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y/m m PROPEJITY OF jm 



1 8' 7 




Virginia State Library 

(btued Quarteriy) 


Volame 4. Nos. 2. 3 and 4. 



State Library Board of Virginia 

Armistead C. Gordon, Chairman StaunUm, Va. 

John W. Rflhbume CharloUestnUe, Va. 

Theodore 8. Gamett Norfolk, Va. 

8. 8. P. Patteeon Richmond, Va. 

Edmund Pendleton Richmond, Va. 

H. R. McILWAINE, Librarian 
ETc^fficio Secretary of the Board. 

State Library Staff 

H. R. Mcllwaine LSbroarian 

Earl G. Swem A^bL Librarian 

Mrs. K. P. Minor Rrfertnce Librarian 

H. J. Eckenrode Arckivitt 

G. C. Moedey In charge of Traveling Libraries 

Mias E. B. Martin In charge of Periodicals 

W. F. Lewis Cataloger 

Miss Ethel I. Nolin Asst. Cataloger 

MifiB Roee Goodc Stenographer 

Miss Virginia Jones Stenographer 

John D. Snyder Janitor 

D. M. Petticrew Asst. Janitor 





Science (General) 79 

Mathematics 116 

Astronomy. Geodesy 121 

Physios 124 

Meteorology 127 

Weights and Measures 131 

Chemistry 132 

Geology. (General) 133 

U. S. Geological Surveys hefore 1879 134 

U. S. Geological Survey 138 

State Geological Surveys 160 

Geology of Virginia 178 

Geologry. (Countries other than North America) 186 

Mineralogy 186 

Dynamic and Structural Geology 187 

Stratlgraphlc Geology 188 

Natural History 189 

General Biology 181 

Evolution. Origin of Species 193 

Microscope 194 

Botany • 19^ 

Zoology 200 

Insects 205 

Birds 207 

Human anatomy 209 

Physiology 209 

Bacteriology 211 


General Medicine 211 

State Medicine. Hygiene 214 

Personal Hygiene 22l 

Medical Geography and Climatology 221 

CONTENTS — Continued. 

Hospitals 222 

Medical Jurisprudence 222 

Pathology 223 

Practice of Medicine 224 

Diseases due to Specific Infection 225 

Tuberculosis 227 

Diseaaes of the Nervous System, including Insanity 228 

Surgery 231 

Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 233 

Gynecology and Obstetrics 233 

Diseases and Hygiene of Children 234 

Dermatology 234 

Therapeutics 234 

Dentistry 235 

Pharmacy and Materia Medica 235 

Homeopathy. Osteopathy 236 


Agriculture. (Periodicals. Societies. Documents.) 236 

Agriculture. (General Work, Handbooks, History.) 254 

Agricultural Education. (Including Agricultural Exhibitions). 260 

Agricultural Chemistry 261 

Soils , . 266 

Fertilizers and Improvement of the Soil 268 

Farm Machinery 270 

General Plant Culture and Horticulture 270 

Flowers and Flower Culture. Gardens. Landscape Gardening. 

Parks 282 

Pests and Diseases 283 

Forestry '287 

Animal culture 292 

Cattle. Dairying 293 

Horses 295 

Sheep 296 

Swine 297 

Pets 297 

Poultry 298 

Bees 298 

Silk and Silk Culture 298 

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 299 

Fish Culture and Fisheries. Angling. Oysters 306 

Hunting Sports. Game Protection 308 

CONTENTS — Continued. 



Technology. (General) 310 

Technical Education 311 

Patents 313 

National and International Expositions 314 

Engineering 319 

Suryeying 322 

Harhors. Lighthouses 323 

River, Lake and Water Supply Engineering 323 

Canals and Inland Navigation 326 

Isthmian Canal Projects 327 

Irrigation. Drainage 329 

Sanitary and Municipal Engineering 330 

Roads and Pavements 3S1 

Railroad Engineering and Operation 337 

Bridge and Roof Engineering 338 

Building. (Including Heating. Ventilation, Lighting. Plumbing). 330 

Fire Protection and Prevention 340 

Mechanical Engineering and Machinery 340 

Electrical Engineering and Industries 343 

Aeronautics 344 

Mineral Industries 345 

Metallurgy. Special Metals 349 

Chemical Technology 350 

Manufactures 353 

Precious Stones. Gems 354 

Mechanic Trades. Miscellaneous Arts and Crafts 354 

Domestic Science 355 

Military Science. 

Miliury Science. (General) 356 

Military Education 859 

Armies 860 

Administration 862 

Maintenance and Transportation 865 

Infantry 365 

Cavalry ' 366 

Artillery 866 

Military Engineering 368 

Medical and Sanitary Service 869 

• * 

CONTENTS — Continued. 

Naval Science. 

Naval Science. (General) 369 

Naval Education 370 

War Vessels 371 

Naval Organization and Distribution. Situation 371 

Naval Administration 372 

Naval Ordnance 373 

Minor Service of Navies 373 

Navigation. Merchant Marine. Shipping 374 

Naval Architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine Engineering 376 





Issued Quarterly. 

Vol. 4 

APRIL, JULY, OCTOBER, 1911 Nos. 2, 3 & 4 



This Finding list is a condensed catalogue of the books in the classes of Mathe- 
matics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geoio^, Natural Histonr, Botany, Zoology, 
Human Anatomy, Physiolo^, Bacteriology. Medicine, State ^le<iicine, Pathology, 
Surg2Ty, Therapeutics, Agriculture, General Plant Cidture and Horticulture, For- 
estry. Animal Chilture, Fish Culture and Fisheries, Hunting Sports, Civil Engineering, 
Canajs. Roads. Railroad Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, E.ectrical Engpuieer- 
ing, Mining Engineering, Cnemical Technology, Manufactures, Mechanic Trades, 
Domestic Science, Militcuy Science, and Naval Science, in the Virginia State Library. 
The titles are arranged alphabetically under a few leading subject headings. In the 
index at tha end of the Fmding list, the names of authors, editors, translators, and 
the subject words of .the titles are arranged in one alphabet. 

SoctetleB. Periodicals. Collectioiis. Collected Works. 

^American Joumal of science. Library 
hall 1820-1875, 1897. 1 

American philosophical society. 

Transactions. Library has v. 1-4. 
n. 0. 1818-1834. a 


Historical and literary commit- 
tee. Transactions. . . . Library 
has T. 1, 1819. Qll A5. 8 

Heckewelder, J. G. E. An account 
of the history, manners and customs 
of the Indian nations ... p. 3-348. 
Correspondence between Hecke- 
welder a|id Duponceau respecting 
the languages of the American In- 
dians, p. 351-448. Words, phrases 
and short dialogues in the language 
of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware 
Indians, p. 451-464. 4 

Anderson^ James. Recreationa in 
agriculture, natural history, arts. 

and miscellaneous literature. 1799- 
1803. 6 y. Library has 1st ser., 
V. 1-4; 2d ser., y. 1, 2. Q162 A54. 



inal record of science and indus- 
try for 1871 [-1878.] Edited by 
Spencer F. Baird, with the assist- 
ance of eminent men of science. 

872-1879. 8 y. Q9 A4. t 

Ayebory], John Labbock, let baron. 
Scientific lectures. 1879. Q171 A97. 


Barnard, F. A. P. The recent pro- 
gress of science, with an examina- 
tion of the asserted identity of the 
mental powere with physical forces. 
1869. Q171 B25. S 

Brard, C. P. Dictionnalre nsuel de 
chlmie de physique, et d'histoire 
naturelle. 1855. Q123 B84. 



80 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Britlah Aflsodjitioii for the adTttnce^ 
ment of scfence. Report of the 
first and eecond meetings ... at 
York in 1831, and at Oxford in 
1832: including its proceedings, 
recommendations, and transactions. 
1833. Q41 B86. 10 

Bachanaii, W. M. The dictionary 61 
Bcience and techi^eal terms used in 
philosophy, literature, professions, 
commerce, arts and trades. With 
supplement, ed. by J. A. Smith. 
1884. Q123 G91 Ref. 11 

Bulletin ,des sciences mathdmatlques, 
astronomiques, physiques et chim- 
Iques. Premidre section .^u Bulletin 
uniTersel des sciences iet de Tin- 
dustrie, publid sous la direction de 
M. le Baron de Fdrussac. . . 1824- 
31. 16 y. Q2 B9. 12 

Bulletin des sciences naturelles et de 
gdologle. Deuzidme section du 
Bulletin universel des sciences et de 
rindustrie, pubUd sous la direo- 
tion de M. le Baron de Fdrussac. 
1824-31. 27 y. Q2 B92. 18 

Colorado. State historical and na;t* 
ura.1 history society. Report. Li- 
brary has 1908. Qll 07. 14 

Connecticat. Academy of arts and 
sciences. Transactions, y. 1-11, 
1886-1902. Qll 08. 16 

y. 6, pt 1, and y. 6, 7, pt. 2, and 
y. 10 wanting. 

Draper, J, W. ScientiflKs memoirs; 
being experimental contributions 
to a knowledge of radiant energy. 
1878. Q113 D7. 16 

^Tear-book of naiture and popu- 
lar science for 1872 1873. Q9 
D76. 17 

Bstes, Bsna. Half-hour recreations 
In popular science. First series. 
[1874.] Q171 B79. 18 

Ferguson, James. Lectures on select 
subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, 
pneumatics, optics and astronomy. 
A new and improyed ed. adapted 
to the present sta/te of science. 
1826. Q157 F36. 10 

Fisher, A. B. (B) The fidry-land or 
science. By Arabella B. Buckley. 
1882. Q163 F51. 

-A short history' of natural scl« 
rence and of the progress of discoy- 
ery from the time of t^e Greeks to 
the present day, for the use of 
schools and young persons, by Ara* 
bella B. Buckley. 1881. Q125 F53. 



Hseckel, E. H. P. A. Freedom In 

science and teaching. 1879. ''Q171 

. Hll. 

Helmholtz, H. L. F. yon. Popular 
lectures on scientific subjects. Tr. 
by E. Atkinson. 1873. Qi71 H49. 


I. On the relation of natural sci- 
ence to science in general. — ^11. On 
Ooethe's scientific researches. — III. 
On the physiological causes of har- 
mony in music. — IV. Ice and gla- 
ciers. — ^V. On the Interaction of the 
natural forces. — ^VI. The recent pro- 
gress of the theory of vision. — ^VII. 
On the conservation of force. — ^VIII. 
On the aim and progress of physical 

' Same. 2d serieB. 1881. Q171 

H62. 24 

Gttstav Magnus: in memoriam.— 
On the origin and significance of 
geometrical axioms. — On the rela- 
tion of optics to painting.^-On the 
origin of the planetary system. — On 
thought in medicine. — On academic^ 
freedom in Qerman universitlea 

Herschel, Sir J. F. W. Familiar lec- 
tures on scientific subjects. 1874. 
Q171 H56. SS 

About volcanos and earthquakea 
— ^The sun. — On , comets. — ^The 
feather and weather prophets.—- 
Celestial measurlngs and weighings. 
— On light: pt. 1. Refiexion, refrac- 
tion, dispersion, colour, absorption* 
pt. ii. Theories of light interfer- 
ences, diffraction, pt. ill. Double re- 
fraction, polarization. — On sensorial 
vision. — ^The yard, the pendulum, 
and the metre. — On atoms. A dia- 
logue.— On the origin of force. — -On 
the absorption of light by coloured 
media, viewed in connexion with the 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


undulatory theory. — On the eatima^ 
tlon of skill in target shooting. 

-A prelimixuiry discourse on the 

study of natural philosophy. Q171 

Humboldt, Alexander, freiherr yon. 
Cosmos: a sketch of a physical de- 
scription of the universe. Tr. from 
the Qerman by E. C. Ott6. 1860- 
61. 3 Y. Q158 H91. 27 

— Same. 5 v. 1849-1868. /. 2-5 
wanting . Q158 H92. 28 

-Views of nature: or. Contempla- 

tions on the sublime phenomena of 
creation; with eclentific lUustra- 
tione. Tr. from the German by B. 
C. Ott4 and H. G. Bohn. 1850. 
Q171 H862. 29 

Steppes and deserts. — Cataracts of 
the Orinoco. — Nocturnal life of ani- 
mals in the primeval foresta — Ideas 
for a physiognomy of plants. — On 
the structure and mode of action of 
volcanos in different parts of the 
earth. — ^Vltal force, or The Rhodlan 
geniua — The plateau of Caxamarca, 
the ancient capital of the Inca 
Atahuallpa, and first view of the 
Pacific from the ridge of the Andes. 

-Aspects of nature, in different 

lands and different climates; with 
scientific elucidations. Tr. by Mrs. 
Sabine. 1849. Ql71 H866. 80 

Hiimb<4dt library. Library has nos. 

1-44, 46-72, 14-76, 78, 79, 81-93, 

y* 95-110. 81 


AOen, Grant. The evolutionist at 
large, no. 26 Sa* 

Force and energy; a theory 

of dsniamlca no. 106. 83 

^Vignettes from nature, no. 

38. 34 

Avebury, J. Lubbock, 1st baron. 
The pleasures of life. no. 97. 85 

Bagehott Walter. Physics and 
politics: an application of the prin- 
ciples of natural selection and he- 
redity to political society. 1880. 
no. 3. 86 

Bain, Alexander. Mind and 
body: the theories of their relation, 
no. 13. 87 

BaUcwin, F. P. Minute organisms, 
no. 84. p. 36-49. 88 

Ball, Benjamin. The morphine 
habit. With four lectures on The 
border-land of insanity; Cerebral 
duailsfm; Prolonged dreams; Insan- 
ity in twins, no. 87. 89 
Bates, H. W. The naturalist on 
the River Amazon. A record of 
adventures, habits of animals, 
sketches of Brazilian and Indian 
life and aspects of nature under 
the equator, during eleven years of 
travel. 1880. nos. 11, 12. 40 
Blrkbeck, W. L. Historical sketch 
of the distribution of land in Eng- 
land, no. 78. 41 
Black, W. X. Ultimate finance: a 
true theory of co-operation. [Part 
1.] no. 102. 42 
^Ultimate finance; a true the- 
ory of wealth. Part 2. no. 107. 48 
Blasema, Pietro. The theory of 
sound in its relation to music. 1880. 
no. 10.. 44 
Bleyer, J. M. Scientific methods 
of capital punishment, no. 93. 45 
Brown, Robert. Birds of passage, 
no. 99, p. 11-24. 46 
Calrd« John. Oriental religions. 
1882. no. 35. 47 
Carr, N. T. The sun: its constitu- 
tion; its phenomena; its condition. 
[1883] no. 49. 48 
Chishohn, G. G. The glow-worm 
and other phosphorescent animals, 
no. 84, p. 23-36. 40 

Snow. no. 99, p. 24-36. 60 

GUfford, W. K. Conditions of 
mental development, and other es- 
says. 1886. no. 65. 51 

Cosmic emotion; also the 

teaching of science, no. 98. 52 

The philosophy of the pure 

sciences, no. 86, p. 12-49. 58 
The scientific basis of mor- 
als, and other essays, viz.: right 
and wrong; the ethics of belief; the 
ethics of religion. 1884. no. 65. 54 

Seeing and thinking, no. 22. 


^The unseen universe, no. 86. 


^Virchow on the teaching of 

science, no. 98, p. 16-30. 57 

Clodd, Sdward. The birth and 

growth of myth. 1884. no. 54. 58. 

^The childhood of religions: 

embracing a simple account of the 
birth and growth of myths and 
legends. 1883. no. 47. 59 

^The childhood of the world; 

a simple account of man in early 
times. 1884. no. 60. 80 

^The story of creation. A plain 

account of evolution, no. 110. 61 
Dallas, James. Caves, no. 99, p. 

82 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

man, and selection In relation to 
86-60. 69 

Dallas, W. 8. Dragon-flies, no. 84. 
p. 12-23. 63 

^Bats. no. 84, p. 1-12. 64 

Darwin, C. It!Vi The descent of 
sex. nos. 74, 76^76. 65 

^The formation of vegetable 

mould, throuflTh the action of worms; 
with observations on their habits, 
no. 92. 66 

^The origin of species by 

means of natural selection. In two 
parts. 1884. nos. 68, 69. .^7 

Dajrwln and Humboldt; their 
lives and work. [Essasrs by T. H. 
Huxley, O. J. Romanes, Archibald 
Oeike, W. T. Thiselton Dyer, Louis 
A^LSsiz, FYederick H. Hedge.] 1888. 
no. 43. 68 

Dmmmond, Henry. Tropical Af- 
rica, no. 104. 69 

Fisher, Jose|A. The history of 
landholding in England. 1881. no. 
27. 70 

nammarlon» OMnille. The won- 
ders of the heavens, 1880. no. 14. 


Flower, W. H. Fashion in de- 
formity, as illustrated in the cus- 
toms of barbarous and civiliaed 
racea To which is added: Manners 
and fashion. By Herbert Spencer. 

1882. no. 28. 72 
Fowler, Tbonum. Progressive mo- 
rally: an essay in ethics. 1884. no. 
63. 78 

Gardiner, John. Longevity: the 
means of prolonging life after mid- 
dle age. 1880. no. 16. 74 

Geikle, Sir Archibald. Geological 
sketches at home and abroad. In 
two parts. 1882. nos. 88, 39. 76 

Haeckel, EX H. P. A. Freedom 
in science and teaching, no. 106. 


Hecker, J. F. K. The black death: 
an account of the deadly pestilence 
of the fourteenth century. Tr. by 
B. G. Babington. 1886. no. 67. 77. 

^The dancing mania of the 

middle ages, by J. F. C. Hecker. Tr. 
by B. G. Babington. no. 72. 78 

Helmholtz, H. li. F. von. Popular 
* scientific lectures, vis.: on the re- 
lation of optics to painting; on the 
origin of the planetary system; on 
thought in medicine; on academic 
freedom in German universities, 
no. 24. 79 

Hlnton, James* L4fe in nature. 

1883. no. 48. 80 
Huxley, T. H. Animal automat- 
Ism, and other essays. 1884. no. 68. 


-The coming of age of "The 
origin of species.'* no. 89. p. 40-46. 


-A half -century of science, no. 

-Lectures on evolution: with 
an appendix on the study of biology. 
1882*. no. 86. 86 

On the physical basis of life. 

With other essays, vis.: the soien- 
tlflo aspects of positivism; a piece 
of chalk; geological contempora- 
neity; a liberal education. 1881. 
no. 21. 85 

Evidence as to man's place 

In nature. 1880. no. 4. 86 

On the origin of species; or. 
The causes of the phenomena of 
organic nature. A course of six lec- 
tures. 1880. no. 16. 87 

^Technical education, and 

other essays. 1886. no. 66. 88 

Jevons, W. S. Money and the 
mechanism of exchange. 1883. nos. 
60, 61. 89 

Keary, C. F. The dawn of his- 
tory: an introduction to pre-his- 
toric study. 1883. no. 44. INI 

Klngaiey, Chariea. Town geology. 
1880. no. 6. 91 

Ijanrte, 8. S. The rise of univer- 
sities, no. 91. 98 

liowe, F. R. B. Flame, no. 99, p. 
1-11. 98 

Maroel, O. The study of lan- 
guages brought back to its true 
principlea 1880. no. 8. 98 

Miller, TU K. The romance of 
astronomy, no. 20. 98 

Plcton, J. A. The essential na- 
ture of religion, no. 86. 97 

^The mystery of matter [also] 

The philosophy of ignorance, no. 
81. 98 

Pollock, Sir Frederick. The his- 
tory of the science of politics. 
[1883.] 99 

Proctor, R. A. Familiar essa3r8 on 
scientific subjects, viz.: oxygen in 
the sun; sun-spot; storm, and 
famine; new ways of measuring 
the sun's distance; drifting light- 
waves; the new star which faded 
into star- mist; star-grouping, star- 
drift, and star-mist no. 19. 100 

Hereditary traits, and other 

essays. 1882. no. 82. 101 

Illusions of the senses: and 

other essays, no. 82. 109 

^Light science for leisure 

hours. A serl^ of familiar essays on 
scientific subjects, natural phenom- 
ena, etc. 1879. no. 1. 108 

IdUscellaneous essays, 1884. 

no. 61. 104 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


-Notes on earthquakes; with 

thirteen miscellaneous essays, no. 
90. 106 

Rawlinson, George^ The ori«ri|| 
of nations. In two parts: On early 
civilization. On ethnic afflnitles, etc. 
1881. no. 26. 106 

^The relisrions of theiancient 

world. 1884. no. 62. 107 

Bibot, T. A. The diseases of mem- 
ory. Tr. by J. Fitzgerald. 1880. no. 
48. 108 

^The diseases of the will. 1884. 

no. 52. 109 

-The diseases of personality. 

Tr. by J. Fitzgerald. 1887. no. 95. 


Romanes, G. J. The scientific 
evidence of organic evolution. 1888. 
no. 40. Ill 

Sdraltze, Frits. Fetichism: a con- 
tribution to anthropology and the 
liistory of religion. Tr. by J. Fits- 
fferald. 1885. no. 69. 112 

Spencer, Herbert. The data of 
ethics. 1880. no. 9. 118 

^Education: intellectual, moral 

and phsrsical. 1880. no. 5. 114 

Essays speculative and prac- 

tlcaL 1885. no. 70. 115 

^The genesis of science, no. 89. 


^Progress: its law and cause; 

with other disquisitions, viz.: the 
physiology of laughter: origin and 
function of music; the social or- 
ganism — ^use and beauty; the use 
of anthropomorphism. 1882. no. 17. 


^Three essays, viz.: laws, and 

the order of their discovery; origin 
of animal worship; and political fe- 
tichism. 1886. no. 68. 118 

The philosophy of style. To 

which is added The mother tongue, 
by Alexander Bain. [1882] no. 34. 


Stewait, Balfonr. The conserva- 
tion of energy. With an appendix 
by Prof. A. Bain, on The correla- 
tion of nervous and mental forces. 
1881. no. 7. 120 

Sony, James. Aesthetics; dreams; 
and association of ideas. By James 
Sully and O. C. Robertson, no. 101. 


^Illusions: a psychological 

study. 1884. nos. 56, 57. 122 

llteylor, Sedley. Profit-sharing be- 
tween capital andjiabor. Six essays, 
no. 88. 128 

Trench, R. C. English past and 
present, nos. 108, 109. 124 

On the study of words. 1882. 

nos. 80, 81. 126 

^&r'-:.-'^ ■■'■■■- 

TyndaU, John. Liessons in elec- 
tricity: to which is added an ele- 
mentary lecture on magnetism. 1881. 
no. 18. 126 

^The forms of water in clouds 

and rivers, Iceland glaciers. 1880. 
no. 2. 127 

Six lectures on light. 1882. no. 

87. 128 

WAlnwrlgl&t» SamneL Scientific 
sophisms. A review of current the- 
ories concerning atoms, apes, and 
men. 1881. no. 23. 128 

WaUace, A. R. The distribution 
of life, animal and vegetable, in 
space and time. By A. R. 'Wbllace 
and W. T. Thiselton I>yer. 1885. 
no. 64. 180 

Williams, W. M. Current discus- 
sions in science. 1883. no. 41. 181. 

Scientific aspects of some fa- 
miliar things, no. 79. 182 

Wilson, Andrew. Facts and fic- 
tions of zoology. 1882. no. 29. 188 

Science and crime, and other 

essays, viz.: The earliest known life- 
relic; About kangaroos; On giants; 
The polity of a pond; Skates and 
rays: Leaves, no. 88. 184 

Science and poetry, and other 

I. no. 100. 185 

Wilson, DanteL Anthropology. 
With an appendix on arcliaeology, 
by E. B. Tylor. no. 71. 186 

Hntton, Charles, A philosophical 
and mathematical dictionary. A 
new ed., "with numerous additions 
and improvements 1815. 2 v. 
Q121 H9. 137 


HnxleQT, T. H. Lay sermons, ad- 
dresses and reviews. 1871. Q171 
H98i 138 


On the advisableness of improv- 
ing natural knowledge. — Emancipa. 
tion — black and white. — ^A liberal 
education, and where to find it. — 
Scientific education: notes of an af- 
ter-dinner speech. — On the educa- 
tional value of the natural history 
sciences. — On the study of zoology. 
— On the physical basis of life. — ^The 
scientific aspects of positivism. — On 
a piece of chalk. — Geological con- 
temporaneity and persistent types 
of life.— ^Geological reform. — ^The 
origin of species. — Criticisms on 
"The origin of species." — On Des- 
cartes' "Discourse touching the 
method of using one's reason right- 
ly and of seeking scientific truth." — 
Spontaneous generation. 

84 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Huygens, ChristlaaiL £}zercitationeB 
mathematicae et philosophlcae, ex 
manuecriptis in bibliotheca acad- 
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Contains bibliographies. 

V. 1. History of the congress, by 
the editor. Scientific plan of the con- 
gress* by Professor Hugo MtLnster- 
berg. Philosophy and mathemat- 
ics. — ^v, 2. History of politics and 
economics; history of law; history 
of religion. — ^v. 3. History of lan- 
guage; history of literature; history 
of art. — ^v. 4. Physics; chemistry; 
astronomy; sciences of the earth. — 
V. 5. — Biology; anthropology; psy- 
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V. 4 wanting. 

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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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Notes on the third memoir, 

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1. On the Syncarlda, a hith- 
erto und escribed synthetic group 
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86 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

an undeflcribed family of fosail 
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New York state mnseam. Memoir. 
Library has noa. 2, 12, 13, in sep- 
arate form. Noe. 3 and 4 are in the 
63d report, v. 2; 5 and 6 in 67th 
report, v. 3; 7 in 57th report, v. 
4; 8 in 69th report, v. 3 and 4; 
9 in 60th report, v. 4, and in 62d 
report, v. 4; 10 in 60th report, 
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N8 M. aoi 

Contents: M 

£2aton, E. H. Birds of New^ 
York. 1910. no. 12. 202 

Hall, James. A memoir on the 
Palaeozoic reticulate sponges con- 
stituting the family Dictyospongi- 
dae, by James Hall ... in col- 
laboration with J. M. Clarke. 1898. 
no. 2. 20S 

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York. 1910. no. 13. 204 

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1-49, 51-144. Qll N8 B. 205 

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flshes of New York, 1903. no. 60. 


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no. 22. 207 

Metallic implements of the 

New York Indians. 1902. no. 66. 206 

^Wlampum and shell articles 

used by the New York Indians. 

1901. no. 41. 20t 
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specimens of paleozoic fossils in. 
New York state museum, by J. M. 
'Clarke, with the assistance of Ru- 
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Geologic map and deso#9- 
tions of the Portage and Nul \ 
quadrangles, including a map of 
Letchworth Park, by J. M. Clarke 
A D. D. Luther. Accompanied by 
a report on the Pleistocene hlstonr 
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Geologic map of the TuUy 

Quadrangle, by J. M. Clarke and 

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Geology of the "Watkins and 

Elmira quadrangles, accompanied 
by a geological map. By J. M. 
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81. 21S 

Stratigraphlo and paleonto- 

logic map of Canandaigua and 
Naples quadrangles, by J. M. 
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York reptiles and batrachians, by 

E. C. Eckel and F. C. Paulmler. 

1902. no. 61. 219 

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museum 1837-1902, also including 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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Control of household insects. 

1909. no. 129. 225 

Elm-leaf beetle In New York 

state. 1898. no. 20. 

Same. ed. 2. 1902. no. 67. 


The fflpsy and brown tail 

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Grapevine root worm. 1902, 

so. 59. 229 

ime. 1903. no. 72. 2S0 

-Illustrated descriptive cata- 

logue of some of the more im- 
portant injurious and beneficial in- 
sects oP'^ew York state. 1900. no. 
37. 231 

M emorial of life and entomo- 
logic work of Joseph Albert Ldnt- 
ner. state entomologist, 1874-98. 
1899. no. 24. 282 

^Monograph of the genus 

Saperda, by B. P. Felt and U H. 
JouteL 1904. no. 74. 288 

Scale insects of importance 

and list of the species in New York 
state. 1901. no. 46. 284 

Shade tree pests in New York 

state. 1899. no. 27. 286 

White marked tussock moth 

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Feeding habits and growth 

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abethtown and Port Henry quad- 
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MollUBca of New York. 1906. no. 
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tus perniciosus and some other de- 
structive scale-insects ot the state 
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the Buffalo quadrangle. 1906. no. 
99. 248 

Geology of the Auburn-Ge- 
noa quadrangles. 1910. no. 137. 


Geology of the Geneva- Ovid 

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Some New York building stones^ by 
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Idae inhabiting the vicinity of Al- 
bany, N. Y. 1890. no. 9. 252 

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the state geologic map of 1901. 
1902. no. 66. 254 

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York state museum. 1898. no. 19. 


Mineral resources of New 

York state. 1896. no. 16. 258 

^Natural history museums of 

the United States and Canada. 1903. 

no. 62. 257 

i/^- — Road materials and road 

building in New York. 1897. no. 17. 


Salt and gypsum industries 

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America. 1900. no. 38. 260 

Preliminary list of the mam- 
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Leyden quadrangle, Liewis County, 
N. Y. 1910. no. 136. 262 

Geology of the Remsen 

quadrangle, Including Trenton Falls 
and vicinity in Oneida and Herki- 
mer counties, 1909. no. 126. 268 

The mining and quarry industry 
of New York state; report of opera- 
tions and production, 1904-date, by 
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132, 142. 264 

Mosquitos or Cullcidae of New 
York state. 1904. no. 79. 265 

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minerals and their localities, pre- 
pared for the New York state mu- 
seum of natural history. 1888. no. 
4. 266 


Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

^ Xeedham, J. G. Aquatic insects 
in New York state; a study con- 
ducted at the entomologric field sta- 
tion. Ithaca, N. Y., under the di- 
recj^ion of E. P. Felt. By J. O. Need- 
hitxn ... A. D. MacGllllvray . . . 
O. A. Johannsen . . . K. C. Davis. 
1908. no. 68. 267 

^Aquatic insects in the Adl- 

rondack^ hy J. O. Needham and 
Cornelius Betten. 1901. no. 47. 268 

liay flies and midges of 

New York . Third report on aquatic 
insects. A study conducted at the 
entomologic field station, Ithaca, 
N. Y. under the direction of B. 
P. Felt. By J. G. Needham . . . 
K. J. Morton . . . O. A. Johannsen. 
1906. No. 86. 260 

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Adirondack magnetic iron ores, by 
D. H. Newland. With a report on 
the Mineville-Port Henry mine 
group, by J. F. Kemp. 1908. no. 
119. 270 

Qypmim deposits of New 

York, by D. H. Newland and Henry 
Leighton. 1910. no. 143. 271 

^Iron ores of the Clinton 

formation in New York state, by 
D. H. Newland and C. A. Hartnagel. 
1908. no. 123. 272 

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Paradox Lake quadrangle. New 
York. 1906. no. 96. 27S 

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natural gas in New York. 1899. no. 
80. 274 

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no. 39. 275 

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maize and other food plants. 1910. 
no. 144. 276 

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cea of New York city. 1906. no. 91. 


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States. 1889. no. 8. 278 

Contributions to the botany 

of the state of New York. 1887. no. 
2. 270 

Plants of North Elba, Essex 

County, N. Y. 1899. no. 28. 280 

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state of New York. 1906. no. 86. 


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of New York, prepared under the 
direction of F. J. H. Merrill . . . 
by Heinrich Rles. 1896. no. 12. 282 

Clays of New York, their 

properties and uses, 1900. no. 36. 


^Lime and cement industries 

of New York, by Heinrich Ries . . . 
Chapters on the cement industry 

in New York, by Edwin C. Eckel. 
1901. no. 44. 284 

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poda of the Beekmantown and 
Chasy formations of the Champlain 
basin. 1906. no. 90. 285 

^Hudson River beds near 

Albany and their taxonomic equiv- 
alents. 1901. no. 42. 286 

Shufeldt, R. W. Osteology of 
birds. 1909. no. 130. 287 

SImpeon, G. B. Anatomy and 
physiology of Polyg3rra albolabrls 
and Lrimax maximus and embry- 
ology of liimax maximus. 1901. no. 
40. 288 

Smock, J. C. Building stone in 
the state of New York. 1888. no. 3. 


1890. no. 10. 290 

-First report on the iron 

mines and iron-ore districts in the 
state of New York. 1889. no. 7. 291 

Whltlock, H. P. Contributions 
from the Mineraloglc laboratory. 
1906. no. 98. 292 

Guide to the mineralogic col- 
lections of the New York state mu- 
seum. 1902. no. 68. 29S 

^List of New York mineral 

localities. 1903. no. 70. 294 

Woodworth, J. B. Ancient water 
levels of the Champlain and Hud- 
son valleys. 1906. no. 84. 295 

Pleistocene geology of 

Mooers quadrangle. Being a por- 
tion of Clinton County, including 
parts of the towns of Mooers, 
Champlain, Altona, Chazy, Danne- 
mora and Beekmantown. N. Y. 
1906. no. 83. 296 

. Pleistocene geology of por- 
tions of Nassau County and borough 
of Queens. 1901. no. 48. 297 

-Annual report. Library has 

1862. '67, '70, '71. '73, '75, 
'81, '83-'85, '87, '88, '90-date. 
Qll N8 R. 298 

"These reports are made up of 
the reports of the director, geo- 
logist, paleontologist, botanist and 
entomologist, and museum Bulle- 
tins and Memoirs, issued as ad- 
vance sections of the reports." 

N. Y. state museum. Bulletin 
66 (Index to publications) p. 241. 

Tital varies. 

Report of state geologist for 1887 
appears in State museum report 
for both 1887 and 1889. 

"General index to the Annual re- 
ports, I-XX . . . exclusive of the 
geological and palaeontological pa- 
pers": 21st rep't, p. 149-190. 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


"Index to reports 1-10" of the 
state entomologist: 48th rep't, pt. 1, 
p. 541-633. 

"Index to entomologrlst's reports 
1-13 and to supplement of 14": 52d 
rep*t. pt. 1, p. 401-600. 

General author and subject in- 
dex to the l8t-54th reports (1847- 
1900) also list of these reports with 
contents of each, may be found in 
"Index to publications of the New 
Tork state natural history survey 
and New Tork state museum. By 
Mary Ellis. 1903." (N. Y. state 
museum. Bulletin 66) 

Beanchamp, W. If. Aboriginal 
chipped stone implements of New 
York. 1897. (In 50th. v. 1.) 299 

^AboriflTinal occupation of 

New Tork. 1900. (In 54th. v. 1.) 


^Aboriginal use of wood in 

New York. 1905. (In 58th, v. 4.) 


Civil, religious and mourning 

councils and ceremonies of adop- 
tion of the New York Indians. 1907. 
(In 60th, V. 3.) 802 

^A history of the New York 

Iroquois, now commonly called the 
Six Nations. 1906. (In 57th, v. 2.) 


^Metallic ornaments of the 

New York Indians. 1903. (In 57th, 
V. 2.) • 804 

Perch Lake mounds, with 

notes on other New York mounds, 
and some accounts of Indian trails. ^ 
1905. (In 58th, v. 4.) 805 

Polished stone articles used 

by the New York aborigines before 
and during European occupation. 
1897. (In 51st, v. 1.) 806 

Clarke, J. M. Early Devonic his- 
tory of New York and eastern 
North America. 1908. (In 60th, v. 4 
and 62d. v. 4.) 807 

Quelph fauna in the state of 

New York, by J. M. Clarke and Ru- 
dolf Ruedemann. 1903. (In 60tk, 
V. 6.) 808 

^Naples fauna in western New 

York, part 2. 1904. (In 57th.) 809 

^The Oriskany fauna of Be- 

craft Mountain, Columbia County, 
N. Y. 1900. (In 53d.) 810 

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Long Lake quadrangle. 1907. (In 
60th, v. 2.) 811 

'Eastman^ C, R% Devonic fishes of 
the New York formations. 1907. 
(In 60th, v. 5.) 812 

Fslrchild, H. £. Drumlins of 
central western New York. 1907. 
(In 60th. v. 2.) 818 

-Glacial waters in the Lake 

Erie basin. 1907. (In 59th, v. 1.) 


Felt» E. p. Insects aflPecting park 
and woodland trees. 1905-06. 2 v. 
(In 59th. v. 3 and 4.) 815 

Gmben, A. W. Guide to the geo- 
logy and paleontology of the Scho- 
harie Valley in eastern New York. 
1904. (In 68th, v. 3.) 816 

Kemp, J. F. The geology of 
Moriah and "W^stport towmships, 
Essex County, N. Y., with a geo- 
logical map, prepared under the dU 
rection of F. J. H. Merrill ... by 
J. F. Kemp. 1895. (In 48th.) 817 

Lather, D. D. Geology of the 
Penn Yan-Hammondsport quadran- 
gles. 1906. (In 59th, v. 2.) 818 
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1897. (In 50th. v. 1.) 819 

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Erie Indian village and burial site 
at Ripley, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 
Being the record of the state mu- 
seum archeological expedition of 
1906. 1907. (In 60th, v. 3.) 319a 

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State botanist. Report. Library 
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Report on edible fungi of 

New York 1895-99, by C. H. Peck. 
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State entomologist. Report on 
injurious and other insects of the 
state of New York. (In'^ew York 
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date. (In New York state museum. 
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State paleontologist Report 1899- 
1903. 1900-05. 5 v. (In New York 
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fiical Bciences, comprlBing acoua- 
tlcB, astronomy, dynamics, elec-* 
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netism, philosophy of mathematics, 
meteorology, optics, pneumatics, 
statics, &c. Ac. 1857. Q121 N6 Ref. 

Osanam, [Jacqnes]. Recreations in 
mathematics and natural philoso- 

I (phy . . . First composed by M. 
ozanam . . . lately reoomposed, 
and greatly enlarged, in a new 


Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technolcxjy. 

edition, by ... M. Montucla, and 
now translated Into English, and 
improved with many additions and 
obserratlons, by Charles Hutton. 
1814. 4 V. Q164 098. 

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. . . Pub. by the Bureau of sci- 
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of the progress of the physical and 
mathematical sciences from the 
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meteors; sun and moon; earth- 
quakes; flyinif-machlnee; coal; 
gambling; ghosts; &c. 1874. Q171 
P96. 882 

-. Light science for leisure hours. 

2d series. Familiar essays on sci- 
entific subjects . . . with a sketch 
of the life of Mary Somerville. 
1873. Q171 P95. 888 

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hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, llghi, 
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1883-date, v. 12, 1st ser., 1894 
wanting. Q21 R. 38(1 

Science; a weekly Journal devoted 
to the advancement of science, 
publishing the official notices and 
proceedings of the American asso- 
ciation for the advancement of 

science. Library has y. 29-date, 
Jan., 1909-date. Ql 84. 

Science lectures at South Kensing- 
ton. 1878-79. 2 T. Q171 835. 888 


I. Photography, by W. Abney. — 
The absorption of light and the col- 
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Stokes. — ^Fluorescence* by G. Q. 
Stokes. — The kinematics of 
ohinery, by A. B. W. Kennedy.- 
the steam-engine, by F. J. Bram- 
well. — Radiation, by O. Forbes.^- 
Microscopes, by H. C. Sorby. — Elec- 
trometers, by J. T. Bottomley. — 
On the apparatus relating to vege- 
table physiology, by S. H. Vines. — 
Electrical measurements, by Q. 
Carey Foster. 

n. Polarised light, by W. Spottta- 
woode. — ^Thermal conductivity, by 
O. Forbes. — ^Thermo-dynamics, by 
O. Forbes. — On balances, by H. W. 
Cfaisholm. — Qeometrical and en- 
gineering drawing, by T. F. Plgot* 
— ^The laws of fluid resistance, by W. 
Froude. — The bathometer by C. W. 
Siemens. — ^Instruments for experi- 
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ment. By C. W. Siemens. — Sensi- 
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rett — ^Lighthouse illumination, by 
T. F. Pigot. — The velocity of light, 
by Q. Forbes. — ^Apparatus for 
physiological Investigation, by J. 
Burdon-Sanderson. — ^Apparatus for 
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^The exhibit of the Smithson- 

ian institution at the Cotton states 
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Qll S6 A3. 841 

— ^The exhibits of the Smithsonian 
institution and United States na- 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


tercentennial expoeltlon, Norfolk, 
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[Groode, O. B.] An account of 

the Smithsonian Institution, Its 
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Contributions to knowledge, v. 

l-date» Washington, 184 8 -date. 
T. 27 wanting. Qll S6 C. 844 


AgasHlg, I4. J. R. Classlflcatlon of 
Ineects from embryologlcal data. 
(In V. 2.) S45 

Alexander, S. Statement and ex- 
position of certain harmonies of the 
eolar system. (In v. 21.) 846 

AlTord, B. The tangencles of cir- 
cles and of spheres. (In v. 8.) 847 

Andrews, K. A« The young of the 
crayfishes Astacus and Cambarus, 
1907. (In V. 36.) 348 

Badie, A. D. Discussion of the 
magnetic and meteorological ob- 
servations made at the Glrard Col- 
lege observatory, In 1840-46. (In v. 
11, 13. 14.) 849 

Records and results of a 

magnetic survey of Pennsylvania 
and parts of adjacent states In 
1840-41. (In v. 13.) 850 

Bailey, J. W. Microscopical ex- 
amination of soundings madsi by 
the IT. S. Coast survey, off the 'At- 
lantic coast (In V. 2.) 861 

Microscopical observations 

made In South Carolina, Georgia 
and Florida. (In v. 2.) 852 

^Notes on new species and lo- 
calities of microscopical organisms. 
(In v. 7.) 858 

Barnard, J. G. Internal structure 
of the earth considered as affecting 
the phenomena of precession and 
nutation. (In v. 23.) 

^Problems of rotary motion 

presented by the gyroscope, the pre- 
cession of the equinoxes, and the 
pendulum. (In v. 19.) 854 

Bams, Carl. A continuous rec- 
ord of atmospheric nucleatlon. 1906. 
(In V. 34.) 855 

^The structure of the nuc- 
leus; a continuation of experiments 
with Ionized air. (In v. 29.) 858 

Bendire, O. E. Life histories of 
North American birds, from the 
parrots to the grackles, with spe- 
cial reference to their breeding hab- 
its and eggs, with seven lithograph- 
ic plates. 1896. (In v. 32.) 857 

^Life histories of North Amer- 
ican birds with special reference to 
their breeding habits and eggs, with 
twelve lithographic plates. (In v. 
28.) 858 

BilllngB, J. S. The composition 
of ejcpired air and Its effects upon 
animal life. By J. S. Billings, 8. 
Weir Mitchell, and D. H. Bergey. 
1896. (In V. 29.) 859 

Bowen, T. J. Grammar and dic- 
tionary of the Yoruba language, 
with an Introductory description of 
the country and people of Yoruba. 
(In V. 10.) 860 

Bransford, J. F. Archaeological 
researches in Nicaragua. (In v. 26.) 


Brewer, T. Bf. North American 
oology. (In V. 11.) 868 

Oaswell, A. Meteorological ob- 
servations made at Providence, R. 
I. (In V. 12.) 868 

Clark, H. Ij. The apodous holo- 
thurians; a monograph of the Syn- 
aptidae and Molpadildae, including 
a report on the representatives of 
these families in the collections of 
the United States national museum. 

1907. (In V. 86.) 864 

Clark, H. J. Lucemarlae and 

their allies. (In v. 23.) 865 

Cleaveland, P. Results of me- 
teorological observations made at 

Brunswick, Me., betwen 1807 and 

1859. (in V. 16.) 366 

CofBn, J. H. Orbit and phenom* 
ena of a meteoric fire-ball seen July 
20, 1860, (In V. 16.) 

On the winds of the north* 

em hemisphere. (In v. 6.) 867 

^The winds of the globe. (In 

V. 20.) 

Cope, SL D. Contents of a bone 
cave in the Island of AnguiUa (West 
Indies). (In v. 25.) 869 

DaJl, W. H. Remains of later 
pre-historic man obtained from 
the Catherina archipelago and espe- 
cially from the caves of the 
Aleutian islands. (In v. 22.) 870 

Di^vls, C. H. Law of deposit of 
the flood .tide: its dynamical action 
and office. (In v. 3.) 871 

Ilean, J. The gray substance of 
the medulla oblongata and trape- 

sium. (In V. 16.) 878 

Downes, J. Occultatlons of plan- 
ets and stars, by the moon, dur- 
ing 1853. (In V. 6.) 878 

Occultatlons visible in the U. 

S. during 1851. (v. 2.) 

— — Occultatlons visible In the 
U. S. and other parts of the world 
during 1852. (In v. 3.) 


Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Draper, U. On the construction 
of a silvered glass telescope, fifteen 
and a half inches in aperture, and 
its use' In celestial photography. 
(Reprinted from vol. XIV), and, On 
the modem reflecting telescope and 
the making and testing of optical 
mirrors, by Q. W. Ritchey. 1904. 
(In V. 34.) S74 

Duclaux, K, Atmospheric ac- 
tinometry and the actinic consti- 
tution of the atmosphere. (In v. 
29.) 87B 

EDet^ D. On the physical geog- 
raphy of the Mississippi valley. (In 
V. 2.) S76 

lailott, D. G. Classification and 
synopsis of the trochilidae. (In v. 
28.) S77 

Ferrel, W. Converging series ex- 
pressing the ratio between the di- 
ameter and the circumference of 
a circle. (In v. 18.) 878 

Force, P. Record of auroral phe- 
nomena observed in the higher 
northern latitudes. (In v. 8.) 879 

Gibbes, R. W. Mosasaurus and 
the three allied new genera. (In 
v. 2.) 880 

GIbbB, W. Researches on the 
Ammonia cobalt bases. (In v. 9.) 


GUliss, J. BC Account of the to- 
tal eclipse of the sun, on Sept. 7, 
1868, as observed near Olmos, Pe- 
ru. (In V. 11.) 882 

Giraid, C. Contributions to the 
natural history of the tresh water 
fishes of North America. (In v. 3.) 


Publications of learned so- 
cieties and periodicals, in the li- 
brary of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Dec. 31. 1854. (In v. 7.) 388a 

Publications of learned so- 
cieties and periodicals, in the li- 
brary of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion. May, 1856. (In v. 8.) 883b 

Goode, G. B. Oceanic ichthy- 
ology, a treatise on the deep-sea 
and pelagic fishes of the world, 
based chiefly upon the collections 
made by the steamers Blake. Alba- 
tross, and Pish Hawk in the north- 
western Atlantic, with an atlas con- 
taining 417 figures. By Q. B. 
Ooode . . . and T. H. Bean. 1896. 
(In V. 30. 31.) 884 

Goold, B. A. On the transatlan- 
tic longitude. (In v. 16.) 885 

Gray, A. Plantae Wrightlanae 
Texano-Neo-Mexicanae. (In v. 3. 5) 


Habel, S. Sculptures of Santa 
Lucia Cosumalwhuapa in Guate- 

mala. (In V. 22.) 8S7 

Hare, R. On the explosiveness 
of nitre. (In v. 2.) 8S8 

Harkness, W. Observations on 
terrestrial magnetism and on the 
deviations of the compasses of the 
U. S. iron-clad Monadnock. (In v. 
18.) 889 

Harvey, W. H. Nereis Boreall- 
Americana, or contributions to a 
history of the marine algae of 
North America. (In v. 3. 6, 10.) 880 

Haven, S. F. Archaeology of the 
U. S. (In V. 8.) 891 

Hayes, I. I. Physical observa- 
tions in the Arctic seas. (In v. 16.) 

HlldreCb, 8. P. Results of me- 
teorological observations made at 
Marietta, O., between 1826 and 
1869. (In V. 16.) 888 

Hllgard, E. W. On the geology of 
lower Liouisiana and the salt de- 
posits of Petite Anse Island. (In v. 
23.) 894 

HItefaoock, E. Illustrations of sur- 
face geology. (In v. 9.) 895 

Hyatt, Alphens. Genesis of the 
arietidae. (In v. 26.) 898 

Jones, J. Bxplorations of the 
aboriginal remains of Tennessee. 
(In V. 22.) 398a 

Researches, chemical and 

physiological, concerning certain 
North American vertebrata. (In v. 
8.) 897 

Kane, B. K« [Physical observa- 
tions in the Arctic seas.] Reduced 
and discussed, for the Smithsonian 
institution. By C. A. Schott. 1869- 
60. (In V. 10. 11. 12. 13.) 898 

rtipham, I. A. Antiquities of 
Wisconsin. (In v. 7.) 899 

Le Conte, J. £. Coleoptera of 
Kansas and eastern New Mexico. 
(In V. 11.) 400 

Leidy, J. Ancient fauna of Ne- 
braska. (In V. 6.) 401 

Cretaceous reptiles of the 

XT. S; (In V. 14.) 401a 

Flora and fauna within liv- 
ing animals. (In v. 5.) 401b 

Memoir upon the extinct 
species of fossil ox. (In v. 5.) 401c 

Memoir on the extinct sloth 

tribe of North America.. (In v. 7.) 


lileber, F. On the vocal sounds 

of Laura Bridgman compared with 

the elements of phonetic language. 

(In V. 2.) 408 

Ijocke, J. Observations on ter- 
restrial magnetism. (In v. 3.) 408 

Loomis, E. On certain storms in 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Burope and America, Dec, 1836. 
(In V. 11.) 404 

liununer, O*. A determination of 
the ratio (x) of the specific heats 
at constant pressure and at constant 
volume for air, oxygen, carbon- 
dioxide, and hydrogen. (By O. 
Lfummer, and E. Pringsheim. (In 
V. 29.) 405 

BIcCllntock. Sir li. Meteorological 
ob8er\'ations in the Arctic seas. (In 
V. 13.) 406 

Mayer, B. Observations on Mex- 
ican history and archaeology. (In v. 
9.) 407 

MeedK I^ W. On the relative in- 
tensity of the heat and light of the 
sun upon different latitudes of the 
earth. (In v. 9.) 408 

Meek, F. B. Palaeontology of the 
Upper Missouri. (In v. 14.) 409 

Mitchell, S. W. Researches upon 
the anatomy and physiology of the 
respiration in the Chelonia. (In v. 
13.) 410 

Researches upon the venom 

of the rattlesnake: with an investi- 
gation of the anatomy and physiol- 
ogy of the organs concerned. (In 
V. 12.) 411 

Researches upon the venoms 

of poisonous serpents. By S. W. 
Mitchell and T. T. Reichert (In v. 
26.) 412 

Morgan, Ij. H. Systems of con- 
sanguinity and affinity of the hu- 
man family. (In v. 17.) 418 

Morley, E. W. On the densities 
of oxygen and hydrogen and on the 
ratio of their atomic weights. (In 
V. 29.) 414 

Newoomb, S. On the general in- 
tegrals of planetary motion. (In v. 
21.) 414a 

—Investigation of the orbit of 
Neptune. (In v. 15.) 414b 

^Investigation <jf the orbit of 

Uranus. (In v. 19.) 418 

Ohnstead, B. On the recent se- 
cular period of the Aurora Borealis. 
(In V. 8.) 416 

Pkskering, €. On the Oliddon 
mummy case in the museum of the 
Smithsonian Institution. (In v. 16.) 


Pampelly, R. Oeological re- 
searches in China, Mongolia, and 
Japan during 1862-66. (In v. 16.) 


Rao, G. Archaeological collection 
of the United States National Mu- 
seum. (In V. 22.) 418a 

^Palenque tablet in the 

United States National Museum. 

(In V. 22.) 418b 

Prehistoric fishing in Europe 

and North America. (In v. 26.) 419 
RIggs, S. R. Grammar and dic- 
tionary of the Dakota language. 
Collected by the members of the 
Dakota mission. (In v. 4.) 420 

Rltchey, G. W. On the modern 
reflecting telescope, and the making 
and testing of optical mirrors. 1904. 
(In V. 34) 421 

Rankle, J. D. New tables for de- 
termining the values of the coef- 
ficients in the perturbative func- 
tions of planetary motion; Asteroid 
supplement to new tables. (In v. 
9.) 422 

Sehotty C. A. Tables and results 
of the precipitation, in rain and 
snow, in the U. S. (In v. 18, 24.) 


^Tables, distribution, and va- 
riation of the atmospheric temper- 
ature in the U. S. and some adja- 
cent parts of America. (In v. 21.) 


Schumann, Victor. On the ab- 
sorption and emission of air and its 
ingredients. 1903. (In v. 29.) 424 

Secchi, A. Researches on elec- 
trical rheometry. (In v. 3.) 425 

Shaler, N. S. A comparison of 
the features of the earth and the 
moon. 1903. (In v. 34.) 426 

Sherzer, W. H. Glaciers of the 
Canadian Rockies and Selkirks 
(Smithsonian expedition of 1904). 
1907. (In V. 34.) 427 

Smith, N. D. Meteorological ob- 
servations made near Washington, 
Ark. (In v. 12.) 428 

Sonntag, A. Observations on ter- 
restrial magnetism in Mexico. (In 
V. 11.) ^ 420 

Squler, K G. Aboriginal mon- 
uments of the state of New York. 
(In V. 2.) 480 

^Ancient monuments of the 

Mississippi valley. (In v. 1.) 481 

Stlmpson, W. Synopsis of the ma- 
rine invertebrata of Grand Manan. 
(In V. 6.) 432 

Stockwell, J. N. Memoir on the 
secular variations of the elements 
of the orbits of the 8 principal plan- 
ets. (In V. 18.) 488 

Swan, J. G. The Haldah Indiana 
of Queen Charlotte's islands, Brit- 
ish Columbia. (In v. 21.) 

^The Indians of Cape Flattery, 

Washington territory. (In v. 16) 


Torrey, John. Observations on the 

94 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Batis maritima of LinnaeuB. (In v. 
6.) 4S5 

On the Darlingtonia califor- 

nica, a new pitcher-plant from 
northern California. (In v. 6.) 486 

^Plantae Fremontianae, or de- 

acriptions of plants collected by 
Col. J. C. Fremont, in California. 
(In V. 6.) 4ST 

True, F. W. The whalebone 
whales of the western North At- 
lantic compared with those occur- 
ring in European waters, with some 
observations on the species of the 
North Pacific. 1904. (In v. 83.) 


Walker, S. C. Ephemeris of the 
planet Neptune for 1852. (In v. 3.) 


Ephemeris of ttte planet Nep- 
tune for 1846-51. Researches rela- 
tive to the planet Neptune. (In v. 
2.) 489 

Whittlesey, C. Ancient mining on 
the shores of Lake Superior. (In v. 
13.) 489a 

Description of ancient works 

in Ohio. (In v. 3.) 489b 

On fluctuations of level in 

the North American lakes. (In v. 
12.) 489c 

On the fresh water glacial 

drift of the northwestern states. 
(In V. 16.) 440 

Wood, H. G. jr. Contribution to 
the history of the fresh water al- 
gae of North America. (In v. 19 ) 


Fever: a study in morbid and 

normal physiology. (In v. 23.) 441) 

Woeikof , A. jT. Discussion and an- 
alysis of Prof. Coflfin's tables and 
charts of the winds of the globe. 
(In V. 20.) 442 

Wyman, J. Anatomy of the ner- 
vous system of Rana Pipiens. (In 
V. 6.) 448 

— Miscellaneous collections, v. 1- 
date. 1862-date. {iibrary has v. 
1-date, except v. 4:- v. 1, 2, 27, 
46, 49 Incomplete. Qll S6 M 444 


Abbe, develand. the mechanics 
of the earth's atmosphere. A col- 
lection of translations. 1893. v. 34. 


^The mechanics, of the earth's 

atmosphere; a collection of trans- 
lations. Third collection. 1910. v. 
61, no. 4. 446 

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total solar eclipse of January 3, 
1908: a bolometric study of the 

solar corona. 1908. v. 52, p. 31-47. 


^Additions and corrections to 

the List of foreign correspondents, 
to January, 1883. 1883. v. 26 448 

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Richard Rush to the Smithsonian 
instituUon. 1909. v. 62, p. 236-251. 


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North American Diptera (or two- 
winged flies). 1905. Part of v. 46. 


Antliropi^oglcal society of Wadh* 
Ington. Abstract of transactions, 
with the annual addreie of the pres- 
ident, for the flrst year, ending Jan- 
uary 20, 1880, and for the second 
year, ending January 18, 1881. Pre- 
pared by J. W. PowelL 1881. v. 25. 


^Transactions of the ^jithro- 

pological society of Washington. 
Published with the co-operation of 
the Smithsonian institution. 1879- 
82, 1883-85. v. 25, 34. 452 

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Col. _45» 

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entiflc and technical periodicals, 
(1666 to 1882,) together with chro- 
nological tables and a library check- 
list. 1886. V. 29. 460 

Catalogue of scientiflc and 

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Together with chronological tables 
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V. 40. 461 

^A select bibliography of 

chemistry, 1492-1892. 1893. v. 36. 


^A select bibliography of 

chemistry. 1492-1897. 1st supple- 
ment. 1899. V. 39. 463 
-A select bibliography .of 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


chemistry, 1492-1897. Section VUI. 

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41. 464 

A select bibliography of 

chemistry, 1492-1902. Second sup* 
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/ 467 

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Aeronautics. 1910. v. 65. 468 

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Part of V. 46. 469 

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V. 46. 470 

^Index to the literature of 

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Teedhig lepidopterous larva ttova 
Africa, with two plates. 1910. v. 66, 
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cieties and of other periodical works 
in the library of the Smithsonian 
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Cstalogne of publications of the 
Smithsonian institution (1846-1882) 
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The first report was submitted to 

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considered as the first of a set of 
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Beginning with 1884, the reports 
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112 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


Preface, by the president of the 
United States. — ^Introduction, by 
the secretary of the Smithsonian 
institution. — History of the Smith- 
sonian institution: L James Smith- 
son, by S. P. Lanffley. ii. The 
founding: of the Institution, 1835- 
1846, by O. B. Goode. ilL The es- 
tablishment and the board of re- 
firents, by G. B. Ooode. iv. The three 
secretaries, by G. B. Goode. v. The 
benefactors, by S. P. Langley. vl. 
The Smithsonian buildings and 
errounds, by G. B. Goode. vii. The 
Smithsonian library, by C. Adier. 
viii. The U. S. national museum, 
by F. W. True. Ix, Bureau of Amer- 
ican ethnology, by W. J. McGee. 
X. The international exchange sys- 
tem, by W. C. Wlnlock. xl. The 
astrophysical observatory, by 8. P. 
Langley. xii. The National zoolog- 
ical park, by F. Baker, xiiL E3x- 
ploration work of the Smithsonian 
institution, by F. W. True. xiv. 
The Smithsonian publications, by 
C. Adler. xv. Biographical sketch 
of George Brown Goode, by D. S. 
Jordan. — ^Appreciations of the work 
of the Smithsonian institution: i. 
Physics, by T. C. M:endenhall. ii. 
Mathematics, by R. S. Woodward, 
ili. Astronomy, by E. S. Holden. 
iv. Chemistry, by M. Benjamin, v. 
Geology and mineralogy, by W. N. 
Rice. vi. Meteorology, by M. Ben- 
jamin, vii. Paleontology, by B. D. 
Cope. viii. Botany, by W. G. Far- 
low, ix. Zoology, by T. Gill. x. 
Anthropology, by J. W. Fewkes. xl. 
Geography, by G. G. Hubbard, xii. 
Bibliography, by H. C. Bolton, xiii. 
The co-operation of the Smithson- 
ian institution with other institu- 
tions of learning, by D. C. Gllman. 
xiv. The influence of the Smithson- 
ian institution upon the develop- 
ment of libraries, the organization 
and work of societies and the pub- 
lication of scientific literature ir 
the United States, by J. S. Billings. 
XV. Relation between the Smithson- 
ian institution and the Library of 
Congress, by A. R. Spofford. — ^Ap- 
pendix: Principal events in the his- 
tory of the institution, comp. by 
W. J. Rhees. — ^Index. 

SomerviUe, Mrs. Mary. On the con- 
nection of the physical sciences. 
From the 7th London ed. IH'fc*. 
Q158 S69. 1201 

Sweet, AL P. Theory of the uni- 
verse. 1908. Q173 S97. 

U. S. Delegates to the Pan-Amer- 
ican scientific congress, Santiago 
de Chile, li^08-09. Report. 1909. 
QlOl C6 1908e. ia03 

U. S. National museum. Bulletin. 
Library has nos. 1-15, 17, 18, 2 0- 
23, 26, 27, aO, 34-38, 40-date. 
Qll U5 B. 


Banks, Nathan. Catalogue of ne- 
arctic spiders. 1910. (no. 72) 1205 

^Directions for collecting and 

preserving insects. 1909. (no. 67) 


Bassler, R. S. Dendroid grapto- 
lites of the Niagaran dolomites at 
Hamilton, Ontario. 1909. (no. 66) 


Bendlre, C. B. Directions for col- 
lecting, preparing, and preserving 
birds' eggs and nesta 1891. (no. 
39) 1908 

Blalsdell, F. E. A monographic 
revision of the Coleoptera belong- 
ing to the Tenebrionide tribe Ble- 
odiini inhabiting the United States, 
Lower California, and adjacent Is- 
lands. 1909. (no. 63) 1909 

Oockerell, T. D. A. Directions for 
collecting and preserving scale in- 
sects (coccidae). 1897. (no. 39) 


Cope, £. D. The batrachia of 
North America. 1889. (no. S4) 1911 

Check-list of North Ameri- 
can batrachia and reptilia; with a 
systematic list of the higher groups 
and an essay on geographical dis- 
tribution. Based on the specimens 
in the U. S. national museum. 1876. 
(no. 1) 1212 

On the zoological position of 

Texas. 1880. (no. 17) 121S 

Cooes, EaUott. Avifauna Colum- 
biana; being a list of birds ascer- 
tained to inhabit the District of 
Columbia, with the times of arrival 
and departure of such as are non- 
residents, and brief notices of hab- 
its, etc. Second edition revised to 
date and . . . rewritten; by Elliott 
Coues . . . and D. W. Prentiss. 18 8 S. 
(no. 26) 1214 

Ornithology [of Kerguelen 

Island]. 1875. Part 1 of Kidder, J, 
H. Contributions to natural his- 
tory of Kerguelen Island. 1215 

Covllle, P. V. Directions for col- 
lecting specimens and information 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


UlUBtratlng: the aborigrinal uses of 
plants. 1895. (no. 39, pt J) 1216 
Cushman, J. A. A monograph of 
the Foraminlfera of the north Pa- 
cific Ocean. 1910. (no. 71) Library 
has pt. 1. 1217 

DaH, W. H. Index to the names 
which have been applied to the sub- 
divisions of the class brachiopoda 
excluding the rudistes previous to 
the year 1877. 1877. (no. 8) iai8 

Instructions for collecting 

mollusks, and other useful hints for 
the conchologist 2d ed. 1907. (no. 
39. PL O) 1219 
A monograph of West Amer- 
ican pyramidellid mollusks. by W. 
H. Dall and Paul Bartsch. 1909. 
(no. 68) 1220 

A preliminary catalogue of 

the shell-bearing marine mollusks 
and brachlopods of the southeast- 
ern coast of the U. S.. with illus- 
trations of many of the species. 
1889. (no. 37) 1221 
I>yar, H. G. A list of the North 
American Lepidoptera and key to 
the literature of this order of in- 
sects. By H. G. Dyar . . . assisted 
by C. H. Femald. G. D. Hulst, and 
August Busck. 1902. (no. 62) 1222 
Bdwards, Henry. Bibliographical 
catalogue of the described trans- 
formations of North American lepi- 
doptera. 1889. (no. 35) 1228 
Eggers, H. P. A., baron. The flora 
of St. Croix and the Virgin Islands. 
1879. (no. 13) 1224 
Flint, J. M. A contribution to the 
oceanography of the Pacific, com- 
piled from data collected by the 
United States steamer Nero while 
engaged in the survey of a route 
for a trans-Pacific cable. 1906 
(no. 55) 1225 
Directions for collecting in- 
formation and objects illustrating 
the history of medicine. 1905. (no. 
39. pt. S) 1226 
Foster, ti. 8. The published writ- 
ings of G. N. Lawrence. 1844-1891. 
1892. (no. 40) 1227 
Geare, R. I. A list of the publi- 
cations of the United States na- 
tional museum (1875-1900) in- 
cluding the Annual reports^ Pro- 
ceedings, Bulletins, Special bulle- 
tins, and Circulars, with index to 
tlUes. 1902. 1906. (no. 61) 1228 
Gill, nieodore. Bibliography of 
the fishes of the Pacific coast of the 
United States to the end of 1879. 
1882. (no. 11) 1229 
Goode* 6. B. Bibliographies of 
American naturalists. I. The pub- 

lished writings of S. F. Baird, 1843- 
1882. 1883. (no. 20) 1280 

——Catalogue of the collection 
to Illustrate the animal resources 
and the fisheries of the U. S.. ex- 
hibited at Philadelphia in 1876 by 
the Smithsonian institution and the 
U. S. fish commission, and forming 
a part of the U. S. National mus- 
eum. 1879. (no. 14) 12S1 

—Catalogue of the fishes of the 
Bermudas. Based chiefly upon the 
collection of the United States na- 
tional museum. 1876. (no. 5) 1232 

Classification of the collec- 
tion to illustrate the animal re- 
sources of the United States. 1876. 
(no. 6) 12SS 

Descriptive catalogues of the 

collections sent from the U. S. to 
the International fisheries exhibi- 
tion, London, 1883, constituting a 
report upon the American section. 
1884. (no. 27) 1234 

Exhibit of the fisheries and 

fish culture of the United States of 
America, at the International fis- 
cherei-ausstellung, held at Berlin, 
April 20, 1880, and forming a part 
of the collections of the national 
museum, made by U. S. fish com- 
mission. 1880. (no. 18) 1285 

^The published writings of 

Philip Lutley Sclater, 1844-1896. 
1896. (no. 49) 1238 

^The published writings of 

Dr. Charles Girard. 1891. (no. 41) 


HolmeiH, W. H. Instructions to 
collectors of historical and anthro- 
pological specimens. (Especially 
designed for collectors in the in- 
sular possessions of the United 
States.) 1902. (no. 39, pt. Q) 1288 

HrdUcka, Ales. Directions for 
collecting information and speci- 
mens for physical anthropology. 
1904. (no. 39, pt. R) 1289 

Jordan, D. S. Contributions to 
North American ichthyology. Based 
primarily on the collections of the 
United States National museum. 
1877-78. 3 V. (nos. 9, 10. 12) 1240 

^The fishes of North and Mid- 
dle America: a descriptive cata- 
logue of the species of fish-like 
vertebrates found in the waters of 
North America, north of the Isth- 
mus of Panama. By D. S. Jordan 
and B. W. Evermann. 1896-1900. 
4 V. (no. 47) 1241 

Kidder, J. H. Contributions to 
the natural history of Kerguelen 

114 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Island, made in connection with 
the American transit-of- Venus ex- 

f edition. 1874-75. 1875. 2 v. (no. 
) 1242 

RnoiKiton, F. H. Directions for 
collectinsr recent and fossil plants, 
by P. H. Knowlton. 1891. (part B 
of no. 39) 1243 

Komlien, Iiodwl^. Contributions 
to the natural history of Arctic 
America, made In connection with 
the Howgate polar expedition, 1877- 
78. 1879. (no. 15) 1244 

LawTeoce, G. N. Birds of south- 
western Mexico. Collected by F. E. 
Sumlchrast for the United States 
national museum. 1875. (no. 4) 


liO Bianco, Salvatore. The meth- 
ods employed at the Naples zoologr- 
ical station for the preservation of 
marine animals. Tr. from the Ital- 
ian by B. O. Hovey. 1899. (no. 39, 
pt. M) 1246 

liucas, F. A. Notes on the prepa- 
ration of rough skeletons. 1891. 
(no. 39, pt. C) 1247 

Lyon, M. W. Catalogue of the 
type-specimens of mammals in the 
United States national museum, in- 
cluding the biological survey col- 
lection, by M. W. Lyon, Jr. . . . and 
W. H. Osgood. 1909. (no. 62) 1248 

Maicou, J. B. Bibliography of 
publications relating to the collec- 
tion of fossil invertebrates in the 
United States national museum. 
Including complete lists of the writ- 
ings of F. B, Meek, C. A. White, 
and C. D. Walcott 1885. (no. 30) 


Mafion, O. T. Directions for col- 
lectors of American basketry. 1902. 
(no. 39, pt. P) 1250 

Meams, EX A. Mammals of the 
Mexican boundary of the United 
States. A descriptive catalogue of 
the species of mammals occurring 
In that region; with a general sum- 
mary of the natural history, and a 
list of trees. 1907. (no. 56) 1251 

Merrill, G. P. Directions for col- 
lecting rocks and for the prepara- 
tion of thin sections. 1895. (no. 39, 
pt. I) 1262 

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genera of bats. 1907. (no. 57) 125» 

Directions for preparing 

study specimens of small mam- 
mals ... 2d ed.. rev., with abstracts 
In German, French, and Spanish. 
1901. (no. 39, pt. N) 1254 

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West Indian echlnoids. 1910. (no. 
74) 1255 

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collecting and rearing dragon files, 
stone flies, and may flies. 1899. (pt. 
O, no. 39) 1256 

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vision of the twisted winged in- 
sects comprising the order Strep- 
siptera Kirby. 1909. (no. 66) 1257 

PUslxry, H. A. The barnacles 
(Cirripedia) contained in the col- 
lections of the U. S. National mus- 
eum. 1907. (no. 60) 1258 

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todes of North American birds. 
1909. (no. 69) 1259 

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graph on the isopods of North 
America, 1905. (no. 54) X290 

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collecting birds. 1891. (no. 39, pt. 
A) 1261 

Nomenclature of North 

American birds chiefly contained in 
the United States national museum. 
1881. (no. 21) 1262 

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lecting and preserving insects. 1892. 
(no. 39, pt. F) 1263 

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genetic relationships of the garter- 
snakes. 1908. (no. 61) 1264 

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collecting and preparing fossils. 
1895. (pt. K, no. 39) 1265 

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writings of Isaac L«ea. 1885. (no. 
23) 1266 

Smith, J. B. A catalogue, biblio- 
graphical and synonymical, of the 
species of moths of the lepidopter- 
ous superfamily Noctuidae, found 
in boreal America. 1893. (no. 44) 


Contribution toward a mon- 
ograph of the insects of the lepi- 
dopterous family Noctuidae of tem- 
perate North America. Revision of 
the species of the genus Agrotls. 
1890. (no. 38) 1268 

-Contributions toward a mon- 

ograph of the insects of the lepl- 
dopterous family Noctuidae of bo- 
real North America. A revision of 
the deltoid moths. 1895. (no. 48) 


Stejnegei'f lieonhard. Directions 
for collecting reptiles and batra- 
chlans. 1891. (no. 39, pt. E) 1270 

^Herpetology of Japan and 

adjacent territory. 1907. (no. 58) 


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the natural history of the Hawaiian 
and Fanning Islands and lower 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


California, made in connection with 
the U. S. North Pacific aurveyins 
expediUon, 1873-76. 1877. (no. 7) 


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lectiniT minerals. 1896. (no. 39, pt. 
H) 1273 

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beaked whales of the family Ziphi- 
dae in the collection of the United 
States National museum, with re- 
marks on some specimens in other 
American museums. 1910. (no. 73) 


-Contributions to the natural 

history of the cetaceans. A review 
of the family delphinidae. 1889. 
(no. 36) 1275 

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logue of the type and flgrured speci- 
mens of fossils, minerals, rocks, and 
ores in the Department of geology, 
United States National museum, 
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pt 1-2) 1276 

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mary of Troost's unpublished man- 
uscript on the crinoids of Tennes- 
see. 1909. (no. 64) 1279 

— Proceedings, v. 
date. Qll U5 P. 

1-date. 1878- 

— Report upon the condition and 
progrees of the U. <S. National mu- 
seum. Library has 1884-date, ex- 
cept 1894. Qll U5 R. 1281 

Special bulletin. Library hae 

no. 4, pU. 1 & 2. 1282 


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droids. 1900. Pt. 1. The Plumulari- 
dae: Pt. 2. The Sertularidae. 1288 

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eBt to the present time. A nev/ 

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V. Q125 W55. 1284 

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W65. 1285 

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Mammalia and ornithology, v. 8, 
pt. 2. Cassln, J. Mammalogy and 
ornithology. v. 9. Pickering, C. 
Races of man. v. 10 Dana, J. D. 
Geology, v. 11. Wilkes, C. Mete- 
orology. V. 12. Gould, A. A. Mol- 
lusca and shells, v. 13, 14. Dana. 
J. D. Crustacea, v. 15. Gray, A. Bot- 
any, phanerogamia. v. 16. Brack- 
enridge, W. D. Botany, cryptoga- 
mia. V. 20. Baird, S. P. Herpetol- 
ogy. V. 23. Wilkes, C. Hydrography. 

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Attraction and repulsion: the rad- 
ical principles of energy, dis- 
cussed in their relations to physi- 
cal and morphological develop- 
ments. 1869. Q173 W77. 1288 

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arts and letters. Transactions. 
Library has 1870-2, v. 12, pt. 1, 
1898, V. 12, pt. 2, 1899. Qll WiJ. 


ionng, Thomas. A course of lectures 
on natural philosophy and the me- 
chanical arts . . .. New ed., with 
references ani notes by the Rev. 
p. Kel'land. n. d. 2 v. Q113 Y76. 


116 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


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arithmetic. 3aL-8th] grade. 1901- auctore Carolo Bremiker. 1852. 

02. 6 Y. QA103 ASS. 


Grammar achool algebra* [3(1 

ed.J 1003. QA152 ASS. 1202 

^Standard school algebra. 1902. 

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1903. QA152 B46. 1206 

Benson, Jj* S. Replies by Prof. Law- 
ri^nce S. Benson, author of Ben- 
son's Geometry, to Prof. E. T. 
Quimby . . . Prof. Wm. Chauve- 
net . . . Prof. Robert D. Allen 
. . . and Prof. A. T. Bledsoe. 
1872. QA453 B47. 1207 

B4zout [Etienne]. First principles 
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culus, or The doctrine of fluxions 
. . . taken chiefly from the math- 
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B57. 1208 

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QA55 BSl. 


-Same. 1846. QA551 B623. 1800 

-€ame. 1851. QA551 B625 


An experimental treatise on op- 
tics . . . Being the third part of 
a course on natural philosophy, 
comp by John Farrar. 1826. 
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lations of form and magnitude. 
1834. QA453 B71. 1802 

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VI decimalium nova tabula bero> 
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Rb I usque ad. 100000, et func- 
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Rev. ed. [cl884.] QA529 B87. 


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1902. QA103 B848. 1810 

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Matapmatical dictionary aud 

cyclopedia of mathematical sci- 
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probabilities, and on their appli- 
cation to life contingencies and in« 
Borance offices. A new ed. 1841. 
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Durell and E. R. Robbins. 1903. 
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ise on mechanics, comprehending 
the doctrine of equilibrium and 
motion, as applied to solids and 
fluids, chiefly compiled, and do- 
signed for the use of the students 
of the university at Cambridee. 
^ew England. 1825. QA807 F25 


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of those who are acquainted only 
with the flTBt principles of arith- 
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commercial arithmetdc and bust- 

118 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

nesB manual. Rer. ed. 1899. 
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8me 6d. 1868. QA103 096. 1843 

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the Royal military academy. 9th 
ed., with many corrections and im- 
provements, by Olinthus Gregory. 
1827-28. 3 V. QA37 H98. 1350 

— Tracts on mathematical and 
philosophical subjects, compris- 
ing among numerous important; 
articles, the theory of bridges, with 
several plans of recent improve- 
ment; also, the results of numer- 
ous experiments on the force of 
gun-powder, with applications to 
the modern practice of artiUery. 
1S12. 3 v. QA3 H98. 1351 

"History of trigonometrical 
tables'*: v. 1. p. 278-306. 

"History of logarithms": v. 1, p. 

"History of algebra": v. 2, p. 143- 

"The mean density of the earth, 
being an account of the calcula- 
tions made from the survey and 
measures taken at Mount Slxlclial- 
lln. Improved from the Pbiloao- 
phical transactions, vol. 68, for the 
year 1778": v. 2, p. [l]-68. 

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Kater and Dlonysius Lardner. 
1830. QA807 K175. 1853 

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616mens d'algdbre. 4me 6d. 1817. 
QA154 L148. 

-An elementary treatise on arith- 

metic, taken principally from the 
arithmetic of S. F. Lacrolx; and tr. 
with alterations and additions by 
John Farrar. 3d ed. 1825. QAlOl 
L214. 185e 

-Elementary treatise on trigron- 

ometry and on the application of 
algebra to geometry; from Lacrolx 
and B620ut. [Tr. by John Far- 
rar.] 1820. QA531 L14. 1857 

-Elements of algehra. Tr. for the 

use of the students at the Univer- 
sity at Cambridge, New England. 
By John Farrar. 2d ed. 1825. 
QA154 L15. 1358 

— E16mens d'algdbre. Rev. et cor. 

12e 6d. 1818. QA154 L.146. 1859 

— ^Tralte ^l^mentaire d'arlthmtti- 
que 14 6d., rev. et cor. 1818. 
QAlOl L12. I860 

Trait6 ei6mentaire du oalcuj des 

probabilitds. 1816. QA273 L14. 


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ical. 1834. QAlOl L32. 1862 

-A treatise on geometry and its 

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QA453 L32. 1868 

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land adapted by Charl^ Davies. 
1850. QA529 L492. 1864 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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1825. QA531 M4. 1365 

of useful knowledge. Math- 
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layman, E. A. Five-placei logarith- 
mic and trigonometric tables. 
Adapted from Gauss's tables, by 
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[C1899.] QA531 L98. 1867 

Plane and spherical trigonome- 
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>Iilne, W. J. Elements of arithmetic; 
[C1893.] QA103 M659. 1369 

— ^A mental arithmetic. [1897.] 
QA103 M66. 1370 

Standard (arithmetic. [cl895.] 

QA103 M668. 1371 

[Morton, Pierce.] Oeometry, plane, 
solid, and spherical, in six books. 
To which is added, in an appendix, 
the theory of projection. 1830. 
QA453 M88. 1372 

Mnrray, Dw A. Logai:lthmic and tri- 
gonometric tables, five-place and 
four-place. 1902. QA533 M98. 


Plane trigonometry, for col- 
leges and secondary schools. 1901. 
QA533 M975. 1374 

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school arithmetic, by vJ. W. Myers 
and S. C. Brooks. 1903. QA103 
M995. 1376 

Newton^ ^ir Isaac. The mathematical 
principles of natural philosophy, 
by Sir Isaac Newton; translated 
into English by Andrew Motte: to 
which are added, Newton's System 
of the world; A short comment on, 
and defend of, the Principia, by 
William Emerson; with The laws 
of the moon's motion according to 
gravity, by John Machin ... A 
new ed. (with the life of the au- 
thor carefully rev. and cor. by Wil- 

liam Davis. 1819. 

3 V. 


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the millwright, machinist, en- 
gineer, architect and student. 
1851. QA807 096. 1378 

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tic. By W. M. Peck. H. K. Wil- 
liams and M. S. Warlow. 1903. 
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--Chrammar school arithmetic ex- 

tending over the course of graded 
grammar school work. 3d ed. re- 
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Isaac Newton's philosophy. 1728. 
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coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and 
the ifallacies of gambling; with 
notes on poker and martingales- 
1887. QA273 P96. 1382 

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ary algebra. [1901] QA152 R259. 


-^Lippincott's elmentary arithme- 
tic [1899.] QA103 R25. 1384 

-Lippincott's mental arithmetic 

embracing the principles of analy- 
sis and induction. [cl899.] QA103 
R255. 1385 

^Lipplncott's practical arithmetic. 

[C1899.] QA103 R26. 1386 

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mens d'alg^bre. 7me M. 1828. 
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1827. QA145 R4. 1388 

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6coles primaires 1858. QA103 
R61. 1389 

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etry, plane and spherical trigo^ 

120 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

nometry, and conic sections. 4Ui 
ed. 1851. QA529 R66. ISM 

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probldmes d'arithm^tique. 1857. 
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-The new complete arithmetic by 

D M. Sensenig and R. F. Ander- 
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Slmson, Robert. The elements of 
Euclid, viz. the first six books, to- 
gether with the eleventh and 
twelfth. Also, the book of Euclid's 
Data, in like manner corrected. To 
this edition are also annexed ele- 
ments of plane and sphericad 
trigonometry. 1825. QA451 S64. 


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trigonometry. 1881. QA533 S65. 


Smith, F. H[oiiiiey.] An elementary 
treatise on algebra: prepared for 
the use of the cadets of the Vir- 
ginia military institute. 4th rev. 
ed.. with a largd addition of pr*- 
miscuous example^f By S. Crutcii- 
fleld. 1858. QA154 S65. 1306 

Lecture on the history of math- 
ematics. 1841. QA21 S64. 1307 

Sonthworth, G. A. The Southworth- 
Stone arithmetic, a rational meth- 
od. [By] G. A. Southworth and J. 
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1 only. QA103 S73. 1308 

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[C1900.] QAlbZ T243. 1309 

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T541. 1.100 

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tique & Tueage des classes de sci- 
ences des lyc^es et des candidats 
au baccalaur^at des sciences et 
aux 6coles du gouvernement. 
1863. QA103 T65. 1401 

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beginners. 1892. QA152 V443. 

— Elementary arithmetic. [cl88S.] 
QA103 V442. 140;; 

SAme. 1892. QA103 V447. 1404 

— ^Elements of geometry, after 
Legendre, with a selection of s^ 
ometrical exercises, and hints for 
the solution of the same. 189 0. 
QA453 V44. 1405 

— 'High school algebra: an ele- 
mentary algebra. 1891. QA152 
V44. i4,oe 

■«ame. 1902. QA152 V442. 1407 


— Mental arithmetic, [n. d.] QA103 
V45. Id08 

-Notes on elements of (analytical ) 

solid geometry. 1891- QA457 
V44. 1400 

-Practical arithmetic. 

QA103 V43. 


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arithmetic, pt. 1 [-2]. 1903. 2 v. 
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^New primary arithmetic. 1903- 

QA103 W2. 1412 

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ical geometry. 1835. QA551 W35. 


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tic for pupils. [C1890.] QA103 
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An intermediate arithmetic 

[C1898.] QA103 W61. 1418 

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W. A. Toun? and L. L. Jackson. 
1904. QA163 T66. 1410 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



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a series of lectures delivered at 
Ipswich. 9th ed. 1877. QB45 
A29. 1420 

The Ameiicsa ephemerls and nautloil 
almanac. Library has 1897, '9'i, 
1900, '03-date. QB8 U5. 1421 

The Amerlcaii nautical almanac. Li- 
brary has 1911. 1912. QB8 U5.1. 

BaJl, Sir R. a The earth'i 
nlng. 1902. QB981 B2. 

-Elements of astronomy. 

QB46. B2. 



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of civilian astronomers and a 
Board of visitors to the United 
States naval observatory; In the 
Senate April 11, 1900. 1900. QB81 
C4&. 1425 

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tion of the orbit of comet 18981. 
1902. QB723 C97. 1426 

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1830. QB46 D22. 1427 

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E49. 1428 

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and the causes of their motions 
and their light 1868. 2d ed. 
with amendments. QB981 E6. 


''Catalogue of writers on the 
cause of stellar motion, and on 
kindred subjects, quoted": p. 37C- 

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on astronomy, adapted to the pres- 
ent Improved state of science, be- 
ing the fourth part of a course of 
natural philosophy. 1827. QB43 
F24. 14S1 

Ferguson, James. Astronomy, ex- 
plained upon Sir Isaac Newton's 
principles. With notes, and sup- 
plementary chapters, by David 

Brewster. 2d eil. 1S21. 2 




Grant, Robert- History of physical 
astronomy, from the earliest ages 
to the middle of the 19th century. 
Comprehending a detailed account 
of the establishment of the theory 
of gravitation by Newton, and its 
development by his successors; 
with an exposition of the progress 
of research on all the other sub- 
jects of celesual physics. 1862. 
QB31 G7. 1483 

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graphie. 3me 6d. 1856. QB43 G97. 


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comets. Tr. and ed. by James 
Olaisher. 1877. QB721 G95. 1435 

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tions of Encke's comet during 
Its return in 1871-. By Asaph 
Hall and Wm. Harkness. 1872. 
QB723 E5. 1436 

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1833. QB43 H55. 1487 

— Outlines of astronomy. 1849. 
QB43 H5G. 148li 

-Same. 1872. QB43 H57. 1489 

Hind, J. R. The solar system: a de- 
scriptive treatise upon the sun, 
moon, and planets, including an 
account of all the recent discov- 
eries. 1852. QB501 H66. 1440 

International meridian conference, 

Washington, D. C. 1884. Inter- 
national conference held at Wash- 
ington for the purpose of fixing a 
prime meridian and a universal 
day. October, 1884. Protocols of 
the proceedings. 1884. QB224 
165. 1411 

Kirkwood, Daniel. Comets and me- 
teors: their phenomena in all 
ages; their mutual relations; and 
the theory of their origin. 1873. 
QB749 K5. 1442 

122 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Krayenhoff, baron. Pr6cis hlstorlque 
dee op6ratlozis gdodteiques et aa- 
tronomiqaeB, faltes en Hollaade; 
pour servir de base & la topo- 
graphie de cet 6tat. 1827. BQ296 
N54. 1448 

liaplace, marquis de. The system uf 
the world. 1809. 2 v. QB42 
L3. 1444 

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of life. 1908. QB641 L924. 1445 

McCallie, J. P. An example in peri- 
odic orbits, n. d. QB355 M12. 


Mackay, Andrew. The theory and 
practice of finding the longitude at 
sea or land: to which are added, 
various methods of determining 
the latitude of a place, and rarla- 
tion of the compass; with new 
tables. 3d ed. 1810. 2 y. QB226 
Mz. 1447 

Martin, M. E. The friendly stairs, 
with an introduction by Harold 
Jacoby. 1907. QB801 M38. 1448 

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2, 3, 6-11, 13-16. QB4 M68. 1449 

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everybody. 1903. QB51 N5. 1450 

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heaven: a series of essays on tlie 
wonders of the firmament. 1874 
QB51 P56. 

Popular astronomy. 1878., QB44 

N5. 1451 

**Llst of astronomical works, most 
of which have been consulted": 
p. 542-648. 

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der of 'he solar system. 1838. 
QB501 N59. 14S2 

Views of the architecture of the 

heavens. In a sei les of letters to 
a lady. 3d e'J. 1839. QB801 
N62 1453 

The Pacific coaster's nautical alma- 
nac. Library nas 1898-1900. 
1902, 1903. QB8 U52. 1451 

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astronomy, with chapters on geog- 
raphy and navigation. 1889. 
QB51 P24. 1455 

— Flowers of the sky. [n. d.] QB&l 
P97. 14KT 

•iHalf-houTs with the stars: 

plain ana easy guide to the knowl- 
edge of tAxe oonstellations, show- 
ing, in 12 maps, the position of the 
principal star-groups night after 
night throughout the year, with 
Introduction and a separate ex- 
planation of each map. True for 
every year. 4th ed. 1873. QB6S 

— ^The moon: her motloos, aspect, 
scenery, and physical oonditioi^ 
1873. QB681 P96. 1459 

— ^The orbs around us: a series of 
familiar essays on the moon and 
planets, meteors and comets, the 
sun and coloured pairs of suns. 
1872. QB51 P975. 1460 

Other worlds thajoi ours: the 

plurality of worlds studied under 
the light of recent scientific re- 
searches. 1871. QB61 P98. 1461 

-Transits of Venus. A popular 

account of past and coming trans- 
its, from the first obseired by Hor- 
rocks A. D. 1639 to the transit 
of A. D. 2012. 1875. QB509 P8. 


-The unirerse and the coming 

transits: presenting researches into 
and new views respecting the con- 
stitution of the heavens: together 
with an investigation of the condi- 
tions of the coming transits of 
Venus. 1874. QB819 P9. 1468 

Rambosson, J. P. Astronomy. Trans- 
lated by C. B. Pitman, [n. d.] 
QB44 RIG. 1464 

Roberts, Isaac. Photographs of stars. 
Btaivolusters and nebulae, togeth- 
er with records of results obtain- 
ed in the pursuit of celestial pho- 
tography, n. d. Library has r. 2. 
QB801 R64. 1401 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Robinson* H. N. A treatise on as* 
tronomy, descriptive, physical, and 
pracilcal. 1860. QB43 R66. 14611 

F. H. Photometric investi- 
fatk>DB. [1905.] QB4 M«8. 1467 
(Lawn observatory. University 
of Missouri. Bulletin no. 7.) 

— The Polaris vertical circle 

method of determining time and 
azimuth. 1905. QB4 M68. 1468 
(Laws observatory. University 
of Missouri. Bulletin no. 6.) 

Sioithsoniaii insUtation. Astrophysl- 
cal observatory. Annals. 1900 
Library has ▼. 1, 2. QB4 S(>6. 


-The 1900 solar eclipse expedition 

of the Astrophysicai observatory of 
the Smithsonian institution. By S. 
P. Langley, director, aided by C. 
G. Abbot 1904. QB544 00 86. 


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operations in the United States to 
the fourteenth general conference 
of the International geodetic asso- 
ciation. 1903. QB296 U85. 1471 

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evening discourse. September 4, 

1908. QB723 HI T9. 1472 

V. 8. Ck)a8t and geodetic survey. 
Geodesy. The figure of the eartti 
and isostasy from measurements 'n 
the United States, by J. F. Hayfor j 

1909. QB283. U5. 1478 

-Geodesy. Supplementary Inves- 

tigation in 1909 of the figure of 
the earth and isostasy, by J. PI. 
Hayford. 1910. QB283 U3] 


— Geodetic operations in the 
United States 1906-1909. A re- 
port to the sixteenth general con- 
ference of the International 
geodetic association, by O. H. Tltt- 
mann and J. F. Hayford. 1909. 
QB296 U8S 1909. 14T.7 

— Report of the superintendent 
Library has 1852-1860, 1862-1908. 
1908-dftte. QB296 U5. 1470 

^The work of the Coast and ge 

odQtic survey. 2d ed. 190.*. 
QB296 U487 1905a. 1477 

U. S. Hydrographic office. The sun's 
apparent declination and equatiju 
of time. Library has 1908-1911. 
QB217 U6. 147S 

-Telegraphic determination of 

longitudes in Mexico, Centril 
America, the West Indies, and jn 
the north coast of South Amer- 
ica. QB229 U5 1888-90. 14711 

U- 8. Lake survey. Report upon tMc 
primary triangulation of tlie 
United States Lake survey. By C. 
B. Comstock, aided by the assis- 
tants on the survey. 1882. QB296 
U95. 1480 

(Professional papers of the Corps 
of engineers, U. S. army. no. 24.) 

V, S. Nautical almanac office. A it;it 
of positions of bright stars an'( 
planets prepared for the use of 
navigators. 1907. QB6 U42. 1181 

A list of stars for navigators for 

the year. Library has 1908. QB6 
U43. 1482 

U. 8. Naval observatory. Astro- 
nomical, magnetic and meteorolog- 
ical observations. Library has Ap- 
pendix 2 of 1867; Appendix 2 of 
1875; Pts. 1 and 2 and Appendix 
3 of 1876; 1877-1882; 1885; l^Sl; 
1889-92. QB4 W3 O. 14<13 

-Publications. Library has 2d 

series, y. l-date. QB4 W3 P. 1484 

-Report of the superintendent. 

Library has 1901, •03-'05. QBS2 
U5. 148.5 

— Reports on the total solar 
eclipses of July 29, 1878, and Jan- 
uary 11, 1880. 1880. QB4 W3 
O. 1486 

Its Washington observations, 
1876. Appendix IIL) 

'Report on observations of the 

total eclipse of the sun, August 7, 
1869. 1870. QB4 W3 O. 1487 
([Its Washington observatlonsi 
1867] Appendix IL) 

124 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Vinoe, Samuel. A complete system 
of astronomy 2d ed.» with addi- 
tions and corrections. 1814-23. '4 
V. QB43 V76 IdHH 

Warner & Swasey. A few astro- 
nomical instruments. From the 
works of Warner & Swasey, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. C1900. QB86 W2. 


•By starlight and moonlight with 

the Warner & Swaaey prism ter- 

restrial telescope. Some easy as- 
tronomical observations. QB8S 
W27, 1490 

Yale imiversity. Observatory. Trans- 
actions of the astronomical obser- 
vatory of Yale university. Library 
has V. 1, pts. 6, 7« 8; v. 2, pte. 1, 
2. QB4 Y2. 14'il 

Young, C. A. The sun. 1881. QBSJl 
Y688. 1492 


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A new ed., rev. and cor. from the 
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divided circuits of lines of force 
in a magnetic field. [1895.] 
QC761 B14. 1404 

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Their history, theory and manu- 
facture. [1906.] QC375 B33. 1405 

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magn^tisme. 1846. QC753 B39. 


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1821. 2 V. QC21 B61. 1408 

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tion of electricity, with sketches 
of some of its discoverers. 1885. 
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ence of the nineteenUi century. A 
sketch for general readers. 1891. 
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sines of 15-degree rhumbs, for 
use in analysis of deviations when 
15-degree rhumbs are used. 1910. 
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losophy, horology, and astronomy. 
New ed. 1857. QG125 029. 1603 

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on electricity, in theory and prac- 
tice with original experiments. 
4 cd. 1795. 3 V. QC516 037. 1604 

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a guide to the study of the meas- 
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D54. 1601 

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cal, part 1. 1870. QC223 D68. 


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ural philosophy, theoretical and 
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explained. Including an explana- 
tion of the received theory of 
sound, heat, light, and color. 1872. 
QC451 B79. 1600 

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ity, magnetism, and electro-dy- 
namics, embracing the late dis- 
coveMes and Improvements, diges:- 
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1827. QC23 F52. 1610 

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— ^The principles of physics. 1901. 
QC21 G2. 1512 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


<i«iioCt Adolphe* Elementary treatise 
on physics, experimental and ap- 
plied, for the use of colleges and 
schools; tr. from Ckmot's Bldments 
de physique (with the author's 
sanction) by £. Atkinson. 16th ed. 
edited by A. W. Reinold. 1904- 
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^Natural philosophy for general 

readers and young persons. Tr. 
and ed. from Ganot's Cours €16- 
mentaire de physique ... by E. 
Atkinson. 3d ed. 1878. QC21 A8^ 


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its work and mysteries described 
in non-technical language. 1907. 
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on electricity and magnetism 
1880. 2 y. QC521 066. 1516 

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searches in sound: conducted in 
the service of the United States 
light-house board, during the years 
1865 to 1877. 1879. QC233 H52. 


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trical words, terms and phrases. 
4th ed. greatly enl. QC505 H85 
Ref. 15111 

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terrestrial magnetism, the mag- 
netic dip or inclination. As ob- 
served at thirty important mari- 
time stations, together with an in- 
vestigation of the secular change 
in the direction of a freely sus- 
pended magnetic needle at twenty- 
nine of the stations. 1897. QC828 
L78. 1525 

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Studies in spectrum analysis. 

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Ref. 1510 

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K79. 1521 

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Itfatknial oonference of elecCrldaiifr 

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126 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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An elementary text-book for the 
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Principal facts of the earth's mag- 
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— Results of observations made at 

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— Results of observations made at 

the magnetic observatory at Chel- 
tenham, Maryland, 1901-1904. by 
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the magnetic observatory txp'T 
Honolulu, Hawaii, 1902-1904. By 
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the magnetic observatory near 
Honolulu, Hawaii, 1905 and 1906. 
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— Results of observations made at 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


the magnetic obaervatorjr at Sitka, 
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the magnetic observatory at Vie 
Quea. Porto Rico, 1903-1904, by D. 
I> Hasard. 1909. QC830 V62. 


-ReauUs of observations made at 

the magnetic observatory at Vie- 
qnea, Porto Rico, 1905 and 1903, 

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made in the neighborhood of 
Pranz Joeeph Land. 1901. QC972 
B18. 1B«« 

Basanelt« T[lioiiia8]. Outlines of a 
mechanical theory of storms, con- 
taining the true law of lunar in- 
fluence, with practical Instructions 
to the navigator, to enable him 
approximately to calculate the 
coming changes of the wind and 
weather, for any given day, and 
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ate latitudes of the North Amer- 
ican continent. Embracing a full 
comparison of these with the cli- 
matology of the temperate latltudos 
of Europe and Asia. And especially 
in regaid to agriculture, sanitary 
inveatigations, and engineeria^. 
With Isothermal and rain charts 
for each season, the extreme 
months, and the year. Including a 
summary of the statistics of met- 
eorological, observations in the 
Unitei States, condensed from re 
cent scientific and official publi- 
cations. 1857. QC983 B65. 157J 

ConTentlon of Weallier bureau of- 
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128 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

vised Jany. 1908. QC929 F9 G 

Farmers' buUetin 104. 

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(U. S. War dept Professional 

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new method of applying fixed and 
continuous conductors of electric- 
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Normal annual precipitation in 

the United States, 1870-1901. 
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notes on the exhibits to the World's 
Columbian expoeitlon at Chicago, 
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separate and combined indications 
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cular of general information re- 
specting the theory and operation 
of Instruments for indicating, meas- 
uring, and automatically recording 
wind movement and direction with 
Instructions for the erection and 
care of each instrnments of the 
Weather bureau pattern. 1907. 
QC932 M39. 1588 

Barometers and the measure- 
ment of atmospheric pressure. A 
pamphlet of information respect- 
ing the theory and construction of 
barometers in general, with sum- 
mary of instructions for the care 
and use of the standard Weather 
bureau instruments. 1909. QC885 

M3d. 1580 

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ment division. Circular F. 3d ed.) 

Inetructlons for obtaining and 

tabulating records from recording 
Instruments. 1903. QC871 M39. 

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New ser.] Library has v. 1, 1899; 
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Micfaiganu State board of health. 

Principal meteorological conditions 
in Michigan. Library has 1889, 
'91, '94. QC984 M5 A3. 1502 

—Weather service. Annual report 
Library has 1896. QC984 M5 A5. 


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mont, Va. Bulletin. Library has 
V. 1; V. 2; pt 4-6; t. 3. QC851 U5 
B4. 15fMr 

yew York (State). University. Re- 
sults of a series of meteorological 
observations, in the State of New 
York, from 1826-1850. Compiled 
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N6. 15051 

Same. 2d eer. From 1850 to 

1863, inclusive. Prepared by F. B. 
Hough. 1872. QC984 N7 N6. 1508 

Ohio- Meteorological bureaii. An- 
nual report. Library has 7th, 1889; 
9th. 1891. QC984 03 A3. 1507 

— ^Report . . . (or the month. 
Library has Feb., 1883; Feb. 1889; 
Dec. 1889; Fob. 1890; Mar. 1890; 
Apr. 1890; Aug. 1890. QC984 OS 
Al. 1508 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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report. Iiibrarj has 1890-96. 
QG984 07 Al. 1599 

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(In Yearbook. 1908, p. 433-442.) 

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clusive. 1855. QC983 A114. 1607 

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precipitation of the United States 
for the yeans 1872 to 1907. Q0925 
1 U5. 1608 

— Bulletin. Library has noe. 11 
(pt. 3). 30, 33-36. 1609 


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on the relations between climates 
and crops. 1905. (no. 36) 1610 

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weather forecasts. 1904. (no. 36) 


^Weather folk-lore and local 

weather signs. 1903. (no. 33) 1612 

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United States by lightning. 1901. 
(no. 30) 161S 

International meceorolofdcal oon- 
rresR, Chicago, III.. 1893. Report of I 

the International meteorological 
congress, held at Chicago, 111., 
August 21-24, 1893, under the au- 
spices of the Congress auxiliary of 
the World's Columbian exposition. 
Ed. by O. Li. Fassig. 1894-96. 3 v. 
in 1. (no. 11) Lribrary has pt. 3. 

Moore, W. li. Climate: its phy- 
sical basis and controlling factors^ 


-Bulletin (Lettered series.) 

Library has P, G, H, L, M, N, O. 
P, Q, R, S. 1616 

Bigelow, F. H. The daily normal 
temperature and the daily normal 
precipitation of the United States. 

1908. (R) 1617 
Report on the temperatures 

and vapor tensions of the United 
States reduced to a homogeneous 
system of 24 hourly observations 
for the 33-year interval, 1873-1906. 

1909. (S) 1618 

Frankenfield, H. C. The floods of 
the spring of 1903, in the Missis- 
sippi watershed. 1904. (M) 1619 

^Vertical gradients of tem- 
perature, humidity, and wind direc- 
tion. A preliminary report on the 
kite observations of 1898. 1899 (F) 


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frost in the United States. 1906. 
(P) 16S1 

^West Indian hurricanes. 

1900. (H) 1622 

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United States. 1906. (Q) 162S 

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California. 1903. (L) 16S4 

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tion of rainfall in the arid region. 
1905. (N) 1626 

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tion: a research conducted at the 
Allegheny observatory and at 
Providence, R. I. 1900. (G) 1627 

-A chronological outline of r'ne 

history of the meteorology in the 
United States. QC857 U5 C. 1628 

-Classification of clouds and in- 

ternational meteorological sym- 
bols. QC921 U5. 1629 

— Explsnation of the weather map. 
QC995 U5. 16.30 

130 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

— Highest temperature ever ob- 
served at the regular Weather bu- 
reau and selected co-operative sta- 
tiODS. QC983 U33. 1681 

— Instructions for co-operative o^ 
Mnrers. Third ed., comprising 
circulars B and C, Instrument di- 
TUion. 1906. QC871 U51. l«3a 

— Instructions to special river and 
rainfall observers of the Weather 
bureau. 1909. QG871 U5. 1633 

—-Lowest temperature ever observ- 
ed at the regular Weather bureau 
and selected co-operative stations 
QG98S U66. 1634 

*— A manual for observers in cli- 
matology and evaporation. 1909. 
QC871 U54. 1635 

— Meteorological chart of the 
Great Lakes. Library has no. 2, 
1906; no. 1, 1907. QC984 1 M5. 


— Monthly weather review. Li- 
brary has T. 15p 23, 25-38 (incom- 
plete). QC851 US M9. 1637 

— ^Normal eunshine. [Chart] com* 
piled from observations at Weather 
Bureau stations from 1871 to 
1908. QC983 U56. 1638 

-Normal temperature of the air 

at the surface of the earth. [Chart] 
compiled from observations at the 
regular Weather bureau and se- 
lected co-operative stations be- 
tween 1871-1908. QG983 U55. 


-Oregon section of the climate 

and crop service of the weather 
bureau. Report . . . Portland, 
Oreg., Weather bureau olflce. Li- 
brary has Dec, 1901; Oct. '03- 
Jan., '04; Apr.-June; Aug.-Oct. 
•04; July, '05; Aug. '06; Apr. '07. 
QC984 U5 07. 1640 

— Photomicrographs of snow crys- 
tals. QC929 S7 U5. 1641 

-Precipitation: average, greatest, 

and least monthly amounts, from 
the establishment of station to the 
end of 1904. QC983 U66. 1642 

— Psychrometric tables for obtain- 
ing the vapor pressure, relaiive 
humidity, and temperature of the 
dew-point. From readings of the 
wet and dry bulb thermometers. 
1900. QC917 M39. 1649 

— ^Report of the chief. Library 
has 1896-1902, 1904-date. QC983 

R. ie44 

— Southern Texas. [Summary of 
the climatological data.] QC984 
T4 U5. 164IS 

-Southwestern New Mexico and 

southern Arizona. [Summary of 
the climatological data.] QC984 N6 
U6. 164a 

— special report on the hurricane 
of i9.ugust 13-16, 1901, on the 
Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. 
QC945 U&4. 164T 

— ^The weather bur au. 1910. QC875 
U59. 164B 

— ^West Indian hurricane of Sep- 
tember 17 to 21, 1909. QC945 U53. 


-Western Texas and southern 

New Mexico. [Summary of the cli- 
matological data.] QC984 T4 
U51. 1650 

^Wind-barometer table. By Prof. 

E. B. Garriott. QG885 U5. 1651 

Waldo, Frank. Modem meteorology: 
an outline of the growth and pres- 
ent condition of some of its phases. 
1893. QC863 W18. 1659 

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and the public schools. QC869 
W39. 1653 

(In Yearbook, 1907. p. 267-276.) 

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the barometer on surveys and 
reconnaissances. Part I. Met- 
eorology in its connection with 
hjrpsometry. Part II. Barometric 
hypsometry. 1868. QC895 W72. 


— rPractical tables in meteorology 
and hypsometry, being the appen- 
dix to the paper On the use of the 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


barometer on surveys and recon- 
naivances. 1868. QC895 W72. 


(Professional papers of the Corps 
of engineers, U. 8. army. no. IS — 


Alezaader, i. H. Universal diction- 
ary of weights and measnree, an- 
cient and modem; reduced to the 
atandards of the United States of 
America. 1860. QC82 A4 Ref. 


caadice, F. W. Weights, measures, 
and money, of all nations. 1875. 
QC88 G6. 16B7 

Oonf €t«]ioe on weights and meaonres 
of the United States. 1st, Wash- 
ington, 1905. January 16 and 17, 

1905. [Proceedings. 2d ed.] 
1907. QC89 U5 C8. 1658 

2d Washington, 1906. [Pro- 
ceedings.] 1906. QC89 U5 G7 

1906. !««» 

3d, Washington, 1907. Proceed- 
ings May 16 and 17, 1907. 1910- 
QC89 U5 C7 1907. 1660 

-4th, Washington, 1908. Pro- 

ceedings December 17 and 18, 
1908. 1910. QC89 U6 07 1908. 


IntoniKtioiial association for obtain- 
ing a nmif orm decimal system of 
meASinres, weightSv and coins. 

What is the best unit of length? 
. . . with answers from the Brit- 
ish branch of the association, 
shewing that the best unit of 
l0ngth is the metre. 1858. QGlOl 
17. 1M2 

Japan- Bnrean of conuneroe and in* 
dnstry. (Dept. of agricnltore and 
commerce.) Details of the weights 
and measures, exposed at the 
World's Columbian exposition. 
1893. QC89 J35. 1M3 

Massachnsetts. Revised laws of 
Massachusetts relating to weights 
and measures and the Inspection 
and sale of various articles. 1905. 
QC89 U6 M4. ^«^* 

Rhode Island. State sealer of 
weights, measures and balances. 
Annual report. Library has 1901. 
'03, '04, '05. '08-date. QC89 U6 
R5. 1665 

Saigey,  La pratique des polds 

et measures dn systems mdtriqie 
ou guide des maltres dans I'en- 
seignement de ce systdme. 4 me 
6d. 1866. QC91 C12. 1666 

^Traltd de m6trologie andenua 

et modeme, suivi d'un pr6cls de 
chronologle, et des slgnes num6rl- 
Ques. 1834. QC83 S13. 1667 

Soaqnet, J. B. M^rologie Fran- 
calse ou manuel thdorlque et 
pratique du systdme m^trlque 
1840. QC89 F8. 1668 

U« 8. Bnrean of standards. Circu- 
lar of the bureau of standards. 
Library has nos. 6, 7, 13, 17, 21. 
22, 24-26, (1st and 2d ed. of 26). 
27, 28, 29, 30. QC81 U5. 1669 

-The international metric aystem 
of weights and measures. 1906. 
QC91 U45. 1670 

-Tables o^ equivalents of tbe 

United States customary and 
metric weights und measures. 3d 
ed. 1906. QC94 U55. 1671 

ti* S* Dept of state. Report upon 
weights and measures, by John 
Quincy Adams, secretary of state 
of the United States. Preparea 
in obedience to a resolution of the 
Senate of the third March. 1817. 
1821. QC88 A22. 1672 

Printed also as Senate docu- 
ment 119 and House document 109, 
16th Congress, 2d session, under 
titles beginning: Report of the 
secretary of state, upon weights and 

Papers in the Appendix (p. 
[1871-241) include tables of 
weights and measures as used in 
the United States, and laws of the 
several states. 1784-1819. 

132 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Yates, JameB. On the French ays- 
tern of meaauree* weights, ana 

coins, and its adaptation to gen- 
eral use. 1854. QC91 Y91. 1673 


(Except Chemical Technology, Medical and Pharmaceatlcal Chemistrj, 

and Agricultural CSiemistry.) 

AUdn, A[rthiir.] A dictionary of 
chemistry and mineralogy, with 
an account of the proceesee em- 
ployed in many of the most im- 
portant chemical manufactures. 
1807. QD5 A3. 1674 

-An account of the most 

important recent diacoyeries and 
improvements in chemistry and 
mineralogy, to the present time; 
being an appendix to their Dic- 
tionary of chemistry and min- 
eralogy, by A. & C. R. Alkin. 1814. 
QD5 A8. 1676 

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analysis. 1857. QD75 B68. 1676 

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Rev. ed', remodeled and enl. 1901. 
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lectures on the chemical history 
of a candle: to which is added a 
lecture on platinum. Ed. by Wil- 
liam Crookes. QD39 F2. 1682 

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chemistry, theoretical and practi- 
cal. A new American from the 
12th English ed. 1885. QD30 P79. 


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tative chemical analysis. Newly 
ed. by S. W. Johnson. 1882. QD81 
P89. 1684 

A system of instruction in 

quantitative chemical analysia. 
From the last English and Ger- 
man editions. Ed. by O. D. Allen 
with the cooperation of S. W. 
Johnson. 1882. QDlOl F88. 1685 

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chemistry, by F. A. Gooch and C. 
F. Walker. 1905. QD151 065. 1686 

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of lectures on chemical science, 
as delivered at the Surrey Instl-^ 
tute. 1823. QD39 G98. 1687 

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coveries. 1829. 2 v. QD30 H52. 


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Elements of chemistry; contain- 
ing, in a condensed form, all the 
most important facts and princi- 
ples of tie science. New ed. 1843. 
QD30 J715. 1600 

liiebig, Jostus, freiherr von. Or- 
ganic chemistry In its applications 
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Ed. by Lyon Playfalr. 2d Amer- 
ican ed., with lan Introduction, 
notes, and appendix, by J. W. 
Webster. 1841. QD251 L71. 1601 

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M4. 1602 

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chemistry. Tr. from the German 
by P. P. Bedson and W. C. Wil- 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


pounds of urea with acids and 
salts. 1903. QD315 M78. 1604 

Morflt, OMupbell. Chemical and 
pharmaceutic manipulations: a 
manual of the mechanical and 
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134 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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seat of government, by the way 
of Green Bay and the Wisconsin 
Territory to the Coteau de 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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report upon Geographical and 
geological explorations and sur- 
veys west of the one hundredth 
meridian, in 1872, under the 
direction of George M. Wheeler. 
1874. QE74 W5. f700 

-Report upon United States geo- 

graphical surveys weet of the 100th 

136 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

meridian in charge of . . . Geo. 
M. Wheeler. 18 < 5-1889. v. 1, 
Geoerraphical report. — v. 2, Astron- 
omy. — V. 3, Geologry. v. 4, Pale- 
ontology. — ^v. 5. Zoology. — ^v. 6, Bot- 
any. — V. 7, Archaeology. Library 
has V. 1-5. 7. QE74 W. 1761 


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Report upon the extinct ver- 

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portions of Nevada. Utah. Califor- 
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1872. 1873. and 1874. By Dr. El- 
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Synopsis of the reptiles and 

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633.) 1765 

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V. 5 (1875). p. 705-736.) 1766 

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Report on the geology of 

portions of New Mexico and Ari- 
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Neuroptera. made in portions of 
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In portions of Nevada. Utah. Cali- 
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Arizona, during the years 1871, 
1872. 1873. and 1874. (v. 5 (1875) p. 
[131].507.) 1770 

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Arizona, and New Mexico. Exam- 
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eralogical, agricultural conditions 
observed in portions of Colorado, 
New Mexico, and Arizona in 1873. 
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Utah, to Gila River, Arizona. Ex- 
amined in 1871. (v. 3, p. 189-225.) 


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collections of diurnal Lepidoptera 
made in portions of Colorado. Utah, 
New Mexico, and Arizona, duringr 
the years 1871, 1872, 1873. and 
1874. with notes upon all species 
known to inhabit Colorado. By 
T. L. Mead; and a list of all species 
collected, by W. H. Edwards, (v. 
5 (1875), p. 737-794.) 1774 

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der. Report upon the collection of 
Diptera made in portions of Colo- 
rado and Arizona during the year 

1873. (V. 5 (1875) p. 803-807.) 

Reports upon the astronomical 
determinations at main stations oc- 
cupied in the years 1872. 1873. and 

1874. and results of barometric ob- 
servations of the years 1871. 1872, 
1873, 1874, and 1875. In two parts. 
[1877.1 (V. 2.) 1776 

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geology of a portion of Colorado. 
Examined in 1873. (v. 3, p. 303-501.) 


Report upon geological ex- 
aminations in southern Colorado and 
northern New Mexico, during the 
years 1878 and 1879. By J. J. Stev- 
enson . . . With an appendix upon 
the carboniferous invertebrate fos- 
sils of New Mexico, prepared by C. 
A. White. [1881.] (Supplement to 
v. 3.) 1778 

Stretch, R. H. Report upon new 
species of Zygaenidae and Bombyci- 
dae collected in portions of Cali- 
fornia and Arizona during 1871, 
1872. and 1873. (v. 5 (1875). p. 795- 
802.) 1779 

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collections of Orthoptera made in 
portions of Nevada. Utah. Californ- 
ia. Colorado. New Mexico, and Ari- 
zona, during 1871. 1872. 1873 and 
1874. (V. 5 (1875). p. 843-908.) 1780 

Uhler, P. R. Report upon the 
collections of Hemiptera made in 
portions of Nevada, Utah, Call- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


fomia, Colorado, New Mexico, and 
Arizona, during the years 1871. 

1873, and 1874. (v. 5 (1875), p. 
18271-842.) 1781 

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collections of Coleoptera made in 
portions of Nevada, Utah, California, 
Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, 
durin«r 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874. 
(V. 6 (1876, p. 809-827.) 1782 

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collections of fresh water leeches 
made in portions of Nevada, Utah, 
Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, 
during the years 1872, 1873, and 

1874. (V. 5 (1876), p. 956-967.) 1783 
White, C. A. Report on the Car- 
boniferous invertebrate fossils of 
New Mexico, (v. 3, Suppl. Appen- 
dix.) 1784 

Report upon the invertebrate 

fossils collected in portions of Ne- 
vada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, 
and Arizona, by "parties of the ex- 
peditions of 1871, 1872, 1873, and 
1874. (V. 4. (1877) pt. 1.) 1785 

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graphical distribution and varia- 
tion with regard to the zoology of 
the western United States as relates 
more particularly to mammals and 
birds, (v. 6, p. [19]-34.) 1786 

Report upon the collections 

of batrachians and reptiles made in 
portions of Nevada, Utah, Cali- 
fornia, Colorado, New Mexico, and 
Arizona, during the years 1871, 
1872, 1873, and 1874. (v. 6 (1876). 
p. 509-684.) 1787 

Report upon the collections 

of terrestrial and fiuvlatile MoUusca 
made in portions of Colorado, Utah, 
New Mexico, and Arizona, during 
the years 1872, 1873, and 1874. (v. 
6 (1876), p. 923-964.) 1787a 

U. 8. Geological and geographical 
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tin. 1874 and 1876 [-1882] v 
I [-VI]. 1875-82. 6 V. Library has 
no 4, 2d series; v. 2, no. 3; v. 3, 
nos. 1, 2, 4; V. 4; V. 5, nos. 1, 2 
3; V. 6, nofl. 1, 3; also 2, let ser. 
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— Illustrations of Cretaceous and 
Tertiary plants of the western ter- 
ritories of the United States. 1878. 
QE74 H4. 1789 

-Miscellaneous publications. — nu. 

1[-12]. 1873-80. nos. 5, 6, 8 
wanting. Lib. has 4th ed. of no. 
1. QE74 Hm. 1790 


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lar information concerning North 
American ornithology; Part first: 
Passeres to Lianiidae, bibliographi- 
cal appendix, seventy illustrations. 
1878. (no. 11.) 1792 

Birds of the northwest: a 

hand-book of the ornithology of the 
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River and its tributaries. 1874. (no. 
3.) 1798 

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tions principally in that portion of 
the United States west of the Miss- 
issippi River. 4th ed. 1877. (no. 1.) 


Meteorological observations 

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Idaho, and Montana. 1873. (no. 2.) 


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North American invertebrate pale- 
ontology, being a report upon the 
publications that have hitherto been 
made upon the invertebrate paleon- 
tology of North America, including 
the West Indies and Greenland. By 
C. A. W^hlte . . . and H. A. Nichol- 
son. 1878. (no. 10.) 1799 

-Report on the geology of the 

eastern portion of the Uinta Moun- 
tains and a region of country 
Adjacent thereto. With atlas. 1876. 
QE74 P81. 1800 

[lstl-12t.h annual report. 1867- 

83. QE74 Hr. 1801 

No more published. Survey suc- 
ceeded by U. S. Oeological survey. 

-Report of the United States 

Geological survey of the territories. 
F. V. Hayden, United States ge- 
ologist in charge. [Final reports 
or monographs, vol. l]-3, 5-13. 

138 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

1873-90. 12 V. T. 6 and 8 want- 
ing. QE74 H. 1802 

Vol. 4 not published. 


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^The vertebrata of the Ter- 
tiary formations of the West. Book 
1. 1883. (V. 3.) 1804 

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North American Rodentla. By El- 
liott Coues and J. A. Allen. 1877. 
(V. 11.) 180» 

Gill. T. N. Material for a biblio- 
graphy of North American mam- 
mals, prepared by Theodore GUI and 
Blllott Coues. In the eleventh vol- 
ume of the flnal reports of the Sur- 
vey, being Appendix B of the mon- 
ographs of North American Roden- 
tla. By Elliott Coues and J. A. Al- 
len. 1877. 1806 

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the extinct vertebrate fauna of the 
western territories. [1873.] (v. 1.) 


^Fresh-water rhlsopods of 

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territories. 1874-83. (v. 8-8.) Pts. 1 
and 3 wanting (v. € and 8 of main 
series.) 1809 

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Invertebrate Cretaceous and Tertiary 
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of the United States. 1876. (v. 10.) 


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date. pt. 1., no. 381 wanting. QE75 
B. 1814 


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Oil and gas flelds of the 

western interior and northern Texas 
coal measures and or the Upper 
Cretaceous and Tertiary of the 
western Gulf coast. 1901. (no. 
184.) 1817 

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ogy of the upper Carboniferous 
rocks of the Kansas section, by G. 
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Barbara County, California, by 
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Geology and oil resources, of 

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321.) 1822 

Paleontology of the Coalinga 

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California. 1909. (no. 396.) 182S 

^Preliminary report on the 

Coalinga oil district Fresno and 
Kings counties, Calif orniSs 1908. 
(no. 367.) 1824 

Preliminary report on the 

McKlttrick-Sunset oil region, Kern 
and San Luis Obispo counties. Cal- 
ifornia, by Ralph Arnold and H. R. 
Johnson. 1910. (no. 406.) 1825 

^Preliminary report on the 

Santa Maria oil district, Santa Bar- 
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Arnold and Robert Anderson. 1907. 
no. 317.) 1820 

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and minimum thickness of beds 
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1909. (no. 388.) 1828 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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lilocene foraminlfera from 

the Monterey ahale of California, 
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Survey of the northwestern 

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(no. 26) 1840 

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High temperature work In 

Umeous fusion and ebullition, chiefly 
In relation to pressure. 1893. (no. 
103) 1842 

^The mechanism of solid vls- 

eoslty. 1892. (no. 94) 1848 

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t • . »k*. 


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154 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Structural details in the 

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Preliminary description of 

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the southern half of the Black 
Hills and adjoining regions in 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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Preliminary report on the 

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Tertiary revolution in the 

topography of the Pacific coast. 
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1) 2865 
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shltna Basin and adjacent terri- 
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Summary of the primary trl- 

angulatlon executed by the United 
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1895. pt. 1. p. 875-885) 2870 

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the history of Lake Bonneville. (In 
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A new method of mieasurlng 

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(In 1881) 2381 

Recent earth movement In 

the Great Lakes region. (In 18th. 
1897. pt. 2) 2882 

^The topographic features of 

lake shores. (In 1884, p. 69-123) 


^The underground water of 

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fauna of the Ouray limestone. (In 
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156 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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with reference to its occurrence in 
Canada. (In 17th, 1896, pt. 3) 2886 

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Physiography of the Chat- 

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Tennessee white phosphate. 

(In 21st, 1900, pt. 3) 2806 

Hm, R. T. Geography and geol- 
ogy of the Black and Grand prai- 
ries. Texas, with detailed descrip- 
tions of the Cretaceous formations 
and special reference to artesian 
waters. (In 2l8t, 1900, pt. 7, p. 5- 
666) 2807 

Geologry of the Edwards 

Plateau and the Rio Grande Plain 
adjacent to Austin and San Anto- 
nio, Texas, with reference to the 
occurrence of underground waters, 
by R. T. Hill and T. W. Vaughan. 
(In 18th, 1897, pt. 2) 2808 

The mineral resources of 

Porto Rico. (In 20th, 1899, pt. 6) 


Hobbs, W. H. The Newark sys- 
tem of Pomeraug Valley, Connec- 
ticut. With a report on fossil wood 
by F. H. Knowlton. (In 2l8t, 1900, 
pt 3) 2400 

The old tungsten mine at 

Trumbull, Conn. (In 22d, 1901, pt. 
2) 2401 

Hoffman, W. J. Report on the 
Chaco cranium. Miscellaneous eth- 
nographic observations on Indians 
inhabiting Nevada, California, and 
Arizona. (In 10th, 1876) 2402 

Iddlngs, J. P. The eruptive rocks 
of Electric Peak and Sepulchre 
Mountain, Yellowstone National 
Park. (In 12th, 1891) 2408 

Obsidian Cliff, Yellowstone 

National Park, by Joseph Paxson 
Iddings. (In 7th, 1886) 2404 

Irrigation literature. (In 11th, 
1890, pt. 2) 2405 

Irving, K. D. The copper-bearing 
rocks of Lake Superior. (In 3d, 
1882) 2406 

On the classification of the 

early Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian 
formations. (In 7th, 1886) 2407 

The Penokee iron-bearing 

series of Michigan and Wisconsin, 
by R. D. Irving and C. R. Van Hlse. 
(In 10th, 1889. pt. 1) 2408 

Preliminary paper on an in- 
vestigation of the Archaean forma- 
tions of the northwestern states. 
(In 6th, 1884) 2400 

Jack, J. G. The Pikes Peak, 
Plum Creek, and South Platte for- 
est reserves. (In 20th, 1899, pt. 5) 


Jaggar, T. A. The laccoliths of 
the Black Hills, by T. A. Jaggar, 
Jr., with a chapter on experiments 
illustrating intrusion and erosion, 
by Ernest Howe. (In 2l8t, 1900, 
pt. 3) 2411 

Johnson, W. D. The high plains 
and their utilization. (In 21st-22d. 
pt. 4, 1899-1901) 2412 

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CatocUn belt (In 14th, 1893, pt. 2, 
p. 286-395) 2418 

Keyes, C. R. The origin and rela- 
tions of central Maryland granites, 
by Charles Rollin Keyes. With an 
introduction on the general rela- 
tions of the granite rocks in the mid- 
dle Atlantic Piedmont plateau, by 
G. H. Williams. (In 15th, 1894) 


King, P. H. Principles and con- 
ditions of the movements of ground 
water. (In 19th, 1898, pt. 2. p. 69- 
294) 2415 

King, Clarence. Production of the 
precious metals in the United 
SUtes. (In 1881) 2416 

Liane, A. C. The northern interior 
coal field. (In 22d, 1901, pt. 3) 


l4iwson. A, C. Sketch of the ge- 
ology of San Francisco Peninsula. 
(In 16th, 1894) 2418 

Iteilierg, J. B. Bitterroot forest 
reserve. (In 19th, 1898, pt. 5, p. 
253-282) «*^* 

^The Bitterroot forest reserve. 

(In 20th. 1899, pt. 5) 2420 

^The Cascade Range and Ash- 
land forest reserves and adjacent 
regions. (In 21st. 1900, pt. 5) 2421 

Present condition of the for- 
ested areas in northern Idaho out- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


aide the limitji of the Priest River 
forest reserve and north of the 
Clearwater River. (In 19th, 1898, 
pt. 5, p. 373-386) 2422 

Priest River forest reserve. 

(In 19th. 1898. pt. 5. p. 217-262) 


San Bernardino forest re- 
serve. (Preliminary report) (In 
19th. 1898. pt. 5. p. 359-365) 2424 

San Gabriel forest reserve. 

(Preliminary report. (In 19th. 1898, 
pt. 5. p. 367-371) 2425 

The San Qabriel. San Ber- 
nardino, and San Jacinto forest re- 
serves. (In 20th. 1899. pt. 5) 2426 

San Jacinto forest reserve. 

(Preliminary report.) (In 19th, 
1898. pt. 5. p. 351-357) 2427 

Ijeverett^ Frank. The water re- 
sources of Illinois. (In 17th. 1896. 
pt. 2) 2428 

^Wlater resources of Indiana 

and Ohio. (In 18th. 1897, pt. 4) 


Uhnarj'exdhaMige and map-dis- 
tribution lists of the United States 
Geological survey. (In 20th, pt. 1. 
1899) 24S0 

Iiliidfi:ren, WaMemar. The gold 
and silver veins of Silver City, De 
Lamar and other niining districts 
in Idaho. (In 20th. 1899. pt 3) 


The gold belt of the Blue Moun- 
tains of Oregon. (In 22d. 1901. pt 
2) 2482 

The gold-quartz veins of Ne* 

vada City and Grass Valley dis- 
tricts. California. (In 17th. 1896, 
pt 2) 8488 

The gold-silver veins of 

Ophlr. California. (In 14th. 1893, 
pt. 2) 2484 

The mining districts of the 

Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge. 
Idaho. With a report on the fossil 
plants of the Payette formation, 
by F. H. Knowlton. (In 18th, 1897. 
pt 3) 2485 

McGee, "W. J. The geology of the 
head of Chesapeake Bay. (In 7th. 
1886) 2486 

The Lafayette formation. 

(In 12th. 1891. pt 1) 2487 

The Pleistocene history of 

northeastern Iowa. (In 11th. 1890. 
pt 1) 2488 

^The potable waters of east- 
em United States. (In 14th. 1893. 
pt 2) 2489 

Marsh, O. €. Birds with teeth. 
(In 3d, 1882) 2440 

The dinosaurs of North 

America. (In 16th. 1895, pt 1) 


The gigantic mammals of the 

the order Dinocerata. (In 5th, 1884) 


Blatthes, F. El Glacial sculpture 
of the Bighorn Mountains. Wyo- 
ming. (In 21st 1900, pt 2) 2448 

Mendenball, W. €. A reconnais- 
sance from Resurrection Bay to the 
Tanana River, Alaska. (In 20th. 
1899. pt 7) 2444 

Newell, F. H. Hydrography of 
the arid regions. (In 12th, 1891. pt. 
2) 2445 

The public lands and their 

water supply. (In 16th. 1895. pt 
2) 2446 

Results of stream measure* 

ments. (In 14th. 1893. pt 2) 2447 

^Water supply for irrigation. 

(In 13th. 1892. pt 3) 2448 

Nitze, H. B. C. Investigations of 
some of the mineral resources of 
Porto Rico. (In 20th. 1899, pt 6) 


Monazite. (In 16th, 1895. pt 

4) 2450 

Orton, B. F. B. The rock waters 
of Ohio. (In 19th. 1897-98, pt 4) 


^The Trenton limestone as a 

source of petroleum and inflamma- 
ble gas in Ohio and Indiana. (In 
8th. 1886-87. pt 2) 2452 

Pftrker, B. W. The manufacture 
of coke in 1898. (In 20th. 1899, pt 
6) 2458 

Phillips, W. B. Illuminating and 
fuel gas and by-products. (In 20th. 
1899. pt 6. continued) 2454 

Phinney, A. J. The natural gas 
fleld of Indiana. (In 11th, 1890, pt 
1) 2455 

Plnmmer, F. O. The Mount 
Rainier forest reserve Washington. 
(In 21st 1900, pt 5) 2456 

Pratt, J. H. Tungsten, molybde- 
num, uranium, and vanadium in 
the United States. (In 21st 1900. 
pt 6) 2457 

Parington, C. W. Preliminary re- 
port on the mining industries of 
the Telluride quadrangle, Colorado. 
(In 18th. 1897. pt 3) 2458 

Ransome, F. I^ The ore deposits 
of the Rico Mountains. Colorado. 
(In 22d. 1901. pt 2) 2459 

Reid, H. F. Glacier Bay and its 
glaciers. (In 16th. 1895. pt 1) 


Report of progress of stream 
measurements fur 1896-1900. (In 
18th-22d. 1897-1901. pt 4) 2461 

Ricfl, Heinrioh. The kaolins and 

158 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Are clays of Europe and the clay- 
working industry of the United 
States in 1897. (In 19th. 1898. pt. 
6) 2402 

The pottery industry of the 

United States. (In 17th, 1896. pt 
3) 2463 

Bohn, Oscar. A reconnaissance 
of the Chitina River and the SkolaS 
Mountains. Alaska. (In 21st, 1900, 
pt. 2. p. 393-440) 2464 

RnsselU I. C. Existing glaciers 
of the United States. (In 5th. 1884) 


^A geological reconnaissance 

in southern Oregon. (In 4th, 1883) 


Glaciers of Mount Rainier. 

by I. C. Russell; with a paper on 
the rocks of Mount Rainier, by G. 
O. Smith. (In 18th, 1897, pt. 2) 


The Portland cement indus- 
try in Michigan. (In 22d, 1901, pt. 
3) 2468 

^A preliminary paper on the 

geology of the Cascade Mountains 
in northern Washington. (In 20th, 

1899. pt. 2) 2469 
— • — Quaternary history of 

Mono Valley. California. (In 8th, 
1887, pt. 1) 2470 

— • — Second expedition to Mount 
Saint Ellas, in 1891. (In 13th, 1892, 
pt. 2, p. 1-91) 2471 

Sketch of the geological 

history of Lake Lahontan, Qua- 
ternary lake of northwestern Ne- 
vada. (In 1882) 2472 

Schrader, P. C. Preliminary re- 
port on a reconnaissance along the 
Chandlar and Koyukuk rivers, 
Alaska, in 1899. (In 21st, 1899- 

1900, pt. 2) 2478 
^A reconnaissance -of a part 

of Prince William Sound and the 
Copper River district, Alaska, In 
1898. (In 20th. 1899, pt. 7) 2474 

Schuyler, J. D. Reservoirs for Ir- 
rigaUon. (In 18th, 1896-97, pt. 4) 


Scadder, S. H. The American 
Tertiary Aphidae. (In 18th, 1892) 


^The fossil butterflies of Flo- 

rtssant. (In 8th, 1887) 2477 

Sbaler, N. S. General account of 
the fresh- water morasses of the 
United States, with a description of 
the Dismal Swamp district of Vir- 
ginia and North Carolina. (In 
10th, 1889, pt. 1) 2478 

^The geological history of 

harbors. (In 13th, 1892. pt. 2. p. 
93-209) 2479 

The geology of Cape Ann, 

Massachusetts. (In 9th, 1888) 2480 

Geology of the Cape Cod 

district. (In 18th,. 1897, pt. 2) 2481 

^The geology of the island of 

Mount Desert, Maine. (In 8th, 
1887, pt. 2) 2482 

Geology of the Richmond 

Basin, Virginia, by N. S. Shaler and 
J. B. Woodworth. (In 19th. 1898, 
pt. 2) 2488 

The geology of the road- 
building stones of Massachusetts, 
with some consideration of similar 
materials from other parts of the 
United States. (In 16th, 1895. pt. 
2) 2484 

The glacial brick clays of 

Rhode Island and southeastern 
Massachusetts, by N. S. Shaler, J. 
B. Woodworth, and C. F. Marbut. 
(In 17th, 1896, pt. 1) 2485 

^The origin and nature of 

soils. (In 12th, 1891, pt. 1, p. 213- 
346) 2486 

^Peat deposits. (In 16th, 1895. 

pt. 4) 2487 

Preliminary report on sea- 
coast swamps of the eastern United 
States. (In 6th, 1886, p. 363-398) 


^Preliminary report on the 

geology of the common roads of 
the United States. (In 16th, 1894) 


Report on the geology of 

Martha's Vineyard. (In 7th. 1886) 


Slichter, C. S. Theoretical inves- 
tigation of the motion of ground 
waters. (In 19th, 1898. pt. 2. p. 
296-384) 2491 

Smith, G. O. The Pacific coast 
coal fields. (In 22d. 1901. pt. 3) 


Smith, W. S. T. A geological 
sketch of San Clemente Island. (In 
18th. 1897. pt. 2) 2493 

SpniTv J. E. Economic geology 
of the Mercur mining district, 
Utah, by J. E. Spurr, with an in- 
troduction on the Oquirrh Moun- 
tains, by S. F. Emmons. (In 16th, 
1896, pt. 2) 2494 

Geology of the Yukon dis- 
trict. Alaska. With an introductory 
chapter on the history and condi- 
tion of the district to 1897. by H. 
B. Goodrich. (In 18th. 1897. pt, 3) 


^The ore deposits of Monte 

Cristo, Washington. (In 22d. 1901, 

pt.2) 2496 

A reconnaissance in south- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


western Alaska, in 1898. (In 20th. 

1899, pt 7) 2497 
Stanton, T. W. The faunal rela- 
tions of the Eocene and upper 
Cretaceous on the Pacific coast. 
(In 17th, 1896, pt. 1) 2498 

Stxiek, H. H. The Pennsylvania 
anthracite coal field. (In 22d, 1901, 
pt. 3) 2499 

Storrs, li. S. The Rocky Moun- 
tain coal fields. (In 22d, 1901, pt 
3) 2500 

Sndwoith, G. B. The Stanislaus 
and Lake Tahoe forest reserves 
and adjacent territory. (In 2lBt, 

1900, pt. 5) 2501 
^The White River Plateau 

and Battlement Mesa forest re- 
serve. (In 20th, 1899, pt. 6) 2502 

Taff, J. A. Chalk of southwestern 
Arkansas, with notes on its adapt- 
ability to the manufacture of hy- 
draulic cements. (In 22d, 1901, pt. 
3) 2503 

Geologry of the eastern Choc- 
taw coal field, Indian Territory, by 
J. A. Taff and Q. I. Adams. (In 
21st, 1900, pt. 2) 2504 

(Geology of the McAlester- 

Jjehlgh coal field, Indian Territory. 
Accompanied by a report on the 
fossil plants, by David White, and 
a report on the Paleozoic inverte- 
brate fossils, by G. H. Girty. (In 
19th, 1898, pt. 3) 2505 

Preliminary report on the 

Camden Coal field of southwestern 
Arkansas. (In 21st, 1900, pt. 2) 


^The southwestern coal field. 

(In 22d, 1901, pt. 3) 2507 

Thompson, A. H. Report upon 
the construction of topoerraphic 
maps, and the selection and survey 
of reservoir sites in the hydro- 
graphic basin of the Arkansas 
River, Colorado. [Report upon the 
location and survey of reservoir 
sites duriner the fiscal year ending 
June 30, 1892.] (In 13th, 1892, pt. 
8) 2508 

Report upon the location 

and survey of reservoir sites during 
the fiscal year ended June 30, 1891. 
(In 12th, 1891. pt. 2) 2509 

Tower, G. W., Jr. Geology and 
mining industry of the Tintic dis- 
trict, Utah, by G. W. Tower and G. 
O. Smith. (In 19th, 1898, pt. 3) 


Town, F. B. The Bighorn forest 
reserve. (In 19th, 1898, pt. 6) 2511 

Trfangolatlon, primary traverse 
and spirit leveling. 1896-97, 1899- 

1900. (In 18th-21st. pt. 1, 1897- 
1900) 2512 

Turner, H. W. The Esmeralda 
formation, a fresh-water lake de- 
posit in Nevada. With a descrip- 
tion of the fossil plants, by P. H. 
Knowlton, and of a fossil fish, by 
F. A., Lucas. (In 21st, 1900, pt. 2) 

« .- 251S 

^Further contributions to the 

^^Vi}?^..^i ^^® S*®""* Nevada. (In 
17th, 1896, pt. 1) 2514 

The rocks of the Sierra Ne- 
vada. (In 14th, 1893, pt. 2) 2515 

Van HIse, C. R. The iron-ore de- 
posits of the Lake Superior region. 
(In 21st. 1900, pt. 3) 2516 

,, Preliminary report on the 

Marquette iron-bearing district of 
Michigan, by C. R. Van Hise and 
W. S. Bayley, with a chapter on the 
Republic trough, by H. L. Smith. 
(In 15th, 1894) 2517 

Principles of North Ameri- 
can Pre-Cambrlan geology, by C. R. 
Van Hise, with an appendix on fiow 
and fracture of rocks as related to 
structure, by L. M. Hoskins. (In 
16th, 1895, pt. 1) 2518 

Walcott, O. D. The fauna of the 
Lower Cambrian or Olenellus zone. 
(In 10th. 1889, pt 1) 2519 

The North American conti- 
nent during Cambrian time (In 
12th, 1891. pt. 1) 2520 

Pre-Cambrian Igneous rocks 

of the Unkar terrane, Grand Can- 
yon of the Colorado. Arizona. With 
notes on the petrographlc charac- 
ter of the lavas, by J. P. Iddlnga 
(In 14th, 1893) 2521 

Ward, li. F. The Cretaceous for- 
mation of the Black Hills as indi- 
cated by the fossil plants. By L. P. 
Wlard, with the collaboration of 
W. P. Jenney, Wm. M. Fontaine, 
and F. H. Knowlton. (In 19th, 
1898, pt. 2) 2522 

The geographical distHbu- 

tlon of fossil plants. (In 8th, 1887, 
pt. 2) 2523 

The Potomac formation. (In 

16th. 1894) 2524 

Sketch of paleobotany. (In 

5th, 1884) 2525 

Some analogies in the Lower 

Cretaceous of Europe and America. 
(In 16th, 1895, pt. 1) 2526 

Synopsis of the flora of the 

Laramie group, by Lester F. Ward. 
(In 6th, 1885) 2527 

Weed, W. H. The formation of 
travertine and siliceous sinter by 
the vegetation of hot springs. (In 
9 th, 1888) 2528 

160 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

-Geolosry and mineral re- 

sources of the Judith Mountains 
of Montana, by W. H. Weed and L. 
V. Pirsson. (In 18th. 1897, pt 3) 


Geolosry and ore deposits of 

the Elkhom mining district, Jeffer- 
son County, Montana, by W. H. 
Weed, with an appendix on the 
microscopical petrography of the 
district, by Joseph Barrell. (In 
22d, 1901, pt. 2) 2530 

Geology of the Little Belt 

Mountains, Montana, with notes on 
the mineral deposits of the Nei- 
hart. Barker, Togo, and other dis- 
tricts, by W. H. Weed, accompanied 
by a report on the petrogrraphy of 
the igneous rocks of the district, 
by L. V. Pirsron. (In 20th, 1899, 
pt. 3) 2581 

Mineral vein formation at 

Boulder Hot Springs, Montana. (In 
21st, 1900. pt. 2) 2532 

Weeks, P. B. An occurrence of 
tungsten ore in eastern Nevada. 
(In 21st, 1900, pt. 6 (section 1) p. 
319-320) 2538 

Weeks, J. D. The Potomac and 
Roaring Creek coal fields, in West 
Virginia. (In 14th, 1893, pt. 2) 


White, C. A. On the geology and 
physiography of a portion of north- 
western Colorado and adjacent 
parts of Utah and Wyoming (In 
9th, 1888) 2536 

A review of the fossil Ostre- 

idae of North America and a com- 
parison of the fossil with the liv- 
ing forms, by C. A. White, M. D.; 
with appendices by Prof. Angelo 
Heilprin and Mr. J. A. Ryder. (In 
4 th, 1883) 2536 

-A review of the non-marine 

fossil Mollusca of North America. 
(In 3d, 1882) 2537 

White, Bavld. The northern Ap- 
palachian coal field, embracing pa- 
pers on the bituminous coal fields 
of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and 
Ohio, by David White, M. R. Camp- 
bell and R. M. Hazeltine. (In 22d, 
1901, pt. 3) 2538 

-The stratigraphic succession 

of the fossil floras of the Pottsville 
formation in the southern anthra- 
cite coal fleld, Pennsylvania. (In 
20th, 1899, pt. 2) 2539 

Williams, Albert, Jr. Popular fal- 
lacies regarding precious-metal ore 
deposits. (In 4th, 1884, p. 253-271) 


Winiams, G. H. General rela- 
tions of the granite rocks in the 
Middle Atlantic Piedmont Plateau. 
(In 16th, 1894, p. 667-684) 2541 

WlBls, Bailey. The mechanics of 
Appalachian structure. (In 13th, 
1892, pt. 2) 2542 

Some coal fields of Puget 

Sound. (In 18th, 1897, pt. 3) 2543 

Wilson, H. M. EIngineering re- 
sults of irrigation survey. (In 13th, 
1892) 2544 

Irrigation in India. (In 12th, 

1891, pt. 2) 2545 

Wolff, J. E. The age of the 

Franklin white limestone of Sus- 
sex County, New Jersey, by J. E. 
Wolff and A. H. Brooks. (In 18th, 
1897, pt. 2) 2546 

Woodworth, J. B. The Atlantis 
coast Triassic coal fleld. (In 2 2d, 
1901, pt. 3) 2547 


Alabama. Geological survey, 1848- 
1857. First [-second] biennial re- 
port on the geology of Alabama. 
By M. Tuomey. Library has 2d 
report. QESl 1848. 2548 

Alabama. Geological surrey, 1873 — 
Bulletin. Library has no. 5, 1896, 
no. 6, 1900, no. 7, 1903, no. 8. 
1904. QESl 1873 A2. 2549 


Birewer, W. M. A preliminary re- 
port on the upper gold belt of Ala- 

bama, in the counties of Cleburne. 
Randolph, Clay, Talladega, Elmore, 
Coosa, and Tallapoosa. Suplemen- 
tary notes on the most important 
varieties of the metamorphic or 
crystalline rocks of Alabama, their 
composition, distribution, structure, 
and microscopic characters. By 
E. A. Smith, G. W. Hawes, J. M. 
Clements and A. H. Brooks. 1896. 
(no. 6) 2550 

Eckel, E. G. The materials and 
manufacture of Portland cement. 
By E. C. Eckel. The cement re- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


sources of Alabama. By E. A. Smith. 
1904. (no. 8) 2551 

Hall, B. K. A preliminary report 
on a part of the water powers of 
Alabama. 1803. (no. 7) 2552 

RIes, Helmicli. Preliminary re- 
port on the clays of Alabama. 1900. 
(no. 6) 255S 

Jndex to the mineral resources 

of Alabama. By E. A. Smith and 
Henry McCalley. 1904. QE81 1873 
Z. 2354 

-Report of progress for 1873 

[-1888]. By E. Allen Smith. 1873- 
88. Library has 1874, 1882. 
QE81 1873 Al. 2355 

— Report on the coal measures of 
the .plateau region of Alabama, 
by Henry MoCalley, Including a 
report on the coal measures of 
Blount county, by A. M. Gibson. 
1891. QE81 1873 P7. 2556 

— Report on the geological struc- 
ture of Murphree's valley, and its 
minerals and other mater iala of 
economic value. By A. M. Gibson. 
1893. QE81 1873 M^. 2537 

—Report on the geology of the 
coastal plain of Alabama, by E. 
A. Smith, L. €. Johnson, and D. 
W. Langdon, jr., with contribu- 
tions to its paleontology by T. H. 
Aldrich and K. M. Cunningham. 
lo94. QE81 1873 C5. 

— Report on the valley regions of 
Alabama. (Paleozoic strata) By 
Henry MoCalley. 1896-97. 2 v. 
QE81 1873 V18. 2559 

— Report on the Warrior coal basin 
by Heny McCalley. 1899-1900. 
QE81 1873 W3. 2500 

^Report upon the •Cooea coal 

fteld, with sections, by A. M. Gib- 
son. 1896. QE81 1873 €7. 2501 

Mohr, O. T. List of trees and plants 
characteristic of each region of the 
sUte. QB81 1873 Al. 2502 

(In Report [of progress] 1881 
and 1882. p. 291-297.) 


U. 6. Geological survey. The geo- 
logy and mineral resources of a 
portion of the Copper River dis- 
trict, Alaska, by Frank Charles 
Schrader and Arthur Coe Spencer. 
1901. QE83 U57. 2508 

-Reconnaissances in the Cape 

Nome and Norton Bay regions, 
Alaska, in 1900, by Alfred H. 
Brooks, George B. Richardson, 
Arthur J. Collier and Walter C. 
Mendenhall. 1901. QE83 U57. 



Arkansas. Geological survey. 1858. 
First report of a geological recon- 
iioissance of the northern counties 
of Arkansas made during the years 
1857 and 1858, hy D. D. Owen. 
1858. QE87 1858. 2505 

Atkudsbb. Geological survey, 1887 — 
Annual report of the geological 
survey of Arkansas 1887-92. John 
C. Branner, state geologist. 1888- 
1900. Library has 1888. v. 2 and 
3. QE87 1887. 2500 

Hill, R. T. Neozoic geology of south- 
ivestem Arkansas. QE87 18ft7. 

(In Arkansas. Geological survey. 
Annual report 1888. v. 2, p. [11- 


Connecticut. Geological survey, 18? 5- 
37. A report on the geological 
survey of Connecticut. By C. IT. 
Shepard. 1837. QE93 1837. 2508 

Oonnecdciit. Geological survey, 
1842. Report on the geology of 
the state of Connecticut. By J. G. 
Percival. 1842. QE93 1842. 2509 

Connectlcnt. Geologloal and natural 
history survey, 1904. Bulletin. 
Library has nos. 1-15. QE93 
1904 B. 2570 


Biennial report of the commis- 
sioners. 1904-date. (no. 1, 9, 12) 
Library has l8t-datc». 2571 

Conn, H. W. A preliminary re- 
port on the algae of the fresh wa- 

162 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

tera of Connecticut by H. W. Conn 
and Lfc W. Webster. 1908. <no. 10) 


Bvans, A. W. The bryophytes of 
Connecticut, by A. W. Evans and 
G. E. NiohoU. 1908. (no. 11) 257S 

Graves, C. B. Catalosrue of the 
flowering plants and ferns of Con* 
necticut growing without cultiva* 
tlon, by C. B. Graves, E. H. Eamea 
C. H. Bissell. Lruman Andrews, E. 
B. Harger, . . . and C. A, Weather- 
by. (no. 14) 2574 

Gieeory, H. E. Bibliography of 
the geology of Connecticut. 1907. 

(no. 8) af»6 

— —Preliminary geographical 
map of Connecticut, by H. B. Gre- 
gory and H. H. Robinson. 1907. 
(no. 7) a«^7* 

Rioe, W. N. Manual of the geol- 
ogy of Connecticut, by W. N. Bice 
and H. B. Gregory. 1906. <«^o- jj 

White, E. A. Second report on 
the Hymeniales of Connecticut. 
1910. (no. 15) «678 


Booth, J. O. Memoir of the geolog- 
ical survey of the state of Dela- 
ware: including the application of 
the geological observations to 
agriculture. 1841. QE95 1837. 


Florid*. Geological survey, 1907— 
Bulletin. Library has no. 1, 1908. 
QE99 1907 B. 2580 

First annual report. 1907-08. 

QE99 1907 R. 2581 


Georgia. Geological survey, 1890 — 
Bulletin. Library has no. 1 (2d 
ed.) 1907; 13, 1906; 14-17, 1908; 
18, 19, 1909; 24. 1910. QElOl 
1890 B. 2582 



HaH, B. M. Second report on the 

water powers of Georgia. By B. M. 

Hall and M. R. Hall. 1908. (no. 16) 


Jones, S. P. Second report on the 
gold deposits of Georgia. 1909. (no. 
19) 2684 

McCaUie, S. "W. A preliminary 

report on the marbles of Georgia 
(2d ed., rev. and enl.) 1907. (no. 1) 


^A preliminary report on the 

mineral resources of Georgia. 1910. 
(no. 23) 2686 

^A preliminary report on the 

underground waters of Georgia. 
1908. (no. 16) 2687 

Report on the fossil iron 

ores of Georgia. 1908. (no. 17) 


^A second report on the pub- 
lic roads of Georgia. 1910. (no. 24) 


Veatch, Otto. Second report on 
the clay deposits of Georgia. 1909. 
(no. 18) 2690 

Watson, T. L. A preliminary 
report on the manganese deposits 
of Georgia. 1908. (no. 14) 2691 

^A preliminary report on the 

ocher deposits of Georgia. 1906. 
(no. 13) 2692 


Illinois. Geological Bunrey. Geo- 
logical survey of Illinois. 1866-90. 
8 V. in 9. QE105 1858. 2593 



1. (1866) Geology: Physical fea- 
tures, general principles and sur- 
face geology; Stratigraphical geol- 
ogy, tertiary deposits and coal 
measures; Subcarboniferous lime- 
stone series; Devonian and Silurian 
systems; by A. H. Worthen. — Geol- 
ogy of the lead region, by J. D. 
Whitney. — Report on the coal fields 
of Illinois; On the origin and for- 
mation of the prairies; by Leo 
Lesquereux. — Chemical report for 
the Geological survey of Illinois, 
by J. V. Z. Blaney. — Geology of 
Randolph. St. Clair. Madison and 
Hancock counties, by A. H. Wor- 
then. — Geology of Hardin County, 
by A. H. Worthen and Henry En- 
gelmann. — Geology of John^n, 
Pulaski. Massac and Pope counties, 
by Henry Engelmann. 

2. (1866) Palaeontology: Descrip- 
tions of new species of vertebrates, 
mainly from the subcarboniferous 
limestones and coal measures, by 
J. S. Newberry and A. H. Worthen. 
— Remarks on the occurrence of 
fossil fishes in Illinois, by A. H. 
Worthen. — Supplement to descrip- 
tions of vertebrates, consisting of 
a description of a new genus and 
species of reptiles, from the coal 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


measures, by E. D. Cope. — De- 
scriptions of invertebrates from the 
carboniferous system, by F. B. 
Meek and A. H. Worthen. — Supple- 
ment to the descriptions of inver- 
tebrates, consisting of descriptions 
of Polyzoa from the palaeozoic 
rocks, by H. A. Prout. — Report on 
the fossil plants of Illinois, by Leo 

3. (1868) Oeology and palaeon- 
tology: Coal measures and lower 
carboniferous limestones; Geology 
of Alexander, Union, Jackson, Per- 
ry, Jersey, Qreen and Scott coun- 
ties; by A. H. Worthen. — Qeology 
of Washington, Clinton, and Jef- 
ferson counties, by Henry Engel- 
mann. — Qeology of Cook County, 
by H. M. Bannister. — Geology of 
1a Salle County, by H. C. Freeman. 
— ^Palaeontology of Illinois, by F. 
B. Meek and A. H. Worthen, — Sup- 
plementary paper on the fossil in- 
sects of Illinois, by S. H. Scudder. 
— ^Appendix: Chemical analyses, by 
J. V. Z. Blaney. 

4. (1870) Geology and palaeon- 
tology: Geology of Calhoun, Pike, 
Adams, Brown, Schuyler and Fulton 
counties, by A. H. Worthen. — Ge- 
ology of DeKalb, Kane, Du Page, 
McHenry, Lake, Kendall, Morgan, 
Menard, Tazewell, McLean, Logan 
and Mason counties, by H. M. Ban- 
nister.— Geology of Grundy, Will, 
Kankakee, Iroquois, Vermilion, 
Champaign, Edgar and Ford coun- 
ties, by Frank H. Bradley. — Geol- 
ogy of Henderson, Warren, Mercer, 
Knox, Stark and Woodford coun- 
ties, by H. A. Green. — ^Descriptions 
of vertebrates, by J. S. Newberry 
and A. H. Worthen. — ^Descriptions 
of plants, by Leo Lesquereux. 

5. (1873) Geology and palaeontol- 
ogy: Geology of northwestern Il- 
linois, by James Shaw. — Geology 
of Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Carroll, 
Winnebago, Boone, Ogle, Lee, 
Whiteside. Bureau, Henry, Mar- 
shall and Putnam counties, by 
James Shaw. — Geology of Rock 
Island County, by A. H. Worthen 
and James Shaw. — Geology of Pe- 
oria, McDonough, Monroe, Macou- 
pin, and Sangamon counties, by 
A. H. Worthen. — Palaeontology of 
Illinois, by F. B. Meek and A. H. 
Worthen; Fossils of the Burlington 
limestone. Fossils of the Keokuk 
group. Fossils of the St. Liouis 
group. FoBsils of the Chester group. 
Fossils of the coal measures. 

6. (1875) Geology and palaeontol- 

ogy: Coal measures, by A. H. Wor- 
then. — Geology of (ISlark, Crawford, 
Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Ed- 
wards, White, Hamilton, Wayne. 
Clay, Cumberland, Coles, Douglas, 
Williamson, and Franklin counties, 
by A. H. Worthen. — Geology of 
Bond, Fayette, Montgomery, Chris- 
tian, Shelby, Effingham, Moultrie, 
Macon, and Piatt counties, by G. 
C. Broadhead. — Geology of Galla- 
tin and Saline counties, by E. T. 
Cox. — Geology of Livingston Coun- 
ty, by H. C. Freeman. — Descrip- 
tions of vertebrates, by Orestes St. 
John and A. H. Worthen. — ^De- 
scriptions of invertebrates, by A, 
H. Worthen and F. B. Meek. 

7. (1833) Geology and palaeontol- 
ogy: Geology, by A. H. Worthen. — 
Palaeontology, by A. H. Worthen, 
Orestes St John and S. A. Miller, 
with an addenda by Charles Wachs- 
muth and W. H. Barrls. 

8. (1890) Geology and palaeontol- 
ogy, ed. by Josua Lindahl: [pt. 1] 
Drift deposits of Illinois; Econom- 
ical geology (coal, natural gas and 
oil, artesian water); Description of 
fossil invertebrates; by A. H. Wor- 
then. — New species of crinoids and 
blastoids from the Kinderhook 
group of the lower carboniferous 
rocks at Le Grand, Iowa; A new 
genus from the Niagara group of 
western Tennessee; by Charles 
Wachsmuth and Frank Springer. — 
American palaeozoic sponges; 
Sponges of the Devonian and Car- 
boniferous systems; by E. O. Ul- 
rich. — Description of lower Silu- 
rian sponges, by B. O. Ulrich and 
Oliver Everett. — Palaeozoic Bryo- 
zoa, by E. O. Ulrich. — ^Appendix; 
The private life and scientitlc works 
of Prof. Amos Henry Worthen, by 
N. W. Bliss and C. A. White [in- 
cluding a bibliography of all known 
publications of Prof. Wx>rthenl — 
General index, by Josua Lindahl. — 
[pt. 2] Plates and explanations. 

nitnois. State geological survey. Bul- 
letin. Iribrary has noe. 4-date. 
1906-date. QE105 1906 B. 2594 


Atwood, W. W. Physical geog- 
raphy of the Evanston-Waukegan 
region, by W. W. Atwood and J. W. 
Goldthwalt. 1908. (no. 7) 2595 

Barrows, H. H. Geography of the 
middle Illinois Valley. 1910. (no. 
15) 25*« 

164 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Bartow, Bdward. The mi^ieral 
content of Illinois waters, by E3d- 
ward Bartow, J. A. Udden, S. W. 
Parr and O. T. Palmer. 1909. (no. 
10) 2507 

Bowman* laalali. Water resources 
of the East St. Louis district, by 
Isaiah Bowman, assisted by C. A. 
Reeds. 1907. (no. 6) 2598 

Carman, J. EX The Mississippi 
Valley between Savanna and Da- 
venport. 1909. (no. 13) 2599 

Feomeman, N. BI. Physiography 
of the St. Louis area. 1909. (no. 
12) 2600 

Goldthwait, J. W. Physical fea- 
tures of the Des Plaines valley. 

1909. (no. 11) 2601 
Rolfe, C. W. Paving brick and 

paving brick clays of Illinois. By 
C. W. Rolfe, R. C. Purdy, A. N. 
Talbot and I. O. Baker. 1908. (no. 
9) 2602 

WeUer, Stoart. The geological 
map of Illinois (2d ed). 1907. (no. 
6 ) 2608 

Year-book for 1906-date. (no. 4, 
8, 14) 2604 


Indiana. Geological survey. First 
[-tenth] annu4d req;>oTC of the Geo- 
logical survey of Indiana, made 
during the year 1869[-1878] by 
E. T. Cox, state geologist. 1869- 
79. Ist report and 1 atlas want- 
ing. QE109 1869. 2605 

Indiana. Dept. of geology and 
natural resources. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has no. 1, 1910. QE109 
1881 B. 2606 


BlaJidiley, W. S. On the Coleop- 
tera known to occur in Indiana. 

1910. (Indiana Dept. of geology 
and natural resources. Bulletin no. 
1) 2607 

-First [-second] annual report. 

1879-1880. 188u. let report want- 
ing. QE109 1879. 2808 

Indiana. Dept. of geology and nat- 
ural resources. Annual report. 
Library has 11th, 12th, I6th, 
17th, 23rd-date; 1881, 1882, 
1888, 1891, 1898-date. QE109 
1881. 2600 

Contents (in part.) 

Ashley, O. H. The geology of the 
lower Carboniferous area of south- 

em Indiana. By O. H. Ashley, as- 
sisted by E. M. Kindle. (In 27th, 
1902, p. 49-122) 2610 

Blatcdiley, W. S. The mineral wa- 
ters of Indiana; their location, or- 
igin and character. (In 26th, 1901, 
p. 11-168, 659-663) 2611 

CimlngB, B. B. The fauna of the 
Salem limestone of Indiana. By E. 
R. Cumings, J. W. Beede, E. B. 
Branson, B. A. Smith. (In 80th, 
1906) 2612 

Orod, Bf. N. Geology of Barthol- 
omew Cllounty, Indiana. 1881. (In 
11th, 1881, p. 160-213) 261S 

Geology of Decatur County, 

Indiana. 1882. (In 12th, 1882, p. 
100-162) 2614 

Geology of Wabash County, 

Indiana, by M. N. Elrod, M. D., 
and A. C. Benedict. 1891. (In 17th, 
1891, p. 192-272) 2615 

Hopkins, T. C. A short descrip- 
tion of the topography of Indiana, 
and of the rocks of the different 
geological periods; to accompany 
the geological map of the state. 
(In 28th. 1903) 2616 

KUidle, E. m. The stratigraphy 
and paleontology of the Niagara of 
northern Indiana. (In 28th, 1908, 
p. 897-486) 2617 

NewBon, J. F. A geologic and to- 
pographic section across southern 
Indiana. (In 26th, 1901, p. 227- 
302) 9618 

White, C. A. Fossils of the Indi- 
ana rockai no. 2-3. (In 11th and 
13th, 1881 and 1883) 2619 

No. 1 is in Second annual report 
of Indiana Dept. of stotistics and 
geology, 1880. 

13 th report wanting. 


Iowa. Geological survey, 1857. Re- 
port on the Geological survey of 
the state of Iowa: embracing the 
results of investigations made 
idurlng portions of the years 1855. 
56 & t>7. By James Hall, state 
geologist; J. D. Whitney, chemist 
and mineralogist. 1858. QElll 
1857. 2620 

Iowa. Geological survey, 1870. Re- 
port on the Geological survey of 
the state of Iowa, January, 1870, 
oontaining results of examinationa 
and observations made within the 
years 1866, 1867. 1868, and 1869. 
By C. A, White. 1870. 2 v. QElll 
1870. 2621 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


University, Geological »ur- 
vey. [Reports]. Erasmus Hawortn, 
state geologist. Library has v. 5, 
1899. V. 7, 1902, v. 8. 1904. 
QE113 1895 R. 2622 


Kentucky. Geological survey, 1854- 
1860. [First-] fourth report of 
the geological survey in Kentucky, 
made during the years 1854-59, 
by D. D, Owen, principal geologist, 
1856-61. Library has v. 1. 1855. 
QE115 1855. 2623 


lioulsiana. Geological purvey. Bul- 
letin. Library has nos. 1-3, 
1905. 5-7, 1907. QE117 1905 B. 


Hanis, G. D. Cartography of 
southwestern Louisiana, with spe- 
cial reference to the Jennings sheet, 
by O. D. Harris. 1907. (no. 6) 2625 

Notes on the geology of the 

Winnfleld sheet. 1907. (no. 6) 2626 

^A report on the establish- 
ment of tide gage work in Louisi- 
ana. 1905. (no. 3) 2627 

^A report on the underground 

waters of Louisiana, by G. D. Har- 
ris, A. C. Veatch, and others. 1906. 
(no. 1) 2628 

Rock salt, its origin, geolog- 
ical occurrences and economic im- 
portance in the state of Louisiana, 
together with brief notes and refer- 
ences to all known salt deposits 
and industries of the world, by G. 
D. Harris, assisted by J. C. Maury 
and Lh Reinecke. 1908. (no. 7) 2629 

U. 8. Coast and geodetic survey. 
A report on terrestrial magnetism 
and meridian line work in Louisi- 
ana, by members of the Division 
of terrestrial magnetism of the 
Coast and geodetic survey. Dr. L. 
A. Bauer, division director, land 
members of the State geological 
survey; with introductory remarks 
by G. D. Harris. 1905. (no. 2) 2680 

Veatch, A. G. Geology and un- 
derground water resources of north- 
em Ix>ui8iana, with notes on ad- 
joining districts. 1906. (no. 4) 2681 


fThonuuBy, Raymond. GedQogie 

pratique de la Louisiane. 1860. 
QE117 1860. 2682 

Holmes, Ezekiel. Report of an ex- 
ploration and survey of the ter- 
ritory on the Aroostook river 
[Maine] 1838. 1839. (Bound with 
Maine. Geological survey. 3d an- 
nual report, 1838.) QE119 1836. 

Maine. Geological survey. First 
[-3d] annual report on the geo- 
logy of the state of Maine. By 
Charles T. Jackson, geologist co 
the state. 1837-39. Library has 
3d, 1838. QE119 1836, 2634 


Maryland. Geological survey, 1896 — 
Alleghany County. 1900. QE122 
A4 A. 2635 

— CiUvert County. 1907. QE122 
CI 6 A. 2686 

Cecil County. 1902. QB122 C4 

A. 2637 

Garrett County. 1902. QE122 G2 

A. 2638 

— [Report]. 1897-date. Library 
has V. 1-date. QE121 1896 R. 


voL I (1897) pt. I. Introduction: 
establishment and plan of opera- 
tion of the survey, by W. B. Clark. 
— pt. n. Historical sketch, embrac- 
ing an account of the progress of 
investigation concerning the phys- 
ical features and natural resources 
of Maryland, by W. B. Clark. — 
pC m. Outline of present knowl- 
edge of the physical features of 
Maryland, embracing an account 
of the physiography, geology, and 
mineral resources, comp. by W. B. 
Clark. — pc TV. Bibliography and 
cartography of Maryland, including 
publications relating to the physi- 
ography, geology, and mineral re- 
sources, by B. B. Mathews. — pt. V. 
First report upon magnetic work 
in Maryland, including the history 
and objects of magnetic surveys, 
by L. A. Bauer. 

vol. n (1898) pt. L Admlnistra- 

166 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

tive report, contalnlnar an account 
of the operatlona of the survey dur- 
ing 1896 and 1897 and additional 
legrislation, by W. B. Clark. — pC, II. 
The building and decorative stonea 
of Maryland, by O. P. Merrill and 

E. B. Mathews. The physical, chem- 
ical, and economic properties of 
building stones, by G. P. Merrill. 
An account of the character and 
distribution of Maryland building 
stones, together with a history of 
the quarrying industry, by E. B. 
Mathews. — pi. m. Report on the 
cartography of Maryland, by H. 
Gannett and E. B. Mathews. The 
aims and methods of cartography, 
with especial reference to the top- 
ographic maps now under con- 
struction in Maryland by the U. 8. 
Geological survey in co-operation 
with the Maryland Geological sur- 
vey, by H. Gannett. The maps and 
map-makers of Maryland, by E. 
B. Mathews. 

ToL m (1899) pi. I. Introduc- 
tion, including an account of the 
organization and conduct of high- 
way investigations by the Maryland 
Geological survey, by W. B. Clark. 
— ^pt. n. The relations of Maryland 
topography, climate and geology to 
highway construction, by Ww B. 
Clark. — ^pt. m. Highway legisla- 
tion in Maryland, and its influence 
on the economic development of 
the state, by St. G. U Sioussat. — 
pC IV. The present condition of 
Maryland highways, by A. N. John- 
son. — ^pt. V. Construction and re- 
pair of roads, by A. N. Johnson. — 
pt. VI. Qualities of good road- 
metals, and the methods of te sting 
them, by H. F. Reid.— pt. VH. The 
administration of roads, by H. F. 
Reid. — ^pt. vm. The advantages of 
good roads, by H. F. Reid. — [Ap- 
pendix] Laws of Maryland relating 
to highways. 

vol. rv (1902) pt. I. Paleozoic 
Appalachla, or the history of Mary- 
land during paleozoic time, by 
B, Willis. — ^pt. n. Second report on 
the highways of Maryland, by H. 

F. Reid and A. N. Johnson. — ^pt. 
m. Report on the clays of Mary- 
land, by H. Ries. _ 

VOL V (1905) pt. I. Second report 
on magnetic work in Maryland, by 
L. A. Bauer.— pt. H. Final report 
on the survey of the boundary line 
between Allegany and Garrett coun- 
ties, by L. A. Bauer.— pt. HI. Third 
report on the highways of Mary- 
land, by A. N. Johnson. — pt. IV. 

Report on the coals of Maryland, 
by W. B. Clark, with the collabo- 
ration of G. C. Martin, J. J. Rut- 
ledge, B. S. Randolph, N. A. Stock- 
ton, W. B. D. Pennlman, and A. L. 

VOL VI (1906) pt, I. The physi- 
cal features of Maryland, by W. B. 
Clark and E. B. Mathews. — pC IL 
Exhibits of Maryland mineral re- 
sources, by W. B. Clark. — pt. m. 
Fourth report on the highways of 
Maryland, by A. N. Johnson. — 
pt. IV. First report on state high- 
way construction, by Wv. W. Crosby. 
— ^pt. V. The counties of Maryland, 
their origin, boundaries, and elec- 
tion districts, by E. B. Mathews. 

voL Vn (1908) pt. L Report on 
the work of the commission [on 
the Maryland-Pennsylvania boun- 
dary . . .] by W. B. Clark. — pt. H. 
Report of the engineer in charge 
of the resurvey of the boundary be- 
tween Maryland and Pennsylvania, 
part of the Mason and Dixon line, 
by W. C. Hodgkins.— pt. m. His- 
tory of the boundary dispute be- 
tween the Baltimores and the 
Penns resulting in the original Ma- 
son and Dixon line, by E. B. Math- 
ews. — ^pt. IV. Manuscripts and pub- 
lications relating to the Mason and 
Dixon line and other lines in Penn- 
sylvania, Maryland and the Vir- 
ginias involving the charter rights 
of Lord Baltimore and the Penns, 
by L. Burchard and E. B. Mathews. 

VOL vm (1909) pt. I. Second re- 
port on state highway construction, 
by W. W. Crosby.— pt. H. Maryland 
mineral industries, 1897-1907, by 
W. B. Clark and E. B. Mathews.— 
pt. m. Report on the limestones 
of Maryland, with special reference 
to their use in the manufacture of 
lime and cement, by E. B. Mathews 
and J. S. Grasty. 


-St. Mary'B County. 1907. QB122 

S14 A. 2640 


Hitchcock, Edward. Ichnology of New 
England. A report on the sand- 
stone of the Connecticut Valley, 
eapecially its foesil footmarks, 
made to the goyernment of the 
commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
1858. QB124 C7. 264a» 

MassachnseCts. Geological survey. 
Pinal report on the geology of 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Massachusetts: in four parts: I. 
Economical geology. II. Sceno- 
graphical geology. III. Scientific 
geology. IV. Elementary geology. 
With an appended catalogue of 
the specimens of rocks and min- 
erals in the state collection. By 
Edward Hitchcock. 1841. QE123 
1833 Al. 2641 

^Report on a re*ezamination of 

the economical geology of Maasar 
chusetts. By E)dward Hitohoock. 
1838. QB123 1838. 2642 

Report on the geologry, min- 
eralogy, hotany, and zoology of 
Maseaohusetts. Made and pub- 
lished by order of the govt, of 
that state. By Edward Hitchcock. 
1833. Atlaa wanting. QE123 
1833. 2643 


Foster, J. W. Report on the geo- 
logy and topography of a portion 
of the Lake Superior land district, 
in the state of Michigan. By J. 
W. Poster and J. D. Whitney. 
Part 1, Copper lands. 1850. QE125 
1849. 2644 

Grabaa, A* W. The Monroe forma^ 
tlon of southern Michigan and ad- 
joining regions, by A. W. Orabau 
and W. H. Sherzer. Pub. as part 
of the annual report of the Board 
of geological and biological survey 
for 1909. 1910. QE125 1899 P. 


Lame, A. C. Foesils of the Marshall 
and Coldwater. By A. C. Lane 
and W. P. Oooper. Reprinted 
from Geological survey of Michi- 
gan, vol. VII, part II. [1900.J 
QE125 1873. 2646 

Alichigan. Geological survey, 1873. 
[Reports]. Library has v. 1-7, v. 
8, pts. 1 and 2, v. 9 pt. 1, 1873- 
1903. QE125 1873. 2647 


Cole, £. J. The delta of the St. 
Clair River. 1903. (v. 9, pt. 1) 9648 

Garrignea, S. 8. Report on the salt 
manufacture of Michigan. (In vol. 

3, pt 1, 1876, p. 167-216) 2649 

Gordon, C. H. Geological report 
on Sanilac County, Michigan. 1900. 
(V. 7, pt. 3) 2650 

Grlmsley, G. P. The gypsum of 
Michigan and the plaster industry, 
1904. (V. 9. pt. 2) 2651 

Hale, D. J. Marl (bog lime) and 
its application to the manufacture 
of Portland cement, by D. J. Hale 
and others, 1903. (v. 8, pt. 8) 2652 

Lane, A. C. Coal of Michigan, its 
mode of occurrence and quality. 
1902. (V. 8, pt. 2) 2653 

Geological report on Huron 

County, Michigan, by A. C. Lane. 
1900. (V. 7, pt. 2) 2654 

Geological report on Isle 

Royale, Michigan. 1898. (v. 6, pt. 1) 


-The geology of lower Mich- 

igan, with reference to deep bor- 
ings. Ed. from notes of C. E. 
Wright, late state geologist, by A. 
C. Lane . . . with an Introduction 
on the origin of salt, gypsum and 
petroleum by L. L. Hubbard, and 
accompanied by seventy-three 
plates and a map. 1896. (v. 5, pt. 
2) 2656 

Palaclie, Cbarlea The crystalli- 
sation of the calcite from the cop- 
per mines of Lake Superior. (In v. 
6, pt. 2, 1898) 2657 

Pumpelly, Raphael. Copper dis- 
trict [of the upper peninsula of 
Michigan] by Raphael Pumpelly. 
Assistants: A. R. Marvine, L. G. 
Emerson, and S. B. Ladd. 1873. (v. 
1, pt. 2. 2656 

Ries, Heinrlch. Clays and shales 
of Michigan, their properties and 
uses. 1900. (V. 8, pt. 1) 2659 

Romlnger, Carl. Geological re- 
port on the upper peninsula of 
Michigan, exhibiting the progress 
of work from 1881 to 1884. Iron 
and copper regions. 1895. (v. 6, pt. 
1) 2666 

Geology of lower peninsula 

of Michigan. [1876] (v. 3. pt. 1) 


Marquette iron region. Me- 
nominee iron region. 1881. (v. 4) 


Palaeontology. Fossil corals. 

[1876] (V. 3. pt. 2) 2668 

Palaeozoic rocks [of the 

upper peninsula of Michigan] 
[1873] (V. 1. pt. 3) 2664 

Sherzer, W. H. Geological report 
on Monroe County, Michigan. 1900. 
(V. 7, pt 1) 2665 

168 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

cblgiu^ Geological survey, 1S99. 
ReiK>rt o<f the state Board of geo- 
logical suryey. Library has 1900, 
1903-07. QB12o 1899. 2006 



Adams, O. C. An ecological sur- 
vey in northern Michigan. Prepar- 
ed under the direction of C. C. 
Adama 1906. (In 1905) 26e7 

Cooper, W. F. Geological report 
on Bay County [Michigan] 1906. 
(In 1906) 2668 

Fuller, M. L. Failure of wells 
along the lower Huron River, Mich- 
igan, in 1904. 1905. (In 1904) 2669 

Gordon, C. H. Reports of C. H. 
Gordon on the Port Huron oil field, 
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170 i Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

island, together with a map of the 
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North Oarolliuu 

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of drainage convention held at New- 
bern, North Carolina, September 9, 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


1908, comp. by J. H. Pratt 1908. 
(no. 17) 2742 

Proceedings of second an- 
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appointed by Governor R. B. Glenn 
to investigate the Ashing industries 
in North Carolina. Comp. by J. H. 
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Report of convention called 

by Governor R. B. Glenn to inves- 
tigate the fishing industries in 
North Carolina, comp. by J. H. 
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Talc and pyrophyllite depos- 
its in North Carolina, by J. H. 
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dustries of North Carolina, by R. 
E. Simmons, under the direction of 
J. S. Holmes and H. S. Sackett 
1910. (no. 20) 2747 

[Report] State geologists: J. 

A. Holmes, J. H. Pratt. Library 
has V. 1, and 2. QE147 1891 R. 



I. Corundum and the perldotites 
of western North Carolina, by J. H. 
Pratt and J. V. Lewis. 1905. — IL 
The fishes of North Carolina, by 
H. M. Smith. 1907. 

North Dakota. 

JToith Dakota. Geological Burvey. 
Biennial report. Library has 2d 
(24 led.) 1902; 3dj 1904, 5th, 
1908. QE149 1900. 2749 


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(In Ohio. Geological survey. Re- 
port of progress in 1870. <p. [311]- 
400) QE161 1870. 2750 

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ology of Ohio. (In Report of the 
Geological survey of Ohio, vol. II. 
1874.) QE151 1873. 2751 

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the Geological survey of Ohio. 
1873-93. 7 V. in 9. QE151 1873. 



V. 1, pt. 1 (1873) Geology. Histor- 
ical sketch; Physical geography of 
Ohio; Geological relations of Ohio; 
Geological structure of Ohio, Silu- 
rian and Devonian systems; Geol- 
ogy of Cuyahoga and Summit coun- 
ties, by J. S. Newberry. — Geology 
of Gallia, Meigs, Athens, Morgan 
and Muskingum counties, by E. B. 
Andrews. — Geology of the Cincin- 
nati group; Geology of Hamilton, 
Clermont and Clarke counties, by 
E. Orton.^-Geology of Ashtabula, 
Trumbull, Lake, and Geauga coun- 
ties, by M. C. Read. — Surface geol- 
ogy of the Maumee Valley; Geology 
of Williams, Fulton and Lucas 
counties; Geology of West Sister 
Island; by G. K. Gilbert. — Geology 
of Sandusky, Seneca, Wyandot and 
Marion counties, by N. H. Win- 
chell. — Atlas of 5 fold. maps. 

V. 1, pt. 2 (1873) Palaeontology. 
Descriptions of invertebrate fossils 
of the Silurian and Devonian sys- 
tems, by F. B. Meek. — Descriptions 
of fossil fishes and plants, by J. S. 

v. 2, pt. 1 (1874) Geology. Sur- 
face geology; The carboniferous 
system; Geology of Erie County 
and the islands; Geology of Lorain 
County; by J. S. Newberry. — Geol- 
ogy of Ottawa, Crawford, Morrow, 
Delaware, Van Wert, Union, Pauld- 
ing, Hardin, Hancock, Wood, Put- 
nam, Allen, Auglaize, Mercer, Hen- 
ry, and Defiance counties, by N. H. 
Winchell. — Surface geology of 
south-eastern Ohio; Geology of 
Washington, Noble, Guernsey 
(southern half). Belmont (south- 
ern half), Monroe, Pickaway, and 
Fairfield counties; . by E. B. An- 
drews. — Geologry of Pike, Ross and 
Greene counties, by E. Orton. 

V. 2, pt. 2 (1875) Palaeontology. 
Descriptions of fossil fishes, by J. 
S. Newberry. — ^Descriptions of Si- 
lurian fossils; Descriptions of Cri- 
noidea from the Waverly group; 
by J. Hall and R. P. Whitfield. — 
Descriptions of the corals of the 
Silurian and Devonian system^ by 
H. A. Nicholson. — ^Descriptions of 
invertebrate fossils from the Car- 
boniferous system, by P. B. Meek. — 
Synopsis of the extinct Batrachia 
from the coal measures, by E. D. 
Cope. — ^Descriptions of fossil plants 
from Liower Carboniferous strata, 
by E. B. Andrews. — Atlas of 4 fold, 
maps and 6 fold, charts. 

172 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

V. 3. pt. 1 (1878) Geology. Re- 
view of geolofflcal structure of Ohio; 
Geology of Tuscarawas, Columbi- 
ana, Portage and Stark counties, 
by J. 8. Newberry. — Geology of Car- 
roll, Harrison, Guernsey, Muskin- 
gum and Belmont counties, by J. J. 
Stevenaon. — Geology of Huron, 
Richland, Knox and Licking coun- 
ties, by M. C. Read. — Geology of 
Medina County, by A. W. Wlieat. — 
Geology of Warren, Butler, Preble, 
and Madison counties, by B. Orton. 
— Geology of Clinton, Fayette, Shel- 
by and Miami counties, by J. Hus- 
sey.—- Geology of Logan and Cham- 
paign counties, by F. C. HilL^-Ge- 
ology of Darke County, by A. C. 
Llndemuth. — Geology of Aahland, 
Wayne and Holmes counties, by M. 
C. Read. — Geology of Coschocton 
County, by J. T. Hodge. — Geology of 
Franklin County, by E. Orton. — 
Geology of Hocking Valley coal 
field, by M. C. Read. — Geology of 
JeflTerson and Mahoning counties, 
by J. S. Newberry.— Supplemental 
report on Perry County and por- 
tions of Hocking and Athens coun- 
ties, by E. B. Andrews. — Supple- 
mental report on the Hanging Rock 
district, by B. Orton.— Oeology of 
Brown County, by H. Herzer. 

V. 4, pt. 1 (1882) Zoology. Re- 
port on the Mammalia of Ohio, by 

A. W. Brayton. — Report on the 
birds of Ohio, by J. M. Wheaton. — 
Report on the reptiles and amphib- 
ians of Ohio, by W. H. Smith. — 
Report on the fishes of Ohio, by D. 
S. Jordan. 

V. 6 (1884) Economic geology. 
The stratigraphical order of the 
lower coal measures of Ohio; The 
coal seams of the lower coal meas- 
ure* of Ohio; by E. Orton. — Coal 
mining in Ohio, by A. Roy. — ^The 
iron ores of Ohio, by B. Orton. — 
Iron manufacture of Ohio, by N. 
W. Lord. — ^The manufacture of 
coke, by H. Newton. — ^Building 
stones of Ohio. comp. from notes 
of Professor Orton. — ^The clays of 
Ohio, and the industries established 
upon them, by E. Orton, jr. — ^The 
gas coals of Ohio, by E. McMillin. 
— The glacial boundary in Ohio, by 
G. F. Wright. — The coal seams of 
the lower coal measures of Ohio, 
by A. A. Wright, E. Orton. Jr., and 

B. Orton. — ^The Meigs Creek coal 
seam in Morgan, Muskingum, 
Guernsey and Noble counties, by 

C. N. Brown. — Report of the chem- 

ical department, by N. W. Lord. — 
Atlas of 8 fold, mapa 

V. 6 (1888) Economic geology. 
The geology of Ohio considered 
in its relations to petroleum and 
natural gas; The origin and ac* 
cumulation of petroleum and na- 
tural gaa; The Trenton limestone 
as a source of oil and gas in Ohio; 
The Berea grit as a source of oil 
and gas in Ohio; The Ohio shale 
as a source of oil and gas in 
Ohio; by E. Orton. — ^The history 
and development of the Macks- 
burg oil field, by F. W. Min- 
shall. — The drilling and care of oil 
wells, by F. H. Newell. — ^The trans- 
portation, uses and modes of using 
natural gsji, by E. McMillin. — Mea- 
surement of gas wells and other 
gas streams, and the piping of na- 
tural gas. by S. W. Robinson. — 
The Pittsburgh coal seam in Jeffer- 
son, Belmont and Guernsey coun- 
ties, by C. N. Brown. — ^The Pome- 
roy and Federal Creek coal field, 
by E. Lovejoy. — ^The manufacture 
of salt and bromine, by W. J Root. 
— Natural and artificial cements, by 
N. W. Lord. — Gypsum or land plas- 
ter in Ohio; The production of lime 
in Ohio; The drift deposits of Ohio; 
Supplemental report on the new 
gas fields and oil fields of Ohio; by 

B. Orton. — Table of elevations In 
Ohio. — ^Atlas of 4 fold. maps. 

V. 7 (1893) Economic geology, 
archaeology, botany, paleontology, 
pt. 1. Economic: Geological scale 
and geological structure of Ohio; 
The clays of Ohio, their origin, 
composition and varieties; by B. 
Orton. The clay working indus- 
tries of Ohio, by E. Orton, jr. The 
coal fields of Ohio, by E. Orton. — 
pt. 2. General: The archaeology of 
Ohio, by O. Fowke. The botany of 
Ohio, by W. A. Kellerman and W. 

C. Werner. Contributions to the 
paleontology of Ohio, by R. P. 
Wliitfield. Observations on the so- 
called Waverly group of Ohio, by 
C. L. Herrick. Fossils of the Clin- 
ton group in Ohio and Indiana, by 
A. F. Foerste. The fossil fishes of 
Ohio, by B. W. Claypole and A. A. 
Wright. New and little known 
Lamelllbranchiata from the Lower 
Silurian rocks of Ohio and adja- 
cent states, by E. O. Ulrich. — ^At- 
las of 10 fold. maps. 

-Part I. Report of progress in 

1869, by J. S. Newberry, chief 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


geologist. Part II. Report of, 
progress in the second district, by 
£. B. Andrews, assist, geologist. 
fPjart III. Report on geology of 
Montgomery County, by Edward 
Orton, assist, geologist. 1871. 
QE151 1869. 2708 

Report of progress in 1870. By 

J. S. Newberry, chief geologist. In- 
cluding reports by E. B. Andrews, 
Edward Orton, J. H. Klippart, as- 
Blatant geologists. T. Q. Wormley, 
lehemlst. G. K. Gdlbort, M. C. 
Read, Henry Newton, W. B. Pot- 
ter, local assistants. 1871. QE151 
18/0. 2754 


pt. 1. Report of progress of the 
Geological survey in 1870. Sketch 
of the structure of the lower coal 
measures in north-eastern Ohio, by 
J. S. Newberry. — pt. 2. Report of 
labors in the second geological dis- 
trict, during the year 1870, by E. 
B. Andrews. — pt. 3. The geology of 
Highland County, by E. Orton. — 
pt. 4. Agricultural survey, by J. H. 
Klippart. — pt. 5. Report of chemi- 
cal department, by T. G. Wormley. 
— pt. 6. Sketches of the geology of 
Geauga and Holmes counties, by 
M. C. Read. — pt. 7. Report on the 
geology of Williams, Fulton and 
Lucas counties, by G. K. Gilbert. — 
pt. 8. Sketch of the present state 
of the iron manufacture in Great 
Britain, by W. B. Potter. — ^pt. 9. 
A sketch of the present state of 
the steel Industry, by H. Newton. 


-Report of the Geological survey 

of Ohio. Volume VII. E}conomic 
geology. Archfleology. Botany. 
Paleontology. 1893. QE151 1873. 


The geological scale and the ge- 
ological structure of Ohio, by E. 
Orton. — ^The clays of Ohio, their 
origin, composition and varieties, 
by E. Orton. — ^The clay working 
industries of Ohio, by E. Orton, jr. 
— The coal fields of Ohio, by E. 

Ohio. Geological surrey. First an- 
nual report of the Geological sur- 
vey of Ohio, (tihird organisation) 
by Edward Orton, state geologist. 
1890. QE151 1890. 2756 


Geological scale and geological 
structure of Ohio. — Origin and ac- 
cumulation of petroleum and na- 
tural gas. — The Trenton limestone 
as a source of oil and gas. — The 
Clinton limestone as a source of 
oil and gas. — Remaining sources of 
oil and gas in Ohio. — ^The utilisa- 
tion of natural gas in Ohio. — ^The 
measurement of natural gas, by 8. 
W. Robinson. — ^The Wood County 
oil field. 

Ohio. Geological survey. Bulletin. series. Library has no. 1-date; 
1903-date. QE151 1903. 2757 


Bleinlnger, A. V. The manufac- 
ture of hydraulic cements. 1904. 
(no. 3) 9758 

Bownocker, J. A. Coal: pt. 1, 
Coals of the Monongahela forma- 
tion or upper productive coal mea- 
sures; pt. 2, Chemical analyses and 
calorific tests of the Clarion, lower 
Kittanning, middle Kittannlng and 
upper Freeport coals. Geology, by 
J. A. Bownocker; chemistry, by N. 
W. Lord, E. E. Somermeier. 1908. 
(no. 9) 2759 

^The occurrence and exploi- 
tation of petroleum and natural 
gas in Ohio. 1903. (no. 1) 2760 

Salt deposits and the salt in- 
dustry in Ohio. 1906. (no. 8) 2761 

Derby, A. G. A bibliography of 
Ohio geology. Part one. A subject 
index of the publications of the 
Geological survey of Ohio, from its 
inception to and including Bulletin 
eight of the fourth series, by A. G. 
Derby. Part two. A bibliography 
of the publications relating to the 
geology of Ohio, other than those 
of the state Geological survey. By 
M. W. Prosser. 1906. (no. 6) 2762 

Eno, F. H. The uses of hydraulic 
cement. 1904. (no. 2) 276S 

Orton, EX The limestone resources 
and the lime industry in Ohio, by 
Edward Orton. Jr., and S. V. Pep- 
pel. 1906. (no. 4) 2764 

Peppel, S. V. The manufacture 
of artificial sand stone or sand- 
lime brick. 1905. [1906] (no. 6) 


Prosser, C. 8. Revised nomencla- 
ture of the Ohio geological forma- 
tions. 1905. (no. 7) 2766 

Scavffer, O. R. The Middle De- 
vonian of Ohio. 1909. (no. 10) 2767 

174 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


I'eiuiflylTaaiia. Geological survey, 2d. 
Annual report of the Geological 
survey of Pennsylvania for 1885- 
1887. 1886-89. 6 v. Report for 
1887 ^K^untlng. QE157 1874. 2768 


1886. Report of the state geolo- 
gist for 1886, by J. P. Lesley. — 
Preliminary report on oil and gas, 
by J. F. Carll. — Vegetable origin of 
coal, by L. Lesquereux. — Prelimi- 
nary report of work done in 1886, 
on the re-survey of the Pittsburg 
coal region, by B. V, d'lnviUiers. — 
The coal-beds and fire-clays of the 
Wellersburg basin, in Somerset 
County, by J. P. Lesley and E. B. 
Harden. — Report on the Tipton 
Run coal openings, Blair County, 
(coal-beds in the Pocono forma- 
tion, no. x) by C. A. Ashbumer. — 
Second report of progress in the 
anthracite coal-regions, pt. II, by 
C. A. Ashburner. — Report on the 
Cornwall ore mines. Lebanon 
County, by J. P. Lesley and E. V. 
d'InvilUers. — Some general consid- 
erations respecting the origin and 
distribution of the Delaware and 
Chester kaolin deposits, by J. P. 
Lesley. — Report on the Brandy- 
wine Summit kaolin bed, Delaware 
County, by C. A. Ashburner. — Notes 
on the Quaternary geology of the 
'WVoming-Lackawanna Valley in 
Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, 
by C. A. Ashburner. F. A. Hill and 
H. C. Lewis.^-Some general con- 
siderations of the pressure, quan- 
tity, composition, and fuel-value of 
rock-gas, or the natural-gas of the 
oil regions of Pennsylvania, by J. 
P. Lesley. — Report of the progress 
of the geodetic triangulation of 
Pennsylvania, by M. Merriman. 

1886. pt. I. Report on the Pitts- 
burg coal region, by E, V. d'lnvll- 
liers. General mining methods of 
the Pittsburg region, by S. Taylor. 
Mining methods of the Westmore- 
land coal company, by A. N. Hum- 
phreys. On the character and dis- 
tribution of Palaeozoic plants, by 
L. Lesquereux. — pt. II. Report on 
the oil and gas regions, by J. F. 
Carll. Report on the composition 
and fuel-value of natural gas. by 
F. C. Phillips. A list of publica- 
tions relating to petroleum. — pt. 
III. Third report of progress in 
the anthracite coal region, by F. 

A. Hill.— pt. IV. The Lehigh River 
section, by A. Winslow. The Lehigh 
paint ore mines, by F. A. Hill. Re- 
port on iron ore mines and lime- 
stone quarries of the Cumberland- 
Lebanon Valley, by B. V. d'Invil- 
Uers. Report on the serpentine 
ranges of Radnor township, Dela- 
ware County, and L. Merlon. Mont- 
gomery County, by T. D. Rand. 

1887. Cave fossils, by J. Leidy. — 
Fossil tracks in the Trias, by A. 
Wanner. — New Boston basin, by B. 
S. Lyman. — State line serpentine, 
by F. D. Chester. 

-iFinial report ordered by Leg- 

Islafture, 189i. A summary de* 
scriptlon of the geology of Penn- 
sylvania, in three volumes, with 
a new geological map of the state. 
a map and list of bituminous 
mines, J. P. Lesley, state geologist, 
1892-95. 3 Vi m 4. QE167 1874. 


V. 1. Laurentian, Huronian, Cam- 
brian and Lower Silurian forma- 
tions, by J. P. Lesley. — ^v. 2. Upper 
Silurian and Devonian formations, 
by J. P. Lesley. — ^v. 3, pt 1. Carbon- 
iferous formation, by J. P. Lesley, 
E. V. d'InvilUers and A, D. W. Smith. 
— ^v. 3, pt 2. Bituminous coal fields, 
by E. V. d'lnviUiers, and the New 
Red of Bucks and Montgomery 
counties, by B. 8. Lyman. 

-Final report ordered by Legis- 

lature, 1891. A general index of 
the Final summary report of the 
geology of Pennsylvania. J. P. 
Lesley, state geologist. With an 
appendix containing a list of and 
brief guide to the publications of 
the Survey. Comp. by W. A. Inff- 
ham. 1895. QE157 1874. 2770 

— Grand atlas. 1884-85. 5v. in 6. 

Library has dlv. 1, pt. 1 reduced. 
QE157 1874. 2771 

-New general map of the an- 

thracite region. Revised to date. 
1890. [1890.] QE157 1874. 2772 

— ([RefportB of progrrelBs.] 61 v. 



Allen, Charles. Two hundred ta- 
bles of elevation above tide-level 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


of the railroad stations, summits 
and tunnels; canal locks and dams, 
river riffles, &c., in and around 
Pennsylvania. 1878. (N) 2774 

Ashbtuuer, C. A. First report of 
progress in the anthracite coal re- 
gion. The geology of the Panther 
Creek basin or eastern end of the 
southern field. 1883. (AA) 2775 

^The geology of McKean 

County, and its connection with that 
of Cameron, Elk and Forest. 1880- 
81. (R) 2776 

Second report of progress in 

the anthracite coal region. Part 
1. Statistics of production and ship- 
ment for 1883 and 1884. 1886. (AA) 


^The township geology of Blk 

and Forest counties, by C. A. Ash- 
burner, and of Cameron County, 
by A. W. Sheaf er. Relates especially 
to the geology of the Coal Measures 
of the Carboniferous age. 1885. 
(RR, pt. 2) 2778 
Beecher, C. E. Ceratiocaridae 
from the Upper Devonian meas- 
ures in Warren County, by C. B. 
Beecher. Eurypteridae from the 
lower productive Coal Measures in 
Beaver County, and the Lower Car- 
boniferous, pithole shale, in Venan- 
go County, by James Hall. 1884. 
(PPP) 2779 
Carll, J. F. Geological report on 
Warren County and the neighbor- 
ing oil regions, with additional oil 
well records. 1883. 2780 
^The geology of the oil re- 
gions of Warren, Venango, Clarion, 
and Butler counties, including sur- 
veys of the Garland and Panama 
conglomerates in Warren and Craw- 
ford, and in Chautauqua Co., N. 
Y., descriptions of oil well rig and 
tools, and a discussion of the pre- 
glacial and postglacial drainage of 
the Lake Brie country. (Ill) 2781 

Oil well records and levels. 

Published in advance of Report of 
progress III. 1877. (II) 2782 

Seventh report on the oil 

and gas fields of western Pennsyl- 
vania. For 1887, 1888. (Following 
the Annual reports of 1885 and 
1886.) With additional unpublish- 
ed well records. 1890. (15) 2788 
ClHUioe, H. M. The geology of 
Clarion County. 1880. (W) 2784 
Part 1. The geology of Clin- 
ton County. Part 2. A special 
study of the Carboniferous and De- 
vonian strata along the west branch 
of the Susquehanna River. 1880. 
(G4) 2785 

Part 1. The northern town- 
ships of Butler County. Part 2. 
A special survey made in 1875 
along the Beaver and Shenango 
rivers in Beaver, Lawrence and 
Mercer counties. 1879. (V) 2786 
Report on the mining meth- 
ods and appliances used in the an- 
thracite coal fields. 1883. (AC) 


^A revision of the bituminous 

Coal Measures of Clearfield County. 
1884. (H7) 2788 

daypole, EI. W. A preliminary 
report on the palaeontology of Per- 
ry County, describing the order and 
thickness of its formations and its 
folded and faulted structure. 1886. 
(F2) 2789 

Dewees, J. H. Report of progress 
in the Juniata district on the fossil 
iron ore beds of middle Pennsyl- 
vania, by J. H. Dewees, with a re- 
port of the Aughwick Valley and 
east Broad Top district, by C. A« 
Ashbumer. 1878. (F) 2790 

D'InTUUers, S. V. The geology 
of Centre County, by E. V. D'lnvil- 
liers. Appendix A. Extracts from 
report to Lyon, Shorb & co., by J. 
P. Lesley. Appendix B. Observations 
on the geological formations. By 
A. L. Bwing. 1884. (T4) 2791 

The geology of the South 

Mountain belt of Berks County. 
1883. (D3, V. 2, pt. 1) 2792 

Report on the geology of the 

four counties. Union, Snyder, Mif- 
flin and Juniata with descriptions. 
Of the Clinton fossil ore mines, 
Marcellus carbonate iron ore mines, 
Oriskany glass and mines, and 
Lewistown limestone quarries. 1891. 
(F3) 2793 

fV>ntalne, W. M. The Permian or 
Upper Carboniferous flora of West 
Virginia and s. w. Pennsylvania. 
By W. M. Fontaine and I. C. White. 
1880. (PP) 2794 

Frazer, Persifor. The geology of 
Lancaster County. 1880. (CCC) 

Hall, C. £. Catalogue of the Ge- 
ological museum. By C. E. Hall 
[and others] 1878-89. (O, OO, 000> 


^The geology of Philadelphia 

County and of the southern parts 
of Montgomery and Bucks. By C. 
E. Hall. With analyses of rocks. By 
Dr. F. A. Genth, and F. A. Genth, 
Jr. (C6, C7) 2797 

Hnnt, T. S. Special report on the 
trap dykes and Azoic rocks of 

176 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

floutheastem Pennaylvania. Part 1. 
Historical IntroducUon. 1878. (E) 


Ijefaman, A. £. [Topographical 
map of the South Mountains in 
Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and 
York counties. Surveyed and drawn 
by A. E. Lehman, from 1876 to 
1886. Scale 1600 ft to one inch. 
And geological maps of Adams 
County, by Persifor Fraser, jr., and 
of Cumberland and Franklin 
counties, by R. H. Sanders. 
1 Atlas missing. (D6, D6) 2799 

liesley, J. P. A dictionary of the 
fossils of Pennsylvania and neigh- 
boring states named in the reports 
and catalogues of the survey. 1889- 
00. (P4) 2800 

^A geological hand atlas of 

the sixty-seven counties of Penn- 
sylvania, embodying the results of 
the field work of the survey, from 
1874 to 1884. 1886 (X) 2801 

^The geology of Chester 

County, after t^e surveys of H. D. 
Rogers, Persifor Fraser, and C. E. 
Hall. Ed. by J. P. Lesley. 188 S. 
(C4) 2802 

The geology of Lehigh and 

Northampton counties. General in- 
troduction by J. P. Lesley. Slate 
belt and quarries by R. N. Sanders. 
Water gaps by H. M. Chance. 
Limestone belt and iron ore mines 
by F. Prime. South Mountain rocks 
by F. Prime. Itinerary survey of 
the mountains by 0. E. Hall. 1888. 
(D3, V. 1) 2808 

liesquerenz, Leo. Description of 
the coal flora of the Carboniferous 
formation In Pennsylvania and 
throughout the United States. 1880- 
84. (P) 2804 

Lewis, H. C. Report on the ter- 
minal moraine in Pennsylvania and 
western New York. To which is ap- 
pended: The terminal moraine in 
Ohio and Kentucky, by O. F. 
Wright; and The terminal moraine 
in New Jersey, by G. H. Cook; re- 
printed from their reports. 1884. 
(Z) 2805 

BfoCreath, A. S. Second report 
of progress in the laboratory of the 
survey at Harrlsburg, by Andrew S. 
McCreath. Including: 1. Classifica- 
tion of coals, by Persifor Fraser, 
jr. 2. Firebrick tests, by Franklin 
Piatt. 3. Notes on dolomitic lime- 
stones, by J. P. Lesley. 4. Utili- 
sation of anthracite slack, by 
Franklin Piatt. 6. Determination 
of carbon in Iron or steel, by A. S. 
McCreath. 1879. (MM) 2806 

Third report of progress in 

the laboratory of the survey at 
Harrisburg. 1881. (M3) 2807 

Pennsylvania. Geological survey. 
2d. Geological maps of Skuylkill, 
Carbon, Berks and Dauphin coun- 
ties. Topographical map of the Blue 
Mountain at Port Clinton, in two 
sheets. [Harrisburg?] 1891. (AA) 


Plattt fVanldln. The geology of 
Blair County. 1881. Atlas wanting. 
(T) 2809 

Report of progress in the 

Cambria and Somerset district of 
the bituminous coal-fields of west- 
em Pennsylvania. By F. and W. G. 
Piatt. 1877. Pt. 1 and atlas want- 
ing. (HH, HHH) 2810 

—A special report to the Leg- 
islature upon the causes, kinds, and 
amount of waste in mining anthra- 
cite. By Franklin Piatt. With a 
chapter on the methods of mining. 
By J. P. Wetherill. Illustrated by 
36 figures of mining operations; a 
plan of an anthracite breaker; and 
a specimen sheet of the work of 
the Geological survey in the anthra- 
cite coal fields. 1881. (A2) 2811 

Piatt, W. G. Report of progress 
in Armstrong County. 1880. (H6) 


Report of progress in Jeffer- 
son County. 1881. (H6) 281S 

Prime, IVederick. The brown 
hematite deposits of the Siluro- 
Cambrian limestones of Lehigh 
County, lying between ShimersviUe, 
Millerstown, Schnecksville, Balliets- 
vlUe, and the Lehigh River. 1878. 
(DD) 9814 

Sherwood, Andrew. The geology 
of Lycoming and Sullivan counties. 

1. Field notes by Andrew Sher- 
wood. 2. Coal basins by Franklin 
Piatt. 1880. (GG) 2815 

^The geology of Potter Coun- 
ty. By Andrew Sherwood. Report 
on the coal fields by Franklin Piatt. 
1880. (GGG) 9816 

Report of progress in Brad- 
ford and Tioga counties. 1. Lim- 
its of the Catskill and Chemung 
formation. By Andrew Sherwood. 

2. Description of the Barclay, Bloss- 
burg. Fall Brook, Arnot, Antrim 
and Gaines coal-fields, and at the 
forks of Pine Creek in Potter 
County. By Franklin Piatt. 8. On 
the coking of bituminous coal. By 
John Fulton. [cl878] (G) 2817 

Stevenson, J. J. The geology of 
Bedford and Fulton counties. By 
J. J. Stevenson. 1882. (T2) 2818 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Report of process In the 

Fayette & Westmoreland district of 
the bituminous coal-flelds of west- 
ern Pennsylvania. 1877-78, 2 v. 
(KK, KKK) 2819 

Wall, J. S. Report on the coal 
mines of the Monongrahela River re- 
iTion, from the West Virgrinia state 
line to Pittsbursrh, includlngr the 
mines on the lower You^hiosrheny 
River. By J. S. Wall. Part 1. De- 
scription of the mines. 1884. (K4) 


Wblte, I. C. The geology of Erte 
and Crawford counties. By I. C. 
White. With notes on the place of 
the Sharon conglomerate in the 
Palaeozoic series. Discovery of the 
preglacial outlet of Lake Erie. By 
J. W. Spencer. 1881. (QQQQ) 2821 

^The geology of Lawrence 

County. To which is appended a 
special report on the correlation 
of the Coal Measures of western 
Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. 
[C1879] (QQ) 2822 

The geology of Mercer Coun- 
ty. 1880. (QQQ) 2823 

^The geology of Pike and 

Monroe counties. By I. C. White. 
Special surveys of the Delaware and 
Lehigh water gaps. By H. M. 
Chance. 1882. (06) 2824 

^The geology of Susquehanna 

County and Wayne County. By I. C. 
White. 1881. (OS) 2825 

^The geology of the Susque- 
hanna River region in the six 
counties of Wyoming, Lackawanna, 
Luzerne, Columbia, Montour, and 
Northumberland. 1883. (07) 2826 

Report of progress in the 

Beaver River district of the bitu- 
minous coal-flelds of western Penn- 
sylvania, by L C. White. 1878. (Q) 


Rhode Island. 

Rhode Island, Geological and agri- 
cultural survey. Report of the 
geological nud agricultujral aur-^ 
vey of the state of Rhode Island, 
made under a resolve of leglslSf* 
ture in thei year 1839. By C. T. 
Jackson. 1840. QE159 1840. 

Tnomey, Michael. Report on the ge- 
ology of Sowth Carolina. 1848. 
QE161 1848. 2829 

Safford, J. M. .Geology of Tennes- 
see. 1869. QE165 1869. 2880| 

Tennessee. Geological and mineralog- 
ical survey, 1854-55. A geologi- 
cal reconnoissance of the state of 
Tennessee; being the author's arst 
biennial report. By James M. Saf- 
ford, state geologist. 1856. QE165 
1855 S12. 2S31 

Second biennial report. By J. M. 

Saflord, sta/te geologist. 1857. 
QE165 1855 S14. 2832 

Tennessee. Geological survey. Third 
[-ninth] geological report to the 
21st [-27Ui] Gemeral assembly of 
the state of Tennessee, made 1835 
[-1847] By G. Troost, geologist 
to the state. 1 6^ 5-4 8. 7 v. Library 
has 5fth. 1839. 9fch, 1847. QE165 
x835. 2833 

Texas. Geological and agricultural 
survey. Annual report of the ge- 
ological and agricultural survey 
of Teitas. 1874-76. Library has 
1st. Q£167 1874. 2834 

^A partial report on the geology 

of western Texas, consisting of a 
general geological report and a 
journal of geological observations 
along the route traveled by the 
expedition between Indianola, 
Texas, and the valley of the Mlm- 
bres, New Mexico, during the years 
1855 and 1856; with an appendix 
giving a detailed report on the ge- 
ology of Orayson County. 1886. 
QE167 1855. 28Sti 

_ I. 

Texa^ Geological survey. First 
[-4th] annual report of the geo- 
logical survey of Texas, 188;* 
[-1892] E. T. Dumble, state ge- 
ologist. 1890-93. 4 v. V. 3 and 4 
wanting. QE167 1889 R. 2886 


Comstoek, T. B. A preliminary 
report on the geology of the cen- 
tral mineral region of Texas. [1890] 
(In 1st, 1889) 2837 

Report on the geology and 

mineral resources of the central 
mineral region of Texas. [1891] 
(In 2d. 1890) 2888 

Cummins, W. F. Report on the 
geology of northwestern Texas. 
[1891] (In 2d. 1890) 28S9 

178 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

-The southern border of the 

central coal field. [1890] (In Ist, 
1889) aS40 

[Dnnkble, K T.] Reports on the 
iron ore district of east Texas. 
[1891] (In 2d. 1890) 2841 

HIU, R. T. A brief description of 
the cretaceous rocks of Texas and 
their economic value. [1890] (In 
1st, 1889) 2849 

Hyatt, Alplieus. Carboniferous 
cephalopoda [1891] (In 2d. 1890) 


Pemrase, B. A. F. Jr. A prelimi- 
nary report on the geologry of the 
Gulf Tertiary of Texas from Red 
river to the Rio Grande. [1890] 
(In 1st, 1889) 2844 

Streeruwiu, W. H. von. Geology 
of Trans-Pecos Texas. Preliminary 
statement. [1890] (In 1st, 1889) 


Report on the geolofiry and 

mineral resources of Trans-Pecos 
Texas. By W. H. von Steeruwitz. 
[1891] (In 2d, 1890) 2846 

T^rr, R. S. A preliminary report 
on the coal tlelds of the Colorado 
River [Texas] [1890] (In 1st, 1889) 



Vermont. Geological survey. Pre- 
liminary report on the natural his- 
tory of the state of Vermont. By 
Augustus Young, state naturalist. 
1866. QE171 V5. 2848 

— Report of the state geologist on 
the mineral Industries and geol- 
ogy of certain areas of Vermont. 
George H. Perkins, state geologist. 
1902. QE171 1898. 2849 

— Report of the state geologist on 
the mineral Industries and geology 
of certain areas of Varment. 1903- 
1904. G. H. Perkins, state geol- 
ogist. 1904. QG171 1898. 2850 

— Report of the state geologist on 
the mineral industries and geology 
of certain areas of Vermont. 1905- 
1906. G. H. Perkins, state geolo- 
gist. 1906. QE171 1898. 2851 

— Report of the state geologist on 
the mineral Industries and geology 
of certain areas of Vermont. 1907- 
1908. G. H. Perkins, state geol- 
ogiet. 1908. QE171 1898. 2852 
Report of the state geologist on 

the mineral industries of Vermont. 
1899-1900. G. H. Perkins, state 
geologist. 1900. QE171 1898. 

— Report on the geology of Ver- 
mont: descriptive, theoretical, 
economical and ecenographical, 
by Edward Hitchcock [and 
others]. 1861. 2v. v. 2 wanting. 
QE171 1860. 2854 



Boydi, C. R. Resources of southwest 
Virginia. 1881. P219 1 B78. 2855 

Burke, William. Mineral springs ot 
Virginia. 185 i P219 31 B958. 


-Virginia mineral springs, wltli 

remariks on their use. 2d ed. 1853. 
F219 31 B959. 2857 

Campbell, J. Ii. Geology & mineral 
resources of the James river val- 
ley. 1882. F219 21 C188. 2858 

" ^v^ R. O. Geological visit to the 

^nia copper region. 1859. 
21 0976. 2850 

Howell. Report on the agrl- 
-al and mineral resources of 

Virginia and West Virginia. 1870. 
F219 21 F53. 2860 

Same. 1871. F219 21 F533. 


Froehling & Robertson. Hand book 
of the minerals & mineral re- 
sources of Virginia prepared for 
the Virginia commission to the St. 
Ix>uis exposition. [1904] F219 21 
F926. 2862 

Gannett, Henry. A 

Virginia. 1904. 

gazetteer of 

F219 0198. 


Heinrich, O. J. Mesozoic formation 
in Virginia. 1878. F219 1 H469. 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Hotchklss, Jededlah. Virginia; a ge- 
ograptaioal & political BummAry. 
1876. F219 V811. 2865 

Lyell, Sir diaries. On structure & 
probable age of coal field of James 
river, near Richmond, Va. 1847. 
F219 1 L984 Office. 2866 

>AcCreath, A. S. Iron ores of the 
valley of Virginia. 1883. P219 
21 Ml. 2867 

Mineoral resources of the uppei 
Cumberland Valley of south-east- 
ern Kentucky and south-western 
Virginia. Tributary to the pro- 
posed €umberland Valley exten- 
sions of the Louisville & Nashville 
railroad. By A. S. MoCreath and 
E. V. D'Invilllers. 1888. P219 1 

— Mineral wealth of Virginia tribu- 
tary to the lines of the Norfolk 
& Western & Shenandoah valley 
railroad companies. 1884. P219 
21 M132. 2869 

(Bound with McCreath, A. S., & 
InviUiers, B. V. d*. New River- 
Cripple Creek mineral region of 
Virginia. 1887). 

Mineral wealth of Virginia trib- 
utary to the lines of the Shenan- 
doah valley & Norfolk & Western 
railroad companies. 1883. F219 
21 M131. 2870 

Bfanry, M. F. Physical survety of 
Virginia. 1868. P219 M45. 2871 

-Same. 1869. F219 M451. 2872 

— ^Physical survey of Virginia; her 
resources, climate & productions. 
Preliminary report, no. 2, 1878. 
P219 M452. 2873 

The resources of the coal field 

of the upper Kanawha with a 
sketch oif the iron belt of Virginia. 

1873. F219 21 M459. 2874 


V y&n River railroad, mining & man* 

V ofacturing co. Iron ores & other 

minerals from the New river In 

Virginia. 1876. P219 21 N532. 


Wcldin, P. U. Letters descriptive 
of the Virginia springs. 1835. 
F219 31 N632 Office. 2876 

Same. 2d ed. 1837. F219 31 

N64. 2877 

Peale, A. O. [Mineral sprlnga of 

Virginia and West Virginia]. P219 

31 U5. 2878 

Extract from Bulletin 32 of U. 

S. geological survey. 

PolUrd, E. A. Virginia tourist; 
sketches of the springs and moun- 
tains of Virginia. 1871. F219 

Raymond, R. W. Natural coke of 
Ohesterfiield county, Va. 1883. 
F219 21 R2. 2879 

Rogers, W. B. Report of the geol- 
ogical reconnoissance of the state 
of Virginia. 1836. F219 I R73. 


Reprint of annual reports & 

other papers on the geology of the 
Virginias. 1884. F219 I R7. 2881 


Some observations on the tertiary 
marl of lower Virginia. 1834. p. 1. 
Report of geological reconnoissance 
of the state of Virginia. 1835. 
p. 21; Report of progress of 
the Geological survey for the 
year 1836. p. 123; Report of 
progress of the Geological sur- 
vey for the year 1837. p. 147; Re- 
port of progress of the Geological 
survey for the year 1838, p. 189; 
Report of progress of the Ge- 
ological survey for the year 1839. 
p. 245; Report of progress of the 
Geological survey for the year 1840. 
p. 411; Report of progress of 
the Geological survey for the year 
1841. p. 537; Analyses of waters of 
the principal mineral springs of 
Virginia, p. 547; Temperature of 
springs, p. 565; Temperature of 
the air at the Warm Springs and 
at Richmond, p. 566; Subterranean 
temperature in the coal mines of 
eastern Virginia, p. 567; Connection 
of thermal springs in Virginia with 
anticlinal axes and faults, p. 576; 
The physical structure of the Ap- 
palachian chain, p. 599; The age 

180 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

of the coal rocks of eastern Vir- 
ginia, p. 643; Contributions to ths 
geology of the tertiary formations 
of Virginia, 1835 and 1837. p. 659; 
Observations on the natural coke 
of the Oolite coal resrion in the 
vicinity of Richmond, p. 675; Re- 
port on the Pridevale coal and iron 
ore. West VLrsinia, 1854. p. 679; 
The gravel and cobble-stone de- 
posits of Virginia and the Middle 
states, p. 707; Notes from Mac- 
farlane's Geological railway guide. 
1879. p. 715; Artesian borings at 
Fortress Monroe, 1882. p. 731; 
Glossary of geological and other 
scientific terms, p. 737; Appendix, 
p. 749. 

ShiOer, N. S. Geology of the Rich- 
mond Baain, Virginia, by N. 8. 
Shaler and J. B. Wood worth. 1899. 
F21d 1 S52. 2882 

Extract from the 19th annual re- 
port of the U. S. Geological aurvey. 
1897-98. pt. 2. 

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ginia. 1907. P219 S961. 2888 

Vindall, P. B. ObservationB on min- 
eral waters of western Virginia. 
1858. P219 31 T588. 

Torrey, Bra^lford., A world of green 
hills; cbeervations of nature and 
human nature In the Blue Ridge. 
1898. F219 T69. 

Viii^liiU. Board pt immigration. 
• Virginia: a geographical and po- 
litical summary. 1876. F219 V81. 

Vlrgfida. Department iof Agricul- 
ture. Hand-book of Virginia. 
1879. i'*219 V81. 

Same. 1881. 

-Same. 1885. 
-Pame. 1886. 
-Same. 1893. 
-Same. 1897. 
-Same. 1906. 
-Same. 1909. 

Alrginlji. Department of agriculture 
and immigration. Virginia; in- 
formation for the homeseeker and 
investor 1905. F219 V8. 3887 

-Same. 1906. F219 V81. 

Virgliiia* Geological survey. Bulletin 
1905. T. L. Watson, geologist in 
charge. (Lrlbrary has no 1-date.) 
F219 1 V8. 


BasBler, R. 8. The cement re- 
sources of Virginia west of the Blue 
Ridge. With an introductory chap- 
ter on the materials and manufac- 
ture of hydraulic cements, by E. 
C. Eckel. 1909. (no. II-A) 2890 

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chapter on the geology of the Vir- 
ginia coastal plain by W. B. Clark 
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the mineral production of Virginia. 
1908. 1909. (no. 1-A) 289S 

Liead and sine deposits of 

Virginia. 1905. (no. 1) 2894 

Mineral resources of Vir- 

ginia. 1907. F219 21 W343. 2895 

Weeks, J. D. Notes of a trip 

through the James River valley. 

1881. F219 21 W396. 2896 

West Virginia. 

West Vlr^nia. Geological survey. 
Bulletin. Library has no. 2. 1911. 
QE177 B. 2807 

-County reports and maps. Mar% 

shall, Wetzel and Tyler counties, 
by R. V. Hennen. [1909.] QE178 

-Oounty reports and maps. Pleas- 

ants, Wood and Ritchie counties, 
fby G. P. Grimsley. [1910.] QE178 

— [Reports.] 1899. State geolo- 
gist: Israel C. White. Library has 
V. lA, 2, 2A-date. QB177. 2900 


V. 1. Magnetic declination, by 
R. U. Goode. Administrative report; 
Levels above tide; Petroleum and 
natural gas; by I. C. White. 1899. 
V. 1 A. Petroleum and natural gas. 
Precise levels. [1904] — ^v. 2. Lev- 
els above tide. True merldlana Re- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


port on coal. [1903] — ^v. 2 A. Sup- 
plementary coal report, by I. C. 
White [1908] — V. 3. Clays, lime- 
stones and cements, by O. P. Orlms- 
' ley. [1906] — ^v. 4. Iron ores, salt 
and sandstones, by O. P. Orlmsley. 
[1909] — ^v. 5. Forestry and wood 
Industries, by A. B. Brooks. 


Wisconsin. Geological survey. Re- 
port. Y. 1. James Hall, on general 
geology and paleontology, and J. 
D. Whitney, on the upper Mis- 
eiesippi lead region. 1S62. QE179 
1S61. 2901 


U. S. EIngineer dept. Report upon the 
reconnaissance of northwestern 
Wyomingi, Inoluding Yellowstone 
National Park, made in the sum- 
mer of 1873, by W. A. Jones, cap- 
tain of engineers. With appendix. 
1875. QB182 Y4 1**73. 2902 


General report. — Astronomical re- 
port, by Liieut. S. E. Blunt. — Geo- 
logical report, by Prof. T. B. Corn- 
stock. — Report on mineral and ther- 
mal waters, by Assistant Swigeon, 
C. L. Heizmann. — Botanical report, 
by Dr. C. C. Parry. — Entomological 
report, by J. D. Putnam. 


Caniida. Geological survey. Report 
of progresB for [1842]-1884. 
1846-85. 27 \. and 3 atlases. Li- 
brary has 1853-'56', 1863-'66, 
1871-1884. QE185 R, 2903 


Bailey, li. W. Report on the ge- 
ology of southern New Brunswick, 
embracing the counties of Char- 
lotte, Sunbury, Queens, Kings, St. 
John and Albert, 1878-79; by L. W. 
Bailey, G. F. Matthew and R. W. 
Ells. 1880. (1878-79, pt. D) 2904 

Banenuan, H. Report on the ge- 
ology of the country near the forty- 
ninth parallel of north latitude west 
of the Rocky Mountains. From ob- 
servations made 1859-1S61. 1884. 
(1882-84, pt. B) 2905 

Bell, Robert. The geographical 
distribution of the forest trees of 
Canada. (FYom the report of the 

survey for 1880.) (1879-80.) 2906 

Report on geological re- 
searches north of Liake Huron and 
east of LAke Superior. 1878. (1876- 
77) 2907 

Dawson, G. M. On the superficial 
deposits and glaciation of the dis- 
trict in the vicinity of the Bow and 
Belly rivers. 1885. (1882-84.) 2908 
Report on the Queen Char- 
lotte Islands, 1878. 1880. (1878- 
79, pt. B) 2909 

Harrington, Bw J. Notes on the 
Iron ores of Canada and their de- 
velopment. (1873-74) 2910 

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butions to the geology of Canada. 
Coals and lignites of the North- 
west Territory. 1884. (In 1882-84, 
pt. M.) 2911 

Hunt, T. S. On the Laurentian 
limestones of North America. 
(1863-66) 2912 

lisflamme, J. C. K. Report of the 
geological observations in the 
Saguenay region. 1884 (1882-84, pt. 
D) 2913 

Michel, A. Reports of A. Michel 
and Dr. T. S. Hunt on the gold re- 
gion of Canada. 1866.(In 1863-66) 


Scudder, S. H. The insects of the 
Tertiary beds at Quesnel, (British 
Columbia). (In 1875-76) 2915 

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the counties of Lieeds, Frontenac 
and Lanark, with notes on the gold 
of Marmora (1872) 2916 

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Jurassic fossils, collected by Mr. 
G. M. Dawson, in the Coast Range 
of British Columbia. 1878. (1876- 
77, p. 150-159) 2917 

Notes on the Cretaceous fos- 
sils collected by Mr. James Rich- 
ardson, at Vancouver and the ad- 
jacent islands. (1873-74) 2918 

Annual report (New series) 

Volume 1-16, 1886-1904. 1886- 
1906. QE185 R. 2910 

Directors: 1869-95, A. R. C. Sel- 
wyn. — 1895-1901, George M. Daw- 
son. — 1901-1906, Robert Bell (act- 
ing director). 



Adams, F. D. The artesian and 
other deep wells of the Island of 
Montreal, by F. D. Adams and O. 
E. Lieroy. 1904. (v. 14, pt. O) 2920 

Preliminary report on the 

182 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

flreology of a portion of central 
Ontario situated In the counties of 
Victoria, Peterborough and Has- 
tings, together with the results of 
an examination of certain ore de- 
posits occurring In the region, by 
F. D. Adama 1894. (v. 6, pt. J) 


Report on the geology of a 

portion of the Lauren tlan area ly- 
ing to the north of the Island of 
Montreal. 1896. <v. 8, pt. J) 2922 

Ami, H. M. Preliminary lists of 
the organic remains occurring In 
the various geological formations 
comprised in the southwest quarter- 
sheet map of the Eastern Townships 
of the province of Quebec, (v. 7, 
1896?) 292S 

Bailey, Jj, W. The mineral lo- 
sources of the province -jf New 
Brunswick. 1898. (v. 10, pt. M) 


Preliminary report on geo- 
logical investigations In south- 
western Nova Scotia. 1895. (v. C. 
pt. Q) 2925 

Report of explorations and 

surveys in portions of the counties 
of Carleton, Victoria. York and 
Northumberland, New Brunswick. , 
1885. 1886. (1885, pt. G) 2926 

Report on explorations and 

surveys in portions of northern New 
Brunswick, and adjacent areas in 
Quebec, and in Maine. U. S. By L. 
W. Bailey and W. Mclnnes. 1888. 
(V. 3, pt. M) 2927 

Report on explorations In 

portions of the counties of Victoria, 
Northumberland and Restlgouche. 
New Brunswick. To accompany 
<iuarter sheet map 2. n. w. By L. 
W. Bailey and W. Mclnnes. 1887. 
(1886, pt. N) 2928 

Report on portions of the 

province of Quebec and adjoining 
areas in New Brunswick and Maine, 
relating more especially to the 
counties of Temlscouata and Rl- 
mouski. P. Q.. by L. W. Bailey 
and W. Mclnnes. 1893. (v. 5, pt 
M) 2929 

Report on the geology of 

south-west Nova Scotia, embrac- 
ing the counties of Queen's, Shel- 
bume. Yarmouth. Dlgby and part 
of Annapolis, by L. W. Bailey. 1898. 
v. 9. pt- M) 29S0 

Report upon the Carbonifer- 
ous system of New Brunswick with 
special reference to workable coal. 
1902. (V. 13, pt. M) 29S1 

Barlow, A. E. Report on the ge- 
ology and natural resources of the 

area Included by the Nlplsslng and 
Temlscamlng map-sheets, compris- 
ing portions of the district of Nl- 
plsslng, Ontario, and the county of 
Pontlac, Quebec. 1899. (v. 10. pt. 
1) 2982 

Report on the origin, geo- 
logical relations and oom position 
of the nickel and copper deposits 
of the Sudbury mining district, On- 
tario, Canada. 1904. (v. 14, pt. H) 


Bayley, W. S. Notes on microsco- 
pical examinations of rocks from 
the Thunder Bay silver district. 
1889. (In 1887) 2984 

Ben, Robert. Observations on the 
geology, zoology and botany of 
Hudson's Strait and Bay, made in 
1885. (1885, pt. DD) 2985 

Report of an exploration on 

the northern side of Hudson Strait. 
1901. (V. 11. pt. M) 2986 

Report on an exploration of 

portions of the At-ta-wa-pish-kat & 
Albany rivers. Lonely Lake to 
James' Bay. (1886. pt. G> 2987 

Report on the geology of the 

basin of Nottaway River, with a 
map of the region, 1900. 1902. (v. 
13, pt K) 2988 

Report on the geology of the 

French River sheet, Ontario. 1898. 
(V. 9, pt. 1) 2989 

Report on the Sudbury min- 
ing district, to accompany sheet 
130, series of geologically coloured 
maps of Ontario. 1888-90. 1891. 
(V. 5. pt. F) 2940 

Bowmaii, Amos. Report on the 
geology of mining district of Cari- 
boo. British Columbia. 1888. (1887, 
pt. O) 294i 

Bnimell, H. P. H. Report on nat- 
ural gas and petroleum in Ontario 
prior to 1891. 1892. (v. 5, pt. Q) 


Chalmers, Robert. Preliminary 
report on the surface geology of 
New Brunswick. 1885. (1885, pt 
GG) 2948 
Report on the surface geol- 
ogy and auriferous deposits of 
south-eastern Quebec. 1898. (v. 10. 

pt J) _ «•** 

Report on the surface geol- 
ogy of eastern New Brunswick, 
north-western Nova Scotia and a 
portion of Prince Edward Island, to 
accompany 1-4 sheet maps, no. 2 
s. e., no. 5 s. w. and no. 4 a w. (v. 
7, pt M) aw5 

Report on the surface geol- 
ogy of north-eastern New Bruns- 
wick, to accompany quarter-sheet 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


maps 2 n. e. and 6 s. w. 1888. 
(1887, pt. N) 2946 

Report on the surface geol- 
ogy of southern New Brunswick to 
accompany 1-4 sheet maps 1 s. w., 
1 s. e., and 1 n. e. 1890. (v. 4, pt. 
N) 2947 

Report on the surface jreol- 

ogy shown on the Predericton and 
Andover quarter-sheet maps, New 
Brunswick. 1902. (v. 12, pt. M) 


Report to accompany quar- 
ter-sheet maps 3 s. e. and 3 s. w. 
Surface geology Northern New 
Brunswick and south-eastern Que- 
bec. 1887. (1886, pt. M) 2949 

Coste, Eiigene. Observations on 
mining laws and mining: in Canada. 
With suggestions for the better de- 
velopment of the mineral resources 
of the Dominion. 1885. (1886, pt. 
K) 2950 

Dawson, G. M. General note on 
the mines and minerals of econom- 
ic value of British Columbia, with 
a list of localities. 1877. (In 1876- 
77, p. 103-148) 2951 

^The mineral wealth of Brit- 
ish Columbia, with an annotated 
list of localities of minerals of eco- 
nomic value. 1889. (1887, pt. R) 


Notes to accompany a geol- 
ogical map of the northern portion 
of the Dominion of Canada, east 
of the Rocky Mountains. 1887. 
(1886, pt. R) 2958 

Preliminary report on the 

physical and geological features of 
that portion of the Rocky Moun- 
tains between latitude 49 degrees 
and 51 degrees 30 seconds. 1886. 
(1885, pt. B) 2954 

Report on a geological ex- 
amination of the northern part of 
Vancouver Island and adjacent 
coasts. 1887. (1886, pt. B) 2955 

Report on a portion of the 

West Kootanie district. British 
Columbia. 1889. 1890. (v. 4, pt. B) 


Report on an exploration in 

the Yukon district. N. W. T. and 
adjacent northern portion of Brit- 
ish Columbia. 1887. 1888. (1887, pt. 
B) 2957 

Dowling, D. B. Report on an ex- 
ploration of Ekwan River, Sutton 
Mill Lakes and part of the west 
coast of James Bay, by D. B. Dow- 
ling. Appendix 1, — Preliminary list 
of fossils by J. F. Whiteaves. Ap- 
pendix II. — ^List of plants by John 
Macoun. 1904. (v. 14, pt. F) 2958 

Report on geological explo- 
rations in Athabaska, Saskatche- 
wan and Keewatin districts, includ- 
ing Moose Lake and the route from 
Cumberland Lake to the Churchill 
River, and the upper parts of Burnt 
River and the upper parts of Burnt- 
wood and Grass rivers, by D. B. 
Dowling. 1902. (v. 13, pt. FF) 2959 

Report on the coal field of 

the Souris River, eastern Assiniboia. 
1904. (V. 15. pt. F) 2960 

Report on the country in the 

vicinity of Red Lake and part of 
the basin of Berens River, Keewa- 
tin; by D. B. Dowling. 1896. (v. 7. 
pt. F) 2961 

Report on the geology of the 

west shore and islands of Lake 
Winnipeg. 1900. (v. 11. pt. F) 2962 

Dresser, J. A. Report on the ge- 
oloery and petrography of Shefford 
Mountain, Quebec, (v. 13, pt. L) 


Ells, R. W. Report on a portion 
of the province of Quebec, com- 
prised in the south-west sheet of 
the "Eastern Townships" map 
(Montreal sheet), by R. W. KUs. 
With a chapter on the Laurentlan, 
north of the St. Lawrence River, by 
F. D. Adams. 1896. (v. 7, pt. J) 


Report on Graham Island, 

B. C. 1906. (V. 16. pt. B) 2965 

Report on the geological for- 
mations of eastern Albert and West- 
moreland counties. New Bruns- 
wick, and of portions of Cumber- 
land and Colchester counties, Nova 
Scotia, embracing the Spring Hill 
coal basin and the Carboniferous 
system north of the Cobequid 
Mountains. (1885, pt. E) 2966 

Report on the geology and 

natural resources of the area in- 
cluded in the map of the city of 
Ottawa and vicinity. 1901. (v. 12. 
pt. G) 2967 

Report on the geology of a 

portion of eastern Ontario (To ac- 
company map-sheet no. 119). 1904. 
(V. 14, pt. J) 2968 

Report on the geology of Ar- 

genteuil. Ottawa and part of Pon- 
tiac counties, province of Quebec, 
and portions of Carleton, Russell 
and Prescott counties, province of 
Ontario. 1901. (v. 12, pt. J) 2969 

Report on the geology of a 

portion of the Eastern townships 
[Quebec] relating more especially 
to the counties of Compton, Stan- 

184 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

stead, Beauce, Richmond and Wolfe. 
1887. (1886, pt. J) 2970 

Report on the mineral re- 
sources of the province of Quebec. 
1890. (V. 4. pt. K) 2971 

Second report on the geology 

of a portion of the province of 
Quebec. [Relating more especially 
to the counties of Megantlc, Beauce, 
Dorchester, L^vis, Bellechasse and 
Montmagny] 1888. (1887, pt. K) 


Ferrier, W. F. Notes on the mi- 
croscopical character of some rocks 
from the counties of Quebec and 
Montmorency. [1893?] (In v. 5. 
1890-91) 2978 

Petrographical characters of 

some rocks from the area of the 
Kamloops map-sheet, British Col- 
umbia. (In V. 7, pt. B, appendix 1) 


Fletcber, Hugh. Report on geo- 
logical surveys and explorations in 
the counties of Ouysborough, Anti- 
gonish, Pictou, Colchester, and Hal- 
ifax, Nova Scotia, from 1882 to 

1886. By Hugh Fletcher and E. R. 
Faribault 1887. (1886, pt. P) 2975 

Report on geological surveys 

and explorations In the counties of 
Pictou and Colchester, Nova Scotia, 
by Hugh Fletcher. 1892. (v. 6. pt. 
P) 2976 

Gwlllim, J. C. Report on the At- 
lln mining district, British Colum- 
bia. 1901. (V. 12, pt. B) 2977 

HofhnanD, G. C. Report on Can- 
adian graphite, with special refer- 
ence to its employment as a refrac- 
tory material. (1876-77) 2978 

Ingall, K. D. Report on mines 
and mining on Lake Superior. Pt. I. 
A. History and general conditions 
of the region. B. Silver mining. 
1888. (1887, pt. H) 2979 

Report on the iron ore de- 
posits along the Kingston and Pem- 
broke railway in eastern Ontario. 
1901. (V. 12. pt. 1) 2980 

liawsoii, A. C. Report on the ge- 
ology of the Lake of the Woods 
region, with special reference to 
the Keewatin (Huronlan?) belt of 
the Archaean rocks. 1886. (1885, 
pt. CO 2981 

Report on the geology of the 

Rainy Lake region. 1888. (1887, pt. 
F) 2982 

Low, A. P. Preliminary report on 
an exploration of country between 
Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay. 

1887. (1886, pt. F) 2983 
Report of the Mistassinl ex- 

pediUon. 1884-5. 1885. (1885, pt. 
D) 2984 

Report on a traverse of the 

northern part of the Labrador Pe- 
ninsula from Richmond Gulf to 
Ungava Bay. 1898. (v. 9, pt. L) 


Report on an exploration of 

the east coast of Hudson Bay, from 
Cape Wolstenholme to the south 
end of James' Bay. (v. 13, pt. D) 


Report on an exploration of 

part of the south shore of Hudson 
Strait and of Ungava Bay. 1899. 
(V. 11, pt. L) 2987 

Report on explorations in 

James' Bay and country east of 
Hudson Bay, drained by the Big, 
Great Whale and Clearwater rivers. 
1888. (V. 3, pt. J) 2988 

Report on the geology and 

economic minerals of the southern 
portion of Portneuf, Quebec and 
Montmorency counties, province of 
Quebec. 1892. (v. 5, pt L) 2989 

Report on the geology and 

physical character of the Nasta- 
poka Islands, Hudson Bay. 1903. 
V. 13, pt. DD) 2990 

McOonnnell, R. G. Report on a 
portion of the district of Athabasca 
comprising the country between 
Peace River and Athabasca River 
north of Lesser Slave Lake, 1893. 
(V. 5, pt. D) 2991 

Report on an exploration of 

the Finlay and Omenlca rivers. 
1896. (V. 7, pt. C) 2992 

Report on the Cypress Hills, 

Wood Mountain and adjacent coun- 
try, embracing that portion of the 
district of Assiniboia, lying between 
the international boundary and the 
61st parallel and extending from 
Ion. 106 deg. to Ion. 110 deg. 50 
minutes. 1885. (1885, pt. C) 2998 

Report on the geological 

structure of a portion of the 
Rocky Mountains, accompanied by 
a section measured near the 51st 
parallel. 1887. (1886, pt, D) 2994 

Report on the Klondike gold 

fields. 1905. (V. 14. pt. B) 2995 

McEtoj, James. Report on the 
geology and natural resources of 
the country traversed by the Yel- 
low Head Pass route from Edmon- 
ton to Tdte Juane Cache, compris- 
ing portions of Alberta and British 
Columbia, (v. 11, pt. D) 2996 

Mdimes, William. Report on the 
geology of the area covered by the 
Seine River and Lake Shebandowan 
map-sheets, comprising portions of 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Rainy River and Thunder Bay dis- 
tricts, Ontario. 1899. (v. 10, pt. H) 


OflBim, Alfired. Notes on certain 
Archaean rocks of the Ottawa Val- 
ley. (Tr. from the German by N. 
N. Evans.) 1902. (v. 12. pt. O) 2998 

Poole, H. S. Report on the coal 
prospects of New Brunswick. 1903. 
(V. 13. pt. MM) 2999 

Report on the Pictou coal 

fleld, Nova Scotia. 1904. (v. 14, pt. 
M) 8000 

Report of the Section of chemis- 
try and mineralogy by O. C. Hoff- 
man. 1900. (v. 11 (1901) pt. R) 


Smltb, W. H. C. Report on the 
geology of Hunters Island and ad- 
jacent country. 1892. (v. 6. pt. O) 


Tyrrell, J. B. Notes to accompany 
a preliminary map of the Duck and 
Riding Mountains in north-western 
Manitoba. 1888. (1887, pt, E) 3003 

Report on a part of northern 

Alberta, and portions of adjacent 
districts of Assiniboia and Saskatch- 
ewan. 1887. (1886. pt. E) 3004 

Report on explorations in the 

north-eastern portion of the dis- 
trict of Saskatchewan and adjacent 
parts of the district of Keewatin. 
1902. (V. 13, pt. P) 8005 

Report on north-western 

Manitoba, with portions of the ad- 
jacent districts of Assiniboia and 
Saskatchewan (In v. 6, pt. E) 
y 8008 

^ >^ — Report on the country be- 
^^heetk Athabasca Lake and Church- 
ill River, with notes on two routes 
travelled between the Churchill and 
Saskatchewan rivers, by J. B. Tyr- 
rell, assisted by D. B. Dowllng. 
18ftiJ. (V. 8, pt. D) 8007 

. X- Report on the Doobaunt, Ka- 

Wan and Ferguson rivers and the 
north-west coast of Hudson Bay, 
and on two overland routes from 
Hudson Bay to Lake Winnipeg. 
1897. (V. 9, pt. F) 3008 

Report on the east shore of 

Lake Winnipeg and adjacent parts 
of Manitoba and Keewatin, from 
notes and surveys by J. B. Tyrrell. 
Comp. by D. B. Dowling. 1900. 
(V. 11, pt. 6) 8009 

Upham, Warren. Report of ex- 
ploration of the glacial Lake 
Agassiz in Manitoba. 1890. (v. 4. 
pt. E) 8010 

Young, G. A. The geology and 
petrography of Mount Tamaska, 

province of Quebec. 1906. (v. 16, 
pt. H) 8011 

Nystrom, Erik. Investigation of the 
peat <bog8 and peat industry of 
Canada, during the season 1908-9. 
iBy Erik Nystr&m and S. A. Anrep. 
1909. QE185 1 B. 8012 

Plans of various lakes and rivers 
between Lake Huron and the 
river Ottawa, to accompany 
the geological reports for 1853-54- 
SS-Se. 1857. QB1S5 R. 8013 

Atlas to accompany the "Report 
of Progress . . . 1863-54-55-56." 

Report of progress from Its com- 
mencement to 1863; illustrated by 
498 wood cuts in the text and ac- 
companied by an atlas of maps 
and sections. 18e3-[65]. Library 
has atlas only. QE185 R. 3014 

Canada. Geological survey. Section 
of mines. Annual report for 1886- 
1905. 1887-1907. QB185 R. 

(Canada. Geological survey. An- 
nual report v. 2-16, pt. S) 


Mineral resources of Canada. 
Coal. (In 1902, part S, v. 16) 8018 

Infusorial earth. (In 1902, part 
S, V. 15) 8017 

Manganese. (In 1902, part S, v. 
15) 8018 

Salt. (In 1902, part S, v. 15) 


Zinc. (In 1902, part S, v. 15) 



Alvarado, Julio. The Geographical 
and exploring commission of the 
Mexican republic. Sketch of Its 
organization and labors, [1900?] 
QE201 1900 A47. 8021 

EfTloffstein, P. W., baron TOn. Con- 
trl'biTtlons to the geology and the 
physical geography of Mexico. To- 
gether with a graphic description 
{by P. von Gerolt] of an ascent 
of tbe volcano Popocatepetl. 1864. 
QE201 E31. 3022 

186 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Countries Other Than Xorth America. 

Avebitry, John Luhbock, 1st baron. 
The scenery of Switzerland and 
the causes to which it is due. 
1896. QE285 A94. 3023 

Dufr^iioy, P. A. Explication de la 
carte g6ologlque de la France . . . 
Par Mm. Dufr^noy et Elie de 
Beaumont. 2 v. QE268 D86. 3024 

Oras, Scipfton. Statistique min^r- 
alogique du ddpartement des 
Basses-Alpes, ou Description g6- 
ologique des terrains qui consti^ 
tuent ce d^partement, avec Tindi- 
cation des gites de min6rauz utiles 
qui s*y trouvent contenus. 1840. 
QE268 G76. 3025 

Hartt, C. P. Thayer expedition. 
Scientific results of a journey in 
Brazil. By Louis Agassiz and his 
traveling companione. Geolog> 
and physical geography of Brazil 
1870. QE235 H33. 3026 

Japan. Imperial geological survey. 
Outlines of the geology of Japan: 
descriptive text to accompany the 
geological map of the empire of the 
scale 1: 1,000.000. 1900. QE304 
1900. ^3027 

empire on the scale i: 1,000,000. 
Part 3 economic geology. 1902. 
QE304 1902. 3028 

McOaskey, H. D. Report on a geo- 
logical reconnoissance of the iron 
region of Angat, Bulacan. 1903. 
(Philippine Islands. Mining bu- 
reau. Bulletin no. 3.) QE302 
A58 1902. 302^ 

Maclure, William. Observations on 
the geology of the West India is- 
lands, from Barbadoes to Santa 
Cruz, inclusive. 1832. QE77 M16. 



M^moires gSologiques 

— Outlines of the geology of Jax 
pan: descriptive text to accom- 
pany the geological map of the 

et m^tallurgiques sur Tallemagne, 
comprenant 1<3 gisement, Texploi- 
tation et le traitement des min- 
erals d'etain de Saxe, et des min- 
erals de cuivre de Mansfeld; une 
description geologique de la Si- 
b6rie et des notices sur les mines 
et usines k fer, & plomb et k zinc 
de cette dernidre oontrSe. 1828. 
2 V. in 1. QE269 bxZl. 3031 

Nicol, James. Guide to the geology 
of Scotland; containing an account 
of the character, distribution, and 
more interesting appearances of 
its rocks and minerals. With a 
geological map and plates. 1844. 
QE264 N63. 3032 

deaveland, Parker. An elementary 
treatise on mineralogy and ge- 
ology, 2d ed. 1822. OK3S5 062. 


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— Explication des planches de fos- 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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and other plants, not hitherto de- 
scribed, or very incorrectly figured 
by authors. Together with their 
descriptions in English and French. 
To which, are added observations 
on the air, soil, and waters: with 
remarks upon agriculture, grain. 

pulse, roots, &c. To the whole, is 
prefixed a new and correct map 
of the countries treated of. 
Histoire naturelle de la Car- 
oline, la floride, & les Isles Ba- 
hama: contenant les desseins des 
olseauz, animauz, pofssons, ser- 
pents, insectes, & plantes. Et en 
particuller, des arbres des forets, 
arbrlsseauz, & aulres plantes, qui 
n'ont point 6t6 decrits, jusques & 
present par les auteurs, ou peu 
ezactement dessin^s. Avec leur 
descriptions en francois & en an- 
glois. A quel on a adjout6, des 
observations sur I'air, le sol, & les 
eauz, avec des remarques sur 
I'agriculture, les grains, les le- 
gumes, les raclnes, &c. Le tout est 
precede d'une carte nouvelle & 
ezacte des pals dont lis s'agist. 
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Same. Rev. by Mr. Edwards. 

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-Same. New ed. 1871. QHll D23. 


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Prance. Miniatdre de la guerre. Di- 
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Catalogue ezplicatif et raisonn^ de 
rEzposition permanente des pro- 
duits de TAlgdrie suivi du Cata- 

190 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



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An outline of the rise of biology 
and of the epochs in its history. — 
Vesallus and the overthrow of au- 
thority in science. — ^William Harvey 
and experimental observation. — ^The 
introduction of the microscope and 
the progress of independent obser- 
vation. — ^The progress of minute 
anatomy. — ^Linnaeus and scientific 
natural history. — Cuvier and the 
rise of comparative anatomy. — ^Bi- 
chat and the birth of histology. — 
The rise of physiology. Harvey. Hal- 
ler. Johannes Miiller. — ^Von Baer 
and the rise of embryology. — ^The 
cell-theory. Schleiden. Schwann. 
Schultze. — Protoplasm the physical 
basis of life. — The work of Pasteur, 

Koch, and others. — ^Heredity and 
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ton. Welssmann. — The science of 
fossil life. — What evolution is; the 
evidence upon which it rests, etc. — 
Theories of evolution. Lamarck. 
Darwin. — Theories continued. Weis- 
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192 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Raising deer and other large 

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(no. 28) 3152 

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198 J. Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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V. 2. Cyrillaceae — Sapindaceae. — 
V. 3. Anacardiaceae — ^Leguxninosae. 
— V. 4. Rosaceae— <Saxifragaceae. — 
V. 5. Hamamelideae — Sapotaceae. 
— ^v. 6. Ebenaceae — Polygonaceae. — 
V. 7. Lauraceae — ^Juglandaceae. — 
v. 8. CupuUferae (Quercus) — ^v. 9. 
Cupuliferae — Salicaceae. — ^v. 10. Ul- 
laceae— Coniferae. — ^v. 11. Conife- 
rae (Plnus) — v. 12. Coniferae (Abie- 
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200 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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— Whales and mermaids. — T h e 
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Krag, the Kootenay ram. — A 
street troubadour: being the adven- 
tures of a cock sparrow.— Johnny 
Bear. — The mother teal and 
the overland route. — Chink; the 
development of a pup. — The kan- 
garoo rat. — Tito: the story of the 
coyote that learned how. — ^Why the 
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1. Birds: Rap tores & Insessores. 
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1861. — 4. Mammalia, reptiles, and 
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206 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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bearing ant, Myrmecocystus mel- 
liger» with notes upon the anato- 
my and physiology of the alimen- 
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ural history of the Occident har- 
vesting ants, or, stone-mound 
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1882 [1881] QL568 P7 M18. 


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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


V. 8. Entomological commission. 
Second report for the years 1878 
and 1879, relating to the Rocky 
Mountain locuet, and the western 
cricket and treating of the host 
means of subduing the locust In 
its permanent breeding grounds, 
with a Yiew of preventing its mi- 

grations into the more fertile por- 
tions of the trans-MissiBsippi 
country. App. ii-iv, viii: papers 

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Ornithological biography, or An 

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kingdom. 1881. QL681 B13. 84115 

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American birds, by S. F. Baird, T. 
M. Brewer, and R. Ridgway. Land 
birds, illus. by 64 plates and 693 
woodcuts. 1875. 3 v. QL681 B16. 


-The water birds of North Amer- 

-A synopsis of the birds of North 

America. 1839. QL681 A98. 8401 

BaUey, Mrs. F. A. (Merrlam) Birds 
through an opera glass; cl889. 
QL676 B17. 3492 

Handbook of birds of the west- 
ern United States, including the 
great plains, great basin. Pacific 
slope, and lower Rio Grande Val- 
ley, by P. M. Bailey; with thirty- 
three full-page plates by L. A. 
Fuertes, and over six hundred cuts 
in the text. 2d ed., rev. 1904. 
QL683 BZZ' 8408 

Baity, W. li. Our own birds; a fa- 
miliar natural history of the birds 
of the United States. Rev. and ed. 
by E. D. Cope. 1881. QL681 B13. 


ica. By S. F. Baird, T. M. Brewer, 
and R. Ridgway. Issued in con- 
tinuation of the publications of 
the Geological survey of Califor- 
nia. J. D. Whitney, state geolo- 
gist. 1884. 2 V. QL681 B165. 


BoniHiarte, G. li. [J. I/.] prince de 
Caninjo. American ornithology; 
or, The natural history of birds 
inhabiting the United States, not 
given by Wilson. With figures 
drawn, engraved, and coloured, 
from nature. 1825-33. 4 v. QL674 
W76. 3408 

Chapman, F. M. The economic value 
of birds to the state. 1903. QL676 
C46. 3499 

Coues, 'Eailott. Fi^d fomltholo«;yji 
Comprising a manual of instruc- 
tion for procuring, preparing and 
preserving birds; and A check list 
of North American birds. 1874. 
QL681 C86. 30OO 

— ^Key to North American birds; 
containing a concise account of 
every species of living and fossil 
bird at present known from the 

208 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

continent north of tlie Mexican 
and United States boundary. Il- 
lustrated by 6 flteel plates, and 
upwards of 250 woodcuta. 1872. 
QL(>81 C85. SSOOa 

l>omeBtic habita of birds. 1833. 
QL676 Dtitf. 3501 

[Doubleday, Mrs. N. B. (De Graff) ] 
Bird neighbors. An introductory 
acquaintance with one hundred 
and fifty birds coodmonly found 
in the gardens, meadows, and 
woods about our homes, by Neltje 
Blanchan [pseud.] with Introduc- 
tion by John Burroughs and fifty- 
two colored platea. 1902. QL676 
D733. 8502 

The faculties of birds. 1835. QL699 
F14. 8503 

Goss, N. 8. A revised catalogue of 
the birds of Kansas. With de- 
ficrlptlTe notes of the nests and 
eggs of the birds known to breed 
in the state. 1886. QL6S4 K2 06. 


Grant, Jf. B. Our common birds and 
how to know them, with sixty- 
four plates. 1891. QL681 G76. 


HofFman, Ralph. A guide to the 
birds of New Bngland and eastern 
New York; containing a key for 
each season and short descrip- 
tions of over two hundred and fif- 
ty species, with particular refer- 
ence to their appearance in the 
field, by Ralph Hoffmann, with 
four full-page plates by L. A. 
Fuertes and nearly one hundred 
cuts in the text. 1904. QL683 H7. 


Knox, A. E. Ornithological rambles 
in Sussex; with a sjrstematic cata- 
logue of the birds of that county, 
and remarks on their local distri- 
bution. 1849. QL690 G7 K7. 8507 

liangille, J. H. Our birds in their 
haunts: a popular treatise on the 
birds of eastern North America. 
1884. QL681 L28. 8508 

Maasachiisetts. State board of agri- 
culture. Useful birds end their 
protection. Containing brief de- 
scriptions of the more common 
and useful species of Massachu- 
setts, with accounts of their food 
habits, and a chapter on the 
means of attracting and protect- 
ing birds. By E. H. Forbush, or- 
nithologist. Illus. by the author. 
C. A. Lyford, C. A. Reed, and 
others. 1907. QL684 M4 F6. 


Montague, GLeorge] Ornithological 
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Montagu. 2d ed. With a plan of 
study, and many new articles and 
original observations. By James 
Rennle. 18^31. QL.690 G7 M68. 


National assodatloii of Audubon so- 
cieties. Educational leafiets. Li- 
brary has 2 collections in en- 
velopes. QL671 N27. 8511 

Newton, Alft^ed« A dictionary of 
birds, by Alfred Newton, assisted 
by Hans Gadow, with contribu- 
tions from Richard Lydekker, C. 
S. Roy and R. W. Shufeldt. 
1893-96. QL673 N57. 8512 

Nnttail, Thomas. A manual of the 
ornithology of the United States 
and of Canada. The land birds. 
1832. QL681 N88. 8518 

— ^A manual of the ornithology of 
the United States and of Canada. 
1834. QL681 N92. 8514 

Rhode Island. Commissioners of 
birds. Annual report. Library 
has 1902, '04, '07. '08. QL684 
R4. 8515 

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North American birds. Illustrated 
by 464 outline drawings of the 
generic characters. 1887. QL681 
R54. 3516 

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tures on Greek and English birds. 
1873. QL676 R96. 8517 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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birds: their habits and general 
characteristics, [n. d.j QL690 G7 
S78. 8fil8 

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history and classification of birds. 
1836-37. 2 Y. QL673 S97. 8519 

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traits . of birds which interest 
gunners, with descriptions in lan- 
guage understanded of the peo- 
ple. 1888. QL676 T86. 8620 

Warren, B. H. Report on the birds 
of Pennsylvania. With special 
reference to the food-habits, based 
on over four thousand stomacu 
examinations. 2d ed. rev. and aug. 
1890. QL684 P4 W2. 8521 

Wilson, iUexander. American or- 
nithology; or. The natural history 
of the birds of the United States: 
illustrated with plates. 1808-25. 
8 V. and supp. Supp. by Qeorge 
Ord. QL674 W75. 8522 


Bock, O. E, Hand-atlas der anato- 

mie des menschen. Nebst einem 

tabellarischen handbuche der ana- 

' tomle von Dr. C. E. Bock. Drltte 

auflage. 1860. QM25 B66. 8528 

CVnveilhier, Jeui, Traits d'anatomie 
descriptive. 2 me 6d. 1845. v. 2 
wanting. QM23 C95. 8524 

Ecker, Alexander. The cerebral con- 
volutions of man, represented 
according to original observations, 
especially upon their development 
in the foetus. Intended for the 
n«e of physicians. Tr. by R. T. 
Edes. 1873. QM455 E18. 8525 

FYey, Helnrieh. The histology ana 
histochemistry of ma^. A treatise 
on the elements of composition 
and structure of the human body. 
Tr. irom 4th German ed., by A. E. 
J. Barker, ana rev. by the author. 
1875. QM551 F89. 8526 

Gray, Henry. Anatomy, descriptive 
and surgical. By Henry Gray. Ed. 
by T- P. Pick and Robert Howden. 
New Amer. ed. Rev. and re-edited 
with additions by J. C. DaCosta 
1905. QM23 G7 1905 Ref. 8527 

Anatomy, descriptiVQ and surgi- 
cal. With an introduction on 
general anatomy and development. 
By T. Holmes. New Amer. from 
5th and enl. ed. 1870. QM28 G7 
1870. 8528 

Jarjavay, J. F. Trait6 d 'anatomie 
chirurgicale on de I'anatomie dans 
ses rapports avec la pathologie ex- 
terne et la mddeclne op^ratoire. 
1852. 2 V. QM531 J37. 8529 

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1870. QM531 M2. 8580 

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all bunsae mucosae of the human 
body. [1788] QM485 M75. 8581 

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forms of the skeleton and of the 
teeth. 1854. QMlOl 097. 8582 

U. S. Government hospital for the in- 
sane, Wasliington, D. C. Illustra- 
tions of the gross morbid anatomy 
of the brain in the Insane. A se- 
lection of seventy-five plates show- 
ing the pathological conditions 
found in post-mortem examina- 
tions of the brain in mental dis- 
eases. By I. W. Blackburn, path- 
ologist. 1908. QM455 U6. 8588 


Abemethy, John. Physiological 
lectures and discourses delivered 
before the Royal college of sur- 
geons in London. 1830. QP71 
A14. 8534 

Anderson, W. G. The use of oxygen 
in mountain climbing. 1909. 
QP913 01 A55. S58d 

Bernard, Clande. Leoons de physiol- 
ogie exp6rimentale appliqu6e k la 

210 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

mMecine, faitee au ColI6ge de 
France. 1855. QP71 B51. 3586 

Brown-S^nard, C. £. Course of lec- 
tures on the physiology and path- 
ology of the central neryous sys- 
tem. Delivered at the Royal col- 
lege of surgeons of England in 
May. 1858. 1860. QP361 B87. 

er grammar grades. L1900] QP36 
W18. 3540 

-Intermediate physiology and hy- 

[Bnckalew, 8. F.] Object lessons on 
the iiuman body. Rev. 1894. 
( Practical work in the school room 
iS&ries, pt 1.) QP37 B92. 3538 

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ginners, with an appendix on na- 
ture study. 1903. QP36 069. 3540 

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and hygiene. 1902. QP36 C72. 


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ology and hygiene for use in 
schools, [1903] QP36 075. 3542 

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59. 5 V. in 6. QPll T63. 3543 

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emotions in man and animals. 
1873. QP401 D22, 3544 

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man; designed to represent the 
existing state of physiological 
science, as applied to the func- 
tions of the human body. 1870- 
1871. 3 V. QP34 F62 3545 

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means of prolonging life after 
middle age. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 
1875. QP85 022. 3546 

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sex. By Patrick Geddes and J. A. 
Thomson. 1890. QH471 G29. 


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of hygiene, for fourth year pupils. 
[1901] QP36 H17. 3548 

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physiology and hygiene; for high- 

glene, for lower grammar grades; 
by W. S. Hall and J. W. Hall 
[1901] QP37 H18. 3550 

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moirs. 1863. QP6 H22. 3551 

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practical use. With an introduc- 
tion by E. L. Youmans. 1874. 
QP38 H66. 

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tion of the principles of monocu- 
lar and binocular vision. 2d ed., 
rev. and enl. 1897. QP475 L46. 


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mon life. 1875. 2 v. QP38 Lr66. 


Morley, M. W. The renewal of life; 
how and when to tell the story to 
the young. 1906. QH471 M86. 


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stomach. Rev. and cor. 1868. 
QP38 M145. 3557 

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locomotion. 1874. QP301 M3z. 

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animals, by Stephen Paget, with 
an introduction by Lord Lister. 
New and rev. ed. 1903. OP44 P2. 


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or. Walking, swimming, and fly- 
ing, with a dissertation on aero- 
nautics. 1874. QPS^Ol P51. 3560 

Richardson, J. O. Report on the 
structure of the white blood cor- 
puscle. 1872. QP95 R52. 3561 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


RoUeston, George. The Harveian 
oration, 1873. 1873. QPlOl R75. 


Rosentlud, Isidor. General physiol- 
ogy of muscles and nervee, by Dr. 
1, Rosenthal. [1881] QP321 R82. 

^mon, J. F. Animal chemistry with 
reference to the physiology and 
pathology of man, by J. F. Simon. 
Tr. and ed. by G. B. Day. 1846. 
QP514 856. 8564 

l^nith, R. B. Standard school physi- 
ology. Hygiene. Anatomy. By R. 
B. Smith and E. C. WiUard. 1899. 
QP36 S67. 8566 

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its use scientifically established 
and popularly expounded by a 
physiologist; tr. from the German. 
1907. QP915 A3 S8. 8566 

SCow^l* O. H. A healthy body. A 
text-book on anatomy, physiology, 
hygiene, alcohol, and narcotics. 
For use in intermediate grades in 
public and private schools. Rev. 
[1893.] QP36 S88. 8567 

A primer of health for primary 

classes. With special reference 
to the efCects of alcoholic drinks 
and tobacco upon the human sys- 
tem. [1892] QP37 S89. 8668 

Thorns, W. J. Human longevity, its 
facts and its fictions including an 
inquiry into some of the more re- 
markable instances, and sugges- 
tions for testing reputed cases, 
illustrated by examples. 1873. 
QP85 T5. 3669 

Triplett, W. H. The laws and me- 
chanics of circulation, with the 
principle involved in animal move- 
ment. 1885. QPlOl T'^C. 8670 

r ^ 

Walker, Alexander. Intermarriage: 
or. The mode in which, and the 
causes why, beauty, health and in- 
tellect, result from certain unions, 
and deformity, disease and insan- 
ity, from others. 1838. QP261 
W3. 8671 

White, Mrs. E. G. (Harmon) In- 
struction relating to the princi- 
ples of healtLful living. 1897. 
QP38 W52. 8672 


Conn, H. W. Agricultural bacteriol- 
ogy; a study of the relation of 
bacteria to agriculture, with 
special reference to the bacteria 
in the soil, in water, in the dairy. 
In miscellaneous farm products, 
and in plants and domestic ani- 
mals. 1901. QR51 07. 8578 

Newman, George. Bacteria; espec- 
ially as they are related to the 
economy of nature, to industrial 
processes and to the public health. 
1899. QR56 N55. 8574 

Tyndall, John. Essays on the fioat- 
Ing-matter of the air, in relation 
to putrefaction and infection. 
1882. QR79 T92. 8575 

U. S. Commission to investigate 
cause of yellow fever. Report of 
Commission of medical ofllcers de- 
tailed by authority of the presi- 
dent to investigate the cause of 
yellow fever. 1899. QR201 Y8 U4. 



Acad^mie roymle de m^dedne. M6- 

moires. 1843. Library has v. 10. 
R45 A16. 8677 

Adams, 8. H. The great American 

fraud. Articles on the nostrum 
evil and quacks, reprinted from 
Collier's weekly. [1906] R730 
A22. 3678 

212 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

The AmeiicMi journal of medical 
BclenceB. Library has v. 8, 
1831. Rll A3 5. 8570 

The American medical intelligencer. 
By Robiey Dunglison. Library 
has V. 2, 1839. Rll A4. 3680 

The Americaii medical recorder. 
Conducted by James Webster, 
[and others] Library has y. 13, 
1828. Kll A5. 8581 

Braithwalte, WilUanu An epitome 
of Braithwaite's retrospect of 
practical medicine and surgery. 
By W. S. Wells. 2 v. R129 B81. 

Cyclopaedia of j^ractical medicine; 
comprising treatises on the nature 
and treatment of diseases, materia 
medica and therapeutics, medical 
Jurisprudence, etc. Ed. by John 
Forbes, Alexander Tweedie, John 
Conolly. 1833-1835. 4 Y. R121 
F69. 3583 

DftYls, N. 8. Contributions to the 
history of medical education and 
medical institutions in the United 
States of America. 1776-1876. 
Special report. Prepared for the 
United States Bureau of educa- 
tion. 1877. R745 D26. 3584 

Dictioimaire de m6decine ou reper- 
toire general des sciences medi- 
cales consider6es sous le rapport 
th6orique et pratique. 2 me ed. en- 
tierement refondue et consider- 
ablement augmentde. 1832-1836. 
30 Y. R121 A23. 8585 

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physician and the layman. 
[1908?] R708 D76. 3586 

DnnsCer, E. S. The relation of the 
medical profession to modern ed- 
ucation. An address dellYered 
June 16, 1869. 1870. R708 D92. 


Ellis, John. Personal experience of 
a physician, with an appeal to the 
medical and clerical professions; 
and an appendix, a reYiew of 

"Christ and the temperance ques- 
tion," in the Christian union. 
1892. R707 E47. 3588 

Fnuicis, J. W. AnniYersary dis- 
course before tbe New-Tork acad- 
emy of medicine. DeliYered No- 
Yember 10th, 1847. 1847. R708 
F795. 8580 

— : — Introductory discourse to the 

seYeral oouises of clinical in- 
struction at BellOYue hospital. 
New York, delivered 18 th Octo- 
ber, 1858. 1858. R708 F81. 3500 

Gerste. A. Notes sur la mddecine et 
la botanique des anciens Mexi- 
cains. 1909. R465 G5. 

Same. 2d ed. 1910. R465 051. 

De quelques travaux r6cents sur 


la botanique et la m6decine des an- 
ciens Mexicalns*': p. [147]-157. 

Godman, J. D. Addresses dellYered 
on Yarious public occasions, With 
an appendix, containing a brief 
explanation of the injurious ef- 
fects of tight lacing, upon the or- 
gans and functions of respiration, 
circulation, digestion, &c. 1829. 
R117 058. 8502 

Good, J. M. The study of medicine. 
By J. M. Good. Containing all the 
author's final corrections and im- 
proYements. With much addi- 
tional modern information on phy- 
siology, practice, pathology and 
the nature of diseases in general. 
By Samuel Cooper. 1829. 5 y. 
R129 G64. 8503 

Gould, G. M. A new medical dic- 
tionary; including all the words 
and phrases used in medicine, 
with their proper pronunciation 
and definitions. Based on recent 
medical literature. 1890. R121 
G69 1890. 8504 

Half-yearly abstract of the medical 
sciences; being a practical and 
analytical digest of the contents 
of the principal British and conti- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


nental medical works published in 
the preceding six months. Ed. by 
W. H. Ranking. New York, 1845; 
Philadelphia, 1846-1869. 30 nos. 
in 15 V. R31 Hi6 8595 

Hairard vnlTerBity. Medical school. 
Catalogue of students. Library 
has 1883. R747 H365. 8596 

The healing art; or, cnapters upon 
medicine, diseases, remedies, and 
physicians, historical, biographical 
and descriptive. 1887. 2 v. R131 
H43. 3697 

Magni Hippocratis medicorum om- 
nium facile principis, Opera omnia 
quae extant, in Yiii sectiones ex 
Erotiani mente distributa. Nunc 
denuo latina interpretatione, & 
annotationibus iUustrata, Anutio 
Foeeio . . authore . . . 1657. 8598 

Hoffmann, Fiiderlciifl. Opera omnia 
physico-medica cum yita auctoris. 
1748. 6 Y. Library has v. 1 & 2 
in 1 v. R128 7 H69. 3599 

Indiana. Uniyersity. School of medi- 
cine. Equipment and facilities. 
1907. R747 16 71. 8600 

Register. Library has 1907. '08. 

'09, 10. R747 16 7. 3601 

The Jefferson medical college. Phil- 
adelphia. Announcements. Li- 
brary has 1910-11. R747 J27. 


The Jonrnal of the American medi- 
cal association. Library has v. 47, 
1906-date. 8603 

The Lancet. Library has v. 1-103, 
1823-'72. 8604 

Maine. Medical association. Trans- 
actions. Library has 1866, '67, 
'68, in 1 y. R15 M2. 8605 

Mallet;, J. W. The claims of science 
for its own sake upon the medical 
profession. R708 M25. 8606 

Medical review of reyiews. Library 
has V. 12, 8607 

Moct, Valentine. Address before the 
graduates of 1860 of the Uniyer- 
sity medical college of New York. 
1860. R708 M9. 8608 

Nysten, P. H. Dictionnaire de m6de- 
cine, de chirurgie, de pharmacie, 
des sciences accessoires et de I'art 
refondue par E. Littr6 et Ch. 
T6t6rinaire. lOme 6d.entl6rement 
Robin. Ouyrage augments de la 
synonymie grecque, latine. alle- 
mande, anglaise, espagnole et 
italienne et suivi d'un glossaire de 
ces di verses langues. 1855. R121 
N28. 3609 

Same, lime M. 1858. 

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medicine. 8th ed. 1865. R129 
P17. 8610 

Medical and physiological com- 
mentaries. 1840-44. 3 V. R117 P 
14. 8611 

Pan-American medical congress. 1st, 
Washington. D. C. 1893. Trans- 
actions of the first Pan-American 
medical congress, September 5. 6. 
7, and 8, 1893. 1895. 2 v. R106 
P2 1893. 8612 

Parr, Bartholomew. The London 
medical dictionary; including, un- 
der distinct heads, every branch of 
medicine with whatever relates to 
medicine in natural philosophy, 
chemistry, and natural history. 
1819. 2 V. R121 P25. 8618 

Polic*s medical register ana direc- 
tory of North America. Li- 
brary has v. 2, 1890; 1904. R711 
P7 Ref. 8614 

The Practitioner: a Journal of thera- 
peutics and public health. Ed. by 
T. L. Brunton. Library nas v. 
19. July-Dec, 1877. R31 P89. 


Renonard, P. V. History of medi- 
cine, from its origin to the nine- 
teenth century, with an appendix, 
containing a philosophical and 
historical review of medicine to 
the present time, by P. V. Renou- 
ard. Tr. from the French by C. O. 
Comegys. 1867. R131 R42. 3616 

214 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Southern cUnlc. Library has t. 28, 
1905-date. 3617 

fThoniaSt Joseph. Lippincott's medi- 
cal dictionary: a complete vocabu- 
lary of the terms used in medicine 
and the allied eciences; with their 
pronunciation, etymology, and sis- 
niflcation . . . prepared on the basis 
of Thomas's Complete medical dic- 
tionary by R. W. Green, with 
the editorial collaboration of 
John Ashhurst, jr., G. A. Pier- 
sol, Joseph P. Remington. cl905. 
R121 T45 1905 Ref. 9618 

Tokio. Imperial university of Japan. 
Medical faculty. Mittheilungen. 
Library has v. 6, nos. 1-4; v.;7t 
nos. 1, 2; v. 9, no. 1. R97 T6. 

Toner, J. M. Contributions to the 
annals of medical progress and 
medical education in the Un!te(» 
States before and during the war 

of independence. 1874. R152 T66. 


TH-state medical aasociAtion of the 
CarollnjM and Virginia. Transac- 
tions of the annual session. Li- 
brary has 2d. 1900. R15 T81. 


Verelns deutsdier aente in Paris. 

Denkschrift zur feier des zehn<» 

Jaehrigen stiftungsfestes. 1854. 
R55 V48. 

Virginia medical semi-monthly. Li- 
brary has V. 12, 1907-date. 8623 

Williams, 8. W. American medical 
biography: or, memoiir. of emi- 
nent physicians, embracing princi- 
pally those who have died since 
the publication of Dr. Thacher's 
work on the same subject. With 
engravings. 1845. R153 W72. 




American pnhtlc health association. 

Public health. The Lomb prize 
essays. Award made at the thir- 
teenth annual meeting of the 
American public health associa- 
tion, Washington, D. C, Dec. 10, 
1885. With an appendix. 1886. 
RA436 A51. 3625 

Anstie, F. E. Notes on epidemics. 
Ist Amer. ed. 1866. RA653 A62. 


Belgium. Congrds d'hygidne pub- 
lique. Comte rendu des seances. 
Tezte dee resolutions votees. 
Pidces k I'appui. 1851. RA254 Cl 
1851. 8627 

Belgium. Ministdre de Tint^rieur. 
Hygiene publique. Documents et 
m^ructions relatifs & rassainis- 
sement des lieux insalubres. 1850. 
RA254 Cl 1850. 3628 

-Tableau atatistique k Tappui du 

projet d'organisation d'un service 

medical rural. 1849. RA254 Cl 
1849. 3629 

Chapin, C. V. Municipal sanitation 
in the United States. 1901. RA 
445 C46. 8630 

Cobb, A. G. Earth-burial and cre- 
mation. The history of earth- 
burial with its attendant evils, and 
the advantages offered by crema- 
Uon. 1892. RA637 C65. 8631 

Colorado. State board of health. 
Biennial report. Library has 1904, 
'06, '08. RASl Bl. 8632 

Creighton, Charles. A history of epi- 
demics in Britain. 1891-94. 2 v. 
Library has Vol. 1. RA650 6 C9l. 


Delaware. State board of health. 
Biennial report. Library has 1902, 
04. RA37 Bl. 8634 

Detroit. Board of health. Annual 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


report. Library has 1908. RA88 
D47 Bl. 3085 

Frost, W. H. Acute anterior poliomy- 
elitie (infantile paralysis) a pre- 
cis. 1911. RAll B175. 36S6 

(U. S. Public health and marine 
hospital service. Public health bul- 
letin no. 44) 

Georgia. State board of health. An- 
nual report. Library has 1905, 
'07-'09. RA47 Bl. 8637 

Circular letter. Library has no. 

11. RA47 B5. 8638 

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mittee on epidemic, endemic, and 
contagious diseases . . Made to 
the State board of health October 
14, 1879. RA87 CI 1879a. 8643 

Report on slaughter-houses, 

rendering-eatablishments, etc. 

[1879?] RA87 CI 1879. 8644 

Illinois. State board of health. 
Monthly bulletin. Library has t. 
4, 1908, V. 6, no. 11, 1910. v. 7, 
no. 2, 1911. RA54 B2. 8645 

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tion and examination. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1898-'01. 

1902 '08, 1909. RA61 HI S8. 


Indiana. State board of health. An- 
nual report. Library has 1898, '99, 
'00, '01, '03-date. RA61 Bl. 3647 

Boofc of instructions to health 

authorities [1909]. RA61 A5 
1909. 3648 

-State boards of health; their 

object and use, etc. 1882. RA419 
14. 8640 

Intematioiial sanitary conference, 

5th, Washington, D. C, 1881. 
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sanitary conference provided for 
by joint resolution of the Senate 
and House of representatives in 
the early part of 1881. 1881. RA 
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of the second International sani- 
tary convention of the American 
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tober 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14, 1905. 

1906. RA422 19 1905. 3651 


Jackson, D. D. Pollution of New 
York harbor as a menace to health 
by the dissemination of intestinal 
diseases through tbe agency of the 
common house fly; a report to the 
committee on pollution of the Mer- 
chants' association of New York. 

1907. RA447 N7 J2. 3652 

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B. Johnson, also. Relations of the 
state board of health to the pub- 
lic, by S. W. Williston. 1899. RA 
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Kansas. State board of health. An- 
nual report. Library has 1885- 
1900. Biennial report. Library 
has 1904, '06. RA67 Bl. 8654 

Laws, rules and regulations of 

the Kansas state board of health. 
1904. RA6? A5 1904. 8655 

216 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

— Preyention and suppreBBion of 
epidemic and malignant diseases; 
diphtheria. 1896. RA67 CI 1896. 


— Prevention and suppression ot 
epidemic and malignant diseases; 
scarlet fever. 1896. RA67 CI 
1896a. 8657 

— Prevention of tuberculosis. 1908. 
RA67 Gl 1908a. 8658 

-The registration of physicians in 

the state of Kansas, 1893. 1894. 
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prevention. With a report of the 
epidemic at Manhattan, Kan. 1898. 
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-Typhoid fever; prevalence. 

cause, restriction and prevention. 

1908. RA67 CI 1908. 8661 

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1894. 3662 

From the Report of the secre- 
tary of the Connecticut state board 
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ties of publicity in connection with 
municipal public health work. 

1909. RA436 L66. 3664 

^The importance of co-operation 

of the medical profession in muni^ 
cipal health work. [1908?] RA 
436 L69. 8665 

IJonisiaiiA. State board of health. 
Biennial report. Library has 1901. 
RA74 Bl. 8666 

Massachusetts. Commissioners for 
sanitary survey of the State. Re- 
port of a general plan for promo- 
tion of public and personal health. 
1850. RA84 HI. 8667 

Massachusetts. State board of health. 

Annual report. Library has 1875. 
RA84 Bl. 8668 

Michigan. Laws relating to public 
health. 1910. RA87 A5 1910. 8669 

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'92. Apr. '93, Dec. '97. RA87 B5. 


Michigan. State board of health. An- 
nual report. Library has 1893* 
1908. RA87 Bl. 3671 

— Concerning weekly reports of 
diseasea in Michigan during the 
year 1879. 1881. RA87 CI 1880. 


— Concerning weekly reports of 
diseases in Michigan during the 
year 1880. 1882. RA87 CI 1881. 


— Public health, Michigan. Quar- 
terly. Library has v. 4, no. 3, 4., 
V. 5, nos. 1-4. RA87 B51. 3674 

— Report relative to small -pox in 
Michigan during the year 1895. 
1896. RAd/ CI 1896. 3675 

— Reports and statistics relative 
to communicable diseases in Michi- 
gan in 1893. 1896. RA87 CI 
1893. 3676 

— ^The time of greatest prevalence 
of each disease. 1886. RA87 CI 
1886. 3677 

— Trichiniasis in Michigan, and 
Protection from diseased animals 
and diseased meat. By the secre- 
tary of the State board of health. 
1884. RA87 CI 1884. 3678 

-The water-supply in its relation 

to health and disease, in Michigan. 
1876. RA87 CI 1876. 3670 

Montana. State board of health. Bi- 
ennial report. Library has 1904, 
'06. '08. RAlOl Bl. 8680 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Montaiui health bulletin. Pub. quart- 
erly by the Montana state board 
of health. Library has vol. 1. no. 
4, March-May, 1904, toI. 2. no. 1, 
June-Ausu8t, 1904. RAlOl B2. 


National qnanuitiiie and sanitary 
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Proceedings and debates of the 
third National quarantine and 
sanitary convention. 1859. RA422 
N4 1859. 3682 

New Hampshire. State board of 
health. Annual report. Library 
has 1884, '85. RAlll Bl. 3683 

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sanitary officers. Proceedings. Li- 
brary has 9th, 1909. RA121 B8. 


New York (State) Department ot 
health. Monthly bulletin. Library 
has Aug » Oct., 1908; Nov., 1910. 
RA121 B2. 3685 

Ohio. State board of health. Annual 
report. Library has 1899-1907. 
RA131 Bl. 3686 

Oregon. State board of health. Bi- 
ennial report. Library has 1907, 
'09. Annual report. Library has 
1908« RA137 Bl. 3687 

Panama Canal Zone. Dept. of sanita- 
tion. Population and deaths from 
various diseases in the city of Pan- 
ama, by months and years, from 
November, 1883, to August, 1906. 
Number of employees and deaths 
from various diseases among the 
employees of the French canal 
companies, by months and years, 
from January, 1881, to April, 
1904. Isthmian canal commission, 
government of the Canal Zone, 
Health department. W. C. Gk)rga8, 
chief sanitary officer. 1906. RA 
192 A6 1906. 3688 

Pennsylvania. Dept. of health. De- 
scriptive catalogue of the exhibit 
of the State department of health 
of Pennsylvania at the Internation- 
al congress on tuberculosis. Wash-, 

ington, D. C, September 21 to Oc- 
tober 12, 1908. Samuel 6. Dixon, 
commissioner of health. 1908. RA 
141 CI 1908. 3689 

-The duties of physicians con- 

cerning the making of proper cer* 
tificates of deaths and births. 1907. 
RA141 CI 1907. 3600 

-Health bulletin. Library has no. 

5-10, 12, Nov. '09-Apr., June, 
Aug.-Dec, 1910, Jany., 1911. 
RA141 B12« 3601 

-Information for the people of 

Pennsylvania with regard to the 
influence of vaccination on small- 
pox. 1907. RA141 CI 1907a. 


Rules and regulations of the 

Department of health of the com- 
monwealth of Pennsylvania. 
Adopted under the provisions of 
the act of April 27, 1905. To Oc- 
tober 1, 1907. 1907. RA141 B9 
1907. 3603 

Pennsylvania. State board of health. 
Annual report. Library has 1893, 
'94. RA141 Bl. 3604 

Post, J. A. A plea for the village 
hospital. [1885?] RA87 Cl 1885. 


Purdue university. Department of 

sanitary science. Series relating to 

public health. Library has nos. 

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Purdue university monographs. 

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of the city of Wheeling. 2d ed., 
enl. and illus. 1871. RA447 W4 
W5 R3. 3607 

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Annual report. Library has 1883, 
1902, 1903. RA144 Bl. 3608 

^The Monthly bulletin. Library 

has v. 21, no. 1, Jan.-Oct., 1909. 
RA144 B3. 3600 

Rhode Island. State board of regis- 
tration in embalming. Annual re- 

218 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

port. Library has Ist, 1909. 
RA623 A3 R4. 3700 

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aria e del saolo di Firenze; in- 
dagini Bisteznatiche esegulte nel 
1886. 1889. RA575 R7. 3701 

(Florence. R. Istituto di stud! 
superiori. Secione di medicina e 
chirurgia. Publicazionl [no. 7]) 

Sad Francisco. Citizens' health com- 
mittee. Eradicating plague from 
San Francisco; report of the Citi- 
zens' health committee and an ac- 
count of its work. March 31, 1909. 
Prepared by F. M. Todd, historian 
for the Committee. 1909. RA644 
P7 S2. 370a 

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and prevention. 1910. RAll 
B176. 3708 

(U. S. Public health and marine 
hospital service. Public health bul- 
letin, no. 36) 

Smith, W. R. The laws concerning 
public health, including the va- 
rious sanitary acts passed in the 
session 1883, and the circulars is- 
sued by Her Majesty's most hon- 
ourable privy council and the local 
government board. Ed. by W. R. 
Smith, assisted by H. Smith. 1883. 
RA241 A5 S6. 3704 

Tardlen, A. A. Dictionnaire 
d'hygidne publique et de salubrity, 
ou, Repertoire de toutes les ques- 
tions relatives & la sant6 pub- 
lique, consid6r6es dans leurs rap- 
ports avec les subeistancee, les 
Epidemics, les professions, les 
etablissements et institutions 
d'hygidne et de salubrity com- 
plete par le tezte des lois, 
decrets, arr6t6s, ordonnances et in- 
structions qui s'y rattachent. 
1852-54. 3 V. RA423 T18. 3705 

Teachers* sanitary bulletin. Pub. 
monthly by the state board of 
health, Lansing, Mich. Library 
hasT. 2-8 (incomplete). RA87 B4. 


Texas. State board of health. An- 
nual report. Library has 1908. 
RA157 Bl. 3707 

U. 8. Bureau of chemistry. Use of 
cold storage. Letter the sec- 
retary of agriculture transmitting 
certain data on cold storage and 
cold-storage products, by H. W. 
Wiley, chief of the Bureau of 
chemistry. 1910. RA601 U6. 3708 

U. S. Hygienic laboratory. Bulletin. 
Library has nos. 5, 8, 14, 16-63, 
73, 74. RAll B171. 3700 


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and germicidal properties of solu- 
tions of formaldehyde and their 
action upon toxines. 1907. (no. 39) 


1. Maternal transmission of 

immunity to diphtheria toxine. 2. 
Maternal transmission of immunity 
to diphtheria toxine and hypersus- 
ceptibility to horse serum in the 
same animal. 1906. (no. 30) S711 

1. The presence of tubercle 

bacilli in the circulating blood in 
clinical and experimental tubercu- 
losis, by J. F. Anderson. 2. The via- 
bility of the tubercle bacillus, by 
M. J. Rosenau. 1909. (no. 67) 371S 

Spotted fever (tick fever) 

of the Rocky Mountains. A new 
disease. 1903. (no. 14) 371S 

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ical standardization of digitalis, by 
C. W. Edmunds and Worth Hale. 
1909. (no. 48) 3714 

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of alkaloids on volatile acids and its 
application to the estimation of al- 
kaloids with the aid of phenolph- 
thalein or by the Volhard method. 
1909. (no. 54) 3715 

Hale, Worth. Digitalis standard- 
ization and the variability of crude 
and of medicinal preparations. 1911. 
(no. 74) 371S 

^The influence of certain 

drugs upon the toxicity of acetan- 
ilide and antipyrine. 1909. (no. 53) 


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macopoeia of the United States of 
America. Eighth decennial revis- 
ion. (Official from September I, 
1905) By Reid Hunt and M. O. 
Motter. 1906. (no. 23) 3718 

^The effects of a number of 

derivatives of choline and analo- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


goua compounda on the blood- 
pressure, by Reid Hunt and R. de 
M. Taveau. 1911. (no. 73) S719 

Studies in experimental al- 
coholism. 1907. (no. 33) 8720 

Studies on thyroid. 1. — The 

relation of iodine to the phsrsiolog- 
ical activity of thyroid prepara- 
tiona By Reid Hunt and Atherton 
SeideU. 1909. (no. 47) 8721 

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blood. 1909. (no. 51) 8722 

On the stability of the ox- 
idases and their conduct toward 
various reagents. The conduct of 
phenolphthalein in the animal or- 
ganism. A test for saccharin, and 
a simple method of distinguishing 
between cumarin and vanillin. The 
toxicity of ozone and other oxidiz- 
ing agents to lipase. The influence 
of chemical constitution on the lip- 
olytic hydrolysis of ethereal salts. 
1906. (no. 26) .3723 

^Variations in the peroxidase 

activity of the blood in health and 
disease. By J. H. Kastle and H. L. 
Amoss. 1906. (no. 31) 3724 

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as a deodorant, antiseptic, and ger- 
micide. 1905. (no. 22) 8725 

^The limitations of formalde- 
hyde gas as a disinfectant, with 
special reference to car sanitation. 
1906. (no. 27) 8726 

Milk and its relation to the 
public health. 1908. (no. 41) 3727 

Bfllk and its relation to the pub- 
lic health. (Rev. and enl. ed. of 
bulleUn no. 41) 1909. (no. 56) 3728 

MlDer, W. W. Hepatozoon per- 
niciosum (n. g., n. sp.); a haemo- 
gregarine pathogenic for white 
rats; with a description of the sex- 
ual cycle in the intermediate host, 
a mite (Lelaps echidninus) 1908. 
(no. 46) 8729 

Motter, M. G. Digest of com- 
ments on the pharmacopoeia of the 
United States of America (eighth 
decennial revision) and the Na- 
tional formulary (third edition) 
for the calendar year ending De- 
cember 31, 1906, by M. O. Motter 
and M. I. Wilbert. 1909. (no. 58) 


-Digest of comments on the 

pharmacopoeia of the United States 
of America (eighth decennial re- 
vision) for the period ending De- 
cember 31, 1905, by M. a. Motter 
and M. I. Wilbert. 1909. (no. 49) 


Bansoin, B. H. An account of 
the tapeworms of the genus Hy- 
menolepsis parasitic in man, includ- 
ing reports of several new cases of 
the dwarf tapeworm (K. nana) in 
the United States. 1904. (no. 18) 


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erin. 1903. (no. 16) 8788 

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phylaxis, by M. J. Rosenau and J. 
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Further studies upon the 

phenomenon of anaphylaxis, by M. 
J. Rosenau and J. F. Anderson. 
1909. (no. 50) 3735 

The influence of antitoxin 

upon post-diphtheritic paralysis, by 
M. J. Rosenau and J. F. Anderson. 
1907. (no. 38) 3788 

^The immunity unit for stan- 
dardizing diphtheria antitoxin 
(based on Ehrlich's normal serum) 
Official standard prepared under 
the act approved July 1, 1902. 
1905. (no. 21) 8787 

^Laboratory course in path- 
ology and bacteriology. Rev. ed. 
1904. (no. 8) 3788 

^A method for inoculating an- 
imals with precise amounts. 1904. 
(no. 19) 3739 

^The standardization of teta- 
nus antitoxin (an American unit 
established under authority of the 
act of July 1, 1902) By M. J. Rose- 
nau and J. F. Anderson. 1908. (no. 
43) 8740 

^A stomach lesion in guinea 

pigs caused by diphtheria toxine 
and its bearing upon experimental 
gastric ulcer. By H. J. Rosenau and 
J. F. Anderson. 1906. (no. 32) 8741 

Studies upon hypersuscepti- 

bility and immunity, by M. J. Rose- 
nau and J. F. Anderson. 1907. (no. 
36) 3742 

^A study of the cause of sud- 
den death following the injection 
of horse serum. By M. J. Rosenau 
and J. F. Anderson. 1906. (no. 29) 


^The thermal death points of 

pathogenic micro-organisms in 
milk. 1908. (no. 42) 3744 

Schultz, W. H. Quantitative phar- 
macological studies: adrenalin and 
adrenalin-like bodies. 1909. (no. 
65) 8745 

Stiles, C. W. 1. Agamofilarla geor- 
giana n. sp., an apparently new 
roundworm parasite from the ankle 
of a negress. 2. The zoological 
characters of the roundworm ge- 

220 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

nu8 Filarla Mueller, 1787. 3. Three 
new American cases of infection of 
man with horse-hair worms (spe- 
cies Paraffordius varius) with sum- 
mary of all cases reported to date. 

1907. (no. 34) 8746 
^Illustrated key to the ces- 

tode parasites of man. 1906. (no. 
25) 8747 

Illustrated key to the trema- 

tode parasites of man. 1904. (no. 
17) 8748 

Index-catalogue of medical 

and veterinary zoology. Subjects: 
Trematoda and trematode diseases. 
By C. W. Stiles and Albert Hassall. 

1908. (no. 37) S748a 
^The international code of 

soological nomenclature as applied 
to medicine. By C. W. Stiles. 1905. 
(no. 24) 8748 

1. The occurrence of a pro- 
liferating cestode larva (Sparga- 
num proliferum) in man in Flor- 
ida. By C. W. Stiles. 2. A re-ex- 
amination of the type specimen of 
Filarla restiformls Leldy. 1880 
Agamomermis restiformls. By C. 
W. Stiles. 3. Observations on two 
new parasitic trematode worms: 
Homalogaster philippinensis n. sp.» 
Agamodistomum nanus n. sp. By 
C. W. Stiles and Joseph Ooldber- 
ger. 4. A re- examination of the 
original specimen of Taenia aagi- 
nata abietina (Welnland. 1858) By 
C. W. Stiles and Joseph Gtoldber- 
ger. 1908. (no. 40) 8750 

^A statistical study of the 

prevalence of intestinal worms in 
man. By C. W. Stiles and P. E. 
Garrison. 1906. (no. 28) 8751 
^A zoological investigation in- 
to the cause, transmission, and 
source of Rocky Mountain "spotted 
fever." By C. W. SUles. 1906. (no. 
20) 8768 

U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. Quaran- 
tine laws and regulations of the 
United States. Rev. ed. 1910. 
RA665 A4 1910. 8753 

U. S. Public health and marine hospi- 
tal service. Annual report of the 
supervising surgeon-general. Li- 

brary has 1895-'02, '04» '07-date. 
RAll B15. 8754 

— Official list of commissioned and 

non-commissioned officers of the 
public health and marine hospital 
service of the U. S.; also list of U. 
S. marine hospitals, quarantine 
stations, and quarantine vessels. 
Library has July, 1906, Jan., 
1907. RAll B16. 3755 

— Public health bulletin. Library 
has nos. 32, 34-38, 42-44. RAll 
B176. 8756 

-Public health reports. Library 

has V. 19, 1904, v. 22, Part 2, 
July-Dec. 1907, v. 23, 1908, r. 
24, 1909, v. 25-date. RAll BIT. 


-Regulations for the sale of vl> 

ruses, serums, toxins and analog- 
ous products in the District of 
Columbia and in interstate traf- 
fic. Approved May 11, 1909. 1909. 
RA401 A26 1909. 3758 

-Transactions of the annual con- 

ference of state and territorial 
health officers with the United 
States Public health and marine- 
hospital service. Library has 1st, 
1903-date. RAll B2. 3750 

Vermont. State board of health. Bi- 
ennial report. Library has 1897, 
'99, '03, '05. '07. '09. RA164 Bl. 


Vermont. State board of medical 
registration. Biennial report. Li- 
brary has 3d, 1910. RA164 HI. 


Virginia. Department of health. Vir- 
ginia health bulletin, v. 1, nos. 1. 
3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15. v. 2, 
nos. 1-12 and annual report for 
1910. RA167 B2. 8762 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Bridger, A. E. Man and his maladies; 
or. The way to health. A popular 
handbook of physiology and dom- 
estic medicine in accord with the 
advance in medical science, n. d. 
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dle age. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 
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1900. RA781 081. 8766 

JjOKvitt, J. W. Exercise a medicine; 
or, Muscular action as related to 
organic life. 1870. RA781 L43. 


National conference on Indnstrial 
diseases. First National confer-j 
ence on industrial diseases, Chi- 
cago, June 10, 1910. 1910. RA 
787 N3 1910. 3768 

(Publication no. 10. American aa- 
sociation for labor legislation) 

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upon practical subjects. 2d ed. 
1895. RA776 T31. 8769 


Drake, Daniel. A systematic treatise, 
historical, etiological ana pracii- 
cal, on the principal diseases of 
the interior valley of North Ameri- 
ca, as they appear in the Cauca- 
sian, African, Indian, and EiSqui- 
maux varieties of its population. 
1850. RA802 D76. 8770 

-Same. Ed. by S. H. Smith 

and F. G. Smith. 2d ser. 1854. 
RA802 D77. 8771 

Granville, A. B. The £pas of Eng- 
land, and principal sea-bathing 
places. 1841. 3 v. RA849 5 G76. 


v. 1. Northern spas. — v. 2. Mid- 
land spas. — ^v. 3. Southern spas. 

Herpin, J. C Etudes m^dicalee, 
scientifiques et statistiques sur les 
principales sources a'eaux minSr- 
ales de FVance, d'angleterre et 
d'allemagne. 1855. RA845 H56. 


Meding, H. L. Essai sur la topo- 
graphie m^dicale de Paris. Examen 
g6n6ral des conditions de salu- 
brity dans lesquelles cette ville est 
Plac^e. 1852 RA864 P2 M4. 3774 

— Paris medical vade-mecum des 
mddecins strangers, renseigne- 
ments historiques, statistiques, ad- 
ministratifs et scientifiques. Pr6- 
c6d6b d'une topographie m6dicale 
de Paris. 1852. 2 v. RA864 P2 
M41. 8774a 

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North America: how to reach, and 
how to use them. 1873. RA803 
M8. 8775 

U. 8. Dept. of the interior. The Hot 
Springs of Arkansas. Report of 
an analysis of the waters on the 
Hot Springs reservation. Garland 
County, Ark., with an account of 
the methods of analysis employed 
and the medicinal value of various 
substances usually found in min- 
eral water, by J. K. Haywood; and 
Geological sketch of Hot Springs, 
Arkansas, by W. H. Weed. 1902. 
RA807 H8 H94. 3776 

Walton, G. E. The mineral springs 
of the United States and Canada, 
with analyses and notes on the 
prominent spas of Europe, and a 
list of sea-side resorts, by 6. E. 
Walton. 1873. RA803 W232. 


222 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


Bnrdett, Sir H. O. Hospitals and 
asylums of the world: their ori- 
gin, history, construction, adminifl^ 
'tratlon, management, and legisla- 
tion; with plans of the chief medi- 
cal institutions accurately drawn 
to a uniform scale, in addition to 
those of all the hospitals or Lon- 
don in the jubilee year of Queen 
Victoria's reign. 1891-93. 4 y. 
RA963 B95. 8778 


V. 1. Asyluma— History and ad- 
ministration. 1891. — ^v. 2. ABylum 
construction, with plans and bibli- 
ography. 1891. — ^v. 3. Hospitals — 
History and administration. 1893. — 
V. 4. Hospital construction, with 
plans and bibliography. 1893. Port- 
folio of plans . . . the best British 

. . . and foreign hospitals. 1893. 


Johns Hopkins hospital, Baltimore. 
Hospital plans. Five essays relat- 
ing to the construction, organiza- 
tion & management of hospitals, 
contributed by their authors for 
the use of the Johns Hopkins hos- 
pital of Baltimore. 1875. RA963 
J7. 8779 

Essays with the general title: 
Hospital construction and organi- 
zation, by J. S. Billingsi N. Polsom, 
J. Jones, C. Morris, and S. Smith. 

Reports and papers relating to 

construction and organization. No. 
5, on heating and ventilation. 
1878. RA967 J7. 8780 

I/eveiing hospital, Hannibal, Mo., 
1909. 1909. RA982 H24 L6. 8781 

Iioniitianft. Charity hospital. New 
Orleans. Report of the Board of 
administrators. Library has 1901. 
'03. RA982 N45 05. 8782 

Philadelphia. Founders' week me- 
morial volume, containing an ac- 
count of the two hundred and 
twenty-fifth anniversary of the 
founding of the city of Philadel- 
phia, and histories of its principal 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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224 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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photo-mlcrograpba of specimens of 

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[Bertilioii, Jacques]. International 
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1910. RC96. B4. 8811 

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Physical laws. Dynamic forces. 
Animal life. — ^A new view of physi- 
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The lymphatic system. — ^The excre- 
tions. — ^Animal heat. — The liver. — 
The blood. — ^Hyperemia and con- 
gestion. — ^The renewal of life. — 
Emetics and cathartics. — Cathar- 
tics. — Calomel. — Chronic diseases. 
— Cholera. — ^Treatment of cholera. 
— ^Appendix. 

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3 V. Library has vols. 1, 3. RC41 
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treatise on chemistry, a brief anat- 
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physician of Botetourt co., Va., 
formerly of New Jersey. Flncas- 
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Adopted by the United States 
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ginning with thQ year 1900. Pre- 
pared under the supervision of W. 
A. King, chief statistician for vital 
statistics. 1902. RC96 U52. 8821 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Bell, John. All tlie material facts in 
the history of epidemic cholera: 
being a report of the College of 
physicians of Philadelphia, to the 
Board of health: and a full ac- 
count of the causee, post mortem 
appearances, and treatment of the 

, disease. By John Bell and by D. 
F. Condie. 2nd. ed. 1832. RC126 

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subject of canine madness. 1792. 
RC148 B78. 

Cmrle, WiUiam. Memoirs of the yel- 
low fever, which prevailed in 
Philadelphia, and other parts oi 
the United States of America, in 
the summer and autumn of the 
present year, 1798. To which is 
added, a collection of facts re- 
specting the origin of the fever. 
1798. RC211 P5 H4. 3824 

(Bound in [Pamphlets on yellow 
fever in Philadelphia] ) 

Darling, S. T. Studies in relation to 
malaria. 1910. RC116 D3. 3825 

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nouveau-nte et dee enfants & la 
mamelle. 1854. RC201 D55. 


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die cholera mit rlicksicht auf ein 
urs&chliches luftinfusorium und 
deseen nicht-contagidse natur. 
1854. RC126 H46. 3827 

Versuch einer neuen empirischen 

begriindung der cholerawissen- 
schaft. 1854. RC126 H46. 3828 

Helmuth, J. H. C. A short account 
of the yellow fever in Philadel- 
phia, for the reflecting Christian. 
By H. C. Helmuth. Tr. from the 
German by C. Erdmann. 1794. 
EC211 P5 H4. 8829 

(Bound in [Pamphlets on yellow 
fever in Philadelphia] ) 

Hunter, John. Trait6 de la maladle 
v6n6rienne. Traduit de I'anglais 
par le docteur G. Richelot, avec 

des notes et des additions par 
P. Ricord, 2 me 6d., rev., cor. et 
aug. 1852. RC201 H94. 3830 

Hvss, Magnus. Statistique et traite- 
ment du typhus et de la fldvre ty- 
pholde. 1855. RC188 H97. 3831 

Jacksonville aiudllary sanitary 
dation, Jacksonville, Fla. Report 
of the Jacksonville auxiliary sanl« 
tary association, of Jacksonville, 
Florida. Covering the work of the 
association during the yellow fever 
epidemic, 1888. Ed. by C. S. 
Adams. 1889. RC211 F7 J2. 

Jameson, H. G. A treatise on epi- 
demic cholera. 1855. RC126 J32. 


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malarial fever. 1858. RC156 J76. 


Joynes, L. S. Yellow fever: liability 
of Richmond to the disease, and 
the need of preventive measures. 
[1878?J RC211 V8 R4. 3835 

La Roche, Ren^. Yellow fever con- 
sidered in its historical, pathologi- 
cal, etiological, and therapeutical 
relations. Including a sketch of 
the disesae as it has occurred in 
Philadelphia from 1699 to 1854. 
1855. 2 V. RC206 L32. 3836 

Levy, E. C. Certain conclusions con^ 
cerning typhoid fever in the South, 
as deduced from a study of ty- 
phoid fever in Richmond, Virginia. 
[By] E. C. Levy, and A. W. Free- 
man. 1908. RC192 V8 R4. 3837 

The extermination of mosqui* 

toes. 1908. RCtl6 L66. 3838 

Louisiana. Board of health. Inves- 
tigation and refutation of certain 
statements and charges made by 
the National board of health, in 
its Annual report for the year 
1882. 1883. RC211 L8. 3839 

Louisiana. Leper home. Bi-annual 
report of the board of control. 
Library has 1904. RC154 5 L8. 


226 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

McLaughlin, J. W. An explanation 
of the phenomena of Immunity and 
contagion, based upon the action 
of physical and biological laws. 
[1890] RC114 M16. 3841 

Macnamara, C. N. A history of Asta- 
tic cholera. 1876. RC127 M16. 


Afason, G. F. The spread of disease 
by insects, with suggestions re- 
garding prophylaxis. 1904. RC115 
M39. 3843 

Merchants* association of New York. 

The house-fly at the bar, indict- 
ment, guilty or not guilty? Evi- 
dence: in the matter of the people 
against the common house fly. 
April. 1909. RC115 M5. 3844 

Outbreak of yellow fe-^er at Biloxi, 
Harrison County, Mies., and its 
relation to inter- state notification. 
1886. RC211 M7 B5. 3845 

Philadelphia. Academy of medicine. 
Proofs of the origin of the yellow 
fever in Philadelphia & Kensing- 
ton, in the year 1797, from domes- 
tic exhalation. 1797. RC211 PB 
H4. 8846 

(Bound in [Pamphlets on yellow 
fever in Philadelphia] ) 

Philadelphia. College of physicians. 
Proceedings of the college of phy- 
sicians of Philadelphia, relative to 
the prevention of the introduction 
and spreading of oontagious dis- 
eases. 1798. RC211 P5 H4. 3847 
(Bound in [Pamphlets on yellow 
fever in Philadelphia] ) 

Reed, Walter. Abstract of report on 
the origin and spread of typhoid 
fever In U. S. military camps dur- 
ing the Spanish war of 1898. 
1900. RC187 U41. 3848 

lUcord, Philippe. Lettres sur la 
syphilis. Avec une introduction 
par A. Latour. 2me. 6d. rev., cor. 
and aug. 1856. RC201 R54. 3849 

Robert, J. M. Traits des maladies 
v6n6riennes, ouvrage th6orique et 
pratique r6dlg6 d'aprte les docu- 

ments pulsus dans les lecons et 
dans le service de M. Ricord. 1853. 
RC201 R63. 3850 

Rush, Benjamin. Observations upon 
the origin of the malignant bilious, 
or yellow fever in Philadelphia, 
and upon the means of preventing 
it: addressed to the citizens of 
Philadelphia. 1799. RC206 R95. 


Short history of the yellow fever, 
that broke out in the city of Phila- 
delphia, in July, 1797: with list 
of the dead; of the donations for 
the relief of the poor, and a va- 
riety of other intereeting particu- 
lars. 1797. RC211 P5 H4. 8852 
(Bound in [Pamphlets on yellow 
fever in Philadelphia] ) 

Steptoe, George. Disputatio medica 
inauguralis de febre nervosa. 1767. 
RC199 S83. 3853 

Stevens, William. Observations on 
the nature and the treatment of 
the Asiatic cholera. 1853. RC126 
S84. 8854 

U. S. Commissioner to investigate 
cholera in Europe and India. Re- 
port on cholera In Europe and In- 
dia, by E. O. Shakespeare, U. S. 
commissioner. 1890. RC127 U5. 

U. S. Medical dept. Report on th^ 
origin and spread of typhoid fever 
in U. S. military camps during the 
Spanish war of 1898. By Walter 
Reed. V. C. Vaughan and B. O. 
Shakespeare. 1904. 2 v. v. 1 
wanting. RC187 U4. 3850 

Appendices 1-3, included in v. 1: 
The sanitary examination of seven 
hundred samples of drinking water, 
by Victor C. Vaughan. — ^A paper on 
the chemical disinfection of drink- 
ing water, prepared by James M. 
Cooper, M. D. — ^A paper on typhoid 
bacilluria, prepared by John Ral- 
ston Williams, M. D. 

U. S. Public health and marine hos- 
pital service. Preliminary report 
on the yellow-fever epidemic of 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


1882, in the state of Texas. [1882] 
RC211 T4 A2. 8867 

-The present pandemic of plague. 

By Assistant surgeon-general J. 
M. Eager. 1908. RC176 U5. 8858 

— The rat and its relation to the 

public health. 1910. RC115 U5. 


-Studies upon leprosy. 1908. Li- 

brary has 1-7; 9-13. RC164 9 H3 
A6. 8860 

-Yellow fever: its nature, diag- 

nosis, treatment, and prophylaxis, 
and quarantine regulations relat- 
ing thereto, by officers of the U. 
S. marine hospital service. 1898. 
Walter Wyman, supervising sur- 
geon-generaL RC211 A19 1898. 


U. S. Public health and marine hos- 
pital service. Yellow fever insti- 
tute. Bulletin. Library has nos. 
13, 15, 16, 17. RC211 A2. 8862 

V. S. Surgeon-general's office. The 
cholera epidemic of 1873 in the 

United States. 1875. RC131 A24. 


— Report on epidemic cholera and 
yellow fever in the army of the 
United States, du!ring the yeai* 
1867. 1868. Report written by 
J. J. Woodward. RC131 Al 1867. 


— Report on epidemic cholera in 
the army of the United States, dur- 
ing the year 1866. 1867. Report 
written by J. J. Woodward. RC131 
A22. 3865 

— Yellow-fever commission. Let- 
ter from the surgeon-general of the 
United States army relative to the 
appointment of the Yellow-feveh 
commission; Senate report no. 574, 
Sixty- first Ck)ngress, second ses- 
sion, relative to the case of J. R. 
Kissinger; and the message from 
the President of the United States 
of December 5, 1906, in support 
of Senate bill 8024, "A bill pro- 
viding a memorial statue and tab- 
let iu honor of the Yellow-fever 
commission." [1910] RC211 A19 


Baird, A. W. 30 pictures; tubercu- 
losis, communicable, preventable, 
curable. 1903. RC312 B16. 8867 

Oonnecttcnt. Special commission to 
investigate tuberculosis. Report. 
1908. RC309 A5 C81. 8868 

Flick, li. F. The crusade against 
tuberculosis; consumption a cur- 
able and preventable disease; what 
a layman should know about it. 
1904. RC311 F62. 8869 

Georgia. State commission on tuber- 
culosis. Report. RC309 A5 G4c. 


Indiana. State tuberculosis commis- 
sion. Report, 1906. 1906. RC309 
A5 I6c. 8871 

Indiana. State tuberculosis hospital 

commission. Report, 1907-08, 
1908. RC309 A5 I6oo. 8872 

Iowa. Board of control of state in- 
stitutions. Report on the extent 
of tuberculosis in Iowa and the 
best means of prevention and 
treatment of the disease. 1906. 
RC309 A5 I8b. 8878 

Michigan. State sanatorium for tu- 
berculosis. Report. Library has 
1908. RG309 A5 M5. 8874 

National association for the study 
and prevention of tuberculosis. 
Conetitution and by-laws. List of 
members, 1906. 1906. RC306 
N2c. 8875 

— ^Transactions. Library has 1st- 
3rd, 1905, '06, '07. RC306 N2. 


228 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Ohio. CommlsBlon appointed to in- 
yestlgate the feasibility of erect- 
ing sanatoria for tubercttloiis. 
Report. 1903. RC309 AS 03c. 


Rhode IfllancL Commission on state 
sanatorium for consumptives. Re« 
port, 1904. 1904. RC309 A5 R41. 


Rhode Island. General assembly. 
Joint special committee on state 
sanatorium for consumptives. Re- 
port, 1901. 1901. RC309 A5 
R42. 8879 

Rhode Island. State sanatorium at 
Wallum Lake. Annual report of 
the trustees to the general as- 
sembly. Library has 1908, '09, 
1910. RC309 A5 R4. 3880 

St. liOnis. Municipal commission on 
tuberculosis. Report and recom* 
mendations. Library bias 1st., 
Feb., 1909. RC313 A6 M8St. 


Thompson, Theophllns. Clinical lec« 
tures on pulmonary consumption. 
1854. RC311 T46. 

U. 8. Office of Indian affairs. Man- 
ual on tuberculosis; its cause, 
prevention and treatment. By J. 
A. Murphy, medical supervisor, U. 
S. Indian service. 1910. RC313 
A64. 3888 

Vermont. Tuberculosis commission. 
Report, 1904. 1904. RC313 V5. 


-Report, 1908. RC313 V51. 



American medico-psychological as- 
sociation. Proceedings. Librairy 
has 1906, '07. RC326 A2. 3886 

Brlerre de Bolsmont, A. J. F. Hal- 
lucinations: or, the rational his- 
tory of apparitions, visions, 
dreams, ecstasy, magnetism, and 
somnambulism. Ist American 
from 2nd Paris ed. 1853. RC610 
B84. 3887 

Connectlcnt. Hospital for insane, 
Middletown. To the memory of 
Dr. Joseph W. Alsop; also to the 
trustees and local trustees, of the 
Connecticut hospital for insane, 
1868. This reprint of one quar^ 
ter of a century la presented by 
the first trustee of Hartford coun- 
ty [H. S. Hayden] 1895. RC445 
C8 M6. 3888 

Drewry, W. F. Circular insanity: 
report of three cases, n. d. RC608 
D70. 3889 

Clinical study of thyroid ex- 
tract. By W. F. Drewry, and J. 
M. Henderson, [1900?] RC602 
I>74. 8890 

— The commission of lunacy; its 
scope and limitations. RC602 
D72. * 8891 

-Commitment of the insane in 

the Southern States. [1896?] 
RC602 D75. 3892 

— Epilepsy and its treatment 
[1908?] RC395 D73. 3893 

-Evolution of psychiatry; or. 

Progress in the care and treat- 
ment of the insane. 1904. RC602 
D70. 3894 

Feigned insanity: report of 

three cases. RC602 D73. 3895 

) The insane. £1909?] RC602 

D76. 3890 

-The present status of epileptics 

in Virginia. [1901?] RC395 D71. 


-Provision for the criminal in- 

sane. [1903?] RC602 D71. 3898 

— State provision for epileptics. 
1895. RC395 D72. 3899 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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sanity: a series of studies. 1887. 
RC601 E12. 8000 

Haslam^ John. Obeervations on 
madness and melancholy: in- 
cluding practical remarks on those 
diseases; together with cases and 
an account of the morbid appear- 
ances on dissection. 2d ed. 1808. 
RC601 H35. 3001 

Howe, S. G. The causes and pre* 
▼ention of idiocy. 1874. RC630 
H86. 3002 

Illinois. Asylum for insane crimi- 
nals, Chester. Biennial report. 
Library has 1908. RC445 13 C. 


niinola. Central hospital for the in- 
sane, Jacksonville. Biennial re- 
port. Library has 1908. RC446 
13 J. 3004 

Illinolfi. Eastern hoi^ital for the 
insane, Kankakee. Biennial report. 
Library has 1908. RC445 13 K. 


niinolB. General hospital for the in- 
8ane» at Peoria. Biennial report. 
Library has 1908. RC445 13 P. 


Illinois. Northern hospital for the 
insane, Elgin. Biennial report. 
Library has 1908. RC445 13 B. 


Illinois. Southern hospital for the 
insane, Anna. Biennial report. 
Library has 1908. RC445 13 A. 


Illinois. Western hospital for the 
insane, Watertown. Biennial re- 
port. Library has 1908. RC445 
13 W. 3000 

Indiana. Central Indiana hospital 
for the insane. Annual reports. 
Library has 1902-date. RC445 16 
I. 3010 

Indiana. Eastern Indiana hospital 
for the insane, Easthaven. Bien- 

nial report. Library has 1902- 
'06. Annual report. Library has 
1905, '07-'09 to date. RC445 16 
Ea. 3011 

Indiana. Northern Indiana hospital 
for the insane, at Longcliff. Bi- 
ennial report. Library has 1902, 
'04, '06. Annual report. Library 
has 1907-'09. RC445 16 L. 3012 

Indiana. Southeastern hospital for 
the insane. Annual report. Li- 
brary has 1910. RC445 16 M. 


Indiana. Southern Indiana hospital 
for the insane, Evansville. Bien- 
nial report. Library has 1902 -'08. 
Annual report. Library has 1909. 
RC446 16 E. 3014 

-Financial exhibit. Library has 

1905, '07. RC445 16 Ef. 3015 

Indiana. Village for epileptics. An- 
nual report. Library has 1908, 
1909. RC395 A8 16. 3016 

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colored population of the free 
states. 1844. RC443 J3. 3017 

Letchworth, W. P. The insane in 
foreign countries. 1889. RC494 
L64. 3018 

Louisiana. Insane asylum. Bien- 
enlal report. Library has 1904. 
RC446 L8. 3010 

Maine. Insane hospital. Reports. 
Library has 1894. RC445 M2. 


Massachusetts. Commission on 
lunacy. Report on insanity and 
idiocy in Massachusetts, by the 
Commission on lunacy, under re- 
solve of the legislature of 1854. 
1855. RC445 M33. 3021 

Massachusetts. State lunatic hospi- 
tal at Northampton. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1864-1885. 
RC445 M4 N. 

Maudsley, Henry. Responsibility in 
mental disease. 1875. RC601 

230 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

•Same. 1905. 


Mercier, C. A. Sanity and insanity- 
1890. RC601 M56. 3924 

Meylert^ A. P. Notes on the opium 
habit. 3d. ed., rev. 1885. RC371 
06 M57. 8925 

Michigan. Asylum for the insane, 
Kalamazoo. Report. Lib^rary ha« 
1902, '04, '06. '08. RC445 M6 K. 


Michigan. EastejTn Michigan aJSy- 
lum, Pontlac. Biennial report 
Library has 1902, '04. '06. '08. 
1910. RC445 M5 P. 3927 

Michigan. Northern Michigan asy- 
lum. Traverse City. Report. Li- 
brary has 1902. '04, '06, 08. 
1910. RC445 M5 T. 3928 

Michigan. State asylum, Ionia. Re- 
port. Library has 1902, '04. '06, 
'08. RC445 M5 L 3929 

Michigan. State psychopathic hos- 
pital. Biennial report. Library 
has 1908. RC445 M5 A. 3930 

Michigan. ' Upper peninsula hospital 
for the insane. Report. Library 
has 1902. '04, '06, '08. RC445 
M5 N. 8931 

Montana. State board of commis- 
sioners for the insane. Annual 
report. Library has 1902, '06. 
RC445 M9. 3932 

National a^ssociation for the study 
of epilepsy and the care and 
treatment of epileptics. Public 
care and treatment for the epilep- 
tic, n. d. RC395 B70. 3933 

^Transactions. Librarj' has 1st, 

1901. RC395 Al N2. 3934 

New York: (State) State commis- 
sion In lunacy. Annual report. 
Library has 6th, 10th. 1894, '98, 
RC445 N63. 3935 

Nova Scotia. Hospital. Halifax. Re- 
port. Library has 1882. RC448 
N9. 3988 

Ohio. Athens state hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900- 
'07. Issued as Biennial report, 
1909. RC445 03 A. 8937 

Ohio. Cleveland state hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900- 
'07. Issued as Biennial report. 
19d9. RC445 03 Cle. 8988 

Ohio. Columbus state hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 1901- 
'07. Issued as Biennial report. 
19d9. RC445 03 C. 8989 

Ohio. Dayton state hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900- 
'07. Issued as Biennial report, 
1909. RC445 03 D. 5949 

Ohio. Hospital for epileptics. An- 
nual report. Library has 1898, 
1900-'02, '04-'07. Issued as Bi- 
ennial report. 1909. RC395 A8 
03. 3941 

Ohio. Lima state hospital commis- 
sion. Report, 1908. RC445 03 
LI. 8942 

Ohio. Massillon state hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900- 
'08. Issued as Biennial report, 
1909. RC445 03 M. 8948 

Ohio. Toledo state hospital. An- 
nual report. LlBrary has 1900- 
'07. Issued as Biennial report. 
1909. RC445 03 T. 3944 

Oregon. State insane asylum. Bi- 
ennial report. Library has 1897, 
'99, '03, '07. '09. RC445 07. 


Pennsylvania. Board of public char- 
ities. Committee on Lunacy. Rules 
and regulations. 1906. RC445 P4 
A4. 8946 

tMiiladelphia. Asylum for twe to]M 
of persons deprived of their rea- 
son. Annual report. Library has 
1882. RC445 P4P54. 8947 

Rush, Benjamin. Medical inquiries 
and observations upon the dis- 
eases of the mind. 3d ed. 1827. 
RC601 R95. 3948 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


^orzheliiit J. C. ObseryationB on 
the derangdd manifestations of 
the mind, or insanity. 1st Amer. 
ed., with notes, improvements, 
and plates. With an appendix by 
A. Brigham. 1833. RC601 877. 


Texas. North Texas hospital for the 
irsane. Terrell. Annual report. 
Library has 1907. RC445 T4t. 


Texas. Southwestern insane asylum. 
Annual report. Library has 1907. 
RC445 T48. 8951 

Texae. State epileptic colony. An- 
nual report. Library has 1908. 
RG395 A8 T4. 8952 

Texas. State lunatic asylum at Aus- 
tin. Annual report. Library has 
1907, '08. RC446 T4a. 8953 

Tnke, Daniel Hack. A dictionary of 
psychological medicine, giring the 
definition, etymology and sy- 
nonyms of the terms used in 
medical psychology, with the 
symptoms, treatment, and pa- 
thology of insanity and the law of 
lunacy in Great Britain and Ire- 
land. Ed. by D. H. Tuke. 1892. 
2 T. RC601 T91 Ref. 8954 

U. S. Government hospital for the 
insane. Bulletin. Library hss no. 
1, 2. RC445 D4 B 8955 

Report. Library has 1897, '01. 

1903-'07. RC445 D4. 8956 

U. 8. Philippine commission, 1900. 
Opium investigation committee. 
Report of the Committee ap«. 
pointed by the Philippine com- 
mission to investigate the use of 
opium and the traffic therein and 
the rules, ordinances and laws 
regulating such use and traffic in 
Japan, Formosa, Shanghai, Hong- 
kong, Saigon, Singapore, Bur- 
mah, Java, and the Philippine Is- 
lands. 1906. RC371 05 P6 
1906a. 8957 

Vermont. State hospital for the in- 
sane, Waterbury. Biennial report. 
Library has 1904, 1910. RC445 
V5. 8958 

Vermont. Supervisors of the insane. 
Biennial report. Library has 
1904, 1910. RC445 V62. 8959 

Virginia. Hospitals for insane. 

Note: A full statement of the doc- 
uments of the Virginia hospitals in 
the Virginia State Library will ap- 
pear in a future bulletin of Virginia 
documents. 8059a 

Winslow, F. B. On obecure diseases 
of the brain, and disorders of the 
mind. 4th ed., rev. 1868. RC601 
W77. 8960 


Abemethy, John. Surgical observa* 
tions, containing a classification 
of tumors, with cases to illustrate 
the history of each species; an 
account of diseases which strik- 
ingly resemble the venereal dis- 
eases; and various cases illus^ 
trative of different surgical sub- 
jects. 1804. RD33 A2. 8961 

-Surgical observations on dis- 

eases resembling syphilis; and on 
diseases of the urethra. 1810. 
RD33 A2. 

Bernard, Claude. Precis icono- 

graphique de mfidecine op^ratoire 
et d'anatomie chirurgicale. 1856. 
RD32 B51. 8968 

Bonnet, AmM^. Trait6 de thdra- 
peutique des maladies articulaires. 
1863. RD686 B71. 8064 

TtslM des maladies des articu- 

lations accompagnd d'un atlas de 
16 planches. 1846. 2 v. RD686 
B72. 8965 

Canniff, William. A manual of the 
principles of surgery, based on 
pathology. 1866. RD31 C22. 


232 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Cfheilins, M. J., von. A Bystem of sur- 
gery by J. M. Chellus . . . Tr. from 
the German, and accompanied with 
additional notes and obserrations 
by J. F. South. 1847. 3 t. RD31 
056. 8967 

Foy, George. Anssthetlcs, ancient 
and modern: their physiological 
action, therapeutic use, and mode 
of administration and also an ac- 
count of the more celebrated 
anaesthetics in use from the earli- 
est time to the discovery of nitrous 
oxide. 1889. RD79 F79. 3068 

Gibson, William. Institutes and 
•practice of surgery: being out- 
lines of a course of lectures. 4th 
ed., enl. 1835. 2 y. Library has 
vol. 1. RD31 G42. 3960 

Goffres, Joseph Marie. Precis icono- 
graphique de bandages panse- 
mentB et appareils. Desslns d' 
apr6s nature par M. Cornuel, 
gravures au burin sur ader par 
M. Davesne. 1853. RD113 G61. 


Gross, S. D. A manual of military 
surgery; or. Hints on the emer- 
gencies of field, camp and hospi- 
tal practice. 2d ed. 1862. RD151 
G87. 8071 

Guthrie, 0[B8iaB]. Memoirs of Dr. 
Samuel Guthrie, and xhe history 
of the discovery of chloroform, 
by O. Guthrie. 1887. RD86 06 
G9. 8072 

Gwathmey, J. T. A plea for the 
scientific administration of anes^ 
thetics. 1906. RD81 G99. 3073 

Holmes, Timothy, ed. A system ot 
surgery, theoretical and practical, 
in treatises by various authors. 
Ed. by T. Holmes. 2d ed. 1870. 
Library has v. 1-4. RD31 H748. 


Johnston, George Ben. Complete 
removal of the shaft of the tibia 
for osteomyelitis, with restoration 
of the bone. [1904] RD684 J72. 


Lyman, H. BL The discovery of 
anaesthesia. [1886] RD79 L98. 


McGulre, H. H. Gun-shot, and 
other wounds of the peritoneum. 
[1873] RD156 M14. 8977 

McGuire, Stuart. Lectures on prin- 
ciples of surgery. 1908. RD31 
M28. 8978 

Malgaigne, J. F. Traitd des frac- 
tures et des luxations. Avec un 
atlas de 16 planches, dessin^ d* 
apr6s nature, par M. Delahaye. 
1847-1855. 2 V. RDlOl M235. 


-A treatise on fractures. By J. 

F. Malgaigne. Tr. from the 
French, with notes and additions, 
by J. H. Packard. 1859. RDIOI. 
M24. 8980 

Morton, W. T. G. Statements, sup- 
ported by evidence, of Wm. T. G. 
Morton, on his claim to the dis- 
covery of the ansesthetic proper- 
ties of ether, submitted to the 
honorable the Select committee 
appointed by the Senate of the 
United States. 3 2d Oongress, 2d 
session, January 21, 1853. 1853. 
RD80 M8 1853. 3981 

[Otis, G. A.] A report on amputa- 
tions at the hip-Joint, in military 
surgery. 1867. RD553 U5. 3982 

— ^A report of surgical cases 
treated in the army of the United 
States from 1865 to 1871. 1871. 
RD205 U6. 3988 

— Reports on the extent and na- 

ture of the materials available for 
the preparation of a medical and 
surgical history of the rebellion. 
1865. RD205 U48. 3984 

Parrish, Joseph. Practical observa- 
tions on strangulated hernia, and 
some of the diseases of the 
urinary organs. 1836. RD621 
P26. 3985 

Skey, F. C. Operative surgery. 1851. 
RD32 S6. 3086 



Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Snow, John. On chloroform and 
other anaesthetics; their action 
and administration. By John 
Snow . . . Ed., with memoir of 
the author, by B. W. Richardson. 
1858. RD81 S67. 8987 

U. 8. Surgeon-general's office. The 
medical and surgical history of 
the war of the rebellion. (1861- 
65). Prepared under the direc- 
tion of Surgeon general J. K. 
Barnes, 1870-88. 3 v. in 6. RD206 
U6. 898to 

Of the medical history v. 1 and 
2 were prepared by J. J. Wood- 
ward, 1870-79; v. 3. by Charles 
Smart, 1888. v. 1 contains also an 
appendix with reports of medical 
directors and other documents by 
J. J. Woodward and George A. Otis, 

with separate title-page and pagi- 
nation. Of the surgical history v. 
1 and 2 were prepared by George 
A. Otis, 1870-76; v. 3. by O. A. Otis 
and D. Lb Huntington, 1883. 

VelpeaUf A. A. I/. M. New elements 
of operative surgery: by A. A. 
L. M. Velpeau, carefully rev., en- 
tirely remodelled, and augm. with 
a treatise on minor surgery. Il- 
lustrated by over 200 engrayings« 
accompanied with an atlas in 
quarto of twenty-two plates, re- 
presenting the principal operative 
processes, surgical instruments, 
&c. 1st Amer. from the last Paris 
ed. Tr. by P. S. Townsend. 
Augm. with notes and observa- 
tions by Valentine Mott. 1847. 3 
V. and alias. Library has atlas 
only. RD32 V44. 3980 


Baltimore. Presbyterian eye, ear 
and throat charity hospital. An- 
nual report. Library has 3d, 
1880. RES B2 P8. 8990 

lilinois. Charitable eye and ear in- 
firmary, Chicago. Biennial report 
of the trustees, superintendent 
and treasurer. Library has 26th, 
1908. RES C5 12. 8991 

Renling, George. Clinical remarks 
on several interesting cases, 
treated at the Maryland eye and 
ear infirmary, Baltimore. 1876. 
RE47 5 R44. 8992 

Toynbee, Joseph. The diseases of 
the ear: their nature, diagnosis. 



and treatment. 2d Amer. ed. 
1865. RF121 T75. 3098 

8. Public health and marine hos- 
pital service. Trachoma, its char- 
acter and effects. By T. Clark 
and J. W. Schereschewsky. 1907. 
RE321 C58. 8994 

Wells, J. 8. A treatise on the dis^ 
eases of the eye. By J. Soelberg 
Wells. 1st Amer. ed., with addi- 
tions. Together with selection 
from the test-tsrpes of Prof. E. 
Jaeger and Dr. H. Snellen. Ed. by 
I. Minis Hays. RE46 W47. 1869. 



Barker, Fordyce. The puerperal 
diseases. Clinical lectures deliv- 
ered at Bellevue hospital. 4th ed. 
1880. RG801 B25. 3996 

Hodge, H. li. The principles and 
practice of obstetrics. 1866. RG 
524 H68. 8997 

Jennings, 8. K. The married lady's 
companion; or. Poor man's 
friend. 2d ed., rev., cor. and enl. 
1808. RG121 J5. 8998 

Johnston, O. B. A case of bilateral 
diffuse virginal hsrpertrophy of 
the breasts. [1903] RG499 J72. 


A vase of uterus didelphys, with 

delivery of full-term child by 
cffsarean section from one organ 
and hysterectomy of other for a 
large myoma. 1904. RG761 JV. 


Scanzonl [von Lichtenfels], F. W. 

A practical treatise on the dis- 

234 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

eases of the eexual organs of 
women, by F. W. von Scanzoni. 
Tr. from the French of Drs. H. 
Dor and A. Socin, and annotated 
. . . by A. K. Gardner. [1861] 
RGlOl 828. 4001 

Weet, CliAiles. An Inquiry Into the 
pathological Importance of ulcera- 
tion of the OB uteri. Being the 
Croonian lectures for the year 
1854. 1854. RG310 W5. 4002 


Fiflcher, Louis. The health-care of 
the baby; a handbook for mothers 
and nurses. 1906. RJlOl F62. 


Fltz, Mrs. R. K, Problems of baby- 
hood; building a constitution, 
forming a character, by R. K. 
Fitz, and George Wells Fltz. II- 

lus. by E. 

A. Bell. 1906. RJ61 


Holt, L. £. The care and feeding of 
children; a catechism for the use 
of mothers and children's nurses, 
3d ed., rev. and enl. 1904. RJ61 
H74. 4005 


Duhring, L. A. Atlas of sftin dis- 
eases. 1876[-81]. RL81 D87. 


Green, Jonathan. A practical com- 
pendium of the diseases of the 
skin, with cases. 2d ed., cor. and 
imp. 1837. RL71 079. 4007 

U. S. Public health and marine hos- 

pital service. Pellagra, a precis, 
by Passed assistant surgeon C. H. 
Lavinder. 1908. RL291 U6. 


Wilson, Sir W. J. E. On diseases 
of the skin; a system of cutaneous 
medicine. 7th Amer. from the 
6th rer. Eng. ed. 1868. RLr71 
W74. 4000 


Althaus, Jnlins. A treatise on medi- 
cal electricity, theoretical and 
practical; and its use in the treat- 
ment of paralysis, neuralgia, and 
other diseases. 2d ed. 1870. RM 
871 A46. 4010 

Boone, U. S. Antipyrine, acetanilide 
and phenacetln; are tney harmful 
remedies? are they habit-forming 
drugs? [1910?] RM666 C57 B7. 


Briquet, P. Traits th^rapeutique du 
quinquina et de ses preparations. 
2me ed. 1855. RM666 C53 B8. 


Duchenne de Bonlog^e, G. B. A. De 

Telectrisation localis^e et de son 
application k la physiologie, k la 
pathologie et & la th6rapeutlque. 
1855. RM871 D82. 4018 

-A treatise on localized electri- 

zation, and its application to 
pathology and therapeutics. Tr. 
from 3d ed. of the original by H. 
Tibbits. 1871. RM871 D83. 4014 

Graham, Douglas. Manual therapeu- 
tics; a treatise on massage; its 
history, mode of application and 
effects, indications and contra- 
indications, 3d ed., rev., enl., and 
illus. 1902. RM721 G75. 4015 

Harrison, Eveleen. Home nursing; 
modern scientific methods for the 
care of the sick. [1908] RT61 
H31. 4016 

Headland, F. W. The action of 
medicines in the system; or, "On 
the mode in which therapeutic 
agents introduced into the stom- 
ach produce their peculiar effects 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


on the animal economy." 2d 
Amer., from 2d rev. and enl. 
London ed. 1856. RM300 H43. 


Hansoii, O. F. A treatise on the 
physiological and therapeutic ac- 
tion of the sulphate of quinine. 
1882. RM666 C53 M2. 4018 

Ohio. Dairy and food dept. Bulle- 
tin. Patent or proprietary medi- 
cines. 1909. RM671 P2 06. 4019 

PllCeaire, J. Puissance de I'^lectrl- 
cit6 anlmale» ou du magn^tlsme 
Tltal et de ses rapports avec la 
physique, la physlologie et la 
m6declne. 1839. RM901 P62. 


PHcalm, John. Vaccination. 

[1907?] RM787 P68. 4021 

Stills, Alfred. Therapeutics and ma- 
teria medlca. A systematic trea^ 
tlse on the action and uses of 
medicinal agents, Including their 
description and history. 3d ed. 

rev. and enl. 1868. 2 v. RM121 
S86. 4022 

Timberlake, J. Dr. C. J. B. Wil- 
liams and others on the principles 
of the water cure: with comments 
and explanatory remarks. 1853. 
RM811 T58. 4028 

Vance, R. A. The prevention of ab- 
scesses in hypodermic medication. 
1871. RM169 V22. 4024 

The Wellcome physiological research 
laboratories, founded 1894, Wal- 
ter Dowson, director. [1903?) 
RM741 W44. 4025 

Williams, E. G. Principles govern- 
ing the technlc of Roentgan ray 
therapy. [1905] RM849 W71. 


Wilson, James. The practice of the 
water cure, with authenticated 
evidence of Its efficacy and safe- 
ty. Pt. 1. 1844. RM811 W74. 



The dental cosmos. 
50, 1908-date. 

Library has v. 

llUaois. State board of dental ex- 
aminers. Annual report. Library 
has 1898, 1900, 1901, 1910. 
RK6 13. 4020 

Items of Interest. (Dental.) Library 
has T. 30, 1908-date. 4080 

MonCana. Board of dental exami- 

ners. Annual report. 
1903. RK5 M9. 

Library has 

Ohio. State dental board. Annual 
report. Library has 1907, '08, 
'09. RK5 03. 4032 

Rhode Island. State board of regis- 
tration In dentistry. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1902-1904. 
RK5 R4. 4083 


Acad^mie royale de m^decine de 
Belgique. Commission de legisla- 
tion m^dicale. De la vente des 
medicaments en Belgique; rap- 
port fait k I'academle royale de 
medecine. 1846. RS67 B42. 4034 

American pharmaceutical association. 
Proceedings. Library has 1867, 
'59, '60, '62. '63, '67, '73-'75, '77- 

'86, '89, '90, '92, '93, '95, '98, 
1901-date. RSI A2. 4035 

Arkansas. Law, statutes, etc. Act 
creating the state board of phar- 
macy. 1901. RS5 A8 A6. 4030 

Atlanta. College of physicians and 
surgeons. Department of phar- 

236 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

macy. Catalogue. Library baa 
1910. RSI 11 Q4A88. 4087 

Aonyid, 8. H. Botanical materia 
medica and pharmacology; drugs 
coneidered from a botanical, piiar* 
maceutical, physiological, thei^- 
peutical and tozicological stand- 
point. 1899. RS91 A27. 4088 

Hare, H. A. The national standard 
dispensary. Containing the na- 
tural history, chemistry, phar^ 
macy, actions, and uses of medi- 
cines. In accordance with the 
eighth decennial feyision of the 
United States pharmacopoeia, as 
amended to 1908. By H. A. Hare, 
Charles Oaspari, jr., H. H. Rusby, 
J. F. Geisler, Edward Kremers 
and Daniel Base. 2d ed., thor- 
oughly rev. and much enl. 
[C1908] RS151 2 H3 Ref. 4030 

Henry, Thomas. Experiments and 
obserYations on the following sub- 
jects; magnesia ' alba, calcined 
magnesia, quick-lime, on various 
absorbents, on the comparative 
antiseptic powers of vegetable in- 
fusions prepared with lime, etc., 
on the sweetening properties of 
fixed air. 1773. RS80 H52. 4040 

HofT^nann, Friedrich. Manual of 
chemical analysis as applied to 
the examination of medicinal 
chemicals. A guide for the de- 
termination of their identity and 
quality. 1873. RS421 H68. 4041 

Illinois. State board of pharmacy. 
Annual report. Library has 1906- 
date. RS5 13. 4042 

Indiana. Board of pharmacy. An- 
nual report. Library has 1907, 
1910. RS5 16. 4043 

Joynes, It. S. Curiosities of medical 

history; th^ Paris pharmacopoeia 
of 1758 and its treasures. R866 
J89. 4044 

'Maryland* University. Department 
of pharmacy. Annual announce- 
ment. Library has 1910. RSlll 
M3B19. 4045 

Mlalhe, Louis. Chimie appliqu6e h 
la physiologie et la th6rapeutique, 
1825. 2 V. RS91 P23. 4046 

Michigan. Laws, statutes, etc. Phar- 
macy laws. 1908. RS5 M5 A6. 


Paris, John Aryton. Pharmacologia; 
ed. the 6th. Cor. and extended, 
1825. 2 V. RS91 P23. 4048 

Philadelphia college of pharmacy. 
Quarterly bulletin. Library has 
vol. 2, no. 1, Jul>, 1909. RSlll 
P4P54. 4040 

Philadelphia college of pharmacy. 
Alumni association. Alumni re- 
port. Monthly. Library has 1882; 
Nov., 1896; Oct., 1903. RSll P4 
P6. 4050 

Purdue nnlYersity. School of phar- 
macy. Bulletin. Library has 
April, 1906, '08. '09, '11. RSlll 
16L1. 4051 

Rhode Island. State board of phar- 
macy. Annual report. Library 
has 1902, '03,'07, '09,'10. RS5 
R4. 4052 

Sweringen, H. W. Pharmaceutical 
lexicon: a dictionary of phar- 
maceutical science. Containing a 
concise explanation of the various 
subjects and terms of pharmacy, 
with appropriate selections from 
the collateral sciences. 1873. 
RS51 S95 Ref. 4058 


Henderson, William. Homoeopathy 
fairly represented, a reply to 
Professor Simpson's "Homoeo- 
pathy" misrepresented. 1st Amer. 
ed. 1854. RX81 H5l'. 4054 

Simpson, Sir J. Y.. Homoeopathy: 
its tenets and tendencies, theore- 
tical, theological, and therapeu^ 
tical. 1st Amer. from 3d Edin- 
burgh ed. 1854. RX85 S61. 4055 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


still college of osteopathy. Annual 
catalogue. Ldbrary has 12tli, 
1910. RZ338 S85. 4056 

Ward, J. W. The agnostic in medi- 
cine. Presidential address deliv- 

ered at the sixty-sixth annual ses- 
sion of the American institute of 
homcBopathy held at Pasadena, 
CaL, July 11, 1910. 1910. RX78 
W3. 4057 

Periodicals, Societies^ 1>ociinients, and Other Cbllections. 

Alabama. Dept. of agriculture and 
industries. Alabama. 1907. S31 
A3 B. 4058 

Bulletin of State agricultural de- 
partment Serial no. 27.) 

Alaska. Agricultural experiment sta- 
tion. Bulletin. Library has 
nos. 1, 3. S33 E4. 4050 


Georgeeon, C. O. Suggestions to 
pioneer farmers in Alaska. 1902. 
(no. 1) 4063 

Ross, P. H. Haymaking at Kenai 
experiment station. By P. H. Roas, 
under the supervision of Office of 
experiment stations, U. S. Depart- 
ment of agriculture. 1907. (no. 3) 


• Annual report. Library has 

1906-date. S33 E2. 4062 

Alberta. Department of agriculture. 
Annual report. Library has 

1908, 1909. S135 A3. 4063 

— Bulletin. Library has no. 1, 
1908. S135 A31. 4064 

Statistics branch. Crop bulle- 
tin. Library has no. 9, 1906. 
S135 S8. 4065 

The American agriculturist. 1842- 
1905. Monthly. Library has v. 1- 
10, 1842-'51, V. 12-14, 1854-'55, 
V. 16-18, 1857-59. Weekly. Nov. 
14th, 1903-Mar. 10. 1906, Jan. 
20, 1906, wanting. SI A49. 4066 

The American farmer. Baltimore, 
1821-1868. Weekly. Library has 
V. 1. 2, 4-15, 1819-'20, 1822-'33 
Monthly. New eeriee v. 1-14, 
1845-1860. (V. 11 missing) 6th 
series v. 1, 2, 1866-1868. SI A51. 

Annals of agriculture. Library has 
V. 1-17, 1784-1792. 4068 

Annates d 'horticulture de Paris. Li- 
brary has y. 18-44, 1836-1853. 


Argentine Republic. Comisidn del 
cenao agropecuario. Agricultural 
and pastoral census of the nation. 
Stock-breeaing and agriculture in 
1908. Census taken up during 
the presidency of Dr. J. F. Alcor- 
ta. 1909. 3 V. S187 A3. 4070 

Bulletin des sciences agricoles et 
6conomiques. 4 me section du bul- 
letin universel des sciencee et de 
rindustrie, public sous la direc- 
tion de M. Le Bon. De F6russac. 
1824-1831. Library has ▼. 1-19. 
S5 B93. 4071 

California. State agricultural so- 
ciety. Transactions. Library has 
1858. S3 9 A2. 4072 

Colorado. Agricultural college. Ex- 
periment station. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has no. 83, 145, 153. S41 
E8. 4073 

Colorado. State board of immigra- 
tion. Geneial farming on irri- 
gated land in Colorado. [1910] 
S41 A4. 4074 

Connecticut. State board of agricul- 
ture. Agriculture of Connecticut. 
From report of the secretary of 
the state board of agriculture for 
1880. 1881. S43 A31. 4075 

Annual report of the secretary. 

Library has 1869, '70, '95, '97. 
'98, 1900. S43 A3. 4076 

The cultivator. Monthly. Albany, 

238 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

New Tortt, 1834-1859. Library 
has V. 1-8, 1834-'41. New serieB. 
Y. 1-7. 1844-'B0. 3rd serieB. v. 1- 
7. 1853-'59. SI C96. 4077 

Delaware. State board of agricul- 
ture. Annual report. Library lias 
1903, '04. S45 A3. 4078 

£xperiment station record. Library 
baa 1903-date. 4079 

The farmer & gardener. Library has 
V. 1-5, 1834-'39. 4080 

The fanner and mechanic. Library 
has 1847-52. 4081 

The farmer^s magazine. Library has 
V. 1-32, 1840-'55. 4082 

The farmer's register. Library haa 
V. 1-9, 1833-'41. 4088 

France. Inspecteurs de I'agricul- 
ture. Agriculture francalse. 7 v. 
S229 A3. 4084 

Department de I'lsfere, 1843; 
Hautes-Pyrenees, 1843; Nord, 1843; 
Haute-Oaronne. 1843; Cotes-du- 
N6rd, 1844; Tarn, 1845; Aude, 

Georgia. Department of agriculture. 
Report of the commissioner. Li- 
brary has 1909. S51 A3. 4085 

Hawaii. Agricultural experiment 
Btation. Bulletin. Library has 
noB. 1-3, 5-13, 15-17. S399 E4. 


Higglns, J. B. The banana in 
Hawaii. 1904. (no. 7) 4087 

Citrus fruits in Hawaii. 1905. 

(no. 9) 4068 

^The mango in Hawaii. 1906. 

(no. 12) 4089 

Kranss, F. G. Methods of milk- 
ing. 1905. (no. 8) 4090 

Sedgwick, T. F. Chickena and 
their diseases in Hawaii. 1901. (no. 
1) 4091 

^The root rot of tare. 1902. 

(no. 2) 4092 

Shorey, C C. Composition of 

some Hawaiian feeding stuffs. 1906. 

(no. 13) 4098 

Smith, J. G. The black wattle 

(Acacia decurrens) in Hawaii. 
1906. (no. 11) 4094 

^The Ceara rubber tree in 

Hawaii. 1908. (no. 16) 4095 

-Cultivation of tobacco in 

Hawaii. By J. G. Smith and C. R. 
Blacow. 1907. (no. 15) 4(^0 

Van Dine, D. li. Hawaiian honey. 
By D. L. Van Dine and Alice R. 
Thompson. 1908. (no. 17) 4/991 

Insect enemies of tobacco In 

Hawaii. 1905. (no. 10) 4098 

^Insecticides for use in 

Hawaii. 1904. (no. 3) 4099 

Mosquitoes in Hawaii. 1904. 

(no. 6) 4100 

^A sugar-cane leaf-hopper in 

Hawaii. 1904. (no. 5) 4101 

-Press bulletin. Library has nos. 
1-5, 9-14. 16. S399 E5. 4102 

^Annual report. Library has 

1906, '07, '10. S399 B2. 4108 

Hawaii. Commissioner of agricul- 
ture and forestry. Report. Li- 
brary has 1900, '02. S399 A3. 


Higliland society of Scotland. Prlze^ 
essays and transactions. 1829- 
1843. Library has v. 1-7, 14 (?) 
New series. S3 H63. 4105 

nUnois. Department of agriculture. 
Transactions. Library haa 1871- 
1875, 1885-1887, 1889, 1891, 
1907-1909. S55 A3. 4106 

Illinois. Farmers' institute. An- 
nual report. Library has 1896, 
'98. '99, '00, '02, '03. ' 
S55 F2. 4107 

— Bulletin. Library has no. 16. 
S55 F2 B. 4108 

Circular. Library has no. 3. S55 

F2 C. 4100 

niinois. State agricultural society. 
Trancactions. Library has v. 1, 8, 
1854, '70. 4110 

Illinois. University. Agricultural ex- 
periment station. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has no. 138, 139, 141-148. 
S55 E8. 4111 

— Circular. Library has nos. 109, 
110, 140. S55 E81. 4112 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Indiana. Farmers' institutes. Re- 
port of the superintendent. Li- 
brary has 1904-09. oo9 F2. 4113 
1904 report containa history of 
the work from 1882 to 1904. 1910. 

Indiana. State board of agriculture. 
Annual report. Library has 1853. 
•56, '84, '95-'06. S59 A3. 4114 

The tndnstrialist. Issued weekly by 
the Kansas state agricultural col- 
lege, Manhattan, Kansas. Library 
has V. 1. no. 2-5. c. d. v. 34, no. 7. 
S63 B851. 4115 

Iowa. Department of agriculture. 
Annual year book. Library has 
6th, 1905. S61 A31. 4116 

Iowa. State agricultural society. Re- 
port. Library has 1879, '81, '82. 
'84. '85, '87, '89, '95, '96, '98, '99. 
S61 A2. 4117 

Jonmal d'agrlculture pratique et de 
Jardinage public par les r^dac- 
teurs de la Maison rustique du 19 
siftcle. 1843-1849. Library has v. 
1-6, 2me ser. S5 J86. 4118 

(Maison rustique du 19 sidcle, 
2me pte) 

Kansas. State agricultural college. 
Report of experiment in pig-feed- 
ing, made by the farm depart- 
ment, Manhattan. Kansas. 1899. 
S63 A41. 411© 

Report of the professor of agri- 
culture. Experiments. 1884. 1885. 
S63 E81. 4120 

1898-'08, 1910. S68 A3. 


Report for the month ending 

State agricultural college. 
Experiment station. Annual re- 
port. Including bulletins. Library 
has 1888-91, 1900. 1902-'07. 
Sr.3 E8. 4121 

-Bulletin. Library nos. 6. 8, 9, 

19, 29, 37, 61, 63-74, 76-80, 87, 
90-93, 96, 98, 101, 103, 108-117, 
120-126, 128, i:s9, 131. 132, 142. 
150-157. For others see . . . 
annual rept. E63 B8. S63 E85. 


Kansas. State board of agriculture. 
Biennial report. Library has 

Dec. 31, 1895. 1895. S63 S8. 4124 

Report for the qtiarter. Library 

has incomplete set Dec. 1897-date. 


Kentucky. Bureau of agriculture, 
labor, and statistics. Biennial re- 
port. Library has 10th, 16th, 
1893, 1905. S65 A3. 4126 

Louisiana planter. Library has v. 
39. 1908-date. 4127 

Louisiana. State board of agricul- 
ture and immigration. Bulletin. 
Library has no. 11, 1907. S67 
A31. 4128 

Crop report. Library has 1908. 

1909. S67 Z. 4129 

Maine. Board of agriculture. An- 
nual report of th© secretary. Li- 
brary has 1861, '62, '92-'96, '98, 
'00, '01. S69 A3. 4130 

Maryland. Agricultural college. 
Quarterly. Library has May, 
1907-date. 4131 

Maryland. Agricultural experiment 
station. Annual report. Library 
has 1907-'09, '10. S71 E82. 4132 

Bulletin. Library has 103, 134, 

141-145, 147-151. S71 E8. 4133 

Massachusetts. Board of agricul- 
ture. Annual report. Library has 
3d, 4th, 1840, '41, Ist series; 14th, 
15th. 1867, '68, 2d series. S73 A3. 


Massachusetts. Society for promot- 
ing agriculture. Centennial year. 
1792-1892. 1892. S73 B2. 4135 

Michigan. Department of state. 
Crop report. Library has May- 
Nov., '01, Aug., '02-Jan. '03. 
March-Nov. '03. Jan. '04-Jan. '05. 
Apr. '05-Jan. '07. Nos. 235-241. 
250-255, 257-265, 267-279, 282- 
303. Sept. '09-April '10, no. 335- 
342-351. S75 Z. 4136 

240 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Michigan. Secretary of state. An- 
nual report relating to farms and 
farm products. Library has 17th- 
23rd, 1895-1901. S75 S8. 4187 

Michigan. State agricultural college. 
Experiment station. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has March, 1901-May, 1906, 
noB. 189-238. S75 £8. 4188 

Michigan. State board of agricul- 
ture. Annual report of the sec- 
retary. Library has 1894-'98, 
1900-'02, lb04-'07, '09, '10. S75 
A3. 4139 

Farmers' institutes. Institute 

bulletin. Library has May 1897, 
June 1901, nos. 3, 7. S75 F2. 


Mississippi. Department of agricul- 
ture and commerce. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has V. 2, no. 3. Oct., '07. 
S79 A31. 4141 

Missouri. State board of agriculture. 
Annual report. Library has 1908, 
'09. S81 A3. 4142 

Modem farming. Library has v. 20, 
Oct., 1907-May. 1909. 4148 

Montana. Agricultural college. 
Science studies. Library has v. l. 
no. 1-3. SI M9. 4144 

Montana. Farmers' institutes. An- 
nual report. Library has 1902- 
'06, l8t-5th. S83 F2. 4145 

Nebraska. Agricultural experiment 
station. Aonual report. Library 
has 7th, 1894. S85 E8. 4146 

Nebraska. State board of agricul- 
ture. Annual report. Library has 
1870, '93. '94. S86 A3. 4147 

The New England farmer. 1822- 
1840. Library has v. 1-18. SI 
N53. 4148 

New Hampsliire. Board of agricul- 
ture. Annual report. Library 
has 1880, '82-'86. S89 A3. 4149 

New Hampshire. State agricultural 

society. Transactions. Library has 
1857, '58. S89 A2. 4160 

New York. State agricultural so- 
ciety. Transactions. Library has 
1841-50, '56. V. 1-10, 16. S95 A2. 


New York farmers. Proceedings. Li- 
brary has 1893, '94, '97-'99, '01, 
'03-date. SI N71. 4152 

La Normandie agrioole. 1843-1846. 
V. 1-3. S5 N84. 4158 

Ohio. Agricultural experiment sta- 
tion. Annual report. Library has 
1901, '07. SlOl E81. 4154 

Bulletin. Library has nos. 128, 

130, 132, 134. SlOl B8. 4155 

Ohio. Laws, statutes etc. Laws re- 
lating to the Ohio state board of 
agriculture and the state board of 
live stock commissioners. Revise<i 
Feb. 20, 1905. SlOl A311. 4156 

Ohio. State board of agriculture. 
Annual report. Library has 1894- 
'96, 98, '99, 1901-date. SlOl A3. 


— Annual report of farmers' in- 
stitutes with proceedings of the 
state farmers' institute, and re- 
port of the annual meeting of the 
state board of agriculture. Library 
has 1901-'05, '07. '08, '09. SlOl 
F2. 4158 

— Bulletin of the farmers' insti- 
tutes. Library has 19ul-'06 SlOl 
F25. • 4159 

— The farmers' centennial history 
of Ohio. 1803-1903. 1904. S451 
03. 4160 

— ^Laws and rules governing and 
relating to county or district 
agricultural societies in Ohio. Li- 
brary has 1902, '05. S487 035. 


— OfiSclal report on the condition 
of crops and live stock, etc. Li- 
brary has May-Aug., Oct.-Dec. 

Bulletin of the Virginl\ State Library. 


1901, Jan., March, April, May, 
July, Aug., Dec. 1902, Jan., 
March-July, 1903. SI 01 S8. 4162 

fThe Ohio cultivator: semi-monthly. 
Library has v. 1-6, 1845-'50. SI 
036. 4163 

Oregon. State board of agriculture. 
Annual report. Library has 1899, 
190U. S105 A3. 4164 

PennfiylTBnia. Department of agri- 
culture. Annual report. Library 
has 1894, 1896. S107 A3. 4165 

Bulletin. Library has 147^157, 

159, 160-170, 172-174, 178-160, 
182, 184, 185, 187, 189, 190, 192- 
196, 198, 200, 203, 204, 205. S107 
A4. 4166 

Porto Rico. Agricultural experiment 
station. Bulletin. Library has 
nos. 1-8, 10. S181 E4. 4167 


Barrett, O. W. The changa, or 
mole cricket (Scapteriscus didacty- 
lus Latr.) in Porto Rico. 1902. 
(no. 2) 4168 

^The yautias, or tanlers, of 

Porto Rico. 1905. (no. 6) 4169 

Dorsey, C. W. Soil survey from 
Arecibo to Ponce, Porto Rico. By 
C. W. Dorsey, Louis Mesmer, and 
T. A. Caine. 1903. (no. 3) 4170 

Gardner, F. D. The agricultural 
experiment station of Porto Rico; 
its establishment, location and pur- 
pose. 1903. (no. 1) 4171 

Henrlcksen, H. C. Pineapple grow- 
ing In Porto Rico. By H. C. Hen- 
ricksen and M. J. lorns. 1909. (no. 
8) 4172 

^Vegetable growing in Porto 

Rico. 1906. (no. 7) 4173 

Propagation and marketing 

of oranges in Porto Rico. 1904. 
(no. 4) 4174 

Leenhoff, J. Tan, jr. Tobacco in- 
vestigations in Porto Rico during 
1903-4. 1906. (no. 5) 4175 

Tower, W. V. Insects injurious to 
citrus fruits and methods for com- 
bating them. 1911. (no. 10) 4176 

— Circular. Library has nos. 1, 3- 
6. S181 E5. 4177 

— ^Annual report. Library has 
1906, '07. S181 E2. 4178 

The Progressive farmer. Weekly. 
Raleigh, N. G. Library has v. 
23, no. 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 48-51, 
1908; V. 24, no. 1-21, 23, 25-32, 
35-37, 39, 41, 42, 1909. Si P94. 


Purdue University. Agricultural ex- 
periment station. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has nos. 17, 18, 68, 70, 72, 
79, 81, 87, 88, 91, 92, 97, 99, 110, 
113-124, 126-128, 130-137, 141- 
147, 149. S59 E8. 4181 

Circular. Library has nos. 2-5, 

10, 11, 15, 17, 18, 20-27. S59 E82. 


The Quarterly journal of agriculture. 
Edinburgh. 1828-1843. Library 
has V. 1-13. 1828-1843. S3 Ql. 


Rhode Island. State board of agri- 
culture. Annual report. Library 
has 1900-date. S109 A3. 4184 

Royal agricultural society of Eng- 
land. Th journal. 1840-1878. Li- 
brary has V. 1-25. 1st series, 1-15. 
2nd series. S3 R88. 4185 

Royal Hawaiian agricultural society. 
Transactions. Library nas t. 2, 
no. 1. S399 B2. 4186 

Soci6t^ d 'agriculture du d^partement 
de la Seine. M^moires d'agrlcul- 
ture, d'^conomie rurale et domes- 
tique. 1801-1846. 33 v. Library 
has V. 1-16. 19-21, 23, 27-39. 
1801-'13, 1816-'18, 1820, 1824- 
'31, '33. '46. S5 S67. 4187 

The Southern farm gazette. Stark- 
ville. Miss. Library has incom- 
plete set from v. 11, no. 15, June 
15, 1906-date. SI S72. 4188 

The Southern planter. Richmond, 
Va. Library has v. 1-20, 1841-60 
(Bound) 1868 (Bound. Jan. & 
Mar. missing) 1869; 1870, Jan.- 
Apr.; 1872, March; 1874; 1875, 
(Aug. missing) 1876, Jan., Mar.- 
Oct, Dec; 1877; 1878, Jan.-Oct.; 

1879, Jan., Mar.-July., Sopt.-Nov.; 

1880, Feb., Mar., July-Dec; 1881. 
Jan. & Oct.; 1883, Jan.-June, 

242 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Aag.-Oct.; 1884, (Feb. missing), 
1885, June & July; 1886, Jan- 
May, Aug.; 1887, Feb., June, Aug. 
Oct.; 1888, Feb., May-Aug.; 1890, 
May and June; 1893, July ft Dec.; 
1894, May-Dec.; 1896; 1896, 
June, Sept., Oct. ft Dec. 1897-date. 
SI S728. 4189 

The Soathem tobacconist and mod- 
ern farmer. Official paper of the 
Interstate tobacco growers' protec- 
tive association of Virginia and 
North Carolina. Richmond. Li- 
brary has May, June, 1906. Aug. 
1906-Sept. 1907. SI S725. 4100 

Tennessee. Commissioner of agri- 
culture. Biennial report. Library 
has 1900. S116 A3. 4101 

Texas. Department of agriculture. 
Bulletin. Library has nos. 1-5. 
S117 A31. 4102 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Estimates, 
appropriations, and expenditures. 
Library has 1907-date. S21 A86. 


Monthly reports. May 1863-Dec. 

1876. [18631-76. 14 v. Library has 
1869, 1874-1876. S21 A22. 4104 
No more published. 

— Report. Library has 1847-'49, 
1851-72, 1874-date. S21 A2. 4105 

Yearbook 1894. Library has 

1894-date. S21 A3 5. 4106 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Division 
of accounts. Fiscal regulations of 
the U. S. Dept. of agriculture. 
1898. S21 A88. 4107 

U. 8. Dept. of agriculture. Div. of 
publications. Bulletin. Library 
has nos. 1-9. S21 P4. 4108 


Gresthonse, O. H. Historical 
sketch of the U. S. Department of 
agriculture; its objects and present 
organisation. 2d rev. 1907. (no. 3) 


Index to farmers' bulletins. 

Nos. 1-250. 1907. (no. 8) 4200 

Index to the Yearbooks of 

the U. 8. Department of agricul- 
ture. 1894-1900. 1902. (no. 7) 


^Index to the Yearbooks of 

the United States department of 
agriculture, 1901-1906. 1908. (no. 
9) 4202 

Handy, R. B. List by titles of 
publications of the United States de- 
partment of agriculture from 1840 
to June, 1901, inclusive. Comp. by 
R. B. Handy and M. A. Cannon. 
1902. (no. 6) 420S 

Index to the annual reports of the 
U. £^. Department of agriculture for 
the years 1837 to 1893, inclusive. 

1896. (no. 1) 4204 
Thompson, O. F. Index to au- 
thors with titles of their publica- 
tions appearing in the documents of 
the U. S. Department of agriculture, 
1841 to 1897. 1898. (no. 4) 4205 

Index to literature relating to 

animal industry in the publications 
of the Department of agriculture. 
1837 to 1898. 1900. (no. 6) 4206 

Synoptical index of the re- 
ports of the statistician, 1863-1894. 

1897. (no. 2) 4207 

Circular. Library has nos. 1-18. 

S21 P5. 4208 

U. 8. Dept. of agriculture. Farmers' 
bulletin. Library has nos. 1-36, 
38-75, 77-304, 306-442, 444-453. 
S21 A6. 4200 


Abel, M. W. (Hlnman) Beans, 
peas, and other legumes as food. 
[Rev. ed] 1906. (no. 121) 4210 

Care of food in the home. 

1909. (no. 376) 4211 

Sugar as food. 1906. (no. 

93) 4212 

Adams, J. W. Horseshoeing. 
1903. (no. 179) 4218 

Allen, E. W. Feeding of farm ani- 
mals. [3d] rev. ed. 1901. (no. 22) 


Leguminous plants for green 

manuring and for feeding. 1894. 
(no. 16) 4215 

Alvoid, H. E. Breeds of dairy 
cattle. 1899. (no. 106) 4210 

Cheese making on the farm. 

1903. (no. 166) 4217 

^The dairy herd: Its formation 

and management. Rev. ed. 1904. 
(no. 55) 4218 

Armsby, H. P. The computation 
of rations for farm animals by the 
use of energy values. 1909. (no. 
346) 4210 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Arnold, J. H. How a city family 
managed a farm. 1911. (no. 432) 


Atwater, H. W. Bread and bread 
making. 1910. (no. 389) 4221 

Bread and the principles of 

bread making. Rev. ed. 1906. (no. 
112) 4222 

Poultry as food. 1903. (no. 

182) 4223 

Atwater, W. O. Foods: nutritive 
value and cost 1894. (no. 33) 


Principles of nutrition and 

nutritive value of food. 1902. (no. 
142) 4225 

Bailey, li. H. Farmers' reading 
courses. 1900. (no. 109) 4226 

Bailey, Vernon, Harmful and 
beneficial mammals of the arid in- 
terior, with special reference to the 
Carson and Humboldt valleys, Neva- 
da. 1908. (no. 335) 4227 

Ball, C. R% Mllo as a dry-land 
grain crop. By C. R. Ball and A. H. 
Leidlgh. 1908. (no. 322) 4228 

^Pearl millet. 1903. (no. 168) 


Saccharine sorghums for for- 
age. 1906. (no. 246) 4230 

Winter forage crops for the 

south. 1902. (no. 147) 4231 

F. EX li. Some common 

birds in their relation to agricul- 
ture. 3d rev. ed. 1904. (no. 64) 


Beal, W. H. Barnyard manure. 
1894. (no. 21) 4283 

Barnyard manure. 1904. 

(no. 192) 4234 

Beattie, W. R. Celery. 1907. (no. 

282) 4235 

Celery culture. 1902. (no. 

148) 4236 

^The home production of 

onion seed and sets. 1911. (no. 434) 


The home vegetable garden. 

1906. (no. 255) 4238 

Okra: its culture and uses. 

1905. (no. 232) 4289 

Onion culture. 1909. (no. 

354) 4240 

^The peanut. 1911. (po. 431) 


Peanuts. 1909. (no. 356) 


The repair of farm equip- 
ment. 1909. (no. 347) 4243 

Sweet potatoes. 1908. (no. 

324) 4244 

Beavers, J. C. Farm practice in 
the use of commercial fertilizers in 
the south Atlantic states. 1910. 
(no. 398) 4245 

Bell, G. A. Poultry management 
1907. (no. 287) 4246 

Bennett, R. Ij. A method of 
breeding early cotton to escape 
boll-weevil damage. 1908. (no. 314) 


Bentley, H. Ij. Cattle rangers of 
the southwest: a history of the ex- 
haustion of the pasturage and sug- 
gestions for its restoration. 1898. 
(no. 72) 4248 

Benton, lYank. Bee keeping. 
Rev. ed. 1905. (no. 69) 4249 

Benton. Hannon. A successful 
southern hay farm. 1907. (no. 312) 


Blahopp, F. C. The cotton boll- 
worm; a summary of its life history 
and habits, with some results of in- 
vestigations in 1905 and 1906. By 
F. C. Bishopp and C. R. Jones. 1907. 
(no. 290) 4251 

BoUey, H. Ij. Flax culture. Ex- 
tracted from a report of H. Jm Bol- 
ley . . . by W. U Marcy. 1907. (no. 
274) 4252 

Boss, Andrew. Meat on the farm: 
butchering, curing, and keeping. 
1903. (no. 183) 4253 

Boykin, E. B. Comparative value 
of whole cotton seed and cotton- 
seed meal in fertilizing cotton. 1907. 
(no. 286) 4254 

Brackett, 6. B. The apple and 
how to grow it. Rev. ed. 1909. (no. 
113) 4255 

Breazeale, J. F. Canning vegeta- 
bles in the home. 1909. (no. 359) 


Brodle, D. A. Building up a run- 
down cotton plantation. 1908. (no. 
326) 4257 

Diversified farming under the 

plantation system. By D. A. Brodle 
and C. K. McClelland. 1907. (no. 
299) 4258 

Brown, C. F. Drainage of liri- 
gated lands. 1909. (no. 371) 4259 

Brown, Edgar. Alfalfa seed. 1904. 
(no. 194 4259a 

— Seed of red clover and its 
Impurities. By Edgar Brown and 
F. H. Hillman. 1906. (no. 260) 


Batterweck, O. C. The culture of 
tobacco. 1898. (no. 82) 4261 

Carleton, M. A. Emmer: a grain 
for the semlarld regions. 1901 (no. 
139) 4262 

^Lessons from the grain-rust 

epidemic of 1904. 1905. (no. 219) 


Carrier, Ijyman. Cost of filling 
silos. 1907. (no. 292) 4264 

244 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

^A profitable tenant dairy 

farm. 1907. (no. 280) 4265 

Cates, J. S. A method of eradicat- 
ing Johnson grass. By J. S. Gates 
and W. J. 81[>lllman. 1907. (no. 
279) 4266 

Chesnut, V. K. Thirty poisonous 
plants. 1898. (no. 86) 4267 

Chittenden, F. H. Some Insects 
Injurious to stored grain. 1896. 
(no. 46) 4268 

Clothier, G. B. Forest planting 
and farm management. 1909. (no. 
228) 4269 

Oonferaioe on conservation of na- 
tural resources, Washington, 1908. 
Declaration of governors for con- 
servation of natural resources. 1908. 
(no. 340) 4270 

[Conn, H. W.] Milk fermenta- 
tions and their relations to dairy- 
ing. 1892. (no. 9) 4271 

Souring of milk and other 

changes In milk products. 1896. 
(no. 29) 4272 

The oonstractlon of concrete 
fence posts. 1910. (no. 403) 4273 

Corbett, Ii. C. Annual flowering 
plants. 1904. (no. 196) 4274 

Beans. 1907. (no. 289) 4275 

Beautifying the home 

grounds. 1904. (no. 186) 4276 

Cabbage. 1911. (no. 433) 

-Cranberry culture. 1903. (no. 


Cucumbers. 1906. (no. 254) 


^The home fruit garden: pre- 
paration and care. 1905. (no. 154) 


The lawn. 1906. (no. 248) 


The potato as a truck crop. 

1910. (no. 407) 4282 

^The propagation of plants. 

1909. (no. 157) 4283 
Pruning. 1903. (no. 181) 

Raspberries. 1905. (no. 213) 


^The school garden. 1909. 

(no. 218) 4286 
Strawberries. 1904. (no. 198) 

^Tomatoes. 1905. (no. 220) 


Cotton seed and Its products. 1896. 

(no. 36) 4280 

Cox, H. R. The eradication of 
bindweed, or wild morning-glory. 
1909. (no. 368) 4200 

Craig, J. A. Sheep feeding. 1908. 
(no. 49) 4201 


Crosby, D. J. School exercises in 
plant production. 1910. (no. 408) 


School lessons on corn. By 

D. J. Crosby and F. W. Howe. 1910. 
(no. 409) 4j|9g 

Crosby, M. A. A successful Ala- 
bama diversification farm. By M. 
A. Crosby, J. P. Duggar and TV. J. 
S^plUman. 1907. (no. 310) 4204 

Curtis, C. F. Raising sheep for 
mutton. 1899. (no. 96) 4295 

Some essentials in beef pro- 
duction. 1898. (no. 71) 4296 

Coshman, A, S. The corrosion of 
fence wire. 1905. (no. 239) 4207 

I>earbom, Ned, How to destroy 
English sparrows. 1910. (no. 3 a up 

I>enton, A. A. The manufacture 
of sorghum sirup. 1899. (no. 90) 

Sorghum sirup manufacture. 

1901. (no. 135) 4300 

I>err, H. B. Barley culture in the 
southern states. 1910. (no. 427) 

{Dewey, li. H.] The Russian 
thistle and other troublesome weeds 
in the wheat region of Minnesota 
and North and South Dakota. 1893 
(no. 10) 4302 

^Weeds and how to kill them. 

2d rev. ed. 1905. (no. 28) 4308 

Dodge, C. B^ Flax for seed and 
fiber in the United States. 1895. 
(no. 27) 4304 

Dodge, li. G. Cropping systems 
for New England dairy farms. 1908. 
(no. 337) 4305 

Farm management in north- 
em potato-growing sections 1909. 
(no. 365) 4306 

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crops as food. 


1903. (no. 170) 
^Use of fruit 



other root 

(no. 296) 


horse feeding. 


as food. 1907. 



-How to destroy rats. 


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(no. 293) 

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of destroyinir rats. 

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80) 4428 

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principal insect enemies 

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1898. (no. 


of growing 



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Preparation of vegetables 

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248 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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1899. (no. 

-Meadows and 



^ ..^^ pastures: 

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Same. Rev. ed. 1910. (no 


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The prevention of stinking 

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250 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Silos and silage. Alfalfa. Field ex- 
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Progress of the beet-sugar in- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


dustry In the United States. 
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American assodatloii of farmen^ 
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(Doa 110, 120. 138. 164, 166) 
Library has 7th. 1902-date. 4594 

Associaiion of American a^iical- 
coral ooDegss and experiment sta- 
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vestigations on the Rothamsted 
soils, being the lectures delivered 
under the provisions of the Lawes 
agriculture trust, by Bernard Dyer 
. . . before the Association of 
American agricultural colleges and 
experiment stations at New Haven 
and Middletown. Conn., in Novem- 
ber. 1900. 1902. (no. 106) 4618 

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a report upon some cooperative 
work with the normal schools of 
"WlELshinglon. with notes on school- 
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252 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Mechanical tests of pumps 

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1905 tiiid 1906. 1907. (no. 183) 


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By H. S*. Qrindley and Timothy Mo- 
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thoroughness and ease of digestion 
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nois. By H. 8. Grindley, Timothy 
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^Agricultural instruction for 

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College extension in agricul- 
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List of publications of the a^rri- 
cultural experiment stations in the 
United States (to June 30, 1906). 

1907. (no. 180) 4643 
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of water In the soil in furrow irri- 
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By C. E. Lucke and S. M. Wood- 
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reclamation of the overflowed lands 
in the Maraia des C!ygnes Valley, 
Kansas, by S. H. McCrory assisted 
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1911. (no. 234) 4646 

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^Report of irrigation investi- 
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movable schools of agriculture. 

1908. (no. 200) 4652 

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northeastern Arkansas. 1911. 2 v. 
(no. 230) 4654 

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1910. (no. 222) 4655 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Organization lists of the agricul- 
tural colleges and experiment sta- 
tions in the United States^ 1889, 
1892, 1894-1900. 1903-date (nos. 
1, 6, 12, 13. 19. 23, 27. 39. 47. 69, 
74, 88, 111. 122. 137. 151. 161, 176, 
197, 206. 224. 233. 

Bulletins 59. 74. 88. Ill con- 
tain also a list of agricultural ex- 
periment stations in foreign coun- 

Library has 137-233. 4650 

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Japanese investigations on the nu- 
trition of man. 1905. (no. 159) 

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From drawings exhibited by the Of- 
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in 1900 and at Buffalo in 1901. 1903. 
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sane, Washington. D. C By H. A. 
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(no. 145) 4661 

Report of irrigation and drain- 
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(no. 104. 119. 133, 158) Library has 
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Report on agricultural investi- 
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Water rights on interstate 

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accompany the experiment station 
exhibit. Contributed to by the As- 
sociation of American agricultural 
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effect of muscular work upon the 
digestibility of food and the meta- 
bolism of nitrogen, conducted at the 
University of Tennessee, 1897 to 
1899. 1901. (no. 89) 4681 

Experiments on the effect of 

muscular work upon the digestibil- 
ity of food and the metabolism of 
nitrogen. Conducted at the Univer- 
sity of Tennessee, 1899-1900. 1902. 
(no. 117) 4682 

^Nutrition investigations at 

the University of Tennessee in 1896 
and 1897. 1898. (no. 53) 468S 

Studies on the digestibility 

and nutritive value of legumes at 

254 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

the University of Tennessee, 1901- 
1906. 1907. (no. 187) 4684 

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nutritive value of bread. By C. D. 
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86) 4686 

Studies of the food of Maine 

lumbermen. By C. D. Woods and 
E. R. Mansfield. 1904. (no. 149) 


^Studies on the digesUbility 

and nutritive value of bread at the 
Maine agricultural experiment sta- 
tion 1899-1908. By C. D. Woods 
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-Circular. Library has nos. 43, 

51-63, 56-62, 64-111. S21 E5. 


— ^Farmers* Institute lectures. Li- 
brary has noB. 1-11. S21 E9. 


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trated lecture on the production 
and marketing of eggs and fowls. 

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1910. (no. 11) 
Soole, A. M. Syllabus of illus- 
trated lecture on silage and silo 
construction for the south. 1906. 
(no. 6) 4698 

care of 


of iUus- 



Stewart, F. C. Syllabus of illus- 
trated lecture on potato diseases 
and their treatment. By P. C. 
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(no. 2) 4699 

Syllabua of illustrated lecture on 
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(no. 3) 4702 

WUson, E. T. Syllabus of illus- 
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1907. (no. 8) 4703 

Annual report. Library has 

1907-'09. S21 El. 4704 

Viennont. Commissioner of agricul- 
ture. Annual report. Library 
has 1895-1902, '04, '07, '08, '09, 
'10. S121 A3. 4704* 

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[Agricultural eesays] S405 L15. 



Bonjean, Joseph. Monographie 
de la pomme de terre envisag^e 
dans ses rapports agrlcoles, scien- 
tiflques et Industriels et compre- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


nftnt rhlstoire gr^ndrale de la 
maladle des pommes de terre en 
1845. 1846. 4718 

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treatise on soils, manures, drain- 
ing, irrigation, grasses, and every 
staple product of the U. S. 1850. 
S499 A42. 4717 

Bound with Barlow, J. The haB- 

American husbandry. Containing an 
account of the soil, climate, pro- 
duction and agriculture, of the 
British colonies in North Ameri- 
ca and the West Indies; with ob- 
servations on the advantages and 
disadvantages of settling in them, 
compared with Great Britain and 
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Contents. — ^v. 1. Farms. — ^v. 2. 
Crops. — ^v. 3. Animals. — v. 4, Farm 
and community. 

The (principles of agriculture; 

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loue, prte Melle, recueillies et 
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Kingdom. Pub. under the super- 
intendence of the Society for the 
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1834-40. 3 V. S511 B96. 4728 

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Traduit de Tanglais de Calrd par 
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1822? S411 D28. 4783 

Dickerman, C. W. How to make the 
farm pay; or. The farmer's book 

256 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

of practical information on agri- 
culture. Block raising, fruit cul- 
ture, epecial crops, domestic 
economy & family medicine. By 
C. W. Dickerman, assisted by 
C. L. Flint and other practical 
agricultural writers. 1870. S501 
D55. 4784 

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1853. S521 D75. 4736 

Contents. — Horticulture. — ^Land- 
scape gardening. — Rural architec- 
ture. — Trees, — Agriculture. — 
Fruit. — ^Letters from England. 

Drury, Charles. Important hints 
and discoveries in agriculture; or 
A new system of farming in gen- 
eral: whereby such essential ad- 
vantage is gained over the gener- 
al system in practice, as is judged 
nearly to equal the rent. 4th ed. 
enl. and improved. S511 D8. 4737 

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count of the classification, com- 
position and distribution of the 
soils and rocks, together with a 
condensed view of the climate 
and the agricultural productions 
of the state. 1846-54. 5 v. S451 
N56 E5. 4738 

(Added t-p.: Natural history of 
New York [pt. 5]) 

Explanation of the engravings of 
the most important implements 
of husbandry used in Scotland. 
From drawings prepared for the 
board of agriculture, by Mr. An- 
drew Gray. 1814. S459 E96. 4739 

Farm science. cl906. S405 F2. 


Contents. — pt. 1. Alfalfa culture 
in America, by J. E. Wing. — pt. 2. 
Modem corn culture, by P. G. Hol- 
den. — pt. 3. Best methods in seed- 

ing, by W. F. Brown. — ^pt- 4. 
Small grain growing, by Wl M. 
Hays. — ^pt. 6. Profitable hay mak- 
ing, by T. Shaw. — pt. 6. Up-to-date 
dairying, by C. D. Smith. — ^pt. 7. In- 
creasing fertility, by C. Q. Hop- 
kins. — pt. 8. Power on the farm* 
by F. R. Crane. 

Fessenden, T. O. The complete 
farmer and rural economist; con- 
taining a compendious epitome 
of the most important branches 
of agriculture and rural economy. 
10th ed., 1851. S499 F42. 4741 

-The new American gardener. 

containing practical directions on 
the culture of fruits and vege- 
tables; including landscape and 
ornamental gardening . . . 13 th 
ed. 1851. S499 F42. 4742 

Fitz, J. W. Profitable farming in the 
southern states. By J. W. Fitz, as- 
sisted by Josiah Ryland, Jr., and 
a large corps of prominent agri- 
cultural writers; with an intro- 
duction by Robert Beverly. 1890. 
S505 F54. 4743 

Flint, C. L. The American farmer. 
A complete agricultural library, 
with useful facts for the house- 
hold, devoted to farming in all its 
departments and details. 1884. 2 
V. S501 F62. 4744 

Gardner, D. P. ed. The farmer's 
dictionary: a vocabulary of the 
technical terms recently introduced 
into agriculture and horticulture 
from various sciences, and also a 
compendium of practical farming: 
the latter chiefly from the works 
of the Rev. W. L. Rham, Louden, 
Lrow, and Youatt, and the most 
eminent American authors. 1849. 
S411 G22. 4745 

Gasparin, A. E. P., comte de. Cours 
d'agriculture. 1843-1848. 5 v. S493 
G25. 4746 

Gandry, J. A. Recherches scien- 
tifiquee en orient entreprises par 
les ordres du gouvernement, pen- 
dant les ann6es 1853-1854. Partie 
agricole. 1855. S403 G26. 4747 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


CSourcy, Gonrad, comte de. Troisidme 
voyage agricole en Angleterre & 
en EcoBse. 1855. S453 G7. 4748 

-Voyage agricole dans Tlntdrleur 

de la France. Extrait des an- 
nales de Tagrlculture francalee. 
1855. S463 G71. 4749 

-Voyage agricole en France — Al- 

lemagne - Hongrie - Bohdme - Bel- 
glque. [1854] S403 G7. 4760 

Hall, Bolloii. Three acres and lib- 
erty, by Bolton Hall assisted by 
R. F. Powell, with an Introduction 
by G. T. Powell lcl907] S521 H2. 


Hayward, Joseph. On the science of 
agriculture: comprising a com- 
mentary on and comparative In- 
Yestigation of the agricultural 
chemistry of Mr. Klrwan and Sir 
Humphry Davy; the code of agri- 
culture of Sir John Sinclair, Sir 
Joseph Banks, and other authors 
on the subject. 1825. S493 H42. 


Hnnt, T. F. How to choose a farm, 
with a discussion of American 
lands. 1906. S441 H9. 4763 

Johnson, C W. The farmer's encyc- 
lopaedia and dictionary of rural 
affairs. Adapted to the United 
States, by Gouyerneur Emerson. 
1844. S411 J6. 4764 

Johnston, J. F. W. Experimental ag- 
riculture, being the result of past, 
and suggestions for future exper- 
iments in scientific and practical 
agriculture. 1849. S587J72. 4766 

Joiinieaux, J. Les champs et les pr6s. 
1852. S521 J74. 4766 

Jones, Joseph. First report to the 
Cotton planters' convention of 
Georgia, on the agricultural re- 
sources of Georgia. 1860. S451 G3 
J7. 4767 

Kames, lord. The gentleman 

farmer. Being an attempt to im- 

prove agriculture, by the test of 
subjecting it to the test of rational 
principles. 4th ed. with the 
author's last corrections and ad- 
ditions. 1798. S493 K16. 4768 

L. L. Epargne et pr^voyance; let- 
ters & un jeune laboureur. 1840. 
S495 B47. 4769 

(Bound with Bentz, Li. Premiers 
dl^menta d* agriculture. 1846.) 

JjAYergMke, Lt. G. Ij. O. de. The rural 
economy of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland. Transl. from the French 
with notes by a Scottish farmer. 
1855. S455 L39. 4760 

[Lawrence, John] The new farmer's 
calendar; or monthly remem- 
brancer for all Idnds of country 
business. 5th ed. 1809. S511 N53. 


Lecontenx, Edonard. Trait6 616men- 
talre de I'agricuUure du depart- 
ment de la Seine. 1840. S567 M25. 


Lorain, John. Nature and reason 
harmonized in the practice of hus- 
bandry. With an alphabetical in- 
dex. 1825. S499 L86^ 4768 

Loudon, J. O. An encyclopsedla of 
agriculture. 1826. S493 L88. 


Low, David. Elements of practical 
agriculture; comprehending the 
cultivation of plants, the husban- 
dry of the domestic animals, and 
the economy of the farm. 2d ed.. 
1838. S511 L9. 4766 

Same. 3d ed., 1840. S511 L92. 


MaoGerald, Willis. Practical farming 
and gardening. 1902. S501 M14. 


Malo, Amand. Elements de compta- 
bllitd rurale th^orique et pratique. 
1841. S567 M25. 4768 

Marshall, William. The rural econ- 

258 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

omy of Olocestershire; including 
ItB dairy: together with the dairy 
management of north Wiltshire; 
and the management of orchards 
and fruit liquor, in Herefordshire. 
1789. 2 V. S455 M367. 4769 

-The rural economy of Norfolk: 

comprising the management of 
landed estates, and the present 
practice of husbandry in that 
county. 2d ed. 1795. 2 v. S455 
M367. 4770 

-The rural economy of the mid- 

land counties; including the man- 
agement of livestock, in Leices- 
tershire and its environs: togeth- 
er with minutes on agriculture 
and planting in the district of the 
midland station. 1790. 2v. S455 
M367. 4771 

— The rural economy of the 

southern counties; comprising 
Kent, Surrey, Sussex; the Isle of 
Wight; the chalk hills of Wilt- 
shire, Hampshire, etc.; and in- 
cluding the culture and manage- 
ment of hops, in the districts of 
Maidstone, Canterbury, and Farn- 
ham. 1798. 2 v. S455 M367. 4772 

-The rural economy of the west 

of England: including Devonshire 
and parts of Somersetshire, Dor- 
setshire, and Cornwall. Together 
with minutes in practice. 1796. 2 
V. S455 M367. 4773 

^The rural economy of York- 
shire. Comprizing the manage- 
ment of landed estates, and the 
present practice of husbandry in 
the agricultural districts of that 
county. 1788. 2 v. S455 M367. 


Martinelli, Jules. Manuel d'agricul- 
ture. 2me 6d., rev. et cor. 1846. 
S495 M38. 4775 

Moll, Louis. Colonisation et agri- 
culture de TAlgfirie, 1845. 2 v. 
S471 A4 M7. 4776 

— Manuel d'agriculture, ou tralt6 
6l6mentaire de Tart du cultiva- 

teur, 3 me ed., rev. cor. et con- 
sid^rablement aug. 1841. S515 
R39. 4777 

(Bound with Rendu, V. Manuel 

Moore, Thomas, of Maryland. The 
great error of American agricul- 
ture exposed: and hints for im- 
provement suggested. 1801. S497 
M82. 4778 

[Morris, Edmund] Ten acres 
enough: a practical experience, 
showing how a very small farm 
may be made to keep a very large 
family. With extensive and pro- 
fitable experience in the cultiva- 
tion of the smaller fruits. 8th ed., 
1867. S52i M87. 477» 

Mortimer, Jolm. The whole art of 
husbandry; or, the way of manag- 
ing and improving of land. The 
6th ed., with large additions. The 
whole revised, and carefully cor- 
rected, by the editor, Tho. Morti- 
mer. 1761. 2 V. S509 M88. 4780 

Morton, J. G. ed. A cyclopedia of 
agn*iculture, practical and scienti- 
fic; in which the theory, the art, 
and the business of farming are 
thoroughly and practically treat- 
ed. By upwards of fifty of the most 
eminent practical and scientific 
men of the day. 1851-55. 2 v. Li- 
brary has V. 2. S411 M89. 4781 

Nicholson, John, of Herkimer Co., N. 
Y. The farmer's assistant; being 
a digest of all that relates to agri- 
culture, and the conducting of ru- 
ral afPairs; alphabetically ar- 
ranged, and adapted for the United 
States. 2d ed., cor. and enl. 1820. 
S411 N6. 4782 

phio. State board of agriculture. 
The farmers' handbook contain- 
ing laws of Ohio relating to agri- 
culture and of use and interest to 
all country residents. Comp. from 
the latest ed. of the Revised stat- 
utes of Ohio by the secretary of 
agriculture. Library has 1901, 
•02, '04. S487 03. 4783 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


lOlmsted, Frederick Law]. Walks 
and talks of an American farmer 
in England. 1852. 2 v. S456 051. 


PemiBjrlvaiiia agricultural society. 
Memoirs with selections from the 
most approved authors, adapted 
to the use of the practical farmers 
of the U. S. 1824. S499 P41. 4785 

Powell, E. P. The country home, 
1904. S521 P88. 4786 

Rendu, Victor. Manuel d'agrlcul- 

ture, d, I'usage des cultivateure et 

des ecoles primaires du nord de 

la Prance. 1838. S515 R39. 4787 

(Bound with Moll, 1», Manuel 


Richard, A. Dictionnaire raisonnd 
d'agriculture et d'6conomie du b6- 
tail suivant les principea des 
sciences naturelles applique^s. 
1855. 2 y. S411 R51. 4788 

Roberts, I. P. The farmstead; the 
making of the rural home and the 
lay-out of the farm. 3d ed., 1905. 
S521 R64. 4789 

Rodgers, M. M. Scientific agriculture; 
or. The elements of chemistry, ge- 
ology, botany and meteorology, 
applied to practical agriculture. 2d 
ed., stereotyped, rev., and enl. 
1860. S495 R69. 4790 

Royer, C. E. L'agriculture alle- 
mande, ses ^colee, son organisa- 
tion, ses moeurs et ses pratiques 
les plus r^centes, publico par or- 
dre de M. le ministre de l'agricul- 
ture et du commerce. 1847. S465 
R89. 4701 

RnlBn, Edmund. Essays and notes 
on agriculture. 1865. S521 R92. 


Report of the commencement 

and progress of the agricultural 
survey of South-Carolina, for 
1843. 1843. S451 S6. 4708 

Saint Manr, Mrs. K. (VandenholT). 
A self-supporting home. 1906. 
S501 S17. 4704 

Schllpf, J. A. Manuel populaire 

d'agriculture. Traduit de Talle- 

mand par Napoleon Nicklto. 1844. 

S517 S34. 4705 

Supplement: Du mouton. 1845. 

[Sinclair, Sir John]. Account of the 
origin of the board of agriculture 
and its progress for three years 
after its establishment. 1796. 
S453 S61. 4706 

(Bound with Washington, O. 
Letters to Sir John Sinclair, 1800.) 

-An account of the systems of 

husbandry adopted in the more 
improved districts of Scotland. 
Drawn up for the consideration of 
the Board of agriculture with a 
view of explaining how far those 
systems are applicable to the less 
cultivated parte of England and 
Scotland. 3d ed. 1814. 2 y. S459 
S60. 4707 

-Appendix to the general report 

of th$ agricultural state, and po- 
litical circumstances, of Scotland. 
1814. 2 V. S459 S62. 4708 

-The code of agriculture; includ- 

ing observations on gardens, or- 
chards, woods, and plantations. 
1st Amer. ed., with notes. 1818. 
S511 S6. 4700 

General report of the ag^ricul- 

tural state, and political circum- 
stances, of Scotland. 1814. 3 v. 
S459 S61. 480O 

Smith, J. O. Agriculture in Hawaii. 
1908. S399 S65. 4801 

Stephens, Henry. The book of the 
farm: detailing the labors of the 
farmer, steward, plowman, hedger, 
cattle-man, shepherd, field-worker, 
and dairymaid. By Henry Steph- 
ens. To which are added, explan- 
atory notes, remarks, &c., by J. 
S. Skinner. 1846. 2 y. S511 S84. 


-The farmer's guide to scientific 

and practical agriculture. Detail- 
ing the labors of the farmer, in all 
their variety, and adapting them 
to the seasons of the year as they 

260 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

fiucceBBlvely occur. 1850-1861. 2 
y. S511 S83. 4803 

StoltK, J. li. Manuel 616mentalre du 
cultlvateur alsacien. 1842. S517 
S87. 4804 

[Taylor, John]. Arator; being a se- 
ries of agricultural essays, practi- 
cal & political: in Bixty one num- 
bers. By a citizen of Virginia. 
1813. 8497 T23. 4804a 

— Same. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1814. 
S497 T24. 4805 

Same. In sixty-four numbers. 

6th ed. rev. and enl. 1818. S497 
T25. 4806 

Todd, 8. B. The young farmer's 
manual. 3 y. Library has v. 3. 
S499 T63. 4807 

Trayanet, marquis de. Preseryatif 
d' agromanie empirique ou lettres 
agriooles adress^s ft un cultiyat- 
eur debutant. Premiere partie. 
1845. S517 T77. 4808 

Tall, JeChro. The horse-hoing hus- 
bandry; or, an essay ou the prin- 
ciples of tillage and yegetation. 
Wherein Is shown a method of in- 
troducing a sort of ylneyard- cul- 
ture into the cornflelde, in order 
to increase their product, and di- 
minish the common expense; by 
the use of instruments described 
in cuts. 1733. S509 T91. 4800 

Washington, George. Letters from 
his excellency George Washington, 
to Sir John Sinclair, on agricul- 
tural, and other interesting top- 
ics. Engrayed from the original 

letters, so as to be an exact fac 
simile of the hand writing of that 
celebrated character. 1800. S453 
S61. 4810 

(Bound with Sinclair, Sir John. 
Account of origin of Board of agri- 

Waring, G. E. The elements of agri- 
culture: a book for young farm- 
ers. 2d and rey. ed. [1868.] S495 
W27. 4811 

Wilcox, E. V. Farmer's cyclopedia 
of agriculture; a compendium af 
agricultural science and practice 
on field, orchard, and garden 
crops, spraying, soils, the feeding 
and diseases of farm animals, 
dairy farming, and poultry in the 
United States and Canada, by E. 
V. Wilcox and C. B. Smith. 1905. 
S411 W66 Ref. 4812 

Wilson, J. M. ed. The rural cyclope- 
dia, or A general dictionary of 
agriculture, and of the arts, 
sciences, instruments, and prac- 
tice, necessary to the farmer, 
stockfarmer, gardener, forester, 
landsteward, farrier, ftc. 1852. 4 v. 
S411 W75. 4813 

Woll, F. W. A handbook for farm- 
ers and dairymen. By P. W. Woll 
with the assistance of well-known 
specialists. 3ed., rey. 1903. S501 
W88. 4814 

[Young, Arthur] A six months tour 
through the north of England. 
Containing, an account of the 
present state of agriculture, man- 
ufactures and population, in seyer- 
al counties of this kingdom. 2d 
ed., 1771. 4 y. S453 Y68. 4815 

(Including Agricultural Exhlbitioiis.) 

Appalachian exposition company. 
Premium list and prospectus, Ap- 
palachian exposition to be held 
at Knoxyille, Tenn., from Sept. 
12th to Oct. 12th. 1910. [1910?] 
S555 A64. 4810 

Benson, Charles. Records of the 
Said&pet experimental farm, to 

which is added a guide to the 
farm. Comp. and ed. under the 
orders of goyernment. 1885. S543 
13 SI B4. 4817 

Connecttcnt fair association. Cata- 
log. Library has 1909. S555 C8c. 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


— Catalog of the poultry and 
pigeon show. Library has 1909. 
S555 C8cp. 4819 

Premium list. Library haa 

1909. S555 C8p. 4820 

France. Minlstdre de I'agriculture 
et du commerce, Compte rendu 
de I'exdcution du d^cret du 3 Oc- 
tobre 1848» relatif a TenBeigne- 
ment professionnel de I'agricul- 
ture. 1850. S535 F8 A3. 4821 

Indiana. Department of public in^ 
Btruction. Discussion of the work 
outlined in agriculture for the 
township and town high schools 
and the township consolidated 
schools of Indiana. 1905. Library 
has 2d pt. S534 16 A3. 4822 

Japan. Bureau of agriculture. A 
deecriptive catalogue of the agri- 
cultural products, exhibited in the 
World's Columbian exposition. 
1893. S559 J7 1893. 4823 

Afnasachnaetta. Board of education. 
Report of the Board of education 
of Massachusetts on agricultural 
education. Submitted to the Leg- 
islature of Massachusetts, Janu- 
ary. 1911. 1911. S533 M38. 4824 

North Georgia agricultural college, 
Dahlonega, Ga. Report of Board 
of trustees. Library has 1910. 
S537 03 N8. 4825 

Ohio. Agricultural and industrial 
exposition, Columbus. Bulletin. 
Library has 1902, '04, '05, '07. 
S555 03b. 4826 

Premiums and regulations. 

Library has 1902, '03, 04, 
'09. S555 03. 4827 

Pnrdue uniTersity, Lafayette, Ind. 
School of agriculture. [Announce- 
ment] Library has 1909, '10, '11. 
S537 P87. 4828 

Rhode Island. Commission in refer- 
ence to the Rhode Island college 
of agriculture and mechanic arts. 
Report. Presented to the General 
assembly April 16, 1909. 1909. 
S537 R4. 4829 

KnfBn, Edmund. Premium essay on 
agricultural education. Submit- 
ted to the executive committee of 
the Southern central agricultural 
association. 2d ed. 1853. S.133 
R92. A83U 

l^ennessee. State fair association. 
Premium list, rules and regula- 
tions. Library has 1907. S555 1 
2p. 4831 

Texas. Agricultural and mechanical 
college. College Station. Report. 
Library has 1908. S537 T6. 4832 

U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. General 
laws relating to agricultural and 
mechanical land-grrant colleges. 
1905. S533 U6 L. 4833 


Bonasinganlt, J. B. Rural economy, 
in its relations with chemistry, 
physics and meteorology; or, 
chemistry applied to agriculture. 
Tr., with an introduction and notes 
by George Law. 1845. S585 B77. 


D«Ty, Sir Humphry. Elements of 
agricultural chemistry, in a 
course of lectures for the Board 
of agriculture. With an appen- 
dix. 2d Amer. ed. 1819. S585 
D26. 4835 

Johnson, S. W. How crops feed. A 
treatise on the atmosphere and 
the soil as related to the nutri- 
tion of agricultural plants. 
[C1870] S585 J69. 4836 

Johnston, J. F. W. Catechisme de 
chimie et de geologie agricoles. 
1847. S585 J72. 4837 

-Elements of agricultural chem- 

istry and geology. 7th ed. 1856. 
S585 J77. 4838 

262 ^ Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Lectures on the applications of 

chemistry and geology to agricul- 
ture. New ed., with an appendix, 
containing suggestions for experi- 
ments in practical agriculture. 
1850. S585 J774. 4889 

Petaeholdt, Aleocaader. Lectures to 
farmers on agricultural chemis- 
try. 1846. S585 P49. 4840 

Snyder, Harry. The chemistry of 
plant and animal life. 1905. S585 
S67. 4841 

Storer, F. H. Agriculture In som^ 
of its relations with chemistry. 
1887. 2 y. S585 S87. 4842 

-Agriculture in some of its re- 

lations with chemistry. 7th ed. 
rev. and enl. 1905. 3 y. S585 888. 


U. S. Bureau of chemistry. Bulle- 
tin. Library has nos. 9, 13 (pts. 
1-10). 14, 15, 17-35, 37, 39-64, 
66-69 (pt. 3, 5, 6), 70-84 (pts. 
1-5), 85-134. S585 U5 A4. 4844 


Alwood, W. B. The chemical 
composition of apples and cider. 
1. The composition of apples in re- 
lation to cider and vinegar produc- 
tion. 2. The composition of cider 
as determined by dominant fer- 
mentation with pure yeasts. By W. 
B. Alwood, R. J. Davidson, W. A. 
P. Moncure. 1904. (no. 88) 4845 

Enological studies. 1. Ex- 
periments in cider making appli- 
cable to farm conditions. 2. Notes 
on the use of pure yeasts in wine 
making. 1909. (no. 129) 4846 

The fermenting power of 

pure yeasts and some aasociated 
fungi. 1908. (no. Ill) 4847 

^A study of cider making in 

Prance, Germany, and England 
with comments and comparisons on 
American work. 1903. (no. 71) 


Aasodatron of official agricnl- 
tnral chemists. Methods of analy- 
sis adopted by the Association of 
official agricultural chemists, (no. 

Same. Ed. by H. W. Wiley. 

1899. (no. 46. rev. ed.) 4849 

Proceedings, (nos. 7, 12, 16, 

19, 24, 28, 31, 35. 38, 43, 47, 49, 

51. 66-57. 62. 67, 73, 81, 90, 99, 
105. 116. 122, 132.) nos. 7, 12. 16. 
19. 24. 28, 35, 38 wanting. 4880 

Committee on revision of 

methods. Official and provisional 
methods of analysis. Association of 
official agricultural chemists. No- 
vember 1. 1906. Provisionally 
adopted by the association. Ed. by 
H. W. Wiley. 1907. (no. 107) 4851 

— - — Same. Further revlaed and 
finally adopted, October, 1907. 
1908. (no. 107) 4859 

BIgelow, W. D. The composition 
of American wines. 1900. (no. 59) 


Foods and food control. 1-2. 

Legislation during the year ended 
July 1, 1903-1904. 1904. (no. 
83) 4854 

(no. 69) Pts. 1, 2. 4. want- 
ing. 4855 

Rev. ed. 9 pts. (no. 69) 


Food legislation. Library 

has 1906-1908. nos. 104. 112, pts. 1 
& 2, 121. 4856 

^Meat extracts and similar 

preparations, including studies of 
the methods of analysis employed. 
By W. D. Blgelow and F. C. Cook. 
1908. (no. 114) 4857 

Preserved meats. 1902. (no. 

13) 4858 

Pure -food laws of European 

countries affecting American ex- 
ports. 1901. (no. 61) 4859 

Some forms of food adultera- 
tion and simple methods for their 
detection. By W. D. Blgelow and 
B. J. Howard. 1906. (no. 100) 


Studies on apples. 1. Stor- 
age, respiration^ and growth. 2. In- 
soluble carbohydrates or marc S. 
Microscopic and macroscopic ex- 
aminations of apple staroh. By Wl 
D. Bigelow, H. C. Qore, and B. J. 
Howard. 1906. (no. 94) 4861 

— —Studies on peachea 1. Com- 
piled analyses of peaches. 2. 
Changes in chemical composition of 
the peach during growth and 
ripening. 8. Effect of storage on 
the composition of peaches. By 
W. D. Bigelow and H. C. Gore. 
1906. (no. 97) 4868 

Bitting, A. W. The canning of 
peas, based on factory inspection 
and experimental data. 1909. (no. 
125) 486S 

Experiments on the spoil- 
age of tomato ketchup. 1909. (no. 
119) 4864 

Preparation of the cod and 

other salt fish for the market; in- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


cludinfiT a bacteriological study of 
the causes of reddening. 1911. (no. 
133) 4865 

Browne, C. A. Jr. Chemical 
analysis and composition of Ameri- 
can honeys, by C. A. Browne, in- 
cludinsr a microscopical study of 
honey pollen, by W. J. Younar. 
1908. (no. 110) 48M 

Bryaji, A. H. Maple-sap sirup: 
its manufacture, composition, and 
effect of environment thereon. 
1910. (no. 134) 4867 

Cereals and cereal products. 
1898. (no. 13) 4868 

Chaoe, C M. Chemical composi- 
tion of some tropical fruita and 
their products. 1. A study of Cu- 
ban fruits. 2. The composition of 
fresh and canned pineapples. By 
E. M. Chace, L. M. Tolman, and L. 
S. Munson. 1904. (no. 87) 4869 

CSuunlierlaiii, J. S. The feeding: 
value of cereals, as calculated from 
chemical analyses. By J. S. Cham- 
berlain in collaboration with the 
Bureau of plant industry. 1909. 
(no. 120) 4870 

Cook, F. C. Metabolism of or- 
ganic and inorganic phosphorus: a 
feeding experiment using phytin 
and sodium phosphates. 1909. (no. 
123) 4871 

Cnunpton, C. A. Baking pow- 
ders. 1889. (no. 13) 487S 

Fermented alcoholic bever- 
ages, malt liquors, wine and cider. 
1887. (no. 13) 4873 

Record of experiments at 

Des liignes sugar experiment sta- 
tion, Baldwin, La., during the sea- 
son of 1888. 1889. (no. 22) 4874 
Coshmaii, A. S. The effect of 
water on rock powders. 1905. (no. 
92) 4876 

Dairy products. 1887. (no. 13, 
pt. 1) 4876 

Edson, Hnbert. Record of ex- 
periments at the sugar ex- 
periment station on Calumet 
plantation, Pattersonville, La. 
1889. (no. 23) 4877 

l>nrell, "E. "E. Sxhibit of the Bu- 
reau of chemistry at the Pan- 
American exposition, Buffalo, New 
York, 1901. By B. E. Ewell, W. D. 
Blgelow, and L. W. Page. 1901. 
(no. 63) 4878 

The fertilizing value of street 

sweepinga 1898. (no. 55) 4879 

Gore, H. C. Unfermented apple 
Juice. 1908. (no. 118) 4880 

Haywood, J. K. Arsenic in pa- 
pers and fabrics. By J. K. Hay- 
wood, with the collaboration of H. 

J. Warner. 1904. (no. 86) 4881 

The chemical composition of 

insecticides and fungicides. WHth 
an account of the methods of 
analyses employed. By J. K. Hay- 
wood. In cooperation with the Di- 
vision of entomology. 1902. (no. 

68) *««« 

Commercial feeding stufts of 

the United States: their chemical 
and microscopical examination. By 
J. K. Haywood and H. J. Warner 
with the collaboration of B. J. 
Howard. 1908. (no. 108) 4888 
Injury to vegetation and ani- 
mal life by smelter wastea By J. 
K. Haywood. 1910. (no. 113 (rev.)) 


Injury to vegetation by 

smelter fumes. 1905. (no. 89) 


^Insecticide studies. 1. Pyre- 
thrum powders containing poison- 
ous metals. 2. A compilation of 
analyses of insecticides and fungi- 
cides. 3. State laws governing the 
composition and sale of insecticides. 
1903. (no. 76) 4886 

^Lead arsenate. 1. Composi- 
tion of lead arsenates found on the 
market. 2. "Home-made" lead ar- 
senate and the chemicals enter- 
ing into the manufacture. 3. Ac- 
tion of lead arsenate on foliage. By 
J. K. Haywood and C. C. McDon- 
nell, in cooperation with the Bu- 
reau of entomology. 1910. (no. 

131). *®®J 

^The Ume-sulphur-salt wash 

and its substitutes. By J. K. Hay- 
wood, in collaboration with the Bu- 
reau of entomology. 1907. (no. 

101) ^®®® 

^Mineral waters of the United 

States. 1. Classification and meth- 
ods of analysis. 2. Commercial 
waters. 3. Saratoga waters 
sampled at source. By J. K. Hay- 
wood with the collaboration of B. 
H. Smith. 1905. (no. 91) 4889 

Paris green spraying experi- 
ments. 1904. (no. 82) 4890 

Kebler, H. F. Adulterated drugs 
and chemicals. 1. Inferior drugs 
and insidious methods of deception. 
2. Rose geranium oil and Its sub- 
stitutes. 3. Phenacetln: methods 
of analysis and commercial status. 
1904. (no. 80) 4891 

^Drug legislation In the 

United States. By L. F. Kebler 
with the collaboration of E. T. 
Ragan. 1906. (no. 98) 4892 

Drug legislation In the 

United States. Rev. to July 15, 

264 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

1908. 1909. (no. 98 (Rev.) pt 1) 


The harmful effects of acet- 

anilid, antipyxin, and phenacetin. 
By L. P. Kebler with the collabora- 
tion of Bra. F. P. Morgran and 
Philip Rupp. 1909. (no. 126) 


Ijo Clerc, J. A. Chemical studies 

of American barleys and malts. By 

J. A, Le Clerc and Robert Wahl. 

1909. (no. 124) 4895 
^Tri-local experiments on the 

influence of environment on the 
composition of wheat. By J. A. Le 
C!lerc . . . with the collaboration 
of Sherman Leavitt. 1910. (no. 128) 


McKlroj, K. T. P. Canned vege- 
tables. By K. P. McElroy, with the 
collaboration of W. D. Bigelow. 
1893. (no. 13) 4897 

MaUet, J. W. Report on an in- 
vestigation of analytical methods 
for distinguishing between the ni- 
trogen of proteids and that of the 
simpler amids or amido-acida By 
J. W. Mallet. With a chapter on 
the separation of flesh bases from 
proteid matters by means of 
bromin. By H. W. Wiley. 1898. 
(no. 64) 4898 

Moore, O. €. Cassava: its content 
of hydrocyanic acid and starch and 
other properties. By C. C. Moore in 
collaboration with the Bureau of 
plant industry. 1907. (no. 106) 


Mnnflon, IX & Fruits and fruit 
products: chemical and microscop- 
ical examination. By L. S. Munson, 
L. M. Tolman, and Burton J. How- 
ard. 1902. (no. 66) 4900 

Page^ Jj, W. The cementing pow- 
er of road materials. By L. W. 
Page and A. S. Cushman. 1904. 
(no. 86) 4901 

^The testing of road mater- 
ials, including the methods used and 
the results obtained in the Road 
material laboratory in collaboration 
with the Otflce of public-road in- 
quiries. By L. W. Page with the 
cooperation of A. 6. Cushman. 
1903. (no. 79) 4902 

Itooord of experiments conducted 
by the Commissioner of agriculture 
in the manufacture of sugar from 
sorghum and sugar canes at Fort 
Scott, Kansas, Rio Grande, New 
Jersey, and Lawrence, Louisiana. 
1887-1888. 1888. (no. 17) 4903 

Rldiardson, OHfford. An investi- 
gation of the composition of Ameri- 

can wheat and corn. 1883. (no. 1) 


Spices and condiments. 1887. 

(no. 13, pt. 2) 4905 

Third report on the chemical 

composition and physical proper- 
ties of American cereals, wheat, 
oats, barley and rye. 1886. (no. 9) 


Spencer, G. D. Tea, coffee, and 
cocoa preparations. By G. L. Spen- 
cer with the collaboration of Mr. 
E. E. Ewell. 1892. (no. 13, pt. 7) 


Report of experiments in the 

manufacture of sugar. Season of 
1888.'89. 1889. (no. 21) 4908 

Stnmghn, M. N. The influence of 
environment on the composition of 
sweet corn. 1906-1908. By M. N. 
Straughn and C. G. Church. 1909. 
(no. 127) 4909 

Sugar, molasses and sirup, con- 
fections, honey and beeswax. 1892. 
(no. 13, pt 6) 4910 

Sngar-productn^ plants. Record 
of analyses 1887-*88. Sorghum; 
Fort Scott, Kansas; Rio Grande, 
New Jersey. Sugar cane: Law- 
rence, Louisiana, together with a 
study of the data collected on sor- 
ghum and sugar cane. 1888. (no. 
18) 4911 

Tolman, Ij. M. Olive oil and its 
substitutes. By L. M. Tolman and 
L. S. Munson. 1903. (no. 77) 4919 

Veltch, F. P. Commercial Sici- 
lian sumac. By F. P. Veitch, includ- 
ing notes on the microscopical ex- 
amination of Sicilian sumac and its 
adulterants, by B. J. Howard . . . 
1908. (no. 117) 491S 

Walker, Percy H. Some techni- 
cal methods of testing miscellaft- 
eous supplies, including paints and 
k>aint materials, inks^ lubricating 
oils, soaps, etc. 1908. (no. 109) 


Same. 1910. (no. 109, rev.) 


Wedderlram, A. J. A compila- 
tion of the pharmacy and drug laws 
of the several states and terri- 
tories. 1894. (no. 42) 4916 

^A popular treatise on the 

extent and character of food adul- 
terations. 1890. (no. 26) 4917 

Report on the extent and 

character of food and drug adulter- 
ation. 1894. (no. 41) 4918 

Special report on the extent 

and character of food adultera- 
tions, including state and other 
laws relating to foods and bever- 
ages. 1892. (no. 32) 4919 

Wiley, H. W. Address on the ra- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


tional uae of fertilizers, (no. 90, p. 
236-238, 1905) 4920 

^American wines at the Paris 

exposition of 1900: their composi- 
tion and character. With a mono- 
graph on the manufacture of wines 
In California, by Henry Lachman. 

1903. (no. 72) 4921 
^Analyses of cereals collected 

at the World's Columbian exposi- 
tion, and comparisons with other 
data. 1896. (no. 45) 4922 

— — Chemical composition of the 
carcasses of piffs. By H. W. Wiley. 
With the collaboration of E. E. 
Ewell, W. H. Kruff, T. C. Trescot. 
and othera 1898. (no. 53) 4923 

Composition of maize (In- 
dian corn) including the grain, 
meal, stalks, pith, fodder and cobs. 
Comp. chiefly from the records of 
the Division of chemifltry. 1898. 
(no. 50) 4924 

Experimental work in the 

production of table sirup at Way- 
cross, Oa.. 1905, together with a 
summary of the four-year experi- 
ment on fertilization of sugar cane. 
By H. W. Wiley with the collabora- 
tion of W. B. Roddenbery. G. R. 
You mans, and Arthur Qiven. 1906. 
(no. 103) 4925 

Experiments in the culture 

of sugar cane and its manufacture 
into table sirup. A report on the 
Investigation conducted at Way- 
cross and Cairo, Ga., in 1903 and 

1904. By H. W. Wiley [and others]. 

1905. (no. 93) 4926 
Experiments with sugar 

beeta in 1890. 1891. (no. 30) 4927 
—^Experiments with sugar 
beets in 1892. By H. W. Wiley with 
the collaboration of Walter M'ax- 
well. 1893. (no. 36) 4928 

Same. In 1893. 1894. (no. 

39) 4929 

Same. In 1897. 1898. (no. 

52) 4980 

Foreign trade 

the manufacture and 
of alcoholic beverages 
gooda Summary of an 
made In Great Britain 
Germany and France. 

practises in 


and canned 


and Ireland, 

1906. (no. 


The influence of environment 

upon the composition of the sugar 
beet [19001-1904. By H. W. "V^ley 
in collaboration with the Weather 
Bureau and the agricultural experi- 
ment stations of Cal., Colo., Ind., 
Iowa, Ky., Mich., N. Y.. N. C, 
Utah, Va., and Wis. 1901-05. (no. 
64, 78, 95, 96) 4932 

Influence of food preserva- 
tives and artificial colors on diges- 
tion and health. 1. Boric acid and 
borax. By H. W. Wiley with the 
collaboration of W. D. Bigelow and 
others. 1904. (no. 84, pt 1) 4988 

2. Salicylic acid and salicy- 
lates. By H. W. Wiley with the 
collaboration of W. D. Bigelow, F. 
C. Weber and others. 1906. (no. 
84, pt. 2) 4934 

3. Sulphurous acid and sul- 
phites. By H. W. Wiley with the 
collaboration of W. D. Bigelow, F. 
C. Weber and others. 1907. (no. 
84, pL 3) 4985 

4. Benzoic acid and ben- 

zoates. By H. W. Wiley with the 
collaboration of W. D. Bigelow, F. 

C. Weber and others 1908. (no. 
84, pt. 4) 4986 

5. Formaldehyde. By H. W. 

W41ey with the collaboration of W. 

D. Bigelow, F. C. Weber, and 
others. 1908. (no. 84, pt. 6) 4987 

The influence of soil and cli- 
mate upon the composition of the 
sugar beet, 1901. 1903. (no. 74) 


^Lard and lard adulterations. 

1889. (no. 13, pt. 4) 4989 

Manufacture of denatured al- 
cohol. Based on the operations of 
an experimental still at Washing- 
ton, D. C, and a course of lec- 
tures delivered in connection there- 
with. By H. W. Wiley with the 
collaboration of H. B. Sawyer, L. 
M. Tolman, A. H. Bryan. A. Given, 
and H. W. Berger. (no. 130) 4940 

The manufacture of starch 

from potatoes and cassava. 1900. 
(no. 58) 4941 

Itfanufacture of table sirups 

from sugar cane. 1902. (no. 70) 


A preliminary study of the 

effects of cold storage on eggs, 
quail, and chickens. By H. W. 
Wiley with the collaboration of 
M. B. Pennington, G. W. Stiles, Jr.. 
B, J. Howard, and F. C. Cook. 
1908. (no. 115) 4948 

Record of experiments at 

Fort Scott, Kansas, in the manu- 
facture of sugar from sorghum and 
sugar-canes, in 1886. 1887. (no. 
14) 4944 

Record of experiments in the 

manufacture of sugar from sor- 
ghum at Rio Grande, New Jersey; 
Kenner, Lioulsiana; Conway 

Springs, Douglass, and Sterling. 
Kansas. 1889. (no. 20) 4945 

Record of experiments in the 

266 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

production of sugar from sor- 
ghum in 1889 at Cedar Falls, Iowa; 
Rio Grande, New Jersey; Morris- 
ville, Virginia; Kenner, Louisiana; 
College Station, Maryland; and 
Conway Springs* Attica, Medicine 
Lodge, Ness City, Liberal, Arkalon, 
Meade. Minneola, and Sterling, 
Kansas. 1890. (no. 26) 4946 

Record of experiments with 

sorghum in 1890. 1891. (no. 29) 


Record of experiments with 

sorghum in 1891. By H. W. Wiley 
with the collaboration of G. L. 
Spencer, A. A. Denton, and W. J. 
Thompson. 1892. (no. 34) 4948 

Same. In 1892. By H. W. 

Wiley . . . with the collaboration of 
Messrs. A. A« Denton, G. O'Brien, 
C. I. Hinman, W. J. Thompson, J. 
L. Fuelling, and Oma Carr. 1893. 
(no. 37) 4948a 

The sugar-beet industry. 

Culture of the sugar-beet and 
manufacture of beet sugar. 1890. 
(no. 27) 4949 

Sugar-cane culture in the 

southeast for the manufacture of 
table sirup. By H. W. Wiley. 1. 
Fertiliser experiments on sugar 
cane, conducted by W. B. Rodden- 
bery. 2. Reports of special agents 
on sugar-cane culture, introduc- 
tion by G. Li. Spencer. 1903. (no. 
76) 49SO 

^The sunflower plant: its cul- 
tivation, composition and uses. 
1901. (no. 60) 4951 

Sweet cassava: its culture, 

properties and uses. 1894. (no. 44) 


Zinc in evaporated apples. 

1896. (no. 48) 495S 

-Circular. Library has nos. 3, 

10, 12-19, 21, 23-25, 27-37, 39- 
69. S585 US A5. 4954 


Hilgard, E. W. Soils, their forma- 
tion, properties, composition, and 
relations to climate and plant 
growth in the humid and arid re- 
gions. 1906. S591 H6. 4955 

King, F. H. The soil, its nature, re- 
lations, and fundamental princi- 
ples of management. 1905. S591 
K5. 4956 

Soil survey field book. Field sea- 
son, 1906. [1906] S599 U5 S6. 


U. S. Bureau of soils. Bulletin. Li- 
brary has nos. 1-4. 6-10, 12-67, 
69, 70, 72-76. S591 U5 A4. 4958 


Brlggs, L. J. Capillary studies 
and filtration of clay from soil so- 
lutions. By L. J. Briggs and M. H. 
Lapham. 1902. (no. 19) 4959 

^The centrifugal method of 

mechanical soil analysis. By L. J. 
Briggs. F. O. Martin, and J. R. 
Pearce. 1904. (no. 24) 4960 

Electrical instruments for 

determining the moisture, tempera- 
ture, and soluble salt content of 
soils. 1899. (no. 15) 4961 

^The mechanics of soil mois- 
ture. 1897. (no. 10) 4962 

The moisture equivalents of 

soils. By L. J. Briggs and J. W. 
McLane. 1907. (no. 46) 496S 

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tions to our knowledge of the aera- 
tion of soils. 1904. (no. 25) 4964 

—Studies on the movement of 

soil moisture. 1907. (no. 38) 4965 

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water and aqueous solutions upon 
soil carbonates. By F. K. Cameron 
and J. M. Bell. 1907. (no. 49) 4966 

The action of water and 

aqueous solutions upon soil phos- 
phates. By F. IC Cameron and J. 
M. Bell. 1907. (no. 41) 4967 

Calcium sulphate in aqueous 

solutions: a contribution to the 
study of alkali deposits. By F. K. 
Cameron and J. M. Bell. 1906. (no. 
33) 4968 

^The mineral constituents of 

the soil solution. By F. K. Cameron 
and J. M. Bell. 1905. (no. 30) 4969 

Moisture content and physi- 
cal condition of soils. By F. K. 
Cameron and F. E. Gallagher. 1908. 
(no. 60) 4970 

Soil solutions: their nature 

and functions, and the classification 
of alkali lands. By F. K. Cameron. 
1901. (no. 17) 4971 

— • — Solution studies of salts oc- 
curring in alkali soils. By F. K. 
Cameron. L. J. Briggs, and Ather- 
ton Seidell. 1901. (no. 18) 4972 

Oarr, M. C A preliminary report 
on the Volusia soils, their problems 

Bulletin of the Virginla. State Library. 


and manaerement. 1909. (no. 60) 


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bridge for the determination of 
soluble salts In soil. By R. O. B. 
Davis and H. Bryan. 1910. (no. 61) 


Dorsey, €. W. Alkali soils of the 
United States. A review of litera- 
ture and summary of present in- 
formation. 1906. (no. 35) 4975 

Reclamation of alkali land 

in Salt Lake Valley. Utah. 1907. 
(no. 43) 4976 

Reclamation of alkali soils. 

1906. (no. 34) 4977 

Reclamation of alkali soils 

at Billingrs, Montana. 1907. (no. 44) 


FftUyer, 6. H. Barium in soila 
1910. (no. 72) 4979 

The mineral composition of 

soil particles. By G. H. Failyer, J. 
6. Smith, and H. R. ^Wbde. 1908. 
(no. 54) 4980 

Gardner, F. D. The electrical 
method of moisture determination 
in soils: results and modifications 
in 1897. 1898. (no. 12) 4981 

^Fertility of soils as affected 

by manures. 1908. (no. 48) 4982 

Kln^, F. H. Investifirations in soil 
managrement. Part 1. Amount of 
plant food readily recoverable from 
field soils with distilled water. Part 
2. Relation of crop yields to the 
amounts of water-soluble plant- 
food materials recovered from soils. 
Part 3. Relation of differences of 
climatoloffieal environment to crop 
yields. 1905. (no. 26) 498S 

liivingston, B. E. Further studies 
on the properties of unproductive 
soils. By B. E. Livingston, assisted 
by C. A. Jenson, J. F. Breazeale, F. 
R. Pember, and J. J. Skinner. 1907. 
(no. 36) 4984 

Studies on the properties of 

an unproductive soil. By B. E. Liv- 
ingrston, J. C. Britton, and F. R. 
Reid. 1905. (no. 28) 4985 

Mackle, W. W. Reclamation of 
white-ash lands affected with alkali 
at Fresno, California. 1907. (no. 
42) 4986 

McNees, G. T. Experiments in 
errowinfiT Cuban seed tobacco in Ala- 
bama. By O. T. McNess and L. W. 
Ayer. 1906. (no. 37) 4987 

Experiments in growingr Cu- 
ban seed tobacco in Texas. [By] G. 
T. McNess and W. M. Hlnson. 1905. 
(no. 27) 4988 

Improvement of Virginia fire- 
cured tobacco. By G. T. McNess 

and E. H. Mathewson, and B. G. An- 
derson. 1907. (no. 46) 4989 

^Tobacco investigations in 

Ohio. By G. T. McNess and G. B. 
Massey. 1905. (no. 29) 4990 

Means, T. H. Reclamation of al- 
kali lands in Egypt. As adapted to 
similar work in the United States. 
1903. (no. 21) 4991 

Methods of the mechanical analy- 
sis of soils and of the determination 
of the amount of moisture in soils 
in the field. 1896. (no. 4) 4992 

Patten, H. E. Absorption by soils. 
By H. E. Patten and W. H. Wag- 
gaman. 1908. (no. 62) 4993 

^Absorption of vapors and 

gases by soils. By H. E. Patten and 
F. E. Gallagher. 1908. (no. 51) 


Heat transference in soils. 

1909. (no. 59) 4995 

Schreiner, Oswald. The absorp- 
tion of phosphates and potassium by 
soils. By Oswald Schreiner and G. 
H. Failyer. 1906. (no. 32) 4996 

Certain organic constituents 

of soils in relation to soil fertility. 
By Oswald Schreiner and H. S. 
Reed, assisted by J. J. Skinner. 
1907. (no. 47) 4997 

Chemical nature of soil or- 
ganic matter. By Oswald Schreiner 
and E. C. Shorey. 1910. (no. 74) 


Colorlmetric, turbidity, and 

titration methods used in soil In- 
vestigations. By Oswald Schreiner 
and G. H. Failyer. 1906. (no. 31) 


The isolation of harmful or- 
ganic substances from soils. By Os- 
wald Schreiner and B. C. Shorey. 
1909. (no. 53) 5001 

^Lawn soils. By Oswald 

Schreiner, and J. J. Skinner. 1911. 
(no. 75) 6002 

The rOle of oxidation in soil 

fertility. By Oswald Schreiner «»nd 
H. S Reed. 1909. (no. 66) 500S 

— Some effects of a harmful 
organic soil constituent By Oswald 
Schreiner and J. J. Skinner. 1910. 
(no. 70) 5004 

Some factors influencing soil 

fertility. By Oswald Schreiner and 
H. S. Reed. 1907. (no. 40) 5005 

Studies in soil oxidation. By 

Oswald Schreiner and M. X. Sulli- 
van, assisted by F. R. Reid. 1910. 
(no. 73) 5009 

Soil moisture. A record of the 
amount of water contained in soils 
during the month of May, 1896. 
1895. (no. 1) 6007 

268 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

-June, 1896. 1896. (no. 2) 
^uly. 1896. 1896. (no. 3) 

Stewart^ J. B. Effects of shading 
on soil conditions. 1907. (no. 39) 


Stunts, S. O. Reference list on the 
electric fixation of atmospheric ni- 
trogen and the use of calcium cy- 
anamld and calcium nitrate on soils. 

1910. (no. 63) ftOOO 
Waggawnn, W. H. A review of 

the phosphate fields of Florida. 

1911. (no. 76) 5010 
^A review of the phosphate 

fields of Idaho, Utah, and Wyom- 
ing. With special reference to the 
thickness and quality of the depos- 
its. 1910. (no. 69) 5011 

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of the Yellowstone Valley from a 
preliminary Investigation of the 
soils near Billings^ Montana. By 
Milton Whitney and T. H. Means. 
1898. (no. 14) 5012 

—Catalogue of the first four 
thousand samples In the soil collec- 
tion of the Division of soils. 1899. 
(no. 16) 5013 

The chemistry of the soil as 

related to crop production. By Mil- 
ton Whitney and F. K. Cameron. 
1903. (no. 22) 5014 

^The composition of commer- 
cial fertilizers. By Milton Whitney. 
1910. (no. 68) 5015 

An electrical method of de- 
termining the moisture content of 
arable soils. By Milton Whitney, F. 
D. Gardner, and L. J. Briggs. 1897. 
(no. 6) 5016 

^An electrical method of de- 
termining the soluble salt content 
of soils, with some results of in- 
vestigations on the effect of water 
and soluble salts on the electrical 
resistance of soils. By Milton Whit- 
ney and T. H. Means. 1897. (no. 8) 


-An electrical method of de- 

termining the temperature of soils. 
By Milton Whitney and L*. J. Briggs. 
1897. (no. 7) 5018 

Fertilisers for corn soils. 

1910. (no. 64) 5019 

Fertilisers for cotton soils. 

1909. (no. 62) 5020 
^Fertilisers for potato soils. 

1910. (no. 66) 5021 
Fertilisers for wheat soils. 

1910. (no. 66) 5022 

Fertilizers on soils used for 

oats, hay, and miscellaneous crops. 
1910. (no. 67) 502S 

(Growing Sumatra tobacco un- 
der shade in the Connecticut Val- 
ley. 1902. (no. 20) 5024 

— ^Investigations In soil fertility. 
By Milton Whitney and F. K. Cam- 
eron. 1904. (no. 23) 5025 

^A preliminary report on the 

soils of Florida. 1898. (no. 13) 


— Soil moisture: a record of the 
amount of water contained in soils 
during the crop season of 1896. By 
Milton Whitney and R. S. Hosmer. 
1897. (no. 9) 5027 

Soils of the United States^ 

based upon the work of the Bu- 
reau of soils to January 1, 1908. 
1909. (no. 66) 5028 

^A study of crop yields and 

soil composition In relation to soil 
productivity. 1909. (no. 67) 5020 
U. 8. Bureau of soile. Circular. Li- 
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Sb91 U5 A5. 503O 

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— M6molre sur les quantit^s de 
sel (chlorure de sodium) con- 
tenues dans lea plantes des ter- 
rains salifdres et non salif^res, et 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


sur r^tat de la v6g6tation dans 
les premiers terrains, sous Tlnfiu- 
ence de i'eau. 1847. S663 B39. 


With his Recueil de m^molres 
relatlf k Temploi du sel marln en 
agrriculture. 1849. 

-Recherches ezp^rlmentales sur 

Taction du sel dans la vegetation, 
et Bur son emplol en agriculture. 
[18471 S663 B39. 5037 

With his Recueil de m^moires 
relatlf k remploi du sel marln en 
agriculture. 1849. 

Recueil de mSmolreB relatlfs 

& Templol du sel marln en agri- 
culture. 1849. S663 B39. 5038 

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PennsylvanlA. Board of agriculture. 
List of fertilizer manufacturers 
and brands of fertilizers licensed 
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perdent dans les grands centres de 
population, au detriment de la 
salubrity publlque et de I'agrlcul- 
ture, par J. P. Schmit. Rapport 
fait k la suite d'une circulaire 
adrees6e ft MM. les gouverneurs 
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avrll 1848, par C. Rogier, minls- 
tre de I'intdrieur. 1850. S657 S35. 


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1904. S633 V96. 5051 

270 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


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cole ou deBcription et examen des 
instruments, des machines des ap- 
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[Stabler, Edward] A brief narra^ 
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machines; and an examination of 

the claims for priority of inven- 
tion: by a Maryland farmer and 
machinist. 1854. Reprinted. 
1897. S695 S77. 5053 

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or, The new dispensation for 
farmers. Experience with "ensi- 
lage" at Winning farm." How to 
produce milk for one cent per 
quart; butter for ten cents per 
pound; beef for four cents per 
pound; mutton for nothing if wool 
is thirty cents per pound. 1880. 
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-Same. 1881. SB195 B15. 5057 

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American horticulture, comprising 
suggestions for cultivation of hor- 
ticultural plants, descriptions of 
the species of fruits, vegetables, 
flowere and ornamental plants 
sold in the United States and 
Canada, together with geographi- 
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tors and botanists. Illustrated 
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Ref. 5058 

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The principles of fruit-growing. 

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propagation, transplanting, prun- 
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Prize offered by W. T. Wylie and 
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Prof. Blot. [1870] SB211 P8 C73. 


Courtois-G^rard, — Cours 616mentaire 
de culture maraich^re public sous 
le patronage de la Soci§t6 imperl- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


ale et centrale d 'horticulture. Sine 
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1817. SB355 C87. 6068 

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tions on the British grasses, es- 
pecially such as are best adapted 
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of meadows and pastures: 6th ed., 
with considerable additions, by 
John Lawrence. To which is 
subjoined, a short account of the 
causes of the diseases in com. By 
Sir Joseph Banks. 1824. SB 197 
C97. 6060 

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table substances, used in the arts, 
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33. 3 V. SB321 V42. 6070 

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native and foreign, cultivated in 
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account of the plant and its man- 
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and peach culturist, adapted to the 
soil and climate of Maryland, Vir- 
ginia, the Carolinas, etc. Con- 
taining full and practical instruc- 
tions in successful culture, graft- 
ing, budding, etc. Also a treatise 
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tion. 1872. SB363 P54. 6078 

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culture; vine disease and its cure; 
wine making and wines, red and 
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(Report of the New York Agri- 
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272 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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count of the life and work of 
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2-14, 1847-1869. 6085 

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Tranfiactions. Library has 1900- 
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The cucumber and the goose- 
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The peach; its culture, uses, 

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culture and cure, marketing and 
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K48. 5095 

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or introduced to Britain. 1830. 
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-The potato; its culture, uses, 

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can orchardist, or An account of 
the most valuable varieties of 
fruit of all climates, adapted to 
cultivation in the United States, 
with their history, modes of cul- 
ture, management, uses, &c. and 
the culture of silk. With an ap- 
pendix on vegetables, ornamental 
flowers, the agricultural resources 
of America, and on silk, &c. 7th 
ed, enl. and improved. With a 
supplement. 1844. SB355 KJ. 


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An encyclopaedia of gardening; 

comprising the theory and prac- 
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L88. 5007 

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Annual report. Library has 4th, 
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History from the first meeting 
held at Rochester in 1866, to the 
last at St. Paul in 1873. Cim- 
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A2. 5ioa 

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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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ou trait6 dee c6pageB les plus es- 
tim^s dans tons les Ylgnobles de 
quelque renom. 1845. SB393 022. 

Same: 4me 6d. SB393 023. 


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ennial report. Library has 1898, 
'03-'09, 1911. SB21 07 A3. 5108 

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try of the United States. Ad- 
dresses upon the progress of the 
industry, its economic value ^o 
the nation. Its special importance 
to arid America, and the legisla- 
tion which threatens its destruc- 
tion. 1908. SB219 P3. 5109 

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nicum; an historical and botanical 
account of fruits known In Great 
Britain. 3d ed. 1827. SB367 G7 
P5. 5111 

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perience; and an address contain- 
ing suggestions which may be 
useful to farmers . . . With a 
memoir of the author, by Edmund 
Quincy. SB195 Q7. 5112 

K<«ndii« Victor. De la maladie de la 
vlgne dans le midl de la France et 
le nord de ritalie. Rapport 
pr^s^nte & M. le ministre de Tin- 
t^rieur, de Tagriculture et du 
commerce. 1853. SB393 R37. 


Report of the ensilage competition 
of 1884, held In connection with 
the Smithfield club cattle show at 
Islington. Reprinted from "The 
Field" with additions. [1884?] 
SB195 S58. 5114 

Silos for preserving British fodder 
crops stored in a green state. 
Notes on the ensilage of grasses, 
clovers, vetches, etc. Comp. and 
annotated by the sub-editor of 
"The Field." 3d ed.. 1885. SB195 
S58. 5115 

SocieCe Imperiale et centrale d'hor- 
tlculture. Exposition unlverselle 
de 1855. Procds verbaux des st- 
ances du jury pr6c6d6s de la liste 
generale des exposants. 1857. 
SB107 S67. 5116 

Btnbbs, W. G. Sugar cane; a treat- 
ise on the history, botany and 
agriculture of sugar cane. Issued 
by the [Louisiana] State bureau of 
agriculture and immigration. 
[1897?] Library has v. 1. SB231 
S93. 5117 

IT. S. Butreau of manufactures. 
Soya bean and products. Special 
consular reports. 1909. SB205 S7 
U5. 5118 

U. S. Bureau of plant Industry. 
Bulletin. Library has nos. 1-23, 
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213. SB19 A4. 5119 


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S. and Canada. 1909. (no. 161) 


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tribution of sorghum. 1910. (no. 
175) 5122 

^The importance and im- 
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1911. (no. 203) 512S 

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vestigations made during the sea- 
son of 1901. 1902. (no. 11) 5124 

Soy bean varieties. 1907. 

(no. 98) 5125 

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taros, and dasheens. By O. W. 
Barrett. II. — Agricultural history 
and utility of the cultivated aroids. 
By O. F. Cook. 1910. (no. 164) 


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drug Dioscorea, with a considera- 
tion of the Dioscoreee found in the 
United States. 1910. (no. 189) 


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range improvement in central 
Texas. 1902. (no. 13) 5128 

274 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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Grimm alfalfa and its utili- 
zation in the Northwest. 1911. (no. 
209) 51S2 

^A new type of red clover. 

1906. (no. 95) 51SS 

-Peruvian alfalfa: a new 

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3) 5141 

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(no. 49) 5148 

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ical crop plants: cotton, coffee, ca- 

cao, the Central American rubber 
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Evolution of cellular struct- 

urea By O. F. Cook and W. T. 
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(no. 210) 5151 

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varietiea 1909. (no. 159) 515S 

Methods and causes of evolu- 

Uon. 1908. (no. 136) 5158 

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(no. 166) 5154 

^The superiority of line 

breeding over narrow breeding. 
1909. (no. 146) 5155 

Suppressed and intensified 

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Vegetation affected by 

culture in Central America, 




145) 5157 

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127) 5150 

Range management in the 

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Great Plains area. 1910. (no. 196) 


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of the Cooperative experiment as- 
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1904. (no. 58) 5169 
The vitality of hurled jseeds. 

1905. (no. 83) 5170 
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1910. (no. 170) 5171 

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Japanese bamhoos and their 

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(no. 43) 5178 

Persian grulf dates and their 

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(no. 54) 5174 

Spanish almonds and their 

introduction into America. 1902. 
(no. 26) 5175 

-Three new plant introduc- 

tions from Japan. 1903. (no. 42) 


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Summer apples in the Middle 

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Waahlngton, eastern Oregon, north- 
eastern California, and northwest- 
em Nevada. 1903. (no. 38) 5186 

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northern border of the Great Basin, 
being a report upon investigations 
made during July and August, 
1901, in the region between Wln- 

nemucca, Nevada, and Ontario, 
Oregon. 1902. (no. 15) 5187 

The prickly pear and other 

cacti as food for stock. 1905. (no. 
74) 5188 

^The prickly pear as a farm 

crop. 1908. (no. 124) 5180 

^A protected stock range in 

Arizona. 1910. (no. 177) 5100 

Range improvement in Ari- 
zona (Cooperative experiments 
with the Arizona experiment sta- 
tion.) 1901. (no. 4) 5101 

Range investigations in Ari- 
zona. 1904. (no. 67) 5102 
-The reseeding of depleted 

range and native pastures. 1907. 
(no. 117) 5108 

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By David Griffiths and R. F. Hare. 
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and clovers of Siberia, with a per- 
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mixture of soluble salts, principally 
sodium chlorid, upon the leaf 
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1905. (no. 79) 5108 

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premature pollination: with gener- 
al notes on artlflcial pollination and 
the setting of fruit without pollina- 
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tree. 1910. (no. 186) 5200 

^Field studies of the crown- 
gall of the grape. 1910. (no. 183)' 


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(no. 107) 520S 

Wild medicinal plants of the 

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age crops of the northwestern 
states. 1902. (no. 31) 5205 

^Methods used for controll- 

ing and reclaiming sand dunes. 
1904. (no. 57) 5206 

^North American species of 

Agrostis. 1905. (no. 68) 5207 

North American species of 

Leptochloa. 1903. (no. 33) 5208 

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276 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

with forage crops in western Ore- 
gon and western Washington. 1906. 
(no. 94) 5209 

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investigations in the vinifera re- 
gions of the United States with 
reference to resistant stocks, di- 
rect producers and viniferaa. 1910. 
(no. 172) 5210 

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tion as influenced by crops and 
tillage. 1910. (no. 173) 5211 

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plorations in Algeria. 1905. (no. 
80) 5213 

^Agriculture without irriga- 
tion in the Sahara desert. 1905. 
(no. 86) 5214 

Breeding new types of Egyp- 
tian cotton. 1910. (no. 200) 5215 

^The comparative tolerance 

of variouB plants for the salts com- 
mon in alkali soils. By T. H. Kear- 
ney and L. L. Harter. 1907. (no. 
113) 5216 

^Date varieties and date cul- 
ture in Tunis. 1906. (no. 92)> 


Dry- land olive culture in 

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Egyptian cotton in the 

southwestern United States. By T. 
H. Kearney and W. A. Peterson. 
1908. (no. 128) 5210 

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studies of the soils of the Truckee- 
Carson irrigation project. By K. F. 
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(no. 211) 5220 

^The disinfection of sewage 

eflfluents for the protection of public 
water supplies. By K. F. Keller- 
man. R. W. Pratt and A. E. Kim- 
berly. 1907. (no. 116) 5221 

Farm water supplies of Min- 
nesota. By K. F. Kellerman and H. 
A. Whittaker in cooperation with 
the Minnesota state board of 
health. 1909. (no. 164) 5222 

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plorations, as bearing on the agrri- 
cultural development of the south- 
ern states. 1903. (no. 36) 5228 

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rOIe of mineral nutrients in plants. 
1903. (no. 46) 5224 

The relation of lime and 

magnesia to plant growth. I. Lim- 
ing of soils from a physiological 
standpoint. By Oscar Loew. II. 
Experimental study of the relation 
of lime and magnesia to plant 

growth. By D. W. May. 1901. (no. 
1) 5225 

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(no. 69) 5227 

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(no. 190) 5228 

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9) 52S0 

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rations in the fruit and nut or- 
chards of China. 1911. (no. 204) 


Moore, G. T. Copper as an algi- 
cide and disinfectant in water sup- 
plies. By G. T. Moore and K« F. 
Kellerman. 1906. (no. 76) 5232 

^A method of destroying or 

preventing the growth of Algae and 
certain pathogenic bacteria in 
water supplies. By G. T. Moore and 
K. F. Kellerman. 1904. (no. 64) 


Soil inoculation for legumes; 

with reports upon the successful 
use of artificial cultures by practi- 
cal farmers. 1906. (no. 71) 5234 

Oliver, G. W. Budding the pe- 
can. 1902. (no. 30) 5235 

The mulberry and other silk- 
worm food plants. 1907. (no. 119) 


^New methods of plant breed- 
ing. 1910. (no. 167) 5237 

The production of Easter 

lily bulbs in the United States. 
1908. (no. 120) 5238 

The propagation of the 

Easter lily from seed. 1903. (no. 
39) 5230 

^The propagation of tropical 

fruit trees and other plants. 1903. 
(no. 46) 5240 

^The seedling-inarch and 

nurse-plant methods of propaga- 
tion. 1911. (no. 202) 5241 

Silkworm food plants: cul- 
tivation and propagation. 1903. 
(no. 34) 5242 

Orton, W. A. Some diseases of 
the cowpea. I. The wilt disease of 
the cowpea and its control. By W. 
A. Orton . . . II. A cowpea* resis- 
tant to root knot (Heterodera rad- 
icicola). By H. J. Webber and W. 
A. Orton. 1902. (no. 17) 5243 

Patterson, Mrs. flora CWam- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


iMMisli) A collection of economic 
and other funerl prepared for dis- 
tribution. 1902. (no. 8) 5244 
— — Some fungous diseases of 
economic importance. I. Miscella- 
neous diseases. By F. W. Patter- 
son and V. K. Charles. II. Pine- 
apple rot caused by Thielariopsis 
paradoza. By F. W. Patterson and 
V. K. Charles and F. J. Veihmeyer. 
1910. (no. 171) 5245 

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srass seed: harvesting, curing, and 
cleaning. By A. J. Pieters and Ed- 
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bean and related plants. By C. V. 
Piper and S. M. Tracy. 1910. (no. 
179) 5247 

Grass lands of the South 

Alaska coast 1905. (no. 82) 5248 

The soy bean; history, vari- 
eties and field studies. By C. V. 
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197) 5240 

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storage. By G. H. Powell and 
S. H. Fulton. 1903. (no. 48) 5250 

Cold storage, with special 

reference to the pear and peach. 
By G. H. Powell and S. H. Fulton. 
1903. (no. 40) 5251 

^The decay of oranges while 

in transit from California. By G. 
H. Powell assisted by A. V. Stub- 
enrauch, L. S. Tenny, H. J. Eustace, 
G. W. Hosford, and H. M. White. 
1908. (no. 123) 5252 

^Italian lemons and their by- 
products. I. — ^The Italian lemon 
Industry. By G. H. Powell. II. — 
The by-products of the lemon in 
Italy. By E. M. Chace. 1909. (no. 
160) 5253 

Rabak, fVank. Peach, apricot, 
and prune kernels as by-products 
of the fruit industry of the United 
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The production of volatile 

oils and perfumery plants in the 
United States. 1910. (no. 195) 


Ragan, W. H. comp. Nomencla- 
ture of the apple; a catalogue of 
the known varieties referred to in 
American publications from 1804 
to 1904. 1906. (no. 66) 5256 

Nomenclature of the pear; 

a catalogue-index of the known va- 
rieties referred to in American 
publications from 1804 to 1907. 
1908. (no. 126) 5257 

Rockwell, J. E. Contents of and 
index to bulletins of the Bureau of 
plant industry nos. 1 to 100, inclu- 

sive. Prepared by J. E. Rockwell. 
1907. (no. 101) 5258 

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Florida; its propagation, cultiva- 
tion, and marketing. 1904. (no. 
61) 5259 

^Wither-tip and other dis- 
eases of citrous trees and fruits 
caused by Colletotrichum gloeospor- 
ioides. 1904. (no. 62) 5260 

Schrenk, Hermann von. The bit- 
ter rot of apples. By Hermann 
von Schrenk and Perley Spaulding. 
1903. (no. 44) 5261 

^The "blueing" and the "red 

rot" of the western yellow pine, 
with special reference to the Black 
Hills forest reserve. 1903. (no. 36) 


^The decay of timber and 

methods of preventing it 1902. 
(no. 14) 5263 

^A disease of the white ash 

caused by Polyporus fraxinophilus. 
1903. (no. 32) 5264 

Diseases of deciduous forest 

trees. By Hermann von Schrenk 
and Perley Spaulding. 1909. (no. 
149) 5265 

Sap-rot and other diseases 

of the red gum. By Hermann von 
Schrenk. 1907. (no. 114) 5266 

Soofleld, C. S. The Algerian du- 
rum wheats: a classified list with 
descriptions. 1902. (no. 7) 5267 

^The commercial grading of 

corn. 1903. (no. 41) 5268 

^The description of wheat va- 
rieties. 1903. (no. 47) 5269 

Dry farming in the Great 

Basin. 1907. (no. 103) 5270 

^The Truckee-Carson experi- 
ment farm. By C. S. Scofleld and 
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rious disease of southern orchards. 
By W. M. Scott and J. B. Rorer. 
1909. (no. 144) 5272 

^The control of apple bitter- 
rot 1906. (no. 93) 5273 

^The control of peach brown- 
rot and scab. By W. M. Scott and 
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Scrlbner, F. Ik Records of seed 
distribution and cooperative expe- 
riments with grasses and forage 
plants. By F. L. Scrlbner. 1902. 
(no. 10) 5275 

Seeds and plants imported. 
Inventory. Library has bulletin no. 
5, 66, 97, 106, 132. 137. 142. 148, 
153, 162, 168. 176. 205. 207. 208. 


Shamei, A. D. Tobacco breed- 
ing. By A, D. Shamei and W. W. 

278 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Cobey. 1907. (no. 96) 5277 

^Varieties of tobacco seed 

distributed in 1906-6, with cultural 
directions. By A. D. Shamel and 
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as an indicator of the capabilities 
of land for crop production in the 
Great Plains area. 1911. (no. 201) 


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Cranberry diseases. 1907. 

(no. 110) 5282 

Skinner, R. P. Manufacture of 
semolina and macaroni. 1902. (no. 
20) 5283 

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plants: its cauae and remedy. By 
E. P. Smith, N. A. Brown . . . and 
C. O. Townsend. 1911. (no. 213) 

-The dry rot of potatoes due 

to Fusarium oxysporum. By E. F. 
Smith and D. B. Swingle. 1904. 
(no. 65) 5285 

^The effect of black rot on 

turnips: a series of photomicro- 
graphs, accompanied by an explan- 
atory text. 1903. (no. 29) 5286 

SpiUman, W. J. Application of 
some of the principles of heredity 
to plant breeding. 1909. (no. 166) 


Stewart, J. B. The production of 
cigar-wrapper tobacco under shade 
in the Connecticut Valley. 1908. 
(no. 138) 5288 

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spores in the sporangia of Rhixo- 
pus nigricans and of Phycomyces 
nitens. By D. B. Swingle. 1903. 
(no. 37) 5289 

Swingle, W. T. The date palm 
and its utilization in the south- 
western states. 1904. (no. 63) 


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(no. 122) 52»1 

^The development of single- 
germ beet seed. By C. O. Town- 
send and E. C. Rittue. 1906. (no. 
73) 5292 

^A soft rot of the calla lily. 

1904. (no. 60) 5298 

Tracy, W. W., jr. American va- 
rieties of garden beans. 1907. (no. 
109) 5294 

^American varieties of let- 
tuce. 1904. (no. 69) 5295 

^A list of American varieties 

of peppers. 1902. (no. 6) 5296 

Li»t of American varieties 

of vegetables for the years 1901 
and 1902. 1903. (no. 21) 5297 

^The production of vegeta- 
ble seeds: sweet corn and garden 
peas and beans. 1910. (no. 184) 


Tyler, F. J. Varieties of Amer- 
ican upland cotton. 1910. (no. 163) 


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and fecundation of Zamia. 1901. 
(no. 2) 5S00 

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Cape Cod sand dunes. 1904. (no. 
66) 5301 

Variegated alfalfa. 1910. 

(no. 169) 5302 

-Observations on the mosaic 

disease of tobacco. 1902. (no. 18) 


— Circular. Library has noa. 1- 
76. SB19 A5. 0804 

•[ Miscellaneous 

SB19 ASS. 



Boys' demonstration work: the 
com clubs. 1911. 5309 

Cooperative experiments with 
forage crops, autumn of 1906- 
spring of 1907. 5307 

Corbett, li. C. The school gar- 
den. 1904. 5308 

Distribution of the Morton cit- 
range in 1906. 5309 

Distribution of the Rusk cit- 
range. Library has 1906, '07. 5310 

Distribution of the Wlllits cit- 
range. Library has 1906, '07. 


ReiBiilts of boys' demonstration 
work in corn clubs in 1910. 5312 

U. 8. Dept. of agriculture. Pro- 
gre68 of the beet-sugar Industry in 
the United States. Library has 
no. 86, 92. SB219 A13. 5813 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Division 
of agrostology. Bulletin. Library 
has nos. 1-26. SB197 U5 A4. 



Bentloy, H. Ii. A report upon 
the grasses and forage plants of 
central Texas. 1898. (no. 10) 5315 

Kearney, T. H. Notes on grasses 
and forage plants of the south- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


eastern states. By T. H. Kearney, 
Jr. 1895. (no. 1) 5316 

Kennedy, P. B. Cooperative ex- 
periments with grasses and forage 
plants. By P. B. Kennedy. 1900. 
(no. 22) 5817 

^The structure of the caryop- 

8ls of grasses with reference to 
their morphology and classification. 
By P. B. Kennedy. 1900. (no. 19. 
Rev.) «• 5318 

Nelson, ATen« The red desert of 
Wyoming and its forage resources. 
1898. (no. 13) 5319 

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grasses and forage plants of Iowa, 
Nebraska, and Colorado. 1897. (no. 
9) 5320 

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the grasses and forage plants of 
the Rocky Mountain region. By P. 
A. Rydberg and C. L. Shear. 1897. 
(no. 6) 5321 

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grasses.— [I-III] (lllus.) 1897- 
1900. (no. 7. 17, 20) 5322 

Economic grasses. 1900. (no. 

14. (Rev.) ) 5323 

-Studies on American grasses. 

I. Some recent collections of Mexi- 
can grasses. By F. Lamson-Scrib- 
ner and E. D. Merrill. II. Notes on 
Panicum nitidum Lam., Panicum 
scoparlum Lam., and Panicum 
pubescens Lam. By F. Lamson- 
Scrlbner and B. D. Merrill. III. 
Miscellaneous notes and descrip- 
tions of new species. By F. Lam- 
son-Scrlbner and C. R. Ball. 1900. 
(no. 24) 5324 

-Studies on American grasses. 

The North American species of 
Chaetochloa. By F. Lamson-Scrib- 
ner and E. D. Merrill. 1900. (no. 
21) 5325 



grasses. 1896. (no. 3) 5826 

Shear, C. Ij. Field work of the 
Division of agrostology: a review 
and summary of the work done 
since the organization of the Di- 
vision, July 1, 1896. 1901. (no. 25) 


-Studies on American grasses. 

A revision of the North American 
species of Bromus occurring north 
of Mexico. 1900. (no. 23) 5328 
ftmlth, J. G. Fodder and forage 
plants, exclusive of the grasses. 
1900. (no. 2. (Rev. ed.) ) 5329 

Grazing problems in the 

southwest and how to meet them. 
1899. (no. 16) 5330 

— — Studies on American grasses. 
A synopsis of the genus Sitanion. 

1899. (no. 18) 5331 

Tracy, S. M. A report upon the 
forage plants and forage resources 
of the Gulf States. 1898. (no. 15) 


U. S. Division of agrostology. 
Studies on American grasses. I. 
New or little known grasses. By F. 
liamson-Scribner. II. Leaf struc- 
ture of Jouvea and of Eragrostis 
obtusiflora. By Miss E. L. Ogden. 
1897. (no. 8) 5833 

U. S. Division of agrostology. 
Studies on American grasses. I. A 
revision of the North American 
species of Calamagrostis. By T. H. 
Kearney, jr. II. Descriptions of 
new or little-known grasses. By 
F. Lamson-Scribner. 1898. (no. 11) 


U. S. Division of agrostology. 
Studies on American grasses. I. The 
genus Ixophorus. By F. Lamson- 
Scribner. II. A list of the grasses 
collected by Dr. E. Palmer in the 
vicinity of Acapulco, Mexico, 1894- 
95. By F. Lamson-Scribner. III. 
Some Mexican grasses collected by 
E. W. NeUon in Mexico, 1894-96. 
By F. Lamson-Scribner and J. G. 
Smith. IV. Some American panl- 
cums in the Herbarium Beroll- 
nense and in the herbarium of 
Wind enow. By Theo. Holm. V. 
Native and introduced species of 
the genera Hordeum and Agropy- 
ron. By F. Lamson-Scribner and 
J. G. Smith. VI. Miscellaneous 
notes and descriptions of new spe- 
cies. 1897. (no. 4) 5335 

WOllams, T. A. Grasses and for- 
age plants of the Dakotas. 1897. 
(no. 6) 5386 

A report upon the grasses 

and forage plants and forage con- 
ditions of the eastern Rocky Moun- 
tain region. 1898. (no. 12) 5337 

Circular. Library has nos. 1-15, 

17-86. SB197 US A5. 5338 

U. 8. Dept. of agriculture. Diyialon 
of botany. Bulletin. Library has 
nos. 1, 3, 5-10, 12, 13, 15-29. BS 
19 A8. 5830 


Carleton, M. A. Russian cereals 
adapted for cultivation in the 
United States. 1900. (no. 23) 5340 

Chefinnt, V. K. Principal poison- 
ous plants in the United States. 
1898. (no. 20) 5341 

^The stock -poisoning plants of 

Montana; a preliminary report by 

280 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

V. K. Chestnut and E. V. Wilcox. 
1901. (no. 26) 5S4A 

ColUiis, G. N. Seeds of commer- 
cial saltbushea. 1901. (no. 27) 


Cook, O. F. The chayote: a trop- 
ical vegetable. 1901. (no. 28) 5344 

Shade in coffee culture. 

1901. (no. 25) 5345 

Dewey, Ij. H. Legrislation against 
weeds. 1896. (no. 17) 5346 

^The RusBian thistle: its his- 
tory as a weed in the United States, 
with an account of the means 
available for its eradication. 1894. 
(no. 16) 5347 

GollxralUi, S. J. Vanilla culture as 
practiced in the Seychelles Islands. 

1898. (no. 21) 5348 
Hlcka, G. H. The grermination of 

seeds as affected by certain chemi- 
cal fertilizers. 1900. (no. 24) 5349 

Kalns, Af. G. Chicory growing- as 
an addition to the resources of the 
American farmer. 1898. (no. 19) 


Knapp, S. A. The present status 
of rice culture in the United States. 

1899. (no. 22) 5351 
Nash, G. V. American ginseng: 

its commercial history, protection 
and cultivation. Rev. and extended 
by M. G. Kains. 1898. (no. 16. Rev. 
ed.) 5352 

[NeeJly, G. C] Report of an in- 
vestigation of the grasses of the 
arid districts of Texas, New Mexico, 
Arizona. Nevada, and Utah, in 1887. 
1888. (no. 6) 5353 

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certain species of the genus Bras- 
sica. By A. J. Pieters and V. K. 
Charles. 1901. (no. 29) 5354 

Report on the experiments made 
in 1888 in the treatment of the 
downy mildew and black rot of the 
grape vine. 1889. (no. 10) 5355 

ScHbner, F. Ij. Black rot (Ltes- 
tadia bidwellii) By F. L.. Scribner 
and Pierre Viala. 1888. (no. 7) 


Report on the experiments 

made in 1887 in the treatment of 
the downy mildew and the black- 
rot of the grape vine, with a chap- 
ter on the apparatus for applying 
remedies for these diseases. 1888. 
(no. 6) 5357 

Smith, E. F. Peach yellows: a 
preliminary report by E. F. Smith. 
1888. (no. 9) 5358 

Vasey, George. Grasses of the 
Pacific slope including Alaska and 
the adjacent islands. Plates and 
descriptions of the grasses of Cal- 
ifornia. Oregon. Washington, and 

the northwestern coast including 
Alaska. 1892-93. (no. 13) Ldbrary 
has pt. 2. 5359 

Grasses of the South. A re- 
port on certain grasses and forage 
plants for cultivation in the South 
and Southwest. 1887. (no. 3) 5360 

Grasses of the Southwest. 

Plates and descriptions of the 
grasses of the desert region of 
western Texas, New Mexico, Arizo- 
na, and southern California. 1890- 
91. 2 V. (no. 12) 5361 

^A record of some of the 

work of the Division, including ex- 
tracts from correspondence and 
other communications. Prepared 
by Dr. Geo. Vasey and B. T. Gallo- 
way. 1889. (no. 8) 5362 

Report of an investigation of 

the grasses of the arid districts of 
Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. 
1886. (no. 1) 5363 

Webber, H. J. The water hya- 
cinth, and its relation to navigation 
in Florida. 1897. (no. 18) 5364 

Circular. Library has nos. 1- 

30. SB19 A9. 5365 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. DiTision 
of microscopy. Food products. Li- 
brary has noB. 1, 2, 3. S21 M4. 



Taylor, Thomas. Eight edible 
and twelve poisonous mushrooms 
of the United States, with direc- 
tions for the culture and culinary 
preparation of the edible species. 
2d rev. ed. 1893. (no. 2) 5367 

1. Improved methods of dis- 
tinguishing between pure and fic- 
titious lard. II. Four edible mush- 
rooms of the United States. 1893. 
(no. 3) 5368 

Twelve edible mushrooms of 

the United States, with directions 
for their identification and their 
preparation as food. Reprinted 
. . . with an appendix. 1894. (no. 
1) 5369 

U. B. Department of agriculture. 
Divleion of pomology. Bulletin. 
Library has nos. 1-10. SB19 A16. 



American pomologlcal codety. 

Catalogue of fruits recommended 
for cultivation in the various sec- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


tions of the United States. Re- 
vised by a committee of the society, 
T. T. Lyon, chairman. 1897. (no. 
6) 5371 

Revised catalogue of fruits 

recommended for cultivation in thQ 
various sections of the United 
States and the British provinces. 
Revised by a committee of the so- 
ciety, W. H. Ragan, chairman. 
1899. (no. 8) 5372 

EUsen, Gnstav. Fig culture. Edi- 
ble figs: their culture and curing. 
By Qustav Eisen. Fig culture In 
the Gulf states. By F. S. Earle. 
1897. (no. 6) 5373 

^The flg: its history, culture, 

and curing with a descriptive cata- 
logue of the known varieties of 
figs. 1901. (no. 9) 5374 

Lake, £3. R. Prunes and prune 
culture in western Europe, with 
special reference to existing condi- 
tions in the Pacific northwest. 1901. 
(no. 10) 5375 

Lyon, T. T. Report on the adap- 
tation of Russian and other fruits 
to the extreme northern portions 
of the United States. 1888. (no. 2) 


•Mmisoii, T. V. Classification and 

generic synopsis of the wild grapes 

of North America. 1890. (no. 3) 

Report on the condition of trop- 
ical and semi-tropical fruits In the 
United States in 1887. 1891. (no. 1) 
Contents. — Tropical and semi- 
tropical fruits in Florida and the 
Gulf states. By P. W. Reasoner. — 
Tropical and semi-tropical fruits of 
California, Arizona, and New Mex- 
ico. By W. G. Klee. 5378 
Report on the relative merit of 
various stocks for the orange, with 
notes on mal dl goma and the mu- 
tual influence of stock and scion. 
1891. (no. 4) 5379 
Taylor, W. A. The fruit industry, 
and substitution of domestic for 
foreign-grown fruits, with histori- 
cal and descriptive notes on ten va- 
rieties of apple suitable for the 
export trade. 1898. (no. 7) 5380 

Nut culture in the United 

States, embracing native and in- 
troduced species. 1896. 5381 

U. B. Dept. of agriculture. Division 
of vegetable physiology and path- 
ology. Bulletin. Library has 
nos. 1-13, 16-29. SB19 A12. 5382 

Garieton, M. A. The basis for 
the improvement of American 

wheats. 1900. (no. 24) 5383 

Cereal rusts of the United 

States: a physiological investiga^ 
tion. 1899. (no. 16) 5384 

DorseCt, P. H. Spot disease of the 
violet (Altemaria viols n. sp.) 
1900. (no. 23) 5385 

Bvans, W. H. Copper sulphate 
and germination. Treatment of 
seed with copper sulphate to pre- 
vent the attacks of fungi. 1896. (no. 
10) 5386 

Fairchild, D. G. Bordeaux mix- 
ture as a fungicide. 1894. (no. 6) 


Galloway, B. T. The effect of 

spraying with fungicides on the 

growth of nursery stock. 1894. (no. 

7) 5388 

Report on the experiments 

made in 1889 in the treatment of 
the fungous diseases of plants. 
1890. (no. 11) 5389 

Report on the experiments 

made in 1891 in the treatment of 

plant diseases. 1892. (no. 3) 5393 

Hays, W. M. Plant breeding. 

1901. (no. 29) 5301 

Loew, Oscar. The physiological 

r6le of mineral nutrients. 1899. 

(no. 18) 5392 

Ortoo, W. A. The wilt disease of 

cotton and its control. 1900. (no. 

27) 5393 

Pierce, N. B. The California vine 

disease. A preliminary report of 

investigations. 1892. (no. 2) 5394 

Peach leaf curl: its nature 

and treatment. 1900. (no. 20) 5395 

Scbrenk, Hermann von. Some 

diseases of New England conifers: 

a preliminary report 1900 (no. 25) 


Two diseases of red cedar, 

caused by Polyporus Juniperinus n. 
sp. and Polyporus cameus Nees. A 
preliminary report 1900. (no. 21) 

Smith, E. F. Additional evidence 
on the communlcability of peach 
yellows and peach rosette. 1891. 
(no. 1) 5398 
^A bacterial disease of the to- 
mato, eggplant and Irish potato. 
(Bacillus solanacearum n. sp.) 
1896. (no. 12) 5399 

The cultural characters of 

Pseudomonas hyacinthi, Ps. camp- 
estris, Ps. phaseoli, and Ps. stewartl 
— four one-flagellate yellow bacteria 
parasitic on plants. 1901. (no. 28) 


ExperimenU with fertilizers 

for the prevention and cure of 
peach yellows, 1889-'92. 1893. (no. 
^> 5401 

282 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

-Wakker's hyacinth germ. 

Pseudomonas hyaclnthl (Wakker). 
1901. (no. 26) 5402 

^Wilt disease of cotton, water- 
melon, and cowpea (Neocosmospo- 
ra nov. gen.) 1899. (no. 17) MM 

Swingle, W. T. Bordeaux mix- 
ture: Its chemistry, physical proper- 
ties, and toxic effects on Fungi and 
Algse. 1896. (no. 9) 5404 

^The principal diseases of cit- 
rous fruits in Florida. By W. T. 
Swingle and H. J. Webber. 1896. 
(no. 8) 5405 

Walter BC B. The pollination of 
pear flowers. 1894. (no. 5) 5400 

Webber, H. J. Sooty mold of the 
orange and its treatment. By H. 
J. Webber. 1897. (no. 13) 5407 

^Xenia, or the immediate ef- 
fect of pollen, in maize. 1900. (no. 
22) 5408 

Woods, A. F. The Bermuda lily 
disease: a preliminary report of in- 
vestigations. 1897. (no. 14) 5409 

-Stigmonose: a diseaae of car- 

nations and other plnka 1900. (no. 
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Useful and ornamental planting. 
With an index. Published under 
the superintendence of the Societ/ 
for the diffusion of useful know- 
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Ysabean, A. Lecons 61em6ntalres d' 
horticulture r6dlge^s d'aprds lea 
programmes officiels de Tenselg- 
nement primalre k Tusage des 
6cole8 normales prlmaires, des 
6col66 prlmaires snp^rleures et 
des 6cole8 profeasionnelles. 1858. 
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grarden and grounds; and the 
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easy introduction to the know- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


ledge and practice of gardening, 
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considerably enlarged and im- 
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— Same. 5th ed. 1813. 

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Library has 3d, 4th in 1 v. '07. 
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[Wri^t, Mrs. Mabel (Osgood)]. 

The garden of a commuter's wife, 
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-Report on the inspection of 

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-Report on the inspection of Al- 

bemarle county for the San Jos6 
scale. 1902. 6436 

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dred and thirty full-page plates 
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Georgia. State board of entomology. 
Bulletin. Library has nos. 12, 13, 
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— Circular. Library has no. 6, 8. 
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Harris, T. W. A treatise on some of 
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A new ed., enlarged and im- 
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cultural and bee inspection laws 
of Indiana and nursery laws of 
other states. 1909. SB983 16 A5. 


284 Finding List of Science, Agriculture,|Technology. 

-A preliminary bulletin on some 

economic insecta aod plant dis- 
easoB of Indiana. B. W. Doug- 
lass, state entomologist. 1907. 
SB824 16 AB 1907. 5444 

-Report. Library has 1902. An- 

nual report: 1st, 2d. 1908. '09, 
1910. SB824 16. 5445 

liOdenuui, E. G. The spraying of 
plants; a succinct account of the 
history, principles and practice of 
the application of liquids and pow- 
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E. G. Lodeman with a preface by 
B. T. Galloway. 1903. SB953 L8. 


liOulsiana. Crop pest commission. 
Biennial report. Library has 2d, 
1907. SB824 L8 A3. 5447 

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gus, Diaporthe parasitica, Murrill. 
1909. SB608 05 M6. 5448 

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Bulletin of the division of nursery 
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^Report of the chief inspector of 

nurseries and orchards. Library 
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Pennsylvania. Department of agri- 
culture. Monthly bulletin of the 
division of zoology. Library has 
an imperfect set from July 1906 
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The San Joe6 scale (Aspidiotus 
pemiciosus, Comst.) and methods 
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1883. SB931 S25. 5453 

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boll weevil; being some observa- 

tions on cotton growing under 
boll weevil conditions in certain 
areas of Louisiana, Texas and 
Mississippi. By A. H. Stone and 
J. H. Fort. 1910. SB945 B7 S7. 


U. S. Bureau of entomology. Bulle- 
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41-82, 83 (pt. 1), 84-89. 90 (pt. 
1), 94 (pt. 1). SB823 U5 A4. 



Ainslie, C. N. Papers on cereal 
and forage insects. The new 
Mexico range caterpillar. [Hemll- 
euca alivi® Ckll.] 1910. (no. 85. pt. 
v) 5456 

AlnsUe, G. G. Papers on cereal 
and forage insects. The cowpea 
curcuUo. [Chalcodermus seneus 
Boh.] 1910. (no. 86, pt. vlU) 


Association of economic entomol- 
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2. 6, 8, 17. 20. 26. 31, 37, 
40. 46. 62, 60) Library has 20. 46. 
52, 60, 67. 5458 

Back, E. A. Some miscellaneous 
results of the work of the Bureau 
of entomology. — IX. The woolly 
white-fly [Aleyrodes howardi 
Quaintance], a new enemy of the 
Florida orange. 1910. (no. 64, pt. 
VIII) 5459 

Ball. B. D. Some Insects inju- 
rious to truck crops. The leaf- 
hoppers of the sugar beet and their 
relation to the "curlyleaf" condi- 
tion, (no. 66, p. 33-62. 1909) 


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on North American entomology. 

1900. (no. 24. aew ser.) 5461 

^Same. 19^0. (no. 81) 5462 

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count of the principal insect ene- 
mies of the sugar beet. 1903. (no. 
43) 546S 

Some insects injurious to the 

violet, rose, and other ornamental 
plants. A collection of articles 
dealing with insects of th\a class. 

1901. (no. 27, new ser.) 5464 

Some insects injurious to 

truck crops. Notes on the cucum- 
ber beetles. By F. H. Chittenden. 
Biologic notes on species of Dia- 
brotica in southern Texas. By H. 
O. Marsh. 1910. (no. 82, pt. VI.) 


Some Insects injurious to 

truck crops. Notes on various 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


truck -crop insects. 1911. (no. 82, 
pt. VII) 5466 

Some miscellaneous tresults 

of the work of the Bureau of en- 
tomology — IX. An Injurious North 
American species of Apion, with 
notes on related forms. 1908. (no. 
64. pt. IV) 5467 

Cooky O. F. Report on the hab- 
its of the kelep, or Guatemalan 
cotton-boll- weevil ant. 1904. (new 
3er., no. 49) 5468 

Carrie, R. P. Catalogue of the 
exhibit of economic entomology at 
the Lewis and Clark centennial ex- 
position. Portland, Oregon, 1906. 
1905. (new ser. no. 53) 5469 

Dean, W. H. Papers on cereal 
and forage insects. The sorghum 
midge. [Contarinia [Diplosis] sor- 
ghlcola Coq.] 1910. (no. 85. pt IV) 


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ous fruit insects and insecticides. 
On the nut-feeding habits of the 
codling moth. 1910. (no. 80, pt. V) 


Hammar, A. G. Papers on decid- 
uoua fruit insects and insecticides. 
Life history of the codling moth 
in northwestern Pennsylvania. 
1910. (no. 80, pt. VI) 5472 

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Mexican cotton boll weevil. By W. 
E. Hinds and W. W. Yothers. 1909. 
(no. 77) 5473 

Proliferation as a factor in 

the natural control of the Mexican 
cotton boll weevil. 1906. (no. 59) 


Some factors in the natural 

control of the Mexican cotton boll 
weevil. 1907. (no. 74) 5475 

Hooker, W. A. The tobacco 
thrlps, a new and destructive ene- 
my of shade grown tobacco. 1907. 
(no. 65) 5476 

Hopkins, A. D. The Black Hills 
beetle, with further notes on its 
distribution, life history, and meth- 
ods of control. 1905. (no. 66) 


Catalogue of exhibits of In- 
sect enemies of forests and forest 
products at the Louisiana purchase 
exposition, St. Louis, Mo., 1904. 
1904. (no. 48) 5478 

Practical information on 

the scolytid beetles of North Amer- 
ican forests. I. Barkbeetles of the 
genus Dendroctonus. 1909. (no. 
83, pt. I) 5479 

Howard, L. O. Economic loss to 
the people of the United States 
through insects that carry disease. 
1909. (no. 78 rev.) 5480 

The laws in force against in- 
jurious insects and foul brood in 
the United States. Comp. by L. O. 
Howard and A. F. Burgess. 1906. 
(no. 61) 5481 

Preventive and remedial 

work against mosquitoes. 1910. 
(no. 88) 5482 

The principal household in- 
sects of the United States. By L. 
O. Howard and C. L. Marlatt With 
a chapter on Insects afCecting dry 
vegetable foods. By F. H. Chitten- 
den. 1896. (no. 4, new ser.) 5483 

Hunter, W. D. Information con- 
cerning the North American fever 
tick, with notes on other species. 
By W. D. Hunter and W. A. Hook- 
er. 1907. (no. 72) 5484 

The Mexican cotton boll 

weevil. By W. D. Hunter and W. 
E. Hinds. 1904. (new ser.. no. 46) 


^The Mexican cotton boll 

weevil: a revision and amplifica- 
tion of bulletin 45, to include the 
most Important observations made 
In 1904 by W. D. Hunter and W. E. 
Hinds. 1905. (new ser., no. 61) 


Hyslop, J. A. Papers on cereal 
and forage Insects. The smoky 
crane-fly [Tlpula Infuscata Loew] 
1910. (no. 85, pt. VII) 5487 

Johnson, Fred. The grape root- 
worm [Fldla vltlclda] with spec- 
ial reference to investigations in 
the Erie grape belt from 1907 to 
1909. By Fred Johnaon and A. G. 
Hammar. 1910. (no. 89) 5488 

Jones, P. R. Papers on deciduous 
fruit insects and insecticides. Tests 
of sprays against the European 
fruit Lecanlum [Lecanlum cornl 
Bouch^] ahd the European pear 
scale [Epidlaspls pyrlcola Del 
Guer.] 1910. (no. 80, pt. VIII) 


——Papers on insects injurious 
to citrus and other sub-tropical 
fruits. The orange thrlps [Eu thrlps 
cltrl]: a report of progress for the 
years 1909 and 1910. By P. R. 
Jones and J. R. Horton. 1911. (no. 
99. pt. I) 5490 

Marlatt, C. Ij. The periodical 
cicada. 1907. (no. 71) 5491 

^The San Jose or Chinese 

scale. 1906. (no. 62) 5492 

Afarsh, H. O. Some miscellane- 
ous results of the work of the Bu- 
reau of entomology — IX. Notes on 
a Colorado ant. [Formica clnereo- 
ruflbarbis Forel] 1910. (no. 64, pt. 
IX) 649S 

286 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Jome InsectB injurious to 
truck crops. Biologic and economic 
notes on the yellow-bear caterpil- 
lar. [Diacrlsia virginica Fab.] 1910. 
(no. 82. pt. V) M94 

Mlscellaaecms papers on apicul- 
ture. 1911. (no. 75) 5495 

MorrUl, A. W. Fumigation for the 
citrua white fly, as adapted to 
Florida conditions. 1908. (no. 76) 


Papers on the cotton boll 

weevil and related and associated 
insects. The strawberry weevil in 
the south-central states in 1905. 
(no. 63. p. 59-62. 1907) 5497 

Plant-bugs injurious to cot- 
ton bolls. 1910. (no. 86) 5498 

Osborn, Herbert. Insects affect- 
ing domestic animalu: an account of 
the species of importance in North 
America, with mention of related 
forms occurring on other animals. 
1896. (no. 5, new ser.) 5499 

Packard, A. S. The Hessian fly, its 

ravages, habits, enemies and means 

of preventing its increase. 1880. (no. 

4) 55(KI 

Insects injurious to forest 

and shade trees. 1881. (no. 7) 5501 

Papers on deciduous fruit insects 
and insecUcides . . . 1909. (no. 68). 


Parker, W. B. Some insects in- 
jurious to truck crops. The life his- 
tory and control of the hop flea- 
beetle. [Psylliodes punctulata 
Melsh.] 1910. (no. 82, pt. IV) 


Phillips, E. F. Miscellaneous pa- 
pers on apiculture, (no. 75) 5504 

The rearing of queen bees. 

1905. (no. 55) 5505 

Pierce, W. D. Studies of para- 
sites of the cotton boll weevil. 1908. 
(no. 73) 5506 

Quaintance, A. I>. The cotton 
bollworm. By A. L. Quaintance and 
C. T. Brues. 1905. (new ser.. no. 
50) 5507 

Fumigation of apples for the 

San Jose scale. By A. L. Quain- 
tance. 1909. (no. 84) 5508 

Papers on deciduous fruit 

Insects and insecticides. The one- 
spray method in the control of the 
codling moth and the plum curcu- 
lio. By A. L. Quaintance . . . and 
E. L. Jenne. E. W.. Scott and R. W. 
Braucher. 1910. (no. 80. pt. VII) 


Report of the meeting of inspec- 
tors of apiaries. San Antonio. Tex.. 
November 12. 1906. 1907. (no. 70) 


Reports of observations and ex- 
periments in the practical work of 
the division. 1883-94. (no. 3. 4. 18, 
14, 22, 23. 26. 30. 32) Library has 
nofl. 3. 4. 26. 5511 

RlleV» C. V. The cotton worm. 
Summary of its natural history, 
with an account of its enemies, and 
the best means of controlling it; 
being a report of progress of the 
work of the commission. 1880. (no. 
3) 5512 

Rogers, D. M. Report on the field 
work against the gipsy moth and 
the brown-tail moth. By D. M. 
Rogers and A. P. Burgess. 1910. 
(no. 87) 551S 

Sanderson, E. D. Report on 
miscellaneous cotton insects in 
Texas . . . 1906. (no. 57) 5614 

Simpson, C. B. The codling 
moth. 1903. (no. 41) 5515 

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to forests and forest products. 
Damage to chestnut telephone and 
telegraph poles by wood-boring in- 
sects. 1910. (no. 94. pt. 1) 5516 

Some insects injurious to forests. 
1910. (no. 58) 5517 

Some insects injurious to truck 
crops. 1910. (no. 66) 5518 

Some miscellaneous results of 
the work of the Bureau of ento- 
mology. 1897. (nos. 7. 10, 18, 22. 
30. 38. 44. 54. 64.) Library has no9. 
44. 54. 64. 5519 

Thomas, Cyrus. The chinch-bug. 
its history, characters, and habits, 
and the means of destroying it or 
counteracting its injuries. 1879. 
(no. 5) 5520 

Tltns, E. S. G. Catalogue of the 
exhibit of economic entomology at 
the Louisiana purchase exposition, 
St. Louis. Mo., 1904. Compiled by 
B. S. G. Titus and F. C. Pratt 1904. 
(no. 47 rev.) 5521 

Viekery, R. A. Papers on cereal 
and forage insects. Contributions 
to a knowledge of the corn root- 
aphis. 1910. (no. 85. pt VI) 5522 

Webster, P. M. The chinch bus. 
1907. (no. 69) 552S 

Some insects attacking the 

stems of growing wheat, rye, bar- 
ley, and oats, with methods of pre- 
vention and suppression. 1903. (no. 
42) 5524 

Wojtrlnm, R. S. Fumigation in- 
vestigations in California. (Chemi- 
cal work performed by the Miscel- 
laneous division of the Bureau of 
chemistry.) 1909. (no. 79) 5525 

-Bulletin, technical series. LI- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


brary haB nos. 3, 9» 10, 11, 12 
(pts. 1-9). 13-15, 16 (pts. 1-3), 17 
(pt. 1), 18, 19 (pts. 1-3), 20 (ptB. 
1. 2.) SB823 U5 A6. 5626 


Banks, Natban. A revision of 
the Ixodoidea. or ticks, of the 
United States. 1908. (no. 16) 5527 

^A revision of the Tyrogly- 

phids of the United States. 1906. 
(no. 13) 5628 

Cook, O. F. The social organi- 
zation and breeding habits of the 
cotton-protecting kelep of Guate- 
mala. 1905. (no. 10) 5520 

CoqullleU, D. W. A classifica- 
tion of the mosquitoes of North 
and middle America. 1906. (no. 
11) 5580 

Crawford, J. C. Technical re- 
sults from the gipsy moth parasite 
laboratory. II. Descriptions of cer- 
tain chalcidoid parasites. 1910. 
(no. 19. pt II) 5531 

Hopkins, A. D. Contributions to- 
ward a monograph of the scolytid 
beetles. I. The genus Dendroctonus. 
1909. (no. 17, pt. 1) 5532 

Technical papers on miscel- 
laneous forest insects. I. Contribu- 
tions toward a monograph of the 
bark-weevils of the genus Pissodes. 
1911. (no. 20, pt. 1) 5533 

Revision of the Nematinae 

of North America, a sub-family of 
leaf-feeding Hymenoptera of the 
family Tenthredinldae. 1896. (no. 
3) 5584 

Patterson, T. Ij. Technical re- 
sults from the gipsy moth parasite 
laboratory. III. Investigations into 
the habits of certain Sarcophagi- 
dae. By T. L. Patterson with an 
introduction by W. F. Piske. 1911. 
(no. 19, pt. Ill) 5586 

Pergande, Theodore. The life 
history of two species of plant- lice 
inhabiting both the witch-hazel 

and birch. 1901. (no. 9) 5586 

Hohwer, S. A. Technical papers 
on miscellaneous forest insects. 
II. The genotypes of the sawfliea 
and woodwasps, or the superfamily 
Tenthredinoidea. 1911. (no. 20, pt. 
II) 5537 

Snodgrass, R. E. The anatomy 
of the honey bee. 1910. (no. 18) 


White, G. F. The bacteria of 

the apiary, with special reference 

to bee diseases. 1906. (no. 14) 


-Circular. Library has nos. 20, 

21, 24, 31, 32, 37, 38. 39, 43, 47, 
52, 54-57, 59-93, 95-99. 101-106, 
109, 111-132, 134-136; 2d aeries, 
3-5, 7, 9-11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 25, 
26, 34, 36, 42, 43, 46, 50. SB823 
U5 A5. 5540 

-Insect life. Devoted to the econ- 

omy and life habits of insects, es- 
pecially in their relations to agri- 
culture. 7 y. Library has v. 1, noe. 
1-12; V. 2. noe. 1-5, 7-12; v. 3, 
nos. 1-4, 6-10; v. 4, nos. 9-12; v. 
5, nos. 1, 3-5; v. 6, noe. 1, 3, 4. 
SB823 U5 A8. 5541 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Report 
upon cotton insects, prepared un- 
der the direction of the commis- 
sioner of agriculture in pursuance 
of an act of Congress approved 
June 19, 1878. By J. H. Com- 
stock. 1879. SB608 C8 C7. 5542 

Virginia. State crop pest commis- 
sion. Circular. Library has new 
ser., no. 1-5. 5543 

Virginia. State entomologist and 
plant pathologist. Report. Li- 
brary has 4th, 1903-date. 5544 


American forestry association. Pro- 
ceedings. Library haa v. 12, 1897. 
SDl A5. 5545 

Amnions, E. M. Forest reservations 
. . . Address delivered before the 
joint session of the Colorado legis- 
lature, March, 1909, relative to 
the rights in and uses of forest 


1910. SD426 A66. 


Baird, Jean. Arbor day exercise. 
[1903?] SD363 B16. 5547 

Brisbin, J. S. Trees and tree-plant- 
ing. 1888. SD391 B86. 5548 

288 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Browne, D. J. The sylva Americana; 
or a description of the forest trees 
indigenous to the United States, 
practically and botanically con- 
sidered. 1832. SD385 B89. 5549 

-The trees of America; native 

and foreign, pictorially and botan- 
ically delineated, and scientifically 
and popularly described; illus- 
trated by numerous engravings. 
1846. SD385 B88. 5550 

Bnincken, Ernest. North American 
forests and forestry; their rela- 
tions to the national life of the 
American people. 1902. SD373 
B89. 5551 

California. State board of forestry. 
Bulletin. Library has no. l. SD12 
02 Al. 5552 

for the Massachusetts tree planter. 
1906. SD12 M4. 5560 

Indiana. Dept. of public instruction. 
Arbor and bird day. Library 
has 1902, '03, '05-'07. SD363 16. 


Indiana. State board of forestry. 
Annual report. Library has 3rd- 
9th. 190a-'09. SD12 16. 556:2 

California. State forester. Biennial 
report. Library has 3d. 1910. 
SD12 02 A2. 6553 

Colorado. Dept. of public instruc- 
tion. Arbor day book. Library has 
1906, '07, ' 09, '10. SD363 06. 


Connecticut. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Connecticut laws relating to for- 
ests. Compiled by Austin P. 
Hawes, state forester. 1905. SD 
566 08. 5555 

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growing. 2d ed. [cl907] SD391 D 
25. 5556 

Femow, B. E. Economics of fores- 
try; a reference book for students 
of political economy and profes- 
sional and lay students of forestry. 
2d ed. [1902] SD371 F36. 5557 

Forest planting leaflet. Library has 
noe. 1-24. SDll A7. 5558 

Hampton, Va. Normal and agricul- 
tural institute. Arbor day sugges- 
tions. 1908. SD363 H23- 5550 

(The Hampton leaflets, n. s. v. 3, 
no. 2, Nov., 1907) 

Hawley, R. C. Practical suggestions 

Bulletin. Library has no. 1, 2. 

1901, '02. SD12 161. 5563 

Instructions for making forest 
maps and surveys. (Rev. Nov. 16, 
1909.) 1910. SD360 U5. 5564 

Iowa. Department of education. Se- 
lections for arbor and bird day 
memorial day. Library has 1906. 
SD363 18. 5565 

DMEaine. Forest commissioner. Re- 
port. Library has 4th, 5tn, 1902, 
'04, 1910. SD12 M2. 5566 

Massachusetts. State forest service. 
Bulletin. Library has nos. 1-4. 
SD12 M4. 5567 

Leaflet. Library has no. 1-3. SD 

12 M42. 5568 

Michigan. Forestry commission. The 
advance movement in Michigan 
forestry. [1905] SD144 M5 A3. 


— Report. Library has 1901, '04, 
'06, '08. SD12 M5. 6570 

Some questions answered con- 
nected with a vital subject. 
[1905O] SD144 M5 A35. 5571 

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Report. Library has 1904. SD 

12 M63. 5575 

IVIinnesota. Laws, eUtutes, etc. 
Forest reserves. An act to encour- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


age the growing and preservation 
of forests, and to create forest 
boards and forest reserves, and to 
appropriate money therefor. 
[1899] SD428 A2 M6. 5676 

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sion. Report. Library has 1885, 

1904. bD12 N4. 5577 

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Annual report. Library has 2(1, 
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ennial report. Library has 1st, 
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'04. SD12 P4. 5583 

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chian forest reserve. Reprinted 
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Silvical leaflet. Library has 3-6, 8-42, 
49. SDll A6. 5589 

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Library has nos. 2, 4-10, 13-19, 

21, 24, 26, 27-74, 76, 78-83. SDll 

A4. 5590 


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The timber of the Edwards 

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1905. (no. 55) 5598 
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290 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

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a study preliminary to the discus- 
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climate. By M. W. Harrington. 3. 
Relation of forests to water sup- 
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on the sanitary significance of 
forests. By B. E. Fernow. Appen- 
dix 1. Determination of the true 
amount of precipitation and its 
bearing on theories of forest in- 
fluences. By Cleveland Abbe. Ap- 
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Crossfleld purchase. Hamilton 
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conservative lumbering and the 
water-supply, by F. H. Newell. 
1901. (no. 30) 6624 

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^Forest planting in western 

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A working plan for forest 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


]and3 in central Alabama. 1906. 
(no. 68) 5638 

Report on the forest conditions 
of the Rocky Mountains, and other 
papers; with a map showingr loca- 
tion of forest areas on the Rocky 
Mountain rangre. 1888. (no. 2) 


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By Filibert Roth with a discussion 
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Seasoning of timber. By 

Hermann von Schrenk assisted by 
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Nomenclature of the arbor- 

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Terms used in forestry and log- 
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plates for wooden ties. By E. E. R. 
Tratman. (Supplementary to re- 
port on the substitution of metal 
for wood in railroad ties, 1890) 
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July. 'OB-Feb., '06, Aug. '06, Feb.. 
Dec. '07, Feb.-Oct., '08. SDll A9. 


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— National forest reserves In the 
U. S.. Alaska, and Porto Rico. 
Library has Feb., July-Nov., 1905; 
Jan. 1906, Jan., Oct., 1907. SDll 
A91. 6667 


SDll A92. 


Directions and specifications for 
building: telephone lines on the na- 
tional forests. 1907. (no. 6) 5669 

Extent and importance of the 

292 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

chestnut bark disease. By E. R. 
Hodson. Ib08. (no. 2) 5670 

Grazing: trespass by drifting 
stock. 1^08. (no. 3) 6671 

The green book. Instructions re- 
latinsr to salaries, travel and field 
expenses* cost keepingr* property 
accountability, and the preparation 
of accounts in accordance with the 
fiscal regulations. 1907. (no. 9) 


Instructloiis for making forest 
maps and surveys, (no. 1) 5673 

Rate schedules. Tables of graz- 
ing fees for the national forest re- 
serves. 1906. (no. 6) 5674 

Ttmber preservation and timber 
testing at the Louisiana purchase 
exposition. 1904, (no. 8) 5675 

The use of the national forests. 
1907. (no. 7) 5676 

-The use book; regulationB and 

InstructioiiB for the use of the na- 
tional forest reserves. Library has 
1906-'08, 1910-date. SDll AZ. 


U. S. Cong. House. Committee on 
agriculture. Hearings before 

committe on bills having for 
their object the eetablishment of 
forest reserves in the eouthem Ap- 
palachian and White mountains. 

1906. SD426 A5 U5 1906. 5678 

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Message 
from the President of the United 
States, transmitting a report of 
the secretary of agriculture in re- 
lation to the forests, rivers and 
mountains of the southern Appa- 
lachian region. December 19, 
1901. 1902. SD143 U5. 5679 

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mate and on floods," by W. L, 
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The use of the national forests. 

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Arbor and bird day annual. Li- 
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Arbor and bird day annual. Li- 
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Bardonnet des Martels, — . Trait6 des 
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moyens de contention et de gouv- 
erne qu'on emploie sur les espdcee 
domestiques chevaline, bovine, 
ovine et porcine. 1854. SF75 B24. 


Concours r^gionaux d'animaux re- 
producteurs, d 'instruments, ma- 
chines ustensiles ou appareils a 
I'usage de I'industrie agricole. 
Compte rendu. Library has 1853- 
1857. SF15 F8 C7. 5687 

The Fanner's library. Animal econ- 
omy, [n. d.] 2 V. SF71 F23. 


France. Minlstdre de I'agricultnre 
et du commerce. Concours d'ani- 
maux reproducteurs m&les d 'in- 
struments, machines, ustensiles ou ! 

appareils k I'usage de I'industrie 
agricole et des divers produits de 
I'agriculture ou des difT^rentes in- 
dustries agricoles tenu k Versail- 
les du 8 au 18 Octobre 1850. 1851. 
SF15 F8 C71. 5689 

GeoflTroy Saint-HUaire, Isidore, 1805- 
1861. Rapport g6n6ral sur les 
questions relatives & la domestica- 
tion et & la naturalisation des ani- 
maux utiles address^ & M. le min- 
istre de I'agriculture et du com- 
merce. 1849. SF87 F81 G34. 


Henderson, Andrew. The practical 
grazier; or, a treatise on the prop- 
er selection and management of 
live stock; likewise a proper sys- 
tem of management pointed out, 
for grazing farms of different 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


soils, in various climates and ait- 
uationfi. 1S26. SF71 H49. 5691 

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hand-book for the student and 
stockman. 6th ed., 1904. SF95 H 
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brary has 1900. SF13 M3. 5693 

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commiBsioners. Annual report. 
Library has 1895. SF13 M4. 5604 

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OflScial report of the secretary on 
commercial feed stuffs licensed to 
be sold. Library has 1904, '05, 
•07. SF97 03. 5696 

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1856. Catalogue des animaux, 
machines, instruments et produits 
ezposte. 1856. SF15 F8 C73c. 


Oompte rendu. 1857. SF15 F8 

C73. 5698 

Soci6t6 zoologique d'acclimatation. 
Bulletin. 1854. Library has Ist, 
1854. SF29 S67. 5699 

Thi^bant de B^neaud, Arsenne. 

Trait6 de I'^ducation des animaux 
domestiques. 1823. 2 Y. SF75 
T42. 5699a 

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searches on the food of animals, 
and the fattening of cattle. With 
remarks on the food of man. 1846. 
SF9& T48. 5700 


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feeding. The laws of animal nutri- 
tion and the chemistry of feeding- 
stuffs in their application to the 
feeding of farm-animals. With 
illustrations and an appendix of 
useful tables. 1880. SF203 A73. 


Association of state and national 
food and dairy departments. An« 
nual convention. Library has 7th, 
1904. SF221 A84. 5702 

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utile au riche, providence da 
pauve. 1857. SF196 B8 B4. 5703 


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printed from the Journal of the 
Franklin institute, September 
1892] 1892. SF268 C14. 5704 

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rise and progress of the Killerby, 
Studley and Warlaby herds tf 
shorthorns. 1867. SF199 S5 C3. 


Chicago. Civic federation. Health 
and sanitation committee. Analy- 

ses of Chicago markef milk. A 
report July 1904. SF257 C53. 


Colorado. State dairy oommiaeioner. 
Semi-annual report. Library has 
1903-'04. SF226 C6. 5707 

Complete grazier; or farmer's and 
cattle-breeder and dealer's assis- 
tant. By a Lincolnshire grazier. 
4th ed. rev., cor., enl., and greatly 
improved. 1816. SF197 C73. 


Concours d'animaux de boucherie. 
Oompte rendu. Library has 1844- 
49, in 1 v.; 1850. 1851, 1853, 
1854, 1855, 1857. SF191 074. 


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dar, Swiss, brick, Limburger, 
Edam, cottage. 1905. SF271 D 
285. 5710 

Gera, F. De la fabrication du from- 
■age, par le F. Gera. Tr. de I'ltal- 
ien par V. Rendu . . . Traduc- 
tion oouronn6e par la Soci6t6 
royale et centrale d'agriculture. 
1843. SF271 G35. 5711 

294 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Illinois. General assembly. Jaint 
committee on tuberculin test and 
pasteurization of milk. Joint com- 
mittee of House and Senate to in- 
veetigate the tuberculin test and 
the pasteurization of milk and its 
products, under House Joint reso- 
lution number 20 . . . Evidence 
taken before the Committee. 
[1910] SF253 14. 5712 

Indiana. State dairy association. An- 
nual report. Ldbrary has 18th and 
19th, 1908. '09, 1910. SF225 16. 


liawrence, B. The complete cattle- 
keeper, or, farmer's and grazier's 
guide. Hints to dairymen, on the 
best construction of the cow-house. 
A description of the internal 
structure of neat cattle. The proper 
treatment of calves and lambs. 
1832. SF197 L40. 5714 

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on cattle, the oz, the sheep, and 
the swine: comprehending their 
breeding, management, improve- 
ment and diseases. 2d ed. with 
additions. 1809. SF197 L42. 5715 

lie Oontenlx, Gostave. Animaux de 
la race courte come am61ior6e 
dite race de Durham, dissends 
d'aprte nature par Gustave Le 
CouteuU, suivant les or d res de 
Monsieur le Ministre de I'agricul- 
lure et du commerce, et sur les 
indioations de M. Lefebvre-Ste.- 
Marle. SF199 D9 L4. 5716 

liefebvre-Ste. -Marie, G. De la race 
bovine courte come am61ior6e 
dite race de Durham en Angle- 
terre aux Etat Unis d' Amfirique 
et en France. 1849. SF193 S5 
L48. 5717 

Michigan. Dairy and food depart- 
ment. Bulletin. Library has no. 
91, March, 1903. SF225 M511. 


National association of state dairy 
and food departments. Journal of 
proceedings of the annual conven- 
tion. Library has 8th, 1904. SP 
226 N27. 5721 

Nebraska. Dairsnmen's association. 
Annual report. Library has 1st, 
1894. SF225 N2. 

Ohio. Dairy and food commissioner. 
Annual report. Library has 15th- 
23rd, 1900-'08, '09. SF225 031. 


Ohio. Dairymen's association. Re- 
port. Library has 1904, '05, '07. 
SF226 03. 5724 

Oregon. Dairy and food commission- 
er. Biennial report. Library has 
1899, '07, '09, 1911. SF226 07. 

Report. Library has 1896-1906, 

'08. SF225 M51. 5719 

Michigan. Dairymen's association. 
Annual report. Library has 1896, 
1898-'09, 1910. SF225 M5. 5720 

PennsylTania. Department of agri- 
culture. Monthly bulletin of the 
dairy and food division. Library 
has July-Dec, 1906, v. 4, no. 6- 
11. Feb.-Nov., 1907, v. 5, no. 1- 
10. Dec, 1908, v. 6, no. 11. v. 7, 
no. 12, V. 8, no. 2-7, 11, 12. SF 
225 P4. 5720 

Texas. Dairy and food commission- 
er. Annual report. Library has 
1st, 1908. SF225 T4. 5727 

Tisserant, Engt^ne. Guide des pro- 
priStaires et des cultivateurs dans 
le choix I'entretien et la multipli- 
cation dee vaches laiti^res. 1858. 
SF239 T61. 5728 

Vermont. Cattle commission. Re- 
port. Library has 1902-'08, '10. 
SF191 V5. 572» 

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a treatise upon the nature and 
qualities of dairy milk, and the 
manufacture of butter and cheese. 
8th ed., 1904. SF251 W77. 5730 

[Yonatt, William]. Cattle; their 
breeds, management, and diseases; 
with an index. Published under 
the superintendence of the Society 
for the diffusion of useful know- 
ledge. 1838. SF197 Y6. 5781 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



The American stud book, contftining 
full pedigrees of all the imported 
thorough-bred etallions and mares, 
with their produce, including the 
Arabs, Barbs, and Spanish horses, 
from the earliest accounta of rac^ 
ing in America, to the end of the 
year 1872, also all the native 
mares and their produce. By S. D. 
Bruce. 1873-1894. v. 1-6. SP293 
A51. 6782 

Annales des haras et de I'agricul- 
ture; pub. par une eoci6t6 d'ele- 
veurs, de profesaeurs et d'anciens 
616veB de I'Ecole royale des haraa. 
Library has v. 1-3; 1845-47. SP 
285 P6. 6733 

Boigne, Cbarles de, b. 1808. Du che- 
yal en France. 1843. SF283 B67. 


Bonley, H. Ecole royale v^t^rinaire 
d'alfort. Discours pronouncd & la 
distribution dee prix faite sous la 
pr6sidence de M. Dittmer. le 30 
aotlt 1845. 1845. SF293 F81. 


Cook, T. A. Eclipse & O'Kelly; being 
a complete history so far as is 
known of that celebrated English 
thoroughbred Eclipse (1764- 
1789), of his breeder the Duke of 
Cumberland & of his subsequent 
owners William Wildman, Dennis 
O'Kelly & Andrew O'Kelly, now 
for the first time set forth from 
the original authorities & family 
memoranda. 1907. SF355 El C7. 


Cumieiif baron de. Lecons de science 
hippique g^n^rale ou trait6 com- 
plet de I'art de connaitre, de gou- 
vemer et d' 61ever le cheval. 1855- 
1857. 2 V. SF285 C97. 6787 

]>odge, T. A. Riders of many lands. 
1894. SF309 D64. 6788 

Dnvall, Charles. Instructions for 
training. [1835]. SF285 M41. 


(Mason, R. The gentleman's 
new pocket farrier p. 405-408) 

Dwyer, Francis. On seats and sad- 
dles, bits and bitting, and the pre- 
vention and cure of restiveness in 
horses. 1869. SF309 D98. 6740 

France. Miniature des travauz pub- 
lics. Stud book francais, registre 
des chevaux de pur sang nSs ou 
import^s en France. 1838. 2 v. 
SF293 F81. 6741 

The general stud-book, containing 
pedigrees of race horses, &c. from 
the earliest accounts to the year 
1826 inclusive. 1827. 3 v. SF293 
G32. 6742 

Girardin, A. comte de. Sur I'^tat de 
la population chevaline en France, 
et sur ees consequences, k Mon- 
sieur le ministre de I'agriculture 
et du commerce. 1844. SF293 F 
81. 6748 

-Vingt pages k lire ou la ques- 

tion chevaline simplifi^e, par Cte 
A. de Girardln, et le Marquis de 
Torcy. 1843. SF293 F81. 6744 

Herbert, H. W. Frank Forester's 
horse and horsemanship of the 
United States and British pro- 
vinces of North America. With 
steel-engraved original portraits 
of celebrated horses. 1857. 2 v. 
SF283 H53. 6746 

The horse; with a treatise on 
draught; and a copious index. 
Published under the superinten- 
dence of the Society for the dif- 
fusion of useful knowledge. 1831. 
SF285 H81. 6740 

Honel, E. O. Trait6 complet de 
r^ldve du cheval en Bretagne, sta- 
tistique hippique de la circonscrip- 
tion du d^pOt d'^talons de Lang- 
onnet. 1842. SF291 H83. 5747 

Large, Alfred. Appendix to Stone- 
henge's work on the horse, in the 
stable and the field: containing 

296 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

diseases Indigenous 
1869. SF285 W22. 

to America. 

liawrence, Richard. An inquiry into 
the structure and animal economy 
of the horse; comprehending the 
diseases to which his limhs and 
feet are subject, with proper di- 
rections for shoeing. To which is 
added, an attempt to explain the 
laws of his progressive motion, on 
mechanical and anatomical prin- 
ciples. A new ed. rev. and cor. [n. 
d.] SF285 L42. 5749 

Mason, Richard. The gentleman's 
new pocket farrier, comprising a 
general description of the noble 
and useful animal the horse. 6th 
ed. with additions. To which is 
added, a prize essay on mules; and 
an appendix. Also, an addenda, 
containing annals of the turf, 
American stud book, rules for 
training, racing, &c. 1835. SF285 
M41. 5750 

QPontet, — .Repertoire historique des 
chevaux de race pure en France 
Ire partie.-Reproduction. (1801 
& 1853). 1856. SF293 P8. 5751 

La question chevaline consid6r6e 
sous le point de vue national, 
agricole, dconomique et militaire. 
1843. SF293 F81. 6752 

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tion of J. S. Rarey's Art of taming 
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du cheval suivant les lois de la 
phjrsiologie et de la m^canique. 
[n. d.] SF279 R51. 5754 

Richmond Jockey club. Rules and 

regulations of the Richmond Jock*. 

ey club. [1835] SF285 M41. 5755 

(Mason, R. The gentleman's new 

pocket farrier, p. 409-420) 

Skeavington, George. The modern 
system of farriery; comprehend- 
ing the present entire improved 
mode of practice, according to the 
rules laid down at the royal vet- 
erinary college, [n. d.] 8F285 
S62. 5756 

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Carolina jockey club; [a history 
of the turf in South Carolina] 
Charleston. 1857. SF347 S72. 


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Tarm^e, et de leurs rapports avec 
I'agriculture. 2me ed. 10 Avril, 
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liam Youatt. A new ed., with 
numerous illustrations together 
with a general history of the 
horse; a dissertation on the Amer- 
ican trotting horse, how trained 
and Jockeyed, an account of his 
remarkable performances; and an 
essay on the ass and the mule, by 
J. S. Skinner. 1843. SF285 Y67. 



little, John. Practical observations 
on the improvement and manage- 
ment of mountain sheep, and the 
sheep farms: also remarks on 
stock of various kinds. 1815. SF 
375 L77. 5762 

Malingi6-Nonel, E. li. A. Considera- 
tions sur les betes a laine au mil- 

ieu du xlxe siecle, en notice sur 
la race de la charmoise. Litho- 
graphies de Soulange-Tessier, d' 
aprds les dessins de Rosa Bon- 
heur. 1851. SF375 M25. 5763 

Montana. Board of sheep commis- 
sioners. Annual report. Library 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


has 1897. '98, 1902-*04, 1906- 
•08, 1909-1910. SF371 M9. 5764 

Oregon. Board of Bheep commission- 
ers. Annual report. Library has 
1st, 1907. SF371 07. 5765 

Randall, H. 8. 1811-1876. Sheep 
husbandry in the South: compris- 
ing a treatise on the acclimation 
of sheep in the southern states, 
and an account of the different 
breeds. Also, a complete manual 
of breeding, summer and winter 
management, and of the treat- 
ment of diseases. In a series of 
letters from H. S. Randall to R. 
P. W. Allston. 1849. SP375 R191. 


Sheep: their breeds, management 
and diseases. To which is added 

the mountain shepherd's manual. 
Published under the superintend- 
ence of the Society for the dif- 
fusion of useful knowledge. 1837. 
SP375 Y69. 5767 

Spooner, W. C. The history, struct- 
ure, economy, and diseases of the 
sheep. In three parts. Illustrated 
with fine engravings from draw- 
ings by W. Harvey. By W. C. 
Spooner. 1844. SP375 S76. 5768 

Youatt, WUUam. Sheep: their 
breeds, management, and diseases. 
Pub. under the superintendence 
of the Society for the diffusion of 
useful knowledge. To which are 
added, remarks on the breeds and 
management of sheep in the 
United States, and on the culture 
of fine wool in Silesia. 1851. SP 
375 Y68. 5769 


Harris, Joseph. Harris on tbe pig. 
Breeding, rearing, management, 
and improvement. cl870. SF395 
H31. 5770 

Indiana. State board of agriculture. 
Special report on the hog. 1900. 
SF396 16. 5771 

YouaU, William. The pig: a treat- 
ise on the breeds, management, 
feeding, and medical treatment, of 

• swine; with directions for salting 
pork, and curing bacon and hams. 
1847. SP395 Y67. 5772 

Birds. Oogs. Cats. 

Adams, H. G. Cage and singing 
birds: how to catch, keep, breed, 
and rear them. With full direc- 
tions as to their nature, habits, 
food, diseases, etc. 1854. SP461 
A21. 5773 

The American kennel club stud book. 
Official. Library has v. 1-22, 1878- 
1905. SP423 A51. 5774 

Dog stories from the "Spectator". 
Being anecdotes of the intelligence, 
reasoning power, affection and 
sympathy of dogs, selected from 
the corresponding columns of the 
"Spectator". With an introduc- 
tion by J. S. L. Strachey. 1895. 
SP437 D65. 5775 

The field dog stud book; an authen- 
tic register of names, colors, ages, 
pedigrees, sex, winnings and own- 
ers of field dogs, on the American 
continent. Issued annually. 1901. 
Library has v. 1 & 2. SF423 P45. 


Hill, J. W. The management and 
diseases of the dog. 3d ed. [1888?] 
SP427 H64. 5777 

Jesse, G. R. Researches into the his« 
tory of the British dog, from an- 
cient laws, charters, and historical 
records. With original anecdotes, 
and illustrations of the nature and 
attributes of the dog. Prom the 
poets and prose writers of ancient, 

298 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

medieyal, and modern times. ( about them. SF447 S6. 5779 

1866. 2 V. SF437 J68. 5778 

Young, E. B. My dogs in the North- 
Simpson, Frances. Cats and all land. [1902] SF437 Y71. 5780 


Bement, C. N. The American poul- 
terer's companion: a practical 
treatise on the breeding, rearing 
and general management of the 
various species of domestic poul- 
try. 5th ed. 1847. SF487 B45. 


Ferguson, George. Ferguson's illus- 

trated series of rare and prize 
poultry, including comprehensive 
essays upon all classes of domestic 
fowL 1854. SF487 F35. 5782 

Shackleton, James. System in poul- 
try practice, by James Shackleton. 
C1903. Library has v. 1, 1905. 
SF487 S52. 5783 


Bevan, Edward. The honey-bee; its 
natural history, physiology and 
management. 1827. SF525 B57. 


The cottage bee keeper; or sugges- 
tions for the practical manage- 
ment of amateur, cottage and farm 
apiaries, on scientific principles. 

By a country curate. 1851. SP 
525 C84. 5785 

Debeauvoys, J. B. Guide de Tapicul- 
teur. 3me 6d. 1851. SF527 D2. 


Honter, S. «f. The honey-bee and its 
food plants, with special reference 
to alfalfa. 1899. SF523 H94. 



Annates de la societe sericicole, 
fondle en 1837, pour la propaga- 
tion et I'amelioration de I'indus- 
trie de la sole en France. 1842- 
1849. Library has v. 5-9, 11, 12, 
1841-'45, 1847, '48. SF541 A61. 


Boyer, F. De la culture du mdrier, 
par F. Boyer et G. de Labaume. 
1845. SF557 B79. 5788a 

Homergne, John d*. Essays oh 
American silk, and the best means 
of rendering it a source of indiv- 
idual and national wealth, with 
directions to farmers for raising 
silk worms. By John d'Homergue 
and P. S. Duponceau. 1830. SF 
545 H76. 5789 

Charrel, J. Traits des magnaneries. 
1848. SF549 C48. 5700 

Boullenois, Fr6d6ric de. Conseils 
aux nouveaux ^ducateurs de vers 
2l sole, r§sum6 des m6thodes et 
des pratiques 2L suivre pour plant- 
er des mdriers, construire des 
magnaneries, 61ever les vers & 
sole et filer les cocons. 1842. SF 
549 F38. 5791 

Ferrier, — . De la filature ou de Tart 
de tirer la sole des cocons. Ex- 
trait des annales de la eoci^t^ 
s6ricole, 3e numero. [1842?] SF 
549 F38. 5792 

Julien, A. S., originally Noel. Re- 
sume des principaux trait^s chin- 
ois sur la culture des mfiriers et 
r^ducation des vers d, sole, tr. par 
Stanislas Julien. Publi6 par ordre 
du ministre des travaux publics, 
de Tagriculture et du commerce. 
1837. SF549 F38. 5793 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Bovrgaignon, H. On the cattle 
plague: or, contagious typhus in 
honied cattle. 1869. SF967 03 
B7. «795 

Chaavean, J. B. A. The comparative 
anatomy of the domesticated ani- 
mals. Rev. and enl., with the co- 
operation of S. Arloing. 2d ed. Tr. 
and ed. hy George Fleming. 1873. 
SF761 05. 5796 

OatOT, FWincis. Every man his own 
farrier; containing the causes, 
symptoms, and most approved 
methods of cure for every disease 
to which the horse is liable. 25th 
ed., with numerous additions and 
corrections. To which \b added, a 
practical treatise on the most pre- 
valent diseases of dogs. 1826. SF 
955 061. 5707 

Ooimecticiit. Oommissioners on dis- 
eases of domestic animals. Report. 
Library has 1881, *95, '96. Special 
report June, 1890. SF624 08. 


Curtice, Cooper. The animal para- 
sites of sheep. 1890. SF968 S17. 


Delafond, H. M. O. Instruction sur 
la pleuro-pneumonie ou p6ripneu- 
monie contagieuse dee bfites bo- 
Tlnes de la vall6e de Bray (Seine- 
inferieure). 1840. SF964 D33 


^Traite sur la maladie de poit- 

Tine du gros b6tail, connue sous le 
nom de p6ripneumonie contagie- 
use. 1844. SF964 D33. 5801 

^Trait6 sur la maladie de sang 

des betes a laine. 1843. SF964 
D33. 5802 

Downing, Joseph. A treatise on the 
disorders incident to homed cat- 
tle, comprising a description of 
their symptoms, and the most ra- 
tional methods of cure. To which 
are added receipts for curing the 
gripes, staggers, & worms in 
horses. SF961 D75. 5803 

Hinds, John. The veterinary sur- 
geon; a treatise on all the dis- 
eases and accidents to which the 
horse is liable. With considerable 
additions and improvements, par- 
ticularly adapted to this country, 
by T. M. Smith. 1830. SF955 H66. 


Illinois. General assembly. Joint 
committee on tuberculin test and 
pasteurization oi milk. Repori, 
1911. 1911. SF808 13. 5805 

Illinois. State board of live stock 
commissioners. Annual report. Li- 
brary has 21st-date, 1906-date. SF 
624 13. 5806 

-Bulletin. Library has nos. 1, 3, 

Sept., 1910; no. 2, Nov., 1910. SF 
624 132. 5807 

— Laws of the state of Illinois re- 
lating to contagious and infectious 
diseases among domestic animals. 
Oruelty to animals and meat in- 
spection. 1909. SF624 13. 1909. 


— Revised list of veterinary sur- 
geons licensed. 1911. SF624 137. 


Rules and regulations. Library 

has 1909. SF624 131. 5810 

Obidiana. State veterinarian. Annu- 
al report. Library has '04, '06, 
'08, '09. SF624 16. 5811 

Maine. Legislature. Joint special 
committee to investigate cause of 
outbreak of disease among tne 
cattle at the state college farm. 
iReport with testimony taken be- 
fore the committee. 1887. SF961 
M22. 5812 

Mayhew, £2dward. The illustrated 
horse doctor. To which are added 
epidemic influenza, compiled from 
lectures and reports of Prof. A. S. 
Oopeman, prepared by Midy Mor- 
gan, and practical horseshoeing, 
by Q. Fleming. 1873. SF955 M46. 


300 Finding List of^ Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Blichigan. Live stock sanitary laws. 
Comp. under tiie supervision of F. 
G. Martindale, secretary of state. 
1910. SF624 M6 A3 1910. 5814 

Michigan. Live stock sanitary com- 
mission. Biennial report. Library 
has 1900-'06, Sth-llth. SF624 M 
5. 5815 

Montana. Board of stock commis- 
sioners. Annual reports of the 
board, of the state veterinarian, 
and the recorder of marks and 
brands. Library has 1898, '02, 
1904-'06, '08. SF624 M9. 5816 

Montana. State veterinary depart- 
ment. Bulletin. Library has G-no. 
1, S-no. 2. SF624 M9 A2. 5817 

Ohio. State board of live stock com- 
missioners. Annual report. Li- 
brary has 1901-'05, '07, '09. SF 
624 03. 5818 

Bulletin. Library has no. 2, 

1903; no. 5, Nov., 1909. SF624 O 
35. 5819 

Oregon. Domestic animal commis- 
sion. Report. Library has 1907. 
SF624 07. 5820 

Pearson, Leonard. Diseases and 
enemies of poultry. 1897. SF995 
P36. 5821 

Pennsylvania, State livestock sani- 
tary board. Circular. Library has 
no. 7, 16, 18. SF624 P4. 58229 

Texas. Live stock sanitary commis- 
sion. Report. Library has 1908. 
SF624 T4. 5823 

U. S. Bureau of animal industry. 
Annual report. Library has 6th, 
1889; 9th. '92; 12th, '95; 25th, 
'08. SF623 U5 A2. 5824 

-Bulletin. Library has nos. 1-4, 

6-28, 30-35, 37, 39-100, 102-126, 
129, 131. SF623 U5 A4. 5825 

Alvord, H. E. The milk supply 
of two hundred cities and towns. 

By H. K. Alvord and R. A. Pearson. 
1903. (no. 46) 5826 
Statistics of the dairy. Com- 
piled from the United States cen- 
sus for 1890, with explanatory 
notes. 1896. (no. 11) 5827 
Statistics of the dairy. Com- 
piled from the United States cen- 
sus for 1900 with explanatory 
notes. 1903. (no. 65) 5828 
Armsby, H. P. The available 
eneriry of timothy hay. Investiga- 
tions with the respiration calorime- 
ter in cooperation with the Penn- 
sylvania state college agricultural 
experiment station. By H. P. 
Armsby and J. August Fries. 1903. 
(no. 51) 5829 

Energy values of red clover 

hay and maize meal. Investigations 
with the respiration calorimeter, in 
cooperation with the Pennsylvania 
state college agricultural experi- 
ment station. By H. P. Armsby 
and J. A. Fries. 1905. (no. 74) 

Feeding for meat produc- 
tion. 1908. (no. 108) 5831 
Association of experiment station 
veterinarians. Proceedings of the 
second annual meeting, Omaha, 
Neb.. Sept. 8, 1898. 1898. (no. 22) 


Ayers, 8. H. The bacteriology of 

commercially pasteurized and raw 

market milk. By S. H. Ayers and 

W. T. Johnson, jr. 1910. (no. 126) 

Bicknea, F. W. The animal in- 
dustry of Argentina. 1903. (no. 
48) 5834 

Bolton, B. M, The bacteriolytic 
power of the blood serum of hogs. 
1907. (no. 95) 5835 

Brown, E. W. Digestion experi- 
ments with poultry. 1904. (no. 56) 

Campbell, H. C. Leucocytes in 
milk: methods of determination 
and the effect of heat upon their 
number. (In cooperation with 
Pennsylvania state livestock sani- 
tary board.) 1909. (no. 117) 5837 
Ciiapln, R. M. The analysis of 
coal-tar creosote and cresylic acid 
sheep dips. 1908. (no. 107) 5838 
Chnbbnck, Ijevl. The dairy in- 
dustry in Missouri and Kansas. 
1897. (no. 18) 5839 

Conference of federal and state 
repreeentatlves to consider plans 
for the eradication of the catUe 
tick, Nashville, Tenn., 1906. Pro- 
ceedings. 1907. (no. 97) 5840 
Conn, H. W. The Camembert 
type of soft cheese in the United 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


states. By H. W. Conn, Charles 
Thom, A. W. Bosworth, W. A, 
Stockingr, Jr., and T. W. Issajeff. 
1905. (no. 71) 5841 

Crawley, Howard. Studies on 
blood and blood parasites. 1909. 
(no. 119) 5842 

District of Columbia. Medical 
society. Committee on public 
health. Rabies. Report of the 
Committee. 1900. (no. 25) 5848 

Doane, O. F. The influence of 
lactic acid on the quality of cheese 
of the Cheddar type. 1910. (no. 
123) 5844 

Investigations in the manu- 
facture and curing of cheese. VI. 
— The cold curing: of American 
cheese, with a digest of previous 
work on the subject. 1906. (no. 
85) 5845 

The milk supply of twenty- 
nine southern cities. 1905. (no. 70) 


^Varieties of cheese: descrip- 
tions and analyses. By C. F. Doane 
and H. W. Lawson. 1908. (no. 105) 


Dorset, Marion. The etiologry of 
hog cholera. By M. Dorset, B. M. 
Bolton and C. N. McBryde. 1905. 
(no. 72) 5848 

^Further experiments con- 
cerning the production of immuni- 
ty from hog cholera. By M. Dor- 
set, C. N. McBryde, and W. B. 
Niles. 1908. (no. 102) 5849 

Dox, A. W. The intracellular en- 
zyms of Penicillium and Aspergil- 
lus, with special reference to those 
of Penicillium camemberti. 1910. 
(no. 120) 5850 

Proteolytic changes in the 

ripening of Camembert cheese. 
1908. (no. 109) 5851 

Dnggar, J. F. Experiments in 
beef production in Alabama. By J. 
F. Duggar and W. F. Ward, 1908. 
(no. 103) 5852 

Fossum, Andre^v. The poultry 
and egg industry of leading Euro- 
pean countries. 1904. (no. 65) 


Fries, J. A. Investigations in the 
use of the bomb calorimeter in co- 
operation with the Pennsylvania 
state college agricultural experi- 
ment station. 1907. (no. 94) 5854 

^Methods and standards in 

bomb calorimetry. Investigations 
in cooperation with the Institute 
of animal nutrition of the Pennsyl- 
vania state college. 1910. (no. 124) 


German meat regulations, with 

original texts. 1903. (no. 50) 


Gilbert, B. D. The cheese indus- 
try ot the state of New York. 1896. 
(no. 15) 5857 

Gray, C. £. Investigations in the 
manufacture and storage of butter. 
I. — The keeping qualities of but- 
ter made under different conditions 
and stored at different tempera- 
tures. By C. E. Gray. With re- 
marks on the scoring of the butter 
by Q. L. McICay. 1906. (no. 84) 


Gray, D. T. Beef production in 
Alabama. I. Cost of raising the 
cattle. II. "Wintering steers pre- 
paratory to summer fattening on 
pasture. III. Fattening cattle on 
pasture. By D. T. Gray and W. F. 
Ward. 1911. (no. 131) 5859 

Griffiths, David. Feeding prick- 
ly pear to stock in Texas. 1906. 
(no. 91) 5863 

Hall, M. C. The gid parasite and 
allied species of the cestode genus 
Multiceps. 1910. (no. 125) Li- 
brary has part 1. 5861 

Hare, R. F. Experiments on the 
digestibility of prickly pear. 1908. 
(no. 106) 5862 

Hickman, R. W. Description 
and treatment of scabies in cattle. 
1902. (no. 40) 5863 

Issajeff, T. W. Investigations in 
the manufacture and curing of 
cheese. VII. — Directions for mak- 
ing the Camembert type of cheese. 
1907. (no. 98) 5863a 

Kennedy, W. J. Cattle, sheep, 
and hog feeding in Europe. 1905. 
(no. 77) 5864 

Kllbome, F. L. Miscellaneous 
investigations concerning infectious 
and parasitic diseases of domesti- 
cated animals by F. L. Kilborne. V. 
A. Moore, E. C. Schroeder, Theo- 
bald Smith, and C. W. Stiles. 1893. 
(no. 3) 5865 

Jjane, C. B. The cold storage of 
cheese. (Experiments of 1903-4) 
1906. (no. 83) 5866 

— • — -Market milk investigations. 
II. — The milk and cream exhibit at 
the National dairy show, 1906. 
1906. (no. 87) 5867 

Medical milk commissions 

and the production of certified milk 
in the United States. 1908. (no. 
104) 5868 

The milking machine as a 

factor in dairying (a preliminary 
report) I. — Practical studies of a 
milking machine. By C. B. Lane. 
II. — Bacteriological studies of a 
milking machine. By W. A. Stock- 

302 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

ing. 1907. (no. 92) 5869 

Records of dairy cows In the 

United States. 1^05 (no 75) 5870 
Laws (federal, state and terrlto- 
rial) relating to contagious and in- 
fectious diseases of animals. 1902 
and 1903. 1904. (no. 64) 5871 
McBryde, C. N. Filtration experi- 
m^te with Bacillus cholerie suis 

1909. (no. 113) , 5^®;/ 
^The germicidal va ue of li- 
quor cresolls composltus (U. ^-^'^ 

'''liiGi^' t'I American bS 
of^^X'V-The Wyandotte 

1901. (no. 31) _^*** 

Mflwh, C. D. The loco-weed dls- 

easTof the plains. 1909. (no. 112)^ 

Btudv of tubercle bacilli from va- 
ried sources. By J. R- Mohler and 
H J. Washburn. 1907. <««>• J5> 

^Foot-rot of sheep: its na- 
ture cause, and treatment. By J. 
R^^kSSler and H. J. Washburn 

1904. (no. 63) ^nk of 

^Infectiveness of milk or 

cowa which have reacted to the 
tuberculin test 1903. (no. ^40 

Necrotic stomatitis. with 

special reference to its occurrence 
m calves (calf diphtheria) and pl^ 

(sore mouth). ^yJ'^\J^''^J^^ 
and G. B. Morse. 1905. (^0.^67) 

^The need of controlling and 

standardizing the nianufacture of 

veterinary tetanus f ^1*^^°^*": ^?^-i- 
R. Mohler and Adolph Elchhorn. 
1909. (no. 121) 5880 

Takosis, a contagious dis- 
ease of goats. A preliminary report 
on Its nature, cause a^^ prevention. 
By J. R. Mohler and H. J. Wasn- 
burn. 1903. (no. 45) 5881 

^Texas fever (otherwise 

known as tick fever splenetic fev- 
er or southern cattle fever), with 
methods for its prevention. 1905 

inck 78 > oo9^ 

Monrnd, J. H. The dairy Indus 
try in Nebraska. South I^akota. and 
North Dakota. 1896. (no. 16) 6883 

Moore, V. A. Cornstalk disease 
and rabies in cattle. An investi- 
gation into the nature, cause, and 
means of Preventing the cornstak 
disease (Toxaemia maldis) of cattle. 
By V. A. Moore. A disease in cat- 
tle not distinguishable from rabies. 
By V. A. Moore. Chemical exami- 
nation of cornstalks presumably 
the cause of cornstalk disease in 

cattle. By E. A. de Schweinitz. 
1896. (no. 10) 5884 

Pearl, Raymond. A blometrical 
study of egg production In the do- 
mestic fowl. By Raymond Pearl, 
and F. M. Surface. 1909. Library 
has parts 1, 2. (no. 110) 5885 

Pearson, B. A. Dairy schools. 
1896. (no. 17) 5886 

National and state dairy 

laws. 1900. (no. 26) 5887 

-Notes upon dairying in Cal- 

ifornia and the export of California 
butter to the Orient. 1900. (no. 
24) 5888 

Ransom, B. H. The gid parasite 
(Ccenurus cerebralis): its presence 
In American sheep. 1905. (no. 
66) 5889 

— — Manson's eye worm of 
chickens (Oxyspirura mansoni) 
with a general review of nema- 
todes parasitic in the eyes of birds, 
and notes on the spiny-suckered 
tapeworms of chickens (Davalnea 
echinobothrida (Taenia botrio- 
plltes) and D. tetragona). 1904. 
(no. 60) 5890 

Rasmussen, Frederik. Cattle 
breeders' associations in Denmark. 
1911. (no. 129) 5891 

Rogers, li. A. The bacteria of 
pasteurized and unpasteurized milk 
under laboratory conditions. 1905. 
(no. 73) 5892 

The influence of acidity of 

cream on the flavor of butter. By 
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1 ^Market classes of horses. 

1902. (no. 37) 5899 

^The score card in stock 

breeding. 1905. (no. 76) 590O 

The score card in stock 

Judging at agricultural colleges. 
1904. (no. 61) 5901 

*— — State stock breeders' asso- 
ciations. 1904. (no. 64) 5902 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


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imal industry; also the acts of 
Congress under which they are 
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Legiallation with reference 

to bovine tuberculosis, being a di- 
gest of the laws now in force and a 
transcript of the laws, rules and 
regulations, and proclamations for 
the several states and territories. 
1901. (no. 28) 5905 

Mexico as a market for 

purebred beef cattle from the 
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Experiments with milk ar- 
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The growth of the tuberculosis 
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Further experiments with an atten- 
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vestigations concerning infectious 
swine diseases. By Theobald Smith 
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^Xnvestigatlons concerning 

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reference to diagnosis and preven- 
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Investigations concerning in- 
fectious diseases among poultry. 
By Theobald Smith and V. A. 
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ture, causation, and prevention of 
Texas or southern cattle fever by 
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(no. 35) 5928 

Index-catalogue of medical 

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The Inspection of meats for 

animal parasites. I. The flukes 
and tapeworms of cattle, sheep, 
and swine, with special reference 
to the inspection of meats. By C. 
W. Stiles. 11. Compendium of the 
parasites, arranged according to 

304 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

their hosts. By Albert Hassall. III. 
Bibliography of the more Impor- 
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^A revision of the adult ces- 

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anlmaU by C. W. SUles and Albert 
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The synonymy of Tsnla, T. 

crasslcoUls, T. marglnata, T. ser- 
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I. General remarks on trichlnosia 
in Germany. Pt. II. A statistical 
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during the eighteen years 1881- 
1898. Pt. III. European cases of 
trichinosis of alleged Amierican 
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cheese problems in the United 
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Cultural studies of species of 

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Fungi in cheese ripening: 

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Experiments concerning tubercu- 
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tions at the Maine agricultural ex- 
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— Circular. Library haB nos. 1-15, 
17-20. 22-29, 31-35, 37-48, 50-73. 
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-Order. Library has nos. 46, 121, 

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Special report on diseases of the 
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U. S. Mounted service school. Fort 
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pared for the use of students of 
the Training school for farriers 
and horseshoers, by the Training 
school instructors. School of ap- 
plication for cavalry and field ar- 
tillery. Fort Riley. Kansas. 1906. 
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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 




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Contents. — ^v. 1-3. Handbooks. — 
v. 4-7. Conferences. — v. 8-11. Prize 
€8says. — v. 12. Official catalogue; 
jury awards. 4th ed. — ^v. 13. Ana- 
lytical index. 

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306 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology, 

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Library has lst-12th, 1896-1906. 
8th & 9th in 1 v. 10, 11. 12 in 1 v. 
8th also separate. SHll NTS. 


-Bureau of marine fisheries. An- 

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N71. 5980 

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(In U. S. Treasury dept Annual 

report of the secretary on the state 
of the finances. [1863] 1861-62, p. 

Contents. — ^pt. 1. France. Spain. 
Portugal. — ^pt. 2. Newfoundland. 
Nova Scotia. Cape Breton. Prince 
Edward Island. Magdalene Islands. 
Bay of Chaleurs. Labrador. New 
Brunswick. — pt. 3. United States. 
Plsrmouth colony. — ^pt 4. Historical 
view of the controversy as to the 
intent and meaning of the first ar- 
ticle of the convention of 1818. 

South Carolina. [Acts relating to 
fish and oysters] Library has acts 
approved 1906, '07, '08. SH325 
S61. 5990 

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Annual report Library has 1908. 
SHll S6. 5991 

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Annual report. Library has 1908. 
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Library has v. 1, 1881-v. 28, 
1908. SHll A2. 5995 

[Documents]. Library has nos. 

602, 610, 613, 618, 627, 630, 632, 
643, 644, 645, 728, 730. 731, 733, 
746. 5996 


American catfishes: habits, cul- 
ture, and commercial Importance. 
1910. (no. 738) SH361 C4U6 1910. 


Aquatic plants in pond culture. 
1909. (no. 648) SH169 U6. 5098 

The distrilmtion of fish and fish 
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ry has 1907-date. SHll A29. 5000 

The distribution of food fishes 
during the fiscal year 1906. 1907. 
(no. 613) SHll A3 1907. 6000 

The flsberles of Alaska in 1906- 
'09, 1907. (Doc. 618, 632. 646, 780, 
746)SH222 A4 A32. 6001 

Oyster culture experiments and 
Investigations in Louisiana. 1910. 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


(no. 781) SH365 L.85 1910. 6002 
The propagation and distribution 
of food fishes in 1906. 1906. (no. 
602) SHll A3 1906. 6003 

Some observations on salmon 
and trout In Alaska [By F. M. 
Chamberlain, n^turaliat, U. S. fish- 
eries steamer Albatross]. 1907. 
(doo. 627) 8H348 A16. 6004 

Survey of oyster bottoms in Mat- 
agorda Bay, Texas. [By H. F. 
Moore] 1907. (no. 610) SHll A6 
1907. 6005 

-The fisheries and fishery indus- 

tries of the United States. Pre- 
pared by G. B. Goode. 1884-87. 6 
V. SH221 U5. 6006 

-The fnr-eeal fisheries of Alaska. 

1910. Library has 1909. SH222 
A4 A33. 6007 

-Report. Library has pt. 2» 1873 

— pt. 30, 1904. SHll Al. 6008 
— ^The United States Bureau of 

fisheries, its establishment, func- 
tions, organization, resources, op- 
erations, and achieyements. 1908. 
SHll A45. 6000 

v. S. Coast and geodetic survey. Re- 
port on the sounds and estuaries 
of North Carolina with reference 
to oyster culture, by Francis Win- 
slow. [1889]. SH365 N8 W78. 

(Bulletin no. 10) 

— Survey of oyster bars, Somer- 
set County, Maryland; description 
of boundaries and landmarks and 
report of work of United States 
Coast and geodetic survey in co- 
operation with United States Bu- 
reau of fisheries and Maryland 
Shell fish commission. By C. C. 
Tates. 1908. SH366 M3 1908. 


-Survey of oyster bars, Wicomi- 

— Survey of oyster bars, Anne 
Arundel County, Maryland. De- 
scription of boundaries and land- 
marks and report of work of 
United States Coast and geodetic 
survey in cooperation with Mary- 
land Shell fish commission, by C. 
C. Tates. 1907. SH365 M3 1907. 


— Survey of oyster bars, Calvert 
County, Maryland. Description of 
boundaries and landmarks and re- 
port of work of United States 
Coast and geodetic survey In co- 
operation with United States 
Bureau of fisheries and Maryland 
Shellfish commission. By C. C. 
Yates. 1910. SH366 M3 1910. 


CO County, Maryland. Description 
of boundaries and landmarks and 
report of work of United States 
Coast and geodetic survey in co- 
operation with United States Bu- 
reau of fisheries and Maryland 
Shell fish commission. By C. C. 
Tates assistant. Coast and geodetic 
survey. 1909. SH365 M3 1909. 


-Survey of oyster bars, Worces- 

ter County, Maryland. Description 
of boundaries and landmarks and 
report of work of United States 
Coast and geodetic survey In co- 
operation with United States Bu- 
reau of fisheries and Maryland 
Shell fish commission. By C. C. 
Tates, chief of Coast and geodetic 
survey party. 1909. SH366 M3 
1909a. 6015 

U. B. 5l8t Cong., 2d sees. Senate. 
Sub-committee of the committee 
on fisheries. Report in the matter 
of the investigation of the United 
States fish commission. Feb. 21, 
1891. 1891. SHll A55. 6016 

^Testimony in the matter of the 

investigation of the United States 
fish commission. 1891. SHll A55. 


U. S. Dept. of commerce and labor. 
Reports relating to Alaskan seal 
fisheries. Preliminary and annual 
reports of W. I. Lembkey, agent 
in charge 1906-1907. 1908. SH 
361 U4 1908. 6018 

U. 8. Dept. of commerce and labor. 
Division of Alaskan fisheries. Re- 
port on the salmon fisheries of 

308 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Alaska. Library has 1896. '98, 
1903/04. SH348 A2. MIO 

U. S. Revenue cutter service. A re- 
port on the sea-otter banks of 
Alaska. Range and habits of the 
sea otter — its decrease under 
American rule, and some of the 
causes — importance of the sea ot- 
ter to the natives of Alaska in- 
habiting the Aleutian Islands — 
proposed regulations for 1898. 
1897. SH364 U6 1897. 6020 

U. S. Treasury dept. CommiSBion on 
fur-seal Investigations. The fur 
seals and fur-seal islands of the 
North Pacific Ocean. By D. S. 
Jordan, Leonhard Stejneger and 
P. A. Lucas, J. P. Moser, C. H. 
Townsend, G. A. Clark, Joseph 
Murray. With special papers by 
other contributors. 1898-99. 4v. 
and atlas. SH361 U5. 6021 

-Observations on the fur seals of 

the Pribilof Islands. Preliminary 
report by D. S. Jordan commis- 
sioner in charge of fur seal inves- 
tigations for 1896; aided by L. 
Stejneger and P. A. Lucas, J. F. 

Moser, C. H. Townsend, G. A. 
Clark, Joseph Murray. 1896. SH 
361 U4 1896. 6022 

Van Doren, L, O. The fishes of the 
east Atlantic coast, that are caught 
with hook and line, by L. O. Van 
Doren. Including The fishes of the 
east coast of Plorida. By S. C. 
Clarke. 1884. SH463 V24. 6023 

Vermont. State fish and game com- 
missioners. Biennial report. Li- 
brary has 1900-'04, '08, '10. SH 
11 V5. 6024 

Walton, Izaak. The complete angler, 
or The contemplative man's rec- 
reation, of Izaak Walton and 
Charles Cotton, [n. d.]. 2 v. SH 
433 A. 6025 

— The complete angler of Izaak 
Walton and Charles Cotton: To 
which are added, an introductory 
essay and illustrative notes. 2d ed. 
1824. 2 V. bound in I. SH433 A 
1824. 6026 

Yale, li. M. Angling. 1896. SH461 
Y18. 6027 


American tnrf register. Library has 
V. 1-15, 1829-1844. 6028 

Annals of sporting. Library has v. 1- 
13, 1822-'28. 6020 

Arkansas. Game laws. Library has 
1901. SK371 A81. 6030 

Baldwin, W. C. African hunting, 
from Natal to the Zambesi, includ- 
ing Lake Ngami, the Kalahari 
Desert, &c. From 1852 to 1860. 
1863. SK251 B18. 6031 

Carnegie, William. Practical trap- 
ping: being papers on traps and 
trapping for vermin, with a chap- 
ter on general trapping and snar- 
ing of birds, rat catching, &c. By 
W. Carnegie ("Moorman") 2d ed., 
enl. 1903. SK283 C28. 6032 

Colorado. Game and fish commis- 
sioner. Biennial report. Library 
has 1908. SK375 A2. 6033 

Connecticut. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Fish and game laws. Library has 
1905, '09. SK377 C81. 6034 

Daniel, W. B. Rural sports. 1812. 3 
V. SK31 D18. 6035 

Elliott, William. Carolina sports by 
land and water; Including inci- 
dents of devil-fishing, wild-cat, 
dear and bear hunting, etc. 1859. 
SKI 2 5 E46. 6036 

Flack, Captain. A hunter's experi- 
ence in the southern states of 
America. Being an account of the 
natural history of the varioue 
quadrupeds and birds which are 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


the objects of chase in those coun- 
tries. 1866. SK43 F57. 6037 

Greenwood, James. Wild sports of 
the world: a book of natural his- 
tory and adventure. 1870. SK31 
681. 6038 

Harding, Stanley. The amateur trap- 
per, and trap-maker's guide. A 
complete and carefully prepared 
treatise on the art of trapping, 
snaring, and netting. cl875. SK 
283 H26. 6030 

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2 y. SK311 H97. 6040 

Illinois. Game commissioner. An- 
nual report. Library has 1st, 1900. 
SK389 A2. 6041 

Indiana. Ck>mmissioner of fisheries 
and game. Biennial report. Li- 
brary has 1900-'08. SK393 A2. 


Lefflngwell, W. B., ed. Shooting on 
upland, marsh, and stream. A se- 
ries of articles written by promi- 
nent sportsmen, descriptive of 
hunting the upland birds of Amer- 
ica. 1890. SK313 L49. 6048 

Maine. Commissioners of inland fish- 
eries and game. Report. Library 
has 1900. SK403 A2. 6044 

Maryland. Synopsis of game and fish 
laws. 1906. SK405 1906. 6045 

Michigan. Game and fish laws. Li- 
brary has 1897, '01, '05, '09. SK 
409 M52. 6046 

Montana. Game and fish oommis- 
sloners. Annual report. Library 
has 1900. Biennial report, 1910. 
SK417 A4. 6047 

New Hampshire. Fish and game 
commissioners. Report. Library 
has 1908. SK423 A2. 6048 

New York (State). Forest, fish and 
game law. Relating to the forest 
preserve, fish, game and the Adi- 
rondack and international parks. 

Enacted by the legislature of 1900 
and amended by the legislature of 
1905. 1905. SK429 N7 1905. 


Ohio. Fish and game commissioners. 
Annual report. Library has 1900- 
'06. SK435 A2. 6050 

Ohio. Laws relating to birds, fish 
and game. Library has 1901. SK 
435. 6051 

Oregon. Game and forestry warden. 
Annual report. Library has 1905, 
'06, '08. SK439 07. 6052 

Oregon. State fish and game pro- 
tector. Annual report. Library 
has 3d-6th, 1895-98. SK439 A2. 


Pennsylvania. Game commissioners. 
Annual report. Library has 1906- 
'08. SK441 A2. 6054 

Save our birds and game. Meth- 
ods whereby game and wild birds 
can best be protected and cared 
for. Recommendations as to the 
trapping and care of quail. Jos- 
eph Kalbfus, secretary of Game 
commission. 1906. SK441 K3. 


Pennsylvania. Digest of the game, 
fish and forestry laws. Library has 
1905, 1907. SK441 P41. 6056 

Rogers, Archibald. Hunting, by 
Archibald Rogers, W. S. Rainsford, 
Frederick Irland, Birge Harrison, 
H. C. Hale, Frank Russell, G. B. 
Grinnell. 1896. SK33 R72. 6057 
Contents. — I. Hunting American 
big game, by Archibald Rogers.— 

II. Camping and hunting in the 
Shoshone, by W. S. Rainsford.-— 

III. Climbing for white goats, by 
George Bird Grinnell. — IV. Sport in 
an untouched American wilderness, 
by Frederic Irland. — ^V, A kangaroo 
hunt, by Birge Harrison. — VI. The 
last of the buffalo, by George Bird 
Grinnell. — ^VII. At St. Mary's, by 
Harry C. Hale.— VIII. Hunting 
musk-ox with the Dog Ribs, by 
Frank RuaselL 

Roosevelt* Theodore. African gams 
trails, an account of the African 

310 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

wanderings of an American hunt- 
er-naturalist, by Theodore Roose- 
velt; with illustrations from photo- 
graphs b7 Kermit Roosevelt and 
other membere of the expedition, 
and from drawings by P. R. Good- 
win. 1910. SK252 R72. 0058 

Hunting trips of a ranchman, 

Bketches of sport on the northern 
cattle plains. 1903. SK45 R73. 


The wilderness hunter; an ac- 
count of the big game of the United 
States and its chase with horse, 
hound and rifle. 1902. SK41 R78. 


Schley, Frank. FYank Schley's Ameis 
lean partridge and pheasant shoot- 
ing, written by himself, describ- 
ing the haunts, habits, and meth- 
ods of hunting and shooting the 

American partridge; quail; ruffed 
grouse; pheasant. With directions 
for handling the gun, hunting the 
dog, and the art of shooting on 
the wing. Containing a history of 
the partridges and grouse Inhabit- 
ing North America. 1877. SK323 
S3 4. 6001 

Scott, W. H. British field sports: em- 
bracing practical Instructions in 
shooting, coursing, racing, cocking, 
fishing, &c. With observations on 
the breaking and training of dogs 
and horses. 2d ed. 1820. SK31 
S43. 6062 

The sporting magazine. Library has 
V. 1-128, 1792-1854, except v. 22- 
25. 6063 

Texas. Game laws. Library has 
1909. SK451. 6064 



Annual of scientific discovery: or. 
Tear-book of facts In science and 
art, for [1850]-71. 1850-71. 21 v. 
Library has 185 1-' 54. Tl A6. 6065 

Appleton*s dictionary of machines, 
mechanics, engine-work, and en- 
giueering. 1852. 2 y. T9 A65 Ref. 


Beckmann, JTohann. A concise his- 
tory of ancient institutions, inven- 
tions, and discoveries in science 
and mechanic art; abridged and 
translated from the Beytr&ge zur 
gepchichte der erfindungen. With 
various important a4ditions. 1823. 
2 V. T15 B38. 6067 

Cooley, A. J. Cooley's cyclopaedia of 
practical receipts and collateral 
information in the arts, manufact- 
ures, professions, and trades in- 
cluding medicine, pharmacy, and 
domestic economy. 6th ed., rev. 
and partly rewritten by R. V. Tu- 
son, 1879. 2 v. T49 C765. 6068 

Crabb, George. Universal technol- 
ogical dictionary; or. Familiar 

explanations of the terms used in 
all arts and sciences. 1823. 2 v. 
T9 C87 Ref. 6060 

Deinhardt, Kurt. The Deinhardt- 
Schlomann series of technical dic- 
tionaries in six languages: By 
Kurt Deinhardt and Alfred Schlo- 
mann. 1908. Library has v. 2 and 
3. T9 D32 Ref. 6070 

Contents: — v. 2. Electrical en- 
gineering including telegraphy and 
telephony — ^v. 3. Steam boilers, 
steam engines, steam turbines. 

Engineering index. Library has v. 
22, 1908-date. 6071 

The engineering magazine. Library 
has V. 34, 1908-date. 6072 

Hopkins, A. A., ed. The Scientific 
American cyclopedia of receipts, 
notes and queries. 1892. T49 H 
788 Ref. 6073 

lies, George. Flame, electricity and 
the camera; man's progress from 
the first kindling of fire to the 
wireless telegraph and the pho- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


tography of color. 1900. T19 127. 


-Inventorg at work, with chapters 

on discovery. 1907. T19 13. 6075 

Jamieson, Alexander. A dictionary 
of mechanical science, arts, manu- 
factureSp and miscellaneous know- 
ledge. 7th ed. 1830. T9 J32. 6076 

Journal of the Franklin Institute. 
Library has T. 1-70. 1828-'60. 
1905-date. 6077 

Jonmal of the society of arts, and of 
the institutions in union. 1853- 
1905. Library has v. 1, Nov. 26, 
1X62-V. 7, Nov. 16, 1860; v. 12. 
Nov. 20, 1863-v. 53, Nov. 10. 
1905. Tl J86. 6078 

Knight, Charles. Knowledge is 
power: a view of the productive 
forces of modern society, and the 
resulto of labour, capital, and skill. 
1855. T47 K69. 6070 

Knight, E. H. Knight's American 
mechanical dictionary. A descrip- 
tion of tools, instruments, ma- 
chines, processes, and engineering; 
history of inventions; general 
technological vocabulary; and di- 
gest of mechanical appliances In 
science and the arts. 1874-76. 3 
▼. T9 K69 Ref. 6080 

-Knight's new mechanical dic- 
tionary. A description of tools. 
Instruments, machines, processes, 
and engineering. With indexlcal 

references to technical Journals 
(1876-1880). Illustrated with 
more than three thousand engrav- 
ings. 1884. T9 K689. 6081 

JBOntledge, Roberta Discoveries and 
V inventions of the nineteenth cen- 
tury. New ed., rev. 1876. A por- 
tion of the work by J. H. Pepper. 
T19 R86. 6082 

Scientific American. Library has 
1904-date. 6083 

Thomas* register of American manu- 
facturers and first hands in all 
lines. A classified reference 
book for buyers and sellers. 1906. 
Library has 3rd, 1908. 4th, 1909. 
T12 T45 Ref. 6084 

Thompson. E. P. How to make in- 
ventions; or. Inventing as a 
science and an art. A practical 
guide for inventors. 2d ed. Rev. 
and enL [cl893] T47 T46. 6085 

Ure, Andrew. A dictionary of arts, 
manufactures, and mines: con- 
taining a clear exposition of their 
principles and practice. 4th ed., 
cor. and greatly enl. 1853. 2 v. 
T9 n75 Ref. 6086 

WilUams, Archibald. The romance 
of modern invention, containing 
interesting descriptions in non- 
technical language of wireless 
telegraphy, liquid air. modern ar- 
tillery, submarines, dirigible tor- 
pedoes, solar motors and airships. 
1904. T19 W72. 6087 


Connecticnt. Commission on trade 
schools. Report. 1907. T74 C8 A5 
1907. 6088 

Elliott, E. C. Industrial education; 
summary of legislation concerning 
industrial education in public ele- 
mentary and secondary schools. 
1910. T73 E46. 6080 

(Legislative summary, no. 1, 
American association for labor leg- 

Georgia school of technology. An- 
nual report. Library has 1910. T 
171 6353. 6000 

Oilman, D. C. Our national schools 
of science. 1867. T73 048. 6001 

Report on the national schools 

of science. 1872. T73 0481. 6002 

Lewis institute. Chicago. Bulletin. 
Library has July, Oct., 1909; Jan., 

312 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Apr., Oct., 1910; AprU, 1911. T171 

L6. eoos 

Massachusetts. Commission on in- 
dustrial education. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1907, '08. T61 
M38. 6094 

• Bulletin. Library has no. 3, 4. 

T61 M39. 6095 

Massachusetts institute of technol- 
ogy. Annual catalogue. Library 
has 1871, '96-*98, 1903-date. T171 
M42. 6096 

— Inauguration of H. S. Pritchett 
as president. 1901. T171 M44 
1901. 6097 

— The Massachusetts institute of 
technology, a brief account of its 
foundation, character, and equip- 
ment. [1904] T171 M44 1904a. 


— President's report. Library has 
Jan., 1905. T171 M43. 6099 

— Register of former students, 

with an account of the alumni as^ 

sociations. Marclv, 1909. T171 M 

423. 6100 

(BuUeUn v. 44, vkO. 3) 

Register of graduates. 1904. T 

171 M422. 6101 

Nattonal education association of the 
United States. National council of 
education. Committee on the place 
of industries in public education. 
Report. 1910. T73 N2. 6102 

Contents. — ^Letter of tranmnittal. 
Historical statement. — ^Introduction 
by the chairman. — ^The industrial 
factor in social progress [by F. T. 
Carlton] — ^The industrial factor in 
education [by E. N. Henderson — 
Notes on history of industrial edu- 
cation in the United States [by C. R. 
Richards] — I. Report of Subcom- 
mittee on place of industries in the 
elementary school. — ^11. Report of 

Subcommittee on intermediate in- 
dustrial schools. — III. Report of 
Subcommittee on industrial and 
technical education in the second- 
ary school. — Minority report — Se- 
lected bibliography on industrial 
education [by H. D. Brundage and 
C. R. Richards] 

National society for the promotion 
of industrial education. Bulletin. 
Library has no. 2, July, 1907-date. 
T61N2. 610a 

Proceedings of annual meeting. 

Ist-date. T61 N2. 6104 

(Its Bulletin nos. 6, 6, 9, 10) 

New Jersey. Commission on indus- 
trial education. Report submitted 
to the Senate and General assem- 
bly of the state of New Jersey, in 
accordance with joint resolution 
no. 11, approved April 14, 1908. 
1909. T69 N46. 6105 

The Pratt institute record. Library 
has 1907-1908. T171 P96 3. 6106 

Rensselaer polytechnic institute, 
Troy, N. Y. Annual register. Li- 
brary has 43rd, 1867. T171 R42. 


Warren, S. E. Notes on polytechnic 
or scientific schools, in the United 
States; their nature, position, 
aims and wants. 1866. T73 W28. 


White, A. D. An address delivered 
before the New York state agri- 
cultural society. [Revised by the 
author] 1874. T73 W58. 6110 

Wisconsin. Commission upon the 
plans for the extension of indus- 
trial and agricultural training. 
Report. 1911. T74 W6. 6111 

Woodward, O. B£. Manual, indus- 
trial, and technical education in 
the United States. 1906. T73 W 
89. 6112 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Description deb machines et pro- 
c6d6s pour leequels des brevets d' 
invention ont 6t6 pris sous le 
regime de la loi du 5 Juillet 1844. 
Library has v. 1-34, 1850-1860. 


Hutchinson, W. B. Patents and how 
to make money out of them, by 
W. B. Hutchinson and J. A. E. 
CriBwelL 1902. T215 H97. 6114 

JobMTd, J*. B. A. M. Nouvelle 6co- 
nomie sociale, ou Monautopole in- 
dustriel, artlstique, commercial et 
lltt6raire: fond6 sur la p6ren- 
nit6 des brevets d'lnvention, des- 
slns, modules et marques de fab- 
Tique. 1844. T211 J63. 6115 

Moore, J. O. Patent office and patent 
laws: or, A guide to inventors and 
a book of reference for judges, 
lawyers, magistrates and others. 
With appendices. 1855. T223 Zl 
M8. 6116 

Patent centennial celebration, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1891. Proceedings 
and addresses. Celebration of the 
beginning of the second century 
of the American patent system at 
Washington City, D. C. April 8, 9, 
10, 1891. 1892. T223 Zl P2. 


Pontins, A. W., comp. Protection ex- 
tended to patents, designs, trade- 
marks and copyrights in China, 
Japan and Korea. Prepared by A. 
W. Pontius, under the direction of 
Huntington Wilson, third assis- 
tant secretary of state. Pub. under 
the direction of B. B. Moore, com- 
missioner of patents. 1909. T299 
U6. 6118 

Recent discussions on the abolition 
of patents for inventions in the 
United Kingdom, France, Ger^ 
many, and the Netherlands. Evi- 
dence, speeches, and papers in its 
favor by Sir William Armstrong 
[and others] With suggestions as 
to international arrangements re- 
garding Inventions and copyright. 
1869. T211 R29. 6119 

Repertory of patent inventions. Li- 
brary has 1847-'55. 6120 

Singer, Berthold. Patent and trade 
mark laws of the world. 1911. T 
216 S615. M21 

U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. Patent 
laws, with annotations. Rev. Dec. 
1. 1905. [1905] T223 Tl 1905. 


Same. Ed. of Nov. 21, 1908. 

[1908] T223 Tl 1908. 6128 

Same. Ed. of March 15, 1909. 

1909. T223 Tl 1909. 6124 

Same. Ed. of Jan. 16, 1911. 

1911. T223 Tl 1911. 6125 

United States statutes concern- 
ing the Registration of trad^ 
marks, with the rules of the pa- 
tent office relating thereto. Rev. 
August 1, 1906. [1906] T223 V2 
A2 1906. 6126 

Same. Rev. April 26, 1909. 

1909. T223 V2 A2 1909a. 6127 

V. 8. Patent office. Classification 
bulletin of the United States Pa- 
tent office, containing the classifi- 
cation of subjects of invention. Li- 
brary has nos. 18, 19, 22, 24, 25. 
T223 F3. 6128 

-Decisions of the commissioner. 

Library has 1871, 72, 74-date. 


Index of patents relating to 

electricity. Library has 1883, 
18S6, 1889, 1894. 1896. 6130 

— Official gazette. Library has v. 
150, Jan., 1910-date. 6181 

— Report. Library has 1845-date. 

— Specifications and drawings. Li- 
brary has 1871-date. 6188 

-Rules and regulations for pro- 

ceedings in the Patent office. July, 
1870. [1870]. T223 K 1870. 6184 

314 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

— Rules of practice In the United 
States Patent office. Rev. Jan. 2, 
1903. [1903] T223 K 1903. 6185 

— Same. Rev. July 17, 1907. 1907. 
T223 K 1907. 6136 

— Subject matter Index of patents 
for Inventions Issued by U. S. 
patent office from 1790-1873. 
1873. 3 v. 6137 

— Subject matter index of patents 
for Inventions granted In France 
from 1791-1876. Paris, 1883. 


-Women Inventors to whom 

patents have been granted by the 
U. S. government. 1790 to July 1, 
1888. 1888. 6180 


Arkansas. Board of managers, 
V/orld's Industrial and cotton cen- 
tennial exposition, 1884-85. Proc- 
lamation by the Governor and ad- 
drees of the €k>mmisslonerB for 
the state of Arkansas. 1844. T 
777 F3 A8. 6140 

Bennitt, Mark, oomp. History of the 
Louisiana purchase exposition, 
comprising the history of the Lou- 
isiana territory, the story of the 
Iiouislana purchase and a full ac- 
count of the great exposition. St. 
Louis, 1904; oomp. from official 
sources by Mark Bennltt, editor- 
in-chief, F. P. Stockbrldge, man- 
aging editor, with an introduction 
by W. B. Stevens. Illus. under di- 
rection of E. M. Dllley with more 
than four thousand engravings. 
1905. T860 Bl B4, 6141 

Berlyn, Peter. The crystal palace. 
By Peter Berlyn and Charles 
Fowler, Jr. 1851. T690 Bl B51. 


Birdwood, O. C. M. Paris universal 
exhibition of 1878. Handbook to 
the British India section. [1878?] 
T802 Gl 14 B6. 6143 

Brace, B. C. The century: its fruits 
and its festival. Being a history 
and description of the Centennial 
exhibition, with a preliminary out- 
line of modem progress. 1877. 
T825 Bl B8. 6144 

Cameron, W. B., ed. History of the 
World's Columbian exposition. 2d 
ed. 1893. T500 CI C2. 6145' 

-The World's fair, being a pic- 

torial history of the Columbian 
exposition. With a description of 
Chicago by W. B. Cameron. With 
an introduction by T. W. Palmer. 
Including a chapter on the Wo- 
man's department, by F. B. Wil- 
lard. [1893] T500 Bl C18. 6146 

Canada. Executive committee for 
the Paris exhibition, 1856. Can- 
ada at the Universal exhibition of 
1855. 1856. T800 Gl C2. 6147 

Ceylon. Commission, Louisiana pur- 
chase exposition, St. Louis, 1904. 
Official handbook of the Ceylon 
court. 1904. T860 Gl C4. 6148 

Chicago. World's Columbian expo- 
sition, 1893. Classification and 
rules. Department of manufact- 
ures. L1892?] T500 HI M2. 6149 

Report of the president. 1898. 

T500 D2. 6160 

Dept. of publicity and promotion. 

New York and the World's fair. 
1 he dinner given in the Interest of 
the World's Columbian exposition 
by the New York members of the 
National commission, at Delmonl- 
co's, Dec. 21, 1891. 1892. T500 LI 
N7. 6151 

Chile. Comisidn para la Bxposicidn 
pan-amerlcan, Buffalo, 1901. Chile 
at the Pan-American exposition; 
brief notes on Chile and general 
catalogue of Chile exhibits. 1901. 
T485 Gl C5. 6162 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Connecticiit. Board of World's fair 
managers. Connecticut at the 
World's fair. Report of the com- 
missioners from Connecticut of the 
Columbian exhibition of 1893 at 
Chicago. Also Report of the work 
of the Board of lady managers of 
Connecticut. 1898. T500 F3 C7. 


Connecticut. Commission, Louisiana 
purchase exposition, St. Louis, 
1904. Catalogue of the furniture 
and works of art in the Connec- 
ticut state building at the Louisi- 
ana purchase exposition, including 
a sketch of early Connecticut co- 
lonial history. Saint Louis/ 1904. 
[1904] T860 F3 C62. 6154 

-Connecticut at the World's fair. 

Report of the commiflsioners. 
1906. T860 F3 C6. 6155 

Connecticut. Governor, 1907. Mes- 
sage to the General assembly re- 
lating to the Jamestown tercenten- 
nial exposition; transmitting Re- 
port of the Connecticut Commis- 
sion. 1907. T648 F3 C8. 6156 

Cook, JoeL The World's fair at Chi- 
cago, described in a series of let- 
ters to "The London times". 1891. 
T500 Bl C7. 6157 

Fairall, H. 8. The World's Industrial 
and cotton centennial exposition. 
New Orleans, 1884-1885. 1885. 
T777 Bl F16. 6158 

Germany. Reichskommiesion, Welt- 
ausstellung in St. Louis, 1904. In- 
ternational exposition St. Louis 
1904. Official catalogue. Exhibi- 
tion of the German empire. [1904] 
T860 Gl G3. 6159 

Ot. Brit. Royal commission, Chicago 
exhibition, 1893. Official catalogue 
of the British section. 1st ed. 
1893. T500 Gl G5. 6160 

Gt. Brit. Royal commission for the 
Paris exhibition, 1878. Catalogue 
of the British colonies. [1878] 
T802 Gl G7. 61^1 

-Official catalogue of the British 

section. 2d ed. 1878. 2 v. Part 1 
wanting. T802 Gl G6. 6162 

Illinois. Board of World's fair com- 
missioners. Report May 1-October 
30, 1893. [1895] T500 F3 13. 


Iowa. Commission to tne Louisiana 
purchase exposition. Report. Comp. 
and ed. by the secretary F. R. Con- 
away. [1906] T860 F3 18. 6164 

Italy. Giuria per la E3sposizione uni- 
versale di Vienna, 1873. Relaz- 
Icni, 1873-74. Library has 1 vol., 
5 pts. T960 D8 18. 6165 

Jamestown exposition, 1907. James- 
town exposition on Hampton 
Roads, 1907. Rules and regula- 
tions governing the system of 
awards, n. d. T648 D15. 6166 

— ^The official blue book of the 
Jamestown ter-centenniai exposi- 
tion, A. D. 1907. [C1909] T648 
Bl A5. 6167 

— Official classification of exhibit 

departments. 1907. T397 J3. 6168 

Jamestown official photograph corpo* 
ration. Scenes at the Jamestown 
exposition, with historic sites in 
eld Virginia. [1907] T648 CI J3. 


The Jamestown tercentennial. A 
magazine devoted to the interests 
of the Jamestown exposition. 1907. 
Library has v. 1, no. 1, May, 1904 
-V. 1, no. 3, Aug., 1904. T648 
Bl J 3. 6170 

Japan. Bureau of commerce and in- 
dustry. Details of the industrial 
specimens exposed at the World's 
Columbian exposition by the Bu- 
reau of commerce and industry, 
Department of agriculture and 
commerce, Japan. 1893. T500 Gl 
J3. 6171 

Jobard, J. B. A. M. EiXposition de 
rindustrie Beige, 1847. 1848. 
T465 1847 Bl J6. 6172 

316 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Kansas. Board of World's fair man- 
agers. Report from April 1892, to 
March 1893, and transactions from 
March 1893, to December 1893. 2d 
ed. 1894. T500 F3 K3. 6178 

Knight, K. B. History of the work of 
Connecticut women at the World's 
Columbian exposition, Chicago, 
1893. 1898. T500 F3 08. 6174 

Jjectures on the results of the exhi- 
bition delivered before the Society 
of arts, manufactures, and com- 
merce. Reprinted by A. Hart. 
1852. T690 LI L3. 6176 

Contents. — ^Whewell, W. The gen- 
eral bearing of the Great exhibition 
on the progress of art and science. 
— De la Beche, Sir H. T. Mining, 
quarrying, and metallurgical pro- 
cesses and products. — Owen. Rich- 
ard. The raw materials from the 
animal kingdom. — Bell, Jacob, 
Chemical and pharmaceutical pro- 
cesses and products. — Playfair, 
Xiyon. The chemical principles in- 
volved in the manufactures of the 
Exhibition as indicating the neces- 
sity of industrial instruction. — ^Lind- 
ley, John. Substances used as food, 
illustrated by the Great exhibition. 
— S'oUy, Edward. The vegetable sub- 
stances used in the arts and manu- 
factures, in relation to commerce 
generally. — Willis. Robert. Machines 
and tools for working in metal, 
wood, and other materials. — Glaish- 
er, James. Philosophical instru- 
ments and processes, as represented 
in the Great exhibition. — Hensman, 
Henry. Civil engineering and ma- 
chinery generally. — Royle, J. F. 
The arts and manufactures of In- 
dia. — ^Washington, Captain. On the 

progress of naval architecture. 


London. American exhibition, 1887. 
The American exhibition of the 
arts, inventions, manufactures, 
products and resources of. the 
United States of America. London. 
To be opened May Ist, 1886. 
[1885?] T697 LI A2. 6176 

— Extracts from reports of U. S. 
consuls in Europe, respecting the 
importance of the American exhi- 
bition, London, 1886. [1885?] 
T697 D9. 6177 

Loitdon. Great exMbition of the 
works of industry of all natlonSi 

1851. Official catalogue, 1851. 3d 
cor. and improved ed., let Aug. 
1851. [1851] T690 D63. 6178 

-Reports by the juries on the 

subjects in the thirty classes into 
which the exhibition was divided. 
1852. T690 D82. 6179 

jjonisiana pnrcliase exiK>fiition com- 
pany* Message from the President 
of the U. S., transmitting a state- 
ment showing the receipts and dis- 
bursements of the Louisiana pur- 
chase exposition company from 
date of incorporation to Septem- 
ber 30, 1903, together with a re- 
port submitted by the Exposition 
company showing progress made 
by the various departments of the 
exposition. 1903. T860 D5. 6180 

McDaniel, E. A. UUh at the World's 
Columbian exposition. [1894] 
T500 F3 U8. 6181 

Maryland. Commission to the Liouisl- 
ana purchase exposition, 1904. 
Report to the General assembly of 
Maryland, 1906. 1906. T860 P3 
M3. 6182 

Michigan. Board of World's fair 
managers. Report. Ed. by I. M. 
Weston. 1899. T500 F3 M5. 6188 

N<5w York (State) Board of man- 
agers. World's Columbian exposi- 
tion. Report to the Legislature 
April 18, 1894. 1894. T500 P3 
NtJ 6184 

Now York (State) Commission, 
Jamestown exposition, 1907. New 
Ycrk at the Jamestown exposition, 
Norrolk, Virginia, April 26 to 
Tec. 1, 1907. PreiMired by Cuyler 
Reynolds, historian. 1909. T648 
F3 N7. 6185 

New York (State) Legislature. Com- 
mittee to Alaska-Tukon-Pacific 
exposition. Report to the Legisla- 
ture Jan. 25, 1910. 1910. T890 
F3 N4. 6186 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Oregon. Lewis and Clark centennial 
exposition oommlesion. Report. 
1906. T834 F3 07. 6187 

Paris. Exposition des produits de 
rinduetrie francaise, 1844. Jury 
central. Rapport. 1844. 3 y. T799 
1844 D8. 6188 

Paris. Exposition uniyerselle, 1865. 
Catalogue offlciel, Deuxidme ed. 
[1855?] T800 D61. 6189 

— Rapports du Jury mixte inter- 
national, 1856. T800 D8. 6100 

-Commission imp6riale. Lists 

g6n6rale, par ordre alphabdtique, 
des exposants inscrits au catalogue 
officiel. 1855. T800 Kl. 6101 

-Rapport pr6sent6 & I'empereur 

par S. A. I. le prince Napol6on, 
prteident de la commission. 1857. 
T800 D2 P2. 6102 

Pennsylvania. Committee on fine 
arts, World's Columbian exposi- 
tion. Pennsylvania art contribu-* 
tions. 1893. T500 F3 P4a. 6108 

Pennsylvania. Jamestown exposition 
commission. Pennsylvania at the 
JameetX)wn exposition, Hampton 
Roads, Va. 1907. Prepared by J. 
H. Lambert, executive oflScer, 
1908. T648 F3 P4. 6194 

Pennsylvania. Louisiana purchase 
exposition commission. The story 
of Pennsylvania at the World's 
fair St. Louis, 1904. Prepared by 
J. H. Lambert, executive officer. 

1905. 2 V. T860 F3 P4. 6105 

Rhode Island. Commission, James- 
town exposition, 1907. Report to 
the General assembly January 

1906. J. T. Blodgett, chairman of 
commission. 1906. T648 F3 R3. 


Report to the General assembly 

January, 1908. J. T. Blodgett, 
chairman. 1908. T648 F3 R4. 


Rossia. World's Columbian exposi- 

tion 1893, Chicago. Catalogue of 
the Russian section. 1893. T500 
Gl R87. 6108 

Tallis, [John]. Tallis's history and 
description of the Crystal palace* 
and the Exhibition of the world's 
industry in 1851; illustrated by 
beautiful steel engrravlngs, from 
original drawings and daguerreo- 
types by Beard, Mayall, 1852. 3 v. 
in 6. T690 Bl T14. 6100 

U. S. Board of management of gov- 
ernment exhibit, Tennessee cen- 
tennial exposition, 1897. Report. 
1^97. 1901. T775 F2 U5. 6200 

U. S. Centennial commission. Inter- 
national exhibition. 1876. [Re^ 
ports! l£fO-84. U v. v. 10 & 11 
wanting. T825 D2. 6201 

Contents. — ^v. 1. Report of the di- 
rector-general, A. T. Goshorn. Re- 
ports of the bureaus of administra- 
tion: Installation by Henry Pettit 
Art by John Sartain. Machinery by 
J. S. Albert Agriculture by Burnet 
Landreth. Horticulture by C. H. 
Miller. Engineering by H. J. 
iSchwarzmann. Transportation by 
Dolphus Torrey. Admissions by D. 
O. Tates. Awards by F. A. Walker. 
Classification and catalogue by 
Dorsey Gardner. Medical service 
by William Pepper. Protection by 
A. T. Goshorn. Fire by Atwood 
Smith. Water-supply by Frederick 
Graff. Telegraphy by W. J. Philips. 
— V. 2. Reports of the president, 
secretary, and Executive commit- 
tee. Together with the Journal of 
the final session of the commission. 
— ^v. 3-8. Reports and awards. 
Groups I-XXXVI, and collective ex- 
hibits. Ed. by F. A. Walker. — v. 9. 
Grounds and buildings of the Cen- 
tennial exhibition. Ed. by Dorsey 
Gardner. — ^v. 10-11. Report of the 
Board on behalf of the United 
States executive departments. 

Officers and members of the 

United States Centennial commis- 
Bion: also standing committees. 
[By-laws, and copies of acts of 
Acts of Congress. 1873?] T825 
D15. 6202 

— Official catalogue, rev. ed. 1876. 
T825 D64. 6208 

318 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

— Reports and awarcUi. Ed. by F. 
A. Walker. 1877-78. 32 v. Lib. 
has Groups no. 1, 3, 10, 14, 20, 
30-36 & awards on collective ez- 
MblU. T826 D8 P5. 6204 

Contents. — Group I. Minerals, 
mining and metallurgy. 1878. — 
Group II. Pottery, porcelain^ 
bricks, clays, cements, and their 
materials, etc. 1877. — Group III. 
Chemistry and pharmacy. 1878. — 
Group IV. Animal and vegetable 
products, and the machinery for 
their preparation. 1877. — Group V. 
Fish and fish products — apparatus 
of fishing, etc. 1877. — Group VL 
Timber, worked lumber, parts of 
'buildings, forestry. 1877. — Group 

VII. Furniture, upholstery, wooden- 
ware, baskets, etc. 1877. — Group 

VIII. Cotton, linen, and other fab- 
rics, including the materials and the 
machinery. 1877. — Group IX. Wool 
and silk fabrics, including the ma- 
terials and the machinery. 1877. — 
Group X. Clothing, furs, india-rub- 
ber goods, ornaments, and fancy 
articles. 1877. — Group XI. Jewelry, 
watches, silver-ware, bronses, ets. 
1877. — Group XII. Leather and 
manufactures of leather. 1877. — 
Group XIII. Paper industry, sta- 
tionery, printing, and bookmaking. 
1877. — Group XIV. Apparatus of 
heating, lighting, ventilation, water- 
supply, and drainage. 1878. — 
Group XV. Builders' hardware, 
edge tools, cutlery, etc. 1877. — 
Group XVI. Military and sporting 
arms, weapons, apparatus of hunt- 
ing, explosives, etc. 1877. — Group 
XVII. Carriages, vehicles^ and ac- 
cessories. 1877. — Group XVIII. 
Railway plant, rolling stock, and 
apparatus: road engines. 1877.— « 
Group XIX. Vessels and apparatus 
of transportation, not included in 
other groups. 1877. — Group XX. 
Motors, • hydraulic and pneumatic 
apparatus^ etc. 1878. — Group XXI. 
Machine tools. 1877. — Group XXII. 
Machines, apparatus, and imple- 
ments used in sewing and making 
clothing, lace, ornamental objects, 
pins, etc 1877. — Group XXIII. 
Agricultural machines, Implements 
of agriculture, horticulture, and 
gardening. 1877. — Group XXIV. 
Instruments and apparatus of hy- 
giene, medicine, surgery, prosthesis, 
etc. 1877. — Group XXV. Instru- 
ments of precision, research, expe- 
riment, and illustration. 1878. — 
Group XXVI. Architecture and en- 

gineering. 1877. — Group XXVU. 
Plastic and graphic art. 1877. — 
Group XXVIII. Education and 
science. 1878.— Group XXIX. Hor- 
ticulture. 1878. — Group XXX- 

XXXV. Live stock. 1877. — Group 

XXXVI. Pomology. 1877.— ^Awards 
on national, state, and other col- 
lective exhibits. International rifle 
matchea International rowing 
regatta. International yacht regatta. 

U. S. Commleaion to the Paris expo« 
sltion, 1878. Official catalogue of 
the United States exhibitors, com- 
piled by T. R. Pickering. iSYtf. 
T802 Gl U5. 6205 

Reports. 1880. 6 v. T802 El US. 

Contents. — ^v. 1. Report of the 
commissioner-general, with accom- 
panying papers, including lists of 
exhibitors and of awards. — ^v. 2. 
Fine arts, W. W. Story. Education, 
J. L. Chamberlain. Political educa- 
tion, A. D. White. Manual train- 
ing schools, E. C. Jewett Wood- 
carving, J. T. Norton. Textile fab- 
rics, Henry Howard. — ^v. 3. Iron and 
steel, D. J. Morrell. Ceramics, W. P. 
Blake. Glass and glass-ware, W. P. 
Blake. Forestry, F. P. Baker. Cot- 
ton culture, P. M. B. Young. — ^v. 4. 
Chemical processes, T. E. Jenkins. 
Mining industries, J. D. Hague. 
Steam and ga« engines, A. J. Swee- 
ney. Machines and machine tools, 
W. T. Porter. CTlocks and watches, 
E. H. Knight Railway apparatus, 
W. A. Anderson. — ^v. 6. Agricultural 
implements, E. H. Knight. Agricul- 
tural products, J. J. Woodman. Live 
stock, Samuel Dsnsart. Horticulture, 
Q. W. Campbell. Pisciculture, T. B. 

U. S. Commiesion to the Paris ex- 
pofiition, 1880. Reports. 1891. 5 
y. V. 2, 4 wanting. T803 El U6. 

Contents. — v. 1. Report of the 
commissioner-general, with accom- 
panying documents, including re- 
ports of officers of the Commission, 
official regulations, classiflcation, 
lists of exhibitors, awards, etc. — v. 
2. Fine arts; education and liberal 
arts; furniture; textile fabrics and 
wearing apparel; extractive arts^ 
raw and manufactured produ'cts; 
hygiene. — v. 3. Apparatus and pro- 
cesses of mechanical industries, civil 
engineering, etc. Ed. by C. B. Rich- 
ards. — ^v. 4. Electricity, military and 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


ilfe-savinff material, alimentary pro- 
ducts, horticulture. — ^v. 6. Agricul- 
ture. Ed. by C. V. Riley. 

U. S. CommisBion to the Paris expo- 
sition, 1900. Report. February 28, 
1901. 1901. P. W. Peck, oom- 
mlBBioner-general. 6 v. T804 61 
U5. 6208 

U. 8. Commieeioner for Nebraska, 
World's industrial and cotton cen- 
tennial exposition. New Orleans, 
1884-85. Report of R. W. Furnas. 
1886. T777 F3 N2. 6209 

U. 8. Commissioners to the Centen- 
nial international exhibition at 
Melbourne. 1888-1889. Reports. 
1889. T732 El U5. . 6210 

U. S. Commissioners, World's indus- 
trial and cotton centennial exposi- 
tion, 1884-85. Proceedings of an 
informal conference of the U. S. 
commissioners and the representa- 
tives of the several departments 
of the National government, Wash- 
ington, D. C, May 7-9, 1884. 
T777 D9. 6211 

U. 8. Dept. of state. A catalogue of 
the exhibit of the Department of 
state at the Louisiana purchase 
exposition, St. Louis, 1904. 1904. 
T860 F2 A5. 6212 

— ^Unlversal and international ex- 
position at Brussels. Message from 
the President transmitting a re- 
port by the secretary of state, with 
acoompansring papers, stating 
reasons why it is desirable to take 
part oillcially in the Brussels ex- 
position. 1909. T467 Gl 115 
1909a. 6213 

U. 8. Jamestown ter-centennial com- 
mission. Final report. Message 
from the President of the United 
States, transmitting the final re- 

port embodying reports of various 
officers of the Jamestown exposi- 
tion, held at Norfolk, Virginia, in 
1907. 1909. T648 D25 1909. 


U. 8. Laws, statutes, etc. Amend- 
ment to sundry civil appropria- 
tion bill entitled "Jamestown ex- 
position." Passed by 59 th Con- 
gress and approved by the Presi- 
dent. T648 Dl U5. 6215 

U. 8. Louisiana purchase exposition 
commission. Board of lady man- 
agers. Report to the Louisiana 
purchase exposition commission. 
[cl905[ T860 D3 L2. 6216 

U. 8. World's Columbian commis- 
sion. Classification of the World's 
Columbian exposition, Chicago, U. 
S. A., 1893. 1891. T500 D3. 6217 

-Committee on awards. World's 

Columbian exposition, Chicago, 111., 
1893. Report of the Committee on 
awards. Special reports upon 
special subjects or groups. 1901. 
2 V. T500 D8 C5. 6218 

"Portraits of Columbus" and 
"Collective exhibit in the convent of 
La Rabida, at the World's Colum- 
bian exposition." by Thomas Wil- 
son: v. 1, p. 187-200. 

Venezuela. Mlnisterlo de reladones 
exteriores. World's Columbian ex- 
position at Chicago. The United 
States of Venezuela in 1893. 
[1893] T500 Gl V4. 6219 

Vienna. Weltauestellung, 1873. Amt- 
licher catalog der ausstellung der 
im Reichsrathe vertretenen koe- 
nigreiche und laender Oester* 
reichs. 1873. T960 D61 A9. 6220 

What is the Centennial? And how 
to see it. [C1876] T825 A2 W5. 



Alberta. Dept. of public works. An- [Barlow, Peter. An essay on the 
nual report. Library has 1907, '08. strength and stress of timber, pre- 
TA27 A3 A2. 6222 ceded by an historical review of 

320 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

former theories and experiments, 
with numerous tables and plates. 
Also an appendix on the strength 
of iron, and other materials. 1826. 
TA420 B25. 

Belangcr — . Notes sur la m^canique 
appllQu^e aux principea de la eta- 
bilit6 des constructions et & la 
th6orie dynamique des machines. 
T47 P2. 6224 

(Bound in Ecole des ponts et 
chausse^B. Session 1848-60.) 

Notes sur le courts d'hydraul- 

ique. TA7 P2. 6226 

(Bound in Ecole des ponts et 
chau8s6es. Session 1848-50) 

Byrne, Oliver. The practical model 
calculator, for the engineer, me- 
chanic, machinist, manufacturer 
of engine-work, naval architect, 
miner, and millwright. 1852. TA 
tbl B9. 6226 

The Civil engineer and architect's 
journal. William Laxton, editor, 
1837-54. Library has v. 22, 23, 
1859, '60. TAl 06. 6227 

Colorado. State engineer. Biennial 
report. Library has 1908, pt. 1 
and 2. TA24 06. 6228 

Concrete. Library has ▼. 9, 1909- 
date. 6229 

Cyclopedia of engineering; a com- 
plete manual of steam and ma- 
chine-shop practice. Ed. by a 
corps of distinguished engineers, 
technical experts and eminent au- 
thorities. Editor-in-chief Louis 
Derr. Illus. 1904. 4 v. TA9 099 
Ref. 6230 

Tiio Digest of physical tests and 
laboratory practice. A r6sum6 of 
practical tests made in the labo* 
ratories of the world. Library has 
V. 1, no. 1. TA401 D5. 6231 

Dufr^noy — . Oours de mindralogle 
appliqu6e aux constructions. Ed. 
de 1847. 6232 

(Bound with Frlssard. Notes 
prises au cours de ports de mer.) 

Frfciice. Direction g6n6rale des 
ponts et chauss^es et des mines. 
Situation des travaux. Library has 
1836, 1838. TA71 Al. 6238 

France. Minist^re des travaux pub- 
lics. Notice sur les travaux pub- 
lics ex6cut6s depuis 1830. 1847. 
TA71 A28 1847. 6234 

Frlssard. Notes prises au cours de 
ports de mer. TA7 P2. 6235 

(Bound with Dufr6noy, Cours de 
min6ralogie appliqu6e aux con- 

Gillmore, Q. A. Report on the com- 
pressive strength, specific gravity, 
and ratio of absorption of the va- 
rious kinds of buildingnstone from 
different sections of the United 
States, tested at Fort Tompkins, 
SUten Island, N. Y. 1874. TA427 
048. 6236 

Report on b6ton agglom6r6; or, 

Ooignet-b6ton, and the materials 
of which it is made. 1871. TA681 
048. 6236a 

Hawaii (Ter.) Department of public 
works. Annual report of the sup- 
erintendent of public works to the 
governor. Library has 1st, 1900, 
2d, 1902 & suppl. TA123 H39. 


Hawaii (Ter.) Survey dept. Report 
of the surveyor. Library has June, 
Dec. 1902. TA123 H35. 6288 

Hcdgkinson, Eaton. Experimental re^ 
searches on the strength and oth- 
er properties of cast iron: with the 
development of new principles; 
calculations deduced from them; 
and inquiries applicable to rigid 
and tenacious bodies generally. 
1846. TA475 H6. 6289 

Hmnphreys, D. C. Notes on Rankin's 
Civil engineering after the notes 
of William Allan & G. W. O. Lee, 
[1894] TA145 R24 H. 6240 

Hunt, C. W. American society me- 
chanical engineers. President's ad- 
dress 1898. The engineer: his 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


work; hie ethics; hto pleasures.! 
[1898] TA167 H9. 6241 

niipols society of enslneers and snr- 
Teyors. Annual report. Library 
has 12th, 1897-i5th, 1900; 18th, 
1903;. 19th, 1904. TAl 129. 6242 

Infftitatioii of cItU engineers, Lon- 
don. Transactions of the Institu- 
tion of civil engineers. 1836-42. 
3 y. TAl 15. 6243 

Iiouisiana. Board of state engineers. 
Report. Library has 1902, 1904. 
TA24 L8. 6244 

McWilliam, Robert. An essay on the 
origin and operation of the dry 
rot, with a view to its prevention 
or cure. To which are annexed, 
suggestions on the cultivation of 
forest trees, and an abstract of 
the several forest laws, from the 
reign of Canute to the present 
time. 1818. TA422 M17. 6245 

Mary, — . Notes prises par les el^ves 
au cours de navigation int^rieure. 
1850. TA7 P2. 6246 

(Bound in Ecole dea ponts et 
ohauss^es. Seseion 1848-50.) 

Nicholson, Peter. A popular and 
practical treatise on masonry and 
stone-cutting; containing the con- 
struction of profiles of arches; the 
articles being preceded by the re- 
quisite information in plane and 
solid geometry. 1828. TA670 N6. 


Ohio. Board of public works. An- 
nual report. Library has 1901- 
1908, '09. TA24 032. 6248 

Orefcon. State engineer. Biennial re- 
port. 1906. Library has 1st ft 2d. 
1st with supplement. TA24 07. 


Paris. Ecole nationale des ponts et 
chaues^es. Cours de construction 
des routes. Session 1850-1851. 
TA7 P2. 6250 

(Bound in Ecole des ponts et 
chauss^es. Session 1847-61.) 

L4gende explicative des instru- 
ments de g6od6sle, d'arpentage et 
de nivcllement TA7 P2. 6251 
(Bound in Ekiole des ponts et 
chausades. Session 1847-61.) 

Patton, W. M. A practical treatise on 
the foundations, explaining fully 
the principles involved, supple- 
mented by articles on the use of 
concrete in foundations. 1st ed., 
1893. TA775 P32. 6252 

Priestley, Joseph. Historical account 
of the navigable rivers, canaJs, and 
railways, throughout Great Bri- 
tain, as a reference to Nichols, 
Priestley ft Walker's new map of 
inland navigation. 1831. TA57 
P94. 6253 

Rankine, W. J. M. A manual of civil 
engineering. By W. J. M. Rankine 
14th ed., thoroughly rev. By W. J. 
Millar. 1885. TA145 R216. 6254 

Smeaton, John. Reports made in the 
fyfcourse of his employment as a 

civil engineer. 1»12. 3 v. TA7 S 
63. 6234a 

^ — The miscellaneous papers of 
^ John Smeaton. 1814. TA7 S63. 


Taylor, P. W. A treatise on con- 
crete, plain and reinforced; mate- 
rials, construction, and design of 
concrete and reinforced concrete, 
with chapters by R. Peret, W. B. 
Fuller & S. B. Newberry; by P. W. 
John Smeaton. 1814. TA7 Sb'3. 


Treilgold, Thomas. Practical essay 
on the strength of cast iron and 
other metals; containing practical 
rules, tables, and examples, 
founded on a series of experi- 
ments; with an extensive table of 
the properties of materials. By 
Thomas Tredgold. 4th ed., 
edited, with notes, by Eaton Hodg- 
kinson, to which are added Experi- 
mental researches on the strength 
and other properties of cast iron; 
by the editor. TA475 T83. 6257 

322 Finding List of Science, AcRicxn-TURE, Technology. 

U. 8. Engineer department. Report 
of board of engineer officers on 
testing hydraulic cements, with 
specifications for the eeyeral 
classee used by the engineer de- 
partment. 1901. TA436 U5. 6258 

-Report of the chief of engineers. 

Library hajs 1908-date. For oth- 
ers see congressional doc. set. TA 
23 A25. 6259 

U. 8. Ordnance dept. Report of the 
testa of metals and other materials 
for industrial purposes, made with 
the United States testing machine 
at Watertown «u:senal, Massachu- 
setts. 1882-19. Library has 1884- 
date. Pt. 2, 1886; 1900 wanting. 
TA410 U7. 6260 

WilUams, Archibald. The romance 

of modem engineering, containing 
Interesting descriptions in non- 
technical language of the Nile 
dam, the Panama canal, the Tower 
bridge, the Brooklyn bridge, the 
Trans-Siberian railway, the Niag- 
ara Falls power co., Bermuda 
floating dock. 1904. TA19 W72. 


Wood, 1>e Volson. A treatise on the 
resistance of materials, and aji ap- 
pendix on the preservation of tim- 
ber. 2d ed. 1875. TA405 W87. 

Woodbiiry, B. P. Treatise on the ya- 
rious elements of stability in the 
well-proportioned arch. With 
numerous tables of the ultimate 
and actual thrust. 1858. TA7 U5 


Gibson, Robert, The theory and 
practice of surveying. By Robert 
Gibson. Newly arranged, im- 
proved, and enl., with useful se- 
lections, and a new set of accu- 
rate mathematical tables. By 
James Ryan. 1828. TA545 G43. 


Gillespie, W. M. A treatise on land- 
surveying: comprising the theory 
developed from five elementary 
principles; and the practice with 
the chain alone, the compass, the 
transit, the theodolite, the plane 
table, &c. gth ed. 1882. TA545 
047. 6265 

A treatise on levelling, topog- 
raphy and higher surveying. By 
W. M. Gillespie. Ed. by Cady Sta^ 
ley. 1882. TA545 G472. 6266 

GuUmln, A. Gouts de math^matiquea 
appliqu6es, lev6 de plans, arpen- 
tage, nlvellement, notions de g6- 
om^trie descriptive. 1858. TA545 
G96. 6267 

Hawes, J. H. Manual of United 
States surveying. System of rect- 
angular surveying employed in 
subdividing the public lands of the 

United States; also instructions 
for subdividing sections and re- 
storing lost corners of the public 
lands. Illustrated with forms, 
diagrams, and maps; constituting 
a complete text-book of govern- 
ment survesring. To which is added 
an appendix containing informa- 
tion in regard to entering, locate 
ing, purchasing, and settling lands 
under the various land laws, 1868. 
TA622 H39. 6268 

Hornby, Thomas. A treatise on the 
new method of land surveying, 
with the improved plan of keep- 
ing the field book. 1827. TA545 
H81. 6260 

An Introduction to the present prac- 
tice of surveying and levelling; 
being plain explanation of the 
subject and of the instruments 
employed. With an appendix. By 
a civil engineer. 1859. TA545 
161. 6270 

[Lee, T. J.] Tables and formulsB use- 
ful in surveying, geodesy, and 
practical astronomy, including ele- 
ments for the projection of maps, 
and instructions for field magnetic 
observations. 3d ed., rev. and 
enl. 1873. TA552 L48. 6271 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


MaDnlng, W. H. Directions for sur- 
veylng and arranging home and 
achool grounds. 1900. TA625 M28. 


17. S. General land office. Manual of 
Instructions for the survey of the 
mineral lands of the United States. 
1909. TA622 U58 1909. 6273 

— Tables and formulas for the use 
of the U. S. surveyors and engi- 
neers on public land surveys; a 
supplement to the Manual of sur- 
Yeylng Instructions. Ck)mp, under 
the direction of Fred Dennett, 
commissioner of the General land 
office. 1910. TA622 U58 1910. 



District of Columbia. Commissioners. 
Improvement of the harbor front 
of Washington, D. C. Letter from 
the president of the board of com- 
missioners transmitting a report 
on the Improvement of the harbor 
front of the city of Washington. 
1908. TC225 W31. 6275 

Kurtz, J. D. Reports on the effects 
of the sea-water and exposure up- 
on the iron-pile shafts of the 
Brandywlne- Shoal lighthouse. By 

J. D. Kurtz and M. R. Brown. 
1874. TC375 K9. 6276 

Rhode Island. Harbor commission- 
ers. Annual report. Library has 
1903-date. TC224 R4 A2. 6277 

U. 8. Light-house board. Report on 
use of acetylene gas by the Cana- 
dian government as an lllumi- 
nant for aids to navigation, by 
Albert Ross. 1907. TC377 U5 
1007. 6279 


Argentine Republic. Direcci6n gen- 
eral de obras hldr&ulicas. Index 
explicatif des objets exposes par 
le Minlstdre des travaux publics 
de la R6publique Argentine. Direc- 
tion g6n6rale des traraux hydrau- 
liques. Port militaire de Bahfa 
Blanca. D^partement des ingdni- 
eurs de la province de Tucum&n. 
1904. TC36 A53. 6280 

Argentine Republic. Ministerio de 
obras ptiblioas. Project for im- 
proving the navigability of the 
river Uruguay between the river 
Plate and Concordia. 1904. TC437 
US A6. 6281 

CaHer, E. K. The oonservatlon and 
improvement of tidal rivers, con- 
sidered principally with reference 
to their tidal and fluvial powers. 
1853. TC405 C16. 

Ellei, Charles. The Mississippi and 
Ohio rivers: containing plans for 
the protection of the delta from 
inundation; and investigations of 
the practicability and cost of im- 

proving the navigation of the Ohio 
and other rivers by means of res- 
ervoirs, with an appendix, on the 
hare at the mouths of the Mississ- 
ippi. 1853. TC423 E45. 6288 

Great Britain. Commissioners for 
the improvement of the River 
Shannon. Report with maps, 
plans and estimates. 1837-1839. 
Library has 2d-5th in 2 v. TC464 
S52. 6284 

Hiunphreys, A. A. Reply to criti- 
cisms made by Dr. Hagen, by A. 
A. Humphreys and H. L. Abbot. 
1878. TC425 M6 A31 1878. 6285 

-Report upon the phsrslcs and 

hydraulics of the Mississippi River; 
upon the protection of the alluvial 
region against overflow; and upon 
the deepening of the mouths. 
Submitted to the Bureau of topo- 
graphical engineers. War depart- 
ment, 1861, (Reprinted with ad- 
ditions.) Prepared by A. A. Hum- 
phreys and H. L. Abbot. 1876. TC 
425 M6 A3 1861a. 6286 

324 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

lieffel, James, & oo. The canBtruc- 
tk>n of mill dams: comprieing 
also the building of race and res- 
ervoir embankments and head 
gates, the measurement of 
streams, gauging of water supply, 
&c. 1874. TC540 L48. 6287 

New York (State) Water supply 
commission. Annual report. 1906. 
Library has 1908, 1909, 1910. TC 
424 N7 A3. 6288 

-Studies of water storage for 

flood prevention and power devel- 
opment in New York state under 
public ownership and control. 
Progress report under chapter 
569, Laws of 1907 transmitted to 
the governor and Legislature, 
February 1, 1908. 1908. TC424 
N7 A4 1908. 6289 

Pennsylvania. Water supply com- 
mission. Report. 1907. Library 
has 1905-1907. TC424 P4 A3. 



iiode Island. Commission for im- 
provement of navigation in Seek- 
onk River. Report to the General 
assembly. 1910. TC425 S6 A5 
1910. 6291 

Rhode Island. Commissioner of 
dams and reservoirs. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1902-1907, 
1909. TC424 R4. 6292 

Taggart, H. T. Improvement of the 
Anacostia flats. Letter from the 
commissioners of the District of 
Columbia transmitting the report 
of H. T. Taggart, special counsel, 
on the ownership of lands and ri- 
parian rights along the Anacostia 
River in the District of Columbia. 
[1910] TC425 A5 1910. 6293 

U. S. Engineer department. Dela- 
ware River, from Allegheny 
Avenue, Philadelphia, to the sea. 
Letter from the secretary of war, 
transmitting, with a letter from 
the chief of engineers, reports of 
examination and survey. [1910] 
TC425 D34 A5 1910. 6294 

— Examination and survey of Sac- 
ramento River, California, from 
its mouth to Feather River. 1909. 
TC425 S12 A5 1909. 

— [Examinations of rivers and 
harbors] Library has 1907, 1908. 
TC423 U6. 6296 

Mississippi River, St. Paul to 
Minneapolis, Minn. Letter from 
the acting secretary of war, trans- 
mitting, with a letter of the chief 
of engineers, report on examina- 
tion of Mississippi River, from St. 
Paul to Minneapolis, with a view 
to modification of project to pro- 
vide for Increased depth and util- 
izing the surplus water for devel- 
opment of power. 1910. TC425 
A16 A5 1910. 6297 

— Report by a special Board of 
engineers on survey of Mississippi 
River from St. Louis, Mo., to its 
mouth, with a view to obtaining a 
channel 14 feet deep and of suit- 
able width, including a considera- 
tion of the survey of a proposed 
waterway from Chicago, 111., to St. 
Louis, Mo., heretofore reported 
upon. Submitted by the chief of 
engineers to the secretary of war. 
1909. TC425 M6 A5 1909. 6298 

— Report of examination of Ohio 
River with a view to obtaining 
channel depths of 6 and 9 feet, 
respectively, made by a board of 
engineers, transmitted by the 
chief of engineers, War depart- 
ment. 1908. TC425 04 1908. 


-Reports of examination and 

survey of San Joaquin River, 
Stockton channel, etc., from San 
Francisco Bay to Stockton, Cal. 
Letter from the secretary of war, 
transmitting, with a letter from 
the chief of engineers, reports of 
examination and survey. 1908. 
TC425 S18 A5 1908. 6900 

— St. Johns River, Florida. Letter 
from the secretary of war, trans- 
mitting, with a letter from the 
chief of engineers, reports on pre- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Umlnary examinations and Burvey. 
1910. TC425 S14 A6 1910. 6301 

Valine, li. li. Du Rh6ne et du lac de 

Geneve ou des grands travaux & 
executor pour la navigation du 
L^man & la mer. TC472 R4 VI. 



{Armroyd, Georgel] A connected 
view of the whole internal navi- 
gation of the United States, na- 
tural and artificial; present and 
prospective. [With maps.] 1830. 
TC623 A72. 6308 

[Brlndley, James] The history of in- 
land navigations, particularly 
that of the Duke of Bridgwater. 
With geographical plans. 3d ed., 
with additions. 1779. TC744 L44. 


ChesapeaJce and Ohio caaAl eotm- 
pany. Acts of Virginia, Maryland, 
and Pennsylvania, and of the 
Congress of the U. S. in relation 
to the Chesapeake and Ohio 
canal company; with the proceed- 
ings of the convention, which led 
to the formation of said company. 
Also the acts and resolutions of 
Virginia and Maryland concerning 
the Potomac company. 1828. 
TC625 C6 Al. 6305 

of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 

-Report of the president and di- 

rectors. April 22, 1836. 1836. 

TC626 C6 Al. 6310 

(Bound with 4th annual report 

of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 
company. ) 

-Reports and letters from the en- 

— Annual report of the president 
and directors. Library has 1st, 
1829-8th. 1836. TC625 C6 Al. 


— ^The memorial of the Chesa- 
peake and Ohio canal company, 
to the general assembly of Mary- 
land, December 31, 1832. 1832. 
TC625 C5 Al. 6307 

(Bound with 4th annual report 
of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 
company. ) 

— Report of the general commit- 
tee of the stockholders Dec. 3, 
1831. 1831. TC626 C6 Al. 6308 
(Bound with Ist, 2d, & 3d an- 
nual reports of the Chesapeake and 
Ohio canal company.) 

— Same. Presented July 18, 1836. 

1836. TC626 C6 Al. 6309 

(Bound with 4th annual report 

gineers employed in the revised 
location of the western section of 
the Chesapeake and Ohio oanal: 
with the estimates of the cost of 
the same. [1829] TC626 C6 Al. 

(Bound with Ist annual report of 
Chesapeake and Ohio canal com- 

-^^^Special report of the president 

V^and directors on the subject of 

slack-water navigation, etc. April 

21, 1837. 1837. •TC626 C6 Al. 

(Bound with 4th annual report 
of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 

Colden, C. D, Memoir, prepared at 
the request of a committee of the 
Common council of the city of 
New York, and presented to the 
mayor of the city, at the celebra- 
tion of the completion of the New 
York canals. 1825. TC624 N7 C6. 



lllgnon, O. E. Du concours cies 
canaux et des chemins de fer et de 
I'achdvement du canal de la 
Marne au Rhin. 2d ed. 1845. TC 
655 C69. 6314 

Cc^^ell, E. Ia. Report by E. L. 

ir Corthell, delegate of the U. S. (re- 
presenting the State department) 
to the seventh International con- 
gress of navigation, held at Brus- 
sels, Belgium, July, 1898. 1900. 
TC6 15 1898a 6315 

326 / Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


n, Alexandre. Mdmoire sur le 
canal lateral & la Garpnne, 6tab- 
llssant la jonctlon d^flaitive des 
deux mere. 1836. TC672 M6 D6. 


Dnane, W. J. Letters, addressed to 
the people of Pennsylvania re- 
specting the internal improve- 
ment, of the commonwealth; by 
means of roads and canals. 1811. 
TC624 P4 D8. 6317 

Facts and observations in relation 
to the origin and completion of 
the Erie oanal. 2d ed. 1827. TO 
625 E6 A5 1827. 6318 

Nb/Pranre. Miniature de Tinterieur. 
Rapport au roi sur la situation 
des canaux. Library has 1826- 
1831, 1833. 10671 Al. 6310 

V^ ii< 

ance. Ministdre des travaux pub- 
lics. Documents relatifs aux ca- 
naux. 1840. TC671 A2. 6320 

lUliiois. Canal commissioners. Re- 

N/port Library has 1895, '97-'03. 

'05, '07-date. TC624 13 A2. 6321 

v/lllinois. General assembly, 1909. 
Deep waterway debates of the 
46 th General assembly of the 
state of Illinois. Senate, House 
and committees. 1910. TC624 13 
A5 1910. 6322 



Internal improvement convention. 

Journal of the Internal improve- 
ment convention, which assembled 
in the city of Baltimore, on the 
8th day of December, 1834. 1835. 
TC625 C5 Al. 6828 

(Bound with 4th annual report 
of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 


Leach, Edmnnd. A treatise of uni- 
versal inland navigations, and the 
use of all sorts of mines. To 
which is added a supplement. 
1791. TC744 L44 6324 

(Bound with Brindley, James, 
History of inland navigations.) 

MUIs, Robert. A treatise on inland 
navigation. 1820. TC745 M65. 


New York (State) Canal commis- 
sioners. Annual repori. Library 
has 1817, 1818, 1820, 1822, i823, 
1841. TC624 N7 A2. 6326 

New York (State) Laws, statutes, 
etc. Laws of the state of New 
York, in relation to the Erie and 
Champlain canals, together with 
the annual reports of the Canal 
commissioners, and other docu- 
ments requisite for a complete 
official history of those works. 
Also, correct maps delineating the 
routes of the Erie and Champlain 
canals, and designating the lands 
through which they pass. 1825. 
2 V. TC624 N7 A3. 6327 

New York corresponding association 
/for the promotion of internal im- 
V provements. Public documents, 
relating to the New York canals, 
which are to connect the western 
and northern lakes, with the At- 
lantic Ocean; with an introduc- 
tion. 1821. TC624 N7 A4 1821. 

Ohio. Canal commission. Report. Li- 

^brary has 1900, 1902-1905. TC 

624 03. 6329 



Ojiio, Canal commission appointed 
under act of April 9th, 1902. 
Report ending November 15th, 
1903. 1903. TC624 032. 6330 

^Iregon. Board of commissioners of 

V canals and locks. Report for the 

canal and locks at Willamette 

Falls. Library has 1907. TC625 

W6 A2. 6331 

Phillips, John. A general history 
of inland navigation, foreign and 
domestic: containing a complete 
account of the canals already exe- 
cuted in England, with considera- 
tions on those projected. 1792. 
TC744 P55. 6382 

Same. 4th ed. 1803. TC744 

P56. 6382a 

Sntcliffe, John. A treatise on canals 
and reservoirs, and the best mode 
of designing and executing them; 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



with observations on the Roch- 
dale, Leeds and Liverpool, and 
Huddersfield canals. Likewise ob- 
servations on the best mode of 
carding, roving, drawing and 
spinning all kinds of cotton twist. 
Also instructions for designing 
and building a corn mih, together 
with Important directions on pub- 
lic drains. 1816. TC753 S96. 


Tponp, Robert. A letter to the Hon- 
orable Brockholst Livingston, esq., 
one of the justices of the Su- 
preme court of the United States, 
on the lake canal policy of the 
state of New York. With a sup- 
plement, and additional docu- 
ments. 1822. TC624 N7 T85. 



B. Congress. House. Committee 
on roads and canals. Chesapeake 
and Ohio canal. [To accompany 
bill H. R. no. 94] April 17, 1834. 
Report. [1834] TC625 C5 U5. 

(U. S. 23d Cong., 1st seas. House 
Rept. 414) 

Chesapeake and Ohio canal 
company. [To accompany bill H. 
R. no. 416] March 3, 1836. 1836. 
TC625 C5 Al. 6336 

(Bound with 4th annual report 
of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 

VCL/S. Engineer dept. Report upon 
Wsurvey, with plans and estimates 
of cost, for a navigable waterway 
14 feet deep from Lockport, 111., 
by way of Des Plaines and Illi- 
nois rivers, to the mouth of sal 
Illinois River, and thence by wa; 
of the Mississippi River to St. 
Louis, Mo., and for a navigable 

. waterway of 7 and 8 feet depth, 
respectively, from the head of 
navigation of Illinois River at La- 
salle. 111., through said river to 
Ottawa, 111., by the Mississippi 
River commission, covering the 
section below the mouth of the 
Illinois River, and by a Board of 
officers of the corps of engineers, 
U S. army, covering the section 
above the mouth of the Illinois 
River. 1905. TC624 13 A3 1905. 


U. 8. Treasury dept. Report of the 
secretary of the Treasury on the 
SI bject of public roads and ca- 
nals; April 12, 1808. 1808. TC 
623 A58 1808. 6338 


Roads and canals. Letter from 
the secretary of the Treasury, 
transmitting a report, respecting 
roads and canals. Reprint from 
State paper no. 250, Tenth Con- 
gress, first session. 1910. TC623 
A2 1808a. 6330 

(61st Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc. 

U/S. War department. Chesapeake 
^and Ohio canal. Letter from the 
^ secretary of war, transmitting in- 
formation in relation to the Ches- 
apeake and Ohio canal. January 
14, 1834. 1834. TC625 C5 Al. 


(Bound with 4th annual report 
of Chesapeake and Ohio canal 

a. Note: A special list of 

orks in this library on inland 

navigation in Virginia will be 

published as a separate bulletin. 



BM^neering news. Best type of 
canal for Panama. 1909. TC774 
£6 6342 

•<Satun dam and earth dams In 

general. 1909. TC774 E64. 6348 

Freeman, J. R. Lock canal at Panar 
ma. 1909. TC774 F8. 6844 

Ckietbals, O. W. The Isthmian canal, 
1909. TC774 G7. 6345 

Johnson, W. F. Four centuries of 
the Panama canal. 1907. TC774 
J7. 6346 

Johnston^ W. E. The true history of 

328 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

the Panama canal scheme, 1884. 
TC774 J73. eS47 

Jiaahey, L. M. The Nicaragua canal 
nud the Monroe doctrine; a po- 
litical history of isthmus transit, 
with special reference to the Nic- 
aragua canal project and the at- 
titude of the United States gov- 
ernment thereto. 1896. TC784 
K24. 6348 

Jicaragaa canal constractioii com- 
pany. The inter-oceanic canal of 
Nicaragua: its history, physical 
condition, plana and prospects. 
Puh. hy the company. Officers, 
Warner Miller, pros., O. W. Davis, 
2d vice pres. and general mana- 
ger. 1891. TC784 N57. 6340 

Papers relating to the construction 
of the Panama canal. 1909. TC 
774 U6 1909d. 6350 

Papers A-F, in favor of the sea- 
level type. A., Change in canal 
plans. Special report of chairman 
of commission, recommending locks 
and dams at Miraflores instead of 
at La Boca, signed G. W. Goethals: 
p. [l]-3. B., Substance of an ad- 
dress before Commercial club of 
Boston, by Philippe Bunau-Varilla, 
on the Panama canal, February 25, 

Rodrlgues, J. O. The Panama oanal; 
its history, its political aspects, 
and financial difficulties. 1885. 
TC774 R69. 6351 

Ronssean, H. H. The Isthmian ca- 
nal. Presented at the Trans- 
Mississippi commercial congress, 
Denver, Colo. August 16-21, 
1909. 1909. TC774 R8. 6352 

Same. 1910. TC774 R82. 6853 

U. S. Bureau of statistics (Dept. of 
commerce and labor) Traffic, fi- 
nances, shipping and tonnage, and 
receipts and expenditures of the 
Suez canal, and monograph on the 
great canals of the world. Letter 
from the chief of the Bureau of 
statistics, transmitting informa- 

ticn November 25, 1903. 1903. 
TC791 U5. 6354 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee 
on industrial arts and expositions. 
World's Panama exposition. Re- 
port. (To accompany H. R. 
29362) [1911] TC781 A2 1911. 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee 
on interstate and foreign com- 
merce. Hearings before the com- 
mittee on the new Panama canal 
company, the Maritime company, 
and the Nicaragua canal company^ 
( Qrace-Eyre-Craigan syndicate ) 
Jan. 17-20, and 25, 1899. 1899. 
TC773 U32. 6356 

^Transportation by sea of ma- 
terial and equipment for use in 
construction of Panama canal. Re- 
port. (To accompany S. R. 40) 
[1908] TC774 U6 1908d, 6357 

U. 8. Congress. Senate. Committee 
on interoceanic canals. Hearings 
before the Senate Committee on 
inter-oceanic canals on H. R. 
3110, first session F^fty-seventh 
Congress. In three parts. March 
14, 1902. 1902. TC773 U35 
1902d. 6358 

— Investigation of Panama canal 
matters. Hearings in the matter 
of the Senate resolution adopted 
January 9, 1906, providing for an 
investigation of matters relating 
to the Panama canal, etc. [Jan. 
11, 1906-Feb. 12, 1907] 1906-07. 
4 y. Joseph H. Millard, chairman. 
TC774 U6 1906. 6859 

Report on the proposed ship 

canals through the American isth- 
mus connecting the continents of 
North and South America. Dec. 
12, 1901. 1901. TC773 U36 1901. 


U. 8. Dept. of state. History of 
amendments proposed to the Clay- 
ton-Bulwer treaty. 1911. TC773 
U7 1911. 6361 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


U. S. lethmian canal oommission. and report upon the feasibility 

Library has 1905, 1907-date. TC 
774 U52. 0362 

Manual of information concern- 
ing employments for service on 
the Isthmus of Panama. Library 
has revision of Jan. 1908. Feb. & 
Sept. 1909, Apr. & Nov., 1910. TC 
774 U537. 6363 

^Report of the department of 

sanitation. Library has 1907- 
date. TC778 3 S22. 6364 

li. S. Isthmian canal commission, 
1899. Report of the Isthmian ca- 
nal commission, 1899-1901. J. G. 
Walker, president. 1901-02. 2 v. 
TC773 U58 1901b. 6365 

Same. 1904. TC773 U58 1904. 


U. S. Naval observatory. Report on 
interoceanlc canals and railroads 
between the Atlantic and Pacific 
oceans. C. H. Davis, superintend- 
ent of the Naval observatory. 
1867. TC773 U45 1867. 6367 

U. 8. President, 1901-1909 (Roose- 
velt) Isthmian canal. Message 
transmitting report of the Board 
of engineers appointed to accom- 
pany ex-secretary of war W. H. 
Taft to the Isthmian canal to look 
into the condition of canal work 

and safety of the Qatun dam, etc. 
1909. TC774 U6 1909e. 6368 

•Special message of the Presi- 

dent Dec. 15, 1908. 1908. TC774 
U6 1908 1. 6360 

-Special message of the Presi- 

dent concerning the Panama ca- 
nal, Dec. 17, 1906. 1906. TC774 
U6 1906a. 6370 

U. S. War dept.. Panama canal com- 
pany. Message from the Presi- 
dent of the United States, trans- 
mitting a letter from the secretary 
of war, with a memorandum pre- 
pared by Mr. Charlton, the law 
officer of the Bureau of insular 
affairs, in connection with Mr. 
Rogers the general counsel of 
the Isthmian canal commission, 
containing a statement as to the 
so-called archives transferred by 
the Panama canal company. Luke 
B. Wright, secretary of war. 1908. 
TC774 U6 1908O. 6371 

WaterhoQse, Sylvester. The Nicara- 
gua canal. The benefits which it 
will confer upon the United 
States Justify government aid. 
1892. TC784 W31. 6373 

The Nicaragua canal. Govern- 
ment control. 1^3. TC784 W32. 



Bryas, C. R. A. de, marquis. Exp086 
des travauz de drainage et des- 
s6chement ez6cut6e. 1855. TC978 
F8 B9. 6374 

Blstobb, W. An historical account 
of the great level of the fens, 
called Bedford Level, and other 
fens, marshes and low-lands in 
this kingdom, and other places; 
1793. TC978 G72 K49. 6375 

France. Minist^re de Tagriculture, 
du commerce et des travauz pub- 
lics. Instructions pratiques sur 
le drainage. 1855. TC970 F8. 


King, F. H. Irrigation and drain- 
age; principles and practice of 
their cultural phases. 3d ed., 
1903. S613 K4. 6377 

Mead, ElvroodL Irrigation institu- 
tions; a discussion of the economic 
and legal questions created by the 
growth of irrigated agriculture in 
the West. 1903. S613 M48. 6378 

Nadault de Bnffon, [Benjamin] 

Traits th^orique et pratique des 
irrigations envisag^es sous les di- 
vers points de vue de la produc- 
tion agricole, de la science by- 

330 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

draulique et de la legislation; 
1843. 3 V. TC805 N2. 6S79 

Straten-Ponthoz, F, van der, comte. 
Etat, progress et avenir du drain- 
age en France. De sa pratique et 
de son application dans le d6- 
partement de la. Moselle. 1853. 
TC978 F8 S8. 6380 

U. S. Dept. of the Interior. Drain- 
age flurvey of certain lands In 
Minnesota. Letter from the sec- 

retary of the Interior, transmit- 
ting a detailed report of a drain- 
age survey of certain wet, over- 
flowed, or swampy lands ceded by 
the Chippewa Indiana in Minne- 
sota. [1909] TC977 M6. 6381 

U. S. Reclamation service. Annual 
report. Library has 5th, 1906- 
date. TC823 U6. 6382 

Villeroy, F^lix. Manuel de I'irriga- 
teur par FSllx Vllleroy, et Adam 
Muller. [n. d.] S613 V74. 6383 


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and eanltation. 1902 [1901] TD 
145 B16. 6384 

Belgrand, M. F. E. Recherches ata- 
tistiquee sur les sources du bas- 
sln de la Seine qu'll est possible 
de conduire k Paris ex6cut6es en 
1854. 1854. TD272 P23. 6385 

Branch, J. G. Heat and light from 
municipal and other waste, 
[C1906] TD795 B81. 6386 

Bridge, J. H. The ozone treatment 
of public water supplies. [1904] 
TD461 B85. 6387 

Carrier, C. G. Water purification, 
hyglenlcally considered. [1897] 
TD430 C97. 6388 

France. D6partement de la Seine. 
Prefecture. M6molre sur les eaux 
de Paris, [par le baron G. E. 
Haussmann pr6fet de la Seine] 
1854. TD272 P23. 6389 

Hartford, Conn. Street dept. An- 
nual report of the Board of street 
commissioners. Library has 32d» 
33d, 1903, 1904. TD25 H2 A3. 


Illinois. Water survey. Chemical 
survey of the waters of Illinois. 
Report for the years 1897-1902 by 
A. W. Palmer. 1903. TD224 13 
A5. 6391 

Johnson, C. O. Water supply and 
prevention of waste In leading 
European cities; report to the 
Merchants' association of New 
York. 1903. TD495 J7. 6392 

King, Charles. A memoir of the 
construction, cost, and capacity 
of the Croton aqueduct, together 
with an account of the civic cel- 
ebration of the fourteenth Octo- 
ber, 1842, on occasion of the com- 
pletion of the great work: pre- 
ceded by a preliminary essay on 
ancient and modern aqueducts. 
1843. TD225 N5 K5. 6393 

The Manual of American water- 
works. Containing the history and 
descriptions of the source and 
mode of supply, pumps, reservoirs, 
stand-pipes, distribution systems, 
piessures, consumption, etc. of 
the water-works of the United 
States and Canada. With sum- 
maries for each state and group 
of states, and water rates charged. 
Ed. by M. N. Baker. 1889. Is- 
sued annually from 1888-91. The 
fourth issue was In i897. Library 
has 1888. TD222 M2. 6394 

Merchants* association of New York. 

Against construction of more res- 
ervoirs in the Croton Valley; a 
report to the Merchants' associa- 
tion of New York by Its Commit- 
tee on water supply. May 3, 1909. 
[1909] TD225 N5 M47. 6395 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


^The battle of the microbes, na- 
ture's fight for pure water; a 
clear description of the methods 
of sewage disposal. December, 
1908. [1908] TD741 M5. 6396 

Contents. — Committee on pollu- 
tion of state waters, Edward Hatch, 
jr., chairman [and others] — ^The 
bittle of the microbes, nature's fight 
for pure water. — ^The sewage prob- 
lem popularly stated. Extracts 
from a paper by C. P. Collins. — ^The 
British Royal commission on sew- 
age disposal, summary of report, 
made by sanitary authorises in 
Great Britain. 

Protest against the proposed 

Bronx River Valley sewer. By J. 
H Dougherty, counsel, on behalf 
of the Merchants' association of 
New York, February, 1907. [1907] 
TD525 N6 M5. 6307 

Waste of water in New York 

and its reduction by meters and 
iDspection; a report by J. H. 
Fuertes, to the Committee on 
water-supply of the Merchants' 
association of New York; also a 
Digest of laws governing the use 
of water-meters in New York, by 
A. L. Marllley, and a Summary 
of present conditions relating to 
the water-supply of New York, by 
J. H. Dougherty. 1906. TD225 
N5 M6. 6898 

MlUe, — . Rapport sur le mode d'as- 
salnissement des villes en Angle- 
terre et en Ecosse. 1854. TD272 
P23. 6309 

Naylor, William. Trades waste: its 
treatment and utilisation. With 
sr^cial reference to the preven- 
tion of rivers pollution. A hand- 
book for borough engineers, sur- 
veyors, architects and analysts. 
1902. TD897 N33. 6400 

New York (City) Croton aqueduct 

board. Minutes July 18, 1849, to 
April 9, 1870. Department of 
water supply, gas and electricity. 
July 1, 1903. 1903. TD225 N5 
A3 5. 6401 

New York (State) Water supply 
commission. New York's water 
supply and its conservation, dis- 
tribution and uses. [1910] TD224 
N7 N7. , 6402 

Ohio. State board of health. Report 
of an investigation of water and 
sewage purification plants in 
Ohio, 1906-1907. 1908'. TD430 
03. 6403 

Contents. — Introductory report 
by the secretary, C. O. Probst. — 
General report by the chief engi- 
neer, R. W. Pratt — Report on ex- 
amination of water purification 
plants, by Philip Burgess. — Report 
on examination of water softening 
plant at Oberlin, by A. E. Kimber- 
ly. — Report on examination of sew- 
age purification plants and supple- 
mentary reports on disinfection of 
sewage effluents and purification of 
acid iron wastes at Shelby, by A. E. 

Parsons, H. de B. The disposal of 
mdniclpal refuse. 1906. TD795 
P26. 6404 

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tem of water and water-works, 
philosophical and pmctical. 1734. 
2 V. TD344 S97. 6405 

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Croton aqueduct. 1843. TD225 
N5 T7. 6406 

U. S. Engineer department. Prelim- 
inary investigations and surveys 
for increasing the water supply of 
the District of Columbia. Letter 
from the sec. of war. 1909. TD 
224 D6 U5. 6407 

Venable, W. M. Garbage crematories 
in America. 1906. TD803 V44. 




tken, Thomas. Road making and 
maintenance. With an nxstorical 

sketch of ancient and modern 
practice. 1900. TE145 A31. 6400 

332 . Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

\ Aftanflas. Laws, statutes, etc. Laws 
w of Arkansas as to roads and high- 
ways for the use of overseers, 
[1899] TE324 A8 1899. 6410 

Baker, I. O. A treatise on roaas ana 
pavements. 1905. TE146 B16 



royales. — Routes d^partementales. 
1837. TE71 A2. 642^ 

Fk*u^. Ministdre de I'interleur. 

ystatistique des routes royales de 

France. 1824. TE71 Al. 6422 

GiU^te, H. P. Economics of road 
V^onstruction. 1901. TE145 647. 
leUs, C. H. Highway manual of / 6423 

the state of New York; a complete / 
compilation of all the laws relat-^ ^reenwell, Allan. Roads: their con- 

ing to highways, with annoiacions 
and forms. Official ed. 1904. TE 
324 N7 B56. 6412 

Byrne, A. T. A treatise on highway 
fconstructlon. 4th rev. an<d enl. 
ed. 1903. TE145 B99. 6413 

. jConnectlcnt. Highway commis^ 

V sloner's ipfflce. Report. Library 

has 1904. TE24 08. 6414 

C^necticnt. Connecticut law for the 
^/Improvement of public roads. Of- 
fice of the state highway commis- 
sioner. [1903] TE324 C8 1903. . 

64i5|Bll|m8. Highway commission. An- 
nual report. Library has 1st, 


struction and maintenance: with 
special reference to road mater- 
ials. By Allan Green well and J. 
y. Elsden. 1901. TE145 G8. 6424 

,upt, li. M. The road movement. 
1893. TE155 H37. 6425 


ys, J. W. A little road talk by a 
practical road builder. [1910] 
TE155 H41 6426 


o. Road laws of the state of 
Idaho. 1905. TE324 12 1905. 



Connecticut law for improve- 
ment of public roads. Passed 
1905. Office of the state highway 
commissioner. [1905] TE324 C8 
1905. 6416 

\rk>nnecticut. State board of agricul- 

^ ture. Good roads a necessity [and 

other addresses] [1893] TE24 C8 

A2. 11417 

'06, 2d, '07. TE24 13 A3. 6428 

-Bulletin. Library has 

1910. TEl 13. 


no. 6, 

brhols. Laws of the state of Illinois 
in relation to roads and brldtges 
In counties not under township 
organization. Pub. by secretary of 
state. Library has 1902, '07. TE 
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cipes qui paraissent devoir former 
la base d'une nouvelle legislation. 
1842. TE7 Ai85. 6420 

l^rance. Direction g6n6rale des ponts 

^Laws of the state of Illinois In 

V relation to roads and bridges in 
counties under township organi- 
zation. Pub. by secretary of state. 
Library has 1902, '06, '07. TE 
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^ ioads, bridges and ferries, with all 
y amendments, including the acts 
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et chaus^es et des mines. Routes | ments suited to cities of moderate 

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tirage des voituree faites en 1837 
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pour abrgger divers calculs relat- TfaTier, O. L. >£. H. Considerations 

Bur les principes de la police du 
roulage et sur les travaux d'en- 
tretien dee routes; suiviee d'un 
appendix contenant un extrait de 
diverses enqudtes parlementaires 
anglaises, ainsi que du nouTeau 
traite des routes de Sir Henry 
Parnell, et I'instruction offlcielle 
pour la direction des travaux de la 
route de Londres & Holyhead. 
18^5. TE146 N32. 6446 

ifs aux projets de routes princi- 
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ion, H. D. Mason on highways; 
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Motor vehicle law of r904, all as 
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V souri relating to roads, highways 

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roaas. Annual report. Ll- 

braxy has 10th, llth, 1903, '04. 

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^<the 'permanent improvement of 
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HLibrary has 1st, 1905-4th, 1908. 

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I^BulIetin. Library has 
", 9. TE24 03 A32. 




1, 2. 

, J. B. Road making and main- 
tenance; the latter wrought into 
the texture and structure of the 

334 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

road, a return to flrat principles. 
Lecture. [From the report of the 
Massachufietts board of agricul- 
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^^utes of the state of Oregon relat- 
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and ferries, comp. from Bellinger 
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1905. In efTect May 18, 1906. 

1905. TE324 07 1905. 6455 

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Supplement to Pennsylvania road 
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tion of good county roads. De- 
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1905. TE155 S53. 6463 


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Oie state. TE324 M3 S6. 6464 

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1910. TE23 5 S72. 6465 



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An address before the Carriage 
builders' national association, at 
Syracuse, N. Y., October 17, 1889. 
[1889?] TB155 P816. 6457 



-A memorial to Congress on the 

subject of a comprehensive ex- 
hibit of roads, their construction 
and maintenance, at the World's 
Columbian exposition. [1892] 
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\^ — The movement for better roads. 
An address before the Board of 
trade at Hartford, Conn., Febru- 
ary 11, 1890. An open letter to 
the people of the United States. 
Relating to a department of road 
construction and maintenance at 
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Width of tires. Extracts from re- 
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Wie state of Tennessee. 1901 to 

1906. Applying to all counties not 

having a special road law. [n. d.] 

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ILB; Alaska road commission. Re- 
*port. Library has 1907. TE24 A4. 


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ym agriculture and forestry. E«x- 

periments on certain highways, 

etc. Report, (lo accompany S. 

6931.) 1910. TE23 A5 1910. 

(6l8t Cong., 2d sess. Senate. 
Rent 438) 

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VLlbrary has nos. 1, 3-35. TE23 
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Foa/fl-building in New Jersey. 

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Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



decomposition of the 
By A. S. Cushman and 

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y 6476 

^ The preservation of Iron and 

steel. 1909. (no. 35) 6477 

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y^entions In the southern states, and 
object-lesson roads constructed un- 
der the supervision of the Office of 
public road inquiries, with the co- 
operation of the Southern railway. 
Prepared under the direction of 
MarUn Dodge, director. 1902. (no. 
2Z/^ 6478 

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mileage, revenues, and expendi- 
tures in the United States in 1904. 
1907. (no. 32) 6479 

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Vf macadam roads. 1907. (no. 29) 
y 6480 

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HHouston, Texas, 1895. Proceedings 
of the Good roads convention of 
Texas, held at Turner's hall In 
Houston. Texas, February 19, 1895. 
1895. (no. 15) 6481 

\X Good roads Gonventlon of the 
boards of sap^visors of tlie state 
of New York, Albany, 1902. Pro- 
ceedings of the third annual good 
roads convention of the state of 
New York, held at Albany, N. Y., 
January 28 and 29, 1902. 1902. 
(no. 22) 6482 

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l/ives. 1908. (no. 34) 6488 

i>^nfonnation regarding road ma- 
*terials and transportation rates in 
certain states west of the Mississip- 
pi River. (Furnished by officials of 
various railway companies) 1894. 
(no. 5) 6484 

v/^Infomiatloii regarding roads and 
*^oad-making materials In certain 
eastern and southern states. (Fur- 
nished by officials of the various 
railway companies) 1894. (no. 7) 




Information regarding roads, 
road materials, and freight rates 
in certain states north of the Ohio 
River. (Furnished by officials of 
various railway companies.) 1894. 
(n*. 6) 6486 

I yintematloiial good roads cM>n- 
v-^^wfls, Buffalo, N. Y., 1901. Pro- 
ceedings, September 16 to 21, 1901. 
1»01. (no. 21) 6487 

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state good roads convention, Char- 
lottesvllUe, Va., 1902. Proceedings, 
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of southern and eastern Maine. By 

Henry Leighton and £. S. Bastln. 

im. (no. 33) 6489 

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^lasslflcation of rocks for road 

building, including the physical 

properties of rocks with reference 

to Qieir mineral composition and 

stricture. 1907. (no. 31) 6490 

f^^atlonal good roads convention, 

UsL Liouis, 1903. Proceedings, April 

2^ to 29, 1903. 1903. (no. 26) 6491 

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Park, N. J., 1894. Proceedings, 

July 5 and 6. 1894. 1894. (no. 10) 

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ta, Oa., 1895. Progress of road con- 
struction in the United States. Re- 
pprts by delegates. 1897. (no. 19) 

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' (no. 20) 6494 

I / North Carolina good roads con- 
(Aention^ Raleigh, N. C, 1902. Pro- 
ceedings, February 12 and 13, 1902. 
Conrt). by J. A. Holmes. 1903. (no. 
2yr 6495 

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»^he road system of Georgia. 1894. 
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19^6. (no. 27) 6497 

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%lnta on their construction and re- 
1894. (no. 8) 6498 

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Lges of governors. 1895. (no. 

-Historical and technical pa- 
pers on road building in the United 
St^s. 1895. (no. 17) 6500 

y- Notes on the employment of 

Convicts in connection with road 

bulging. 1896. (no. 16) 6501 

-State laws relating to the 

gement of roads, enacted in 

'93. 1894. (no. 1) 6502 

-Same. Enacted in 1894-95. 

(no. 18) 6503 

Wide tires. Laws of certain 


States relating to their use, and 

other pertinent Information. 1895. 

(no. 12) 6504 

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^^Richmond, Va., 1894. Proceedings, 

October 18, 1894. 1895. (no. 11) 


Office of public roads. Clrcu- 

Llbrary has nos. 14-23, 25- 

6488 1 31, 33-93. TE23 A9. 6506 

336 Finding List of Science, Agricxh-ture, Technology. 


An act to provide for the con- 
struction of roads by local assess- 
ment, county, and state aid [in New 
York state]. 1894. (no. 16) 6507 

Addresses on road improvement. 
1894. (no. 14) 6508 

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Armstronff road improvement act] 
1900. (no. 36) 6509 

QBrlck paving for country roads. 
1896. (no. 26) 6510 

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buildiniT in Minnesota. 1898. (no. 
32) 6511 

Conunenta on systems of main- 
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Cost of hauling farm products to 
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road construction and mainten- 
ance. 1911. (no. 93) 6510 

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lAst of national, state and local 
road associations and kindred or- 
ganizations in the United States. 
1902. (no. 36) 6521 

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improvement societies] 1896. (no. 
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89) 9526 

1909. (no. 90) 6527 

1910. (no. 92) 6528 

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-Same. 2d rev. ed. 

Same. 3d revision. 

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1910. (no. 91) 6530 

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North Carolina, and Illinois. 1897. 
(no. 28) 6581 

Road improvement in gov- 
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1893.) 1897. (no. 26) 6534 

W^ Traffic of the country roads. 
1896. (no. 19) 6535 

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Committee on legislation. Report 
of committee on legislation, adopted 
by the State good roads forirenf\»tn, 
held in Richmond, Va., October 10 
and 11. 1896. (no. 18) 6536 

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operate to destroy roads, with notes 
on road stones and problems there- 
with connected. 1897. (no. 29) 


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hibit of the Office of public roads. 
Alaska-Yukon-Paclflc exposition. 
1909. TE6 A3 U5. 0338 

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port. Library has: 1909, '02, '06, 
'08. 1910. TE24 V5 A3. 6539 


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of Washington, Including laws 
passed at the session of the legis- 
lature of 1905. 1905. TE324 W2 
19Q6. 6540 

Wm!OJisin. Legislature. special 
Joint committee on highways. Re- 
port, together with a bill provid- 
ing for state aid in constructing 
and improving highways. 1910. 
TE24 we A5. 6541 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



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[86] Library has new series, v. 
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practical details of construction 
in the public works of the most 
celebrated engineers on the several 
railways, canals, and other pub- 
lic works throughout the kingdom. 
1837. TF7 B83. 654o 

-Appendix to railway practice, 

containing a copious abstract of 
the whole of the evidence given 
.upon the London and Birming- 
ham, and Great western railway 
bills, when before Parliament, 
properly digested and arranged, 
with marginal notes. To which is 
added, a glossary of technical 
terms, used in civil engineering 
and the details of Hawthorne's 
celebrated locomotive engine, for 
the Paris and Versailles railway. 
1839. TF7 B83. 6546 

NChlcago. City council. Committee 
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mendations and general plans for 
a comprehensive passenger sub- 
way system for the city of Chica- 
go, made by B. J. Arnold, Jan- 
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1911. 6547 

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on the mechanical and engineering 
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, 1846. TF144 D38. 6548 

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compounds, and rock drills. Giv- 

ing the details of practical tunnel 
work; the constituents and pro- 
perties of modern explosive com- 
pounds; the principles of blasting; 
the history of machine rock-drill- 
ing; and detailed descriptions of 
the various rock-drills and air- 
compressors in use with a history 
of tunneling from the reign of 
Rameses II. to the present time. 
1882. TF230 D78. 6540 

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dation rigging. The requirements 
from the standpoint of safety and 
emergency. [1906?] TF415 L52. 




ans, [J. M,] Henri. Rapport sur 
les etudes du chemin de fer de 
Chambfiry k Turin et de la ma- 
chine propos6e pour ex^cuter le 
tunnel des Alpes entre Modane et 
Bardonnfiche, par Henri Maus et 
Rapport r6dig6, au nom de la 
commission charg6e de I'examen 
de ces Etudes, par Pierre Paleo- 
capa suivi des Procfis-verbaux des 
stances de cette commission. 
J^850. TF238 M7 M4. 6553 


ew York. Chamber of commerce of 
the slate of New York. Rapid 
transit in New York city and in 
other great cities. Prepared for the 
Chamber of commerce of the 
state of New York by its special 
committee on recognition of ser- 
vices of members of the Cham- 
ber on the Rapid transit commis- 
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^jfew York (State). Public service 
commission. First district. Re- 
port upon car fender and wheel- 
guard tests. Submitted to the 
Commission December 29 1908 
1909. TP947 N5. ' 6555 

338 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 


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^beam hanging upon brake •effi- 
ciency. [1907] TF415 P23. 6556 

Pennsylvania railroad company, v^at- 

alogue of the exhibit of the Penn- 
sylvania railroad company at the 
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U.^ Block signal and train control 
^^oard. Block signals on the rail- 
roads of the United States. Li- 
brary has Jan., 1911. TF630 U7. 


U./s. Interstate commerce commls- 
i/sion. Operation of trains on heavy 
^ grades. Report of safety ap- 
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commerce commission. December, 
1907. 1907. TF610 U62. 6562 

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tors of the Liverpool and Man- 
chester railway, on the compara- 
tive merits of locomotive and fixed 
engines, as a moving power. By 
James Walker. Observations on 
the comparative merits of loco- 
motive and fixed engines, as ap- 

plied to railways. By Robert 
Stephenson and Joseph Locke. An 
account of the Liverpool and Man- 
chester railway. By Henry Booth. 
>1831. TF64 L7 W24. 6563 


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tion, introduction and development 
of the air brake. Presidential 
address. Presented at the annual 
meeting of the American society 
of mechanical engineers, Dec. 6, 
1910. TF420 W52. 6664 

Westinghonse air brake company, 
Pittsburg, Pa. The combined auto- 
matic and straight-air locomotive 
brake equipment. 1909. TF425 
A2. 6565 

— ^The no. 6 ET locomotive brake 
equipment. [1909] TF425 A3. 


—The type K freight triple valve. 
[1909] TF425 A2. 6567 

— ^Type L triple valve. [1910] TF 
426 Al. 6568 

— ^Westinghouse 8 1-2 Inch cross 
compound air compressor. [1910] 
TF425 A4. 6560 

— The Westinghouse high-speed 
brake and double-pressure control 
apparatus. 1909. TF425 A21. 


^Westinghouse steam-driven air 

compressors. Simple or single 
stage type. [cl907] TF425 A5. 


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on rail-roads, and interior com- 
munication in general. 1825. TF 
144 W91. 6572 


^ 9^>oper, Theodore. American rail- 
N/ road bridges, [n. d.] Ta445 C77 


^npt, Herman. General theory of 

\J bridge construction: containing 

demonstrations of the principles of 

the art and thei^ 
practice. 1851. 

application to 

TG145 H369. 


Merrlman, Mansfield. A text-l>ook on 
roofs and bridges. By Mansflold 
Merriman and H. S. Jacoby. ^tix 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


ed., rewritten and enl. 1905. TO 
145 M56. ^'^^ 

Contents. — Pt. 1. Streaaes In sim- 
ple truases.— pt. 2. Graphic BtatlcB. 
— pt. 3. Bridgre design. — ^pt 4. 
Higher structures. 

cirYork (City). Board of trustees 
of the New York and Brooklyn 
bridge. Report of the committee 
appointed by the Board of tras- 
tees, consieting of the mayors or 
the cities of New York and Brook- 
lyn, together with the report of 
the accountants to said committ:^e 
in the matter of an examination 
of the financial affairs of the New 
York and Brooklyn bridge, Decem- 
ber 31, 1883. 1884. TG^S NoS 
A3. «57tf 

Ponceau, A. R. Notice sur le nou- 
veau eystfeme de ponts en fonte 
suivi dans la construction du pont 

du Carrousel. 1839. TG333 P77. 


flkode Island. Board of commis- 
▼ Bioners for the construction of a 
new bridge. Report. Library has 
19jD6. 1908. TG24 R4. 6578 

, ide Island. Stone bridge commis- 
sion. Annual report. Library nas 
' 2rf, 1910. TG24 P4 Al. 6579 

W&od, De Volson. Treatise on the 

^ theory of the construction of 

bridges and roofs. 1873. TG145 

W88. 6580 

Toang, £. W. Simple practical meth- 
ods of calculating strains on gir- 
ders, arches, and trusses; with a 
supplementary essay on economy 
in suspension bridges. 1873. TG 
265 Y68 6581 


(Including Heating, Ventilation, liishting, PInmbing.) 

Accnm, F. O. A practical treatise on 
gas-light; exhibiting a summary 
description of the apparatus and 
machinery best calculated for il- 
luminating streets, houses, and 
manufactories, with carburetted 
hydrogen, or coal gas. 1815. TH 
7910 A17. 65«2 

Atlas Portland cement company. New 

York. (Concrete construction about 
the home and on the farm. 
[C1909] TH1461 A9 1909a. 6583 

fi'ryer, W. J. Architectural Iron 
work. A practical work for iron 
workers, architects and engineers, 
with specifications of iron work, 
useful tables, and valuable sugges- 
tions for the successful conduct of 
the business. 1876. TH1651 P94. 


Hales, Stephen. A treatise on ventl- 
latoiw. 1758. TH7652 H2. 6585 

Hodgson, F. T. Modern carpentry, a 
practical manual. [cl902] Tli 
5607 H72. 

— Practical carpentry; being a 
guide to the correct working aad 
laying out of all kinds of carpeu- 
ters' and joiners* work. With the 
solutions of the various prooiems 
in hip-roofs. Gothic work, center- 
ing, etc. To which is prefixed a 
thorough treatise on "Carpenter^!' 
geometry." 1900. TH5606 H66. 


-A practical treatise on the steel 

square and its application to every- 
day use; being an exhaustive col- 
lection of steel square problems 
and solutions, "old and new," 
with many original and useful ad- 
ditions. 1903. 2 v. TH5619 H73. 


Massachnsetts association of plumb- 
ing inspectors. Compilation of all 
statutes of Massachusetts relative 
to the supervision of plumbing. 
Plumbing regulations in the city of 
Boston; extracts from ordinances 
of all other cities. Constitution 
and by-laws of the Massachusetts 
assoc'n of plumbing inspectors. 
1910. TH6165 M4 M4. 6589 

340 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Nicholson, M. A. The carpenters & 
jolner*e companion, in the geo- 
metrical construction of working 
drawings, required by journeymen 
in the progress of building. Im- 
proved from the original princi- 
ples of P. Nicholson. 1826. TH 
o605 N62. 6590 

Pott«r, Thomas. Concrete; its uses 
in building from foundations to 
finish, by Thomas Potter. 3d ed., 
rev. and enl. 1908. TH1461 P8. 


Reid, D. B. Illustrations of the 
theory and practice of ventilation, 
with remarks on warming, exclu- 
sive lighting, and the communica- 
tion of sound. 1844. TH7653 R3. 


The theory and practice of warming 
and ventilating public buildings, 
dwelling-houses, and conserva- 
tories. Including a general view of 
the changes produced in atmos- 
pheric air, by respiration, com- 
bustion, and putrefaction, with the 
means of obviating its deleterious 
agency; and a description of all 
the known varieties of stoves, 
grates, and furnaces; with an ex- 

amination of their comparative ad- 
vantages for economising fuel and 
preventing smoke. By an engineer. 
1825. TH7221 T4. 6508 

Tredgold, Thomiw. Elementary prin- 
ciples of carpentry; a treatise on 
the pressure and equilibrium of 
timber framing, the resistance of 
timber, and the construction of 
floors, centres, bridges, etc., with 
practical rules and examples. To 
wiaich Is added an essay on the 
nature and properties of timoer, 
including the methods of season- 
ing, and the causes and preven- 
tion of decay, with descriptions 
of the kinds of wood used In 
building. Also numerous tables of 
the scantlings of timber, the speci- 
fic gravities of materials, &c. 2 
ed., cor. and considerably enl. 
1828. TH5604 T78. 6504 

Principles of warming and ven- 
tilating public buildings, dwelling- 
houses, manufactories, hospitals, 
hot-houses, conservatories, &c. ; 
and of constructing fire-places, 
boilers, steam apparatus, grates, 
and drying rooms; 2d ed., 1824. 
TH7010 T77. 6505 


Bird, Joseph. Protection against fire, 
and the best means of putting out 
fires In cities, towns, and villages, 
with practical suggestions for the 
security of life and property. 
1873. TH9146 B6. 6506 

Costello, A. E. Our firemen. A his- 
tory of the New York fire depart- 
ments, volunteer and paid. 350 
biographies. 1887. TH9505 N5 
C8. 6507 

Merchants* association of New York. 

Investigation of the Fire depart- 
ment of New York; a report for 
the Commissioners of accounts, by 
G. S. Curtis, con. eng'r., represent- 
ing the Merchants' association of 
New York, May 5, 1908. TH9505 
N504 1908. 6508 

Ohio. State fire marshal. Annual 
report. Library has 5th, •04-9th, 
'08. TH9504 03. 65iitl 


American machinist. Library has v. 
30, 1907-date. 6600 

— A ball-bearing testing machine 
and Its work. [1909?] TJ1071 A 
52. 6601 

— Ball bearings In a marble plant 
[1907?] TJ1071 A51. 6602 

Barnard, Charles. 

chines. [1903] 

Tools and ma- 

TJ1180 B25. 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Branch, J. O. Stationary engineer- 
ing. A reference and text book. 
[C1907] TJ275 B8. 6604 

Brown, W. H. The history of the 
first locomotivee in America. From 
original documents, and the testi- 
mony of living witnesses. 1871. 
TJ603 B86. 6605 

Buchanan, Robertson. Practical es- 
says on mill work and other ma- 
chinery, by Robertson Buchanan, 
2d ed. cor., with notes and' adui- 
tionai articles, containing new re- 
searches on various mechanical 
subjects, by Tiiomas Tredgold. 
1823. 2 V. TJ1040 B9. 6606 

Colbnm, Zerah. Locomotive engi- 
neering, and the mechanism of 
railways: a treatise on the prin- 
ciples and construction of the lo- 
comotive engine, railway car- 
riages, and railway plant, [pref. 
1871] 2 V. TJ605 C68. 6607 

Dixon, Joseph, crucible co. Dixon's 
graphite on shipboard. cl910. 
TJ1077 G7 D8. i>fl08 

-Graphite afloat and afield. An 

explanation of particular interest 
to all yachtsmen and sportsmen. 
1904. TJ1077 G7 D7. 6609 

-Graphite as a lubricant. 

ancient and 
vations on 
nected with 
eluding the 
ment of the 
rev. and cor 

modern: with obser- 

various subjects con- 

the mechanic arts: in- 

progreBsive develop- 

steam engine. 2d ed., 

., to which is added, a 

1846. TJ900 E936. 


treatise upon the theory and prac- 
tice of graphite lubrication. 11th 
ed. 1909. TJ1077 G7 D6. 6610 

Edison. T. F., comp. The mechanics' 
complete library of modern rules, 
facts, processes, etc. Facts about 
electricity, how to make and run 
dynamos, all about batteries, tele- 
phones, electric railway and light- 
ing, engineering explained, rules 
for the Instruction of engineers, 
firemen, machinists, mechanics, 
artisans and all craftsmen, tables 
of alloys. Ck>mp. by T. F. Edison, 
and C. J. Westinghouse. cl900. 
TJ151 E24. 6611 

Ewbank, Thomas. A descriptive and 
historical account of hydraulic and 
other machines for raising water. 

Farmer, Thomas, jr. The effect of 
preparations applied to belts. By 
Thomas Farmer, jr. and C. W. 
Evans. 1905. TJ1105 F23. 6613 

The Fidelity and casualty company 
of New York. The prevention of 
industrial accidents. 1909. Li- 
brary has no. 1. TJ166 F4. 6614 

Goodeve, T. M. The elements of 
mechanism. Designed for students 
of applied mechanics. 2d ed. 1872. 
TJ175 G64. 6616 

Goss, W. F. M. A study in graphite. 
With tests. 1907. TJ1077 G7 G6. 


Graham, D. F. Ball-bearing chart, 
for motor cars, pleasure vehicles 
only. C1910. TJ1071 G73. 6617 

Gregory, O. G. A treatise of mechan- 
ics, theoretical, practical, and de- 
scriptive. 4th ed., corrected and 
improved. 1826. 2 v TJ145 G82. 


Greth, J. C. W. Feed water heaters 
as purifiers. [1909] TJ379 G85. 


— Scaling and corroding sub- 
stances and their elimination from 
water for boilers. [1909] TJ379 
G83. 6620 

-The softening and purification 

of boiler feed water. [1909?] TJ 
379 G87. 6621 

— Water for economic steam gen- 
eration. TJ379 G84. 6622 

— Water purification facts for 
steam users. [cl910] TJ379 G8. 


342 Finding List of Science, Agricxh^ture, Technology. 

Water purification for ice and 

refrigerating plants. [1909] TJ 
379 G86. 6624 

<Myonneaa de Pambour, F. M., 

\/oomte. A practical treatise on lo- 
^ comotiye engines upon railways. 
To which is added, an appendix, 
showing the expense of conveying 
goods hy locomotive engines, on 
railroads. 1S36. TJ604 096. 


Hartness, James. Machine building 
for profit, and the Hartness flai 
turret lathe. 1909. TJ1218 H37. 


Hera, Henry. Ball-bearing lineshaft 
hangers. [1909?] TJ1071 H59. 


Ball bearings. A discussion of 

their use in genera] and on auto- 
mobiles in particular. TJ1071 H 
58. 6628 

-Gages and fixtures for testing 

ball bearings used in the piant of 
the Hess-Bright manufacturing 
company. TJ1071 1157. 6629 

-Line shaft efficiency, mechani- 
cal and economic, [n. d.] TJ 
1071 H56. 6630 

'^^Ustory of the eteam engine, from 
its earliest invention to the pres- 
ent time. 1827. TJ461 H67. 66S1 

Industrial engineering and engineer- 
ing digest. The making of a high 
grade file. [1909] TJ1285 142. 


Jenrey, H. S. Boilers of locomotives 
^/of interstate commerce. State- 
ment in support of the bill (S. 
6702) to promote the safety of 
employees and travelers upon 
railroads by oompelling common 
carriers engaged in interstate 
commerce to equip their locomo- 
tives with safe and suitable boil- 
ers and appurtenances thereto. 
[1910] TJ642 U5 1910a 6633 

Lardner, Dionyslus. Popular lectures 

on the steam engine, in which its 
construction and operation are 
familiarly explained; with an his- 
torical sketch of its invention and 
progressive improvement. TJ4(>4 
L32. 6634 

Lamer, G. W. Characteristics of 
modern hydraulic turbines. By C. 
W. Lamer, with discussion by L. 
P. Moody, J. C. Parker. [1910?] 
TJ870 L32. 6685 

Itfabery, C. F. Lubrication and lu- 
bricants. Presented at the Jan- 
uary 1910 meeting of the Ameri- 
can society of mechanical engi- 
neers. TJ1075 Mil. 6636 

Bfathot, R. E. Gas-engines and pro- 
ducer-gas plants; a practice trea- 
tise setting forth the principles of 
gas-engines and producer design, 
the selection and installation of 
an engine, conditions of perfect 
operation, producer-gas engines 
and their possibilities, the care of 
gas-engines and producer-gas 
plants, with a chapter on volatile 
hydrocarbon and oil engines, by 
R. E. Mathot. Tr. from French by 
W. B. Kaempffert, with a preface 
by Dugald Clerk. 1906. TJ770 M 
42. 6637 

Montana. Boiler inspector's office. 
Annual report of State boiler in- 
spector. Library has 12th, 1900, 
16th, '04, 18th, '06, 1910. TJ303 
M9 A3. 6638 

Moyer, J. A. The steam turbine; a 
practical and theoretical treatise 
for engineers and designers, in- 
cluding a discussion of the gas 
turbine. 1st ed. 1908. TJ735 M 
93. 6639 

Ohio. Dept. of inspection of work- 
shops, fact<.Tic6 and public build- 
ings. Illustrated pamphlet con- 
taining cuts of practical devices 
for guarding dangerous machin- 
ery, etc. rhe laws governing fac- 
tory and building inspection. 
1902. TJ1177 03. 6640 

Rankine, W. J. M. A manual of mu- 
chinery and. millwork. 5th ed.. 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


thoroughly revised by W. J. Mil- 
lar. 1883. TJ145 R2. 6641 

-A manual of the steam engine 

and other prime movers. 11th ed., 
rev. 1885. TJ250 R21. 6642 

I R^^anlt, H. V. Relation dee exp6r- 
y^ iences pour determiner les princi- 
palee lois et les donn^es num- 
6rlques qui entrant dans le calcul 
des machines & vapeur. 1847. TJ 
464 R33. 6643 

Renwick, James. Treatiee on the 
steam engine. 1830. TJ464 R42. 


Stuart, Robert. A descriptive his- 
tory of the steam engine. 2d ed., 
1824. TJ461 893. 6645 

Thurston, R. H. A history of the 
growth of the steam-engine. 1878. 
TJ461 T53. 6646 

Tredgold, ThonMS. The principles 
and practice and explanation of 
the construction of the eteam en- 
gine, including pumping, station- 
ary, and marine engines, includ- 
ing also the new subjects con- 

tained in the present amended ed. 
of the late Mr. Tredgold's work; 
and a general index. 1852-63. 
TJ464 T78. 6647 

(Div. C. to Q., new ed. of Tred- 
gold on the steam engine) 

Trowbridge, W. P. Heat as a source 
of power; with applications of 
general principles to the con- 
struction of steam generators. An 
introduction to the study of heat- 
engines. 1874. TJ255 T86. 6648 

Wakeroan, W. H. Feeding graphite 
for lubricating purposes. Re- 
printed from Graphite. cl907. rj 
1077 G7 Wl. 664i# 

Weisbach, Jnltas. Principles of the 
mechanics of machinery and en- 
gineering. By Julius Weisbach. 
Ed. by W. R. Johnson. 1848-49. 
2 V. V. 2. lacking. TJ175 W44. 


White, James. A new century of in- 
ventions, being designs & descrip- 
tions of one hundred machines, 
relating to arts, manufactures, oc 
domestic life. 1824. TJ153 W58. 



Oassoo, H. N. The history of the 
telephone. 1910. TK6015 C3. 


Golllns, A. F. Wireless telegraphy; 
its history, theory and practice. 
1905. 'iA.5741 C7. 6653 

DIckerson, E. N. Joseph Henry and 
magnetic telegraph. 1885. TK 
5118 H5 D54. otf54 

The electrical world and engineer. 
Library has v. 43, 1904-date. 


l>Aeld, H. M. The story of the Atlan- 
ic telegraph. 1893. TK5611 F47. 


Gordon, J. E. H. A practical treatise 
on electric lighting. 1884. TK 
4161 G66. 6657 

Hitchcock, Romyn. Automatic tele- 
graphy. "A study of the commer- 
cial aspects of machine telegra- 
phy." [1910] TK5541 H6. 6658 

Houston, E. J. Recent types of dy- 
namo-electric machinery; a com- 
plete guide for the electrician, en- 
gineer, student and professor, be- 
ing a valuable history of the build- 
ing of American dynamo machines 
and their application. By E. J. 
Houston and A. E. Kennelly. 
TK2341 H84. 6659 

Hutchinson, C. T. Report upon 
types of electric meters in use in 
New York city. Submitted Febru- 
ary 19, 1909. Public service com- 
mission for the first district. New 
York. [1909] TK393 H8. 6660 

344 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Manhattan electrical supply co. Man- 
ual of wireless telegraphy. [1909] 
TK5743 M27. 6661 

Mullaly, John. The laying of the 
cable, or the ocean telegraph; be- 
ing a complete and authentic nar- 
rative of the attempt to lay tne 
cable across the entrance to tne 
Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1855, and 
of the three Atlantic telegraph 
expeditions of 1857 and 1858: 
with a detailed account of the me- 
chanical and scientific part of the 
work, as well as biographical 
eketchee of C. W. Field, W. E. 
Everett, and other prominent per- 
sons connected with the enter- 
prise. 1858. TK5625 M95. 6662 

Philadelphia. IntematioiiAl electri- 
. cal exhibition, 1884. International 
electrical exhibition — 1884, of tne 
Franklin Institute. General report 
of the chairman of the Committee 
on exhibitions. 1885. TKb I884f. 


International electrical exhibi- 
tion — 1884, of the BYanklin in- 
stitute. Reports of the examiners. 
1885. Library has Reports of ex- 
aminers of 8 Bectione. TK6 
1884m. 6664 

Pope, F. L. Evolution of the elec- 
tric incandescent lamp. 1889. TK 
4341 P82. 6665 

Prescott, G. B. Electricity and the 
electric telegraph. 6th ed., rev. 
and enl. 1885 [1884] 2 v. TK 
5261 P8 1885. 6666 

History, theory, and practice of 

the electric telegraph. 1866. TK 
5261 P82. 6667 

Roebling, wire manufacturers, 
Trenton. Wire in electrical con- 
struction. 1906. TK3201 R71. 


St. John, T. M. Wireless telegraphy 
for amateurs and students. 
[C1906] TK9946 S2. 6669 

Thompson, Si P. Dynamo -electric 
machinery: a manual for students 
of electrotechnics. 4th ed., enl. 
and rev. 1902. 2 v. TK2181 T45. 


Polyphase electric currents and 

alternate- current motors. 1902. 
TK1161 T47. 6671 

Tnnzelmann, G. W. Eiectrfcity in 
modern life. [1889] TK148 T9. 


U. S. Engineer dept. Report on the 
International exhibition of elec- 
tricity, Paris, August to Novem- 
ber. 1881. 1884. TK6 1881g. 


Oavallo, Tiberius. The history and 
practice of aerostation. 1785. TL 
515 C37. 6674 

Glaisher, James. Travels in the air. 
By James Glaisher, Camille Flam- 
marion, W. de Fonvielle, and Gas- 
ton Tissandier. Ed. by James 
Glaiflher. 1871. TL610 G54. 6675 

liounrheed, Victor. Vehicles of the 
air; a popular exposition of mod- 
ern aeronautics with working 
drawings. [1909] TL545 L7. 



Mansfield, C. B. Aerial navigation, 
by the late C. B. Mansfield. Ed. 
by his brother R. B. Mansfield. 
With a preface by J. M. Ludlow. 
1877. TL545 M2. 6677 

Ailirion, Fulgence. Wonderful bal- 

Vioon ascents: or, the conquest of 

the skies. A history of balloons 

and balloon voyages. 1871. TL605 

M34. 6678 

Maxim, Sir H. S. Artificial and na- 
tural flight. 1908. TL545 M45. 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Santos-Dmnont, Alberto. My air- 
ships. 1904. TL650 S23. 6080 

Tumor, C. H. Astra castra; experi- 
ments and adventures in the at- 
mosphere. 1865. TL515 T95. 


"Roll of the first 600 aeronauts, 
with the date and place of their first 
ascenU": p. [467]-462. 

"Books hitherto published on 
aerostation": p. 463-465. 

Wise, John. A syetem of aeronau- 
tics, comprehending its earliest 
investigations, and modern prac- 
tice and art. Also, full instruc- 
tions in the art of making bal- 
loons. 1850. TL515 W8. 0082 


Arkansas. Bureau of mines, manu- 
factures and agriculture. Bien- 
nial report. Library has 6th, 
1900. TN24 A7. 0083 

Belden, A. W. Washing and coking 
tests of coal at the fuel-testing 
plant, Denver, Colo. July 1, 1908, 
to June 30, 1909, by A. W. Bel- 
den, G. R. Delamater, J. W. 
Groves and K. M. Way. 1910. TN 
23 U4. 0084 

[U. S.] Bureau of mines. Bulle- 
tin 5) 

British Columbia. Mines dept. An- 
nvtsl report. Library has 1900. 
TN27 B7. 0085 

Bamham, 8. M. History and uees 
of limestones and marbles. 1883. 
TN967 B96. 0080 

Butler, J. O. Jr. Iron ore. Supple- 
mental report regarding iron ore 
filed with the Senate Finance com- 
mittee, June 15, 1909, with addi- 
tional reports and appendixes. 
[1909] TN403 A5B8. 0087 

Contains a report by John Birk- 
inbine on the "Iron ore reserves 
in the United l&tates." 

California. State mining bureau. 
Bulletin. Library has nos. 6, 16. 
TN24 C2 A3. 0087a 

Colorado. Bureau of mines. Report. 
Library has 1903-4. TN24 C6. 


Colorado. School of mines. Bien- 
nial report. Librai^ has 1904. 
TN174 C6 A2. 0089 

Colorado. State coal mine inspec- 
tor. Biennial report. Library has 
1904, '08. TN805 C6 A4. OOOO 

Comstock, <f. li. A history of the 
precious metals, from the earliest 
periods to the present time; with 
directions for testing their purity, 
and statements of their compara- 
tive value, estimated cost, and 
amount at different periods; to- 
gether with an account of the pro- 
ducts of various mines; a history 
of the Anglo-Mexican mining com- 
panies, and speculations concern- 
ing the mineral wealth of Cali- 
fornia. 1849. TN410 C73. 00»1 

Cone, Anilrew. Petrolia: a brief his- 
tory of the Pennsylvania pe- 
troleum region, Us development, 
growth, resources, etc., from 1859 
to 1869. By Andrew Cone and 
W. R. Johns. Ed. by W. R. Johns. 
1870. TN872 P4 C7. 0092 

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troleum, and asphaltum in Cali- 
fornia. 1899. TN24 C2 A3. 0093 
(California. State mining bureau. 
Bulletin no. 16) 

Dufr^noy, P. A. Description terrain 
houiller de la France par MM. 
Dufr/^noy et EUe de Beaumont. 
1842. TN808 F8 D8. 0094 

Edwards, H. M. Rapport sur la pro- 
duction et I'emploi du sel en An- 
gleterre. 1850. TN903 G7 E26. 


Edwards, W. S. Coals and cokes in 
West Virginia; a hand-book on the 

346 Finding List of SaENCE, Agriculture, Technology. 

coals and cokes of Great Kana- 
wha, New River, Plat Top, and ad- 
jacent coal districts in West Vir- 
gfnia. 1892. TN805 W4 E3. 6096 

Engineering & mining journal. Li- 
brary has V. 77, 1904-date. 6697 

Fernald, R. H. Features of pro^ 
ducer-gas power-plant develop- 
ment in Europe. 1911. TN23 U4. 

([U. 8.] Bureau of mines. Bulle- 
tin 4) 

Recent development of the pro- 
ducer-gas power plant in the 
United States. 1910. TN23 U4. 

([U. S.] Bureau of mines. Bulle- 
tin 9) 

France. Direction g^n^rale des 
ponts et chaussTes et des mines. 
R6sum6 dee travaux etatlstiques 
de Tadminlstration des mines. Li- 
brary has 1834, 1838. 1842. TN 
71 Al. 6700 

Greene, Homer. Coal and the coal 
mines. 1889. 1N8OI G8. 6701 

Grlmsley, Q. P. Oil, gas and glass, 
chemical induatriee and minerals, 
in Kansas. 1903. TN24 K2 A5. 


Hager, A. D. The marbles of Ver- 
mont. An address, Oct. 29, 1858. 
1858. TN967 V5 H14. 6703 

Hauer, Franz, ritter von. Coup 
d'oeil g^ologique sur les mines de 
la monarchic Autrichienne. R6- 
dige par. Fr. de Hauer et Fr. Poe- 
terre avec une introduction par 
GuiUaume Haidinger. 1855. TN 
65 H36. 6704 

Hoskold, H. D. Official report upon 
the mines, mining, metallurgy and 
mining lawa, &c., &c. of the Ar- 
gentine Republic. 1904. TN36 H 
83. 6705 

Idaho. Inepector of mines. Report. 
Library has 1903, '04. TN24 12 
A2. 6706 

Illinois. Bureau of labor statistics. 
Annual coal report Library has 
1906-date. TN805 13 A3. 6707 

-Report on the Cherry mine dis- 

aster. Issued by the State Board 
of commissioners of labor, David 
Ross, secretary. 1910. TN315 I 
4. 6708 

Illinois. Coal mining laws of Illi- 
nois, in force July 1, 1909 and 
1910. Pub. by the State board of 
commissioners of labor, David 
Rose, secretary. 1909. TN224 13 
1909. 6709 

Indian Territory. Mine inspector. 
Annual report. Library has 1901, 
1903-1907. TN805 14 A2. 6710 

Kansas mining laws. 
[1905] TN224 K2. 6711 

Kansas. University. Geological sur- 
vey. Annual bulletin on mineral 
resources of Kansas. Library has 
1897-1^03. TN24 K2. 6712 

Lieber, O. M. The assayer's guide; 
or. Practical directions to assay- 
ers, miners, and smelters, for the 
tests and assays, by heat and by 
wet processes, of the ore of all 
the principal metals, and of gold 
and silver coins and alloys. 1852. 
TN550 L71. 6718 

MacfarUme, James. The coal-regions 
of America: their topography, 
geology, and development. 1873. 
TN800 M2. 6714 

]M[ammatt, Edward. A collection of 
geological facts and practical ob- 
servations, intended to elucidate 
the formation of the Ashby coal- 
field, in the parish of Aehby-de-la- 
Zouch and the neighbouring dis- 
trict; being the result of forty 
years' experience and research. 
Illus. by a map and profiles, col- 
oured sections of the stratifica- 
tions, and one hundred and two 
plates of vegetable fossils, by 
Robert Ironmonger. 1834. TN 
808 G7E6. 6715 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Manchline, Robert. The mine fore- 
man's handbook of practical and 
theoretical information on the 
opening, ventilating, and working 
of collieries. 3d ed., thoroughly 
rev. and en!., by F. E. Brackett. 
1905. TN802 M45. 0716 

Michigan. Commissioner of mineral 
statistics. Mineral resources by 
C. D. Lawton. 1886. TN24 M5 A 
5. 0717 

Mines and mineral statistics. 

Library has 1896, 1902, '07-'09. 
1910. TN24 M5. 6718 

Millem, Alexander von. All about 
petroleum, and the great oil dis- 
tricts of Pennsylvania, West Vir- 
ginia, Ohio, &c. 1864. TN872 A3 
M65. 6719 

Afissourl. Bureau of mines, mining 
and mine inspection. Annual re- 
port. Library has 1908, 1909. 
TN24 M8. 6720 

Montana. Inspector of mines. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900, 
'02, 1906, 1908, 1910. TN24 M9 
A3. 6721 

Montana. State coal mine inspector. 
Biennial report. Library has 
1906, 08, 1905. TN805 M9 A4. 


New Mexico (Ter.) Mine inspector. 
Annual report. Library has 1899, 
'03, '04, ''06, '07. TN24 N6 U6. 


Ohio. Inspector of mines. Annual 
report. Library has 1899^1907, 
1908, 1909. TN805 03 A4. 6724 

Ontario. Bureau of mines. Report. 
Library has 2d, 1892. TN27 04. 


Pennsylvania. Inspectors oi mines. 
Reports of the inspectors of coal 
mines of the anthracite coal re- 
gions of Pennsylvania. Library 
has 1894. TN805 P4 A2. 6726 

Pennsylvania. Laws relating to coal 
mining. [1895] TN224 P4. 


Piiilipi^e Islands. Translation of 
the mining law and regulations in 
force in the Philippines. 1900. 
TN255 P55. 6728 

Philippine Islands. Mining bureau. 
The coal measures of the Philip- 
pines. A rapid history of the dis- 
covery of coal in the archipelago 
and subsequent developments, with 
the full text of the record of the 
MacLeod coal concession in Gebu. 
or the Uling-Lutac coal and rail- 
way concession. Compiled by O. 
H. Burritt. 1901. TN809 P5 A4. 


Porter, H. C. The volatile matter 
of coal, by H. C. Porter and F. K. 
Ovitz. 1910. TN23 U4. 6730 
(tU. 8.] Bureau of mines. Bulle- 
tin 1) 

Preston, E. B. Ca«lifomia gold mill 
practices. 1895. TN24 C2 A3. 


(California. State mining bureau. 
Bulletin no. 6) 

Ramires, Santiago. Noticia historica 
de la riqueza minora de Mexico 
y de su actual estado de explota- 
cion. 1884. TN28 R17. 6732 

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as a fuel for power-plant boilers, 
by D. T. Randall and Tienry Krels- 
inger. 1.910. TN23 U4. 6733 

(U. S. Bureau of mines. Bulletin 

Ray, W. T. The flow of heat through 

furnace walls by W. T. Ray ana 

Henry Kreisinger. 1911. TN2S 

U4. 6734 

(U. S. Bureau of mines. Bulletin 


Raymond, R. W. Silver and gold: 
an account of the mining and 
metallurgical industry of the 
United States, with reference 
chiefly to the precious metals. 
1873. TN23 R27. 6735 

Roberts, Peter. The anthracite coal 
industry; a study of the economio 
oomditions And relations of the 
co-operative forces in tho devel- 

348 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

opment of the anthracite coal In- 
dustry of Pennsylvania, by Peter 
Roberts, with an lntr4>ductlon by 
W. G. Sumner. 1901. TN820 R6. 


Simonin, L. L. Underground life; 
or, Mines and miners. Tr. adapt- 
ed to the present state of British 
mining, and ed. by H. W. Brletow. 
1869. TN147 S6. 6787 

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concise treatise describing latest 
methods and appliances, by J. R. 
Smith; ed. by F. W. Braun. 
[C1910] TN550 S65. 6788 

Stevens, H. J. The copper hand- 
book. A manual of the copper 
industry of the world. Library 
has V. 4, 1903. TN440 S84. 6739 

Sutro, Theodore. The Sutro tunnel 
company and the Sutro tunnel. 
Property, income, prospects, and 
pending litigation. Report to tne 
stockholders. 1887. TN413 N3 
A3 1887. 6740 

Tair, J. A. Description of the un- 
leaeed segregated asphalt lands in 
the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Ter- 
ritory. 1904. TN805 05 A5. 


— Maps of segregated coal lands 
in the McCurtaln-Massey district, 
Choctaw Nalion. Indian Territory, 
with description of the unleased 
segregated coal lands. 1904. 
TN805 05 A5. 6745 

-Maps of eegregated coal lands 

— Maps of segregated coal lands 
in the Howe-Poteau district, Choc- 
taw Nation, Indian Territory, wJt> 
description of the unleased segre- 
gated coal lands. 1904. TN8 Ub 
05 A5. 6742 

— Maps of segregated coal lands 
in the Lehigh-Ardmore districts, 
Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, 
Indian Territory, with descriptions 
of the unleased segregated coal 
lands. 1904. TN805 05 A5. 


-Maps of segregated coal lands 

in the McAlester district, Choctaw 
Nation, Indian Territory, wfth ds- 
scriptlons of the unleased segre- 
gated coal lands. 1904. TN805 
05 A5. 6744 

in the Wilburton-Stigler district, 
Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 
with descriptions of the unleaded 
segregated coal lands. 1904. 
TN805 05 A5. 6746 

Tennessee. Bureau of labor, statis- 
tics and mines. Annual report. 
Library has 6 th report, 1896. 
TN24 T2 A3. 6747 

Tennessee. Inspector of mines. 
Coal. Report of H. E. Colton on 
the coal mines of Tennessee, and 
other minerals. 1883. TN805 T2 
A3. 6748 

Tennessee. Mining dept. Annual 
report. Library has 16th, 1906- 
18th. 1908, 1909. TN24 T2 A2. 


Thorpe, T. E., ed. Coal Its history 
and uses, by Professors Green, 
Mlall, Thorpe, Riicker, and Mar- 
shall of the Yorkshire college. Ed. 
by Prof. Thorpe. 1878. TN800 T5. 


U. S. Bureau of manufactures 
(Dept. of commerce and labor. 
Zinc Industry In Mexico. 1909. 
TN484 M6 U6. 6751 

U. 8. Bureau of mines. Bulletin. 
Library has no. I, 2, 4, 5, S, 9. 
TN23 U4. 6762 

U. 8. Congress. Senate^ Commit- 
tee on mines and mining. Bu- 
reau of mines. Report. (To ac- 
company H. R. 13915.) 1910. 
TN23 U75 1910. 6753 

V. 8. Dept. of interior. Disasters 
in mines. Letter from the secre- 
tary of the interior, in response to 
Senate resolution no. 101, of De- 
cember 16. 1909, requesting infor- 
mation with reference to disasiers 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


in mines. 1909. TN311 U6. 


U. 8. Geological survey. Mineral 
resoufrces of the United States, 
[annual report] Library has '82, 
83-'84, '86, '87. •91-*93, '00, 'OS- 
OS. TN23 U6. 6756 

U. S. United States mining laws, and 
regulations thereunder. Approved 
Dec. 18, 1903. [1903?] TN223 
A3 1903. 6756 

^UhTled States mining laws, and 

regulations thereunder. 19t)7. 
TN223 A3 1907. 6757 

United States mining l|iws and 

regulations thereunder. 1909. 
TN223 A3 1909. 6758 

U. 8. Sutro tunnel commission. Re- 

port of the commissioners and 
evidence taken by the committee 
of mines and mining of the House 
of representatives of the U. S., in 
regard to the Sutro tunnel, to- 
gether with the arguments and re- 
port of the committee, recommend- 
ing a loan by the government in 
aid of the construction of said 
work. 1872. TN413 N3 A3 1872. 


White, I. C. The barren zone or the 
northern Appalachian coal field 
and its relations to Pittsburg's in- 
dustries. [1908] TN805 A5 W6. 


Whitney, J. D. The metallic weaitn 
of the United States, described 
and compared with that of other 
countries. 1854. TN23 W62. 



Duniap, Thomas. Wiley's American 
iron trade manual of the leading 
iron industries of the United 
States, with a description of the 
iron ore regions, blast furnaces, 
rolling mills, Bessemer steel 
works, crucible steel works, car 
wheel and car works, locomotive 
works, steam engine and machine 
works, iron bridge works, iron 
ship yards, pipe and tube works, 
and stove foundfles of the coun- 
try, giving their location and ca- 
pacity of product. 1874. TN704 
U5 D9. 6762 

Gore, George. The art of electro- 
metallurgy, including all known 
processes of electro-deposition. 
1877. TN685 066. 6768 

Gn^yveau, [A] De I'Stat de la fab- 
rication du fer, et de I'avenir des 
forges en France et sur le conti- 
nent de I'Europe. 1838. TN705 G 
92. 6764 

Hartman, J. M. Notes on the blast 
furnace. 1892. TN713 H33 


Hawkins, Sir Christopher, hart. Ob- 
servations on the tin trade of the 

ancients in Cornwall, and on the 
•*Ictis" of Diodorus Siculus. 1811. 

TN793 H3. 


Th'e metal industry. Library has v. 
6, 1908-date. 6767 

Overman, Frederick. The manufac- 
ture of steel: containing the prac- 
tice and principles of working and 
making steel. 1851. TN730 095. 


-A treatise on metallurgy; com- 

prising mining, and general and 
particular metallurgical opera- 
tions, with a description of char- 
coal, coke, and anthracite fur- 
naces, blast machines, etc. 1852. 
TN665 096. 6769 

Pnlsifer, W. H. Notes for a history 
of lead, and an inquiry into tne 
development of the manufacture 
of white lead and lead oxides. 
1888. TN785 P98. 6770 

Swank, J. M. History of the manu- 
facture of iron in all ages, and 
particularly in the United States 
for three hundred years, from 
1585 to 1885. 1884. TN703 897. 


350 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Tmran, Williiun. The iron mBimfao- 
ture of Great Britain, theoretically 
and practically considered. Hy W. 

Truran, 2d ed. Rev. by J. A. Phil- 
lipB and W. H. Dorman. 1897. 
TN704 G7 T8. 0772 

•i : • rn/, i 


Accum, F. G. A tTealiee on the art 
of brewing. 2d ed. 1822. TP670 
A17. 6773 

Antiflell, Thomas. The manutaccure 
of photogenic or hydro-carbon oils, 
from coal and other bituminous 
Bubstances* capable of supplying 
burning fluids. 1866. TP080 A63. 


Bernadoa, J. B. Smokeless powder, 
nitro-cellulose. and theory of the 
cellulose molecule. 1901. TP273 
B51. 6775 

BertholleC, O. L., comte. Elements of 
the art of dyeing; with a descrip- 
tion of the art of bleaching by oxy- 
muriatic acid. 2d ed. By C. u. 
and A. B. Berthollet. Tr. by An- 
drew Ure. 1824. 2 v. TP897 
B54. 6776 

Bntterfleld, W. J. A. The chemistry 
of gas manufacture. A practical 
handbook on the production, puri- 
fication and testings of illuminating 
and fuel gas, and on the by-pro- 
ducts of gas manufacture. 3d ed. 
1904. 2 v. Library has v. i. 
TP75I B97. 6777 

CalTO, J. B. Report on cofTee^with 
special reference to the Costa 
Rican product. 1901. TP645 
CI 6. 6778 

Clegg, Samuel. A practical treatise 
on the manufacture and distribu- 
tion of coal-gas, its introduction 
and progressive improvement. 2d 
ed. 1853. TP751 C62. 6779 

Cripps, F. 8, Gasholder and tank 
(of one million cubic feet capa- 
city) at the Sutton gas worn. 
Designed and carried out tiy F. 
S. Cripps. Embracing notcm on 
gasholder construction generally. 
1898. TP751 G94. 6780 

The guide-framing of gasnoia- 

ers and other papers chiefly relat- 
ing to strains in structures con- 
nected with gas-works. Fully re- 
vised and corrected, with many 
additions. 1889. TP761 C93. 


IHmcan, R. K. The chemistry of 
commerce; simple interpretation 
of some new chemistry in its rela- 
tion to modern industry. 1907. 
TP19 D88. 6782 

Encyclopaedia of chemistry, theoret- 
ical, practical, and analytical, as 
applied to the arts and manufac- 
tures. By writers of eminence. 
1877-1880. 2 V. TP9 M9 Ref. 


Foregger, R. von. The utilization of 
active oxygen electrically and 
chemically produced. 1905. 

TP245 09 F71. 6784 

Groves, ۥ B. ed. Chemical tech- 
nology; or. Chemistry in its appli- 
cationa to arts and manufactures; 
ed. by C. S. Groves and William 
Thorp. With which is incorpor- 
ated Richardson & Watts' Chemi« 
cal technology. Library has v. 3, 
'04. TP145 G9 Ref. 6785 

Hornby, John. A text-book of gas 
manufacture for students. 1902. 
TP751 H81. 6786 

-Same. 1905. 

TP751 H81. 

Illinois fuel conference. Proceed- 
ings of the Illinois fuel conference, 
March 11, 12, 13, 1909. 1910. 
TP315 13. 6787 

Johnston, J. F. W. The chemistry 
of common life. New ed., rev., 
and brought down to the present 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


time, by A. H. Church. 1881. 
TP147 J72. 6788 

Knapp, h. To. Chemical technology; 
or, Chemistry, applied to the arts 
and to manufactures. By F. 
Knapp. Tr. and ed, with numer- 
ous notes and additions: by Ed- 
mund Ronalds and Thomas Rich- 
ardson, with notes and additlone 
by W. R. Johnson. 1848-49. 2 v. 
TP115 K73. 6780 

'Lotenz^ Hans. Modern refrigerating 
machinery, its concttruction, meth- 
ods of working and Industrial ap* 
plications; a guide for engineers 
and owners of refrigerating plants. 
Authorized tranelutlon by T. H. 
Pope. With chapters on "Xmeri- 
can practice in refrigeration, insu- 
lation, auditorium and other cool- 
ing by H. M. Haven and F. W. 
Dean. 1905. TP492 L87. 6796 

McCnlloh, R. S. Reports from the 
secretary of the Treasury, of scien- 
tific inye'stigations in relation to 
sugar and hydrometers, made un- 
der the superintendence of A. D. 
Bache, by R. S. McCulloh. Rev. 
ed., 1848. TP377 M13ft. 6701 

Mallet, J. W. Chemistry applied to 
the arts. A lecture. May 30, 1868. 
1868. TP185 M25. 6702 

Marks, W. D. London sliding scale 

for gas. [1909] TP733 07 L8 

1909. 6708 


Marx, G. W. The heating values and 
proximate analyses of Missouri 
ooaL By C. W. Marx [and] Paul 
Schweitzer. [2d ed.] 1901. TP 
326 U6 M8 1901. 6704 

Mentor, pseud, fielf-lnstructlon for 
students in gas manufacture. Be- 
ing answers to questions based on 
the honours grade syllabus in gas 
manufacture of the city and guilds 
of London institute, [n. d.] TP 
751 M66. 6790 

-Self-instruction for students in 

grade syllabus in gas manufacture 
of the city and guilds of London 
insUtute. 3d ed. [n. d] TP761. 
M54. 6706 

-Self-instruction for students 

gas manufacture. Being answers 
to questions based on th^ ordinary 

in gas manufacture: construction- 
al, [n. d.] TP75i M55. 6707 

Mordecal, Alfred. Report of experi- 
ments on gunpowder, maae at 
Washington arsenal, in 1843 and 
1844. 1845. TP272 M83. 6708 

Morflt, Campbell. A practical trea- 
tise on the manufacture of soaps. 
1871. TP990 M85. 6700 

Nagel, Oskar. The mechanical ap- 
pliances of the chemical and met- 
allurgical Industries; a complete 
description of the machines and 
apparatus used in chemical and 
metallurgical processes. 1908. TP 
155 N2. 6800 

Newbigging, GRiomas. Handbook 
for gas engineers and managers. 
7th ed. 1904. TP751 N53. 6801 

One hundred years of brewing; a 
complete history of the progress 
made in the art, science and indus- 
try of brewing In the world, par- 
ticularly during the nineteenth 
century. Historical sketches and 
views of ancient and modern 
breweries. Lives and portraits of 
brewers of the past and present. 
A supplement to the Western 
brewer, 1903. 1903. TP573 A3 
U6. 6802 

0*Neill, Charles. Chemistry of cali- 
co printing, dyeing, and bleach- 
ing. Including sflken, woollen, and 
mixed goods, practical and theo- 
retical: with copious references to 
original sources of Information, 
and abridged specifications of the 
patents connected with these sub- 
jects for the years 1858 and 1859. 
1860. TP893 058. 6803 

Pamell, E. A. Applied chemistry; in 
manufactures, arts, and domestic 
economy. TP149 P25. 6804 

352 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Payen, [Anselme] Industrial chem- 
istry. A manual for use in techni- 
cal colleges or schools and for 
manufacturer's, etc. Based upon 
a translation (partly by T. D. 
Barry) of Stohiaann & Engler's 
German edition of Payen's 'Precis 
de chimie industrielle.' Ed. 
throughout and supplemented with 
chapters on the chemistry of the 
metals, &c. by B. H. Paul. i8Tb 
TP145 P3. 6805 

— Precis de chimie industrielle ft 
I'usage des eooles prSparatolres 
aux professions Industrielles des 
fabricants et des agriculteurs. 2. 
6d. augm. de chapltres sur le sul- 
fure de carbone, les allumettes k 
frottement, la fonte des suifs, les 
acides gras par distillation, le 
hlanc de zinc, le caoutchouc et la 
gutta-percha, les p6ras artiflciels 
et les charbons moulds. 1851. 
TP145 P2. 6806 

Same. 3d M., 1855, with 1 v. 

PI. 6806a 

[Porter, G. R.] A treatise on the 
origin, {progressive Improvement 
and present state of the manufac- 
ture of porcelain and glass. X83z. 
TP807 P84. ^ 6807 

Redding, Cyras. A history and de- 
scription of modern wine. 3d ed., 
with additions and corrections. 
1851. TP549 R31. 6808 

Thorpe, T. E. A dictionary of ap- 
plied chemistry by T. E. Thorpe 
assisted by eminent contributors. 
1890-'92. 3 V. V 3. wanting. TP 
9 T6 Ref. 6809 

Totten, J. G. Essays on hydraulic 
and common mortars and on lime- 
burning. Tr. from the French of 
Gen. TreuBsart, M. Petot, and M. 
Courtols. With brief observations 
on common mortars, hydraulic 
mortars, and concretes. By J. G. 
Totten. 1842. TP877 T7. 6810 

IT. 8. Congress. Senate. Committee 
on manufactures. Adulterated or 
mislabeled paint, turpentine, or 

linseed oil. Report. (To accom- 
pany S. 1130.). [1910] TP935 
A2 U6 1910. 6811 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee 
on the District of Columbia. Price 
of gas in District of Columbia. 
Report. (To accompany H*. R. 
18345.) [11909] TP724 D6 A? 
1909b. 68ia 

V, 8. Dept of commerce and laoor. 
Oil-seed products and feed stuffs, 
by Jullen Brod6, special agent of 
the Department of commerce and 
labor, and American consular offi- 
cers. 1910. TP680 U6 1910. 


U. S. Naval liquid fuel board. Re- 
port of the U. 8. Naval liquid 
fuel" board of tests conducted on 
the Hohenstein water tube boiler, 
showing the relative evaporative 
efficiencies of coal and liquid fuel 
under forced and natural draft 
conditions as determined by an ex- 
tended series of tests, made under 
the direction of G. W. Melville, 
englneer-in-chief, U. S. Navy. 
1904. TP321 U59. 6814 

U. S. Office of Internal revenue. 
Gangers' weighing manual, em- 
bracing regulations and tables for 
determining the taxable quantity 
of distilled spirits by weighing. 
November 1, 1900. 1900. TP609 
U46 1900. 6815 

United States internal revenue. 

Extracts from the Gangers' man- 
ual. Gangers' weighing manujftl, 
and Regulations no. 7, revised, re- 
garding duties of United States 
internal-revenue gaugem, store- 
keepers, and storekeeper-gangers. 
July 30, 1906. 1906. TP609 U49 
1906. 6816 



United States internal-revenue 

gangers' manual, embracing regu- 
lations and instructions, and 
tables, prescribed by the commis- 
sioner of Internal revenue. De- 
cember 7, 1906. 1907. TP609 U 
48 1906. 6817 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Vicat, li. J. Nouvelles etudes sux les 
pouzzolanes artificielles comparSes 
k la pouzsolane d'ltalie dans leur 
emploi en eau douce et en eau de 
mer. 1846. TP884 P8 V6. 6818 

Vlzefelly, Henry. Facts about port 
and Madeira, with notices of tlie 
wines vintaged around Lisbon, 
and the wines of Tenerife. 1880. 
TP559 P8 V8. 6819 

Wagn^, Rudolf. A handbook of 
chemical technology. Tr. and ed. 
from the 8th German ed.. with ex- 
tensive additions, by ' William 
Crookes. 1872. TP145 W2. 6820 

-Manual of chemical technology 

by Rudolf Ton Wagner: tr. and 
ed. by Sir William Crookes from 
the 13th enl. German ed, as re- 
modelled by Ferdinand Fischer. 
1900. TP145 W3 Ref. 6821 


American wool & cotton reporter. 
Library has v. 20, 1906-date. 


Raines, Sir Edward. History or tne 
cotton manufacture in Great Bri- 
tain; with a notice of its early 
history in the East, and in all the 
quarters of the globe. [1835] TS 
1565 G7 B2. 6823 

Ralrd, R. H. The American cotton 
spinner and managers* and card- 
ers' guide. 1851. TS1577 B2. 


Redell, W. li. B. Practical electro- 
plating; a guide for the electro- 
plater, giving complete instruc- 
tions for the arrangement of the 
shop, the installation of the plant, 
polishing, plating, buffing, and 
lacquering. 1910. 2d. ed. TS670 
B5. 6825 

Rimie, Rogers, jr. Gun making in 
the United States. 1907. TS535 
B61. 6826 

Ede, George. The management of 
Bteel. From 4th ed. rev. and enl. 
1867. TS305 E21. 6827 

Fuller, John. Art of coppersmlth- 
Ing. A practical treatise on work- 
ing sheet copper into all forms. 
3d ed.. rev. 1904. TS620 F83. 


Geldard, James. Hand-book on cot- 
ton manufacture, or, A guide to 
machine-^building, spinning and 

weaving, with practical examples, 
all needful calculations, and many 
u'seful and important tables. 1867. 
TS1575 G3. 6829 

Hall, J. S. The book of the feet; a 
history of boots and shoes. From 
2d London edition, with a history 
of boots and shoes in tne trnlced 
States, biographical sketches of 
eminent shoemakers and Crispin 
anecdotes. 1847. TSIOOO H18. 


Hazlitt, G. H. A. History of the 
'American Waltham watch com- 
pany of Waltham, Mass. 1905. 
TS543 W23 H4. 6881 

[Holland, John] A treatise on the 
progressive improvement and 
present etate of the manufactures 
in metal. 1831-34. 3 v. TS205 H 
73. 68S2 

Hunt, A. E. Aluminum: its manu- 
facture and uses from an engi- 
neering standpoint. 1892. TS555 
H94. 6883 

The Iron age. Library has v. 78, 
1906-date. 6834 

The Iron age directory; a classified 
index of goods manufactured by 
advertisers in the Iron age. liU 
brary has 11th, eds., 1907, 
'08. TS301 18. 6835 

Le Play, P. O. F. M^molre sur le 
fabrication de Tacier en York* 
shire et recherches sur TStat ac- 
tuel et Tavenir probable de la 

354 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

fabrication de I'acier sur le oon- 
tinent Europ6en et particuU6re- 
ment en France. 1843. TS3(ri Ok 
L5. 6886 

The Nonotnek silk company, Flor- 
ence, Maaa. Silk; ita origin, cul- 
•ture, and mannfactnre; 1902. TS 
1671 082. 6837 

Oremuui, Frederick. The manufac- 
ture of iron, in all its various 
branches. Also, a description of 
forge hammers, rolling mills, blast 
machines, hot blast, etc. To which 
is added, an essay on the manu- 
facture of st^^. 1850. TS306 u 
96. 6888 

-The moulder's and founder's 

pocket guide; a treatise on mould- 
ing and founding. With an ap- 
pendix containing receipts for al- 
loys, bronze, varnishes, and col- 
ours for castings, also tables on 
the strength and other qualities 
of cast metals. 1851. TS230 095. 


[Porter, G. R«] A treatise on the 
origin, progressive improvement, 
and present state of the silk 
manufacture. 1831. TS1650 P84. 


Richards, John. Wood-working ma- 
chinery and the arrangement of 
factories; a manual for practical 
workmen. 1885. TS850 R51. 


Richards, J. W. The aluminum 
problem. 1891. TS565 R6. 6842 

Scott, Robert. The practical cotton 
spinner, and manufacturer. Cor. 
and enl., by Oliver Byrne. 1851. 
TS1581 S38. 6848 

Young, T. M. The American cotton 
industry; a study of work and 
workers, contributed to the Man- 
chester guardian, with an intro- 
duction by Elijah Helm. 1902. 
TS1565 U6 T7. 0844 


Dienlafait, Ixmis. Diamonds and 
precious stones, a popular account 
of gems. Tr. from the French of 
Louis Dieulafait. By Fanchon 
Sanford. 18*74. TS752 D56. 6846 

Emannel, Harry. Diamonds and 
precious stones: their history, val- 
ue, and distinguishing charac- 
teristics. With simple teste for 
their identification. 1867. TS752 
E53. 6846 

Jeffries, Davld« A treatise on dia- 
monds and pearls; in which their 
importance is considered; and 

plain rules are exhibited for as- 
certaining the value of both; also 
the true method of manufacturing 
diamonds. 4 th ed., with large im- 
provements, [n. d.] TS753 J47. 


King, C. W. The natural history 
of precious stones, and of the prec- 
ious metals. 1870. TS752 K63. 


Streeter, E. W. The great diamonds 
of the world. Their history and 
romance. Ed. and annotated by 
Joseph Ifatton and A. H. Keano. 
[1882] TS753 S91. 0840 


The artlzan. Library has 



Greth, J. C W. Water for the laun- 
dry. [C1909] TT998 08. 6851 

Hasluck, P. N., ed. The handsrman's 
book of tools, materials, and pro* 
cesses employed in woodworking. 
1903. TT180 H35. 6852 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Mechanics magazine. Library has v. 
1-73, 1823-1860, except y. 66-69. 


Niabet, B. A. An addreee before the 
Gwinnett manual labor institJte, 
30th June, 1837. TT167 099 N7. 

685 A 

The plough, the loom, & the anvil. 
Library has v. 1-7, 1848-'65. 6855 

Rhode Island. State board of ex- 
aminers for barbers. Annual re- 
port. Library has 6th, 1909. TT 
963 R4 A2. 6856 

Salomon, Otto. The sldjd in the ser- 
vice of the school, by Otto Salo- 

mon. Tr. by W. H. Carpenter. Ed. 
by N. M. Butler. 1888. TT187 S 
27. 6857 

Sickels, Ivln. Exercises in wood- 
working, with a short treatise on 
wood; written for manual train- 
ing classes in schools and col- 
leges. TT186 866. o858 

Texas. College of industrial arts. 
Biennial report of the board of re- 
gents. Library has 3d, 190tf. TT 

166 U6 T4. 6859 

Wallis, S. T. Address at the Com- 
mencement of the McDonogh in- 
stitute, June 3, 1882. 1882. TT 

167 B19 Ml W2. 6860 


[Andrews, J. C] Breakfast, dinner, 
and tea: viewed classically, poet- 
ically, and practically. Contain- 
ing numerous curious dishes and 
feasts of all times and all coun- 
tries. Besides three hundred mod- 
ern receipts. 1876. TX633 A50. 


Atkinson, Edward. The science of 
nutrition. The Aladdin oven. 
1896. TX661 A87. 6862 

Barrows, Anna. Principles of cook- 
ery. 1907. TX7 L6. 6868 

Battershall, J. P. Food adultera- 
tions and its detection. 1887. TX 
663 B29. 6864 

Bevler, Isabel. The house; its plan, 
decoration and care. 1907. TX7 
L6. 6865 

Bishop, Frederick. The illustrated 
London cookery book, containing 
upwards of fifteen hundred first- 
rate receipts. 1862. TX717 B62. 


Brlllat-Savarin, J. A. The handbook 
of dining, or corpulency and lean- 
ness scientifically considered. By 
Brillat-Savarin. Tr. by L. P. 

Simpson. 1870. TX637 B86. 


Cotton, A. C. Care of children. 
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Household hygiene. 1907. TX 

7 L6. 6874 

The experienced American house- 
keeper, or Domestic cookery: 
formed on principles of economy 
for the use of private families. 
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carnivorlsm. 1903. TX392 F39. 


Flemini^, M. E. (Lee). Emergency 
helps for housekeepers and others 
1906. TX168 P53. 6877 

356 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Oalller, Adolphe. The majestic fam- 
ily oook-book. Containing 1300 
selected recipes, simplified for the 
use of housekeepers, also a few 
choice bills of fare. 1897. TX715 
G168. 6878 

Hassall, A. H. Food: its adultera- 
tions, and the methods for their 
detection. 1876. TX663 H369. 


Illinois. Farmers' institute. Deps^t- 
ment of household science. Year 
book. Library has 1910. TXl I 
29. 6880 

Kenney-Herbert* Arthur. Common- 
sense cookery for English house- 
holds, with twenty menus worked 
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1906. TX717 K36. 6881 

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pope, A. E. Home care of the sick. 

1907. TX7 L6. 6884 

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353 S64. 

-Same. 1903. TX353 S645. 6886 

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IT. S. Office of Indian affairs. Su- 
perintendent of Indian schools. 
Teaching the rudiments of cook- 
ing in the class room. Primary 
methods and outlines for the use 
of teachers in the Indian schools. 
1906. TX663 U5. 6888 

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composition of food products; de- 
scription of common adultera- 
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Annuaire milltaire de la r<§publi- 
que BYancaise pour rann6e 1852. 
1852. UIO F8. 6893 

Bigelow, John. The principles of 
strategy, illustrated mainly from 
American campaigns. 1891. U 
162 B59. 6894 

Bulletin tdes sciences milltaires. 
1824-1831. Library has v. 1-11. 
U2 B93. 6895 

Ghesney, [F. R.]. Observations on 
the past and present state of fire- 
arms, and on the probable effects 
in war of the new musket. 1852. 
U886 C52. 6896 

I>ecker, C. von. Taktiek der drie 
wapens: infanterie, kavalerle en 
artillerie, op zich-zelve en verbon- 

den, in den geest der nieuwere 
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uit bet Hoogdultsch vertaald 
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33. 2 V. U165 D29. 6897 

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Ref. 6899 

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struction pour Tenseignement de 
la gymnaetique dans lee corps de 
troupes et les ^tablissements mili- 
taires. 1847. U325 F8 1847. 


{Fry, J. B. Military miscellanies. 
1889. U17 F94. 6901 

Bulletin of thb Virginia State Library. 


Gay de Vernon, S. F., baron. 
Traits ^lementaire d'art milltaire 
et de fortification, & I'usage des 
61dves de T^oole polytechnique, et 
des 61dye6 des ^coles militairee. 
1832. 2 V. U102 G28. 6002 


rose, Francis. Military antiquities 
respecting a history of the Eng- 
lish army, from the conquest to 
the present time. A new edition 
with material additions & im- 
provements. 1812. 2 y. U43 G7 
G8. 6003 

Halleok, H. W. Elements of military 
ai^ And science; or. Course of 
instruction in strategy, (fortifica- 
tion, tactics of battles, &c., em- 
bracing the duties of stafT. in- 
fantry, cavalry, artillery, and en- 
gineers; adapted to the use of 
volunteers and militia. 1846. U 
104 H18. 6004 

Hamersly, T. H. S. Complete gen- 
eral army register of the United 
States of America, from the time 
of the revolutionary war to the 
•present time, together with the 
volunteer general staff, during the 
war with Mexico. Also a military 
history of the Department of war. 
1888. Ull U5 HSB. 6005 

Henderson, G. F. R. The science of 
war; a collection of essays and 
lectures, 1892-1903, by G. F. R. 
Henderson. Ed. by Neill Malcolm, 
with a memoir of the author, by 
Field Marshall Earl Roberts. 
1906. U17 H5. 6006 

Jomini* Henri, baron. The art of 
war. A new edition, with appen- 
dices and maps. Tr. from the 
French by G. H. Mendell and W. 
P. Craighill. 1864. U102 J73. 


Precis de Tart de la guerre, ou 

nouveau tableau analytique dee 
principales combinaisons de la 
stratdgie, de la grande tactique 
et de la politique milltaire. Der- 
nidre 6d., conslddrablement aug- 
mentfie. 1838. 2 v. U102 J74. 


Summary of the art of war, or, 

a new analytical compend of the 
principal combinations of strate- 
gy, of grand tactics and of mili- 
tary policy. Tr. from the French 
by O. F. Winship, E. E. McLean. 
1S54. U102 J75. 6000 

Kantz, A. V. Customs of service for 
non-commissioned officers and 
soldiers as derived from law and 
regulations and practised in the 
army of the U. S. 2d ed. 1865. 
U113 1865 K. 6010 

Lee, J. K. The volunteer's hand 
book: containing an abridgment 
of Hardee's infantry tactics, 
adapted to the use of the percus- 
sion musket in squad and com- 
pany exercises, manual of arms 
for rifiemen, and U. S. army regu- 
lations as to parades, reviews. 3d 
ed. Richmond, Va. 1861. U143 5 
L47. 6011 

Montecncull, Ralmondo, conte de. 
Memoires de Montecuculi, avec 
les commentaires de M. le comte 
Turpin de Criss6. 1770. 3 v. U 
14 M77. 6012 

Schalk, Emit. Summary of the art 
of war: written expressly for and 
dedicated to the U. S. volunteer 
army. 1862. U162 S29. 6018 

-Same. 2d ed., 1863. 


Schwartz, A. V. von. Influence of 
the experience of the siege of Port 
Arthur upon the construction of 
modern fortresses, by A. von 
Schwartz. Tr. from the Russian. 
1908. Ul U76. 6014 

Solovleev, L. Z. Actual experiences 
in war: Battle action of the in- 
fantry; impressions of a company 
commander. 1906. Ul U76. 


Tnrpin de Criss^ [Lancelot] comte. 
Commentaires sur les M6moires 
de Montecuculi, g^n^ralissime des 
armies, ft grand mattre de I'artil- 
lerie de Tempereur; 1769. 3 v. 
U14 T95. 6016 

358 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

U. S. Adjutant-senerars office. Of- 
ficial army register. Library has 
1867-1873, 1882, 1908-date. Ull 
U5. 6917 

-Official register of officers of 

Tolanteere In the service of the 
United States. Organized under 
the act of March 2, 1899. 1900. 
Ull U53. 6918 

-Military Information division 

The autumn maneuvers of 1898. 
Austria- Hungary, France, Ger- 
many, Great Britain, Russia, and 
Switzerland, August 1899. 1899. 
Ul U76. 6919 

— ^The autumn maneuvers of 1899. 
Austrla-ITungary, Germany, Great 
Britain, Italy, and Norway. Janu- 
ary, 1900. 1900. Ul U75. 6920 

— Colonial army systems of the 
Netherlands, Great Britain, 
France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, 
and Belgium. Comp. by J. S. 
Herron. 1901. Ul U75. 6921 

-A French-English military tech- 

nical dictionary, by C. D. Wlllcox. 
1899[-19003 3 pts. Pt. 2 want- 
ing. Ul U75. 6922 

-Notes of military Interest for 

1901. Comp. and arranged by E. 
A. Edwards, J. S. Herron, H. B. 
Ferguson, R. S. Clark. 1902. Ul 
U75. 6923 

— ^Notes of military Interest for 
1902. Compiled and arranged by 
E. A. Edwards, J. S. Herron, H. 
B. Ferguson, R. S. Clark. 1903. 
Ul U75. 6924 

— The organized mllltla of the 
United States. Statement of the 
condition and efficiency for ser- 
vice of the organized militia. 
From special reports, and other 
Information, covering the en- 
campment season of 1893 [-April 
20, 1898]. 1894-1900. 6 v. Li- 
brary has no. 7, 19, 29. Ul U75. 


-Report of Major General Nelson 

A. Miles, of his tour of observa- 
tion In Europe. May 6 to October 
10, 1897. 1899. Ul U76. 6926 

Content8.*—Itlnerary of travel. — 
War between Turkey and Greece. — 
Gun factories, arsenals, etc. — ^Re- 
marks on English troops. — ^Maneu- 
vers of foreign armies: Russian, 
German, French. 

-Selected professional papers 

translated from European mili- 
tary publications. 1898. Ul U76. 

Contents. — Materiel of the Span- 
ish field and mountain artillery, by 
C. Benoit. — Manual for Cossack rid- 
ing and training of horses, by C. 
Fleisher. — ^The mllltla of the United 
fitates of America, by George [?] 
Tricoche. — ^The military and naval 
power of the United States in 1896, 
— Practice march of a Swiss artil- 
lery batalllon, January and Feb- 
ruary, 1897, by Lieut Ceresole. — 
The new German gun, by Capt 
Marin. — Supply and expenditure of 
ammunlton, by Capt. Balck.-— For- 
eign war games. FVom the "Revue 
militaire de Tetranger," August and 
October, 1897. — ^A comparative ex- 
amination of the war budgets of 
France and Germany for 1897. 

-StafTe of various armies. [Jan- 

uary, 1899J 1899. Ul U75. 6928 
Contains a reprint of the intro- 
duction to General Bronsart von 
Schellendorff's book. "The duties of 
the General staff," tr. by Lieut. Col. 
W. A. H. Hare. 

-Target practice and remount 

systems abroad. Arranged by E. 
A. Edwards and J. S. Herron, 
April, 1902. 1902. Ul U75. 6929 

U. S. Chief of artillery. Extracts 
from reports by regular and mlll- 
tla officers on the joint army and 
mllltla coast-defense exercises. 
Library has 1907-'10. U253 Al. 


V. S. General stafT. 2d (Military in- 
formation) division. Drill regula- 
tions for the Infantry, German 
army 1906; translated by F. J. 
Behr. 1907. Ul U76. 6931 


— Epitome of the Russo-Japanese 
war. 1907. Ul U76. 6982 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


Reports of military observers 

attached to the armies in Man- 
churia during the Russo- Japanese 
war. 1906-07. 5 v. Ul U76. 


U. S. War department. Camps of 
instruction, 1908. Reports of of- 
ficers of the U. S. army. 1909. 
U293 A2 1908. 6984 

— Field service regulations, U. S. 
army, 1905, with amendments to 
1908. Prepared under the direc- 
tion of the chief of staff, U. S. 
army. 1908. U173 A3 1908. 




United States army. 
U173 A3 1910. 


1910. 1910. 


— Instructions and problems in 
guard duty for the private sol- 
dier. Prepared in the Division of 
militia affairs, by M. C. Kerth. 
1909. U193 A3 1909. 6087 

— Manual of guard duty, U. S. 
army, rev. ed. [1908] U193 A3 
1908. 6088 

— Provisional instructions for 
maneuvers. Prep, under the direc- 
tion of the Chief of staff, U. S. 
army. 1904. U253 A2 1904. 


-Regulations for field maneuvers, 

U. 8. army, 1910. 1910. U253 A3 
1910. 6040 

— The soldier's handbook for use 
in the army of the United States. 
1906. U113 1905. 6041 

— Same. 1908. Nli3 1908. 6942 

— Division of militia affairs. Man- 
ual for privates of infantry of the 
organized militia of the United 
States. Comp. under the direc^ 
tion of E. M. Weaver, Capt. M. C. 
Kerth. 1909. U143 A3. 6943 

Wiihelm, Thomas. A military dic- 
tionary and gazetteer. Compiled 
from the best authorities of all 
nations. With an appendix con- 
taining the articles of war, etc. 
Rev. ed. 1881. U24 W67 Ref. 


mhjtary education. 

Cnllnm, G. W. Biographical register 
of the officers and graduates of the 
U. S. military academy at West 
Point, N. Y., from ito establish- 
ment March 16, 1802 to the army 
re-organization of 1866-67. 2d ed. 
1868. 2 V. U410 H5 1865. 6046 

Dickinson, J. M, Address to the 
graduating class of the United 
States Military academy. West 
Point, New York, June eleven, 
nineteen nine, by the secretary of 
war. 1909. U410 F3 D6. 6046 

Haaen, W. B. The school and the 
army in Germany and France, 
with a diary of siege life at Ver- 
sailles. 1872. U505 H42. 6047 

Smith, F. H. The regulations of 
military institutions, applied to 
the conduct of common schools. 
1849. U408 S64. 6048 

West Point fifty years ago. 

1879. U410 Kl S6. 6040 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee 
on military affairs. Increase in 
corps of cadets at the United 
States Military academy. Report. 
(To accompany S. 2325.) [1910] 
U410 E5 1910. 6050 

U. 8. Engineer dept. Ceremonies at 
the laying of the corner stone of 
the Army war college building at 
Washington Barracks, with the 
addresses and invocation delivered 
on the occasion, February 21» 
1903. 1903. U413 F7 U5. 6051 

U. S. Infantry and cavalry school. 
Fort Leavenworth. Annual report 
of the commandant. Library has 
1906. U415 El. 6052 

360 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

U. 8. Military academy. West Point. 
The centennial of the United 
States Military academy at West 
Point, New York. 1802-1902. 
1904. 2 v. U410 LI A2. 6953 

-Official register of the officers 

end oadets. Library has 1908- 
date. U410 H3. 6954 

^Annual report. Library has 

1909. U410 E4. 6955 

U. S. War dept. Hazing at the 
United States military academy. 

Letter from the secretary of war, 
forwarding all papers called for 
in the matter of hazing at West 
Point since January 1, 1908. 
1909. U410 E9 1909a. 6956 

-Same. Letter from the secretary 

of war, transmitting a response to 
the inquiry of the House. 1909. 
U410 E9 1909b. 6957 

— Information relative to the ap- 

pointment and admission of cadets 
to the United States military acad 
emy. [1911.] U410 Ql 1911 


Organization, IHstribntion, Military Situation. 

The armies of today. 1893. UA15 
A67. 6959 

Alabama. Adjutant-general's office. 
Biennial report. Library has 
1894, '02, '06. UA43 A2. 6960 

€k>lorado. Adjutant-general's office. 
Biennial report. Library has 
1904. UA43 06. 6961 

Connecticut. Arsenal and armory 
commission. State of Connecticut. 
[1907] UA119 A4. 6962 

IHipin, Charles, baron. View of the 
history and actual state of the mil- 
itary force of Great Britain. 
Tr. with notes by an officer. 1822. 
2 T. UA647 D93. 6963 

Georgia. Adjutant-general's office 
Report. Library has 1909. UA43 
G4. 6964 

Qril&ths, A. O. F. The English 
army; its past history, present 
condition, and future prospects. 
[1878] UA649 G85. 6965 

Head, Sir F. Bond, 1st hart. The de- 
fenceless state of Great Britain. 
1850 UA647 H43. 6966 

Illinois. Adjutant-general's office. 
Report. Library has 1898-1908. 
UA43 13. 6967 

Indiana. Adjutant-general's office. 
Report. Library has 1899, 1901- 
1902, '03, '05, '07, 1910. UA43 I 
6. 6968 

Iowa. Adjutant-general's office. Re- 
port. Library has 1897, '99, '05, 
'06. UA43 18. 6969 

Kansas. Adjutant general's office- 
Biennial report. Library has 
1908. UA43 K2. 6970 

Louisiana. Adjutant-general's office. 
Annual report. Library has 1903. 
UA43 L8. 6971 

McClellan, 6. B. The armies of 
Europe: comprising descriptions 
in detail of the military systems 
of England, France, Russia and 
embodying the report of observa- 
tions in Europe during the Crim- 
ean war. 1862. UA646 M12. 6972 

Maine. Adjutant-general's office. 
Annual report. Library has 1841: 
1897-1900; 1906. UA43 M2. 6973 

Massachusetts. Adjutant-general's 
office. Annual report. Library has 
1848. UA43 M4. 6974 

Michigan. Adjutant-general's office. 
Annual report. Library has 1846, UA43 M5. 6975 

Missouri. Adjutant-general's office. 
Report. Library has 1907-8, 1910. 
UA43 M82. 6976 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


MonUuiA. Adjutant-generars office. 
Rep6rt. Library has 1900, 1904. 
UA43 M9. 6977 

New Hampshire. Adjutant-generars 
office. Report. Library has 1868. 
UA43 N2. 6978 

Ohio. Adjutant-generars office. An- 
nual report. Library has 1900- 
1908, 1909. UA43 03. 6979 

-Roster of the troops of the Ohio 

National guard. Library has Sept 
'01, March '02. UA392 R83. 6980 

Oregon. Adjutant-general's office. 
Report of the adjutant general, 
library (has ^biennial: 6th, 
TS96-8th, 1902; 10th, 1906- 
12th, 1910. UA43 07. 698] 

PeimsylTaiiia. Adjutant- general's 
office. Annual report. Library 
has 1848, '90, '93, '94. UA43 P 
42. 6982 1 

Rhode Island. Adjutant- general's 
office. Annual report. Ldbrary has 
1902-1909. UA43 R4. 6983 

Rhode Island. Providence armory 
commission. Report. Library has 
1908. UA431 A3. 6984 

Scott, Sir S. D. The British army: 
its origin, progress, and equip- 
ment. 1868. 2 V. U767 S42. 


Stewart^ David. Sketches of the 
character, manners, and present 
state of the Highlanders of Scot- 
land; with details of the military 
service of the highland regiments. 
3d ed. 1825. 2 v. UA659 H6 S9. 


U. 8. Adjutaint-general's office. Cir- 
cular showing the distribution of 
troops of the line of the United 
States army. January 1, 1866, to 
June 30, 1909. [1909] UA26 A2. 


— ^Llst of military poets, etc., es- 
tablished In the United States 
from Its earldest settlement to the 

present time [Feb. 1, 1902] Sub- 
ject to corrections and additions 
1902. UA26 Al. 6988 

-Roster of the organized mllltla 

of the United States, by divisions, 
brigades, regiments, companies, 
and other organizations, with their 
stations. Feb. 1, 1908. 1908. UA 
52 A2 1908. 6989 

U. 8. Military secretary's dept. An- 
nual report. Library has '04, '05. 
UA24 A3. 6990 

17. S. War dept. Annual report of 
the secretary of war. Library has 
1907-date. For those prior to 
1907 see Cong. doc. set. UA24 A 
11. 6991 

-Five years of the War depart- 

ment following the war with 
Spain, 1899-1903, as shown In the 
Annual reports of the secretary of 
war. [1904] UA24 AT. 6992 

"An authentic account of the 
principal events, and the action and 
policy of the United States during 
— The military government of Porto 
Rico. The development and es- 
tablishment of the fRepublic of 
Cuba. The China relief expedition 
of 1900. The suppression of the 
insurrection and the building up of 
civil government in the Philippines. 
The reorganization of the army. 
The beginning of the new militia 

-Organization of the military 

peace establishment of the United 
States, in conformity to the pro- 
visions of an act of Cone^ress, 
passed the third day of Maffcli» 
1815. 1815. UA25 A2 1815. 6998 

-Roster of the organized militia 

of the United States, by divisions, 
brigades, regiments, companies, 
and other organizations, with their 
stations. 1907. UA52 A2 1907. 


Same. 1909. UA52 A2 1909. 


Upton, Kmory. The armies of Asia 
and Europe, embracing official re- 
,ports on the armies of Japan, 

362 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

China. India, Pemia, Italy, Russia, 
Austria, Germany, France, and 
England, by Emery Upten. 1878. 
UA16 U71. 6996 

Vermont. Adjutant and inspector 
general's office. Report. Library 
has 1904, 1910. UA43 V5. 6997 

Wyndham, H. C. The Queen'e ser- 
vice, or the real "Tommy Atkins" 
Being the experiences of a pii- 
Yate soldier In the British infan- 
try at home and abroad. 1899. 
U767 W98. 6098 


Alabama. Military laws of the state 
of Alabama. Comp. by adjutant- 
general. Wth roeter of com- 
mlfisioned officers. 1907. UB 
604 A2 A4 1907. 6999 

Confederate States of America. A 
digest of the military and naval 
laws of the Confederate States, 
from the commencement of the 
provisional congress to the end of 
the first congress under the per- 
manent constitution. Analytically 
arranged by W. W. Lester and W. 
J. Bromwell. 1864. UB504 5 D 
57. 7000 

-Military laws of the Confederate 

Statee embracing all the leglsla- 
lation of congress appertaining to 
military affairs from the first to 
the last session inclusive. With a 
copious index. 1863. UB504 6 M 
64. 7001 

Confederate States of America. War 

dept. [Regulations for the army 
of the Confederate States] t.-p. 
wanting. Imperfect copy. UB504 
5. 7002 

—Same. 1862. 1862. UB504 5 
1862. 700S 

— Same. 1862. Authorized ed. UB 
504 5 1862a. 7008a 

-Same. 1864. Rev. and enl.. 

with a new and copious index. 
Third and only reliable edition. 
1864. UB504 5 1864 3d. 7004 

Connecticnt. Militia law of the state 
of Connecticut. Revision of 1887. 

the adjutant-general. 1888. UB 
504 C8 1887. 7005 

Same. Revision of 1893. UB504 

C8 1893. 700Sa 

Qeorgia. Commissioner of pensions. 
Report. Library has 1907-date. 
UB374 G4. 7006 

Georgia. Confederate soldiers' home. 
Report of the trustees. Library 
has 1910. UB384 04. 7007 

Gerhardt, Cliarles, comp. Manual 
for boards of survey. Prepared 
under the direction of the general 
commanding the army. 1900. UB 
863 G35. 700S 

[Gobrecht, J. C] History of the 
National home for disabled volun- 
teer soldiers: with a complete 
guide-book to the central home, at 
Dayton, Ohio. 1875. UB383 A5 G 
57. 7009 

Illinois. Soldiers' and sailors' home. 
Quincy. Biennial repent of the 
Board of trustees and officers. Li- 
brary has 12th, 1908. UB384 I 
29. 7010 

Illinois. Soldiens' widows' home. 
Wilmington. Biennial report. Li- 
brary has 6th, 1908. UB404 13 W 
5. 7011 

Indiana. State soldiers' home. An- 
nual report. Library has 1904, 
'06. '07-'09, 1910. UB384 16. 


Ing^ersoU, L. D. A history of the war 
department of the United States. 

In force January 1, 1888. Pub. by With biographical sketches of the 


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



1880. UB23 147. 


liCe, C. H. The Judge advocate's 
Yade mecum: embracing a general 
view of military law, and the prac- 
tice before courts martial, with an 
epitome of the law of evidence, as 
applicable to military trlale. 1863. 
UB500 L47. 7014 

liOalsianA. Board of pension com- 
missioners. [Report] Library has 
1904. UB374 L8. 7016 

QUichigan. Soldiers' home. Biennial 
report. Library has 3rd, 1890, 
9th, 1902-date. UB384 M6. 7016 

Montana. Soldiers' home, Columbia 
Falls. Annual report. Library has 
1900, '02, '04, '06. UB384 M9. 


Nvtional home for disabled volun- 
teer soldiers. Report of an in- 
spection of the several branches 
of the National home for dis- 
abled volunteer soldiers. Library 
has '07, '08, '09. UB383 A2. 7018 

Report of the Board of man- 
agers. Lib'^ary has '07, '08. UB 

383 A2. 7019 

Ohio. Commissioner of soldiers' 
claims. Annual itc^port. Library 
has 1901, '04, '05-date. UB374 O 
3. 7020 

Ohio. Laws of Ohio relating to 
bounties, memorials, monuments, 
relief fund and soldiers' homes. 
Comp. and issued by the Depart, 
▼nc^nt of soldiers' claims, August 
Ist, 1903. 1903. UB374 03 AJ2, 


Ohio. Soldiers' and sailors' home, 
Sandusky. Annual report of the 
Board of trustees and officers. Li- 
brary has 1901-1907, 1909. UB 

384 03 A3. 7022 

Oregon. Soldiers' home. Biennial 
report of the Board of managers. 
Library has 1898, *06, '08. UB384 
07. 7023 

Pennsylvania. Soldiers' and sailors' 
home, Erie. Report of the Board 
of trustees. Library has 1906. UB 
384 P42. 7024 

Rhode Island. Board of soldiers' re- 
lief. Annual report. Library nas 
14th, 1903-date. UB384 H4. 702«% 

Texas. Confederate home. Biennial 
report of the Board of managers. 
Library haa 1908. UB384 T4. 7026 

U. S. Adjutant-general's office. Leg- 
islative history of the General staff 
of the army of the United States 
(its organization, duties, pay, and 
allowances) from 1776 to 1901. 
Comp. and annotated under the di- 
rection of H. C. Corbln by R. T. 
Thian. 1901. UB223 A2 T42. 


Regulations of the War depart- 
ment governing the organized mil- 
itia, under the Ooostitution and 
the Laws of the United Btates. 
1908. UB503 Al 1908. 7020 

U. 8. Auditor for War dept. Ele- 
mentary manual of practice. Civil 
war claims. Comp. by W. C. Bid- 
ridge and L. R. Ginn. Office of the 
auditor for the War department. 
P. H. Morris, auditor. 1900. UB 
373 E37. 70SO 

U. 8. Board of commissioners of the 
U. S. soldiers' home. Regulations 
for the government of the United 
States military prison and of any 
branch thereof. 1909. 1909. UB 
803 U5. TMl 

U. 8. Congress. Senate. Committee 
on military affairs. Affray at 
Brownsville, Tex. 1908. 6 v. in 5 
23 cm. UB323 A4 1908b. 7032 

U. 8. Department of Justice. Opinion 
on the constitutional power of the 
military to try and execute the as- 
sassins of the president. By At- 
torney General James Speed. 
1865. UB843 U5. 7033 

U. 8. Inspector-general's dept. A 
guide for the use of officers of the 

364 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Inspector-genend's dei>artmeiit, 
1908; (Revteed to include August 
31, 1908) 1908. UB243 Al 1908. 


-The BnownsTille affray. Report 

of tb<e inspector-general cf the ar- 
my; ordeiB of the President dis- 
diarging enlisted men of com- 
panies B, C, and D, Twenty-fifth 
infantry; messages of the Presi- 
dent to the Senate; and majority 
and minority reports of the Sen- 
ate Committee on military affairs. 
1908. UB323 A4 1908. 7035 

IT. 8. Judge-adTocate-generars dept. 
(Army) United States \military 
reservations, national cemeteries, 
and military parks. Title, Juris- 
diction etc. Rey. ed., by L. W. 
GalL 1910. UB393 A4 1907. 7030 

U. 8. Laws and abstracts of laws re- 
lating to army and navy pensions, 
with official instructions, regula- 
tiofDfi, and forms, issued by the 
commissioner, in lieu of instruc- 
tions, etc., heretofore published, 
1869. UB373 A2 1869. 7037 

-The military laws of the United 

States. 4th ed., 1901. Prepared 
under the direction of Elihu Root, 
secretary of war, by G. B. JJavls. 
With supplement showing changes 
to March 4, 1907, and appendices, 
by J. B. Porter. 1908. UB600 A2 
1908. 7038 

U. 8. Pension bureau. Decisions of 
the Department of the Interior in 
appealed penalon claims. Library 
has V. 6 and 10. UB373 A3. 7030 

-Report of the commissioner of 

pensions. Library has 1898, '01, 
•04-'07, 1910. UB373 A15. 7O40 

— ^A treatise on the practice of the 
Pension bureau governing the ad- 
judication of the army and navy 
pensions. 1898. UB373 A25 1898. 


U. 8. War department. Appendix to 
army regulations, edition of 1901, 
showing changes to December 31, 
1902, and orders and circulars re- 
lating thereto. [1902] UBS 01 US 
1901. 7042 

— Drill regulations for field artil- 
lery. United States army (provis- 
ional) 1908. 1908. UBSOl A2 
1908. 7043 

-^— Field orders, messages and re- 
ports, by Major Eben Swift, 12th 
cavalry, assistant commandant, U. 
S. Staff college. 1906. UB280 S9. 


-A manual for courts->martlal, 

courts of inquiry, and retiring 
boards, and of other procedure un- 
der military law. Rev. ed. 1908. 
1908. UB8S3 A3 1908. 7045 

— Same. (Corrected to August, 
1910) 1910. UB853 A3 1910. 


-Revised regulations for the 

army of the United States, 1861. 
With a full index. cl861. UB501 
US 1861. 7047 

— Revised army regulations of 
1861. With an appendix contain- 
ing the changes and laws affect- 
ing army regulations and articles 
of war to June 2S, 1863. 1863. 
UBSOl US 1863. 7048 

— Supplement showing changes to 
June 1, 1904, with appendices. 
Prepared under the direction of 
W. H. Taft, secretary of war, by 
J. B. Porter, Judge-advocate, 
United States army. 1904. UB 
SOO A2 1901a. 7050 

Vermont. Soldiers' home, Benning- 
ton. Rea>ort of the officers. Li- 
brary has 1900-1904, 1908, 1910. 
UB384 VS. 7051 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 



Maintenance and 

Confederate States of America. War 
dept. Regttlatione for the army of 
the Confederate States, and for 
the Qnextermaetcr's department 
and pay department. 1861. ITC 
85 A4. 7052 

France. CommiBSlon d'hygidne hip- 
pique. Reciieil de mSmoires et ob- 
servations sur I'hygl^ne et la 
m^decine v^t^rinaires militalres, 
r§dig6 sous la surveillance de la 
commission d'hygi6ne. 1847-1857. 
8 V. UC605 F8 C7. 7053 

U. S. Adjutant-generars office. Cir- 
cular relative to pay of officers and 
enlleted men of the army: com- 
piled by Johnson Hagood, coast 
artillery corps. 1907. UC73 Al. 


U. S. Army. Recipes used in the 
cooking schools, U. S. army. 1906. 
UC723 A4. 7055 

U. S. Mounted service school. Fort. 
Riley, Kan. The army horseehoer. 
1910. A manual prepared for the 
use of students of the Training 
school for farriers and horseshoers 
by the training school instructors. 
1910. UC633 1910. 7066 

U. S. Pay dept (War dept.) Manuel 
for the Pay department, revised 
to include August 15, 1910. 1910. 
UC72 A3 1910. 7057 

-Official table of distances for the 


guidance of disbursing officers of 
tl'e army charged with payment 
of money allowances for travel. 
1906. UC75 U55. 7058 

S. Quartermaster's dept. Manual 
of pack transportation by H. W. 
Daly, chief packer. 1910. UC303 
A2 1910. 7059 



•V/^ack transportation by H. W. 

^Daly, chief packer. 1908. UC303 

A2 1908. 7060 

U. S. Subsistence dept. Manual for 
army bakeni. 1910. UC723 A4 
1910. 7061 

Manual for army cooks. 1896. 

UC723 A3. 7062 

«ame. 1910. UC723 A3 1910. 


— Manual for the Snbsietence de- 
partment, U. 8. army. Rev. to 
Sep. 1, 1908 (2d 1908 ed.). 1908. 
UC42 A2 1908a. 7064 

-Same. 1910. UC42 A2 1910. 


U. S. Surgeon general's office. A re- 
port on barracks and hospitals, 
with descriptions of military posts. 
1870. UC403 U5. 7060 

U. 8. War deportment. Compendium 
of regulations for the quartermas- 
ter's department. 1898. UC31 
1898a. 7067 

Manual of instructions for quar- 
termasters serving In the field. 
104)0. UC32 U5. 7068 

-V^RegulatioDs for the army trans- 
port service. [1898] UC273 1898. 


r— -/-Report oi the secretary of war, 
^^mmunicating information re- 
specting the purchase of camels 
for the purposes of military trans- 
portation. 1857. UC350 U5 1857. 



United States army transport 
service regulations, 1908. 1908. 
UC273 Al. 7071 


Farrow, E. 8. American small arms; 
a veritable encyclopedia of knowl- 
edge for sportsmen and military 
men. 1904. UD380 F24. 7072 

France. Miniature de la guerre. Or- 
donnance dn rol, du 4 Mars 1831, 
sur Tezerdce et les manoeuvres 

366 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

<de rinfanterie. 1831. 2 v., 1 ▼. of 
plat60. UD228 1831. 7073 

Qraener, W. W. The gun &nd Its de- 
velopment. [1881?] UD380 aSl. 


V. S. Ordnance department. Reports 
of experiments with, small arms 
for the mllltaxy eervlce, U. S. 
army. 1856. UD383 A4 1856. 


V. S. War dept. Drill regulations for 
maohine-gun platoons, infantry, 
United States army. 1909. 1909. 
UD160 A31 1909. 7070 

-Manual of bayoiLet exercises. 

United States army ( provisional ) 
1907. 1907. UD343 A3 1907 


-Provisional small arms firing 

manual, for the U. S. army and 
for the organized militia of 
the U. 8. 1909. UD383 A2 
1909. 7078 

— Small arms firing regulations for 
the United States army and for 
the organized militia of the United 
States. Amended to April 20, 
1908. 1908. UD383 A2 1908. 



Aldfguler, Flavten d*. Des princJftes 
qui servent de 'base k I'instructlon 
et k la tactique de la cavalerle 
pr6o6d6s d'une revue historique 
des divers systdmes d'instruction 
0^ des ordonnances de cette arme. 
1843. UB146 A39. 7080 

Confederate States of AmeHca. War 
dept Skirmish drill for mounted 
troops, 1861. UE160 6 S62. 7081 

Sanmiir, Prance. Ecole d'ap^lication 
de cavalerie. Notes on equitation 
and horse training, in answer to 
the examination questions at the 
school of application for calvar? 

at Saumur, France. 1910. UE470 
F82. 7082 

U. 8. War dept. Drill regulations for 
cavalry. United States army. 1909. 
UE153 A3 1909. 7083 

-Drill regulations for machine- 

gun organizations, cavalry. 1910. 
1910. UE159 U5. 7084 

-Provisional regulations for 

saber exercise; U. S. Army, 1907. 
1907. UE423 U5 1907. 7085 

Wood, Sir EiVelyn. Achievements of 
cavalry. 1897. UE15 W87. 7086 


Aide-memoire & Tueage des offlciers 
d'artiUerie. 2me Edition (1844). 
1861. UF165 F8 Al. 7087 

Anderson, O. U Course of instruc- 
tion for artillery gunners. Elec- 
tricity and its applications in ar- 
tillery practice. Adjutant general's 
office. 1893. UF7 U5. 7088 

Brnysu A. W. de. Voorlezingen over 
de artillerie. 1836-36. 2 v. UF 
146 B91. 7090 

Confederate States of America. War 

dept The ordnance manual for 
the use of the officers of the Con- 

federate States army. Prepared 
under directio'* of J. Gorgas, chief 
of ordnance. 1863. UF145 C7 


France. Comit6 de rartillerie. Me- 
morial de rartillerie, ou recueil 
de m^moires, experiences, observa- 
tions et precedes relatlfis au ser- 
vice de rartillerie; redige par les 
BOins du comite, avec Tapprobation 
du minlstre de la guerre, 1852. 
Library has v. 7. UF7 F8. 7092 

France. Commission mixte d'officiers 
d'artiUerie et du genie, instituee 
le 12 juin 1847 pour etudler les 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


prlncipes de rexficution des brdoheB 
pcLT le canon et i>ar le mine. Ex- 
periences de Bapaume. Rapport 
fait & M. le Minlstre de la guerre. 
1852. UF810 F8. 7093 

[Hunt, H. J.] Memoir on the U. S. 
artillery. Dec., 1851. UF23 H'94. 


IngallB, J. M* Ck>ur8e of Instruction 
frr artillery gunners. Ballistics. 
Ad'f atari general's office. 189.'^. 
IF? U5. iOlf-i 

-Same. Supplement. 1895. 7095a 

Kosdnszfco, T. A. B. Manoeuvres of 
horse artillery. Notes and de- 
ecrlptlve plates, by Jonathan 
Williams. 1808. UF410 K86. 


McLean, J. H. Dr. J. H. McLean's 
peace-makers. 1880. UF920 Ml 2. 


Morrison, €. C. Course of Instruction 
for artillery gunners. Modern 
guns and mortars adopted In the 
U. S. land service, their carriages, 
projectiles, fuzesf and sights. 1895. 
UF7 U5. 7098 

Murray, Arthur. Course of Instruc- 
tion for artillery gunners. Mathe- 
matics. 1893. UF7 U5. 7099 

Pashkievitsch, Col. Interior ballis- 
tics. Tr. from the Russian by T. 
H. Bliss. 1892. UF7 U5. 7100 

The resistance of guns to tan- 
gential rupture. 1899. UF7 U5. 


Rifled field pieces. A short compi- 
lation of what is known of the 
new field artillery of Europe, with 
some accounts of our own. 1862. 
UF630 R56. 7102 

U. 8. Adjutant general's office. Ar- 
tillery circular. Library has A, B, 
1892. B, C, F, & suppl. H, I, 1893. 
UF7 U5. 7108 

U. 8. Board of ordnance and forti- 

fication. Report. Library has 
1907-1909. UF23 A4. 7104 

U. 8. Engineer department. Report 
upon the practice In Europe with 
the heavy Armstrong, Woolwich, 
and Krupp rifled guns, submitted 
by the board of engineers for for- 
Uflcatlons. 1883. UF810 U5. 7105 

U. 8. Ordnance dept. Annual report 
of the chief of ordnance. Library 
has 1891. UF23 A2. 7106 

— Cost of manufacture of guns, 
etc., at various arsenals, 1907. 
Letter from the secretary of war, 
transmitting with a letter from 
the chief of ordnance statements 
as to cost of manufacture of arms 
and other articles. 1907. UF533 
A6 1907. 7107 

-Same. 1908. UF533 A6 1908. 


-Same. 1909. UF533 A6 1909. 


^The ordnance manual for the 

use of the officers of the United 
States army. 3d ed. 1862. UF145 
U6. 7110 

U. 8. War dept. Coast artillery drill 
regulations. United States army. 
1909. UF453 A2 1909. 7111 

— ^Drill regulations for coast artil- 
lery, U. S. army. Prep, under the 
direction of the major general 
commanding the army, by the 
Board on the regulation of coast 
artillery fire: J. I. Rogers, presi- 
dent. 1898. UF453 A2 1898. 


— Drill regulations for field artil- 
lery United States army (provis- 
ional) 1908. UF403 A19 1908. 


— Drill regulations for mountain 
artillery (Provisional) U. S. army. 
1908. UF443 1908. 7114 

— Instruction for field artillery. 
Prep, by a board of artillery offl- 

368 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

cers. 1860. UF403 A2 1860. 7115 
nA flystem of exercise and Inetruc- 

tion of field-iurtllleryt including 
manceuvree for light or horse-ar- 

tillery. 1833. UF403 A19. 7116 

Waike, Wlllooghby. Course of In- 
struction for artillery gunnere. 
Gunpowder and high, ezplosiyes. 
1893. UF7 U5. 7117 


Abbot, H. li. Report upon ezperl- 
menta and investigationg to de- 
velop a system of submarine mines 
for defending the harbors of the 
United SUtes. 1881. UG490 A12. 


Connor, W. D. Military railways. 
1910. U0345 C75. 7119 

Dufour, G. H. M6morial pour les 
travaux de guerre. 1820. UG403 
D86. 7120 

King, W. R. Report on certain ex- 
perimental amd theoretical inves- 
tigations relative to the quality, 
form, and combination of mater- 
ials for defensive armor, together 
with Incidental facts relative to 
their use for industrial purposes. 
1870. UG408 K53. 7121 

Mahan, D. H. Summary of the course 
of permanent fortification and of 
the attack and defence of per- 
manent works, for the use of the 
cadets of the U. S. military acad- 
emy. 1863. UG405 M21. 7122 

Pasley, Sir O. W. Rules, for con- 
ducting the practical operations of 
a siege, originally composed for 
the use of the Royal engineer es- 
tablishment at Chatham. Part I, 
2d ed. 1841. UG444 P28. 7123 

U. S. Engineer dept. Engineer field 
manual, parts 1-vi. 1. Reconnais- 
sance. 2. Bridges. 3. Roads. 4. 
Railroads. 5. Field fortification. 
6. Animal transportation. 2d (re- 
vised) ed. 1907. UG360 U5 1907. 


-Engineer regulations and digest 

of orders, circulars, regulations, 
etc., relating to the work of the 
Engineer department, U. S. army, 

In force March 22, 1906. [1906] 
UG160 A2 1906. 7122^ 

-The fortifications of to-day. Fire 

against models of coast batteries 
and parados. Horizontal and 
curved fire in defense of coasts. 
Tr. under the dii^ectlon lof the 
Board of engineers for fortifica- 
tions/ 1883. UG407 U5. 7128 


Organization of the bridge 
Equipage of the United States 
army, with directions for the con- 
struction of military bridges. Prep, 
by a board of engineer officers. 
1870, reprinted, 1898. UG335 U 
59. 7127 

U. S. Signal office. Electrical instru- 
ments and telephones of the U. S. 
Signal corps. Rev. 1910. 1911. 
UG603 U5. 712S 

-General, property, and disburs- 

ing regulations. Signal corps, U. 
S. army. 3d ed. Rev. to include 
June 1, 1909. 1909. UG573 A3l. 


— Handbook of submarine cables. 
U. S. Signal corps. Prep, under 
the direction of A. W. Greely by 
E. Russel with supplementary 
chapter on factory testing by S. 
Reber. 1905. UG607 A12 1905. 


-Manual of visual signaling of 

the U. S. Signal corps. Prep, un- 
der the direction of A. W. Greely 
by D. J. Oarr. 1905. UG583 A3 
1905. 7131 

■Property and disbursing regu- 

lations. Including miscellaneous 
general regulations. Signal corps, 
U. S. arm^. Prep, under the di- 

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library. 


rection of A. W. Oreely, by C. DeF 
Chandler. 1906. U0573 A29. 7132 

-Same. 2d ed. Rev. to include 

Nov. 6, 1907. 1907. U0573 A3 


W -ml 

Regulations for United States 
miliitary telegraph lines, U. S. sig- 
nal coriMS. Prep, under the direc- 
tion of J. Allen. 1909. 7134 

^Visual signaling, Signal corps. 

United States army, 1910. 1910. 
UG5S3 A3 1910. 7185 

|.IV S. War dept. Defenses of the 
^^ Panama canal. Message from the 
President of the U. S., transmitting 
a letter from the secretary of war 
incloeing the report of a board of 
officers of the army and navy ap- 
pointed by him .to consider the de- 
tenses of the Panama canal. 
[1910] UG412 P3 A3. 71«6 

— Handbook for the use of elec- 
tricians, in the operation and care 
of electrical machinery and appa- 
ratus of the U. S. seaooast de- 
fenses. By G. L. Anderson. 1902. 
UG480 U59. 7137 

— Military and naval defences. Re- 
ports from the secretaries of war 
and navy, relative to the militarv 
and naval defences of the country. 
1836. [Reprinted] Washington, 
1862. (37th Cong., 2d sees. House. 
Doc. 92) UG410 1836. 7138 

— Questions and answeiB for use 
in the instruction of torpedo coim- 
panics and detachments. (New 
system) 1908. UG653 U5. 713^ 

VioHet-le-Dnc, E. E. Annals of a 
fortress. Tr. by Benjamin Buck- 
nail. 1876. UG406 V79. 7140 

Medical and Sanitary Service^ 

U. S. Bureau of medicine and sur- 
gery. Report on (the Russian medi- 
cal and sanitary features of the 
Russo-Japanese war to the sur- 
geon-general, U. S. navy, by Sur- 
geon Raymond Spear, U. S. navy. 
July 1, 1906. UH306 '04/05 U6. 


U. S. Provost-marshal-general's bu- 
reau. Statistics, medical and an- 
thropological, of the Provost- 
marshal-general's bureau, derived 
from reoorda of the examination 
for military service in the armies 
of the United States during the late 
war of the rebellion. Comp. by J. 
H. Baxter. 1875. 2 v. UH223 A4. 


U. S. Surgeon general's office. Drill 
regulations and outlines of first 
aid for the hospital corps, U. S. 
army. Pub. by authority of the 
secretary of war. 1900. UH483 
A2 1900. 7148 

— Sama Rev. 1908. 1908. UH'483 
A2 1908. 7144 

— Manual for the medical depart- 
ment. 1898. UH393 U5 1898. 


— Report of the surgeon-general 
of the. army to the secretary of 
war. Lribrary has 1910. UH223 A 
2. 7146 


Brady, W. N. The kedge-anchor; or, 
young sailors' assistant. Apper- 
taining to the practical evolutions 
of modem seamanship, rigging, 

knotting, splicing. Also tables of 
rigging spars, blocks. 18th ed. 
Imp. and enl. 1882. VllO B81. 


370 Finding List of Science, Agriculture, Technology. 

Bardlef-Wilmot, 8. M. The develop- 
meat of nftvies during the last half 
centuiT. 1892. V53 B12. 7148 

Fletcher, Charles. The naval guard- 
ian. In two Yolumes. 1800. 2 y. 
V21 P61. 7149 

Glasscock, W. N. Naval sketch-book; 
or, The service afloat and asrhore; 
with characterietic reminiscences, 
fragments, and opinions. 1835. V 
737 054. 71S0 

Hamersly, L. R. The records of liv- 
ing officers of the U. S. navy and 
Marine oorps. 1870. Vll H20. 


Jane, F. T. All the world's fighting 
ships. Cosmopolitan naval annual. 
Library has 1898, 1901. V 
10 J33. 7152 

The Naval chronicle contaliving a 
general and biographical history 
of the royal navy of the United 
Kingdom. [1799-1818] 40 v. Li- 
brary has V. 1-36, 1799-1816. VI 
N3. 7152a 

A Naval encyclopaedia: comprising a 
dictionary of nautical worda and 
phrases; biographical notices, and 

records of naval officers; special 
articles on naval art and science 
together with deecriptions of the 
principal naval stations and aea- 
ports of the world. 1881. V23 H 
21. 7158 

U. 8. Bureau of navigation (Navy 
dept.) Correction to pages 293- 
352 of The landing force and small 
arms instruction, U. 8. navy, 1907. 
1910. V175 U6 1910. 7154 

U. 8. Navy dept. List and station of 
the commissioned and warrant of' 
fleers of the navy of the United 
States^ and of the marine oorps, 
on the active list, and officers on 
the retired list employed on active 
duty. Library has 1900, 1902-1904, 
'06, '07. Vll U58. 7155 

-Register of