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Mary J* L. McDonald 

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Quotations of Courage 
from the Holy Bible ►J^ 
Followed by Inspiring 
Thoughts from Later 
Sources ►I^ ►P ►J^ ►I^ ►I^ 

Selected by D. J. D. and E. W. 


Paul Elder and Company 

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Copyright, 1906, by 
Paul Elder and Company 

M^..^ ^^ -^d 



" I'm afraid " — how easily the phrase 
rises to our lips ! As if life were a game 
of chess, we fear to make a move, in 
doubt how it will be met by another. 

One moment's call within, to " Halt ! " 
and we realize our professed faith is 
weak, unreal. 

In reading the Holy Scriptures we 
frequently meet the command, "Fear 
not,'* followed by comforting words of 
strength and encouragement. 

Many of these Promises and Com- 
mands are here collected with added 
thoughts of "living saints and dead'* 
whose words and deeds alike challenge 
us to fear not — for "the Sword of 
the Spirit which is the Word of God" 
conquers with the same power as when 

first spoken. .^ w -^ 

^ D.J.IX 

The Pines, Dickinson, Texas. 

Hi 1^)1^1 


Why Live and Not Be Glorious 

Life's more than breath, and the quick round 

of blood, 
'Tis a great spirit and a busy heart ; 
The coward and the small in soul scarce do 

One generous feeling, one great thought, one 

Of good, ere night, would make life longer seem 
Than if each year might number a thousand 

Spent as is this by nations of mankind. 
We live in deeds, not years ; in thoughts, not 

breaths ; 
In feelings, not in figures on a dial. 
W^e should count time by heart-throbs. He 

most lives 
W^ho thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the 

Life's but a means unto an end, — that end, 
To those who dwell in Him, He most in them. 
Beginning, mean, and end of all things, — God. 
Why will we live and not be glorious ? 

Philip James Bailey, 



Fear not : • . • God meant it unto 
good, to bring to pass, as it is this day. 

Geneaia i : J9'20. 

Be ye not afraid, neither doubt, for 

God is your guide. Eadraa xvi : 75. 

Give us this day our daily bread, we 
And give us likewise. Lord, our 

daily thought, 
That our poor souls may strength- 
en as they ought. 
And starve not on the husks of yester- 
day. PhiUipa Brooka. 


But the Lord is my defence; and 
my God is the rock of my refuge. 

Paalma xciv: 22, 

Thou shalt not be afraid for the ter- 
ror by night ; nor for the arrow that 
flieth by day; for the pestilence that 
walketh in darkness; nor for the 
destruction that wasteth at noonday, 

Pamlma xci: 5*6, 

Do we believe in the existence of a 
spiritual Kingdom, a life of supernatural 
power, the working of the laws of Life 
that are as inevitable as they are in- 
scrutable ? Let us live as if we believed 

so. From Dear Feast of Lent Palm Sunday. 


Be not afraid, only believe. 

St. Mark v: 36. 

. . . And whosoever among you 
feareth God, to you is the word of this 
salvation sent. Acta xui: 26. 

This was the first angelic word 
The startled shepherds heard — 
"Fear not!" Beloved, it comes to you, 
A celestial message sweet and true. 
As true for you as it was for them 
In the lonely fields of Bethlehem ; 
As sweet today as it was that night. 
When the glory dazzled their mortal 

sight. Frances R. Havergal. 


Fear thou not: . . . Let not thine 
hands be slack. zechtruh m: is. 

Hearken unto me, ye that know 
righteousness; . . • fear ye not the re- 
proach of men, neither be ye afraid of 
their revilings. laauh u: r. 

It is not to taste sweet things, but to 
do noble and true things^ and vindicate 
himself under God's Heaven as a god- 
made Man, that poorest son of Adam 
dimly longs. Show him the way of 
doing that, the dullest day-drudge 

kindles into a hero. Thommm Cmrlyle. 


. . . Fear not the gods of the 
Amorites in whose land ye dwell. 

Judges Ti: 10. 

With him is an arm of flesh; but 
with us is the LORD our God to help 
us, and to fight our battles. 

// Chronicles xxxil: 8. 

Courage does not consist in the ab- 
sence of fear, but in the subjugation of 
fear. Some of the bravest men have 
had the most intense perception of dan- 
ger, and the most sensible apprehension 
of its fatal consequences. 

Cardinal Manning, 


And the LORD said unto him, Peace 
be unto thee; Fear not. 

Judges vi: 33. 

Behold, the Lord GOD will come 
with strong hand, and his arm shall 
rule for him: behold, his reward is 
with him, and his work before him. 

IsMiah xl: 10. 

I came from God, and I'm going 
back to God, and I won't have any 
gaps of death in the middle of my life. 

George MacDonald. 


Fear not, O land ; be glad and rejoice : 
for the Lord will do great things. 

Joel ii: 21. 

The Lord is my light and my sal- 
vation; of whom shall I fear? 

Psalms xxvii: 1, 

He that abideth in Him will bring 
forth much fruit; and bringing forth 
much fruit is Happiness. The infallible 
receipt for Happiness then is to do good ; 
and the infallible receipt for doing good 
is to abide in Christ, Drummond. 


• . . Fear not, neither be dismayed. 

Deuteronomy xxxi: 8, 

Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the 
LORD: he is their help and their 
shield. P9Mim» cxv: n. 

There is no power in the world so 
irrepressible as the power of personal 
holiness. A man's gifts may lack op- 
portunity, his efforts be misunderstood 
and resisted, but the spiritual power of 
a consecrated will needs no opportun- 
ity, and can enter where the doors are 
shut. Yes, in this strange and tangled 
business of human life there is no ener- 
gy that so steadily does its work as the 
mysterious, unconscious, silent, unob- 
trusive, impenetrable influence which 
comes from a man who has done with 
all self-seeking. 

The BiBhop of Oxford, 



Fear not, stand still, and see the sal- 
vation of the LO R D . Exodus xiV ; 13, 

Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth 
not any: he is mighty in strength and 

wisdom. Job xxxvi: 5. 

O divine Lx)ve, I have not loved 
Thee strongly, deeply, warmly enough, 
. . I beseech Thee, accept me and use 
me a little for Thy glory. I have done 
nothing for Thee yet, and I would like 
to do something. Oh, do, do, I beseech 
Thee, accept me and my service and 
take Thou all the glory. 

DtLvid UvJngBtonm. 


Thus saith the LORD that made thee, 
. . . which will help thee: Fear not. 

lemiah x/iV: 3, 

It is better to trust in the LORD than 
to put confidence in princes. 

Pamlma cxviii: 9. 

It is no delusion, no dream of a hot 
brain, no error of a too confiding soul, 
that has made the children of God de- 
light to trust in His Providential aid 
W^hen Grod, in deed and in truth, is 
present and dominant in the soul of 
a man. He can and He will give to 
that soul a real guidance. 

Henry Septimum Sutton, 



But fear not thou, . . . for, behold, 
I will save thee from afar off. 

Jeremiah xlvi: 27* 

For the LORD Crod is a sun and 
shield: the LORD will give grace and 
glory : no good thing vAU he withhold 
from them that walk uprightly. 

Psalms Ixxjuv : 11, 

Do thou have God before thine eyes, 
and contend not with peevish words. 

Thomas a Kempia^ 



. . . Peace be to you, fear not. 

Gexieaia xJiii: 23, 

O that there were such an heart in 
them, that they would fear me, and 
keep all my commandments always, 
that it might be well with them, and 
with their children for ever! 

Deuteronomy r ; 29, 

Mind, it is our best work He wants, 
not the dregs of our exhaustion. I think 
He must prefer quality to quantity. 

George McDonmlfL 



. . . Why are ye fearfiil, O ye of lit- 
tle faith ? St Matthew^ viii . Q6, 

. . • Fear not; the LORD shall fight 

for you. Exodum xiV ; 13, 14. 

Every trouble is an opportunity to 
win the grace of strength. Whatever 
else trouble is in the world for, it is here 
for this good purpose: to develop 
strength. Fortunately, every day is 
crowded with care. Every day to 
every one of us brings its questions, 
its worries, and its tasks, — brings its 
sufficiency of trouble. Thus we get our 
daily spiritual exercise. Every day we 
are blessed with new opportunities for 
the development of strength of soul. 

Rev. George Hodgea, D.D. 



The Lord is my strength and song, 
and is become my salvation. 

PsAlma cxviii: 14, 

Fear not ; for I am with thee: be not 
dismayed; for I am thy God: I will 
strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; 
yea, I will uphold thee with the right 
hand of my righteousness. 

lamimh xli: 10. 

It is thy duty to put on the new man 
and to be changed into another man. 
It is thy duty ofttimes to do what thou 
wouldst not; thy duty to leave undone 
what thou wouldst do. 

Thomms a Kempia. 



When thou liest down, thou shalt not 
be afraid : yea, thou shalt lie down, and 
thy sleep shall be sweet. 

Proverbs iU: 24. 

... I will make darkness light before 
them, and crooked things straight. 
These things will I do unto them, and 
not forsake them. j^^^ ^,^, ^^. 

Only believe, in spite of all present 
discouragement, that God will assur- 
edly fiilfil, and is now fulfilling. His 
promise, even though we are not con- 
scious of His operation. And Cjod will 
indeed fiilfil His Word. selected. 



And, behold, an hand touched me, . . . 
then said he unto me, Fear not. 

Dmniel x: 10, 12. 

So that we may boldly say, The 
Lord is my helper, I will not fear what 
man shall do unto me. 

Hebrewa xiii: 6. 

Come hither, all whom pain 

Doth arraign, 
Bringing all your sins to sight — 

Come hither, all ; 
Taste, and Fear not; God is here 

In this cheer. 
And on sin doth cast the fright. 

Rev. George Herbert, 



... It is I ; be not afraid. 

St Matthew xiv: Q7. 

Arise therefore, . . . doubting nothing. 

Acta x: 20. 

The struggle for self-mastery, the 
desire to overcome pride and sensuality, 
to bring rebellious passion into the sub- 
jection of the spirit, are not things to 
be feared. As the pine on the moun- 
tainside has more stability than the 
sycamore of the vale, because of the 
tempests it has endured, so does the 
soul attain the true fibre of Christian 
virtue and perfection by triumphing 
over the storms of passion and the 
aridity of doubt. 

Rair, P. /. Healy, S. T. D. 



For then shalt thou lift up thy face 
without spot ; yea, thou shalt be stead- 
fast, and shalt not fear. j^^ ^ . ^5 

And I will strengthen them in the 
Lord; and they shalt walk up and 
down in his name, saith the LORD. 

Zechariah x: 1^4 

The healthy sense of progress, which 
is necessary to the strength and happi- 
ness of men, does not consist in the 
anxiety of a struggle to attain a higher 
place or rank, but in gradually perfect- 
ing the manner and accomplishing the 
ends of the life which we have chosen, 
or which circumstances have deter- 
mined for us. ^„3;^^. 



Fear not, little flock ; for it is your 
Father's good pleasxire to give you the 

kingdom. S^, j^^jte rU: 32. 


. . . For there is no restraint to the 
Lord to save by many or by few. 

1 Samuel xiV: 6. 

God regards the personality of man. 
He persuades, He invites, He knocks 
at the door of the soul, but man must 
respond, for even to God the Will of 
man is sacred, and even from Him it 

suffers no violence. j,,^^^^ Thompson. 



And Moses said unto the people, 
Fear not: for God is come to prove 
you, and that his fear may be before 
your faces, that ye sin not 

ExoduB XX.* 30, 

. . . The Lord shall give thee rest 
from thy sorrow, and from thy fear. 

JaatMh xir: 3, 

God gives us always strength enough 
and sense enough for what He wants 
us to do : if we either tire ourselves or 
puzzle ourselves, it is our own fault. 
And we may always be sure whatever 
we are doing, that we cannot be pleas- 
ing Him, if we are not happy ourselves. 




And the LORD said unto Joshua, 
Fear not, neither be thou dismayed. 

Joshua viii: 1. 

Behold, God is my salvation ; I will 
trust, and not be afraid ; for the LORD 
Jehovah is my strength and my song. 

Isaiah xii: 2. 

Grant us the knowledge that we need 

To solve the questions of the mind ; 
Light Thou our candle while we read. 

And keep our hearts from going blind. 
Enlarge our vision to behold 

The wonders Thou hast wrought of 
Reveal Thyself in every law, 

And gild the towers of Truth with 

holy awe. van Dyke. 



Fear none of those things which thou 

Shalt suffer. Revelation ii: 10, 

Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing : 
for G^ ^s my defence, and the god of 
my mercy. p.^^, ^, ^^^ 

Fight like a good soldier: and if 
thou sometimes fall through frailty, take 
again greater strength than before, 
trusting in my more abundant grace, 
and take great heed of vain pleasing 
of thyself and of pride. 

Thomas a Kempis. 



Also thou shall lie down, and none 
shalt make thee afraid. ^^^ ^.. ^g 

Have not I commanded thee? Be 
strong and of a good courage; be not 
afraid, neither be thou dismayed : for 
the Lord thy God is with thee wither- 
soever thou goest j^^t,^^ y, p. 

Train yourself to find good in what 
seems evil; to make of disaster an op- 
portunity for your courage ; to master 
suffering by patience; to learn from 
sorrow, sympathy. ^, 3^ ^^„,^^^ 



... Ye shall not be afraid of the face 
of man ; for the judgment is God's. 

Deuteronomy i : 1 7. 

He staggered not at the promise of 
God through unbelief; but was strong 
in faith, giving glory to God ; and being 
fully persuaded that, what he had 
promised, he was able also to perform. 

Romans iv: 20, 3L 

Earth is for work, heaven for wages; 
this life for the battle, another for the 
crown ; time for employment, eternity 
for enjoyment. g„,;^,.,. 




Thou drewest near in the day that I 
called upon thee : thou saidst, Fear not. 

Lamentations Hi: 57, 

. . . Deal covirageously, and the LORD 
shall be with the good. 

11 Chroniclea xix: It. 

Sad will be the day for any man 
when he becomes absolutely contented 
with the life he is living, with the 
thoughts he is thinking, and the deeds 
that he is doing — when there is not 
forever beating at the doors of his soul 
some great desire to do something 
larger which he knows that he was 
meant and made to do because he is 
called a child of God. p^.^,;^^ brooks. 



He shall deliver thee in six troubles : 
yea, in seven there shall no evil touch 

*^- Job v: 19. 

... Be not afraid of them, neither 
be afraid of their words, though briers 
and thorns be with thee. 

Ezekielii: 6. 

Bayard Taylor, who overcame so 
many difficulties in the course of his 
courageous life, once said finely: "The 
soul must sweat blood. Nothii^ is well 
done that is done easily." 



Fear ye not therefore, ye are of 
more value than many sparrows. 

St. Matthew x: 31, 

Let not your heart be troubled : ye 
believe in God, believe also in me. 

St. John xiv: 1. 

Think not thyself wholly left, al- 
though for a time I have sent thee some 
tribulation, or even have withdrawn 
thy desired comfort ; for this is the way 
to the kingdom of Heaven. 

T/iomas « Kempim. 



For I the LORD thy God will hold 
thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear 
not ; I will help thee. j^^^ ^. jj 

Thou, O Lord, art a shield for me ; 
• • • I will not be afraid often thousands 
of people. P3^3 ^... j^ 5. 

To work fearlessly, to follow earn- 
estly after truth, to rest with a childlike 
confidence in God's guidance, to leave 
one's lot willingly and heartily to 
Him — this is my sermon to myself. 
If we could live more within sight of 
heaven, we should care less for the 
turmoil of earth. ^^^ ^ .^^^^ ^reen. 




Fear not : for I have redeemed thee. 

Isaiah xliii: 1, 

Now therefore keep thy sorrow to 
thyself, and bear with a good courage 
that which has befallen thee. 

BadrtLS x: IS. 

Submission, courage, exertion — these 
seem to be the weapons with which we 
must fight life's long battle. 

Charlotte Bronte. 



. . . Fear them not, neither be dis- 
mayed at their looks. ^zekM m: 9. 

Though an host shotdd encamp 
against me, my heart shall not fear. 

Paalma xxvii: 3. 

The whole duty of man is embraced 
in two principles of abstinence and 
patience : temperance in prosperity, and 
courage in adversity. s,„,^ 



The angel of the LORD encampeth 
round about them that fear him. 

Paalma xxxiv: 7, 

Be strong and of a good courage, 
fear not, nor be afraid of them: for 
the Lord thy God, he it is that doth 
go with thee ; he will not fail thee, nor 

forsake thee. Deuteronomy xjod: 6. 

Happy and strong and brave shall 
we be, able to endure all things and to 
do all things — if we believe that, every 
day, every hour, every moment of our 
life is in His hands. ^^^^ y^ r>yke. 



. . . The Lord is with us : fear them 

^^^^ Numbers xiv: 9. 

Be of gocxi courage, and he shall 
strengthen your heart, all ye that hope 
in the LORD. 

Pamlms xxvU: 16 (Prayer Book Version), 

When anything goes wrong the 
trouble is apt to be with ourselves. 
Instead of blaming others or murmur- 
ing at circumstances, let us ask God to 
flash the light of the Holy Spirit upon 
our own hearts, revealing what is con- 
trary to His will, and then enabling us 
to rectify it by His grace and power. 




. . . Thou Shalt not fear. 

Immiah liv: 14, 

The name of the LORD is a strong 
tower: the righteous runneth into it^ 

and IS safe. proverbs xviii: 10. 

Every evil to which we do not suc- 
cumb is a benefactor. As the Sandwich 
Islander believes that the strength and 
valor of the enemies that he kills pass 
into himself, so we gain strength of the 
temptations we resist. Emerson. 



Fear not, neither be afraid. ... Is 
there a God beside me ? j^^ ^^, ^ 

. . . The Lord will again rejoice over 
thee for good, as he rqoiced over thy 

fathers. Deuteronomy xxx; 9. 

Sharp sorrow, at one time or another, 
will come to each of us, if indeed it has 
not already come. But this same sor- 
row is a gentle teacher, and reveals 
many things that would otherwise be 
hard to understand. Sorrow passes. 
" See," says a keen observer, " how lit- 
tle trace a single sorrow, even a great 
one, leaves in any life." He did not 
mean that the influence of sorrow is 
slight, he only meant that Life is greater 
than sorrow and need not be overborne 

•^y *^' AnnM Robertson Brown, 



... Be not affrighted : ye seek Jesus 

of Nazareth. StMarkx^l: 6. 

They that wait upon the Lord shall 
renew their strength. j^^ ^. ^^ 

Who comes to God an inch through 

doubtings dim, 
In blazing light He will approach a 

yard toward him. 

Oriental Poem, 



If I Speak of strer.gth, lo, he is strong. 

Jobix: 19, 

Be not afraid of their faces : for I am 
with thee to deliver thee, saith the 

^^^^^- Jeremiah i: 8. 

If we can only get out of our souls 
the thought that it matters not if we 
are happy or sorrowful, if only we 
are dutiful and faithful and brave and 
strong, then we should be in the 
atmosphere, we should be in the great 
company of the Christ. 

PhiUipe Brooks. 



. . . Why are ye so fearfiil ? how is 
it that ye have no faith ? 

St Mark iv: 40. 

For there stood by me this night the 
angel of Crod, whose I am, and whom 
I serve, saying, Fear not 

AcU xxvii: Q3, 24. 

You ask from God and say, Lord, 
give this or that to me. What can He 
give you whose hands are filled with 
other things? God wishes to bestow 
upon you His gifts and does not see 
where He can put them. 




Fear not therefore: ye are of more 
value than many sparrows. 

St Luke xii: 7. 

Wait on the LORD: be of good 
courage, and he shall strengthen thine 
heart : wait, I say, on the Lord. 

Pmmlm9 xxvii: 14, 

" Tie up thy fears ; 

He that forbears 

To suit and serve his need 

Deserves his load." 

But as I raved and grew more 
fierce and wild 

At every word, 

Methought I heard one call- 
ing "Child," 

And I repUed, " My Lord." 

Rev. George Herbert. 



. . • As thy days, so shall thy strength 

*^^* Deuteronomy xxxiii: 25m 

But when Jesus heard it, he an- 
swered him, saying, Fear not : believe 
only, and she shall be made whole. 

St Luke viii: 50. 

Devout fellowship with God is the 
spring of all our life and the strength 
of it. By this contact with the world 
unseen we receive continual accesses 
of strength. As our day, so is our 

strength. ^. ^^ Manning, 



Fear not : for I am with thee. 

IsMimh xliii: 5, 

. . . Let not your heart faint. Fear 
not, for the LORD your God is he that 
goeth with you, ... to save you. 

Deuteronomy xz ; 3, 4» 

Then, welcome each rebuff 

That turns earth's smoothness rough. 

Each sting that bids nor sit, nor stand, 

but go ! 
Be our joys three parts pain ! 
Strive, and hold cheap the strain ; 
Learn, nor account the pang; dare, 

never grudge the throe. 

Robert Browning, 



For Gcxi hath not given us the spirit 
of fear ; but of power, and of love, and 
of a sound mind. jj ^.^^,^^ . . ^^ 

After these things the word of the 
Lord came unto Abram in a vision, 
saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy 
shield, and thy exceeding great reward. 

Genesis xv; 1, 

Should we feel at times disheartened 
and discouraged, a confiding thought, 
a simple movement of heart towards 
God will renew our powers. 




The secret of the LORD is with them 
that fear him. p,^^, „^ . ^^ 

Fear none of those things : ... be 
thou faithful unto death, and I will give 
thee a crown of life. 

Revelation ii : 10, 

O friend, never strike sail to a fear ! 
Come into port greatly, or sail with 
God the seas. Not in vain you live, for 
every passing eye is cheered and re- 
fined by the vision. Emerson. 



But the angel said unto him, Fear 
not, Zacharias : for thy prayer is heard. 

St Luke i: 13. 

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves 
to think any thing as of ourselves; but 
our sufficiency is of God. 

// Corinthiana Hi: 5. 

Our only victory over temptations is 
through persisting courage and an 
indomitable cheerfulness. 

Frederic W. Fmber. 



Fear not ; from henceforth thou shalt 
catch men. ^^ ^^^ ^. j^ 

Thou therefore, my son, be strong in 
the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 

// Timothy ii: 1, 

What else is Wisdom ? What of man's 

Or God's high grace so lovely and so 

Fear not ! From fear set free, to breathe 

and wait. 
To hold a hand uplifted over Hate; 
And shall not Loveliness be loved 

forever? Euripides. 



The Lord is on my side ; I will not 
fear: What can man do unto me ? 

Paalma cxviii: 6» 

And Joshua said imto them, Fear 
not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of 
good courage : for thus shall the LORD 
do to all your enemies against whom ye 

^S^^ JoMhua x: as. 

Where Thou art not, man hath 

naught ; 
Every bold deed and thought 
Comes from Thy Divinity. 




. . • Fear God, and keep his com- 
mandments : for this is the whole duty 

of man. Eccleaiaates xii: 13. 

There is no fear in love ; but perfect 
love casteth out fear. ^^^^ ^^ . ^^ 

The Commandments of Cxod are not 
grievous because we have a Power 
implanted in us mightier than all which 
would dispute the sway of God's Com- 
mandments and God's Love, — a Power 
which would lift us above all hin- 
drances, carry us over all temptations, 
impel our listlessness, sweep with it 
whatever opposes it — sweep with it 
even the dullness or sluggishness of our 
own \Vills, — the Almighty Power of 
the Grace of God. 

Edwmrd B. Puaey. 


«iF£AR NOT« 

The Star of the Unconquered 


The Star of the unconquered will, 
He rises in my breast, 
Serene, and resolute, and still. 
And calm, and self-possessed. 

And thou, too, whosoe'er thou art. 
That readest this brief psalm. 
As one by one thy hopes depart 
Be resolute and calm. 

O fear not in a worid like this. 
And thou shalt know ere long, — 
Know how sublime a thing it is 
To suffer and be strong* 








^ ..•.,.•--, . . , ■ 


T F'^'^ ••'740 * 

'**■ jm.*! . V ' ^ -a ;.M« « - -" 

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