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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation funding 






"Zahlt df Contadr 

Student Xife. 1Z 

lAwdtrmulr. 34 

Gradr. ...70 

Jkcxtty /Staff. 90 

OrmHiz&twns. 110 

Event. 1Z6 

Uhdepc. 1S1 

74-35 JvtoKtkdld 
Columbia, SC 29230 

The 1997 Finial is dedicated to an individual who demon- 

strates the fullness of the Git motto/'To Know Him and To 

Make Him Known." The Finial is dedicated to 

Ralph Enlow 

Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Dr. Ralph Enlow is Columbia's definition of a Rena.issa.nce man, both corporately and 
personally. He's read it, tried it, taught it, articulated it. In his Zlyears on the faculty and staff 
of Columbia International University, it seems that he has done it all - Admissions Director, 
Alumni Director, Assistant CBC Dean, CBC Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs. He's 
even worked in the dish pit'. 

Ralph does nothing halfway. His brilliance and commitment paved the way for doctoral 
studies at the Qeorge Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt University and for his return 
to Columbia Bible College as Dean and then Vice President of Academic Affairs tor CIU. He 
has proven himself as a consummate leader and education. 

He's also been a choir leader, Sunday School teacher, an occasional preacher, a team leader 
for European study tours, outfielder for the faculty Softball team, missionary instructor in the 
Ukraine and a local church elder. He's been a friend, encourager, partner. With his sweetheart 
Valerie, whom he met at CBC and married in 1 977, he's raised a pair of fine children, Ralph and 

It is with heartfelt pain that I commend Ralph 

to his new role as Executive Director of the 
Accrediting Association of Bible College. I 
will miss him. He will always be both a col- 
league and a friend of mine and CIU. 

Johnny Miller 

I count it a special honor and privilege to have 
worked with and for Ralph from 1986 until 
i\ow. I have apprecaited his character, his 
leadership, and his softball ability, and sense 
of humor, but most of all, his friendship. 

Bryan Beyer 

Columbia is better because Ralph invested twc 
decades of his life here. An incredible admin- 
istrator and team builder, his leadership will 
be missed. Unfortunately, the faculty/staff 
softball team will lose a great outfielder! 

Ken Mulholknd 

i( yn%^ 


tHe sceKric Route 

5A s A? 

Johnny V. Miller 


Columbia International 


Dear Class of 1998, 

We have experienced exciting victories during this 75th Anniver- 
sary year: financial blessings, answers to prayer, new construction 
and changed lives. It has been a momentous occasion to hear God's 
voice and to watch God's ways. May we never forget or doubt 
these mountain-top glimpses ot His glory. In fact, may such joys be 
regular, and never routine! 

Authentic Christian living is Victorious Christian living. That does 
lot mean that such a life is effortless, painless or problem-free. But 
it does mean that it is powerful, because it is lived in His power, not 
my own. This much is clear from our year verse, Zechariah 4:6: 
Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord. 

The life of the Spirit is, indeed, the authentic Christian life. He has 
ascribed plainly in Scripture the will and ways ot God. He uses 
those same Scriptures to convince us of sin, righteousness, and 
judgment, teaching us to trust and hope in the Son. He brings us to 
our knees before God and lifts us up to love our Father. He anoints 
us for our ministry, and fills us with His holiness. He overflows our 
lives in love, in service and in song. 

Cherish and nurture this life of the Spirit. Be eager daily to trust 
and obey. Look to Kim for all that He wants to give you. And may 
the Lord Jesus Christ become more precious to you moment by 
moment until we are finally caught up to meet Kim in the air and 
to experience the ultimate victory, the greatest anniversary of all. 

In Kis grace, 

)ohnny V. Miller 
January 1998 

"Not by might, nor by 

power, but by my Spirit 

says the Lord" 

Zechariah 4:6 

Dr. Miller interviews Carmella Broome 
"Poppy" during chapel. 

if 9) 


Columbia International University 

Austin, III, LB. (1994) 

President , Austin Building Corp. 
Chattanooga, TN 

Bailey, Donald (19*53) 

Billy Graham Evan^. Assoc. 

Asheville, IN 

Berg, Rosalie (i9Si) 

Educator, Columbia, SC 

Blackwell, Delanie ( 1 99> ) 

Educator & Homemaker 
Columbia, SC 

Sowers, deTreville (199s) 
Associate Pastor, Cola., SC 
Brandt, K.onrad(i996i 

Director, Marbursjer Mission 
Marburg, Cj-ermanv 

Dent, Betty (1993) 

Laity: Alive & Serving, 
Columbia, SC 

Finzel, Hans d 994) 

E.xec. Dir. CBIutl., Wheatou, IL 

French, Russell (1984-92, "95) 

Prof". UofTenn., Knoxville, TN 

Lorittsjr. Crawford (19S4) 

National Dir., Legacy, 

Union City, CtA 

McKinney, Lois (i9$7) 

Prof". PEPS, Peerfield, IL 

Merry, Frank (1976-&7, '90) 

Construction Consultant 

Lexington, SC 

Miller, Johnny (1991) 

President, CI U 

Moreland, David ("19940 

V.P. shell Point Village 
Ft. Meyers, FL 

Norris, Robert (1974) 

Pastor, Church at Sandhurst 



Pastor, Trinty Pres. Church 
Montgomery, AL 

Young, Charles (1997) 

Pastor, Ebenezer AME Church 

Net Picture J 

Davis, Phillip (1997) 

Director, New Congregation Implementation 

North American Mission Board 

Alpharetta, CtA 

Ryan, Marquis ( 1993) 

President, Ryan, Oeer &: Company, PA 

charlotte, Nc 

Board of Trustees 

Dr. Ian Hay 

Dr. (jeorge Murray 

Mr. Marvin Schuster 

Mr. Harold Weaver 


Vice Chairman 



Sebrlng, FL 

Wheaton, IL 

Columbus, c>A 

Columbia, SC 

Retired Director Emeritus, 

(general Director, TEAM 

CEO, Schuster Enterprises, 

Bank. Consultant 

Sudan Interior Mis 







(Year listed is the year they joined the Board.) 

New Board Members '97 

Vr Miller, surrounded, by Hoard 
Members, leads the Univeristy in 
the ground breaking cermonles for 
the new seminary building. 

Induction of Charles Young 
and Phillip Davis by the 
Executive Committee of the 
Board during chapel. 

hi 11 

§-( 12 H 

oLLeR skatiNCj, 





Ed (ke.rm2.nn questions the ingre- 
dients of Rodney Ward's salad. 

David Michael smiles in relief, but 

Drew Taylor is still shaken after 

driving over a parking median. 


« ^^""""N^l 


; fcttOMt I IhBmJB^^H 



ft difl^Hi 


i I 1 

just the 28 of us! 

The group enjoying a meal out. 

"Are you sure we're going 

the right way, honey?" 

"Ed, it's a CIRCLE.'" 

The few, the loud, the barely awake 

The group prepares their S AM 
horn-honking strategy. 

"On Dasher, on Dancer...." 

Kim Sa.tu.rley, Allison 

Sanders, Christy Rich, and 

Rebekah Coddington 

found the local wildlife 


"Pizza. Pizza" 

What did the Seniors 


do on the trip? They 
ate. ..and ate. ..and ate. 

mm W 33 

Outstanding in their 

■ s f~r^^B- 


The senior sneak's 
youp shot. 

Mindy Boyd, Rebecca 
Winkel, Beth (krey, 
Heidi Wnuk, and 
kimberly Baker wait tor 
the Dixie Stampede to 

Spontaneous worship sessions 
were enjoyed during the trip, 
highlighted by Mindy Boyd's guitar 
playing and (Jringer Singleton's 

The Mona Lisa's first praise and 
worship experience. 



Looking studious and single, the book 

store could be just the ticket forgetting 

a date. Brandon Wells just happens to 

be studying for his upcoming Marriage 

and Family exam. 

A "study date" over coffee was a 

great excuse for many couples to 

spend some time together. 

Amanda Burgess and Drew 

Carmichael appear to begetting 

some studying done. 

People's hidden interests can 
often be discovered through the 
books they choose to look at. 
Christie is amused by the histori- 
cal novel that her fiance Dan 
Newbanks has picked up. 

See? Married students do have a 
social life'. Shannon andjason 

Lindegren and Jeft and Stephanie 

Shouse enjoy themselves over 

dessert and coffee. 

Sometimes a change of scenery 

isjust the thing to help studying 

go better. (Chris Kaight) 

Pairing up with a friend some- 
how always makes things a little 
easier, even homework. 

Gjroup study session or social 

ur? (Ruth Kjlesias, Carrie Payne, 
John Bciyd) 

torn Campbell was there early 
enough to grab a comfy chair. 

Dr. Brad Mullen led 

prayer (or the new 

Seminary building as the 

groups meditated on 

God's faithfulness. 

The 75th prayer day was 

conducted differently from 

previous prayer days. Grouped 

alphabetically, students and 

faculty rotated through several 

designated locations for times 

of focused prayer. 

One of the designated places was 

in front of Memorial Dorm, 

named in honor of the men that 

had come from CIU and had 

given their lives for Christ on the 

mission field. Tom Edwards 

explains the display of the 

martyrs and their families before 

leading the group in prayer. 





Under the shadow of the prayer 
towers, a constant reminder to 
trust and obey, the groups 
gathered to offer thanksgiving to 
cj-od for Kis provisions through 
the years. 

The cafeteria thoughtfully 
provided warm apple cider for 
the groups as they went from 
station to station to help combat 
the dampness of the day. 

In front of Memorial the prayer 
was focused on those on the 
mission field, those who were 
headed there, and the families of 
the martyrs from Oil. 

&,( 22 S 




. ,-r- ^ -- ^ 

mf r?m* f & *M:- 


m/" »S 

Drew Edwards, Chris 

Tuggy and Craig Tuggy 

demonstrated the 

proper way to hold a 


Andy Raehl and his 

HUBm^B KAte -^i^fl 

shadow juggle 


Jerome Huggins and 
Rebecca Winkel minister 
together at the do Show. 

£0 SHOW 1997 

Music was the most 

popular talent 

brought to the Qo 


Does Heather Tuggy 

know that two 

gorgeous guys are 

sitting next to her? 

Chewbacca guards three pretty mean 

iookingguys. Are those polyester suits 

they are wearing? 

/ 28 j3 

5J 26 

Dick Corely and Rick Thomas were speakers at 
this years Cjo Conference. 

Music was provided byjaye Morgan, Ta_ylc 
Wagen and Roger 

£o coJsrfeReisrCe '97 

Special times together 
allowed students to 
relax and enjoy the 

Jonathan Reibsamen, Q-o 
Committee Chairman, goes 
over some last minute 
details at the Conference. 
Jonathan is surrounded by 
the students who gave of 
their time to organize the 

Heidi and Bill Corbin catching some 
down time during the CtO Conference. 
Both served on the Qo Committee. 


Student Life 

Friendships grow strong and 

long at CBC. (Derek Hastings 

and Matt Eusey) 

Cj-rad students enjoy a time of 
fellowship before chapel begins. 

Chris Tuggy dons a cap to 

protect himself from the cold 

SC weather. Perhaps a full 

beard would help Chris. 

jomthin Reibsamen snows u 

how his dental check-up went 

"Look Ma, no cavities!' 


Sometimes the only date a girl 
an get is from a guy in Memo- 
rial 3. 

How do I £et rid of it now? 
(Chad Luke) 

. MWJ* 1 ': 

** * I ' ji '■■ 

Hfef 1 

■» ■« 


J*T Sfll^k 

f ill 


"ifl i 

\x ■'•■ ft 



dLa^s officer: 

piteSiSejsrt: VKjotbw Ward 
viCe-pRe£i5eKrt: Scott GLcUm 
seCRetaRy: 5ilLm%ScoUm 

a5viSOR: 'EclG-trnami 

Beth Qray and Heidi Wnuk, 

long time friends, still found 

time to enjoy each other, 

despite hectic Senior year 


Achlm, lona. ' 
Adams, Stephen 
Aldridge, Roger I 

Allen, Burke 

Ba.ird, Van 

Baker, Kimberly 

Ba.umga.rten, Re'anna 

Berry, Jennifer 

Boyd, John 

Boyd, M.indy 

Br'iggs, Allen 

Bristol, Thomas 

Buerkert, Jennifer Kayiin 
Cherono, Pa.ul 
Codington, Rebekah 

Coffey, Jennifer 

Conley, Charles 
Curlin, Milota 
Daniel, Bert 

Charlie Conley, Bob 
Cra.mbelun.ghe, and James 
Minindis discuss upcoming 
assignments and haw they can 
still accomodate their social lives 
with school work. 

C( 39 } 

"1 remember worship 

chapels that blew me away 


with (rod's iwesomeness 

1 W A 

and flipping out over El. Ed. 

*< — #j 


Heidi Wnuk 


Dickinson, Howard 

Echo- Hawk, Anna. 

Farra, Laura 

Qeer, Ruth 

Grotchy, Teressa 

(jragg, Faith 

(5-ray, Elizabeth 

cj-reen III, Trey 

Haddad, Alena 

Ha[[, H.R. 

Hayes, Carol 

Hernke, Dominique 

"1 remember enduring 

many hours of Rebecca 


Jm ' 

Winkel's documentary of 

our Junior trip to Table 


Kimberly Baker 


"I remember hanging out 
with the guys in the dorms 

and getting to know them 
on a personal level." 

Ron Vlocinski 

"I remember worship- 
ping and praying to the 
Lord with brothers and 
sisters from around the 

Chris Ruisel 

:f:;::: fMfe 

Hill, Ashley 
Hill, Matt 
Hilliard, Chris 
liiglesias, Ruth 

Johnson, Chris 
Johnson, Susan 
Kinney, David 
Korb, Heather 

Krombholz, Carrie 
Lacy, Derek 
Lacy, Stephanie 
Lawson, Ben 

&-( 41 

Lindegren, Jason 

Lowe, Kristina 

Luke, Chad 

McElwee, Robin 

McKissick, Dana 

Michael, David 

Miller, Lisa 
Mojica, Curios 
Murphy, Pete 

"Uhhh, I think this bubble 

is part of the 

is it the remnant...actually, 

I think it's Esther." 

(Ruth Iglesias and Allison 



ed ^eRmaisrN, advisoR extRo5iNaiRe 

how Has He HeLpeo you? 

Roger Aldrid^e - "He has shown 
me that mature men can Still 
enjoy a nice cold Yoohoo drink." 

Rodney Ward - "He has been a 
real eruoura^ement to me, He is 

the MAN.'" 

Rehecca Winkel - "When I wanted 
to he discipled he went out of his 
way to find a lady to meet and 
prepare me for Japan." 

Ron Plocinski - "He presented me 
with a holy passion and desire to 
know Crod in an intimate and 
powerful way." 

Monte Reitz - "In a fi^rative sense, 
he represents the 'heart' of CM. It 
is through him that I fully came to 
understand CI It's true approach to 

Chris Russel - "He has challenged 
me on the issue ot holiness. I love 
him as a brother in Christ." 

Charlie Conley - "I always looked 
forward to his stories during chapel 
messages. He challenged me to he 
real and transparent. 

hiisly, JaneMe 
Odell, Shannon 
Pedrick, Bob 
Pierce, .Steven 

Pokatellc, Jason 
Prince, Mark 
Raehl, Andy 
Ra^lanci, Brett, Jonathan 

Reitz, Monte 

Russeii, Christopher 

Sanders, Allison 

Saturley, Kim, Jennifer 

Scurrah, Raina 

Shouse, Stephanie 

Singleton, dinger 

Stephens, Paul 

Stevenson, Sky 

"I remember John Piper, 

"Jackie and Joan," Jimmy 

Sadler, Johnny Miller, 


Monte Reitz 


"I remember the night I 
met Marci Crane at Krispy 
Kreme during a hail date 
my first semester at ClU." 

Charlie Conley 

remember getting 

Roger Aldridge 

'I remember being tied to 

the floating picnic table 

and left for dead." 

Rodney Ward 

Strajnic, Suzanne 
Taylor, Drew 
Thomson, Janet 
Trask, Bonnie 

Tuggy, Chris 
Underwood, Kathy 
Ward, Rodney 
Welch, Dennis 

West, Debbie 
Winkle, Rebecca 
Wonders, Janelle 

While Ginger Singleton and 
the rest of the dass mull over 
the assignment, Christy Rich 
seems a bit distracted, prob- 
ably with thoughts of being at 
a coffee house somewhere. 

dLass officer : 

bResSeNt: SctkTdbo-tt 
7iCe-pRe^i5eisrt: falidte^JdKcr 

tR.ea5UR.eR: TycrLt Nelson 


How do 

you deal 



Brinda flintoff tries to run the bad 

into the end zone after making an 

interception on the one of the last 

plays of the girl's football game. 

"Qet on a squish 

court with Dr. 
Oishine and make 
him think he's win- 

"I go out fishing with 

my roommate, Matt 

Beyer, at Lake Murray 

or go to sleep'.' 

"I talk to other people 

about what is putting 

stress on me." 



AntJiea Bisset 


Leslie Ryan 

Abell, Natalie 

Allen, Staci 

Almack, Heidi 

Andrews, Heather 

Beyer, Matt 

Bisset, Anthea 

Bledsoe, Brooke 

Braun, Jodie 

Broome, Carmella 

Brown, Kristina 

Burgess, Amanda 

Barkman, Charlotte 


What do 
you do to 

"I take it out out 

Tumey, when he 

comes running down 

the hall." 

Tyesha Nelson, Sky Stevenson, and 
Abigail Miller enjoy an afternoon 
of sunshine at the Point. 

"I rest, spend time in 
quiet or listen to 
relaxing music." 

"I go crusing with my 
lovely bug and I listen 
to the Supertones in 
concert md dunce in 
the Spirit." 


Christy Hines 

Masashi Yamamato 

Clark, Elisa 
Csuti, Lauren 
Denmark, Buddy 
DiGrUglielmo, Elizabeth 
Dixon, Judy 
Drake, Worth 

Eusey, Matt 
Flintoff, Brinda 
Foye, Stephen 
Liable, cj-arry 
Gable, Jessica 


do to relieve 

Buddy Denmark 

"\ run around 

M3 acting crazy 

and stupid!" 

Alisa. Wonders 

"I go out and 

exercise and it 

helps to relax 

and clear my 


Cj-uerra, Ryan 

Grui.ll.en., Robert 

Hawkins, Angela 

Yterge, Christie 

Mines, Christy 

Howard, Chris 

ikeda, Sozo 

Jackson, Crabriel 

Jensen, Michael 

Johnson, Matt 

Jones, JuXitt 

Kimble, Andre 

Matt Johnson, aka, "Captain 

Awkward," showing off a 

smooth move at class chapel. 

Kinsey, Michelle 
Labreccjue, Judith 
Lacey, Rachelle 

Law, Leah 

M.atheson, Michael 
Maxwell, Julie 
Mccormick., Asenath 

Mccrum, Angela 
McElmurray, Christopher 
McNeill, Lance 
Moore, Derrick 



^^^ * 

"Htoji.-. ^flR 

o|k ^Sp|r , ■ 



~iBBr L « 

5 --'■■«.—. £> 1 



lg£\ Im!/ 

"Don't even think about 
asking for a bite of this." 
(Alisa Wonders) 

Mike Matheson, fixing the 
"within standards" dancing 
partner for M3. 

Heidi Almack, one of the 

many smiling faces on 

Founders Z. 

Abigail Miller ^ets ready 
for soccer practice. 

Morrow, Slcye 

Nelson, Frederick 

Nelson, Tyesha 

Newcomb, Shawn 


Payne, Karie 

Perez, Leah 

Pierce, Corr'ie 

"You the Man.'.'" ( David Olshine exhorts Matt 

Angela Hawkins gets ready to 
open another gift at her 
surprise 21st birthday party. 

Rommen, Rebecca 
Scaite, Thomas 
Scharrenbere, Kurt 
Scott, Andrew 

5haw, Stucy 
Silvers, Elizabeth 
Singleton, Betsy 
Talbott, Jennifer 
Talbott, Seth 

Turpin, Mike 
Wagen, Taylor 
White, Chad 
White, Rebecca 
VVliitmore, Angela 

Wilks, Bradley 
Wilson, Richard 
Wonders, Alisa 
Yamamoto, Masashi 
Yarbrough, Tom 

hi S3 

cLass officer 

a5viSOR XmnMcWfllkm 

pReSic)eNt Tom (jrewry 

viCe-pReSic)eNt ^KaraiMajseM 

^eCRetaRy TbtrtimjMCrwt 

tReaSUReR Melody Olackot 


Ailed, Roger Andrews, Mark Bailey, fCimberly Bowdlerjeannine Burnett, Joshua Ckase, Sara Conrod, Natftl 

Anderson, christa Arvold, christian Baker, Tracy Brown, Tina Carmichael, Drew Cochran, Jason crane, Lauij 

Senior Rodney Ward^ives Troy 
Krombholz a dose of brotherly love 

»f 56 B 

j Voyou have any Hermaneutics i 

I'm. living one. 

Drew Edwards 

"I haven't started my mid- 
term and it's due tomor- 
row along with two other 

Daniel Harms 

What's wrong with Cr.iig Fuggy? 

A. He is allergic to Paul 
Zimmermans' display of 
brotherly love. 

B. Matt Tumey ate a few too 
many black beans for lunch. 

c. Andrew Morrison convinced 
him that this look is popular 
with the ladies. 
D. James Lewis just reminded 
him that their hermaueutics 
project is due in 5 minutes. 

"I still haven't done study 
guide #8 and I think we 
are now on #15?.'!" 

"Watching an inverted 
"Herb & Harriet" at 8:00 
in the morning." 

Cory Wing 

James Lewis 

Zrowe, Ashley 
Davis, Mary 

Demi, Jennifer Erb, Kathy 

Dickerson, Richele Farrajon 

Fields, Rachel Fleming, Joshua 

Fils-Aime, Edmcmde Fraser, Brett 

Cj-ray, Saundra 
Gregory, Tom 

Qunderson, Jessica. 
Oj-upta, Sushil 

H 57 M 

Harms, Daniel 

Hastings, Derek 

Hazeltine, Michael 

Kendrix, Ray 

Heskett, Benjamin 

Hood, Richard 

Hooker, Altie 

Huyck, joy 

James, Kelly 

Jenkins, Kattie 

Kauffman, Theresa 

Kephart, Anna 

Katlvy Leider takes a moment to "cheese" 
for the camera, during Sophomore class 

%( 58 

Mr & Mrs. McWilliams 
sing in perfect har- 
mony tor Sophomore 

Crabr iel Jackson 
working the crowd at 
open dorms. 

Krwnbholz, Troy 
Kyzer, Su^ir 
Lavvson, Nathan 
Leider, Catherine 

llwewllyn, Lisa. 
Lomas, Rebecca 
Lucas, James 
Massy, Karen 

Matthews, Meredith 
McAnaYew, Toni 
Mccrum, Destiny 
McLaughlin, Ainanda 

Metcalf" Brent 
Mikolajczak, Erin 
Miller, Allison 
Miller, Lori 

il S9 Jf 

Morgan, Victoria Pope, John Shore, Stacey-Jean 

Morrison, Andrew Racicot, Melody Snipes, Timothy 

Mu.rda.ugh, Daisy Rubnik, Qerald Stancik, Sarah 

Nuttal, Stephen Shelley, April Stansell, Sarah 

What's your best excuse for handing in any assignment latei 

Cathy Leider, 

Kath_y Erb and 

Cory Wing sing 

along during 

worship in 

Sophomore class 


Don Hall shares 
his infectious 
smile with his 

fellow students. 

Rebecca Lomas - "Umm, late? 

Josh Burnett - "My aunt's dog died and 

it was in her best interests for me to 

send her a card and encourage her to 

move on. This took up so much time I 

didn't get my hermaneutics done." 

Rachel Fields - "I didn't feel like it'" 

Tiffany Mowry - "I was caught in a huge 

wind tunneL The voices in my head 

were telling me to turn back, or die. So I 

turned back, fought my way out of the 

wind tunnel, only to realize that I 

couldn't do the assignment because 

Natalie had duct taped me to my bed 

and broken my handsl" 

For Sara Chase's birthday, some friends made 
ler the center of attention and did a cheer for 

Nathan Conrod and Anna Kephart look at 
things from different perspectives while 
focusing on the meaning of" life. 

Wood, Armisha 
Zimmerman, Paul 
Zimmerman, Tana 

Suits, Anna 
Sumner, Aaron 
Sykes, Katliy 
Taylor, Earnie 
Taylor, Charles 

Terry, Mark 
Thomas, Joy 
Toler, Deanna 
Tuggy, Craig 
futherow, Catherine 

Watkins, Pai^e 
Williams, Rodney 
Williamson, Brian 
Win^, Cory 


M 62 J 

Jonathan Andrus eating 
at a favorite CIU 
restaurant, chik-Fil-A. 

Atwood, Bryan 

Bartz, Wayne 

Belk, Aimee 

Benton, Lydia 

Binder, Jake 

Brant, Mark 

Bright, Daphne 

Brueck, Caleb 

Campbell, Melissa 

chalk, Jeanne 

Bethany Hawkins 

"Being stuck on campus 
24/7 (24 hours a days, 7 
days a week) with no 
where to go, nothing to 
do and now way to get 

Adams, Michael 

Andrus, Jonathan 

Atkinson, Amie 

Wayne Barts 

"How much the faculty 
wanted to impress on us 

that Crod (oves us and 
how devoted they are to 
showing us that truth." 

$( 64 J$ 

Eric Flintoff proves 
that fast because he's 
in college doesn't 
mean he can't enjoy 
matchbox cars 

Charles, Mary Heath 
Chelaeat, E^line 
Christensen, David 

Crowe, David 
Vispennette, Abe 
Enlow, Ralph 
Bremic, Elizabeth 
Fansher, Anne 

Flintoff, Eric 
Floyd, Sabrina 
Cj-ale, Angela 
Gardner, Lolly 
Gr'ieson, Dawn 

Joanna Jones 
"Missions class! 

Catherine Oliver 

" The genuine love 
expressed for others in 
the day-to-day living." 

tf 65 Jk 

Qlisson, Keleigh 

Cjreen, Matthew 

Kagerup, Heidi 

Hall, Donald 

Hammond, Jeremy 

Haney, Susan 

Hartman, Kevin 

Hawkins, Bethany 

Henderson, crystal 

Hill, Amy 

Hunt, Seth 

Ishikawa, Hiromu 

Johnston, Chris 

Jones, Joanna. 

Jones, Robert 

Jones, Sarah 

%( 66 

Peter Teske checks out 

his Welcome Week 

notebook to see which 

churches he might visit. 

Crlenn Towery 
showing off his 
blocking skills. 

What has been, 
the biggest 
change/ adjust- 
here at Colum- 
bia Interna- 
tional Univer- 
sity 7 . 

"It's cold, up here!" 

"it's warm, down here!" 

Matt Simmons 

"Being surprised by (kod 

as He blessed me in so 

many different ways 

through faculty, 

students and staff each 


Allvson Peckiiam 

Kennedy, Kimberly 
Kirker, Kelley 
Labrecque, Ronald 
Lacey, Heather, Douglas 
Lenart, Stephan 

Moor, Laura 
Moore, James 
Newbanks, Paniel 

hlorris, Melissa 
Oliver, Katherine 
Pawlowslci, 5tan 
Peckham, Allyson 
Pikus, Jesse 

What has been the biggest change/ adjustment for you here at Colum- 
bia International University? 

Chrb Vice 
"Having to sit down and 
study as opposed to a 40 
hour work week. Here 
at CI U I Have a 60 hour 
study weeks!" 

Heidi Schmidt 

"(rod has placed me into 
a lot of situations where 
I have nothing and no 
one to rely on but Kim. 
He's shown me just how 
faithful He is." 

Pomeroy, Christina 

Rogers, Michael 

Rowell, Andres. 

Ryan, Leslie 

Sakovich, Amy 

Salter, Michael 
Sanders, Chris 

Schmidt, Heidi 

ichultz, Kate 

Shaping, Ryan 

Josh K.egg displaying his penchant 
tor animated facial expressions. 


Ed Stewart wishes a girl was passing the ping-pong ball to him instead of Ryan Shupii 

Catherine Oliver andjulie Murray Freshman class worshiping the 
giving their brains a rest after Lord during one of their 

Western Civ. chapels. 

Simmons, Matthew 
>iuith, Derrick. 
Stuart, Ed 
Su.dd.eth, Jason 

Teste, Peter 

Tice, Chris 

Towery, cj-lenn 

Tuggy, Heather 


Van Steenis, Jennifer 

Wall, Sherry 
Williams, Leah 
Withers, Christina 
Yeh, Peter 
Youngblood, Elizabeth 

fkeSHmaN cLa$$ of 2001 

Columbia Biblical 

Grad Students 

t( 70 Jt 

Addington, Laura 

Akins, Melvj. 
Albright, Becky 
Alder, Darrell 

Allen, Alice 
Allen, Jennifer 
Allenrs, Jefrery 
Almaclc, James 

Amar, 5teve 
Andes, Scott 
Angow, Nathan 
Arneson, Stephen 

Atkinson, Lirry 
Arten, Karen 
Atten, Thomas 

Construction on the new addition 
to the seminary began the Fall of 
'97. Following a. ground breaking 

ceremony the sound or construc- 
tion trucks could be heard through 
the spring semester. 

Batmer, Robert 


Barnes, Ronnie 

Baschm, Monika 

Beklman, Brian 

Belli, Brian 

Bennett, Frances 

Bent, Criry 

Beoren, Andrew 

Bishop, Paul 

Blackburn, Joel 

Btamberg, Howard 

Drew T'dghma.n checks out his teet after a soccer 
^ame! What is_that he's pulling front his foot? 

Andrew Beoren, Martin Ford, and Barry 

Lippert provide soothing dinner music to 

some young eligible ladies during lunch. 


if 7z) 

Boggess, Beth 
Bouabre, Bouazo 
Bouabre, Catherine 
Bowman, John 

Bracken, Suzanne 
Brasher, Jennifer 
Brasher, Joy 

Brenuan, Robert 

Brock, Nate 
Brown, Jennifer 
Brown, Paul 
Bucher, Chris 

Bert Daniel and Mari Herna.nd.ez enjoy 
a break from grid classes. 


£5 ^P 


Robert Baimer is all smiles 
during Welcome Week 


f \ 


Mari Hernandez puts the finishing 
touches on a paper. 

Matt Eusey talks with Rod Arters about 

what life will be like once they make it to 

grad school. 

Buckheit, Timothy 

Buliga tvtagdalena 

Burcham, Alii 

Butter, Crale 

Button, Daniel 

Cairns, Bradley 

Carter, Sarah 

Cern'dli, Regina 

Chan, Choy-Leng 
Chang, ik-Seong 

Chapman, Andrea 
Chen, Hui-Chun 

Welcome Weekerad ^uys stack up 
with the best. Is Brent Inion really 
standing on the dining rooms 

Sarah carter and Karen Moinifar find peace 
and quiet in the library. 

Colson, Criarles 
Cook, Charfeue 
Cook, John 
Corley, Voreen 


Cota.relo, Andrew 

Crawley, Polly 

Crowe, Amy 

Cureton, Ray 

Curry, Steve 


Uall, Marie 

Devine, John 

Edmond, Luadeii 

Englishmen, Amy 


Fart, Anna 

Fancher, Karen 

Faria, Christopher 

Felder, Cfauderte 

FioreUo, Michael 

Fieck, 5andra 

Fletcher, Ted 

Ford, Martin 

Frederick, Ken 

Freeman, John 

Frost, Ron 

Fu, Lisa 

Crates, Michelle 


Construction work begins on the new 
seminary building. The Alumni Build- 

up is in the back.grou.rici. 

Tom Phillips takes advantage of early 
registration tor his son. 

David Wu and Arthur Hall compare notes 
after one of their seminary theology 

Why are these guys smiling? Could it be that 
lunch is only a reach away? Or is it because 
they just ate lunch. (Paul Bishop and James 



George, Susanna 
Crete' Raymond 
ci-ilbert, William 
erilliam, Lindsay 

CAisson, Mary Ann, Kristi 

Cjvifiin, Rebecca. 

Gtrooms, Frederic 

Cru.sta.tson, John 

Haddad, Charii 

Kail, Chester 

Hall, Sarah 

Harper, Crystal 

Harwood, Joseph 

Hays, Valerie 

Hazeres, John 

Cheryl Washington and Brian 

Carr take a moment to rest and 

fellowship in the^rad break 

room. What flavor of coffee 

they drinking 1 . 

-.. •■>■ -> 


W^^ mt 


' ^TLjJl 

. pic 

^ ^ 

■ mm . 

'.'"'""■' ^^^fc" \ » * 


Nate Brock and Larry Johnson 
enjoy the delicious refresh- 
ments the cafeteria provided 
over christnias. 

Heidt, Chris 
Heier, Paul 
Kein, David 
Hernandez, Mari 

Hodowal, Melissa 
Hoffman, David 
Horton, Brad 

Howe, David 
Howell, William 
Hsu, Peter 
nion, Brent 

efferson, Robert 
Jero, Chris 
Joelle, Betty 

M 79 1 

Johnson, Varlene 
Johnson, Karen 
Johnson, Larry 

Johnson, Yoshimi 

Jones, Alan 

Jose, Pamela. 

Kan, Chui Mat 

Keightley, David 

Barbara Wood andjohnjemar 

diligently prepare for Brad 

Mullen's next exam. 

Jeri Wheeler always has a smile at 
helpful advice for students in nee 

Kringline, Michael 
Kurani, Martin 
Lamp, Angela. 
Lee, Ching-Lan 

Lee, Young'Choon 
Leigh, Shonna 
Lenz, Chris 
Lester, Jay 

Lewis, John 
Lindner, Allan 
Lippert, Barry 
Livesay, Milum 

Lodge, Yosta 
Lomack, Sherry 
Lombard, Etienne 
Long, Dave 

David curlm shares his basketball 
secrets with Patrica Toland 

This mound of dirt will soon be the 
much needed seminary building. It 
was exciting to watch the construc- 
tion take place throughout the 
Spring semester. 

Long, Judith 

Loose, Chris 

Luther, Tara 

Lynn, Tammy 

Malone, Matthew 
Matigum, Aden 
Mannon, David 
Mautz , Edward 


Mcclenaham, Bruce 

McKie, April 

McKiiion, Billy 

McKillop, Brian 

Moinifar, Karen 

Moon, Shelby 

Moore, Ben 

§M 82 

Edmond D'Cruz shares his 
musical talents during his 
internship with the church 
planting program.. 

Moore, Cjre^ory 
Moore, Kelly 
Morris, Kim 
Morrison, Fitz 

Nakamura, Akihiko 
Nam, Moonjung 
Nauru, Cjlenca. 
hlmna, John 

Nascente, Aciaumir 
Nd.ubu.isij Grodhey 
Niedzielski, Robert 
Hong, Suzie 

Bryon Sellers shires with 
Andy Warner the new Tar 
Heel defense Strategy. 

O'Rourke, Regina 
Oates, Ruciy 
Oh, Thomas 
Ohlin, Diane 

Ohlin, Paul 

Oliver, Misty 
Osuch, Venn 
Palcic, Frank 

Patig Chris 


Parker, Adrian 

Payne, Sulvan 

Peterson, Ouane 
Phillips, Thomas 
Philpott, Jeffrey 

Philpott, Michelle 

Pickard, Sheila 

Pinzon, Elvia 

Polk, Erie 

Sherry tomaclc is teaching a VBS 

program during her internship with 

the church planting program.. This 

unique "Boot Training Camp" prepares 

seminary students in the ministry of 

church planting with Juan Curios 

Miranda directing. 

Poole, Mel 
Posie, Denise 
Poteet, Patrick 
Powell, Ruth, Elan 
Reeves, Cindy 
Reeves, rim 
Reid, Dale 

Rudolph, Walter 
Sellers, Byron 
Shin, Constance 
Sitton, Sandra 

Smalley, Tod 
Soby, Aaron 
Stafford, Elaine 
Stanford, Stephen 

Steiner, Christopher 
Stevens, Stephanie 
Stiffler, Kelly 
Stringer, Jeremy 

Sumpter, Barbara 
Sutton, Annette 
Swenson, Jerry 
Tang, Tracy 

Taylor, Sandy 

Taylor, Steve 

Taylor, Susan 

Taylor, Wes 

Teeter, Jennifer 

Temples, Robin 

Terrell, Frank 

Thayer, Qabrijela. 

Thomas, Dalik 

Thomas, Oebra 

Thompson, Joseph 

Tilghman, Andrew 

To land, Patty 

Turner, Michelle 


linruh, Paul 

Vierkler, Kasia 

Vobtad, Steve 


Wagner, Dennis 

Martin Ford, Steve Mclntoshjeri 

Wheeler and Lisa Kuxman enjoy a 

curb side sent (or the "Cream-cf- 

Wheat Bowl." 



Steamshovels and other 
large, noisy vehicles became 
regular sights as the semi- 
nary construction work 

Waldstein, Rachel 
Warner, Andrew 
Warwick, Theron 
Washington, Cheryl 

Watson, Doug 
Weeks, Clay 
Westbrook, Jeffery 
Westbrook, Susan 

Whiteman, Richard 
Wiley, Marvin 
Wilkerson, Len 
Williams, Roman 

Williamson, Barry 
Wilson, Richard 
Wood, Barbara 
Wu, David 

Yoder, Rachel 
Yujin, Kim 
Yun, Yeosin 
Zurburg, Kurt 


The Best of The Rest 

Vue to technical difficulties beyond our control the following students did not appear with their 
respective class. The Yearbook deeply regrests this error and apologizes to these students. 


Allen, Staci 

Birkenholtz, Patty 

Burke, Allen 

Caraman, Staci 

Ebert, Mark 

Ferren, Justin 
Crraeff, David 
Haines, Mike 
ttattie, Jenkins 
Jauch, Ralph 

McCormick, Asenath 

McEfwee, Robin 

Montgomery, David 

Moore, Richard 

5aine, David 

Sanders, Paul 

Smith, Ron 

Szalwinski, Scott 

Troike, Jennifer 

Wilkes, Sara 

Williams, Michael 

Wilson, Michael 

Wnuk, Heidi 



Barrett, Dan 
Bowers, Jamie 
Burgess, Chapin 
Chebon, Joshua 
Fredrick, Yvonne 

(cues, Ed 

Kauffinart, Theresa 
Rogers, Tim 

silvers, Dan 
Tumey, Matt 

White, Abigail 


Hibbett, Lorali 

Kelly, Bridget 
Lewis, James 
Mueller, Simone 


Codington, Rebekal 
Dunaway, cVeralii 

Katona, Jennifer 
Mask, joey 
hAcCoy, Keith 
Rajamani, Rani 
Walston, Vaughn 


p( w 



Presidents Cabinet 

Johnny V. Miller 

John Davidson 

Bob Kallgren 

Ralph Enlow 

Executive Vice President Vice President corporate Planning Vice President Academic Af'fai 

Ed Germann 

Vice President student Affairs 

Bryan Beyer 

Academic Dean, l'Bl 

Ken SAulholhnd 

Academic Dean, CBS 

Ed Lj-ermann, only the eyes know. 
Ralph Corduan, a sound man. . . 

Robertson McQuillan is still a 
classroom favorite both at 
Columbia Bible College and in 
the Seminary. 

Andrews, Evelyn 


Atkinson, &ayle Auld, Steve Banks, Cathy Bedell, Cliff 

Accounting Manager CSC Bible Teaching Secretary Music Dept CSC Anthropology 

Bedell, Frank Belcher, Dick Beyer, Bryan Bisesi, Mary Blackburn, Callie 

Stewardship Rep C&C Pastoral Studies CBC Academic Dean Asst, VP Student Affairs Asst, Stewardship 

Bradley, Pat Bradley, Steve Brannan, Cheryl Bristol, Jenna Brown, Carmen 

Secretary Youth Min. Director CSC Field Ed Secretary, CBC Dean Secretary AIS Switchboard 

Joel and Becky Williams listen to 

Dr. Miller during the CIU Annua 


"So, how does it feel to come up to 

the front fo the diss like this?" (Al 


Brown, Sherry 
Director PR 

Brown, Walt Bryant, Steffie 

Admitting/Research Asst, CBS Field Ed, 



Burgess, Lil Burlingame, Joyce 

Business Office Sect. Columbia. Ext. 

Burns, Brion, Andrew Campbell, Alex Campbell, Tom Catoe, Jackie 

.student Life Dean Computer Network Director Financial Aid Business Manager Accounts Payable 

Cheeks, Nancy 
CBS Faculty 

Colson, Jeannie 

Research Asst 

Commodore, Andrew Cooper, Anita. Corbin, Heidi 

Plumber CBC Dir. Bible Teaching Data Processor 

Patty Mitchell diagrams Dr. Millers 
bus_y schedule. 

David Mash, a native of Texas, 
^ives Bob Kall^ren a real burger 
to eat (hat optional). 

Cordaan, Ralph Cummings, John 

Vabeck, Larry 

Directory, AV Services CBC Education Asst Director Recuritment 

Davidson, Bill 

CBS Faculty 

Davidson, John 

Executive V.P. 

DeLozier, Oan VeLozier, Lanie DeRenzo, Claudia Dixon, Larry Dubois, Anita 

CBC Dir Communication Transcript Facilitator Mail List Coordinator CBS Faculty Asst Muslim Studies 

Easaw, Yvonne 

CBC Psychology 

Edgerton, Joe 

Asst Dir. CBC Adntis 

Edwards, Tom 

Director Alumni 

Enlow, Ralph 

V.P. Academic Affairs 

Eremic, Sarah 

Dean of Women 

Dr. Johnny Miller acknowledges a 
CIU employee during the Oil 

Aniuul Reunion. 

Jerry Reece and "The Cfrill." A 

popuLv destination at lunch for 

faculty, staff md students. 

Fahringer, Helen Farra, Steve 

Academic Records CMC Dir Psychology 

Ferris, Bob 
CBS Faculty 

Fields, Crlenm 

CBC Faculty 

Finnell, David 
CBS Faculty 

Fiorello, Robin 
Secretary, Physical Pit 

Floyd, L.C 

Fox, Srenda 

secretary, Alumni 

Frappier, Mark Fulton, Martha 

Electrician Field Ed. Supervise 

(randy, Claudia 
CBS Evangelism 

Cj-aston, Warren 

Grermann, Ed 

V.P. Student Attain 

Gives, Lillie (Joodwin, Helen 

Accounts Receivable Secretary, CBC Ed. 

Joel Williams enjoys teaching small 
classes. Here Scott Adams and 
Rodney Ward help out. 

Two of ClU's Physical Plants 
finest, Lee Morris Jr. and Thomas 
Hall , enjoy a day away trom the 


Greene, Tom 

Music Oir. WMHK 

Qunter, Mary 
Secretary, Bookstore 

Hack, Ernest 

CBC Faculty 

Hall, Thomas 


Hamilton, Don 

CBS Faculty 

Hamilton, Nanette Harmon, Jr., Grady Harvey, John Havens, Joan 

AIS Cataloger Security /Safety Oir. CBS Faculty CBS Faculty 

Hayes, J.W. 

Post Office Supervisor 

Hayner, Tina Herbert, Kay Hickman, Crystal Higgins, Kick Hislop, Lindsey 

Sec. Student Affairs CBS Faculty AIS Circulation Asst CBS Faculty CBS Faculty 

Mark, and Leticia Meehan and Larry 

and Susan Warner fellowship during 

the CILi Annual Reunion. 

Ralph Enlow and Brad Mullen at 

the Seminary groundbreaking 


§>( 96 )§ 



Kodges, Igou 
CBS Faculty 

Hodges, Linda 

AI5 Serials Mgr 

Hohn, Sally 
Records Assistant 

Holmes, Bob 
News Dir. WMHK 

Kolt, Michael 

CBC Youth Ministries 

ttouser, Betty Howell, Von 

Secretary, CBC Dean CBS Faculty 

Ftulbert, Terry 

CBS Faculty 

Jones, Bill 

CBS Faculty 

Jones, Don 

Director Personnel 

Kallgren, Bob 

Kennedy, Jr., R.J. 

Kennedy, Silly 

V.P. Corp. Planning Dir Broadcast Services 

King, Roy 

CBS Faculty 

Larlcinjr., Bill 

CBS Faculty 

Two men, two missionaries, two 

lolars, two wonderful protest 

Dick Cot-ley md Cliff Bedell. 

Bryan Beyer helps a new student 
move into the dorms during 
Welcome Week. 

|/ 97 yS 

Larson, Carol 
Asst. Doctoral Studies 

Larson, Warren 

CBS Faculty 

Lawrence, Anna 

Asst, CBC Field Ed 

Layman, Jack. 

CBC Bible 

LeTexier, Joe 

Teaching Fellow, CBS TEFL 

Lindsey, Dick Lloyd-Jones, Esther Lomas, Christie Lowe, Heather 

Asst Dir Physical Pit Campus Visit Coord. Grounds Super custodian 

Lowe, Jeremy, 

Teaching Fellow, CBS TEFL 

Luc, Alex 

CBS Faculty 

Lytikainen, Erik Marion, Keith Marshall, Jim 

Asst Dir, Financial Aid Special Asst President Cjen. Manager, WMK/v 

Mash, David 

Director AIS 

Frank Bedell and Rick Swift ponder 

the significance of the video camera 

and its impact on the future. 

Jim Marshall and Dave 

Morrison both of'WMHK 

display the Marconi Award. 

■ ■ .'';. 


Mask, Maura Mayden, Betty McCallister, Al McDaniel, Chip 

Admin Asst, CPs TEFL 

CBC Dir., Hunutiitit 

CBS Faculh 

McKechnie, At 

CBS Faculty 

McKillop, Cj-loria McWilliams, Kevin Meehan, Mark Meserve, Q-ard 

Admin Asst, Recruitment CBC Dir Intercultura! studies CBC Assistant to Dean Dir Comp Services 

Mites, Oonna 

Sec. Ministry Teams 

Miller, Carrie Miller, Johnny Miranda, Juan Carlos Miranda, Yvonne Mitchell, Connie 

Fin Aid Prog Asst President, CIU CBS Faculty Dir. CBC Admissions CBC Faculty 

Lil Burgess makes the most of any photo 

Sarah Eremic, "the Ad Lady" 
types an upcoming event for 
iorm students. 


i \ e 


Mitchell, Patty 

secretary, President 

Mitchell, Sue 

Sec, Cj-rad Faculty 

Moon, Ted 

CBC Elementary Ed. 

Morgan, Bill 

A/C Technician 

Morris, Jr., Lee 

custodian Supervisor 

Morris, Lee 


Morrison, David Morrison, Marilyn Mulholland, Ken Mullen, Brad 

Oir. Network Services Bibliographer CBS Academic Dean CBS Faculty 


Mulligan, Kandi Murdaugh, Linda 

Sec. VP Corp Planning CBC Elementary Ed 

Murphy, Ruth Newkirk, Chris Nguyen, Minh Ha 

Academic Records Asst CBC Assoc Dean Comp. Programmer 

m ff-«c jCwpsK- 

Sally Hohn always has a smile 
vhenyou come to the registrars 



O'Vonneli, Brian 
Dir., CBS Admission 

Fin Aid Asst 

Oshine, David 
l'Bl Dir Youth 

Osterlund, David Owens, Dianne 

CBC Dir Music Pro% Secretary, Personnel 


1-5 ^V 


Paracheta, Angle 
Secretary, Registrar 

Parrish, (rlenn 

Post Office clerk 

Patterson, Brian 

Asst to Controller 

Paul, Andy 

Office Assistant 

Phillips, Ken 

CBS Faculty 

Pinzer, Brian Priest, Bob ?usey,)oy Quay, Rich Raehl, Tom 

Bulk Mail Coord. CBS Faculty Shipping/Receiving Comp. Programmer Broadcast Technician 

Ed Stuart provides a different 
outlook to those checking out 
resources from the library. 

Tammy Tumey and Steve Brueck 

eck the computer tor student 
graduations requirements. 

ft, J 

Reed, Dave Reichel, Debbie 

Pro-am Dir., WMHK Min. Resources Dir. 

Rhodes, Jo Ann 

Tech Ser. Librarian 

Ritchie, Cathy 

Sec, Stewardship 

Roberts, Paul 

AIS Ref. Librarian 

Roberts, Sandra Roche', Jim 

Secretary, CSS Dean Dean, Columbia Ext. 

Roche', Winnie 

Payroll Clerk 

Schiffman, Shirl 

Oir. Instruct Oevel 

Scott, Anne 


Scott, Ray 

CSC Vacuity 

Scurrah, Scott Seffinga, Jim 

Comp. Network Super Asst Qroundskeeper 

Shackley, Larry 

Six, Jeff 

CSC Music Dir, CBS Admissions 

The WMHK on-air personalities, Julie Weaver mans the phones. Julie 

Dwi^ht Mofritt, Tom Qreene, Dave is responsible for the registration 

Morrison, Ed Stewart and Dave process at CIU. 
Reed with the Marconi Award. 



Slade, Dean 
Dir. Payroll/Benefits 

Stuart, Ed 
circulation Supervisor 

Smith, Bill 
Stewardship Rep 

Stewart, Ed 

WMHK Announcer 

Steyne, Phil 

CBS Faculty 

Sweatman, Steve 

CBS Faculty 

Swift, Rick 

Asst VP Student Atfai 

Tansil, Jenny 
Word Processor 

Stradcutter, Cheryl 

Admin Assistant 

Thompson, Karen 
Sec, Computer Services 

Thompson, Kevin Tilton, Roger Trapp, Brenda Tumey, Lee Tumey, Tammy 

Auto Mechanic Bookstore Manager Sec, Academic Affairs Facilities Services Mgr Records Supervisor 

You hear her more than see her. 
carmen Brown greets callers to Clll. 

What a group! Betty Ftouser, 
Helen croodwin, Randi Mulligan 
and Cheryl Brannan enjoy lunch 

Uecker, Milt 

Ullrey, Larry Underwood, Kathy Viscioni, Tony Wagner, Larry 

CBC Director of El. Ed. Associate Registrar Sec, Executive V. P. Dir. Ministry Teams CBC Pshchology 

Waller, Melissa Weaver, Julie 

Sec, Student Affairs Registration Supervisor 

Whanger, Walter Wheeler, Jeri Willcerson, Tina 

HV AC Tech Vea.n of Women Sec. Fin. Aid Prog Coord 

Williams, Joel 

Wilson, Jennifer 

CBC Oir. Biblical Studies Asst Dir. CBC Admis. 

Wolfe, Rigba 

Physical Plant Oir 

zurBurg, Rochelle 
Secretary. Admissions 

Rick Swift and family enjoy a tiring 
evening at CIU. 

Ralph Enlowjr. tries to get some 
pointers from his dad on how to 
handle Bryan Beyer's OT exams. 


Chapel Speakers 8z Muscun 

Chapel is a special privlege for Oil. We hear from some of the best speakers and musiciar 
On these two pages is a sample ofCrod's blessing during this 75th Anniversary ye; 

Mary Faith Phillips 
CV>C Faculty, retired 

David Petty 

Henry Blaclcaby 

Dr. Michael Ross, Pastor 

New Ebenezer Baptist Church 

Joe Aleppo 

President, Aurora Ministries 

Will Norton, Sara Petty, Tom Petty, 

Aileen and Dou§ Kracht. (The lady 

next to Will is Tom Petty 's nurse.) 

Rev. Steve Cloud, Past. 
Northside Baptist Church 

Larry Shackle_y, Faculty 

Bryan & Shelly Mitchell (Shelly 
is promotions directer for Oil's 
station, VVRc'M, in charlotte, 

Wayne Thorton, Sen lippen 

Student (son of Jan Thorton, 


Michael Rogers, CBC student 
Shawn Newcomb, CBC Student 
Jaye Morgan 
Suzanne Bracken, CBC Student 


surrounded by the CIU Board, Dr. 
Miller leads the University in 
prayer of dedication at the ground 
breaking cermony for the seminary 

Henry was the speaker 
for Christian Life Conference, Fad 







W^i "$< ■' \ ! 

A backhoe stands ready to begin 
the seminary building. 

S-f 108] 

E PA* 



TO M*** 




^/m v 

Brian Williamson phys in front of the 
new LlU sign in Shorten. 

Ian Hav andjohnny Miller at ground 
breaking cermony for seminary building. 

"NOT By 

Wil Norton, a Distinguished 
Alumni, speaks in chapel. 


One of the many 75th projects 
was the rennovation of Shortess 

109 ) 

New Seminary Building Begins 



:1 fl 

^ ..ajv- 



J^^K** 11 

, ■■; ;:s> 

W 1/ 



hi til 


Spotlight Zone 

Spotlight Zone (I-r): James Moore, K'unberly Kennedy, 

Drew Edwards (leader) , Cathy Lieder (leader), Kathy 

Josh Kegg, Shonna Leigh. 


New Life Troupe 

New Life Troupe (l-r): Jill Finnamore, Lauren Csuti (leader) 
SAelisa. Norris, Drew Carmichael, Mark Brant, Ruth Q-eer. 


Silent Word (i-r): Bridget Kelly ( Leader), Christina Pomeroy, 
Joanna Jones, Joshua. Fleming, Jennifer Demi, Andy Raehl (Coach). 


Ambassasor Choir 

Ambassador Choir (l-r): David Osterlund (Director), Sarah Carter, Evensil Ko, lolly Cj3.rd.ner, Jamie Bowers, 
Bethany Hawkins, Shawn Newcomb, Anne FansherJefF Westbrook, 5imone Mueller, Rebecca Rommen, 

Michael Matheson, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer VanSteenis, Rachel Fields, Cjlen Toweryjr., Edmonde Fils-Aime, 

Sky Stevenson, Kelly Moore, Dennis Welch-Leader, Joy Kuyck, Leah Law, Kathy Miner, Nathan Lawson, 

Christy Hines, Angela Qale, Marie Cjieseni, Matthew Qreen, Aimee Belk, Sherry Wall, Christine Johnson, 

Earnie Taylor, Tyesha Nelson, Laura Welch. 

SJ 1 15 

Everybody and 
Their Brother 

Everybody and Their Brother (l-r): Eric Meyers 

(leader), Betsy Singleton, Andrew Taylor, David 

Michael, (finger Singleton, Lance McNeill 

Freshman Class Officers 

Chris Johnson (Big Brother), Joel Williams (\dvisor), Glenn Towery (Treasurer), Kelly Kirker (Vice President), 
Heidi Schmidt (Secretary), SAindy Boyd (Big Sister) Not pictured: Wayne Bartz (President) 


Mens Vorm Council 

Lance McNeill (Memorial 2 floor leader), Rodney Ward (West 1 
floor lender), Ed Jones (East 2 floor leader), Drew Edwards (West 2 

floor leader) 
Not pictured: Chris Lenz (East 1 /basement floor leader), Jon Farra 

(Memorial 3 floor leader), Ken K.irby (Dorm Council Advisor) 

R.A.s: Sammy Whicker, Trey Green, Will Felton 
Not pictured: Scott Andes, Brent Inion 


■ ■■■. • '■■ 

• V TO - ''• - 

ill R^ - '''*«'•' 

^ T^&*sZ 

- < 

~*> ' "" , ~ jF^* 

Womens Vorm Council 

Kristina Brown (Petty 1 floor leader), Sarah Stansell (Walker 1 floor leader), Sarah, Eremic (Dorm Council Advi- 
sor), Leak Law (Walker 2 floor leader), Brinda FlintofF (Petty 1 floor leader), 
Allison Sanders (Founders 3 floor leader), Shannon Lindegren (Founders 3 Floor leader), Natalie Abell (PI floor 
leader), Heidi Almack (Founder's 2 door leader), Michelle Kinsey (Dorm Council President), Angle Whitmore 

(Dorm Council Vice President) 

Not pictured; Jennifer Brasher (Petty R.A.), Peggy Chen (Cluster 2), Kristi Qounoud (Crrad R.A.), Susan Johnson 
(Walker Basement), Karen Massy (Walker R.A.), Sarah Meeks (Cluster 1), Skye Morrow (Dorm Council Secre- 
tary /Treasurer), Janet Thomson (Founders R.A.), Rebecca Winkel (Founder's 3 floor leader) 

Coordinating Council 

Matt Malone (Presiding Officer), Rick. Swift (Advisor), Hugo Cheng 

(President (kra.d Life Council) , Jeff West (Vice President Married 

Student Fellowship), chuck Taylor (President Married Student 

Fellowship), Chad Luke (President Student Association), Julie 

Maxwell (Vice President Student Association) 

The Coordinating Council ponders 

the meaning of life, nature and the 


, ■ . h 


Student Association 

Julie Maxwell (Vice President), Chad Luke (President), Jennifer Talbott (Treasurer), Bryan Beyer (Advisor), 

5teve Foye (Secretary) 

"Hey look, the Holy Land; 
"Isn't that Isaiah?" 


Qrad Life Council 

Matt Malone (Vice President), Chris Newkirk (Worship Coordinator), David Wu (Treasurer), Dr. Ken 
Mulhoiland (Advisor), Hu^o Cheng (President), Dariene Johnson (Secretary) 

Not pictured: Sarah Meeks (Social Coordinator) and David Mannon (Communications Coordinator) 

tHe yeaRBook staff 

Elisa Clark— Editor-in-Chief 

Sara Chase— Assistant editor 

Oan VeLozier— Advisor 

When he's 

taking your 


Daniel Harms— 
Main Photographer 

When he's 
taking some- 
one else's 

When he's 

plain, old 



Natalie Abell, Kim Bailey, Faith <, David 

Michael, Rebecca. Winkel. 



tee ec)itOK/,S pa^e 

Well, as the editor this year, after all of the pages I've designed for the rest of the school, I decided to 
tike this pa^e for myself so I could thank all ot the people who've helped in ways that would otherwise go 
unnoticed, but who were essential, just the same. (For those of you who know me, you may want to scan 
this page for your name to see if you're mentioned.') 

Dr. Dan, thanks for bein^ a surrogate dad and for helping me get past my many failures this year. 

Mrs. Dome Dunlap, a big tha.nk.-you. for helping me pass Field Ed! 

Dr. McCallister, thanks for a wonderful class in which I learned something. 

Dr. Farra, thanks for providing Christian insight into the human psyche and for many 'Farra-ismsl' 

My family, for understanding why they hadn't heard from me in weeks because of deadlines 

and for footing the bills. 

5ammy and Drew (Thedford), thanks for many Wednesday evenings that were well worth the trip— nougat 

nose, SAFETY, theological discussions, coffee and dessert-many fond memories! 

My dearest H, I am indebted to you for your friendship and to your family for the second home. My 

counseling services are always at your beck and call! 

Amanda, we've survived yet another year, with one more to go! Thanks for trying to keep me in line and for 

being a part of the old school remnant. The coffee's always brewing and I'm always procrastinating. .may 

some things never change! 

Faith, thanks for bringing some spunk to this school.' 1 am going to miss you next year, wild thang! 

Jonathan, we never did date, much to everyone's disappointment, but I found a very good friend that fateful 

day, way back in '95. WCBC will forever be a part of met 

Christy "La Herije", thanks for making New Mexico so memorable and for being a constant encouragement. 

Natalie, thanks for being the coolest thing going and for never failing to make me laugh. 

Christy, thanks for the tunes and the deep thoughts. 

David, thanks for the use of your house and for making my room mate glow—you are definitely a "Top 5!" 

Brooke and Taylor, thanks for providing me with a haven of good food, music, and intelligent conversation 

to escape to when I needed some sanity. You will be missed more than you'll ever know. 

Dan Silvers, thanks for being my big brother, but don't EVER take pictures of anyone roller skating again! 

Winlcel, my cello-playing friend, I have come to enjoy your friendship deeply. Boston, here we come! HA! 

An^ie and Michelle, thanks for tempering me with your sweetness. 

Daniel, thanks for doin^ your job exceptionally well.' This book is all you! 

Chad, thanks for all of the "dances" together! Your brain is a rarity around here— I appreciate it greatly. 

Chris, I'm so tjlad you're back.' I'm honored to be your right-hand man next year. 

Tiffany, thanks for a similar sense of humor-SNL, baby! 

Sara, I can't thank you enough for all you did this year. You are a true life saver! 

Keith, Quicksilver, when's the next beach trip? 

My one and only 8, the Rubbermaid Queen, words can't even describe this year! I don't know how we made 

it, but we did, laughing all the way. Among other things, thank you for: your moral support in all my 

endeavors, the use of your computer, putting up with my side of the room, and being my "parole officer." 

There are WAY too many inside jokes to mention here, but know that you are a treasure to me, even if you 

aren't a ballerina! Wanna go get some cinder blocks? Randomness is the rule of the day-or is it coffee?! 

It's a given that everything good is Qod's handiwork, and this book is no exception, so I give the most thanks 
to my heavenly Father, who is ever so faithful and full of grace and mercy. 




weLcome week '97 

f -'(52%> 


P 1 ^ I/ 1 f 




Rodney Ward, Christmas decora- 
tor extrodinaire, led West 1 in 
celebrating early for Open Dorms. 

While West 1 celebrated Christ- 
mas, West 2 threw a New Year's 

Jeannine Bawdier, Destiny 

McCrumb, and Christa Ander- 
son keep themselves entertained 
by Jason Cochran. 


%j. ■ 

Doing airplanes in P.E. was only a 
small part of the mayhem from 
Petty 2. Elizabeth Eremic demon.' 
strates with Cathy Lteder, who 
sang 80's hits the entire time. 

Angela Hawkins ( as Will Felton, 
the "International vUyer") Uughs 
as Kristina Brown (playing Paige 
Watkins) gets chewed out by 
Betsy "The Coach" Singleton. 

Christy Hines endured "food 
Poisoning" for Founders 2. 

Memorial 2 showed their true 
colors when they arrived to 
wdtch the skits dressed to kill. 

Alica Lawhorn, Mary Heath 
Charles, and Daphne Bright show 
their team spirit for the Palmetto 
Roaches and Walker 2. 

Rebecca Lomas and Allison 
Sanders display their "musical 
talent" in Founders 3 Marching 

C( 13i; 






1 f 

1 ./'I 

. Jo 

^ 1 





C( 132B 



for a 
chan ~ 
It w 



boy in m 
room!" is 





Due to unforeseen circumstances 
and technical difficulties, the 
Finioi staff was not able to obtain 
any photos of the guy's game. We 
regret any angst or anxiety this 
may create. 

CReam of 
weeat '97 





Melisa Norris, Sherry Wall, Leah Law, 
Ca.rm.ella. Broome, and Heather Tuggy 

perform in their Pjs, to t 



ction of 

/Cathy Sykes does her 

best bear 

their family group brothers 

impersonation Moore. 


*v $% 


Hr ^r^HI 

■ U K« 


% <& m 
Hp- ,. ■' I 

Bk^^ff^ v 

I3S , 

Edmonde Fils-Aime, Slcye Stevenson, and Joy Huyck doin^ 
their best to impersonate...! 

Amie Atkinson trying to look suave and not toij , 

embarrasedt . 

Tyesha. Nelson takes a luncn 
break from begging for work. 

Angela cjale, Ruth Qeer, Kate 
Schultz, April Rollins, and 
Richele Dickerson show their 
potential to be singing waitresses 
I hear the Olive Q3.rd.en is 

wry Keath Charles and Laurel Crane stick 
gether like. ..mental institution escapees. 

Everyone wants to be a superher 

M.Z proves that they'll do anything for 
their sister hall, much to their approval. 

Troy Krumbholz and Buddy 

Denmark help Earnie Taylor 

ith his rap version of "Momma 

made me mash my M&M's." 

Masashi Yamamoto patiently 
tolerates the ongoing debates 
between John the Independent, 
Fundamentalist Baptist (John 
Boyd), J on the Southern Baptist 
(Jonathan Reibsamen) andjon 
the Freewill Baptist (Jon Farra 

East 2 san^; to their sister hall, complete with an 
electric guitar solo by Charlie Conley. 

James Lewis as the Tin Man, waiting tor tht\ 
other members or" his Esrevered group to arrive! 

iris Taggy tries to sell a vacuum cleaner while Craig it's raining men from West 1. 
tggy makes sure he doesn't fall oft the cafeteria, table. 



Mars!! The roving vehicle Sojourner, the first mobile 

explorer to land on another planet, gathered soil and 

rocks for analysis. The rover's six metal wheels 

rolled slowly down a ramp from its landing craft, the 

Pathfinder. The Sojourner, about the size of a 

microwave oven, transmitted a flood of information 

to scientists back on Earth. 

U.5. Secretary of State, Madeleine K.. Albright, was 

the most visible and active secretary of state since 

Henry Kissinger. She was the highest ranking 

woman in the history of the U.S. government. 

Mother Teresa died at the age of S7 on September 5, 1997 of heart failure at he 

convent in Calcutta, India. Through her Missionaries of Charity, she dedicated her lif 

to helping the poor, the sick and the dying around the work 

Diana, Princess ot Wales, died in a car crash in Paris on 
August 31, 1997. Britain and the world bid farewell 
with a^rand tribute rich in pageantry. 

The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) 
completed its inaugural season with the Houston Com- 
ets defeating the New York Liberty for the champion.' 

The residents of the Caribbean island of Montserrat 
witnessed tirst hand the devastation that a very active 
volcano can cause. In September the expulsion of ash and 
small rocks forced more than two-thirds of the popula- 
tion to evacuate the island. 

The first componant ot the Mir space Station, launched in 
1986, has made more thin 60,000 trips around the earth. 
Joint U.S. -Russian missions are the first phase of an 
International Space Station program, scheduled to be in 
orbit by 2002. 



In one of the most competitive games in Super Bowl 

history, John Elway and Terrell Davis led the Denver 

Broncos to a 31-24 upset of the Careen Bay Packers in 

Super Howl XXXII. The Broncos' first National 

Football League championship ended the American 
conference's 15-year losing streak in the Super Bowl. 
Cjreen Bay was the defending Super Bowl Champion. 

John Denver, whose optimistic songs catapulted him 

to fame during the 1970s, died instantly when his 

experimental plane crashed into Monterey Bay in 

California on October 12, 1997. The 55-year old 

singer had eight platinum records to his credit, 

including "Rocky Mountain High" and "Sunshine on 

My Shoulders." 

Attorney Qeneral Janet Reno was the first woman attorney general of the Unil 

States. She was nominated by President Clinton in 1995 and appointed again in 19 

She focused on the prevention of crime among youth and on community servi 

Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) Investigated alleged campaign fund raising abuses 
by Democrats In the 1996 presidential campaign. Or special interest was the role 
of President Clinton in the contributions oi foreign money to the campaign. 

The Florida Marlins became major league baseball's world champions in 1997, 
beating the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, just five years old, the Marlins 
tied the Indians in the ninth inniiigof the seventh eame and went on to win it all 
in the eleventh inning with a score of 3-2. 

Crarth Brooks released 
his album "Seven's" in 
1997. His concert in 
central Park in New 
York City attracted 
over 100,000 fans. His 
musical hero? Cjeorge 

President Clinton found himself in another scandal in 
auary of 199S. Monica Lewinsky was reported to have 
d an ongoing affair with the President. Ms. Lewinsky 

was also reported to have been coached by the President 

on how to side-step investigators. 

Hanson became the newest act on the pop charts. The 
band's infectious single "MMMBop" flooded the airwaves 
around the world. Isaac (16), Taylor (14) and Zac (11) 
grew up in Tulsa, OK. Success didn't come overnight. 
They were discoved at the Kansas State Fair in '96. 

&( 145 J-3 

Spring '98 Students 

Abra.ha.msen, Heidi 

Beach, Steven 

Bryant, Jr., general 

Carr, Barbara 

Can, Bill 

Catoe, Carrie 

Cole, Stephanie 

Cort, Heidi 

Ecleman, Wayne 

Cjedtnintas, Derek 

cj-ermann, Charlotte 

Hageman, Don 

Haynes, Ruth 

Hoard, David 

Knox, Ed 

Lewis, Denise 

Lowman, jody 

Maine, Kenneth 

Meihofer, Karl 

Ng Sai Cruay, Cathrine 

Nam, Cri Tae 

Ooi, David 

Spainhour, Thomas 

Summy, Dan 

Weaver, John 

Wilson, Billy 

Wood, John 

Worley, Carrie 


Fimal Index 


Abe!!, Natalie 31, 48, 1 19 

Abrahamsen, Heidi 1 50 

Achim, lona 38 

Adams, Michael 64 

Adams, Scott 37, 95 

Adams, Stephen 38 

Addington, Laura 71 

Akins, Melva 71 

Albright, Beck}/ 71 

Alder, Darrell 7 1 

Aldridge, R.oger 29, 38, 44 

Allen, Alice 71 

Allen, Burke 38 

Allen, Jennifer 71 

Allen, Roger 56 

JAllen, Staci 48, 88 

'■Alters, Jeffery 71 

Almack, Heidi 48, 52,1 19 

Almack, James 71 

Amar, Steve 71 

Anderson, christa 56, 130 

Andes, Scott 71 

Andrews, Evelyn 92 

Andrews, Heather 48 

Andrews, Mark 56 

Andrus, Jonathan 64 

Angow, Nathan 71 

Arneson, Stephen 71 

Arters, Rod 74 

Arvold, Christian 56 

Atkinson, Amie 64 

Atkinson, Crayle 92 

Atkinson, Larry 71 

Atten, Karen 71 

4.tten, Thomas 7 1 

Atwood, Bryan 64 

Auld, Steve 92 

Austin, 111, L.B 10 


Bailey, Donald 1 

Bailey, Kimberly 56 

Baker, Rimberly 17, 38, 40 

Baker, Tracy 56 

3all,Janalee 71 

Balmer, Robert 72, 73 

Bang, Jinlee 72 

'Banks, cathy 92 

Barkman, Charlotte 48 

Bxmes, Ronnie 72 

Barrett, Pan 89 

Bartz, Wayne 64 

Baschm, Monika 72 

Baunigarten, Re'anna 38 

Beach, Steven 1 50 

Bedell, Cliff 92, 97, 98 

Bedell, Frank 91 

Beklman, Brian 72 

Belcher, Pick 92 

Belli, Brian 72 

Belk, Aimee 64, 1 15 

Bennett, Frances 72 

Bent, Cj-ary 72 

Benton, Lydia 64 

Beoren, Andrew 72 

Berg, Rosalie 1 

Berry, Jenniter 38 

Beyer, Bryan 4, 91, 92, 97, 121 

Beyer, Matt 48 

Binder, Jake 64 

Birkenholtz, Patty 88 

Bisesi, Mary 92 

Bishop, Paul 72, 77 

Bisset, Authea 48 

Blackburn, CAlie 92 

Blackburn, Joel 72 

Blackwell, Pelanie 1 

Bledsoe, Brooke 48 

Blomberg, Howard 72 

Boggess, Beth 73 

Bouabre, Bouazo 73 

Bouabre, Catherine 73 

Bowdler, Jeannine 56, 130 

Bowers, Pe Treville 1 

Bowers, Jamie 89, 1 15, 141 

Bowman, John 73 

Boyd, John 38, 140 

Boyd, Miudy 17,38, 117 

Bracken, Suzanne 73 

Bradley, Pat 92 

Bradley, Steve 92 

Brandt, Konra.d 1 

Brannan, Cheryl 92, 103 

Brant, Mark 64, 1 13 

Brasher, Heather Joy 73 

Brasher, Jennifer 73 

Braun, Jodie 48 

Brennan, Robert 73 

Briggs, Allen 38 

Bright, Daphne 64, 1 5 1 

Bristol, Jenna 92 

Bristol, Thomas 38 

->ck, Nate 73, 79 

Broome, Ca.rm.ella. 7, 48 

Brown, Carman 92, 103 

Brown, Jennifer 1 15 

Brown, Kristina 48, 1 19, 131 

Brown, Paul 73 

Brown, Sherry 93 

Brown, Tina 56 

Brown, Walt 93 

Brueck, Caleb 64 

Brueck, Steve 1 1 

Bryant, Jr., (general 1 50 

Bryant Steffie 93 

Bucher, Chris 73 

Buckheit, Timothy 74 

Buerkert, Jennifer 39 

Buliga, Magdalena 74 

Burcham, Alii 74 

Burgess, Amanda 48 

Burgess, Chapin 18,89 

Burgess, Lil 93, 99 

Burke, Alien 88, Joyce 93 

Bumes, Brion 93 

Burnett, Joshua 56, 60 

Butler, 0-ale 74 

Button, Daniel 74 


Cairns, Bradley 74 

Calamaro, Andrew 93 

Calamaro, Kaylin 39 

Campbell, Alex 93 

Campbell, Tom 19, 93 

Campbell, Melissa 64 

Caraman, Staci 88 

Carmichael, Drew 18, 28, 56, 1 13 

Carr, Barbara 1 50 

Carr, Bill 150 

Carr, Brian 78 

Carter, Sarah 74, 75, 115 

Catoe, Carrie 150 

Catoe, Jakie 93 

Cernilli, Regina 74 

Chalk, Jeanne 64 

Chan, Choy-Lenh 74 

Chang, Ik-Seong 74 

Chapman, Andrea 74 

Charles, Mary Heath 65, 131 

Chase, Sara 56, 61, 123 

Chebon, Joshua 89 

Cheek, Nancy 93 

Chelagat, Egline 65 

Chen, Hui-Chun 74 

Cheng, Heather 75 

Cheng, Hugo 75, 120, 122 

Cherono, Paul 39 

Cheru, Samuel 75 

Chiu, Kit Ching 75 

Choi, Young Joo 75 

Christensen, David 65 

Christenson, Sean 75 

Chu, Sai Cheon^ 75 

Clark, Elisa 49, 123 

Cochran, Jason 56, 130 

Codington, Rebekah 17, 39, 89 

Coffey, Jennifer 39, 75 

Cole, Stephanie 150 

Colson, Charles 75 

Colson, Jeannie 93 

Commodore, Andrew 93 

Conley, Charles 39, 44 

Conrod, Nathan 56, 61 

Cook, Charlene 75 

Cook, John 75 

Cooper, Anita 93 

Corbin, Bill 29 

Corbin, Heidi 29, 93 

Corduan, Ralph 91, 94 

Corley, Dick 29, 97 

Corley, Doreen 75 

Cort, Heidi 1 50 

Cotarelo, Andrew 76 

Crane, Laurel 56 

Crawley, Polly 76 

Crowe, Amy 76 

Crowe, Ashley 57 

Crowe, David 65 

Csuti, Lauren 49, 1 13 

Cummings, John 94 

Cureton, Ray 76 

Curlin, David 8 1 

Curlin, Milota 39 

Curry, Steve 76 


D'Cruz, Edmond 83 

Dabeck, Larry 94 

Dale, Jeffery 76 

Vail, Marie 76 

Daniel, Bert 39, 75 

Davidson, Bill 94 

Davidson, John 91,94 

Davis, Mary 57 

DeLozier, Dan 94, 1 23 

DeLozier, Lanie 94 

Demi, Jennifer 57, 1 14 

Denmark, Buddy 49, 50, 140 

Dent, Betty 1 

DeRenzo, Claudia 94 

Devine, John 76 

Vickerson, Richele 57 

Dickinson, Howard 40 

DiGuglielmo, Elizabeth 49 

Dispennette, Abe 65 

Dixon, Judy 49 

Dixon, Larry 94 

Drake, Worth 49 

DuBois, Anita 94 

Dunaway, Gerald 89 


Easaw, Yvonne 94 

Ebert, Mark 88 

Echo-Hawk, Anna 40 

Eckman, Wayne 1 50 

Edgerton, Joe 94 

Edmond, Luadell 76 

Edwards, Drew 18, 57, 1 12, 1 18 

Edwards, Tom 94 

Englishmen, Amy 76 

Enlow, Jr., Ralph 65, 104 

Enlow, Ralph 4, 5, 91, 94, 96, 104 

Epperby.Jack 76 

Erb, Kathy 57, 60 

Eremic, Elizabeth 65, 131 

Eremic, 5arah 94, 99, 1 19 

Eusey, Matt 30, 49, 74 


Fahringer, Helen 95 

Fan, Anna 76 

Fansher, Anne 65, 1 15 

Faria, Christopher 76 

Farra, Jon 57, 118, 140 

Farra, Laura 40 

Farra, Steve 95 

Felder, claudette 76 

Ferren, Justin 88 

Ferris, Bob 95 

Fields, Crlenna 95 

Fields, Rachel 57, 60, 1 15 

Fils-Aime, Edmonde 57, 115 

Fink, Jessica 49 

Finnamore, Jill 1 13 

Finned, David 95 

Finzel, Hans 1 

Fiorello, Michael 76 

Fiorello, Robin 95 

Fleck, Sandra 76 

Fleming, Joshua 57, 114 

Fletcher, Ted 76 

Fliutoff, Brinda 48, 49, 1 19 

Flintoff, Eric 65, 130 

Floyd, L.C 95 

Floyd, Sabrina 65 

Ford, Martin 71, 76, 86 

Fox, Brenda 95 

Foye, Stephen 49, 121 

Fracher, Karen 76 

Frappier, Mark 95 

Fmer, Brett 57 

Fredrick, Ren 76 

Fredrick, Yvonne 89 

Freeman, John 76 

French, Russell 1 

Frost, Ron 76 

Fu, Lisa 76 

Fulton, Martha 95 


Gable, Garry 49 

Crable, Jessica 49 

Gale, Angela 65, 115 

Gambe(uiu;he, Bob 39 

Crandy, Claudia 95 

Crardner, Lolly 65, 1 15 

Gaston, Warren 95 

Crates, Michelle 76 

Gedmintas, Derek 150 

Creer, Ruth 18, 40, 1 13 

George, Susanna 78 

Crermann, Charlotte 1 50 

Crermann, Ed 16, 37, 43, 91, 95 

Cj-ete, Raymond 78 

Cjieson, Dawn 65 

Crilbert, William 78 

Crilliam, Lindsay 78 

dives, Lillie 95 

Crleseni, Marie 1 15 

Cjlisson, Kelei^h 66 

dlisson, Mary Ann 78 

Goodwin, Helen 95, 103 

Gotchy, Teressa 40 

Gounaud, Rristi 78 

Graeff, David 88 

Grzgg, Faith 40 

dray, Beth 38 

Gray, Elizabeth 40 

Gray, Saundra 57 

Crreen III, Trey 40 

Green, Matthew 66, 115, 111 

Greene, Tom 96, 102 

Gregory, Tom 55, 57, 141 

Griffin, Rebecca 78 

Grooms, Frederic 78 

Guerra, Ryan SO 

Guillen, Robert 50 

Gnnderson, Jessia 5 7 

Crunter, Mary 96 

Gupta., Sushil 57 

Crustaf son, John 78 


Hack, Ernest 96 

Haddad, Alena 40 

Haddad, Chant 78 

Hageman, Von 1 50 

Kagerup, Heidi 66 

Haines, Mike 88 

Hall, Arthur 77 

Had, Chester 78 

Hall, Don 60 

Hall, Donald 66 

Hall, H.R 40 

Hall, Sarah 78 

Hall, Thomas 96 

Hamilton, Don 96 

Hamilton, Nanette 96 

Hammond, Jeremy 66 

Haney, Sasan 66 

Harmon, Jr., Grady 96 

Harms, Daniel 57, 58, 123 

Harper, Crystal 78 

Hartman, Kevin 66 

Harvey, John 96 

Harwood, Joseph 78 

Hastings, Derek 30, 58 

Hattie, Jenkins 88 

Havens, Joan 96 

Hawkins, Angela 50, 53, 131 

Hawkins, Bethany 64, 66, 115 

Hay, Ian 11, 109 

Hayes, Carol 40 

Hayes, J.W 96 

Hayner, Tina 96 

Haynes, Ruth 1 50 

Hays, Valerie 78 

Hazeltine, Michael 58 

Hazeres, John 78 

Heidt, Chris 79 

Heier, Paul 79 

Hein, David 79 

Henderson, Crystal 66 

Hendrix, Ray 58 

Herbert, Kay 96 

Herge, Christie 50 

Hernandez, Mari 7i, 74, 79 

Hernke, Dominique 40 

Heskett, Benjamin 58 

Hibbett, Lorali 89 

Hickman, Crystal 96 

Higgins, Rick 96 

Hill, Amy 66 

Hill, Ashley 41 

Hill, Matt 41 

Hilliard, Chris 41 

Hines, Christy 49, 50, 131, 115 

Hislop, Lindsay 96 

Hoard, David 150 

Hobbs, Wade 79 

Hodges, Igou 97 

Hodges, Linda 97 

Hodowal, Melissa 79 

Hoffman, David 79 

Hohn, Sally 97, 100 

Holmes, Bob 97 

Holt, Michael 97 

Hood, Richard 58 

Hooker, Altie 58 

Horton, Brad 79 

Houser, Betty 97, 103 

Howard, Chris 50 

Howe, David 79 

Howell, Don 97 

Howell, William 79 

Hsu, Peter 79 

Huggins, Jerome 28 

Hulbert, Terry 97 

Hunt, Seth 66 

Huxman, Lisa 86 

Huyck.Joy 58, 1 15 


Iglesias, Ruth 19, 41, 42 

ikeda, Sozo 48, 50 

Inion, Brent 75, 79 

Ishikawa, Hiromu 66 


Jackson, Gabriel 50, 59 

James, Kelly 58 

Jauch, Ralph 88 

Jefferson, Robert 79 

Jemar, John 79, 80 

Jenkins, Hattie 58 

Jensen, Micheal 50 

Jero, Chris 79 

Joelle, Betty 79 

Johnson, Chris 4 1 

Johnson, Christine 115, 117 

Johnson, Darlene 80, 122 

Johnson, Karen 80 

Johnson, Larry 79, 80 

Johnson, Matt 47,50, 130 

Johnson, Susan 4 1 

Johnson, Yoshimi 80 

Johnston, Chris 66 

Jones, Alan 80 

Jones, Von 97 

Jones, Ed 89, 1 18 

Jones, Joanna 65, 66, 1 14 

Jones, Juliette 47, 50 

Jones, Robert 66 

Jones, sarah 66, 130 

Jose, Pamela 80 


Kallgren, Bob 91, 93, 97 

Kan, Chui Mai 80 

Katona, Jennifer 89 

Kauffman, Theresa 58, 89 

Kegg, Joshua 67, 68, ! 12, 130 

Keightley, David 80 

Kelley, Gregory SO 

Kelly, Bridget 89, 1 14 

Kelso, Renee SO 

Kennedy, Jr., RJ 97 

Kennedy, Kimberly 67, 112 

Kennedy, Sally 97 

Kephart, Anna 58,61 

Kim, Myung 80 

Kimble, Andre 50 

Kinard, Lunette SO 

Kins^, Roy 97 

Kinney, David 4 1 

kinsey, Michelle 51,119 

Kirker, Kelley 67, U7 

Kuapp, David SO 

Knox, Ed 1 50 

Ko, Evensil 1 15 

Kocherscheidt, christian SO 

Koepplin, clarence SO 

Koerwer, Kathleen SO 

Korb, Heather 41 

Kris^line, Michael 8 1 

Krombholz, Carrie 4 1 

Krombholz, Troy ZS, 56, 59, 140 

Kurani, Martin 81 

j Kyzer, Sugar 59 


Labrecque, Judith 5 1 

Labrecque, Ronald 67 

Lacey, Heather 67 

Lacey, Rachelle 5 1 

Lacy, Derek 4 1 

Lacv, Stephanie 4 I 

Lamp, Angela 8 1 

LanghaLs, Douglas 6 7 

Larkin, Jr., Bill 97 

Larson, carol 9S 

Larson, Warren 9S 

Law, Leah 51, 115, 119 

Lawhorn, Alica 1 3 1 

Lawrence, Anna 98 

Lawson, Ben 4 1 

Lawson, Nathan 59, 115 

Layman, Jack 98 

Lee, Ching-Lau 8 1 

Lee, Todd 89 

Leider, Catherine 58, 59, 60, 81, 112, 131 

Leigh, Shonna Sh 1 12 

Lenart, Stephan 6 7 

Lenz, Chris 81, 118 

Lester, Jay 8 1 

LeTexier, Joe 9S 

Lewis, Denise 1 50 

Lewis, James 57, 89, 140 

Lewis, John 8 1 

Lindegren, Jason 18, 42 

Lindner, Allan 8 1 

Lindsay, Dick 98 

Lippert, Barry 71, 81 

Livesay, Milum 8 1 

Lloyd-Jones, Esther 98 

Lie wllyn, Lisa 5 9 

Lod^e, Yosta 8 1 

Lomack, Sherry 81, 84 

Lomas, Christie 98 

Lomas, Rebecca 59, 60, 1 3 1 

Lombard, Etienne 8 1 

Long, Dave 8 1 

Lon^, Judith 82 

Loose, Chris 8 2 

Loritts, Jr., Crawford 1 

Lowe, Jeremy 98 

Lowe, Kristina 42 

Lowman, Jody 150 

Luc, Alex 9S 

Lucas, James 59, 77 

Luke, Chad 31, 42, 120, 121 

Luther, Tara 81 

Lynn, Tammy 81 

Lvtikainen, Erik 98 


Mack, Julie 5 1 

Maine, Kenneth 150 

Maloue, Matthew SI, 120, 122 

Mangum, Allen 8 2 

Mannon, David 8 2 

M ion, Keith 98 

Marshall, J im 98 

Mash, David 93, 98 

Mzshiku, Vainess 89 

Mask, Joey 89 

Mask, Maura 99 

Massey, Karen 55, 59 

Matheson, Michael 31, 51, 115 

Matthews, Meredith 59 

Mautz, Edward 81 

Maxwell.Julie 51, 110, 121 

Mayden, Betty 99 

Mayden, Joe 82 

McAndrew, Toni 59 

McCallister, Al 99 

Mcclenaham, Bruce 81 

McCormick, Asenath 51, 88 

McCrum, Angela 5 1 

McCrumb, Destiny 55, 59, 130 

McDaniel, Chip 99 

MeElmurray, Christopher 5 1 

MeElwee, Robin 42, 88 

McCrinnis.Josh 89 

Mcintosh, Steve 86 

McKechnie, Al 92, 99 

McKie, April 81 

McKillon, Billy 81 

MeKillop, Brian 81 

McKillop, cj-loria 99 

McKinney, Lois 1 

McKissick, Dana 42 

McLaughlin, Amanda 59 

McNeill, Lance 51, 116, 118 

McQuilkin, Robertson 9 1 

McWilliams, Kevin 55, 59, 99 

Meehan, Mark 96, 99 

Meihofer, Karl 1 50 

Merry, Frank 1 

Meserve, Crard 99 

Metcalf, Brent 59 

Meyers, Eric 1 16 

Michael, David 16, 42, 1 16 

Mikolajczak, Erin 59 

Miles, Donna 99 

Miller, Abigail 49, 52 

Miller, Allison 59 

Miller, Carrie 99 

Miller, Johnny 4, 7,10,91, 91, 9i, 94, 99, 109 

Miller, Lisa 42 

Miller, Lori 59 

Miner, Kathy 1 15 

Minindis, James 39 

Miranda, Juan Carlos 99 

Miranda, Yvonne 99 

Mitchell, Connie 99 

Mitchell, Patty 93, 100 

Mitchell, Sue 1 00 

MofTitt, Dwight 1 01 

Moinifar, Karen 75, 81 

Mojica, Carlos 4 2 

Montgomery, David 8 8 

Moon, Shelby 8 1 

Moon, Ted 100 

Moor, Laura 6 7 

Moore, Ben 19, 81 

Moore, Derrick 18, 5 1 

Moore, Gregory 83 

Moore, James 67, 112 

Moore, Kelly 83, 115 

Moore, Richard 88 

Moreland, David 1 

Morgan, Bill 1 00 

Morgan, Victoria 60 

Morris, Jr., Lee 95, 100 

Morris, Kim 8 3 

Morris, Lee 1 00 

Morrison, Andrew 57, 60 

Morrison, David 98, 100 

Morrison, Ed 1 01 

Morrison, Fitz 83 

Morrison, Marilyn 100 

Morrow, Skye 5 2 

Mowry, Tiffany 6 

Mueller, Simone 89, 115 

Mulholland, Ken 4,91, 100, 111 

Mullen, Brad 10, 80, 96, 100 

Mulligan, Kandi 100, 103 

Murdaugh, Daisy 6 

Murdaugh, Linda 1 00 

Murphy, Pete 42 

Murphy, Ruth 1 00 

Murray, Creorge 1 1 

Murray, Julie 69 


Nakamura, Akihiko 83 

Nam, Cri Tae 150 

Nam, Moonjun^ 8 3 

Nanna, Q-lenca 8 3 

Nanna, John 8 3 

Nascente, Adaumir 8 3 

Ndubuisi, Godfrey 8 3 

Nelson, Frederick 5 2 

Nelson, Tyesha 47, 49, 52, 115 

Newbanks, Daniel 18, 67 

Newcomb, Shawn 52, 1 15 

Newkirk, chris 100, 111 

Ug 5ai Quay, Cathrine 1 5 

Nguyen, Minh Ha WO 

Niedzzielski, Robert S3 

Uisly, Janelle 43 

Nong, Suzie S3 

Norris, David 1 

Norris, Melisa 67, 1 13 

Nuttal, Stephen 60 


O'Donnell Brian 1 1 

P'Rourkc Kegina S3 

Oate>, Rudy S3 

Od.ega.rd, Diane W l 

bdellj .shannon 43 

Oh, Thomas 83 

Ohlin, Diane S3 

Ohlin, Paul 84 

Oliver, John 1 

Oliver, Katherine 65, 67, 69 

Oliver, Misty 84 

Olshine, David 1 1 

Ooi, David 1 50 

Osterlund, David 101, 115 

Osuch, Dean 84 

Owens, Dianne 1 1 


Palcic, Frank 84 

Pang, Chris 84 

Parcheta, An^ie 1 1 

Park, Jooiig-Sub 84 

Parker, Adrian 84 

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Patterson, Brian 1 1 

Patton.Jill 52 

Paul, Andy 101 

Pawlowski, Stan 67 

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Payne, Karie 19, 52 

Peckham, Allyson 67 

Pedrick, Bob 43 

Perez, Leah 52 

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Phillips, Ken 1 1 

Phillips, Thomas 77, 84 

Philpottjertery 84 

Philpott, Michelle 84 

| Pickard, Sheila 84 

Pierce, Corrie 52 

Pierce, Steven 43 

Pikus, Jesse 67 

Pinzer, Brian 1 1 

Pinzon, Elvia 84 

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Pokatello, Jason 43 

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Powell, Ruth 85 

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Primm, Amanda 52 

Prince, Mark 43 

Pusay, Joy 1 1 


Quay, Rich 1 1 


Racicot, Melody 55, 60 

Raehl, Andy ZS, 43, 1 14 

Raehl, Tom 101 

Ragland, Brett 43 

Ragland, Sonja 52 

Rajamani, Elan 85 

Rajamani, Rani S9 

Reed, Dave 1 02 

Reeves, Cindy 85 

Reeves, Tim 85 

Reibsamen, Jonathan 29, 30, 44, 140 

Reichel, Debbie 1 02 

Reid, Dale S5 

Reitz, Monte 44 

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Ritchie, Cathy 1 02 

Roberts, Kristy 52 

Roberts, Paul 1 02 

Roberts, Sandra 1 02 

Roche', Jim 102 

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Rogers, Tim S9 

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Rowell, Andrea 6S 

Rubnik, Crerald 60 

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Saine, David SS 

Sakovich, Amy 6S 

Salter, Michael 6S 

Sanders, Allison 17, 37, 42, 44, 1 19, 151 

Sanders, Chris 6S 

'57 J 

v Paul 88 

Sa.tu.iiey, Kim 17, 44 

Sczife, Thomas 53 

Scharrenburg, Kurt 53 

Schiffman, Skirl 102, Jennifer 44 

Schmidt, Heidi 68, 117 

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Scott, Ray 1 02 

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Ueclcer, Milt 104 

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Yamamato, Masashi 49, 53,140 

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Young Charles 1 

Youngblood, Elizabeth 69 

Yujin, Rim 87 

Yuri, Yeosin 87 


Zimmerman, Paul 57, 6 1 

Zimmerman, Tana 61 

Zlrkle, John 45 

Zurburg, Kurt 87 

Zurburg, Rochelle 104 

C Ol Ol'HON 
Volume 59 of the "Finial" was printed by Jostens Printing and 
Publishing Division in Clarksville, TN. Press: 925, Paper Stock: 
80 pound, Main Body Copy: 12 pt Sanvito Roman, Captions: 12 
pt Sanvito Roman, Headings: Frances Uncial. Class Portraits: 
Barber Photography, Columbia, SC. World Events Photos: RM 
Photo Service, Inc., NY, NY. 


■■ :f 

"Not By migHt, isroR By 

poweR; But By my Spiiut, ff 

says tHe Lor5 of Hosts 

zeCHaRiaH 4:6s 



Winter Banquet 

Gallons of paper maiche and 
elbow grease went into creat- 
ing the right atmosphere. 
Betsy Singleton stirs a new 
batch of glue for the tunnel. 

The jungle theme was carried 
throughout the evening, down 

to the dessert. Jennifer Palin 
and Catherine Tutherow scoop 

sherbert into coconut halves. 

Late night sessions full of con- 
struction work and frustration 
were fueled by numerous boxes 
of pizza. 

Richard Wilson became handy with 

a staple gun while building the 

tunnel that led into the "jungle/' 

complete with its own waterfall. 


Michelle Kinsey makes her 
social rounds before the 
dinner begins, visiting other 
tables and admiring the 
man-made "waterfall." 

All dressed up with someplace to go: 
Jennifer Chad wick, Michelle Hess, 
Amanda Burgess and Heather Waller 
surround Brinda Flintoff, who went retro 
to match her date, David Michael. 

Elisa Clark and Kris- 
tina Brown, dressed 
as "Indiana Jones," 
help serve the ban- 
quet feast, which was 
catered by Maurice's 

Drew Tilghman 
discusses the movie 
"The Dagger of 
Ehud," which was the 
entertainment for the 
evening, with Monte 
Reitz, Drew Taylor 
and Mark Merrv. 

Winter Banquet 


Columbia '97 

The featured speaker of 

the conference was 

Adrian Dupree. Through 

his talks, the theme, "Do 

you know Jesus and does 

He know you?" was 

brought to life. 

Sacrificing taste buds by 
trying to win a jalapeno 

pepper-eating contest was 

one way kids could win a 

T-shirt and entertain the 

audience at the same time. 

Family groups allowed for 

more intimate times of 

sharing and praying for 

one another. 

The Un-Olympics were held 

outside this year, which 

allowed for some messy 

events, like finding marbles 

with your feet in a pool of 


The icebreaker session 

is where the "parents" 

get to meet their 

"kids" and do some 

initial family bonding 

through various 

games and costumes. 


Although the results are 
worth it, the Columbia 
Conferences take their toll 
on those who help out. 
Sammy Whicker zones out 
during a lull in the ice 
breaker games. 

The talent show is always 
a crowd pleaser that 
draws out both hidden 
and obvious talents in 
those who attend. Here, 
three girls perform a sign 
language interpretation of 
a song. 

Is it Drew Taylor, 
drummer for 
Everybody and 
Their Brother, or 
the latest member 
of DC Talk? 

Faith Gragg takes great 
pleasure in giving "make 
overs" to the lucky contes- 
tants who volunteered, 
while Troy Krumbholz 

One of the highlights of the 
conference was a concert by 
CIU's Everybody and Their 
Brother, as evidenced by 
these star-struck girls. 

Columbia, '97 


Street Festival 

Street Festival 


Mens Open Vorms 

Seth Talbott tests the waters 
of East 2 to see if more girls 
were attracted to the "Tun- 
nel of Love" than M3. 

In keeping with the carni- 
val theme, Andre Dionne 
scoops up cotton candy 
for Rick Swift and his 

Memorial 3 had a tattoo 
parlor in their space- 
themed hall. Matt Gre- 
gory waits for a tattoo to 
dry on Katie Shull's arm. 



r : 


East 2 became the "Tunnel of 
Love" for Open Dorms, com- 
plete with their own 
"loveboat" at the end of the 

Josh Burnett and Troy 
Krombholz were on hand to 
amuse and entertain the crowd 
as clowns and balloon artists. 

Debbie West tries 
on Nathan 
Conrod's snake for 
size during open 

After testing his taste buds 
in the Tobasco drinking 
contest, Ed Jones throws 
his manners to the wind 
and drinks straight from 
the punch bowl to cool his 
tongue off. 

Mens Open Vorms 


Womeris Open Vorms 

Heather Korb shows Crys- 
tal and Travis Harvey what 
a good hostess she can be, 
as she lets them have a seat 
on the bed while she 
lounges on the couch. 

Ben Lawson helps out 

Victoria Morgan by 

handing her markers as 

they color the night 


Michelle Strayer can 

only stare in wonder at 

Jonathan Reibsamen's 

new haircut, which 

made it's debut at 

Women's open dorms. 

Troy Krombholz and 
Nathan Lawson are on 
their best behavior in 
Kelly James' room. 

Two solitary individu- 
als play and exciting 
game of solitaire. It's 
Donald's move! 

*^"™'*''^^^^^^^^ J^* j<xB 



_ M 


Anna Kephart gave mini dem- 
onstrations of some of her 
martial art skills to those who 
were brave enough to come 
into the room. 

Chris Tuggy gets the grand 
tour from Amanda Primm. 

Womeris Open Vorms 

I 173 


*m&* mi- 

. mm 


^B ^ '■ :m 



^K 7 

'm*r v+M 


L ^3ri 

y ^ j - v 

fc> *, JM% 

' aibT^ 



•'/jj' ': ;. 


Class of '97