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■j.jrT^-\ t-^ 





Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation funding 

Propern of the Alumni Office 

Please do not remo\e 
from the Alumni Center. 

Columbia International 

-1999 Finial 

college Beni*"'^ 

7435 Monticello Road 
Columbia, South Carolina 29230 

803-754-4 100 
Volume 60 

Tide Pas^c 

1999 Finid Dedication 

It is with great honor and a deep sense of ap- 
preciation that the ^998-99 Hnial is dedicated 
to a nun who exemplifies the Christian life. 

Dr. Millers legacy will be felt forbears to come. 

Along with hLs wife Jeanne, Vr Miller has 

been a testimony to all who have been associ- 

ated with C\U. It has been a privilege having 

him as our president (kod's blessing to johnny 

and Jeanne Miller. 


John Davidson 

Bob Kallijren 

Ed (Hermann 

Ken Mulhollaiid 

Rrv-in Pc'ViM 

1 can't imagine CIU 

Johnny Miller is who 

Johnny has set a ^odly 

1 th.mlv liod fi'i ihf 

without you. 1 see a 

he claims to be. He 

example while 

privilixi- 1>( workinv 

real call to holiness and 

strives to please Qod 

providing i.]uality 

with )i»hnnv 1 m'c .i 

accountability/ to Qod. 

by dyin^ to self and 

leadership. His 

man who x;«'nuinilv 

Your spiritual leader- 

living for Him. It has 

presidency/ has sol a 

lovi'x (hi- li>rd ind 

ship and vision will be 

been an honor to 

solid foundation for 

who i> di'i-plvv.'Mi 

hard to duplicate. 

Serve Cfod with him. 

the future of CIU. 

niil(i\l K'l It! 









1 ^ ^1 




\ /^ 









Table oi Contents 

Bible College 10 

Semin2iry 46 
Faculty/Staff 66 

Events 146 
Index 151 



International University 

Dear Students 

It has been a_year of 
f transition-as every _year of 

our life is. Sometimes it's 
' more obvious than others-a 

change in status or ^eogra- 
I 'J phy or job. But even if 

unreco^iized, the trasitions 

accumulate ceaselessly, setting the rythm of our life. 

Transitions from past to future 
trom centur^^ to century, 

from millennium to millennium. 

Transitions fromyoutJi to maturity', 
from life to death, 
from earth to heaven, 

from what I was to what I will be. 

The spiritual transitions are best, from the old to 
the new, from filthy to clean, from darkness to li^ht. 

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a 
mirror the ^lory of the Lord, are bein^ tr^insformed 
into the ame ima^e from^lory ot^lory (transition.'), 
just ds by the Spirit of the Lord." 2 Corinthiins 3:I« 

The greatest transition will not be Anally 
completed until we ire in Qod's presence, but by His 
grice we sec the firstfruits of it now. 

May Ciod's loving purfyin^ grace cause us daily to 
shine brijjhter and briijhter for Him, "lights to the 
lientiles," until we complete our final transition into 
His presence. 

johnny V. Miller 




P^^ '"''' 1 


1^^^^ r; 

Prc>hiiin'< PiW 



K i.,;».-- * -- 



Columbia, Bible 


-«j-'^^ - 

^ *^ 

M- ^ 

'^ .-// 



\ *■' 




».*■ • , ^ .r^ 



8V •'^ •» 

>>v. /?^' 


Abell, Natalie 

P>eyer, Matthew 

-fk- •***!. 

Almack, Heidi 

Biiset, Anthea 

Peatli. Kimlvilv 

Powers, laniie 

Broome, c armella 

clark. {Ii>a 

Cole, Mattliew 

Corbett, Alban 

Drake, Russell 

Ounlap, Laurel 

Eremic, Sarah 

Ethrtdge, Mark 

Fleming, Joshua 

Flintoffi Brenda 

(Jable, Jessica 

Herge, Christine 

Hartnun, Cuuy 

HlU'urd, Christopher 

Hines, Christy 

Holder, Beverly 

Himtcr, Amy 

Hunter, Starr 

Jones, Christopher 

\kedz, Sozo 











■A'^j^ '^^^^^Ih 


Johnson, Carole 

Jones, Juliet 

Jones, Scott 

Kauffman, Theresa. 

Kimble, Andre 

Kimey, Margaret 

Kyzer, Sugar 

Lacey, Rachelle 

Lawson, Benjimin 

SA.itheson, Michael 

McElmurray, Christopher 

McKissicIc, Dana 

hAojlca., Curios 

Parker, Shane 

Morrow, Skye 


^ \ HI'- \ 

'--"' ^- - 

Patton, Robin 

Newcoinb, Shawn 

Vegmm, Curtis 

Prlmm, Amanda 

Roberts, Kristy 

Scurrah, Raina 

Scott, Charles 

Singleton, Elizabeth 


Scott, Julie 

Smith, Michael 

Stephens, Charles 

Szalwimki, Scutt 

Tumey, Matthew 

white, Chid 

Whitmore, Angela 

W'd[ia.mson, Brian 

Wright, (kra.ce 

Yamamoto, Masashi 


Christy Herge & 
Juliet Jones 

You can see thejo^ of married 
life all over their faces. 
(Ben & Victoria Lavvson) 

Come on, you're 
not really that 
excited about 
chapel, are you? 
(Christy Herge, 
Elizabeth Clemmer 
Karen Manning & 
Melissa Maltby) 

Stop pliying with^our food or you'll have to eat it, 

and you don't want that! 

(Anthea Bisset & Del Monte Bimntui) 



AlT.i)i,im>c.'ii. Heidi 
Alien, R.'4;er 
•ViiilL'rM.'ii. i.")iii>t.i 
•Viiilri'.iM'n. 0»ur 

Aiulic'ws, M.irk 
.•\.i\\i|il. c'liri>li.iii 
B.iiK'. Kinibci'lv 
Iviker. rr.KV 


IvirivK, P.mic-I 
B.ildi.iM. MiJu-llc 

lvn\\ller, le.iimiiiL' 

BAlK OH! I June .m K.-'\ pixy^l^u- 
\nd I knew how to u>o it." 
K.L'llv (amc.O 

lvn'>, VlHi won't be siltm' 
tlK'i'c loi\\i! rlu'sc .•.tinkv ti>h 
tiee> .irc .ilmost in Wotim. 
( l.i.'icm & 


rliis isn't open 



(Abe DLspenette 

& Kithy Sykes) 

CtO Conference 


Pnyer Ljroup 



Brown, Tina 

Ca.nmch3.ei, Drew 

chase, 5ara 

Chebon, Joshua 

Christensen, David 

Cochran, Jason 

Crowe, Ashely 

Davis, SAary 

Oickerson, Richele 

Dispennette, Abe 

Vixon, Judy 

Erb, Kathleen 


Pick Up lines 
th^t work.... 

Excuse me, but I tost 

my phone number, 

ca.n I yours? 

-Earnie Taylor- 

if I could pick, any 2 

letters m the alphabet, 

It would be U & I. 

-Brent Metcalf- 

Key, Nice Bible.' 


L lllist.l 

Aiuicrs.-'ii t.ilks 
iMtli .1 nii>.sii''ii 

ll.'pil'SL'|lt.lfi\ I'. 

"We saiti. look 

( Tycsh.x 
Nc-lsoii .<: 

Eu.-c-v, M.itt)iow 
F.irr.i, jou.itli.m 
Fils-Aiiiu'. EiiiiiLnuit." 
Fink, )t'>>ica 

Fitz>imiiunis. Rii.)iL'ilL' 
CTermanii, c')i.iili.ittt: 

urav. >.iuiulr.i 
H.ill, IVii.iIti 

H.irfltinc. Mich.ic 
Ht'iulri.x, R.iv 
Howe, jcth-cy 
l.inu'.s, Kl'IIv 


Turn down lines 
th2± work.,. 

'ni >oyr\', I lost my 

-Tiffany Mowery- 

U I coulii pick anv 2 

Letters in the alpluil^ct 

It would be N & Ol 

-Kathv >vkc>- 

Hcy, Nice Try! 


Johnson, Matthew 

Kelly, Bridget 

Kephart, Anna 

Kin^ Amanda 


Knox, Eciward 

Krofubht'lz, Troy 

Law, Leah 

Law5on, Nathan 



LewL<;, Sara 

Lieder, Catherine 

Llewellyn, LLsa 

Lomas, Chriitie 

Miss Olympia 1999/ 
(Christa Anderson) 


>.ir.ili St.iii.'- 

Do we hive to be 
honeit on tiiese 

L.ifett'il.i stir\'e_y.s? 
t Toui Sp.iiiilunir) 




Maltbj, Mflis.s.i 

M.itt)ie\v5, MereditJi 
McL'rum, Destiny 

McLauchliii, Am.iiul.i 
Miller, Alliscvi 
Miner, Katherine 
MorriscJti, Aiidreu' 

Mi'UTV, Tififanv 
Murtiauv;)i, Daisy 
Nebon, Fredrick 
Nelson, Tyeslia 


Cnig Tu^ spends 
a. lot of time here, 




but does he ever get 




any work done? 







Nuttall, Stephen 

Pace, Timothy 

Peckskamp, Patty 

Pierce, Corrie 

Katherine Oliver & 
Aihiey Crowe 

1 ^^sa 

Racicot, Meiody 

Rich, Ruisell 

Rubink, (kera.ld 

Sca.ife, Thomas 



Scott, Kimberlee 

shell}', April 

Silvers, Elizabeth 

Spainhour, Thomas 




'-xkc's. K.itlirvii 

r.ilI'Lift, Ic-tiiiifcT 
T.ivltn", E.irnii? 

U'atkiiij, Curtis 
Welch. Christopher 
Welch, Dennis 
Welch, Monica 

Wick, >'\'(.inne 
Williams, Rodney 
Win^;, Lcnvell 
Wonders, Alisa 






AlUvd. >te\en Atuirn.s km.uli.m Ar\Lild. Abiv^a 

At .'. .\vi, lM'\'.m 

A\.int, Louis 

Bartz, \Va_yne 

"Hi.MDi H.m; .iiiii I'm fr.iru,.iiul we're \\c\c to pwnp you 
up!" (W'.iviu' Ivirtz >.<: trie Miiitol't") 

The Ini^v;.- stop here'. (Hanii.ih flcmin^v; & k'niiic chalk) 

Browcr, l^ion 

Brueck, itcvcn L'halk, jcmmiu' 


Natalie Mitcheil 

"follow me & I will you fishery ot men." 

Matt. 4:19 "I'm tryin' but 

the bait'i not working." 

(Julie Murray) 

Chantelau, Suza.uie chela^^at, E^'line Clarke, David 

Drake, Ashley Dri^'ers, Michael Elmer, Christy Fansher, Amie Flintoff, Er 



ViK'M'ii l\\ 

Fiuzeur, Pa\ii.i Lr.irJucr, LtTiaiuu' 

H.iijc'rup, Hcidi H.imnu'iul, K-ivDU' H.irm>, .setli 


Hive^. Marv Beth Hoard, V.nui 

Hoover, Kir.sta Houv^liUin, (.u-raLi Hsicli, fsui-Lin^ 


lihikawa, Hiromu Jickson, Jacqueline Jenkins, Hattie Johnson, Scott 

-lOt'T r>« 

Johnston, Christine Jones, Joanna. Jones, Robert 

Kegg, Joshua Kennetiy, Kimberly^ 

Kiesswetter, Silke Kirker, Kelly 

Koon, Lynette Kulp, Andrew Lacey, Heather 

Opposites Attract?? 
(Jason Cochran & 
(Catherine Oliver) 

The Korean 

Cassinova, in 

all his i^lor_y.' 

(Cjlenn Towery) 

Most Prized 

My SoccerhAi 

-Matt Simmons' 

My Qresisy Latino 
'Andy Kulp- 

My Sister 

'Eric flintoff- 



McPher>oi\. leimifei' 

Mitcliell, N.U.ilic' 

MlUT, L.iLira 

MiuT.iv, Uilio N(.'\\ImiiIv>. (.'Iiri.vlm.i 

Neu'banks, Daniel Norris, Meli>a Och>, Chn>tophc 

Oliver, jcniw 

P.iv;c, Oi'iiisc' 

!»h"^,r''(^ -^- 

I'li'i'il rinu'.s; 
tnH'il riitio.' 

i> c' QiiicTt' Taco Ih'I 
(M.ill Mitinu'liv) 

My Kair 

-Daniel Harnis- 

Hor^c, Barron! 




Peckliam, Allyson Penley. Paul Pikus, Jessie Pomeroy, Christina. Kaiford, Lara 

Raisch, Dan 

Salter, Michael Schmidt. Heidi Schultz, Kite sKaw, Stacy 

Shupin^^j, Ryan sietert, Leslie iininidn.s Oavid Simmons, Stephanie Smith, Andrew 

Smith, caron Span^'ler, Dennis Staats, Karyn Suddeth, jason Suits, Neely 

Summy, Dan 

Teske, Peter Thomas, Peter Toler, Deanna Towery, Crlenn 






^":s.^'' Heather Uiulerwcvd, L.uir.i Wii.iWe. I.Ol'u \\'.iv;iu'r, Peiiiii 

Walker, Cindv W'eather.s )oel William.-, ].i>on \\\\\i, .-Vrmislui 

Worley, CdrAvn Yonn'^blood. Elizabeth 

Reitee i\ ilne.v.e>> to .1 
Hara' Kri.shiia I'li t.iiiijni.s 
ttric FlintofO 


\- \^ ii -V •!\S; 

V ■»y- ¥^< "^^ \?1 ?t^ -^^' ''I', ^ 

^ M.M..M.M 

^i ^ '"^^' *' 

,^..,^. M..^.^M...PK ■ S^L-^.. i-?^ 


AjkUtslVi, Elizabeth Anderson, j^'liii P.ui^er. Kri.-t.i Iviilcv. L.mJi'n B.ill.Aiu.mii.i Ivirkntr, >'h.uin 

Parton. Allen Bate.-. Tcn-c\ 

Pell, jessiea PlaekniLin, Rebeec.i Pl.iii, )t'l 

^ A^' 

<. a S /ill V Zx- r' 

Campbell, thrista canea.^5i, Mike Carter, Jainin 

Pr<.\'k>, Lairie 

Brawn, ,Vlattheu' Brunion, Aciain Pulloek, Patricia Pun\;er, Mieheal Pnrlin\;aiiie, earL'l Pu>/i, Einilv 

ilL'.'., Uian L harle>.Mar\'Heatli L'leDiMier. llizabelli 

Cobb, Chriitina Coiiin^^ton, Elizabeth Codin^tc 

Correll. Patricia Crav\(orJ, I cn.uc Davi.s William 


foster, Jessica 

foster, Llsi foster, Suzanne fultin.jeff Uile, An<^eU Qeiger, Ashely 

Qoerk. Maranatha Qreene. Christina trroff, P^meU Hamilton, Hannah Hirmon, Qr^dy 

fia.rtm3.n, Kevin 

family Lrroup #8 visited flnUy Park during Welcome Week '98 

"Dear Cjod, Please make 
Bill stop sin^in^." 

"Lord, why does Reed 
always have to sin^; so loud?" 




l>)iitsuk.a, Sliinji JaLkiciii, Mark Kim, L>L"or\;e Klia\. Ki'l't'it Knight, 

i \.wA^ Hu.vs 

Hollv ri'wli.soii 

Aniv Sp.iinluntr 

Hazen, Michael Hester, Jamie Hierbaum, Luke HLirtmaii, cVro^; Hu^;hc.-., Jessica Huss.J.u 

La^'ue, >ara)i Larn, PaviJ Lciiart, >tep)ieri Lvie, Sarali Marijuel, R.kliel Malllieus, Lc'uisa 



McCrum, Cheiith McKechnie, sarah McMuKen, Ray Mider, Charles Mixer, Alison Moore, Jatiies 

Morand, Oamien Morris, Nathan Mortensen, Bethany Munn, Keather Nelson, Cristi Olber^ Kathleen 

"Ryan, it's all tun 

itid^imes unti 

1 lose a le^!" 

(Kathleen Olber^;) 

"Shh, this isn't my 

natural hair color." 

(Ali Mixer) 

Favorite Chesip 


Star Crazing 

'Karen Ell 


Dress up fmcy, set up a 

nice table a.nd eat 

dinner at McDonald's. 

-Shinji Ishitsuka- 

A Bread & 
cheese Vicnic. 

-Crreg Hortnmn- 


Roberts, k\s)uu Rov;ers,Mic)i.u-l R.'s;v;k\ pL-t) RliIIiiiv, Emilv Ri.'i)k-iv, Uneii.i RiitL\lv;i-, P.-iiiia 

>>. Natli.m Spainhour, .\i 

••tdck, Ddvon Stc'p)ii'ii>t>M, K.illiL'L'ii Miiiim'm, K>>)ui.i Xiniu'tlL-, l.i>iiM 

Aiiii thc-ii 

lIuTl' licl'! 

" r Ik- v;irl.'. i.,ui )ui\; .ill 
ihcv n.iiil, Inil wc'ic 
iu'( k;i'ltin\; liic!" 
(tic'i'i'v^c Kim, 
).i>L>n Isil'hit, 
flir.ilictli r.i_ylor & 
l.iiiiie He5tcr) 

Swimming at 

Lake Murray. 

'Jessica Be 

Waffle Hoiise 

-Tini W'illianis- 

Rid^e Parkway &: stopping 
for lunch by f)ie river. 

-Ani.iiui.i B.ill- 

Cjo to Riys-R-Hs .uic 

pla\' w ith ihc tov5.' 

-IXivid L.unb- 


Ta_ybr, Elizabeth Thoiius, Amanda Thompson, Vmiel Torres, Luis Touchstone, Jeremy Treece, Joshua. 

Trcmbley, Matthew Tucker, Melissa. Villa, John Wa.shhurn, Jennifer Weaver, Sarah Wedes, Ben 

Weed, Mircy Werth, Susanne Wey, Rebecca White, Elisabeth Williams, Timothy Wilson, William 

True Serenit_y 

'Excuse me, do these 

cars come with 3.n 

extended cab?" 

(Adam Brunson &z 

Charles Miller) 


W'u, Pl'-FlVi^; r>e > .nm^^. Anna Voim^;. Stc' Ok ^.ilni do- 

">i.nt nu'.m Vi.'u'\i- ni.'\L'r Min^; 
deep .md wide! Here, ill >h.'u 
you the n\otioi\>." 
(MiJi.u-l li.izcn .<: IXniv; Kninv;! 

I I'iiiiH' .1 
ni\;)i( .11 ( r.inkii.' > 
( un r.irk. 

\ li\i'l\' ni\;lil in 
Wot Bascmfnt. 
( PjuI Pcnley & 
M.irk l.ic'k.Hni) 


Columb'ui V>h\kA 

Gfod's ta.ithfu.lness Is proven once i^i'in. 

Will ijet.s ait ea.rly start 

on his try outs for the 

latnaican bobsled team. 

It's called a bed... 

riia_ybe ^you've lieard at it! 

(5andi Fleck) 



.\i\n. Ok R.iii 
Allen, St.iti 

Alm.k'k. I.illk': 

Al.'n.H'. Liii> 

aIi'iim.'. M.iri.i Stent- 
Aiuk's, >L..>tl 
AM\;tvu', N.itli.iM 
Ar.i\c-. Oflvr.ili 



L hti> you MC .supfi'M'cl Ili pilch 
tlu- lull, flu' lutttT keeps Ills eye 

A lunnerun wiitin^ to happen. 
(Hope Kim ir Meli.<5a Hodowil) 

John Freeman & 
Chris Heidt 

Boggess, Mary 

Boh[ma.n, Brian 

Boisselle, Ella 

Bouabre, Catherine 

Bouabre, Bouazo 

Bracken, Brenda 

Brunt, Liia 

Brasher, Heather 

Braisarcf, (Jeor^e 

Briclvjewater, Tina 



l>rul\iki.T, •Viiit.i 
l^r\'.iMt. (.n.'ii( 
l^r\'.iiit. Ki-iiiu'tli 

InJu'ltl'l, lll.T)ll.lllM 

l^^u■\;^.■lv^l', P.i\ id 
c.iini.'-, Br.Klli.'\' 
Cirii-kiT, Br.ullt" 
(.'.irtL'r, S.ii'.ili 
lIi.i. Kulli 

I. Ii.i. ).imi'> 

L lu'ii. )ii> u 

t lu'iic IUmiIut 

(.'licruun, >.muK'l 
L liiu. AlitC 
(.'l.irk, truest 

COM>lT\.l, MiilLlcl 


Alice Chill 

Corbln, Bill 

Corley, Voreen 

Cuke, Beth 

Cunningham, Dorothy 

Cunningham, Wendy 

Curry, Steven 

Dalik, Thom3.s 

Doa.r, Sandra 

Donald, Robert 

Donkor, Thomas 

Doyle, David 


D una way, QerAd 


Vunson, }e{( 

J^ •<!<* 

East, Celestial 

■- ■ 

Edniod, Luadell 



Eiiu-.iri.J,s, l>ri.ui 
Elirluit, StefiJic'M 
Elliot, Pamela 
Emerst'ii. David 
Eiiv;lisli. Jani.< 

Eaii, Anna Mc Ho 
FcLicr. Ciuuicnc 

i i'ILn\ .-. Miri.ini 
Mol. L)im\;lit'M 

Babv-Mltiiiv;? Ycih, honey, I can (laiuili- i(. (Mcvfii l<i\uii) 

"what dc> you man 
you don't deliver to lIU?? 
We're just pa55 t)ic 
.•o.l'.vi (lie Ifft." 


Frederick, Yvonne 

Freeman, John 

Frost, Ronald 

CfZtes, Michelle 

Creiger, Deborah 

Qetek, Raymond 
Q'lhhs, Churles 
Q'dbert, William 
(5-ounaud, Kristi 
(jriffin, Rebecca 

Crusta.f son, John 

(5-uyton, Zacharjy 

Hamilton, Tro;y 

Kanlcinson, Clinton 

Harris, Robin 

Harris, William 

Ha.vey, Daniel 

Hawke, David 

He, Oeze 

Heidt, Christopher 

Hern3.ndez, Mari 

Heu, Maily 

Hildebrandt, John 

Hill, Christopher 

Hodowil, Melissa 


Attcv S i'f'i,'t'fc't- .ii\d 10 \i\.mn. lU't 
I'lilv am I tiit\i. Init tlu'ic- .irt- pink 
lnumli-> ruiuim^; .u"ti>» tlii> dc>k. 

Hfv iiK'ii. \vni'\ (.' been .it 

t)li> L.iriL-l fi'f .^ J.1V>. (.'ii.' 

iK'me til vour uitc! 
truest dark) 

M.-'crstiiiv;, An>^ar 
Hi'Hitiaii, Ri>k-rl 
H.'M<, Peter 
H.', William 
HiihlH'll. fn\m 

Hiii;i't(.- (\'ii\;. i.)r\> 
Hvatl. Mark 
l(.\ Nai'ki' 
laiiu'.v c ariiu'ii 
lanu'.s, L'rarr\' 

I'likm.-'. t ardiia 
t-riv L)iri>liiplu'r 
i.>)iii, k'mar 
I'luiSi'M, Pamci 
i.'liM.'.iiM, Parlivie 


shoes are our f^rieticis, 

we love shoes'. 

Too hud you don't. 

(Oan Harve_y) 

Is it possible to 

overstrike a pose'. 

i^rron Hubbell 

Sara Pendarvis 

Brad Carreker & 

Nate K.irb_y) 

Jolly, Sandra 

Jones, Peter 

joun^ Don^jin 

Kanaoka, Ki_yomi 

K.eightle_y, David 

Kelle^, Crret^ory 

Kentworthy, Michelle 

Kim, Hope 

Kim, M.yuii'^ Qyo 

Kim, Sun^ 

Kim, Yu 

Kirb^, Nathanie 

Klassen, Monica 

Knapp, David 

Knapp, Phyllis 



L.iL'l.iir. Oi.iiu' 
L.iu iciwc. 1ht»\ A'li 

I'l'ln'. Vni.iiui.i 
I'l-. L liiMv; ( .in 

i-\ I. Am.iiiJ.i 

I lluitT, |.llllt'> 

1 l\t.'>.i\'. Milum 
Ltv. Iic'iu- 

lt\.iii, KMtiin\' 

lukc. Lll.hl 

\l.inv;iim. Alien 
M.miu'ii. O.n ui 
M.iraiin. Mcplicn 
M.irktT. 1 .uif.i 

M.irl.IMM, MO.Kl 


Martin, Betty, Joey, Qilbert 

Mathew, Sarah 

Mayden, Michael 

McCarthy, Joseph 

McCtenahan, Bruce 

Mcintosh, Mark 

Mclntyre, Mandie 

McKidop, Brian 

Meihofer, Kar 

Michael, David 

Miller, David 

Miller, Penny 

Milli, Rodney 

Susan Wey 

Hope Kim -iiiii L)iri>Li Olilm.iii at 
Pi.-v;.ili F,.irest m North 

A t.inuK ( -tiuliL 

pi-.t\> ti'\;i't)u-r. 
lUii.- >-<■• M.iri.i 

MiHMi, slu-lln' 

Mi'irocvi. Htc 
M.'.M'.N, L>.>ri 
MiilItT, >imi.iiit' 

M\'(.T.'-, .•Viitiioiiv, (.11 

N.iin. McWiJKiiv; 
N.inii.i. cWi'iul.i 
N.inii.i, I .luii'iKC 

Ni''ii. frit 
Ni'WMi.iii, iH'rij.inim 
NiJii'lc-.s, tlir.ik-lli 
Nk\lric-l.-ki. Hi'h 
Nii-il;rii-|ski. Ki' 


Hope Kim & Denise Pa^;e - 
Roonvna.tes in Walker Qrid 

It's okzy CkodUther, pla.y it cool a.nd no one get's hurt. 
(Chris Lenz & Nate Kirby) 

Oluwoie, M.oses 

Ooi, David 

OppenKuizan, Jod'i, Christopher 

Pa.rk, joung'Sub 

Parker, Adrian 

V3.rodi, Juan-Carlos 

Paseda^ Andrew 

Pendarvis, Sara 

Perry, Danie 



Peters, N.ul(tu' 
Petersen, nu.iiie 
Phillips, DiODus 
Pi>.k.w\i, SlieiLi 
VMk. Eric'.l\\', Itii.s 
Pur.itli, MilIi.u'I\ni. lH'\eil\' tl.iii, Li.iileeii 

vllJuT. W'.tllil.l 

i.'herts, P.nid 

Ri',,;i-r>, ri/Hc'lliv 
K.vs.ul.\ RuJv 
RiihiiiH'ii, s.imiu'l 
Riuiolf")!, Waller 
Salter, Katriiu 

S.iml.ind, l.imes 
Stliiieiiler, Mieluel 
Sellers, Bvri'ii 
Sluii)iK>uv;li, April 
six, Ict'f 



Smith, Emily 

Snyder, Daniel 

Sta.cey, Bobby 

Stafford, Ruth 

Stanford, William 

Steen, James 

Stepp, Kara 

Sterons, Stephanie 

Stiffler, Kelly 

Strickland, David 

Suggs, Joe 

Suits, Steven 

Sukdeuk, Thomas 

Suzuki, Naoko 

Swagart, Arthur 

Swenson, jera.[d, Ai-Yu 

Taylor, Stephen 

Taylor, Wesley 

Temples, Robin 

Thorms, Debra 

Thompson, Joseph 

Threatt, Wanda 

Tillman, Julia 

Troutnian, Sarah 



Wicker, Samuel 
\\'i\^j||. ulcMM 
W'ilJtT, K.Uriii.i 

WiUvlTM'll, It'll 


A lovely dining experience 

at Rikard cafe. 

(Penny Miller, 

Deborah Woltmann, 

Jomona Willlinxson, 

& Mail}/ Heu) 

Williamion, Joniona 

Williamicjn, A4.arsha 

Winchester, Tina 

Wingate, Barbara 

Wolfe, Holly 

Wolfgang, Meliisa 

Woltmann, Deborah 

Wood, Barbara 

Wu, David ^ 
Yoder, Rachel 
Yoder, K3.ymond 
Yoshiji, Takinami 

Yoo,jung Eun 

Yun, Yeosiii 

Zhou, Li 

Zhu, jia.n-jun 




^ Vf.ixcr n.iv 



■.vwii rk-A 

He u .IS out! why don't 
you put on your i^Lsscsl 
(Chad Luke) iHii-^vyne 


Si staff 

«*w «- 

^ ' 

President's Cabinet 

Johnny V Miller 



\ uc Pri'Mik-iit tcr 
L I'lpiT.iti' rl. miiiii^; 


\ I (.Ills 

Bryan Beyer 

Ken Muihollznd 

_^\ Ai.klt.')nii: 










5 Z'-WBK"' 




I 111' (.\'mnu-ii(.ltin^v; 
i.\imf\ulri'.s ( Pcycr, Will 
I clton, AtUluxiy BiriLsoii^) 

"Wait, you forgot to ti^ first 
hase!" (Ken MulliolljiiJ) 

Pnsiiiait's Cabinet 

Executive Committee of the Board 

*- J.j 





Rev. John OVw&r 

Or. (kcorge. Murray 

Mr. Marvin Schuster 


Vice Chairman 


r, rrinity Pt-e5. C\vjlyc\\ 

Wheatoii, IL 

Columbus, (JA 

t^ontgome:\-y , AL 

U-eneral Director, TEAM 

CEO, Schuster Enterprises, 




Mr. Harold Weaver 


Columbia, SC 

Bank Consultant 

Schuster Buildlm 

Excciith r Comuiittee 

Board Members 1998-1999 

Oirectiir, New LOiivji-e^^ation 

North Anierican Mission PoartJ 

Alpli.irett.1. cVA 

Ryan, Marqub i Ii)i)3) 
President, Rvan, ueer & company, PA 

charlotte. Nc 

Aostin, III, LB. iio:Hl 
I'li-Mji-ni .,\u>tiri IniiMiii,; i.\>i|V 
cli.itt.iiicVv;.!, TN 

Baite^, OonalH y i ■>.■;.< i 

ImIK i,r.lll.ii.i l\.lri_v;, A».V. 
-\^), I\ 

Black well, Oelanie ( i;);i5)>>r .<; Hi'mfiii.lki-f 
tv'luMil.ia, Si. 

Braruit, KonradC i""('i 

li|ri-.t.v. M,irl'iir\;i-p MoMi'ii 
M.irl'iuv;. in'MMjiiv 

Dent, Betty n 00.0 

I ,iil\ \lni- ,C' >fr\iiy, 

Finzel, Hzns i h).'i)) 

I \(\ I'n t Uliitl.. UluMt>>M, II 

French, Ru5jell \ i ■>.•;•) oj. '!).'.) 

I's'i 11 ,'l I.rlrl , Kn.VWillf, TN 

Ha_y, Ian, ( 1970) 

IMiu\l flriM.'i- liMOi-ilu> 

MkI.UI IllllTIOr Ml>Mi'M 

Loritts,Jr., Cra>vfor<i ( i^).'<^) 

N.ilii' Oil-., Lcj;.iiV. 

A»<cK.inne_y, Loi3 i los') 

i ','1 M Ps. IVltIu'M. II 

Miller, Johnn_y (i''!'i) 

Morelanti, David ( r.o.'M) 

\'.P. slu'll IVlMl \ 

M.Mi7i-i>, FL 

Norrii, Robert i'i7')) 
l'.i>I.M. iluiiJi .11 
ll.-rc-iu.v H 

Young, Chzrlci ( i;);)/) 

l'iMi;i-i AMI church 


BiWihi Tniskrs 


Alien Alexander 

Die Phys Plant 

Callie Blackburn 

Ad As>t, Stewdrdsh'ip 

Cr3.y\e Atkinson 

Acct Manager 

Karen Atten 

Secretary, A IS 

Steve Auld 

college Faculty 

Cathy Banks 

Exec Secretary, Music 

Cliff Bedell Frank Bedell Dick Belcher Bryan Be^er MaryBisesi 

College Faculty Stewardship Rep College Facult_y College Academic Dealt Aist VP Student Affain 

Howard. Blomberg 

Pat Bradley 

A>5t Dir Fin Aid Secretary, >'outh Min 

Steve Bradley Cheryl Brannan 

Oirectur Field Ed Exec. Sect, Colle'^e Dean 

love riiy job!" 
iJ.W. Hayes) 

"...\f you like to to talk to tomatoes, 

it a squash can make you smile..." 

(Tony Visconi) 



C3.rmen Brown 

Wanda Surch 
Exec >cct. >L-ni Dcin 

Alex Campbell 
Director FiiuuKi.d Atd 

Christy Brown 

hn Aul A»t 

sherry Brown Walt Brown stefiflf Bryant 

Pircvt.v. VK Oil \Jnuttiiiv; Rc-tMrch AJiniti A»l, .viii I u-IJ fj 

Lit Burgess 

Pir Pu.sine>> OtHc 

Joyce Burlin^me 

sect t\ti.-n>k-'M 

Brion Burni 

M.irried Mtuieiit 1\mii 

Andrew dUrruro 


iler Netui'ilv 

Nancy Cheelc 

L'niiii.irv Fjcultv 

CLara Chiklcrj 


Jeannie CoLson 
Al> Ret Lil'r.iri.iri 

Anita Cooper 

colkye (.k(ill\' 

Kiik Mi^s^in> 




Heidi Corbin 

Data Processor 

Bill Vavidson 

Seminary Faculty 

Larry ObcoM 

Seminary Facult^y 

Ralph Corduzn 

Director AV Services 

John Cummings 

College Ed Asst 

Larry Oabeck. 

Director Recruitment 

Jen Dale 

Secretary Vsy Dept 

John Davidson 

Executive VP 

Hannah Oeaton 

AnnLUtnccr W'MHK 

Dan DeLozier 

D'lr of Communicatiun 

Claudia DeRenzo 

Donor Records cirk 

Anita DuBoii 

Admin Asst, Seminary 

Yvonne Easaw 

Lo(lev;e Faculty 

Joe Edgerton 

Asst Dir cBl Adm 

Tom Ldwards 

Director of Alumni 

Frank Bedell, Terry & 
Brenda Fox 



Staci Emerson 

Sirzh Eremic Helen Fahrin^er 

Steve Farra 

Laura Field 

Adjnin A>>t. Exterisii.iii 

(kientu. Fields 

CAlc^^c Faculty 

David Finnell 

Scmiiiarv FaLult\ 

Robin Fiorello 

Jen frank 
Office M^ £Nan\;el(>m 

Mark frzppler 


M^rthz Fulton 

f iclA f A SuPcTN isor 

Ed Qermznn 

\ r >huii.-ii( Alf'.iir.- 

Bob Ferrii 

nim.iiN' i .Kull\' 

Brenda Fox 

Secret.irv. I'l.uil A»l fir .'I Aliiniiu 

Dorothy (filbert 

>eiri't.iiv, Aili)ii>Mi.iM> 


•1 ! 

veil i')lllll(<> 

tn' .ilu'.iJ, Di.ilvc iiu il.i 
(Jerome Huv^vjins) 

Faculty/ Staff 

Lillie Crlvei 

Accowit Rccv Sufr 

Mary Qunter 

Secretary Bookstore 

Joan hUtyens 

Seminary Faculty 

Lori CfOcWruuer 

Sec Placement 

Hule Croddard 

College Faculty 

Helen Cfoodwin 

Secretary, El Ed 

Torn <5^reene 

Muiic Dir WMHK I 


Thomas Hall 


Don Hamilton 

Seminary Faculty 

(krady Hzrmon,Jr. 

Dir Campus Security 

John Harvey I 

Seminary Facuitry 

J.W. Hayes 

Post Office Super 

Kay Herbert 

Semiiury faculty 

Kick Hig^ns 

Dir field Ed Semimry 

Lindsay Hislop 

Seminary Faculty 

Staci Emerion 

"When ire they gonna get the 
clapping right?" (Larry Shackley) 




Igou Hodges 

>t'i)uii.ii'\' f.ii;ult\' 

Silly Hohn 

Bcb Holmes 
\c\\> Pir WMHK 

Betty Houser 
Si\t lAIl\c IV.ii 


Don Howell 

nim.ii\ f.lcult^ 

Bub Kzllgren 

Sally Kennedy 

R.J. Kennedy, Jr. 

Koy King 

Ken Kirby 
Vein ol Men 

io( in (lie nu'i'il, Inulily, 
Cjroupwise is down .iv;.iin." 
(5ct)i Tilbott & Rich Quav) 


Sue Kirby 

Tranicript Facilitate 

Bill Larkin, Jr. Carol Lzrson Warren Larson Anna Lawrence 

Seminary Faculty/ Admin Asst O.Min Semimry Faculty Admin As5t Field Ed 

Jack Laynuxv 

CAIlwc Facultv 

}oe LeTexter 

Teaching Fellow TEFL 

Rod Lewis 

loWcoe FaLiiltv 

Dick Lindsey 

Asst Dir Physical Plant 


\ <^^m 


Christie Lomas 

CTroundi suprtndt 

Heather Lowe 


Alex Luc 

Seimna.ry Faculty 

Keith Marion 

Spc Asst to President 

Esther Lloyd-Jones 

Campus Visit Coord 

Jim Marshall 

Manas,^er WMHK 

Dr. loel WillLi 



David Maih 
Oir Al> 

Maura VLask 

Field EdMipc-r TEFL 

Betty M^yden 

Al McCallLster 

Chip McOaniel 
Si'iiiin.irv I .wuhv 

Al McKechnie 

>emiiur\' Faculh 

Gloria VlcKilbp 

Scvt RfLruitmoiit 

Elaine A/tcWilliami 

Kevin McWilliams 

L.'lllX'-' f .l^IlllV 

Mark Meehan 

G-ard Meserve 
Dir Cciinputer >er\ice> 

Donna Miles 
Sect Mini>trv Teaiui 

drrle Miller Aid Rep 

Johnny Miller 


Juan drloi Miranda 

>\' I .kuIiv 

Only in > outli Minisdic 
(David Olshinc) 


Connie Mitchell 

Lc'llec^e Faculty 


Lee Morris 

Custod'nn Supervisor 

Patty Mitchell 

Atiiitin Asst, President 

Sue Mitchell 

Aiimin Asst Sein Dean 

Owight Moffitt 

News Vlr WM.HK 

^ h 

Lee Morris, Jr. 


David Morrison 

Oir Network Services 

Marilyn Morrison 


Brad Mullen Kandi Mulligan Linda Murdaugh 

Seminary Faculty Aci Asst \'P c\irp Pin^; CdKe^e Faculty/ 

Ruth Murphy 

Acad Reccircis clerk 

Ted Moon 

college Faculty 

Lonnie Mitchell & Milt Ltecke 

"Did you see the Backstreet Boys' 

concert on TV last night?" 

(Wdrrcn Lirsow & Larry Wagner) 



Ken Mulholland 

.Seminary Acad Dean 

Christopher Newkirk 

Acimin Asst >em Dean 

M.inh Ha. Nguyen 
Computer Services 

David Osterlund 

C.Ak\€ Fjcult-V' 

Brian Plnzer 
Bulk Mail LOLirJ 

: i. jtj. 

Brian O'Oonnell Flor Oamil Diane Ode^ard David OUhine 

Dir sem Adinissu'tis r c^h >er\i.t-> Lil^r.irv A.\l i.lvk 1 Mciimi'm Li'lLxf f.iailtv 

Angle Parclieta 

Exec St-L-t. RL\' 

Brian Patterson 

Accouiitdiv; A»l 

Andy Paul 

A-v-.t A.\tiK Mv-r 

Terry Powell 
College Faculty 

Bob Priest 

>eminai'v Faculty 

Milce Prime 

Ken Phillips 

>\ I .uultv 

Steve Pulliam 
A»t toOirofAV 

Kick Swift & Tony Viscoiii 




}oy Pusey 

ship/Receive cirk Bics 

Rich Quay 

Computer Services 

Tom Raehl 

Broadcast Technician 

Oebby ReicKel 

Media Resource Dir 

Cathy Ritchie 
Admin A5st FieldEd 

Jim Roche 


Winnie Roche 

Payroll clrk 

Shirl Schififnun 

D'lr Instructional Dev 

Scott Scurrah 

Com Ntwrk Super 

Jim Seffinga 

Asst Crmdikeeper 

L^rry Shackley 

Collesje Faculty 

Dean Slade 

Dir Payroll/Benetits 

Lisa Sladek. 

Personnel Asst 

Phil Ste^'ne Kelly StifiRer 

Seminary Faculty Proj M^r comp Serv 

Nice to see y'3.11 hard at work'. 

(John Cummlngs, David Mash, 

& Ed Stuart) 



Ed Stuart 

Kevin Thompson 

Auto Meclunic 

Jimmy Tumey 
Records Super\i>cir 

Steve Sweatman 

>emiiuir\' F.iLult\' 

Rick Swift 

A>.-t \P >tii AU.Uf> 

Jenny Taniil 

Word Ptw. [\ti-iiMori 

Betsy Thomas 

U'.klim< A.-.-t Lollt\i- 

Jan Tkorton 

Atiniid A.vst WMHK 

Roger Tiiton 

Pookstore Mjii.i\;c 

Brentla Trapp'i. >c\rt-t.ii'\' 

Lee Tumey 

Miiv;r f.uililN' >i-r\ k 

Milt Ueclcer 
Colle\;e Facultv 

Lzrry UlWey 
■\>>Oi.i.itc lvcvi> 

PauLa Ulre^ 
tiiitor/W'riter PR 

KAthy Unciervvooci 

slieplicrd Vic! 
ijocl Williams & 
Amu.i Williams) 

K'oiis^-Siil' Park, Hall, 
(o.-luia L'lii'l-'oii & Let' Morris 



Tony Vbctoni 

Oir Ministry Teams 

Tina Wilkerson 

Asst Pir Feiieral Aiti 

Yvonne Viscioni 

Oir College Adrii-S 

Larry Wzgner 

College Faculty 

MelUsa Waller 

5ect Student Dean 

Joel Willizms 

College Faculf}/ 

Dawn Wood 

As5t Pir Sein Aciniis 

Oeb Wood 

Asst Pir col Adiniis 

VVMFtK at Promise Keepers 1998 "Piease, no 

( Tom (5-reen, Jim Marshall autographs" 

& Ken Mayfieici) (Kevin McWilliams & 

Esther Lloyd-Jones) 

"Hi, I'm Ed Qerrmnn, 

and you are?" 

(Ed Qerminn & 

charlotte Qermunn) 

Julie Wezyex 

Rej^istration Super 

RocKelle zurBurg 

itc Sem Admissions 



L.ii\n\'ii \\ iiitiiK 

r lu- kcv to MKCOS i> uliliriiiv' 

"Kyou^ivc mc i raise, I'll in.irry 
Vi'u!" ()im .t W'iniif Ri>c)u') 


.. ^ 

JT _ 

\\\'w! A (nis with llxc 

Polii'v the film iT mv sci;rc( 
a»;fnt, "fi)i.i5cr fcn" will ilo i( lor 
\vi(. (c'raiv; Tu^;^) 

Ih-(>v SiMs;lc'lc'ii 

Stiuiait Life 

Senior Sneak ^998 

Pinnacle Inn Ski Resort, Beech Mountian, North Carohna 

Seniors are "Sneaky" 

Sushi, a.nyone?? 
(Masliaslii Ya.m3.m0t0) 


Senior Sneak 

rlii.- vc'.ir's luntiiiu'c'.'. tor the 
iJdw RuRT Fall\. 

I t"iv;urt\l out tilt- lIK ri\ijv tor 

ill>t .ulJ l'iMll> to .'.p.ivjhctti 
iKi-. lAiii.uul.i Biu\t">.'i) 

Senior Siicak 

"Beech" bunnies. 

"I think we'd get there 

quicker it we didn't stop for 

every photo opportunity/" 

why do the women get 

to do ill the shopping?? 

(Brincia FlintoftO 

Drain the water, not the spaghetti/ 
(Josh Fletnins; & Sozo ikeda) 

Senior Sneak 

-.-:.> \kcd.i. 
.C' MiJit-lle Kin>ev 

Wt-.enild Ji.iw tlii>.U the 

Vo, vve^ot da Mott'i! 


Scmor SiiCi^k 

open Dorms 

"How tunkx is \'tiur cliii-ken!'" 
iW'lll Ft-ltti)i ,<.' Rv'.iri .s)uipiii<1 Miiii.-.trit-.'. or St.ilpiiiv; 
M.ijori' You nuke (lie cdi 
(P.ivf TookcT & Dc.m Kirli_y) 

Open Dorms 

Julie Jones 

Viva/ Banana 
(Kathleen Olberv;,) 


Open Donns 


^ ' \ullcr Sz R.iv XUMullciO 

The I. P. SurriUiiulc'ii in' ui'iiu'ii? 
Nil .<.ur|Ti>t.'. 

(Will Feld'M, Hc'|H- Kim, c*:? 
L'liri.'.t.i Ollim.iii) 

Open Dorm< 

All M-ixer in form. 

Andy, we think ^you've had the sha.g look lon^ enough. It's time tor 
a little ^nippy snip' (Paii;e Watlvins Matt sanniL>ni, Andy Kulp) 

Maybe it I stand here loni^ encius^h, some \;irl will notice me. 

(Troy Haniilton) 

"1 have a reverse button on this chair and I 'm not atraid to use it/ 

(Jerome Hu^ins & John Cook) 



PLMi't VtHi June .1 home:':' (.Dou^; Pixon) 
Corrie rievce >>t lessi^.i chuuiersv-'ii 

Umni...l)ie l(i.e mi m ii' I'l ii.iv iiiv; >onic >orl ol .loiO (Mi l_v in voui 
iMil. (r.uu (.rii'dc^: Mmli' Hester) 

Antliea BLvsct & Will feltoii 


Welcome Week 

"Oka_y... try to look natural." 
(Jason Cochra.n & Abby Arvold) 

candle li^ht at the pr.iycr towers. 
Life before standardi. (Mefisa Maltb;y & Jeff' Fulton) 


Wckowc Week 

ei\'ine. I'll r.icc wni to the Poiiitt:; 

Wckoinc Week 

A test during Welcome Week? 
(Kirsta Hoover) 

Free Welcome Week T-shirt?..."! love this job!" (Johnny Miller) 

Cjeors^e Kini 

Is that a worship context? 
(Elizabeth Clet7U7ier, Qre^ Horttnan & David clark) 

My first impression ot 
ClU was how friendly 

everyone was - 
even the professors! 

Heather Peeler 

There are ^eat people 

here who love the Lord! 

Monica Tucker 

Amy Sp^lnhour 

Everyone is tocused 
on the Lord! 
Amanda Sells 

It's the place tor me! 
John Villa 

The people seemed 

really nice! 

Lindy Batson 

(kreg Hortman 

I didn't think we'd have 

niuch hon\ework. 

1 thought this was going 

to be easy. 

Nathan Morris 


Welcome Week Pailevi: Trox H-iiniltc'ii 

£\crvbiHiv & rlicir Brdtlicr IcadiMv; »vr.-liip 

Ryan .sliupiiiv;. a ^ood cvaitiflc oi 

taking arc ofhii "temple" with a 

cloaiiMM^ ficc inAiL 

Wdumic Week 

Frank 8z Rick take a break from. 

^olf to do sotnt reil work. 

(Frank Bedeil & Rick Swift) 

Qrasshoppie, how much longer 

do I have to stand in this position 

of the frizelled tlaniin^o? 

(Jason Srower) 

One question.. .where did you ^et those pants? 
(Tom Spainhour) 



The (."liftstiT. the Llilt'in.itoi 
Jlift....m.\kin' copici. 
CM Bedell) 

I'cter pcnder^ the 
|\i.<5ibilily ol bc.ird lice. 
Iiiiny i-'pt> lor .sli.ivin^ it. 



North vs. South 

Julie Murray psyches up the Ncrtli team in the openin'^ huddle, 
Julie Murray ^;litters Melissa Hodolvval before the \;aine. 


North vs. South 

1998 Qr'its Bowl 

You >i.nit)iciii v;irl.- v;i'tl.i l.ilvf il 
•isv. > iiu'\ t' \;iit till' N'l'illi v;iil.'. 

rlic soulli will riic .iv;aiii.' 
■ViJtaiuii Ball.Jcssicj Bell & Emily Riilliru.) 


Wvth VS. South 

"Man, I'm getting 
too old for this!" 
(David Michael) 


North VS. South 

thought this was flag football. 







The snackbar cheerleaders, Natalie Abell & Wa^ne Bartz. 
Mother hen. 


North VS. South 

Those must be Petty ^nrb. 

(drmellz Sroom, 5ara Clmse, 

Karen Manning, Karen 5taats, 

Anna Kephart, & Kathy Sykes) 

The Top 10 reasons 

to be the Junior Class 

President are.... 

(christian Arvold) 

"Dad, why won't the 

paparrazi leave us 


(Nicolas & 

Steve Beach) 



^l^lvtllel■ Sister h.ill) 

ritf'.Miu'm tAd )UT luT ('.Icl- 
iHlLI >tuk Ukc >)u' Julii'l 

,.it.ilic' Mitclu'll >.<.• V lU-.itli cli.iili- 
,iu)i.ic'l PolUni... 15 tliJt ycu? ( Tiiijy Kroinblu'lz) 




Memorial 3 guys mzde a. hold 
moo-ve on thier sister kaii. 

didn't know Tinkerbell could do 
the rnoonwalk? (Ernie Taylor) 

The A-team makes an dippenrence at the dining had. (Memorial Zguys) 
No rabbit stew here? (Billy Hewcomer) 



Mr. r is ^ettiiiv; a bit worked up about his dishpan hands. Should have 

used Palniolive! (Eric Flintoff) 

Paul, Troy, Qlenn, Drew, Ernie, Luke and Will ot West Basement. 

Jeremy Hammond &: Troy Krombholz 

West 1 is the best brother hall.' (Paul , Troy, Qlenn & Chubaka) 

Luke, Luke I am your father! 







1999 Women's Softball Teum 

Lolly VunUp, Melissa Tuten, 

Kate Schultz, Mary Davis, 

jenny McPherson, Leah Law, 

Julie SAurry, Laural Conrod, 

charlotte Cjenna.nn, Carrie 

Z'unmenna.n, Peiiise 

Underwood, Anna Kephart, 

Christy Elmer, Ca.rol Johnson, 

Cindy Walker, Monica Tucker 

not pictureci: Faith Peele 


;,J>fK;. ,''•11 


■ ' ■.%<0%'^ 



"Tkat'i the ni^ht the Lice came out in Petty." 

" back away from the tape...there is nothing for you to see here." 






Lice Lingo ^'^p^^^ 

C' Movies/TV: 

1 . Carry the Lice 
2. Did I shave my Kead for tkb? 

3. Lice, Lice Baby 

4. I've had the Time of My Lice 

5. Lice up Your Life 

6. Live the Lice 

7. OreamLice 

8. Edel-lice 

9. Staytn' A-Lice 
10. 1 don't want to Live without 

Mayonnaise Treatnicut... 

what a way to spend a Friday ni^ht! 

(Karen Manning) 

1. It's a Wonderful Lice 

2. Nightmare on Lice Street 

3. Lice World 

4. Saturday Night Lice 

5. of Lice and Men 

6. A Few Crood Lice 

7. Miami Lice 

8. Pure Lice 

9. My Lice 

10. One Lice to Live 


Student Life 


Dominican Republic 

YOU3888 is an experiential class designed to be used by Qod to equip the students with vision, passion and "know how" for short-term 

cross-Cultural Ministrj/. This j/ear's study Tour was to the Oontinican Republic. Our students were involved in mission studies, worship, 

children's ministry, j/outh ministry, evangelism and construction. Qod seemed to be at work in our^oup to bring unusual unity and 

mutual support. Our lives were deeply iffected by living with people whose needs were greit iLnd their choices few. Yet, many ot them 

were rich In faith, thus they became our models/teachers unaware. 

- Hule ej-oddard - 

christian Arvold & 

Michael Smith during an 

evening church service In 


The guys rebuilding roa.ds 
In Boma. 








I ^HpH 

i 1 i.^ 


''^^^^F^ ^B 

L ^^EJ^^HT ""^ 

"^1 * 


r^ ^l^^^^^k 


Ministry with Dominican Children 

Monica Boshniann-Xlassen, Heidi 

Abrahamsen, Anthea Bisset, Neely 

Suits, & Elizabeth Youngblood 

Team Leaders 

Hule & Loretta 


Boma, the village in the mountians 
where the team stayed & worked. 


D. R. Study Tour 

open Vorms 

Opcu Dorms 

Petty Cfitis 


Petty Resident 

West Cfuys 

! !^1 

Wat Resident 

sift M ^ % 3 


i^^l^^^^£L'^ Y'l^m^SS^ " 






Founders Resident 




Memorial Resident 

Walker gMs 


Walker Resident 



East RcsidciU 



g*^v •># 

5. <>■ 



*!? ^^ , 




Columbia. Christmas 

Qa.'dene Rathmell & Silke 



Ambassador Choir 
Overanxious? (Erron HubbelO 



"I've got my Qinsu Knife and I'm ready to cut!" 
(Richard Prudenti) 

"Santa, Can I have one of these for Christmas?" (Tory Bates) 

Tim Willianis &r Lero^ Adams 

Is that a Totem Pole or a Christmas Tree? 



(kO Conference 1 998 

The hird-working 
cj-O commltteet 

CtO Committee leaders a.nd SAC Anthony Sirdsong 

thank Cjod for an amazinv^ weekend. 

(Rachel Waldstein, Bill Corhin, Christa Anderson & jon Farra) 

"How awesome is this?" (Amy Spain 

\\')k' lMii p.i>> lie .1 ^;i.n\i 
i.!imi-'iti(^ tree! 
((-■liri.-tiiK- K'hiistini, 
L'liri>tiii.i Cjvccnc, r^i'iinsiiii i-- 
>tc'[' Simiiu'iisl 

Robin & Wayne l\irt; Ic.ui 
\s'L>rs)iip duriiiv; the concert ot 

Ion l.irr.i .C- M.ilt IiwnMi-v 
ifO Loiifcrcdtc Praise Team 





* 9 - i.^ 

Men and 

Women Resident 


I WV-iineii R.A.s - Karen Ma>sev, Richele PiLker>, 

Lollv DunUp, Kristi Lrcuuaud & Peaii ot WVimeii, >ara)i Eremi. 





^f» ,-4^ 






^ Jr 


k^ % 


Men R.A.s - >i:>.nt Andes, Chris Puelier, sjin \\ lucker, 
Pean o^ Men, Ken Kirby & Will Felton 


Womens &: SAens Vorm Council 

Surah Stanied (Preiident), Leah Law (Vice Vres'ident), 
Mrs. Sarah Eremic (Dean of Women) & Alicia Lawhorn (Tresurer) 

Mr. Ken Kirb_y (Dean of Men), Robbie Jones (Presicient), 
& Jeremy Hatnmonci (Vice President) 


Dorm Council 

Brent MetcAt, Drew dnnichdd, Dave Tcoker,john Cook, >et)i Hunt & D.i\id Ooi 




L.uir.1 Marker, Alice c'luu, Kellv ).ime>, Alki.i Liuluini. Mereditli M.i(l)ie\\'>, 

Heidi Kjv;erup, Dean Sarah Eremie, Renee c>ra\e5, Leah Law, Heidi sehniull, Kim Hailev, 

Rebecca LonxiS, Cithy Licder & 5arali Stansell 

Floor Leaders 

Setuor Ckss Officers 

President: Elizabeth Uremic, SecreUry. Lolly VunUp, 
Vice President; Jamie Bowers, &: Treasurer: Christy Herge 

Junior Ckss Officers 

Advisor: Kevin McWiliiains. (Pictured) SArs. McWiiliams, 
Vice President: Melody Racicot, Treasurer: Karen Missy, 
President: Christian Arvold & Secretary: Ashley Crowe 



Somomore Class OfRcers 

Vice PiTskiciU: Kl-IIv Kirkcr, PiTsuii'iit: W'.ivMC F.irtz. 

Ad\i>Lir: Mr. Eii St-cretjrv: Heidi Schmidt, 

& Trcaiiurer: tjlean r(.n\c'i-v 

eshman Class Officers 

Secretary: SuzJiuic W'ertli, Ad\'i!.or: Kiel VVillijnt.s President: Matt 

Prcnvn, Pis; Brother : Matt Johnson, Bi^ Sister: Natalie Abell, Vice 

President : Lei^h Rutlcd^e, & Treasurer-Rebecca Fisher 


Co-ordimting Coimdl 

Brian McKiliop, Rick Swift, Elisa. Clark, Kudy Gates, & David Howe 
Not pictured: Chris Jones & Jeff West 


Bob Ferris, David Howe, Brim SAcKillop, Fabian Ma^anda, Brad Horton, 
Ken Mulholland, Sarah Carter, Melissa Hodowal & Myung Qyo Kim 




Student Or^mization 

Ad\i>or: Rick Suif-t, f'rc5ideiU:Jc'lm Lcuis. Arrica Rc^^ Kl-(': >.iiiua'l LluTULni, 
Aiia Regional Rep: Chui Mai Kan, Europe Regional Rep: Rivhelle ;ml>iir< 

lU't piituivJ: fit; M.' 

StLuieit Mission Cormedion 

Andrew Morrison, Amy Spainliour, Aniantla Levi, Janiej Liniier 
not pictured: Advisors: Mr. and Mrs. Dick Corley 


tABJtried Student Atssodation 

A.dVisor. Brion Bums, Treasurer. Buzz (klies, Vice President: Jeff West, 
Secretary. Melissa. Waller, President: Rudy Ontes 
not pictured: John Lewis 

Student Atssodation 

Activities Coordinator: Josh Ke^ Treasurer: Kimberiy Kennedy, Advisor: 
Dr. Bryan Beyer, Vice President: Elisa Ciark, Secretary: Katherine Oliver, & 
President: Chris Jones 



Yearbook Staff 

c>letin Towery, Tivv Kruniluilz, L'elestuil East, K.itliv Svkc.v. Lh.iiL'ttc (.,(, 
Hope Kim, Pr. D.m PcLozicr. cli-i.-e >.<; riftaiiv Mcn\crv 

kditor. Sua Chise, Advuor. Dr. DcLozicr, & 
A5M5tant Lditor. Clurlotte nermann 



Rob K.[ueg, Sarah Lyle, Jessica. Hughes, Rickey^ht & MelUa Norris 

Jessica Hughes, Sarah Lyle, Rickety Knight, 
Melisa Norris, Kirsta. Hoover, 8z Rob Klueg 


New Life Troupe 

Leslie Siefert, James Lewis, Tom trfe^ory, Paul Penley, 
Drew Carmichaei, Becky Wey, Lauren Crregory, & Carrie Brooks 

Lauren (rre^ory, Leslie Siefert, Paul Penlejy, James Lewis, Tom Crregory, 
Drew Carmichael, Becky Wey, & Carrie Brooks 



Sient Word 

Lindy Pinkerton, Qreg Hurtman, Mark Brant, Shiiij'i Ishituska, Leigh Rutledge, 
Lorena Romero, Nathan Morris, Chris Pomeroy, & Amanda Thomas 

Chris Potneroy, Qreg Kortman, Leight Rutledge, Lorena Romero, 
Mark Brant, Lindy Pinkerton, & Shinji L^hituska 



Ambassador Choir 

Lmdon Bailev, Piroctcir: jolm \'ill.i, Pillv \\'il>oii. CMbv tnie>t.lM\ \ill.i. 

Nathan >imons, Tim Pace, Elizabeth Aiuierscni, Rebecca M>hi'r, Saurulr.i ui'i-'v. 

Stephanie >'LUinv;, Leah Law, Silke Kiessu'etter, Elizabeth White, Karen tlli^Mni, 

Lynette Koon. Elizabeth ravloi', jttlia Pa^jan, chriitine kihn>Uni, LJiri>tv Elmer, 

Holly Powlison, Earnie Taylor, ..<: Robin Harris 

Hollv Pi.nvli.'.on, Lynette Koon. Rebeeea Ei.sher, Stephanie Youn^ 



Heart & Soul 

Damien Morand, Jason Brower, Suzanne Foster, Qeorge Kim, All Mixer, 
Shawn Newcomb, Czron Smith, & Bi[[y Wibon 

Shawn Newcomb, dron Smith, Ali Mixer, Jason Brower,\.e Foster, Damien Morand, & Qeorge Kim 



WMKK Staff 

Jim Marshall, R.J. Kennedy, Hanna Vea.ton, Dave fviorr'ison.jin 

Thornton, Bob Holmes, Vwight Moffitt, Tom Qreene, Susa.n Taylor, 

Rusty Rabon, Bruce Otto, and Tom Raeh[ 

VViVtKK OnrMrVersonaMes 

Vwight Moffitt, Tom Qreene, Bruce Otto, 
Hannah Oeaton, Bob Holmes, & Rusty Rabon 



The World Cup competition Is held every four ye^rs. The ^99S 
'il^imes were held in France and the French team won the 
n3.tion's first-ever World Cup title by defeating Brazil 3-0. 





k Jf^_ ^ 

\ - 








Terrorist bombs exploded at the 

American embassies in Kenya. 

and Tanzania in late summer. 

The Nairobi bomb took, place 

almost simultaneously with the 

bombing in Dar es Salaam and 

killed 247 people. Another 5,500 

people were injured. A few 

arrests were made, but US. 

government officials sajy the nian 

responsible was Osama Bin 

Laden. While Bin Laden, an 

exiled Saudi millionaire, was not 

charged in the bombing, Lt.S. 

officials suspect him of financing 

several terrorist strikes around 

the world. 

Newt Cringrich was the tirst 
Republican to be re-elected 
Speaker of the house of Repre- 
sentatives since 1928. 


World Events 

)e>>e l.ick>on n'a> undoul-'tedU' one of tlie more strlkiii\; rt^ure.< in 
Amerie.m public life in the Lite t\\entiet)i centurv. 

.-ptemher, the stoek market'.- l\n\- lone- A\er.iv;e took 
.1 tli\e. Down >12 point.- - ore- percent - in one li.iv. 

lliirriL.ine cVeor^je.-. rippeil 
through the Florida Key.-, tlio 
L>t(lt of Mexico, ind .-iladimed 

inio Mi.-.-i.-.-ippi and Alal'.ima. 

Mark Mc(.>\%iie Mui .sammv ."^iv-a, 
were in a luvnc run Jerln'. At the 
end i'( the .••ea.-on, Mcc>u'ii'e, 
rom the .'-t. Loui.- cardinal.-, won 
the home-run r.itc uilli .1 record 
70 home runs. Soi-i, from (he 
chica\jo Cubs, hit 66 home runs. 

I're.-ident Bill Clinton became involved in a White 
House scandal witli Monica Lewinsky that led to 
impeachment and trial in the senate. 

World Events 

House Judiciary Committee Chiirmzn Henry Hyde, a 

Republican from Illinois, led the Kouse of 

Representativei in the impeachment of President 

Clinton. A trial to impeach the President was conducted. 

Rep. Bob Livingston, a Republican from Louisiana, made a 

surprise decision to leave Congress just weeks before he 

was to become Speaker of the f-touse of Representatives. 

He a.nnounced that he had extramarital zffiirs that 

nearly destroyed his 3>i-yezr marriage. 

Quarterback John Elway led the Denver hroncos to a 34-19 win 
against the Atlanta Flacons in Super Bowl XXXIII at Vro Vlayer 

Stadium in Miami. 
U.S. Senator John Crlenn ended his long ca.reer in the Senate with a 

return to space. 


World Events 





■ f 


Kenneth Starr was appointed as a. Special Prosecutor to 
investigate President and Killary Clinton's tailed invest- 
ment in an Arkansas real estate venture called 
Whitewater. A grand jury was called and that led to 
several other investigations that eventually focused on 
accusations that the President was involved in obstruc- 
tion ot justice and perjury. 

Vice President Al Crore managed to distance himself from 
the grand jury investigation ot President Clinton's 

The New York Yankees won a record 24th World Series champion- 
ship with a sweep of the San Diego Padres. They also finished the year 
with an overall record of 125-50. The best ever. 

Pope John Paul U began his list year as Pope in the fall of 1998. 


World Events 

1999 Spring 


Qordon, R_yan 

Qrznt Steve 

)oh.nson, Cowrntey 

Os'imho, Anthony 


Tripp, Caroline 

Tuten, Melissi 

Watje, Jenita 

Atkinson, Amie 
Conrod, Nathan 

Jones, Sarah 

Moore, Derrick 

Reed., Tim 



Maxwell, Julie 

Pruitt, William 

Shetler, Charles 


McNeill, Lance 

Nocera, David 


Aionso, Roberto 

Bothur, Eric 

Jacob, Sasan 

Kim, Sung 1 1 

Kim, Sung Sook 

Lockwood, Christine 

oh, Thomas 

Parsons, Elizabeth 

Payne, Karie 

shin, Wah Rang 

Turner, John 


Spring Students 

Abell Natalie ^3, 135 

Abrahamsen, Heidi Z3, U6 

Adiins, Leroy 49, 127 

Ahn, ok Ran 49 

Alexander, Allen 70 

Alford, Steve 31 

Allen, Ro^er 23 

Allen, Sta.d 49 

Almack, Heidi 13 

Almacic, James 49 

Alonso, Luis 49, 59 

Alonso, Maria 49, 59 

Alonso, Roberto 150 

Amar, Steve 49 

Anderson, Christa 23, 24, 26 

Anderson, Elizabeth 39, H3 

Anderson, John 39 

Andes, Scott 49 

Andreasen, Ossur 23 

Andrews, Mark 23 

Andrus, Jonathan 31 

Angrow, Nathan 49 

Arave, Deborah 49 

Arneson, Steve 49 

Arvold, Abigail 3 1 

Arvold, Christian 23, 106, 116, 134 

Atkinson, Aniie 1 50 

Atkinson, Chip 49 

Atkinson, Cradle 70 

Atten, Karen 70 

Atwood, Br^an 3 1 

Auld, Steve 70, 76 

Austin, L.B 69 

Avant, Louis 31 


Badger, Krista 39 

Hiiley, Donald 69 

Baile)/, Landon 39, 143 

Bail_y, Kimberiy 23 

Baker, Colleen 49 

Baker, Tracy 23 

Ball, Vernan 49 

Ball.Amanda 39 

Banks, Cath_y 70 

Barbour, Shaun 39 

Barrett, Daniel 23 

Barton, Allen 39 

Barton, Sam 49 

Barton, Suzanne 49 

Bartz, Wayne 31, 135 

Bates, Torrey 39, 90, 127 

Batnian, Michelle 23 

Batson, Lindy 3 1 

Baynes, Kevin 23 

Beach, Kimberly 39 

Beach, Nicolas 106 

Beach, Steven 49, S3, 106 

Becker, Thomzs 49 

Bedell, Cliff 70 

Bedell, Frank 70, 72 

Beetch, Dana 49 

Belcher, Dick 70 

Belh, Brian 49 

Bell, Jessica 39 

Bent, Keiffer 50 

Benton, Lydia 3 1 

Beorn, Andrew 50 

Berens, Sarah 31 

Beyer, Bryan 67, 70, 138 

Beyer, Matthew 13 

Bingler, William 31 

Birdsong, Anthony 50, 67 

Bisesi, Mary 70 

Bishop, Paul 50 

Bisset, Anthea 13,21,116 

Blacka, (rina 50 

Blacka, Regina 80 

Blackburn, Callie 70 

Blackmon, Rebecca. 39 

Blackwell, Oelanie 69 

Blair, Ann 31 

Blau, John 39 

Bledsoe, Kenneth 150 

Blomberg, Howard 70 

Boggess, Beth 50 

Bohlman, Brian 50 

Boisselle, Ella 50 

Bolton, Micahael 107 

Boshmann-Klassen, Monica 116 

Bosse, Jacqueline 31 

Bothur, Eric 150 

Bouabre, Cathy 50 

Bouabre, Lucon 50 

Bowdler, Jeannine 23 

Bowers, Jamie 13, 134 

Bracken, Suzanne 50 

Bradley, Pat 70 

Bradley, Steve 70 

Brandt, Konrad 69 

Brannan, Cheryl 70 

Brant, Lisa 50 

Brant, Mark 142 

Brasher, Heather 50 

1 5 1 


Brassard, (q-eorge 50 

Brid^ewater, Tina 50 

Bri^s, Allan 5 1 

Brook, Nate 5 1 

Brooks, Carrie 25, 3S, HI 

Broome, Carmeda 13, 106 

Brovver, jason 3 1, 43, 144 

Brown, Cznnen 71 

Brown, Christy 71 

Brown, James 5 1 

Brown, Let 51 

Brown, Matthew 3>9, 135 

Brown, Scott 5 1 

Brown, Sherry 71 

Brown, Tina. 24 

Brown, Wait 71 

Brubaker, Anita 48, 5 1 

Brueck, Steven 3 1 

Brunson, Adam iS, 44, 93 

Bryant, Crenerai 5 1 

Bryant, Kenneth 5 1 

Bryant, Steffie 71 

Bucher, Chris 49, 51, 90 

Buheitel, Herman 5 1 

BuKock, Patricia 59 

Bunger, Micheal 39 

Burch, Wands. 71 

Burgess, Amanda 1 3 

Burgess, Lil 71 

Burgoyne, Dave 51, 65 

Bur(ingame, Carol 39 

Burlingame, )oyce 71 

Burns, Brion 71, 13g 

Burns, )osh 150 

Bush, Emily 39 


Cairns, Bradley 51 

Calamaro, Andrew 71 

Campbell, Alex 71 

Campbell, Christa 39 

Cancassi, Mike 39 

Carmichael, Vrew 24, 141 

Carreker, Brad 5 1, 56 

Carter, Jamin 39 

Carter, Sarah 51, 136 

Cevallos, Juan 39 

Cha, Faith 51 

Cha, James 5 1 

chalk, Jeanne 3 1 

Chan, Choy-Leng 51 

Chantelau, Suzanne 3Z 

Charles, Mary Heath 39, 107 

chase, Sara 24, 106, 139 

Chebon, Joshua 24, 81 

cheek, Nancy 71 

Chelagat, Egline 32 

Chen,JuYu 51 

Cheng, Heather 51 

Cheng, Hugo Te-Veng 51 

Cheruon, Samel 51, 137 

Childers, Clara 71 

chin, Alice 51, 52 

Christensen, David 24 

Clark, Elisa 13, 136, 138 

Clark, Ernest 39, 51, 55 

Clarke, David 3Z 

Clemmer, Elizabeth 21 

Clemmer, Elizabeth 39 

Cobb, Christina 39 

Cochran, Jason 23, 24, 34 

Codington, Elizabeth 39 

Codington, Philip 39 

Cole, Matthew 14 

Colson, Jeannie 71 

Conrod, Laural 1 12 

Conrod, Nathan 150 

Conserva, Mike 51 

Cook, John 51, 91, 123 

Cooper, Anita 71 

Corbett, Alban 1 4 

Corbin, Bill 52 

Corbin, Heidi 71 

Corduan, Ralph 7Z, 83 

Corley, Dick 137 

Corley, Voreen 52 

Correll, Patricia 39 

Crawford, Terrace 39 

Crowe, Ashely 24, 18, 134 

Crowe, David 31 

Cuke, Beth 52 

Cummings, John 72, 80 

Cunningham, Dorothy 51 

Cunningham, Wendy 52 

Curry, Steven 52 


Dabeck, Larry 71 

Vale, Jen 71 

Valik, Thomas 52 

Davidson, Bill 71 

Davidson, John 67, 71 

Davis, Mary 24, 111 

Davis, William 39 

Deaton, Hannah 71, 145 

DeLozier, Dan 71, 139 

1 52 


Vent, Betty : 69 

VeRenzo, Claudia 72 

Oerrenbacher, Melissa 3Z 

Vickerson, Richeie 24 

Oispenette, Abe 24, 145 

Dixon, Douglas 40 

Dixon, Judy 24 

Dixon, Larry 72 

Doar, Sandra 52 

Donald, Robert 52 

Dong, Jin Joung 40 

Donker, Thomas 52 

porman, Ryan 40 

Doyle, David 52 

Drake, Ashley 52 

Drake, Russell 14 

Drivers, Michael 32 

DuBois, Anita 72 

Dunaway, G-erald 52 

Dunlap, Laurel H, 112, 134 

Dunson, Jeffry 52 

Dzamesi, Fitzpatrick 150 


Easaw, Yvonne 72 

East, Celestial 52, 139 

Edgerton, Joe 72 

Edmod, Luodell 52 

Edwards, Brian 53 

Edwards, Tom 72 

Ehrhart, Stephen 53 

Elligson, Karen 40, 143 

Elliot, Pamela 53 

Elmer, Christy 32, 112, 143 

Emerson, David 53 

Emerson, Staci 73, 74 

English, Janis 53 

Erb, Kathleen 24 

Eremic, Elizabeth 134 

Eremic, Sarah 14, 73, 90 

Ernest, Colby 143 

Ethridge, Mark 1 4 

Eusey, Matthew 25 

Ewan, Shirley 40 


Fahringer, Helen 73 

Fan, AnnaMetto 53 

Fansher, Anne 32 

Farra, Jonathan 25, 93 

Farra, Laura 14 

Farra, Steve 73 

f elder, Claudette 53 

Fellows, Miriam 53 

Felton, Will 48, 50, 67, 91, 93 

Ferris, Bob 73. 136 

Field, Laura 73 

fields, Crlenm 73 

Fils-Aime, Edmonde 25 

Fink, Jessica. 25 

Finnell, David 73 

Finzel, Hans 69 

Fiol, Chinglien 53 

Fiorello, Robin 73 

fisher, Rebecca 40, 135, 143 

Fitz, Brian 53 

Fitzsimmons, Richelle 25 

Fleck, Sandi 48, 53, 65 

Fleming, Hannah 31, 40 

Fleming, Joshua 14 

Fletcher, Amanda 53 

Flintoff, Brenda 1 4 

Flintoff, Eric 31, 32, 37 

ford, Martin 53 

Foster, Jessica 40 

Foster, Lisa 40 

Foster, Suzanne 40, 144 

Fox, Brenda 72, 73 

fox, Terry 72 

foye, Stephen 1 5 

Frady, Joel 53 

Franck, Paige 53 

Frank, Jen 73 

Frappier, Mark 73 

Frazeur, David 33 

Frederick, Yvonne 54 

freeman, John 50, 54, 92 

French, Russell 69 

frost, Ron 54 

Fultin,Jeff 40 

Fulton, Martha 73 

Qable, Jessica 15 

&ale, Angela 40 

Qardner, Lorianne 33 

Crates, Michelle 54 

<5-eiger, Ashely 40 

Creiger, Deborah 54 

Qermann, Charlotte 25, 26, 82, 106, 112, 139 

G-ermann, Ed 67, 73, 82,135 

G-etek, Raymond 54 

O^ibbs, Charles 54 

(3-ilbert, Dorothy 73 

Crilbert, William 54 

G-ives, Lillie 74 

C^lies, Buzz 1 38 

1 53 


Crlisson, Keleigh 92 

Lrocknauer, Lori 74 

O-odaard, Kule 74, 116 

Croddard, Loretta 116 

(3-oerk, Maranatha 40 

Croodw'm, Helen 74 

Crordon, Ryzn ISO 

O-ounaud, Kristi 54, 137 

Qny, Siundra. 25 

Qreen, Tom &1 

Crreene, Chnstinz 40 

Qreene, Tom 74, 145 

Qregory, Lauren 141 

Crregory, Tom 141 

Qrey, Saundra 143 

Crriffin, Rebecca. 54 

Crroff, Pamela 40 

Crunter, Mary 74 

Criistifson, John 54 

Cruyton, Za.cha.ry 54 


Hagerup, Heidi 33 

Hail. Donald 25 

Hall, Thomas 74, SI 

Hamilton, Don 74 

Hamilton, Hannak 40 

Hamilton, Troy 54 

Hammond, Jeremy 33, 93 

Hankinson, Clint 54 

Harmon, Qardy 40, 74 

Harms,, Seth 33 

Harris, Robin 54, 143 

Harris, William 54 

Hartman, Qary 15 

Hartman, Kevin 40 

Harvey, Vavey 56 

Harvey, John 74 

Havens, Joan 74 

Havey, Daniel 54 

Hawke, David 54 

Hawkins, Angela 15 

Hay, Ian 69 

Hayes, J.W 70, 74 

Hayes, Mary 33, 41 

Hazeltine, Michael 25 

Hazen, Michael 41, 45 

He, Deze 54 

Heidt, Christopher 50, 54 

Hendrix, Ray 25 

Herbert, Kay 74 

Herge, Christine 15, 21, 134 

Hernandez, Mari 54 

Hester, Jamie 41, 43 

Heu, Maily 41, 54, 64 

Hierbaum, Luke 41 

Hi^ins, Rick 71, 74 

Hildebrant, John 54 

Hill, Christopher 54 

Hilliard, Christopher 1 5 

nines, Christy 15 

Hislop, Lindsay 74 

Hoard, David 33 

Hodges, Igou 75 

Hodowal, Melissa 49, 54, 136 

Hoersting, Ansg 55 

Hoffnaan, Robert 55 

Hohn, Sally 75 

Holder, Beverly 15 

Holmes, Bob 75, 145 

Hong, Peter 55 

Hoover, K.irsta 33, 140 

Hortman, Qreg 41, 142 

Horton, Brad 55, 136 

Houghton, Qerald 33 

Houser, Betty 75 

Howe, David ^36 

Howe, Jeffrey 25 

Howell, Don 75 

Hsieh, Tsui-Ling 33 

Hubbell, Erron 41, 55, 91,126 

Hu^ins, Jerome 73, 75 

Hughes, Jessica 41, 140 

Hugote-Peng, Ches 55 

Hulbert, Terry 75 

Hunt, Seth 34 

Hunter, Amy 1 5 

Hunter, Starr 16 

Huss, Jacob 4 1 

Huyck, Joy 1 50 

Hyatt, Mark 55 


ikeda, Sozo 16 

Ishikawa, Hiromu 34 

Ishitsuka, Shinji 41, 142 

Ito, Naoko 55 


Jackson, Jacqueline 34 

Jackson, Mark 41,45 

Jacob, Susan 150 

James, Carmen 55 

James, Qarry 55 

James, Kelly 25 

Jenkins, Earthir 55 

Jenkins, Hattie 34 

1 54 

Jero, Christopher .: 55 

Jero, Rebecca 75 

John, Jetnar 55 

johixson, carol 16, 112 

Johnson, Courntey 1 50 

Johnson, Daniel 55 

Johnson, Darlene 55 

Johnson, Matthew 26, 135 

Johnson, Scott 34 

Johnston, Christine 34, 143 

Jolly, Sandra 56 

Jones, Bill 75 

Jones, Christopher 16, 13S 

Jones, Don 75 

Jones, Jill 16 

Jones, Joanna 34 

Jones, Juliet ^6, 1\, 9Z 

Jones, Peter 56 

Jones, Robbie 91 

Jones, Robert 33, 34 

Jones, Sarah 150 

Jones, Scott 16 

Joung, Dongjin 45, 56 


Kall^en, Bob 67, 75 

Kan, Chui Mai 137 

Kanaoica, Kiyom'i 56 

Kaufifman, Theresa. 16 

Kegg,Josh 34, 90, 91, 138 

Keightley, David 56 

K.elle_y, <2rregory 56 

Kelly, Bridget 26 

Kennedy, Kimberly 34, 13^ 

Kenned)/, RJ 75 

Kennedjy, Sally 75 

Kentworthy, Michelle 56 

Kephart, Anna 26, 106,112 

Kiesswetter, Silke 34, 126, 143 

Kim, Creor^e 41, 43, 144 

Kim, Kope 49, 52, 56, 59, 60, 93, 139 

Kim, Myung Qyo 56, 136 

Kim, Sang 56, 150 

Kim, Yu 56 

Kimble, Andre 1 6 

King, Amanda 41 

King, Roy 75 

Kinsey, Margaret 1 7 

Kirby, Ken 75, 90, 91, 93 

Kirby, Nate 56, 60 

Kirby, Sue 76 

Kirker, Kelly 34, 135 

Klassen, Monica 56 

Klueg Rob 41, 90, 91, 140 

Knapp, David 56 

Knapp, Phyllis 56 

Knight, James 4 1 

Knight, Rickey 140 

Knox, Edward 26 

Knux, Carlia 41 

Kono.Junko 41,57 

Koon, Lynette 34, 143 

Korn, Robert 57 

Krom bholz, Troy 26,93, 107, 139 

Kulp, Andrew 34 

Kyzer, Suger 17 


Lacey, Heather 34 

Lacey, Rachelle 17 

LaClair, Diane 57 

Lacy, Derek 17 

Lague, Sarah 41 

Lantp, Angela 57 

LanghaLs, Douglas 23, 35 

Larkin, Bill 76 

Larn, David 41 

Larson, C2irol 76 

Larson, YJzrren 76, 7& 

Law, Leah 26, 112, 143 

Lawrence, Anna 76 

Lawrence, Bernyn 57 

Lawrence, Lance 55 

Lawson, Benjamin 17, 21 

Lawson, Nathan 26 

Layman, Jack 76, 79, S3 

Leary, James 35 

Lebby, Amanda 57 

Lee, Ching-Lan 57 

Leigh, Shonna 57 

Lenart, Stephen 41 

Lenz, Chris 60 

LeTexier, Joe 76 

Levi, Amanda 57, 137 

Lewis, Sara 26 

Lewis, Denise 57 

Lewis, James 141 

Lewis, John 57, 137, 13S, 

Lewis, Rod 76 

Lieder, Catherine 26 

Lillie,Joel 57,65 

Linder, James 57, 137 

Lindsey, Dick 76 

Livesay, Miliem 57 

Llewellyn, Lisa 26 

Lloyd-Jones, Esther 76, 82 

1 55' 

Lockwood, Christine 150 

Ll>^ Irene 57 

Login, Konnie 57 

Logan, Tommy 57 

Lomack, Sherry 57 

Lomas, Christie Z6, 76 

Loritts, Crzwford 69, 72 

Lowe, Heather 76 

Luc, Alex 76 

Luke, chid 57, 65 

L^'le, 5arah 41, 140 

M., Dainess 35 

Maganda, Fabian 136 

Malone, Matthew 57 

Miltby, Melissa 21, 27 

Man\;um, Alien 57 

Manning, Karen 21,35, 106, 114 

Mannon, David 57 

Marcum, Stephen 57 

Marion, Keith 76 

Marker, Laura 57 

Marquet, Rachel 41 

Marshall, Jim 76, 82 

Martasin, Susin 57 

Martin, Betty 58 

Mash, David 77, SO 

Mask, Joey 58 

Mask, Maura 77 

Masonde, (5-ilbert 58 

SAissey, Karen 26, 27, 29, 93, 134 

Matheson, Michael 17 

Mathew, Sarah 58 

Matthews, Louisa 41 

Matthews, Meredith 27 

Maxwell, J ulie 150 

Mayden, Betty 77 

Madden, joe 58 

Miyfield, Ken 82 

McAndrew, Toni 17 

McCallister, Al 77 

McCarthy/, Joseph 58 

McClenahan, Bruce 58 

McCrum, Cherith 42 

McCrum, Destiny 27 

McDaniel, Chip 77 

McElniurray, Christopher 17 

Mcintosh, Mark 58 

SAclntyre, Mandi 58 

McKechnie, Al 77 

McKechnie, Sarah 42 

McKillop, Brian 58, 136 

McKillop, G-loria 77 

McKinne_y, Lois 69 

McKissick, Dana 17 

McLauchlin, Amanda 27 

McLemore, Mitchell 35 

McMullen, Ray 93 

McNeill, Lance 145, 150 

McPherson, Jennifer 35, 112, 113 

McWilliams, Elaine 77, 134 

McWilliams, Kevin 77. 82, 134 

Meehan, Mark 77 

Meihofer, Karl 58 

Meserve, C^ard 77 

Meyers, Eric 145 

Michael, David 58 

Miles, Donna 77 

Miller, Allison 27 

Miller, Carrie 77 

Miller, Chirles 42, 44, 93 

Miller, David 42, 58 

Miller, Johnny 4, 5, 7, 77 

Miller, Johnny 67, 69 

Miller, Penny 58, 64 

Mills, Rodney 58 

Miner, Katherine 27 

Miranda, Juan Carlos 77 

Mitchell, Connie 78 

Mitchell, Natalie 32. 35, 107 

Mitchell, Patty 78 

Mitchell, Sue 78 

Mixer, Alison 42, 144 

Moffitt, D wight 78, 145 

Mojica, drlos 18 

Moon, Shelby 59 

Moon, Ted 78 

Moor, Laura. 35 

Moore, Derrick 150 

Moore, James 91 

Morand, Damien 42, 144 

Moreland, David 69 

Moroeck, Bruce 59 

Morris, Lee 78, 81 

Morris, Leejr 78 

Morris, Nathan 42, 142 

Morrison, Andrew 27, 137 

Morrison, David 78 

Morrison, Fitz 59, 137 

Morrison, Marilyn 78 

Morrow, Skye 18 

Mortensen, Bethany 42 

Moses, Lori 59 

Mowery, Tiffany 107 

1 56 


Mowery, Tiffany 27, 139 

Mueller, Simone / 59 

Malholhnd, Ken 67, 78, MG 

Mullen, Braii 7& 

Mulligan, Kandi 75, 7& 

Munn, Heather 42, SI 

Murdaugh, Daisy 27 

Murdaugh, linda 7& 

Murphy, Ruth 7& 

Murray, Qeorge 6& 

Murray, Julie SI, 35, 11 2 

Myers, Anthony SS 


Nam, Cr'i 59 

Nam, M-oonjung 59 

Nanna, Qlends. SS 

Nanna, Larry 5S 

Nelson, Cristi 42 

Nelson, Eric 59 

Nelson, Fredrick 2.7 

Hehon, Tyeshz 25, 27 

Newbanks, Christina 35 

Nevvbanks, Daniel 35 

Newcomb, Shawn 18, 144 

Newkirk, Christopher 78 

Newman, Berijamin 59 

Nguyen, Minh Ha 79 

Nicholes, Elizabeth 59 

Niedzielski, Bob 59 

Niedzielski, Renata 59 

Nisley, Merle 60 

Nocera, David 150 

Norris, Melissa 35, 106, 140 

Norris, Robert 69 

Norris, Robert 72 

Nuttall, Stephen 28 


O'Oonnell, Brian 79 

O'Rourke, Regina 60 

Oamil, Flor 79 

Gates, Rudy 60, 136, 138 

Ochs, Christopher 35 

Odegard, Diane 60, 79 

oh, Thomas 150 

Ohimann, Christa 52, 59, 60 

Olberg, Katheen 42, 92 

Oliver, Jenny 35 

Oliver, John 68 

Oliver, Catherine 28, 34, U8 

Obhine, David 77, 79 

Oluwoie, Moses 60 

Oo'i, David 60, 123 

Oppenhuizan, Jodi 60 

Osimbo, Anthony 150 

Osterlund, David 79 

Otto, Bruce 145 


Pace, Timothy 28, 143 

Pagan, Julia 42, 143 

Page, Denise 35, 60 

Pang, Christopher 60 

Parcheta, Angle 79 

Park, joong-Sub 60, 81 

Parker, Adrian 60 

Parker, Shane 18 

Parodi, Jua.n-Cir[os 60 

Persons, Elizabeth 150 

Pasedog, Andrew 60 

Patterson, Brian 79 

Patton, Robin 1 8 

Paul, Andy 79 

Vsyne, Karie 150 

Peckham, Adiyson 33 

Peckskamp, Patty 28 

Peele, Faith 42, 1 13 

Peeler, Heather 42 

VegnLm, Curtis 18 

Pendarvis, Sara 60 

Penley, Paul 36, 45, 141 

Perez, Leah. 1 8 

Perry, Daniel 42, 60 

Peters, Nadine 61 

Peterson, Duane 61 

Pfund, Katherine 42 

Phillips, Ken 73, 79 

Phillips, Thomas 61 

Pickard, Sheila 61 

Pierce, Corrie 28 

Pikus, Jessie 36 

Pinkerton, Lindy 142 

Pinkerton, Suza.nne 42 

Pinzer, Brian 79 

Polk, Eric 61 

Pomeroy, Chris 142 

Pomeroy, Christina 36 

Powelison, Holly 143 

Powell, Terry 79 

Powlison, Holly 41, 42 

Pressley, Trzcy 150 

Priest, Bob 79 

Prime, Mike 79 

Primm, Amanda 18 

Prudenti, Richard 1 27 

Pruitt, William 150 

1 57 

Pukznsky, Lois 6 1 

Puliiam, Steve 71, 79 

Purath, M-ichaei 61 

Puieyjij;/ 80 


Quay, Rich 75, 80 


Rabon, Beverly 61 

Raboii, Ru5ty 77, 145 

Racist, Melody 28, 134 

Raehl, Tom 80 

Raiford, Lara 36 

Raiich, Dana 36 

Rajamani, ElanChelian 61 

Rajartiani, 61 

Rambu, Peter 61 

Rathmed, Qadene 61, 116 

Reed, Tim 150 

Reickel, Debbie 80 

Rich, Ru55ell 18, 43 

Ritchey, Wanda. 61 

Ritchie, Cathy 80 

Roberts, David 61 

Roberts, Joshua 43 

Roberts, Kristy 18 

Roche, Jim 80, 83 

Roche, Winnie 80, 83 

Rogers, Harvey 61 

Rogers, Tim 6 1 

Roger5,M.ichae[ 43 

Ro^io, Bethany 43 

Rollins, Emily 43 

Romero, Lorena 43, 142 

Rosado, Rudy 6 1 

Rubink, (Jerald 18 

Rubinson, Samuel 43, 61 

Rudolph, Walter 61 

Rutledge, Donna 43 

Rutledge, Leigh 135, 142 


Salter, K.atrina 61 

Salter, Michael 36 

Samtand, James 36, 61 

Scaife, Thomas 18 

Scharrenberg, Kurt 19 

Schiffman, Shirl 80 

Schmidt, Heidi 36, 135 

Schneider, Michael 6 1 

Schultz, Kate 36,1 12 

Schuster, Marvin 68 

Scott, Charles 19 

Scott, Julie 1 9 

Scott, Kimberlee 28 

Scurrah, Raina 19 

Scurrah, Scott 80 

Seffinga, Jim 80 

Sellors, Byron 61 

Sells, Amanda 43 

Shaclcley, Larry 74, 80 

Shambough, April 6 1 

Shamitz, Tamara 43 

Shaw, Stacy 36 

shelly, April 18 

Shetler, Charles 150 

Shibasaki, Kyosh 43 

Shin, Wah Rang 150 

Shoff, Donna 43 

shaping, James 43 

Shaping, Ryan 36, 51, 91 

Siefert, Leslie 36, 141 

Silvers, Elizabeth 18 

Simmons, David 35, 36 

Simmons, Stephanie 36 

Simons, Nathan 43, 143 

Singleton, Betsy 1 45 

Singleton, Elizabeth 19 

Singleton, (finger 1 45 

Six, Jeffrey 6 1 

SLade, Dean 80 

Sladek , Lisa 80 

Smith, Andrew 36 

Smith, Caron 36, 144 

Smith, Emily 61 

Smith, Michael 19, 116 

Snyder, Daniel 62 

Spainhour, Amy 41,43, 137 

Spainhour, Thomas 27, 18 

Spangler, Dennis 36 

Staats, Karyn 36, 106 

Stacey, Bobby 61 

Stack, Davon 43 

Stafford, Elaine 61 

Stanford, William 61 

Stansell, Sarah 17, 19 

Steen, James 61 

Stephens, Charles 19 

Stephenson, Kathleen 43 

Stepp, Kara 61 

Sterons, Stephanie 61 

Steve, Crrant 1 50 

Steyne, Phil 80 

Stiffler, Kelly 61, 80 

Stimson, Joshua 43 

Strayer, Michelle 19 

1 58 


Strickland, David 6^ 

Stuart, Ed A ■ &0, &^ 

Suddeth, )zson 3>6 

Su^s, joe 62 

Suits, hieely 36, 116 

Suits, Steve GZ 

Sukdeuk, Thomas 62 

Summy, Dan 36 

Sumner, Aaron 29 

Suzuki, Naoko 62 

Swagart, Arther 62 

Sweatman, Steve SI 

Swenson, jerald 62 

Swift, Rick 79, SI, UG, 137 

Sykes, Kzthryn 24, 29, W6, 107, 139 

Szalwinski, Scott 19 


Talbott, Seth 75 

Tang, Alyu 62 

Tansil, Jenny H 1 

Taylor, Earnie 29, 90, 143 

Taylor, Elizabeth 43, 44, 143 

Taylor, Stephen 62 

Taylor, Wes 62 

Temples, Robin 62 

Teske, Peter 36 

Thomas, Amanda 44, 142 

Thomas, Betsy SI 

Thomas, Debra 62 

Thomas, Peter 36 

Thompson, Daniel 44 

Thompson, Joseph 62 

Thompson, Kevin SI 

Thorton, Jan S^ 

Threatt, Wanda 62 

Tillman, Julia 61 

Tilton, Roger SI 

Toler, Oeanna 36 

Tooker, Dave 90, 91 

Tooker, David 29,92, 123 

Torres, Luis 44 

Touchstone, Jeremy 44, 92 

Towery, <kienn 34, 36, 135, 139 

Tra.pp, Brenda 81 

Treece, Joshua 44 

Tripp, Caroline 150 

Trombley, Matthew 44 

Troutman, Sarah 62 

Tucker, Melissa 44 

Tucker, Moncia 112 

Tuggy, Craig 28, 29 

Tuggy, Keather 37 

Tumey, Lee S1 

Tumey, Matthew 19, 21 

Tumey, Tamm_y 8 1 

Turner, John 150 

Tuten, Melissa 63, 112, 150 


Uecker, Milt 78, 81 

Ullrey, Larry 81 

Uirey, Paula. 81 

LLnderwood, Denise 112, 113 

Underwood, Kathy 8 1 

Llnderwood, Laura 37 

ilnruh, Paul 63 


VanPatter, John 63 

Venable, Jason 37 

Villa, John 44, 143 

Viscioni, Tony 70, 79, 82 

Viscionl, Yvonne 82 


Wagner, Dennis 37 

Wagner, Larry 78, 82 

Walker, Cindy 37, 1 12 

Waller, Melissa 82, 138 

Walston, Vaugh 63 

Washburn, Jennifer 44 

Washington, Cheryl 63 

Watanabe, Takako 63 

Watje, Jenita 150 

Watkins, Curtis 29 

Weathers, Joel 37 

Weaver, Karold 68 

Weaver, Julie 82 

Weaver, Sarah 44 

Wedes, Ben 44 

Weed, Marcy 44 

Weeks, Clay 63 

Welch, Christopher 29 

Welch, Dennis 29 

Welch, Monica 29 

Werth, Susanne 44, 135 

West, Jeffery 63, 138 

Wey, Rebecca 44, 141 

Wey, Susan 44, 58 

White, Chad 20 

White, Elisabeth 44, 143 

white. Hyacinth 63 

whiting, Carolyn S3 

Whitmore, Angela 20 

Wibberly, Joshua 63 

Wicker, Sam 63 

Wigfall, Crlenn 63 

1 59 

wilder, Katrina <ii 

Wilkerscn, Len 63 

Wilkersan, Tina ^-2 

WilliaiTLS, Jaion 57 

Williamijoei 76, &^, &1, 135 

Williami, Kodney 29 

Wil(iam5, Timothy 44, 127 

WAiuiixion, Brian 20 

W'illiairLson, Joniona 64 

VViiliantion, Marsha 64 

Wilson, V,[[{y 143, 144 

Wilson, Jamora 4& 

Wilson, William 44 

Winchester, Tina 64 

Win^, Lowell Z3 

Win^jate, Barbara 64 

Wolfe, Holly 64 

Wolfgang Melissa 64 

Woltmann, Deborah 64 

Wonders, Alisa 2.9 

Wood, Armisha 37 

Wood, Barbara 64 

Wood, Dawn SZ 

Wood, Deb SZ 

Worley, Carolyn 37 

Wri^^ht, Q-race ZO 

Wu, David 64 

Wa, Vo-fong Tsc 45 


Yamamoto, Masashi ZO 

Yoder, Rachel 64 

Yoder, Kaymond 64 

Yoshij'i, Takinami 64 

You, Jung Eun 64 

Youn^ Anna 45 

Young, Charles 69 

Young, Stephanie 45, 143 

Youngblood, Elizabeth 37, 116 

>'un, Joshua 64 


Zhou, Li 64 

Zhu, Jian-Jun 64 

Zimmerm3.n, Carrie 1 12 

zurBurs;, Rochelle SI, 137 


Volume 60 ot the "Finial" wj.i printed by 

Jostens Printing; and Publishing; Di^'ision in 

Clarksville, TN. PressSZS, Paper Stock; 80 pound. 

Main Body Copy:l2pt. ^an^■ito Roman, Captions: 

I2pt:. sanvito Roman, HeaAings: Sanvito Roman. 

class Portraits: BArber Photography, Columbia, 

sC. World Events Photos. RM Plioto 

Service, Inc., NY, NY. 

For this is wlut the Lore 

has comnmnded us: ''I 

have nmdeyou a light fo 

the Crentiies, thatyou I 

might bring sAy^ition to 

the ends of the earth!' 

1 6 


Iniimif.x' (fVttv 2) 

And John 

Let '5 secyou baljiitc' two ot t)u'5c on 
Vi'ur Mosc! (James Lewis) 

Liiristiiia urcene, K'sli Kc^^, liion 
Stinnette & Frosty the SMOUMiaii 


skipp Pearson on the Sax... 

"No punch? Ka! Ha/ That's tunn_y. No really, where 's the punch?" 

(Sarah Lague, Sarah McKechnie & Ldmonde Fils-Aime) 


"T//t' Oskars' 

^.-'tt.i xiv, it >\'.i> jii>t..,sUrERlvi" cPr. l^a■c■^. Stopli.uuc- ^;vin^<, 
N.itilte MiU)u-ll, & julic- MuriMv) 

> L-p..iieHniti.'lv IVttv v;irl.v' ( Svkcs, kv.x lIi.isc-. i.)in>tv £li>u-i\i\ fv.iri-M M.iiiniM^;, ><.■ •Vni.uul.i Kiii-'l 

All c\(.'niii»; .It J hi: 0>k.ii> 
(Hi-idi vliiiiitll i- A.itc, MM 
[^ii.n\'M ii K.itluTine Oliver) 

icillv like tlif cminoicic-ry 
I'M her dre*5, don't you?" 
(Pave & cliristin-i 

"Mom, Dad, look .it vour boy!" 
(Huniplirev Pov;.irt, AKA cliris 

'Tlic 0<kar< 

Worid Chrisihn We^ 

Robertson McQiullcin 

Christopher Ochs & 

Adam Branson 










S^te' ^ 

^A i 

al ii)v, 

she's thinking: Prospect for missions? He's thinking: Prospect? 

(B^ron Sellers) 
Robertson McQuilkin, speaker for the week. 


\\V>r>liip Juriiiv; World Chn<.U.m 





1 1 


Ji^ ' 








1 jQIh 


Hey. i\o M\iMtp.iii(> in l")i.i|vI/ 
(Or. l.uMi.nil 

li'iii L'ur (»ii.'.>ii,'M .iiui vc'u L'.iM meet thii v'uv' 

I lut'.s fuiinv, t)ie>c' people lioii't look like Olympic c'li.jinpions! 
'v 1 1551011 Rcprc5eM t.i ti ve5) 



Women In Black 
(Jennifer Talbott, Yvonne Easaw, &: Natalie Abell) 

"It Wis oka.y until they pla.yed Love Shack during prayer." 
(Dr. V>eyer,)on Farra, & Christian Arvold) 

Jimior/ Senior 




"Lct'i sec, do I rtully to h.iltlc the bdn next doov!" 
(aI MLCalli-stcr) 




Cdehmte the Victory 

Qin^er Singleton & Eric Mayers 

They are smiling now, but wait till 
they sample their Pioneer Burners! 

Doug Rutt, speaker for Columbia '99 




■■P^f f 

^itllr 1 ^ f 


An Escapee.'/; 
Friends made at Columbia '99 

B^'^ ^k" \3dr ^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bff *• T^^Ml 

P^ A 

^^^^^^^^^^^HPa ^ifl 

■ 1 HHHH 

MRx^ .imii 

^^^^^^^^S^ ^ r^^^v'^P 

ng» j^-^m "^^H 






Columbia '99 

t'luMibi.i iW ill ses.ML 

:weit patients ot the Soutli c.iivllii.i Pi-p.irtnu-ii( o("Mi' HiMltli. 

Kiv;)i ichoL'l student.*, come from ill over tlie U.S. to 
be .1 part of the c'olunibi.i Conference. 


Columbia 'oo 


The Profs inarch "gloriously" to 
their plices on 

"what? Is my tassle on the wrong 
side or somethlngr 





Liz Silvers &■ her dad, Rud_y Gates 
The Ker^e Family 



rliree v;t'neratiL'ri> ct' tremic 
Happy? (Brian Williamson) 

Dr. Reji'cr i.- jinilin^;, i'ul in>uk iic , ,l.,u'U.- ot Or. Williams' IkU. 
No Comment'. (Carole Johnson & Masa.slii Vamamoto) 
"Excuse me, I said NO pictures." (Dr.Johimy Miller) 


"Hey, ca.n I come back next week for a job?" (Matt Beyer) 
Mr. V-cdcU &r Brim Williamscni 

"0)1 come on, you're emba.ra.ssing n\e in front of all these people/" 

(Bob Kallgren & Winnie Roche) 

It's a Crmd Sandwich! (The Beyer Faniily) 

Is that a proud father or what? (juliejones & Don Jones) 




Wc .ire si.' cHitt.i herd'. (Ihuidy Oenm.iil .<; id) 
The ^^^■^.'L•t .uUi..ip.ilioii of\>ii. 



^x x^xA U AILx X 



>V.l )c-ii.'(K-il Hl.ul^urll) 

lidif M.ixwcK, (.iinic I'M tiowii!.' 



Aaron Toombs & Sara Lewis 




" .^\ 

iL'ft HoiNO & Pe.stiiiv McLfttm 

Jiu.i Flc-niin^; >-C^ jo.mii.i knie 

like lMiis;l(:r ,.<: clirlstiiu' lohiistLiii 


David Michael &: Breniia Fiintoff' 






'X-' ' 

^ • 

■■■■' '^^^