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'fenno family 



H.'3tir!Bter; r'ron:- Ne~-En"'J. HisT'>r:l'al ^.vd GeNtAi.oc-K'.Ai. Pl^,gtstek for Qri., i.^SS. 

? P I N X ED BY A V I D C i . iX P P & S N 
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Rarf.cca ffexxer. aged ■2-5, is iu a Vat of passengers in the TrucJoce, from 
old England to New England, ir. lG-j-3. It was perhtips the same Rebecoa 
Fenno who in 1G60 was granted by ttie town of Dorchester f^Jass.), sixty- 
eight acres of land in Unquity, wliich \ra.s two years later incorporated as 
the town of Milton, where the name oi P'enno is still to be found. Aug, 1:?. 
1683, Rebecca Fenno, Senilor, was admitted to tb.e church iu 3Ii!ton, and 
iu Milton she died Jinie 12, IGC"''. 

Capt. Arthur. John, William and Thomas Fenner, of Providence, R. I., 
16i6, or tbereahouts, and afterwards of Connecticut, do not seem to be 
related to the Milton Fennos. 

1. j>.x;-, 1\:.:,:.\:,, who was granted twenty acre'' of lanrl in TJ" ^^I'ry 
(Milton), in lG6i). was probably a son of Rebecci Fenno preceding, though 
the proof po>ixiv'e is lacking, lie eviilently built upon his land immediateiy, 
for in the Dorchester record', in 16G1, is this eiury: •■ We have layd out 
and staked the way two rodd tind hait'e broad from tiie meeting house at 
ui\quetie from John Gills hind and Robert Redp.ui,';- 1 ind l.j John FouiiOs 
house leading to the way to the Blue Hilis." '^ A fiinner and soldier m 

King Philip's war iu 1075. he d'.esi in Aliltuu. April 7, 1708, aged 7l>. vv-}u;;b ,ptc 
■would make the date of his birih abont 1\j:L'\). TIjo name oi his \viie has ^^fue.^ 
cot been ascfTtained. Iu his wili, dated Anga^t, ITOi;?, he refers to his 7" 
property ia "Lancashire In y'' Realme ot Engla'ad," and the hope was har- 
bored that in that county was his okl world hume. but a search oi the Lan- 
cashire wills has failed to reveal the name of Feuno or Fanner. 
Children of John, all born ia Milton : 

i. ilEr'-i:cCA- b, SL;)t. i'3, l!5'72; m April 27, loo^^. Depeiidance Fr-;nch 
, l!;-tc>-i7o2"; of Braintree, whore she d. iii Julj, 1741. 

2. il. Joh-:-,-. b. Aug. 29, ieG5. 

iii. £( iZAKETjLi, d. Sopt. 21, i'^JS. 

iv. .Jw-ti'B, b. ^jept. 1, 1670; proivably kiilod in ODi^ of the t^arly Frjiieh 
and Inciau wars, a? his faciier Avrites h\ his will ■'my son -Tosepfi 
forniej-ly ivent to Canada in au E-v oelitiou agt the then Commoa 
Eui-my since Wi-.icli Time I have never beard fi-om hi'a." 

3. v. BKv.r.i.Miy, b, Fho. \, ]iw3. 

vl. 3LuiY, b- -Tuly ;>l. L-wT: m. T.^b. 1'^, i7'}i. Jaur^e, Ba'Jcock ( 1577- 
1710), of, a.H'l r:;«)ved to Vv"iudi)"an, Conn., and later to 
("oventrv. Co:'.!i: 
vii. ELi/ABKTii, b. March ol, If^SO; in. Oct. 3. 170^:, John "Waldo, of 
Vv'indham. Ciinn.. biro seems ro La, j iived ia Bostun, wi'iere ihe 
pvo'r.ablj a. iu 174o. 
■4. vlii. El.'^i!t.4^.^r. b. ,!uue;!d. ioSi". 

2. JoH^' F;:\;^o was horn in ^Mdton. Aug. 29, 1 d'>o, was a 
*arL.:^'"- ar. i livr,.] ;.) ibe parrot Stou^hton now Canton, 3J:i:S., •«'hers 
he died Ap:jl '1'6. iTil, :^ge-i 7j, The uous^? tiiai ne buar lu 1 ; O-t 

* T-nu rv;.-'i!lv !<;u- of ■^•.■■. Bl -c TJ;';- 'or;- ';•-■ ini^'/ ■^\' E'-iino JJii', hut tUe name b>;cu «:l;Uiii;v:d by iLe -MciroiUjiiLf.u ia'-k Comiuiiaiou to Kituiuaa.Ak.iii iiiil. 

is still .stinding, a big chiraneyed red house with niiiucroM> out 
buildings on Farm Street, oa the south side of I*onki[)og l/'jiid. 
The laud (iive lumdrt d ;;'Tes) wi>s boui^ht by his father in iC'.'x. 
He mairied about IGiiO liachel Newootnb, of iJrainirLC, v/ho di:;d 
Oct. 16. I7o0. 

Childrvu, i. to /. rceorui'it iu ^lilton. vi. to ix. in Dcrchciier, 
whicli tlien includfd the prf:sent towns of Stoughton and Canton: 
i. Bktulv,^ b. Oct. 12, 1G'J2; m. Dec. lo, 17io. Charles Weiuworth 

(1081-1780), and d. April 2;), 17^0. i?. s9. 
ii. JosKi'ii, 1.1. Feb. 21, li;;!.); d. iu Canton, .June 2il. 17i;i; m. D.<-. 8, 

1726, Sarah Wliitt', of Miltuu, who d. Sayt. i'J. 17i;.U. Iso c]ijlui>::;> 

ill. Rebecca, b. Sept. S. ir.'i7; m. .Ian. 2, 1727, .Jolui Piercr;, of Watcr- 

lOM'n, and moved to Canton, where .he d. March '■) , 177+. She d. in 

Cfinton, March 18, 1783, ». 65. 

5. iv. Isaac, b. >"ov. 14, HV.)'J. 

6. V. JoiTX. b. Feb. 7, 170;>. 

Ti. lirxii, b. ]May 30, 1705; m. Oct, 10. 172*, Kliphalct Leonard, of 

Easton, and d. in Cauton, March 26, 17i;>. He d. Feb. i, 17>(5. 
vii. LiazAniUii, b. Mav 7, 1707; m. June 'J, 1721, SLCpheu BiUiugs, and 

d. Oct; 17. 17s;;." Tie d. .June 10, 17!';7. 
Tiii. Setu, b. *'ct. 2>. 17i>i>; d. Oct. :->!. 1710. 
\.r v^.vKLovE, b. Feb. 1. 171.-.: m. ^'Zi, John T?rc^t, ?f I!. :.:^ -.-*;.. 

3. Bex,ja:mix^ Fexxo (Johii') borr; in Milton. F-^b. i. IG'o. iuherited h:> 
father's farm, and died tlieie Mny 19. IT-'^O. aged 77; wa.5 teloct- 
man 1722, 1723 and 1724; married .Sept. 2-3, luDo, Aiiiry P.elch'-r. 
of Milton, who was probably the Marv who died in Miltoix, Dec. 
25, 17.'.8. 

Children, all bovu in Milton: 

7. i. Benja:min,^ b. Sc]:t. Iu, It.'j?. 

ii. Kr.CECCA. b. .lu'.v 1., 1700; m. Ma^- IS. i72!, .Toliu Sber,>^rd, of ^^'.^^r.. 
iii. M\uv, h. March 1;'. 170.^; d. AiJril lij, 1725. 
iv. Jemima, b. March i7. i7ot;; m. Jidy 15. 172f;, Araos Wa'liins: f"^^'a.l- 

land), of T>n;.toi;, in<ir!!'.r. b. M::rch 1. l''*;'!) ; d. probably iu 1757. 

She d. ill Boston pr^ibablv in 1771. 
V. Abigail, o. .Inn; 2;-'. Kio: \:\. i-i, Dec. 24. 1729. Georsx INIinot, Oi.' 

riorcbesrer, wlio d. Xov. 10, 17-il, r.- -il ; -jhe m. 2d, Jan. 15, iri'J, 

William Tnckor. of ililtou. 
Ti. jEi;u<iiA. b. April Ji', 17'"; ;i:, T1;oajas Karris. 

8. vii. Samuel, b. March 12, 1717. 

4. Ephj^atm- Fuxn'O (J'jJur), born m .Mli'ion. June 30. U'i;;2; died in 
Iseivton, probably early in I7b7. as his sun .John was appoi'.r.ed 
• administrator of the estate March DS, 17u7. About 1705 or 170G, 
he moved to Losron, where he wa:-* a cordwainer. In IWJC he 
bought for £75(1, thirty-three acres iu Newton, in the triangie fortn^J 
by tlie present Homer, Graftop. and Centre Streets, near where the 
latter crosses the Newton Bor.lexard. and rer-ioved thnhe.'-. Me 
married first, July 22, 1706, Kii;:abenh .Smith, who died N- v. 21. 
1713; uiarried second, April 7, 1715. Elizabeth, daughter o." Na- 
thauiel and Elizabeth Jhirnes: she was born Jan. 22. DJSo. in Boa- 
toa, v'here she died March 11, 172f, ■:\g' A ^';). H'? n^H^ 'vrJ (i:i2-i. 
Jai>. 3, 1725, 31: s. ]Martha (Poarcej Stoei. widov^ of John S'eei. oC 
Bo-lO:i, ro;-eiiiaher; she died :n 'Sny^i.^r.. in 17si, aged 8i;, 
Children by first wire, all born lU Bostuiu 

?. i. J^^:.>.^ b. Mav !-. \l-':. 

v.. ib riVA!:-i. b. .":;:•..■ 1^. !7^-^: n. 1710. 

iii. bAMiKJ., b. Ma."<ui, 17^ i. n. tbii.u' rarcher foaad. 

iv FLiz.iBETii, b. Jaue 2o. 1712: ui. Jane J7. 17o4, William Hayaer. 

Childron of Ephraim raid Elizabeth (secona wife), all boru ia 
Boston : 

i. Natiianti-.l' (twin), li. Doc. .•■1. ]7].-;;d. 171C. • 

ii. Bau>ks (twin), b. Dec. :n, i71J; d. 171G. 
iii. Sakaii (twin), b. April 10. 1717; d. 17;V.'. 
iv. >■ vTiiAMKL (twin), b. .\pril 10, 1717; d. 1717. 

T. K.VKNFS, b. Auz. 10. 1718; d. 1718. 
vi. ]5kx.'amix. b. Xov. 3, )710; nothing fartlior fonnd. 

Chiidren of Epliraim ;ujd Martha (third wife); i. to iv. bom ia 
Boston, V. born in Xeuton : 
10. i. JoNATifAX,' b. Aivj:. 2o. 1720. 

ii. Maky, b. Feb. 9, 1728: d. 1730. 
iii. M.VKY. b. Sept. 2'J, 1732: d. in X.-wton. 174.>. 
iv. Joso'n, b. May 18, 17:U'; uothjns further found. 
V. Sa];aii, b. An.:,'. 8, 1737; d. 1744.^ 

o. IsAAC^ Ff:xNO (Jo/ni;- J'.jh.n^) boni in Milton. Nov. 14. 1^9?, died ia 
Canton, then part of Stougbtou, July 2, I771(?). He lived ou the 
south side of Ponkinog Pond, on the farm occupied by his fat'icr. 
He married first. Jati.'O, 1723, Hannah, daughter of James Puti'er; 
she die.] July oO, 1731, aged 21. He ujarried second, Ann! 1.0, 
17:-^2. M.;y Niles. ^ 

Children of Isaac and llaniiali. boru in Canton: 

i. Er.iZAF.EiH.^ b. Sept. 20, 1729; m. X\v^. 13. 174'). Matthew Buck, of 
•11. ii. IriAC, b, June 23, 3 731. 

ChiMivn of Isaac and IMary, born in Canton: 
i. Pr-TTi,- b. iiay 23, 1733: in. April 10. H-lo. John Kennv. .Jr. 
II. Hannah, b. Drr. 2.;, 1.31'.: ni. April 2»1. 1759, Abner Crane, of Pcnki- 
pog', .she d. July 7. 1797. leaving: a dan. Uaunah,^ who m. 
Jesse Davc-nporl. whose dau. Hannah Crane Davenport m. James 
iii. SriiAH, b. Oct. 3, 1741. 

V. John* FeN-VO (./:>///!,'' ,/b/r';^). farmer; born in Milton, Feb. 7, 1703; 
lived in what is now Canton, where he died Dec. 15. 1759; married 
Dec. 15. 172(3, Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Ruhama (Babcock) 
Billings; she died Oct. 23, 1768. 
Cliildren, all born in Canton : 

i. >rAUv.' b. S?pt. 11, 1727; m. Jan. 10, 1748, .John French. 

12. ii. .loiiN. b. Feb. 11, 173i). 

iii. 1Ujko!v, b. Dec. 3, 1732; m. 1st, Xov. 7, 1751, Jonas Hartweli; m. 

13. iv. Jo-F.i'!i, b. May 15, 173,5. 

14. V. \\"ij i.iA-vr. b. Xov. ti, 1737. 

vj. Ualhkl. h. Xov. 1.?, 1740; lu. Jan. 18, 1759. Ezra T\^inslow, of 

vii. Ai'.iCAii., b. April 1, 1743: m. May 12, 1730, John Huward Winslow, 

of .^tougbtcn. 
viii. Fi:eel<-ivi:, m. Oct. 1, KC7, Caleb Kingman, of Bridgewatcr. 

7. Benjamin ■ Fkn'no ( Bfvjamin:^ John'^), farmer; born in ^Jilcon. Sent. 
IH, lGi!S; .:^ied ii/M.Icoii. May Ik 1765; married June 20, 1723. 
Av'.gad, boru April K), 170r;. died November, 1772, tiaughter ol 
John and Enz:d)erh Wadswor:!:. ;f Mibnn.and uir-ce of R.-\\ Beuja- 
.';iin VVadi-worrh, I'rvsidcnt of H '.rv-r-i College, 1725 to 1737. 
Children, all born in Milton: 

i. Abigail.* b. A^^^. IG, 1724; cl. 1738. 
ii. Bfxjami^', b. Aug. 8, 172o: d. 17:3S. 
iii. Mary, b. Sept. 7^1728; ni. Sept. 14. 1749, Thomas Crane, of Stnnrrh- 

iv. Elizarktu. b. Jan. 2."). 1731; d. 17"8. 
V. OLivKk, b. Feb. 27, 17o3: d. IT-^o. 

Ti. Rt.BKCcv, b. April 10, 1734; m. 1754, Eenjamlu Parrot, m.TriiitT, b. 
in Boston. June 12. 1730, d. ahotit ]7(J2; 5;hc d. iu Boston ia.l-'324, 
*. 90, leaviii'^ a in Liheriv Siitiai-e. 
vii. RcTH, b. Juiyti, 1787; d. 17;;s. 

viii. MEiiii.\i3LE, V>. Sept. .7, 1740; m. 17">0. James Reod. 
is. Ebkxezkr, b. Aug. 31. 1743; farrnor and Kevolutiouaiy soldier; d. 
in ^Milton, April 4, 1700; no children mentioned in '.viii; ni. iu 17Ci>, 
Elizabeth AVa.i^worth of Miltou, v.'hu m. 2d, ilay 20, 1793, Tlioruas 
Eatou of Dedham. 

S. Samuei,'^ Fknxo {Benjannt'.' Joh)-^). fanner; boru iu IMiltou, March 
1-2, 1717; died in Miltou, Feb. 1, 1791, agtd 74; najidea name oi 
wife Re!*ecca not found. ' . ' '. . ■ 
Children,^ born in JMilton: 

i. BtrBLX,^ adniiuistraior of his father's estate. 

ii. MosKs, b. Auif. 7, 174".; d. in Miltoiu IShirch 1.", 177.S: ra. March S. 
176r-, Ma'-y Pi'e!:'?r, '-•^ ^^tDUghtou, by v. horn he had a son Jivses,' b. 
J.i-' J", 1-";' 
VA S\^rrKr., b. Ap; il 3, 1747: d. 1751. 
15. iv. BF.x.f.onx, b. f ept. 8. 1749. 

V. Ot.ivkh, b. C»ct. 10, 1751; d. 1753. 
vi. Mn:iA.M, b. Jan. 9. 1755; m. Jolin FhiUhps. 
vii., b. Jan. 1, 175S; a Kevoiucionary soldier; by wife Pesirj 

Lad son 7?r//y.,/t.5 b. Feb. 17. 17N8. 
Tiil. ?.Lu:y. b. April 20, 17(n; d. 17r.G. 
ix. Samckl, b, April 25, 1763: m. Si7::auna Humphrey, of Weymouth. 

3. JoHN'^ Fexxo (Ephraimr John^). horn in Boston. ^Mav 12. 1707; 
died in Boston, Dec. 'J. 1790. 'in his will, dated April 28, 17S8, 
he is called a leather dresser. His house on the east side of Xew- 
bury Street is valued at £200. lie married Nov. 12, 1730, Han- 
nah Capen, born Feb. 24, 1712. died in Eo-ton, January^ 1792, 
di^ fighter of Jaraes and Elizabeth Canen, of Charlestown. 
Childre'j, riil born in Boston: 

16. i. John.* 'o. :*.rAy 4. 1732. 

ii. EPHRAni, b. June 15, 1734; living in April, 17.S8, when he is men- 
tioned in his father's will, but his name does not appear in the first 
Boston directory of 1789; he is probably the Epliraim living in 
Eastport, 3[e., 1785-1787; in September, i7S3, " Ephraim Fenno i- 
"\V"> Sharp appointed by tlie Selectmen [of Bostoii] to obsei^ve i-v- 
bring to Justice any Person or Persons who shall Irausgress the 
Laws by tiring Guns upon the Neck and the bottom ol the Common 
and other places within the limit-^ of the Town." Ephniim Fenno, 
evidently of Bc.-^ton. is Capraln-Lieuteuani in Ccl. L.imb's Artillery 
in Continental Army, Jan. 1. 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779: Jan. 17, 1780, 
is reported pri-ioner at New fork. 

iii. H-v:xx'Air, b. Feb. 4, 173i>; d. Feb. 2-', 1754. 

iv. J.orys, b. Mav 31. 1741; d. Jan. 2ii, 1754. 

v. T\'ii.LiAM. b. May 4, 1744; .1 1744. 

17. vi. Saml'EL; b. July 1, 1745. 

vii. Eliz-vheth, b. July 8, 1747: d. 1747. 
viii- Tho.mas, b. June 19. 1749; d. 7 749. 
ix. Wii.i.iAM, b- Dec. 19. 1750; pv')i>a!;ly the V\'ipi:irn m. in Bostm!. Jftirch 

• U, 177r. -\l';L;-;il Ih-'l; :'V;d ■;;: ly :i 1{. ^ ';'>ry snidiL-r: d. ab«-.l. 

• >cr. 3i>. 179:'. havinu' two rhiMreii. £7/,r"''-'A* and W'U'."^:, •^>j an 
old memorundnm l^tc by (>;- (•rvtlier =iys. 

s. E:.:za]:i:tii, b. Auic. lo, 1752: d. x:53. 

10. JoxAxnAN^ Fknxo (Ephraim,^ Jom^), born in Boston, An^. DH, 172C ; 

ten years later moved with his parents to Newton: iiiariiud in 
Roxbury, Oct. L'-l, 1749, Esther Huiit. 

Chilihtu o£ JoJiatbuu, all bum probably in Nev.tou, tbougli onV: 
the fi!•;^t is reconled: 

1. y.ww,^ b. Sort. ];•. i7.v3. 

18. ii. OunKK, b. about 17,",."). 

19. iii. KriTKAiM, b. about 17.'>9. 

20. iv. JosKPfi, b. about \lul. 

21. V. William, b. about 1700. 

■vi. Mai;gahet, b. about 1771 : d. in Newton, Mas.s., Jlec. 0, ISirt, iv. 7?. 

11. Isaac'* Fexxo ( Isaac, ^ Joloi.'- John'^). {■dvmer; born in C'ant')n, Jane 

28, 1731; died iu Canton, Oct. G, 17G2. the result of a! from the. 
steeple of the meeting house, which was beinj^ raise.!: lived wiih 
his father south of Fonkij)og Poud ; married May 2.'!, ]7-)l. !\Iaria 
Davenport, born JNov. 13, 17 3o. d. 1825, daughter Oi J(.hu and 
Mary (Bent) Davenport of Ponkipog. 
Children, ail born in Canton : 

i. ExocH,^ b. March 2Lb 175.5: a Revolutionary .soldier: d. in ?.rikon, 
Sept. 19, 17IIG: in. Anz- -'1, 17>sO. Mary Iloldeu, who c1. .A'".'. :2j. 
]6o'^. fe. 72; they had Spencf-r,^ And rev:. Jnrvis. Jfrpminli '-'.ii.'K-h 

ii. ivi-iJAH, b. Aug. 30. 1757; a Revolutionary soldier; lived iu the old 
Fenno in Canton, where he d. in I.SIO; lu. Sept. 3, 177,s, 
Abiirail Smith (1 7(51-1;-' L") : thev had tlve children: 

1. I^rMc^ b. Nov. 21, 1770; d. Sept. G, lS2(.b the father of l.-^Maci" 

Ftuno. of Rosbarv, ("lS23-l^'.^7). 

2. Luther, b. Maich 8. 1782 : d. unmar. is 17. 

3. ./-e.ts-e, b. July tb 1785; the father of Jo--se" who own:? the old Can- 

ton hoiuestoad built in 170-1, and of Georire A." of Boston. 
■i. Ha.nvih. b. June lo. 17.-M: ni. Fob. !!. 1815,"" Elijah Tucker. 
5. M':h)i>:!.hh, b. Sopt. 1. 17'.i3 ; rn. June 1. 1820. Capt. Chnries Tucker, 
iii. Je.-?.se, b. July 23, 17G0: a Hevoliitionary soldier; moved to Quincy,. 
whore he d. July 20, 1827; in. Oct. 10, 17'.'3, Elizabeth Arnold, b- 
Sopt. Kb 1770, d' Dec. 2, 185S : they had seven children: 

1. EUzoljUh.^ 

2. Chnrlutte. 

3. Elijr'h. 

4. Jenisha Glover. 

5. M'trirj. Davei'i'Oi't. 

6. Isaac Jesse. 

7. TJ'.omas Ghn-er, the father of .Tosiah Adam? Fenno, of Quincy. 
iv. ISA-vc, b. Dec. 30, 17C.2 (posthumous); a potter; d. in Dorchester, 

Ai>ril 24. 17.':)t;: m. Nov. 18. 1788. Marv Trcscott, and had Lucj,^ b. 
17-0, d. 17'J5, 

12. JOHX^ Fexxo (Jo/oi.^ John:- Johi>^). farmer; born Feb. 11, 172O-30, 

iu Canton, where he died about 170o; widow appointed adminis- 
tratrix of his estate Feb. 25, 17G3; married Dec. 14, 1752, J^ruslia 
"NVeutworth, who married second, Feb. 1-1, 17G5, Nathaniel Leonard, 
of Stoughtor.. 

Children, born in Canton: 
■i. Chakli;>,* 1). Julv 22, 1751: a Revolutionary soldier : <1. in Canton, 

Jan. 6. 1^21; m. 1778. Lydia Babcock, who d. Jan. 22. 18;50, ;'- 8i ; 


1. Jf->>^hn,f' h. Ana. 22, 1779. 

2. ./■rejniah Twh^r. b \~>.y. 
ii. Mj.iiY, b. .Tune 5. 1757. 

13. Jo.-r.r-'i" Fcxxo iJoh:: J-kn:- Joh)-^). boru in Canton, May 15- 

.1735; died in MUton, June ]9, 1767, drowned whde getting a ves- 




sel up the Neponset river; was in the Crown Point expedition in 
1755; marrieil July IG, 17G1, JcnisLa Robinson, of Dorche>tei:, 
wlio marriL:rl second, Feb. 28. 1772, John ."Melius, of Boston. 
ChiMren, born in IMilton: 

i. EusuA TiiACiinu,* b. Jan. 2.3. 17G3; d. in Milton, Sept. 2G, 17>4. 
ii. Joseph, b. March 7, 1700; moved to Machi9>, Me., where be d. Dee. 
4. 1S?)'J: ni. jNIarv. daughter of Jonathan I'lneo, and had: GtoV';.^. 
W.,^ Jlaru A. , ElL'OM-th and Jolui W. 
iii. Daniel, b. Jan. 30, 17GS. 

William* Fenno [John,^ Johnr John'^), born in Canton, Nov. 3 
17.37; died in Canton aiiout 1774; widow appointed adiuinistrairii 
July 22, 1774; married July 0, 1761, Sarah Endicott, born in Can- 
ton. Aug. 10, 1741, uaughter of Jaine.s and g."anddaug!iter of Gilbert 
Indicott. who settled in Dorchester in seventeenth century. 
Children, born in Canton ; 

i. Sakah,* b. Feb. 27. 1762. 
ii. Hannah, b. Sept. 11. 1703. 

iii. John, b. Jan. 1. 1706; d. in Boston. July 2G. 1835; he kept a srrocery 
store on Hanover Street, lio-ton. and was a deacon in tiie X.hv 
North Church, llev. Francis Parkniao's; m. Dec. S, 1793, Ci^'-i •- . 
Apii'i 10, 1770, d. in Chelse.-.. Xuv. 2+, 1.S.3G, dar.g'-.tcT of l.oL^:.;:.^L 
and Kuth (Torrey) Pratt, of Soata Weymouth; their "Weddiuj; was 
the tirst iu Fast i>oston; they had seven children : 

1. Jul'ii.,^ CTauiifather of lion. John .1.* Feuuo. :Mayor of Nev.'ton, 

Mtiss!^ l.S'Jo and 1S04, and Supt. of B., K. B. i L. R. R. 

2. Joseph. 

3. William. 

4. Henry. 

5. Sarah. 

6. OUvp. Auf/usta. m. :\Iarch 31, 1531, Rev. Horatio Alcer. 

7. Harri>^t. 

iv. William, b. Dec. 21, 17'J7; housewri:;ht iu Boston, where be u. July 

24, 1613. 
V. Joseph, b. Nov. 21, 1769. 

1.5. Benjamin* Fenno ( Samuel.^ Benjamin^- Johi^).\iova. 'n Milton, Sept. 
8, 1749; died in Milton, March 6, 1817; a Revolutionary soldier. 

Children of Benjamiu and 2vabby, all born in Miiton : 
i. Lazarus Bowk-er.»' b. March 3, 1774; d. iu Bo-^tou, Feb. 3, I'^IO. 
ii. Samtkl, brXbv. 5, 1775: perhaps the Samuel who married Mercy 
Gib«ou and d. in Brool^fieid, Vt., leavinii Of/;? ]Va.shi,i'jton, b. 1804, 
John G«?;,<on, b. July 12, l^CiG; audLinid Uddl, h. .July 13, IsO^; 
the latter -was tne" father of Darwin Gibson Fenno, manairing 
editor of the Phil add i)hia Ti-.nes. - 
ill. Nabby. b. D>c. 19. 1781. - - -.. 

iv. RfRKCXA, b. :\[ay 21, 17^3; m. April 14. 1>08. Flip'ivaz Paeliard. of 
Milion. • 
Chihlreu of Benjamin and Deborah (second wife), born in Milton: 

i. DEfiORiH, ii. April 20.. 1785. 
ii. Oliver, b. April 11 1787. 

13. John* Fenno (John,' Epkrai.v.- John^), born in Boston. May 4, 
1732; died iu Boston, Dec 5, 1812; buried in Copp's Hill: was a 
eordwainer and leather-bucket maker oi' Orange Street, aud in bis 
Later vears kept a staltle with bi.s son-in-law Levi Gill; in a letter 
written shortly iictore his dearh he li.M-es lii- ;>on to become associa- 
ted with "Slv. Gill io that "it will be still said to be Fenno >V- Gill 
where horses have tlieir lill." He married April 4, 17o.;». Kath- 

.r. i 

erino, born 'u\ "Roston, July 4, 1729, died in Boston, Marc'a C, 1810. 

dauiiliter of Capt. James Hodges. 

. Children, all born in Boston : 

i. Jamks,- o. Uct. i}, 1757; d. 1700. 

ii. ILvxXAii, b. Sept. 13, 175'J; d. July 23, 1S05. 

iii. J.o.iES, b. Auii-. 2'.\ 17ol; d.. in Boston, A 112 . 19. 1822: w-a* a lijrliter- 
m. -in for t-vventy-tive y.-ars; m. Feb. 2'.), 1784, Mary Corey, of 
Koxbury, wLo d. in liootou, Sept. 12. 1842, a-. 7U : tbey hatl nine 
children : 

1. J/.a-v.« 

2. DovUl. d. Oct. 25, 1S14, at Sacketfs Harbor, from the U. S. Ship 


3. Cah-iu. - ' ' 

4. Lury, 

5. J"hn. 

6. Hannah, n\. Solomon S. Baxter, of Bcston. 

7. Elizabeth Corey. 

8. Salhj Corey. 

9. Cath'^rhit:. 

iv. Katiikkine, b. Feb. 2, 17G3; d. Xov. 8, 1S03; m. May 31, 1781, 

Samuel Adams. 
V. Jkn'>"kt (ur b. ilay 26, 176"; m. Xov. 11, 1794, .James Ames, 

of Bridgewater. 
Ti. FrT7A!tETn. b. Feb. 7. 1767; m. March 1, 1795, T pH a\\]^ -lio -1. 

in Bo>^ton, Aijril S, ISIS, ae. 51. 
Tii. Susanna. 

17. Samuel'' Fenno (John,^ Ephraunr John^),hov\i in Boston, July 1, 

1745, died in Boston, Aug. 3, 1806; carpenter and Revolutionary 
soldier; lived on Nassau (now Common) .Street; married Nov. 12, 
1767. Hannah Ililler, of Salem, who died in Boston, May 28. 1816, 
aged 70. 

Children, all born probably in Boston : 

i. Hannah, 5 m. Jan. 18. 17'JL Abel Holbroofc. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. about 1772; d. in Boston, April 26, 1S23; m. March 3, 
17'.t.'i, John Gill, of Boston. 

iii. Joseph IIiller, bapt. Nov. 9, 1777. 

iv. John. b. 1779; d. in the spring: of 1820 on board the slup "Liver- 
pool"; m. Temperance Harding, and lived in Charlestowu; had 
two children : 

1. Ch'irl'jtte HiUer,^ m. John Tilden Moiilron, of Chicago. 

2. John Brooks, b. March 3, 1816; d. in Boston, Feb. 14, 1894. a 

member of the New-England Ilir-toric Genealogical Society for 
twenty-one years, and lather of Edward Ntcoll," Lawrence Car- 
teret, John Brooks, and Florence Harding who m. "Walter Carey 

v. SrS-VNNA. 

vi. iLvRY. 

vii. Sarah. .. 

18. Oliver^ Fenno (.Jonathan,^ Enhrcdm:^ Johi^), blacksmith, born 

probably in Newton about 1755; was in service all through the 
Revolution, the latter part as sergeant; is described as light corn- 
plei-ione;L and five feet and eleven inches tall; married Nov. 10, 
1785, jslrs. Mercy Barton; daughter of Ebene/er Bartlett Of New- 
ton, .-ind widow of Asa Barton of Needham, ]\Ia-s. ; moved to 
Eothch ]Me., where he was tythiugman 17'J7, one of the survey.).-^ 
of l.iohways 17'J8. and selecttiiau 1709; soon after which he removed 
£c •!; y, M-:. 

CuiidreiJj boru in Bethel : . 



1° 1G28949 

i. Sarau, b. Jan. IL', 1787. 
ii. i:ii>.itA Bautiett. b. June 19, 1788. 
iii. Abioail, b. Au:/. l^^. 17'.mJ. 
Iv. Makv, b. Tc^b. -21, 1?J1. 

19. Ephraui* Fen'XO (Jonathan,^ Ephrahn^' J-Jia^), born In Newton, 
Mass., in 175'J; moved about IT'.U to Westminster, Mass., where 
be died suddenly Jan. 7, 1820; saw Revolutionary service in 1778 
and 1780. when "he wa^ described as light Ci'>mplexioued and live feet 
and ten inches tall; married Lucy Blown,* born in Boston, Jan. 22, 
1771, daughter of Enoch and Abigail, and died in Boston, March 
2.1, 1829, probably. 

Children : 
i. Poi.r,Y.* b. Jane 24:. 1788; m. Iliram Clarke, and lived in Antwerp, 

N. Y. 
ii. Nancy, b. 1700; d. 17^1- 
iii. iSi-VCY, b. May 23, 17;io; moved to Boston it is said; there was a 

Nancy, tailoress, there in lsi*2. 
iv. RoxAXXA, b. 1795; d. li^OO. 

V. ilKL'BEN. b. June 22, 179^: d. hi ^Tes^min;ter, .June 3, 1S71; shoe- 
maker; m. iii 1>2;». B(-'t>t'V Baud, ^suod. March 10, l^OG, tfe. 05; they 
T. ^r.n-f..- l:..'- b. M-i'-ch T>. l.^"l : d. unm. Feb. 10. Isr.l.. 

2. Fr"nkU.n B.. b. .June 20, 183:5; d. in Westminster. \ua. 27. l.=>7.5. 

3. Mjry G., b. April 30, 1S38 ; m. Lhicolu Lovejoy Sawiu, and livo-^ 

in Gardner, Mass. 
Ti. Eblxkzek, b. July 1, isOl ; d. in Baldwiusville. Mass., Sept. In, ISiG; 
m. Sept. 29, 1^2s. Martha Comee, of Gardner, Mass., b. June l''.', 
1605. d. Auir. i, l>sO: they had: 

1. Lucy Ann.^ m. Daniel W. Patterson. 

2. Hirriet Xeirtll. m. George Mooro, of Athol. 

0. Sarah, m. Kuss^eU I). Newton, of Tempietou, now of Uyde Park. 

4. Henry dry, d. youna:. 

5. Berri'ird Murnt, d. vonue. 

vii. Prki:ma>-, b. May 3, 1*05 ;^d. Baldi^insville, :Mass., July U. l5.->2; m. 
Hannah Norcro-s, by whom he had : 

1. M'l.ry Ilt-nienvay.^ ni. George Eaton. 

2. Lucy Bro'cn, m. Morgan Woods. 

3. Xancy, d. young. 

4. ITi/nVi/. m."Eli<ha Carpenter. 

5. Frrn^J^ M, enlisted in 3tith Mass. Inf'y. Aug. 7.- 1SG2, and was 

killed at the biUtle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864. 

20. JosuPH'* Fexno (Jo)"ifhan,^ Ephraimr JoIiii^).hovn iu Newton, Ma>s., 
probablv about' l7ti2, moved to Fitehburg. I\lass., where he died 
April 17, 1822, aged (10; married Helen (or Eleanor) Derby, who 
died in C'ambridgeport. Ma-^s., Aug. S, 1837, aged 72. 

Children, all born probably in^Fitchburg, though the lasc three 
are not recorded : ■ 

i ExPEinENCi::,^ b. Dec. 10, 17S5: ni. Joel Howe, of A^btii.ruham. 

Mass., Avhere she d. Feb. 21. 1815. leaving CharU^'' and H'za. 
ii JosiFH b. Nov. 10. 1 787 ; lived in Canandaiirua. N. Y., and Erie. I a. ; 
d. in. Geneseo, N. Y., July 27, 1870, leaving six ckUdren : Xancy, 
Jv<Uon, EJpanor. Mar>i. llichel and Aloazo W. 
iu. A:ios, b. May IK, 1700 : lived in Kindgo, N. II. ; d. in Wakham, .^Iass., 

.Jan. 21, 1>(;2. , ■ -a- , 

iv .John-, b. Mareh 22. 17;>3: lived in KiudLre. ^. H.; but d. iTi v\a..-i> 
ford, Pa.. Aug. 'J. 1.5W;' m. four times; by cae iir;^i: wife. Hannan 
Stiles (I7;irt-is'?2\ h-v:i two^'a: -'■'''••' ■'''-'.^" ^"'^ ^wphft, 
and by til.,- fourth ^\\i^:. Mary E. ilougiitou. .-ix ciiiiurea. 

• Lucv Ercwn had .inters NaiKV aud Ilaiiic.. 'lli'.:. r.lo^ u>:l^ilc.l ^tcoiid Jona- 
than FrJeruan, Jr., of iiooton, wlio ici: part ot iii^ [.ruperty to tae tliiec T>i=ter=. 


V. Bctskt b Juno 20, 1795; d. in Hintlge, \. II.. Sept. 9. IsC.n ■ ,„ Ut 
i?utWck" ''^"'* (1795-1S2GJ; n.. 2d. Nov. 9, l^s,' sJnJud 

vi. IIklex, h. I79><; d. ]~:i8. 

vii. J.VMKS b Sept. -3. 17l»:); m. I>t, Nov. 24. l«2o. Bcts.v Parkhui.L 
of litdibui- whore ^he d. Dec. 20, 1S27; he m. 2d. A.m F iza 
GnbAvolu, aud had two children: J.anfs E^hov^ and /^v,',,.//' 
moved to Boston, and tiually went to California ' ^ ' ' 

viu. Eunice Hklex, b. .Mrg. 20, is02; d. in Erie, I'a. ; ni. Samue! A 

is. William, b. Sept. 22. l>0o; d. in Erie, Pa., about is.;3- m in Fit.-d- 
burg, April 20 182.3 Mary Gri>wold, by whom he had tive children : 

1. Ldgar,^ killed m t!ie c-ivd ^val^ 

2. Z?!c^. 

3. Hepzibah. 
i. 27ceodore. 
5. George. 

X. Sabkix.i, b. April 25, 1808: d. in Watertown, Ma<s., in 1«-10- m 'n 
1828, Cyrus French, of Watertown. 

21. William^- Fkn.^o (Jonat/^aN,' Ephraiaw John'), boru' {..robablv in 
:sewton, 3Ia#s., about 1705; located in Westmiu.ster. Mass.'. as 
early as 1 - 8. ; moved about 1798 to Gardner, Ma-^s., where he died 
Mav /, 182-i. age<l o9. death beino^ caused by an accidei- tr. his 
wagon, wnich tlirew him off'; married first in 1787. Rachel, bore 
Dec. 11. i; 61, daughter of Asa and Mary Ray. She died Auo-. 23. 
1791, and he married in 1792 her si,ter Lvdia, born March 8,177.3" 
died ill Gardner in 1851, * ' 

Children of William and Rachel: 
i. Polly,* b. 17S8; d. 1790. 
ii. M.vKv, b. Feb. 18, 1790; m. Abel Wood, of Gardner. 

Children of William and Lydia : 
i. AViLLiA.M,^ b. Dec. 4, 1794; moved to Rome. N. Y., where he d. Nov. 
1, 1845: m. 1817, Mary Corey, of Ashburnham. Ma-<., .and had • 
Smnud Form)-,- Z«cy Cor^g, Elmira. Mnry Tov-nsund. LucinJn Jrfts, 
ndlium ]iood, Stephen Arnold, George Jackson and Fr<nicps Ann. 
11. Asa, b. Dec. 19, 179S; m. Gratia Wheeler, and had: David Dirker- 
son,^ William Stone. Mary Emihi, J,:„us mu-cl>'.r. Eliza Bail El- 
raira, Harriet, Jnd, SamaMha, El, nan &na FrnziPr 
m. JoEr., b. Fel>^ (J, 1799; m. Sarah Corey, and had: Sarah Clarinda^ 
_ HizekinJi Core!/, Willard Jefts, Charles Alexander, Joel CamUlus. 

IV. Llmika, o. Sept. 12, 1804: m. Joseph Carter, and moved to Pome 
N. ^ . She d. in Bath, N. Y., in 1S78, leavimr Elizoheth, Adel-ide 
and Ef:n. 
V. LuciN-i.A. b. Sept. 29, ISlrJ: d. Sept. 2;;, 1885; m. Washin-ton 

Nichols, of Gardner. 
vi. Lyma-n, b. Jan. 7. Isi9; d. An-. IG, 1895: m. 1847, Marv Miller, and 
had : Jane Jlaria," Ella Isudore, George Henry, Hitue August<i. 

o ■