ord. to Morham 
24th Sept. 1706 ; trans, to Cramond 16th 
Jan. 1712 ; Moderator of Assembly 1723 ; 
Professor of Divinity in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh 1732 ; trans, and readm. to this 
charge 25th July 1733 ; Principal of the 
University 12th Oct. 1733 (which he held 
in conjunction); one of His Majesty's 
chaplains. Died at Coldstream in return- 
ing from Bristol, 14th Aug. 1736, in 56th 
year. He marr. Catherine Oswald, who 
died 6th Aug. 1730, in her 46th year. 
Publications — The Misery of Ignorant and 





Unconverted Sinners, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1733) ; Sermon after the Death of the Rev. 
James Craig, 1731 ; edited Craig's Sermons, 
2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1 732).— [Presb. and Test. 
Beg. ; Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv. ; Wood's 
Hist, of Cramond ; Grant's Univ., ii. ; 
Brown's Gospel Truth.] 


ROBERT WALLACE, born 7th Jan. 
1696, only son of Matthew W., 
min. of Kincardine-in-Menteith ; edu- 
cated at the Grammar School of Stirling and 
Univ. of Edinburgh, where he acted as assist- 
ant to James Gregory, Professor of Mathe- 
matics. He was one of the founders of the 
Rankenian Club in 1717 ; licen. by Presb. 
of Dunblane 31st July 1722 ; became min. 
of Moffat 29th Aug. 1723, and on 22nd 
Nov. 1733 was trans, to New Greyfriars, 
and to this charge 24th Sept. 1738. The 
Town Council obtained an interdict from 
the Lord Ordinary against the settlement, 
but as the city was considered only one 
parish, and the appointment to the different 
churches was fixed by the Presb., and 
the " matter was purely spiritual," he had 
no hesitation in accepting, and the opposi- 
tion proceeded no farther. Wallace was 
Moderator of the General Assembly 12th 
May 1743; he was app. by the Commis- 
sion 9th Nov. 1743 along with George 
Wishart to approach Parliament in con- 
nection with the Act providing for the 
widows and children of ministers and pro- 
fessors. They were successful, and received 
the thanks of the succeeding Assembly. 
He was a Dean of the Chapel Royal and 
Chaplain in Ordinary to George II. June 
1744; D.D. (Edinburgh, 13th March 1759); 
died 29th July 1771. On the overthrow 
of the Walpole administration in 1742, 
he was entrusted for four years with 
the management of Church business, and 
consulted in the distribution of Crown 
Patronage, and so well did he discharge 
this duty that no instance occurred in 
which there was not a harmonious settle- 
ment. To his knowledge as a man of 
the world, were joined an acquaintance 
and zeal in mathematics which rendered 
him of essential service in assisting to 
make the calculations on which were 

founded the annuities and provisions to 
the widows and children under the Act 
above noticed. He marr. 14th Oct. 1726, 
Helen (died 9th Feb. 1776), daugh. of 
George Turnbull, min. of Tynninghame, 
and had issue — Matthew, D.D., vicar 
of Tenterden, Kent; George, advocate, 
author of various legal and other works, 
born 1727, died 13th March 1805 ; Eliza- 
beth — all of whom died unmarr. Pub- 
lications — The Regard due to Divine 
Revelation, and its Pretences to it Con- 
sidered, a sermon (London, 1731); Reply 
to a Letter Directed to the Minister of 
Moffat [by William Dudgeon] Concerning 
the Positive Institutions of Christian- 
ity (London, 1732) ; The Letter to the 
Learned Author of the Queries Unmasked 
(Edinburgh, 1737, anon.); Ignorance and 
Superstition, a Source of Violence and 
Cruelty, and in Particular the Cause of the 
Present Rebellion, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1746) ; A Sermon on James Hi., 18 (Edin- 
burgh, 1746); A Dissertation on the 
Numbers of Mankind in Ancient and 
Modern Times (Edinburgh, 1753, anon.; 
new ed., Edinburgh, 1809), with Life of 
the Author (the book was translated into 
French under the supervision of Montes- 
quieu) ; The Doctrine of Passive Obedience 
and Non-resistance Considered (Edinburgh, 
1754) ; Characteristics of the Present Politi- 
cal State of Great Britain (Edinburgh, 
1758); Various Prospects of Mankind, 
Nature, and Providence (London, 1761). 
He left in MS. an Essay on Taste, which 
was prepared for the press by his son, 
but never published; and many other 
unpublished MSS. now in the library of 
Edinburgh University.— [Wodrow's Anal., 
iii., iv., and Corresp., iii.; Scots Mag., 
xxxiii., Ixxi. ; Carlyle's Autob., Mackenzie's 
Life of Home ; Morren's Arm., i. ; Diet. Nat. 

WILLIAM GLOAG, son of Andrew G., 
vn „ min. of West Calder; educated at 
Univ. of Edinburgh; ord. to Cock- 
pen 28th April 1758; trans, to Lady 
Yester's, Edinburgh, 22nd Oct. 1767; 
D.D. (Edinburgh, 1st Feb. 1770); trans, 
and adm. 21st July 1772. He was app. 




junior clerk of Assembly 24th May 1781, 
and Almoner to His Majesty Feb. 1799. 
Died 27th April 1802. He marr. 30th 
Nov. 1773. Euphemia (died 13th Jan. 
1833), eldest daugh. of William Wilson 
of Soonhope, writer in Edinburgh, and 
had issue — John, merchant and magi- 
strate of Edinburgh ; Euphemia, born 
19th June 1775 (marr. William Kerr, 
secretary to the Post Office, Edinburgh) ; 
Andrew, born 8th Jan. 1777, died 12th 
Dec. 1777; Jean, born 28th Oct. 1778, 
died unmarr. July 1803 ; Susanna, born 
22nd Sept. 1782, died 9th Dec. 1782; 
Henrietta, born 24th Sept, 1785 ; Martha, 
born 22nd April 1790. Publications —Two 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1792-1800).— 
[MoncreifFs Fun. Serm.] 

JOHN THOMSON, D.D., trans, from 

1802 "^ ew Greyfriars ') P res - by the Town 

Council, and adm. 16th Dec. 1802; 

retranslated to his former charge 20th 

Oct. 1814. 

ROBERT NISBET, born Auchterarder, 
1843 7th Jan. 1814, son of Christopher 
N. and Margaret Sime ; educated at 
Auchterarder School, and Univs. of St 
Andrews and Edinburgh ; Keen, by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 29th June 1836 ; assistant at 
Lanark ; ord. (assistant and successor) 
there 4th May 1842 ; trans, and adm. 
7th Dec. 1843; D.D. (St Andrews 1853); 
died 22nd Nov. 1874. He marr. 18th 
July 1848, Eliza (died 26th June 1883), 
daugh. of John Tawse of Stobshiel, 
advocate, and had issue — Eliza Margaret, 
born 5th Aug. 1849, died 18th May 1860 ; 
Christopher Charles, of Stobshiel, Writer 
to the Signet, born 31st Aug. 1851 ; Jessie 
Anne, born 5th Jan. 1853 ; Christian, born 
23rd May 1854 (marr. James Paisley, son of 
Robert P., D.D., St Ninians) ; John Tawse, 
M.D., bom 12th March 1856, died 13th Feb. 
1909 ; Robert, born 29th Oct. 1857, died 
22nd July 1858 ; Robert James, born 11th 
June 1859. Publications — The Songs of 
the Temple Pilgrims (London, 1863) ; Studies 
on the Epistle of Paul to Philemon 
(Edinburgh, 1876, posthumous); Youthful 
Builders Instructed, sermon preached 
before the Governors of George Heriot's 

Hospital ; Sermon (preached under the 
auspices of the S.P.C.K.). 

18 ,_ 6 Peebles, 31st Jan. 1833, youngest son 
of Alexander W., writer and town 
clerk, Peebles, and Mary Dickson ; edu- 
cated at Peebles Grammar School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of 
Peebles 22nd June 1859; ord. to Inner- 
leithen 17th Nov. 1859; trans, and adm. 
1st July 1875 ; sometime convener of the 
Colonial Committee ; D.D. (Edinburgh 
1896) ; died 28th April 1911. He marr. 9th 
July 1861, Sarah Anne, daugh. of Robert 
Tod, farmer, Cardrona Mains, Traquair. 
Publications — Glimpses of Peeblesshire — 
Drumelzier, etc. (published when a student) ; 
Ask and Receive; Sure and Comfortable 
Words (London, 1865) ; Missionary Heroes 
of the Pacific ; The Patriarchs ; Light from 
Eastern Lands (Edinburgh, 1892) ; Glimpses 
of Peebles (Selkirk, 1895) ; Plain Words and 
Simple Facts about the Church of Scotland ; 
Is the Church of Scotland to Stand or 
Fall ? ; What has the Church of Scotland 
done for Scotland 1 ; editor of the Juvenile 
Missionary Record. 

1911 trans - f rom Skelmorlie, and adm. 
10th March 1911 ; trans, to Govan 
13th May 1913. 

1918 D evon P ort > England, 26th April 
1867, son of John M. and Elizabeth 
Mitchell ; educated at Row and Hermitage 
(Helensburgh) Public Schools and Univs. 
of Glasgow (M.A. 1888) and Edinburgh; 
licen. by Presb. of Inveraray 1st June 1892 ; 
assistant at St Columba's, Glasgow ; ord. 
to Insh (Inverness-shire) 29th March 1895 ; 
trans, to Tarbert 17th Feb. 1897 ; trans, to 
Campbeltown 11th Oct. 1905; clerk to 
Presb. of Kintyre 1909-13 ; trans, and adm. 
18th Sept. 1913. He marr. 20th April 
1897, Alice Margaret, daugh. of James 
Hunter, Edinburgh, and has issue — Susan 
Alison, born 18th Oct. 1898, died 4th Dec. 
1899; Margaret Alice, born 13th Sept. 
1900 ; Robert James, born 13th Sept. 1900, 
died 10th July 1910. 

VOL. I. 





Collegiate Charge. 

[Discontinued in 1843 when a minister 
was required for St George's Church.] 

1? LANDS], ord. min. of Swinton 
24th Sept. 1691 ; trans, to New- 
battle 6th May 1695; called 9th Sept., 
and app. by the Presb. 9th Dec. 1702; 
adm. 3rd Jan. 1703; died 10th Jan. 1732, 
aged 70. He marr. 6th Nov. 1698, Sophia, 
daugh. of Sir Mark Carse of Cockpen, 
and had issue — Mark; Margaret (marr. 
16th Sept. 1733, George Miller, merchant, 
Edinburgh); Agnes, a child, died 17th 
Dec. 1705. Publication — The Salutation 
of Endeared flowing forth (London, 1683) ; 
edited Sermons of his colleague, Andrews, 
in 1711. — [Edin. Counc., NewbatUe Sess., 
Test., and Beg. (Bur.).] 

1732 son °^ Gavin H. of Airdrie ; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; ord. 
to Cramond 26th Sept. 1694 ; app. Professor 
of Divinity in the Univ. of Edinburgh 21st 
Sept. 1709; called 23rd March, and adm. 
8th Aug. 1732, holding in conjunction the 
Principalship of the University, to which 
he was app. in 1730 ; he was Moderator of 
Assembly in 1712, 1716, 1720, 1727, and 1730 ; 
died 12th Nov. 1732. He marr. at Glasgow, 
25th Feb. 1696, Mary Robertson, who died 
22nd Jan. 1760, aged 85, and had issue — 
William, merchant, and Gavin, bookseller, 
both in that city ; Robert, min. of Cramond, 
and Professor of Divinity ; Gilbert, also min. 
of Cramond; Jean (marr. 6th July 1718, 
Hugh Cleghorn, merchant, Edinburgh); 
Margaret (marr. 16th May 1731, William 
Tod, merchant, Edinburgh) ; Anne (marr. 
John Horsley, M.A., rector of Newington 
Butts, Surrey [not J. H., author of Brittania 
Bomana], and was mother of Samuel, the 
distinguished Bishop of St Asaph). Publi- 
cation — The Truth and Excellency of the 
Christian Beligion, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1732).— [Cramond Sess., Test., and Beg. 
(Bur.); Wodrow's Anal., iii., iv., and 
Corresp., i. ; Anderson's House of Hamil- 

ton ; Bower's Univ., ii. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., 
xxv. ; Leechman's Life, Serm. i. ; Wood's 
Hist, of Cramond.'] 

JOHN GLEN, son of John G., min. of 
1783 Stichill; licen. by Presb. of Kelso 
5th Aug. 1718 ; ord. to Stichill 5th 
March 1719 ; trans, to New Greyfriars 
14th Dec. 1732 ; trans, and adm. 22nd 
Nov. 1733 ; died 8th Jan. 1768. He marr. 
11th July 1732, Mary (died 8th April 
1761), daugh. of John Osburne, merchant, 
Lord Provost of Edinburgh.— [Test. Beg., 
Carlyle's Atdob.] 

JAMES BROWN, bapt. 17th Dec. 1724, 
1768 y° un S es * son °f John B., min. of 
Abercorn; educated at Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; M.A. (27th April 1742) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Perth 23rd July 1745 ; ord. to 
Melrose 10th Feb. 1748; trans, to New 
Greyfriars 9th July 1767 ; trans, and adm. 
24th Nov. 1768 ; Moderator of the General 
Assembly 22nd May 1777; died 6th May 
1786. He took a great interest in the im- 
provement of the translations and para- 
phrases of sacred Scripture, and was 
appointed, 28th May 1776, convener of the 
Assembly's Committee, whose selection, 
approved of 1st June 1781, came into 
general use. He marr. (1) 3rd June 

1748, Helen (died 4th June 1754), third 
daugh. of Captain Lawrence Drummond, 
and had issue — John, born 7th April 

1749, died 4th Aug. 1757 ; Katharine, born 
19th April 1750, died 9th Nov. 1752; 
Elizabeth, born 26th Sept. 1751, died 7th 
May 1764; Helen, born 5th Feb. 1753 
(marr. 12th June 1777, William Somer- 
ville, merchant, Glasgow) ; Mary, born 7th 
May 1754 (marr. John Pattison, advo- 
cate): (2) 13th Nov. 1755, Marion (died 
3rd Oct. 1786), daugh. of Robert Tod, 
merchant, Edinburgh, and had issue — 
Robert of Kirklands, W.S., born 5th Aug. 
1758, died 6th Nov. 1812; James, min. of 
Newburn ; John, born 16th May 1761, died 
8th Dec. 1767; Thomas, merchant, Edin- 
burgh, born 3rd July 1766, died 4th Oct. 
1801; Janet, born 27th Sept. 1756, died 
22nd April 1759 ; Margaret, born 2nd Oct. 
1757, died 11th Jan. 1768; Marion, born 




5th July 1771 (marr. John Gray, solicitor). 
Publications — The Extensive Influence of 
Religious Knowledge, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1769); Plan for Regulating the Charity 
Workhouse, Edinburgh. — [Burns's Mem. of 
M'Gill, and On the Pooi\] 

THOMAS HARDY, of Navitie, born 
1786 1^47, son °f Henry H., min. of 
Culross ; educated at Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Kirkcaldy 
16th Feb. 1772; ord. to Ballingry 16th 
June 1774 ; trans, to High Kirk Parish, 
Edinburgh, 25th Nov. 1784; pres. by the 
Town Council, trans, and adm. 3rd Dec. 
1 786 ; app. Professor of Ecclesiastical His- 
tory (which he held in conjunction) 31st 
July 1788; D.D. (Edinburgh, 4th Oct. 
1788); Moderator of the General Assembly 
16th May 1793; one of His Majesty's 
Chaplains in Ordinary and a Dean of the 
Chapel Royal Oct. same year ; died 21st 
Nov. 1798. He was an attractive and 
eloquent preacher, took a lively interest in 
the beneficent and charitable institutions 
of the city, and was one of the founders of 
the "Society for the Benefit of the Sons 
of the Clergy of the Church of Scotland 
in Edinburgh." He marr. 28th June 1780, 
Agnes (died 4th June 1812), daugh. of 
William Young, min. of Hutton, and had 
issue— Agnes, born 6th Nov. 1782 ; Henry, 
advocate, born 27th July 1783, died 1807 ; 
William, captain H.E.I.C.S., born 23rd 
May 1785, died 1824; Anne, born 19th 
April 1787, died 1857; Charles Wilkie, 
min. of Dunning, born 26th Sept. 1788; 
Janet, born 1791, died 1847 ; Sophia, born 
24th July 1792 (marr. (1) Gilbert Bertram, 
merchant, Leith, and (2) Robert Allan, 
surgeon, Edinburgh), died 8th Jan. 1845 ; 
Thomas, F.R.C.S., born 17th June 1794, 
died 1836; Hugh Blair, born 28th Nov. 
1796, died 8th May 1797. Publications- 
Five single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1775-94) ; 
The Principles of Moderation (Edinburgh, 
1782); The Benevolence of the Christian 
Spirit (Edinburgh, 1791); Plan for the 
Augmentation of Stipends (Edinburgh, 
1793); The Pati-iot (Edinburgh, 1793); 
Fidelity to the British Constitution (Edin- 

burgh, 1794) ; Sermon I. (Scotch Preacher, 
iv.).— [Grant's Univ., ii. ; Kay's Portr.\ 

17g9 trans, from New Greyfriars ; pres. 
by the Town Council 28th Dec. 
1798, and adm. 10th Jan. 1799, holding in 
conjunction the Principalship of the Univ. ; 
trans, to the High Kirk Parish 30th April 


DAVID DICKSON of Persilands, born 
30th March 1754, third son of David 
D. of Kilbucho, min. of Newlands ; 
educated at West Linton and Peebles 
schools, and Univs. of Glasgow and Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Biggar 29th 
Aug. 1775 ; assistant at Libberton, Lanark- 
shire ; ord. there 1st May 1777 ; trans, to 
Bothkennar 16th July 1783 ; app. to Canon- 
gate Chapel-of-Ease, New Street, 22nd Oct. 
1795 ; trans, to Trinity Parish 21st March 
1799; pres. by the Town Council 27th 
Jan., trans, and adm. 26th Nov. 1801 ; 
died 2nd Aug. 1820. He was often seen 
on horseback, and it was said there were 
two things of which he never tired — riding 
and preaching. He marr. 10th Dec. 1777, 
Christina (died 14th Dec. 1832, aged 77), 
daugh. of Thomas Wardrobe, min. of 
Bathgate, and had issue — Margaret, born 
5th Oct. 1778, died 29th Nov. 1852 ; David, 
min. of St Cuthbert's; John, W.S., 1806, 
born 17th Nov. 1781, died 8th July 1823 ; 
William, born 12th Nov. 1783 ; Anne, born 
13th April 1787, died 28th Feb. 1860; 
Elizabeth Somerville, born 29th May 1792 
(marr. 10th April 1812, John Tawse, advo- 
cate, secretary of the Society for Propa- 
gating Christian Knowledge), died 12th May 
1843; James Wardrobe, advocate, Sheriff- 
substitute of Stirlingshire, born 2nd April 
1794, died 9th June 1847 ; Christian Ward- 
robe, born 3rd Aug. 1800, died 8th Jan. 
1802. Publications— Four single Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1779-1819) ; Sermons preached 
on Different Occasions (Edinburgh, 1818); 
The Principal Subject, Joyful Import, and 
Glorious Extent of Gospel Tidings (sermon 
preached before the London Missionary 
Society, 1804); Account of Bothkennar 




(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xvii.). — [Kay's 
Portr., ii.] 

HENKY GREY, M.A. ; trans, from 

1821 ^ Cuthbert's Chapel; pres. by the 

Town Council Oct. 1820 j adm. 11th 

Jan. 1821 ; trans, to Bellevue (afterwards 

St Mary's) 13th Jan. 1835. 

ROBERT GORDON, D.D. ; trans. 

1825 f rom Hope Park Chapel ; pres. by 

the Town Council, and adm. 8th 

Sept. 1825; trans, to St Giles 9th Sept. 


JOHN BRUCE, trans, from Guthrie; 

1831 P res " ky th e Town Council 1830 ; 

adm. (in the Methodist Chapel) 13th 

Jan. 1831 ; trans, to St Andrew's Church 

12th Jan. 1837. 

17 son of Alexander B., Lord Provost of 
Aberdeen, and Catharine Chalmers ; 
educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen ; 
licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 22nd Dec. 
1830 ; ord. to Anderston Chapel-of-Ease 
21st July 1831 ; pres. by the Town Council, 
trans, and adm. (in Brighton Street Chapel) 
20th April 1837. Joined the Free Church ; 
min. of Free New North, Edinburgh, 1843 ; 
D.D. (Princeton 1863); Moderator of Free 
Church General Assembly 1872; died 3rd 
July 1884. He marr. 28th Jan. 1834, Jane 
Bannatyne Wright, who died 12th Nov. 1895, 
and had issue— Alexander, born 2nd Jan. 
1835 ; John Wright, born 19th Dec. 1836, 
died 23rd March 1863; Margaret Innes, 
born 28th Sept. 1837, died 15th June 
1853 ; Catharine Chalmers, born 30th 
Sept. 1838, died 28th Feb. 1859; Charles 
John, born 14th May 1841 ; Ross, born 
17th June 1845; David, born 16th Nov. 
1846 ; Andrew Howden, born 31st March 
1848; Robert Wright, born 14th Aug. 
1850; Thomas Chalmers, born 10th May 
1852, died 28th Jan. 1853; Jane Eliza- 
beth, born 3rd April 1855 (marr. Dyson 
Weston, London). Publications — Church 
Establishments Defended, with Special 
Reference to the Church of Scotland 
(Glasgow, 1833) ; Rights of the Chris- 
tian People in the Appointment of their 
Ministers (Edinburgh, 1839) ; Sermon 

preached before the General Assembly of 
the Free Church (Edinburgh, 1844); State 
of Religion in the Land (London, 1844) ; 
Restraining of Spiritual Intercourse in 
Families (Edinburgh, 1855); Lectures II., 
on Protestantism (Glasgow, 1837), X., on 
the Revival of Religion (Glasgow, 1840), 
III., on the Conversion of the Jews (Edin- 
burgh, 1832), and XL, before the Scottish 
Reformation Society (Edinburgh, 1851). 


[The church was opened 20th April 1837. 
The district attached to it, all within the 
civil parish of Liberton, was by the Court of 
Teinds erected into a parish quoad sacra, 
18th July I860.] 

WALTER FAIRLIE, second son of 
Walter F., Dumbarton ; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow, where he matricu- 
lated in 1808 ; ord. by Presb. of Glasgow to 
Whitehaven 1st Dec. 1819 ; adm. 16th Aug. 
1838. Joined the Free Church ; min. of 
Liberton Free Church 1843; died 25th 
Nov. 1856. He marr. 11th Feb. 1824, 
Sarah (died 12th Nov. 1858), daugh. of 
Adam Bittleston, Maryport. Publication 
— The Lawfulness and Stability of 
Councils in the Christian Church, a ser- 
mon (London, 1827). 

[Between 1843 and 1860 the congregation 
was served by licentiates.] 

THOMAS FLEMING, born Avendale, 
i860 f° urtn son °f J°hn F. ; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow; took charge of 
the church in 1853; ord. min. of the new 
parish 27th Dec. 1860; died unmarr. at 
Liberton Manse, 16th March 1862. 

PETER STEWART, born Dollar, 24th 

1882 -^ a y 1828 ' son °^ Alexander S- and 
Susan Cameron ; educated at St 
Andrews Univ.; M.A. ; ord. 21st Aug. 
1862; died at Dollar, 4th Sept. 1873. He 
marr. 22nd Aug. 1871, Jane (died 15th 
March 1873), daugh. of William Glover, 




W.S., Leith, and widow of Thomas Mer- 
ricks, Roslin. 

74 Musselburgh, 30th Sept. 1839, second 
son of Andrew W., schoolmaster, 
Whitekirk, and Jean Telfer; educated at 
High School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
licen. by Presb. of Dunbar; assistant at 
Trinity Parish, Edinburgh ; ord. 18th June 
1874; died 27th April 1881. 

JAMES CHRISTIE, born Foulis-Wester, 
30th Aug. 1835, son of Robert C. and 
Jane Wilson ; educated at Foulis- 
Wester and Monzie schools, and Univ. of St 
Andrews ; licen. by Presb. of St Andrews 
30th Jan. 1861 ; ord. same day by Presb. of 
St Andrews, to the Jewish Mission station 
at Alexandria; missionary at Constantinople 
1861 to 1879 ; adm. to Gilmerton 31st Oct. 
1881; D.D. (St Andrews 1882); librarian 
to the General Assembly from 1885 ; died 
9th June 1913. He marr. (1) 30th Sept. 
1863, Mary Hamilton (died 5th June 1883), 
and had issue— Robert, born 29th July 
1864; Mary Christina, born 11th Nov. 
1865; Alexander Hamilton, min. at 
Rerrick, born 8th July 1867 ; James, born 
29th April 1875; David Hamilton, M.A., 
born 22nd Jan. 1877 : (2) 31st Aug. 1887, 
Jane T. Jack, and had issue— Thomas Jack, 
born 23rd Feb. 1889; Graham Wilson, 
M.B., Ch.B., born 11th March 1891. 
Publications — Translation of Old Testa- 
ment into Judaeo-Spanish for American 
Bible Society (Constantinople, 1873) ; New 
Testament into Judaeo-Spanish for British 
and Foreign Bible Society (1877); edited 
General Assembly Commission Records 
1646-96, 2 vols., Scot. Hist. Soc. (1892-6), 
edited third vol. 1650-2 (1909); Bio- 
graphical Sketch of author prefixed to 
Professor Mitchell's Scottish Reformation 

JOSEPH MOFFETT, born Letterkenny, 
1913 23rd Aug. 1885, son of Joseph M., 
D.D., and Lizzie Beck ; educated 
privately, and at Royal University of 
Ireland ; (B.A. 1906) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh May 1909; assistant Trinity 

Parish, Edinburgh, and St Columba's, 
London ; ord. 16th Sept. 1913. 


[After the Rev. James Robertson had 
ministered for nearly twenty years to the 
workers and others connected with Granton 
Harbour, the Duke of Buccleuch gifted the 
church (built in 1877), along with an endow- 
ment of £50, to the Church of Scotland. 
Erected into a parish quoad sacra in Jan. 
1889, having been disjoined from Cramond, 
Dean, and St Bernard's parishes.] 

1889 -^ e k- 1857 > son °* William G., min. of 
Crawfordjohn, and Mary Smith; 
educated at Robertson's Academy, Edin- 
burgh, and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. 
(23rd April 1878) ; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 1880 ; assistant at Methil, Old Kirk, 
Edinburgh, Largs, Galashiels, Langholm; 
app. July 1888 to take charge of Granton 
Chapel; ord. and ind. 15th Feb. 1889. 
Marr. 19th Feb. 1889, Maria, fourth daugh. 
of Nathaniel Gosling, Cheltenham, and 
Christina Clark, and has issue — Mary, 
born 30th Dec. 1889 (marr. 5th April 1911, 
Ernest Maclagan Wedderburn, W.S., D.Sc); 
William, born 19th Aug. 1891 ; Margaret 
Somerville, born 26th Oct. 1893; Nora 
Isabel, born 2nd Nov. 1895 ; James Smith, 
born 23rd May 1897, died 11th July 1897 ; 
Ruth Elizabeth Evangeline,born 30th March 


[The congregation dates from 1892. On 
21st Feb. of that year an iron church was 
opened, and at the first celebration of the 
Communion on 20th March following, there 
were present eighty-seven communicants. 
The foundation stone of the present build- 
ing was laid in June 1895, by Gavin, 
Marquess of Breadalbane, Lord High Com- 
missioner, and the church was opened 
23rd Jan. 1897, by Archibald Scott, D.D., 
Moderator of Assembly. Erected from 
Colinton into a parish quoad sacra by 
decreet of the Court of Teinds, 30th 
Nov. 1906.] 




1906 Swansea, 17th June 1853, son of 
Charles S., D.D., Dundee, formerly 
of Swansea, and Mary Harrington ; educated 
at Swansea Grammar School and Cheshunt 
College ; adm. as a licentiate by the 
General Assembly 1886 ; assistant at Lin- 
lithgow ; ord. to Kingscavil 9th Aug. 1887 ; 
app. to this charge 21st Feb. 1892 ; adm. 
first min of the parish 18th Dec. 1906. 
Marr. 2nd Dec. 1903, Lucy Greig, daugh. 
of Alexander Robertson, banker, Edin- 
burgh, and Annie Rose. Publication — 
Sermon on Church Defence (Edinburgh, 


[Originally in the Presb. of Edinburgh, 
and annexed by the General Assembly, 
July 1591, to Linlithgow; East Calder, 
in the Presb. of Linlithgow, was united 
by the Court of Teinds, 23rd Jan. 1751.] 

1572 JAMES MOWBRAY, reader. 

JAMES HAMILTON, M.A.; pres. by 
15?8 James, Earl of Morton. Letters of 
collation were made in his favour 
by John, Archbishop of St Andrews, 6th 
June 1573 (Moray Inventory). Ratho and 
Gogar were also in his charge. He was 
appointed to Bathgate, Oct. 1593, "but 
went not," and died 31st May 1612. His 
sister, Elizabeth, widow of William 
Buchanan of Auchmar, was executrix. — 
[Reg. Assig. and Min. ; Test. Reg. ; Wod- 
row Miscell. and Biog., i. ; Calderwood's 
Hist., iv., viii.] 

1576 JOHN TOD, reader. 

ANDREW BALFOUR, son of James B., 
1Q18 min. of St Giles, Edinburgh; edu- 
cated at Univ. there; MA. (25th 
July 1607) ; after being on the exercise of 
that Presb. some years, was pres. by James, 
Lord Balmerino, 8th July 1612 (the right 
to present being disputed and claimed by 
Archbishop Spottiswood) ; adm. 24th Feb. 
1613 ; got leave from Presb. of Linlithgow, 
of which this parish then formed a part, to 
visit his uncle, James Melvill, at his special 

desire, then in bad health at Berwick, 28th 
July 1613 ; signed the Protestation for the 
Liberties of the Kirk, 27th June 1617 
and was imprisoned for the same ; died 
7th July 1624, aged about 37. He left 
James, advocate, clerk of session, born 
1619 (who had a son Governor of the 
Darien Company, and whose son pur- 
chased the estate of Pilrig); Andrew, 
apprenticed 23rd July 1634 to John 
Inglis, merchant, Edinburgh ; John ; Eliza- 
beth. — [Melvill's Autob., Uphall Sess. and 
Test. Reg. ; Calderwood's Hist., vii. ; Orig. 
Lett., ii. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 203— de Tut., 
387-90 ; The Balfours of Pilrig.'] 

JAMES LAING, son of John L., min 
1625 °^ Greenock '> M.A. (Glasgow 1617) ; 
licen. 19th April 1620 ; ord. to Aber- 
corn 7th March 1624; trans, and adm. 
1625. It was stated against him at the 
Synod, 5th Nov. 1644, that upon the day 
of thanksgiving for the taking of New- 
castle, he uttered the words in his sermon 
— "That is a devilish joy to rejoice at the 
calamitie of our brethren, who are under 
one king, one faith, one baptism, and if our 
fathers were living, they would laugh to 
see us trouble ourselves needlesslie," which 
words, however, he publicly denied. He 
obtained a protection from the Marquess 
of Montrose, 20th Aug. 1645, which is the 
last heard of him. He marr. before 1635, 
Agnes, daugh. of Patrick Sharpe, min. of 
Strathbrock, and widow of Alexander 
Somerville of Humbie {Moray Inventory), 
and had issue — William, apprenticed 8th 
Jan. 1645 to William Alexander, merchant, 
Edinburgh ; Agnes. — [Linlithgow Presb. 
and Uphall Sess. Reg., Sed. Book of 
Teinds ; Reg. Old Dec, iii. ; Baillie's Lett. ; 
Mem. of Montrose, ii. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Peterkin's Records; New Stat. Ace., i.] 

JOHN COLVILL, MA. (St Andrews 

1648 1635 )j adm - 12tn A P ril 1648; died 
Feb. 1663, aged about 48. Leaving 
neither wife nor children, a question was 
raised before the Court of Session respect- 
ing the ann, which was found "to belong 
to the nearest of kin, a nephew (John 
Colvill, advocate, son of the Principal); 




and there being a question also as to the 
glebe, the Lords found that the nearest of 
kin had right thereto, they proving that 
the defunct had sown the same before his 
decease." — [Act. Beet. Univ. St And., Dal- 
keith Presb. and Test. Beg.; Wodrow's 
Hist., i. ; Morison's Digest and Dec, i. ; 
New Stat. Ace, i.] 

WILLIAM ALISON, M.A. ; ord. and 
x coll. 12th July 1663 ; trans, to Kil- 

bucho in 1666.— [Beg. Collat.] 

CHARLES LUMSDEN, son of Charles 
L., min. of Duddingston ; educated 
at Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (30th 
June 1658); originally a merchant in 
Edinburgh, and so styled, 27th Oct. 1662 
(G. B. Inhib.) ; licen. by George, Bishop of 
Edinburgh, 16th Sept. 1665 ; ord. and coll. 
30th Aug. 1666. He is styled " late min. of 
K.," 21st Oct. 1673 and 11th Aug. 1674. 
He marr. Elizabeth Allan, and had issue — 
John, bapt. 13th Oct. 1667.— [Beg. Collat., 
Edin. Beg. {Bapt.) ; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

JOHN WLLKIE, coll. 18th May 1669 ; 
x trans, to Ratho in Feb. 1672.— [Beg. 

Collat. ; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

JAMES OLIPHANT, pres. by John, 
^ Lord Balmerino, before 6th March 
{Moray Inventory) ; adm. 30th July 
1672 ; died 4th Aug. 1673. 

JAMES WAUGH, M.A. ; ord. and coll. 
1673 21st Oct. 1673; trans, to South 
Leith in 1682.— [.Sep'. Collat.'] 

JOHN ALEXANDER, ord. 5th July 
1683 1683 ; trans, to Durisdeer same year. 

1689 f rom I rvme 1689, when he obeyed 
the proclamation, and prayed for 
their Majesties William and Mary, but 
was prevented from preaching by certain 
persons unconnected with the parish, who 
carried off the keys of the church, on which 
he petitioned the Committee of Estates, 
who ordered him to be restored and secured 
in the peaceable exercise of his ministry, 
and possession of his house and goods. 
He was received into Communion 1692. 
— [Acts Pari., ix. ; Rule's Sec, Vindication.] 



JOHN BANNERMAN, deprived by the 
168g Privy Council, 4th Sept. 1689, for 
not praying for King William and 
Queen Mary.— [MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; 
New Stat. Ace, i. ; Rule's Sec. Vindica- 

JAMES ANDERSON, ord. 1691; trans, 
to West Linton 2nd July 1696.— 
[Peebles Presb. Beg.; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

JOHN THORBURN, born 1675, son 
and heir of John T., portioner, of 
Smailholm and Elizabeth Wilson 
MA. (Edinburgh, 3rd July 1693); licen. 
by Presb. of Earlston 8th April 1697 ; ord. 
in 1699; dem. 25th July 1744; died 4th 
Oct. 1758. Marr. (1) Mary Skene (Box. 
Sas., vii., 307) : (2) 30th Jan. 1732, Isobel, 
daugh. of James Stevenson of Carrickmure, 
and had issue — James of Smailholm, only 
son, died 7th May 1798, aged 50 (Edin. 

ALEXANDER BRYCE, born Boarland, 
Kincardine-on-Forth, 1713 ; educated 
at Kilmadock School and Univ. of 
Edinburgh; M.A. (15th May 1735); a 
tutor in Caithness for some years ; licen. 
by Presb. of Dunblane 12th June 1744; 
called 11th April, and ord. 22nd Aug. 1745 ; 
pres. to East Calder by Francis, Duke 
of Buccleuch, March 1750; one of His 
Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary 1770; 
died 1st Jan. 1786. He was the means 
of discovering the Stirling Jug, a pint 
measure, considered as the ancient 
standard of Scotland for grain, which had 
been lost sight of; the measurement of 
which he accurately ascertained to contain 
103tA% cubic inches. He adjusted the 
weights and measures of Edinburgh, and 
" for his good services to the city " was 
made a burgess and guild-brother in Jan. 
1754. He assisted in revising the calcula- 
tions for the Ministers' Widows' Fund ; 
and was a poet of no mean rank, having 
written a version of the song, " The Birks 
of Invermay." He marr. 23rd Oct. 1750, 
Janet (died 23rd March 1807), daugh. of 
Provost Gillespie of Stirling, and had issue 
— Mary, born 6th Aug. 1751 ; Katherine, 
born 23rd March 1753 (marr. Theodore 
Alexander of Wellfield); John, born 26th 




Nov. 1754, W.S. apprentice 1770; Janet, 
born 27th Oct. 1758 ; Isabel, born 5th April 
1761 ; James, surgeon, Edinburgh, born 
23rd Jan. 1766; Sir Alexander, K.C.B., 
R.E., Inspector-General of Fortifications, 
born 23rd Jan. 1766, died 1832 ; William, 
D.D., min. of Aberdour, born 4th April 
1770; Janet {secunda). Publications — 
Several scientific papers in the Trans. Roy. 
Soc. Lond., "A New Method of Measuring 
the Velocity of the Wind," etc. ; " Map of the 
North Coast of Britain, from the Haw Stoir 
of Assynt to Wick, in Caithness, with the 
Harbours and Rocks, and an Account of 
the Tides in the Pentland Firth, 1744" 
(Trans. Philosoph. Soc, Edin.). — [Morrison's 
Digest ; Nimmo's Stirlingsh., i. ; Chalmers's 
Caled., ii. ; New Stat. Ace, i. ; Diet. Nat. 

ia aber, 1751 ; studied at Marischal 
College, Aberdeen; M.A. (1770); 
pres. by Francis, Duke of Buccleuch, and 
ord. 17th Aug. 1786 ; died 17th Nov. 1811. 
A poet of no inconsiderable genius, he com- 
posed two (xiv., xvii.) and revised at least 
thirty-three of the Paraphrases and two of 
the Hymns used in the devotional service 
of the Church. He marr. 15th Sept. 1788, 
Agnes (born 1764, died 16th March 1837), 
daugh. of James Montgomerie and Agnes 
Hunter, Irvine, and had issue — James, born 
26th Feb., died 1st Nov. 1790; Robert, 
accountant, born 1st June 1793, died 28th 
Oct. 1829 ; William, apothecary, born 19th 
Aug. 1795; Mary, born 6th April 1797 
(marr. 15th Nov. 1816, Dr Zekariah Sillar, 
Irvine), died 1883 ; George Duncan, born 
11th Oct. 1798, died 24th Oct. 1829; 
Thomas MacKnight, born 22nd March 
1800; Margaret, born 4th Feb. 1802, died 
2nd April 1803; Helen, born 31st March 
1804 (marr. Alexander Christison, min. of 
Foulden) ; Catherine, born 15th May 1806, 
died 31st May 1810; Francis; Douglas. 
Publications — Poems on Various Subjects 
(Edinburgh, 1781, anon.); The Abuse of 
Civil and Religious Liberty, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1793); Ode on LochieVs Birth 
Day (1796); A Review of the French 
Revolution (Edinburgh, 1802); Poems on 

Several Occasions, posthumous (Edinburgh, 
1813); Paraphrases of Sacred Scripture, 
used in the Church of Scotland, xiv., 
xvii.; Account of the Parish (Sinclair's 
Stat. Ace, vs..). — [Forbes' Life of Beattie, 
i. ; Neiv Scots Mag., ii. ; Rogers' Scottish 
Minstrel ; New Stat. Ace, i. ; Julian's Diet, 
of Hymnology, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

1812 SON, born April 1785 ; a student 
at the Selkirk Hall of the Secession 
Church under Professor Lawson in 1803. 
Joined the Church of Scotland, and was 
licen. by Presb. of Kirkcaldy 17th Jan. 1810 ; 
pres. by George, Earl of Morton, 27th April, 
and ord. 22nd Oct. 1812 ; clerk of the Presb. 
of Edinburgh; joint clerk depute to the 
General Assembly 22nd May 1828; D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 20th March 1836); convener 
of the Assembly's Committee on Home 
Missions 29th May 1843; Moderator of 
the General Assembly 1849 ; principal clerk 
to the General Assembly 19th May 1859; 
died unmarr. 15th Dec. 1861. Publications 
— Letter to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh 
on the Seat Rents of the City Churches 
(Edinburgh, 1834) ; Statement in Reference 
to a Division in the General Assembly's 
Non - Intrusion Committee (Edinburgh, 
1842) ; Remarks on the Memorial Pre- 
sented to Her Majesty's Government by a 
Committee of the Free Church, Relative to 
the quoad sacra Churches or Chapels in 
Connection with the Church of Scotland 
(Edinburgh, 1848); Account of the Parish 
(New Stat. Ace, i.). — [Report on Ch. 
Patronage; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

1862 gow, 11th Nov. 1829, son of William 
S. of Carbeth-Guthrie, Lord Provost 
of Glasgow, and Sarah Wallis, daugh. of 
Henry Wallis, Marysborough, Co. Cork; 
educated privately and at Edinburgh 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
1854 ; assistant at New Kilpatrick ; ord. 
to Durisdeer 10th May 1855; trans, and 
adm. 19th June 1862; D.D. (Edinburgh 
1882); convener of the Jewish Mission 
Scheme 1875-85; Lecturer on Pastoral 
Theology 1878; died 12th Nov. 1885. He 




marr. 30th Aug. 1872, Elizabeth Dunlop 
(died 25th Sept. 1912), youngest daugh. 
of James Macnair of Auchinleck, and Janet 
Kankin, and has issue — Hannah Isobel, born 
July 1873, died Feb. 1883 ; William Henry, 
born Feb. 1875, died in South Africa 1902 ; 
Sarah Catherine Wallis, born Oct. 1876 
(marr. 1904, T. J. Stuart) ; Helen Elizabeth, 
born Aug. 1878 ; James Macnair, captain 
R.M.L.I., born Feb. 1881; Louisa Mary 
Wallis, missionary of the Church of Scot- 
land at Poona, India, born Jan. 1883; 
Isobel Jean, born July 1884. Publications 
— Editor of the Mission Record of the 
Church of Scotland ; The Pastor as 
Preacher (Edinburgh, 1878); Outlines of 
Early Church History (Edinburgh, Bible 
Class Primers Series) ; Sermon, Our Duty 
as Citizens (posthumous). 

ARTHUR GORDON, M.A ; trans, from 

1886 G reenlaw 18tn Ma y 1886 ; trans - to 

St Andrew's, Edinburgh, 10th Jan. 

GEORGE GARDINER, born Redgorton, 
Perthshire, 6th Dec. 1846; educated 
at Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (1875), 
B.D. (1878) ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
1878 ; assistant at Morningside, Edinburgh, 
and West Church, Aberdeen ; ord. to Hurl- 
ford 8th July 1880; trans, and adm. 9th 
July 1889; Examiner in Divinity, Univ. 
of Edinburgh, 1895-9 ; convener since 1905 
of the General Assembly's Committee on the 
admission of ministers of other churches ; 
preses of the Craigcrook Mortification 
since 1898; D.D. (Edinburgh, 8th July 
1910). He marr. 25th Nov. 1880, Margaret 
Donald, daugh. of David Lindsay Smith, 
Edinburgh, and has issue — William Wallace 
Dunlop, B.D., min. of St Madoes. 



[Church opened 30th Oct. 1836. Dis- 
joined from St Cuthbert's and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra, 20th July 1859.] 

JAMES FAIRBAIRN, born Huntington, 
lg88 Lauderdale, 16th Dec. 1804, son of 
James F., farmer, and Elizabeth 
Taylor; educated at Lauder School and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dal- 
keith 24th April 1834 ; tutor in the family 
of Dundas of Arniston, and assistant at 
Dalkeith ; nominated by the Trustees, and 
ord. 25th Jan. 1838. Joined Free Church ; 
min. of Newhaven Free Church 1843 ; D.D. 
(Edinburgh 1876); died unmarr. 3rd Jan. 

WILLIAM GRAHAM, born Lochmaben, 

1850 29tl1 May 1820 ' son of Jolin G *' 
schoolmaster, and Margaret Sharp ; 

educated at Lochmaben School and Univs. 
of Edinburgh and St Andrews; licen. by 
Presb. of Lochmaben 23rd Dec. 1845 ; 
ord. to Wallacetown, Ayr, 27th March 1846 ; 
trans, and adm. 18th April 1850 ; died 3rd 
April 1887. He marr. 4th Jan. 1847, 
Catherine (died 5th May 1888), daugh. of 
James Gray, mathematical master, Ayr 
Academy, and had issue — Mary (deceased) ; 
Margaret ; Catherine (deceased) ; Joan ; 
William (deceased); Stuart, died July 
1913. Publications — Popular Readings on 
the Revelation (Edinburgh, 1854); Loch- 
maben Five Hundred Years Ago (Edin- 
burgh, 1865) ; Eventide Meditations, with 
Memoir by his nephew, John G. Andrew, 
Barrhill U.F. Church (Edinburgh, 1887); 
numerous poems and newspaper articles. 

THOMAS PEARSON, born Kilconquhar, 

1887 Fife ' lst Sept " 1848 ' son of Thomas 
P. and Agnes Allan ; educated at 

Edinburgh Univ. ; MA. (1873), B.D. (1876) ; 

licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 11th May 

1876 ;. rector of Falkirk Grammar School; 

assistant at Kinghorn ; ord. to Hurlford 

7th March 1878 ; trans, to Cupar 7th Jan. 

1880; trans, and adm. 13th Oct. 1887. 

Marr. 11th Sept. 1878, Eliza, second daugh. 

of John Downs, merchant, Leith, and Anna 

Common, and has issue — Allan, electrical 

engineer, Glasgow ; Joseph Gilmour, motor 

agent, Manchester; John Henry Herbert, 

M.D. ; Mary Agnes White (marr. George 






[Formerly the Chapel of St Ninian, 
built by Robert Bellenden, Abbot of the 
Monastery of Holy rood, July 1493 ; pro- 
posed by the Presb. 4th Sept. 1599, 
ratified by General Assembly 10th Dec. 
1602, and erected by Parliament 9th July 
1606. The patronage vested at the same 
time by Parliament in "the hail of the 
inhabitants," was exercised by male heads 
of families until the passing of the Patron- 
age Bill, 1874. Lands of Newhaven 
with corn tithes and money stipend were 
annexed from St Cuthbert's, 1630. The 
corn tithes of Hillhousefield purchased from 
William Chalmer and his spouse, and tish 
tithes of Leith and Newhaven purchased 
from John, Lord Holyroodhouse, both by 
subscription, were confirmed by Royal 
Charter, 11th June 1631. New church 
erected 1815-16, after sale of old church, 
which had become too small ; opened 1st 
Sept. 1816. Halls erected in 1866. The 
fish tithe was commuted on payment of 
£2500 by Leith Dock Commission, 1892.] 


burgh, 28th July 1598); authorised 
to preach in the North- West Quarter 
of that city 21st Dec. 1598; elected by 
the parishioners, and adm. 19th Sept. 1599. 
One of those deputed by the Synod, April 
1603, to wait on His Majesty near Hadding- 
ton (while on his way to England at the 
Union of the Crowns), regarding grievances 
affecting the interests of religion. He 
signed the Protest against the introduction 
of Episcopacy, 1st July 1606. Died "in 
his upper chalmer, at sevin houris in the 
morning," 29th Oct. 1612, " and was buried 
in St Nicolas Chapel on Friday thairafter, 
at x houris before none at the west gavel." 

He marr. (1) Paterson (Reg. of Deeds, 

ccxciv., 397) : (2) (pro. 15th Dec. 1596) Janet 
Dennistoun, who survived him {Edin. Com. 
Decreets, 22nd July 1617). His sisters 
(Agnes, wife of Michael Cranstoun, min. 
of Cramond ; Margaret, wife of Andrew 
Cautoun, in Craigmarvie; and Grisell, 
wife of John Salmond in Auchingray) 

were his executrices. — [Test. Reg., Reg. 
Assig. ; Row's, Calderwood's, and Steven- 
son's Hists. ; Select Biog., i.] 

1613 Andrews, 22nd July 1608); ord. to 
Denny 3rd April 1610 ; trans, and 
adm. 16th Dec. 1613; suspended by the 
Court of High Commission 2nd July 
1619, and confined to Aberdeen ; again 
summoned 25th Nov. following, for ad- 
ministering the Communion in a manner 
not in accordance with the prescribed order, 
when he was left in the hands of the 
Bishop of Aberdeen [Patrick Forbes], who 
said of him that " though he stand on his 
own conscience, he is as modest and subject 
to hear reason as the youngest scholar in 
Scotland" ; trans, to Rathven April 1620 ; re- 
trans, in 1627. — [Stirling Presb. Reg., Row's 
and Calderwood's Hists., Reg. Assig.} 

HENRY CHARTERIS, born probably 
1620 * n 15 ^0' eldest son of Henry C, 
King's printer, was one of Pollock's 
students from the opening of the college 
at Edinburgh. He took his degree of 
M.A. in 1587. In 1589 he became regent, 
and in 1599 was Principal and Professor 
of Divinity. Disagreeing with the Town 
Council, he res. the office of Principal, 
and accepted a call to this charge, being 
adm. (by the Archbishop at St Andrews) 
in April 1620. In 1627 he was re trans, 
to the Professorship of Divinity, and died 
in July 1628. "He was certainly one of 
the most learned men of his time, both 
in the tongues and in philosophy and 
divinity." He marr. (1) a lady whose 
name is unknown, and had issue — Mar- 
garet, bapt. 28th Sept. 1600 : (2) 8th Sept. 
1602, Agnes Mason, and had issue— Henry, 
W.S., bapt. 3rd July 1603; Isobel, bapt. 
1st Dec. 1605 (marr., pro. 12th Aug. 1624, 
Laurence Henderson, merchant, burgess of 
Edinburgh : Reg. of Deeds, 539) ; Catherine, 
bapt. 12th Feb. 1609 ; William, bapt. 18th 
Feb. 1610 ; Agnes, bapt. 24th Feb. 1611 ; 
Rachel, bapt. 18th April 1612 : (3) Janet, 
daugh. of John Bell, min., and had issue — 
Jean, bapt. 15th Aug. 1617; Elizabeth, 
bapt. 28th July 1618; Catherine, bapt. 




22nd Feb. 1620 ; Thomas (G. R. Sas., xxix., 
72) ; John, min. of Currie, eldest son and 
heir (A. Guthrie, Prot. Book, 133) —Pub- 
lication — Narratio Vitoe et ObituA sanctis- 
simi doctissimique viri D. Roberti Rolloci, 
Scoti Ministri Evangelii et Rectoris 
Academics Ediriburgensis (Wodrow Soc., 
1826).— [Edin. Reg. (Bapt.), Grant's Univ., 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


2^ mentioned ; trans, from Rathven, 
through the influence of Sir William 
Alexander of Menstrie, afterwards Earl of 
Stirling, cousin of his wife; pres. by the 
elders, deacons, and inhabitants 5th Aug., 
and readm. 20th Sept. 1627 ; died June 
1633, aged about 45. He marr. (1) 30th 
Jan. 1614, Margaret, daugh. of Duncan 
Paterson, merchant, burgess of Stirling, 
and Marion Alexander, and had issue — 
Duncan, one of the regents in the Univ. 
of Edinburgh, who was served heir 13th 
Nov. 1633 ; John ; George : (2) Margaret, 
daugh. of Robert Hamilton, brother to the 
Laird of Preston, and had issue— James; 
Margaret. — [Stirling, Prestonpans Sess., and 
Test. Reg. ; Row's and Calderwood's Hists., 
vii. ; Craufurd's Univ. 

j M.A. ; trans, from Leslie, Fife ; pres. 

by Charles I. 25th Sept. 1641 ; trans, 
to Duns in 1652; became Archbishop of 
Glasgow (q.v.). — [Reg. Sec. Sig. ; Balfour's 
Hist. Works, iii. ; Acts Pari., v., vii. ; 
Guthrie's Mem., Baillie's Lett.'] 

JOHN KNOX, youngest son of John 
j^g K., min. of Bowden; educated at 
the Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (15th 
July 1641). When a probationer he joined 
the army in favour of Charles II., and 
became chaplain to Sir John Brown's 
Regiment of Horse ; was present at the 
Royalist defeat at Inverkeithing, 19th July 
1651 ; chaplain in the family of Archi- 
bald, Earl of Angus ; ord. to this charge 
1653. He was deprived of the use of his 
church by the English soldiery, and 
preached in the citadel ; removed from it 
also, he conducted public worship with his 
parishioners at Newhaven ; deprived by the 

Act of Parliament 11th June, and of Privy 
Council 1st Oct. 1662. Though advised to 
visit the Court, where he might have 
received promotion, he preferred remaining 
at home, and sharing in the sufferings of 
those maintaining the Presbyterian form 
of Church government. He was min. 
again in 1687. — [Wodrow's MSS., xxxiii., 
and Hist., i., iv. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Crichton's Life of Blackadder.] 

JAMES REID, M.A. (King's College, 
1663 Aberdeen, 1652); schoolmaster of 
Grange 1652-5 ; adm. min. of Second 
Charge, Kirkwall, 8th Nov. 1660 ; pres. by 
" the haill inhabitants " ; coll. 15th July, and 
inst. 1663; died in 1671, aged about 39. 
He marr. 30th March 1664, Margaret, 
daugh. of Magnus Prince, Kirkwall, 
merchant, burgess of Edinburgh, and had 
issue — James (Aberdeen Inhib., 11th Sept. 
1678). His widow marr. Robert Traill, mer- 
chant, Edinburgh. — [Reg. Collat., S. Leith 
and Shapinsay Sess. Reg.; Reg. Old Dec, ii.; 
Acts Pari., vii. ; Morison's Dec, xviii.] 

THOMAS WILKIE, M.A. ; trans, from 
1672 Galashiels; P res - by the elders, 
deacons, and inhabitants, 8th Dec. 
1671 ; coll. (by James, Archbishop of St 
Andrews), and inst. 4th Jan. 1672; trans, 
to Tolbooth Parish, Edinburgh, in 1687 — 
[Edin. Counc, xxxii.] 

1682 f rom I ncn , Wigtownshire, and adm. 
in 1682 ; trans, to Grey friars, Edin- 
burgh, in 1687. — [Edin. Counc, xxxii.] 

JAMES LUNDIE, M.A. (King's Col- 
168*7 ^ e, = e ' Aberdeen, 1657) ; ord. to Tron, 
Second Charge, Edinburgh, 1663; 
trans, to St Giles, Edinburgh, 1668 ; trans, 
to Tolbooth Parish, Edinburgh, 1672 ; trans, 
to Tron, First Charge, Edinburgh, 1675 ; 
trans, to Dalkeith 1680; deprived on 
account of the Test 1681 ; pres. unani- 
mously by the inhabitants 5th Sept. 1687, 
and adm. soon after ; died 31st March 
1696, aged 56. He marr. (1) 2nd March 
1671, Catherine Chrystie, and had issue — 
James, bapt. 4th June 1672; Archibald, 
min. of Saltoun ; Margaret, born 24th 




April 1675; Jean, bapt. 25th June 1676; 
John, bapt. 22nd Dec. 1677; Andrew; 
Janet, bapt. 8th March 1679 : (2) Agnes, 
daugh. of James Wilkie of Caramo, and 
widow of Henry Morison, W.S. (G. R. 
Homings, 28th July 1685 ; Reg. of Deeds, 
Mack., 24th Oct. 1673), and had issue — 
James, bapt. 7th May 1686. — [Monteith's 
Mort., Edin. Reg. {Bapt.) ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 
8199 ; Tombst., Family Papers.] 

JOHN KNOX, M.A., above noticed; 
188*7 indulged at West Calder; returned 
(after toleration had been granted) 
July 1687; died March 1688. He marr. 
23rd June 1659, Jean Dalgleish, Cramond, 
who died 26th Oct. 1673, aged 32, and 
had issue — Jean (marr. John Tullidelph, 

min. of Dunbarney), a daugh. (marr. 

Charteris); Elizabeth, buried in Grey- 
friars, 1st April 1691 ; Margaret (Privy 
Seal Eng. Reg., vi., 256). — [Edin. Reg. 
(Rapt, and Bur.), Wood's Hist, of 

ANDKEW BOWIE, M.A. (Glasgow 
^^ 1664); adm. to Balmerino 24th 
Sept. 1690; trans, to Ceres 7th 
July 1692 ; trans, and adm. 31st March 
1697 ; died 25th Aug. 1707. He marr. Jan. 
1692, Agnes, daugh. of William Bow, min. 
of Ceres, and had issue — Catherine (marr., 
pro. 29th March 1724, Charles Fall, 
merchant, Dunbar). — [Balmerino Sess. 
and Test. Reg., Campbell's Balmerino 
and its Abbey.] 

JOHN WILSON, M.A. (St Andrews, 
17th July 1688) ; chaplain to David, 
Earl of Leven ; licen. by Presb. of 
Kirkcaldy 25th Aug. 1698; ord. to Port- 
moak 24th Nov. 1698 ; trans, to Kirkcaldy 
22nd Oct. 1702; called 13th July, trans, 
and adm. 9th Sept. 1708; died 31st Aug. 
1724. He marr. 12th Nov. 1699, Isabel, 
daugh. of Andrew Nisbet, a min. in 
Ireland. — [Kirkcaldy Sess., Test, and 
Edin. Reg. (Marr.).] 

GEOBGE LINDSAY, chaplain to Lord 

7 Charles Ker ; licen. by Presb. of 

Edinburgh 3rd June 1724; called 

19th Jan., and ord. 22nd April 1725 ; died 

24th Sept. 1764. Marr. 9th June 1726, 

Elizabeth Gray, and had issue — Janet ; 
Grizell; George. 

[PHILIP MOBISON, pres. by George 
17Q5 III. 4th March 1765 (Privy Seal Eng. 
Reg., ix., 406) ; but not settled ; be- 
came min. of Dunscore, same year.] 

DAVID JOHNSTON, born 26th April 
„ 1734, second son of John J., min. of 
Arngask ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Selkirk 12th 
July 1757 ; ord. to Langton 11th May 
1758; pres. by the Kirk -session and in- 
habitants in 1764 ; trans, and adm. 11th 
July 1765; D.D. (Edinburgh, 6th March 
1781); one of His Majesty's Chaplains in 
Ordinary Oct. 1793. He founded the 
Asylum for the Industrious Blind at Edin- 
burgh in 1793; declined the honour of 
knighthood 1812; died 5th July 1824. 
He marr. 5th July 1759, Elizabeth (died 
8th Aug. 1796, aged 61), daugh. of John 
Todd, shipbuilder, Leith, and had issue — 
John, lieut. HE.I.C.S., born 7th March 
1761, died at Bombay, 23rd Dec. 1786; 
Gavin, born 26th Aug. 1762, died 30th 
March 1773; Kobert, born 6th Jan. 1767, 
died 13th Jan. 1768 ; Margaret, born 30th 
Jan. 1769, died 19th Jan. 1770; David, 
born 29th Dec. 1770, died 30th Jan. 1771 ; 
Henrietta, born 7th March 1772, died 5th 
July 1785; David, born 20th Nov. 1773, 
died 20th Jan. 1775; Elizabeth, born 8th 
July 1775 (marr. 15th Sept. 1800, William 
Penney, merchant, Glasgow), died 1869; 
Jane, born 13th Dec. 1777 (marr. 6th Aug. 
1798, Kobert MacBrair, merchant, Glasgow), 
died 4th April 1818. Publications— Five 
single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1778-96) ; Dis- 
sertation on the Encouragement which our 
Blessed Lord gave to Little Children (Edin- 
burgh, 1799) ; Sermons, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 
1805-8).— [Scots Mag., xciv., Kay's Portr., 
Morison's Dec. ; A Model Pastor of the Old 
School, by his granddaughter, A. F. Foster 
(Edinburgh, 1878) ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

1799 cate ^ at Eftgh School and Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 25th April 1798 ; elected (assistant 
and successor) 9th Jan., and ord. 14th 




Feb. 1799; D.D. (Aberdeen, 11th May 
1810); died 18th Feb. 1828, aged 53. He 
marr. (1) 20th July 1795, Jean Alves, who 
died 11th May 1805, and had issue— Jean, 
born 22nd Sept. 1796; Janet, born 24th 
Nov. 1798 (marr. 26th June 1818, Patrick 
Gillespie, M.D., Leith), died 6th April 
1825 ; Ann Watson, born 20th Nov. 1799 ; 
George, born 12th June 1801 ; Mary, born 
9th Nov. 1802 (marr. David Davidson, min. 
at Broughty-Ferry) ; Helen Bailie, born 9th 
July 1804: (2) 1st Jan. 1806, Margaret 
(died 23rd June 1823), daugh. of Charles 
Spalding, confectioner, Edinburgh, and had 
issue — Susanna, born 28th Sept. 1806 
(marr. 27th March 1826, Arthur Craigie, 
merchant, Leith) ; Walter Foggo, born 14th 
Oct. 1808; Margaret Campbell, born 24th 
Feb. 1810 ; Charles, born 20th Nov. 1811 ; 
Catherine Ann, born 28th Sept. 1813, died 
4th Feb. 1814 ; James Watson, born 9th 
Jan. 1815 ; Charlotte, born 16th May 1816 ; 
Thomasina, born 19th Jan. 1818 ; Alex- 
ander Vernor, born 18th Jan. 1820; John 
Balfour, born 1st Nov. 1821 : (3) 5th 
July 1824, Catherine (died at Skene Free 
Church Manse, 22nd Jan. 1853, aged 63), 
second daugh. of Robert Henderson, M.D., 
Dundee, and had issue — Robert Hender- 
son, min. of Portobello Free Church, born 
19th May 1827, died 1881. Publication— 
Sermons, with Memoir by David Davidson 
(Edinburgh, 1829).— [Kay's Portr., i.] 

JAMES BUCHANAN, trans. fromRoslin 
1828 Ohapel-of-Ease ; pres. by the heritors, 
elders, and inhabitants, and adm. 
25th Sept. 1828 ; trans, to St Giles, Edin- 
burgh, 20th Aug. 1840. 

1843 earn > 6*h March 1805, son of James 
D. and Jane Duncan ; educated at 
King's College, Aberdeen; M.A. (1826); 
tutor in the family of Irvine of Schivas; 
licen. by Presb. of Ellon 30th Nov. 
1831; ord. to Northesk 24th Jan. 1839; 
trans, and adm. 22nd June 1843 ; died 
5th April 1858. He marr. 22nd July 1844, 
Margaret Barron (died 2nd Feb. 1908), 
eldest daugh. of Robert Scott, wine mer- 
chant, and Margaret Allan, Bonnington 

Bank House, Leith. [A portrait painted 
by Sir John Watson Gordon, was be- 
queathed by his widow to the Corpora- 
tion Art Gallery, Aberdeen.] 

WILLIAM SMITH, born Harelaw, 
Carstairs, Lanarkshire, 19th April 
1819, son of Thomas S. and Marion 
Lindsay ; educated at Pettinain School and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Kirk- 
caldy 1845; tutor in the Minto, Rothes, 
and Rollo families ; ord. to Lauder 25th 
Dec. 1845; trans, to Trinity Parish 25th 
Dec. 1857 ; trans, and adm. 15th March 
1860; convener of the Endowment Com- 
mittee 1860; D.D. (Edinburgh 1869); 
Baird Lecturer 1875; died 12th Feb. 
1877. He marr. 30th March 1852, Ann 
Maxwell (died 18th June 1903), daugh. of 
James Black, Glasgow, and had issue — 
Thomas Adair, born 12th Oct. 1853, died at 
Lauder 27th Jan. 1875; Ann Eliza, born 
20th May 1860, died 7th May 1868 ; Evelyn 
Leslie, born 11th May 1863 (marr. David 
Ramsay Henderson, min. of Lecropt) ; 
Gertrude Berta Elliot, born 17th July 1865 
(marr. 4th April 1906, Sydney Murray, 
solicitor, Jedburgh). Publication — En- 
dowed Territorial Work (Baird Lecture, 

ROBERT STEWART, M.A., B.D. ; trans, 
from Duns 4th Oct. 1877; trans, to 


Jedburgh 15th Dec. 1881. 

1882 ass i s t an t min. ; ord. 13th April 1882 ; 
trans, to St Cuthbert's 6th Sept. 


1884 Crieff > 29tn June 1851 > SOn ° f AleX " 

ander M'C. and Anne Hutton ; 
educated at Stirling High School (where 
he became assistant classical master) and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A., B.D. ; licen. by 
Presb. of Stirling 28th Oct. 1873 ; in charge 
of Rosewell Chapel 1873-4; ord. to Rose- 
well upon erection into a parish 9th Oct. 
1874; trans, to Gourock 8th Oct, 1875; 
trans, and adm. 11th March 1884 ; died 4th 
Oct. 1912. He marr. 24th Jan. 1889, Annie 
Louisa, eldest daugh. of James Case of 




Elmside, Surbiton, Surrey, and had issue— 
Mary Hutton, born 4th June 1890; Alex- 
ander Norman, born 5th Nov. 1891 ; Annie 
Amy Turner, born 17th March 1893 ; James 
Case, born 24th Aug. 1894 ; Marjory 
Stirling, born 4th Jan. 1897 ; Ian Forbes, 
born 29th May 1898 ; Kathleen Louise, born 
2nd June 1900; Donald Harry, born 5th 
April 1902. Publication — Simple Notes on 
the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (1895). 

1918 WILSON, born Glasgow, 6th Oct. 
1879, son of Thomas L. W. and 
Jessie Lang Sweet; educated at Hillhead 
High School, Glasgow; The Hermitage, 
Helensburgh, and Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. 
(1899); B.D. (1902); licen. by Presb. of 
Dumbarton May 1902 ; assistant at Barony, 
Glasgow ; ord. to St Columba, Oban, 26th 
June 1906; trans, and adm. 12th March 
1913. Marr. 9th June 1909, Helen Cameron, 
daugh. of John A. Cameron Ruthven, C.E., 
Dublin, and has issue— Thomas Ian, born 
1st June 1910. 

ST JOHN'S (Q.S.). 

[Opened as a Chapel-of-Ease in parish of 
South Leith, 12th Dec. 1773, and declared 
a parish quoad sacra by Act of Assembly, 
31st May 1834. From 1843-6 it was held 
by the Free Church, when the Civil Courts 
declared it to belong to the Church of 
Scotland. Erected by the Court of Teinds 
19th July 1869.] 

WILLIAM BURNSIDE, M.A. ; ord. 2nd 
Nov. 1775; trans, to New Church, 


Dumfries, June 1780. 

JOHN COLQUHOUN, born Luss, 1st 
„ Jan. 1748, son of Patrick C, farmer, 
and Pennel M'Kimma; originally a 
shepherd and weaver ; educated at the 
Society School at Muirland, and Univs. 
of Glasgow and Edinburgh; licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 2nd Aug. 1780; ord. 
22nd March 1781 ; D.D. (Aberdeen 1811) ; 
died 27th Nov. 1827. He marr. (1) 1781, 
Agnes, daugh. of William Black, merchant, 
Glasgow : (2) Euphemia Hunter, who died 
12th Nov. 1831, aged 70. Publications— 
A Treatise on Spiritual Comfort (Edin- 

burgh, 1813); On the Law and Gospel 
(Edinburgh, 1815); On the Covenant of 
Grace (Edinburgh, 1818); A Catechism for 
the Instruction and Direction of Young 
Communicants (Edinburgh, 1821) ; On the 
Covenant of Works (Edinburgh, 1822); 
View of Saving Faith (Edinburgh, 1824) ; 
A Collection of the Promises of Scripture 
(Edinburgh, 1825) ; A View of Evangelical 
Repentance (Edinburgh, 1826) ; Sermons, 
chiefly on Doctrinal Subjects, with a 
Memoir (Edinburgh, 1836).— {Diet. Nat. 
Biog., Campbell Irons's Leith.'] 

PETER PETRIE, M.A. ; ord. 18th Sept. 
18 „ 1828; trans, to Kirkwall, Second 
Charge, 29th June 1831. 

JAMES LEWIS, born Glasgow, 7th 
1882 AP 1 ^ 1805, son of George L. and 
Margaret Hardie ; educated at Glas- 
gow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 3rd 
Aug. 1831 ; elected 24th Nov. 1831 ; ord. 
19th Jan. 1832; adm. a member of Presb. 
25th June 1834. Joined the Free Church; 
min. of Free St John's, Leith, 1843; res. 
on account of his health ; D.D. (Princeton 
1871); Presbyterian min. at Rome, where 
he died 29th Jan. 1872. He marr. Marion 
(died 14th Dec. 1896), daugh. of James 
Wyld of Gilston, and had issue — Marion 
(marr. Rev. James Grant Mackintosh, 
Tasmania) ; Margaret ; Kate Isabella ; 
Alice Turnbull; George. Publications — 
Defence of Ecclesiastical Establishments 
(1830); Lecture III., On Civil Establish- 
ments of Religion (Edinburgh, 1835) ; Ser- 
mon at the opening of the North Parish 
Church, Kelso (Edinburgh, 1838); The 
Church of Scotland Obeying the Law of 
the Land and the Law of God in her Present 
Opposition to the Civil Courts (Edinburgh, 
1840) ; The Crisis and Preparation (Leith, 
1843) ; The Necessity and Mercy Plea for 
Sabbath Trains tried and disposed of (1847) ; 
Indian Government, Past and Prospective, 
in Relation to Christianity (Edinburgh, 

JOHN GIBB NIVEN, born Peterhead, 

187£) 9th Nov. 1834, son of Charles N. 

and Barbara Davidson ; educated at 

Peterhead School and King's College, Aber- 




deen, 1850-4 ; licen. by Presb. of Deer 8th 
Dec. 1863; schoolmaster of Crimond 1861-7 ; 
M.A. (Aberdeen 1868); ord. 18th May 
1870 J dem. 12th Nov. 1879 ; died at Man- 
chester, 4th Nov. 1901. He marr. 18th 
Aug. 1870, Helen Forbes, daugb. of 
James Crombie of Goval, Aberdeenshire, 
and had issue — Katherine (marr. Charles 
G. Lawrie, M.D.); John Forbes, mining 

JAMES PARK, born Sorn, Ayrshire, 9th 

1880 ^ une 1846 ' son of H ' u S l1 p - an(i Jean 
Hamilton ; educated at Sorn School 

and St Andrews Univ. j licen. by Presb. of 

St Andrews Nov. 1873; ord. to Trinity 

Church, Aberdeen, 7th July 1877; trans. 

and adm. 14th April 1880. He marr. 23rd 

June 1880, Robina, eldest daugh. of Thomas 

Riddell, Aberdeen, and has issue— Anna 

Stuart, born 27th March 1881 ; Christina 

Jean, born 20th June 1882 ; Herbert Hugh, 

born 8th Nov. 1883. 

ST PAUL'S (Q.S.). 

[Erected into a parish quoad sacra, 23rd 
Jan. 1893.] 

THOMAS MILLAR, born Stonehouse, 
Lanarkshire, 5th Oct. 1856, son of 
Thomas M. and Rebecca Wilson ; 
educated at Stonehouse School and Glas- 
gow and Edinburgh Univs. ; licen. by 
Presb. of Hamilton 1885; assistant at 
Cambusnethan ; ord. to Meadowfield 23rd 
April 1886; app. to St Paul's 19th Jan. 
1888 ; adm. first min. 9th Feb. 1893 ; died 
12th April 1898. He marr. 26th June 1889, 
Helen Stuart, daugh. of George Henry 
Watt, and had issue— Thomas, born 1891 ; 
Ruth Elizabeth, born 1893 ; Maud, born 
1895; Monica, born 1896. His widow 
marr. again 27th Dec. 1911. Publication— 
The Way of Life (Leith, 1891). 

SON, trans, from North Parish, 
1898 Kelso ; adm. 23rd Nov. 1898 ; trans, 
to Forfar 1st Oct. 1908. 



trans, from Townsend Street, Belfast, 
7th April 1909 ; trans, to St Mark's, 
Dundee, 15th Oct. 1913. 



DUNCAN CAMERON, born Greenock, 
8th June 1872, son of John C. and 
Christina Ferguson ; educated at 
Mearns Street School and Univ. of Glas- 
gow; MA. (1896), B.D. (1899); licen. by 
Presb. of Greenock 25th April 1899; 
assistant at St Mary's, Dumfries, and Tol- 
booth, Edinburgh; ord. to Logie, Fife, 
28th June 1901 ; trans, to Barrhead 3rd 
Oct. 1906 ; trans, and adm. 19th March 1914. 
He marr. 21st Jan. 1903, Margaret, daugh. 
of James Robertson, Denbrae, Cupar-Fife, 
and has issue— Ian Gordon, born 17th 
April 1910. 

ST THOMAS'S (Q.6.). 

[Erected from South Leith, and endowed 
by Sir John Gladstone of Fasque, Bart., 
"as a manifestation of his attachment to 
the place of his birth " — the house in which 
he was born having stood on the site of 
the church. Declared a parish quoad sacra 
by the General Assembly, 27th May 1839 ; 
built in 1840; opened 6th May 1841; and 
erected by the Court of Teinds, 8th Dec. 


JAMES M'LETCHIE, trans, from 
Gartsherrie, and adm. 6th May 
1841 ; trans, to College Church, 
Glasgow, 28th April 1842. 

JOHN KINROSS, MA. ; ord. 27th June 
1842 1842 ; trans, to Largs 1st Sept. 1843. 

JOHN STEELE, ord. 17th Oct. 1843; 
1848 trans, to Portmoak 26th Sept. 1844. 

GEORGE SCOTT, ord. 12th Dec. 1844 ; 
1844 trans, to Dairsie 12th Sept. 1850. 

from Ladyloan, and adm. 13th Feb. 
1851 1851 ; trans, to Logie-Pert 27th July 






April 1832, son of Robert William F., 
min. of St John's, Edinburgh; edu- 
cated at High School and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 1858 ; 
assistant at Govan, Montrose, and Bridge of 
Allan ; ord. 22nd Dec. 1864 j res. 25th July 
1900 ; died 18th Nov. 1905. He marr. 25th 
June 1904, Margaret, daugh. of Donald 
Sharp, Comrie. He was an artist of some 
merit, and exhibited in the Royal Scottish 

GAVIN MILLAR, M.A., B.D.; ord. 
28th Nov. 1900: trans, to Logie- 
iyuu Almond 12th May 1904. 

born Wilton, Hawick, 26th June 
1865, son of James F. and Agnes 
Alexander; educated at Teviot Grove 
Academy, Hawick, Dalkeith Academy, 
Moray House Normal Training College, 
and Edinburgh Univ.; M.A. (1891); held 
scholastic appointments at Dunoon Gram- 
mar School, Fort William, Portobello; 
licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith May 1903; 
assistant at South Leith; ord. 28th Sept. 
1904; F.R.G.S. (1911). Marr. 9th Sept. 
1912, Marian Mackenzie, Glasgow. 


[By the first General Assembly of the 
Reformed Kirk of Scotland "it was 
found reasonable and expedient that the 
parochiners of Restalrig sould repaire to 
the Kirk of Leith, and that the Kirk of 
Restalrig sould be razed and utterlie 
destroyed as a monument of idolatrie." In 
Nov. 1595 the Presb. gave commission to 
David Lindsay and John Brand "to con- 
verse with the neighbours for planting a 
kirk on the north side of the brig of 
Leith.'' As a result of this, overtures 
were presented that a parish might be 
made "of the north side of the brig of 
Leith, and some towns next adjacent, as 
Pilrig, Bonnington, Waraston, and New- 
haven." In an Act of Parliament, 24th 

June 1609, it was ordained that all the 
inhabitants of Restalrig should resort 
thereto "as into ane paroch kirk, as they 
have done in times past," and that the kirk 
of Restalrig should be superseded and 
extinct "from henceforth and for ever." 
After Toleration was granted, 28th June 
1687, a meeting-house was taken in Sheriff- 
brae, 7th July following, and William 
Wishart, formerly min. of Kinneil, in- 
dweller in Leith, began to preach the 
following Sunday, and continued until a 
minister was settled.] 

DAVID LINDSAY (primus) of Pittormie 
1560 C^est. °f Alexander Guthrie of Hal- 
kerton : Edin. Tests.), son of Alex- 
ander L. of Haltoun and Rachael Barclay of 
Mathers. Having travelled in France and 
Switzerland, he imbibed Reformation prin- 
ciples, and was one of twelve original 
ministers nominated in July 1560 to the 
"chief places in Scotland," the town 
assigned him being Leith. He was 
present at the first General Assembly, 
20th Dec. 1560. Out of seventy-three suc- 
ceeding Assemblies, his name occurs in 
fifty; while in those of Feb. 1569, Oct. 
1577, Oct. 1582, 1586, 1593, and 1597 he 
was Moderator. He visited Knox on his 
deathbed in 1572, and at Knox's request, 
though "he thought the message hard," 
went to the castle of Edinburgh to warn 
Kirkcaldy of Grange that unless he gave it 
up he "should be brought down over the 
walls of it with shame, and hung against 
the sun" {Calderwood, iii., 234; Knox's 
Works, vi., 657). He visited Kirkcaldy after 
his condemnation, and was sent by him to 
Morton to intercede for his life, Kirkcaldy's 
whole estate being offered as a ransom. 
The intercession failed, and at Kirk- 
caldy's special request, Lindsay attended 
him on the scaffold, and thus was witness 
of the literal fulfilment of the doom pro- 
nounced by Knox. He filled a conspicuous 
place in affairs both of Church and State ; 
was "the minister whom the court liked 
best," and almost the only one of the clergy 
of that time who complied with the King's 
request to pray for Queen Mary before her 
execution. He accompanied James to 




Norway as chaplain, in Oct. 1589, when 
he went for his bride, Anne of Denmark, 
and on 23rd Nov. he married them at 
Upsala {Calder>joood, v., 69). He and 
Robert Bruce crowned them at Holyrood 
on 12th May 1590. At the baptism of 
Prince Henry at Stirling, 23rd Aug. 1594 
he preached to the ambassadors in French. 
He baptized the Princess Margaret on 16th 
April 1599, and Prince Charles, afterwards 
king, 19th Nov. 1600. He came to Edin- 
burgh in 1600 to assure the ministers of 
the truth of the official version of the 
Gowrie Conspiracy, and when they de- 
clined to order a general service of thanks- 
giving for the King's safety, he conducted 
a service at the market cross, and preached 
a sermon in his own church in presence of 
His Majesty. By the end of that year he 
became Bishop of Ross, and a member of 
the Privy Council {Reg. P. C. Scot., vi., 
187), still retaining his parochial charge. 
He accompanied James to England at the 
Union, and died, Father of the Church, 14th 
Aug. 1613. He marr. (1) Joneta, daugh. of 
George Ramsay of Clattie (Test, of George 
Ramsay, Edin. Tests.) : (2) Helen Harresoun, 
who survived him (G. R. Inhib., 3rd Oct. 
1615). He left issue — Sir Jerome of Annat- 
land, advocate, Lord Lyon King-of-Arms, 
died 4th Dec. 1642 (who is now represented 
by a family in Virginia); David, his suc- 
cessor ; Rachel (marr. 12th Oct. 1589, John 
Spottiswood, min. of Mid-Calder, after- 
wards Archbishop); and perhaps others. 
Publication — Five Letters to James VI. 
(Orig. Lett., i). — [Reg. Min. and Assig. ; 
Knox's Works, ii. ; Douglas's Peer., i. ; 
Lindsay's and Scott's Lives ; Test. Reg. ; 
Zurich Lett., ii. ; MelvilPs Autob., Excheq. 
liuik ; Acts Pari., Hi., iv. ; M'Crie's Melville, 
i. ; Booke of the Kirk ; Calderwood's, Spot- 
tiswood's, and Row's Hists. ; Orig. Lett., 
Wodrow Miscell., Guthrie's Mem. ; New 
Stat. Ace., ii. ; Pitcairn's Cr. Trials, ii. ; 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

1676 WTLLIAM BALFOUR, reader. 

DAVID LINDSAY (secundus), born 

1613 a ^° ut 1566 > son °f precedhig; edu- 
cated at St Salvator's College, St 
Andrews ; MA.. (1586) ; ord. min. of 

VOL. I. 

Forfar 1590; trans, to Second Charge, St 
Andrews, 17th Aug. 1597; inst. rector of 
St Olave, Southwark, 28th Jan. 1603-4; 
min. of Forgan 20th May 1606; trans, to 
Second Charge, South Leith, 30th July 
1609 ; trans, and adm. 1613. An assistant 
was required in respect of his weakness, 
8th Feb. 1616. He died Jan. 1627. He 
marr., probably as a second wife, Margaret 
Hepburn, who died in 1635. He had 
issue — Janet (marr., cont. 19th and 23rd 
Nov. 1616, Andrew Collace, min. at Gar- 
vock); David, bapt. 8th and buried 10th 
Nov. 1606 ; Samuel, bapt. 14th Dec. 1608 ; 
Barbara, born 10th April 1610; Bernard, 
bapt. 29th Jan. 1611-12; Sara, bapt. 3rd 
May 1613; Euphan (marr. George John- 
ston, min. of Westruther : G R. Sas., vi, 
22); Elspeth. The latter and Barbara 
were his executrices. Publications — The 
Heavenly Chariot Laid Open (St Andrews, 
1622) ; The Godly Man's Journey to Heaven 
(London, 1625). — [Test. Reg., Reg. Assig., 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN CRANSTOUN, son of Michael 
1627 ^ ,5 mm ' °^ Cramond; M.A. (St 
Andrews 1611); adm. to Second 
Charge 1620; trans, to Liberton 1624; 
trans, and adm. 1627 ; died in 1629, aged 
about 38. He marr. after 30th Nov. 1618, 
Agnes, daugh. of William Rigg of Morton, 
and had issue — Thomas, eldest in 1639 
(G. R. Sas., 48, 380); Robert; John (who 
was served heir 12th Sept. 1644); James, 
died in 1674; Agnes, alive in 1674. — 
[Liberton Sess., Dalkeith Presb., and Test. 
Reg. ; Inq. Ret. Edin., 931.] 

WISHEART], son of Sir John W. 
of Pitarrow; M.A. (King's College, 
Aberdeen, 1606); adm. to Fettercairn 1611 ; 
trans, to Minto 1613; readm. to Fetter- 
cairn 1618; trans, and adm. 6th May 
1630 ; member of the Court of High Com- 
mission 21st Oct. 1634 ; burgess and guild- 
brother of Edinburgh 27th July 1636 ; dep. 
9th June 1639, "for erroneous doctrine," 
etc. He was banished from the country, 
and died in Cornwall some years after- 
wards. He marr. Elizabeth, daugh. of 
Alexander Keith of Phaisdo (served heiress 





to her father 25th April 1634); she had the 
vacant stipend of Turriff allowed by Parlia- 
ment 8th July 1663, and had issue — John, 
marr. (cont. 14th Aug. 1635) Elizabeth, 
daugh. of Sir George Home of Manderston, 
and was killed at the battle of Edgehill, 
6 gbti"g on the Royalist side, 83rd Oct. 
1642; Jean (marr. after 3rd Oct. 1637, 
Alexander Wood, portioner of Benholme : 
G. B. Sas., xlvL, 338); Elizabeth (marr. 
Sir William Forbes of Monymusk). Pub- 
lications — An Exposition of the Lord's 
Prayer (London, 1633) ; ImwtanueJ, a poem 
(London, 1642) ; Aaron's Obsequies (Forbes' 
Funerals, Aberdeen, 1635).— [Edin. Guild 
Beg.; Stevenson 1 *, L, and Bow's Hi***.; 
Bafflie's LetL, L ; Acts Pari., viL ; Maitland 
Miseell^ ii. ; Wodrowt MSS., Ixxii. ; Scot's 
Stagg. State; Inq. Bet. Kincardine., 64; 
Forbes's Funerals; Knox's Works, vL; 
Home of Wedderburn Papers^ 

JAMES SHAEPE, son of Patrick a, 
min. of Govan ; regent in the Univ. 
of Glasgow; MJL; adm. min. of 
Govan before 12th June 1622; pres. by 
John, Lord Balmerino; trans, and adm. 
29th Aug. 1639 ; declined call to Glasgow 
in 1641 ; member of the Commission of 
Assembly 1643-4 ; died in 1645, aged about 
53. He marr. 15th July 1623, Agnes (died 
Nov. 1665), daugh. of John Bell, min. of 
Tron Parish, Glasgow, and had issue — 
David, apothecary in Glasgow ; John ; and 
a daugh.— [Test. (Glasg.) and Glasg. Beg. 
(Marr. and Bapt.); Mun. Univ. Glasg., 
iiL; Wodrow's MSS., hriiL; Stevenson's 
HuL, iiL] 

JOHN WEIR, MA.; trans, from Carluke ; 
le47 pres. by John, Lord Balmerino, and 
adm. 12th May 1647; member of 
the Commission of Assembly 1648, and 
of that for visiting the University of Edin- 
burgh, 31st July 1649. From 7th July 
1650 to 26th Dec 1651, "no session was 
held in respect of the great troubles and 
warre betwixt Scotland and England. 
The Scots army lying in leagour about 
Leith, and, after the defeat at Dunbar, 
the ministers and most part of all the 
honest people fled out of the town, for 
fear of the enemie."' Immediately on his 

return, on Sunday 23rd Nov. 1651, Weir 
convened the scattered congregation of 
Leith together, and preached to them in 
the Caitchball or tennis court, near Holy- 
rood. Trans, to Borthwick 14th April 1652. 
— [Edin. Beg. (Marr.)} Acts of Ass. and 

16S3 of Thomas H, min. of Stobo ; MA. 
(Edinburgh, 26th July 1634); licen. 
by Presb. of Dalkeith 13th Oct. 1636; 
ord. to West Linton, Peeblesshire, 5th 
Feb. 1640; trans, to Canongate 19th May 
1646; called by a committee of Session 
and Heritors 11th Jan., trans, and adm. 
(at Bestalrig) 28th Jury 1653. He preached 
in the Tolbooth 22nd June 1654, which was 
the first day of preaching in Leith since 
3rd Sept. 1650. Deprived by the Acts of 
Parliament and Privy Council in 1662; 
adm. min. of the Scottish Church, Rotter- 
dam, 31st Dec 1662, and took leave 
of his native land 4th June 1663. Though 
ministering in a foreign country, he was 
forfeited by the Court of Justiciary, 2nd 
April 1683, for holding intercourse with 
several intercommuned ministers who had 
escaped to Holland, and had his goods 
escheat, 25th Feb. 1684. Feeling at 
length the infirmities of age, he dem. 
1st July 1689; died April 1692, in his 
79th year, and had issue — William; John, 
buried in Greyfriars, 29th May 1673; 
and a daugh. Thomas Hog, nephew of 
John Hog, was min. of Delft, Campvere, 
and Rotterdam. An original portrait of 
John Hog is extant at the latter place. 
— [Douglas's Bar n Lamont's Diary, Min. 
Book Beg. Prim. Seal, Steven's Scott. Ch. 
Botterd.; Wodrow's Hist^ L-iiL] 

JOHN HAMILTON, M.A. ; trans, from 
1663 Cramond; coll 4th, and adm. 10th 
Sept. 1663; ordered to be removed 
hence to Cramond, 16th Jury 1674 (Scot. 
Warrant Book, iiL, 19) but not carried into 
effect ; Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal 31st 
May 1681; trans, to Tolbooth Parish, 
Edinburgh; same year became Bishop of 
DunkeW (g.v.\— [Beg. Collat.; Wodrow's 
Hist,, iL ; Chambers's Anm^ iL ; Min. Book 
Beg. Priv. Seal, v.] 




JAMES WAUGH, born 1645, a native 
1Q82 of Lanark j M.A (Edinburgh 1665) ; 
licen. by Alexander, Bishop of 
Edinburgh, 10th Oct. 1672 ; ord. to Kirk- 
newton 21st Oct. 1673; trans, and adm. 
25th May 1682 ; deprived by the Committee 
of the Estates, 2nd May 1689, for contra- 
vening their Proclamation, 13th April 
preceding. He was the first of those 
removed from their livings at the Revolu- 
tion. He had sasines, March 1679, of 
parts of the Overtown of Kirknewton ; 
March 1681, of the lands of Easter Kirk- 
newton; and December following, of the 
former again, with the teinds of Easter 
Kirknewton, and "ane parcell" of the 
minister of Kirknewton ; also, 10th April, 
a confirmation of the Overtown of Kirk- 
newton. He died 2nd April 1691. 
Robert Waugh, in Quothquan, a younger 
brother, was served heir 4th Aug. 1693. 
— [Edin. Beg. (Bur.) ; Acts Pari., ix. ; 
Min. Book Beg. Priv. Seal, v. ; Part. Beg. 
Sas. Edin. ; Inq. Bet. Edin., 1511 ; Peter- 
kin's Constitution of the Church.] 


WILLIAM WISHART, called 24th Nov. 
1687; ord. (in the meeting-house) 
12th Jan. 1688. His call was ap- 
proved by the parish 1st July 1688, and 
confirmed by the Presb. 6th Jan. 1692, 
having before this been only min. of a 
"gathered congregation." "The Presby- 
tery, with the magistrates of Edinburgh 
and Leith, came 10th Aug. 1692 and 
required the keys of the church doors from 
the min. [Charles Kay] and neighbours, 
to which it was answered, that if they 
had any warrand from the Privy Council 
for that effect, or any remit from them 
to the Presb. authorising them to pro- 
ceed, they were ready to give obedience; 
but none being produced, they thought 
themselves not obliged, the matter being 
still depending before the Council, and 
protested against any violent intrusion to 
be made by them, and for cost, skaith, and 
damage, and for remeid of law. Notwith- 
standing whereof the magistrates and 
ministers of the Presb. with a confused 
company of people entered the church, by 
breaking open the windows, breaking the 

locks off the doors, and putting on new 
ones, and so caused guard the church doors 
with halberts, rang the bell, and possest 
Mr W. of the church, against all which 
irregular procedure public protests were 
taken." Having been adm. to the charge 
in this manner, he "came to the church 
next day with a guard of halberts, and 
preached, and after sermon took possession 
of the session-house, Kay [Second Charge] 
and his Session being refused entry, the 
bailies declaring W.'s the only legal Session, 
on which K took instruments. W. preached 
every Sunday forenoon, and his colleague 
in the afternoon, in the church. On the 
afternoon of Sunday W. preached in the 
meeting-house, and on Thursdays they 
preached in the church and meeting-house 
alternately. The Presbyterian Session, 
however, got a decreet from the Privy 
Council, 28th Feb. 1693, "declaring them 
the only legal Session, and ordaining K's 
[the Episcopal] Sess. to deliver up the 
poor's-box, all rights of mortification, 
utencils of the church, etc." Trans, to 
Tron, Edinburgh, 3rd Sept. 1707.— [Wod- 
row's Hist., iv.] 

JOHN SHAW, studied at Glasgow 
1708 Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 
7th Jan. 1696 ; ord. to Newton 21st 
April 1696; trans, to Leslie, Fife, 29th 
Nov. 1698; called 18th March, trans, and 
adm. 22nd April 1708. He refused to take 
the Oath of Abjuration in 1712; died 7th 
Sept. 1739, in his 66th year. He marr. 
20th Jan. 1734, Cecil Stenhouse, widow of 
Charles Hay, banker, who survived him. 
Publication — Two Sermons, posthumous 
(Edinburgh, 1743).— [Test. Beg.] 

WILLIAM AITKEN, ord. min. of Lar- 

n bert 6th Sept. 1732 ; pres. by John, 

Lord Balmerino, 14th March 1740, 

trans, and adm. 26th June 1740 ; died 4th 

Sept. 1765, in 60th year. He marr. 28th 

Nov. 1750, Christian (died 4th Jan. I78fi), 

; daugh. of James Stevenson, min. of Old 

! Greyfriars, and had issue— Thomas, born 

: 6th Jan. 1755. Publication— Ten Sermons 

I on Important Subjects (published by his 

Widow; Edinburgh, 1767). 




THOMAS SCOTT, son of Walter S., 
17 merchant, Leith ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 
18th March 1742; ord. to Cavers 
17th April 1747 ; trans, to Second Charge 
12th Nov. 1762 ; pres. by George III. 19th 
Sept., and adm. 26th Oct. 1765; died 
16th July 1790, in 68th year. He marr. 
15th Aug. 1750, Helen (died at Edinburgh, 
13th March 1806), daugh. of John Balfour, 
and niece of James Balfour of Pilrig, 
and had issue — Walter, born 3rd May 1753 ; 
Martha Janet, born 29th Sept. 1756 ; John, 
surgeon, 10th Light Dragoons, born 14th 
May 1758, died 7th Sept. 1791 ; Thomas, 
min. of Newton, born 4th April 1764. 

ROBERT DICKSON, son of D. of 
17 Locherwoods ; licen. by Presb. of 
Annan 4th Dec. 1782 ; ord. to 
Second Charge 17th July 1787; pres. by 
George III., trans, and adm. 29th Sept. 
1790; D.D. (Edinburgh, 27th March 
1800) ; nom. principal clerk of the General 
Assembly, in opposition to Andrew Dun- 
can, min. of Ratho, 21st May 1807, but was 
defeated by a majority of 48; declined nomi- 
nation to the Moderatorship 1812 ; died un- 
marr. 25th Jan. 1824. — [Scots Mag., xciii.] 

JAMES GRANT, pres. by George IV. 
1824 22nd March 1799; ord. 26th Aug. 
1824 ; D.D. (Glasgow, April 1842) ; 
suspended (with nine others, by the General 
Assembly, 30th May 1842), for holding 
communion with the deposed ministers 
of Strathbogie ; trans, to St Mary's, Edin- 
burgh, 16th Nov. 1843. 

from Arbroath 10th May 1844; res. 
30th Oct. 1861, on admission as Pro- 
fessor of Church History, Edinburgh Univ. 

JAMES MITCHELL, born 5th Oct. 
1830, son of James M., min. of Gar- 
vock, Kincardineshire ; educated at 
Aberdeen Grammar School and Marischal 
College; M.A. (1850); licen. by Presb. of 
Fordoun 16th May 1854; assistant at St 
Enoch's, Glasgow; ord. Peterhead 23rd 
Aug. 1855; trans, and adm. 24th March 
1864; D.D. (Aberdeen 1831); Moderator 
of the General Assembly 1901 ; res. 30th 
Dec. 1903 ; died 21st Sept. 1911. He marr. 




(1) 7th Sept. 1859, Georgina (died 4th Nov. 
1860), only daugh. of James Skelton of 
Sandforth, Newton, Sheriff-substitute of 
Aberdeen, and had issue — Georgina, born 
4th Nov. 1860 (marr. Major -Gen. Edwin 
Loftus M'Causland: (2) 19th Dec. 1862, 
Catherine (died 2nd Jan. 1867), eldest 
daugh. of Rev. Charles Haycock of Pytch- 
ley House, Northamptonshire : (3) 18th 
Jan. 1875, Janet Stewart, daugh. of James 
Sceales, merchant, Leith. Publications — 
The Church and the People; Rulers and 
Subjects; The Voluntary Question; The 
Revised Version; Faithfulness in Little 
Things; The Minister in the Manse, the 
Pulpit, and the Parish (12th ed.), trans, 
lated into German and Chinese ; Significant 
Etymology (Edinburgh, 1908). 

JOHN WHITE, M.A.; trans, from 
Shettleston 27th Sept. 1904; trans, 
to Barony, Glasgow, 7th June 1911. 

WILLIAM SWAN, born Greenock, 31st 
Dec. 1865, son of Andrew S. and 
1911 Catherine Bowes MTadyen; edu- 
cated at Greenock Academy, Glasgow High 
School and University ; M.A. (1887), B.D. 
(1890) ; licen. by Presb. of Greenock 
May 1890; assistant at Larkhall; ord. to 
Toward Chapel-of-Ease June 1892 ; trans, 
to Old Kilpatrick 26th Sept. 1893; trans, 
and adm. 12th Dec. 1911. Marr. 22nd Aug. 
1894, Catherine, daugh. of James Orr, 
Brigend, Islay, and Anne Christie, and has 
issue— Anne Eila, born 20th Oct. 1895; 
Noel Patrick Andrew, born 23rd Dec. 
1896; Catherine Alison, born 21st July 
1898 ; Dorothy Mary, born 19th July 1900 ; 
William, born 3rd Sept. 1904. 

Second Charge. 

[An Act of Parliament was passed for 
the discontinuance of the Second Charge 
and for other church purposes, 21st July 
1873, vide page 21— Abbey Church.] 

JOHN DURIE, trans, from Colinton ; 

,_,_- adm. May 1570 ; trans, to St Giles, 

Edinburgh, in 1574.— [Reg. Min., 

Melvill's Autob., Scott's Reformers; New 

Stat. Ace, ix.] 




JAMES LOGAN, M.A. ; adm. before 

16th Nov. 1591 ; trans, to Eddleston 

22nd April 1593.-[MS. Bond of 

Mr Dav. Lindesay, and Petition to Gen. 

Ass., 1593.] 

[GEORGE SEMPILL, formerly of 
Houston ; mentioned as min. in 
1593. On 15th April 1595, " certain 
brethern gave in sundrie informations, 
among quhilk, 'That he was a wanter 
(vaunter) of himself, and ane that was 
given ower-meikle to his awin praising.'"] 

JOHN HALL, trans, from Colinton ; 
15g6 adm. 24th Oct. 1596; trans, to St 
Giles 7th Dec. 1598. — [Beg. Assig., 
Booke of the Kirk.~\ 

ANDREW LAMB of South Tarrie ; 
lfi00 min. of Burntisland 1593; trans, to 
Arbroath 1596; trans, and adm. 
22nd July 1600. Being appointed chaplain 
to John, Earl of Mar, ambassador to 
England, the Presb., 4th Feb. 1601, agreed 
to supply bis place till his return. Having 
been appointed chaplain to the Royal 
Household, he was ordered by the General 
Assembly, 12th Nov. 1602, to enter on his 
cure " betwixt and the 1st Januar nixt." — 
[Booke of the Kirk, Row's and Calder- 
wood's Hists., Melvill's Autob.; Pitcairn's 
Cr. Trials, ii.] 

JOHN MORAY, M.A. ; trans, from 
Borthwick ; adm. 1603. He unsuc- 
cessfully opposed the reception of 
the constant Moderator, nominated by the 
General Assembly 17th Dec. 1606, main- 
taining that by such a proposal the liberty 
of the Kirk was overthrown. Heartily sym- 
pathising with the six banished brethren, 
he received them into his house, and 
hospitably treated them previous to their 
departure. Opposing the entry of Epis- 
copal authority in the Church, and preach- 
ing against it in a sermon at the opening 
of Synod, he was summoned before the 
Privy Council, 25th Feb. 1608, and dis- 
missed. He incurred the royal displeasure, 
however, and a warrant was issued for his 
committal to the Castle. The General 
Assembly, July following, requested that 

he might be released, which was done in 
the succeeding year, on condition "That 
he sould within twentie dayes goe to 
Newabbey, and there keepe within the 
compasse of four myles ; preache not, and 
goe not to Leith before his departure.'"' 
The Chancellor (Alexander, Earl of Dun- 
fermline) accused the bishops of "barbar- 
ous and unbrotherlie dealing," in depriving 
him of his situation and living, when his 
office and quality, as well as the state of 
his wife's health, called for different treat- 
ment. He retired to Dumfries for eighteen 
months, assisting his brethren in preaching. 
For other six months he resided in Dysart, 
then left for Prestonpans, where he took 
every opportunity of exercising his ministry. 
He became min. of Dunfermline. — [Beg. 
Assig., Booke of the Kirk, Row's and 
Calderwood's Hists., Test. Beg.; Christ. 
Mag., vii. ; Melvill's Autob. ; Wodrow's MS, 
Biog., iv.] 

DAVID LINDSAY, M.A. ; trans, from 

16 ^ Forgan; adm. by James, Bishop of 

Orkney, 30th July 1609; trans, to 

First Charge in 1613.— [Calderwood's Hist. ; 

Orig. Lett., i. ; Booke of the Kirk.] 

THOMAS HOG, M.A.; master of the 
eie Grammar School ; adm. after 4th 
July 1616; trans, to Stobo in 1618. 
— {MS. Geneal. of Hog.] 

1620 162 °j trans, to Liberton in 1624.— 
[Act Beet. Univ. St And., St Cuthbert's 
Sess. and Edin. Beg. {Bapt.), Beg. Presb.] 

JAMES FAIRLIE, M.A. ; regent in the 

125 Univ. of Edinburgh; adm. 1625; 

trans, to the Professorship of Divinity 

in the Univ. of Edinburgh 1629 (q.v.).— 

[Grant's Univ.] 

1831 son °* William M. of Cambo {Fife 
Sas., x., 242) ; educated at the Univs. 
of Glasgow and St Andrews ; M.A. (1627) ; 
tutor to John, Lord Borthwick, and on the 
exercise at Dalkeith. After leets had proved 
twice unsuccessful, he was elected "by 
the Session, Sailors, Maltmen, Traffickers, 
Crafts, and Mealmakers, all in one voice," 




30th Jan. ; pres. and adm. 1st March 
1631. He disappeared after 24th Jan. 
1639. The congregation, 28th April there- 
after, protested against him, in respect " he 
did desert his ministry without licence of 
the Presb. or congregation." Thrust from 
his church and plundered of his goods and 
gear by the violence of the Covenanters, he 
was compelled to fly to England, where he 
was incarcerated in the prison at York, and 
continued there to the utter ruin of himself, 
his family, fortune, and estate. In 1642 he 
was min. at Anderbiestipill, in Yorkshire 
{Reg. of Deeds, dxli., 155). He marr. (cont. 
16th July 1631 : Reg. of Deeds, dxxix., 298) 
Elizabeth, eldest daugh. of Ninian M'Moran 
of Newhall, and had issue — Elizabeth, died 
before 1688; Agnes or Anna (marr., pro. 
18th Nov. 1669, John Fermour, writer, 
Edinburgh, afterwards baron - clerk of 
Anstruther), as a widow with children, 
she petitioned the Privy Council, 29th 
July 1685, who ordered her 2000 merks 
from vacant stipends in the Diocese of 
Argyll ; Eupham (marr. David Anderson) ; 
Margaret (marr. Alexander Home, M.A.); 
Thomas, died before his father (G. R. 
Inhib., 5th Oct., 1671; G. R. Hornings, 
17th Aug. 1688). — [Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; 
Act Red. Univ. St And., Sess. Reg., Row's 
and Stevenson's Hists., Chambers's Ann.] 

1640; app. by the Presb. to attend 
1 the army in England 5th May 1644. 

The Session, 6th Jan. 1646, petitioned the 
Presb. to use their influence with the 
patron for his appointment to the First 
Charge, from the "solid experience" they 
had " of his fidelitie and diligence in feed- 
ing the flock of God, not by constraint but 
willinglie, in our greatest straits, and 
dangers," and in a letter to the patron 
himself five days after, they declare their 
unanimous affection towards him, "from 
his unblameable conversatione, his integ- 
ritie in the publick cause of religion, his 
fidelitie and diligence in dispensing holie 
things, his prudent resolution in vindicating 
the liberties of our Kirk and Sessione, and 
his willingness to bestow gladlie, and to 

be bestowed for our soules when the hand 
of the Lord was heavelie smyting us." On 
a question " being put, whether to suppli- 
cate again or not 1 " they answered in ane 
voice (being posed man by man) that they 
would do so againe and againe if there 
were ane hope that he wold grant their 
request, but they could see no hope to 
insist therein for him." Having supplied 
the vacant First Charge almost two years 
in addition to his own, and because of his 
extraordinary "pains" during the time of 
the pestilence, the Session, 9th May 1647, 
presented him with 800 merks, in addition 
to his ordinary stipend of 1200 merks. 
When the English took possession of Leith 
he removed, and was appointed by Presb. 
of Dunblane, 30th Oct. 1650, to supply 
Dunblane "until it sal pleas God he get 
back." In 1652 he was min. of Ayton. — 
[Dunblane Presb. Reg.] 

GEORGE KINTORE, M.A. ; called 2nd 
1657 Oct. 1656; adm. 16th June 1657; 


trans, to Cranston 1663. — [Wodrow's 


called by the Session and neighbours, 
with one consent, 15th May, ord. and 

coll. 20th, and adm. 21st July 1664 ; trans. 

to Dalgety in 1669.— [A ct Red. Univ. St 

And., Sess. Reg., Reg. Collat.'] 

ANDREW CANT, M.A. ; called by the 
1671 Session and neighbours 29th Dec. 
1670; ord. and coll. 30th Jan., and 
adm. 5th Feb. 1671 ; trans, to Trinity 
Parish, Edinburgh, in 1679.— [Reg. Collat. ; 
Inq. Ret. Gen., 6803.] 

CHARLES KAY, son of Robert K„ min. 
1681 of Stow; M.A. (Edinburgh 1668); 
min. of St Cuthbert's, Second 
Charge, 1677 ; trans., adm., and inst. 15th 
Sept. 1681 ; deprived in 1694 for non-jurancy 
(P. C. Acta, 6th Sept. 1694); died 17th 
Nov. 1719, in 70th year. He had issue — 
Barbara; Christian; Robert, a skipper in 
Leith. — [Stow Sess., Test., and Reg. (Bur.) ; 
Reg. Collat. ; MS. Act of Min., 1689.] 





JOHN GILCHRIST, M.A.; called by 
the Kirk -session and delegates from 
the Incorporations 20th June, and 
ord. 11th Sept. 1695. He was one of forty- 
four sent to supply the want of Presbyterian 
min. in the North (1696), of whom twenty- 
two, it was agreed, should remain, if they 
received calls; trans, to Alves 16th May 
1697.— [Acts of Ass., 1695, 1697.] 

JAMES DICKSON, M.A. ; called 23rd 

l7oo April, and ord. 16th July 1700; 

trans, to Markinch 23rd Jan. 1712. 

WILLIAM BROWN, M.A.; called 11th 
1712 April, and ord. 25th July 1712. He 
scrupled to take the Oath of Abjura- 
tion same year, and was trans, to Lady 
Yester's, Edinburgh, 19th Jan. 1721. 

1721 20th April, and ord. 17th Aug. 1721. 
He had no sermon at the opening of 
Synod, 30th April 1745, for fear of the 
rebels, but was re-elected Moderator, and 
had the honour of signing an address to 
the King. Trans, to New Greyfriars, 
Edinburgh, 20th June 1745.— [Act Beet. 
Univ. St And., Scoonie Sess. Reg.~\ 

ROBERT WALKER, trans, from 

1746 Straiton; called 15th May, and 

adm. 20th Nov. 1746; trans, to 

St Giles, Edinburgh, 11th Oct. 1754.— 

[Kay's Portr., i. ; Sermons, iii.] 


George II. and by the Kirk-session 
and Incorporation of Shipmasters, 

and ord. 10th July 1755 ; trans, to St 

Cuthbert's 10th June 1762. 

THOMAS SCOTT, M.A.; trans, from 

1762 havers ; pres. by the Kirk-session, 

etc., 9th Aug., and adm. 12th Nov. 

1762; trans, to First Charge 26th Oct. 


HENRY HUNTER, born 25th Aug. 

17Q6 1741, fifth son of David H. and 

Agnes H, Culross ; educated at 

Univ. of Edinburgh; tutor to Claude 

Irvine Boswell, later Lord Balmuto, and 

in the family of Archibald, Earl of Dun- 
donald; licen. by Presb. of Dunferm- 
line 2nd May 1764, assistant to William 
Arthur, First Charge, for some months 
before his death (Home Office Cal., 1760-5, 
No. 1908); pres. by the Magistrates, etc., 
in 1766; ord. 9th Jan. 1766; dem. (on 
receiving a call to the Scots Church, 
London -Wall), 31st July, and adm. there 
11th Aug. 1771; D.D. (Edinburgh, soon 
after); Secretary to the Board of the 
Society in Scotland for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge, 5th Aug. 1790; 
died 27th Oct. 1802, and interred in 
Bunhill Fields. He marr. 21st May 1766, 
Margaret (died 25th July 1803), daugh. 
of Thomas Charters, min. of Inverkeith- 
ing, and had issue — David, born 27th Feb. 
1767, died 2nd Nov. 1767 ; Samuel, born 
11th May 1768, and others, most of whom 
died young. Publications — Thirteen single 
Sermons (London, 1774-98); Sacred Bio- 
graphy, 6 vols. (London, 1783-92; 8th ed., 
1820) ; Sermon V. (Scotch Preacher, iii. ; 
Edinburgh, 1789) ; A Brief History of the 
Society in Scotland for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge (London, 1795); Ser- 
mons, 2 vols. (London, 1795); A History of 
London and its Environs (London, 1796) ; 
Charge at the Ordination of William 
Nicol (Steven's Sermons, London, 1796); 
Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity 
(begun by John Fell; London, 1798); 
Sermons, and other Miscellaneous Pieces, 
2 vols. (London, 1804). Translated from 
the French — Lavater's Essays on Physi- 
ognomy, 5 vols. (London, 1789-98) ; Studies 
of Nature, by St Pierre, 5 vols. (London, 
1796-7); Sermons, by Saurin (vol. vi. ; 
London, 1796); Travels in Egypt, by 
Sonnini de Manencourt, 3 vols. (London, 
1799); Life of Catherine II., Empress of 
Russia, by Castera, 2 vols. (1800); and 
from the German— Letters to a German 
Princess, by Euler, 2 vols. (London, 1795; 
new ed., 1846). — [Sermons and Misc. Pieces, 
i. ; Wilson's Diss. Churches, Lond.; Diet. 
Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN LOGAN, born in 1748, at Soutra, 

l773 Midlothian, was son of George L., 

farmer, and Janet, daugh. of John 

Waterston or Weatherston, Stow. He 




was removed soon after his birth to Gosford 
Mains, East Lothian, and received his 
early education at the Grammar School 
of Musselburgh. In 1762 he entered the 
Univ. of Edinburgh, where he excelled in 
classics and English literature. He was 
for a time tutor at Ulbster to John, after- 
wards the celebrated Sir John Sinclair, 
Bart. ; licen. by Presb. of Haddington 27th 
Sept. 1770 ; he received, in the year follow- 
ing, a presentation to this parish, but a 
competing presentation delayed his settle- 
ment until the matter came before the 
Court of Session, which gave judgment in 
his favour. He was accordingly ordained 
2nd April 1773. In 1775 he became a 
member of the Assembly's Committee on 
the Paraphrases, and was the largest con- 
tributor to the collection. During the 
college sessions, 1779-80 and 1780-81, he 
delivered a series of Lectures on History, 
which the Edinburgh literati regarded 
with much favour. The presentation of 
his tragedy of Runnamede at an Edin- 
burgh theatre, in 1783, gave offence to his 
parishioners and to many of the public — 
so pronounced, indeed, was the feeling 
against him that for this, and other 
reasons, he found it expedient to demit 
his charge, 27th Dec. 1786. He had an 
annuity of £40 from the stipend. The 
remainder of his life was spent in London, 
where he occupied himself with literary 
pursuits. He died unmarr., on Christmas 
Day 1788. As a preacher he was con- 
sidered one of the most eloquent of his 
time. It is around his reputation as a 
poet that the main interest centres. In 
1770 he published the Poems of his friend 
and fellow-student, Michael Bruce, adding 
" some poems written by different authors." 
The " Ode to the Cuckoo " was the second 
last piece of the collection. Eleven 
years later he issued a volume of Poems 
under his own name, in which the 
"Cuckoo" ode had first place. Then 
began the long Logan-Bruce controversy, 
which is not likely to be ever satisfactorily 
settled. The charge against Logan of 
appropriating both Bruce's "Hymns" and 
" Ode to the Cuckoo " has been renewed 
from time to time, and the assertion is 

made that all the Paraphrases which he 
furnished to the Church were also the 
work of his friend. Logan, however, was 
a genuine poet, and in spite of circum- 
stances which militate against his claims, 
a good case can be made out in his 
behalf. He was probably the sole author 
of Pars, viii., ix., x., xi., xviii., xxxi., 
xxxviii., liii., lvii., and of Hymn v. ; 
and he may have revised (or assisted to 
revise) Pars, i., ii., xxiii., xxv., xxviii., 
xlviii., and lxiii. Publications — Verses on 
the Esk (Scots Mag., lxv.) ; ed. Poems by 
Michael Bruce (Edinburgh, 1770); Ele- 
ments of the Philosophy of History, Part i. 
(London, 1781); Essay on the Manners of 
Asia, 1781 ; Poems (London, 1781 ; new ed., 
with Life, 1807) ; Runnamede, a Tragedy 
(London, 1783) ; A Review of the Principal 
Charges against Warren Hastings, Esq., 
late Governor-General of Bengal (London, 
1788); he is also said to have written A 
View of Ancient History, by William 
Butherford, D.D., Head of an Academy at 
"Oxbridge, 2 vols. (London, 1788-93); Ser- 
mons, 2 vols., with a Memoir (London, 
1790-1) (which have gone through many 
editions). — [Anderson's Brit. Poets, xi. ; 
Chambers's Biog. Diet., iii. ; Bobertson's 
Lethendy Case, Maclagan's Scottish Para- 
phrases, Young's Metrical Psalms and 
Paraphrases ; Laing's Ode to the Cuckoo, 
with Remarks on its Authorship; John 
Small's (Librarian, Edin. Univ.) "Michael 
Bruce and the Authorship of the Ode to the 
Cuckoo," in British and Foreign Evangelical 
Review, July 1877 ; Bev. Bobert Small's 
" Michael Bruce versus John Logan " — two 
articles in British and Foreign Evangelical 
Review, April 1878 and Oct. 1879 ; Principal 
Shairp's "Michael Bruce," etc., in Good 
Words, Nov. 1873 ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

BOBEBT DICKSON, pres. by the 

178l7 Magistrates, Incorporations, and 

Kirk-session Jan., and ord. 17th 

July 1787; trans, to First Charge 29th 

Sept. 1790. 

THOMAS MACKNIGHT, pres. by the 

l7gl Magistrates Nov. 1790; ord. 17th 

Feb. 1791 ; trans, to Trinity Parish, 

Edinburgh, 21st June 1804. — [Anderson's 




Edin. Clergy ; Acts of Ass., 1802 ; Steven's 
High School; Kay's Portr., ii.] 

JAMES ROBERTSON, licen. by Presb. 

1804 °^ Gtt as g° w 2n( * ^ av 1>781 ; ord. 
assistant at St Ninians 13th Aug. 
1783 ; adm. to Gargunnock 12th July 1787 ; 
pres. by the Magistrates, etc., and trans, 
and adm. 13th Dec. 1804; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh, 9th Dec. 1805); died at Balloan, 
Perthshire, 25th Aug. 1832, in 75th year. 
He marr. (1) 24th Sept. 1787, Ann Walker, 
who died 18th Oct. 1806, and had issue — 
Campbell, born 11th Sept. 1788, died 7th 
Jan. 1807 ; John Thomas, merchant, Leith, 
born 20th April 1793, died 17th April 
1865 : (2) 25th Feb. 1808, Alison (died 10th 
June 1858), daugh. of William Jamieson, 
Portobello, and had issue — Christian, died 
3rd Dec. 1809. Publications— The Duty of 
Contending Earnestly for the Faith once 
delivered to the Saints, a sermon (Edin- 
burgh, 1811) ; Account of Gargunnock (Sin- 
clair's Stat. Ace, xviii.). — [Tombst., Kay's 

DAVID THORBURN, born 31st Aug. 
1805, son of William T., merchant, 
Leith, and Marion Marshall ; edu- 
cated at Leith High School, Edinburgh 
High School, and Univ. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 27th July 1831 ; assistant to 
preceding ; pres. Nov. 1832 ; ord. 14th 
March 1833 ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 30th March 
1833). Joined the Free Church; min. of 
South Leith Free Church 1843 ; D.D. (Edin- 
burgh 1885); died 22nd Aug. 1893. He 
marr. 12th Dec. 1843, Jane (born 25th 
June 1809, died 10th June 1874), daugh. of 
John Hay and Jane Pasley, and had issue — 
William David, advocate, born 20th Feb. 
1846, died 19th Feb. 1888; John Hay, 
born 9th Jan. 1848, general secretary, 
Free Church of Scotland, 1900-8 ; Jane 
Pasley Hay, born 2nd April 1850 (marr. 
J. J. Graham Brown, M.D.), died 1891. 
Publications — The Divine Origin and Per- 
petual and Universal Obligation of Tithes 
(Edinburgh, 1841) ; The Constitution of the 
Deacon's Court (Edinburgh, 1847); The 
Divinely- Prescribed Method for the Sup- 
port of the Clergy (Edinburgh, 1847) ; The 
Sustentation Fund of the Free Church 

(Edinburgh, 1852) ; Historical Review of 
the Legislation of the Free Church on the 
Sustentation Fund (Edinburgh, 1855) ; Sup- 
plemental Review on the Same (Edinburgh, 
1855) ; Memorandum Relative to the Ter- 
centenary of the Reformation in Scotland 
(Edinburgh, 1860); How to get rid of 
Parliamentary Grants to Rome (Edin- 
burgh, 1860); Suggestions Relative to the 
Formation of a National Association for 
Scotland (Edinburgh, 1863); The Endow- 
ment of the Universities of Scotland an 
Object of National Importance (1864). 
— [Macfarlan's Leith Clergy, Campbell 
Irons's Leith and its Antiquities, Family 

HENRY DUFF, born Leslie, Fife, 
5th July 1807, son of Peter D., 
1844 Walkerston Flax Mill, and Anne 
Russell ; educated at Leslie and Dunferm- 
line, Univs. of St Andrews and Edinburgh ; 
English master (1833), and latterly head- 
master of the Trades' House School, 
Glasgow ; one of the originators of Queen's 
College, Glasgow; ord. 15th Feb. 1844; 
clerk to Presb. of Edinburgh 1845; died 
12th June 1872, when the Second Charge 
ended. He marr. 11th July 1843, Margaret 
(died 19th Aug. 1894), daugh. of Robert 
Dunlop Mather, merchant, Glasgow, and 
had issue — Mary Anne, born 17th April 
1844 (marr. 11th Aug. 1864, Alexander 
Latta, solicitor); Henry John, born 1st 
April 1847 (deceased) ; Robert James, born 
11th Nov. 1851 ; Alexander, born 2nd 
June 1854. Publications — Editor of The 
Literary Museum and Critical Review 
(Glasgow, 1832); editor of The Scottish 
Pulpit (1832); various papers to The 
Republic of Letters (Glasgow), and The 
Covenanter (Belfast). 



GEORGE JACK, born Monquhitter, 

lg01 Aberdeenshire, 9th Feb. 1865, son 

of Alexander J. and Helen Legge ; 

educated at Old Grammar School and 




Univ. of Aberdeen ; M.A. (Aberdeen, 
1890); licen. by Presb. of Turriff 1892; 
assistant at St Aidan's, Edinburgh; ord. 
28th June, 1901. Marr. 10th Oct. 1906, 
Jeannie, daugh. of John Ross. Publica- 
tions — The Sin of Cruelty to Animals; 
Industrial War. 


[Belonged before the Reformation to the 
Abbey of Holyrood house. The church was 
dedicated to the Virgin Mary.] 

1562 canon °f tne Abbey of Holyrood ; 
may have been the son of Alexander 
F., who owned land in Liberton in 1536 ; 
was a member of Assembly 29th June 1562 ; 
trans, to Jedburgh before 25th June 1566. — 
[Booke of the Kirk.] 

1564 Ormiston after 5th June 1567 (Acts 
and Dec, xxxix., 235). 

1569 Borthwick in 1567 ; adm. at Lam- 
mas 1569; trans, to Peebles May 
1570; returned before 1574; continued 
in 1578; removed to Ashkirk in 1579; 
declined a call to Annan 7th May 1580; 
returned after 12th April 1582; died in 
Edinburgh, 21st May 1585. He marr. (1) 
before 1559, Janet Liddell, Lady Halkerston 
(Acts and Dec, xlvii., 281) : (2) after 1570, 
Janet Mowbray, and had issue — Michael, 
his successor; Andrew, schoolmaster of 
Peebles ; Isobel. — [Reg. Min. and Assig., 
Test. Reg. ; Wodroiv Miscell. and Biog., i. ; 
Archxol. Scot., i.] 

JOHN DAVIDSON, M.A.; formerly 
1579 regent in St Leonard's College, St 
Andrews; min. in 1579. He fled to 
England about the end of April 1584, to 
escape the troubles of the period, and 
appears as min. of this parish for the last 
time 7th Oct. following. He was offered 
to be again settled here, but refused, 5th 
Nov. 1588. He became min. of Preston- 

pans 1596. — [Reg. Assig., Calderwood's 
Hist, Test. Reg. ; Edinr. Chr. Inst., xxii. ; 
Chambers's Biog. Diet., ii. ; Archoeol. Scot., 
i. ; Wodrow's Biog., i. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


1586 Selkirk ; pres. to the vicarage by 

James VI. 8th March 1586; trans. 

to Cramond in 1590. — [Reg. Assig., Excheq. 


JAMES BENNET, M.A. (St Andrews 
15gl 1581) ; min. of Ormiston 1585 ; trans, 
and coll. to the vicarage May 1591. 
He was suspended by the Presb., 2nd 
Oct. 1599, whilst under a sentence for 
rebellion; reponed 11th Dec. thereafter; 
died before 20th March 1609. He had a 
son, George, bapt. 6th Aug. 1598. — [Reg. 
Assig., Edin. Reg. (Bapt); Calderwood's 
Hist., v.] 


JOHN ADAMSON, born 1576, son of 
Henry A., Provost of Perth; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 30th July 1597) ; Regent 
of Philosophy in Univ. of Edinburgh 1598 ; 
min. of North Berwick 1604; pres. by 
James VI., and adm. 20th March 1609 ; 
member of Aberdeen Assembly 1616 ; one 
of a committee appointed to draw up 
a form of liturgy and a catechism for 
children ; trans, to the Principalship of 
the Univ. of Edinburgh in 1623 ; died 1651. 
He marr. (cont. 2nd May 1606, pro. 15th 
March 1607) Marion (died 1651), daugh. 
of Thomas Auchmoutie, merchant, burgess 
of Edinburgh (Dupplin Charters), and had 
issue — David, bapt. 20th Dec. 1608 ; Marie, 
bapt. 24 th Sept. 1611. Publications — 
The Muses' Welcome to the High and 
Mighty Prince (James VI.) (Edinburgh, 
1618) ; EToixe*w<m, Eloquiorum Dei (1627). 
— [Grant's Univ., Reg. Assig., Edin. Reg. 
(Bapt.) ; Bannatyne Miscell., iii. ; Murray's 
Life of Rutherford, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN CRANSTOUN, M.A. ; trans. 

from Second Charge, South Leith; 

1624 pres. by James VI. 12th March 1624 ; 

trans, to First Charge, South Leith, in 

1627.— [Bannatyne Miscell., Hi.] 




162 ,_ John L. of Balcomie and Birkhill, 
and Elizabeth Myrton of Rander- 
ston ; regent in Old College, St Andrews ; 
pres. by Charles I. 7th Sept. 1627, and 
adm. soon after. In 1638 he informed the 
King of the outrages of the people against 
those ministers who were zealous in his 
service. Deposed in 1639 for calling 
the Covenanters perjured, etc. He was 
obliged to quit the Kingdom, lived in 
great want, and died 4th Nov. 1662, 
leaving not enough to bury him. His 
widow, Agnes Aytoun, obtained a grant 
from the vacant stipends in 1662 {Privy 
Council Decreta). He had issue — Jean ; 
David ; John ; Margaret. — [Edin. Reg. 
{Bapt.), Wodrow MSS., Durie's Dec, 
Lochleven Pap. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; Peter- 
kin's Records, Stevenson's Hist.] 

168g burgh 1605 ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 23rd 
July 1625); one of the masters in 
the High School 19th Feb. 1630 ; licen. by 
Presb. of Dalkeith 29th Sept. 1631 J went 
abroad, where he suffered imprisonment 
for a too free criticism of the Romish 
Church j adm. min. of Duddingston 1635 ; 
trans, and adm. 19th May 1639 ; pres. by 
Charles I. 8th Sept. 1641 ; died 2nd June 
1657. He left (Test., 27th June 1657) £100 
to the kirk-session ; to Robert Douglas 
(of the High Kirk) "four of the best of 
my books at his awne choosing"; and 
the rest of the books he left to be 
"equallie devyded" between John Smyth 
of Trinity Parish, and Richard Waddell, 
afterwards min. at Dunbar. Publication— 
Uldericus Veridicus, sive de statu ecclesice 
Scoticance dialogus (Edinburgh, 1657, anon. ; 
see copy in the Univ. Lib., Edinburgh).— 
[Crawfurd's Univ., Test. Reg., Steven's High 
School, Tombst., Baird's Duddingston.'] 

ANDREW CANT, adm. 10th March 
1669 1659 ; trans - t0 Tri nity Parish, Edin- 
burgh, 13th July 1673.— [Kennedy's 
Ann. Aberd., ii. ; Wodrow's Hist., i. ; Dal- 
keith Presb. Reg.; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Brodie's Diary.] 

NINIAN PATERSON, a native of 
1674 GU as & 0W ; M.A. (Glasgow 1657) ; ord. 
to a parish in Dumfriesshire (name 
unknown) 1666 ; trans, to Dalserf 1668 ; 
trans. tojSmailholm 1671 ; trans, and adm. 
14th Oct. 1674, when a riot took place ; 
dep. for immorality. He petitioned the 
Presb. of Dalkeith, 10th Oct. 1683, to 
have the sentence relaxed ; compliance 
was delayed, " until it shall be made more 
apparent that he is reformed in his life 
and conversation." Died Dec. 1688, aged 
about 52. He marr. 31st Aug. 1668, Mar- 
garet Somerville, and had issue — Jean ; 
Ninian; Margaret, bapt. 19th Jan. 1672. 
Publications — Epigrammatum libri octo, 
cum aliquot Psalmorum Paraphrasis 
Poetica (Edinburgh, 1678); The Fanatick 
Indulgence Granted (London, 1683); 
Obsequies to the Memory of Alex., Bishop 
of Ross (1683) ; On the Death of General 
Dalziel (1685) ; On the Birth of the Prince 
of Wales (1688); and many other Elegies, 
etc., mostly printed on single sheets.— 
{Dalkeith Presb. and Edin. Reg. {Marr.); 
Wodrow's Hist., ii. ; Scot. Pasq., i. ; Advo- 
cates' Lib. Catal.] 

schal College, Aberdeen); regent 
1688 there 1675-81 ; recommended by 
Presb. of Aberdeen for license 5th June 
1677 ; inst. at Cullen in Feb. 1682 ; trans, 
and inst. 12th April 1683 ; died 6th March 
1687. He marr. Christian Udney, and had 
issue — George ; Mary (marr. 16th Feb. 
1702, John Carre, merchant, burgess of 
Edinburgh).— [Cullen Sess. and Dalkeith 
Presb. Reg.] 


bursar of the Presb. for 1684 and 
1685; deprived by the Committee 
of Estates, 14th May, for not reading 
the Proclamation, nor praying for King 
William and Queen Mary. He preached 
his farewell sermon 19th May 1689. In 
1701 he had 350 merks bequeathed to him 
by John Cuming, min. of Birnie. He died 
in Edinburgh, 26th April 1713, in 61st year. 
— [Ratho Sess., Test. {Moray), and Edin. 
Reg. {Bapt.) ; Archceol. Scot, i. ; Acts Pari., 




ix. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Peterkin's 
Constitution of the Church.'] 

JAMES WEBSTER, was a probationer 

1689 a ^ t ^ ae ^ rs * meetm & of Presbyterian 
min. in Lothian and Tweeddale 6th 
July 1687 ; ord. in 1688 to the congrega- 
tion at Craigmillar (which is said to have 
been the first meeting-house opened by the 
Presbyterians after liberty was granted to 
them), and appears as the junior min. of 
Presb. 25th July of that year. Permission 
was given him by the Committee of Estates, 
17th May 1689, to exercise his ministry 
at the kirk without prejudice to the 
patron, and on 29th May 1689 he preached 
his first sermon as min. of Liberton. 
Trans, to Whitekirk in 1691.— [Acts Pari., 
ix. ; Archceol. Scot., i. ; Wodrow's Hist., 
ii. ; Boston's and Webster's Mem. ; Edin. 
Chr. Inst., iii.] 

GIDEON JACQUE, M.A. (Edinburgh 
1692 1^65); got a ministerial charge in 
Ireland; adm. before 16th Oct. 
1692 ; returned to Ireland in 1695 ; was 
settled at Wexford, and subsequently 
removed to Ulster, but refused to take 
the Oath of Abjuration in 1703, though 
he was then without a charge; finally 
settled in England. By his wife, Judith 
Waulkets, he had a son, William. — [MS. 
Ace. of Min., 1689 ; Archceol. Scot., i. ; 
Reid's Ireland, iii.] 

SAMUEL SEMPLE, born 1666, son of 
1697 Grabriel S., min. of Jedburgh, and 
Margaret, daugh. of Sir Patrick 
Murray of Blackcastle; educated at the 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; M. A. (3rd July 1693) ; 
ord. 31st Aug. 1697 ; died 7th Jan. 1742. 
He marr. 2nd Nov. 1701, Elizabeth (died 
18th Jan. 1748, aged 77), daugh. of Sir 
Archibald Murray of Blackbarony, and 
had issue — Mary (marr. John Swinton of 
Swinton, advocate), died 4th Sept. 1768. 
Publications — He projected a "History of 
the Christian Religion from its first 
plantation in Scotland." The design was 
encouraged by four successive General 
Assemblies (1708-9-10-11), as well as by a 
grant of £300 from the Treasury. Visiting 

Liberton in 1727, Wodrow writes (Analecta, 
vol. iii., p. 428), " Mr S. tells me that his 
History is ready for the press, and he designs 
to print it in London or here. He let 
me see a vast many papers, upwards of 
30 quires, he had caused copy out of 
the Bodleian and Cotton Libraries, and 
other collections in England." The work 
was never published. Many attempts have 
been made to recover the MS., but with- 
out success. — [Douglas's Bar., Test, and 
Edin. Reg. {Marr.), Acts of Ass. ; Archceol. 
Scot, i. ; Wodrow's Corresj). and Anal. ; 
New Stat. Ace, i. ; Edin. Chr. Inst. ; 
Burke's Commoners, ii.] 

JOHN JARDINE, pres. by George II. 

1741 28t ^ -^ e b-> ana - 0T ^' (assistant and 
successor) 30th July 1741 ; trans, to 
Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 6th Dec. 1750. 
— [Archceol. Scot., i. ; Morren's Ann., i.] 

DAVID MOUBRAY, educated at Univ. 
-,._- of Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of 
Dalkeith 3rd Oct. 1738; ord. to 
Currie 25th Sept. 1740; pres. by George 
II. 25th Jan., trans, and adm. 28th 
May 1751 ; died 3rd Oct. same year, in 
36th year. He marr. Sarah (died 13th 
Dec. 1774), daugh. of George Fordyce, 
min. of Corstorphine, and had issue — 
George, Accountant - General at Madras, 
H.E.I.C.S., born 6th June 1747 ; Richard, 
born 17th Aug. 1749 ; Jane, died 29th July 
1775.— [Test. Reg. ; Archceol. Scot., i.] 

THOMAS WHYTE, born 1717, son of 
1?52 James W. of Stockbriggs, Lesmaha- 
gow; M.A. (Edinburgh); licen. by 
Presb. of Lanark 3rd June 1747 ; pres. by 
George II. 31st Oct. 1751 ; ord. 20th Aug. 
1752. He was in the theatre when the 
tragedy of Douglas was originally acted, 
and called before the Presb. 12th Jan. 1757, 
he was suspended for three weeks. He died 
13th Jan. 1789. He marr. 20th April 1757, 
Anne (died 2nd June 1774, in 48th year), 
third daugh . of Daniel Bethune, min. of 
Rosskeen, and had issue — James; Daniel, 
born 17th May 1759 ; Gordon ; David, born 
15th Feb. 1762 ; Thomas, born 19th March 
1764, died 19th Nov. 1768; Kenneth, born 





6th Aug. 1766, died 23rd April 1768; 
Douglas, born 1st July 1769; Johanna 
Russell, born 14th July 1771, died 15th 
March 1777. Publications — Historical 
Account of the Bethunes of the Island of 
Skye (Edinburgh, 1778) ; Account of Les- 
mahagow ( Weekly Mag., xx.) ; Account 
of the Parish (Archceol. Scot., i. ; abridged 
Sinclair's Stat. Ace, vi.). — [Test. Reg., 
Carlyle's Autob. ; Archceol. Scot., i. ; MS. 
Geneal. of Bethunes, Tombst. ; Morren's 
Ann., ii. ; New Stat. Ace, i.] 

JAMES GRANT, M.A., born 1760, son 
of David G. of Liiuepots; licen. by 
Presb. of St Andrews 8th Sept. 1784 ; 
pres. by George III., and ord. 18th Aug. 
1789; died unmarr. 8th June 1831. In 
the period of social and political danger 
which followed the French Revolution he 
was strongly and actively loyal, and 
chiefly instrumental in raising a local 
volunteer corps, in which he held a 
commission as lieutenant. — [Tombst.] 

WILLIAM PURDIE, born Carluke, 
1832 23rd Oct. 1805, son of Thomas P., 
farmer ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Lanark 13th May 1829 ; 
tutor in the family of Lord Cockburn ; 
pres. by William IV. in 1831 ; ord. 26th 
Jan. 1832 ; died unmarr. 16th Nov. 1834. 

JAMES BEGG, born 31st Oct. 1808, 
188 _ son of James B., D.D., min. of New 
Monkland ; educated at Glasgow 
Univ.; M.A. (1824); licen. by Presb. of 
Hamilton 10th June 1829; assistant at 
North Leith ; ord. to Maxwelltown 18th 
May 1830 ; trans, to Lady Glenorchy's, 
Edinburgh, 23rd Dec. 1830; trans, to 
Middle Parish, Paisley, 25th Nov. 1831; 
trans, and adm. 25th June 1835. Joined 
the Free Church ; min. of Newington Free 
Church, Edinburgh, 1843 ; D.D. (Lafayette 
College, Pennsylvania, 1847) ; Moderator of 
the Free Church General Assembly 1865 ; 
died 29th Sept. 1883. He marr. (1) 23rd 
Sept. 1835, Margaret (died 30th Sept. 1845), 
daugh. of Alexander Campbell, Sheriff- 
substitute of Renfrewshire, and had issue 
— a son, born 27th Aug. 1836; a daugh., 
born 12th April 1838, died 16th Dec. 1840 ; 
a son, born 4th Nov. 1839; Margaret 

Campbell, died 30th Sept. 1845; Fanny, 
born 20th April 1843 : (2) 25th Nov. 1846, 
Maria (died 15th May 1892), daugh. of 
Ferdinand Faithfull, rector of Headley, 
Surrey, and had issue— Ferdinand Faith- 
full, stockbroker, London, born 27th Dec. 
1847 ; William, actor [" Walter Bentley ' ; ], 
born 7th Oct. 1849; Charles, born 2nd 
Oct. 1851 ; Henry, born 11th July 1853, 
died 26th Sept. 1854 ; Elizabeth, born 29th 
Aug. 1857; John, born 26th Jan. 1862; 
Frederick, born 20th May 1865, died 
4th April 1870. Publications — Are you 
Prepared to Die ? (Edinburgh, 1845) ; How 
to Promote and Preserve the True Beauty 
of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, 1849) ; Pauperism 
and the Poor Laws (Edinburgh, 1849); 
National Education for Scotland Practi- 
cally Considered (Edinburgh, 1850) ; Social 
Reform (London, 1851); A Handbook of 
Popery (Edinburgh, 1852) ; Reform in the 
Free Church (Edinburgh, 1855) ; Scotland's 
Demands for Electoral Justice (Edinburgh, 
1857) ; The Art of Preaching (Edinburgh, 
1863); Account of the Parish (New Stat. Ace, 
i.) ; and many smaller works. — [Smith's Scott. 
Clergy, iii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog,, Memoirs by 
Prof. Thomas Smith, D.D., 2 vols. (1885-8).] 

JOHN STEWART, born Greenock, 26th 
June 1793, sixth son of Roger S., 
shipowner, and Jean Stewart; edu- 
cated at Glasgow Univ.; M.A. (1818); 
licen. by Presb. of Kintyre 21st Aug. 1821 ; 
ord. by Presb. of Glasgow 11th April 1823, 
as min. of Oldham Street Presbyterian 
Church, Liverpool ; trans, to Sorn 11th 
March 1824; trans, and adm. 28th Sept. 
1843; died, Father of the Church, 27th 
Dec. 1879. He marr. 1st July 1824, Mary 
(died 23rd March 1872), daugh. of General 
Andrew Gammell, A.D.C. to Frederick, 
Duke of York, and had issue — James, 
M.D.,born 16th April 1825, died 18th April 
1853; Harcourt, born 21st May 1827, a 
master mariner, drowned in the China 
seas, 1st Sept. 1854 ; Mary Gammell, 
born 18th April 1830 (marr. George 
Smyttan Davidson, min. of Kinfauns). 
Publication — A Letter on the Abolition of 
Tests in the Universities of Scotland (Glas- 
gow, 1846). 




stone, St Madoes, Perthshire, 13th 
1880 Feb. 1825, son of Andrew G. and 
Janet Kettle ; educated at Perth Seminary 
and St Andrews Univ. ; MA. (April 1841) j 
licen. by Presb. of Perth 24th June 1843 ; 
ord. St Paul's, Perth, 26th Nov. 1846 J trans. 
to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 9th May 1850. 
D.D. (St Andrews 1869); trans, and adm. 
3rd June 1880; convener of the Colonial 
Committee 1880-8 ; Moderator of the 
General Assembly 1888; res. 10th Nov. 
1897; died in Edinburgh 6th Dec. 1908. 
He marr. 1st June 1855, Mary Smith, widow 
of William Richardson Dickson, of Alton, 
Roxburghshire, and daugh. of Robert 
Mitchell, merchant, one of the magis- 
trates of Edinburgh, and had issue — 
Andrew, born 14th Sept. 1856, who died 
in infancy. By her previous marriage 
Mrs Gray had a son and two daughters. 
Publications — Morning Seed, Sermons for 
the Young (Edinburgh, 1861); Sermons 
on Disestablishment (Edinburgh, 1893); 
A Simple Catechism (Edinburgh, 1895) ; 
Jubilee Jottings (Edinburgh, 1896); Old 
Greeds and New Beliefs (Edinburgh, 1899) ; 
Our Divine Shepherd, a Book for Young 
People (London, 1903); The Children's 
Friend (Edinburgh, 1907). 

ROBERT BURNETT, born Memsie, 
Fraserburgh, 11th Jan. 1865, son of 
1898 James B. ; educated at Univs. of 
Aberdeen and Edinburgh ; MA (Aberdeen 
1886), B.D. (Edinburgh 1890); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 4th May 1890; ord. 
21st July 1898. Marr. 25th July 1900, 
Mary Couper, youngest daugh. of James 
Morrison, Viewbank, Liberton. 


( Chapel-of-Ease). 

[Opened as a chapel-of-ease to Liberton 
parish, 24th Sept. 1904.] 

[William Cowper Robeetbon, MA. 
(afterwards of Cleish) ; David Crawford 
(afterwards of Bressay); and Thomas 
Feeguson, MA., B.D., served as proba- 
tioners from 1905 to 1910.] 

JAMES WATSON, B.A., formerly min. 
1910 °^ ^ e "^ ree Church, Leith ; adm. to 
the Church of Scotland by the 
General Assembly 1910 ; adm. 1st Sept. 
1910 ; res. 30th Sept. 1912, on appointment 
as Missionary Professor of Economics in the 
Scottish Churches College, Calcutta. 


THOMAS GILLIESON, born 11th Dec. 
1882, son of Archibald G., min. of 
Olrig; educated at Miller Institu- 
tion School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. 
by Presb. of Westminster, B.C., 1911 ; ord. 
to St Paul's, Vancouver, B.C., 1912 ; received 
into the Church of Scotland, and app. 
1913 ; trans, to Cranshaws 1914. He marr. 
15th April 1906, Flora, daugh. of David 
Shaw, and has issue — Margaret, born 22nd 
June 1907 ; Archibald, born 5th May 1909 ; 
John, born 25th April 1910; Marian, 1st 
July 1912. Publications— Editor of West- 
minster Hall Magazine and Western Review 
(Vancouver, 1909-11). 


[East Calder, or Calder-Clere, so named 
from Rudolph de Clere, an early owner, to 
distinguish it from the adjacent Calder- 
Comitis belonging to the Earl of Fife. 
The church was dedicated to St Cuth- 
bert, and belonged to the Abbey of Kelso. 
The parishioners petitioned the Presb., 14th 
July 1641, to be disjoined from West (Mid) 
Calder and erected into a parish ; united 
to Kirknewton by the Commissioners of 
Teinds, 23rd Jan. 1751.] 

SAMUEL WARDLAW, pres. to the 
1582 v i cara 8 e °y James VI. 13th July 
1582 ; adm. 8th May 1583 ; continued 
in 1585. — [Beg. Assig.] 

JOHN SPOTTISWOOD, pres. by James 

1594 VL July 1594 ; dem ' 1596 ' wc?e Mid " 

JOHN BROWN, pres. to the vicarage 

1596 ky James VI. 31st Jan. 1596; died 

before 3rd March 1610. — [Beg. Assig.) 

ROBERT GILMOUR, pres. by James 
VI. 3rd March 1610; vide Mid- 






JOHN TENNENT, pres. by James VI. 
1617 5th Oct. 1617 ; vide Mid-Calder. 

JOHN DUNLOP, born 1617, son of 
1842 J° nn D., min. of Ratho ; educated 
at Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1636) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 24th Oct. 
1639; adm. 13th Oct. 1642; died 29th 
May 1648. He marr. 14th Sept. 1643, 
Elizabeth, daugh. of Alexander Barbour, 
writer, Edinburgh, and had issue — John; 
Alexander, apprenticed 17th Dec. 1662, to 
George Meyne, merchant, Edinburgh. — 
[Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Test, and Edin. 
Reg. {Bapt. and Marr.).] 

ANDREW KINNEAR, M.A. ; pres. by 

1649 F ranc i s > Earl of Buccleuch, and adm. 

13th June 1649; trans, to Second 

Charge, Stirling, in 1663. — [Test. Beg. 


EDWARD KINNEAR, M.A. ; pres. by 

1663 Mary, Countess of Buccleuch; ord. 

and coll. 24th April 1663 ; trans, to 

Second Charge, Old Church, Edinburgh, 

same year. — [Beg. Collat.] 

JAMES BROWN, second son of Robert 
B. of Finmont; chaplain to David, 
Earl of Wemyss; pres. by Robert, 
Bishop of Dunblane, 10th March 1665; 
coll. 9th, and inst. 16th June 1665 (Beg. of 
Deeds, Durie, 12th Dec. 1679). He was 
probably outed in 1689 ; died Feb. 1691. He 
marr. 17th June 1675, Helen Douglas, and 
had issue — George, served heir to his uncle, 
14th Dec. 1705 ; John, min. of Abercorn ; 
Jean (marr. 30th Sept. 1709, Charles 
Anderson, Kinglassie). — [Lamont's Diary, 
Edin. Beg. (Bapt., Marr., and Bur.), Beg. 
Gollat., Wodrow's Hist., Spec. Bet. Fife; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

1694 k y Presb. of Linlithgow 2nd May 
1693 ; ord. 10th Jan. 1694 ; died 10th 
Jan. 1725. He marr. (1) Marion, daugh. 
of Robert Wellwood of Touch, and had 
issue — Margaret (marr. John Moubray of 
Cockairny); Jean (marr. John Steedman 
of Baldridge, min. of the Tron Parish, 
Edinburgh): (2) Rachel Sandilands, who 
survived him. — [Test. Beg.] 

ll72 _ Presb. of Biggar 14th June 1716; 
ord. to Skirling 29th April 1718; 
dep. 1719 ; reponed 1721 ; pres. by George 
I., and adm. 28th Oct. 1725; died 8th 
Sept. 1749. He marr. Isabella (died 4th 
June 1775), daugh. of Andrew Houston of 
Calder, and had issue— Sholto ; Alexander, 
merchant in St Kitts ; Jean (marr. Aretas 
B. Akers of St Kitts) ; Robert, planter in 
St Kitts; Isabella; Mary (marr. James 
Stoddart, min. of Kirkintilloch); John 
Leigh, lieut. R.N. — [Acts of Ass., Wodrow's 
Anal., Burke's Commoners.] 

MID-CALDER, formerly 

[Divided in 1646 into Mid-Calder and 
West Calder; the latter being the new 
parish. Disjoined from the Presb. of 
Linlithgow and annexed to the Presb. of 
Edinburgh by General Assembly, 1884.] 

JOHN SPOTTISWOOD (primus), born 

1560 1510 ' secon( l son °f William S. of 
Spottiswood, Berwickshire (killed at 
Flodden), and Elizabeth Pringle of Tor- 
sonce ; entered Univ. of Glasgow 27th June 
1534, and took his degree of M.A. in 1536 ; 
went to London soon* after, where he im- 
bibed the principles of the Reformation 
from Archbishop Cranmer. He returned 
to Scotland in 1543, and was pres. by Sir 
James Sandilands of Calder in 1548. He 
joined the Reformers in 1560, and was 
one of six elected for drawing up the First 
Book of Discipline, and Confession of 
Faith ; became Superintendent of Lothian 
9th March 1561. In 1562 the parishioners 
complained to the General Assembly that 
S.'s duties as Superintendent prevented him 
discharging all his duties of min. of the 
parish. The reply was that owing to the 
rarity of ministers it could not be other- 
wise, and that "the profit of many 
churches was to be preferred to the profit 
of one." He died 5th Dec. 1585. His son 
relates that he was " a man well esteemed 
for his piety and wisdom; loving and 
beloved of all persons, charitable to the 
poor, and careful above all things to give no 




man offence." He marr. Beatrix, daugh. of 
Patrick Crichton of Lugton and Gilmerton, 
who survived him, and had issue — John, his 
successor ; James, D.D., Bishop of Clogher, 
Ireland, born 7th Sept. 1567, died (buried) 
31st March 1644-5; William; Rachel 
(marr. James Tennent of Linhouse) ; 
Judith, died before 1593 {Reg. of Deeds, 
xliv., 438). — [Douglas's Bar., Reg. Assig.; 
Knox's Works, ii. ; Test. Reg., Booke of 
the Kirk, Wodrow's Biog. and Miscell. ; 
Pitcairn's Cr. Trials, ii. ; Spottiswood's, 
Calderwood's, Row's, Cook's, and Hether- 
ington's Hists. ; Scott's Lives; Baillie's Lett., 
iii.; New Stat. Ace, i. ; M'Ure's Glasg. ; 
Chalmers's Caled., ii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN SPOTTISWOOD (secundus), born 
lgaa at Greenbank in the parish, 1565, 
eldest son of preceding ; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1581) ; app. assist- 
ant and successor to his father 1583. He 
was pres. to the vicarage of Calder-Clere by 
James VI. 1594, but dem. in 1596, and had 
from His Majesty a gift of stipend, 12th April 
1599. In 1601 he was chaplain to Ludovic, 
Duke of Lennox, ambassador to the court of 
France. While attending James VI. on his 
visit to England on acceding to the united 
Crown, in 1603, he was promoted to the 
Archbishopric of Glasgow and nominated 
a Privy Councillor, but continued min. 
here. He was four times Moderator of 
Assembly, in 1610, 1616, 1617, and the 
Perth Assembly, 1618, which sanctioned 
the Five Articles. Called to the see of 
St Andrews in 1615, he crowned Charles I. 
at Holyrood in 1633, and was Chancellor 
of Scotland in 1635. Seconding the King's 
efforts to introduce a liturgy, he became 
obnoxious to the Covenanters, and was 
deposed and excommunicated by the 
Glasgow Assembly of 1638. He died at 
London, 26th Nov. 1639, and was interred 
in Westminster Abbey. He marr. 1599, 
Rachel, daugh. of David Lindsay, Bishop 
of Ross, and had a numerous family, of 
whom only three survived him — Sir John 
of Dairsie; Sir Robert, President of the 
Court of Session, having sided with Mon- 
trose, was taken prisoner at Philiphaugh, 
and sentenced to death by the Scottish 

Parliament, 16th Jan. 1646 ; Anne (marr. 
Sir William St Clair of Roslyn). Publica- 
tion — History of the Church of Scotland, 
from the Year 203 to the Reign of James 
VI. (London, 1655; new edition, Spottis- 
wood Society, 1847, with Life by Russell). 
See also Spot. Soc. Miscell., vol. i. (1844). — 
[Melvill's Autob., Keith's Catal., Row's and 
Calderwood's Hists., Duppa's Life, Cowan s 
Lord Chancellors of Scotland, Diet. Nat. 

ROBERT GILMOUR, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1Q04 29th July 1598); petitioned for by 
the Session 8th April, he was adm. 
(colleague) 2nd Aug. 1604 ; pres. to the 
vicarage of Calder-Clere by James VI. 3rd 
March 1610; died 23rd Nov. 1616, aged 
about 39. He marr. 12th April 1613, Marie 
Cleland, who survived him, and had issue 
— James ; John ; Robert, apprenticed 29th 
June 1636, to Alexander Inglis, litster, 
Edinburgh. — [Craufurd's Univ., Uphall 
Sess. and Test. Reg., Reg. Sec. Sig., Calder- 
wood's Hist. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 801.] 

JOHN TENNENT, younger son of 
•7 James T. of Linhouse, and grand- 
son of John Spottiswood {primus); 
M.A. (Glasgow 1606) ; was on the exer- 
cise there 22nd Dec. 1613; having been 
pres., he produced a letter from the Bishop 
(Spottiswood) to the Presb. for his admis- 
sion 3rd Sept. ; was pres. by James VI. to 
the vicarage of Calder-Clere 5th, and to the 
vicarage of C. 15th Oct. 1617 ; was on the 
Commission for Church Discipline 21st Oct. 
1634 ; died 29th June 1638, aged about 52. 
He marr. (cont. 20th and 27th Feb. 1619 : 
Reg. of Deeds, ccclii., 74) 21st April 1619, 
Nicolas, daugh. of Andrew Lamb, Bishop 
of Brechin, afterwards of Galloway, who 
survived him (alive in 1643), and had issue 
— Margaret ; John ; Rachel ; Andrew ; 
Bethia. A grandson, William Tennent, 
was Laird of Cairns in 1693. — [Mun. Univ. 
Glasg., iii. ; Test. Reg. ; Maitland, ii., and 
Bannatyne Miscell., iii. ; Baillie's Lett., i.] 

GEORGE DUNBAR, probably of the 

leas ^ am ^y °f Dunbar f Cumnock ; min. 

of Cumnock in 1599, of Ayr 1608 ; 

deprived by Privy Council 1611 ; became 




min. of the Second Charge, Ayr, 1613 ; trans, 
to First Charge 1619 ; deprived in 1622 for 
refusing to recognise the Articles of Perth ; 
was for twelve years min. at Inver, near 
Lame, in Ireland, but was again deprived by 
Henry, Bishop of Meath, in 1637 ; returned 
to Scotland, and adm. here ; died Dec. 
1641. He marr. (1) Jean Craufurd : (2) 
Margaret Wallace, who survived him, and 
had issue — Samuel, who succeeded him in 
the lands of Pollesche; George, died in 
1651 ; Margaret (marr. Robert Peebles, 
Irvine); Marion (Acts and Dec, dlxxvi., 
7). — [Livingston's Charac., Test. Beg. 
(Glasg.), Row's Hist. ; Reg. Old Dec, iv. ; 
Rutherford's Lett. ; Reid's Ireland, i. ; Inq. 
Ret. Gen., 3170 ; Prot. Book, Robert Brown.] 

[WILLIAM DUNBAR, MA. ; was pres. 
1st June 1642, but declared by Presb. 
14th July, "uncapable because of his not 
entering on his trials at the tyme ap- 

of Divinity at St Andrews, was presented, 
and the presentation was sustained, but 
the University opposed his removal, and 
the Synod, yielding to its desire, the 
translation did not take place.] 

HEW KENNEDY, of Easter Inch of 
164 _ Bathgate, M.A. ; usually called 
Father Kennedy; recommended by 
Samuel Rutherford, "with whom he was 
brocht up " at St Andrews ; pres. by John, 
Lord Torphichen, with consent of his cura- 
tors, 28th Feb. and 1st March; ord. 13th 
April 1643 ; was a member of the Commis- 
sion of Assembly 1648, assisted in form- 
ing the Protesters' Presb. 6th Aug. 1651, 
and was dep. 7th Dec. 1660 for non-con- 
formity, "being a very zealous protester." 
He returned in 1687.— [Mun. Univ. Glasg., 
iii. ; Hist, of Gen. Ass., 1690 ; New Stat. 
Ace, i. ; Acts, of Ass. and Pari., vii. ; 
Baillie's Lett., iii. ; Peterkin's Records."] 

JOHN COLVILL, M.A., eldest son of 

1668 ^ r Al exan cler C. of Kincardine ; 

regent in Old College, St Andrews ; 

coll. 27th Jan., and adm. 9th Feb. 1663; 

died in Feb. 1671, aged about 41. He marr. 

VOL. I. 

24th Nov. 1665, Mary, third daugh. of Sir 
George Preston of Valleyfield, and had issue 
— Alexander, bapt. 2nd Oct. 1666 ; Marjorie, 
bapt. 2nd July 1668; George, 24th Dec. 
1669; Anna, bapt. 25th Dec. 1670.— [Reg. 
Collat., Test. Reg.] 

j ,_ 2 from West Calder; adm. and inst. 
16th May 1672; trans, to Cramond 
in 1674. 

1Q| __ gow 1656) ; min. of Carsphairn 1664 ; 
trans, to Whithorn 1666; pres. by 
Walter, Lord Torphichen, 21st July; coll. 
24th Aug., and adm. 25th Aug. 1675 (G. R. 
Horn., 26th Nov. 1689). He was threatened 
by armed men for discharging his minis- 
terial duty, and petitioned the Committee 
of Estates for protection, which was granted 
8th May 1689. He deserted, and became 
a brewer in Edinburgh, where he died 13th 
June 1701, aged about 65. He marr. Mary, 
youngest daugh. of George Lundie, clerk 
of Dysart (G. R. lnhib., 4th March 1669), 
and had a daugh., Anna. — [Corstorphine 
Sess. and Edin. Reg. (Bur.); Acts Pari., 
ix. ; JUS. Ace of Min., 1689 ; Rule's Sec. 

HEW KENNEDY, MA. ; returned at 
1Q g- the Toleration, 6th July 1687 ; trans, 
to Trinity Parish, Edinburgh, 25th 
Aug. 1687. 

WILLIAM BURNETT, was a min. at 

1 w the general meeting of Presbyterians, 

6th July, and adm. (by a Committee 

of Synod) 4th Nov. 1687 ; trans, to Falkirk 

1st July 1696. 

JOHN LOOKUP, born 1675, son of John 
L., merchant, Edinburgh; educated 
at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; MA. (9th 
July 1694); schoolmaster of Earlston 24th 
Sept. 1694 ; recommended by Principal Car- 
stares, and called 13th Oct. 1697 ; ord. 26th 
Jan. 1698 ; died 1st Nov. 1758. He marr. 
Jean, daugh. of Richard Houston (or 
Huison), min. of Inveresk, and left issue — 
Margaret, born 1709; John, born 1710, 
advocate ; Isobel, born 1712 ; Andrew, born 





1716; Grisell, born 1720. Publication— 
Balm for the Wounded Spirit, 1719. He 
left in MS., Memorabiles temporum circum- 
stantiae ac accidentia, qucedam notanda a 
Johanne Lukup notata. 

JAMES WATSON, born Closeburn, 1723, 
1(759 son of John W. ; educated at Glas- 
gow Univ. ; ord. to Torphichen 1751 ; 
pres. by Walter, Lord Torphichen ; trans, 
and adm. 18th Oct. 1759 ; died unmarr. 
12th Nov. 1772. 


JAMES DOBIE, licen. in Northumber- 
land, and received by Presb. of 
Kelso, 5th Jan. 1773 ; pres. by the 
tutors of James, Lord Torphichen, and 
ord. 27th July 1773; trans, to Linlithgow 
15th June 1792. 

JAMES WILSON, M.A.; pres. by 
17 James, Lord Torphichen, and adm. 
20th Dec. 1792; trans, to Falkirk 
2nd May 1794. 

JOHN SOMMERS, born in the parish 
17 _ of Hamilton, 1765, son of John S., 
farmer ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
B.A. (1785), MA. (1785); licen. by Presb. 
of Dumbarton 21st March 1791 ; pres. by 
James, Lord Torphichen, Oct. 1794; ord. 
16th April 1795 ; D.D. (Glasgow, 15th May 
1818); died 25th Sept. 1842. He marr. 
16th Sept. 1811, Isabella Euphemia Hamil- 
ton (died 13th May 1821), second daugh. 
of Charles Donaldson of Calcutta, and had 
issue — John Charles, merchant in London ; 
Charles ; Euphemia, died 9th Sept. 1821 ; 
Bethia Hamilton ; Henry William. Publi- 
cations — Many articles in the Edinburgh 
Encyclopaedia, of which he was a consider- 
able proprietor, and editor of the last three 
volumes ; Account of the Parish (New Stat. 
Ace, i.), also published privately (1838). 

WILLIAM WALKER, born Redburn, 
Torphichen, 4th April 1804, son of 
James W. and Jane Dale; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. by 
Presb. of Annan ; pres. by James, Lord 
Torphichen, Nov. 1843, and ord. 14th Feb. 
1843 ; died 2nd Nov. 1882. He marr. 29th 
Dec. 1852, Anna (died 1st Aug. 1913), 

daugh. of George Campbell, Prospect House, 
Newton-Stewart, and had issue — Thomas 
Charles, M.D., Liverpool; George Alex- 
ander Campbell, merchant, Buenos Ayres ; 
William, M.A., missionary of the Church 
of Scotland at Chamba, Panjab, India, and 
min. of St Leonard's, Ayr. 

MATTHEW GAKDNER, ord. 24th April 
1883 1883 J trans, to Peebles 20th Sept. 


18Q4 M.A., B.D.; ord. 23rd March 1894; 

trans, to Port-Glasgow 6th June 1907. 

1907 hall, 8th March 1875, son of William 
C. and Elizabeth Kirkwood ; edu- 
cated at Larkhall School and Univ. of 
Glasgow; M.A (1903), B.D. (1906); licen. 
by Presb. of Hamilton 5th May 1904; 
assistant at Paisley Abbey; assistant 
garrison chaplain, Edinburgh, 1905-7 ; 
ord. 20th Sept. 1907. Marr. 8th Jan. 
1908, Katherine Robertson, daugh. of 
Peter Dewar and Isobel Seggie, and has 
issue — William Arthur Weir, born 5th 
Dec. 1908. 


[Disjoined from Calder-Comitis, and 
erected in 1647. Disjoined from Presb. of 
Linlithgow, and annexed to the Presb. of 
Edinburgh, May 1884.] 

1645 (Glasgow 1638); ord. to Livingston 
9th Dec. 1641 ; trans, and adm. 12th 
June 1645 ; was on the Commission of 
Assembly 1647 ; officiated at Mid-Calder in 
1646-7 ; suspended by the Diocesan Synod 
in 1665, for non-conformity ; died in 1668, 
aged about 50. He marr. (1) Isobel Sandi- 
lands, who died 7th March 1653, and had 
issue — James, born 1650 : (2) Margaret, 
daugh. of James Readdie, schoolmaster 
at Dunfermline. By her he had Mary ; 
Marjorie ; James ; Walter, served heir 27th 
Jan. 1670 ; Patrick ; Elizabeth ; Margaret. 




— [Mid-Calder and Cramond Sess. and 
Test. Reg., Morrison's Digest, Wodrow's 
Hist., Acts of Ass. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 5288.] 

JOHN SOMERVILL, M.A. ; trans, from 
1668 Glasserton; coll. 17th June 1668; 
trans, to Mid-Calder in 1672. — [Reg. 

JOHN KNOX, M.A., formerly of North 
. 7 Leith, where he had lived peaceably 
after his deprivation ; indulged by 
the Privy Council 3rd Sept. 1672 ; returned 
to North Leith July 1687. — [Wodrow's 
MSS. and Hist., Brown's Hist, of Indvlg.~\ 

WILLIAM WEIR, M.A., formerly of 
1 7 „ Linlithgow, indulged with the pre- 
ceding, 3rd Sept. 1672. Resisting 
the royal supremacy in spiritual affairs, 
and maintaining his obligations against 
Episcopacy in his public ministrations, he 
was, by authority of the Privy Council 31st 
July 1673, carried prisoner to Edinburgh, 
and committed to the Tolbooth ; obliged to 
leave afterwards he went to Ireland, and 
accepted a charge in Coleraine. He 
returned to Scotland and was resettled at 
Linlithgow. — [Wodrow's Hist., Brown's 
Hist, of Indtdg.~\ 

1Q75 burgh 1665) ; ord. to Queensferry 
29th Dec. 1674. He appears as min. 
about 1675 ; trans, to Kirkurd 16th Jan. 
1678; dep. 3rd Nov. 1680. Rabbled in 
1689, when he left the parish, and died 
July 1691, aged about 46. He marr. 2nd 
Oct. 1685, Anna Naismith, who was buried 
in Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 29th June 1695. 
— [Test, and Edin. Reg. {Marr. and Bur.) ; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

JOHN LAUDER, bapt. 25th Jan. 1671, 

1689 son °^ J°h n •"-'•> mm - °f Tynning- 
hame; min. of Dalziel 1659; dep. 
1662; ind. at Dalziel 1670-84; returned 
1687 ; called 31st Aug., and trans, and 
adm. 1689 ; died 1691. He marr., and had 
issue — Isabel ; David ; John. — [Dalziel 
Sess. Reg.] 

JOHN ANDERSON, studied at Univ. 
1692 °^ Utrecht, lived for a time at 
Borrowstounness ; licen. by Presb. 
of Linlithgow 28th Oct. 1691 ; called 29th 
Nov. following ; ord. 28th April 1692 ; died 
17th Dec. 1705, in 48th year. He marr. (1) 
2nd March 1696, Mary, daugh. of Patrick 
M'Carra, bailie of the Canongate, and had 
issue— Mary (marr. 15th Oct. 1719, John 
Russell of Braidshaw, W.S.) : (2) 18th May 
1701, Janet, daugh. of John Gordon of 
New-work, who survived him. — [Canon- 
gate Sess., Test., and Edin. Reg. (Marr.) ; 

JAMES ANDERSON, called 13th 
ll707 March, and ord. 5th May 1707; 
trans, to Falkirk 26th March 

ANDREW GLOAG, M.A. (St Andrews, 
1720 8th April 1718); licen. by Presb. of 
Auchterarder 2nd June 1719 ; chap- 
lain to the Laird of Marjoribanks ; called 
14th Oct. 1719 ; ord. 25th Feb. 1720 ; died 
28th Feb. 1770, in his 82nd year. He marr. 
(1) Oct. 1720, Christian, daugh. of Thomas 
Ronald, Provost of Linlithgow, and had 
issue alive in 1759, and all above 26 years 
of age — Thomas ; James ; John ; William, 
min. of Lady Yester's, Edinburgh; Janet 
(marr. 25th Nov. 1720, William Good, 
wright, Edinburgh): (2) 5th Nov. 1730, 
Jean (died 1st Dec. 1793), daugh. of John 
Veitch, tenant in Hamildean, Lyne (G. R. 
Homings, 29th June 1732), and had issue 
— Elizabeth ; Andrew ; Margaret ; Mary, 
born 26th March 1742 (marr. Robert 
Wishart, min. of Livingston). 

WILLIAM GAR VIE, M.A.; pres. by 
ltJtJQ Alexander Marjoribanks of that ilk, 
and ord. 28th Nov. 1770; trans, to 
Aberdalgie and Dupplin 10th Jan. 1782. 

1782 P resD - of Haddington 1st Dec. 1778 ; 
was for a time a schoolmaster ; pres. 
by Alexander Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks, 
and ord. 6th Sept. 1782; died 9th Dec. 




JOHN WILLISON, pres. by James, Earl 

1?a _ of Lauderdale, who purchased the 

patronage that year from Alexander 

Marjoribanks, and ord. 15th Sept. 1785 ; 

trans, to Forgandenny 17th Sept. 1793. 

1794 born 1757, son of John M., min. of 
the Assoc. Antiburgher Congrega- 
tion, Kinkell ; been, by Presb. of Auchter- 
arder 4th Aug. 1789; assistant at Kirk- 
liston ; pres. by James, Earl of Lauderdale, 
Oct. 1793 ; ord. 9th April 1794 ; D.D. (St 
Andrews, 2nd Oct. 1819); died 11th June 
1831. He marr. (1) Katherine Wallace, 
who died 24th June 1817, and had issue — 
John, min. at Macquarrie or Esk River, 
Tasmania ; Lindsay, accountant in Edin- 
burgh ; William, W.S., Edinburgh, born 
1795, died 3rd Oct. 1875 : (2) 14th April 
1819, Jean (died 10th Nov. 1865, in her 
92nd year), eldest daugh. of John Cook, 
Professor of Moral Philosophy, St Andrews. 
Publications — Translations of M. Gener, 
being a Selection of Letters on Life and 
Manners, 3 vols. (London, 1808-12) ; Sermon 
preached after the Death of the Rev. Walter 
Jardine (Edinburgh, 1812) ; View of French 
Literature during the Eighteenth Century, 
trans, from the French (Edinburgh, 1814) ; 
revised the Rudiments of the Latin Tongue 
(Edinburgh, 1817); Sermon XII. (Gillan's 
Scott. Pulpit) ; Accounts of Kirkliston and 
of West Calder (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, x., 

[JOHN JOHNSTON, schoolmaster, 
West Calder, was presented by the patron, 
but there was vigorous objection, and his 
appointment was withdrawn.] 

son of John L., farmer, Nether 
Kinneil, Bo'ness, and Janet Robert- 
son ; M.A. (Glasgow 1826) ; licen. by Presb. 
of Linlithgow 9th May 1832 ; pres. by James 
Grindlay in 1834; ord. 14th May 1835; 
died 31st May 1870. He marr. (1) 9th Jan. 
1838, Helen (died 22nd March 1856), daugh. 
of John Cochrane, farmer Waterstone, 
Ecclesmachan, and Janet Smellie Robert- 
son, and had issue — John WilUam, com- 
mission agent, Edinburgh, born 1840; 

Janet, born 1841 ; James, born 1842, died 
1852; William, born 1843; Andrew, born 
1844; Ellen Jane Cochrane, born 1847: 
(2) 13th Sept. 1859, Janet Grey, Ayr, who 
died 26th May 1869. Publication— Account 
of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, i.). 

1870 ^een, 2 ^ tn Sept. 1826, son of Peter 
G. and Barbara Davidson ; educated 
at schools in Perthshire and Forfarshire, 
and St Andrews and Edinburgh Univs. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Lanark 4th June 1856 ; 
assistant at Carluke ; ord. to Calderhead 
18th Feb. 1859 ; pres. by John Drysdale of 
Kilrie, and adm. 25th Aug. 1870 ; died at 
Portobello from the effects of an accident, 
7th Feb. 1914. Marr. 28th June 1864, 
Margaret (died 11th July 1912), only child 
of Thomas Hunter, solicitor, Maxwelltown, 
Dumfries, and Agnes Glendinning. 

1894 k° rn Londonderry, 1st July 1860, 
son of Adam A. and Elizabeth Todd ; 
educated at Magee College, Queen's and 
Assembly's Colleges, Belfast and Dublin ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glendermott May 1885 ; 
ord. to the first congregation at Ballywalter, 
Belfast, 23rd Feb. 1886 ; adm. (assistant and 
successor) 1st Nov. 1894. Marr. 1st Dec. 
1886, Margaret, daugh. of Andrew Melville 
and Agnes Burns, both of Argyllshire, and 
has issue — Gustave Alexander Melville, 
M.B., Ch.B., R.N., born 31st Aug. 1888; 
Winifred, M.A., born 3rd May 1890 (marr. 
12th Aug. 1914, David M'Vicker, M.B., 
Ch.B., Peterborough); Olivia, born 2nd 
Dec. 1898; Eva, born 26th April 1900; 
Frederick Percival, born 1st Aug. 1903. 


[The foundation stone of the church was 
laid on 27th Oct. 1808, the building being 
opened in 1810, as a chapel-of-ease to 
Duddingston. Declared a parish quoad 
sacra by Act of Assembly, 31st May 1834, 
and erected by the Court of Teinds, 17th 
July 1861.] 

[THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., was app. 
"preacher," and served till 1814, when he 
was pres. to the parish of Borthwick.] 




JOHN GLEN, born Fife, 1782; licen. 
by Presb. of Dunfermline 2nd July 
1811 ; in charge of Portobello Chapel 
from 1814; ord. 9th July 1818; preached 
for the last time 18th Oct. 1840, being 
attacked by paralysis. Joined the Free 
Church, and died at Edinburgh, 7th Nov. 
1854. He marr. 4th Dec. 1818, Sarah 
Isabella (died 18th Dec. 1875, aged 91), 
daugh. of John Whyt, of Kingston, Jamaica, 
and had issue — Bain Whyt, died 23rd 
March 1826; Jemima Agnes Bethia 
Anderson, born 1824 (marr. William 
Kippen, lieut. 24th Regiment), and died 
26th Dec. 1846; Sarah Isabella, died 26tb 
Jan. 1828. Publications — A Treatise on the 
Sabbath (Edinburgh, 1822) ; On Cruelty to 
Animals, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1833). 

born 1806 ; ord. to John St. Church, 
Maryport, Cumberland, 1835; app. 

by the managers, and adm. 7th March 1844 ; 

died unmarr. 2nd June 1861. 


JOHN WALLACE, ord. 28th Feb. 1862 ; 
res. 28th Feb. 1866; [became min. 

of New Deer]. 


1866 Currie > 27th Augl 1838> son of Dr 
Robert J., min. of Currie, afterwards 

of St Paul's, Glasgow; educated at High 
School and Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 7th May 1862 ; assistant 
at North Leith ; ord. to Newton-onAyr 
26th March 1863; trans, and adm. 20th 
July 1866 ; clerk of the Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 1898-1912; D.D. (Glasgow 1904). 
Marr. 30th April 1868, Harriett Flora 
MacWhirter (died 28th Jan. 1907), youngest 
daugh. of James Bryce, D.D., first Church 
of Scotland chaplain at Calcutta, and min. 
of St Andrew's Church there, and had issue 
—Mary Florence, born 30th Aug. 1869 ; Eliza 
Katharine, born 5th June 1873 (marr. 13th 
July 1905, Robert E. Wallace-James, S.S.C., 
Edinburgh) ; Robert George, MA., chaplain 
in India, Bengal Presidency, born 16th July 
1874; James Bryce, B.D., min. of Grey- 
friars, Dumfries, born 17th July 1879; 
Henry William, accountant, Secunderabad, 
born 25th Dec. 1882. 


[Belonged to the Bishopric of St 
Andrews, and thereafter was annexed 
to the College Kirk of Corstorphine. The 
church was dedicated to St Mary. Our 
Lady's Well is in the vicinity.] 


those in St Andrews whom the first 
General Assembly, 20th Dec. 1560, 
thought "maist qualified for ministreing 
and teaching"; adm. in 1562; trans, to 
High Kirk, Glasgow, about 25th June 1565. 
— [Booke of the Kirk, Keith's and Calder- 
wood's Hists. ; Wodrow Biog., ii.] 

1 _ fi _ plained against at the Assembly, 
25th June 1565, "for not repairing 
to Linlithgow for the exercise of prophecy - 
ing, excused himself because his stipend 
was not duly paid him." Another complaint 
was laid to his charge, 25th Dec. following, 
of marrying a couple regardless of the dis- 
cipline of the Kirk. This he confessed on 
the 27th, and was ordained to do so 
publicly, twice at Edinburgh, and after- 
wards at Dalmeny, where the offence had 
been committed. For a similar fault he 
was "suspended from his ministrie, and 
lifting up of his stipend," 30th Dec. 1567 ; 
and again on 8th July 1568; "and if he 
commit the like offence, that he be 
deposed." He was settled at North 
Berwick in 1568.— [Booke of the Kirk, 
Keith's and Calderwood's Hists.] 

JAMES HAMILTON, adm. 1st May 

1568; had Kirknewton and Gogar 

1568 also in his charge. He resided at 

the former place in 1573.— [Keg. Min., 

Test. Keg., Calderwood's Hist.] 

1568 THOMAS BISHOP, reader. 


also in his charge; coll. to the 

1589 vicarage Jan. 1589; pres. to the 

Prebend of Half Byres, in the College 

Kirk of Corstorphine, by James VI., 8th 




Oct. 1596; pres. to Castleton in 1604, 
which he held in conjunction. In 1605, he 
was clerk to the Commissioners of the 
General Assembly, and died Oct. 1606. 
He marr. Agnes Foulis, who survived him, 
and had issue — David, served heir 8th 
July 1607; Alexander; James; Richard; 
Margaret ; Helen ; Mary (Acts and Dec, 
ccxxiii., 352). — [Beg. Assig., Booke of the 
Kirk, Craufurd's Univ.; Calderwood's 
Hist. ; Inq. Bet. Gen., 313 — de Tut., 
110, 111.] 

JOHN DUNLOP, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1607 22nd Feb. 1602); pres. to the 
vicarage by James VI. June 1607 ; 
died Feb. 1647, aged about 65. He marr. 
Elizabeth Black, who survived him (alive 
in 1657), and had issue — Elizabeth (marr., 
cont. 11th Oct. 1633, John, son of John 
Mitchell, preacher in London : Beg. of 
Deeds, dxi., 384); John, min. of East 
Calder ; Alexander ; Lucy ; Barbara ; 
William; Alison (marr., pro. 26th April 
1660, Andrew Cockburn, schoolmaster at 
Queensferry) ; Katherine ; Ludovic, min. 
of Skene. — [Beg. Assig. and Pres. (Caut.) ; 
St Cuthbert's Sess., Test., and Edin. Beg. 


DAVID READDIE, son of James R., 
master of the Grammar School at 
Dunfermline ; educated at the Univ. 
of St Andrews ; M.A. (1633) ; adm. in 1648 ; 
died Sept. 1662, aged about 50.— [Dal- 
keith Presb., Colinton Sess., and Test. 
Beg. ; Wodrow's Hist., i. ; Beg. Old Dec, 

JOHN MACMATH, M.A.; coll. 25th 
1668 March 1663 ; trans, to Lasswade in 
1670— [Beg. Gollat.] 

JOHN WILKIE, trans, from Kirk- 
1674 newton « 1674; trans, to Eyemouth 
in 1677. — [Lanark Presb. Beg., Min. 
Book Beg. Priv. Seal.] 

1688 12th July 1667). The collections, 
25th Sept. 1687, " were so inconsider- 
able that the box was not able to maintain 
the poor"; an assessment was proposed 

according to Act of Parliament, which is 
said to be the earliest instance of a com- 
pulsory rate for this purpose. Rabbled 
at the Revolution. After S.'s rabbling 
it was found that the communion and 
baptismal plate was missing ; on enquiry, 
the kirk-session found that it had been 
conveyed to Lord Lauderdale's house at 
Thirlstane, whence it was recovered by 
S.'s successor. He went to Fife, where 
he lived on the charity of friends. Died 
about 20th Nov. 1690, having marr. Grizel, 
daugh. of James Durie of Craigluscar, who 
survived him (P. C. Acta, 23rd Dec. 1690), 
and had an only son, Charles. — [Mun. Univ. 
Glasg., iii. ; Sess. Beg.; MS. Ace. of Min., 

JAMES HART, M.A.; ord. 4th July 

1692 1692, * n Aug * 1702 ^ e was called 
to Greyfriars, but "declared his 
sense of emptiness for so eminent a part, 
and his unwillingness to undertake it." 
The Presbytery ordered the call to be 
transmitted to Ratho and the parishioners 
to be summoned to answer thereto. At 
the next meeting the officer reported that 
on 9th Aug., as he was on his way to 
cite the heritors, elders, etc., a multitude 
of women came to him and so threatened 
him, that he was obliged to leave the 
place. Strong remonstrances were offered 
against the translation, but the Presby- 
tery overruled the objections and appointed 
his admission for 19th Aug. 1702. — [Edin. 
Beg. (Marr.), Murray's Biog. Annals.] 

JOHN GUTHRIE, son and heir of 
1703 ^ ames Q'> brother of John G., 
younger of Mongers wood (Ayr Sas., 
vii., 239); called 30th May, and ord. 16th 
Aug. 1703. He refused to take the Oath 
of Abjuration in 1712; died 28th Feb. 
1756, in his 83rd year, being a widower, 
with a daugh. Margaret, and others. 

WILLIAM WILKIE, born 5th Oct. 
1>J53 1721, son of James W., Echline; 
educated at Dalmeny School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh; licen. by the Presb. 
of Linlithgow 29th May 1745; called 15th 
Feb., and ord. (assistant and successor) 17th 
May 1753. He demitted, 15th Nov. 1759, 




on appointment as Professor of Natural 
Philosophy in the Univ. of St Andrews; 
died 10th Oct. 1772. When at Ratho his 
success as a farmer earned him the name 
of "Potato Wilkie." His scientific attain- 
ments were great, and among his pupils 
were Playfair and Leslie. Publication — 
The Epigoniad, an Epic Poem in Nine 
Books (Edinburgh, 1757; 2nd ed., 1759); 
Moral Fables in Verse (1769). He has 
been styled "the Scottish Homer."— [Car- 
lyle's Autob. ; Chambers's Biog. Diet., iv. ; 
Robert Fergusson's Poems.'] 

JAMES ROBERTSON, M.A. ; licen. by 
1%0 the Presb. of St Andrews, 11th May 
1757; pres. by James, Earl of 
Lauderdale, and ord. 10th July 1760 ; died 
13th Sept. 1802, in his 75th year. He 
marr. 20th Aug. 1772, Jean (born 1743, 
died at Edinburgh 6th Sept. 1824), daugh. 
of Alexander Robertson, min. of Eddleston, 
and had issue — James Maitland, min. of 
Livingston, born 11th May 1774; Alex- 
ander, born 18th Nov. 1775, died 7th Dec. 
1776; John, surgeon H.E.T.C.S., born 11th 
March 1777, died on his passage to India 
1st Dec. 1795 ; Alexander, M.P. for Gram- 
pound, in Cornwall, born 14th Feb. 1779. 
Publication — Account of the Parish (Sin- 
clair's Stat. Ace, vii.). 

J ANDREW DUNCAN, born 1755, son 
i8oa °^ ^ a ^ c ^ D., min. of Tibbermore; 
licen. by Presb. of Perth 29th July 
1778 ; ord. to Auchterarder 6th Sept. 1781 ; 
pres. by Thomas Davidson, D.D., of Muir- 
house, Sept. 1802 ; trans, and adm. 24th 
March 1803; app. principal clerk to the 
General Assembly, 21st May 1807; D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 14th March 1811); Moderator 
of the General Assembly 20th May 1824"; 
died 29th July 1827. He marr. 15th Aug. 
1786, Margaret (died 16th Sept. 1821), 
daugh. of Neil Bethune, min. of Kenno- 
way, and had issue — Jean, born 4th April 
1790 (marr. 7th July 1820, Capt. Duncan 
Ogilvy), died in India, April 1821 ; Chris- 
tian, born 16th Aug. 1791 ; Janet, born 10th 
Jan. 1793; Hannah, born 17th Dec. 1793 
(marr. 8th Sept. 1821, Capt. H. A. Mont- 
gomerie); Margaret, born 21st Feb. 1795; 

Catherine, born 14th Aug. 1796; Andrew 
Bethune, min. of Culross, born 19th July 
1797 ; Susan, born 12th July 1798 ; Ann 
Mercer, born 2nd April 1800 (marr. 19th 
Dec. 1828, James Craig, surgeon, Ratho); 
Grace, born 25th April 1802 ; James, born 
28th Aug. 1806. Publications— The Benefits 
of Christianity, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1806) ; 
Account of Auchterarder (Sinclair's Stat. 
Ace, iv.). — [Paterson's Ayr., i. ; Kay's 
Portr., ii.] 

JAMES HENDERSON, trans, from 
1828 Stockbridge Chapel (St Bernard's); 
pres. by Thomas Davidson, D.D., of 
Muirhouse, and adm. 21st Feb. 1828 ; 
trans, to St Enoch's, Glasgow, 29th Nov. 

JAMES CLASON, born Dunblane, 27th 

1883 J une 1 808 > son °f James C. ; edu- 
cated at Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. 
(1825); licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 3rd 
Aug. 1831 ; assistant at North Leith ; pres. 
by the trustees of Thomas Davidson, D.D., 
of Muirhouse ; ord. 15th Aug. 1833 ; died 
unmarried, 17th April 1842. Publications 
— Account of the Parish (New Stat. Ace, 
i.); Sermons, edited by P. Clason, D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 1843). 

1848 Aberdeen, 1808, son of George F., 
schoolmaster ; educated at Marischal 
College, Aberdeen ; MA. (1824) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Aberdeen 22nd July 1828 ; ord. 
to Roxburgh Place Chapel, Edinburgh, 7th 
Aug. 1834; trans, to St Luke's, Glasgow, 
16th March 1837; trans, and adm. 12th 
Jan. 1843 ; LL.D. (Marischal College, Aber- 
deen, 1856) ; died at Torquay, 16th March 
1866. He marr. (1) 26th Dec. 1848, Mary 
Elizabeth (died 5th Sept. 1850), daugh. of 
Andrew Steele of Crosswoodhill, W.S. : (2) 
2nd June 1853, Helen (died 18th March 
1895), daugh. of Major David Brown of Park, 
and had issue— Jane Munro, bora 27th Jan. 
1855 (marr. Alexander Thom, St Andrews). 
Publications — The Right Improvement of 
Divine Judgments and the Proper Means 
of Averting Them, a sermon (Edinburgh, 
1851); Lectures on the Evidences of 
Revealed Religion; on Infidelity; on 




Sabbath Schools; Preparatory Essay to 
Watson's Apology for the Bible. 

186Q DUFF, born 6th March 1829, son of 
Alexander M. of Bonhard and 
Margaret Catherine, daugh. of John Ross 
of Balgirsh ; educated at High School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh ; ord. to Falkland 10th March 
1853 ; trans, and adm. 19th July 1866 ; res. 
1st June 1876 ; died at Leamington, 28th 
May 1891. He marr. 18th Jan. 1868, 
Margaret Lucy (died at Aboyne, 23rd Aug. 
1910), daugh. of William Spence, secretary 
of the British Linen Bank, and had issue 
—William Alexander, F.R.C.O., born 22nd 
July 1869; Robert Ross, born 31st July 
1871, died 13th March 1876; Catherine 
Margaret, born 7th Jan. 1876. 


ARCHIBALD BISSET, born Edinburgh, 
12th Aug. 1843, son of Archibald 
B., merchant, Edinburgh, and 
Isabella Davidson ; educated at Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 
1872 ; assistant at St Cuthbert's, Edin- 
burgh; ord. to Foulden 21st May 1874; 
trans, and adm. 17th Nov. 1876. Marr. 
24th April 1878, Barbara (died 20th Aug. 
1913), daugh. of Ralph Dodds, merchant, 
Berwick-on-Tweed, and Barbara Wright. 

[The following chapels, formerly belong- 
ing to the Church of Scotland, no longer 


[Formerly a parish belonging to the 
Abbey of Holyroodhouse, but since the 
Reformation joined to Canongate Parish. 
On the appointment of a minister he was 
fully recognised and admitted as in other 
parishes, and had a seat in the Presb. 
(though excluded from the benefit of the 
Widows' Fund, at its establishment, 25th 
March 1744), till the translation of the 
incumbent in 1754, from which time it has 
been recognised only as a chapel belonging 

to the garrison. In 1755 the chapel was 
divided into three storeys, and turned into 
military stores.] 


JOHN BROWN, recommended to Parlia- 
ment by the Privy Council 9th April 
1661.— [Ach Pari., vii.] 

1668 22nd Oct. 1668; trans, to Crailing 
1672.— [Reg. Collat.] 

GILBERT SIMSON, M.A. ; ord. 4th 
1673 Feb. 1673; pres. to Eckford 25th 
March 1677 (Warrant Book Scot., 
iv., 204), but not settled ; trans, to Kings- 
barns 1678. — [Kingsbarns 1 Sess. Reg.] 

JOHN BARCLAY, M.A; adm. 1680; 
1680 trans - 1° Cockburnspath 1682. — [Act. 
Red. Univ. St And., Min. Book Reg. 
Privy Seal, Test. Reg. (Glasg.).] 

1682 Buchan ; M.A. (King's College 1674). 
He fled the country on the surrender 
of the Castle in 1689. He marr. 20th Nov. 
1682, Barbara Alison. — [Haddington Presb. 
and Edin. Reg. (Marr.) ; MS. Ace. of Min., 

WALTER SMYTH, M.A. (Glasgow, 27th 
1692 ^ U ^ 1( >76) ; licen. by George, Bishop 
of Aberdeen, 1st Nov. 1684, took 
orders as deacon ; chaplain to Sir John 
Dalrymple of Stair, and tutor to his 
children; adm. 1692 and dem. 1709; died 
at Restalrig, 3rd April 1738, aged 82. He 
marr. 6th Sept. 1699, Christian, daugh. of 
Peter Paterson, portioner of Restalrig. — 
[Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 
1689 ; Linlithgow Presb., Edin. (Marr.), 
and Calton Reg. (Bur.)', Acts Pari., xi.] 

JOHN FLEMING, ord. in the Castle 
Kirk 19th Jan. 1710; trans, to 
Second Charge, Perth, 24th Feb. 


ALEXANDER KER, ord. in the Castle 
7th Aug. 1716; died unmarr. 24th 
Jan. 1737. 



i7sa ^k March 1718) ; commissioned by 
George II. 7th July 1737 ; ord. 14th 
Feb. 1738 j died 9th Feb. 1746, aged about 
48. — [Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Beg. (Bur.) ; 
Trustees Rep., 1745.] 

WILLIAM SMITH, licen. by Presb. of 
^ Haddington 12th Jan. 1727 J ord. in 
the Castle 4th Sept. 1746 ; died 6th 
Feb. 1751.— [Test, and Edin. Beg.] 

JOHN JOHNSTON, M.A.; ord. 10th 

,,_„ May 1751; trans, to Biggar 15th 

Aug. 1754, having exchanged charges 

with William Haig. — [Carlyle's Autob., 

Morren's Ann.] 

WILLIAM HAIG, son of James H., 
Orchardfarm, Alloa ; adm. 13th Sept. 
1754 ; died 19th Oct. 1761. 


[Opened as a chapel-of-ease, 18th Nov. 
1792 ; declared a parish quoad sacra, 
31st May 1834. Closed in 1843.] 

17g2 Presb. of Edinburgh 29th Oct. 1788 ; 
assistant at Stewarton 1790; ord. 
13th Dec. 1792 ; dem. 21st April, and dep. 
2nd May 1818, having been convicted by 
the High Court of Justiciary of celebrating 
unlawful marriages, and uttering fabri- 
cated certificates of proclamations, and 
banished for life 18th April preceding. 
He marr., and had issue — Hamilton, died 
12th Nov. 1861, aged 21; Joseph, W.S. 
apprentice 1805. Publications — Letters and 
Dialogues on the Lord's Supper (Edin- 
burgh, 1794) ; translated Lampe's Theologi- 
cal Dissertations concerning the Endless 
Duration of Punishment (Edinburgh, 1796); 
Outlines of a Course of Theological Lectures 
(1799); The Traveller's Guide through 
Scotland (Edinburgh, 1799) ; The Traveller's 
Guide through Ireland; Theological Lec- 
tures (Edinburgh, 1806); Sacred Biography ; 
Sacred Contemplations ; The Ecclesiastical 
Biography of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1810) ; 
A Sermon on the Doctrine of the Trinity, 

and the Dignity of the Bedeemed (Edin- 
burgh, 1814).— [Scots Mag., lxxxi.] 

1818 10th Dec. 1818 ; resigned 26th April 
1820, on appointment to West Parish, 

JOHN THOMSON, ord. 16th Nov. 

1820 1820 > dem ' 28th Jan * 1824 ' on 
appointment to Dysart, Second 


1824 Dundee, 1787 ; licen. by Presb. of 
Cupar 8th Dec. 1807 ; ord. assistant 
at Arbroath 11th Dec. 1813; afterwards 
assistant at Dairsie ; adm. 21st Oct. 1824. 
Joined the Free Church ; min. of John 
Knox's Free Church, Edinburgh, 1843 ; died 
unmarr. 4th Jan. 1858. Publication — Be- 
membrance Bemembered (Edinburgh, 1839). 


[Constituted by the General Assembly, 
27th May 1839. Became, in 1843, St 
Ninian's Free Church, Leith.] 

JOHN THOMSON, born Edinburgh, 

1840 1808, son °^ J ames T. and Katherine 
Oakley; educated at High School 
and Univ.; MA. (1830); licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh; ord. 1840, to the "Bethel" 
or Floating Chapel in Leith Harbour, 
previous to the erection of permanent 
building. Joined Free Church ; min. of St 
Ninian's Free Church, Leith, 1843; clerk 
to the Free Synod of Lothian and Tweed- 
dale ; died 18th Nov. 1881. He marr. 3rd 
April 1848, Elizabeth Gavin, daugh. of John 
Brown, D.D., min. of Langton, and had 
issue — John Brown, LOS. ; Katherine 
Oakley (marr. A. A. Gillies); James 
Douglas; Georgina Elizabeth (marr. 1883, 
David Ross, M.A., min. of the Free Church, 
Crathie, afterwards of St Kilda, Mel- 
bourne), died 1901. Publications— Trans- 
lation of Hengstenberg's Commentary on 
the Psalms; Stier's Words of Jesus; con- 
tributed to Kitto's Journal, etc. 





[Opened as a chapel-of-ease, 16th March 
1794. By Act 30 & 31 Vict. cap. 107 (20th 
Aug. 1862), which uncollegiated the parish 
of Canongate, New Street was erected into 
a parish quoad sacra, but no min. was 
appointed. By Act 33 & 34 Vict. cap. 87 
(9th Aug. 1870) the charge was abolished 
in 1884, and the parish was divided between 
Trinity and Canongate parishes.] 

DAVID DICKSON, trans, from Both- 
.,___ kennar, and adm. 22nd Oct. 1795 ; 
dera. 27th Feb. 1799, on appointment 
to Trinity Parish, Edinburgh. 

DAVID SAVILE, born 1774, educated 
1799 at Univ. of St Andrews ; M.A. 
(1791) ; tutor in the family of David 
Johnston of Lathrisk ; licen. by Presb. of 
Kirkcaldy 4th May 1796; Lecturer in 
Theology at Northampton ; joined the 
Presbyterian Classis at Long Lawford 
9th April 1798; ord. by Presb. of Cupar 
to Little Harborough, Warwickshire, 10th 
July 1798; trans, to St Andrew's, Dun- 
fermline, 1799; trans, to this charge 10th 
Oct. 1799 ; died 12th June 1810. He marr. 
Ann (died 23rd June 1834), daugh. of 
Commissary-General Petrie, and had issue 
— David, died 28th May 1816 ; Mary (marr. 
John Anderson, merchant, Mexico), died 
at Edinburgh 8th Oct. 1844; Ann Petrie, 
missionary of the Church of Scotland, India 
(marr. John Anderson, min. of Coulter) ; 
Elizabeth Saville, died 31st Oct. 1884, aged 
75. Publications — Salvation only to be 
obtained through Christ, a sermon (Edin- 
burgh, 1803); The Progress of Man, an 
essay (Edinburgh, 1804); A Letter to the 
Members of the Society for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge, respecting the Election 
of a Secretary (Edinburgh, 1805) ; Disserta- 
tions on the Existence, Attributes, Providence 
and Moral Government of God (Edinburgh, 
1807) ; Discourses on the Peculiar Doctrines 
of Revelation (Edinburgh, 1810) ; Sermons 
(Edinburgh, 1814).— [Tombst, Old Calton 

ROBERT KAY, trans, from Kinclaven, 

1811 anc * a( ^ m- 18tn O ct - 1811 > dem. on 
appointment to West Parish, Perth, 
9th Nov. 1813. 

WILLIAM DUNN, son of William D., 
1814 wat chmaker, Glasgow ; ord. 18th 
Aug. 1814 ; died 7th June 1822. He 
marr. 20th Feb. 1816, Eliza (died 3rd March 
1824), daugh. of Alexander Campbell, col- 
lector of Excise. 

JOHN CLARK, M.A. ; ord. 25th April 
1823 182 ^i trans, to Second Charge, 
Canongate, 12th Sept. 1833. 

WILLIAM NISBET, only son of William 
18S4 ■^'' GU as g° w ; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
25th April 1832 ; assistant at Clarkston 
Chapel ; ord. 25th Sept. 1834. Joined the 
Free Church ; min. of Canongate Free 
Church 1843; died 27th Sept. 1869. He 
marr. Catherine Arthur, who died 6th Jan. 
1859. Publication — The Voluntary Sup- 
port of the Christian Ministry, the Only 
Method Acceptable to God, and Beneficial 
to the Church (Edinburgh, 1835). 


[Formerly a chapel belonging to the 
Relief Church. The introduction of an 
organ in 1829, while agreeable to the 
minister and practically all his congrega- 
tion, was vigorously opposed by the neigh- 
bouring congregations, who petitioned the 
Synod to suppress the innovation. On 
the Synod's deciding against the use of 
instrumental music in public worship, the 
congregation ceased connection with the 
Relief body, 17th May 1829. On 26th 
June 1833, minister and people were 
admitted into the Church of Scotland, and 
a parish quoad sacra was declared by Act 
of Assembly, 31st May 1834. A debt of 
£4000 having accumulated, the church 
passed by sale into the hands of private 
parties. In 1856 the building was pur- 
chased by the trustees of Lady Glenorchy's 
Church, and it was occupied by that con- 
gregation till 1913, when a new church 




was erected on its site. Roxburgh Place 
Chapel was the meeting-place of the Con- 
vocation, 17th Nov. 1842, when of 465 
present, 333 pledged themselves to secede 
if no other means could be taken.] 


JOHN JOHNSTON, born 1780, son of 
John J., Edinburgh; educated at 
the Canongate Grammar School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. ; tutor in the 
families of Gordon of Cluny and Millar of 
Balmain j licen. by Relief Presb. 12th July 
1807; ord. 14th July 1808; joined the 
Church of Scotland, and inducted 11th 
July 1833. Whilst preaching in the Middle 
Church, Perth, 1st Sept. of the same year, 
he was seized with illness, and died two 
days after. He marr. 4th Sept. 1812, 
Elizabeth (died 12th Jan. 1864), daugh. of 
John Home, land surveyor, Edinburgh, and 
had issue— Eliza (marr. 1848, Finlay Mac- 
pherson, min. of the Free Church, Larbert), 
died 1853 ; Charlotte (marr. David Purves, 
min. of Free Church, Maxwelltown), died 
14th Sept. 1904; William Knox, died 
young ; John, died 1st May 1820. Publica- 
tions — The Gospel of the Kingdom to be 
Universally Preached, a sermon (London, 
1818) ; Address to the Relief Congregation, 
Kelso (Edinburgh, 1829); Two Sermons 
preached in Roxburgh Place Church (Edin- 
burgh, 1832); Sermons, with Memoir by 
Alexander Peterkin (Edinburgh, 1834). — 
[Sermons; Acts of Ass., 1833; New Stat. 
Ace, xviii. ; Knox Genealogy; Small's 
History of U.P. Congregations, i.] 

ord. 7th Aug. 1834; trans, to St 
1834 Luke's, Glasgow, 16th March 1837. 

JAMES HAMILTON, born Paisley, 
27th Nov. 1814, eldest son of William 
1841 H., D.D., min. of Strathblane ; edu- 
cated privately and at Univs. of Glasgow 
and Edinburgh; MA. (Glasgow 1835); 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 1839; 
assistant at St George's, Edinburgh, and 
Abernyte ; ord. 21st Jan. 1841 ; inducted 
to the National Scottish Church, Regent 
Square, London, 22nd July 1841; D.D. 
(College of New Jersey, U.S.A., 1848); 

F.L.S. ; died 24th Nov. 1867. He marr. 
1847, Anne Hovenden (died April 1886), 
daugh. of John Moore, Calcutta, and had 
issue — Anne, born 12th March 1849 (marr. 
3rd July 1867, Sir Frederick Wills, Bart.), 
died 12th Feb. 1910 ; James, born 20th Oct. 
1850, died 22nd Feb. 1911; Mary Isabella, 
born 5th Aug. 1853 (marr. Alexander Law- 
rence), died Aug. 1887 ; Christina Jean, born 
11th July 1856, died unmarr. Jan. 1885 ; 
Herbert William, born 1st Feb. 1861 ; 
Ada Frances, born 25th Feb. 1864, died 
unmarr. Jan. 1902. Publications — At the 
age of seventeen he compiled Lives of 
Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, 
Thomas Boston, and others, for a Glas- 
gow tract society, and in 1836 he wrote a 
short Memoir of his father and edited his 
posthumous works. His other publica- 
tions include — Life in Earnest (1845) ; The 
Mount of Olives (1846) ; Memoir of Lady 
Colquhoun (1850) ; The Royal Preacher 
(1851); Memoir of Richard Williams 
(1854) ; Excelsior : Helps to Progress in 
Religion, Science, and Literature, 6 vols. 
(1854); Emblems from Eden (1856); 
Lessons from the Great Biography (1857) ; 
Our Christians' Classics (1857-9); Memoir 
of T. Wilson of Woodville (1859) ; A Morn- 
ing beside the Lake of Galilee (1863) ; 
The Psalter and Hymn Book, three 
lectures (1865) ; Memoir of J. D. Burns 
(1869, posthumous). He edited the 
Presbyterian Messenger, and Evangelical 
Christendom (the organ of the Evangelical 
Alliance). He was a constant contributor 
to magazine literature, and the Botanical 
articles in Fairbairn's Biblical Dictionary 
were from his pen. A collected edition of 
his works, in 6 vols., appeared in 1869-73. — 
[See Life by William Arnot, Hair's Regent 
Square, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

mouth, 15th Sept. 1817, son of Thomas 
1842 q an( j j ean Duncan; educated at 
Elgin Academy and Univs. of Aberdeen 
and Edinburgh; M.A. (King's College, 
1837); tutor at Altyre; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh ; ord. 1842. Joined the 
Free Church; min. of Roxburgh Place 
Free Church 1843-52; of Anstruther Free 


ROXBURGH PLACE— ST PAUL'S [presb. of Edinburgh 

Church 1852-82 ; died 17th July 1888. He 
marr. 1853, Eliza (died 12th Aug. 1865, 
aged 35), daugh. of William Stothert of 
Cargen, and had issue — William, born 24th 
Oct. 1854; Thomas, born 8th April 1856; 
Alexander, min. of St Columba U.F. 
Church, Kilmacolm, born 23rd Aug. 1858 ; 
Eliza Jane, born 6th Dec. 1861. 

ST PAUL'S (Q.S.). 

[Erected by Agnes (died 10th July 1859, 
in her 87th year), daugh. of Thomas Hunter 
of Glencarse ; declared a parish quoad 
sacra 30th May 1836, and opened 4th Dec. 
1836. By the terms of endowment the 
chapel remained with the Free Church in 
1843, and is now United Free St Paul's.] 


ROBERT ELDER, born Inveraray, 28th 
July 1808, son of John E. and 
Euphemia Beith; educated at 
Campbeltown Grammar School and Univ. 
of Glasgow; M.A. (1825); licen. by Presb. 
of Kintyre 25th Nov. 1829; ord. to Kil- 
brandon 23rd March 1831 ; trans, to Killin 
18th Dec. 1834; trans, and adm. 11th Oct. 

1838. Joined Free Church ; min. of Free 
St Paul's 1843-7; trans, to West Free 
Church, Rothesay, 24th May 1847; D.D. 
(Glasgow 1871) ; Moderator of Free Church 
General Assembly 1871 ; retired 1st June 
1882 ; died at Edinburgh 30th March 1892. 
He marr. 4th April 1838, Margaret, daugh. 
of John Robson, Oban, and had issue — 
Euphemia Beith, born 21st Jan. 1839; 
John Robson, born 22nd June 1840, died 
23rd May 1897; Margaret Matilda, born 
1st April 1842; Julia, born 24th Sept. 
1844, died 19th March 1846 ; Nancy Eliza, 
born 4th July 1846. Publications — Non- 
Intrusion, a lecture (Edinburgh, 1840); 
Danger of Spiritual Ignorance, a sermon 
(Edinburgh, 1841); On the Conversion of 
the Jews, a lecture (Edinburgh, 1842); 
Sermon in Vol. II., Free Church Pulpit 
(Edinburgh, 1846) ; The Soul's Deliverance, 
a lecture (Glasgow, 1861); Present Trial 
and Future Glory, Memorial Sermons 
(Glasgow, 1868); Thesis on Doctrine of 
the Sacraments (Glasgow, 1871); The 
Unchanging Saviour, Memorial Sermons 
(Greenock, 1876) ; Free Church Principles, 
a lecture (Glasgow, 1877) ; Sermon in Vol. [., 
Modem Scottish Pulpit (Edinburgh, 1880). 


[Proposed to be erected by the General Assembly, April 1581. The record commences 
12th Dec. 1610, and extends to twenty-five volumes, including that of the Protesters from 
6th Aug. 1651 to 7th July 1658, with blanks from 31st Oct. 1632 to 16th Oct. 1639.] 


[The church, dedicated to St Serf, in 
all probability occupies the site of St Wil- 
frid's monastery of Aebercurnig, founded 
about 675.] 

1567 JOHN MACKAY, reader. 

WILLIAM POWRIE, of the Fothring- 
1M4 ham family ; pres. to the vicarage of 
Errol by James VI. 31st Jan. 1573 ; 
was reader there 1578; schoolmaster of 
Linlithgow; adm. 1584; died Sept. 1631. 
He marr. Agnes Forrest, and had issue 
— Alexander, min. of Dryfesdale. — [Reg. 
Assig., Test. Reg., Tombst., Calderwood's 
Hist., Linlithgow Burgh Records.] 

JOHN CKICHTON, M.A.; ord. (col- 
22 league) 1622; trans, to Campsie 
1623— [Act. Red. Univ. St And.] 

JOHN LAING, M.A.; ord. (colleague) 

1624 7t ^ ^ arcn I 624 ; trans, to Kirk- 

newton 1625.— [Inq. Ret. Gen., 2472.] 

ANDREW YOUNG, M.A. (St Andrews, 
1614) ; min. of Bothkennar 1619-22 ; 
dep. 1622; adm. (colleague) 29th 
Oct. 1626; died 19th Nov. 1639, aged 
about 46. He marr. Margaret Darroch, who 
died June 1629, and had issue — Robert, 
min. of Dunbarney. — [Test. Reg. (Stirl.) ; 
Reg. Old Dec, iv.] 

JAMES FORBES, son of John F., min. 
of Delft, formerly of Alford, and 
Moderator of Assembly 1605; M.A. 
(Aberdeen 1627); pres. by Presb. jure 




devoluto, and adm. 12th June 1640; died 
19th July 1642. He marr. 30th Oct. 1640, 
Janet (died April 1671), daugh. of James 
Fleming, min. of Yester (St Bathans), 
and had issue — Janet ; Catherine, who was 
served heir 25th July 1643. — [Yester Sess. 
and Test. Reg. (Edin. and Dunbl.), Living- 
ston's Charac., Lumsden's House of Forbes ; 
lnq. Ret. Gen., 2888, 5530— de Tut, 663.] 

ROBERT ROW, born 1610, son of John 
R., min. of Carnock ; educated at 
Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. (24th July 
1630) ; licen. by Presb. of Perth 2nd Oct. 
1639; ord. 28th Dec. 1642; a member of 
the Commission of Assembly 1648 ; sided 
with the Protesting brethren, and formed 
one of the Protesting Presb. ; was confined 
to his chamber in Edinburgh by the Com- 
mittee of Estates, 15th Sept. 1660, and 
ten days afterwards had his stipend seques- 
trated for subscribing the Remonstrance, 
" ane dangerous and seditious paper tending 
to disturb the peace of the kingdom"; 
died 14th March 1661. He marr. 20th 
Feb. 1645, Elisabeth Hardie [or Hamilton] 
(see Edin. Sas., ix., 143, 1660), and had 
issue — Alexander, died young ; Mary ; 
Grisell (marr. Gaspar Chambon, a French 
surgeon); Robert, died young; John; 
George, a skipper, drowned at sea ; 
William, schoolmaster of Crail; Isobel 
(marr. William Stevenson); Robert, died 
in infancy ; Thomas ; Robert, a soldier, 
fought at Blenheim.— [Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Row's and Wodrow's Hists., Fergusson's 
Tracts, Acts of Ass.] 




JOHN ARTHUR, licen. by Presb. of 
Haddington 27th March 1656 ; chap- 
lain to David, Earl of Wemyss, and 
subsequently to Mary, Countess of Buc- 
cleuch ; pres. by Alexander, Viscount of 
Kingston, 23rd July 1661 ; but the presenta- 
tion being informal, the Privy Council 
ordered the patron to present anew (P. C. 
Decreta) ; obtained a gift of the escheit of 
Sir Patrick Hamilton of Little Preston 25th 
July 1675 ; was still min. in 1681, when he 
was probably deprived on account of the 
Test. He marr. 13th Feb. 1662, Grisell 
Kynynmound (died 20th Dec. 1684, and was 
buried in Greyfriars, Edinburgh), gentle- 
woman to the Countess of Buccleuch, and 
had issue— James, bapt. 25th Jan. 1663 ; 
Marie ; John ; Thomas ; Ann ; George ; 
Jean. — [Lamont's Diary, Edin. Reg. 
(Bapt.), Reg. Sec. Sig. ; New Stat. 
Ace, i.] 

ROBERT GORDON, trans, from Caputh, 
and adm. 1683; deprived by the 
Privy Council, 23rd Aug. 1689, for 
not reading the Proclamation of the Estates, 
nor praying for King William and Queen 
Mary, but praying for King James ; after- 
wards min. of Clunie. — [Peterkin's Con- 
stitution of the Church; MS. Ace. of 
Min., 1689.] 

16go June 1689; ord. 1st Jan. 1690; 
called to Dunfermline 7th April 
1697; translation refused by the General 
Assembly 18th Jan. 1698 ; trans, to Lin- 
lithgow 31st May 1699.— {Acts of Ass.] 

JOHN BROWN, bapt. 1st May 1677, 
^ second son of James B., min. of East 
Calder; licen. by Presb. of Lin- 
lithgow 4th Oct. 1699; chaplain to Lady 
Torphichen; declined call to Linlithgow, 
Second Charge, 15th Nov. 1699; ord. to 
this charge 20th March 1700; he was on 
the leet for Rotterdam 1714; died 3rd 
May 1743. He marr. (1) 20th April 1700, 
Margaret (died 22nd Sept. 1702), daugh. of 
Michael Henderson, portioner of Croft- 
martin, and had issue— Charles, bapt. 5th 
May 1701, died 10th Dec. 1703; Isobel, 

bapt. 31st Aug. 1702, died 28th March 
1703 : (2) 16th April 1704, Elizabeth, daugh. 
of David Williamson, min. of St Cuthbert's, 
and had issue — David, of Golf Hall, born 
12th May 1707; Stephen, born 15th Nov. 
1710, died 10th Oct. 1712 ; John, born 10th 
June 1714, died 17th April 1715; George, 
born 19th June 1715, died 18th Nov. 1716 ; 
Joseph, born 11th May 1717; William, 
born 19th Feb. 1719, died 17th March 1724 ; 
Robert, born 2nd Jan. 1721, died 27th April 
1725; John, born 7th Sept. 1722, died 6th 
Dec. same year; James, min. of New 
North Parish, Edinburgh, born 17th Dec. 
1724; Margaret, born 26th July 1705 
(marr. 5th April 1730, John Johnston, min. 
of Arngask), died 8th July 1768 ; Henrietta, 
born 30th Dec. 1708 (marr. 8th Nov. 1730, 
John Tod, shipbuilder, Leith), died 7 th 
Aug. 1796; Jean, born 10th Oct. 1712 
(marr. 15th Aug. 1740, Walter Gibson of 
Greenknowe). Publications — Three single 
Sermons : The Rod of God shaken over 
the Heads of His Own Children (Edin- 
burgh, 1772); On Christian Fear; and 
The Song of the Redeemed. — \_Edin. Reg. 
(Marr.), Brown's Gosp. Truth.] 

HENRY LUNDIE, trans, from Monzie ; 
1747 ca U e d 16th July, and adm. 24th Sept. 
1747 ; trans, to Trinity Parish, Edin- 
burgh, 15th June 1758. 

JOHN RITCHIE, licen. by Presb. of 
^ Linlithgow 28th Sept. 1757; pres. 
by John, Earl of Hopetoun, Sept. 
1758 ; ord. 7th March 1759 ; died 4th May 
1791. He marr. 20th Sept. 1763, Elizabeth 
Riddell, who died 17th Sept. 1796, and had 
issue— Harriet, died in infancy; Charles, 
min. of Kirkliston ; James, born 10th Dec. 
1766; Elizabeth, born 12th Jan. 1769; 
Robert, born 22nd Sept. 1770; William, 
born 28th Sept. 1772 ; John, born 1st May 
1775 ; David, born 21st July 1777. 

HUGH MEIKLEJOHN, born 1765, 
only son of Hugh M. of Saline- 
Shaw, min. in Carolina ; educated 
at Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of 
Dunfermline 27th Aug. 1788; pres. by 
James, Earl of Hopetoun, and ord. 22nd 




Dec. 1791 ; adra. Professor of Ecclesi- 
astical History in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh (held in conjunction with his 
charge) 21st Jan. 1799; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
27th March 1800) ; Moderator of the General 
Assembly 17th May 1810; died 11th June 
1831. Sir Robert Christison describes him 
as " a powerfully built man of six feet four, 
with a smooth round face that never bore 
any expression but that of good humour 
and contentment." He marr. 28th May 
1792, Anne (died 27th March 1852), daugh. 
of Robert Liston, min. of Aberdour, and 
had issue— Eliza, born 12th June 1793 ; 
James Hope Johnstone, captain, 92nd 
Highlanders, born 5th March 1795; Hugh 
Cree, writer, born 27th Jan. 1797; Ann, 
born 26th June 1798; Robert, min. of 
Strathdon, born 1st Oct. 1800; Mary, 
born 17th Oct. 1802 (marr. James Bryce, 
D.D., min. at Calcutta); Andrew Cree, 
born 14th July 1805; Alexander, born 18th 
Feb. 1808; William Hope, D.D., min. at 
Calcutta, born 5th Aug. 1811. Publications 
— Three single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1798- 
1823) ; Account of the Parish (Sinclair's 
Stat. Ace, xx.). — [Grant's Univ., ii.] 

LEWIS HAY IRVING, son of John I., 
W.S., Edinburgh ; educated at Univ. 
of Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of 
Dunblane 26th Oct. 1830; pres. by John, 
Earl of Hopetoun, and ord. 16th Dec. 1831. 
Joined the Free Church ; adm. to Falkirk 
Free Church 1843; died 28th June 1877. 
He marr. (1) 12th Sept. 1832, Isabella 
Carruthers, Balmaclellan, who died 16th 
Aug. 1836, and had issue — Margaret Isa- 
bella, born 27th July 1836 (marr. David 
Mathie Peebles, banker, Falkirk) : (2) 6th 
Oct. 1840, Catherine (died 16th Oct. 1890), 
daugh. of John James Cadell of Grange 
and Banton, and had issue — Catherine 
Cadell, born 28th May 1842, died 8th May 
1843 ; Isabella Moubray, born 17th Dec. 
1843 (marr. 20th July 1866, Robert Craigie 
Bell, W.S.), died 21st June 1911 ; Agnes 
Hay, born 16th June 1845 (marr. 27th Jan. 
1870, Surgeon-Major Julius John Wood, 
Indian Medical Service) ; John, M.A., min. 
of Free Church, Innellan, afterwards of 
Nice, born 20th June 1847, died 1904; 

Christian Katherine, born 28th July 1849 
(marr. 25th July 1878, Thomas Stewart 
Omond, barrister, London); Mary Chan- 
cellor, born 24th Oct. 1852. Publication — 
Account of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, ii.). 

DAVID PLAYFAIR, born 12th Sept. 
1843 1815 » fourth son of Patrick P., of 
Dalmarnock, Glasgow, and Jean, 
second daugh. of Principal Playfair, St 
Andrews; educated at Glasgow Academy, 
the Univs. of Glasgow, Edinburgh, St 
Andrews, and Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
B.A. (Cantab. 1838); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 11th Nov. 1841 ; pres. by the 
tutors of John Alexander, Earl of Hope- 
toun, July 1843 ; ord. 14th Sept. 1843 ; res. 
9th Nov. 1880; died at Edinburgh, 11th 
Aug. 1886. He marr. 7th March 1854, 
Jane Kincaid (died 2nd Aug. 1897), daugh. 
of James Pitcairn, M.D., Edinburgh, and 
had issue — David Thomson, M.D., born 
24th March 1855, died 1st Nov. 1904; 
Cecilia Pitcairn, born 7th Nov. 1856 (marr. 
15th Sept. 1895, William Vassie, B.D., min. 
of Castleton); Patrick Macdonald, D.D., 
min. (First Charge) of St Andrew's 
Parish ; Mary Jemima Jane (died in 
infancy); Alice Jane Macduff, born 9th 
July 1865. Publications — Sermon, Comfort 
in Christian Sorrow for the Christian Dead 
(Abercorn, 1859) ; Sermon, Parting Words 
of Counsel (Abercorn, 1880). 

1881 Edinburgh, 7th June 1854, son of 
William O, missionary in connection 
with St Thomas's Episcopal Church, Edin- 
burgh ; educated at Edinburgh Univ. ; 
M.A. (1878); lecturer in Moray House 
Training College, Edinburgh ; licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 12th May 1880; ord. 
12th May 1881 ; died unmarr. 16th Aug. 
1900). Publications — A Circle of the Send 
— Poems of the Spiritual Life (Edinburgh, 
1889); An Atonement of East London 
(Edinburgh, 1890); Thoughts at Opening 
Manhood; The Unity of the British 
Empire ; Calvinism Taught in the Thirty - 
nine Articles ; The Brotherhood of Mankind 
— A Study towards a Christan Philosophy 
of History (Edinburgh, 1895). 




JOHN WALLACE, M.A.; ord. 10th 
lg01 Jan. 1901 ; trans. 30th Jan. 1908 to 
Tron, Edinburgh. 

1908 burgh, 3rd Dec. 1875, son of John O. 
and Catherine Ann Blow ; educated 
at Rathen School and Aberdeen Univ. ; 
M.A. (1897), B.D. (1900) ; licen. by Presb. 
of Deer 26th April 1900; assistant at 
Inverness; ord. to Midmar 23rd Sept. 
1904; trans, and adm. 14th July 1908. 


[Disjoined from Bathgate and erected 
into a parish quoad sacra by decreet of 
Court of Teinds, 15th March 1886.] 

ROBERT CAMERON, born Boharm, 
1886 Banffshire, 22nd April 1845, son of 
William C. and Ann Grant ; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Aberdeen ; licen. by 
Presb. of Aberlour 21st Jan. 1873 ; assistant 
at St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh ; ord. 5th Oct. 
1881 ; died unmarr. 1st May 1909. 

igog DREW, born Newton-Stewart, 3rd 
July 1877, son of James D., of Craig- 
encallie and Jessie Caldwell Gibson ; edu- 
cated at Moffat, Fettes College, St Peter's 
College, Cambridge (B.A. 1902), and Edin- 
burgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Wigtown 
June 1905 ; missionary of the Edin. Univ. 
Miss. Assoc. ; assistant garrison chaplain, 
Edinburgh ; ord. 9th Oct. 1909. 


[Previous to the Reformation the church 
belonged to the Abbey of Newbattle. A 
church built in 1596 was demolished in 
1882, on erection of the present edifice.] 

JOHN HAMILTON, monk of the 
1S&J Monastery of Paisley, was infeft 
in the vicarage of Bathgate, 30th 
March 1567. — [Linlithgow Burgh Bee] 

JOHN GRAY had "the haill vicarage, 
15Q1 _ with the manse and gleib " ; pres. by 
James VI. 26th May 1572; died 
before 1st May 1574.— [Beg. Min.] 

ROBERT HODGE, trans, from Tor- 

? phichen, with Livingston and 

Torphichen in addition ; retrans. to 

Torphichen after 1580.— [Beg. Assig. and 

Min., Test. Beg., Wodrow Miscell.~\ 

JOHN HAMILTON, reader (probably 
1576 above mentioned). 

JAMES JOHNSTON, born about 

1582 1549, son of Thomas J. in Calder; 

reader at Torphichen from May 

1575 to 1580. — [Wodrow Miscell., Beg. 

Assig., Test. Beg.] 

1588 trans, from Penicuik ; adm. 1588 ; 
demitted, but reponed by Presb. of 
Edinburgh, 26th Oct. 1591, and declared 
eligible for " quhatsomever kirk God sail 
call, except Bathgate." He continued till 
after 9th Oct. 1595.— [Beg. Assig., Edin. 
Presb. Beg.] 

GEORGE INGLIS of Balbairdie, son 
15g5 of Thomas I., portioner of Auld- 
liston {Edin. Sas. Sec. Beg., i., 100) ; 
M.A. (St Andrews 1592); pres. by Alexander 
Hamilton of Innerwick (G. B. Inhib., xxi., 
277) ; adm. after 1st April 1595 ; a member 
of Assembly 1602 ; declared 29th Dec. 1613, 
" that there were certain gysers [guisards] 
in his parochyne upon the 25th of Dec. in 
the night, and craived order might be tane 
with them. The gysers compeirit and offerit 
themselffis in the will of the Presb. for their 
offence, who quhairupon ordained them to 
mak their publick repentance to tak away 
the sclander the next Sabbothe in their 
kirk, quhilk they promised to obey." He 
died 10th March 1617, aged about 45. He 
marr. Margaret Marjoribanks, who took 
sasine of lands of Powburn 16th July 1604, 
and had issue — Thomas, who had precept 
of dare constat as heir of his father, 20th 
Nov. 1617 (Edin. Sas., xviii., 157) ; George ; 
Mary; Martha; Susanna; Anna (G. B. 
Inhib., 21st Oct. 1617); Rachel; Marion. 
— [Act. Beet. Univ. St. And., Beg. Assig., 
Edin. Presb. Beg., Test. Beg., Booke of the 
Kirk ; Linlithgow Sas., ii.] 




JAMES SIMSON, probably son of 
1618 P atr i c k SLi m ^ n - °f Stirling; MA. 
(St Andrews 1600); went to 
France; licen. on his return 1613; adm. 
to Tongland 1618; was a member of As- 
sembly same year, and voted against the 
Perth Articles ; a member of the General 
Assembly 1638 ; one of the visitors of the 
Univ. of St Andrews 11th Nov. 1641; 
died Jan. 1654. He marr. (1) before 1635, 
Bessie Kirkcaldy, widow of Henry Boswell, 
merchant, burgess of Kinghorn (G. R. Sas., 
xlii., 452) : (2) Annabella Hay, and had 
issue — Margaret ; Katherine (marr. John 
Scott, min. of Shotts). — [Test. Reg.; Reg. 
Old Dec, iv. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; Acts Pari., 
v. ; Stevenson's Hist.] 

JOHN HUTCHESON, ord. 31st Jan. 

1654 1 ^ 54 \ * rans - *° Maybole 18th April 


1655 15th and 29th Jan. and 5th Feb., 
also to Strathbrock, 21st Feb., but 

preferring Bathgate ; was ord. (by the Pro- 
testers) 10th April 1654. His ministry was 
inhibited by the Synod Feb. 1655. A pro- 
cess was raised for his intruding on Bathgate 
contrary to the order of the Church, and 
he was removed by the Synod after 16th 
Nov. 1660. He was indulged by the Privy 
Council at Beith, 3rd Sept. 1672, but refused 
to accept ; was min. again in 1687. — [Bail- 
lie's Lett., Wodrow's Hist., Brown's Hist, of 
Indulg., Rep. on Ch. Patronage.'] 

,___ from Roberton ; adm. 10th Dec. 

loot) ,, * __ 

1656; coll. 12th Nov. 1662; trans, 
to Hawick before 2nd Aug. 1663.— [Reg. 


WALTER RIGG, M.A.; ord. and coll. 
15th Sept. 1655. A glebe of four 
acres, with grass for one horse and 
two cows, was designed him 15th April 
1668. Dem. 19th Jan. 1670; [min. of 
Athelstaneford in 1682.]— [Act. Red. Univ. 
St And., Reg. Collat.'] 

VOL. I. 

WILLIAM MANN, a native of Avoch ; 
1672 ^■•A- (King's College, Aberdeen, 2nd 
July 1667) ; licen. by Presb. of Aber- 
deen March 1671 ; inst. 24th May 1672 ; 
outed at the Revolution. He made a 
mortis causa disposition 21st Jan. 1708, 
recorded Edin. Com. Deeds, 13th May 1709. 
He marr. 17th June 1675, Jean Miller. — 
[Edin. Reg. {Marr.), Kirkton's Hist., Rule's 
Sec. Vindication.] 

, aotT mentioned ; returned at the Tolera- 
tion; opened a meeting-house at 
Hilderstone, and with three others formed 
a Presb. 30th Nov. 1687; was a member 
of the General Assembly 1690, and 
Moderator 15th Jan. 1692 ; trans, to 
Falkirk 23rd Aug. 1693— [Reg. Gen. Ass., 
Peterkin's Constitution of the Church.] 

JAMES HOUSTON, called 18th July, 
and ord. 19th Sept. 1694; trans, to 
Kirkliston 26th Sept. 1716. 

THOMAS LAWRIE, M.A., chaplain to 
1(71 ^ Shairp of Houstoun ; pres. by Alex- 
ander Hamilton of Ballencrieff 11th 
Feb. 1717. A considerable opposition arose 
in consequence of the parishioners not having 
been consulted. At the service of the edict, 
19th Nov., the minister employed had to 
be guarded into the town by a troop of 
dragoons, but L. was ord. 26th Dec. 1717 ; 
trans, to Benvie 20th Oct. 1731.— [Kid's 
Lett, concerning the Parish.] 

son of Thomas B., Principal of 
Marischal College, Aberdeen ; edu- 
cated at Marischal College 1722-6; called 
4th Sept., and ord. 18th Nov. 1735 ; died 
7th April 1749. "The best scholar and 
most spirited speaker I knew in his pro- 
fession," says his brother, Principal Thomas 
B. the younger. He marr. Janet Alex- 
ander, who died 29th June 1788, and had 
issue — Thomas, buried in Blackfriars 
Churchyard, Glasgow, 29th April 1751; 





Kobert of Ramoth, died 21st Sept. 1800; 
Margaret. — [Tombst.] 

THOMAS WARDROBE, ord. in Eng- 
175 ^ land; prom, from Hexham; pres. 
by Alex. Hamilton of Innerwick, 
and adm. 4th April 1750. He was taken 
ill while preparing for service on Sunday 
the 2nd, and died 7th May 1756, in his 
41st year. A daugh., Christian, marr. 
David Dickson, min. of West St Giles. — 
[Tombst., Supp. to Gillies's Collections.'] 


ington, Northumberland; pres. by 
Alex. Hamilton of Innerwick, and 

adm. 13th July 1757; died 28th Aug. 

1780, in 58th year. Isobel Stuart, his 

widow, died 27th Feb. 1795. — [Tombst., 

Somerville's Sermons.'] 

WALTER JARDINE, originally a 
1*781 blacksmith, became schoolmaster 
of the parish; licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 23rd Feb. 1774. Having been 
mentioned in the Edin. Mag. as the author 
of an article on a ball held at Whitburn, 
"which exhibits alternate strokes of 
superstition and blasphemy, with an utter 
contempt of all the rules of grammar," he 
brought an action for defamation against 
the publishers. The Court of Session found 
(20th June 1776) the defenders liable in 
damages and expenses. Pres. by John, 
Earl of Hopetoun ; ord. 15th March 1781 ; 
died 30th Nov. 1811, in 72nd year. Chiefly 
by his exertions an additional school was 
established in the western portion of 
Torphichen. He contributed both school 
and schoolhouse, with a plot of ground, 
and a sum of twenty pounds sterl. per 
annum. He marr. 19th Sept. 1769, Janet 
Martin, who died 21st Aug. 1813, and had 
issue— William, died 6th March 1800. Pub- 
lications — The Causes and Dangerous Con- 
sequences of Security and Sensuality, a 
sermon (Edinburgh, 1796); Account of the 
Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, i.). — [Scots 
Mag., xxxviii. ; Muckersy's Fun. Serm., 
Tombst. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., iv.] 

JOHN SMITH of Farthingrush, pres. 
by James, Earl of Hopetoun, and 
ord. 17th Sept. 1812; trans, to 
Aberlady 28th June 1820. 


JAMES MONILAWS, pres. by John, 
1821 "^ ar * °^ Hopetoun, and ord. 11th 
Jan. 1821 ; trans, to Annan 2nd 
June 1825. 

SAMUEL MARTIN, born 1802, son of 
1825 J° nn M-» D.D., min. of Kirkcaldy; 
educated at Univ. of St Andrews ; 
licen. by Presb. of Kirkcaldy 27th July 
1824; pres. by John, Earl of Hopetoun; 
ord. 22nd Sept. 1825. Joined the Free 
Church; min. of Free Church, Bathgate, 
1843 ; died 15th May 1850. He marr. 2nd 
Sept. 1836, Janet (died 14th Oct. 1863), 
daugh. of Alex. Weir of Boghead, and had 
issue— John, born 18th Aug. 1837; Alex- 
ander, born 30th May 1839 ; Samuel, born 
2nd Sept. 1840; Robert, born 12th Jan. 
1842, died at Natal, 1862; William 
Hamilton, born 1st June 1843; David, 
born 4th March 1845; Jessie, born 24th 
Dec. 1846 ; Edward Irving, born 23rd Nov. 
1848, died 8th July 1849. Publications— 
The Responsibility of the Hearers of the 
Word, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1837) ; Ac- 
count of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, ii.); 
Memoir by J. Duns, D.D. (1854). 

JAMES GEORGE WOOD, pres. by the 

1843 * u t or8 of John Alexander, Earl of 

Hopetoun; ord. 28th Sept. 1843; 

trans, to the Middle Parish, Paisley, 21st 

Feb. 1845. 

JOHN BYRES, born Kirkpatrick- 
1845 Fleming, 1789, son of William B. ; 
educated at Univ. of Glasgow; 
sometime headmaster of Montrose Street 
School, Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Lang- 
holm 15th June 1819; pres. by the tutors 
of John Alexander, Earl of Hopetoun, 21st 
March 1845 ; ord. 9th May 1845 ; died 26th 
June 1861. He marr. Margaret Paton, who 
died 27th Sept. 1869. 

GEORGE COOK, M.A. ; pres. by John 
1 Alexander, Earl of Hopetoun ; adm. 
9th Nov. 1861 ; trans, to Borgue 3rd 
Dec. 1867. 




JOSEPH MILNE, born Stonehaven, 10th 

1867 ^ 0V * 1841 » son °^ J ames M. and Ann 
Wylie; educated at Fetteresso School, 
and Marischal College, Aberdeen j MA. 
(1858); licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 12th 
May 1863; assistant at Linlithgow, and 
St Mungo's, Glasgow; pres. by John 
Alexander, Earl of Hopetoun, 10th June 
1867; ord. 24th Sept. 1867; died 10th 
Dec. 1871. Marr. 26th April 1870, Mary 
Lushington, daugh. of John Burns, and 
had issue — Elizabeth Shirley Burns, born 
22nd March 1871 (marr. (1) Lieut.-Colonel 
Hoile, M.D., 17th Lancers ; (2) Frank Ford, 
M.B., Wimbledon). 

WILLIAM BENNIE, born Glasgow, 

1872 13t ^ -^P r ^ 1835 > son °f J° nn B. and 
Janet Finlay ; educated at Glasgow 
Univ. ; sometime headmaster of St Enoch's 
Parish School, Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of 
Glasgow ; ord. to Kelvinhaugh Chapel 1 1th 
May 1865 ; pres. by John Alexander, Earl of 
Hopetoun ; trans, and adm. 5th July 1 872 ; 
died 31st Dec. 1894. Marr. 28th June 1870, 
Catherine Craig, and had issue — John; 
James Craig, died 1874; Jessie Smith; 
William, died 1878; Catherine; David 
Finlay; Isabella; Octavia; Elizabeth. 


DAVID GRAHAM, ord. 11th July 1895 ; 
trans, to Inverbrothock 9th Feb. 


^^ Edinburgh, 9th April 1873, son of 
William Heron W. ; educated at 
Edinburgh Univ.; MA. (1895); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 11th May 1898 ; ord. 
30th Aug. 1898. Marr. 29th March 1899, 
Elizabeth Carr, daugh. of Joseph Wood, 
and has issue — Janetta Eleanor; Laura 
Wilhelmina; William Heron, died in in- 
fancy. Publications — The Greatest Ques- 
tion of Evolution (Bathgate, 1903). 


[Disjoined from Muiravonside, and 
erected into a parish quoad sacra by 
decreet of Court of Teinds, 14th July 
1890. Church built in 1866.] 

WILLIAM SMITH, born Glasgow, 22nd 
1890 ^ U ^ 1850 > son °f Andrew S. and 
Anne Calderwood ; licen. by Presb. 
of Glasgow 1883; ord. to Blackbraes 
Chapel-of-Ease 1884. Marr. 11th April 
1876, Helen Anderson, daugh. of George 
Hume, Glasgow, and has issue — Elizabeth 
M'Queen (marr. William Simpson, M.A., 
min. of Fortrose) ; Andrew, M.A., born 
1879 ; William, born 1885. 

or BO'NESS. 

[The parish was erected by Parliament, 
9th March 1649, and was formerly called 

JOHN WAUGH, a native of Lanark ; 
1648 MA. (Edinburgh, 17th April 1639) ; 
ord. 27th Nov. 1648. He opposed the 
Protesting brethren, and at their Presb., 
in name of his own (20th Oct. 1652), pro- 
tested against the ordination of John 
Primrose, at Queensferry, summoning them 
to compear before the Synod in Nov. ; im- 
prisoned in 1654 for naming King Charles 
II. " in his prayers " ; dem. his charge 19th 
Sept. 1670, and went to Ireland with his 
family; died in Edinburgh, March 1674, 
aged about 55. He marr. 1652, Christian, 
fourth daugh. of George, first Lord Forrester 
of Corstorphine, widow of James Hamilton 
of Grange. — [Fdin. Reg. {Bur.); Baillie's 
Lett., iii. ; Wodrow's Hist., Linlithgoio 
Burgh Rec.] 

ROBERT HUNTER, MA. (Edinburgh, 
July 1643 ; ord. to Corstorphine 11th 
April 1655 ; deprived 1662 ; ind. at 
Dunning 1669; ind. in this charge 3rd 
Sept. 1672. Having petitioned the Council 
for the stipend of Dunning, 1671 and 1672, 
the Lords ordered the same to be paid ; 
died April 1676. He marr. Margaret, 
daugh. of William Hunter of Braidwood- 
shiel, Lauderdale (G. R. Inhib., 29th Sept. 
1674), and had issue— James, who died 
April 1672. — [Brown's Hist, of Jndulg., 
Tombst., Wodrow's Hist.] 




JOHN LNGLIS, M.A., formerly of 

1& - 2 Hamilton ; indulged with preceding 

3rd Sept. 1672. [Min. of First 

Charge, Hamilton, 1687.]— [Brown's Hist, of 

Indulg., Wodrow's Hist.'] 

1677 drews, 25th July 1668) ; offered Dal- 
serf in 1677, which he declined; 
adm. here 1677 ; two men were scourged 
for committing an assault on him same 
year ; died Feb. 1685. He marr. (name 
unknown) and had issue — one child (Edin. 
Com. Decreets, 1st April 1685). — [Act. Bee. 
Univ. St And., Test. Beg., Wodrow's Hist., 
Turner's Memoirs.] 


burgh 1671); inst. at Douglas 20th 
Sept. 1682 ; trans, and adm. 1685 ; 
deprived by the Privy Council 12th Sept. 
1689, for not reading the Proclamation 
of the Estates, etc. [Probably min. of 
Tundergarth 1691.] — [Peterkin's Constitu- 
tion of the Church.] 

MICHAEL POTTER, M.A. ; called at 
1687 the Toleration 23rd Oct. 1687 ; joined 
with three others in forming the 
Presb. 30th Nov., and adm. 7th Dec. 
1687 ; a member of Assembly 1692, and 
trans, to Dunblane same year. — [Wodrow's 
Hist. ; New Stat. Ace, ii. ; Crichton's Mem. 
of Blackadder, Dickson's Emeralds Chased 
in Gold.] 

JOHN BRAND, M.A. (Edinburgh, 9th 
1694 ^ U ^ 1688); licen. by the Presb. of 
Edinburgh ; called 14th Sept. 1693 ; 
ord. 3rd Jan. 1694; app. by the General 
Assembly (17th Feb. 1700) one of a deputa- 
tion to visit Shetland, and if convenient, 
Orkney and Caithness, a journey which 
occupied from 18th April to 24th June. 
He died 14th July 1738, aged about 70. 
He marr. Aug. 1700, Elizabeth, daugh. of 
Andrew Mitchell, Provost of Aberdeen 
(Canongate Beg.), and had issue— Andrew ; 
Elizabeth ; Janet ; Margaret ; Joan ; John ; 
William, his successor ; Martha ; Mary 
(marr. 17th Oct. 1746, Alexander Smith, 
baker, Edinburgh). Publication — A Brief 

Description of Orkney, Zetland, Caithness, 
etc. (Edinburgh, 1703; reprinted 1883).— 
[Acts of Ass., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

WILLIAM BRAND, born 1709, son of 
1789 P rece ding; M.A. (Edinburgh, 7th 
Dec. 1732); licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 17th March 1736; called 1st 
Feb., and ord. 11th April 1739 ; died 9th 
Nov. 1745. He marr. (cont. 22nd Oct. 
1742), Mary (died 11th April 1768), daugh. 
of John Meldrum of Brochoell, and had 
issue — Marjory; John; William. — [Test. 
Beg., etc.] 

PATRICK BAILLIE, chaplain to Sir 
174*7 William Maxwell of Calderwood ; 
licen. by Presb, of Hamilton 30th 
May 1738. During the illness of Professor 
Drummond he taught the Greek class in 
the Univ. of Edinburgh for a session; 
called 8th May 1746 ; ord. 14th May 1747 ; 
died 11th Sept. 1791. He marr. 16th Feb. 
1749, Margaret Connell, who died 14th 
June 1771, and bad issue — Jean (marr. 
John Chrystie of Bo'ness, 12th March 
1783). Publication — A Short Account of 
the Author (John Henderson's [shipmaster, 
Bo'ness] Divine Meditations and Contem- 
plations) (Glasgow, 1763). — [Acts of Ass., 
1749; Carlyle's Autob.] 

JOHN MORTON, son of Gavin M., 
17 _ Loudon; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Ayr 
28th March 1781 ; pres. by Douglas, Duke 
of Hamilton and Brandon ; ord. 10th May 
1792 ; died unmarr. 6th May 1794. 

ROBERT RENNIE, born Perthshire, 
17g _ only son of Robert R., a min. in 
Virginia, U.S.A. ; educated at Univ. 
of Glasgow ; taught an academy for some 
time at Dumbarton ; licen. by Presb. of 
Cupar 25th Oct. 1791 ; pres. by Douglas, 
Duke of Hamilton ; ord. 9th April 1795 ; 
D.D. (Glasgow, 27th April 1820) ; died 29th 
July 1833. He marr. 19th Dec. 1809, Jean 
(died at London, 14th Feb. 1851), eldest 
daugh. of William Urquhart, merchant, 
Glasgow, and had issue — Anne, born 13th 
April 1811, died 19th May 1811 ; Janet, 
born 1st July 1812, died 12th Oct. 1827 ; 




Robert, born 3rd Aug. 1814, died 12th 
Nov. 1829 ; William Urquhart, merchant, 
Glasgow, born 25th Dec. 1815; John, 
writer, Glasgow, born 9th June 1817. 
Publication — Account of the Parish (Sin- 
clair's Stat. Ace, xviii.). — [Brown's Disc] 


son of John M., min. of Gorbals 
Chapel-of-Ease, Glasgow; educated 
at Marischal College, Aberdeen (1812-13), 
and Univ. of Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of 
Irvine 26th March 1822 ; ord. (assistant and 
successor) to his father, 19th Oct. 1823; 
pres. by Alexander, Duke of Hamilton ; 
adm. 18th Feb. 1834 ; died unmarr. 1st 
Nov. 1867. Publication — Account of the 
Parish (Neio Stat. Ace, ii.). 

1868 FULLARTON, born Edinburgh, 
27th March 1834, son of John Argyll 
Robertson, M.D., F.R.S.E., and Elizabeth, 
daugh. of Edward Charles Stewart Wight- 
man, of Concordia, West Indies ; educated 
at Neuwied, Germany, and Edinburgh 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Dumbarton ; 
assistant at Brodick ; ord. to Chapel of 
Newmains, Presb. of Hamilton, Feb. 1860 ; 
pres. by the Commissioner of William, 
Duke of Hamilton, 27th Dec. 1867 ; adm. 
23rd April 1868 ; assumed the name of 
Fullarton on his wife succeeding to the 
estate of Kilmichael 1889 ; died 23rd Dec. 
1895. He marr. 4th Sept. 1860, Susan 
Anne (died 4th Feb. 1899), daugh. of Major 
Archibald Fullarton, of Kilmichael and 
Whitefarland, Arran, and had issue — Archi- 
bald Louis Fullarton, M.B., born 8th Oct. 
1861 ; Susan Anne Henrietta, born 12th 
Nov. 1863 ; Mary Adelaide, born 21st June 
1866 ; Henry Argyll, M.B., born 23rd Dec. 
1868; Elizabeth Gertrude, born 22nd Sept. 
1871; Edward Charles, M.B., born 17th 
Sept. 1873. 

ROBERT GARDNER, born Craigton, 
189Q New Kilpatrick, 26th July 1868, son 
of Robert G. and Jane M'Innes; 
educated at Craigton School and Glasgow 
Univ. ; M.A. (1887), B.D. (1890) ; licen. by 
Presb. of Dumbarton 20th May 1890; 

assistant at Galashiels and Alloa ; ord. 2nd 
July 1896. Marr. 14th April 1897, Jessie, 
daugh. of Walter Wylie and Jane Younger, 
and has issue — Jane Marjorie, born 29th 
June 1898; Robert James and Jessie Norah, 
born 13th Sept. 1900 (twins). 


[Disjoined from Uphall, and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra by decreet of Court 
of Teinds, 20th March 1903. Church 
built in 1884.] 

JOHN AITKEN ORR, born Stewarton, 
9th March 1857, son of John O. 
and Catherine Boyd ; educated at 
Stewarton School and Univ. of Glasgow; 
M.A. (1883); licen. by Presb. of Irvine 
1883; examiner in Philosophy in Glasgow 
Univ.; assistant at Calton, Glasgow; ord. 
8th May 1889. 


[Disjoined from Falkirk, and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra by decreet of Court 
of Teinds, March 1853. Church built in 

JOHN OSWALD, born Madderty, 28th 
8 „ June 1804, son of David O. and 
Bethia Maxton ; a teacher in George 
Heriot's School, Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 7th April 1836 ; ord. 14th May 
1849; died unmarr. 5th Feb. 1867. Pub- 
lications — Etymological Dictionary of the 
English Language; Outlines of English 
Grammar (6th ed., 1849). 

JOHN SCOTT, born 8th July 1839, son 
1867 °^ ^ ames S-, Gattonside, Roxburgh- 
shire, and Jessie Henderson ; edu- 
cated at Lilliesleaf School and Univ. of 
Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of Selkirk 
June 1864; assistant at Livingston; pres. 
by William Forbes of Callender, 17th 
June 1867; ord. 17th Sept. 1867; clerk to 
Presb. Nov. 1872 ; retired 26th Nov. 1912 ; 
died 2nd May 1914. He marr. 8th July 
1868, Elizabeth Fowler (died 21st Jan. 
1912), daugh. of William Malcolm, M.A., 
schoolmaster of Echt, Aberdeenshire, and 
had issue— James Ross, born 28th May 




1869; William Malcolm, born 4th April 
1871 ; Annie Henderson, born 26th Feb. 
1874 (marr. 19th June 1900, Andrew Hunter, 
solicitor); John Michael, born 4th March 
1876 ; Elizabeth Jessie, born 15th Feb. 1878 ; 
George Robert, born 23rd Sept. 1879. 

ROBERT AGNEW, born Finnard, 
1913 ^ewry, Ireland, 5th Dec. 1883; 
educated at Newry, and Royal 
Univ., Belfast and Dublin; B.A. (1906); 
M.A. (1907); licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh May 1910 ; assistant at Portobello ; 
ord. 16th April 1913. 


[Prior to the Reformation the church 
belonged to the Abbey of Holyrood. A 
church built on a new site at a cost of 
£6500 was dedicated 18th Sept. 1909.] 

1561 "vicar of Carriden"; witness to a 
sasine 19th May 1561. — [Linlithgow 
Burgh Bee] 

JOHN LESLIE, M.A., son of Robert L. 

1563 °^ I nver P en?er ') adm. exhorter 1563. 

He was marr., and of the age of 47 

in this year ; adm. a notary 29th Feb. 


ANDREW KEIR, born 1598, son of 
21 William K., min. of Ecclesmachan 
educated at Univ. of Edinburgh 
M.A. (22nd July 1615); adm. Aug. 1621 
clerk to the Presb. 1629; in March 1630 
he was put in possession of four acres 
three roods of the lands of Little Carriden 
for a glebe; member of Assembly 1638. 
He was suspended for preaching for the 
Engagement in 1648 ; died 22nd Nov. 1653. 
He marr. (1) Christina Bell, and along with 
her took sasine of a tenement in Linlithgow 
in 1622 : (2) Euphan Primrose, and had 
issue — Andrew ; William ; Janet ; George ; 
Marion; Elizabeth (marr. 1630, James, 
eldest son of James Hamilton of Hiltlie : 
Edin. Sas., xv., 296) ; Christian ; Robert. 
— [Linlithgow Sess. Beg., Stevenson's Hist., 

Peterkin's Bee, Tombst. ; Morison's Digest 
and Dec, i. ; Baillie's Lett., i. ; Linlithgmv 
Burgh Bee] 

16Q0 burgh, 30th July 1646); adm. 
(colleague) 13th March 1650 ; joined 
the Protesting Presb. in 1651 ; was obliged 
to escape after the English entered Lothian, 
and officiated for some time at Cleish; 
dep. 21st Aug. 1661 ; denounced by the 
Privy Council for keeping Conventicles 
3rd Aug. 1676 ; returned in 1687— [Wod- 
row's Hist.] 

JAMES ADAMSON, M.A.; ord. and 
1663 coll. 24th April 1663; trans, to 
Bedrule 1664. — [Colinton Sess., Beg. 

JOHN PARK, son of James P., maltman, 
1665 Linlithgow, and Joanna Mure ; licen. 
by George, Bishop of Edinburgh, 
19th April 1664 ; ord. and coll. 9th June 
1665. His life being threatened for having 
reported the presence in the neighbourhood 
of Donald Cargill and other preachers, 
he was recommended to the Treasury by 
the Privy Council (8th June 1680) for some 
allowance for that service. He was accused 
before the Privy Council, 10th Sept. 1689, of 
not reading the Proclamation of the Estates, 
etc., baptizing the children of scanda- 
lous persons without demanding satis- 
faction ; and praying that the walls of the 
castle might be as brass about George, Duke 
of Gordon, but was acquitted. Dep. 28th 
Aug. 1690 for drunkenness, etc. He carried 
off the parochial and session registers. 
Marr. Annabella, daugh. of Provost James 
Glen, Linlithgow. — [Beg. Collat.; Wod- 
row's Hist., iii. ; Peterkin's Constitution 
of the Church, Hewison's The Covenanters, 
Salmon's Borrorvstounness] 

ROBERT STEEDMAN, M.A., returned 
16 ? after the Act of Toleration ; restored 
by Act of Parliament 25th April 
1690; died 29th Sept. 1701, in his 76th 
year. He marr. Sarah (died 26th Oct. 
1720), daugh. of Sir Alex. Inglis of Inglis- 
ton, and had issue — John, min. of Tron 
Parish, Edinburgh; Helen (marr. Will. 




Paton, overseer at Clackmannan coal- 
works; Christian (marr. Alex. Hamilton, 
min. of Stirling). — [Test. Beg., Tombst., 
S. P. Eloq.] 

JOHN TODD, studied at the Univ. of 
1704 Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Edin- 
burgh 15th May 1700; called 2nd 
Sept. 1703; ord. 19th Jan. 1704; died Jan. 
1720. He marr. 11th April 1704, Agnes 
(died Jan. 1733), widow of George Dundas 
of Garvock, and had issue — John, min. in 
Edinburgh. — [Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; 
Test, and Edin. Reg. {Marr.), Tombst.] 

ALEXANDER PYOTT, ord. 29th Oct. 
1725 1725; trans, to Dunbar 24th Oct. 
1733.— [Fordoun Presb. Reg.] 

JAMES YAIR, pres. by James, Duke 
1735 °^ Hamilton and Brandon, and ord. 
18th Sept. 1735 ; trans, to Campvere 
18th April 1739. 

GEORGE ELLIS, licen. by Scots Presb. 
1740 ™ London, and received by that of 
Hamilton 25th July 1738; called 
23rd Oct. 1739 ; ord. 9th April 1740 ; died 
5th March 1795, in his 83rd year. He 
marr. 27th July 1750, Alice (died 21st 
April 1790), daugh. of Captain Drummond, 
Midhope, a son of Pitkellony, and had 
issue — Katherine, born 12th June 1751, died 
9th Dec. 1809 ; Mary, born 18th July 1752 ; 
Alice, born 12th June 1754, died 9th June 
1765; Helen, born 15th Nov. 1757 (marr. 
23rd Sept. 1776, James Thomson, ship- 
master in Leith), died 26 th April 1784; 
George, born 20th Feb. 1763 ; Anne, born 
7th Feb. 1765; Joanna, born 12th July 
1769, died 12th Jan. 1775 ; James, died in 
infancy. Publication — Account of the 
Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, i.). 

JOHN BELL, born 1745, son of James 
1796 ^ # ' Cambusnethan ; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. 
of Lanark 10th May 1786; pres. by 
Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, in 1795 ; ord. 
21st Jan. 1796; died unmarried 14th Dec. 
1815.— [Scots Mag., lxxviii.] 

DAVID FLEMING, born 1790, son of 
1816 J° nn F.> merchant, Paisley ; educated 
at Univ. of Glasgow; MA. (1808); 
licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 9th June 
1813 ; pres. by Alexander, Marquess of 
Douglas, and ord. 22nd Aug. 1816; died 
19th Jan. 1860. He marr. (1) 3rd June 
1818, Grace (died 2nd July 1827), only 
daugh. of John Ross, Borrowston Mains, 
and had issue— Grace Matilda, born 4th 
June 1819 (marr. 1840, James Edgar of 
Keithock, Sherbrooke, Canada) ; John, 
born 29th March 1821 ; David Carrick 
Buchanan, born 24th July 1822 ; Elizabeth 
Smith, born 10th April 1824, died 5th May 
1842 ; Martha Duncanson, born 13th July 
1825 (marr. George Cadell of Cowdenhill) : 
(2) 15th March 1830, Janet (died 25th 
April 1884), only daugh. of William Carlile, 
Provost of Paisley, and had issue— Janet 
Carlile, born 14th Dec. 1831 (marr. 1857, 
Andrew Vannan, Bo'ness), died 1859. 
Publications — A Voice from Calvary 
(London, 1830); Account of the Parish 
(New Stat. Ace, ii.). 

EDWARD SMITH, born Kirkmichael, 
1861 Dumfriesshire, 18th May 1828, son 
of John S. and Catherine Dobie; 
educated at Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by 
Presb. of Lochmaben 7th Aug. 1858 ; assist- 
ant at Cranstoun ; pres. by William, Duke 
of Hamilton and Brandon, 31st Dec. 1860 ; 
ord. 4th April 1861 ; died unmarr. 30th 
March 1887. 

WILLIAM DUNDAS, born Stroma, 
1887 Caithness, 31st July 1855, son of 
William D. and Elizabeth Kennedy 
Sinclair; educated at Stroma School, 
Church of Scotland Training College, and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; MA. (1881), B.D. (1886); 
schoolmaster of Stroma 1881-3; licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh May 1886; assistant 
at Holywood ; ord. 27th Sept. 1887. Marr. 
7th Feb. 1895, Harriet Mary Croxall (died 
22nd Feb. 1914), eldest daugh. of James 
Skipper, Manor House, Coltishall, and 
has issue — Mary Sinclair, born 2nd May 
1896, died 10th Nov. 1900; William 
Fawdington, born 15th May 1898 ; Harriet 
Elspeth Kennedy, born 17th July 1900. 





[The church previous to the Reformation 
belonged to the Abbey of Jedburgh, and 
was dedicated to St Cuthbert. There is 
no finer example of Norman ecclesiastical 
architecture left in Scotland. Aldcathie 
was united to Dalmeny by Commission of 
Parliament, 21st Jan. 1618. 

GEORGE FUIRD, min. in 1562— [Booke 
1562 of the Kirk, Keith's Hist.] 

JOHN" FRUDE (probably the same 
ififtfi person), was complained upon at the 
General Assembly, 25th June 1566, 
"for not repairing to Linlithgow to the 
exercise of prophecying " ; and on 25th Dec. 
for persuading Effie, Lady Kilconquhar, and 
John Wemyss [St Andrew's K.S. Reg.] " to 
contract marriage in great contemption of 
the decreit (of the former Assembly), and 
all good order heirtofoir observit in the 
reformit kirk," for which he was "sus- 
pended fra all functioun in the ministrie 
in the meantime." — [Booke of the Kirk, 
Keith's Hist] 

1569 ROBERT HOGG, exhorter in 1569. 

GEORGE LUNDIE of Breriehill (Beg. 
of Deeds, xix., 320) ; trans, from New- 
burn 1574, when Aldcathie, Aber- 
corn, and Cramond were also under his 
care. In the Assembly 1575, the Bishop of 
Dunkeld was complained upon for having 
written a letter to L. to serve equally four 
kirks, by course, upon the Lord's Day, 
under pain of deprivation. Richard Brown 
was appointed to help him as reader in 
1576. L. was pres. to the vicarage by 
James VI. 11th April 1580, and trans, to 
Pentland 21st Nov. 1587, but continued 
to reside at Dalmeny 18th Sept. 1589.— 
[Keg. Assig., Calderwood's Hist., Wodrow 
Miscell., Edin. Presb.] 

ated as helper till the trans, of pre- 
ceding; pres. to the parsonage by 
Thomas Hamilton of Drumcairn, 7th April 
1597 ; died 19th Aug. 1606. He bequeathed 

100 merks to the poor in the burgh of 
Queensferry, and 50 merks to the poor in 
the rest of the parish. He marr. (1) 
Alison Oliphant (Edin. Com. Dec, 11th 
March 1607) : (2) Katherine Dundas, and 
had issue — James ; Walter j John ; 
Margaret. Jean Arnot, wife of Robert 
Logie, is mentioned as his daughter-in-law 
(Edin. Com. Dec, 11th March 1607).— 
[Edin. Presb. and Test. Keg.] 

JOHN GIBSON, MA. (Edinburgh, 29th 
iea ^ July 1600) ; adm. to Slamannan 2nd 
Aug. 1602 ; trans, and adm. 1607 ; 
died 29th April 1648, aged about 68. In 
1611 he obtained a gift of the presentation 
of the parsonage and vicarage of Auld- 
cathie, and craved the consent of the Presb. 
thereto. He marr. (1) Agnes Abercrombie 
(Keg. of Deeds, ccxvi., 104) : (2) Margaret, 
daugh. of Thomas Peebles, min. of Kinneil, 
whom he infeft by him in his tenement 
in Linlithgow on 15th March 1615 : (3) 
Marie Dundas, who died April 1632 : (4) 
May 1637, Christian Craufurd, in the parish 
of Kinneil : (5) April 1644, Elspeth (died 
Dec. same year), daugh. of James Sandi- 
lands of Slamannanmure (Keg. of Deeds, 
dlvii., 115), and had issue— Robert, min. of 
Queensferry; Margaret; Anna (marr., cont. 
26th Aug. 1639, Robert, youngest son of 
John Mowbray in Dalmeny : Keg. of Deeds, 
dxxviii., 138). — [Keg. Assig., Test. Keg.; 
Bannatyne's Miscell., ii. ; Linlithgow Burgh 

JOHN DURIE, son of Simeon D., min. 
6 of Arbroath ; MA. (St Andrews 1643) ; 
ord. (colleague) 20th Aug. 1646 ; pres. 
to Kilpatrick by Lord Cochrane of Dun- 
donald in 1647 ; joined the Protesters in 
forming a Presb. in 1651 ; died in 1656, 
aged about 33, "of most rare invention, 
and lofty gift of preaching." He marr. 
11th May 1648, Katherine, youngest daugh. 
of Sir James Maxwell of Calderwood, 
widow of Claude Hamilton of Mecklinhole 
and of George Dick, min. of Glenluce. His 
son, John, who was served heir, 23rd Oct. 
1661, had the collections of 11th and 18th 
April 1660 from the Session of West Calder 
given to him and two of his comrades on 





their return from captivity among the 
Turks at Algiers. — [Act. Red. Univ. St 
And. Presb. ; Dumbarton Presb., Abercorn, 
and W. Colder Sess. Beg. ; Acts Pari., i. ; 
Reg. Old Dec, iii. ; Wodrow's Anal., ii. ; 
Livingston's Charac, Brodie's Diary ; Inq. 
Ret. Gen., 4504 ; Irving's Dumbarton.] 


less ^ av » an( ^ on ** 2n( * J u 'y !656 by the 
Protesting Presb. He petitioned the 
Synod, 8th Nov. 1660, that "his ministry 
might be owned by the Presb. and Synod, 
expressing his sorrow for the irregularity of 
his entry, etc. The Synod recognised him 
as min. of D., and as a member of Synod, 
and appointed him to go to the Presb. 
recognised by the Synod, and acknowledge 
his offence," and on 14th Nov. " the Presb. 
received him as a brother and as one of 
their ministry." Deprived by the Act of 
Parliament 11th June, and that of the 
Privy Council 1st Oct. 1662, for not sub- 
mitting to Episcopacy ; indulged here 1669, 
and restored 1690.— [Wodrow's Anal., iv., 
and Hist., i. ; Anderson's House of Hamil- 
ton ; Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Reg. Old 
Dec, iii.] 

ALEXANDER YOUNG, pres. by Sir 

Archibald Primrose of Chester ; ord. 

and coll. 28th Nov. 1663; trans, to 

Cramond 1664. — [Keith's Catal., Wood's 

Hist, of Cramond, Reg. Collat.] 

THOMAS COLDEN, M.A.; coll. 2nd 

1664 ^ ec " 1664 ' trans - to Carsphairn 1669. 
— [Act. Rect. Univ. St And., Reg. 

formerly mentioned ; indulged by 
the Privy Council 2nd Sept. 1669. 
The popularity of his ministrations drew 
many people from Edinburgh to hear him — 
to the annoyance of the Bishop, who had 
him removed to Dalserf, 7th March 1677. — 
[Brown's Hist, of Indulg., Wodrow's Hist.] 

PATRICK SMYTH, M.A. (Edinburgh 

1672); licen. by George, Bishop of 

Edinburgh, 13th June 1675; ord. 

1679; removed for refusing the Test, 

Nov. 1681.— [Reg. Collat., Wodrow's Hist.] 

1682 burgh, 27th July 1663); licen. by 
George, Bishop of Aberdeen, 6th 
Jan. 1666 ; adm. to Peterhead (probably 
assistant and successor) prior to 21st April 
1674 ; trans, and adm. 1682 ; died in 1689, 
in 45th year. He marr. Katharine (died 
Nov. 1693), daugh. of John Kinross, mer- 
chant, burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue 
—William, served heir to his mother 3rd 
April 1694— [Test, and Edin. Reg. (Bur.) ; 
Acts Pari., ix. ; Inq. Ret. Gen., 7249, 

ALEXANDER STRANG, M. A., formerly 
1688 °^ Durisdeer ; officiated in the meet- 
ing-house at Dundas, after its erec- 
tion ; but returned to his former parish in 




young man for grace and pairts 
very promising"; ord. at London 

9th Feb. 1688; app. to the meeting-house 

by the Presb. " during pleasure," 28th Nov. 

1688 ; removed to Alloa 1689.- [Acts Pari., 



above noticed; occupying a meeting- 
house in Edinburgh, was restored by 

the Act of Parliament 25th April 1690, but 

demitted his charge 15th Aug. 1690 ; trans. 

to the High Kirk, Edinburgh, 4th Dec. 

same year. 

CHARLES GORDON, M.A., formerly of 
Campvere ; returned to Scotland on 
a call from Dumfries ; called to this 
charge also 21st June 1691. He produced 
testimonials from the classis [Presbytery] of 
Valachia and from Campvere, dated 28th 
Feb. 1691, "applauding him in the ministry 
while he was among them, and loosening 
him upon a call from Dumfries," but was 
adm. here 23rd Sept. 1691 ; trans, to Ash- 
kirk 8th Aug. 1695— [Steven's Scott. Ch. 
of Rotterd., Wodrow's Hist.] 

JOHN STEEDMAN, called 15th June 

1699 1699 ' and ord ' 16th Aug ' same year ' 
trans, to Tron Parish, Edinburgh, 

27 th Dec. 1710. 




JAMES NASMYTH, born Hamilton, 

1711 1683 » stu( ^^ ec ^ at ^he Univ. of Glas- 
gow and at Leyden, under Witsius, 
Frigland, and Boerhaave; tutor to Basil 
Hamilton, and to James, fifth Duke of 
Hamilton; licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 
23rd March 1708; called 2nd Aug., and 
ord. 13th Sept. 1711 ; nom. Moderator in 
the Assemblies 1739 and 1744, but not 
chosen; died Father of the Church 27th 
Nov. 1774. He marr. 25th April 1716, 
Marion (died 7th June 1782), daugh. of 
Patrick Young of Killiecantie, Linlithgow, 
and had issue — Alexander ; Anne, died 9th 
March 1816; Patrick; James; Margaret; 
Sarah (marr. William Paton, min. of Eck- 
ford) ; Isabel (marr. Dr Parlane, Glasgow). 
— [Test. Beg., Beg. Gen. Ass. ; Weekly Mag., 
xxvi. ; Carlyle's Autoo.] 

1W _ Presb. of Lauder 3rd Jan. 1775; 
pres. by Neil, Earl of Rosebery, and 
ord. 26th Oct. 1775 ; F.R.S.E. (1784) ; D.D. 
(Edinburgh, 26th March 1792); one of His 
Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary 1793 ; died 
at Edinburgh, 15th Nov. 1799. He marr. 
14th Nov. 1775, Jane Jackson, in the parish 
of St John, Westminster, who died 18th 
Dec. 1808, and had issue — Margaret, born 
12th Feb. 1777 ; John, born 18th Jan. 1778 ; 
Janet, born 10th Feb. 1779 ; Mary, born 
13th Aug. 1782 ; Charles Hope, writer, 
Edinburgh, born 2nd Sept. 1785; William 
Findlay, lieutenant H.E.I.C.S., born 31st 
Dec. 1786. Publications — An Inquiry into 
the Fine Arts, i. (Edinburgh, 1784) ; History 
of Mary, Queen of Scots (Edinburgh, 1793) ; 
Two single Sermons (Edinburgh, 1784, 
1799); "An Essay on the Character of 
Hamlet" {Trans. Roy. Soc. Edin., ii.); 
Account of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, 
i.).— [Kay's Portr., ii. ; Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JAMES GREIG, M.A. (Edinburgh, 16th 
Nov. 1785); licen. by Presb. of Kirk- 
caldy 10th July 1793; pres. by Neil, 
Earl of Rosebery, and ord. 18th Sept. 1800. 
He became involved in a dispute with the 
schoolmaster of the parish, and, disobeying 
the authority of the Presb. thereanent, was 
suspended in 1827. Refused to give up 
the keys of the church to those appointed 


to officiate. The case was referred to the 
General Assembly, who (28th May 1828) 
unanimously disapproved of his disobeying 
the injunctions of his Presb., and declared, 
with similar unanimity, "that it is the 
ecclesiastical right of the ministers of 
parishes to have free entrance to their 
churches, for the purpose of divine worship 
and religious instruction, and that during 
vacancies or suspensions this right is 
vested in the Presb. of the bounds." Died 
17th March 1829, in his 60th year. He 
marr. 1st June 1801, Anne Russell, who 
died 14th Sept. 1822, and had issue — 
Eleanor, born 31st Oct. 1802 (marr. John 
Sibbald, surgeon, Edinburgh); James 
Dundas, born 8th Feb. 1804 ; Ann, born 
6th Sept. 1805 (marr. George Ferguson, 
Edinburgh Academy); Andrew, born 18th 
Jan. 1807 ; John, surgeon, Queensferry, 
born 13th Aug. 1808 ; Eliza Christian, born 
30th May 1810 ; Christian, born 13th Aug. 
1812, died 13th Oct. 1827; David, born 
22nd Oct. 1815.— [Acts of Ass., Steven's 
High School.] 

JAMES SCOTT, trans, from Torphichen ; 
pres. by Arch. John, Earl of Rose- 
bery, and adm. 10th Sept. 1829; 
trans, to Dirleton 14th Dec. 1843. 


ROBERT HUGH MUIR, born 26th 

1844 Feb ' 1819 > son of william M -> DD -> 
min. of St Stephen's, Edinburgh ; 

educated at Edinburgh Academy and 
Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 16th 
Oct. 1843; pres. by the tutors of John 
Alexander, Earl of Hopetoun, 13th Jan. 
1844; ord. 21st March 1844; convener of 
the General Assembly's Committee on 
Intemperance; one of the founders of 
Morning Bays; convener of the Colonial 
Committee 1866-80; res. 8th Nov. 1889; 
died 11th May 1903. Marr. (1) 28th Sept. 
1869, Margaret Flora (died 25th Sept. 1882), 
daugh. of Colonel Wm. MacDonald of 
Powderhall and Ormiston : (2) 5th Oct. 
1892, Annie, daugh. of James Black, son 
of James B. of Craigmaddie. Publica- 
tions — Words that Take Hold (Edinburgh, 
1896) ; Faith and False Science (Edinburgh, 




PETER DUNN, born 4th Aug. 1845, 
1890 son °^ J ames D., farmer, Kincraife, 
Lumphanan, and Jessie Petrie; edu- 
cated at Lumphanan and Alford Parish 
Schools, Grammar School and Univ., 
Aberdeen ; M.A. (1865) ; schoolmaster of 
Urquhart (Elgin) 1866-72 ; licen. by Presb. 
of Elgin 12th Oct. 1870; ord. to Spey- 
mouth 9th May 1872 ; trans, and adm. 9th 
May 1890. Marr. 19th Oct. 1898, Elizabeth 
Mary (died 29th Jan. 1912), daugh. of J. 
F. Kitto, M.A., vicar of St Martin-in-the- 
Fields, London, and prebendary of St 


[Previous to the Reformation the church, 
dedicated to St Machan, belonged to the 
Preceptory of St John at Torphichen.] 


JOHN MOWBRAY, styled rector and 
vicar, granted Ecclesmachan kirk 
lands to Robert Hamilton of Eccles- 
machan, 30th Dec. 1563 ; and infeft his 
daugh., Mariota, wife of John Maine, in a 
tenement in Linlithgow, Feb. 1579-80. 
He was still min. in 1586. — [Beg. Min. 
and Assig., Wodrotv Miscell., Linl. Burgh 

1588 ; a member of Assembly in 
1590; trans, to Linlithgow 1597.— 

[Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Beg. Assig. and 

Presb., Booke of the Kirk.] 

WILLIAM KEIR, one of the original 
1597 students at the Univ. of Edinburgh 
who took his degree of M.A. at the 
first graduation, 9th Aug. 1587 ; min. of 
Muiravonside 1595 ; pres. by James VI. 
13th Oct. 1597 ; trans, and adm. soon after ; 
died 10th March 1611, aged about 44. 
He left £40 to the poor of Linlithgow. 
He marr. Janet Ker, who survived him, 
and had issue — Andrew, min. of Carri- 
den; Robert; Elizabeth. — [Stirling Presb. 
and Test. Beg., Beg. Assig.] 


1611 ( Edinbur 8 n » 27tn Julv 1609); pres. 

by James VI. 28th April, and ord. 

30th June 1611 ; dem. 1637 ; died 22nd 

Feb. 1639, aged about 50. He marr. 22nd 
June 1625, Margaret Dalyell, of the family 
of Binns, who was alive 17th March 1658. — 
[Beg. Assig. et Sec. Sig., cviii. ; Test, and 
Abercom Sess. Beg.; Inq. Bet. Edin., 

ROBERT KEITH, nephew of preceding, 
1637 and son of Alex. K., min. of Strath- 
brock; M.A. (Edinburgh, 25th July 
1629) ; pres. by Charles I. 31st March 1637, 
and adm. soon after. He was accused, 9th 
Jan. 1654, of officiating at the marriage of 
his brother while under scandal ; assisted 
in forming the Protesting Presb. 6th Aug. 
1651 ; died in 1661, in 52nd year. He marr. 
Marion Rollock, and had issue — Margaret 
(marr. William Beatson of South Glass- 
mont). His widow delivered up " the kirk 
byble ; ' which she had in keeping, 5th July 
1663. — [Beg. Sec. Sig., cviii.; Test. Beg., 
Peterkin's Becords.] 

1661 C, Linlithgow, and Marjory Ker; 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 30th 
March 1659; pres. by Charles II. 30th 
Aug. 1661 and 4th Oct. 1662 ; coll. (having 
been previously ord.) 5th Dec. 1662 ; died 
July 1682. He was served nearest heir 
to the children of Robert Craufurd, mer- 
chant, burgess of Linlithgow, 3rd June 
1671. He marr. 14th Feb. 1667, Margaret 
Hay, widow of William Shairp of Houston, 
and had issue — Margaret (marr. (1) 
William Sandilands of Couston : (2) James 
Watson of Corntoun); Magdalen; Mary; 
and an only son, David, M.D.— [Test. Beg., 
Beg. Sec. Sig. and Collat. ; Inq. Bet. de 
Tut., 964.] 

WILLIAM SMART, M.A. (Glasgow, 13th 
1Q88 July 1669) ; pres. by Charles II. 8th 
Sept. 1682; ord. and inst. 28th 
March 1683; outed by the rabble 1689; 
died at Edinburgh, 27th Jan. 1715, aged 
about 66. He is mentioned as the 
"honestest of blackcoats, the humblest, 
and holyest of our gown-men." Pub- 
lications— A Short Discourse recommend- 
ing the Service and Prayer of the Church 
(Edinburgh, 1712); Two Sermons against 




Treacherous and Double Dealing, with 
an Answer to Mr Anderson, Dumbarton 
(Edinburgh, 1714).— [Mun. Univ. Glasg., 
iii. ; Reg. Sec. Sig., Kirkliston Sess. and 
Edin. Reg. {Bur.); MS. Ace. of Min., 

1694 Aug. 1694 j trans, to Airth in 1700. 

JOHN BAILLIE, son of Thomas B. of 
1701 Polkemmet; licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 7th Aug. 1700; called 
9th June, and ord. 25th Sept. 1701 ; died 
25th Feb. 1733. He marr. Bethia Baillie, 
who died 28th July 1761. 

CHARLES WILKIE, son of John W., 
1784 m * n ' °^ Uphall; studied at Univ. 
of Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of 
Dalkeith 3rd July 1733 ; pres. by Charles, 
Earl of Hopetoun, same month ; ord. 18th 
April 1734; died 5th Nov. 1786, in 76th 
year, leaving the property of Charlesfield, 
"West Calder, to Thomas Hardy, D.D., min. 
of the New North Parish, Edinburgh, for 
whom he entertained a warm affection. He 
marr. 4th Aug. 1756, Eupham Flint, who 
died 10th Jan. 1790, without issue. 

WILLIAM PETERKIN, educated at 
1W _ Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1755-9 ; 
licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 8th 
Aug. 1764; assistant at Old Deer; ord. 
min. of the Chapel-of-Ease at Down, or 
Macduff, 30th Nov. 1768; trans, to Lead- 
hills 2nd Nov. 1785 ; pres. by James, Earl 
of Hopetoun, and adm. 11th July 1787 ; 
died 22nd Nov. 1792. He marr. 5th Dec. 
1768, Isobel Irvine, who died at Peterhead, 
27th March 1810, and had issue — James, 
born 9th Sept. 1769; George, born 11th 
May 1773; Margaret, born 25th Sept. 
1775 ; Elizabeth, born 2nd Sept. 1777, died 
22nd Jan. 1790; Alexander, Sheriff-sub. of 
Orkney, ecclesiastical lawyer, editor of the 
Booke of the Universalle Kirk of Scotland, 
etc., born 23rd March 1780, died 9th Nov. 
1846 ; Hope, born 2nd May 1787 ; William, 
born 17th Feb. 1789, died 3rd May 1790 ; 
John, born 13th Dec. 1791. Publications 
— A Dialogue on Public Worship (Aber- 
deen, 2nd ed., 1780) [not by W. P. of 

Elgin] ; Account of Ecclesmachan and of 
Leadhills (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, ii., xxi.). 

HENRY LISTON, born 30th June 1771, 

1793 son °^ R°b er t I*i mm - 0I " Aberdour ; 
educated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
licen. by Presb. of Dunfermline 5th Sept. 
1792; pres. by James, Earl of Hopetoun, 
and ord. 8th Aug. 1793 ; Presb. clerk, and 
also, 2nd May 1820, conjunct clerk of 
Synod ; died at Merchistonhall, Falkirk, 
24th Feb. 1836. He had a strong natural 
bias for mechanics and music, and became 
widely known as the inventor of the 
" Eucharmonic " organ ; his attainments in 
the classics and sciences were of no mean 
order, and in many other respects he was 
a man of genius. He marr. 21st Oct. 1793, 
Margaret (died 24th May 1802), daugh. of 
David Ireland, town-clerk of Culross, and 
had issue — Robert, F.R.C.S., Edinburgh, 
distinguished London surgeon, born 28th 
Oct. 1794, died 7th Dec. 1847 ; Janet, born 
28th June 1796, died 21st Sept. 1888; 
Anne, born 20th March 1798, died 14th 
July 1802 ; David, Professor of Oriental 
Languages in Univ. of Edinburgh, born 
10th Oct. 1799, died 1881 ; Margaret, born 
23rd April 1801, died 3rd June 1866. Pub- 
lications — An Essay on Perfect Intonation 
(London, 1812); Articles in Edinburgh 
Encyclopaedia ; edited Horatii Flacci Opera 
Selecta (1819), and the sixth book of Csesar, 
for use in schools. — [Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

JOHN SMITH, born 2nd April 1801, son 
1886 °^ ^ ames S., gardener at Hopetoun 
House ; licen. by Presb. of Linlith- 
gow 29th Dec. 1830; rector of Bathgate 
Academy; pres. by the Commissioner of 
John, Earl of Hopetoun ; ord. 19th Aug. 
1836 ; Presb. clerk 1854 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 
Jan. 1866) ; died 30th May 1869. He marr. 
1st June 1847, Agnes (died 12th Aug. 1910, 
aged 86), second daugh. of James Wallace 
of Belmont. Publication— Account of the 
Parish {New Stat. Ace, ii.). 


186g April 1842, son of George S., of 

Shethin, Aberdeenshire ; educated 

at Univs. of Aberdeen and Edinburgh; 

licen. by Presb. of Ellon 26th April 1865 ; 




assistant at Linlithgow; refused (owing 
to severe illness) a presentation to Whit- 
burn 1st Aug. 1867 ; pres. by John, Earl of 
Hopetoun, 23rd June 1869; ord. 7th Oct. 
1869; died 28th March 1905. Marr. 17th 
Jan. 1871, Jane Douglas, daugh. of John 
Dawson, Linlithgow, and had issue — 
Euphemia Gillon, born 15th May 1872, died 
16th Oct. 1872; George Douglas, M.A., 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 10th May 
1899, assistant at Bothwell, born 24th July 
1873, died 29th Sept. 1899; Sophie Hay; 
Jane Gillon ; Effie Frances ; Margaret 
Gillon ; Annie Alexandra Macleod, born 
15th Dec. 1880, died 4th May 1894 ; Mary 
Stuart Baillie ; Fanny ; John ; Alexia 
Ligertwood ; Ada Evelyn Dawson ; Con- 
stance Hunter, born 28th July 1888, died 
1st May 1889. 

.___ B.D. ; trans, from Garelochhead, and 
adm. 26th Oct. 1905 ; trans, to Old 
Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 10th May 1910. 

TULLOCH, born 16th March 1879, 
son of William Weir T., D.D., min. 
of Maxwell, Glasgow; educated at High 
School and Univ., Glasgow; M.A. (1900), 
B.D. (1903); licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
April 1903 ; ord. by same Presb. to Darjeel- 
ing, India, 11th Oct. 1903; served under 
Foreign Mission Committee from 1903-8 ; 
invalided home ; adm. to this charge 20th 
Sept. 1910. Marr. 3rd Nov. 1903, Catherine, 
daugh. of Alexander Buist M'Donald, city 
engineer, Glasgow, and has issue — Arthur 
Alexander, born 12th Aug. 1905; George 
Hill, born 17th May 1907 ; Margaret Jean, 
born 17th Feb. 1912. 


[The church, dedicated to St Modan, 
previous to the Reformation belonged to 
the Abbey of Holyroodhouse. It was 
included in the Presb. of Stirling till 1608, 
though in Linlithgow, 17th May 1614.] 

ANDREW HOGGE, vicar, dem. soon 
1560 after. 

1567 JAMES ERSKINE, reader in 1567. 


ANDREW FORRESTER, trans, from 
1574 Dy sart; > w i tn Airth and Bothkennar 
in charge. He was one of the Com- 
missioners appointed for the maintenance 
and defence of the true religion, 6th March 
1589, in the Sheriffdom of Stirling ; trans. 
8th Dec. 1590 to Kippen, but not adm. 
till 1595. — [Beg. Assig., Wodrow Miscell., 
Stirling Presb. Beg., Booke of the Kirk.] 

ADAM BELLENDEN, of Kilconquhar, 
1 M.A. ; pres. by James Bellenden of 

Broughton, 15th and 21st May, and 
ord. 19th July 1593; a member of the 
General Assemblies 1602 and 1608 ; one of 
those who met at Linlithgow, 10th Jan. 
1606, in conference with "the imprisoned 
ministers," previous to their trial for de* 
dining the authority of the Sovereign in 
"causes spiritual"; and at a convention 
in the same place, 10th Dec. thereafter, 
protested that it should not be held as 
a General Assembly. He attended the 
Convention at Falkland in 1609, and was 
suspended 16th Nov. 1614, the sentence 
being taken off 18th Jan. following; 
enjoined 22nd Feb. to wait more diligently 
on his flock in preparing them for the Com- 
munion. In March 1611 he had craved 
the Synod for a helper to be granted on 
his own charges, because of the disturb- 
ance "betwixt his kirk and the lands of 
Kilconquhar, which fell to him by the 
death of the laird," but was ordained either 
to transport himself, or else to demit, or 
else to serve in person, under pain of deposi- 
tion; dem. July 1616; promoted to the 
Bishopric of Dunblane (q.v.) same year, 
after having been violently opposed to 
Episcopacy, and one of forty-two ministers 
who signed a protest to Parliament against 
its introduction, 1st July 1606.— [Keith's 
Catal. and MS. Notes, Orig. Lett, of Adm. ; 
Douglas's Peer., ii. ; MelviU's Autob., Stir- 
ling Presb. and Syn. Beg., Booke of the 
Kirk; Row's and Calderwood's Ilists., i. ; 
Select Biog., i.] 


1600); ord. to Bothkennar 31st May 

1603; trans, and adm. 14th Aug. 

1616; died before 16th Oct. same year, 




aged about 36. He marr. Helen Young, 
who survived him, and had issue — Colin 
(mentioned in Beg. of Sas., Perth, vi. 
fol. 334) ; James ; John ; Margaret ; Isobel. 
Publication — The Countesse of Marre's 
Arcadia or Sanctvarrie (Edinburgh, 1625). 
Part of this volume was republished with 
an historical introduction by Rev. James 
Young (Edinburgh, 1862). — [Test. Beg. 
Stirl., Young's Introd. to Arcadia.] 

1617 * rom ^ utnven (Cairney); pres. by 
Alex., Earl of Linlithgow ; coll. July, 
adm. soon after ; trans, to Ayr in 1625. 


1614) j min. of Airth 1618-26 ; pres. 
by Alex., Earl of Linlithgow, trans, 
and adm. 18th June 1626; a member of 
the Court of High Commission, 21st Oct. 
1634; died in 1646, aged about 52. He 
marr. Eliza Spittall, of the Blairlogie family, 
and had issue — Alexander, born 1627; 
Barbara, born 1628; Michael, born 1630; 
Robert, born 1634.— [Beg. Old Dec, i., iii. ; 
Baillie's Lett., i. ; Maitland, ii. ; Banna- 
tyne Miscell., iii.] 

EDWARD WRIGHT, M.A. ; trans, from 
1646 ^ Mungo's, Glasgow; pres. by 
James, Earl of Callendar, and adm. 
25th Nov. 1646; Principal of Univ. of 
Glasgow 11th Dec. 1662 (q.v.).— [Baillie's 
Lett, iii. ; Peterkin's Bee] 


eldest son of Alexander C, min. 
of Denny, nephew of preceding; 
educated at Univs. of Glasgow and Edin- 
burgh; M.A. (26th July 1649); chaplain 
to Isobel, Countess of Roxburghe; adm. 
min. of Cockburnspath 1657 ; trans, and 
adm. 1663; died 29th Jan. 1686. He 
marr. 24th Oct. 1661, Alison, bapt. 28th 
June 1639, daugh. of William Hog of 
Bogend, advocate, and sister to Sir Roger 
Hog of Harcarse, a Lord of Session, who 
survived him, and had issue — Alexander, 
heir to his lands in Cockburnspath (of 
which he and his wife had sasine 1st Jan. 
1663) ; Edward ; Alison ; Mary ; Jean. — 
[Cockburnspath Sess. and Test. Beg. (Stirl.) ; 

Monteith's Mort., ii. ; New Gen. Beg. 
Sas., v.] 


1 Andrews 1646); min. of Gargun- 

nock 1652-62 ; trans, to Larbert and 

Dunnipace 15th Oct. 1662 ; trans, and inst. 

8th Sept. 1686; died in 1690. He marr. 

(1) 23rd Aug. 1655, Catherine Wright, 
Falkirk : (2) Margaret, daugh. of Thomas 
Edward, merchant, Linlithgow ; took sasine 
of tenement there 1689, and had issue — 
Archibald ; David ; Edward. — [MS. Ace. of 
Min., 1689; Hist. Gen. Ass., 1690; Linl. 
Burgh Bee] 


1693 fr° m Bathgate; called 17th July 

1692 ; adm. 23rd Aug. 1693 ; trans. 

to Tron Parish, Edinburgh, 8th Sept. 1695. 

WILLIAM BURNET, was a min. at the 
1696 General Meeting of Presbyterians 6th 
July, and adm. to Mid-Calder 4th 
Nov. 1687 ; called 3rd Dec. 1695 ; trans, 
and adm. 1st July 1696 ; died 18th Dec. 
1714. He marr. (1) Isabel English or 
Inglis, and had issue — Catherine (marr. 
July 1706, George Monro, min. at Nigg) ; 
Nicolas, born 1697 ; Christian, born 1700 : 

(2) Sept. 1703, Beatrice, daugh. of James 
Fraser of Brea, min. of Culross, who 
survived him, and had issue — James ; 
Alexander, born 1705; Beatrice, born 
1706; Isabel, born 1708; William, born 
1709; Elizabeth, born 1713 (marr., pro. 
12th July 1766, Henry Thomson, ship 
captain at Leith) ; Catherine (posthumous), 
1715.— [Edin. Beg. (Marr.); Beg. Old 
Dec, i.] 

JAMES ANDERSON, licen. by Presb. 
1718 of Linlithgow 24th Oct. 1704; 
assistant at Crichton; ord. to West 
Calder 5th May 1707; called 11th June 
1717, and 19th Feb. 1718; trans, and 
adm. 23rd April 1718; while on his way 
to an ordination in the adjoining parish of 
Bothkennar, in Jan. 1722, he was nearly 
drowned in the river Carron ; a son, 
about the age of fifteen or sixteen, who 
accompanied him, perished. He died 27th 




Jan. 1732. He marr. when a student of 
divinity, Janet, daugh. of Robert Sibbald 
of Woodfoot, and had issue — John, bapt. 
21st Aug. 1709.— [W. Calder Sess. Reg., 
Wodrow's Anal.] 

1738 P rece ding; licen. by Presb. of Lin- 
lithgow 25th Feb. 1730; called 5th 
Sept. 1732 j ord. 16th Aug. 1733. He died 
unmarr. 8th May 1741. 

JOHN ADAMS, son of Henry A., min. 
1744 °^ Kirkoswald ; M.A. (Glasgow, 15th 
Jan. 1723); licen. by Presb. of Ayr 
1st Sept. 1725; ord. to Dalrymple 15th 
Feb. 1726; called 23rd Nov. 1743; 
Moderator of the General Assembly 10th 
May 1744 ; trans, and adm. 30th of same 
month ; proposed again for Moderator in 
1748, but not chosen. He died 20th 
March 1757, aged about 54. He marr. 
Janet Osborne, who died 7th Jan. 1768, 
and had issue — Dicksona (a daugh.) ; 
John ; David ; Robert ; Margaret ; Mary ; 
Harry ; Quentin ; Patrick Grant. Publica- 
tions — "An Inquiry into the Powers com- 
mitted to the General Assemblies of this 
Church"; "Apology at the Bar of the 
General Assembly on the Settlement of Tor- 
phichen," 1751 (Scots Mag., xiv.).— [Morren's 
Ann., i. ; Carlyle's Autob.] 

JOHN AITCHISON, min. of a Presby- 
175g terian chapel at Morpeth; pres. by 
George II. 28th April, and adm. 6th 
Oct. 1759; died 18th May 1787, in 72nd 
year. He marr. 12th Aug. 1741, Jean 
Hardie, who died 20th April 1774, aged 55, 
and had issue— Samuel, born 17th May 
1744 ; John, born 8th Nov. 1745 ; Thomas, 
born 12th March 1747 ; Ann, born 9th Dec. 
1751, died 24th Nov. 1783 ; Jean, born 26th 
Oct. 1753 (marr. 12th Nov. 1783, William 
Glen), died 17th April 1787. 

JOHN MUIR, licen. by Presb. of Lin- 
1787 lithgow 2nd Dec. 1778; pres. by 
George III., and ord. 26th Oct. 
1787 ; died 20th July 1793. He marr. 22nd 
Dec. 1788, Marion Pearson of Borrowstoun- 
ness, who died 9th Feb. 1801. 

JAMES WILSON, only son of William 
1794 ^'' Carluke, born 1754 ; educated 
at Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1781) ; 
ord. to a congregation in Stafford 15th 
April 1784; removed to Stockport; adm. 
to Mid-Calder 20th Dec. 1792; pres. by 
George III. 11th Jan. 1794; trans, and 
adm. 2nd May 1794; D.D. (Edinburgh, 
28th May 1802) ; died 8th June 1829. He 
marr. 8th April 1785, Jean (died 4th Sept. 
1819), daugh. of John Weir of Kerse, and 
had issue — William, born 1st Feb. 1786, 
died 1803 ; Thomas, born 16th Jan. 1788, 
died 2nd June 1805 ; John (a twin), D.D., 
min. of Stirling, born 16th Jan. 1788 ; 
Elizabeth, born 23rd May 1789, died 17th 
Sept. 1804 ; Gray, student, born 17th Aug. 
1793, died 16th Nov. 1811 ; James, born 
8th Nov. 1796, died 15th Dec. 1811 ; Archi- 
bald, born 19th Aug. 1798, died 15th Dec. 
1804. Publications— .4 Defence of Public 
or Social Worship; A Sermon for the 
Benefit of the Public Kitchen (Edinburgh, 
1800) ; The History of Egypt, 3 vols. (Edin- 
burgh, 1805) ; Prayers for the Use of Families 
and Individuals (Edinburgh, 1818); Ac- 
counts of Mid-Calder and of Falkirk 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xiv., xix.); "Method 
of Increasing the Sensibility of the 
Barometer" {Nicholson's Journal, iii.); 
Articles in Edinburgh Encyclopaedia. — 
[New Stat. Ace, viii.] 

1830 29th Jan. 1804, son of Robert P., 
Crofthouse, Alnwick; educated at 
Haddington, where his maternal grand- 
father, John Brown, D.D. (author of The 
Self- Interpreting Bible), had ministered to 
the Burgher Seceders, and at High School 
and Univ. of Edinburgh, where he greatly 
distinguished himself; M.A. (31st March 
1827); tutor to James Edward, Lord 
Cranstoun, whom he accompanied to 
Oxford ; licen. by Presb. of Kirkcudbright 
7th Jan. 1829; pres. by George IV. 21st 
Sept. 1829, on the suggestion of Sir Robert 
Peel, Secretary for the Home Department ; 
ord. 26th Feb. 1830 ; died 29th June 1835. 
He marr. 23rd April 1833, Sarah Elizabeth 
(died 24th March 1882), only daugh. of the 
Rev. George Atkin, Morpeth, and had 




issue — Robert John Brown, born 3rd March 
1835, died 18th Aug. 1910. Publications— 
On the National Character of the A thenians, 
University Prize Essay (Edinburgh, 1828; 
reissued with a Memoir in 1860) ; Dis- 
courses, with a Memoir, and Select Literary 
and Religious Remains, 2 vols. (Edin- 
burgh, 1837) ; Lectures on the \Uh to 16th 
Chap, of St John's Gospel (Glasgow, 1840) ; 
Lecture VIII. (On Church Establish- 
ments) ; ed. Beauties of Jeremy Taylor. — 
[New Stat. Ace, viii. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., 
iv. ; Steven's High School, Cockburn's 
Mem., Diet. Nat. Biog.] 


1836 *^ u ^ 1809 ' son °^ Andrew M., min. 
of Logie, Fife; M.A. (St Andrews 
1828); licen. by Presb. of Cupar 8th Dec. 
1829 ; pres. by William IV. Oct. 1835 ; ord. 
22nd Jan. 1836; died at Largs 2nd Dec. 
1839. He marr. 11th Oct. 1836, Catherine 
(died at Paris, 25th Feb. 1866), daugh. of 
Patrick MacFarlan, D.D., min. of Greenock, 
and had issue — Andrew, D.D., min. of the 
Free Church at Alva, and at St Enoch's, 
Glasgow, clerk to Free Church Assembly, 
joint-clerk to United Free Church Assembly, 
born 14th Jan. 1839, died 29th Jan. 1907. 

WILLIAM BEGG, born 2nd July 1815, 
1840 son °^ J ames B., D.D., min. of 
New Monkland ; educated at Parish 
School, New Monkland, and Univ. of 
Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 
27th Sept. 1836 ; assistant at St Bernard's, 
Edinburgh ; ord. (assistant and successor) 
to New Monkland 19th Oct. 1837; pres. 
by Queen Victoria, and adm. 24th July 
1840; D.D. (Glasgow 1886); died 10th 
April 1888. He marr. 24th June 1841, 
Helen (died April 1894, aged 74), daugh. 
of William Pagan, of Curriestanes, Tro- 
queer, and had issue — James, head of 
District College at Hamilton, Victoria, and 
Corowa, N.S.W., born 2nd July 1842, died 
at Melbourne, 11th Feb. 1911 ; Mary, born 
7th Oct. 1843 (marr. 4th July 1865, Peter 
Sinclair Menzies, min. of St George's-in- 
the-Fields, Glasgow, afterwards of Scots 
Church, Melbourne, died 15th Nov. 1914) ; 
Jane, born 8th April 1845 (marr. John 

Morrison, farmer, Dalmeny), died 14th Oct. 
1911 ; William, born 24th Oct. 1846, died 
27th Feb. 1848; Allan Pagan, born 31st 
Dec. 1847, died at Hay, New South Wales, 
3rd Oct. 1882; Francis Forbes, born 9th July 
1849, died at Melbourne 27th June 1911 ; 
Helen, born 13th Dec. 1850 (marr. Duncan 
Cameron Macvean, min. of Strontian), died 
14th Oct. 1889; William Hugh, M.A., 
student of divinity, born 31st Jan. 1852, 
died at Athens (where he was acting as 
tutor) 5th Jan. 1874 ; Margaret, born 13th 
Oct. 1853; Elizabeth Agnes, born 11th 
May 1855 ; Henry Cunningham, min. of 
Sorn, born 1st Dec. 1856 ; Catherine Evans, 
born 11th June 1859 (marr. John Saunders, 
min. of Kingarth). 

lg88 croft, Applegarth, 28th March 1846, 
son of Robert C, farmer, and Agnes 
Jardine ; educated at Sandyholm and Sib- 
baldie schools, Dumfries Academy, and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. (1869), B.D. (1870) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Locbmaben 1870; 
assistant at Newton-on-Ayr, and St John's, 
Edinburgh ; ord. to Dalziel Chapel, Mother- 
well, 19th Aug. 1875 ; trans, to Johnstone, 
Paisley, 11th Jan. 1877 ; trans, and adm. 
27th Sept. 1888 ; died 17th July 1898. He 
marr. 20th Jan. 1880, Mary, second daugh. 
of Thomas Russell, Kirkcaldy, and had 
issue— Robert, born 26th Nov. 1881, died 
31st Oct. 1904; Mary Hutchison Russell, 
born 13th June 1883; Thomas Russell 
Davison, born 3rd Nov. 1886. 

ALEXANDER LOUDON, born Airdrie, 
1899 ^^ ^ e Pk 185 6, son of James L. and 
Elizabeth Law ; educated at Calder- 
cruix School, Clarkston Academy, and 
Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1880), B.D. (1883) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Hamilton April 1883 ; 
in charge of Toward Chapel 1883 ; ord. to 
Galashiels (West) 27th Dec. 1883; trans, 
and adm. 2nd Feb. 1899. He marr. (1) 30th 
June 1884, Jeanie (died 10th April 1898), 
eldest daugh. of William Reid Wiseman, 
Caldercruix, and has issue— Mary Grace 
Brown, born 15th Sept. 1885, died in 
infancy ; James Alexander, born 16th Nov. 
1890; William Reid Wiseman, born 12th 





Nov. 1892: (2) 21st March 1900, Sophia 
Jane, second daugh. of George Shepherd, 
Shethin, Aberdeenshire, and has issue — 
Helen Hay Shepherd, born 19th Nov. 1902. 

Proposed Second Charge. 

[A process was raised for its erection, 
after the appointment of A. F., but the 
Commissioners of Teinds, 31st Dec. 1707, 
" found there was no ground for settling a 
second minister."] 

ANDKEW FULLARTON, chaplain to 
Sir Alex. Hope of Carse; called 
13th June 1706, and ord. 15th Oct. 

same year; trans, to Second Charge, Ayr, 

7th April 1708. 


[Disjoined from Falkirk and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra, 10th July 1914.] 

1898 J une 18 96; adm. to St Margaret's, 
Hawick, 3rd May 1898. 

189 _ Aug. 1898; res. 1899; assistant at 
Alloa; adm. to Craigrnore 8th Jan. 


1900 * e k 190 ° > adm * to Kilcreggan 17th 
Sept. 1908. 

1908 Springfield, Armadale, 27th April 
1872, son of John R. and Janet 
Wilson; educated at Bathgate Academy 
and Univ. of Edinburgh; MA. (1897); 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 1901 ; 
assistant at Cadzow (Ferniegair) ; ord. 28th 
Dec. 1908. He marr. 25th Feb. 1909, Amy, 
daugh. of George Wilson. 


( Chapel- of- Ease). 

1M7 from Galashiels ; educated at Evan- 
gelical Union Theol. Hall 1874; 
min. of E.U. Church, Bellshill, 1878-85 ; of 
E.U. Church, Falkirk, 1885-96; received 
into the Church of Scotland with most of 
the members and adherents of his con- 

VOL. I. 

gregation, and ord. to this charge 17th 
Nov. 1897 ; res. 1899 ; min. (1914) of South- 
bridge Presbyterian Church, Canterbury, 
New Zealand. He marr. 10th June 1889, 
Emma Madeleine Thompson, and has issue 
— George Winchester, born 7th March 1890 ; 
Irene Winchester, born 19th May 1891. 

JOHN M'LEAN, M.A., B.D. ; ord. 15th 
Aug. 1899; adm. to Maryton 5th 
Jan. 1905. 


WILLIAM SIMPSON, M.A. ; ord. 11th 
190Q April 1905; adm. to Fortrose 20th 
Aug. 1909. 


1910 G oreDrid S e > l 8tn 0ct - 1 872 > son of 
George P. and Janet Brunton ; edu- 
cated at Penicuik Public School, and Univ. 
of Glasgow; M.A (1900), B.D. (1903); 
assistant at St Michael's, Dumfries, and St 
George's, Glasgow ; ord. to Ruthrieston 15th 
Aug. 1906 ; trans, and adm. 11th Oct. 1910. 
He marr. 24th Oct. 1906, Jeanie, daugh. of 
A. Symington of Allanton, and has issue — 
Jeanie, born 13th Sept. 1907 ; George, born 
23rd March 1910; Helen, born 26th July 
1912. Publications — David Livingstone 
(Glasgow, 1902); Mazzini (Glasgow, 1905). 


[Disjoined from Whitburn and erected 
a parish quoad sacra by decreet of Court 
of Teinds, 8th July 1872. Church built in 

THOMAS BELL, ord. 14th May 1868 ; 
1868 trans, to Keig 6th July 1876. 

JOHN CONNOR, ord. 18th Jan. 1877 ; 
1877 res. 15th Feb. 1882; entered the 
Methodist Church and afterwards 
the Presb. Church of England ; died at 
Westmancote, Tewkesbury, 22nd Sept. 
1907. He marr. 30th April 1894, Elizabeth, 
daugh. of Joseph Wilson, Paisley. 

GAVIN CRAWFORD, born Quarter, 
laa _ Lanarkshire, 13th May 1850, son of 
William C. and Mary Hamilton ; 
educated at Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by 
Presb. of Hamilton 14th June 1876 ; ord. to 
Annbank, Ayr, 18th Oct. 1877 ; trans, and 




adm. 20th June 1882; died 18th Sept. 
1897. He marr. 24th Sept. 1884, Jessie 
Brown! ie, daugh. of Dr John Craig, Strath- 
aven, and had issue — Janet King, born 18th 
July 1885 ; Mary Hamilton, born 5th Jan. 
1887 ; Annie Margaret, born 24th Sept. 
1889 ; William, M.A., probationer, born 
26th April 1891 ; John, born 23rd Nov. 
1892; Gavin, born 20th Nov. 1896. 

18g8 Glasgow, 29th Sept. 1864, son of Peter 
M'A. and Annie Picken ; educated at 
Glasgow schools and Univ. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Glasgow June 1893 ; assistant in Renfrew 
Parish 1893-8 ; ord. 15th March 1898. Marr. 
27th April 1898, Christina Mackie, daugh. 
of Lyon Wilson, Glasgow, and has issue — 
Margaret Craig Wilson, born 6th Feb. 1899 ; 
Peter Douglas, born 15th Jan. 1901. 


[Disjoined from Falkirk and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra by Court of Teinds, 
6th Dec. 1875.] 

trans, from Keig, and adm. 3rd Feb. 
1876; res. 29th Nov. 1880, on app- 
as chaplain of the Scots Church, Paris. 

deen, 9th July 1852, son of James 
Stirling T., schoolmaster, Watten, 
Caithness; educated at Watten, and 
Grammar School and Univ. of Aberdeen ; 
M.A. (1874) ; licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen 
7th May 1878 ; ord. 13th April 1881. Marr. 
28th Sept. 1881, Margaret, daugh. of Alex- 
ander Walker, Aberdeen. 


[Declared a parish quoad sacra by the 
General Assembly, 29th May 1837. Dis- 
joined from Falkirk and erected a parish 
quoad sacra by decreet of Court of Teinds, 
7th June 1880. Church built in 1866.] 

lfiao May 1839 ; trans, to Flisk 14th April 



1846 as P roDa ti oner from 1846 till his ad- 
mission to Cameron 9th Sept. 1851 ; 
[afterwards Professor of Divinity, Univ. of 

WILLIAM HOLDOM, born Athelstane- 

1880 *° r( *' 9t ^ ^ U ^ 1816 ' SOn °^ Ri cnarc l 

H. and Janet Reid ; licen. by Presb. 
of Haddington 14th Feb. 1848 ; ord. to the 
Mission Station, Grangemouth, 7th Oct. 
1856; first min. of the parish 1880; died 
8th June 1884. Marr. 5th July 1859, 
Martha (died 24th May 1908), daugh. of 
James Marshall. 

1884 Glasgow, 18 ^h June 1854, son of 
William T. ; educated at Glasgow, 
and Kingston Univ., Canada ; B.A. (1878) ; 
licen. 1882; ord. 7th April 1884; adm. to 
this charge 8th Dec. following; died 5th 
Dec. 1908. Marr. 3rd April 1889, Catherine 
Mathie, daugh. of Alexander Macnie, writer, 
Glasgow, and had issue — William Alexander 
Miles, born 27th July 1890 ; George Miles, 
born 9th July 1891 ; Camilla Macnie, born 
12th Sept. 1892; Mary Miles, born 16th 
Nov. 1893; Catherine Mathie, born 4th 
Jan. 1895 ; John Somerville Miles, born 
2nd Feb. 1896, died 18th Dec. 1896 ; Daniel 
Macnie, born 2nd May 1897 ; Robert Macnie, 
born 18th Jan. 1899; Oswy Miles, born 
29th April 1900 ; Jean Marjorie, born 13th 
Sept. 1901 ; Jemima Anne Harrison, born 
11th Feb. 1904. 

lgog B.D.; ord. 26th April 1909; trans, 
to Gladsmuir 5th Feb. 1914. 

igi4 Aberdeen, 7th Feb. 1873; educated 
at Gordon's College and Univ. of 
Aberdeen ; M.A. (1895), B.D. (1903) ; licen. 
by Presb. of Aberdeen 1903 ; assistant at 
Irvine, and Abbey Parish, Edinburgh ; ord. 
8th May 1914. 

KERSE (Q.S.). 

[Disjoined from Falkirk and erected into 
a parish quoad sacra by decreet of Court of 
Teinds, 13th July 1906. Church and halls 
built in 1899.] 




1906 ^.A., B.D. ; ord. to Kerse Mission 
2nd Sept. 1897; trans, to West 
Coates Parish, Edinburgh, 1st Oct. 1909. 

lgl0 ord. by John Herbert Edwards, 
bishop of the Moravian Church ; 
received into the Church of Scotland as an 
ord. min. by General Assembly 13th May 
1907 ; adm. to this charge 2nd Feb. 1910 ; 
trans, to Hillhead, Glasgow, 12th Feb. 1914. 

1914 k° rn Rathven, 9th Sept. 1884, son 
of William B. ; educated at Gram- 
mar School, Keith, and Aberdeen and 
Edinburgh Univs. ; M.A. (Aberdeen 1904) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Strathbogie 1908; as- 
sistant at Hamilton ; ord. 6th May 1914. 


[Belonged to the Abbey of Holyrood ; 
united to Borrowstounness by Parliament, 
23rd Dec. 1669. A mere fragment of the 
ancient church of St Katherine is extant.] 

1567 JOHN JOHNSTON, exhorter, 1567. 

PETER HAMILTON, reader, 1571; 
trans, to Livingstone in 1585.— [Reg. 
Min. and Assign.] 

THOMAS PEEBLES, pres. to Bathgate, 
but ordered to remain 25th April 
1592 ; a member of Assembly in 
1602 and 1610; continued 22nd Oct. 1617. 
He had a son, John, boarded in the New 
College, St Andrews, 11th Dec. 1616, prob- 
ably min. of Kirkmichael; also a daugh., 
Margaret, wife of John Gibson, min. _at 
Dalmeny.— [Beg. Assig. ; Edin. Presb., Syn., 
and Test. Beg. ; Booke of the Kirk, Calder- 
wood's Hist.] 
JOHN PEEBLES, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
22nd July 1615); adm. 1618; died 
1618 March 1625, aged about 30. 

burgh, 28th July 1596; licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh 27th March 
1599; adm. to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 
probably only as assistant, and ord. 2nd 
June 1603 ; pres. by Anne, Marchioness of 
Hamilton, and adm. 1625. He was a 




member of the General Assembly 1638 ; 
died 2nd May 1648, aged about 72. He 
marr. (1) Bessie Panton, and had issue — 
Marion ; John ; Margaret ; James ; Robert, 
apprenticed 24th Aug. 1631 to John Dick- 
son, merchant, Edinburgh ; Richard ; John : 
(2) (cont. 2nd Jan. 1606 : Beg. of Deeds, 
cxc, 408) Elizabeth, daugh. of Robert 
Hamilton, merchant, Edinburgh, who sur- 
vived him. — [St Cuthbert's Sess. and Test. 
Beg., Livingstone's Life and Charac] 

WILLIAM WISHART, son of Alexander 
W., of the Pittarrow family, Forfar- 
shire, born Dec. 1621 ; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh, 15th April 1645); adm. 22nd Aug. 
1649. He joined the Protesters, and formed 
one of the Dissenting Presb. from 6th Aug. 
1651 to 11th Feb. 1659 ; he was confined to 
his chamber at Edinburgh by the Com- 
mittee of Estates, 15th Sept. 1660, and five 
days afterwards was imprisoned in the 
Tolbooth, where he remained for thirteen 
months, until released on the petition 
of the Presb. His stipend was seques- 
trated for his refusal to disown the Remon- 
strance or sign the bond for keeping the 
peace. On his wife petitioning Parliament, 
showing his sad condition, " as now prisoner 
in the Castle of Stirling, throw want of 
meanes, while ane numerous familie were 
dependant," an Act was passed, 29th Jan. 
1661, whereby "all arrears of stipend 
were ordered to be payed to her be the 
persones lyable in payment thereof." An- 
other half-year's stipend was paid to him- 
self. He was intercommuned by the 
Council, 6th Aug. 1675, for keeping con- 
venticles ; ordered 5th Feb. 1685 to be sent 
to His Majesty's plantations for declining 
the Test, but liberated from prison 
24th Aug. 1685, "upon giving bond with 
caution under 5000 merks to compear when 
called." At the Toleration he began to 
preach, and took charge of the congregation 
in Leith where he had his residence, 10th 
July 1687, promising to continue until a 
min. was settled, though he stands en- 
rolled as a min. in Presb. of Linlithgow at 
25th July 1688, and was appointed one of 
the Pres. Committee to General Meeting 
in Edinburgh, 1st May 1689 ; he died Feb. 




1692. He marr. Christian, daugh. of 
Richard Burne, a magistrate of Linlithgow, 
and had issue — Sir George, entered the 
army, and acquired the estate of Clifton- 
hall, Katho ; Sir James of Little Chelsea, 
admiral, commander-in-chief in the Medi- 
terranean, M.P. for Portsmouth, etc., died 
31st May 1723 ; William, Principal of the 
Univ. of Edinburgh (q.v.).— [S. Leith Sess., 
Test, and Edin. Reg. {Bur.) ; Wodrow's 
Hist, and Anal., iv. j Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Mun. Univ. Glasg., ii. ; Brodie's Diary.] 


[The church, which belonged to the 
Templars, dates from the 12th century. 
The south wall contains a partly restored 
Norman doorway, and there are other 
features of note.] 

WILLIAM STRANG, adm. May 1569 ; 
1569 trans * t° Irvine 1584. — [Reg. Min. 
and Assig., Boohe of the Kirk, Wod- 
row Miscell. and Biog., Test. Reg.] 

JAMES LAW, M.A. ; pres. by James 
VI. ; coll. and adm. 1585 ; rebuked 
by the Synod for playing football 
on the Lord's Day ; one of the Commis- 
sioners app. in 1589 for the maintenance of 
religion in the Sheriffdom of Linlithgow; 
app. Bishop of Orkney 1605, but probably 
continued here till his consecration 1610 ; 
Archbishop of Glasgow 1615 {q.v.). — [Act. 
Red. Univ. St And., Keith's Catal., Reg. 
Assig., BooTte of the KirTt, Row's and Calder- 
wood's Hists., Test. Reg.; Acts Pari. , iv.; Pit- 
cairn's Cr. Trials, ii. ; Livingston's Charac] 

JOHN BOOK, M.A. (Glasgow 1606). He 
had a recommendation to George, 
Archbishop of St Andrews, from the 
Presb. 13th Feb. 1611, testifying to him as 
a " very worthy young man, who had given 
good trial of his gifts and was well lyked 
by the parish," and was adm. 10th March 
1611 ; recommended as colleague to Adam 
Bellenden at Falkirk 1614; craved trans- 
portation there by reason of his mean 
and unsettled condition ; resolved to abide 
same year; George Thomson, "his guid- 
sone," was reader 1644; a brother, James 
Book, is mentioned in 1644 ; dep. 6th May 



1646, but had £100 promised him yearly, 
£80 being paid from the stipend, the Presb. 
making up the balance. Recommendations 
were granted in his favour by the Synod 
6th Nov. 1651, and by Parliament 13th 
March and 30th May 1661 ; died June 1663. 
He marr. Marion Inglis, and had issue — 
John, apprenticed to George Ker, tailor, 
22nd Nov. 1626; Robert, to Alexander 
Muir, skinner, 30th March 1631 ; Walter, 
to Robert Tait, merchant, 20th Jan. 1643 ; 
Alexander, to William Hamilton, tailor, 23rd 
Dec. 1646, all in Edinburgh.— [Mun. Univ. 
Glasg., iii. ; Cramond, Uphall, Torphichen, 
and Yester Sess., and Edin. Reg. {Bur.); 
Reg. Assig. and Old Dec. ; M'Ure's Glasg. 
Sed. Book of Teinds.'] 


GILBERT HALL, brother of Thomas 
H., min. at Lame; M.A. (Glasgow 
1642); ord. 9th Dec. 1646, when he 
promised to give £80 yearly of the stipend 
to his predecessor. He withdrew from 
the Presb., and assisted in forming the 
Protesting Presb. 1651. He had a call to 
Linlithgow 1655, which was annulled. He 
was one of the Commissioners for visiting 
the Universities, and authorising good and 
able men to fill the livings appointed for 
the ministry in the south of Scotland. 
Subscribing to the Remonstrance, he was 
imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle 23rd Aug. 
1660, and his stipend was sequestrated by 
the Committee of Estates. He was sus- 
pended by the Synod May 1661, and 
deprived by Act of Privy Council 1st Oct. 
1662. He was accused of attending con- 
venticles in 1672, and died 15th March 
1673, aged about 51. Principal Baillie 
said of him that he was "one of the 
greatest preachers in his time ; he had 
heard most of the celebrated preachers in 
England, the most noted in Holland, and 
the most considerable in Scotland, but, in 
his opinion, H. surpassed them all in a 
preaching gift." "He was of small 
stature, with a pleasing countenance, and 
an extraordinary voice." He marr. Cecil 
Inglis (alive in 1690), and had issue — 
George and Marion, twins, bapt. 8th Feb. 
1670; Alexander, entered apprentice to 
James Braid, merchant, Edinburgh, born 





14tli Feb. 1677; Janet (marr. Archibald 
Hamilton, min. of Cambuslang). — [Mun. 
Univ. Glasg., ii., iii. ; Edin. Guild, and 
Beg. (Bapt. and Bur.) ; Lamont's, Nicoll's, 
and Brodie's Diaries ; Kirkton's and Wod- 
row's Hist, and Anal. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Baillie's Lett., iii. ; Monteith's Mort., i.] 

JAMES WEMYSS, M.A.; pres. by 
1663 ^ ames > Archbishop of St Andrews; 
ord. 31st July, and adm. 3rd Aug. 
1663 ; D.D. (St Andrews, 18th April 1687) ; 
prom, to the Professorship of Divinity in 
Univ. of Glasgow 1688 (q.v.).—[Act. Beet. 
Univ. St And., Beg. Collat.; Mun. Univ. 
Glasg., iii.] 
JOHN MACKENZIE, third son of Donald 
M. of Loggie ; "served His Majesty 
seven years in foreign countries"; 
the edict for his admission was read at St 
Andrews, thirty miles distant, and not at 
K. ; the parish was declared vacant 16th 
Oct. 1690, there being no legal settlement ; 
he went to Holland, and died in London. 
— [MS. Ace. of Min., 1689 ; Hist, and Beg. 
Gen. Ass., 1690 ; Bule's Sec. Vindication.] 

THOMAS MILLEB, M.A. (Edinburgh 
1669); min. of Stranraer in 1689; 
called 8th March, and having pro- 
duced testificates of his ordination, was 
adm. 14th April 1691 ; died Jan. 1716, aged 
about 67. He marr. (name unknown), and 
had a son, William, min. in the Barbados. 
— [Nisbet's Her., ii.] 

JAMES HOUSTON, licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 16th May 1694 ; ord. to 
Bathgate 1st Sept. 1694 ; called 20th 
July ; trans, and adm. 26th Sept. 1716 ; died 
7th Jan. 1749. He marr. Isabel Baillie, who 
died 26th March 1762.— [Test. Beg.] 

JOHN DBYSDALE, pres. by George II. 
18th Feb., and ord. 9th Aug. 1749; 
trans, to Lady Yester's, Edinburgh, 
14th Aug. 1764. 

JAMES LINDSAY, licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 23rd Feb. 1732 ; tutor at 
Thirlestane Castle, Lauder ; ord. to 
Lauder 19th Aug. 1736; trans, to Dun- 
barney 20th June 1746; trans, to Loch- 
maben 9th Aug. 1750; pres. by George 
III. 21st Jan., trans, and adm. 16th July 





1765 ; died 2nd Nov. 1796, in 85th year.— 
[Carlyle'3 Autob.; Wilson's Pr., Perth; 
Kay's Portr., ii.] 

CHABLES BITCHIE, born 7th Dec. 
1794 ^65, s o n of John B., min. of Aber- 
corn ; licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 
31st Oct. 1792 ; pres. by George III. 20th 
March, and ord. (assistant and successor) 
19th June 1794 ; died 2nd Oct. 1825. He 
marr. 30th April 1821, Margaret (died 5th 
Aug. 1837), daugh. of Alexander Beid of 
Bathobank. Publication — A Sermon 
preached after the Death of John, Earl 
of Hopetoun (Edinburgh, 1823). 

ADAM DUNCAN TAIT, born 1802, son 
1826 °^ Walter T., min. of Trinity Parish, 
Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Kirk- 
caldy 21st Sept. 1825 ; pres. by George IV., 
and ord. 29th June 1826; died 10th Nov. 
1864. He marr. 4th Sept. 1829, Margaret 
Hill, who died 13th March 1873, and had 
issue — Walter, min. of St Madoes; Mary 
Jemima, born 1st Feb. 1833 (marr. Bobert 
Hutchison of Carlowrie) ; James Hill, min. 
of Aberlady. Publications — Bemarks on a 
Pamphlet by the Bev. James Buchanan 
(Edinburgh, 1840) ; Letter to the Moderator 
of the Church of Scotland (Edinburgh, 
1840) ; Letter to the Duke of Argyll on 
the Abolition or Modification of the Tests 
affecting Chairs in Universities (Edinburgh, 
1853); Letter to the Bight Hon. the Lord 
Justice-Clerk on the State of the Theological 
Faculties in the Univ. of Scotland (Edin- 
burgh, 1859) ; Account of the Parish {New 
Stat. Ace, i.). 

Lauder, 25th Oct. 1836, son of Mark 
L. and Margaret Bobertson ; educated 
at Lauder School and Edinburgh Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Lauder 9th June 
1863; pres. by Queen Victoria 31st Dec. 
1864; ord. 11th May 1865; died 18th 
Jan. 1879. He marr. 21st March 1872, 
Clara Elizabeth (died 29th Jan. 1875), 
daugh. of Thomas Price of Crickhowell. 

deen, 18th Aug. 1845, son of Alex- 
ander M., Aberdeen ; educated at 
Grammar School and Univs. of Aberdeen 
and Edinburgh; M.A. (Aberdeen 1863), 






B.D. (Edinburgh 1867) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Aberdeen 14th May 1867 ; ord. to Boharm 
4th Feb. 1869 ; trans, and adm. 31st July 
1879. Marr. 1st July 1884, Helen, daugh. 
of James Ogilvie, Edinburgh, and has issue 
—Helen Isabella, born 27th May 1885. 


[The church, previous to the Beformation, 
belonged to the Priory of St Andrews, and 
was dedicated to St Michael. Binny or 
Binning was united about 1564. Vide Fer- 
guson's Ecclesia Antigua for a complete 
account of the ecclesiastical annals of the 

PATBICK FBENCH, had been vicar 
1559 P rev i° us to the Beformation and 
continued in the charge. 

1fim LOCH, an Augustinian canon at St 
Andrews previous to the Beforma- 
tion; app. 1563, chaplain of the Trinity 
Altar in St Michael's Church, for the 
purpose of handing over its endowments 
to the town. Pres. to the vicarage by 
James VI., 3rd and 11th June 1574, 
having charge in that year, with the help 
of readers, of "Kynneill, Carriddin, and 
Bynnie." He was a member of Assembly 
when the Second Book of Discipline was 
confirmed. He was requested by the 
citizens of Edinburgh, 16th Oct. 1584, "to 
teache ane certane space," and "besought 
to remane" as one of their ministers, 
a committee being appointed by the 
Council "to agrie with him to be a 
minister in the burgh." The matter went 
no further. He was one of the nine " best 
learnit and maist qualified ministers within 
the diocese of St Andrews besouth the 
Forth" charged to compear before the 
Privy Council, 7th Dec. 1584, for not sub- 
scribing obedience to the Archbishop. He 
read answers for himself and his brethren, 
but submitted before the month closed. 
He was engaged by His Majesty, 2nd Jan. 
1586, with two of the Court ministers, 
to address his brethren for their submis- 
sion. He was nominated by the Secret 
Council, 6th March 1589, one of the com- 
missioners for the maintenance of true 

religion in the Sheriffdom of Linlithgow. 
At a visitation of the parish, 3rd July 1611, 
it is recorded, "Patrick Kinloquhy, auld 
minister, teaches none for his age and in- 
firmities" ; but the efficiency of his ministry 
is evidenced by the further entry : " Na 
excommunicates, na non-communicants, na 
papists except my Lady Linlithgow, na dis- 
obedients, na witches, na consultors." He 
died before 10th Dec. 1612. He marr. Helen 
Bell, and had issue — Patrick, who was on 
the exercise 12th March 1617; Andrew; 
Agnes (marr. Bobert Hally, min. of Airth) ; 
Elspeth ; Marian ; David. — [Winzet's Trac- 
tatis (Maitland Club, 1835); Reg. Min.; 
Zurich Lett., ii. ; Wodrow's Biog. and 
Miscell., Burgh Rec, Edin. Council Reg., 
Reg. Great Seal, Privy Council, Booke of 
the Kirk, Calderwood's Hist.; Ferguson's 
Eccl. Ant., and authorities quoted there.] 

BOBEBT COBNWALL, son of Nicol 
^ C. of Bonhard, provost of Linlith- 
gow; educated at the Grammar 
School, Linlithgow, and Univ. of 
Glasgow; M.A (1583); min. of Eccles- 
machan in 1588 ; trans, and adm. (col- 
league and successor) 1597 ; pres. by James 
VI. 16th April 1599; member of the 
Assembly of 1602 ; took an active part, in 
1604, in the prosecution of Patrick Aber- 
cromby of Bonnytoun, who, with his wife 
and mother, was accused of harbouring a 
Jesuit and of hearing Mass. He was 
nominated Constant Moderator of Presb. 
by the Assembly 1606; preached before 
the Linlithgow Assembly 1608 ; pres. to 
the vicarage by James VI. 20th April 1610, 
and the same year was one of a committee 
appointed by the Assembly to examine 
George, Marquess of Huntly, with full 
power, if they found him willing con- 
stantly to confess the true religion, to 
absolve him from sentence of excom- 
munication. In 1611 the vicarage tithe3 
were still held, and the pre-Beforma- 
tion manse occupied by the minister, but 
there was no glebe. A noteworthy feature 
of his ministry was the long but ineffectual 
prosecution, begun in 1612, of Helenor Hay, 
Countess of Linlithgow, for papistry. He 
died 5th June 1626, aged about 63. He 




marr. Jean, sister of Alexander Mowbray, 
and had issue— Janet; Alexander, min. of 
Muiravonside ; John (his successor); 
Robert ; Rachel (marr. cont. 23rd Oct. and 
3rd Nov. 1617, Ludovic Stewart, min. of 
Denny), who died before 1621 (G. B. 
Inhib.).—[Booke of the Kirk, Calderwood's 
Hist., Melvill's Autobiog., Beg. Assig., Privy 
Council, Minutes of Synod of Fife, Burgh 
Bee, Ferguson's Eccl. Ant] 

JOHN CORNWALL, son of preced- 
1626 * ng > pres ' k y Charles I. 16th June 
1626. In 1635 Cornwall was made 
a burgess of Linlithgow. At an in- 
fiuentially attended visitation of the 
parish by the Presb., 24th April 1641, it 
was considered that he "was not able 
sufficiently to bear the whole charge of 
the congregation, and therefore must have 
a helper." Commissioners were appointed, 
1st April 1642, to attend the Synod of 
Perth and Stirling, to procure the trans- 
lation of David Drummond from Muckhart 
to Linlithgow. Cornwall died April 1646. 
He marr. (perhaps as a second wife) Jean, 
daugh. of Duncan Balfour, St Andrews 
(G. B. Sas., xxxvii., 130), and had issue- 
Robert ; John, bapt. 7th March 1627, died 
in infancy ; Christian ; Jean ; Andrew, bapt. 
30th April 1640. — [Old Bee, iv.; Privy 
Council, Burgh, Presb., Sess., and Test. 
Begs.; Dempsterii Eccl. Hist., i.; Ferguson's 
Eccl. Ant.] 

DAVID DRUMMOND, M.A. j trans, 
from Second Charge; pres. by 
Charles I. 6th May, and adm. 2nd 
Sept. 1646; dep. 4th Oct. 1648, for his 
silence in not preaching against the un- 
lawful Engagement. A tumult broke out 
at the intimation of this sentence. He was 
reponed 14th Feb. 1655, and became min. 
of Moneydie. In 1665 the parishioners of 
Linlithgow petitioned him to return to 
them, but he declined on the ground of ill- 
health.— [Privy Council, Presb., Syn., and 
Burgh Bee; Guthrie's Mem., Peterkin's 
Bee, Ferguson's Eccl. Ant.] 

EPHRAIM MELVILL, son of Ephraim 
M., min. of Pittenweem, and grand- 
1660 son of James Melvill, the auto- 
biographer; M.A. (St Andrews 1629); 

chaplain to Christian, Lady Boyd ; ord. to 
Queensferry 30th Sept. 1641 ; declined a 
call to Livingstone 1646 ; nom. by the Kirk- 
session 16th Aug. 1649 ; trans, and adm. 
31st Jan. 1650. An unhappy difference di- 
vided the church in the following year into 
Resolutioners and Protesters. Adhering 
to the latter, he, with five others — Keith of 
Ecclesmachan, Kennedy of Calder, Row 
of Abercorn, Kinnear of Midcalder, and 
Wishart of Kinneil, being the minority — 
formed themselves into a presb. 6th Aug. 
1651. Attempts were made to heal the 
breach, but the remanent members (22nd 
June 1652) find "that they cannot unite, 
because of the reasons contained in their 
protestation." They continued separate till 
12th Feb. 1659, when they united. Melvill 
died April 1653, aged about 44, when he is 
styled " their late and worthie pastor." He 
marr. Bessie Yoole, who survived him ; 
she was buried in Greyfriars, Edinburgh, 
8th Oct. 1688, and had issue — Bessie; 
Eupham ; Katherine, bapt. 26th July 1652 
— who were served heirs-portioners, 28th 
Oct. 1656, and to whom Andrew M., mer- 
chant, Edinburgh, was served tutor, 4th 
June 1653. — [Test Beg., Lamont's and 
Brodie's Diaries, Wodrow's Anal.; Inq. Bet. 
Fife, 863— de Tut., 801.] 

G., tailor, Edinburgh; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh, 28th July 1648). "After 
seeking of God the most part of the day 
for direction," he was unanimously elected 
by the Session 26th April 1653, "having 
great abilities and a godlie conversation " ; 
adm. (by the Protesting or Remonstrant 
Presb., at Langlands, near Pardovan) 1st 
June 1653 ; died unmarr. March 1655, aged 
about 27— [Test. Beg. ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Bep. on Ch. Patronage.] 

WILLIAM WEIR, born probably in the 
county of Linlithgow ; M.A. (Edin- 
1655 burgh, 28th July 1648) ; licen. by the 
Protesting Presb. 18th May 1653; ord. to 
the Second Charge of this parish 6th 
Oct. same year; trans, and adm. 29th 
May 1655; removed by the Synod 1660. 
Refusing to deliver to the magistrates 




the parish registers, etc., he was im- 
prisoned by James Glen, provost, in the 
"Thieves Hole," and subsequently in the 
Palace for six weeks, till he complied with 
the orders. He went to Ireland and was 
min. again in 1691. — [Wodrow's Hist., i., ii. ; 
Reid's Ireland, ii.] 

JAMES RAMSAY, M.A. ; of the Resolu- 
m __ tionist or Moderate Presb. ; trans, 
from Kirkintilloch j adm. (on a call 
by the Presb. with a Committee of Synod) 
14th Sept. 1655. On a petition of the 
parishioners to the Synod, 8th Nov. 1656, 
bearing that he is "ane able, pious, and 
peaceable man and doth meet with many 
obstructions in the exercise of his minis- 
try, to the prejudice of the Lord's work 
and his discouragement, and desiring he 
may be encouraged in his calling," the 
Moderator, in their name, found and 
declared him to be lawfully called and 
admitted, " being farther confirmed in their 
judgment of his abilities, by his sermon 
preached this day before them." Coll. 
1662; trans, to Hamilton 1664; Bishop of 
Dunblane 1673 ; Bishop of Ross 23rd May 
1684 (g.v.). — [Beg. Collat. ; Kirkton's and 
Wodrow's Hists., i. ; Baillie's Lett., iii. ; 
Chambers's Ann., ii. ; Acts Pari., vii. ; 
Keith's Catalogue.'] 

ALEXANDER SETON, son of Alex- 
_ ander S. of Graden, and Margaret 
(or Janet?) Cornwall of Bonhard. 
In early life he qualified as a physician, 
but having studied divinity, was settled as 
a clergyman in England. He was pres. 
by the Archbishop, and inst. Oct. 1665. 
Frequently at war with the Town Council, 
and violently opposing their wish for the 
appointment of a second min., he was 
finally libelled on various scandalous 
counts, and dep. 29th Aug. 1690; died 
Nov. 1690. He marr. Anna Channell, an 
Englishwoman, who died May 1709, and 
had issue — Alexander, collector of Excise 
for East Lothian ; Ann (marr. Andrew 
Crawford of Lochcote). — [Test. Reg., Reg. 
Collat ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689 ; Fountain- 
hall's Dec, i. ; Reg. Gen. Ass., 1692.] 

WILLIAM WEIR, M.A., who had gone 
to Coleraine, Ireland, returned on a 
call given to him 21st June 1691 j 
was a member of the Assemblies 1691-2 ; 
died 1st July 1695, aged about 67. He 
marr. (1) Helen Hill, widow of John 
Maxwell, merchant, burgess of Glasgow, 
who .died before 10th Dec. 1669 (G. R. 
Inhib., 5th March 1670): (2) Katherine 
Lund, and had issue— James; Jean (marr. 
7th April 1695, Bailie John Waugh, Edin. 
Sas., lxxiii., 204). He bequeathed £100 
to the poor of Linlithgow. — [Burgh Reg., 
Wodrow's Hist. ; Reid's Ireland, ii., iii. ; 
Ferguson's Feci. Ant.] 

1699 William D., min. of Cramond ; licen, 
by Presb. of Linlithgow 18th July 
1688 ; ord. to Abercorn 1st Jan. 1690 ; called 
14th March, trans, and adm. 31st May 
1699 ; died 30th May 1726. He marr. (1) 
(name unknown) : (2) Joan (died May 1701), 
daugh. of Robert Marshall, ship captain, 
South Queensferry: (3) 29th Oct. 1702, 
Susanna, daugh. of Duncan Campbell of 
Auchlyne, and had issue — William, died 
Dec. 1716 ; Robert (his successor) ; Christian 
(marr. her cousin, William Dalgleish of 
Scotscraig) ; Susanna ; Marion ; Elizabeth ; 
Jane (marr. Robert Spears, min. of Second 
Charge). — [Edin. Reg. (Marr.).] 

1*127 1693, son of preceding; licen. by 
Presb. of Linlithgow 16th Sept. 1719 ; 
ord. to Second Charge 4th Aug. 1720; 
called 22nd Dec. 1726 ; pres. by the Presb. 
jure devoluto } trans, and adm. 25th Jan. 
1727; died 9th Aug. 1758. He marr. 
Aug. 1723, Susanna (died 24th Jan. 1764), 
daugh. of John Symmers, accountant in the 
Equivalent office, and had issue — William, 
min. of Livingston; Robert. — [Carlyle's 

JAMES HOGG, licen. by Presb. of 

17 _ g Linlithgow 5th March 1735 ; tutor 

to the family of Sir Charles Douglas 

of Kellhead ; ord. to Kirkbean 3rd Sept. 

1745 ; pres. by George II. 27th Jan. 1759 ; 




trans, and adm. 8th Aug. 1759; officiated 
as principal clerk of Assembly in 1762 ; 
killed by a fall from his horse, 6th May 
1778. He is described as "a man of 
good heart, and uncommon generosity." — 
[Morren's Ann., Carlyle's Autob.] 

JOHN SCOTLAND, trans, from 
i , 7 t 78 Westerkirk ; pres. by George II. 
20th Aug., and adm. 17th Dec. 
1778 ; trans, to New Greyfriars, Edin- 
burgh, 13th Oct. 1791. 

JAMES DOBIE, licen. by the North- 
1TO2 umberland Class, and received by 
the Presb. of Kelso 5th Jan. 1773; 
ord. to Mid-Calder 27th July same year ; 
pres. by George III., trans, and adm. 15th 
June 1792; D.D. (Edinburgh, 5th April 
1806); died 10th Nov. 1826, in 81st year. 
He marr. (1) 16th April 1778, Isabella 
Stodart, who died 26th April 1779, and 
had issue — James, bapt. 13th April 1779, 
died May 1781 : (2) 29th Nov. 1782, Joanna 
Henry, died 7th March 1800, and had 
issue — Thomas, died in infancy; Henry, 
born 30th Jan. 1783; William, born 1785; 
James, born 29th Sept. 1786 ; George 
Stodart, born 19th June 1788, died 1864. 
Publication — A Sermon preached after the 
Deaths of Lord President Blair and Vis- 
count Melville (Edinburgh, 1811) ; Account 
of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xiv.). 

ANDREW BELL, son of John B., farmer, 
182*7 Tarvit, Fife; educated at Univ. of 
St Andrews; licen. by Presb. of 
Linlithgow 31st Dec. 1817; ord. to Tor- 
phichen 28th March 1822 ; pres. by George 
IV., trans, and adm. 20th June 1827 ; 
D.D. (St Andrews, 10th July 1842); 
Moderator of Assembly 24th May 1855; 
died 7th Feb. 1862. He marr. 6th Aug. 
1861, Clementina Napier (died 27th Feb. 
1862), widow of Henry Glassford of Dougal- 

DONALD MLEOD, B.A. ; trans, from 

1862 Lauder > P res - °y Queen Victoria 29th 

March 1862 ; adm. 10th July 1862 ; 

trans, to The Park Parish, Glasgow, 24th 

June 1869. 

ARCHIBALD SCOTT, trans, from 
186g Maxwell, Glasgow; pres. by Queen 
Victoria 5th July 1869, and adm. 
23rd Sept. 1869 ; trans, to Greenside, Edin- 
burgh, 21st Sept. 1871. 

18*72 trans. f rom Tron, Glasgow ; pres. by 
Queen Victoria 30th Nov. 1871, and 
adm. 16th May 1872 ; trans, to the chapel 
at Pollokshields, Glasgow, 20th June 

JAMES BARCLAY, M.A. ; trans, from 
1876 Canonbie and adm. 14th Dec. 1876; 
trans, to St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, 
16th May 1878. 

JOHN FERGUSON, born Kilwinning, 
1878 10th Dec. 1846, son of Peter F., 
farmer, and Marion Kerr; educated 
at Stewarton School and Univ. of Glasgow ; 
licen. by Presb. of Irvine 9th Jan. 1872 ; 
assistant at Townhead and Coatbridge ; ord. 
to Johnstone, Renfrewshire, 11th Sept. 1873 ; 
trans, to Townhead, Glasgow, 21st Sept. 
1876; trans, and adm. 10th Dec. 1878; 
D.D. (Glasgow 1908). Initiated a move- 
ment (advocated by several of his prede- 
cessors) for restoring the ancient Parish 
Church of St Michael. So extensive was 
the work that two years and a half were 
required for its execution, and an expendi- 
ture of upwards of £8000. He died 8th July 
1913. He marr. (1) 6th Jan. 1874, Esther 
Struthers (died 10th May 1882), daugh. of 
Gilbert Johnston, min. of Shettleston, and 
had issue — Peter, born 18th Jan. 1875; 
Jane Briggs Burns, born 18th July 1876, 
died 4th Feb. 1899 ; Marion Ker, born 24th 
Dec. 1877, died 23rd March 1878 ; Esther 
Struthers, born 28th Feb. 1879, died 2nd 
Dec. 1888; Marion Ker, born 24th Dec. 
1880; Gilbert Johnston, born 17th April 
1882: (2) 14th Feb. 1894, Mary Jane, 
daugh. of John Miller Richard of Clarendon, 
Linlithgow. Publications — Sermon, Rest 
from War (Edinburgh, 1882) ; Ecclesia An- 
tiqua, or the History of an Ancient Church 
{St Michael's, Linlithgow), with an Account 
of its Chapels, Chantries, and Endowments 
(Edinburgh, 1905) ; Linlithgow Session 
Lands (Edinburgh, 1907) ; Linlithgow 




Palace, its History and Traditions (Edin- 
burgh, 1910). 

ROBERT COUPAR, born St Cyrus, 

1914 9tn ^- pril 1868 ' SOn °* ^ 0lin ^" and 
Eliza Lyall Blackie ; educated at 

Fordoun School and Univ. of St Andrews ; 
M.A. (1888), B.D. (1891); licen. by Presb. 
of Fordoun 6th May 1894; assistant at 
Forfar ; ord. to Macduff 24th June 1894 ; 
trans, to Errol 1st Aug. 1900; trans, and 
adm. 28th Jan. 1914. He marr. 25th Dec. 
1894, Isabella, daugh. of John Nicoll, Bell- 
field House, Forfar, and has issue — Sydney 
Bell Nicoll, born 18th July 1897. 

Second Charge. 

[From 1630 until 1751 there was a Second 
Charge in Linlithgow. In 1630 the Magis- 
trates and Town Council appointed a com- 
mittee " to confer with the heritors, to seek 
their advice for placing of ane second 
minister, and their help whereby he shall 
be entertained." While the matter was 
under consideration, John Cornwall engaged 
Andrew Stewart, M.A., to act as colleague. 
Stewart failed to satisfy the community, 
and in Oct. 1638, and finally in Dec. 1639, 
the Town Council repudiated all liability 
to contribute anything towards his support. 
In 1641, steps were taken, resulting in the 
erection of a Second Charge, which con- 
tinued till it was declared by the Lords of 
Session, 15th Feb. 1751, to be no benefice, 
and was suppressed.] 

from Muckhart, and adm. 21st April 
1642 ; he had a protection from 
Montrose Aug. 1645 ; was a member of the 
Commission in 1646, and was trans, to First 
Charge 2nd Sept. same year. — [Acts of 
Assembly, Mem. of Montrose, Eccl. Ant., 
Hist, of House of Drummond.] 


THOMAS INGLIS, M.A.; ord. 26th 
1648 April 1648 ; dep. 27th Sept. there- 
after, for "lightly esteeming the 
ministry and being confirmed in malig- 
nancie" (silence in not preaching against 
the unlawful Engagement). He was re- 

poned 12th Jan. 1654 (afterwards min. of 
Whittingehame).— [Mun. Univ. Glasg., iii. ; 
Presb. of Lanark.] 

WILLIAM WEIR, M.A. ; called 9th 
1653 ^ une ( UQ der the Protesting Presb.); 
ord. 6th Oct. 1653 ; inhibited by the 
Synod 10th May 1654, " being not lawfully 
called and tried"; trans, to First Charge 
in 1655. — [Pep. on Ch. Patronage.] 

WILLIAM BROWN, called 18th June 
1655 and ord. 12th Sept. 1655. "Con- 
sidering the constant averseness of 
Mr B. to remain in L., because of the non- 
subjection of the bodie of the people to his 
ministry, and with all the earnest desyr of 
the said Mr W. that the Presb. wad tak in 
consideration how manie calls and invita- 
tions have bene repelled by him heirtofore 
fra several congregations quhair they had 
the Presbyteries advice, and that the 
Presb. would do nothing for the easing 
of his spirit, the Presb. (16th Dec. 1657) 
advise him to abide for one year, and if he 
sail not within that time be settled in L., 
or in any other place of the Presb., satisfy- 
ingly to himself, they will not lay any 
farther bands on him to abide at L." He 
went to Carnwath before 5th July 1660. — 
[Biggar Presb. Reg., Livingston's Charac., 
Rep. on Ch. Patronage.] 

JOHN BURNETT, M.A. ; called by 
the Heritors and Town Council 1st 
Oct. 1672; Alexander Seton of the 
First Charge protesting that nothing be 
done to the prejudice of him or his suc- 
cessors by decreet of locality; ord. 9th 
Jan. 1673; trans, to Culross in 1676. — 
[Reg. Collat.] 

PATRICK TRENT, born July 1643, son 
1687 °^ William T., min. of Haddington ; 
educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; 
M.A. (31st July 1662); licen. by George, 
Bishop of Edinburgh 4th June 1664 ; adm. 
min. of Coulter 1664; trans, to Crichton 
1671 ; trans, to Temple 28th Sept. 1676 ; 
dep. for not taking the Test 1681 ; adm. 
to this charge 19th Oct. 1687; again dep. 
by the Privy Council 15th Aug. 1689, for 
not reading the Proclamation of the 
Estates, not praying for King William and 





Queen Mary, and praying for King James, 
and that God would restore the banished ; 
died 4th Nov. 1728. He marr. (1) 3rd Aug. 
1667, Christian Hog, in the parish of 
Haddington : (2) before 1699, Christian 
Sleich, and had issue — John, writer, Edin- 
burgh ; Janet (marr. 9th Aug. 1724, Robert 
Meldrum, son of Robert Meldrum, min. of 
Yester); Agnes (marr. Alexander Duncan, 
writer, Edinburgh) ; Christian. — [Hadding- 
ton Sess., Test., and Edin. Reg. {Bur.); 
Peterkin's Constitution of the Church.] 

ANDREW BARCLAY, chaplain to the 
1700 f am ily °f Livingston, and nephew of 
Geo. B., min. of Uphall; licen. by 
Presb. of Linlithgow 5th July 1699 ; called 
5th June, and ord. 14th Aug. 1700; res. 
6th Aug. 1718 j died 27th Feb. 1721. He 
marr. (1) 25th Aug. 1700, Katherine Clay- 
ton, Kirkhill, Uphall, and had issue — 
Francisca ; Janet : (2) 28th May 1705, 
Agnes, daugh. of John Brown, merchant, 
burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue — 
George ; Margaret ; Janet ; William j 
Robert ; Agnes ; Alexander. — [Edin. Beg. 
(Marr. and Eur.); Morrison's Digest and 
Dec, x.] 


1720 18th Nov. 1719 ; ord. 4th Aug. 1720 ; 

trans, to First Charge 25th Jan. 1727. 

ROBERT SPEARS, M.A. ; called 22nd 
1728 Nov. 1727; ord. 3rd April 1728; 
trans, to Burntisland 15th Sept.. 



1887 9th Aug. 1887; adm. to Juniper 
Green 28th March 1892. 

[ROBERT GALBRAITH, afterwards of 
Fordoun, was in charge from 1893 as a 
probationer ; and William Burnett, B.D., 
afterwards of Restalrig, in 1898.] 

THOMAS LUGTON, born Swinton, 
1899 Berwickshire, 20th Jan. 1861, son 
of Andrew L. and Jane Lugton ; 
educated at Swinton Parish School, Well- 
field Academy, Duns, and Univ. of Edin- 

burgh; M.A. (1880); licen. by Presb. of 
Duns 1884 ; assistant at Eskdalemuir, 
Monigaff, etc. ; ord. 5th May 1895 for 
service in India; adm. to Kingscavil 9th 
Dec. 1899. 


[The church, previous to the Reforma- 
tion, belonged to the Abbey of Holyrood- 

JOHN CLAPPERTON, a native of 

lg7 Berwickshire; exhorter, Nov. 1570; 

trans, to Hutton, in the Merse, 

Candlemas 1571. — [Eooke of the Kirk, 

Reg. Min.] 

ROBERT HODGE had a glebe assigned 
lg7 him by the Superintendent on his 
visitation, 5th Nov. 1573 (Acts and 
Dec, Hi., 320) ; trans, to Bathgate. 

1578 in 1574; adm. in 1578. "Being of 
meane literature he humblie desyrit 
the Kirk, Oct. 1581, to grant him license 
to gang to some Universitie within this 
country, quher he may studie in theologie, 
and have some kirk neir adjacent ther, 
quher he may travell in the ministrie, in 
the meantyme ; so meikle the rather as he 
hes obtainit leive of his flocke," to which 
request they consented. — [Reg. Assig., Eooke 
of the Kirk, Edin. Presb. Reg., Row's Hist.] 

PETER HAMILTON, trans, from Kin- 
1 neil 1585; pres. by James VI. 12th 
Feb. 1595 ; still min. in 1601.— [Reg. 

1610 Andrews 1592); app. same year 
master of the Grammar School at 
Linlithgow, and reader in the church 
there, with " the cure of keeping the knok 
and horologe of the said burgh in guid 
ordor and temper," at a salary of "ane 
hundreth merks " annually, and the school 
fees; min. of Muiravonside 1598; trans, 
and adm. 1610; died March 1616, aged 
about 44. He marr. Beatrix Muirhead, 
and had issue — Robert and Beatrix, to 
whom their uncle, Oliver Monipenny, was 
served nearest heir, 20th June 1616. — 




[Test. Beg., Reg. Assig. ; Inq. Ret. de Tut., 
223, 224.] 

JAMES ROSS, M.A. (Edinburgh, 25th 
1Q1Q July 1612); pres. by Sir Walter 
Dundas of that ilk, and ord. 16th 
Oct. 1616 ; died May 1641, aged about 49. 
He marr. Elizabeth Ker, who died Aug. 
1663, and had issue — James, served heir 
to John Ross, in Tartraven, his great- 
grandfather, 29th Dec. 1641 {Stirling Sas., 
vii., 348) — he chose curators 24th March 
1642, his nearest kin on his father's side 
being Robert Ross in Parkhall and William 
Ross in Nuick, and on his mother's side 
Robert Ker, sheriff and town-clerk of 
Linlithgow, and Dr Andrew Ker, his son 
{Linlithgow Sher. Court Boohs); Agnes 
(marr., cont. 13th Sept. 1661, Patrick Weir, 
apothecary at Calder); Elizabeth {ibid., 
29th Nov. 1665).— [Test. Reg. {Stirl.) ; Reg. 
Old Dec, iii., iv.] 

PATRICK SHIELLS, M.A.; pres. by 
1641 Walter Murray of Livingston, and 
ord. 9th Dec. 1641 ; trans, to West 
Calder 12th June 1645. 

JOHN LOTHIAN, son of John L., min. 
1646 of Monkland ; M. A. (Glasgow 1639) j 
pres. by the Laird of Livingston, 
and ord. 24th Nov. 1646 ; died 3rd Nov. 
1670, aged about 52. He marr. Beatrix, 
daugh. of Patrick Craig, merchant, burgess 
of Edinburgh, and widow of John Green- 
lees, servitor to Sir John Gilmour {G. R. 
Inhib., 23rd April 1675). His brother 
William was served heir 9th Jan. 1674, 
and seised in the lands of Paddocken 
11th July following. — [Mun. Univ. Glasg., 
iii. ; Tombst. ; Sasines, Lanark ; Inq. Ret. 
Gen. 295, 326; Morrison's Digest, and 
Dec, i.] 

1672 ^ cen - by George, Bishop of Edin- 
burgh, 10th March 1669 ; ord. 1672 ; 
died 19th Oct. 1674.— [Reg. Gollat., Test. 
Reg., Tombst.'] 

GEORGE HONYMAN, son of David H. 

1675 °^ Piteurahney, and brother of Bishop 

Honyman; M.A. (St Andrews, 19th 

July 1664); adm. to Sandwick, Orkney, 

1673; trans, and adm. 1675. Outed in 
1688, he went to Crail and continued to 
carry on the work of the ministry. In 
1710 the Presb. of St Andrews libelled him 
"for his intrusion there, for his introduc- 
ing innovations into the worship of God, 
by using the English Liturgie, omitting to 
pray for Queen Anne, and praying for the 
Pretender, or in terms which may com- 
prehend the Pretender, as well as our 
lawful Sovereign." He was alive at Crail, 
1729. He marr. Beatrix, daugh. of Alex- 
ander Pearson, merchant, Edinburgh (cont. 
24th April 1682, Reg. of Deeds, Dal., 20th 
June 1688), and had issue — George. — 
[St Andrews Presb., Fife Syn., Edin. 
Guild and Reg. {Bapt.) ; MS. Ace of Min., 
1687 ; Wodrow's Hist., MS. Communic 

JOHN SMITH, licen. by Presb. of 
16g2 Paisley 26th Feb. 1690 ; called 19th 
June, and ord. 17th Aug. 1692 ; died 
31st March 1717. He marr. 5th March 
1703, Bethia, eldest daugh. of Thomas 
Baillie of Polkemmet, and had issue — 
James. His brother Thomas was tenant 
in Nether Williamston. — [Test. Reg.] 


ROBERT HUNTER, pres. by Sir James 
Cunninghame of Milncraig, and ord. 
5th May 1718 ; died 13th Dec. 1751. 
He marr. 2nd April 1721, Eupham, daugh. 
of David Blair, min. of St Giles, Edin- 
burgh, and had issue — Jean.— [Test. Reg.] 


May 1727, eldest son of Robert D., 
one of the min. of Linlithgow ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh, 24th April 1744); licen. 
by Presb. of Linlithgow 6th Dec. 1749; 
pres. by the Commissioner for Sir David 
Cunninghame of Milncraig, Bart., and ord. 
8th Nov. 1752; died unmarr. 29th Dec. 


ROBERT WISHART, licen. by Presb. 
of Linlithgow 30th March 1756; 
called 23rd Oct. 1760; ord. 15th 
April 1761 ; died 7th Jan. 1802, aged 69. 
He marr. 29th Oct. 1765, Mary (died 29th 
Sept. 1778), daugh. of Andrew Gloag, min. 




of West Calder, and had issue— George, 
born 22rd Oct. 1766, lost at sea 1791 ; 
William Augustus, born 18th May 1768, 
died March 1796 ; Andrew, born 29th Sept. 
1770; Jean, born 4th March 1773, died 
12th Jan. 1801 ; Elizabeth, born 3rd Nov. 
1774, died May 1795 ; Charlotte, born 5th 
Aug. 1776, died Nov. 1794. 

1802 k° rn H tn May 1774, son of James R., 
min. of Ratho; M.A. (St Andrews 
1797) ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 26th 
Oct. 1796 j pres. by Sir William A. Cunning- 
hame, Bart., and ord. 23rd Sept. 1802. On 
his father's death the parishioners of Ratho 
unanimously but unsuccessfully petitioned 
the patron for his succession. Died 6th 
March 1855. He marr. 4th March 1803, 
Alice (died 17th Feb. 1860, aged 80), 
daugh. of George Lindsay, surveyor of 
Customs, Inverness, and had issue — James, 
born 18th Feb. 1804, died 12th July 1827; 
Elizabeth, born 10th Aug. 1805; George 
Lindsay, born 11th May 1807, died 29th 
Aug. 1831 ; Jean, born 4th Dec. 1808 ; Mary 
Anne, born 29th July 1810, died 20th Feb. 
1816; John, born 29th April 1812; Alex- 
ander Hamilton, born 2nd April 1814, died 
5th Aug. 1832 ; Alice Lindsay, born 19th 
Nov. 1815; Helen Laing, born 11th May 
1817; Andrew Dalziel, born 8th Feb. 

JOHN LAING, born Edinburgh, 16th 
Feb. 1809, son of John L., factor at 
1842 Dalmeny, and Mary Fyfe ; educated 
at the High School and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh ; 
pres. by Archibald, Earl of Rosebery, 5th 
Oct. 1841 ; ord. to Livingston (assistant and 
successor) 13th Jan. 1842. Joined the Free 
Church; min. of Livingston F.C. 1843; 
res. 1845 ; became Presbyterian chaplain at 
Gibraltar 1846, and at Malta 1847 ; app. 
Librarian of the New College, Edinburgh, 
1850 ; died 3rd April 1880. He marr. 29th 
Aug. 1843, Catherine (died 16th Feb. 1869), 
daugh. of Macduff Fyfe, West Indies, and 
had issue — Mary, died young; Catherine; 
Fanny. Publications — Catalogue of the 
Printed Books and Manuscripts in the 
Library of the New College, Edinburgh 

(1868) ; A Dictionary of Anonymous and 
Pseudonymous Literature of Great Britain, 
4 vols. (1882-8). [After the death of 
Samuel Halkett the materials collected by 
him for this work were entrusted to Laing, 
who more than doubled the store. Laing 
died before the publication of the work, 
which was completed and edited by his 
daughter Catherine.] 


JOHN GARDNER of Knightsridge, born 
2nd Nov. 1804, son of James G., 
min. of Tweedsmuir; educated at 
Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh ; assistant at Inveresk ; pres. by 
Archibald John, Earl of Rosebery, 6th Dec. 
1843; ord. (assistant and successor) 25th 
Jan. 1844; died unmarr. 23rd Feb. 1878. 


THOMAS AITON, born Kirkintilloch, 
22nd Dec. 1841, son of William A. 
and Agnes Hamilton ; educated at 
Glasgow Univ.; B.A. (1859); licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 13th June 1866; assistant 
at High Church, Paisley, and St Mary's, 
Dundee; ord. to Sauchie Chapel-of-Ease 
25th May 1869; trans, on presentation by 
Archibald Philip, Earl of Rosebery, 11th 
May, and adm. (assistant and successor) 
5th July 1872. Marr. 7th Sept. 1880, Jane 
Charteris, daugh. of Robert Scott, Brother- 
ston, West Calder, and has issue — Jane 
Charteris Scott, born 1881 ; Agnes Hamil- 
ton, born 1884; Marjory, born 1888; 
William, born 1889 ; Adam Charteris, born 
1891 ; Robert Scott, born 25th April 1896. 


[The parish originally formed part of 
Falkirk. After being served by a min. for 
about sixty years, it was disjoined, and 
erected by Parliament 10th June 1648. 
Manuel, the old name, was taken from the 
Cistercian Nunnery of Emmanuel, founded 
by Malcolm IV. in 1156.] 


WILLIAM KEIR, M.A.; adm. 1591; 
trans, to Ecclesmachan in 1597. — 
[Reg. Assig.] 




15g8 after 26th Sept. 1598; in 1607-8 
Livingston was also in the charge; 
removed to Livingston in 1610. — [Act. Beet. 
Univ. St Andrews, Edin. and Stirling Presb. 
Begs., Beg. Assig., Calderwood's Hist.] 

ROBERT THOMSON, adm. 1612 ; trans. 

1612 t0 Torrvburn 0ct - 1615 > " but ne 
knawis not quhat ordour he will 

tak, be reason of the great opposition that 

he hears will be made." 

ROBERT HALLEY, adm. 1616 ; trans. 
1616 to Airth 1626. 

162*7 ^ ober ^ C, min. of Linlithgow ; licen. 
4th Dec. 1622 ; ord. 8th April 1627 ; 
pres. by Charles I. in 1633; on 10th Feb. 
1637 he received from Linlithgow Town 
Council a payment of £10 for " reading the 
prayers " in his brother's kirk ; he was in 
necessitous circumstances 14th March 1639 ; 
was accused of "invading James Muir, 
within the burgh of Linlithgow, with ane 
drawn quhinger, who had used insulting 
and provoking language to him, and of 
intromitting with the Session funds," and 
suspended by Presb. 2nd Dec. 1640 till 
next Synod ; demitted 1641, and deposed. 
He was to leave the country, 27th Sept. 
1643, to " seik employment in the pastoral 
function." Being in distressed circum- 
stances, he received pecuniary aid from 
several kirk-sessions between 1646 and 
1649; schoolmaster and precentor at 
Kettins 1st Sept. 1650. He represented 
to that Session that he had not whereon 
to live, and desired the loan of £8 from 
the box, which he promised to pay out of 
his first salary. In May 1652 he was under 
a sentence of excommunication for marry- 
ing and baptizing irregularly; and was 
alive May 1659. He marr. Marion Hamil- 
ton, and had issue — Elizabeth; Janet; 
Alexander ; Jean. — [Linlithg., Kettins, 
Falkirk, Dunferml., and Carnock Sess. 
Begs. ; Nicoll's Diary.] 

JOHN BRUCE, born 1608 ; M.A. (Edin- 

1642 burgh, 27th July 1628); pres. by 

James, Lord Livingston of Almond, 

21st June 1641 ; adm. 31st Aug. 1642. 

His decreet of locality having been 
destroyed by the burning of his house, 
and the registers lost, he obtained another, 
7th Dec. 1664. Although some of the 
heritors " were ready to propone that their 
proportion was above the worth of their 
teinds," the Commissioners repelled their 
objections, as "they had been in constant 
use these eighteen years of paying that 
proportion ; and they and their pre- 
decessors had bought the land with the 
burden of that locality, and so they had 
no prejudice thereby." He died before 20th 
March 1672. Isobel Ker, his widow, claimed 
the ann, which was resisted, as she had 
not been confirmed executrix. The Lords, 
however, 16th July 1673, "found no neces- 
sity of confirmation of the Ann." He 
interdicted himself at the instance of 
Isobel Ker, his wife, and Andrew Ker 
of Littledean, 27th Feb. 1665 {Beg. of 
Deeds, Mack.). A son, James, died in 
1648. — [Connel on Tithes, iii. ; Morrison's 
Digest and Diet., Tombst. ; Baillie's 
Lett., ii.] 

HEW BLAIR, M.A.; ord. and adm. 
(helper) 31st Oct. 1655; trans, to 
Rutherglen 1661. — [Glasg. Beg. 
(Bapt.) ; Baillie's Lett., iii., and Mem.] 


[There is no trace of a settlement between 
1661 and 1667.] 

ANDREW UR1E, licen. by George, Bishop 
1QffJ of Edinburgh, 7th Feb. 1667; pres. 
by Alexander Livingstone of Almond 
(Decreets, Durie, 12th Nov. 1672) ; ord. 30th 
July 1667. The Communion cups (1676) 
bear his name. In April 1685 Peter Gillies, 
waulker (bleacher of cloth), of Skirling, a 
Covenanter, was apprehended at his instiga- 
tion and executed at Mauchline a month 
afterwards. Urie was outed by the rabble 
and deserted his cure 1689 ; died in Edin- 
burgh, 14th Oct. 1707, in his 71st year. 
He marr. Katherine Kinnear (Stirling 
Sas., loth June 1688), and had issue 
— Margaret (marr. April 1706, Charles Bell, 
W.S.) ; Anna (marr. John Bethune, younger, 
of Craigfoodie) ; Elizabeth; Mary. — [Beg. 
Collat., Test, and Edin. Beg. (Marr. and 




Bur.), Wodrow's Hist. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 

16W MA. ; called 31st May, and adm. 4th 
Aug. 1691 ; trans, to Queensferry 27th 
Dec. 1693. 

ANDREW BENNETT, called 31st 
1696 March, and ord. 13th May 1696; 
died 20th Aug. 1720. He marr. 
Elizabeth Livingston, who survived him, 
and had issue — Andrew ; Margaret ; Bettie ; 
Patrick, min. of Polmont ; William, min. of 
Duddingston ; Anna ; John.— [Test. Reg. 

ROBERT BOYD, licen. by Presb. of 
1721 Linlithgow 16th Sept. 1719; called 
15th March, and ord. 16th Aug. 1721 ; 
one of those who dissented from the de- 
position of the eight Seceders 15th May 
1740; died 8th Jan. 1768. He marr. 31st 
Jan. 1723, Alison Douglas. — [Beg. Gen. 
Ass., 1740; Morren's Ann., i.] 

JOHN BERTRAM of Millhall, son of 
^ John B., farmer at Woodlee; licen. 
by Presb. of Dunbar 7th Dec. 1743; 
assistant at Monimail 1748; afterwards 
min. at Whitby, Devonshire; pres. by 
George III. 22nd Jan., and adm. 8th June 
1768; died 23rd Dec. 1802, aged above 80. 
He marr. (1) 20th Nov. 1770, Mary (died 
14th Nov. 1771), natural daugh. of Lieut. 
Michael Bruce of Millhall in Polmont Parish 
(Privy Seal Reg., x., 139): (2) 7th May 
1790, Janet (died 20th March 1833), daugh. 
of James Baird, Inveravon, Bo'ness, sister 
of Principal Baird, and widow of John 
Henderson, brewer, Linlithgow, and had 
issue — Marion Spottiswood, born 5th March 
1791 ; John, born 16th Aug. 1792. Publica- 
tion — Account of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. 
Ace, i.).— [Kay's Portr.] 


WILLIAM M'CALL, pres. by George 
III., and ord. 1st Sept. 1803; died 
unmarr., 30th Dec. 1833, in his 
67th year. On 11th Dec. 1825, burglars 
broke into his manse, and violently 
assaulted him, carrying off money and 

other valuables. Two Union Canal barge- 
men were tried for the crime at the 
Stirling Circuit, 20th April 1826, one of 
whom was condemned to death, 26th 

burgh, 28th Jan. 1800, son of John 
MacF. of Kirkton, advocate, and 
Christian Wardrop; qualified as advocate, 
8th June 1824 ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
5th Aug. 1831 ; pres. by William IV. and 
ord. 16th May 1834; died 20th Feb. 1871. 
He marr. 31st Oct. 1837, Matilda Marianne 
(died 16th Sept. 1890), daugh. of Captain 
John Christie, 78th Regiment, and Matilda, 
daugh. of William Morehead of Herbert- 
shire, and had issue — John Morehead, 
M.D., born 14th Sept. 1838 ; Matilda, born 
14th March 1840; Christian, born 9th Oct. 
1841 (marr. Archibald Campbell, Edin- 
burgh); Anne, born 29th March 1843; 
James, min. of Ruthwell; Jane, born 7th 
Jan. 1847 (marr. Robert Charles Menzies, 
papermaker, Inveresk); Marianne, born 8th 
March 1851 (marr. Charles D. Menzies, 
Edinburgh); Helen, born 25th April 1853 
(marr. Dr Dowie); Eleanora, born 25th 
April 1853; Patrick, born 14th Sept. 
1855; Katherine; Mary. Publication — 
Account of the Parish (New Stat. Acc. t 

GEORGE KEITH, son of John K., of 
the Education Department, Edin- 
1 burgh; educated at Univ. of Edin- 

burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 9th 
Jan. 1868; pres. by Queen Victoria 7th 
Dec. 1870; ord. 9th March 1871; died 
unmarr. 7th Dec. 1884. 

OSWALD BELL, born Edinburgh, 25th 
March 1859 ; son of Lindsay B., 
1885 teacher ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 18th May 
1883 ; ord. 17th June 1885 ; res. 22nd July 
1896; died 2nd April 1897. Marr. 16th 
Nov. 1887, Kate Matilda, daugh. of Peter 
Keddie, merchant, London, and had issue 
—Kate Muriel, born 27th July 1888; 
Oswald, born 1st Nov. 1889 ; Doris Milli- 
cent, born 22nd July 1891 ; Leonard Edgar 




Romanes, born 1st Feb. 1893; Maud 
Evelyn, born 25th Dec. 1894. 


DAVID BAYNE, born Glasgow, 24th 
Nov. 1870, son of Henry B. and 
Lilias Jack ; educated at Glen's 
School and Glasgow Univ.; M.A. (1890), 
B.D. (1893); licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
May 1893 ; ord. 16th Feb. 1897. 


[Disjoined from Falkirk, and erected by 
the Commissioners of Teinds, 22nd July 


PATRICK BENNET, born 1705, son of 
Andrew B., min. of Muiravonside ; 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 7th 
July 1731 ; called 1st Sept. 1732 ; ord. 21st 
March 1733; died 12th April 1783. He 
marr. 22nd Dec. 1752, Margaret Henderson, 
who died at Dundas, 11th Oct. 1800, and 
had issue — Andrew, born 19th Sept. 1754, 
died 28th Sept. 1769; George, born 11th 
Oct. 1755; Lilias, born 4th March 1757 
(marr. David Clark); Elizabeth, born 21st 
Aug. 1758, died 16th Dec. 1760; William, 
min. of Duddingston ; and Margaret, Eliza- 
beth, Patrick, John, who all died in child- 
hood. — [Dalmeny Sess. Beg.] 


WILLIAM FINLAY, possibly son of 
William F., farmer, Galston; edu- 
cated at Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. 
(1775); licen. by Presb. of Kirkwall 4th 
March 1778 ; pres. by George III. 31st May 
1783; ord. 21st July 1784; chaplain to 
George, Prince of Wales 1790; died 21st 
Jan. 1800, in 47th year. He marr. 30th Jan. 
1787, Jean (died 20th Dec. 1792, in her 37th 
year), daugh. of Gilbert Lawrie, Commis- 
sioner of Excise and Lord Provost of Edin- 
burgh, and had issue — Sarah, born 27th Nov. 
1787 (marr. 3rd July 1812, James Borthwick, 
merchant, Leith), died 19th April 1862 ; 
Gilbert Lawrie, W.S., manager of the Edin- 
burgh Life Insurance Co., born 29th Sept. 
1792, died 1st April 1872; and Janet, 
Grace, William, who died in infancy. 
Publication — Account of the Parish (Sin- 
clair's Stat. Ace, iii., xix., xxi.).— [Tombst.] 

DYKES SMITH, born 1770, son of 
1 Thomas S., Falkirk ; educated at 

Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. 
of Linlithgow 29 th April 1795 ; pres. by 
George III., and ord. 27th June 1800; 
died unmarr. 25th Nov. 1809— [Tombst.] 

PATRICK M'FARLAN, trans, from 

1810 Kippen ; pres. by George III., and 

adm. 13th July 1810; trans, to St 

John's, Glasgow, 29th July 1824.— [Smith's 

Scot. Clergy, ii.] 


1825 ^ U ^ y 1800 > son °f James K, Provost 
of Peebles, and Elizabeth Wightman ; 
licen. by Presb. of Peebles 27th Nov. 1822 ; 
pres. by George IV. Oct. 1824; ord. 5th 
April 1825; died 6th Jan. 1872. He 
marr. 16th Oct. 1839, Margaret Logan, 
who died 13th Dec. 1886, and had issue — 
an only son, James, born 6th July 1843, died 
9th March 1863. Publication— Account of 
the Parish (Neiv Stat. Ace, viii.). 

from Catrine; pres. by Queen Vic- 
toria 27th April 1872, and adm. 1st 
Aug. 1872; trans, to Morningside, Edin- 
burgh, 4th Sept. 1880. 

WILLIAM ROSS, M.A, B.D. ; ord. 
13th July 1880 ; trans, to St Mary's, 



Partick, 3rd Oct. 1893. 


Bonhill, 17th June 1854, son of 
Archibald M'K. ; educated at Glas- 
gow Univ.; M.A. (1890), B.D. (1893); 
licen. by Presb. of Dumbarton May 1893 ; 
assistant at Helensburgh and Bonhill ; ord. 
8th May 1894. Marr. 8th March 1880, Mary 
Bain, daugh. of James Mushet, and has 
issue — Archibald, born 30th March 1882 
Margaret Hurst, born 3rd Jan. 1884 
Janetta Buchanan, born 21st Oct. 1886 
James Mushet, born 10th April 1890. 


[Disjoined from Dalmeny and erected by 
the Commissioners of Parliament, 1st July 
1635, and ratified by Parliament, 17th Nov. 




ROBERT GIBSON, born 1607, son of 

1635 ^°^ n ^ mm# °* Dalmeny; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 27th July 1627); "on 
the exercise of Linlithgow Presb. 4th May 
1631"; ord. 13th Aug. 1635; died 1641. 
He marr. Elizabeth, daugh. of Andrew Bell, 
merchant, burgess of Linlithgow, and had 
issue— Andrew, apprenticed 13th Oct. 1652, 
to Archibald Weir, litster, Edinburgh; 
Christine (marr. 1657, John Calder, Lin- 
lithgow).— [Test. Beg., Burgh Min.] 

EPHRAIM MELVILL, M.A., produced 
1641 testimonials of his qualifications from 
Presb. of St Andrews 6th Aug. 1634, 
and from Cupar 29th July 1641 ; ord. 30th 
Sept. 1641 ; a zealous prosecutor of witches, 
burning many, and making one husband 
pay the cost of his wife's burning; app. 
to attend Col. Erskine's regiment, but was 
unable to go, " through great distemper and 
weakness of bodie," 24th April 1644. He 
had a pres. to Livingston Oct. 1645, which 
was not carried out; one of the commis- 
sioners for visiting the Univ. of Edinburgh 
31st July 1649; trans, to Linlithgow 31st 
Jan. 1650. — [Act. Beet. Univ. St And., 
Wodrow's Anal. ; Rutherford's and Baillie's 
Lett., iii. ; Acts Pari., vi. ; Sess. Bee, 
Ferguson's Ecc. Antiq.] 

JOHN PRIMROSE, son of William P. 
™ 2 in Kincardine ; ord. by Protesting 
Presb. 28th Oct., against the remon- 
strance and protestation of the Presb. He 
was not recognised by the Synod 1st May 
1655 ; was summoned, 13th Jan. 1657, to 
compear before the Synod of Fife, for 
baptizing a child in the parish of Inver- 
keithing, and removed for non-conformity 
at the Restoration, but indulged by the 
Privy Council 9th Dec. 1669; died 28th 
Dec. 1673, in 45th year, leaving a widow, 
Elizabeth Stirling, who had an annuity of 
£100 from Archibald Primrose of Dalmeny, 
and was alive in 1692. — [Tombst., Wodrow's 


1674 29th Dec ' 1674 > trans - t0 Kirkurd 

in 1678, an exchange of benefices 

having been effected between his successor 

VOL. I. 

and himself, the patrons and archbishop 
agreeing. — [Beg. Collat.] 

JOHN PHILIP, eldest son of James P., 
1678 w " ter ' Edinburgh; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh, July 1654); ord. to Kirkurd 
30th Oct. 1661 ; trans, and inst. 20th March 
1678; having "a considerable fortune of 
his own, he was put into this lean bene- 
fice"; deprived in 1681, for refusing the 
Test; libelled before the Privy Council 
15th March 1683, fined £2000 sterling, 
and sent to the Bass during life, all his 
books and papers being seized. He died 
before 18th Dec. 1688, aged about 54. 
His nephew John was served heir 26th 
Aug. 1690, and his testament was con- 
firmed to his sister Janet, 19th July 
1693. — [Test. Beg.; Fountainhall's Dec, 
i. ; Wodrow's Hist., Beg. Sec. Sig. ; Acts 
Pari., ix. ; Inq. Bet. Gen., 7052 ; Crichton's 
Mem. of Blackadder.] 


1682 ky John, Bishop of Edinburgh, 29th 

May, ord. Aug., and inst. 26th Sept. 

1682 ; trans, to Spott in 1683. 


1683 (Edinburgh 1672); ord. Oct. 1683; 
trans, to Shotts in 1686. 

WILLIAM SMYTH, adm. 1686; dem. 
1686 1( * 89 ' died, and was buried in Grey- 
friars, Edinburgh, 2nd Sept. 1699.— 
[MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

JOHN DALGLEISH, M.A., formerly of 
1688 Roxburgh. "A petition from Queens- 
ferry was produced, showing their 
resolution to invite Dalgleish to exercise his 
ministry amongst them. Whereupon the 
Presb. did interrogate Mr John whether 
he desired to settle in the Ferry as their 
min. ; — he desired only to be allowed 
by the Presb. to preach, and do the whole 
work of a min. there for a tyme. Where- 
fore the Presb. allowed him to continue to 
preach there according to his desire," 11th 
Jan. 1688 ; removed to Roxburgh 4th Nov. 




DONALD [or DANIEL {Edin. Mar. 
1693 Beg.)] CAMPBELL, M.A. (Edin- 
burgh 1676); probably ord. in Hol- 
land j adm. to Muiravonside 4th Aug. 
1691; called 28th May 1691; and again 
14th Sept. ; trans, and adm. 27th Dec. 
1693 ; died 8th Feb. 1698, in 43rd year. He 
marr. Kathrina Verheiden, and had issue 
— Anna (marr. 22nd Dec. 1718, Joseph 
Ford, M.A., preacher of the Gospel). — 
[Linlithg. Sess. Beg., Tombst.] 

JOHN GRIERSON, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
17 13th July 1695); chaplain to the 
Lord Advocate (Sir J. Steuart); 
called 14th May, and ord. 21st Aug. 1700. 
After a long illness he died, 31st Dec. 1709, 
in 41st year. He marr. (1) 18th Sept. 1700, 
Mary, daugh. of James Ochterlonie, mer- 
chant, burgess in Edinburgh : (2) July 1705, 
Agnes Learmonth (died 26th Sept. 1750), 
widow of John Cairncross, writer, and 
had issue — Margaret; Janet. — [Edin. Beg. 
(Marr.), Tombst.] 

JAMES KID, suffered under the perse- 
cuting reigns of Charles II. and 
James VII. ; took refuge in Holland, 
and studied theology there; licen. by 
Presb. of Dunfermline 27th Feb. 1706; 
called 6th July, and ord. 28th Sept. 1710. 
He was one of the " twelve apostles " who 
gave in a representation and petition to the 
General Assembly 11th May 1721, against 
an Act of the preceding Assembly, con- 
demning the Marrow of Modem Divinity. 
At the Communion in his parish in Aug. 
1733 he was assisted by several of the 
Seceding brethren. He, however, went no 
farther with them ; died 9th Feb. 1744, in 
78th year. He marr. March 1711, Isabel, 
daugh. of James Auchinleck of Woodcock- 
dale, and had issue— James; John, wine 
merchant, Edinburgh; Janet; Agnes, 
died 8th March 1813; Mary (marr. James 
Gladstone, schoolmaster of N. Leith); 
Elizabeth (marr. 13th May 1743, Alexander 
Wilson, merchant, Edinburgh). Publica- 
tions— Letter concerning the Parish of 
Bathgate (1720); Address to the Reader 
prefixed to The Trust, by Wilson (1723). 
— [Bo'ness and If. Leith Sess. Begs.; 
Tombst., Brown's Gospel Truth, Boston's 

Mem., Fraser's Life of B. Erskine; Edin. 
Chr. Inst., xxx.] 

ARCHIBALD M'AULAY, educated at 
1746 Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. by Presb. 
of Dalkeith 2nd May 1738; called 
June 1745 ; ord. 25th Sept. 1746; died 5th 
Aug. 1781, in 75th year. He marr. 22nd 
Dec. 1757, Isobel Valiant, who died 6th 
Sept. 1773, s. p.— [Tombst., Acts of Ass. ; 
Scots Mag., li.] 

JOHN HENDERSON, licen. by Presb. 
1782 °^ Linlithgow 2nd Dec. 1778 ; pres. 
by Town Council, and ord. 10th July 
1782 ; Synod clerk ; died 12th June 1820, 
in 67th year. He marr. (1) 18th Feb. 1783, 
Mary (died 1st Feb. 1787), daugh. of James 
Arnot, brewer, Canongate, and had issue — 
Alexander, born 29th Nov. 1783 ; James, 
born 4th March 1785, died 21st Nov. 1785 ; 
John Arnot, born 1st Feb. 1787 : (2) 26th 
Nov. 1792, Mary Mackenzie, who died 
15th March 1820, and had issue — Kenneth, 
born 27th Dec. 1793; Andrew Johnstone, 
born 16th Sept. 1795 ; Thomas Livingston, 
born 30th April 1797 ; William Mackenzie, 
born 28th Dec. 1798, died 4th Feb. 1820 ; 
Robert, born 30th Oct. 1800; Mary, born 
19th March 1802, died young ; James, born 
23rd Feb. 1804 ; Charles Ritchie, born 13th 
June 1808; May, born 23rd Dec. 1811. 
Publications — The Effect of Patriotism 
on National Conduct, a sermon (Edin- 
burgh, 1803); Account of the Parish 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xvii.). 

THOMAS DIMMA, born Sprouston 
1786 ; English teacher in George 
Heriot's Hospital 11th Jan. 1808, 
Latin and French master 26th Jan. 1809 ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh, 11th Jan. 1812); licen. 
by Presb. of Linlithgow 30th Aug. 1815 ; 
pres. by Town Council, and ord. 16th Nov. 
1820; died 25th July 1854. He marr. 
27th April 1821, Laura (died 1st Dec. 1874), 
daugh. of Rob. Grierson, assistant min., 
Inveresk, and had issue — George, born 
15th Feb. 1822, died 3rd Nov. 1842; 
Robert, born 6th July 1823; Thomas, 
born 21st April 1826, died at St Helena 
19th Jan. 1847 ; Alexander Carlyle Grier- 
son, born 16th July 1828 ; James Aitchison, 
born 15th Aug. 1830; Laura Grierson, 





born 16th Aug. 1832; William Grierson, 
born 29th April 1835. Publication— Ac- 
count of the Parish {Neio Stat. Ace, ii.). — 
[Steven's Mem. of Ileriot.] 

by the Town Council 31st Oct. 1854 ; 
1855 ord. 11th Feb. 1855 ; trans, to Colin- 
ton 11th Jan. 1861. 


THOMAS ANDREWS, born 4th May 
1831, son of Robert A., Glasgow ; 
educated at Glasgow Univ. ; assistant 
at St Matthew's, Glasgow; ord. to St 
Luke's, Edinburgh, 19th May 1858; pres. 
by the Town Council 9th Feb., adm. 9th 
May 1861 ; died 25th May 1870. 


JOHN WHYTE, born Girvan 1821, son 
of David W. ; educated at Univ. of 
Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Ayr 
7th Nov. 1849 ; ord. by Presb. of Bathurst 
to Brockville, Canada, 6th Aug. 1851 ; min. 
of Arthur, Canada, 1856-68; pres. by the- 
Town Council 6th June 1872 ; adm. 8th 
Aug. 1872; dep. 26th May 1884; died at 
Glasgow, 9th Dec. 1893. Marr. (1) 25th 
Jan. 1845, Joanna Finlay, who died 20th 
Dec. 1866, and had issue — Mary Ruth; 
John M'Clymont: (2) 30th April 1878, 
Robina, daugh. of John Cameron, farmer, 
Ardchapple, widow of Captain Harkness, 

DAVID MILLER, born Edinburgh, 28th 
Nov. 1841, son of James M. and 
1884 Elizabeth M'Dowell ; educated priv- 
ately, and at Edinburgh Univ.; M.A. (1864), 
LL.B. (London 1866), B.D. (Edinburgh 
1867); licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 1864 ; 
ord. to Mossgreen 14th May 1868 ; trans, 
to Invertiel 19th Nov. 1869; trans, to 
Mordington 22nd June 1871 ; trans, and 
adm. 3rd Dec. 1884 ; died 11th April 1897. 
He marr. 24th Aug. 1880, Margaret Fender, 
daugh. of John Hay, Manderston Mill, 
Berwickshire, and had issue — Elizabeth 
Constance Winifred, born 12th May 1882. 

28th Sept. 1897 ; trans, to Tnver- 
1897 brothock, 20th Feb. 1900. 

1900 Perth, 26th Sept. 1870, son of James 
W., min. of St Leonard's, Perth; 
educated at Perth Academy and Univ. of 
St Andrews ; M.A. (1892) ; licen. 15th May 
1896, by Presb. of Perth; assistant at 
Arbroath, and St Enoch's, Dundee; ord. 
19th July 1900. Marr. 5th May 1908, 
Mary, daugh. of Robert Stewart, Tullycoll, 
Cookstown, Ireland, and has issue — Molly 
Bower, born 20th Feb. 1910 ; Marion Annie 
Marshall, born 26th Feb. 1913. 


[Originally part of Falkirk; disjoined 
from the Presb. of Stirling, and annexed 
to Linlithgow Presb., 8th July 1589.] 

RICHARD FLEMING, styled min. 9th 
156 _ Nov. 1565-6; exhorter 1566; signed 
the articles drawn up by the Synod 
6th Oct. 1571. — [Beg. Min. and Assig., 
Booke of the Kirk, Stirling Bresb. and Test. 
Beg., Wodrow's MiscelL] 

JOHN GIBSON, M.A. ; adm. 2nd Aug. 
1602 1 ^ 02 ' trans, to Dalmeny after 10th 
March 1605 ; demitted the parson- 
age and vicarage in 1616. — [Edin. Test. 

THOMAS AMBROSE, min. of Alva 
1Q07 1598-1601, of Larbert 1601-1603; 
adm. to Denny 30th May 1603; 
trans, and adm. 1st April 1607; dep. by 
Bishop Gledstanes, the Presb. of Edinburgh, 
and Commissioners of the General As- 
sembly, 6th Dec. 1613, for having " married 
the Lord Livingston with the Marquess of 
Huntly's dochter," and for baptizing a child 
irregularly in the parish of Torphichen 
reponed by the General Assembly 1614 
pres. by Alex., Earl of Linlithgow, in 1616 
accused of "setting his teinds" 4th June 
1617 ; suspended 13th Feb. 1628, dem. 26th 
March following. He marr. Janet Yule, 
and had issue — Jean. — [Falkirk Sess. Beg., 
Beg. Assig.] 

JOHN DRYSDALE, M.A. (St Andrews 

1628 1617 » adm * t0 Baiquhidder 24tn ^ a y 

1626 ; trans, and adm. after 9th April 
1628; suspended 1642, for drunkenness; 




dep. by Presb. 22nd March and ratified 
by the Synod 2nd May 1643, for "ane 
wyld and ignominious cuckolane and 
slanderous ryme, ventit and formed agains 
the brethrein." While the case was pend- 
ing, Janet Baird, his wife, and widow of 
Roger Melville, min. of Kirkmichael {Reg. 
of Deeds, dxxxvi., 21), prayed for clemency 
"to hir husband and hir, whom God has 
visited with ane knawin infirmitie, which 
she has had for twenty-three years, and 
towards their poor children, who as yet 
have never been able to win themselves 
ane meall of meitt." He craved help for 
putting his son apprentice to a chirurgeon 
in Edinburgh, 28th July 1647, and received 
pecuniary assistance from various kirk- 
sessions, 7th Nov. 1643 to 19th Aug. 
1647; date of death unknown. — [Beath, 
Carnock, and Dunferml, Sess. Regs. ; 
Morrison's Dec, xvii.] 

JAMES FORSYTH, M.A.; pres. by 
1644 J ames > Earl of Callendar, 10th Oct. 
1643.; ord. 4th Jan. 1644; trans, to 
Larbert and Dunipace 26th Feb. 1645. 

[THOMAS THOMSON, probably son 
of Thomas T., min. of Hobkirk; adm. 
min. to the garrison of the Earl of 
Callendar by the Presb. of Glasgow 11th 
June 1645, and min. of a congregation at 
Hartlepool, England ; pres. by James, Earl 
of Callendar, Nov. 1645. On account of 
violent opposition the settlement was re- 
ferred to the Synod, who recalled it, 6th 
May thereafter; he died in Edinburgh, 
Aug. 1667.— [Glasgow Presb. and Edin. Reg. 

1647 Drumelzier family; M.A., regent in 
the Univ. of Edinburgh ; pres. by 
James, Earl of Callender, 1st Dec. 1646; 
ord. and inst. 16th April 1647 ; had an Act 
of Parliament in his favour 16th Feb. 1649. 
Preferring his former position as a teacher, 
he returned to the regency 9th Sept. 1657 ; 
died in Feb. 1665, aged about 46. He 
marr. Jean Turner, who survived him. — 
[Test, and Canongate Reg. (Bur.); Acts 
Pari., vi. ; and MSS.] 

ROBERT SEMPILL, min. of Second 
1658 Charge, Lesmahagow, 1648 ; MA. 
(Glasgow, 27th July 1649); joined 
the Protesters 1651 ; called (when the 
parishioners were much divided among 
themselves), trans, and adm. 13th April 
1658 ; suspended by Presb. 19th Sept., dep. 
28th Nov. 1660. He had sasine of a house 
and yard, in the kirktown of Lesmahagow, 
9th Aug. 1673. A daugh., Mary, was recom- 
mended to the Synod for relief Sept. 1695, 
and 2nd Feb. 1704, recommended by the 
Presb. "to be supplied out of the gift 
granted by the late King William of 
blessed memory, to Presbyterian ministers 
outed from their charges in 1660 and their 
children." On 5th Oct. 1709, the Presb. 
app. another daugh., Margaret, "now 
reduced to great straits in her old age, 
the sum of fifteen pund Scots for her 
present supply, out of the centesima money 
lying in the clerk's hands." — [Sasines, 

GEORGE PHIN, schoolmaster of South 
1QQ1 Leith 1645; min. of Symington, 
Lanarkshire, 17th July 1649; pres. 
by Earl of Callendar; adm. 21st Aug. 
1661; died 19th Feb. 1689, buried at 
Torphichen. He marr. (1) Margaret 
Spynie : (2) Susannah Simpson, who sur- 
vived him, and marr. Duncan Whyte. 
A daughter, Helen, was served heir, 
18th Aug. 1696. — [Torphichen Sess. and 
Test. Reg. (Stirl.); Inq. Ret. Stirl. 329, 
Lanark 429, Linlithg. 250, Fife 1392, 
Edin. 1360; New Gen. Reg. Sasines, 

JAMES STEVENSON, licen. by Presb. 

1691 of Glas S° w 14tn ^ ov « 1689 ; called 
12th April, and ord. 8th July 
1691; died 17th Dec. 1708.— [Wodrow's 
Anal., ii.] 

JOHN STEVENSON, son of preceding ; 
170g educated at Univ. of Glasgow ; licen. 
by Presb. of Glasgow 8th Aug. 1700 ; 
ord. to Cathcart 8th May 1701 ; called 20th 
Feb., trans, and adm. 9th Nov. 1709 ; dem. 
28th Aug. 1711 ; dep. 24th Oct. following. 
He marr. Isobel Smith. 




WILLIAM HASTIE, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
17 16th June 1703); called 13th Dec. 
1715; ord. 19th Sept. 1716. Had 
sentence passed against him early in 1720, 
for refusing to take the Oath of Abjura- 
tion ; died 11th Nov. 1755, in 84th year. 
He marr. Janet Shaw, who died 14th 
Sept. 1770.— [Tombst. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., 

JOHN GKAY, pres. by George II. 27th 
17s _ Jan. 1756; called 21st April, and 
ord. 28th July 1756 ; trans, to Cam- 
busnethan 4th April 1764. 

JOHN KNOX, born 17th May 1727, son 
1764 °^ William K., of Ladyland, St 
Ninians, and Mary Liddell ; educated 
at Glasgow Univ.; M.A. (1752); preacher 
at Norristown' Chapel-of-Ease 1758-64; 
pres. by George III. 23rd May, and ord. 
27th Sept. 1764; died 12th June 1787.— 
[Morrison's Dec, xvii.] 

JAMES MACNAIR, born 1759, fourth 
1788 son °^ ^ ames ^*» merchant, Glasgow ; 
educated at Glasgow Univ.; licen. 
by Presb. of Glasgow 1st Oct. 1783; 
preacher at Shettleston Chapel - of - Ease 
same year; pres. by George III. 6th Oct. 
1787 ; ord. 10th April 1788 ; died 15th April 
1798. He marr. 24th April 1789, Agnes 
(died 28th Nov. 1807), eldest daugh. of 
Robert M'Nair, merchant, Glasgow, and 
had issue — Robert, D.D., min. of Paisley 
Abbey ; Mary, born 4th June 1792 ; James, 
born 1st April 1794, died at Mobile, U.S.A., 
3rd Oct. 1823; Agnes, bora 6th March 
1797. Publications — Set Thine House in 
Order, a sermon (Glasgow, 1808) ; Account 
of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, xiv.). — 
[Cleland's Ann., i.] 

JAMES ROBERTSON, son of James 
^^ R. ; educated at Glasgow Univ. ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 22nd 
Oct. 1788 ; assistant at St Ninians ; ord. 
to Dunfermline Chapel-of-Ease 6th June 
1792; pres. by George III. Oct. 1798; 
trans, and adm. 18th Jan. 1799 ; died 15th 
March 1826, in his 60th year. He marr. 
20th April 1820, Janet (died 25th Oct. 
1867), daugh. of Matt. Murray, min. of 

North Berwick, and had issue — James, 
born 4th Sept. 1823, died 21st Feb. 1882. 

182 _ Thomas D., Falkirk ; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. 
of Dunblane 7th Sept. 1802 ; ord. to Gar- 
gunnock 10th May 1810; pres. by George 
IV., trans, and adm. 5th Sept. 1826 ; died 
29th Oct. 1855. He marr. 25th Dec. 1812, 
Christian Simson, who died 19th Feb. 1878, 
and had issue — Anne, born 19th Oct. 1813 ; 
Thomas, min. of Abbey St Bathans ; Maria, 
born 12th May 1817 (marr. 13th March 
1849, William Stevenson, min. of Both- 
kennar) ; David, M.D., R.N., bora 5th June 
1819 ; Alexander, born 5th March 1825, 
died 10th June 1842; Margaret, born 17th 
Aug. 1827. Publication— Account of the 
Parish {New Stat. Ace, viii.). 

1856 Auchenkiln, Cumbernauld, 27th May 
1830, son of George H. and Margaret 
Stevenson; educated at Forfar Grammar 
School and Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by 
Presb. of Glasgow 1851 ; assistant at Inn- 
ellan; ord. to St David's, Dundee, 11th 
May 1853 ; pres. by the Crown 10th April, 
and adm. 10th July 1856; died 30th 
April 1887. Marr. 1st Sept. 1857, Mary 
Archibald, daugh. of Thomas Lochhead, 
Toward, Innellan, and had issue — George, 
born 11th Nov. 1858, died 16th Dec. 1906; 
Elizabeth Scott, born 29th April 1860 
(marr. Andrew Lamberton of Blair, Cum- 
nock); Thomas Lochhead, bora 16th July 
1862 ; Margaret Stevenson, born 21st March 
1864 (marr. J. A. B. Bayly, M.B., CM.), 
died 19th Jan. 1894 ; Mary Ann Burn, born 
8th Nov. 1868 (marr. Joshua Ferguson, M.B., 
CM.) ; Robert Stevenson, advocate, M.A., 
LL.B., K.C, born 28th Feb. 1871 ; Emily, 
born 14th Jan. 1873. 


B.D.; ord. 9th Nov. 1887; trans, 
to St Boswells 16th July 1891. 

ALLAN REID, bora Capetown, South 
Africa, 26th March 1860, son of 
Henry Wilson R. and Elizabeth 
Sharpe ; educated privately, and at Glasgow 





Univ.; M.A. (1886); licen. by Presb. of 
Hamilton 1889 ; assistant at St Matthew's, 
Glasgow ; ord. 2nd May 1893. Marr. 15th 
June 1893, Jessie Baird Dodds, daugh. of 
Neil MacDonald, Glasgow, and has issue— 
Isobel ; Henry Alan ; Allan ; William 


[Previous to the Keformation the church 
belonged to the Preceptory of the Knights 
Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem.] 

1565 in 1565 (Acts and Dec, 33, 35, 
19, 119). 

THOMAS DICKSON, vicar of Tor- 
1M7 phichen 1567. — [Dundonald Inven- 
tory, Scot. Kec. Soc, 38.] 

1672 brother - german of James H. in 
Leith, and of Mungo H. of Nether 
Barnton (Reg. Ho. Cal., 28th Nov. 1596) ; 
exhorter at Dalmeny, Lammas 1569; 
entered Candlemas 1572, with the manse 
and glebe ; trans, to Bathgate before 
1574, but re-entered 1585. He repre- 
sented, 7th July 1613, "that thair was 
great profanation of the Sabbath in 
his parochyne, at the corn-stack, be 
pyping and dancing in gryt multitudes"; 
died 12th Jan. 1627. He marr. (1) 
Agnes Douglas, who died before 9th 
March 1591-2 (Edin. Com. Dec.\ and had 
issue — Margaret, alive 1585, died 1630 ; 
George, heir to his sister ; Robert (Edin. 
Sas., xvi., 349) : (2) Agnes Polwart, 
who died 27th June 1595 : (3) Cristine 
Clelland, who survived him, and had 
issue — Agnes; Grisell. — [Reg. Min. and 
Assig., Test. Reg.] 

GEORGE HANNAY, M.A.; ord. be- 

1627 tween ^th Sept. and 12th Dec. 

1627. Having annoyed those who 

were against his settlement, he was beaten 

by some of his parishioners 6th May 1637 ; 

he retired from the charge, and was 
suspended. He petitioned the General 
Assembly, 21st Aug. 1639, to restore him. 
He was trans, to Alves 12th Nov. 1640. 
— [Maitland Miscell., ii. ; Baillie's Lett., 
Craufurd's Univ., Elgin Presb. Reg. ; Peter- 
kin's Records, Reg. Old Dec] 

THOMAS VASSIE, M.A. (St Andrews 
1689 1616) > on * ne exercise at Glasgow, 
and got a testimonial 12th Nov. 
1623 ; adm. in 1639 ; was a member of 
the Commissions of Assembly 1646-8 ; 
one of the visitors of the College of 
Edinburgh 31st July 1649; died Aug. 
1661, aged about 65. He marr. (1) 
Anna, daugh. of William Livingstone, 
min. of Lanark : (2) Margaret Wallace, 
who died 20th March 1655, and had 
issue— Margaret : (3) Oct. 1657, Margaret 
or Marion, sister of Capt. William Mon- 
teith, in the parish of Falkirk (who 
survived him, and marr. James Eskdale 
or Erskine in Magdalens, Linlithgow), 
and had issue — Isobel ; Catherine, died 
in 1676.— [Act Red. Univ. St And.; 
Glasgow Presb., Falkirk Sess., and Test. 
Regs. (Edin., Stirl., and Lanark) ; Acts 
of Ass. and Pari., vi.] 

GEORGE WILSON, MA. (St Andrews, 
1663 26th July 1649); pres. by Walter, 
Lord Torphichen, ord. and coll. 21st 
July 1663. In 1677 two men were scourged 
for an assault on him. Refusing to take 
the Test, he was deprived in 1681. He 
marr. Agnes Dundas (Edin. Sas., v., 193), 
and had issue — Susanna, eldest daugh. (G. 
R. Inhib., 17th July 1679).— [Act Red. 
Univ. St And., Reg. Collat., Wodrow's 

WILLIAM BAIN, MA. (Edinburgh 

1682 1674 ); inst - 17tn Ma y 1682 ; outed 

by the rabble and deserted his 
charge April 1689 ; died 6th Aug. 1702, in 
his 48th year. He marr. 14th Dec. 1686, 
Helen, sister of George Butler of Kirkland, 
and had issue — John, writer, Edinburgh. — 
[Edin. Reg. (Marr. and Bur.); MS. Ace. 
of Min., 1689.] 




1689 12th Dec. 1689; trans, to Outer 
High Kirk Parish, Glasgow, 30th 
April 1691.— [Wodrow's Hist., ii., iv. ; Acts 
Pari., ix. ; Deeds Univ. Glasg., Beg. Gen. 
Ass. ; Edin. Chr. Inst., xxv.] 

JOHN BONAR, born 16th June 1671, 
1693 son °^ J° Dn B-, ^h. Laird of Kil- 
graston ; studied at St Leonard's 
College j M.A. (St Andrews, 25th June 
1689) ; licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 15th 
June 1692; called 7th Aug. 1692; ord. 
2nd March 1693. He refused to take the 
Oath of Abjuration in 1712, and was one 
of the twelve brethren who presented a 
petition to the General Assembly against 
an Act of the preceding year relating to 
the Marrow of Modern Divinity. He main- 
tained similar views on patronage with 
.those who seceded, while he greatly dis- 
approved of their separating themselves 
from the Church. After being enfeebled 
by age from active duty he had himself 
regularly carried to the church that he 
might join in the services there ; died 7th 
Aug. 1747. He marr. (1) 26th Dec. 1693, 
Grizell, daugh. of Gilbert Bennet, of Bath, 
near Culross, and had issue — Margaret, 
born 20tb Nov. 1694, died 4th Jan. 1698; 
John, min. of Fetlar; Margaret, born 6th 
Nov. 1698 (marr. Dr John Tait, Dal- 
keith), died 16tb Sept. 1745 ; Grizell, born 
27th March 1701, died 15th Jan. 1726; 
William, born 25th Nov. 1706, died 15th 
May 1718; Andrew, born 24th June 1708, 
merchant and banker, Edinburgh, died 1st 
Dec. 1762 ; Ebenezer, born 28th May 1711, 
died 29th Nov. 1712 : (2) (pro. 16th March 
1735) Margaret, daugh. of Andrew Ewan, 
farmer, Galashiels, who was born 27th 
Sept. 1670, and survived him only five 
days. Publications — Sermon preached at 
Newhouse (Edinburgh, 1719); Letters on 
the Duty and Advantage of Religious 
Societies (Edinburgh, 1743) ; Letters on the 
Revival at Cambuslang (Edinburgh, Chr. 
Inst., i.). — [Test. Reg. ; Bonar's Serm., ii. ; 
Brown's Gosp. Truth ; New Stat. Ace, x. ; 
Fraser's Life of R. Ershine ; Edin. Chr. 
Inst., xxx., and N.S., i. ; Macfarlan's Re- 
vivals, Family Papers.] 

JAMES WATSON, pres. by James, Lord 
1751 Torphichen, 2nd Feb. 1748. His 
settlement being opposed, the Presb. 
referred the case to the Synod; in the 
meantime a committee of their number 
conferred with the parishioners, "but all 
they could say was to no purpose"; the 
Synod sustained the call, which was affirmed 
by the Assembly 20th May 1749. When the 
Presb. met for ordination on 18th Oct., 
the parishioners "acknowledged they had 
nothing to object against the life, con- 
versation, or doctrine of W., but that he 
had not a voice equal to their congrega- 
tion " ; and farther, " that the whole parish 
(a very few excepted) were utterly averse 
to submit to his ministry." After hearing 
parties the Presb. " seriously exhorted the 
people to fall in with W., who in his trials 
and by his recommendations had given 
great satisfaction to the Presb." Those 
in opposition still declared "they could 
not submit to his ministry, in regard he 
had accepted of a presentation without the 
consent and concurrence of almost the whole 
parish." Proceedings were delayed and 
another committee appointed to commune 
with the people, which they did, 24th Jan. 
1750, without effect. The case was again 
carried to the Synod, and referred to the 
Assembly, who appointed the settlement 
for the second Thursday of Sept. At a 
meeting on the 22nd Aug. so little chance 
appeared of their being able to proceed 
to settlement, that a third appeal was 
made to the Synod, who referred as 
before to the Supreme Court, who, 15th 
May 1751, censured the Presb. for disobey- 
ing their authority, and enjoined the Presb. 
to proceed with the induction, associating 
with them a strong committee for that 
purpose. W. was accordingly ord. on 30th 
May 1751, and from the evidence of Dr 
Pat MacFarlan, this appears to have been 
done, under the protection of a military 
force— the last instance where a settle- 
ment was made in the Church by what 
was termed a "riding committee." W. 
was trans, to Mid-Calder 18th Oct. 1759. 
— [Acts of Ass.; Rep. on Ch. Patronage, 
1834 ; Morren's Ann., Stewart's Life of 
Robertson, Carlyle's Autob.] 




JAMES PATON, licen. by Presb. of St 
17 Andrews 10th May 1758; pres. by 
Walter, Lord Torphichen, and ord. 
28th Aug. 1760; died 31st Oct. 1796, in 
82nd year. Publication — Account of the 
Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, iv.). 

WILLIAM MEEK, pres. by James, 

17g7 Lord Torphichen, and ord. 31st 

Aug. 1797; D.D. (Glasgow, 10th 

June 1802); trans, to Hamilton 6th Nov. 


ANDREW BELL, pres. by James, 
1822 -^ord Torphichen, and ord. 28th 
March 1822 ; trans, to Linlithgow 
20th June 1827. 

JAMES SCOTT, pres. by James, Lord 
1827 Torphichen, and ord. 27th Sept. 
1827 ; trans, to Dalmeny 10th Sept. 

ANDREW KING, M.A., pres. by James, 
1830 Lord Torphichen, and ord. 29th April 
1830 ; trans, to St Stephen's, Glasgow, 
19th Feb. 1836. 

1886 T( ^' korn Troqueer, 4th June 1803, 
in early life a gardener; entered 
the Univ. of Edinburgh in 1822 ; M.A. (30th 
March 1826) ; licen. by Presb. of Linlith- 
gow 27th Oct. 1830 ; pres. by James, Lord 
Torphichen, and ord. 28th April 1836. 
Joined the Free Church ; min. of the Free 
Church at St Andrews 21st Feb. 1844; 
LL.D. (U.S.A.) ; adm. to Free St Paul's, 
Edinburgh, 1848; D.D. (1855); Professor 
of Exegetical Theology in the Free Col- 
lege, Glasgow, 29th Oct. 1857; died 23rd 
May 1865. He marr. 1st June 1836, Jessie 
(died 2nd Sept. 1871), daugh. of William 
Meek, D.D., Hamilton, and had issue — 
William Meek Maxwell, born 11th July 
1843; Thomas Chalmers, born 15th Sept. 
1847. Publications — Twelve Dramatic 
Sketches founded on the Pastoral Poetry 
of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1829); The Ful- 
ness of Time (London, 1834) ; The Minister's 
Family (Edinburgh, 1838); Thoughts on 
the Connection between Church and State 
(Edinburgh, 1840) ; History of the Church 
of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1841, and various 


editions) ; The History of the Westminster 
Assembly (1843) ; The History of Rome 
(1849) ; The Harmony existing between 
Christianity and True Science; The Anti- 
Christian System ; National Education in 
Scotland ; Poems on Various Subjects (Edin- 
burgh, 1851) ; Toleration, or the Principles 
of Religious Liberty (Edinburgh, 1854); 
Account of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, ii.), 
Lecture V. (on the Social Condition of 
the People), and XL (to Young Men, ii.) ; 
Authoritative Exposition of the Principles 
of the Free Church ; edited Practical Works 
of the Rev. John Willison ; founder and 
editor of Free Church Magazine. — [Conolly's 
Fifiana, Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

WDLLIAM BRANKS, born Old Monk- 
land, 8th Aug. 1813, son of William 
B., farmer, and Jane Rankin ; edu- 
cated at Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1835) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 1840; ord. 
1st Oct. 1841 to Camelon Chapel-of-Ease ; 
pres. by James, Lord Torphichen, Aug. 
1843; adm. 15th Sept. 1843; died 16th 
Feb. 1879. Marr. 22nd Jan. 1850, Jane 
(died 27th Nov. 1890), daugh. of David 
Rankin, Glasgow, and had issue — Jane 
Rankin ; Helen Eliza Gillon ; Wilhelmina ; 
Ann Janet ; Anna Maria ; Jemima ; 
Georgina. Publications — Zion's King 
(Edinburgh, 1859); Heaven our Home 
(Edinburgh, 1861, and many editions) ; 
Meet for Heaven (Edinburgh, 1862) ; 
Life in Heaven (Edinburgh, 1863) ; 
Tabor's Teaching (Edinburgh, 1865)— all 


30th July 1847, son of Michael J., 

D.D., min. of Minnigaff; educated at 

Edinburgh Univ. ; M.A. (1868), B.D. (1871) ; 

licen. by Presb. of Wigtown 1871 ; ord. 17th 

July 1879 ; died unmarr. 25th Aug. 1897. 

GEORGE BEALE, born Haddington, 
18 ^ 8 17th Nov. 1861, son of David B. and 
Georgina Maclachlan; educated at 
Haddington, Church of Scotland Training 
College, and Edinburgh Univ.; M.A. (1888) ; 
schoolmaster of Scalloway, 1888-90; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 15th May 1893; 
assistant at Clydebank, and Dean, Edin- 




burgh; ord. 10th Feb. 1898. Mart. 17th 
Aug. 1889, Jessie Millar, daugh. of James 
Lowe, M.A., min. of Thornton, and has 
issue — May Alexina Bayne, born 8th May 
1890 ; William Henry Gray, born 24th Jan. 

UPHALL, formerly STRATH- 

[The church, dedicated to St Nicholas, 
was a prebend belonging to the Provostry 
of Kirkheugh.] 

MICHAEL SMITH, adm. 1562. The 
1562 General Assembly, 30th June 1562, 
ordained the Superintendent of 
Lothian to summon him to purge himself 
of certain crimes of which he was accused. 
—[Booke of the Kirk, Keith's Hist.] 


THOMAS DOUGLAS, adm. May 1570 j 
trans, to Dalkeith about 1573. — 
[Beg. Min. Colleg. Ch., Mid-Lothian.'] 

THOMAS MOWBRAY, adm. 1585; 
1586 dep. 8th Oct. 1590.— [Beg. Assig., 
Edin. Presb. Beg.] 

PATRICK SHAIRP, son of Sir John S. 
1590 °^ Houston, advocate ; one of the 
original students in the Univ. of 
Edinburgh ; attained his degree of M.A. 
at the first graduation (9th Aug. 1587); 
died probably in 1597. He marr. Jean 
Gudlad (the daugh. or granddaugh. of 
Walter Gudlad, vicar of Strathbrock), 
who afterwards marr. her husband's suc- 
cessor, and had issue — Agnes, his only 
surviving child in 1611 (marr. (1) after 
29th April 1612, Alexander Somerville 
of Humbie (Beg. of Deeds, ccvii., 259), 
(2) James Laing, min. of Kirknewton). 
— [Beg. Assig., Edin. and Stirl. Presb. 

1588 burgh, 28th July 1596); adm. 19th 
Sept. 1598 ; member of the Glasgow 
Assembly 1610; adhered to the protesta- 
tion for the liberties of the Kirk, 27th 
June 1617; still min. in 1633, when his 

name disappears from the Presb. Record. 
He marr. Jean Gudlad, widow of preced- 
ing, and had issue — Robert ; Alexander, 
his successor ; Jean. — [Beg. Assig., Presb., 
Edin. Presb. ; Booke of the Kirk ; Orig. 
Lett., ii. ; Calderwood's Hist. ; Morrison's 
Dec, xvii.] 

ALEXANDER KEITH, son of pre- 
1639 cea ^ m S 5 M.A. (Edinburgh, 26th July 
1634) ; adm. previous to 16th Aug. 
1639 ; dep. 21st July 1649 ; reponed by the 
Synod 8th May 1656; had £100 ster. 
allowed by Parliament 12th July 1661, on 
account of his sufferings. He marr. (1) 
19th May 1640, Margaret (daugh. of James 
Monteath of Kersebank), and had issue — 
Katherine ; Louis ; Jean ; Margaret. — 
[Falkirk Sess. Beg.; Peterkin's Bee; 
Acts of Ass. and Pari., vii.] 

16 « M.A. He intruded himself, 27th 
March 1655, "over the bodie of the 
people," without any call or legal admis- 
sion. [Afterwards min. of Dolphinton.] — 
[Presb. (Protesting) Beg.] 

JOHN MOUBRAY, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1659 15tn April 1645) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Haddington 30th Nov. 1653 ; chap- 
lain to the Laird of Kirkhill ; called 7th 
March and 30th June 1658 ; ord. 9th Nov. 
1659 ; coll. 10th Oct. 1662 ; outed by the 
rabble before 13th April 1689; dem. 6th 
Aug. 1690; went to England, where he 
obtained a living. He marr. 20th Feb. 
1662, Julia Campbell, and had issue — 
Helen and Margaret (twins) ; John ; 
William ; Catherine ; Elizabeth. — [Beg. 
Collat.; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Rule's 
Sec. (Vindication).] 

GEORGE BARCLAY, educated at New 
1690 College, St Andrews ; called to this 
charge 10th Aug., and adm. 30th 
Sept. 1690; was a member of the As- 
semblies 1690, 1692 ; died 29th July 1714. 
He marr. Christian Fairfoul (Edinburgh 
Sas., Ii., 6).— [Beg. Gen. Ass.; Peterkin's 
Constitution of the Church; Wodrow's 
Anal., i., Corresp., i.] 




JOHN WILKIE, son of John W., mer- 
1706 chant, Edinburgh, of the family of 
Kathobyres ; M.A. (Edinburgh 1699) ; 
licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 20th June 
1705; ord. (colleague) 28th Aug. 1706; 
pres. to Currie 1718, and to Second 
Charge, Dumfries, 1731, but declined both ; 
died 28th May 1762. He marr. Euphan 
Skene, who died before April 1759, and 
had issue — Charles, min. of Ecclesmachan ; 
Henrietta. Publication — Sermon preached 
at Mid-C alder (Edinburgh, 1720).— [Aber- 
corn Sess. Reg., Law's Mem. (Pre/.).] 

WILLIAM GIB, licen. by Presb. of 
176S Kirkcaldy 19th Aug. 1756; ord. to 
Kilmany 24th Sept. 1761 ; pres. by 
Henry David, Earl of Buchan, trans, and 
adm. 27th Oct. 1763; died 3rd Dec. 1795, 
aged 62. He marr. 23rd Nov. 1795 (ten 
days before his death), Elizabeth Rentoul 
of Middleton, who died 14th May 1809. 
— [Scots Mag., lvii.] 

DAVID URE, son of Patrick XL, a 
1796 weaver m Glasgow, at which trade 
he himself wrought in earlier life; 
educated at the Grammar School and Univ. 
of his native city; MA. (1776). During 
his divinity curriculum he assisted the 
schoolmaster of Stewarton, and subse- 
quently taught a subscription school near 
Dumbarton; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 
11th June 1783, he became assistant at 
East Kilbride, with only ten pounds a 
year and his maintenance. On the death 
of the min. he had some expectation of 
being appointed his successor, but finding 
the parish not unanimous, he accepted the 
post of assistant in a Presbyterian church 
at Newcastle 1798. He was employed by 
Sir John Sinclair to draw up agricultural 
surveys of the counties of Dumbarton, 
Kinross, and Roxburgh. He superin- 
tended the publication of the concluding 
volumes of the first issue of the Statistical 
Account of Scotland, and prepared the 
general indices of the work. Appreciating 
his meritorious services, David Stuart, Earl 
of Buchan, pres. him to this charge; he 
was ord. 14th July 1796, and died unmarr. 
28th March 1798. Blessed with a strong 
and vigorous mind, which adversity could 

neither subdue, nor prosperity elate, he 
persevered in the objects on which he 
had set his heart, whether of classical or 
scientific research, with unconquerable 
ardour. His usual method of travel was 
on foot, a supply of bread and cheese in 
his pocket, and quenching his thirst at 
the limpid spring. In the pocket of his 
greatcoat he secured such minerals or other 
curiosities as attracted his notice, had a 
tin box for preserving curious plants, a 
stout stick, armed with steel, which occa- 
sionally served as a spade or pick-axe; a 
few small chisels, and other tools ; a blow- 
pipe ; a small liquid chemical apparatus ; 
optical instruments, etc., so that others 
sometimes referred to him as a walking 
shop or laboratory. Seemingly indifferent 
to all weathers, heat or cold, wet or dry, 
he was a patient observer, and an accurate 
describer of Nature ; while his kindness to 
an aged and widowed mother, from very 
slender means, bespoke the warmth of his 
affection and the goodness of his heart. 
Publications — History of Rutherglen and 
East Kilbride (Glasgow, 1793); Accounts 
of East Kilbride, of Rutherglen, and 
Killearn (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, iii., ix., xvi.). 
— [Scots Mag., lxx. ; Tombst,, Diet. Nat. 

JOHN FERGUSON (primus), son of 
1798 ^ onn F., Dunblane; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow; schoolmaster of 
Inveraray; licen. by that Presb. Sept. 
1785 ; ord. by them as chaplain to the 
74th Foot, 19th Feb. 1788 ; pres. by David 
Stuart, Earl of Buchan, and adm. 28th 
Sept. 1798 ; died 14th Dec. 1835, in 77th 
year. He marr. Enea Fisher, who died 1st 
Dec. 1858, in her 88th year, and had issue 
— Jessie, born 2nd Oct. 1795 ; Archibald, 
born 19th Sept. 1798 ; Angus Fisher, born 
23rd July 1799, died 28th June 1817 ; John, 
his successor ; Duncan Campbell, born 8th 
Sept. 1802 ; William, born 8th June 1804 ; 
Lilias, born 24th May 1807 ; Matilda, born 
12th Feb. 1811. 

JOHN FERGUSON (secundus), bora 

1824 2n< * April 1801 » son °f preceding; 

educated at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; 

licen. by Presb. of Linlithgow 24th Sept. 




1823 ; pres. by David Stuart, Earl of 
Buchan ; ord. (assistant and successor) 29th 
April 1824 ; dep. 19th June 1838 ; went to 
Australia, where he engaged in agriculture, 
and died 28th June 1873. 

GEORGE BOAG, born Glasgow, 2nd 
March 1799, son of William B. and 
Agnes Hamilton ; educated at Glas- 
gow Univ. ; licen. by Presb. of Chirnside ; 
ord. by Presb. of Northumberland to the 
Scottish Church at Widdrington ; pres. by 
Henry, Earl of Buchan, June 1839, and adm. 
2nd Aug. 1839; died 3rd Feb. 1863. He 
marr. 4th June 1833, Eleanor Goldie, died 
14th Sept. 1872, and had issue — William 
Goldie, min. of Delting, born 15th Oct. 
1834; John George, born 11th June 1837, 
died 29th May 1842 ; Ann Leithead, born 
16th July 1839, died unmarr. ; Agnes 
Hamilton, born 1st March 1842, died 
unmarr.; George, born 16th July 1844; 
Eleanor Goldie, born 23rd Jan. 1847; 
James, born 23rd Aug. 1849, died 1st 
June 1908. 

1863 burgh, 29th May 1832 ; son of William 
J., English master and chaplain, 
Merchant Maidens' Institution, Edinburgh ; 
educated at High School and Univ., Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 29th 
July 1858; assistant at Lesmahagow and 
Lady Yester's, Edinburgh ; pres. by David, 
Earl of Buchan, 5th March 1863 ; ord. 24th 
July 1863; chaplain to the volunteers for 
upwards of forty years ; received volunteer 
decoration from Queen Victoria; died 8th 
May 1912. He marr. 23rd Jan. 1872, Eliza, 
only daugh. of William Arbuckle, farmer, 
Wyndford, West Lothian. 


CHARLES DUNN, born 1st May 1874, 
son of Peter D. and Elspeth Strachan ; 
educated at Grammar School and 
Univs. of Aberdeen and Berlin; MA. 
(Aberdeen 1895), B.D. (Aberdeen 1898); 
licen. by Presb. of Alford 1900; assistant 
at St Mary's, Dundee, and West Parish, 
Aberdeen ; ord. to Arbuthnot 2nd July 
1903; trans, to Uphall 24th Sept. 1912. 
He marr. 6th June 1911, Jean, daugh. of 
William Munro. 


[The church was opened 21st Oct. 1718. 
Parish disjoined from Livingston, and 
erected by the Commissioners of Teinds, 
23rd June 1731.] 


David W., of Colt, Livingstone; 

educated at Edinburgh Univ. ; licen. 

by Presb. of Forres 13th March 1721 ; ord. 

to Muckhart 7th April 1725 ; pres. by Sir 

James Cunninghame of Milncraig ; trans. 

and adm. 2nd March 1732 ; died 13th June 

1759, in his 66th year. He marr. Julia 

(died 8th July 1785), eldest daugh. of Sam 

Telfer, min. of Kirkintilloch, and had issue 

—David ; Barbara ; Julian ; Mary ; Henry ; 

Quintin, all above 21 years of age in April 

1759. — [Brown's Gosp. Truth., Diary of 

Alexander Johnstone of Kir Hand.] 

WILLIAM PORTEOUS, pres. by Lady 

7 Mary Cunninghame Nov. 1759 ; ord. 

10th June 1760; trans, to Wynd 

Church, Glasgow, 28th June 1770— [Con- 

nell's Par. Law; New Stat. Ace, ii.] 

WILLIAM BARRON, eldest son of 
John B., Glasgow; educated at 
Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. 
of Edinburgh 28th April 1762; ord. to 
Wamphray 10th Feb. 1763 ; pres. by Sir 
William Cunninghame of Livingston ; 
trans, and adm. 25th April 1771 ; adm. 
Professor of Logic in the Univ. of St 
Andrews 2nd Dec. 1778; died 28th Dec. 
1803. He marr. 2nd Nov. 1782, Margaret 
Stark, and had issue— Thomas, born 28th 
Oct. 1783; Helen, born 26th Jan. 1785; 
John, born 27th May 1786; Ann, born 
25th Nov. 1787, died 10th Aug. 1789; 
Elizabeth, born 1st May 1790; Maria 
Catherine, born 2nd Aug. 1793, died 
16th June 1794; James, born 24th Jan. 
1795, died 7th Sept. 1795. Publications 
— An Essay on the Mechanical Principles 
of the Plough (Edinburgh, 1774) ; History 
of the Colonization of the Free States 
of Antiquity (London, 1777, anon.) ; His- 
tory of the Political Connexion between 
England and Ireland from the Reign of 
Henry II. to the. Present Time (London, 




1780, anon.); Lectures on Belles-Lettres 
and Logic, 2 vols. (London, 1856). 

1779 William Augustus Cunninghame, 
and adm. 18th Nov. 1779 ; trans, 
to Stirling, Second Charge, 8th Oct. 
1789. — [Sermons, Steven's Scottish Ch. 

JAMES RHIND, licen. by Presb. of 
1TO ^ Dunbar 4th Oct. 1786 ; pres. by Sir 
William A. Cunninghame, and ord. 
9th Sept. 1790; died 26th Aug. 1808. He 
marr. 1st Nov. 1793, Helen Burn, who died 
25th June 1847, and had issue — Janet, born 
10th Sept. 1794 (marr. 1st Nov. 1825, John 
Sinclair Cunningham, manager, Commercial 
Bank of Scotland) ; Susan, born 4th March 
1796 ; Eobert Hunter, born 13th Sept. 1797; 
William and Elizabeth, born 16th Oct. 
1799 ; John, born 8th May 1801, died 26th 
June 1803; Jane, born 12th Jan. 1804; 
John, born 4th Sept. 1805 ; Agnes, born 
8th Oct. 1807. 

JAMES WATSON, born Spynie; edu- 
1809 cateo ^ at King's College, Aberdeen ; 
M.A. (1774); schoolmaster of Mort- 
lach, 1773-85; licen. by Presb. of Strath- 
bogie 2nd Dec. 1778 ; having the prospect 
of a settlement in England, he was ord. by 
the same Presb. 16th Nov. 1785 ; adm. to 
South Ronaldshay 8th April 1786; pres. 
by Thomas Gordon, trans, and adm. 13th 
July 1809; died at Edinburgh, 28th May 
1823, while attending the General Assembly, 
in which he had spoken that day. Publica- 
tion — Sermon after the Death of the Hon. 
William Baillie of Polkemmet (Edinburgh, 

GRAHAM MITCHELL, son of Alex. 
1824 '^• , exammer °f Excise, Edinburgh ; 
educated at the High School and 
Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (19th April 
1822); licen. by Presb. of Haddington 
1st July following ; assistant accountant 
in the General Excise Office from 8th 
Jan. 1813 till his ordination; pres. by 
Sir William Baillie of Polkemmet, Bart., 
in Oct. 1823 ; ord. 15th April 1824 ; LL.D. 
(Glasgow, 17th April 1848) ; died 25th Sept. 

1869. He marr. 8th April 1828, Catherine 
(died 12th June 1864), daugh. of the Rev. 
John Webster, of St Peter's Chapel, Edin- 
burgh, and had issue — Graham Alexander, 
born 9 th April 1832 ; William James, born 
14th April 1834. Publications— The Young 
Man's Guide against Infidelity (Edinburgh, 
1848); Account of the Parish (New Stat. 
Ace, ii.). — [Steven's High School, etc.] 

JOHN WATT, M.A.; pres. by Sir 

1869 William Baillie, Bart., 25th Sept. 

1869 ; ord. (assistant and successor) 

19th Dec. 1869; trans, to Anderston, 

Glasgow, 30th Dec. 1875. 

1876 11th May 1876 ; trans, to Gartsherrie 
27th Aug. 1891. 

JAMES CRAIG, born 1st July 1863; 
1892 educated at Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. 
(1885), B.D. (1888); ord. 10th Feb. 
1892 ; res. 10th Feb. 1898, to go to South 
Africa, where he was adm. min. at Bloem- 

18g8 Ireland, 26th Nov. 1872, son of Rev. 
A. C. B. ; educated at Royal Univ. 
of Ireland and Edinburgh Univ.; B.D. 
(1897), LL.B. (1901); licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh May 1897 ; ord. 19th July 1898 ; 
res. 1st Oct. 1909; took orders in the 
Church of England ; assistant priest of St 
Gabriel's, London, 1913. Marr. 18th Aug. 
1898, Jessie, daugh. of James Bristow 
Young, and has issue — Angus Morogh; 
Brian Urquhart ; Sheena Doreen ; Matilda 
Grace. Publication — The Christ World 
(London, 1913). 

1910 trans. fr° m Kintore, and adm. 10th 
March 1910; trans, to Athelstane- 
ford 16th May 1912. 

1912 k° rn Glasgow, 18th Sept. 1878, 
eldest son of Robert Alexander M., 
schoolmaster, Loanhead ; educated at 
Lasswade School and Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
M.A. (1902), B.D. (1905) ; licen. by Presb. 




of Dalkeith 1905 ; assistant at St Paul's 
(Leith), Tolbooth (Edinburgh), and North 
Leith ; ord. to Cartsburn, Greenock, 15th 
April 1909 ; trans, and adm. 26th Sept. 1912. 
Marr. 2nd Sept. 1909, Elizabeth Matthew, 
M.A., daugh. of Andrew Gray, Bonnyrigg, 
and has issue — Robert Alexander Bruce, 
born 26th Sept. 1910. 


[Disjoined from Kirkliston and Dalmeny, 
and erected into a parish quoad sacra by 
decreet of Court of Teinds, 27th May 1904. 
Church built in 1891.] 

1892 wee *> Berwickshire, 17th July 1862, 
son of Robert F. and Isabella 
Cockburn ; educated at Oldhamstocks 
School, Duns Academy, and Univ. of Edin- 
burgh; M.A. (1886); licen. by Presb. of 
Duns 1886; app. to Winchburgh Mission, 
and ord. July 1892 ; died unmarr. 7th June 

HUGH ARMSTRONG, born Glasgow, 
igo4 25th July 1864; son of Hugh A. 
and Isabella M'Cubbin ; certificated 
teacher under Glasgow School Board ; edu- 
cated at Glasgow Univ. ; MA. (1887), B.D. 
(1890) ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 1890 ; 
ord. by Presb. of Linlithgow to Winchburgh 
Chapel-of-Ease 27 th Oct. 1897; clerk of 
Presb. 1912. Marr. 13th June 1899, 
Margaret Johnston (died 7th July 
1912), daugh. of George Allan Smith, and 
had issue — Margaret Sybil Ross, born 28th 
March 1900. Publications — Unto the 
Perfect (Glasgow, 1895) ; Linlithgow Choir 
Union, its Aims, etc. (Falkirk, 1909). 

[Name of Parish unknown.] 

ROBERT COLVILL, "one of the Com- 
missioners appointed by the Secret 
Council for the maintenance of true 
religion within the Sheriffdom of Lin- 
lithgow. 15 He was at Culross in 1593, and 
in August 1607.— [Boohe of the Kirk, Lin- 
lithgoiv Co. Sas.] 


[Disjoined from the Presbs. of Lanark and Peebles and erected by the General 
Assembly, 12th Aug. 1643 and 3rd June 1644. It was not acknowledged under 
Episcopacy, the parishes being subject to their former judicatories during that period. 
The Kecords begin 26th June 1644, the only blanks being from 23rd Oct. 1650 to 10th 
May 1660, and from 16th Jan. 1662 to 22nd March 1688.] 


[The church, dedicated to the Virgin 
Mary, was made collegiate by Malcolm, 
Lord Fleming, 10th Jan. 1545.] 

1567 WILLIAM MILLAR, reader. 

1571 WILLIAM HAMILTON, reader. 

1578 DAVID MAKKIE, reader. 

NINIAN HALL, trans, from Inver- 
1573 S owf i e » an d adm. 1573 ; Lamington, 
Hartside, Coulter, Kilbucho, Sym- 
ington, and Thankerton were also under 
his care. — [.Reg. Assig., Wodroio Miscell.] 

WALTER HALDEN, min. in 1576; 
trans, to Wiston 1586 or 1588 — 


[Reg. Assig., Booke of the Kirk, Test. 

1586 JOHN PETILLOCH, reader. 


. exercise at Edinburgh 3rd Dec. 1586, 

and adm. same month; trans, to 

Libberton 1590. — [Act. Red. Univ. St And., 

Reg. Assig., Edin. Presb. Reg.] 

[There is no trace of a min. for nine 
years in the Presb. Record.] 


1599 1589 )j mm - °* Coulter 1596; trans. 

and adm. 1599 ; died between 6th 

May 1646 and 24th April 1655, leaving a 

son, Thomas, M.A., at Snafield in England, 


who was served heir at the latter date. — 
[Reg. Assig., Test. Reg. (Lan.) ; Inq. Ret. 
Gen., 4011 ; Hunter's Biggar.] 


[WILLIAM FLEMING is mentioned as 
"parson and vicar of Biggar" in 
1605, and James Duncan, prebend- 
ary, in 1616 ( Wigtown Inventory, Scot. Rec. 
Soc, Nos. 383 and 602).] 

1647 cousm °f Alexander L., min. of 
Colinton; M.A. (? Glasgow 1633); 
chaplain to Sir John Auchmutie of 
Scougall and Aldhame, and tutor to his 
son ; adm. min. of Carmichael 3rd June 
1639 ; pres. by John, Earl of Wigtown, and 
trans, and adm. (assistant and successor) 
3rd Feb. 1647 ; member of the Commissions 
of Assembly 1647, 1648 ; with most of his 
co-presbyters he joined the Protesters in 
1651 ; was nominated by the Protector one 
of those in the provinces of Lothian, Merse, 
and Teviotdale, for visiting the Universities, 
and authorising " godly and able men " to 
enjoy their livings, 17th Oct. 1655; sus- 
pended, May 1661, for joining the Pro- 
testers; called before the Privy Council 
23rd July 1661 ; confined in Edinburgh, and 
ordered to wait on Alexander, Archbishop 
of Glasgow, and give satisfaction as to 
his behaviour and carriage. There is no 
mention of him after 1662. He marr. Helen 
Ramsay, who died June 1692, and had issue 
— Robert, min. of Libberton and of Biggar ; 
and a daugh. (marr. John Greig, min. of 




Skirling). — [Lanark and Syn. {Jedburgh 
Presb.), Edin. {Bur.) and Test. Reg. {Lan.); 
Acts of Ass. and Pari., vii. ; Wodrow's 
Hist., Nicoll's Diary.] 

RICHARD BROWN, MA. j trans, from 
Blantyre, and adm. 1665; trans, to 
Dumfries Aug. 1685.— [Test. Reg. 


JOHN REID, M.A. (St Andrews, 13th 
1686 April 1626) ; min. of Walston 1678 ; 
trans, and inst. 23rd Dec. 1685 ; 
continued 2nd May 1688, but soon after- 
wards outed by the rabble. It is highly 
probable that he became min. of Loch- 
rutton 2nd Dec. 1690; died 2nd Jan. 1727. 
His first wife was an Inglis, by whom he 
had a daugh., Helen. He marr. (2) April 
1692, Catherine, daugh. of Thomas Rome 
of Cluden.— [MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

1692 * n I re l an d> compelled to fly to 
Scotland in 1689 {P. C. Acta, 28th 
June 1692) ; formerly min. at Clapham, 
London ; called Dec. 1691 ; adm. 28th 
April 1692; trans, to Kelso 24th Jan. 


ander L., min. in 1647 ; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh 1671) ; ord. to Libberton 26th 
June 1689; called 29th Oct. 1695; trans, 
and adm. 8th April 1696; died 10th May 
1733, aged about 82. Marr. Mary Rae 
{Lanark Sas., xii., 222). — [Wodrow's Anal., 

ROBERT JACK, M.A. ; ord. (colleague 
1732 and successor) 27th Oct. 1732 ; trans, 
to Carnwath 27th June 1749. 

[WILLIAM HAIG, pres. by the Earl 
of Wigtown's Trustees 28th and 30th 
Nov. 1749; called 10th April 1751. The 
parishioners almost unanimously opposed 
his settlement, and after long-protracted 
proceedings in the Church Courts, he was 
induced to withdraw all claim to the 
incumbency. An exchange was effected 
between him and John Johnston, chaplain 
of Edinburgh Castle, where he was adm. 

13th Sept. 1754.— Hunter's Biggar ; Scots 
Mag., xiv.-xvi.] 

JOHN JOHNSTON, M.A. (Edinburgh, 
1754 27th April 1742) ; licen. by Presb. of 
Edinburgh 31st Dec. 1746; ord. to 
Edinburgh Castle 10th May 1751 ; pres. by 
the Wigtown Trustees; trans, and adm. 
26th Sept. 1754; died 15th Oct. 1778. 
He marr. 8th Aug. 1745, Elizabeth (died 
at Edinburgh, 26th Oct. 1805), daugh. of 
Capt. Dan. Vere of Stonebyres, and had 
issue — Helen, born 1st July 1746 ; Spence, 
born 14th Jan. 1748 ; Helen, born 31st July 
1756; William, born 6th March 1760; 
John and Charles, born 31st Dec. 1763 ; 
Margaret Anne, born 16th April 1767 ; 
Richard, born 20th June 1770. — [Scots 
Mag., xvi. ; Morren's Ann.] 


ROBERT PEARSON, pres. by Lady 
Clementina Fleming, and Charles, 
Lord Elphinstone, her husband, in 
March 1779. The call was unsigned, and 
there was vigorous objection. The Presb. 
referred the matter to the Assembly, who, 
30th May 1780, upheld the presentation by 
a majority of 85 to 77. P. was ord. 28th 
Sept. following, under protection of the 
military, two members of Presb. declining 
to take part. This forcible obtrusion led 
to the formation of a Relief congrega- 
tion in Biggar. He died unmarr., 1st 
Aug. 1787. — [Hunter's Biggar ; Scots Mag., 

WILLIAM WATSON, educated at Univ. 
of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of 
Biggar 26th Sept. 1775; pres. by 
Dowager Lady Clementina Elphinstone, 
20th Aug., and ord. 23rd Nov. 1787 ; died 
31st Oct. 1822, in his 73rd year. He 
marr. 17th March 1788, Janet (died 22nd 
March 1804, aged 48), daugh. of Will. 
Forrester, min. of Carstairs, and had issue 
—Mary, born 9th Jan. 1789, died 29th 
March 1805 ; Isabella, born 18th July 1790, 
died 7th Sept. 1791 ; Gillespie, born 27th 
Sept. 1792 ; Thomas, min. of Covington ; 
William, born 16th Sept. 1796, died 17th 
March 1818; Janet, born 22nd Sept. 1798 
(marr. Walter Somerville, surgeon, Carn- 
wath). Publication— Account of the Parish 




(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, i.). — [Innes's Mem. of 
Thomas Thomson.] 

JOHN OHRISTISON, born Cumber- 
1823 nau ^, 8th June 1800, son of James C. 
and Ann Haig; educated at Edin- 
burgh Univ., where his uncle, Alexander 
Christison, was Professor of Humanity; 
M.A. (1st April 1819); licen. by Presb. of 
Chirnside 24th April 1823; pres. by Vice- 
admiral the Hon. Chas. Fleming, same 
month, and ord. 18th Sept. 1823; clerk 
of Presb. 1839 ; clerk of Synod 14th Nov. 
1843 ; D.D. (Edinburgh 1874) ; died 20th 
June 1875. He marr. 3rd April 1827, 
Ramsay Hannay (born 21st May 1807, died 
18th June 1861), daugh. of David M'Lellan, 
merchant, Kirkcudbright, and Catherine 
Hannay, and had issue — Mary, born 18th 
Feb. 1826, died 3rd Jan. 1886 ; Catherine, 
born 1829 (marr. John Hunter, school- 
master, Edinburgh) ; Ann Hay, born 1830, 
(marr. Thomas Oliphant, schoolmaster, 
Edinburgh), died 1891 ; Ramsay Hannay, 
born 19th Jan. 1832 (marr. Matthew Arm- 
strong, min. of Skirling); James, born loth 
Nov. 1834, died 18th Dec. 1836 ; James, born 
1837 ; Melville, born 1838, died 15th March 
1893 (marr. Samuel Smith, M.P.); David 
Alexander M'Lellan, born 7th March 1840, 
died 21st Oct. 1861; William Hannay 
M'Lellan, born 14th March 1842, died in 
Demerara, Aug. 1867 ; John William, civil 
engineer, born 14th July 1843, died in 
India, 7th Sept. 1878; Charles, born 18th 
Jan. 1847, died 28th April 1887; Joan 
Francis Sophia, born 18th Jan. 1847, 
died 8th July 1859. Publication — Ac- 
count of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, vi.). 
— {Memorials (privately printed, Edin., 

Thornyhill, Carmichael, 1836, son 
of James N. and Jane Ballantyne ; 
educated at Pettinain School and Edin- 
burgh Univ.; M.A. (1864); B.D. (1866); 
licen. by Presb. of Lanark ; assistant at 
Glencairn, Moffat, Tynron, Eastwood ; ord. 
(assistant and successor) 9th Oct. 1874 ; 
died 26th April 1884. He marr. 14th 
March 1876, Sarah, daugh. of Robert 
Wilson, min. of Tynron. 



Clova, Forfarshire, 20th Jan. 1855, 
son of Thomas D., farmer, Newbig- 
ging, and Jean Low ; educated at Braemin- 
zion School, Cortachy, Anderson's College, 
Glasgow, and Glasgow Univ. ; M.A. (1880), 
B.D. (1883); licen. by Presb. of Meigle 
9th May 1883; assistant at Strathmiglo 
and Newington; ord. 25th Sept. 1884. 
Marr. 16th June 1886, Ann Williamson, 
daugh. of Robert Matthew, Strathmiglo, 
and Catherine Brown, and has issue — Nor- 
man Thomas, quartermaster of Samana 
Rifles, India, born 23rd April 1887 ; Arthur 
Robert, Canadian Bank of Commerce, born 
14th Jan. 1889 ; Catherine Matthew, born 
3rd Nov. 1890 ; Jean Ogilvy, born 3rd April 
1893 ; William Ogilvy, born 25th Dec. 1895 ; 
Ann Williamson, born 25th June 1900; 
Edward Grant, born 26th April 1902; 
Angus Wellesley, born 18th June 1908. 
Publication — Guide to Biggar (Biggar, 1900). 


[The church was dedicated to St Muir- 
each. Glenholm and Kilbucho were 
annexed by the Court of Teinds, 28th 
May 1794.] 

1576 the Drumelzier family, exhorter at 
Broughton and Dawyck in 1567 ; 
pres. to the vicarage of Walston 20th May 
1567; reader at Glenholm and Broughton 
in 1574; Kilbucho was also under his 
charge. Continued 1591. — [Reg. Min. and 
Assig., Wodrow Miscell., Test. Beg.] 


1594 PETILLOCH, reader at Biggar 
1588; M.A. (Edinburgh, 12th Aug. 

1592) ; adm. 28th May 1594, but 2nd April 

1595 he " can find na sufficient provision " ; 
min. of Yetholm in 1595. — [Beg. Assig.] 


adm. 24th Nov. 1603; application 
was made in his behalf for Drum- 
elzier the same year ; trans, to Athelstane- 
ford 1607. 




JOHN BENNET, adm. 1608 ; trans, to 
1608 Kirkurd 1616. 

JOHN DOUGLAS of Escheillis 

1616 [Eshiels], son and heir of Archi- 
bald D., archdeacon of Glasgow ; 

M.A. (Edinburgh, 29th July 1603); min. 
of Kilbucho 1614 ; trans, and adm. 1616 ; 
died between 24th Oct. and 21st Nov. 
same year. He marr. Margaret, sister of 
William Douglas of Cavers, who survived 
him, and marr. secondly, Robert Living- 
stone, min. of Skirling, having had issue 
by her first husband — William; James 
{Peebles Inhib., ii., 60; Beg. of Deeds, 
dxlv., 511). 

JAMES DICKSON, adm. 1617; died 

1617 before 21st Aug. 1644. He marr. 
Katherine Wintone. 

ROBERT BROWN, adm. and inst. 26th 
1644 Aug. 1644 ; trans, to Lyne and 
Megget 1st Feb. 1660. 

ROBERT ELLIOT, son of Robert E., 
1661 min. of West Linton ; M.A. (Edin- 
burgh, 1st Aug. 1651) ; pres. by John, 
Earl of Wigtown, 26th Nov., and adm. 3rd 
Dec. 1661 ; deprived by Act of Parlia- 
ment 11th June, and of Privy Council 1st 
Oct. 1662 ; resided subsequently at Gullane. 
{Vide 1690.) 

GEORGE SETON, M.A. ; pres. by John, 
1668 Earl of Wigtown; coll. and adm. 


12th March 1668; trans, to Fyvie 


JAMES SIMSON, inst. 8th May 1673 ; 
trans, to Drumelzier 1st March 


ALAN JOHNSTON, MA. ; adm. 1684 ; 
1684 trans, to Carstairs 27th May 1685. 

WILLIAM SIMSON, a native of Banff- 
168Q shire; educated at King's College, 
Aberdeen; MA. (1673); school- 
master of Boyndie 1676-84 ; recommended 
by Presb. of Fordyce for licen. 21st Feb. 
1683; inst. 7th Jan. 1686; deposed for 
" charming," but seems to have continued. 
He is mentioned as "minister" in the 

VOL. I. 

Presb. Reg. 24th March 1691 ; was again 
deposed by Presb. of Brechin, 3rd Oct. 
1726, for intruding at Dun.— [Test. Reg. 
{Brech.) ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 

[ROBERT ELLIOT, M.A., above men- 
1690 ti° ne d> restored to his ministry, but 
did not return to Broughton, "the 
parish having urged no reason directly or 
indirectly " for that course ; trans, to West 
Linton 20th May 1691.] 

JOHN BELL, MA. ; called 12th Aug., 
169? and ord. 24th Sept. 1697 ; trans, to 
Gladsmuir 27th Aug. 1701. 

THOMAS SIMSON, probably son of 
1702 William S., min. in 1686 ; school- 
master at Dolphinton, and after- 
wards at Biggar ; licen. by Presb. of Biggar 
28th Aug. 1701 ; called 25th Feb., and ord. 
12th May 1702; died 11th Sept. 1732, in 
56th year. He marr. (pro. 24th June 1705) 
Margaret, daugh. of William Oliphant of 
Culteuchar, and had issue— David, eldest 
son, W.S. apprentice 1730; Margaret 
(marr. Christopher Cairns, min. of Tweeds- 
muir). — [Edin. Reg. {Marr.), Tombst.] 

1736 John, Earl of Wigtown ; called 17th 
Oct. 1734; ord. 5th March 1735; 
trans, to Inverkeithing 30th May 1751, 
but not settled until 18th June 1752. 
Richardson's trans, led to the origin of 
the Relief Church. 

ANDREW PLUMMER, probably of the 
ll754 Plummers of Middlestead ; licen. by 
Presb. of Peebles 11th Jan. 1738; 
pres. to Manor 1739, but the Presb. would 
not proceed to the settlement, and their 
action was affirmed by the General Assembly 
13th May 1742 ; pres. by William, Earl of 
March and Ruglen, 14th Dec. 1752; ord. 
10th May 1754; died unmarr. 10th Oct. 
1768, in 59th year.— [Acts of Ass., Tombst. ; 
Morren's Ann., i.] 

THOMAS GRAY, son of Thomas G, 

176g Ancrum, and Janet Shiel, born 

1733 ; licen. by Presb. of Selkirk 12th 

May 1761; pres. by William, Earl of 

March ; ord. 10th Aug. 1769 ; declared min. 




of Glenholm 13th July 1802; died 14th 
April 1810. He marr. 24th Aug. 1772, 
Helen (died at Leith, 28th Dec. 1811, aged 
59), daugh. of Bailie Muckle, Leith, and had 
issue— George, died abroad ; Jean, born 
24th Jan. 1775 (marr. James Gardner, min. 
of Tweedsmuir) ; Margaret, born 4th Feb. 
1776 (marr. (1) James Bowe, M.D., Biggar, 
(2) James Gladstone, Toftcombs, Biggar); 
Robert, of Carwood, born 1777, died 1862 ; 
Alexander, of Knightsridge, Linlithgow- 
shire, born 13th Sept. 1778; William, 
born 21st Oct. 1779, died 5th Sept. 
1783; Rebecca, born 5th Dec. 1780 (marr- 
James Hill, merchant, and bailie of Edin- 
burgh) ; Thomas, born 15th Nov. 1783, died 
10th April 1784; Helen (twin), born 15th 
Nov., died 25th Nov. 1783; Beatrice, born 
25th Sept. 1785 (marr. 17th June 1813, 
John Jackson, merchant, Leith) ; Helen, 
born 11th June 1787 (marr. Alexander 
Telfer, min. of Johnstone) ; Mary, born 
28th Sept. 1793 (marr. James Usher, 
Edinburgh); Elizabeth, born 28th July 
1795 (marr. Alexander Stoddart, merchant, 
Edinburgh). Publication — Account of the 
Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace, vii.). — [Tombst., 
private information.] 

1810 D ucho, succeeded in terms of decreet 
of annexation in 1810 ; died unmarr. 
1st June 1813, in 68th year, leaving £100 
to be applied to charitable uses in the 
parish. Publication — Account of Kilbucho 
(Sinclair's Stat. Ace, iv.). — [Tombst.; Neiv 
Stat. Ace, iii.] 

HAMILTON PAUL, born Bargany, 
lgl8 Dailly, 10th April 1773, son of John 
P., coal grieve ; educated at the 
Parish School of Dailly, and Univ. of 
Glasgow, where he was the friend and 
companion of Thomas Campbell the poet ; 
tutor in Argyllshire; licen. by Presb. of 
Ayr 16th July 1800; assistant at Coyl- 
ton and other parishes ; partner in a 
printing establishment at Ayr, and for 
three years editor of the Ayr Adver- 
tiser. While resident there, he is said 
to have been "a member of every liter- 
ary circle, connected with every club, 

chaplain to every society, a speaker at 
every meeting, the poet of every curious 
occurrence, and a welcome guest at 
every table " ; pres. by Rich. Alex. 
Oswald, younger, of Auchincruive, 8th 
Sept., and ord. 30th Dec. 1813; died un- 
married 28th Feb. 1854. Publications — 
The Wail of Scotia, a Poem, by Philopatris, 
12 pp. (Glasgow, 1794); First and Second 
Epistles to the Female Students of Natural 
Philosophy in Anderson's Institution (Glas- 
gow, 1800) ; Friendship Exemplified, a 
sermon (Ayr, 1803) ; Vaccination, or Beauty 
Preserved, a poem (Ayr, 1805) ; Poems and 
Songs of Burns, with Life, Panegyrical 
Ode, etc. (Ayr, 1819) ; A Foretaste of 
Pleasant Things (Ayr, 1820) ; Specimens of 
a New or Improved Version of the Psalms 
(Ayr, 1830); Account of the Parish {New 
Stat. Ace, iii.) ; " Lines to the Memory of 
the Rev. Dr Dalrymple " (Crawford's Fun. 
Discourse) ; Songs, " Helen Gray," " Jeanie 
o' the Crook," "Bonnie Lass of Barr," 
"The Presbytery Garland," etc. To 
periodical literature he was a voluminous 
contributor. See articles on the " Hamilton 
Paul MSS.," Burns' Chronicle, 1893 — 
[M'Kay's Hist, of Kilmarnock; Rogers' 
Scott. Minstrel; Edinburgh Christian In- 
structor, 1820 ; The Border Magazine, Aug. 
1897 ; Poets of Ayrshire.] 


born 5th April 1825, son of Peter 
C, min. of Lauder; educated at 
High School and Univ., Edinburgh ; licen. 
by Presb. of Edinburgh 1850 ; assistant at 
Tron, Edinburgh ; ord. to Fossoway 13th 
May 1852; pres. by David Dundas, W.S., 
and adm. 4th Aug. 1854 ; died 26th Sept. 
1907. He marr. 21st Nov. 1855, Eleanor 
Jeanette (died 8th Dec. 1912), daugh. of 
John Taylor, min. of Drumelzier, and had 
issue— Catherine Thomson, born 12th July 
1858, died 29th Jan. 1877; John Robert, 
advocate, Sheriff-sub. of Orkney, born 26th 
April 1859, died 26th Dec. 1903; Eleanor 
Susan, born 7th June 1861, died 21st March 
1888 ; Peter Hunter, W.S., Edinburgh, born 
25th May 1863; Ann Milne Thomson, born 
11th March 1866 (marr. 1st June 1897, 
Archibald David Mutter Napier, W.S., 




Edinburgh); Alexander Thomson and 
Robert Romanes (twins), born 7th Feb. 
1868, Alexander died 12th July 1870 ; Alex- 
andra Jeanette, born 17th Sept. 1871 ; Mary 
Horatia, born 31st Aug. 1874 (marr. William 
Lindsay Gordon, min. of South Parish, 

ANDREW BAIRD,born Coatdyke, Old 
Monkland, 20th June 1863, son of 
Andrew B. and Margaret Duncan 
Cumming ; educated at Airdrie and Gart- 
sherrie Academies, Church of Scotland 
Training College and Univ., Glasgow ; 
M.A. (1886), B.D. (1889); certificated 
teacher ; licen. by Presb. of Hamilton 
9th May 1889; assistant at New Kil- 
patrick ; ord. assistant at Shotts 3rd Dec. 
1890 ; adm. (assistant and successor) 3rd 
March 1892; chaplain to H.M. South 
African Field Force 1902-3. 


[The church was dedicated to St Cuth- 
bert. The parish was united to Broughton 
by the Commissioners of Teinds, 28th May 

1569 GEORGE TOD, reader, 1569. 

JAMES STEWART, pres. by James 
1571 VI. 3rd Aug. 1571. 

JOHN HEPBURN, M.A.; pres. 21st 
1592 April, coll. 9th, and adm. before 
12th May 1599; trans, to Mertoun 


1599 J onn > Lord Fleming, and adm. 27th 

July 1599 ; still min. in 1608, and 

probably trans, to Dalgarno.— [Reg. Assig.] 

JOHN YOUNG, M.A. (Edinburgh, 27th 

1614 July 1605 ) » adm - 1614 » sti11 min - lst 
Aug. 1632.— [Reg. Assig.] 

1636 1620) ; nephew of Robert Bannatyne, 
min. of Carnwath; he was not in 
the charge 5th Aug. 1641 ; his son William 
was apprenticed to James Cockburn, mer- 
chant, Edinburgh, 27th Feb. 1650, and had 
precept of dare constat as heir of his father, 
7th April 1655.] 

1644; had a son, Alexander, M.A., 
schoolmaster of Peebles, 1639. — 
[Wodrow's Hist.'] 


167g M.A. ; trans, from Roberton. Hav- 
ing read the Proclamation of the 
Estates, and prayed for their Majesties 
William and Mary, he was ordered by 
some of the people "to remove from his 
dwelling, for which a fortnight was granted, 
while others put a second lock on the 
church door to keep him out." He 
demitted 7th Oct. 1690, but was received 
into communion by the General Assembly 
29th Jan. 1692. He was min. of Falkland 
1692. — [Lanark Presb. Reg., Reg. Gen. Ass. ; 
MS. Ace. of .Min., 1689.] 

1Q96 24th June, and ord. 24th Sept. 1696 ; 
trans, to Prestonpans 29th April 

1708 of Glasgow Univ. 19th Aug. 1693 ; 
acted as precentor in the Tron Kirk, 
Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Biggar 30th 
March 1699; ord. to Walston 24th April 
1700 ; trans, and adm. 9th April 1703 ; 
died 27th Dec. [tombstone 28th Oct.] 1748. 
He marr. (1) Rachel Brown, and had issue 
— Helen, Jean, and Richard, all above 16 
in 1744; William, James, Elizabeth, Mar- 
garet, Grizzel, all died young : (2) 13th 
Nov. 1741, Jean, daugh. of Andrew Ward- 
rope, glazier, burgess of Edinburgh, widow 
of Joseph White, merchant, burgess, and 
of James Scott, senior, wright, burgess of 
Edinburgh (G. R. Sas., clxxvii., 63), and 
had issue— Marion, born 11th Nov. 1742 ; 
Joanna, born 5th Dec. 1744 ; Simon, born 
7th Feb. 1748 : (3) 1748, Mary Livingstone, 
who died 28th Sept. 1768.— [Test. Reg., 

BERNARD HALDANE, born 9th July 
1749 i^, son of John H., schoolmaster, 
Cramond, and Mary Emmott ; M.A. 
(Edinburgh, 14th April 1743); licen. by 
Presb. of Edinburgh, 30th Sept. 1747 ; pres. 
by William, Earl of March and Ruglen 




and ord. 27th Oct. 1749; dem. 8th June 
1802. He died at his son's manse at Dreg- 
horn, 4th July 1805. He marr. 23rd July 
1770, Helen (died 29th Dec. 1787), daugh. 
of George Fraser, auditor of Excise, Edin- 
burgh, and had issue— George Fraser, born 
20th Dec. 1771, died 6th Aug. 1789; John, 
born 27th Feb. 1773, died 1st April 1773; 
Andrew, min. of Dreghorn ; Bernard, born 
23rd Jan. 1779, died 10th Jan. 1784 ; John, 
born 24th Feb. 1780. Publications — The 
Foundations of Religion and Morality, a 
sermon (Edinburgh, 1756) ; Account of the 
Parish (Sinclair's Stat, Ace, iv.). 


[The church was dedicated to St Begha. 
(There is still St Begha's Well in the 
vicinity.) Previous to the Reformation it 
belonged to the College Church of Dalkeith. 
The parish was united by the Commis- 
sioners of Teinds to Broughton and Glen- 
holm, with the northern portion to Coulter, 
28th May 1794.] 

1567 1567. 


1574 JARDINE], reader. 

WALTER TWEEDIE {Beg. of Deeds, 

1575 xiv., 224). 

JOHN WEMYSS, may be the J. W. who 
15 ? was min. of Flisk in 1590 ; pres. by 
William, Earl of Morton, 21st Nov. 
1596; adm. 1st July 1597; continued in 
1608. — [Test. Beg., Beg. Assig., Presbytery 

JOHN DOUGLAS, M.A., min. in 1614; 
lel4 trans, to Broughton 1616. — [Beg. 

ROBERT ELLIOT, M.A. ; adm. 1621 ; 

1621 trans - to West Linton 11th March 

1647.— [Acts of Ass. ; Baillie's Lett., i.] 


1647 Coulter, second son of William B. of 

Nisbet ; M.A. (Edinburgh, 20th July 

1638) ; pres. by John Dickson of Hartree, 

28th April 1647 ; adm. 12th and coll. 31st 
July 1647 ; joined the Protesters 1651 ; 
was ordered by the Diocesan Synod, 28th 
April 1664, to appear and answer for not 
conforming; indulged at Shotts, 3rd 
Sept. 1672, but refused to accept ; cited 
12th March following before the Privy 
Council for disobeying their order. He 
was complained against at the Synod of 
Glasgow, 22nd Oct. 1674, for holding 
conventicles. Denounced for intercom- 
muning, 3rd Aug. 1676; left the country 
and went to Holland, where he probably 
died. He marr. (cont. 2nd Aug. 1647) 
Margaret, daugh. of Alex. Somerville, min. 
of Dolphinton (G. B. Sas., lvii., 416).— 
[Kirkton's and Wodrow's Hists.; Acts Pari., 

1666 kurgh, 13th June 1651 ; licen. by 
the Bishop of Edinburgh 2nd Oct. 
1662 ; ord. to Kirknewton 12th Jan. 1663 ; 
pres. jure devoluto, coll. by Alexander, 
Archbishop of Glasgow, and inst. 29th 
March 1666. He was accused of not 
reading the Proclamation of the Estates, 
and not praying for their Majesties William 
and Mary, but for James VII., and ac- 
quitted 17th Sept. 1689, the charge not 
having been proved. He, however, did 
not reside in the parish after 13th June 
1689, and was dep. for declining the 
authority of the Presb. 25th Sept. 1690; 
died before 3rd July 1694. He marr. 
(1) Elizabeth Penman (G. B. Hornings, 
22nd Feb. 1672): (2) Margaret Smith 
(Edin. Sas., xviii., 359), and had issue — 
Elizabeth (marr. 29th May 1704, William, 
son of John Thin, waulker, Edinburgh). 
James, his son, was served heir 3rd 
July 1694. — [Rule's Sec. Vindication ; 
MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Peterkin's 
Constitution of the Church; Inq. Bet. 
Gen., 7504.] 

JAMES BROWN, M.A.; called June 

1690 1689 » 0r( *' 5t k tJune 169 ° * trans - to 

Walston 24th Sept. 1691; recalled 
and readm. 23rd Sept. 1696; trans, to 
Aberdour, in Buchan, 1697. 




JOHN TAIT, called 29th Nov. 1699; 
1700 ord. 25th March 1700; died 11th 
April 1750. He marr. Jan. 1703, 
Katherine, daugh. of Thomas Young, mer- 
chant, burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue 
— William, his successor ; Elizabeth (marr. 
9th June 1730, John Bowie, min. of Dol- 
phinton) ; Margaret ; Isobel ; Katherine ; 
Thomas, died 1746 ; Janet. — [Edin. Reg. 
(Marr.), Pennecuik's Works.] 

WILLIAM TAIT, son of preceding; 
1?51 licen. by Presb. of Biggar 14th Jan. 
1742; pres. by William Dickson of 
Kilbucho 4th Oct. 1750; called 29th May 
1751 ; ord. 16th Oct. 1751 ; died 12th Nov. 
1784. He marr. 26th Nov. 1760, Grisell 
Dick, who died at Peebles, 19th May 1809, 
and had issue — John, born 6th Oct. 1761 ; 
James, born 8th July 1764 ; Kobert, surgeon, 
born 10th May 1767, died 1793; William, 
merchant, London, born 5th Dec. 1769 ; 
Elizabeth, born 1st Aug. 1771 ; Katherine, 
born 23rd Jan. 1774. 

1786 P., schoolmaster, Biggar; licen. by 
Presb. of Biggar 29th Aug. 1775; 
pres. by Capt. William Dickson of Kilbucho, 
and ord. 13th Aug. 1785 ; got a church 
built for the united parishes in 1804, to 
which he succeeded, in terms of Decreet 
of Annexation, 1810. — [Hunter's Biggar.] 


[The church, dedicated to St Michael, 
belonged to the Abbey of Kelso. George 
Shores wood, Bishop of Brechin and 
Chancellor of Scotland, 1456-60, was 
"parson at Coulter," 1449-50.] 

1560 Par. Scot.] 

166g trans, from Douglas, and adm. May 
1569; a witness at Dalkeith for the 
Earl of Angus, 10th Dec. 1574 ; returned 
to Douglas 1574. — [Reg. Min., Home 

NINIAN HALL, min. of Biggar, Kil- 
15?4 bucho, Lamington, Hartside, Syming- 
ton, Coulter, with William Millar as 
reader at Coulter.— [Reg. Min.] 

WALTER HALDEN, was pres. to Car- 
15go stairs by James VI. 21st Feb. 1574, 
but did not enter on the charge. 
From 1576-86 he had charge of the 
parishes mentioned above, excepting Kil- 
bucho; trans, to Wiston; dep. 7th May 
1588 as "unworthie of his office." Being 
reponed, he was adm. to this charge about 
1590, and died between 1594 and 1596.— 
[Boohe of the Kirk, Test. Reg.] 

THOMAS CAMPBELL, M.A. ; min. in 
1596 1596 ; trans, to Biggar 1599. 

ROBERT SOMERVILLE, son of Patrick 
1607 S. in Grein ; M.A. (Glasgow 1600) ; 
min. of Dunsyre 1601-7 ; dep. 1607 ; 
adm. here same year; trans, to Barnwell, 
Ayrshire, 1615; returned 1616; died 14th 
Dec. 1635, aged about 56. He marr. (1) 
Barbara Menzies [possibly a mistake for 
Inglis] : (2) Barbara Inglis, daugh. of 
Inglis of Langlands Hill [Langley Hill], 
Broughton, and with her had sasine of 
the five-pound land of Over, Windy, and 
Nether Hangingshaw, 7th Dec. 1633, and 
had issue — James, who was served heir 
1st Nov. 1642 ; Thomas ; Katherine (Reg. 
of Deeds, ccccxci., 372). — [Reg. Assig. ; Test. 
(Lan.) and New Gen. Reg. Sasines, iii. ; 
Inq. Ret. Lanark, 210.] 

JOHN CURRIE, M.A. (Edinburgh, 25th 

1686 July 1629 ); de P- 1653 > Dut re PO n e d 
by the Synod 9th May 1661. Being 

in reduced circumstances, he received 

pecuniary aid from some kirk-sessions. 

He marr. (name unknown), and had issue 

— Adam ; Janet. — [Test, and Dunbar Sess. 


ANTHONY MURRAY, born 14th March 

1630, eldest son by second marriage 

of James M. in Burntisland ; M.A. 

(St Andrews, 20th July 1650); adm. 18th 

Aug. 1654 ; deprived by Act of Parliament 




11th June, and by Privy Council 1st Oct. 
1662. He had studied medicine, and 
continued to reside in the parish, support- 
ing himself by his medical skill, observing 
" now he would make the doctor keep the 
minister." He acted also as factor to the 
Earl of Wigtown ; was min. again in 
1672 (G. R. Sas., 2nd ser., x. 488, 
xxxi. 15). — [Wodrow's Hist. ; New Stat. 
Ace, vi.] 

PATRICK TRENT, M.A. ; adm. Dec. 
1664; trans, to Crichton after 4th 
May 1671.— [Beg. Collat., Haddingt. 
Sess. and Test. Reg. (Lan.).] 


1672 men tioned, indulged by the Privy 
Council 3rd Sept. 1672 ; refusing to 
observe the anniversary of the Restoration 
of Charles II., he was brought before the 
Privy Council on 8th July 1673, and fined 
in the half of his stipend and crop for the 
year. Notwithstanding the restrictions laid 
upon him, he was zealous and indefatigable 
in ministerial work, and did not confine his 
ministrations to Coulter, but extended them 
to the surrounding districts. On 8th Oct. 

1684, he was before the Privy Council 
for refusing to read from the pulpit the 
proclamation of a thanksgiving for the 
deliverance of the King and the Duke of 
York from the Rye House Plot. Pleading 
guilty, he was prohibited from exercising 
his ministry, and committed to the Tolbooth 
of Glasgow, unless caution for 5000 merks 
was forthcoming. He was confined in 
the Edinburgh Tolbooth until 12th March 

1685, when he was liberated, on the under- 
standing that he "shall not exercise 
any part of his ministry in this king- 
dom, but live peaceable, and appear 
when called"; restored 1687. — [Wodrow's 
Hist., ii. ; Brown's Hist, of Indvlg., Test. 
Reg. (Dunbl.).] 

JOHN MENZIES, related to the 
1686 Culter-Allers family of Menzies ; 
M.A. (Edinburgh, 15th April 1645) ; 
got a testimonial from the Presb. of Biggar 
30th Jan. 1650; ord. to Johnston 1658; 
trans, to Caerlaverock 1670; on 12th July 

of the same year he renounced Episcopacy 
because of its tendency to popery, but 
submitted and took the Test in 1681 ; 
was inst. here 23rd Feb. 1686 ; deprived 
by Act of Parliament 25th April 1690, 
restoring the Presbyterian min. He went 
to England, and became min. of a 
meeting - house at Carlisle. — [Wodrow's 
Hist. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689; Hist. 
Gen. Ass., 6190.] 

ANTHONY MURRAY, M.A.; returned 
j^ on the Act of Toleration in July 
1687; trans, to Paisley 22nd March 
1688, but returned 27th Feb. 1689, and 
was restored 25th April 1690; had the 
stipend of Dunsyre for 1688 and part of 
1689 assigned to him; died 22nd March 
1692. He marr. (cont. 26th Dec. 1656 and 
6th Feb. 1657) Grizel, eldest daugh. of John 
Muir of Annieston. He left £18 for the 
education of poor children in the parish. — 
[Tombst. ; New Stat. Ace, vi. ; S. Presb. 

WILLIAM RUSSELL, ord. 23rd Sept. 
1692; trans, to Morham 11th May 
1693.— [Pennecuik's Works.] 

ROBERT COLTHART, called 17th 
1694 July; ord. 27th Sept. 1694; dem. 
10th Sept. 1696 ; went to Ireland.— 
[MS. Ace. of Min., 1689.] 


JAMES FORRESTER, born 1676, son 
of Provost Robert F. of Peebles 
M.A. (Edinburgh, 13th July 1695) 
licen. by Presb. of Peebles 17th Aug. 1699 
called 3rd Jan., and ord. 30th April 1700 
died 3rd Dec. 1750. He marr. 16th Dec. 
1703, Janet (died 12th Feb. 1760), daugh. of 
Alexander Bertram of Nisbet and Crimp- 
Cramp, and Grizel Muir of Annieston, and 
had issue — William, min. of Carstairs; 
Alexander ; Robert ; James, W.S. appren- 
tice 1737; Mary; Grizel.— [Tombst. ; New 
Stat. Ace, vi.] 

JOHN BROWN of Coultermains, born 

1750 1714, eldest son of William B. of 

Coultermains ; licen. by Presb. of 

Biggar 25th Sept. 1743 ; ord. to Symington 

17th Sept. 1744; pres. by Mrs Henrietta 




[Baillie] Dundas of Lamington, and adm. 
23rd Oct. 1750; died 13th June 1771 . He 
marr. 30th Sept. 1747, Anne (died 11th Oct. 
1797), daugh. of William Bertram of Nisbet 
and Kersewell, and Cecilia Kennedy of 
Auchtifardle, and had issue — Cecilia, born 
30th Sept. 1748; Anne, born 9th June 
1750; Helenore, born 7th Jan. 1752, died 
1st May 1767 ; Eupheraia, born 11th Sept. 
1755; William, a student, born 16th Sept. 
1756, died 11th June 1771 ; Mainie, born 
5th Jan. 1759; Archibald, born 11th Feb. 
1761, died 9th June 1761 ; John of Coulter- 
mains, born 6th Dec. 1762.— [Brcnvns of 
Coultermains, Hunter's Biggar.] 

WILLIAM LOCKHART, pres. by Dame 
m Elizabeth [Baillie] Ross of Laming- 
ton and Balnagown ; ord. 2nd Sept. 
1772 ; trans, to St Andrew's, Glasgow, 18th 
Nov. 1784. 

7M licen. by Presb. of Lanark 13th May 
1778; pres. by Sir John Lockhart 
Ross of Balnagown, Bart., and ord. 22nd 
Sept. 1785 ; died 28th July 1826. He marr. 
Elizabeth Howison, who died 5th Aug. 
1823, and had issue— Alexander, of London, 
born 22nd July 1778 ; William, born 12th 
March 1781, died 24th Nov. 1801 ; James, 
min. of Cavers; John, surgeon, Barbados, 
born 1st Dec. 1784; Margaret, born 2nd 
July 1786; Robert, of London, born 26th 
April 1788; George, lieut. in the Rifle 
Corps, born 31st March 1790. Publication 
—Account of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. 
Ace., vi., xxi.). 

JAMES PROUDFOOT, born Skirling, 

1827 20th ^ Pril 1796 ' S ° n °* -^ eXander P' 

and Janet Glover; schoolmaster of 
Skirling 1817 ; educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh ; licen. by Presb. of Biggar 7th Dec. 
1824; pres. by John Dickson of Hartree, 
and adm. 25th April 1827. Joined the 
Free Church ; min. of Coulter Free Church 
1843; died at Lower Norwood, London, 
15th Nov. 1876. He marr. 16th Dec. 1828, 
Janet (died 14th Aug. 1866, aged 67), 

daugh. of John Gibson, farmer, Symington 
Mains, and had issue — Mary Dickson, 
born 16th Oct. 1829, died at Mildura, 
Victoria, 30th Oct. 1900; Alexander, a 
clergyman, born 5th Jan. 1831, died at 
Rockhampton, Australia, 11th April 1873 ; 
Jane, born 6th Aug. 1832, died 12th Jan. 
1861 ; John Gibson, born 10th March 
1834 ; Janet, born 6th Sept. 1835, died 
10th May 1858; George, born 31st March 
1837, died at Camperdown, Australia, 25th 
Aug. 1864 ; Elizabeth, born 6th May 1838, 
died at Mildura, Victoria, 17th Sept. 1901 ; 
James, born 24th July 1842; died 30th 
May 1880. Publications — Verses on the 
Highland Soldiers who Fell at Qtiatre 
Bras and Waterloo; Occasional Poems 
(privately printed, 1863) ; Account of the 
Parish {New Stat. Ace, vi.). 


deen, 9th June 1819, son of John 
R. and Mary Dawson ; educated at 
Grammar School, Aberdeen, Marischal Col- 
lege and Univ.; M.A. (1836) ; licen. by Presb. 
of Garioch 18th July 1842 ; schoolmaster of 
Monymusk 1841-3 ; ord. 22nd Sept. 1843 ; 
died 16th Sept. 1862. He marr. 1st Nov. 
1859, Elizabeth Scott, daugh. of John 
Roger, merchant, Greenock, and had issue 
— John James, merchant, America, born 
8th Oct. 1860; Agnes Bain, born 27th 
March 1862. (His widow marr. again 
12th Aug. 1869.) 

JOHN ANDERSON, born Muckhart, 
10th May 1821, son of John A. and 
1868 Cecilia Fraser; educated at Muck- 
hart, Dollar, and Edinburgh Univ.; M.A. 
(1842) ; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh May 
1846; ord. 12th Oct. 1846 as missionary 
to Calcutta ; adm. to Dalkeith (West) 9th 
Jan. 1857; trans, and adm. 27th March 
1863; res. 14th Dec. 1907; Father of the 
Church of Scotland (1914). Marr. 18th 
March 1851, Ann Petrie, missionary at 
Calcutta (died 8th July 1884), daugh. of 
David Savile, min. of New Street Chapel, 
Edinburgh. (She was the only foreign 
missionary of the Church of Scotland who 
did not join the Free Church in 1843.) 





Braefoot, Saltcoats, 24th Feb. 1859, 
son of Angus H. and Martha Cowan ; 
educated at Ardrossan Public School and 
Glasgow Univ. j licen. by Presb. of Irvine 
1899 ; assistant at Kilbride, Arran, and 
Cambusnethan j ord. (assistant and suc- 
cessor) 19th Sept. 1891. Marr. 15th April 
1897, Jessie Burns, daugh. of Andrew 
Baxter Shearer and Jane Smith, Wishaw, 
and has issue — Arnold Angus, born 7th 
Feb. 1898; Leslie Baillie Shearer, born 
13th Feb. 1905. 


[The church was dedicated to St Michael. 
In 1601 it was held with Dunsyre.] 

1567 JAMES FISHER, reader. 

1567-73 THOMAS SIMSON, reader. 


ROBERT FISHER, formerly of Dalziel ; 
Pettinain and Thankerton were also 
under his care. Continued in 1594. 

— [Reg. Assig., Wodrow's Miscell., Test. 


1576 JAMES LINDSAY, reader. 

ROBERT FRENCH, son of John F., 
1BQtJ in the Canongate, Edinburgh, had a 
gift, 16th July 1574, from James VI. 
of the prebend and chaplaincy of St 
Andrew, in the College Kirk of Field, 
for seven years, that he might study in 
the Grammar School of Canongate; he 
graduated M.A. at the Univ. of Glasgow 
in 1583, and was still min. in 1599.— [Mun. 
Univ. Glasg., iii. ; Beg. Assig.] 

old and infirm in 1605 (Beg. of Deeds, 
cciii., 340), probably the J. L. of 
Coulter and Douglas. 



1605 fellow-helper, with consent of the 

patron, John Lindsay of Covington, 

1605 (Beg. of Deeds, cciii., 340) ; continued 

1609, when his stipend was raised (Beg. of 

Deeds, cciii., 342) ; still min. in 1612 (Beg. of 
Deeds, ccix., 211). 

HEW LINDSAY, who had a son Patrick 
1608 (P. C. Beg., viii., 138). 

GEORGE OGSTOUN, min. in 1621, 
1621 ^ U ^ ma y nave been helper only ; 
died 12th March 1653. He marr. 
Abigail, daugh. of James Baillie, min. of 
Lamington. He left his books to his son, 
Andrew, apprenticed to John Hill, book- 
seller, Edinburgh, 17th Dec. 1651. He had 
also Francis, apprentice to John Reid, 
baker, 9th Aug. 1648; and Mary. His 
wife's name is unknown. — [Test. Beg. 

1652 J ames P-> m i n - °f Lasswade; M.A. 
(St Andrews 1647) ; was on the exer- 
cise there, 1st May 1650; adm. 7th Dec. 
1652 ; deprived 9th May 1661 for his active 
share in the doings of the Protesting party 
in the church. He was one of the tutors to 
the widow and children of Samuel Ruther- 
ford. He became indulged min. of Cum- 
brae along with John Rae in 1672. — [Test. 
Beg. (Lan. and St And.), Act. Beet. Univ. 
St And. ; Wodrow's Hist., i.] 

CHARLES LINDSAY, son of Thomas 
1662 k-> mm - of Walston; min. in 1662. 
During his incumbency a curious 
circumstance occurred. Sir William Lind- 
say of Covington had been seized with 
illness, and was thought dead. When he 
was stretched on the bier, his long beard 
was seen wagging, and restoratives being 
applied, he recovered, was able to talk 
with his family, and told by them the 
arrangements which had been made for his 
funeral. "Keep it secret," said he, "and 
let the company come." When all were 
assembled, after a little detention the door 
opened, and to their astonishment and 
terror, in stepped the knight himself, deadly 
pale, dressed in a sable suit, and supported 
by his kinsman, the minister. An explana- 
tion was given, and the latter called on 
to offer prayer and thanksgiving for the 
laird's escape from being buried alive. Sir 




William himself presided over the carousal 
which followed. L. was outed by the 
rabble, and demitted previous to 4th May 
1689, when he delivered up the kirk-box 
and mortcloth. He was received into com- 
munion by the General Assembly 17th April 
1694. He marr. Elizabeth, daugh. of John 
Livingstone, M.D. (G. B. Homings, 12th 
March 1687), and had issue— Helen (marr. 
25th Feb. 1705, James Wilkie, merchant, 
Edinburgh); Thomas. — [Lindsay's Lives, 
ii. ; MS. Ace. of Min., 1689 ; Acts, of A