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Understanding Diversity 

Field Museum of Natural History 1989/1990 Biennial Report 

Introduction, Page 2 

Investigating Diversity in Nature, Page 4 

Financial report, Page 20 
Donors to the Collections, Page 34 
Understanding Diversity in Human Cultures, Page 38 
Volunteers, Page 44 

Trustees, Officers & Committees, Page 48 

The diversity of life is extraordinary. There are said 
to be a million or so different kinds of living animals, and hundreds of 
thousands of kinds of plants. 

But we don't need to think of the world at large. It is 
amazing enough to stop and look at a forest or at a meadow — at the 
grass and trees and caterpillars and hawks and deer. 

how did all of these different kinds of things come 
about; what forces governed their evolution; what forces maintain their 
numbers and determine their survival or extinction; what are their rela- 
tions to each other and to the physical environment in which they llve? 

These are the problems of natural history, problems 
that concern ourselves as animals and that concern us even more as 
originators of this thing called civilization — which is, after all, merely a 
rather special sort of an animal community. 

Marston Bates, The Nature of Natural History 

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1950. Reprinted by Prince' 

Copyright © by Marston Bates, © Renewed by Nancy Bi 



Objects of 



Pictured in this report 

are a few dozen of the 

nearly 20 million 

natural history 

specimens and 

cultural artifacts in the 

Field Museum 

collections, along with 

a very few of the staff 

members, volunteers, 

contributors, and 

visitors who make 

these inert objects 

come alive. 

livery large organization lives with a verbal shorthand that compresses 
complex ideas or experience into a word or phrase. This seems inevitable, and the 
Field Museum is no exception to the rule. What should not be inevitable is that we 
fail to explain ourselves when we communicate with our friends. 

Among the Museum's most pervasive buzzwords are systematics and 
cultural understanding. Between them, they represent a large part of what we are about 
as an institution — the kind of research we do and the ethos that governs our 
educational work. In this report we've tried to illuminate those concepts. I hope that 
through them readers will gain a better understanding or the special role the Museum 
plays in basic science, environmental education, and human relations. 

As I conclude my term as chairman of the Museum's Board of Trustees, 
I want to thank my colleagues, the Museum staff and volunteers, the Chicago Park 
District, and our public, corporate, and individual donors for helping prepare the 
ground for the Museum's second century. 

In this regard, I should call attention to one fact that pops out of the 
financial figures in this report. In 1990, unrestricted contributions by individuals and 
family foundations increased 33 percent over 1989, and represented 65 percent of 
total unrestricted giving, up from 55 percent in previous years. Despite the recession, 
total unrestricted giving increased by 1 1 percent, to more than $2 million. These 
increases reflect not so much larger individual contributions as a large increase in the 
number of contributors. That is a happy development, not least because it creates a 
new base from which to build even larger constituencies in the future. 

Robert A. Pritzker, Chairman, Board of Trustees 

'Systematics' and 'Cultural Understanding' — 
Between Them, These Words Represent a Large Part of What 

We Are About As an Institution 

Opposite: An Egyptian mortuary cloth depicting the goddess Osiris. Above right: a bronze mirror with a handle in the shape of a 
woman holding a papyrus blossom over her head. Both objects were collected by Edward E. Ayer in 1895 

Investigating Diversity in the Neotropics 

Fungi, Fishes, Relict Forests, the Advance of the 
Angiosperms, the Family Life of the Blackbirds, 

and the Rise of Tiwanaku 

Inset: Jalcophila peruviana, a new genus and species of the sunflower family, Asteraceae, found by Michael 0. Dillon in the Andes of 

northern Peru. (Illustration by Peruvian professor Segundo Leiva Gonzales.) 
Background: Azorella compacta, an Andean cushion plant of the carrot family, Umbelliferae. 

When Field Museum 
scientists are "in the field," that could 
mean Borneo or Iowa or Kenya, or any 
of numerous other locations around the 
world. But chances of bumping into a 
curator are highest in the New World, 
between latitudes 23.5° north and 23.5° 
south: the neotropics. 

No doubt there are many 
idiosyncratic reasons why one-third of 
the Museum's curators — a dozen 
Ph.D.s with as many different research 
interests — have chosen to work in this 
region. The most important reasons, 
however, have to do with institutional 
tradition and commitments (the 
Museum's Flora of Peru project, for 
example, has been the work of 
generations of curators since 1921), and 
the extreme diversity of tropical 
environments that so excites museum 
people. [See page 7.] 

Within this relatively small 
area of Central America and northern 
South America, Field Museum curators 
have in recent years been able to study 

the effect of ocean currents on desert 
vegetation [page 10] and, not far away, 
the ecological associations of small 
mammals in Andean rain 
forests. They have 
catalogued the 400 species 
of the coffee family in 
Costa Rica, among other 
floras and faunas, and 
have been mapping the 
variation among the 
thousands of species of 
tetras in the tropical 
freshwater streams of 
Venezuela. On the shores 
of Lake Titicaca, they are unearthing the 
succession of cultures that led to the rise 
and ultimate demise of one of the 
earliest empires in the Americas. In the 
Peruvian highlands, they have demon- 
strated the independent evolution of 
birds confined to mountain peaks above 
the clouds. 

These and other Field 
Museum research projects are in most 
outward respects quite traditional. 
Curators find, collect, sort, describe, 
classify, and preserve the objects of their 

Above: test tubes 

containing pine roots 

inoculated with 

mushroom cultures to 

form the symbiotic 

relationship known as 



a scanning electron 

microscope image of 

the spores of Laccaria 

tortilus, magnified 

1,000 times. 

Brycon falcatus, a 

South American tetra 

collected by Barry 


attention. But armed with computers, 
the techniques of molecular genetics, 
analytical tools like "phenetics" and 
"cladistics," and machines like the 
scanning electron microscope and the 
superconducting cryogenic magneto- 
meter, contemporary museum-based 
scientists can often ask more difficult 
questions of their data than their 
predecessors could. And frequently 
nowadays, especially in the tropics, their 
data and analyses have high utilitarian 
value for conservation and development. 

Botanist Gregory M. 
Mueller, for example, has as one of his 
research projects a survey of the 
mushrooms in the oak forests of Costa 
Rica, and he and his colleagues have 
collected more than 2,500 specimens. 
These are being subjected to several 
different laboratory tests, including 
electron microscopy, so they can be 
assigned a genus and species, their 
relationships assessed, and information 
on their life histories obtained. Cultures 
of some of these mushrooms are also 

being amassed so they can be grown 
next to Costa Rican oak seedlings to 
learn which are potentially able to form 
a specialized symbiosis. Oaks and 
mushrooms form joint underground 
structures called mycorrhizae on which 
both are dependent, but the known 
pairings have been worked out for some 
temperate forests, not tropical ones. 
Foresters in Central and South America 
have been replacing stands of native oaks 
with foreign species, a practice that 
could lead to problems — plantations of 
foreign trees do not support the diversity 
of native insects, birds, and other 
animals and plants that complex native 
forests do. Mueller's research will help 
enable the industry to develop 
reforestation technology that does not 
upset local ecosystems. 

In Ecuador, Peter R. Crane, 
chairman of the Department of 
Geology, has found remarkably well 
preserved fossil plants. Similar 
assemblages have been found in Virginia 
and Portugal and include minuscule 
flowers that still contain pollen grains. 

Under the scanning electron micro- 
scope, these hundred-million-year-old 
fossils have unlocked many of the 
mysteries in the reproductive biology of 
basal angiosperms — the primitive 
flowering plants. Moreover, studying the 
pollen preserved within the flowers 
enables Crane and his Field Museum 
colleague Scott Lidgard to interpret with 
greater confidence the data in their 
imposing study of the rise of the 
flowering plants, which is based on 
analysis of fossil pollen data from many 
parts of the world. To their own 
surprise, they discovered that between 
120 million and 80 million vears ago 
(the mid-Cretaceous period), during the 
time the present continents and oceans 
were taking shape, the flowering plants 
and their nearest relatives, the Gnetales, 
began to diversify rapidly in equatorial 
regions and to spread to higher latitudes. 
But soon the Gnetales died off, perhaps 
vanquished by the preadaptive power of 
the flowering plant, which subsequently 
came to dominate every terrestrial 
ecosystem except the high-elevation or 

high-latitude spruce and pine forests. 
This news, and the analytical methods 
employed by Crane and Lidgard, have 
attracted wide interest, 
including in the oil industry 
— much or the worlds oil is 
found in mid-Cretaceous rock 
Funding from the Petroleum 
Research Fund of the 

Below and 

background: Scanning 

electron microscope 

images of fossil pollen 

grains about 

100,000.000 vears old. 

Ski- "V\V- ' V^ -A ; "J* ' "* ' 


American Chemical Society will support 



The kind of work that most Field Museum scientists do is called systematics — 

a word that is not in the vocabulary even of many well-educated people. 

Paleobotanist Peter Crane, chairman of the Museum's Department of Geology, 

defines systematics as the science of "documenting and understanding the 

relationships between organisms. " At a basic level, this means collecting, 

describing, and sorting the plants and animals of a given place. Cartoon images 

of butterfly hunters in pith helmets aside, systematics is the foundation on 

which all other study of life on earth is constructed. As a practical matter, such 

studies are essential in conservation and environmental planning, and in any 

consideration of evolution. 

Beyond this, systematists may take a group of related organisms (the New 

World blackbirds, for instance, or the tropical fresh-water tetras) and seek to 

understand it in detail — its subdivisions, geographic distribution, patterns of 

behavior, ecological relationships, evolutionary history. The greater the 

diversity in a place or in a group of organisms, the greater the challenge of 

understanding its forms and relationships. 

At yet another level of investigation, systematists may try to understand the 

processes at work in the patterns of relationship they have discerned — the 

biochemistry of evolution, say, or the mathematics of shape and size change. 


Above: Icterus 

galbula bullocki, a 

common North 

American oriole. The 

24 oriole species are 

descendants of one of 

the oldest lineages 

within the family of 

New World 


Background: DNA 

sequence of Icterus 

galbula bullocki was 

used to determine the 


relationships of 


further research by Crane and Lidgard 
that will expand their database 
geographically over a longer time span 
and provide new insight into the long- 
term interactions of vegetation and 
climate in the history of our planet. 

Bosque Monteseco, in 
northwestern Peru, is one of several 
remnants of a vast forest that 30,000 
years ago stretched through what are 
now Ecuador and Colombia as well as 
Peru. Field Museum botanist Michael 
O. Dillon, with American and Peruvian 
colleagues and students, has been 
surveying the forest as part of the Flora 
of Peru project. In isolation, many of the 
plants and animals there have evolved 
into new species that are found nowhere 
on earth except these 6,000 acres. 
Because the forest is in the path of 
agricultural development, the researchers 
have been working with the local schools 
to develop science-education programs 
in hopes that a new generation will 
come to appreciate and protect natural 

Fish are a lot quicker than 
land animals to change their physical 

characteristics to accommodate 
environmental change. In an effort to 
better understand the process at work, 
zoologist Barry Chernoff studies two 
groups of fishes — the silversides, whose 
several dozen species inhabit a wide 
variety of ecosystems throughout the 
Americas, and the tetras, whose several 
thousand species are confined to tropical 
freshwater streams. These tropical 
waters, however, offer a multitude of 
mini-environments through which to 
trace the fishes' changing features. 
Chernoff is interested in exploring 
mathematical aspects of evolutionary 
change, and in the theoretical question 
of how much change makes a "species." 
But in the Orinoco Basin of Venezuela, 
where deforestation and channelization 
are destroying habitat at a rapid pace, 
the most pressing research priority is 
simply to identify previously 
undescribed species before they are gone. 
Scott M. Lanyon, chairman 
of the Department of Zoology, is 
another frequent visitor in the 
neotropics, where he has done 
collecting, conservation consulting, and 

Opposite: Inca plates, ca. 1400 A.D., from the Emilio Montez collection acquired by the Museum in 1893. 

research in his own specialty, the New 
World blackbirds — the redwings, 
crackles, meadowlarks, bobolinks, 
orioles, and other songbirds. Despite the 
blackbirds' familiarity as a gtoup, not 
much is known about how the 97 
species are related to one another, and 
Lanyon is using the techniques of 
molecular biology in an effort to 
construct the family tree. Lanyon is 
principally interested in studying the 
evolution of mating and nesting 
behaviors, including plumage and song, 
which among the blackbirds are both 
extremely varied and highly unusual. 
Birds typically pair for a season, males 
and females often look alike, they tend 
to be territorial and to have a species- 
specific song. But blackbird species may 
exhibit sexual promiscuity, males and 
females may be of sharply different size 
and color, they often mimic other birds' 
songs, and may tolerate dozens of nests 
in one tree, among other odd behaviors. 
Lanyon hopes to be able to plot these 
morphological and behavioral 
characteristics against the family tree 
derived ixom DNA studies, to suggest 
how and why one led to another. 

Lest we forget, human 
beings are also a result of natural history, 
and their group behaviors — cultures — 
while not genetically determined, have 
patterns and processes of change that 
museum-based researchers can study by 
means of systematic collections. 
Thirteen thousand feet up in the Andes, 
during the reign of Caesar Augustus in 
Rome and for a thousand years after, the 
city of Tiwanaku ruled an immense 
empire that was built on the surplus 
provided by a remarkably sophisticated 
agricultural technology. The system of 
terraced fields, naturally irrigated and 
insulated against the cold Andean 
nights, had been developed during the 
preceding 1 ,000 years by a succession 
of village 

Titicaca. Field 
Charles Stanish 
has begun a ten-year 
project to investigate the 
origins of the agricultural technology 




The Biochemical 
Laboratories, a 
Museum research 
facility, produced its 
first DNA sequence 
data in T990, obtained 
by using a recent 
innovation known as 
the polymerase chain 
reaction (PCR). The 
technique permits 
genetic analysis of 
DNA extracted from 
small pieces of tissue, 
including dried or 
tissues. In a rare 
instance, the Lab was 
able to sequence 
DNA from a 20,000- 
year-old leaf fossil. 
Major projects have 
involved analysis of 
the evolutionary and 
relationships among 
blackbirds (Scott 
Lanyon) and South 
American fruit bats 
(Bruce Patterson). 


and development of political systems 
that culminated in the long reign of 
Tiwanaku, and its decline before the 
rise of the Inca about 1450 A.D. With 
teams of U.S. and Peruvian students, he 
has so far uncovered 450 new archae- 
ological sites that reveal evidence of six 
different cultures. There is some hope 
that the amazingly productive terraced 
agriculture can be reintroduced by the 
current residents of the area, the 
Aymara Indians.*** 

The Love of 
El Nino, and the 

Fear of Goats 

It hardly ever rains in the 
coastal deserts of Peru and Chile. Life is 
sustained there by seasonal fogs from 
which plants condense moisture. Even a 
few species of bromeliads endure the 
spare environment, like their neighbors, 
by condensing moisture on their leaves 
and roots, while their numerous 
relatives in wetter climates collect water 

in specialized leaf bases that form a tank. 
These tanks provide aquatic environ- 
ments capable of sustaining other 
organisms such as small frogs, snails, or 

But Field Museum botanist 
Michael O. Dillon, on a collecting trip 
in the Chilean Atacama Desert, found 
some bromeliads over three feet tall 
growing on a steep cliff about a 
thousand feet above sea level. The site 
was inaccessible; Dillon had to use a 
rope lasso to bring one down — and was 
surprised to receive a small shower when 
the plant was uprooted! It proved to be a 
previously undescribed species that had 
managed to retain a functioning tank in 
the desert. All individuals in the area 
contained substantial amounts of water, 
some as much as a pint, even though 
there had been no rain for more than a 
year. In the desert, that much water 
makes a tempting target for any 

Dillon has concluded that 
the plant is most closely related not to 
nearby species but to bromeliads of the 
genus Tillandsia that grow in tropical 
savannas and cloud forests from 

Colombia to Peru. He estimates that 
there are fewer than 200 scattered 
individuals of the new species, which has 
managed to survive only by clinging to 
cliff faces where neither the domes- 
ticated nor the wild goats that graze in 
the area can get at it. Dillon named the 
species Tillandsia tragophoba — from 
the Greek tragos, goat, and phobos, fear 
— in an effort, he wrote in a journal of 
the New York Botanical Garden, "to call 
attention to the rapid and continuing 
destruction of natural vegetation by 
grazing animals," a problem now being 
addressed by the Chilean conservation 

Foraging livestock had been 
a concern of Dillon's since 1983, when 
he was in the Peruvian Desert at the 
time of the El Nino phenomenon, a 
periodic ocean-atmosphere event which 
that year was perhaps the strongest in 
history; among other climatic effects, it 
produced the first major rains in the 
desert since 1925. Dillon's principal 
work has been in Peru, where he is 
continuing a Field Museum project — 
begun decades before he was born — 

to catalog all the plants in that extremely 
diverse country. During the 1983 El 
Nino, as he drove down the Peruvian 
coast, he was startled to see the desert 
blooming with unusual plants 
whose seeds, apparently, had 
lain dormant for decades. Such 
insular, opportunistic plant 
communities would be interesting in 
themselves and good subjects for the 
study of evolution. A few months later, 
when Dillon returned to the area to do 
further research, he found that ranchers 
in the mountains had driven their cattle 
down to the coast to forage amid the 
new vegetation, and it was now severely 
disturbed or destroyed. 

Subsequent El Nino events 
and a freak rainstorm in northern Chile 
in July 1987 have reinvigorated the 
desert's vegetation and stimulated 
research. The result will be an exhaustive 
survey and computer analysis of desert 
fog-dependent plant communities in 
Peru and Chile that in turn — given the 
periodic return of El Nino — will 
provide baseline data for the study of 
global warming.*** 



Computerization of 
the Museum's 
research, collections 
management, exhibit, 
and administrative 
functions has 
accelerated in recent 
years and is poised for 
expansion and 
upgrading. Currently, 
in the scientific 
departments, a DEC 
VAX 1 1/785 running 
the Unix 5.3 operating 
system is connected 
to more than 120 
personal computers 
and a wide range of 
Upgrading is planned 
to add image- 
applications, to 
increase connectivity 
within the Museum 
and between its 
departments, and to 
permit networking 
with other research 
and educational 

Left: Tillandsia tragophoba, a new cliff-dwelling bromeliad of the Chilean Atacama Desert. Above right: the 
blossom of 7. tragophoba. (Illustrations by Marlene Werner.) Backgroun tesecoensis, a new 

species of the sunflower family, Asteraceae, found by Dillon in the Pei 

The Spirit of Giving: 

Friends and Supporters of the 

Field Museum of Natural History 

eyenne moccasins decorated with glass beads, collected in the Black Hills of South Dakota about 1900. Background: A 
Chippewa apron with a pouch, also beaded, donated to the Museum by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Coombs about 1915. 

The Founders' 

Individual Members 


Mr. & Mrs. Lowell E. Ackmann 

(Ackmann Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley N. Allan 
Mrs. Margaret B. Allyn 

(TheAllyn Foundation, Inc.) 
Mr.* & Mrs. James W. Alsdorf 

(Alsdorf Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Watson Armour [II 
Mrs. Lester .Armour 
Mrs. P. Kelley Armour 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Mr. Vernon .Armour 
Mr. Robert Asher 
Mr.* & Mrs. Edwin N. Asmann 

(O. Paul Decker Memorial 

Mr. &C Mrs. George R. Baker 
Mr. & Mrs. Judson C. Ball 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bankard 
George Barr* 
Miss Kristina Barr 

(Kristina Barr and George Barr 

Ms. Virginia T. Bartholomay 

(Ruth and Vernon Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Bass 

(Robert and Isabelle Bass 

Foundation, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Baumgarten 
Mr." & Mrs. George R. Beach 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A Beatty 
Dr. & Mrs. Nenad Belie 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Bent 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry O. Bercher 
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Bere 
Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Berg 
Mr. Richard S. Berger 
Mr. & Mrs. Bowen Blair 
Mrs. Philip D. Block, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Block III 

(JB Charitable Trust) 
Mrs. Daniel J. Boone 

(The Seabury Foundation) 
Mrs. G. E. Boone 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Boone 
Mr. & Mrs. Willard L. Boyd 
Mrs. Harold S. Brady 
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bramsen 

(Svend and Elizabeth Bramsen 

Mrs. Dorothy T. Braun 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro 
Mr. & Mrs. Bertram Z. Brodie 

(Edwin J. Brach Foundation) 

Mrs. Helen D. Bronson 
Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Brown 

(Cameron Brown Foundation) 
Mr." & Mrs." Henry A. Brown 
Ms. Jennifer Martin Brown 

(The Martin Foundation, Inc.) 
Mrs. Murray C. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger O. Brown 
Mr. Fred J. Brunner 

(Fred J. Brunner Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Brunner 
Mr.* & Mrs. DeWitt W. 

Buchanan, Jr. 

(Buchanan Family Foundation) 
Mrs. Donald P. Buchanan* 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Buehler, Jr. 

(A CP Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Dean L. Buntrock 

(Dean and Rosemary Buntrock 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Burd 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Donald J. Cameron 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Roy Carney 

(Peter R. and Marina G. 

Carney Foundation) 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wells Carton 
Mr. & Mrs. Hammond E. 


(Chaffetz Family Foundation) 
Mrs. Jerry G. Chambers 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Chandler 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Cherry 

(Virginia B. and Walter I. 

Cherry Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Childs 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Chiles 
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Clark, Jr. 
Mr. Richard W. Colburn / 

Ms. Robin Lucas (The 

Negaunee Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Considine 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanton R. Cook 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cooper 

(Richard H. Cooper 

Mr. 8* Mrs. John R. Covington 

(Howard L Willett 

Foundation, Inc.) 
Mrs. William S. Covington" 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Cowles 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Crane 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Crawford 

(The Crawford Foundation) 
Mr. &C Mrs. Lester Crown 

(Arte and Ida Crown 

Mrs. Sandra K. Crown 
Ms. Susan Crown, Mr. William 

Kunkler III (Arte and Ida 

Crown Memorial) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cruikshank 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Dabovich 
Mr. & Mrs. O. C. Davis 

(O. C. Davis Foundation) 
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin J. DeCosta 

( Walter E. Heller Foundation) 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Delaney 
Mrs. Charles S. DeLong* 
Mr. Donald J. DePorter 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. DeStefano 
Mr." & Mrs. Albert B.Dick III 

(The Dick Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Edison Dick 

(EJD Foundation) 
Mrs. Clinton O. Dicken 
Mr.* & Mrs. William R. 

Dickinson, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon, Jr. 

(Sudix Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley 

(Gaylord Donnelley 1983 Gift 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Donnelley 

(The Nina H. and James R. 

Donnelley Foundation) 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas E. Donnellev II 

(Thomas E. Donnelley II 

Mrs. George H. Dovenmuehle 
Mr. &C Mrs. Robert C. Edwards 

(Woodruff and Edwards 

Mr. Huntington Eldridge, Jr. 

(Buchanan Family Foundation) 
Mrs. R. Winfield Ellis 
Mrs. Marjorie H. Eking 
Mr. Evans Erikson 

(Evans W. Erikson Foundation) 
Mr. &C Mrs. Gordon R. Ewing 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Eyerman 
Mary 8c Bruce Feay 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert C. Ferris 
Mrs. Joseph N. Field 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Marshall Field 

(Jamee and Marshall Field 

Mr. &C Mrs. Steven D. Fifield 
Mr. &C Mrs. M. Peter Fischer 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Morgan L. Fitch, Jr. 
Mrs. Leonard S. Florsheim, Jr. 

(Enivar Charitable Fund) 
Mr. &£ Mrs. Charles Robert Foltz 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Foreman 

(Peter and Virginia Foreman 

FoundationlPeroke Foundation) 
Mr. &C Mrs. Charles W. Foxwell 
Mr.* &C Mrs. Gaylord Freeman 
Peter B. 8c Donna B. Freeman 
Mr. 8c Mrs. William M. Freeman 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Friend 
Mrs. Edmund W. Froehlich 
Mr. &C Mrs. Marshall B. Front 
Mr. 8" Mrs. Maurice F. Fulton 

(Maurice and Muriel Fulton 

Foundation, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gerrie 
Mr. &C Mrs. Gerald S. Gidwitz 

* Deceased 

From the Field Museum Library: Snake Foot, a figure from Vipera 

Pythia, a treatise on venomous snakes by Marcus Aurelius 

Severini (1580-1656), published in1651. 


New Members 

Eighty-six new members 

joined the Founders' Council in 

1989-90, bringing the total to 

340. The Council's Award of 

Merit, recognizing significant 

contributions to the study of 

natural history, was presented 

to Harvard University biologist 

Edward O. Wilson. Previous 

recipients include Sir David 

Attenborough, the 

documentary film maker, 

Roger Tory Peterson, the 

wildlife artist, and Stephen Jay 

Gould, the essayist. In 1990, 

Laura and Marshall Front 

succeeded John B. Judkins, Jr. 

to the Council's chair. 

Individual Founders' Council 

members annually contribute 

SI, 500 or more in unrestricted 

gifts or gifts to other special 

funds; give a single or 

accumulated gift of $25,000 or 

more for permanent 

membership; make a deferred 

gift of $50,000 or more; or 

make a gift of a major 


Corporate and foundation 

members of the Founders' 

Council annually contribute 

$5,000 or more in 

unrestricted gifts. 


New Visitor 

The Museum launched an 

aggressive visitor marketing 

plan in 1989 and 1990 through 

the Public Relations 

Department with the 

assistance of Leo Burnett 

U.S.A., a top advertising 

agency. A new marketing 

theme, "Field Museum - The 

Smart Way to Have Fun, " 

inspires an integrated program 

of publicity, promotions, and 

advertising that has helped the 

Museum exceed attendance 

and revenue goals both years. 

New corporate marketing 

partnerships with United 

Airlines, American Express 

Travel Services, Pizza Hut, 

McDonald's, KLM Royal Dutch 

Airlines, top Chicago hotels, 

major radio stations and 

retailers enhance promotional 


Mr. Joseph L. Gidwitz 

(The Division Fund/Gidwitz 

Family Foundation) 
Dr. Elizabeth-Louise Girardi 
Mr. &C Mrs. James J. Glasser 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Good 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Goodall, Jr. 

(Tborson Foundation) 
Dr. & Mrs. John G. Graham 
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham 

(William B. Graham 

Foundation, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Grainger 

(The Grainger Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Gray 
Lewis & Misty Gruber 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Guenzel 
Mr. & Mrs.* Robert P. Gwinn 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III 
Mrs. Burton W. Hales 

(Hales Charitable Fund, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. Corwith Hamill 

(Happy Hollow Fund) 
Drs. K. W. & Lucy Hammerberg 
Mrs. Charles L. Hardy 

(Elliot and Ann Donnelley 

Mrs. William A. Hark 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Foster Harland 
Mr. & Mrs. King Harris 

(Harris Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hartman 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Hawkes 
Mr. & Mrs. Laurin H. Healy 

(Winona Corporation) 
Wayne E. & Colette J. Hedien 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben W. Heineman 
Mrs. Harold H. Hines, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hines 
Mr. George C. Hixon 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Hodous 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hoellen 

(Sulzer Family Foundation) 
Mr. Myron Hokin 

(Dave Hokin Foundation) 
Mr. Wayne J. Holman III (Wayne 

J. Holman, Jr. 1963 Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Holzheimer 

(Holzheimer Fund) 
Carl Holzheimer* 
Mr. Keith A. Hooper 
Mrs. H. Earl Hoover 

(H. Earl Hoover Foundation) 
Mrs. William D. Home 
Mrs. Irvin E. Houck 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Howe 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Huizenga 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hyndman 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Ingersoll 

(Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. 

Ingersoll Foundation) 

Mr. Marshall Isaacson 
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Iyengar 
Mr. & Mrs. Reinhardt H. Jahn 
Mrs. Harold James 

(Butz Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Jannotta 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Jannotta, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Jelinek 
Mrs. Barbara Smail Johnson' 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Johnson 

(Clarence E. Johnson and 

Shirley M. Johnson Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Curtis Johnson III 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Judkins, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kackley 
Mr. & Mrs. Morris A. & Alice B. 

Kaplan (Mayer and Morris 

Kaplan Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Byron C. Karzas 
Mrs. Spencer R. Keare 
Carolyn M. & Douglas E. Keats 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keiser 
Mr. Milt Keller 
Donna Kennedy 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Kierscht 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kinsella 

(J. J. Kinsella Charitable Lead 

Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Kirby 

(F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kirkpatrick 

(John E. and Phyllis D. 

Kirkparick Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kolar 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Krehbiel 
Mrs. Ray A. Kroc 
Mr. Carl A. Kroch 
Mr. William H. Kurtis / 

Ms. Donna LaPietra 
Mrs. Richard W. Leach 

(Isabella Leach Charitable Lead 

Paul H. & Theo H. Leffmann 
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Lehman 

(New Prospect Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Leslie 

(The Leslie Fund) 
Mrs. John Woodworth Leslie 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Levin 
Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Lewis 
Mr. & Mrs. George Lill II 
Lucia Woods Lindley / 

Daniel A. Lindley, Jr. 
Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 
Mrs. Renee Logan 
The Honorable & Mrs. John J. 

Louis, Jr. 

(John J. Louis Foundation) 
Mrs. Rena I. Lozins 
Bettina R. MacAyeal 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Madigan 
Mr. & Mrs. CaryJ. Malkin 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Malott 
Sandy & Jerry Manne 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Marcus 

Mr. & Mrs. Ira G. Marks (Ira & 

Janina Marks Charitable Trust) 
Mrs. Geraldine F. Martin 

(The Martin Foundation, Inc.) 
Mrs. Harold T. Martin 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Eden Martin 
Mr. Clifford G. Massoth 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Matz, Jr. 
Mrs. Beatrice Cummings Mayer 
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar G. Mayer 

(Oscar G. and Elsa S. Mayer 

Charitable Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. McCaskey 
Mr. & Mrs. Archibald McClure 
(CDM Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks McCormick 

(Brooks and Hope B. 

McCormick Foundation) 
Mrs. Susan McDowell 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. McLachlan 
Mr. & Mrs. Cirilo A. McSween 
Dr. & Mrs. L. Steven Medgyesy 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Meeker (John 

C. Meeker and Withrow M. 

Meeker Charitable Lead Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugo J. Melvoin 
Mrs. Richard Merrick 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Meyer 
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Meyers 

(Meyers Charitable Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Newton N. Minow 

(Minow Family Foundation) 
Mrs. William H. Mitchell* 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Morrow 
Mrs. Arthur T. Moulding 
Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Mullin 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Murphy 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Nadler 
Colonel & Mrs. John B. Naser 

(JBN Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Neal 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Nichols 
Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. O'Connor 
Mr. & Mrs. Wrigley Offield 
Mrs. Eric Oldberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thomas O'Neil 
Mrs. Gilbert H. Osgood 
Mr. & Mrs. James Otis, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Oughton 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Patterson 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pavey 

' Deceased 

From the Field Museum Library: Anthropomorphic rendering of a 

mandrake root, from Gait der Gesundtheit, an herbal 

pharmacopoeia compiled by Joannes de Cuba and published in 

Augsburg in 1486 — the oldest printed book in the collection. 

Mr. &: Mrs. Richard J. Peterson 

(Otto W. Lehmann 

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel L. Petre 
Mr. & Mrs. John Phillips 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pigott 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Potter 

(McClurg Foundation) 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Printen 
Mrs. A. N. Pritzker 
Mr. James Pritzker 
Mr. Robert A. Pritzker 

(Pritzker Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John Shedd Reed 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Reed 

(Robert C. Reed Family Fruit) 
Miss Ruth Regenstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Reichelderfer 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. 

Reynolds, Jr. 
Mr. Ottomar D. Roeder 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 

Mr. Ted Ross 

(Ross Charitable Frust) 
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Ruder 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Runnells 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Sanders 
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Sawyier / 

Timothy Sawyier 
Mr. Leonard B. Sax 

(Sax Family Foundation) 
Mr.* & Mrs.* Norman J. 


(Jocarno Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Schnadig 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Schroeder 
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Schweppe 
Mrs. John W. Seabury 

(The Seabury Foundation) 
Mr. Michael D. Searle 

(Searle Family Frust) 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Searle 

Searle Family Trust) 
Mr. Michael Segal 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shapiro 

(Soretta and Henry Shapiro 

Family Foundation) 
Mr.* & Mrs. John I. Shaw 

(Arch W. Shaw Foundation) 
Mr. Jeffrey Shedd 
Mr. & Mrs. Saul S. Sherman 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Shields 

(Bessie Shields Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Short, Jr. 
Mrs. John M. Simpson 
Mrs. Thomas B. Singleton* 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Siragusa 
Mr. & Mrs.* Edward Byron Smith 

(Edward Byron Smith 

Charitable Fund) 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Byron 

Smith, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm N. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Worthington L. Smith 
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Snydacker 
Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Sommer 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sondheimer 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Sparks 

(Jack D. and Fredda Sparks 

Mrs. George T. Spensley 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Spore 

(Howard L. Willett 

Foundation, Inc) 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Staehle 
Mrs. Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt 
Mr. & Mrs. Manfred Steinfeld 
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace J. Stenhousejr. 
Mrs. David B. Stern, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs.* David W. Stewart 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Stitt 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Stone 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Street 

(The Seattle Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert F. Stride 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Stuart, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin A. Stuebner 
Mr.* & Mrs.* Bolton Sullivan 

(Bolton Sullivan Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sullivan 

(Bolton Sullivan Fund I Susan 

and John W. Sullivan 

Mrs. James Swartchild' 

(Collier-Swartchild Foundation) 
Mrs. William G. Swartchild, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Phelps Hoyt Swift 

(Ruth and Vernon Faylor 

Barbara Olin Taylor / 

F. Morgan Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Taylor III 
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel G. Taylor III 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Telling 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Thorne 
Mrs. Reuben Thorson 

(Fhorson Foundation) 
Mr.* & Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken 

(HBB Foundation) 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin A. Traylor, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. George S. Trees 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 

(Howard J. and Paula M. 

Trienens Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tyler 
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar J. Uihlein 
Katherine L. Updike, 

Robert Wagner 
Mr.* & Mrs. Herbert A. Vance 

(Herbert A. and Dorothy J. 

Vance Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. 

Van Zelst 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Vernon 
Dr. & Mrs. Harold K. Voris 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Wagner 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Walsh 
Mr. & Mrs. Hempstead 

Washburne, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Dey W. Watts 
Mr. & Mrs. Morrison Waud 
Mr.* & Mrs. E. Leland Webber 
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick S. Webster 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Weiss 

(William L. and Josephine B. 

Weiss Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Welsh III 

(McCrea Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler 
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Wilhelm 
Mrs. Abra Prentice Wilkin (Abra 

Prentice Charitable Trust) 
Mrs. Howard L. Willett, Jr. 

(Howard L. Willett 

Foundatioti, Inc. ) 
Dr. & Mrs. Philip C. Williams 
Mrs. Benton J. Willner 

(Madeline and Henry Straus 

Endowment Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Winn 
Mr.* & Mrs. J. Howard Wood 
Mr. & Mrs. William 

Mr. & Mrs. Blaine J. Yarrington 
Mrs. George B. Young 
Mr. & Mrs. George D. Young 
Mr. & Mrs. Max Zar 
Mrs. Claire B. Zeisle 

* Deceased 



In 1989, four new support 

groups were organized to 

encourage and recognize, with 

additional membership 

benefits, those who donate 

funds to the Museum beyond 

basic membership. These are 

the Field Contributors 

(SW0-S249), Field Adventurers 

(S250-S499), Field Naturalists 

(S500-S999), and Field 

Explorers ($1,000-$1,499). 

Members of these groups are 

listed in the publication "Field 

Museum Donor Groups. " 

Donors of $1,500 or more 

annually are named to the 

Founders' Council. 

From the Field Museum Library: Sea creature from Konrad 
Gesner's Fischbuch, published in Zurich in 1575. 




Corporation and 
Foundation members 

Abbott Laboratories 
Allen-Heath Memorial 

The Allstate Insurance Company 
American National Can Company 

Amoco Foundation, Inc. 
Amsted Industries, Inc. 
Arthur Andersen & Company 
Aon Corporation 
Arie and Ida Crown Memorial 
Bankers Trust Company 
The Barker Welfare Foundation 
Baxter Healthcare Corporation 
Beatrice Company 
Borg- Warner Foundation 
Boulevard Bank 
Leo Burnett, U.S.A. 
The Chase Manhattan 

The Chicago Community Trust 
Chicago Tribune Company 
Commonwealth Edison Company 
Continental Illinois National 

Bank and Trust Company 
DeSoto, Inc. 

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 
FMC Corporation 


Elizabeth Ferguson Trust 
First National Bank of Chicago 
Ford Motor Company 
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation 
Geraldi Norton Memorial 

Harris Bank Foundation 
Helene Curtis, Inc. 
Household International, Inc. 

Illinois Bell 

Illinois Tool Works, Inc. 
The Interlake Corporation 
Kemper Educational and 

Charitable Fund 
Kemper Financial Services, Inc. 
The James S. Kemper Foundation 
Kraft General Foods 
Louis R. Lurie Foundation 
John D. and Catherine T. 

MacArthur Foundation 
Marshall Field's 
Robert R. McCormick Charitable 

TrustMcMaster-Carr Supply 

MidCon Corp. 
Molex International, Inc. 
Morton Thiokol, Inc. 
Nalco Chemical Company 
Northern Illinois Gas Company 
The Northern Trust Company 
John Nuveen & Company 
Peat Marwick Main & Co. 
J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 
Price Waterhouse 
Prince Charitable Trusts 
Quaker Oats Company 
The Regenstein Foundation 
The Rice Foundation 
S & C Electric Company 
Safery-Kleen Corp. 
Sahara Coal Company, Inc. 
Santa Fe Southern Pacific 

Sara Lee Corporation 
Sears, Roebuck and Co. 
Skil Corporation 
Staley Beverage Company 
Tiffany & Company 
Touche Ross & Co. 
United Airlines 
USG Foundation, Inc. 
Harry Weese & Associates 
Burke, Wilson & Mcllvaine 
Wm. Wrigleyjr. Company 

* Deceased 

The Women's 

Mrs. Keene H. Addington 

Mrs. Edward King Aldworth 

Mrs. Stanley N. Allan 

Mrs. Richard I. Allen 

Mrs. James W. Alsdorf 

Mrs. J. Robert Anderson 

Mrs. Angelo R. Arena 

Cynthia Armour 

Mrs. A. Watson Armour III 

Mrs. P. Kelley Armour 

Mrs. Laurance H. Armour, Jr. 

Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 

Mrs. Edwin N. Asmann 

Mrs. Thomas G. Ayers 

Mrs. Warner G. Baird, Jr. 

Mrs. George R. Baker 

Mrs. Claude A. Barnett 

Mrs. Stephen M. Bartram 

Mrs. Robert O. Bass 

Mrs. George R. Beach 

Mrs. Robert A. Beatty 

Mrs. James H. Becker 

Mrs. Theodore A. Bell 

Mrs. Edward H. Bennett, Jr. 

Mrs. B. Edward Bensinger 

Mrs. Gordon Bent 

Mrs. Harry O. Bercher 

Mrs. Michael A. Bilandic 

Mrs. Harrington Bischof 

Mrs. Bowen Blair 

Mrs. Frank W. Blatchford III 

Mrs. Joseph L. Block 

Mrs. Philip D. Block, Jr. 

Mrs. Philip D. Block III 

Mrs. Edwin R. Blomquist 

Mrs. John J. Borland, Jr. 

Mrs. Arthur S. Bowes 

Mrs. Willard L. Boyd 

Mrs. Lester Harris Brill 

Mrs. K. Dane Brooksher 

Mrs. Cameron Brown 

Mrs. Jennifer Martin Brown 

Mrs. Roger O. Brown 

Mrs. T. von Donop Buddington 

Mrs. Albert C. Buehler, Jr. 

Mrs. Clark Burrus 

Mrs. Robert N. Burt 

Mrs. Robert D. Cadieux 

Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron 

Mrs. Robert A. Carr 

Mrs. Robert Wells Carton 

Mrs. Hammond E. Chaffetz 

Mrs. Henry T. Chandler 

Miss Nora F. Chandler 

Mrs. Walter L. Cherry 

Mrs. Donald C. Clark 

Mrs. W.H.Clark, Jr. 

Mrs. J. Nothhelfer Connor 

Mrs. Frank W. Considine 

Mrs. Stanton R. Cook 

Mrs. Edward A. Cooper 

Mrs. James R. Coulter 

Mrs. William S. Covington* 

Mrs. Mark Crane 

Mrs. John V. Crowe 

Mrs. Lester Crown 

Mrs. Sandra K. Crown 

Mrs. Susan Crown 

Mrs. Robert Lane Cruikshank 

Mrs. Herschel H. Cudd 

Mrs. Dino J. D'Angelo 

Mrs. John A. Daniels 

Mrs. Leonard S. Davidow 

Mrs. O. C. Davis 

Mrs. Howard M. Dean, Jr. 

Mrs. Edwin J. DeCosta 

Mrs. Emmett Dedmon 

Mrs. Robert O. Delaney 

Mrs. Charles S. DeLong* 

Mrs. Charles Dennehy 

Mrs. Edison Dick 

Mrs. William R. Dickinson, Jr. 

Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon 

Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley 

Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II 

Mrs. William C. Douglas 

Mrs. Maurice F. Dunne, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert C. Edwards 

Mrs. R. Winfield Ellis 

Mrs. Marjorie H. Elting 

Mrs. Josephine Fairman Elting 

Mrs. Winston Elting 

Mrs. Gordon R. Ewing 

Mrs. Thomas J. Eyerman 

Mrs. Meyer Feldberg 

Mrs. Calvin Fentress 

Mrs. Robert C. Ferris 

Mrs. Robert Fesmire 

Mrs. Joseph N. Field 

Mrs. Marshall Field 

Mrs. Charles Robert Foltz 

Mrs. Peter B. Foreman 

Mrs. Francis G. Foster, Jr. 

Mrs. Hubert D. Fox 

Mrs. Earl J. Frederick 

Mrs. Gaylord A. Freeman 

Mrs. Marshall Front 

Mrs. William D. Frost 

Mrs. Maurice F. Fulton 

Mrs. John S. Gates 

Mrs. John A. Gavin 

Mrs. Robert H. Gayner 

Mrs. Robert B. Gerrie 

Mrs. Isak V. Gerson 

Mrs. Gerald S. Gidwitz 

Mrs. James J. Glasser 

Mrs. Philip W. Goetz 

Mrs. Julian R. Goldsmith 

Mrs. Paul W. Goodrich 

Mrs. William B. Graham 

Mrs. David W. Grainger 

Mrs. Roger Griffin 

Mrs. Robert C. Gunness 

From the Field Museum Library: Frontispiece from Ricreatione 
dell'occhio, a treatise on sea shells published in 1681 by Filippo 

Buonanni (1638-1725). 

Mrs. Burton W. Hales 

Mrs. Corvvith Hamill 

Mrs. Charles L. Hardy 

Mrs. King Harris 

Mrs. Charles Cotton Harrold III 

Mrs. Robert S. Hartman 

Mrs. David C. Hawley 

Mrs. Frederick Charles Hecht 

Colette J. Hedien 

Mrs. Ben W. Heineman 

Mrs. Duncan Y. Henderson 

Mrs. Stacy H. Hill 

Mrs. Rembrandt C. Hiller, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Hines 

Mrs. John L. Hines 

Mrs. John H. Hobart 

Mrs. Richard H. Hobbs 

Mrs. Thomas D. Hodgkins 

Mrs. Thomas J. Hoffmann 

Mrs. David B. Horn 

Janice S. Hunt 

Mrs. Chauncey Keep Hutchins 

Mrs. Robert C. Hyndman 

Mrs. Stanley O. Ikenberry 

Mrs. Robert S. Ingersoll 

Mrs. Sue Ish 

Mrs. Frederick G. Jaicks 

Mrs. Brian Jerome 

Mrs. Clarence E. Johnson 

Mrs. S. Curtis Johnson III 

Mrs. Richard M. Jones 

Mrs. John B. Judkins, Jr. 

Mrs. Wallace Kaehler, Jr. 

Mrs. Byron C. Karzas 

Mrs. John J. Kinsella 

Mrs. William T. Kirk, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert D. Kolar 

Mrs. Richard Kracum 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mrs. Bertram D. Kribben 

Mrs. John H. Leslie 

Mrs. John Woodworth Leslie 

Mrs. Edward H. Levi 

Mrs. Michael S. Lewis 

Camille Lione 

Mrs. Richard G. Lione 

Mrs. Chapin Litten 

Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 

Mrs. Franklin J. Lunding* 

Mrs. Walter M. Mack 

Mrs. John W. Madigan 

Mrs. James F. Magin 

Mrs. Robert H. Malott 

Mrs. Carter H. Manny, Jr. 

Mrs. Richard Marcus 

Mrs. Edward Matz, Jr. 

Mrs. David Mayer 

Mrs. Frank D. Mayer 

Mrs. Frank D. Mayer, Jr. 

Mrs. Brooks McCormick 

Mrs. George Barr McCutcheon II 

Mrs. William J. McDonough 

Mrs. Andrew McKenna 

Mrs. Eugene J. McVoy 

Mrs. John C. Meeker 

Mrs. Henry W. Meers 
Mrs. Hugo J. Melvoin 
Mrs. Allen C. Menke 
Mrs. Robert E. Merriam 
Mrs. J. Roscoe Miller 
Mrs. Philip B. Miller 
Mrs. Newton N. Minow 
Mrs. Charles H. Montgomery 
Mrs. John R. Montgomery III 
Mrs. Kenneth F. Montgomery 
Mrs. Carolyn S. Moore 
Mrs. Vernile Murrin Morgan 
Mrs. Arthur T. Moulding 
Mrs. Aidan I. Mullen 
Mrs. Leo F. Mullin 
Mrs. Elita Mailers Murphy 
Mrs. Charles Fenger Nadler 
Mrs. Charles Fenger Nadler, Jr. 
Mrs. Joseph E. Nathan 
Mrs. Earl L. Neal 
Alice Neild 

Mrs. John Doane Nichols 
Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. 
Miss Lucille Ann Nunes 
Mrs. James J. O'Connor 
Mrs. Ralph Thomas O'Neil 
Mrs. Paul W. Oliver, Jr. 
Mrs. Harry D. Oppenheimer II 
Mrs. Richard C. Oughton 
Mrs. Donald W. Patterson 
Mrs. O. Macrae Patterson 
Mrs. Hope Haywood Paul 
Mrs. R. Marlin Perkins 
Mrs. Richard J. Phelan* 
Mrs. Richard J. Pigott 
Mrs. Charles S. Potter 
Mrs. Virginia F. Pullman 
Mrs. William Putze 
Mrs. Neil K. Quinn 
Mrs. James H. Ransom 
Mrs. Howard C. Reeder 
Mrs. Robert W. Reneker 
Mrs. Don H. Reuben 
Mrs. Joseph E. Rich 
Mrs. John M. Richman 
Mrs. Frederick Roe 
Mrs. Edward M. Roob 
Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 
Mrs. John S. Runnells 
Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan 
Mrs. George W. Ryerson 
Dr. Muriel S. Savage 
Mrs. Richard H. Schnadig 
Mrs. Charles E. Schroeder 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Schultz 
Mrs. William L. Searle 
Mrs. Richard J. L. Senior 
Mrs. Thomas C. Sheffield, Jr. 
Melissa A. Shennan 
Mrs. C. William Sidwell 
Mrs. John R. Siragusa 
Mrs. Gerald A. Sivage 
Mrs. Edward Byron Smith* 
Mrs. Edward Byron Smith, Jr. 
Mrs. Gordon H. Smith 
Mrs. Malcolm M. Smith 
Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith 
Mrs. Charles H. Solberg 
Mrs. Lyle M. Spencer 

Mrs. Garzert Spiegel 

Mrs. Jack C. Staehle 

Mrs. Harlan F. Stanley 

Mrs. E. Norman Staub 

Mrs. Gardner H. Stern* 

Mrs. Adlai E. Stevenson III 

Mrs. Roger W. Stone 

Mrs. William S. Street 

Mrs. Robert H. Strotz 

Mrs. Barry F. Sullivan 

Mrs. John W. Sullivan 

Mrs. James Swartchild* 

Mrs. William G. Swartchild, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward F. Swift 

Mrs. Hampden M. Swift 

Mrs. Phelps H. Swift 

Mrs. John W. Taylor, Jr. 

Mrs. John W. Taylor III 

Mrs. Edward R. Telling 

Mrs. Richard L. Thomas 

Mrs. Bruce Thorne 

Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken 

Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken, Jr. 

Mrs. Melvin A. Traylor, Jr. 

Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 

Mrs. C. Perin Tyler 

Mrs. Theodore W. Van Zelst 

Mrs. V. L. D. von Schlegell 

Mrs. Thomas M. Ware 

Mrs. Hempstead Washburne, Jr. 

Mrs. E. Leland Webber 

Mrs. Arnold R. Weber 

Mrs. William L. Weiss 

Mrs. John Paul Welling* 

Mrs. Daniel R. Welsh 

Mrs. John L. Welsh III 

Mrs. B. Kenneth West 

Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler 

Mrs. Richard R. Whitaker, Jr. 

Mrs. Julian B. Wilkins 

Mrs. Philip C. Williams 

Reverend Dr. Ruth Teena 

Mrs. Norman B. Williamson 
Mrs. Robert H. Wilson 
Mrs. Wallace C. Winter 
Mrs. Arthur W. Woelfle 
Mrs. Peter Wolkonsky 
Mrs. Clarence N. Wood 
Mrs. J. Howard Wood 
Mrs. William Wood-Prince 
Mrs. Frank H. Woods 
Mrs. Blaine J. Yarrington 
Mrs. George B. Young 

* Deceased 



Under the leadership of 

Presidents Mrs. James J. 

O'Connor (1989) and Mrs. 

Howard J. Trienens (1990) the 

Women's Board raised 

$700,000 for general support of 

the Museum's activities. Each 

year the Board provides an 

elegant setting to preview the 

Museum's latest exhibit 

renovation. The Pacific exhibit 

was celebrated at two Fall 

galas: "One Enchanted 

Evening, " chaired by Mrs. 

Thomas J. Eyerman with 

United Airlines as underwriter; 

and "Jewels of the Pacific," 

chaired by Mrs. John M. 

Richman with underwriting 

from Kraft, Inc. The Christmas 

Tea, attended each year by 

some 1,500 children, was 

chaired in 1989 by Mrs. 

Howard M. Dean, Jr. and in 

1990 by Mrs. Andrew 

McKenna. Thirty-seven 

members volunteer for the 

Ambassador Program, 

founded in 1990, to greet the 

public and to enrich their visits 

to the Museum. 

From the Field Museum Library: The "bishop fish," from Libri de 
Piscibus Marinus, published in 1554 by Guillaume Rondelet 




The Friends of Field Museum 

Library was organized in 1990 

to promote interest in and 

support for the Library and its 

programs of book and journal 

acquisition, collection and 

preservation, and exhibition 

and publication. Under the 

chairmanship of Mrs. T. 

Stanton Armour, a member of 

the Museum's Board of 

Trustees, the group has 

launched a newsletter, 

Gatherings, and sponsored the 

acquisition of several rare 

books, including Richard 

Bradley's A Philosophical 

Account of the Works of 

Nature, published in London in 

1721. Other special-interest 

groups are the Friends of 

Ruatepupuke II, the Maori 

meeting house now 

undergoing renovation on the 

Ground Floor, and the 

Outreach Council, formerly 

known as the Public Programs 

Support Group, which aids the 

Museum's community 

outreach program. 

The Friends 
of Field 


Mrs. Lester Armour 

Mr. & Mrs.' T. Stanton Armour 

Mrs. Philip D. Block, Jr. 

Mrs. G. E. Boone 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Borland, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Willard L. Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger O. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Chandler 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Chaneske 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin J. DeCosta 

Mrs. William R. Dickinson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Donnelley 

Mr. & Mrs. ThomasE. Donnelley II 

Dr. & Mrs. George Dunea 

Josephine F. Elting 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ferris 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Field 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robert Foltz 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Frederick 

Dr. & Mrs. John S. Garvin 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Gates 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Gidwitz 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Glasser 

Dr. & Mrs. John G. Graham 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Guenzel 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. HafFner III 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Hayman 

Mr. & Mrs. Laurin H. Healy 

Mrs. Harold H. Hines, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Kenyon 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kolar 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Lewis 

Mrs. Rena I. Lozins 

Mr. James A. Marshall 

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks McCormick 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Meers 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugo J. Melvoin 

Mrs. Arthur T. Moulding 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Nebenzahl 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thomas O'Neil 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Oppenheimer 

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel L. Petre 

Mrs. George A. Poole 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Potter 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Rich 

Mrs. Frederick Roe 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Runnells 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Schnadig 

Mr. Edward Bvron Smith 

Mr. &C Mrs. Worthington L. Smith 
Mr. &C Mrs. Harry L. Stern 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Straus II 
Mr. & Mrs. Terence A. Tanner 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. 

Van Zelst 
Dr. & Mrs. Rupert L. Wenzel 
Mr. Willard E. White 
Dr. & Mrs. Philip C. Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Winn 
Mrs. George B. Young 
Mr. & Mrs. Max Zar 

7 Chair 




Tony Armour 
Jonathan H. Bogaard 
Nancy M. Bush 
Arturo Cisneros 
Kevin S. Considine 
Matthew S. Eyerman 
Elizabeth Jolls Giese 
Gerald P. Giese 
Claire Hartfield 
Philip L. Harris' 
Carrie Healy 
J. Duncan Healy 
Laura Jones 
Richard Jones 
Mary Kay Karzas 
Mercedes A. Laing 
Carl Lavender 
Patricia J. Lawson 
Marda Lebeau 
Louise Lefkow 
David Lefkow 
Adriana 3allen Litvak 

Susan Lopez 
Alexis MacDowall 
Patricia McMillen 
Therese M. Obringer 
Jesse G. Reyes 
Laurie D. Roston 
Robert Rosen 
Julie P. Shelton 
Louise K. Smith 
Rhonda Y. Stivers 
Mary Wilson 
Nikki Zollar 

' Chair 

Friends of 
Ruatepupuke ii 

Mr. & Mrs. James Ballard 

Mr.' & Mrs. Donald Cameron 

Ms. Jane Connolly 

Mr. John Cook 

Ms. Lucy Fairbank 

Mary & Bruce Feay 

Mrs. Rebecca Gilson 

Mr. James P. Littlejohn 

Mr. John M. MacDonald 

Mrs. Dagmara Nyman 

Ms. Frances L. Osgood 

Ms. Florence O'Shea 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Schultz 

Mr. Delbert Erie Yarnell 

Ms. Tory Light 

' Chair 

From the Field Museum Library: Fishpersons. from Historiae 

Naturalis de Piscibus et Cetis by Joannes Jonstonus (1603-1675), 

published in Amsterdam in 1657. 

Rice Foundation 
Leads Donors 
'Into the Wild' 

With a pathbreaking gift that 

will total $5 million, the Daniel F. and 

Ada L. Rice Foundation has led the 

Museum "Into the Wild" — a new 

thematic exhibit, subtitled "Animals, 

Trails & Tales," on the world's animals 

and their environments. 

Many contributors large 
and small have come forth eagerly to 
support this major mounting of the 
Museum's zoology collections. Among 
them: The National Science Foundation 
made its largest grant ever for a museum 
exhibit ($1.2 million), and the members 
of the Windy City Grotto chapter of the 
National Speleological Society (cave 
explorers) put together $1,000 and no 
little expertise to help redeem the 

reputation of the much-maligned bats. 

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks 
McCormick contributed funds for a 
diorama on wild turkeys, and 
Mrs. R. Winfield Ellis for the 
stunning installation of Carl 
Akeley's famous "Four Seasons" 
diorama. Franklin J. Lunding 
pledged a gift in memory of his wife, 
Virginia, for the passenger pigeon 
diorama, and Gaylord and Dorothy 
Donnelley to support a new interactive 
exhibit on natural areas around Chicago 

The Ronald McDonald 
Children's Charities donated $150,000 
to help enhance the exhibit as a family 
experience, and the W.K. Kellogg 
Foundation gave $1.4 million for 
exhibit construction and educational 

The exhibit, including a 
Nature Walk that will take visitors from 
Chicago to Alaska and to South 
America, opens in November 1991 in 
the first-floor west halls, which will now 
be known as the Daniel F. and Ada L. 
Rice Wing.*** 


Above: a West Indian 

butterfly of the family 

Papilionidae, donated 

to the Museum by 

David Matusik in 1990. 

Background: A 

spectacled caiman 

(Caiman crocodilus), 

found in the wild from 

southern Mexico to 

northern Argentina. 

The caiman will be on 

display in the "Into 

the Wild" exhibit. 

Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balances 
December 31, 1990 and 1989 

Operating Fund 

Fund Designated 
For Special Purposes 





Fund Functioning 
As Endowment 





Interest and Dividends 

$952,516 $1,172,748 
32,000 14,000 

Pledges Receivable 



Museum Stores Inventory 






Prepaid Pension Cost 



Deferred Note Issuance Costs 

Other Assets 



Museum Properties, Net 


$533,000 $533,000 

100,000 150,000 

53,828,200 54,026,689 

$7,703,039 $5,745,320 

$54,461,200 $54,709,689 

Liabilities and Fund 

Accounts Payable 

Accrued Liabilites 

Deferred Revenue 


Notes Payable 

Due To (From) Other Funds 

$1,164,707 $1,372,940 
978,735 899,720 

146,162 161,754 

4,057,581 1,980,05^ 

U58.591) ($3,311,232) 

Total Liabilities 
Fund Balance 

6,347,185 4,414,466 (4,158,591) (3,311,232) 

1,355,854 1,330,854 4,158,591 3,311,232 54,461,200 54,709,689 

$7,703,039 $5,745,320 

$54,461,200 $54,709,689 

Current Operating Fund, Fund Designated for Special Purposes and Fund Functioning as 
Endowment are Unrestricted Funds. 

Museum Restricted Fund Endowment Fund Total All Funds 

Property Fund 

1990 1989 1990 1989 1990 1989 1990 1989 

$952,516 $1,172,748 

$846,090 $281,490 $167,000 $167,000 1,578,090 995,490 

891,667 2,574,866 $734,000 $5,000 150,000 2,185,417 2,755,116 

1,354,884 1,471,134 

38,800,938 18,279,980 17,526,519 16,889,660 114,071,517 91,188,415 

571,110 467,121 

789,520 356,578 789,520 356,578 

350,000 247,886 264,582 1,164,805 867,563 

48,010,462 46,505,192 48,010,462 46.505,192 

11 11 

$89,688,678 $67,998,107 $981,886 $269,582 $17,843,519 $17,056,660 $170,678,322 $145,779,358 

$1,164,707 $1,372,940 

$230,726 $70,396 1,209,461 970,116 

$10,958,120 $7,129,132 10,958,120 7,129,132 

313,143 43,548 459,305 205,302 

31,300,000 13,000,000 31,300,000 13,000,000 

10,390,387 8,234,278 (10,289,377) (6,903,098) 

41,921,113 21,304,674 981,886 269,582 45,091,593 22,677,490 

47,767,565 46,693,433 17,843,519 17,056,660 125,586,729 123,101,868 

$89,688,678 $67,998,107 $981,886 $269,582 $17,843,519 $17,056,660 $170,678,322 $145,779,358 

Statements of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Fund Balances 
Years Ended December 31, 1990 and 1989 

Operating Fund 

Fund Designated for 
Special Purposes 

Fund Functioning 
As Endowment 








Chicago Park District 
Property Tax Collections 



Government Grants 



Interest & Dividend Income 




Net Realized Gain (Loss) on 
Investments Sold 






1 ,706,463 









Auxillary Enterprises 
(Museum Stores, Vending, 
Tours, & Food Services) 








Total Revenues 








Research & Collections 





Public Programs 





Finance & Museum Services 





Development & External 










Auxillary Enterprises 

(Museum stores, Vending, 
Tours, & Food Services) 





Note Interest & Amortization 

Overhead Costs Charged to 




Total Expenses 





Increase (Decrease) 
In Fund Balance 
Resulting from 
Revenues and Expenses 







Fund Balance: 

Beginning of Year 







Add (Deduct) Transfers 






Museum Property 




Total Return 







Net Realized Gain on 


Investments Held 

End of Year 







Current Operating Fund, Fund Designated for Special Purposes and Fund Functioning as 
Endowment are Unrestricted Funds. 

Museum Restricted Fund Endowment Fund Total All Funds 

Property Fund 

1990 1989 1990 1989 1990 1989 1990 1989 

51,518,126 $1,619,832 
15,901 (489,122) 







































2,422,955 1,130,710 3,482,347 3,658,086 946,375 816,111 25,916,465 26,330,602 

970,940 926,144 4,895,054 4,301,570 

697,985 800,518 2,213,787 2,368,292 

1,002 6,094,341 5,752,884 

69,595 1.720,550 1,703,055 

226,132 188,637 48,004 107,152 


2,000,083 1,897,308 
888,288 883,470 

466,257 546,806 

3,114,503 2,969,415 2,253,783 2,383,873 23,431,604 21,749,865 

(691,548) (1,838,705) 1,228,564 1,274,213 946,375 816,111 2,484,861 4,580,737 

46,693,433 45,326,892 17,056,660 15,657,012 123,101,868 1 1 7,69 1.923 

1,765,680 2,731,139 (833,351) (1,274,213) 

144,787 (159,516) 

(540,000) 500,000 

474,107 83,537 829.2C 

$47,767,565 $46,693,433 $- $- $17,843,519 $17,056,660 $125,586,729 $123,101,868 





Each year the Museum 

sponsors an interdisciplinary 

symposium on topics bearing 

on problems in systematics 

research. Organized by 

Matthew H. Nitecki, curator of 

fossil invertebrates, 

Department of Geology, these 

symposia have been supported 

by the National Science 

Foundation. The 13th annual 

symposium in 1990 was 

concerned with the 

understanding and meaning of 

ethical judgment and the 

relation between ethics and 


Special Gifts: 
Capital, and 

Individuals and 
Family Foundations 


Gladys N. Anderson Estate 

June B. Davis Estate 

Mrs. R. Winfield Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Grainger 

(The Grainger Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Leslie 

(The Leslie Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar G. Mayer 

(Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer 

Charitable Trust) 
Arthur Rubloff Estate 
Olive M. Shepherd Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Staehle 
Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken 
Lucille R. Wiser Estate 
The Women's Board 

$10,000 to $99,999 


Carolyn S. Akenson Estate 

Mrs. P. Kelley Armour 

Helen K. Bieker Estate 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger O. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Buehler, Jr. 

(AGP Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cooper 

(Richard H. Cooper 

The Crown Family 

(Arie & Ida Crown Memorial) 
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin J. DeCosta 

(The Walter E. Heller 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II 

(Thomas E. Donnelley II 

Jamee & Marshall Field 

Evelyn Frank Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Guenzel 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III 
Mrs. Charles L. Hardy 

(Elliott & Ann Donnelley 


' Deceased 

Walter R. Hauschildt Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Laurin H. Healy 

(Winona Corporation) 
Mrs. Beatrice C. Mayer 
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks McCormick 

(Brooks & Hope B. McCormick 

Philip M.McKennaFoundation, Inc 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. 

Dessie P. Morrow Estate 
Mrs. Arthur T. Moulding 
Harry G. Nelson 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 

Norman J. Schlossman Estate 
The Seabury Foundation 
Edward Byron Smith 

(Edward Byron Smith 

Charitable Fund) 
Gretchen Stewart Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 

(Howard J. & Paula M. 

Trienens Foundation) 
Chester D. Tripp Estate 
Jane B. Tripp Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Blaine J. Yarrington 

(The Chicago Community 


$1,000 to $9,999 


Mr. & Mrs. Lowell E. Ackmann 

(Ackmann Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Watson Armour III 
Cynthia Armour 
Mrs. Lester Armour 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Vernon Armour 
Mr.* & Mrs. Edwin N. Asmann 

(O. Paul Decker Memorial 

Abby K. Babcock Estate 
Kristina Barr 

(Kristina Barr & George Barr 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Bass 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Bedford 
Louis Bein Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore A. Bell 
Mr. & Mrs. Harrington Bischof 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Block III 

(J. B. Charitable Trust) 
Mr.* & Mrs. Daniel J. Boone 
Mrs. G. E. Boone 
Mrs. Arthur S. Bowes 
Mr. & Mrs. Willard L. Boyd 
Helen D. Bronson 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Cameron 
Mr. & Mrs. Worley H. Clark, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Considine 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Cottrell, Jr. 
John R. Covington (Howard L. 

Willett Foundation, Inc.) 

Mrs. William S. Covington* 
Elizabeth M. Covington Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Cowles 
A. G. Cox Charity Trust 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Crane 
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Crowe 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cruikshank 
Mrs. Suzette Morton Davidson 
Mrs. Charles S. DeLong* 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Dean, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Delaney 
Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Donnelley 

(Nina H. & James R. Donnelley 

Filing O. Eide 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Ewing 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Eyerman 
William F. Farley 

(William F. Farley Foundation) 
Mary & Bruce Feay 
Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Feinberg 

(Joseph & Bessie Feinberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Field 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robert Foltz 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Foreman 

(Peter & Virginia Foreman 

Foundation/Peroke Foundation) 
Robin Foster 

Mr.* & Mrs. Gaylord Freeman 
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Front 
Josephine D. Galitzine Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Gidwitz 
Elizabeth L. Girardi 
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham 

(William B. Graham 

Foundation, Inc. ) 
William M. Hales 

(Hales Charitable Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. Corwith Hamill 

(Happy Hollow Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. King W. Harris 

(Harris Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Harrold III 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hartman 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben W. Heineman 
H. John Heinz III Trust 
Philip Hershkovitz 
Mr. & Mrs. Rembrandt C.Hiller, Jr. 
Elizabeth Hoffman 
Mrs. Harold James 

(The Butz Foundation) 
William B. Jeffries 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Johnson 

(The Clarence E. & Shirley M. 

Johnson Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis S. Johnson III 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey E. Kapnick, Jr. 

(The Kapnick Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kinsella 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kolar 
Mrs. Arthur H. Krausman 
Mrs. Bertram D. Kribben 
Mrs. John Woodworth Leslie 

The rubbings reproduced on pages 20 to 33 are from tomb bricks and tiles of the Han Dynasty 

(207 B.C. - 220 A.D.) found in Sichuan Province, China. 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward H. Levi 

Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Malott 

(Camalott Charitable 

Mr. & Mrs. Carter H. Manny, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Marcus 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Matz, Jr. 
Cirilo McSween 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. McDonough 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew McKenna, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Menke 

(Menke Family Foundation) 
Mrs. J. Roscoe Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Miller 
Miner- Weisz Charitable 

Mr. & Mrs. Newton N. Minow 

(Minow Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Mullin 
Miss Jeanne E. Murray 
Hisazo Nagatani 
Col. & Mrs. John B. Naser 

(J BN Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Neal 
Abbie L. Nelson 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Neisser 

( The Neisser Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. John Doane Nichols 
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. O'Connor 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Oliver, Jr. 
Harry D. Oppenheimer II 

(Oppenheimer Family 

Mr. & Mrs. James Otis, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Patterson 

(The Warwick Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Patton, Jr. 
Mrs. Pauline Yacktman Petre 

(Pauline Yacktman Foundation ) 
Mr. & Mrs.* Richard J. Phelan 
Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Pickus 
Mr. & Mrs. John Pusinelli 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil K. Quinn 
Audree M. Ragan Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Reichelderfer 
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas A. Reynolds, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Richman 
George N. Ross Estate 
John W. Ruettinger Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Runnells 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Sanders 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sargent 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Schroeder 

(The Schroeder Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Searle 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. L. Senior 

(The Morgan-Senior 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shapiro 

(Soretta & Henry Shapiro 

Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Sheffield, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Siragusa 
Mr. & Mrs. Jackson W. Smart, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm N. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith 

Mrs. Frederick W. Spiegel 

(Ruth & Frederick Spiegel 

Foundation I H. H. Butler 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Stone 

(Roger & Susan Stone Family 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Street 

(The Seattle Foundation) 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Strotz 
Mrs. James Swartchild ' 

(Co/lier-Swartchild Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John W.Taylor III 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Thorne 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vogel 
Harold K. Voris 
Mr. & Mrs. R. B.Walsh, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Hempstead 

Washburne, Jr. 
Mrs. Imy Wax 

Mr. & Mrs. Roderick S. Webster 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Weiss 

(William L. & Josephine B. 

Weiss Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Welsh III 

(McCrea Foundation) 
Mrs. B. Kenneth West 
Dr.* & Mrs. Louis O. Williams 
Dr. & Mrs. Philip C. Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wilson 
James R. Wimmer 
Winnetka Garden Club 
Mrs. J. Howard Wood 
Mr. & Mrs. William Wood-Prince 
Claire Zeisler 

$100 TO $999 


Mrs. Lester S. Abelson 

(Lester S. Abelson Foundation) 
Alicia Ann Adams 
Mrs. Keene H. Addington 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Adlesick 
Katharine D. Agar 
Janet AgranofI 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Aldworth 
Sharon A. & M. Mehdi Alister 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley N. Allan 
Dorothy K. Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Allen 
Mr.* & Mrs. James W. Alsdorf 

(Abdorf Foundation) 
Julius Alvarez 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Kimball R. Anderson 
Sandra K. Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Anderson 
Thomas W. Andrews 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Anixter 
Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Archambault 
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo R. Arena 
Dr. & Mrs. David Ashbach 


Total Gifts, 
and Grants 


mmmmm ~ $1, 561,817 (25%) 
$386,978 (6%) 
^ $831,132 (14%) 
™"^^^^^™ $2,493,174 (41%) 

■■■™™ $874,090 (14%) 
Total: $6,147,191 


^^^^^™ $1,595,207 (19%) 
^ $358,258 (4%) 
^™ $625,265 (8%) 

^"""■■™ $1,232,994 (15%) 
Total: $8,289,491 

$4,477,767 (54%) 


^^ mmmm SI, 633,257 (19%) 
■ $455,155 (5%) 
$247,439 (3%) 

$4,707,580 (55%) 

$1,496,781 (18%) 


Total: $8,540,212 

^^^■"™ $1,951,155 (18%) 
$493,684 (4%) 
™"^^™ $1,838,112(77%; 

$4,897,390 (45%) 

$1,755,182 (16%) 

Total: $10,935,523 


■^^^^ $1,848,348 (22%) 
^ $1,064,317 (12%) 
$570,599 (7%) 
^«i^^— $2,938,585 (35%) 

$2,065,774 (24%) 

Total: $8,487,623 


^ mmm $2,051,140 (18%) 
$1,271,875 (11%) 
■ $1,446,231 (13%) 

$4,621,670 (40%) 

$2,056,093 (18%) 

Total: $11,447,009 

1 Unrestricted Giving 
1 Restricted Giving 
'Bequests & Endowments 

1 Capital 

1 Government Grants 



Four Field Museum artists 

produce illustrations of 

specimens and artifacts to 

supplement the research of 

the curatorial staff. They 

employ a broad range of 

techniques, but each has 

refined a particular style: 

Zbigniew Jastrzebski 

specializes in pencil or pen 

and ink stipple renderings of 

skeletal structures and 

reconstruction of pottery; 

Clara Richardson-Simpson in 

line and stipple 

representations of zoological 

and paleontological 

specimens; Marlene Werner in 

using carbon dust and scratch 

board techniques; and Zorica 

Dabich in crow quill drawings 

of botanical subjects and 

water color paintings of South 

American monkeys. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Ayers 

Richard Badger/Inge Fryklund 

Mrs. Warner G. Baird, Jr. 

Edwardine M. Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Baker 

Lance C. Balk 

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Baiter 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bankard 

Walter Baranowski 

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert J. Barbahen 

Dr. &Mrs. J. W. Barnes 

Jane E. Barnett 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Keith Barns 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baumgarten 

Lawrence W. Bay 

Mrs. George R. Beach 

Mrs. Robert A. Beatty 

Virginia L. & William K. Beatty 

Mrs. James H. Becker 

Dr. Helen R. Beiser 

Dr. Nenad Belie/Ellen Stone Belie 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Bell, Jr. 

Coburn Bennett 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Bennett, Jr. 

Mrs. B. Edward Bensinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bent 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry O. Bercher 

Richard A. Bergdahl 

Richard S. Berger 

Mrs. Byron E. Besse 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bilandic 

Mr. & Mrs. Kendrick D. G. Bisset 

Carolyn P. Blackmon 

Mr. & Mrs. Bowen Blair 

Mrs. Frank W. Blatchford III 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Block 

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson C. Block 

Mrs. Philip D. Block, Jr. 

Mrs. Edwin R. Blomquist 

Mrs. Harlan G. Bogie 

James Bohnen 

Merlin Bohse 

Richard E. Boice 

Dr. Brian M. Boom 

Jeffrey W. Boyar 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Boyer 

Mrs. Nancy Brandt 

Mrs. Lester Harris Brill 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Brizzolara 

Margaret Broch 

Robert H. Brooke 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Brooker 

T. Kimball Brooker 

Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Brown 

(Cameron Brown Foundation) 
Jennifer Martin Brown 

(The Martin Foundation, Inc.) 
Jerry Lee Brown / Evelyn Priebe 
Josiah Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Browne 
Mrs. T. von Donop Buddington 
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Bunta 
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Burger 
Mrs. Gunnar Burgeson 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Burkhardt 
Donald E. Burney 
Mrs. Joseph A. Burnham 

Marie Kraemer Burnside 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Burrows 
Mr. & Mrs. Clark Burrus 
Rhett W. Butler 

(Butler Family Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Dean C. Byrd 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Byrne 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Cadieux 

(Cadieux Charitable Trust) 
Eleanor F. Caldwell 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Bradley Callicott 
John F. Calmeyn 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron 
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Campbell 
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle L. Campbell 
Mrs. Robert A. Carr 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Carson 
Beatrice Carter 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wells Carton 
Dr. & Mrs. Ramon E. Casas 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Brian J. Casey 
Mrs. Jack Cavcnaugh 
Mr. & Mrs. Hammond E. 

Chaffetz (Chaffetz Family 

Mrs. Jerry G. Chambers 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. 

Champion, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Chandler 
Michael F. Chaneske 
Elvin E. Chariry/Roxanne M. Ward 
Mrs. Mary V. Chen 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Cherry 

(Virginia B. & Walter L. 

Cherry Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Chester 
Mr. & Mrs. August C. Chidichimo 
William G. Chorn 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Christian 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Ciriacks 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Clark 
Dorothy Clissold 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Clow, Jr. 
Gregory Coakley 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Collopy 
Walter Compton 
Janet N. Connor 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanton R. Cook 
Mrs. Edward A. Cooper 
Mrs. Gale C. Corley 
Gerald Corrigan 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Coughlin 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Coulter 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cousins, Jr. 
Roger E. Covey 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Cowan 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Crisafulli 
Carta S. Crofoot 
Wayne C. Cross 
Mrs. Sandra K. Crown 
Paul F. Cruikshank 
Mr. & Mrs. Herschel Cudd 
David W. Cugell, M.D. 
Mr. John F. Cuneo, Jr. 

(The Cuneo Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lin 

Kenneth H. Currier 

Clarence Curtis 

Gertrude L. Curtis 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Cutler 

Mr. & Mrs. William Czerwinski 

Casimer J. Czochara, Jr. 

Thomas J. Czubak 

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony M. 

D Agostino 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest A. Dahl, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. DinoJ. D'Angelo 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Daniels 
Mr. & Mrs. Ken M. Davee 

(The Davee Foundation) 
Mrs. Leonard S. Davidow 
Charles A. Davis 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Davis 
Wendell K. Decker 
Mrs. Emmett Dedmon 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. T. Dehmlow 
Ruth M. A. Denn 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dennehy 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Der Kacy 
Amy T. Dickinson 
Mrs. William R. Dickinson, Jr. 
Paul Dickman 
Michael O. Dillon 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Dillon 
Rocco A. Dimeo 
Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon 
Patricia Dodson 
Dr. Robert D. Dooley 
Dr. & Mrs. Erl Dordal 
Ron Dorfman 

Mr. & Mrs. James Doughan 
James C. Dowdle 
Robert A. Duewerth 
Mrs. Robert J. Duffy 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dugan 
Dr. & Mrs. George Dunea 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Dunne, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Durrett 
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Dusza 
Donna G. Earl 
Robert J. Eck 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Edwards 

(Woodruff & Edwards 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Elias 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Elkins 
J. Thomas Eller 
Mr. & Mrs. E.W.Elliott, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. James P. Elmes 
Mrs. Josephine F. Elting 
Mrs. Marjorie H. Elting 
Daniel N. Epstein 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Estey 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Evans 
Lucy F. Fairbank 
Edith H. Falk 
Mrs. John V. Farwell IV 
Peter A. Fasseas 
Mrs. Irene H. Fausr 
Harry & Arlene Feiger 
Dr. & Mrs. Meyer Feldberg 
Mr. & Mrs.Warren L.Fellingham, Jr. 
Mr. John R. Fenner 
Robert J. Ferrari 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ferris 

Mrs. Robert Fesmire 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fisher 
Mr. & Mrs. Irving S. Fishman 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Fitts, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William Florian 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert Florio 111 
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight W. Follett 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Foster, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Foulkes 
Mrs. Hubert D. Fox 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Frederick 
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr. 
The Friday Club 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Frost 
" Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Fulton 

(Maurice & Muriel Fulton 

Donald I. Funk. M.D. 
Dan Galardy 

Dr. & Mrs. John S. Garvin 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Gates 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Gates 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Gavin, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Gebhard 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond I. 

Geraldson, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Gerber 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Gerlicher 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gerrie 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gibbons 
Mr. & Mrs. James Gidwitz 
Joseph L. Gidwitz 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Giese 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Giesen 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Gifford, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. George Gilbert 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Gladding 
Mrs. James J. Glasser 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Glinsman 
Thomas W. Goldberg 
Dr. & Mrs. Julian R. Goldsmith 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Golitz 
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Gonzalez 
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Good 
Morris F. Goodman 
Edward Gordon 
Lawrence W. Gougler 
Dr. & Mrs. John G. Graham 
Mary Jo Green 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Greene 
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Greenman 
Colonel & Mrs. Clifford C. Gregg 
Mr. & Mrs. George Price Grieve 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Grobarcik 
Mr. & Mrs. John Grochowski 
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Gronkiewicz 
Lewis & Misty Gruber 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Grunschel 
Dr. & Mrs. RolfM.Gunnar 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Gunness 
Delores H. Gustafson 
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Haag 
Mrs. Burton W. Hales 

(Hales Charitable Fund) 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Hall 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Parker Hall 
Ernestine Hambrik, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hanson 

Irving B. Harris 

Philip Harris / Claire Hartfield 

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson K. Harrison 

Karen R. Harsha 

James W. Hart 

Kyle L. Harvey 

Dr. William A. Haseltine 

Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm H. Hast 

Clarence M. Hatfield 

Mr. & Mrs. F. William Hauschildt 

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Hauselman 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Hawley 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred H. Hayes 

Maryann C. Hayes 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Hayman 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Healy 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Duncan Healy 

Josephine Hedges 

Wayne E. & Colette J. Hedien 

James L. Heller 

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Y. Henderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hengehold 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Henke 

Mary Ellen Hennessy 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Hensold. Jr. 

Derral R. Herbst 

Norman Hessler 

EdnaM. Hill 

Mr. & Mrs. Stacy H. Hill 

Mr. & Mrs. David Lea Hillis 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hines 

Mrs. Harold H. Hines, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hines 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Hintz 

Mrs. Edwin F. Hirsch 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel S. Hirsch 

Dr. & Mrs. Jerome H. 

Edward B. Hirshfeld 
Mrs. Richard H. Hobbs 
Joel Hochberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Hochberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Hoekstra 
Harry Hoffman* 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hoffmann 
John A. Holabird, Jr. 
Craig J. Holderness 
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Horn 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Horwitz 
Mr. & Mrs. Allen F. Hosticka 
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Humbert 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Hummer 
Marjorie M. Humphrey 
Mrs. Harvey Huston 
Mrs. Chauncey Keep Hutchins 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. 

Mrs. W. F. Huter 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hyndman 
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley O. Ikenberry 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Ingersoll 
Dr. Dominique Irvine 
Ellen Isaacson 
Sue B. Ish 
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Jablon 

* Deceased 



'$559,088 (36%) 

' $213,700 (14%) 

Total: $1,561,817 

$789,028 (50%) 


1 $498,149 (31%) 

5305,200 (19%) 

Total: $1,595,207 

$791,858 (50%) 


'$587,200 (36%) 

'$187,000 (11%) 

'$859,057 (53%) 

Total: $1,633,257 


'$558,256 (29%) 

'$302,150 (16%) 

'$1,040,750 (55%) 

Total: $1,951,155 


$563,697 (31 l . 

$262,700 (14%) 

$1,021,951 (55%) 

Total: $1,848,348 


$466,452 (23%) 

$253,580 1 12%) 

1 $1,331,108 (65%) 

Total: $2,051,140 

1 Foundations 
'Individual & Family Foundations 

Note: This chart details the "Unrestricted Giving" 
column shown in the "Total Gifts, Bequests, and Grants" 
chart on Page 25. 


In The Field 

The Museum's new 

membership publication, In the 

Field: The Bulletin of the Field 

Museum of Natural History, 

premiered in July 1990 with 

news of the discovery by Field 

Museum researchers in 

Madagascar of a living 

population of red-tailed 

Newtonia (above), a bird long 

thought to be extinct. The 

bimonthly newspaper features 

articles by curators and others 

on the Museum's research 

activities and public programs, 

and highlights events of 

interest to members. 

Dr. Lauren Krent Jacker 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jacob 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Jaicks 

Gordon K. James, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. James 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Jannotta, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Colt Jerome 

Dr. Timothy A. Johns 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Johnson 

Robert L. Johnson 

Charles B. Jones 

Phyllis A. Jones 

Robert J. Jordan 

William K. Jordan 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Joyce 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Judy 

Marjorie June 

Edward J. Juracek 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Kalsch 

Philip J. Kania 

Dr. & Mrs. Alan Kanter 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Karlin 

Eugene Kart 

Mr. &C Mrs. Byron C. Karzas 

Mary Kay Karzas 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Kasper 

Dorothy A. Keating 

Catherine M. Keebler 

Mrs. Richard L. Keller 

Mrs. Norman R. Kelley 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Kellogg, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kelly 

Mrs. A. Frederick Kempe 

Joseph F. Kindlon 

Margaret Mertz King 

Neil King 

Dr. Steven R. King 

Mrs. William T. Kirk, Jr. 

Bruce Klefstad 

Edward T. Klunk 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Koenig 

Dr. Vilma L. Kohn 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Kokes 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke 

(Koldyke Family Foundation) 
Leonard Kolender 
Barry Konig 
Robert W. Kopaczewski 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kopp 
Dr. Richard Korf 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kostal 
Howard G. Krane 
Mr. & Mrs. Lee V. Kremer 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederich A. Kremple 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren R. Kremske 
Timothy J. Kress 
Mrs. Irwin E. Kretchmer 
Scott Krueger 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kuehnle 

Duane R. Kullberg 
Mercedes Anita Laing 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur La Velle 
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall S. Leaf 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Leet 

(Leet Charitable Trust) 
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Lefkow 
Bernice H. Lehmann 
Hon. & Mrs. George N. Leighton 
Frederick R. Lent 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Levin 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Levy 
Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Lewis 
Mary E. Liebman 
Charlotte T. Lindar-Gorbunoff 
Camille Lione 
Mrs. Richard G. Lione 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lipsky 
Mrs. F. Chapin Litten 
M. Susan Lopez 
David B. Love 
Mrs. Rena I. Lozins 
Bettina R. Mac Ayeal 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Mack 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mack 
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Maddocks 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Madigan 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Mages 
Mrs. Patricia A. Magon 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Mahoney 
Francis M. Malone 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Manchee 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Marc 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Marks 
James A. Marshall 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Matta 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Matz 
Mrs. David Mayer 
Mrs. Frank D. Mayer 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Mayer, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. George Barr 

McCutcheon II 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne McDaniel 
Clarence T. McDonald, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. McElnea 
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest G. McEwen 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. McGovern, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. McHugh 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. McKay 
Dr. & Mrs. Peter McKinney 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. McMillan 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben McQueen 
Mrs. Eugene J. McVoy 
Elisabeth C. Meeker 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Meeker 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Meers 

(Henry W. Meers Fund) 
Ernst Melchior 
Charles W. Melind 
Nancy F. Meloy 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugo J. Melvoin 
Mrs. Herman Menzel 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Michaels 
George F. Mihelic 
Norman A. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller 
Rebecca Anne Miller 
Mrs. Robert Montes 

Mr. & Mrs.John R.Montgomery III 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Moore 

Mrs. Carolyn S. Moore 

Mrs. Remo Morelli 

Juliet Morgan 

Scott A. Mori/Carol Gracie 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Morrison 

Gregory M. Mueller / 

Betty A. Strack 
Mr. &Mrs. Roger William 

Mr. & Mrs. Aidan I. Mullett 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mundstock 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Munn III 
Nina A. Murphy 
Richard J. Murphy 
Ann E. Murray 
Dr. Mary Aileen Murray 
Barbara Murtha 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Nadler 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Nadler, Jr. 
Mrs. Joseph E. Nathan 
Lois E. Natusch 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Neach 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Neal 
Mr. & Mrs. Cary L. Neiman 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman W. Nelson 
Patricia A. Nemeth 
Thomas B. Nendick 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Nerenberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Nesburg 
Dr. & Mrs. Lorin I. Nevling, Jr. 
Ralph G. Newman 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Newton 
Christine Niezgoda 
Diana L. Nolan 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Nordlund 
Lucille Ann Nunes 
Mrs. John Nuveen 
Paul R. Nylander 
Marjorie E. Nystrom 
Mrs. Anton Oberhuber 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice J. O'Brien 

(M. J. Family Foundation) 
Therese M. Obringer 
Paul E. Ogle 
Thomas R. Okleshen 
Carl B. Olson 
Mrs. Norman Olson (Katherine L. 

Olson Charitable Foundation) 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thomas O'Neil 
Mrs. Harry D. Oppenheimer II 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Oppman 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Oughton 
Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Over 
David T. Owsley 
Mr. & Mrs. Willard C. Packard 
Mr. &C Mrs. Samuel Papanek III 
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Parish, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Parker, Jr. 
Bonnie P. Pashkow 
Mr. & Mrs. Monroe B. Passis 
Cathy Patrick 
Bruce Patterson 
Mrs. O. Macrae Patterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Patterson 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pavey 
Mr. & Mrs. Carleton Pearl 

Frederic C. Pearson 
Mary Chase Pell 
Marianne F. Perkins 
Mr. & Mrs. Julian S. Pern- 
Richard E. Petit 
Dr. & Mrs. C. B. Petty- Weeks 
Mr. & Mrs. John Phillips 
Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Pickering 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pigott 
Jeffrey M. Pines 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Plochman III 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G. Pollack 

(Mary Jane & Bernard Pollack 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Polner 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Pontikes 
Mrs. George A. Poole 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Porter 
Mr. & Mrs. David Poster 
Jamie Ann Potash 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Potter 
Mr. & Mrs. Newell Pottorf 
Prairie Woods Audubon Society 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Pranian 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Printen 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Pritkin 
Mrs. Virginia F. Pullman 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Radtke 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman X. Raidl 
Anthony Ramirez 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ramsay 
George A. Rannev, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Ransom 
Mr. &£ Mrs. Roy A. Rauschenberg 
Dr. Peter H. Raven 
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Reed 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Thomas 

Miss Ruth Regenstein 
Lewis W. Reich 
Mrs. Robert W. Reneker 
Rovvena M. Rennie 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Renwick 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Reskin 
Mrs. Merle Reskin 
Mr. & Mrs. Don H. Reuben 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Rich 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Norton Richards 
Dr. E. P. Richardson, Jr. 
Mrs. Samuel A. Rinella 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Rippert 
Dr. & Mrs. W. R. Risk 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry V. Roberts 
Penelope Robinson 
Rhonda Rochambeau 
Mr. & Mrs. H. P. Davis Rockwell 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Roe 

(Milius Roe Foundation) 
Mrs. Ward C. Rogers 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Roob 
Mr. & Mrs. John Rose 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Rosen 
Dr. & Mrs. Max Rosenberg 
Sarah R. Rosenbloom 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Rosin 
Elizabeth B. Roth 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon G. Rothrock 
Lawrence Rowan 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Rowe 
H. Nelson Rowley III 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Rua, Jr. 
Don Ruegg 

Mr. & Mrs. I. W. Ruge 
Saul & Beverlee Ruman 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Ruppman 
Nancy Tamm Ruscitti 
Mary A. Russell 
Dr. John H. Rust 
Mrs. Shirley A. Sallas 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Gerald B. Salrzberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Quentin E. Samuelson 
Norman L. Sandfield 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Sargo 
Regina M. Sariol 
Mr. & Mrs. Dante G. Scarpelli 
Mr. & Mrs. George Schaaf 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schaefle 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Schiele 
Mr. & Mrs. Eric M. Schiller 
Dr. Laurence D. Schiller / 
Cathleen A. Weigley 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Schnadig 
Dr. & Mrs. J. A. Schoenberger 
Mrs. Robert J. Schofield 
Ray J. Schoonhoven 
Mr. & Mrs. Rodd M. Schreiber 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Schroeder 
Richard E. Schultes 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Schultz 
Calvin Selfridge 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sents 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sertich 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Olin Sethness 
Mr. & Mrs. John Shad 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Shaw 
John M. Shay 

Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell B. Sheinkop 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sheldon 
Julie P. Shelton 
Melissa A. Shennan 
John G. Shields 
Dr. Robert W. Shoemaker 
Lauretta Silver! 
Michael Silverstein 
Mrs. John M. Simpson 
Mrs. Gerald A. Sivage 
Mrs. Frank A. Slauf 
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Slaughter 
Susan A. Sloma 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Smith 
Mrs. Gordon Smith 
Jackie Smith 
Mrs. Lawrence D. Smith 
Louise K. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Worthington L. Smith 
James E. Smittkamp 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sohl 
Mrs. Gatzert Spiegel 
Michael & Judith Spock 



Three members won trips to Hawaii and another a trip to New 

Zealand in raffles during the three-night members' previews of 

"Traveling the Pacific" I November 1989) and "Pacific Spirits" 

(November 1990). A special program featuring talks by Pacific 

exhibit developers in August 1989 drew more than 1,000 members 




■ 1,165,027 

■ 1,156,184 
i^" 1,332,707 
■■^^ 1,498,208 
^^^™ 1,465,938 


The New 

The Museum's Education 
Department, working with a 
group of Chicago teachers, the 
University of Chicago Lab 
School, and Argonne National 
Laboratory, developed a 
curriculum for fourth- to 
eighth-graders to accompany 
the "Islands in the Jungle" 
episode of The New Explorers, 
the PBS television series 
produced by Museum trustee 
Bill Kurtis. The series aims to 
teach science and to interest 
students in scientific careers 
by personalizing scientific 
adventure and discovery. 
("Islands" features the work of 
Field Museum researchers in 
Peru.) The Museum is the 
repository for tapes of the 
series, which are available for 
loan to teachers along with 
teaching materials and hands- 
on activities for students. 
Amoco Corp. and Waste 
Management, Inc. have 
helped subsidize a national 
marketing campaign for the 
teaching materials. A second 
year of the series is in 
production, and the Museum 
is again participating in 
curriculum development. 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Norman Staub 

Robert J. Stavigna 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan I. Steinberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardner H. Stern 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Stern 

Mr. & Mrs. Adlai E. Stevenson III 

Hal S. R. Stewart 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Stitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Stocker 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Straus II 

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob C. Stuck! 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Study 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry F. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Bert O. Sullivan, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sullivan 

(Susan R. &]ohn W. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Surpless 
Mrs. William G. Swartchild, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Swelstad 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Swick 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Swift III 
Mrs. Gustavus F. Swift, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore P. Swift 
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Tafel 
Nina Tai 
Jackie L. Tajiri 
Mr. & Mrs. Terence Tanner 
Bill S. Taylor 
Carol G. Taylor 
Dr. & Mrs. Roy L. Taylor 
John W. Terborgh 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Thomas 
Marilyn Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Prasong Thongsai 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Thoresdale 
Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken, Jr. 
Karl Tilton 
Paul E. Tobin 
Nobuo Tokunaga 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Townsley 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Tracy 
Victor R. Trautwein, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin A. Traylor, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tubergen 
Norman Tucker 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Q. Tuma 
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Turnbull 
Mrs. C. Perin Tyler 
Matilda J. Tyler 
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Unger 
Mr. & Mrs. James Vallely 
Mrs. Herbert A. Vance 
Lillian Vanek 
Sandra E. Van Tilburg 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Van 

Zelst (Minann, Inc.) 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Vender 
George Vernon 
Mr. & Mrs. William Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Visconti 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Voysey 
Robert W. Wadsworth 
Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Wagner 
Mr. & Mrs. George M. Walker 

' Deceased 

Malcolm M. Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Wallace 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Worthington 

Mrs. Thomas M. Ware 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Warkenthien 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Warner 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Warner 
Mr. & Mrs. Russell V. Watts 
Mrs. E. Leland Webber 
Dr. & Mrs. Arnold R. Weber 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wehr 
Michael E. Weiner 
Carey Weiss 

Mrs. John Paul Welling* 
Mrs. Daniel R. Welsh 
Dr. & Mrs. Rupert L. Wenzel 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler 
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis R. Whisler 
Dr. & Mrs. Walter W. Whisler 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Whitcomb 
Mr. & Mrs. Miles D. White 
Willard E. White 
Eldon L. Whiteside 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawson E. 

Whitesides, Jr. 
Sally M. Whiting 
Constance Wiedeman 
Mr. & Mrs. Thornton B. Wierum 
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde F. Willian 
Mrs. Benton J. Willner 

(Madeline & Henry Straus 

Endowment Fund) 
Dr. & Mrs. Lanny Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Wilson 
John T. Winburn 
Barbara K. Wing 
Mr. & Mrs. Elwyn C. Winland 
John W.Winn ' 
Nancy Corwith Hamill Winter 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Wise 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Wohlers 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wolfe 
Sheffield Wolk 
Mrs. Peter Wolkonsky 
Arthur M. Wood 
Henry C. Wood, Jr. 
Mrs. Frank H. Woods 
Mary H. Woodward 
George C. Wright 
Mr. & Mrs. Merle Wyld 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Young, Jr. 
Mrs. George B. Young 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Zalatoris 
Mr. & Mrs. Max Zar 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Zehner 
Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Zenner 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank O. 

Lois Zoller 

Gift in Trust: 

Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 

Special Gifts: 
Capital, and 

Corporations and 

$100,000 and Above 

Amoco Foundation, Inc. 

Aon Corporation 

The Chicago Community Trust 

Elizabeth Ferguson Trust 

The Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc. 

The Joyce Foundation 

W.K. Kellogg Foundation 

The John D. and Catherine T. 

MacArthur Foundation 
Robert R. McCormick Charitable 

The Regenstein Foundation 
The Daniel F. and Ada L.Rice 

Sears, Roebuck & Co. 

$10,000 TO $99,999 

The Allstate Foundation 

Amsted Industries Foundation 

The Baxter Foundation 

Beatrice Foundation 

The Chase Manhattan Corporation 

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation 

Comdisco Inc. 

Commonwealth Edison Company 

The DeSoto Foundation 

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 

Fel-Pro/MeckJenburger Foundation 

First National Bank of Chicago 

FMC Foundation 
GE Foundation 
Geraldi-Norton Memorial 

Helene Curtis Industries Inc. 
William Randolph Hearst 

Walter E. Heller Foundation 
Illinois Tool Works Inc. 
Kemper Educational & Charitable 

Kemper Financial Services, Inc. 
James S. Kemper Foundation 
Kraft General Foods 
Bertha LeBus Charitable Trust 
Louis R. Lurie Foundation 
Midcon Corporation 
Morton International 

National Boulevard Foundation 

The Northern Trust Company 

John Nuveen and Co. 

Polk Bros. Foundation 

The Quaker Oats Foundation 

The Rockefeller Foundation 

Ronald McDonald Children's 

Saferv-Kleen Corp. Sara Lee 

Dr. Scholl Foundation 
Simpson Trust Foundation 
The Siragusa Foundation 
Susman & Asher Foundation 
Touche Ross and Co. 
United .Airlines Foundation 
Walgreen Co. 
Harrv Weese & Associates 
Wm. Wrigleyjr. Company 

$5,000 to $9,999 

American National Bank 

AT & T Foundation 
Leo Burnett USA 
Centel Corporation 
CR Industries 
DDB Needham Worldwide 
Marshall Field's 
Harris Bank Foundation 
Hartmarx Corporation 
Household International 
The Peoples Gas Light & Coke 

Price Waterhouse & Co. 
Rockwell International 
Salomon Foundation Inc. 
Sargent & Lundy 
Schwarz Paper Company 
Skil Corporation 

$1,000 TO $4,999 

ACCO International, Inc. 
Ameritech Foundation 
ARCO Foundation 
Bankers Trust Company 
Berg, DeMarco, Lewis & Sawatski 
William Blair & Company 
Burke, Wilson & Mcllvaine 
Chicago Title & Trust Company 
Chicago Tribune Foundation 
The Coca-Cola Company 
GATX Corp. 

GTE Automatic Electric 

Laboratories, Inc. 
Hascek-Melville Corporation 
Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley Co. 
Illinois Bell 
International Business Machines 

Kirkland & Ellis 
LaSalle National Bank 
Maytag Corporation Foundation 
McDonald's Corporation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Moore Business Forms, Inc. 
Motorola Foundation 
Northern Illinois Gas 
Ogilvy & Mather, Inc. 
Philip Morris Incorporated 
Rubloff, Inc. 
Santa Fe Pacific 
Schal Associates 
Seattle Foundation Trust Fund 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
|. Walter Thompson 
USG Foundation, Inc. 
Winston & Strawn 
Xerox Corporation 

$100 to $999 

Chicago Extruded Metals 

Exchange National Bank 

First American Bank of Chicago 

Home Savings of America 

Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc. 

Kellum Temporaries 

Douglas Kenyon Inc. 

Louisville Community Foundation 

Depository, Inc. 
Marquette National Bank 
William M. Mercer-Meidinger- 

Hansen, Incorporated 
Midwest Bank & Trust Co. 
Montgomery Ward Foundation 
Morgan Stanley & Company 
R.J.R. Nabisco, Inc. 
Kenneth Nebenzahl, Inc. 
Oriental Art Society of Chicago 
Pepsico Foundation 
Pfizer, Inc. 
Roosevelt University 
Strombecker Corporation 
U.S. West Foundation 
Vedder, Price, Kaufman & 

Henrv C. Wienecke, Inc. 
World Book Publishing Company 



Sustaining Benefactors are individuals, foundations, and 

corporations whose cumulative contributions total $1,000,000 or 

more. During 1989 and 1990, the following individuals were 

formally recognized as Sustaining Benefactors for their 

exceptional generosity: Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Staehle and Mr. and 

Mrs. Theodore D. Tiecken. (Theodore D. Tieken passed away on 

January 24, 1990. 

Museum Benefactors are individuals, foundations, and 

corporations whose cumulative contributions total $100,000 or 

more. During 1989 and 1990, the following individuals and family 

foundations were formally recognized as Museum Benefactors: 

Mrs. Pamela Kelley Armour 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cooper 

(The Richard H. Cooper Foundation) 

The Arie and Ida Crown Memorial 

Mr. and Mrs. Corwith Hamill 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Leslie 

Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Byron Smith 

During 1989 and 1990, the following corporations and 
foundations were formally recognized as Museum Benefactors: 

Ameritech Foundation 

Chicago Tribune Foundation 

DeSoto Foundation 

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation 

Harris Bank Foundation 

Kraft, Inc. 

International Business Machines Corporation 

McMaster-Carr Supply Company 

National Endowment for the Arts 

Peat, Marwick and Main 

Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation 

Rockefeller Foundation 

S&C Electric Company 

Santa Fe Southern Pacific Foundation 

Sara Lee Foundation 

Simpson Trust Foundation 

United Airlines Foundation 

Waste Management 


Geology Labs 

An $800,000 renovation of the 
Museum's paleontological 
research facilities has begun 
that will revamp some 6,700 
square feet of laboratory 
space. Among the areas 
marked for improvement are 
the geomagnetics laboratory, 
the fossil and rock preparation 
facilities, and the image- 
analysis laboratory. The work 
is supported by a $375,000 
grant from the National 
Science Foundation and a 
$200,000 commitment from the 
Arie and Ida Crown Memorial. 


Corporations and 

$5,000 and Above 

Aon Corporation 
Amoco Foundation, Inc. 
Bankers Trust Company 
The Barker Welfare Foundation 
William Blair & Company 
Borg- Warner Foundation, Inc. 
Burke, Wilson & Mcllvaine 
Chicago Board ol Trade 

The Chicago Community Trust 
Chicago Tribune Foundation 
Continental Bank Foundation 
Crum & Forster Foundation 
The DeSoto Foundation 
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 
First National Bank of Chicago 

FMC Foundation 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
HBB Foundation 
Harris Associates L.P. 
Household International 
Illinois Bell 

Illinois Tool Works Foundation 
Interlake Foundation 
International Business Machines 

J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 
Kemper Financial Services, Inc. 
Kraft General Foods 
The John D. and Catherine T. 

MacArthur Foundation 
MacLean-Fogg Company 
Marshall Field's 
The Nalco Foundation 
Northern Illinois Gas 
The Northern Trust Company 
The Albert Pick Jr. Fund 
Polk Bros. Foundation 
Quaker Oats Foundation 
S & C Electric Company 
Sahara Coal Co., Inc. 
Santa Fe Pacific Foundation 
Sara Lee Foundation 
Dr. Scholl Foundation 
Sears, Roebuck &C Co. 
United Air Lines Foundation 
Waste Management, Inc. 
W.P. & H.B. White Foundation 
E. W. Zimmerman Products, Inc. 

$100 to $4,999 

ACCO International Inc. 

Akzo Chemicals Inc. 

Alexander Building Company 

Allied- Signal Foundation, Inc. 

Ameritech Foundation, Inc. 

Anderson Secretarial Service 

ARCO Foundation 

Ashland Products Company 

AT & T Foundation 

Axia, Inc. 

Baird Foundation 

Banc One Wisconsin Foundation, 

Banque Paribas 
Bell & Howell Foundation 
Beslow Associates Inc. 
Blum-Kovler Foundation 
Helen V. Brach Foundation 
Brand Companies Charitable 

The Brunswick Foundation, Inc. 
Leo Burnett Company USA 
Central Steel & Wire Co. 
The Cherry Corporation 
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 
Chicago Bears Football Club Inc. 
Chicago Bridge & Iron 

Chicago Corporation 
Chicago Public Schools 
The Clinton Company/Artist in 

the Park Program 
CNA Foundation 
Commodity Warehouse Corp. 
Consolidated Papers Foundation 
Cooper Lighting 
Corey Charitable Foundation 
CPC International 
Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy 

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. 
Draper & Kramer Incorporated 
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 
E-J Industries, Inc. 
Elkay Manufacturing Co. 
Federal Signal Corporation 
Ferrara Pan Candy Co. 
The Field Corporation Fund 
Firemans Fund Insurance Co. 
First Boston Corporation 
First National Bank of Evergreen 

Florsheim Shoe Co. 
Follett Corporation 
GATX Corp. 

General Binding Corporation 
General Motors Co. 
George S. May International Co. 
Geraldi-Norton Memorial 

W.W. Grainger, Inc. 
Great Northern Nekoosa Corp. 
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance 
John Hancock Charitable Trust 
Harris Bank Foundation 
Harza Engineering Company 
DC Heath and Company 
Helene Curtis Industries Inc. 

Walter E. Heller Foundation 

Houghton Mifflin Company 

Hyatt Regency Chicago 

Hyre Electric Co. 

Illinois Central Railroad 


Intermatic, Inc. 

Johnson & Higgins of Illinois 

Keck Mahin & Cate 

James S. Kemper Foundation 

Kirkland & Ellis 

K Mart Corporation 

Lawson Products Inc. 

Levy Organization 

Liquid Carbonic Corp 

Lyphomed, Inc. 

Marsh & McLennan, Inc. 

Masonite Corp. 

The May Stores Foundation, Inc. 

Mayer Brown & Piatt 

Maytag Corporation Charitable 

McDonald's Corporation 
McGraw Foundation 
McKinsey & Company 
McMaster-Carr Supply Co. 
William M. Mercer- Meidinger- 

Hansen, Inc. 
Mid-America Foundation 
Mid-City National Bank of Chicago 
Midas International 
Milex Products Inc. 
Monsanto Fund 
Montgomery Ward Foundation 
Morton International 
Motorola Foundation 
Near North Insurance Agency 
John Nuveen & Company 
Old Republic International Corp. 
On The Scene 

P-K Tool & Manufacturing Co. 
Packaging Corporation of America 
P.C. Brand, Inc. 
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co. 
Pittway Corporation Charitable 

Prudential Foundation 
Retirement Research Foundation 
Schawk, Inc. 

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation 

Security Pacific Foundation 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc 
J.R. Short Milling Company. 
Skil Corporation 
Sleepeck Printing Company 
Smith Barney & Co. Inc. 
Square D Foundation 
Standard Federal Savings 
Stein Roe & Farnham 
Stepan Company 
John S. Swift Company 
Oakleigh L. Thome Foundation 
Time, Incorporated 
The Travellers Companies 

United Conveyor Corporation 
USG Foundation, Inc. 
Vance Publishing Corporation 
Vienna Sausage Manufacturing Co. 


The Chicago Park District 
Chicago Board of Education 
City of Chicago, Office of Fine Arts 
Illinois Arts Council 
Institute of Museum Services 
National Aeronautics and Space 

National Endowment for the Arts 
National Endowment tor the 

National Institutes of Health 
National Science Foundation 
State of Illinois, Department of 

Energy and Natural Resources, 

Illinois State Museum 


Gift Program 

Corporation and 

Acco International Inc. 

Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 

Ameritech Foundation, Inc. 

Aon Corporation 

ARCO Foundation 

AT & T Foundation 

Baird Foundation 

Banc One Wisconsin Foundation, 

Bankers Trust Company 
Helen V. Brach Foundation 
The Brunswick Foundation, Inc. 
Leo Burnett USA 
Centel Corporation 
The Chase Manhattan Corporation 
Chevron USA, Inc. 
The Chicago Community Trust 
Chicago Tribune Foundation 
Cigna Foundation 
Citicorp USA Inc. 
CNA Foundation 
Continental Bank Foundation 
Corning Glass Works Foundation 
CPC International, Inc. 
Digital Equipment Corporation 
RR. Donnelley & Sons Company 
Equicor, Inc. 
The Field Corporation Fund 

Firemans Fund Insurance Co. 
Follett Corporation 
GATX Corporation 
WAX'. Grainger 
Great Northern Nekoosa 

Gult & Western Foundation 
John Hancock Charitable Trust 
Harris Bank Foundation 
Houghton Mifflin Company- 
Household International 
Illinois Bell 

Illinois Tool Works Inc. 
IMCER\ Group 
International Business Machines 

Fred S. James & Co. ot Illinois 
Kansas Citv Southern Industries, 

Kemper Educational & Charitable 

Kemper Financial Services, Inc. 
James S. Kemper Foundation 
Kirkland & Ellis 
K Mart Corporation 
Kraft General Foods 
Louisville Community Foundation 

Depository, Inc. 
May Stores Foundation, Inc. 
Mayer Brown 6v Piatt 
McDonald's Corporation 
The McGraw-Hill Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Montgomery Ward Foundation 
Morton International 
RJR Nabisco, Inc. 
Nalco Foundation 
Northern Illinois Gas 
The Northern Trust Company 
John Nuveen and Company 
Paramount Communications 

Peoples Gas Light & Coke 

Pepsico Foundation 
Pfizer Inc. 

Philip Morris Incotporated 
Pittway Corporation Charitable 

Quaker Oats Foundation 
Retirement Research Foundation 
Santa Fe Pacific Foundation 
Sara Lee Foundation 

Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc. 
Spiegel, Inc. 
Square D Foundation 
Time. Incorporated 
U S West Foundation 
United States Fidelity and 

Guaranty Co. 
USG Foundation, Inc. 
Waste Management, Inc. 


Planned Giving 

Bequests have played an important part in the growth of Field 

Museum to its present eminence; they enable the Musuem to 

better plan for the future. Today, several other forms of planned 

giving are also possible. 

Form of bequest: "I give and bequeath $ to the Field 

Musuem of Natural History, located in Chicago, Illinois, for its 

general purposes. " 

Please consider a gift to future generations. To discuss long- 
range gift planning, call or write: 


Director of Major Gifts and Estate Planning 

Field Musuem of Natural History 

Chicago, Illinois 60605-2496 

(312) 322-8868 

The Collections Stand at the 

Heart of the Field Museum's 

Mission As a Scientific Institution. 

i odent discovered by John Flynn , Department of Geology, during recent excavation in the Chilean 
I by William Simpson, chief preparator of fossil vertebrates. Background: Magnified view of a fossil 
ears old, collected by Lance Grande, Department of Geology, in the Green River area of Wyoming. 

To The 


Department of 

Margaret Ackerman 


Harry and Norika Bridges 

Joan Brown 

William Burger 

Dorothy M. Cameron 

Eddie Deerfield 

Eleanor Eldred 

Ellen Emberton 

Alan Ferg 

Douglas W. Greene 

Christine Gross 

Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad Gurmani 

Chui Mei Ho 

Susanna Ling Nagata 

Larry Olin 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Romig 

Herbert N. Rosen 

Mrs. Thomas M. Thomas 

Byron Weil 

Department of 

Academia de Ciencias de Cuba, 

Habana, Cuba 
Academy of Sciences or the 

U.S.S.R., Moscow 
Arizona State University, Tempe 
Arnold Arboretum of Harvard 

University, Cambridge 

Asociaccion Mexicana de 

Orquidenologia, Distrito 

Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
Botanical Institute of the Polish 

Academy of Sciences, Krakow 
Botanical Museum and 

Herbarium, Copenhagen, 

Botanical Museum, Goteborg, 

Botanische Staatssammlung, 

Miinchen, Germany 
British Museum, London, England 
Buffalo Museum of Science, New 

Mary Jane Bumbey 
California Academy of Sciences, 

San Francisco, California 
Carnegie Museum of Natural 

History, Pittsburgh, 

Central State University, Edmond, 

Centre O.R.S.T.O.M., French 


Centra de Estudios Farmacologicos 

y de Principios Naturales, 

Buenos Aires.Argentina 
Centra de Pesquisas do Cacau, 

Itabuna, Brazil 
Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago, 

Clemson University, South 

College of Pharmacy, University of 

Illinois at Chicago 
Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques 

de la Ville de Geneve, 

Cornell University, Ithaca, New 

Department of Scientific & 

Industrial Research, 

Christchurch, New Zealand 
Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, 

Duke University, Durham, North 

Gabriel Edwin 
Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, 

Fairmont State College, West 

Florida Atlantic University, Boca 

Raton, Florida 
Gary Herbarium ot Harvard 

University, Cambridge, 

Gesamthochschule Duisburg, 

Hattori Botanical Laboratory, 

Nichinan-shi, Japan 
Herbario Alberto Castellanos, Rio 

de Janeiro, Brazil 
Herbario Nacional de Costa Rica, 

San Jose 
Herbario Nacional de Nicaragua, 

Herbarium Australiense, Canberra, 

Hugo de Vries-laboratorium, 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Institut fiir Botanik und 

Botanischer Garten der 

Universitat, Wien Austria 
Institut fiir sustematische Botanik 

der Universitat Zurich, 

Institute of Systematic Botany, 

Utrecht, Netherlands 
Instituto Basico de Biologia 

Medica e Agricola de 

Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e 

Estatistica, Distrito Federal 
Instituto de Botanica Darwinion, 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Instituto de Botanica, Sao Paulo, 

Instituto de Botanica del Nordeste, 

Corrientes, Argentina 
Instituto de Ecologia, Xalapa, 

Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad 

Victoria, Mexico 

Iowa State University, Ames 
Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro, 

Jardin Botanica Las Cruces, Costa 

Jardin Botanico Nacional "Dr. 

Rafael M. Moscoso", Santo 

Domingo, Dominican 

Maarten Kappelle 
Maureen D. Keller 
Kochi University, Japan 
Laboratoire Plantes Medicinales, 

La Paz, Bolivia 
Laboratory for Plant Taxonomy 

and Plant Geography, 

Wageningen, Netherlands 
K.M. Leelavathy 
David P. Lewis 
Louisiana State University, Baton 

Louisiana Tech University, Ruston 
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 

Sarasota, Florida 
Mercer Arboretum & Botanic 

Garden, Humble, Texas 
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. 

Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois 
Museo Argentino de Ciencias 

Naturales, Buenos Aires 
Museo Botanico, Cordoba, 

Museo Nacional de Historia 

Natural, Santiago, Chile 
Museo Nacional de Historia 

Natural, Guatemala 
Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, 

Belem, Brazil 
Museum National d'Histoire 

Naturelle, Paris, France 
National Museum in Prague, 

National Taiwan University, 

Natural History Museum of Los 

Angeles County, California 
New York Botanical Garden 
New York State Museum, Albany 
Harumi Ochi 

Ohio State University, Columbus 
Organisation Recherche 

Scientifique et Technique 

d'Outre Mer, Lima, Peru 
Pacific Tropical Botanical Garden, 

Lawai, Hawaii 
Pennsylvania State University, 

University Park 
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del 

Purdue University, West Lafayette, 

Dana Richter 
Rijksherbarium, Leiden, 

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Hamilton, 
Ontario, Canada 



The Museum's international 

reputation for high-quality 

fossil preparation was 

enhanced in 1990 with the 

successful casting of a 135- 

million-year-old fossil bird 

discovered in northeastern 

China, the oldest known 

modern bird. The fossil, 

embedded in cross-sections on 

either face of a fractured piece 

of rock, had defied 

conventional means of 

preparation. William Simpson, 

pictured opposite, used an acid 

solution to dissolve the bones, 

leaving a natural mold in the 

rock. A spray ed-on latex "peel" 

of the mold was used to create 

another mold in silicone 

rubber, from which durable 

epoxy casts were made. 


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 

Rutgers University, New 

Brunswick, New Jersey 
Roger Mark Rutz 
Leif Ryvarden 
Sam Houston State University, 

Hunstville, Texas 
San Franciso State University, 

Jose Schunke 
Shaman Pharmaceuticals, San 

Carlos, California 
Smithsonian Institution, 

Washington, D.C. 
Smithsonian Tropical Research 
Institute, Balboa, Panama 
Southern Illinois University, 

Southwestern at Memphis, 

Stetson University, DeLand, 

Fui Lian Tan 
Texas A 8c M University, College 

Station, Texas 
Tropical Agriculture Research 
Station, Mayaguez, Puerto 
Tulane University, New Orleans, 

U.S. National Arboretum, 

Washington, D.C. 
U.S. National Seed Herbarium, 

Beltsville, Maryland 
Union College, Schenectady, New 

Universidad Autonoma de 

MexicoUniversidad Central de 
Venezuela, Maracay 
Universidad Central de Venezuela, 

Universidad de Alcala de Henares, 
Madrid, Spain 

Universidad de Antioquia, 

Universidad de Los Andes, Merida, 

Universidad de Puerto Rico, San 

Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio 

Universidad Mayor de San Andres, 

La Paz, Bolivia 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma 

de Mexico 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma 

de Honduras, Tegucigalpa 
Universidad Nacional, Bogota, 

Universidad Nacional de 
Ascuncion, Paraguay 
Universidad Nacional de la 

Amazonia Peruana, Iquitos 
Universidad Nacional Mayor de 

San Marcos de Lima, Peru 
Universidad Nacional, Valle, 

Universitet i Bergen, Norway 
University of Aarhus, Denmark 
University of Alabama, University 
University of Alabamba, 

University of Alaska Museum, 

University of Alberta, Edmonton, 

University of Arizona, Tucson 
University of California, Berkeley 
University of California, Davis 
University of California, Los 

University of California, Riverside 
University of Connecticut, Storrs 
University of Florida, Gainesville, 

University of Helsinki, Finland 
University of Iowa, Iowa City 
University of Kansas, Lawrence 
University of Maryland, College 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
University of Minnesota, 

University of North Carolina, 

Chapel Hill 
University of North Dakota, 

Grand Forks 
University of Reading, England 
University of Sofia, Bulgaria 
University of South Carolina, 

University of South Florida, 

University of St. Andrews, 

University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
University of Texas, Austin 
University of Tokyo, Japan 
University of Toronto, Canada 

University of Vermont, Burlington 
University of Victoria, Canada 
University of Washington, Seattle 
University of Wisconsin Center - 

Waukesha County 
University of Wisconsin, Madison 
University of Wisconsin, 

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 

Waimea Arboretum & Botanical 

Garden, Haleiwa, Hawaii 
Dick Wason 
Molly A. Whalen 
Tony Young 

Department of 

Donald Baird 

Black Hills Institute for Geological 
Research, Inc, Hill City, 
South Dakota 
John Bolt 
Lee Campbell 
Mary Carman 
Jennifer Clack 

Peter Crane & Andrew Drinnan 
Aureal Cross 
R. Drachuk 
John Flynn 
Melhem Freiji 
Thomas Funderburk 
Allan Graffham 
Lance Grande 
Thomas Guensburg 
Richard Hebdon 
Jurgen Henzel 
James Hopson 
Walter Kiihne 
Thomas Lindgren 

Michael Moore 

Museo Argentino de Ciecias 
Naturales, Buenos Aires, 

Museum of Paleontology, 
University of California, 
Berkeley, California 

Natural History Museum of 
Hradec Kralovc, 

Matthew Nitecki 

Michael Novacek 

Lanny Passaro 

Randy Patrick 

A. Peterson 

Ronald Pine 

Joe Pohl 

William Rieger 

Paul Sereno 

Carl Stock 

Peter Toepfer 

Yakimitsu Tomida 

William Turnbull 

James Tynsky 
Rupert Wild 

Michael Woodburne 
Peter Wu 
Ellis Yochelson 

department of 

RolfL. Aalbu 

Academy of Natural Science, 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Peter Ames 
Kumio Amoaka 
James Ashe 
Australian National Insect 

Collection, CSIRO, Canberra, 
Margaret Baker 
George Barnett 
Karl Barrel 
Donald Baumgartner 
William Bemis 
F. Bonet 
Stephen Bortone 
William Braker 
R. Michael Brattain 
Barbara Brown 
John Cadle 
J. Milton Campbell 
Christopher Carlton 
Ted Cavender 

Donald Chandler 

Chicago Zoological Society, 
Brookfield, Illinois 

Dale Clayton 

David Cook 

Cornell University, Section of 
Ecology and Systematics, 
Ithaca, New York 

Dallas Zoo, Dallas, Texas 

Mark Deyrup 

Michael Dillon 

Robert Drews 

Millie Dybas 

Patricia Escalante 

Harley Falcon 

Amanda Fisher 

Timothy Gaudin 

Julio Gisbert 

Daniel Golani 

Steven Goodman 

Thomas Gnoske 

William Gosline 

Lance Grande 

David Greenfield 

Gregory Guliuzza 

Robert Hamilton 

Harris Educational Loan Center, 
Field Museum 

Harza Engineering, Chicago, 

Lawrence Heaney 

John Hechtel 

Phillip Hershkovitz 

ly made of plant products, of unknown African origin, donated to the 
my collection by Dr. Christian Puff, University of Vienna. Above right: 

lily Chrysomelidae, collected in Costa Rica in 1990 by Ronald Pine, research 

and donated to the Museum. Background: A ceremonial stone 

New Guinea, collected in 1943 and donated to the Museum by Judge 

/as stationed at Nadzab Airfield near Lae, New Guinea, during World War II. 

Leslie Hubricht 

Rainer Hurterer 

Michael Huybensz 

Robert Inger 

Douglas Johnson 

Samuel Johnson 

Anita Keller 

Douglas Kelt 

William Kephart 

Julian Kerbis 

Timothy King 

David Kistner 

Peter Kovarik 

Michael Kowalski 

Carl Krekler 

Peter Krimmel 

Scott Kuipers 

Tamotsu Kusano 

Horace Last 

MA. Latimer 

Lincoln Park Zoological Society. 

Chicago, Illinois 
Ernest Liner 
John Lundberg 
Borys Malkin 
David Matusik 
Dianne Maurer 
Peter Meserve 
Kenneth Mierzwa 
Toni Milewski 
Alan Mootnick 
Charles Nadler 
Shun-Ichiro Naomi 
Philippine National Museum. 

Manila, Philippines 
NMNH, Smithsonian Institution, 

Washington, DC 
Douglas Nelson 
Harry Nelson 
Altred Newton, Jr. 
North Carolina State Museum, 

Raleigh, North Carolina 
Roy Norton 
Charles O Brien 
Lynne Parenti 
Ronald Pine 
Mitchell Pakosz 
Townsend Peterson 
Aldo Poiani 
Norman Radkte 
Michael Redmer 
Michael Reed 
David Rees 
Alan Resetar 
Luis Rivera-Cervantes 
Manuel Ruedi 
Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes 

Hospital, Chicago, Illinois 
Sacramento Zoo, Sacramento, 

John Sailor 
Thomas Schulenberg 
John G. Shedd Aquarium, 

Chicago, Illinois 
Thomas Simon 
James Sipiora 
Syliva Solem 
William Southern 
William Stanley 
Steven Stephenson 
Douglas Stotz 
Mr.& Mrs. William Street 

Robert Stuebing 
Kevin Swagel 
William Szelistowski 
William Tan- 
Donald Taphorn 
Margaret Thayer 
James Thomerson 
Melvin Traylor 
William Turnbull 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma, 

Mexico City, Mexico 
The University of Chicago, 

Chicago, Illinois 
USSR Academy of Science, 

Bernard Verdcourt 
Kevina Vulinec 
John Wagner 
Harlan Walley 
David Ward 
Flovd Werner 
Max Wilcomb 
David Willard 
Louis Williams 
Sandra Wilmore 
Lawrence Wilson 
Kirk Winemiller 
Glen Woolfenden 
Mrs. Chang Man Yang 
Daniel Young 
Laura Zaidenberg 
R. Zweifel 

Field Museum Library 

Qamar Ali Abbasi 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Abler 

Kraig Adler 

Mrs. Ralph A. Bard, Jr. 

Marianne Berman 

Antonio Berst 

Tanisse Bezin 

Biological Laboratory, Imperial 

Household, Japan 
Carolyn Blackmon 
Sister Cecilia Bodman 
Bolerium Books, San Francisco, 

John Bolt 
Mrs. G. E. Boone 
Mrs. Frank Bopp 
Willard L. Boyd 
Ronald A. Brandon 
Bennet Bronson 
John Clay Bruner 
Michael Bullis 
William C. Burger 
Juan Jorge Buza 
Michele Calhoun 
Chicago Historical Society, 

Chicago, Illinois 
Kuo-hsing Chou 
Phil Clark 
Dr. Glen H. Cole 
Colorado Historical Society, 

Denver, Colorado 
Consul General of Canada, 

Chicago, Illinois 
Council ot Planning Libraries , 

Chicago, Illinois 

David M. Crawford 
Robert E. Dahm 
Christine Danziger 
Mrs. Leonard S. Davidow 
Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, 

Pamela Hibbs Decoteau 
Otto Degener 
Michael O. Dillon 
Durban Natural Science Museum, 

Durban, South Africa 
DuSable Museum of African- 
American History, Chicago, 

Michael Duty 
A. Jacob Dykstra 
William Earle 
Luis Sigifredo Espinal T. 
Catherine Evamy 
Alfredo E. Evangelista 
W. Peyton Fawcett 
Foundation for Research 

Development, Pretoria, South 

The Friends of Field Museum 

Warren E. Garst 
Ken Grabowski 
Eduardo R. J. Guimaraes 
Lawrence Heaney 
Carol Elaine Hendrickson 
Herpetological Society of Japan, 

Kawasaki, Japan 
Philip Hershkovitz 
Glenn C. Hjort 
Robert F. Inger 
International Cultural Society of 

Korea, Seoul, Korea 
International Hoya Association, 

Central Point, Oregon 
Krzysztot Jakubowski 
Japan Fisheries Resource 

Conservation Association, 

Tokyo, Japan 
Richard I. and Marrian G. Johnson 
Kadoorie Foundation, Hong Kong 
John Kethley 
Jonathan C. H. King 
Janice Klein 
Daniel K. Koch 
Dr. Guenther Kunkel 
Mr. and Mrs. David Landman 
Janet La Salle 
Elbert L. Little, Jr. 
Monica Liu 
Llovd Librarv and Museum, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Peter Lowther 
Ronald J. Mahoney 
Rene Edmond Malaise 
Adrian G. Marshall 
Charles A. Martijn 
Hymen Marx 
Eugene Maurey 
Merriam Center Library, Chicago, 

Missouri Botanical Garden Library, 

St. Louis, Missouri 
Robbin C. Morgan 
Morris Arboretum of the 

University of Pennsylvania, 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


R. I. G. Morrison 

Museo de Entomologia, Medellin. 

Masayuki Nakamichi 
Mathew H. Nitecki 
Larry Olin 
Edward J. Olsen 
Christian d'Orgeix 
Victor Raul Pacheco-Torres 
Alton J. Parker 
Paul J. Patchen 
Charles Rand Penney 
Dale Pontius 
Richard L. Post 
Ghillean T. Prance 
Jose Ramirez-Pulido 
David A. Rasch 
John S. Runnells 
Marie Serbius 
Paul Sereno 
Marco A. Serna D. 
Joyce Shaw 
Louise Sherman 
Jack H. Sloan 
Djaja D. Soejarto 
Michael Spock 
John E. Stanton 
Kenneth Starr 
Llois Srein 
Robert G. Stolze 
Guy Stresser-Pean 
Nikos S. Tenekides 
John Terrell 
L'niversidad Tecnica Federico 

Santa Maria 
Edward Valauskas 
Leigh M. Van Valen 
Theodore W. Van Zelst 
James W. VanStone 
Gregorv Ylamis 
Harold K. Voris 
Daniel B. Ward 
Rubert L. Wenzel 
Benjamin W. Williams 
Tadanao Yamamoto 
Gary E. Yela 

Understanding and Respect 
/ For the Diversity 

Of Human Cultures 

Wonder breaks the tradition of hands-off museum displays, providing a variety of specimens and artifacts for close-up 

e antler of a white-tailed deer. Background: four varieties of pine cone. Opposite, right: Nineteenth-century Nkisi 

Nkc from the Shilango River area of Zaire. Such figures are used for magical and medicinal purposes. 

1 he Field Museum is 
preparing a major permanent exhibit on 
the natural history and human cultures 
of Africa. It already has a major 
permanent exhibit on ancient Egypt. 

Question: Will this 
juxtaposition say to visitors that 
Pharaonic Egypt was somehow not an 
African civilization? What if anything 
should the Africa exhibit say about 
Egypt in the 2,000 years since 

Question: If emphasis is 
placed in the new exhibit on the need to 
preserve the natural habitats of Africa's 
unique animals — the elephants, 
giraffes, hippos, apes, etc. — will this 
devalue the struggle to develop the 
continent's resources for its people? 

Question: If the display of 
"palace" art from Benin notes that the 
Medici collected the work of these 
artists, does that imply that "tribal" 
ceremonial and decorative artifacts are 
not of comparable artistic significance? 
Speaking or tribes — which, in fact, the 
exhibit will not do — if the exhibit is to 

have ethnographic depictions of African 
cultures, should they include the "white 
tribes" of Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South 
Africa along with such communities 
as the Zulu, Shona, and Masai? 

These are ethical and 
political as well as intellectual and 
aesthetic questions — there are many 
more just as complex — and the 
Museum's response to them requires 
thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Politics 
and ethics are implicated because of 
what one scholar calls "the politics of 
representation" — there are living 
people whose lives and societies will be 
affected by the images and ideas about 
Africa that the Museum's exhibit 
imparts to American popular culture. 
Moreover, images of Africa subtly 
influence both the self-image of 
African-Americans and the ways in 
which Americans of other races interact 
with them. 

Such considerations arise 
not only in the context of the Africa 
exhibit, but in many areas of Museum 
activity. The issue of the propriety of 
certain kinds of displays, e.g., of 



Museum Overnight 

programs have 

proved phenomenally 

popular with the 

public. Since July, 

1990 they have been 

scheduled almost 

monthly by the 

Museum's Education 

Department. On a 

typical Overnight, 250 

to 300 persons camp 

out in the exhibit 

halls. Each evening is 

programmed with a 

different theme and 

participants attend 


performances, and 

other events while 

seeing the exhibits in 

a different light. 

Overnights have been 

held for families, 

educators, and 

community youth 





on Display 

Many of the objects in 
the Museum's Pacific 
collections are made 
of materials as fine as 
spider web and 
beetles' wings. They 
were not made to last, 
yet some have been in 
the Museum 80 years 
or more. Before such 
objects could be 
displayed in the 
"Pacific Spirits" 
exhibit, the staff of the 
Division of 
Conservation had to 
ensure that they 
would survive the 
exposure — a 
complex task 
requiring object-by- 
object treatment. 
Some objects 
incorporating plant 
materials were 
stabilized with 
methylcellulose, and a 
large broken leaf was 
repaired with 
Japanese tissue and 
wheat starch paste; 
both substances can 
later be removed if 
necessary. Even the 
lighting in the exhibit 
was set to protect the 

religious items not meant to be seen by 
non-initiates, comes up from time to 
time. The policy that guides the 

Museum in these matters is one 
of cultural understanding 
and mutual respect — a 
respect for the internal validity of 
every human culture; the idea that, 
while uniquely the product of a certain 
kind of Western culture, the Museum 
should be a bridge between the West 
and others; a sense of the Museum's 
responsibility to those whose cultures are 
respresented in its collections and 
exhibits, as well as to the diverse people 
of its home community. 

In putting together the 
Museum's permanent exhibit on the 
Pacific, for example, the developer, 
Phyllis Rabineau, consulted with the 
directors of the national museums in 
Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, the 
Marshall Islands, and Vanuatu. Among 
other things, these discussions helped 
the developers avoid giving the 
impression that Pacific cultures are 
frozen in time, despite the fact that the 

Museum's collections largely represent 
the first two decades of this century. 

The director of the Alele 
Museum in the Marshalls urged 
Rabineau to use a contemporary 
working outrigger canoe in the exhibit, 
with all the additions and modern 
materials that contemporary Marshallese 
have substituted for "traditional" design 
and construction; the resulting display, 
says Rabineau, "has an integrity that a 
reconstruction or a restored 19th- 
century piece would not have." 
Marshallese also created all the roof- 
thatching used in the exhibit. 

Exhibition of human 
remains is another extremely delicate 
subject, and here too Rabineau's 
consultations proved valuable. The 
director of the National Museum of 
Papua New Guinea advised that it 
would be inappropriate to display the 
skulls — trophies of headhunting — 
that would normally have been in the 
windows of a Iatmul men's house such 
as was planned for the exhibit. On the 
other hand, the director of the Vanuatu 
Cultural Center saw no problem with 

Above: A Maori treasure box, origin unknown, used for safekeeping of valued heirlooms. 
Background: Photograph of an Alaskan Athapaskan boy wearing a shell necklace. Right: A Cheyenne toy — 

a doll in a papoose board, collected in Montana by S.G. Simms in 1907. 

the display of a rambaramp — a 
memorial figure that incorporates the 
skull of a respected member of the 
community — so long as it was placed 
high enough that no woman could look 
down on it. (In "Pacific Spirits," the 
rambaramp stands so tall that all visitors 
of both sexes must look up to it.) 

Jonathan Haas, the 
Museum's vice president for collections 
and research, has been consulting with 
Native American groups lor what he says 
is "a first start in reorganizing the Native 
American exhibits and a first start on a 
new dialogue with Native American 
peoples." Representatives of the Hopi, 
Blackfeet, Blood, and Iroquois have 
been to the Museum recently to review 
materials related to their communities 
"and give us counsel on the appropri- 
ateness of the exhibits and the treatment 
of the collections," says Haas, who along 
with President Willard L. Boyd was very 
much involved in the discussions among 
museum professionals, Native American 
leaders, and members of Congress that 
led in 1990 to passage of the Native 
American Graves Protection and 

Repatriation Act. (All human remains 
have been taken off exhibit in the Native 
American halls.) 

The sensibilities of Native 
Americans and of women visitors to the 
Museum were at issue in the case of the 
"Sacrifice to Morning Star" segment of 
the Pawnee exhibit. A diorama shows a 
human sacrifice, specified as requiring a 
female victim kidnaped from a 
neighboring tribe. A visitor from Ohio, 
Ann Throckmorton, was appalled by 
what she felt was a racist and sexist 
portrayal of violence against women, 
and wrote a letter to that effect 
demanding that the diorama be 
removed. Michael Spock, vice president 
for public programs, decided to display 

Ms. Throckmorton's letter and to solicit 




the World 

News of the Field 

Museum is reaching 

diverse audiences 

around the world. 

Through the Public 


Department, nearly 

7,000 print and 

broadcast media 

stories were 

generated in more 

than 7 7 7 foreign 

countries plus 26 

states and WO cities 

in the United States in 

1989 and 1990. 

Highlights were major 

stories in The New 

York Times, Town 

and Country, CNN, 

Japan television, and 

the Canadian 

Broadcast Company. 


comments from other visitors. Some 
4,500 visitors replied, most to the 
effect that "You can't rewrite 
history" or that depictions of differing 
cultural norms were the essence of 
anthropological exhibits in museums. 
The Pawnee Tribal Council, for its part, 


Ford City 

The Museum's first 

satellite store opened 

in November, 1990 in 

the lower-level arcade 

of the Ford City 

shopping mall south 

of Midway Airport. 

The 2,200-square-foot 

store offers books, 

toys, clothing, jewelry, 

and art from many 

cultures and programs 

a variety of 

educational and 

cultural events 

throughout the year. 

Ford City is Chicago's 

largest mall and 

serves the most 

diverse clientele. 

said that "though we are not proud of 
it, it is our history and should stay on 
view." As a result of the controversy, 
however, several errors were corrected 
— the sacrifice should have been facing 
east, not west; women as well as men 
participated in the ceremony, etc. It was 
also apparent that the exhibit labels 
were inadequate, and these were 
expanded to give greater context for the 

Temporary exhibits and the 
Museum's education department also 
emphasize cultural understanding and 
respect, from weekend musical offerings 
to the long-term Outreach Program 
that takes museum-based cross-cultural 
programming to eight AfricanAmerican, 
Hispanic, and Asian Chicago neighbor- 
hoods where surveys indicate few 
people ever attend museums. The 
annual Neighbors Night brings thou- 
sands of residents of these neighbor- 
hoods to the Museum, where they can 
sample not only the "fun" parts of each 
other's cultures — music, food, dance, 

etc. — but the wider and deeper 
perspectives on the world that the 
Museum's collections and exhibits offer. 
For both school and family groups, the 
education department also produces 
annual festivals celebrating Hispanic- 
American and African-American 

For more than two decades, 
the education department and the 
Chicago Public Schools' office for gifted 
students have conducted the Field 
Museum Honors Science Program, a 
museology course for high-school 
students that has always enrolled 
students from varied ethnic back- 
grounds. In 1990, for the first time, the 
department began a similar course lor 
gifted junior-high students who have 
not yet mastered English; these students 
have prepared an exhibit on Mexican 
and Mexican-American Day of the 
Dead observances that will be mounted 
in the Webber Resource Center in the 
fall of 1991. 

Adinkra cloth is a traditional art among the Ashanti of Ghana, worn for mourning. Stamped designs include, 
at left, a symbol of faithfulness, and, in the background, a symbol of fthe power of God. 

1 he new exhibit on Africa 
will include material on the African 
diaspora in the Americas, making direct 
the link — via the slave trade — 
between Chicago's largest ethnic 
community and the social and political 
history of Africa. 

Early on, the Africa Project 
staff held a series of community forums 
to discover what people wanted or 
needed to know and to discover 
community resources that might feed 
into the project. One of the reasons for 
choosing to do an exhibit on Africa 
rather than on, say, Asia or Latin 
America, according to Michael Spock, 
was the importance of the black 
community in Chicago and the fact 
that, other than school groups, the 
Museum drew relatively few black 
visitors. By creating an innovative 
exhibit through an innovative process, 
the Museum could speak to that 
community through its collections, and 
the black community could speak to the 
larger society through the Museum. 

The project staff has 
developed cooperative relationships with 
Chicago's DuSable Museum of African- 
American History and with two 
museums in Africa. Africable, a 
13-week cable-television 
phone-in program produced 
by the project team, 
introduced Chicagoans to 
African nationals and emigres living 
in the area. 

Thirty fifth-graders of all 
races from city and suburban schools 
were enlisted in 1 988 in a five-year 
museology program, "Learning About 
People and Museums"; they have 
produced a mini-exhibit on common 
misconceptions about Africa and, with 
their questions and responses, have 
helped the project staff to refine exhibit 
concepts. The students, as tenth-graders, 
will become docents when the exhibit 
opens in 1993. They have learned a 
good bit about Africa, a great deal about 
life and work in a great museum, and 
most of all about each other. "Cultural 
understanding and mutual respect" has 
become part of their culture.*** 


Dance shields from 

Akikuyu Province of 


Volunteers in Field Museum 

Science and Education: 

Four Hundred Very Bright Points of Light 

Inset above: Hernandez's helmeted iguana (Corytophanes hernandesii) is native to the Atlantic foothills and lowlands from central 
Veracruz, Mexico southward through Guatemala. Background: the snowy owl's white plumage offers camouflage against predators in 

its wintry northern habitats. Both creatures will be on display in "Into the Wild." 

JN early 400 volunteers 
devote time regularly to the Museum, 
working as unpaid part-time staff. Each 
year, they contribute the equivalent of 
22 full-time positions which, if salaried, 
would cost more than $500,000. 

Volunteers perform critical 
services throughout the Museum, but 
perhaps none have done work so 
difficult, or so rewarding, as those who 
staffed the traveling exhibit "Remember 
the Children" in the winter and spring 
of 1990. The exhibit examined the 
horrors of the Nazi extermination camps 
through the eyes of the 1.5 million 
children — Jewish, Gypsy, retarded, or 
physically handicapped — who were 
murdered in them from 1933 to 1945. 

Half the 50 volunteers 
who served as exhibit guides were 
"Eyewitnesses," people who had 
survived the camps or were children of 
survivors or members of the liberating 
armies. These volunteers were able to sit 
down with visitors, especially children, 
and bring to life an almost incompre- 
hensibly vile period of history. 

Other volunteers were 
trained to move through the exhibit, 
answer questions from children and 
adults, deal with sensitive issues and 
situations, and help children assimilate 
the experience, trying to show how even 
simple schoolyard bullying and 
stereotyping can contribute to institu- 
tionalized discrimination and violence. 


Design and 

Barbara Beardsley 
Joseph Byrnes 
Michelle Corrazzo 
Susan Dalipagic 
Sandra Erjavac 
Naomi Pruchnik 
Linda Schubert 
Gus Sisto 
Terri Smolin 
Selene Wacker 


Dee Aiani 
Patinya Ambuel 
Carole Anderson 
Dodie Baumgarten 
Garland Brown 
Sol Century 
Birdie Chang 
Elizabeth Cheetham 
Peter Coey 
James Coplan 
Ralph Cowan 
Connie Crane 
Jeannette DeLaney 
Elizabeth Dinsmore 
Patricia Dodson 
Molly Donovan 
Paul DuBrow 
Jack Ewing 
Andrew Fahlund 
Josie Faulk 
Mitzi Fine 
Lisa Flanagan 
Kirk Frye 
Vesna Garber 
Madeleine Garceau 
Peter Gayford 

Ann Gerber 
Margaret Farwell Goes 
Leah Goldberg 
Robert Gowland 
Deborah Green 
Lisa Heidel 
Noreen Jolley 
Rebecca Kam merer 
Lisa Labinger 
Stephanie Lako 
Cecile Leroux 
Jane Levin 
Betty Lewis 
Valerie Lewis 
Kathy Lutarewych 
Jack MacDonald 
Theresa McGill 
Andrew MacLeod 
Sam Mayo 
Withrow Meeker 
Carolyn Moore 
George Morse 
Mary Nelson 
Louise Neuert 
Herta Newton 
Irmgard Nirschl-Rauch 
Laura Nunez 
Susan Parker 

Paula Phillips 
Dorothea Phipps-Cruz 
Julie Pitzen 
Marina Post 
Michael Popowits 
Carla Reiter 
Robin Rinehart 
Marea Sands 
Lisa Shogren 
Llois Stein 
Margo Thayer 
Ika Tomaschewsky 
Julius Wagman 
David Walton 
Theresa Williams 
Wang-Fai Wong 
Ed Yastrow 


Chloe Cornell 
Aimee Drolet 
Kinberley Krause 
Julia Mond 
Charlene Rehbock 
Tania Ryan 
Amy Sliwinski 
Frances Stromquist 


Virginia Beatty 
Arun Dabholkar 
Liz Farwell 
Peter Fortsas 
Terry Gillespie 
William Gillespie 
Daniel Goldfarb 
Dennis Hall 
Nancy Harlan 
Patricia Jasaitis 
Sharon Kramer 
Sandra Lee 
Lillie Mannings 
Margaret Martling 
Selwyn Mather 
Paula Morales 
Stella Muir 
Naomi Pruchnik 
Joseph Salzer 
Hana Sawyer 
Martha Singer 
Dan Snydacker 
Haydee Trainer 
Randy Upton 


Paul Adler 
Shirley Anderson 
Dee Arbanas 
Pamela Armstrong 
Jean Baldwin-Herbert 
Michael Bardwell 
Gwen Barnett 
Paul Basile 
Jeanne Bedrosian 
Ruth Berns 
Frieda Bernstein 
Sidney Bernstein 
Katherine Bisping 
Blanche Blumenthal 
Nada Boulos 
Lloyd Bradbury 
Judith Brower 
Olga Buenz 
Joseph Byrnes 
Irene Cantine* 
Alice Cap 
Kitty Carson 
Linda Celesia 
Mary Sue Coates 
Anemic Cosentino 
Ellie DeKoven 


Restored photos. 

Above: Malvina 

Hoffman sculpts the 

clay bust of Kamala 

Chatterji, at left in 

photo. This is from one 

of more than 1,300 

negatives taken by 

Hoffman and her 

husband, S.B. 

Grimson, for the "races 

of man" sculpture 

project in the early 

1930s. These have now 

been transferred to 

safety film and 


Background, right: A 

dragon robe of silk 

satin and gold made 

for one of the sons of 

the Qianlong Emperor, 

mid-18th century 

China. This is one of 

several thousand 

historic exhibit display 

photographs that were 

in danger of chemical 

deterioration and have 

now been preserved. 

Cynthia Chejfec Dezara 
Violet Diacou 
Phyllis Dix 
William Duvall 
Aldona Dziedzic 
Kitty Egan 
Toby Ehrlich 
Jenny Elliott 
Geraldine Enck 
Rhoda Feldman 
Mit/i Fine 
Barbara Fisher 
Mi mi Fiszel 
Lisa Flanagan 
Liz Flury 
Toby Frankel 
AJta Mae Frobish 
Mimi Futransky 
Rhoda Gellman 
William Gellman 
Patricia Georgouses 
Wayne Gerdes 
Delores Glasbrenner 
Kathleen Gleason 
Alvin Goldblatt 
Janis Goldman 
Halina Goldsmith 
Phyllis Goldstein 
Mary Griffin 
Ann Grimes 
Judith Hannah 
Curtis Harrell 
Shirely Hattis 
Penny Haynes 
Helen Helfgott 
Eselean Henderson 
Audrey Hiller 
Jack Hoffman 
Tina Fung Holder 
Harold Honor 
Zelda Honor 
Ruth Hostler 
Sandra Hubbel 
Deke Hundley 
Ellen Hyndman 
Ursula Jacobius 
Connie Jacobs 
Sheila James 
Brian James 
Arlene Johnson 
Nancy Johnson 
Venice Johnson 
Ellie Kadan 
Tirza Kahan 
Rosemary Kalin 
Julie Kay 
Joan Kelly 
Katharine Kelly 
Milton Kohn 
Kimberley Krause 
Dianne Kueck 
Mary Beth Kwasek 
Carol Landow 
John Lawson 
Michael Lenzi 

Patricia Levinson 
Ruth Lew 

Catherine Lindroth 
Frances McBee 
Louise McEachran 
Clifford Massoth 
Britta Mather 
Selwyn Mather 
Melba Mayo 
Beverly Meyer 
Sara Meyers 
Candace Minks 
Harriet Molloy 
Gayle Morgan 

Joan Opila 
Anita Padnos 
Kay Pickett 
Irene Poll 
Maureen Powell 
Ellen Quinn 
Dan Reilly 
Elly Ripp 
Jerry Ripp 
Barbara Roob 
Sarah Rosenbloom 
Anne Ross 
Isabella Rzepka 
Joseph Salzer 
Lucille Salzer 
Randi Savitzky 
Marianne Schenker 
Sol Schindel 
Florence Seiko 
Jessie Sherrod 
Ethel Shiner 
Terri Smolin 
Arlene Specht 
Mary Lou Stanley 
William Stanley 
Helen Stein 
William Stein 
Ben Stern 
Louise Suhajda 
Bernard Sullivan 
Ruby Suzuki 
Christine Szorc 
Jane Thain 
Mark Weinberg 
George Wolnak 
Sally Wood 
Zinette Yacker 
Adele Zaveduk 


Janet Archer 
Jacqueline Arnold 
Terry Asher 
Sandra Atkinson 
Lynne Bailey 
Lucia Barba 

Cvnthia Bassett 
Susan Bee 
Timothy Benally 
Susan Bennett 
Elaine Bernstein 
Anne Ursula Bielski 
Karen Boton 
Jennifer Botte 
Johanna Brainin 
Ricky Brainin 
Fran Braverman 
Carol Briscoe 
Carol Brna 
Nancy Burke 
Madelyn Bushnell 
Joseph Cablk 
Renee Calderon 
Alice Cap 
Mary Cheshareck 
Nicole Collins 
Norma Cotton 
Leslie Cox 
Karin Dahl 
Anthony Davis 
Elaine Day 
Millicent Drawer 
Josei Duanah 
Faye Dulcy 
John Dunn 
Linda Egebrecht 
Jo Elworthy 
Bonnie Engel 
Carlos Flores 
Amy Franke 
Debra Jean Frels 
Fritzie Fritzshall 
Barbara Gardner 
Bernice Gardner 
Phyllis Ginardi 
Frederic Gleach 
Vonda Gluck 
Evelyn Gottlieb 
Thomas Grygiel 
Michael Hall 
Patricia Hansen 
Mattie Harris 
Regina Harrison 
Kate Heston 
Tanya Hines 
Clarissa Hinton 
Scott Houtteman 
Gittel Hunt 
Vernon Hunt 
Michael Jacobs 
Lavonne Jahnke 
Sandra Lewis Jensen 
Joan Johnson 
Jim Jones 
Malcolm Jones 
Carol Kacin 
David Kalensky 
Colleen Karp 
Ida Kersz 
Dennis Kin/ig 
Alida Klaud 
Nance Klehm 
Joanne Kluga 

Kate Kuehn 

Mary Jo Lucas-Healy 
Kristin Lynch 
Frances McBee 
Linda McKinney 
Tom McNichols 
Gabby Margo 
Maryann Marsicek 
Cheryl Martin 
Marita Maxey 
Julie Medina 
Thomas Miller 
Barbara Milott 
Gail Munden 
Elizabeth Murphy 
Caroline Mylander 
John Nelson 
Mary Nelson 
Gizela Neumann 
Joseph Neumann 
Janice North 
Kathleen North- 

Dennis O'Donnell 
Gary Ossewaarde 
Albert Poll 
Pam Robinson 
Esther Rosenbloom 
Janet Russell 
Gladys Ruzich 
Terry Sanders 
Katherine San Fratello 
Marian Saska 
Charise Scharpenberg 
Lester Schlosberg 
Ann Schuppert 
Lucy Searls 
Pat Sershon 
Adam Seward 
Sharon Rae Shananquet 
Judith Sherry 
Karen Sholeen 
Shirley Smith 
Beth Spencer 
Ann Spenner 
Gregory Trush 
Colleen Vitkovich 
Teri Vlasak 
Editha Walker 
Dorothea Wechselberger 
Ben Zajac 
Irene Zlobnicki 


Nancy Berg 
Sharon Boemmel 
Jenny Elloitt 
Agatha Elmes 
Elizabeth Enck 
Fritzie Fritzshall 
Mearl Gable 
Wynn Graham 
Julie Hurd 
Margaret Jones 

Colleen Karp 
Barbara Keune 
Sheree Moratto 
Marianita Porterfield 
Krvs Stephenson 
Char VC "iss 
Judie Yamamoto 


Ian Ausubel 
Barbara Ballard 
Irene Broede 
Sophia Brown 
Arruro Cisneros 
Virginia Cox 
Elizabeth Cook 
Aldona Dziedzic 
Jane Edmunds 
Michael Henderson 
Philip Keener 
Deborah Kelly 
Jennifer Lambert 
Michelle Lazar 
Joseph Levin 
Manuel Matanguihan 
John McConnell 
Sara Mickel 
Donald Newton 
Doris Nitecki 
China Oughton 
Jeanne Popowits 
Naomi Pruchnik 
Susan Roop 
Angie Shaw 
Julie Teetsov 


Bvron Collins 


John Craib-Cox 
Elizabeth Dilworth 
Arden Frederick 
Robert Gowland 
Ruth Howard 
Mabel Johnson 
Dorothv Oliver 
Christopher Quinn 
James Reed 

Marie Louise Rosenthal 
James Skorcz 
Worthington Smith 


Dennis Bara* 
Loretta Green 
Lisa Kawczinski 
Lillian Kreitman 
Irene Turner 

Women's Board 

Heather Bilandic 
Teddv Buddington 
Lvnn Burt 
Lenore Cameron 
Bobbie Cook 
Marianne Cruikshank 
Miriam Ewing 
Joan McKenna 
Karen Pigott 
Helen Thomas 
Ruth Teena Williams 
Paula Trienens 
Joan Webber 
Sue Whitaker 


Reeva Woltson 

Program and 



Roxanna Beatty 
Huei-Min Chern 
Karol Kuehn 
Robin Lage 
Lawrence Levin 
Monte Lloyd 
Sharon Mitchiner 
Lorain Olsen 
Jerry Ripp 
Liza Suarez 
Ann Thomas 
Laura Vanderlei 
George Wolnak 


Frank Leslie 
Earl Robinson" 
Bruce Saipe 


William Roder 

Zoology Office 

Maxine Walter 

Amphibian and 

Robert Brunner 
Sophie Ann Brunner 
Ingrid Fauci 
Heather Lochner 
Bernard Rozran 
Heather Seemann 


Paul Baker 
Robert Cary 
Sheila Demkovich 
Terri Donovan 
Joseph Fisher 
Thomas Gnoske 
John Goeb 
Mary Hennen 
Joan Klonowski 
Scott Kuipers 
Valerie Lewis 
Thomas Pavela 
NathaniaJ Trienens 


Paul Bryan 
Connie Escobar 
Greg Guliuz: a 
Irmgard Nirschl-Rauch 
Thomas Simon 


Neal Abarbanell 
George Barnett 
Eric Espe 
Ron Garner 
J. Dennis Molina 
Pauline Segal 


Stanley Dvorak 
Henry Greenwald 
Dorothy Karall 
Donna Nakagiri 
David Walker 


Malena Ahmed 

John Beery 

Lorin Brown 

Clayton Dean 

M. Alison Ebert 

Betsy Ebert 

Carlene Friedman 

Alexandra Gnoske 

Thomas Gnoske 

William Kephart 

Susan Knoll 

E.J. McAdams 

Larrv Misialek 

Susan Moy 

Thomas Patterson 

Sheila Reynolds 

Jack Sloan 

Janet Madenberg Stevens 

Virginia Turner-Erfort 

Karen Van Vorhis 

Laura Zaidenberg 

* Deceased 


Photo Restoration 

Among the Museum's collection of half a million 

photographs are some 20,000, dating from 1920 to 

1950, that were taken using nitrate-based film 

before it was known that such film was chemically 

unstable. In 1989 Nina Cummings, photo 

researcher in the Department of Photography, and 

an outside contractor, the Chicago Albumen 

Works, began a two-year project, funded by the 

National Endowment for the Humanities, to restore 

and conserve this portion of the collection. Photo 

collections that have been saved include Malvina 

Hoffman's round-the-world studies for her epic 

sculpture project, "The Races of Man," and Anne 

Fisher's portraits, landscapes, and architectural 

photos of Iraq in 1928. 

Background: Housefront in Kano, Nigeria, from a photo taken during the Strauss West African Exp. 
of 1934. Above, right: Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) mortuary figure of a woman playing polo. Both | 

were among those saved in the Museum's preservation project. 


Board of Trustees 
December 31, 1990 

Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Robert O. Bass 
Gordon Bent 
Mrs. Philip D. Block III 
Willard L. Boyd 
Robert D. Cadieux 
Worley H. Clark 
James W. Compton 
Frank W. Considine 
Thomas E. Donnelley II 
Thomas J. Eyerman 
Marshall Field 
Laura DeFerrari Front 
Marshall B. Front 
Ronald J. Gidwitz 
Wayne E. Hedien 
Richard M. Jones 
John J. Kinsella 
William C. Kunkler III 
William H. Kurtis 
Hugo J. Melvoin 
Leo F. Mullin 
James J. O'Connor 
Robert A. Pritzker 
John S. Runnells 
Patrick G. Ryan 
William L. Searle 
Mrs. Theodore B. 

Mrs. Howard J. 

Blaine J. Yarrington 

Life Trustees 

Harry O. Bercher 
Bowen Blair 
Stanton R. Cook 
Mrs. Edwin DeCosta 
Mrs. David W. Grainger 
Clifford G. Gregg 
Mrs. Robert S. Hartman 
Edward Byron Smith 
Robert H. Strotz 
John W. Sullivan 


Robert A. Pritzker, 

Board Chairman 
Marshall Field, 

Vice Chairman 
Frank W. Considine, 

Vice Chairman & 

Richard M. Jones, 

Vice Chairman 
Thomas E. Donnelley II, 

Vice Chairman 
John J. Kinsella, 

Vice Chairman 
Leo F. Mullin, 

Vice Chairman 
John S. Runnells, 

Willard L. Boyd, 


Executive Committee 

Robert A. Pritzker, 

Board Chairman 
Marshall Field, 

Vice Chairman 
Frank W. Considine, 

Vice Chairman 

& Treasurer 
Richard M. Jones, 

Vice Chairman 
Thomas E. Donnelley II, 

Vice Chairman 
John J. Kinsella, 

Vice Chairman 
Leo F. Mullin, 

Vice Chairman 
John S. Runnells, 

James J. O'Connor, 

Ex- Officio 
Willard L. Boyd, 


Staff Liaison 

Collections and 
Research Committee 

Richard M. Jones, 

Vice Chairman 
Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Henry T. Chandler 
Worley H. Clark 
Thomas J. Eyerman 
Laura DeFerrari Front 
Marshall B. Front 
Wayne E. Hedien 
William C. Kunkler III 
Hugo J. Melvoin 
John S. Runnells 
Jonathan Haas, 

Staff Liaison 



Leo F. Mullin, 

Vice Chairman 
Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Mrs. Philip D. Block III 
Worley H. Clark 
Frank W. Considine 
Thomas E. Donnelley II 
Thomas J. Eyerman 
Laura DeFerrari Front 
Marshall B. Front 
Philip L. Harris 
Wayne E. Hedien 
John J. Kinsella 
William L. Searle 
Mrs. Malcolm N. Smith 
Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 
Blaine J. Yarrington 
Willard E. White, 

Staff Liaison 

Public Programs 

Marshall Field, 

Vice Chairman 
Mrs. Philip D. Block III 
Philip L. Harris 
H. Harry Henderson 
Maria Bechily-Hodes 
Ronald J. Gidwitz 
Mrs. David W. Grainger 
John J. Kinsella 
Mrs. Theodore B. Tieken 
Mrs. Howard J. Trienens 
Michael Spock, 

Staff Liaison 

Finance Committee 

Frank W. Considine, 

Vice Chairman 
Robert O. Bass 
Gordon Bent 
Bowen Blair 
Robert D. Cadieux 
Hugo J. Melvoin 
William L. Searle 
Robert H. Strotz 
Blaine J. Yarrington 
Jimmie W. Croft, 
Staff Liaison 

Audit and Pension 

Hugo J. Melvoin, 

Robert O. Bass 
Gordon Bent 
Jimmie W. Croft, 

Staff Liaison 

Museum Services 

Thomas E. Donnelley II, 

Vice Chairman 
Harry O. Bercher 
Robert D. Kolar 
William C. Kunkler III 
William L. Searle 
Robert L. Wesley 
Jimmie W. Croft, 

Staff Liaison 


Marshall Field, 

Vice Chairman 
Mrs. T. Stanton Armour 
Gordon Bent 
James J. O'Connor 
Blaine J. Yarrington 
Willard L. Boyd 

Staff Liaison 


John J. Kinsella, 

Vice Chairman 
Mrs. Michael Bilandic 
Mrs. Philip D. Block III 
James Compton 
Ronald J. Gidwitz 
Philip L. Harris 
William A. Hensley 
Mrs. William J. 

Mrs. Newton M. Minow 
Kurt P. Stocker 
Willard E. White, 

Staff Liaison ■> 


Marshall Field, 
Honorary Chair 

Thomas E. Donnelley II, 

Mrs. Malcolm N. Smith, 

Gordon Bent 

Willard L. Boyd 

Jonathan Haas 

Michael Spock 

Willard E. White 


Willard L. Boyd, 

Jimmie W. Croft, 

Vice President, 

Finance & Museum 

Jonathan Haas, 

Vice President, 

Collections & Research 
Michael Spock, 

Vice President, 

Public Programs 
Willard E. White, 

Vice President, 

Development & 

External Affairs 



Text: Ron Dorfman 

Portraits (pages 3, 4, 12, 34 & 38): Marc PoKempner. 

New photographs of artifacts and specimens were taken for 
this project by John Weinstein, the Museum's head 


Special thanks to Nina Cummings and the photography staff 

— Mark Alvey, James Balodimas, Linda Dorman, and Diane 

Alexander White — for their help in coordinating and 

reproducing images for this report. 

The following individuals also deserve recognition for their 

efforts on this project: Paul Baker, Joe Cajandig, Carol 

Carlson, Steve Crescenzo, John Ditzel, William Grewe- 

Mullins, Christine Gross, Gregory M. Mueller, Rodger 

Patience, William Simpson, Charles Stanish, Kevin Swagel, 

Tom Wagner, Ben Williams. 

This report printed on recycled paper with soy bean inks. 

On the Cover 

Background: Members of the Field Museum and their families 
during Members' Night, 1991. 

Front cover, top right, is a fossil sting ray, 49 million years old, 
collected by Lance Grande in the Green River area of Wyoming; 
center left is the fruit of Anona glabra, a member of the custard 
apple family, collected in 1983 by R.G. Stolze along the banks of 
the Sebastian River in Florida; below is an ornament of office (a 
staff with silver fish and Peruvian coins) worn by elected leaders 
of Aymara Indian communities in Peru, collected by Charles 

Stanish in 1990. 

Back cover, upper left is a Chinese ground beetle, Carabus 

lafossei giganteus, a rare species often found in Chinese 

apothecary shops for use in traditional medicine ; below is a 

multicolored beaded bandolier bag, probably Seminole, ca. 1840, 

of unusual design, including the human figure on the flap. 


Field Museum of Natural History 
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Chicago, Illinois 60605