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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation funding 



1996 jf ttttal 

Columbia international 

7435 Monticello Road 
Columbia, SC 29230 

Volume 57 

3fn J^onor of 

fflx. Cliff Pebell 

"Cliff Bedell lives what 
he teaches. He has 
made boldness and 
graciousness an art 

form. He is a profes- 
sor with the humble 
thirst of a student. His 
eyes scan the horizons 
while he listens with 
patience. He is a 
missionary on tempo- 
rary assignment. He is 
a blessing to Colum- 
bia, and to a genera- . 
tion of world changers. 
lohnnv V. Miller 

"What a privilege to 
write a dedication for a 
man 1 love and respect! 
Cliff. 1 appreciate your 
caring heart and I 
especially have en- 
joyed all the times you 
stopped by my office to 
chat about a biblical 
point that intrigued us 
both. May the' Lord 
continue to bless your 
ministry among us." 
Br\'an Bcvcr 

"Dad is my greatest role 
model. His deep love for 
God and his radical, no 
questions asked, commit- 
ment to serve Him 
completely are two areas 
of his life that have 
impacted me the most. 
Dad is a loving husband, 
an outstanding father 
and a kind and gentle 
grandfather. This com- 
mitment allows us to 
enjoy the mercy of God 
daily. Keep it up Dad! 
We love YOU!!" 
Frank Bedell. 

Mr. Bedell often captivates his 
students and challenges them in 
daily Christian living. 

Mr. Bedell spends time prepar- 
ing for his classes so that 
students may reep the benefits 
of his diligence. 

"liff Bedell is characterized by seriousness of purpose, continuous good humor. 
cellence in teaching and warmth in relationships. He is a master of the unpredict- 
^le. In contrast to his unpredictability is his obvious love for the Savior and passion 
r the lost. These have been the hallmarks of his ministry for 23 years. Missionary, 
urchman. family man and faculty member-a godly model." Bob Kallgren 


Table of Contents 

Student Life 12 

Bible College 32 

Graduate Students . .68 

Faculty /Staff 96 

Organizations 112 

Events 130 

World Events 146 

Ads /Index 152 

Dining at CIU is always an adventure. Some students create a more private 
environment for socializing. 


The Pointe is associated 
with many treasured memo- 
ries. There is something 
about the serenity of the 
view that creates special 
times for CIU students. 

A sunset is a "must" for any 
CIU student. 

To sec clearly the Word of 
God and to unlock its hidden 
treasures is the goal of being a 

student .it Columbia Interna- 
tional University. 

The treasures of the Word of God 
are brought to life through chalk 
and blacklisht. 

The artistry of God is per- 
haps most evident during 
autumn. Trees all over 
campus, dappled with 
sunlight, display a spectrum 

[odi Braun treasures one of 
her childhood memories 
early in the fall semester. 


Making the most of the Pointe's 
view of the sunset, the Go '95 

Committee conducts a business 
meeting while enjoying God's 

work of art, His treasured earth. 

The Prayer Towers are an 

important part of CIU's 

history. They continue to 

hold a special place in the 

hearts of both students and 


This student gets satisfaction 

from seeing the smiles on 

kids' faces after they receive 

one of her balloon creations 

at Harvest Fest. 

"Let the children alone; and 
do not hinder them from 
coming to Me; for the king- 
dom of heaven belongs to 
such as these." 
Mt. 19:14 


The Finials mark the hack entrance to 
the R.C. McQuilkin Memorial 
Admionistration Building. Students 
are reminded oi the college's founda- 
tion as they pass by. 



Columbia's parks malces tor a 

wonderful Sundav afternoon. 

ipus at c 

ikes for 


3ftgu& spoke: 

"Do not lay up for yourselves 
treasures upon earth, where 
moth and rust destroy, and 
where thieves break in and 
steal But lay up for your- 
selves treasures in heaven, 
where neither moth nor rust 
destroys, and where thieves 
do not break in or steal; for 
where you treasure is, there 
will be your heart also." 

Matthew o:l<->-2: 

The onlv walkway between the women's side oi cam 
pus and the men's is often tred upon. 



•• V ^TOMM 



^■-•• i3 ^P^^ rV '' 


\ » .. . 

i- jv- 




V «M 


he>" a «w 

S ■ ■■ 

v- v 



V* -■ 


: ML 


<<?.- ' r^tknAn • * v.. 1*^ 






Dear Class of '96 

It is not a tranquil world to which we send you. It is a frustrated world, a 
divided world, increasingly a hostile world. 

Your calling is to go as servants, under the Lordship of Christ. As someone 
has said, "We would'all like to be thought of as servants, we just don't want to 
be treated as servants." The most difficult part of being a servant is giving to 
God our ri^ht to choose whom to serve. 

But we have great examples of those who s?ave up that right, to the glory of 
God. First, there was Christ. We have seen during this year the impenetrable 
mystery that the eternal God entered time in the form of a servant. And not just 
an ordinary servant, but as lowly as a slave. The cross was the death of a slave. 

And there was also the Apostle Paul. He deleted everything of value in his 
own account in order to share in the death and resurrection power of Christ. 

And there are other examples closer to home-selfless examples among your 
classmates, as well as CIU's faculty and staff. Mark them well. Ponder them. 
They are paradigms of godliness in a dark and hostile world. 

May God find our service pleasing to Him, the kind that the Savior would 
render if He were in our place. Because we are in His place. 

lohnny V. Miller 
President, CIU 

Every student knows that Dr. 

Miller treasures his wife 

leannie even though she is 

not in the public eye as much 

as he is!! 

Communication between 

Dr. Miller and the rest of 

the amidmistration was 

essential because of Dr. 

Miller's sabbatical. 




--($>-. 10 

i g 

oart) of Crusrteesi 

Photos oi the following CI LI Board 

Members were not available at the 

time of publication: 

L. B.Austin, III 
Delaine Blackwell 

Russell French 

Donald Bailey 
Rosalie Berg 
Betty Dent 
Hans Finzel 

[an l tay 

Donald Hoke 
Philip Hook 
Crawford Loritts 

Lois McKinney 
Frank Merry 
lohnny Miller 
David Moreland 

George Murray 
Robert Norris 
[ohn Oliver 
Marquis Ryan 

Marvin Schuster 
Harold Weaver 

1 1 »v_ 


A D J: S C R I P T I O 

.inn. it 1.- .u lnnili.irit.ui- memoria HumolJu* Mcrcator fici i ai i!mi A* M.D.I a 


ttttient Me 



While most of their time as students is spent learning in a classroom or 
doing homework, Maura Gove and Philip Mutetei discuss their different 
classes while enjoying the late afternoon sun. 



Girls from both sides of the Mason- 
Dixon line congratulate one another 
on an excellent game. 

Where else could you find 
Matt Tumey, lonathan 
Reibsamen and Marco Perez 
performing the Limbo while 
riding invisible horses, 
except during Esrever? 

13 -^. 

Hoke Auditorium ... must be a freshmen class. 

The computer lab was critical for many 

students at CIU. Many memories in- 

lude hours and hours of tedious labor in 

front of the keyboard. 

'There's another misspelled 

word, they really need to 

use spell check on these 


(Margaret Elias) 

Group discussions during 
class often provided a good 
atmosphere for educational 
enrichment and socializing. 

■A> 14 

David Peterson tries to 
inish his work up quickly 

so that he can socialize 
ike [ennifer Harris and 

lodi Deming. 

The media center lounge 
proved to be a great place 
to studv with friends. 

"Supralapsarianism is too a 
part oi DispensationalismH" 
(David Roller. Patty Koeck) 

15 .-^ 

'Come here my 
pretty. . ." 

"I don't even 

want to know 

what I just put 

my hand in." 
(Chad White) 


earning extra Cagfr 

Rachel Marks attends to the 

many duties required of the 

student library workers. 

"For 30C more, you can 

super size that!" 

(Bonnie Trask and [ennifer 


-^. 16 


Representatives from 

AIM International 

present CIU with a 

beautiful picture to 

commemorate the 

long-term friendship 

between the two 


Worship time during chapel 

is always anticipated and 



:. sP?' 

The visiting gospel choir 
excites students with their 
God-glorifying harmonies. 

.<>. II 


Hello, my name is Masashi 
Yamamoto. 1 am playing a 
crucial part in Dennis 
Cochran's overdramatic, 
yet intriguing display of 
Bible translation. 

Bob Kallgren shares an storv 
about his days at CBC before 
introducing a guest speaker. 


Oni; of "Tall Paul's" facinating chalk 
illustrations that used black light to 
reveal the hidden picture. 

What was 1 saying? Oh yeah, about 
how tall I am. 

19 •-<>. 

I don't think that's 

what they meant when 

they said climb into 


But Dean Rich, why let 

your fingers do the 

walking when we have a 


orm liiit 

Romeo, O Romero, 

where art thou, my 


No it's not Ed Newmann's used car lot. 
It's just where he parks his over stock. 

.-$-. 20 

Make a joyful noise unto the 

ilium, could it be raining 

outside 1 wonder? 

eft hand green, not knee!! 


Surrounded by nature and With prayer being such a 

a beautiful view, the Pointe vital part of the Christian 

often gives one a feeding of walk, CIU makes sure there 

closeness to God during is a prayer group for every- 

prayer and quiet times. one to participate. 

Faculty members often gather together 
to pray for the student body, each other. 
and various prayer requests from the 
rest of the CI LI family. 

'raying outside on a nice day is a wel- 
come change for some. Allison Chancy 
uses God's creation to inspire her prayers. 

Dr. Layman joins the CBC 
'acuity in prayer at one oi 
heir faculty meetings. 

Corporate prayer during 
chapels brought the 
school closer togethei as 

we came before God in 

23 -<r 

lim Wilkerson and his 

family enjoy the grounds of 

CIU and the weather of 

South Carolina. 

Uh-didn't we do this in our wedding? 

Jlarrieti ^tutents 

Strike a pose! 

.^. 24 

I used to pay attention a 
lot, but 1 got tired of 
staring at mv dad's neck. 

Marion & Julie Weaver 
provide special musice at 
a CIL1 function. 

The joys of fatherhood. . . ! 

25 -<r 

Mel and Rahel 

smile during a 

moment of bonding 

Christian fellowship. 

Lunch is a great time to get 
caught up with friends. 

nternational super models. 

Cl Ll does the training, God 
does the placing. 

Snternattonal ikutente 

Why do they call 

this place interna- 

LOOK! It's Snow 
White in another 

27 ■<• 


I 1 

Johanna Korpi and Kevin 

Tengesdal enjoy life in CIU family meets 

To-ooi with some people of 


C- 28 

The Institute of the Holy Lands is sur- 
rounded by beauty. 

C 3M. #berseag 

Darren Richman plays with 
Herod's blocks. 

Greetings from Kazakhstan! 

29 >-$ 

"You really must come to 

hear my version of Happy 

Birthday. I'll bet you've 

never heard anything like it 


Mary Faith Phillips giving 

her ever-listening ear to 



Amy Alexander The faculty and 

answers the ques- staff made 

tions of prospective College Day a 

students. success. 

■^ 30 



The student center was more 
crowded than usual with 
potential CIU students visiting 
on College Pay. 

1 iS> 


iris Domino Rkhaxacb Gart ho, Geography ac c^terarum bonarum 

nbergrabuate H>tubents; 

/ V" 

>.„,' rl) 

Homework is always easier outside! (Michelle Ruby) 



The two hardest working students 
on campus are Andy Shire and 

Definitely CIU has the most 
unique announcements (enter- 
tainment?) for chapels. 

Desperately searching for his 
woman. Anthony Birdsong 
begs a fellow student for a 
clue as to where he can find 
the one who Esrevered nim. 

Always a crowd pleaser, 
the North-South game this 
year was no exception. 
Men from the South watch 
from their sideline as the 
teams battled for control 
of the field. 

33 --<*>-. 

il G< rardi M atoris Domino Richardo Gartho, Geographic, ac ceteraruro bonarum artium atnatori ac fautl 

;.*(s y|-' Ar v -iu-,,; _ 



After spending four years at CIU the seniors became masters of escaping 
the daily grind. Kim Moore demonstrates one method of getting away 
from people-camouflage. 

i £■ !»• 




i (,-■ ■ 


"It's pretty cool. ..all you have to 

do is open it and people think "Yes, I am ignoring you. 

you're reading it!" (Dallas Yogel) (|ohn Bombaro) 

35 . A i 

Leonard Arnold 

Maria Ask 

Joy Avery 

Brenda Bennett 

Anthony Birdsong 

David Braxton 

Debra Campbell 

Samuel Cheruon 


his joy over 
the after- 
noon in the 

'-<>■ 36 

• S A 

vetci'is .iniii it io ac I 

Kenneth Coker 
feannie Colson 
Randy Coolbaugh 

Eric Craft 
Marci Crane 
Tim Crowe 

lill Merry and 
Tracy Cascn share 
a special moment 



3 E S C 

niharitatis memoria R 

$40,000 and 4 years and you should learn something. I did! Most of my learning 
came from God. However, I learned from my professors to use my mind. God commands 
us to "Love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul, and mind" (Mt. 22:37). We are 
supposed to love God with our minds, which means growing in the knowledge of truth. 
Knowing that all truth is God's truth, we are to seek and find what is true. 

The second thing I learned came during a difficult time in my life. God brought me to 
Ps. 145 and verse eighteen stood out, "The Lord is near to all those who call out to Him, 
to all who call out to Him in truth." The same concept is found in ler. 29:13. To find 
God we must seek him with everthing we are, and like Jacob, not give up until we have 
hold of him. 

Finally, because God is always shaping me into Christ's image, He is teaching me that 
my attitude toward sin has to be the same as His, and my actions should bear this out. I 
must depend on God! The difficult thing about dependence is that it is a position of 
weakness, you are not in control. But in my weakness, He is strong. It is the hardest 
lesson yet, but I suspect that they won't get any easier from here. - lason Fallin 

Christopher Field 

Lee Francis 

Rebecca Griffin 

Nathan Hardeman 

Eric Hathorn 

Sarah Haynes 

John Heusted 

David Huffman 

Ed Hunt 


hJ>- 38 

Proving that Shortess isn't always a quiet 
place, Nathan Hardeman and Mike 
Galdamez enjoy the lighter side of chapel. 

Is poker allowed? 

Bruce fackson 

Jim Katsoudas 
Lisa Killy 
Dawn Kino 

Darlene Kinney 

Ruth I.aMce 
Alan Lindner 
Connie Love 

Susan Martasin 

39 »-<*> 

Betty Martin 

Stephen Matthews 

Esther McCloy 

Andrea McKee 

Jill Merry 

Carrie Miller 

Eddie Mitchell 

Kim Moore 

"I hate it when I lose one sock!' 
(Nathan Hardeman) 

"So, how do you slice tomatoes anyway?" 

(John Heusted, Michelle Turner and Marci Crane) 

-6" 40 

[ PEN] 

artium amatori ac faut 

lason Fallin, taking a 

break from being "How do 1 work the 

"Deli Man" works in things?" 

the dish pit. (Brenda Bennett) 

ames Pierce 
Brian Pinzer 
Tanja Poppek 

Chad Prather 

Omar Reyes 
Andre Rogers 

Michelle Ruby 

Jill Ryburn 

Andy Schmauder 

Richard Senter 

Kelley Sykes 

Adam Talbott 

Mark Tidwell 

John Turner 

Michelle Turner 

"Wow, you can really see 

a long way from up here! 

By the way, who is that on 

the platform?" 

dill Ryburn, David Saine, 

Kent Ryburn, & Michelle 


■-6-' 42 



Susan Martisan's smile 
makes people wonder 
what she's up to. 

Jenna 1 [ahn politely 
denies any requests for 

her autograph. 

Line Veilleux 
Dallas Vogel 
Krista Weidman 
David Welsh 

Alan Wenger 
Simon Whitaker 

Barry Williamson 
Daniel Wiseman 

"Do I taste lighter fluid on those hamburg- 
ers?" (Betty Matthews) 

"We jusl hate getting up for breakfast!" 
(Jennifer Hill. Maria Ask and Bonnie Arnold) 

4?, .^, 

I1I1N it U 

v t b l; r j r i i w 

I Mci A. M.i 


* * 

Bosom Buddies-- Stevo Vuletk 

and Jonathan Olson 

Not so well known fact: 

Black cats (Elise Steers) like 

ice cream. 

Bill Corbin taking a poll... 
"So, you like the blue bath- 
room tile?" 

lennifer Roberts gets creative 

during her quiet time and 

brings out her Crayolas. 

Joel Blackburn flashes his 
debonair grin. 

'Look, Ma! Watch me poke 
my eye out!" (Andy Raehl) 

w^. t 46 

Roomates for now, but 
riends for life (Cobra 
Campbell and Keila 

Cristv Brannon relaxing after 
her victory at the Cream of 
Wheat Bowl 

loci Blackburn 
Melinda Boyd 
Matthew Boyle 
Chuck Braddock 
Keath Butt 
Brooke Chase 

Keith Clayton 
Kimberly Clayton 
Bill Corbin 
Faith Devenney 
lonathan Kdgren 
loseph F.dgerton 

l.uadell Kdmond 
Charles Fox 
Michael Cialdamez 
Bob Gambelunghe 
Reese Gardiner 
Fredrick Ciardner 

47 »-<>" 

Matthew Gardner 

Chris Garrett 

George Gusev 

Keila Gutierrez 

John Hardymon 

Misty Harley 

Cynthia Harrod 

Michelle Hess 

Bryan Hickman 

Jennifer Hill 

Terri Hudec 

Larry Kaufman 

Kristie Kovach 

Gabrijela Lehotski 

Mark Leist 

Rachel Marks 

Mark Merry 

Todd Milby 

Mark Leist doing his La Bamba act. 

"Me Tarzan... Where's lane?" 
(Brian Hickman) 


Mark Merry is 
being strangled 
by Dr. Beyer 
(notice the 
sneakers) for 
failing his 
recent Hebrew 
exam. Bill 
Corbin, stands 
ready to fill in 
should Pr. 
Beyer lose his 

Abigail Miller 
Edwin Mitchell 
Eric Myers 
Doretha O'Donovan 
John Osborne 
Heather Page 

David Peterson 
Crystal Phipps 
ason Pokatello 
Kelli Powers 
Andrew Raehl 
Allen Ratcliff 

Gabriel Ricks 
ennifer Roberts 
licky Roberts 
Bernard Robichau 
Benjamin Rodda 
Amv Pawn Saucier 

Rebekah Schweizer 
effrey Shouse 

[oshua Sierk 
[ennifer Smith 
Teresa Spechl 
ise Steers 

49 ■ -6 

Amy S towers 

' Ion Stoll 

Jennifer Thayer 

Heidi Tuggy 

Theron Warwick 

Elizabeth Weathers 

Susan Wey 

Samuel Whicker 

Michael Wilson 

Brian Woolard 

Amy Stowers enjoys a change of scenery 
while reading theology. 

Lisa Weathers stops to chat 
between classes. 

Mike Galdamez 
studying how to 
be a good hus- 
band in hopes of 
finding a wife. 


Chris Garret always wanted Rebekah Schweizer and 

to be a house-husband when Abigail Miller see the man of 

he grew Lip. their dreams. 

WCBC Top 10 

1. Jesus Freak. DC Talk 

2. Liquid, lars of Clay 

3. Open House, Plank Eye 

4. Todav, lona 

5. Take Back the Beat, Church o\ 

o. I'm Not Afraid. Fleming & fohn 

7. Inside Out, Upside Down. Charlie 

8. Ring True, Poor Old In 

9. Turned to Cold, ITR 

10. Breakdown, Michael W. Smith 

You can tell Brian 
Woolard thinks 
the cafeteria food 
is just like home. 

51 .A: 

I P I I o 

O R B I S 

'Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.' 

I don't know. . . I'm just not 
in the spirit of this thing!" 
(Ioana Achim 

Julie Shire and Jennifer 
Solt marvel at the pro- 
found insights of football's 
inner workings by Bryan 
Beyer and Ralph Enlow. 

"This is the best 'Popeye' 

impression y'all will ever 

see!" (Bubba) 

"I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm bad!" 
(Chandra Briggman) 


The next CARMAN1 
(Matthew Boyle) 

nee arms, two poles, 
I'm doing great!" 
(Travis 1 larvey) 

f ■•$ S: 


loan a Achim 
Stephen Adams 
Ken Addison 
Christy Arnette 
\'an Baird 
Kimberly Baker 

Amy Battles 
Laurie Baxter 
fennifer Berry 
George Brandon 
Thomas Bristol 
Daniel Brown 

[ennifer Buerkerl 

Wanda Burch 
Deborah Burketl 
Staci Caraman 
Corbin Clardy 

Stephanie Clark 

Rehekah Codington 
Kayia Collins 
Charles Conley 
Kevin Cunnup 
Leslie Dennis 
I loward L^iekinson 


Mark Ebert 

lustin Ferren 

Ruth Flinn 

Randall Gottfried 

Faith Gragg 

Jorge Granados 

Elizabeth Gray 

Carrie Gustafson 

Michael Haines 

Kristin Hales 

Jennifer Harris 

Travis Harvey 

Angela Hawkins 

Dominique Hernke 

Matthew Hill 

Ruth Iglesias 

Chris Johnson 

MaryAnne Knowles 

'My hair was not like this when the 

game started. . . I think." 

(Christy Arnett) 



"Do you believe in luck?" (Archie McPheison) 

<^y< 56 

Shannon Odel 
demonstrates her 
serious side during 
Esnopser. Notice the 

color coordinated 
outfit, red nose and 
red skirt. 

Bonnie Trask 
and Heidi 
Tuggy anx- 
iously await 
an opportu- 
nity to serve 
those attend- 
ing the tea 

Carrie Kromhholz 
Christian Laird 
Benjamin Lawson 
Chris Leitner 
fason Lindegren 
Archie McPherson 

David Michael 
Chad Miller 
Carlos Mojica 
David Montgomery 
Richard Moore 
[odi Morrow 

Shannon Odell 
foel Peterson 
Mark Prince 
Monte Reitz 
Come Rice 
Rebecca Rommen 

Kent Ryburn 
David Saine 
Allison Sanders 
Kim Saturley 
Mike Sauder 
Andrew Shire 



Julie Shire 

Ginger Singleton 

Ronnie Smith 

Jennifer Solt 

Charles Stephens 

Andrew Taylor 

Doug Tell 

Aaron Thomas 

Bonnie Trask 

Warren Wall 

Rodney Ward 

Teena Weinsteiger 

Sara Wilkes 

Shane Willard 

Michael Williams 

Rebbeca Winkel 

Heidi Wnuk 

Janelle Wonders 

Rebekah Codington defying her mothers 
advice about faces freezing forever. 

"Hello, Pizza Hut? May I take your order?" (Faith Gragg) 

<> l 58 

Ginger Singleton. . . "Tsang say, 'Study hard. 

VOGUE!! nass class!'" (Beth Gray) 

Top 10 Worship Song s 

Shine, Jesus, Shine 
Wonderful, Merciful Savior 
As the Deer 

Lord. 1 Lift Your S'ame on High 
Awesome God 

Jesus Loves Me (Save Morgan) 
Audience of One 
Cry of My Heart 
0. / Exall Thee 

"Hey Eric, check out Dr. Beyers tie. 

What a weird one." 

(Chris fohnson and Eric Meyers 

participate in Esrever) 

59 .-<*>-■ 

lv n i o 

1 L, IV IV J \ t- w ^^ 

o Richardo Gartho,Gcographi{ ac cfteranini bonani 

Jf r egfjmen 

Often transfer students were classified as freshman and felt like one 
until they adjusted to life at CIU. Anna Echo-Hawk, a transfer student 
from Raven Crest Bible College in Colorado, tries to remember what 
comes next in her class schedule. 


S « 

. + '* 

Robin McElvee tries not to Dennis Cochrane spoke a 
breath in the fames while tribal language in an effort 
cleaning the bathrooms. to get a point across during 


Top 10 Hymns 

1. And Can It Be 

2. A Mighty Fortress 

3. How Great Thou Art 

4. Great is Thy Faithfulness 

5. Amazing Graee 

o. It is Well with My soul 

7. Be Thou My Vision 

8. Victory In Jesus 
c >. Because He Lives 

10. Saered Head S'ow Wounded 

Fran White dons a masquerade mask as 
she helps Man; Ventura make the most of 
her 19th birthday. 

61 »-<Jh 

Getting hired by CIU 

was a beneficial way 

to get involved in 

school. Derick 

Moore discovers the 

joys and pitfalls of 

the dishpit. 

The Unolympics was 
a highlight of Wel- 
come Week. Sara 
Heinz looks on as 
yet another goofy 
game was played by 
*~ an opposing team. 

As the year progressed, freshman soon began to feel at 

home at CIU. Even while being embarrased during 

Esnopser, Michelle Kinsey, Lolly Dunlap, Brenda Flintoff 

know that their friends and the rest of CIU are not laughing 

at them, they are laughing with them". 

her ex- 
citement at 
time with 
her new 
friends over 
a free bowl 
of ice cream. 


Anthea Bisset 

Kelly Blacka 

Rebecca Blacka 

Katherine Bland 

Brook Bledsoe 

Ben Bowers 

Glenn Boyce 

lohn Boyd 

Amanda Brages 

Jodie Braun 

Kristina Brown 

foe] Brush 

9 I 

Reno Buchstaber 
Matthew Caloris 
Queenie Canzater 
Albert Celentano 
lennifer Chadwick 
Allison Chaney 

Elisa Clark 
Debra Clayton 
Ryan Cole 
Drew Daves 
Betsy DiGuglielrno 
Judy Dixon 

Stacey Driggers 
lennifer DuBois 
Laurel Dun lap 
Anna Echo-Hawk 
Sanders Elliot 
Matthew Eusey 

Andrew Fallaw 
Daniel Farrow 
Pamela Ferguson 
lill Finnamore 
Shane Finnell 
Brenda Fl in toff 

Daniel Floyd 
lake Vox 
Ned Cable 
Misty Carbett 
Amy Crates 
Amy Clifford 

Brandon Glenn 
Teressa Gotchy 
William Green III 
Matthew Gregory 
Mythraie Gupta 
Sharon 1 Files 

Michael llaney 
Kevin 1 lardy 
lill 1 Firing 
Sarah 1 lein 
Christine I lerge 
Christy I lines 

63 - V < 

Beverly Holder 

Jennifer Holloway 

Ryan Hostetler 

Christopher Howard 

Theresa Howard 

Sozo Ikeda 

Angela Iyengar 

Hattie Jenkins 

Michael Jensen 

Carole Johnson 

Edward Jones 

Juliet Jones 

Theresa Kauffman 

Michelle Kinsey 

Rachelle Lacey 

Shonelle Leaman 

Robin Lippard 

Jeffrey Lomas 

Charles Luke 
Koleen Marflak 
Marty Martell 
Michael Matheson 
Julie Maxwell 
Rebecca May 


# $ M S 

I ''^M' I 


Katie Bland expresses her disappoint- 
ment at not receiving an expected 

letter from her boyfriend, while Emily 
Morland lends a sympathetic ear. 

Lolly Dunlap and Kristina 

Brown pal around before the 

games feeling even closer after 

sharing bruises and face paint. 

'«>- 64 

Are YOU afraid oi NEEDLES? Rachelle Lacev gives blood 
during one of the many blood drives sponsored by the Student 

$ 3 \<5 

Toni McAndrew 

Angela McCrum 

Roberta McHlwee 

Lance McNeill 
Matthew Midyett 
Derrick Moore 
Emily Morland 
Tyesha Nelson 
Shawn Newcomb 

Julie Oostdyk 

Marco Perez 
Ronald Plocinski 
Amanda Primm 
Amanda Rabon 
Ion Reibsamen 

foseph Rhee 
Leah Riley 

Kristy Roberts 
Amy Lynn Sauder 
Thomas Scaife 
Kurt Scharrenberg 

Teresa Senter 

Casey Shaw 
Elizabeth Singleton 
Thomas Spainhour 
lames Stacy 
Michelle Strayer 

65 »-(J>-< 

Scott Szalwinski 

Seth Talbott 

Mike Tilman 

Caroline Troyer 

Erik Troyer 

Mary Ventura 

Taylor Wagen 

Heather Waller 

Sarah Weicker 

Leah Weiss 

Jon Weseman 

Abigail White 

Chad White 

Frances White 

Angela Whitmore 

David Wilhelm 

Bradley Wilks 

Masashi Yamamoto 

Anthea Bisset, the national squash 

champion of Zimbabwe, demonstrates 

her technique for avoiding fans seeking 

her autograph. 

Intramural sports provided a way to 

socialize, get exercise, and release stress 

at the same time. Volleyball, offered late 

on Friday nights at Ben Lippen, was one 

of the most popular activities offered. 

Christy Hines attended reqularly to 

sharpen her skills. 

,.\, 66 

Formal open dorms provided an opportu- 
nity for the freshmen to utilize their acting 
abilities and have a chance to get to know 
the upperclassmen on their hails. Heidy 
Tuggy and fuliet [ones practice their AK'in 
and the Chipmonks impersonations for 
skit nieht. 

No, it's not a strange 
initiation rite for fresh- 
men, it's just an Esnopser 
thing. Eric Myers and 
Bubba Stephens trv to 
feed Heather as she prays 
that they'll be merciful. 

-¥ ^» 


l \^^m £^h 

r ^1 

i. J 


B*' » 


<S I ffnJfll 

H H 


r " 1 

• 1 


Most of the 
classes for 
freshmen arc- 
in Hoke 
which has 
nice seats, but 
is a little on 
the cold side. 
Heidi and 
Sara cuddle 
together to 
keep warm. 

67 » V ' 

T E R R A i: C O M P E N D 

id RichardoGartho, Geography n< c$;terarum bonanan artium amatori u huil 

(Srabuate g?>tutrent£ 

'Yielded to the cross" is this year's Grad Life Council theme. 


' J 

*'I got a date!" Carol Van Es 
Ann Sumner and Melissa 
Benes share an exciting 

Everyone has their own idea about 
exactly where the center of Biblical 
tension is. Actually these grads 
dressed as Dr. Mullen for Spirit Week. 





Rob Soukup. Patti Koeck, 
Sean Christiensen and 
Gabrijela Lehotski take a 
much needed study break to 
watch the cream o' wheat 


69 «V>- 

Lenna Anderson Ruth Archibald Daniel Bair Robert Balmer Jinhee Bang Chuck Baxter 


Jeff Baxter Alicia Beatty Julia Beermann Brian Belh Melissa Benes Laura Benson 

mm mm 

Du Pre Bingham Brenda Blakely Joel Blakely Dale Boisture Peter Bowers Stephanie Bowmar 

Suzanne Brawley Jeff Brockelsby Thomas Brower Sabine Brueckner Dereck Burnett Daniel Button 

Tracey Caison Tom Campbell Gina Cernilli James Cha Amanda Champion Chian Hui Chang 



"The Dream Team" Anne 
Sumner and leri Wheeler 
work together to prevent 
standard breaking and pro- 
mote curfew as residance 
assistants. Actually, they are 
compassionate friends to 
manv grad women. 

Dorm mates Andre 
Dionne and Will 
Felton find friends 
are never in short 

Ik-Seong Chang Chwen Hwe Chau Sandy Chen Hui-Chun Chen Young loo Choi Sean Christensen 

Sai-Cheong Chu Charles Colson Tracy Conrad lames Coone Onie Cooper Hope Corbett 




Hjarman Cordero Scott Corley Mark Critelli Rebecca Cutrie Matthew Daniels Toni Daniels 

Bertha Davis Clinton Davis Judy Davis Jeffrey DeLeon Yvonne Derrick Andre Dionne 

Syllabus Shock! Amy 

Gates looks in horror 

at her upcoming 


"Okay, so, here's the plan. 

You assign a big paper next 

week, and I'll assign a huge 

project." A secret conspiracy 

meeting to stress out grad 

students takes place bewteen 

Dr. Mulholland and Dr. 


Scott Weiss, Ben Quo, Joe 

Chiu and Mark Peter 

compete to the death in the 

foosball championships 

held exclusively (in their 

minds any way) at CIU. 

«$.* 72 

Heather Downs Kelly LXuvns Gerald Dunaway [eff Dunson Susan Eble Asuquo Edern 


Margaret Elias Robert Embling Paul Engelke lack Epperly Martha Fairer Karen Fancher 

taur t 

Andy Ferguson lennifer Fields lerald Fields Cynthia Finch Rosemary Fitts dan,' Floyd 

lean Flovd Forrest Fortier Annette Foster Richard Franklin Randall Frankwick lulie Galbreath 

Sean Gartland Mar\' Giles 

Scott Glover Sam Goodwin lorge Granados Kerry Greene 

73 >-•;.. 


Jfamilp (groups 

Family Group 24 believes 
in whole life training. 
During chapel we drama- 
tize the parable of the 
talents with Sean 
Christiansen as the un- 
faithful servant. 

"The semi- 
nary experi- 
ence does 
not have to 
be mun- 
dane, stale, 
dry and 
prove that 
having fun 
is a part of 
our spiri- 
tual lives ." 

Heather Downs 
Rob Soukup 

1 * ' V - ■ 

"The men in family group twenty-one discover the power 
of flowers!" (Brent Inion) 

^. 74 

Croquette anyone? Debbie 
Wilson, Suzanne Brawley and 
Kris Richichi fellowship off 
campus. Sometimes you can 
pick your family as these 
second year grads did. 

Cynthia Finch. David 
Roller. Laura Benson, 
Darwin Stoetz and Tony 
Viscioni are not a family 
group but during spirit 
week they bond as a 
rejected tacky family. 

"God is 
able to take 
people and 
make them 
a family- 
one that 
and encour- 
ages each 

Kathi Small 
Brent In ion 

Rich Vande Vegte. Wiull 
Felton and Joshua Yun 
serve lunch to Ann 
Sumner. Melissa Benes 
and Karen Monifar as part 
of their family group 
Hsnopser challenge. 

75 .V>, 

Zachary Guyton 

Neal Hadavvay Chuck Hamilton Warren Harvey Diane Haug 

Jody Hawkins Blake Hedrick Amy Helm Dave Hoffman Doug Hoover Jahn Horgen 

William Howell Peter Hsu Brent Inion William Iraheta Mie Ishiga John Jacobs 

Tracy Jennette Greg Johnson Jill Ann lohnson Jennifer Katona Judy Khuu Ann Kim 

Elizabeth Kimpel leremy Kingsley Markus Klaus Patricia Koeck Kristie Korcha Silvia Krebser 

r^. 76 


left Kroll 

What is harder 
than doing 

Doing them in 
another lan- 
guage! These 
students will 
return to their 
homelands as 
national mis- 
1 lowever, 
during their 
time here they 
become trea- 
sured friends. 

Benjamin Kuo 

Alii Lai 

Dean Lancaster Leann l.andreth Lee 

lohn Hock Siew Lee lennv Lee-Roberts lav Lester lohn LeTexier loseph LeTexier 1 leather Lewis 

77 «Vy, 

Dora Lim Pauline Lim Casper Liou Sherry Lomack David Long Doris Lounsberry 

Gary Lounsberry Erik Lytikainen Tamara Mahoney Matthew Malone Timothy Mares Don Martling 

Dennis Mashiku Joey Mask Varughese Mathew John Mautz Jack McCullars 

Angela Merritt Gerald Mershimer Michael Milam Alec Millen Nancy Miller Yount; Koo Min 

Akira Minatani Ken Moore Rebecca Moser Paul Mosher Charlse Moss Dan Murdaugh 

-<V 78 

Ron Nargi Christopher Newkirk Minh Ha Nguyen PaulNicorvo Michael Nimer David Nissley 

Mark Ortman Frank Palcic Anthony Pantlitz Thilak Pappu Mark I. Paul Leigh Ann Perfect 

Paul Nicorvo and Bill Howell lake time 
to fellowship on a beautiful day. Grad 

students treasure God's provision in 
providing a home at C ILL 

"1 understand your predicament Sam 
(Goodwin), but 1 can only allow you to 
drop three classes." Amy Helm looks on 
while Dr. Mulholland signs Sam's drop/ 
add form. 
Mark Peter Duane Petersen Sylvia Phelps let! Philpott 

79 .-$-. 

Is it really worth it? (Dean 

Casey and Jeff Six dress for 


Inherent or inherited? Amy 

Helm ponders the great 

questions brought up in 

seminary class. 

"I'm just talking to her!" The stressful response of 
a student living in a fishbowl! Dan Button and 
Karen Fancher talk between classes. 


I hate eight o'clock classes! Lena Ander- 
son participates in a skit for women's 
open dorms. 

Peter Hsu and Caspar l.iou fail Friends make grad life 

in their hair care experiment. easier! 

This Esrever challenge resulted 

in a date as the prize for their 


81 »^« 

Sheila Pickard Claudia Pignatelli Denise Posie Mark Powell Steve Pulliam Cynthia Reeves 

John Reilly Barry Rempel Bruce Reynolds Kristine Richichi Jim Roberts Mark Roberts 

Vernessa Rolle David Roller Robert J. Romano Brenda Samuels Stephen Schneider Tim Shine 

Peter Sibande Woh Siew Indar Singh Jeff Six Kathi Small Deborah Smiley 

Joshua Snyder Robert Soukup Stephen Stanford Darwin Stoesz Rohana Sutjiono Yoshiji Takinemi 


Suan-Guet Tan Virginia Tansil Mark Thielke Anthony Thomas Sonnet Thomas Derek Thomason 

homason Famih Stephen Thompson Drew Tilghman Mitch Townley TishaTroike Robert Turlington 

Graduate students from 
many backgrounds find 

friendships that will kist 
a lifetime at CIU. In 
this case Harvest lest is 
an opportunity to lake a 
study break and get to 
know each other. 

83 . -\r 


Ours the Joy 

(Mt. 14:15-20) 

Ours the joy to realize 
All our precious Saviour did; 
Life eternal was the prize- 
So may we in Him be hid. 

Ours the joy to visualize 
All our blessed Lord requires- 
Breaking bonds of worldly ties, 
Rending chains of self-desires. 

Ours the joy to see Him take 
All we have and are - indeed 
Multiply it, bless and break 
Feed the multitude in need. 

Our the joy to see our Lord 
Make abound, to running o'er; 
When we take Him at His word, 
He will bless us, more and more. 

Mildred Sadler 

Leann Landreth 

celebrates a birthday 

with friends. It is nice 

to know someone 

loves you when you 

can't be with your 


I'm gonna eat your face! Dr. Moon and Jody Falloni have a discussion after clas: 

.-<>-< 84 

Graduate women enjoy opportu- 
nities to interact. This time they 
respond to an F.snopser chal- 
lenge by shouting the blessings 
from Mount Kbal. 

Dean of Women Brenda Rich and 
grad women RA's and floor- 
leaders work together to make 
sure every woman on campus 
enjovs the full benefits of life here 
at CIU. 

What was the question again? 
Drs. Howell, Mulholland, 

Sensening, Priest, and Hamilton 
share their current projects in a 
grad chapel. 

85 « ■$ 

{JPfje Challenge 



Cindy Reeves works grading pa- 
pers. Finding a job that fits in with 
the demands of classwork is a need 
most grad students face during 
their time at CIU. 


Sunny Lee gets ready for class to start. 

Our international students take on the 

added demand of learning in another 


Carol Van Ess Jefferson Vann Anthony Viscioni Tina Wade Rachel Waldstein Elizabeth Wall 

Loretta Washington Doug Watson Marion Weaver Scott Weiss 

Alan Wenger 

Coy West 

.-C> t 86 

_— mMm 

Jeri Wheeler Marvin Wilev Deborah Williams Henrv C. Williams Lulu Williams B rendu Williamson 

Richard WiNon Melesse Woletsadik Dawn Wood Schniada Wright Hyang Sook Yang Joyce Yeap 

Sene Ens Yeoh Younu Geun Yu Yeosin Joshua Yun 

tob Soukup. Sean Christiansen, and Neil enjoy good food and fellowship at Columbia Christmas. ClU's annual banquet 
ind music concert. 

87 ..$-. 

our Ikam Cells! 

Heather Lewis works on a paper in 
the computer lab. 

Studying outside may not be the 
best thing to do on a sunny day, but 
for DuPre Bingham, it beats study- 
ing in the library. 

A last opportunity to cram comes at breakfast. James Kent takes advan- 
tage of the one meal where there are few distractions. 


An unidentified student studies in the library. 
The balcony above the reference section i^ a 
great people watching spot (not to mention a 
good place for a study break). 

A grad student does 
his reading assign- 
ment in the few 
minutes between 
classes. Catching a 
few pages here and 
there breaks up the 
monotony and 
means less time in 
the library. 

Scott Hunter looks positively 
enthusiastic about the prospects of 
successfully completing this as- 

Sandy Chen works on an assignment. The library is one of the few semi-quiet 
places on campus in which to study. 

89 .<} 


& ©ap in tlje Xtfe of a 
€3.WL. (Srati g>tubent 

7:59 After getting up late 

seminary student Mark Paul 

discovers he is dressed 


There are two kinds of people living in 

this world. Morning people like 

Melissa Benes. . . 

. and night people living in a day world 
like Kathy Small. 

12:00 loey Mask and 
Cynthia Finch discuss theol- 
ogy over lunch in the cafete- 
ria. Lunch is the best time to 

1 :09 Though your evi 

twin may try to keep 

you at lunch talking-get 

away! Darwin Stoetz 

and his twin wait for 

class to start. 

9:25 Tracy Conrad is ready 

for the second class o\ the 

10:50 Chapel is sometimes 
ead by one of our own. grad 
udent Mike Greiner. 

1 1:40 Robert Balmer 
checks his mail. Checking 
or packages is one way to 
avoid the huge lines at 


5:00 Chris Loose, 
Patti Koeck and 
Mark Twain study 
in the library until 


3:00 Min liar settles down to 
do some work in the computer 

91 -^t 

4» * 

®uv $ acultp $c g>taff 

Dr. Alex 

Luc and 



Inion? or, 


Inion and 

Dr. Alex 


"I can't believe one of my girls would 

break a standard." Dean Brenda Rich 

talks with students as Kristie Korcha looks 

on. Dean Rich is a much looked to 

counselor for the women at CIL1. 

-Q-i 92 

"He's gonna ask me a question. I just 
know it!" Alice Harell talks with Dr. 

Lir. Nancy Click's best TEFL student - her 
daughter, Anne Marie. 

93 ~<J>-. 

David Hoffman and Peter 

Salter take a break together 

between classes. 

Leann Landreth and 

Jennifer Katona work 

together in seminary 


Erik and Lisa 

Lytikainen got 

together at CIU. 

_!■*■■ ■*■ I 

Michelle and Jeff 
Philpott sing together. 

_ m *^,. <#* ■ 


71311* iStl! 

ft "Hi i m m m B * m 




Freezing together in the 

South Carolina weather. 

udy Khun and Peggy Chen 
;it together in a grad 

95 ^, 

i em 1- 




jf acultp Sc ^>taff 

Dr. Jack Layman swaggers across the parking lot on his way to lunch. 




ohnny Miller 
fohn Davidson 
\alph Enlow 
Edward Germann 

\nd there he goes, ladies 
ind gentlemen, the first 
ouchdown of the game! 

Dr. Mulholland posing for 
G.Q. magazine. 

97 •-<*>-. 

Dr. Beyer definitely 
does not throw like a 

Hev!! I know vou!! 

Cliff Bedell 

Richard Belcher 

Steve Bradley 

Anita Cooper 

Dan DeLozier 
Robert Ferris 
David Finell 

Earnest Hack 

Donald Hamilton 

Kay Herbert 

Lindsay Hislop 


You put WHAT 
in my ice 


Have a scat, we don't bite 

Michael Holt 
Don Howell 
Terry Hulbert 
Bill lones 

Donna Krieger 

Bill Lark in 
lack Layman 
David Mash 

Albert McCallister 
Ferris McDaniel 

Allan McKechnie 
I nan Carlos Miranda 

99 » -> < 

Ted Moon 

Bradford Mullen 

Linda Murdaugh 

David Olshine 

Mary Faith Phillips 

Terry Powell 

Robert Priest 

James Roche, Jr. 

im and Anne Wenger enjoy 
an evening during Welcome 

Larry "Stevie Wonder" 
Shackley leading us in 

•<>' 100 

"Beam me up, Scottie!' 

Shir] Schiffman 

Anne Scott 
Ravmond Scott 
Larrv Shackley 

jay Sensenig 
Jim Wenger 
loel Williams 
Connie Wolfe 

One big happy Holt family. 

lack Lavman "waiting for Godot. 

101 »■<*>- 

Today class will be held at 

the Olive Garden. I'm 


What do you mean it looks 
like Greek to vou? 

Sherry Brown 

Elizabeth Brueck 

Steve Brueck 

-S 102 

Teacher's pet? 

Smile Dr. Davidson, your on 

candid camera. 

Mr. President, am 1 correct 
in hearing that you made 
blue jeans legal on Fridays? 

Karl Buzhardt 
Dorothy Byers 

Andrew Calamaro 
Kavlin Calamaro 

103 »^>' 

Tom Campbell 

Ronald Casey 

John Cummings 

Jacqui Curley 

Scott Curley 

Lawrence Dabeck 

Anita DuBois 

Allen Dyck 

Thomas Edwards 

Brent Everett 

Steve Farra 

L.C. Floyd 

Have you seen my daddy? 

Kandy Mulligan mulling 

over the square root of 


•-(J)- 104 

Martha Fulton 
Jennifer Fields 
Warren Gaston 
Fillie Gives 

Fori Gochnauer 
1 lelen Goodwin 
Maura Gove 
William Greene 

Anthony Griffin 
Kay Grove 

Mary Gunter 
Nanette Hamilton 

105 »-<J>" 

Grady Harmon 

Anital Harvey 

J.W. Hayes 

Richard Heath 

James Hesson 

Richard Higgins 

Sally Hohn 

Robert Holmes 

Brad Hoopes 

Valerie Hoopes 

Susan Howell 

Jerome Huggins 

Donald Jones 

R. J. Kennedy 

Peter LaGeorge 

Barbara Lassiter 

Who needs 
Shots" with 
looks like 


Catherine Legare 
Debora Lewis 
Mark Lindsay 
Erie Lochstet 

Ciane Lounsbury 
Margaret MacMillan 
Mary Magi 11 
Patrieia Manioc 

David Marion 
Caroline Martling 
Betty Matthews 
Mark Meehan 

Yvonne Miranda 
Patty Mitchell 
Bill Morgan 
Lee Morris, [r. 

Earnie 1 lack 


107 --<*>-. 

Columbia's dating service. We can fix your problems. 

May I help you? 

Lee Morris, Sr. 

David Morrison 

Kandi Mulligan 

Ruth Murphy 

Michael Neubauer 

Glenn Parrish 

Judy Peinado 

William Phillips 

Michelle Philpott 

Richard Quay 

Tom Raehl 

David Reed 


So Bill, if you were to die 
tonight. . . ? 

Deborah Rcichel 
Brenda Rich 
Paul Roberts 
Winnie Roche' 

Erin Sadler 
immy Sadler 
Cal Schoon 

Cora Scott 

Paul Scott 
Diana Scurrah 
Amy Shaver 
Vivian Shupe 

109 --0-- 

I said, "Abracadabra! Where 
is that rabbit?" 

So, you'll be at the 

tupperware party tonight 


Yes, as a matter of fact, I do 
use pearl drops. 

Dean Slade 

Bill Smith 

Laura Smoak 

Nancy Snider 

Catherine Stickler 

Rick Swift 

Kevin Thompson 

Laurie Thompson 

Roger Tilton 
Michael Todd 
Brenda Trapp 
Robert Tumey 


Register here. 

Preaching's cool!! 

Columbia International 
University . . . can 1 help 

Deborah Turlington 
Paula Ulrey 
Kathy Underwood 
lulie Weaver 

Watt Whanger 
Steven Joseph Wienbrock 
Tina Wilkerson 
Jennifer Wilson 

ohn Wvnn 

111 ■ A . 

Vl M 10 Richardo Gar tlio, Geo graphic a c c^tei 




The Ambassador Choir ministers during Harvest Fest. The Choir is 
composed of students from both the college and seminary. 



V \^ 



++ + * 

Coorbtnattns Council 

Maybe if I cover my car, then lave won't see that 
didn't wash behind it. 

Coordinating Council: David Balk, lave Mor- 
gan. Steve Pulliam. Dean Slade. Anthony Tho- 
mas. Tonv Viscioni, Marion Weaver, Susie Wev. 

113 w^>: 

<§rab Hiit Council 

Graduate Life Council: Mike Greiner, Amy Helm, Kristi 
Korcha, Dr. Mulholland, Anthony Thomas, Derek Thomason, 

Tony Viscioni. 


tubent ^ssoriatton 

I'm hun^rv. ..You feed them. ..5 loaves, 2 
fish. ..Amen. Aha!. ...Pick il up now...." 

Student Association: David Balk, Dr. Bryan 
Beyer, Ben Lawson, Connie Love, Michelle 
Turner, Susie W'ey. 

115 •-$-. 

Senior Class 


Bennett, Dr. 

Ralph Enlow, 

Eric Hathorn, 





Junior Class 

Jaye Morgan, 




Ricks, Jenny 




.-<*>-« 116 

Class Officers: 

Scott Adams, Ed 
Germann, Carrie 
Krombholz, fason 
Lindegren, Andy 
Shire. Bonnie 

Freshman Class 
Officers: Lolly 
Dunlap, Teressa 
Gotchy, Mythraie 
Gupta, Larry 
Shackley, Taylor 
Wagen. Advi- 
sors: Anthony 
Bird song and 
Mil Merry. 

117 w-/>: 

Mtn/Wamtn'x m&'s; 

Men's RA's: 

Mark Critelli, 

Charles Fox, 

David Long, 

Eric Lytikaineh, 

Rick Swift 

Women's RA's: lulia Beerman, Brenda Rich, Ann Sumner, Tina Wade, Jeri Wheeler. 

<<>: ll; 

tubents Jf ellotusiljtp 

Pi-Gamma enjoys the oppor- 
tunity to share Christmas 
How am I going to remember goodies in a cozy evening of 
altthese names? fellowship. 

Yes, it's Michelle Lester with 

her yummy addition to Pi 

Gamma's dessert table. 

Pi-Gamma: Betty Francis, Michelle Lester, Elizabeth Thomason, Jamie West, Leslie 

Wilson. Co-Advisors: Sue Ferris and Anita Harvey. 


tubents jftlobilt?eb for £\)vi$t 

Students Mobilized for Christ: Rodger Aldridge, Line Beilleux. Brenda Bennett, Martha Boothe, Sahrine Bruckner. 
Elisa Clark. Bececca Codington, Bill Corbin, Betsy DiGuglielmo, Misty Garbett, Ernie Hack, [ennifer Holloway, Mike 
lensen. Kane Payne, Mark Peter. Michelle Stayer, Leah Weiss, Chad White, Fran White, lanelle Wonders. 

121 »^>: 

Celebration: Connie Love, Dean Casey (team leader), Emily Morland, Dianne Palmer-Quay, Sam Goodwin, Kristie 

Korcha, Darren Richman, Trisha Troike. 

Celebrate sings 

during Harvest 


'-<>< 122 

Ambassador Choir: (Ladies) [ennifer Berry, Alicynne Boisture, fennifer Buerkert, Magdalena Buliga, Debra Campbell. 
Queenie Canzater, Gina Maria Cernilli, [ill Finnamore, Amy Gates, Mythraie Gupta, Carrie Gustafson, Misty Harley, 
Rits Hawkins. Christy Hines. Shonelle Leaman, Weny Leiva, Robin Lippard, Angela McCrum, Shawn Newcomb, 
Shannon Odell. k'ristv Roberts. Rebecca Rommen, Betsy Singleton, Ginger Shinfeton, Debe Szesko, Michelle Turner, 
(Gentlemen) Scott Adams. Kelly Blacka, Pale Boisture, Jamie bowers, Paul Engelke, G Ned Gable, |r.. Michael 
Haney, lohn Husted. Scott lones. Mark l.eist. Michael Matheson, Aaron Morris. 

123 »^. 

Praise Team: Deborah Burkett, Jeff Lomas, Chris Garrett, Dean Casey, Windy Mauritz, Shannon O'dell, Jennifer 

Berry, Larry Shackley, Scott Adams. 

The members of the Praise 

Team minister to CIU with a 

new song. 

lennifer Berry 

shares her gift of 

vocal talent with 

the student body 

during Chapel. 

dy- 124 


Angie Whitmore mingles with 
the audience after a perfor- 

Rochelle Lacey demonstrates 
some mime moves before a 
Silent Word performance. 




m^ ' 













T ' jjjl 



* "J 



The Silent Word: Ryan Hostetler, Fran White. Toni 
McAndrew, Rochelle Lacey, Angela Whitmore. 


and Fran 
the song 
"I leirloom". 

125 w^>, 

Spotlight Zone: 

Robin McElwee, 

Leigh Ann 

Perfect, Vickie 

Veatech, Skye 


Amanda Primm, 

Amy Saucier, 

Kristin'a Brown, 

Brenda Flintoff. 

H*>- 126 

"What's Lip. Doc?" 

Leah Riley and Andy Shire share the puppets 
with the kids of a local housing project. 

One oi the biggest productions that the puppet team 
->uts on is the Christmas program, focusing on reaching 
ie community's children with the Good News. 

His Hands: Abigail White. lonathan Reibsamen. Kim Saturley 
(team leader). Andy Shire (team leader). Leah Riley, ludv Kay 
Dixon. Yicki Germann, lonathan Germann. 

127 w^r, 

International Team: Ronald Chumum, Rohana Sutjiono, Alii Lai, Caspar Liou, Asuquo Edem. 

Some international team members join with their American 

brothers and sisters in song. 

With hearts as colorful as the clothes they wear, five AsU 
students give praise to Jesu 

M*>-» 128 

!^y^ .1 *J| ^1 

i^B ^L - jHpH^ ^ ^^^B Jl ^^k ^H 

m^ ^N 


' y JMlFlllS 

N'cw Life Troupe: Matthew Boyle. Michelle Strayer, Ed lones, Terri Specht, Matt Gregory, Tony Yiscioni, Julie Shire 
(team leader). Michelle Kinsev, lason Fallin. 

At the Drama Team retreat. Matt Boyle Matt Gregory and Tony Viscioni pour 

learns the true meaning of "...once you over a pile of possible scripts for the 
pop. you can't stop." upcoming year at a fall retreat for the 

Drama Team. 

129 »^>: 

O R B I S T i: R R A E CO M P 

. Richardo Gartho, Geographic ac < cteraruni bonai um artrun 




"Act like I'm 5 years old for a date? Sure, no problem!" 



L— — 



£* Ok 




: F 



CljrtSittan Life 

"Seriously, the fish was this bi^!" Dr Stuart Uri^vc 

131 -f>. 

Welcome Wttk 

"You watch the game. ..I'll watch the girls." 

"You talking to me? You wanna pop my what?' 

'Mooove over Dr. Beyer. We'll take care of today's lecture c 

the cows of Bashan 

.-<*>-. 132 

133 w^h 


Then why are you smiling?" "Because I know somethin 
that you don't know...I am not left handed! 

The extent some 
people will go to 
for a date. 

"I'm a little teapot smart and I thought hand holding 
great. I'll act like a fool, if it wasn't allowed. 
gets me a date." 


"Oh Christmas tree. 

9 , & fa 


"A nose ring...isn'l that 

against standards." 


135 .^. 

Kill! Kill! Kill! 

'I wish I were in Dixie." 

'Hey man, you just split your shorts open, 

»-<>: 136 

No, Alec! You're 

O.K. guys, a little less sweets "Hey Heather, how does 
and a little more soloflex. my pit smell?" 

137 .-$-. 

artiest if e£t 

She comes to the realization that she's 
dressed like a hick. 

It got me . . . the 

balloon got me. 

(Now that's 

what I call ring 

around the 


Cowboy Bob shows his little This job really burns me 

buckaroo's around the old up. 


"<>: 138 

Preparing for the Harvest Fest. 


really does 
work. (Center 

139 «A: 

Somen's; ®pm 2Sorm£ 

Courting the CBS way!! 

Founders 2: cereal killers! 

Basic training for next year's floor leaders 
can be brutal 

.-$-. 140 

Christmas help? 
CIU is always 
coking for employ- 
ment opportunities 
for the students. 

Trust in me... (Jungle Book). 

141 .-<*>.. 

Columbia Cfjrtetmag 

Still crazy (about 

each other) after all 

these years! 

Dawn Wood's, Beth Kimple, and 

Heather Downs enjoy a ' formal" 

evening on the CIU Campus. 

.-$-. 142 

143 .«$-. 

pint Wtth 

Grads enjoying spirit Week 

Mr. Nylon!! 

•-$-< 144 

Phi] Keaggy, experimenting with [aye's 
machine, produces an incredible celtic- 
like tune by sampling a riff backwards. 

Are we cool or what' 

Phil gave an amaz- 
ing show that left 
everyone craving 
for more. 

$!jil Heaggp Concert 

145 -^ 

I^orlb Christian 

Students and faculty were free to interact with the 

mission reps to ask personal questions, get more 

information on their agencies, and get ideas about 

future mission trips of their own. 

Tony and the Book Lady! "No, Tony, you don't look Michael Card, in Columbia for a Concert, surprised everyone b} 
like Sherlock Holmes." stopping by to play a few songs for chapel. 

.-$-. 146 

Dr. lohn Piper, 
he guest speaker 
for World Chris- 
tian Week, chal- 
enged CI LI with 
messages from 
he Word of God. 

"What happens when you die? If 
you've been very good, you could come 
back as a cow! lust think oi it. . ." 

147 .-$-. 

orlb CbentS 

The Atlanta 

Braves win the 

1995 World Series 

over the Cleveland 


Cal Ripken 

celebrates "The 

Streak." Cal 

broke Lou 

Gehrig's record 

for consecutive 

games played 

when he played 

in his 2,131 

game on May 

30, 1995. 

Steffi Graf defeats Monica Seles in New York 
her 4th U.S. Open title on September 9, 

to win 

M*)-» 148 

Sen. Bob Dole. Republican candidate 
for president. 

Israel and the PLO sign a peace accord on 
September 28. 1995 at the White House. 

A . 

^H H^. ^^ — 

^r 1 /HI' 

til ST/Wi 



Irraeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on 
November 4. 1995 bv a fellow Israeli. 

Colin Powell, one-time presidential prospect and author 
of "My American Journey," his autobiography. 


Images from the repaired Hubble Space Telescope. 

The Million Man March took place in Washington 

D.C. on October 16, 1995. It was the 4th largest 

march in Washington's history. 

Columbia's own, Hootie and the Blowfish, came out of 
nowhere and dominated the music scene in 1995. 

Gaseous Pillars in M16 • Eagle Nebula 

Hubble Space Telescope • WFPC2 

Hurricane Opal roared ashore on Florida's Gulf Coast orl 

October 4, 19951 


OJ. Simpson was found NOT guilty on October 3, 1995. 

On April 19, 1995 a car bomb exploded in Oklahoma City. 
Timothy McVeigh was arrested and charged with the 

U.S. Troops arrive in Bosnia on December 24, 1995 on a 
peace keeping mission. 


The former Yugoslavia has been the scene of a brutal civil 
war since 1991. U.S. Troops on a peace keeping mission 
according to the Dayton Accord. 


J5eto H>tubettt£ 

Natalie Abell 

Cameron Bishop 

Kieran Brown 

Joshua Burcaw 

William Burgess 

Heidi Cordero 

David Curlin 

Mi lota Curlin 

Ruth Despres 

Laura Farra 

Stephen Foye 

Dean Jacobs 

Jeannie Kelley 

Thomas Kelley 

Paul Kendall 
Christian Kocherscheidt 

Heather Korb 

Thomas Oh 

Jean Rabon 

Judi Ross 
Jennifer Sherrill 

Kemolet Sims 

Julie Stephens 

Jeff Teeters 

Jennifer Teeters 

Larrick Zirkle 

.-$-. 152 

orm Councils 

Women's Dorm Council: Brenda Rich (Advisor). Men"s Dorm Council: Rick Swift (Advisor), Matthew Boyle (Presi- 

Ruth LaMee (President). Kim Moore (Vice President), dent). Charles Conley (Vice President). Ron Plocinski (Tres.). 

Faith Gragg (Sec. Tres.). Carrie Krombholz. Rachel Roger Aldridge, Sean Christensen, left' Elmquist, Mike Galdamez, 

Allen, fennifer Solt. Shannon Odell. Rebekah Gabriel Ricks, Mark Peter. 
Codington. Chandra Bri^man 

The work load from Ralph Enlow is phenomenal!! 1 wi 
never have time to studv my Hebrew! 

I love working at CI LI!' I sure hope Dr. Beyer gets all my 
work done! 

153 .-$-. 








155 *^: 

-fyt 156 

157 .^. 

cow#iat(date4> me 

@bm o$ 19% f 

May God guide you as you 
enter the world to 
Make Him Known! 

The steps of a good man are 

directed and established by the Lord 

when He delights in his way! 

Psalms 37:23 



, ma/ 


PHONE 803/779-2810 

PHONE 803/732-1555 

'Your Professional Florist Since 1947' 


to the 
Class of 



w sic 



A C H 
S T 

A * S 

O P L E S 


R T - T E R M 
C - T E R M 

1 1 1 1 I I 

Chosen People Ministries 

The staff and Board of Directors of Chosen People 
Ministries wants to congratulate the graduating 
seniors and the rest of the growing student body 
and thank them for believing God's Word 
even "to the Jew first. . ." (Romans 1:16) at least 
in their prayer life, if not in their ongoing 
We would like to give a free gift to every present and 
prospective graduate, a book that will encourage 

you in sharing your faith with your Jewish 
friends, '"How to Introduce Your Jewish Friends 

to the Messiah ." Just call Chosen People 

Ministries at 1-800-621-7360 for your free book. 

Chosen People Ministries 

P.O.Box 195003 

Charlotte, NC 28219-5003 



159 ~$-i 

Thank You For Staying Home! 

by Dhana Lama 

At one time you thought you 
should be a foreign missionary 
to my country. You felt the tug of 
the great commission to go teach 
all nations. 

You were willing to face the 
struggle of raising your own sup- 
port. You were willing to uproot 
your family, leave your job and 
learn a new language. 

But it didn't work out. Obstacles 
blocked your way. You never made 
it to "the mission field." 

Then you heard about Chris- 
tian Aid. You learned that 
hundreds of missionar- 
ies like me are already 
here, serving the Lord 
with indigenous mis- 
sionary ministries. 

We are different 
from you Americans. 
We live on about 
a dollar a day. We 
understand our lo- 
cal culture, cus- 
toms and lan- 
guages. We eat 
the food and drink the 
water without getting sick. 

So instead of coming to our 
country yourself, you got a good 
job and provided support for 
ten of us who were already 
here, serving the Lord. 

So don't worry any more 
that you aidn't make it to "the 
mission field." Rather, I'd like 
to thank you for staying home. 
You would not have been 
granted a visa to enter my 
country as a missionary. The 
only way you could have come 

would have been as a "tent maker." 
Perhaps as a teacher of English or 
a medical technician. You would have 
been required to sign a statement 
saying you wouldn't "propagate your 
religion" while here. 

Over 200 Americans have come 
here that way. Each one requires 
support of about $3000 per month. 
But if they tried to start a church 
they would be put out of the coun- 

Yet we native missionaries preach 
the gospel openly and boldly, even 
if we go to jail for it. We live simply 
and sacrificially. The $30 you send 
monthly for each of us provides our 
full support. Most of us have already 
planted new churches. 

So thank you for staying home 
and sending us out instead, through 
Christian Aid. Please tell your friends 
that hundreds more have finished Bible 
training and are ready to go out for 
the Lord. Right now they are work- 
ing long hours each day to support 
their families and provide much 
needed tithes for their local churches. 
Each time a sponsor sends $30 a 
month* to Christian Aid, another one 
can go out to the mountain villages 
winning souls and planting churches 
where none have ever been before. 

Oh yes, and be sure to tell your 
friends that Christian Aid will send 
the name and photo of each pio- 
neer native missionary they support 
with information about the indigenous 
mission with which we serve. 

As God uses you to provide the 
means, He can use native mission- 
aries like us to finish the task of plant- 
ing churches in every tribe and nation. 

•Average support in rural Asia is $30 monthly. In cities and more developed countries they may need up to $100, or even $200 per month. 
The missionary in the photo is not Dhana Lama, the one who wrote the article. Photo of Lama is available upon request. 


For information on how you can support a native missionary, contact: 

Christian Aid Mission 

3045 Ivy Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 

Phone: 804-977-5650° 


Tow* Quxui*? ^ 

Dr. Dan DeLozier, Advisor 

Kristanna Richardson. Editor 

Ann Kim, Main Photographer 

Brenda Williams, Grad Section 

(clockwise from upper left) 

Jftntal i£>taff 

-^>= 162 

Marco Perez. Computer Tech. 
Elisa Clark, Assistant Editor. 

Esther McCIoy, Photographer, Staff. 
Am- I lelm. Photographer. 

163 >V /; 

jHen'si 0pm Boons 

The Firemen of 

East 2 in their 

"lounge": Dan 

Silvers, Roger 

Aldridge, Randy 

Gottfried. Drew 

Daves, David 

Long, Andy 

Shire, Dmitriy 


(clockwise from 



Reibsamen, tries 

to woo visiting 

women with 

words of love. 

(center picture) 

■-<>-: 164 

Sarah Weicker and Koleen Marflak make their way through the jungle, aka West 
1, as they visit the guys. 

Eric Meyers enjoying the aerial view o\ 
his surprise B-day party, along with 
Ren. during Open dorms. 

Abigail White. Jennifer Soli, and Brenda Bennett revel in the attention 

om the guys on the floor with balloon flowers and poetry readings, 

"Urn, Dean Swift' I've got a ^ 1 rl in here. Is that a problem?" (Amy 
Battles and Steven Palin). (left) 

165 .A 

"Come on, Martha, pleeease let me hold it.' 
Derrick Moore, Jonathan Reibsamen, Martha Bootle. 

Chris lohnson heading over to join 

Kristina Borown at Petty's Banquet 


Rachel Allen and Andrea McKee make sure that lohn Edgren stays on 
his side of the sofa, while Amanda Burgess spies on the rest of the 

hall's activities. 

»-r>. 166 

Carrie Krumbholtz and Stephanie Clark have 

their ducks (Jeff Elmquist, Chad White, Chad 

Luke) all in a row.. .or are they? 

Womtn'g 0pm Bormsf 


ff Elmquist 
enjoying the 
generosity of 
Petty 1. ( Left) 

Roger aldridge 

serenades Dawn 
King while fohn 
Boyd looks at 
pictures. (Right) 

"Archie, quit doing homework! We've got a lady 
in the room!" (Archie McPherson, Sarah 
Weicker, Bert Daniels) 

Natalie Abell beatino Dan Silvers on her 4-D tic-tac-toe game 

167 .-$-. 

Robin McElwee and Amy Sauder performing a 
skit with the Spotlight Zone. (Right) 

Angie Whitmore, Fran White and Dr. Miller try to figure out 
what's up in the sky as the mime team performs in the festival. 

K>: 168 

list 3 friendly, hoarded guys 
with guitars. (Roger Aldridge. 
Chrisi Garrett, and [el 

treet jfesttbal 

169 •<, 


The only time 

beach balls are 

allowed in 

Chapel is during 

the mayhem of 

the Columbia 


Larry Dabek and 


Bedell. ..grill 


David Olshine, 

the featured 

speaker for the 


illustrates his 

point of the high 

cost of following 


Columbia '96 

"OK, tough guys. Prop and give lis twenty." [onathan Reibsamen and 

Amy Clifford enforcing family group #5. (Left) 

For the opening ice breaker games. Drew Tilman. lennifer Hill. Tina 
Wade, and Alee Millen facilitate the games and enforce the rules. (Bot- 

Registration went smoothly thanks to 
the hard work of the support staff. 


Lisa and Da\'id Balk lead their group through the jungles of Shortess. 

171 ~<j>.. 


Clockwise from upper Right: 

Micheal Holt, Scott Weiss, 

Beth Wall, lay Trimean and 

the Ambassador Choir. 

Tin hee Roberts and her father enjoying the reception. 

Man' Faith Phillips smiles, knowing 
there's a whole new class of Bible 
teachers being sent out to the World. 

The Faculty and Staff, looking lofty and academic in 
their robes, added a touch of class to the ceremonies. 

Richard Senter amid the crowd after graduation. 

173 ■■/ 


«^>: 174 


Clockwise from left: Ralph Enlow, Anthony 
Birdsong, and Charles Anderson (and family). 

175 -^.