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Full text of "A finished life. An address at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Bellows, widow of Josiah Bellows, who died July 31, 1869"

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iAIKS. MAllY r>ELI.()WS, 

AViK. DiKi. -Iri.v :il, ISi; 

RKV. liKNJlY \V. |}I:LIA)\VS, l).\)., 

tLJlitlj tDtl)cv :\^oticcs of Ijcv liifr, 


\ - ^ 019 

>j\ 1 71 9401 1 3 

A I) I) \i \: S 8. 


'\\Ty-' liavu had, I'm' lilly .yt'ar.s past, living- on the 
iRM-ht.s <.r thr two iilll.s that overlook our 
village, two veiienil.le pel's,, us of nearly e.|iial 
age. and, in many I'espeefs, oT similar eharaelei-, 
towards whom the i'e\H'renee and lo\e of oui- 
people hahilnally tnrned as t(. the providential 
representatives cT nsefuhiess, moral worth, pei'- 
sonal dignity, and simple. e(-nsislen( piety. (.)ne 
of them, a righteous and holy man, ^Ir. rlae(.l) N. 
Knaiip, fnll of days and crowned with nniversal 
lovt', and veneration, passed awa} jus! a year ago, 
at the age oC ninety-live. 'I'lu; other, a imre and 
holy woman, at a still m(»i-e advanced age, has jnst 
closed her wi'ai-}' eyes npnn tin- laiuiliai' seiMies of 
her pi'oli'aclc'd lile, ; and we are now gafheicd 
aljuiit her dust to pay the last pnhlic ti'il)nle of oiu' 

aU'ectioii ami respect (o all llial is visil)ly leli of 
lier hcMoi-e.l presence au.l um r,il an. I reserr,l lilr. 

DaliiiL;- hai-k nearly a cenliiry, (o flie tiiiu; when 
this town was a iVdntier of the wilderness, and llu; 
cry ()!■ tliesava-e had hai'dly ceased to ccIk, IV.. ni 
uw liills; a contemporary of the liisl sclllci- that 
Unindcd our town; her childho.Kl faniiliar with the 
laide heuinniiiLis of American ci\ili/atinn upon 
this ])ortimi of the (\mncclicnt; a sharer in th.; 
anxieties, toils, anil iiope.s of that lahniaons and 
trying- era, — we contemphite, as we l(M>k upon lier 
ashes, the dirst of the hist link that It.amd us to 
the l)e-inniug of our lo<-al history, c<nni*'eted 
us with the --eneralion that started our lile in this 
community, and handed (.ver in us the pei-sonal 
traditions (,f oui' Imrieil fathers and mothers. 
Older than tlie KepubHc, we lo(d., in her face, 
un the last cd' liio^. who weri> horn sidijecls .,f a 

British kii 


.led in h 


comi)leted centni-y .>1' yi'ars th.' full .-^l.ny ..f oui- 
national lile. 'J'hese eyes, their lustie n..w -one, 
liave iset'n our c.iuntry h.irn, nnrtui-i'.l into 
strength, carried through four \vars — thii'c «if 

them for libert} and l)ec.)me a great, if n..t the 

greatest, p.iwia- the nations of the earlli. 
Older than any of the great in■^litutions of ]..ipn- 

lai- eiliR-alidii, tins coininoii .school aiul llu.' ,Snii(lay 
school; older than any of Ihc -Ti'al economic ami 
mechanical discoveries of llic ;i-c, — we luaid over 
the remains of one who anlc^dales the I'ailroad 
and the slcamship, the Iclc-Taph and lahor-saN in- 
machinery of this ccnlniy, ami almost the nsc (.f 
wheel-vehicles n|M,n the lii-li I'oads of the land; 
whom no [inhlic con\e>ance could ha\'e cari'ii'd a 
dozen miles out of her native villa-c in her child- 
hood, and who i>re(HMled the days of Imaipikt's 
and staL;-e-eoaehes, which have themsehes passed 
away in the re-ion >he lived io sec unilcd l.y llu; 
swillest eomnnuiicalions with all tlu^ ca|)itals ol' 
the nation, and hound wilh li-hlnin- Io all the 
tH^ntres of civilization <\\\ the -lohc. How amazing 
the span ol" her life! how incalcnlahlc in her 
childhood the lioroscope of her exi)ericncc ! liow 
liiiraculous the aehii'semiMits she li\ed to [)artici- 
])ale in! liow marvi'llons the -I'owlh of the 
civilization she survived to heliold and enjoy! 
Can wu call, cxcejit in (Jod's sight, a human life 
short — a s|.an and a va])or — which comprehends 
an expericnci' so \ ast and \ aried, so wholly heyond 
anticipation and c-onjcctui'e? IJi'ing together Ihe 
bi'-innin- and the end of lin- days. (Jompai'e 
what she saw around hei-, what she ho[)ed and 

e.\pi'Cti.'il, or Cdiild h.-ivr liupcd aii<l i'\|h'c1c(I, wlicn 
.slu> Ih-st |,r-aii l<. <,l,>ci-\r and think and look 
lurwai'd, with what >hc. actually saw in the last 
years of lua' Inn- lilr, and what fairy talc or 
romance coiikl ull'cr a nuji'c striking and all'ccting 

IJnl, not to stretch our tiion-lits l.eyond the 
very scene ol" her native villa;_;-<' and the iiro^pcet 
or this heantilhl hill, on which her whole lite was 
spent, wliat a variety ol' li\cs and deaths, what 
a ninllilude oC loi'tunes and niistoi-tnnes, have 
come within the scope ot \\vr personal oliser\ alion, 
her proti-acted experience! All the licarts that 
liave ever Ijeaten in this valley and township ha\e, 
at one time and another, with insignilicant e\ce|)- 
tions, heateii in her i)reseiice. ]\Ien and women, 
long hni-ied and lorgottt-n. and their ashes long 
.sinci' retiuaied to their native soil, were lua- active 
contemporaries, 'i'he grandparents we try to recall 
in their vvilhci'ed age, she kne^v in their pi'imc; all 
the promising youth whose early hlight left, only a 
fragrant memory heliind, she saw horn and [lass 
away. The husy, honorinl citizens — a dim mem- 
ory to us — who once c<introlled and inspired the 
life of this ])luee, she knew and IMt in their inmie- 
diale inlluence and living presence. She began 


bfl'ore onr \ya^I IkhI liccuim; an ohJL'ct of iiitei-csi 
ami iiiLMiiory ; ami all that a-c Uy U> vv\\\c by 
poring- and ciii-iuu.s invcsligations, she was a \k)V- 
tioii (if, and ,-iaw iu arlual ocfun'L'iu.-e. Sli'r .sfean.s 
almost a pail ol' the ri-uviiK-iicc lliat waU-hcs 
the i;-c'iiri'ali(»ns couu; ami ^■o, as \vc coiilciiiplaU' 
lu'i' loiiy, iiiR'liangcd sci-cuil)' and lixrdm'ss ul". 
existence, and (liiidv ol' all llial came and lived 
and died, and -ave place lo olh.Ts who .'am.' and 
lived and died, and ma.le up the siircessivi! cj-as of 
tins now, (o ns, old ai:d Iradilional commnnil). 

Is there one anuni^- ns who docs nol alleclingly 
rememher that she knew oiu- |iai-enls and i;rand- 
))ai'enls, and ,^i'eal-,i;rand[iarcnls, and saw the 
weddin-s and l.aplisms and limci-als of all Uiose 
who were nearest and dearest to ns ? It is enoni^ii 
to tin-ill HI}- own heart with a sli'ani;e emolion only 
to rc-llccl (hat she knew my (nvn molhei', whom I 
ne\er knew m\-.ell'; and what would I not have 
been willing to give loi- one look through those 
eyi'S, l)erore lliey lost their eniniing, iut(j that 
shadowy face, the object oT so much vain, strain- 
ing remend.rance, hut which she could recall in 
living rreshuess and n-alily ! ('an we coir^ider, 
without emotion, thai she knew, face to iacr, the 
rounder of this town and llii" large family thai 

A FIMSIIi;i) l,l|. 

bui-c his hoiiuird iianif, and uhich ^\w Ikt.^cU' wui-c 
^\()i1lnly lor ihrcc' -viici-al ioiis ; all Jiis sons and 
dau-litrrs, so Ion- pillai-s of Ihis (•onnnunit\ ; all 
the. suc('L'Ssi\ 13 niiinstt-i-s ol' tin.' lo\sn who lia\u 
lau-ht, i(s I'ailh and ])icty ; the vrnrrahle phy- 
.sirians, who have walclu/d I.3 its hrdsidcs; lluj 
brilliant iawTci's and iiuhnl nifii svho have kdl a 
tra.lilional hchind IIk^ui, — , Joseph Denny 
and dci'eniiah Mason and K'o<i,-or Yose, l'\\sscndcn 
and Dickinson, Ifolland and Morsr, Allun and 
Stone and (.'rant, and many olliers? 

Hill it is not merely as a link kindin-- 11s to I he 
l)ast, or c^Neii as a circle enclosinL;' the ^vhole hi,stor_> 
of the ])ast, that we onght to value her nu'inory 
or to hang- aU'ectionately oxn- lier ashes. It is 
the fidelity and comi)leteness of hei- own life and 
character that kest dcsei've om' gralefnl contem- 
]dation. lleie ai'c the wasted, withered leniains 
of whal, J'or almost a. cendii'y, was siiccessi\ cly 
a. g<;od danglilci- and sisU^i'; a failkful and desou d 
wife; a skill'nl, indnsli'ions, and miwaried niol lua' 
and lionsekeei)er ; a considerate neigkkor ; an 
active servant of all town i-hai'ilies and s(X-ial 
duties; a hospitakle, friendly liearl ; a wise and 
sound adviser; a snjjporter liy example and sci- 
N'ice ol' all our higher iiiterests; a woman of a 

A FIMSIIi:ii 1.11' 

diiiiiiiic'il and univproachablr liH', i'\lcii(k.l to an 
t'Xlirnu; length, i)iil never laHiii-- heK.w its own 
]M-i)inise, ne\ci- lusiuL;- iis early direriidU uf iinihily 
and se!r-res|)ee(. ol' vii'lne and ir^eCnlne.-.s ; and, 
ahuve all, of luinil.le piety and pi'ayer. AViiat 
has not sneh a life t'onnnun'u'ated (d' l)les.sednes.s, 
instiaiclion, and exaniple to her lunnerons children 
and deseendanl.s? I low \vi,le the scope ol' snch a, 

Li\'ing to ))nry all hnt one ol' her own children, 
sjiared to watch her expiring;- lamp, — to see even 
many of lua- <;r.ind(diildrcn die in niatm'ity, — 
throngh what sorrow has noi a simple, earnest faith 
borne liei- I riumplianlly ; lhi-ongli Avhat, watcliinys, 
cai-es, and solieilndes miisl not one, so widely 
related, have passed! and uhal hnt a nol.le ambi- 
tion of dnty, a li\in'^- [liely, conid have t-arried her 
seivnely Ihron-h il all? And has she not been 
a patlei-n of all the domolic virtues and -races? 
Willi a c(,n.liliilional pride <if character and duty, 
ail inb:irii indtiMry and thrill, a fe'dinu of compe- 
tency for all her cares, she has been an example 
(..f a true Newd''.n-land woman; slronu', patient, 
imhistrious; dome.t ic, self-respe.-t fnl, l)earin- her 
own burdens with d.-nity and iIkkm' of others 
with jiatic-nee ; erect in will and [mrposi' as 


ill person; licr iiR'utal and moral lacullios e\en 
eleaivr than her scnsc-s, ii^l ono of Avliicli really 
i'aileil her to the last. h\>r, until uilhin a very lew 
years, she has been a h()US(,'ki-e|ier and the vvwirr. 
of" lier seatleretl lainily, so ol'teii relnrning- to her 
own roof. Up to live or ten years ago who was 
more regularly seen in lu-r seat at ehureli, nioruiug 
anil eveniugy Ilow little Irauiug, (lependcuec, or 
weakness showed itself in her erect, seli-suslained, 
dignilied carriage and conduct ? What eoiiij)osuri', 
sell'-respeel. and solidit} characterizeil her speech 
and her deijortmeiit ; what teiscness and good 
sense, and apliu'ss of thought and ex|)rcssi<iii ; 
how living her ineiuory, how wiile her ciri-mn- 
speetion, lunv manifold her ihoughlfulness ! And 
lu)W central — deeper than judgment, more marked 
than ceaseless industry, more iinclianging than her 
pride of usefulness and character — her unfeigned, 
imck)gmalie, nnobtrusiv(; piety ? Her faith was 
serene, constant, all-pervading, and ke))t her 
cheerful, faithful, and trustful to the last. She 
lovetl com[)leteness, and was negligent of no duty. 
She wasted no iiionieiit of her lime, no [)articK'. 
of her strength. ^Mways at work or reading or 
being- read to, her po\vers never slumliered, her 
faculties never dulled, and hrv interesL in lile eon- 


tinned nnlil tlif wvy e'leuiLMils ol cxi.-.tcMiee gave 
on(. \'Wvn on her .leatli-lxMl lingers kej.! np 
tlie inorKui ol' knitting, as il' too nuieh diseiplinea 
to inilnstry and nsefnlness [o he ahle to sink even 
in death into vohinlai'y i<lleiie>s an<l repose. 

A more spotk'ss, unhkunahle, and virlnons 
career it is iinpossilile to, and lianl 
to eoneeive a jirivate kife ok more \vhok'S(Mne 
usekuhiess and li.K-lil.y. 

'\Vh;il. a memory lor the iinineckiati^ and remoter 
(k'seen(kints of sneh an ancestress! what a treasure 
lor ihe recoUeetion of the ehnivii ..r wliieh she 
was so k)ng the most aged member, and ok the 
connnnnity in whieh she was the most, venerable 
representative of her stv\ I 

Ami now we rejoice wilh her in Ihe great 
reward to which she lias ascendeik She has gone 
to li'ii'nds more nnmer(ais auil older than we can 
recall, to associalions whose l.irlh antedate onr 
recollections. AVliat a renewal of a youth s.. long 
Icll behind her! what a Irca^nre ok works and 
labors an<l cares, kiithl'nlly done and borne, h('r 
long and honored life cairies into heaven! >Vith 
what modest c(,nlidence may ^he not nieel the 
:^kl^tcr she has starved, Ihe Saviour on wIkjsc 
invisible support she has leaned lor llnve gener- 


iili(.>iis! A\i(li what (•(iiu|insiii-e and jo> look iiilo 
llic lacL- or Ihr Almi-hly Kilhci-, uIio.m- c'liild lor 

.siicccssriilly wc all lliiuk. to pi-ovc Iu'I'mIT! LiU's 
cai-c^ and (lif l>ody",s \\ t'ai-iiir,ss are- o\ht I'oi' her! 
iiioi-c oC hor I'lic-nds and comi. anions ]ia\t; prc.-cdrd 
lu'i' than ivniain lo lament lu'i' ! she has joined llu; 
hlrssed roniiKiny of the. saints in li-hl, and lonnd 
anion-- them, we trnsi, troops of old I'nends ,d" 
her life's h.n- journey! May (iod hless to us a 
passing on s(j Messed lo her, and turn all our 
liearls and minds t(j\vards the imitation ol' what 
was Chrisl-like in hei' example, so thai in the end 
we may 'Mie the death ol' the righteous, and tun- 
last end he like his." 

N () T I C K S. 

/lOLONICL HKNMAMIX lUOLLOWS, tlic loiinder of 
^•^ Wall..,!.-, .v. 11., ^^as l,on, May -C, 171^', llic lir.-t 
cliihl >:( hi. lalluT, ll.c loiinh of lii. ,„ulluM. lie. manird 
(),t. 7, 17;;."., Al.i.uail Slrani>, aii<l iiiuv^a will. Iicr an.l 

tlicir iisc cliiMii'H to Waiiiulc ill 17:>:;. .she died N'l.v. S, 

]7;.7; aii.l Coloiul r.rllows maiiicd in April. 17:.,S, llu^ 
\\i.lou Jeniii-u„, ul„„c maidri, nanu' ^\ a.^ Mary lhiM,ai.i. 
j;y li.T lir had al-,,, live- ,hddirn, ol' whom the- _v..,ii,ncbt, 
doMah r.rlinw.s (\), was liuiii OcL. ;il , 17(17, died Juno 15, 
jNlti. llr launic.i, raily in 17NN, Uchrcca Siiaihawk, 
dau-htci- ol' Mr. Thomas Sparhauk, who l,a<l rcmo\ rd to 
A\'ali)olc tVom what is imw Ih i-luoii, Mass., with thivc 
childia-ii, hrloir 17 7.J. \W Urv ho had thivo children, 
Jo.iah, itehecca, and Loni.a. She died in Septemher, 1 7 ;] 1 , 
und on the li.^th ol' Oeloher, 17;)^', he married her siMer, 


M'^""''"'^ (. 


didyo!, l.sdll.a-ed near IMi. To her memory this pamphl 
is dedieated. The Iruil of this marria-e is as : — 

vwu (:;),hurii Sept. I'S 

II ; died Or 


Kr.i.KN (.-,), l.nni ,laii. -J'J, l,s()5; ,llo,l .May 12, l,sr,;). She 
was inarrird, Nov. 1, l,S-_',s. (,, CH Wlu.d.i.k (l,oni l'\h. 
7, 17:10; ,li,Ml Apiil I'-.', IMl'); aiul a-alu May 1.,, 1 -S || , 
lo .limalhau II. nw, 1h,i ii S,|,l. ■_', IM;;. .Mr. ll„w.- iiiai- 

K;. l.SC.l. 'riu.i, .M.ii, Uohie Slenis Iluuu, was l,un, Keb. 
11, l.S(;i. 
KiMVAi:i. (ll), l.oi-u CJcl. ;;o, I.SUG ; (liouuud May l.l, 1N0!». 
Wn.i.iAM (7). I.oni .Ihuc -i,,s ; ,|i,.l May 7, ISG-J. llr 

HK,n,r,l ,luac ;), IK.U:, Sarah (iihs, l„„u ^i, I^^K;. 
Julia 1;i.i;i,, , a (S), 1h,iii May 2:), 1 S 1 2 ; ,ii,Ml I'Vl,. L' I , 
I.SII). She was i,ian-a,l June <J, 1,S:;(;, to Koheil iianiell 
(1m, ni Sepl. 1). hSIII ; ,lir,l Jan. IJ, ISC;,). .M,-. Uaniell 
iiiaiiieJ .May l'l', I.M'J, Ahhy ],. Heath, l.on, .Viij,. L', IM 1. 
C'AIIIAIUM, Wmj.ia (',)), lioiii July 1, IMo ; .h'e.l June 21, 
ISh-S. .She uas n.arneJ June 'J, l^oli, l,, Henry .VJanis 
Bellows (horn Del. -:,, l,si);i). 
Annk Fo.sii.i: (10), horu Oel. iTi, KS17; die.l March I'.l, 
ISGi. She uas married .\,n'. 27, 184o, to Thonia. 11,11 
(bom Jau. 7, IMl.S). Mr. Hill iiiiin-ied July L'.;, ISik;, 
Luoy Elizabeth SheiK.rd (horu Sept. 27, 1SJ7 ; .lied I'el,. 
'J, 1.^0'.)). Their sun,- Otis Shepard, was horu IXx:. 2.'5, 
OliAMH iiti.i-itl.N. The childreu of the above are, ,,t — 

Mai;v (1), /;,/»,„■,/ JS.II.n,:, (11) (iraut, born Jau. J, 1.S22; 
married Sept. l.j, l.'jIG, JIaria Louisa \VellinL;lon ,Mead 
(borii April 11, 1S2(;). 
Jla.jamin Ji,llow, (12) tiraiit, born Oet. .S, Is-.'l ; married 
April 1, l.Stll, Kmily (loo.lall (horn April 2;», LSlo). 
Ellen {:i),JJa,y Ell,,, (IJ) \Vlieeloek, born (),t. 10, 1.S2:); 
married, Seiit. 2.j, I,-s61, to iXathan Chandler (born 
Feb. 1, LSI 2). 
JAnry i;,,.s.ll (11) Wheeloek, born June 22, l.s;;:,; mar- 
ried Jlay 'J, l.SGl, Harriet Slillman llayuard iJorr 
(bum Feb. 1, LSJ'J). 
Oiunj, a, II (i:.) Wheeloek, born Nov. 2 1, l.SjS ; marrie.l 
June 3, ItiOS, .Madge II. Kobertson (burn May 0, IdlO). 


Wil.l,l\M (7), William Haul (1(1) Hollows, boni July 1, 
MJauir,! Warm, (17, llolluus, honi Apiil 1(1, ISll'. 
Jci.IA («), Mar;/ ( 1 ,S ) liarih^ll, In,,-,! Al.lil 1.', 

CAiiiAKixK ('.I). •/"■-'■"/' (!'■') l!>'ll«iw.s, l.oiii .June;;",, l.s;i7; 
man id, D.Tciuli.T -J.'s 18(;s, llclm A. liiuwu. 

,S7r/Al L.Htisa (L'O) l;,llnu>, llull, Del. H, IS:);) ; ilifll Supt. 
I), ISG'J. SIh- wa.. iiiaiiioi, May .'(i, l.siiL', to CharU-s 
I'le.-cotl (lioiii Sr|,lriiilirr 12, Ls.ll). 
J'V,(».vs J, in, (lM) IJellnuv, l.uin X(i\. l."i, 1 ,S I 1 . 
n.nrij Adams ( L'L' ) IS.-lluu.-,. Ih.iu L"J, LSI.!; ilied 

Maivh 17, IMS. 
Jvha Adams (L':)) liell.nvs, l\Iay -'l , l.Sl.S, 
An-MO (10), Marij r.rlluns c.'l) llilL In.n. Sr,,t. HI. ISK.;. 
//./»;/ liarl.rr ( lT. ) Hill, i.niij Ai.iil L'7, l.Sl'J. 
Kalhariav (2G) Hill, Inirii May 12, l.S.'U. 

7-;/;..,/,-//, ,Ja,j (-11) Hill, bun. ,Ian. 2,S, IS^l. ??-Jv.' SSlJL 
J,,,,,' ISrlloirs CJrt, Hill, honi Sr|,t. 211, |,S.M. 
77m.,„„,s A'.,/-,/ (2'.i) Hill, Ihiiu 1'\'I.. 22, l.-i;i. 
3. GliKAl-cjiAMM 1111,1. Kl,N. The rhiMiv,, ul' the alM,ve' an-, of — 
]■;. 11. Cka.nt (U), JA(,</ lirlluics (;i(l) Giaiil, bina July oO, 

IJIi::ah.(h Loriiaj CM) Grant, born Aug. ID, LSol. 
Ihanj Jlvnd (.-12) Giaiil, bum Jan. 1«, IS.H'.; ilicJ Nuv. 

io, 1850. 
Edith (06} Grant, burn Jan. 2.'., l.sGii. 
I.inroln (34) (iranl, burn April lu, l.sGu. 
11. li. CiKANT (12), .l/ar^j /'Jmma i'irluria (3u) (iraiit, burn 
Feb. r,, lhb2. 
i:ii-:ai,lh lirll.ncs (liO) Grant, burn July ■'', LSliG. 
iM. ]■:. GuAM.i.i.i; (lu), //,„,// lluirr (■■>'') Cliaii.lUr, burn 
May 3, IH.Ki; Jird Juuu 11, 1.SIJ2. 
Klhii Jtrlluas (3H) Gluindlor, boru Dee. 12, l«r.G. 
H. (i. Will.:i;i.ucK (11). (Icun/r Goldlhiraitr (:y.l) Wlieeloek, 
born .Sept. 10, bSGl. 
Z:,7i„u/' iJillaiui (lU) Wheeloek, burn >;uv. 23, 1.SG5. 



,S. L. SANl'.niiN (2(1), Ji.inj 11,1/,. ,r, (41) Stillborn, 
Nov. --'.s, I8U:;. 
Sam/, K„l/,ur;nc. (12) Sauboni, .liily 51, IWGG. 

It lluis :,|,i..':ii-s tli.-it Mrs. Mary Hrllows I,;h1, at the 1 
of luT (K'alli, July :;i, 1m;ii, ImhI.,! srvni nf l,rr ,' 
cl>iMi-en ; l.a.l l,a<l ninrtvrn ^^raii.lrlnKI, en, wf uImmu on,' 
dir,l; an.l lliirlera ,mvat-,L: raii.l.'lalcli > ii , of uhou, tuu 
(lir.l; (.f li.T li\(; ^^oiis-in-lau, luo l.a.l -mu- hduir h.r 
liad als,, two wives of 6on.-i ii-lau'. 

I'.iit the dcM'L-ndaiits of l„.|- .sister IJehreea — luauo- 
ste| — ai.o looked up to lui' a. ilnar anee.stur. 

Tlicse dcseeiidaiits weic, — scu p. lo, — 

1. CllII.DUEN : 

JosiAll (l;l), l...rii N.,\. 2.-., IT.SS; ,lie,l Jai.. lo, 1^1^'. 
luani.Hl Xuv. 2."., l.SI.'i, Slella ('/.ariiia lii-aaiey (I 
]\laicli, 1 :;){;; .lied Dee. 1:;. l,s:;.;). C'nl. ll.lfnv.-, niai 
Nov., I.SIO, th,: welou- lln-uier, uho^e iiiaidni i, 
wa.s Tvlai-y Aiiue (ii-ahine. lly her hrsl iui-,l,au.l 
chndren were, — .Ufre.l, hum ,Se|,i. 11, 1,S,!J; lOllui. 
hum Nu\. ,',, l,s:ll, ai.d Dee. 21, 1 Ml-S ; .Mary Anne, 1 
dan. 27, fsod, aled .N\m. 2'.!, fs;;,S. 

l;ia;i,,.A ( II), horn .Mareh, 17'.)(i, died A|,i-il, 17;H). 

I.oui-A (la), l,o,u .Inly 17, 17'.)1. She was niaiii-d d 
•.'1. 1.S2I, lo ,lnhii WUiW llayuard (horn .Mareli .-i, 17 
died iJee. od, l,s:;-_'). 

2. Git.VNlieUlll.onioN. Of the aiiove the children are, ol — 

Josi.VU (lo), S(,/I,t /.,M>i:;i (l(.i) nellows, burn Oel 

I.Sl I ; .lied :\lay, l^.\'J. 
S,(i;,/, A,/,il,„r (17) lielhnvs, horn Ainil lo, 1«I.S; . 

Aug. l.SLi7. 
Bthvca Urutiu (i.S) B.llows, horn dan. 1, 1S2(); 

April, IMoo. 
,S/,'i,/,c„ j;.,„:,' (I'J) li.'Uows, horn Oel. 17, lfi-'2 ; . 

JNlareh 17, hSll. He inarj-ied Anj,'. «, l.-^lo, S;i 


Kin- Hal. (1m, in Jiui. l.Vjl'), wlio iu ISl.S nmrnol 

Henry llihlMnl. 
.A,M„/, (Irulnnr ( Th . ) IVlluws. l,.,n, .Inly I^ M S 1) : 

,i,Ml Amw L'G, iMli;, Annu .M.niill (iKnn .Mairh 7, iMlo ; 

,lir.l Apnl 7, lsi;7). 
L,.ll-\ (1:0, /.-'-.a /;,//.. ,r.s ( T, M llaywani, l.oni .Ian. -.'2, 

ISlM; ; niani.-a l'\'h. r_', I. Si; I, lu (.liarl.'S Ta\ lor Can- 

lirl.l (l,n,-n April l.s isi-:!). 
,/./,» U7,,7, (.7_') llayuai'.l, lairn .luly .-., ISi'S, nninied 

,)nn- -2, l.SOl, IMIni- Cialls M.n.v (l.uin .Maivl, 17, 

ir„/,A, /.'/;„/ (.7:1) llaywani, iMuni D.r. I'd, ls;U. 
,ii:AV.,K\Ni»lMl.nia:N. The .le-ren.lant. in the neM ^enei- 

J. (;. l;i:i.l,..w> (^r.D), .Um,/ <;,.,h,n, (.71) llelh.w., horn 

.Marrh L".l, l.s,;7; .lie.l Ma.vh -J, l.Siw. 
..|„,„ .l/wM,// (.7.7) IS.llows, h,n-n .Man'h L".t, IMm; died 

MayL', l.Mi7. 
L. ];. Cam ii. 1,1. (.71), (!>•«■'■ A'' /-■'" (-"Xi) ( 'anllehl, huru 

Nnv. 1.7, ISOl. 
.l/,7v I,., a.,: (.77), hniM Nov. 1, ISGl. 
2l„r;,(Ui,d,„r (,7;i), hoiu .luly l.s, ISGG; died Oet. 18, 

r/,,„/,s //„,/„„,,/ (.71)), hu.'ii July 1, 1S(7.I; died .Inly, 


,1. W. ilAMVAla, (.7-'). /'.a,,/, Mn:r (dO), Ih,,!, Keh. -'6, 

Lo„i„i lirllnu's (CI), hon. .lane 111, LSGl. 
J,.hn 117,;/,: ((;■_'), hoiu April :i, l.Sl'.T. 

'I'lms, at tin: liiu.^ uf .Mrs. IJellow.^.'s ilealh. a .miu, ;i mui-Iu- 

la«, a ,lauuliua-i,,-law, luur ,^r,unl.l.ihlreu, au-l ln„r -reat- 

ora,Klrl,lMr,.,i l.a,l l,.v.v,lr,l her, while a ,l,M.,^hler. h,ur 

yr.uulehihlren, ami live Liieat-^i andehil.lren survi^e her, 

aiiimi- the..' .te|,-de,een(lanl., as ueir aiul dear t,. iier ai 

her own. 




Dr. ]! alln.lcs to .Mr.. I'.rlluu.-, us ln,s kinswuinaii. 
1>,-. llrlluu.-s ^.■aiMllalluT was a M, ,i-la uf ,K.>ial, l!.l- 
luws (1). My., r.clluu.'s lalli.i- at lau-lit .-rl..,,.! in 
Wal|M,lc, and wa, alleruai,! -Iiuluc ,,1 IVuhate. 11. i' cai- 
lirM i.iiirn.l.ranrL' nf l,>.i- Inluic hiislaial N\a.. tliat ..f .crin- 
iiim punislu'il liaviii- s|„.kcai of licr lallin willmuL llic 
pirlix ;,lj-. 11.. Iu--..l r..i-iv.Ma^s an. I i,n.n>i>c.l '' nruv 
t.. say clear Spai'liauk ai^ain." 

I'ntll al...iil iua .i.My-litll, yv.u- Mrs. i;,.|l.,w.-'s K. allli was 
11. .t \.i> linn; and tl.c liui.l.n .,1' .s., lai-c a lainilv of .d.d- 
dicn, and „l lain, an.l li.niM: lalmivis, u as ..luiitini.'S alino.t 
t,)., nm.h lor the ucak iVani.; t.. h.Mr. Knt sh.. «as of 
nn.'oiMiu.i-al.l.; .s|,iiit, an.l dn'W daily fiv.h mi|,|,Imv-. .,f 

-..spcl. r.roiiukt ii|, in tla: daikn.'ss ..f Calvinisn,, sl,o 
w..ik.'.l l].T way i.ainhdly .,iit t.. the li-iit an.l lil-cily 
of tl.c -.;si„d; an.l [ni/.al the in-.nni,-..s ..f .Lvsus, an.l li.e 

Is of the S,,iiit, an.l th.: 


l'\, ..nly ni.n.,. an.l in.ue as the years 1..II..I <,n. Her 
f;iilh <lreu on inlinito r.^.^-ninvs, an.l suMaineil h.a , Im,!), in 
h.hors, and in s,,r..iu> and trials, nnlil the end. She 1..v.m1 
d.^arly the ehnreh an.l its serviea-s, an.l was a Mve.t sin,L;.r, 
tihle to carry her part, luul to .soun.l C iji all., |.nrc an.l, 
until over tlneescjro an.l t.^n. Sh.., .,r lu^r s,.n William, .,r 
s..uie ,,ii.. .,f her, Kll. n, .Inlia, .,r Ann., san- in 
the, ,,r j.lay.-.l the .>.-an, ..r .li.l h.-th, every .Sun. lay 
duriny thiily-li\e\e ye,.rs. 

Her d.Mth was sn.lden. She was visit- 

wilh..nt >i,^nalnre, written ,.n a ernn.i.l.'.l s.'rap .d i,a|,.a-, 
sa)in- thai .Mr, H. ha.l hnrl hinr-.lf ha.lU 1.) lallin- fr.nn a 
uag.jii. \Vc took the iig.\t luornin-'s tiain U> I'U.hljuri!, 


and .ta-cs tlicncc to Walimle ; Init learned, us we ims.scd 
llu-uli-h Keene, that the injury had already [.nned fatal. 
She hure it uilh the ni,..t truMiii- snluui-Mou to the Father's 
hne; and ihe,, ior years ^^enl m, keeping hoirM' hy h.a-., It', 
.-ittiii- :duae at her lahk', eA^vpt « hen >he weje.uie.l \\,il, 
old h„~,,ilahly her ehildreu and -ran.lehihhvn or other 
lriei,ds. That wa. no .-toi,-al inMai.Mhihly uhieh enahle.l her 
t.. he,uin iuManlly, upon h,-r hushand',, deeea,-e, thi, lon.'ly 
lile, and keep it up lor years uilhout injury to herself. it 
was the fnhn>ss of her love, and her constant sense <,f the 
divine nierey, and lur steadfa-l endeavor, for so inan\ \ ears, t.i juould eaeh hour's life hy refrenee to "the will of 
(iod in Clnast Jevsi.s," that had inwrou,^ht this sunny eheer- 
lulnessmto a heart that was hy nature and early theolo-ical 
traii,in,L;nioredispo.,dlo..on,lne views ol lile. 

Steadfast adlieren.'e to the ri-ht is luidoidjted proof, not 
only of a > will, and of a good heart, but of a elear 
intelleet al>o : seeing the right in order to follow it. lln- 
sNverving lidelity in righteousness, carried through a long 
.'^eries of years, is inileed the strongest possible evidence of 
true greatness ; shov\'ing an intelleet ca[ial)le of peiceivijig 
the truths of morality and religion, which arc the highest 
truths; a heart hning goodness an<l loving (iod, which are 
the pure.M, holiot hnes; a will capable of mastering itself 
and riding the wlude nature according to law, which is the 
mo.t ddhcult of human achiev en,ent,,. 'I'ins is the victory 
that overcometh the world. She that <loeth good is of (iod, 
and is a partaker in the divine nature and divine gloiy. 


KxruAcr FiKiAr a i.i;ri'i;i; itv i;i:v. wii.i.iam;i:. 

■I'lii.sroN, N v., ,Jaii. 7, 1-70. 

I\[y i.i:ai: F.mkm., — I think lli:il m,,,,,. .,1' il„. l„.-i inllnrn-TH 

Wii liuve ciijoyr,! ul' ,-nliilly rhanirlrr,, iiiv lli...i= ^vi■i.■ll u v r;iiii„,l 

analyze ov dr>rvl\n-. At K■a^t -n 1 li,„| ii i,, I,,. „iil, tn\~Ai\ in any 

attoniiil In rx|„'e>.s uhat 1 ,.ul- t.. thi- cx.'rlLut w.nnan. ll i- nnl 

(,nr is nut Mippu.-r.i m lia\c kn,,wn anoliun- trnly, until thr ■• 
aliun." ,,|- that ntlier ha\r l„>cii lunn.l. Yul I an, nui iviUini; in 
arknuwl.Mu,; that I dal not know one xunnraMu liinal, c\uii 
tlinii^li it .IhuiKI lir .iillii-nll Inr uw In pnint nut a liy hut i'\,vl- 
Irn.v,, in luT .■In,fa.-1,.T. 1 think thai lln- tii'M ihin.i: aknlit I..T 
thai iui|iiiv-s.-.l mo ilrrhlcdly, was a i-rilain |i,aaili,u- ilnjititii of 
hrarin,;., whirl, ar...,. |,nn, a ix:d .li^jnil) nf -nnl. It was h„d,r4 
liu,-.sihlo l,ann any thin- liko linn.i.nMly ,.v alha-talinn. Xnl 


]i,Hniliaily nllLiisivc, 1 think she was nnt ln-i;nsil,lu tn t 
nf a t,uu aii.t.KTacy ; nor do I lHd,.\c sin- w.nihl rvr 
ahatc thnsn rlaiins, ||-oni any Mil.uar lU'sii'c to burona; 
Yut 1 suppoM.. .-hu wa. iinpulai- in the best seusn. For h 
was leni|,.nv,l by snnh ,i;un„inc humility, ami sm-h .,nl,- 
thh's, and sm-h hmindhv.,, ,l,an(y, that sha nnnld nnt b: 
liearts tl,al w,Te Iml ha|-dniird indeed. Mnivnvei' her 

exienuil dislinetioii>. Her piaty — if one ,„a> jud:;e of 


intelligent. She '-knew in uhom ^he belies ed," and 
cures and surrow.s had been iiatiently and eheerfnlly borne, 
through the power of that iailli. [ an, su,e ,s/n foui,d in lini- 
tariau Christianity no laek ,d' inoti\.-. and indmements to .-im-ere 
piety. She believeil in yuu,;, l... chnn:h, and uouhl not hi any 
ordinary (dislaele bar her way thither. I .shall always remember, 


iis ;m in.Maucc; in |.i(»ii; lliat xvliuii I liiul oc.Msi,.ii to pivarli m 
Walpnle, sumo Um. yoai'S :,;m,. ^l,r was uur of ihe " Irw laill.lul" al oln, irli, l.oll, ,u.„„i„;> a.„l alUTUouu . -- 1 laai.uh llio 
tl„-nn,M„Wrr wa^ iinl dr Im,,, ihirly l,M.,w /m,. an,l ll,uu,^l. l,ei' 

c.x|H,s,nv. 11,11 1 liu.l il ullrrlv in \a,u lo I. 11 ll.r half ..I' 
I Liu-u of hri-. Il ,-rr,u> aluM.M likr i„ulanal.o„ i;,r nic to ivy 
aiM inakc uut a •• rl.a, an, ,■," thai >l.all rxpR'ss l,.T lu ui.uui 
J uuc so murl, love ainl .uraUln.l.-. 

Vo„rs v.i-y inily au,l iValrrnally, 

I'Aiti' oi' A i.i/i"j'i;ii I'.v i;kv. w. v. tii.dkn, 

]\Iv I.I \i: 1)K.^,— I Ikin.- laan h.'ia- amon- ll,.- ,„n,iu- 

lain- lor tw ■, uaa-ks aial IkmI ImmhI nollo,,^ o|' ihr .Irall, 

or " Auut SI." aiilil I saw ill llic •■ Lila-ral Chnsliau " this moi ii- 

Ilow foitunala Ihal you wn-c llirn-. to s|,>ak tlu' «or,l thai 
,1.,. roiiM -iM.ak so well, ulaa, iVinal. ..alhcvj lo pay lla- last 
liilailu of hnu aial lailh ! Slir was a true uiolliar ill iM'ael. llow 
dearly she love. I that little ehaiiel of praye'r aial lU-aise ! What 
a Hue Irieiul of the iiiini-ler .he was, — how sy uipal lii/.ili-, liow 

f.fl'iiml old million the opiio-ite hill, hut .he was L;ieat lU s) lupa- 
tlietic teiuleruess, -real in the elosiiii; .train of the ani;el soie^, 

sincere charity that 'Mhinketl, no evil." llow careful ,-lie alway,. 
was of others' feMiu.js ; how leiueul in her judgment of their 
faults! Yd she had a mind of her own, and wa- free to e.^ircs 
it, with modest liriiine~s. She was aiili-.lavery to the \ery core. 
llei- iutiil-est in ihe -r-al stiu,--le for national freedom was wou- 
derftllly deep and earne-1 for a uoiiian of her years. All along the early sla-es of the - irrepre.Mhl.- eonUh't," ..lie kept 
po.led like a politi.ian. Il was a real comlorl to me, while in 


aays, w, 

lM.,„v-lnM,,., irnlh-l.n,,,,., (; 
iu (Marl! |„.are 1„ lliy i i>,.„ 

KituM A Liri'ri'Jv OK i;i;v, fi;1':i)i;i!I(.m< ni^wman knai'I'. 

I'LVMoiriii,, Au,-u~t i, 1m;:,. 
Jh I.IAK lllll,, — I iim snirylhal 1 rciM 1M,1 l,i.\e l„',.,i lit 
Walpnlc la,-l wrck, al llie Iniiural ul' Ainu Si. 1 am -la.i y,ni 
WiTc al.lrlol,. Iherr; yan, kuru lirr m, w.ll, ami appiaaaalr,! .„ 
fully jiiM tli.i>c ,|.ialilir,, ^^l,,.■ll lu-r .■l,a|-artr,-. ,\ly slii.u- 
a.sM«iali..u uilh krr i. luclukl. li,M, J llunk u| lirr as ik,; 

age l.y a luu' weok.s <uily. Auil, >ocuu.lly, 1 ikiuk ok her as 1 
usrd ,„;ca.Moually, ilmiug Ihr, war, U, .sre her ov hear ol' her, 

sul.liei-s, in spite ui' llie wei-lily lacl ikat Mie kail U(U in iki. lual- 
ter lliu syiii|i:illiy of some of iko-e >kr was iKaii-.-t lo. 

It was of ker devotion, and ikal ofolkei wry a.m^i women like 
lier amuN- our a<M|iiainlai.. >■ at Walpole, llial I used to tell the 
wonudrd .-..Idler, iu Ik.- l„.~|,ual-, au.l elseulua, . wkeu I was ear- 
rying tlieiu rckef or distiibutiug these i,, ikem. 
Au.l y..u have no i.l.'a of tke ekeering, au.l leally iuvi-.n-aUiig 
etiecl niion the men, of the thought that the-e ..1.1 |.e..|.k', a w.iy 
North, eighty-live, and ninety, and ninety-live years ..! a;j.' ( 
other e.\treiue of life aelually ton. 'he. I .ui the Aiu.ui.'an i;..\..hi- 

form, for the sake ol' .h.iug ju.-t a luile .-.uuulhiu;.: al lea.,t, before 
tliey shonl.l di,', f..i- the suhliers iu the liehl. 

You haNe n.) i.l.-a hou'^ilive tk..-e suu-hnrue.l au.l Mgluiug- 

plished hibor of liugers that ha. I .kuie the work .jf f..ui-- 
seore years, told for a givat .kvil with Ih.-e -..Mi. a-,-. 1 supi. .>■,.; 
these men w.:re l..u.-h.'.k u,.l .,nly k) ik.' l<^.^ au.l kin. In.'-- .,1 ike 
aet it«df, bill that, uuh their ..uu sen-.; of \i-..r .if, ihev 


iVlt a leii.lrr sympMlli) uilli tliOM' prrMUis ^^ ho, in llir ruL'M.Mie.s.s 
nl' nl,l a-r, hut will, li-aiis all a.^lou, coiiM only .-it al liuiue, aii.l 
Willi >ilulil iR'ciUo lu-lj, 1i,:jIiI liir l.alllr.s; iiih. ^s liirh Laltlrs, .lid ( iial 
(, lily allow Ihriu— lia. I il Im.ii .Mill llieiis tu ollli- — lliuy woiiM 

Thorc i. always sum, iIhuk (h vuliarly nan ing i„ sc-lu^ pc-niis 
«la, lia\c kuuwu what il wa.s .,iil ui ilicir own calm ,-livii::i|, |„ 
a., will, tMM- an .■lliriiiil ami lai',-,' N^.ak, at lui-lli I'diaa-a to 
urakiuvs, of lioay, wliilr ihr d^-Air li, lahor an, I 1,, M.-,-; ,,iI,,t> is 
slill as caniL.M aii.l liva, a- ,\ri-. I'l„-y ,.~,i all ll,.' l,ui,i,,,l' a 
ulaaeWLak (ih.'W.n'k laal asi,l,' ea,'l, nielli, till llif lasl ,.iir „l' 
II, r .~ix, ,ii,lliii-li..l) In ar,.H,ii,ii-l, lilllc lliiii-, wliii'li, in 
linir- ,a' vi,-ui-, .., 1,1,1 l,a\,' I, ,n Iniiu,! nll■^M||, .mm^ in a liallMay. 
An,l y,n II,,' sianl i.. n,,t inipali.iil. - il is uillln- I,, a,aa'|,l llie 

'riu! s,.Mici-s, 1 v.l, far away IV.,!,, iIi,m,- l,„n„;'S, w,'ie alive 

1,7 sn.'h ai.pL-al-, as llii-, in a inca-iiiv llial ^ai w,, 1,1,1 liaiMly ini- 
a,i;i,ie. 'il,,- ini|,iil.~,' an,l |,nii,,,>,- ..f ll,,; -li,,n,- mm w,Tr ,|ni,-k- 
.■1,lm1 lliulcl.y, an,l III,' \M,iiii,l,,l wnv -,„,i„M- m tl.,' Ii,aa auain. 

'I'hc'se arc tin- lla.nul,!,, ll,al' I,, nir as 1 ixau,a,,l„T lla- |n,,i- 
years of kin.lly lalM,r of llial a;j,',l w.,,nan aniin- lla. war, aial 
how. allur hor uiiKli,lh \,Mr, ^liv sliU lai.l woikimj on, in iar 

,S,a,l,Mn ai,l 1 m,.rl any on,' wl„,s,. inu-n-l in ll„- ;jivat slnm.^la, 
il- wl„,so ,-,,n,l,a,,.,ali..ii u( llia ,a im,' ,,l lia-a-,,.,,. w a> m,,iv ,m,|ii.,li- 
!,■,!. In Iho.c ,l:!\,. a. 1 w,-nt ana,.,-, lla^ s.aaar., aii,l wal,li,:,l 
h,- armi.'s al lla- |[-,,nl. i-a-,-,- I,, 1„- l,-,l on lo \i.-lin-y, I iis,-,l lo li-cl 
ik,-, lliaiikm,^ (oal liol ,u,ly Inr lla- slivn;^ll, ll,,,l uas Ua-ro mani- 
',-sl, oari-yin,ii, hayoia-1 an,l ,.wm-,l, l,nl,- Im- all ll,.,,,,. nnsi-,-ii 
a.woi-s wl,i,-|i, \>y sihml iiillnan,-,- in lla- lai-olk hona.s, ,vcr,- k,-.-],- 
n- ali\r llais.- -,a,l,ti-s' haarls aial in \ i^ , aal , 11- lla-ii- iialnoli.Mii. 
\ii.l 11, ,1 small ammiu- lla--,- inllia-iia.. , ai,l 1 r, ,-k,,ii jiiM siah 
iali,iil. iincMi-ulalioii-, kiially. ii,U-lli-,-iil sym|,alliy as wa- L-sliib-