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Full text of "The Fifty Earliest English Wills in the Court of Probate, London"

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•^"i^vXii, cenglish aTfxt .Sorid! 


(Jliftt (Karllest (Enijli.'ilr t<( 



A.a t-Sy^i^jrj; WITH A fta£HT'?< "t' J454. 



u\ 't'y^ (^"IricjiiKil iicgbttrs in .Somerset 


FiiHDERiCK J. Ia'R^^I\^^tx 

^^xi TiTK Early exglish text s 

^X "i-^' 


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Sk ^^i ^m^^ ^^ 




A.D. 1387— 1439 ; WITH A priest's OF I454. 


Jfr0m i}st #rigmal "gtQhUtB xn S^ommti ^Qmt 







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•rtglnal Sittitn. 

bungat: clat and taylok, the cuaucer press. 

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Dedication to Mr. J. CLallenor Smith ... ... ... yiii 

FoBEWOBDS ... ... •.• •.• •.• ••• xi 

Robert CoRN, Gitizen of London ..• ... ••• 1 

John Ptnchbon, Citizen and Jeweller of London ... 3 
Lady Alice West, of Hinton Marcel, Hampcihire {Codi- 

dly p. 9) ... «.. ... ... ... 4 

John GiRDELEB of Harefield, near Uzbridge, Middlesex 10 

Richard Roos of London, ? once of Beverley, Yorkshire 12 
John Plot {oUob Rouwenhole or Rouwenhale), Citizen 

and Maltman of London ... ... ... 14 

Robert Averay of the Cordwainers' Company, London 16 
Sir William Lanqeford^ Knight, of Bradfield, near 

Reading, Berks ... ... ... ... 18 

Richard YoNOB of London, Brewer ••• ... 21 

Thomas Walwayn, Esq., of Much Marcle, Herefordshire 22 
Thomas Broke, Landowner, of Holditch, Thoraecombe, 

Devonshire ... ... ... ... ... 26 

John Solas, of South wark, Surrey ... ... ... 28 

John Chelmyswye, of Shropshire ... ... ... 30 

Thomas TvoKY, Esquire ... .., ... ... 36 

1417-18. Stephen Thomas, o'f Lee, Essex (CodicU made ut 

\8ott«n, p. 40) ... ... ... ... 37 

i6. 1419-20. John RoQERYSSON, of London ... ... ... 41 

































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NO. A.D. »AOi 

17. 1418, 1420. John Brodne, of Henry V.'s Chamber, and of 

Fulham, Middlesex. (WiU in the 3rd Penan: <*he 

will," Ac.) 43 

18. 1420. Thomas Bathe, of Bristol ... ... ... 46 

19. 1420. John Olnbt, of Weston, Buckinghamshire ... ... 47 

20. 1422. Lady Peryne Clanbowe, of Yasor, Herefordshire ... 49 

21. 1420. Sir Roger Salwayn, Knight, of York ... ... 62 

22. 1424-6. Roger Flore, Landowner, of Okeham, Rutlandshire ... 66 

23. 1426. William Newland of London (and Normandy), going 

on a Journey ... ... ... ... 65 

24. 1426. William Davt, Citizen and Fishmonger of London ... 67 

25. 1426. William Han YNOFELD, of Bikinacre, Essex ... ... 68 

26. 1426. John Credy, Esq., of London (and Devonshire, &c.) ... 73 

27. 1428. John Toker, Citizen and Vintner of London, owner of 

" The Mermaid" in Bread St., Cheapside ... 77 

28. 1428. Robert ScHAPMAN, of Haringay, Homsey, Middlesex ... 80 

29. 1428. Richard Whyteman, Citizen and Waxchandler of London 81 

30. 1428. Walter Newent, ? of St. Pancras, London ... ... 83 

3 1 . 1430. Hary van Sandwyk, of St. Clements, East Cheap, London 84 

32. 1430. Alys Chirche, Widow, of St. Mary Hill, London ... 86 

33. 1430. Richard Graveley, of London, Grocer ... ... 86 

34. 1431. William Fitz-Harry, of Cosin Lane, London ... 87 

35. 1431. Richard Tyrell, ? of Stoke-Dabemon, Surrey ... 89 

36. 1431-2. Isabel Gregory, of Hackney, Middlesex ... ... 91 

37. 1432-3. Richard Gray, of St. Bartholomews, London ... 92 

38. 1433. John Barnet, Citizen and Draper of London ... 93 

39. 1433. Walter Manoeard, Citizen and Cook of London, and 

Hurstpierpoint, Sussex ... ... ... 94 

40. 1434. Margarete Asshcombb (once Bloncit), Widow, of 

London ... ... ... ... ... 96 

Roger B0RT6N, of Hackney, Middlesex ... ... 98 

Rauf Heth, of Hackney, Middlesex ... ... 99 

Roger Elmeslby, of London, once a Waxchandler's 

Servant ... ... ... ... ... 100 

1434-5. Isabelle Dove, wife of Thomas Dove, Citizen of London, 

then beyond the Sea ... ... ... ... 103 







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NO. A.D* Si-ai 

45. 1436. Richard Bokeland, Esq., of All Hallows the Greater, 

Thames St, London ... ... ... ... 104 

46. 1438. Richard Dixton, Esq., of Siscetre (Cirencester), Qloster- 

shire ... ... •.• ... ... 108 

47. 1439. Nicholas Charleton, Citizen and Skinner of London 112 

48. 1439. Isabel, Countess of Wakwiok, Mother-in-law of the 

'King-Maker' ... ... ... •.. 116 

49. 1439. Sir Ralph Rochefort, of Lincolnshire. {English WillSf 

p. 121, Ac, in the SrdPeraon, "he will," &c.) .., 120 

50. 1438-9. Sir Thomas Brook, Knight, of Cobham Hall, Kent ... 129 

(List of other English Wills in Register Luffenam, p. 130) 

51. 1454. Nicholas Stubgeon, Priest ... ... ... 131 

(Note of other English Wills in Register BouSy p. 134) 

Notes (The first known Bequest, a.d. 1420, of Chaucer's 

Canterbury Tales, p. ISe) ... 135 

List op Proper Names and Places ... ... 145 

List op Words and Subjects ... ... ... 170 

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My dear Sir, 

You will remember how the Wills in this little 
volume came to be copied. 

You had, and have, in the Probate Court those twenty-eight 
Boxes of Inventories of Testators' goods which the Executors 
and Administrators of our Forefathers were bound to exhibit 
to the former Officers of the Archbp. of Canterbury. Among 
these Inventories we Shakspereans always hoped to find those 
of Shaespere and his fellovrs, and all other Worthies of the 
great Eliza's reign. And since I first saw the Boxes and their 
contents at Doctors' Commons some dozen years ago, I always 
meant to have a turn at them. Opportunity at length being 
favourable, I got leave in the spring of 1881, from the kind and 
enlightend Judge and Chief of your Court, Sir James Hannen, 
to test these Inventories, and see whether Shakspere's was 
likely to be among them. If it was, I intended to get money 
from the Treasury or by subscription, for making and printing 
a Calendar of these documents. 

The Inventories could of course only be handled by an 
Officer of the Probate Court ; and on you was put the dusty, 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


dirty, and tiresome job of diving into, and picking out from, all 
parts of the twenty-eight Boxes, samples of the little and big 
rolld-up Inventories that each contained ; then unrolling them, 
and showing them to me. The work lasted for four months. 

The kindness and patience that you exhibited in this 
wearisome and annoying task, — which yielded such a poor 
result,^ — and the knowledge of men, of places, and things 
which you displayd, won my warm admiration and gratitude. 

You laid me under further obligation by telling me all the 
earliest English Wills in the Registry, of which you had long 
before made a list, in the faith that I, or some grubber of like 
kind, would turn up and ask where he should go to work. 

Whenever, then, you were prevented, by other official calls 
and attending to other searchers, from unrolling dirty little 
bundles of Inventories for me, I — with your help in difficult 
bits — copied the Wills you told me of; and here they are in 
print, dedicated, by Sir James Hannen's leave,^ to you, an 
OflBcer of whom he and his whole Court may well be proud. 
I but speak the opinion of the late Colonel Chester — ^the best 
authority in the world — as well as of every other frequenter of 
your Boom, when I say that you are an admirable Head of 
your Department, courteous, helpful, learned, and efficient. 

Would that I could say that Department was in a state 
worthy of you, your Chief, Sir James, and the Royal Court of 
Probate of England. 

You have in that Court, Wills needful for the family and 

* About 3 per cent, of the Inventories were of the 15th and 16th cen- 
turies ; the rest were all after 1660. Not one of Shakspere^s time tumd 
up) tho' that of his granddaughter's surviving husband, Sir John Barnard, 
was found. I've printed it for the New Shakspere Society. 

* He will not of course see this Dedication till a copy of this little 
volume is sent him. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


social history of England. There are many men and women 
wishing to work at them. What does the Treasury give you 
for the purpose ? One underground and badly-lighted room 
in which only 6 folk can work at once. The consequence is, 
that, with your many applicants, you can often give a worker 
only 3 or 2 days a week for his work, and he cannot go 
regularly in for it. 

The Manuscript room at the British Museum is bad 
enough; but your Enquiry room is far worse. If only Sir 
James had the old power of torture, and could apply thumb- 
screws or racks to all the Lords of the Treasury — I'd let the 
First Lord oflf, tho — he would soon set matters to rights, and 
give you a room worthy of your Department and his Court. 
But the Museum is now building a proper MS. room. And so 
I trust the Treasury will speedily follow suit at Somerset 
House; put you up a handsome Library for your workers, 
make you a Keeper, with the Museum-Keepers' salary, and then 
let you compile and print a Catalog of the Inventories.^ 

Again thanking you heartily for your help and kindness, 
and wishing you happiness and health, 

I am, Very truly yours, 


Sf St. George's Square^ Primrose Hill, N. W. 
December 4^ 1882, 

1 There are of course no end of other Wills and Documents in the 
Registry that need calendaring or cataloging. The Treasury is in no way 
alive to the urgent wants of this Office or the Record Office. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Both for the Life and Language of our old-time folk, their Wills 
hay always been acknowledgd as most worthful. They let you 
into the state of every home. They uze words not found in books. 
Since oxa Society first started, I always hoped that some one would 
copy and edit us a volume of Wills ; but as no one offerd, and as I 
got a chance of transcribing one in the spring of 1881, — under the 
circumstances stated in the Dedication abuv, — I took it, in order to 
hav a volume wherewith a gap in the Society's issues could be fild 
np when need should be. The need came this autumn, and here the 
little Text is. 

It will probably disappoint the reader, who looks, as I did, for 
Inventories as parts of Wills, and for long lists of traders' goods, 
students' MSS, and the like. I can't claim that in this regard my 
short volume is up to any of the Surtees or the Camden Bury ones, 
or possibly Mr. H. W. King's series of Essex Wills and Inventories 
of Church goods, in his county Archaeological Society's Transactions, 
of which my kind helper, Mr. J. H. Hound, tells me. But at any 
rate, for us Londoners ther ar details of much worth; ther ia 
Shakspere's Mermaid tavern (p. 78, 1. 19) and (in a note of a Latin 
will given me by Mr. Challenor Smith, p. 136) ther ia the first 
known bequest (a.d. 1420) of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.^ These 
make up for a good many plows, plums, ribbons and tapes. The 
volume also contains the first known notice of wher the Chapel of 
our Lady and St. Nicholas was situate in old St Paul's (p. 132), and 
has of course many items as to old London churches, streets, signs 
and men, which will interest the City topografers. 

In Peraons, it ranges from the Countess of Warwick, the King- 
maker's mother-in-law, to a Wax-chandler's servant and many a 

1 Perhaps of his Boece too. His 77ie Pore Caitiff, a Wycliffite book, is 
bequeathd on p. 60, 1. 18 ; * Jankyn Clerk ' is at 39/6 ; his * Eoke of London * 
at 94/11. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


poorer man. In Property, it stretches from the entail of large 
landed estates on sons, to a portion of one bollock for a daughter 
(98/ii, 12), or to the gift of one sheet, or a towel-roller, an egg- 
gridiron or an old brass pot (IO2/5, 6), to a legatee. 

Of two things, more appears in the Wills than I had expected, 
namely, silver plate,^ and furd gowns; for the latter, polecats, 
martins, genets, wild cats, beaver, otter, and lamb, were prest into 
the service. Of Armour there is less than Fd lookt for. 

But the most surprizing and regrettable thing in these WiUs is 
the amount of money shown to hav been wasted in vain prayers, or 
orders for them. Fancy one man ordering a Million Masses to bo 
said for his soul ; another 10,000 ; another 4,400 ; another sending 
Pilgrims to SpMn, Rome, Jerusalem, &c. for the good of his soul ! 
I only hope some sensible Executors handed over the money to the 
Testators* wives and children, or the poor. 

When just thru the proofs of this volume, it so happend that the 
Master and Fellows of Emmanuel lent me their unique copy of 
Phillip Stubbes's Motive to Good Workes^^ 1593 ; (Fd reprinted in 
September his Display of Corruptions^ 1683 ^ ;) and on opening it, 
came a passage which well showd the change of opinion on this Mass 
and Dead-prayers business in his day : — 

(p. 120) " The Papists also holde it to be a work of vnspeakable merit, 
for a man or woman, eyther before they dye, or else at their death, to 
giue the greatest {p, 121) part of their goods & la^s(the more, the more 
merite) to popish priestes, (though in the meane time, theyr wife, 
children, and whole f amilyes goe a begging all theyr lyf e long,) to Monkes, 
and Fryers, with the rest of that filthie generation, to the ende they may 
pray for them when they are dead, to saie masses, trentalls, diriges, de 
profv/ndUf Ladies psalters, and I can not tell what riffe raffe else for 

1 See the references in the List of Words; and the Acorn spoons, instead 
of Apostle ones. 

2 A / Motive To / Good Workes. / Or rather, / To true Christianitie in- 
deede. / Wherein By The / waie is diewed, how farre wee are behinde, / not 
onely our fore-fathers in good workes, / but also many other creatures in the 
endes of / our creation : with the difference betwixt / the pretenced good 
workes of the Antichri- / stian Papist, and the good workes / of the Christian 
Pro- / testant / By Phillip Stnbbes, Gentleman / Mathew .5. verse 16. / Let 
your light so shine before men, that they / may see your workes, and glorifie 
your fa- / ther which is in heauen. / London, / Printed for Tfiomas Man^ dwell- 
ing in / Pater Noster rowe, at the signe / of the Talbot 1593./ A — O in 8s. 

3 For the New Shakspere Society, to follow Part I of Stubbes's Anatomie 
if AhuseSf of which it is Part II. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


them : bearing them in hand, that their souls & the.soules of a1 their 
friends, parents, kindred, and aliance, shall not onely bee releeued, but 
also cleerely delyuered thereby out of the pains of purgatorie, which other- 
wise shoulde lye there broiling in firie flames seauen yeeres for euerie 
sinne that euer they committed in this life, either in thoght, word, or 
deed. Which if it were true, (as it is most false and blasphemous) I 
could not blame men, though they gaue all they had, and more too, to 
(jf, 122) the Priests. But alasse, who seeth not the vanitie of this fonde 
opinion of Purgatorie? If Masses, Diriges, trentals, de profnndU^ 
Ladies psalters, and such pelting trash, could redeeme vs from paine and 
punishment after this life, and place our soules in ioye and blisse, I praie 
you then what is left to the bloud of Christ to doo for'vs ? iust nothing 
at all. And why died Christ, if we might haue bene redeemed by cor- 
ruptible money, lands, or posessions, as the Apostles, Saint Paule and 
Saint Peter doe reason 7 What can be more derogatorie to the death of 
Christ, and the efficacie of his bloud, than this 7 Tou were not redeemed, 
(sayth Paul) from your sinnes, neither by golde nor siluer, but by the 
precious bloud of that immaculate lambe lesus Christ. And doeth not the 
apostle lohn thunder out rnto us, *The bloude of lesus Christ doeth 
cleanse vs from all sinne. And as for {p, 123) the ridiculous opinion of 
purgatory, it is so foolish a thing, that I am ashamed to bestow anie 
labour in confuting of it, as hauing indeede neyther ground out of the 
word of God (no, nor so much as one sillable sounding that waie) nor 
anie approued or autentike writer, excepte out of such apocryphas, as 
Ouidf Virgilf and other heathen Poets. And yet for all that, the Papists 
haue gayned as mvch, (I suppose) by the broching of this frai-bugge, or 
scar-crow Purgatorie, since it was first hatched, as all ohristendome is 
worth besides.*' (See also the next 2 or 3 pages.) 

"NoWf a good many of us think of some of Stubbes's doctrines 
about -what he did of the Papists'. And so the world wags. 

Well : the gifts to mend bad roads and bridges, to help poor 
girls to marriage, and to feed and clothe the poor,^ no one will 
quarrel with. 

The Land-wills ar interesting ; as showing how all the land of 
the kingdom was in the hands of Trustees, feoffees, to whom every 
buyer had his land conveyd — either solely, or jointly with himself, — 
to evade the rights of forfeiture, wardship, &c. of feudal lords. 
These feoffees (see List of Words) ar constantly prayd to do their 
duty to the Testator, and carry out his Will, either by entailing 
his land on his sons, or conveying it to such folk as his Executors 
sell it to.^ Executors ar likewise entreated to be faithful, as if 

^ See the words Bake, Blind, Bread, Brew, Clothes^ Poor, &;c.^ in the List 

^ It was perhaps from this connection with land, that a Seal was set to all 
important Wills as if they were Deeds. Also, that one Will is cald an 
• Bndenture* (45/$), another a *bok' (24/io) and so on. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


they'd answer for their acts on the Day of DoonL And that this 
injunction was often needed in early days, may he gatherd from the 
old saying, "Three Executors make three Thieves." Cheery old 
Rohert of Brunne— enlarging his original, William of Waddington — 
denounces them soundly in some 300 lines in his Handlyng Synne : ^ 
see my edition, p. 195 — 199. 

It's plezant to see Testators anxious to make amends for all 
possible wrongdoing, and to watch the owners of horses bequeathing 
em by name : * grey Butler, grey Manley ' (53/9) show that a man 
cared for his four-footed friends. But no dog is namd in any Will. 
Servants often are, both men and women ; and in one case a Nun is 
left money for looking after a testator in his sickness (54/2). One 
Wife is cald her husband's most trusty friend (48/2 1) ; another has 
all his property left to her (Walter Newent's, p. 83) ; but in other 
cases, testators don't seem quite comfortable about their widows' 
future (p. 122, p. 33-4, 40). The solemn Vow of Chastity which 
Widows sometimes took in presence of the Bishop and Congregation, 
being endued with Ring and Mantle (60/8, 25 ; p. 135), was new 
to me. Several Testators had the good sense to order plain funerals, 
and to recognize that Pomp was a vanity that didn't help their souls 
(23/22; 49/11; 8/12; 131/2). 

As to all the other subjects of bequest, are they not enterd in the 
List of Words and Subjects which follows that of Proper Names and 
Places 2 1 Let the curious reader look them up. (Among names he'll 
find a real * John of Nokys,' III/19.) 

1 Ryche men gadere ryche tre- * ♦ ♦ • 

Bours 6236 Of alle fals \>9,i beryn name 6259 

To make witA ryche executours. Fals executours are most to blame. 

]>e whyles |>e executours sekke, \jglogt \>q Pope of |>e courte of Home, 

fyl ]>Q bag] Ayens hem 3yf|> he harde dome, 

Of the soule Jjey ne rekke Aud cursel? hem yn cherchya here, 

The body, whyl hyt on here lys, Foure tymes yn |>e 3ere. 6264 

A day or two ys holde yn prys ; 6240 • • ♦ ♦ 

But when hyt ys yn erjje broght, Executur J^at wyl nat do 6367 

Body ne soule gete ryH noght : As J»e dede ordeyned to, 

Be he broght nobly to hys pyt, he shal haue euyl endyng 

Dette and soule >ey f^ynke all l^at so wyl^halt >e dedes >yng 6370 
quyt. 6244 
2 I can't guarantee in these, that u and w,/ and «, have not been sometimes 
printed for one another. They are often difficult to distinguish. Expansions 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


In the way of Language, there is this drawback to the prezent 
volume. As all the old Anglo-Saxon Charters were copied in 
the King's writing-den, and thus their dialect got alterd, so these 
Wills must have all been copied in London, and their dialect 
more or less spoilt. Still, some do keep strong dialectal marks. 
De, dey ' for * the, they,' hurt be, tho to, ayder either, til to, quan 
when, qioiche which, fw es these are, os as, ^eifi given, voile (Devon), 
full, ddiuery deliver, hcnught owd, schal shall, cJiete sheet, chippe 
ship, aholde sold (22/31), he7'e year, yerth earth, ^hdy yearly, &c. &c., 
will be useful to Morris, Skeat, Sweet, and other dialect-workers. 
The 'ryte heires ' of I8/7 goes, with other like words elsewhere, to 
show that the guttural gh was not sounded as the fonetists would 
hav us believ. One of the oddest spellings I've noted, ia gogeinent 
for 'judgment.* For the Cockney ^ ham am,' 'heldest eldest,' see 
H in List of Words ; also W, for tc insted of v. 

The Notes, foot and end, are not so full as I could have wisht ; 
but I had no time to fish for more. One of the blessings of being a 
Director is, that when you want specially to work at a favourite 
subject — my Old-Spelling Shakspere it was this time — you have to 
put it aside, and take up an altogether different one that you 're out 
of tune for, because your Society must have a Text out by Christmas 
to fill up its year's issue. Hence the present volume has been done 
against time, and hasn't the notes from Tanner's Notitia Monastica, 
and all the County Histories, that it ought to hav. But I've done 
the work as well as I could in the time allowd ; and Mr. J. Horace 
Round and Mr. J. Challenor Smith for people and places, Miss 
My. Lambert for Romanist, services, Mr. W. G. Stone for Jonetis = 
genets, and some places in Lewis, Mr. E. Peacock for some Lincoln- 
shire names. Prof. Skeat and other friends, hav to some extent 
supplied my shortcomings, and eamd my hearty thanks. To my 

of Latin contractions hav now and then gone astray — see Notes, p, 135, 137. 
The reader will charitably remember the old adage, * Qitod adest honi ctmsvle. 
You must not looke a giuew horse in the mouth.' 1616. Withal's Diet, by 
B. R. p. 578. For Dress, see * Gowns, Blue, Green, Russet, Scarlet, Sangwyn,' 
Ac. For Ornaments, see * Maple, Sink-foil, Baleys, Oyche, Ruby, Silver,* &o. 
For the Statue of Lady Warwick naked, see her WilL 116/q. For a Brass 
of Wife and 7 Children, 8I/9. 
1 See the List of Words. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



friend Miss Teena KochforlrSmith, I am also indebted for the 
List of Words and Places in the first 8 pages of the book, and for 
soothing my soul when, on certain evenings, I was grinding at the 
rest of that wearing work*, by singing me all my old favourite 
mezzo-soprano songs, 'Che faro', 'Lascia ch'io pianga', 'Cangio 
d'Aspetto ', ' Adelaide ', * Voi che sapete ', * Du bist die Ruh \ ' Ave 
Maria', ' Non e ver', *Ruth', * Oh rest in the Lord', ' Oh for the 
wings of a dove,' &c. &c. May all opprest Indexers hay the like 
sweet consolement ! 

British Museum (6 p. m. , under the EUcttnc light), 
Dec. 5, 188^. 

1 The Lists don't profoBS to be exhaustive, tho they took a long time. 
Bequests of Souls are not index t, as they 're in nearly every Will. Of other 
frequent bequests, only a few samples are given. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

(Saris (SngUs^ Ctft Somts* 

Original Series, No. 78. 1882. 



Mr. Koand and Mr. Challenor Smith now find, alas ! that a few 
Wills near to 1400 a.d. (including at least two printed by Dugdale) 
escaped Mr. S.'s note-book. So* we must have another volume 
some day. Miss Marx will start at copying the fresh Wills, as 
soon as Huon and The Four Sons of Aymon are clear for our Extra 

p. Y, 1. 5 ; p. 4, 1. 1 ; p. 155, col. 2, 1. 10 ; for Hampshirey read Dorsetshire 
•p. vi, 1. 1, after "Browne", insert "(oZuwatte Grove)." 
L 4 ; p. 45, 46 ; for Thomas (Bathe), read John, 

1. 5 ; p. 47, 1. 8 ; for Weston, read Weston Underwood. 

1. 12, for Bikinacre, read Hanningfield. 

L 16, for ffomsey, read {Hbmsey) 

p. vii, 1. 8, for English Wills, read English Will 

p. zi, note. Read " Perhaps of his Boeee too. His name ' Jankyn Clerk ' 
is at 39/6 ; and his * Koke of London ' at 94/i i. T?ie Pore Caitiff, a Wychffite 
book, is beqaeathd on p. 50, 1. 18." 

p. XV, L 8, for schal, read schel. 

p. 5, 1. 5. Johane my dougJUer, my sons is wyf. She was daughter of Roger, 
Lord De La Warr, the hero of Cr^cy and Poictiers (by his 2nd wife Alianore, 
dau. of John, Lord Mowbray), and heiress in ber issue (by the half-blood) to her 
two brothers, successive lords. It was through her that the Barony of De 
La "Warr came into the "West family. — J. H. R. 

p. 5, 1. 5. paled black and white. That is, striped vertically. It would be 
blazoned in Heraldry — **paly sable and argent." Joan, Lady Abergavenny, 
in her will (1434) bequeaths a similar *' Bed of Velvet, white and black paled, 
with Quyshions, Tapettes, and formers that long to the same bed." — J. H. R. 

p. 5, L 28. Sir Nichol Cliston knyght. Sir Nicholas de Clifton, of Clifton 
(then Cliston), near Preston, Lancashire. He was in the French wars with his 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


father-in-law, Sir Thomas West, and was made Governor of Ham in Picardy, 
1383.-^. H. R. 

p. 6, L 29. Thomas Cliston here aone. He accompanied Henry V. into 
France, 1415, and fonght at Agincourt with his brothers. — J. H. R. 

p. 5 ; p. 60 ;'p.n36. Bequests of Eiiglish Books. Mr. Challenor Smith has 
lately noted gifts, in 1433, ©f the Story of Joseph, St. Patrick's Purgatory, 
Alquin's Sermon, and Piers Plowman. In .the Will of Eleanor Purdeley, widow, 
of London, Commissary Court, 1433 : "libros Anglicantw, videlicet the Storie of 
Josep, Patrikek purgatore, and y^ sermon of altquyne." Bequest of "libram 
vocatum piers plowman." — Will of Thos. Roos, Commissary Court, 1433. Mr. 
Round notes a bequest of ** my Book of Tribulacion " by Sir Lewis Clifferd (the 
Lollard) in 1404. 

p. 6, L 6. a seoehon of my lordes armes and of myn /parted. Their two 
coats were impaled, a practice which had then recently replaced ** dimidiation " 
(cf. p. 117, 1. 5).-J. H. R 

p. 6, 1. 25. my lord Sir Thomas West. Son of Sir Thomas, 1st Lord West, 
but was not himself summoned. Fought at Crecy, 1346 ; d. 3 Sept. 1386. — 
J. H. R. 

p. 6, 1. 29. a vestvmerU to the cops. Some light may, perhaps, be 

thrown on this by a passage in the will of Joane, Lady Abergavenny (1434) — 
'* I wool that the foreseyd Freers have a hool sute of black, that ys to sey, a 
Chetepyl, two Tunicles, three Coops, with my best pair of Candlestecks of 
silver wrethen, and my best sute of Vestments of Cloath of Gold, with 
Peacocks, with auter clothes, and aubes, and alle that longeth thereto, for a 
memorial perpetuelie to use hem every yere at the Anniversary of my Lord my 
Husband and of me." I think that *'the cops of the hows" must mean the 
community. — J. H. R. 

p. 9, 1. 2 ; p. 149, col. 2, L 14 ; p. 185, col. 1, L 10. the lordes In of 
Cherlton. This is "the Inn (town-house) of the Lord Cherlton." John of 
Cherlton was summoned to Parliament as '* Johanni de Cherlton de Powys " (he 
was lord of Powysland) from 1382 to 1400. And this will is dated 1395. — 
J. H. R. 

p. 12, 1. 17. seynt mary Kirk of Beverley. This noble church had been 
originally a chapel of ease, but was endowed out of the prebend of St. Martin, 
1325, as a Parish Church, on condition that its vicar provided two chaplains, to 
celebrate service daily at the altars of St. Mary and St. Martin, and that he 
should be present with his priests, in a regular habit, all processions of the pre- 
bendal church of Beverley {Originalia, 3 Edw. III.). — J. H. R. 

p. 12, L 18. th>e vekery of the same Kyrke. John de Brydlington had been 
appointed vicar in 1403 (Lansd. MSS. 896, viii. fo. 189).— J. H. R. 

p. 12, 1. 22. seynt gylys spetyll. Said to have been founded by "Wulf " 
before the Conquest. Belonged to the Archbishops of York till Walter Giffard, 
in 1277, exchanged it with the Priory of Wartre for a wood. It consisted of a 
Master and brethren, and, at the Dissolution, contained five poor men. — J. H. R. 

p. 16, 1. 8. JRowenhale: possibly so called as being a native of Rowenhall, 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


p. 37. Rychard Haddoke, o/tTie Lee, Essex. Mr. H. W. King, of Leigh Hill, 
Leigh, Essex, the well-known Essex antiquary (p. xi, abuv), had Stephen Thomas's 
Will prepared for printing before I issued it. He writes to Mr. Challenor Smith : 
" Richard Haddoke is one of the ancestors (whether lineal or not,) of the great 
Admiral Sir Richard Haddock of this place [temp. Charles II and James II], 
and his scarcely less distinguished son, Admiral Nicholas Haddock, and some 
6 or more Naval Captains of that remarkable family. There are brasses of their 
Ancestors in this Church, and of, possibly, that identical Richard named in the 
will [1419], as he died 1453." 

p. 46, 46. For TTioTnas Bathe read John Bathe. 

p. 70, 1. 23. breed and ?ierynge. A century later (1528) Thomas Mathew of 
Colchester, on being tried for heresy, abjured, and was ordered, as part of his 
penance, to spend is. Sd. a week, during Lent, in buying bread and herrings 
for the poor of the town. — J. H. R. 

p. 70, 1. 25. Laffarebrugge. Langford bridge on the Blackwater, between 
Witham and Maldon.— J. H. R. 

p. 109, 1. 10. t?ie frere prechours of Oloucestre, See an excellent account of 
this Dominican House (founded circ. 1239) by the Rev. C. F. R. Palmer (Arch. 
Joum. xxxix. 296).— J. H. R. 

p. 135. Sir Thomas West, knight. Died 17 April, 1405, and was buried at 
Christchurch with his ancestors, having bequeathed £100 to its canons that 
they might keep annually the *' year's minde" for himself, his father, mother, 
and wife.— J. H. R. 

p. 135. Of the Benedietio Vidua here described, there is a famous instance 
in English history. Eleanor, sister of Henry III. and widow of William Earl of 
Pembroke (who d. 15 April, 1231), had taken this vow, but subsequently (7 
Jan. 1238) married Simon de Montfort. The vow had been taken before 
Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Richard, Bishop of Chichester. The 
former protested against her second marriage, and the Baronage, then jealous of 
Simon, raised such an outcry that he had to go to Rome and pay heavily for a 
dispensation. It is clear, I- think, that the historians who treat of this mar- 
riage (Blaauw, Pauli, Prothero, Shirley, &c.) must have been ignorant of the 
technical character of Eleanor's vow, which they seem to confuse with taking 
the veil. But the chroniclers' words distinctly refer to the Benedietio vidtuie : 
— ''in prsesenti^ sancti Edmundi Cantuarensis archiepiscopi et sancti Ricardi 

Cicestrensis episcopi solemne votum castitatis emisit." — T. Wykes ; 

"in cujus prsesentia dicitur ipsa Alienora votum fecisse continentiae vidualis, 
vestibus utens tinctura carentibus." — Matth. Paris. 

Philippa, widow of Guy (d. 28 April, 1351), eldest son of Thomas Earl of 
Warwick, took this vow 11 Aug. 1360. The Memorandum of it is preserved, 
and is a good illustration of the service. 

** 11 die mensis Augusti, An. Dom. 1360, apud Warwick, dictus Venerabilis 
Pater, 1 altam Missam in Pontificalibus, in Ecclesicl Collegiate beatse Marias 
Warwici antedict^ celebrans, votum castitatis Philippae nuper uxoris Domiui 

^ Reginald (Bryan) Bishop of Worcester. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Ooidonis de Warwic* admisit et acceptavit ; et dicta Philippa votum castitatis 
emisit, sub hiis Verbis : 

'* En le nom de le Seint Trinitie, Piere, Fil, & Seint Esprit, jeo Philippe 
que fu la feme Sire Guy de Warv^st face purement & des queor & yoluntee 
entieren^ent, avow a Dieu & seiut Eglise, & a la benure Virgin Marie, & a 
tout le bel compaigne celestine, & a vous reverent Piere en Dieu, Sir Reynaud 
per le Grace de Dieu Evesque de Wircestre, que jeo ameneray ma vie en 
ohastitee defore en avant, & chaste ferra de mon coi^s a tout temps de 
ma vie." »— J. Horace Round. 

p* 130, L 23. Edioard my sone. A staunch Yorkist. ,FoughtatSt. Alban's, 
1466.— J. H. R 

p. 146, coL 2, 1. 24, for Bather Thomas read Bathe , John. 

p. 184, col. 1, 1. 6, for " 70/22 " read " 70/23 " 

p. 185, col. 1, L 2, for " II7/12 " read " II7/14 " 

(Mr. Horace Round is, I find, the only grandson of Horace Smith of the 
Rejected Addresses. ) 

» Bryan, Vol. I. f. 30 b. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

€utlmt €nglts^ Mills, 


[Citizen of London : gives half his property to himself, to be spent in 
Masses and Alms ; the other half to his son Watk3m and his daughter 
Katherine; and 40«. to his daughter Genet. Leaves bequests to St. 
Mary Abchurch,i St. Paul's poor folk, Bartholomew New, one of his 
Executors, &c.] 

I. Commiasaiy Court of London, Courtney (a.d. 1374-1400), leaf 198, back. 

IN the name of god. Amen, the thorsday Befor the feste of seint 
laurence, the ^er of the incarnacion of our lord, MiUesimo 
QQQmo ixxxvij, the reyne of the kynge Kichard the Secun(J after 
the conquest the x., I, Robert Com, Ceteseyn of london), be-quethe 4 
my sowle to god, to lygge in the chircR of our lady of abbechircL 
Also y he-quethe my goodes in twey partyes, that ys for [to] seie, 
half to me, and the tother haluyndel to Watkyn my sone and to 
Kateryne my Dowter, and also, or my godes be to-partyd, y will 8 
that my dettes be payd in alle places that rythful yg. Also y 
be-quethe genet my dowter xl. s. Also to the wevkea of our lady of 
AbbechircR xx. s. Also to the Brethered of our lady of AbbechircR 
XX. s. Also to eueri prest that ys of this chirch, ij. s. Also to the 12 
twey clerkes that bene in the chirch. euerich of hem, ij. s. Also y 
be-quethe x. s. to the most nedful men & women J?at ben in 
the parche of our lady of abbechirch. Also y be-quethe iij. ti to 

^ St. Mary Abchurch is in Abchurch Lane in the Ward of Candlewick St. : 
*the word Abchurch, or Upchurch, was added to distinguish this from other 
Churches of St. Mary, it standing on an Eminence, compared with Houses near 
it in Thames sir, Ac* It was burnt in the Great Fire of 1666, and rebuilt in 
1686. Hatton's New View of London (1708), ii. 359. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 


bringe me on erthe. Also j be-quethe Bartilmewe neue the bed of 
tree, with the cheste atte the foot, weche they haue of myn, & the 
lauo?*r of peut«r vfiih the basyn of led. Also y wille and ordene 
4 }}at alle the godes weche y haue be-quethe' Katerine, pat it be 
in kepynge of my too executours, here for to take as sche had ned. 
Also y be-quethe to the wetkea of poulys vj s. viij (). And also w&t 
godes \)at leuet to-ward me, y wiH fat it be do of massys and 
8 of almes dedys fere most nedful ys. And here-to I ordeine Watkyn 
my sone, secutot^r, & Bartilmewe newe ]?at oper; & vp-on this y 
wiH pat Bartilmewe neue haue for hys traueal, aft^ pat he seruit. 
Also y wili pat Idhn EdmuncI [haue] al p* led pat light in p* stuys, 

12 & ))• sesteme pat longej) to the stuys, and p* hordes & f* gaudroun in 
))• kechyn pat stont in fomeys, he to paie per-for as it ys worthy, 
for-be ony otherman. 

(xxij. 129. 199) Frobatum fuitpresens testamentum coram nohis, 

16 Presidente Consistorij londonw, vna cum codicillo eid^^m annexo, 
ij* Idus Marcij, Anno domim MiUeinmo CCC"* Ixxxix"*. Et commissa 
est administrac/o ommum bonon/m, dictum defunctum & ipaius 
testamentum concernencium, Waltero Com, executori in dicto testa- 

20 mento nominato, in forma iuris, & per eundem admissa^ BsLrthoIomeo 
l^eue, coexecutore interius in eodem testamento nominato, onus 
adminiatracionis hmusmodi coram nobw expresse admittere recu- 
sante. In cuius rei testimonium, sigillum officialitatt^ london^'e, 

24 pre^entibtts duiimus apponendum. Datum Londonte, Die & anno 
T>omini supradictw. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


JN. PYNCHEON, 1392. 

Will <rf Jn. Pyncheon, Citizen and jeweller of London, dated, Vigil of 
St. Matthew [Sept. 20], 1392. 

[John Pyncheon's will is in French, with an English insertion, perhaps 
in order that his charitable gifts might thus be more plain. He gives 
money to the Poor, according to their condition ; clothes to the Lame and 
Blind ; a weekly allowance to the Prisoners in Newgate, and the Lepers, 
for 1 year ; and a small sum to poor men of Religion.] 
1 Commissary Court off London, Courtney. 

(xiij. 264. 194 If. 1. 19) Gives his lands in the county of Essex to 
be sold, and the money dispozed of as follows : " leo voile que la 
moneye soit despendu, cestassauoir, to J)® pore Men fat ban ben Men 
be-fore of god conue?'sacion, som man .xx.s, ant som ij Marc<, and 4 
som xl. s., aftyr fat here s]tat hat ben be-fore, and fat fey be of f® 
same Parche, and Of Petris and Cristoforys, or of of ere next f er by ; 
& where me may wetyii eny powre lame, ore powre Blynde, in Ani 
plache in f ® Towne, fat fey lian Clof ys to hele hem fro colde, & 8 
Schetys to f am fat han nede. And to f • presonis of newgate, a 
serteyn by fe weke duryug on 3ere; & to f® Powre Mesellw a 
certeyn A weke duryng on 3ere ; & fat f * hows be ysolcl^, and f** 
Almes yi-do in) f® worst jere. And where men may a-spye eny 12 
powre man of religion, Monke, Chanon, or Frere, fat fay han of my 
god f ® gode^, AncJ ben powre, eche Man .yj. s. viij. (J. fat ben Prestys." 

(Proved, with Codicil annext, Oct. 9, 1392.) 
» so in MS. 

B 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


LADY ALICE WEST, of Hampshire, 1395. 

[Of Hinton Marcel, Hampshire. Gives her son Thomas, her best Bed 
and Seat, his father's ring, &c. Her daughter-in-law Joan, her second 
best Bed, a silver Basin and Chafer, her Books, Chapel Vestments and 
silver fittings, with a Chair and Chariot. Her daughter. Lady Alianore 
Clifton, a Bed, silver Baain, <kc. Her sister. Lady Lucy Fitzherbert, 
Prioress of Shaftesbury, £40. Bequests to her servants and poor tenants. 
Many gifts to Nuns, and Friars, and Recluses, for Masses and Prayers. 
Burial to be at the Priory of Christ-Church, Hampshire.] 

[Latin prologue as to the proof of the Will on Sept. 1, 1395, by Sir 
Thomas West and John Thurston, two of the Executors named in it.] 

(Rous. (Prerogative Court) sheet 4, leaf 29 back. ) 

Testamentum Domine Alicie West (in margin) 

Tenor vero dicti testamenti aeqmtur in hec verba : 

In dei nomine. Amen. On thursday, that is to sey, the xv day 

of the monetfi of July, In the yer of the incarnaciown of our^ lord 

4 ihe^u crist, a thousand and thre hundred and foure score and fiftene,. 

.1. Alice West, lady of Hynton Marcel, in hool estat of my body, and 

in good mynde beynge, make my testament in the manei* as hit 

folwetfi here after. In the begynnyng*, I bequethe my soule to god 

8 almygMy and to his moder seynt Marie, and to al the seyntis of 

heuene, and my body to be beryed in Criscfiercfi in the Priorie of the 

Chanones in Hamptschire, by the J^ewe forest, where-as myne 

Auncestres liggetfi. Also I deuyse to Thomas my sone, a bed of 

12 tapicers werk, witfi alle the tapites of sute, red of colour, ypouthered 

with chapes and scochons, in the corners, of myn Auncestres armes. 

witfi that .1. bequethe to the same Thomas, the stoffe longyng* 

therto, that is to seye, my beste fetherbed, and a blu caneuas, and a 

16 materas, and twey blankettys, and a peyre schetes of Reynes, witfi the 

heued shete of the same, and sex of my best pilwes, wicfi that lie wol 

chese, and a bleu couertowr of menyuer, and a keuerlet of red sendel 

ypouthered witfi Cheuerons . . Also .1. bequethe to the same Thomas 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


my sone, an Halle, with docere, costers and bankers, of sute of that 
forseyde bed. Also y bequethe to the same ^ Thomas my sone, a 
peyre Matyns hookis, and a peire bedes, and a rynge with which y 
was yspoused to god,* which were my lordes his faderes. Also .1. ^ 
deuyse to lohane my doughter, my sone-is wyf, a bed paled blak* and 
whit, with the tapites of sute, and the stoffe of the bed, that is 
to seye, my secunde best fetherbed, with caneuas materas, twey 
blanketes, a peyre shetis of Reynes, with the heiied shete of the same, 8 
and a blu couertour of grys, and .iij. the beste pilwes after choys of 
the forseyde Thomas my sone. Also .1. bequethe to the same 
lohane a basyn of siluei* with hoses apon the brerdes, and a chaufowr 
of siluer longyng* ther-to. Also .1. bequethe to the same lohane, a 12 
masse book, and alle the bokes that .1. haue of latyn, englisch, and 
frensch, out-tak the forsayd matyns bookw that is bequethe to 
Thomas my sone / Also I bequethe to the same lohane alle my 
vestymentz of my chapeH, with the towailes longynge to the autei*, 16 
and my tapites whit and rede paled, and blu and red paled, with alle 
my grene tapites that longeth to my chapeH forsayd, and with the 
frontels of the forsayd autei*, and with alle the rydelles and trussynge 
cofres, and aUe other apparaile that longeth to my chapelle forsayd. 20 
AJso to the same lohane my doughter .1. bequethe a chales and 
a paxbredl, and an haliwater pot, with the sprengls, twey cruetis, 
twey chaundelers, twey siluer^ basyns for the auter, with scochons of 
myne auncestres armes, and a sacrynge belle, and alle of seluer. Also a 24 
tablet depeynt of tre. Also .1. bequethe to the same lohane, my 
chare, and that I haue longyng therto ; Also a chariot with twey 
standardes heled with lether, which that serueth for myn barneys. 
Also .1. bequethe to Sir Nichot ^ Cliston knyght, and to Alianore his 28 
wif, my doughter*, and to Thomas ^CHston here sone, Cxx li, 
euenliche to be departed betwix ham thre. And if Thomas here 
sone forsayd dyeth or he haue age of discreciot^n, to ordeyne of his 
part of that money e, I. wol that it tome to profet of his fader and 32 
his moder*. Also .1. deuyse to the same Alianore my doughter, a 
tawne bed of silk*, with hool celure and four curtyns of sute, and a 

* leaf 30. ' ? vow taken after she became a widow. 

3 8 for/; CUfton. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


keucrlit of selk* ypoynet in that on side tawne, and in that other 
side blu ; and the stofife of the bed ther-wyth. that is to se^e, my 

. thridde beste fetherbed, with caneaas materas, twey blankettes, a 
4 payre shites of reynes, with an beuedshite of sute, and iij pilwes. 
Also I deuyse to the same Alienore, a round bassin of siluei*, which 
hath a scochon of my lordes armys and of myn Iparted. Also I 
deuyse to my sustei* dame luce fitz-Herberd, Priorisse of Shaftebury, 
8 .xt li. Also .1. bequethe to my sustei* Thomase Blount, Menchon ^ 
of Romeseye, xl Marc*. Also I deuyse to Margerie Salfor^ xx. 
tl Also I bequethe to Beatrice Wareyn) xl Marc, and a bed 
couenable for a gentel womman. Also I bequethe to Alison Hyntofl 

12 X ti, and a bed couenable for hei* estat. Also .1. bequethe to litel 
Perrot .x. Marc«, and a bed couenable to the same perrot. Also L 
bequethe to Idkyne my chambrei*, xx. tL and a bed couenable for hei* 
estat. Also I bequethe to Thomme of the warderobe .C. s*. Also I 

16 bequethe to litel Eeignold xl. s. and a bed couenable for his estat 
Also .1. bequethe xL tl to be departed among* alle my seruantz, men 
and wommen of myn houshold, as to thilke that ben entendant for 
Thomas my sone, as for me, and as wel to hem that I haue eny 

20 thyng* bequethe to in this testament, as to hem that I haue nothyng* 

bequethe to : and I wole that it be departed trewely to euery man and 

woTTimail, after his degre. Also .1. bequethe xl. ti. to be departed 

among* my pouere tenauntes ouersl where I haue lordschipe, that is 

24 to seye, to hem that haue most nede. Also I bequethe xviij tL and 

.X. s for to synge and seye MMMM and CCCC Masses ^ for my lord 

sii^ Thomas "West-is soule, and for myn, and for alle cristene soules, in 

the most hast that it may be do, withynne xiiij nyght next after my 

28 deces. Also .1. bequethe xl. ti to do make a vestiment, after deuys of 
my fbrsayd sone, to the cops ^ of the hows of Crischerche wher^ my 
body schal ligge, to bidde, and to rede and synge for my lordes soule 
forsayd, and myn, and for alle cristene soules while the world? schal 

32 laste. and .1. wol that the same vestiment be mad and deliuered to 
the same hows of Crischerche withynne twelf moneth next after my 

1 Monk-en (cp. vix-en), monkess, nun. * 4400 Masses. 

» ? meaning : Copes (as Mr. W. G. Stone suggests), or Brethren, Monks, or 
the like. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


deces. Also .1. bequethe to the Eeligiouse wo7Minen, the !N"oTines of 
the hows of seynt Eleynes of londoii, and to the prestes that longeth 
to the same Hows, C. s*. to be departid among* hem by euene porcion, 
for to synge and rede diuine seruice, and to praye for my lordes 4 
soule, Sii* Thomas West, and for myn, and for alle cristene soules, 
and for the estat of Thomas my sone, and lohane his wif*, and for 
her' childem. Also I. bequethe to the Eeligiouse Wommen the 
Menowresses dwellyngge withoute algate of londoii, C. s. to be 8 
departed amonge [hem] by euene porcion, for to synge and rede and 
to praye diuine seruice for my lordes ^ soule Sir Thomas West, and 
myn, and for alle cristene soules, and for the estatf^ of Thomas my 
sone, and lohane his wyf,and for her children. Also .1. bequethe to 12 
the Eeligiouse Wommen, Menchowns of the Hows of Shaftebury, 
and to the prestes longynge to the same Hows, C. s. to be departed 
amonge hem by euene porcion, for to synge and rede diuine seruice, 
and to preye for my lordes soule Sir Thomas West, and for myn, and 16 
for alle cristene soules, and for the estatz of Thomas my sone & 
lohane his wif, and her children. Also .1. bequethe to the Eeligiouse 
wommen, the Menchowns of the Hows of Eomeseye, and to the 
prestes longynge to the same Hows .C. s. . . . [Here follow like 20 
bequests of 100 8, each to " the Eeligiouse wommen, Menchofls of the 
Hows of Wilton " and its priests ; " to the Freres Menours within 
Newegate of london " ; " to the freres prechours withynne ludgate of 
london"; **to the freres carmes in Fletstret of london"; *^to the 24 
freres Augusteyns withynne Bisshopesgate of londoii"; "to the 
freres prechours of Wynchestre " ; " to the freres Menowrs of 
Wynchestre " ; " the freres Menowrs of Southampton " ; " the freres 
prechours of Salesbury " ; " the freres Menowrs of Salesbury " ; " the 28 
freres Menowrs of Bristowe " ; " the freres prechours of Bristowe," 
all to pray for the Souls of Sir T. West, the testatrix, all Christians, 
and her Son and his family.] Also I. bequethe to the Eeclus frere 
Thomas, atte seynt lames in the Holte .xl. s. for to preye for 32 
my lordes soule forsaycJ, and myn, and for alle cristine soules, 
and for ^thestaf of my sone forsayd, and lohane his wif*, and 
hei* childrefl. Also .1. bequeth to the Hospitat of seynt Marie 
1 leaf 30 back. « leaf 31. 

■Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Maudeleyne aboue Wynchestre xL s. to preye for my lordes 
soule forseyd, and myn, and for alle cristene soules, and for the 
stat of my sone forseid, and lohane his wif, and hei* childem. 
4 Also .1. bequethe xl. ti to do make ther-with my forseyd lordes 
tombe, Sir Thomas West, and myn also. Also I bequethe to 
Elizabeth Rogers wif ITewe, which that was my seruawnt somtyme 
.C. s\ Also I bequethe to luliane Amy, and to lohn Amy her 
8 hosebonde, of dudlyntoil .C. s. Also .1. bequethe to Richarcl Forstrer, 
which is a blynd man dwellynge in Hanefeldl, that was somtyme 
scruay^nt with my forsed lor(J Sir Thomas "West, xx Marc. Also I 
bequethe to Roger, my parkere, of Ewhurst .C. s. Also I bequethe to 

12 lohfl Smart that was somtyme my forseyd lordes baillif, Sii^ Thomas 
West, atte Hempston .C. s. Also .1. bequethe to lohn Smyth, my 
Reue of Trestwode .C. s. Also I. bequethe to the vicai* of the 
Cherch of Newenton Yalance that now is .xl. s. to preye for my 

16 lordes soule Sii^ Thomas West, and myn, and for alle cristene soules, 
and for thestatz of Thomas my sone and lohane his wif, and her 
childrefl. An al the residue of my godes, after the dettys that I owe, 
ben quyt, and after my testament is parfoume(J .1. bequethe to the 

20 forsayd Thomas my sone. Also I wol and deuyse that, ware that 
euer I deye, my body be caried to the forsaycJ Priorie of Crischerch, 
pryuelich and with right litel cost, and ther-to beried att the ferst 
masse, with a taper of v pound of wax stondyng and brennyng* att 

24 my heued, and another taper* of .v. pound brennyng* atte my fet, 
with-out any other cost or solempnite ydo afterwar(J. This is myn 
hool wil, that this be parfournecJ as hit is writen her-before. An 
ther-to .1. make my chef executor, Thomas my sone forsay(J, and 

28 executrice lohane his wif. Mo executoris to hem I make Sir lohn 
Colman, prest, Thomas Remys, steward? to the lady BemoncJ, and 
lohn Thurstoii. Also .1. wol and ordeyne that myn executoM7's be 
rewarded a.fter the helpe that they doth of this which that is my 

32 testament, and after the goode discrecion of the forsayd Thomas my 
sone, and after that they travaille diligently with her^ gode wiUe, to 
helpe fulfelle thes present testament ; and therto .1. charge my sone 
Thomas forsaid vpon my blessyng* to parfourne holelich and trewlich 

36 this present testament which that is my laste wiL In witnesse of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


whicfe thyng*, to this testament ich haue set my sel. This was yeve 
and writen in the lordes In of Cherlton withoute Newgate, in the 
parosch of soynt sepulcre in the suburbe of londofl, in the day and 
the yer before ysayc). More forthere, in the same day and in the yei* 4 
of the Incamaciown of oui* lord ihfisn crist bifore sayd. 

[Codicil. Revofees her gifts of goods to her Son and Daughter-in-law 
if they won't act as Executors ^ ; and gives money to the other Executors 
who do act.] 

.1. Alice West, lady of Hyntoil Marcel befomemed, hool of my 
body and in good mynde, beynge mor folly avised to dispose of this 
testament and my laste wil, .1. wol that, if it so be that Thomas my 8 
sone forseyd, and lohane his wif, wolle noght take the charge to be 
myne executors, and to parfowme the administracion of this testa- 
ment, which is [my] laste wil, as it is wrete her'-before, thanne .1. wole 
that alle the godis which that .1. haue deuysed to the forseyd Thomas 12 
my sone and lohane his wif in this testament, be soldo by myn 
executot^rs which wol take the charge herof, and trewely ydo to 
charitable werkes for my lordes soule, Six' Thomas West, and for 
myn, and for al cristene soules. Also my wil is, that if eny of myne 16 
othei^ executours forsaid, that is to saye, sir lohn Cobnafi, Thomas 
Eemys, and lohn Thurstofi, wol take the charge, and be myn 
executowr by hem self, to parfowrne this testament, if so be that non 
of myne other* executours wol take the charge with hem, thanne .L 20 
wole, that after Thomas my sone forseyd, and lohane his wif haue 
forsake to be myn executours, that he that taketh the charge to be 
myn executowr, haue .xx.ti for his orwene^ trauayle ; and if tweye of 
hem that ben myne executours forseyd wol take the charge to-gederes 24 
of executours to parforn trewely this testament, thanne .1. wol that 
after Thomas my sone and lohane his wif haue forsake to be myne 
executours, that they tweye that taketh the charge to be myne trewe 
executours, have xx Marc for her* trauaylle, that is [to] seye, eyther 28 
of hem X Marc*. And if so be that sir* lohn Colman, Thomas Eemys 

1 As Sir Thos. West proved the WUl (with Jn. Thurston), he and his Wife 
would keep their beds, books, &c. 
* for owene. 

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and John Thurstofi, myae executours forseyd, wolle take charge 
togederes to administre and to parf ourne trewly this testament as hit 
is writen here hefore / thanne .1. wole that after Thomas my sone 
^ forsayd and ^lohane his wif haue forsake to be myne executours, that 
the forseycJ Sir John Colmafi, Thomas Remys, and lohn Thurstofi, 
haue .XX. ti for her* trauaille, that is to seye, euerjch. of hem x Marc*. 
Also, for hit was for-yete byf ore in this testament, .L bequethe to the 
8 Keclus of Shirbourn, whos Surname is Arthour, xL s. for to do and 
to preye as othere Reclus forseyd? ShuUeth don and preye. Accepta 
sunt hec, coram dicto 'Renerendiasimo ipvesidente & domino Archiepts- 
copo, & "per eum prout suprascribuntwr & recitantt^r. Anno, In- 
12 dictione, pontificatu, Mense, die & loco, predictis. Presentibt«tf 
venerabilibw & discretis viris, Magw^ris Adam de Mottrun, Archidia- 
cono Cantuaren^i in decretis, & Waltero Gybbes in legibus licenciatis, 
testibus ad premissa vocatis specialiter & rogatis.^ 


[Of Harefield (near Uxbridge, Middx.) : to be buried at Westminster 
Abbey. Bequests to St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, the parish churches 
of Harefield (and its poor, priest, and clerk), Ikenham, Huislip, and 
Helmdon,' and to 120 poor bedrid folk of Westminster ; and £2 to mend 
the road between Hillingdon and Acton.] 

(Brown 1400-1418. 2 Commissary Court of London, leaf 21 back.) 

16 In the name of god, Amen, y xxv day of luyll in) y reigne of 
Kyng Henry, iij jer .1. lohn Girdeler of HarfelcJ, in god mynde 
and saf memorye, make my testement. Ferst my soule to Ahnyghty 

1 leaf 31 back. 

* See an Abstract of this Will in Nicolas's Testamenta Fettista, 1826, i. 137 ; 
CoUins's Peerage, v. 378 ; and an extract in Dugdale's Baronage, ii. 139. It 
was printed in the Illustrated London News of (?). 

' These places are in the hundred of Elthome, Middx., and near Uxbridge, 
from which town, Harefield (Virgin Mary) is 4i miles N., Ickenham (St. Giles) 
is 2} miles N.E., and Ruislip (St. Martin) is 3i miles N.E.— Lewis, Topogr, 
Diet,, 1833. Helmdon, Middx., is not in Lewis, but must be near the others. 

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gO(J, my body for to rest in the Chircbe of 9jat pietres at West- 
me/wtre, "where as ))• Abbot wol asyne. And y bequethe to y werk 
of Synt powles of london) vj s. viy d. Also y bequethe to pe Coaent 
of Westmenstre x mark*. Also y bequethe for vj torchis of wax for 4 
to seme atte awter of Synt pieter in y worschipe of god xl .s. Also 
y bequethe to f • parich chirche of Ha^'feld? xx .8. Also y bequethe 
to J)e heye awtcr of )>• forseyd? chirch, ij torchis of wax. for to serue in 
the worschip of god? xiij s iiij d. Also y bequethe atte day of my 8 
terment in Harfeld, to an .0. pouere men and wommen, for y loue 
of god?, euerych Ld. Also y jeue to y parich prest of Harfeld x .8. 
Also y jene to y clerk* of y chirch of Harfeld xij d, And to y 
sexsteyn xij d. Also y bequethe to y parich chirch of Ikenham 12 
xiij 8. iiij d. Also ij. torchis of wax for to seme in y forseyd chirche 
in the worschip of god xiij s. iiij d. Also y bequeth to y paricll 
chircfi of Kyslepe in most worchip of god vj s. viij d Also to y 
forseyd chirche y jeue for to seme atte heye awter and in othir 16 
places of y chirche in) y most worschip of god ij torchis of wax, pris 
xiij 8. iiij d &c«. Also y bequethe to y parish chirche of Helmdon) in 
most worschip of god, vj s. viij d. Also to y forseyd Chirch y jeue 
for to seme atte y heye Awter and in othir place of the chirche in 20 
the most worschipe of god ij torchis of wax, pris xiij s. iiij d. Also 
y bequeth to y Mendyng of y heye way be-twen Hillindoi]) and 
Akton), xl .s. Also y bequethe to vj".^ pouere Bedrede men & 
womTTien where as fey may be founde y day of my terment atte 24 
"Westme^wtre, or Hastelich after, euerych man and womman, for y 
loue of god, iiij d. My seketowrs, Wilham Kyllet of Essex, John) 
Mendam of London), Thomas Tornowi of Ikenham ; John) Cosyn of 
London), ouerseer, pat my wylle be fulfylyd in y worschip of god. 28 
Trohsitum est hoc tesiamentum coram nobw, presiden^e Couaistorii 
Londome, vj*** Idus Augusti, A* domini Milleaimo CCCC™® secundo 
&c. Et commissa est administracio bonorum Executoribt^ in dic^o 
testaiTten^o nominate. 

^ six score 120. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 




[Of London ; ? originally of Beverley, Yorkshire. Gifts to the poor, 
and to the parson (rector), priests, and clerks of his parish church (? where). 
£6 to his master, for neglect while he was apprentist. Gifts to the clergy 
and poor of St. Mary's, Beverley, and of rings <kc. to friends. £50 each 
to Wife and son Thomas ; a pipe of wine to Jn. White jun. and his wife. 
Residue in thirds : 1. to Testator's soul (for Masses.. <kc.), 1. to his wife, 
1. to his son, with gifts over, if his son dies.] 

(Brown (a.d. 1400-1418). 2 Commissary Court of London, leaf 75 back.) 

In Dei nomine, Amen. I Richarcl Rocs, in gode hele & 
mynde, Blessed be god / The Ferst day of June the [vij] yere of 
Kyngye Harry the fourth, y wyt my body to be berycJ whare that 
4 god wyH of his Grace dyspose hyt / And at the day of my beryng*, y 
wyH haue sayde for my sowle xiij Messez ; & ther for y wyt Euery 
prest iiij A Summa .iiij s, iiij (J / & also y wyt to xxvj. pouere men 
^ wymmen, euoy of hem ij <J, 8um7na iiij s. iiij (J / & Also y wyt to 
8 the person) of my paryssh vj s. viij <J / Also y wyt Euery prest of the 
same Kyrk* xij d / Also y wyt to the clerkys of the same Kyrk* ij s. 
Also y wyt to lohn Wodcok* my mayster, for neclygent seruyse that 
y dyd to hym in the tyme of my prentyshode, jyf he wyl take hyt, 

12 V li & 3yf he wyl nougth take hyt, y wyt hyt to my sone Thomas. 
Also y wyt to lohan Dyrwyn) a rynge of xx a. Also y wyt to 
Richarcl Medrose a rynge of vj s. viij dl. Also y wyt to lohan 
Talbot a Cuppe, pryse of xxvj s. viij (J / Also y wyt Thomas Roos 

16 my brothyi*, my Habyryon), & my schort swer(J, & my best 
baselar(J. Also y wyt to euery prest of seynt mary Kyrk* of 
Beuerley, for to pray for me, iiij (J / Also y wyt to the vekery of the 
same Kyrke xij (J. Also y wyt to the same Kyrke work* xl. d? / Also 

20 y wyt to foure clerkys of the same Kyrke xvj d. Also y wyt to xxiiij 
pouer men & wymmen of the same paryssh in Beufrley, iiij s. Also 
y wyt euery prest & Frere in Beuerley, ij (J. Also y wyt to seynt 
gylys spetyft in Beuerley, to the pouer folk* ij a\ Also y wyt to the 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


spetyH of Richanl of Beuerley, xij d. Also y wyt to the seruauntys 
of lohan Wodcok* in hys hous xx s*. at the wyti of myne Executowris. 
Also y wyt to lohan Watl*3y, Ricliard Gy, Martyn) Killum, Nicholas 
Walsyngham, lohan Bele, Thomas Halle, lohan Greiie, Thomas 4 
Scheddysfoix), lohan Wellys, Robard Kemp, Mari^eri WaUynghara, 
Agnes Bele, lonet Denerston), Mawde Denton), Margarete Strauston), 
Alson) talbot, Laurans Hampton) & eius vxori, Richard Eucrard & 
eins vxori, Thomas Waddoii), lohan Typpop, Robard Myddylton), ylk* 8 
man & woman of hem in sute a rynge of xl d. Also y wyt to Mawde 
my wyfe .L. tL Also y wyt to Thomas my son) .1. ti. ; & jyf my son) 
dye, than y wyH that my wyfe haue xx li : & the xx Mark* over*, y 
wyll that hyt be dysposyd at the wyH of Thomas Roos to owre 12 
Snsterys Chyldryii). Ako y wyt syr perys Geneyn) a cuppe of xx s'., 
or XX s*. [leaf 76, iij f.] Also y wyt to lohan \Vhyte the yonggei*, & 
to hys wyfe, a pipe of wyne, prys of xl s'. Also y wyt to the 
seruauntys in the hous of lohan Whyte, that ys for to say, prentyse 16 
Lowys & othyr seruauntys, at the Dysposyng* of Thomas Roos, xx s'. 
Also y wyt to Robard Rechemond my Cosyn, xl s. worth of hameys, 
or xl s. And aH the remenauutys of my godys, y wytt they be 
preysyd & parttyd in thre : on part for to be doii) for my soule, & 20 
that other part to my wyfe / & the threde to my son or to my 
children; & 3yf my son) die, than y wyH that hys part of the 
xemenauntys be partyd in thre, on part for hys soule, & on part to 
his modyr, & the thyrde part to my kyn that pouer men wymmen 24 
or chyldryn) ben / at the dysposicion) of myn) Exeeutowrs. Wretyn) 
at London) the 3ere & the Day for-sayde ; Thomas Roos, Maude Roos 
my wyfe, & lohan Talbot, myne Executorys / In gode tyme also y 
wyH that my son) be at gouemaunce, wytfi that Gode that he has, at 28 
the wyH of Thomas Roos be-fore AH othyr men or wymmen that 
leuyn), & yef* outgh come to Thomas Roos, than y pray lohan 
Wodcok to se to my son), that he be nat lost. Also y wyt to Thomas 
Steuenes, A baselard, or x s\ Also y wyt to Elyse Dauy v. H / Also 32 
y wyt to Robard Torre, xl s'. Also y wyt to the maryage of Avys 
Garton, x Mark*. Item othyr seruauntys [in] my hous xiij s. iiij d / 
prohaXnm fuit hoc testamentum coram nobis, presidente Consutorii 
londoni^, sede vacante, iiy idus Junij, Anno dommi Milleirimo 0000"°® 36 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


sexto. £t coroissa est admintBtracio && Matildi, Relicte & 
Executrici, in dicto ieBUmento superius nominata, et admissa per 
eandem in forma iuiis prestito, primittx^ &c. Facultate coiTimittenda 

4 consimilem administractonem bonorum hmw Thome Koos et lohanni 
Talbot / coexecutoribzi^ eciam in dic^o testBunenento no^mnatt^, cnm 
earn venenrnt admissuns^ nobis specialiter re^ruata / 

[later] Adueniente vero iiij*** kaleudarfim Augusti, Anno domtni 

B yLVledmo CCCC"*** nono, Commissa fuit Admintstracto &c« Thome 

Eoos, Execiiton supra nominato, per M.agistrum Jacobum Gale, Com- 

missan'i^m londonte. £t per eundem admissa in forma iori^ &c, 

presentibu^ Maigre^a Eoberto Eseba«^, & laurencio Hampton), & 

12 AHja 

JOHN PLOT {or rouwenhole, or rouwenhale), 1408. 

[Citizen and Maltman of London, widower and childless (?). All estate 
to services and the poor, with a few legacies to friends. Executor to pay 
a Priest for 3 years £20, and to keep the Testatoi^s * year's mind* — 
Anniversary Solemn Service — for 20 years after his death, and give 40d. 
to the poor, and 40d, for bread and ale at his Dirige* 10 marks for 
Maidens on their Marriage ; £3 for meat and drink for Neighbours ; 
£5 to mend bad roads between London and Ware.] 

(Brown (a.d. 1400-1418). 2 Commissary Court of London, xxxiij, f., If. 138.) 

In the name of tjod, Amen. And Also y, lohn) plot, Citaysyn 
and Maltman of london), beynge In gode Mende, In the day 
of translacton of scynt Martyn) Byshoppe, the jere of Owre lord god 

16 M** CCCC* & viij / And4he jere of the Reygne of Kyng henre the 
iiij* aftir the conquest ix®. My wyti ys thys, that Eobert pygeoii), 
Citaysyn) & draper of londoii), Somtyme Cosyii) to Alys my wyue, — 
that god haue Mercy on hei* sowle & on all Cristyn) sowlys, — that he 

20 take ful Charge & ful mi/izstraczon of al my godys, In whos handys 
& kepyng' where they been / And Also the same Eobe?-t fulfelle alle 
my wylle a-fore the date of thys / And Also my wyH ys thys. that he 

1 MS. admissur*. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


& his Executottfs, othei^ hys assyngnes, baue gouernance of my prest / 
& for to paye to the same prest for the terms of thre ^ere After my 
deses, ^yf he he of good conuersacion, & Cunne devyne seruyse, xx. 
ti. And 3yf hit so be the con/rarie, y wil that he be put owte of hya 4 
seruice, & take yn A betyr be the Same Kobert Pygeon), & be his 
Executowrs, othir be hys assyngnys / And thys ys my wyS. And 
Also my wytt ys, that the Same Robert pygeon), hys Executours & 
his assygnys haue gouemans & rewlyng* of my obytt«, that ys for to 8 
sayii), my jerys mynde, xx wynter Af[t]er my deses / And my Tryl ys, 
for to be do for my sowle, & for the Sowle of Alys my wyue, & 
for all Cristyn) sowlys, with solempne seruise, that ys for to sayn), 
wyth Belle Eyngyng*, deryge be note, & Masse of requiem be note. 12 
& y wytt that the persoii) of the same Churche as for that tyme, haue 
iiij (J, & euery prest and clerkys haue ij d. & Also my wyl ys that 
there be delyd that Same Daye to the pouer peple xl dl, And Also 
payde for brede & Ale to Spende atte my dyryge, xl. d. And Also 16 
T^7 wyl ys thys, that lohii) "White, Alys Kamerwefl / Mavde White, 
Margarete Herelowe, \leaf 138, hack"] Wedue, have A-jens the day of 
my terment, gownes of russet, with hodys of the same clothe. And 
also my wyll ys thys, that Alys, the seruaunt of Mawde White, haue 20 
a bras pot for her^ gode seruices / Also my wyl ys, that Mawde 
White be rewardyd for Here gode kepyng*, & for the gode loue that 
Sche hath Schewyd to me, be the discrescion) of Robert pygeon), myii) 
Executowr & ouerseer of my testament & of my last wytt / Also my 24 
wyH ys, that John) Walgraue, seruawnt of Wyllyam fondowr, haue of 
my gode iij s'. iiij d / Also my wyti ys, that Maydenys of gode name 
& of gode fame haue x Marc of my gode to here Mariage, atte the 
dysposicton) of Robert pygeon) / Also my wyl ys, that thyr be 28 
Spendyth among^ my Nyebowus in Mete & in drynke A-bowte the 
riche, & on the pouere of my[w]de, iij". And Also hit ys my wyl 
that hit be, be the wyti & be the devyce of Robert pygeoii) ; & that y 
wyl that he haue for hys labour more than he ys nemnyd a-fore the 32 
date of thys, xx s\ And that he do be me, as he wolde y dede by 
hym. As he wyl Answere atte day of dome. And thys ys my last 
wyl, y-wrete In the day & jere A-bovyn) y-sayde. Also my wyl ys thys, 
that [ther] be yspendyth betweue London) and ware, of fowle weys, of 36 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


mj goody theitf most nede ys, C s'. : & thys ys my wytt Becordf on 
Mawd White And Margarete Herlowe, wedewe. Pivbatus f uit iste 
codicillus coram nobis, Jacobo Gale, ckrico HQnerendo in cJiriito patris 

4 Ss domtni Ams, Gommissario generali, per Matildem White & Mar- 
garetam Herlowe, MuUeres testes in hac parte productos, & in 
forma inris iurata« & diligenter examinata« in presenda lohannia 
Gonyesbuigti, vmus Execatorum testamanti, sine vlttmis [so] volun- 

8 tatt# domfTti (lobn Rouwetihole alias) lohannia Rouwenhale slias died 
plot, maltman, dicentis se, nicbil dice^Ue contra dic^m codicillum nee 
hmu$modt testes, & reputant?/r ip«os fore veros, xiij kalendarum 
lanuarii, Anno domtni M^ GCCC°^° Octauo. Et commissa est Admin- 
12 istracto omnium bonoru^n, dictum defu[n]ctum & ipsius presentis 
codicillum ooncernencium, Roberto pygeon), Executori in dtc^o 
codicillo interios nominato, & Admissa per eundem in forma ions. , 


[Of the Cordwainer's Company, London. To be buried at St. Clement's, 
Strand. Gifts of 2 gowns and hoods of the Cordwainer's livery. Money to 
the 4 Orders of Friars to say 4 Diriges at St. Clement's and St. Dunstan*s, 
bread and ale being given away at them. Residue to Wife.] 

(Brown (a.d. 1400-1418). 2 Commissary Court of London, f>. xxxvj*®. 
If. 199, back.) 

In dei nomine, Amen. I, Roberd? Aueray : Ferst y be-quef e my 
16 soule to god and to our lady, and to AH the companye of heuen), and 
my body to befl y-beryed in the Chercfe of seynt Clementw wytfiowtyn 
Templebarr at London). Also y be-quef e to the werk* of tbe same 
Churcfi xy. (J. Also y be-quefe to WilU'am Begelon) a grene Gowne 
20 and a boyd percyd? wytfi Ray, of the Cordywynerys leueray / y be- 
quefe to Freres Cannes* off London) .ij.s.vj.(J, And fat they sey a 

* To the Carmelite or White Friars — ^the Friars of Our Lady on Mount 
Carmel, founded 1160 A.D., and cald ' Maries men/ — £dw. L gave ground in Fleet 
Street to build their Houses on in 1241. 

The Friars-Pi-eachers, Jacohins, or Dominicans— founded by St. Dominic, 

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diryge for my soule in the Churcfi of Seynt Clement i*, and syngg^ 
for me also / y be-quepe to the freres prechoures with-jn ludgate / 
ij s'. yj (J in pe same manure for to seyn a deryge in seynt Clementw 
Chercfi / Al-so y' be-qnej>e to the frere menowres ij. s*. vij. <) for 4 
to seyn a deryge for me in seynt Dunstanes Churcfi in fe West, and 
to syngge for me al-so / y be-quej)e the Frere Austynes ij s' vj <J for 
to seyn for me a dirige in seynt Dunstones Churcfi in the west, and 
for to 8y7ig for me / Also y be-quefe to Johon "Wyot a gowne and a 8 
hoyd of ))• Cordewancres leueray of .ij. Coloures, and also a postuet 
pat y lent hym / Also y be-quefe to herry Cole, a blewe gownne and 
peyr' of Rede hosyn / Also y be-quejje al fe Resydue of my godys to 
lone my wyff*, for to beyn myn) Executorice Cheff, and lohn Robert 12 
of london) / for to ben Executowr wyth hei* / & y be-quefe to the 
same lohn Robert / iij. s. iiij d? for hys trauayl, doyng for me as he 
wyti ansuere by-fore god / Also y be-quef e xl. penyworth bred, & I 
kylderkyn of ale, to be spended At my dirige in sent clement churcfi, 16 
& xl. (J wortfi bred & a kylderkyn of ale, to seint Dunstones in ))• 
same maner, I-wreten at london) ])• ferst day of may in )>• ^er 
of oure kyng, xij. In wytnesse of fis dede, I. haue set ferto me sel. 
Also I wele Jat Herry cole, taylowr, duellyng wyt-outen temple barre, 20 
be on of myne executowrs, & I be-quef e to hym, f e same herry cole, 
for hys trauayle .iij. s. iiij d. Probatuni. — ^iij Klii) Junij, Anno 
dowiini W CCCC** x j . . . Executoribus . . . Et ij* Idus lulij 
. . . lohawne Execw^nee ... 24 

a Spaniard, in 1206 — ^were cald Black Friars from their dress. They came 
to England in 1221, had their first House in Holbom., — afterwards tumd 
into Lincoln's Inn, — and the site of their second House near Baynard's Castle 
(part of the present Blackfriars) was given them in 1276 by the Mayor and 
Barons of London. 

The Austin Friars' Church was founded in Broad Street "Ward (near the 
present N. London Railway Station) in 1263. The Order dates from a.d. 1150. 

The Friar Minors, Franciscans, or Grey Friars — founded by St. Francis of Assisi 
in 1209— first establisht Houses in England in 1224. Their chief House was 
afterwards tumd into Christ's Hospital, the Blue-coat School m I^ewgate St. 


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[Gives household stores, chattels, and growing crops, to his Wife, with 
a coffer. To his son Robert, a bed, and armour. To sons William and 
Henry, armour, &c. £100, and the money from land sold, as a marriage 
portion (in Executors* hands), to his daughter Isabel. Small sums to the 
Poor, to mending of Ways, and to Servants. A manor and advowson to 
son William. Another advowson, and a rent-charge, to son Henry. No 
benefit to any devisee disputing the will. Wife to manage sons' estates till 
sons are 18 years old. Residue to Wife. Feoffees (Trustees) of land to 
carry out the Will.] 

Book March, leaf 187 (in quire 24). Prerogative Court. 

^In dei nomine Amen, vicesimo quarto die Mensi9 Angusti, 
Anno domini M**. CCCC"^. xj™". Anno regni Regw Henr/ci quarti post 
conquestum, duodecimo. Ego, WiileZwew Langeford, Miles, compos 
4 mentis qt^amuis egrotus coTpo7*e, condo testame/itum meum in hum: 
modum. In pnmis lego a7ii7iiam meam dec, corpus c]ue meum ad 
sepeliendttwi in ecc7e^a de BradfeliJ, videlicet in Capella sawed 
Andrea. Item lego fabrice eccZ^«ie Cathedrals Sarum .vj. s. viij d. 
8 Item lego ad reparacw)«em Capelle pred/c/e quadraginta solidqs. AJso 
y be-qweythe to lucye my wyfe, alle my store and cataH quykk* and 
decJ in Bradfeld?*^ and Compton^ \ri\h alle ))• vtensyt of myfi hows, fat 
ys to say, in halle, in Chambre, in Pantrie and Botrie, in larder and 

12 Kechyn, waU alle hire apparure, fat ys to say, in closing*, rynges, and 
alle o\er ornamented, what so fey be, with alle f* hay and com) of 
\i8 3here growing*, res^ruynge f* hold greynys to myh) executours to 
performe my wylle. Also y be-queythe a cofere wM fe godes fer-in 

16 in warde of laurens dru in Southcote*, to J>e forseyd lucie my wyfe, 

* * Sturgeon' * is in the margin. 

* Bradfield (St. Andrew), a parish in the hundred of Theale, co. Berks, 
8 miles W. of Reading. Rectory in archdeaconry of Berks, and diocese of 
Salisbury.— Lewis. 

' ? Compton-Beauchamp, in the hundred of Shrivenham, co. Berks, 6J miles 
S. by W. from Great Farringlon. Rectory in the archdeaconry of Berks, and 
diocese of Salisbury. — Lewis. 

* Southcot, a ty thing in the hundred of Reading, Berks, \\ miles W.S.W. of 
Reading. — Lewis. 

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vn-to hire propre vse. Also y be-qneythe to Robert, myW boldest 
sofi, a reec) bedde of worsteyd, with costers ^at langytb ^^re-to, 
enbrawde vriih wbyte fete, with a canvase, a niateras, a pare of 
Blankette9 .ij. pare of scbetys ; Also a basynet with a yentaile,a pare i 
of yambrace and rerebrace, a pare of legge hemeys, an holle brest- 
plate, a paunce of stele, a pare glovis of plate white. Also to 
Myzabetfi, wyfe of )>e forseyd Robert, a boorde clofe with .y. 
towelle* of deuaunt of oo sute. Also y benjueyth to William 8 
my sofi, an aburioufi of stele witJi a pallett« conerte with reede 
velwette, a pare of glovys of plate blacks. Also to Henr^ my son), an 
aburioufi, a ketil Hatte. Also y be-qneyth to ysabett my dovrtcr, an 
.C. pounds to hir mariage, of whiche sowime ys owynge to me, to be 12 
payd, an .C. Mark* by ))• handes of my lady loueH, and by the handes 
of "William Tanner of Ersgarstofl .xxvj. Mark*, vj .s'. viij <t, and f* 
remnaund to be payid of my godes f/^it leuyth. Also y wylle fat be 
gevofl to pore men, in almes, to pray for me, .iiij. Mark*, and in 16 
emendynge of weys lyand a-bowt pe manare of Bradfeld, .ij. Marc*. 
Also y be-queyth to Thomas Eyre my seruaunde .vj. s'. viij. cl. 
Henre .Soofi .xl. [<J]. William Herewar^ .ij. s*. lohn Oxerd .xl. d. 
Peris Smyth ))e yongar, .xl. d. I(»hn Scep^ .v. s*. lohn of fe 20 
Kechyn .xl. <). Robert Cokenett .ij. s'. lohn Goky .xx. d. William 
Chesc .ij. s*. Robert of fe Stabul .xx. d. Huge Parmay .xl. &, lohn 
Turnour, Carter .v. s'. lohn hayward .yj. s'. viij. d. William Burgeys 
and ys wyfe .xl. s*. Thomas Boteler .vj. s*. viij. d. Wylliam of Chestir- 24 
shire .v. s'. Thomas Capenter .xl. d. Mawde my seruaunt, to hire 
mariage .xx. s'. lohon. Oxerd. xl. d. Beatrice my seTniaunde .vj. s. viij. d. 
Also y wills fat alle f* londes and tenementes in Schyfifeld, Burfeld, 
Sulhamstade Abbis, wit^ fe raede clepyd Tybbeney in Ostofi, of my 28 
purchas, stondynge in feffies handes, be sold, and f* Siluer fej-e-of 
spendyd to fe avauncement of lucie, my dowter, and yf she be 
conably a-vaunsyd with les somme, y wille fat f* surplus be dofi for 
my soule. Also y wille fat f* forseyd sale of my londes and 32 
tenemewte* in Schefifeld. Burfeld. and Sulhamstade Abbis, be made 
principaly to my wyfe and myne heiris, geuynge fer-fore os an ofcr 
man wille. Also y wille fat William myn son) haue f e maner of 

Chale, with alle fe purtenaunce boyi ge in fefyes handes, wtJi 33 

c 2 

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a-vow80li of ^ Chyrvhe in )>e lie of Wygtit, to him & to hys heirs 
of ys body lawfully be-gotofi ; and yf he deie wytli-owte heire 
lawfully of ys body begeton, Jeanne wille y fe forseyd maner yniih 
^ appurtenaunce, remayne to Henre ys bro^, and to ]>e heirs of ys 
body lawfully goton ; an<l yf ))e forseyd Heme deie wtt^wt issue 
leful of ys body gotoii, thaiine wille y ^ai ]>e forseyd maner wttA 
appurtenauns, remayne to me and myne heirs. Also y wille )»at 
B Henre my sone have .x. Marc/« worth londe jhely ^ to hym and to ys 
heirs leful of ys body, of ^e londes and ^ rentes in ]>e Counte of 
deuon)-schire, beynge in fefees handes, with a-vowsoune of Y chirche 
of Mounkcocamtoik ; and for defawt of issue comynge of y forseyd 

12 henre, y wille ]>at yt remayne to william ys bro^^r, and to ys heirs of 
ys body. And for defawte of issue of ))e forseyd William, y wille 
yai ^ remaynder' be to my ryte heirs. I pray yow also fat ben my 
Feffees, ]>at 3e make estate vn-to my forseyd chyldre, lucie, henre, and 

16 William, lyke as my wylle ys be-fore conteynyd. Also y wille fat 
Thomas Bawfe, my s^ruaund, haue .ij. Marc^-J9 3hely^ durynge 
ys lyfe, takynge yt of fe londes and rentes in deuen)-schyre beyngd in 
fefees handes, takynge a distresse in defawte of payment. Also my 

20 wille ys, fat yf my wyfe or my chyldre askufl here resnable part of 
my godes af tur cours of la we, fan wille y fat fey be excludyd of alle 
f e avauntage of f e ordinauns of my wylle above y-seyd. Also my 
wille ys, fat fe siluer fat schal be reseyvyd for fe londes & 

24 tenementes fat y haue be-fore asyngnyd for f e avaunscement of lucie 
my dowter, fat hyt a-byde in fe handes of myii) executours to fulfyl 
my wille. Also y wille, tochaunde fe londes fe weche y haue 
asynyd to william my sone, fat lucie my wyf have gou^nauns f cr-of , 

28 and f e profete, vn-to fe forse^'d william be of age .xviij. jhere. And 
also of fe londes fat ben assyngnyd to henre, fat my wyfe have f • 
governauns and fe profyte of, vn-to f e forseyd henr^ be of age .xviy. 
jhera. Also y wylle fat fe .C. ti. wyche y have assyngnyd for 

32 ysabett my dowter, to hire a-vaunsement, and it falle fat sche deie 

or scheo be a-vauncyd, fan wille y fat fe forseyd .C. tt. be don for 

my sowle. f • residue of alle my godes, my dette* furst payd, and my 

wille holly f ulfyllid as ys by-fore wreton), y wylle fat yt remayne to fe 

* yearly. * yearly. 

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f orseyd lucie my wyfe. and y pray alle jow fat bene enf effeedl in my 
londes f orseyd by me, fat je fulfylle my forseyd wylle os 30 wylle 
answere a-fore god. Ad execnciofiem vero buius testament! mei 
faciendam, ordino et constituo executores meos, lanrencium dm, 4 
wiUelmum Stookes, Kobertum Gierke, 'Rectorem eccZe«ie de Bradfeldl, 
et lobannem lacob. Datt^m die et Anno supradicti^. 

probatuw fuit boo precedens iestamenfum coram Mskgistro 
lobanne percbe, Commissarzo &c prinio die M.eusis Octobris, Anno 8 
domini M** CCC. xj. et quibuscunqwe, -prohsLCione &c, per dominum 
Robertuni Sarwrn Epwcqpwm cassata &c, et cowmissa est adminzstracio 
omniuTn bonontm dicti defuncti, quibusdam Koberto Clerk, Kec^ori 
eccleaie parrocbi'ane de Bradfeld, Sart^m diocese, & lobanni lacob, 12 
Execu^or?'6tw &c. laurencio dru, Executor! ecia»i in ip«o testamenfo 
nomiwato, coran* dtc^o Cowmissano ^ersondliter comparenti, onus 
adminzstraczouis &c expresse recusavit &c Eeseruata potestate cuidam 
'willeZmo Stokes &c Et subsequenter, viz. x die Menst's decembris A^ 16 
dommi predicto, prefatus Commissarius acquietavit prefato^ Eobertum 
Clerk & lobannem lacob, &c 

RICHAED TONGi?, Brewer, OF LONDON, 1413. 

[To be buried at St Dunstan's in the West Gifts to that Cliurch, and 
its Priests. 20«. to Mother. Apprentice to be let off 2 years of his term, 
and have a grain vessel (?), &c. Son William to have pots, a pan, and 
a bed. Residue to Wife and Son.] 

(Brown 1400-1418. 2 Commissary Court of London, leaf 263.) 

In the name of god, Amen. Millew'mo CCCC xiij, I, Richardf 
Jonge, Brewer of London), be-set my testament in thys maner : fyrst, 20 
I be-qnethe my Soule to God al-myjty, an tho^ our lady seynt Mary, 
an to al the fayr company of heuene ; an my body tho be byret in 
the chirche jerdf of Seynt Donstones in the West, al-so y be-quethe 
to the bye Auter of the same churche, for oblactons for-etyn^, xij d?. 24 
alnso y be-quethe to the sayd churche warki^, vj s. viij (J. al-so y 
1 tho is to \ on is omd, » for-etyn is forgotten. 

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be-quethe to the prestes an the Clerkys that mynjstre in the for-sajd 
chorche, by euen poicyon) a-mong hem, i^ s. iuj d. al-so, yf ther may 
be spared so moche of my gode after my dedtis an lement of my 

4 testament be fulfyllyt, y wyl that my moder haue xx*. Al-so [y] wyl 
that Ion), my prentys, haue a leles of to jer of hys hoi termys, of thys 
condicyon), that he be gode an tiewe to my wyf . al-so y be-quethe to 
the for-sede Ion), I graneis, an a flot, an a planer, al-so y be-quethe 

8 tho Willzam my sone, a new bras pot, an a panne, an a bedde, an 

a potel pot of peuwter. the residue of my god^, y be-quethe tho Amys 

^J ^^9 ^^ niy son), to kepe hem boj wyt al-so y make [If. 263 hackl 

Kichard Eoos, Glouer, & Jofl man), Corwaner, myn executou[r]s ; 

12 & ayder of hem to haue for ther trayuayli, a gode bow. 

Probatum est hoc testamen/um coram nobis, Testm) &c ij* kin) 
Octobru, Anno supra dtc^o. Et commissa est admin»tracio omnium 
bonorum &c Ezecutoribua supra dictis. 


[TestamerU of the Personalty. 1 

[One-third of sale-money of some land, to make the steeple of Marcle 
Church, one-third to poor Prisoners (debtors), ^th to neighbouring Poor, 
^th for the Marriage of young Women. 1000 Masses to be said. Resti- 
tution to be made for wrong-doing. Wife to have household goods, 
cloven-footed beasts, and com. Burial to be without useless pomp. 
Legacies to Children, &c. Both Testament and Will have been printed 
in some book on the Walwayn family, Appx. p. 63-4.] 

Book ' March ' (Prerog. Court), leaf 253. 

16 TN dei nomine Amen, &c' Ego, Thomae Walwayn, condo testa- 

menttim in hunc modum : In p/imis, lego animam meam deo omni- 

potenti, corpuB-q?^ meum ad sepeliendum in ecclem de Michel 

Marcle,^ retro pa^rem & matrem meos. Item lego eccle^ie Cathec^raZ^' 

1 Much March (St. Bartholomew), a parish in the hundred of Greytree, co. 
Hereford, 6 miles S.W. by W. from Ledbury, in the archdeaconry and diocese of 
Hereford. — Lewis. 

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HerefordeiiM* .C. s*. Item volo qwod Capellanus Cantme, per feoffat6»« 
nieos fundate, statim celebret cotidie in eccle^ia p7*edic^a pro anima 
mea & animabt^ patris [&] mat^is meorMW, <fe animabw* Antecessorww 
meorww. Item volo quod tercia pars monete ^that may be hade of 4 
Dene and Cbalford?^ be sette by myn executowrs vppon tbe makyng 
of tbe stepeti of the chirche of Marcle ; the second parte of the same 
goud, I woUe that hit helpe nede men oute of pryson, by the 
dysposicion of myn Execntottrs, f er most nede is ; y remenant y 8 
wolle hit be parted on" tweyne : halfe to the pores nedy folk that 
bun yn Marcle paryssh, Kempeley, Dymmok, Ledbury, Aylton), 
Preston), Putley, Wolfhope, Solershope, and Howecapeli^ ; And fat 
other half be jeifi to the maryage of yonge pore wommew *yn the 12 
same parysshes by the disposicion of myn executowrs / and I wolle 
that ther be .x. M^ masses Isayde for me of gode prestes with aR 
hast, and my dette payed, and restitucton made ther eny wronge may 
be Ifounde be donn, (as I trust to god but lituti,) by myn executowrs. 16 
And I woH that Isabett: my wyfe haue aB. the necessaries, clothes, 
braas, and other instrumented of ati myn houshold. And aH cloue-fote 
bestes that I haue. And ati my come growyng and yn hemes atte 
Mercle and atte Massyngton), oute take xl. quarters of wete reserued 20 
to fullfeti with my wille. And an .C. mark of money. And I woH 
that* my enterement be holde with oute pompe, whyche may not 
p'of yt myn soule. And I woli that "Bichard my son) haue tweyne 
my best hors, And .xl, pounde. Also I. wolle that Cristian my 24 
doughter haue to here mariage an .C. ii of the profited of longeforcl ; 
Maclun and William, euerychon of hem .xx mark. Item lego priori 
Magne Malueme .xL \L Item lego WilleZmo Walwayn, fratri meo 

^ The English part of the Latin Testament begins, 

* These lands are directed by the Testator's English JFill, to be sold by his 
Executors, to fulfil his Testament : see p. 25, at foot. 

* In Glo'stershire are, Kempley, 5 J m. N. W. by N. from Newent ; Dymacky Sf 
m. N.N.W. from Newent ; Ledbury ; and Aylton, 4 J m. "W. fromNewent ; and 
one Putley, W. of Aylton, and 5f m. W. from Ledbury. Another Putley is a 
township in the parish of WoolJiope, co. Hereford, which is probably "Wolfhope 
of our text, 7} m. W. by S. from Ledbury. How-Caple is in Herefordshire, 6 m. 
N.N.E. from Ross. Boilers Hope is west of Much Marcle, 1\ m. N. by E. from 
Ross, and a little farther S. W, of Ledbury. 

« leaf 263, back, » MS. that that. 

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.XX ti [Here follow other bequests, thp. appointment of executors — his 
-wife Isabella (chief), John Wahvayn of Stoke, testator's nephew 
Thomas, son of his said brother William Walwayn, John Prat, 
4 chaplain, Eichard Pecok, chaplain, & John BuUok — ^c. all in Latin J\ 
T)2Xum die martis in iesto sancti Gregorii pape, Anno diomiid 
Mill^tfimo Quadringentesimo* qnartodecimo. 

\Will of the Realty in Feoffees^ hands,"] 

[Wife to have for life, lands in Marcle, Ledbqry and Eastnor. On her 
death, Marcle lands to son Richard in tail, with remainder to nephew 
Thomas, and then nephew William, both in tail Ledbury and Eastnor lands 
to son Maclun in tail, with remainder to son William in tail, remainder to 
testator in taiL Son Richard and his wife Clemence, to have other lands, 
in tail, with remainder to nephew Thomas in tail, &c. Other land, to 
found a perpetual chantry. Thatley and Farley, to son Maclun in tail, 
with remainder to son William in tail, &c. Butterley and the Fen to son 
William in tail, with remainder to son Maclun in tail, <kc. Longford to be 
held for 20 years by the Feoffees, and its profits (with sale-monies of Dean 
and Chalford) paid to testator's Executors to fulfil his Testament with. 
After the 20 years, LoDgford to go to Wife for life, with remainder to son 
William in tail, then to son Maclun in tail. Aylton to son Richard.] 

The Wille of Thomas Walwayn to his feoffes of his londes yn 

8 enen place jn Engelondl, qwyche the forsaide Thomas requyretfi his 

feoffes that they p^rfome as they wolle ansswere a-fore god atte the 

day of dome. And for aH the trust that he hatfi yn hem, fforst I. 

wolle that 90 make Isabelle, my weyf, goud estat of the londes renter 

12 that 30 bun feoffed Li, yn Marcle paryssh, Ledebury paryssh, and 
Estnore^, to holde hit to terme of here lyue; the remayndre, after her ' 
deces, of the londes in Marcle and Marcle paryssh, to Richard my 
son), and to hers of his body frelych be-gotun for encrmore ; powr 

16 defant of issu, to the hers of the body of the forsaide Thomas 
Walwayn be-getun ; And for de-f ant of issu of Thomas, to William 
Walwayn), brother of the forsayd Thomas Walwayn, and to hers of 
his body frelych be-getun for euermore. the remayndre of the londes 

20 yn ledebury and ledbury paryssh, and Estnore, to Maclun my sone, 

and the hers of his body frelych be-gete; for defaut of issu of 

Maclun, to William my sone, and to the hers of his body frelych 

^ Eastiuyr, a parish in the hundred of Radlow, co. Hereford, 2^ m. S.E. by E. 
from Ledbury, Herefordshire. — ^Lewis. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


be-gete for euej'more ; and for defaut of issu of the forsaid W. 
my sone, remayndre to tlie hers of my body frelycfe be-gete &c« vt 
supra. Also I woUe that his feoffes enfeofe Hichard his sone, and 
Clemens his wyfe, yn Kynegespeawyn, hyde, Byllyngeslond yn 4 
Rwareh), the rent that he boght atte Horde, to haue to hem, and to 
the hers bytwex hem tweyn f relych be-gete, for euermore ; for defaut 
of issu by-twex hem be-gete, the remayndre to the hera of Thomas 
"Walwai/nes body be-gete, &&, vt supra. Also I wolle that my feoffes, 8 
3e geuyn Braynesplace and Coycellesplace Bevlmulle (1) \ the lond atte 
DymmokeschasteH,^ yn-to a chaunterie yn mardechyrch, by the 
dysposicion of my executoMrs, for a prest to seynge ther perpetually. 
Also I. wolle that my feoffes mak estat to Madun my sone, of 12 
Thatteley and Farley,' to hym and to the hera of his body; for defaut 
of the forsaide Madun, to William my sone, and to the hers of 
his body frely(A be-gete j for de-faut of issu, &&, vt supra. Also I 
wolle that my forsaid feoffes make estat of Butterley and of the fenne, 16 
to ^William my sone, and to the hers of his body frelych be-gete ; 
for defaut of issu of William^ to Madun and to the hers, &c*, vt 
supra, Remanere. Also I. wolle that my feoffes kepun Longeford yn 
here honde thys .xx. 3eres, delyueryng the profited thtr-of to my 20 
executoz^rs to fulfiUe-wytti my testament. And after the .xx. jeres 
termined, I. wolle that Isabelle my weyf [haue] it to terme of her lyue 
wyifi-oute empeschement of wast; the remayndre, after deces of 
here, to Wylliam my sone, and to hers of his body frelycfe be-getun ; 24 
for defaut of William my sone, to madun and to the hers of his body 
frelych be-getun : for defaut of issu of madun, &c«, vt supra. Also 
I wolle that of my londe of Dene and Chalford,^ I wolle hit be 

^ read ' Ceyoells place, Beblemulle ' in a fonner print. 

' ? in Dymock (St. Mary), a parish in the hundred of Botloe, co. Glo'ster, 8J 
m. N.N.W. from Newent. — Lewis. 

* Farley may be Farlow, in the parish of Stottesden, 6 J m. N.W. by N. from 
deobury Mortimer, in Herefordshire. — Lewis. * leaf 264. 

' Dene may be Mitchell (A Sax. mycelf great) Dearbj the chief town of the 
Forest of Dean, a market- town and parish in Glostershire, 11 m. W. of Glo'ster, 
or Little Dean, on the verge of the forest, 1 j m. N.W. by N. from Newnham, 
Glostershire. — Lewis, 

Chalford may be Chalford in the parish of Bisley, Glostershire, 4 m. S.£. by 
E. from Stioud. — ^Lewis. 

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sbolde by myn executoM/*8 to fullefille wyttL my testament. Also 
AyltoD) remaynetb to Hichard my son^. 

[Codicil, in ZjatinSl 

Memorandum, quod Thomas Walwayn). Anniger, de Comitatu 

4 Hereford, compos mentw, decimo nono die mensis maij, Anno 

doniini Mille^imo .CCCC. quintodecimo, recitans se nup^ fecisse et 

condidisae suum testamentuTTi super disposict one bonorum snoTum, ad 

idem testamentum, per viawi Codicilli, supcraddebat & voluit quod 

8 [&c. appoints his son Hichard one of his executors, &c.]. 

(Testament, Will <fe Codicil, proved by Isabella the widow, & 
Richard the son, on May 20, 1416; "and afterwards on 21 May a 
Commission was directed to the Prior of Great Malvern to make a 
12 Grant to the other Executors. — {Folio 32 Marche, C. P. C.)." 

THOMAS BROKE, Landowner, op Holditch, 
Thorncombe, Devonshire, 1417. 

[To be honed in Thorncombe Church, under a plain flat stone ; not in 
a cofiBn, but only a cloth ; and no feast to he held. But 300 Poor to be fed, 
and have 3d each, and 300 Children Id Poor tenants to have £20 among 
em ; the poorest tenant £100 ; and £10 and more to go as restitution for 
wrong-doing. £100 to poor Blind and Lame. Residue to Wife.] 

(March, leaf 816, back, Prerog. Court.) 

In the name of the Lorde of att Lordes, the aHmy^ty ymmortal 
Trinite, I, wrichyd Synner*, Thomcw Broke, in gode Mynde, and out 
of Sekenesse, make my testament*, Jyf it be the will of god, in this 
16 manei', prayng him, of his bye yndelesse mercy, fouchesafe to receyue 
my wreched vnclene soule in-to his mercy, and kepe hyt fram 
dampnacion, for the meke passyoz^n and deth that his debonure 
Sonne, oure lord Ihe^ Crist*, SoffrecJ on) the Crosse for Cherite & pety 
20 of mankyndf. And my wyH is, that my body be Beryed in the 
Chirchfiey of the ParyshcRurch of Thomecombe^, as men gotfi ouer* 

^ Thorncombe (St. Mary), a parish (formerly a market-town) forming a 
detacht portion of the hundred of Azminster, co. Devon, 6} m. S.W. by W. from 
Axminster. The owner of the old Cistercian Abbey at Ford in this parish, ' holds 
a court at Holditch' (see page 27). — Lewis. 

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in-to ^fe churcfi at fe Souttl Syde, ry^te as they mowe stappe on 
me / and a flat* playne stone, saue my name ygraued ^ai'-In, that 
men mowe the rathet^ haue mynde on me, and pray for me. And 
netbei^ wheche*, ne leede, to be leyde in / bote a grete Clothe to hely 4 
my fonle Caryin ; and of Torches, bote .iij., and .iij. taprys ; Ande 
no fest* nofer termenf yhold, bot .iy., Masses atte my buryyng*, 
saue CCC poure men schullen haue mete & drynke ynowe, and 
euery man and woman of ham .iij. <J, & euery chylJ of .CCC. 8 
Childerne .1. [d], yf f er be so many Childeme / and .xiij. poure men 
clotliedf in Eussett ylyne($ witt white, and euery of ham to haue 
.viij d I and I bequethe to my poure tenauntes of Holdych, Hotham, 
Chord', Cotteleygh^ <fe Wycrofte*, that hauetli yjeue to me Capowns & 12 
bederpes® and Plouwys, 30U3e^ fey be nou3te my tenauntes, I wiH fat 
myn executours do hei^ gre by god discrecK>n atte fe value of xx 11 
amonge hame / and if any ofer man or woman be, that Cane Pleyna 
bym fat ic& haue opprassecl hym), or do wrange to him, ofer yete 16 
vriih my bestys his Come ofer his grase, and nou^te amendit® hit to 
hym) ; to amende such trespasses, I bequethe x. H. : and I bequethe to 
aH my pourest tenauntes, where fat fey be, excepte ham fat I haue 
ynenme<J in f is bok to-for, C. ti in mony / and I bequethe to Poure 20 
men blynd and lame .C. ti, and to sum trew maw, by good discrecyon) 
to do party* the mony for8ey<) / and namelych iff ych haue do wronge 
to eny of my tenauntes ^®or mys tak hir good, I wiH fat it be restored 
to ham, whethei' it be Man or woman, be avysemenf of myn) 24 
Executours, as fey wiH aunswere to-for god at fe dome / and fe 
lesyduwe of aH my goodys and Catdl, in this my testament* noujte 

^ J> is printed for y. ' ? hutch, chest, coflin. 

> There is a Chard in Somerset, 18 m. S.E. by S. from Taunton, and 12 £. 
firom Honiton in Devon. — Lewis. 

* Cotleighf a parish in the hundred of Colyton, co. Devon, 3 m. KN.E. 
from Honiton. — Lewis. 

» Cp. Henry de Wicroft.— Prince's Worthies of Devon, 1810, p. 495. 

• Bedrepes, Days of work performed in harvest time by the customary 
tenants, at the bidding of their lords. See CuUum's Hawsted, 1784, p. 189. 
HalL*s Gloss. The word is in Thorpe's AncierU Laws, i. 436, 1. 4, and the new 
Bosworth's A. -Sax. Diet. Prof. Skeat says it **is from A. Sax. hedd-an, to bid, 
summon, and A.S. rip, later M.E. rip, a reaping (Stratmann gives rip), Cf. bid' 
die. The sense is * reaping done by summoned men.' " 

» though. • t MS. amende. » cause to be parted, divided, *® leaf 317. 

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beqnethede, yclX 3eue Holelycli, and bequethe, to lohane my wyfe, 
reserayngd alweys to me voile power* to chaunge fis testament, oJ>er 
to mak hit more, oper to amenusy hit, oJ?«r to vndo hit att, as ofte as 
^ me Lusteth, or whanne fat me lyket!i, duryng my Lyfe. and to do 
good and trewe execuc/on of fis my testament, ycfe ordeyne and mak* 
mjne Executours, lohane my wyfe, Willwzm Brerdoii), sir lohn) Dey, 
parsone of Bageworthe^, Baufe Perceuale, sir Edward Osbottme, vicary 
3 of Thomecombe. This testament is my voile & hole wille )>e day 
of pQ date of pia my testament, the dat^ in my Manoui* of Holdech, on 
Setrysday in J?e vygyle of Je Holy Trynyte, the jer« of grace & of pe 
incamacyoun of oure Lorde Ihe^u Criste, M\ CCCC."* xv*. Thya 

12 twey Lynis I wrete almeste with myn) owne Hondf. 

TrohsLtum fuit hoc testar/ien^m coram Magi^^ro lohann^ Estcomt 
&c. V*. die Februarij, anno dommi Millesimo CCCC .xvij" &c«, & 
commissa adminwtrac/o bonorum domino Edward Osboume, vicar/o 

16 ecc/e^e parochmne de Thomecombe &&. Besaruata potestate &c. & 
haheni diem ad exhibendum Inuentanum primo die iuridico 'past 
Banctum Pasche proximum in futuro &c<, & subseqnenter acqfiieta»ur/a 
f u»t dicto executori &&. 


[To be buried in St George's, Southwark. Gifts to that Church, its 
Priests and Clerk. Gifts of gowns and money to Servants and others, and 
of half a year's rent to B. VeeL Residue to Wife.] 
(March, quire 42, If. 837.) 

20 In the name of* the fader and the sone and the holy-gost, atte hye 
lenerensof ome lord Ihe^ Criste, andf of ys blessed moder seynte 
Marie, and of seynt lohan the Ewangelisf and al other holy seyntes 
of henene, I, Ion Solas of Southwerk*, in good mynde and good 

24 deliberacioD), my testament I make yn thys forme : atte begynnyng* 
I be-quethe my soule to our lord Ihe«u Crist and to our« lady seynte 
1 There's a Badgworth in Somerset, 2 J m. S.W. by W. from Axbridge. 

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Marie, and to alle aleves^ of heuene / And my body to be beret in the 
northpart of* the Churche of seynt Grorge of Soutwerkc / Also I 
be-quethe to that same Ch'archewerk< C s'. Al-so I be-quethe to the 
hye auter I Marc / Also I be-quethe to euery preste that ther 4 
syngylfi the day of my berynge / iiij dl / Also I be-quethe the Clerk* 
of* the same Churche xL &. Al-so I be-quethe to Ion Euenwode iiij 
nobis, and a goune newe of blak». al-so I be-quethe to Thomas Elyot 
XX s' [&] a goune of* blak. Al-so L be-quethe to Ion Costert my 8 
seruaunt, x s' and a goune . . Also I be-quethe to Eicharc) my seruaunt 
I. noble, and a goune and a doblet. Al-so y be-quethe to lone^ 
Batesey, xl dl and a goune / Al-so y wole that my wyfe and al my 
chyldreii) be atte my berynge, yn case they leue. Also I for-^eue 12 
Edeyn Veel / V Marc* / of here rente for an alfyere, yn case I deye. 
Al-so I be-quethe to Ion BryxhyS a goune. al-so I be-quethe to 
Thomas Wade a goune. Al-so I be-quethe to "William Mymmes a 
goune, and to Anneys ys wyfe a goune. Also *I be-quethe to Ion 16 
Archer a goune. Also I be-quethe to Adam Eigge . a goune / The 
remenaunt of* my godys that be not be-quethe ne jeuen, I be-quethe 
to lone my wyfe, for to do and ordeyne as sche thyngyth best, and as 
sche wole answere atte hey day of lugement / To thys testament to 20 
ordeyne and parforme, I make myn executours, my wyfe a-boue 
seyd, Robert Bromesbury and William Horton). In the wytnesse of 
the wyche thynge, I haue set to my sele. I-jeuefi atte South-werk* 
in the parsche of seynt Gorges, the xij day of luly, the ^ere of our* 24 
lordl Ihe^ Crist M* CCCC xviij. Probatum fuit teatameiitum coram 
Magistio lohannQ Estcourt, Comissario &&, vicesimo secundo die 
Mensis lulij, anno domini M** CCCC"** xviij °*°, Et comissa fuit 
administracio lohawwe, Vxori & Executrici dicti defuncti, &c«. 28 
Keseruata potestate &ci. 

1 hallows, saints. ' ? MS. loem. 

» leaf 337, back. * Also * is repeated in the MS. 

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[Gives £5 to Quatf ord church for his soul's sake. 4Qs. each to the 
Friars of Bridgnorth, Woodhoose, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, London ; and to 
the Prisoners in Ludgate, Newgate, and the Marshalsea ; and 20s, each to 
the 6 London Hospitals ; to sing 30 Masses, and pray for his soul, his late 
wife's, his grandmother's, &c, £70 for 2 priests to sing 7 years for his 
soul, at Bridgnorth, and £2 for their vestments, and £7 to keep his Year's 
Mind there for 7 years; and at each Mind 20s. to be given to the 
Bridgnorth poor. Jonet, his 2nd wife, to have (for her dowry, &c.) £40 
and his household goods, save gold and silver, &c. 6 silver sawcers to be 
made into 2 Chalices for the 7-year priests. Wife to have his Manor of 
Staverton for life (with remainder to his heirs in tail), and let Emot Roe, 
her mother, have Aspley, for which he's given his Bond for £400 to John 
Roe. If testator dies childless, Staverton to be sold, and the produce go 
in Charity and Masses. If his wife Jonet turns her mother out of Aspley, 
she's to be turnd out of Staverton, which is to go to his heirs in tail, or 
be sold as aforesaid. Manors of Hay and Tasley to be sold and applied 
to Charity and Masses. If wife Jonet keeps sole for a year, her state's to 
be kept up free. Gold chain, <kc. to Wife. Silver dishes, money, furrd 
gowns, &c, to Executors. Residue to be applied in Charity and Masses 
£5 to Tasley Church ; and bedding, hangings, &c. to the Parson of Tasley 
and R. Crowder.] 

(March, If. 335 bk., P. C.) 

^In the name of God, Amen, the iiij* day of the monthe of ApriH, 
The 3618 of god a M' CCCC xviij*, and the 3ere of* the regne of kyng* 
Henry the V* after the conquest, yj". L lohn) CJhelmyswyk*, squier 

4 of Shropshire, hole of mynde & in my gode memorie beyng*, 
ordeyne & make my present testament of my last wille in this 
manere / flSrst I recommende my saule to almyghty god, to oure lady 
seint marie virgine hys moder, & to alle the Seintes in heuene, and 

8 my body for to be beryed where god of his mercy for me woUe 
dispose. Also I bequethe to the werkw of the body of the 
Parysshchirche of Seint Marie Magdaleyn) of Quatford* in Shropeshire, 

^ * Testamentum Johannis Chelmiswyk ' in margin. 

* Quat/ord (St. Mary Magdalene), a parish partly in the bpro* of firidgenorth, 
but chiefly in the hundred of Stottesden, Shropshire, 2 m. S.£. from Bridge- 
north.— Lewis. 

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& to ordeyne vestmenl^ Ss ornamentts in the same Chirche nedefoH, 
after the discreciown of my Execatot^rs, so that my soule be 
recommended in Goddys sendee there, C s'. Item I be-quethe to the 
freres Menot^rs of Bryggenorth, to do singe for my soule, and for the 4 
soules of my fader Ss moder, Thomas my sone, Elyanore late my 
wyf, lonet Chelmeswyk* my Granndame, and alle my god fryndys 
soules, & for alle cristene soules, the hole Seint Gregories TrentaH^, & 
to praye deuotely for my soule Ss the soules aforsayde, xl s*. Item I 8 
bequethe in the same manere and condiciown to the ffreres of 
"Wodehouse xl s*. Item I be-quethe in the same manere and con- 
dicioMn to eueryche *of the thre Ordres of freres in Shrovesbury xl s'. 
Item I be-quethe in the same manere and condicioMn to eueryche of 12 
the twey Ordres of ffreres in ludlowe xl s'. Item I be-quethe, to 
fynde Twey honestes prestos to singe goddys seruice for my soule, & 
for the soules aforsaid, in the Chaunte/ie of the Chirche of Seint 
Leonardo in Biigge-north be vij 3ere next folwyng* after my desese, 16 
Ixx ti of sterlinges, that ys to wete, euery preste takyng* for hys 
salarie be ^ere, C s*. Item I be-quethe to the mendyng* of the feble* 
& foule weye beside Portmannes Crosse fast by Briggenorth, xl s'. 
Item I be-quethe to eueryche of the iiij Ordres of ffreres in y Citee of 20 
LondoD), that ys to wethe, Prechotirs, Menowrs, Austyns, & Cannes,* 
xl .s'., so that eueryche of* f* forsaide iiij Ordres do singe for my 
soule, and for the soules a- forsaide, the hole seint Gregories TrentaH, 
and pray for my soule and for the soules a-forsaide. Item 1 24 
be-quethe viij s' iiij <) to do singe for me Soule, & for de Soules 
aforsaide, C masses in oo day. Item I be-quethe to the prisoners of 
Ludgate in Londou), to pray for my soule & for de soules a-forsaide, 
XX s*. Item I be-quethe, vp f • same condiciown, to f* prisoners of 28 
Kewgate in London), xL s*. Item I bequethe, vp f • same condiciown, 
to the prisoners of the Marschalsie, xx s*. Item I bequethe to f* 
pore hospitales, that is to say, Seint Marie spiteH wzt^-oute Bis- 

^ This Trental (triginta-lis) was 30 Masses, 3 on each of the 10 chief Festivals 
of the year : Christmas, the Circnmcision, Mary's Purification, the Annuncia- 
tion, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Mary's Assumption, 
and her Nativity (Sept. 8). See the poem TrerUalle Sancti Chegorii, in my 
Jteligums, PolUical, and Love Poems, £. E. T. Soc. 1866, p. 87. 

* leaf 336. » ? MS. fevle. * For these Orders of Friars, see p. 16, 17 n. 

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shoppesgate^, Bedlem, Seint Thomas in Sonthwerk*, Seint Antonies 
Elsyng* spiteH*, Seint Bartil-mewes in Smythfeld in London), Seint 
Gyles beside Holbowme, that is to wete, to eueryche hospitafi, 
4 to parte a-monge pore folk" there, xx s*. to pray for my soule & de 
soules aforsaide. Item I bequethe to do ordeyne & bye ij yestment2> 
to serue to the forsaide ij Prestes that shull singe for me in the 
forsaide Chaunterie in the Chirche of seint Leonarde in Briggenort^ 
8 xL s'. Also I wille that after the forsayde \j Prestes haue fulfilled 
here yij jere sendee aforsaide, that than) the forsaide ij. vestmentes 
shuH remayne & duelle stifl alwey in the forsaide Chaunterie to serue 
the prestes of* the same Chaunterie, to the worshipe of* God, as so 

12 longe as th[e]y may endure. Al-so y bequethe to do make & holde 
my Mynde euery jere duryng* vij jere next folwyng* after my desese, 
in the forsaide Chirche of Seint Leonarde honestliche, & to do 
recommende my soule & ]>* soules aforsaide in y same mynde, vij H, 

16 that is to wete, to spende atte euery mynde, xx s*. Item I bequethe 
other vij 11 to jeve to poremen in the same yij jere, that is to sey, 
atte euery mynde xx s', for to be delet in Briggenorth after the 
discreciown of myne Executowrs, for to pray for my soule ^ & for the 

20 soules aforsaide / Item I bequethe to lonet my wyfe, in the name of 
here Dowerye & of* here parte belonging to here of al my godes 
moblea, xL ti of sterlinges, and aH my beddynge & naperie, and alle 
myne arraye Ss necessaries in my chambre, and alle othere meuable 

24 Godes ther-in beyng*, and alle manere apparaillement & necessaries 
longynge to the body of the same lonet, Outake Golde & syluer, & 
myne owne werynge clothes, ij peire of my best shetes, & vj disshes 
& vj Sawcers of seluer. The wyche shetes .1. bequeth, that is to 

}8 say, a peire to Sire William Lochard, And the tother peire to 
Maister Ion Marchati, Dene of Briggenortfi. Item I bequethe the 

1 St. Mary Spittle, in Shoreditch, founded by Walter Bnine, Mercer of 
London, and Rosia his wife, A.D. 1197. See Stow*s Survey, 1720, vol i., Bk II. 
p. 97, with the account of Q. Elizabeth's grand procession from the Spittle in 
April 1559, with 1000 armd men, cannons, drums, flutes, trumpets, morice- 
dancings, and 2 White Bears in a cart 

» ? St. Anthony's Hospital in the parish of St. Benet Fink, Broad St Ward, 
London. This was the * Anthonie' or *Tanthony Pig,' place.— Stow's Swrveyy 
vol. i., Bk II. p. 120, ed, 1720. 

» MS. maybe 'saule.' 

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forsaide vj sawcers, to do make there-of Twey Chalices to serue the 
forsaide Twey prestes in y forsaide Chauntme daryng* the forsaide 
vij jere. And After the vij jere be fulfellet, I woUe that the same 
Twey Chalices shuH Abyde in the same Chauntme to the worships 4 
of god for enere more. Item I bequethe to the same lonet my wyf 
my Maner of Staverton)^ with the appwrtenaunces, in the shire 
of Gloucestre, to haue & to holde, terme of here lyfe, doynge to the 
Chief lordes of fat fee the Sendee ther-of due, & of rygh[t] Cos- 8 
tume / Yp condiciot^n that the same lonet suffre Emot, here moder, 
to reioise peisibly, & to haue & to holde, terme of the lyf* of the same 
Emot, the Maner of Aspleye^ mih the appwrtenaunces ; And al-so vp 
condicioz/n that y ^me lonet saue and kepe harmeles myh) heirs & 12 
executot^rs a-jens lohu) Boe that hath wedded the forsaide Emot, of 
a Obligaciown^ of CCCC ti that I. am bounde to hym, vp condiciown 
that the same Emot shal holde & occupie peisible, terme of her* lyfe, 
the forsaide maner wtt/t ^the appwrtenaMnces, wM-oute distourbaunce 16 
of me or of lonet my wyf, oure heires or assynes. And I wille that 
after the decese of lonet my wyf, the forsaide manere of Staverton) 
with the appwrtenawnces, duelle & remayne to the heires of my body 
lawfully be-gete, & to here heires & assignes for euere more, doyng* to 20 
)>• chieff lordes of ])• fee, ))• seruice there-of* due & of" right custume. 
And ^if" I dye w?*tA-oute heires of toy body lawfully begete, than I 
wolle that, after the decese of the same lonet my wif", the forsaide 
Manere of* Staverton) vriih the appMrtenawnces be solde be my fiTeffes 24 
& my Executowrs in the best manere that they may, and that the 
money that cometh there-of be disposet in werkes of charite, & 
in masses to be songe for my saule & for the soules aforsaide, after 
the discrecioMu of" the forsaide sillers. And ^if" so be that [the] 28 
forsaide Jonet my wyf" put oute the forsaide Emet here modir, 
in here lyf* of" the forsait Manere of Aspleye w/tA the appMrtenawnces, 
& J)at may be recorded be Trewe men, than) y wille that the same 
lonet be vtterliche excluded & voyded fro the forsaide Manere 32 
of Staverton) vriih the appe^rtenaunces, & pat she haue no profet 

1 Staverton in the hundred of Deerhurst, 4} m. "W. by N. from Cheltenham. 
» There's an Aspley in Warwickshire, 4 or 6 m. N.W. of Henley in Arden. 
» MS. Olligaciottn. * leaf 336, back. 


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per-of*, ierme of* here lyf*. But than) that y same Manere of 
Stauertoii), whyt appurtenaMnces, remayne to myn heirs of my body 
frely begete & lawfully, ant to here heirs & assignes for euere more ; 
4 and ^if pat I dey wtt/t-oute heire of my body lawfully be-gete, than) 
I wolle )>at )>• same manere with )>• appwrtenawnces be solde, and the 
mony there-of comynge, to be disposed in werkes of cherite, & 
in masses to be songe for my soule & ]>* soules aforsaid. Item 
8 I bequethe to sille after my decese be myne ExecutoMrs, 3if I dey 
whyt-oute heire of my body lawfully begete, my Maners of the 
Haye & Tasseleye^ with here appwrtonawnces, & mj partie of the 
place of Lynches, & my tenement with p^ appz^/'tenaz^nces in Halgot 

12 in Shropeshire, & alle my other londes and t&n^ementes with here 
appt^rtena^^nces in the same shire; and that the mony ther-of 
comyng*, be disposed in) workes of cherite & in masses to be songe ^ 
be ordinaunces of myne Executowrs for my soule and for J)® soules 

16 aforsaid. Item I wille that 3 if lonet my wif" kepe here soole, wit^- 
oute husbonde, Twelf-monthe after my decese, than) she flfounde be 
of my goddes durynge pat ^evQ in alle here costes, after ]>* same 
honeste and degre as she is founde ])• day of makynge of this testa- 

20 ment. Item I bequethe to the same lonet, my ffurre of Calabre, my 
best Cheyne of Gold, a doseyn spones of" siluer, and a pece of siluer. 
Item I bequethe to lohn) Yate, myn vncle, vp condiciot^n that he be 
one of myn) Executowrs, & take ministraciown of thys testament, yj 

24 dysshes of siluer, & my best GirdiH of siluer. Item I bequethe, vp 
the same condicion, to lohn) Page of Oxenbolde, x ti of sterlinges. 
Item I bequethe, vp the same condiciown, to lohn) Lemman), Citezein 
& Skynner of London), x ti of" sterlinges, & my worstede Goune with • 

28 J>® ffurre, & my Baselard harneysed with siluer. Item I be-quethe, vp 
the same condiciot^n, to lohn) Baldok*, Citezein <fe Waxchaundeler* of 
London), x marc, & my furre of Fycheux*. Item I be-quethe to the 

* Tasley, a parish in the hundred of Stottesden, Shropshire, 1| m. N.W. by 
"W. from Bridgenorth. There's a Hey in the parish of Ashton-under-Lyne, 
hundred of Salford, Lancashire, 2 m. £. from Oldham. 

> MS. sonde. 

' The Foumart or foul Mart(em), — Mustela Putorius^ Lin. — *is likewise . 
called the Polecat, or FUchet ... its ears are short, broad, and tipt with white on 
their edges ; it is white about the mouth ; the rest of the body is for the most 
part of a deep-chocolate colour : the sides are covered with hairs of two colours. 

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wyf« of y forsaide lohn) Lemman, my lititt Cheyue of Gold that 
seruetk for mjne arms. Item I bequethe to Symond Wrencliin, 
Skynn^, my Bastard Swerd^. The Residue of alle my Godes & my 
Catallys mebles, where euere that they be, after my dettw payde and 4 
my que«tes fulfilled, & my sepulcure made, I bequethe to myn) 
Executoi^rs, to dispose hit for my soule & for the soules aforsaid, in 
werkes of Charite, and in masses to be songe, as they se most 
plesaunce to god, & hele to my soule & to the soules aforsaide. Of* 8 
this testament I make & ordeyne myri) Executowrs, that is to sey, the 
forsaide lohn) Yate, lohn) Page, lohii) Lemman, & lohn) Baldok*, that 
they trewly flfulfiUe my last wills as I trust in hem. In wetenesse of 
wheche thing*, to thys Testament I haue put my sele : the date is 12 
the day & the ^ere aforsaide. Item I bequethe to the vreikts of the 
body of the Parisshe Chirche of Tasseley in Shropeshire, & to ordeyne 
yestmentes & omamentes in the same Chirche nedeful, after the 
discrecion of* myne^ Executowrs, so that my soule be recommendid 16 
There in goddys seruice, C s. Item I wolle that sire lohri) 
Hogenes, person) of Tasseley, & Richard Crowder, haue and reioise 
alle the hustilmentw' of" Beddyng*, hallyng*^, pottys & pannes, & 
peauter vesseH pat I left in kepjmg* atte hay & Briggenorth, To haue 20 
& holde for here Rewarde that I am holde to hem. Probatu7?i fuit 
hoc * coram M&gistio lohawwe Estcourt, Comissano, xiij"® die Mensis 
Nouembris anno domini W CCCC"*** xviij®, et commissa est adminis- 
tracio 'ExeGutoribus in eodem teatamento nominatis, & ha^nt diem ad 24 
exhibendum Imxentorium & ci et sextodecimo die died Menszs 
Nouembrw, acquietati sunt Executores per fiwewi .xx. a,/ 

the ends being dark like the rest of the body, and the middle of a Ml tawny 
colour.' Its tail is 6 in. long, and its body about 17. Bewick, Ifist of Quad" 
rupeds, 1800, p. 252. 

^ * The forme ... of this He [England] is three cornered . . like vnto a 
triangle, bastard sujord, wedge, or partesant, being broadest in the south part, 
and gathering still narrower and narrower, till it come to the farthest point of 
Cathnesse northward, where it is narrowest of all.' — Harrison's Description of 
Britaine, in Holinshed's Chronicle, 1587, L 2, at foot. 

* The MS. repeats * Item I bequethe to the werkis of the body of the Parisshe 
chirche of Tasseley.* 

* Sbstilement, hostillememz : Meubles, utensiles, instrumens de labourage . . . 
hostUler, gamir, munlr. — Roquefort. 

* Hallyng, hangings for a halL • leaf 337, Quire 43. 

D 2 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



[Will incomplete. Gives beds, and 3 green-silk nets for curtains, down 
pillpws, gowns f urrd with Martins, Gknets, wild Cats, black Lamb, Beaver 
and Otter ; doublets of defence coverd with leather ; cloaks, a tablecloth, <!^c.] 

(March, 346, back.) 

iTn the name of '])e fader .and pe sone and ^e holy goost, almygtity 
•*- god. I. Thomas T voky, f ore w godis grace esquier, make my testa- 
ment in fis wyse. first I. be-quej)e my sowle to almygfity godi, and to 
4 his moder & mayden Marie, and to aE ]>q Seyntes of Heuen / also 
my body to Holy erthe, wher that godys wil is, to be buried ; also al 
myn Hameys, pat is to say, a bed of Lyn wit a hool silour'^ and 
Cou«rlet of pe same wrogfit wit mapil leues and fret of .iij. foitt, & iij. 
8 nettes of Silk* grene for quirtayns for the same bed / also a bed of 
red and grene *dimi Selowr' wit .iij. quirtayns of worsted; also pat 
on in warde of Anneys Elyngton), and a paire of schetes, .ij. paire of 
Blancketes, .ij. paire of schetes, .j. pylow of Doun, lengh of a yerd, .ij. 

12 Pylows of doun, lengfi euerycfi of half a ^erd ; also .vj. reof quisshens 
of worsted, .iiij. in ward of pe same Anneys ; also a Mat^ras for 
a bed ; also a gowne of Sch[a]rlet wit brod sleues furred with gray ; 
also a gowne of blew worsted furred wit frotes* and poUes of 

16 Martrons^; Also a gowne of gray russet furred wit lonetis^ and 

* ' Testamentum Thome Tovky * in margin. 
' ^ is printed for initial and central y, 

* Canopy of a bed. Fr. del, L. eoUumf heaven. 

* f MS. duni. » MS. protes. 

< The Martin * is the most beautiful of all the Weasel kind,' about 18 in. 
long ; body-fur, dark brown, on the belly paler ; head brown, mixt with red ; 
throat and breast white. — Bewick, Hist of Quadrupeds, 1800, p. 265-7. 

' The Genet, Viverra Genetta, Lin., is found in Turkey, Syria, and Spain. 
Its colours are beautifully variegated, and its fur valuable. Its body ' is longer 
than that of the Martin . . its hair soft, smooth, and shining ; of a tawny red 
colour, spotted with black : along the ridge of the back there is a kind of mane 
of long hair, which forms a black Ime from head to tail ; the spots on the sides 
are round and distinct ; those on the back almost close : its tail is long, and 
marked with seven or eight rings of black. From an orifice beneath its tail, it 
yields a kind of perfume, which smells faintly of musk.' — Bewick, SiH. of 
Quadrupeds, 4th ed., 1800, p. 288-9. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


^ wylde C&tia ; also a gowne of grene fwse, in ward, & c^, furryd with 
blak Lambe ; also in ward &&, a furre of beuer and oter medledf ; also 
a Hewk"* of grene and other melly parted ; also a Doubeledf of defence 
coueredl wi\h red Le]>er ; also ij. remenaimtz of the Lynne bed ; [aljso 4 
xij. quysshons; also a Cloke of Blake russet; Also a Dobelet 
couered with Blak gote Le]>ei^ ; also a borddoHl the Lenghe of 
.Y. ^erdes of werk*; also a towayl of werk*, Lenghe .zj. ^erdes* 


ILattn Testament. Chaplain to do Masses for a year for Testator's 
Soul, &c. Poor of Lee to have 12d. each. Besidae to Execators, to lay 
out for Testator's soul. 

English Will* Executors appointed, and given 20«. each. Certain 
folk to have the Ist Option of buying goods : produce to go to the aisle 
of Lee Church. Wife to have her dwelling-place for her life. Debts 
swom-to, to be paid. Lee poor to have 12d each ; * Jankyn clerk' 12c?. 
[Cp. Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Preamble, I. 695, 628], others 6rf. ; Hadley 
poor 4ef. each. Gifts to Belatives. Debts owing by and to Testator, named.] 

(March (P. P. C), If. 358. 

[margin.] Toatamentum Stepha?it Thomas, de la lye in Gomitatu 
Essexw. [The Codicil made at Rouen, p. 40.] 

Fdei nomine Amen. Mensis Maij, die octauo, anno domini 8 
Mille«imo CCCC™* xvij™**, Ego Step^anus Thomas, de la Lye in 
Gomitatu Essexze, meum condo UiBiam^ntum in hone modum. In 
pn'mw, lego awimam meaw owwipotenti deo, & beate Marie Virgini, ac 
ommbu^ sanc^; corpus (\ue meum ad sepeliendum in noua Ela 12 
coram summo altar[i] eccZe^e dic^e ville. Item lego summo altari 
eiusdem eccZa^ie^ xx s'. Item lego ad habendum Ynum CapeZZanum 
ydoneum diuina^ in dic^a eccZe^ia per ynum annum integrum 
celebratura pro dmimA mea, &}yu8 omnium benefactorum 16 
meorwOT, & omniwm fideliuw defunctorMW. Item lego cuih'5et 

1 leaf 347. MS. repeats ' aTid.' 

' ? < in ward of Armey s Elyngton^,' like the bed and cushions above. 
3 HeuqvLe : Esp^ce de robe k I'usage des deux sexes. — ^Rochefort. 
* divine services. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


paupm, tarn homini quam mulieri, in pred/c/a villa moranti, xij J, 
It6in lego caili&et cape//ano ad exequias, A ad missaiii altam venienti, 
xg d. Item lego cl/trioo parochui/i eccl6«ie predic^e, xij df. Item 
4 lego cailibet derico ad dtc^as exequias & missam venien^em, yj d« 
Kesidaam vero omatum bonoru?n & catallorum meorum, do & lego 
Matilde, yxori meo, lacobo Triche & lohanni Camp. Ipsos-qua 
Matildam, lacobom & lohannem, facio execuforee meos, dtc^a bona & 
8 catalla ad disponendu m prout anime mee salubrios sciuennt expedire. 
Item lego vtrique [f MS. j execu^orum meorum preiltc^orum, xx s'. In 
cuitie rei testimonium, presenti5u« ^ sigillum meam apposoi. datum 
die, loco & anno prescripts. 

12 Knowe all^ men,^at .L Stepbyn) Thomas of* y Lee*, make J>us 
my testament and my laste wyU : ferste, I. be-quethe my saule to gode 
and to oui' lady seynt mary, and to alt ))• Company of* Heuene, and 
my body to be bered were pat god wyH. fordermore syn), ^es men) of» 

IQy Lee .1. make my seketowrs, ferst, lacobbe Trycbe, Ion) Campe^ 
and my wyff [&] Thomas Aluowe ; and y pray hem J)at fey be well 
wyllet and f orderyng* to here ; and al-so I charge hem aH: J>at J>ey do 
for me as J>ey wolde pat I dede for hem, and as Jjey woUe answere 

20 to-for god ; and fer-to yt ys my wylle pat euer-echeon) of* hem Scheie 
haue XX s' for her labor & for her besynesse ; and eny goude pat 
Scheie be solde, yt ys my wyH pat Wyllyam Aluowe haue it, 
passynge eny ofer man, and Thomas hys broder, and ^yfe fer-for 

24 lyke as a nopcr man wyll ; and next hem, ])at Pole may be a beyer, 
sane EUys pat y witi pat lacobbe Treche haue be-for aH oper men), so 
Jat he wyH ^eve as a noder man) wyH ; and it is my wyH pat aH J)* 
goud pat is Eeysed, or Ellis, pat it go to )>• Lee Cherche, to ]>• Eyle, 

28 and to^ aH oper nessessarie thynge ; and also it is my wyH pat my 
wyff" Scheie haue p* place pat sche dwelythe in, terme of* her lyff", 
and aH sayrys^ and aH pat euer longethe pat to, durynge her lyf" 
tyme. and ^yf* pat 1 passe Rather fan sche, it ys my [wyH] pat aH 

' 32 spengold & ffysscherys & bowdens be sold a-non forthe-wttA ; and 

1 ' To these presents,' as to a Deed. 

* Lee (St. Clement), a parish and sea-port in the hundred of Rochford, co. 
Essex, 17i m. S.E, by S. from Chelmsford. 

' MS. to to. ^ MS. repeats 'and all sayrys.' 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


lilso it ys my wyH pat y plaso J>at scbe dwelythe in, and aH sayres, 
ant aE fat euer longeth J)er-to, and aS pat sche schele haue, after )>• 
sesse of* hei*, pat it be sold andf do for ^ owre sawles and for aH owra 
ffrende. and ^yf pat y passe rather fan scho, fat it is my wyH fat I 4 
haue a prest syngynge a-non after f • terme of iij jere & more, ^yf" je 
may, in f • Cherche of f • Lee, and ^yf f cr be eny man or woman 
fat wil say fat I howght hem eny gou<J, and swere vppon) a boke by 
record of goud men, y wyl fat dey be payd. and also it is my wyH 8 
pai euere pore man of f * Lee, & woman, schal haue xij d ; and al-so 
3yf' fat y haue eny goude mysty^ det, it ys my wytt fat heye auter 
haue XX s*, and euere preste fat syngethe fat day for me, 'I* wyl fat 
euery man of" hem haue xij d. and I- wyl fat lanky n) clerk" haue 12 
xij d, and euere clerk* fat syngethe fat day for me In f • cherche 
vj d. and also it is my wilt fat Hadley * chirche haue xl s', and 
euere pore m«ui of* f • toune iiij d, and fat f * chirche of Estwode • 
schel haue xiij s' iiij d. and also it ys my wiH fat Larance my 16 
neese, & Annote her suster, haue xl s*. and al-so it is my wyt fat 
lone my Broder schel haue x. marker, and it is my witt fat lorge 
my Cosyii) schel haue of er x* marked ; and euere god-chyld fat y 
haue in the Lee schele haue xij d. and also it is my wytt fat Thomas 20 
Alvowe haue .v. marce^, and William Alvowe ofer .v. marce*. and 
also I wUi fat Annote Hadley fat es wit/i me, haue .xt s'. ; and aH 
the Ostelmented schele be sold, and fat aH fat goud and aH ofer fat 
schulde beleue in ^our Haunde, fat it be do so os may be moste mede 24 
for her* saules // Also f es beth f e dette^ fat I howe. xv. li to Eyon), 
to be paid at Esteren next co/nmyng*, for I Howe Him at aH hot 
.XXV. ti, and fer-of he schele Haue, as I sayde fer-a-fore .xv. ti 
at Esteren next<, and .x. ti. at Esteren come twelmonthe, and fan es 28 
^e aH paid. And also I Howe to lamys Skynnei^ of Bemflef, 
at Mychaylemesse, for Colys doun — vj. marce«, and fan) es he 
aH payd. and I Howe to Hopkyn) Crestyndom at London) for 
"Richard Eow — vij s'. vj d ; and also I Howe lohn Campe of the Lee 32 
.xt. s'; and also I Howe to a man of Burdeux xtvj. s*. viij d, 
His name is Peter de Lobered. and also fis es the dettia pat 

1 leaf 458, back. « mighty, big. f MS. may he iuysty. 

' Hadley and Eastwood are both in the hundred of Rochford, Essex. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



es Howynge to me : Ryclianl Haddoke of the Lee .vij. ti to be Paid 
at Esteren, and also Water Buraam an .C. s'. that schuld Haue be 
Paid at Esteren ; and Willmm HylbyH .xx. s'. and Her-to I setf my 
4 Sele, wytnessynge, Stephen) Ellys, Thomas Chesse, William Ellyot*, 
LyteH lohn) Spotett, BicJiard Smythyot, and ofer gode men I-now./ 
I-wret at Sandwyche, the .vij. day of may, J>e Eeynge of Kynge 
Harry ]>e .y. ye anno quinto. [1417 a.d.] 

[Codicil, made at Rouen,] 

[A Trental of Masses to be said for his Soul. Beer to be brewd, and 
Loaves bak% for the Poor. Gifts to T. Chesse, if Testator dies in his boat ; 
and to a Cousin, of goods in a ship at Southampton.] 

8 IT And also I wiH )>at my wyH be f ulfillyd lyk als I ordeynd when) 
I went< from) home, and aH )>at es contend in this Codicifi / that es 
to say, my will es, to haue a Trentale of masses ^ef* that I dyd er 
fane I come home / and also I pray 30U )>at je wald Brewe .x. 

12 buschellys of malt* forto jef* pore men of my paryche ; and also that 
)e wald bake .yj. buschellys of whete of smale Halpeney Loves, and 
^eie enere maii) and woman) a Love ' and a galon) of ale, als fer als it 
wiH go. and also I pray 30U and charge 30U in goddes name that 30 

16 gar send a man to the Holy priowr of Brydlyngton) to offer for me, 
and for any thing*, that this way to Bridlington), and the Trentale, be 
do 2 both be-foi* Estren), ^yf y dye ore y come home, and also y do 
30W to wyt fat yt is my wiH fat Thomas Chesse schel haue me ^yf" 

20 fat y dey in hys bote wi\Ji hym) ; and also fat he schel haue my best 
goweii) of f • kyngetf liuere fat is at home at my hous, and my golde 
rynge and my whysteH. and also I do 30W to wyt fat yt is my wiH 
fat Thomas Albwe schel haue f e best gowen) next fat is at home after 

24 fat, and a houd. and also y do 30W wyt fat it is my wifi fat George 
Thomas my Cousyn) schel haue aH f e gude and f • harnesse fat 
y haue att Hampton) in f • chippe, and be-syde ; and f is fat is of" fe 
see wM me att* Eoon)* he schel haue, aH to-gedyi*, saue fat Ey chard 

28 Smytheot schel haue my Russet gowen) fat y wered, and my blac 
houd, and a nold bassenet. More wryt y nogh[t] vnto yow, bot f e 
holy tnnite kepe 30W now, dere and trusty wyf". here I make an) 
» Love = loaf. « MS. to. « MS. rubd. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


hende. wer-for I pray jow, as my trast es^ hely in 90W, ouer all^ of ew 
creature, pat this last wiH be fulfyllet, and alt oden that I oideyuJ 
atte ^homoy for att pe loue pat euer was be-tweh) man) and woman), 
y-wrete atte Roon) f e Sonday next to-fore y fest of* purificadonn of* 4 
ouxe laydy. [February 2, 1 1418-19.] 

Probata f uerunt suprodictttm testamen/tim & Codicillum coram 
Magi^^ro loIiaTiTt^ Estconrt xx"*^ die Mensis lulg, anno domtni M* 
CCCC™^ xix^. £t comissa est administracio omntum bonorum &c 8 
dictuixi testa^nentum & codicillum concemencium, Matilde relicte & 
Executrici' diet/ defoncti / lacobo Triche & lohanne Campe, execu- 
torihu8 in dtc^o testaTTi^n/o noTTiinati^, administraetonem snpradic/am 
coram dic/o domtno Comissano expresse recusantibMe, ac xxvj^ die 12 
eiusdem Menst9 acqnieta fuit, et c*. 


[Bequests of Bed-clothes, Table-cloths, Gowns, Hoods, Towe!8, 
Daggers, Bows, Hose, Purses, a Cope, and small Debts.] 

(More, 3 Com. Court of London, If. 50 bk.) 

B. Fynk. T. lohonnw Rogeryssofl. non haJent Skcquietanciam, 

In margin.] 

THes hettL the godes that y, lohu) Bogerysson), leve in a chyste in 
the hous of Robert Leget dwellyng in the parysh of seynt Benet 
Fynk // And pia ys my wylle yf fat y dye, that Anneys Tnkkys- 16 
"worthe have y beste bedbere, and Richard Gery f' nyxte, and 
Robercl Legat ij payre of schetw, and to f • same Roberd my Blewe 
gowne and my fiode of Rede and Blak ; And to Thomas Pykot my 
whit Ray gowne, and my rede Hode ; and to Anneys Tukkysworth 20 
my best bordclothe, and the Towayle ; and Rychard Gery the nexte 
bordclothe And Towayle ; and Robard Legat uj quarters of white, 
and IsabeH hys wyf a bordcloth and a towayle ; and to Wyllyam 
Pertnale, A payre schetw and a red doblet, and a keverlet of Blewe ; 24 
IMS. as. Meaf359. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


And to Anneys Tukkjswortli iiy noblis and the foiseyd Cheste; 
And to Thomas Ftfrtensdi a peyra of slietif, and a daggei*, and a Bowa 
wyth-owte pecif, and a payre hosen) of grene ; and to Anneys Tokkys- 
4 worth the beste piuse, and Thomas Fertnale the nyzte, and Isabett 
Leget the Thridde, and Alsoh) Okendeh) l^e four))*. And alle-so y 
bequethe to p* Church of seynt Benet a cope. And alle-so Wyllyam 
Bote and lohn Skelton) owen) to me xiiij s'. the whiche Symmykyn) 
8 Eyre shiJi reseyye of them at Esteme nyxte comynge ; and y witt 
pat BychanI Gery reseyve hit of the forseyd Symkyn); and Yj s 
yiij & of pat mony .1. bequethe to p* Churche Clerk' of Seynt Benet; 
& yj s' viij df to lohn) Cley, and viij & for my sowle. and alleso 

12 Bobml Leget owyth to me xv s', and alle thyng a-countedf by-twene 
vs, of the whiche y forgyf hym yj s' viij <J; and p* remenaunt 
of pat Mony, Y witi hyt be do for my sowle. And alle-so 
Bychard Gery oweth me viij s', and alle thyng a-counted by-twene 

16 vs bothe; of the whiche viij s' y be-qweth iiij s' to Thomas 
Pertnale, And iiij s' to Wyllyam Fertnale. And y beqwethe to 
Bychard Gery vj s' viij d, to be payd of that he fyndeth in the 
forseyd Cheste ; And to Anneys Tukkysworth A Sylure Spon) ; and 

20 my Sylvr3rn) GyrdyH to Thomas Pertnale ; and to BobanJ Leget my 
pesid? Bowa, And the overe-plus of alle thys, y wUl hit be dysposecl 
for my sowle. And, blessyd be god, y owe no thyng. And y 
Ordeyne p* forseyd Bychard Gery & Bobard Leget myne executors 

24 to fuH-fill alle thyngys a-bove wretyn). As they wille [answere] a-fore 
godf at ))• Dome. And to Thomas Fertnale my dagger* / And allenso 
y wille that yf Anneys of the Countowr cleyme of me or of my 
executoMrs a pursse and xx s'. or eny maner good ellys, pat thenne 

28 p* godes in the bille be rekeuered of her* ; And yf sche make 
no cleyme, Stonde hit for no dette, but on for a-nother*. Frobatum 
est hoc testamentuw coram nobtf lohanne Bodeman clerico, Beuer- 
endo &c* Commissario general!. Frimo die Mensis Febn^m, Anno 

32 dommi Mille«mo CCCC"*** xix"**. Et comissa est adminwtracto 
omnium bonorum & & ExecutoribtM in dicto testamento interius 
nominaits & c** 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


PULHAM, MIDDX., 1418. (Pboovd, 1420.) 

[Wife to be in care of her Father and Mother. They to live in 
his place at Hardington, Somerset, or out of its rents. Sister to be 
provided for. Debts and Bonds to be lookt to.] 

[Will made at Rouen. The earliest in the Zrd Person!] 

A Latin will of Jn. Bfoune, made 4 May, 1417, and a ' Codicillus ' or 
' vltima voluntas * of the same date, are on leaf 73, before the English will.] 

(More, 8 Com. Court of London, If. 73 bk.) 

This ys the appoyntement of the wil and gouemauns of lo&i 
Broune, of y cbambre of cure lordl the kyng*, made the ix day of 
October, the vj yere of his regne. [a.d. 1418 ] 

In the feiste, he wille that his wif be in the gouemauns of here 4 
fadir and here moder, vnto the tyme of his commyng horn in to 

Also be wiil: that she haue the money fat is reised in Lyncolne 
Shire be his patent, to fynde hir witfi. 8 

Also he wiH that Richard his brother haue his place at 
Herdyngton)^ yn gouemauns, and fynde his fadir, and his modir, 
and his sister, witfi the profit3 of the place, as ferre as they wille 
strecche, vnto the tyme of the commyng* of the forsaid lohn) Broun. 12 
And that lohn) Bron<J see the reckenyng* atte yere Inde. 

Also be wiH that, 3if it like tp his fadir and to his moder, to be 
atte Hardyngton, and see the husbandery, and occupie hym f er as 
long* as them lest for ])ere owne Ese and disport. 16 

Also he wiH, ]7at ^if it like not his fadir forto be ])ere, or ellys 
whan qt^n hem lest to remeve ])ens. That thanne ])ei be in sum place 
nerhande holichyrche, J)* whiche is an honest place to serue god yfi, 
and there forto abide, and be gouemecJ & foundyn) witfi the proffittes 20 
of his place, as is before seid. 

' Sdrdington, Somersetshire, 3 miles from Yeovil, ffardingtorif Somers 
N.W. of Frome Selwood.— Walker's Oazeteer, 1801. But the quan, qtoiche, of 
the Will are Midland. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC • 


Alao he wiH that Elene his Soster be put in sum honest place, 

and also be fonnde of the place be-fore seidf, vnto the tyme of 

coflnmynge of the forseid lohn), or eHea [MS. eU] pat she be maried. 

4 Also hewiH that Io!in)Fraybe payd.xy ti of pe money ^* qweche 

Oliaer hatli in Ids hand, be ]>e handys of lohn) Brond. 

Also he wiH that the money pe qwiche is resseyued of his patent 
in OzenfonI Shiie be kepid to-gider. 
8 Also he wiH phi the xL ii )mt Margrete Stranstona haA, pai it be 
kepid to-gider be p^ sight of the forsaid lohn) Brondf, and J>at he haae 
oo^rsi^te of aH manere thynge^ 

Also he wiH ^t the g [= 80] mark* p* whiche is in Thomas 
12 Harwodes hand, be paid vnto pe forseidf lohn) Brondf, and also that it 
be put in a bagge, & asselid, and safly kepid. 

Also he wiH that lohn) Spyke be agreed with resonabli for his 
labour and travaille. 
16 Also he wiH )mt the obligacions the whiche ]>at his wife hath in 
kepyng*, that they be leised be pe avise of his counseiH, with aH pe 
lemenaunt of his dette^, in aH the haste they may be. 

Also he wiH that William TropneH, & lohn) Brond, & Eichaid his 

20 brother, be the ou^rsighte of William Oliuer, ben his executotons to 

dispose and ordeyne for his soule In manei^ and forme as is com- 

prehendyd In his laste wiL Into witnesse of the which, the foiseid 

lohn) Broune hath pat his seal Wrote atte Bone pe jere & pe day 

24 before seid. 

Memorandum quod Probatum fait testamentam lohannis atte 
Grove de Fulhom, coram nobis &c c Commissanb generali. Quarto, 
Non) Marcij, Anno domim M* CCCC"" XX"" Et cowmissa est 
28 admint^tracto &g c Cristine, Eelicte died defuncti, et Thome Atte ; 
Grove, Executon6t£« &c c. • 

[In margin ;] Fulham. T lohannis at Grove. ha5ent sucguietan- 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



[Gifts of Plate, &c : a silver Beaker with a knob enameld blae ; a 
nlver-studded Girdle ; silver Spoons with Acorn tops ; silver Spice-dish ; 
wooden Mazer with a silver band, a Print in the middle, and a Griffin in 
it Also, brass Pots and Pans, gold Raigs, Andirons, pewter vessels; 
Cashions and Han^ngs ; a Chalice ; Curtains ; Shearings and Wool. A 
Mazer bound with silver gilt, and a print of Jesus in the middle.] 

(March, U, 408.) 
Teatajnenfum lohannis Bathe. [In margin.] 

Tn dei nomine Amen, die Sabati in festo sancti Albani Hartirt^, 
•*• [June 22] Anno dom/ni Mill««imo CCCC^ xx"", Ego, lohanwes 
Bathe, h\irgen«i» ville Bristolhe, compos mentis, condo testamen^e/m 
meum in hunc modum. [A page of bequests^ ^c. in Latin foUow8, 4 
with the appointment of John Bourghutt and John Anstyh) of Bristol 
as executors : then, on leaf 428, back, the English Will :] 

Thys endentt^re makyth mencton of ^)>* goodes fat I, John Bathe 
of Bristow, 3yve to sertayn personis : fryst, I jewe to lofin Forster my 
godsonne a becur^ of seluer y-keuerydf, fat weyyth xxv ounsus 
I quarter, & ]>• cnap of f • coucrcle ys an-amylyd wit^ blewe. Also I 8 
^eue to y forsayd John Forster a gurdill of blake sylke y-linyde witA 
i^e lether, witfi a gode bokyll & a pendaunt, & in f* same pendaunt 
an ymage of seynt Christofre : in f • gurdill bey xlvj stodys of seluer. 
"^^ I 3eve to y same lohn Forster halfe a dosyfl off siluer sponys 12 
^ith achamu^^ ouerguld, fat weyytfi .v. ounsus I qi^art^r and halfe. 
•^^ I ^eve to f* forsayd lohn Forster a peyr of auuTidyn^', f® bes 
fat I haue // Also I ^eve to Kateryne Lewys my seruaunt .x tL 
Bterhngitg, and a boUe cuppe I-keueryd of syluer fat weyyth xvj. 16 
ownsus iij quarter. Also I jeve to f* same Katerine a becure of 
Beluer I-keue^yd, and a branche of f* couercle y-broke away, 


^ acorns on the tops, instead of apostles. The MS. is not quite clear, but the 
Word * achamiM * cums again lower down, 1. 6, next page here, 
' andirons. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


fai weyyth xvj ounsus. Also a spyce disshe of seluer, & ou^rguld, 
pat weyy tli zj oimsii« & .1. quarter ; Also halfe a dosen sponys of 
seluer pat weyyl^ vj ounaus I quarter & halfe ; Also a boUe pece \tat 
4 weyytli vij ouunsu« & halfe, and halfe a quarter ; Also a nother bolle 
pcce pat weyyth vj ounsus & halfe a qtiarter ; Also .1. bord mausure 
w»t^ a bond! of seluer, & ouergulct, wytfi a prent in f* myddylle, and a 
grypp^ amyde, and a narow plat be )>• syddys, with iij. lyonis of 
8 syluer, and oue^pild. Also a gurdyll of J>® old werke of seluer, 
& ouerguld, wit^ abocull and a pendaunt and xxxiij'stodys of syluer 
and ouerguld. Also I jeve to y same Kateryne aneyuer^ gurdil of 
selke, of blake and grene and rede, with a bocull and a pendaunt, & 

12 a cheyne in y pendant, with a cnapp; & in J>® gurdiU bey xxiij 
stodys, & all of seluer. Also I ^eve to f* same Kateryne 'iij* gode 
brasyri) pottes. Also iiij* gode pannis. Also iij* basc[i]n2^^, f* best fat 
I haue, witA iy lauen^. Also 'iiij* gode golde rynges. Also ij 

16 pankyns & a posnet of a poteH, also a posnet of a potett, and a posnet 
of a quarte. Also a peyr of Aundyn^, & ij* J)* best of yren) broches, 
& a cbafur. Also a doseh) of peutre vessett performyd^. Also iiij* 
candelstykkys of laton) of y best. Also I ^eve to the forsad 

20 Kateryne al my banken^^ & my quyssonw^, and a dosur of tamsery 
werke wtt^ and hert in y myddylL Also I jeve to William Eodeley 
a stondyng cuppe of seluer y-clepyd a chales cuppe, with y couercle 
& my merke y-made in y cnappe, \>at weyyth xvij ounsus & halfe 

24 qtwirter. Also to y sam William, a tasto?er of seluer with myn owne 
merke ymade in y bottom ; Also halfe a dosen sponys of seluer with 
achamt^ ouerguld, pat weyyth v. ounsus I qt^rter & halfe. Also I 
jeve to ))• sam William a heme pat y weye per-with, and ij leuys, also 

28 iij.° of ledyn) wj^tls. Also I ^eue to Kateryne Lewys my seruaunt 
iij. Curteynis of blew, f* best pat I haue to hang a-bout a bede ; Item 
I petit brass morter, I pesteH de ferro. Item dimidtum J)® zieren* and 
wolle that is in this house )>• day of hts* dying, and all ])• cloth. 

^ vulture or griflBn. 

' Is this for * ano|?er,* * a newer,' or what ? The MS. is clear, tho * n ' may be 
* a \ and ' u«r ' may be * ne.' 

8 f all told, properly reckond. * ? shearings. 

s t Manuscript. 1 suppoze the Testator must have been a dothmakcr of the 
West, like Chaucer's Wife of Bath. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


whyte &c fat is redy wtt^in f • hous att tyme of f • makyng of thys. 
It^m I maserum ligatt^TTi cum argento & deaaratum, & I pr/nte^ de 
Ihesvi in medio ; lohanni Croucfi, I ciphf/m argentt precu* x a, & 
dimidium doaine cochliant^m argenti da medio specie. Item I i 
Cistam, ex deliberacione dtc^e Katcrine .xxix"" die Mensw Octobris, 
anno domtrd M^ CCCC"*" xvj"**, Acquietati fucrunt executore* 
infrascriptt. [the end.] 

JOHN OLNEY, OF WESTON, 1420. (Proovd, 1422.) 

[Best Beast given as an offering to Weston Church. £3 each to the 
4 Orders of Friars in Northampton and Bedford, to say 30 Trentals of 
Masses. Bedding, &o, to 5 poor men. Gifts to Friars, Priests, and a 
Northampton Anchoress, to pray for Testator, Residue to Wife, for 
Testator's children and hers.] 

(March, leaf 433, quire 55.) 

Testamentuw lohannis Olney. [In margin.] ' 

Tn the name off gode yn ^^ jer off oure lord 'a M* CCCC. & xx* 8 
•*" the xj* day of May, I, lohannea Olney of Weston), sone and heire 
to lohn Olney of Weston) Ynderwode, make my testament in this 
wysse : Atte ]>• begynnynge I bequeth my soule into the mercy off . 
mythfull JhesMy prahyng*^ hym, for his precious passioun, that he 12 
resseyne me yn-to J>* brode bosum off his mercy; prahyng forther- 
more to his moder, hour lady Seynt Mary, moder off mercy, to seynt 
lohn Euae^ngelist, seynt lohn Baptist, and to haH seyntes off heuene, 
])at they be menej for me, and helpers to me att my most nede. 16 
And I bequeth my body to be beryed yn the chapele off owr lady 
pi the chyrcfi off seynt Nicholas off Weston), and my beste best in 
the name off p?*iwcipale*; and y bequetfi to the diij. orderj off rrer3* 
off N'orthawmpton), and to y irere^ off Bedefford, to hech off fes 20 
houses iij* ti* so fat y wardeyn and p^ Couente, or the pWoure and )>• 

1 f MS. prince. « > is for * y ' all thro. 

• A is also put before owr, all, ech, &c. * offering, payment. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


coueut off evierj off this houses graunieyii) for to seyn xx treutale3* off 
messe}* for my soule, for my faders soole, my moders soule, lehanne^ 
soule, and for aH ]»* saules that myfi entent ys to pray for, and for aH 
4 cristien^ sanies. And y pray myn executours )>at they, or on off hem, 
Be fat they take this charge on hem& and I bequeth to y poure men 
)>at neden Beddyng* in the countrey nexst aboute, to euery off heme 
.1 couerlete* I wytele, & I chete* & xij' <}• off siluer, preyng for my 
8 soole, and for y soule) be-forsaide. And I' bequeth to lohan 
MarchaH, Richar Grenfeld, Thomas Richemond, & to Rob^ Burton, 
firere)' to ech off hem xx. solidt, Prehyng hem, as my trist ys in 
heme, of her continuele preyour for my soule, & for the soules fat 

12 myn entente ys that they pray fore. & I bequeth^ to lohan Bataile 
prest, to lohan Brasiere prest, to the ankerisse off ^N'orthaumpton), to 
echa of heme, vj s* viij d. & I bequeth to euery prest wtt/i-yn iij 
myle, nout auansynd, "xij' d* My executours to performe J>is my 

16 testament, I ordeyne Mariorie my wyfe, )>* persofi off Broughtofi & 
lohan Hukyns. the remenant off aH my goddes nout^ bequeth,^ I 
jeue & bequeth to Mariorie my wyfe, scbe to dispose for her children 
& for myne as sche thynkyth best * ffullych dischargynge here what so 

20 euere sche do wyht any good that myn ys • orwis prahyng here, off 
hei* ffre will to me-warde as for my most tristy frende. 

Frobatum fuit preMns testa^n^n^m coram nobis, loharane 
Estcourt, commissano &&, 8ecundo die Mensiff Decembri^, Anno 

2i domini Millen'mo CCCC™® xxij**^; et commissa fuit admin^stracto 
omnium bonorum lohanni Hukyns, executori in dicto testamen^o 
nominate &0, prestito ^rimitus &&, de-inde sexto die einadem menaia 
Anno domim vt supra, acquietate^ fuit dic^us executor, & soluit pro 

28 probactone Ss finCi xt BoUdos. 

^ MS. repeats 'and I bequeth.' 

[ Weston Underwood is 2 miles W. of Olney, in Newport Hundred, co. 

John Olney the father bought lands in Weston, an, 4 Rich. 11, and 
died 21 March, 1395. There is a brass to him in Weston Church. 

Broughton (1. 16, above) is in Newport Hundred, Bucka— J. H. R.] 

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[Burial to be simple. Debts to be paid. 200 poor men to be clad. 
£10 for mending Bridges and bad Roads. Gifts of slate Basin and Ewer, 
silver Chargers, &c. ; Mass-Book, Vestment, and Chalices ; a Girdle of Pearls, 
money, f urrd Gown, coral Beads ; " a booke of Englyssh, cleped * Pore 
Caytife * ; " Gowns, and Silver-gilt cups ; silver Cup with the scripture of 
St. John. Gifts to Yasor Church ; and to Testatrix's Priest, 4 quires of 
Doctors on St. Matthew. Residue : half to poor Tenants ; half to good 
needy men.] 

(March, 11 429 back.) 

Teatamentum Domine Peryne Clanbowe. [In margin,] 

TN the name of ^p* fader* and of the son And of J>* Holygost, 

■*- Amen. The thridde day of ApriH In ))• jer oflf our lorcJ M* CCCC 

xxij -I- Peryne Clanbowe, beyng in good memory, thenkyng on my 

laste ends, hauyng gode in forsyght, I haue maad and ordened this my 4 

present testament and my last wytie in ))• forme pat foloweth. First 

I beqneth and commend my saule to gode my makei^ and my 

sanyonr, and to hya blyssyd moder* gloriouse Vjrrgyn), And to aH 

saintes, and my body to be beryed at Jasore,* be my lord my 8 

housbond, If I* dye in Hertfordshire,^ and ellis where pat gode hath 

ordeined for me. And as son as yt may be don godly after fat I hame 

dede, porelych to be beryed, wit^-oute gret cost doon thervppofi. 

Also I will And ordeine pat ati my dettes pat mowe be prowede be 12 

good conscience due, pat they be principaly payde in aH f* hast pat 

it may be.* Also^I bequeth, to cloth wyth ij*^- poormen, xx* tl Also 

I bequeth to amende brygges and foule wayes x' tL Also I bequeth 

to sir Robert of Whitney, my brother, a flate basyn and an ewer, and 16 

vj disshes, vj saucers, and ij chargours of seluer. Also I bequeth to 

J>* same Robert a westment of rede cloth of gold with my massbooke 

and Chalys : The wych vesseH, vestement, massbooke, and chalys 

aforseyd, to f* f orsaide Roberd bequethen, I wole pat [he] haue hem 20 

^ f is for *y.' * Yasor is in Herefordshire, 5 miles S. of Weobly. 

8 That is, Herefordshire. * ? MS. mayle. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 


vpofi this condicton, pat he be good frendf to my executours, and pat 
he lete hem note off ministracton oif myn other goode on the Maner^ 
of Pychardisokett ne elles where. Also I bequetK to myn Aunte, 
4 pnoresse of Lynebroke, xl s*. Also I bequeth to myn Awnte Corbet, 
xl 8*. Also I bequeth to sir Ion Skydmore,^ my newewe, a girdeti of 
peerles. Also I bequeth to lane myn nece, to her manage, or when 
sche is of age, xx li. Also I bequeth to Peryne her suster, my god 
8 doutghter in p* same forme, x ti ; and if it so be pat p* forsaid lane 
and Peryne dye be-f or pat thay come to age, or ellys marie<J, then I 
witi pat p* mony of either of hem so deede, turn to ))• vse of her 
BUsters ouerlyuyng in )>• same fourme. and if aH f susters dye ar they 

12 come to age or be maryed, fat then p* mony tourn to )>• vse of her 
bretheren ouerlyuyng. And if aH )>• bretheryn die with-la age of 
xvj- 3eere, then )>• mony be disposed in Almasdeddes be my 
executottrs. Also I be-queeth to lanky n Myles my seruaunt, xxti*/, 

16 and myn eche daies gowae of marterouni Also I* bequeth to sir 
lohan Coyle, I pare bedes of corati. Also I bequeth to Elizabeth 
loye 'x* ti* and a booke of Englyssh, cleped "pore caytife," and 
I gown furred wzt^ gret menyvere. Also I bequeth to lonet 

20 Okbo^^m 'x marc< and my sauter' helid with blake, and a gown 
furred w*t^ Cristy gray. Also I bequeth to lohn Huchecoke, v 
marc. Also I bequeth to lanky fi Tailowr, v marc ^Aho I bequeth 
to Dauid Morys, xl s*. Also I bequeth to lohn Hergest, xl s*. Also 

24 I bequeth to Luysote xl s'. Also I bequeth to the wyffe of lankyn) 
Miles a gown furred with Besshe. Also I bequeth to Dauid Cradoke 
xiij s' iiij d. Also I bequeth to lames and to his wyfe x s'. Also I 
bequeth to f • chirch of Jasore, fore my lord and his auncetres, to 

28 serue in f® chirch, a peire vestimentw of blake, wherof f® same Chirch 
hath J)® cope. Also I bequeth to what thenge pat is most necessary 
in ))• same Chirch, v. marc*. Also I bequeth to lonet Knolles a 
stondyng cuppe of siluer gilte coue?*ed. Also I bequeth to Thomas 

32 Knolles J)® 3ongger* a cuppe of siluer gilt couered. Also I bequeth to 
lohn Thomas a cuppe of siluer playn. wM p^ scripture of seynt Ion. 

1 Either Sir John Scudamore of Kentchurch, Herefordshire (who married tlie 
daughter of Owen Glendowr), living temp. H. IV., or his son and namesake,— 
H. Round. * leaf 430. 

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Also I bequetfi to two prestes, honest men and good? Hues, and ellys 
not, to do diuine seruise for my lord? and me* for on ^er anoon After 
my decees, resonable lyuelode after f® discreciown of myn executonrs. 
Also I beqneth to sir Eeynoldl, my prest, iiij* quayres of Doctowrs on 4 
Mathewe. The Residue for soth of aH my goodes in this my 
testament not bequethen, I jeue and bequethe to myn executot^rs, be 
her discrecion to be disposyde, that oon halfe to my pore tenawntz, 
and pat other halfe to god men faifchfuH and nedy pat ben in disese. 8 
And to J)® execucion of this my testament and my last wiH to 
be fulfilled, I ordeyn my trusty frendes, Tankyn) Miles, Thomas 
Knolles aforsaidf, Elizabeth loy, lonet Okborne, and lohn Tailowr, 
myne executot^rs be thees p?'esentes, that they wiH do her besynesse 12 
to fulfyH goddes wiB and myne, as they woH aunsuer afor gode. 
also I bequeth to ich of myn) executowrs takyng charge of ministraczon 
of this my testament, v. marc*, and reward for her costages whan they 
labowr specially for my mate7's. Into wyt*nessyng of which thyng, to 16 
this my present testament I haue put to my seeti : 3euen at London), 
day, moneth, and ^er, aforsaycJ. 

Probatum fuit p?'esens testamew^m coram 'M.agistro lohawne 
Estcourt & c», xviij** die Mensw Nouembrw, Anno Domini Milleaimo 20 
xxij^** &C, et commissa fuit admi?jistrac«o lokanni Miles, Elizabethe 
loy, lohawne Okbowme et lohawne Tailowr, Qxecutoribus && 
Rese?aiata pofe«tate & c*, et hafeent ad exJiibendttm Inuentarmw : ac 
secMwdo die Mensw Decembris Anno domini supradic^o, acquietat* 24 
fuerunt executore^ supradicti, & soluerunt pro fine iiij"' nohHia. 

The pore Gaytife (p. 50, 1. 18) is a collection of religious tracts against abuses 
in the Romish Church, known by this common title, and formerly attributed to 
WycliflFe, tho wrongly, by Bp. Bale and others. On the authorship of it, see 
Shirley's Introduction to Fasciculi Zizaniorum^ p. xiii, note 3. MSS. of it are 
Harleian 2335, -6, -9, &c., &c. ; and part of it is in Douce 322, leaf 100. 

K 2 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



[To be buried in the Grey Friars at York, with a flat marble stone 
over him. Gifts to the 4 Orders of Friars in York. All houshold goods 
and £600 to Wife. £400 for land for Son. Marriage portions for 
Daughters. Debts to be paid out of rents. Poor Tenants to be let off. A 
pilgrim to be sent to Jerusalem, at not more than £100. Gifts of Money 
and Horses to Relativs and Friends. Old Servants to be rewarded. Gifts 
of Armour. Money to Nun who nursd Testator in sickness. 40s. 
Annuity to a man. Furd garments to be sold for Testator^s soul.] 

(March, P. P. C, If. 487 back.) 

Testamentum Rogeri Saluayn, militia. [In marginJ\ 

In tbe name off gode, T, stV Roger Salwayn, Knygtfi, ^J)® xxvj* day 
off OctobOT in the yer off our lore? M* CCCG xx* makys my 
testament in this maner *ffirst, I wyte my soule to gode almythty, to 
4 our lady seynt Mary, and to aH )>• seinttes of hewifi, and my bones 
to ben beriede in y grey frerres atte Jorke. Also I* wiH* that ther 
where my bones shaH be beryde, be a flate ston off marbiH, ewynwitA 
the grouwie. Also I wiH ))at y forsaid freres haue jdi my gownes off 
8 clotfi off gold? and off sylke, wit^-outyn y ffurres. Also I wiH Jjat y 
same frers haue xl* ti* for to synge and pray for me. Also I wiH fat 
ilkon off y other thre ordirs in Jorke haue x marc. Also I will fat 
my wyffe haue aH my housholde holy, yrixh y^\ ti that is in hir 
12 handes. Also I wiH fat ther be ordeine for byynge off londe for 
lohn Salwayfi my son, CCCG ti ; Also for y manage off Alison my 
doughtir, CCCG marc; Also for y manage off IsabeH my donghtir, 
COG marc. Also I wiH fat my fader dettis, and my moders, be paide 
16 off my goodej that is in the Goillors^ or in f* fermors handes off my 
rent; and if any tenawnt be so pouer that he may nought, for 
pouertee, pay his ferme that is owing, I wiH fat ther be nouglit 
reseyued off hym, but fat he may resonably pay, and fab f* 
» f is for * y ' all thru. ^ Collectors. Fr. cueUUr, to cull, collect. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


remenaMnt be for-jefifyn. Also I wiH fat som goode man be 
ordeine to goo for me to Iherusalem in pilgremage, and as far as is 
cost is lese than C ti in commyng and goyng, pat hit be jewyn) for 
my soule to poure men wher most^ allmose is. Also I wifl pat 4 
Richard Chace haue v marc< off monee, and a bay hors pat was 
Gerard my son ; William Lister xxti. Thomas Fairchild xl marc, 
Acria Mersk 'xx* H ; litiH Petir, liard ^ Manley and x* marc<, and fat 
Acris Mersk haue f* grey geldyng; Gerard and lohn my brethir, 8 
Hard 2 botiUer, and a sorede ^ horse fat was bought off Henuden, and 
fat Edward my brethir chese. Also I wuH fat Gerard my brodir 
haue xl- H, and Thomas my brothir a place in Duffelde,* termyn off 
his Hue, fat I purchesede off lohn Fulthorpe ; and after the desese 12 
off hym, to turn agayn to f • reght haiers off me. Also I wiH fat sir 
Robert Shottesbroke,^ knynght, haue f • sorde hors ; and litiH Hans 
f* hoby,« and xl -s'' aboven his hir. Also I witt that Frost Mores 
and lititt Robyn, ilkofi off them, haue xl s\ Also I wiH fat 16 
Pomfretth,^ skynner, of Jorke, be paied of v. or vj* ti, whedir fat hit 
be, for furres fat my lady my moder knowes off. Also I wiH fat 
"William TropmeH, taillowr, of London), and Hunt, brouderere, be 
paied of their billes for makyng off a liuerey of myn. Also I wiH fat 20 
Henry Lound haue a blake goun furred v* funes,.® and a habirgown 
of Mylen, opyn be-for, fat Richard SteH haues in hys kepyng. Also 
I- witt fat 3iff any seruawnt of myn haue labord for me in my 
countree sen my fader died, fat they be resonably re\<rardid aftir the 24 
seruice fat they haue dofi. Also ^if any man can aske any dete off 
me, other be euidence, or fat they be credibitt persones, I witt fat 
they be paied. Also I witt that Elyn Saluayn, my brothir Gerard 
doughtir, haue xL marc<' for hir mariage. Also I witt fat Gerard my 28 
brothir haue a newe fure of martirs,* and I* habirgown^*^ of millon). 

1 ? most nede of. * grey. ' sorrel, red roan ? 

* ? Duffield on the Derwent, N. of Derby.— Walker's Gaeefeer, 1801. 

* ? MS. Shoccesbroke. 

* a small horse : ' the hobble of Ireland ' is among Harrison'^ ' outlandish 
horses.' Part II, p. 5 of my edn. New Shakspere Soc. 

"^ ? MS. PomsTecch. 

^ ? with fanes, trimd with ' foynes,' or martili skins. See Fouinrhe in 
Cotgrave. • See p. 36, above. 

^ ' The Habergeon was a smaller and lighter coat of mail or plate than the 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Also I wiH pat lofian my brothir haue I habirgotm of Gresserafi.^ 
Also I wiH fat )>• Xonne fat kepid me in my seknes haue ij noble*, 
and Jat ther be ^if in-to the hous fat she wonnes in, "xx* s*' for to 
4 syng and pray for me. Also I wili fat Thomas Faarchildf haue as 
mych monee as he may purches hym -xl s\ be 301. Also T wili fat 
ati f • ffumirs fat I haue, be sould and doon for my saule. Also I 
wiH fat Chace haue a habiriofL of myne. executors of* my testament, I 
8 win and ordeine Piers de la Hay, Gerard Saluayn), Robert Rodestoh), 
8ir Nichol Dixson, Clerk, Robert Cawode, Robert Day, Richard 
Chace, and Thomas Fairchild, to whom I 3iff and wit f* residue of 
ati f ® good and cateti fat I haue, fat they ordeine and dispose hit in 

12 sich wys as may be most meritory for my soule, as they witi aunswere 
be-for gode on dredfull day of doom. ^And the surveiors of my 
testament, I witi and ordeine William Kylwolmerssh, Gierke, and my 
wyfe; wyttnessyng William Philipe Ghiualer, Richard Wodevitt, 

16 William Lister, and other. Also I witi fat William Lister haue as 
mych of monee as the sorde hors is worth, fat Shottesbroke haues. 

Probatum fuit presens testamen^wm coram Magistro lohawne 
Estcourt, commissarto &c% septimo die mensw Marcij, Anno domtm 

20 MiMesimo GGGG"** xxij**" &c*; & Gommissa fuit admimstracto omnixim 
bonorwm dicti defuncti, Hicardo Chace & Thome Faarchyld, execi*- 
torihua in dido testa/Tieyito nomi7?atis; et haftent ad exhe&endz^m 
Inuentartwm citra festum pentecostt ^ro:dmum iam f uturwrn. 

Hauberk, and was sometimes worn under that : see Chaucer's Sir Thopas. It 
had sleeves in Wace's time, as he tells us that Bp. Odo*s haubergeon at the Battle 
of Hastings was loose in the body, and tight in the sleeves. 1876. Pla .ch^, 
Cycl. of Costume, i. 236. 

* A light flexible piece of armour * composed of small overlapping pieces of 
steel, fastened by one edge upon canvas, which was covered with cloth, silk, or 
velvet, the gilt heads of the rivets that secured the plates forming an ornament 
on the outside. It was used for cuisses, brassarts, and other portions of har- 
ness ; but very generally in the 14th and 15th centuries [and no doubt in the 
Will abuv] for jackets.* 1876. Planch^, Cyd, of Costume^ i 818. (See the 
woodcuts of two Jazerant Jackets on p. 314.) 

» leaf 438.^ 

[This ends the English Wills in Register * March.*] 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



[Son Thomas to have all silver plate and household goods in Testator*8 
Inn at London, and some at Oakham, with Towels, Cup, Pots, <fec. ; also 
Carts, Ploughs, Horses k Gear. A large Maser to be an heirloom. Other 
plate, &c. to heir and sons Robert, Roger, and John, and daughters Anneys 
and Joan. Wife Cecile to have the rest of silver plate and some other goods ; 
residue to heir. Corn, malt, and live stock to go to purposes of the will. 
Milch Cows, half to Wife, ha. to heir. Best ambling Horse to Wife; 
next to son-in-law Sir H. Plesyngton ; next to son Thomas : other ridiog 
horses to Wife and son Thomas. Furrd gowns among Children ; other 
clothes among Servants. Armour to sons Robert and Thomas. Executors 
to keep children's money. Gold Rings, <fec. to women relativs. Beads, 
&c. to the Master of Manton. Money to old Servants. Ascht roof of 
Oakham steeple to be built. Portas, or portable Breviary, to son Thomas. 
For WUl of Realty see p. 69.] 

(Luffenam, leaf 69.) 

Te&iamentum Rogeri Flore. [In margin.'] 

Tn dei nomine Amen. Ego, Rogerus Flore, miser et indignus, de 
**- Okeham, compos mentis, laudetur altissimus, xv* die Aprilis, 
Anno domini MiUmmo cccc"* xxiiij*®, condo testamentum meum in 
hunc mod am. [A leaf and 3 quarters of Latin testament follows, with 4 
appointment of Executors^ on leaf ^^ hack, a^ follows: — ] 

" Et ad istam execuceonem bene et fideliter faciendam, ordino et 
constituo lohawnem Clerk de Wyssenden, l^iaAulphum Humberstone 
de leices^Wa, ^ioardum Hawey, Magi^^rwrn cantarie de Mantoft, & 8 
WilleZmi^m Baxtir, custodem Hospitalitatis de Okeham, Executores 
ineos, ad disponendi^7n & exequend^^m testamentmn meum & 
voluntatem meam predictor, cum superuisione Henrici Plesyntofl 
miHtis, prout velint coram summo ludice respondere" * 12 

Codicillus eiusdem Rogeri [In margin.'] 
[I. Testament of the Personalty.] 

TN )>e name of almyghty god, fader and soft and holy gost. Amen. 

**- I, Roger Flore of Okeham i, declare my last wiH in ^\a bille, als 

* Oakham^ a parish and market-town, in the soke of Oakham, county of 
Rutland, of which it is the chief town, 95 miles N.N. W. from London.— Xems. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


weH of my testament as of my lancF ))at standej in feffe^^ handes. 
First I wille fat my testament be, witfe the grace of god, f ulfillecJ ; 
and as touching my housholde, my wille is, )>at Thomas my sone haue 
4 ali my seluere vesseti ]>at I haue atte London, )>at is to sey, a basyn 
and an Ewei* of syluere, too gilt peces flat couered, too peces of 
siluere whit* lowe feet, pQ oone coueredl with gilt brerdes, and fre 
goblettes of sylu^re, oone couered, and a poteli pot of syluere, and a 
8 syluere salei', and a doseyn spones of too suites, and foui^ chargeoiirs, 
six disches, and six saucers of siluere merkid with a sink foil vnder 
J>e brerdej. Also I wul he haue al myn other houshoold fat I haue 
atte Londefi, except my bed of Tapistree, fe which I wuH my 

12 welbeloved wife Cecile haue; pe which housholdf is in myn In, in 
keping of my semaunt Rolleston by bille endented, of which fe oone 
bille is in my trussing 'cofer*. I wol also my sayd sone Thomas haue 
my paled bed of wursted, white and rede, with fe costers fe whicfi 

16 semen for my chambre I lye Inne atte Okeham, and a rede bed of 
wursted with fe costers the which hengen in fe newe chamber' next 
my chambei* ; and I wuH he haue to pe oone bed a peyre fustyans, 
and to pQ ofer a peyre blankettti?, and to ilk of pe too beddis too peyre 

20 schetys goode, and a matras and a canvas ; and I wuti he haue oon 
fetherbed ; and I wuH he haue too seruawntes beddys for pe too said 
chambers. I wuH also he haue too fyne bordeclothes, pe one of 
werk, pe oper playn, with goode sanapes* and wasshyngtowels, boJ>e 

24 for befor* mete and after*. Also I wuti he haue my maser* of a vine 
rote^ the which was my faders, and pe peces of syluere made in pe 
bof um like perles, and too pottw of bras, and too pannes, and too 
spytes, and a peyre rakkes of yryne, and to brandemes, and to doseyn 

28 of pewter vesseti, and too cors bordclojjes, and too peire cors sanapes, 
and J?re candelstykes of laton. Also I wuti he haue my cartes and 
my plowes, and ati my hors fat longen to hem, whith ati her* gere. 
also I wuti he haue my grete maser^ fe which I calle 3ele^, for fe 

32 terme of his life, and so from heir* to heyr^ lome : and no man mcrueil 

1 The final ' 3 * ia generally a contraction for es, so that * feffej ' may be 
* feffee5 ' ; but as both * brerdes ' and * brerdej * are uzed for the same thing 
below, * } * had better be read * z ' here. * feflfes ' is on p. 60, as well as * feffe3.' 

» with. 3 leaf 70. * hand-napkins. » ? MS. jole. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


fogfe I do weH to him, for when almyghty god list to take me oute of 
f is wreched world to his mercy, fan shaH he be left faderles and 
moderles, grauntfaderles and grauntmoderles. And yf hit so befeH 
J>at he died, leuyng* me, fan wuH I fat myn eldest sone fat ouere- 4 
leueth me hane hit^ I haue be-qweythen my sayd sonc Thomas. 
More ouere I wuH fat Robert my soft haue my flat cou^red pece 
whitti a sqware pomeli, and an of er flat pece of f e suit fat were my 
faders, (of whos soule god haue mercye,) and six spones of syluere ; 8 
and lames my soiL fe keuered pece f e which f e persofi of Bereughby 
gaf me, and six spones of sylu^re ; and Roger my soft f e keu^red 
pece of syluer fe which was mayster Robertti^ Stoneham, and is 
pounces whith a crane, and six seluere spones ouer fe other keuered 12 
pece, pe which my lord Le Ware gaf him whan he was cristnedf; 
and lohn) my soft a keu^red pece and six spones of siluei' ; and I wul 
fat my saicJ soft Robert haue my best gilt pece keuered, and Roger 
my saidTsona my gilt keuered goblet fat was Camews. Also I wuH 16 
fat Anneys my doughter haue f e standing pece fat was my faders, 
keuered, and my gilt pece fat Steneby gaf me, and a quart pot of 
siluei^, and six spones of siluei^, and a basyn and an Ewei^ of siluei' ; 
and my doughter^ lohn) a keuered pece of sQuei*, f e which f e provest 20 
of Coderstoke gaf me, and six silucr spones ; and I wul fat ilk of my 
said childre haue a bed, fat is to say, couerlide, tapite, blanketti*, 
too peyre schetes, matras, and canvas. And fan wul I fat my 
welbeloued wyfe Cecile haue alle fe remenaunt of my syluere vessel}, 24 
pottes, peces, and spones^ basyn and Ewer^ of siluere, powderbox and 
salers of siluere, beddyng*, napery and pewter vessell, brasse spytes, 
rakkes and brandernes of erne ; and ati myn other howshold, saf suche 
as longeth to f e gamerye, I wul abyde to myn heyr*. And I wul fat 28 
non of my corn, nor malt, ne quyk catel, be takew for houshold, but I 
wul it helpe to fulfulle my testament, saf fat I wul fat my wyf haf 
of my com and malt als myche as hire nedeth, til newe come, by 
delyueraunce of myn Executours, if she wul holde houshold. And I 32 
wul my wyf haf half my mylche kye, and myn heyi' f e othei' half. 
And after my principal is taken, I wul my wyf haf my best ambeler*, 
and my sone, sir Herre Plesyngton, wylk him likef best, after* preying 
* hit =s hit fat, what, the property which. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


hym to be gode maystre to my children ; and ^en wul I ])at my soil 
Thomas haf pe best next ; and pe remenaient of my rode horses I wul 
be departyd betwene my wyfe and my soft Thomas ; but I wul my 
4 wyf chese first. Also I wul )>at my gownes for my body, fe whidi 
ben ffurred whith pelure, be dalt amongt8 my childre, to ilke after 
here degre and age, so ])at Thomas and Anneys haue four* ^of pe best 
And I wul Jat pe remenaunt of my cloJ>es for my body be dalt 
8 amoDges my s^ruauntes, — of pe which I wul that Thomas CampiofL 
be ]»ought on — to ilke after pejr degrees. And -I- wul fat Eobe7*t 
my son haue oon of my swerdes, and one of my basilardes hameysed 
with silutfre, and one of my siluere girdeles. And I wul fat Thomas 

12 my sone haue myn ofer siluere girdeH, and myn oper wepen and 
arm/?rur*. Also 'I* wul fat Thomas my sone haue my termes fat I haf 
of Westmin*fer in fe personage of Okeham. Also I witt fat fe 
money fe which I haue be-qwefen to my childre to^ putte in sure 

16 keping be myn Executours, so fat fey mowe haue fat is be-qwefen 
hem when fei come to ^eres of discrecion, if fey lif so longe ; and elle 
fat it mowe be disposyd by myn Executours as I haue ordeyned by 
my testament, requirynge my seiJ Executours, as fey wul onswere to 

20 god, fat fey (for no fauour) put hit but as fey suppose and truste be 
her* consciens it shal be sure. And I wul fat Anneys Samon, my 
wyfes moder, Margeret Spriggy, and Alys Eowele and lonet Hum- 
berstone, Beatiice Swetenham, myn aunte, and my cosin Sithyng6, 

24 half ilk of hem a gode goldring^, or a broche of gold, or a good peyi* 
of bedys, for a remembraunce of me. And I wil fe Maister* of 
Manton haf my pair' of bedys fat I vse my self, with f e x aues of 
siluare, and a pater noster ouer-gilt, preying him to haue mynde of 

28 me sumtime whan he seith oure lady sawter on hem. Also I wil fat 
lohfl Brigg and Willia77i Lewes haf, ilke of hem, xl. s*. for here oold 
se7'uice; and Robert Martfeld? 'xiij* s', iiij d ; and koc kook' a noble, 
and Toume [so] Campion a noble, and if f e voute* of Okeham stepiJ 

32 be not made in my lif, f e which I haf made couenawnt of with 
Thomas Nuntoii, Mason, to gif him .v. mark for f e werkmansshipe, 

> leaf 70 back. « ? read * be.' 3 Cock, the cook (?). 

* Voulte : f. a vault or arch ; also, a vaulted or embowed roofe. 1611.— 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


(of fe whicfe I haue paied him a noble on ernest,) I wol pe same 
couenaMnt be fulfillid? of my good after my decease as sone as myn 
necbonrs wul ordeyn for fe stuffe )?at sbaH go fer-to, of f e whicfe 
stuffe Richard Oxenden hai)? paie<J to Fairchilcl, qwarriowr, xiij s* and 4 
iiij <J for freestone. More-ouer I wuH fat Thomas my soil haue my 
portoos, charging him, on my blessing, that he kepe hit, terme of his 
lif, so that god wuH her-after* sende him deuocion to sey his scruice 
fer-ov), as I haiie done, ))at ))enne he may haue such a good honest 8 
boke of his owne ; and if god ewre ^ him to dye or m«, I wul Jeanne 
my eldest soil haue it to ]>e same entent. And I pray to pe blessed 
TWnite that of his endles mercye and goodnesse he sende my children 
grace to be gode men and wommen, and to ^elde him gode soules, 12 
))oroug!i ])e helpe and praier of oure lady seint Marye, and of a,¥t ]>e 
seyntes of heune. Amen. 

[11. Wm of the Realty.] 

[2 Lincolnshire Manors to Wife for life, while sole; then 1 to son 
Thomas, and 1 to son James, in tail. If Wife marries, her estate to go to 
sons Robert and Thomas. If not, Robert to have Oakham and Masthorpe 
lands for his mother's life, with remainder to son Thomas in tail. Bran- 
toft land to son Roger in tail. Halton lands to son John in tail. Other 
Rutland and Leicestershire lands to son Thomas in tail. Dwelling-place 
to Wife for a year ; then to son Thomas. Feoffees to make these Settle- 
ments by Indentures. Heirs' deeds to be kept in a coffer in Oakham 
Almshouse, and given to each when he's of age. Other children's deeds 
to be copied for the eldest son. Each child under age to have his rents 
for maintenance. Testator's Ward, T. Dale, either to marry Testator's 
daughter Anneys — in which case her portion is to be reduced — or the 
right of his marriage to be sold. 

Codicil. Oct. 1425, p. 63. Son James to hav an Annuity of £5 out 
of Leicestershire land while his mother stays sole ; also part of his brother 
Robert's land, if Robert turns priest ; in which case his brother William is 
to have the estates given to Robert for his mother's life. The whole 
Will and Codicil written by Testator.] 

And moreouer, for als mykyl as at diuerce feffementes fat I haue 

mad to diuerce men of ce?*teyn part of my loncJ, to fe entent fat fey 16 

shulde do my wylle lyke as in sum wrytynges and condicions vpon 

fe same feffementes it is more pleynly conteyned?. And also for als 

1 'i ure, destine. Fr. Tieur: m. Hap, lucke, fortune, chaunce. — Cotgrave. 
MS. maybe *cwre.* 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


mykel as diuers men haf ioint astate whit me in din^rce of my 
purchace be wey of truste for to fulfylle my wille whan I required 
hem, or declared it to hem, Nowe I declare here my laste wille, als 
4 wel to my saide feffej as to my ioint f effes : First I wul and ordeyne 
that my ioint feflfe^ of my maners of Stenby ^ and Braceby,^ with here 
appurtenaunces, in Lin[c]olne-shir©, suflfre my wyfe Cecile haue J>e 
prcTfite^ of J>eim aH Je while she lyve)) sool withoute husbond. And 
8 if she take J>e mantel and )>e rynge, and avowe chastite, than wnl I 
J>at fortfe-whitli my said ioint feffes make her astate, for terme of 
hii* lif, of Je same too lordshipes, vp condicion ))at she lyve sool, 
withoute husbond ; the remaindre of Je maner of Steneby, with fe 

12 appwrtenaunces, to Thomas my soft and heii', and to }>e heires of his 
body comynge ; and for defaute of heires of his body comynge, to fe 
heires of my body comynge ; and for defaut of issu of my body 
comynge, to my right heires. And Je remaindre of pe said maner of 

16 Braceby, wif Je appwrtenawnces, to lames my soft, and to fe heires 
of his body comynge ; and for defaute of heires of his body comynge, 
to fe heires of my body begetyn ; And for defaute of issu of my body 
begetyn, pe remaindre to my right heires. And if my said wif take 

20 hii' an husbond, fanne wul I pat my said ioint feffe^ make astate to 
Robert, my soft, of my said maner of Steneby with Je appwrtenaunce3 
for terme of his moder lyf Cecile / the remaindre of fe said manere 
whith fe appwrtenawncej to my son Thomas, and to the heires of his 

24 body comynge, and so forth, as hit is declared a-fore. And if hit so 
be pat my said wif take pe mantell and pe rynge, avowe chastite as 
hit is said ^before, and pcr-vpon haue astate of my said too maners 
for terme of hir* lif, pe remaindre forth as hit is before declared, pan 

28 wul I pat my ioint feffe3 of my landes and tenementes pat I bonght 
of Richard Oxenden in Okeham, and also pat my ioint feflfe3 of my 
land and tenemewte^ in Mastorpe, And also my ioint feffe^ of the 
burgate in pe newgate of Okeham, pe which I bought of Richard 

32 Milner*, make astate of peim to Roberd my son a-f ore-said for terme 
of the lyf of his moder' Cecile; pe remaindre of peim to my soft 

1 Steriby is Stainby, near the Leicestershire border ; 9 miles South of 
Grantham. — E. Peacock. 

* Braceby f a village 7 miles East of Grantham. — E. P. * leaf 71, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Thomas and to J)e heires of his body; and for defaute of issu of his 
body, fanne to Jje heires of my body ; and for defaute of issu of my 
body, Jje remaindre to my right heires, so J>at my ful wiH is, Jat if my 
said soft Eobert haf not Steneby, fat fanne he haf peae other finges 4 
as hit is a-fore declared. More-ouere my witt is, fat my ioint feffe3 
of my landes and tenementea in Branntoft * in Lyndeseye make astate 
of feim to Roger my soil, and to fe heires of his body comynge; and 
for defaute of [issu of] his body comyngc, fe remaindre to my son 8 
Thomas and to f e heires of his body comynge ; and for defaute of 
issu of his body comynge, to f e heires of my body comynge ; and for 
defaute of issu of my body, fanne to my right heires. Also I wul fat 
my ioint fefife3 of my landes and tenementes, whith her* appwr- 12 
tenawnces, in Halton in Lyndesey,^ make astate of f eim to lohfi my 
son, and to f e heires of his body comynge ; and for defaute of issu of 
his body, f e remaindre to f e heires of my body ; and for defaut of 
issu of my body, forf to my right heires ; so fat my wyti is, fat f e 16 
remaindre of att my landes and tencme/^tes fat I ordeyn to myn other 
children fro myn heii*, abide, for defaute of issu of f eim, to myn eldest 
son and heir fat ouer lyueth hem, and f anne forth as hit is a-fore 
declared. More-ouer my wyti is fat oB, myn enfefiEe3 of ofer diuerce 20 
of my landes and tenementes in Eoteland and Leycestre-shire, als wel 
f o fat stande enfeffed by me, as f o fat ben ioint feflfed with me, make 
astate of j^eim to my said son Thomas and to f e heires of his body 
comynge ; And for defaute of issu of his body comynge, f e remaindre 24 
to fe heires of my body; and for defaut of issu of my body, fe 
remaindre to my right heires, saf fat I wul fat myn enfeflTej of my 
place fat I wone Inne, suifre my wyf wone f er-Inne a jere after my 
decesse, if she wille, so fat she take no husbond in f e mene tyme ; 28 
And after fat, I wul fat my said eiifeffe3 make astate f e^-of to my 
said son Thomas, as of f e remenawnt it is arfore declared. And if hit 
so befelle fat my said sofi Thomas died to-fore f ise astates afore-said 

^ Branntoft. 1 think this is Bratoft, 5 miles East of Spilsby. — E. Peacock. 

* ffalton, East, in the East Division of the Wapentake of Yarborough, Parts 
of Lindsey, co. of Lincoln . . 11 m. N.W. from Great Grimsby. HalUm Holgate 
in the East Division of the Soke of Bolingbroke, Parts of Lindsey, co. of 
Lincoln . . 1} m. E.S.E. from Spilsby. Halton West in the N. Division of the 
Wapentake of Morley, Parts of Lindsey . . 7 m. S. by E. from Settle. — Carlisle, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


made, J^enne wille I ]yat like astate be made to myn eldest sofi p&t 
)>anne ouer-lyaet& him ; and my wille is, pat alle pe astates before- 
said be made by dede endente<l, to pat enteiit |)at one of pe dedys 
4 mow be deliu^red to him )>at pe gyf t shal be made to, and pe oper to 
myn heii', because of pe romaindre. And I wul })at myn heires 
dedys be kept whij) pe reraenattnt of my dedys in pe same cofei* )>at 
my dedys be]) kept in no we, and so delyu^red him to his vse ; And I 
8 wul pat pe oper parties of pe dedys endentyd, with pe remenat^nt of 
pe dedys pat longen to myn oper childre, be put in pe cofre )>at 
Thomas Audeby gaf me, in pe which my selu^r vesseH is now kept, 
til ilk childe come of age to receyve |)at longes to him ; And ]}at^ last 

12 shal receyue his dedes, I wil ))at he haf pe cofr^ whit-all ; so ])at I wil 
fat pej haue no lyuere of peb^ dedys til J>ey come til jeres of age and 
discrecton to resceyue hem. And if pey died or )>ei came to such age, 
]»anne his dedes ))at so died wer^ deliuareci to myn heii^. And I 

16 wolde )>at pe substanciatt^ dedes of myn oper childre were copied, and 
pe copies put amonge myn heirs dedes for a remembraunce. and if 
it myght godely, I wolde alle pe giftes aforesaid were done by fyn,^ 
for more suerte, on my cost. And my wil is, ]7at piae astates be made 

20 al so sone as ))ei mowe godely after my decesse, and ])at my said 
children haue ilk of hem pe profit of ]>aire lande pat I ordeyn hem, 
fort^whith anone after my dirige. Aud I wul fat pe said cofre that 
myn other children dedes shul be kept in, be kept in pe Almeshouse 

24 of Okeham, vndre pie keyes, too vnder keping of myn Executours, 
and pe fridde vnder pe keping of an oueraeer of my testamewt,^ so 
fat fei mow make deliueraunce to my childre of her' dedes, as hit is 
seid before. I write nomore atte fis time, but fat I prey to almyghty 

28 god als entierly as any synful man may ^prey, fat of his endeles 
mercy and grace, f orough f e preier* of oure lady seint Marye and alle 
f e seintes of heuen, he haf mercy of my synful soule, and bring hit 
to his blis, and gyf myn Executours grace to make good ende of my 

32 testament and wille, and my feflfej also of my fefifementes, Amen. 

1 l^at s who that, he who. ' original. 

' That Fines were to be levied by the * Enfeffe) ' in favour of the several 

* Sir Harry Plesyngton is named as Overseer, in the Latin Testament : see 
p. 55. * leaf 71 back. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


writen witfi myn owne han^ fe xviij. day Apriti, fe jere specefied in 
my said? testament. And as touching fe warde and mariage of 
Thomas Dale, my witt is, but if he and my doughtei* Anneys mowe 
acorde hy pe asseynt of hire moder Ceeile, elles I wul ))at pe warde 4 
and mariage of him be solcJ to my profit fei* hit may be to his 
worships. And I wul fat fe profit, ))at comef ))er-of, helpe to 
fulfylle my testament and wille, if hit nede be, and elles be done for 
my soule by myn Executours. And if my said doughter Anneys and 8 
he acorde of mariage, fan wul I gyf hire fe mariage, abatyng for hii* 
C ti that I haf beqwefen hire be my testament, Ix. li^, fe whicfi I wil, 
helpe to fulfilling of my testament and wil, if it nede, and elles be 
done by myn Executours for my soule and for alle cristen soules. 12 
And also I wil fat lolin Ondeley haf a coueryd pece of silue?*, price 
of xl' s*, or elles xl .s' to bie one whith, of my cost, for a remem- 
braunce of me. my wille is also fat my newe vestment fat I made^ 
last, be deliuered to myn Autei' in fe kyrke, fer to serue and abide 16 
in remembraunce of me while it wul endure, to f e wurshipe of god ; 
and Ific [Jes-us] mak gode ende. 

[III. CodicU, Oct. 1425. Abstract on p. 59.] 

And for asmoche as .1. Roger Flore, ouerseying my testament and 
wille, haue conceyued? fat I haue not ordeyned what lames my soft 20 
shulde haue during his moder lyf, soole, whithouten husbonde, f er- 
fore my wille is, fat my ioint feffe^ of my purchace of Leesthorpe ' in 
Leicestreshire, graunte by her* dede, to lames my said sone, an annuite 
of .0 s' of my said purchas of Leesthorpe, to haue hit for terme of his 24 
moder lif Ceeile, if she lyue sool, so fat, after hei* decesse, or if she 
take hii* an husbond, he mowe haue fe remaindre of Braceby, like as 
I haue ordeined for him in my witi, so fat whanne f e remaindre 
fallef to him, fat f anne f e saide annuite of an C s' sese. And I wul 28 
fat f e said graunte of f e said annuite be graunted with clause of 
destresse paieable atte too termes, fat is to say, at Esteme and 

1 ? does this mean that her Portion is to drop to £40 or to £60 ? 

' ? = cauzd to be made. 

' Leesthorpe, in the hand, of Gartree, though locally situate in the hund. of 
Guthlaxton, Co, of Leicester ; in the Parish of Pickwell ... It is 4 m. S.E. by 
S. from Melton Mowbray. — Carlisle. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Micheliuesse. Furthermore my wiH is, pat if Robert my son be a 
prest in time to come, seyng ))at panne my lande pat is tayled to him 
in Leicestre, Whyteweti^ and Litel Hamildofl^ shulde desceude to pe 
4 said lames, pat panne pe remaindr^ of Braceby a-fore said be tU 
William my son6 after pe decesse of his modei* Cecile ; or if she take 
hire an husbond, as hit is rehersyd a-fore. More-ouer' my wiH is, pat 
if my said soft Robert be here-aftir^ prest, as hit is said before, panne 
8 wul I, if he haf any benefice of holychirche or prcbende, pat panne 
pe astate pat I ordeigned pat ioint feffe^ of my londes and iQneinenies 
pat 1 bought of Richard Oxendeii of Okeham, and also of my burgage 
pe whicfi I bought of 'Richard Mylnere in pe Newgate of Okeham, 

12 and my ioint feffe^ of my landes and tenementes in Masthorpe, 
shulde haf made to Robert my sone for pe terme of his moder lif in 
such manere and forme as hit is declared in my former^ wiH, pat 
panne pay shall make astate of pe said londes and tenenientos to my 

16 said sone William in such manere and fowrme as pei shulle haue 
made to my said sone Robert, wip pe remaindre as hit is in my 
former wille declared. In witnes of which pis my writyng* of myn 
own bond, I haue annexed pis. my wille with my testament and 

20 former wille, vnder my seal of myn armes, affermyng* my said 
testament and former wille except pat ^ is chaunged in pis my last 
wille. writen at Okeham pe Fryday a-fore pe fest of pe aposteles, 
Seint Simon and lude,* pe jere of oure lord a pousand foure hundred 

24 and xxv. and pe jere of pe reigne of ^King Herry pe sext after 
pe conquest, pe fourte. And I prey my feffe^ pat alle pese astatys, by 
pe avys of a wel lerned man of pe lawe, of my cost, to be paled 
by myn Executours. Almyghty god make good ende ! Amen. 

28 Probata fuerunt pre^ens testamentum & codicillwm coram MeLgistro 
lohawne Lyndefeld, Commissa^^o &c, xx die meneis lunij, Anno 
dommi Mille^mo cccc"" vicesimo octauo, & co^nmissa est adminis- 
tracio ommxim bonorwm dicti defuwcti dicto Ricar^^o Hiwey, & 

32 domino WilleZmo Baxter, ^xecutoribus in eodem testamento nomi- 
nate, Reseruata potestate, &c*. 

^ Whitwell in the Hundred of Alstoe. The Flores held an estate there under 
the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem. — J. H. R. ^ what, that which. 

* Little Hambledon, in the Hundred of Martinsly. The Flores held the 
Manor under the Ferrers family.-^. H. R. * Oct 28. * leaf 72. 

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NORMANDY, 1425. 

[Going on a Journey. Pilgrims to be sent to Rome, Jerusalem, 
Canterbury, St Michael's Mount, and St James's of Compostella, for 
Testator's soul, and Priests to sing for it Gifts of gilt and silver Cups 
and Goblets, Bed, and Money. Gifts to Parson and Clerk of St. Thomas's, 
London, and Prisoners and Poor. Goods for Testator's soul.] 

(More, 8 Commissary Court of London, If. 170 bk.) 

Brigide.^ T. WilleZmi Newland. Ha5ent acquietaneiam. [Li margin,] 

I, William NewlancJ, wol pat al men know pat J>is bere-vnder 
writen ys my last wiH, what fat ener god ordene for me in my 
lomeye. First, for to dispose my goodis : J>e goodw that be in 
a pairc of trussing cofres in the kepyng of Thomas Broun), y wol pat 4 
a man be founden ])6rwith to go to Eome and to len^^alem, and to 
bane per-of for his coates and laboter 1 inarc«'; s^noper for to go fro the 
SwercJ in Fletstrete vn-to Caunterbnry, barefot, x s' ; and a-nofer for 
to ride or go vn-to seynt Micheti mount* xx s' ; and A-noper to seynt 8 
lames in Galis* C s' ; and for v prestw for to synge at chircfi of seint 
Thomas of Postlis*^ a hool yera, 1 marc<2. ^^^ fQj Qj,gy y j^eatta the 
next yere suyng in f* same place, 1 marc 2. And y wiH J>at sir 
Thomas Fawkys haue two gilt cuppis cou^red, and ij pecis of silu^. 12 
and also it is my will fat Elianor of Coton)* haue C marc to her 
manage, and a browded bed wip p* costures perto, and a cup of 
Silu^ and ij gobelettt^. also y wol pat Thomas Pounce haue 
X marc, also y wol pat Thomas Broun) and his wyff haue viij 16 

* St. Bridget's, or St. Bride's, Fleet St., in Faringdon Ward Without 
> Fifty marks, £32 149. id. : over £300 in present money. 

' That in Cornwall, not that in Britany, as only 20s. is allowd. 

* St. James's of Compostella, in Galicia, Spain. 

* The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle was in 'Knight riders street . . by 
Wrvng-wren lane, a proper Church,, and in the yeere 1629. well repaired and 
finely garnished.' — S tow's Survey of London, ed. 1688, p. 268, col. 2. It was 
burnt in the Great Fire of 1666, and not rebuilt The parish was joind to St 
Mary Aldermary, Bow Lane, Watling St. 

* There's a Coton 2 miles N. of Cambridge, and another near Bugby, in- 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 


inarc«. Also y wol pat lohD) of Merbury^ haue x marc, also y wol 
pat pe persons of seynt Thomas apostolis haue xiij s' iiij (), and p^ 
clerk yj s' viij (>. also y wol pat xl marc* be delid to prisoners and 
4 to pore folkys. also y remenant of my barneys and ofer goodis, 
y wiH pat it be disposed for my sowle, and for ati p* saules per euer y 
had ony good of: and pis y yeue in charge, wip witte and good 
mende, to myn executours, as pey wol answere a-for god, to be treuly 
8 disposed as it ys a-boue writen. and herevpon) y make myn 
Executottrs, . Thomas Fawke* a-fore writen, and Elianor of Coton), 
Thomas Pounce & Thomas Broun). Writen pe xx day of Decembre 
in London) be me William Newland. And y wol pat al my rentis 

12 and goodw in N'ormandie be disposed be William Faukeswell and be 
Pers Gely, pe half for to be don for my sowle, and pe oper half 
y jeue hem frely for to do trewly for me. and her-to y set p* seale of 
my Armes to witnesse. 

16 Probatum fuit hoc testamentum coram nobis Dauid Price, vicario 
Reuerendi in christo pahis & domini WilleZwi, dei gratia Londome 
'Episcopi^ in spm^ualib«w generali, xv kalendarum Augusti, anno 
domini miilesimo cccc"" xxvj***, Et per nos legitime pronwnciatum pro 

20 eodeuL Et commissa est admiwistraczo omnium bonorwm presens 
testamen^t^m concemencmm, infra iurisdicctonem Londome existen- 
cium, Elianore of^ Coton), Thome Pounce & Thome Broun) execu- 
torial^ superius nominati^, iuratis primitus in forma iurt^, & Admisaia 

24 per eosdem, facultate committenda admimstractonem humsmodi 
Thome Faukys, executori superius nomi/iato, cu7?i venerit, & eandem 
subire voluent, nobis specialiter reseruata. In cuius rei testimonium, 
sigillum quo in hmusmodi officio vicariati«5 vtimwr, presentibus 

28 apposuimi^. Datwm Londonic, die & anno domini supradictw. 
1 Merbury is not in Walker's Gazetteer. * so. 

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[To be buried in St. Clement's, East-Cheep. Gifts to the Works, 
Parson and Clerk of the Church, and other Priests. Small bequests to 
Brother, Sister, and friends. Residue for Testator's Soul.] 

(More, 8 Commissaiy Court of London, If. 228.) 

C[lement] Est[chepe]. Testamentum WilleZmi Davy. B.affent 

SLcquietaTiciam} [In marffin,] 

In y name of god, amen. In the xxvij day of nouember, The 
jere of our* lord M. CCCC"*** xxvj, L Wilham Dauy, Fyscfemongere 
and Citezyn of London, In hool mynde, make and ordeyne my 
Testament in this maner : Ferst I be-quethe my sowle to al-myghty 4 
god and to al f ® seyntis, my body to be beryed in f* Cherche-^erd of 
seynt Clementw be syde Est chepe^. Al-so I be-quethe to the werkes 
of ^^6 forseyd cherche, xl a*. Al-so I be-quethe to t?ie persone of the 
sayde cherche, xiij s' iiij <}. Also I be-quethe to the m&j&ter clerke 8 
iij 8* iiij A Also I be-quethe sere Wilham Podoii), iij s'. iiij (J. Also 
I be-quethe sere lohn Buk, iij s' iiij (J. Also I wele that euery prest 
that is at my dyrige and at messe, haue vj <J. Also I be-quethe 
Margrete Schiplake, xl s*. Al-so I be-queth Waket, prentys vrith 12 
Schiplake, yj s' viij A Also I be-quethe lohfl Davy my brotfier 
xl. s*. Also I be-quethe Margery my sistei*, xx s'. And p* residue 
of al my godys after my testament is f ulfyllyd and my dettys payd, 
thej be disposyd for my soule after the disposicion of my executour. 16 
and to th'ia 1 make and ordeyne William Schiplake, Barbour, myn 
executour ; and I be-quetne the same Wilham xl s* ; Al-so ^eue hym 
wit^-owte that, for hese laboure, vj s* viij d?. Item I be-quethe lohfl 
Lowesley vj s' viij d. Wittenessis, sere Andrewe Norwiche, persone,^ 20 
and Thomas Eokewode, clerk. 

^ The Executors have paid their dues to the Court. 

* This is a small Church, void of Monuments, other than of Francia Bamam, 
Alderman, who deceased 1575, and of Benedict Bamam his sonne, Alderman 
also 1598. — Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 235, col. 1. This Church was repaired and 
beautified at the cost and charge of the Parishioners, in the yeere of our Lord 
God, 1632.— i6. p. 882, col. 1. Burnt in the Great Fire, 1666 ; rebuilt by Wren. 

' Probably the Parson drew up the Will. See the Common Form for Wills 

F 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Probatum est & c. ij* nonarum Decembris, anno domini supro- 
dicto, coram Roberto DerffelcJ &c c». Et commiaaa est &c« WilkZino 
Schiplake, executor! suprodicto. £t admissum p^ eundem, iurato 
4 pnmitus in forma iuiis. 

SUFFOLK, 1426. 

[To be buried at Bikinacre, Essex. Small sums of money to its 
priests, and poor, and Church ; to his Suffolk tenants, and the Church 
of Lawshall. Much of his land to be sold ; and out of its price, 2 Priests 
to be got to sing for 40 years for Testator's and others' souls ; alms to be 
given ; 4 lepers to have 4 marks yearly for 10 years ; Obit to be kept 
yearly in 3 churches ; poor of 3 Essex hundreds to have 20 marks a year 
for 10 years ; 6 marks (£4) to be spent on Laffar bridge, and 600 marks 
on Eastford bridge. Household goods to go to children. Testator 
to have a tomb like Sir Thomas More's *, with a broad stone and 4 pillars ; 
and on the stone, a Brass of his wife and 7 children, &g. Bequests to priests, 
clerks, poor, and poor tenants. Legacies to Executors, &c. Servants to 
be rewarded. P. Dene to have an annuity out of land. Feffees (trustees) 
to convey land as Executors direct Children to have £100 each, and be 
govemd by Executors.] 

(Luffenam, P. P. C, leaf 45.) 

Teaiamenium WilleZmi Hanyngfelct. [In margin.'] 

Tn nomine Bancte & indiuidue Trinitatis, pa^ris et filij et spiritxis 
■*- sawc^ Amen. In festo aancti Egidij Abbatis, Anno dommi 
Mille^i'mo CCCC"" xxyj**, Anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post con- 
8 questuw Anglie quinto. Ego, WilleZmus Hanyngfeldf, Armiger, in 
mea libera et spontanea voluntate, ac in bona et sana memoria mea 
existens, videns Ss precogitans in mortis p^rict^le^m, Ideo hoc presens 

drawn by Parsons when applied to, in Bp. Lacy's Liber PorUifi^xiliSf cited in the 
Notes, on a Widow's Vow of Chastity. This Form included gifts to the Church, 
Parson, Clerk, &c. 

1 "William Hanyngfield of Claydon's in East Hanningfield, Chelmsford 
Hundred. — InquisUiones post mortem, 6 Hen. VI. — H. R. 

* This was Thos. More (or Moor), Dean of St. Paul's, who rebuilt the 
Chapel in Pardon Cloister, and was buried there in 14 . . See p. 104, note 1. — 
J. H. R. 

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testamentu?n meum, voluiitate?/^ meaw in se continens, condo, facio, 
& ordino in hunc modum. In primis lego et commendo animam 
meani deo omwipotenti, creatori meo, ^heatiasimeque & gloriosissime 
dei genitrici, virgini Marie, matrls sue, & omnibus sanctw^; corpusqt^^ i 
meuw ad sepeliendi^wi in eccle«ia Bancti lohannis Bap^t^te de 
Bykenare,2 in Capella sancti l^icholai. Item lego cuiliftet sacerdoti 
ad exequias meas existent/, vj (t. Item lego cuiliftet clerico interes- 
senti ihidejiLf iiij ^. Item lego cuiliftet pauperi ij 3, et si necesse^ 8 
fnerit causa paupe?*tatw, iiij A Item lego paupmbus meis tenentibiza 
ihidem per viam, xx s'. Item lego tenentibiw meis in Comitatu 
SnSolkiey xL s*. Item lego fabrice ibidem, pro fac/ura ecclesie, si non 
deueniat ad manus priom, sed per visum lohannis Borbam, C. marca^, 12 
videlicet pro reparacione capelle ihidem vbi corpus meum sepultu??* 
fnerit. Item lego p?*(? fac^ura eccle^ie de Lawsett* in Comitatu 
SuffoZAji'e, ad orandwm pro antecessoribw* meis, xl* li. Eesiduuw vero 
ommmn bonorwm meoruwi non legatorwm, do et lego Roberto de Teye,^ 16 
Armigero, in Comitatu Essexie, Iolia«ni Basset • de CbishuH, lobanni 
Whetley, ciui ciuitatw London/e, et Philippo Dene. Huius autem 
testament! mei, Robertum de Teye, Armigerum, lohannem Basset 
prsdictwm, lohawnem Whetley, ciuem ciuitatis London/e, & Philippum 20 
Dene, ordino, facio et constituo Executores meos. In cuius rei 
testimonium, sigillum meum presentibtw apposui. Datum Londonie, 
die Ss Anno supradictia. 


Codicillus eiusdem WilleZwi. [In margin.'] 
[Will of his Real Estate.] 

His is the last witi of me William HanyngfeU Esquiei*, of ati my 24 
londes and rentes witfiynne ''Jje shire of Esex' and SviSolk, I-made pe 
iiij. day of Septembre, the jere of oure lord M* CCCC xxvj. First, 
I woti fat J>e Maner of Chardacre and Valans yn the shire of Suffolk 

^ — ^ interlined by another hand. 

' Bicknacre Priory, adjoining East Hanningfield. — J. H. R. BikiTUuyre or 
Bitacre in the hand, of Chelmesford, co. of Essex. — Carlisle. • MS. ncco. 

^ Lawshally in the hand, of Baberg, co. of Suffolk ... 7 miles S. by E. of 
St. Edmund's Bury. — Carlisle, ' the J> is that of the MS. all thru. 

* Robert de Tey of Mark's Tey in the Lexden Hundred, Essex : d. 1426-7. 

< John Basset of Basset's Hall, in Great Chishall, Essex.— J. H. R. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


fat fay be soltl by myn Executours to as hie prys as hit may, withoute 
f i-aude or male engyne, and fe money therof resceyuedf, be dispended 
for my soule, after fe discreciozin of myn Executours. More-oucr I 
4 woli fat f e maner icalled Bonylys maner, Frankelensmonday loncl 
and Smythislond, be sold by fe same Executoz^rs, and wit& f e money 
fer-of resceuyed, and more, ^ef nede be, be founde ij. prestes. 
singyng* continuellicfi during* f e terme of 'xl* winter in f e Priory of 
8 Bykenacre, in f e Chapeti of seint Nicholace, for fe soules of me, fe 
forsaid William, Agnes, lohan, Cisily myn wyfes, Willta;?*, Nicholas, 
Martyn, Alienore, Elisabeth, Roger and Margery, and for aH f e soules 
fat I am bounde to do for^, after f e discreciown of myn Executours. 

12 Also I woti fat f e maner icalled Piriesmaner ^ be sold as hastly as liit 
may, and fe money therof resceyued, be dispended in dedes of almes 
by f e discrecion of myn Executours. And as touching fe maner and 
lond I-called Aiotte«, Bartlottei?, Pathislond, Gardyns, and Estlond,* 

16 in Bradwett*, I wott fat fay be sold by my Executours; and wit& fe 
money ther-of resceyued, that ther be I-founde iiij. pore men lepres, 
during* fe terme of x ^ere, and fat euery of ham haue jerly 
iiij marc during* fe same terme. Also I w(^ fat myn obite be 

20 kept Jerly atte Bikenacre, Bradweti, and Canwedon,* and fat fay 
haue to fe werkes of Canwedon chircfi, x marker. Also I woH 
fat among* f e powremen of Richefordhundred,^ Dunchehundred,® and 
Chelmysford hundred, be deled by myn Executours breed and 

24 herynge to f e valu of xx marces during* fe terme of x 3ere. Also I 
wott fat on Laffarebrugge'' be spendid, to make hit aH of stone, vj° 
marker, in esement of f e comyns, if hit so be fat no man be bounde 
by his lond to make hit. Also I woti fat my reuercion of Tootham^ 

28 I-called Skotte« and Westnewlond, and f e rente of Alflednasse be 

sold by myn Executours, and f e money be dispendid to parfourme 

my witi. And also I woti fat ati mauer howshold be kept, and let 

fe childreii haue hit, or fe prys. And fat f e forset* that Thomas 

^ Perie in Tillinghain, which he held of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's. 
' ? East Hall Manor. * Canewdon near Rochford. — J. H. Round. 

' Bradwell juxta inare, on the Blackwater, and in Dengey Hundred. 
* Rochford Hundred. • Dengey Hundred. — J. H. Round. 

' A bridge of one of the three Lavers in Essex, between Harlow and Ongar. 
8 Totham, adjoining Langford ; or, possibly, Scottya in Canewdon, which he 
held of John Tyrell, Esq.— J. H. Round. • A casket, little chest or ooffer. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Essexi6^ wot where is, be delyuered to myn Executoura forto dispende 

pe govides ]}at is thei-yn, for my soule, and pat pe same Thomas 

Essexie ^ haue v marcf^ in honde, and also xx s' • terme of his ly f . And 

jjat myn Executours pay for pe costes of his qwytaunce of his 4 

enditement. And also I woti pat on pe briggc betwixt Estefor^^ 8^^^^ 

Chelmysford, Jef nede be, be spendect V° marcel, if hit so bo pat no 

man be bounde by his londe to make hit. Also I woU pat I haue a 

tumbe like sire Thomas More, and ther-vpon, a brode ston with iiij 8 

pilers, and pe brode stone grauyn with Laton, of Cisifly* and vij 

children, pat is to sey, a son and vj doughtren, lohan and iij children, 

Agnes and ij children, pris of .L. marce*. Also I woti pat euery 

preest being* atte my dirige, haue vj (J, and euery Clerk iiij (J, and 12 

pat euery pore man haue ij (>, and if gret nede be, iiij A And also 

I woti pat ther be delyuerecJ ther^ to pe pore peple of my ienaunttes 

XX s*. Also I woti pat John Borham ouerse these ij preestes and pe 

pore men, and haue for his labour' xl* s*. Also I woti pat Eolf 16 

Baynarct and Darsy, if pay be witholde truly with jow, pat eucry 

haue xl' s\ Also I woti pat Eoberd? of Teye, myn Executour, haue 

for his labour, xxx li; John) Basset of Chishuti; xx ti; lohfl 

Whetley, xx ti ; Phelippe Dene, for he is pore, xx ti ; And also to 20 

William Babyngtofl, forto be good helper* and counceilloui^ to myn 

Executours in ati matiers of lawe touching* hem and pe execucion of 

my testame7it and last witi, xx marce*. Also I woti pat sire lofin, my 

preest, haue xx s', and a gown e of my weryng*. Also I woti pat Witi 24 

my man haue xx s*. And I woti and pray jow pat Phelippe be kept 

on seniice stille, and haue as goud wages as he hadde of me be-forna 

during* pe terme of ij. ^eve. Also I woti pat my aeniaunttes be 

rewardecJ after 30ure discreciown. Also I praye my feffours pat pay 28 

wolde enfefFe Philippe Dene on 'vj* marce* of rente during* pe terme 

of his lif*, where pat he woti chese of ati my londe« best reysi(J. And 

also I praye, and in goddisbyhalf require, pat alle pe feffes pat ben 

enfeffyd in my londes, pat in what tyme pat pay ben duly required! 32 

by myn Executours to make a-state to any person, pat pay perfourme 

' A line of conti-action is over the * x ', whether to mark a Latin genitive 
or not (Thomas of Essex), I can't say. 

« ? Easterford (now Kelvedon).^!. H. R. » leaf 145 back. 

* Cicely his wife : see abuv, p. 70, 1. 7. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


hit in discharge of mj soole, as ^ey woti onswer^ a-fore god. Also I 
pray my feffours fat Jay wold suffer myn Executours to selle 
Stanlehalle, and to enfeffe what man ]7at ener myn Executours 
4 require hem to. Also •!• wott J)at my Maners of Welsham and 
Brethenham^ he sold hy myn Executours, and ]>e money feroi 
he disposed hy myn Executours. Also I woH ))at my Children haue 
C ti, and fat fey, and f er goudes fat longeth to ham, he gouamed atte 
8 aH tymes hy fe discrecion of myn Executours. And fat ati f e 
reuenuys and profitys comyng* of my londes fat hen not assigned hy 
my last wiH and testament for to he sold oner f e sustenaunce of f e 
seid childrun, he disposid and dispendid for my soule hy f e discrecion 

12 of myn Executours* 

Prohatum fuit preens testame^^um, cum codicillo, coram Mag^^^o 
lohanne L3mdefeld, Commissarto &c«, xxij die mensis Septemhr/^. 
Anno domim suprodicto ; et C077imi3sa est administracio honon^m && 

16 Philippo Dene, Executori &ci, Eeseruata potestate &&, Et postea 
exhihito Inventario honon^m &c*, dtc^us executor acquietatus est. ac 
die martiB, yidelieat xiig^ die mens^ Maij, Anno domtni M^cccc xxx 
Y^*** lohannes Basset, executor &c«, coram M&gistio lohanne Lyndefeld 

20 Commissano &c* personaliter comparens, & iuratt^^ ad sancta dei 
euat^ngfilia, administractonem honon^m died defuncti, recepitin forma 
iuris &&, 

1 Brettenham, Suffolk, N.W. of Bilston. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


SHIRE, KTC, 1426. 

[To be buried in London. Bakehouse in Wood St. , and land in Surrey, 
to Wife for life ; Half the Cock and Garland in Coleman St to brother 
Richard for life ; remainders to R. Burdon. A Middlesex house to keep a 
priest at Weston to pray for Testator, &c. A Devonshire place, at Lee, 
to brother John for life, then to nephew William, &c. Spensers place, 
Devonsliire, to nephew Thomas for life, and then to nephew William. 
Other Devonshire and Somerset property to R. Burdon and wife for their 
lives, and their son John in tail male. Surrey land to nephew William for 
life, and then to be sold for Testator's soul. Everchurctf land, in Somerset, 
to nephew John for life, and then for Testator's soul. To Alison Burdon 
40 marks as a portion. Priest to pray in Newton for 10 years. A per- 
petual Chantry in St. Alphage, to be founded out of the Cook in Grub St. 
Priest of the Chamell to have 2 marks out of the Cow-Head in Chepe. 
The City Chamberlain and Town-Clerk (Jn. Carpenter) to see to this. 
Gifts of Mass-Book, Chalice, Cruets, Money, Armour, Beds, Sheets, Pots, 
Pans, Basins, Cups, a Gold Chain, &g. Wife to have half household 
goods. Residue of personalty to Brothers, Sisters, and next of kin.] 

(Luffenam, If. 46 back.) 
Testamentum lohawnis Credy. [In margin^] 

In the^ name of god, so be hit, the iiij day of luyfl, the ^ere of cure 
lord M^cccc* xxvj, I* lofin Credy, squyer, being in my good 
mynde, make my testament in the maner suyng. ffirst I bequethe 
my soule to god almyghty, my maker, to fe blisful Mary, moder of 4 
Shem^ and to alle fe company of heuen ; my body to be beried in pe 
chircfi of se3mt lofin Jacarie^, where my children be beriedl. Also I 
bequet& my wyfe my londes and tenement^ the whicb I bane 
in Eldmede in ))e shire of Surre, and my bachous in Wodestrete in 8 
Londen, the terme of bei' life ; And after ))e decease of hire, )»at hit 

* Ever Chv/rcky or Evercuih, Somerset, W. of Bruton.— Walker. ' ? MS. ther 

' Aldersgate Ward. ' Then is Engaine LaTie, or Maiden lane, and at the 

North-west comer thereof, the Parish Church of Saint John ZachaHe, a faire 

Church * . . . — Stow's Sv/rvey, 1638, p. 821, col. 2. This Church was burnt in 

the Great Fire of 1666, and not rebuilt. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


tume to Kichard Burdofi, skynner, of London. Also I wiH J>at 
'Richard, my brother, haue half fe Cok and J>e garlondl in Colman- 
strete, fe terme of hifl life, and J>e Reuersion to Eicharcl Burdon, 
4 skynn^, the terme of his life ; and after pat, be sold and do for my 
soule. Also .L wiUe pat my wife haue my place called Childerhous 
in Middelsex' fe terme of here life, to susteyne a preest in the 
Chapett of Westoil; And after ))e decesse of here, to Eichard 
8 Quatr^mayns, and to his heires and assignes, in pe same kynde that 
sheo hath hit. And 3ef ^e preest be not susteyned to pray for me, 
niy wyfe, and alle my f reendes, fat hit be sold and do for alle onie 
Boules. Also I witi p&t lohn) my brother haae my place atte Lee in 

12 Deuenshire ^ ])e terme of his life ; and after pe decesse of him, ]>at lohh) 
my godsofi, his sone, haue pe same place pe terme of his life ; and 
after pe decesse of him, )>at Wilham, Adam, my brother sone, haue l^e 
same lond, to him and to his heires males of his body laufully 

16 begetofi for* eucrmore. And 3ef the same William dye withoute 
issue male of his body laufully begotofl, J)at hit be sold and disposed 
for my soule and att christian soules. Also Spensers place atte 
New toft in Deuenshire, I wili J)at Thomas, Adam Credy son, pat 

20 dwelleth with me, haue hit pe terme of his life ; And after the 
decesse of him, fat William his brother haue hit for euer. Also I 
will fat Richard Burdon and Denys his wife haue my part of fe 
Maner Enwarle in Deuen^ with fe voursone of fe chirche. And also 

24 my part of f e maner of ThoriScoffyn in Somerset, with fe vourson of 
f e church. And also my part of fe maner of Morstofi in Deuenshire, 
the terme of both here lifes ; And after the decesse of hem, fat hit 
tume to lohfl here sone, and to his heires males. And if it so bee 

28 fat he die withoute issue male, I will fat Richard his brother haue 
hit in fee euer more. Also I witi fat William my neuew, William 
my brother sofi, haue ati f e lond which fat Westofi, Draper, and I 
purchased in Frankyngham and other places in Surre, terme of his 

32 life ; and after his decesse, fat hit be soldo and disposed for my soule 
and alle cristen soules. And also I wiH fat Ic^hn my neuew, lohfl 

1 There are i Leighs, — East, West, North, South, — ^near Colyton in Devon- 

* ': MS. far. ' *'sliire' follows, imderdotted for omission. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


my brother soft, hane, whenne it falletfi, my parte of place in 
Euerchurcli in Somerset, to him and to his heires for euermore. Also 
I wiH p&t my part of ])e maner of Staunton in Someraet, and also alld 
my londes and ^ tenement^ which I haue in £xettur in Deaenshire, 4 
]}at \>ej been solde by myn Executours. And also I* ytoH |)at AlisofL 
Burdon hane xl* marc to hei' mariage. Also I wiH ))at a preest be 
founde in Newton, x jere, to pray for my fader and my moder, me, my 
wyfe, Richanl Forster, att my kyn & att my gode freendis whicfe I 8 
am boande to, and for bR chj-istieU soules. And fer I woli pat per 
be sette C* marc< to pay his wagis. And also .1. woH )»at pere be 
founde a p^rpetueH chauntane of pe tenement cleped fe Cok in 
Grabstrete, witH cotages annexid ))erto, and o]?ir his appurtinaunce, 12 
to finde a perpetuel preest to singe for my soule, my fader soule, my 
moder soule, and for all c^m^iefi soules, in pe chirch of seint 
Alpheies^, atte Aut^ of oui^ lady seint Marie. Also I woH pat str 
lohn, preest of pe chameli, haue ij marc out of my part of pe rente 16 
called pe cowe heed in Chepe ^ 3erly; & alle his successours, prastes of 
pe same charneli, pat come aftir him, to pray foi me lohn) Credy, my 
wife, my fader, my moder, RicAarc? Forster, and for alle c^rw^ien 
soules. Also I w(^ pat lohn Biderenden, pe Chambarleyn pat now 20 
is, and lohn) Carpynter, comofl clerk*,* and her either successours, 
haue 3erly comyng oute of pe same rente, eche of hem, vj. s'. viij (J, 

^ leaf 47. ^ • ? A shop with the sign of a Cow's Head. 

* St. Alphage Church is situate at the N. W. angle of Aldermaubury, one door 
opening to Loudon Wall . . and the S. door opens into the garden of Sum 
College . . The Church upon its 1st building was dedicated to St. Alphage^ who 
was Archbishop of Canterbury . . was stoned to death by the Danes at Greenwich 
in the year 1012 . . He is in old Authors called Alfege and Alphy. — Hatton, 
New View of London^ 1708, i. 113, 114. The Chamel is St. Al.'s dead-house. 

* This was the famous John Carpenter, the learned town-clerk of the City of 
London (elected April 20, 1417), the compiler of the Liber Albus, kc. On 
a bequest of his, the City of London school was afterwards founded. See Thos. 
Brewer's Life and Times of Carpenter, 1856. — T. Cooper, Biogr. Did. "It 
may interest your readers to know that the new City schools [on the Thames 
Embankment] have not been built through the liberality of the Corporation, but 
out of part of the John Carpenter Estates Trust money. The income arises from 
119 houses — ^five in the city, and the rest in the Tottenham-court-road, the 
average rental of which cannot be less than £100 per annum each— say £11,000 
a year — so that the Corporation for hundreds of years have been receiving a 
great deal more than they have spent in educating the sons of poor freemen. " — 
1882, Daily News, Oct. 19, p. 2, coL 7. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


to 86 psi ]>ia prest, and his successours of ]}e same cham^ do 
diligently hei' deuer, as hem owet£ to do. Also I woH ^ai ])e chircb 
of Newtofl haue my masseboke, my portus,^ my chaleys, my 

4 yestmentj, and my cruettu,^ pat I haue her-Inne. Also I woU ]>at 
Alisoa my doghter, of HalyweH'^, [haae] x. marc* and ]>e hous, 
p^rpetuelly to prey for me, [&] my gret bolle of seiner. Also I 
beqneth to ]7e stepnl werk of seint Alpheies by Crepulgate, x mark ; 
8 to )»e persons, xx s' ; to ech of ])e prestes, xl. d ; to ^e clerk, xl d<, to 
pray for me / Of ali my meuable godes which I hane, except my 
closing & hameys, I wol )>at my wife hane half". Also -I* woll Jjat 
William my Neuew hane x marc», and Aueys my nece, othir x marc* 

12 to hei^ manage. Also I woH ^at lonet my Cosin hane xl s'. Also 
fat 'Richard Burdofl, Skynner, haue x mark*, a habergeon, a swerdi 
harneseJ, a wodeknyf * hamesed, and a Dagger. Also I woH J)at 
Alisoil Burdoii his sister, haue a blewe bedde of Tapecery, a pair* 

16 blankettt9, ij peir' shetys, & a selour^ with curteyns of carde. Also I 
woH ))at 'RicTiai'd Burdofi, skynner, hane a white bedde with roses, I 
peii' of shetis'/ Also pat eche of hem hane a pot and a panne, a basin 
and^ an ewei', and ech of hem half a dosen of peutre vesseH, and 

20 either of hem a coupe coue>*ed with seluer. Also I woti pat 'RicJiard 
Quatremains hane my cheyne of gold, Ss my lesse swerd harneised. 
And pe Residue of all: my other godtff and cateli, after my dettes paid, 
I wol pat it be disposid be my executours a-boute my brethren and 

24 my sustrefi and next of my kyn. And I make myn executours, 
William Frye of Deuenshire, my wife, lohn) Carpinter, comown 
clerk*, & lohfl Spore, ferroure ; And I woH pat ech of hem haue C s'. 
for her tranaili In witnes of which ping, to pis my present 

28 testament I haue sette my seeL Yeuen atte Londen pe day and pe 
jere a-boue seid.// 

Probatww fuit presens tostamentum coram "MLagistro I. Lyndefeld, 

* A portable Breviary. 

> Jngs or vessels to hold the wine and the water separately before they were 
consecrated. The Chalice held them when mizt for consecration, and consecrated. 

' The priory of St. John the Baptist, in Bishopsgate, outside the City walls, 
surrenderd to Henry VIII in 1639. See Stow's Survey, 1638, p. 470, coL 1. 
In or near the grounds of this, Jas. Burbage's Thecttre stood, where Shakspere 
probably first acted and wrote. 

^ ) MS. wadeknyf. ^ canopy : see p. 36, note 3. < MS. and &. 

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Co^nmissano &c*, viij die mensis lunij, Anno domini supradicto ; et 
commissa est admira/stracto bonon^m && lohanne, Eelicte dicU' 
defunctt, & loba^mi Spore, executon&i/^ & c*, Eeseruata potestate 
&& : & xxiiij*** mensis lulij, acquieta^i fueruyjt executores &c c. 4 


[To be buried in St. Mildred's, Bread St. Gifts to that Church, its 
Priest, Clerk, &c. ; to Poor, to Prisoners in London and Westminster, to 
the Poor in Spitals, and the 4 Orders of Friars. To Apprentice H. 
Thomason, money, the rest of his apprenticeship, term in The Mermaid, 
Bread St. [after, Shakspebe's Tavern], Wine, Silver Cups, Pewter Pots, 
Napery, and kitchen utensils, and the service of his fellow-apprentice, 
who is given 40«. Clothing to be sold, and money divided among bedrid 
folk, &c. Gifts for poor Maiden's Marriages, for Executors, for a Priest 
to sing 3 years for Testator's soul ; to which his Residue is bequeathd.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, leaf 202 bk.) 

[In TnarginJ] M. Bred. [St. Mildred's, Bread Street.] Testamentum 

lohawwis Tokei*. Ciuis & Yinetam Londonte. 

In the name of god, Amen. I, lofin Toker, Citezein and 
Vineter of London, hool of mynde and of body, And in my good 
memorie being, the sixte day of the moneth of August, the jere 
of oure lord god A M^ CCCC And xxviij. And the jere of the regne of 8 
Kyng Henri the Sixthe, aftur the conquest the sixte, I make and 
ordeigne my present testament in this maner and fourme. First 
I be-quethe my soule to almygfeti god my creatour and maker, And 
to his blessed modur oure lady saynte Marie, and to aH the holy 12 
companye of heuene, and my body to be buried in the chircbe 
of Seynt Mildredis, in Brede Stret in London. Also I be-quethe to 
the hygfi auter of the same Chircfie for my tjthes and oflFrynges 
forg3eten and withdrauieu, xl s\ Also I be-quethe to eu«*y prest of 16 
the forseid ChircS, forto praie for my sowle, vj s' viij d. Also 
I be-quethe to the Clerk of the same Chircbe, iij s' iiij (J. Also 
I be-quetbe to the werkis and profitis of the seied chircbe, xiij s* 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


iiij (). Also I be-queihe to be distribued among poure folk duellyng 
in the forseid parisch of Seynt MUdred, forto pray for my sowle, xl s'. 
Also I be-quethe to be distribued a-mong prisoners in the prisons of 
4 Ludgate, Marchalsie, Kyngesbenche, And the Co un tours in London, 
that is to seie, in euery of the seid prison [s], the prisoners to praie 
for my soule, xx. s' ; And armoug tho prisoners in the Flete, and the 
Clerkes conuict at WeatmingteTf that is to seie, in euery of tho two 
8 prisons, to pray for my soule, x s'^ Also I be-quethe to be distribued 
a-mong pore folk lying sike in the SpiteH of oure lady^ with-oute 
Bisshopes-gate, Cure lady of Bedlem, Cure lady of Elsingspitel,® of 
seynt Bathilmewys in Smythfeelcf, And seint ThoTnas in Sowthwerk, 

12 in euery spitel to pray for my sowle, vj s* viij <J. Also I be-quethe 
to the fowre ordres of the freres in Londofi, that is to seie, to eucry 
hous of the seide ordurs of freres forto pray for my soule, xx. s'./ 
Also I be-quethe Tho Henry Thommissone, myn apprentice, vj ii, xiij 

IG s', iiij <), And also I forg^efif and relece to the seid Henry alle his 
termes to me comyng of his apprentisehod. Also I wiH that the 
same Henry haue alle the t^rmes and possession that is comyng to 
me of my mancion that is cleped the Mermaid in Bredstreet, beryng 

20 the charges and the rente* ther-of duryng the seide termys. Also I 
wil that the same Henry haue in possession to his profite and 
easment duryng an huol 3ere next afbur myn obit day, Alle the 
encrece that is comyng of my wyne arboue the stok, And more ouer 

24 1^ my peces and kuppes of siluer, peuder potter, Naapri, and ali the 
vtensilmentetf longyng to my kechyn, as for that forsaid ^er enduryng. 
Also I wil that this rewardf be truly doo& and treuly f ulfeld to the 
same Henry vpon this, that he goueme hym goodly and onestly as 

28 he oweth forto do, aftur the rewle and discrecioiin of myne executours. 
Also I wil that the same Henri haue ati the termes comyng to me of 

^ In margin is ' habent Acquietanoiamf* that is, the Executors hay paid the 
Court dues on the Will. 

» 'Saint Marie Spittle': Stew's Survey, 1638, p. 175-6. It had 'at the 
surrender thereof [to Henry YIII] ninescore beds, well furnished for receipt of 
poore people.' — ^p. 86 b. Stow notes 'the Chamell and Chappell of Saint 
Edmond the Bishop, and Mary Ma^dcUeny p. 176, col. 1. Gp. ' Chamel ' abuY, 
p. 76, 1. 16. 

» In Cripplegate : see Stow's Svruey, 1633, p. 86 b, 304 a. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Henry Clopton, myn other apprentice. And also I be-qnethe to that 
same Henry Clopton -xl s'. Also I wil that myn aray and clothyng 
to my body longyng, arnon) aftwr my deces be sold, And the monei 
ther-of comyng & taken, I wil that hit be deuided and parted among 4 
pouere folk lieng bedred, and in other werkes of charite most 
plesyng to god and to the helthe of my soule. Also I ^iue and 
bequethe to the mariage of onest and poure maidens, to be distribned 
a-mong hem aftiir the wil and discrecion of myn executours, xiij ti -vj 8 
s*. viij (J. Also I bequethe to euerich. of myn executours takyng 
charge to compleet and to do execucion of this my present testament, 
•V. ti Also I wil that a discreet and an abul prcest be choson &fiur 
the good discrecion of myne execucutours [so] to syng and rede for 12 
"-^my sowle and aH criston soules in the forseid chircfi of seynt 
Mildredis duryng the termys of thre 3er next suwyng aftwr my deces. 
And I be-quethe to the sustentacion of that seide preest for the 
forseid terme of thre ^er, xx. ti. The residue of aH my godes and 16 
cataDes and dettours, what so-euer they be aftwr my dettes paide and 
my present testament fulfillid, I be-quethe to be distribued and 
departed for my sowle, and for the soules of aH tho that I am boonJ 
to praye for. And for the soules of aH trewe criston pepul, like as 20 
myn executours seme best, to plese god, and profit to the helthe of 
my soule. And of this my present testament, I make and ordeigne 
myn executours, that is to seie, Eichard Banaster And EdmonJ 
Scheffildf, Citezins and vineters of the forsaid cite, aH and euericfe 24 
aboue expressid, iustly to complete, and treuly to spede. In witnesse 
of the whiche thyng, on this my present testament I haue put my 
seal. Date at London the day and the yer aforesaid. 

Probatum fuit hoc pre^ens testamen^Mm coram nobis WilleZmo 28 
Stonham & c*, Commissarw "Reiierendi in cJiristo pafris & domini 
domlm WilleZmi, dei gra^a Londome Epwcopi & c, general!, iij" 
nonarum Septembrw Anno domini W cccc** xxviij**. ApprobatM/n, 
insinuatum, ac pro eodem per nos hgiUme pronuwciatttm ; & Comissa 32 
eat Administracu) omninm bonorwm dictum [so] defuncti & c* ExecM- 
toribus interius nominate, et Admissa per &c c*. 

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[Moveables to Wife. Gifts to Haringay Church, and Trinity Chapel 
there; to God-children, High-ways, Daughter, and Priest to sing for 
Testator*8 soul.] 

(More, 8 Gommissary Court of London, If. 203 B.) 

[HJaringey.* Teitamenium Roberti Schapman. [In margin.] 

In dei nomine Amen). I Robert Schapman, in Rithe mynde, make 
my testement in this forme. I be-quethe my sowle to god, to yowre 
[so] lady Lady, and to A He pe holy compani of heuen ; my bodi to be 
4 berijt in the chirchau^ of houre La[dy] of Harryngey. Also I be- 
quethe to my wyfe alle y good is ^at be meuablis, and sche to be my 
prinsepall seccutur, -with Gefori London and Thomas Howe, pey to 
dispose Jje goodis for me like as my [for * they *] wole anscwere to-f ore 
8 gode atte y day of gogement^ : furst to pe hihe anter, xij <J; to pe 
secutours of Robert Childe, v s' ; to heuery of my gode childrin 
'xij d^; and to a prest for to singe for me and aH cristin soulis, 
competent saleri for an hole here [= yere]*; to heu[er]i of my 

12 secutoris, v s'. ; to hie weyis, vj s* viij d ; to the kenering* of the 
tnnite schapell of Haringey, vj s' viij df ; to my dowt<?r, xl. s*. In 
cuius rei testimontMm, sigilluw apposuL Datttwi in Haringey, Anno 
domini Mille^'mo quadringentesimo octauo, primo die mensi^ Nouem- 

16 bris. vj*** Iduum. Nouembrw p7*obatwm iutt; & com[mts8a] Execw- 
toribus Anno dotntni M* cccc° xxviij. 

1 Homsey, Middlesex, N. of London. There's a Haringay Park there now. 
(The leaf is not numberd in due order in the MS.) 

* Churchyard. • Judgment. 

* In margin (as to the Executors), 'ha5ent Acquietaneiam,* 

* Cp. youre/or houre, our (Lady) above. 

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[Gifts to his Parish Church, and for the doing of his Devotions there 
(burning Tapers). Two pairs of Candlesticks, the right to buy the best 
gilt Candlestick, and the Moulds and Trade tools, given to S. Whitehed. 
Bequests to Cousin, and Katherine Whyteman, 6 Torches to be burnt on 
Testator's Death-day, or Mind-day. A yearly Mind-day to be held for 7 
years after his death. Residue to his Wife.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, leaf 209.) 

M. Bipam.^ TegtamerUum Bicardi Whitemafi. [In margin,] 

In y* name of good' Amen, the xxy day of January, In the 

yere of our^ lorcJ Anno domim M* CCCC"" xxviij"**, I Richard 

Whytemaw, Citezein and wexchaundelei' of Londofi, In my good 

mynde beyng*, y make my testament in this wyse : First y be-quethe 4 

my scule to atimyhty god my creatour, GUI' Blessid virgine Marie, 

and to alle the Seintes, and my Body to be beried wher^ god woti yn 

my parisshe chirche. Also y be-quethe to pe hye Auter for my 

Offryng*, yef eny be for-yeten, vj s' viij d. Also y be-quethe to the 8 

wherk of the Itt of the toon) side of the Cloistere in the Chirchehawe 

whan J)e parisshens be-gynnen to Edifie hit, vj a* viij d. Also y wott: 

that myne Executowrs hold & parfowrme fortR my deuouaciowns 

fortfi as I was wonte, that ys to seyn, on mydsomer eve to-fore seint 12 

I(^n Bap^i^te in my parisshe chirche, ordeyne a tapre of half A 

pound, & pat it brenne as longe as hit woff [for woH] dure, and pus 

euery yer aftir my decesse ; Also to-fore seint John Ewangelist in the 

seyd chirche, thei ordeyne euery yere iij tapr^s of a pound, to brenne 16 

frome ye Even foi-tR as longe as they wott dure, and thus euery yei' 

after my decesse ; Also to-fore oure ladi in Senct Marie ChapeH in 

the seid chirche, pei ordeyne I Tapre of a pounde, to brenne euery 

even of oure lady, and p* day as atte salae, & euery principatt day, 20 

as longe As hit woH dure ; and pus for to be dofi from yere to yere. 

^ St. Michael, in the ward of Queenhithe. Church In Thames St. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Also y bequethe and yeve to Symkjn Whitehed, my Russet 
Candelstykes, and I pair« Candelstekes secondaries next J)oo. Also y 
be-qaethe to lofen Hewet, loynour, my cosyn, so |)at he take J>e 
4 Chai^ of this testameitt, yj s*. viij (J. Also y Bequethe to Kate/ine 
Whyteman, to hei* manage, x marc*, the whiche Katerme, whitfi the 
mony, be in the kepynge and Gronemance of myne ExecutoMrs alter 
whriten, to tyme sche come to fill age, And y-mariec). And yif sclie 
8 dye with-Inne age, y woS pat y .x. marc* be put to a prest to synge 
in y seid Chirche by a yere for me & Ati Cristew soulis. Also After 
my decesse I woS pat my best candelsteke y-gylt wiifi pe cros, be soM 
yn |>e best manere pat my executotirs konne or may, saf y woti that 

1 2 Syniken a-forsei<l, And he wott, haile hem A-fore eny othir man, lie 
\}/or be] .xl a\ bett^ chepe panne eny other man woH yeve pere-fore, 
be [for he] to have ther-of rcsonable dales of paieme^it ; and with the 
whiche mony I woH pat myne ExecntoMrs parfoMrme this my testa- 

16 ment. Also y woH that myn Executotirs ordeyne, the day of my 
dyyng* or of ray mynde, vj torches brenyng* ; & after att the service 
ys done, 1 woH be-quethe I torche eccle^e me[e] parochialt ; I, eccle^ie 
de Wondes worth ; ^ .1. to seint mildrecl chirche ; ^ l^ to seint Nicholas 

20 01off;3 i^ to Garlekhithe Chirche;* I, to Trtnite chirche.^ Also .y. 
bequethe to Simkin aforseicJ all my mooldes & instrument's to my 
craft longyng*, after my decesse andf my wiues. Also y woUe pat 
myne executowrs, vij yere after my decesse, holdyn twelf monthes 

24 mynde. the residue of aH my goodes movable, (after pat my witi, my 
be-questes of <7as testemeiit be parfowrmecJ, and my dettes principal! 
de [/or be] paid,) y. yeve & be-quethe to Alice Whitman my wif , 
where-so-euer pat pei ben. to pis my testament y make myne 

28 ExecutoMrs, p* seid Alice principale, lohn Hewet, and Symken 

1 Wandsworth, Surrey, near London. 

» Bread Street, in the city : see John Toker's Will, 1428, p. 77 abuv. 

' St. Nicholas Olave, on the West side of the street cald Bread St. Hill, 
runing down to the Thames, where our worthy friends and printers, Clay and 
Taylor, hav their London hous of business. See Stow's Survey , 1633, p. 399 a, 

* In the Vintry Ward : "the Parish Clmrch of Saint lames^ called at Gkbrlicke 
HUh^ or Garlicke hive^ for that (of old time) on the River of Thames, neero to 
this Church, Garlicke was usually sold." — Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 262 6. 

* In Knight-Riders Street, Queen-Hithe Ward, near Thames St. — Stow 
(1633), p. 297. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


aforseid, executowrs with hei* ; and sii* William Wright iperoaone of 
my parische chirche, oiwrseer of fis my te«tament ; to j)e wheche sit* 
William, J yeve for his travaiH, to do j)** travaOe, xl d. In witnesse 
of whiche thyng*, to this present I haue put to my seatt in fe day and 4 
yer aforseid. 

Probatum fuit hoc presens testamen^m coram nobis Wille/mo 
Stonbam & &, x® kalendanim Marcij, Anno domini suprodtc^o & c*. 
Commissa que est admintstractb &c c« EiLecutaribus & &. ^ 

WALTER NEWENT, ? op St. Pancras, 
LONDON, 1428. 

[To be buried where he dies. All goods to go to his Wife.] 

(Loffenam, If. 78 bk.) 

Testamentum Walter! Newent. [In margin.] 

Tn dei nomine amen. This J)e testament of Water Newent, y-writen 
■^ in londen fe xxviij day of June J)e ^ere of our« lord ATcccc 
xxviij. First, I beqwethe my soule to almyghty god, and to oure lady, 
and to aH J>e holy company of heuefl, and my body to be beryed 12 
in wbat churchward ther as I dye in pe parissfi. Item I beqwethe aH 
maner of godis to my wyf Alsofi Newent, and she forto do me like as 
she wolde I dede for hei' in pe same caa. witnes of pis simple 
testament, lonet Arguston, 'Master Eic^ard Granger parsofi of seiot 16 
Pancras, WilU'am Botelei', W. Croddisfi, Porter, and Alsofl Walsyng- 
ham; ^and perto I point my signet and my syne manueH / Pro- 
batum fuit presens testamen^Mm coram Magistro lohanne Lyndefeld, 
Commissar/o &c*, xyj die menszs Decembrw, Anno domini supradicfo, 20 
et commissa est administracio bonort^m &c* Allege, Eelicte diet/ 
def uncti, & Executnci &&, Eeseruata potestate &c«. 

leaf 79. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


HARY VAN SANDWYK, op St. Clements, 
LONDON, 1430. 

[Gifts to St Clement's Church. Goods, <fec. to Jn. Roode, and Troyde 
his wife.] 

(More, 8 Corny. Crt of London, If. 258, bk.) 

Clementw.* Testamentum Henna Van Sandwyk. 

In J)e name of god, Amen. The xxij day of Nouember, pe ^er of 
oure lorde M CCCC and xxx, I Hary Vafi Sandwyk, make and 
ordeyne my testament in J^ys maner, beynge in fol discrecion And 

4 hool mynde : Ferst .1. be-qaepe my soule to Almyghti god, fe 
blessyd virgine Marie, And to alle the Seintis, My body to [be] 
beried in ]>e chirche ^erd of Sent dementis. Also I be-que)}e to 
beigfe Auter of pe seid cherche, for tipingys and offeringes for3ete, 

8 XX (J. Also y be-quej)e to pe body of pe same cherche iij s' iiij (J. 
Also .1. be-quepe lohn Roode and Troyde hys wyf, Alle myne 
honshol(J, and in mony vj s. viij (J. And to pys testament I make 
And ordeyne myne executour, pe for-seid lofin Roode. 
12 Frobatum fait pre^ens teatamentum. Coram nohts, Stephano 
Germen, Commissary general*, & c, iij luahudarum Decembrts, Anno 
Domini supradicto. Cowmissa executor* in dicto nowiwato & c — 

' St. Clements, ''East Cheap, Clemen t's-lane, Lombard-street. A church in 
Candlewick-ward, destroyed in the great fire, and rebuilt by Sir Christopher 
"Wren as we now see it. Bishop Pearson (d. 1686) was rector, and in the old 
church (described by Stow as 'small' and 'yoid of monuments') preached 
those sermons upon the Creed which led to his well-known Exposition — a 
standard book in English divinity, dedicated by its author ' to the right wor- 
shipful and well-beloved, the parishioners of St. Clement's, Eastcheap.' " — 1850. 
Cunningham's Hamd-hook of London. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


ALTS CHIROHE, WIDOW, op St. Mart Hill, 
LONDON, 1430. 

[To be buried at Twickenbam. Gifts to lights in Twickenham Church, 
to Twick, and Kingston Bridges, Wyke Causeway, and Harlington Church. 
Bd, each to two Folk. Household necessaries to R. Soler. Residue for 
Husband's soul, and Testatrix's.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, leaf 262.) 

Testamentum Alicie Chircfi, de parochia beats Marie Atte Hilled 

[between Billingsgate & East Cheap, London.] 

In the name of oure lord god. Amen. I, Alys Chirche, beyng 
in fuH mende, be-queth my sowle to Almyg&ty god, to oure lady 
seint Marie, and to aH the Blyssid company of* hevyn). And my body 
to be byried in the Chirch yercJ of* Twykenham.^ Al-so y be-queth 4 
to the hie Autowr, xij <J ; Al-so to oui* lady lygfit, vj (J ; Item to the 
rede 8 lyg^t, vj <J ; Item to seint Mergret lyght, iiij (J; liem to seiut 
Colas lygfit, iiij cJ; Item to Twykenham brygge* iiij <>; Item to 
Kyngston) brigge^ vj d ; Item to the causy atte Wyke,® iiij (J; Item 8 
to the Chirche of* Herdyngtori),^ ij BuscheH barly ; Item to Water 
ilykard I b^ [= bushell] Barly ; Item to lonet Carter, vj d ; Item to 
Thomas, Myne seruant, vj d ; Item to Kichard Soler* alle necessarijs 
longynge to housold of* dede store, sane a grete brasse potte. And 12 

^ In this St Mary Hill Lane ('commonly called Bood lane') is the faire 
Parish Church of S. Mary, called on the Hill, because of the ascent from 
Belinsgate. — Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 227 a. 

' In Middlesex, 10 miles from London, on the S. Western Rail, and the bank 
of the Thames. The earlier spellings of the name are Ttaittenham (791, 948 
A.D.) and Twitham (840). — Thome, Environs of London. 

' I Rode, Cross. 

^ Probably the bridge oyer the Colne, near the present railway station. 

» Over the Thames, at Kingston, Surrey. 

• An outlying part of Twickenham (?). Most country villages have their 
* wick.' We had one at my native Egham. 

' Harlington, Middlesex, now a quiet rural viUage at the N.W, end of 
Hounslow Heath. In Domesday Book it was * fferdintone,* and was cald 
Hardington till near the end of the 16th century. — Thome, Emjir(m» ^London, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Alle the Residue of my godys nou3t byqwothin, I yeue and ordeigne 
to Richard Solei* and Roger Yelot, myne executowrs, that they 
dispose it for my hosbondys so vie and myn), and alle Cristen, 
^ as them best seme to doon). Wryten) at Twykenham, the seconde day 
of* ApriH, the yere off oui* lord M' iiij^ & xxx. 

Probatum fiiit ^preaena teaiamentum coram nobis, Stephono 
Germen, Reuerendi in Christo patris et domini, domini WilleZmi, dei 
^ gra^ta Londonie Epwcopi, in Ciui^ate Londonie ac decanatw MiddZe- 
sexte & Berking, & c, Commissarw? generali, xiiij kalendarum Marcij, 
Anno domini supy-ad/c^o. Commissa-qt^ fait Adminestracio dictt 
defunctt & c* 'Executnribus in eodem teatdijnento nomi?iatw, Ac per eos 
12 Admissa. 


[To be buried in the Porch of All-Hallows, Barking. A Horse, 2 gold 
Nobles, and 6 silver Spoons, to W. Graveley. £2 to wife's Servant. £20 
for Daughter's marriage. Residue to Wife.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, If. 265, back.) 
Omnium Sanctorum, Berkyng.^ Testamentum Ricar^i Graveley. 

In the name of* god, Amen. I Richard Graweley^ of* London), 
Grocei*, ordeyu) And graunte my testament in this mancr : Ferst y 
bequeth my sowle to oui^ lord god Almyghty, maker of" hewne and of* 

16 yerth, praeyng* and besekyng* oui^ laly seynt Mary, the modyr of* 
our^ lord Ihesu, & all the company of hevne to pray for me to oui* 
lord Ihe^u oui* savyowr, tha[t] y may haue mercy and foryevenyssc of* 
synne. Al-so y bequeth my body to be byriyd in y porche of the 

20 Churche of at Halewyn), Berkyng*, by syde the towre of London), on 

* This church was one of the few London ones not burnt in the Great Fire. 
It was too far to the East. The Monument (1546 a.d.) of Wm. Thynne, the first 
Editor of Chaucer (1532, 1542), is still in the Church. — Stow's Survey , 1633, p. 
130-1. Bp. Fisher and Archbp. Laud were buried here. The whole building 
had a narrow escape at the Great Fire, for, as Pepys records, the dial and porch 
were burnt, and the fire there quenched. The church is at the East end of 
Tower-street. — Cunningham. 

* The w in the name is the same as v : cp. 'hewne' (— 'hevne,' line 17, 
heaven), 2 lines below. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


the sowtfi syde of the chirch. Al-so y he-quethe to my hrotber 
William Graueley of London) an hors, ])• which yg in hys own) 
kepyng*, & ij nobles of" golde the which he owid me, and vj gylver 
spones, and an olde syloui' for a bedde. Al-so I bequeth to Margaret-^ 4 
Xnoston), my wyves seruawnt, xl s'. Al-so y bequeth to my 
doughtowr Kateryri) xx ti to hir maryage yf she leve so longe, & yf* 
she passe to god or she [be] maryed, y woH that my wyf haue that 
money. And yf« my wyf* and my dowghtoi^ deye or [leaf 266] they ^ 8 
be marled, I will pat J)at money be yefen) in Almys for my sowle, & 
for here sowle. and AH the Eemenent of" my gode & CateH, y 
bequeth to my wif*. And vpon) this testament y make And ordeyne 
my wyf* and lohn) Abbey to be myn) Executowris, to dispose my 12 
gode, and to performe my wille, As they wille Answere a-for god. 

Probatwm fuit presena testamentum coram nobw, Stephano 
Germen), Corwmissano & c, viij kalendarum Februam, Anno domini 
Mille^^'mo CCCC™° xxx. Commissa-qt*6 admiwistracio lohanni Abbey, 16 
Reseruata 'potesta.te committendi Admin/strac/o/»6m Executrici cum 
aduenerit, & c 

LONDON, 1431. 

[£50 for a Priest to sing 5 years for Testator's soul ; and £10 for 
another to say 30 Masses and St. Gregory's Trental for a year. £10 
for a Tomb. Stone to be carvd with crest, and *Word' (or Motto) 
" Mercy and Joy.'' £10 to Poor. Money-gifts to Executors, <fec. Wife 
to have House in Cosin Lane, and 3 fourths of all goods ; Brother, the 
other fourth.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, If. 285, bk.) 
Testamentum. Wille?mi Fitz Harry. [In margin.] 

In the name of* the holy hlissed Trinite, oure souerayn lady 
seynt Marie, and aH holy Seyntes, Amen. I, William Fitz-Harry, 20 
beyng yn goode heale and yn my fuH wittes, make my testament yn 
this manere : First y hequethe my soule to god, my verry lorcJ and 

f Wife die before daughter, and daughter before she's marrid. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


sauyoure, for to abyde his gracious ordenaunce and mercy, and my 
body to be buryed there as he hath of his grace ordeynedf ; and to 
that place y yeue x K of gol(J. And y wifi, ther synge v. yere for me 
i and for tho that y am most bounde to pray fore, a trewe prest^ and 
that y witt: it be Ei-ere William, if* it be so that he haiie sikerly leve 
of his Provyncyatt and of" his house ; and elles, y will haue the best 
lyver that may be y-geten : and y wille this prest haue ech yere x K, 
8 that is to say, in v. yere, 1 -ti ; and y will haue done for me the first 
day after that my soule ys passed, xxx^ messes yn the wyae of a 
trentatt of seynt Gregorie; and when this is done, y will the host 
prest that may be f ounde, sey for me the saide trentaH, with the hole 

12 diriges, and aH the seruice thurgh-out the yere, and the prest to haue 
X li. And y witi, that on my body be laide a faire stone of Marble 
with my creste, myn armes, my vanturs, in blewe, reede, and white, 
and my worJ ** mercy and ioie ", to whicfi word I take me fully for 

16 euermore. the price of* the stone schalle be x ti ; and y wiH that my 
parissb chirches haue ali here duetees. And y wiH there be delt for 
me yn hast to poure folke, x H. And y make, myne executot^rs, my 
wyf*, my brother sir lohn) Fitz-Harry, Maister Thomas Morstede, 

20 Frere William Croland, Benet Maliot, and Eobert Home. And y 
yeue to Maister Thomas, x mark* ; and to Frere William, for he ys 
poure, X mark* and his pece ; And to Benet, for his pouert and long* 
trewe sendee, xx li ; and to Kobert Home xx mark*, and to Thomelyu 

24 X mark*. And y yeue Robert Pokyng*, x mark* ; And y yeue to 
Robert Fulman, x mark* ; to lohn Hale, v. mark* ; to Bussh, xx s' ; to 
Phelippe, xx s'; to lonet Wyntryngham, 'xx mark*; to Anneys 
Mytton atte lyon>, x ti ; to Maude Wilbe, xx ti, so am y swome ; to 

28 lenet Rye, x mark*; to lenet of Rone, v. mark*, and when aH this is 
paied and done, and my wille folBlled, I will [leaf 286] my wyf* 
haue myn) hous in London), with aH the rentes that y haue in 
Cosynlane.^ Than wiH I that all manere of* goodes that y haue, or be 

32 owyng to me in ony wyse, it ys my wille that my wyf* [haue] alwey 

1 * East from this DovmgcUe, is Cosin lane, named of one William Cosin, 
that dwelled there in the fourth of Richard the second, as divers his predecessors. 
Fathers, Grandfathers, &c. had done before him.* — Stow*s Sv/rvey, 1633, p. 
249 b. * DoumegcUe, on the Thames, and is so called, of that downe-goiug or 
descending thereunto.' — ib. p. 248 a. Dowgate and Walbrook are in it. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


thre parties, and my brother sir lofin the forth part, that is, pleinly 
to sey, of* ecfi iiij.° mark', my wyf* haue to haue iij°. mark*, and my 
brother C mark*, and of alle myn executowrs that y haue rehersed 
afore, whiche y haue chosyn, for trewe perfit loue I require hem and 4 
charge hem, as they wol answere afore oure lord on the hie day of 
lugement, that they trewly and fully fulfiUe all my wiUe and myn 
entent abouewriten : and this y aske of thaym, that they do this 
trewly and kyndely, for the loue and at the reuerence of* aH-myghty 8 
iheau, yn whos mercy and grace I putte me holy, both body and 
soule, for euermore, Amen. That this ys fully my last wiH, I sette 
ther-to my sygne manuelt. 

Probatum fuit presens testamentum coram nobis, lohanne DrueH, 12 
Commissario &c«, vj" Idiis Septembrw, Anno domtni Mill^dmo 
CCCC"® xxxj** ; Comunas&que fuit admimstracio Elizabeths, relicte 
diet* defunct*, lohawwi Fitz-Harry, Magistro Thome Morstede^ [& 
Eoberto Home interlined]^ executon^z^^ in) dicto testawewto nominatts 16 
& c«, Keseruata potestate nobi^ cornmittendi onus administracionis 
bonorwm huitusmodi Alijs coexecutm&M« inte»ius nowinatw cum 
venerint & c». com^aruit coram nobw xviij** die Nouembrw, Anno 
supradicto, 'Benediciua Maleot, & onus administraooww commissr^m 20 
fuit sibL 

SURREY, 1431. 

[To be buried at Sopwell, Herts. Gifts to Sopwell Church and its 
Nuns ; to the Friars of Guildford, and Roodloft of Stoke. Residue to 
Executors and Wife, for Testator's Soul. He writes his Will] 

(Register Luffenam, If. 106 bk.) 

Testamew^wm Ricarc?i Tyreti, Armigeri. [In margin.'] 

In dei nomiwe amen. I Richard Tyreti, being in helth and good 
mynde, ordeyne and make my testament in this wise : First I 
1 Morsted was a Doctor, says Mr. Chalenor Smith. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


bequethe my sinf att Boule to god almyghty, to his moder blessed 
Marye, aud to sA the holy seintes in heuen, and my body to 
be buried in the chirche of Soppew^* Also I bequethe for 

4 reparacion of the sayd chirch and place, where most node is, x 
marc( ; Also to the Notifies of the said chirc^, egally to be departed 
among hem, to pray for my soule, x marc; Also to the Freres 
of Gilford,* Ixvj s', viij d; Also for reparacion of the chircfi, 

8 and specially pe rodelof te of Stoke,* C s*. The remenawnt of my good 

1 giflfe and bequethe to William Estfeld, Mercer and Alderman 
of Londefl, Dame Alionore HuH, Roger Husewyflfe, prest, and 
to Amy my wyfe, whom I make Executours of my testament and my 

12 last witt, to do and dispose for profite and wel of my soule aftir ther 
discreciottn. And also I w6& that str MchoH Dixon, Clerk, have the 
suruewe * of my said Executours. In wittenes of the which thing I 
haue putte ther-to my seeH. Writen atte StokDabcmoun ^ the xxvj 

16 day of Maij, the regne of kyng Harry the yj aftir conquest, the 
ix jere, and of oure lord of Heuen a M^ cccc & xxxj. writen with myn 
owen hond / Probatuw fait presens teatamentum coram Magisfro 
lohawne Lyndefeld, Corwmissarto &c, die menst!^ lulij, Anno doDiini 

20 supradicto ; et commissa est admiTzistracto honorum && 'EKecutoribus 

in eodem nomiwati^ ; ac xxiij die mensw Septembrw acquieta^t f iierunt 

'Executores &c. 

1 In Hertfordshire, near St. Albans. * In Surrey. 

' Probably the Stoke near Guildford. * Overseeing, oversight. 

* Stoke-Dabemon (Dalberon, or Dabom), Surrey, between Cobham and 
Fetcham, near the river Mole. — Walker's Oazetteer, 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



[Gifts of a Table-cloth to the high altar of Hackney Church ; of a Bed, 
Mattrass, Sheets, Pot, Pan, Buffet, 2 Cushions, Gowns plain and furd, 
Kirtle, Wood, Coal, Chest, Barrel, Fire-pan, Fonn, File, Chest, and 
6 Hens.] 

(More, 3 Commissary Court of London, leaf 296 bk.) 

Testamentum Isabel Gregory de Hakeney.^ [In margin,] 

I, Isabel Gregory, I be-quetbe my soule to god Almygthy, and to 
owre lady sent Mary, and all the company of heuen, & my body to 
be beryit in sent Austynyschercfihawe of Hakeney. I be-qnethe the 
hey aut^ a bord-clotfi is iij ^erdys of lenthe or mor, (the to^^^ is xj 4 
^erdys of lenthe). aL?o I be-quethe the bed that I lyin in, to Aneys 
Kew-kole, saf the materas : that schaH Idany Hale haue. I 
be-quethe to lofin of the spetiH, a schete, and a bras pot of a galon, 
and an old panne, al-so I be-quethe the [same] Idany a bofet ;^ and to 8 
the same Idony, ij cosyonys. also I be-quethe to lone my dowtcr, a 
blew goune and a grene kyrtyH, and a schete. al-so I be-quethe to 
I [so] Idany of the spetiH, my wode and my Cole, also, I make and 
ordeyne that Witt Seluester haue the gouemawnce. of aH other godys 12 
that I have be-syde, I make a fre ^efte to Wifl Selueste?' to seDe, and 
to ^eve for my soule and aH Crystyne soulys, in the best maner that 
may ben) ordeynyt. al-so I be-quethe to lonet Seluester a blake cole, 
furryd. aHso I be-quethe to Thomas Formawnw wyf a russet gounne 16 
lynyt with whythe blanket, also to Idany Hale a cloke and a gounne 
of russet, furrit ; also in esement of Idany and of John of the spetyH, 
for Ahnys I lent hem, a chest, and a vergyoMS barcfl, and a fyerpanne, 
and a forme, and a pot of bras, with a vyle, and a f orser ^ with loke 20 
and kye, and vj hennys. 

Probatm/i fuit presens testamentum coram nobis, lohanne DrueH. 

1 Then a village N. of London ; now part of it. 

' Fr. 'buffet: m. A court-cupboord, or high-standing cupboord.' — 1611. 

* Ital. '/orzieref a chest, a forcet, a coffin, a casket, a cabinet.' — Florio. 1598. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Commissano &&, z* die lannam, anno domtni M^ CCCC^ xxxj. £t 
commissa fiiit Admbiisttacio VHUelmo Seluester, executori intarios 

LONDON, 1432-3. 

[To be buried in 8t Bartholomew's Charch, with 4 Tapers and 
4 Torches. All Goods to Executors, for Testator^s Soul. (Nothing 
to Wife and 2 Sons.)] 

(More, 3 ComJ. Coort of London, If. 340 bk.) 

Bartho^omd. Testamentum Eicardi Gray. [In margin.] 

4 In the name of god, Amen. I, RycbaixJ Gray, not hole of body 
bnt hole in mynci, mak my testamoTzt coTicemyng my last wyH in ^^is 
wyse : I be-quetH & gene my sowle in-to the hondys of oure lor<J 
Ihe^u crisf, & to onrc lady seynt Mary, and to Pet^ & Powle & seynt 

5 Bertylmew, & to &1A. the Apostolle^, eoTifessors virgyn) & Marters, and 
to aH the company of heneri), and my body to be betyed a-for the 
trinite autre in chirche of seynt Bertylmew.* And y wyH, as 
towchyng* my bryngyng on) ertfi, to be takyn) of th>e hole goodes that 

12 is my owne, & that ther be a-bowt my body iiij tapers & iiij torches, 
& that titer be geuen) vn)-to /Ae conuent vj s. viij (J for to pray for me 
to oui* lord Ihc«u crysf. And as towchyng to aH my goode* 
mevealble [so] & vnmevable, to dispose ham), I mak & ordeyne 'vn-to 

16 my executer, my wyiff* Anneys, & my lord sir* William Couentre, 
pnoi* of seynt Bertylmew ^ in Westsmytlifeldf in London), for to 

1 In Smithfield, viot in Broad st Ward. ' Next is the Parish Church of Saint 
Bartholomew^ at the end of Bartholomew Lane.' — Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 191 a. 

' The * Priory of St. BartholomeWy founded also by Rahere, a pleasant witted 
Gentleman ; and therefore in his time called the King's Minstrell, about the 
yeere of Christ, 1102. . . To this Priory, King Henry the second granted the 
priviledge of a Faire to bee kept yeerly at Bartholoniewtide^ for three daies . . , 
to the which the Clothiers and Drapers of London repaired, and had their 
Boothes and standings within the Church-yard of this Priory.' — S tow's Survey, 
1633, p. 418 a, 419 a. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


dyspose the same goodes to heltt and saluacion) of my sowle, as tham 
semyth best to be don), wyttenessyng* Maister lohri) Wylbuiy, 
dwellyng in Ive Lane^ besyde seynt Powles, & Syr Ion) Venys, 
chanon) of Seynt Bartilmew, & my y sonnys Bichard & lohn) : 4 
wrytfcyn tJie vij day of MarcH, the ^ere of oui* lorJ a thowsand ii^'^ 

Probatwrn fuit presena testaman^um coram nobw, I d ; vlti7?»o die 
Marcij, Anno domim Mcccc xxxiy*, commisso-qwe fuit administrocio 8 
Agneti, relicts eiusde^w, reseruata pote^te committend-de domiJio 
Wille/mo Cbuentre cuw» venent. 


[Gifts of Ss. 4(i. each to 3 Churches, and of Gowns to poor Tenants. 
Blood-red gown to be sold for Testator's soul.] 

(More, 8 Corny. Court of Londou, If. COC liij«.)J 

TestamerUum lohannia Barnet. [In margin.] 

In the name of god, Amen. The xvj day of the monyth of April, 
the yew of ouwr lord Ihe*u Crist MHiesimo cccc xxxiij, I lohn 12 
Barnet, Citezin and drapei' of London), beyng in good mynde and in 
hool resoun), make my testament in forma sewyng* : ffyist I beqwethe 
my soyle to god Almyghty, and to hys moder the gloriot/^ virgyn omut 
lady seynt Marye, and aH the holy seynt68 of hevene. And my body 16 
to be beryed where the Aviso is of myn executowrs. And I make 
myn executoMrs, Marie my wyif, and my sone Richard, Marie to be 
evermore myn executrice principati,^ And no thyng* to be dymened 
a^ens here wille. And I be-qwethe to the chirche of seynt Petris, iij s 20 
iiij d ; and to Barnet chirche,* iij s' iiij d; And to Monkey chirch,* iij s* 

1 Ivy Lane, near Paternoster Row : ' Next is Ivie L<me, so called of Ivie 
growing on the walls of the Prebends houses.* — Stow, p. 388 a. 

2 In margin, as to Executors, ' htibent Acquietandam.* 

s Barnet, in Middlesex, and Hertfordshire, 11 miles N. by W. of London. 
* Monkenchurch or Monken (Monks') Hadley, now Hadley, adjoins Barnet, 
Middlesex, on the N. — Thome's Environs of London^ i. 266. See Notes, below. 

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iiij (). Also I beqwethe to my poorc tenaunW, my govnys [to] be 
partyd aft^r the devys of myn executours aboveseyd, evened of bem a 
govne. Also I wiH that my sangvyn govne be sold, & do for my sovle. 

4 In wytnesse of tbe wbich, I have put to this present testament my 
seal : wytnesse of this testament, sire Eichard Seynoiir, Simond Cake, 
B,ichard Derby, clerk, DateJ, jerc & day aboveseyd. Probatttm &c« 
coram I d. zxij^ die Aprils, Anno supradicto, & commissa Admints- 

B iracio exectUortbus & &, 

AND SUSSEX, 1433. 

[To be buried in St Bride's, Fleet St. Gifts to the High Altar and 
Works of St Bride's ; to little Watkin, testator's Godson and Servant ; to 
a Brewer, a debt ; and to his son, a gown ; to the Fraternity of Cooks, 
13«. 4d. Beasts in Sussex to be sold for Hurstpierpoint Church. Residue 
to Wife.] 

(More, 8 Com'. Court of London, If. 880.) 

Testamentum Walteri : Mangeard. [Lower down, in margin.] 

In the name of god, so mot hit bee : the xiiij day of the Monethe 
of Marche, the yere of oure lord god M^ CCCC xxxiij*, I, 
Walter Mangeardl, Citesen and koke of London, make & 
12 ordeyne my present testament of my last wyfl in this maner : fyrst I 
beqvethe & recomende my soule to almyghtti god, & to oure ladi seynt 
Mary, & to alle the seynte^ in heuene. And my body to be beried in 
the chirche yerde of seynt Bride in Fletestrete.^ Item y bequethe to 
16 the hie auter of the same chirche for my oSeryngus & my dutys 
leuyng ^ bihynde vnpaye<J, xij d. Item y bequethe & 3eue alle the 
dettes thet John Hille, Armorer, owyth me, to the chirche werkes of 
seynt Brides Afore-seyde, and thet the seyd? dettes be contented & 
20 payed to the seydl chirche werkes be the seyd lohn, and thet anone 

^ Near Bride Lane, and the old Bride-well, dedicated to St. Bridget or St. 
Bride. See Stow's Survey, p. 437 a, and Hughson's Walks thro* London, 1817, 
i. 159. Church burnt in the Great Fire, 1666, and rebuilt by Sir C. Wren. 

' remaining. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


af tur my desese. Item I bequethe & ^eue aH the dette thet Wilh'am 
Lacy, Tayler, oweht me, to the seyde chircbewerkc*, for to be con- 
tented? & payed to the seyd werke« in the forme foreseyd. Item y 
bequethe to litili Watkyn), my Godsone <fc my s^ruant, x marker 4 
sterlynges.^ Item y foryeve & relese Walter Floode, Brewer, aH the 
dette thet he owe^t me. Item y bequethe to lofin Floode his sone, 
oon) of my govnes longyng to my body, suche as myn) executowrs 
wyH deliuere. Item y be-quethe to the fratemyte of my crafte of 8 
cokes, xiij s'. iiij (). Item y bequetbe & yeue alle the meuable 
Cateli of bestaH thet y haue in Sussex* in the parehce of Perpoynt- . 
hurst,2 to the cfiirche werk^s ther, <fe thet they haue my soide 
in mynde, & thet the^ seyd Be^tali be polde be the vice* of the 12 
paresshens ther, as for the most avice ^ of the seyd chirche werkes. 
The residue of alle my goodes & catelles, bothe quike & dede, 
mevable & vn-mevable, aftwr my bequestes fulfilled, <fe my dettis 
peyed, I yeue hem hoUi vnto Maude my wyf, scho for to doo with 16 
hem hir^ ovne fre wylle, with-owten lettyng or disturbance of eny 
persone. To this present testment y make & ordeyne my trewe 
executowrs, thet is to wete, the foreseyde Maude my wyff*, princip^ 
executrice, Thomas Hameys & Robert Andrewe coexecutowrs, & I 20 
bequethe the seyd Thomas <fe Robert, yche of hem for here laboMr 
X s*. In wytnes where-of, to this present testament y haue put to my 
sele. wreton) at Londofi the dai & the yere afore seyde. 

ProbatMw fuit &c coram I. D. xij die Maij, & Anno suprodictc^, 24 
& commissa administracto executoribz^ supradictw & c«. 

1 In margin, as to Executors, * htibent acquietanciam,* 

' Hurstpierpoint, N.W. of Lewes, near Twineham. ' MS. the the. 

* voice. « opinion, judgment, benefit. 

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[To be buried near the Dead-hoase of St Paurs: 4 Priests and 
4 Torches at the Burial. Gifts to Parson and Church of St. Mary 
Stayning. Gifts of a gold Ring with a * Reason * or Motto, and another 
with a Crucifix ; of a Gown and kirtle of Musterdevylers (grey woollen), 
&o. Residue for Testatrix's soul.] 

(More, S Commissary Court of London, leaf 410 back.) 

Testamentum : Margarete : Aswhecombe : [/j« 
margin^ lower down7\ 

Tn the name of god. Amen : I. Margarete Asshcombe, in good 

mynde, and hole of speche beyng*, make my testamente in this 

forme suyng* : fyrste y comande my soule to god almyghty, and my 

4 body to be berye<J anenest the chameH ^ of Poules, in Pouleschirche- 

yerd, be-twyn toe trees nere by the berieti of my husbonde, sumtyme 

called lohn Bloncit Also y bequethe to the Person of the churche 

of seynt Marie Stanyng* * in London, iij s' iiij tl. Also y bequethe to 

® the makyngi or amendyng* of the seyde churche, iij s' iiij (J. Also y 

bequethe a shete to the seyde Chirche, to be peynted at the persons 

coste aforeseyde, forto hange to-fore ij auterea in the seyde Churche. 

Also y wyll haue iiij prestes to brynge me to my grave, takyng yche 

12 of hem iiij d for there laboi^r. Also y wyH haue iiij torches brennyng, 
to brynge me to my gwive, and ij tapres to stande at my bed while 
my body resteth in my hous of dwellyng* or in eny Churche. Also y 
bequethe to the wyf of William Oweyn) a ryng of golde wttA a ston, 

1^ & a resofl* ' sans departir.' Also y bequethe to the wyf of William 

* Fr. ' Chamier : m. A Churchyard, or cha[r]nell house ; a place wherein 
dead bodies are layd, or their bones kept.' — 1611. Cotgrave. 

* ' In Staining laTie, of old time so called, as may bee supposed, of Painter- 
stainers dwelling there.' . . . ' There is the small Parish Church of Saint Mary, 
called Staining, because it standeth at the North end of Staining lane, in 
Aldersgate Ward.*— Stow, Suruey, 1633, p. 321. It was destroyd in the Great 
Fire of 1666, and not rebuilt. 

* reson = motto. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Hoton iny cosyii), a ryng of golde with a crucifix abovne. also 
y be-quethe to Clemens, tbe womaw that kepes^ me, a gowne of 
Musterdevylers,^ & a kyrteli of musterdevylers with grene sleues, & 
an bode of blak of lore,* & an a * bod of blewe. AH tbe remenanf of 4 
my goodes, y wyH tbat they be solde, & truli don for my sowle, & tbe 
seyde husbonde, and aH my fryndes, as myne execntoures wyl 
answere at tbe laste rekeny?ig. and fortbermore to folfuUe this my 
testamente and wyfl, I ordeyne the sayde William Owen, & my 8 
Cosyn) William Hotofi, myne execntowres. wreton tbe ij day of 
I^ovembre tb[e] yere of Kyng Harri tbe ."vj** aftur tbe conqueste 
xiij*". to tbe whecbe executoires, y bequetbe eytber, x s* for bei* 
labom*. alsoo y beqn[e]tbe to Aneys Copursmytfi a combe of yverie, 12 
& to Aneys bii* maydefl, a russet kyrteH furred with lambe. 

Probatum fuit presens testamentum coram nobis lobanne Cbicbele, 
in Decretis & c*, xxiij^ die Mensis Nouembri^, Anno domim Millesimo 
CCCC"® tricesimo quarto &c; commissa fuit admi[ni]8tracio execu- 16 
tanhus inte?ius nominatiV. 

* looks after, sees to, serves. 

» The name is from Mustarde Vylers, Montiviliers in Normandy, where the 
stuff was made. (* In the mene whyle was the [city] of Roon, Mustarde Vylers^ 
and Herflete, i-loste byfore Crystysmasse.'— Hen. VI. A« xxviij. 1449-1450.) It 
was *a kind of mixed grey wooUen cloth, which continued in use up to 
Elizabeth's reign.* — Hall.'s Olosa, (? authority.) 

> ? Not Fr. lueuTy *brightnesse, luster.* Stratmann cites lure (from T. 
Wright's Specimens of Lyric Poetry , temp. Edw. II, p. 62) as a variant of hleor, 
leer, gerui, fades. But we want another meaning. Compare 'grene alyre,* p. 
117, 1. 14 ; and * togam viridis coloris anglice grene lyre medley.' — Will of O. 
Warner, 1490 ; *Blac of lyre.'— Will of J. Urban, 1421 (Register *Marche') ; 
*togam de Blakalyr* meileley.*— Will of J. Peese, 1487 (Register *Milles'). 

* so in MS. 


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[To be buried in St Austin's, Hackney. Gifts to the Church Altar and 
Bells, and to mend the Parish Highway. A Bullock and a brass Pot to 
each of his 2 Daughters. Residue to Wife.] 

(More, 3 CumT. Court of London, If. 412.) 
Testamefitum : Rogeri : Borton : [In margin, lower.'] 

Tn the name of god, Amen : THb xxv day of NovembOT, 

the yere of oui* lorde Millewmo CCCC™* xxxiiij, I, Roger 

Bortofl of Hakeney,^ beyng* in good mynde, ordeyne & make my 

4 testamente in this maner : fyrst y betake my sowie to ome lord 
Ihe«a crisf , & to his moder seynt Mari, & my body to be beriecJ in 
the Chircheyerde of the parectL chirche of seynt Austyri) of Hakeney 
aboue seyde. Item y bequethe to the hye Auter of the same Churche 

5 XX (J. Item y bequethe to the reparacion of the Belles of the same 
Churche, xx <J. Item y bequethe to the Amendynge of the hye wey 
in the same paresshe, xx <J. Item y bequethe Agnes my dowghtwr, 
my Don Bullok*, & I pot of bras of a galofi. Item y bequethe Cristian 

12 my dowghtwr, my red BuUok*, & a pot of bras of I galofl. And the 
Residue of my goodes & catelles, whatsoeuer they be, aft?/r my dettw* 
ben payed, & this testamente fulfuUed, I yeve & bequethe to Alysofl 
my wyf; whiche Alisofl, of this testament* y make my chef" 

16 executrice, & Thomas Goody ng* of Hakeney hii* coexecutwr. These 
byn wytnesse : Thomas Goodyng*, Hichard Chapman, Adam Stam- 
l>rygge, lohn Burton, And other mo. wreton the day and the yere 
above seyde 

20 Probatuw fuit presens testamentu?w coram nobis lohanne Chichele, 

in Decreti^ Bacallaiiieo ReuercwcZo &c c, vij die Mensis Decembm, 

Anno d<?mmi supradicto &c c*. commissa-qt^e fuit Admi^iistracio 

omnium bonorMw &c* execntoTibus interius nowiwatis. 

» Now part of London, on the North-east, abuv Bethnal Green. In 1817, 
says David Hughson, ** Rackney is a large village, two miles from London, and 
has several hamlets, as Upper and Lower Clapton, Daleston [Dalston], Shacklewell, 
and Homerton."— ^aM» thrimgh LoncUm, iL 376. 

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[To be buried in St Austin's, Hackney. Gifts to that Church, its 
Parish-Clerk, and Poor, and Highways. Wife to have House at 
Hackney for life, and then it is to goto Testator's two Daughters. If 
they die under age. House to be sold, and Money to go for Testator's 
Soul. Residue to Wife.] 

(More, 8 Corny. Court of London, If. 414.) 

Testamentum \ Radulphi j Heth ;• [In margin^ lower down.] 

Tn the name of god, Amen : The tj day of Dc^rember in 
the yere of oure Lorde Ihe«u crist M* CCCC xxxiiij**, And in the 
xiij" yere of the regne of Kyng« Henry the sexte, I Eauf" Heth of the 
paressh of Hakeney in the Counts of Middlesex, beyng* of good 4 
mynde, ordeyne & make my testament conteynyng* my laste wyti, in 
this wyse : Fyrsf , y bequethe and recommende my sowle vnto 
almyghty god my maker and savyowr, and to his blissed modei* oure 
lady seint Marie, and to aH his seyntus, And my body forto be 8 
beryed in the chircheyerd of the paressh chirche of sey[nt] Austyn) 
of Hakeney aboveseyd. Item y be-quethe the hygh Auter of the 
same churche, xx d ; Item to the werk* of the seyd churche, xx d ; Ss 
to the paressh Clerk* of the same churche, xij d. Item y bequethe to 12 
be distribute among* poref oik* of the same paressh, for my sowle, xx d. 
Item I be^'t^ethe to the amendyng* of hyhe wayes in the same paressh, 
iij s' iiij d. Item y wiH that, aftur my decese, Anys my wyf haue & 
reioyse duryng* her* lyf all my mesuage, with the curtylage and aH the 1 6 
appt^rtenance, set & lyeng* in the paressh of Hakeney aboue seyde. 
And aftwr the deces of the same Aneys my wyf, I wiH that the 
foreseyd messuage, wiih the curtylage, and aH the appwrtenawncej, 
remayne to Katerine & lohane my doughetei^i, to haue and to holde 20 
to hem & to here heyres & assignee for euermore ; fforseen) alwey, 
that yf" the seyde Kateryne & lohane my doughtres dye wit/anne 
laweful age, than) y woH that the seyd mesuage, yrith the curtylage 
and all the appurtenauntj, be solde by myne executoi^rs. And the 24 

H 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


money therof comyng* be desposed and distribute for my soule in 
werkes of almes, aftur the good discrecyon of myn) executowrs. And 
the resydewe of aH my goodes & catalles, what-soeuer they bee, a,ftur 
4 my dettw* byn) fuH payed, and this testamente ftdfylled, y yeue & 
bequethe to the foreseycl Anys my wyf* ; wheche Aneys, of this 
testamente y make my chif* executrice, and lohn Borage hir^ 
coexecutowr ; and y bequethe to the same lohn Borage for his labour 
8 ij s*. In wytnesse of whiche thyng*, to this my testamente y haue 
set my seeti. these been witnesses : Thomas Kuddok*, Eichard 
Austyn), lolin Batte, & other*, wrytoii & yoven) atte Hakeney the 
day & yere aboueseyd. 
12 Probatum fuit testamentum supradictum coram nobis, lohanne 
Chichele, in Decrett^ Bacallarto & c, xxj"* die Mensis Decembrw, anno 
domtni M® CCCC xxxiiij* & c. commissa fuit administracio execu- 
toribus interius nominaiis. 


[To be buried outside the Porch-Door of St Margaret Pattens, L. Tower 
8t., with his name on his Tomb-stone. Gifts of money and a Torch to the 
Church. Gifts of Coals, Gown, Hood. To a Godchild, a Feather-bed, 
Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Coverlets, Table-cloths, Towels, Napkins, 
Pewter Dishes and Sawcers, Cups, Silver Spoons, Basins, Candlesticks, 
eard Brass Pan, Banker, Cushions, Salt-cellar, Beads, Gilt Silver Crucifix, 
Ring with graspt Hands, Rack for roasting Eggs, Covercles, Table, Joint- 
stools, a Primer to serve God with, and a Coffer. To others, Peacock 
Flivers (? feathers), Chests, Staff, Towel-roller, Chair, and Sconces, 
Symkyn Brownyng to look after the Godchild.] 

(More, 8 Corny. Court of London, If. 481 bk.) 

Testamentum : Roger! : Elmesley : [In margin^ lower downJ] 

16 TN the name of the Fadei' and the sone & the Holi goost, Amen 1 
-*• At the fest of seynt Nicolas & the translacioii of seynt Andrewe, 
of bothe translaciofl, that is to sei, the ix dai of Maij, the yere of owre 
lord a thousand iiij hundred & xxxiiij / And the reyn) of oui' lege 

20 lord the kyng* Harre the sexte of his conquest, the 3g yer, I, Roger 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Elmesley, saruant suwtyme wOh lohn Bokelei', wexchaundelei* of 
London, I the foreseyd Roger*, in good hele of bodi & soule, & in good 
mynde, as y wiH answers a-fore god, make my testament in this 
wise / first y bequethe my soule to god almygti of heuene, & to his 4 
blessed moder seynt Mari, & to seynt Kat^rine, & to seynt Margrete, 
and to an the holi compani of heuene, and my body to be beried 
vnder the ston with-onte the Dore of the porche,^ & my name wretofl 
ther-on when y am ded. Also y bequethe to the werkes of the same 8 
churche of seynt Marget Patyns, iij s' iiij d, to haue my beryyng* ther, 
& the ston fre / Also i bequethe to the hi aut«r, of offerynges 
foryeten, xx & ; Also to the klerk* of the forseyd churche, xij d // 
AJsoo the foreseyd churche, a torch of my terment, for to brenne euery 12 
Sondai at the leuacion at the hie masse // Also I bequethe to lohn 
Wodrof & Alison his wyf*, v quartzes of coles ; & to lohn Woderof 
my beste goune & my beste hod, & the forre in the same goune, if so 
be that he leue that time ; & elles, sell hit, & do hit for the loue of 16 
god, & yeue to pore housholders in r^oles. More-oue?' y bequethe to 
Robert Sharp goddis-child, a liteH fetherbed & ij peire smale shetes, 
& a peyre of large shetes goode, & a peire^ of blankettes, & ij goode 
pelewes, on large, & another lasse and feire ybored, & a whit couerlit 20 
& a red cou<?rlit, & a good bordcloth with crosse werk, & another 
bordcloth wit^ mylyngis ^ at the ton ende, in lenkethe ij jerdes ; & on 
halfe large, & I toweH of parys werk*, viij yerdes of lenkethe ; also too 
the beste sanapes,^ also a plate of peautre & ij disshes of peautre, & ij 21 
sauseres of peautre & ymarked w»t^ .R. and .S. ; moreouer a litil 
masei* coppe, & I white coppe, & a spone of siluer* wit^-out mark*, & 
a liteH baayn knopped, & iij candelstike* of latyn), & a litifl panne 
of brasse y-ered,^ and a chaufwr of bras, & a lytil posnef of bras, & a 28 

* Of St, Margaret Pattens^ in Little Tower Street (p. 137), in Billingsgate 
"Ward. (p. 228) one other Lane, called iS'. Margaret Pattens, because of old time 
Pattens were usnally made and sold : but of later time this is called Itoode lane, 
of a Rood there placed, in the Churchyard of S, Margaret, whilest the old 
Church was taken downe, and againe new builded ; during which time, the 
oblations made to this Rood, were imployed towards building of the Church. — 
Stow's Su/rvey, ed. 1633 A.D. 

* MS. a peire a peir«. ' ? millings, like those on the edge of a coin. 

* Sanape, tnanutergivm, hand-napkin. Nominale, in Hall's Oloss, 
' With ears or handles. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


bankar of blewe Ss blak*, & iij quisshonte^ of the same colour 
yii-8toppe<) ; also a feii^ salt saler of peautre with a fey re knoppe ; also 
a peyie of* bedea of silaer wM a crucifix of sillier and y-gilt ; 
4 ako a payre bedes of blak* gaiidys of sillier & gilt, & a ryng« ther-on 
with dippyng* of ij handes, siluir & gilt ; also a rake of yren forto rost 
on his eyren, also a litiH couerkeH ^ for his coppe ygilt* ; also a whit 
couerkeH with roses & flourdeluces / also a litil tabel peyntecJ 
8 trestelwise ; also a litil loyned stott for a child, Ss a nother loyned 
stoH, large for to sitte on, whanne he cometh to mannes state ; also a 
prymmei* for to serve god wit/t ; aHso a litel cofwr to putte in his 
smale thynges. Also i bequethe the same Robarcf, to Symkyng* 

12 Brownyng*, Klerk*, to goddis woshup & soule hele / And also if the 
foreseyd EobarJ die wit/i-ynne age, that the foreseydf [If, 432] goodes 
thet he shulde haue, [ben] I-sold & I-yeuen to pore pepeti in coles, as 
secoutors wil answere afore god // Moreou^r y bequethe William 

16 Osbeme the fliueres of pecok* // more-ouere y bequethe Maut 
Cokkeman my wyves forcet, & a staf* with an handett // More-ouer y 
bequethe my roller for a toweH to Margery Bokolei* ; Also to Alioon 
Oxyn) my chayre, and to Robard Sharpe my peynted chest / Moreouer, 

20 sir lohn Russhebrok* a skonce^ / an other* skonce to SymoncJ 
Brownyng*. Here-oppon y make my seketowres, sir lohn Russhe- 
brok*, chauntre prist of seynt Marget Patens, and Symond Brounyng*, 
Clerk* of the same churche / I bequethe Iche of hem, for here 

24 trauayle, x s'. To this wittenesae thet this testament ys my ful wilt, 
Iwreten the dai a-fore seyd that these neybowres wil here witnesse 
theropon, thet is to sey / lohn Hardynge, Grocer ; WilUam Ferrowre, 
Brewer, and Thomas Colman, Talvchaundelei* ; Thomas Oxyn), 

28 hosier // And y pray yowe loki thys marks and thys SeeH, acorde as 
y Roger wyl answers afore god? 

Probatum fuit testamentum supradictum coram Nobis, lohanne 
Chichele, in Decretw Bacallario &c, xviij die Mensis Maij, Anno 

^ Fr. 'Couverele: m. A Couer, or LicL* — Cotgrave. A.D. 1611. 
2 A light to Lang against the wall. 

Digitized by Vj.OOQiC 


domim Mifimmo CCCG tricesimo quinto & / commissa-qtte 
fait admiTiistracio omnimn bonon^m & [&\ executoribt^ superius 
uominat^ff & c<. 

ISABELLA? DOYE, 1434-5. 

[Goods to bury her, and pay her debts and bequests. Residue to be 
kept till her husband comes home from beyond the sea.] 

(More, 3 CbixJ. Court of London, If. 379 bk.) 

IsabeH Dove. [In margin,'] 

Thys is the will Isabel! Dove, lat the wyf of Thomas Dove, 4 
Citezein of London), made the xiij day of Marche, the yere of oure 
lorde M? CCCC"^ [xjxxiiij, that Geretrude de Lunhx, the wyf of 
William de Lunhx, Citezein & vinter of London), schuld hane the 
godes of the seyde IsabeH In kepyng, for to brynge hei* on erthe, to 8 
pay hei* dettis, hei* bequestw ; and the remenant for to kepe to the 
vse of the husbondes^ of the seyde Isabel!, vn-to his comyng* home 
fro beyonde the See, the seyd godes in the Inuentare here remaynyng. 

Probatwm fuit hec voluntas coram I d., iiij® die Maij, Anno 12 
dommi Mille^imo eccc™ xxxiiij® & &; & cowmissa Admiwwtrocw? 
Geretrude de Lunhx Becundum tenorem eiusdem. 

[In margin is] hahet B,cquietanciam. 

* a genitive? 

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[To bo buried in Pardon Churchyard, St Paurs. Two Oxford or 
Cambridge Priests to be paid to pray for Testator's Soul for 20 years. 
St Gregory's Trental to be sung. Marble Tombstone to have Crest on, 
with 'Mercy and Grace.* Year's Mind to be kept for 20 years at St 
Mary Ottery, Devonshire ; and for 6 years by the 4 Orders of Friars 
in London. Gifts to Poor, and to All-hallows and St Nicholas Cold- 
Abbey churches. A million Masses to be said for Testator's Soul. Gifts 
to London and Westminster Prisoners, to the Spital sick folk, and 
the Lazar-houses. Gifts to the Prioress of Cheshunt and the Canons of 
Waltham Abbey. £100 to Daughter, and £20 to each of her children. 
Legacies to Brother and other folk. Cheshunt Convent to have back its 
pledges free. Residue to Executors, two of whom get furd Gowns.] 

(Luffenam, If. 162.) 

Te8ia7nentum Hicardi Bokeland. [In margin,] 

Tn the Name of god'. Amen. The .v. day of August yn the 

yere of yowre Lord M* eccc xxxvj, And the xiiij yere of the 

Reigne of kyng* Henry sixt, I, Richard Bokeland, Squyer, beyng* yn 

4 Resonable helt& of body, & hoole of mynde, make my testament iu 
manere as foloweth. Eurst I betake my sonle vnto god, my yerray 
lorcf & Saveottr, & to his blessid moder^ oure lady Saint Mary, and 
to aH his sainted of hevefi ; And my wrecchid body to be beryed at 

8 Pardon chirche-yerdf at saint Poules * yn London). AH so y gif vnto 

^ Pardon Cfhurchyard was on the N. side of St Paul's. Paul's Cross was 
in it. Stow says of St. Paul's {Survey, 1633, p. 354) : 

'Great Cloystry 'There was also one great Cloyster, on the North side of this 
of Fault Church, invironing a plot of ground, of old time called Pardon 

Chv/rch-yard ; whereof Tfwmas More, Deane of Pauls, was eyther the first 
Builder, or a most especiall Benefactor, and was buried there. 

'About this Cloyster, was artificially and richly painted the Dance of 
'Dance of Maehabre, or Dance of Death, commonly called the Dance of 

Fault Paula, , . In this Cloyster were buried many Persons, some of 

Worship, and others of Honour: The Monuments of whom, in number and 
workmanship, passed all other that were in that Church. .... 

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}q warkes of Ponies x K. AH-so y wuH that thei* be founden at fe 
vniuersitees of Oxonford? or Cambrigge, after fe discrecion of my wyf 
& executoMis, two gode honnest and vertuous preestes of coiuier- 
saciottn, the terme of xx yere, prayenge for the soules of me, my fadyr, 4 
moder, broder, and for afl thoo that I am bounden) to pray for, eche 
of the saide preestes takynge yerly C s*., hauynge in Charge to seye 
euery friday a messe of j^e trentatt, with Placebo and dirige, & the ix 
lessons. Item I bequethe xx marce* vnto diners preestes for to singe 8 
masses of the grete Gregorie ti*entale.^ Att-so I woH fat there 
be leyde vpon my body a stone of Marble, with the crest of my 
Armes ferupon), and aH-so with thise wordes, 'Mercy and grace.' 
AHhso y gif vnto the collage of saint Mary Ottroye^ in Devenshire, xx 12 
h, to be demened, xx s' Jerof yerely in this wise : that euery yere 
durynge the terme of xx yere, my mynd, with Placebo & Dirige & 
masse of Requiem to be doon oones, yevynge to euery chanon) beinge 
ther*-at present viij *, to euery preest vj *, to euery secundary 16 
& clerc of the chirch iiij *, and to euery quarester ij d ; And yf f ei* 
leve any fynge of the saicJ xx s*, to be delt to euery pouere man of 
that panssh ij % and aB. thoo pouere men to be at the Dirige 
& messe. Item y gif vnto the chirche of Alhalowen) the more ^ 20 

I chappen in * ^^ *^® midst of this Pardon Church-yard, was also a faire 

Pardon Chappell, first founded by Gilbert Becket, Portgrave, and principall 

Chureh-yard Magistrate of this City, in the reigne of King Stephen, who was 
there buried. Thomas More [? he whose Tomb is named abuv, p. 71, 1. 7], 
Deane of Pauls, before named, re-edified or new builded this Chappell, and 
founded three Chaplaines there, in the reigne olHemry the fifth.' 

This Pardon Church-yard of St. PauVs must not be confounded with that at 
the Charter-House, of which Stow says : 

* This house [the Cha/rter-housel he [Sir Walter Marmy] founded upon this 
occasion : A great Pestilence [the Black Death] entring this Hand, began first in 
Dorsetshire, then proceeded into Devonshire, Somersetshire, Glocestershire, and 
Oxfordshire, and at length came to London, and overspread all England, so 
wasting the people, that scarce the tenth person of all sorts was left alive, and 
Churchyards were not sufficient to receive the dead, but men were forced 
to chuse out certeine fields for burials : whereupon Ralph StraJtford, Bishop of 
LondoTi, in the year 1348, bought a piece of ground, called No mans land, 
which he inclosed with a wall of Bricke, and dedicated for buriall of the dead, 
builded thereupon a proper Chapell, which is now enlarged, and made a 
dwelling-house : and this burying plot is become a faire Garden, retaining the 
old name of Pardon Church-yard,' — Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 477 b. 

^ See p. 31 abuv, note 1, » St. Maiy Ottery, « In Upper Thames St. 

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yn London), whore y am parisshen), x ti ; And to the Personne of the 
same chirch, for myn oblac/ons forgetefi, x tL Item I gif vnto the 
warkea of saint Nicholas Coldabbey in London),^ x marc*. Item 
4 I beqwetli moneye fur WW masses' to be saide after my decesse, fat 
is to sey, to euery preest saynge for me fe dirige & a messe of 
Eequiem, iiij \ Item I wol that the house of Freres prechoors 
in London) haue euery yere durynge the terme of .v yere, xx s' to sey 
8 be note the diiige & messe of Eequiem and ^ my mynd day. And ya 
the same wise the saide som yerly vnto the white Freres, greye freres, 
& Austins,^ performynge the Dirige & messe a-foresaid. Item I gif to 
euery Prisoner beynge in Ludegate & Newegate iiij ^ ; Item to the 

12 Abbotteff prison) of Westmynstre xx s' ; Item to the Prisoners of the 
Flete, XX s' ; Item to the Prisoners of the M archaise, xx s'. ; Item to 
the Prisoners of the Kynggis bench xx s' ; Item to the seke peple 
beynge yn the spit^ houses of saint Thomas, saint Mary, & 

16 saint Bartilmenx of London), iij ti. Item to the bowses of la3are 
next aboute ^Londofi, iij ti. Item I woti fat Dame Cicile Gifford, 
Prioresse of Chesthunt,® haue xl s* ; and that euery nonne of the 
same house haue yj s' viij \ sayenge for me a dirige and a messe of 

20 Requyem by note. Item I woti fat sir lohn Gifford, Chanon) of J)e 
Abbey of Waltham,^ haue xl s', & that euery Chanon) of the same 
house haue xx d, sayenge for me a dirige and a messe of Eequiem by 
note. Item I woti fat my doughter Anneys Whityngham haue C ti 

24 and a stondynge cuppe gilt, shapp of a columbyn.7 And also 

^ ' Sitaate on the S. side of Old fiah str, in the Ward of Qmemhiihi^ within 
the Walls of iKmdom,, . . . Mr. SUajo says the word CoUdthey (which was added 
to distinguish this from other Churches of St. Nicholas) is corruptly so called, 
being more properly Cold bay (as a place exposed to the Weather), as Cold 
-BTarftowr,' &c.— 1708. E. Hatton, New View of London, ii. 440. *It hath been 
called of many Colden Abbey, of some Cold Abbey, or Cold Bey, and so have the 
most ancient writings, as standing in a cold place, as Cold Harbor, and such like.* 
—Stow, p. 398. 

* Can this mean 2000, and not 1,000,000 ? * ? 'and ' for ' on 

* See note 1, p. 16 abuv. ^ ]eaf 162 back. 

* Cheshunt ' occupies the S.£. angle of Herts,' and is IS miles N. of London. 
Good fishing in the Reservoir there, says my boy. 

7 In Essex, 12 miles N. by E. of London. The 2nd Abbey was founded 
by Harold before 1060. 

^ The beautiful bell-like flower of Aquilegia vulgaris, Lin. 

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fat euery child of hires lyyynge at the day of my decease, haue xx H 
to there manage. Item I wol Jat my brother Cristofre Bokelondf 
haue XX ti, And his sone Thomas x ti. And to his other sone & a 
doughter, yf they lyve, eche of hem .v marce*. Item that lohn 4 
Yngram haue x marce« ; Item to William Cicil x marce^ ; Item to 
lofin Wanton x marc* ; Item to lohn Coggeshale x ti. Item I gif to 
maister Thomas AsshweH xx s*. Item to Frere Wynchelsee xx s', 
Item to Frere EusseH of the Atistins, xx s\ Item I wol to euery 8 
couple of man & wyf dwellyng at Ochecote, haue ij s', and to euery 
single mail) & child withyn the same parissh of Ochecote xij \ And 
to the Personne of the same pa>ish holdynge myn obbite durynge iij 
yere, Euery yere vj s*, viij *. Ite?» I gif to Thomas Yonge x ti, 12 
Item to Richard ClareH x ti, Item to lohn Forest x marce*, Item to 
lacobo my seruawnt x marce«, lieni to Thomas Crouche v ti, Item to 
lohn Cooke v marce«, Item to William Pascafl xx s'. Item to lohn of 
the Stable xiij s, iiy *, Item to William of the Kechyn vj s', viy *, 16 
Item to Margaret of Ware xl s'. Item to sir Robert Carlton v marcejr, 
Item to Master lohn) Trotter v marces, Item to sir Richard my preest 
Y marce^. Item I woUe that the prioresse & the house of Chesthunt 
haue freely theire Weddys ayen withouten any mony payenge. And 20 
to the performynge of this my last wiH and entent, I make myne 
executoMrs,^ lohan my wyf, sir lofin TireH knyght, Maister Richard 
Cawdray, clerc, Richard Quatermains, lohn Melbot^me, Thomas 
Rothewett, lohn Kempley, Thomas Pounde & lohn Coggeshale. And 24 
I woti: that eche of my said £xecutoz/rs haue x ti, so that they be 
helpynge & assistynge vn-to my wyff for the execucion of this my last 
wille / And the Remenat^nt of aH: my godis, meuable and vnmeuable, 
I gif to the said sir lohn TireH, maister Richard Caudray, Richard 28 
Quatermains, lohn) Melbot^me, Thomas RotheweH, Thomas Pound & 
lohn Coggeshale. And y pray & Require all you myn executours 
aforsaid, which I haue chosen, for true and parfayte Love, that 
ye fulfill aH my wiH & entent aboue writen, truly & kyndely, for the 32 
loue of god, and as my trust is yn yow / -AH-so y wol that Thomas 
RotheweH haue myn Prymour & myn purple goune furred with 
martrons.^ AH-so I wol that lohn Melbourne haue my scarlet goune 
^ * Nomi/ia executorwm * in margin. ' See p. 86 abuv, note 6, 

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f iirred with martroMns. AH-so j wol that my lowi Cromwett haue a 
pcre of boteH of silue^r & gilt / In witness^ of aH wich fingw, I haue 
put herto my seal the day and yere aforesaid, beynge present in 

4 f erther wittenes, maiste?' william Lychf eld, p«rsone of Alhalowen the 
more, sir lohn) loye, preest of the same chirch, lohn Yngram, 
Thomas Tong^, and other. 

(jj) Probatum fuit suprascriptum testa??ientu7» coram Magis/ro 

8 lohanne Ljrndefelcl, Commissario &c«, xv** die mensw Octohna, Anno 

domini Millcrimo cccc™* xxxvj*®, Et commissa fuit admiwistracio 

lohanne, relicte dictt defuncti, & discretw virw Thome EotheweH, 

Thome Pound, & lohanwi Coggeshale, execxitonbus &c, Reseruata 

12 po^e^te &c<. acquietatt sunt 


[To be buried at Cirencester. Bequests of Vestments to Trinity 
Chapel there, and its Priests ; also to the Convent at Usk, the Friars of 
Gloster and Hereford, the Abbots of Tewkesbury, Evesham, Malmesbury, 
&c. Gifts of best Horse, Armour, coverd silver Cups, Gold Chain and 
Bracelet, Money, blue Cloth, furd Gowns, silver Arse-girdle, household 
8tulE, Horses, Clothing and Bedding, i&c.] 

(Luffenam, If. 191 back.) 

Dyxton. [In margin,] 

1 n the name of oure Lord Ihesu, Amen) ! The Viij day of August, 

the yere of the regno of oui* soueraigne lord kyng* Harry the sixte 

after the conquest, the xvj*. [1438.] I Richard Dixton), squyer, 

16 hauyng* gode and resonable "witte & discrecion, make, ordeyne, and 

dispose my last testament in this manei* : Furst, I bequeth my sowle 

vnto god almyjghty, vnto the Blessyd Virgine his moder sainte Marie, 

^ Cirencester : it used always to be pronounst * Oiseter ' till the name was 
printed in Railway Time-tables, and the Ry. Porters had to speak the name as 
it was spelt, to enable strangers to identify the place. It's 88 miles W. by N. 
from London. 

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& to aH the compaigne of heuene, & my body to be buryed witfiyn 
the new ChapeH of the Trinite at Siscetre. Item I bequeth to the 
saide chapeH of Siscetre a cloth of Siluer, and a blak cloth of Damask 
^ sengiH, & a gowne of Goldsmythes werk*, for to make vestimentes & i 
a C gertiers. Item I bequeth vnto iij prestes for to synge and pray 
for me duryng* the space of a yere yn the saide chirch of Siscetre, xx 
ii Item I be-quethe vnto the Prioresse & Couent of the House of 
Vsk,2 for to pray for me, x marker. Item I be-queth vn'to prestes and 8 
clerkes for to doo my seruice & exquies, & for abnes for poure men), 
XX tL Item I bequeth vnto the frere prechours of Gloucestre, for to 
fynde iij preste« of the same house duryng* a yere for to synge for my 
moder & for me, xx tl Item I bequeth to the Grey Freres of 12 
Hereford! for to doo semblably for my moder and for me, xx ti. Item 
I bequeth vnto Maistre Thomas Radnore, x marker. Item I bequeth 
to the Abbot of Teukysbury ^ an couuered cuppe gilt Item to the 
Priour and Couent of the same house, xx tL Item to the Abbot of 16 
Siscetre a couered cuppe of siluer gilt. Item to the Priour and 
Conuent of the same hous, xx U. Item to the Abbot of Euesham ^ 
a couuered cuppe of siluer gilt. Item to the Couent of the same 
hous, XX H Item to the Priour of Brade-stoke ^ a couuered cuppe of 20 
siluer gilt. Item to the Conuent of the same hous, xx tL Item to 
the Abbot of Malmesbury* a couered cuppe of siluer gilt. Item to the 
Couent of the same hous, xx !L Item I bequeth for my mynde day, 
XX ti. Item I bequeth to my Lord of York* iij of my best hors, to 24 
be chosen) either at Vsk" or at Wotton),^ & aH my armeure. Item I 

1 leaf 192. 

2 Usk, in the co. of Monmouth, 18 miles S.W. from Monmouth, and 144 
fW. by N.) from London. — Lewis. 

* Tewkesbury, in Glo'stershire, 10 miles N.N.E. from Gloster, and 103 
W.N.W. from London. 

* Evesham, in "Worcestershire, 13 miles N.E. from Tewkesbury, and 96 N. W* 
by N. from London. Ewes, a swineherd in the service of Egwin, third bishop 
of Huicca, is said to have seen the Virgin Mary on the spot where the Abbey 
was built 702 — ^709. — Lewis. 

* This priory stood in the Deanery of Malmesbury, co. Wilts. See Bacon's 
Liber. Begia, 

* Malmesbury, in Wiltshire, 42 miles IJ. from Salisbury, and 94 W. from London. 

^ Wotton under Edge (or under Bidge : is situated beneath a range of well- 
wooded hiUs) is in Glostershire, 19 miles S.S.W. from Gloster, and 108 W. by 
N. from London. — Lewis. 

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bequetti to lane Bane a cappe of siluer couuered. It^m to Elizabeth 
Mortymei* a cuppe of siluer couuered. Item to dame Anneys LeucH 
a cuppe of silu^ couuered. Item to Elizabel^ Bowers a cupp^ 
4 of siluer couuered. Item to Agas Fl^ge a cuppe of siluer couuerecl. 
Item to Eobert Greyndoor, squyer, my Serpe ^ of siluer and my cheyne 
of goold. Item to lane Greyndoor^ his wyf, a couered cuppe of 
siluer, the wich I was wont to drynk of, and a Bracelet of Grold. 
8 Item to the new chapeH at Siscetre xx ti. Item I bequeth vnto the 
Abbot of Lantemam & his monkes, x marker. Item to the Friour of 
Golcleve ^ & his monkes, xx marker. Item to euerych of my lordes 
iij chapeleyns xx s*. Item to sir lohn) TrebeH my confessour, 

12 XX marker, to synge for me ij yere in an honest place, where so 
euer he wooH, and iiij yerdes of blew cloth. Item to the yomen) of 
my lordys chambre, xx ti. Item to the officers of my said lord hatt, 
pantrie, Seler, Boterie & Kechyn), xx tl Item to maistre Robert 

16 Beaumont a cuppe couuered, chased with Rosys, beynge at the 
Fasteme.^ Item to my saide lonJ se^niante^ of his stable, x mark*. 
Item to A lentiH woman) called lonet Hawys, xx ti. Item to 
William ReueH a gowne of Blake, furred with ficheux* beyng* at the 

20 Fasteme, & xl s'. Item to lohn) Mody a gowne of grene Damaske 
lyned, & a nother gowne of Russet furred with blak, & xl s*. Item 
to ij prestes for to synge & pray for me yn the chirch of Wotton) 
durynge a yere, xx marker. Item to the werk of the saide chirch of 

24 Wotton), X mark". Item to the chirch of Lydyerd ^ x mark*. Item to 
Edmond of Comewayle an eragerdyH* of siluer. Item to lohn 
Russett, squyer, a gowne of Rede Damaske furred witfi martrens, & 

* ? Fr. * Serpe, Serpentine, Serpent, couleuvre ; d'oii serpentelle petit 
serpent.' — Roquefort Hippeau also eives * Serpe, serpent.' 

' ? Goldcliff, a parish in Monmouthshire, 4 J miles S.E. from Newport A 
prior and 12 black monks were placed here from the abbey of Bee in Normandy, 
to which the Church was given, at Henry I's desire, by Robert de Chandos, who 
founded and endowd it in 1113. * In 1442, after the suppression of Alien 
priories, it was made a cell to the abbey of Tewkesbury, and at the Dissolution 
possessed a revenue of £144 Ss. Id,* — Lewis. Lantemam, co. Monmouth. 

' ? One of Testator's houses, or my Lord of York's. 

^ See p. 84 abuv, note 3. 

• TLidiard Millicent, or Lidiard Tregose, near Swindon, "Wilts. 

^ Compare Fr. * Ceincture d crouppUre, A belt, arming girdle, or sword 
girdle of the old fashion.' — 1611. Cotgrave. 

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a cuppe of eHhier couuered. It^m to Thomas Bamaby a cuppe of 
silucr couuered. Item to my seruant lohn) Buelt, "vj marke*, & 
I gowne of Eusset medley furred witfi blak. Item to my wyf , ati 
my stuff* beyng' at the Fasteme, except a sangwen) gowne furred with 4 
martres, and the thyngys aboven) rehereecl. Item my fuH wytt 
& entent is, that the saide lohn) Russeli haue & reioyce^ for 
euer more aH the lyuelode that meueth of his moder after hei* deces. 
Item aH myn) owne lyuelode to remeyne to my next heires. Item I 8 
vr6& that Edward BlundeH, squyer, of Worcestreshire, haue .L. mark, 
& vj cuppes of syluer, euery cuppe weynge a mark <fe a half of Troye, 
for to dispose the same gode for his sone Eichard BlundeH, of whos 
sowle god haue mercy. Item to Thomas Cleuche^ xl s*. Item 12 
to Richard of the Warderobe, xl s'. Item to lohn) of Pantrye 
Y] mark". Item to William WasteH xl. s'. Item to William 
Estynton) vj mark". Item to Watkyn Hardyng* vj mark. Item 
to He we Dawesy "vj mark*. Item to Harry Meyre vj mark". Item 16 
to Ibex, C s'. Item to lohn) Hewys xl s'. Item to lohn) DanyeH 
xl s'. & a litiH bay hors. Item to Edward xl s*. Item to lohn) of 
Nokys xl s*. Item to Water Parker* xl s. Item to LiteH Pers xl s*. 
Item to Elizabeth Belliers a scarlet gowne furred with foynes.^ Item 20 
to Richard of the warderobe, the fourthe best hors that I have. Item 
to the saide Watkyn) Hardyng* a gowne of scarlet witfi slyt slyues 
y-furred, and my cuttyd * hors. Item to the saide William Estyntofi 
a scarlet gowne & a hors. Item, aH my clothynge & werynge 24 
hameys and beddynge at Vsk, I woH that the saide Watkyn) 
and William departe by-twene hem & here felawes, as they seme that 
goode ys, & that they delyuery to Hew Dausey an hoby & a gowne of 
grene damaske, and to euery of myn other men) an hors, whiles ther 28 
ben eny. Item y woH that myhowke*^ of siluer ^be sold, and do for 
my sowle. Item to lohn) Clerk, & lohn) Cook, seruent to the 
saide Robert Greyndooi^, xiij s' iiij *. And that this my last wyH & 
testament be fullfilled & acomplesshid of aH my goodys & catelles 32 

1 enjoy. ' ? Clenclie. 

' 'Fauinne: f. The Foyne, wood- Martin, or Beech-Martin.'— Cotgrave. 
'Marie: f. The beast called a Martin. Maries sahelUnes . . . Sables. '^4&. 
See p. 86 abnv, note 6. 

* gelded. • ? hooke, huke, harnAAS. Pr. and Cath. • leaf 192, back. 

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not bequethyn ne specefied, I make & ordeyne Gyles of Bragge,i 
squyer, sir Wat^ Bagge, person) of Brynkewortfi,^ Richard Wamef ord 
and William Prelett of Siscetre, my trew and lawfuH executoi^rs ; and 

4 to eucry of liem for hei* labour x mark', to ordeyne and dispose for my 
sowle jn the best wyse that hem semetil to be dooii) / as they woii 
answers be-fore god. In witnesse of wich thyng*, to this my present 
testament I hane put to me seale. 

B Probatam fuit istud testa;7ie7t^m coram MsLgistro lohanne 
Lyndefelcl, zxj^ die menst^ Octobris, Anno do?ntni Mille^mo cccc™® . 
xxxviij^ £t commissa fuit administracu) WilleZmo Prelet, executori, 
. &&; Eeseruata &&; ac vicesimo I^ouembn.? tunc j^oximo sequen/» 
12 acquieto^ [fuit]. 

SKINNER, 1439. 

[To be buried before St PauVs Cross. Gifts to St Paul's and St 
Augustine's churches, and to 3 Orders of Friars, for 3 Trentals of Masses. 
1000 hapeny Loaves for poor men. Money to Brotherhoods of Corpus 
Christi and Mary in the Skinners' craft Wax for lights in St Austin's 
Lady-chapel. 20«. each to Apprentices and Servant. Gowns of Skinners' 
craft to fiiends. 3«. Ad. each to Brotherhoods of St Nicholas of Parish- 
clerks, and St John of the Tailors. Besidue : two-thirds to Wife ; one- 
third for Testator's Soul] 

(Luffenam, If. 202 back.) 

Tn the name of god, Amen ! the xviij day of the monthe of 

May, In the yere of oure lord Ihes^i a M? cccc xxxix, and yn the 

xvij yere of the Kegne of kyng* Henre the sext, I, Nicholas 

16 Charleton), Citezein & Sk^^nner of London), yn hole & good mynde 

beyng*, thonked be ati myghty god, ordeyne And make my testament 

1 Giles Brugge, alias Brages (i. c, Brydges), of Coberley, now Cubberley, 
Gloucestershire, 4 miles from Cheltenham, afterwards knighted. — ^H. Round. 

' Brinkworth, a parish in the hundred of Malmesbury, county of Wilts, 4J 
miles (W.N.W.) from Wootton-Basset— Lewis. 

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of iny last wyH ia this forme that folowetfi. First I be-quetR my 
soule to afl-myghtty god, my maker, oui' lady seynt Mary, and to aii 
seinte^ of heven), and my body to be barye(J in Powles grete 
chirchehawe of london) be-fore the crosse.^ And I beqaet& to the new ^ 
werk of the same chirch, xx *./ And to the higfi auter of seynt 
Austyns chirch^ ther* y am paresshen, for my tithes and offryng* 
necligently for-yeteii), vj s' viij *. And I wiH and ordeny, that yn all 
hast possible after my decesse, that I haue iij Trentales of masses 8 
songen)^ for my sowle in thre bowses of Freres of London), that is to 
sey, the prechours,. white fEreres, and grey ffreres* / and I be-queth 
Jjerfore to eche hous of thre, xl d. And I be-queth a M* of halpeny 
loyys to be yove to pore men be my executot^rs withynne xij monthe 12 
after my decesse, pat is to sey, to euery pore man that cometh, 
a loof / Afl-so I be-queth to the brederhede of my craft of Corpus 
Christiy to the comune Box fer-of, vj s, viij *, And to J>e Comune 
box of the brederhede of oure lady yn my crafte, vj s*. viy d. All-so 1 1^ 
be-qaeth to euery prisoner yn the prison) of Ludgate, And ech of the 
ij Countowrs of London),^ a loof of a pownde,^ to be delyd when com 
is of resonable price witAyn a yere after my decesse. Ati-so I devyse 

1 It stood on the North side. 

* On the N. side of Watlin str., and the E. side of Old Chtmge, in the Ward 
of Farrendon within, t. e. within the "Walls of L(mdon, near St. PauPs 
Cathedral II. The Denomination was given to this Church, in Memory of St. 
Austin (not the Father who was Bishop of Hippo in Africa^ but as is most 
probable) the Jfonfc, who was called by some the Ervglinh Apostle; being by 
Oregory, Bishop of Mame, about the year 596, sent with MUdus and 40 more to 
England to convert the Pagan Saxons to Christianity. — 1708. Hatton, New 
View of Lond(Mi, L 136, a. Church burnt in the Great Fire, 1666, rebuilt by 
Wren. ' ? MS. singen. * See abuv, p. 16, note 1. 

^ OotitUers, are 2 Prisons for the use of the City, viz. the Mayor and Sheriffs 
Courts [namely, 1.] Poultry Counter, A Prison situate in the Poultry, London, 
where not only Debtors upon Actions in the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs Courts, but 
such as disturb the Peace of the City in the Night, are committed. It hath been 
a Prison for some hundreds of Years past, and might possibly be called Coujiier, 
because those there detained were obliged to account for the Cause of their Com- 
mitment before they were set at liberty. [2. Bread St., later] Wood-street 
Oounter. A Prison ... for Debtors and Night-ramblers that disturb the 
Peace. This Prison was in Bread-str, till removed hither in the Year 1556, by 
virtue of an Act of Common-Council held the 19th of Septevnter, 8 and 4 of PhU» 
and ifary.— Hatton (a.d. 1708), New Viewo/L&ndm, it 744, 769, 788. 

• MS. *bb ' with a line thru, like ft 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 


& ordejrne a C tb wex to mynystew and to serue to the vse of 
the Salue ^ of ouie lady chapeH yn the said chirc& of seynt Austyns, 
that is to sey, ij Tapers to stonde on the Auter of oui* lady, eche 
■A of the y taperys of a pownde weyght / per to be lights and brenne at 
Salue 1 tyme as longe as the saide C tb weight of wex wiH dure / And 
I wyH that Thomas Gloucestra my brother, that is myn executour, 
and the wardeyns of Seynt Austyns chirch a-fore-saide sussessiffly 
8 beyng*, haue the gouernance of the saide wex and light in manei^ 
a-boue writen) / AHwso I be-queth to eche of myn apprentice dwellyng* 
& stondyng* with me yn m&uer of a-prentys at tyme of my diyng* 
XX 8*. Aii-so I be-queth to Thomas Bayle, my s^ruant xx s* / AH-so 

12 I be-quei£ to Thomas Dymmok*, Skynner, of Glowcestre, my best 
gowne of the lynere of Skynners craft, both furre and cloth, yif he be 
aly ve ; And to Watkyn) AsshweH my secunde best furre and gowne / 
AH-so I wyH that Nicholas Wylde be holperi) and rely ved of my gode, 

16 after the avyse of Thomas Glowcestre my brother / And yf hit so be 
that eny ^of the saide personys that I haue made be-quest to, dye 
a-fora my decesse / than I wiH that the same goodys of hym or 
theym) that so deyth, be distribuydl in to iij partyes by myn 

20 executo?^rs, that is to sey, oo pa^-te to the almesse of the bretherhedes 
of Corpus Christi, and oure Lady, of my craft ; the secunde part to 
the Wardeyns of Seynt Austyns chirch, to the vse of the same chirch / 
And the thirde parte to be demenycl and yoveu) by Thomas 

24 Gloucestre, my brother and my Executowr, to pore peple of the 
paressh of Seynt Austyns a-boueseidi, and ofer paresshe, there as 
nede is / AH-so I be-queth to the brederhede of seynt Nicholas 
founded by paressh clerkes in London), iij s' iiij * / AH-so to the 

28 bretherhede of seynt John) of the Craft of TailloMr[s] of London), iij s 

1 Salve Maria. For a history and examples of this devotion, see 'Our 
Lady's Dowry/ by Rev. T. E. Bridgett, pp. 168—170, 178, 174 (1st edit. 1875). 
(There is an interesting example of a promise of choir boys singing the Salve in 
Lonth's * Life of "William of Wickham,' Appendix, xvi.) See also, for further 
information about the devotion, in * Pietas Mariana Britannica,' by Edmund 
Waterton, F.S.A. 1879. Part I. pp. 139—141 ; Part II. pp. 76, 87, 88. Dr. 
Bock, in his * Church of our Fathers,' also speaks of this devotion ; see Vol. II. 
pp. 442, 443 ; Vol. III. pp. 276—279. The example given on pp. 442, 443, 
Vol. II., is also quoted in ' Our Lady's Dowry.*— M. L. See Notes below. 

2 leaf 203. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


iiij * // And the residue of aH my other goodes, catalles and dett^^, 
that be not be-qwethen) above / after pat my deties be paide, 
my byryng* aH-so, & expenses funeralx done, and this testament 
fulfilled / I be-quetfe and will fat hit be devyded be myn executowrs 4 
yn-to iij parties, wherof ij parties I be-quetfi to lohan) my wyff, 
to haue and to hold to hei^ for euermore, in the name of her part and 
dowyer of my godes to her yn eny wyse be-langgyng* / And the 
third party of the same residue, I bequeth to myn executowrs, 8 
be theym to be disposyd in masses, almes, and werkys of charite for 
my sowle and aH tru cristyn sowlys, as they hope best pleyse god 
with. And of fis testament I make mjm executowrs, fat is to sey, 
Tliomas Gloucestre, Clerk, my brother, William AllardI and Thomas 12 
Aston), Citezeins and Skynners of London / And y be-queth to eche 
of my seide executowrs for his labor* in this party to be ha<J, C s*. 
In-to the witnessyng* of wiche thyng*, to this testament I haue set my 
sele. Writen) at London) the day and ^ere a-boueseyde / AH-so, ouer 16 
the premisses, I, the saide Nicholas Charleton), ordeyne, assigne, and 
be-quetil be this testament, to f e saide lohn) my wyf , the te/mys and 
state comyng* of & in aH the tenement with thappwrten[au]nt3 that I 
dwefl ynne in Watlyngstrete yn the saide paressh of seint Austyn), 20 
the wich I hold! to ferme^ of the mayster and couent of seynt 
Bartholomews spiteH be-side West Smythfeld of London), to haue and 
to hold to f e saide lohn) the seide termes, state, and tenement with 
thappwrtenawnt^, duryng* her lyf, oonly yf the termes f er-of last so 24 
longe. She beryng*, yeldyng*, payng* and supportyng* perof f e ferme 
yerely, and oper charges duryng* her* lyf, as I am bound to do 
be wrytyng* to f • said maister and Covent/. 

Probatum fuit istud testameutum coram Magistro lohanne 28 
Lyndefeld / Commissarao &C, tercio die menais lulij. Anno domini 
Millesimo cccc"** tricesimonono. Et commissa fuit admiwzstrac/o 
honoTum hmusmodi &c & executoribus in eodem testamento nominati^, 
et haftent [&c]. 32 

^ On lease. 

I 2 

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[To be boned in Tewkesbuiy Abbey, to which, Testatrix gives her 
head-jewels. Her Statue to be made naked, with Mary Magdalen, St. 
John, and St Anthony near, and poor Men and Women about her Tomb. 
Gifts to the shrines of Tewkesbury, Cavershara, Walsingham, Wo'ster, <fec. 
Other Jewels to be sold for the purposes of the Will. Gifts of Brooches 
and Money to legatees. Tewkesbury to be endowd with 100 marks. 
Reparation to be made for Testatrix's wrong-doing, if any.] 
(Luffenam, If. 212, back.) 
^Comitissa Warr.* Non acquiet[ati]. 

Tn dei Nomine, Amen. This is the testament and last wyH of 

Dame Isab^, Countesse of Warrewyk*,* made at London) the f urst 

day Decemb', the jere of oure IokJ W CCCC xxxix. Furst I bequet^ 

4 my sowle to ati-myghty god, and my body to be beryed In the 
Abbey of Tewkesbery, yn such place as I haue assyngned.^ And that 
my grete templys* with the Baleys* be sold to the vtmest pryse, and 
delyueryd to the sayde Abbat and the howse of Tewkesbery, so they 

8 groche no^t vrith my lyenge, and with suche thyng* as y woH haue 
done a-bowt my body. And my Image to be made aH naked, and no 
thyngi on my hede bnt myn) here cast bakwardys, and of the gretnes 

1 This will is abstracted in Testamenta Vetusta, 1826, L 239. 

'— ' In a later hand. 

' Isabel, daughter of Thomas Despencer, 2nd Baron Despencer (Earl of 
Gloucester, 1897, beheaded at Bristol by the rabble, 1400), by a grand-daughter of 
Edward III. Heiress to her brother Richard 1414. Married (1) Richard de 
Beauchamp, Lord Abergavenny (Earl of Worcester, 1420), and (2) his cousin 
Richard de Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick (Earl of Albemarle, 1417), Lt.- 
Genl. of France and Normandy 1 435 (d. 30 Ap. 1439. See, for a note of his will, 
p. 134). She was mother of Henry, Duke of Warwick (1444) and King of the Isle 
of Wight, and mother-in-law of Warwick the King-maker.— J. H. Round. 

^ Her husband was buried in St. Mary's, Warwick, where his magnificent 
monument is still to be seen. — J. H. Round. 

* Fr. TempUUes : f. Fillets, or head-bands for women ; also, Jewells hanging 
vpon their forheads by bodkins thrust into their haire. — 1611 . Cotgrave. 

* Pale or peach colourd rubies. — Dugdale. A Balass Ruby is a term derived 
from the French " un rubia balais" L e. cmileur de vinpaiUet (light red wine). 
Balais is now used as an adjective, but was, in the 15th century, a substantive. 
See P. de Commines' account of the rout of Morat (1476) : " lis gagn^rent troia 
haXaU pareils, appel^ les trois fir^res ; un autre grand hcUai appele la hotte ; un 
autre, appel6 la balle de Flandres," &c, &c— J. H. Round. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


and of the fascyon) lyke the mesure tliat Thomas Porchalyii) hath yn 
a lyst, and at my hede Mary Mawdeleii) leyng< my handes a-crosse, 
And seynt lohn) the Evangelyst on the ryght syde of my hede ; and 
on the left syde, Seynt Anton), and at my fete a Skochen) of myn 4 
Annes departyd ^ with my lordys, and ij GreflFons to here hit vppe ; * 
And aii a-bowt my tumbe, to be made pore men) a[n]d wemen) In 
theire pore Array, with their* bedys In theire handes. AH so I woH 
thei* be made of my grete sharpe,^ A Chaleys, and oflryd to oui* Lady 8 
In oui^ lady ChapeH of the Howse of Tewkesbery. Att-so I woH cure 
lady of Cauersham * haue a crowne of gold I-made of my cheyne that 
weyth XXV ti, with-yn my panyei', and with other broken) gold that is 
ther In, and ij tabelettca, the tone of seynte Katryne, And the tother 12 
of seynt George ; And the stonys that bene In hem, to be sett yn the 
saide Crowna. AH so I woH the tabelet with the Image of ouxe lady 
with a glasse to-fore hit, be offred to oui* lady of Walsyngham,^ and 

* impaled. — J. H. Round. 

' Supporters were then coming into fashion, hut were not yet strictly heredi- 
tary, being often, as in this case, selected by individuals. The Griffin was a 
monster in much favour. Simon Segar says of it, ** This beast, havinge attayned 
unto his full strength & growth, somuch disdaineth vassalrey and subjection. That 
hee will never be surprised alive. Thereby lively sheweinge forth his magnanimous 
twofold kingely spirit, as well of y* Lion as of y* Eagle."— J. H. Round. 

' Sharpe. Halliwell — Glossary : Sharp (5) — guesses it as * a sword ' ! A nice 
article for Lady "Warwick to wear, and order to be tumd into a Chalice ! It must 
be a gold or silver baldrick, girdle, or coUar. Fr. ' JEscharpe : f. A Scarfe ; a 
Baudricke. ' — Cotgrave. 

* Caversham (pronounst Cawahaw) in the co. of Oxford, 7J m. S.W. by S. 
from Henley upon Thames, and 1 J m. N. from Reading, in the County of Berks. 
* The Church here was Part of the first Endowment of the abbey of Notteley in 
Buckinghamshire, A.D. 1162, and afterward the Manor and a good Estate coming 
to them, here seems to have been a Cell to that Monastery, which was enriched 
by the Offerings made in the Chapel of Our Lady here, wherein (saith Dr. 
London, one of the Visitors, temp. Hen. VIII) was a famous Relic shown by one 
of the Canons, viz. the Angel with one "Wing, which brought to Caversham the 
Spear Head that pierced Our Saviour on the Cross.* — Tanners Not, Mon. in 
Carlisle's Topogr. Diet That *one Wing* is hardly beaten by any modern 
advertisement. It would be workt from side to side like a scull in the stem of 
a skiff, I suppoze. 

» Little or New Walsingham, in Norfolk 'The famous Chapel here, 
dedicated to the Annunciation of our Lady, was built a.d. 1061, by the Widow of 
Richoldis de Favarches, in Imitation of that at Nazareth, and therein was placed 
a Prior and Convent of Black Canons by her son Geffrey, temp. Will. Cmq. . . . 
Robert Pigot of Little Walsingham, by his Will dated a.d. 1492, gave an House 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


my gowne of grene Alyi^i cloth of gold with wyde sieves, And 
a tabernacle aH-so of syluer, lyke as the tymbur is In maner oucr oure 
lady of Cau^rsham / AH-so I woH the grete Image of wex that is at 
4 London) be offred to oui* lady of Wopcestrfl. and my weddynggown 
And aH my clothis of gold, and clothis of silke, wtt^-oute ffuirerewr, 
eoisrychon, I woU the howse of Tewkesbery haue hem, saue my 
Eusset vellewet, I wott Seynt Wynfryde haue. Ati-so I woll that att 
8 my stonys and p^les be sold to parf onne my wyH, And afl myn) other 
syluer vesseH and godys, saue ^that is profitable for pore folkes. 
AH-so I woH that exxerj man) and person) that hath estate In eny land 
by wey of graont or feeffement to myn) vse, or In my name, make an 

12 estate 'of aH hit, or Belese aH hit, to suche personys that I woH and 
ordeynd to haue the ezecucion), & ben the executours, of this my last 
wiH and testemenf / AH-eo I woH that lane Newmarch haue CC mark* 
in gold. And I to bera aH Costes as for hei' bryngynge yn-to seynt 

16 Katrens, or wher6-euer she woH be elles. And aH-so I woH my sone 
Harry haue myn oyche* with my grete diamond, and my Koych* witfi 
my Baleys. Item I woH Elysabeth Keston) haue g [= 80] marke 
paid to Norman Waschebowme for hei* mariage. And yef he gruche 

20 therwith, the mat«r so to ^be laboryd / and sewyd / that he be 
constrayned ther to do hit / AH-so I wott the saide Elizabeth haue, 
for the labour sche hath had a-bowot me yn my Sekenysse, xx marker. 
AH-so I woH Margaret Morgan) haue C marker. AH-so I woH that 

24 the maister of devenyte haue xx ti for hym self*, & to dispose whei' 
hym lyst. AH-so I woH Colyer haue C tL Item 1 woH Halfhide 
haue C tl AH-so I wott Basset haue C mark". AH-so I woH Wilt- 
shire haue C mark". AH-so I woH Colyn) of my Chambre haue xx ti. 

in or near this Town, for the Use of two leprous Persons of good Families. And 
from that Time the Hospital or Lazar House of Walsingham is often mentioned 
in the old Will Books. — Here was an House of Franciscan or Grey Friars, 
founded about the year 1346, by Elizabeth de Burgo, Countess of Clare, the 
Foundress of Clare Hall, Cambridge.' — ^Tanner's Not. Mon. in Carlisle's Top. Diet, 

1 f Alyr«. « ? MS. what. » leaf 218. 

^ * an Ovche ; limula, limule, monile,* — Catholicon. See Mr. Herrtage's 
note, p. 262-3: 'a carcanet, or otich to hang about a gentlewoman's neck, 
segmentum.* — Baret. Fr. ouche, * o::he, coche, entaille ; odieTy cocher, faire des 
entailles.'— Hippeau. * Oche: f. A nicke, nocke, or notch.*— Cotgrave. 

' See Way's long note on 'Nowche, Monile/ in the Fromptorvum, p. 859: 
'Nouche, orbroche, afficquet* — Palsgrave. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Atl-so I woH ther be fownde a prest syngyng* for me vij jere at Mary 

Maudelene of tlie holt. -Aii-so I woH ther be delyueryd to the 

Bishope of HerfoixJ C marker, & more and hit nede be, to parforme 

suche thynges as I haue prayed hyni) to do for me. AH-so I wott 4 

that myn) executoMrs enmortese^ vnto the howse of Tewkesbery 

C mark", or xl ii of gode lyvelode, to fynde ce^'tayne preste« sertayne 

almes and sMayne observaunce that I woH haue done for me In the 

saide howse / AH-so I woti that they that haue, or schutt haue, estate 8 

in my land! to the execuczon of this my last will, Eestore and make 

dew assithe 2 for all maner lancJ that is holden) by me or yn my name 

wrongfully, yef eny be, (whech god for-bede and def ende ;) And aft-so 

that the[y] repare aB maner extorcion) by me doon), yef eny be / And 12 

all-so that my dette* be furst paide of eny thyng*, and that my 

Bem&Dtes that haue no fee of me, terme of lyf, be rewarded? after the 

discrecioD) of the executoMrs of this my last wili. And att the gode 

and money that is dewe to me at this tyme, I woH be delyuerydl to 16 

myne executowrs to parforme my will. AU-so I woH, ordeyne, 

assigne and name, to parforme and fully che to execute and to done 

this my present wiH:, and aH that is conteyned ther-yn, str William 

Mountfort, lohn) Nansan), lohn Norreys, and William Menston) ; 20 

And I require hem aH, and eueryche of hem, that they do trwly and 

feithfully theyre part and dever p MS.] to execute and parforme this 

my last will, as they afl and euerych of hem woH Answere a-fore god 

at the day of dome. In witnessyng* and verrey a-pref ^ wherof, 24 

my last will by me examynecf and closicJ at London) the furst day 

of Decembre, the xviij yere Eengnyng* of oui^ souereyn) lord! Kyng* 

Harry the vj*^, I haue put the seaH: of my Armes. 

Probatum fuit istud testamentum coram magt^^o loharme Lynde- 28 

feldl, Commissano &c, quarto die mensw Februarij, Anno domini 

Millesimo CCCC xxxix**, Et commissa fuit admiwistrac/o &C domino 

WilleZmo Mountfort militi, & WilleZmo Menston) &C, Eeseruata 

pos^e^tate && ; & ha&ent xiij™ diem mensi* Maij -proximum fntuuim, 32 

Inuentan'ww exhibitui* coram 'Reuerendissimo in christo 'piedicto, &c. 

* Fr. amortir . . to graunt, alien or passe away, in Mortmaine. — 1611. 
Gotgrave. Lat. * AdmortiaatiOj Prsediortim translatio in manum mortuam, sea 
prsediorum acquisitio facta a monasteriis et collegiis religiosis, vel etiam laicis.'— 
D'Amis. 2 Satisfaction, reparation. ' Aprooval, confinnation. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



[PenonaUy. Best Hone as a Burial-fee. 20l9. each to Lincoln 
Cathedral, and St Giles's, Cripplegate. Gold sapphire Ring to the Bishop 
of Lincoln. Vultare Vegg cup to Lord Cromwell. Money to a Convent 
and 2 Churches. Residue to Executors, for Testator's Soul (WiU of 
BedUy, p. 121.)] 

(Luffenam, If. 216, bk.) 

[Latin Testameni of some Peraoncdty.] 

Tn del Nomine Amen. Yicesimo sexto die mensM Marcij, 

Anno domini Mill«rimo CCCC™* tricesimonono, Et Anno regni 

Begw Henrici sezti post conquegtum Anglie decimo septimo, Ego, 

4 Badulphus Bochefort, Miles, in bona et sana memoria existens, 

condo, facio, ordino & constituo pr^sens teatamentum meum in hunc 

modam : In primis lego & recomendo animam meam deo omnipotenti, 

creatori et saluatori meo, heateque Marie Yirgini matri eius, & 

8 omnibus sanctitf, corpusqt^^ meum ad sepeliendt^m vbicnnqu^ dens, 

ex sua groda sp^dali, pro me disponere volaerit. Item lego nomine 

mortuary mei, meum optimum equum. Item lego matrici eccle«ie 

Lincolntd, xx s'. Et lego fabrice ecd^^e sancd Egidij extra 

12 Crepulgate,^ xx a' argenti. Item lego Reuerendo patri ac domtno meo, 
domino Wille/mo, dei gratia, Lincolnie e^piscqpo^ vnum anulum auri 
cum uno magno saphiro. Item lego domino Badulpho Cromweit,^ 
dommo de Tateshale, Thesaurarto Anglie, meum ciphum vocatum 

16 * grypys ey.* • Item lego sororibus et pauperibus Bancte Katerine, extra 
barras lincoluM, xiij s' ii\j \ Item lego fabrice eccleaie de Stoke,^ x H 
Item lego reparacioni capelle sancti MichoeZis in le Fenne prope 

» 'Now without the Posteme of CrepUgcUe [London], first is the Parish 
Church of Saint Qiles, a very faire and large Church, lately repaired, after that 
the same was burned, in the yeere 1545.* — S tow's Survey, 1633, p. 312 h. Here 
was Oliver CromweU marrid (Aug. 20, 1620), and these folk burid: Milton 
(1674), his father (1646), Sir Mariin Frobisher (1594-5), Fox the Martyrologist 
(1587), and J. Speed the Topographer (1588). — Cunningham. 

' Sir Ralph de Cromwell, Ent., of Tatteshall, co. Line, 4th Lord Chromwell, 
and Treasurer of the King's Exchequer : died >i7t« ^o2d, 1455. — J. H. R. 

' A Gripe's or Vulture's egg. See two like bequests by the priest John Stur- 
geon, to his nster and cousin, in the last Will, below, a.d. 1454, p. 133, 1. 4, 5. 

« f South Stoke or Stoke Rochford, in the Soke of Grantham, Parts of 
Eestevdu, Co. of Lincoln . . . CJhurch ded. to St. Andrew and St Mary . • . 
It is 2 m. N.W. by N. from Colsterworth.— Carlisle, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Bostofi, X tL Residuum v«rO omnium bonorum meorum non 
legaioTum, do Ss lego executoribus meis, quos facio, ordino, et 
constituo, lohannem Tamwortb, lohannem Langhobne, "Bicardum 
Leek, Wiilelmum Massyngliam, lohaunem Bayncok cldricum, 4 
Bobertum Caileflete Ss Wiile^mam Stanlow. Supemisores vero buius 
iestamenti & mee vltime volontat/^, prefatis executoribt^^ p^ me 
recitatM & declarati^, ordino, constitao, rogo & speenalit^ lequiio, 
pr^ic^ton yen^rabilem patrem meum, Wilk/mum, Lincobii^ £pi9- 8 
copum, & Radulpbi^m dominum de CromweH & de Tatesbale, 
Theaaurarium Anglie, vt ipa ordinent & disponent pro aniTna mea, 
prout melius yiderint deo placere, & Becundum exigenciam & 
declaiacton^m voluntatiff mei [so] p7*edicte. In cuius lei testi- 12 
moniumy buic pre^enti testamento meo sigillum meum apposui. 
Datttm apud Manerium meum de Fenne, die & Anno supradictiV. 

[English Will of the Real Estate and Residue of Personalty!] 

[Wife to bave her Dower in his inherited Lands and a Rent-Charge of 
£20 a-year, if she behaves properly or marries well. If she claims Dower 
out of purchast Lands, her Rent-Charge to cease. Surplus Rents of 2 
Lincolnshire Manors to go to Executors for 7 years. Sons to be traind 
at School, and then at Court^ Entail of 3 different Estates on Sons Ralph, 
John, and Henry, with cross remainders between them ; and if they die, 
their Mother living, remainder to her, with ultimate remainder to Tes- 
tator's right heirs, or to be sold for the benefit of his Soul. Son Ralph 
to have 4 Lincolnshire Manors (p. 123) ; John^ the lands bought of Sir 
Wm. Malery (p. 123) ; Henry y the lands bought of Sir Jn. Biron and 
others (p. 124), — ^but not till 8 years after Testator's death, — and also the 
lands in Southend, Boston (p. 125). Rent-charges given or confirmd to 
certain Servants and other folk. Profits of 2 Manors, and Personalty, to 
be uzed for Burial, Payment of Debts, Priests and Poor to sing and pray, 
keep Obit, give Wife 200 marks, and one-third his Plate and Moveables ; 
son Ralph 500 marks to get a Wife, and John and Henry 300 marks each. 
Another third of Plate and Moveables, for the benefit of Sons ; the last 
third for the purposes of the Will, and Testator's Soul. Executors to 
have £100 between em (p. 128). Sons interfering with the Will, to lose 
benefits under it. Old Will of 1436 to be referd to.] 


His is the last will of Eauf Rochefort, Knygtt. ^First, the saide 

* This was the altemativ to the University, and generally chosen in prefer- 
ence to it, for Gentlemen's sons. 

s This is the second will in the 8rd person. See the first at p. 43. 

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Bauf wili and oideynetti and prayetb att his ffeffees of aii his manors, 
londes and tenementes, rentes and sendees, with^ aH theirs appurten- 
aunces, in the Countes of Lincoln) and Wanrewyke and elles wher^, to 
4 performe and fuliille his wili yn) the forme ensuyng*. First, he witt 
that Margarete his wyf haue hii^ laufuH dower' of aH his maners 
londes and tenementes, rentes and sendees^ of his enheritaunce in the 
Countes for-saide, for terme of hir lif. AH-so he will that the saide 
8 Margarete haue xx marker of laufuH money yerly out of the maners 
of Fenne and Skreynge, with their appurtenaz^nces, yn the Counte of 
Lincoln), oner hir* dower forsaid, for terme of hii* lyf. Vnder this 
condicton, that she kepe hii^ in honeste and worshupfuH gouemaunce, 

12 or elles that she be mariecl to hic^ worships and to hii^ estate, by 
assent and CounsaiH of idl or of the most partye of his executours 
and Surveyours of his testament. And aH-so that she clayme no 
dower nor loyntfeflFement, nor no thyng* do, ne wirke (that might 

16 greue his heires or his executours) In no manar degree contrarie Ids 
wiH, nor that she claime no lointestate in none other of his londes ne 
rente3 of his purchace, nor in no londes ne ienemente^ of his purchace, 
nor in no londes, tenementea nor annuities wich he hath grauntedf to 

20 eny of his seruattnte^ for terme of lyf or otbir wyse. And if she doo 
the contrarie to eny thyng^ of this his last wiH, or make eny clayme 
yn the contrarie ther-of. Than that she haue oonly but hir dowere of 
aH his mane7*s landes and tenemeniQa of his enheritaunce forsaU. 

24 And aH-so he wiH ^that all profytes and issues of the maners 
of Fenne, Skreyng*, Stoke, and Arleye, with aH theire appurtena?mcea, 
that leveth^ clerely ouer the dowei* and the xx marc* forsaid by his 
graunte to the saide Margarete yn the forme forsaide, and ouer 

28 annuites wiche he hath grauntecJ to eny of his seruauntes for terme of 
theire lyves, or other wyse, yn the saide maners, — wiche he wiH that 
thei stande yn their strenketh, after the forme of his graunte made by 
his le^^s and his seal, — that the same profites and issue^ be kept and 

32 delyueryd to the Executours handes for the terme of vij yere after his 

decesse. Item he wiH that his sonnes be susteynecJ and kepte to 

scoles, and aftir to courte, by ouersight and gouemaunce of his 

executours tiH they come to fidl age. And aH-so if the saide 

1 MS. wUl. * leaf 216, ' remain. 

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Margarete his wyff decease or tyme Rauf liis son) com/ne at full age, 
thanne ali hei* dower^, and the xx mare» yerely forsaid, to be kept to 
the sustenawnce of aS his Children) yn the ma,ner and fourme 
f orsaide. And when Rauf his sone cometh to his fuH age, than he 4 
wifl that he haue aS the saide maners of Fenne, Skreynge, Stoke, 
and Arleye, in the fourme forsaid, with all theire appurtenawncej, 
with all other reuersions, what so euer they bee, wanne they falle to 
hym, and to the heres of his body lauf ully be-goten). And if he 8 
discesse without heires of his body laufully begoten), Thanne all the 
saide maners, with all the saide Reuersions, with their appurten- 
auuGB^, in the fourme forsaid, remayne to lohn) his son), and to the 
heires of his body laufully comyng*. And yf the saide lohn) decesse 12 
withoute heires of his body comyng«. Than) he wiH that all the 
manors forsaide, yn the saide fourme for-saide, remayne to Henry his 
sone, and to the heires of his body comyng*. And if the saide Henry 
discesse withoute heires of his body comyng^, Thanne he will that aH 16 
the manors for-«aide, with aH their' appurtenaz^ncej in the fourme 
afor^saide, remayne to the saide Margarete his wif , if she lif ; she to 
haue all the saide manors, londes and iQnemenioQ, with all their 
appi^rtenawnce^, for terme of hir lif / so that she kepe hir in honest 20 
and wor^hupfuH goudrnaunce, and in suche man^r and condicton as 
is before written). And aftir hir discesse, aH the saide maners, 
londes and tenementea, rentes and reuersions, to remayne to his next 
heire. AH-so he will that aH the maners, londes and tenementea, 24 
rentes & seruices wich he bought of Sir William Malery, knygh[t], 
liyng* in Northstoke,^ with all thoii^ appurtenauncej, be keppit in his 
feffees and executours handes, Ynto tyme lohn his sone comme to 
fuH age ; And the profitj ther-of comyng< in the mean tyme, ouer 28 
reparacions & expenses, to be keppid to his profite, and to be 
delyneryd vnto him whan he cometh at fuH age / with all the saide 
manere, londes, tQuementea, rentes and seruices, with all the 
appurtenawnce^, to haue to hym and to the heires of his body 32 
comyng*. And if [John] discesse withoute heire of his body comyng*/ 

* Stoke, North, in the Wapentake of Winnibriggs and Threo, Parts of 
Kesteven, Co. of Lincoln ; in the Parish of Stoke . . . It is 21 m. N. W. by 
N. from Colsterworth. — Carlisle. 

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than he wiH that ali the same maners, londes, tenementes, rentes & 
seroiceSy with the apptirtenaunces, lemajne to Henry his sone in the 
fourme be-fore saide. And if he die withoute heires of his body 
4 comyng*, or tyme he come to f uti: age or aftirward, Thanne the saide 
manors, londes^ tenem^ttes, rentes & sluices, with the appnrten- 
aunces, to remayne to Margarete his wyf for terme of hir lif ; And 
aftir hir discesse, to be sold by the ezecutours. And aH the money that 
8 may be resceyued therof , that hit bo done for his soule, by adnys of 
the execntoors, as they wiH answers be-fore god, to prestes and pore 
men), in ahnes dede, and other wise as hem thenk that best is for hele 
of his soule. And ali-so that aH those maners, londes, teneTTientes, 

12 wich he hath purchased of Sir lohn) Biron) in Stoke ^ and Obthorpe' 
& Thurleby * & Dembleby * in Kesteuen) / and of other diners men 
in Arleye, Fenne, and Skreynge, aftir suche annuytes boren) out 
of hem seuerally like as he hath graonted to diners men), that thos 

16 same maners, londes & teuementea, viij yere aftir his decesse, rem.tyne 
and abyde in the feefes handes. And the rentes and profite^ ther-of 
to bo receyuyd by the executours, and expendid in the fulfillyng* of 
his wUA; And aftir the saide viij yere to be / to the vse of the saide 

20 Eauf his son), and to the heires of his body comyng*. And if he die 
withoute heires of his body comyng*, than the same maners, londes 
and tenementes f orto remayne to lohn) and Henry, his brother,^ aither 
^ aftir othir in the taile, in the forme aforsaide. And if eA thre 

24 sonnes die withoute heires of theii' bodies, theire moder than lyuyng*, 
then she for to haue aH: the same maners, londes and teneTTientes 
duryng'hei? Uf ; And after hii* decesse, to be sold by the Executours, 

^ S(mth Stoke, or Stoke Rochford is 6 miles from Grantham, in Grantham 
Soke, Lincolnshire. 

' Obthorpe and Nbrthorpe are 2 hamlets in the Parish of Thnrlby, 6 miles K. 
from Market Deeping. — Moule, Engl, CounMes Delineated, ii. 201 a, 

• There are 2 Thurlbys in Kesteven : 1. Thtbrlbyy in the Lower Division of 
the Wapentake of Boothby Graffo, Parts of Kesteven, Co. of Lincoln . . . 10 m. 
S. W. from Lincoln. 2. Thurlhy^ in the Wapentake of Ness, Parts of Kesteven, 
Co. of Lincoln . . . 6J m. N.N.W. from Market Deeping. (A third Thnrlby is 
in the Wold Division of the hand, of Calceworth, Parts of Lindsey, Co. of 
Lincoln . . . 2i m. E. from Alford.) — Carlisle. 

* Denibleby, in the Wapentake of Aveland, Parts of Kesteven, Co. of Lincoln 
. . . 6 m. N.W. by W. from Folkingham.— Carlisle. 

» Brothers. • leaf 216, back. 

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and disposi(} for hia sowle, like as hem shall seme that best is, and 
most meritoire ^ & behouef iiH in that party e. And as touchyng* ail the 
londeSy tenemeiites and rentes in Soatfiende in Boston),^ beyng* in his 
feffees handes, he will that his ezecutours shaB. haae the issues and 4 
profitej ynto the tyme that Henry his sone comme to fuH age, to the 
vse of the same Henry, And than for to delyu^y the same londes, 
ten^TTidntes and rentes ynto the same Henry, to haue to hym and the 
heires of his body comyng*. And if he die withouten) heir^ of his S 
body, than to Eauf his brother, and his issue ; And aftir him and his 
issue, to lohii) his brother, and his issue in the taila And for defaute 
of issue of hem all thre, then the same londes, tenem^ntes and rentes 
for to remaynd to theii' moder, if she than liff ; And elles to remayn^ 12 
to the next heires of the saide Eauf, yn way of enheritaunce. AH-so 
as touchyng* the manors of Stoureprewe and Newtoi])-Longyile,^ wherin 
he hath certayn termes to endure, as hit apperitiL seuerally by the 
kyngges le^^res patentes, he wiU that of the issues, profit^ and 16 
renenues of thos two maners with, the appurtenaunce^, that cartayne 
annuities borne onte of hem, wich are ezpresse(} here-aftir in tMs wiH 
to diners of his seruantys, that is to say, to Margery Loughton) yerely 
out of Stoureprews duryng* the termes therof, xxvj s* viij *; -And 20 
oute of Newton) Longvile, to Eobert Caileflete duryng* the termes 
therof, 1 * s' ; to lohn) Newbery, xxvj s* viij * ; lohn) CornwaiH, xxvj s' 
viij * ; lohn) More, xxvj s' viij * ; William Basse, xxvj s' viij * ; 
Niched Penbroke, xxvj s' viij * ; lohn) Iohn)son), xx s' ; lenyn 24 
Bavengei?, xiij s' iiij * ; lohn Pallyng*, xiij s' iiij * ; Eichard Skott, yj s' 
viij *, yerely, duryng* the saide termes of Newton^-Longvyle. AH-so 
that Eichard Leke haue stiH his annuite yn Arley for terme of his lif, 

* Fr. 'MerUoire: com. Meritorious, well deseruing, worthie of reward.* — 
1611. Cotgrave. 

> Boston, a large, well-bailt town, of Lincolnshire, seated on both sides of the 
river Witham, by means of which, much assisted by navigable canals, it carries 
on a considerable trade to London, and some to the Baltic, &c. The church 
spire is very lofty, and a noted sea-mark . . . Boston is 37 miles S.E of 
Lincoln, and 115 K of London.— Walker's Gazettes, 1801. 

* ? The Newtxm 4 miles N. W. from Folkingham, or that between Gedney-Fen 
and Cambridgeshire (Walker), or that by Toft, 4 J miles from Market-Rasen 
(Moule). The only NevoUm Longville in Moule, l 16£ a, is also cald * Newington/ 
and is in Bucks, Zi miles S. W. from Fenny Stratford. 

* fifty shillings. 

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accordyng* to his dede of annuite that he hath ther-vpon). Also he 
wlH that Bohert Cailflet and lohane his wyf haae and leiojs^ for 
terms of their lyres, and of eyther of them lengest lyvyng^, the place 
4 in Eston) ' sumtyme cally(} Botiller Place, in such manere and fourme 
as the dede of grawnt of the saide Bohert and lohane makitfi 
mencioD) in that partie. AH-so that William Stanlow reioys peisihely 
and haae confermyd ynto hym hy the f e£fees of the saide Eauf , a mese 
8 of londes & tenementes in Demhlehy & Waterwilugfihy,' to haue to 
the same William Stanlowe and his assignes for terme of xx yere. 
AU-so that Jenyn) Berangei', his seruant, haue for terme of his life a 
place in Fenne Amutyme (1), called Burton) Place, hy way of rewards 

12 for his long* sendee, ouer the xiij s' iiij of Annuite. AH-so that 
lohu) Coke, his seruaunt, haue in Stoke a place called Prestplace, for 
terme of his lif, the wych is yerely of rent x s*, in reward for his long* 
seraice. And all-so he wiH that the saide Bohert Caileflete haue 

16 Obthoipe and Thurleby in Kesteuen), that was purchase(} of bit lohn) 
Birou), in the name of annuite of .1. s' for tcrme of lif of the saide 
Bohert. And aH-so he will that, of the issues and profite^ of the 
saide Maaere of Stoureprewe and Newton) Longevile with the 

20 appttrtenaunces, the saide annuites horn) and deduit oute of hem, that 
the executours haue and receyue all the same issues and profit3 
duryng* the saide terme, that they may therwith, and wtt^ all the 
othir reuenues and profites of aH: the Maners, londes and tene?7tentes 

24 that they shall haue and receyue hy this wiH aftir his decesse, And 
with aH othir dettes beyng* due to hym at the day of his deth, and 
all his other godes and stuffed ^ meveahle that he leveth vnto hem as to 
his executours, First brynge hym to the Erthe honestly, as his Estate 

28 asketh ; And than next for to ordeyne and paye ail his dettes ; And 
also to here Charges of such prestes and poor men) as ensuyth : That 
is to say, at Stoke, a prest and iij bedmen) / a prest at JSTewton 
Longvile, and a prest at Fenne, for to synge and pray for his sowle 

32 dailly. And yf Fryre Barton) * will a-bide stiH and synge att the 

Fenne, than he will that the same Barton), for such tyme as he will 

^ rejoice, enjoy. 

s Easton, Lincolnshire, between Stamford and Grantham. — Walker. 

• WiUoughbyj Scots, or Water, Lincolnshire, N. of Folkingham. — ^Walk^. 

* or *8tuff«.' • ? MS. Bacton*. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Bjnge there, haue yerely .Y. nobles for his salarie for that diuine 
sendee. Also he wiH that his obyte be kept yerely foi* enermoTe yn 
the parissfi Ghirch of Stoke ; and for sustenaunce therof , he will that 
his execatours ordeyne yerely xx s' to be receyaed of a place that he 4 
purchase<$ of the execatours of lohn) Symon(}, samtyme called 
Eleward Place in Fenne, and to be expended to j>e ^vse of the saide 
obyte for euarmore. And. than of the residue that so shall remayne 
of the saide issues and profite) of the maners, and of other godes witli 8 
the executours, oner sB the saide charges resonably to be consideryd / 
and to be born) as is afore, and shaH be here-afbyr in this will 
rehersed, that Dame Margarete his wyf, if she goueme hir worship- 
fully, like as is aboue rehersed, haue CO mark of money, or elles x ti 12 
yerely of the issues and profit^ of the saide manors of Stoureprewes 
and Newtor)-Longvile dur3rng* the termes ther-of. And oner that, she 
to haue oon) party of aH his plate and other godes moevable, yf she 
be gouemyd worshipfully accordyng* to his wiH in the fourme a-fora- 16 
saide. And that Eauf, his sone, haue ordeyned for to by him a 
manage . V.^ marc ; And either of his two brethern) lohu) and Henry 
COG marc*, if hit wiH suffice ther-to, and so ierre strech ouer aR othir 
charges forsaide to be borne / and thes sommes for to be reysed of the 20 
saide deites, and of the saide issues and profit) of the saide manors of 
Stoureprewes & Newton-Longvile / Also as touchyng* a-nothir parte 
of his saide plate and othir stuff of godes moevable, that his execu- 
totirs, by aduys of the Surveyours, demene, goueme & distribute of 24 
that parte to ychone of his saide sonnes in releyung* and pref erryng* 
of hem, like as [by] theii' discrecions it shall seme hem nedefuH and 
resonable / hauyng^ consideracion to aH othir charges that most «lgates 
be bom) yn paymentys of his saide dette^ / and other wyse to the ease 28 
of his sowle. And as touchyng* the parte of afi the saide plate, and 
of his othii' stuffe of godes mevable so then remaynyng*, he wiH that 
his saide executours goueme and dispose that third parte in suctL 
maner and fourme / as in diuine seruices, almes dedes, and othir 32 
werkes of charite, payment of his dette«, and aH othir dueez and 
gouemances for the performyng* of his wyH / like as by theire 
discrecions, by the aduys of the saide Survyours, it sh^ seme most 

> leaf 217. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


necessarie and spedef oH to the hele of his sowle. Also he wiH that 
his executours haue of the saide godes, fur theii' reward &nd labour, 
•G. tl to be distribute and dt^pa/lid amonges hem, to ychon) of hem 
4 afdr his charge and labour. And )»at wic& of hem that no charge of 
mynistraczon of his testament in ezecucion of his will takith ne 
workith, shall no reward haue of the saide .0. IL And aH-so wicfi of 
hem as laboureth for the execucion) of his.wiH, and taketh ypon him 
8 mynystracion), shall haue for his resonable costes that he de1£ yn that 
partie at all tymes. Also he wiB that if his wyf or eny of his saide 
sonnes worke the contrarye of this his present wille, in lettyng< 
or distourbyng* the saide executours of f ulfillyng* ther-of, that than 

12 pej shall lose aduantage and benefite of this his present wiH. AH-so 
if ther be eny clause or matier in his olde will made the xiiij yere of 
the kyng* that now is, to the wich it shaH seme to the saide 
executours, by aduye of the Surveyours, for to be necessary to resorte, 

16 and to take remembraunce of, for the more playne execucton of this 
his present wiH / that in such case the saide executours haue fuH 
power, by the aduys of the said Surveyours therof, to put in execucton, 
in rewardys of seruauntes, and othir wyse yn aH manei' poyntes, like 

20 as in that partye after theiH conscience and good discrecions it shall 
seme hem necessarie for to be done and executed for the most ease of 
his entent. And yn witnesse of this his present last wiH, the 
forsaide Rauf here-to hath sette his scale the xij*** day of Man^ In 

24 the yere of oure lord god M* CCCC xxxix*" And in the xviij ^ yere of 
the reigne of Kyng* Henry the sext. 

Probata fuerunt dic^a tQi^tamerdum & vltima voluntas coram 
MeLgistro lohanne Lyndefeld, xix die mensi^ Maij, anno domini 

28 Mille«imo CCCC quadragesimo, et commissa fuit administracio Ss& 
discrettg viris Wille^mo Massyngham & Eoberto Caileflete execu- 
torihtu & CI, Beseruata potestate & &,& ha&ent citra f estum Michoelis 
ex futuro ad exbibendz^m Inuentanum & c. 

1 ' dedmo aeptimo,* the Latin Testament says rightly, and March 26 for the 
day. The 17th of Henry YI. was from 1 Sept. 1438, to 81 Aug. 1439. 

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[To be buried in Thomcomb Church ; 13 poor men to hold a torch 
each at the Obit ; all poor blind or lame folk there to have 4d, each, and 
other needy ones 1<L Wife to defend Testator's Servants from prosecu- . 
tion by his Children and others. Residae to Wife, for herself and the true 
Servants, and to marry Testator's unmarrid Children with.] 

(Luffenam, If. 217, bk.) 

Testamen^t^m Thome Brook*, militM. 

In the name of the Eadyr & of the sonne & of the holy goost, so be 
hit now & evyr! the xij day of Februare, the ^ere fro the 
Incamacion of oui* lortJ ihe«u cryst M° cccc"® xxxviij". I. Thomas 
Brook*, knyjte & lord of Cobham,^ beyng* yn hole mynde & goode 4 
witte, make my testament in this wyse. Fyrste I by-seche the most 
blessid Trinyte to haue mercy on me, And that thorow the prayer of 
the blessid Virgyne Marye, the moder of oure lor(J ihesu cryst, & of 
aH the sayntys that ben in hevyn), that I, wrechid synner, my^t the 8 
rather to haue grace worthily to be-wayle my synnys or that my sowle 
departe owte of this worl(}, so that hit may be fownde clone & 
worthy, thorow trwe repentaunce & contynuaH for-thenkyng«, to be 
resseuyd in to the blysse that euyr shaft last. More-ouer hit is my 12 
witt that my body be buryd yn the nortfi yle of the chircli of 
Thornecoumbe.* And that at the day of my buryng* ther be saide iij 
masses, And aH-so that fer be xiij pore men) dothid in white, 

> Son of Sir Thomas Brook, Ent. (see p. 26). Married Joan Braybroke, great* 
granddaughter and heiress of John of Cobham, 2nd Lord Cobham.— J. H. 

> Cobham Hall, Kent, 3 miles W. of Rochester, now the seat of the Earls of 
Damley. — J. H. Round. (At Cobham in Surrey, on the river Mole, 19 miles S. 
by W. of London, I once saw a friend pull out a 41b. perch.) 

• Thomcombe, Devonshire, N.E. of Axminster. — Walker. It is locally 
situated in Dorsetshire, in an insulated part of Devonshire, and is 8 miles W. 
from Beaminster. (See also p. 26.) 


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„vu«»ci« o« 1- *^C^ot the -ide .C. iL And a 

$ .pirmciflit- ** *^ ^ ^ tl^ if his wyf or . 
p«-ae at ^ «■» ^^ of fln* his present ^^ 

or c»iOTrbTi»r »• ^^_a benefite of ttus I"* P' 

^ ^^ tf^oTtl- S-eyo-rs. for to b 

1« »»d to t»k« «••*«»»** *"' the sail 

V- * «» di*t ia «'* •** n 

a M'wvi;^ rf '"^^ZT^ conscience ai.a 

5* a* 'WW rf <««• Wrf ««^ ^ >' , 

tw Ni^M af KT»r H««y ***** ^ 

M,,^. !.*««. LyBdefeK*. .« <^> 
ai*«,,« ^«, WilWmo 

.-.■.";. to 

^vi, to telpe bir 

.--50 to helpe i<x ^ 


~xh myn executrico / 

r!y3cbop« witfi hir / 

juietati sunt veie. 

^-jioseof . 

M«ch U47, (mixt 

::;^^. U44, leaf 230, 

: iSl, hack (2 p^jes 

(t Berlcsliire or 

t), 12 April, 

ChiT," 13 J"- 

Digitizqc ;y 



^OL\a 8TUB0B05. 131 

' 1 clmT^e ibafc 

•' V .nit«*3 of 
■ r.,, + 

.. 4 



-•) Oct 
s of the 12 
' nd on the 

. U7 (26 Hen. VI). 16 
-. 8 May, 1446, leaf 

i ^ July, 1447, leaf 279 
;ill my store of howsold 20 
1 chambrys and kechyn,").] 


. Lady-Chapel at the N. door of St. Paurs. Goods 

. or's Soul ; but bequests given, of Money, a Chalice, 

green silk, gilt Piece jeweld, silver Pots, 2 Vulture's- 

worsted Bed, Costers, Hall-hangings, Silver Cups, 6«. a 

s Schooling, a blue Bed with Sheets, &c., Gowns, &c. A 

lor 7 years for Testator.] 

Rous (Prerog. Court), If. 76, back. 

Sturgeon). [In margin,] 

' bleasyd name of the holy trinite, the Fader, the sone, the holy 

/ost, three persons in oon substaunce, the last day of the Moneth 

May, In the yere of Incamacionn of our lorde Ihera Crist a M* 24 

CO liiij, And in the yere of the Eeigne of Kyng Harry the vj after 

I lie conquest xxxij, I, Nicholas Sturgeon, preest, most vn worthy to 

K 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


holdyng* echo of hem a torghe brennyng* at the dirige & at the masse 
yn the day of my obyte. And afterward the torgis to be dalt .iij. of 
hem to the Chirch of Thomecombe, & the remaynande of the torgis 
4 to X of the nedyest paryschirches yn the Cuntre by sidys. AH-so it 
is my wiH that euery pore blynde, or lame mail) or woman) that 
cnmmytli to myne obite, haue iiij *. AH:-so it is my will fat euery 
pore nedy man), woman or child that cammyth to my obyte haue 
8 .1.^ AU-80 it is my wiH that euery man) or woman) that commyth 
home to Holdyche ^ yn the day of my obyte af tar the masse is do at 
Thomecumbe^ that thay haue sufficiante mete & drynke. AH-so hit 
is my wyH, that if J)cr be eny of myne owne childryn), or eny other 

12 man), that wiH trouble, disese, or pursew of my trew seruandys, & yn 
speciaH, lohn) Battiscoumbe, Will Tavern) or lohn) Corbrigge, that my 
wyflF, with alle the lordeshipe and frendshipc that she may gete, 
socour hem, helpe hem, & defende hem, from the malice of myne 

16 owne children) & of aH oper, whiles she hath eny gode wherwith to 
withstands her * Ivyti wyH. AH-so hit is my wiH that Clowys haue 
.V. mart. And the residue of aH my godys that be not be-qwedyt 
yn this my testament, I ^eue and by-qweth to my wyf, to helpe hir 

20 witfi, & my trwe seruandys a-foresaide, And aH-so to helpe for to 
mary my children) that ben nojt maryd. And that this my testament 
may truly be executyd, I make and ordeyne my wyfe myn executrice / 
and yf she wiH, Edward my sone,^ str lankyn Byschope with hir / 

24 Probatum fuit. [In margin] acquietati sunt vere. 

fChe other English wills in " Luifenam " are those of 
homas Bubtok of " Lughtburght,'' 27 March U47, (mixt 
English and Latin, and imperfect,) leaf 222, back. 
28 Kobert Saykyn, draper, of Loudon, 20 Sept*. 1444, leaf 230, 

Sir Wauter Lucy, knight, 18 July, 1444, If. 231, back (2 pages 
32 William Whabplod of Chalfhunt Seynt Gyle (t Berkshire or 
Bucks), proved 27 November, 1447. 

John Thbookmartbn (of Fladbury in Worcestershire 1), 12 April, 
1445. leaf 248. 

1 See p. 27. ' her = their. 

. * Sammoned to Parliament as ** Edwardo Brooke de Cobham, Chiv," 13 Jan. 
1446.— H. Round. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


Bichard Shiplbt, 26 Jan^ 1444 (** Also y wille and charge that 
mjn exequies be not outragelj done in expenses of vanites of 
Candilstikkes, torches, and suche other, but deuoutely, And the coste 
that shal be doo thanne, be yeue to pouere mefi, and that [so] that 4 
haue nede "), leaf 250, back 

Johfl TVyntbb, Squyer, of the shire of Sotheray, 20 May, 1445 : 
leaf 252, back. (" Also to Herry Perreur a new gowne of Russet 
furred with blak lambe, that y had new at Crystenmesse, and also my 8 
wode knyf, and a lyned gowne of russet of my maistre Fastolf 
nuerey,"'lf. 253.) 

William Babthobp, Baron of the King's Exchequer, 26 Oct 
1442. leaf 258 (bk : "Also I wille that the kirkerevys of the 12 
parish chirch of ClerkenweH haue xiij s' iiij d for to spend on the 
onoumient:^ of the same kirke "). 

John Malton, gentleman. 6 Aug. 1447, If. 274. 

Richard Kbtrtoh, Grocer, of London. 4 Oct. 1447 (26 Hen. VI). 16 

Richard Alred, Squire, of Boreham, Essex, 8 May, 1446, leaf 
275, back. 

Roger LovBDBN of Bristol, Merchant, 18 July, 1447, leaf 279 
(back : " Also I bequethe to my wyfe all my store of howsold 20 
of beddyng, helyng Costwrs of hallys and chambrys and kechyn,").] 


[To be buried in the Lady-Chapel at the N. door of St. Paul's. Goods 
to be uzed for Testator's Soul ; but bequests given, of Money, a Chalice, 
Vestments, Bed of green silk, gilt Piece jeweld, silver Pots, 2 Vulture's- 
^gg Cups, green worsted Bed, Costers, Hall-hangings, Silver Cups, 6«. a 
year for a Boy's SchooliDg, a blue Bed with Sheets, &c., Gowns, Ac. A 
Priest to sing for 7 years for Testator.] 

Rona (Prerog. Court), If. 76, back. 

Sturgeon). [In margin.^ 

In the bleasyd name of the holy trinite, the Fader, the sone, the holy 
gost, three persons in oon substaunce, the last day of the Moneth 
of May, In the yere of Incamacioun of our lord* Ihera Crist a M* 24 
cccc liiij, And in the yere of the Keigne of Kyng Harry the vj after 
the conquest xxxij, I, Nicholas Sturgeon, preest, most vnworthy to 

K 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


haae that wuishipful name & office, beyng in good bodelj helthy 
with hole & stedfast mynde ordeyne & make my testament in 
this wise. In the first, y hequeth my sowle to the grete mercy of al 
4 myghty god, my wrecchid body to the erthe sanctified and halowed, 
to be buryed in the Chapett of our blessyd lady & seynt Nicholas 
now of new edefied atte Northdore of the Cathedral cherche of seynt 
pawle of london) ; ^ And aH my wordly goodes to be demened for the 
8 merites of my sowle withoutefl eny vayn) glorie, by the wise aviso of 
myn) Ezecutouris, my dettes and duetes to be payed next after the 
costes don) in myne entierement ; Beparacions and impleme77ti9 dwe 
to the seyde Cathedral Chirche of seynt powle, truly to be content 

12 after the manor and forme as y receyved hem. Item, y bequeth to 
the makyng of the Steple of the paryssh cherche of seynt Awstyns in 
londoD), nezte powles chircheyerd,' xl s'. Item y bequeth to the 
parisdl cherch of Henstrygge,' a chalyce of the price of Ixvj s' viij d. 

16 Item y bequeth to the parissh cherche of seynt Andrewe in 
Aysperton),^ a yestement of blak< for prest, deacon), and subdeacou), of 
the prys of x. li, or within ; myne exequyes and obite day to be kept 
solempny ther duryng the terme of vij yere ; for the expenses of the 

20 which y bequethe xlvj s', viij d, that ys to sey, for euery yere vj s' 
iiij d. Item y bequethe to the wursshipful Monasteryes of Crist- 
chir(^ of Caunterbury, of seynt Awstyn in the same towne, and of 
seynt Albanes,* xx" myle from london), Ix s', by evyn porcyons, to 

24 euery hows xx s'. in remembraunce of my Fratemite, the more 
specially they to pray for me. Furthermore, y bequethe to my cosyn 

> The prezent architect of St Paul's, Mr. F. C. Penrose, says this is the first 
authority he has seen for the situation of the Chapel of St. Nicholas in old St. 

s The Parish Church of St. Attgustine, and one house next adjoyning, 
in Wathelifig atreete, is of this Ward called FaringoUm. This is a faire Church, 
and lately well repaired.— Stow's Survey, 1633, p. 351 a. Burnt in the Great 
Fire of 1666, and rebuilt by Wren. See p. 113 abuv, note 2. 

» Henstridge, Somersetshire, E. of Milbom Port. — Walker. On the borders 
of Dorsetshire, 9 miles S.W. from Shaftesbury, and 6 miles N.E. from 
Sherboum. Church dedicated to St NichoUts. — Moule. (Eastward from 
Eelston or Eelweston (on the borders of Glo'stershire, 4 miles N.W. from Bath) 
is Henstridge or Eelston Bound Hill, which commands an extensive prospect. 
— Moule, i. 416 a.) • In Hertfordshire. 

* Asperton, Herefordshire, near Stow-Chapel and Stretton. — ^Walker. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


lohan Frowyk, my bed of grene sylke, wif the testowr & Canape 
ther-to, palid tartyn) ^ white and rede, And the gilde pece wif smale 
stones sett ther-on. It«ni y bequethe to my suster Bartrice my 
syluer pottes, And the beter cuppe of the grypes eye.* Item y 4 
bequethe to my cosyn Margrete Shipton) that other gripes eye, and 
bed of grene wurstede, with the costers longyng ther-to. Also 
y bequeth to my brother lohri) Sturgeon) the hallyng with the 
ix wurthy,^ And 'vj cuppes of Sylver stondyng on low fete, with ^ 
the coueryug therto. And as tochyng my brother Richard, y 
can) not assigne no thyng of my good recompensible to his good 
brotherhede, wherfor notwithstondyng this, my will thus disposid : 
If ther be eny thyng that he wold desire ther-of to his vse, terme of 12 
his lyff, y wuH that he haue it. Item y bequeth to my cosyn 
Thomas Eyke, a stondyng cuppe gilde, wiih chased werk. Item y 
bequethe to myn cosyn Kichard Ryke, a cuppe of syluer couered ; 
And for to fynde to gramer scole my cosyn), his sone William, xx 16 
iiij s for the tyme of iiij. yere. Item y bequethe to my cosyn 
Margrete Dowrigge a stondyng pece of syluer couered. Item y 
bequethe to lohfl * Anglesey my seruawnt x ti. And a blew bed 
with the lyoun Curteynes, Couerled, blankettt^, a peyre of sh&tis and 20 
a gowne. Item y bequeth to Bartlet my se/oiaunt, xx s' and a gowne. 
Item I bequethe to Thomas Bisshoptre, xl s'. Item y bequethe to 
Thomas Gylbert, xl s'. Item I bequethe to lohn) Gardyner, xxvj s', 
viij d, and a Riding gowne with the hode. Item y bequethe to sir 24 
"William lulyan), xij mark* for to syng for me with a special Colett. 
Item y bequethe to lohn) of the kechyn, vj s' viij d, And to be new 
arayd. Item y bequethe to lohn) Wylkynsone of the kechyn, vj s' 
viij d, and his wages beyng be-hynde. Item y bequeth to Richard 28 
Bamvile, xiij s'. viij d. Item to lohn) Wichard, vj s' viij d. Item to 
lohn) Wemme, xiij s*. iiij d. Item to Thomas, Thomas my Cooke, 

' ? for * tarteryn, tartaryn/ a kind of silk. 

' See Sir Ralph Rocliefort's Latin Testament abuv, p. 120. 

• Compare in Shakspere's Love*8 Labour's Lost, V. i. 124-5, " Sir, you shall 
present before her the Nine Worthies." And Doll's opinion of Falstaffe : " thou 
art as valorous as Hector of Troy, woorth fine of Agamemnon, and ten times 
better than the nine Worthies." — 2 Ifen, IV, II. iv. 236-9. Quarto 1, 

* leaf 79. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


oweth me xx s', the whiche y pardon) and foryeve hym. Item 
J bequethe xl s* euenlj to be departed bjtwene lohii) SaymoMr, to 
lohn) Meryco, and Willuim Clere. And all mjne other goodes what- 
4 80-eudr they fortune to be, in valour, dett^, and aH after my detta 
weH and truly payed, myn) expenses and costes funeraH done, and all 
my bequestes comprysed in this my testament fafiUed & performed, 
And yf they may suffice ther-to, for to fynde a preest able and 
8 honest of conuersacyon, and of good rule, to syng for me in 
the forseide chapel of new edefied, atte awter ther, be vij yere. And 
ellys yf my seide goodes, Kesidues, and detiis may not suffice ther-to, 
than y wul that myil Executours, be ther good discrecons, modere 

1 2 and modefye suche thynggiV as ys set and lymet afore, For it is not 
myne entent to charche hem eny ferther than my goodes ml strecche 
to and suffice. The whiche myn) Executours y ordeyne and name, 
Eichard Sfcurgeoii), lohn Sturgeon) thelder, Thomas Frowyk*, son) of 

16 harry Frowyk*, and Thomas Kyke. And to euerych of hem y 
bequethe C s'. Into the witnessyng of whiche thyng, to this present 
iny testament y haue set my scale : y-youen) at london the day and 
yere aboueseide. / Probatuw* fuit dictum testamen^wm coram Commis- 

20 sario predtcto, octauo die Mensi^ lunii. Anno Domini predic^o. Et 
commissa est admbi/strac^ omnium bonorum &c lohan/u Sturgeofi, 
Thome Frowyk, & Thome Eyke, exeoutoribus in dicto testa7?ie/t<o 
nominattff &c. Eeseruata potestas Blcardo Sturgeon) &c Et dimissi 

24 sunt, &0, 

[Other English wills in Rous. 


If. 78, Wylliam Cressenevy 1454. 

„ 89 bk., Thomas Morstede (long), 1450. 

„ 108, John Knight, 1442. 

„ 118 bk., John Hotoft, 1 443. 

„ 146, Rich*. Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, 1437, proVd 1439.] 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



p. 3, 1. 10. a $erteyn (weekly allowaooe). This expression oooure in 3 
later wills in the Probate Begistry, from Worsted, Norfolk, as meaning, in one 
case a sum of money ; in two others, a religious senrioe : — 

John Glavbtn (Worsted, Norfolk), in his Will, A.D. 1505 (42 Holgrave), 
refers to a '* perpetual serieyn ** which was assigned by the Will of one Thos. 
Glaveyn, ** that is to say, iiy* iiy^ to be distribute to zij powre persons on seynt 
Brices day." 

John BUBGH (Worsted, Norfolk), in his Will, A.D. 1496 (81 Vox), says : " I 
bequeith xxx* iiij^ for to have a oerteyn rehersed in the church ... by the 
prest or Curate . . . fore my soule and my frondes soules during the terme of 
Tij yeres." 

John Bolt, by his Will, a.d. 1499 (39 Home), bequeaths money << pro 
tmo le certeyne celebrand^ " in the church of Worsted (Norfolk). 

p. 4. Lady Alice Wett: she was the daughter of Reginald Fitz-Piers, 
and Widow of Sir Thomas West, knight, who died 3 Sept. 1386.— J. H. 

p. 4, 1. 5. Eynton Marcel : Hinton Martel, Badbury Hundred, Dorset. — 
J. H. R. 

p. 4, 1. 11. Thomas, my tone : Sir Thomas West, knight, summoned to 
Parliament, 21 June, 1402.— J. H. B. 

p. 6, 1. 1. Costers, These were also used in Churches : '* Costers. A 
name given to hangings for the sides of an altar or choir.'' — Pugin. 

p. B, 1. 8. A Widow's Wedding to Qod. p. 60, 1. 24 ; p. 61, 1. 6 : And if she 
take \>e mantel and \>e rynge, and auome ehastite. — The form of the Ceremony 
— Benedictio Vldue — is given in the Liher Pontificalis of Edmund Lacy, Bp. of 
Exeter (appointed A.D. 1420^), ed. R. Barnes, 1847, p. 122-6. Between the Epistle 
and Gospel, the Widow kneeling during Service, before the Bishop (who sits on a 
faldstool), is askt whether she wishes to be the spouse of Christ, and give up the 
lusts of the flesh. She then puts in the Bp.'s hands the following Profession : 

1 He was with Hen. V. at Agincourt in 1415, as Dean of the Chapel Royal. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

136 NOTES TO pp. 6 — 11. Chaucer's Canterbury tales. 

*l. N., Wedow, avoue to God perpetuell chastite of my body from henceforward, 
and in the presence of the honorable fad}T in Gk>d, my Lord N., by the grace 
of God, Bishop of N., I promytt stabilly to leve in the Church, Wedow. And 
this to do, of myne own hand, I subscribe this wrytyng. (And after, let her 
make the sign of the Cross.) " 

The Bishop then prays, and blesses the Mantle and puts it on the Widow. 
Then he blesses the Ring, sprinkles it with holy water, and puts it» as the sign 
of her marriage to Christ, on the Widow's finger, saying : 

** Accipe, famula Christi, anulum, fidei signum, connubii indicium, quern 
devota deferas, casta custodias, quoad amplexus divini sponsi coronanda 
pervenias. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Oremus.*' 

He says 3 Prayers accordingly, and the matter is ended. Miss Mary 
Lambert kindly referd me to this Pontifical, 

p. 5, 1. 13. boket of latyUy englUch, andfremch. Compare the earliest 
bequests of Chaucer's Canterbury Talei and Boece known to Mr. Challenor 
Smith in John Brinchele's Will, 1420 (Commissary Court of London, More, 
If. Ixiiijo, back) : — 

July 4, 1420. '* Ego, Johannes Brynchele, Ciuis & Cissor Londoni^ ..... 

Item relaxo et condono Johanni Broun^ totum illud debitum in quo michl 
tenetttr de meis bonis pr^^prijs. £t volo qft^d ha^eat ilium librum vocatum 
Boecius de Consolatione Pbi^^^^^ie in latinis, quem hai^ui pro vadio Alterius 
libri Aiig\\i%m} vocati Boecius de Consolacione VXdlosopMe, Item lego David 
Fyvyan, Rectori eccZme sancti Benedicti Fynk« supradicti vt ^it sup^ruisor 
p7*tfsenti« testamenti mei, vj s* viij d, et vnum librum in Anglicis voasiium 
Boecius de Consolacione Fhilosifphie. Item lego WilldZmo Holgrave, vt sit 
ynus ezecutor»7/t meorum, vj s' viij d, et optimum Arcum meum, et librum 
meum voa&tum Talys of Cauut^7'bury " 

Will proovd, "xiij kalendarum Septembri*, Anno domini M" CCCC"*xx"*." 

p. 6, 1. 21. C/iales. <' Chalice. The vessel in which the sacred Blood of 
our liOrd is consecrated." — Pugin. 

p. 5, 1. 22 ; 76/4. ** Crewetts, small vessels of glass or metal, to .contain 
the wine and water intended for consecration at the Altar. . . . The body of 
the crewetts should be made of crystal, glass, or some transparent substance 
to enable the celebrant to distinguish readily between the wine and water , . 
although ... in the old English inventories they [the crewetts] are generally 
described as of silver, whole or parcel gilt."— Pugin, Gloss, of Eocl. Ornament. 
The difference was no doubt markt by the differing shapes of the 2 crewetts. 
Even the two crystal ones engraved in Pugin are of different size and shape. 

p. 10, 4th line of heading, for Helmdon read Hillingdon. 

p. 10, last line of footnote, read ** Hillingdon is 14 m. W. of Hyde Park 
Comer, 1 J m. S.E. of Uxbridge Station." 

p. 10, note 2. Illugtrated London New$ : of Dec. 27, 1873. 

p. 11, 1. 18. for Helmdon read Helindon. 

* I Anglici. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

NOTES* TO pp. 14 — ^19. 137 

p. 14, 1. 4,/<?r huins read hxxmsmodi ; 1. %for venerunt read venerint, 

p. 15, 1. 12 ; 17/3, ^^' ^^nf9^ *^ **<'*^' (^Placebo,) Vespers for the dead 
were " known by the term ' Placebo,' because such is the first word of that 
service, the anthem before the first psalm being ^ Placebo Domino in regione 
Tivorum.' ^ Mortuary solemnities always began with even-song in the after- 
noon ; on the early morrow^ matins and lauds were chanted, after which Mass 
was sung/' . . 

*' As the first anthem at matins commenced with < Dirige ' . . . the whole 
of the morning's service, including the Mass, came to be designated a ' Dirige ' 
or ' Dirge/ "—Eock, Church of our Fathert, II., 503.— M. L, 

p. 15,1. 12. Ma$$e of Requiem. In the Rom.-Cath. Office and Mauetfvr 
the Dead^ 1853, the ^ Requiem ' (Requiem 8Btemam dona eis, Domine, et lux 
perpetua luceat eis *) occurs thrice in ^ The Mass for all the Faithful departed/ 
p. 65—71. 

p. 16, 1. 20 fpereyd, — The copy of this Will of Robert Averay in Brown 
(C. C. London), leaf 200 back, reads ' partyd.' 

p. 17, 1. 24. — The copy in Brown, If. 200 bk, has the record of Proof 
more fully thus : 

Trobsitvim est hoc testamentum eorekm nobis lacobo Cole cl^ioo, Commis- 
sario &c. iij. kalendarnm lunij, Anno domiu'i M} CCCC^ zj. Et Ca/nmissa est 
administracio omniam bonori^m Executoribt^ in dicto testamento nominator, 
& admissa per eosd^m in forma iuri«. Et ij* Id us lulij. Anno supradicto, 
commissa fuit administracto omnium bonon/m dic^e lohanne 'Executrici 
nnper ab intestato decedenti, Execf^^ori suprodicto. 

p. 18. T^^lUam Langeford, Knt, Knight of the Shire for Berks, 17 
R. II. and 5 H. IV., and Sheriff of Berks and Oxford, 6 H. IV., died 13 H. IV. 
(Sept. 1411-12 : Each. 13 H. IV. n. 32). He hell one-third of the Manor 
of Mendysdene (now Minsden) in Hitchin, co. Herts, in oapitCf in right of 
his wife Anne, daughter and coheiress of John de Beverlee of Hitchin (Esch. 
4 Rich. II. n. 11). As his widow's name was Lucy, she would seem to have 
been his second wife, and probably the mother of the younger sons mentioned 
in the will. 

p. 19, 1. 1. Robert myn heldegt son, Robert Langeford, Ent., son and 
heir (Glaus, 10 H. VL m. 6), aged 22 in 13 H. IV. (Sept. 1411-12 : Esch. 13 H. 
IV. n. 32), died 7 H. V.^March, 1419-20: Esch. 7 H. V.). 

p. 19, 1. 13. my lady lavell. Alianore, daughter of William Lord 
Zouche of Haryngworth, and wife of Sir John Lovell, Baron Lovell and Holand. 

p. 19, 1. 27. Schyffeld, Burfeld, aiid Svlhamstade Abbis. Shivefield, 

1 See * The Office and the Masses for the Dead, with the Order of Burial : 
from the Roman Breviary, Missal, and Ritual. In Latin and English . . 
London : T. Jones, 63, Paternoster Row, Catholic Publisher, 1853.* p. 1. 

* Eternal rest give to them, Lord, and let perpetual light sliiue on them. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

133 NOTES TO pp. 23—47. 

Barfield, and Sulhamstead Abbots, are three parishes lying together in a line 
■oath of Reading. 

p. 23, 1. 1. Cantme should be Cantarie. 

p. 23, 1. 11. There^s a Preston north of Hereford, but this Preston adjoins 
Little Marcle, as also do Putley and Ledbury. Woolhope, Sollers Hope, and 
Howcaple are west of Marcle ; Aylton Chapel acyoins Putley ; and Kempley 
and Dimook are in Glo*ttersMref south of Marcle. — J. Horace Bound. 

p. 26. Sir Thomat Broke : knight, of Thomecombe, oo. Devon, son and 
heir of Sir Thomas Broke, knt., of Ivelchester, oo. Somerset, and father of Sir 
Thomas Broke of Cobham, whose will, 1438-9, is on pages 129-130 below. — 
J. H. R. 

p. 27, 1. 11. Holdjfoh: Holditoh Manor in Thomeoombe, Deyon. — 
J. H. R 

p. 27, 1. 12. CotUleygh : Cottleigh near Thorneoombe. — J. H. R. 

p. 28, 1. 1. lohane my wyfe : Joan, 2nd daughter and coheiress of Simon 
Hanape of Co. Gloucester, and widow of Robert Chedder of the City of 
Bristol.— J. H. R. 

p. 28, heading before 1. 20. for leaf 337 read leaf 329. 

p. 31, L 10. Wodehouse, Woodhouse, Shropshire, E. of Oswestry. — 

p. 83, 1. 1, 4. Chaliees. The a looks much like i in the MS. ; but Mr. 
Cballenor Smith reads it a« 

p. 38, 1. 32. Bowdem, Sayret, Spenyoldt, ko, — ' I am quite sure that Mr. 
Round's answer to your query in Note$ and Queries (Oct. 1882) about these 
names, is the correct one. The names are those of tenants of certain farms. 
A curious coincidence is to be found in the municipal business of Derby, just 
over. The two successful candidates for Babington ward were Boden and 
Sayer I '—Alfred Wallis, Friars Gate, Derby. 

* I have found a singular confirmation of my view of Bowdens^ which I told 
you I believed to be the corruption of an owner* s name. The Irish named 
their townships as we do our farms, after the owners, adding '' ton ^ after the 
name. I found a ^ Bowdemtoii^ in hunting through some Irish Chancery 
Records at the Record Office. Sayer was a well-known Essex name.* — J. H. 

p. 39, note 3. Hadley and Eagtwood adjoin Lee. — J. H. R. 

p. 46, 1. 20. tamsery : probably tamisery, a made-up word from E. 
tammy =: F. ettamine (in Cotgrare), called famine and tammy in English. 
Apparently confused with F. tamis^ a sieve. Scheler, in treating of F. tamis, 
notices the Eng. tammy ^ but rightly remarks ^that tammy and F. tamis 
are^ totally unconnected. Probably from Lat. stamen: see tammy in my 
Dictionary. But this is all guesswork. — W. W. Skeat. 

p. 47, 1. 10. Weston Underwood, 2 miles w. of Olney, in Newport Hundred, 
CO. Bucks. — J. H. R. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


p. 47, 1. 10. John Olney purchased lands in Weston, 4 Rich. II. ; died 
21 March, 1395. There is a brass to him in Weston Church. — J. H. R. 

p. 49, 1. 16, aflat batyn ; p. 66, I. B^Jlat giU pecet, "A Wine-celler, with 
his Vessels and instruments ... A flat peece, Patera^ rm, A standing cup. 
Crater ris, erara \1 oratera"] ra^calix,** 1608, Withals' Dict^ by W. Clerk, p. 

p. 60, 1. 18. The Pore Caitiff, This is described in Lewis's I^fe of 
WlcUf, pp. 202-204. It is in 21 divisions. He gives the incipU of each. 
The tracts which make up the collection are often found separately. 

p. 50, 1. 21. Critty gray, (I read it * Crisly ' first.) This ' Cristy grey ' fur 
is often mentiond : see Hall.'s GI099, I suppose it was some tufted, crest-like 
or plume-like fur. Fr. * Creste : f. A crest, cop, combe ; also, a tuft, or little 
plume standing on the top of. CretU . . . Crested, copped, adorned with 
a combe.' — Cotgrave, 

p. 61,1. 4. qitayret: sermons (or comments). * Fyrst I shall beseche 
you not to misconstrue myn entont, in puttyng forthe this qtieare to be 
printed, but that ye take it to the best' 1532 (?). Bp. Fisher, Sermon or 
'EpiHoU: Works, E. B. T. Soc., part II, (1883 P) p. 429. 

p. 64, 1. 14. William KylwoVmertthy Clerke, He was Treasurer of Eng- 
land, and Prebendary of St. Paul's. His Will, A.D. 1422, is at Lambeth. 

p. 65. Roger Flore: Son of William Flower, aluu Flore, Sheriff of 
Rutland 6 Ric. IL Was Knight of the Shire 20 Ric. II ; 1, 4, 6 Hen. lY ; 
2 Hen. V ; and 1 Hen. YI ; and Speaker of the House of Commons. He was 
patron of the old Hospital of St. John and St. Anne in Oakham (called ' )>e 
Almeshouse of Okeham,' p. 62, 1. 23-4), in right of his wife Catherine, 
daughter and heiress of William Dalby of Exton, its founder. — J. H. R. 

p. 66, 1. 3. Thom^is my tone: Thomas Flore of Oakham, Esq., mar. . 
Agnes, daughter and heiress of Peter Saltby of co. Line. He was Sheriff of Rut- 
land 9, 20, 29, 85 Hen. YI. and 6, 10 Ed. lY ; buried at Oakham 1483. This 
must have been a subsequent wife, not mentioned in the Flore pedigree. 
— H.R. 

p. 67, 1. 34 ; p. 120, 1. 10. my principal. The Principal (sometimes 
calld Mortuary, Corse-present, or Foredrove) was the deceast person's best 
horse, which followd the corpse at the funeral, and became the property of the 
priest. A survival of the custom may be seen at State funerals. 

p. 67, 1. 35. Sir Herre Pletyngton: Sir Henry Plessington, Ent, of 
Burley, co. Rutland (1 m. N.E. of Oakham), Knight of the Shire for Rutland 
1 and 3 Hen. YI, and Sheriff 6 Hen. YL He married a daughter of testator. 
—J. H. R. 

p. 68, 1. 14. Wettminster : The Abbot of Westminster was Patron of 
Oakham.— J. H. R. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


p. 68, 1. 30. koo hook. Perhaps Ck>kok : there are three or four, early 
wills of men of that name. 

p. 60, 1. 30. Mastorpe, There's a Martinsthorpe in Rutlandshire. — H. R. 

p. 62, I. 23. pe Almeshouse of Okeham : This is the Hospital named in 
the note on p. 55, Roger Flore, p. 139, above. — J. H. R. 

p. 65, 1. 12. Thomat FawJcyi, He was Rector of St. Bride^s, Fleet St. 
See Newcourt's Bepertorium, ii. 316. 

p. 70, 1. 25. Laffarebrugge. ** Laver, the name of 3 contiguous parishes 
in Essex, lying between Harlow and Ongar, and distinguished by the appella- 
tions of Highj Magdalen, and Little, They are about 21 miles N. by W. of 
London."— Walker's Gazetteer, 1801. 

p. 71, 1. 7. A tumbe like tire Thomat More: Dean of St. Paul's, p. 71; 
p. 104, note 1 ; p. 105, note. 

Thomut Moor, fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambr. Treasurer to Anne, queen 
of Richard II, Preb. of Shipton in Salisbury Cathedral, 9 Nor. 1389 ; Preb. 
of Newington in St. Paul's, 6 June, 1391 ; Archdeacon of Colchester, 3 Nov. 
1398. Dean of St. PanVs, Jan. 1406 ; d. 1421. Buried in a cloister on North 
side of St. Paul's, called Pardon Churchyard, where formerly stood a chapel 
said to have been founded by Gilbert Becket, who was buried there. (See p. 
105, note, above.) It was rebuilt by this Thomas Moor, who obtained a License 
from Henry V to found a Chantry of Three Priests, but died before it could 
be accomplished. His executors, however, carried out the foundation, and his 
Obit was regularly kept on 23 December. — J. Horace Round. 

p. 74, 1. 2, 3. pe Cok and \>e Oarlond in Colman-strete. — No sign of this 
name occurs in Larwood and Hotten*s ffist. of Signhoardt, There, the fellows of 
the Cock, are the Anchor 212, Bear 212, Bell 211, Blackbird 202, Bottle 207, 
211, Breeches 212, Bull 212, Crown 212, Dolphin 212, House 212, Key 471, 
Lion 151, Magpie 382, Pie 382, Pynot 383, Trumpet 211, and Swan 212. 

p. 75, 1. 17. pe cowe heed in Chepe, — Probably the sign of some gold- 
smith's or other shop. The BulUhed is mentiond by Hy. Machyn in 1560, as 
Larwood and Hotten note, Hiist. of Signboards, p. 186 : 

*' The xij day of June dyd ryde in a care a-bowtt London y men and iij 
women; one man, for he was the bowd [bawd], and to brynge women unto 
strangers ; and on woman was the wyff of the Bell in Gracyous-strett, and 
anodur the wyff of the BulUhed be-syd London stone, and boyth wher bawdes 
and hores ; and the thodur man and the woman wher brodur and syster, and 
wher taken nakyd." — Diary, p. 238. (Camden Soc. 1848.) 

The Cow has these signs in the same Signboard book : Cow and Calf, 
177 ; Cow and Hare, 449 ; Cow and Snuffers, 444 ; Cow and Two Calves, 177; 
Cow in Boots, 442 ; Cow Roast, 378 ; Cow's Face, 186. 

p. 78, 1. 19. The Mermuid, — " As early as the fifteenth century, it was one 
of the haunts of the pleasure-seeking Sir John Howard, whose trusty steward 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

KOTES TO pp. 80 — ^114. MONTH 's MIND. 141 

records, anno 1464 : — ' Paid for wyn at the Mermayd in Bred Stret, for my 
mastyr and Syr Nicholas Latimer, x d. ob.' [? Howard Household Books, 
Roxb. Club]. In 1603, Sir Walter Raleigh established a literary club in this 
house, doubtless the first in England. Among its members were Shakespeare 
Ben Jonson, Beaumont and Fletcher, Selden, Carew, Martin, Donne, Cotton, 
&c. . . . There was another Mermaid in Cheapside, frequented by Jasper 
Mayne, and in the next reign by poet laureate, John Dryden. Mayne mentions 
it in * The City Match * (1638) :— - 

' I had made an ordinary. 
Perchance at the Mermaid. ' 

** The sign was also used by printers. John Rastall, for instance, brother- 
in-law of Sir Thomas More, * emprynted in the Cheapesyde at the sygne of the 
Meremayde, next to Poulysgate, in 1527 ;* and in 1576 a translation of the 
History of Lazarillo de Tormes, dedicated to Sir Thomas Gresham, was printed 
by Henry Binnemann, the queen's printer, in Enightrider Street, at the sign 
of the Mermaid." — Larwood and Hotten, Hist, of Signboards, 

p. 80, L 15. qiiadringentesimo octauo. Between these two words, 
vicesinio must have been left out by the copier. The Will is dated 1428, and 
was undoubtedly made in the year of the testator's death. 

p. 82, 1. 17. Mynde, MonWs Mind. In the Rom.-Cath. Office and Masses 
for the Bead, 1853, there is a form of Mass * for the third, seventh, or thirtieth 
day after the Decease/ p. 99-100, and another, on p. 100-102, for " the Anni- 
versary of the Dead," the Year's Mind. The late guess that a * Month's mind ' 
meant a Memorial Service every day for a month, is mere nonsense, originating 
seemingly with Polidore Virgil and some Dictionary-makers. See my letter 
in Notes and Qu cries j about October, 1882. 

p. 83, 1. 1. sir William Wright, rector. See his Will in the Commissary 
Court of London, 1430-1. 

p. 92, 1. 17, WeMtsmythfeld. Smythfeld = Smeth (smooth) field. In the 
Will of J. Lughtburgh, Commissary Court, 1429, it is " in piano CainpoP 

p. 93, 1. 21. Monhes ohiroh, Monken Hadley, now Hadley. " The manor 
belonged to the Mandevilles till the middle of the 12th cent., when it was 
alienated by Geoffrey de Mandeville to the Abbey of Walden — whence the 
designation Motiken (or Monks') Hadley." — Thorne, Environs of London^ i 

p. 114, 1. 2. Salve of our Lady. — Antiphons, "Another favourite de- 
votion of our forefathers was the singing of antiphons in honour of our Lady. 

** An antiphon or anthem derives its name from the custom of singing in 
alternate choirs ; but the name is also given to certain short hymns^ metrical 
or not, even when sung by one choir only. In the present Roman Breviary are 
four antiphons in honour of the Blessed Virgin, to be said at the different 
seasons of the year, at the conclusion of certain parts of the office. They 
begin respectively with the words, * Alma Redemptoris Mater,' * Ave Regiiia 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



ooBlonim/ ' Begina oceli ]«tare»* and * Salve Begina,^^ They were first intro* 
duoed into the Roman Breviary in 1520, but were naed by the Franoisoana 
from the year 1249. {Merati in Ghivantum, torn, ill p. 216.) Antiphons in 
honour of the Blessed Virgin were ordered to be sung at the end of Complin 
by a general chapter of the Benedictines held at Northampton in 1444, ' in 
order before sleep to implore her help by whom the serpent's head . was 
crushed.' This was only a renewal of a more ancient decree. 

*^ The singing of antiphons soon became a f ayourite devotion with priests 
and people, even apart from the office, and foundations were made, and even 
confraternities instituted, for this purpose. The music seems to have been 
sometimes very elaborate, since we find such notices as the following. * At the 
abbey of Evesham, chaplains are to be assigned to our Lady's altar, skilled in 
her antiphons.'"'— p. 168. 

* From First Vespers of Trinity Sunday to Advent. 

Salve, Begins, mater misericordise ; 
Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. 

Ad te clamamus, exules filii Heve ; 

Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes 
in hac lacrymarum valle. 

Eia ergo, Advocata nostra, 

I lies tuos misericordes oculos ad nos 
converte ; 

Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ven- 
tris tui, 

Nobis post hoc exilium ostende, 

O Clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo 

V. Ora pro nobis, sancta Del Geni- 

R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus 


Omnipotens, sempiteme Deus, qui 
gloriosse Virginia Matris Maripe corpus 
et animam, nt dignum Fllii tui habita- 
culum effici mereretur, Spiritu Sancto 
co-operante, pneparastl ; da ut cujus 
commemoratione ketamur, ejus pia in- 
tercessione ab instantibus mails et a 
morte perpetua liberemur. Per eumdem 
Chiistum, &c. 

R. Amen. 

V. Divinum auxilium maneat semper 
K Amen. 

Hall, holy Queen, Mother of mercy ; 

Our life, our sweetness, and our 
hope, all hail. 

To thee we cry, poor banished sons of 

To thee we sigh, weeping and mourn- 
ing in this vale of tears. 

•Therefore, our Advocate, 

Turn thou on us those merciful eyes 
of thine ; 

And after this our exile, shew us 

Jesus, the blessed fruit of thy womb, 

O merciful, O kind, O sweet Virgin 

V. Pray for us, holy Mother of 

B. That we may l>e made worthy of 
the promises of Christ. 

Let us pray. 

Almighty, everlasting God, who, by 
the co-operation of the Holy Ghost, 
didst prepare the body and soul oiF 
Mary, glorious Virgin and Mother, to 
become the worthy habitation of thy 
Son ; grant that we may be delivered 
from instant evils and from everlasting 
death by her gracious intercession, in 
whose commemoration we rejoice. 
Through the same Christ, &c. 

R. Amen. 

V. Ma^ the divine assistance remain 
always with us. 

R. Amen. 

« Tindall's Evesham, p. 112. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


'* Henry VL, the founder of King^s College, Cambridge, and of Eton, pre. 
soribee in the statutes, * That every day of the year, at a JUting k9ur of the 
evening, all the choristers of oar royal college, together with the master in 
chant, shall enter the church at the sound of a bell, which shall be always rung 
except on Holy Thursday or Qood Friday ; and these wearing surplices and 
ranged around a statue of the Blessed Virgin, with the catidles lightedy^ $hall 
sing tolemniy and to the very host of their thill an antiphon of the Bleeted 
Virgin with the verse " Ave Maria," Sso., and the prayer ** Mentis et precibus/* * 

** The evening antiphon seems to have occupied with our Catholic 

forefathers almost the same place that is now filled by the evening Benedictioa 
of the Blessed Sacrament — a form of devotion not then established.'' 

<' By the statutes for the collegiate church of Whittington College, London, 
it is ordained that even on ferial days, throughout the year, about or after 
sunset, when the poor labourers and those who live near the church are giving 
up worh and business^ when there is no reasonable hindrance^ the chaplains, 
clerhs, and choristers of the college who are at home, after the ringing of a 
small bell set apart for that office, shall meet in the chapel of St. Mary in the 
said church, and there sing to the honour of our Saviour and His Mother an 
antiphon with versicles and prayer.^ To keep up this custom many guilds 
were established. Stow^ tells us of one such called the < Salve^^ in St. Magnus* 
Church, near London Bridge, which was flourishing in A.D. 134.3. Certain 
citizens, 'of their great devotion to the honour of God and His glorious 
Mother, our Lady Mary the Virgin, began and caused to be made a chauntry to 
sing an anthem to our Lady called '* Salce Regina'^ every evening; and thereon 
ordained Jice burning wax lights at the time of the said anthem, in honour of 
the five principal joys of our Lady aforjesaid .... and thereupon many other 
good people of the parish . . . proffered to be aiders to support the said 
lights, and the said anthem to be continually sung, paying every person every 

week a halfpenny.* " "To many of my readers will have already 

occurred the memory of Chaucer's beautiful picture of the village school and 

of the boys learning to sing our Lady's antiphon but before giving it, 

I will translate from the works of St Peter Celestine the original tale which 
Chaucer has developed.** — pp. 169, 170. 

[Here follows St. Peter Celestine's Tale, which Father Bridgett says is at 
least a century older than that of Chaucer.] 

" One more illustration of the popular use of antiphons I may mention ; for 
though insignificant in itself, it is associated with an honoured name. It seems 
that the street-singers appealed to Christian piety and charity by these popular 
hymns. In allusion to this custom. Sir Thomas More, after resigning the 
chancellorship, called together his family, and telling them that they would 

^ ** Many bequests occur of candles to be lighted during the salve."— Pietas 

Mariana Britannica. By Edmund Waterton, F.S.A. London : 1879. p. 139. 

* Quoted by Dr. Rock, vol. iii. p. 278. ' Survey of London, vol. i. p. 495. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 


NOTES TO pp. 114, 120. 

still live togetheFf though they would have to reduce their expenditure, added 
merrily, that if it came to the worst, * may we yet with bags and wallets go 
a-begging together, and hoping that for pity some good folks will give us their 
charity, at every man^s door to sing Salve Regina, and so still keep company 
and be merry together.'" i— (Twr Lady'$ Dowry, By Rev. T. E. Bridgets 
(London : 1876.) p. 173. 

[Fr. Bridgett gives an old English yenion of the Salve Begina about 1400.] 
— M. L. 

p. 120, 1. 11, 13. LineoltM» may be ' Lincolni^jin.' 

^ Roper's Life of More, 

Any Corrections or Additions for the Lists and the volume generally mil be 
thankfully received.— F, J. F., 3, St, George's Sq., N, W, 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Abbat and tbe howse of Tewkes- 

bery, II6/7 
Abbey of Tewkesbury, 116/s 
Abbot of Lauternam, IIO/9 
Abbot of Westminster's Prison, 

Abcburcb, St. Mary, London, 1/s 
Acris Mersk, 53/;, 8 
Acton, Middlesex, 5 m. west of 

London, II/23 
Agas riegge, IIO/4 
Aiottes, in Bradwell, Essex, 7O/13 
Alb we, Thomas, 40/2 3 
Alflednasse, in Essex 1, 7O/26 
Algat^, London, Menouresses of ; 

bequest to, 7/8 
Alison, 101/14 
al Halewyn,Berkyng, the Churche 

of, 86/20 
All Hallows the More, London, 

105/20; 108 /4 
Allard, William, Citezein and 

Skynner of London, 115/ 12 
Almeshouse or Hospital of Oke- 

ham, 62/23, p. 140 
Alpheies, St., gift to its steeple- 
work, 76/7 
Aired, Richard, Squire, of Bore- 
ham, Essex, 131/17 
Alson, 33/17 (Lat Alicia, 83/2 1) 


Alvowe, Thomas, 88/17, 23; 
, William, 38/22 ; 39/20 

Alys, the seruant of Mawde 

White, 15/20 
Amutyme Fenne, Lincolnshire, 

Andrewe, Robert, 95/20 
Aneys her mayden, 97/i2 
Aneys Copursmyth, 97/i2 

Aneys (or 1 Aueys, Avice) New- 

kole, 91/5 
Anglesey, lohn, my seruaunt, 

Anneys Gray, 92/i6 
Anneys Leuch, IIO/2 
Anneys of the Countour, I9/26 
Anneys Whityngham, IO6/23 
Annote Hadley, 39/22 
Annote, Stephen Thomas's niece, 

Anys, or Aneys, my wyf, 99/is, 

18 ; 100/5 
Archer, Ion, 29/i6 
Arguston, lonet, 83/i6 
Arleye manor in Lincolnshire, 

122/25; 123/6; 124/14; 125/27 
Amy, luliane, & John her hose- 

bonde, 8/8 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



ArthouT, a Keduse of Sherboom, 

Aspley (in Warwickshire 1), 33/i i , 

AssHOOMBE, Margarete, widow, of 

London; her Will, p. 96-7 
Asshwell, maistei Thomas, 107/7 
Asshwell, Watkyn, 114/i4 * 
Aston, Thomas, Citezein and 

Skjnner of London, 115/ 13 
Audeby, Thomas, 62/io 
Austin, £p., p. 113, note 2 
Austins, 106/io,the Austin Friars 

Austyn, Eichard, of Hackney, 

Austyns, Freres, of London, 3I/21 
Averay, Joan, Bobeit A.'6 wife, 


AvERAT, Eobert, Cordwainer, of 
London; his Will, p. 16-17; p. 137 

Aueys my nece (Jn. Cred/s), 
76/II. AviceP See Anejs. 

Avys Garton, I3/33 

Aylton, 23/10; 26/2 

Babthorp, Wm., Baron of the 

King's Exchequer, 131/ 11 
Babyngton, William, 7I/20 
Bageworthe (Somerset 1), 28/7 

Bagge, sir Water, person of 
Brynkcworth (Wilts), II2/2 

Baldok, lohn, Citezein & Wax- 
chaondeler of London, 34/29 

Bamvile, Eichard, 1 33/29 

Banaster, Eichard, Citizen & 
Vintner of London, 79/23 

Barking, Middx, church of All 
Hallows at, 86/20. See Deanery. 

Bamaby, Thomas, lll/i 

Bamain, Francis and Benedict, 67, 

note 2 
Bamet Church, Middlesex, 93/21 

Barnet, John, of London, Draper, 
his Will, p. 93-4 

Barnet, Mary, wife of John B., 

, Eichard, son of John B., 


Barre, Jane, llO/i 

Bartholomew Fair, p. 92, note 2 

Bartilmeux, saint, the spitell of, 
106/ 16. See BeHjlmew and Ssint 

Bartlottes, in Bradwell, Essex, 

Bartlet my seruaunt, 133/21 
Barton, Friar, 1 26/32, 33 
Bartrice, my suster, 133/3 
Basse, William, I25/23 

Basset, John, of Chishull (Chis- 
well, Essex), 69/i7, 19; 71/i8; 

Basset, one of Lady Warwick's 
legatees, II8/24 

Bataile, lohan, prest, 48/i2 

Batesey, lone, 29/ 11 

Bathe, Thomas, of Bristol, his 

* endenture * or Will, p. 45-7 
Battiscoumbe, lohn, 130/ 13 
Bavenger, Jenyn, 1 25/24-5 
Baxtir, William, guardian of the 
Hospital of Okeham, Rutlandshire, 

Baxter, William, 64/32 

Bayle, Thomas, my seruant^ 

Baynard, Eolf, 71/iS 
Beatrice my seruaunde, I9/26 

Beauchamp, Eichard de, 5th Earl 
of Warwick, p. 116, note 3 

Beaumont, Eobert, IIO/16 

Begelon, William, I6/19 

Becket, Gilbert, Portgrave of 
London, p. 105, note : p. 140 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Bedlem Hospital, bequest to poor 

of, 32/1 
Bedlem Spital, 78/io 
Bele, Agnes, 13/6 
Bele, lohn, 13/4 
BelHers, Elizabeth, III/20 

Beranger, Jenyn, his seruant, 

Bereughby, ))e persone (or rector) 
of, 57/9 

Bertylmew,St., 92/8; his Church, 

Beverley, Yorkshire, St. Mary's 
church of, I2/17 ; its Vicar, 12/i8 ; 
its poor, priests, friars, St. Giles's 
Spital, 12/21-4 

Biderenden, John, the Chamber- 
lain of the City of London, 75/20 

Bikenacre, Essex, 70/i8. 8ee 

Biron, Sir John, I24/13 

Bishoptre, Thomas, 133/22 

Bloncit, John, 96/6 

Blount, Thomase, Menchon (nun) 
of Romeseye (Hants), 6/8 

Blundell, Edward, squyer of 
Worcestreshire, III/9; his son 
Bichard, lll/i i 

Bodeman, John, clerk, 42/30 

Bokeland, Johan, wife of Eichard 
B., 107/22 

BoEELAND, Eichard, Esq., of All- 
Hallows the Greater, Thames St., 
London : his Will, p. 104-108 

Bokeler, lohn, wexchaundeler of 
London, 101/ 1 

Bokeler, Margery, 102/i8 

Bokelond, Cristofre, and his sone 
Thomas, 107/2 13 

Bonylys maner, 1 in Essex, 70/2 

Borage, John, of Hackney, IOO/7 

Borham, John, 69/ii ; 7I/14 ' 

BoRTOK, Eoger, of Hackney, 
Middlesex, his Will, p. 98. Alison, 
his wife, 98/14 

, Agnes and Cristian, Soger's 

daughters, 98/ 10, 12 

Boteler, Thomas, I9/24 

Boteler, William, 83/17 

Botiller, liard, 68/9 : a grey horse 

Botiller Place in Eston (Lincoln- 
shire), 126/4 

Bowdens, 88/32 : a farm or place 
in Essex P 

Bowers, Elizabeth,. IIO/3 

Braceby, Lincolnshire, 6O/5, 16 ; 
63/26 ; 64/4 

Brade-Stoke,thePriourof, IO9/20. 
Bradstoke Priory was in the Deanery 
of Malmesbury, Wiltshire. 

Bradfeld, Sarum diocese, 21/i3 

Bradfeld, ])e manere of, I9/17 

Bradfield, Berkshire, 18/6, 10 

Bradwell, Essex, 7O/14, 18 

Brasiere, lohan, prest, 48/13 

Brauntoft in Lyndeseye, 61/6 : 

P Bratoft, Lincolnshire 
Bray broke, Joan, p. 129, note 1 

Braynesplace (1 in Herefordshire), 

Bread-St Counter, a London 

prison, p. 113, note 5 
Brerdon, William, 28/6 
Brethenham manor, Suffolk, 72/2 
Bride's, or Bridget's Church, 

Fleet St, p. 65. See St. Bride's. 
Bridgnorth, 32/7, 18, 29; 35/2o 
Bridlington: pilgrimage to the 

Priory of, for Testator's soul, 4O/16- 

Brigg, lohn, 58/29 
Bristow, 45/6 : Bristol 

Bristowe, bequest to freres pre- 
chours and Mcnours of, 7/29 
L 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



Broke, Thomas, of Holditch, 

Thornecombe, BeTon ; his Will, p. 


, lobane his wyfe, 28/i, 5 

Bromesbury, Robert, 29/22 
Brond, lohn, 43/i3 ; 44/9, '2, 19 
Brook, Edward, Sir Thos. B/s 

son, 130/24 
Brook, Sir Thomas, of Cobham, 

Kent ; his Will, p. 129-130, p. 138 
Broughton, Bucks, 48/i6 
Broun, Thomas, 66/4 ; 66/10, 22 ; 

and his Wife, 65/i6 
Broune, Cristina, widow of Jn. 

Broune, or John Atte Grove of 

Fulham, 44/28, 25 
Broune, Elene, John B.'8 Sister, 

Broune, Jn., of Henry V.'s Chnm- 

ber, and of Fulham, Middx: his 

WiU, p. 43-4 

, alias Johannes atte Grove 

de Fulham, 44/25 
Broune, Richard, brother of Jn. 

B.,43/9; 44/19 
Brownyng, Symkyng, Klerk, 
- Brownyng, Symond, clerk of St. 
Margaret Pattens, London, IO2/20, 

Brugge, Gyles of, 112/i ; Giles 

Brune, Walter, founder of St. 

Mary's Hospital, Bishopsgate, p. 

32, note 1 

Bryggenorth, 3I/4, 16, 19 : Bridg- 
north, Shropshire 

Brynkeworth, Wilts, 11 2/2 

Bryxhyll, Ion, 29/i4 

Buelt, lohn, seruant, III/2 

Buk, Sir John (a priest 1), 67/io 

Bullok, John, 24/4 

Burdeux, Peter de Lobered of, 

Burdon, Alison, 40 marks for her 
marriage, 75/5 ; 76/15 

Burdon, Richard, skynner, of 
Londen, 74/i, 3; 76/13, 17; he 
and Denys his wife, 74/22 ; John 
their son, 74/27 ; and Richard his 
brother, 74/28 

Burfeld, 19/27, 33 
Burgate in J)e newgate of Okeham, 
6O/31 ; 64/11 

Burgeys, William, and ys wyfe, 

Burgo, Elizabeth de, p. 1 17, note 3 

Bumam, Water (Walter), 40/2 

Burton, John, 98/i8 

Burton Place, in Fenne Amutyme, 

Lincolnshire, 126/ii 
Burton, Robert, frere, 48/io 
Burton, Thos., of Loughborough, 

p. 130 
Butterley and the fenne, 26/i6 
Bykenacro Priory, Essex, 70/s 

Bykenare, 69/5; 70/i8, Bikinacre, 

Byllyngeslond in Rwaren (1 Here- 
fordshire), 25/4 

Byschop, Sir Jankyn, I3O/24 

Caileflete, Robert, 121/s; I25/21; 
126/1$, 18 ; 128/29; and lohane 
his wyf, 126/2, 5 

Cake, Simond, 94/s 

Calabre, my Furre of, 34/2o 

Cambrigge, vniuersitee oi^ 105/2 

Camew's (a man), 57/i6 

Camp, John, 38/6, 7, 16 ; 39/32 

Campe, John, 41/io 

Campion, Thomas, 58/8 

Campion, Toume, 58/31 

Canterbury (Shrine of Thomas a 
Becket), Pilgrim to eo there bare- 
foot from Fleet St., for the good of 
Wm. Newland's soul, 65/7 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Canterbury, St. Austin's and 

Christchurch in, 132/21-2 
Canterbury Tales, l)equest of, a.d. 

Itt20, p. 136 
Canwedon, 70/i8 : Canewdon, 

near Rochford, £ssex 
Capenter, Thomas, 19/2$ 
Carlton, sir Eobert, IO7/17 
Carmes (Carmelite), Freres, of 

London, 31/21. See Friars. 
Carpinter (Carpynter), John, 

comown dark, 75/21 ; 76/25 
Carter, lonet, 85/io 
Cathedral cherche of seynt Pawle 

of London, 132/6. See St. PauPs. 
Cawdray, maister Eichard, clerc, 

107/23, 28 
Cawode, Eobert, 54/9 
CayUfe, the Pore, 50/i8 ; p. 61, 

note ; p. 139 
Chace, Eichard, 63/s ; 54/7, 10, 

Chale, ))e manor of, I9/36 
Chalford (] Glostershire), 23/s ; 

Chandos, Eobert de, p. 110, note 2 
Chapman, Eichard, 98/i7 
Chardacre and Valans, the Manor 

of, in Suffolk, 69/26 
Charleton, lohan, wife of Nicholas 

C, 115/5 
Charleton, Nicholas, Citezein and 

Skynner of London: his Will, 

Chamell,of St. Alphage, Alder- 

manbury ; priest of the, 75/i6 
, of St. Edmond, p. 78, 

note 2 

, of St. Paul's, 96/4 

Chaucer : bequest of his Canterbury 

Tales, A.D. 1420, p. 136 
Chaunterie of the Chirche of Seint 

Leonardo in Briggenorth, 31/i5; 

32/7 ; 33/2, 4 

Chelmsford Hundred, 70/2 1 

Chblmtswtk, lohn, squier of 

Shropshire : his Will, p. 30-35 
Chelmyswyk, Thomas, dead son 

of John C, 31/5 
, Elyanore, dead wife of 

John C, 31/5 
, lonet, dead Grandame of 

John C, 31/6 
Chelmyswyk, Jonet, wife of Jn. 

C, 32/20, 25; 33/5,12,17,18,23, 

29, 32 ; 34/16, 20 
Cherd, Somerset, 27/i2 

Cherlton withoute Newgate^ 

London, 9/2 
Chesc, William, 19/22 
Chesse, Thomas, 4O/4, 19 

Chesthunt (Herts), the Prioresse 

of, IO6/18 

, Prioresse and house of, to 

have their Pledges back free, 

107/19, 20 
Chestirshire, Wylliam of, I9/24 

Chichele, John, 97/i4 ; 98/20 ; 

Childe, Eobert, 8O/9 

ChDderhous in Middelsex, the 
place of John Credy in 1426, 74/5 

Chibchb, Alys, widow ; her Will, 
p. 85 

Chishull, 69/i6 : Great or Little 
Chishall, in the hundred of Uttles- 
ford, CO. of Essex, near Saffron 

Christ Chui'ch Priory, Hampshire, 
by the New Porest, 4/9; 6/30; 

CicU, William, 107/s 

Cirencester. See Siscetre. 

City of London School, p. 75, 

Clanbowb, Lady Peryne, of Here- 
fordshire, her Will, p. 49-51 ; sister 
of Sir Robert of Whitney, 49/i6 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Claiell, Richard, IO7/13 
Clemens, the woman that kepes 

me, 97/2 
Cleie, William, 134/3 
Clerk, lohn, III/30 
Cleik, John, of Wyssenden, 55/7 

Clerk, Eohert, Rector of Bradfield 
parish Church, dioc. of Sarom, 
§1/6, II 

Cleuche (or Clenche), Thomas, 


Cley, lohn, 42/ii 

Cliston (or Clifton), Sir Nichol, 


, Alianore, his wife, daughter 

of Lady Alice West, 5/28 

, Thomas, his son, 5/29 

Cloister, great North, of St Paul's, 
p. 104^, note 

Clopton, Henry, apprentice to 
Jn. Toker, vintner, 79/i, 2 

Clowys, a legatee of Sir T. Brook's, 

Cohham Hall, Kent, 129/4 

Cohham, John of, 2nd Lord C, 
p. 129, note 1 

Coderstoke, fe provest of, 67/20 

Coggeshalcy lohn, 107/6, 24, 30; 


Cok and Garlond in Colmanstrete, 
a shop or inn, 74/2, p. 140 

Cok, )>e; a tenement in Grub- 
strete (Cripplegate), 75/ii 

Coke, lohn, Wm. Stanlow's ser- 
vant, 126/13 

Cokenell, Robert, 19/2 1 

Cokkeman, Maut (Maud), IO2/15, 

Cold Harbor, p. 106, note 1 

Cole, Herry, taylour, duellyng 
wyt-outen Temple Barre, 17/ 10, 
20, 21 

Colman, Sir lohn, prest, 8/29; 
9/17, 29 ; 10/5 

Colman, Thomas, tallowchandler, 

Colyer, a legatee of Lady War- 
wick's, II8/23 
Colyn of my Chambre, II8/2S 
Compton, Berkshire, 18/ 10 

Cook, lohn, seruent to Robert 

Greyndoor, III/30 
Cooke, lohn, 107/is 
Copursmyth, Aneys, 9 7/12 

Corbet, Aunt of Lady P. Clan- 

bowe, 50/4. See Notes. 
Corbrigge, lohn, 130/ 13 
Corn, Robert, Citizen of London ; 
his Will, 1387, p. 1, 2 

, Genet, his daughter, l/io 

, Katherine, his daughter, 


, Watkyn, his son, I/7 

Comewayle, Edmond of, IIO/25 
Comwaill, lohn, 125/22 

Corpus Christi, Brotherhood of, 
in the Skinners' craft, London, 
113/14,15; 114/21 

Cosin Lane, London, 88/31 

Cosin, Wm., of Cosin Lane, 
London, p. 88, note 1 

Costert, Ion, my seruaunt, 29/8 

Cosyn, lohn, of London, II/27 

Coton, Elianor of^ 65/13 ; 66/9, 

Cotteleygh, Devon, 27/^2, p. 138 

Counters, two prisons in London 

City, 78/4 ; 113/i8 
Countour, Anneys of the, 42/26 

Coventre, Sir Wm., Prior of St. 
Bartholomew's, West Smithfield, 
London, 92/i6 ; 93/io 

Cowe heed in Chepe, 75/i7; p. 
140 : a bouse in C heapside, London 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Coycellesplace Bevlmulle, 25/9 
Coyle, sir lohan, 50/i7 
Cradoke, Dauid, 50/2 5 

Credy, Adam, and his son William, 
74/14 ; his son Thomas, 74/i9 

Credy, Alyson, of Halywell 
Priory, Bishopsgate, 76/5 

(1), Aueys, the testator 

John Credy's niece, 76/ 11 

Credy, Joan, the testator John's 

Wife, 76/25 ; 77/2 
Credy, John, squyer, of London 

and Devonshire : his Will, p. 73-7 

Credy, John, hrother of John 
Credy the Testator, 74/ii 

Credy, John, son of John Credy, 
hrother of the testator John Credy, 
74/33; 75/18 

Credy, Kichard, 74/2 

Credy, William, John C.*s nephew, 
74/29 ; 76/1 1 ; his father, 74/29 

Cressener, Wylliam, p. 134 

Crestyndom, Hopkyn, 39/31 : at 

Cripplegate, London, St. Alphage 
Church in, 75/i5 ; 76/7 

Crischerche, hows or Priory of, 
Hampshire, 6/30 

Cristian Borton of Hackney, 
Middx., 98/11 

Cristina Broune, or atte Grove de 
Polham, 44/28 

Cloddish, W., porter, 83/i7 

Croland, Frere William, poor, 
88/20, 21 

Cromwell, Lord, IO8/1 

Cromwell, Lord Ralph, of Tates- 
hale, Treasurer of England, I2O/14- 
16; 121/9 

Cromwell, Oliver, p. 120, note 1 

Crouche, Thomas, IO7/14 

Crowder, Richard, 35/i8 

Dale, Thomas, the Ward of Roger 
Elore ; the right to get him married 
(and take his fee), 63/3 

Danydi, lohn, III/17 

Darsy (a man), 71/i6 

Dausey, Hew, III/16, 27 

Dauy, Elyse, I3/32 

Davy, John, 67/i3 
, Margery, 67/i4 

Davy, Whl, Fishmonger of 
London, his Will, p. 67 

Dawesy, Dausey, Hewe, III/16 

Day, Robert, 54/9 

Deanery of Middlesex and Bark- 
ing, 86/8 

Dembleby, Lincolnshire, 1 24/13; 

Dene and Chalf ord, 23/s; 25/27 
(? in Glostershire) 

Dene, Philip, 69/17, 20; 7I/19, 
28; 72/13 

Denerston, lonet, 13/6 

Denton, Mawde, 13/6 

Derby, Richard, clerk, 94/6 

Derffeld, Robert, 68/4 

Despencer, Baron Thomas, p. 116, 

note 3 
Deuenschyre, londes and rentes 

in, 20/10, 17 

Devonshire, devise of manors in, 

74/11, 18,23,25 
Dey, sir lohn, parsone of Bage- 

worthe (Somerset?), 28/6 
Dixon, Sir NichoH, Clerk, 90/13 
Dixson, sir Nichol, clerk, 54/9 
DixTON, Richard, Esq., of Siscetre, 

Glostershire; his Will, p. 108-112. 
DovB, Isabett, wyf of Thomas 

Dove, Citezein of London; her 

WiU, p. 103 

Downgate, Dowgate, London, p. 

88, note 1 
Dowrigge, Margrete, 133/ 18 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



DrUy LamenSy in Southcote, I8/16 

Dru, Lawrence, 2I/4, 13 

Druell, John, Bp. of London's 
GomnuMary, 89/12; 91/22 

Dudlynton, Juliane and John 
Amy of, 8/8 

Duffelde, 53/ii 

Dunche Hundred, 7O/20: Dengey 
Hundred, Essex 

Dymmok, Thomas, Skynner, of 
Glowoestre, 114/12 

Dymmok, Olosteishire, 23/io 

Dymmokeschastell (1 in Gloster- 
shire), 26/io 

Edeyn Veel (a woman), 29/13 

Edmond of Comewayle, IIO/24 

Edmund, John, 2/i i 

Edward, 408. given to, III/18 

Egham, Surrey, my native, p. 85, 
note 6 

Eldmede in be shire of Surre, 

Eleward Place, in Eenne, Lincoln- 
shire, 127/6 

Ellyot, William, 4O/4 

Ellys, Stephen, 4O/4 

Elmeslet, Eoger, of London, once 
a Waxchandler's Servant ; his Will, 
p. 100 

Elsingspitel, in Gripplegate, Lon- 
don, 78/ 10 

Elyngton, Anneys, 36/io, 13 

Elyot, Thomas, 29/; 

Elyse Dauy, I3/32 

Emot, or Emet, Eoe, mother of 

lonet Ghelmyswyk, 33/9, 1I9 29 
Enwarle Maner, in Deuen, 74/23 
Esebach, Robert, 14/ii 
Essex, Thomas of, 7O/30 ; 71/2 

Estcourt, Jn. (Commissioner of 
Wills). 28/13; 35/22; 48/23; 

Estfeld, William, Mercer and Al- 
derman of London, 9O/9 

Estlond, in Bradwell, Essex, 70/ 

Estnore, Herefordshire, 24/13, 20 

Estwode, ^e chirche of (in Essex), 

Estynton, William, 111/iS, 23 

Euenwode, Ion, 29/6 

Euerard, Eichard, I3/7 

Euerchurch in Somerset, 76/2 

Evesham, the Abbot of, 109/i8; 
the Convent of, 109/ 19 

Ewhurst, Eoger, parkere of, 8/1 1. 
£wh. is in Sussex, near Borwash 

Exettur in Deuenshire, 75/4 

Eypn, a creditor of Stephen 

Thomas, 39/2$ 
Eyre, Symmykyn, 42/8, 9 

Eyre, Thomas, my seruaunde, 19/ 

Fairchild, quarriour, 59/4 

Fairchild (or Faarchild, 54/4, 21), 

Thomas, 63/6; 64/ 10 
Farley, in Herefordshire 1, 25/13 

Fasteme, IIO/17, 20 ; III/4 : 1 a 
house of my Lord of York 

Fastolf, maister, his liuerey, I3I/9 

Faukeswell, Wm., 66/12 

Favarches, Eicholdis de, p. 117, 

note 3 
Fawkes, Thos., 66/9, 25 
Fawkys, Sir Thomas, 65/i2 

Fenne, Sir R Rochefort's manor 
or dwelling-place, 121/ 14; 122/9, 
25; 123/5; 124/14; 126/31 J 

Ferroure, William, brewer, IO2/26 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Fitz-Harry, Elizabeth, widow of 
Wm. F., 89/2, 14; 88/29, 32 

Fitz-Harry, William, of Cosin 
Lane, London ; his Will, p. 87-9 

Fitz-Harry, Sir John, 88/19 ; 89/ 

I, 15 
Fitz-Herberd, dame luce, Priorisse 

of Shaftebury, 6/7 

Flegge, Agas, IIO/4 

Flete, the prisoners of the, 78/6 ; 
106/12. See ' Prisons ' in List of 

Floode, Walter, Brewer, 95/s 

, John, his son, 95/6 

Flore, Anneys, Roger F.'s daugh- 
ter, 67/17 ; 68/6 ; 63/3, 8 
Flore, Cecile, my welbeloued wife, 

66/12; 57/24; 68/3,4; 60/6, 22, 

33; 62/25 
Flore, James, Eoger F/s son, 

57/9; 60/ 16; 63/20,22 
Flore, Joan, Roger F.'s daughter, 

Flore, John, son of Roger F., 61/ 

Flore, Robert, Roger F.'s son, 

57/6, 15 ; 58/9 ; 6O/21, 32 ; 64/ 

13, 17 
Flore, Roger, Esq., of London and 

Oakham ; his will, p. 55-64 ; p. 139 

Flore, Roger, son of Roger F., 57/ 

10, 15 ; 61/7 
Flore, Thomas, Roger F.*s son, 

66/3; 67/5; 68/1, 2, 5, 12, 13; 

6O/12, 23 ; 6I/1, 9, 23, 30; p. 139 

Flore, William, Roger F.'s son, 

Fondour, Wyllyam, 15/25 
Forest, lohn, IO7/13 
Forman, Thomas, his wife, 91/i6 
Forster, lohn, my godsonne, 45/ 

6, 9, 12, 14 
Forster, Richard, 75/8 
Forstrer, Richard, blind man, 8/8 

Franciscans: 9ee 'Friars' in 

Frankelensmonday lond, 1 in Es- 
sex, 70/2 

Frankyngham in Surrey, 74/31 

Fray, lohn, 44/4 

Frost Mores, 53/is 

Frowyk, lohan, 133/i 

Frowyk, Thomas, son of Harry 

Frowyk, 134/ 15, 22 
Frye, William, of Deuenshire, 

Fulham (MiddxV Johannes atta 

Grove de, or John Broune, 44/25 

, Thomas atte Grove de, 

44/28. &»* Broune.' 
Fulman, Robert, 88/25 
Fulthorpe, lohn, 53/i2 

Fysscherys, 38/32: Fisher's, a 
farm or place in Essex P 

Gale, James, Commissary of 

London, I4/9 
Gardyner, John, 1 33/23 
Gardyns, in BradweU, Essex, 70/ 

Garlickhithe Church, London, 82/ 


Garton, Avys, I3/33 
Gefori, 80/6: Geoflfrey 
Gely, Pers, 66/13 
Geneyn, syr Perys, I3/13 
Genfeld, Richar, 48/9 

Germen, Stephen, Commissary* 
General for Wills, 84/13 ; 87/i3 

Gery, Richard, 4I/17, 21; 42/9, 
15, 18, 23 

Gifford, Dame Cicile, IO6/17: 
Frioresse of Chesthunt 

Gifford, Sir John, Chanon of the 
Abbey of Waltham, IO6/20 

Gilford, Surrey, the Friars of, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



GiRDELBR, John, of Harefield, 

near Uxbridge. Middx; his Will, 

p. 10-11 
Glostersbire and Herefordshire 

places, 23/10, II 
Gloucester, f rere precbours of, 1 09/ 

Gloucestre, Thomas, clerk, 114/ 

6, 16; 115/12 
Goky, lohn, I9/21 

Golcleve (Goldcliff, Monmouth- 
shire), the Prior of, and his monkes, 

Goodyng, Thomas, of Hackney, 

Middlesex, 98/i6, 17 
Granger, Richard, parson of seint 

Pancras, 83/i6 
Graveley, Kateryn, Eichard Gr.*s 

daughter, 87/4 
Graveley, Eichard, of London, 

grocer; his Will, p. 86-7 

Graveley, Wm., of London, 87/i 

Gray, Anneys, wife of Richard G., 

Gray, John and Richard, sons of 
Richard G., 93/4 

Gray, Richard, of St. Bartholo- 
mew's, London ; his Will, p. 92-3 

Great Malvern, £40 to the Prior 

of, 23/27 
Gregory, Isabel, of Hackney; 

her WiU, p. 91-2 

Gregory, lone, daughter of Isabel 

G., 91/9 
Grene, lohn, I3/4 

Grey Friars. /S!ee ' Friars ' in Word 

Greyndoor, Robert, and Jane his 

wife, 110/5, 6 
Greyndoor, Robert, III/31 

Grubstrete, London, 75/ 1 2. * Grub 
Street, Cripplegate. Now called 
Milton-street, from the nearness of 
its locality to the Bunhill residence 
of our great epic poet — ^an extra- 

ordinary change torn all that is 
low and grovelling in literature (in 
Johnson's time) to all that is epic 
and exdted.' — Cunningham, 1850. 

Gy, Richard, I3/3 

Gybbes, Walter, Licentiate in Law, 

Gylbert, Thomas, 133/23 

Gyles of Brugge, 112/i : Giles 

Haddoke, Rychard, of the Lee, 
Essex, 40/1 

Hadley, Annote, bat es with me, 

Hadley chirche, Essex, 39/i4 

Hadley, Monken, or Monkes 
chirch, near Bamet, Middx, 93/21 

Hale, Idany (of the Spital, 91/ 
II), 91/6,8,9,17,18 

Hale, lohn, 88/25 

Halfhide, one of Lady Warwick's 
legatees, 11 8/23 

Halgot in Shropshire, 34/i i 

Halle, Thomas, I3/4 

Halton in Lyndesey , Lincolnshire, 

Haly well, 76/5 : the Priory of St. 
John the Baptist at Holy Well, 
fibhopsgate, London 

Hampton, 40/2 6 : Southampton, 

Hampton, Laurans, 13/6 ; 14/ii 
Hanefeld, Richard Forstrerof, 8/9 

Hanyngfeld, Agnes, lohan, Cisily, 
Wm., Nicholas, Martin, Alienore, 
Elisabeth, Roger and Margery, 
70/7, 8 ; Cisily, Johan and Agnes, 

Hanyngfeld, Wm., Esq., of Bik- 
inacre, Essex, and of Suffolk ; his 
Latin Testament of his Personalty, 
p. 68-9 ; and English Will of his 
Realty, p. 69-72 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Hardyng, Watkyn, III/15 
Hardynge, lofin, grocer, IO2/26 
Harefield, nr. Uxbridge, Middx, 

10/18; its parish church, 11/6; 

high altar, II/7 ; and clerk, ll/ii 
Haringey, Harryngey, at Homsey, 

Middlesex, 8O/4 
Hameys, Thomas, 96/20 
Harwode, Thomas, 44/i2 
Hawey, Eicbard, master of the 

Chauntry — LatiHy * cantaria ' — of 

Mantou, 55/8. See 58/26 

Hawys, lonet, IIO/18 

Hay, Piers de la, 54/8 

Hay, Shropshire 1, 35/20 

Haye and Tasseleye, my Manors of 

the (in Shropshire), 34/ 10 
Hay ward, lohn, 19/ 2 3 
Helindon, Hillingdon, Middx, 

11/18. /&* 11/22 
Hempston, John Smart, bailiff of 

Sir Thomas West at, 8/13 

Henry V.'s Chamber, John 
Broone of, 43/2 

Henstrygge, 1 32/15: Henstridge, 

Henuden (a man), 53/9 

Herdyngton, Harlington, Middx, 

Herdyngton, Somersetshire, 43/ 

10, 15 

Hereford Cathedral, gift of 100*. 
to, 22/19 

Hereford, Grey Freres of, 109/ 12 

Hereford, tbeBp. of, II8/28 

Herelowe (15/i8), or Herlowe, 
Margarete, wedewe, I6/2, 16 

Hereward, William, 19/i9 

Herflete, p. 97, note 2 

Hergest, lohn, 50/2 3 

Hertfordshire, 49/9 : Hereford- 

Hetb, Katerine and lohan, my 

doughters, 99/20^ 22 
Hbth, Rauf, of Hackney, Middle- 
sex; his Will, p. 99-100; Anejs 
his wife, 99/15, 18; IOO/5 
He wet, lo&n, loynour, 82/3, 28 
Hewys, lohn, 111/ 17 
Hill, John, Armourer, 94/i8 
Hillindon, Middlesex, II/22 

Hinton Marcel, Hampshire, 4/5 ; 

p. 135 
Hiwey, Richard, 64/31 

Ho^enes, sire John, person (rector) 

of Tasseley (Shropshire), 35/ 18 
Holdich, Devon, my Manour of, 

27/11; 28/9; p. 138 
Holdyche,130/9 : Holditch,Devon- 

Horple (1 in Herefordshire), 25/5 
Home, Robert, 88/20, 23 ; 89/i6 
Horton, William, 29/22 
Hospital of St. Marie Maude- 

leyne, ahoue Wynchestre, 7/35 
Hotham (1 in Devon), 27/ii 
Hotoft, John, p. 134 
Hoton, William, 97/i, 9 
Howe, Thomas, 80/6 
Howecapell, Herefordshire, 23/ii 
Huchecoke, lohn, 50/21 
Hukyns lohan, 48/i6, 25 
Hall, Dame Alionore, 90/ 10 
Humberstone, lonet, 58/23 
Humberstone, Ralph, of Leicester, 

Hunt, brouderere, 53/i9 
Husewyffe, Roger, priest, 90/ 10 
Hyde {] in Herefordshire), 25/4 
Hylbyll, William, 4O/3 
Hynton, Alison, 6/1 1 

Ibex, a person, 1 1 1 /i 7 

Idany Hale, 91/6, 8, 9, 17, 18 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Idkyne my chambrer (chamber- 
maid), 6/14 
He of Wygbt, 20/i 

Ikenbam, ]» panstL chircb of, 11/ 

Ivy Lane, near St Paul's and 

Paternoster Row, London, 93/3 

Jacob, John, 21/6, la 
lacobo my seraaunt, IO7/14 
lames and his wyf, 50/2 6 
lane, myn nece, 50/6, 8 
lankyn clerk, 39/i2. See Chau- 

cer^s Wife of Bat A' t Preamble, lines 

595, 628. 
Jankyn or John Miles, 5O/15 ; 

lankyn Tailour, 50/2 2 
lehannez, 48/2 : John's 1 

Jerusalem, pilgrim to be sent to, 

for good of Testator's soul, 53/2 ; 

Joan, daughter-in-law to Lady 

Alice West, 5/5 
lohn, my [John Credy's] godson, 

lohn. Sire, my preest, 71/aa 
lohn) my wyf, 115/i8, 23 : Joan 
lohn of Nokys, 111/ 19 
lohn of the kechyn, 19/2 1 ; 133/ 

lohn of Pantrye, III/13 
John of the SpetlB, 91/7, ^^ 
John of the Stable, 107/is 
Johnson, John, 1 25/24 

Ion my prentys, bequests to, 22/ 

lonet Hawys, IIO/18 : Jeanette 

lonet my Cosin (Jn. Cred/s), 76/ 

lorge my Cosyn, 39/i8 

loyo; Elizabeth; 50/18; 51/ii,2i 

loye, sir lohn, preest of the chircL 
of Alhalowen the more, London. 

lulyan, sir William, 133/a5 

Kamerwell, Alys, I5/17 

Kechyn, lohn of be, I9/21 : 


J lohn Wylkynsone of 

the, 133/27 

, William of the, 107/i6 

Kemp, Eobard, 13/s 
Kempeley, Glo'stershire, 23/io 
Kempley, John, IO7/24 
Kesteuen, Lincolnshire, 1 24/13 
Keston, Elysabeth, to have 80 

marks for her marriage, 11 8/ 16, 19 
Ketrych, Bichard, Grocer, of Lon- 
don, 131/16 
Keys, three, to a Chest of Deeds, 

Killum, Martyn, I3/3 
King's Bench, Prisoners of the, 

78/4; 106/ 14 
Kingston Bridge over the Thames, 

Knight, John, p. 134 

Knight riders street, London, p. 

65, note 5 
KnoUes, lonet, 5O/30 
Knolles, Thomas, pe jongger, 50/ 

Knolles, Thos., 51/n 
Knoston, Margarete, a servant, 

Koc kook, 58/30 : Cock, the 

cook ? or Kokok 

Kyllet, Wm., of Essex, II/26 

Kylwolmerssh, William, clerk, 

Kynegespeaw yn Hyde (1 Here- 
fordshire), 25/4 

Kyngesbenche, prison of, 78/4 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Lacy, Edmund, Bp. of Exeter, 

hw Pontifical y p. ]35 
Lacy, William, tayler, 96/2 
Lady-Chapell of the Howse of 

Tewkesbery, 117/7 
Laffarebrugge, 70/2 3 : % Langford 

brid^ on the Biackwater, near 

Maiden, Essex 
Langeford, Henre, Sir Wm. L's 

son, 19/10; 20/4, 5» ", 15, 29, 30 
Langeford, Lncie, daughter of Sir 

Wm. L., 19/30; 20/15, 24, 29, 30 
Langeford, Lady Lucy, Sir Wm. 

L.'8 wife, 18/9, 16; 2O/27, 29; 

Langeford, Sir William, knight ; 

his Will, p. 18-21 
Langeford, Robert, his eldest son, 

19/1 ; and wife Elyzabeth, 19/7 
Langeford, Wm., Sir Wm. L's 

son, 19/8, 35 ; 20/12, 13, 16, 27 
Langeford, Ysabell, Sir Wm. L.'s 

daughter, 19/i i ; 2O/32 
Langholme, John, I2I/3 
Lantemam, Abbot of, IIO/9. The 

Abbey was in Monmouth. 
Larance my neese, 39/i6 
Lawsell, Lawshall, Suffolk, be- 
quest for building its church, 69/13 
Lazar House of Walsingham, p. 

117, note 3 
Lazare, bowses of, next aboute 

London, 106/ 16 : leper hospitals 
Ledbury, Glostershire, 23/io ; 

24/12, 20 

Lee, Essex, parish-church of, 37/ 

13; 38/3,27; 39/6 
Lee, poor of, 39/9 
Lee in Deuenshire, John Credy's 

place at, 74/1 1 

Leek, Richard, I2I/4 

Leesthorpe in Leicestreshire, 63/ 

Leget, Isabell, 42/s 

Leget, Eoberd, 4I/14, 18] 42/ 

12, 20, 23 
Leke, Richard, 125/2 7 

Lemman, lohn, Citezein and 
Skynner of London, 34/26; 35/ 
10 ; his Wife, 35/i 

Leuch, Anneys, IIO/2 
Le Ware, Lord, 5 7/13 
Lewes, William, 58/29 
Lewys, Kateryne, my seruant, 45/ 

15,17; 46/IO, 13,20,28; 47/5 
Leycestreshire, 6I/21 

Lincoln, Cathedral of, 20«. to, 

Lincoln, Wm., Bp. of; a gold 

sapphire ring to, I2O/13, 14 ; 121/ 


Lobered, Peter de, of Burdeux, 

Lochard, Sire William, 32/28 
London, Gefori, 80/6 
London, Bp. William, of, 66/17 

London, Lazare bowses next 
aboute, IO6/16 

London, the 6 'pore hospitales' 
near : St. Mary's, Bedlam, St. 
Thomas's, St. Anthon;y's, St. Bar- 
tholomew's, and St. Giles's, 31/31 ; 
32/1-3. See Friars, Ludgate, New- 
gate, Prisons, St., Towre, &c. 

Longeford (1 in Herefordshire), 

23/25 ; 25/19 

Lound, Henry, 53/2 1 

Loveden, Roger, of Bristol, mer- 
chant, 131/19 

Louell, Lady, I9/13 

Lowesley, John, 68/1 

Lowys & othyr seruauntys, I3/17 

Lister, William, 53/6 ; 64/i6 

Ludgate in London, the prisoners 
of, gift to, to pray for a Testator, 
31/27; 106/11 

Ludgate, prison of, 78/4 ; 11 3/17 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Ladlow, Shiopsbiie, the twey 
Ordrea of Frcres in, 31/ 12 

Lunhx, G«retrude de, the wyf 
of William de Lanhx, Gitezein and 
▼inter of London, 103/6, 14 

Luysote (a woman ?), 5O/24 

Lychfeld, maister william, persone 
of Alhalowen the more, IO8/4 

Lydyerd, IIO/24 : 1 Lidiard Mil- 
licent, Wilts. 

Lynches, the place of (1 in Shrop- 
shire), 34/1 1 

Lyndefeld, J., a Commissary of 
the 6p. of London, 72/ 11, 16; 
83/19; 90/19; 108/8; II9/23 

Lynebroke, the Prioress of, Aunt 
of Lady Peryne Clanbowe, 50/4 

Lytell John Spotell, 40/s 

Machabre, Dance of, p. 104, 

Maleiy, Sir William, 123/2 5 
Maliot, Benet, 88/20, 22 ; 89/2o 
Malmesbuiy, the Abbot of, 109/22 
Malton, Jn., 131/is 
Man, John, cordwainer, 22/i i 

Mangeard, Maudes ; wife of Walter 

Mm 95/16, 19 
MANasARD, Walter, of London, 

cook; his Will, p. 94-5 
Manley, Hard, 53/7, * S^^J horse 
Manny, Sir Walter, p. 105, note 
Manton,J>eMai8terof,55/8; 68/26 
Marchall, lohan, a f rere, 48/9 

Marchall, Maister Ion, Dene of 
firiggenorth (Shropshire), 32/29 

Marcle, Herefordshire, 22/19; 
24/12, 14 

Marcle Church (Herefordshire), 

Chantry to be founded in, 25/ 10 
Margaret of Ware, IO7/17 

Mariorie [Olney] my wyfe, 48/ 16, 

Maishalsea, prisoners of the, 

31/30; 78/4; IO6/13 
Martfeld, Kobert, 68/30 

Mary Maudelene of the holt, 
II8/26-7, a chapeL See St. Mary. 

Massyngham, Wm., I2I/4; 128/ 

Massyngton (Herefordshire ?), 23/ 

Mastorpe, Lincolnshire), 6O/30; 

64/12; p. 140 
Maut, Maud, 102/i6 

Mawde, my seruaunt, (bequest) to 

hire manage, 19/2 5 
Medrose, Eichard, I2/14 
Melbourne, John, 107/2 3, 29, 35 
Mendam, John, of London, II/27 
Menston, William, II9/15, 26 
Merbury, John of, 66/1. (There 

is no such place in Carlisle's book, 

or Moule's.) 

Mermaid Tavern in Bread St., 
Cheapside, bequest of its lease, 
78/19; p. 141 

Mersk, Acris, 53/7, ^ 

Meryco, John, 134/3 

Meyre, Harry, III/16 

Michel Marcle, 22/19: Much 
Marcle, Herefordshire. iS'^ Marcle. 

Miles, Jankyu; the servant and 
trusty friend of Lady P. Clanbowe, 
6O/15 ; 51/10, 21 

Miles, Jankyn, hia wife, 60/25 

Milner, Eichard, 6O/32 

Mody, lohn, IIO/20 

Monkes Chirch, 93/21 ; p. 141 : 
Monken Hadley, or Hadley, next 
Bamet, Middlesex 

More, lohn, 126/2 3 

More, Sir Thomas, 71/7 : the 
Dead Dean of St. Paul's, p. 73 
note, p. 104 note, 105 note, 140 

Mores, Frost, 53/is 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Morgan, Margaret, 11 8/21 
Morstede, Maister Thomas, 88/19, 

21 ; 89/15 
Morstede, Thomas, p. 134 

Morston, Devon, 74/25: Mort- 
ston, near Mortbay, W. of Ufra- 

Mortymer, Elizabeth, IIQ/2 

Morys, Dauid, 50/2 3 

Mottrun, Master Adam de. Arch- 
deacon of Canterbury, 10/ 13 

Mounkcocamton, avowsone of fe 
chirche of, 20/ 11 

Mountfort, sir Wm., 119/iS, 26 

Myddylton, Eobard, 13/8 

Mylnere, Eichard, 64/ n 

Mymmes, WilliMn, and Anneys 

ys wyfe, 29/i5, 16 
Mytton, Anneys, atte lyon, 88/ 


Nansan, John, 11 9/ 15 (1 Nan- 
fan, a well-known family name in 

Neue, Bartholomew, 2/i, 9, 10, 21 

New Forest, Hampshire, Priory of 
the Canons of, 4/9, 10 

Newbery, lohn, 125/22 

Newe, husband of Elizabeth 
Rogers, 8/6 

Nbwbnt, Walter; his Will, p. 

, Alsofl (L. Alicia), his wife, 

83/14, i7i 21 

Newenton Valance, Church of, 

Newgate in London, the prisoners 

of, 31/29; 106/11 

Newgate of Okeham, 64/i i 

New-kole, Aneys, 9I/5 

Nbwland, Wm., of London and 
Normandy ; his Will, p. 65-6 

Newmarch, Jane, 11 8/ 12 

Newton, Devonshire, 74/i9; 75/ 

7 : East of Bideford 
Newton, Devon, bequest to the 

Church of, 76/3 
Newton-Longvile, the manor of, 

125/14, 21, 26 J 126/19, 31 ; 127/I4, 


No mans land, p. 105, note 
Nokys, lohn of, III/18, 19 

Normandy, bequests of goods in, 

Norreys, John, 119/is 

Northampton, the ankensse of, 

Northstoke, Lincolnshire, 123/26 
Norwiche, Andrewe, parson, 68/1 
Nunton, Thomas, mason, 58/33 

Obthorpe in Kesteuen, Lincoln- 
shire, 124/12 ; 126/16 
Ochecote, 107/io 
Okboum, lonet, 5O/20 ; 51/ii, 

Okeham, Eutlandshire, 55/2, 9, 

14; 56/i6; 6O/29, 31; 64/1 1 
, Almshouse or Hospital of, 

62/23; p. 140 

, parsonage of, 58/14 

Okenden, Alson, 42/5 
Oliuer, William, 44/5, ^^ 
Olnbt, Jn., of Weston, Bucks, 

his wm, p. 47-8 
, of Weston Underwood, 

his father, 47/iO) p. 48, note 
Olney, Mariorie, Jn. O.'s wife, 

Ondeley, lohn, 63/13 
Osbeme, WiUiam, 102/i6 

Osboume, sir Edward, vicary of 
Thomecombe (Devon), 28/7, I5 

Our Lady of Caimrsham, Oxford- 
shire, 117/8 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Our Lady of Tewkesbury, II7/7 

Walsynghftra, HT/ij 

Wopcestre, 118/a 

Our Lady's 8pitals in London, 

78/9, 10 
Ozenden, Richard, 59/4 > 6O/29 
Oxeid, lo&on, I9/19, 26 
Ozonford, vniueisitee of, 105/2 
Ozyn, Alyson, IO2/18-19 
Oxyn, Thomas, hosier, IO2/27 
Owen or Owyn, William, 97/8 
Oweyn, William, 96/15 

Page, lohn, of Oxenbolde, 54/25 ; 

Palbyng, John, 125/a5 

Pancras, St., the parson of, 83/i6, 
1 7. See Caiininghain's * Handbook 
of London,' with its quotations 
from Nash, 1589 — ^as many alhailes 
to thy person as there be haicocks 
in Inly at Paneredge/ — ^and Norden, 
1593, * it ifl visy ted and nsuailCy) 
haantedof roagea, ragaboades, bar- 
lettes, and theeves, who assemble 
not ther to pray, but to wayte for 
praye.' The Church is N. of the 
Great Northern and Midland Rail- 
way Stations at King's Cross, and 
the old Churchyard was some years 
ago laid out as a carden, which is 
much frequented by the poor, the 
inmates of the model lodging- 
houses, &c., near. 

Pantiye, John of, 111/ 13 

Pardon Churchyard, St. Paul's, 

London, 10^/8 ; p. 140 
J Charter-House, p. 105, 

Parker, Wa[l]ter, III/19 
Parmay, Hugh, 19/2 2 
PascaU, WilUam, 107/is 
Pathislond, in Bradwell, Essex, 

Paul's Cross, 11 8/4. See Powles 

and St. Paul's. 

Paul's, Dance of, p. 104, not© ' 

Pecok, Richard, chaplain, 24/4 

Penbroke, NichoH, I25/24 

Perceuale, Raufe, 28/7 

Perche, Master John, Commis- 
sary of Wills, &c., 21/2 

Perpoynthurst, Sussex, 95/io : 

Perrot, little, 6/13 

Pers, LiteH, lll/i9 

PertenaH, Pertnale, Thomas, 42/2, 

Pei-tnale, William, 42/i7, 25 

Peryne, niece of Lady P. Clan- 
bowe, 50/7, 9 

Peter & Powle&seynt Bertylmew 
bequest of soul to, 92/7, 8 

Petir, litill, 53/7 

Phelippe, a man servant, 71/2 4 

Phelippe, 88/26 

Philipe, William, chiualer, 54/i5 

Piers de la Hay, 54/8 

Piriesmaner (1 in Essex), 70/io 

Plesynton, Sir Hy., 65/i i ; 57/35 ; 

p. 139 ; Roger Flore's son-in-law 
Plot, Alys, John P.'s wife, 15/io 
Plot (or Rouwenhole), John, Citi- 
zen and Maltman of London; his 
Will, p. 14-16; Alys his wyue, 

Podon, Sir Wm. (a priest 1), 67/9 
Pokyng, Robert, 88/24 
Pole (a man), 88/24 
Pomfretth, skynner of Yorke, 

Porchalyn, Thomas, II6/11 
Portgriave of London, p. 105, note 

Portmannes Crosse fast by Brigge- 
north, 31/19 

Poultry Counter, a prison in. 

London, p. 113, note 5 
Pounce, Thos.^ 65/15 ; 66/10, 22 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Pounde, Thomas, IO7/24, 29; 

(St.) Powles grete cbirchehawe of 

London before the Crosse, 113/4 
Prat, John, chaplain, 24/3 
Prelett, William, of Siscetre, 

112/3, 10 
Preston, 1 Glostershire, 23/i i 
Prestplace, Stoke, Lincolnshire, 

Price, David, 66/16 
Prioresse of Chesthunt, IO6/18 
Piiorisse of Shaftebury, 6/7 

Putley, Glostersh. or Herefordsh., 

Pychardisokell Manor, 1 Hereford- 
shire, 50/3 

Pygeon, Robert, Citaysyn and 
Draper of London, 14/ 18, 21 ; 
15/5,7,23,28,31; I6/13 

Pynchbon, John, Citizen and 
jeweller of London ; his Will, 1392, 
p. 3 

Quatermains (Quatremains), Rich- 
ard, 74/8; 76/19,20; 107/23, 29 
Quatford in Shropeshire, 30/ 10 

Radnore, Maister Thomas, IO9/14 

Rahere, founder of St. Bartholo 

mew's, p. 92, note 2 
Rawfe, Thomas, my seruaund, 

Rayncok, John, cleric, I2I/4 

Recbemond, Robard, my Cosyn, 

Reignold, little, 6/i6 

Remys, Thomas, steward to the 
lady Bemond, 8/29; 9/i8, 29; 
Reuett, WilKam, IIO/19 
(Sir) Reynold, my prest, 5I/4 

Richard of Beverley, the Spital of, 


Richard of the Warderobe, 1 1 l/i 3, 

Richard, sir, my preest, 107/i8 

Richeford Hundred, Essex, 7O/20 

Richemond, Thomas, a frere, 

Rigge, Adam, 29/17 
Robert, a god -child, 102/ii, 13 

Robert, John, of London, 17/ 

Robyn, litill, 53/i6 

Rochefort, Henry, Sir Ralph R.'s 

3rd son, 123/ 14, 15; 124/2, 22; 

125/5,6,7; 127/i8 
Rochefort, John, Sir Ralph R*s 

2nd son, 123/ii, 27, 33 ; 124/22 ; 

125/10; 127/18 

Rochefort, Lady Margaret, Sir 

Ralph R's wife, I22/5, 8, 27; 

123/1, 17; 124/6; 127/ii 
Rochefort, Rauf, Sir Ralph R.'s 

eldest son, 123/i, 4; 124/20: 

125/9,13; 127/17 
Rochefort, Sir Ralph, Will of, 

p. 120-128 
Rodeley, William, 46/2 1, 27 
Rodeston, Robert, 54/8 

Roe, John, that hath wedded the 

forsaide Emot, 33/i3 
Roger, parkere of Ewhurst, 8/1 1 
Rogers, Elizabeth, wif Newe, 8/6 

Roger Y88ON, John, of London: 
his Will, p. 41-42 

Rokewode, Thomas, Clerk, 68/2 

RoUeston, Roger Flore's servant, 

Rome, pilgrim to be sent to, for 

the good of Testator's soul, 65/5 
Romeseye (Hants), menchouns 

and prestes of, bequest to, 7/19 » 
Rone, 44/23 : Rouen. See Roon. 
Rone (] Rouen), Jenet of, 88/28 
'^Rood Lane, London, p. 101, note 1 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Eoode, John, and Troyde hys 

wyf, 84/9, II 
Roon, 40/27 ; p. 97, note 2 : 

Roaen, in Normandy. See Rone. 
Koos, Mawde, Richajrd R.'s wife, 

13/9,21,26; 14/1 
Rocs, Richard, of London; his 

WiU, p. 12-14 
Roos, Richard, glover, 22/i i 
Roos, Thomas, Richard R's son, 

12/12; 13/IO 
Roos, Thomas, Richard R/s 

brother, I2/15 ; 13/ 12, 17, 26, 29; 

14/4, 8 
Rote, Wyllyam, 42/7 
Roteland, 6I/21 : Rutlandshire 
Rothewell, Thomas, IO7/24, 29, 

33; IO8/10 
RouwENHOLB, OT Rouwenhale, 

alias Plot, John, maltman of London, 

16/8 ; his Will, p. 14rl6 
Rowele, Alys, 68/22 

Ruddok, Thomas, of Hackney, 

Russell, Frere, of the Austins, 

Russell, lohn, squyer, IIO/26: 


Russhebrok, Sir lolln, chauntre 
prist of seynt Marget Patens (Lon- 
don), 102/20, 21 

Rwaren (1 in Herefordshire), 25/4 

Rye, Jenet, 88/28 

Rykard, Wa(l)ter, 85/io 

Ryke, Richard, 133/iS; his son 
William, 133/i6 

Ryke, Thomas, 133/io; 134/i6, 

Ryslepe, 11/iS : Ruislip 

Saint Alban's Cathedral, 1 32/23 

Saint Alpheies, or St. Alphage, 
Church, in Aldennanbury, London, 

Saint Andrew, the Translation of. 
May 9, 100/ 17 

St. Andrew's Chapel, Bradfield, 
Berks, 18/6, 8 

St Andrew's Church, Asperton, 
Herefordshire, 132/i6 

St Anton to be sculpturd at the 
left of Lady Warwick's head, 117/2 

St. Antonies Elsyng spitell, Lon- 
don, 32/1, 2 

St Austin's, Canterbury, 132/22 

St Austyn's Church, Watling St., 

London, 113/6 ; 114/2 
St. Austyn's in London, nexte 

Powles chircheyerd (in Watling 

St.), 132/13 

St Austyn's Church, Hackney, 
Middx, 98/6 ; its churchyard, 99/9 

St Austynyscherchhawe (Austin's 
church-yard) of Hakeney (Middx), 

St. Bartholomew's, the Priory 0^ 
in West Smithfieid, London, 92/ 
16; 93/4; Church of, 92/10 

St Bartholomews spiteH beside 
West Smythfeld of London, 115/ 

St Bartilmewes in Smythfeld in 

London, 32/2; 78/ 11 
St Benet Fvnk Church, London, 


St Benet Fynk, London, the 
parysh of, 41/ 15 

St. Bride's, or Bridget's, Parish, 
p 65, note 1 ; church, 94/15 

St Christofre, an ymage of, 45/ 

St Clement's Church, East Chepe, 
84/6; its churchyard, 67/5; Re- 
quest to its Parson and Master- 
clerk, 67/5-8 

St Cleineut's Church, Strand, 

6/17; 17/1,3,16 
St Colas lyght, at Twickenham, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Saint Dimstones Church in the 

West (Fleet St., London), 17/5, 

17 ; 21/23 
St. Eleynes, London, nonnes and 

prestes of, bequest to, 7/i, 2 
St. George, jeweld tablet of, 

St. George's, Southwark, Surrey, 

29/2, 23-4 
St. Giles (Egidius), Feast of, 

St. Giles's without Cripplegate, 


St. Giles's Spital in Beverley, 
Yorkshire, I2/24 

St. Gyles beside Holboume, Lon- 
don, gift to the poor of, 32/3 

St. Gregories Trentall, 3I/7, 23 ; 
88/9, 10 ; 105/9 

St. James of Compostella in 
Galicia, Spain : pilgrim to go to the 
shrine of, for a testator, 65/8, 9 

St. James, in the Holte (Hamp- 
shire), 7/32 

St. lolin Baptist, 47/iS 

St. John Baptist: taper to be 
burnt before, 81/ 13 

St. John the Baptist's Church at 
Bikinacre, Essex, 69/4 

St. lohn Euaungelist, 47/i5 

St. John the Evangelist to be 
sculptured on the right of Lady 
Warwick's he^d, 117/1 

St. John Ewangelist : 3 tapers to 

be burnt before, 81 /i 5 
St. lohn of the Craft of Taill •urfsl 

of London, brotherhood of, II4/28 

St. John, scripture of, on a silver 

cup, 50/33 
St. John Zacarie church, in the 

City of London, 73/6 
St. Katerine, soul given to, IOI/5 

St Katherine's, outside the Bars 
of Lincoln, 120/i6 

Saint Katryne, jeweld tablet of, 

St. Katrens (Convent), 11 8/1 4 

St. Leonard's, Bridgenorth, Shrop- 
shire, 31/16; 32/7, 14 

St. Marget Patyns, IOI/9 : St. 
Margaret Pattens, Little Tower St., 
London. See St. Mergret. 

St. Margrete, soul given to, IOI/5 

St. Mary, mother of Almighty 

God, 4/8 ; and often 
St. Marie ChapeU, 8I/18 

St. Mary kirk of Beverley (York- 
shire), 12/16, 17 

St. Mary Spital, Bedlam, London, 


St. Marie spitell with-oute Bish- 
oppesgate, London, 3I/31 ; 78/9 

St. Mary (Elsinge) Spital, 106/r5 

St. Marie Maudeleyne, Hospital 
aboue Wynchestre, 7/35 ; 8/1 

St. Marie Magdaleyn of Quatford 
in Shropeshire, 30/io. See Mary. 

St. Mary Ottery, Devon, College 
of, 105/12 

St. Mary Staining, London, 96/7 

St. Martin, the feast of the Trans- 
lation of, 14/15 

St. Matthew, 4 quayres of Doc- 
tours on, 51/4; p. 139 

St. Mergret lyght, at Twickenham, 

St. Michael's in the Fen, near 
Boston, Lincolnshire, 120/ 18 

St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall ; 
pilgrim to go to, for good of Testa- 
tors soul, 65/8 

St. Mildred's Church, Bread St., 
London, 77/i3 ; 79/i3 ; 82/19; 
Parish, 78/2 

St. Nicholas, brederhede of, 
founded by paressh clerkes in Lon- 
don, 114/26 

St. Nicholas Chapel, in St. Paul's, 
Loudon, 132/5 

11 2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



St Nicholas Chapel in Bikinacre 

Priory, Essex, 70/6 
St. Nicholas's Chapel, in St. 
John's Church, Bikinacre, Essex, 
69/5, lo 
St. Nicholas Coldahbey, Old Fish 

St., London, IO6/3 
St. Nicholas, the Feast of the 

Translation of. May 9, 100/ 17 
St. Nicholas Oloff [Clave] Church, 

London, 82/ 19 
St. Nicholas of Weston, Bucks, 

St. Paul's Cathedral, London; 
bequest to works of, 2/6 ; II/3 ; 
93/3 ; 132/6 
St. Paul's, London : the Chapell 
of our blessyd Lady & seynt 
^'icholas, atte Northdore of the 
Cathedral cherche of, 132/5-7 
St. Paul's, its Chamell or Dead- 
house, 96/4: London 
St. Paul's, Pardon-Churchy ar(J at, 
104/8 ; works of, 105/i : London 
St. Peter's Church, 93/20 : 1 St. 
Peter's at the Cross in Cheap, or 
St. P.'s in Cornhill, or St. P. le 
Poor, Old Broad St., or St. P.'s at 
Paul's Wharf. 
St. Peter and St. Christopher, in 

London, Church of, 3/6 
St Peter's, Westminster (the 

Abbey), ll/i 
St. Sepulcre parosch, in the suh- 

urbe of London, 9/3 
Saints Simon and Jude, feast of, 

Oct. 28, 64/23 
St. Thomas the Apostle, church 
of, in Knightrider St, London,. 65/ 
10 ; gift to the parson of, 66/2 
St Thomas Spital in Southwerk, 
gift to the poor of, 32/ 1 ; 78/ii; 
106/1 5 . 

St Wynfryde (some shrine ot;, 

Salesbury, bequest to freres, men- 
ours, and prechours of, 7/28 

Salford, Margerie, 6/9 

Salisbury, Cathedral, gift to, I8/7 

Salwayn, Alison and Isabell, Sir 
Roger's daughters, 52/i3, 14 

Salwayn, Edwayd, Sir R's brother, 

Salwayn, Elyn, Gerard S.'s daugh- 
ter, 53/27 

Salwayn, Gerard, son of Sir Roger, 
53/6,27,28; 54/8 

Salwayn, lohan. Sir Roger's 
brother, 54/ 1 

Salwayn, John, son of Sir Roger 

s., 52/13 

Salwayn, Sir Roger, of York, his 

Will, p. 52-54 ; his wife, 54/i5 
Salwayn, Thomas, Sir Roger's 

brother, 53/ii 
Samon, Ajineys, 68/21 
Sandwyche, will writ at, 40/; 
Sandwyk, Hary van, of St. Cle- 
ment's, East Chepe, London; his 
Will, p. 84 
Saykyn, Robert, draper, of Lon- 
don, p. 130 
Saymour, lohn, 134/2 
Sayrys, 88/30; Sayres, 39/i : a 

farm or place in Essex r p. 138 
Sceperd, lohn, 19/2o 
ScHAPMAN, Robert, of Haringay, 

Middx ; his Will, p. 80 
Scheddysford, Thomas, 13/5 
Scheffeld, 19/33: 1 Sheffield 
Scheffild, Edmond, citizen and 

vintner of London, 79/24 
Schiplake, Margrete, 67/i2 
Schiplake, Wm., barber, 67/i7, 

18 ; 68/4, 5 
Schyffeld, 19/2 7 
Scudamore, Sir John, 50/5 
Seluester, WiH, 91/i3 ; 92/2 
Seluester, Jonet, Will S.'s wife, 
' 91/15 

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Seluester, Wm., 92/2 
Seynour, sir Richard, 9 4/ 5 
Shaftebury, Menchouns of the 

Hows of, 7/13 
Shaftebury, prestes of, bequest to, 

Shaftebury, Priorisse of, 6/7 

Sharp, Eobert, goddis-chUd, 

Sharpe, Robard, IO2/19 
Shipley, Richard, 131/i 
Shottesbroke, a man, 64/ 18 
Shottesbrooke, Sir Robert, 5 3/14 

Shrovesbury, 31/i i : Shrewsbury 

(the 3 Orders of Friars in) 
Siscetre (Cirencester, Gloster- 
shire), ]09/2, 3; 110/8; II2/3 

, the Abbot of, 109/i6 

, the new chapeH: at, 110/8 

Sithinge, my cosin, 68/23 
Skelton, lohn, 42/; 
Skott, Richard, 126/25 

Skotte3,at Totham,near Langford, 
Essex, 70/26 

Skreynge, the manor of, Lincoln- 
shire, 122/8, 25 ; 123/5 ; I24/14 

Skydmore (Scudamore), Sir Jn., 

Skynner, James, of Bemflet, 

Smart, John, bailiflf of Sir Thos. 

West, 8/12 

Smyth, lohn. Sir T. West's Reue 
ofTrestwode, 8/13 

Smyth, Peris, J>e yongar, I9/20 

Smythislond (1 in Essex), 7O/3 

Smythyot, Richard, 6O/5, 28 

Solas, John, of Southwark, 
Surrey; his Will, p. 28, 29 

f lone his wife, 29/19, 21, 


Soler, Richard, 85/n ; 86/2 

Solershope, Herefordshire, 23/ir 
Soon, Henre, 19/ 19 

Soppewell, in Hertfordshire, noir 

St. Albans, 90/3 

Church, Nuns of, 90/s 

Southampton, bequest to freres 

menours of, 7/27 ; 4O/26 
Southcote, Berkshire, I8/16 

Southende in Boston, Lincoln- 
shire, 125/3 

Spengold, 38/32 : a farm or place 

in Essex P 
Spensers place atte Kewton in 

Deuenshire, 74/ 18 
Spitals of St. Thomas, St. Mary 

(Elsinge), and St. Bartholomew, 

106/ 1 5, 16 

Spore, lohfi, ferroure (ironman, 

? farrier), 7G/26 ; 77/3 
Spotell, LytyU lohn, 40/s 
Spriggy, Margaret, 68/22 
Sp^'ke, John, 44/14 
Stable, lohn of the, 107/is 
Stabul, Robert of Jje, I9/22 
Stambrygge, Adam, 98/17 
Stanlehalle, 7I/35 : an estate 
Stanlow, William, 121/s; 126/ 

Staunton in Somerset, 75/3 

Staverton, the Manor of, in Glos- 
tershire, 33/6, 18, 24 ; 34/2 

Stell, Richard, 03/22 

Stenby, the Manor of, 6O/5, n, 
21 : Stainby, Lincolnshire 

Steneby, a man, 57/i8 

Steuenes, Thomas, I3/32 

Stok Dabemoun, Surrey, 90/8, 15 

Stoke Church, Lincolnshire, 120/ 
17; 127/2 
, Manor, Line, 123/5 

y Lincolnshire, 124/i2 ; 

126/13, 30 

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Stoke (1 near Guildford, Surrey), 

90/8. iS^Stok 
Stokes (Stookes), Wm., 21/s, i6 
Stone bridge at Langford (?), 

Essex, bequest for, 7O/23 
Stoneham, majster Eobert, 57/ii 
Stonbam, Wm., Commissary of 

the Bp. of London, 73/29 ; 83/; 
Stoureprewe, or Stoureprews, the 

manor of, 125/i4, 20; I26/19 ; 

127/13, 22 
Stranstone, Margrete, 44/8 
Stratford, Ealpb, Bp. of London, 

1348, p. 105, note 
Strauston, Margarete, 13/6 
Sturgeon, John, the elder, 134/i5, 

Sturgeon, lobn, Nicholas S.'s 

brother, 133/; 
Sturgeon, Nicholas, priest; bis 

Will, p. 131-134 
Sturgeon, Richard, brother of 

Nicholas S., 133/9; 134/15, 23 
Sulhamstede Abbis, I9/28, 33 
Sussex, 95/10 
Swetenham, Beatrice, myn aunte, 

Symond, John, 127/s 

Tailour, lankyn, 50/22 
Tailour, John, 51/ii, 22 
Talbot, Alson, 13/; 
Talbot, lohan, 12/is; 13/2 7; 

Tamworth, John, I2I/3 
Tanner, William, of Ersgarston, 

Tasseley in Shropeshire, the 

Parisshe Chirche of, 86/14 
Tavern, Will, 130/i3 
Temple-Bar, without, London, 

Teukysbury, the Abbot of, 109/i 5 ; 

the Prior and Convent of, 109/i6 

Tewkesbery, the Howse of, II8/4, 

Tey, Eobert de, Esq., Essex, 69/i 6, 

18; 71/17 
Thatteley (? in Herefordshire), 

Thomas, George, cousin of Stephen 

T., 40/25 
Thomas, Jon, Stephen T.'s 

brother, 39/ 18 
Thomas, Maister, 88/21 
Thomas, Matilda, or Maude, wife 

of Stephen T., 38/6, 7, 17, 29, 

31; 39/1-4; 40/30; 41/9 (Lat. 

Thomas, Stephen, of Lee, Essex ; 

his Will, p. 37-40 ; Codicil made 

at Rouen, p. 40-1 
Thomas, Myne seruant, 85/i i 
Thomas, Thomas my Cooke, 

Thomase Blount, Menchon (nun), 

of Romeseye (Hants), 6/8 
Thomelyn, 88/23 
Thomme of the warderobe, 6/15 
Thommissone, Henry, apprentice 

to Jn. Toker, vintner, 78/15, 29 
Thomcoffyn manor in Someraet, 

Thomecombe, Devonshire, 26/21 

, sir Edward Osboume, 

vicary of, 28/8 
Thomecombe church, Devonshire, 

129/14; 130/3, 10 
Throckmarten, Jn., of Fladbury, 

p. 130 
Thurleby in Kesteuen, Lincoln- 
shire, 124/13 ; 126/16 
Thurston, John, 8/30; 9/i8; 10/s 
Tirell, sir John, knyght, 107/22, 

ToKBB, John, of London, Vintner; 

his Will, p. 77-9 
Tootham, 70/25 ; Totham, near 
Longford, £ssex 

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Tornom, Thomas, of Ikenham, 

Torre, Eobard, I3/33 
Towre of London, 86/20 

Trebell, sir lohn, my confessour, 

Trestwode, John Smyth, Sir T. 

West's Reve of, 8/14 
Tiiche, Jacob, 38/6, 7, 16, 25; 

Trinity Altar in St. Bartholomew's 

Church, London, 92/io 
Trinity Chapel at Cirencester, 

Trinity Chapel, Haringay, Hom- 

sey, Middx, 80/ 13 
Trinity Church, Knight Biders 

St., London, 82/20 
Tropmell, William, taillour, of 

London, 53/19 
TropneU, WOliam, 44/19 
Trotter, Master lohn, 107/i8 

Troyde Roode, John R's wife, 

84/9, II 
Tukkysworthe, Anneys, 41/i6 ; 

42/i, 19 
Tumour, lohn, carter, 19/2 3 

TvoKY, Thomas, Esq. ; his Will, 

p. 36, 37 
Twickenham, Middlesex, 85/4 ; 

86/4 ; its Bridge (over the Colne P), 


Tybbeney in Ostofi, J>e mede 
clepyd, 19/28 

Typpop, lohn, 13/8 

Tyrell, Amy, wife of Richard T., 

Tyrbll, Richard, Esq. (? of Stoke- 
Dabemon, Surrey) : his Will, p. 

Upchurch, St. Mary, London, 

Vsk, Monmouthshire, 109/25 

XJsk, the Prioress and Convent of 
the House of, 109/7 

Yalans in Suffolk, 69/26 

Van Sandwyk, Hary, of St. Cle- 
ment's, East Chepe, London; his 
Will, p. 84 

Veel, Edeyn (a woman), 29/13 

Venys, Syr lotn, 93/3 

Virgin Mary, bequest of Testator's 
Soul to, 120/7 (^cl in nearly every 
other Will) 

Waddon, Thomas, 13/8 
Wade, Thomas, 29/15 

Waket, apprentice of Wm. Schip- 
lake, barber, of London, 67/ 12 

Walgraue, lohn, seruaunt of 
Wyllyam fondour, 15/2 5 

Walsyngham, Alson, 83/17 

Walsyngham, Nicholas, I3/4 

Waltham Abbey, sir John Gifford, 

Canon of, IO6/20 
Walwayn, Cristian, Thos. W.'s 

daughter, 23/24 
Walwayn, Isabell, Thos, W.'s 

wife, 23/17 ; 24/2, 1 1 ; 25/22 ; 26/9 
Walwayn, John, of Stoke, Thos. 

W.'s nephew, 24/2 
Walwayn, Maclun, Thos. W.'s 

son, 23/26; 24/20, 22; 25/12 

(lands entaild ou him), 14, 18, 25, 


Walwayn, Richard, Thos. W.'s 

son, 24/14 ; P 25/3 (or is this fellow, 

whose wife is Clemence, a nephew P); 

26/2, 9 
Walwayn, Thomas, Esq., of 

Much Marcle, Herefordshire; his 

Will, p. 22-26 
Walwayn, Thomas, son of Wm., 

and nevew of Thos. W., 24/3, 16, 

17,18; 25/7 
Walwayn, William, Thos. W.'s 

son, 23/26 ; 24/22 ; 25/i4, 17, 18, 


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Walwayn, William, Thos. W/s 

brother, 23/27 
Walwayn, William, son of William 

W., and nevew of Thomas W. the 

testator, 24/i6, i^; 25/i 

Wandsworth Church, Surrey, 82/ 

Wanton, lohn, 107/6 (Imay be 
' Wauton/ a well-known Essex 

Warderobe, Eichard of the, 111/ 

Ware, Margaret of, lOT/iy 
Wareyn, Beatrice, 6/10 
Wameford, Richard, 112/2 

Warwick, Countess of; her Will, 

p. 116-119 
Warwick, Richard Beauchamp, 

Earl of, p. 134 
Wascheboume, Norman, 11 8/ 17 
Wastell, WilHam, III/14 
Waterwilughby, Lincolnshire, 

Watkyn, lititt, my Godsone & 

my seruant^ 95/4 
Watley, lohan, I3/3 

Watlyngstrete, London, N". Charle- 

ton's leasehold house in, 115/ 19 
Wauton. See Wanton. 
Wellys, lohn, 13/s 

Welsham, manor of (1 in Suffolk), 


Wemme, lohn, 1 83/30 

West, Lady Alice, her Will, p. 
4-10; p. 135 

West, Sir Thomas^ masses for his 
soul, 6/26 

West, Sir T., and Lady A., be- 
quest for .tomb of, 8/5 

West, Thomas, 4/ii; 8/20, 27, 
32 ; and lohane his wife, 8/17, 28 ; 
9/8, 12,26; 10/4; p. 135 

Westminster, Abbot of; his prison, 

Westminstre, the Convent of, 

Westminster, lease under the 
Abbey of, 68/14 

Westminster prison for *Clerkes 

conuict,' 78/7 
Westnewlond, at Totham, Essex, 


Weston, Draper, and I, 74/30 

Weston, the Chapel of, 74/7 

Wharplod, Wm., of Chalfont St. 
Giles, p. 130 

Whetley, John, Citizen of London, 

69/17,19; 71/19 
White, lohne (Joan), I5/17 

White, Maude, I6/17, 20, 2t > 
16/2, 4 

Whitehed, Symkyn, 82/i, 12, 20, 
28. See Whyteman. 

Whitman, Alice, wife of Richard 
Whyteman, waxchandler, 82/26, 

Whitney, Sir Robert of, 49/ 16, 20 

Whityngham, Anneys, IO6/23 

Whyte, lohan, his seruauntys, 

Whyte, lohan, the yongger, I3/14. 
Whyteman, Katerine, 82/5 
Whyteman, Richard, Citizen and 

Waxchandler of London; his Will, 

p. 81-3. See Whitman. 
Wichard, lohn, 1 33/29 
Wilbe, Maude, 88/27 
Will my man, 7I/23 
William, Frere, 88/5: Friar 

William of fe kechyn, 107/i6 
Wilton, Menchons and priests of, 

Wiltshire, a legatee of Lady 

Warwick's, II8/24 
Wodcok, lohn, my mayster, 12/ 

10; 13/31 J his servants, 13/2 

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Wodehoiise (ia Shropshire, E. of 

Oswestry), the Friars of, 31/io 
"Wodeville, Eichard, 54/iS 
Wodrof, lohn, and Alison his 

wyf, 101/13, 14 
Wolfhope, 23/11 : ] Woolhope, co. 

"Wood St., London, bakehouse in, 

Worcestre, onr Lady of, 11 8/2 
Wotton chirch, IIO/22, 24 

Wotton (-under-Edge, Gloster- 

shire), 109,25 
Wrenchyn, Symond, 36/2 
Wright, sir William, perosone of 

my parische chirche, 83/i, 3 
Wring-wren lane, London, p. 65, 

note 3 
Wycrof te, Devon (W. G. Stone), 


Wyght, a Chyrche in le He of, 

Wyke, causy atte, 86/8 
Wylbury, Maister John, 93/2 
Wylde, Nicholas, 11 4/15 

Wylkynsone, John, of the Kechyn, 

Wynchelsee, Frere, 107/; 

Wynchestre, bequest to freres 
prechours and Menours of, 7/26, 27 
Wyntryngham, Jonet, 88/26 
Wyot, Johon, 17/8 

Yasore, Herefordshire, 49/8 
Yasore Church, bequest to, 6O/27 

Yate, John, uncle of Jn. Chelmys- 

wyk, 34/22 ; 35/10 
Yelot, Roger, 86/2 
Yngram, John, IO7/4 ; 108/s 

Yonge, Amy 8, Eichd. Y.'s wife, 

YoNOE, Eichard, of London, 

Brewer; his Will, p. 21-2 

Yonge, Thomas, 107/i2 ; 108/6 

Yonge, William, Eichd. Y.'s son, 

York, my lord of, IO9/24 

York, the Grey Friars Church at, 

, the other 3 Orders of 

Friars at, 52/8 

Manton, 58/26 ; ffatoey, R., 55/8. ' Manton, a parish in the hundred of 
Martinsley, co. Rutland, 3^ miles S.£. of Oakham, its post town, and 8 N.E. 
of Uppingham. It is a station on the Syston and Peterborough branch of the 
Midland railway. The parish, which is of ancient date, is situated between the 
rivers Gwash and Chater, and formerly belonged to Clugny Abbey. It had a 
chantry, founded by William Wade in Edward Ill's time, the revenue of which, 
at the Dissolution, was valued at £22 I85. 6<2.' — Nicholson's National OazeUeer* 

Bradgaie or BroadgcUe Park, an extra-parochial district in the western 
division of the hundred of Goscote, in the co. of Leicester, 5 m. to the N. W. of 
Leicester. It is on the border of Chamwood Forest . . . (and was) the birthplace 
of Lady Jane Grey, in 1537. (Hamilton's National Gazetteer, Virtue and Co. 
1878.) The Earl of Stamford and Warrington is now lying ill there. Fishers 
Ch-een, Essex, is about 2 miles N. of Waltham Abbey and 1 m. E. of Cheshunt. 

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abotme, 97/i : above 
aboute, prep, 76/23 : among 
abowot, 11 8/20: about 
aburioun of stele, I9/9, 11 : ha- 
abyde, 88/1 : wait for 
acomplesshid of, III/32 : carried 

out with 
acomd silver spoons, six, 45/i2 ; 

adjective plural after pi. noun, 

82/2, &c. 
adjective plural before pi. noun : 

* Twey honestes prestcs,' 3I/14 
affermjng, 64/2 o : confirming 
afore, 6 1 / 1 3 : before 
after, 2/io : according to, how 
age, withynne, IO2/13 : under 

age, under 21 
j^ens the day, I6/18 : for, at 
aither, jTTon. 124/22 : each 
Ale, a galon of, and a id. loaf for 

every poor man and woman, 40/ 14 
ale, a kildkerin of, 17/i6, 17 
aleves, 29/i : hallows, saints 
alfyere, an, 29/13 : half a year 
algates, 127/2? : nevertheless, 

almasdeddes^ 5O/14 : almsdeeds 

almes-dedys, bequest for, 2/8, &c, 

almes for poure men, IO9/9, &c 

almesse, 11 4/20: alms 

altar, painted sheet to hang before, 

Altar, high, gift to, for oblations, 
&c. forgotten, 2I/24 ; 80/8 ; 8I/7 ; 
84/7 ; 85/5 ; 94/16 ; 98/7 ; 101/ 
10; 113/5 

-AJyr*, grene, II7/14 : 1 some stuff 

for a gown. See p. 97, note 
ambeler (ambling nag), the best, 

to a wife, 67/34 
amende, v. f . 49/ 1 5 : repair (bridges, 

amendit, p^h 27/17 : made amends 

for, paid for 
amendynge, sb, 96/8 ; 98/9 : 

amenusy, inf, 28/3 : diminish 
an, 21/21, 22 ; 22/3, 6, 8, 10 : and 
anamylyd, pp. 46/8 : enameld 
and, 20/32 : if 
and, 46/21 : an, a 
aneyuer gurdil, 46/io : (?) ifs of 

silk, black, green, and red 
Angel with one wing, p. 117, 

note 2 
Ankerisseoff Northampton, 48/i 3 : 

anchoress, female recluse 

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annexed J^is . . with my testament, 

64/19: tied it on to 
annuities, 125/18 ; 126/i2 
anoon, 51/2 : immediately 
anscwere, vh. 8O/7 : answer 
answere before god, as Executors 

will, 112/6. See Executors, 
ant, 39/2 : and 
apparaillement, 32/24 : dress and 

ornaments, paraphernalia 
apparure, I8/12 : dress, rings and 

ornaments, paraphernalia 
appoyntement, 43/i : declaration 

apprentice releasd 2 years of his 
term, 22/s 

apprentices, bequest to, 11 4/9 

apprenticeship term, bequest of 
an, 78/29 

apprentisehod, eh, apprenticeship, 

apref, II9/19 : aprooval, confirm- 

ar, 50/ii, before 

aray, sh, 79/2 : dress 

arayd, to be new, 133/26 : to have 
a new suit of clothes 

armorer, 94/i8 : armourer (Jn. 

armerure, 58/i3 : collection, lot, 

of armour 
armes, my seal of myn, 64/2o 
armeure, 109/25 : armour 
Armiger, 68/10 : esquire 
arming girdle, p. 110, note 6 
armour, bequest of^ I9/4-11 

armour, a knight's, gift of, 19/ 

arms on a tomb, 88/14 

arms, crest (or ? coat) of, to be 
put on a tomb, 105/i i 

Arsegirdle of silver, IIO/25 : ? a 
girdle passing at the top of the 

right thigh and drooping over the 

left rump 
asselid, pp. 44/13 • ^^^^ ^P 
assigned, pp, 72/6 : set apart, 

orderd, directed 
assigns : to here heyres & as- 

signez, 99/21 
assithe, 119/5 : satisfaction, a- 

assyngned, pp. II6/5 : pointed 

out, fixt on 
assyngnes, Bb,pl. 15/i : assigns 

astate, 6O/9, estate ; 7I/32 : es- 
tate, grant, conveyance 
astate, ioint, 6O/1 : joint estate 
asyne, II/2 : direct, fix 
at : ' cometh at,' 1 23/30, comes to 
auncetres, 50/2 7 : ancestors 

auundyrus, 45/i4; 46/i6; and- 

avaunsyd, pp, I9/31 : advanced, 
got forward in the world, educated 
and marrid 

aues of siluere, ten, 58/26 : beads 
to say the Aves on 

avice, 95/i3 : benefit 

avise, sb. 93/i 7 : opinion, decision 

Bjd&typron, 22/12, either 

bachous [bakehouse] in Wode- 

strete in Londen, 73/8 
bake .vj. buschellys of whete of 

smale Halpeney Loves (for poor 

folk), 40/13, 14 
baleys, 116/6: rubies; II8/16, 

bankar of blewe & blak, 102/i : 

cover of a bench, falling down over 

its sides 

bankers, 5/i ; bankerus, 46/2 o 

barell, vequice, gift of, 9I/19 

Barley, gift of bushels of, to Har- 
lington Church, and W. Rykard, 

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baselard, I2/17 : a long dagger 

baselard hameysed with siluer, 

basilardes harneysed with siluere, 

bassenety 4O/39 : a light kind of 

Bastard Swerd, 35/3 ' ^ triangular 

squat sword 
basyn of led, 2/3 ; basyn of siluer, 

6/1 1 
basyn and ewer, 76/19 ; of silver, 

56/4; 57/19 
basyn knopped, IOI/27 

basynet with a yentaile, 19/4 : 
small helmet with movable part 
near the mouth to let the breth 

bay hors, a litill, III/18 

bay hors, gift of, 53/5 

beads, a pair of, 58/24 

beast, testator's best, as a Prin- 
cipal or offering : horse to follow 
his corpse, and then be given to 
the Priest, 47/i8. 

becure of seluer, 45/7, ^ 7 * silver 
beaker or jug 

bed, ])at is to say, couerHde, tapite, 
blankettis, too peyre schetes, 
matras and canvas, 57/22 

bed and its belongings, 19/2 ; 

bed of tree, 2/i : wooden bed 
bed, paled [striped] blak & whit, 

bedbere, 4I/17 : bed?, not only 

bed-case or covering 

bedde, a white, with roses, 76/17 

beddyng, 48/6 : gift of, to 5 poor 
men, 35/19 

bederpes, 27/13 • reapings done 
by poor tenants for their Lore 

bedes of coraH, 5O/17 

bedes of silver, with a crucifix. 

102/3 ; of blak gaudy s of siluer 
& gilt, 102/4 

bedmen, 1 26/30 : men to pray 

bedrid folk, gift to, II/23 ; 79/5 

behouefull, 125/2 : helpful 

beleue, 39/24 : remain 

beUs of St Austin's, Hackney, 

gift for the repair of, 98/8 
heme |>at y weye fer-with, 46/27 : 

bequest, I have made, to, 11 4/17 
bequestis, eh, pi, IO3/9 

bequeth,/)p. 48/17 > bequethe,|?p- 

2/4 ; 29/18 : bequeathd 
beqwedyt, 130/i8 : bequeathd 

-here ; bed-bere (cp. pilwebere), 

41/17 : a case? 
beret, 26/i : buried 
berieH, 96/5 : grave, tomb 
hemes, sh, pi. 23/19 : l^inis 
berynge, 29/5, ^2 : buiial, funeral 

beset my testament, 2I/20 : make 

Besshe (a gown furred with), 50/ 

25 : P can't be * Btcke : f. A Hind ; 

the female of a Stag.' — Cotgrave, 

See Bussht?, 88/25 
BestaH, 95/io, 12 : beasts, cattle 

besynesse, do her, 51/i2 : strive, 

betake, 98/4 • commit, bequeath 
beth, 39/25 : are 
beuer and oter medled, 37/2 : 

beaver and otter skins mixt 
bey, vh, pi, 45/ 1 1 : be, are 
beyer, sh, 38/24 : buyer 
bidde, 6/30 : to pray 
bille, 55/14 ' document, testament 

bille endented, 56/13 ^ ^t of 
household goods 

Black Death, the, p. 105, note 

black gowns, gift of, 29/7, ^ 

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VaTc, furred with, 11 1/3 : 1 bat- 

blake, a. 37/s : dark-tinted 

blake, a gowne of, 110/ 19 

blanket, white, lining a russet 
gown, 91/17 

blankets, gift of, 76/i6; IOI/19; 
133/20, &c. 

blankets and sheets, 36/ii 

l)lew cloth, iiij yerdes of, given 
to a priest, 110/ 13 

Blind and Lame, bequest to the 
poor, 3/7 ; 130/5. &c. See Poor. 

blue enameld knob, 45/8 

bocuU, 46/7 • ^ buckle. See 

body of a Church, gift to, 84/8 

bofet, 91/8 : a buflfet, high cup- 

bok, eh. 27/20 : will 

bokes, latyn, englisch, & frensch, 

bokyll, 45/10 : a buckle 

boUe cuppe I-keueryd, 45/i6: a 
bowl with a lid 

boUe, pece, 46/3, 4 : a silver bowl 

bolle of seluer, 76/6 : silver bowl 

book, a good honeste : a Portoos 
or portable Breviary, 59/6 

boond,j?/?. 79/19 

bordcloth, 19/7; 101/21, 22: 
table-cloth ornamented 

bordeclothes, 56/22 : table-cloths 

^ord mausure with a bond of 
seluer, 46/5 : a wooden mazer 
bound with silver (gilt and orna- 

hoses apon the brerdes, 5/ii : 
bosses on the rims 

hotelier of siluer & gilt, a pere, 

Boterie, ofl&cers of, 110/is 

bo})uni, 56/26 : bottom 

bow, a good, bequest of, 22/ 12 
bowe, pesid, 42/21 : bow made 
up of several long pieces of wood, 
to stiffen it and make it shoot 

bowe wythowte pecis, 42/3 

Box, common, of a religious 

Brotherhood, 113/ 15, 16 
brass and other instrumentes of 

all mjn houshold, 23/i8 
bracelet of gold, IIO/7 
branche of fe couercle, 45/i8: 

part of a jug-lid 
brandemes, 56/27 ; of erne (iron), 

57/27 • iron supports on the hearth 

to rest logs on 
bras pot, gift of a, I5/21 ; 9I/20 
bras pot of a galon, 91/7 
brassarts, p. 54, note 1 : arm-plates 
brasse spytes, 57/26 : brass spits 
brasyn) pottes . . . pannis . . . 

bascinus, 46/14 
bread & ale at my Dirige, 15/i6 ; 

bread and herrings for some Essex 

poor, for 10 years, 7O/21 
brederhede of my craft (Skinners) 

of Corpus Christi, 113/ 14 ; of our 

Lady, 113/i6 
brerdes, gilt, 56/6, 10 : gilt rims, 

edges (?) ; bosses upon them, 5/ 11 
brestplate, 19/s 
brother, 124/22 : brothers 
Brethered, l/ii : brotherhood, 


brethir, 52/io : brother 

Brewe .x. buschellys of malt f orto 

3ef poor men, 40/ 11 
bridges and foul ways, gift to 

amend, 49/i5, &c. 
Bridges, bequests to (for repairs^ 

70/23; 71/4; 85/7, 8, &c 
bringe me on erthe, 2/i : bury me 
broches, yren, 46/17 : spit] 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



brode bosom off his [Jesus's] 

mercy, 47/i3 
broken gold, 117/9 : pieces of gold 

oniaments, &c. 
brotherhede, 133/ii : brotherly 

browded, 65/14 * embroiderd 
brynge on erthe, 103/8 : bury 
bryngjmg on erth, 92/ 11 : burial 

bullock, bequest of a dun, and a 

redone, 98/xi, 12 
bun, 23/10 ; 24/12 : are 

burial : wife and children to be at 

a testator's, 29/i i 
Bussh, 88/25. ^^ Besshe. 
by sidys, I3O/4 : near, adjoining 
byqwothin, 86/1 : bequeaihd 
by ret, 2I/22 : buried 

Calabre, my Furre of, 34/2 o 
canape to a bed, 133/i 

candelstykkvs of laton, 46/19. 

See Chaundelers. 
candle-moulds and toois, 82/21 
candlesticks, gifts of, 82/2, 10 
Canons of Waltham Abbey, be- 
quest to, IO6/21 
canvas, blue, over bed, 4/15 
canvas for a bed, 56/20 

capons given by poor Tenants to 
their Lords, 27/ 12 

carde, curteyns of, 7 6/16 : 1 carded 
flax or wool 

(iarmelite Friars of. London, 31/ 
21. See Friars. 

Carmes, Freres, of Lmdon, 16/ 
20 : Carmelite Friars 

carts, gift of, 56/29 

caryin, my foule, 27/5 • carrion, 

catall quykk, I8/9 : live stock 

catalles, 79/i7 : chattels 

Catallys piebles, 36/4 • moveable 

cats, wild ; skins of, to fur a 

gown, 37/1 
causy atte Wyke, 85/8 : raizd 

chafur, 46/i8 : wanning dish, 

saucepan. See Chaufur. 
chair, bequest of, IO2/19 
cbales, 5/21; chaleys, 33/i, 4; 

76/3: chalice, the cup that held 

the wine and water for and after 

Consecration for the Eucharist 
chales cuppe, with f e' couercle, & 

my merke y-made in )>e cnappe, 46/ 


chalice, gift of, 46/19 ; 132/i5 
Chantry priest, IO2/22 

Chantry to be founded in Marcle 

Church, Herefordshire, 25/io 
chambre, 18/ 11 : room in a house 
chambrer, 6/14 : chamberwoman 
chapeleyns, bequest to, 110/ 11 

chapell vestymentz, bequests of, 


chapes, 4/13 : Fr. chape, cliappe, 
'locket of a dagger, or scabberd, 
the top, or crown on the top, of a 
bill' — Cotgrave* 

Chaplain of the Chantry founded 
by T. Walwayn, 23/i 

charche, v. t. 1 34/13 • charge, 

chare, 5/26 : a carriage % 

chargeours, 56/8 : chargers, trays 

chargours of seluer, two, 49/ 17 

chariot, 5/26 : a carriage for 

Chamell (Dead-house) of St. Al- 

phage, 75/16, 18; 76/1. See St. 


chased work (on a cup), 133/i4 

chased with Eosys, IIO/16: en- 
graved, ornamented 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Chastity, a Widow's Vow of, 
with Mantle and Ring, 60/8, 25 ; 
Notes, p. 135 

chaufouT, of siluer, 5/ii, 12 : heat- 
ing dish or pan, saucepan 

chaufur of bras, IOI/28 : heating 
dish, saacepan 

chaundelers, 5/23 : candlesticks 

Chaunterie of St. Leonard's, 
Bridgnorth, 32/7 ; 33/2, 4. See 
* Saint ' in Name-List. 

chest, gift of a, 2/2 ; 9I/19 

chest, my peynted, IO2/19 

chete, 48/7 • sheet 

cheuerons, 4/19 : heraldic omar 
ments (two bars, set at an obtuse 

Children to be govemd by Exe- 
cutors, 72/3 
chippe, ah. 4O/26 : ship 
chirchau, 8O/4 : churchyard 

chirchehawe, 8 1/9 ; 1 1 8/4 : church- 

chirche werkes of St. Brides, 94/ 
18. (Many others occur.) 

chirchhey, 26/21 : churchyard 

Churche Clerk of Seynt Benet 
Fynk, London, 42/io 

cinquefoil markt on silver saucers, 

clerely, 122/2 6 : (remain) clear 

Clerkes conuict, prison for, at 

Westminster, 78/7 
Clerk of a Church, gift to, 76/8 -, 

77/18; and often 
clerks of Abchurch, bequest to, 

dippyng (clasping) of ij handes 

(on a ryng), IO2/4 

Cloister of a Church, 8I/9 

cloke, gift of, 91/17 

cloke of Blake russet, 37/5 

closid (last will examyned and), 
119/20 : completed 

cloth : corpse to be wrapt in, and 
have no coffin or lead, 27/4 

cloth of gold, 117/14. See Clotbis. 

cloth whyte, 46/31 : undyed 

clothes for poor men, 49/i4 

clothes to be sold, and proceeds 
given in charity, 79/2-6 

clothis of gold, and clotbis of 
silke, II8/3. See Cloth. 

clothynge & werynge barneys 
and beddynge, III/24 

cloue-fote bestes, 23/i8 : cloven- 
footed : oxen, cows, pigs, Sec 

cnap, sb. 45/8: knob, top of a 

coal and wood, bequest of, 91/ii 

coals — charcoal ^bequest of, 101/ 

14, 17 ; 102/14 

Codicil to a will, p. 63, &c. 

Codicil cald 'my last wille,' 64/ 

CodiciH, in this, 4O/9 

coexecutour, IOO/7 ; coexecutours, 

95/20 ; coexecutur, 98/ 16 
cofur, 102/10 : coffer, chest 

coillors, 52/16 : collector. Fr. 

^Cueilleur^ m. A gatherer.*— Ci?/- 


colett, sh. 133/25 : a collect 

columbyn, IO6/24: a flower, a 

cup of its shape 
Colys doun, 39/30 : down of 1 
combe of yverie, 97/i2 

Company of Heuene, 88/14: 
saints, &c. 

comyng, 125/8 : issuing, begotten 
conably, I9/31 : suitably, fitly 
condicions vpon feffementes, 59/ 

consideracion, 127/2 7 : regard 

content, 132/ii : returnd, re- 
store!, satisfied 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



contented, debts to be, 94/19; 
95/2 : satisfied, paid 

contrarie his will, 122/i6: con- 
trary to it; *c. to,' 122/21 

Convent, Couent, 109/i8, 19, 21, 
23: all the folk of a Religious 
House except its head 

connersacioun, IO5/3 : life, be- 

Cooks, the Craft ot 95/8 

cope, a gift of, 42/6 ; 50/2 9 

cops, 6/29 : 1 Copes, or Brethren, 

Monks P 
corall beads (for prayers), 50/ 17 

Cordwainers' Company; the livery 
of, I6/20 

Cordwainers' livery, a gown and 

hood of, 17/8, 9 
com of resonable price, 11 3/ 19 

com to be sold for purposes of a 
Will. 57/29 

come growyng and yn hemes, 23/ 

cors bordclo])es and sanapes, 56/ 

Corwaner, 22/ii : cordwainer 

costages, 5I/15 : costs, expenses 

Costers, 5/i ; 19/2 ; 66/15 ; 133/ 
6 ; Costurs, 131/21 ; Costures, 65/ 
14 : side-haugiugs 

costs of putting a girl in a Con- 
vent, II8/13 

cosyonys, 9I/9 : cushions, 8ee 

cote (a woman's), blake, furryd, 
91/9 ^ . 

Counseller and helper to Execu- 
tors, 71/20 

Counters, 2 Prisons in London, 

rountes, I22/3, 7 : counties 

Courts the King's : boys to be 
sent to, after leaving School, 122/ 

Covent, 47/21 ; 48/i : the bo<ly 
of Friars in a Priory, less the 
Warden or Prior, their Head 

couerde, 45/8 : lid, top of a jug 

coverd cup of silver, llO/i, 2, 3, 

coverd cup of silver gilt, IO9/17, 

coverkell, 102/6, 7 : little cover 

or lid. See Couerde. 
couerled, 133/20 : coverlet of a 

coverlets, white and red, 101/ 

couertour, 4/i8 : covering 

Craft of Skinners, brotherhood of, 
113/14, 16 

crane, on a piece of plate, 57/i2 

credibill, adj, 53/26 

crest on a tomb, 88/13 

crest of my armes, IO5/9 : % crest 
only, or coat, shield. ' Creste : L 
A crest, cop, combe ; also, a tuft, 
or little plume standing on the top 
of.' — Coigrave, 

cristned ; 6 silver spoons given to 

a boy when, 57/i3 
cristy gray, 50/2 1 : a tufted grey 

fur. See Creste^ 7 lines ahuv, 
cross on a gilt candlestick, 82/io 
cross work on a table-cloth, 101/ 

Crown of gold for Our Lady of 

Caversham, 117/8 
cmcifix of siluer, and ygilt, 10 2/3 
cmettis, 5/22 ; 76/4 : small jugs 

or vessels that held the wine and 

the water before they were conse 

crated for the Eucharist. See p. 135. 

cuisses, p. 54, note 1 : thigh- 
pieces of armour 

cunne, I5/3 : know, can perform 
(divine service) 

cup coverd with silver, 7 6/20 

cups, gift of, 101/26 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Curteynia of blew (for) a bede, 

curtylage, 99/i6, 19, 23 : a court, 
yard, or paadock 

curtyns of sute, 5/34 : en suite 
cushions, quissbonus, 102/i. See 

qiiysson, cosyonys. 
cutty d (gelded) hors, III/23 

dagger, bequest of a, 42/25; 76/i4 

damask, a gowne of grene, 1 1 1/27 

damask, red, a furd gown of, 


damask sengitt, a blak clotfi of, 

damaske, grene, a gowne, lyned, 

Dance of Death, p. 104, note 
daughters' portion to remain in 
Executor's hands, 2O/2S 

ie soules, 81/25 : ^^'^ souls. Cp. 

flfey, they, 
deacon, 1 32/17 

Deanery (of Middlesex and Bark- 
ing), 86/8 

debts owd, 42/6-18 : * and, blessyd 
be God, y owe no thyng,* 2O/22 

debts proovd by oath, 39/; 

debts to be paid, I/9 (and verv 

deces, III/7, death 

dede endented, 62/8 : duplicate 
deed cut in two, with a jagd edge 

dede of grawnt, I26/7 : convey- 

dede store, 85/i2 : dead store, 

household goods 
dedtis, 22/3 : debts 
deduit,jo??. 126/20 : deducted 
deliberacion, 28/24 

delinerance, 62/26 : delivery, 
handing over 

delyd, ^;?. 113/i8 : distributed, 
given away 

delyueraunce, 57/32 : handiug- 
over, delivery 

delyuery, ir.f. 125/6: (to) de- 

delyuery, they, III/27, deUver 

demened, IO5/13 ; laid out, ex- 

demenyd, 11 4/23 ; distributed 
departed, pp, 5/30 ; 6/17 ; 9O/5 : 

departyd, 1 1 7/i 3 : (arms) im- 

depeynt, 6/25 : painted 

desposed, pp, lOO/i : disposed, 

destresse, clause of (enabling him 
to distrain for arrears of Annuity), 
63/30. See Distresse. 

deuaunt, towelles of, 19/8 :? those 
laid on the tablecloth, and under 

devenyte, the Maister of, 11 8/2 2 
dever, II9/17 : duty 

deuouacions, 81 /ii : devotions, 
burning tapers, &c. 

deuys; devys, 6/28 ; 94/2 : dis- 
cretion, judgment 

deuyse, 4/ii : bequeath 

dey, 39/8 : they. Cp. de, the. 

dimi-Selour, 36/9 : half-canopy of 
a bed 

Dirige by note, I5/12 

Dirige and M;ass,bequest to Priests 
present at, 67/ii; &c., &c. 

Dirige, gifts to priests, clerks, and 
poor, present at, 71/ii, 12 ; &c. . 

discesse, sh, 123/22 : death : vh. 
123/33: die 

disese, vh, 130/i2 : molest, dis- 

dishes, 49/17 

dispendid, pp, 72/8 : expended, 
laid out 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



Disshes & Sawcers of Sfluer, 

distresse, right of (or 1 a thing 

distnund), 20/19. SeeDesirease, 
distribued, 78/3, 8; 79/;, 18: 

distribute, inf. 1 27/24 

distribute, pp. lOO/i ; I28/3 : 

diuine seruices, 1 27/31 
diuine seruise, 51/2 
diyng, sb. 114/io : dying, death 
do, pp. 6/27 : done 
do, 101/16 : apply, dispose of 
do excuciofi of this my present 

testament, 79/ 10 
do make, 6/28 : cauze to be made 

do of massys, 2/7 : put to, or 
spent in, Masses 

do ordeyne and bye, 32/5 • cauze 
to be got and bought. Do make, 
32/12 ; do recommende, 32/14 

do singe, 3I/4 : cauze Masses, &c., 

to be sung 
Dobelet couered with Blak gote 

Le)?cr, 37/5, 6. See Doubeled. 
doblet, 29/10 : doublet 

docere, 5/i : hanging for the back 

of a chair 
Doctours on Mathewe, 4 quayres 

of, 51/4 
Dome, 42/25 : Judgment-Day 
Dome, the Day of, 11 9/19 
don, pp, 19/31 : applied, spent^ 

disposed of 
dosnr, 46/2o : dorser, cloth over 
the back of a chair ; a kind of anti- 
macassar for ornament 

doth of, pL 8/31 : do to or in 
Doubeled (Doublet) of defence 

couered with red Lejjer, 37/3, 4 
double negativ, 133/io; &c. 
dougbter, my sone-is wyf, 5/5, 8 : 


dower, wife to hare, 122/5 
dowerye, 32/2 1 : dower 
down pillows, 36/ii, 12 
dredfull day of doom, 54/13 
dueez, 127/3 3 • ^^^ 
duetees, 88/17: dues 
dutys, 94/16 : dues 
dyd, 40/10 : died 
dying, 46/31 : dying, death 

dymened, pp. 93/19 : done, ar- 
dysposyng, sb. I3/17 : distributing 

card pan of brass, IOI/28 

easment, 78/22: advantage, bene- 

eche daies gowne, 50/i6 : every- 
day gown 

edefied,^/?. 134/9 • ^^* 

edifie, 8I/10 : build 

egally, 9O/5 : equally 

egg-rack of iron, IO2/5, 6 

either, a. 75/2 1 : respective ; * her 

either/ of each of them 
Ma, 37/1 2 : ile (aisle) of a Church. 

See Eyle, and lUe. 
elle, 58/17 : else 
ellis, 38/27 : otherwise (got) 

emend ynge of weys, 19/i7 : mend- 
ing of roads. See Highway. 

empeschement of waste, 25/23 • 
liability for damage done to an 

enbrawde (embroiderd) with whyte 
fete, 19/3 

endenture, 45/5 : "Will 

enditement, 7I/4 

enduryng, 78/25 : long, lasting 

enfeffe P. D. on .vj. marces of 
rente, 71 /28 (icUA, we should say) 

enfeffez, 6I/20 : folk enfeft with 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



enmortese, 11 8/30 : convey in 

entendant, 6/18: attending on 
entereroent, 23/22 : burial 
entierement, 132/io : interment, 

er )>ane I, 40/1 o, 1 1 : before that I 
erne, 67/27 : iron 
emest, a noble poied on, 59/i : as 

earnest of a bargain 
es, 39/22, 28, 30; 40/9, 10: is; 

39/34; 40/1 : are 
esement, 7O/24 : easement, relief 
estat, 7/6 : condition 
Esteren, 39/26, 28; 40/2, 3; 

63/30: Easter 
Estren), 40/i8 : Easter 
ewre, 59/9 • destine 1 : 'if god 

ewre him to dye or me ' 
excludyd,jp/7. 2O/21 ; 33/32 
executer, 92/i6 : executoires, 

Executor sworn on the Holy 

Gospels, 72/17 
Executoriee, 17/i2 
Executors : charge to thera to deal 

truly, 66/6; 89/3-10; IO7/30-3; 

and often. See * Forewords,' p. xiv. 

execu trice, 8/28 

executrice, chef, 98/is, 16 ; 100/6 

executrice principall, ^^li^\ 95/ 

exequies, 131/2 ; exequyes, 132/ 

18 : funeral rites 
expenses and costes funeraH, 134/5 
exquies, IO9/9 : funeral rites 
extortion to be compensated, 

Even of our Lady, 8I/20 

euene, 7/3 : equal 

euenliche, 5/30 : equally 

evenly, 134/2 : equally 

ewer, 49/i6; 76/19: water-jug. 

See fiasjn. 
ewyn (even) with the grounde, 


eyle, 38/27 : il^, aisle of a church. 

See 111, 81/9 
eyren, 102/6 : eggs 
eyther, 9 7/ 11 : each, every one 

fader dettis, 52/is : father's debts 
faderles and moderles, 57/2, 3 
fascyon, II6/11 : make, style 

featherbed, 56/2 1 ; a little one 

for a child, IOI/18 
feble & foide weye, 31/i8, 19 

feffee-trustees to convey land to 
Executors, 118/8- 12 

feffees prayd to carry out Test- 
ator's Wiil, 20/15 ; 71/29 ; 122/1- 
4 ; and often 

feffementes, 59/i5 

fefFours, 71/2 7, 34: devisees of 
real estate who've been enfeoft by 
the Testator's feffees, in accordance 
with his Will 

fefyes, 19/3 6: feoffees 

ferme, eh, 52/i8; II5/25 : rent 

ferme, hold to, 115/21 : hold on 
lease, on rent 

fermor, 52/ 16: lessee. Fr. ' Fer- 
mier : m. A Farmer ; a Jjessee ; 
also, a chiefe Hind, or Husband- 
man; a Baylife, or Oucrseer of 
another mans Husbaadrie.* — Coi^ 
grave, 1611. 

ferroure, 76/26 : ironman, farrier 1 
fetherbed, 56/21 ; IOI/18 

ficheux (furred with), IIO/19 : 

polecats' skins 
firepan, gift of, 9I/19 
flat basin, 49/i6, p. 139; peces,56/5 

flat playne stone, (&) my name 
ygraued t>ar-in; over T. Broke's 
tomb, 27/2, 3 

N 2 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



fliueres of pecok, 102/i6 : pea- 
cock feathers P 

flot, sb, 22/7 : a brewer's float 

flourdeluces, 102/7 
Join, .iij., 36/7 : trefoil (a fret of, 
workt on a Coyerlet) 

for als mykyl, 59/is, ^^'' ^"O™*" 

for before-mete, and after, 56/24 
for to, 1/6 : prep. ' to ' 
forcet,70/29; IO2/17 : chest, coffer 

fordermore syn, 38/iS : further- 

forderyng, adj. 38/i8: furthering, 

foretyn, 2I/24 : forgotten 

form, gift of a, 9l/2o 

forre, «6. 101/1$: fur 

forsait, 33/30 : aforesaid 

forseen, 99/21 : provided 

forser ^with loke and kye), 91/ 
20 : CO est, casket 

forset, 8h. 7O/29 : casket 

forsyght, havyng Gode in, 49/4 

forth, adv. 6I/19 

forthenkyng, I29/11 : repentance 

fortune, v6. 134/4: happen 

foul ways between London and 
Ware ; gift to mend, I5/36 ; else- 
where, 31/18 

Foumart, Polecat, or Fitchet, p. 
84, note 

founde, be, 34/i7, 19: be pro- 
vided for, have ner house kept up 

foynes, beech-martins; a gown 
furd with their skins, III/20 

Fraternite, my, 1 32/24 

freestone, 59/5 

French, Will partly in, p. 3 

frendshipe, I3O/14: help from 

Frere, Reclus, Thomas, 7/31 

Freres, p. 1 6, note. See also Friars. 
Freres off Bedefford, 47/20 

-, the iiij orderz off North- 

aumpton, 47/i9 
Freres of London, thre bowses of, 
113/9 ; in Shrewsbury, 31/i x ; four 
Orders of, 3I/20 

, the twey Ordres of Freres 

in Ludlowc, 3I/13 

Freres of Wodehouse in Shrop- 
shire, 31/10 

Freres Augustyns withynne Bis- 
shopesgate of london, 7/25 ; IO6/9 

Freres Cannes in Fletstret of 
london, 7/24; I6/21 ; White Friars, 
IO6/9. See Cannes. 

Frere Menoures, I7/4; IO6/9 : 
Friar Minors, Franciscans, or Grey 
Friars. See Grey Friars. 

Freres Menours of Bristowe, 7/29 

Freres Menours of Bryggenorth 

(Shropshire), 31/4 
Freres, Menours within Newegate 

of London, 7/22-3 
Freres Menours of Salesbury, 

Freres Menours of Southampton, 

Freres Menours of Wynchestre, 

7/26-7 ; of York, 52/s, 10 
Freres prechours of Bristowe, 7/29 

frere prechours of Gloucestre, 

Freres prechours in London, 106/6 

, White (Carmelites), Grey 

(Franciscans), and Austins, IO6/9 

Freres prechours withynne Lud- 
gate of london, 7/23 ; 17/2 

Freres prechours of Salesbury, 
7/28 : Jacobins or Dominicans 

Freres prechours of Wynchestre, 
7/26 ; Black Friars 

Friars, the Four Orders in Lon- 
don, 3I/20-1; 78/13. &» Freres, 
and p. 16, note. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Friars of Beverley, Yorkshire, 


Friars, three Orders of, in Shrews- 
bury, 31/11 

Friars, Grey, and the other 3 
Orders, at York, 52/5, ^o* SeeGrej, 
frese, 37/i : frieze (green) 

frontel (of altar), 5/19 : drapery 
covering the front of an altar, on 
which a monogram or ornament is 
generally workt 

funeral to be inexpensiv, 49/ 1 1 

funeral to be without pomp, 23/ 

funeral, Lady A. West's, to be 

' with right litel cost,* 8/22 
funeral X, adj. pi,, expenses funer- 

alx, 115/3 
furd gowns, bequest of, 68/4 
fure, 53/29 : fur 
furre, sb, 11 4/14: fur 
furre of Fycheux, 34/30 
furre and cloth gownes, 11 4/ 12 

furred with blak, a gowne, 110/ 

furrereur, 11 8/3 : fur garments, 

lining and trimming 
furrurs, 54/6 : sets of furs 
fustyans, a peyre for a bed, 66/18 

fycheux, furre of, 84/30 : pole- 
cats, iitchets 

fyn, 62/18 : a 'fine' at law, pro- 
ceeding for vesting an estate finally 
in a buyer, &c. 

fynde, 43/io : provide for, main- 

fynde hir, 43/8 : provide for her- 

fynde to gramer scole, 133/i6: 
provide for (a boy) at a Grammar 

g for k : thyngyth, 29/19 • t^iiiik- 

gallon brass pot, 98/ii, 12 

gamerye, 57/28 : game-house or 

gar sonde, 40/i6: cauze to be 

geldyng, fe grey 53/8 
genet, the, p. 36, note 7 
gertiers, a C, 109/s : 100 garters 
gesseran, a habirgoun of, 54/i 

glide pece with smale stones sett 

ther-on, 133/2 
gilt cups, coverd, 65/i2 
gilt keuered goblet, 57/i6 

girdle, silvern, 42/2o ; of black 
silk, 45/9 

glass before a tablet or picture, 

gloves of white, and of black, 

mail, 19/6, 10 
goat leather, black, a Doublet 

coverd with, 37/6 
goblets, bequest of two, 65/15 

God Almighty and his mother, 

godchildren, gifts to, 39/19 
god-doutghter, 50/8 
goddes, 34/18 : goods, property 
goddis-child, IOI/18 : godchild 

Goddys seruice, 3I/3 : service in 
tonour of God 

gode, 3/14 : goods 

gode childrin, 8O/9 : godchildren 

godely, if it myght, 62/i8 ; if it 
can reasonably be done. Godely, 
62/20 : reasonably, conveniently 

gode men and wommen : prayer 
for children to be, 59/i2 

godly, adv, 49/io : in due man- 
ner, decently 

godson and servant, 95/4 

gogement, 80/8 : Judgment (the 
Day of) 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



gold chain, 76/21 

gold chain of 25 lbs, 117/8 

gold chain given to Mrs. Jn. Lem- 

man, 35/i 
gold ring with a Crucifix above, 

gold ring with a stone, 96/i5 
golde lynge, 40/2O 
goldringe, a gode, 58/24 
Goldsmythes werk, a gowne of, 

goud, sh. 38/27 : money 

gouemance, 122/ii : behavionr, 

rule of life 
gouernance, at^ 13/2 8 : under 

control, rule 
gouemances, 1 27/34: appliances 

gouernauns, 43/io : management, 

gouernauns, 43/i : ordinance, 

goueme, 78/27 : conduct 
goueme, 1 27/31 : apply, use 

gouemyd worshipfully, 127/i6 : 

behave properly 
gown and hood, 101/iS 

goun, blake, furred with funes 
(martin skins), 53/21. See Martin. 

gown, a blue, and a pair of i»d 
hose, 17/10 

gowns off cloth off gold and off 
sylke, 52/7 

gown furred with Besshe, 50/25 

gown furred with Cristy gray, 

50/20 J p. 138, some tufted grey fur 
gown, a green, of the Cordwainers* 

livery, I6/20 
gown, gray russet, furred wit 

lonetis and wylde Catis, 36/i6 

of grene frese, 37/i 

gown furred with gret menyvere, 


goune, ru«set, lynyt with whyte 
blanket, 91/i6, 17 

gown, a sanguine (blood-red), furd 
with martins' skins), III/4; a 
purple, 107/34 

gown, scarlet, furd with foynes, 
beech-martins* skins, 108/ 1 ; III/20 

gowne of Scharlet wit brod sleues 
furred witfi gray, 36/14 

, blew worsted, furred with 

I'rotes and poUes of Martrons 
(martins), 36/15 

gown, scarlet, with slit sleeyes 
furd, 111/22; plain, 111/24 

goune, worstede, with J)e furre, 

gowns, gift of, 29/15-17 
gowns given to poor Tenants, 94/i 
gramer scole, 133/i6 
graners, 22/7 • grain-vessel 1 
grase, 27/i7 : grass 
graunte, 86/14: mako 

graunteyn, 48/ 1 : agree, under- 


gre, 27/14 : pleasure, will 

green gown, I6/20 ; green frieze 
gown, 37/1 ; green hose, 42/3 *» ff- 
kirtle, 91/ 10; g. silk net curtains, 

Greffons, II7/3 : griffins (sculp- 

grene sylke bed, 133/i 
Grey Friars, IO6/9 : Friar Minora 

or Franciscans 

Grey Freres of Hereford, 109/i2 

Grey Friars at York, 52/5. See 
Freres Menours, and Friars. 

groche no3t with, 116/8: do not 

object to 
growyng, I8/14 : growth, crop 

• Digitized by CjOOQ iC 



gniche therwith, II8/17, i^ • ^® 
discontented with it 

grypp, 46/7 • * griffin or vulture 
(on a silver band) 

grjpys ey, 120/i6; 133/4,5: a 
gripe's or Yultnre's egg (as a cup), 
gripe, ypt4 snypt a griffin. • A 
gryphe hyghte Gripkes, and is ac 
counted amonge volatiles, Deuter- 
onomi, xiiii. And th^Te the Giose 
say the, -tliat the grype is foure 
fotedde, and lyke to the egle in heed 
and in wynges. And is lyke to the 
lyon in the other part of the body, 
and dwelleth in those hylles Uiat ben 
called Hyperborei, an(} ben mooste 
enemyes to horses and men, & 
greueth them moste, and layetli in 
his neste a stone that hyght Sinar- 
agdus agaynste venemous beastes 
of the mountayne.' — Trevisa's Bar- 
thQlcemouSy bk. xii, ch. xix, leaf 
171, col. 2, ed. 1535 (in Pe^cy Fol. 
Ballads, iii. 555). 1 suppoze the 
egg was really an ostrich's. 

grys, 5/9 : grey fur 

gude, 12/25: goods, personal 

gurdillof blake sylke y-linyde with 

rede lether, 45/9,* 10, ^^ Girdle, 

Pearles, Pendaunt. 

h after w: wherk (work), 8I/9; 
whriten (written), 82/7 ; whith 
(with), 82/5 

habergeon, bequest of a, 76/13 

Habyryon, 12/i6 : habergeon, a 
coat of leather or mail 

haf, 58/26 : have 

haiers, 53/i3 : heirs 

hair cast backwards. Lady War- 
wick's, in her Statue, 116/ 10 

halfe large, IOI/3 : half the large 

haliwater pot, 6/22 

hall, 47/15 : all 

Hall, officers of my said lord('s), 

Halle, bequest of a, 5/i : 1 the 

fittings of one 
hallyng, 35/19 • liangings, &c. 

for the hall of a house 

Hallyng or Tapestry embroiderd 
with the Nine Worthies, 133/7 

Halpeney Loves for the Poor, 

40/13. See Hapeny. 
haluyndel, I/7 : half 
ham, 5/30 j 92/15: them. See 

hame, 49/io : am 
hame, 27/i5 : them. /See heme, 
han, 3/3 : haue 

hapeny loaves, 1000 given to poor 

men, llS/ii. /Sstf Halpeney. 
barneys, 76/io : armour 

barneys, 36/5 • l^eds, coverlets, 
cushions, furd gowns, &c., &c. 

hamesed, 76/14: with sheath, 
belt, and suspenders 

hastly, adv. 70/io : hastily,, 

have, 12332: possess 

(to) haue and to holde, 99/20 

haue age of discrecioun, 5/31 : 
come to years of discretion 

hay and com of fis ^here growyng, 

I8/11 : this year's crop 
l^ale, sh. 87/20 : health 
hech, 47/20 : each 
heires of their bodies, 12 4/2 4 
boldest (son), 19/i : eldest 
hele, 101/2 : health, condition 

hole, vh, 3/8 ; 5/27 : to cover, 

helper, sb, 47/i6 

helth and saluacion of my sowle, 

hely, vh, 27/4 ' cover 
helyng, 131/2 1 : covering 
heme, 48/5, 6> ^^t ^3 ' thena 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



hende, sb, 4l/i : end 
hens, bequest of six, 91/21 
her, 76/21 ; ISO/iy: their 
here, sh. 80/i i : year 
herringd and bread for Essex poor, 


hers, 24/iS, i6, i8, 21, &c. : 

hert in fe myddyll of a dorsur, 

46/21 : a hart, stag ? 
heued (sheet, colord), 4/17 
heueiy, 8O/9, 1 1 : every 
hewk, 37/3 : a robe 
hewne, 86/15 : heaven 

hey day of lugement, 29/2 o : 
high day 

heyi' lome, 66/32 : heirloom 

high way, gift for repair of, 1 1/22 ; 
49/15; 80/12 ; 98/9; 99/14. ^See 

hir, 53/15 : hire 

his, 75/12 : its 

hit, 57/s : hit that, the property 

hoby, 53/15; 111/27: hobby, 
small Irish horse 

hold greynys, I8/14 : old com, of 
the last and former years 

hoLle houshold, 57/32 : keep up 

a bouse 
hole, 92/1 1 : whole 
holelych, 28/i : wholly 
hoUe, 19/s : whole 
holli, 95/16 : wholly 

holograph Will, written thru-out 
by the Testator, 63/ 1 

honest . place, IIO/12 : decent, 
proper place 

honestly, 126/2 7 : honourably, 

hoods, gifts of, 97/4. See houd, 


hool celure, 6/34: a whole canopy 
hool estat of ray body, 4/5 : in 
sound condition 

hoTSfpl. 109/24 : horses (A.S. hros 
was neuter, and its pL didn't 

horse, best, as a burial fee, mortuar- 
ium, 120/10. See Principal, p. 139. 

horse, bequ«t of, 87/i ; III/18, 

21, 23, 24, 27, 28 
horses, gift of, 23/24 ; 53/s, 8, 9 
hosen of grene, 42/3 

hospitales, fe pore, nere London, 

31/31; 32/1-3 
hosyn, rede, 17/u 
houd, my blac, 40/2 9 : hood 
hour, 47/14 : our 
hous, 6/29 ; 54/3 : convent 

hous of dwellyng, 96/14 : dwell- 

householders, poor, bequest of 
coles (charcoal) to, 101/ 16 

houshold, 52/11; 84/io : house- 
hold goods. See howshold. 

howe, 39/26, 29^ 3i> 32, 33 • owe 

howght him eny goud, 39/7 • owd 
em any money 

howke of siluer, III/29 ; hook 1 

hows, 6/29 J 54/3 : house, monas- 
tery, nunnery 

howshold, 70/28 ; howsold, 131/ 
20: household goods and chattels 

howynge, 40/i : owing 

hoyd (hood) percyd with Eay, 
I6/20. See hood, houd. 

husbandery, 43/iS : farming, 
management of a country place 

hustilmentis, 35/i9 : chattels, 
household goods. See Ostelmentes, 

hym, 43/15 : them 

icLe, 102/23 : each 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



iH, sb. 81/9 : aisle. See Eyle. 

Image, II6/9 ; II7/12 : statue 

Image of wex, the grete, 118/i 

implementis, 132/10 : tools 1 

in : yn the contrarie, 122/22 : to 
the contrary 

in forma sewyng, 93/14 • ^ *^® 

form, words, following 
In, 9/2 ; 66/12 : dwelling-house 

In, the lordes, of Cherlton with- 

oute, Newgate, London, 9/2 
Incamacion of Cryst, 129/3 
inde, eh. 43/i3 : end 

infinitive * to ' left out : * as they 
hope best pleyse god with/ 115/io 
instrumentis, 82/21 : trade-tools 
into, prep. 51/ 16: in 
into, 115/15, in, for 
into, 54/3 : unto 
Inuentare, 103/ii: inventory 

Inventory of Testator's goods 
exhibited, 72/14; II9/28 

investment of money, 58/2o-i 

iparted, 6/6 : impaled 

isold & iyeuen, 102/ 14 : sold and 

issue in the taile, 125/io : chil- 
dren in tail 

ivory comb, gift of, 9 7/ 12 

ivyll wyll, I3O/17 - iU-will 

ientiH woman), a, IIO/18 

joiner, a, John Hewet, 82/3 

joint estate, 6O/1 ; j. feflfees, 6O/9 

ioint feffed, 6I/22 : jointly feflft 

joint fefferaent, 122/ 15 ; j. estate, 

lonetis, 36/i6 : Genets' skins. — 
W. G. Stone. 

journey, Will made before going 
on, 65/3 

ioyned stoH (1 for a child, 1 for 
a man), 102/8, 9 

Kechyn, officers of the, 110/ 15 

kepid, 54/2 : lookt after, attended 

kepes, 97/2 : looks after, sees to 

keppit, pp. 123/26; keppid, 123/ 

28 : kept, retaind 
kepyng, I5/21 : attention to, 

looking after, a man 
ketil Hatte, a, 19/ii : a kind of 

hehnet ? 
keuering, 80/ 12 : covering, roofing 
keuerlet, coverlet, 4/ 18 
kirkerevys, 131/ 12 : church reves 
klerk of the churche, lOl/ii 
knoppe, 102/2 : knob, top, handle 
knopped basyn, IOI/27 

koke of London, 94/ii (cp. 

kylderkyn of ale, 17/i6, 17 
kyn, next of my, 76/24 
kynges liiiere, 40/2 1 
kyrk, 12/8, 9 : church 
kyrke, 68/15 ' church 
kyrke work, I2/19 : works of a 

kyrteH, 97/13: akirtle 
kyrtyll, a grene, 91/io 

laboryd, II8/18 : workt, managed 
Lady Chapel of Tewkesbury 

Priory, 117/7 
lamb('s wool), black, as a fur, 

lambe, furred with, 97/i3 
Lambe, furryd with blak, 37/2 

land to be bought, bequest for, 

lands : profits of, to go to Exe- 
cutors for 7 years, 122/3 1 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



LiDgyth, 19/2 : belongs 

laton, ab. 71/8 : a mixt metal like 
brass, Qzea for brasses in eh arches 

laton, candelstykkys of, 46/19 

laton, fve candelstykes of, 56/29 

latyn, iij candelstikes of, IOI/27 

layers, 46/15 : wash-hand basins 

lauour of peuter, 2/3 : pewter 

Law, children going to, lose their 

benefit under a Will, 2O/20-2 
lawe, a wel lemed man of ]?e, 

Lazare, bowses of, 106/ 16, p. 117, 

note 3 : leper hospitals. See lepers, 
led basyn, 2/3 : lead basin 

ledyn wyjtis, 46/28 : leaden 

leede, 27/4 '• ^^^ coffin or wrap 

for a corpse 
leful : issue leful, heirs leful, 20/ 

6, 9 : lawful, legitimate 
legge hemeys, a pare of, 19/5 : 

armour for the legs 
lengh, 36/II, 12; lenghe, 37/5, 

6 : the length of 
lenkethe, IOI/22, 23 : length 

lepers, 4 poor ones to be kept for 
10 years, 7O/15. See Lazare. 

lessons, the ix, IO5/7 

lete off, 50/2 : excuse, allow to 

lettyng, 95/i7 : hindrance 

lettyng, 128/io : hindering 

leuacion at the hie masse, IOI/13 : 

lif ting-up of the elements 
leue, vb, IOI/16 : live 
leve, 105/18 : remain 
leuet, 2/7 : remain 
levetb, 122/26: remain 
leuyng, 94/i7 : remaining 
leuys, 4G/27 : scales of a balance 

leuyth, 19/15 : remain undis- 

pozed of 
liard botiller, 53/9 : a grey horse 
liard Manley, 53/; : a grey horse 
lif, vb, pi, 58/17 : live 
liggeth, 4/1 1 : lyeth 
like, 43/14, 17 '• please 
loaves, pound, given to Prisoners, 

113/18. See Hapeny, and Love* 
loki, vb. inf, IO2/28 : look at^ 

longes, 62/11 : belongs 

longyng therto, 4/14 : belonging 

longynge, 85/i2 : belonging 
lord, gen, IIO/17 : lord's 

lordeshipe, I3O/14: power, influ- 
lordschipe, 6/23 : the position of 

lord or landlord 
love, 40/14 • loaf 
low feet to pieces of silver, 56/6 
lure, 97/4 : 1 hue or a stuff 
lyand, I9/17 : lying, situate 
lyenge, 116/8: lying, being buried 
in their Aobey 

lyke as, canj, 88/24 
lymet, ^^. 134/i2 ; limited 
Lyn, 36/6 : linen 
(a) lyned gowne, 131/9 
Lynne bed, 37/4 • l^^^en bed 

Lyonis of syluer, iij on a narow 
plat, 46/7 

lyoun Curteynes, 133/20 : 1 cur- 
tains with Uons on, or made at 

lyst, 11 6/1 2: a specification of 
the details of Lady Warwick's 

lyvelode, 119/i : estate, rentall 

lyuelode, III/7, 8 : property 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



lynelode, resonable, 6I/3 : reason- 
able pay 

lyuere of dedys, 62/13 • handing- 
over of deeds 

made, 68/15 : cauzd to be made 
male, 92/15 : give, bequeath 
malt, 57/29 
Malt to brew Ale for the Poor, 

Maltman and Citaysyn of London, 

mannes state, IO2/9 : a man of 

Mantle and Ring taken by a 

Widow at her Vow of Chastity, 60/ 

8, 25 ; Nohs, p. 135 
maple leaves and a fret of Trefoils 

workt on a coverlet, 36/7 
marble, stone of, for a tomb, 105/ 

marble tomb, 88/13 
maried to hir worshipe and to hir 

estate, 122/i2 : suitably to her 

mark and seal a testator's, Eoger 

Elmesley's, IO2/29 
mark of B & S on pewter vessels, 

marriage bequest for, 130/21 
marriage of girls, gift for, I3/33 ; 

19/12; 50/6; 76/11, 12 
marriage, gift of 100 marks for, 

marriage of honest and poor 

maidens, 15/26; 23/i2; 79/7 

marriage of sons, bequests for, 

marterount, 50/i6 : martins' fur 

Martin, or Martem, p. 36, note 6 

martirs (martins), a newe fure of, 

martres, III/5 : martins* skins 
martrons, purple goune furred 

with, 107/34; scarlet ditto, IO8/1 ; 
blew worsted, 36/15 ; blake, 53/21 

Mary Mawdelen to be sculpturd, 

laying Lady Warwick's liands 

across, II6/12 
maser of a vine rote, with peces 

of syluert made in )^e bo)>um like 

perles, 56/24-26 

maser coppe, IOI/26 : mazer cup, 

a large wooden cup 
mason, a, 58/33 

Mass-book, bequest of, 6/13 ; 76/3 
Massebooke and Chalys, 49/19 

masses, bequest for, 2/7 ; and 

masses for all cristene soules, 6/ 
26 ; and often 

Masses, 4,400 to be said, 6/25 ; 
10,000 to be said, 23/i4 

Masses, a thousand thousand 
(1,000,000) to be said for a Test- 
ator, IO6/4 

mattrass, gift of, 91/6 

Matyns bookis, peyre, 5/3 

Maydenys of gode name and of 
gode fame ; ten marks for Marriage, 
15/26 J 79/7. See Marriage 

Mayster and Couent of sent Bar- 
tholomew's spitell, 115/21 

me, 40/19 : my dead body 

me Soule, 31/2 5 : my soul 

Meat & Drink for Neighbours, 

mede, 39/24 : benefit, well-doing 

medled, pp, Zlji : mixt 

melley parted, 37/3 • ^^^ patch- 

Menchon, 6/8 : raonken, monkess, 
nun, of Romeseye, Hants 

Menchows and prestes of the hows 
of Wilton, 7/21-2 

Menchouns and prestes of the 
hows of Romeseye, 7/19 

Menchouns of the Hows of 
Shaftebury, 7/13 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



^ holding gropertr 

mende, «&. lijiA* mind 
mendyng, »h, 31/i8 
Menouresses, dwelling without 

Algate of London, bequest to, 7/8 
Menours, Freres, of London, 31/ 

21 : Franciscans or Grey Friars. 

See Freres. 
nienyuer, 4/i8 : minever (fur of 

the ermine, mixt with that of the 

small weasel) 
menyvere, gret, 5O/19 

* Mercy and Grace ' to be cut on 

R. Bokeland*s Tomb, 105/ii 
Mercy and loie,' W. Fitz-Hany's 

* word * or motto on his tomb, 88/15 
meritoire, 125/2 : adviseable 
meritory, 54/i2 : helpful, gainful 
merke, my, 46/23, 25 : my mark, 

mese of londes, a, 126/8 
Mesellis, 3/io : Lepers 
Messez, I2/5 : masses 
meuable Cateli of bestali, 95/9, 10 
meuable godes, 76/9 : moveables 
meuablis, adj. pi, 80/s : moveable 
meueth of, III/7 : comes from 
Millon (Milan work), one habir- 

goun of, 53/29 
Midsummer Eve, devotions on, 


ministracion, 6I/14 : administra- 

mobles, godes, 32/22 ; moveable 
goods or chattels 

modefye, v. t 134/i2 : modify 

modere, v, t. 134/ii : moderate, 

adapt, alter 
Monasteryes of Cristchirch, of 

Caunterbury, and of seynt Awstyn, 

Month's mind. 8ee Mynde day. 
mooldes, 82/21 ; moulds for 


morter and pestle, 46/30 

mortuarium, 120/ 10 : burial-due 

or fee. See Principal, and p. 139 
most, 127/27 : must 
Mother, gift of 20«. to, 22/4 
moveable and unmoveable goods, 

92/15 ; 95/15 
Musterdevylers cloth, 97/3 • gray 

cloth made at Montiviliers in 


mylche kye, 57/33 • inilch cows 
Mylen, a habirgoun of, 53/22 : of 

Milan work 
mylyngis, IOI/22 : millings, jagd 

edges like those on some coins 
myn nece, 50/6 
mynd, to be kept yearly for 20 

years, IO5/14 
mynde, good, IOI/2, 3, sane, sound 

mynde day, 106/8; IO9/23; p. 141 

mynde, day of, 82/i6 : memorial 
service, a month or year after test- 
ator's death. See Obit. 

mynde, twelf monthes, 82/23-4 
mynde, year's, 82/13, ^S* ^^ 
mynistracion, I28/5, 8: adminis- 
tration, carrying out 
my sty det, 39/io: mighty, big, 

mythfull, 47/12 : full of might 

naapri, 78/24 : linen 

naked statue of Lady Warwick, 

namelych, 27/22 : especially 
naperie, 32/22 
necbours, 59/3 : neighbours 
necessaries ... of all myn houshold, 

nede men, 23/7 : needy men ; 

nedy folk, 23/9 
nedful, 1/14 • needy, poor 
nedful, 2/8 : necessary 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



nedyest, adj, 130/4 

needy folk at an Obit, to have Id, 

each, 130/7 
needy men, good and faithful, 

gift to, 51/8 
negative, doable, 122/j5, i6 
negligent service to a Master; 

bequest as compensation for, by an 

old apprentice, 12/io, ii 
nerhande holicbyrcbe, 43/i9 : 

near a church 
nessessarie thynge, 38/28 : thing 

that needs doing, wants repair 
Net curtains, green silk, 36/8 
next heires, 111/8 
Nine Worthies, a 'hallyng' or 

tapestry of the, 133/7, 8 
noblis, iiij, 42/i 
nobles of gold, 87/2 
nold, 40/29 : old 

Konne, who lookt after Sir E. 
Saiwayn when sick, 54/2 

note, adv, 50/2 : not 

nou3t, 86/1 : not 

noych«, 11 8/1 5 : brooch 

Nuns of Cheshunt, gifts to, 106/ 

nyght, xiiij, 6/27 : fortnight 

obit day, 78/22. See Mynde day. 
obit for 3 years, 107/ii 

obit day to be kept for 7 years, 

Obitys, that ys for to sayne, my 

^erys mynde, 16/^ 9. See Mynde. 

oblations forgotten, 2I/24. See 

Obligacioun, 33/i4 : Bond to se- 
cure money 

obligacions, 44/i6: bonds for 

of (on) thys condicyon, 22/6 

of : fulfillid of, 59/2 : out of, at 

the cost of 
offerings (and tithes) forgotten, 

bequests for, 77/i4 ; 81/8 ; 84/7 ; 

101/10; 113/6; and often 

on (side, other side), 6/1 : one 

oonly but, 122/22 : only, nothing 

or, 1/8; 5/31; 59/9; 87/6, 7: 

ore, 40/18: before 
ordeine, 2/8 : appoint 
ordeny, I, 113/7 

ordeyn fro myn heir, 6I/15 : 

give away from my heir 
ordeynd, 41/2 : made, wrote (a 

ordeyne, 5/31 : dispose of 

ordeyne, 31/i : provide, give, 

ordeyne, 92/is : appoint, give 

ordinauns, 2O/23 : disposition, 

gifts, devises and bequests 
orwis, 48/20 : otherwise 
OS, conj, 39/24 : as 
OS, 19/34 : as, as much money as 

Ostelmentes, 39/23 : goods and 

chattels. See Hustilmentis, 35/19 
oter, 37/2 : otter skins 
ounsus, 46/7, '3 • ounces 
Our Lady, Brotherhood of, in tha 

Craft of Skinners, 113/ 16 ; 114/2 1 
Our Lady, Feast of Purification 

of, Feb. 2, 41/4 
Our Lady lyght, at Twickenham, 

Oure Lady sawter (Psalter), said 

on beads, 58/28 
outake, 82/25 : except 
oute take, 23/20 : except 
out-tak, 5/14 : except 
outragely, adv, 131/2 
1 oueral, 6/23 : specially 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



ouerguld, 45/13: gilt (spoons), 

58/27 (paternoster) ; ftc. 
oaereleaethy 57/4 • survives 
ouerlyuyng, 5O/11, 13: surviving 
overplus, 42/21 

ouerse, 71/i4 : supervise, look to 
overseer of a testament, 88/2, &c. 
ouerseying, 68/19: on looking 

thru, or over 
oweht, 96/2, 6 : owes 
oyche, noyche, 118/is : drop, 


painted sheet to hang before 2 

Altars, 96/9 
paled, 6/s : striped, cunamented 
paled bed of wursted, white and 

rede, 66/15 
palid, 133/2 : strii>etl 
pallette (scull-helm«t) couerte 

with reede velwette, ] 9/9 
pan, old, gift of an, 91/8 
pankyns, 46/i6 : small pans 
Pantrie and Botrie, Larder and 

Kechjn. I8/11 
Pantrie, officers of the, 110/ 15 
panyer, II7/9 : basket or casket 1 
parche, I/15 ; 3/6 : pariah 
parehce, ab, 95/ 10 : parish 
paresshen, 113/6: parishioner 
parish clerk, gift to, 99/ 12 

Parish-Clerks, Brotherhood of St. 

Nicliolas founded in London by, 

yarisshen, IO6/1 : parishioner 
parkere, 8/1 1 : park-keeper 

Parson of a Church, gift to, 76/8 ; 

and often 
Parsons drawing up Wills, p. 68, 

note 1 
party, do, 27/2 2 : cauze to be 

parted, divided 

party, in this, 11 5/14: matter, 

imrtye, in that, 125/2 : to that 

Parys werk, 1 towell of, IOI/23 

passe rather, 38/31; 39/4: die 

passe to God, 87/6 : die 

patent to raize money in Lincoln- 
shire, 43/8 ; in Oxfordshire, 44/6, 7 

pater^noster over-gilt, 58/27 

pattens made and sold in S. Mar- 
garet Pattens Lane, p. 101, notel 

paunce of stele, 19/6 : armour for 
the paunch 

paxbred, 5/22: *A small tablet 
with a representation of the cruci- 
fixion upon it, presented in the 
Ceremony of the Mass to be kissed 
by the faithful/— Hall's Gloss, 

pearles, a girdeU of, 50/ 5 

peautre, plate & ij disshes, & y 
sauseres of, IOI/24 

peces and kuppes of siluer, 78/24 

pecis of siluer, 65/i2 : pieces of 
silver plate 

peisible, 33/i5 : peaceably 

pendaunt, 46/9 

, & a cheyne in, with a 

cnapp, 46/12 
pendaunt from a Girdle, with a 

St. Christopher in it, 45/io, 11 
pepett, pore; coles (charcoal) 

given to, IO2/14 
performyd, 46/i8 : *a dosen of 

peutrevessell performyd :* wrought, 

ornamented, oi all told ? 
perf ormynge, «6. 107/2 1 
perles, peces of syluerelike, 56/2$ 
perosone, 83/ 1 : parson, rector 
pesid Bowe, 42/2 1 : a pieced bow 
Pestilence, great, p. 105, note 
pestle aiid morter, 46/30 

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petit brase morter, 46/30 

peuder pottes, 78/24 : pewtor 

peuter lauour, 2O/3 

peutre vesseH, half a dosen of, 

Pilgrim to be sent to Home and 
Jerusalem, for the good of Test- 
ator's soul, 65/5 

pillows, 2 ; one * feire ybored/ 

pilwes, 4/17 : pillows 

pipe of wyne, gift of, 13/1$ 

plache, 3/8 : place, spot 

planer, 22/7 : a brewer's vati 

plat, 46/7 : flat bit of silver, with 
3 Lions on it 

plate, silver, 127/2 3, 29 

plate blacke, a pare of glovys of, 

plate white, a pare glovis of, 19/ 

6: armourd 

plesaunce, 35/8 : pleasure 

Plouwys, 27/13 • ^ys ^^ plough- 
ing done by Tenants for their 

plowes. And all my hors f at'longen 
to hem, 56/30 

point, vb, set, put 

polles, 36/15 : skins of the heads 
(of Martins) 

pomell, a sqware ; a flat coverd 
pece of plate with, 57/6 

pompe, whyche may not profyt 

myn soule, 23/22 
poor blind and lame, gift to, 27/ 

21. See Blind, 
poor fed and clad at a funeral, 27/ 

7; &c. 
poor folk, gift to, II/9; I5/15; 

19/16; 32/17; 69/7 ; 99/13 } 105/ 

18; 113/n; 124/9; &c.,&c. 

poor folk, 1000 hapeny loaves for, 
113/11. /SMfMalt Brew. 

poor kinsfolk, I3/24 

poor men and women to be carvd 

on Lady Warwick's Tomb, II7/4 
poor of Essex, bread and herrings 

for, 70/20 

poor to have the money foold 
away on vanities of Torches and at 
a burial, I3I/2-5 

Poor Tenants, bequest to, 5I/7 ; 
69/S ; gift of gowns to, 94/2 
, bequest to, for their Ser- 

vices, 27/1 1 
, let off their rent, 52/i8 

poor young women, gift for mar- 
riage of, 23/12. See Marriage. 

Porch-door, to be buried outside 
of the, 101/7 

Pare Gaytife, a booke of Englyssh, 

50/18 ; p. 51, note 
porelych, adv, 49/ii : inexpen- 


porter, a, 83/17 

portoos, 59/6 : portable breviary 

Portus, 76/3, a portable breviary, 
from 0. Fr. porte-hon, Lat. porti- 
forium^ that which is carrid out 
of doors; *a ^oriwiA, portiferium .*' 
Catholicon. See Mr. Uerrtage's 
long and interesting note, p. 287, 
and Canon Simmon's Lay Fol&*s 
Mats-Book, p. 364, there referd 

posnet of bras, IOI/28: a small 

posnet of a poteH, 46/ 16 : a small 

pottle pot 

of a quarte, 46/17 

postnet, 17/9 : small pot 
pot and a panne, 7 6/ 18 
potel pot of peuwter, 22/9 
potell pot of sy lucre, 56/7 

pottys & pannes & peauter vessell, 

pounces, 67/i2 : 1 claws or feet to 

a piece of plate 

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powderbox and salers of siluere, 


prahyng, 47/12: praying 
prehyng, 48/io : praying 
Prechours, Freres, of London, p. 

17, note; 31/21 : Jacobins or 

Dominicans. See Freres. 

Prechours, white Freres, and grey 

Freres, 113/io 
prefenyng, 127/2 5 : advancing, 

pushing forward in life 
prent in y myddylle of a bowl of 

seluer, 46/6 
prentys, Ion, my, 22/5 

prentyshode, 12/ 11 : apprentice- 
prest, 1/12 : priest 

prestes of the Hows of Shafte- 

bury, bequest to, 7/14 
preysyd, jqp. I3/20: vahied 
priest, a son becoming, 64/i-i8 
priests and Clerks, gift to, 22/i 

Priests of a Church, gift to, 76/8 ; 
77/16; and often 

principal, 57/34 : best horse that 
follows a man's corpse at his funeral, 
and then belongs to the priest. 
Best beast (the Testator having no 
horse) in the name of ' principale,* 
47/19. See p. 139. 

principaly, 49/13 • i^ *^® ^^st 
. place, before anything else 

Prioure and f e Couent of Freres, 


prison, heipe nede men oute of, 

prisoners and poor folk, gift to, 66/ 

prisoners in London, gifts to, to 

pray for Testator's soul, 78/3, 6, 7 

in Ludegate & Newegate, 

IO6/11; &c. 
prisoners of Newgate, bequest to, 


prisoners, to pray for souls, 3I/28- 

profits of a Church, gift to, 77/i9 
Provyncyaft (of Friars), 88/6: 

* provincisB prsefectus apud religio- 

sos.' — D'Arnit, 

prowede, pp, 49/i2 : proved 

Prymour, gift of a, IO7/34 : first 

book of Religion 
Psalter coverd with black, 50/2 o 

purchace, 6O/2 : purchases ot 

purchas, ah* 68/24: purchase, 


purse, a, and 20*., 42/27 
purses, gifts of, 42/4, 5 
pursew, 130/12 : prosecute 
purtenaunce, I9/36 : appurten- 

quan, 43/i8 : when 
quare«ter, IO6/17 : chorister 
quarriour, 69/4 : a quarrier 
quart pot of silver, 67/i8 

(vV quar teres of coles, IOI/14: 
r quarter sacks of charcoal 

quarters of wete, 2 8/20 

quay res (quires, treatises) of Doc- 
tours on Mathewe, 51/4; P« 189 

questes, sh. pi. 85/5 • bequests, 
gifts by will 

quike & dede goodes & catelles, 
95/14: live and dead chattels 

quiitayns, 86/8, 9; curtains for 

quisshens, 86/12 ; quisshonus, 
102/1 ; quyssonus, 46/20 : cushions 

quyk catel, 57/29: live stcck 

quyt,2?p. 8/19: paid 

qweche, 44/4 ; qwiche, 44/6 ; 

quyche, 24/3 : which 
qwytaunce, sh, 71/3 : getlii g 

free from, discharge 

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rack of iron to roast eggs on, 102/ 

rakkes of yryne, 6G/27 

rakkes and brandemes of erne 
(iron\ 57/27 

my, I6/20 : striped cloth 

Keclus, Frere, Tliomas, 7/31 : a 

Keclus of Shirboum, whos Sur- 
name is Arthour, 10/8, 9 

recommended: soule to be, in 
Goddys seruice, 3I/3 

recompensible, 133/io : answer- 
able, as a recompense for 

record, j>p. I6/1 : recorded, set 

red cloth of gold, 49/i8. See 

rede, 6/30 : read prayers 

rede (1 Rode, cross) lyglit, at 

Twickenham, 85/6 
Red-leather Doublet of defence, 

37/3. See Gown, 
rede bed of wursted, 66/16 ; reed 

bedde of worsteyd, 19/2 
rede Damaske furred with mar- 

trens, a gowne of, IIO/26 
reioyce, 111/6; reioys, 128/2 ; 

reioyse, 99/i6 : enjoy 

rekenyng, the laste, 97/7 • ^^ 
Day of Judgment 

lekeuered of, 42/28 : recoverd 

releuyng, 127/2 5 : providing for 
Religion, poor men of, bequest to, 

Religiouse wommen, bequests to, 

p. 7 
relyved of, IH/is : relievd with 

remaindre, 61 /2 4, 26 : devolve- 

nient of land 
reniaynande, 130/3 • remainder 

remayne, v. t 124/6 ; revert, go, 

E. £. WILIJS. 

remembraunce of me, 63/14 : a 

token of remembrance 
remenauntys, I3/19, 23 : residue 

remenent, 87/9 : remainder, resi- 
rement, 22/3 : remainder of the 

remnaiind, 19/is : remainder of 

the £100 
rengnyng, 11 9/21 : reigning 
reof, 36/i 2 : rough 
reparacion, 90/4, 7 » repairing 
Requiem, Masse of, 15/i2 ; 105/ 

15; 106/8,20, 22 
rerebrace, 19/5 : armour for the 

back of the arm 
reserued, pp, 23/2o : excepted, 

kept back out of a bequest 
residue, bequest of, IOO/3; and 


residues, 134/io 
reson, 96/i6 : a motto 
resonable helth of body, IO4/4 
resorte, inf. 1 28/15 

restitution to be made for any 

wrong done, 23/15 ; ^c. 
rewlyng, sh. 15/8 : management 
reyn, IOO/19 : reign 

Reynes, peyre schetes of, 4/i6 : a 
couple of sheets made in Rennes, 

reysid, pp, 7I/29 : to be raizd 
out of 

Rodelofte (of Stoke), 90/8 : the 
Cross and part abuv the Altar of a 

rode horses, 58/2 : riding horses ; 
cp. roadsters 

roller for a to well, 102/i8 

roses and flourdeluces on a cup- 
cover, 102/7 

ruby brooch, 118/15,16. v. Baleys 
russet Candelstykes, 82/ 1 

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russet, a Cloke of blake, 37/s 

russet gown furrd, 131 /; 

russet gowns, gifts of, 91/i6, i8 ; 


russet gowns at a burial, I5/19 
rupset kyrtell furred with lambe, 

russet medley furred with blak, 

a gowne of, III/3 
russet vellewet, 11 8/5 
russett ylyned with white ; poor 

folk's gowns at a Barial, 27/ 10 
Eiding gowne wilh the hode, 133/ 

right heires, 60/15. See ryte. 
ring, gifts of, 12/i2, 13 ; &c. 
Eing put on by a Wi«low wh**n 

she takes a Vow of Chastity, 60/ 

8, 25 ; Noie8, p. 136 
rydelles, 6/19: Fr. ** rideatiy a 

curtaine, or cloth-skreeue." — Coi- 

** rynge with which y was ys- 

poused to god," 6/4. See p. 135. 
ryte heirs, 20/is 

sacrynge bell, 5/24: bell rung 
before the Consecration of the 
Host, and at other times during 

salarie be jere, 31/i8 

salarie, 5 nobles for his, 127/i 

sale, ab. I9/32 

saleri, 8O/1 1 : salary 

salt saler of peautre, IO2/2 : salt- 

Salve, a service of our Lady, 1 1 4/2 

Salve (Maria) ; the service, 8I/20. 
See Notes, p. 141. 

sam, 46/27 : same 

sanapes, 56/23 ; IOI/24 : hand- 

sanguyn gowne to be sold, and 
do for mv boule, 94/3 

sangwen) gowne furred with mar- 

tres, 111/4 
' eans departir ', a motto on a ring, 


saule, soule, 33/27 ; 49/i6 : soul 

sauseres of peautre, IOI/25 : pewter 

Sauter (Psalter) helid with blake, 

sawcers, 49/17. See Silver, 
say : that is to seye, 4/i 5 : namely 
scarlet gowne furred with foynes, 

111/20. See Gown. 
with slyt slyues, 1 1 1/2 2 

scarlet goune furred with mar- 

trouns, 107/35 
schapell, 80/ 13 : chapel 
schel, 40/19, 20, &c : shall 
Scheie, 38/20, 22 : shall 
schetys, 3/9 : sheets. See Sheets, 
scho, 95/16 : she 
scochons, 4/13 : scutcheons 

scoles, sonnes [to] be susteyned 

and kepte to, 1 22/33 
seal to Will, 35/i2 ; 66/15 ; 79/ 

27 ; 95/22 ; 108/3 ; 115/i6 ; &c. 
seal of Arms to Will, 11 9/2 2 

secoutors, IO2/15 ; seccutur, 80/6 j 
« secutour, 2/9 : executor 

secundaries, adj, pi, 82/2 : second- 

secundary of the chircfi, 105/i6 

secunde best furre and gowne, 

sekenysse, 11 8/20: sickness, ill- 

seketoures, IO2/21 ; ^eketowrs, 
38/i6 : executors. See p. xiv, 
note 1. 

Seler (Cellar), officers of, IIO/15 

selour, 76/i6 : canopy 

seluer, oldf*werKe of 46/8 

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seluere vesseH, 56/4 • silver plate 
seme, 79/21 : think, judge 
seme, they, III/26: they judge, 

seme hem, 128/21 : appear to 

sen, 53/24 : since 
s«idel,' 4/18 : (cendal) a species 

of rich thiD silken stuff 
sepulcure, 35/5 • ^^i^®^ ^^^ tomb 
serpe, 110/6 : serpent? 
serteyn, a, 3/io : a certain sum, an 

allowance. See p. 135. 
servants' beds, two, 56/21 
servants to be rewarded, 53/23 
servants, gift to, I3/34 
servants to be rewarded by Exe- 
cutors, 71/26 ; 119/10 
servants to have their Master's 

body-clothes, 68/7, 8 
sesse, 39/3 : decease, death 
Setrysday, 28/io : Saturday 
seuerally, 124/is : respectively 
sex, 4/17 : six 
sharpe, 117/6: a baldrick or 

girdle ? • 

sheo, 74/9 : she 
sheet, a^ gift of, 91/7, 10 
sheets, gift of, 3/9 ; 32/27 5 76/ 

16 J 101/19; &c., &c.* 
sheets, 2 pair to a bed, 56/19 
shulleth, pi, 10/9 : shall 
sich, 54/12 : such 

sickness, attendant during, re- 
warded, 11 8/20 

signet, 83/i 8: seal. Yt. * Signet: 
m. a signet, seale, stampe, marke.' 
— Cotgrave^ 1611. 

Signs of Shops or Inns : 
Cock in Grub-street, Cripplegate, 

Cock and Garland in Colman strete, 

74/2 ; p. 140 

Cow-head in Chepe, 75/i7 ; p. 140 

Mermaid in Bread St., Cheapside, 
78/19; p. 141 

the Sword in Fleet St., 65/7 
silk, green, net bed-curtains, 36/8 
silk, black, green and red, a Girdle 

of, 46/ 1 1 
sillers, 33/28 : sellers (of land) 
silour, 36/6 : canopy of a bed 
Siluer hereof, I9/29 : sale-money 

of it (land) 
siluer, 2O/23 : money for land 

sold * 

silver, a cloth of, IO9/3 
silver, twelve pence of, 48/7 

silver cups, bequest of, 5O/31, 32 ; 
65/14; 111/10 

cup coverd, with a cover, 

lll/i, 2 

cup plain, with fe scripture 

of sejnt Ion, 5O/33 

silver cups ' stondyng on low fete,' 

silver dishes, 34/24 > *^^ sawcers, 

Girdle, 34/24; 43/2o; 58/ 

11,12 » 

silver gilt spice dish, 4 6/1 
saler, 56/8 : big salt-cellar ' 

silver goblets, 56/7 

old work of, 46/8 

silver Pots, 133/4 

silver spoons, 42/19; 56/8; 57/ 
8, 10, 12, 14; &c. 

silver spoons, a dozen of, 34/2 1 ; 
"'*'"; six of, 87/2 

silver tester, 46/24 •' ^or assaying 

vessell, f 6/4 : plate 

singing for souls, 88/3 ; &c. 

sink foil merkid on saucers of 
siluere, 56/9 


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Skiimers' Craft, gown of the 

Liverj of, II4/13 
skonce, IO2/20 : a framed light 

to hnng against a wall. * A sconse. 

Lucernula,* 1608. Clerk's WiikaW 

Dictionarie, p. 182, coL 1. 
elit sleeves, scarlet gown with, 

ford, 111/22 
Smaragdus, a stone laid by the 

Gripe, p. 183, 'Grypysey'. 
sold to, 69/27 : sold at (a high 

Solaiipne Seruise, — Belle Ryng- 

yngtf, Deryge be^ote, and Idasse of 

Kequiem be note, 15/ 12 

solempny, adv, 1 82/19 

sool, 6O/10 : single, unmarrid 

sordehors, 53/14; 54/17: Isorrel- 

sorede horse, a, 53/9 : a sorrel 

Soul, gifts for Testator's, 42/ii, 

21 ; 66/4 ; 67/14-16 ; 7O/30 ; 87/8 ; 

90/12; 91/14; 97/5; lOO/i; and 

in nearly *very Will 
soul : money from land' sold, to 

go to, 33/26 ; 34/6 
soul to be prayd-for for 20 years, 
. 105/4 

soule hele, IO2/12 : health, salva- 
tion, of soul 
souls to be sung for, 79/i3 ; &c. 
specefied, 112/i 
spedefull, 128/i : helpful 
spendyth, yspendyth, j>i?. 15/2 9, 

36 : spent, laid out 
spon, a Sylure, 42/19: a silver 

spoon. See Silver, 
spones, a doseyn (silver), 56/8 
sprengls,5/22 : sprinklers, brushes 

for sprinkling holy water 
spytes, 56/27 : spits 
square pomell (in a piece of plate), 

stable, seruantes of, 110/ 17 

staf with an handeH, 102/ 17 
standing piece of plate, 5 7/ 17 
stappe, vh, 21 ji : step, tread 

state, 115/19, 23, estate, op 

Statue, naked ; the Countess of 

Warwick's directions for her, II6/9 
Steeple of Marcle Church; He«* 

fordshire, to be made, 23/6 
Steeple, gift for making a, 1 32/13 
stepil of Okeham church, 58/31 
sterlinges, 34/2$, 27 ; xL li o^ 

32/22; 70£ of, 31/17 
sterlinges, markes, 95/5 
stodys, 46/9 : studs (of silver gilt) 
stodys, 46/13 • studs 

stondyng cuppe gilde, 1 33/14; 

pece of syluer couered, 133/ 

stondyng with me yn maner of 

aprentys, 114/ 10 
stondynge cuppe gilt, shapp of a 

colunibyn, IO6/24 
stone of Marble, for a Tomb, 105/ 


stohys, precious, 11 7/ 11 

stonys (precious) and perles, 118/6 

store and catell quykk and ded, 

• 18/9 • 

strecche, 1 34/13 • ©xtend 

strenketh, 12 2/30: strength 

stuff, 111/4: household goods, 
clothing, &c. 

stufifes mevable, 1 26/26 

stuys, 2/1 1, 12: tanks to hold 

subdeacon, 132/i7 

substanciall dedes, 62/i6 : ori- 
ginal deeds, conveyances of land 

suffre my wyf wone })er-inne, 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



suites, 56/8 : patterns, sets 

supportyng, 115/25 : bearing, pay- 
ing (the rent and charges of a 

surveiors of my testament, 64/13 

suruewe, 9O/14 : (survey) over- 
looking, oontrol 
Surveyors of a will, 1 27/24, 35 
Surveyours of his testament, 

122/14; &o. 
sussessiffly, ado, 114/;: succes- 
sustentacion, 79/i5 
sute, in, I3/9 : in succession 
suyng, a. 65/ 1 1 : following 
swerd? hameseiJ, bequest of a, 

76/14, 21 
swerd, my schort, 12/ 16 

Sword, the : sign of an Inn (1) 
in Fleet St., 65/; 

sworn to leave X 20 to a girl, 

sygne manuall, 89 /ii ; syne 
manaell, 8S/18: sign manual, sig- 

sy lucre saler, 56/8 

sylver spones, vj, 87/2 

sylvym) Gyrdyll, 42/2 

tabel, a litil, peynted trestelwise, 

102/7, 8 
tabelet, 117/i2 : paiuting# 
tabernacle of syluer, 11 7/ 15 
tablets, jeweld, of St. Katherine 

and St. George, 117/io 
taile, 124/23 : entail 
Tailors, Craft of ; the Brotherhood 
of St. John of the, 114/28 • 

Talvchaundeler, IO2/27 : tallow- 
tamsery(l) werke, 46/20; p. 138 
tapecery, a blewe bedde of, 7 6/ 15 
tapers and torches burning at a 
funeral, 92/i2 

tapers at head and foot of corpse 

at burial, 8/23-4 
tapers to be burnt in Chapels, 81/ 


tapers, two, on the Altar of our 

Lady, II4/3, 4 
tapicers werk (bed of), 4/i2 : 

tapistree, bed of, 56/ii 

tapites, 4/12: tapestry, hanging 

cloths or carpets 
tartyn, 133/2 : ? tarteryn, a kind 

of silk 
tastour of seluer, 46/24 : a silver 

tester. Fr. 'Taster, To tast; or 

take an essay of.' — Cotgrave, 

tawne, 5/34 : tawny 

te, 87/3 • ^ 

templys, 116/6: jewels hanging 

from women's foreheads 
tenants in SuSblk, bequest to, 69/9 

tenants, poor, gift to, 7I/13. 9ce 

Poor Tenants, 
terment, II/9; IOI/12 : inter- 

nftnt, burial 
terment, 27/6 : ceremony, fuss, at 

a burial 
termined, pp, 25/22 : ended 
termyn, 53/i i : for the term 

testament concemyng my last 

wyll, 92/5 
testament conteynyng my laste 

wjU, 99/5 
testament of my last wyll, 94/ 12 
testour of a bed, 133/i 
fat, 64/21; that, 118/7 : that 

which, what 
thewhiche, 82/14, 13 : whicl 
feim, 6O/32 : them, 
fer, conj, 23/8 : where 
fere, 2/8 : where, in cases where 
Jjerto, 38/20 : also, moreover 
ther-wyth, 6/2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



tbet, rel. proti. 102/ 14 : that, 

thet, con;. 94/19 : IO2/24: that 

thet, 94/20 : that (= that the 

debts be paid) 
theym, 11 4/19: them 
thilke, 6/18 : those 
])is es, 39/34 : these are 
the, 21/21, 22 ; 22/8, 9 ; 78/iS : 

thridde, 6/3 : third 
til. 6«/i3 : to 

tithes forgotten, gift for, 77/is; 
I 84/7. See Offermgs. 
to, 56/27: two 
to tyme, 82/7 : till 
toe, 96/s : two 
tofor, 38/20 : before 
tomb : bequest for tomb of Sir T. 

and Lady Alice West, 8/4, 5 
Tomb, directions for making one 

(in 1426) like Sir Thos. Mora's, the 

Dean of St. Paul's, 71/6-IO 
Tomb, Lady Warwick's, 11 7/4 
tomb, plain, directions for, 27/2 
tombstone, marble, for Sir Roger 

Salwayn, 52/6 
ton, 101/22 : one 
tone . . and . . tother, 117/io : one 
, ' and other 
too, 2/6; 66/21, 22 : two 
to-partyd, 1/8 : divided 
torch at the levacion at the hie 

masse, 10] /i 2, 13 
torches and tapers burning at a 

funeral, 96/i2 
Tofches and Tapers, only 3 each," 

at a Burial, 27/S 
Torches at a funeral, 130/i 
torches of wax for the Altar of 

Westminster Abbey, 11 /4 
torches to be burnt at funeral 

service, 82/17 

torge, torghe, 130/i, 2, 3 : torch 

towailes longynge to the auter 

5/16 : altar cloths 
towayl of werk, 37/7 • embroiderd 

towel-roller, 102/i8 
towdtt of Parys werk, IOI/23 
towels, washing, for before meab 

and after, 56/23 
tre (tablet of), 6/25 : wood 
Trefoil, fret of, workt on a Cover- 
let, 36/7 
Trentale of Masses, 40/io ; 88/ 

10, 115 113/8 
Trentalez off messez, 20 to be 

said, 48/1 
trentaH, a messe of J^e, 105// 
trestelwise, a lytil tabel, peynted, 

102/7, 8 
Trinite . . his endles mercye . • 

he sende, 59/i i 
trist, tristy, 48/io, 21 ; trust, 

Troy weight, lll/io 

trussing cofer, 6/19 ; 66/14 5 ^V 

4 : packing chest 
twey, 31/13, 14 • ^"^^ 
tweyne my best hors, 28/23 : my 

two best horses 
tymbur, II7/13 : wood-carving 1 

unbenefist priests, gift to, 48/14 
unstopped cushions (or colour]), 

102/2 : P unstuft 
unto tyme, 123/2 7 : until 
vp, 33/ii, 14 ; 6O/10 : on, upon 
vpon, of : executouris vpori) this 
« testament, 87/io, 1 1 
ure, destine (1), p. 59, note 1 
vtensyl, I8/10 : household uten- 
vtensilmentes, 78/25 : (kitchen) 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



valour, sh. 134/4 : value 

Tambrace and rerebrace, I9/4 : 
armour-plates for tlie front and 
back of the arm 

Tanites of Candilstikkes, torches, 
and suche other (at a burial), 131/ 

vanturs, 88/14: pieces of front 
armour ? 

Tekery, 12/i8 : vicar 

Telle wet, 11 8/5 : velvet (russet) 

ventaile, I9/4 : projection over a 

slit in a helmet to let out air 
vergyous, 9I/19 : verjuice 
vesseH, II8/7 : plate 
vessell, seluer, 62/io : silver plate 

vestement of blak for prest, &c., 

Vestments, Chapel, cloth to make, 

vestments, gift of, to a Church, 

6/28 ; 76/4. See Westment. 
vestment to Auter in be kyrke, 

vestments, a pair of black, 5O/28 

Vestments for Priests to sing for 

Testator's soul, 32/5, 9 
vestymentz of my chapell, 5/ 16 

Vicar of church of Newenton 

Valance, 8/14 
vicary, 28/7 : vicar 
vice, 95/12 : voice 

Vigil of St. Matthew (Sept 20), 

p. 3 
voile, adj. 28/2 : full 
voursone, 74/23, 24; advowson 
voute of Okeham stepil, 68/31 

Vow of Chastity, a Widow's, with 

Mantle and Ring, p. 135 
voyded, pp. 33/32 : turnd out 
vyle, 91/20 : file (gift of one) 

tt;fur V, 86/13, 15 

ward, the right of marrying one, 

Wardeyn and J>o Couente of 

Freres, 47/21 
Wardeyns, 114/7, 22: wardens 

(of Sejnt Austyns chirch) 
ware, 8/20 : where 

warkis, sb. pi. 2I/25 : works, 

wasshyngtowels for before mete 
and after, 66/23 

waxchaundeler of London, 34/ 
29 ; lOl/i 

wax torches, gift of, to churches,* 
&c., 11/4, 7, 13, 17 

way, 40/17 • journeying, pilgrim- 

ways bad, gift to mend, 31/i8. See 

weche, 2/2 : which 
weddynggown, II8/2 
weddys, IO7/20 : pledges 
wepen, 58/ 12 : weapons 

werk, of, 66/23 : workt, orna- 

werk of cherch, gift to, IIO/23 ; 
and often 

werkmansshipe, 68/33 • doing cer- 
tain work 

weryng, sh. 7I/23 : wearing, 
having on one's back * , 

westment of rede cloth of crold. 

wete, 23/20 : wheat 

wetyn, 3/7 : know 

wex, a C lb, 114/i ; 100 lbs. of 
wax « 

weyth, 117/9: weighs 

what thenge, 6O/29 : whatever 

wheche, 27/4: ? hutch, chest, 
coffin.— W. G. Stone. 

where-as, 4/io : where 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



wherk, $h, 81/9 • ^o^k, building 
whit, 66/6; 60/ n : with 
whiUll, 62/12: withal 
white, 13 poor men to be clothed 
in, and hold a torch, at a barial, 
whith, 56/30 : with 
whysteH, sb. 40/2 2 : whistle 
whyt, 34/2 : with 
whyte doth, 47/i : undyed cloth 
Widow : ceremony at her Vow of 

Chastity, p. 135 
•wife, app^ to, to see Will duly 
carried out, 41/ 1-3 
wife, gift of all goods to, 83/13-15 
wife, * my most tristy frendo,' 48/ 

Will, an old, to be referd to, to 
help the meaning of a new one, 
Wills in the 3rd Person: 'he 

wille,' &c., p. 43, p. 121 
wit, 12/6, 7, 9> &c.; 54/io: will, 
• witholde, Pi). 71/i6: rataind 
wittes, sb. pi. 87/20 : wits, senses 
wiues, 82/22 : wife's 
wodeknyf hamesed, bequest of a, 
• wood and coal, bequest of, 91/ii 
word, 88/15 ; motto, * mercy and 

Works of a Church, gift to, 77/ 

19; 99/11 ; and often 
works of St. Paul's, London, be- 

quest to, 2/6 
wor*ip and honour differenst, 

p. 104, note 
worsted, a red bed of, 19/2 
worsted Curtains to a bed, 36/9 
woshup, 102/12 : worship 

wurstede, bed of grene, 133/6 
wyjtis, «6. pL 46/28: weights 

(leaden) for scales 
wylk, 57/35 "• ^bich 
wyt, 22/10 : with 
wyt, 12/6, 7, 9, &C. ; 54/io : give, 

wy tele, 48/7: blanket 

^ for J) : 30U3e, 27/13 : though 
Year's Mind or Obit, I5/9. See 

Mynde, and Obit, and p. 141. 
ybored, IOI/20: ? coveid with 

pierst lace-hke work 
yefeh, 87/8 : given 
3eifi, 23/12 : given 
Jele, my grete maser, 56/31 
3eres of discrecion, 68/17 
yerth, 86/16 : earth 
yete, 27/i6 : eaten 1 
3hely, 20/8, 17 : yearly 
3here, 2O/28, 31 : years 
yi-do, 3/12 : done, (alms) given 

ydypp. MJs: given 
ykeueryd, 45/7 • ^*'^ * ^^^ *^ ^^ 
ynemned, pp. 27/20 : named, 

yomen of my lordys chambre, 

30U3e, 27/13 • though 
yove,i?p. 113/12: given 
yowre, 8O/2 : our 
ypoutbered, 4/i2 : powderd, 

sprinkled, ornamented 
ypoynet, 6/1 : pierst, open-work 
yspendyth, pp. I5/36 : spent, laid 

zieren (and wolle), 46/30 : shear- 

"Sungajf: CUiy and Taglor, the Chaucer Pre$s. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

TJie Publications for 1871 (one guinea) are: — 
44 The Alliterative Komaaoe ftf Joseph of Azimathie, or The Holy Grail: from the Vornoii MS.; with 
W de Worde's and Pynson's Lives of Joseph ; ed. Rev. W. W. Skeut, M.A. 'ys. 

45. King Alfred'i Weat-Saxon Yeraion of Gregory's Pastoral Care, edited from 2 MSS., with an EnKhsh 
translation, bv Henry Sweet.Esq., B.A., Balliol College, Oxford. Part 1. 1»«. 

46. Legends of the'Holy Eood, Symbols of the Passion and Cross Poems, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 10«. 

47. Sir David Lyndesay's Works, Part V., ed. Dr. J. A. H. Murray. 3«. 

48. The Times' Whistie, and other Poems, by R. C, 1616; ed. by J. M. Cowper, Esq. &». 

27ie Publications for 1872 (^one guinea) are : — 

49. An Old English KisoeUany, containing a Bestiary. Kentish Sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, and 
BeKgious Poems of the 13th cent., ed. from the MSS. by the Rev. R. Morris, LL.l), 1(U. 

50. King Alfred's West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care, ed. H . Sweet, M.A. Part 11. 1 0x. 

51. TheXife of St Juliana, 2 versions, A.D. 1230, with translations; ed. T, O. Cockayne and E. Brook. 'Is. 

52. Palladius on Hnsbondrie, englisht (ab. 1420 A.D.), ed. Rev. Barton Lod^e, M.A. Part I. KM. 

The Publications for 1873 (one guinea) are : — 
58. Old-English Homilies, Series II., and three Hymns to the Virjriu and God, 13th-century, with the 
music to two of them, in old and modern notation ; ed. R<«v. R. .Morris, LL.l). 8«. 

54. The Vision of Piers Plowman, Text G: Richard the Redeles (by William, the author of the Visioiv 
and The Crowned King; ed. Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 185. 

55. Generydes, a Romance, ed. ab. 1440 A.D., W. Aldis WriKht. M.A. Part I. Zs. 

Titc Publications for 1874 (one guinea) are : — 
58. The Gest Hystoriale of the Destruction of Troy, in alliterative verse ; ed. by 1). Donaldson, Esq., anil the 

late Rev. G. A. Panton. Part II. 10«. 6d. 
57. The Early T-wg^^h Version of the "Cursor Kundi"; in four Texts, edited by the Rt^v. R. Morris, 

M.A., LL.D. Part I, with 2 photolithofrraphic facsiniile.s. 10«. firf. 

68. The Bliokling Homilies, 971 A.D., ed. Rev. R. Morris, LL.D. Part I. 8s. 

TJie Publications for 1875 {one guinea) are : — 

69. The " Cursor Mundi," in four Texts, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part II. 15«. 

60. Keditaoyuns on the Soper of Our Lorde (by Robert of Brunne), edited by J . M. Cow|M>r. 2«. <W. 

61. The Romance and Prophecies of Thomas of Eroeldoune, from five MSS.; ed. Dr. J. A. H. Miirmy. 10« (V/. 

The Publications for 1876 (ane guinea) are : — 

62. The *' Cursor Kundi," in four Texts, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part III. loa. 

63. The Bliokling Homilies, 971 a.d., ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part II. 4*. 

64. Francis Thynne's Embleames and Epigrams, A.I3. 1600, ed. F. J. Furnivall. 4«. 

65. Be Domes Dasge (Bede's De Die Judicii), &c., ed. J. R. Lumby, B.D. 2.«. 

The Publications for 1877 — 81 (one guinea a gear) are : — 

66. The " Cursor Mundi," in four Texts, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part IV, with 2 autotypes. 10«. 1S77 

67. Notes on Piers Plowman, by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. Part I. 2ls. 

68. The ** Cursor Mundi," in 4 Texts, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part V. 2.')«. 1878 

69. Adam Davie's 5 Dreams about Edward II., to., ed. P. J. Fumivall, M.A. 5s. . ,, 

70. Generydes, a Romance, ed. W. Aldis Wright, M.A. Part II. 4«. 

71. The Lay Folks Kass-Book, four texts, ed. Rev. Canon Simmons. 23«. 1879 

72. Palladius on Husbondrie, englisht (ab. 1420 a.d.). Part II. Ed. S. J. Herrtaf^e, B.A. 15.9. 

73. The Buckling HomiUes. 971 A.D.. ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. Part III. 10«. 1880 

74. Enfflish Works of Wyolif, hitherto unprinted, ed. F. D. Matthew, Esq. 20«. 

75. Catiiolioon Anglicum, an early English Dictionary, from Lord Monson's MS. a.d. 1483, ed., witli Intro- 
duction & Notes, by S. J. Herrtage, B.A. ; and with a Preface by H. B. Wheath-y. 20.«. 1881 

76. Aelfrio's Metrical Lives of SainU, in MS. Cott. Jul. E 7., ed. Rev. Prof. Skeut, M.A. Part I. 10s. „ 


The Publications for 1867 (one guinea) are : — 

I. William of Paleme; or, William and the Werwolf. Re-edited from the unique MS. in Kiiifr's Collef^p, 

Cambridge, by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 13«. 

II. Early English Pronunciation, with especial Reference to Shakspere and Chauoer. by A.J. EUis, F.ll.S. 
Part I. 10«. 

The Publications for 1868 (one guinea) are : — 

III. Caxton's Book of Curtesye, in Three Versions. Ed. F. J. Furnivall. Bs. 

IV. Havelok the Dane. Re-edited by the Rev. W. W. Skeat. M.A. 10«. 

V. Chaucer's Boethius. Edited from the two best MSS. by Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 12«. 

VI. Ghevelere Assigne. Re-edited from the unique MS. by H. H. Gibbs, Esq., M.A. 3<. 

The Publications for 1869 (one guinea) are : — 

VII. Early English Pronunciation, by A. J. Ellis, P.R.S. Part II. 10«. 

VIII. ftueene Elizabethes Achademy, Ac. Ed. F. J. Furnivall. Essays on early Italian and German Kooks 
of Courtesy, by W. M. Rossettiand Dr. E. Oswald. 13«. 

IX. Awdeley's fraternitye of Yacabondes, Harman's Caveat, &c. Ed. E. Viles and F. J. Furnivall. 7s. i\d. 

The Publications for 1870 (one guinea) are: — 

X. Andrew Boorde's Introduction of Knowledge, 1547, Dyetary of Helth, 1542, Barnes in Defence of the Berde, 

1542-8. Ed. F. J. Furnivall. 18*. 

XI. Barbour's Bruce, Part I. Ed. from MSS. and editions, by Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 12«. 

The Publications for 1871 (one guinea) are : — 

XII. England in Henry YIIL's Time: a Dialogue between Cardinal Pole and Lupset. by Thomas Starkey, 
Chaplain to Henry VIIL Ed. J. M. Cowper. Part II. 12«. (Part I. is No. XXXI 1. 1878, 8s.) 

XIII. A Supplicacyon of the Beggers, by Simon Fish, 1528-9 a.d., ed. F. J. Fumivail : with A Supplication 
to our Moste Soueraigne Lorde ; A Supplication of the Poore Commons ; and The Decaye of Englsnd by the 
Great Multitude of Sheep, ed. by J. M. Cowper. Esq. 6«. 

XIV. Early English Pronunciation, by A. J. Ellis, Esq., F.R.S. Part III. 10*. / ^^^\^ 

Digitized by VjOOv iC 



The l^ubsrnptli^fV which conf^titut*?*? Tnenil>cr:iUip. is £1 Is. a year [and ^l 1?, (Large 
Paper* £2 l*i6. *ltt.) Rdditionul iW the Kxtila Series], due in ad%'»tice on the In of 
JAXCAnv» aiul fihouliJ be jmid either to the Society's Account at the Head OlTice of the 
Cuioii liaiik» rrince* StreeU Ijondon, E.C.^ or hy Cheriue or Mouey- Order (made payttble 
lit the Chiuf Urtkc, Loutlon) to the Hon, l^jcretary, W. A. DAt.7.lEL, Esq,, 457, Victoria Ed., 
Mfoiid Gr«eti Ud.. Fin-tbury Park, London, N., and erodjit * Union Batjk.^ ( U u I tetl- States 
Suh^criljcrs tuust pay for postmi^e U, id. a year extra for the Original Series, and 1*. a year 
tor tht* Kxtm Scries,) The Society's Xextg are also aold aeparat^ly at the prices put after 
tiii'ui iti the hi&tA, 


Jlte Ptihlh^nftmut fi^r T882 air: — 
77^ Btowulf, iUo uiiHiit*' MS. .vitatyixii and irauHlUfrnted, edited by Prof. Zupit«a, Ph D. 23*, 

Trt. Th* Fifty EjtrUeat En|fU»h WiUa in the Court of ProbWis, W-iT'l^Slf, od. by F. J. Furiuvall . M . A, 7*. 

Prrpuriif^Q : -^ I 

TKe OldMt Enfli*h Text*. CJiorteri, &».. cd, IL Swi?ett 51. A. (^/ Prf'««> 
Aitthbn. Thoraaby • CAtechliM. Ac* wl. Rev. CiinoTi tSlminnus. {At J'rctf*. 
Fieri Flowmiint Notf>, (il.pssnrj, Ae. Part JLt'd. H«^v. Frof. Skt^nt. M,A. [J/ Prestf. 
Kiny Alfrod'a OroBiua, (rtmi I^mi ToHt'mn4t|ie'a «th tviitmy MS,, tMl. H. S^ft^ct. M.A, [^^-i^ I^rc99* 
MerhiiH Fart IV., poiitniiunif Pn^1'in'i>. liidiji, and Oluanftrj. EdiLed by H. H. VVhttath-'y. 
0Awa7n« Poemt. od. F. J Viimn, MA. 

fiwwolf, n. rritiml Tt nt, Ac, cd. Prof, Z(irit^»i| with DisBfrlAtion, Uy l*ror. MUlIenhom 
WlUi&Bi of Kutui^tan'i Kitrof at lile, ^d. S. J Hcrt'taiCL', B,A 
All the Early £nf li«h TerM Liirc* of Sainti. M, I*r. 0. Ki^r^tmiimi, 
Pil^nuiagjj of the Lyf of ll»nh»d«, id liiK- Nnrlbcrii Diftlrct, fd. S J, Kt-rrtage, B.A. 
Anffio-Ssixon juid Ewly EQ^Uah P»AlLeri, ed. W. Atflifi Wriirht, M, A.* Ph.D. 
Early Engliih HdmiijuB, ]Mh ft'iitury, M> R*'V'. 13r R. Morns. 

To* Eul« of 3t. Beael: G IVxt-*, Antflo-Sjixuii. Early KuffljsU. Oiixtoii, Ac, od. Rev. Dr R. Morrla. 
Ourwr tttindi. IWt VL Iittruduciinii, Xfitos, u>*d (i|n^sar>% mK ReT. Dr. IL Mnrris, 
(loip«l of KicodemiUt tbe AuKlO'Sai:oii and Kttily-Eiigli»h vorsiou*, «hL Vr^t WtUcker, 


77/r PuUicattoHitfnr 1882 rtrtf ; — 
XXXIX. Charlemagu* Eomanooi :— «. The Taill of R«uf Calyear, Balaad, Otuel, ic, ed. 1>y Sydney J. 

JHerrtttL't", H,A. Ifi*, 
XL Cinurlcmogno fiomoncei :— 7. Huon of Buideuz, by Lord Bemers, ed* by S. L, Lee, B. A, Part I, 15f. 

Pre jm ring : — 
X M. CharlemA^e Romajioea ;— 8. Huon of Burdfltot, by Lonl B^riM^rs, ed. S. L. Lee, B.A. Ft I L [^^ Precv. 
Bp. Piaher'a Enf liiih Works, rr». Ennrild llnvTto, B.A. Part 11. [At Press. 
Hocdevfi's Minor Poems, c'd. F, J. furiiivult. M^A. [.1/ Pj^ckm, 

Anather Alliterative Homiuice of Alexander, ed. tUv. Prnf. Skrat. 5LA,+ and J. H, Hess«lii, Ep^q. [Ai Preit 
BsuboUTB Bruce. «nl. liiv. Prof. W. W, Skt-at. Part IV. {Af Pre»3, 

Guy of Warwick : 2 texts* {nth cent. Amibinlcck iLS. and iJJtli cifnt.CaiUB MS.), ed. Prof, Zupitit?k. Part [. 

lAi Pre^4. 
Sir Bevis of Ham ton, nth Dr. K. KJUhitip. 
LonelicH'a Holy Grail, cd. F. J. FurnivaH, MA. Part W 

27ui PuMicttt'wjtsJm' the yearn 1872 to \m\ (one fpiinca mch year) are : — 

XV. Robert Crowley* Tbirty-One Epigraojft, Voyoc of the La«t Trumpet, Way to "Wealtk, 4o., 1550-1 

A,i>,. edltcMj In" J. M. CowjM r, EftLj. 12«. 1S72 

XVI. Chaucer'a TreatisB on the Aatrol*be. Ed. R*/v. W. ^^ i^kr'at, M.A. 0«. ^^ ^ 
XVI [. The CDjnpl&ynt of Scotlando, 15 i« a. P., with an AjHieiidii of four contemporary English 

Tra^^ts (15*2- HI, (nlited hy J>r. J. A. II. Murrtiy. Part L lu-j. ^^ 

XVILE, The Coiuplaynt of Sootlande, \b\\\ a-b., \A. Dr. Murray. Piirt IL %9, 187» 

XIX. Oure Ladyes Myroure. a J)- LV5U, ed. Itev. J. IL BJtnit, M.A, 24j. ,^ 

XX, Lonohoh* History of tha Holy Grail lab^ 1^0 A.T>.ij from the French of Sires Eobiers de Borron, 

ed, F. J. FiiniivaiU M.A. Part L JS/f. 1874 
XXL Barbour 1 Bruce. Pan I [.. .?d. lit^v. W. W. Skcat, U.K. 4*. 
XXI L Henry Brinklow's Qoiitpkynt oi Roderyck Mors (tib. 15W) ; and The Lamcmtamon of a Ofamtioa 

af^aintt the Oitie of London, iTimle by itijd«nL'<i Mor>.. A.O. ISifi. Ed, J* M, Cowper. &*, ,, 

XXI 1 1. Early Enghah Pronunciation, t»v .^..r. Ell i^. F.K.S. Part IV, in«. ,, 

XJCIV. Lonelioha History of the Holy Grail. r:d. F, L Fumivall. M.A. Part IL 10*, 1S75 

XXV. Guy of Warwick, luHi-coitury VtTKioii, t'd. Prof. Zupisza. Part L £t>.S'. ., 

XXV(. Guy of Warwick, latlvc^nuirv Vt?rsLhn, cd. Pmr. Zunit/.a. Part 11. 14*, 1876 

XXV U. Bj>, Pisher'B Engliali Works i difMl 15^15}, i^d. h.v Pr <if. J. E, B. Ma^^or. Part I, the Text. 16*. ., 

XXVI II. Loneh&h'a Holy Greil, efL F. J. FurnivaU. Part. IIL 10*. 1877 

XXIX. Barbour* Bnico. Part III, ed. R4_>v W. W.Skeat, M,A. tls, .,- 

XXX. Lonelicha Holy Grail, cd. F. J. FitrnivnlV, M.A. Part IV, ir>J». 1S78 
XXX L The Alliterative Romance of Alexander and Dindimua, ihI. Rbv. W. AV. Skeat. Ojt. „ 
XXXIL Storkey'a "England in Henry Vm'a time," Pt L Storkey'sI^B and Letters, ed. S.J. Herri age. 8«, ,, 
XXXIIL Gesta Roraanomm i> isulisbt nb. 1 ttfi:, * d, S, J. Ucrrtaffts B.A. 15«. 1879 

XXX IV. The CharlemagTie Romances:—! Sir Ferumbraa, from AHhtii. MS. Si.'!, »?d.&. J.H« rrtapeT 15*. ,. 

XXXV, Chariema^ne Eotiiancca :— 2. The Sege off Melayne. Sir Otuell, Ac, ed. S. J. llirrtftirc, 12#, 1880 
XXXVP CfharlemagTiB Romanoea :— 3. Lyf of Chailea the Grete, Pt. L, td. S. J. Ilt?rrta^c. 1%, 

XXXV I L Oharlemajne Eomanoea :~4. Lyf of Oharlifa the (Jtete, Pt, IL, od, S. J. Ht-rrtUK^. Ibtt. 1881 

XXXVI 11. Charlemagne Rotiiaiicet.--5. The Sowdone of Bahylotte, eri. Dr. Hausknecht, IStf, ,, 


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