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Full text of "Five bookes of architecture: translated out of Italian into Dutch and out of Dutch into English"

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H E .TV %% 

Prince of Wales. 


Ovaine ambition of mine owneDefire, much lefle prefumption of 
my none Defert,incited me to prefent this Volume to your Princejy 
view 5 but rather, the gracious Countenance, which (euen from your 
Childehood) youhaueeuerdaigned to all good endeauours, invited 
Mee alfo (after fo many others) to offer at the high-Altar of yout 
Highnefle fauour, this new-Naturalized VVorke of a learned Stran- 
ger : Not with pretence of Profit to your HighnefTe ( who want not 
more exquifite Tutors in all excellent Sciences) but,vnderthe Patronage of your power- 
ful! Name, to benefite the Publicke; and conuay vnto my Countrymen (efpecially Ar- 
chitects and Artificers of all forts ) thefe Neceflary , Certaine, and moll ready Helps of 
Geometrie : The ignorance and want whereof, in times paft (in moft parts of this King- 
dome) hath left vs many lame VVorkes, with fhame of many Workemen; which, for 
the future, the Knowledge and vfe of thefe Inftru&ions mail happily preuent, if the euent 
butanfwere(inanymeafure) to that Hope of mine, which alone both induced this Defire 
and produced this Defigne: Wherein I muft confefle my part but fmall,fauing my great 
aduenture in the Charge, and my great Good-will to doe Good . All which, together 
with my beft Seruices , I humbly proftrate at your Princely feete, as befeemes 

Your Highneffe 

moft humble Seruant 

Itybert Tea{e, 

To the Loners of Architecture. 

Vr learned Author Sebaftian Serly, hauing great forefight to flew and ex-* 
■thine the common rules of 'Architecture ; did Jirfl publifi his Fourth Booke-, 
entreating of Architecture, and after his Third Bo oke, declaring excellent An- 
tiquities. Fearing that ifhee had begunne with Geometrie and Perjpectiue, 
common workmen would haue thought ( that the two former although fmall) 
had not beene fo needefull to fludie andprattife as the other : Which friendly 
Reader, considered, hindered mee long either fromTranJlating or Pubtiflringthe two former, being 
perjwaded by Jundry friends and workemen,to haue defifled my purpofe, both fromtranflatingor 
publijhing . The which / hadfurely effected, if I had beene ouer-ruled by their requefis and 
perfwafions) alleadging flrong reafons, that the common Workemen of our time Vwtle regarded or 
ejieemed to Worke with right Simmetrie : the which is confuted and erronious, in the iudgement 
of the Learned Architect:, if they will follow the Order of Antiquities hereafter enfuing. Where- 
fore leafi my good meaning, together with my Labour in Translating and PublifJnng , [hould not 
be regarded and cfleemed ( as worthie ) confidering it not onely tendeth to the great profit of the 
Architect or Workeman, but alfo generally to ail other Artificers of our Nation : I aduife all gene- 
rally, not to deceiue themfelues, nor to be felfe-conceited in their owne worke s, but well ynder- 
Jland this my labour (tending to common good) and be per (waded that who fo fiall follow thefe 
rules hereafter fet downe,JhaU not onely haue his Worke well ejieemed of the commonpeople,but 
aljo generally commended and applauded of all workemen,and men of iudgement. Vale. 

e^The firfl: Booke of Archke6hire 


% The firfl: Chapter. 

trie is fo? enery Artificer anus&b&cman , as t?)DCe t tt)at &? 
along ctmeljane ftuuteu anu ft?oitgljt ttrttljotit $e fame 
can fuStctentlv H)itneffe,iMjo Once tijat time Dane attained 
fcntoanp fmoUjieftgeofcftefaMite ,Boenotonelplaugy 
anBtaleattljciroiimc former fimpIcWes, bntm ifflMli 
maptterp i&cltaelmDiuicugetliataH sbljatfoenert^aufeene 
fojtnerlp Bone bp tljeni , juasnot tbojtl) t!je tooltthg om 

. Seeing tjjen tlje learning of 2lrcljitectui'e comp;el)et^ 
Deil) in it manp notable 3lttcs, it is' neceCQs^ tDat tbc^t^s 
cfittecto? o? ftoj&eman^outolfrfl:, oaai* tIjeS£a£l(iii)£can* 
!iotattaittefcntoanpttto?e)Sm0!$3 fo nmclj thereof, as tijatjjeemapimuetlfattijtj^ 
principles of d^eomettte ,t|)at Ije map not be accompteu among!! tDenumber oT$one* 
fpoilees,tbl)o beare tfee name of M)o?femen,ani> fcarce nnotb ijoifc to mafte an anftuer& 
Xbt)ata|^oint,fLine,^la{ne,o?3oii^t^, ants mttc!) letTe can tea Mjat i)armotueo£ 
tojrefponumciemtanet&buefcMoMng after tfjeirbruneminue,©? otljerblinueciift* 
uuctojstDatUattebfeis to vomU ibitDout rule ojreafcn,tt)ep mafceuau tityUftfyUty 
is tlje caufe of mttclj uncut o? tmeuen ftojttemattifyip M)itl) is founo in manp places* , 
Xtyztfm feeing tljat mmmmtt is tlie ftrit Degree of ail goou $rt,to tfte enujf map 
fyett» trje Sircljitecto? fo mucH t&ereof , as tljat He nmy tftcrebp ht able ttutl) gooB f Ml* 
to giuefome reafon ofljis Vom&& 5£ou$ing tfjefpecnlations of endues anu otjjet; 
3totl)o?s, tftatljaueibjitten of<i5cometrie, Stbtii leaue tl)cm,anu onelptafcefonu; 
flo*uersoutoftt)eir$aruen, tftastljemtiitjf&p tlje ftoteii ibap tljat 3 can, gjmap 
entreat of Diners curtingtt)?oug!) of fUnes , urttftlomeuemonSrattons, meahingftf 
plained anu open* Ip to fet tsotbnt anu Declare tlje fame,Uotft m Editing anu in figures^ 5 
' $at enerp man may botl) conceitte ants tmberftanu tl)em,auuert^*tis tfte 3Rcau# 
anufounu out tlje firfl, anufofitupjoeeeuing, ijeefljaiiar 
laftattaineimto f)is uefire* 

5 * *? 


■ ■■ 

S po^nf. 




1. . 





$D»tafas» / gcntus. 




I R S t,i?oh tnufi snoerffano tbat a popnt is a pjictte matte to tb 
a ptno?CQmpau"e,toSHeb cam not bee Dcuioesinto ant parts, 
ijccaufeitcontctnetb neitt;er lengtlj lis? bjeotl) <nit. 

2 nine is a rigbt conlecutiue imagination in lcngtb,begimring at a 
pepnt , ants nticettj alto at a point, but it ^alt> no bjeotb. 

OTben ttoo!Lines are tela? placet) of a little feogseneffe one from 
tbeotbir,tbofetfe!o lines, accessing to tbenatinepb?afe, are calico 
parable, ano bp Tome mentbegarenameD CquioiSances. 

©Hben tbofetfoo <£qnitf fiances afojefapn are at eacb ens clofeD too 
getber b? anotber ilme, it is tben calleo a Superficies: ano in lifee fojt 
all fpaces tn tobat manner foeuer tbep are clofeo,ant> fimt Dp, are eal* 

leo Superficies o? plainncs. 

CSTljentrjcrc is a ttraigbt bp?igl)t nine places in tbe miSDle of a 
croffe ttratgbt line,tben it is calico a perpendicular o? Catbeta nine: 
ano tbe enosof tbecroffeojffraigbtnineonbntbfiaesoftbeperpen* 
Dicular, are calico Straight comers. 

Wfyn a leaning o j ttratgbt nine is places spon a firaigbt nine 
fcitbout Compaffc o? rqualitte, as mucb as tt>e fame nine bcnoctb,fo 
mucb fijall tbe comer of tbe firaigbt iLtne be narrotoer beloto, ano tbe 
otberfomucb bjsaOertben a right oj eocn comer: ano tbe ttraigbt 
co jner in tLatine is calleo Meatus, foljtcb fignifictb ttjarpe,ano tbe toi* 
ser comer £>btnf us, toljicb fignifictb enllt . 

3 comer oj point calleo piranribal, anD alfo 0cntns in Hattne, ie s 
fcfeen tvoo cuen long firaigbt lines meet o? iorne together at tbe topper 
enM* tbe figure rigbtagatnfi Ujfs oeclarety. 

anofofienfoeb a figure tsclofeofogefl&er at tbefsBtctbereBf, foirb 
a long firaigbt line, it is (ben calleo a SErfongle, becaafe it batb tb?cs 
fijarpe cojners. 

I. ,|L 

TOben a triangle foitbttoo enen firaigbt lines , is dotes fog e«jcr 
hritlj a longer line tben tbefe ttoo are, it fijall bane fucb a fojme asjjere 
Sou fee. 


The firfl Booke. 

jgnf a2Crtaitgle fcfjfcfi its maoe of tbjee bnltfee luie*, fttpallalto 


®m^ti ttoo long ano ttoo Direct ketone rt'gljf lines are topes coge* 
iher attliefonrerojmrs , it ie calico ©uaojangle toitb eucnfioesoj 
cojners, bnf tobcn tlje fonre lines are all of fcnlifce oj contrary length, 
then it isa®Hao?angleBffcneucnfit>cs,ast!jls figure ffectoetlj. 

You mud note that although all foure cornerd figures may be called 
Quadrangles:neuertheles,r'or that the dirett foure carnerd figures 
arc called Quadratus : for difference from them, I mil name all fi- 
gureswhicharelike tntoatable,(thatislongathen broad) Qua- 

^TT^enfourecncnlong ffraight lines are iopco together at tbe 
* V co?ners,tbeparecallED©nao?attis, to&iclj arc fonrc cojnerD: 
tobcn pen matte the ttoo cojners thereof fbarpe, ano tl>e ether ttoo co?* 
ners fometobat blunter, ttoeo it is calico a mmbas. 

e firfl Chapter. FoU. 

S SCrrangle; 



©uaojangle. \ 

Although pon map f ucne anb mafee all f&e figures afo?cfafo right 
foure fquare: fPetibe toozfecmanmap finoectrjEr figures toitt) 
afaers corners. 2Ebe tobjeb (as 3 toill hereafter ffieto) bee mag mafee 
fonre fqaare. 

Wfecnamantoitbbts4Dompafi'e Djatoelb a bntoc, ano after tfjat 
ojatoefb an other boto rigfet againfi it,tbat is calico a MM 
of crooaeo 3lines,toitb ttoo UUe corners : ano then ojatoetb a ttragbt 
line from the one cojnertotbeotber, anb from one poi>nt oj center 
tofeeretbeCompaffeffoob to the otbcr,anotber ffraighame. %%«& 
bBPUUjallfinoetljen^t foure parts thereof. 

BWi.% ifamanojatoe ateboleronnb line toitb iji* Compare, 
thatiscalleo afiill Circle, o*rouno^upetficiticsj,anetbepopnl 
in tbe miDDleis calleo the Centre. 2CS)C utmoff line is calico Ctrcurr.* 
ferentte: anDtftfouoiatoaftraigbtnne tl»eng& the Center, tt weak 
left a diameter ; becaafe it ocuioetl) il)c Circle m ttoo eaen parts. 

^uperficitieof a 

croc-fees line* 


Of Geometric 

\tJT 9«i $e Iralfc Circumference f s t of t&oagf) f^e Cea* 

Vy fcroft^e {Diameter, tbm it is calico tjalfen Circles 

ana if poti mate a ffraigb* line tmjigbt in tl»s balfe 

Circle, fijen tbstltae mafeetb ttooeuen quarters of a 

Circle, ana oeufoen) ttje£Diametec alto into tujo ^alfe j5Dul» 



\7\T©ehaman ojafoefyfonrecnenlongluieMno icpietfj 
t^K ifvett ajaU) a If rata tit line from f be one corner to tbe ottjer, 
it is caltcti Di aamia*; tocsufe it Denioetb tbt fonre eotfwwiate 
ttooeuen parts. 

N®6fobenafeo}KcmanbatbfcencafojmeDf fome of the 
moff nectffarif gmpcrficies, rjec mnftpjececa further,flna 
learne to augment o; cf aiinilb. tbe fame, ana to turtle ftjem info 
ott):r fojmes: bnt pet in fact) fo&t&at tbep map bans enen part * 

A ^ H) firtt,tf sat of tbe ltnr;tb of tbe 2>ia* 
* gonuaafojefapo, bptfeeaaaing of tbaee 
ctbercucn long lines, bee maaetb i netber 
fa are fquare : ttjut foare fquare fljal be once 
as great againe as ttje fiift, fobicb is to bee 
tmaetffaaa in ibis fojt : 2Cbn 1 1 foare fquare 
of A. B. C. D. bvtbeSDiagonasis Dent? 
©eo into ttoo SDcianglca , ana n)e greater 
fnure fquare A.D.F.E. contained foure 
fdeb triangles i but foi tbat tbe ttoc firfl 
four: fquircs bang onettritbin tbe otber, 
fberefojs fa? tbt better vetoing tbereof,tbcp 
arc brre once againe fet oofonc feoerallp : 
tofcerebp poa mapf&tbat tbeSJuaajateG. 
(as sfaia brfa?e) cctaiwth ttoo SEriangles, 
dnt) tbeiSuaajsts H. contained fonre fueb; 
SCriangles, fo tbat ttjs pjoofe thereof is 

I^F toitbta a fonre fqaare pou mafic aCircle tobfcb (oucbetb tbe 
foare fines of tbe f aia foare fqusrc, ana toirboaHbc faio foare 
fqaare an otljcr Circle tobicb toucbeib tfec comers marfeea A.B, 
CD. &bcn tbe outmoff Circle mutt bee once as great sgama 
as tbe innsrmoC! : ana tben if about tbe greafeft Circle poa 
tnaae anotber foare fquare as C D. E. F. u> n tbe ttoo fenre 
fquaresmnflinlihefo?t be once as greatagatneas t&p other. 
2Cb« P? mfe tobcref ttanaetb berebv martua fciitb tbe letters K.L . 
fo; clearer t»,*~« ----»-" 

The fir& Boofee, 

Bf& t&is alfo, t^e pjoiecturc o? tbe taote of tbe 
y&tits of the Sibafcane Colnmnes o? pillars, 
anb alfo t&e bjebtb of tbe ftmoation of tbem bnser* 
neatb br» Glertramtw bedareb , tat fet foojth. 

The firil Chapter. Fol.$, 

T^ ® teejfeeman mad pet pjoeceb for fber,ane 
learne to knoto bote to cbange a SDriangle in* 
to a ©uabjangle, ana alfo at Ia8 bjing i i t a a rfgb t 
©.nab jaie , to the tabic!) 31 toill fct ootone Diners 
fo;mes. JHrft, take a triangle fnitb enen coj» 
ncrs , as A. B.C. ana benibct&e iSaOe (tobicb 
is tbe name of all lotoec lines) B.C. in ttooeuen 
parts, anb ttjerc place tfee letter E . SCben from tbe 
point £. to A. ajafoc a line,fobicbti)illDemDeu)e 
triangle into ttoo enen parts, artjen if pontafee 
that part tobicb is markcD A, E.G. anb iofti^tt to 
tbeotber part, market) A.E.B. it taillmabe a 
©uab jangMs A. D. B, E.mabe of a SCriangU. 

Y£>a map alfo cbange tbis Ertangletn other 
manner, ocuibing tbe lines A. B. anb A«C. 
eacfj in tteo like parts as F. anb G. SDben bjatoe 
a line tfcongb £>- £• as long as tljeffiafe B.C. 
SDben (but bp tbe ttuo €qmbittancc8,cojner toife; 
anb tben tt)c©nabjangle B.C.D.E. contained) (q 
mncbinitastbeCriangls A.B C.anbtbepjoofe 
thereof is,tbat tbe ttoo triangles B» C. F. anb 
G.E.C. containe fo mncb tntbem,astbettoo o« 
tljcr SErianglcs A,F.H.anbA.i,G. 

A SCrianjle foitb enen points , mag be ficaiaets 

ibjice into ttoa eqaall parts, oeuibing cacb Gbe 

in ttoo parts, as in tbe agtire P.,Q. R it is feme 

tbjoughtljc trjjcc lines, tobicb on eitjjer fibs mass 

ttoo great Xrixigles. 


Of Geometric 

T^ <£ fame SEctanglcP.QJl. map f fcosbe cbengeD into a ©aa* 
Djanglerteuioc tbefiDeP. Q.ano tbeeDeP.R.eaeb in tuio u 
quail part* , tben tsjato a linf lencj as Q. mi K. anD tljtn 
ojaii> a line cirect Defonctoaro from T. U. to clofe it tp: and ttjesi 
tbat iinaDzanglje container as mnrb fpaee toitbin it as tbe SCc tangle 
afejefapa, betaufc tbat the SCr tangle tetfjic^ is cutoff P.S. V. is of 
tfetlibe p;afneffc toiflb tbe oiljcr JCnasgU tsarbcD V.R.T. 

A ^baltbcugb there is aSCrtanale of tonequall fiB«-wt a man 
* mapmafecita€iuab?anglc,tafac^rc|tfis 3 fapB before of tlje 
tig^tSCrionglej foj alt&ougb ttjc too 2* tangles tbat arc cut off, 
anc ttjote ttco ttjat are abacs *ntoit,arenotof oneareatneffc, pet 
t|e triangles A.F.l.attDB.D.F.areonc as great as tbectljcr, anD 
againe, tbe Strangles A.G.K. f G.C.E. are alfo of one grcatnes : 
to tljattfoofe tbat are cutoff, anD tbofe tbat are aDOeD t&sreunto*are 
of one quanttttc. ffii? tfjcfe alterations afojefapo, a man map eafiln 
meafure boto mane fete , ellcs 0; rmscs faurciqaarc,are wntaincD 
in a tbjcMoznetD Janpu flcics. 

B53 S tt fallen) ocr,tbai a2Criangle(ft>btc& istbJaco;nerDUo> 
pet ficte 0? plat«e,muff be parteD eroffefoife in tluo equal parts J 
tben ont of one of tbe uDes tbat jou bull cuttb?eegb,rou muff mabe 
a ttgbt foure f quare, as from tt)e fiDe A. B. anD o:ato tberin too 2Dt< ftomco;nerto cojner, fcbicb toillfbetepcuf&eCtnterC. 
ano o?ato one Circle tbjcugb tbat tbjee ccjnero part tobic& peu brill 
DeutDe,anDfo peuttitllfinDtbe too points, tobcre penffcaltDjatue 
pour DeutDinglme.^e tbat ocfirctij anp pjoofe bereofcmap tabe cact> 
piece anD alter ttmto a ffiuaDjenglc, ano after into a ©uaWatc, as 
thereafter ffjall beujetoeD, atutbeffjallfittfutttue. 

jfc $ aircbtfertoi mutt alfo bntergoe of ber bnrtbciw , fojtbat bee 

nrofffenefobofofoDemDe apirccofgrounvbatnomanmapbe 

fjinDjeDtbercbp. :3siejrpamplc,tftjjereimeaptcce ufsratmDtbat 

lag tfeja rojnero fclfe , toitb bnequall pat ts, bamng on tbe one floe 

thereof aMIell, butnot In tbemiDDle : ano tbis grounD,o? tfcjfc 

tojnerb piece oflLanD is to bee DeuioeB tnta too cqaal parts,in fort* 

fojMbateacb of tbemmap^auetbcuteoftbetKlidlattnuft bee 

Bone in tbis manner. Slmabe aSCrianglemarfecDA.B.GanDtbe 

©Ecll is marbeDtoitbCi. $ete DeuiDe tbe line B.C.uufbaDarae 

Itneintbetoo equallpartsas u)e letter D.fbefoetb, anD tben Sjato* 

ing a line from D. to A. tben tbe triangle is DcuieeB into tuio cqaal 

parts: butbotbof tbemcannot pet come totljeliftelhfljruDjaiue 

another line from tbe ©Bell A.anDfrom tbe popnt D.pou muff 

fei an QDqtuDiffancic againe G. A.marbeD toitbE. $ Draining frem 

G.tobicb istbc»lUtbe blac&e line to tbe letter E. it toill DeuiDe 

tbegnumDin toocueHfeueratlpaits,anD cacbofrbemfballljane 

fl)e Well at tbe enD of bisgrotmb,fej tbat part A. B.G.E. cental* 

netbitittiuS as manp fate o? rams, astbatpattfcljirbtsmarKCD 


The Hrft Books* 

The iirft Chapter. F0I.4.. 

1&>betoeb befoje , bate a man fberila make a fonr rqnare&Bperff* 
cicg once as great again as it »$,bat it map fall ou t,tfeat a man is 
to make it but ftalft as greatagatn,ej mote o? Ieffe,acb8 tbfnfeetb 
gooD,e?aso«afionf£rurtlj,tot)kl)^e3rt^tcctojt*alfo to learnc 
af mceffiiie. JEtt&icb to ffceto, 3 fet ooftmc a rigbi fonrefquarc thing, 
warkeo A. B.C. D.tobicb 3 toiH bans tb;cc quarter* greater :tbe 
fame tb?ee quarters 3 fet bp tbe Goe tt)ereof, fo that tbe fame foitb 
tbe ©aaojatctosctber make a&naojanglc A.E.C.G.ffiabjing 
this ©nabjangle into arigbtSHuaojate ,t?cn maS Icnctben tbe 
line A. E. pet aqnarter longer , ojfrow the floe of the ©uao^an* 
gleE»G.ans plate F.tberertbcn fcpon tbel-rie A.F. mafeebalfe a 
Circle: tob-if b line tet' flieto pen ibe on: uoe of tbe SKnabjate toljicb 
pan feeke fo? : i»b«b ©nabjate being maoe, brill contain? as mur jj 
init.sstbe -©nabjangle. alreaDvmaBs. anoint bis maner f ou mag 
change all ©aab tangles tarcb are long foarc cojnero pieces of 
luojfef, into a iaftanb true 2iHao?ate. 

Ng)toft> fjsinetbatjfojbtcbH fas&befojc, poBmBflfapnetbc 
©uaojangle ferirb the©dao?atetcgetbtr,inenefottrefquare 
fopcrfitie asQ^.S. T.ano from tfec comer tbe corner S. 
ojato a Diagon as, one it is certaine that t&at SDiggomis foill make 
ttoo cnen parts, #ci» d&uc'incs faitt),tbat fobena man fabrtb an? 
enen parts from eucn par t *jttp refl of tbe parts alfo rem nine alike: 
then take tbe SCriangle K.L.anb tbe triangle MN.tobttb are botb 
alike:tt)erigbf fourecomero fttperft'eic P.isof tbe famegreatneffc, 
that the longer fapcrfoie O is. 











1 JS 

A€5aine,pou m i? eafinj change a ©aaa jafe into a ©tatjjangTca's bng s? as iirro% as van oeflre to bane it, boo 
inj ttjifiV^afte pour 25iiao?ate A. B. C. D. anb Unjtben poor line A. B. an? tbe Use B.C. saibtcij l oi f - *ben 
fet tbelengtbof tbcSinaojangle, n>bicbpouoefiretobau:b?ontbe UneA.G. SIDbenfrom tbe popittG.ojato a line a? 
long b? tbe comer af the tbe line C.F. ana tbcrepaa am toc»tji:t. a line of foe ©a sbjangle t ana 
fa to toe contrary pon % alio? t&: ieaS 3ae of tbe ©aafiiangje anas tbe longei alfo, as t?on map alfo p?ome bp ujf fogc* 
fa jo .figure: fo; to!) m gou take a aa g tbe triangles M, N. auo O.P, io.juh ace botb alike, iben t ji e t ujo parts iubub 
are K.L.are alto alike. 

Of Geometric 

Kfi2SS2»2£SK^^ 3^ all toi«,rigbt cojners,tafee«)emout W J tat* *otuanfin& 

V ^ -T. 

L<£tbp example f ont man? tojnerD figures firft beemarlseD foitt t^c great ©tJEtjsngieirtffiJIjefe letters A. B, 
C,D.anDtfeentoitl)aleu*e2BuaO?angle,asE.F.G.H. tberctt areallCttiariglcs. ipofofet ibe grratefi ffiua* 
Wangle a place bp it felfe, ano Hjtntbe cttjer marfecDteii^M. tobjrbretfcpcnit 3 lbatt|elfcefo;nen; cjfioes 
map be altfef : Mjicb 3one,lengtben tt>e line E. F. ant) (be line £. G. are tobcrr t be v Bap c? tenet) tmorr t be great Una* 
wangle L.ffcere fetan I. from tfcte 1. a SDiagcnall line, being eastern lbjcneb tbe tcjnrrs b, H, tbe fame line fiiatlbe 
Ojatoen to tbe point: tbat.,bpibe tbtittmg of tbeCaraetersB.ML.D. feiUfljeto pumotbtr&uaojangle, of tbe 
lifceqawstitielbat tbe©naojangleM.ts:fo trjattbelsbole ©uaojanglc D.C.L.M. eontsinetlj fi;e tbo afejefepD 
Snao jangles, fondling tbe triangles , tebtn peu bam ebangeo f fte fame (attojfcfog to r our fojmer tnQrtxttcn) 
into &naDjangles, as pen map fee by tbe £r tangle N. fo map pou put tljat SluaOjangle alfc in tbe grrafrff ® uaojan* 
glesCfoj leffc trouble.) Sbc great ffiuaojangle A . L M.C. is ence agatne plaeeo tbtus irttb tbe fmall^uasjatigle O. 
P.Q.R.fctbponit,anD tbe jaDtagcnall line is plaeeo betajurt tbe greater (UbubisL.M.T.S.botbmarfe£OfcttbN. 
fot^atfbefiaaiijangle A.C-S* T. tontatnetb tbjeefiuaojangles L M, N. snfras manymojeajB tbereare: pcumag 
in iijis fojt bjing tbem all in one sSuacjangle : if tbe re fa lie tb eut snp era fecD lines, ti; c S a iff el! Subitet tcj cj tr cjbc? 
man map almofibjmg tbemints a (quare, anctbofe^uat>?anales,ifmet)bc,mapal(&ba(tu(comtot!erfetff£ure 

The firft Booke: The firft Chapter. $ \j 4 



\»V^ na man bat & a,ine * oq>«rtW«B0 of bnequallpart*, anBtbcre iff alfo another ; lcnflitURe,o} femeotfeer 
tiling* tofeitb a man toonie alfo Benibe into bnequall pacta, atcotfing to the p jopojtion office ftojtcr (tnt,tben 
let ibe Ojojtett Hnc be A, B. ano tbe greateft line A. C. note it is neccflarp that from the bppermoll pepni A pon Ojenie 
mafee a corner as A. B. ano A. A. fflTben tafce pour Jonger line, ano fet it teirb tbe enb C. Upon B . ano let tbe otbec 
enbreuattbebanginglme A. A.tben fromeuetPfopnt of tbe bppermett line A, B. let a banging line fall Open the 

line A.*-. 10 that tbep 
map bt eqtrioiffant toitb 
tbe line A. A. < tebere 
f> faio line* tot tbjougb 
each other, thereto tbe 
right S3 cntOon pjapo j t i o- 
neb, acco?oing to tbe 
fmaller. rCbts rnlelbal 
net onlp feme the archi* 
rettoj fojraanptbingf, 
but toill alfo ferae ma* 
ng artificer* to wouco 


C.ffZ3Sl2£2S bfN6 A SJWpwft* BPfireo^arrearefobeca^tbat in tbe **irtMt5o> 

l » B WH>WUmoftbefco>felr> B iae*t»e^^ 

S%c long line 

%%% %m ttncv 


TheifirflBooke. The firft Chapter. Fol.jr. 

T©«&3rc&tfecffl? rmiffbmieatoell pjopo5ttmt8&Cojmce,ttrt»fchif b^toaatoma&egrcater^eepingtyefamepjo* 
portion, beemspeoc if ashetsfounerls taught, as in tbta jFigwe fnUotoing tsftetefsbg ffacfitatluu marbe© 
A.B. ano the longac tine martrt A.C. 

man , twnff Ifeetoife 
leame Co angmcst g mabe 
greater a belotoeeeatfine, 
tofoicbbee map alfoooebg 
the ttoo lines afojcfapoe a 
ano altbongb tbcColumnc 
fijanlD be a®o?ica (per t£ 
10 to bee btfterffooD of all 
feinosoHEotamnes. 2Cbts 
rale toil alto feme (int on* 
I? fsj tbe tbjee figures fef 
Ketone) but alto foj as ma« 
w , as if 5 t&oulei ibetoe 
tobole bstce ottbtm alone, 
ana tberefoje tbts fijall fuf* 
fice at tljts time fo? tgg 


Of Gcometrie 

TT&rfuttfcrr fl&afsng material! 
tS,fngffanBef?j frcm car ?tgl;f» 
f o ttitit!) it f cemeft; Jo IdXen, sna ei» 
minify hfmtmts eft^e ap?e, U&iefj 
csnfBmttb oar figljt ; tljctrfo?e tofcn 
a man toll make oj place one tying 
abcuc another, anp plate o; 
tual! , $ tenia tjsae tfcefame tbins 
tc flifitti slwu in t!)emiDDU,ani) be* 
neat!), 22 great in cnepart as in U;e 
tiljtt , it is rcmununt fo? fcim to 
follfltofbis nsle, tobjebis, fojtbat 
cur figtyt rimnctb in circumforcnte: 
tbcrcfcjcamaom«fl fitffcbufe ifee 
place, fromMencebe toiil fettle 
fame : t&m flfcim a Center, ana 
tben cjato a rj«a? ter of aCtrcle from 
Four ef e tplwaras. Kfekb. aerfc 
ting in eiten?nrts,ptjfi;an,bv5ilje 
lines tbat gee out cf tbe Center 
tfocugi rttjcCirtlcogaintt^eiral!, 
finati* tnequall parts: fcbeiBljirb 
tb«p fljsl feemc greater: |4t in gone 
figbt tbej? taillfljefo al of one great. 
neffc. J5p tbts role pou ma? alto 
aneaforc freights, a?aing sonrfelte 
frttbuje numbers. 

The firft Booke. The firft Chapter. F0I.7. 

M3ns racr are of opinion, that Oraigbt lines, in fofcat maner foeuer tbcp arc clefco, con tamw as many (paces one 
toapasanonjer, (fbat tstafap) if a manbaba cojd of fojtp forte long, ant> ftaulo lap it etuerflp in a rotmo, 
lon^tbmojnerb.foure fqnarcojaue rojnerb fojnie : . but tbefuncrfaks are not of one felfc fame fpicctobicb' mar be 
feenebpcbefefomtfqHare figures foUotoing } fo:tbcfl:ft iineholoetb on either fiocics?, tobicb is foitp : anubffpace 
contapnes ten times ten, tob'cb is an bun a?ep. Coe- otycr line Upon Jbc ttea lonptt Goes comities ffit&m fpatfs,ane 
ontbeftojteftfioe»fioe,wabingfo;tpalfo \ butfiuctlmesBftaneniabeliutfcnentic awfiuc ' 

— i 







If tbe ©naojate ffrrtrbftb futfjer out, fo ffjat the ttro longer floes tocrecpsbfane a pKce,thent&efl)ojtettODe9, 
twuQ cacb bauc th to banc fojtp fcpen tbe line, but the (pact flou'a conjapne but fire ano ihirtp. Qm bercbpijou fe 
iubata perfect fo?me umpBoeagavnftanfenpetfect. !3nDti)is rule tbs lUJojfeeiiiaalbaUbfc, Ibatfce wapriotbeeecei* 
ueo tooben &c unil change one fo;me into ano itjer. 



* 1 











-10 2 

- ~ - 

— * 




Of Gecmetne 

<f ? a man ftonlD mn&e its?,* pefot t (infcaclj 
y Ujoulo net ffanD bpom a rtgl;t line) em 
compaHc mnfi paSe along tepo caclj o J t^efs 
poynts. EToooeitfrom tt>c porotQne,to 
llje popnt ttoo, bee mull: P?ai»a In?, ana 
tijer : tobicb ttoo linra fijall each of tfeem be 
Druftebmto ttoo equal 1 parip, snefetttng 
the fquicrs balfe toay w tfa m. as von Tee 
it in tbe figure, by that cteffe it toiilfbtto 
you tbe Center, ixi^crcin peumeftfetone 
fate of ibe Compare, ancuitb tb? ottitr 
bjato the Circle ibjongb all tyzlaid $!;;& 

Yarn ma? fino tbe Center of 
tb}« points another tear, 
fmtfaont ^anr Compaffc, ma* 
Ising a ttoo tomcro faperfine 
frem tbe otu poynt to tbe tfher , 
though tbeUbkb Cojncrettofl 
ftraigfct line* being ojattne 
long enough cotontoaroB tvl)cce 
tbep crolTe one ouer the other, 
the? toM (beto rcatbe Center 
of tbetbj* po^nta. 

TLMt fejj&atoojfcmaw 
bulos this to beafiw 
petSuena fpcrrfae,ant>a 
ftt g of no moment, if 
map fame apfcee of a 
rorno toojfee to tor, 
mafer full rennh Ipibis 
t ol: bee mrp finoe the 
Center, Circumferece, 
ano SDiametrr thereof, 
U tbe figure $etoetfr 


The firft Booke, 

Thsfirft Chapter Fol.8. 

\ft7&fftiQin8Nt{(piif<:0, am 

itp pillar t t»€o\umM8i tobitb 
bmttft) in tye iavntt at tbe S5af tt 
are soften aftmoer* Wncb is, be* 
g<.afe facie HBafr c tocre nottoeli 
ma&cateojoingtotbeir corners: 
0} tlfcbccaufc fyep are not cigbt* 
I{ ptaceo: fo tbat tbepbauemoje 
laeig' ta tjpati tbem on tbe ens 
fioct^en on tbe otijer, tobcrcb^ 
fpff Cantons bjeahe , tvbicb tb« 
toojs&jman bg Jmotirteoge of tb« 
lincs.wD belpe of ©eometr&majj 
pjeucntttt ibis maner » SEt^at ts* 
^eemufl mafee tbe pillar roint> 
bnoctn^tb, ano bis UafeboUota 
in uflro : (o tfyat u>b : n pon place 
lb? pillar bp tt>e Heat), tcmsg 
p/efeni'p fettle it ftlfctoitbout a* 
tip bart. Co finoe tbis rounones, 
pm mafffct tbe one pc put of tbe 
Compaffc bjo.i f bebiabeftpntt of 
tbepiiartbat is tnocr tbe A. 
sntt tljtctijcr point thereof bpen 
B. anotben B/auoe.oj totnoetta* 
bout ti Carta tbat (ball bee tbe 
roan . ncffc,maUu , g tbe boliotoins 
of tbe 15afe, accojomg to tbe fame 
meagre : jou map ooe n)e libe 
teitb tbe Capitall , as con fain 








«t a 



f$ afoojucmantoiU mafeealB2iDge,JJ5olBe,oj anp.otber rouno arches piece of too?6e, tebicb tstogcertbcn a 
j Ijatfc Circle, altbougb Sfafons pjactife t&ts tott^ t%t\x lines s tot)erebp tbep make fuel) butts of tooifecs, tobicb itjir to 
I uicUtomenafigbt^ettftbetoojkeman will folloturbe rifcbt fCbeojicse ano reafon tbereof, bee mutt obferuc ty* 
^ otter beretofoje fljetaeo. EJH^en be bat| tbe fovDeneffe of tjje height, trjen be mull mafee balfe a Circle out of tljc 
ntinole : after lbat,Dpon tbe fame Centre, bee mini mafee another letter Circle, fobieb ma& benogreatertbcnbetoill 
make trje bctgljt of tbe JBoto o j 0rcbe: then be mutt benine f be greatett Circle in equal part*,tobicb mutt al be ojatocn 
toitb lines; to tbe Centre? tbw pou mutt bang out otber JBerpcnsicnlars bpon pour JLcab: ana tetjere tbe lines ffcat go 
to tbe Centre cat tbjoagb tbe letter Circle,rrom tbence pou mutt bjato tbe erotic lines totoaro tbe $&crpenoicular, ana 
b>beretbepcloretogetber,tberetbe JSoice o;0rcbeU)btcb is mm, OjaU be clofeo:as bptbe points at patches bereori* 

B5HC if ?oubeficetomaBetbe»8teoj!3rcbelou)*r,fbrHpou mutt folloto tbe rule afottfasM»tt mafee tbe tnncr* 
moll Circle fo macb leffe,fobicb is to bee bffl>crttoo9,tbat tbe mo?e parts tbat gou make of the greater Circle , fo 
mucb tbe eaaier]?ouliallo?atoetbecrooKeB lines tubjebpou&galo baue:fromtbis rulctb«« are manp others obfer* 
net* as hereafter pou ttjallfse* 

The firft Booke. The firft Chapter. FoI.& 

(~* aUttigtbe fojmer rale to mtttoe, 31 oeaifeb flje manner Ijoto to fojme ans fafljion Diners ftinncs of beffels bg 
^fljcfamc, ano g tbinbe ft not amide to fet ootonefome of fbem : SEhis onelp is ta bee marfeeD, tbat as tof De as pora 
twill wafee tbe beffels toicbm, fa great pon matt malic tbe wnermott Circle. STtje reffi , the £UiIfaittoo?feemanmag 
mat-he bp tf>e figures j f. bat is, bote tljt 
lints are Djatone to tbe Center,ans tbe 
parables, ano oat oftrjcfmaU Circle. 
Wl)t pcrpcHOiculavs banging:-, f be bef< 
(els arc fojmco: tfec foote ano tyc m rfte 
map be maoe as f be too?feeman toll. 




BBS % if pon toill make tbe 
botip of tbettcffelltbtcfeer, 
tben^ca matt raafee tbe.baUe 
Cirriero mnri)tbeswater,attti 
mafeeCbe bells banging bowwe 
bnoer tt,tetoacb tbe great Cir 
tie, bp tbe falling of tbe $er» 
fenoienlarsbpotbe croffel-ne, 
asbv t^cfeiF*s«rt* 3-4.5-ttiS 
fijetoeu : tw^crebp a mun bp 
tbis meancs map raafee 6iacrs 
beffels, Differing from mine. 
SCbencclts anb touersof tbefc 
beffels are toitbin tbe fmall 
Curies t tbe otber members 
"ano Ornaments are altoapcs 
to bcemaac, acceding to tbe 
luil of tbe ingenious toojfetnan* 


Of Geometric 

| E is m crceHcut thing fo; a man to CuOp 03 pjactifc to ea a«p Jbirtg foti& (beCompaffe, toberebg in! tmettiftttiiap 

-* foi&out tl;at i»b"b ibeg nener imagincD : as t%i* nig^t it boppciirt fcnto me , fo? tbat fctEing to 8nt> a ncrrerrn!c,ta 

mafee $ fojme of an Cgge,tbcn aibertos jDiirens ban) fet ootene:3 &nn& tbia fcap to mabc an antiefeebeael1,plattlijj 

trie forte beneatb at tbe tout of an Cgge,anD tye necfee toif^ tbe fjancl gb abone fcpcn tbe tbicfeetf part of tbe Cgfic HBnt 

firff^cn mBttframefheCgge in ttjis manner: ^afce aarats&tcroffcoftfeaItnw,antn«HtoeMHr«oJfchiwm tin 

squall parts: trjat ie : on eacb (Ice fine. 

SCtjrr , fet (fee ConipatTc bpon tbfi 

Center A. and fottb.tbe ottjer fasts 

ttjerrof , Djato in ttoa parts, ttjat is, 

to C, making rjalfe a Circle bp» 

tear Da, SCbat Done, let onefoote of 

tbe Compaffe Upon f porjnt marbeO 

B.ano tatittj tbe ottjcr Djate in n)e bt* 

termoft pavnt Chaining a p6ce of 

a Circle no ton*tDar»fi totuarD f $civ 

penDicniar,awD Doing tbe lihc on ttjc 

Dttjer Bee,i»oa mad mahe a point be* 

ioto. Cl)en tafee % tjalfe of tbe tjalfe 

Circle abone ttjat tree parte, ano 

plate it attbebnDermoll point of tbe 

^erpenbitular bptoaroa abone O. 

inhere tbe Centre to tlcfefbrCgge, 

fijalffanoUbereSbnacrti ,-;befo? | 

fate: nje nccbe, toit?)out DDcbt,map 

lie mabe tuio parts bigl), anD tbe rctt 

atcojttngto tbe tonjlunians plea* 

fare, m acco joinu to tbe figure t»crg ? 


\r$to urai alto make anotber nwme of aCnpe?bef&«,aftcc tbe rale afciefapo. 25nf ttmtfyv&0A> (bbfc| 
I aoctblbetothebjeatbof tbefertc, ano the uriDtnctfe of tbe month) pw> mo0 make font Circle tpfcarbs, ftoai 
C.fcntotbe tbo lBerpenDUBlars,toberetheboD*flwUbecu>frt>bp. ^henecferflfntirg sbt-cei^MlUOMOWt* 
tyifib 5 fenitfeetettflf tbetoajfeemanfljip 6jaUbfimaDea«pjbi«gtttb«MlanDbe«te«f the taejtowani 

^— I »- * 

» | W 

f- I** 

The firft Boob, 

The firft Chapter, Polio* 

BH fbusmeanesrai mwmiftcotycr Different felnae* of C«p s o; tjetFuls: bat t^cfs tf}atfollofe,paumtt& matte to 
tbtafejt : bow matt aeaioe pour crafo line m tioslne parts tbjongb tbe pswt A. making ttoo §erpenaiealara ta 
fljetotljtfsatcatio tbe necae: tben retitn^o tr fjotc of tbeCampatte bponB.ano t&eot&erfootebpanl.ojafoing a 
piece of a Circle DofonetoarDS.totoarDS tbfJJtapcaoicnlar : ana tbe Hfte being Dene on tbcotijeraoctat^ jFjgare 
of i. tben place pour Compaffe npon tt)e popnt C. auo fouling the Goes £ . ana 4. tben ti>z bottom of f fje turffdl tnill 
be clafeabpttijeti place t&cCotnpalTe bpontbepopnt betteeene i.anb A.anaittuillbeetbe ronnoneflfepf ibe brfftll 
abette;fbe sf^erfonrepartd ferue foi tUe necke of t^tseffcIljtBittjf^rettof ^e»o?&e- 

) • 

J . * 




a Ma « m( «, «,*!« a foc&H oncfobpa&iKalcr fojme, making tberetn a^ircoleccrofie,anD»coibiHg wcrgtmsmf 

«,«?^tata«S2tt- mbSc pattfballbc tbeieigbtof tije nccfce,ano anotberparttbeconenanofojtbefoote, 
ZlSLeKK^ flyt part tottbout m nmna:anaaUbougb S bane fetootone bat 

a man 


9 » 





A 99an map make 3Duale fames in Mucrs fafbion^bat 3 feilt onclpfet Bofone foticc. Co make Ibi* feu (sptrc, 
u/ * poamBtf let ttoo perfect EEriangfes one abouetfie otber,ltbea Wombus,ano at tbc towing of .trjem togcUjcr, 
poumatt.ojato tbelmestb?ougb to i.a-, 3.4. anDtbe comers A BX'D.'fliallbctbefoarpCcatei^tijeitffU'nac&te , 
of tt»e Compalfe l»pow B. ano tyc ottjer upon I. ano Djalo aline from thence to ti^fignw a. after tljat, from tb* . 

pot-Kit A. ana 3. to 4, pou nmft alio 
a#toalinc: tebttt) bcirw; Done, fgf ■ 
tbe cne.en&e of tbe Compare in tbjg, 
popntCanDtbcn ojritoapiece of a 
Circle from 1 . to 3 . ans againe, tt>c 
Compare being in ttje Center D. 
fejato a pirce of a Circle from 2 .to 4. 
ana tben tfyc foame is maee. |?3U 
mulialfo fonDer8anD,tbattl)e newer 
tbat tfje figures come to their Cen# 
tcrs, fo mucb. tbr longer tbep are: a»D 
to ttjecantrarp- tbe fuctber cb?.t tbep 
arc from tbrir Centers , tbe routiner 
tferp are : get tbjcp arc no perfect <Zw 
dee, bittiufe t§ep bane mo?e then 
one Center. 

FSK f tie making of tbefecons 
STaalc , pcu mufi firft make 
tfyfc Circles, ss pets fa beere 
touting ,tobere £ fcure ftrSigbt 
Hstes franc : tbe feme Centers fftaibe 
I.K.L.M.SCbenplacing one point of 
the Compaffe in K.ponmufi fcj&lue 
a line fenttb tbe fitter point from tbe 
fie urc of 1 . to a . 3gaine,tintbcat aU 
f ering ilje Compaffe , pcu ftjal fet the 
anc fate of t&e Compaffe in 1. ano fo 
ojafoe apiece of a Circle from Uje fix 
gnre 3. fo tbe figure 4. ano tut ma* 
feetb, the, Compaffe of tbe Circle* 
Cbis #igure is berp lifeefbefo?me 
of an Cgge. 

T^QEtbtro fojmete matte bg 
tiro foure cojnerD fquares, 
Drafting SDiagonen lines in tbem, 
b?bub, oiftl tbeto tbe trao Centers G. 
H. ano tbc otber ttoo the comers E. g 
F. 2Tben ujato a piece of a Circle fro 
F. to tbe figure I .ano fo to a . SDo tbt 
lite from E. to j.arrt>4to&irb Done, 
from tbe points G. ant) H. make tbe 
ttooficrsfrcm 3.5110 


The firft Bookc, 

The firft Chapter. FoLii. 

1JF pan toil! mafee this forrfij iSDnale, ft>cn 
make tbm Circles that map cat tb?ongb 
racb others Center , f tt;c otijee ttso Centers 
fo; tbe doling ofttje Circle be N.O . after tbat, 
fobetyer pou ojatotlje rtjj^t Imesoj not from 
tbe points O.N. pou (ball fgut top tbe (toes 

3no alfljotipb oaf 9utbourfaptb \ there are 
fonre fojmeg of iDuales : pee fbts latt figure is 
sf tbe fame fojrae n tbe firft, antlp tbt» if e# 

T Curbing the Circles , tberearcrnanj? 6* 
gores tohirf)areromiD,ano#tfome bane ant> 10. comers , «. Bat at tbt* 
lime, 1 mill fpcake enel? of tbcfe tfcit pjinev 
pMl?: becanfe tbcp are mott common. 

Tl^is gDctogor «s, 0? eigbt printers c-jato* 
t n out of a right fonre cowetb fquare, 
ejatoing tbeSDiagonns" to^tcb Urillujetoerou 
tbe Center: fbenfetone fate of four Cbmpaa 
tpon tbe cojners of tbe &uatuatc> ano leacing 
tbe other fate tbjougb tbe Center, Directing 
poor Circle to'uaro tbe fine of tbe S2 nac;ate a 
tbere pour right popnts (ball fonts to mafee it 
tpgbt cojncnjjano althoagb a man migbt onlp, 
toe tt bp tbe Circle , matting a croflPe therein, 
ano eacb-vjn irtci in ttoo , pet it tolU 
nctbefo toell ?na tberefeje tots is a fceer an® 
moje perfect fcwg. 

T%€ $ej:«onnf,tbatts,t&et«Jf roinero 
Circle, iseafieft mane in a Circle: f») 
toben tbe Circle ismaoe.pon mapocuioetbe 
Circumference in fire part* rq«allp,toitbout 
fitrrtng tbeCompaffie, ano ojatoing tbe line 
from onesoinUoanutber, tbe flKccon»cf art 



, ' 

Of Geometrie 

R Wl % tbe pn lagomis t&at is fine £ o;ntrD,i6 not fe c a 1 
flip to be mafic as tbe others are,b£tau(eit:sof anin- 
eum number of corners, nottoinbttanoing pon map maae, 
it in this maimer : tobentfee circle is maDe,tben mane a 
ft raigbt croffe tberimtben beutDc tbe one balf e of tbe croflfe 
line in two pat t^Wmb te marks d tottb tbe fignre 5. then 
place tbeonefoote of tbeCompalte fepon 3. and ferity tbe 
other, placing it bnoer tbecrofle,o?atoe botone«toarb to 
tbe croiTe line markeb 2. from thence alio from bnoer tbe 
croffe,poa (ball ftabe tbe length of enerp fine of tbe Rents' 
gonn s . 3tf this fignre alf pon (ball finbe tbe 3> ecagonns, 
ti>dt is, ten comers: fo;,from tbe Center to tbe figure 2. 
tbat Hall be one fine thereof, pon map alfemabc a firteeae 
cojnero fignre oat of tb»s totoeneffe 1 . 2 , ano place a gar- 
teniae line Upon tbe popnt 3 . ano aibertus SDnrens faith, 
that tbe fame alb krill feme to mate a (men comero fi# 

TlHis fignre foiil feme fucb men as are to part a Cir« 
enmferrnce intobnequall parts,bolnmanpfoener 
tbi fte butnorio bjing tbe KeaDerintBconrafeisneire, 
feit 'j making of manp fEjmeg, Jtoillonelpfet botone 
f bis b : niDcB into nine cowers, tebirb (ball feme foi an 
erampleof alltbercff,U)bicbt8 thus: SEabe tbe quarter 
of tbe £ircle,anb beuibe it into nine parts, and fence ef 
tbefe parts mill bee tbe ninth part of the whole Cicemn* 
ference: von muff alfobneerftano tbe famefo,ifpoube» 
tribe a &uaB2ateintoelenen,ttoelne, 0? tbirt&nc parts, 
f c. fo) tbat altoavcs fonre of tfcefe pacts bee the inS 
frgbiwtte of gonr parts requires. C\ ^ 


-f f— H 

i 1 1 i 


C7*^creare menp &nab?angle p?opejtf» 
* oiig,bot31toiUberefetbofeinfentfenen 
of tbe pjinupallett of tbem, tobicb dial bed 
ferae fo j tbe »f c of tbe toojfeeman • 

I-^jrtt, tbisfojmeiB cflllfiD a right foots 
J cojnerD0naOjatf. 

cT»3aef«0nDfojnieoj fignre in i-atme*!* 
calif B ^tjtqr.iqnar ta, tbat is, tobicb & 
maneof a fonre cojncrD £>nae3atc,anb an 
epgbt part thereof tofneb tmto if. 

on^etWrD fignre in ILatine, isealleba 
•*• &>erquttettia,tfeat ts,ma&eof afonra 
fqaareb ©uabjate, anb a t biro part thcr of 
iapneb into it. 

C7*^e four tb M calico S>iagonea, of (lie 
Ime ©iagonuo: tebitb line benfbetbtb* 
fonre fqnare ©nabjate crofle thjongbtbc 
mi&ble , which SDiagenall. line beta! 
tsutbt from bnoer to tbe enb thereof op» 
toarbs toitl) tbe Compaffe, anb(o &?n»m s 
toillfljeto pan tbe lengtb of tbe HDMgonall 
, ©aabjangle : bnt from this pupojtian 
there can bee no fet 
Sonne. £&e 

The firft Boolce,. The ftrfl Chapter. Fol. i&» 


$ & fiff tsate is fallen a feeitqutak 
tera,*bat is,a fence fqaare, ana I^alfe 
of one of Op foursquares aooeDfwi* 

tfttat ts,a fooce (qoare,anD five tbuo 
parts of one of (be foure fqnarcs ao» 
•eo t$mnnio. 

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■« — -*- 

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Tl & fenen'b ana latt figure, is cal* 
leo SDupla, fijat ia, Double :fo? it ia 
matie of tb)o foure iquare fujmc* 
tofiico together -. ana toefinbe not in 
anp ftt '.iqaUies,- np fojme t(jat pafletb it>e 
ttoo fence fquares, bul effe it bee in ©all?/ 
ties , entries ano otber to UalUc in: ano 
fome gates, oatjrs, ano touioetoes bans 
fiooo in tbeir b igbts : but fucb as are teife 
toil! not paffefoclj lengths in dumber? 
ej Sialics* 

. "It 


7n? aectotnts 
ifte bnto fb:s, 
map fall into fjtooja* 
afielmgof abonfein 
a place to^icrj is fif* 
teene fote lonj, an& 
9 fbe rafters f&oula 
be tint fourcteene 
foote leng,ano no 
then in fucb cafe, tbe 
biming thereof mull 
be in fucb fojt 
aaroafeit bare fct 
eobme, tbattfcij rafc 
iers map fense, ano 
tbis tnill nifo bee 

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1 5J27« 1 M l amannjoul&finbea SCable of fen foote long, ana fbjfc foote bjoaoe: foitbtbiu fcableanum 

*SSi « a - 00,e rf /^ ftote *feMn*foaref0otetepBr. #oto to toe it,aman foealtfatoibe STable long 

22? i? pa !" !6 H fe " m e *&*« «w fcntcranotber, ana fo tbep foon'B be bat lire foote btgb, ant it fiionlo bee 

f « 1 k • a sa»nf ,w tbcp feoBlo ct ,t f f t ^e footc £ Bt< * a m> fo mahe n fmt f otcbjoate,tb?« tbe one fioe [ball be 

SSB'tv Sf«W!»" ff * e «tintWsffl?t: a:abetbe2rabteoftcnfo)telonct,fnatb2*fGotb3oaB,fmarfee 
ni«L£««*I 7.1 ?'? . , ,f ^wsonall foifc,tbat i«,from the rojner C to B, toijj ttoe eqaal|parf«,tben Bjatorbe 
S£S rTT ?? *° 0t£ i"* toart w totoarMtfte eojncr B. % n tbe line A. F. fl^all be tare foott bjoathant (o fl&alt 
rSSSSR a,f ^ olBfonrefo » fc ^w6: bpt!)i«mearte((tc6Ml ba«e*>oar*co5c A.E. F. D.fcnen foote leng, anB 
oSSSte awbpoutbaUset bane tjje tbjfcccjnerD piece* marfeebE,B.G. aneC.F.amC.Uft fo? feme 

?£ X bappen ?r b wan? t tntw, f&af a tooalsman ban) an r w 02 row* tef nrrfe f watte in a Ctwrb , as in Sncfonf Umis 
J ; feep bfro to matte f bem,am> be BonbteB of tbe greatneflc f brrref,ir btrb ' t b<- trill irtafce after n)c rates of ffie otnetr?, 
nee matt firfl roe f fare n)e baettb of tbe place tob rr 1 1 r W II fet it, ant t ben < n b <• muff main a fcal>c Circle: tebieb tralfe 
Circle being mclofet in a iJaaojangle, tben be fhali fintc tbe Center b" tirr SDfegonsIl lute*: tbrn t»r mtO C2stt ttoo 
line* mo:e , tob'ebfgall reaci) from tbPttBolotuetmottcojnewaboaetbeCcnter,ani>tDBCbn)eiattbaHf of tbeCrr* 
rleabooetanBtPbere tbe fat>B line* cut tb?tngb tbe SDiagonall tine*, fberrpcamoffntafec too perpendicular lines, 
tobtcb^erpenticnlar linee Ojall ffteto rbetoiBenefl« of tbetuCrcDiDintmto: tftt lift about it, mag biemajs tbe ft* 
part of tbe Skiameter, bung ronnt in b?ettb. 


The firfl BooJce. The firft Chapter. Fol. 15. 

r Jr a fooiUeman Ml matte a (Sate cj a SDeoje in a SCempie oj a &burcb, fcbicb is to be pjopojfioncB accoutring fo fl>e 
placemen be muff take the foiDeneffe toitbtn the £bnrcb> oj elfe the b?tDtij of tbe wall tottboat : if tbe Cbmcb bee 
fmali,anB bane gflaftersoj^illars tottbin it: lften be ma? take «)e uriacneffe bettoeenc tbem, f fct tbe fame b?cctb 
M«afoiirefqnare,tbatig,as ^ig^ as bjoao, in tnl)iclj foute fqnare, tlje SDiagounU lines, auo t&e other ttoo rrofle 
cutting lines toillnof onelp Ojeto pou tbe toioenes of tl)e oroje, bat alfo tbe places ana pepnts of tbe ojnaments of 
tbe fame SDcoje, as ?ou fse bere in this jTigure. 0nB altbougb it fljoulB fall cat, that pou bauc %ee Bgj?cb to mabe f n a 
Churcb, anD fo tbat N enoe cuU|i?ffibo£es,pctpoamagobferuefbtsp?opojfioiifoitbefmaUelioftbem. 3no altbougfj 
(gentle Keaoer) tbe croffe cutting tbojoto oj Beuioing is innumerable, ret to} tlris time, IcQ 3 tboulB be ten teBiouSj 

3£ere cn&etb fbe firff Sgafee of arcbifeefnre, treating of Geometry, franflafeuouiof 3|taua8 

into $Dntcb: ' #nonotu cut of SDnfcb,into d&igliflj, foj tbe benefit of cue 

Cngltft) Ration, at tbe charges of Robert Pcake. i«i,- 


#MUU(UU<UWU(itM 4 l/tUitM*tMJMtMtia<M < ( t<t,<ii../i.uiMt/lll /.l/JnlJ,J MHIUtoHhJlMUM/H*. 

The Iccond Bookc of 

Architecture, made by Sebaftisn 
Serfy, entreating of Pcrfpcdtiuc, 

which iSilnfpccliott, or looking into t 
byftioncningof the fi^ht. 

Tranjlated out ofjtalian into 
Dutch, and out of 'Dutch 

— — 

Printed for Robert Peakc, 

arid arc to be fold at his (hop neere 
Holborrie conduit,nexc to the 

ANNO DOM. ifu. 



The fecond Booke, 

A Treatife of Perfpe&iues , touching the Sup erficics. 

The fecond. Chapter. 

Lthoughthefubrilland ingenious Arte of Perfpec'tiueis very difficult andtroublefomctofet 
downein writing, and Specially the body,ormodell of things, which are driwen out of the 
ground : for it is an Arte which cannot be fo well exprjfledby figures or wiitings>asby anvn- 
dcrfhe wing, which is doae fcuerally ; Notwithftanding, feeing that in my tuft Eookel haue 
fpokenof Geometry, without the which Pcrfptctiue Artcisnothing? ] will labour in the brie- 
feft manner that I can in this my fecond Booke, to fhewe the wotketnanfo much thereof, that hce (hall bee 
able to aide and htlpe himfclfe therewith, ry - ?-■>*► 

In this worke I will not troublemy klfe^c^dijpUit^pbHoXojphicaHx whafPerrpecliuc is , or from whence 
it hath the originall : for learned Eucftda writeth' darkeiy of trie fpeefllatiorrrhereof. 

But to proceede to the matter, touching that the workeman (hall haue caufe to vfe, you muftvndcrftandf 
t hat1 i erfpcaiue'isihat>1teh"f r //r*«w^ 
dingorof anySuperhacsotbodks. ; i i v<j . ,;.. 

This Perfpecliue then, cbhlifteih principally inthfeelines .• Trie firfflme is the Baft bclow.fromwrience 
> all things haue their beginning, The fecorid]ineistha^,whichgc*thor reachethto the point, which fome 
call light, others, the horifon: But the horifon is the tight name thereof, for the horifon is in euery place 
wherclocuer fight endcth. The thirdlinCjiS the liheof the diftances, which ought alwayes to ftandfo high 4 
asthehoulon is farre orneerejaccordingtothefituation.aswhcntimcferueth.I willdeelaire. 

This Horifon is to be vnderftood to (fond at the coiners of our fight , as it the workeman would fhew 
a piece of woikc againft a flatwall, taking his begtnnfeig from the gnuuud, where the feetc of the beholders 
fhould ftand. In fuchicileit is requifite,thatthe Horifon fhould. bee as highas our eye, and the diftanCc 
to (ee or b:hold that worke, fhalloe frt or placed in the fitted pfaee thereabouts, as if it Were in a Hall, or a ; ? 
Chamber, then the^ifhnce fhall be taken at. the entry thereof : butif it bee with in, on at the end ofaGallcsy 
orCourt^henjthcdiftanceihallbe let at the entry of the fameplace, andif itbcemiStrecteagafnft'awajIl 
or an houic, then you mud fet your distance on the other fide, tight ouer againft it. But if in (nth a '^afc trie 
ftreete is very harrow; then it were good to imagine a bread diftance,lcft the fhorteningfall out tobeisuer- 
tedipusos vnpleafant vntoyou: for the longer or the wyder thedifhmccis, the worke will fhew fo much 

But it you Will begin a pieceof wetke of fiue-pr fixe footc high from thegroufrd whereon you ftand,then 
i ii is ftquifite that the Horifon fliould ftand eucn with your eyes (as I fayd bcforep^it if; a man fhould fee bo 
ground vt the work .whereon the vppermoft part doeth ftand (and a man would vvbrlce Very high) it would 
I'll not be coirtfpOTident with the eyes ; In luch a cafe a man rouft wke vpon him to place the Honfon fomewhat 
higher by the aduijee of fome fkilfullwotkman,whichm3kethhiftotics or other things vpon Houfcs,thittic 
or fome fooie high aboue a mans fight, which is vnfittingly. But cunning woi kmen fallinto no fuch errors; 
— for where they hauie made any thing aboue our fight, thae you could fee no ground of the fjme.workc J .for 
that the notabkPerfpecliue Art hath bridled them: and therefore (as I fayd befc*e> PerfpeftiueArtis very . 
nccfffitybraworkctian.- AndnoPerfpedme workrnaa can make any woikefWith©ut Architecture, h$r ; 
the A rchitedufe without Petfpecliuc... 
y- To prouethis> it ajppearcth by the Architectures in outMayes, wherein godMr^hireaure'b'afh begun ■ 
to appear; and (hew itielfe : For, was pot Bramant an excellent Architcclor, an<j was fie not fuft a Painter, 
i. apdlW great skill in Peifpecline Art ;■ before Jie applyed himfttfq^at|eArt ofiAfchiteclurc? andJtyW 
Vurbm was not he a moft cunning Pay nter,and an excellent Perfpciaiu'eArtift,beBie;hebccameahArchitc- - 
dh t'k And Balthazar fenuz^u oUicmtx, was alfo a Payntcr,and;fc^ell fecne in Petfptetiuc Art^thathefee- 
kingjo placeceitainc Pillars and other A ntike works pcrfpe&iuetypockefuch a^tleafqrein the fcrdpdrtiohs 
land^meahires thereof.that heal/o became an ftrchite<ShWwherein hefo much |^ lled,that hfeBfcwas fi- 
moft noc to be round. Was not learned /wp<g,^^an excellent Payruer, and moftcunnirig in - 
Perfpediuc the faire works, which'hemadcior ttiepleafuteof his l^$'#ra»cifco tJWsritj 
I Duke of Vrbtn, can tcftific^ vndct whom he becamc^a rru^fijcxixlleut Atchiteclor i Ulm i 
Remands t a fchollcr of Raphael Vurbin •, who,by Perrpedfiiie Ai tc and Paynting , bfci^ 
came an excellent ArchiteiSlor, witnefteth the fcmc-iThen tocbm«i to my 

yorpotejlfay , that a-man muft be diligent aud-vigilantin-thisrAf tc, *< j 

wherein I will begin with Jmall .ihiflgs , and then proceed to 
greater 5 vntill 1 haiie fliewed you the full Arte and marj« 
tier thereof,, as I d^firtsv -: 


The fccond Booke, 

The fecond Chapter, Folk, 

T!3> the entte Hjat men bp tot all snittcra map attaine to greater , therefore g toill begin to fl&eto &oto to fl&ojt en & 
foareeoiitero tbtoj, from tol?cnce all the reft frjail beeomueD. Chen the iSafe of this foure fquare thing, flball 
be A. G aao ttje hcijbt of tijc ^ojifoh (as 3 favo before) G&all b it imaotmeo aeco?oing to tbe.figbt,ana tljattftall 
beP, thereunto all tytlinea cos runtie, aa.tije lines of theses A. P. anoG.P.tbenattbeont:.enDeof the 
SQnattjantc roti nintf fet a^crpeitoienlar lms,tobt'cb is G.H. tebicb oone, then ojatoe f he SBale A, G,K. long iuongb, 
ar.& tbenout of the ^ajifon ojato a^aralell o? anfcqutbtaant ! trie fr em the 15afe,as far a* von toill tbat tbeepe ojfi(£l)t 
fiinllffanbfroro t!jatUJbicbpjUii)iUloo!iCo;i$ fa b^tomjcbtjemojepou toil! bane the fanre faaare thing to fecme 
fl)02ter,romncj) farther poumaltgaetoitb.pain-figbtUremH.tobebolo the foure fn,uare thing, ano then, faking 
H.l.fojt!)?bift5nc:frointbepointI.t3thecijj!ierA. Djatoa-lwe, ans tobere fye line eatteib though the ^erpentrt* 
tutor line &■ G. tb\i in <m B. jbere the tcrmuution of ti>c fljiitmins of the fo>K£fqnare thing flisU bee , aspon mag 
fee in the figure foUotoing. S5ut if poa toill malic mojcfaurij fqaaresoncabaue tbeotber.bpotttbc^amj^ojiftnej 
pirnt : then VOBtnsi&Jjaia another line from the ityr.ten nj yprg of the fmire fquars oidanasjaitf, to the letter I. 
fln^tobereirtu'ttcthtb^ns^bJ^erp^oicn'-arline afb:cfaio, ts>iti* atC, there the recono&, 
atwmlttsefojtr/ou mufi ojato another linetotbcpgpntof tbenia.ince: ana where it toncbetljtbc iLcau.oj terpen* 
atcular Ijnetbatis an D. poa fln'.l raafee the tbira li u a.nnt e, th -'Cam; aug bs aone ujitb E, ano fo ?oa mnS goc,bn» 
till rca t'onw fnft bnoer the l£c;ifon. 

T^erufeafojefaiD t« the perfected, an&pettmaspjMmeit bp the lincG.H.tohicfets calico flje line of ihc&uai 
bjante: but beennfe it i?cumb?eo tott&agwatcr number of lines, att&fomoje teaioas : therefore the rule en* 
famgff)allbefl)03ter,anoeafilpcrtobeD6ne(hcnt!.)cother: foi fiihcn tbeJBafe A.G.ia ojatone, anotbettoa 

ano asfarre as sou hull ffano from the toojtse to fo> it ,fofarre pou ntutt tct the ^crpcnoiculars I. K. from the popnt G. 
then ?an mnft ojato a line from tne po*nt 1. to tbcpopm A . a.ia usher* it cuttctb tbjougb £bc line G. P. there foall be 
determination of the firtt me;tcneD .fflaaniant 1 ana it pou Ml p&tj mm flnaojanta toptoaros from tbatffifcia* 
D*a!tt,roumuaBoe aagfapo bsfojc; ana aKb<mgh«m arc other toape«foil}0?tena©uaojant, pettoill Ifolloto 
tbw o?3er, asbsmgthe fhojtett ano eaCcC tube fct Dotenc u\Mitim>~~ 


A^nmattalfob&bnafelfefcnto 8iaers biflantrs anb gronnM„*«bfi)CKfoje pro mogmafee tbe grama 
foilo to wg, tobfcb is ef tb:e ©aaDjantec feigb, in ibis manner, i^ttft , pnu mutt o jato tt)e line A .B. as 
long as tye b}efetfc af Apr toojhe fljall be : tobKb line o? SBafe, nrafi bet oembeo into fo manp eqnail parts a* 
arenceofull, tobicb being all a?afcrnttotbet£ojitonoj point, rbcnpou mutt plate the oifianafl as farrc 
as pen oeOrs, at cojotng to tbe r nle afojefayt); fo> bere is no place 1 fet it in,altbongb it is a lengtb bho • balfefrom 
ttfe iBafc, as pen tee ft marfeei toitb 1 J. EBbttb 15afe,bttanfctt is of fonre parts,Cb£refo»^efirtt©oaDaanla«» 
tainetbfirteene fmall ©oaejantts , tobicb are fcono bp tbe line B. D. fojtebere ctjat tine cnttrtbtbjonab. tbt torn* 
lines , tebkbsoe to tbe popnt j t&ere nonmaskable tbe |Bar«Ul oner, tbat tfcerebp u)e firteae ©uaojantr* 
wapbefomjcii: »nttf jnutoiUfetotber ©naD?antfssponit,tbe« (acafojefap^poamDa bjauanotberUne!* 

•r njefeconbsBnabjant , containing in it alb fonre times fonre ffiuab?antes: Ebelifcemuft bet bninSeaboftiir 
fjm*®w^t,(aninw}s befioestfneebbce.) g«t graittf «lfotiiinffan^tbattbiliitf# marsibC. raane 
<t!l rfcitiftames, asttt*tangbtbefb;e, 



The fecond Chapter. Fol.a. 

I m«a imagine % wttances u.( <m arc trio* befoje : ant) tl,e line D. B. being SnStte 3R ftSSS 
*oft|c8itt aB c W , dpenbp cutting tb)oa S bsr t&e^fcntaU lines, uto^ 

?3a maS Watoanot&er line to tbe oittanrea : «n tofctre it toncbefb tte»«tel«auSSi,K^iS? ' tt< 2 

ufhne from 4thmMA.B,ii Ion a : irpmMUmOe L'^^rilSit^HSP 



T$ if figure is afiDtreujant, ecnfatomgm ft a 
Ktctecj an offecr€Hiat)2anr, fofcitbfottb tte 
pcr-nts f hereof tcutbttbtfcefice* of rfccbft tr , 
weff ffiuabjant; fcbtrtbp it <b bnt tjalte fa 
great st (fee btttrmcfl &nai>jant , as 3 bane taught 
pommhc firttffiebe of 0eometrie,ancUjcmaner 
to mafer t|jjii,i8 Una. 5? irtt, poa mnfl make a €5na* 
•»nt( as pea art taught btfoje) bjitbhisbiflantrs* 
ana in this ffioa&jantpcu muff D;afo fix &>iagcnall 
linen, rua aifo tbc right twlTe lines, tobcrtbppoa 
mapesfilpftRbe tbeltote, aspouffcttin lbr figure 
Otrtctlt agamtt this, jn tbis fotf pas map mafee the 
JSotes in tbe cthtr ® aatwntes befeje fet Dotonr ,t bat 
iMffDjatBjDtagtnaH rnb trefle lines in tbemteitb* 
enttefcmg other liflante*. 

Of Peripetfiue 

1$ mtmtfbmis acrflflteffiekiebfffl mafeem 
pa mutt Bcoibe the Icfctffi line 0? iBefe of ike 
ifcuafijam in flaeparts ; of tbc frbitb flue parte, 
one fartcistbeb;et)tb sf ttjecrtffe: bbitbLbtb 
jwg&jatorntotte points, tfce&fcgcraaiiHTrstotl! 


T$ € epgbf popnfeb 6gnre pcunrapftti»per# 
fpeciof fcsojfes m Diners fDjmrB,feMcbfo;u^8 
are all rtfficnlt incugb ■ buttbat 
the eafitfl teapfotmea£3Uantntt)i*fnpl03i> 
ting: SEbf refeje 3 batse fttbofcne ttjr manner there* 
of hereunto anmrtfc, hfif rb is berp eafllp ; anti tbat is 
fbns.. Khf ©ujiDjf nt being muc in fbostening,poo 
mnfl bruieetbe JBafe into tin cquall parts, anD en 
ei$ee fine pen ffeall leane thjee parts , an» in the 
mfoblefoere parts, thcr. tljctino lints being bjaforn 
to%i£sjifon,tDu flialt fine the terminations of tbe 
laarattlUnes, tptbcSTiagcnGlllnes, Uhercbppon 
maptlofebp the epgbt to?ners,as pea map fee it in 
tbe figure. 

Tij2/ccoaJ BoDke r 


Wie fecoiid Chapter. Pol. 3, 

T$« ujojfell inap fa place t\)i* fire 
c»;ner& ffiuaojant, in tferfprttUK 
luojftcB.ia ttjas ; Mbentijci&Haejant 
„„ . tbe rale afojcfattMBpla* 
2 „* WI W* •■" Poo muR mafec foure 
eqaallpatffiof tbe Bafts , tobcrnf tino tt)ali 
ww tbe tmbole , am on eatl) ffae pou muff 
J""" 8 ?" c ', a " D ftsii ejato tbe hne s bpfoaros 
g W«?»fon dj pepnts: tben pea muttD?ato 
i^ii>iagonal!Iinefi,aHO in tfjc miDDlplu^erc 
rocpnt0?t together, i>oq inutt^atoa paralet 

fth« ^!L C **W» b?rbo tobicbgou fljall 
fitto* all tbe poHlt0 (o malte tI ts m mm 

N^to 3 t»aoc ffjcfoeo lata pots fcalt 
mafee Gmplc ? pSaim ^erfpectini 
too?bcj5 of foure cojnera, of fire co* 
n c rs,anDepgfetfqnate cajnerstfioto 
gaitllCjEto, boto paufijaSt matte themooti* 
He, tbat ic,t5)at euerp ffmple figure fljal patte 
fasbano, mitjcn pou feauc mafic a plain* 
©nperfictesof erepopnts, accusing to tbe 
rule afe^fapo ; t\>tn as mud) as rontoill 
nane tbebanoojftfe to lie inbjebttMbatpoa 
nraB B?aiD opoit tbe iBafc, ana o?ato tbat alfo 
Jp to tbe ^oj(fon • ano hsbrretbe SDtagonall 
lines tut tbjougb it, tbere 50n mnffDjato 
jparnlel lines both. butter ana aboue:anb tben 
Jwhi tico SDiagonal lines mew* out or* ibe 
fonrcinncrmoQpoinect,? corners of tbe fire 
£c?nero Superficies , attb fo roufpaUfittoc 
pour terminations to fl;ut 02 tlore tip pour 
iroalca firepoprits o; cojneto Superficies. 
«SJ1bi£bfccorH)£>ig 3 onal , ^aralel.anD^o* 
rtfontall lines are all &:iaUien toitb prefers, 
to? a otffcrenccfrom tbefirfl lines ; tbat pott 
wapfenotot^mone frmn answer* 

1 ^CDufcc rmifibec oorie foritb the epggt 
co;ncrD Superficies ci perfpecttue 
toojkfo? Iwbcn ttjc fame is maDc U" tfc 
inafourefquare, making tbe Compas 
6f to!;at bjeoi!) pou toill, acroising ts rbe 
tulc afojrfapo: tVii out of euerp popnt oj 
cojner of tbeepgbt fqarr, a ftnalllmc bring 
S?al»en to tbe Center, pan finll fin ?c tbe ter* 
mination to (but bp tije tnitentiol cpgbt 
fqaarrj ana tben, tol;en frompagnt to popnt 
paffdafaUmaDe, Cbts epght fqua rfo?me 
mnp bee cbangeDintoarounD,toa' 03 i"bc 
mionle on e^ tbsrr Ear, 0; clfeUJttbuu' . m*t 
tbe points 02 co:ners; a goao tin;fecmari 
m.ip eafilp oja^n aCircitlsr Rjojfeniitg rsona 

IB 2 

Of Perfpe<5tiue 

Aaif fcorgl) 3£ Ijcac fa(D befcjeff}afamcnmapmahearcvnfc<£trclcabcH anergfct fejnare, setffljmojefccaritie 
prBmatbptbtstoapattaine to a rcojc jrcrfrrUw tbcrtm •, fo; ibattbemojcpomtscjfibesapcCireolcrfojme 
totb, tbe count Compaffe oj Circle bill be t be fuller. XS»t to mafee this JFignre, it is neeeffarp to matte balfe a 
Circle tttccr tbc l5aft*,8Bo toucuii)E«)cCtrcumf*rrnceintoasmorppatigaBVOQfetl!,fotr;att{)cpbecaeiii 
m tbts fojmc tbc balfc Circle is oeuteeb into epgbt pai ts , fo ibat tbe tobolc Circle mull bee fir! ecne parts ; tobttb be* 
ingDont, Ton mnRfet^crpcnfiicular lines in all tbe partsof tbe Circumference, as farre as to tbeSBafesof tbef&oj* 
tenrt ® uacjant, tbcfe parts being cliuateo to tbe l^ejifon, ano two BtagonaU lines fcjatocn in tbe ©aaojante, tbc? 
bv cuttmg tfcjoiigb *l>8 ^ojifcntall oj Kaoiall lines, mill fbeto pou tbe JSaralel lines. SObcn if sou taill ojato a little 
JTYagtnall l-ne, beginning at tbcnuMlepopnt cf tbe S5efe,fcom tbeone fioe Ditto tbeotber,anp fo from tbe one povnt 
tnto tbcotber Updates going met tbe points : then tbe fojmes mill be clofeo, as pen fee tbcm becrc t toberebp it toull 
be eafie foj pen to cjato a renno fo?me teltb pcur bano, f e? it is tmpefflble to bee Done tmtb tbe Compaffe to make it 
Qojtrntoell. 2Tt)t0 Cgureponmcft beeypcrtta,ancipon mufl alfobnoerttaneittocll, anD foponmolrti}ofetbatl 
bane brfae fti boime, befo?e poo pjcceej further ; foj tbe? trill ferae pea fojmanp pieces of toojkc6treaftece»fmn«, 
as pou flail both fee am) fin 6 to be true. 



The fecond Booke. 

The fecond Chapter. Foi.4.. 

V* If $eu pou UnDerttano fte figure afojefapb perfcctlp, t ben pon muff pjoeeeb further, anD fljn! f be rotmb Circle 

\W alfo toitb an eoge o: bojser, acrojoing to tbc bjebth that you mill bane ? port matt alfo mahe tbe bttcrmott 

" balfe Circle, ano tbe afojefapa part* of tbe great Circle DjatocnfofcMrBs the Center, totll come into tbe 

(male Circle: tbetobieb parts of tbermall Circle being alfo fetootowe wperpenoicttarlmeBtoitbjmtfees 

not toOacfcea tb c ctber lincs,ano tbofe liKeteffe tbat are ojts&en to tbe !&o?ifon.a;ben bp cutting tbjougb of tbe SDiago* 

nail lines, v?ou ftjall finoe the j^aralel lines. 2Co mahe the inncrmofl fho;tetring a rouno oj Circle , accojotng to tbe 

SrS example fet ontime, as sou mag fee 5 tbe fli ft roiinti tuitb. perfect lines, ano tbe fecona tsttb p fakes , as pon fee fa 

this figure. 

516ut, fricnMptteaOer, pou muff not be foearp to bee long in learning tbis /Figure, oj in matting it often f imes ; fen* 
fill von can to? it perfcetlpanoonoerffana itteell: foj J amfnrcano ccrtaine,tb^tittmUbeet>erpbaro&ntomanE 
men, pet untbout this ,r ou cannot Doe mucb ; ano be tbat can ooe it Usell,ujaU eafilp. bnoerftano ano mafce all tlje things 
hereafter enfuing. 

■ < 

O^ Peripedliue 

1% fallcf b ont mmv f tmrs ftjaf a fo ojlteman inill ffccto a ^onfc lief|t tDttijcnf snb tcitfjm toijidj to »ee, be muff place 
tbegrouno in IDtrfpcctine fojme, tljat be map tt>c farer ant) better ojato tJiat Dp lofctcb bte hull bane fane, ano to 
lease tbe reft on tbe gt oont 3 if tfecn pon to ill place a founoation in pcrfpectiue manner, to tnabe it well, pan mult 
fittt f et it on a flat f o?me, tfia t c ti 1 i tbat 1 co map oj & to it into a p e t f pe ( t ne fojme. 

%a Dee tbis, 3 bane let Dou nr a felnec of open JBailoing , tbat a man map tbe eafelicr canceiue ft fo* a beginning, 
to? tofcen a man can not this tor 11, be mac after tbat place manp otb er ano {jarocr t b tnp in perfpetf tne fejme . 3 net 
not tota^eanp great pain« to tojtte 0? i|ofobofotbi«fl)Ojtentng flboHlDbeeDone,becanfetttsfoca(u>ano (oopenlp 
places in a figure tbat a man map p jei'cntlp cenceene it : fo? tbat leacing alt rt)e lines tbat got from tbe comer* ano cat' 
fioeo of tbr flatgionno totbe ii5aCe,U)bi<-bpotniHllmafet in tbefbojtening; ano tbe fame being o?afeme ftp to tbe 1$o* 
rtfon .together coutj tbe imagination of tbe oittanees : tben pon map fbnt 0} clofe fro tbe tfjojttnmg f our e fqnare. f*b en 
pon maftojato tbe SDiagonall lines tberein, tb?0Bgbojab>wg tbe paralel lines ,p;efentlp pon (ball fine tbe torp bom 
to ; 02m e tbe Colnmnes ano pilatters, fo tbat it is tinpoffible to f arte tberein , oho cfp eciallp fo; t^ofe tbat boe toell con* 
ce&ag ano trnset ftano tbat, wbicb $ bane f et ootone beto;e» 



Jhefccond Chapter. F0I.5. 

'T, $ 

Of Ferfpedliue 

TWf igurefcIlotDingts fometobat barter then tljatbcfojcbut fei&cnpoa goc ftom £l)£ fmalett fa f be gtcatcfi, 
pou conceauc things the eaficr,anB fpcciallp be t&at U>ill learnc tijis arte ; be mutt not leans no? rcfufc to erercife 
any of the figures befoje fet ootonr ,but muS fcfe alltbe Diligence^ can to be perfect in tbem all , ano bee mu3 
alfo f ahc a plcafare to Doe ttjem ail, otbertoife fee that toill omtt noto one, ants then another, becaufe be ran fraroip 
tonbeiffanooKcnceauetbem (although 3 labour anofiriae at all times in fetttng Dofrne tbcfc rales to fbcto all oiffi' 
rallies) fball little profit btmfctfe in this 3rte. 2Ebe manner boto to place this gratmo hi perfpectne fojme, is cam? 
tonceaneD,toitboutanv other oemonffrationt foj poamuff folloto tt)c manner o? opperaticn of the figure befojefet 
tiotone, foitb I bis aoneriifement j that ttje ttoo ^Diagonal lines euermoje Direct the toojise, togetber fcitb the *£o?ifen> 
tall lines : anb although a man map fheto man? fojmes of gronnns that are to bee places in fbojtening , pet tbefe tfoa 
fballfafficefo? this time, becaufe 3 hauc other things to entreat off : fo? a flstlfull foojbemarc , bp the belpe of tbefe, 
mag fojme others fo? his purpof c, anb fneb as he ftall baue occafion to tfe. 0nb if be toill ecect anp peece of too&e to? 
a fheto, he muQ neceffanlp firtt meafuce the Cjtograprjie toitb tbe fame meafnre t^at fje meafureth the gcounD tuitbal, 
ano then place it in a tbojtcnlng manner, m tobcn time Ccruetb, fijall be fhetoec. 

lie fecond Booke. 

The fecond Chapter, Foi& 

Of Perfpe&iue workes , touching 

Bodies or Mafeme things,, 


The third Chapter. 

T2D uebmg the grotmbs ana other &ap«rficies of outers fojmeis,1 tbmlie 3 bane fafficieMlp fpofcen. $ofo 3 fofu 
fpenfee of i5ooic0 tobicb arc »;afame 6p out of tbegronno : ana firft,pou fenoto tbat J bane fangbt brfoje bob* 
F° u { J? BlD frame an C P8W fqnare fejme platnelp in it felfe ; ant> tljcn, 3 bane IbefoeD botu pa iboalc com'psffe 
— this figure about^toit&aboa&erojeuge: butifatoojRemanfoillftjeteanepgbt fqnare figure in ^Erfpcttinc 

mutt fisff make the 
befoje, as high as bee 
fball Gsno cleuatco a» 
bone the grctmo o^faite 
thereof : there bee muff 
mafee the fame fo?me 
to t|e fame ^o:tfon ; 
tl)cn from all the tipper* 
Bioft coders oj points 
tsjatoe ^erpenojcnlac 
lines as ioell from tbe 
imtermofc figures , as 
from the totterraoff, 
U'berbptbe though cot# 
tirg rpgbt fqnare booies 
toillbe fo?mco, aspoa 
nta? fc in the .f igurg 
hereunto aimcreo. 


Iteane fpofcm befoje of tbeopen frame of a Well totth epgbf pornfs o? rojncrs, fobich is ne«ffar» to b* ?«.««..* 
bote to make tt,bef«e poa make tbe folios bo» thereof^ this figure fcetoetfcteSfcb toflfifiSfaiSSSft 

,. bifference betioeraeanopen boopano afohbe, astbereis bettoernelbemobellofa mansbobp ttaH^t?^ 
tamtffWfWmaftiii: anoa lining taiafi wwoumow&i^ 

aremnrbperfertrr that 
brhelo right Anatomies, 
then other* that onelp 
content tbrmretaesfoitb 
tlje outfoaro barefhEio 
of tbe Superficies, fo« 
3p Imth perfpttttoe 
foejbes j foj tfyg that 
feel bnocrffaneeno per* 
tieecn lines, tljrpjbaii 
better br.cerfiano tbe 
2rtcfben others, tbat 
centrist {ftcmftlnepcnlB 
toitt^ffetfocf cultnaro 
Superficies, jt is terp 
true (bat tthtn a man 
batb tafilmntlp crpcrfc 
Btrntto, pjactifeo ana 
intociD bitten linrs, 
iben hriptng ^tmfelfr 
krto the principally 
tt'cp mabr man j» perfect 

folate, * 

The fecond Booke, '. the third Chapter, F0L7. 

F<0» tfjefc iljjs figares folloioing, cucrp ens is Djaltme ant of fljf fourrfqnare , inflict, manner ai g baas trngftt 
befo?f} anotbepffoeall ttes to c'nel5e?Konojpcpnt astyepGjcnloeojO? asneeis uquiretb •, bptb/tebidj figures 
anB man map Ijelpe S>f mfelfe in man? twinge, as $ ijaue further or dares : mid be t^ac isperfect in tbtfc.inap raahe 
all mnfic of roun& f0?:ncs,atft foitbout fenotoing of tl)cfe,!)ec can ooe little in rousts fojmes, JFo? ont of t'^rfc fi> 
gurrspoa mapBjatoaromis&DluBc oj piraminall JBnitomg iuiti) pillars, 03 toitbout pillars 3 ana alto aroano 
iuiiomg pairs of £>t8i»ijrs:foj^i3iFigurettiill t&etopoa boiBtomaiie tfce fetapcrs roans, tsMtbotbec lyings me;e, 
ano petnottott&outpourotonctnDuSrE: foitbetbingstbatbptbefemapbsmaocareljaonoerfull anoingnttc, fo tbat 
poutoarenottocarp,anofpare nopapncstiltpon are perfect intern, bceaafe tbat the bouitKgaj arcbeaof gates au» 
otber things toill fecme sara touto poa , as 1 toill Ijereaf lev fibeto ?ats 5 notiBitbttanoinij tbat ibe^ taae tbctr beginning 
altogether from tbsfe* 

ffiHtif an^mantbatbefiretbto learn? tbisSrce.tatU at tbefirff bnDerffanMbefefigureMsfomebtontlftoilltafee 
fcponbimtoqoeif. jbeleeuecertatadt, be toill bee pntta an nonplus, ana Dcceanebimfelfe; bat if b? learning all 
the former things, bepjoeerDeib tmtotbcfeas&ielljn^eomctrieas in^srfpectiae3rte: $nbert,3faB,beisof abcrp 
groffe 'cnDcrfianotng, if be cannot tmssrlfanD 02 conccanetbcfe figures ,1 0: ?be figures thereafter falloto. 

SCbefe tbjee figures, to fpeafte tructi>,are bat Superficies } neuertbeleffe, if vea s?ato perpcnoiculac lines from all 
the terminations, as tocll toi^tn as toittjont: tbcn pou fyalt bawir a though cnttiHg o? open boop, ana the innermofii 
lines coaereD,tbentijcptoiil6e ai^affp bosp ! 3ns iuonDcrnof,gsntle Keacet:,no?letitbcttcangefc{ttopeu,tbengl? 
goocfomettmesmafce along alfcourfeof foiae things, fa? (as 3 fapa before) thcparenotonlp icarneobpmaroj toojs.s 
ana great paines,but it is aire ncceffarp that ti;cp, taere fljctoeu t?ntQ Cams mm piagnclp op. Bearing tbem befoj? tbeni ? 
tbat tbcp map tbc better epnwaue tb t m , 


1'hckcond Booke, 

^Hp I!? © moff part of great ttfaeft o; tea* 

tzr-Mks that fall cotmie from |>igb 

4 f5i!s 03 £j?oun£amSi bp meanes of tern* 

peffs tenth great fo;tc ana pQ*uer,te)beii 

fbeprntcrinto a tHaUet>,tbenfomciittKfi tbep 

run oat of ffheir Channel, ano fa much grouB 

as f bey tfcea ofarpe tipon on tbc ene uDc , fa 

raucfo tbcglofcagainecn tbe otber fist 5 asicfo 

fccetb ^erfpcttuie too; ie in cower d thing*,; 

to f bat as much as a man Sofetb of tbc povnt 

0? corner tnbercon be loolietb, fo much urea* 

ter tbe otber point oj Ojtuetb tija£ 

rlanef tb cue, tobicb is techno in tbe jhgarrg 

tjercanf a ancrcD. 

2Tbc KeaDcr mini! tbm tsnacfec tfjat (be 
fquarcinifjcmiaoie ugntfiethtbi tbiefceneffe 
of afonrcfqoarc CoUunnc oj pillar, anb tbe 
t'lXisrr; tijiit is without ano gortb about it* 
fignigetfo tbe tbic-fenrffeo? bearing cot .of tbe 
30 afce ano tbe Capital, ffi%e JHgurcbnoec 
litis platfojtnc ig tlje ffiaf c,anb tbe tppcrraoSc 
5?fsureis tl>e Capitally the manner bote) fa 
K;o?tcn tbcm 3) mill fijetei vbus f^ou mnfi 
make tije pillar flat before toitbent fbufcne*, 
ano tpin it ponfball fojmc tbc JBafes ano 
Capital, mating ihc|pjQiccturc 0; bearing 
outtberecfon either udc alike, but pou muff 
&3atotbenHtgbt!p as tbe pjiclses herein fee 
tDiJcnesoe Sjctu row: then ojatotbeuoe of 
lbc ipttlar tobitb pon toill baur f«nt totoar&g 
the^ojifen; ana baning forma bom rbictse 
tbeSftreafiigo^uiojtcningfiDetMnttbee, bv 
tbc rules tnat arcfliciitcD mtljeflrttpait of 
per fpectitse li oib,fo vou fbal batie tbe flio?tc» 
nwig grouno of tbe pr !at\Ubvrcin yen mi 6 
lightlp fcjatoe tbs tiroSDiagonfcH lines tons 
incngij ■ though, ano from tbe Safes below, 
to'b'.cbisfffnc in tbe fbojtcning; pan muff 
ojato aline tbc lPojifon,tobicb pen 
fljsl! alto let gocOotoue 0? fmche fofarrc,t II 
ttreecbitb beneath tbc EDiagcnaU lines, ana 
there fimilbctbe terrmnatirns of tbefpejtec 
ninglBafcs: eno thus von fee t^at theater* 
fijrctiuetiea u fectb lomrtobetoff from tbem, 
that & the Cpacr.- betuicrnetbe points ana tbe 
fullblathetw ; then from tbc terminations 
totbc otber bttermoft povnt of tbe HEai?s, 
l>m muff Bjatoc a $>ara!el line tmocr tbe 
grounD of tbc pillars, fo long that it map 
touch tbc diagonal lines, ano there pon fljsll 
Snoetbatirbitb is ta&cn of from the IBafcji 
en the one aee, ana gum to them on the 0* 
fber 0oe , ano tbe $a;otetturc of tbc Wsk& 
fljettictb, tljr.t tbe one popnt is Detune in* 
tDaras,ano (be other eommetb further out, 
then the ftppemuft line cf tbeHBafes brinj 
a!fo to the Igoj^on: then Upon tt)e ffcojtenino; 
Coebpaltne pou finoe tbc tbirD parte of tbe 
323afesbclofr, anD that Vnhsth is here fpotsen 
of tljeffiafcs- poumnftonJierttanOtbc fams 
alfoof tb? Capitals. 

xhe third Chapter, Fol. 8, 

i . 



T$ .<£ otijcr. tyjee iFtgnrcs are tbs 
fame totitcb are t&etoeabefoje $ ttje 
firff toere bollo to r bat t^cfe are per? 
tectum folioe toitb all tbeir mem> 
bers , ana aUbsngb tbat to tt>c figures 
before 3 bane not flbemeo bote pou fbonlo 
frnme ana fratrte t^cfc members, U)bicb in 
truetb tooaia be a berp conf ufeo ana troB- 
blefometbing to fet oatone m«j 
tberefoje 3 Jjaac onlp fljetoea tbe firff ter? 
ruinations, tbat a man mapkeepe tbem 
mellinbismemojp, anaintbefe pjefent 
5%nres 3 bane fbeteeo bote 'brpfboui 
in a man 3 flgbt, tbat pou map fee tbe effect 
tbat fbe?tt>ojt;e: but from beneefo;toaro 
becaufc (as | faia before) it is a troubled 
tome tbing, 5 will mahe anotber (o?me 
sf ttjctn iottb all tbeir members bpaarbe 
lines : ant) tjm (aecojDing to mp abilttie) 
3 mill fet Bourne tbe manner bom to finae 
tbe terminations of tbe members oneaf< 
ter anofber, foj all of tbem grata a little 
one oaer, 0? mo?e tben tbe other. 

JBut von muff confloer that tbtfe Bales 
ant> Capita' s on tbe one Gee glne uitoaro, 
ann on tbe otber (fee bearetb out , tofetcb 
pan muff null remember, tbat poumap 
firff bee toell tnffrncteo berein touching 
tbat tobitb 8"u will make. iFojtittstrus 
tbat tye SCijcojtc&e conSffetb in tbe bnbec 
ffanaingj but experience is gotten bp 
pjaetife ana rigbt ofeoj banal tng: Cberee 
fojetbe moil notable gaunter Leenardus 
Vinci, teas neoer pleafeo noj fatiffieo 
toitb mi tbing tbat !je maae,b;f ngfngbot 
tttle toojfee to perftct)on,rasing, tbe caufe 
tbereof was tbat bis ban j conlo not effect 
tbefriderffanatngor bis mmo:; 
m? ?art, »f I ffiouia 00 as be Mb, 3 fboalo 
not , ncitbsr tooula 3 fuffet anu of mp 
toojbs to come fejtb t fo? (to rap tbe trntb) 
wga'focner | make 0; to.i?te, it pleafettj 
me not: bat(as3fapa in tbe beginning 
of mp tooitte) tbat 3 b*b rather ererrife in 
toojfte tbat (mall talent, tobtcb it ban) 
pleat ea 45ab to bellow t»po me, tben faffec 
it to Ipe ana rot bnber the eartb toittjoot 
mv fruit-, ana altbongb 3 ftjall not pleafe 
tbercbp focb as are curious ,to fet Botene 
tbe a>o ino ana perfection of al n)mgs,pet 
at lead 3 ftjail bdpe pong beginners tbat 
b^c .» little 0? not bing tbereor,tobicb batb 

Thefecond Booke. 

The third Chapter. Fol.p, 

f©?8jat (as %(sftb& 
foje) of ij^ottcftre in 
gjofpectitie toojfce , it 
tooHlD bee great labour 
tnomncb §»o;fec tofinoesll 
tbe terminations of $ parts 
fi? members , ant fpct;al> 
becaufe tbep boe aiisspts 
love greater as ttjcp come 
farther suttoaro , as tall 
itsfetohKlj toe be^olD from 
beneath toptoaros , as if;cs 
fbat toee bebolo from abcie 
Botomtoaros 5 pet 3 t«ue 
not (pares tomahetbisi^ 
3ure,anoto fo?me anb pjo* 
fatten it totb ad tbe mem; 
bers ano parte tftfteof , tbat 
jou map tbe be ttr tmftcr* 
Sane it. jntbefitG ftgurs 
bat one, nert to t bis , 3 bt ne 
fljetoeo tjBto poa ffcall finite 
t|e terminations of £ points 
of tbe ^ettcturt tobicb are 
raaoe plains tottboiu an*? 
members; tbe eafilper to 
conceane bote Kjtogs tocre 
bigger tobentbegeome fur* 
tbec cuttoarDs. lEut nolo & . 
tbinbe ttjat mentmecrGar.B. 
it bell , 1 toill u> to tbe 
meaues and manner bote to 
finotbeinlaroglngof all tbe 
members panuniartg bv 
f bemfelnes,eucrp one acvp 
sing to tbetr gtcamr (ft 03 
fmalnes of tbetr ji&otcttm e, 
2no firll , pou muft frame 
tbia SBafe Uritb all tbe me w» 

'■»■ ssaana Ifll.imji 


: Or : Perfpectiue «- 

bcrs, anDteitU^tig^tpjDtctUu'Eltifrfof , folefitoiihout anp fijojfei ing biitjt, peipoumuS Djaii: itligbtl? 
feri'bapieceof itras, oj torac oSf)er tijing, as it is flicbjeo fcuto posi bete iEUi; p;t£ks 5 tljetnin tfeegromtb ojfaof ohbe 
pillar pou mutt ojote the tSeo SDsagonall lines long insugij out, ant> the rrbp (as 3 fagrti befi^e). f.ou fijaji iieftJ&a. Oj-nfe 3 
nifbing ano the increafng of U)c parumlcr. parts of tbe crcifs of the CaiD SB.tfc, tobere asj^tiDerrrioft line 0; facts of 
th£cicflsofthel5a(e,bearc5nti£b wo?c b;caecranDlc tiger ttjtn fbcfe that ere mercfeeoto^ the pnckes ; then attach 
cojner of ibcCrcaftof thelEafcpQn mnfi ojatoanlipjigl-tunealmolf^sbigbas tbcfkfttreait of ibeli5afe(aUbougS3 
3ta«E6or.eit)batt)ponU)cfcJtermcftpopi3tnottoco!iibertbctoo?he taHtbin: tsjen pmunuir- coato fbe.nppcrmoll; 
comers of tbefirftCreaft fc-itt?p-ichcs alto, totoarotbeB?o;nfon, tobttbbotonetesrOB^^ 
Tietjtliites ; ano t^ere fbail be tbe terminations to tlafc 0; ffout bp t^c fecono grrat Cr eaft tsi'tb a fall blacfee line: then 
Djatoanotber blacfee line from tbeinnrrmcSpcpnt of fje'CreaS bptearos to fbe|h>?ifo», enothsreibefbosicrung 
Crealifball bcclofcD. 

anb as this Crcaff oj plmUjns te cl&fcs ano bjatecn an all Gees teitb blacfee lines , fo peu muff '8c*l»H$.al| fbss* 
fher lines of tbe 25afc,fo? fcben from the bppcrmttt comer Df t?e firfi niatfecD iftafe pen Djato a belotngline tottje in* 
nermeff comer of tbe gecatcfi Crcaft &jltg tbe blacfee lines, bp it pou fljall ligbtlp fine the terminations of all tbe parts 
a? members, ojatotng tbecojncrs of 11)2 fiYftlSafe fotoaros tbe^ortfon. Sim toben pott bane (ojm'eD all tbe inner" 
mod tojncrss of tbe Wes, bp tb i l^ojifcnfall line you map eafilp boe tbe fctonb,ano top t&e pacalel lincii tbe bttermoS 
of all 5 although dp tbe lines of tlje oiSantes, pen map bjtng tbe faib corners femetobst fleeter as pou map fee bp tbe 
SDtagenall lines. But atthrs time jiudlr.ot fpeafee cf t&atDia'icnUo; Ijarfc U^o^be, foj tjc tr/at fcaty aRj?£nssereanp 
Ding herein, map fccrittoitb tjeJpe bimfelfc. 

aibat tobich is bete fapo of tbe BSefcs, pou nmff alfo fcnbcrff ana of tbe Cojmces,onclp that enerp tfcfngis contrary 
ano Uj^cre pou f et perpendicular lines bcloto, tohicb cat tbjcugb tbe lgojifenf all a? KaBiall unes,fo pen mjifi alfo fall 
aboue tbe lleab lines 0; Catbitaifepon the t^ojifcntall lines-, as tsu map better fee it anD leatne it in tbe i%ure, then 
it can be crp;c Geo bp toojs:? : ano \ on mnft not be afraio 3; abafljeb, although at ft t R pen cannot cone cauc it, fo? f bat bv 
pjactifing pou QiaiJ in tims fmoe it} fcj it is not fago tljat a man ftall 0} can learnc all tbings a t in one cap : bp tbid 
Cojnice pou map matic all Cojmees, bee tbep bigbec oj lotoer, ^atbet o> eaCerjaltoapes cjaisiing ewerp member and 
part tctoarD«%^o?ifoR as it Gpalo be bone. 



Aatfjosrgb iljere are aiecrs mawners 5 tooprs tc placeColnmneg one bebini) the ct!)cr,(Jansing tpen onegre«at& 
in perfpectiuciuiff, tbfi'^f'^wafeep^talSjCD^ilmcg ano otber tbings, pet tijssbccctintoanneireBisibeeg* 
fieff. i?irft,poumi!R mflftcaptsn^mcntteitbariuantitieof fonrecoaneroffinacjenfSjasttiflalfoffietoetitti 
tbe beginning of tbisll5ffli5e;to5}U^mapbecf fnrb b;cbtrj,as\:on\BiU : S>ap tbnt tbefe fonre fcm ire Hones sr* 
tiBof(DtebjoaO,li>biebuiaUbetbetl)icljCRiEff«of apiUnr ; betu;4netb.c ma firltpiUarebsneatbintiiebjtBtb, tbjext\ 
fball bs f pgbj fqnace Cones ano tbe freight of ttjc pillars maoe of tobat qaantitis pon twill-, sno tbcp bting'raifeo to» I 
itiarBtbe^ojtfon.ttenpoumntt fiiato ftoofcnsraUUneeouerbotft the pilars, en Ubenont of tbemioblsof tbeflrH 
line pou meft mafec tfeo balfe Cinlcs abous bpon the flat fibc before , ano beuioe tbem in as manp parts as pea brill 5 
tolncb parts fhall be Batons to the Ccntr r of tbe balfc Circle, ftanbing in the bpjjermofi; line : then out of the minis 
of the t too fenecall lines pen muS o:afe3 ttjc hds balfc Circle, anD all termination s of the flat £ircb being o?aUun to the 
^o^ifon, then t\)t fk8 Srcb-oj dDntc is malic: the otber ttoo pillars bptoarus bjatons f tbe ^ojifen, then the fieff arch; 
0; cj?ate is n?abc: * he otber f too pillars tptoaros fljall alfo flr nc cpgbt SJuabiante otflant from tbe ficQ ^itlars,tobtc^ 
taill mafee a foure comeb plat aj on all fiDcs: containing 64.. fquare floncs : ano pou mufi coe toitb this gate as pou Din 
isiitbtheflrff.cnetp (toften tbcp arc all of onctopacneflcas thtfe are)pounccbnctccmoe tbearcbesagaine, foa the 
IfiojtftRtall lines of tbe Cones of tbe Sift 3rcbtotfl fijeto pon tbe terminations of all the other Grebes, anb alfo bato 
long tbe CaUcrpmuttbe,anDbotomans Arches it mnftcontaine. ghaucplacce no Srcbcs here in tbe floes, becaufc 
31 toonlo not cumber pen f a nmclj at tbto time ; but 3 UjjU fpeahe tljereof hereafter pcrticnlarlp. 

2Cbetrco2Da)jescnea£hfii5carebotbpart!ptoucribtoith tbe pillars, but tbe fcpBencffe of fhemts of foareffina* 
b^nteSjbcflbes that from the corner of tbcomjesfo the Miliars on each floe there ts ttoo €JBao?antes , as s on fee the 
balfc thereof; ano the other balfc pou muft fuppofe to bee behind the pillars, firfje beanies abouc the Srrbes tohtct) 
Ueare bp the Chamber abon?, pou map toell smGe, although 3 to?ite not parruularlp thtrrof : 3 bane not lifer toife fet 
the Waks no? tbe Capitals bpon thefe pillars, b ecenie the? Ojonlo not oaefcen tbem too mncb > but in another place 3 
hull alto entr eat tbweef. 

Tbefecond Booke* 

The third Chapter. Folio, 

Of Per/pediue 

T^cfe Coo iSoiBts e? arches arc cnelp mafic to ktto'cbofe to iopnc t^cir 5Bafr» ant; Capitals fefbcm,b)i)frref in 
tine feuerr U places 3 bane fpofeen be fo;c, £mt> ffcibtc ijoto tier rife en tbe one tide, and fall o? trees rate in flgbt on 
tic otbec fine; tt)at a man map tljr better learnc hi to to toe tbrni : re? in frcctt? tf a man couiD fln unt bnto pen 
in effect, poubjonlo tbe enflrer tincr rflar.6 it ; tnttcfet It coirur infrjiting o? j^earfsa* J Doc, tbatmen 
thereafter migkt hnobi ano learnc tljem : it is rcquiOte to entreat of tbem wojt at large , si d tfjst pen map tbe better 
ttfeerne tm percetae thepopntscf tbe thm lines from the otber popntso* comers ef tbcblacfeeUncs} tberefojc bcre 
3 bauc placet tbepepnt oftheoiffanccsanBtbelSojifon bebntbiaro ; ant> bane placet) tbe pillars tnotljer manner 
bponthisgnmnotou:boitf€JaaDjant ffencs: 3ln this manner fettbe bjeotb cf theffoofirff pillars bpontbefijale of 
fuel) tbicheneffj as) t>ou b ill, ano ojabJ tbem iBb)aros,teb?arDs the ^o^ifon , tben pen mntt imagine tbe oifinnrcs, as 
3 bane alrcabp tauabt pan : ano tbi f c Dtttsftees are fct on botb fibee, ano on egtber p Dint of she siSances pou mutt bjabj 
almcbotbtobuirb ttjerigbtanosleftpepntoj comer of eacbpiHar. 

£Ebcfe diagonal! lines bull not cnelptbcbipon ttjcttjicfecncDTc of the ficfi oj fomioff pillar s tobentbepfbejten, but 
atfo tbe tbicBcncJJe of tbc tbiootber pillars lutficbttano intoarb, tobicbareallmarheB tottb prebes (ano as) bent 
libebiifefaio before) tbat btljUbts berefapboftbciBafes of tbe pillars, tbc fame alfnmnll be bnecrftooDbptauB of 
tbe Capitals : touting tbe thicken r ff c of tbe botoes oj arctics tmoerneatb , 9 banc tbetoeD in tbe figure beioje bob) 
pou mult place the Center in the tmooie of tbrfonre trotTepotnt lines, to o;aw tbe balfe Circumference: SCbefonre 
fquare o:^aacj..nt abone,isasgrcatastbatbctou;on tljegtouno ; Jueeonqt t&etobobjponfbaU mate it, foj jon 
fee it plameenougb in n)e insure. 

Jhcfecond Book*. 

The third Chapter. Fol.ii. 

f ^ 



l$ii figure is lifte t&e fojmcr, enelp tbat tftc members of the H5af e s ?nb Capitals are abbeb tberennto ; t&ercbp 
to make tt moje perfect tmto pon, ant) t & fi ; . to pon 90b) a tfcng toill Bar d toben it is full mabe and firttibcfc , al* 
tbongb 31 bra > BjetoeD it before j neuertbeleOe, toben a man is perfect herein, tben be map bp p,:act ; f c belpe bfm» 
felfe toell inoasb toitbontall ttjts fcbear - bffng tifecction tint) bearing in memojie tbat, tobtcb be bat & tmpjtnteo 
in bit mind: 5?o2intraetb,bptbismeanes(jmeanetbcgr0unD) amanmapbppjactife mafeemenptbingS} tobicb 
if tljep be maoe toftb Discretion , anb bp a too?fecman,toill altoapcs bcaotifie fyt too;fee , as t befe bofprs o? 0rcbes bo, 
tobicb tinner are fieoioeo to ittj ©aabjantea as pou map for tbem. Habere arenas pon fenoto, fir ft t too Centers ta f ojme 
tbe arct/c bufiemeatb; no up a toife toojfecman muff not altoapes feebe foj tbe perfection of tbe cogc of tt>cfc <KuaD,?ants $ 
but fo? trample, feap tbat tbe Srcbe ton&crneatb is OeniDcD into epgbt parts, toberrcf fire Roll be fo? tbe fflnab jant,antt 
t too parts fo? tbe eDge 0; bojoer tbat rnnnetb about it : note pon mnfl benibe tbe fpace bet toeene tbe one Center ano tbe 
other, alfo in epsbt parts, bat t oet? mnfi tbojtcti 0; leflen a little, tbat is, tbeneatber part againfl tbe bpper ; 1 fben tbe 
eompaffe being fe t f omttobat lotoer, ano maoe narrc tocr : tben pon mnff D^ato tbe bppcrmoQ bo?uer, an d tben tbe com* 
paffc bring fct a little beloto tbe neatbermott Center; poanmfitalifeefojtDjatoetbe otber eoge o? bojoer : after, pan 
snuB fqtiare 02 penibe tbe S}paDjants,leaaing tbe ipace bettreene botb,once fo b?oaD agatne as tbe otber,feb»cb mctt be 
ajatocn top totorr&s tbe l?o.:ifon ; anoasmncb as pon toill mabe tbe ©ua&jant finfce: poumnttaUaD?atooutof tbe 
latt Center toitb tbe Compafle. 3riD in tbis manner a man map mafee Diners fojmes ano compartements (bat as 3 
bane fata) pon mnB mane tt)em all toitb inbgement, anu tberefojc it is toerp convenient tbatamanttjHdObetoellin* 
ttrnctebfbereinjfo? tbat bung cnelp tbe p?incicalltcrmtnattona,f on mufiwafeetberettfcp p?acttfe: ©tit? am of op:* 
nion, tbat fome rigojons pcrfpttttae men toiil ta&e Ijoio of tbefe mp toojes, (totebom 3 an(toere) tbatif tbeg mesne 
3 baae faileb 0; bone amiffe, let tbem p?eoue tobat Difference tb ere is bet & «ne facing ana Doing. 




Thcfecond Bookc. 

The th ird C hapter. Fol.ii. 




Tl£e manner bom to make acroffe rmfco^a^allerp o ? Bimfewperfpectine twoj^c , is ahjoapcsberBfren&Sc* 
fometofhctotttontoanpmarHrnD tbcriffojc a'fa , it is mucbmoje trouble feme to Crrlare it in butting fcjmcn 
hereafter toSwcerQaniitt. #eucr?b:lcffe, brcaufutu) berpheceffiirptobe&notene^teitl&oe the belt i can 
to ^efoit. 
5?tr£!,f en muff c^ufc tbe b?t&tb an& betgfct of f be grcrteff Srtb o? Bow tbat von oefire to matte, a«0 tben bp tbe ot* 
Sauces pou muff make a perfect fljajf emng ©a J&jant, sna a' fa a Irffe JBoIb 03 3rcb. SChe greateS 9rcb befeje Sjalbe 
e*«!i&e& in'o epcbtrquall parts ,a«Da>fe paw* muff b r Djium t 'iBarDatbe^o3t r ontotbEfmale.9rcb , tobicb being 
none then pou muff let tgtfeparts of tbegreat:tt3rebi b'loto bpontbe."J||afe;an3toiib fbebtlpcof tbr ^o?ifentall 
aio SDiajcnall lines, pou map malu afi)03teniug Circle tvttbtn tfee Sluaej.nt, as in U)e other pi aces befoje pou bane 
ban taught. 3Cbe terminations be reof mail be 1 * .34, 5. mbicb (hail be fct Ijptoar&s btfioctbc great arcbe,as pon 
fa it time alfo marltce tpittfl.2.3.4 5- ^ttbont tbisrouna betoiu 3 baueojatone tfee'^&aralcls foitb pjtcttes f the 
U)al!,i>n')tuberctl;cpenti,tberc pou muttfiit all vour^ttpcHtitntar lines bp?igtit,tei;:c^arccomeoutoftbegaralel 
lines cf this Circle. 

STben pot: muff D?am the terminations atee'apOjtofeKb-arc plrceb aben?, along bvlbe ^erpen&icular line* taitb 
Hries'o tljel^ojifctij an&tebeta tbefapalgojifrn'all tines ruttbjougb tbf^erpenoicularlines^nblcbmajatotiebp 
from brloto j tbere pc u mutt make b.lfc a ftojtcninj Circle: ano that tobicb is msrkcD en this Obe toitb Ctpbers,mufl 
alfo be bnorrffeo5 to (tana on tbe other, as poo f& it in the j%nrc. 

Hi&efetmobalfeftojfnngCirclrs being mate, tfcengoumuff&'afoarigbt blacfte line aboue ont of each of tbe 
tmookfVj)Hti) arc market) j.anDfob e re tbatcuttcfb tbjongb the micolrmoff Unc, tobicb goetbfremthetgrcateff 
J3rcb to tbe IfyjjnTon, t'jcrefbaibe tbe terminations « alfo tbe miDDlc of tbe eroffx toojkC; anu t)en out of till tbe termina* 
fenfalljtnKcbrtb tbe a>;cb markcoiuitb 23.4. ftyre tbe terminations IbalfianD tofomtc tbcbalfe Circles in tbe croffe, 
t&^ugtjtijembicbamanmtibattebfafftano from termination to termination (ball make afbojtening balfe rcoiise 
troffe iBitb pjtrkes, as both on tbe right ana left banu pou map platnch? fee in the figure. ?n this manner tbe toojhe 
l>ii>nl5 goe, although it ff 000 famefaabat e«t at the fines ; but It is better 6>tt to pilnt it toell in pour mcmojp,befoje pou 
fehe an otbcE f^meaiberc tbe^ojifon Car.betb on the ons fin, that tben pou map the eafilper make tiiat tobicb is 
tens ontbat fioe. 

Theiecond Booke, 

The third Chapter. FoJ. 13. 



Qf Per/pe&iue 

HStoingfljetoeoin creflctoejise on both ficcs, tjato poo fbonlo place the Srcrjcc on tljc fitics in frjojfemng manner 
r no ojatenc tbf m bp ont of the grouRC, although that tbep be fintlf : note teilt 5 facto poa a Ijolloto ardje, anD 
tijc mancr bote to ft oif en it : SBut before 3 p?oc«o thcmw to (foj it is beep comber feme anD Difficult) firft 3 toil 
fljeto ?ou tbt^ilaiQers that OjoulD carrte t^c fa^ b airctjes : tobttbpiaiOers CanD foplatnelp in tbe figure 
tbat 9 Qjall not neeb to tafee much paines to to?pte or tljcm. 3n tfeis figure 3 banc not mace tbe firfi arrf), tbat S 
might not barken tbe figbt of tbe 2tt\-,ts on tbe Gees, tebtcb flrcbes on tbe (toe*, 3 t>aue alio tut marfer e bote tfjcp (ball 
fianb,sno arc alUwvese?atoncout of tbe fonrefquarcfi}na&?ant,as pen fabp tbe ojticr cf tbcfeurefqnare€2nab;ant, 
but tbe htabermosarcb tobicb ffanoett) not in tbe tear ,3 bane hjatr ne fallp,anb place it alto in bis fourc fqnare. 

Sboue in tbe top oj rofe, g brnc maoc tbe rotmB fi»me,toberrof too map mafee a fctttel 0? ECribnnall ; ana pen map 
alio mafee it f bus , toben it is fomrtoba t foncfee. Eonrbing tbe fence gilaiff rrs , ttjcp (as 3 banc taught bcfo;e) art 
formbbp tbt SDtagonall lines comming from tbe popnt of tbe oittances, ano afro tbat eacb pitattter ts tb?a tcancro j 
tfan&ingU&eatb?eecomerobooBe,anboneaebenB (thcarcferctictb tobetrof tberefljatlbefonrc) ttoo arches befoje, 
anb f too on tbe Qoes, fo that tbe roofe toill be right f cur e fouarr, to'jer tin poo map mafee eroffc toojfcc oj other manner 
■f ttoofc too?lM. 3ne if pon toili mafec other binocs of foojfce bp tbe fame ; pon tnuS altoapes foltoto (bis rnie: item, 
tofcerc pon can nat toell bnocrffano mv tenting, pon mnS belpe ponr Iclfc toitb tbe figures , toljtcb flcarc alfo fiantiet^ 
open, fo tyat toitb a little labonr- a man map eafilp conceanc it altogether, althcogb tberc tocre nothing fooben of it. 


The third Chapter. Fol, i^. 

SI f-'l IIP 'Ik,* 



Of Perlpedliue 

^T ۥ to von fee . tobat few pu mnff foiio to to place arcbe* on tljc fines in fljo jf enfttg manner: 0no Self, pott mutt 
J . t»mbe bpen tiic thiru former manner Superficies, tobercin % tjnuc fafftcienilp fljetoca poo n)c manner be to to 
' frsir e a rouno bodp ; Uot in tbts figure J bill (beto it mojc perfectly. SGiberefD je a man mull imagine tfaat 
the rouno liBicp tying beloto in bis fonrefquare is maDe, ano Stall feme foj tbc tbio 15otoes on tbe Goes. S3bts 
25coptbenbeina:msDe(a6 J franc Ipetocb befoje) ano aspoafee it better nolo, pou matt firff fet if , tobcre tbc 3rcbrs 
brgin about tbc l^o?.fon. flno tfce fame perpcnoicnlar lines toljicb Sand corner toife from tbe miDble of tbe fonre 
tojncro bo?p,nuitt be fct litce ^aralel lines on tbe right $ left (iocs bp marcs from tbe f too arctjes, tbcre (at it is afoje* 
fais) to Direct tbe H^ojtfentaU lines, as pou map fee it plainelp in tbe figure. $5nt pou mutt bnoerffanb ttjat tbe ttoo 
croffes beloto tntbisll5oop : arc tbe ttoo Centers to ejato tbe ttones of tbe 3rcbes botbabane ano beloto, tbeg alio fig» 
Hific tbeCentersoftbelSotoesbpontbe^o?irentall lines toifbfn tbe Srtbes. 

^Qo»;n't alto tnactffan&,ita: tbc biache lines ooefojrae tbcCucamfcreneetoitbont,an!>tbe pjicfecsojfbm lines 
betoken tbe fojmc tottbuiitobtrb is coueren in tbc arcbes:fa tljat tbe Srcbes oo fiiete tfcougb to be maoe of picces,of tbe 
feljicb 9 • xecs a man map learne to mabc Diners Compartemtnts bnbemraf b in t be 2rcb. iSoto toben a man can matte 
ti?is atct?tuclUtt)cnt)cc Qjallnofneeaeffill to tafee all tbis labour, bntbf ttoo pjineipa'l lines belpingbimfelfetoitb 
pjtcfc s, be map frame tbc 2rcb ; ano fpcrtallp, becaufe tt>a t tbc 3rcb tobicb ttjoulD come befoje, coueretb a? bioctb a great 
part of tbe Skcbes on botb Goes : tobicb 3rcb HI banc not maoe bere,tbat f migbt not barken oj feacote tbc etber fliojte* 
ning Srctj. jSntber neeo 3 tojpte anp thing of tbe Circumferences aboue in tbe top o* Uoofe, (no: tbc cpgbt corners 
fottbin)fejthatin tbc nert/igurepon ffjall fee them* neitber toill) fpcafce anp'tbing of (be Circumferences in tbe 
grown) , foj tbep are mabe (as g foaue tangl) t pen beretofoje of all others ) and of tbe r onno bocp briefs (of f^e lot; icb 
tbsre ha tj bcencmoje fagb) a man map mate tnanv. otber tbinga tobicb arc not hereto be fpofeen of* 

Thcfecond Booke. 

f he third Chapter. ■ FoUfy 

Of Perfpedliue 

T£>plfice pillars toitb their 3rcbes bpsngrounb8o;platfojmes,3ti)inketbcreis fafficietst fpoBenbefojc; anb 
tnbat fccuer | 'n«u? fpoben of foure fquare pillars, is alfo to \ar t nberdoob of rounb Colunmes, fo j ttjat a man 
mud take all roono things, out of foure fquare tbmgsastoelltbc&piratftbfrtfrTfejastberotHtbflf tbe Capital. 
^c that can make all the jhgu s :cs a fa jefapb perfec tip , anb parttc niarlp i^ts lad bobp , fljall tjslpe bimf elfe to II , 
ana net onelp to boc trje like tbings, bat alfo to ba men? mo jc . 5cf J rtjou !a in this f mall Creatife fljcie all that 3 coulb 
fetbolane,rt toaulb matte a mod great Slolutnne ; ano perabuentnre 3 (qoalo toant timetofct foojtb the reG of me 
315ooke,tobtcb3lbauealreabppj0ini{cb;fo;t&erearemanp tbings tfcat belong to HSurtbing, tobiebneee nottobeefct 
Botone in pcrfpectiae toojbc ',.. 

ile I be nolo begin to rayfr tbe jSuilbtng rjere f : t botone out of the gr ounb, tobich. befoje, anb at the one ficc is fane, 
as 3 pwmifeb before to fqetopout 

£Ebe fbojtcffi aw? far cd leap is,f o matt a gretmb toitt) manp ©uab janf s ; anb imagine tbat it is mete toith f be f at , 
toitb fbr <£Ue,o? o-'brr mcafarc: liBiuV.etbsnototakceuerp&nabjan! foj tiuofoot, anb as before there are foure €Jua? 
fijants from one pillar to the other ; anb the pillar alfo con f ainetb a ©aabjan, there djall alfo be fonre SSuabjants bp/ 
toar?i fn the lengtijfrom one pillar to {beotbei\a3poumapfttttal ; ogctbertn tfeei?igare. 

2tbe pillars tben being fet of futb betgb? as ponbefire,ti)entbc a?cbcsbpontbemmu8bcmafre; anb tbc manner 
&ototQmaketbem,poumaperp?eapf«intbe .figure, anaa.tbougb vou cannotfee Uje .arches that are bchjnB them, 
let 31 bane mabe f bem bere that pott map. fee their terminations, tbep are in feme places bjatone toitb full blaclte lines, 
anb in fame places toitb pjicfees* 

aboue the arcbes pou maffmafcetije arcbttraue, frtfe ancCojmrc? trjcpjoiec'urctebercaf, pou mad matte 
as 31 bane fapb anb tangbt i>ettta(o}t t that is, rjoiu thsp matte their corners agalntt tbe ttoo diagonal! tint s,ano bpJlje 
like rale you djall alfo make tljc bppermed Cojihcc , as van nwp tee in tbc bppermod part, tobere the fmall SBuabjanC 
toitb ttje SDiagonall lines ft anb. 2Ebe boojes f bat ft anb bnber tn the €>allerp, are racb of tbem ttoo &uab?ants bjoab, 
anb foure ©nab?ant6 bigbs keloto in tlje grounb tbere ate cettaine tokens tobtcb fbeto like Naples, tobicb fignifietbs 
topbeneffecf tbe toinootoes aboue tbcCojnicc : tobicb toinbqtoesif tbep ffefe ajbolenjere, then tbeptooulfibettoics 
as bigb as tbep are b;oab. %hz other Naples bptoaros bettoeene the fljojt cning piilars,are alfo t\^ bin tb of tbe uio?« 
tening pillars, tobicb (as 5 faro before) areall foure gfcaabjants high, but tbep arc parti; conercb toitb tbe Cejnite*. 
2Cbe part of tbe arcb tobicb danbetb at tbc ence, is feparateb from this ©illerp, as tbe gr cant alto fbetoetb if* 

3 bane bere mabe no SBafes no? Capitals, tbat tbe otber things migbtnotbec-confeanbeb: bnt pou muftbnber' 
tt anb that tbep muff be placcb in tbe too?tic, as is fumctcntlp before fbemeb. anb bp this rule pon map bjato biners 
liBuilbings ont of tbe grounb, k* in tbe .figure foliotomg (ball be fbetoeb in bintrs fcjaies. SCrje Centers of tbe arcbes 
pon fs tbem macaco, dancing all bpon one ^ojif entail line. 


Thcfecond Booke. 

The third Charier. f oh S 

5 ■ ., ■ . 

O/ Perfpedtiue 

N®fo 3 feaue JUtees the manner bcto to malse a ©sllcry it itb 8x<l}ts tvto |DtU8K,fcti& otbcr flings the reunlo 
belonging; notobyaiUtfltr k^pjfctllftctefBwefojmcofVicnfcs tbatarfiofccbciltoutoftbegrouno. fcti 
mutt mabc a grcunD o; fcote toc-jkc tettb £1 nao?s»t* reattbiug kng Ir.cugb feptoatse, tobfcb ©uacjanfcs muff 
each of ttjftn be rftbonro at tlso fcr it fount e, 
anis fitft, at tbe entrp of (be 55enfe the t c (tall be a cocje ef fiuc fmtr b;oot>, fc? that it centatttttb f too ©oaosanf s ana 
a balfc in the Hostelling : rnt> tbe bright tbcrrcf fl;cl! be of tenf©te,btcaufe ttis fine snuafcjuntsbfcb :l9er plaiBers 
02 Snttpagmr Mum ttjaii bet a fcote bjoa&,bt taufc tbcp eenfaine a halfe ffcojtc ning flUtefejantj tbe jftife fijatl atfo cmt« 
taint as much s swo theCejnkcfljatUontatncfomurbkfle^ao tbe fencer part tbmorbeatmgeuer contained, ano 
Ojall be mace arrowing to tbe rule afojeftjetec d. Ecutbing t|e part getting ouer the oooje, tbe ^cgbilicnc g o? S0iv 
uirs,ft]al Qn»ifc ttgbt r t one He § tlaiGcre 03 flntipaj inc t turn c f tbe cocje. 8ne tbat title 6co;c fepon tbe petting, fftall 
fiena right in tbe miobleabcue tbe totoeftre^^?nt (ball be tb.o fate b;oafi. Jntfce other cojetrof tbtsfirtt^oafc, 
U)ere (ball fee another t oo?e, tt t iruccnt ffc thereof ttalt be fire ft ote ; pou map malte it rt two o? fqaare abeue as you toil. 
25ut toby eoc 3 fpt no mp time to (ct cob tie all tbcfc meafures, U Inc b i ou map To pla;nelp fee in tbe fi&me ; c nelp it is 
mcefiarp to teat ne fuel) as are flucu os berf in, iba tobat Ucjfee for tier a ir r n i apfttb out of tt»c grcuno , cenfifleth in 
tb?ap?««tpalltbings,tl)GttB,inlergtb,b:fDtb8nt)beigbt. 2Lbciiugtbisof cettaine!l?oufeso?ttoMncs, containing 
a certawe number of fat. STfee b;i d tfe confiitc lb of 22Hin ootor s, SDozes, Oat t s, ^boppes , ano fo(b like things. She 
height crnuttctli of ^o3t£0,TOinootocs, Settings, Cornices, Columnes, Kooffes, ano rucb like thing*. S5ut there is 
petanctbcr,trjati£of tbe li.nfeemfTc of tbe Walks, pillars, ColumneganD^tlatffers: SLbekngibis takenfrom 
tbe ttjotfening ffiuaejants , tm frc m thence alfo ten take tbe bjet il\ S5ut the beigbt is taken out of the b?cDtb in the 
flQHa»3Ents,Uhkbb3tttbnitflbctabenfromtl;£ffluafc3ano? balfe^uabja^ferjicbtowbctbitonlheljttberinottfiDe: 
asitttatioctb: asalloftctntbe bitbcrrocfi oco;r,tob:c^is ten fcote btgb , there pcu mutt take tbe meafure from tbe 
©uao?an6,tobitbfoinetothc|2ir-rakiccn the nctbermott to?titr e? popt t of tbccoosc; foj if tbere pou take fine fina* 
ejans in bjtotb, it Cjali be heiglt Uutbttt the 3nttpagt mentam. Sinn that tobub 3 l^ue fa^D of tbefe boojes, you nmS 
alfo fencer flano of alliljc c tber things : ^hc tbicaeneffc of t^e W ail is t mo feote, fo j pott fee it tontainetb a fflnaD;ant , 
ffihe bearing eue r of the fctont ^cufe is of fire foote, mcafnrtb Upon the grotmo : tbe Ufce alfo the beating oaer o? ict* 
ttng of fbefiiO^oufe ennfairetb. %a ecncluce alt tbingB,as3hnue fa»o, rtuiigont of tbe gronno on alt Jtocs,S |aue 
(etnoCoanices, no? enr otbcrejncmtr.ts in thisi^igure, that vou map tbe eaflerfcnserflano it; but a man sf ripe 
iuogcmtnt ana fenocrttanfetng bnolring the trrmtnatkno , canfepfeifl otene inuentton helpehimfclfctomabe fatre 
ISmlDings. anDfojt^at3mapnotfpEnotocm«chtfmehe«in,3|totUmaheotberstogtwepumo2eligi)ttljercin. 

lie fecond Booke. 

The third Chapter, FoL 17* 

Of Per/pedtiue 

T3£«&&fegjcs, ocgtttsoj goings bp, are torrpwteffarp in J£uttotngs,atto tfeerefcje 3 foillffjcto6iners nines 
thereof,ano 6rtt 3 toill begin totib the eaOeft. 2cco?oing to common cuff ome a &ta#e o % ttep is about balfe a 
fate feigb, ano about a foote bjoao topon tbe ffep 5 then let tbe fqnare ffoncfi of tbf s grounb be a foote fqaarc,tbere* 
fciifbtoetotllniafcea paire of ffaircs of fine forte bfgb, ano {&& fate bjoab: aftbe forte of tbe groimo toeetmH 
fa&e tfee meafnre of tbe bjebtb, toblcb botb on tbe rigbt ano left Cdcb fl&all be let m ^erpenotcalar lines on the Cojn era 
of ttje&tapa^tobtcbftallbeDenioeouitotenjafitbelmes A.B.wetopon. ffben alltfeepartsof A.B.f&allberaifeiJ 
£0% ^ojtf«i»aaD t&enpou Ojall taseroned&aaojantcsbpfoaros in length ? ano fertjere aof toe lines arefet bp cutting 
tbjongb tbe $o?ifental lines of A. B. there tie co?ners D. C. of fbe bppermott Hep* foalbe, containing a fonw rqoar e 
of tb?«&aaa;ants on eacbfioe. .from tbebitbermoff points of the fame tppetfleptf,?oa Ujal Djata ttoobelofng lines 
ta tbe Sotoett ffeps , agafott tbefobieb tbe $ejifentall ano tbe gerpenbicnlar lines of tbeffiuaojannjalleome togefber 
anb Gnat Dp tbe &tapjes. 

Cbefe £>ta#es are fl&ojf eneo on tbe one 6dc, anb tbe tber is plaine oj p;o8Uano conlainelb a Sep leffe in nje bef gbf , 
fobfcbmaBetbfonre foote ano abate} it is auotb?ee rote b^oab, as it is marheobnbec itontbegronno. JBpfbtsrnte 
pou ma; matte &»(apje* 0? oegr&s as btgb as ton toill, ano make fome retting places in tbe tea? : altoaves taking fbe 
meatnre from tbe forte of tbegrmmb,a0tneUortbe ttjo;tening,af of tboCetbatarebpjig&t. 

Thcfecond Bookc. 

The third Chapter, Fol. 18. 

T$ « going dp being platne o? p?ofil matscfl) a greet ffjufo, atto pet are bcrp caQe to fet in all places, 3 mcane in 
tbe taming, ano mag ferae fo; manp tt)ings, fpeciallp in IBuilDings , tobere a man going bp foftlp ano toitf) cafe, 
giuetbtbebeboltiewa bin?) of plcaforc to Dicto t|>cm , pjincipallg in common places, fojtbatcbere is a going Dp 
on ept^er fioe,fo tbaf bpon tbe one floe men map gee op, and on tt)e otiber floe tbep ma? goe Qotone ; ano altbongij 
i bete are onlp bnt ttoo goings bp, pre bp t bts a man bp bit oton mnention map oentfe others. l£oto tbefc gst apjes are 
maocanotottb tebat reafon,pou mapbp tbe figure percrane tt)em , attbeagb Jfbonlo fav nothing thereof: foj as it 
is fopD before, tbe fiaao jants are of a foote bjoao, ano tbe fteps balfe a tot bigb, ano To tbe b jeo tb of tbe Sep is one feni. 
2:be bjeotb of tbe &tagjes is Sue foote, botb tbe firff ana fecono : 2Cbe retting gate contained in toioeneffe tbj* facte, 
and is fire footebigb ; tabid) altbongb it fcemetb to b; fbnt, ano a ftnall doojc opening in it : pet it may be maee tobote 
open ano otbertotfe clofeo. SEbettuo floes abooe the ttnee fteps are fine foote bjoao, altbongb bere it is bnt one foote, 
becanfe of tbe narrotencfle of tbe paper. 22>e J&erpenounlar lines on tbe fioes,figninc leaning place^nb tbeg QjogIb 
ferae bell alfo to tbe flcps, bnt lett tbep fljoulo comber tbe toojfe e, 3 bane left tbem ont. 


• s 


A5)5ongtt ctljcr *l)ing3 to^fcl; fl&oto'tucll m^erfpecUuctoojke, 39 rmaetbatgofnga bp •? Heps are fccrp feemelp, 
ant: toe oftner tljat tbep tarne, tbe better ttjcp fljeto } tljerefoje 3 baae trace tbefe ttno goings bp taming, lubub^ 
ftanDtnpjofi!,^et vcuiet tbegrennaanothetteps. SI b is firfl going top tdflrifootebigbanDtbieefootebjoaMS 
pop map fee it mat -feci) in tt»c crcono toittj pjictis : ibe 1 tiling place btttoeene tljc ficfi ano f etonb going bp, ie ttoo 
feme fquares t0ng,tobitb t* ncreffarp, becaufe ef the tinning. £U ttjc tm tljcrcof p cu a Jdoatale-ths dojg ttjeceoC 
is CUjii fatfetopfic, tbe antipagmentum ts S^aifc a foore on eptber fioe, fo ibat the place is tbjec fotefnll. £Ll>e ^erpen* 
McntanutesontberigbtGoeof tbtptaitte,figntfiececl:attie leaning*, t&bicbmaf beemabe of Jren, OTfl5B,o?S>tom } 
the lifce map be mabe along tfce^Capjeebct'o bptoarbanDDatonenarD, fettingalgalBfterbposituerp&tapje x SEbe 
t)tig£t of t&is raile 0; leaning, Bjallbe two fsoteano an yaifc ; fo; fo it is eafie to lap a mans banb bpon. ^eto ttjefc 
^tap^csaremabctoptoarDsoutof tfccgrocsriD, although itmapvnell be fenebp ib^ /Figure toitbout seriating it: pet 
3 rcill fap fome tying thereof, to cafe tbem tbat ace Qjojt of memojp. SEfje reffmg gate 02 ronnb ba?e bnbet tbe plain* 
ne ffe bettocene tbe fctonc and tbe tbtro going bp, is no Deeper tyen to tbe mall : abouc tbe fame Boeje ttjer c ttanaeib an* 
fltbi r going bp, of fourc ff cp», tobui) to make, 3 jjau ; fofficienUy tyetoeo j otbei : toif e a man tyoolb continue tye ground 
at ^ereifmgocojejtoojaujcgembpr'rom it. 



The third Chapter. FoL ip 

T^ncbing tbe fcueral! JtinD* of %>'ar ?c s, % am flffareo tbat tbcp map parti? be bnberffoob tsitbonf ticfcribMg f bent 
in*Bjptingg,enafpectallptbemibbiemoft U^td; qoetl> top on bctl) Sacs j anb to (ball the bppErmott au*o,bee nfe 
it id rapf eo tip from tl)C grennb 33 toel! as tbr ctber,anb is (vet fo-Jt b; ao, as t ou map foe anb tell tt on tbe rronna 
Upon t|)e plainc ttoncs. 2Cfjt ttuo arc^stmoet tbe t&o co ngs tip are eacb a foot in thkitmcffe, fobct ebpa go# 
fag botonc i* foure feote toitbin, ant) is alfo o;aiB£n oat of tbe grnuno as tbe reft are. SEbe etber goings ttpjtuljicb von 
ftt(l)jongbtbc3rcbcair | oumapfnSicient!pperceiue bptbeinbototbep arc mabe: anD fait is mttb tbe ttoo pake of 
&tapjes on the lef tbanb,fo? from tr>e fictt flips at tbe retting cm??, psu map eafilp fee feoie tbep are rapfeo topoat of ttje 
grounb,anbaboueattbccnbof tbemtbcpbaueapieceof plaineorGutib to costita tbe otber Staples, tobtcbalfo is 
Djatonebpciitof tbe panementas tbe reft are, tbat is,escbffiepbalfe aftotebtgb.anbafflotebjQaD. to 
mcafnrc in fo fmall firings, but it fuffifetl) tbat bcrebp pou mas fee ttje manner thereof : ano tebcrt pen make t bem great 
yon ftjall finb t^at ttjpp unit come tocll tnougfe ta pafle. SSaber tbc fetipjes (aft nsmcD,tbere ftan&efl) ntfo a roimb bosje 
tohict) 10 flue feat tngse : bpon tbis gronno, anb on tbefe &tap?cs a cunning papntcr migbt place Diners j^tuxs tn fe* 
oerall fajmesj eptber ftanbing oj fitting 'opou tbe §>tapjes $ anb Iping bpon tbs grouno in ftjnjtcmng in. ;,naer s rstip tbat 
iritbisteife: |3onmap place tbe iff tgurestolicre^on toill toitbfifcte, anb trjtn tafee fire fete o^rquarestiibereoKtbcn 
ftanb, anb tbat Ojal be tbeir betgbt fd? tijat it is tbe bcigbt of a common 0} ajbinarg man : tbis pou niuft otfe rne betb 
befoje anb bebinfr, anb in cuerp p'ace. Jf tbe /fgure be bpon a Sep, tben tahc tbe meafure of tbat Sep *bn-con it 
ftanbetb, anb matte itttuclac ttcpsbigbi tubtrb (ball be fire faster an* is tbs j%nre Iping, boe tbe lifee j bat if it tjab in 
Ibojtentog manner bpen tbe grounb, tbenpau mutt tafce tbe length bp tbe fbojtening ® naejant. 

■ j rii i ^ t )rt j^ w!jffiBBjfcg^pyg ^^e#tf Bi i faBMM a 

^SSg^^ iSaS^ 

Of Per/pedtiue 

I&ane0)efe>ct>ttump1titrt*or goings fep»lju'tbftcare oMjerfeinto, anHje t^at is not tecll infErncfeDin fljc fojmcc 
! toil! tjarc'v bnocrftaffl) tljcfetlrolttjici? 3 tjcus beteftt Ootone. fittt fftall be toinsmg &>tap;es in fourc fquare , 
! an& be '.bat tan matte fbcfc fonre fquare fet avjes , map toe 11 mate tbe rotino &tap2es,fo j tt is all one rbmg, fpcciallp 
- if be tofett) tbe tale before fet ootone of tbe ronnc bac tes. 
Cbc .figure P . to tbe grouno of this toimring &tapje, but it is tnucb leffe tt)cn tbe toppr rmoft to get gr ottnt>. Cbia 
fourc fquare grounb in nWcning pott mnft mate fcalfe a fore btgbjtobicb fftalbe foj tbe fit Q ft ep. 2Cbcn befoje at either 
eno, pen-muff make a per pcnotcular line tp:ight, ant) in it matte as mans balfc ferte ao pan Oeflre to mabe tbe j&tapjcs 
bicb; von muff alfo place tbe like perpenoicular lines bettoeene tbe mioele, « tbe comers : tben pon muff oaato tbe ier> 
minatians botb on tbe itetbt and tbe left fities tptoaros to tbe t^ojifon, mbicb mutt cut tfoougb tbe i^rpr noicular lines, 
Mikb are o ja tone ont of tbe tet minations of tbe ftt p s •, anb of tbe fame bright that tbe t too cojnerb perpendicular lines 
are : and of tbe fame meafure pou mnft mabetbe otber raw perpendicular lines bcitiwme tbe comers and tbe micolc, 
SLbcn in tbe midoiemefi termination of tbe gronno pou muff place sn otber perpendicular line, ano tieuioe it alfo in 
baife feet, as tbe other perpendicular tine on tbe0dei« :&o out oftbts perpendicular line of tbeCentrrsagainff tbe 
neereff perpendicular line beneatb on tbe left band, pou mutt frame tbe firft Sep toitb tteo lines : %be fecono Sep pon 
dial alfo frame ano fbut bp ont of tbe ^perpendicular line of tbe Centers in tbe comer fallowing. Cl;c n fr em tbat popnf 
0} comer pon muff tuato a line to tbe igojifon, tobicb againft tbe fecono perpendicular line frill make tbe termination 
of tbBtbtrDftep,tebicb$atlalfe bee mat aboue, accoutring to tbe afojefaid rnle : from that popntoj comer of tbe ftep 
pon muff alfo mabe an ^o?i(cntal tine, tobicbwill toucb tbe termination of tbe fourtb 8ep } tobieb being clofeo, tben 
pon mnfi raife tbat comer alfo to tbe t£o jifon, ano t bat mill facto pou tbe termination of tbe fif t Sep. And toben tbat 
Sep is alfo clofeo roitb linea : tben pou muff o:a to tbe popnt totoards tbe ^0 ji fan, tobicb line mill fbeto pon tbe ter mi' 
nations of tbe firtffep againft tbe binoermoQ perpendicular line : ano tr>at being alfo clofeo tip toitb lines, tben out of 
tbe fame comer pon muff o?ato a pararel tine to tbe termination of tbe (euenfb ffcp, ano net totoaros tbe ^ojifon, be* 
caufe it is another Ooe at tbe fonre fqaare. 2Cbus pou muff &o?ftc round about from Hep to ftep, altoages following 
ibis rule bp tbe tobicb pou cannot fails. 

The fecond Booke. 

The third Chapter, Fol.zo. 

Of Perfpe&iue 

T^at J map not fojgct to fef boton all feina s of &t apje0,ant> fpeciallp fucb as often times fall cot to be maoc; ttjere* 
fo?e3banemaoetbefefetsp?es,tobereon a man map got bp on a! "goes, tobereof tbegrounottanBetbaboaecn 
tberigbtbant>,bntpett>erpfmall. SCbcfcjfefapjcsir.-a Quebec maoc, i^irff, pou matt make afonrsfquare 
O)0?tf ning boop of balfc a foot bigMpon this pou muflcjato f too £>taganall ; ants from tbe cajner intuaros 
f Siere ©all be a foots bjoao left on eptt)er floe, ano tbe terminations thereof sjatone to the ^o:tf on ,an3 fo from tbe B ta« 
gonallliws poutballfcctbe corners of tbcfcronoQep. i&oto j neco notfetootone bntosoa bote pou (ball finoe tbe 
leOemng corner of tbe fecono Bep, tbe tobicb is r onno about (bat tip ferity pacalel ano IRojif entail lines : tbm upon the 
fecono plaine pon mnff D2atottoo2Dtagonall lines, tot}«xl) Poing (as 3 Tav& befojc) toilltbetopoutbetbirD8cp}tobicb 
alto being clofeebp toitb lines, pou (ball alfo fins tbe font t b ano fiftb, fcritb tbe Ithc tales : Cbis g^ramibes is fantafii* 
call? frameti bpon tbem to fill Dp tbe place, alio 3 ncco not fet baton to tobat trf c s tbefe & tajpjr s map fgruc, fo; tb at tlje 
t»alfe of fbem is commonlp fonno in Diaers pieces of toojfee, as tbe gates of pallaces,Cburcbei»,ano otberotoelling 
IjJonfes, ano tbe afcenoingbpto altars: SBptljfstpavalfe pon map make roun&J&tag;es, ano alfo&iap?esof Cycoj 
*H5btwwrM*bp tbeic formes 3 bane (betoeb. 


♦ 1'XWV.T. • 

>M.* G>m> 


The fecond Boofce. 

The third C hapter* Fol %i. 

J ^anepjomifeofbeffubioas Kcaocr bp jj^is nip labotii'to l^ctu ct^ ranclj toucbmg^crfpcctiti8too?fee,as3Cc!njtljat^«ttitg^ 
Qjeio (its conceit touting l^onfes oj iSailoings in perfpeciine urifc, meaning to fet Dotouc forac fimple manners thereof, as if 
be ftuulo faimt a finale oj oonlJle groans, thereupon to tnyte a faoop , ana tberetoitrj meane to mafee an eno. ©tit falling from 
one tnujfee to another, 3 am entreb into a iLabojinfy tobicb pcraonentore is tm farce abonc mv reach : tohicb commetb to pafFe bp 
meanes of fame men that banc entrcateD me thereunto. Stab therefore, as 3 thought at tbts time to msfce an eno of mp feconii 
SB«oke, % begin to banole a barber matter, ttjbub rule is onsl? called an ontioarD foure fquare : nenertbeleSe, \t is qf toell ojatone 
bpu)e ipojffon asbptbeWfianceSjasponmapteetntbe iFtgHrefoUatoing ; tobicb fljeoietb artghtfto;tteningtoui:efqnare,con< 
raining in it another fonre fquare, the tobicb alfo map bee foimebbptbebiuances toitboat l^ojifon : feme men place the (iocs of 
the fourc fqnarc bpon tbe USafe, once fo tejoe againe as before. 3nD as pon fee ttoo libc fioes of tbe foare fquare oner the cop 
nee, te are the oiffances alibe marfeeb D. 2m> as much mo;.: as pou totll bane this fonre fqnare to fijstfen , fo mncb p on maul 
8jate tbe oiBancci from tt)e l£o?tfon ; ano as much as pon toill tbajtbe eogesof the fonre fqnaretballbe bjoac,fo manpbjectbs 
wuO pon D?ato bpon the llBafe, bettoeene A . Q. t mice ojatone. ail the terminations of this fonre fquare ftanbing aboae the cop 
nets goe all to tbe balances, ano none to the l^ifon, bat enelp the fonre fquare that ts fet therein. 

JJ£>te 3JbanefheliieD,l)otDpoaa)onlDuiojtena&n!jer8ctef,oacrpoTOi ojonttoarb foarc fquare : fierc 33 totllf&ctoftote to ittic 
bofle oj beare onf tbs bob? thereof toitb the fame #ojifon an a siftances alfo,tobich bobp baitbin is bolloto, ant> pou map beaue 
it bp as bigb. as pon : but 3 bane pnrpofelp left it f omcUibat loao ,tbat post might fee the groano thereof. 0nb bp this Insure poa 
nap conceane to boat man? things this map ferae-, ana alfo bo ifl pon map increafe 0; bimfoifb it,accojoinct to fail ano inbgemen J 
Sbis uwll fufficefo? thefe foarcrqnarc mobeis o;boUofo things t but | mill fqetoboto oon iliail make tbera to Crefts 0? Cojniccs.' 

Of Per/pedtiue 

TJNs figure is alfofrflme Djjp tbe afiojefapD ^ojifon, anD tbe lifee SiSances as tyt other befoje, onelg that tbcp Cants a little 
nearer: #ototocrcaff ibis boDp both afeones beneath votm»oft imagine tbegrcatnes of tbecrcafi, anD D?atort)e fame great* 
neffe botb abaue anD beneatb tbe boDp ; then giur tijc Cteff s abem tbeir oue pjoieeture,anD from tbofe povnts pon muft let 
|9erp NDirular lines fall to tfe? povstts ej corners bc?oto,trber ebp rou fbaS baue tbe pjoircttnes of tljelijafe ano top thereof, 
fcfcfcb muff be ojatone totoarfcs tbe SDitSances, anD not toharos tbe IBojifsn- $oto job fee bote tbe Cornices ft anD imtbont tlje 
fcure fqnarcboDp : but tbts is onto fo; Co?niees t&3t are maDctottbout members^tot to co mber vou Untb tbe IfcaOotoing of tbem, 
fc?3Jteill fpeabe of tbem b&ceaftcrparcicu!crlp. 

| £>pafcc befoje of Cojniccg foitbeut members, irbtrfc rmgljt ^nte f bis bottom SBuaejan, anD bote ponlballmafeet&eterim'Hsti' 
:.ns thereof. $ c to in tijls .ftguri § ft oto pou t&e fapo Co;nices tottb i|>eir members^bub P°o map alfo mafce in otber maner 
es5ttpleafetbt'4eU)o?heman,tbat is,t£!mafcetbcm bigger o?leffer,as 3 bauefpofeenof 8 tber Coxites , atoapes bfing gooD 
fcsfcretion ar D iufgemen* to cbufe ansmatic foci) members tisercin, as map tttoto well in mens 6gt)t. STberearefome Cojnices 
Whit b reset to farre oner, ti>at men tan not fee t&e members thereof bnDer tbem ; tljerefoje in tbat tafe tbe number* are fo to 6e 
Kis5c,tljat tfceg mag be fcemelp anD plcatant inmcas figbt. 

rhefecond Booke. 

Thethird Chapter, Fol. n. 

^c foore /figures afojefapo banc f^cir Biff ances. equally bjosti from ttjc ^o;tfon, tbat is, as ir.aclj on (be one use 
Wt^tot^cr } bnt tbe jFtgare fblloteing (s of an btber manner ;fo tbat tlje ^cjifcntaUinefifci-ccbcthfoi^fenc.s, 
* gCabnoerfianb it ? bcg(ntbns: jFutf,t{je3I5ateA.B. is mabcaubis platto irt fourecquall parts, asCD.E. ti« 
ImesC.D.arwatoneontbertgltf bano totoarbs t&e.^a?ifon, aab tb? lines A.C. are ojatonc iotBarru? rb'c l^nu 
foh oft tbe left fit>e,i$}icbfo2me a perfect Aliening foarc Cquarc ; ibbicijfoure fqaare wra feemo?r. on ti)C en 2 fioe, tiir;i 
on tbeotber. 3E$c foare points o? corners of tbefefourefqaare tbiugs, arc F.G. H.C. §f pou DruiDc tbcfc S'o;kc 
tbings in two parts, tben pou mnflt oeaioe tbe 115 ate D E. In t&o parts, ami tbe terminations tfte'reief being ojairns to 
tbc ris^t floe, tbcreuau (ball flnoetbeb^ff of ponrfaure fquaremarfcea tott'ottoa Stars. HSctifgon fiatillfrigibfrt « 
anotber balfcfoHrefqBace,tbm ujato a termination E, to tbertgbt Ba;i'on, tlje lines at I. K. the aty.t balfe fctire fqttare, 
fotbaffbefeSsuperftwestballbeof fUiopsrfcctfoarccojusrs: a.ia tijis arillfcrac tbe ingenious toojisemanfojtfiang 
ibings, tobic b I toill not berc fct bourne fo? bjeuttie fane. 

, Jjjf J Wjjraafter foHotoing is rapfefi bp sot of tbe fojmxr figure befoje fct Dotone , ana is mine toitb c!k fattfe 
li^;tron;tobu&£wDp^^ isfctmlPcr^ 

' pencicularmaner bpou f&eneajermou}coj*2r, tatyeron tbc atbsr Superficies are fefct&as tben tbis boo? is of tea 
fc-ftiJ^" ^ uacefi ^S^^nettoofonrefqaarcs in lcnitt^,anoom foare fqnarcbieati an!) bt5b, 3nq tins fesop (as 3 faia 
BOTjtjfljailferue'fojmanptbings : ffiutif t?outoill banc moj? cubits in tbelertrtb, fbeft'teflgtbeu tbsffiafe in fo mam> 
parts mo?c, ano jdh (ball aliases Sale t'oe tructb hereof. 3rtD if w»it uiiU maSc a bowser o; creaS about this bebP,tbsn 
ton niuCfciloio this rule afojefaps. 

Of Perlpedtiue 


BTH IE toil pon mane btaer* things bpon one grounb, then if is cctramient that firttpon mate a payment , as pfi 
to it bcrefetoofcn^ano thereupon frame tebatpontbinfeegaiD Upon tbe©nab?an«, ana the leffe tbe©uabjan« 
arc, sno the moje in number, ponmap U>e eafler frame tbmssbpon tbem. Ebe croffemabebpen tbiigranw 
iconelptoQjotopoo the leap anu entrp tbereanto-* but fa? fuel) a fojme, pon wagmafec afojmeof aCp«tt««» 
Cfcnrcb ac they are note bnilt. SDte otbet fojmc b« it, fljctoetb a piece of a fonnoation of a ^oufe, bntall tb«e thing* 
ten map mafec in a greater fo;me,ano fet tbem fojtt) a« pon tmll; fomctimcplacing the fotfentaU lins* in futb manner 
thatponmapfeemojeof tbeoiitaoes.bnt petthel&ojifonsmntt ttano all of one height. 



0?Si .P'f ^ et0cw B Jfwra«to*rw*,3l feauerapfeb IbefebebteMofcetohototbefeojlToMof ttem N» 
oano tn the toejae as tecll abone as beloto, as pon flsall finoe bp experiences* in trnetb ttefe Irejfeea Wbicb fob 
fee oner the popnts O)co;ncr0,rontflineatfoofcealonebp tbsn-iLluta: but(asjfap& befojr) mp meanSfltoaa 
fa^ir. 5[? 8to J Bttb »« 8 ?*n«^tenw of tbem, jet 3 toillftotntrnof tbem, intenoingtoUanetbe finoent foma 



The third Chapter* Fol. % j„ 

Vpon ttya $aumt nt (afl 1 fapo) pan ma? fojme o? frame fobat j<ea toil!, but in ibis paucment here rhfaing, pot* 
fa a cotmnne Iping, being ctg^t fqnare, lubtcb is tbJa sUiiabians in tijickcneffe, ana foureteene in length. Sty* 
cpgbt fquarc tolamnc map be maoe ort of a columne of foure fqnare, as befnje in an ctoer place is fcetoea: tobtcb 
foure fquarc pon map fa bjaiwnc herein Imt b pjicKcs, anb tee terminations of tije epgbt fqnare toitb blacfee lines. 
S5«t bccaufv tbflt tijis cpgt)f' fquarc column: is tea mucij fa?r»e on t!) e fioes, tbe reabter to matte it out of tiyc foure fqnare : 
3 baue t^E^cfteje mabe an otbcr piece bp if , tbe tofjieb, becanfe it Djatoctb nerrcr to this tpojifon,te fane mo;e befoie,tIjcii 
tbe other, although not fo long* fo: it is but balfefo long as tbe olber,as pou map fa f teil it in. tbe grouno o? fait thereof. 
2nb if tt torts fo tbat this cpgbt fqnare ^figure reacbeb narcr to tbe I^ojif on , it toonlo then be better (me, pet it UjonlO 
notbctobollpfsenebeft};e > becauf£ittlanDetb)j3itboattbe foure fquarc anocojnec. 

T^efcColumnes are tbe fame fobtcft arc befojefet bofone,bnt the other teell bolIoto,ant> tbcfe maffie,fel)crebf art 
erpert toojkeman map finoe out manp things f rcrcifmg this Ina?, all bouefc f berc are ctber mcanes to be bfeij , ait 
Albert DuicrbatijrueUieD, to loobetbjougb bo!c« toi:b a tbieaD: 2Cbems alfo another teas, tohirb is bjatone 
out of flat fojmes fobicb is tbe fureff toap, but berp troablcfome anb bars fo befcrtbe in footing; tobetcfoje 3 bane 
tbofrntbisastbeeaGcfitoaptobcmewcb. 3notf 3 bab not tonbertafcen t«j fljota other things of mo je importance, f 
hrcnib banc bjatonebiners babies anb baufes after this manner. SButfo? that 3 meatie to entreat offeccnes,cn!?tbe 
pjeparing of places fo? to (botoComeoifs anb 2nrasebic«,tobicb is note bfeo intbis age, anb fpecfallp in Italy, t&ere> 
fo?e 3 toil! make an enbof tbsf e foure cojnns t binge, Icauing it to another (as 3 faga Mm) to tel footfb row thereof . 

Of Perfpedtiue 

Botanic §{ meant hereafter to entreat of Cheat txt- 
mh scenes belonging bntofbein,as Webfetbera 
uifbefc capes. 311 tbe toijicb fecenes it brill bee 
fcer p tjat fsj a man to flje to bom, f toberc a man 
fijotslSHlatetbe^orifon berein, becaufe it is an otber 
K)ifig tfeen tbe rule bef je oeelareo : SDberf o?e 31 tbongbt 
it gono fidtto make fbis pjofil , tljat tbe grenno bgtfjs 
pjofili mas btttb tcgefber be tbe better fciiBerttoob $ pet 
it tocreconncnjetttfiittto ftotsictbegronnb, ana if it 
fofatletboot tijat a man cannot attaine to all witbtn 
tfjegrowna, tbm bee mull pjaceeoe to tbe pjofillfobee 
tbe better inSratteo therein. JFirff tbcrcfo;e, f 
toill begin toitb tbe ^eaffslD befoje , tobicb as tbe epe* 
ibal f ano deuatso from tbe eart&.ano ft>albe flat,mabe 
fep tbe Wafer compaffe,markeD toittjC. ana u)e &caf> 
foia from B, to A, Qjalf flanb beauec bp bnoer tbe fame 
A, a nintbpart of tbe tengtbtbercof , ano tbatttanblng 
fcpbrbinBtbefeatemarkeo'witban M. aboaeif,istbe 
snail of «b^ tjjall o? other glace, againtt i£t^ic^,o? tobere 
roJE^cene fballfoe mabe. ST|at which ffan&etb a little 
ct Sanl from tbe OTali ^erpenbilar tetf e, is mar keg P. 
final be f ^ebscfee ajSpbolot rag bebinD of tbe &cene, tl>at 
a man msp go b ettedne it,ane tbe otber teal!. HCbe ter* 
imnaf ion O. is tbe $0 jifon. SCije lines with pitches 
n? wining croffebpon tbt water compaffe from L. toO. 
fcbtjre it (cachet^ tbe baeke P. fljere pon (ball placetba 
feUfononelp toferoe faj tbefapbaacke. 0nBcom* 
Bjing.foittiarbfl to L, tbis lute (ball altoapes be tbe ^o« 
rifon,f«; ail tbe ©jtogjapte of tbe l^oufes tobicbfball 
SanefofuiarBaxjj outtaarofi : Bat i|e ^eenograpbtea 
0; !lic?fou«g flees of tbe IS^oafes, tbe? mnS baae their 
$ 3jifsti5 Sanding farther to O. ano it is reafon,tobicb 
»n dfectbanettoe li9es(astbcf muSbe built that men 
mag fee ant of tbetnon bolbSocs) (boalo happen f too 
*9o?tfon lines, this is touching tbe p joSfl of tbe Recite . 
ysnt tbe plate tobicb .is caUcB|3;oceHteisfbattobicbt« 
m.u tea with P '. ana tbs part markeo witb B. is calleb 
^jebeff ra,tel)ic& is capfco balfe a foot e from tbe earth, 
teijere pott f ® F. fmarfcea,. ate tb; s places fo? Noblemen 
anal&nigbt$toiU-ow. Stan f&e firllfeateojffep, mar* 
fees G. arefcjtbe $ablewotnenanB&aBpestoliton: 
o'.i&Kclitstepb'igber, there matt tt)e meaner fo?t of &ae 
blesiiit. SEljeb^oaoerplsce, market) H. taatoap, anb 
foi^tljeptacemarkeB E. ®jrtoameH.anoE. rauQfit 
tSmtiemcn ofqualttp. 3nofromL. bptoacW meaner 
<0cntb;mea fballSt, IButtbe s«at fpace, markco K. 
1T):»U be fc;'mmon ©fi'.ctrs ano otber people : tobicb 
placejiiapbegreatcrajleire, accojoing toiljelengtbof 
t|e ^all^ ojanv otber place. 0nbtbe Cbeatoj, win) 
tbe g?cenc 0; fecagolo, fobicbi mabe in Vincence, 
leas a'.nts^S in tbiafajt: anbfromtbeonecojner of tbe 
SCbCritcrto tbe otber , was cpgbt ano ttoentp tote j 
fa? 1 1 feas mr,oe in a place bibeve ) ^ab rotnne 
mca3b, feiitffce £>eene oj&cafffilo toas not fob;oab, 
becane it Siwsplactti in a lobge. %%% frame of tbe 
tcatrs vivas ail matte in one, aspama; feeintbfs^(> 
gate, ancbecanfe tbe SSbeaterttoob in an open place 
tobies' baa no waU,wbereunto it migbtke maoe fat, 
ttiiffajcmtbecuenmferencej b3«e moaeittttcking 
out, to; tbe moje Srengtb arta faUtie JTg tbereaf» 




,- ... _ CI. 

The fecond Books. The third Chapter, FoL z^, 

c^/ Treatife of Scenes* of places to play in. 

^oHg all the things $** map bee mafic bp mens banas , therebp i a pais admiration, pleafure to fight, ana f o tontmt 
t\)t fantafics of men ; 3 tbinfee it is placing of a &>ccn2, as it is ffjetoea la pour fight, teljere a man in a fmall place mat? 
f& built bp Carpenters o? spafons,f Rilfull in |9erfpectiue too?he,grcat palaces, large JEemples, ano oiuers ^onfes, 
i botb ncere anofarrebff ; b?oao places fillcotoitb ^oufcs,long ffterts croft toitb other wages : trpompbanf SLttfys, 
. tl)tgbpiUafso?Colnnmes,ptrami6ea,fl)belifcens,anD a tboufano fap;e things anD bntlotwss , aoo^neB tDttl; innn* 
merable ligbts,greaf ,miDDle fo?t, ano fmall , as pan may fee it plaeeo in tbe figure , which are fo cunninglp fet ont, that trjep fbeto 
fooatb anD rep?efent a number of tbe b?igbteff ft ones* as ©iamonas,ttubins, &ap&trs,£>maragBes,3aeintbes, anD fucb lifee. 2Ebere 
von map fa:theb?igbi fblning spcone afcenofng onlp Witt) her bo?ncs, ano alceaop tilcn bp,befojc the fpectaio?s arc toarc of,e? once 
fato it afceno. |n fome other Scenes pou mar fee tbenfing of tbe&unne toitb btscourfe about ttjc Uio?lo : ano at the enoing of 
the ComeDic, pou raaf fee it goe Datone moff artifieialtp » tab*" at manp bebelBers banc bene abafbt. 3nD toben occaff onjeraef \* , 
pou (ball by arte fee a <25oo DefccnDing Do tone from ^eaucn ? von alfo fee fome Comets <ma £>tats fbect in the f feres : then pon feeDi* 
tiers perfonages comebpph the S>t age, rittjlg aoomco Initio Diners Grange formes ano manners at i!pparell botb to Daunce fporifn 
coes ano plap flpuOcbe. Sometimes pon fa ff range beads, therein are men anD cbtlo?en, leaping, ratming, f Cnmbling, as tljafc 
fetnoof beaffsbfctoDoe,nottoit^DUtaDmiratiottoftbebebolaccs: tobicb things, as oceaQon feruefb,arefopleafanttomen0cpes, 
that a man conlD not f« fairer maDe toitb mens banoa. Jgu.t fo? (bat toe are entrt d into another manor of $erfpectiqe toojhe,tberfc' 
fo?e l will fpeafee mo?e at large thereof. 2Ehis ^erfpectiue too?fec toljerof f bail fpFafe'e,altbpugb tt bceontrarp to tbofernlcs tebtr^ 
arc fhetoeDbefoje.becaufe tbcfe afo?efapo are imagineD to bebponaflattoatUano tbiso!berrti!c bgcanfeitis materfall anD imbof# / 
f CD o? rap, fee outtoaro, tbercfojc if is reafen toeobferue another rule therein, accojoing to common caltome; iff rff , pen mnff ma&e 
a &caffofc, which nwfi bee aa bigba* a man* ess tciU reach, looking Df rectlp fs^ojarD ; fo j tlje firff part tbereof tobitb is marbeD C. 
HBat tbeotber partbebinfl it, to&ereon t^e ^oufesflanD, uou mnttrapfe 6p bc^itiD againtt tt)e toallat leaff a nintbpart thereof, tbst 
is poumuff DentDe tbe plapnc £>tage o? fecaffolD in nine pacts ; anbtljen ron jnpft mabe tbe^caffolD Sjigbcr bp a nintbpart bebino: t 
tbenbefojeatB.wbict) rauttbeberp. euen * ffreng,becanfeof tbe S|5ojifco.Dancers.s:in8 banging DotontuarD of tbe S»caflble,3 bane 
tmmD bp experience to be twp plcaOng,fo? in Vincccte tobicb is as fumptuons ana ricb a i^ofone as ang in all Italy; tbere 3 ma»e 
a SEbcater anD a ^>tage of SnmD, tben tbe tDbicb,3E tbinfee, tljcre teas ncuer a greater maae in our time, in regarD of tbe toonBerfull 
Ogbt« tbat tbere toere feene,as of OTagons,Clepbants ano otber ^"o?:fcoes. 2Cbere 3 ojoaineb, tbat befo?c tbe banging &eene tbere 
flKiBlDbea&caffolDmaDc bptoatercompaffe,tob<fb^eaffolsiua* n. foot bjoao, ano tfo. foot iong,acco?Ding to tbe place tofcerfw 
it ftooD- tobicb 3 fonnD to be berp pleating anD fit ft? fbeto. SCbis firff £>caffolo,bccaafe it tuas rigbt, t&erefo?e tlje panement t&erof ; 
muS not obep tbe ^o;ifon, but tbe ©uao?ants,ttibercof on euerp fioe tocre fonre Tquarc, from tebcuce at tbe beginning of tbe rifino; I 
fecaffolo B.alltbc!2iuaDjanstocntfotbcouttermo1I^o?ifon0.ti)l)fcbtoitbtbeir6ueDiflanecsi30^o?fcnberptoelL 3nDfo? tg&t 
(ome men bane placeD tbe ^o?tfon of fbis feciograpbies againtt tbe Wall rigbtabouetl;efe>caffolD , toljerebpitfeemetbtbe^oufes 
ronneall in on?; tbercfoje 3 DetermineD to place tbe ^o?ifon befo?e tbe Do>;e ,U)l;icb pleafea me fo toell, tbat 3 bfeD tbe fame feinD of 
o?cer in all tbcfe binD of too?fcs t anD fo 3 connfell tbofc tbat tabc pleafure tit fuct? arts , to bf e anD efteeme tt)is toap fc? tye beff ,as 3 
tmllfbeto in Hjis i^ignrefollotting,anD bane alfo occlareD in t^e p?ofill of t\)t 2Ebeatcr anD &ccne. 

flno becaufe tbcpjeparationfoaComeDfesare Done in tb?tt fo?ts,tl)at is, Comical,a:ragtcal anD§>afiricallj 3 foUlfirG entreat 

of tbe ComicalU tobereof tbe ^onfes mntt be waDe as if tbep toere fo? common 0? ojcinarie people, tobicb fo? tbe moll part muff be 

maDe bnocr roofes in a liall,tebicb at tbe eno tbeccofbatb a cbamber foj tbe pleafure 0? eafc of f perfonages : ano tbereit is that f t)e > 

sronnD of tbe ^caffalo is maDe (as 3 faiD ano fbetneo befo?e) in tbe p?ofil. 2Cberefo?e C. is tbe firff part being tbe flat &caffo!D; aha 

fnppofe tbat eacb €Juao?an contalnetb ti»o fast e on eptber fiae,fo ©al tbep bpon tljc banging fecaffalo befo?c on tbe SSafe be alfo tfeo 

ffflt b?08B, tobieb i* niarbeD B. anD (as 3 fapD befo?e) mp meaning is not to place tlje ipojifon hereof againff tljc bacbe bebinD in tb8 

fecaffoio, bnt as farre as it is from tbebeginning of the panement B. to the toall, fo farrc 3 tooulD alfo that men Ojalt paffe bebinDe 

tbjoHgbtbebaalUanD foftjallalltbebaufes ana otljcr things fboto better m the fljojtening: anD toben by conucnicnt Diffances poo 

haue D?abane all the ©naDjans f otoarDa the ^o?ifon,f fbo?teneD tbem, then pon mtsff ftjo?tcn tbe boufes right toitb the foure fquare 

ffones- fnbicb bonfes are the great lines marfeeD bpon the greunD,aftoellfe?tbore that ffano tjp?igbt, as tfeofe that fbo?ten, aufntb 

bonfes'3 alteapes maoe of (pars, o? rafter -y, lathe, concr cd toitb linnin cloth ; mailing Do>?es anD tpinDotnes, both bcfo?e anD in the 

fl^)jtcni«g,asoccafion fell out. 3 haneaUo maDe feme things of haifeplanbe of tooon, Which toere great belpeto the^apntcrs to 

fet ont things at life, ail the fpaces fro the bacfee to the toall marfecn A, (ball be fo? the perfonages, to the Which enD the hinsermoff 

bacbe in the wiiDlle fball ffanD attbe leaft ttoo foot from the toall, that the perfonages map goe from t be one Cde to the ctber,anD not 

be fane. 2Eb 8 ** P° a mBa rapfe a termination at the beginning of tbe panement B, tohicl) (ball be the pepnt L. anD from thence to tbs 

©ojifon tbere fbalbe a line oaatone, as it is matbe'D in tbepjofil With p?icfees, tobicb (ball be of lifec height; anD tobere that toncrjetb 

tbe hinDsrmoff bacbe of tlje g«ene o?&caffolo, there the ^o?ifon of rfat bacbe fball ffanD : ano that ^o?ifon (ball feme on:lp fo? t hat 

bacbe. IBntif pouffretcb a co?Deo?anp other thing to the termination L. then poumaBfaSenath?eaDtoit,toth?nffbacfetoarDo? 

fo?toarD, to bfe it ont of the ffeDfaff l^o?(fon , f all the €>?tographte of the bottfes befo?e. 25nt the ©ojifon Which goeth th;ongh the 

Wall, fball feme fo? all the fbo?tcning floes of the boufes: ano fo? that men fhonlD b?rafce the toall, if ther tooula bfe all this lg>o?tfon 

in grofje, tohicb ^ap R Dt bee Done, tbercfo?e 3 banc altoapes majic a fmall moDcll of tooD ano ^Japcr in'i of the fame bigncs, anc bp 

the fame moDell fet itDotoneingroffe,frompicccto piece. i5nt this toa? Will fall out barDfc? fome men to buoerffano,neuerthr# 

leffcit toill be neceffarpto too?feebp moDelsano erperimcnts,anD bp ffnoica man fljall SnD the toap, : anD fo? that a man can bar^lp 

finDeanp^allsboto great foener,ft»l)erein he can place a CheaEcctoithout imperfection anoimpeDiment; tbercfoje to follow amt* 

t}uiries,acco?aing to mp potoer ano abilitie, 3 hane maoc all fuel) parts of thefc Cheaters, a3 map ffanD in a Igall. S3berefo?c tfce 

part marbeD D. fball be the pott fccne,anD the ctrcular place marfeeD E. fijall bee the &>?cbcff ra : rouno abont this dDjchtttraflfjall be 

the places fo? the nobleff perfonages to fit, markcoF. snbefirffffepsmarfccaG.fQifhenoViCfitocmentafit bpon. fDhe'plaecH^ 

is a iuap,fo is the part marheD I. 3n the miaole bcttoeene tbcfe Degrees arc fteps the eafser to goe bp. £Chc places marfeco K- 

mufi bee maoe So great bacfetoatD as n)eW.ltoiUaffa?D, Which w mnDefometohat flooping, that tlje people map fee ortcsu-^e 

others bcaD. 

O/* Perfpedtiue 

Thcfecond Booke. 

The third Chapter. F<$I,2?; 

T^urntngtbeaifpofitonof Sweaters ana other &cene^ 
fpsafte of tbe «s>cene in iJJerfpeccins teo.jfee : ana foj tbat Scenes are maae of tbjafojte, tijat is, Comical, to plap Comcafessn* 
&ragicaU,fo?S£ageates,ana&atiricallfo;t §>atir«. Styis firff fball be Cornwall, tobereas tbcboufes mutt be flight fojCitt.* 
; ?ens,bntfpeciallp tycre mntt not toant a bjatotbell 03 bafertpbonMnO a great 3nne, ana a CburtB ; fucb tbinga are of ncct u~* 
tie to be tberem. ^ototorapfctbefebaafesfromtbegronna tafufflcicntlperpjeffeD, anobotopon (ball place u)e t^o:ifon s ncuer* 
tbeleffc, t^at pou map bctt»c better intlrucfea (toaebing tbe former of t&efe botrfes) 3 bane bere felaomne a JF tear e,f 0? fat if faction of 
tbofe tbat take pleafare tberciii 5 bat becanfetrjis figure tfi fo fmall, therein J coulo not obferoe all tbe meafures, but refer tbem ta 
tnucnti(m,tbattbereb? pou mapcbufe o? mabebGnfestobtcbfbr to toell, as an open Waller?, 0? roagetb^ngbtbetobubpoiirmtpfa 
an otbec fy>afe.i$;be batigfags ouer oj fbmttng ouUljoto tocll in fljojtening toojfte, ana fome Cozntceg cut ont at tbe enojs ; accoropa* 
ittea toitb fome outers tbat are pnin t cs,a: to teell intoojfee : fo ooe rfce bOHfeo fcbtcb bau? great bearing out, lifts loggings 0; Cbsm* 
bers fo? men, antt efpectallp abaac a'.l things, pou matt fet the fmaleft boufes befo?c,tbat pon map f& oujer boufes oucr 03 abeuc tbem, 
agponfatf bere abouetbebafoDpr/Oufe: fo? if pou place tbjgrealcttbefojejanoibecegbtbWDff ill kffai, tbrn tbe place of tbe&ecnc 
toonlonotbe fotoellfilUD,anoalti)ongbtbefe tbrngebpontbeottcfiaebemaaeallbpononc floje: jiieuertbcleffe,f<3Jtbat pea place 
great part of the lights in tbe rciiaale, banging oucr tbe fccene 0; feeaffala, tberefoje it teoula Qana better if tbe floejc m the tail it tocre 
taken atoap, ana all tbe rouaael* ana ©uaajans fobicb pou fee in tbe JSuilaings, f bep are artificial! iigbffl. catting tb;otigb,cf aiueca 
colo;osta>bttbtc inabe, 3 will fbcto tbe manner in ttjelaftof tbis SSrolte. SElje tornaouieg totjwb ttana before, taere gooa to be maoe 
of ©laffe 0; paper, toitb Ugbt bebina tbem. S5ut if 3 f&aula Gere tojft z all tbat 3 fenoto to feme f 0: t bis teajfec, it atonic bg oner long 
tow&carfej therefore 3 referee tbat tottjctoitaita Btfewtionsf t&ofe that erercife ana pjactifctbernfelueisbeergin. 

Of Perfpe&iue 

H Unites fojlDragcBies, maS bee mate fo; great perfenages,fojtbat actions of lone, ff range a&ttenfures,ano cruell murfbers, 
{as pou reafic m ancient ano moDernc SDragcBies) happen alUiapw in tt)e boufes of great 3Lo jDs,EDnBes,pjmces, anD Wings. 
Efcerefaje in fact) cafes pou muff make none bntaatelpboufes,asr;ou fee it ijere in this figure jMjerein (fo? tbat it is fo ftnal) 
3 cotilo make no gjincclp. Wallaces: but it is fofficlent foj tt>e toojfceman to fee tbs manner thereof, toljerebp^e map belpc bim* 
felfeasttme ano place rernctb: anD (as 3 fapDeintbeComicall) beemnfl aU8ar>esttaDgtopleafet&cepesoftbebebolBer8, ana 
tojgct not btmfelfc fo mucb as to fet a fmall builBing in fteao of a great, fo? tfee reafons afojefapD. 2nD fo? fljat 3 banc maDe all mp 
fctcne* of latbs,couereD toitt) linncn, pet femetime it is neceffarp to make fome things rifing ojtooffing cot; to^ic^ set to bee maDe 
ef twso&jtifce the benfes on the left fioe, tobereof t^c pillars, although tbep fljo3ten,ffanD all t»pan one 25afe,teitb hmt ffap?es,all eo* 
HereSDuertoitbtlo<i?5tbeCo?mcesbearingout,to|)icbfoumtJtt cbferaetotbe miBDte part : 25nt to giue place to tbe©alleries, 
fm tm& fet the other fl)o?tcntng Cloth fomelnbat baefetearos , ant) make a cojnice abone it, as pon fee : ana that tobicb 3 fpeaae of 
$>efeIEaitotngs,poumnff&nBCTffanDnf alltijcreU,bnt in the ffimlBtngs tobicb ttano far bacfetoarD the painting too?l$e, mutt fop* 
jpite the place bv fljaDotoestoiibout mv bearing ont : touching the artificf all lights, :<; bane fpokm tbeicof in the Comicall too?fes. Sill 
fba£ pen mate aboue tfje Woof e tticttf tig o at, as Cbimnepcs, Eoivcrs , JpiramiBcs^blifccs , ano other fneb litee tbings 02 images ; 
gou matt mabetbem all of thin bo?os, cut out rounD, ano toell colloureo : 15uf if pon make anp flat 185mlDings,tbep mntt ffanb fome? 
tobat farre intoarD, tbat pou map not fee f bem on tfee fines. 3Bn tbefe Scenes , altbongb feme bane paintco pcrfonages therein like 
fuppojtfrSjasmadJaUerp^jBooje, as aEDog-,Cat,ojenpotber bcafis: 3 am not of that opinion, fo? that ffanDetb tto longtoitbout 
Sirring 0: maouing ; but if pou make fuel) a tying to lie flccping, that '$ rjolo toitball. jpo-.i map alfo make 3ntagcs, l^ittojies, o? 
jfablesef garble, o? other matter sgaittttatoall j but to repjefent the Ufe, thought to ttirre. fn tbe latter eno of tbisSBOke 3 
tuill f&eSo ponboio to matte tfesm« 

The iecond Boofce. 

The third Chapter. Fol. z ft 


" F^e &Jtfiricatt §>csnes arcto repjefent §>atirs, foberefa pou maff place all tbofe things tbat bee rifle ano rnfh'call, as m ancient 
§M?irs tbep Were maoe platnetoitbautanprefpect,tohereb?men might feuocrffanD,tbatCucb things tocre rcferceo co iSa3i ; 

**■ call people, tobiebfet all things out ruD.lpana plainelp: fojtobtcbcaufe Vicruuius flatting of S*ccnes,faitb,tbepfl)oalabe 
maoe With Cr«s,Ua>tcs,l£erbB,lBilsan3 jf iottues, ana toisijfouic conntrep baufes,as pou fs ttjem berefet oatone. 3no foa 
(bit in ouc D ipBfl tbefc things Were maoe in Winter, ioben there teere but feme greene Ccss,t|erbs ano if io imes to be fount); then 
vou mutt make tbefe things of &tlijc,tobub UjiUbetnojecoinnicnbabletben tbcnaturalltbfftctst^infeln^s : ano as in other scenes 
foj Comebf es oj 2Dragebies» the boufes o j other antSciall things arc painteo, fo pon mull matte ffirses, ^earbs , ano otber things in 
tbefe $ f the mo?e facb things coQ, the ma?e tpeg are effeemeo, fo? tbep are things tobicb flatelp a»u great pcrfons ooe, tobub arc enc 
mtes to nigarolineffe. &i>is bane J fane in tome Irenes maoe bp Icronimo Genga, fo; the pleafure ano Delight of bis lo;o ano pa? 
(ran Francifco Maria ,2>ukc of Vrbin : toljcrem ) fato fo great ItbcraliUc fcfea bp z bs pjincc, ano fo gceo a conceit in >'be We?tteman, 
ano To gob art ano proportion in things therein repjefenteo,as ener 3 fain in all mp life befoje. £Db gooo Hojb, tobat magnificence 
teas tbere to be fane, fo; the great number of £rees ano ftnits, toftt) fanbJB ©erbes ano jFlobws, all maoe of fine kiltie of oiuers 
coilajs. fflJbe water conrfes being aoomeovottlj /frogs, ^laileSjCortufeSjCoaes, aooers, &na tics, ano ctberbcatts: ttoites of 
Cojrale, motoer of £earle, ano otaer Cljels la ;a a-io tbjnti tbjougb betWeene tbe Sams, With fo mant fewcrall ano faire tbings, that 
if i i!> aula Declare tbem all, j Iqauio net bane time tnougi). f fpeafee not of ^atirs , jiStmpbes , q&CDmaios, niucrs monffi crs, ant) 
otber ttrangr beattes, maoe fo cnnninglp, tgat tl)ep fames in Hero as if t&eg Went ano ttirreo, accojoing to tbeir manner. 8r\o u | 
Were not Co be bjki'c, § Wonio fpeane of tbe cottlp apparel of fame frbepbearDs maoe ofclottj of goto, ano of #>ilKe,cannmg!? 
mingle j teubsmbjotijerp: | Wauioaiiofpeafceof fome^fcermeii,tobfcbtoereno leu^ricblpapparetteD then the otbers, baumg 
^etsano3ngltng'roD0.all gilt: $ Ijauiofpealieof fotne Conntrep mapBs anD$UHpbe0careieflpapparclleotoftboutp?i9e,but < 
1 ane alt tbefe tbings to t^e one rciiun ano con juration of tbe tuoicious toojaemaU} tobicb foall maSe all (ucb tbings as.tbetr pattcons 
feme tbem ? tDbicb tbepmna ioo^fci; after tbeir own oeui(es 7 ano nensr take care tebat it ujall coOf, 

■■* + * * •* ,,* 

■*■ f. ■*• 

Oi 'Pcrfpeftiue 

Of i^ArtjiciaU lights of the Scenes, 

$?amu*tb in t!:e£rca£ifeof kmtes tofet Botonetlje manner fceto fo mafeetbsfe lights ffcining fbjougb, of siucrs 
eoltouvs, f Gift J toil! fprafee of a fare rollour tobub is like to a zapbir,anb pet fomete&ct fapjer. SCake a piece cf 
feaiamoniaefce, a«C put it info a Barticre 5Safen, oj fuel; Uttc tiling, sn5 put toater into it : then bmfe anD cruOj the 
g>al ameniacue foftlp therein, t til it be all molten, alioapcs putting raoje Usater bnto it, as pou ocflrc to bane it light 
oj fas collouf; tobicb' coat , tf pen iui.ll bane it fap?canB clearc, then ffraine it tbjougb a fine cloth into an other bef* 
fell,anBtbcnUtotUbca dcarc€ek2iallb!rto,teb£reof pou map make Diners kifflws of bleto toitb toater. Will 
tlu stake an ©mrraulD collour, then put forne ©affrsn kg pou toill bane it pale o? high colleureD: fo; beerc it is not neteflarp fo p?e» 
fcribc pou an? tecigbt oj mcafare, foittit experience, ted! teach poo bote to ooe it. gf pou toill make a IKnbbic colloar, if pou bee in 
a place teijere pou map banc reo WLint,'tbmyba neca not isle an? ot'qer thing; but to tnake it pall teitb toater, as nees require^: bnt 
if pots cangetnoteine,tbtnraBe*3?a5lll beaten to i pouJ5ei:,f?putitinEoa!l»cttcllofteatertoitbaUum,lctitfffitbe,anDffeuinit tocllj 
tbmftravnc it, ana bfetf toitb toater anoikrinegcr. If yDuteillEoutiferfcitai5ailapcs,pou muft make it of reBanDtobiteMSine 
roingleD tpgetbet ; but tobite 3R5inc alone toil! fisotoe like a 3Copas oi a Crifolite : 2Cbe Consult o? common toater being ftrapneo, 
fcjill be like a SDiamotiB, anD Co Doe ft is toell, pou muff- bpon a glaffie groan® frame ccrtainc points o? tablets, ana fill tbem toittj tea; 
ter. 2El)e manner ic fct itjcfc ftjuung collours irtt'&eir plates, is tbu£,S5cbino the patntcD boufe tobercin tbefe pain! eo collonrs ffjall 
fcauB,pou mvU fct a thin bsartucut cut w the' lama manner that tijefe lights fijall be plactO,tebrtbcr it be lotmD o? fqaarc, cojnerb oj, like an $2P s ana bebinD tbe fame bcajD there fball be another ffecnger boarB lapD flat bebinD tbem,foj the botfels anD ol^er 
manner of gla&Vo toitb f befe teasers to Slants f nynnft be placco againft tbe boles, as it fljali nccr ffartlp fall out,but f bep muft be fct faff, 
left tyep fall toitb leaping anD Dancing of the sgosifcot a. Sinn bebtiio the glatTes pou muft fe t great itampes , tbat tbe ligbt ma? alfo 
bcficDfaflf : anb tft^c botfds 0? otljet btffcls of glaffe on the fioe tebere fije light ftancs toerc flat,c; ratljer tjolloto, it toouSD ftjoto tlje 
clearcr s sni5 £1)6 collours 010ft erccllf nt auD fapje • the l;be muft be Done toitb the betes en tbe ftjojtcning lice : JSBut if pou neeD great 
ligljt to fboto mojc tben tbe reft, then Ctf a tojtb bebinD, anD bebinD tbe tojcb a bjigfct S5afon ; tbe b^igbtncB tobercof toill f&eto UKc tbe 
beames of tb c ^unne. ^ou map alfo make glafl* of oil coliours ane fejmes-, feme foure fquare,fometeifbcrou"efl,f anp otljcr tojme 
fajitij ttjeir l»st)t beljini? ttjem. ^ctoalltbc lights fecaingfo?tbc colleurs,flmlnctbef! fame tobicb muft light tbeS)ccnc,fon'ou mull 
Dane a greet mtmbtt of tojrbss befoje tbe fecenc. ^ou map alfo place ccrtainc canDleftickcs absue the £>cenc toitb great canWcs 
therein, ana abnuc ttje caiteleff iebs pou map place fome beffels toitb toater, tebcrctn yo\x map put a piece of Campbir>tobicb burning, 
bill mote abcrpgooD light, anD fmcllteell- Sometime ii map chance that pou muftmahe fome thing oj other tobicf) ttjoulo tkmt to 
bu'rne,tobKb ton muft tot f tbjcugh'ip toitb excellent gcoD aquauite $ ano f citing it on are toitb a canaie it toill burnc all oucr : an» ak 
thcHfih 3 comId fpcake mojeoftheic ftres,pet this fljaifiuTiee fo? tbif time } f 3 totllfpeabe of fome things that arcpleafing fo the bchal* 
Ders.srrjc tebile that the &ccnc is emj-tie of pcrfonages, then ttje toojhwan muft baue certaiue figures oj foimts reabp. of fach great 
tits as f M pi ace tobcr e tbc v muft Sano, toiSl affojD Item to be, tofeitb muft be mase of paffc baarD, cnt out rounb anD papiteD $ agnin> 
ing foch things as pou toill, tehici; figures muft leane againtt a rn'c 03 lath of toooa, crofle ouer the fecene tohere anp gate^mje, oj 
tear is mate, snD there fonic one o? other bebina she cmje ma2 make the figures paffe along, fometinu in fojme of Jpufitions toitb 
iuftt umintcatiD fome like fingers;^ ana bebinD the Skene fois?e muft plap 011,'opon certaine inftmments anD fing alfo: fomrtime pou 
muft mate a number of footc men anD Ijsjfemcn going abont toitlj Ccumpets, fjJbifes anD 2D;nmmcs , at tobitb time pou muft plas 
itiitb 2>jumbc0, SDrumpef s eno ]3bifcs, «c< be rv foftlp behirtD, tohid) toill keepe the peoples epes occupieb, anb content them toell. 
3f it beccquifitctomakca|Diamt oj anp otljcr ttjfng to paffe alcng in tbefl^e, it muff bee frames anD cut oat of paffcboarBj 
tbjnintbebinocrmoCan^bacfeepaitcf tije houfescf the Scene, there muft be a piece cflBiiebjatencaboue infberfljfeoftbeborjfe 
auo ninse faft toitb certain rings bchtnD to the pr.ftoboarD paintsD toitb a planet 02 anp other thfng that fkalbe bjatone foftlp bpa man 
ii>itb a blstl:e th?«o fro*" on* e " 6 t0 1 & Dl h^ but it muft be farrefrem mer»s Oaht> that neither of tbetbaisDs map bcefcene. S»ome«« 
tim'epoafballhaueoceauontoflietothunDer anD ligbining astheplap requireth; tbcnHOuimift makcthunDerinthi^maniicruomi' 
mcnlp all kttwi arc maDe al the «no of a great ^all,u hercas bfuallp there is a Chamber abouc it, tohcreln pon muftroule a grtaf 
SBnllet of a Cannon oj of fome ether gnat ®;oinante,ariD tbsn counterfeit Shm?eer. aigrj^ning muft be maDe in this m«ner,tbere 
muft be a man placet bebms the fecene 0? fecaffolD in a high place toitb a bore tn bis banD, the couer tohcreof muff be fall toitb boles, 
snDiittbe miDDle of that place there thall be a burning canDle piacco, the hope muff be fillco toitb potoBer of bcrnis 07 fulphirc, anbta* 
fting his bans toitb the bore bptearDs ihepotoDer flping in the canslr, toill fheto as if it toerc lightning. But touching thebcame* 
of tbc lioh f mRg, pou muft Djatoapirceof tepje ouer the &cene,tel}icb muft hang DotonetoarDs,tobcr£cn pou muftputafquib com> 
rcb oucr teithPW"gslDoj fhimnot laUin tehichvoti toill: anD tohile ttjeitTuliet is routing, poumnftfhoote of fome piece of ®p 
tinanccanD teith'the fame giuf ng fire to tbt friuibs, it unll toojkc tbe effect tolncb is Dcfireo. ?t tooulD be ooerlong if g ttjonlo fpeahc 
of all things tobith ar£ t0 be brcD iwt & cte ^ aitt ^ tfjerefoje 3 toilllcaue fpeabingof ^erfpectiue tbing0. 


^ci-e cnbctb the feconb 515ccke of architect ure, entreating of perfpecfinc 0rfe ; t ranflafrti onf of 
Italian in:o SDutclj, anD out cfSDiUcbintoCngutt), at the charges of Robert Ptakc, 
fo^ the benefit of the Cngl iff) Nation; anD are to be folD at hishourcnarc 
^olbojrseCouDmt, bnbetthe ps>anncEancrnc. \6 ji. 

The third Booke, 

Intreating of all kind of excellent Antiquities, of buildings of 

HoufcSjTempleifMrxpbithedterSjPataeetyTbermet, Obelifces^ Bridges, 

Arches triumphant, &c. fee downe in Figures, with their grounds 

andmeafttrei : astlfa the placet where tbey'jkitr.dy&idwbemadiibem. 


tTi r~S 


^E j^/S&tJjissi+ii 


To the Reader. 

llthough diiters Authors Wr'ttemanyfirange things touching i^trchitefiure, as the Egyptians, ihi 
^ people of i^dfia andcrecta.mth divers ether nations, and bane left them for our ex ample , (o that rea- 
■A ding tktmjxe may fujjuitntljfatisfe our tares, and fill them with thegreatneffe thereof jkat isjouch- 
^ ingthe length, bredtb and depth^tkat certain* places b&ne containcd-jct we can not fatssft tour eyes^ 
nor the dtftre vet haste tofeefueh incredible works, vnlcfie it had beene our bap to ham the contcmpla- 
* tion thereof > for that the rehauts of 'fitch works are almofl>or for the mofl part vtterly defaced • orvn. 
leffe we might hauefeene them drawne in proportion vnto our eyes, as in this Beoke we may not onely read,what the Ro- 
manes at the la(l y after other nations had built , but alfo the fame Authors baue fit downe vntovs in Figure {at you 
may fee them here) piece by piece, not only how many rolsfUs feet & palmes, but alfo the minutes thereof, and what com- 
fas they contained , all perfettly defcribed. i^ind although it was no part of my intent,totranflate this Booke of <^dn~ 
tiquities of Rome into our mother tongue, regarding the barrenneffe of our language; orperaduenturefuchasflitdit or 
fauour the fame ,are all too few to defray my charges therein: yet I baue net refrained to doe it , being thereunto cem- 
pelledby the great works oftheforification of the City ofxylndwtrp, aid other great places; and for tbss caufefpeciaBy, 
that every man that wondretk at thegreatnet thereof, which was made with me f great cojl ejr charges t may hereby fee and 
confidcr, yea how much greater^ needles charges (to be compared vnto this) the Romanes (nft (peaking of other nation) 
baue in time paft beftowed, in making of obelifces, Vframidesjlhtrmes, Theaters % Ampbitheatert,tryurriphant Archet, 
and many more fuck Uke things, which famed ontyforpleafure & tryumph : whereby it is to beprefitmed,that they would 
ham made the fortifications of fuck Cities or Townes, made for thefafety oftkeLand,far better then they now are.Now 
it it to be noted, that all t wbatfoeuer the Romanes bauemad^ doth net wholly agree with Vitruuius rules , fo that many 
whieh baue counterfeited thefe, andfachltkepeecesofworke, baue thereby beene abufed and decerned : for feme 
would hardly bekeue, that in tbofe dayes (as well as at this time) all maner of workemen wire one better then ano- 
ther \ which ma ny ,vnawares and vxfkilfuQy do many t kings .which good Antiquities would willingly notfuffer,bereof 
they \hall ftndgoodinjiruilions in this Booke (and they maylearne, if they wiflreadit) how to difcerne good from \-bad\ 
whereunto the former printedfourtb Booke isfpecially made : for in it the whole quantity of the meafures is tentay- 
ned, asm theEftflleoftbe faydBooieitis premifed. So in this third Booke , you fhaU net onely find, ftrfithe 
lchnorrapbia,andthen after the Orthograpbyes, with part of the Sciographies of the mofl famous Antiquity es of Rome, 
Italy, and feme of other places, hut alfo of the mofl excellent buyldings in our dayes, fpecially tbofe that -are made by 
Braraant. So that the Reader being well infl>utledin the aforefaydfourth Boekejwhere all the Orders are wetlfetfoorth 
and declared, be may ofbimfelfeiudge what is well or ill made } that at cue timed man may t without any further labour, 
make agetd and incorrigible peece ofworke t 


The tliird Booke of Antiquities 

The fourth Qbapter, 

M ong all the ancient building to bee feene in Rome, I am of opinion, that the 
Pantheon (for one piece of worke alone) isthefayrcfi, whokft, andbeft to 
be vnder flood; and is fo much the more wonderfull then the reft , becaufe it 
hath fo many members, which are all focorrefpondent one to the other, that 
whofoeuer beholdeth it,taketh,great pleafurc therein,which proceedeth from 
this, that the excellent workeman, which inuented it , chofe the pcrfiteft 
forme, that is, the round forme, whereby it is vfually called, Our Lady of the 
Round : for within, it is as high as it is broad. And it may be, that the fay d 
workeman, confidering, thatarlthingsproceeding orderly, haueaprinripall 
and onely head, whereon the nether parts depend, was of opinion, that this 
pieceot worke fhouM haue onely but one light, and that, in the higheft part thereof, thatitmight fpread 
abroad in all places alike,as in erfecl you fee it doth: for belides other things which haue their perfed light, 
there axe fixe Chappels, which ( for that they {land within the thickncfle of the wall) fhould be darke, yet 
they haue their due light, by the meanesof fomedrawingwindowes, aboue in the top of the fayd Chap- 
pels, which giue them kcond light, taken from the vppermoft hole, fo that there is notany fmall thing 
in them , but it receiueth a part of the light , (and this is not made without great Judgement ■ ) for this 
Temple, inold time, beingdedicated to all the gods, by which mcanes there flood many Images in it, 
(which the diuers Tabernacles, Seates, and fmall windowesfhewj itwasneceffary that eueryonehadhis 
due light. Wherefore fuchastakepkafuretomakelrrsges, ard other imbeffed or grauen worke, rnufl 
confider, that fuch a Cabinet fhould haue his light from aboue, that euery one, (landing in his place, neede 
not looke for light to fee, but that they may bee feene altogether at one time. Eut to cemeromy firfl 
fpeach ; For that the Pantheon feemeth vnto roc to be t he perfedefi pecce of worke that eucr I fa w,there« 
fore I thought it good to fet it firft in the beginning of this Booke, andfcraprincipallheadof all other 
peeces of worke. The founder of this Ten-p!e (as P//»/« writeth in more then one place) was CWarcus 
c^«/»/»4,toaccomplifh ^ugujiusCafarsXz^. will,w ho being intercepted by death- could not firsifb it : andl 
fb it was built about foureteene yeeres after the byrthof our Lord, whichis about 5203. yeeres fromthe 
beginning of the world, 

In this Temple ( as Pliny writeth) the Capitals were of Copper; and hee writeth alfo, that Diogenes, the 
Image-maker of Athens, made the excellent Cara&et s in the Pillars, and that the Images placed aboue the 
Frontefpicium were much commended, although by the highneffe of the place they could not be fo well 
Eraperoar Traian t which was about 113. yeeres afterthebyrth of Chriff, and in the 5311* yeere of the 
creation of the wotld : and Lucius Septimus Seucrus, and CMircu* Aurelius Antonius, repayredit agayne, 
With all the Ornaments thereto belonging, as it appeareth in the Archinaue of the fayd frame ; which Or- 
naments, you muftprefume, were all new made s otherwife the Caraders of Diogenes would frill baus 
bene feene there. But in truth, the workman that made it,was very iudicions and conftant; for that he pro. 
portioned the members thereof very iudicioufly to the body, and would not fupprefTethcworkewith 
many cuttings: but as I willfhew, when timeferueth, how to place and deuide them excellent well. 
Alfo, in all the worke, hee hath obferued the worke of Corinth, and would mixc no other wi'hits and 
withall, the meafuresofall the members are as well obfetued as euer I faw or meafurcd in any other peece 
of worke, whereby wc may call this Temple an example of workemanfhip. Butleauing this matter (for 
that it giueth the workeman little, orno inftruclion to the purport Iwillproceede to the particular mea- 
sures: andthat I may goe forward orderly in the fe Antiquities 1, the fiift Figure fha'I be the Ichnography. 
Thefecond» the Orthography, Thethird, the Sciogr3phy. 

A 2 . Tin's 


Of Antiqufiie 

This Figure following is the Ichnography, that is, the ground of the Temple aforefayd, which is meafu- 
red fay the ancient, or old Romifti Palmes placed along by the fide hereof. And firir, fpcaking of the Por- 
tall, whereof the Columnes are 6. Palmes & 29. minutes thicke. The Intcrcolumnes (which arerhefpa- 
ces from one Columne to another) arc 8. Palmes and 9. minutes : the breadth of the Portall is 40. Palmes: 
the breadth of the flat Pillars of the Portall, is like the Diameter of the Columnes : the breadth of the Seates 
betweene the Pillars,is 10. Palmes: and the Pilafters on the fides are 2. Palmes: the widcheffe of the Gates 
is 2tf . Palmes and a halfe >• the widenefleof the whole Templefthat is.of the Floore within, from one wall 
to another) is iP4« Palmes: and iuftfo much is the height from the Floore to the vndermoft ftone of the 
window abouc. The fayd round hole is 30", Palmes and a halfe broad : each of the fixe Chappels 
that are made within the thickneffe of the wall, are25.Palmes , and 30. minutes j and goe halfe as deepe 
intothewallasthethickneffcof the fourefquare Pillars on each fide. Butthe principall Chappell is thir- 
tie Palmes broadband alfo is an halfe Circle, befides the Pillars aforefayd. The thicknefle of the Columnes 
of all the Chappels, is 5. Palmes, 3 . minutes lefle : the fourefquare corner Pillars alfo of the fayd Chappels, 
contay ning as much. The Columnes of the Tabernacle betweene the Chappels are two Palmes thicke .• the 
thicknefle of the wail that goeth round about the whole body of the Temple, is 3 1 . Palmes. And although 
that the Chappels make the walles hollow, yet betweene them there are hollow places made within the 
walles, which fomc fay, were left for places to receiue wind,becaufc of earthquakes. But lam of opinion, 
that they were left fo vnfilled,to fpare ftuffe.becaufe they are made circlewife, and are ftrong inough. The 
going vpjWhich you fee here on the left fide,was alfo on the right fide, to go vp the Portall : men alfo went 
from thence round about the Tcmple,ouer the ChappeIs,through a fecret way,which is yet there.* through 
the which alfo , they went without on thefteps, to clime vp into the higheft parts of the buildings, with 
many goings vp which are round about it. It is thought, that this foundation was all one mafle otlumpe, 
and without, many places hollow, fothatfome neighbours marking it, and feeking to build, haue found 
fucha foundation when they digged. 

This is the old Romilh Palme, which is deuided into twelue fingers, and each finger 
is deuided into foure parts, which are called Minutes, by the which 
mealure this prcfent Figure, with all the parts following, 
was meafured. 

rtm * 



The third Boo!;e. The fourth Chapter, Fol. % 

The ercui'd of the Tamhcon called Rctonde. 

Of Antiquitie 
The forme of the Pantheon without. 

T$ & .figure bereunber, die toeib tfee to&ole f a jnie of tbe $ an tbeon rtg!jt befo jc, anb aUbongb at ibis timt men go 
b o tone into it b p ccr tainc fteps ; prt as it toas mafce at tbe fir Q it tons fenen ft t ps abone t be gronno. 3|t is no toon* 
Dec that fucb ants fo olo a piece of to o jijc is vet if bole ana fianctng Gill, fo; tbat tt»e founDation teas not fparinglp 
oiae ej fa; it is ttjoagbt that it teas once as bjoab again c bnber as tt is aboue,as it b a o fees ne fotrab b p tbe neighbour 
toojfecsricH : butlctbs pjoceeoto tbeparticular mcafarc thereof from tbe eartbbptearos. % iavo bcfojM&attbeSDia* 
ter of the Colomcns of tbe jaejtal ts (ire galmcs $ nine ano ttoeistp minnces,but the beigbt is fence ano fiftie palmes 
ano nine ano ttoentie minutes, ioitbortt tbe iiBafesano Capitals: tbe 25afes are tbjee Palmes and ninctane minutes 
bigb,nno tbe Capitals feucn galmcs and fcuen anotbutie minutes bigb$ tbe beigbt of tbe arcbitrane is flue ^almes, 
tbe if rafe is fine primes anb tbtrtene minutes bigb ; tbe Co;n xt w fonre p aim cs anb nine minutes bigb,aboue from 
tbe top o? Ssdna of tbe Cojniee, to tbe popnt of tbe €>euell, are fonre ano f birtie Palmes, ano nine anb tblr tie minutes. 
SCbe Cimpanum,tbat is, tbe flat part of tbe <3i\st\\,is tbou^bt to bane bene abojnefc toitb ftlner images, alfbongbt if 
f s not fet ootonc in touting; but confibering tbe great potoet of f ntl< Cgmpcroj*, 3 am perftoaDco that it teas To, fo; if tbe 
€3oatbes, OTanoals, 02 other nations (tabic!? fpoplroRoir.emojBtbcnonce) baobecne oefironscjcoueteasof Copper, 
thep might bans taken it from tbe arcfjttraucs anb other Ornaments in pejf ale in great abunbance: but let it be as it 
firill, tljere ate if igurcs anb tokens tone, tobich feeto that there tocrc jfignres anb tefons of ^ettall ftanetng thereon- 

1 * t, 1 

The third Booke. / The fourth Chapter. Fol ,$„ 

The inner part of the Temple or Pantheon. 

T^is .figure follofowg fi;ewcfbthe*3nntheau wifbm, wbuljfojrae (wl fata) is tafecnfrom&phera, becaufciite 
fo toioe from one Wall tinto the other,? o it is Ijigtj from foe fBaucment to the open place upon t|>e top thereof; to^ic|p 
fiDioeneffc ano he igfet are both a bnnDjre ninettc ano feu re pal mes bptoaros, from tlje pauemen? to the tjigtjett ? 
ano from the Cornice to tlje tnghctt part of tt>e rmfe is alfo uje fame meafure, that to, each tbebalfe of encbuntaeB 
ninetie ano foun palme s. Che ©uafjanto in tbc rofe are alt lifer that in tbe nubble ; an& it is thought that tbn> mere 
alfo beantiSeo aucr toi tb Silucr plate bt> err tame remnants thereof vet remapmng to be feene : fo; if tbcp bao beene of 
Copper, tbep Woulo pet be feene there, m elfe t lief c ouer the po p als tooule alfo baac becne tafeen atoap. 

net no man wanner that in thefc tirnp ( requiring perfpeetiue arte) that there is no pausment 02 other Siojtenfng; 
fane, but 3 matte it one Jr oat of tbc grouno to fneto the meafure of the height thereof , that pou might not miffe it bf 
ffiojtcnm 1 : 55ut in the SBoofee of perfpec tiuc arte tbefe things are fyeroeo in their right fljojtening manner (ano that 
in oiaers toapes) tba t is ts fap, in fe>ajjctficit s , an» maniboaies, ano outers fc:tsof b0nfcs,feruihgtt)ercunto:3will 
not now fctbofone the meafure of Cojnltes BownetoarbMoj hereafter iWtllfbew the figures piece bp piece., ane 
thereof fet oetone a fcuerall meafure* 

SCfee Chappellin tfjc mu)5lc, although &ere ft fljowefb well with the other foojfee, pet man? men are of opinion thai 
it is not ancient, becaufe the arch thereof tean^tb the flue pillars, Which is a thing nencr tofeo b>> goob antiquities jbut 
it is thought that it tons mace greater is the Cbjiffiatu time, ft the Ct»iftians Srntples alwaves Ijaue one principal! 
altar tohjeb i* greater then the reft* 

Oi i^ntiquitie 

T^is 3D?nsment is yet 
ttanemg abone thrpo;.< 
tall of the pantbeon, tobtcb 
is mate in tbts manner , all 
of Copper plates, fbct-alfc 
Circle is net tberejbut there 
teas a crofecb Superficies 
finer? mace of Copper : ant) 
nianv men arc cf opinion 
trjattrjc beautifying trjerctf 
teas of £>ilujr , foj tbe rea> 
fcnsafcjefaiDj but lirijcrof it 
teas, it is not fvell fcnctenc; 
but it is true, it was excel* 
lent fairc tuojfce , confi&e* 
ring trjat totjub. is set to bee 

li?fe figure rjeretwBer tet uefone, ffto1»efb tbe manner of the prajtallfeiibinjibeb^icbboffjontbcfiDesantibe* 
foje is tuell fet oat tint!) sparble, aim alfo Untbout, alt! ; ougb bp continuance of time iff nncb befacee. SOje fonre 
pillars are canelco tetttj fuel) a number ofC3ne!s,aspcufceitberebnt)er fet coumcj snabccanfetlrtgronnD 
Colnmne is thinner abone Vy. n tncSDJameter, inhere tt>c eege oj bojoerjof tbe 3rcbitrabe is as tbicfee as tbe Co* 
lumne: Sfamantoculomabe tbe 3rcbttcabe cqualt ttritb tbe ft nrceojnere pillars, tobitb leffennot abouctljenttje 
cogctooalDbaucbaDuoperpcaDuu'ar, fa; it tu^ulD ba?te toantcoas mucbasthe leffenf'ig of tbe rounbColumnes. 
2Cbus tbe fUilfuUtoajfceJKaij fjalb. fo mac1)rig5)tabouctbetbefonrcpiUars, becaufe fucb tbfag* 
Cjojo tocll. SEoucbtnof tbe Drones, tbeg are tteentppalines, ana ttoo minutJS Untie t anD fojtie JMrass an* foa« mi* 
uutciB Ijigb. gDr' t&e atyer ft uixall meafurcs 3 &)iil thereafter fpcahe at large. 

The third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter.FoI.^ 




fianBEtS) fafi to 
tb6 flat pilars, 
in tbe fecano oj' 
Der , tu&icb fa) 
that the* ffatra 
farre from mens 
flgbt , baae one 
flttragclns fo> 
two, not to fr,op 
ten ttje tto:hv. 

TI£e pjopojtion of fI>t«H>ao3c 
isalreaopfet ooton touting 
b2ect^ ano l^etg^f, but ibe 
|Jilaiffer* thereof is the cpgbt 
part of tfcebjeotbof fbetefoeneffe 
of tbe lisbt t *»«> altbongb Vitrn- 
uilii maketb ppilaiftet of £Do?ica 
ano jjjonica abont the fire part, pet 
tfeis is not onf&melp , becanfe it is 
Cojintbt 5 foj tbe Cejintbian Co* 
lumnes ate mm figbtlp tben o* 
tfeers, pet ft femetb to be fo mucb 
thicker tben the floes are of a gooo 
e&penefle, fo that a mans &gbt be* 
hol&ing tbem all at one ttme,tt fee* 
metb not to be fo f mall as in effect 
tt is ; tbe yilattters on tbe Goes 
ano tbe ^aperficies 02 9rcbftrane 
fepeii tbem is fain to be all of one 
pfece,ano ] fo; mp part baae teae 
no oiuifion o) patting therein-, tbe 
particular meafures Cane bete on 
(be fides. 



fTbcCojnue.iFfafe, ano arrfev 
traue flanDsabeaetbelDB}eoft$e 
pawbroti, touching the meafare 
thereof , t§e 9rtt)itrane 0; feuper^ 
ftctcts the eight part of the light $ 
tbe jTreefe, brcaufe it is t>ncut,is a 
ti)iro part leffe then tbe &aperfi> 
ties, tbe Cornice ie as high as the 
£>upert?eie ; tbe otber members 
are pjopojttonco accoutring (0 tbe 
greacneffc, tobercbp a man map 
fm&etbe rettfcuththeCcmpsfte., 

Of Antiquitie 

T® Gjefo all the parts of thtsmofirrtcKcnt ano beantif nil pi«ce of ino^fte it i* tonaenunt fotameif oncaerpGer, 
ano therefore baaing flic toco tbeoutGcc thereof maiefftcaUp as it fiantrtb, toitb all the tinngs to&uh pen r* be* 
foje: noiu tutll 3 Oicto tt>c looge, ifte po?tall ana tbe cntring into the temple, fioeUmpMas it Qanoetfe. Stench-* 
ingtbemeafare,ibetbicHnefie,an6tbe bctgbtof iheCctamncs anetbe pillars, it is befajcretDctoncanDtbere* 
foje naoeleffe to be rebearfeb , it fafftcetb encly to fee the bifpaGtion of the things fantbin, tohub^uboagt) ibegbe una!, 
tbcr'areDjatoneanSpjopojtisneefn their meafure aa«6ingtotbegrtatnrffe. 33be fmall pillars' at tbe going intone 
temple are fonre fqnare, in manner of pillai&cr*, tbe meafare thereof 3 bill hereafter fet cotone , foj the? are alfo at 
tbe Cojners of the Cbappels toiUjin rotmo abont the temple, anbasmuefcas the fpaeeof thefetbjee inter Colatnnea 
holes, to faro reacbrtb V.)t Copper raifc, tohereof | fpabe before. 


&bc rnfrtag 
into the inner 
part of the 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter* Fol.^ 

Wiill not take bpon me ta te?ite ofiuccp feaerall tutting 02 boliotoing of ttjc Colurmtes hereof tberc are raanp in 
n)e pan tbenu, tut onelp of the Columneo before tbe great Cbappell, beratife tbep are &cry fapjr ana rtcettf nt toojhe, 
3 toill fljcto fometbing, to tbe tebicb cnD tbe jFigurcs marhco toitb A. and B. (hcto (be outtoarfi tecjfcr of tbe grauing 
of tbe Colnmnee of tbe great CbappeU, that tbe fiatana in tbebpjigbtncffe ana Sensing fep: tombing tbe fojme 
anD tbe faUjion it is fumcientlp fbetoeD inttjefc tteo /igurcs ; ant tiros Mali % (bete pou tbe meafure sibercof. W$s <Z& 
naelo arefoureanBttoenfp in number,eucrp Canall being nine minute* ena a balfe bjcaD , tbe SEhcjns toitb tbe tfoa 
©aae?at» o; lifts arc bait together fonre minutes anD a ^alfc,fo? tbe SEtycgns is ttjjee minutes, anD tben tbcre relief b « 
minute anD a balfe, tobirb&euiaeD into tteo parts, tuerpQa^.-tte on ej?tber fia*ts fb;ce quarters of a minute. Hljis 
bollotoingpleafctb the bebolfiers patting teell,anOfecb too 

ofatiftste, asitisujetoeaintbefcmtbliBooSe. SOjeSSsfe marfcea toitb C. is tbe ffiafeof tbe favDColtimncsof tye 
great C&appell in tbe pantbeon,tofeereof tbe betgbt isttoo Palmes nnbclfuen minutes ansa fcalfc, tebicb is in fbifl 
manner BiuiDeo, asbc pin thus fenber is ninciecne minutes Mgb, tbe tmcermoS a feojas is feurnt erne mtnutes,ana tbe 
£Quaa?ate aboae it ist&jee minutes ana a balfe: She SrftS?ty;te oi&ratbile is eig^tmmnte* mio a tbirs part, ttjc 
&uat>}atsbnber tbe attragal is balfe a minnte,fu is tb ' etber abcu? tbe aflragal! fbe tteo aUragals are 8re m.nates ana 
a balfe, anb fo each Sttragaii is ttyat minutes ano a quarter. SCbc fcconD &eptie ej .Ttocbiie atfoue tbe a»ragals is ftce 
mtnatts, tbs fenpercilie (fo names bp Vieruuius) oj tbe ©a -6 :ate bnber tbe fecona £Zi> ojus -.a bite minute : H bat Oq> 
ras is fenen minutes am) tteo tbtro parts bigb, tbe Cincte, fbat is tbe bana of tbe Colamne a': ■ ane Ut £l5c?us,altb(togb 
tbe 313afc be not one, is thjs minutes j tbe poiectare of ibis 3tit is f b?& ana tteentp minutes pjspojtionco in manner 

Of Antiquitie 

T^is figure following rep jefentctb a part of t&c ^antljcou tait^m,<^att0, from the ^auement till pou come tip 
fo t^ fcconoCojEiicCjIrtju^bcarrtl) %p ibc 2Cribonc 03 tbcrounDroofeianbalfoabouetbe Cornice foa fee the 
bcginmngof the fonre fquarebollotoing of tbefaibCritawe: Cbis .fipre alfo in the nether partfhetoetb t^e 
bribeneffcaf one of tbefireCbapptls,tebcrcoftfcioarefnfo3meof thebalfe Circles, ano the other fonre in fojme 
Dfa©«aD??.ngle; i'ctinfboU)tbcv(smcalltobeofonefo2tnc:eacboftbereCbappcl9baaettooroanl>Colnmne{!,anB 
tbc cowers bane tbeir fcnre fquare pillars, as ?oa ma? fa in t be ground of the pan tbeen afojef aio, ano in this figure 
follotoing. Sno although it be not fct in pet fpet t iue manner, tebercbp a man might fee tobctber it tocre a rcunoe 0? 
fonre Mare Cbappell, that is nmitttcD becanfe of the meafnre tber eof ; nottuifbflansmg this is maoc fa; a fonre fquare, 
tobicbpDnmapfeeb$>tbefo2meof tbeblinbtoinbotees Which aretoithin the Cbappell, fojtheotberftoulbrunncmoje 
about. SDbetbicfeencffeof tijcfcCoIomnesiuSuc^Uincs ibja minutcslcffc, tbebcigtjt of ttjclSafesis ttoopalmes 
anb one anb ftoentp minutes, the height of the Columns* without the Capitals is fonr tie palmes, the height of the Ca» 
pitals is fine palmes anb tbittie'minutes-, anb fo tbe &&ole Colamne With tbeSBafrs ano Capitals: isfouctie anb eight 
Palmes high* 2Dbe height of the flrebicratt;, f r&f c ano Cojnice, are altogether thirteen jjtalmes anb a fcalfe, anb this 
height rn all isbeuibeo into ten parts, Whereof tbjee parts are fo; the 0rcbitraue ; the other fj?fc arefejtbe&ophero 
ojtbe JFr«fe,anb theofherfoure parts arcfo; the Cornice: Coaching the rcfi of tbe other members, 3 fet ootene 
no tneafurcs, becanfe th's is pjopojtionablp Declares touching the pjincipalleft of them that ttanb ontbefibe thereof 
marbeatoUb P. Snot:: truetij, a man in Ibis Cornice map pcrceiuc the iabiciousfmilof the too}tceman,bJbo therein 
touching the mutiles,tooHtb not cut anpocattles therein, thereby not to fall into tbatcommoncrrour,bjbereinfo man? 
ancient toojfeemen hauc fallen, ano at this bap moje moserne tootftcmen. 2Che erronr 3 meane is this, that all tbe cbj* 
ners Wherein mutiles ff anb,anb bnbec bane sentiles cut in them are bicious,anb b? Vrtruuius arereieeteo in the feconb 
Chapter in his fourth SBrofte: ana although that in this Cojntce the fo;me of Denticles arc, nsttoitbttanDing, becanfe it 
is bncttt , it is not to b e torn mines in this r efpeet. Shone this Cornice there is a pobium, 0? a manner of bearing out, 
Whereof the height is fen en palmesanb fire minutes, Which eommctb not farrc out, foj the pillars llano not farce out 
from the ©SUall: the height whereof, together With the flrcbitraue, Jfreefe ana Cornice, is fonrtie palmesanb fire ana 
tbirtie mmnics,Wbicb height beinj be uibeD into Sue parts, the one part (ball be fo? the arcbitraue . jf -reefe anb Cornice, 
tbetobtcbarrbitrane, j?reefe anb Cornice p:opo;tlo.uo aeco?Dtn0totbcgreatnefie,ttanbs marheoWitb the letter M. 
3ntbisCo3Htee,anDalfointbe arcbitraue, tie members arc fa Well Deuibeb, part cut, ami partbnent, tbatttDarbc* 
neth not the fojmc thereof, but rather the mo?e, becanfe bncut members are mireb with the cut members, ano fo f on fee 
a WonDerfullgrace in them : the toinoovs aboue tbe Cbappell is togtue light to the fame Cbappell, Which light, although 
itbenotp;incipaU,ncuerthelefre,becaufeitisraBialt9Djalonenp from the bppermott open place, it gliutb the Chap* 
pell the betoe light : betweene the pillars, ana alfo abone the bjinootees, there are man? fine (tones intermireb,anb the 
iFreefe of the firff Cojntce is fine pjofill done. *• 

The third Bookc. 

' ^^^^^S^SS5§?^ 

tEMc • rr "yS^sM 




Of Ahtiquitie 

T 8** ffonre ttefoef b one of tbe SCab t macks tobicb dans bet teae tbc Cbappels, ana tbe pillar* on f be 5oee repjefent tbc fonre 
fqinrf tojnerb pillars of tbe Cbapplee, bere againe run mat te tfec notable tnDgement of tbis toojfeeman, totjo fabing to togne 

tbe arcbitraae, iFreefeanb Cojntce tlofe to the toall, anb matting tbat tbe fenre fquare pillars flawing on tbe Ones , foe re not To 
farre ciffant from 

i- -~ ■ -=r= - •"" •■=^-"-^ tbe Wall , tW a 

roan might wafee 
tureof tbeCojmV 
ces trjsrf in: t^ere? 
ferine theron,;aw 
member* b« fuc* 
nm into a ifafcfe, 
toberbv tbe too jk 
anb accompanied 
taiitb Bjecr. SCh* 
tiro bhr.oe toin* 
Domes are thogbt 
«ofo? tools. Efce 
fcoteof trjeSLabrr* 
uacleisp. palm* 
anb ii* minates 
high, tbe tbicknes 
of tbe Colattmes 
are ttoo primes, 
tbe bt igbt ftntfne 
palmes tmtbont 
IBafes oj Capt 
one palme bffib, 
tbe briebt of tbe 
Capitals are ttoo 
pannes fa halfy 
tbe arcbttrane is 
alio is as much, 
iubicb ts alto cf 
fine p;cfti,bnt tbe 
bcigbtor tbcCoj* 
fpicets 5. palms 
!>tgt? 5 f Srcbitrane 
ted pillars, is a 
palme anb ttyA 
quarters, tbe 0* 
hereafter be Ibeto* 
eb; f aftbefeJCa* 
bernatles there 
are tbjfc toltb 
ttftk with rounft 
BCOcls,tbat is the 
fonrtb part or a 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol, 7. 

T^efe fonrc jffgaree 
far emtio enncrtD, are 
members of tlje SEaberna* 
tlcfi in great 5 as tbe letters 
A. B. C D. fbctoe tyem. 
I ffijjucljtng t5)cit mtafurrs 
in^igl;t, itte JIjtlBfDbe* 
fa?c, anD fo? the rttt it is i\\V 
fitient fcjtbe tocjtumsH 
tbat all tbfog* frcm mew 
ber to member areft t oet in 
great , anb pjopojtionablo. 
toitb great Hligtnee bjegfet 
into ttits'oime , altbougb it 
map bee tbstfncb asttnop 
VicruuMu totll • tbtnfee tbis 
Cornice to bee tes bigb foj 
tbe pjopojtion of tbe9tcb> 
traoe ant; #r&fej aitt> 1 fn 
mv part iioulo net mahe it 
fo Mebnbu t to i « f be fame in 
a plare tbat, featfc swat &v 
ttanrro,ano tobtcb tiar.DUb 
not berp fesgb, it fbetoetb to 
bee in gtcD pjopojtion, ET^c 
Capitatl is farre from Vi- 
rniuius o :oer of to jiting, fo j 
it is btgbcr toitbotit tbe a 
bacus, tbenVittuuiusma; 
feetb it toitb tbe ^.bscrs. not 
UntbSanoing, acco:oing to 
common opinion) tbep are 
tbe f apjefi Capitals (bat are 
in Rome, (ano not onelp tbe 
Capitals of tbe SEaberna- 
cleg) but tbep alfo of tbe 
Cfctppels are of tie Ufa 
foirac, ano ttjofc of t|e |0o;* 
tal( alfo in fucb fo?f,rbat 3 
inbge(as 3 fa^o at tbe be 
ginning) that 5 banc not 
founo abmloing of greater 
obferuaticn of ojoer tbrn 
tbissbntif ifljcnloto^te 
alt tbat arc in it,botbtoitbiii 
ano toifbout, j? (bonis pee 
sfinenturebe ttscrttstons, 
tberefo jo 3 toil mafee an eno 
of ibis teonserfnlJiScnlsing, 
ana fpeahe of etber 2nti* 

Of Antiquitic 

Tii3is SCr mplc of ISacthue is blip ancient, anD alfo tobele ittouBb, ano alfo fo? he; fee, fapjetuffe of ficnec, piaiQer, faot^ in fye pam > 
ntent ano in foallcs, alto in tbe&rtbnnes cjrenno tofesinttemtt)tlc,atiovn^etcofeDf tljc roonD toalbe, mece altogether after i^c 
ejerr of Compofita: tye ivt»olc diameter toitbin from Wall to S£all,iB 100. Ratines long, tobtrcof tbe mibblemoa boep fet abect 
t- if !; pillars, coKtmnctt; 50. palmes : in t^c fctcrtolomne* 9 finb great Difference to tihen $ one to tbc otber,beeanfe tljat Uje mioDleo 
woff in tcrcolitmroes 0; fpacrs betteane ttje Cotnmncc fc tjcr c pen c r me in , anc out of tbe pojtall t rr p. J3e Imes ano 5 o. muwtcs $ ano tbe 
atberrigtjrenecagainfftbeni are but p. palmed ana 9. mtnntf ej tr,cfe tbatare rccr s&atrft ibr giratcCCbeppclarr S.^almesanoji. 
mimstr s,anb tbe otber foute Coluntnes reding bole 7. palmes 8. n.inutrs, anb feme 7. palmc* 1 j. minute*. STbe fcstDcnrffe of tbe 
t ntrp bitfein ana of tbe foureco?nrrt> Cbappcll oner agair.ll it, folleto tbe intrrconmmre, fo tst »b tlji toi&tncffe oftrje ttso great places 
onotroBCbappeletbeir intercolnmnes. SErjcottjcr pieces ttCfawtism 7. pdmrc rm>5 rmntitcsbjoeb. £be:mcfif«reofttae$ta2> 
t all be fL-jr ,n av be taken bp tbe mcafnre of tbe SCrmple, Utjirh ^cjiall if rctme iiccfi : n tirjeut brfcje tl;e pcjtalt, tbere tow a Umlbing 
rtarr maoe in fo;me of an dgge, tebicfe teas $ 8 8- palmee (c ng, nt in tbc rmtcie it u as 1 4 o. palmcs b;cac » anb as it spjearc tb bf lie 
fei£agctmonHmcnts,ittoasltjllflf pillar^ as it nwjbefaneui tbe figure. 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol.S, 

H^cre bcffljc 3H Cfcetort f&egromrt> of (Ije Cempletoit^e tncafare tfjercof, nofu in tl)f iFignre 31 fsill djefn ib« 
® jtograpt) te tbcrcof tuitbm, fcj toitbQut it is toijolp oefacso j ttie bcigbt from tlje ^auenuttf to tfce toppermofl 
part ef Vje roofe is 85. $almesM&c tbidsneffi of tbt-Columnes is two Palmes anu 14. minutee j tbe ^etgf)i of 
tbemts aa.palmcsano ii.nrinnto. £be W&A °f tt>e 15afc iscnepmne anD 7, minutes. SEbeiieigbtof 
JbeCapttallic a.pahncsanoaquatter. SEbebeigbt oftbear£bitranctS0ne|3almeanDaqnarter 3 foimub alfo tbe 
#rafe boloitb. i£nt tfce bcigbt of rbr Cojnices are ttoo palmes ano a balfe. JEbe particular member B,afl of tbe TSSdXia., 
Cojnices ano Capitals, pou fee bere oncer pjqpojtionco, occojDing to tljeir grcameffe 3 ana snarfeto in tb«ir femeraU 
places* JC&is temple ftanoetb, tottbont Rome, ano is Bjoicatco to £>. A w»e. 


■ IS£H! 


TV?) <& Jcfcnagrapfeie lercun&cr placrb t* t^t afe;efapo iralb ing plate befoae tbe fiCemple of IBarcfcu*, hsii fe a IflBg s 
tornt? about tt,a«vcu map pcrccinebp Gome feerp rmncuB plme thereof, ano all about biltotetie eacfc tatfrca- 
Ismne tfcere teas a place o? feat brsntifito Irifb fmall pilaw, tobcr f it t s tbotigbt a «r tame ?oel! fiooB, (anfi as ft 
tafapb) tfcis toalkmg place tbaa maoe ^naleiuife, pet bctp long as of 588.^ almca ano i40.J9almcsb}Bao. 

&#e STemplc of SSaccbas (ss 3 faro) ia full of manp &?namf nf s, an* of oiocre c<mtparf tmxtt *,fo$ereof tbattt ffcto 
e& fern? pact, bat not all. SCbe tbj« innenf f ona berennber placet) arc m tbe (acne temple, tome affaire ftone ano fb« 

fitter of ^Uatffer. 

The third Booke, 

The fourth Chapter, FoL f 

X^isCcmplcof peacefteCmpeEO? VefpatiaotaorcBfo beemaoe fag t^e S&arfeet to Rome, tobjrbCcmjitels eony 
tncnoeoof Plioie,fojittDa« mut^beantifieatoitJjgrattcntoojheanaplniQcroi g>tncco } on 1 ) bifeses i&efegvjna* 
nients of tbjE fata Cetople, after tbc bea t& of Nero, Vefpatian caafea all tbc images botij of Copper ana Seattle tfe sec 
placet) tberefo, toijicb Ring Nwo baD gatb*reo together out of bitters places, tojjug tocce no foali number. Vefpatian 
alfonlaceBfaitbotbb>oumcanD&is£btfDjen3 3raagesmabrof anctv fcinacf garble bjouc^t cut of Ethiopia, calleb 
BafTalco, being ofan 3roncol!onr,aBino of ffuffe mucbcammeHCeOmtbofe times, jn tbeiaifc SCcnipie auDtficpjtn* 
eipall Cbappell tbcreof, tbere Coos an image of Utyite garble ttsrp great,maoe of man? pieces* of tobjc^ reliques ttjerc 
are tnewp pieces pet to bee fane in Campidoglo; ^*r-~ »j»n^ 8aBl ? to P° itj to & erb l? a wan ma P BoeuTe 

anb among of ber pieces rbere is a fote, iwbercof sff^f/Mimffifys. ttjc grcatncOc of the 3magc, ana U teas 
tyt nag le of tbe great 2Eoe is fd great tbat 3 fate jM&^^^^^K maoe bp an ercellent tooMmm. 

Of Antfquitic 

Tfte2tcmpUtemeaturjDfeirt)C£U«,ano tye ©llcisoem'Delfote is. parte, calico ounces, igtmcnfaretobKb 
ft anoetb in tbe miDDle of tbc grounc of the temple is balfe an ©Ik i 5Firff , t|»c length of the looges about is 1 22. 
(fries, t!)CbicMbtsi5.<CUe0,thctotO£neffeoft5epIatc«brfa:eintbeloiigi8containe io.©ncs,tbetbicKCHeai} 
of the pillar* at the en trie is Sue ©11 ts.ano bet Inane the one pillar aho tbe other is 1 o, ©lies, the goings in on 
botbfibes,botb of tbe$fl?tall and of tbeCempleare iff. ©lies toiDe, the length of tbe tobole SCemple is abent 170. 
©lies, the b?c Dtb ccwtainetb 1 2 5, ©lies; tbe principal! plate in tbe miDDle of tbe Cemplefs 3 5. ©lies. Che Oer* of tbe 
^ilaaersagaintttbctebicbtberounbColamnesffanDare p.©llesanDa&alfe, ano tbe thiefceneffe oftbtfeColumnes 
Bie4.©llc6, 4.. ounces anBabalfe,anot&cparecanelert,eiierp onebaatng 24,Cahels: tbecaueojbDllotoingofeaib 
Cenell is 5. ounces b?oaD,ano tbelitt thereof one ounce ano a fcalfe ; tbe bjftto of tbe piincipnllCbappeli is about 32. 
©Ues,anD is balfe a Circle. SCljofe on tbe noes market) A. B. are 37. ©lies b:oao,jano goc iff. ©lies into tbe Wall, 
tebitbisliffetben balfeaCirde: tbctbickencffeofibeOTallroano about tbe SEemple iz n ©'.les,altcngfettimani» 
places, bcranfe of tbe JEptoes, tt is much thinner . Cfer Circumferences of the Cbappcls are 6 . ©lies tfctcfce, bs ttcene 
thconcpiaflcr ano ihccthfT,if 1245. ©lice} mi map conceanetbequamitie of the meafute oif manp places ana torn* 
eoU'Cf tenth other particular things , bp the mcafures afojefap*' fo? the figure is pjopo^tioneD. £Cf»uchm r j n)e 2>;f 0* 
graphic 5 fc|)Kb is the figure hereafter following, besaufc the grouno is all ccnereo oaerioitb tljeruincc thereof; Jcoalo 
net meafore tt from the grouno to the top , but as m$tcb as 3 conceiaeD bVtbat part of the groans, ano alfo of tbc mine* 
tebicb are thereto be featr; 31 make this piece ffanbing bpjigbt. % am no? certains uifectbittbeCntumneshsuetbitf 
peceff all fencer them oj not, becaufe that men cannot fee the fat of f jbs ©alanines* 2nt> although that jPlini math com« 
menDetb this S5nilDing,pet there are manp tanhanofome things tn it , fpjciallg the Cornices abene t^e (Column c?, tobicb. 
ate nst accompanteo tottfe anp thing, but Cano bare ano riaaeo alone* 

The third Boofee. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. io. 

TWs 515utloing is 
talUD Tcmplum 
piecatis , it is maoe 
altogether of afetnDcf 
rough done , foljicb is 
tijeic calico Tibunium, 
after t^c Hiner of SCi* 
ber ; but foj (battle 
fionc is fpcrtgic ana fnl 
of boUfijit was conereo 
all ouer itutb a kino of 
planter calico ^ttirco, 
it isocrp iuft*9tis,fc? 
therein pn fee no pjo* 
portion at ■' teiaootoce: 

ceb tbcmtn n)e grounD 
fel)ere |tbongbt tbcm 
fitted to ttano. SD^is 
SBnilDing is lneafureo 
ttrifb j an other CUe, 
tobicfjjis beutoeo inta 
<?o, minutes; $tbe line 
rhjongb the nriDDle of 
tbegtonns of tbcSCcm* 
plcis|rgttbirO part cf 
I S. minutes tjjickculje 
iniercolumnes 3 CUcs 
ana 14. minutes, tbe 
bjeett) of fil;c gates 104. 
ano a balf«, tijc tljicfencs 
of tbetoaUis cncC'lfc 
sno 20. minntes , tbe 
lengjtd ef £ Sempleis 
iS.cftlesanMo mb 
mites, the bacPtl) of the 
Utp rouna about tbe 
SDemple teas flatroQ? 
feD toiib foots fquare 
pearcbes: bat bote tbe 
bjoao place before tbe 
SHcmple teas rcofca g 
cannot c3ceaae,bccaufe 
it is fo tuitions. 2Tbe 
colntnnes of tbts SCcm* 
pie bane no iBafesnoj 
lure, bnf llano bare t>p* 
matte of TiburtiuiD, 
ana.coaereb oner toitb 
6>facca. SEfeisSCcmple 
tjaa tbe frotefpic c botb 
bcijino ana befoje, 



Of Antiquitie 

SEtjeljeisMrt fbeCotamnes toi(^ lljc CapitalUs % .mtmitesleffstbcn 10. <£lles,tbe f&iefeneffe bdoto (as BS favd ht> 
jfejc)ia i.^Ueana i3. minotes;ani>tbefl)ul«ic8aboneis i.Cftle ano 15. minutes. STlje ^ctgi}t of t^ir Capttalis 4.7. 

mine tr $Mt tfce bo?tl f tbc cinctte sf tbe Colutr.ncs 
-« arealfo rcefeoncD toitbitj u)e fceisbt of tbe ardji' 
k traneis 35.minnfcs,tb.ebEigbtof(be^t8tfcBt0 1. 
GiMle $ tfj, minutes. ^beCosnice is 1 .dftlef» 
nutesbigb, * from tbencebphmros, tbe fflJtmpanum 
is ttoo Cits ami ttoo minutes Mgb . Ebc fljer parti* 
cnlar members marked toftb $ earacters are in grea* 
tcr fojnte, ano acccjcitiglB pjopsjttoneo. 

Tnc third Bookc. 

The fourth Chapter^ Foltt. 

St Tinoue fljis temple ffantirti) fcucti a Kiner,f is called 
tbe Ccmplcof wlcfla,tlje mofiparttfjerccfts ruinafeOjU 
Utastoelt vojongttjt after £Cp:intbta manner: befoje it is 
raffed bp front (be car tb as tbe ff»sfe tfoereof If ansetb, bnt 
bsbinb ismc?etbtn7. Cites of SETallbntirrtbeffiari?. 

Of Antiquitie 


T$is tail'Cemptp is mtaferestoit!) <& laff <U511« of 60. mivv.tis,uWi firfi, flic Cclomncs arc one &\\t ana 17.011* 
nates ttjirfcr, tije . istttrcotamnes 1 (ibllrsanO 34.nrn1.utrs} anDtt>eMteUis2.©Uesana 
alfsTfej ti;iM(Ucnfff? of tbe E$!altis and! sna laminates, fljepiocnunt cf (l;tCmplttoitl)iittfl ia. ©lies 
anBafisfk: tlji piccCall marfeeBA. tcilijtteC:oUstr.r!rs ana tiicir ojnamratsferue fojtbeto&olcojaerof tbe 
Suemple. %%&$%$$. of f 5)e SSafe cf tbc^cBettall i845.mmnles, cRBtbeSelac of tbe^eecffall U32. CUesanB48. 
"jmmrtpc. Ste Co?ntt€t« 37.m*m*tcsanaabalfe &tgb,t&e&eigl)toftbe25fife of tbeCotarcnestssSmhnitesanaa 
nalfe; tShc fCratttt cf tfjc Caiumncs is Io (Biles Wfil) '• tbc Capitall is an <l£ile ana 24. mimites tjigl)* SCtje arrtjttraae, 
jPrfefeanBCojntcoaHtmje-iberare about tt»o (tiles ana a^atfe^tgt). 2Cbe2Dooje markea feaisi) S. Y. isp. (Biles in 
l)c;[TK,th?bi£0t'9o? tfcc l:gl;t tincer is 4. (Biles 4. minutrs,bnttbe toiaenesabone isj.Cllcs 54* minutes, tijetobjefc 
i3lid\:uiabi:v:e,,!n>j*is vicruuiusoottcme. 2Ebe 0nte pagtnentnm is 52. minutes anaa IjalfebjoaB, buttle 
g>upcrfilie (became c? tbc kfeing) ia but 51. minutes* thejPrafeis 30. minutes fojgbi ana tbt Cornice 2 4, SCIje 
5E4inBetomarb:Dtotti)T. X, isonc(BUe4i?. initiates ana a tialfe bjoaa^t^cbeigltconfafmt^.CHess.njimitcs, 
ana is leffmea aboue, as fbcSDoojeis. && Sntcpagnuntnm is 3 1. minutes ana aljalfeb?oaB,ano tbeCojniccscnn' 
taincib as much, , but t%c other particular membcrs,arc in sreatcrtojme marfeefc toitb, tfce fame letters (et bg tb,cro, ana 
i»sll po^m ttoncB; SCfoJs TOnaoto is ipjcugl) t b otl; &jilbiii ana toinjout , 

SOjigisffcefyirapartof t^e totnmon^.'rsof 6b. nunntesjtoljerefoitb, K)e2£emple 

afejefaca ', anc t';isatfo is meafarea. 

f-»- t w J ' — i !- — ^ — " 1 - ■■ -! - — 1 - : — — i— — I — — i — -t 1 £ — » 1 

The third Booke. 




r OfAntiquitie 

\^ 7/ jibout Rome tbfe ruinous SCemple fianDetb, anbfoj t&eniorfpartis mabe of S5?it6e;ponfsf nane of tljefe 

\w ognamems therein tobicb 3 tjaue tjtrc placco in figure ; but as tt maj be concctujB b-pttje grouno it;crfof,sna 

a!fo confiBeringtbe pjopcjtionefc fteigbt, it toasmabe of tbatfaHjfon as the pieces mstfceo A. B. ffanfiingbg 

tbc grcunti bee ibefo. 23>us toe baue the meafare of tfee Scljnograpbte of tbe grounb cf tbe temple , b{? the 

totjirtj tKcafure a man tuny conteaue the toojUe of tbe:©jtngrapbie: Stbis gtbnograpbte e? platfo?me,is meafureo bptt)8 

olaeJKomane^alme : ana firtt\tbe booze cf tbeSEcmplels 24. palmeo toiDe, tbc diameter of Ibis temple to €9. 

JMmes anbabalfe: tbe ttoc places on tbe fioc* are as bribe asttjeSDcoje} tbejSDoojeof tbelefferCemple if alto of 
H ^_, tbe fame bjcbtb, fo are tbe foure C&sppels alfo to&crc men goe in, of tfie fame toibeneflt,but batfctearb tbev ara tetDer, 

betaufe tbe toalle* of the fioe rismie tc the Center of tie temple, anb f bofe four e Cb. appels (as if map be conceaueo) re * 

tetue ttjetr Ugljt* from the gees : tbe diameter of tbc (mall 2Ce tuple is 53 . patmes long} tbe little Cbappels, both tbeg 
P? 4bat are bollotoeb out, anb tfeofe f bat are elcuateo ,at e 1 y ^almrs bjcab : but of thefe ttoo eleuateb 0? rapfco Cljappels, 

31 cannot tell bom tbe? ettbeb aboue, fo; there Canoe tb not fo mucb bp;ig^t as a man ma? conceaue an? tiring thereof ter* 
ii " "" tainelp, but onelp a beginning aboue tie eartbj ano(afl3baaefaio)altbougbamancamwtte ititobataiancr tbislButl* 

s ■ fciwgtfoob aboue tbegrouno, pet accojoing tamp ronceipt, 3 bane mace this SP?tograptjie. £3nb therefore on the one 

fibemarbeo B, repjefenfetb a piece of tbc great Simple, ami t&eotbHrmarfeeD tmtb A, tbctoctb a part of V)t letter 







1 ■ 

. I 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Foi.15. 

Of Antfquitie 

Tl^ts SCemglc placeb btrturtfeis is toityout Rome, ano is bervnitiebrninateo, anu fo}fdeaioSparti0ma&eof 
ibiicbe,it is not berp great, it cannot alio be DirccrnED,(tj«t it ^aD anp light in it but attbecoojes, anofromtbe 
foinootoes aboae'tbe Cornices. 0nD all the reff of the boles lucre placet) fa? 3Do(s oj fucb Ufee things ; f be meafnre 
of this Sample teas loll bptbctoap,batvrt 31 remember toe!! that tbe temple teas a fall €Jnab;antanD a bjrtfe, 
as foell on t&e grouno as aboue , f bcr efo;c % M Dotone no otlicc mcafare , bat a (Htlfnli toojfeeman map bclpe, btmfelfe 
tjjereUritbbp muention. 

The third Boofce. 

The ft urth Chapter. FoI.i£, 

TMs fmall STcm* 
pel is of no great 
compas, atio all 
maBe of HBjicbe ; it is 
mcafarcb bv tl)s olCe 
Montane palnic , tijc 
Irngtb of tbe Iccgc oj 
<0allerp is 40, palms, 
tbebjeDtbt&erof is 16. 
jpalntes, uje SDoojeis 
10. palms, Replaces 
tn tbc Iratfes toitbjn, 
testis, 14. pabtesj 
is 5. |3aImc£F , tbe reff 
meg bee gueffeD bp 
figfct j foj § gueS (be 
beigbtfcom fbepanc* 
nicotic tbe#rcbifrsne 
to be 40. palmes, ano 
tbe Subttrane, i?reefe 
and Cojniceto bee p. 
Palmes :ano touching 
tbe reff , 3 maDe ac- 
compttbat if Sallow 
tt a palme 6p?igbt foj 
isbole SCcmpcl fijculo 
beabont yo.pelmes. 







Of Antiquitic 

T^is SCcntple ifl 
tomcat Rome, 
mane part of 
©arble, ano tt>c 

aetata , it l» fljcogbt 


ano on all does tt is 
the one Wall to tbe 
ntl)cc is ?o. ^almes 
tbefoaHecisi. palms 
ano a balfc, the toibe# 
reffe of tl)e C^appclis 

tmpalntf*, tbeSDtDje 

Is fincpalmcB b?oaO, 

tbc bcijtft of ibe $ifc> 

larss foitb IBai'cc ano 

Capitals is a a. palms 


neffc of tbc pillars tit 

rot murb abctte too 

palmrs : ffibe arcbt* 


are 4 ^slmes bigb, 

from tbe Cojmce to 

tbe height of therocfe 

is 11 palates : tbe 

befgbt of tbc JEotees 

of tbe Cbnpyel is 30. 


The third Boofee. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. 15. 

T^is&ciiiplcberennocrrct bobme is A Tiuol! by tbcKiucr, mud) oecavet>,fof;h'b ban tljefronfifpt'cebrfaje anB 
bcbtno the CoUimnes, on tbt fines arc mm tijcn balfe loitijout tbs mail; tlje UneericOe of tije Kmp\z from tbc one 
toall to tbe otbrr,is 1 1 , (Elks me afure b^ ttye fame mcamre tbat Tcmplum ptecacis \b meafuteo tBit&all,tbe kngtb 
of tbc ffemple is 8 CElles, tbc tbicfecncffc of tbc mall is ant (£! le ano 1 1 . minates,tbe tbicfenes of t1$t Colamnes 
of tbc pojtall is an©Uanoatbu-opart,fbcbetgbtBf tbemittt'dSBafM ana Capitals is about 1 1 . Clles , tbe beigbi of 
tbcartbitraaci^refcanUCojniceistbjeedBlleSjtbeifrontfp'ce from aboae tbe Cornice fe tbc betgbtiJ<3 CSlles, tbe 
bcigbi of tbcbafcmcnt is 3 . Cfrlesanti a balfe. in the jpafcie before, tbere is no footo of aSDcoje, no? of an? pieces in 
tbe MallcSjbp reafon of tlje rutnoufreffc thereof, but 3 bane Djalntie it aut tbus,to make tlje nwac fboto, becaufe 3 iufcga 
it bab benefo-, neitbercan pen fe* am> ttjinootocsin tbe toalesna? fi3es,nojpet bebino, altljougb 3 baneplaceo tbmt b?te 
tn tbc grounDjtobsre Jtbougbt beff. SCbemcaCureo? tbe members botb of tbe lfiafsment ano tl)e Cornices aboue 8 3 
toill not namepatti£«larlg,fojtf)ega«:epjdpoittoneDa«o;oittgt8j3ntiqH»«c,i^ercofpou mag fafome parts. 

SCbcibirDparf of fbedMl afojcfayDt," 

I- 4- 

Of Antiqume 

A&t&8Hg§ at ffce feeguimng of t \)i s JBookc, 3 fate 3 tooute fpeafee onclf of 0ntiqnitit«, pet BLtoill not omit toithall 
Soenfccat of Come motjerne tbingsmauc in cor time,snb fpcciallp, becaufe cor age ^atl; flomtrtieB fje.t?) fo msng 
gosa toittf fo; isracnticn of architecture. Chcix feiaa tn tbe time of pipe lulio tbe fcrono, a too?bc man cal» 
fee Bramant of Cafteldurante in f be SDuiKbame of Vrbinjtobo foas a man of To great tmocrffanijf ng in archttee* 
fote,t^attt raig|t be fapo(bpmcsncs of fheapbeanB perfojment* tehtcfi tbe pope gene bint) that bee ragfrb bp goon 
2r£bifectarcag8ine,tDbfcb from ancient time till tbenbao bene fcibben anblscptfecrct: tolt'ehBraraaRtin bis time 
lap© f be fcanoafer 0; beginning of the tooneerfull too jhc of fe. Peters SEempcl in Rome,but being pjeucnteb bp ccatb, 
Bionotonelp leauerttn6nifbeD,bnttbemobcil thereof alfo teas left bnperfect, tisercin biurrs ingenious tocjfecmtn 
fought f buQe tbemf clues both to perfect ano fimffj it ; anb amongft manp others R aphael Durbin,^aj ntcr, a man alfo 
t>erpffeilfnllm3rcbitc£tare,foHo^ingBramantsacpg,n)ai)cperfecttbis o?aHght,tbetobicbinmyopintflnisoneof 
tbe fapjeff bjaagbts ttjat are to be founo, out of the totjictj the ingenious toojfccman mag belpe btmfelfe m many? things. 
gtoiUHCtfeteotorteaUtbemeafuresof tbtsXempri (bcraufctbatit is tocll pzcpojtioncD) anb a man map bp part of 
tbe meaturc tint) out tbe reft. 2Cbw Ccmpel is mcafarea tettb tbe o'o ttomane ^alme,snb tbe bjoaoett toalfccs therein 
is $2 , palates bjoa&e, tbof e of tbe Goes are but Ijalfe as much : bp tbcf e ttoo meat urea son map gueffe the red. 

The third Bookc. 

The fourth Chapter, Fbl, \6> 


"» & rtjc ttntc cf Iffl&DBfl^ftft»ia»,t^tt fcas in Ronx one Balthazar Petrucio of Sienat, not enelp an efcwflcnt $tagftttt '- 
| butclfotitrffiTllteaasJlMlitfttcrr, Se|o fellcteingtfeecoctttneof Branttnt,mafieamci)tllinf»3niebereunceri'ji 
ketone: tofjtfe mr awsg to, Qiat ttje STcwple Omuls Ijane fonre gates to go into it , ana fyat u)e tygb fllfar fljoule flana 
in t^e mtooie fymtf : eti^e fioorc Corners be wane foure £>acrifies,t»pcn tlje top toberrof men mfghj place tJEjc Cloche 
totee rs ttoj r n c jBarosKitfcfraroto 5 ano tbt fitft pact cj i^acie thereof lookeo into ttje Ctttc. £;& is STemple is mcaftiKD 
SSBit&tI)eoloel?:onir!if^efroc^nEfiitt, it is in s&emlDDle from cntpUsffer to another 204. jklmes, tbe SDiaimttt 
of t!)t Circle in t!jt v*vtAt is 184. $5atauB long. s SC(je SDiamcfer of tbefcnrefmall Circles 1**5, palmes. fl^c 
£>c criff re are 1 co. $--*£j»ts totae. EC be fonre flatters in tt)e mfoale make foure JSntoes e; 3rcees telnet? bp rfce 
3Lari$o;me,nnDttjffe&^^<rtBes oj0rr|esari all fall mace, fcfclclj are in beigbt ajo. Palmes, ano about Ujefe &> 
nt)ss a STribimr ««ESit'E?ftt foo;tb ti)itbColumncs,&rit& a rsuno JSocfe bpon tt, tobjeb Bramauc osoapcD before bee 
aic5, thereof %s saraasfl is &f re (ft (alone* 

T c third Boofee. 

The fourth Chapter, FoLi^ 

Tl£cJ%:' ■-.■ 
5lrcjt»cs C U 
toojfeejtbenc n 

fome places: G 
wan:Jt&oug > 
cotrtafnetbso j 

foitbiH, 1*4.0 : 

SCribnne ton n , 

pott map gurfc,^ 

• - -.ocr fet nofatMs tbe grotmo af f&s fftbtme tbat ftoulo Ijarie goocabaae oaer £^e fcjo<-e ifo&es oi 

- > i trfoje^toberebp a wait map percent, tbat Bramanjtn fncb cafetoas bolber to ojaui apiece of 

*ft .'(jsreui; becaafe to great am maffie a piece of toojfce ftjonla baae an excellent fotmoatton to Qcrtu 

•. '_> maoeapon foare SBotoe* o? 3rtfje0 of foty aa I^eig^t. £JM> raj confirmation of m» (p&cb, tbe 

j o the arcbes toitbotltanp of ber toafgbt open tyem, are alreaop fcttleo ana ftmcae, pea, ano cent tm 

tv;icir«, becaafe tbeimisnttoms fapjeanocottlp.ano atbingtogiae goos tnSiacticri to atuo?He» 

a ; } to place it bete in a maoell: but not to be teDioas in retting ootenc ibc meafarer. , g toil! <Tjeiw Tome 

h ^rettpoamapfinDeteit^bctmall^alose fabfel) ffan3etbbereu)itl)inti)cgrounD 7 tDlncblrK3tI) 

i«j5: tbe tbicfeetwffe of tbe fiitt Calamne hjitbout,ts 5.fnlmefi,tbc Cbicfceneffe of tbe f scons Colnnmc 

nc*,anotbetb«taietreof^et()trDCo!atnnew5.^alme0anotb;flBqaarterfl. 3Ci)e toioeneffe of $)$ 

us tSS.^almes, tbeja>iaimterof t&s fmallJtant^ome tottbtn tbe raioole>te 2&©almes i tbe rest 

;}c fmallplmfc , ''/• 


T^t* fetbr&jfhograpbfe both W*in 
ww toittioat , njatone out of tlje 3>cb/ 
negraphte afojrfft Dotem,frI)rttbg pen 
icapajftccfneiljc {treat malls c tonight 
l* t.u») ftonlD brae ffoob bpon the foare 
S'-clfr.} frfcfrb lraigbt map gin* an? toife 
toojfeeman matter to conGbeMbat it fcab 
fcacc fitter to fet it bpon the gromiMn» 
Kfl i ittttje apje bpon furb a brtglt* an* 
therefore 3 counfdl alt toejkf men rather 
to beftcntf folitfeen to raft: fo? if bee bee 
fconbtfnU, fje mill make bio toojke farer, 
pu not eefytfo anotijtt maw counfellj 

Of Antiqqitic 

tobit!)5oms,beeaaU (eltomc fatte: bnt 
if beeberaOjanottMrt, bee toUlnot take 
any other mens atmfe, bnt mill trail enl g 
to his oton innention,toherb5 oftcntraw» 
bwtoojfeeDoethbimmozfi fhamctbenho< 
nettie: thereto;* if tonctabe,tbat ffonfne* 
p;ocAoctb from pjefmnption, anopje* 
fompfion fromtoiall bnoerftanbing ; ant 
31 fa?, that BcubtfalneO* 03 bafbralnr ffs if 
a bertne , making a man to think* belt 
towtoeib little,alth8ugb hubnDertta'oins 
»e great : the meafnrc of this mo|ke is M 
wfonnbbg theafojefaplfinalllgalm* 

The third Booie* 

The fourth Chapter.FoliS* 

tooj&e : G>e place matftgfcC. fljjmfistbaCiaUerijtott&foare coappeiemtge coders, opiate b» EeuiEtbtw 
tye ap?«: tie part matfeefc E. is a litle t:tB;pte,fcbtcb tfce fail) Bramant »aDr : tbc wrafnres tobercf ftatbe J^etotc tr 
much greater fcjmc in tSjeleafe ending. Sfcaaefaiti nothing tottcbuigthcmcarurcof ttocgrfiunB, bat 3 bancfe. 
tt)\B bere onelp foj tbc imur.tion. 


Of Ant'quitie 

jj£t&eIatt(?&c3p2ormfeMo fljfto Br*roaats £nr})!ettt<ucatEr fejwp, fefcjrbte mof bcri>great,fenifcascrie!vnrafce 
in remembrance of fe< Peter tbe %tsftle , fo? tt t» (aft tbrt brr i' p>p crnctfiee in the! plate: ffef fsvD Ktmplt te to bee 
meafarec bpfbeolo iceman? fro f e, b fctcb foots telfrlaru er^cr^cntrtutpfirseriBfcBrf mmutcs;U.b£ircfaJfcvc« 
RiaSlSnoctbe me?.fare bptbs&Lmftie|g>aime,ft>eri .rv.tsrig tfcr '[ai&foure fingers. ITfce diameter of tbteSTtn^le 
is of flue awtt fluent? ftnfe, an* ttoo mh tfrenfp minrUe s. STfee totoeueffe ef tbe U alfef rcuro abeut (be SCrrrpk is fc* 
wen t eote s tbe tbitUerteffe cf tbe Cotamnes arc one foete anf 1 5 , thimtteii Sbe iitfrnttTc of ttjt JSDccje is tbjee foote 
anDabalfe: cic©uat!j£'tott!i'n, teVitb e c f v ottKt»abooftl)c2Cei«p!e}ibrbafbeiiafnrarpoftbe 
2Ci tnple aboue the Columnar, tbe tfcufcneff* of i&t U.s5Ue liue fceU; ttje reft of (be cttjtr meafor, cb gen meg tttueaue bg 

<£be bal'e cf tbeMomrnefoofe: 


The third Booke. 

Tl^is is ttje fain SCemple ffatrtingtip , fofytcl 
Rjetoetl) tlje one fcalfe toitfcout,ant> the oii»ec 
|alfetoit^m,anai*matic altogether after t&e 
$o)ica,s8 sou fa bptfte /Figure. 3 WH net 
(pcafee of tije particular nteafatmfojbg tijz 

The fourth Chapter. Fcl/f^; 1 

S^mpoa «!« eatwejkis tftis M)*tft jfenj* 
fi^fe^f, fufhrti $W ^iljoaffbitbcrMalOi^ ^ 
Bo?»ncb5 t!j« mMurg ££jttiea{ ? ano rV0*w*9 c 
gitat .eiatgo mta ItjeunaU. 

Of Antiquitie 

N® So 3( &atw tfjefecb tye out Rue of fe. Peter* STcntple , fa tfete 3 toill fljeto t^e iimermcS part, fobfcb to mate toitb. 
frcfcpjopojttott , ttjattbevpojtemftti^ theteioeneift of tqz grcmrti, maffintaallfhe meefure*! snoaltbonsb 
tbat U]'j3 HTemple Cjctoeft t© bigb fa tlje bjc Dlb,fo; f Sjat it is thopgyi- ano ftetert to be af biab aa it to bjoao: ^otteitb* 
RanDiiw , bp tbe openneffe of tb« toinootoes , ano iljc $ itbcns P ; Cbappeb tbat are in it, tbe betgfe t thereof if not amide, 
smc cfpccfellpbymeaneo of tbe oooble Cojnicef , fcbubgoe tonus about, anbeoner imtt$iofH)ebetgb,tf0getbtt toitbthj 
l^otetttirc, tbt SCempleftctottb mwb mcjeasttte. 




-- <S» 



-■ 9 






The third Booke. 

i he fourth Chapter. FoL %6, 

T^t5£Sr?liB:'t:g t3tBit&cut Rome. at^». 5£j»fiianj,£tttis all fallen Dotene to tljc groitnVfpccisl'ptbe&Jalfeaabrut, 
but tljc JEuilsmg in the miBDlc (becaufe tt is betpfarc ttojfcc) is pctfobole , anD is mafieof ISjicfcc : pou fere o^> 
nauuhts in it at all, $ it is Bathe, becanfe it ball) no lifibl but at tbe 2Dmje; anD abotir ibefourc bolloto places in % toall, 
feme finall ©LiinE oltics. £bc grouhD of tbis tuojfee is mcafareD tottb tfy: ols KomiOj palrae s ann tbe Icnjjfljs tilth tbe 
fa;eo ;i)S are meafureD toitb cos tics, anD caerp rate is ten palmes. jptrtt, tljc toalhe oj Caller p marfeeD A . is 4 $.r«oBe&' 
ana 3 . palmcs , the ctber tteo longer, are 50. rookies anD 3 « JMmes: tbe bjcetb of the Uralhcsis 3 2. |@almes : tbe 
tbkfecncffe of tbe cojner pilars, toitb all tbeir nu ntbcrs,is 1 2. ^almes: bp tbe tobir b meafures poo map ecnceaue the 
re2. SEoncbing tbe I5u doing m tbe miDDle, tbe place B. is ttscouerce, a«e is in lengtb 7. roooes atin 6- Palmes : fto 
bjeoti; is 3 , rococs anD 4.}3a!mes: tbe part marfeeD C. is conereD, ant) contained 4. roofes in foure fqnare. SCbe fonre 
^Matters arc ten palmes tbiefce: tbe tbicftenefle of tbe toal! rounoabont tbe roans ISutlcitig, is 24. |Mlmes : tbe place 
marfoceE, fsrooft: anotbat part in tbe miDDle is a maffe,tobicljbearetb tbe roefe; i\\\':,i miDDle thereof, t; ; ecc is an 
spening: anD tbts mails is beautifieb toitb manp bolloto fcates in t f ,toi)icb Qano right , anD accompany tfcofc fctjat trans m 
tbe wall: toncbing tbe bcigbts (becaufe of tbcbjoUc!'ine£Tc)3mea[nreDit not; anD eCpcciallp, becanfe there teas no 
beauttfulneffeof ffiuitoing. 

1 1 :is^ife»fei^ifa^B^tI 


T^wSThealcr Auguftusmaecmfhe tiamcof MarcellusH)'s^rp{)cto,a«t)tl)ercfoje{tte38caUfB Marcclfes 3rfcea> 
ter, it ttanottb tottbm Rone, pou map at tbis nap fa part of it ffanaing bpjigbt, tbat is pat t of the <H?alletu s li ity 
oat: it is onelpof ttoo rales, tbat is, E>o?ieaanB 3onica,atoo?fee,in truth, tbat is much cemmcnBeB,altbcng!$ 
f be S>o jirall Colnmnes fcpu e no JBafcs, no? anp Cmctc c? paiectntc tnser ttje m, but ffanB plawelp tei tbout aiip 
thing bn&ec, bpon tbe flat grouno of ibe.CUaUcrp. SCcncbing tbe grettna of this Cheater, men eouls not toeil conceaus 
ft : bnt not long, tlje great patrician of Rom e, going t o matte a boufe, ft>e (citnation totjereof toas to be fct bpon 
part of tbe Sweater (this boafe teas mate bp one Balthalar of Vienna , an erccUent toojfeman) ana as be caufe* the 
foundation to be Biggeo, there toeref ouna manprctiqucs of Biuers Cojnices of tbis SCbeater, ana a great part of tbe fame 
SEbcaier teas Difceuerea,tebcnrt)p Bahhafar concevtea tbe tohole fo?me thereof, sna mcafocca it toitb great circumfpeo 
f ion, placing it in tbe m?me foUotaing : mpfetfcbeingattbatnmeinRorce, falB manp of frje Co?ntccs, ana fauna 
fricnDfljiptomcafaretbem, ano in troth, there 3 fauna as excellent fo?mcs as euer 3 fato in anpolBKtiins, ana mott in 
Ibe Capitals of H>o?ica, ana alfo in tbe tmpolls of tbe Grebes, tobicb, me tbinfcs, agrc toell with tbe astf rf ne of Vuro- 
uius. Hifeetoifcthc jf rare, arrtgltpbcn, ana ^etbopen, agree toell inongb: bet the E)o?tcaCo?mce, although it bebc* 
r? foil of members, ana loell tojGugbt , pet 3 forma it to aiffer much from Vitruuius inffrnrtions : fa? being licencioas 
inengb of tr embers, teas of fact) a befobt, tbat tbe ttoo thiro parts of fad) betgbt fbonla bane beene inougb to tbe 3rcbu 
traueanctbeifrafe. S5nt lam of opinion tberefo?e, (bp tbe licence of tbefc,o? other 2nnquities)tbatatoo?fecmaniri 
tbefe asprs fijoula not erre, (&bub rrro?, 9 meane, is to Boecontrarp to Vitruuius p?ccepts) no; fobeeperemptcjp tbat 
bee tetll make a Cojmee , 0; otber thing tuff of tbe fame pjopojtit n as bee batb f erne ana meafarea , ana tben let it in 
ii 0; fc s ; becanfe it is not fumet cm f j tan to fas , 3 map Boe it : fa? ancient toojfecmen bane Bone it, tottbout conficera* 
tion lubctbci it be p?opo?ticneo accojting to tbe rr ft of the buiioing. IBeftacs, although an ola too?heman teas fo bcia, 
pet toe moQ itjcrcfojc not bee fo, (bnt as reafon teaebetb fes) toee fftouto obferne Vitruuius rnles as oar gniBe, ana moff 
certapne ana infallible Birecttons: fa? tbat from that time of great flntiquttp, till now, there is no man forma to bane 
to?if ten better,no? ir oje IratneBlp of aubrtectnre tbenbe : ana as in euerp 3ttc ibewis one mo?e IcarneB then anotber, 
totobomfucbautrjO?it?tsgin£n.tbatbistoojBsare fall?, ftoitboHtBoubtbeletaeD. a&botbnt toils aenpfif be be not 
tgno^wtjtbatVKruu»us,fojarcbitrcture,istoo?tb)'oftbeb i gbcQ^ra^anDtt)atbtstojitings (tebcreno other nota* 
ble reafon c? rsnfe is to mane bs) ongbt fa? the fcojtbineffe thereof to be wmolablp obferncB, ana to bee better crcBitcB, 
then an? too?B* of the Uomancs i tobicb Momanes, altboagb tbep learneo tbe bpjfgbt maner or bailoing of tbe €>recf » 
ano, neaertbelcffe 3 aftcrtoarB ta bm *tjtp btcamc Knlerionet tbe €5reeians,ie map be that fame of ibem tberebp became 
licencictis: but ccrt3pnelp> ifamanmigbt ffetbe focnacrfnll toojfes tobtcb tbe (Grecians trjen Bio make, (tobitbare 
now almoQ all fpoplca ana caft ootone in time of toarre) bee tooulB afTttretilg. iaagi tbe (Grecians too jltc to farpaOe that 
of tbeiLatmesforrc. 

SCbercfoje all tbofe too?fecmen f bnt C&all conaemne Vitruuius tojiting, f fpcctallp in fneb cafes as are clcarr'.p bnBer* 
OcdB, asm tbe o?aer of S>o?ica, tobcreof 51 fpalse, fboalb erre macb in tbe 0rt ora[rcbitectnre,to.gainelap facb an antbe?, 
as fo? (omanp pares batb bame, ana pet ts app?omeB bp wife men, icarutB. ^otobarsirgmpDe tbts BigrctTion, 
tobitb toas ncccfiarp fo? (be gooo of tbofe that toonla not bane cenfiacrea fo mncb, taming agatne to the purpofr , 3 tap, 
tbat this grcana teas meafarccbp tbe olaltcmsnefootfjanDfirffj tbeplaccititr)emiBBle,marbcB A. t»i;itb is railed 
&?cbc£ra,t5M tbe E>tameferip4.fout,anBisbalfeaCfrcIefromone co?ner to tbe otber: of tbe ftages 0? feates, 
marfeeoH. itis 417. facte: the ptace marbeh B. callcBp?cfccmutr,is tj?rp fpacionsi ano fobcre C. jfatitctb-.ietlie 
0allerp, to|ieb tbep call |Do?ticns of ttjr fe xene, in the nuBBle tobercof tt odd tbe palpif : tbat part marUcB toitb D teatf 
a ^e?tall,toitbS>tap?es on both fiaes, tobicb toentfep°to tbe places marheD E. caltea f ofpitalia : tbe ttoo Galleries on 
tt;e fiDe s marbefi Gttbep tifec to toal&e in : &>f tobicb things men can fee no mo?e abone tbe gronne, fo? that tbcp art 
ccncrca toitb oiber Ijoufcs. ECoccljine tbe frncrall meafnres , as tetll of tbe &>ccne as of the STtjcetre, of tfote* 
greeSa 3tDnUapnomo?etfo?tbat in 'tbe ampb't'oeafrecailea Coll eo,3to ,'loeclare it moje at large , loberebv a man 
map conceane bote this ffooa : bnt f oat part tottbout, tobicb toent about tbe Hijcatr e, 3 toill (beto in the feeonh fi gur f, 
tobicb toas meafarca (before tbts) toitb a common (Ell, tobicb is BenibcB into ttoelae parts, tobicb parts art called 
onnces: ana cncrgomice batb fiue minutes j of to|)trtj €11, this is atbirBpart. 

a^efbiraparf ontje^ll. 

-i — -I- 

the iU 


The fourth Chapter.Fol. 2t. 

.'. :" • .-:: 

4 * 

Of Antiquitie 

T^is JFtjure follofmng Mp?efer,tetb tfiaf part foirbouf , cf n)e fojefapD ST^cafcr , ant) ts meafarcD fattl) (fa (511 
nfojcfapo : ano Stir, tbe tbickenc He cf tbe beneati) in t be netrjrr part of tl)e firG ojoer, is an Cll ano 4 5 . 
minutes in Skiameter: ano tbe tbithneflc of tbe Skiameter abouefonBertbeCapitall,ts an Cll anc 15. minutes: 
t b e beigbt of (be Capttall , is balfe tt>c trjiclscnciTe of f b c Colamnes beneatb, tye to^tcb Cap? .all is mojc p cr fetter, 
tnarfeco in the fonrftj i5oofee,in ttje o^oer of ©03 tea, in jrolio E. 3 . ano tr>e fame Capitall is ir.arftcD ioi tb B. mfcetoife 
alfo tocitrpjffjtobcreon ttje arcbreifetb, is as bigb alto os ttjc Capitall, ano ttancetbalfo in tbe fame leafe E. 3. 2Cbe 
pilaSf rs,bruDctbcCo!umnes,arcip» minutes : tbetri^eneffc of one flrcb, is 7. Cllcs ano 9 minutes: ano tbc&eigbf 
\a eleaen Cllcs ano fire tecne minutes ; tbe tjcigbt of tbe 8rcbitrane, is 49. mtnntes: tbe tietgtjt of tbej* reefs is one 
C :i ano epsbt minutes. SE&e fjcigtjt of tbe to'oolt Cojnice , is an Ci! , ano fourtie minutes : tbe totoettefL' of tbe 
f cccno 3rd? of (be fecono ojocr, is as totoe as ttjat beloto ; bnt tbe fceigb* is ten Giles ano fourtie ano epgbf minutes t 
tbe beigWof UepeoeeaUbnscr (be Columwes of ttjis fecono ojocr, is an Cll ano fourtie ano eggbt minutes : tl)t 
tbirfecne He of tbe Columncs, is an Cll ano ttocntp $ four c minutes : tbe beigbt of tbe f aio Colamnes toitbout Safes 0? 
Capitals, is 1 1 .(Biles,: 7. minafes: tbe beigbt of tbe JIBafcs is 44. minutes: tbe beigbt of tbe Capitall, tbat is toitbin 
tbe ciclu Us, from tbe lift of tbe Columncs, to about tbe Capital, is 3 6. minutes : bnt n)e t3o!u te bangs ouer tbe 2?fJra> 
gall o? HSojcll 20. minutes ano a balfe, tobicbiu all, from beneath tbe Uolutcs,to aboueHje 0bacu0,is 47. minutes 
ano a balfe : tbe bjcaot b of tbe abacus of tbe fapO Capitall is one Cll ano a balfe : but tbe bjeaotb of tbe Solutes is tics 
cllcs: tbe beigbt of tbe Slrctjitraue is 5 p. minutes: tbe beigbt of tbe j^rafe is 5 8. minutes: tbe beigbt of n)e Cojnice is m 
Cll, $ 48. minutes: tobicb Co;titce,in trutt),is balfe fo mucb mo?e asitflboulQ be(if toe toill crcoit Vitrumus p;ecepts.) 
lout j pjappoa, gentle HeaOer, effememe nctpjcfamptuotis, nettberpet account me fojacojrcctozof n)e tcejfeso! 
Sntiqmtie, from &bmc c men learne fo mucb ' (0? mp meaning is onelr ,toillinglp to let cou Bnoeruano ano knots that 
tobicb is toell mate from tbat tobtcb is ill matte: ano ttjat 31 toill not eoc after mg otene conccite , as if pou toere tangbt 
bp me, but bp tbe aatbo?ifp of Vitmuius: ano alfo or gcao antiquities, tobicb are tbefe tobicb beff agree toitb tbe Ooe< 
t ■ ine of tbat autbo?. STbeffiafc of tbisfccenoo?oer, ano tb«pcotfl:allt)nDcrit, tb^mpoQof tbe 3rcbcs,an5 toitball* 
tbe arcbitraue, f recfc Cojnice, pou Ml altogether fine in the fourth if mkc of tbcojoerof lonica in JFoIioK.tbe 
fecono, ano are all market* i»it& T, SLifecioife gon frjallfinD tlje Capvtail in tbe fame fonrtbbfflBe,bebino in tbe leafel. 
tbe 4. marfceoimtbM. 

* 1 -1 

£bef|irbpari of tbefojefapo Cll , of eo. rafanie*. 
-.{ 1 i ; j j i 1 j 1 . 1 ™ -. - . y_ — ^ 1 *-~* k -j 

The third Booke. 

The Fourth Chapter, F0L2 i 

Of Antiquitie 

' Dalmatia tbere 10 an ancient t oten calico Pola,lping bp tt;c &ra CBckiljcrtn pan map fee a great »art of a STbeatrci 
(n tbe making tober eof , tbe crper t toojaeman Df a belpe btmfelfe loitt) tbe bill tobercon it ftanoctb 9 b &ng tbe bit! fa} pact 
of tbc ficgrcra 0} dtps to goe top , anb in Itjc plapne beloto, be mafic tye 4D?cbeff ra, &ccne, ana other buttoings belong 

■■ ing to fuel) a piece of tooahe. 3nfi in truetb , tbc ruincs anfi tbe pieces irbitb ace pet at tbts cap fountt, Hoe Kjeaj 
that it iras a mod beautifull anfi famptuonc piece of toejfc e of Cone anfi too;fetmanfl>tp $ befifiee tbi0»tbete pon map fa 
a gr cat numbec of Columnes,fome ft anoing alone, ottjers toitb filacers, ano f ome Corners tottb feuce f qnace pillars , 
anfi fome faalfe connfi, all bounfi togetber , anfi toell tojougbt, after tbc Cojintbia •, foj t&6 tobole uwft,bctb witbOHt ana 
teitbin , teas mafie after the Cojmtbia manner. 2Ebt6 SButlfiing teas mcafurt o tottb a mefiecne cj tfuall foote : tobicb 
foote is ficniocfi into ttoelue parts, namefi ounces, tobereof tbe one balfe bereafter follometb. %\>z 3? igure bereafter 
follotoing,ujetoetb tbe Jcbnoarapbicanu aifotbcpjofiUof tbe2Cbeatre,tobcreof ibis is tbe roeafnre : tbetoifieneSeof 
tbc ^jtbrffra litjict) is balfe a Circle, to in Skiameter about 130. foote itbecegreesojffeps counfi about, tottb tbettoa 
trapes o? urettes,are of 70. foot: tbe toap marfcefiT. cemes euen toitb tbe plaine of tbe pulpit of tbe &cene to tbe foure» 
teen tl) Sep. &be toifieneffe of tbe posticus ronnfi about t!)e STijeatrc, ii I 5. foote, anfi tbe fines of tbe pillars intoarfi, 
is of 1 7. foot « a balf e $ but tbe f je*r an t\\ t of tbe pillars connfi about tbe (Bailer p, togetber Uritt) tbe ColumncSjbolfictb 
about 6ce fat in bjefitjj, anfi from tbe one pilaff cc to tbe is abont 1 o. foot toifie : anfi ibis is touching tbe grounfi 
of tils SEbeater. SEbc tioo grcatc 8 finac jane market) O.are tbe l^ofpitalia, from tbe tobitb plates men tocnt into tbc 
entrr 02 patting tfcougb, marbefi T. torjicb tomes top to tbc flccct, balfe toap to tbc tteps,acpon map perceiuc bptbe 
^oSIl maraco T. anfi bnfiec tbe going t b?ougb, is part of tbe going in. &be ©ofpitalta is fine ano fcurtie foote, 
tDf bjeotb of tbe&cene,isai.fcor, ttje bieDttjof tbe posticus o^allerp bcfo?e,tsa7foote,anfitbe Ungrtjislihe tbe 
boufe 5 tbe SBuilfitng tobtcb ttanfiett) aboue tbe gronno of tbe 2Cbcatrc,Cgmfietb tbe pjofill, tobitb i» cnt tb?eugb tbe fifiea 
of tbe STbeatce. &\)t arrbmartjcfi toitb A. fignifietb tbe going in, tbe faouo 3rtb C. anfi B. are bnfier tbe ffeps,tbe 
Com ire befifies marbefi tett{) D . is tbe f mpoft of tbe Grebes ; tbere net ficfi no going tp to tbis 2Cbeatre,fo ; tbe bill afojte* 
fapfi eafcfi tbe toojfecman tbecein, anfi men migbt alfo goe bp to tbe SCbeatre from tbc fcccne, becaufe it teas topnefi to 
tbe fago SCbratce : but tbe SCbeatre of Marcdlm i§ federates from t&e .feccne, anfi tberfoje tbe goings fcp toere neceffarp. 

SCbis is tbe balfe foote of meafore, iobrrebp. tbtsEbeatretoasmeafarcb tottb ail tbe ojnamtnts. 

jj i » Ji 11 J< 1 1 - J1 i 1 Ji 1 i Ji n Ji n Jt . ij 

The third Boofce. 

7 tie fourth Chapter. Fol.z^ 

FKO S-c £TnL 

g» &_ & © g « 

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a £ S & B Si H S @ EI E 

pop rrc. 

I £! 13 

f3 y ^ Sf ' S3 

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I! E 

B S 

Of Antiquitie 

Ttj^s tCfjEaf rr (as | \>mt fapb) was fcerp rich of ojnamesif s, all of fione, ano maD? of Cojtathia toojfee , teerp welt 
ane rit hip tojougtjt, ano b'p as mnctj as is fenc bp tt;e mines which !jc bartering about ibe fecene, teas bcrp beau* 
t full of Columnes topon Columnes, both Double ano Gngle,ano alfo in the inncrmoft ano cuttermoff parts , toitJ) 
Diners ojnamento of SSDoojes ano 5fr iwc tors. Che mncrmott part of the SBui'bwg is much ruinateo: ano touch* 
fag the meafurcs, | est) Tap little; bnt of tbe outtermeff parte, 3 Will tap fame what of Heir mcafures. 3Cbe firff , a ru» 
flicall oj ctountfl]O20er,wherem there is noColunificg,is clenatec fromtbeearth,togetber totb the tetjeleCojniee,msi> 
fe r d E . about 1 6 . focte : the height of the firfi pc ocffall , is fine fcote, t br b. etgbt of tbe Colnmnes tenth tbe JlSafes ana 
Capital;,^ %2.foot}tbetbic6ene(Teof the pillars, with tbe Colamnes, is 5. foots; the tbtctmeffe of the Col twines a> 
lone , is ttoo foot? ano a balfe: tbe Wtoeneffe of the arches, i 5 abont ten foote: ano their b eight t ajentp foote: the height of 
the arcbttraue^rerfcanoCojmce, is about fiuefootr, the frcon&pcoeflaU marhro X. is of fourefooteatiDabatfnthe 
height of tbafe C olutnncs ate about firtaene foot, the ^rctjifrauc 7 ftMt ana Cojntcc, is foure feat bictb. 3 fet not ootone 
tbe meawres of tbe particular member s,but in tbe figure pou map conceaue them; fcj the p are tuff of tbe fame pjopo> 
tton : 3 fet not ootone tbe meafure of tbe 6>cene, no; of tbe other parts luitbm: onelp ] bane bete fet foojtb a part of the 
§&o?ntUd of tbe &cene, Mjjcb is markeb P. 2lntt alfo the Cornice, iFrcefe ano 3rcbitraue market) F. teas in the bigbeff 
thereof; the Capitals marfeeoS. ffojae within, with fame balfrrouno Columnes, rapfeoont of fame ptlaGers, things 
that toete bcrp Well Wrought : all Which things (as J f apt) before) are fo fumptuous, both fa? Sone eno toojfeemanfinp* 
aethepmaptneHbe compareo tenth thofe of Rome: the Cornice, jFrafeanbarcbitraue,marfteo A. W*s m the higbcil 
part of the Cbeatte:the Cojnice marfeeb B.istheimpoff of tbefeconb 3rch: the arcbitrane,fr&feanD Cornice, mar* 
feco C. is the Cornice aboue the ftrff ilrch, the Cor. ice marlteo D. is the tmpoQ of the 3rcb : the Co;nice marfeeo toitb 
E. goeth aboue the rafficallbafcmentrouno about the SBuiloing: tbislmehereftnoer tr»t?a!fe atote> of the Whole foote 
ir herewith this SEnileing teias meafarec. 3n» toonoer not, gentle Ueaoer,tbat 3 fet not ootone all the meafarea moje 
pjecifelpjfoj ttjefe tbinga of Pola,toeremeafnrgbbp one that j>ao moje te<ioei8aotag in catting, ttjen in meafaring. 

She tjajfe foote, friberebp tljia is mearureti. 

j -«c—™w . 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Ghapter 4 FoI.24-- 

Of Anti'quitie 

ASCFcrentcn, an olb SDomne tping bp Vetcrben , tbcrefspettobcefime tbefomieof aSCbeafreiimubBeeapeo, 
being of no great toojfee ainnfbip , ano leffc ornaments, fo? an? thing a man mas perreane bp tbe fame ; for there 
arc no pieces to be fanetoberebp a man map concept anp matter of importance. 13 at poumap pet fee in tbe pos- 
ticus going from tbe JEbcatrc, there mere fonrefquare pillars, alfotbe&iap:cs thereof mere fccrpfimplcano 
plapne: ano becaufc it is fo motpOcrapeOjponranbarolpOifctrne bowtbepttm0» STbe &cmenf this SEbcafreismntfe 
Different from others, as poa map fee in tbegrouno thereof: nether is there fo mncb flanoing aboue greuno,tbaf a man 
map perceane bob) the §>etne ano tlje pnlpit thereof fiooo. SCbis grotmo was mcafores fcp tbe ancient forte , ano firff, 
fpeatungof the &>:cbeffra A. bjbicb is ijalfc a Circle, tbe Diameter thereof is 141, fet ano a tjalfe long. SCbeboopof 
tbe SEbeatre, that is, from tbe £D^befira,to the out tcrntofl of tbe €0 jnrr pillars of tbe ]3o?ticus,is 3 5. foot : tbe pillars 
of tbe comer oncptber fioe,i« 5.fatcb;oaD:fbccntrpof tbe^ojttcuson tbefleeof tie &eW, is 8. fate : fbcftaalt bn« 
bertbe&>tapjcs,i022. fate: tbetbicbeneffe of the Mall about tbe ieDjcbeflro, is 3. fate ait) a balfe: ifje^ofpitalia, 
marfeeo X. is fa length 40. foot ano a balfrj ano in bjeotb : o. fcote: tbe toieeneffe of (be J3 opticus afeotit tbeSIbeafre, 
is 1 i.foote: tbe pillars are tt?icf?e ano bjosa, 3 . fects ano 3. quarters; tbewiheneffe of fljearcb, is 9. foote: tbe inff 
bjcotbof the ^Djtbtftra marfeeo B. is 20, foote: the place of fbcfJuIpitC. is in length 40. feste ano alialfe j buttho 
bjcbtb is 1 2. foote : tbe going though, is 9. foote. Che place marfeeo D. Qjonlb be tbe gorttcus be&tno tbe &ccnc: pee 
there is no fbeto of anp Cslnmne* ; bat tt ajctuctrj tbat there teas a mall fiancmg bp tbe mater fine, 2Cbc bjeotb of thiff 
ptacr,is ip. foot f no a balfe. ©Mtffccnt this2Eljeafrc there fianoetb u)c fotmoationcf tta>51£ailDings,buttrjepare fo 
much becapeo,tbat peu can fins no cnb of them: neuertbelcu*e 3 tbe SBuileing marbeb F, fo; as much as pou fee of tMfoeUw 
ttb that it teas iepnei? toother things. ST^jc icioenrffe Ictjercin ttjc F. flanDct^, is 51. fcote. BEbe 2. fmall places cj 
{fancies boloitig bp tbe on e fibc, are epght foot ano a balfe ; ano en the other Gee, ten foot ano a balfe, fflbe Grebes tobere 
tljefoureColumnesSanb(u3b»b3Stabsbe maoc in that manner) atcin length 27. footanoa balfe, ano tabreotbteii 
foot ano a baU"e. EEbebjeotb of tijeHSuiloingmarfeebE, isttoentpfcofj tbe bolloto places in tbe fioes,are 17. foote: 
tbelengtb of all together, is do. foote, ano is biffant from: tbe Ebeatre one tiune j«D ano one ano fojtte foot ; ano from 
the other 3lSuiloing 3 feucntie foote ano a balfe. 

ffibe balfe of t|e olDe foofe. 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. l% 

■ -■■■. 


Of Antiquitie 

TEC JHguretnfccrfhfo,tnarfect> A. 3tbmfietobtneIw«tbefecciieof a£beafK,if ffan&etbbettoffneFondian* 
Trracma ; bnt f here is fo VWe to be fer tit of tbc SEbeatre, tbat ] meafarcb it not : nettber fits 3 meafote Ibis part 
of tbe fetcjie,1»titb is mcje tecapcb tbcn it ffcctn tb bcre- tmt as 3 fate on Ijojfcbe tt?,3( mate a fltgM Djau^t tbe :c> 
of. STbrJDajematbeD B.ffanDetbatSpoIeta,andi0bcfpot»*,inabeaftertbf»D*ieai»iancr, t»f»ic^U^rtoifc 31 ctonot 
mwftitt,bntinaBe cnelptbe innentionanDfojme thereof. Cbe ©atemarfeeeC. isbettoeeneFoligasanoRorce,ont 
in tb< ffrfct : anb alt|ongb it feme a Itcrnttcas anb bnfs melp tbing, tbat (be a«b ftenlo bjeake tbe paffage of tbe arcbi* 
tranfjftWeantiCojniccj ptneuertbdcffc, tbe inurnticn Diflifeeb weenof. § meafurr a cnelp tbebjc&tb ano tbe 
Itn tb, !b« frbttb i foimotobceeigbtttne fete, ano cntrnBttotntpfoctcanoabalfe. atljm&citbabbene a fmait 
«ewpl£,o?a$>tpnlfb?ejbHt be Hat itu>i:l,it Ojctoctbtoell toaman»fi2^ 

',^ Mif))/!Fii/v'¥'!l/ l)llll)l/)l<l^l| 


The third Booke* 

I3Cisfapo,t&at tbte bailoitigtoaseaU 
ko^ojhciis, of Pompeo : otfjers fap, 
t^al tt toas tbeboafe of Mario j but it 
tscaUea bptije Common people, Cara* 
feario: vsincb bniioing, as farre as | can 
barne, UB3sen:lpmaocfc?mcn fa cafe 
tbemfelaestii: fa? there is no o welling 
in 'tat all: anbaltbotigb this bailing 
at tbis bag ts almoS bscapeo, pet it toas 
tjerp great,anO contapneo man; places, 
as poo fee bg maim boufssof f^is b(ttl9? 
tng tobicb are toon a in the cartb. Mbsrc 
tJtr lUtt c ft- nBctb, is nob) tb£ toap to goe 
from Catnpo #lojo ,to tijs Vetoes plain 
ano toberc *bc Ccdffe is nottytbc boufes 
sf Lancia CrefeftanO J tobercG.ftios, 
is tbc Jetoss plate: toberetbeM.ffait'B* 
etb, bee the ^arcellacit: tobercibeC. 
flanottij-. istbcCbnrcb'parbof &.&al* 
nato?te:ana to^rrc trjc E. iecntcb?cugbi 
is tbe jFojecficontof tbe tjoufesofCeli 
fig : fo tbat tberebp pou map fee tbe great 
lompas tbcreof. aClje ttj:6t rounb tfjmgsi 
toere &>tap?es to goe bp to tljc ttoo emp 
tie Uomiblcs* Stoo fo; tbat t^crets no 
fljem of fetagjes to be feme m tbofe ttoo, 
it is to bee conccsaeo , tbat tb cp a 're o< 
pen piaeess to mafee toateriri, (fo? "act) 
tbtngs arc neceffarp.) a-be gronae a? 
ibis too?fee ifl meafareo top tbe fame <&\l 
tbat tbe HCbeatec of Marcellus toad 
sneatoreo toitb&U: tobtcfc mcafure pou 
^oaSjailfinoe ^ere, after tl)8 ©biliftetij 
ano (balfe an <&l Ojalbe Itjirf y minutes.) 
#uo firff , tbe tljictwcffc cf ijjs jMaScrs 
is tb?* ©lies arm a balfe : tbe ttjicltnelte 
cftbeColarmieststusoCBUca: tty %w 
iersolumnes, are en all Ones, nine <BUsS 
ana a balfe: tbe pilasters of tbe fourc 
Co?ners,are fo mucb mo?c tbe tbe enter* 
n?oS Ca?nefs ft nm cuer tljctn : tobiclj 
Corners tsrre maoe toitij groo iasgc* 
ment, to? tl)ep bprjoio tbe Cojnct bg 
firtti.jn) , anb toitl) beaut? of too?fte« 
l&trebp tooifeemcn map learncbstota 
mafee <£o?ners toitb Colnmnes , ano 
toitb^ilaaersboana togetber, tfjat tbe 
Comet ma? aifobefonrefqaarc, as tbe 
Coluntne is, tobicb giuetb tbeCojner 
roo;e fattneffe, tben if tbe fame Co?ner 
loere o?atone along tbe puafter: ano 
fo? n)e Co?ners tobicb areo?atone in, it 
jvufeetbemouer tb e fi°c m Diagonal! 
maner,tobere tbe tiDO rounbColutnnca 
toaertbe Conner, tben t!jcp toill fame 
tnperfit Co?ncr s, ano toenails, becauf e 
tbeparc (eenc on all fioes. 

The fourth Chapter, Fol,z£, 


1 I 





Of Antiquitie 

T Stacking ttye Jctynograptyie, | tyane fatts inougty s note 3 mnS fpeafec fomeltytng eft^c fejmie abijue f$e grouno , al> 
tfcoagb ttycre is not ninety thereof tube fane: neuerttyelefliMtyeteispetfomucty Canning bpjfgbt (altljoog^ tt be 
HtDrn) ttyat tfjercbptije batbe pact ttycrof fotttyont, is to be conccaueb ,lotyicty,ta tract!? is an ingenious inncnticn. 
fc? a fatt toojfee, efpeeiallp in ttye firtt ojoer,totytrty pou call E>ojica,alttyOHgb it batty ne?rtyer arttyirrauCji&rfg' 
liph n«i Cornice : JBut pet ttyereis ttye fojme, ano ttyat berp fubtillp maoe, toitty great ttrengtb ane fapje JButtoing (a* 
toell of tyaro Bone as of EBjtcfts) aspon map fee In ttye figure follotoing. 2Etyc ttyicfeeneffe ant» bjcotty are ftyetocb befoje t 
ttye tyeigtyt of ttye Colnmnes toitty iSafes anD<£apitals,feuentecne Giles : anc ttye tyeigtyt of ttye arctyes,fiftisne Giles. j£tye 
fceigtyt of ttye Cuneottyat is, ttye ftyuf tingJ&one abene ttye 0rcty, is 2 . dies : ttye tyeigtyt of ttye binning? fttyiety is in fif eaD of 
an h Etyi tt ane,is 1 .Cil t s,ano fo ninety is ttye fat ic about it. SEtye fecono o;t>er feemctty tmiupp03tabte,fo? ttyat ttyere t s a 
toatgtyt of $3 ilattcrs If anDing aboue an open bole : a ttying totyirty in f ntetty (s falfe f errcmons to fpeafec in rcafon. 0tnn> 
ttycicTcfs) ttyat ttye fir^^?oet is fofsS arm ffrong,bpmeancs of ttye (butting Hone aboue in ttyearcty; asalfo tofttyttye 
tro& Cone *pon it, toitty ttye fatt facie bpon ttyat, anobp rcafon of ttye gooo ftyouloers of ttye3rcty, totyicty altogether 
Qjr & to be fatty a ttrengtty (as in effect it is) ttyat ttye platters ttyat rr tt bpon it, fame no t to oppjeffe ttye tcojbc , as ttycg 

« u ._i?. ifit «ti»**a ttntnle Clrrh \r\ifh sn CTrrhtfranr itrettv sinrt rf"r.'nirt> • fnilnliifh rnnfp3! hlntttp Hint ihia tmtfttttntt 

,vw— .«..-, .- «..w» w ..-»«j.. r «*«, <a ^.»...«.« l . tbebetgbtof ttyeColumnesfselencn 
Giles ant- an cpgty t part toitty ISafes ano Capitals, anb are maoe after ttye Cojinttyia manner. 2Ctye tyeigtyt of ttye 0rctyt« 
trace, f reefeann Cornice, is ttoo Giles ano ttyjee quarters* Slttyougty 3 can giue no particular meafures of ttyis Coj» 
nice, jf reef e anb arctyttraue, becauf e fucty ttyings are not to be fane, pet ttyere is on elp fo ninety toall, ttyat ttyerebp a man 
mat conceane ttye freefes, Cojnicca an* arctyitraae. 

fttye ttyirb part of ttye €11 , totyerstoifty ttyis is mcafareb. 

1 i~~ 

H — ^ 

The third Bodice. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol.z^ 

Of Antiquide 

Aspong ether fatre antiquities in Rome, there arc ttt'o Columncs of garble, all cut full of #iffojtes,brr|> good iw» 
be81r»o;be« ETljc one i0 calkD Amoniaaa* Coltitt ne , tjtjc c%r Traiaos Colnmne : anB foj f^tt Traiant 
Colnmne is flje ttbatett, 3 iotU fpeafce tomctobnt tfcer r of, S'bis Column: , asmen fap , (be Cmpercur Traua 
eaufco to be mao£,tobicS) is all of S^atble, and tnabe of nt my pieces* but fa ctafclp icvn iejjcttjer, that tijep forme 
to bee all one piece : ano to gtne the particular mearare thereof, 3 toitl begin at the foete or the ffiafement thereof: ant 
urtt^bedcgraajacplntbefirfirrff, ts tbjeegalme* bisb> tbe^Unthusbf the 515afe, is ajBalmc anoejgbt mirntcs 
|igb; the earned 0; graoen SBafe is as mncb: the fiat of the ISaf emenf is 1 2 . palmes ano fire minutes high : the grauen 
Center it a ^almc and an balfe high- SCbe place inhere the feCin bangctb m, is tire \j3almes ano ten minutes high : 
tyt teboleSBafeof tbeColumncs,isf»re^almfsan&28,minafes,andisdcuideiMn this manner: the piinthus irbrre 
ibe Cfcagle ftanoetb bpon one corner (but j?on mutt imagine tbat there I s one at cucrp corner) is tb j a- palmes and ten mi" 
nates btgb-: tbe Cbo;ns aboue it, is tb?& Palmes ano tpght minutes btgb: tbcCincte is ten minutes high. She 
beight of the Colnmne, tbat is, the boosts 1 8. fabrics and 9 minutes :n> aflragall tei tb the Sinaojants 03 litte tweec 
the (Serine, is 10. minutes. &fye beigbt of tbeCcbine, is a.palmes and 2. minutes: the tjeiglat ef fbeabacus,is 3* 
Palmes $11. mmnfes:aboae bpon this Columne, tbrre is a $*edettal of a round fojmc, tl»oogb the tobtcb men crept fro 
the winding %> t apjes ,ano map goe eaiitp rouno abo»t,becanfe the platne ground the r eof, is 3 . Palmes ano a balfe bjaao: 
the height of this ^edeff all is 1 1 . palmesj tat tbe Bafe is two ^almcs, ano tl;c Cojnice aboue, is a |B alme btgb. STbe 
Crotone aboue the pebeffall, is thjtt Palmes ano a balfe high '• the tbicbeneffe of this ^eocttall, is 1 1 • ^almes ano ten 
minutes: tbetbicBeueffcof tbe Columne aboncts 14 ^almes, ano tbe tbicknellebeloto, is 1 6. Rainiest tbe roend* 
nsffemarbeo A. in Sat fomie, ttjefccctb the tbtehneffe aboue: and the Circle marfeeDB. is tbe tbtehneffe below, SDhe 
tirideneffe of tbe Winding fetap?es,is 3 . palmes, ano the &pillfonre palmes. STbe bjcitb ef tbe SBafcmcnt, ts 34. 
pal mes ants c< minutes ; in tbe Which tpace are cut two Compart ements, therein is contained an <£pitapb ,bnder wbtfb 
man? ffiropbecs are cnt: anaintbt Cpitapb are tbefe letters hereunder wjitten. 

S. P„ CL. R. 


SCbts Colnmne is bitfogtapbfebtoitb excellent gab eat toojbc, anc ojatone along toitft Berries; Uisalfofiiifed in 
E>o?icall manner: in the fltnttngs the figures are made in fuch fo;t,that riling bp 0; bearing ontof tbeifigure, tbe 
fe:ine of the Columnes anb fiinting,is nothing Btfparageo j bet toecne tobicl) figures there ttano feme Winso 03es,lDbicb 
gine ligbt to the tuinoing £>tap?es : ano although tbe fate Winoomes are placed ojocrlp ,v 1 1 tbep hinder not the l^tCojtc 
at all, and pet tbcp are 44. in number , ana 3 urill fbctu the lubole Columne in the figure following : but tbefe are the 
members fbereof, openlp tojittcn end fct toume* Sin tbefe members art meafuredtoic^ tycoldeKomanc^alme, as 
»cu find it befo?e bpon the round. 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter, FoL 28. 

» V_'- 

Of Antfquitie 

I^mjc befoje faffUi-nilp fpofeen of $e bjebtb of traiam ©clnmne, ano of tbc particular owner fbcreef, note? torts; 
fljelu (be tobolc ©olnrane pjcpojtioneo as it is : &o tben, t^e Columnc marfeco tsttb T , npjcftntetb Traiam Co* 
lamnet brt srorc townee tvc^Dyelifccfifpjmcs ojpjocttoe , anObou>tbcpb>ereb?ougbitoKomc, anototofoatenotljep 
ferue,3JtotfUiotrp2afceof, fo;n)at Pliny eedaretb it at large; onelp atotUtcttljcrncafore&ere, an&Ojcto tbefojmeof 
ferae f&tngstobub Jbaucfeene an»meafareotoiu)inKome: 0nBfirtt,tbe©beltfce,tnarBeB O.istoitijouttbe Cape" 
na, art- is al! grauen anc cat tatty ©gpptian letters : ttjc tbicfemffe ttjeceaf in t|e fate, is ten JBalmesano a t»atr« ; tye 
beigtjticSo.^aimcs: ano tbls onelp teas wicornrcD tettt) ttjc ancient ^almcs but tbeot&trtbjaibptttoerentiarnrea 
bp a mcoerncojWnall©U of tfo. minutes, tobercoftye line t&at is bettoane tbe&bcltfces, is t^e ^alfe> and is DcniDcs 
into so. part*. Cbe^DbeliTce marbeo P.ffaHDetb intBaticans (trjat t#) at &>.£?tcre,anttieof ©gEptianttone: In tfct 
top u ijcreof (t^eprap)tbeatbe0OftbcQ6mperonrGaiHs CaeCarOano: tbctyicbneiTetbereofbelotD,i04.®Uesani4i. 
minutes : tt»e be tgbt is 41 . ©lies sbd a £alic : tije part abaue , is ttj;« ©lies ant fonre minutes tbiefce : ans bnoer at tyc 
tote fianoetb tljcfe letters, 


%\}t "©btllfce osarSio Q.lpetbat£. Rochus,bjoken in tbe miwle of tyeffreetin tb;et pieces, ano men fa? ltf»efci(V 8 
fberelpeibbnruo inttioearrbalaDie catUo A U Augulta: tbetbicfceneflebeneafyoftbefaio £>beliftecnearl)/aae,i» 
ttojCllesatro 24 minutes: tbe beigbtif atf.©lfes«no»4« minntts: t%t ttjlcfeencffc abeae,boloetb an©Uan»3$, 
minutes : n)eS5afewent teas all of one piece, ana tbetfDbelifcemarheo in cireo Ant©nuaoCaracalla,ano isbjofcen, 
as pou i a in tbe fojme. SCfce tbfekenes of tbe ® belifce, is ttoo ©lies ano 2 5, minutes beleto,an& abone one ffill ano 3 3, 
minutes: n)e beigbt it* 8. ©tles,ano itf. minutes: anoall rlje pescttaU are p?cpo;ttonco n)ereaftrr. 2nt> alujangb 
Cper«uentore) tbere are mo*e of tbcm in Ro mc, tobicb 3 &aue not feme, pet tbefe tebtcb 31 W< tent jut berc fct ootrnc 
fo goorfigbt, as being betttaJiUme. 


The third Bobfce, 

i The fourth Chapter, Fol.zp 

Of Antiqwtie 




3$ flmp^catrc etttome, 
flleDColifCCO, Vcfpafanus tye 
roar caofct to bee mane in (be 

of tbe Citp, a3 Auguftus ban 
itcDttbe^c: ttje Scfeaograpbte 

aeuiacb into 4j;atts (asibe 
isisof4.^btrsjt&atpoB ma? 
Janott tfjebcitu\bctaufeof tbe 
[artuuiatafffe thereof] Ebis 

is mcafrreci bp tbe ancient 
!: ana firtt, beginning at f be cntf 
S parts : £]}? $i?aGers bcfcJfi 
ij[ almcs ants 6 -mir.utts bjcau: 
jknrsof tbe Columncislfciure 
!S} but tbe JDilaficr on tvty.t 
ib;ee l&almcsatifca. minufrsi 
cunrg tottoane § ^ilafWrs is. i 
iims> buttle 4. pjHip&igoi ' 
^cn3bbol!>2!mfS,: tbe,. 
m of tyc pi ! afti rs in tbeffOrs 
(.palms. 5E|r.HoemBe«ftJ)8 - 
jijticus is!mrfl. SDlje a.}; 
is intoar'os , is 20. jpalm?gi; 

1 bott) of \\)ita tffir'Et), SEbeetbrc 
rs tah-arsstb^ Center, bftaufe 
fffti tbemfduES , 3 feW fl s ^t 
kbutbptbcfe onttmDfpf map 
« it, btcaufc flje B ere a(l pj9* ; 
?D accojotng to tbeMti|: tbe: 
noft part of tut 2 • 3cbiwgr opbp 
4)6 1. bottle WTMr**! 
I bjoaoer : foj tb JJtlatMB are '• 


•5? fw 






Hot to tbftKC on tfee Goes as ibebnacr* tbe tntoaroeft ©alter £ if croffe r a* 
fro. 3no in tbis posrtens tbcre are feme 
fmall CribnnestmrhebX. in tbe mio* 
blcbtbrrrof* tberefiano fonrc fqmrc 
Sine llgbt to tbofe places.^ 5 . gr>tmD 
toithoat is alio like tbe 2. but tbeltmlb 
fng places are to macb toiocr, as tbe pi* 
tatters aretbinner: ant) tbe ont'ermott 
toalkuijj place is croffe rcof t5 ; ano (be i& 
wcrmottroarjfc. flilfnowsnHrbep V. 
came totfte&tapjes, that tberebpeue* 
r? one migtjt goe into bis place, aieco^ 
dins to bis »co,r«.2Cbe 4- gMtmb ts like 



J 1 

il f 

■l - — -i.- 

|___J .1 - jL 

fbeofbcf I 
flat * its tb) 

H?mrn 00* 
eat>eD,tbai in 
latter* toil k 
in croffe,lo|% 
as tbe grot 
along tbe tj 



SHbe 2?c$rets 
loyneo tl,tji% 



Tkethird Booke. The fourth Chapter, Fol. 36 

foit&oaf,baf tbcw ari 
larcbes, ^Colunes are 
[esbettoeenebotb, there 
lis 4. flattgroana, ma* 
'betbcr tbe whole fpaee 
Daihing places to s co« 
III/ Mtiifclg tot $ it is fo m jcb d*> 
^iM|< icanfarHofipesof^ 
aj toil bat in the omtoara pact 
lufpwfflte beginnings at arch, $ 
V.flirt* Ibojt forties to tbe trail, 
octSitl|ffA letoeuj;? mm Diu clime 
IP StocrcfntttottoaHas 
1 ;aflD 7 .totbeoiiUfcra'^ 

imn&flfoeg,as pon map better cencefae of 
tttn § pjofilljon § fine of § Qa^ts in § 5* 
gore fotlotoing. Cbe fpaces,astnrll astf 
a.(l)afts,comognc§aepgcjBegr*s ka 
mtnto fit en;f entrp Begree was fo tyoea 
j5 a man<fitttttff eafi!v;mifi&t go bpon tbe 
fame toitfeont tronbliiiganotljcr : fotthai 
tfeefe archer? there wrrc leffe Geps, f« 
eafe,$ cm n; man might go tefo Sjis pto- , 
as in $ ficttrc G. ? Rjetoecnn, Mj>. £ 
Begr&s, tbtre ere; cme bollcteCU'-'E s, 
from tbe fop to $ bottom ,f o ancis tbe tea* 
tcr Botontoarcc; as alfo fo; mrns irate r, 
as pcu map fa in tbe figcrc H. S^cfe Be* 
Eras to fit on,bang ftofcntosrs a get & ffa* 
ger, t&at no toati r tfonlD Ow fcpon ?bcm: 
tobub Begn&s were irccllertfpwflliofl/ 
neo togttber, as in tbe figure i.Gjjwttt;, 

fetepe befwerne 
ttje ^Degrees*- 

Of Antiquitic 

| ^aue SbttaieD tye Ttbnogcapbic of tftc MomiOj Colifto, in f onre lojls, euehllfceas tbebniloing is or foute fojts oj o;» 
locrs: note 3 mnftmtto tbe JBjofitl thereof, b$ the tofefcba man maptonceauea gfeatpartof tbcmtoariitbmes: 
* therefore tbe figure follotoingfbtfcktb the to^lc builDuiijaboae § eartb,as if itfaerecut tbiongb iHtbe tmUDle. Jn 
teb«b jfign«, firtt pou te all tbe Degrees tobtrcon tbe jkpcrtatojs fate « tbere alfo pon map perceincboto man? toapes 
tbe goings tip toere,totjic b(in trotb)faere ftrry eafle to go bp f Do tone, fo tbat in uW time tbe Smpbitbeater teas fit'.eD 
toi?b a great number of men,tottbcnt binDjanee cne of another, ^onmap alfo fee in tbe outtaarD part^oto tbe tbtcfencs at 
the platters, anD (betealleobpU)atDslctteneti,li}btrbontbelnQOearee>?atonetn, nnobeingfo tyatenetn, giiatbtbe 
feuiloing great ttrengtb t ano to Ojcvn it to be true, pon map f« tbcre, at tbts Das, foinc part of tbe partes teitbont.pct 
tobole,from tbe top to tbe bottome, ano pet tbe intoarD parts are DrcapeD, ana tbat batb tt)e Draining intoarD ui itje £m 
tree Bone,tob<cbmaBe tbe teo3betri6t;ter,fafeing, asit toere, afejmcofajairamiDes. iButt&isisnotobfcraeDratbe 
common bailetng in 33c nice , but rather tbe confrarp, betaufc tbe toalles toitboatate in JBerpcnDitofot; manec, anolcf* 
fen intoarDs : anD this tbep Doe (foj tosnt of jj rounB) to get tbe mo?e frate feptoatDs , but tbat tobirb belpctb fatb bail* 
DtngB,is,tbattbcreare no£KbrBinit,nc}$tefr0,ofanp maner,tbatfo2te tbe toallcs ferine out, bnttrje romberof 
ffiesm stebirbarelagDanDrattneDin it;e unites, binD tbe fcraUesanb tbe romes of tbe bonfe together, anofofacb 
buUDiwjsftarOfaCra long as the 13c amrsinr ore, tobitb men from tune to timennne: neuertbeleffe, tbefe feinfis of 
bniloings taG hot fo long as tbe ancient builDinps DiB,maoe in fntb o?Der as pon f A in tbe Colifeo, tobereof 3 tolll fpeafce 
agapne. 2nD toHball, (as J fapo) tbe innc rmott part being fo ruinoos , tbat men fee no part of tbe tamtmoff toojke, 
Ubif b »s tut off b ^ tbe UilE tbat fa*) ^bafis o? arrotobcaoe at flje enDg : anD fo? fljat pou fee no parts thereof at all, 
tobettycr tbat the toppcrmott parts of tty bight ttttcpg, bptoarDs to the top, toerealleonerefitoitb Double (Galleries, oj 
tbat tbe^o?tirns teas alone,ano tbe ctber left open: therefore Jhaue maDe it in ttoomancr of toapes: tbe<ineis{as 
pon fee in tbe fame JDjofill) iopnirQ teitb all ttje tuo^bc : anDtbeotbermaneris.tDbicbftanDetbtoitbonttbfDegraso; 
ftcps,tet)icbojDer affo^greectbtottb tbe otber, if voufet it fo.tbat tbe ttoo lifts in tbe peDeftals mecte each toiflb tbe 
other : but fo; tbat vou fee feme remavnocrs of the troffeD ISofcs, tohitb V& fang toitr}in on tbe toallrs, as tbe fourth; 
erounofbetoctb, trjsinijub, fiuege, teasonrlga^oittcus, an* that the other part teas bneoncreD to receiuetbe 
people,anDbewgfD ; muffrc£eiuetbsmbct«rthen if tbe Callctusijao banc Doable: ipoto to twrne to tbe beginning 
of tbe Decrees ojftcps, trjat^ltaae notbtngbntoutbeD, as tteereas 5 can,? fap,bp meanes of tbe ruincs, anD Ailing ftp 
teitb matter fallen, tbeplapne, ojtncplaccint'.;emii;DlctsfoflitcDftp,tba£aman cannot markebctubigb the firftDe^ 
grasoftbeplapncinereclcuateo: butbptlje uiftractions of tbofe- tbat bane fecne tbe enD,tbefirft Degree teas fobigb» 
tbat t'nc toile anD bntamca Bcafts conle not butt tlje bcbolocts : ano fljere teas alfo a Bo?tttocring,ano otbtr ftrojes,. -.^ • 
of a rcafcnable bjeDh) to go rouno abcut,as it is fbctoco izibere it is marfeeD teitb c » &be tteo open placcs,tbe IcaS anb 
tijcgreatcftarcb,teere to b?ing in ligbt STbe places ftanoing bp alone tbcDtgi-esojftepstebicb arc ccucreDanbmat; 
feo A.arcS>e»jcs, toberebsmmte8ntU:itb8ut,bp tl)s ^tagjes to t&e S^bcatsr ♦ 

The third Booke. 

Tlie fourth Chapter. Fol.y« 


Of Antiquitie 

T@& outtearD pact, that is, ttje &?f bcgrapbie of t(re Komiflj Colifcco, ts mafic of fourc Gojics : anfi itje 6tC ffojs 
nert about tbe grotmfi,ts mafie after the manner of JDojica: anc although there arc in tbe iFreefe neither SErv 
glipbes no j Spetopbes,no? pet oats in the Gtpitt olie o; arcbitrauc; neither JFulmtnes ano guts bnfier tbe crotonr , 
pet it map be calico SDo;:ca , Cbe feconfi £>;oer, is after tbe manner of Monica: anfi although tbe Columnes be not 
fluifeo, pet in effect trjep map be calico jontca. 2Cbe tbuffetojp, is after tbe manner of Cojinlbia , fautfirmc too;fte 
toitbout cutting, bnleffe it be tbe Capitals , tbe tobtcb toitb their beigbt are not crqmfitclp mace. Stjc fourth £> to;p,4s 
Compofita; other call it &,atuia,bccaufcittoas imicntc&bp the Romanes : fome others caUitJtalica. 315utitmap tocll 
be calico Compofita, tacr c it but fo? tbe mutilcs tobicb ffanfi in tbe jfr&fe,fo? tbat no other fetojp bane tbeir mutiies in 
tbe frcefc, but that. St&anpmcn affcetobp tbe Romanes mace tbislBnilcingof fourc ;©:oers, anfi mace it not all of 
one fojme o j ojDcr as manp otber 3 are, as tbat of V erona, tobicb is all of ruff icall toojhe, anfi tbat of Pola alfo. 2 man 
map anftoerc tljercunto, tbat the olo l\eniancs,3S rnlere oucr al,f efpeciallp of tbofe people,from fobence tbe tbja former 
s^cere hao tbeir beginning ,tooulD (et tbofe 3. generations oneaboue anofber : $ aboue all tbofe ojfiers, tbe Compofita, 
as fount) bp tbemfeluesj tbercbp fignifping, tbat tfjcp astrpumpbers oner tbofe people, tooulfi alfo triumph toitb tbeir 
looses, placing anfi mingling tbem at tbeir pleafures. SBot omitting tbcf c reafons,toc toill pjocecc to tbe meafures of 
tbe outtermoff parts anfi fitetbograpbie. SEbis ffiuilfitng teas eleuatefi from tbe eartb t toe Degrees: tbe feconfi Degree toas 
fine palmes b joao , anfi tbe firfl ttoo palms; tbe beigbt teas little leffe tben a palme: tbe 3i3afe of tbe Colttmne bias not 
ttoo palmcs, no mo;c is tbe 2Do;f ca ; tbe Columne is foare palmes tbicae anfi ttoo minutes : tbe beigbt is 3 8. palms 
anfi 5. minutes, toitb iSafc anfi Capital! : tbe beigbt of tbe Capitallis about ttoo palmcs : tbe pilaff ers on eptljer fioe 
sf tbe Columnes,aretb?ffi palmes anfi tbjee minutes : tbe toioeneffe of tbe 0rcb is ttoentp palmes, anfi tbe beigbt is 
3 3 . palmes : from tinner tbe 3rcb,to tbe 3rcbitraoe,is fine palmes anfi fire minutes : tbe beigbt of tbe 3rcbftraue is 
ttoo palmes anfi *pgbt minutes : tbe beigbt of tbe JF recfe is tbzsj palmes ano ttoo minutes: tbe Cojnice as mucb. 
2Cbe pefieffall of tbe fecono ©jficr, (sepgbt palmes anfi ten minutes bigb: tbe beigbt of tbe Columnes, toitb JIBafcs 
anfi Capitals, is fine ano thirty palmes, tbe tbiebneffe is foure palmes: the pilaff ers anfi Arches are line tbofe be* 
neatb : but tbe beigbt oftbe a rcb is tbirtp palmes : from fencer tbe 3rcb, to bnfier tbe 2rcbif raue, is fine palmes ano 
fire minutes : the beigbt of tbe arcbitraue is tbjee palmes : tbe beigbt oftbe IFreefe, is ttoo palmes anfi nine minutes: 
tbe beigbt of tbeComice, is tbjeepalmes ano nine minutes. &be peoeffall of the fourth ®jocr, caUeo, Compofita, 
(beere our 0utbo?batb forgotten tbe tbiro gDjfier, butbotofocuer, it Differ etb not mucb from tbe 30 nica) tbe pefieffall 
of tbe Compofita, is ttoelue palmes bigb? tbe bnfier-ilBafe thereof, is fourepalmes : tbe beigbt of tbepillars, toitlj 
315afes anfi Capitals, is tbirtp epgbt palmes anfi fire minutes : tbebeigbtof the 0rtbttraue,.f recfe, anDComice, isa* 
bout ten palmes, ficaifiefi in tbjec, one part foj the Co;nice, tbe feconfi fo; the i^eefe, toberem tbe ^utiles ffanfi, anfi 
t^t tbirfi fo; tbe arcbitr aue. I5ut fo? tobat caufe , 0; reaf on,tbe too jfeeman fet the ^utiles in tbe ^refe, (things, tobicb, 
perafiuenture, befoje that time toereneuermafie) 3 bane ocliucrcfi mp opinion thereof in mpfonrrbS5ailJc, in tbe be' 
finning of the 3D?ocr of Compofita. £0>e pillars of the fourth ^Difier are flat, anfi rife but a little: all tbe reff are rounfi 
Columnes, (tbat is to fat?) tb;ee fourth parts, rifing out of tbe pilaff ers: the ^utiles aboue the toinoo toes fcpbclfi feme 
beames, tbe tobicb arc boajefi though toitb boles fo; men to D;atoco2fis to coucr the bole Srnpbttbcater, as toella* 
gainff tbe Sunne as ti>t rapne: fo; tobat caufe tije Columnes are all of one thicaneffe, anfi leffen not one mojc then tbe 
other (as it fismetbtbepfboulfi; ano as Vitruuiustoculo) as tbe feconfi !3D;Der are Icffcmfi a fourth pact, 3 bane alfo 
Declarefi mp opinion in tbt fourth iogjUc, anfi the nintb Chapter. 3n tbe treatife of making Columnes, longer 0; ffjo;< 
ter; anfi tbat tbe particular members map alfo be noteo, 3 bane market) tbem alfo bp tfje £);tbograpbie of tbeColifcco, 
tobub are p;opo;tionefi accojeing fo tbep;incipall,togetber toitb tbctr Cacacters tobsretmto tbep arelibeneo. 




** v 

i ill) . -. 

1 8*i!y 



The third Bodke. 

The Fourth Chapter, Fol^i, 


Of Antiquitic 

fj^ifpclloj c bctrp olt> SCetene in JfalMfcctti* aberp, 
clDcfBajtcjdJfite, tfeefoojle tabcreof « SDotfta, al< 
tticngb it bat b nettt)cr STrtgupbtt^et&opc* no? (£nts : 
fljc tfto Cotoers on t&e Goes thereof ma?beecalteb$c<> 
tscrns torjfee , m regard of tbe gDjnamtnts about J 
tcl;i:b Otters are botij of cnefafbion, alfboagbBtbam 
left one of tbcm cot. 2Lbe Jtbtwpbrcuj bnoernratb 
tbe i*igure,ant> teas mfafarcDtoiibtbe ancient fmte:anD 
front one BCotoer totbe ottjer, arrtfo.nntiio. fate: tbe 
mtDOlc Octets a o.ftoteuiiDe: eacb$outrnc<©at.eig 10. 
fcotc uriee : trje plafJetfl bcttoeene lljc 1 .pojts o; C>atcs ? 
are 10 fcotcbjoao: ttje tjctflbt ] fet not eofone, but omlp 
tbs inuention, breaufc it pUsfen meunll. Cbefctapje* 
fcnocr tlje STotoera, toitb *be gronno , E. are bp onr £ntbo) 
K'.aoc on botb flues : but acenjotng to bis gronno , tbe 
£>fapjcs muff come as rtjrf ffano abone n)e grouttDCej 
rife net, tijentije grcunQ muflbrcmaoe libe D. 3O}t0, 
snootbertbingsmoje (altbcugb<bere conflttctb no great 
matter therein) i tbongb! goD to note,tbat pen map fcnoto 
tbatjbsucfet tbe touinc pate bp paceaejfounotbent. 

The third Booke, 

The fourth Chapter, Fol 33 

T^tft <Di?ni«*,)!BafemontSf 55afes,arc rcliqncs of antiquitie: ants tbatfoliicb is marks A. a yittc of tljc&okminrJS teitljgrcbjlram!*, iff a ft* 
fCD>«tccs;anoBlfotoitl)tbcli5afcmentaboae,to^cl)toai5aUofoneflDtie:tI}e^cigf;t thereof toasu ancient tot, pjci|«jticiir& tatljat mam r, 
it teas fomiD toitbontftBme bptbe ttfuer of Eiber. 2Cl)e ojoer market) B. teas fount) tn tljcfotinDattcn of fe>. Octets, ant) bramant caufcD it to fare 
btmeo againc in the grounb ,in t&e fame place: all tbe members alfo toere of one piece; it \ms6. ancient tot l)icb,« pjogojtion'cB thereafter. C&c J5afc 
marheo C . is at £>. Maikes, nerp well to;oagbt,of <pa?mtbia toojhe,bat not berp greats is a tot tan balfc bjglj, cno p;opoj t ionco aceojoi ngl j. itije 
SSafement marlsco D, teas fotmo in a place calico Capraniea, &erp well wjcngbt: tbc focfgbt of? Safe/uutfjcut pmibu«,is 2 • JBalmca, ar,o 
«{£&•, alto pjopojtioncD thereafter. JCbeffiafemarfeeoE.toasnotberpgrcat: itWas fonno among ccrtametuui£S,.r.nD bprcafen of ttie Sftraaal s 
Af'fflliflk U)bit|)ttb^Dabonet|eS:bo?ns,ftjercfo?egeaametttobeeCompofita:£noaItf)cmafi Sfetootoncno oHjerpjopojtionofaU j c 

MlljMfo^ particular meafii«$,fettbevar6wUecteDanDfetBoUme outof Hje great,info iljefmaU meafure omk' 

€\ 2 

Of Ami. 

ntiqumc The third Booke. Thefot 

A $ct!g tnanp f^Stothjtritto fbat are m> 
calico La arena , tobtrcef tine is the g roam 
f rjerrnf , $ alfo bote the (rati o? Ceps Qooa 1 tlj 
f rem fcnf rjouttnent top tpon tftc intaaro Qapji 
to fit in,rucrp one arcojting to bis eflate ant ei< 
Cecil in ttjcJait) ficpstttjc fi$mt B.fJjetrjetbbi 
cj f e a! r s: ?cn fee atfo, Ijoto $ Qeps toere p1acc5 ; 
tfc-e taster ano piffc that fell Bourne toitboot (r 
flcpe, that luster migtjt fall off,ano not ffano bi 
ttjcfe f too feere brloto, ant) alto of ctber fo2ts,al 
teas mraforefi toitl tbe fat tabere to; Vj § SUbee 
feierc parts) n)e tbicfenes of ttje flatter, is 8. 
Urn ratb piaffer ttj&t bcarerb top tfeeSrcfyef: 
is 1 1, foot f anbclfe: bntt&e 4, p^iisfipaleai 
l&e pejtun 0, gcing rotmo 1 3 . foot i>, 
9 fact ano atjalf6b?Dat 5 anOa!foroBnoroof£D 
b j ca & , an& roofee alfo. ffint at the too p jtnripa 
laDcrs, as it appeared in tbe gronua ; oho tb< 
tfce metfnrtfipeuniaf conceane. 




iti a,tljerc ism Sitpljttfjjatjr of raifnltonkc 
\ &?ttietb alio a part ffsmtng bpjig&t i n t^ ^ e 
:$s tipon ly fteps tacre little oooics, toljci-tb^ mr tl 
tAefeat3,anBftotbenrs to?m to (Replaces foj n?e;i 
If. SLbc j^igure mar^b A . tyefnetb tjotot^r Dmje« 
ode galngc D8Uine« flep* turrt maftf,tti tfjeorg tl j,j 
.legators on tije GDe* o' § Capjes toete to anopa 
idlis anp man: tijc fiepa nlfo toere mnoe fometobaf 
|>em. 3n tbe inner part are maitplittletxBjes.uite 
ital | ruec toojfce.Oje grcatnea of fyis BailDttnt 
Pola is meat ureBianc firS, (fpea Sing of t&e out* 
a 3 .par?: ti>e flat $illars,are 3 , font $ a 3 . part? 
ot anD a batfe b.ioai> : tlje UuBesies of tie arrbes " 
JOje jMaScrs on tlje Goes,arf 6. foot f&ic&c' 
rsofco coutiD : ttjts ^ajttcns fn tye mtDDle ,fe 
lajtitas in the lotoe J part, is 8. foot f «m batfe 
#|ng»in,t^re are 5.b;oa0roofes bpont&ejatV 
ai|olemoa is b.:oaocr tben t$e otber. K^e reffof 

Of ^ntiquitie 

Twitching the Jcljnoarap^ic cf K)c fayD Amphitheater, 3 ijauc fctootenc the pjmcipaUmcaft!rcs,anD parti? (poken 
of tbat part tobicb ttanoetb. upjigbt : r.oiu 3 viiill fpcafec of the outtenro part, tobieb teojfcecan no otberbife bfe 

moje; cnclp of the height 31 teillfap fome thing: 3no full, the height of tbefirttarcbtsaj. fcote: tbebcightof 
tbcptlia«S27 fcotc: tbeiFejmcofebearchitrauc, jfrcefeanoCojmcc, ts<5.fotebigb: tbcpace bjeff bigbabouetftc 
Cojntce,i6 2.fcoteanDal)alfebigb: the height of tt>cfcconDarcbis24. fete, ano bis tetoencffe i»,fa>te: tbcbeigbtof 
the pillars is 2 4. feat e anD a balfe: tbe height of the Cojnice, f rccfe tno foim of the arcbiti-aue,is 5 . fcote anD a tjalfc : 
tbeffiojateeringo? (Eilacebjeff high of tbe tbirDgDjocroj&tojp, ig4. f ffl'ean3abalfEbigb: tlje teiDcncs of the 3rcb 
is p. fate ano 3 . quartern : the height cf the ilrcb is 1 7 . fcote ano a balfe : t ':,c heigh t of tbe bjoaD fillers is 20. fmf c anD 
abalfetagainfftbrfe pillars, asfarreasamanmappcrceiuc, there lucre images, of gctiDbigncifc,fct: tbe tbirDano 
latt Coaniceis 5. fate bigh ■ JBnt J ioilt not fet Dotone the patticalar mrafurcs of tbe Cornices, foj that 31 banc fet tbem 
Dotone toitb great Diligence, acco jo'ing to tbe greatmffe in this f mall ^ojmc, tebicb Iball be the firff figures in tbe Ooe 
following, anD there beIoto,tbepofill 02 cutting eftfje outcrmoffpart of the Amphitheater Iftall Cano. )3nD tbtrDlp,t^ere 
follotoetb tbe®?tbograpbie of a pace of the fart) amphitheater teitbout,tehicb is all tozcugbt after the rufficall manner, 
teitbuWescfOcronn, being bcrp barD: but the Cojniccs arc fometobat better maDe: tebicb Co;niccs fcauc Diuers 
anD fcucratl iFo;mes of t&e l£omane3,ano arc tie rp like tonto the Cojniccs of the Amphitheater of JDola- Slouching the 
plap ncneffe of ibis amphitheater, tebicb bp tbe Common people is calico, La arena, (tafeen from arena) tobitb isfanD, 
irbicbujastbcrcinfti-otocDfojccitaincpiates o3fpo;ts,ut'tchlPcrctbctcpjcftnttDojactcD: anD therefore 3 conlb 
not (a the grouno thereof: batasittoastolDmebpfomcolDmcnoftlBerona, when the papes lucre there maBebpon 
the fanb, tijen pjcfcntlp there came teater, in the fight of all the beboloers, tebicb pail though fome Commits, anDtn 
fbojt fpace filleo all the place full, fa that there thes might matte battailcs, ano tbjutt one at another With £>cutesanD 
IBoates, in the tenter , ano the place ejpcD fcp agapne, as at the firff. Ktys, anD many ether things, men mas belts ue, 
if tee confloer the great magnificence of the Romanes, in the antiquities of Verona. SCbcre are pet upon the great Ki» 
ner of Soir-e tteo fapje ancient S&iDges, beltoeene tbe tofoicb tteo Bjiagcs, there teas a molt fapje anD notable spectacle, 
teberecn there might ttnno a great number cf people , to bcbolo the piapcs ano fpojts there maDe in SSoates, upon tbe 
teat er : lubicb Spectacle teas maDe along bp the teater fioe, againtt abill : anD higher foptoar Ds, aboue this Spectacle, 
there teas a ^beater, the j&cene tttbereof, ano the Spectacle iorneD together: (anD t'03 that, as 3) fapD bef o?c, the Eiheater 
teas mabc tierpartificiallp in the t>ill,fc isit aboue tbe&b?atcr in the height of tbe bvU)tbcre teas a great builDing, tebfeb 
fnrpaffcD all the other : bnt the ruined of tbcfc builDings are fo manp,ano fo cafcoctene in p;oceu*e of timc,that it teould 
foe great charges anD lofle of time f finD ebcm out : but fo? that in manp places of the bill 3 bane fetne fome parts there; 
of, therefore it maUes me teonber thereat. 3 1 teas alio, teith ficeD reafon, that the Romanes maDe facb things at W& 
rona(fo3 that, in my optnion,Uis the belt fcituatco place of all i5falj») as tetllfo;plapnci8 as billet anD alls fojtoaterss 
anD fpctiallp, the men of that Cotene are berp familiar anD frienolp people. 

The third Bdoke* 

The fourth Chapter.Fol. %$ 


Of Antfquitie 

GKck£ twinge, ana in Btuers rojsstes, toere maoe bj tbe fsm t hs Kemttnes } tut bp t|f 
utnes thereof men can not inege tobm nnto tbcp (croto.f p?incipallf this IBnilowyt, 
tobteb teas names Lefecte Zone di Seucro j of tobtcb X5oil«ing ?ou fa a corner of tbe 
^cufe fit ttanbing, tohirb is of 3 robe, all Csrintbtct toejfee. JiBut ft map be fane, 
tbaf from tbc rorfe it teas mane of another manner of ffimlotng*, brtanfe rame pillars were 
tjoUotaro ano trifles, ano feme immtb ; befiocs , tbe Capital ano ortjer fount* are not all 
of one toojfee. 3 banc not mcafcrt o the betgbt of tbis HBnilmng, but enelp tbe grsuooanB 
tbUlmtffe of tfcmgPt anb fojasmocb as 3 ran conceaue,fbe roofes about kflen one mfjt then 
another , tbe fonrtb part, an Vkruuiui twites in bis ntftt ipttcn or Sweaters, 2Cbts jfigara 
tjeietmorr, ujetottbihe groonoof tbcJSmltmtg,* alfottjc flue ojrosfc of tbe &actm*n> a? 
fconetbeCouimnc*: it teas mesrurcD tutb tbe tootc that rreafurto tbrJEbeaterof P«4«< 
f 11 fi, tbe tbttfcnteffe of tbe Effiall, is 3 .tot ano an balfc : bi tteane tbe one Mall « tbe other, 
it Is 4. tot ano an balfe: brturtme tb< S3 all anb tbe Celumnes,is 5 . tot ano $ . qnartewanft 
(0 is tbe fpaee bcttotf ne (be Colnmncs: tbr tbiebneffe of a Cotnmrc it a .:»t anb 4 quarter*. 
3n f bis ffimloing pan fa no Cbsmbus at all , no j an p fljeto 0; ugnes of &tar-j! f , 0} gaingt 
6p into tbe loggings: butmenmap eor,ttanc,tbat it mas much greater, anb that in utbtc 
flares both fetapjes ano Chambers migbt bane Owb j pre to fpeafce trnrtb, this Enticing, 
tnben it teas tohole , teas a notable piece of toojfec , in r egaro of tbc great nmrrosr of €* 
Iamne0fint]9illarftfeattoertuit(, together ivitbtbceottlytoojfee tbcrtof. 






.. . 



. • 

The third Boofce, 

The fourth Chapter, Pol, j& 

£6e gronnb of ibt 3mpbttbeafer In Pola. 

A X Po'a,a toton in Dalnwt ia.tbfa ampbifbeafer 
Is in the mtodle of flje Co ton , f pet Mew tobolet 
fobieb bzrttoing batb noting but § Srff totnga tottfc 
otit,«)tf8} ?&e 4.coafiterfojt« , ecbemaoeof 3, pu 
lafferaj tobicb, 3 bel«ae,toere maoe foj f Srengtb* 
m'ng thereof, becanfe this toall Ooo tbatf alone : fa 
tbatnotbingat all m* maoeaf tbeiSntloing tottfc 
ttt.bnttbeoattermoff toall, toitb tbe 3tt&eamjr* 
feeo A, iBnt bp tbe ffieto of tome bale* to^ic^ are 
tottbin tbe toall, men matinbge, njattbere tbcp 
maoe f Sapjcsano feats of tooao, s>ben tbce maae 
tbeir fpo;f * , ano belo tijeir feafta; neaertbeleffe,fo? 
a beaattfpwg of rbej* iga;es, J bsnefet oolnn Jije 
patt to rbtn, as in m? opinion, it fljaalo bee maoe. 
Cbif S.npbtfbeater toas meafarcb toitb a \m> 
oernefajte,a»jicb it fbetoeo bere bitoer t!>e grouno: 
tbetoioeneaofcbe grebes -is 9.fa»t,? a.onices,but 
be ^.pjmcipal 3«bea are 1 5 .fat toioe, $ fojefrotit 
of tbf pilaftera is 4. fmte 1 2 . onneea : t&e a« pil> 
'ar, is » . fete ano 2 onneea b;oao : fa tbe^ilaiera 
on eacb Goe, areonefootebjbao: tbe pilaffera in 
tbc Coca, are 5. fate ano 3. ounces : beitoamstbj 
pilaff era sf tbe caanterfojta , ano tbe of bsrgtla 
Qcra,ttia 5. foote ano 4. onncea. 





Of Antfquitie 

Tltacbingtbe&jtbBgrapbfooifljegroBnbof t&e ampbifljeatcr of Pola,3 tjaue fuflKdentlg fpofem: batwote^ 
uwfiftctoi&etfDjtbograpbie of tbc part Cancing bp,, beginning at tbenttfcer part: as foacbing tbe Baremt nt, t 
ba»b no terminations of meofurcs, (ttjecaufcttiftp, it,) foj ify4 tbe gillie not euen: ?o: in tbe {|slltl)epeocftaiI is 
noi onclg iofl, bat alfo ttj» totjolc firttojber of tbc arcbcs,mitb all t&tirCo2niccsbpontbem,anotbc^illts tbc 
ijetL •. fct of tbc plaine of tbe fecono S»ta^{ tberefoc | will fet boidh : no betgtjt of tbe meafare of tbc Bafemcn to : bat mill 
begin from tt erne bpinarb*. SCbebeigbt of ttje peacttaH tinker tbe pillar, is a . foot ano an balfe : the tjeifftjt of tlje 
pillar, 02 flat Columaetoitb tpc Capitall, is about I tf. foot: tbe beigbt of tbe 3rcb, is 17 footano an batfc:ttcX5rct>t* 
traue is a foot and p. ounces bigb 1 tbe bcigbt of tbe f r eef e is g. ounces : tbe beigbt tbe Co:nicc,ts one foot * 1 o ounces: 
tbe &eigbt of tbe bojtt-merlng 07 place bjcC-btgb (tf there bee an j etber) aboue tbe Cornice, is as bigb apt Cornice; the 
Ijcigbtoftbe ptUartsai. foot t p.ounces,mitb tbe Cap'tait: tbefcetgt>t0ftbe$rcb,is 18. foot anb one ounce: fbetbitfe* 
neffe or tbc &cb, is 1 foot ant p. ounces: tbc avcbtttaue,f r&fe ano Ce}mce,areof tbe famebcigbt ttjat tbebnbcrmeff 
is: tbe Baf ement marbeo X. is 4. foot anb 4 ounces, i*rom tbe Bafement to bnder tbe Cojnicc, is 1 p foot: tbe pcigfet of 
tbe Cornice is one fat ano anbalfe. ftno tbis is touching tbe ®»tbograpbie of (be 2mpbitbeater,tbe mbicb £>;tbograpbtc 
is on tbe nrtt fioc, marbeo P. ano fo: tbat (as in tbe Creat p of $ iicbnograpbie 3 banc fapo) tbe amphitheater tjott) fonts 
piieftr re on foure fioc0,tfibicb mere mace fo; flrrngtbcntng c eounterfojting of tbe walls: tbe mbicb mall Coco toittm, 
without anp tbing clfejanc therefore J meane to wcto bote tt Cod: tbe figure tnarfeec Q.. fljemttb tbe fiees of ttjts conn? 
trrfojt: t tbat part market) H. repjef enteib a pilaftrr: tbat part mat bed 1. fbetoetb tbe ^jofill of £ mall of tbe ampbttbe* 
atcr: betteeene tbepiaffer H. ano tbe mall oj flatter marked 1* is a going ttjjougb of tb?« foot and an balfe teiot : fo 
tbat imo men map goe though toge tljer. Cljcft counterforts bane tbeir ground in euerp o;der oj fro2?,Uiberccn tijc pco< 
pie mlgbt Hand ; but tijere are no (lapses no? Agnes of ttapjes, but mere mabe of tpooo, as map be feme bp feme boles 
bi to 1 tbe romeotoes, 3nb tbat tlje Cojnices of tbts pjefem Building map be tbe better un&ertt cd, tbetefojc 3 bane fet 
tb-. m toei e betides in greater fo;me ,tbat a man map fcnoto tbeir members, bp tbeir Caractrrs oj fLcttt xa mbicb ttjcp are 
marts cu tnttbal. SEbe manner of tbis Co jnicement is mucb different frS the !Somifb,as men map fee : ano ],fo; mp part, 
mould not mabe fucb Cornices in mp tooitse ; but tetfb tbe Cheater of tbis SCotone, 3 mould ferae mpturnc,becaufe 
tbep are of a belter manner of mojfec. 31 am of opinion,tbst tbis mas an other mo jfecman, different from tbe f ber,ano 
it map be tbat tbts mojUeman teas a bigb aimaine, became tbe Cornices are matte mucb after tbe ©utcb manner. 

%ifi balfe common foot, fcber efcitt) tbt 0mpbitbeater is meaf nreb. 
r i 8 ■■■ f— 1~> J 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter ,Fol. yj 


tSwSP 'ill aril. ' lllat-T __^^ 

v. i 

Of Antiquitie 

A sr^onntCaballnfoitiinUcmc, teijcrc nofo tbe Gone bojfes pjajritilesano piiBiaffnnMstbernmesofamcttcottfp 
* 9 f allace,teberecfcnc part Croft bpcn tbc bill, but tbe part of tbe goings top toasmaoetlgbtngainatbtBcfcenomgof tbc 
bill, as poumapCee in t^e pjofill bcreunoer. 2Tbe 3cbncgrapbteof tblsbmloing teas nieafarefttottb a common (Ell, tbc 
tbttBparttobereof ffanfietb bereimoer. anbfirff in tbc /pict;eso;^altol» places, marfeeft T. ano N. tocre fotmft tbcfigurcc 
of Tiberius ant> NiIuj, &btcb arenotofettn)l5c!trnerte : tbe place marhco A.fs a Urate ojtoavot io.GUes baoaoe : tbc 
partmarfccrB.tsia.GUesfonrefqnare: tbepartmar&coC.is3c»,Gu , eg in length anoiS. Giles bjoaD: tbe 
35. Giles fcmrefquare: tbetralfees roun&abotitare4.Gllesb?oao: tbe place curr^againtt oftbehkcmeafare.Slbe 
trloencffe of tbe fence p^jc of fctapjeets 4. Giles eacb of tbem: tbe plates E. are Courts, tobereof eacb of tbenare 1 1 4. 
Giles icng, enft to bjeotbcTiGHcsanftabalfe. SCtjc <J5atleries F, are 13- Giles tyoao: tbegrearctt&tayjes,togoetopto 
tbcplavnc of tbe Wallace arc 1 1 . Giles Hoc: tfjat part bp tbe Cojners market) 13. Giles ana a balfebjoab, anft long 
ler.GUesanftabalfe: tbepattoH. are Counterforts tobolo &ptbcS>fapjts. SEbeplaceG, ts a Court, tobittj gane ligbt to 
f be place toitbfo: tbe ttoo goings in mar feeo I.tDeretogcebptl;eJ»tap?es,ano tbe bmlotng began tobcre tlje &ta^?es flano. 
ECbeB^atOatclp^roiitifpicetntbemiooiecrtljebailDliig.toasof facbb?eaotbj as tbe mtDDlemoff part beib tmtbouttbc 
Coorfg 0? ©allcrtcs. IV ttoo fi&mts, K. anb *. tohwb tfanD toitbont tbe bnilDing,tbc one Ojetoetl; tlje Conner K, in greater 
anD ptrfitcr fo?me, auo (be of Ijcr ts a Conner of tbe Ceurt D. 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. F0I4S. 

'J^efcS.^snre* are members af § afoi«fato]aallacc: 
t^e part bnberncatb In faiatl fajms.Simact^ tbe 
$?ofiUoftbcftcS pact of tije piltacei 
tbati3,tbs tt.^csto^rcl)? 
recti toe ul tt;j f j 
=J plaincoftbeffiut 
^ ttins. bccanfe it 
toasbuoi tije a 


ierc magnificent ana 

S* bpon tbe bill, ^fl 
f fobere tbe jf0H 

- Calnmne 

F. femarWb, 

ie t^c Cdc of t^c 

faifibnilDittg' STl)i* 
great pillar marfetoF, 

is $co;ncr pillar of tbe 


- fnuare*butaUtb3rctf 
arerotmo, fojtbat roimb pillars are not fitful 

tbclotoeffpatUnbabcnCjit tsa.C'llsanin. iH 
tblrb parts: tbe bright, toitb Bate ant>Csp>> 
tall i« 29. ©lies, ant> is flaitco feomtbefop fo (be 
tome &be & c '$t of tfte ^'cbUraue , is too <£lies ano 
anbaife: a« alto t$e JFttefe, tobfcb to fbislg catena tbe 
betabt of tbe Cojntce t& tbjs (Elcs ano an epgbt part ,anu | 
aIlpjopojttoncJ»acco?oing to tbe greatnefTe. JCbeiFrafel 
on tbe fi" c * toa * an b unC * :l) ® lles lott =* : ^ ? Comlecmcnt 9 
toitb tbe iProntifptccas mnct) as t'm tyutilts containetb, P 
is of oncpicte of ^arblej an* the #r«ntifpwe rofe bp in % 
tbe miwile one ttet part 

"Oi Antkjukie 

^ong Amines of mome,, there aremro? things founa one,t&s*t<?H*r& a man cannct marfcsnoj imagine fchaf 
tbep ^ambane; ainaiialfofeectljtljeceman^rui^cs^r^anKa'iOfaSI&oIsneatiD ouertbjotenB} toberebgs 
: man wap cenceaue tbc bigb minoes of tbe 3ndenf Komanes : amongS tebich antiquities, tyie Ijcrcaftcr follom* 
tHg,tBonc,asv0amaipertcaae bp that U'fticfo pet ttanoctb. £s>is 55uilDtng is callebtyeBafilica del foro 
wanfscorioj an« a man mapimagitte tirt great neffe tbcrcot bp tbebdu&f of this pilar, although pou fee nott&e enoiug 
Sfeereof bptoar&s ? fcst^e&ppermtffCbjniceisnot there m t&c tD03&e,ntiiS)er is tbereanp pieces thereof among the 
wines to be feuno , tohcrebp a man Ojoulo concede toVjat ttoco abaoe fotb a TBuilDing. 2Chis ruins teas meafurcD 
fcrfij^jammono;wra3ernc<Bll,Uib!cb<8b£tuB::ci^ . 

tfcfc Column? ffflOD 7. acgrecs eletsates from tbc eartl?, of InBiffei .-rat height, tlje tSjtcUncff: of tt>c Columne marfeeo C. 
is| ,<£H«a in Skiameter: beneath at the S5afe nnD in tftc tjppecraoSparMJn&cr theCapitall , ttjc Diameter is 2 fl£lUs 
am)4©.mitsutes:tbebetgf)tflf tl)C icunfce 0? bare Columne, toitfooutlBafe oj Capital, is 24. Cllesano 55.mintitcst 
tbe bctghS of tfee 25afc bclato, is ens <EU awb m Ijalfe : tbe beifi&t of fyt Capital!, 123,. C lies an2 25. minutes: the beight 
gf the&rebferaue,tsftaBClles,ano 23. minctcis: tic Cornice bettneene tbeeDainnir.eanDtbecoutiter-ptUar, htob 
Cajnise is marfego D, is 1 €llano 48 mtoutes: tije Cornice abcue (as H baue fai'ti) is not fauna tbcre : tbc counter 
colunntefeSat, ana is of tlje fame p»opo?tion li&e tbc rotinfi Columne , ano leffcne'b alfo abouc, as tbc rounb Cacti;. 
^eCapif3Hisfe?me&UfceibeCapita5sof!bc$anrt)eon of tbc ttotnno: t&eJlBafemarfeeDC. is placets t^ere befibes 
isi better fajmsjanotspjopoitionet in mcaforrtihetbe greater: Uhetuife, tbcre alto pou fee the Cornice D. in greater 
fsjme, S^aaefcttwtoaetbsraeafure 0? (be greateC Column? C. nomtoUl3fpeaKeoftbelcffcr,maifeeoB* tobtcb 
CotsmneftssDcnt^afba "feerp fapje ffi^ement : tbc height tobertof, is e. (Slice: tbe tbutsenefre of tbe fapb Columne in 
Skiameter feenssctTj , is am €11 sub a tfeit D part; ano it is leffeneo aeoue accojtsinjlp, as tbe greatest is : tbe bcigbt thereof 
foists the 5&afe f Capitall is j 5 . ®lles ano 2 tfcirB parts : tbe beig&t of ttje SBafe, is balfe the tbicfenes of tbc Columne be* 
iMti®, ant) is fafUicnrDltfee tbe greater: tbe bcigbt of the Capital! is one (£11 $ an balfe: fobicl) Capital! is tr rp toell mace, 
®®$efo2m8f&esrafiRgre.>tt0f«nmmy other 4. lBooBe.intbebegittningof £ Compofita.Cbts Columne is flmteo, 
astbc figure thereof fijeuje tb , ano half) alto a flat Columne of tbe lame fojme : the 0rcbi tr anc,.f r ©re ano Cornice aboue 
^sCotamyarc about 4. (Slice: ujhScb Cornice haty tbc sputifca without SDentiles , ano is berg lifcc the looifeeof 
®je pmit^ton; mn Up as mneb as $amli ptrccane, tlj is UfTe Columne terueo fo; an ojnament of a 0atc 0? SDco;e of tbe 

53T§«tbtEoparlof the oamnicii€lS,i^s:eM^tbtsi4meaf«re», 

^f — *• -. -.^ Ww n^,w W tJ -.- 

J -.—. ». — —J. 


The third Bodke. 

Tlie fourth Chapter. Fol. 59* 


•y ii?e Mon»anM(becanfctif^cirgrfatp;otiBmin6C0)alli)Bpf»rrBgf)ttobaiIi! things of grCw-t mattfffe, tobicb might 
fiji h. tbeir great potoer be b bp HBQiater ant iant : ant to tfcat cnt t|ty mate the toonterfull l^antn of ©ft la, fo? the 
cafr of the Cttte of Borne. U-btcb, in trtscib (inrcgartof tbctonmiotttieano grcatncftepf the ffitrilting thereof, ant 
fpec Jallp, tfce great ffrength thereof) map U til bee eallet toonoerfull. St is of fo jme ^eragoniicK, that is, 5. to jm re : 
anteacb i^acie is I itf . roooee long, ant each root is 10 pa!tws:bp ttjrfe ptfmipail mcafurc s, vou map bnterQano (tie 
greatnefletberof; euer? jtatie bat a large teaming place,toitb Galleries rennt about, f 4. appcr tiincntti a!fo,compafft 6 
teitb Galleries, ant a toalfcing place in the mittle. along the tr atcr Cte ttjtre toere truntbes of Columnes ojoerlp pla« 
rco,teber r u to the ff.tps teere faff enct \ ant at trje month o( tbf fatten, tbrre tr ere towers to tefent it from the enemie 
in time of net. 0nt fo; tbatpou can baro'p perceaae tbe 3ppett iments in fofmall a fojme,tbercfo?e 31 bane placet ttjem 
brneaft) in greater fo;me, ant market tbem itftb A. ant B, 

a a laooaao DjirioooaooaDaajgHa 
nog uaa ■ 

The third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter. FoL |a 

{BfllNicstnlcrtstfeantt tnbjeDtb<5o $almes. SCbe fo?me D.' 'js'abaut 100. ^'almeetn'!S>iaine.ter:9nii.t4e^o;taU£» is 5O 
palsies: thepart F. iilio.^a!me»!ong,ar.i3 70.b?oaD: tijcepgtitrmihcDpartmarkcoG. is about ioo.jSaljncsutjcioutio pact H. 
h 1 50. Palmes in SWameter. Ctje part I, is 1 00. J£>a!mess, an& 52 a&k 2 t&c fture fnuarcs; Uje ttao parta^acb markr a untl? K. is 30. 
jpjlmeflcn eptynrfiot. SCbepsrt Lis i2$.JBatnies, in k>:i)N. is i^.ptaicsJlotigjancjy.bjoaD. 2tl;e 

I5ngtb,t|iebjei)^30.^almes. SEbe rounoneffe matbeo _ # partO. t!Stt)eiaine;tbE pjefmiatanof tjjeUaftt 

|M. i* about 120. pUmes in SDiameter. &rjat part mat; © © fsUoteeth. after. 

Of Antiquiiie 

f e pjcfpriiiBg.fijlfte face tefjcrc flje teatrt of tt>e £bcrtms of TkuMfie tonne of Vefpaeianus foa« Scpi.u fee* 


inthcsK poo fa flttcrtWwrts,bttMpsr&s ano fo:e toaros, altoapeu ?. in number : t be tbtctsneffe of the toaUg,t* fonrc tot 
anttan1>a!fe:tljal»totnerfeof HciBreljcsiijjftcfoot: font one 0rcb to tbe otb«r,«rei7. foot: tfaetoiaeneffefrom otis 
1oalUofl)coft)cr,<s,aflibttjejawrouno roofeMfantaoiflfeKfltfceisbt. ^ctoallcsanoroofcaareplapjfjrce 

Sbc oie ttomancgalras, 



] n tin t] 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 [ 1 1 1 [ 1 1 1 [i 1 1 ] i nl mil 1 1 [i nl a *- 1 

J-*ft i. ii — -J li . i-. mh.^-imiV, -. _J I-- - ......:^-.J-. ■X | .-../lv:l 

The third Bodke. 

The fourth Chapter, Fol.^t. 

f^Uosns ana clfe tuyere t^erc arc mam? Bzioges mate bp the Romanes, but 31 tuiU l>src Rjcixi t^e ittttsittiort sf fonre 
cnslf, tbst pomtw fa tSjeic manner of making of ffijiDges. 
2C5iffS5?tpjj« wca!teD,^9nte&.atigel03,bEcaufeitttanaet^bponlCibcr,bD tbeSTbfoneo? BJKgbelctsbp^i^: bp fSje 

ancient fconunesr, it teas ealleojaonte^Uo, of cMto gojianus. 1", 

s» • 

& I 

Of Antiquitie 


A^ong otjiefc 
SDtjcrmcs tobtcfe 
are in Kome, J 
GnDcft)ig of An- 
teniano to bet 
better to bee no* 
mo altbongb f 
tbe 'Ctjetmcs of 
Diocleiian are 
greater, pet in 
tbi0 | fino mttcb 
tencie ano fenit* 
ting together in 
tb«t in tbe place 
C tbe? migbt 
mafteallbino of 
plages 0} fpojtj 
oerance. 9nofoj 
tbat i JEberme* 
loere fpectallf 
raaoefajmen to 

oerBfpojts to bo 
teas roe pjefep 
nation of tbeto* 
ter iwaoe feebine 
§ bitf icing, mar* 
meaneo of tbe 
attoapes fillet) to 
ferae fo? focb, te 

Hie third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. 4 1 

K\)\s grotinois 
mcalurco tuttt? 
ft»c common (£U, 
tt?e tbiro pact 
U»bcrcof is here* 
turner fet eotone 
bt> (be fiDc of tfcs 
SSuiioing. SEbe 
of tbe place , is 
ioo.Cllc0, bfc 
tbe febicb pan 
ftall almoC fine 
atUbc mcafurcs, 
lDbcceof, fojbjc^ 
aitte, 3 toill not 
fpeafce bircctlp* 
but cnelp of tbe 
principal things. 
^irC, cneof tbe 
places ft) tbe 
bftptng of tbe 
foater, ietbirtte 
Q&tleslong: ano 
ICbe part X. is 
$ 1. ©lies long, 
ano tbe bjcctfr 
44. ©ilea : tbe 
rcuuo Huilotag 
D. w in S>iameii 
ttt 26. <£\\cs. 
2Cbe place mar* 
&lles long. 2Cbe 
part in tbe ntttto 
file • marten G. 
it In length a« 
boat i©5©llrif, 
ano in bjectjp 
tfo. Cllce. 

Of Antfquitie 

THdDj ibattn tbe grotmb befeje fet botcne,bp res* 
IT fon of tbefmanwffe of tbe Genres » U>tjtct^ coulo 
not be made greater in ibis ffisohe, a man cannot 
fo tod unoto tbe particular partes, therefore 3 bane 
in tijrfe ttoo ftoes fet bob. ne feme parts mo-e plains 
ip, as trjc ingenious tonjHeman, b? tbe letters 
tol.erctoitb tbcp are marfceb,mapte anb finottjem, 
Swbe n be compare! b them toitb the toboie grouno. 

•. - 

I J X> 7. X i --t -f ill 1 

The third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter. F0I.43 

A£tl)oagbtbefe fisnreaGano tbo* toitbtm? ojeer ,arrt in man? pieces » peffbc Me toojfeeman foall Unofo,tbat 
fbcpare members of tbeCbermes afo;e ftesoeo, beholding the letters tobicb liana in tbe:n (tubieb comparing 
totl)tbeotbers;be (ftall finDtobatpattatbep arc. aifo.bemnttfenoto, trjat tbe parts H. anaX. belonguot to 
tbe part F. fo? the fi^attB hereunder arc thw fcaerall part*} altbcorab,fb? neceffif ie fabr, tbtp are fct one bp an" 
otbsr. JbaaeaUonotfctootoBethe particular meaforeflsfo? tbe toajbemanft r albe(g«.r§?lpeljinifelfcii)itMbewnenttorf, 

Of Antiquitie 

Affiout fcaen miles from 0kairc tljcrc is a f iranriaes.foberecf 3 toiilf&ctotbe fojme, ana alfo fet aofcne tbe mcafore, 
as 3it)aOitfroma<I0cntlcmanoftKemce, tobomeafa»a the fame bimftlfe, ana teas betb Upon it, anatoitbintt. 
JEbis f iramiars teas meafurco bp farts, ana tturp face is nioje then t^jce ancient galmcs : the 25afe, on euerp ftoe, 
is 470. faces, ana is right foure fqnare: it is all of barb fione, anb jen map clime bpon it toitbout, (bnt not eafilp) bn« 
totbetoptfojeucrpf aceistbjeefalmesanaabalfebigb: bnt there are not To manpflapnes,tbatamanmapeaGlp 
fct bis tot upon them: tbe nomberof the faces ojtteps, fromtbe llBafec to t^e top, 6? t^c ^igt)cQ pari, tsaio.ano 
thepareallof onebeisbt} To that the height of tbetoholef tramiaesis asmncbastbejBafe. spang belaue that this f t< 
tamiaes teas a 6>epiitcb?e : foj that Jiritbm it, tbere is a place in the nnaale , tobercon Ipetb a great Cone : thereupon 
inenp^fume, that tome great perfon bath there beeneburieb: butgoingin, bposi tbe left bana,ponfina a going tapof 
gone, tobieb tnrnes about the f iramiaes toitbin, though the fobicb pan goc bp the fetation, in the top toithin. 8bcut 
m miaale of this giramiaes tbere is another going in.but it is faff font ; on tbe top of this giramiees,tbere is a faire 
Sat ojplapne , abont 8. fares bjoaa oncoerp floe , totjercbp toojfeemen fenoto,tbat it toas the fame platne that toaa 
mabe at the finifbtng of ibeg iramiers. #ot farre from thence, there (s a beae D f hara Cone, foftb part of the bjefl all 
of one ftonc; tlje face toberecf is i o pact s long : ana in this figure there are (ome Cgpptir.n letters t of this giramt< 
ges ana beao, Peter Marcir tojitetb, ana bath alio feme anb meafnrsa tbem, tobifb Differ net rncjb. 



The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter, Fol. 44. 

Aa,^ang^e©cakcjit0erct^gji»:(paUf8»rjDc» aria toaeatos of gaob Strctytectare (a* oar jailer Vitruuiuj, 
"anBtnanpotberfltrtboj* toitaelTe)neaertbeleffe,b? reafon of tbetr great Ujarre0,anotbcirl,anti fo often ouerrun 
ant» fpoplco b? ttjc citeattea , a mm can barol? fiase anj> good toofteffanaing tobolefrt allCtocia: batasfomemeri 
bauetola me,tbere are pet tbc mines of a 35uilQing,tobicfj,a8 mencoriceatie,toaBof one btmojeBdColtitrincijjtjobereof 
no anii can b? calling &!iatotbebeig!)k 15ut Ctoit^ oar aal^ojs licence) fa? that be mafcestbwbp report, anobatb na 
raesfare thereof, i bane anelpfetcbefoartb part f tbegroanobptbe fialfe of tbeBatloiag(tohic9&e&atb thereto pla* 
m) tobereb? f be toojftciwaii ma? sonceaae tbe tobolc grouiw, ano the indole jFtgnre thewf. 

Of Antiquities / 

Bp g>. Qsorge Bdabro, you m9tf& tljts btrilbuig l>( tf mtoct, foHcb tone mane fc$ fy* 25anfeicrj5 f SD]tenfdlers,ui ffee time ©fLuci^Sep- Seuefus,snB Mauus Aurdius Anrenius : &>|>trt> IdSuilDtne is of Compofita itcjfec,tocHCit fioojtb on eaerpfioetoitbgratring. &et 
ncmantoontJtrtbf.ttbc jiWct ft!c£r£t)tfK!nr8recD0ttci)bjitHl)'»tsbU,fc;t^attberEbctngmwt)tiijiJmg to bee Cet into it > tfcc jfrafc 
iuasnot great inongbtetentaifee k mang letter* : tbmfcje tbe tocjfecmsn matte it (6, ano bjabe nit itje o;ccr of grc^tfcture at all, 
lutui^ttjt tun jj^^uuu t^crtoi tntyetojnrrs. i , 

T 15?!!! tirtfet tbemtf!fi rs. tst thi UBi "rtrirjuf 'atf r,fefranfe it foa$ toff aftf ittoas mcaforeb? butagf rtmcmbcr,t!jetDit>eneffebctfo&ni 
tbf rmfr.Dtbertsrtftoi rforaja olfcfate. 2 t,f Ijcie^tof ftatfaioencGetDasao.ftot^tljctbictefnesof t^e^ilaScr£«,U)itl)alK^cC6^ 
Joiwu8&i)itfe£reflat,i5 4.1. i ants at^alfe: si* fc mutt) tbe #rcbttra«e,i|Tffrcan&Cojm«e contained __ 

! in 

Hill u' 


11 111! 



IS," ill! I III ; I 

il! liiiy 

lull ilvnli — — ' 

lili £&i«i«?&?gromtfjef ttirfato5I5utUntl?,inflic 

rtiereare ^.©uaDjans, toelltojcnubf. 


The thffd Booke. 

The fourth Chapter.Fol.4.7 

Tie Xfyzmz rnjDe b? Diocletian, toas fcfeo foj btaeea comnan ano open fua?t3, ana fpeciallp fo battje in $ tohero 
ntif oit bebauetbfobaae great quantttic of toater, tobicb teas bjoagbt bp j^tpes a great tuap off } ano it toas feepe in 
cec£ain?(C2ttcmt8,tobitbtt(Bi)tnt^?Ci)ct!neflof^iaraannicas isbereunoerfetootone: it teas 
nuoe toitb50iSa!ler3,anD aboneit toascroffe riofeb, toicfc toalles absnttbem, of beep soot) ttuffe; totfcb toa* To 
ficme,ti&at at tyigoaBitispetfobefenr.tbet^cltenctreof tbe patters is of each floe fonrefaote: botojameeacbtten 
giladers is 1 1 . foot? of tfre alb ttomane fot/altbongbjbe fago SCberme w msatareb fottbfalme$:anQtbii;Urtsb«ga^ 


'Sfyefcalfe ancient fc£. 


Of Antiquitle 

IS?. Wome tbcrcav?mnn? ancient HCrpompbant flrcbe*, among % foMrkftf* Builuing, bp ffee greafeQ Humberts 
accountco ftw a JErt umpbant 3rc& : pet by tbe fenotoleoge t&at men baueof it, it is tbougbt to be a pojticu*, oj a ©al* 
lc » P#c buto aUBurfeb; n&cljange fo? sparcbants : it map be it teas mafieby tome one nation alone ; as pet to ttjis 
cap in great SCotonco ano Cities ..cuers nation bail; a feueratl plate , altyongi) tbrp are not bv> that tneancc dchidcd. 
ffibis peittens o? CDaii ?rp ffooD in Net foro Boario ; anD (n ancient time teas calteD,Ci)e temple of Iinusttobirbiomea* 
torco toitb tbe ancient palnte* JBLrjiB IBniloing ban) fonre gate a , as tbe groom) berennocr boetb fbeto t fc ttoone n)e 
one ana tbe otber pilattcr , Ibere are 22. palmes: rouno about trjte pojtirus.tbcre are 48 . niches 0? boltato places bnfc 
tfcere arc no moje tljen 1 ff. to f et jmages therein ; all tbe rett are bot foj Ojetoes, as being not o&pe tnnngb cut into tbe 
feall : \Bi)id) places toere beautified toitb fmal! pillar* fomcujbat bearing out from tbe trail, as you f« ti)em,ano Uiere 
Cojint(jiatoo;!te,butnotoitkirporleDof all focb ornament*. 

£be grouno of tbe ffgnre fo!lou>ing. 



* T T 







• * -\:„J 




-i-rfH-rf ' I 1 J 1 1 J J I I 1 J I 1 1 1 KJ i J I ! ■ I T | .. | I I i \\'l 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter.FoI. 4.8 

T©cf)CtsI)toft!)eaKb is 44» palmcs : tt»e ^cigfjt of tl»e H5aft?0 bcncatb,marbeo i.\0abraanoanl;>alfe» 2T(jc facte D. toit'oin Hje cpj* 
ners,is tuweo into a Cojnicc, atw is tl>c Ufee Ijetgljt. Ct»e iuogement of fl)e toojfeman pie afeo me toell in $ pirce,tet)ici> is , tljat l)e maoe 
110 Comicein the iimermoff parMbat tntgtjt trouble tbe people tbat Ojoulo be therein :cbe beigtjt of tbe otjjer Cornices ace not mcaforso^ut 
i tijc fojmes of tbcm Diligently eotmterfojteD , folloto thereafter. 

Of Antiquirie 

TD?efittJpiec?sof#«mee« ?)?reanocrtctootone,aretl)? Bjntmtertfgoftfte^ojticttflafojefa^ &beS5afeE < ari& 
the .facie D. -ustE imarure3,atiotat<)iflr<»jm,tbe great mcafare fct Dotaie) battle other Jnerecoa«tcrfeiteob? 
fis»t, tof'tb tbctr beigbts ts^tre the? &raiu atw tbercte little Difference bettofcne the one atw tbs »ther, foj pacts,ana atfo 

in ft^isbk &be 
Uigurs C. tg the 
-'Jfacie bnocr the 
firtt#i £he ojljoU 
Isto place. 

f^c fl«b STrpumpbant, nc rt foHcfotag , te calif n Titus Sfrcfi STrpumpba"!; tofecreof (biff JFigort brrennoer , it f fee 
gronnf,£sntismrafurct)Ujitht'canrictttiffit\ S!brtoit)tne(Ieof tbearcb'SiS.foteano ly.miontrs, STbctbicks 
ncllt of tbc Co' nmnc,is a fmtt am i 6. minutes am> an fcalfc. 2Cbe foot u tvberelcitb this is meafnree,is of 54* initiate?, 
tebcrcof t\)i tjalfe is here fit ootonc 

pi~t 1 1 J I f 1 r J 1 J ■ i ~»-f-i i-j-fc- 1 11 } l - l I I 1 t T 1 

The third Bbote, 

the : fourth Chapter.Fol. 

I^aue fpoben of ttje toioeneffe ant) tint&tieffc, note 3 toill fee botone tlje beigbt : am> firtt, tlje height ef ttjc JEoto 0} 
Orchis as much agapne as the b?eaDtb. SCbe HI5aieoftbe|a8DeSaUis».fm!e 4- minutes leOe in height. Che c«' 
nice of the pcoetfall is 3 j. minutes btSb' ECtjc height of n)e Bafcsof tfje Columnesis about oncfmtc: allibefe 
parts, ano alfo the Capitall of t&e Colamnc, well piapojtiotieD in meafurcttanD in the beginning of ttue CompoQta £Dj> 
ficc, in mv fourth 55e)fee. 2Ebc fiat of tt>e $cttettall (0 fonre foote and a half e b<gb> Cbe height of tyc Column e toittjout 
HBafeanoCapftall i7,f»teano 1 j mirmtcs JE&ebeig|tof tbeCapitaUis 1. fate anbl7. minutes, Cbebeigbf if 
ttjeatebitraue is one foteanblp. minutes. &\)tfticte is onz fate ana 17. minutes. 2EbeCojmeeisa»fffltean0tf. 
mtrttrtesbigb' SCbeiBafementof t&e Cpitapbisoftbefametoitbtbef rfcfe. ECrjefjctgrjt uf ttje c£p;tapb is p.fatean* 
12. minutes :tbeb;eaDtbis 23. fate: Wbi$ members JfcaU bereafcerbefet ootortc,nr»3 Source msjeat larg** 

m % 

Of Antiqume ' 

T2C femrtbbe froubiefome both to u)e fejiter anb to the ftcaoer,tf g nicnlofct eowtte alltije parts of tty?fei©?tiamchfiV 
'■from member tomember,P8 ttjep arcbiligentlpmeafareo; « that not onelp toitb foote, but elfo kt/itfj parts of minutes: 
bnf § rjane taken the papnes onelp to f et the fame ttotone ont of ttje great into tbe f malt fojmc, in fncb fojf, that he that is 
Difcreete, map with bis CompaflefinDtbepjopojttoit thereof. Jtis t we, that tbe ©jnaments of fbenusRpa~tof ti>e 
SCrpampbant arctjes in Uoms are matt) contrary to VuruumsVDjUtng} ano tljte, jthinhe, istbe ranlc, that the rapb 
Srrbesare, fa? trjemol! part, maoe bptbe&oofco of etber bniloings, (tbatis, ofas manpfojtaof peccesas tbcpcenla 
get : ) anb it map be, ttjat tbe Wojfcementn tbofc bapes Were fclfe willeb, ano Boon not much, tpon obfctiiatien, bctattfe 
tljep Were things fcruingfo? Crpumpbs,anDitmapbcc (as it bapnetb oftentimes) mabeinbatte. SCbat part here en 
thefibefetboWiie,marfeeb A.isthelSafeDftbeCBpifapb. B.istbebt«bc(i Cornice, ifrjcfc, ano 2rci}itrao?: Wbicb 
Comice,tnmpopin'on,isfeerplicencioHSfoj Diners reafenet SCfcefirff, it is pjnpojticnco tea Ijiglj : fremtbe nether 
0rcbitrane, anbaboucit, tbereare too man? members, anb efpeciallp Settles ana ©entiles , Which fianomg 
alifee in one Cornice, are oiaibebbpVitruuiBj , nottoithffanoingitis bcrpWelltojongtt, anbfpcciail?ttje?3>aiiaa» 
bone: buthab3fucrjaCojnicetomabe(obferaingtherightoiCrr)atoontDmatsetbe&ctmaleffe, nnb the Cojnice 
mojc: 3 toooioleane fgeSfntilesastbepbe, ano3WoulbnotcnttbeS[>enttcales,bnttbeCuHaf£b. SCbearcht: 
frauehcteofpleafcibmccWcllinougt). She ttoo members marbrbC.ttjeto the .fatie ano the pjofillof tfjc i^enfota, 
tobich is the doting ftone of tbe 2rch. SEbe members marfceb toith E» are, in trnf.b, rich fojWo;fee, but pet to rich, that 
the one barfcenetb the other: bntif the parts were fobeaibeo, that tbe one Were grasen , anbthcotfjcrplasnc, 3 
wonlb eommenb it mo?e. )3no herein tbe to«Uemant§at maoc trje pantbcon,Was bcrsiuoiciocts s foj that pon fe no 
facbeonfunonin bis Ornaments. &bewo2ftcbn&frtt)isarcbisbcrp well maoe ano beuioct; itisalfoa fapjcCcm' 
partment , anb rich of Wo- be. Wut it map be, ttjat fucbas are tm much conceitco to commmo antiquities of Home, 
will (peraoaentare) tbinfce that 3 am too balb ti cenfarebpon that tt»bicl) t^artj b&ne maoe bpfuchffeilful! ancient fto* 
manes* but in tyis refpect 3 tosulo fcaue fbcm tafec mp fp&cbes in goob part , foj tbatall mp intc nt is, to fljeto it tbem 
tbat ftno Id it not, anb fneb as Will fubiett tbemlelncs to bcare mp opinion : foj it is not faSficient to make ancient things 
as tbcptfam>,bot it is another thing with VitruuMisabmcetocbttff onttbebeff anbfapjeft, anb torciecttbeh'ojfc. 
ft is true, that the cbvcfeft part ofanvlrcbitccto? is, tbatbeemifiaMbnotbimMfeingining btsceafare, as man? 
bbc, wrjo being obftinate in n)ar opinions, mafecaU things as thepbauefeene them, ano hcribpcourrtheirbnCbtlfab 
neffe.witbontgiuinganpotberreafcnsflftbings:, anb tbereare fome that fapjVitruuiusfcpasbntaman, anbtrjatthe? 
alfoarcmenfafifieicnt r tomaUcanbtnacrttneW things, Witbontrrgatbing, that Vitruuius confeffctetobaue WarncDU 
from fomanptbUfnli men, parflrj tnbisDtonetime,aS8UobpmeanfSDf£rjeWjiung sf otbtrtocjfc men* 







The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter.Foljo 

Of Anttquftie 

BCn catb tbe Campiocg'f o there f s a Erpnmpfeant 5lrcb,fob<cb bp the rnfe riptien map be totKtiaeb to be mate m the 
time at Lucius Sepumus Seueru*, pnotmoet Rename, mt bpthattobieb mew matfee anbfoffidentlpBuD, it if 
mace toitbMajfes of other bmloinge: ttisatfotoell afto?neBtoitbgeb ratting anbgraning: Kt»ritblptwougl,tbon) 
ontfceftoes, anbalfo befoje anobebinb: ittoaemfafareebptbeoloKomanepalmeofn. finger*, entr? finger 1*4. 
nnnutts.tobiebintotallmakerb 48. minute. SCbt toiocne ttc of the flrtbtn tbcmtDblc is*2. Palmes, 15. mutate* 
ano a baifc. 2Ebe toiDt nt s of rbc 9t cbes on rbe Goes is 9. {Mmes, 30. minutes. £he tbitbnefie of the flreb in tbe fibe* is 
3 3 . $a!me*, 2 5 . mtnntea. 3Eb e lit tit <©ates Uittbtn the arcbe* ace 7. $talmes anb 30. minute* ttibe. SCbe bjeabth tf 
tbe platters toub the Coltmines w 8. J9a!mcsant> y.minntes. Ehetbuimcfeof tbeCotnmnesia 2. palmes^e* 
minutes. 2Ebe tbufetieffc of the flat Colnmne* is 2 8 . minutes . 3£bt* 3rcb is note tnber tbe tortb as farce a* stoat 
tbe $efiettaH,(fejfo high the earth is there ravfro tottb tbe mines) but there ma* a part leftbncoturebtomesfarttt, 
botther/caulbnottometotbeSSafe to taaethe meafare thereof, btcaafeitims tronblcfcmi to rtmoiuc the mines. 

£be gronnb offtbe Srcfc SErpcmpbant of Luchii Scptimiu* 


Tlie fourth Chaptei\PoI,5i 

, <£foje,?ftauc fet ootcnc aUtbemeafures of tin's artb,toart)frtgflS)e Sonographic tljat is.tbe tbttfencffe a'no bjcMb, 
k noi3D 3itoillfpeatic of tljcljeigbt, 2Cbe beigbt of tbc miDDlemoff ard),i«45. Palmes ano ^.minutes. SCbetffabt 
oftl)E0r^r3beQocs )!nit6. Cbe beigbt of tbepe3ettall,tsabont ib.{0altnfs. 2Dbetbic*encff«oft$e 
Cototrtnes is 2. p>almcs ano 3 ©.minutes in SDiametst beneath: but aboue bitter t&e CapitaU,tbep are a.palmjs 
alio icT.minutrs. 2$.palmc5anD2 5 minutes. :Cbehctgbt of tbe artbitraue,!? one palm* 
ano 3O. minutes. 2Ebe beigbt of tfjc ftate-,\& one $alme, ano 3. minntrs. SCbe beigbt of tbeCojnice, is tiro paUnes 
an0i4.minpt.cB. £be beigbt of !bc piiutbHS, aboue tbe <S3o;:nue,marl$eD *. isa^.mimttfS. CbeJBafe aboue tbe 
JDltntjfroMa halfca palrue^bebppennott Cornice,! s one ^almc anD 3.mmntc<Mn3 p;opoJtts»eB in a greatei' fojmr, 



Of Antiquicie 

Y $ £b? Gee before, 3 Ijmt kt Doirn? all tlje tictgfcts sna b^ctttis of fftc Srcb Sdriuropfcant, of Lucius Septimus Seuerus: 
| note § tolll tbcto tbe par tic»lar,anO f «uerall parts trjcrecf,as g fato before, SCbere is no meafarc of tbe JSafe of tbe J0e* 
I oeffalsybutii map be tbougbt, ttjat tbep cpntamc as mucrj at sbc lead, as tbe Cornice of tbe ^eoettalsj tebicb Cornice 
■^ is a palme , ano fo mart) lite SBafe map l)0lc: of tobtcb part, tbe forme ttcnoetb becre in tbe niiDcslc,marfeet> G. 2Cbe 
SlBafcottljeColunmcaanBEtbtberebp market) F. tbe tebicb Bate batb affoncorcouuter-SBafe bntirrtbeplintbus: 
anotbisniEtpcrabnentnrebB Doric, betaufc tljc Colnmnes ccuto not rcartj to fact) a ijeigbt a& tbepfboute. CbeCapi* 
tali isbmtiotfctEistene, bcreufc ^cufiiaHfe tSjtl ifecin -tl;e beginning of tfce®rt*r,cai!cDCcmpcu"ta, inmpfourtb 
JJBoikc, for fbisisCompoGfaU'Ojkr. SCtjc lieig^t of ti»s Strrt;itratte, is one^alme anti 30. minutes: tbefreefeisp, 
fBalmcg ano 3. minutes : tabid) i?r&fe,for ttjat it is full of grauing,rbctoctb of afmallbcigbt tebere itffanottb'. ana bp 
Vitruuius torituig,it ougbt to GanD tbe fourth part bigbcr (\)tn tbe ^rcbitraue-, ant) tbisis leflc. SEbc beigbt of tbe Cor* 
ntce,is tteo|)almcs anti 14. minutes : uiitcbin tracti) tsmucb tmbigb ■> atcojoing to tbe proportions of tbe otber mem* 
bcrs; anfi if Ojcfcctrj fo mw& tbe greater, beraufc it hath mo re pjcu tture of tjeigbt 1 ano ttjis makes me fpeciallp beleeue, 
tljat tljis 3rcb is matte of sitters pieces of otljtr builtimgs,brcaufe of tbe fbrtnking of tbe members. Crjc forme of ttjc 
Src bitrane,f ret fe anc Cornice,ts maiUt toittj B. iTtjc beigbt of tbe 1iafe,abone tbe faiD Cornice, is b^ife a pahncifrjc 
beigbt of tbelaG Cornice, is a ga'me ano ttoo minutes, anofjatbfucb a great preiecture,ano banging ouer, as poufe 
in ifce .figure : a no in futb place,? blame not tlje Cornice 3 but affirme tbat it teas mane toitb great tuogement : for ttjat 
tbe great protect are makes tbe Cornice (bets greater, becanfc it is fecne frcm bnocr bptoarts, ano for ttjat ttjerc is like 
ma tec r-it is not in batne for tbe building. STrjts Cornice bete is market) toitb A . SCbe Cornice tobicb bearetb bp tbe 
greatefi 3rcb,is market: foitb C tebcrcof tbe proiecture is muctj tea great: ano for mp part,tn facb a fubiett, 3 foonlo 
ratrjer giue tuDgement ttjat it frjonlD be big!) ,ttjat teitb tfjc bearing out, it fboulo not binoer tbe fig'it of Abe Srcrj. 2Ttjat 
foojke market) D. commctrj rigi)t on tfjc #acte,l»bicb ^actt) from Columne to Columne,aboue tbe ttoo little Srcbis j 
anotbisaccompanietb tbe Cornice C. SEbcCormccmarheti te.trj E. is ttjat mljicb bpbolocttj tlje fmal0rcb, tbe tobicb 
Cornice bath a s circa, tobiclj J (bonis not make in fucb a piece of tucjke : for tbat all Corntces,tobofe cro tones baue not 
tbeirinftproiectore, are bncomeip: for tbe faprcfl part of a Cornice, is, tljat tbe crotonebee of agcoDbeigbtianDof a 
gooo pr oicc tare- inbercfore 3 fet it Dotone for a common rule, tbat tbe croroncs ttjat are tjiatjct tljen tbeir &cima , ano 
ttjofe at leaa,"t;at fball baue as mucb proiectureas rjcigljt ^all altoapcs be commenbeD bp men of bnoerQanoing.aCbw 
3jn)ougbt$ooD to fctDott}ne,toa9uertifetrjemtbcreofttjatknoroitnot. 

The third Bookc. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. '$% 


Of Antiquitie 

Tfitbefeingbflnieof Naples, viz. bctfoam Rcme ?ni> Naples fbcte are manp 0ntftmttte fl \ foj tbafffce Romanes batt 
1 great plramre in tbofe places: among tbe toWtfAi* Sttpuinpbant 3rcb is r eene, being pet all toljolcano fapje to fig^t: 
antitljerefojcajttougWitfinjlitofetitamongtbcnamberoftfterettoft^e SrcbcBftobicbteeremaoebptbe&omajies.) 
S^te0rcbJsatBcneuente,on ibisfioeof Naples, ano tuasmeafureo toitbamotierneCSllilibercof tl)e tljiro par t is 
fcerrmrtcr fet fcotone. fflbe figure berebclobMs tlje jebnograpbic of tye fame arcb 5 ano to fbctobp itbomtbts arc!) 

*Egbt €llf b: tbe tbltfenefle of tbe Columnes is an ©11- tlje ^"letter tenser tbe 3rri), is alfo as bjoaiu tbe inter-rolumne 
boles tbjcetlfrleB: tbe beigbt of t^e arrets almou" as mucb egainc as tbe bjcctb: tbe beigbt of t&e JSafc of tlje $3roettalI, 
toitb tbebr.Dcr'S5afc,is one (Ell, ten onnces ano fire minutes: tlje flat of tbe peoeflsll, is ttaQ (£lles,tcn ounces ano fire 
minutes: tbe beigbt of bis Cojnice,is nine ounces: tbe bngbt of tbe iBafrs of tbe Columnes,is fcucn ounces: tbe beigbt 
of tbe Columncs,toitbout 5!5afes o? Capitals , is. nine €llcs sno fcurc ounce?. SEbe tbiefcneffe of tbe Cotumnrs be* 
twatb,isanc£llin SD!ametr,an5>sboueis leffencBafirtpert: tbebefgbtof tbe Capitalists r,n®U,fiue ounces ano an 
balfe: tbeb*igbtoftbcarcbitraue,i« 1 5. ounces: tbe ^reefe is feaentJenc ounces b'Sb' tbe beigbt of U>e Cornice, is 
one CU, tb?a ounces ano an balfe: tbeptn'bas.tobicbfiatioc'bascounter-igafc aboue tbe Co?nicc,ts 19. ounces 
an&a quarter bigb:tbeffiafeBanBing upon it,is 1 1. ounces big&: tbe beigbt of tbcdEpitapb , is? four e ©lies anD ttoo 
ounces: n> beigbt of Qe outtermott Co^ice,is one dll ano tbsfc minutes: tbebcigbt of t&e impoJl of tbe arcb, is balfe 
an (ML 

iBbereuntbfbc3rcbismeaforrTi,isDemt5eD into 12. ounccs,anb facboun«info5.minu(es, 
tobiebcomes from n* ounces to 60 minutes: anotbte is tbe tbiropsrtof tbcfapDGftl. 

jt — *- 

^ 3 3r 


rt •+ v t tr 


The third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol $\ 


Of Anticjuiiie 

Ttyt ©laments of tbe0rc& of iBenturaten, fobkb 3 baueffjetonc in fljeleafe befejc, etc here, acroleins to t&e mea» 
fare fct oobme,toitbtb«*PjtginalU 2C^515afcoft^ep£Dttta!I,anDtl)eCo;mteH>£reof,marfeeDF.atx,tntiut&, 
fV?o pates of got) pjopotfion, ano fapje pics fo? Coanictments. £Ebe 13afc of Ctjc petit Cali, together toitb tbe 
Coonterbafe bnOerit,isone©u\ i&.^untesanstf.minutcsbigb: the C*?m«of tf>c fapo JScOiflallis j>. Amices 
high? ff)cS5afeoftt)eColamneig7,Siisti£fSl)igb,r.nD if ofCojinttjtoteojbe^erpUHllpjofojttcrcopt^oine to the 
Column?* anoffan&et&becrcfnarbeeteitbl;. 3 t>awe«otrrt ttje Capitallbetc: foi ttjat men(as 3 fapobefojeyfoatl 
finofuebaone m tbe beginning of tbc Compofita, in mj fourth )£«Dbe, feecaufetl)ia2rcbis Compofita toojfee. £be 
3rtb,iFrafe,anoCo.mite,tobttbftaMabi)netbi8Co!onme,areljcce'inarbeo teitbC tobub pact* arc alfo tocllpjc 
p;tioneD on tbe remnant of this butltring: anoattbougbtbattbeCemtceisfomjCtobatbiBbertben Vicruuius tonulo 
feaue it, muertijcletft tt is toeil p?opojticneo of nrmbers, anb tbe fame flat is net m it that is focno in other Cojnicee, 
tobitbb£netbe^utitefiant)tbc2DtnUieisaanomBio6etber: bnttbistoo;*emRn 3 b£mgcircrimfpcct therein, tooulb not 
tut cfce tatb m tbe ©•- ntile s, although be bstb fct tbe tome the reef in tin- Cornice, to fl.tnmc fucb a fiaunocr. Che tame 
consecration the ttojfeeman t^at maoe tbei&intbeenhao, intbefirliCojniccabouet&eCbappels, rounoabouttbc 
JOTempleUitbin: anbtberefeje Jrcnnrellaluojlmnan, ftauopOcfacbafcanDall, snonotto repofebimfelfebpentjje 
Doing of licentious anD toilfull teo?feemen, ano ercofc tbcmfelar g, facing, Ancient bwfeemeu msbe it, anb tberefoje § 
nrapmafeeitastocllasthep. SnBaltbeuBb f«ne trill argueanofap, Wbp>fomanpteo;fccmcn, ano info manppla* 
its of the toojlo, .not onclvin Italy) but alfo in oiorrs other places, bane matcCcjmccs, with ^utiles, ano ingranen 
£>ci;rilts , anotbatlucbacuGcmeisnototurneOintoa&abJ, pet 3 tooulc not obfernc tbc lame in mp toojfcts no; 
tcanfell others tbcrcrnto. 2Lbe € on. tcr bale, bncer tbc ©pltap'b, abone tlje Cojntce, marfceo B. is 1 p. Ounces anb a 
balfc bigb '■ tbc beigbt of ttjelEau t tjcr 1 upon is 1 1 . ®nntcc j tbc blight of the dtpitapb is 4. Giles 4. Ounces : tbc bcigbt 
Ot tbe Co;nice is dne (Ell anb ?. Ounces. 9 nmcl; commtnu tbellBafe of tinsCpitapb. iccmmrnotfeeliBafeof tbis©." 
pitaph, toitb fo little pjotectnre, tojtbefaingbp tmorrir, but the Cornice tobercof 3 uritlfpeabe, is much too high, ac 
coding to the p;opojutn Of tbe Cprtapb '• bnt lucre it of Itffc bcigbt , anb tbc Crotone mojc, anb of mojc pjoicttute, 1 
iuBge, it tooulo llano better, ano 3 Qjculo ccmnuno it moje .- alfo,if there tut re not fo much earning 0; grf.umg in its 
Jd-% members ougbtlo tobe Ocutoco, that tbe one lucre plapnc, ano tl.jc ether granm. liBut ttjerc arcmanp too:be* 
men, anb moll atttjis Dap,tbat,to make men take pleaftire in ttjeir bao teojbt mantfeip, mane fo manp cuttings in it , that 
tbcr8bptbeP I on i ' oan o teo Jb En,a ' | ft i P.' an5tafeCi: ' toa P tbcticaut P of fojmefcomit: ario if cutty in times patt, that faff 
ano fingle tbings, toncut, mere b? ibilfull b ojbemen commenoco, at this time tbep are not fo. ; Cbis figure, raarbco 
D. is tbe Jmpott of tbe 2rcb , ano is toell hnotene fojfucb a member -, the fame Cojntce crjattgetb it felte in a i^acie, 
tobicb goetb round, as pou fee, ano is batfe an (£11 bigb • ano alrbongb tins Jmpott of tbe 3rcb fbetoetb no Sculpture, 
fit (s it graucntobcreitttanoeitjjbut jfo&ot to D?ato tt fo. 

■ > s, 


The third Booke. The fourth Chapter. Fol, J£ 



Of Antiquitie 

B# tf>e ampbttyeatce of ttomc,fo|icbb|> the people is calleo Coiifc eo, tfaere fianoetb a btrpfaire SErpmnpfeant 3rcb, 
tobicb is toonocrfaU rub of laments, swagrs, anooiners ^ittojicc, it teas oeoitateo to Condantinc, ano 
is fefnallp called , Larco dc Trafill. 2Cb»s fapje 3tcb, altbougb it is note burieo a great part teitbfntbe tartlj , bp 
ntcants of tbe taint s-, ano rifing of tbe cartb. is ncuertbcUffe of great beigbt, ano tfce (Sates ano paETagcs tbjougb it,are 
pet bigber then ttoo fourc fquares, Cbis 0rcb (as is befoje fapo) is pairing fap?e to tbe eve, ano frcnQerfell rub of 
laments f grauing. 3t is berp true,tbat tbe Comfecs are not of tbe belt maner,altbona,b tye? be err fcoing ritblp gr# 
uen, toberec-f i toill fpcafee bereaftcr. Cbis grouno bcrmnorr , (bettetb tbe atbnograpbp of tbe fape flrcb Crinm* 
pbant , ano teas meatureo fcitb ttje olo Komtfb $almc: tbe bjeaett) of tbe gre ateff 0rcb is 22.^a!mesan» 24. minutes: 
tbeimoeuetteaf tbe leflTer 2ttbcs on tbe florsis ii.$almes,ii»minutesanOabalfe. 2Cbct&icfcneffeof tbcpiiafltrs 
are 9. palmcs ano 4. minutes : tbe tbtafateffe of tbe arcbes in tbe fioes,is 2 1 . palme* ano a batfe : t&us tbe place toit&* 
in tbe arcb is almcft fenre frjuar e : tbe tbubneflJr of tbe ^eoeffals is 3 [ galmes ano 29. minutes : tbe f bitten ffc of tbe 
ColumnrsiS2.)9almesano25.mmates; tobicb Coiumnes areftnefceooj boUoVosOj bg tome calUocbatulo, ano are 
tDbole rounb toit& tbetr pillars bebino tbem. 



Cbcgrotmoof tbe;3reb Crrumpijanf of tbe (fcitipcrcurConftainius. 

- ■ 

The third. B 


The fourth Chapter.Fol. 55 

X^e toiDcnclTe ano ibiclmctfe cftljts artlj,ts fetticicnflf fc( Uofenr 5 note 3 Srtll fpcaftc of tbebeigbf thereof : ano firff, 
ti)e^atCDftl)£l0cefftaU,tBttl)tl)cpiintD,ifioncpalmejini5 30.minurrsbigfe. HTtjc ^cieijt cf tlje ffat, ig 7.p2lms 
anD 5. minutes: tbe beigbtof tbe Cojmccs cf the $tebcHais,is 41. minnt£g:ft)«b«ehtof(bccountfr-)!5arir,i3ncertbe 
JBafc, ojtbepifntbus of tbe Conine , is uYricanottoo minutes :t)ebeigbt of tbe'iSafeistfo. minutes: tbebeigbt 
of the botipof tbe <£olnrmtf s, toitbout SBr.fe 0* CapitalUs 16. $atmcs ana 1 y.minate s : tbc beijbt cfttjeCapitalUs 
2. ^almes anb 3 5. mtnutcs,anc is Compou"t*. 2Tbe bcigftt of tbe arcbiiraue, is one paunr ano 1 1 . minutes but t.ijc 
#recfe is nmcb leffc,an!J put graucn? tob>cb, as 3 bane favB,at etber times is contract? to tbc Corf rinr of Vicruuius. ET b« 
tjriaijt of tbcCojnice is a prime ans a 1 .minutes. STbc betgbt ofttecountcr-bafe, tmoer the frconb floats 3«]Mms 
ancp.attnnttS'ftcaitb£nccfotbsbisbclJpartoftbeCojmccs,tS2i.^^ics; but the beigJjtcftbatCdjmceisj?. 
minutes. 2Cbepct)e2a!sabouett)e fame Cornices tocre not meafurcD,anDfberecn tffootiijmnars, anCabouetbeCov 
nices marbcD B. foere images place ti g«aintt tbe 4. J3il!affer? ? tobicb repjcfcntcD f be pifoners bjitb fcbom W- Incut in 
irsumpb. SCbe letters tot>iclj CsitD ijcre, arc abous tbe 3rcb, in tbe place maisco A. befiacs mang 'berSjtobicS Cano tn 
Diutrs places o^tfjc ^rclj. 




' J£ane fpokenof tbe pjopojtion oft^c meafures of tbe Crpampbant 3rcb of ffee ofcmperonr Conftamine : naw 3 will 
fpeaiteof ttjctcRC all parts ano Cojnicements,anD fctt&cir meafures ootone, 0noftrtf,tbe55afe marfceo F. is of tbe 
$)etcffallof t'icfato flictj: tlje Ijcigttt tofcceof , is apalmeano so-minutea* SDjcijeigljt of ttje piint^as tinOf r t^c 
- Wtii is 2 8 . minutes: il?e reft of t!>c parts arc meafurablp oeuioc t>, ano pjopojrioneD arcojcinglp. SZtit \)ti$ht of tbe 
Cojmcrs of tl?e pcoettaU,u>ijtct> (Lino marfceo t?noc r tbe is.ifc £. is 41. minutes,ano is alfo pjopojtiowo accojomg to 
tbc pjin t ipall. 2Cl)c conntr r-i5af c,UnOc r tbc JEafc f t be Column's ( tobicb 3 tbinfte Were place© trjerc accioentallp) to 
Itetgtjteii ttjr ColunincSjts 3 1. niinuics Ijigtj; ttje tot)olc t)Cigl)t of tbisIBafc of tbcColumncs,w 5?. minutes: tonctiino; 
tfje ljcts!)t of tljc Columncs, J fpafce befoje, ano alfo of tbc Capitals? of Myxl) Capitals, ibe fojmc ft anbet!) notbere,fo? 
tbat tt)e libe ootb ffano in mp foartt) ffi'mfce, of tbe SDjoer of Compnfita: tbe beigbt oftfje arcbittaues, i^rftfes ano Co?* 
nices,isalfo fpoKsnofbcfojc: ano tbts Cojnice is bcrpfremelp,ftutbattbere isno liccndoufncffciiut, wbicbis in fomc 
other 3l5afcsoftijis 9rcb ; asit is in the impoftof tbc miDOlcmoil 3rcb, marfeee C. tibe wbitbimpottis greater ano of 
mow members ano parts , Unit *.!jc great ano principal! Cojnice, ano is altogether ronfufeD in members, anc trjat Urtucb 
ts moff intolerable, tbc Den t tic s ano Shuttles are one aboue tbe other : ano altboaglj tfjc Dt ntiles were not tyere, pet 
tljc re nortec not fneb a Cojnice t j beare up an 3rcb. herein tbe inojbeman of tlje Skater of Marcellus was mojc cir> 
enmfpett tben this: fo? tbe impoffs of tbe arches of tbe faio SCbeater,are tijc fan^eft ano befl of Qjeto fo; impotts tbat eaec 
g fato,ano facias from the tobiclj a man mas learne to make tbc like. 2C|je impoff of tbe leffer flrcbes markeD D, is 0110 
Palme ano 3 3 .minutes ano an Ijalfe big b : tbe t»b« b tmpoft toonlo ffano mncb bet tcr ,if tb ? ttoo flats betweene ttje 3ft ra^ 
gall aboue, ano tbc (Ecbine bnot r, were turneo into plapnneffe onlpj torjicl? then wonlo feme fo? an abacas , o? alfo fo; 
arrotone,bamnetbcDnc}3}oietture. &beli5afeunBertbefecom>tto?pmatkeO A. is i<J. minntes bfgbttlje beigbt of 
tbetppermoff Cornice, is 4 3. minntes, wbicb beigbt fboulo bee too little info great aoiffanee, if it were not tbat tbe 
great jpjoiccture ojOallcrp, 0? oncrbanging f>olpc it not; bcraafe tbeu are feeing bpwart>s,frombnoernratb,wbtc& 
fljetoctb it to be mud; greater tben it is t tJbcr cfc :t 3 mucb commeno tb:c Cojnice in tbis refpect Sinn truelp, all tbe 
Co3niccs,Uibcreof tbe crototic batl) tnc;e p^oicrturc tt^ctt $efgbt,anftoere always better, ano map be maoc thiimrr of 
ftone, fo tbat ttje members ofrbc bniloing ensure leffe teapgbt nenertbeleffe, pon mutt not make tbcm of too manp licen< 
ttous p jcicttnr es : bat pon wall rcao Ijc reof m Vitraaius, wljere be cntreatetb of tyc S>?Ocr of crotoncs , after ttje mancr 
of iionira ano JUojica; fe? be t'octij trjere teaelj pou elearelp tneugb. 


The third Boolce. 

The fourth Chaptcr.F0l.5d 

rw wi- r 

g^^Bj^pj inn* if i-- 

" llj ftUKfljOUlD 

ftano in 
/olio ji. 
anoifye /i* 
lio 52. i 


lano tit 

Of Antiopitie 

T\ 7/ 3tt)etst Anconen bpon ttje banm, tbctf is anbcaDtobicb reaebetb it felfe a gcoc few into $&c £ca,ii>fcul) toe* 
\¥/ not mane tambcuf great toft anB cbarges : it teas to Ccfena t%z foips from ttje JLeuant ff a. ©pon tbe cnt> cf tbe 
w tcigb* thcreof,ffant)ctlj an arcb trpnmpbarit, all of garble ano Cojintbia toojfee ; anb tbrre is nothing in it 
bpttljcCapltalg,tot)tcbareDcncinber^goootBojfeC! anoin t«ie?b, tl»tB brnftma is fo banofome,snD of fo 
goes tojr etpnnoenttc-.tbe memters alfo agreeing toitb t&e te&ole bo$r>, tbat a man, alt&ocgb be bnSErGan&no ^r ^toonfo 
ItiocribeletTe tabe pieaferein tfcc beau tie thereof. Smb tbofe tbat bnberftano fowctebat, fixing (ucb ccngruitie,arcnot 
emtotoe'.l contented, but alfo tbanftetfee gooo toojfccman, that featbgiuenbs fometobatintbele caves iokarneout of 
tins taw ano toeli rnabc bniltms : in tbe ojnaments tobcrcof, tijerejsthe 02&ct of CoiinJb-a as teellobfcrac o ano feept, 
asinanpottierarctytbattsto befonno,anbbpKafonof fbeflrengtbibsreof, tttsaUtoboie;cnelyit is bnfnrnifljcD of 
man? ojnammts. lEbis fairc £rtb,as it is eoncejuee, Netoa Traianus taufco to be btnlcco : tobereupon,in tbe bigbett 
part of tbe 3rcb (as it is fapt>) bis image teas erecteo, fitting on botfebaefee, faming to tbjr aten tbe clones anc people, 
DuertobombelffiRccanDgouerneD,letttbe^outorebcllagaine: ufljicbSttiage teas of Copper encllenttptoelt mane. 
SLbere toere alio bettofcne tt)e Colnmnrs.aboof {fie Cornices, tertaine Smagts of Copper, as ttje Utters in tfeofe pla* 
testt)?itten,Doefl!eto: tfcere are alfo tokens of »}oics,tebitb ftetocs tbat tbere toere Kings of Copper, c?otberfacfr 
lifee tbings banging in tbem , tebicb miglt bee tafeen from iheCotbes, tHanbals, o? o'ber enemies. SEfeis bniioins 
teas raeafureB bp ibe ancient fcote, tbe gronno b; bereot ffanto tb bewnnser. S:be tniBcncfie of tbe 8rcb ts tm tote : 
tbetbicfceueffeintoarBs is nine fate anu ttoo minutes: ibe tbirfmefle of tbeColumnesis cfeofmte, n. minutest 
tbe jnterrolcmnes,'ojfpacfsbettoenetbeCDlnmms, is 7. fete, 5. minutes: tbeCclumnesffar.D tottbonttbe 
toal^ifote ana 11. minutes: tbe beigbt of tbeSlrcbis ii/otm 1. tbtrbpart : ano t^is ^ete^t,altt)ougt} itfjoloetty 
tno;e ttjen ttoo fourefquareS, is not fljerefotf miffijapen, toben pou bcbolo tbe indole matte together : tbe beigbt of tbe 
|2cBeaa!steitbatttbcirCo5nkes,is 5.foste: ibebaeaBtbtstbZttfste., 15. minutes an& a balfe: tbebeigbt of tbelBa* 
fes of tbeColnmnes, togctberteitb tbe tHnocrbafes,are 1. fcoteanfc 36. minutes : tbe beigbt of tbe Columnes to tbe 
Capitals, is ip. fcotc, 21. minutesanB abaUe: tbetbicbnellebnbtr tbeCapitalUtsonefasteant) jtf.minntes: tbe 
beigbt of tbe Capitall ts 2 . fdte 3 24. minutes, tottb tbe SbattiS; anc tbe Sbaras is 10. minutes: tbe fapb Capitall ?fi« 
ftalienBinmpfourtblBoohe,intbebeginningortJbeojt>erofCo;intbta: tbe beigbt of tbe arcbitraaeisone fmteartl 
ia. minutes: tbe betgljt of tbe i^recfe is one footeano 18. minutes: tbe beigbt of n)e Cojnice is i.foote ano 2 2. tm 
nutes : tbe beigbt oftljepivntbasaboue tbe Comice,is one foote,5.rainEtfsansabalfe: tbebeigbtofibeSBafeabcue 
ft)efa?opintbus,is 3 9. minutes: tbebeigbtof tbeCpitapb tbe <Xo}nice,ts#.fcoa ano 22. minutes -, but tbe 
Cojmce abouc it toas not mcauirea, 

Ebebalfeof the olo Ucmi[5 footc. 

E^egronnoof tbeflnb (rpumplantof Mtmn. 

The third Bboke. 


Ifh'c fourth Chapter, Fol. 57 


Imp. Csefari Diui Nerux. F. Nferuse Traiano 
Optimo Augufto, Germanico Dacico. Pont, 
Max. Tri. Poc. xix. Imp, xi. Cos.vii P. P. Pro* Prmcipibus. S. P. Q. R. >J< 

Quod acceflum Icalii,hoceuam addico. ExPc- 
cuniafua, PoctutBtioreaa Nauigantibus reddideri". 

*> i 

Of Antiquitie 

10 mp opinion, 3 fcaue fapo enoagb of tbe meafure of tlje 3reb of A ncona, ^ct tfcat f be pacts of tbe Cojnices map be 
tbe better tin cctttooD , 3 Will ftiew tbem bete greater: anc fir ft, 3 toil! fet Dotene tbe lotoeft parts, as ttjcp ft ana aboue 
fbegronuDoftbetoosfe^ Ojebetgbtof tf)e$£Deftall,marfeeD G. is rapD to be tef 5. feat, U)it^ alt t^c Csjtttccs ttjere? 
of: but tbc bctgrjt of tbe pinibus of trie I5afc,ts 1 8. minutes : trjc JiBafc aboue tbe 19. minutes, artb a 
tbjrspartbigb: tbeCojniceoftbepcoettall, isao. minutes, anoa tbirDpart bigb^fomuebboetb tbe ttonealfo hole, 
Canning tbercoEjmarfceD F. wbirb, bpmp atuice, isptaceo tbrre , to brighten tbe Columncs, ano Ibetoetb not baolp, 
bat mojc, btcaufe it is fet fo*( b with a lift rouno about it; Wbcrcbp tbe SSafe Differ etb from tbe piintbus : ano fo, in mr» 
opinion »flanDctb well. STtjc Scafc, ixij-tcb is Co?inft)ta, together tvitb tbeCincfe cf tbc£olamnc,is 43. minutes btgb t 
ano tbe poiecture,is tiff, minutes ano an balfe in bjcctb: tbe tbicfeneffe of tbe pDeftalUs ;.foote,i f .minutes ano an 
balfe: ttje tbicfeneffe of tbeCoIumne,is i.'footc, 1 r .minutes : ano, tt)ereffanu 1 3. rjstlototngsc » 0; tbartele, toitbotit tt>e 
^tlafter:tbci»ioencffeflf onccbanell,»S7. minutes ano a balfe: ano the lift wbirb partetbtbem, is 2. minutes and s 
balfe. STrjc btifibt of tbc Capitats are ttje trjtcfenetTc of tbe Columncs below, toitibouttbe abacus; wbitb Capitall 
hatbabfrpfapjefojme,Wb£rcbpWemnpbc perftoaoeDanb beleeue, ttjat Vitruuius Dextrine is-fatfe, anotbat Vitraui- 
us bnDcrttooD ttje Ije tgljt 1 tbe Capitall toitbaut abacus : (ano fo; tbis caufe) fo; tfcat tbe moft part of tbe Capitals that 
3bauefaineanomeafureD,aremoftof fucb hctgbt, alio btgber 7 anbfpectallg tbe Capitals tbatfianD intbelSotunDi 
tojjercof ,in ttje beginning of tins JiSmfee pou map fee one. Cr;c beigbt of tbe 3i cbitraue aboue tbe Columne, is one fcote 
ano ttoelue minutes, sr be beigbt of tbe jf ret fc, is one footc ano ergbtene minutes. SCbc beiflbt of tbe Cornice, 
is one fcote ano t too ana twenty minutes. Cbefe tbjr* are mariteo f ogeiber tottb an A . SEbe piintbus aboue tbe €op 
nice is one fcote , fire minutes ano an balfe btgb • 2Ebe 25afe upon if , is thirtfe minute & : tbe fpace Wherein tbe let* 
tcrs are written, is fire fcote ano two ano ttucntp minutes, ano is marfeeD ttitb *. 2Ebc 3mpoff of tbe 0rcb is marfeeo 
D. tbe beigbt Wbereof is 1 . fete ano fifte ne minutes : but tbe bppei moff Cornice, as 3 bane fa pd , Was not meafures. 
SL^bcigbtoftbeajJenfolem place of tbe clofingttone,marfeeOB. aboue tbe Srcb, ts tbjee foot anb 30. minutes: ano 
batb a foote ano 14. minutes uritbouttbe wall, in ttje nppcrmoft part; ano in tbc parts beloW,it comes out a foot. £be 
foure tables toitb the Cojnices topon tty m , tobicb OanD be t We nc tbe Columnes, are tbougbt to be placeo there, fo; boW 
Bingtsp of balfe images: tbe fojme whereof, ffanoetb bete marfeeD E. ano is ttjere alfo bp tbe JD joull on ttjefl De,tobere* 
bpsmanmapf&bototbeparetejougbt: fojtbepare full of wejfee, cum to tbe Center. SCtjcbctglitof tbe Cojnices, 
Canning aboue tbem, is % a . minutes : ana although. 3 bauc not fheWt D all tbe JJ;of ectures t rjeigbts from part to part, 
ret 3 bane toitb great Diligence reoucco tbe m from tbe great, into afmaUfojme , anb Were (as 3 fapD befojeof tbe 
reftjmcafureD toitb (be 0I8 Womanefoot. 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter.F0I.58 

Of Afttiquitfe 

T©c ketone of Pola in Dalmatia, is sfiaw* britb man? antiquities t be0Des the Sweater f ^mpbiibeater,tobete» 
of J fpabe brfojc, tberc arc otber ISuiloittg s,tober e of noto j toift fpeafce. SDtjcre 10 art flrcb iCrpumpbant, of 
Cojintbta toojfee^trb of laments, foj iHgures ,too2fes,ano Orange ocuteeS;fo tbatfram tbe peoeffal fepiDaros, 
tberc is no toojbc no? fpace let imgrawn,not om\v before, but alia on ti?c fioes,ano tariibiu, ano bnoer m tbe accb, 
fobereinare in np anDBiucstoo^fo rbat It u^do require longtime to Declare tjjem particularly : tbe .refojc 3 toil! 
fbcto fucb parts tbrrcof as are nccc Jt >ri> fo? a toojaeman, fo; inuention mb arte, &be grounb of tb* Srcb follottfng 
Santetb bcr*unoer,mea{ureO toitb a $9oorrne 0.1 common foote, tebe'reof tr>e balfe is bere fet Dotrnc. KX>t Ercb 10 1 2. 
fat ano a balfe bioc: ttjc beigbtisabfiiitai.fajt. Cbepilattcrfiintbefiwsintoaroare^.foottbicke. SCbetbiclme* 
of a Columns ie btie tote, 9 ounces anti a balfe. 2Tt)c 3ntsrcolumne is 2 . foot, 3 . ounces ano a balfe. 2Cbe |Maff ec 
oftbearcbis one foot, 2.ounrcBbjoab. STDc bcigl) of tr>c \minttiH5 unecr tbe TiBafe ef tlje peDettail,i5 on* foote, £be 
IBafe is 4 ounces b'gb. Stbe flat of trjc p to: foil is % . fout : tbe Comue 4. ounces- 2Cbc pintbus warfeco D. bnber 
tbeCfilumnes tS4.otmcc0. STbetcig&tof tbe IBafclittrjtrjc piirtttjUB to 10. ounefssno one quarter, SCbebetgbS 
ef tbe Cotumnc is 16. foote , one ounce ant 3 quarters. SLfcc tjetgtjt of tbe Capitall is 2. foot ano one fiance. ftbe 
beigbtoftbearcbitraue is one footc ano one ounce. ^bebeigbtDftbe^retfetsonefoote ano 2. ounces. SObebeigbteT 
tbe Cornice is one footc ano 1 © unces. 2Ebt bcis U of tbe pintyt 1 s aboac tibe Cornice is one foote ano 2 . ounces. Ebe 
betgbt of tbe IBafc of tbe p ec eftali,an aifo of tbe p in t bus bpbn it, is one foote ant) a . ounces: but tbe beigbt of tbe XBafe 
alone is io.ounces. 2Eb £ tjcig^t of tbe flat of tbe^eocftaU is 2. foote ant) one ounce. Wat Comics is<J. ounces, Cbe 
Cauctaboue tbe Cornice, (tobub Vmuuius ? as jit&infee, calictt)Coronaiifi$)i6 5.flun«s; snotbisistbemeafuw 
ef toe gt onnb folletouig. 

&be balfe common foote. 

1 ' i 





SCbi » is tbe gtcunb of t|s Srrfc f rttrnipbant of P*Ia. 

The third Bboke. 

e fourth Chapter. Fol. 59 

23>e meafwe of t&js pjefent 3rcb is kt oofotic bi'foje :• in tbjs fioe folSotoing , (be particular parts fljall bcc fljcfoso; 
SDbefc great letters bcrcanaec^flanD 111 t{ic^i-ffff,mail;:D Y. 
2LbcfctjnDccrtiat6cB,fianum tb;eB}BcDcCalfi, marfeeB X. H. A, 


1 .4. J*i 

4J B , JU-i. 

. Of Antiquitie 


'•il5tbeu't>ebefo)e,3 bace fpofetn of tbetmiuerfall mcaiurecfttc^rcfetriumpfcaKt of Pola, nnsbavealfofljctoctiibe 
f t t w c itjvrcof, anPpait'p fet count feme of the richer? ano faitett ojnatmnts oftycfame: $oto 3 toill (ctootone 

the par ttculat m a: ur : s of the parts thereof : anb fit 8, 3 toril begin teitb ? m tber parts, as tbat teas placco firCt abcuc 

^ tticfrcunu. atcljcigbttr thepintbustnDfrt^e^afeof tbE^tCcaali, iecntfooti altbongbttjotbnrjtcit tberc 

Uefb another of mucb moje bright, but it is t»nt>cr tbeeartfe: tfeefecigbt of tbe CiroatfeturricD about aboue it, tottb tt>c 

3QragaIu0,is jounces : fljr flat of the |Bct>t ft all,ir 3 . foot bigij: tfce Cimattc about, it is 4. ounces, ( To mucb a! fo is tbe 

fenBcr-lF a e,abeue tbe Ctmatte : tbe I ctgtjt rf thereof tbr€oiumnes,is io.ouncrs,8nDisberptoeHcntan6grauen: 

^moalbougb tyefomteis SDojica,pcttbe nelicatc tro;ts thereof fbctotfeatit is Cojinttjia: trje Colnmnes etc §uuco 0} 

tbanelet) from tbetcp fo tbe be lh m ; ano there are ado man? bolletoings totttjout tbe JMaCcr , as tbe jfigure hereafter 

toetb fljeto. 2£fjr t>etg^t of tbe Cap tall toitb tbe Sbacus ,is ttoo feote ano one ounce : tbe to-bid) Capitall is higher then 

the tyiritneffe of fljcColumne beneath. |2*urrtbelcfre,it ts berg toell, ano fbetoctb pleaengtoGgbtjitfs atfo ricblp 

to;mugbt,asttisberefbetorijin n)e figure thereof: anDattoa^es, as tt>c Capitall of <lo;uitbiai* in (neb p?ppo;rton a* 

gamG tbe Columnc, ] ujouIc t :.u«V it better to tbe bietoof too -.lumen ; tfcen if uritb tbe abacus it bat) but the height 

of the SDtameter of the Columnc: ano altbeugb VitruuiusUjitetbUiusfasis befoje fap.o)Bit map bistert be falfifice. 

2Dhc beigbt of tbe 3rcbt : raue,t one foot anO one ounce: the height of tbe frkteje ene footr and ttoo ounces: tbe tjeigbt 

of tbe Co?ntce 7 is & forte ano ten ounces: tobtcb Comireis berp !icenctous } aI though it be rich of too .fee , becaufc rurt ruty 

neffeof toojfec ronfcntit«etb it : but tbat U'bicb tsmoGbnfemelpin tt, is tbcCcbtne tottb tbe®uale aboue tbe^cima, 

a thing, uitruetb, mud) bnfigfetlp : ano tijat, tofeicb is mojetosjtbp laughter, is, tbat tbe faio©cbine in tbe topper pact, 

is cot fljjoagb.toitbout being coucrea toitb ant hu\ tbat it mtgbtnotbec confumeo toitb the water. $5ut tfcere t.atb at* 

ipapesoeciie licentious teojaemen, as tbnre are pet in our Bages, tobo, to plcafe tbe people , mafee mucb grantng in 

tbeir tocjKes,toitbontrefprcting tbe qualities of tbe ojtrrs, anotoillalfo inJPojicatoojhe, tobtcb fboulobre faff 

ano ffrcng , «fe mucb grauing ano cutting , as in £o;mti;tatrojfee, tobicb, bptljcicfoUp-, affeetb man? ornaments. 

SBut toifc anD iuotcisus tosjfeemen toill alampe s obferue 2>f co;um : ano if n)ep mafee tt , ftc after JDc:tca maner tlep 

toill folloio gocD antiquities : tobttb, fo; the n off part, af ret tottb Viti uuiuspjecepts. SDfttjcp rwfceanptoojfee after 

tbe Ccjint tjia mancr, then tbet> couer tbem toit^ £>;9iamcnts, as tbat bins of too jfec requiretb. 2This J banc fet ootone, 

toattnertife tbofe thereof tbat anoto tt not ^ fo; tbep that bnoto it, ntroc not nip atiuice. fioto tocometo tbe ptir- 

pofe figspnc: 3boue tbis Cojnice tbere is a iSafcmcr.t , tebub mabetb out tb;« ^eocftsls ; tbe piinttjus bnoer tbe 15afc* 

ment, toi;ich is there fet againtt tbe p?oic ctur e of tbe Cornices, ( foi ottje r a ire, in laBing bp , it luoalo car hen tbe Bafe) 

is a feet high; sboue it ftancctb tbe JEafc, tobcr cof the height is 10. ounces: tbe flat of the H5afement,is i.tmta. ounce 

fetch : tbe Co.muc aboue it, is balfe n fscte b*»jfc i tofeicb Cc;nicc is Her? feme! p, ano the part a thereof oeuioe tbemfelues 

berp toeil from eacb other , fo; that bcttneenc the ttoo carueo members there ftaneeth on: ptapne aboue: the Cornice 

is tbat member o;part,calleo Corona lifts, as Ibnoerfcano Vieuiuius, tobcreof the feeigBtijS' 5 ounces. .3bouethefe 

tbere are feme (tones tbat fbero to no enb at all, bat it maj» be thought, that fonts tbinp ffeooebpon tbem: tbe beigbt of 

t^feftones is 10. ounces: tbcbeightoftbeBjmpoacfibis&cbisio.ouiKes; the toisicb jlmpoffiisberp WrenciouP.p 

snaoe : ano although tb&fe 3 • members one eboue tbe other ,arc Diuers, vet tbep are line each other in pjoiectur z : ano 

tberet w e in tbe mM fy?y Qanb to no goo effect : the other carts ran ffcall feno to tg the Caracters in tbe great atctj. 

The third Booke. 

The Fourth Chapter.Fol, fo 

O' i\nt:quitie 

Yil5 Vcrona,t^trcsrcm3nrfrpi!tr.?i;attt3rtl!6S; rjnonxibereu\ turrets one^ate,ra!!eBCaftei Vecchio : il)s iU)ic!;, 
| tr«rtp,ts of goo p;opcjticn : tbis 2rr Ms men C6nc«iuf,u as ft yottgl tbotlj btfojc ano-bct>ih»,f-nBfilfo cm ibc fftcs: 
| it feao? too goings in, asvou map prrceaaEbp tbe promo itbitft iS8 f tten?,aItl;cugb3fi)ek* D biitcn:fiDccndv« 
■^ Sty's bmtoing teas mcafarco bp ti>c fstns fc-6t,ti>brr- toitb tbe &reb of P°la afa;; iapo teas ntrafureD. at be totfienrs 
of rt)is 3tch is tenfote sud anljalfe: fbc thicfemffe of tbe CohmmeM* tteo fast anc itoo eunccs: tbe int rreoinnmes are 
4,f ! ?.tanD3.oancts:t'iEpi!att0roj'}9i':!aroftI?caccb I t3 2.fcotcaH?i 2. ounces b;oaa. Efce tb'drncfrc of tbe arcl; in 
tbefiocs intoarMs 4. foot ana an bslte : tbe vuonirffe of tbe Cabernade befctjsne t^e Coluttims,ts t uo foe? anc ten 
ounce?: eno ibusntvicb fo? the brioi n ffe ano tbicfe>-ncffc: but comwtig to fbe.fyeigbt, tlje JiBafe of tbe $3? otP a l of tlir <Eo< 
tumncs.togctbrr ujitb tbe |3i"'ti b*>5,is one fat t: anc- tb?se ounces bigty t^e flat of tl)e $3c8eEaUj «.s fours fast, ?b?ff etmces 
ana anbalfe:tbe Cornice is ten ounces ano a.i balfe : tb"? bcigbt af t^. Wale ofebe Cntcm:nes,is oncfoot : t!?r fcssgtjt of 
tbebot>BOf tbc Coltanncjtottbeiit leaf? ojCfptalMs i7.fcot?anotb3efomiccs: tijsgctaljt of ti>c Capita!!, istujofmt, 
fouce ounces ano an balfc. £Cbe b*i?bt of tbr SSrcbitrauc, is cm foot r no an ba'fe • tbe beigbf of tbe .fretfc is enc btc^. 
ouncesano an ^aifc: tlje Ijetgljt of t^c £o;mce, r son? fat ano ten otsnew. ano a 'tbougbf&iitmtb ■gjHgmtbrrs tstte 
i^ronttfpicc^et pou fee it not in tbe Srcl?; fo; from tlje StSCojmce up Scares tftere is noting at all : mu-rtbrteffe , art* 
tbougb tbevaall is tbis pare confumes p:t pou mar tee fyere feme ftgnrs .teljer by a manrcup it ncea&cjtb&t ft r jfrrewj* 
fptce b tb becne tbcre. SCbe bpperacli Cojnice is n:t tb.ere, anD tbcrcfoje ? fct no im a ures, accojctng So a!' SWtiqttf* 
tits: bnt 3 ban; maoe one, toitb fneb mrafurc ano fojtftirg^ sits fclfe teoule baue maoe it,b u mj fo? a re nupcui rule xfjat 
tbe bppcrmoff ibings fiano tbe fonrtb part irffctbcn tbr nrtbmnoft tbts Cojniu t;; rrefoze f: all be tl)c fo< rt> part leffc 
t&en tbst toljicb ftansetii bnocr it , vm is tbns Beatoco,tba? ttje lybole bcigbt fbrn'.o b;- fct in foure p -rts Rrts <n taif'Jtbe 
baifcpatfbaUbefo?tbe9ffr^gal tmttitijcijff ,ana tbe fourtii part fbalbc foj tb? &cima. STije pjarcinrcmuabrnbe 
tbebcigbtjf f" fba'l ttjts bpptrtnofl Ccinice tie mane in mancrafo2rfaio. SJSettoane tbe Cslnmno Sana • aurrnacSsg, 
tobcrein tbcre tocre3magi'0,tobfro! r tbe teiDcneffeisttxiofwt ano ten ouricrs: tbebeigitis uu n*t?, ano tbe tittty 
tberecf in tbeteaI,t6one ftote anf t n ounccs:ti)£ Ijcigijtofttjctc JBafematt/s 4.fmt,tottb tbe JLlair ane &ciir.atbefittle 
|0illat s on crtber floe,arc balfe a fct tcjfcSe: tbe ^rcbitrane is 7. ounces ano an tjalfc; ttr iFreefe is <J. o.arrc.p bt£b • *bc 
be ebtof tbcCoaniteijjitbonttbcfecimais^oj'ncfS : tbebcigtt of tbcETrnifanumof tbe frbtitifptce^s 8. ounces. 
gibouetbefeSEabernaclesarcfmsUtabseJs toitb otbw Coj^ices : U ; e Snbicb tablets csretitiofmtbjoaOj anototoonefajt 
in HioM'. tl)e ij&gbt of eacb Cojnice is 1 1 . ounces : tqe bcigb* of t\)t opcnnefle of tbe 3rcb, alibcugb i» be ion etetat Big* 
g$3beloto,ispettti)ifebigb£* tbcnb?oas3:io;tbefeieeneffctbercof,is io/mteanea cu.rtenano 'bebcifjb. ts 1 j.faife 
ano an balfe. SEbe Capital! bntec t!jc 3rcb, is as bigbas bjoao : tbe teojfec of tb's 3rcbie Cotnpofita,anebjat!c;g 
fct ont witb images of garble ano C jpper, as pen map pecceauc in tijc bopo piaces. 

W$\& is t|&grotmo of fbc ftxty follotetng. 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter»Fol. 61 

T^is fojme oftfec arcb Wt jnntpbant of Cartel Vecchio in Verona, is mabe as it is bere let oofonc: ano altboagt) 
fromt^eJFraffestjptoaros.tfiereawnofignESofojnamEntSintuertljeleffe^UJoaanDfo. anofoj tbat tbepartg 
bereofare fo fmall n)at wmcan bars!? tHioerif ana the nert fioe tfcep Ojall bee fet ootonc tn a greater ana 
plapner fojme. Cbte 3reb trptmtpbant (bp tt)at tobicb «0 fonho tojitten toitbin tfce inner parts thereof) b> t > fome 
10 fapo,tbat Vitruuius caofeo it to be maoe: bnt 3 bcl&ue it not, ano tbat fo 3 ttoo reafans 0? taufea. f irft, tbat 3 fa not 
tn tbe jnfcriptton,tbat it faitb, Vitruuius Polio:bnt it is pefftble tbat it teas anctber Vitruuius tbat caufeo it to be maoe, 
2tbc feeono reafan is tt)ts, tbat Vitruuius PoIio,in tjis touting of 2r cbiter ture,oiietb btterlp conDemneano relect 3pa* 
files ano 3?entilc0,GattDing together tn one Cojnice, ano fneb a Cornice is foano in tbis SIrcb\ anotberefoje 3 eoncluDc, 
tbat Vitruuius, the great ano learneo iJrcbt tcctoj, maoe it not: bat bee it as it toiil, this 3«8 batb. a goao fojme ano p?o> 

SDIjefe letters are trnoer tbe Saber" 
naclein tbe$3eoeffall. 

SCbefeletters arecutinfheintuaro SCbefc letters are alfo in ( be pel* 

fioecf ttjeareb. BaUoftbe&abcrnaclc* 



z 2 

Of Antiquitie 

BCEcaufelhaue not full^itren the particular mcafarcs of tlje members of tbe afo}efar*2rtb, neither baue 3 
H)eiueo it in fact) fo imt that a man mas coneeau the particular meafures . therefore pou map fa them here fet out in 
grraterfo?mc,anoinfacbfo?t as tbegare: ano fr. ff, f be beigbf of tbeiDlfotfcus , oncer tbe iSafe of tbe peoettall, 
matfeeoG. ie a fcDteanDtbjae ounces. Ebebeigtt of tye ffiafe aboue bpon it, is £. ounces. 2Cbe flat of tbe |0e# 
»e(lalt,marfeeD F. is4.foof, s.ouncesanoanbatfebtgb. 2Cbe Cornice toponit,is 10. ounces ano an balfe bigb'&be 
SSafe of tbe Columne,is enefoote bigb. ttbepiintituB of this Me turnetb iuto a Corona Iifis ; tobitb me tbinfces , is 
to tv pleafant: foi t'M 3 baue fan feme © : Jdse ptodra! s fo. 2Ebe Columns 3 SrgcUcD, cbanelleo 02 boltouieo,fei8m tbe 
top to tbe bottom. Cbebeigbt of tbcCapifaUof tl)isColumne,is one foot, 4. ounces anoanbalfe: but tbe fo:mets 
naif}cre,becaufeitis fljctoeb in tbe beginning oftbc^Djoer of Compfifita: tobicb Capitall, in effect,is Compoflta,ale 
tbougb tbe 3rcb map be tnrjollp aceompteo to bee Cojintbia: sno tbts Capitall QanD 1 th in tbat placc,maUeD C. aifo, in 
tbe fame plate . cu fa tb e Capitall of tbe impoft of tbe ai cb>tt l)icb is mai fcco with D. But tbe Uttle Capitall of tbe S> 
bernaclebettDsnctbcColnmn(S,isberemarbcD H. 3ud tbe Cojnke alfo,toitb tbe Jl£afe,nrnrfeeo E. is tbat tobfeb i& 
bnoer tbe STabcrnacte. 2l^e figure C. is tbe tabic aboue tbe faro tabernacles , ano tbe figure marbeo D. is tbe 
3rcbitraue,.f reefe anb Cornice, of tbe i^rontifpicium of tbe ITabernacle. Cbe figure market) ttrttb B. is tbe itojfec 
tobicbgoetb about tbe 3rd): tbe Cojntce nurfeeD A. is tbepjineipall Cornice aboue tbe Sir th; tbe Inbkb, in effects terp 
coniclp,anD tinlluijougbt vet it is toicious,as 3 bane often fapfc; tbatts, tbe guttles atiD ttjc 3? entiles therein are bp 
Vicrumus rciecteo, toitb m<inp (fro ng reafons. SBut in tbis , manp men aflf.rmc, tbat fittjence Vicruuius time, man; 
toojlv men banc mabe ^utiles toitb SDentiles, in molt places of Italy, ano there rouno about , fo that note there is no 
qutftionmaoc thereof; but euerp manbatblibertieto niaketJmtinrjistoojfee tobicb i)t rnioetb ana fatbfn antiquities: 
tobereunto 3 anf t»ere,tbat oifpjouing tbe fame, tb ep baue p?oueb tb c tr caufe (0 be gooo. il5at if t be v toiil acftnomleoge 
"V itruuius fo; a learneo 3r moS ti.ojb.emen affirme,tben (reading Vicrumus toittj goo inogemenf ) tbep. mult 
confefle ano acb.nou>leoge,trjat tbep. fcaue bone arm He therein. 

&bc halfe of tbe faif, tobercUrith the Jcbnograpbte.ano fbc dDjfbograpbie, together toitb 
tbe ornaments ef tbts IBailoing, are meafurtO, 

The third Books. 

The fourth Chapter. FoL 6% 

Of Antiquitie 

1$ Werciia, at tbe ©ate Dei Leoni, l&cr s is a Crpumpbanf ^rct>, toff b (too like goings f bjoucb, tobicb 3 neuer fate 
in anp otber place befiocs,but man? toi * 3 . £rctjr,r : fa bub bmlctaf ,altlgrt'£.b it batb (be figure of tf.usmDotaes ,vt 1 go 

fljt p no ! tb?otigb,ncptbcr pet ter t> o&pe in (be toall : Ubcrebp pou map iuoge, tlmt fome rouno 3Hnag cc fleobe in th j m. 
Sbcue the firfi Cornice tbts butlDtng is rjolIoto,fn mane x of a $icrj c ? f eate , bat not birp B Ape in (be mall , bnt pet to i ■ b 
Ijelpc of the pjoictture , 0; firming out of tbc Cojnice , men migbt flano tbere to toe fome tbine 0? etber ,tobilc t'be SEri- 
ampblaffeo: but fojtbattbistonttrnetb the toojbemanberp little, 3 toillfpcafeeof tbemeafaree. anofittt,tbcope* 
ring sftbc 1 .9rcb is 1 1. forte toiDe,ann 1 8. fcote fcigb : tbe JBlocfec bneer ibe pee rffall ,10 one forte bigb : tbe ffiafc of rbe 
peccfiaUis 3. Ounces: ttjc flat of tbegrecftaU is iJwtt ant> one gDuncehigb : anb the Co:nice is 3 ♦ Ounces : tbc 
$eigbt of tbc iBafcsof tbe Columnes is S. Ounces ants a balfc: tbebctgfctcttrc€o!umncs, toitbcut 15afen o;£a; 
pital»ifci2-fo!t ano 1. thire part: tljeir tbicfenc s is i.f<rt,4« Ounces: tbcbcigbtoftbeCapttallis I. fate,8.£Dun' 
ttn i tbe beigbtof theiartbittaue is one feste, 5 . doners : tbe bright of tbe ftak is one fete, 8 Ounces ; anc fo mncb ts 
(be beigbt 0; tbe Ccjnicc & : from tbe Cornices to tix feccno Kane is 3 .fate ano a balfe, tebcr cc n there are certapne $$n* 
tiles, tobereupen images feaotttooe, niaocfaGicttjc 7. )0ilaQers,betiseene tobicb, little toinootecs, bcautifieo tortS 
(mall ptllars,ftano,bHt nctmucb bearing out : tbe toibenes of a toincoto is 1. foote, 1 . £Tunres : trxir beigbt is 4, fast, 
g. Ounces : tbe beigbt of tbe create fx Columnes is 5. foote. 4. Ounces, toitb Safes eno Capitals tobtch are flat, not 
notmncbraffeotp» 2Ll;c beigbt of tbe feeono ^ixbitraticis^.fiDuncceanDabalfe: tbebeigbtof CbeiFreefeisonefoot 
anoabatfe: tbe betgbt oftbe Cejnice is 10. ^Dunces ano a balfe: tbe Corona iicis abouc tbe fame £o?nice,is lO.SDum 
tcsbigfj. 2Tbei5afeo t^efeconP^eDsffalltsonffoctc^bcfiatof itfclfcis 3. foote, 7. Ounces anD a baUe bigb: tbe 
JBafc of tbc feconb Coltttnne is 8. aDunces : (be beigbt of tbe Columnes is 8. foote, 3 . Ounces anD a balfc. SEbe rbicfc 
neffe of trje fapo Columnes is 10. ^Dunces ano a balfe : tbe beigbt of (be Capttail is onefoote,one Cnncc ano a balfe: 
tbe bcigbt oftbe arcbitraue is one foote ano one gDunce: tbe beigbt of tbe i^mfe is 1. foote,i ounces: tbe beigbt of tbc 
Cwmtc is one foote, tobereon tbere ffanoetb fome part of tbe toall , bnt a man cannot pereciue letjat it might be. lElis 
Srcb is net bctp tbicfec, njpi tier beautifies on tbe fiocs ; fo; tbat bebim tbis 3rcb tbere ts anotber , Canotng (0 ncere to^ 
ptrjcr ,tbat a man can barblp goe be: fofrz tbem botb, as ] toill fijeto hereafter toben 3 fpeatce of tbe otter figure : tbe 
totnootoes Cano not in ancgooo otut, but fomctoljat bnfecmelp. : fo j tbc 2. toin&otoes are not rigbt inperpenotcatar 
fepon tbe tbarpe popnt of tbe j^ron tifpice, but fome part afioe, tobicb Ojctoetb not toell : ano fo; tbat 3 coulo not enoure 
fucb f ifo;cer, 3(baueplaceot^cmo;oerlv. 2Cbe Capitals oftbefe arches are part CompoOta, ano part Cojintbia, as 
bereaftcr 3 toill fet do tone in figure. 

Zoning leaner , Corottus, a^apnter in taerona, baft) counter fcitco tbis 3rcb : tbc Cornice briber tbe £impanum 
is nottberc: fo; in placet!} ttjere cr rfarnc ejeer of figures reftingbpon (be arcbitrane: tbetobicb Hrcbitrane,poa matt 
iinocrflanDj isbettoee ne tbe 2. Columnes oner eacb 3rcb, ano is fometobat flat,becaufe of tbe tojiting follototttg. 

£>uer tbis ^rcb, on (be rigbt baubj tbcf c letters follotoing Cana. 


T* he third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. 6\ 


Of Antiquitic 

Httt * faefojc, 1 foafec of the imtacrfaUnuafare off^c fapft i3rcb, and thf teanto fet eotane tbe fo}me,a«ojBhig to tbe 
pjopojtionof the fame, feat cannot giac perfectly fbe pa ticuSar parts tnfofmall a fojme. ^flubicb members, 
to? that tins pre triocw ornaments in tbcm , 3 frill in tbisleafe Declare tbcm : touching tbebcigbt ano tbitfmeOe, 
% will fpeafee no mco.c ; fo j 3 bane bone it alreaop: bnt 3 toill emlp (beto tab leb tbep are. SCtje figure mariteo G. 
toti)eficffpeeeftaU,foit^t^eSSafe0,aniitbebeginHing of tbeColtmtnr0 > tbe tobicb id bolloluco : all tbe members 
are pjopeuioHf D actojbing to rbetr grcalnefle* 2Ebe Capitall marfee o E . bauing tbe 0rcbitrane bpon it, follotottb top* 
•ntjjeJrtt Colamnc,a0t&ebeUofcoingujeteEtb. ffibe jfignre marfeeb D. is ttjc Srcbitraae, f r&feairtComttetoge' 
tber,tefaitbttanoabone tbefirttColnmne: tobtcbCo?ntce,bttbeantbejitfe an» sample, tobicb is bp me tnmanp pla* 
tcsallcDgeo, tbeiuotctoa0lSeabctmapbnol»,lnbetbcctbeebeerroneon0o;sa>&. £Ltje Capital! marbcoF. is tbaf, 
tebicb topbotoctb tlje ant) topon tl>e fonrefqoate pillarej tbietc ttoo Capitals are calif o, iLatinc i»o?fee, ano bcrp fapje. ] 
toill nat,as 3 bane faio,fp?afee of irje meafarc3,fo; that this ifignre is pjopujtieneo after tbe principal! , anb toitb great 
Diligence tranfpojteb from tbe great into tbe (mall. 

STticbalfe of tbe common fatt^tobereteitbtbeafojefa^b bonble 0rcb, toitbtbefollofvutg 

o;nament0,i5 meafnreo. 


The third Bobjce. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol.'oj. 


Of Antiqukie 

A&lfapbbefojMbeSrchfsbcrpricbof o;mamcnf0,anD among tbem,fome bcrp fap:e arto perfect « feme alto 
brrp biciaus « ill maDe: anD in trurtb, 3 fince not birtg t^at moje midfeet b. me,Qen tfce Cojnite rcarfeeo D. in tbe 
otberleafcfoj tbe reafonss bcfojclbetotD : but all tbe reft befojefet cotencare of eooDpjopojtiot^astoell tbc 
toojKfsastbcCojnicrs. anoastbepsrts of tbefirttffo2pare,foaretbefefollotoiiiBorn)ef£conBBojp, SEtjc 
^utiles marfeco H. are m the beginning of tbe fecono ffojp abotte tf>c i^ronttfpicte : bpon tobicb Images (as 3 banc 
teclsreD; there tot re images fattenco againtt tbe fiat platters. JLfee tomoctomarbcol. iBtbcfo2mcof onpof tbe 
Out Dotocs toitb the Cornice bpon it, anc tbcrefo je tntt of bis meafare. STbat Capitall ano tbe iSafc marfecD K. is 
of tbe fame urinoato es, ffjetoeo in greatcB fojmc, tbat the members map be tbe better bnoerft 000. SCfjat ffiafc ano Ca? 
pitall marfeeo L is tbe little pillar bcttoauc tbe pilatters ano tbe tointsoto : ano in tr«ctb,iti tbcfe ttoo liBafes, tbat is - 
tbat of tbe greatett of tbefmall pillars iogncD toitb tbc teller, tbe toojfteman toas berg taoittouBto accojoo? agrotbe 
one toitb tbe ctbrr, t|at tbe greatett pillar Qjcnlo bane bis Due ISafe, ano tbe letter ftjoulo alfc bane a icffe Bale, aero?* 
King to pjopojticn, tobicb 3 commenomucb. SDbcarcbifrane, JWe ana Coinice,marKco C. flbetoefb tbat of ifiefcV 
conotto?p*abouetbefmall pillars: t&isCo2mceisber?temelv,attD not confnfeo toitb cutting. &bepeoeffallmar* 
fteOB. Ojetoetbtbatof tbelattttD2p,tobereoftbc2BafematfeeDM* ootbrett: nlfo tbc Capitall tobicbttanOctb abone 
tshis companion, anD tBtrnlpCojtntbia, tbe tobicb is confirmco to tbe pjtocipall, foj toojfec ano fatten, ano in mp a* 
pinicn,tterp feemebj. &W 2rcbtt; aae,#rfcfe, ano Cfljnice, marfccO A . fl) t toctb tbclatt C02nice: tbe Jlrcbitraue is not 
bictouB,bccanreit batb onelp ttoo^actes;fo2tf it baDtb2ee, it toonlo, bp tbefarre oittance, fl-ano cumbjeo : tbe €02* 
nice toin) tbe Unities, I Ac tb me toell, becaufe it batb no &>entiles $ ano is alfo toell dcuidcd toitb members : neither is 
it confufeo toitb mntbgrauing,bni haty a fomclgpj^iectHre, tobicb beauctb bp tbebngbttberrofahttte: 

Shebatfe of the common foot. 


The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. 6$ 


Of Antiquitie 

TftMs Sriljfrt'tinTp^asitirasmaDcbefeje^cflrcljafojrfapt)-, tobicb flic fable £feetoetb,trber?(« ftcre tlansetb P. 
VALERlVS.Q. CEClUVS ' Q.SERVIL1VS; P.CGRNBL1VS. tt te t^oogSt lttaasfctftp in tfee time of 
Hanibal. STtjis is mcafureDiEttbtbefamemearurctbattbcotbcris : tbe&iccnessfcacbaccbw ii.footejtbebcicjbt 
is 1 7. fa re: tbepilaffers of tbe 3 ret) are one fote,8. ounces b?oao: bcttoeene the 2 . Jdilatlers are 5 .fate, 4ounccs: tbe 
fices, ccbe fcolnetb 5 . fort. 21 be Cimatie bnoer the C. in place of an arcbitrane, is 6. ounces anD an balfe: tl)e bcigbt of 
the .f reefers onefcote.7. ounces ano an balfe: tbe Ufi aboue tbc i^rerfe is j. ounces: tbe Cimatie tinner tbe 3?enhlcs,ig 
4. ounces ano a qwartcr:anD tlje Cimatte abcue it,is one ounce ana an balfe. Cbat aeragall ts one ounce. Cfee Cima? 
tie fencer tbe crotone,is one ounce ano a tbirD part: tbe croumc is 3. ounces anD an balfe iuabrtbc Cimatie tbmof, 102. 
ounces anD a quarter. SEbe £>cime is 3 . ounces ano an balfe b»sb : but tbe lift is 2 . onnegs : tbe jpjoiecture of all, is as 
mucb as ii)t btigitf. 2Ebe iBafement aboue tbis Ca mice , is one fate, one ounce ano an balfe in beicjbt: tbe tbicfeneffe of 
tbebollotoeDColutnneSjis i.feot^.euncrsitbe t)ctgt)T uatbout Capitals, is 7.fcet,anc ounce anoanbalfe. Capi* 
tallisio.cuncesbigb. CbtsCotumnebatbroiRafcnojCmtbe. Careccus,toboalfocounterfeitco tbisarcb, tectb 
but foure places toijere ^ittojies are grautn, anD 5 Coiumn.s in tbis tbirD ttojp: in tbe (eenno ffojy but 4.toinooujcs, 
anD 5. gilaftcrs: ano abotiett)em,5. Columnes : toe ttjirDCojmce pou cannot come bnto. 

The third Bo ok e« 

The fourth Chapter. Fol. 6& 

TJBte figure 

b. is m 

Stafejtraue , 
Jfreefc f Cop ( 
nucabouctbet 1 
tt)c bright of 
irje firffi jFacic 
is 8. ounces, $ 
fccono iractc, 
ts p. ounces f 
an balfe. Cbc 
SDrniais tljjee 
ounces. 2Cfee 
J?rcefcis i.fmt 
ano 4. ounces 

of § triglypbs 
is one fast: ttje 
lie thereabout 
tea 3. part of 
an ounce. JOje 
otyet aboue 
trjat,isi. ounce 
ano a 4. part. 
SCbe Cimatie 
fcnDer £ SDcn* 
til,fs 2. ounces! 
30034. part. I 
SOjebeigbf ofi' 
tbejDentile is' 
4. ounces ano r 
a 3. part. Ebc 
Cauet aboue 
it, is 1. ounce. 
23:1)2 caracals 
arc 3. quarters 
of an ounce: the 
Cimafte abctie 
it, is 1. onmc 
ano a quarter: 
lljc f)2tgf)t cf £ 
Co;ona is 4. 
- te'srtbctycig&t 
4.ounces: the- 

. . UH-IS2.OUCC0 

sanljalfc: tljc 
P?oiect'.irc of 
ai!,!s Itfee the 
tfhSjt:^ tsbcle 
Sttigntmap be 
sallel 3Xnca, 
onlf tt>c graue 
afirafisii'l : bist 
it baas a ton f w/ 
"vfjlfe a>o;fcs< 
Iftatts bjainr. 
3gam> otrjcr 
t|ings are in 
of 3 kill not 
the? are bcrp 
Ucenctous; f 

fjaecially tt>e 3rcb triumptjant,- calico Dei Bifrfrfri* became it tsbaruAroiktooiiK; 

Qi Antiquitie 

H Suing fpcftcn of man? antiquities,anb platen them in .figure; it is requflife that J alfo ffieto fomc of thcfe that 
mere mate mtfeereDapes, anD fpeciaSIp, of BramantsuuwK?, although jbauc not altogether omitteQtt, bauing 
fbctuebtbe toonocrfuil teo.fec of£>. Peters Cburrkant" other things belonging to boly 2Cenn;les. 0no in truth, 
amamn3ptoellfat>,tbat be rc&ojcDgeBDarDpesfettartbitcctnrf^isre^bptbemranesof Iulio P. M. man; 
faw pieces of too^fec tecic mabe bpbim in Rome, Co toitneffcjof tbe totntb,tbts fet here, is one: ttys is a ©atlrrp mabe 
in Bclucdcrcjin the popes Court,toberein are tteo far?e things to be tone : the one is, tbe ttrengtb thereof j tye tebicb, 
fbj thai tbe pilatt: r s are of fo great b:cDtrj anc tbiefcn :ffe, ten! laff, tebitc tbe tt*o;lD enourerh : tbe ot\)tt, fo? that tfcere 
arefomanp aceompagments fo tocllfetout,tottbgoDbtmu?ntion,ano rjccrllrnt p?opo?tion: this utojfee is meafureo 
Isftb tbe ancient palme. 2:beb?ct>tb of the 3rcbcs,is c8.paltms. an^ fo mncbare tbepilaffers: tbe b?eotb of tbe pi* 
laffers is beuioeo into 1 1 . parts: one part on either doe of tbe pilafter,tobicb bearc tb tbe Srcb fball bane, tebicb is tteo 
parts: other tteop arts (ball be giuenbnto oneColumne,;2.partsfhallbe giucnto tbe little pilaffer* 
of tbe Jpicbes, o: hollom featcs,ano to tbe jpfebes tbemfelucs :fo are tbe 1 1. parte Diffribnteo. SChe height of 
the peoett als (ball be half e tbe teioencue of tbe pilauers. 2Ebe height of the H5aie of ttte pebettals, (ball bane one part 
of the befojcfapD 1 1 parts. ffiijeCo?ntceistbe9.part!etretbentbelBafe. ^ebeiabtcftbcColumnes,toifbJ!5afes 
anDCspitals,areoro.2Diatncters, ana thereunto alfo the feucmb part. SEbeBafe isbalfetbetbicfeenEffeoftbeCo* 
lumics. Oic Capitall is of the fame tbir hem JTc:s no the fcucntb part fo; the 2baru *. STbc height of the 3rcbitranc, 
#i'afcsncCojnue,isasinucbasthepcDcffaH4«tbonthi5l5afe. 0no this height is oeniocb into li parts, fours 
fo; the 3rcbitraue, 3 . fo? the i^reefe, becanfe it is fengrautn , ano 4. fin the Co?ntce, as tbe halfe Circle ef the 3rcb is 
maumcj then the heights of the lights teill be Double : after tbat,tbe impotta being a? amine tn their places, the tobicfe art 
of halfe a Columns tbicfee, ano fo tbe Riches 0; feates,anD tbe &uao?ans abous them, baae their certaine p>opo?t Jon 

The third Boofce. 

The fourth Chapter.Fol^j 

ecaofc 3 cede not (bp reafon of tbe fmalnefle of ffee figure; perfects fi&eto ttjc parts of tbe €>allerp afojefapO, 
h tijercfoje 3 Ijaae fljetoct) tbem beremtter in greater fojroe: J^e part C. is tfee]peDetfaUof tijts <£aUerp s anobpon 
'it tfeeSBafe of tbeColnmnefianDetb,p?opojtioneD aecojeing totbe great : the part B. flfeetoetb the unpad of tije 
arth,toitb a part thereof . sct,c figure matfeeo A. fhetoetb the arci)«traae,if reefe « Cojnire aboae tbe Coiurcnes. 
3Cbc general meafurcs,touching tbe beigbt, are alrea&c (betone,tbercfo?e not to be racntioneo againe : fo? tbep are pjo* 
EDitioneD after tbe greet. 3n this Cornice tbe biojfceman teas berp iuDiciouS, tbat be fuffereD tbe Cojona to go tta?bug& 
bntaoben; m* fuffere& tbe other parts of tbe Cojona to beare outtoaros,t»bicb is berp femelr, ano tt)e ccotenc tbe Oram 
aer an&tepetbtbetobaictoojftefrotntoatcr: toitbtobicbuiBention, tbe too&eman map belpe bimfelfc in Diners accp 
aents* fo 1 the reaching ont of Cornices ffano notaltoapestoelt, but in feme places tocll, ano iti fomc placesiil; ano the 
bearings out bntoierabU, inhere tbeColumncs on tbe Cues baue no Rafters : of thefe bearings out , $ toill fa? 
mojc in tbe fonr tb 5IBoefee,in tbe bawling of foure matter of ^tmmettic of Cotamnes.- 

atesi^aaa as bsss sass^a^ 


Of AntiduMe 

Ijji the Icafeljefo?e,3I iljeojeb a piece of icojfec of Bramants making: and state 3 toill Ibefo atmt^cr of bis foo;fecs ,fi cm 
uiljenccaliiife tocjfecmanmam bclpefemifclfemucb,bpmranc3 0f ttjcDiuere ano funDjppjnanicnts tbatarefn it. gn 
tbis'viJalUrPjtftcuiojhfmaniBoulDflietot^^ttojuB ojojoers oneaboueanotber, viz. ©o;ira,3pnica,8»iDCojin' 
tbta : anD in true tb,ffte ojoerg mere fairc, tosll fct ant, ano ptacco i nottoltbCanoing , tbattbc^lafrcrecftbefirft 
ftojrj 0} i)?o« being JDojica, lucre feme tobat to tocafce, ano the 2rcb«s too tnioe, to tbc pjopo; tion sf ti> pilaff rrs ; ano 
*be retoitb the toctgb't of tbc wall of the jonica ojDer ftanoing bpon it, teas an orcaficn tbat it teas bjofcen, vuinatro ana 
Decapeo in djojt time. ffiut Balthazar of Scieae, a fttilfull toojfeeman, reparjeo tbe ocravcD mines , making c confer 
pilaffers , toitlj titter-drcbes ; tberefoje 3 bane f aio, toife toojitemen map learne of this bmloing; not 2 Help to imitate 
fep;e ano toellntaoe things, but alto to betoare of t rrojs, ano altoaprs toconCDec tobattoeigbttbc rictbermottfloup is 
to faff ainc : tber efo je 3 counfell a too jUcman rather to be timerous,tben ouer-bolD jfo ; if be be timerous,be will altoaprs 
chute tbefaretttoa?, ano mate fcts wojftewitbconfiDeration, ano toillbfe counfell, pea of fuct) as orclelte ffeilfulltben 
bimfelfe , of inborn fomettine men often learner but if be be t)igt>minDeD^nD truQett) to mutb to bis nirn (bill ano know* 
leoge, then be will fcoinc another mans comifcll,toh«ebj> oftentimes be oecepuetban&aucr-f&otctU bimfelfe ; fo tbat 
oftentimes bis toojfte fallttb ont baolp. $oto 3 will turne to fpcate of this <E>«Uerp, and (ct eofcme fome notes of tbe 
p?opojt ion thereof. ffihetoiDcneffeof tbe Srcbfball bee ocutDeD into epgbt parts, tobcrcoftbjteprtsfljall be fo? ttjt 
bjeotb of tbc platters, ano tbe bcig&t of tbc arch (ball containe 1 5. of fucb parts. SDljc fojepar t *f tbe pilaff ers fnall 
be Deuioeo into foure p ar is , tobmof ttoo parts Ojall be fsj tbe JDilaffces of tbe arches , anD tbe other two ((all be fo; tbe 
fytrfeneffesf tbe Columnes: tbe height oftbe^eaeffalsfijall contains balfe tbewiocneileof tb* lights: the height of tbc 
Columnes (ball bee epgbt parts of their ti,u&neu"e, toitbtbe ISafes anD Capitals. Ebc height of the 0rcfcttraue, 
f retfcanb Co?nlce, is a fourth part of tfcs length of tbe Colnmnc. SCbe fecono ffoj? (ball bee leffe tbeo the 
firtt b? a fourth part , viz. SCbat from the pauement of tbe 2Db;ica flojp, to the bigbelr of the Cojntce, ffjall be DcuiDcD 
int0,ant> s.oftbemfhaUbefojthetobQleffojpof tbejeuita tnc?ac, anD fo (hall ailtbe parts particularlp bee 
leffeneD in tbemfelucs a fourth part. ST be lifts atfo fball be Done toitb the tbicb ft o;p , which is Cojin thia , in regard of 
fbefcconbsjocr, although it ttanoetft ftot hcre,bccaufe the figure is ojatonc to great: bntnottoputtbci\taDcr(na 
majjc? Doubt at the Columnes tobicb ffanobere intbenuoolc,as DeCrousfoftnolnhotnthepenbatthetop; rottrndd 
ftnoer Cani», that toufnallnnDe fucb inucntion in tbc fourth ffibobe, in the £>?oer of 2?ojicainthefioe H a. ibatal* 
thon^h thatthofeColamnes are jonira in tb/efapb U5ofte,nof ttJi'thQanbing, pou map mane tbcmCojtntbia. Sim that 
the toojiieman might the better twaerttanD the members ano Cojhicements af this too*e, 3 bane Ojetoco them in grca;- 
ter fo?mc,ano pjopojtioneo them acrojoing to tbc pjwcipall: 3 fpeafeeof the members of the firfl tto?p:fo;amaw couto 
mt eafilp t erne to meafare the otber. 


The third Bboke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol.68 



Of Antfquitie 

Am B duederc, af f tie snt r p of *be popes Ccnrt, tljjcugb tbe ©allerp, fobfcb 3 bane f ct Bo tone befo je, foj t f>e pla* 
res alfoar cs goe foptoarcs, there it a going tip tobieb is bcrp f ap?e : at ibe bea& toberof,pon tome to a pl«iue,fBbicb 
batbtbefojtneof aCbeater;tbegronnDlobereofis tbefoeo tower this ; ann thereto 3 bauefet tbe g?ofill,tfeat 
ponmaptoiDerOanDlf. ^erejbane feeptna account of tbemeafares, oefiringcnelp to fteto tbe inaenrion of 
tbe ffap?es,ano tbe balfe Circle as it ffanoetb. 2Ct>ts tjialfe Circle is berp mncb eleuateofrom ttjcConrtof the popes 
bonfe to tbe palace- tear 0: ano bebino tbe balfe Circle, poo fittb a great plap nc toitb f apje apper tcmenf $ at tobtcb place* 
pou gee tbjougfc tbe ttoo ©ategjtobicb ton fee in tbe floes of this balfe Circle; in tobicb places tbere are man; f Aire 3m* 
ges., an9 amciig tbe reS Laocoon, Apollo, Ty ber, Venus,Cl«opatra,an& Hercules. 

The third Booke. 

Tlie fourth Chapter. Fol,#9 

T Bis is tbeiD^cgrapbpof tbe grcunti fbefoeD j?olio 69, anb a0 31 bauefapo, gferillngtrpeakeoftbemcamre 
thereof, but onelp of the inuention : anb altbougt) that here on eptber aoe,onelp oac JMaffer,toitb bis Columnes, 
is OjetoeD, pet is it not bnlifee feme dUatlerirs, tebercof a banefpofcenfeefoje,ano that appearctb b'B f be Double Co* 
lumncg, together foitb the Jptcbes o? bollote rcate s , toitb tbe ©uabjane aboue tbem. 3Cn JISclueDeretbere are 
manp other things, tobkb 3 baue (bourne, f among other tbings, there are toonberfull toiiiDtng Sa>fap?r s, in tbe grouns 
Jubtreof, there JranDetb a iFounfspne, flouring erceeDinglp toitb toater, tbe tobicb going up is all full of Colutmus in the 
tnnermottpart: n>bicb Columnes are of foure £Djeers : viz. SDojica , fonica, Cojinfina, ana Compofita : but that 
tobicbismofttoonoerfaUanDtngemous,istbatbetto*ne oneanotbeot!jer!©?oer,fljfceisno Difference a% Diffance, 
but men goe from tbe SDojita to tbe aonica, ano from tbe gjonica to tbe Co?intbia,antt from tbe Gojintbia to tbeCompo« 
fita, toitb futb cunning, that a man cannot perceine tobere one ^oerencetb ano goetb into tbe otber: fo that 3 am of 
opwion,tbat Bramanc nener maae a fairer no? coQlier piece of toojfee the J$btf . ~ 

.. -■ 

$3b t 

Of Antiquitie 

W|i)(ii!t &ome,at Metric ^ario.tbere is a tjcrp fat?je plate, toitb all things belonging to a plate of pleafcrc* of tebicb 
particular parts 3 mill rather refra^ne to fpeafee,tben not fljew them faffici£ntlp,onelp 3 toill fpeabe of a €fel!cry, 
toitb the ^facics thereof, mabe bp an excellent toojbman Raphael Durbin, t»bo bath msoe biuers appertements ant) be* 
ginningsto other fcoojfetiMC the Ccnrtitl, although that it is fourefquare, peti>c bat» fafbioneoit rouno,as the founoa* 
tion parti? fljetottb* STIjat SHettibutam maibcD A. ana tbettoo plates, B. anb C. fianb not in fatb fojrac, bat 3 baue 
placeDtbem thereto fill bptbe grnunb:foj tbe pact C. etibetb hi an bill, as alfo the part E. but intbeotberfibe oftbc 
Waller? marbeb F. there is no Ijalfe Circle, anb that teas left ont , not to pincb feme of tbe appertements, bnt to actcm* 
jianp other members bp it. SCbeojDer of this <£allerp is berp fapje ; tbe rmfe tobereof is contoabitblp altreb : fo? that 
the mioole partis toilb a rounb tribunejanb tbofe ttoo on the Goes aretrofle<totft. 3n tobtcfj roofe,ano alfo in tbe toallcs, 
Ian van Vdcncn bath mabe toonoerfult great pieces of papnteo tootfje : fo tbattegarbing tbe fapje ana excellent too;fee* 
manfbip of architecture, toitb tbe beautifping of papnting, together toitb outers ancient images, tbis <©aller? map well 
becaUeo,oneof the fapjtefi that euec teas mabe. anotobereastt is fpebenofan balfe Circle tobfeb both not anftoere the 
refl, neither tbetoojfeemannotteilling to leaoe it bnbecfeeboj tmfurmfbeb, ^te ^ifciple Iulio Romano, in the .facie 
thereof, papteb tbe great ©pant Poliphemus,toitb manp g>atpjes romtb about : tobicb Icojfec, Carbinall de Mcdtcis, 
that after toag pope, bp tbe name of Clement, eaufeb to be mace. SDbe meafure of tbis <85alWrp 3 mill not fet Cotont , 
but tbe inuentionujallfoffitetbetoojbeman, fojthat all tbmgsaw pjopo?tionebactojbing to tbe great; ano hereafter 
poufballfant maaebpjigbt, together toitb UjejF atteof tbe€faUerp, buttbe #ttb^»ojbollotofeatesoiitbefioe*ar« 
mi there. 

Bellowing , marbcDB. A, voumapconceiue tfjotoofeofttjcafojcfapB (ESallerp, tbe fe*?eneffefobereof 
conaattb much in the comer matbeb *.(tt)c tobicb giueth to bnberuano alfo the tbjft otbers,being toe U plttrt)anb 

rherfuebb: cabinet of puattersmto ttoo pillars, mabetba largefamgbptoarcs, annCanos (neuertbeteffe) in manner 
ffSiSSSSSvt tnt*V&ti thefapoptiaaersfollomaifo. ano fo ? thatintheiftguref»llotoing|nth e 
Salter, tbt re is but cine pillar toith a peece Ojetoco, s«t to mabe it better to be bnDcrtta>B,is, that eath fmtot theft' 
lafiers toitbin the <25at!cty is to be beuibeb tnto tb?ec,of the tobitb a man ma? mabe ttoo flat pillars, ano at the comers 
cnejntcrtolumnet (otbat (as it is fagS) although there arc ttoo flat pillars toitb one 3ntewolumne, V*» altogether, it 

The third Bobte. 

The fourth Chapter. F0L70 

Of Antiquitie 

A^ongetberCitics ofstalp, jiiaples is calleo, LaGentik, anb that not onelp in refpect of the great ffiaroHS, 
&e?os,©arlcs,HDufees, anb great numbers ofCsntlemen therein, but alto, becaufe it is fo tocll farnflfteD toit^ 
ffatelp Routes anb palaces, as anp other parts of $alp. 2too among other pleafant places that arc toitb out the 
Citie, there is a place calle&p oggio tteale, tobicb !tsing Alphonfus caufeo to be mabe fo? bis pleafuee,in tbat timg 
(then moftfo?tunate) when Bltalp toas in peace, anb noto tmfo?tunate, bp reafen of the bifeo?bs therein. 2:bis pa» 
tacebatbaberpfairefcituation, anbis tocll beuittcb fo? fccomes , fo? that in each co?ncr thereof might bee loogcb a 
ttrongtompanp of men: in the mibole there are Ore great Chambers, befioes the Koomestin&er the groano-, together 
tottf> fome fecret Chambers. SEbe fo;me of this faire bmleing in the grounb, as alfo,the builbing that ftanocth bp?igbt, 
is bete let botoneintbetiertleafc: the meafnre thereof Jfet not ootonebntopou, onelp, becaufeltoillfnetogontbe 
intention : fo? a too?6cnian may imagine of tobat greatneffc be toill hane a Chamber, being all of one greatneffC} ami 
then from fbofe Chambers he maptmagine all the meafnres of tbe reft of the bnilbing : tobicb builoing the #oble feing 
SfcD fo? bispleature, becaufe men arcuffomeb to otoellintbe Countrep in the featrmer time. SDbc Court of this 
palace is compaffeb toitb Doable Galleries : ana in the mioolemott place, marfceb E. men go botooe a pap?e of §tap;es 
into a fap?e eating place, in tabid) place, tbeftmganDbisiLo?os tofeo to banquet anbeate at pleafnrr ; in tobicb 
place hecaafeb eertapne fecret places (o bee openco, tobercbp in the ttoincbling of an epe, theplace toas fall of water, 
fo that they faf e all in toatcr: lifcetoife at tbts Hingis plcafure, all § toater bopbeb cut of the rcorne againe, but there toan* 
4eo no Ojtfts of clothes to pat on,no? yzt rich anb coSlp bebs fo? them ta Ipe in, that toonlo reft tbcmfelues. £> boiuptn^ 
ons Italians , boto ar«pou impouetf (heb bp pour btfco?osi 3 toill not fpeafee of the moft bcautifull Crarbcns,fillcb toitb 
all feino of floto?es,toith biuers coinpartements of the £>?cbarbs ano Crees of allfeinb of fruits, toitb great abunbance 
of jHuVpenbsano fifoes, of places anb cages of atucrsffiires both great anb fmall, of fap?ettables,fiUeb toitb all 
fo;ts of ^ojfes; anb of manp other fap?e tbings,tobicb 3 toill not fpeabe of, fo? that Marcus Aneonius Micliadl,a (ten* 
tleman of that S£otone,ucrp learneb in architecture , hath foene it, awb hath tojitten of it at large in a ilatine GDpiftle, 
tobich Ijcfent io a frieno of his. 55ut to tttrne agatnc to the parts of the fato palace, tobicb is right foure fquare, it is 
toitbin,(Paileru3fl reuno about, one aboae the other : in the foare Cojners , tottbin the tbicfeneffe of the walls, ftanb the 
totalling ftwifs fogoe top into the bniloing. Che foare €alUriestoitbouf ; tnarfceD&» arc not there, but fo? t^c com= 
moeitie ano beantffsing of the houfe, tbeg toouib ftanb toell t^erc* 





The third Booke. 

The Fourth Chapter, Fol. j\ 

\ $ this J^tgarc fcewunocr, 3 baue fljctoeo tbc ^Djtliosrapbic bof^ foitbin ano foitbont t t|»e part marfceo A. fi&etoef$ 
t&eparttoittjout : tbepartrttarfceo B. repjffentetfj tijc <H5allcriciS &itbin : the part C. ftsiDettjtlje rutnes toitbin. f 
jjatu not ff t ootonc ttjc conedng o j rcofc of ttite boafc: fo: aerating to hip opinion, 3) teonlo bane plagGereo fuc^ a bail' 
mng, tijnt it mtgbt enelp be bfeo fo; a limiting place, to bebolo tijc ccutttrep about* 

SCfec grctmocf flfje goggto Keal of Naples, 

Of Antiquitie 

CSDnfsfiering nje fapje SBnilfimg of JSoggic Kra!,3j bauc tboogbt goon to fct Boionc fucb a« ottyv fjrt e tn tbis placcy 
but in otber fcjine fo; appert6ment2,anb peraDacntucc tottb mo; c eafe, fej tbat tbe places arc all of one , 
mfeitb is uat fa gcea a fojmc: bhtit is nee effarp. that tbf firft Jtcalo be arcater ttjen the fecono.^n tljls plate 3 mafts 
goti no place fo;Ity.biisUtttbn,fo; tbat It Ida place in tbe countrcp, being nat cumb^cD on ttjc fiocgj it fjatl) !igl)t 
tnougb on all tbe fence corners : but fom: men map fnv>,tljat tl)i ^all tutf b ttjc fonre Chambers , becaufe tbep bauc no 
h'gbt but tbjau&&tbegalleries,are oarbr, foj it is no perfect coutr : to toljicb | antoerc, tbat tbcbonfe being maoe to be 
toko in ttjc time of great beat, baling no place in tbe mictjle , the f£all ano the Cbambers mill atVt apt g be colD,bp reafon 
tbe &iume cannot come tmto tbem. STijcfE p inccs tot It be b e r p plcaf an c at nan c time, fo; ttjat t&e f aiD places b au e not fo 
great tagbte as tbe ctber ou>elSuigs;pef baue tbep fo macb ligbt as tbep n&O: fiub like map be fane in Boioma, Uibub are 
tnabe in tbis manner toitb (Merits , and bailp inbabites. SEbis SSuilDmg is fo oifpoleD, that tbe corner places being; 
of grra t tbute n t He, t&e refl fball be fining incugb>pea, attbongt) tbe malls bag no g teat tbuiuteffcin rcgarB tbe; are ail 
couHtcr&jfs one f o tbe other, pet ftali tbep be of fufficient ft rengtb. 3 uiill not f peafee of tbe meafures, fo; tbat tbis be? 
in$ p;6pejticnco, tfeetttilful fc. o?Sman map imagine (acco?oing to bis pleafnre tbat cahfeo tt to be built; firft tbe greatnrs 
of tbe rtrnte, tften oeui&e it into fotnanp feet oj ctbermeafarcs,tbercbptoineafnreautbereliof tbcbtJtlDtrig,gs ttjc 
fltaationoftbe place map btace it. STbm tbis builoing,abone all things, uMbepUceD,t&attt)e&nnnemap rifefepon 
one of tbsco;ners,an&fofbtnebpon autbefioes tbereof:fej it it Cams loitbonefieetotbeCaft, anft tbe other to tbe 
8KSea,tbenitU)(ll follow, tbat tbe $ojn) ficefball mner tntog tbe ^tmnofljtae&pon i^tobubUjcrertJBiaticfct ano 

The third Booke. 

The fourth Chapter. Fol.72, 

Mflfti map fauilD in biacxs ano ftmfijp fo:(s bpon f |e groans afojefapo : but fa) tbat this is a place of pleafnre , 31 
f bought gcDO,foj (be bjautnellc thereof, to make it after (be Co?intbtamaner. g totll not troublcmpKcl.e ta 
fpcafce of tbe mcafores no; bet gbf Sjfo; in mp fonrtb Brake , in tbe €> jaer of Cojsurtbia ,0 a . pon ibal fine a 2Crea# 
We, tobicb,togctbf r toitb tbje inogement of £ tetfe too jkman, totll ferae to fet Doton this meafore. 3no,fo? tbat 
in tbis fmi tbere is no fljotfening at all , tobrrcbp pon map knoto tt>e (Galleries » tbe flat ano clofeD places ecbe (com o. 
fljer j tbecefoje 35 totll fet ootone tbe ttoo bigbefl floes at eche cnb: pou mufl conceaue it to baue flat ^pillars from beneath 
bptoaros; tbat part bettodene. betb, tobtcb is lotoer,p on mntt fappofe batb ttoo Galleries, oneabone tbe otber, the Co* 
Inmncs tobereof toonlo be ronnO: tbe fame is to be bnoerflooo to be botbbebinO,snO on both floes, spen map alfo make 
abonetbe Galleries a SCarracc o?f5ancment,to oefeno tbe raine, tbe Waller p being mabe toitb a 3Leane-to,o; ISailcont 
or tbe Cojnices of tbe firff o joer of tbe j%nres afojefapo : ano fa alfo tbe l£all in tbe mloole, together toitb tbe 4. Cbanu 
bers of f fecono ttojp, toonlo baue mojc ligbt. f ? 2. cacfes ] bane maoe tbefmail toinootos aboae tbe great,in tbe firfli 
Uoyg, ffibc i.ts,ifpou toill make tbe toinooteca fo loto, tbat a man fitting, mag cafilp fee ont-oftbem, ttjen Cif pou 
ftouio make tbe totnbo toes no btgber tben tl»e cin;e> tbere toonlo bee tmmacbfpace bettocene tbe toinootoes ano tbe 
rofeof tbe bonfe,toblc& toonlo gtoatlp Darken tbe boufe:anDo$bertopfe tbe toinootees tying mnebmoje ligbt into tbe 
INI* ffibea»Wj tbat t§e Chambers bp tbc^all nab not bee of u«b height, bnt pan map make banging Cbambers 
therein, tobereto tbofe toinoo toes toill feme, 3 migbt fpcafeg of man? other things, tobicb J referrc to tbeiuogement 




Of Antiquitie 

AS fit 8, 31 fras net minora to f«t tbie gtounb, no? pet tbe buifoing of tb« i ob. Cblamnr 0,pl«cib in M. i . in tbu* 
XEocbBjfoj^attl)^acctl)itig«tt^t^cautl)ojli«t^mai)e bp reports ario bea«^a!su>b>l>jefiame ttotuioj; 
ttjp to be Tet bp things tljat ate tountctftpteb ano mcafur t o: pet teat it fboulb not be fapo , tbat § bant pubiifljt & 
tijis 55a fee lame ano bnpt rfe ct,nno not fall a? tbc Sutbaj mace it, tobtcb migbt bane giutn flanbercnf are tnuw 
ennpetfrRf otcafion to ftojne ano rcanca'ije this ffimhc 5 tbercfo;e 3 bauenbt enelffet m* bare, bat aUaaooco tbts o- 
tbcr/wutefolloVDtngbpbimfetDoUincmt^ctcafc R. 3. anonoto to tnrne to tbisgronnD, but autbojfeplb, tbat m 
3e tufaitm fas it toac tolo bun) on a bit! , tbrtx is a bmieing tut out of a tcafonable rj.reatmffe, in mannet bets w tier kt 
tioh ne : anc fci tftat bp meant s of tbe toioeneffe of tbe mtoolemoff part, f be toOfc (boulb net fall in , tbertfoje tbc ttuo 
pi afters teere left in tbe mioDle, ano tottbail ttea of a nubble fo;t bp tyem , toitb ttoo leifc'alfa before , tin&crboiDttt % 
tberfflfe,tebtcbaltogetberto(retutcutoftI)e rotfee toitb isffrnmrnts. jnfbe ftrtt entry arc tome little Cbappete. 
?n tbe miMle tbete ate 1 8. ano bebine tbete Sanb s.ano « bceje locate, tabu b ftjetDetb.tfont men torntfuitbetiibegtea' 
tctt Cbappel is totbe tb. e lengtb of a man, tobet eh? pou ma? iubge tbe gteatneffe of tbe butlofog. %ty$ place featl) no 
light , noj tan be perceaut » tbat it bao any light. Xbe Cbappcls ate tafecu oat, as tbe $ ignres A. ano B , 



If §§§§ J 

ibjlljj. 1 ^ 


lifer — ~' --- 



The third Bdoke. The fourth Chapter; J?ol. 73 

pdD) tt»at oarflutboj befojc, 
ipeafectb of an 0rcb triumv 
Fbant in Verona , calico Dei 
Barfari,k>bubfee tennrtbto 
be barbarous ano confute o of 
parts ani members, as (ac* 
co;Dingto rbeto?ttingpf Vi. 
truuiui of goo antiquities) 
in effect it is : jpeuertlieleffe, 

(e% tbflt Iohannes Caroctus 
(toljicb our auttjoj alleogetb) 
barb ret it boione fo; an o;na* 
merit of Verona, in bis bone 
at antiquities, mucb better, 
ano toitb mo;e deliberation 
tt)£it all $ reft of % figures 
fef bimmaoe (fo? intrnetb, 
{ ret are terp grofXe : 3Cberc? 
fojc 3 tbougbt it goo to ttieto 
itberetotbe curious Meaner 
tbat be map fa ano alio note 
(bp Vrcruuius rule afojefaio) 
tebat is got) 03 til in it, tobicr) 
map peraouenturc pleafe 
feme of tbts cotintrev better 
tben anctbrr,betaufe tbepbfe 
to fetbe foj rnntb, too ;kc in 
tbeir awbttecturc. ano foj 
#tt)is figure teas to great 
in fojme,tbrrfo;e 3 fcaue tjere 
fet boUihe but it>e baife } ana 
pou mutt ronceaue ttje otter 
floe, tbat is, an arcb tour) 
toinDotoes ano oil;er ojnas 
merits, lifee tfeefe: ttje frotof 
Verona, tobertoi'fb tbis bail' 
Bins (6 meafureo, ftansetrj 
feere on tbe Goes in fealfe pie* 
pojtion : o? tobtrb foot, one 
fmall ftanoefb in tfce {ScOr* 
flat, bnfier t great Coltsmne j 
toberebp tbenicafurcistsbe 
toneeptcb : re? tfje fa?D Ca- 
roctus gtues no otbrr toar* 
rant of all tjis figures' (but 
cnelp ef tte jrigurc of tt)e 
toonetrfull fpectacJe" , cs bee 
tennetb it) toitb tt)eCbcafrr 
aboue it: but abcue all, toitb 
tbc goings bp to tbe bill, 
tnijere a SDemplr of laaus 
ftanoctb,aB our autljoj fbeto * 
tb'.spjefcnt ffioae. ©t tbts 
builctn$,Caroccus fattb mo;e 
tben ofafltbe reft: ano foj 
tbat 5 map fatiffic cr> Uca* 
fntbisfficBe, tberefoje J 
t)aue caufeo tbts figure to bee 
pjittfco alone, becaufe it teas 
to great, ano (in mp spin:* 
on) to grefe, to fct Wcbp. 

i i £ 




The fourth Booke. 

Rules for Mafontry 5 or Building 

rcit b Stone or Brid.e, made after the Jiuc maneis 
or orders of Buildings we, Thufcana , Dorfca, 
Ionics , Corinthia and Compofita : and 
thcreisnto arc added examples of Antiqui- 
ties ; which , for the moft part , agree 
withtheinftrudiionsof Vitrumx with 

foine Figures more added vnto then, 
which were not inthefir(t,andibrrx 
dcuiccs of the Author, which are 
corretf ej , and hereunto 

Tranjlated out ofjftajian into 

Dutch, and oaf of 'Dutch 

into Snglifb. 

Printed for Robert Peake, 

and are to be fold at his fhop nccrc 
Holborne conduit,next to the 

ANNO DOM. i(5ii. 







To che wel-willcrs of Architecture, 

Itruoius ftjth, that/iteb as haue built without leaning of inflruclion (although workemen) could ntuef nuke 
anyfawous or commendable pieces ofworfano more can others , being no workemen , fitch as basse followed the 
letter or writing one ly, and made no proofeWf which ,/ome haste prefmmed to father their doings vponVixxu* 
UiU» .' jeti n diuers places of their mitsngt t wbich are found, they could not clefe vp their rules orderly, but haue left mo- 
rn things doubt full, and (mere) haueefieemed that to be good and commendable, which in rvcrke is not to bee endured' 
jhecauftofthis crrour,is,thattbelaftBoofcoftbefjydVm\*U\us 7 wherein ikcFigures are> waslojl : reherebymn 
might haue knewne and found out his meanings', fo that hereby it appear eth, that fame Antiquities haue beene very. 
bare in their workes.and ejpeciatly,m their Orckrs of Dorica, becaufc Vitruuius namtthno Dorica Safes: butinfiead 
thereof \fpeakcth of an A ttica. Now it may be, regarding that he there fpeaketb not of my Order of Attica^ therefor* 
they durll not make any Dor tea Bafes orColumncs : on the contrary, othtrtp&l'Ay contemning the darkneffe of the vfti-^ 
ter, (or for want of knowledge) haue Jo far 'exceed, d thegjA utlorin many, things, that they haue not ontly forfaken,] 
and left the examples and reafens of gwdA ntiq ntt^-^n t alfo (more then that) haue Made their workes vnfeemely^ 
and ridiculous to mens eyes, as may be few m ■.> amunt wvks . whereby ,ge'ntle Reader, many workjncn i %eeB.feeni . 
inboth, haue beene cumbredth.rein, and ej}ici. Hi in thiiourttme\ Bramant ^Cafile Duranc, Balthazar of 
Scienne, and many othersfor that (not enely by rm.inei ef I uhus the 2 . Pope, but) alfo by other s,good Archtteclure 
-was bettered in their times: who/iftcr lerg difputat ion an& feat chtng of many % afwell Authors and Commentaries^ 
together with the examples of good Antiquities haue with authority, (to make an end of all doubts) not only addtdthh 
Spire Attica^ of the Dorica, but alfo as man) orders as now are vfed i beginning at the Thufcan , as thegroffeff and 
fiendereft ofalltbereft, andhauereducedthefameintoacertaineandcommonforme,together-w\th their ornaments ■ 
andmeafurest which rul:sSzbzfthv\Szdi\i%,aworkem*n andfcholer eftbefaydBalrhazat,katb w,itten t and fet \ 
out in figures; fo that,ltauingthe ohfeurities of Vitruuius^TWBWj make an incorrigible worke. Andfor that all tbofe • 
that lone werkemanfhtp, vnderfland not the Italians , therefore (in my opinion) 1 haue tranflated the mofi certajnt and 
befl rules out of Italian into Dutch, and out of Dutch into Engtifh^ enely the names of all Procelt, Bafts, Capitals, 
Cornices, ejrc which are not namedin Dutchnor Enghfl),fcrthat Baftian, by Vitruuius termes,vfeth the common 
andmoderne Italian words., which by fotne fhoald be Its hardly vnder&oodas the Lattne. But [would commend him, . 
thatfeei»gwettikevponvstofol2owVitT\iWU%writings/hatwegiue bimtbe name of Vhmuius , that the learned 
mightbeen!ndci(loodoftheworl^man,andtheworhpnanalfovnierfteedofthe learned, And for that the mrke- 
tnan might the better read it, lhaueprinted itjnour ordinary "Dutch letter. A nd although this fourth tooke of \ 
feuetzwasfirflfetotttfbecaufeitis'thebefttyettkeotberalfoareno teffe ft and (onuenicnt to further Architcflurc \ 
or Art of Building, as in the enfuingEpifile yon (halljee. 


Seh/lian Serlius to t/be ^Reader. 

LOuingand friendly Reader, after I had collected certaine rules of Archite^ur^thinking that not only 
thofeof deepe conceyt would vaderftand them, butthatalfb each indifferent man of wit might con - 
ceaucthem,ashe is more or leffe addicted to fuch an Art; which rules are deuided into feuea Books, 
as hereunder (hall be fet downe: but for that this Artrequireth it, therefore I thought it rcquifite to begin 
with this fourth Booke, and to fet it out, firft, which is more to thepurpofe, andmore neceflary then the 
ted, for the knowledge of many forts of Building and ornaments thereof , to thecndthat eueryonc may 
haue fome knowledge of this Art, the which is no leffe pleafing to the mind of thofe workmen that thinke 
vponthingsthatarctomake,thenalfotomenseyeswhentheyarernade. Which Art,by thewifedome 
of the famous and excellent fpirits that are now in the world, doth flourifhin thefc dayes, astheLatine 
tongue did in the time of Ittlius Cefar , and Ctcert. Then with glad and ioyfull heart receyue at lead my 
good will j (though the effect enfucth not; which, in trueth, I haue (toplcafure and fatisficyoUr minds) 
in this refpcft. 

Inthefud Booke, I will entreat of the beginning of Gcometry.and of diuers cuttings through of lines, 
in fuch fort } that the workman may yeeld reafon for that he worketh. 

In the fecond Booke, I will fhc w in £igure,and by rsafon, as much of Perfpcdtiue Art,that if the worke* 
man will, he may declare his conceyt or purpofe, by rcafons and figure. 

In the third Booke, workmen fhall fee the Ichnographie, that is, the ground .• the Orthographie, that is, 
the rayfing vp of a Building before. The Seenographie or Sciographie,that is, the infight, by fhortcning 
of the mod part of the Buildings that are in Rome, Italie, &c. diligently meafured, and fet by them in 
Writing, with the places where they are, and their names. 

In the fourth, which is this, I will fpeake of flue rriancr of Buildings, and of their ornaments, as Thu£ 
fcana, Doric*, Ionica , Corinthia and Compofita, that is to fay, mingled. And by thefe, the whole Arte 
is learned. 

In the fift, I will fpeake of diuers kinds of Temples, fet downe in diuers formes, that is, round, foure- 
fquare jfix-cornetd,eyght-corherd,Oual!-wifc,and o:ofle-wife,with their ground, heights and fhortenings, 
diligently meafured. 

In thefixt.l will fpeakeof all dwellings, which, at this day,may bee vfed, beginning at the meaneft 
houfe or cottagcand (o from degree to degree, proceeding to the mod rich, fay te and princely Palaces, as 
Well in Countrie villages , as in great Cities or Townes. 

In the fcuenth andlaft, fhall be fct downe many accidents, which may happen toworkeaien in diuers 
places, ffrangc raaner of fituation,repayring of decayed houfes, and how we fhould helpe our felucs with 
pieces of other buildings, with fuch things as are to be vfed, and at other times haue flood in worke. 

Now then, to proceed readily herein, I will begin with the greateft and rudicke order of Building, that 
tS| the Thufcan, being the pfay[ie(t ; rudeft, and ftrongeft , and of lead grace andfecmelincfle. 


The Atithor to the Reader. 

T^e ancient too&emrn in limes paff (as Vitruuiusaffn:metb)aeBicatca t&rirtoojfees anBffiuilBmgsfofjbcgDDg, 
acceding to tbeir naturcs,firengtb oi tocafcc neffe; fo is tbcfcjme callea SDojics afcribea to tfee goBs,Iup'ner,Mars, 
ana tonUant Hercules, taking fneb fojmes from ft rong men. 3E$e fojme calico Soraca, is «fcribea to tbe gobBetfe 
.Diana, Apollo ana Bacchus, as of the nature of patrons, tljat is, of twife * fenfiblc teomtn,tobicb are bctb fenacr 
anaffcong: fo?Diana,bpbcrfeminiHenatai-iWtcnacr,batbgt>fjngto^unt,ftPcii8arong: Apollo, bpreafonof his 
bcautpjtstenBerjbut bcingaman,bc tsftrohg: tbirlifeeof Bacchus. 55cttfecCojtnthiaistafecnofmajas,anBtheg 
afcribeall to tbe gooaeffe Vcfta, ana bcr jljattc mnpts: pet at this time 3 thinfee it gats to pjcc&a in another fnjt,aotbing 
aifferitig from tbc ancients afojefapa. spp meaning is,to folloto tbe msner aiia cnQemes of the Cb»&ians, tbat 3 (as 
far as 3 map) toill afenbe fjo'f ffiuiiaings to iFoa ana to bis faints: ana pjefane buiiaings,as toetl publicise as pjiaatc, 
3 toill afcribe f men accojatng to tbeir pjofemons. &o fap 3 tben, trjat the Ebufcan marter (after mp opinion) is fit fo? 
ifrcngtbs, fo? (Cafes of Cities, SCotones ana Caffles, places foj treafare, mnmttcn ana 0rtillcrp to feape them in • foj 
pjifons,ljanensof t&c&ea, anafueblifec things, ferning foj tbetoarrcs. 3t is trne, tbat tuft^c&e ana plapnetoo&e, 
tfjat t s , fuel) JBuiiaings as are maae of rougb ttones, ana a tbc re tbat are made fometebat fmcotber, act 03 e tng to tbc plea* 
fare tsbicb tbe &tonc-rutters tribe therein , are femetimes sr.trca toitlj SDojica , ana fomttimes toitb SDojica ana Co?in* 
tbta. $euertbelc0,foj tbat tbe acbafran ojarr ts tbe rougheff fetfrojtb , farre mo?e tljen tbc otber are, 3 am of opinion, 
tbat theCountrp IBulaing (0 rooje like imto tbc Sbctfcan,tbeR any of tbe reft : tcbtcb pou map plapnclp fee to baue bant 
cbferuea bp tbc 2Dbufeans,as toel in tbeir ebiefe Cities ana ETotones of Florence, as toitftout in their Country ©Wages, 
tnfomanpritbana fapjelBniloings, maae after tfjs rutticaUmancr,** mapbef«neinallCb;u*cnBcme,mifl:& toith 
facb a flight manner of tooj&e, as tbe tocjfecman ttjongbt good. STbercfoie 3 tonclnae , tbat fntb jguiiaings are moje 
agreeable to Xbufcan ojacr, then anp otber. Sfyerefirce , alteriug fometobat from antiquities , ana fame others 
flf ours, 3 toill in aincrs fojts fhetoe of fnrb toojfers , viz. fcato ta mabc (Bates of Cities ,SCotones, ojiFojts j 
asalfo,in publifte ana p?mate places, f?orjfe3,dMtertes, TOinootees, $icbcs ojfeates,bollotoea in toojBC,5Bnoges, 
OTater-courlcs, ana facb like feaerall ©ytaments , as map bappen into a too^bemans bonas to aoe. ^en map alfo 
(not Differing from tfte ancient rules) mitt tbis ruffiicall maner Soitb tbe 2Do?ica,aua alfo toitb Jonicaj ana fometimes 
toitbComJtljia,attbepleafureof tljofetbatfafee to pleafc tbeir oteic fantaOf s, tobicifj amanmapaffirmetobeemo?e 
fojpSeaforetbenpjofit: tbcrcfoje tije tooatjeman onghtto pjocecae toitb goaa aantce, tXpeciaUpinpublifeebniiaings, 

jn tbc beginning of tbis5!5fl>fee,3(obre!:uc33 tbcComeaianso?6er,tobo (tobentbep mfeno toplapanpCfimeap) firff 
fena ontap?ologue, Jjoboinfetotoojaesgutctbtljeaaaience tobnacrffana totjat t^ep intent) fo nittxatoMn tbctrCoc 
mecie. &o 3, meaning in tbisllBeofee to entreat of fiucmancrof IBnilaings, viz. SCbcfcan,S?ojtta,3o'nica,CojtH# 

fia ana Compofita,baue tbougbt gcDa,tlgat in Va/t beginning tbereof, men ftjoola foe tbc jftgures ef aU t^e feueral feinas 
bercof $ purpofe to entreat of. 3na altbougb tbat in tbc Columncs ana tbeir ojnamen t z, all tbe nicafaren ana pjo< 
pojtions are not fet Bo tone, bat onelp tbe pjincipslljbp gencrall rules; pet toill 3 not farlCj "as occafion iftalKeructo fet 
tbemaotone in particularities: bnt tbis ts Done, as 3 fapse, to ujeto in generalities fo; an 3ntroauctuincnelp,ebe 
better to bsrtnacrffflDa of cuerp toojbeman , ana in t\t beginning toill obterue Vitrumus o:acr ano f crmes;marfeea on 
-fbeflaestoin) A. B. C. tbat cuerp toojferman map name them acrajaing to bis counftpfpaclj. anagra,tl>e|&tilo 
bato,ojffibnfcan§eBeaall,3mcanetbeflst, toitbout Crotone o;S5afc,fbaU bee a perfect foursquare. 2Cbc perfect 
E>oaica8jallbeasmucbmo2eastbeajatoingof altne from corner to comer, of tlje perfect fourefqoare, placing it ftpc 
rig{)f. SDbt peBcttali Vomica, ffjallbc of one fnurefquare ana an batfe : tbe Jpcaefiail Co?intbia,u)all be a foursquare 
ana ttoo tbira parts tbereof. SCbe ^goeHall Compofita fssill bee of ttoo gerfect fourefquares. 0lfo , toonaer not, 
.tbat tbe Cb.apterncptcnfuing is tbefift,tob?cb otbers toeula cfreeme tbe firffjfo? that tbe fira HBcokc aoetb contapne a 
Cbapter of (Eemnetrp: tbefecona of perfpectine, fliall be of ttoo Chapters: tljc tbira of antiqnities^al be of one Cbapr 
r ter, tobicb mafeetb foure Cbaptcrs: fo fyzt, tijisxonfioma, tt/e nrrt fijail be tije fift. 

Fme maner of Buildings, 



Of the order and maner of Thufcan workcs 5 and 

the Ornaments thereof. 


The fift Chapter. 

N Vitiuuiusfturth Booke andfeuenth Chapter we fnd,tbat a man fhcutd make a Thuftan Columne of feutnpartt 
high, with Capital/ and Safe, wbith meafure fhnuld be taken from the ibickneffe of the Columnc below. The height 
[*f (be Safes or Bafement, jhouldbe the halfe of the tbicknefje of the Columne, which (halt bee deutded into two equall 
parts , whereof one (halt be the Flint bus, the other deutded in three, two parts thereof fhall bee the Thotus , the third 
the Cincla, The Protect" ure you (hall make in this manor : Fs>fl,make a Circle as great as the Columne is thicke below, 
placing it in afcurefquare: without thefcurefquare draw another Circle >clofe about the cornets ofthefourefquare t 
which (hall bee the Proiefiure, Ana although all ether Safes bane their Ptinthus fourefauare, yetthisvfTbuf 
can muft beround,asVhtuuiusteacbeth. T be height of the Cafttallmufi bee like the Baje : thatdeuidewttPkrte 
farts : one part {hall be the Abacus', the ether [hall be deuidedinfoure parts, thret ftrthe Ecbino, the fourth for the 
xylnnulo or Cintho, which man be called \ & Gu die, Band, ar Lift in Englifb . The third part re fling, (hall bee for the 
ffypotracbeUum, er Freefe. The t^Aflragdl with the Ctnfta, is halfe the Freefe,- but that deutded in three, twofhdll 
be for the Round\the third bis Lift jhebemngeutmuft bee as tbehetgbt: and although this Lifl it here named with 
the Capitalljet it is 4 part of the Columne , which Columne ought to be made thinner aboue a fourth part; alfo the Capi- 
tall in the vppermtfl part (hall not be greater then the Columne below. The maner to lejfen the Columne is thus : Let 
the body oft he Columne ledtuidedm three parts: the third part btlcw (hall hangattkeleade, and the other two third 
parts youjhalldeuide into as many equal! parts as you will: then at the thirdpart of the Columne draw halfe a circle ,and 
from the lines that hang there, from the outtermefl corner s of the Capitall inwards , meafure the eyght part> which in all 
fhall be a fourth part : from vnder the corner [where the Columne is thinnefl)youfhaU draw two lines by a leade, to the 
halfe circle-, and thofe parts of the circle outwards, you fbillfet below, in as many euen parts as the two third parts of the. 
Columne holdctb: which being dene on both fides ,then there Jhallbe as many Paralels or croffe tines, drawenfrom the one 
poynt of thehulfe circle to the other, each line being marked with number, from the top downtwards , and the like vpon 
the lynesthat deuidethe Co/umnes; which numbers being orderly flaetd_ then it is certayne, that the firjl line fhall agree 
with the tbinneftpdrt of the Cclumne aboue : after jtaketheftcondline of the balfecircle, and fit it vpon the fecond line 
of the Columne, tten tht-third vpon the third* and the fourth vpon the fourth : when that is done, there muft be a lynt 
drawnefromthe Bafetf the halfe circle, tothelyne ^..andfromthelynt a-.tothelyne ^andfiemthe line 3. to the lynt 
2. and from the line 2. to the lynt 1, alfo a tyne: and fo from the fecond fide of the columne : and although that the lynet 
in tbemfelues are right, yet they make a crooked lyneX which tbeiuiicitus workeman knoweth htw to regeire and mode 
rate at bis will on aSfides in the gathering of the lynet. x^ind although this rule is made for the Thufcan Columne \ 
which is leaned about a fourth part, yet it mayferuefor aB forts ofcolumnts- ) and tht more the deuiiing of the Ctlumtitt 
andthebalftCireleartinnumber,fo much the leffentng will dimynijh, 

The fourth Booke* 

The &£t C hapter . Fol , 4. 





A. Zbasvmoit&illatt* 

B. Ctbmng. 

C. 0ratu!ttiso?Cincfa« 

D. $ipotracbt liwn o; ^f&fe. 

E. Sttfi-agatos. 

F. anmikts oj Ctntta. 

G. ftbe tbicfeeneffe of t&e £& 


H. flTbe fijftfeneffe of % £*. • 
lumite btlotOf 
^1 ft f facta. 



. , . . . . - 

M. |9?oicrtoreoa bearing eu* 

K. 2Lbc tbttfeneSg of fyeCo*. 

O, SCfcetl-fctmcffeof tyeCao 

jHrnnegabone. . 


TfceCotamne being gnilbeofoltb rbeCapitall antiXBafe, tt;en tbearcbitrato,^r*fcara) Cojnifearefo feeefet 
tbcrcfin. SCfcat C-piffo!nmo? artbitraneranttbeasbigb »* t&e Capitale,anatbeKHuaej*ift,tbefirt part tbere* 
of. JEbat fcopbojas o? jFretfe of tt>e f ame beigbt. ffibe Cornice alfo, toitb ber memberg,ratJtt bee tbe like : ana 
tbe fame being Benioeo in foure pact*, one part flfcall be foj tbe Cimatie, ttuo p«rtffc^tb*Coafi!»9i«nW|el«tt foj 
tbe facie oncer tbe fame, SCbepjoiertnceoj bearing out of tbemall,muffbeatlealt^oraucba9rbeirbctgbt. anobrU 
»er m rfce Cojona pon map cnt cfcannrts oj boHfifo^ 

ffint, foj tbat tfcig foe?fce is grofle, ana plaine of menibrfM man (tn mp opinion) map tafee bpcn bim (o afcfce fome parts 
Unto it, tobicb map feme to belong bnto tbe fames tobitbmntbe 6oneiD|mmenDeflrerdmaltetb«tt«totn«Dlbettir, 
ad pon (kin tfcis bcrcfencct fet ootone. 3 comtmno alfo tbofe t rofcnes tbatbanemoQ potectnre c? bearing out,toitt)ont 
tbEirfoocefqaare(!;efp£CiaUp,tob« : n t b« ff oww8r^tto bea '* tt * W!lbicb|5jotectnres are Uotbcommoown»,a«6 bexn* 
tifie tbe toojfee': eommotifotto in tbt*,t|wt tie toalking plate bport tbemtoillbee b?*rt>er,anDittom alfo turpetbo 
Swjftefromtoater: beautifying in tbi*, U>at tobm men bebolo tbe toojta toitb cottrieniiBU 6(Canctfrcmlt,it toillOjetn 
tbe greater j anbtoberetttftoncsbesfcanteb, bp rcafon of tbfir tmatneCe, tfae£)oicctaretoiUfuppl|»tbaitoaitt,bt 
Vetoing greater. 







s' : 





The fourth Bboke, 







AUbongb ? faio bcfojc, tbat fbc £bul> 
can Coitwme (accojuingf a Vkruutus 
rule) ougbttobeoffencn Skiameter* 
bigb,tcin) I5afcs awD Capita! s,&)bicb 
pjopo:tionis appjamcD goo ; neucrtbclcffe, 
fo; tbat tfje firS Cokimnes ( as pott ^aae 
bearDmmpfmallBcoBe) tocre maoeui Sirs 
parts, tabling tbe meafart from mens fat, 
tetyicbistbefirtpartoftbefame: 2nc aifa, 
fe? tbat § Colnmnes calico SDojica, arc nolo 
cf fiucn parte, tbe ancient toojiamn baning 
another part bnto tbcm , to betgbten tycm, 
tbmfojc,in m^ opinion, bp ttjc fame author 
ritie,f o; fibat tbe SLbofcan Colomnc is firon* 
get tljcn ttjcotljcr,5 iuogc,it migbt be maoe 
lotocr tben tbe S>o;ica; ano,bpmp abui«,be 
mabe but of See parts , hritb SBafes arts Ca< 
p(tals,tbispctt mspbo'.Dfo? a common rule 
Sno, foj that neither Vitruuiui, no?,an?o* 
tber tacfeeman tbat 3 baneftene, banefet 
ootonc no rule foj tbe fetilobato oj ^cbeff al, 
anb in antiquities, as far as 3 can fa, tecre 
bp toojkemen maoc , as neceflitte reqaireO $ 
to^ttrjicsr ittocrc foj rapfing of Colutnnrs, oj 
to agoing bpfoitb tta?jes, to (Salience, o? 
bpanp otber occafions : 2Cbercfej8,not be* 
tng copelleo tbereunto, 3 am of opinion, tbat 
eucr p teo jfecman fbonlo to eacb hino cf Co - 
Inmnefet a conucment anD fttmclp pecs* 
Sail, as rcaton tequtretb , ano as bee feefb 
tanfe. jt is certaine ano toell imotone, tbat 
tbepc&eSall at lead mad bee fonrefqnare, 
tbat is, tbe hoop tbtireof , feitbont ffiafe oj 
Cunt, tbirf tw tbe SCbnfcan Colmane being 
tbe beft of all, tbe peDettall t&ereaf ongbt to 
be a perfect fourefquare : tbe fo jepart thereof 
ongbt to be as bjoabai t&epintbus of tbe 
SSafeof tbeColnmnet tbebeigbt fijonlobeo 
beatceointo foarc parts , one part tobcKof 
fljalibe fetbnoer,fo;tt|c^Uritbns,aRB one 
foj tbe Cime,tobicb members (ball be bnent : 
fo tben, it tbe Columns bee of fire par fs, tbe 
^tHobatooj^tjeffall (ball bee of fire parts 
alfoinitfclfe, aecojoing to ibcpjopojtionof 



Baft or plinth u% | 

Of the Thufcana 

I'i&tvt pjomifcD in tfef s ® coke, astl j> to in treat of tbe ornaments an* different maner af 5Eoiibtngs: ttjers/a;c J toiU 
net at this time, ffee to feotomenffeoulo place the Catrs of BDotonesano jPejts,tottfetfectr Goes* places to lap oat 
£snnors,\mtb other ctttHmfianccs of Dcfcnce,leaning forbears toffeeteejfeemen bclcng'.n6toh)arrcs 4 acco;inng'.£a 
ttjc fituatien and anisette of lime ano place. liSut 3 toll ffecto f cn- : tfeat tebr n tfee €>ates of the Cttie^SCottne ej 
#23 trclfc arc placet) ■. fee to men, in mp opinion, ffeoulfi fct them fojtfe , fetting colon force figure s tfeereof . f^ou mutt b»v 
teiCrnt»,tbat rr«rfe<!D>atcojpejt is to bee after the Jtalian maner, arte ought, of n:ccfiitp , to feaae a poftcnrc^atf, 
iBfeicfe are ralleb Pouen van Secourfe,u bicb are ttjc fmall po;ts on tfee Goes , Ent to obferne the ^emetrp, that is,* 
fine meafnre, (fcc-v ought to be otabe in tfeis manner* 2Cr>e meafure of tfee ><vatt it thus, a? nutcfe as tfee bjeotfe of tfee 
light flail be, tfee fealfe tofeereof ftall frrue foj (fee feeigfet. SCfee b;cDife of tl) c light is Bcaioeo into fire parts, fefeereof one 
part ffeall be fo? tfee bjee tfe of tfee p tlafi: t rs en eptfecr fibe of tfee ©ate : tfee flat of tfee pillars tfeereof ffeall be as bjoao as 
tfee tfetro part of tfee light, anb tfee height, foitb Capitals anb 55afes ■ SLfee fecigtji of tfee ffiafrs (ball be a tfeirb part of tfee 
bjebtfe of tfee pillars, aub fo mnefe alfo tfee Capitals, obferuing tfee rnle fet botsne in the firtt Colnmne* 2Efeat ©plHo* 
lam, ^opfeoj«s,ano Cojona ffeall be altogether of fncfefectgbt, as tfee bjebtfe of tfee pillars, bp tfee rule afojefapo. i5e^ 
f toane tfee one pillar ano tfee of feer, tfee pottcrncs ; fmall ©at es ffeall bee, ano tfee toiocneffc (featl bee as b;oab as tfee 
flat pillars. SCbe ferigbt ffeall be ttoice as macfeas tfee bjettfe: tfee pilaQers ffeall be tfeetfeiro part of tfee fapo pofierne. 
SEfec elcnation 0; raffing bp aboue tfee gate, ffeall bee at tfee toojfcrmans toill. %vA tfee p jop option of tfee if aftigies oj 
fcontifpuie (tefeicbiscalUo toit&&3,t&efpanmna., coucr,o; roafe) atoiUffeetotataofotfsintfeeoj&erof^ojica. 

i^r^-^i^lM ^^ilili'ililiililiiiiliMIM 

The fourth Boofe 

i . .'■ :t- S.I ' 


A $to to) tf)af fbc too;teman ouabt to be capidnss o( inucntions, to pleafc tjimfclfc atio others , t&e Cafe of tbe Citp, 
/\ SCotonc , o; f ojtreffe, mat be fct oat in tbis matter, obfcraing this rate : that To bjoao as tbe going though of tbe 
* *<Eate is, tbe Ijetgbt Oiall be as mncb, ano bartfe as uiuclj agapc,t&at fs, 1 . pacts in bjeotb, anb 3 . parts in beiabt; 
2Ebe pilaffers Oiatt be the 8. part of tijc tatoeneffe of ttjc <0a:e : ant> tbe Columnes ftano foj ttjc ronnb Columnes 
ano flat pillars , being tbc fonrtb part of ttjc €>ate. lBut fa? tfat the Colnawe is a ttjtro part fct into tbe taall, ano is 
bomibfatt tot tb otter Oones,moje f 0; ftjeto tt)en bcarins,<t is to be mabe 7, parts bigb,anD alfo of 8. at ttje tawUcmans 
toill , luljicb mill fet fojtb tbc ©ate toitb woje ffictu. STbc foioeneffe of tbc poffctne flialbe tbc balfe of tbc mfoDle ©ate, 
tbepilaffcrsalfo(astbegreater)tbatts tbc &alfe. ffibe&eigbttbmofttjalbe tad) as tbejFaaetbatbearetbtbeare&,anoit 
fbalbe tfje &uperrilte,o j arrtjitraac f bcrcof ,as toe call it: ano if vou fi no not a Gone all of one peto fit fo % it, then poa ftjall 
mafcc tbe Cnnei 03 pennants as sou fee tbjm becre in tbe figure, 3na tljus tbc p?opo?tion of tlje poQerne Sjall bee, 
tbaUs,3.partstnbje3tb,anD $.oftbe Itfecpartsinbetgbt. SOjeCnticioa pennants of tbc 3ccb, fljall be 15, 3ntbe 
ffiafes, Capitals, STrctjttraue, f rate , ano C ojnicc , pa mutt obferue tbc rale afojefapo } ano tbe donation in tbe rnioole 
(ball be at t&e toojtomans toill, assfapsnftljcotbsr; and all facb testes, t^grorertbcgbemaee,an&bo($ooMbe 
ftsonger im arefejfejtificatum. 


A$an map, make Cfatca of SCotones anft .fojts in another BUHer,bfltb plainer an& tSrongsr, foliouring tljc o;bm 
fceeutiDer fet ooinne: aao tsepjopojtiott o? tbetoioeneffe cf tt»e (Sate Qjallbe as mncbas tbe beigbtistmccrtbe 
i^acte,fn^icl) beared top tljr roofc : atti> from tbe facte toptoarr s ,ag mart) btgber ass the f>alfe Cicele-, pet altoapc5 
at tbe too; Jsemans tetii to be VHcreafco o » Buaini&eD,anQ efpeeiattp, as he is bp accioent rettrapntD. ffibe tteo $3oo 
fientes are to be mate , as 3 bane bcfoje QetecB : SCbeic tote eneffc mod be tbe balfe of tye-midBle <S5ate,an& To matb of 
tbetoalltball be left bettoame tbe great (Pate anfttbetteofmatU tobicbbetgfcf Qjall be BonbleBtt>in)tbeb#Btb,anB tbe 
#aeie,tobKbbfbolDetb tbe 3rcb,taall alto feolsbp tbeCnnei of tbe fmall&ates. ftetmntttoeetake faebojBer,tbat 
tbe ifanetbcDtmg tb?ongb ? iboniobeetie^»^ceilie,tobtcb,as3 fagb,map,beealtet«o attbetoiUof tbe axeman, 
tein)oat altering tbem from tbe jFtgnre, 



The fourth Booke. 

The fift Chapter. F0I.7 

D$ttcr* feinUS of o?naments,raanp time*, pat lb« foojfeeman in mint) of tbings tobicb tjcpers&acnf arc ironic mt 
bauetbongbtof: SEberefoje t^rc jHgarcenfotng toill reructl,eteo?be;ran to gmbe;rt> in buiU>ing,a0 occalferi 
mallfcruetastntbcttiall of afiwtreffc, toberetbe wall being of agooBtbtctmelTe, ttjic too?fee mui>in it tooulo 
ficfl feme fo? a place to llano ojic tn,mabmg the teaming place aboue bjoaor r ; aim eafitr foj Defence in time of 
toarre- ana fo) raoje fecuritic, it might ttifyin be fitleo bp toitb cat*. 3t mtg'jt alb be tbe toojfeemans cbancc,to bailo 
absnt an $iil: ano to free tymftlfe thereof from the toatecs, tbat allies tuitl) tbe raptte fall from it, % mafcetbc earth to 
Cube it is therefore neceflstp fo? tbe toojfceman to fet tb« like btuloings agafoftfucb an l^ill, tobercbp be malt be affureo 
from'fucbrufpJcion,anDitVDillalfobea great ftrengtbentw* to tbettJojfce. STbeliac indention Raphael Dorbuttfea 
atMomcMatio,alittleaboncRomc,in tbe taineparoof Clement tbe fcrtentb,bpb«n began in tbe time of tbe Cat" 
6toaUIeronkmGenga:ani>ti}rtboutPilera,foj tbe Defence of toatec asainfta^Ulitoad rnaoetheiifce; 

O/ the Thufcana 

/% i|5f tent t»o?kemen,in tJita feiwo of rufficall toojfee, baue bfeo many anD fcurrall Kinds of JBuilbihgs , as peu niap 
A$ fa bereunovr, iKberetoith a toojfeemap map bclpe bimfelfe in manp things, as nee effitic requfretb : tijemeafure 
<* * ftjall be, that tbe Ugljt (ball be a perfect fonrefquare, anD tbe toall bettoeme botb, fhall be a fourth, part Icffe. SLbat 
&Hp£mlieo?architrauc,fl?aU bane the fcurtb part of the ugb^anoajalt bemaoeof pennants tobtcb ran bpon 
the Center in bncquall numbers : ano abouetbe£>upercilie fballbe lapo an beUeCirrlc,octileeDmmne cquall parts, 
tbe lines being alfo ojatonc Upon tt»e Center. 2Ebe Cuntf oi flrcfcBone bjeing fojmeo,anB tbe tjijce pieces lapo bcttoont 
tt,imtb tbe i?acieaboue tt, toill in tbis fojtbe an euerlafiing teojhc. JIBat fo? that tbe Cunei or tbe arcbttrauc mutt Ige 
faB, it ftjall be neeflfnll to fill tbe balfe Circle toltb HBjicfeee. 0nb foj tbe moje beautifying, pou map bfe Kotes , as tie 
ancients bfeo to oec, as pou map, at tbis cap, uje income at j&Cofmiatisem)£>amian ;U>buh,altbonal) tbe flows be 


The fourth Bodke. 

The fife Chapter. Fol.8 

AQ> in t&e beginning 3 fai&, fbc tooriieman mag bfc ft>f s <85afe in eiuers places, bat not for f orfreffes, for tbc pat- 
fage though feraes not for artillerie,or otber great preparation fo? tears; iuaertbeleffe,tb's part ma? toell feru* 
for tbeouttermoB port ornate: ffifee proportion (ball be, tbatttje ltgl;t or opening (ball be ttoicefobigb as t&« 
bjeDflj. anijearcli^ttoneiSOftbebalfcCirtlclftaUbeninfjtiratDmgbpontbcCentcr of tbc Circles, fCbeiFacie 
im&ertbe:3rcbfl)all betbefenentbpartof tbe spates; from tbeiFacie uotonctoaros to tbepmemcnt,fba!lbeeDem*eD 
into feaen parts an» an balfe ,ano flfcal be fire Cones bjoao: ttyti tobcreof, ftal be eacb a part ano an balfe, tbc otber tbj* 
at me part: ano tbas tbe fcuen parts ano an balfe are DcoiDco. . Cbc bcigljt of the mioolcrnoa arcb*tto ne, or the do* 
togffanc,tobtcbpoutDill, Oiall be balfe osbjoao as the <®att< &bc.facieaboactS)earcb1Jone,B»nttfeeeasbroa&aj5 a 
8W, f*st it, tbe tbitmeO part *f tbe faro £tone; but tb« mf ootama arcbtfonc, ano alfo tbe fate bnoer,OjaU be afourtb 



^"^epjopojueno? tyuCtaft. viz. %opmingt»ttoifeafl^gl)aj8bjonij:t|e^UaOetanD $e Stab are a 6ft part of 
tbe b?totb of fbe ligbt : tye gr«at pillar (fail be once fo bjoao agatncanD tbe beigbt of 8je bjeotfes. 3Ebeb*igM oft** 
iBafefl)aUbeafourtbpart,anDtbeC«pitdllatbir6 part, anotogreat tbeCapifaUoiimpoabnocr tbeflrcbajallbee. 
3Cbe fade in tbe place of tb* arcbitraue {ball be as bigb a* tbe Capitals : tbe JJrafe alto as much, an* alfo ft eC/Knice* 
follotoipgtlff toleafojcfafO: tjjerettmapbee foanOtoitbtbeCompatt!?. 

The fourth Booke, 


AlLQonft the <25af e teretranet hi Bototie is mncb different from tbe fafbion of tbe rctt, pet, fo? that it in achnfcan 
Mf, ano ancient, , a bongbt g*o to fct it bere, fbe tubicb, m fo;mec time, toj £g Stf h£ 

tobcrttbegfootuD llano. Vfrmpimat tmte&m^^mitWtetamxZmiteMKm 
3toiUfeteoU)ncnomfafn«,fojtti8bergeaGetobefoan6 t "'^.unui^tgegateiueire, 

saaiip piiftii!^^ 


T$% matter of $afe i* ssami bp tbe firt part ef tlje Circle, ana is toerp firing toojke, yet tfce pennant* toill nefcv 
agrs faith other JEtattoings of ^tenc : fymioitit a man toill mate fuclj feejfee, it frwufefiane toelltn a tooll of' 
SBjtute. touching tl>c pjepe jtton , 3 tirili not fpeafee , f o j that it is eafie tettb a Ccmpsdc to fino the meefure 
thereof. SBat the jpicles o? feaies, plaeca bp it to fill bp tlje place, rtc teoiferman wap, at M$ plesfnre, fe t fe%re 
I)£tljmfe«tbbeff,aHDtUcpoiapnotonslpfernefo?i^Kbcj8 J bt!t,Jfofo? teinbctm: if tt)Ei'fl ; os5c beetjfee fo?$ich«e to 
place jmages therein, ft is acccfrarp,tr-at ffje bctgb? Ifeaulh ncc«B the Bcublr pjopcjttcn of fiht bjeitb o; fowttohat rr.» jc, 
that tijep map be moje fit ano coiKtpmwtnt foj 3(msge* tofiano injtobicfe is al&apeg referreo to the toojbeman. 

The fourth Booke. Tne fift Chapter. Fol.Jo 

J9 times palf, tbe Uomanes tfco to mingle £>o}fca,3onica, ana fometiaie Co;wtbta, among fSjcir toffiul builoinasj 

♦u i! fJ^ trrDu f' ,f a J" anm<Fconcof «*«»iwapi«tt«f rube too>Be,fcetomgintbcrame,naturc ano arte, fo* that 
W Cotomnrf mirco butt) rongb ffcnes,as alfo tbe artbitraue ano jFrafe , being tojrupteo bp t^e pennants, tteto 
t tbe todfte of nature : b«ti be Capitals, ano part of tbe Colamm*, as alfo tbe Cojmu, toitb tbe ^rontlfpiric oj©* 
ntll, IJeto toorts of art. lEtbtcb mlrfurc, in ttip tontept,is a gocO figbt, ano in it felfe ftetoctb txrao ttrengtb , tbere fo;e 
fitter fo; a #otf rette tben fo? anp other tfmloirtg: nencrtbelt Ife, in tobat plate focucr tbe ruttirall toojfee is 
toUlnetOoe armue. jn fucb mirturtis Iuhu« RoroanustockemojeficUgbt.tbenanp otber man, as Ko<nc loitnelTeth 
iberamewifunDjjp.ates, as alto Mantua, ano teitboutKome,ibcfap2e palate calUb vulgariter EI. Te. EEirjtcb, in 
traetb,tsaneramplein tbefe oaves, botb of gono architecture ano parting. ffibe pjopojtwn of tbisCatc is to bk 
maO« tbus: tbe toioeneffe mutt be of Doable proportion, tbat is, ttoicefo bjoae as bfeb, W & noer tbe 3rcb. mbt ©tla- 
fftrfta betbefcuentbpart of tfjc toiDeneffc,anDtbeColumnesttoiteas tbicfeeasrbeUilaacrc: ihcb'eigbttoitW 
Capital! OjaU be epgbt part* Sfe Capital!, frstfc, 3cbif raue ano Cpjnite, Oiall bee maoe as U fa*o before : alfo the 
ifa«tgiuni, ; fcontifputamo?«)e«eiicllf!)all alfo bee flwtoeo in Eojicaojoer. 2E3>e balfe Circle of the arch, Ojall bee 
leutoio In eleuen part«,foj tbe Bones of tbe 3rt b 5 but the cloOnfrttone ttjall bee greater: U> tobirb ttone the too:keman 
ma*,at bis tot pang fomctobat out. Kbt i^acts tobirb oottb bpholo the artb,Ojallbec ftalfe tbe tbiebneffe of the Co. 
lwnes: from tbence ootonetoaros,pou (ball oeuioe it into nirte parts, tobereol too parts 8ball bee foj tbe nether part of 
tbeColturme»,tbeotbcrfeuenoemoeointo eqnall parts, *a'l be tt>e ttonestobieb bino tbe Colrmrnes, ojatomg crotte 

erf«lallpibeftonwtbatbtttbt|ieColHntnc«anoau-otbe^jnnantj5. rWr** 

€ 3 


The fourth Booke, 


M»'WSt&«a«&,wfWpart ft^^ 


F02 that v\t nturc is fomethm* torneu into beautifying, an* fometimcs to ojnartunUi furpaffing ntccffitic,to ffjeto 
^rt, atcoVina to tbt auealtb ef tbr bnilber : ffibtf inoention is mabo to$ pltafare,ftrenBtb and beautie : foj plea* 
furc,m reaart of ttje openncffetbereof : ficengtb , fojtbal bctUritfbotb, there i* C aobtte>c of toaMKUbrono 
toacVrtano ftr.bfaotie,b«auftit iflrttborojnamentf j toitbtobifb muenticn atoojfewian map belpebtmfelfc 
math iri»iaergtbina0,a0t|hane fat*. ftbc»2op0?tiontbereafn)aUbce,tbattl;etloteBo?mametoo?fee ibaUbeeau 

mffe,anoa,eCotamnr0tbetoncH,pac!. ICbeint^Colamn^.tftatw.t^^fnMbrttowi. &W*%™9tigl 
be the tbitkencfte of one Columns. SCfebeilbt of tbt Columnta, toittj ©aft* ana Capital*, fcatl be of *P8btpatt5. 3n 
tbelKWraue,iPr«fe,Co;mce,15afeanoCapitaU,tbtcaUafo>cfa ? BfbalbcobferHeo. C^^tnttanttanootberbin. 


fAtjaam mawfaatntbtbM^moaifcibaaattctlttifllcini^itOTarpattJtortl uwujMi tbjaatbajitu of an* 

^Bi t 


The fourth Booke. 

The fift Chapter. Fol.i: 

TJTifl inMmtitiw inatoojfeemantobefuU of indention, uitesart of tfe Wiwfcw of accents tofctcq , belong 
I fcnto bmloins: foj ?eimti»es a man (ball finb Go;*of CoUranus, but ta late oj OroWW the* fen» netfoj tfiat pnr» 



i 'ttetS! "tare not (o bjoau bnt that it migbt be eoncreu toitb ttonee that tern allof one p;e«,o? elf* to msfce (tang 

SSwS^^ fomcUntatthc firft, in the treat? of t*m&ham. 



MMimiu m 


A£» ttjts 3wt) te fiery ffreng, ronfiocruig lfee f onrDjCsncc of tljc btncirg, fa alfo it is ttrgau'cus anD pkafmg f o fckir. 
BHS^uineHtiDnl|aUniitoml|fctuefoj <£s!lcnt6 of fetb Uoifee.ttitfojiiFnrgrs ctrrfcitwis j Concnifsto 
rarr^toaterftflmcncl&iUtjptoarustfocr, anofoto p.Ccntuif. %%t pjrpejtteniSjtfccttb^toieencffe from one 
pilaDcr to another, arto alfo tl)e rjete&t,ft6li bt to !l;« i^tietfoat beared tfje grrtj. STfce^acie ftsall be tt)cf«Rtntb 
part of tt at tr iPcnefie ej be igtf : frcm f be jPf-nr rotow to?aj bg is feuieeB info ftjr part? : tfjr fcatfr Circle into nine parts 
ana a quarter fo? tfce elofi Kg ftone is the fourth, pat t n; t>jc ttjun tl,c oi^ec ; Ujm ft map be fotmo tettb ttjt Compaflr. 

• . ft. . ^ 

: - - - -> •, "jv -. ~ -:.iffi 

.- I *••- '*<.-■-■ - '■' 

•' -'■■ 4 *t «"; : ' ^''"■"T;";;* 1 *^^ T^fi 

The fourth Baofe 

(The fift Chapter" Fol. 13 

JXtiia^fomcfsmcsfall oat,tba£ a tmjfceamti Ojonlo neea man? t^iesiti great italics, foj tbebuiloing of busl&ouft, 
frbeceunto tbisJtoojke bciangct^, tacatrp the toapgbt fa? flrengtfcmng hereof : anitoere there noffo much ncca of 
Hgbt, fome of tbent might be filteo Op toify iS;icfee<. SCtje pjopojtioit (ball bee tbte ; that the (pace of f be Ugbte ano tbe 
maffic toalUball be botb of li&e b}eotb,ani» ttotec To bigb as b?oas , altbotsgb all fach tbings are to bee increafeO ann rsv 
mmiificDattbetBojfcemansplcafare. SC^e like Iso^lte is pet to be reene tnUotne, being wot twp olo maae* bnj fucb at 
arc in tbefe sages maDc, ano ttronser. ^eerampl«toht:eofisatS.CofniasanBDaniJanus, 




I ithaDnotbttttemawbtfojehi feme otiitt plate, ano fa, at fonie ihthc^oh Ojall f& waCcorto? dftfcbereafitie or 
|a^aH,t|)atftatt^awnept^cr®(C?eno?WlniJoU)fBinU 5 ani3?£ttttjEi tecIlfEtMittn fbifl rnbenumeranDbBjirfj 
* bins of toofte: bp tobttb iiraentton^a too&cman ma* bcl»f bwnfelfe : 3tffefeubpIa«*«tot2litwinniavfft3magE», 
o? otbet reliqueaof anttqaitie. SCoac^tng tfe$mtafarrsan»*joiJD)tt»w tberwf,3««Htwt fit itoriwie,fojiUMt«it 
to tbe foojtamanfo? tobMgbisnijmaiwbjeaB:, asofcaganfenietb* 


lllllilli;il.lllllil[|!!li!li!i:iIW[[|||lill ! illlHllibiHyi!H^ 


; ^\tmmmm:!m!m mMfiZ£?' 

The fourth Booke, 

The fift Chapter. Fol . 14. 

F£D? tljat 8^c mofi part of tl}« §>upcrcilic£cj 3rcbii fee call t^ient, t&at are fet otter «Dafee 02 oi£crti)tncj!j, 
bptcafonof Ujcfoioenejs (if{> Boms be not of a goo bigncffe)mapp&lDfo the toatgbt , tabcrcbp in time,ti??p bjcafce 
anb Decap,as^oaraapfffi in manp places: Etjerefojepoafljalljaitijotigbitbce in great oiSatice (fotbatffceftoui; 
Dens on tbe does be ffrong) mafce fuel) toajkc of peeccs, as hiremiDer are in afucrs \aayt$ fct DOtone; inftcij, tojtlj ? 
cnt&oubf,tpiU&cberpffroBg:ano tfie Ranter tj>e foatgijtis aboue,tl)c longer it Unll laff. 







T ' 

,._... J 





3D 2 


Aiu^oogbtbatin Vitruuiuitujitingfi terete no mention mate in tD^atmanermeninancienftiitugmaBepIa^ 
cc* inflates ano common bote's to makefile in, pettnenfinDinoltisbnilmnpfomefijEtoofCijiwncpfSjt'J 
gins a toap to DepD unoac, tug tber caR 3 finb bp an? foo;fceman ttje trntb. of anp fartj nutters : nenerttieleflfe, foj 
that nun man? ufrres fince bauebfeB, not onelp to make fins in dalles ano Chambers, to? tljeireafe, bat are 
alfotoonttemake triner* ejnamtntsin, anficner fart) places; ano foj t|at jlntenBintbjslSesfeetofpeakeofaUtye 
^nament 8 that a toojtoman map haue canfe to tfe in butl&ing , tbewfojs § to til r&eto fonu f ojmes of Chimncpes o j 
fire places, after the 2Ebufcan mancr,aa dalbc n«5fall in fart) bniltnngs ; t&e one Dcltcatclp mate toitfiont tlje toau,tbe 
o tbcK rafft call too;ke,maBe toitbin tfce teall. 

i f^H i mumm ' mu^un^jj y 

The fourth Bookd. Thefift Chapter. Fol 4 15 

S^rffr^iwUtoojfcratoere massing Ijetucn cut; bat ttjc iopning tosctljer toerc p;o^ 

#fter, tbcp Bcuioeo t^e Hones in mo?e pjojjojtien ana CjctB, tufttj flat UGs, r.tio foj utojc bsautie a ano fo^ o^Rarnf ri&is fake mafic tijtfe 
ttoffcs in tyent. 
£Dtfeet toojUcmcn b?onoj&t in tojsug^t SDianten&s, ana tataee tbcm asecntlv in t'gs's manner. 


LlJtMJJJMjMMJJtlMlmm*^ \fcjJ/MjJJMJJM)»,>Uj.-u,,f%k Wm/JMMUJ)W1^,JJM1,M.'M 


2nB in pjctcffe of time, things altered : iuojfeemeitfoj Sal SDiamanw, fri Sat tables, ana rwfeo t>m fomctobat bis>;rr, as in tbis 
figure is tobc fane. 

S)cajeotljcrii3D;fecracnbfeDH'.oje Differences aaBfamelper koojke, neuerttjcliffe, all fuel) tro?fces tjauctbeir otfguwllfrDrarufiicaU 
Sw$e>U>bict) is pet ccmmonlp calico, <K3eji;3 toitb|)opate of EDiaraonDs. 








I . — . , -^-i 

10&xi enoefbfljemanet of SCoufcan t»3jhc,aiH) rtalo follsiuctlj 

tbc o?D?r ofSD3?ica< 

The maner of Dorica, and the Ornaments thereof. 

The fixt Qhapter. 

THe Ancients (as we haue heard.) confidering the (late of their gods,ordained Dorica worke,and de- 
dicated the fame to Jupiter } <JHarSj and Hercules; but we build Temples , and dedicate them to Chrijl , 
Paul Gregory, and fuch holy perfonages , that were not onely profefled Souldicrs , but alfo valiantly 
and boldly loft their hues, and (hed their bloud for the faith of CHRIST* All fuch belong to Dorica, 
and not to their gods onely, but to men of armes,and ftrongperfonages, being of qualitic more or lcfic : 
for whom, if a workeman make or build honfes or palaces, they muft be Dorica : and the nobler the man 
is for whom fuch worke is done, the ftronger and ftatelyer they ought to be ; and the more effeminate that 
they are, the more (tenderer and pleafanter the building (hall be, as I will (hew when time (cructh. But 
now we will come to the mancrof the worke. Vitrmim Ipeaketh of this Dorica worke,in his fourth Booke 
and thud Chapter: but touching Bafes of Columnes, hec ipeaketh thereof in his third Booke, although 
foroe are of opinion, that he fpeaketh & meaneth of the Safes of Corinthia, for that they haue bene much 
vfed on the Corinthia Columnes , and Ionica, And fornealfo thinke,that Dorica Columnes had no 
BafeSi hauing refpefl: to many ancient buildings; as the Theater of CWarcellui, one of the fayreft workes in 
Italy t being the middle downewards Dorica ; which Columnes had no Bafes, the body of the Columnes 
rcfting vpon a ftep, without any other fupport. There is at Career Tulliano the fignes of a Doricall Tem- 
ple,the Columnes whereof are without Bafes. You mayalfofeein Verona an Arch iryumphant,of Dorica 
worke, where the Columnes are without Bafes. Neuerthelefle, for that wotkemen haue in former times 
made the Corinthia Bafes inanothcr man«,aslwiil (hew hereafter .• Therefore I affirm e, thattheBafes 
Atticurga, which Vitrmiusjn his third Booke, fo namcth, are the Dorica Bafes ; and this wee fee, Bramant 
hath ob/erued in his Buildings which he made in Rome: which Bramant 7 being the light and Inuentor of 
goodand true Architecture, which from Antiquitie to his time fbeingvnderPope/»/«« thefecondj had 
beene hidden, we ought to beleeue. Then this Eafe of Dorica (hall be the height of halfethethickneffe 
of a Columne.- the Plin thus the third part of his height: of the reft there fhalbe foure parts made; one fhall 
be for theThorus aboue; the other three fhall be fet in*, cuen parts: the ok for theThorus aboue, thefe- 
cond for the Trochile or Scotia: but the fame being deuided in feuen parts, one part (hall be the vppcrmoft 
lift, and another the vodermoft. TheProieclure or bearing out of theBafe,fhallbccf halfethe height, 
andfofliallthePlinthusof each Facie hold a thickneflc and a halfe of the Columne, Andif theBafeftan- 
deth below oar fight, the corner vnderthevpperHioftThorus, (being of it (elfc darkened J ought to bee 
fomewhat lower then the other. Butii the Bafeftandeth aboue our fight, the corner aboue the nether- 
moftThorus(alfoof it felfe darkened J fhall be greater then the other. Thereto alfo the Scotia, darkened 
by theThorus, in fuch cafe fhalbe made more then the meafure appoynted. And in fuch cafes the worke- 
man muft be iudicious and wary, as '/itruuius would haue him to bee learned in the Mathematicall fcience, 
that doth ftudy his Booke. 




J!hnilpus . 


The fourth Boofce, 

The fixt Ch apter. Foi< 

A$& foj tbat Vieruufui bafy oeutoeD f bis e»tt of S)o jica Up mooey , making tbe CoUimnc of tfoo month in tbt'ck< 
neffe, am> tijc beigbt toitb Capitate ttm ffiafes of 1 4. Spibels; fo tt)en, tbe b#8bt of tbe H5afe is a ©ooell : tbe 
bosie of tbe Colnmne 1012. mooels: ano t^je Capital! one inoocll, tobicb is 1 4. wotiels in all: £be ijcigfct or tijc 
Capitall ujall be BcmoeD in 3 . parts, tobereof one fball be foj tbe $lfnf bus, oj abacas, toberein alfo tbe Cimatie 
Wtobebnocrttooo : tbefetono, tbe Ccbino toitb tbe arnmlof tbetbtro,tbe Itftpotracbilo oj i?reefe, to&icb l£['potracbflo 
ttjsll bee in tbicfeencue tbe Art part leffe tbentbe Colnmne beloto. Cbe bjebtbof ti)e Capital! in tbe fcppermoft 
part fball be in t acb f actr 1 spooels ano a fijtt part: ano tbls is accojomg to Vi iruuius tojvttng. aitbougb 3 am of 
opinioit,tbattbi0 plate is falftfpeD touting fbepjoiecture,tobtcb,in effect,is terp lame,in refpect of tbat toe fa in 3nti> 
quittes; tbercfoje, after ibis Capitally toill matte anotber after mpfanteCe, toitb tbe particular meafows tbcreaf^et" 
ter ocfcatco, fojtljat Vkruuiusooetbitffflbjteflp. 

^bcCapitall being Beutbeo into 3 ; parts, as 35 faro before, 3S fav alto, tbat tbe piintfcus 02 abacas ffioulo altabe oe* 
uiDco in 3 . parts, onepart foj tbe C-imatie toitb ber Mule, Lift, oj jf illct : bat tbe fame tbufeneile ocnibeB in 2 . Qjall bee 
lbciLttt,anDtbeotbcrttootbeCimatte. SCbe CBcbinus fball alfo be oeuioeD in 3, parts,anD2,tbirb partsbeing foj 
tbe Qfrbtaus, anb tbe reft foj tbe annnlo, tobicft fball alfo be oenioco in 3 . parts, gintng eacb of tbem one. STbc ^reefe 
fball bee as tbe otbers. SCbc $3jotecture of eaeb part fljalbe lifee tt<e beigbt : aria fo Being, it fball bee maoc bv moje ccr* 
taine roles, better, anomojeeafilpfojfbeto. 





Of the Dorica 

Vpon fije Capital! pon place tlje <£piffi!ia o? Slrcfeif raw, tfjc ^etg&t thereof Cfcalt be one $oaell, ana cemoca in 7. 
parts, one fball be fbe2Eenia oj IUfi: $be<©nttesoj fmalULirts tmuer tbe STenla (tobtcb Vitruuius name* 
&ub tenia) are in all,tbe firtpart of a moacll: tefeklj beigbt being oeaiaea into 4. parts,tbe 3 . parts GjalJ bee tbe 
<8?uttes, ana tbe otber tbe ilia. 2El)e mtt f s Sjall bee Cre in nnmbcr, banging tmoer tbe SCriglipbcii. 2tbe 
fecigbt of tbe 2ErtgUpbej5 0? 2Erigltffe fball be one $®oM\ ano an balfe, ana tbe bjcotb one spooell : fobicb frmh n eaiactt 
in 1 2. on etfijcr use tfjere fball be one left foj tbe balfe Cbanneiss o; bollok>ings,ana of tbe 1 o. parts retting, s. Efjatt bee 
foj tbe flat of tbe Crtglipbes, ano 4. foj tbe Channels oj bollotomgs in tbe ratable, ana from tbe one ICriglipb to tbe 
otber,tbere fljaltbe tbe fpaec of a JJJooell ano a balfe: iubicb fpace fball be crgrjt 4. fquare (bp Vicmuius naraebT^etW' 
pba.) 3« tobicb fpaces,as son pleafc, pon map fet,mt, 0? grsuc, £Dj;e beaos, toitb 2?lfbes ; ano tbat, not foitbonti ferret 
figmficatwn. |*oj in ancient time, foben tbe anbeiamng folae facrificeo £>rm,tbep alfobfea %>itim t 9 ©latter* tbcres 
nnto,placing fucb things rouno about tbdr Etmplcs foj ojnaments.SKpo tbe acrtgllpbs, pon matt place tbeir Capitals* 
tbe feeigbttebcrcoffbairbeone firtpart of a $>ooell. abouetbe Crigltpbsoj tbeir Capitals, tbcCojona matt bee pla^ 
teDtoitb2.Cintaties,tbeoneaboae,tbeotberbisloiB:anotbepbotbtogetberaeuioeD into 5, parts, ^ fa tbe Cojona 
ano ttoo foj tbe Cimattrs. ffint tbe beigbt of tbrm all, fljalbc of balfe a ^oacll : fcpon tbe Co?ona, pan matt place tta 
fecima: tbe beigbt tobereof is balfe a apooell , ano to it 50a matt aooe one epgbt part fo? tire JLift tbereot abone. SEbe 
^joieeinre of tbeCojona fball bee of 3. partstffoobe in one ^ooeU: intfeegronno of tbeCojona, risbtabonetbe 
Stfglipbes, tbe Cfottes toerc o?ocdp fet,as pen fa them m tbe iFjgnre banging befiae. aifo, betake tbe Wlipbes 
are cat iMmines.tbat is, teingco lightning: o; pon map U aoe tbe fpactes bare. SEbe ftioiecfcue 03 bearing out of tbe 
j&cmramnflbehbetbebeigbttbereof: enenfo.cacbpartof m bearingontof tbe CojanaOjail bane their l^oiecture 
lifeetbefrbetgbf. iBnt tbemfljepoiecture tbeCojona batb, iftbettonc map beareit , tbemo*aatelperttrfietoetK 
SCbts, tee fa, tbat tbe ancient Komanes aio obferne,as fball be ftjeteea toben time ferottb, both in JFignn ana menfure. 

The fourth Booke, 

The fixt Chapter. Fot . 1 7 

iFpputeill ttrkke fljcfoanncUibcCQ; 
lnmnes,poumuft mafee ao- innnm< 
ber,in mawr bolloiueo, anb from the 
one fioc to tlje otl>cr:m tt)c fpaccs of ttc 
ffr.Ucs there mutt a ftrapgbf line bee. 
JOjatottc, tehicb f&all bee tfe fi$e tf ore 
4,fquare: tobifb 4. fquarebeing maBe, 
placing the pne foofe of tbcCampas.iu 
tbeCenter, anbuntbtbeotbwtpwbing 
JbotJMb* one anb the other thb of the line, 
bjatoittg ft about , it tintl ;r.sU: Ojc rigbt 
ho! lotoing, twhirb (nail be Ojc fourth part 
of a Circle, as it is b&rcunber flbetoeb. 
fpjotbet oceafions, it lucre neceffarp to 
-bnuetbe fetitobatum o?$cDettall befog 
110 1 bigbcrtongb, 1 be mao e bigb cr , tben 
tljr flat of ttje fetilobafum rtjallbce like 
tb« i^lintbo 0? tbc 15afe of tbc Cotnmnc: 
anb tbc beijjbt, that ttjtbjeucnojflat 
(balbe tbno: of tbc bjebtb S»U be maee a 
perfect^* fgjarr janfi from tlje Dne cojner 
to_?bj othcr,sline bjafrn? fa? EDiagOiuis » 
anb rbetentrtb of tbeSNagortuBRmllbee 
tbeibcigbt of tl>e flat, as pou map f& it 
Ijeile beneath, tobicb being JJcuiDeo into 
5. parts, ttyerc fbalbe one part let abone 
fo? flje Cimatie,toitb thntbclpngetb tt»ce« 
Unto, «no one other part fhalbcgiuento 
tfoJBafe; anofo this pcocfrall ftjalbe of 
7.p«rts,as the Columne is. 2no al* 
tbongb tbispjoiectnee of the £«pitali« 
eontrarg.ta Vitfuuius rule, becaafcit is 
perpendicular tottb tbf^Iintbo of the 
15a1c: set foj that 3 banc fa nc tbe Wain 
fome antiquities, ano banc nlfo placeD 
fpmeof tbe Ufce fojt in pieces of toojfec, 
3 thought it not amiffe to fct this here, 
fo? tbe bfe of tbofc, that ft>il» make flaw, 
although fome of Viteuuiui fcbollera, 
nethautngfecnetfce liiwinanp antiqui- 
ties, toill contraoict it: but if tbep marfce 
tbe abacus of tbe Conntbia » fobtfe 
pjoicctarc alfo bangctb pn tbe piuitbue 
of tbeffiafe, tbep toill not Cobathlpcc' 

i.— ■ ■--.. , 




iQfthe Doric* 

i®jt^at?{k«)grc8tciffctctpetEttoecn2t!)eto5¥ttngsof Vitr U oias,«mb tbc t^mtrsof Roirt7arrD75tl)cri)l?rr* of 
Ji«iy i tbe rcfoje Jtjaue b«ruet Botoane rome,fert)iclj are pet ertanrfn too2ke to b\fane: tobicb, altfcougb tbcp bee of 
fmall fe3me,U!itl)out number* oj meaforriB,pet »>?? arepjopojtioneo accojoing to m greats ano-toittj grrsttiU» 
gr nee rrDitccD intoftnalt fojmc. Efce Capital! R. teas fomto toittjottt Rome bpon a tSjt oge, Canning oni r T> 
beri ffihat Capital! V. ism Verona, in an arcbtrpumpbant. aHjatCapitall T. fsinRomcinaBDojicaUCcnt* 
pleycallco AI career Tulliano. 2Ei>at Capitall P. tons founo in Pefaro,teittb diners other comnunDnble antinnitiw 
the fearing <"»* febcteof, altbougb it be great, pet it irjefoetb foell to tbeepe. Kty I8afements,oj USaffo, ano Capitall 
A. are at Romcf n AI joro Boario. 2£be Cojnice,CapitaU, antt impoffa of an artb marhcD B. frr* in the Cheater 
of MafccIIus. ETbeCojmcf, jf cafe, anD&rcbitratie, arc alto income, in AI foroBoario: u»t>ict? | tjaue ftjclurb that 
fc>o3feme« map chute that, totneb lifcetbtbcm beO. hereafter 3 toill ret ootone fotne particular Uteafarr* neteffatt 

fnv, fhafnnifcpman.. 1 — X—U--L-- c 

The fourth Boofce* 

The fixt Chapter. F0L1S 



£e parts of tbe SDrtgUpbe* zm Sj3e tbopbr* being in tbis o?6er tnpjepareD , anD pet bsrp neceffarp, l toill take 
papncs to Declare To toellas § can. #irtt, although Vitruuiut afficmetb, tbat tbe #oBels of the too?fce l^eratrU 
Ids, viz, of fire Columnes,map be Biff r font cb anD DcuiDeD into 3 5 . pacts: pe 1 3 fino not, that tbe parts map ttantt 
fo, foj tbis twit, tbat gtning tbe mtenUmeG inter ^olumnc 4. $ctbopbes, ano tbe otber fpaces 3 • tbe fapl nnm 
ber foill not matte tbe tobole: but,as j|coweaue,if ponfct 42. aspouwap f* anorecfeon in ttjisJFigorefoUotoing, 
as alfo in tbetoojfee2i;betrnfiilos,tbatis,of 4. Cotamwe*: tbe $o>fcefaitb,tbat tbe fo?efcont of tbetobolefawfeefrjonlD 
beoeuiB£titntoi3. pacts, f»bicb,3affurcpou,cannotffanbfo,if pon m\\ ginetbemiOBlefpace^jpetbopbeMnB tbe 
otberttDoecbeoftbrms. 15nt,bpmp a6uice,tbcrcftoulDbe37.aoponmapfei in tleftgncefolletong. SCben, if 
t&ep?inrtpallof tbe ffemples be Deuibeo into 27. parts , tbe Celumiies (ball bee 2. jpoiela t^tcfee , tbe miDDIemofl; 
inteC'Colnmnestballbeof 8. ^oDels,tbatis,tbetbicftneffeof 4.Columnes, ano tbeinter^Colnmnrsbrttees, fljalbe 
eatbof 5.$poDel0an&anbalfe,tbatt0,ttDoanOaquarter, ani a quarter anDbaIfe:anDfofhallibe27«bret>l8»bnteD. 
2nd abone each Colnmne bis 2CrigJtpl) being fc t , * tbe STrtglipbcs DeniBeD toitb $Jetbopbcs,aK02Ding to tbe rale afo;e? 
taps: tbcn tyt mioetemoff fpacefballbaue 4, jgettjopbcs, anotbofeon ttje ftc«s Ojali rjauf 3 • &t<et!etgbtofcfce€0' 
Inmne, Capttall anB flrcbitraue, fc. ffiall be atfomaeeaccojoing to tbe rule: tort tbe bright of tbe jFattigtamo?#eneU 
fljallbee tbenintbpart of tbe Ungtb of tbe Cimatie, tbat isabouetbeCo;ona,fettingtbemeafnfesbnBertbe A, top- 
toerDs to tbe tonDerawtt Cimatie of tbe Cojona B. £be 0croteria 03 pDeffall market A . Upon tbe ifaftigiom fbalb* 
balfetbebeigbtef tbeiFattigiaatoj<0eacll,tbat is,ortbemno?flat,tobleb VieruuiuscalletbEimpamwi, anD tbep 
fballbeasb?oaDa0tI)eColumneisaboae,anBtbemtBDi(meamiiSbean 8. partbigber ttjcn tt>c ott>er, anofojtbat 
this S>oojc o? Cate is of Dojica, anD is bacD to be tnDerOeoB, therefore 3 toill trjeto in tbe bed fo :t 3 ran, betb in Vojv 
ting ano Jf ignre. Vitmuius faitb, tbat from tbe panement to tbe Lacnnarp, tbat is, from tbe gronno of tbe bailee?, 
to tbe rofcof tbe fame bnber A. mnft be BeniBeB into tijide parts anB an balfe , anB tteo parts (I all be fo; tbe fceigbt of 
tbe lights: fo faptb mp Sntbo?, in mp opinion, ©at fo? tbat a man cannot fo teell in a (mall figure erplainc tbe parti* 
culac meafmes, 3 tmll mafee it mm grf a'er ano perfectcr in tbe met leafe. 

The fourth Booke, 

The fixt Chapter, Fol< ip 

■ jVCvWy * 41 - AWWf IVJJVj r /W/vs\ /WIJ\1 TOVJW77 AAWJx TTW Wv /JMSK AAAAM -' WWW 



Of the Dorica 

Haulngmaos (ssisbcfo$efarD)tbje*partsanoanbaifcfrom belotokptoaics, 2. pnrijs itjail bee fc5 \\t bctgbt of 
the ligfet, i»bicb bciotjt being oeuioeo in i a. one part Ojall be tbe b?eotb of the antipagmentum oj flatter, an» 
tbe Ugb. t (ball be 5 . pacts ano an balfe bjoao : bat if tljc ligbt fcnoer be of 1 6 f cot . tbe ptlafter Ojalbe lefleneo a 3. 
part ititbctppcrmoitpart:anD tbe fame ^i' after Ojatlatfo bemaoe thinner a i4.partaboue- SCbat^nptrcilie 
0; 0rcbitraue (ball be of tbe fame btigbt, m tyt uibicb tbe Cimattam ILefbium tottb tbe affragall is to bee maoe : totjictj 
Cimatie (ball be tbe 1 <5- pai t of ttjc grcpercilie, % meane tbe 9Hr alogus iLtfbinm, as it is Octree in u)e fignre A. 3t 
ffsmctb,that ttje autboj meanetb cnclp tbe Cimatie abonc tbe &upercilium : bu t as it is fane in Tome antia.mties,tberc» 
fo?e it is fo maoe, in reproof tbe aiuipagmcn turn. ilpontbe&up£ruUum,mffeao of a freefe, psu (ball fet tbs $p* 
pcrtbs jiom as bigb ; in tbe u>bitb, tbe te % t far t b, men cat tbe Cimatiant 2Do?icum , ano tbat affragalum icflmim in tbe 
&cima ^ralptnra,ta>bitb is ronfufeo. But bete 3 let m? felfcto bnOetflano, tbat tbe meaning of tbe 0atbo; is broken, 
tobere be faptb,fetma Swlptura : be tocnlo bane fapo,feinc ® tnlptura, tbat is, uutbaut cutting a? grautng; ano tbat is, 
Cimatiam©o;icnm,togctbcr,toitbtl)eaaragalumilefbiam: tbe pjcpojtton thereof fiancefb in tbe figure mariseo 
A. D. iPom,fo j tbat tbe tcrt faitb,tba t tbe Cimatie of tbe C«ona fbalbe of Ufee fccigbt of tbe feppermoff of tbe Capitals, 
iobicb being fo,tben tbe Corona (Bill be berp great: to iubirb(ac(02Bfng to tbe Uatbojs meaning) abanegiucnasmucb 
JSjoiectur e as tbt betgbt of tbe feupercilie is. aitbougb fotb £r otoncs brill neuer be bansfome 02 fecmels in toojtje, 
neucrtbeleffe, tointrcatcf tbe^)jnameRW,3tbougbt gcoo to (etcotmiempcpiiuonbmm anotofbeU) tt in figure. 

Corrections of t|eafo?tfa$o fcrf ,bp fr. ^erlic. 

T ^ane peruf eo Vkmuius testing narrcr , a«o U>it^ mm beuboration, btbere bee fpeafeetb of tbe Cimafte S>o?ica, ana 

tbe aftragalo iLefbium, in tbe &ima &culptura : ano 3 fino, tbat feima feculptura is meant of fiat eutting,ri(mg fcerp 

little: nobj,fo?tbat 3 banefounb man? fucblifee in antiquities, via. tobere tbe affragalB,ILeau?s,sno ©gges,f cbaue 

but fmall 0} little l^oiecture 0; rpfing Dp , tberefoje a fet tbts fo) infirnctton of Cranflatojs , to be r ojrecteo touching 


A $8 fo; tbat our 3atbo; ijatb fet tins correction of tbe Cimatie ano ailragail bere itoberein, in mp opinion, f bere coif 
ftitetb no great matter, 3 tbintee it not annffc to bclpe b>m a little in tbis matter toutbing doojcs, therein confiffetb 
murb* 'f a? tobere Vicruuius faitb , tbat pon mufi Oenioe tbe part from tbe pan emew t to tbe iLatnnar p in j. parts snO 
anbalfe,itmtifibebntiertia)D,abouetotDartjstbe 2Cimpanum marfeeo B. anotbmtbeooo.:eu?onlobeett)elt,ano tbe 
Co;ona tooitlB be like tbepiintbus of tbe Capital!. #ou),fo? tbat tbe tot is fo Different in otljer places* as in tbe 
mftole of tbe floods, tobereof Oefarianus faptb,tbat be bail) fotma 3 . o? 4. fo;ts ; fo it is to bee feareo, tbat tbis alfo is 
not totll bnoecQooo. STbns mucb fl baue ftottb poac licence) tbougbt gooo to fet touine bere , tbat tbe buiioing fbsnlD 
notbc (eft imperfect, as cur ntbo? ooetb. fa. j altbougb be fetm ootone tbe figures of moje &mt3> p,et bee fb?to£tb not 
t)oU> tbej fjjall Canointbe SSailotngafojcfaHD. 


The fixt Chap fer. Fol, 20 

■s .. 


. M: :. 

Of the Dorica 

; ; 

F^tt)«tutemnoottimEtM3eiiot!3fe^aje!SlcffinctiaboBE,afi tljeptub in ancient tune jfobfcbH, to? foment 
fen, cocnet Pifroumieno , ?et fomefiulfalltoojfeeman bane man]?, iubitb mottpart of common toojteemen Uke 
not. # then the twijbcmantoill make aEbiromatiunojStojeumpb?, fantb little beautu?ing, after tijeSDojita 
O20er,thcnbemapobfert«;ibts ojocranomcafure hereafter following , iutjcreot the light dj tl>at to^ic^ i* oprrt, 
fijall be ttoitc as bigb as bjoab. JCbe antipagmentum o? piafler (hall be the Ctt part of tt>e bjeotb of the fefftt : toiu> 
out the 8ntipaguuntrou pot» mull mabe an ©chine toitb ttoo ItiCs, tobicb (ball be tbe fift part of tbe ^ilaffers oj flnfr 
pagtnentiim,aUboogb in tbe ©ate 3 fpoftew of btfeje, it id the Art part: neaertbdefle, foj that 3 bane tent tn awiqaitief, 
in a mesne Cate of 1 2. parts, 3 banc bone it hire alfo,as 3 pjtmifeb: *cn mutt not make tbe <£cbimis of the 4. part If 
tbe Circle, bnt it mntt be flatter ano lotoc t , tobicb Vicruuius caller^, Cimatitun lcfbinm, STbe reft of tb e flatter (fell 
be.DeutoeOinto 9. parts, tobcreof j .(ball be to; tbcgreatefi .f acit,anfc 4. foj tbe Seller $ acie. abouc tbe antipagmtn* 
torn, tbat is , tb e &upercilium, tbe Cojnice (ball be fet of tbe fame height tbat tbe fenpercilicwi i»,anB ftalt bee oe nwco 
in3.enenparts:tb£fitft,fojtbcCuBat\e with the flUragalh tbe fecono, fo> tbeCojona, toitb b«Cimatie; anotbe 
ibtro, fo? the fectma : S5wt there is alfo tbe epjbt part aoot o thereunto, anb tbe pjoiettarf bwinj oat j (booting oner, 
^iUbeaccojoing tott)ernlg«fo»fap6,fcttiot»mmtbe beginning of rbi»5Bt*e 

The fourth Bo oke> 

The fixt Chapter. Fol. ii 


Of the Dorica 

AiLtbcnabtljatintbe aDjocrof jDajica Vitruuius maketb mention of oneSojcoj^ateonel^anboarfelpinongb 
(innifopimonj as | fljetoco befojc, J tbinbt it rec.nifitc,fhat men Hall not ionelpbfe one fojt of E>co?sso;<25ates, 
but alfo of Biuers to;ts ano fafbions,ta beaunfle a piece of toojfee,ano to pltafe outers mines : £herefo?e,toben 
a man totll mafee a banbf cmc €5atc, he map follow tbis ;f ioarr: that is, to fet the bjetrtb of the S)aue turice tn the 
fictoM • ano tbc pilattcr mnff bee maoeof an epgbt part of tfec light , swe tlje Celnroncs of the tblro part of the bjeDtbj 
tobtcb fbalbe fct 9. times in the height: ano although it be moje tbm the meafare frt ooten^rt it is not falMecaafe feme 
»3rtismaDefcplntbetoaU:alfofomcantio.mtics Oft i^tobithwfaih cafes are notonerenrions. Upon tbe Coiwnneo 
ton mntt fettbe arcbitrane as high, as the ptlaficrs 0; kupcrcilie. ffibe i?r«fc fcalbe 3 • parts of t^ctljUkncffc oftba 
Colnmnes, fcpon coerp Colomne there fhalbc SCrigwpbrs fct,&«> from fbc one STrigltpb to tbe otber,tberc mail be tbjft 
ffirigltphes anb fine fpaccs DcuiDeO. SCbe otber part ttulat mcmbcrs,as 26afe,CapitaU, f rief e,Criglipb ano Cojntce, 
follow tbe rale afo;efapb. ^oto,foabatfomcjTattigies,#roriirptties,Coaering6ano©£nclg,arebtgbertbcnVitiu- 
aius fets tbtnt eotone , their common rule Ibalbc, that pen ot nice tbe Cojnice from one ebjner to tbe otfcer,as from A. to 
B.,anbt*ebalfcfhaUbangbotonetoarcs,flrag6btbptbelteaOto C. anD then the one foilflf the Comoaw 
fetbponfbe C. ano tbe other fait of the Compaffc on tbe tojner A. ojtatoing itabouttomeco3r»roftt)*Co}n«e ». 
that Upper part of tbe Cirrolar lint, fbaUbe tbj ow height of tbe jFaaigiwn ogtfJuiU. 

SEbe fourth part of tbe Circle* 

The Fourth Booke, 

The fixe Chapter,Fol<2 % 

$ % 

Of the Dorica 

A l 

wiurfato in anp Antiquities ojjtojitings. 515nt Balthazar of Sienr.e,onetfoatreafi enD fougfoteutaU2ntiqut* 
ties, tfia&petafinenture, foaue feme feme, o? at leaG bimfelfe teas tfoe ifnncnto? hereof, plating SCrtgUpfoes aboue i%t 
SDoo?C;,lG!jcre ttjcg bcare leafi BrcCT0,am> ttie fl^ntiles aboue tfee ficme part of tfoe ^tlafiersAufofcbbeeaeaU tfoe toapg&;t 
of tfoe faftigium, anD in mp concept, feemels, anb toae mucfo conuiienecD bg> Clement the ft uentfo, tofo^asrorcol^, Iras 
a man ewelientlp fane in all %tU s. SCfois pat t ffoall foaue tfoe ligljt ocubte pjopotfioneb ; bat tfoe ^ilaficr ffoalt be the 7. 
part of tfoefoeigfot,anb tfoe &>upercilf cs the foalfe thereof. 2L"focb;ieDlfoof the Sriglipfoes nub Spwttte?, is tfoe foalfoot tfoe 
gsuperciltes, an& tfoe focigbt a Double bjentfo, ntf.fcwg 2 .funics ouer one $9iiafier , anb,4^ Cdglipfos oaer tijc SDsoje : 
tbcfpaccsffoaUbeall 4. fquare. flbcue tfoe Shuttles atiD2Crig»tpfoes,pou mutt ret ifoc Capitall osSbacus : tfoe'foetgfot 
oj tfoirimeffe tofoereof, ffoalbe a 4. part leffe tforn tfoe bjc&tfo of tfoe Strt jlipfo,a«b tfoe Ctmatte tfoe 3. part of tys Ssbatag : 
Efoefocigfof of tfoe Cojona toitfo tjer <rimatie,0jalbe as bjoab as tfoe Stighpb is » ano tbe&timaalfo m auKfortfo? bca« 
ring of tfoe Cojcna bcfo?e -, ffoall bee as mucfo as tfoe fpacc from one abacus to awctfor r , ifost in tfoe grcun!> tfoeu msg 

Tlie fourth Book * 

The fixt Chapter. F0U5 


A&thongh a man map msfec bittcre fetaos of <25ates m SDojita too:fee,ref fo? tljaf at (f>w oap men court aft cntouel* 
ties,tfp?ciallp,tyben thcp arc mstie brittle anbreafon, although tlscColumnc, jPr&fcano other members arc 
mirctiUjtt^rnftitaUliBuiloing^e^arcinpama^feBfojmBami fatbion: ano fcbercasgbanefayD,tbatamati 
ftoalo tfc rutttcal ano bro?ifl) toojfes tn fo;ts ano i^tf reflta ; note this map feme fo? a cfcange,bnt net teitbout, 
fo; receiufog of foot in tbem,fe. SEbe ligbj thereof is atfo Double in height: the Colnrcne* ttoo times fo bjoao as the \&v 
laGcrs, being 1 4. $ooels bigb, toith CapitalSjCriglip&cs, J?af igium, ft. iLet tye fteaotr ooe bis {deafur^fiict^c 
therein, fo) me thinfeess there confitlcttj little hctein,ano there is tncugb (ago as btfsje. 


The fourth Booke. 

The fixt Chapter. JFoLi-j. 

M® meaning teas, in the beginning of this 35oke, to fpeakf onel? of the ojnaments of the fine Sheers of 15af l< 
things. 3i5ut,aftec t&at J betermincD to augment ano entice tt)i« TColumue, in fljetoing Diners jf acies o? f w» 
parts of CDtfietes.SEemples, palaces ano ^oufcs,tc. 2no fa? tbat,tolicn as tbe Column* ttanDerbbpon the 
grotmo.tbeparecommenOable-, pet oftentimes it failed out, that nun haue not their Columncs tbUkeinengb,niB 
long tbcp Drfire, fo that it is Heceffarg to place ^eocflals bnoer tbem : tbcrefbje 3 banc maoe tbts o?Der fob 
labjmg,tbe pjopojtion totjereof mall be as follotoetbt that the fmoeneff* mall be Doable in the height: the flatter teitb 
tbe arch. Oralbe an. part of the tof oeneffe : the Colnmne as tbicke againe : the inteNColumne balfe tbe torioeneffe ot 
the light o; a>m?e: tbe toioenefle of t&e jpiebes, i.Colnmnes fbtche, ano 4. in beighfc tlje peDeaals,4.CoUimnes thicks 
in height: bis bjcutjj, ano tbe refits is before fapo. 2Cbe Colnmne, toil* tbe ffiafe ano Capif all, ffcalbe 9 . pat ts bigb : 
tbcCpittilinmisbalfeaColnmnetbicbe.-tbeartiglfpbof tbe fame bjcotb, ano twice fo bigb toitb tbe Capital!. SCfca 
SCrigllphes placeb as pon fee tbem,tbe Cojana ano tbe r*0 of t&c members ftalbe maoe as tsbcfoje fibetone. 2Lbe betgbt 
of tbefe ©eucls fomefobst etceeb Vicruuiuj famtings: brit 3 bane fan facb an otber ,fometofcat bigber,tn antiq.nttics,be' 
ing mabe of tbe Ort part f ffce Cojana in length. Ebe aeroteria ftalbe of belgbt ano bjeotfcj like tbe Colnime aboue * 
toitbout Cejnice : an* the mioolemofl a Ort part fejgber, as alb tbe Column* a *.p art, being maoe raft in tbetoall. 



T^is figure following:, ma^ be bfta bp the Iravnea toojfeeman fo j Diuers tbin5s,ana map bee altscet? arcojaing to 
the accioents that fljall happen: it toil! alfo fcrue fo? a fainter to beautify an 9Uar iiittljall, as men at tiris cap coe 
sn Italy: it niayalfofctucfoj an artbtrgimipliant, if von take aftmp tfcelBaffmentinfbemioaie. iLitset3?tre,foa 
mai? beautiftea ©ate toitbal, leaning cut tljs brings on the fiee s: fonretimcSjfo? fef ting fcjtb a t08iin&oUi>a #itSe, 
a 3Eabernarlc,o?uKblifcctb4ngs: Mjubpjepotficnfljallbe maDc t^as, arheopenneffcojtariQ'neffc fballbceoeutatD 
in*, parts, ana one of tbemftallbetbetbicfeeneffeoftbeColunmfs: tbej^acies ojilitt rowna about fljall bee half c a 
Coiumne tbjtbe. 2EI)e^etebtoftbelfebt!6allbetbetbttbnetIe of 7. Colmnnes.ano the 2§afc ana Capital! together- of 
tbc tbicfeenrffe of a Cotanmc, ana in all, Ujall be epgbf parts high. 2£bst JBcsefMl fbalbe 3 .Columncs tbtche in ^rigfet, 
tbe b jcatb D? fo? f P^ » be tbE pintbus ftnoer ttje Columne. 2Cbe inter*£olumncs on tije fiDc ffcall be one Columns 
tbichcana in tbe Comers fljaH Sana the fourtlj part Of aColumne: the brings on tlje fioca, totjercin ttjc i|5ici)tss are, 
fljall be of tijctbicfenefleof a Columne ana a balfe, but tbc inches a Columne bjoafi, ana 3. in height. ECbe Srcbrtraue 
fljall bauf the balfe tbiefeneffe, ana the £rtgliph alfo as bjoaa, but the height totthotit tfee Capital! ftall bee a 4. fquare, 
ana tteP 3 • parts; toberebp, placing tbe SCrigiipbes on tbc right fine, ana on the left, tight aboue tbc Columncs , ano 
bettoane both 3. SEriglipbes, ana 5. ONtbop&es mo?e t ttje Beoifions fbail rigbtlp come to be 4. fquare in the fpaccs. 
^eCojona ana tbeJFrontifpieie,anOaR the other parts, as toellbeloto as aboue,fball be maaeasis taught in r&e be* 
ainning. 2na fo? that the %\ iglipbes on the fiaes Differ from Vitmuius oottrine ; b et, noturitbftanaing, 3 bane fane 
tbem in antiquities flana topon tbc corner*, the foojbemen map, at tljef r gooo plealnree, mafee tbcm in toojfee,o? bcare 
tbem out, as otcafion fbaU feme, iruttber , 3 baa no meaning to fet anp grouna* 03 platfojmes in tbis fout tb ffioofee, 
fo? that it is intenaea to be intreatea of elfctuljcccj get futb fo jefronts as are bato to be tsnucrttoo, J toil (et the gcbnogr* 
fbje o) grouna, fo? raoje light to tbe tteaaer, _. ; 

The fourth Booke. 

The fixt Chapter, Pol. i? 



Of the Dorica ■ 

AiLt^cugl? in ftniiqaitfc^as fnrr? rsis f-ur£ ? fcfren Ir o;fccmcr bat) p'ar c ? tije^pifliliabpoit tfte roans Cotamne, 
tfcep ret Kotbing elfe bat ttjc ft& .girtn tpon < :&af,t;(frg tfcc feme e;orr m Cbcrt bes anD2Tcmplcg,ani> no; in anp 
otbcrbntliwicrs: i^cucTt&elcflf, J hill tioi trn\tu fetcctew force mater of ^rufcBhutbcntSrcbes : fojif pou 
toill m&fer flrebes imtb tbeir foartfcjitan fliers anu rcunD jtaitmmrs befoje (fesm fej beautifying of tbe tiwftr, 
feffeing to mafcemucb ttg^t in pntir Callerd - tve pilars teitb tfis 0ccbes tei'l briber a great ceale of ligbt: Cben if pon 
toillfct fbeFrcbreoneSpfepon tbcrctsnD Col9mnes,tbat irerc aStogctbcr fa'fe, fo; tbat tbefourccojntrfoftbearcb 
tocolDfuf paffe tbe reunoneffe o? boor of tfte Colitmnes : tbcrefo;c » mfeno, to mate feme Monies ana otfcer iBttiloings 
toitbcntSrtb^botb of tbis o4Jer,aHDaifo of tbc ctber. SEbis fball tberefajebe maseintbtewaner, tbat tbe greateff 
intef'ttolnmnrfbaliLtQc tljuterlfi offaureColunmrSjanDtbeftnalleSScf onejmbanbalfe. SEfcetietgttof tbe Co* 
lunrncBfljall be of nine parte ,tiritb SM:e anb Capitals: Ujc 0rebitraoe, § c&it. aviD Cojnir c, f c. Cbnll bee mate accoj* 
Otng tc flje former ro! e: tlje Imbr weffe of tbe totnootoes are of two Celumnes tbicfenra : tbe Ijeigbt a fourc r quare aoo 
ttevj tbiro parts: ant> t'geir pilaflers one Or: part cf tbe ligbt, bluing tbe Co;nue aboue, i.fee tbe Capitatl. £b r c«?* 
fljnllbcof thebjeotb of tb;<ieColumnrs,8nD from mfceigbt : anb fo fbr.(l tbi? hgbts of tbetomooujes, ant- of tije 
bco;c0 , bee all bne beigbt. 2Eb£ UTriglipbefl ano S^etbopbes (ball bee oeutoeD , as van map pcrceiuc, srbe 
fcrono ftojjj (ball bee Ieffe 02 fbojte r bp a lourtb part, acco;bingas Vitruuius ginctb council: fo ai£o, (ball tbe 
SlrcbitvaHe, i*r«fg,anBCo;nice breafourtbpsrt leu\m»:tbetotncotoes thereof, toithtbe ^Uaftr^fcoulo bee as 
bjoao as tbe lofostt. SCbe ornaments m tbe iBitbcs (ball ffanb in perpenDteular,feltb 'be Columncs : a -.0 tbe heU 
loucings of tbe jpicbcs^fljaU be as b;ont> as tbe iti tc r ■■€ cltm.nt s: tbeir-beietts (balbe of two fourefqaat is arc an balfe: 
tbe tbiro fiojp (ball be Qjojtc r a foartb part tben tbe feronb: Cije 3rtbitrauf , i^retfe ano Cojniee accojoinglp: bet bemn 
togetber beniDeo in Vmk parts, one (balbe fo; tbe Srtbiirauc, tbe feconD, fo; tbe fxak ano QDutilef oj SBogcii i. tvs ,and 
tbe tbircfo? tbe Cornice : |Don fljall Snn tlje particular irs? fares bsieof after tbeCompofra: tljc lo\nooiue6 %ali alio be 
as bjoadas tbe lotoett ,bnt tbe^icbes Qjall bsa fcurtb patt lede : tbe reft pea (bait Habtlp fmo. 

The fourth Booked 

The fixe Chapter.FoI, 2 <f 


!■■>' - -,.. 

O i 


Although tntbe SEfeufcan S>jD«,in the .facie i j . 3 bsue fljetoeb tbe life: imte»tion, tbt», aotb ttbffanD{no,6if' 
feretb: foMbattbts<Mlerptoonl&beerounD rirfeo, anotoljtretbeaK^BBrc,ttc«offtng0tooDl8b8maVea« 
Ton f« in the gronno. flnb fo? that the Colnmnes cannot bpbelo tbe floes, altoapes giulng out, tberefoje about 
tbe Colnmnes, pon fljall lap o> fatten 3ron binbinas, in the dors , 80 pou fe it in the platfojme , bnt lbep uiiti 
lattlonger,if rbcpbemaDe of bjafle. fcbepjopojtionof tbie .facie (ball bemacethns : 2Dbe greatett 3nfercolMtmec 
(hallbe4.ColumnestbiCKe,anbUje leattttoo. Ebe ftcigijt of tbeColumncs, uritblBafes anb Capital, fballbolo? 
times their tbirfeeneffc. STbe ffiptflilium (ball bee tbjee renre parts of a Columne tcjtcke : abone tbe tobirt there 
(ball be a balfe Circle maBe 3 the bjcactb trjereofOjalbe tpalfe a ColumccB tbichneffe : Upon tbe Arch pon (ball fet tbc Coif 
wieeof tbc betgbt of tije<£p>auium. mttoeme botbtbe a«brs tbere (ball be tbe maner of a tomooto mabe, tbe totoe* 
neffefobercof wall be lifeetlje intercolumnea bnoertt: anbtbelUfloj ebgcBsbjoabastbeaKb. ffibatCanetai 
SCroebile, «u> ty Ccbinc atone tbe toinbotoes, ano part cf tbe Cornices, fljall, neoertbeleffe,beare out fanetebat atone 
the brinboipes, futobeautifietbclame. Che toibenelfeor tbe H>m?esftall bee ttoo Colnmnes, anb onefonrtbDart 
CbeJBilatter 0; anftpagmentum, wall bee a firt part of ibelight: tbe bzigbt of tbe light (ball reach to tbe framffieL' 
tudbnbertbeCapitaUoftbeColnmne: tobicb tojme of Capitals (ball folloto abone tbe Dmjee aim teinootoec Cto 
light of ttjetoinbotoes fljall bee in bjcabtbttooColnnmes in tbichneffe: nnttbefetbulmeffesafo;efepB,in thefe cafe* 
aretobehnDerttobastbeColcminesfallcnt. JCbe Unatb of tbe ligbl (ball be a fonrefquace anna balfe: SEbefiichefl 
fljall alfo be of tbc fame freight. 2Cbe Ktote aboue, 0? tbe (ccono fetage, as pon toillterme it, fljall bee left n Outer * 
fenrtb part, onriorp in this fojt: Che fJooium 0; part bjett high, of one Columne ano a balfefntbWefle. srJ 
rrttfliaibebeutccomfiue; one ofthem (ball be arcbilrane,* rife aRbCojnice. SChe etches toitb tbe ffiwaments Salt 
flanb in JBerpcnbicular abone the tomatoes, bettoeene the arcbea, but walbe in bjebtb fine parts: tiro parts (kail be 
tbe Colnmnesjtbe red the Riches tnitb the pilaflers. Ebe Cojnice abone the Riches Gbatlbetbe bjeottj of one oTtbelk 
Colnnmesj ano the SBafes, tbe balfe bjeotb thereof. ffheu>inbobDtsbeth>(rnetbeipubes,fl)allintb7liBbtr8ntapne 
one fourth part leffe then tbe oa>;e,an» of Double height : but oftbe rett of the laments (tej that this feoike w feme* 
UDhat mirco) pou fljall fino further fatiffactlonin the Jonicaano Co;intbia. SCheSCriglipbeein tbiscompofition be* 
timet tbeoneano the other, tottl not matte their ^etboprs right fbnrefquare, beranfejbane tee tafcSCrifiltpbes* 
tone rach tomboto, ano as manpouereutrp of tbc Riches ,as pou map tain tbe flowe : tobereln, if tbere be »m> fount 
tor«ntut8 tn tbe mcnfRre, oj slfc bebat, 3R attwnjesreferre ntFfglfetotherule fet totone in tbe beginning. 

The fourth Booked 

The fixe C hapter, Fo{ % f 


F£) that fomeiimes, fame men toil! baue altogether arches ana ©allerieMna foj that it is confutes toasts place 
2rebcs bpon rouno Columnes, vet a man map make fcnrcfqoare pillars tonaer tijt m Irttlj l£a!'£3 ana Capitals, 
like the other. 3na although tbieTfcoufe 10 tebole, tehtcb is bnt little fc? a man tljat f)at|> a great lining, pet vou ma? 
fetitfaijtbin 5. 9rtt}e6,alfom7.9rcbc8. £fecS?cml$ontobfrrofmai»be,tbateacb JntcrrOiuroneniapbeoftbe 
tbufeneffe of fonte Cotomncs. STtie bcigbt of ttje Columnes tottb 15afes ana Capitals office part* : ana abone t&cm 
tbe grebes to be fct of the bjcttb befoje, of faalfe a Cohmme: tbe epenneffe f&all be* of aouble pjopojticn. Sboue t tj« 
grebes pou mufl place the arcbitraue, JFretfe, ana Cornice : tbe height of tbem all ffcalbt of 1 . Columnes tbichm at : anO 
being a wiaea in 3. parts ana a balfe , one part ftjalbe tbe arcbttrane,balfe a part ft; tbe fw fe,ano one part fo; tbe Cay 
trice: tea tbe other part.pon fljati follow tbe role afojrfa pa. SEbe Ocdjc fbalbe ttoo Columnrs outtoara : tbe f^iiatter , tfee 
ftt part of tbe light: but tbeCo^lcfSoftbeem#,onBtbevainaotoes,fhall banc the bright of tbe Capitals. jBTbe ton* 
actors fbalbe a Column* ana a fcalfe beat ing oat : arm tbeir length ox beigbt, (ball be taken in JPingonall mane r. SEh c 
tojntr Colnmncs tbalbe as bjoaa astbeotber: tort thep fbalbe of 8. parts ana a balfe high. EbefctcnDftojrebcne 
this , tbalbe a fourth part Isffc : tbe cojner Colnmncs; toitb artbitr auc,^ rdr i c ana Cojnice, leffenea accojainglp : JEbe 
fainnofecsaboMB tbe arrhes,toitb tbe ^Uattersjfcalbe as toiae as thofebeloto: buttle beigbt of thea.fourerquares, 
ana the jftafe aboue them, (ball bee ae bjoaa as tbe @>npercitiam 1 tbe Cojnit e alfo as mnch : Che fmall toinaotoes a* 
bout tbcm,are mace fo; ttoo purports : Efae firtt,tfce Hemes being bigb,as tbep fl;e to cat toar alp, ttnll make tbe cham* 
bers sua other comes much lighter. 8>et onaip,f o? mreffitp a man ma; make hanging chambers in tbem, ana [fcen tbofc 
lights toillferue to go)Bpurpofe< 2Tr;e tbtto Qc?y ttjalbc IcOTe then tbeffceno a fourth part: ana the fame being aeuiaea, one part fbalbefe? the arcbitrane,ifrelfeanaCo?mce: andtbatpartbeuiaeain;. one pari tbalbefo? the 
flrcbtf rane ana § r&fe,ana the tbirc fo? tbe Cornice : ana in the .freefe, tbe shuttles ana spogoilione tbalbe aeniaeD,as 
ponfitbrm. £bc lights oftbe toinaotoes l!>«lb» a* the others, buttljeviballbeea tteelftb part bigger, btcaufetbep 
are further from tbefigbts tbeplatters, ifreefe ana Cfthice, foalbeliketbe other. Eke jFrontifpite ana 2rcbc* ftall 
be mace', as 31 bane fapft, in tbe ace jt ana gates of the Cr.acr of tbe 2Do>tca : fo? beautifying, o; to place anotber rotoof 
Grebes in it, von map fct 0croterirs 0) ^ilaQers bpon tijem, to^icb toll patfe toell in the making ef rbeir fits plac$s,o; 
cbimn$prs fo? auopaing of fmefee « £Cl;e fpaces bettoecne tbe toinaotces, t|at reraarne foktte, are left to bee papnteo* 
as tbe toojbeman toill, 0? at tbe pleafnrc of the otoncr of tbe haute. liSnt fo?mo?c fecuntp of this builaing, it ftsiibe ne- 
ceUar p to place tbefe Iron bancs in it, 0} at leaQ, oner the ©aller p, as is taugtat before 

The fourth Boofce. The fixt Chapter, FoLig 



Or the Dorica 

Ijtpi tlii famous STolonc of Venice, becaufe bonfe s 9m» neere together, tfeip are fojceo to make tbstr lightens tbe? 
marJotbattbctrSBcititing oifferctbmucbfromtbatJlBiUloing of Italy : nfltteitbOanDing , tbeuw.Kcmanmapgtue 
tbi m Kgbt lnongb, cbferuing antiquities, tntjici} fbaH be tbns mane ano DctubcD : §?ou (ball oeuiDe tbe toibeneffe of 
an 3rcljina. parts ano nnb«ifctl!>l;erccfuncf!jaUbcff.j l Jb,eb?eiit& of rbc irbo!t pillar: the tbithensfle tobcrcof ftalbe 
(be balfe, tbe rouno Columnes alfo a* mart) : trje beigt-t of tbe 3rcb ftjalbe of one 4. f qnarc, ano ttoo 5 . parts : f on ma? 
alfo make tbem cftuo 4. fqnares,beigbtntag n)c reft accojomglp, Ebe juipott 0; Capitall tmocr tbe arrb, fball bane 
tbcbalfc tbicUcrcifc of tbe Columne, arrowing to tbat Inbictj is RjetotD before, of tbe Sweater of Marccllus. Ebe 
IDooje (hall be of ib?e Coinmnes tljicbr in toireneffe, tbe b c tgty of a f ottrefquarc ano ttoo 3 . pacts: tb,e platter 0; 0n« 
tipagmentam fta!bc of tbe 8, part of tbe ligfet: <fcc Cojona Cjaibc line tbe Capitall : but tbe &cima being fet Upon it,poa 
fballmafcetbeifattigianjasis bcfo;tcfnpD,amiaboneitgttje mojcojUffeligt^as tbe bcufe reqntretb. Jf the halloing 
Cants in a ficlo oj an open place, pou mate (lops, tefeict) (ball totll fall out teitb tbe bailing; abotie tbe Colamir s, tbe «E* 
pittiliam matt be fet of half e a Cclomne tbitfeeneffej tfceb jeotb of tbe Crtgltpbes alfe as mail) : tbe beigbt fljall be mabe 
moje 0? 'rfft, at be teojhrrrans toiiutba* tfc (paces mar be 4. fqnare ; thereupon von muff fit tbe Cornice of a 6. pare 
Mgi)ertbEnt^eCptailinm:tbeparticularpart0anbmeafnr65,poaQ)aU mabe accojoing to tlje rale befoje fetbotone. 
SCbe fltop abone Qjall be a 4. part lei&matung a JKinttas tan dec tbe Colnmne, of fucb a tjcigfct, as tbe JDjoicctare of rtja 
Cornice bearetb: nje reft matt be beaiocb in y ■ parts, one part fball be tbe arebltraue, ftkk,mn Comtce,(tnbic^, as be? 
foje is tangbt) fljall alfo bee tteuioet) in tb?® parts. Cbe Colanmes tobitb bpbo'.D tbe Srcbitraue, (ball bee nine parts 
feigb, tbe letter Cclmnnesfobtcb bpbolo tbe 2rcb, arc thinner then tbe reft a tbirD part : ti)e f paces in lbemioDle,l>noec 
tbe 2rcbes Qmllb:cttoicc fo tuioe as tbe does: fo then, tbe Cornices being placeobpon tbe Colurancs tobitb beare tbe 
2rc'), sad the fealfe Circle roaoebp to tbe a«bitranc, alfo, tbeepeso? boles befioes tbeifrcb,f&euittotilbee erco-otng 
ligbttanb loberttberetoantetb a r,pcu masfbat tbe miDftlcmoff lights, anb tbe Goes fliatt ferae foj toinoatot s. ? 
iPenertbelefle,tbtso)Der being obferueb botbtoitbortfanDtoitbin,ittoillnot CanDmnc^amiffe} foarbc place ujntbp, 
CxMbefojajT ire place ojCbimnep, tobitb ougbt altoapesto bcemabe bettoeenettootoincotees, like to a owns (aw, 
tofeew tbe tointotors arc tbe eres , mi tbe Chimney tbe fiofe,toblcb tltoapes ojatof s tbe fmoae. 

The fourth Book; 



T2> oentoe ttiis cjcfcnt J? arie, fapf b the aufbo? (foj ottjcrloifE be mafetf b no preface) pou t&aiUenioe tbe bjebtb in,ano one of tbe re parts Ojall be fo? a Colnmne : tbe mtbolrniott inter Column e ftjall be of tf .parts, ana 
tbeotbet eacbof j.partsttbetoinootBeBlbaUbeof a Columns ano anbalfettbebeigbtof tbem,tto0>,uarfs 
ano an balfe. £be pilaft evo iballbe of tb» CK part of ttjis light: tbe foinootees in tbe firff tto;p aw of the fame 
bjebfb:tbenetbcrmoa,0!aUbca prrfttt4.fquarc,anDtbcctb« of a4.fqnarc and anfcalfe. SEiepcjt oiCfetefbalbe 
5. Columnf*teU)e,tbat tbe Colomnes map banc a faO founoation :tbe betgtjt of tbis 0ate is a 4fquare,anDof ttoo 
3. parts: tbe flreb'ttone*, ano tbe rett, pop ttjall fee fuflieic ntlpin tbe figure; from beloto fenocr tbe 3rcb , bntill pou 
beabouetbef atir,ujaUbe a.Cotamnestbtcke. 3no although that all ctber ttojtro 02 bmloimjs, being one flo;pai 
bone another, tooulftaltoapesbee ttjejtencD a fourth part : pet mtbis cafe, (bpmpaoutce) fo? tbat tbe compartitton 
of tbe Colnmncs , being about this rotricfte ivoikc , an» tbat tbe rough, uaoafec Gbouio not take too much plate 
Soben it is of fnf icient ttrcngtlbit is requifite tbat it fbonlb bee of tbe fame height, flboue the firtt o;oer, as pon (ball 
mate a^oDtnm of a Colnmne 1 an balfe bigb , tobereon pou mult fef tbe Columms in o;ocr (as it is taught) tl;e \ eigbt 
toitbenttbe^omnmOjallbcbcaiocOin 5;. parts, totjereof 4» Ojall bec fo? the Colurmus,t&c other fo? their ornaments, 
fnbereof tbe Criglipbcs fbalbe cenioet), a pou fee, obferning tbe rule afotfapo. &be raiDOlemofl Ojalbe Dealt thus, that 
tbefmall Columnes (ball be tbe balfe of tbe grcater,ano tbe mfoolcmott ifflefcColumrtc Ojalbe as bjoao againe ae tbofc 
tbat ffana on tbe floes, tobUbftall be like epes of tbenitnoofoes. aboue tbe tomoofoes,tt> make moje light, pou ttmll 
make tbe epos, ano abone tbe (mallett fpaccs m tbe mioole , pou fljal make tbat pou fee bare in tbe figure, fo? to accom* 
pan? tbe fame epes. flno altbnugb tbere rcfi particular parte, sou Djatl attoapes fsfce tbctn foju?aro,tDbere pou (ball 
be adnreb to fine tljem. Eb* tbtrD ojoct 0? ttojp : ano tbat inbici) belongetb tbereunto, foal! alfo be mace left a 4-partf 
but tbe toin&otoes as bjoau as tbe loir ett, as alfo their beigijts , ano all tbe r things, pou map eafilp fino ttntb tbe Com* 
paffe. Cberapangbpintl)imti3Dletetl)o«ttbc j?rontu'pKtum,ujaUbeebal f(? ^tbirD ojberin beigbt: fo? tbe rett, a 
toojkeman map aooe ano oiminiflj at bis pleafure. 


The fourth Bookc. 

The fixt Chapter, F©L$6 


• Of die Dorica 

r_€foje,|ji^.aucfi)ctocDftittoofigurM,l;ototoiwatetI)c f aeieso; forefronts of pontes after the Venetians manec: 
I tut fo> tljat in fuel) toojte men teouio toillinglp banc Tome plates bearing out, totiicb arc,fo? themottpart,maBe o» 
uertbetoatcr,fojfrcffj spjeof tbefoater^tobercontfeemoflpartofbntioingsljaue their fapjeft forefronts o? jfa» 
j:tr£}EsaKD,tof£tbetrpttmpbes oftentimes mafic there m JBoatcs anb&btps:to *aol)tcb purpGfe,tbefat>Dbc3> 
rings o) inttpings oat feructuell, ano pet neuertbc!eftTMretonfo>melp things, and baue no other fappojtcrabntttje 
^ogbilions : j? oio, fneb things as bane not their fornication ffronglp lapb ano mace, hart the toailf s ot the houfe o; 
bmUHng,ti>bereof ancient tDojiscmen lnereberp tarefull, ano maoe no fntb bearing ont.bnt onelp Cojnices : therefore 
3 fap, if a man brill make anp fnch things in anp bailoing with goob abuirc, it is neceffarp that the firtt toall fbonlD bee 
fatbube,thatitmaf Qanofofarrebbtastbcflatof thebearingoutrcquiretb,asmaibee perccpneo in tberonnb:ano 
i at that the miobiemoa toall ffanceth ont mo je then the Goes, if pon brill not mane it fo thiehe , then fon map mafte a 
arongarchteitliiti,tobpl)olDtbEmibi)tenioa,alrt)oug^if beboUotoanb of fmaUtucpgbt. SEbis bearing ont^is tobee 
bnetrftfloo abone the paries of tbc enthrall bwkc: which being maoe, then the compart cment of the paries fball bee 
abonethu»,fothatthemibWemoff partfljallbeof tbjee portions, ana tljttibea of thjeeanttanbalfc, J mcanctoitbtn the 
SnaUes,as the gcoono ttjetoctb. 2Crje heigh t of this feronb ojo cr oj ttojp, fball be lihe the bnoerntoft , acceding to the 
rales afojefapo : and firff , pen (ball mafer the JBor iism of an inbifferent height , to leane bpon : the n that tobicb reSetb 
(ball be oeutoeo in fine pact s,one of thofe (ball bee tbt CBpiftilinm , britb the rctt of bis parts. SCbe hrioeneffe of the 
mtoolemofl part, muff be thus : the op er neffe tovttj the 2r eh mntt be as great againe as the Cue t , ano the height doq« 
bleb ; fo the architranes being fct bpon the Coluntnes , fo? the bpbolOing or the flrrb, all the OTinbotDts thai! 
bee nponarffime : lifcetoireatfo, foj moje commoostie of light ano tenement, the epesof the BEainootoes Hall beer 
mabe. a;bisfeomamcnts,togctEjertoithmanpotber things, if aman,inregarocrftoff, toll not make them of ©arble, 
ajof ctbetttones,ftepmapbefctfeortbtoltbpainting. £betbiro o?oero?So?p fball alto bee a fonrtb partleffetbett 
. tbtfeconb: anb fo euert other part thereof accojoinglp, following the rnle afo^fajb: ano although the joniea be fet be* 
'fiwtbe $9jisa,tebicb ansient teo;femsnfan«time banc bone, pon ftallfino the pjopo^i»ntli«re«f hereafter in bieplace. 

The fourth Booke. 

The fixt Chapter, FoU jk 

Of the Dorica 

Ai.fijocg^tt^fcojfennanijatljfancfomam' hwentiens in tftisE>a?ica teojfee, pet t^cptoill not further fcftn'o? 
ojnaments ct Cljimnepes: but 3 brill fet ttoo fojts tbertof litre in if ignre,one inoiflfeccnt tobole, f in the thufee* 
neffeof tbefoall,foj a fmaUconnDCbambec e^oufe: tb^eott)er 7 fo?asriaterp!acetDitbflnttt)ctoall,t);aUine 
toitb $ogotlions; fa? if a fmall Chamber fbouiD be c itmbjeo toitb a Cbinntep , it is ce qniOte to mafee it mfco!? 
fctibin ttje tbirtneffe of the ball, anb the height of tbe opening being maoe, accojoing to tbe of tbe placrflj.i ti 
be oenioeo into fonce parts ano an balfe,anb (ball be tbe bjrwb of tbe flatter, but tbe artbitraue (ball con tame i lie 
talfr.tbeSreniaojiLift, going ronno about, ftall b« afcuenibpatkanoallbisotberliftsof the fame bjeotb: tbe 2Cri« 
t H»b« ant) ^ogDiIions,fball be balfe tbe bjcotb of tbe arrbitraue, bnt tbeir beigbt p«u ftall tafee in tftus manner, that 
tbeJputiles fiano about tbe filacers , ana tbe Criglipbrs ocuioco bettoeene botrj , tbe sptbopes map bane 
mis fiweefquare of tbe b;cotb of tbe architrave , bnt vet tbe #etfeopes 03 (pacts bcttmtf tbe i$ogbiltons, 
SjallMthcefonrefqaare. C&e Capitals of tbe ^ntilea ano SEnglipfeM , fljallbee fo btgb as balfe tbe bjeotb of the 
STrigliphe*. JCbeCojonajUritb tbe ftrimatie anoxemia, (ballbte as b'fibas tbcarcbrttaac; ana being ernioeo 
in itoopsrts, one part (ball be fo; tbe Cojona; of (be et^cc pon mnS mafee tbnet parts, one fo; tbe Curette toitb tfee&iO, 
tbeotberfoaUbefo? tbe &«ma toitb bis liff. STbe bearing ont of tbeCojonaKjaSt be To great a? little, tbatt&efpaces 
bettosm tbe Capitals of tbe Criglipfcts in tbe grounb of tbe Co;ona,maf be fourefquarcfoj tfcat ,if men toill at rouno 
abontit,tbep map bauetbeir place of figbt.a:be fijoiwtnre of tbe &ftma toitb tbe Ctmatie,(ba!bema&elifcetbat height 
fcbitb ftatrtietb aboue, at tbe Ditcretion of tbe toojkeman. But if the Cbimnes be berp fmall fo? a little r®»« oj Cbam>- 
Hr,tbtRamaa(biu'inafce tbegUaOerif (be (etwutb part of tbe btlgbt of tbe opening. 


Tlis fount) Bookei 

The Ext Chapter. Folgji 


T^is orbcr Cbimnej foifbeut tljc mall,fl&all be matte thus, u^enl^efeetgbt ano toioent fle of t&e p!ace,a«ojoing t« 
the fitaaf ton, is appopnteo,tbe fame beigbt,fcom tbe grounu tip to the accbitcanc,(&all be oenioeD in 4. pactions 
part fojtbe 2ecbitraM,ifnefe,jCo?ntce,tl:ett- pacts being mace aefojoingtotbecnle afojeTapo: an&tobcrea* 
tbep ffieto greater, ttiat is, bccanfe mm fa tbem fcnoecncatb , ■ ■ t&e bjeotb of t&e Sgootglicns Qiall bctbe 7. part 
of t&cir betsbt : the Capitals tbe balfe oftbat bjet>tb,anB fljalbe oembeo as it is faio of tbe 2Do2icall Capitals: fome leffen 
tbe bjeotbs of tfeefe ^ooigliens traoccncatb tbc foartfe part , tbat the foote of tbem man &m out a fcuctb pact, fo tbst 
the telintbus oncer t&e foote Jsasbjoab as tbebppermoHpa.t. ffiut rfpontotll mate fuel) SJgoBiglions all of one 
tijeotb, 3 toonlD commeno itin a great toojfee, fo? that tftebnbtrmoff fcjatoincc to the wall, j going from euc figbt,leffen 
tbemfelncs: foj that tbe part tvbicb rcceaue tb tbe fmohe, it pitamtoes«ft;ifp,forjub kit not flano toctl in a gecat beigbt. 
500a map fet it tjpon tlje firtt Cojtriicebigbcr oj lotoer,as boh will, j actonnnj tc tlje fixation of tbe place. 5This bwU 
Ding of Cbimncpes ma? be maoe in greatfo;me: but if von tuill matte tbem fin*!!, tbr n pou Bjall Of uifie tbe heigbt from, wbercofotwaja'tbe fo* the Cornice: tijebjeotf) of tte^ooigtionsffjallbi 
tbe ninth pact of tbat beigljt, tbeCapitatl of balfe tbeteebtb: ano thus itvniUbee rtio;efoemelp in an maiffercnt meant 
fojme. 2Ebts 31 fpeate br ecpecienttjfp } ttjat 3 baue obietat tijis gceatcftmeaface in »maU fojracs in trussing cf Cbttw- 
nepes, but t&cp pjooc tec* great. 

The end of the Dotica order t and here followeth the Iqniea. 


The fourth Booke. 

The fixt Chapter. Fol^> 

■.:.■ •-. - 

¥ Capita"* 


Of the order oflonica, and the Ornaments thereof, 

Thefeitentb Qbapter. 

Itruuim fpeakech of Ionica,in his fourth Booke and i. Chapter.* and as I alfo faid.thc ancient 
Pagans tooke this kind of worke from womcn,and afcribed it to Diana, K^if >otl», & Bacchus , 
&c\ But we that are Chriftians.hauing a Temple to make of rhis worke, we will dedicate it 
tofuchSaintsasareofnature.cythcrweakcorftrong: fo likewife, common workes are fit 
for peaceable people, men, neyther great workemen, nor all too fimple in workemanfhip : 
and luch workemen are fitted for fuch worke. Now let vs come to the meaiures : the Ionica Columne, 
by a common rule, muft be of 8. parts, with Capitall and Bafe: although that Vitruum fay th,it muft be of 
8.partsandanhalfe;fomay raenfometimesmakeitofc^parts andmore,as fome indifferent workemen 
haue affirmed. But this, I fay, fhall be made of 8. parti ,which muft hold his thickncfTe bclowjand fo fhall 
their Bafesbeof halfe the fame thickenes, which ritruuius Icttcth downediligently^n the 3. Booke,and in 
the third Chapter of the fame Booke,in this maner, that the Bafe aforefayd,muft be of halfe the Columnes 
thickenefTe, but the Plinthus muft be of the third patt thereof: which Plinthus taken of, you fhal make fe- 
uen parts of the reft; whereof three fhall be for the Thorus, and foure fhall bee for the two Scoties or Tro- 
chiles,with their Aftragals and Lifts, fo that each Trochile muft haue his Aftragall. The Aftragall fhall 
be the eyght part of the Trochile, the Lifts halfe the Aftragals. Although each Scotie with the Appen- 
danccsarcallof one height,yct the vndcrmoftfhalbe greater; for it fhall fhoot out vnderneath,to the out- 
tetrnoft part of the Plinthus. The Proie&ure on ey thcr fide, fhall be one eyght part, and one fixt part/fb 
that the Plinthus on eythcr fide fhall be one fourth part,and one eyght part more then the tbickenefle of 
the Columnes. Now,for that the Cin&e or Lift is fuppreflcd by the greatnes of the Thorus, I am perfwa- 
ded that it ought to be made the halfe greater then the other. Obfeiue in all the members and parts with 
difcretion, asihouldbevfedin theDorica, 

& & tbat the JBafc of tbe ionita pillar, fojitf en of bp Vitruuius , tentmtetb not t|e grcatefl foojfeemeni 
beeanfe tbe Cbojus its berp great,ana the affragall fmall, ttujcr fo great a member, accojoing to tbeuttigej 
ment of erpert foo?femen,tbat baue oftentimes mTpntco $be fame, fottb reuerente,anD mwrj refpert of fwb 
an autljo? ; § uriti frame one rjerc accojoing f mp opinion. 2Cbe ^lintbns being maoe, as % fapD befoje, 
tbe rcG fhalbe ncnioeo in tb;e? parts, fobereoi one part fliaibc fo; the SEliojus : ttjc otber fcnoer that 2Ebo* 
xm aeuiae in ffre parts ; oneof w)em fo? an affragall, tbe Cinn> ttjc balfe therepf. 2Cbc Cintfee 03 f&opcrrilie truer tbe 

The fourth Boofee. 


Ebojns, matt be as bjbab as tbe aflragall. SCijc reff is fo? tbe fecotie oj Crotbile ? tbe otber t^de parts tbat rrtt,8jaU 
alfo be DcuiecD into (ire parts : one to? the 3firagaU, one balfc f o; tbe Cintbe, and tbe bnoermoff alfo the lite : ttjc reft 
i0 fo; tijf SwoJic conrnif ng at Snocrncatbj as is befeje allcageo. 

, ■ . — 

■ II I I '■■■■■■■ I I ■■■ I ■■ II— — ^ M l ) T 

TS5e?cnka Capital! Hjall bee mase in fbts manor ;tt>er>cigfjt(Ttall be tbc tf}tco pat t of a Columns;, anDtbefojmer 
part of § abacas tbe bjcfctf) of a Colamne in fbicHneo: to it Mo matt be aODto tbe 1 8. part , fcoljirl) in tbe tobole, 
&aU benmeteine parts,but mtoarfcs a part ana a batfe: at cvtbr r tnti the line Catbeta mutt be DjatemcMvicb (bail 
containe anb an balfe, tofjicb is ttjehalfe bjebtb of the Capital! ; oncpart ano a balfe (ualbc fe? tbe abacus , 
ftbfcb Corners ton tnntt mate lite tlje rigbt o ? left Qoe, f o? boib are ancient: f be 8 . parts tbat are banging bnoer tbe 3> 
feacns,fcaH be ft? tbe Rotates. $no fa? tbat it tooulo be tronblefame in tbts fmall i%are, cfpeciallp to fet bourne be* 
fm ponr ews tbe numbers, tberfo je in the- Heafc following, 3 toil I ttjeto it better in great, ana tberetoitball tbe mancc 
Into to mate tfi? ftrictes in the Cotamnes,untt) the if igore of tbe fibe of tbe folates, ano of tbe Capitals. Bnt if the 
Cctamne be of i 5. faote Botontoaros, tben it ttjallbe iBffenco a Art part absne, as it is nv.ttteti of tbe &bnfcan ojoer : 
tot if iibee of 1 5. foote bptoar&s, f ben 3 referee son to Vuruuius, touching t&e fame, in bis tbiro I&oofce ano fecotifc 

%€ <oCmn* cP<fitedo> Qjfa 

3 * 

Of the lonica 

%f ft % C £ t&tCapifaU of tfjis? Jonira is matte, poumuft mafee tbe Howies, tablet ftall bee mabe bp tbc line, 
\J^ tallei Catbeta, tobieblnce becre call , Cbc ngbt Leal : »m> toben pou lease tbe abacus bnDerncatb foare 
W parts, tben tbe firff part (ball be fej tbe eye, anD fo tbere ?et refietb f &J« parts from tbe epe DotonefoarDS} ana 
fo in all, tt>ep make cpgbf, as is befoje fa?D : tbe epe fball be DeuibeD in Ore parts ; anD tt>t numbers fet therein, 
as it is bere fet Dotone-, tbe n place onefoote of tbe Compas bpon tbe popnt i. anD tbe ottjer tot bnoer tbe 3bacus,D?aU}> 
ing netberteacD,bp to tbe Catbeta, to tbe epgbt part j tben letting tbe fame tote of tbe Compaffe ttanQ, bjing tbe otber 
fact oft&e Compaffe to 2. ano D;auutbptoarDsagaineto tbeCatbita. Ebenbolbtbefootof tbeCompaffetbu^bjingf 
ing tbe onjertoteto 3. Djataing it tbenootonetoaresagaine to tbe Catbeta: beeping tbat foote tbere alfo, bjing tbe 0* 
tbirbpontbepofint4. tben Djatoing it againe to tbe Catbeta, bolotng tbe Compaffe tljerc , t|>e foot toill come bpon;, 
foDjatoing about, Doc lifecftrifc to 5. ano tbenit comrs to (but toitb tbeepej tbere pou trap mabe a roofe, if Boupleafe. 
£be reft of tbe particular members pou (ball eafllp finb toitb tbe Compaffe. 2Et;e flritfeesof tbe Columnes, inbicb toee 
call Cbanels cj belletmngSjfbaU bt>. 24. in number, ano cne of tbrm (ball be 5. pacts: thereof 4. (ball be fo? tbe Mattes 
8) Cbanels, anD tbe j. fojlbe lift, bp Vitruums caret fctrir : ants fo frcm one Coe of tbe flat of tbe JLitt to ibe otbct,pou 
fijallojato attrapgbtiine,tbemtDble tobereof (ball be tbe Center of tbe boUotoing out. SButif tbe tnojbeman plcate 
fometimesfo mabeatbinneColumneto ffjetotbitbe, tben tberentutt bee aS.Crukrs: tfje abacus of ttjtc Capital! is 
as b;oab on tl)t flues, as befo je : fiobicb fibrs are p;opo: t torn b accoioing to tbat, tobicb is fapo befo je. jFrienblp Kea* 
Dcr, ? ban« laps tbts tfflolute,aceo?cing torn" Ample bnoerffanomg, becaiife Vuruuius uniting is baro to bnBerff ano, 
ano tofeicb is tnoje, pjomifeb tbe fame figure in ttjc laft SBcobe , together , toitb bitters otrjec ojnaments , tabic!) Babe 

S, Serin vpon the fpcach aforcfayd. 

L£>ntKgl&e&Der,tberearemanptbingsiDbicbcannotfnllp,frompopnttopopnt,beefbeti)eDin figure , bnleffc tbe 
toojbeman muff belps i>imfelfc"bp p;actife, libe as tb« Ctncte 03 bans of ttjefe folates : tobicb. (if tbe Capitall bee 
berp great) toill BanD ttell : If tbe b;eotb eomapnetb tbe fonrtb pact of tbe epc, anD if tbe Capitall bee of inoifferent 
greatneffejtbenitmuffbcmabeofatbuDpartoftbeepe: but if tbe Capitall be fmall, tben it muff bee tbe balfe of tbe 
epe,altoaresattbetoo}fecmans Direction: fo>3baucfaneitfoin9(ntiqmtit8,al ! bougb tbep Differ. SCbe tbiebneflfe 
being maibcb aboue, bneer tbe Abacus, tben vou muff place t^t Compaffe a UtfleJbelou) tbe figure 1 . from abone tbe 
Catbeta botune mart s: tben agapne,pcn mutt place tbe Compaffe a little aboue tbe figure 2 . Draining pour line from be 
neatbbptoarbs to tbe Catbeta. 

$ott>, tobereas 3 bane fapD, tbat tbe laff 25ccbe pjomifeo bp Vtcruuius, is nof fennb, bp meanes tobcreof, Diners opt* 
itions are Cp?cb abjoaD toocbing tbe fame, rome affirming, tbat in Vicruuiu.stime,tbere tocrc manptrnfailfulltooaBe* 
men (as tbere are note alfo} bautngbetter fo?tune, tben g©c bnoevfianaing : (otbers) tbat pjefumption JUfer to bnfKiU 
fulncffe,bearetbfu£bflDap among common trojfeemen, tbat bnoerflano not tbcmfelucs, it istbougbt,tbaf vkruuius 
tefufeD, o; at lead, tooui not publifb it, in regard of tbe tintbanbfulncfle of fucb as nrglect cjcod learning. ja>ome alfo 
affirmc) tbat it boas too bars a matter fo? bint to place tbem tn figures ; tobicb 3 can Ijarolp inbgc to bee tbe mine of fucb 
an autbo?. 3ii5ut tobcrcas fome affirme , tbat t bis latt I3ctfee tuas fo pleafmg anD acceptable, in regarb of tbe figures 
tbere at large fet out, anDbe being ouer*carefull in leefemg nntcit, teas robbeD tbereof , ameng otber ricbesanotrra* 
fures, bp bnfbilfull perfons ? tbis 3 beleeue befi , is as toarre, tobub ts enemp to all goo artes, uibicb vc t , at tbis Cap, 
is efpeciallp to be lamcnteD, fo? tbat men bp tbe figures ,migbt baue mabc Diuerfities of toojbc in tbe rigbt maner. 

e fourth Book. 

The feucnth Chapter. Fol.35 


- . . 


| ^aue Beclareo thereafter, aaojawg te Vitriiuius uniting, boto to make Jonica foojkCj as farre as mp learning ffjatl 
j[ftruf. ^oiD ? ?lDiUn»clur;oiDfow!Ea!itiqmtuE>nKotne,of ttjat uio)hc,are roaCf- pet CrnDing. SCtjt Capttalt M. 
If anttetb pet in tbe heater of Marccllus, thereof J brill fet Bourne Tome general meafares : tbc fojetjeao of ttjis 9ba> 
ens is lifec Unto tije Colnmne beloto. 2tbc taoiutxs gtoe out a fit-t part of the abacus, ano fo farrc out as tbc tjalfe of 
it)c abator n)c bright of tbe Capttall is a tbirD part of tbeColmnne beloto) batfoj tfatfometowfeementbongljtt&at 
Capital! to be but barelp fct foojtb, ttjep baue aooeb tfjc 5? rcrfc tobicb port fee in tbe Cap itall, tmto it, malting ttje bcigbt 
of tlic Capital! of a. tbirD pacts.of tbc Coliimnes tbultene He beloto, tn^tc^ Capital is at tfois oag to bee fane m Rome, 
&>ttJ) others ofibelifee* 

'vft^-.'/ saa sas-xTi.-^ 

a ^BfonbatitmapfometimesbappentQ tbc too?kematt,fo mate a'rouccfqoarc (batting feitt; Jcnica Capitals, fo 
^* tbat forwe toojfcmcn fjaue erreD in plating of tfje ©orates ; to belpe 0? aft f on of tbat crrour, it fbnlbc neebfnll to 
maurtbe cojner Capitals, as pou fee tbcm in tbisgrennb jof fact) Capitals, t^ere toss tbc lite fount) inttcme , tobicb 
caafeo man? to QuDp,fobetc tt toas maoe,in fueb matter ,rb? it iras talleo,Crje conrafeo Capitall : but at la&,after lens 
nifpntatlon,it toa* conduced tbat it bao (tab in an open to;ncr,ft)utttng bp tbe ojner of ttjeColumncst mattes A.JBut 
if tbe too?teman bane flat Columncs te plate againtt ttetoall, in tbjs Cower, ttjat tbe borates mag tome alike on 
boo) Goes , tbe toojteman mag place f hem, as in tbe grcuno B. is lei Dotone. 

The fourth Booked 

The Feuent h Chapter. Fol< j& 

T^s £pittilium oj arcbitraue is mabe thus t Jf tbe Cotamne be of 1 2 . to 1 5. fmte btgb,tbe arcbitrauettjalbc lbs 
baifronbeCoUmmcbcncafb: if itbcof ly.toao.fffitcbigb-tbc.'iufijalbrocuioc^m 13. parts: onettjalbethe 
height of the 9rcbitraue;ano from a o. to 2 5. fmte, tlje Colnmnc ftjali be ocuioro in i». parts ana a balfe : one 
part fbalbc giucn to the Sfccbitrauc : a f tb e Colnmnc be of 2 5 . to 3 o . fete bigbi then tlje Cpittiltum fljall be tb e 
ttoelftb part of that height: 3f tbe Columne be higher, pou muff iticreafe tbe 2rtbttraue mo;e : foj the further it goctij 
from a mans figbt,(o mucb mo;e it Ufetb of the greatnefic. fCb,c arcbitraue bring mace of bis cue light, anboemotB 
fa 7.onefbaibe the Cimatie: tbcpijoiecfBre thereof, alfo as great. SEijat tDtjtcI) ig oucr,is seuiocDin i2.tb;eeff)aUHj 
giucn to tbe fi'rQ j?aci«s, fourc to tfjc fceono, ano flue to tfjc ibiro. &he tbiebneffe of the Znbu rauc imcec, Ibsibe lifts 
tbeCoIunmeaboue, in tlje tblnnett part 1 bntfbetbicftneffieof thearcbitraueaboue, ffjalbc liftetfcetbtcfenrilcof the 
Cclumne beloto. 2Ebe ^opbojns oj iFr&fc Qjall banc tbe meafure aecojotng to tlje lengib of tbe fuojifte : but if there 
be fomctubat to cut 0? graue in it,tben it muff be mao e a fourth part higher tben the arcbitraue: but if tt be ma9e plapne^ 
ioithottt cutting 03 grauing, t|en it mutt be a foartb part lefle. Cbe Cimatie muff be fet bpen tbe frfcfe, tobicb mutt 
m tbe feuentb part of tbe fame i^rcefc: ano tbe pjoieciisre alfo as mucb. Sbouc the Cimatie mutt tbe SDenticutes be pia* 
«D, in betfib^ "be tbe mioolcmott .facie : ano tbe gjniecturc like tlje height. 3~bc bjeotb of tbeir teen) mutt be Double 
inbeigbt< Xb^intxrcnttingo^ollotmngbettD^ne tbe teeth, fbalbe a tbiro part leffe. Ebc Cimatie is tbe firt part 
sf tbe ©entile. SCfteC«ona,toitbtbe Cimatie thereof, is tbegreatneffeof tbe mioolemott jFatie. ECbcpjoiectare 
of tbe Co?ona,iDftb t^t SDtnticulcs, is as mucb as tbe height of tbe jWc, toitb tbe Cimatie. E i ; c fectma is an crgtjt 
part bigber then the Co?ona< 2Cbc rule cjliff thereof ttjallbe a firtpart,,am> the pjoiecture lifee tbe bright Site our 
gotbaa iu?Kmttb,tbataU<£cpboje0o?cDjncrs toiUttanbtocll, toben their gjoicctnrcteUfcetbebetgbt* 

Of the Ionica 



FSDj tljat tbe foojltsofRomeoifftr 
from tbe tmiting of Vicruuius, J 
toill frame another Column e, 
fobcreef tibe arehitraue, .f reefe 
ano Cornice, Ojall be the fourth part of 
the bright of tbe Columne : fobitb 4. 
part oeuiOeo in 10. parts, tljjae Uiall 
be fo? tl;c 0rcbitraue, oc ninco after tbe 
rule afojf fat D: 3 . fo? tbe f r&fe, ano 4. 
fo; tbe Cojmccs : tob«b 4- (ball bee tie* 
uioeointf.tobereofone ffcallbc giuen 
to tbeiBDenticules , one to tbe Cimatie 
tobtcb bpboloetb tbe ©utiles, ano ttno 
to tbe ^utiles anD tbe Co?ona;tl;e reft 
to tbe &cima. 2Iy e p?oiecture of all, 
(ball beat leatt as mucb as tbe height: 
tponfutb a Cojnice fras founo to?it* 
tcn, A Saote Sabina,at Rome, in a 
builbing of tbe ojoer of Monica. 

A jlioiffometimcsifbe neceOarpto 
rapfe bp CoIumnes,being not com; 
pcllcD 0; pisicbec by anp tbiug tbere a* 
bout,tbcn the pjopojtion of § peoeffal 
(ball be tbus ; it (ball be as bjoao befoje 
as tbeptfltbuis of tbe Columne: but 
tbe betgbt °f tb^ flat of tbe feDeff all 
Oialbe a fourefqnare,ano a fourtb part : 
tobicb oeufoeDin Crc parts, one (ball be 
foj the iBafe, ano onefo? tbe Cornice, 
M)it\) in all is cpgbt parts t fo (ball tbe 
peoeflal be of eggbt parts Kite tbe Co? 
lumne. Cbismnftaltaapcsbcbnoe?' 
fffflO in common , trjat it is left at tbe 
accretion of thcteojfccmam 

-. . • 

'■ '• ■ 


The Fourth Booke. 

The feuenth Chapter, FoL 3 7 

BfJreafonof threat Difference, to^c& g ffrrtc irtthingsof Home, from fhofcfobitb Vitruuiusfojifeth of • Mw 
foje 3 Ijau* bere ajetoeD Come of tbem, tfeat are bett knotonc at tbts Da?, erf ant in Home to be fane in toojfee Ck- 
Cojnice,iFrttfe, ano arcbitraue marfceD T. is in tbe Sbeattr Of Marccllus,ui the Jonica o;Der, aboue the 2Dojica- 
tbe JBilaffer tottb tbe iBafe <bereapon,alfo marfeeD T. is in tbe fame ojoer, bnoer tbe Jonica Columne . Wte Coj' 
nice fo* tbe impoS of an 3rch, alfo marfeei T. is of tbe fame ojoer, anb bpboloetb tbe 2rcb. ffifce Cowicc Smth the 
Entiles marbeo A. toa8fonnoat&. Adnans,anDg>. Laurence, in Kome. Cbat arcfeitraue marfeeD F. toasfouno 
in Nel Friulle: tobitb flrcbitraae, fo? tbat it baa tb?& fmts bntbont atlragals, 3 (nage to be iontca. $ere is nothing 
fato of fl)e meafnres bereaf, fo? J fcane Diligently reDnceD tbem from tbe great into the fnall : tebicb meafare* are eafie 
U be fonti* toitb tb§ Compaflk 

Of the lonica 

A Ht!j8ng^tI)attl)ei5i;^romatumSort»'c«m,«;atifi,{t)e booje by Vitruuius orfcribeb, in 015 opinion, not pjopajtioneo 
*•* to mttotu t&e bailing (as it ought to Do: ) tberefim 3 toill fpeafee il)ereof,acce)Ding Jo ntp fcnoUileoge: 3 fav jtljcn - 
that Vitruuius touting is not ciel)t,tonct}fns t^c tjngijt of tbe ligijtof § 2Lbiromatam S&ojtcu, viz. from tbe paoenient 
to the iaainatp,^ere luf re 3 . parts ana an Ijalfe maoe,atio ttoo parte hereof mere fo? tbe height cf tf>e light, tobcrtto 
the Cojona was tjerp high, as alfo oftijc &)ojica. SBnt there follotoetb *et another crrour, viz. mafesng tbe ©ate 02 time 
j. parts higb,fettingtb:se parts thereof beloto,as V«miutusfaitt),a(fe leueneb in tfee Upper pcrt,lifee tbc£>otfca: then 
3innDG,t^attbeti>»DeneirctbcreofcomnwtbtobebjoaDertbmtbcinter'€:o!ummetn fbemfoDle, mafeingalEemplc of 
4. £olumnc3,toitb lbs meafure tobitb Vitruuius batb fet botone in bis 3 . 15mfee,as 3 bane fet it ootone here in Jftgnre, 
that toojfeemen mat? fa tSje cojrefponbencie of tbis€»8tco;2Dooje, luitb the Sample thereof; tobirb, in mp opinion, 
is not taB,fojtbiscaufe,fo*,iftbeDoo?eof t^« 2Dojua, torjicb; ojoer of Columnes is lotoer then tb,at of 3onita,batb 
tbt height of 2. fourcfqnare*,anb a little moje,3 fag.tbe 3cnica baajes, tobofe Columnes are higher, ought to be higher 
alfo foj ligbM&est ttje &>ojica, S5ut it is not fo raucb,accojbing to Vitruuius J5oofee, tobicb fapttj, 5. parts in height* 
nttD3.partsuib?erjtb:butUtalltbis befpofeenuritb renerence of fo great an 8utboj. $euertbeletfe, taking the parts 
tnVicruuiu$S5ooB3,tol)icbmapbet3fomepurpofe 7 3U)iUniafee awstber jFigure thereof, without letlemngitabouc: 
bat be tbat foj bis plcaiurc U)ill leffen it aboue, obferuefb t be SDojica ojoer. 

The Tranflator. 

\)V9 at Vitruuius faptb, touching the fteight of the light of the 2Dm?e o? «afe of this SDojica buil6ing,thereis foffu 
v v cientlp fpohentbut touching tbe toisems of tbis ©ate at E>mje,tobere be faptb,tbat the height o* opsnneffe thereof 
8)OnIo be benioeb into ttoo parts anb a balfe, anb t^e totDeneffe thereof, to baue one part anb a halfe : 3t map be (as it 
is in other places) that the place is falfiSeb ; anb it map alfo be, that it is a quarter to much : fo; if it be mabe of 10. n 
height, anb 5 . in bjeiitb, the light then being of 1 . fonrelquares, luoulb bee reafonable, fo the 3ntercolumnrs toere as 
teioe as from the I>onca : fo? it is of fours 2Diamcters, ano this but of tbjee Columnes toibc, anb the anti8agraen> 
taxa tooulo not be Darfcentb } fo that leaning out but a quarter, this builbing tooulb thereby be mase perfect. 

The fourth Booker 

The fe uenth C h ap ter. Pol, 5 8 

t' feap,t!:attbehgbf of tbte dtojeons&fatleafl to be of a.fourcfqn.-.cce l)tgIht^cSnftpasmctitu oj^itaffer O&albc t^e is ; 
I part of tfcat betgl)t,mJioe infucb matter as is fatO of tbeCpittilium Jonttom,! thereto £l>c attragals fljalbe aooco, as 
it is rtictoco in tbe i?ignre E. gt a toojiieman totll cat anp ttjing in tljj freefe abotic ttjc SupercilitrnMbett tt mutt be a 4. 
part bigfar fyen rtje £>upemliHm: bat if pou teaue it plaiitc, it tnna be * fourth part leffe. SCbe Co?ona,toitb tlje otber 
members, (ball be as bt$ as tbe &npercilium,ocuiDco as pou fee it in tbe ^Figure F. 2Cbe gnomes 0? IBaotbitiDcs^all 
bebjoao abone,li&e tbe ^flatter, but in tljenctber part,UUe tlje^ctgtjtcf tbe banging ligbt, fbalbcleffcneoa fourth part, 
from tbe tobicb Hje tones bang, as pou fee in tbe figure F. &bat part ofttjc Circle, in tteaD of tbe jFatt!a.ium>fbal baue: 
IjisbeigbtmaQetntbtsmanerjtoitbaCompaGre pou mutt reacb tbe two comers Dftbe&timamtbebppermollpari, 
ano one foot of tbe Compare finding to tbe point of tbe croSc,toitb tbe other foot, tbe part ef tbe Circle being ojaumc, 
Ibalbe tbebetgbt, to&ub votll be tbe trjiro part of a Circle :ttfbtcb maner of mafemj 0: not maKing of a iFaSigtutH 7 iljalbe 
aHuages referreo to tbe pleafure of tbe ttwjfteman} tt mas alfo ferae fo; ioinootoes, 

B 2 

Of the Ionica 

T$e ligljf of toe €?ate follotoingis moje tt>m of Double pjepojtiow, viz. of tfco foursquares ana a quarter : ti>c fiat 
of tbe ^tilaficrs flball be tljs 8. part of tbc bje btb of tbe ligbt, ane tlje Colutnnes Hjall be ttoice as tbicfee; tbe fame 
ColHmnefballbelcffeneDaboocafijitpart: tbc b«sbt ffjall be of , toitbiBafcsanOCr#cals,sscoj3ingtQ 
tbx meafure afojefaio. 0nD altljougb tbcGc Columncs bolD a part mo?c tben tbe rule afojefarj D, pet it is not tfjere* 
fo?ctractb,fojtbaf tbej.tbirDparts ffanDonclvtettbc^t tl)c wall, bearing no oHier toalgbt ttjen tijc i?ronttfpidum : 
furt&er ,if bp any accioent tfje'e Colatrnieg fiioulD erceiD p. parts,pct foere it not to be blamctuftu t&ep are ouelp fet fo j 
an o;nament, being ntabe faff in tt)e frail. Ebe tjcigbt of tbc artbitraue fbait be like tbe §>npcrcilies oner tbe Dmjejtbe 
jFrttfefball be cut, anufuall be maoebigbrr, as is befoje: if Itbenot cut, puu map lrfien it fo mucb lotocr : tbrCo.mire 
(ball be bigger, hfec tbe (£pi3uuun oj arebitraue : toitb tbe otber parts pou muft banole, as it is faio in tbc beginning 
oftbisojner. SCtje i^routifpicic fljaU bec refcrreo to tbe Urillof tbetoojfceman, eptber to make it t>tgber 03 lotoer, bp 
anp of tbe afo jcfapB rules* SB p uy e inuen tion,a too :tseman map b ■ Ipc bimfclf e in manp tbings, making t&e ligljt bigb 
ojloto 3 ssneet> (ball require ; asfometimesof a fourefquare , oj of ttoo ttyro parts: but if tbe ttojfeeman bec not 
otbertoifeeompellcB, 3 fboulb bett comment) tbe Double p?opojticn,tbatis, of ttusfourefquares. 

The fourth Book?. 

le feuenth Chapter. FoLj.J 

Of the lonica 

A&tbougb jhanefetthisruBtcall dSateintheojDerof SDburcana,«nD!tofonelv in many places app!uc& it fothe 
Ebufcana, bat alfo mirco it teritb the SDojka, vet 3 ljaue places itljcce tottl) tijc 3onica : altbougt; it is net there* 
fo?e to befctin all bmlbings that ace maoe after tt>c SDojica, neucrfhelcfte, to gcoD intent ano p urpo fc, as bjitbouf 
in the countrep, in fucJ) a cafe alfo, it is not to bee oifcommenbet) in a Cttie o? 2Eotone, fo: a Sgarcbants j ilafo? 
Berfi boufc; in tobtch places tt is tolerable. 2But in tubat place foeuer a tnantoiUniafeett,tnamantvof bearing oner, 
then the pjopojtwn of tljis toojbc fiiall be thus: tbe ligbt bp to the 3rcb ffcalbe ttoo ffiurefquases, eno ttje ptlattc r the 8. 
part of tjje bjeatb of the light: the CoSumne ffcall bote tbe fourth part thereof, bnt tbe height Gjalbe 9. parts Ir itb SEaf j a 
ano Capital*. !Cbe0rcbof tbe balfe fbalbe Beuibeo in 1$. parts ano a quarter, becaufctbcml&&f matt ftmtt^tbo'D 
a quarter mo:c then the reft. Ctje 8rcbitraue,#reefe anb Comtce.are together tbe fifth part of the Colunmes: of totjicb 
f bjee pieces, tbe toojfeeman fhall mabe 1 1 .parte: 4. fo? the 0rcfaitraue, 3 . fo? the JhrW t , anb 4. fo: the €o?mce. STfce 
height of the ^ooium fhalbe the b ?e«b of the light. Che Cojnice ano the S5af e,map be taken oat of tbe afo;efavf feti* 
lobato : but the otber 1iBafe,CapifaM,arcbttraiie,MttJ Cojwtcc, (h«lbe mabe as it is fagt) in the beginning. She ftrcbt 
Hones anb the. other that binbtbeCnUmwes, poamagteintbe^igiire, 

1 he fourth Boofce, 

Thefeuenth Chapter.FoI 4 ^«. 

Of che Ionica 

AlLtbougb tbe beigbt of tbis 3ctb is not of Double pjopotfion, as tbe mofi pact of tbofe tobicb 3 baue njctoeB,pet it 
is not falfe, but is mane bp gob eifcretuw, foj tba? It ma? fomttinu fall out, tbat in tbe compattition of a /acies, 
tpon ocraficn of an? neceffare t>ciat»t, anb to make tl; ; e. arcbes bnequall 3 tobicb Iboulb be fa to place the patncipall 
sate tn the mioole, tubicb in facb tare fgonlb not nttapr.c to f(icb fjciefj t : but if toe be not ronftrapneb bp an? ne* 
ceffitfj^mojrfoniineno tlieeonblcfc,cist!t,tbenanpotl)tr pjopojtton. 2Cb« toibeneffe then bcttofcne one pilaffrr anD 
tlje otberfbnlbc 3. parts, ana tijc beigbt 5. but aftcrtoarbs the UtocnciTe uring beuibeoin 5. tbsntbe tobolc^iilars 
fobieb flanb befoje tlje 2 . platters, bane 2. parts, anbtbe tbicfeneffe of tbe Columnes fbalbe of one part : rbepilaffers 
fbaUsacbof tbembe of balfea n Colnmne in trtxcbntffe: iifectoife tlje arcb, anb tbe 3mpotti»bicb bpbolectb tbearrb, 
are of tbe fame heirtbt mabe, as it isffjetoeb in tbe ^.tjtatcr of Marcellos marfeeb T. STfee Columnes fbalbe p. parts 
tjigb» toitb IBafcg ano Capitals , mabe acco.;mng to the rule, in the beginning of this Cbapter ret botone : tfte b»?« in 
t be mt^h fbalbe balfe tbe toibcnefTc bettor? n t tbe pilaftr rs t tbe beubt ftalbe fonnb in thts maner : STbeplaffer be* 
fog mace of tbe Ort part of tbe ligbt, the Cornice like tbe epes of tbe Jmpott, placcb aboue it, one tbe fectma bpon tbat, 
making aftertoarb tbe f raft tbe fourtb part Seffe then tbe 3ntipagmentum, fljen tbe beigbt toill finb it felfe, tobtcb. bill 
belitt'eleffetbenttoofourefquares. EbejProRtifptcc fbalbe mabe accojbing to a rule ftt Detonein tbe2)o;ica: tbe 
arcfeitrane, ihreefe anb Cornice Otalbemabe tn beigbt, of tbe fourtb part of tbe bcigbts of tbe Colnmnes, bp t$e rule a* 
fc?efapb. 2Ebe fetojp aboue fbalbe lotoer b? one fourtb pact : To fljall tbe arcbitraae.. jPrafe anb Cojnice bee of tbe fift 
part of tbat beigbt, tobtcb fbalbe tbe fourtb part of tbe beigbt of trje Columnes : but f curbing tfce ccuiOon of tbe parti* 
cular members, pou fliail finb tbem in full meafurefo tbe iDjbcr of Compofita. SEbe tombotocs being mabe toirb 
Srcbcfl, fbalbe in bjebtblifee tbeboje: libetoife tbe pilaflers anb tbe Grebes, but tbeir beigbt fljalb? ttoofourefquares 
anb a balfe, tobicb is to giue mo?e ligbt tn tbe cbambers. K\y: Columnes fbalbe flat,ano one fourtb part fijojter tben tbe 
lotoer. 2Ctie bjebtb of tbe $icbes bet ajeene tbe Columnes anb tbe toinDotoes,te one Columne anb a balfe, tbe beigbt of 
fonre Columnes tbiekneffe, Cfaus of an? parts 0? members tbat bee retting, ?sn (ball finb meanes to make fbem b j 
tbe pjefer iption of tbe afojefapb rules of tbat ojber ; to; of tbis Coiintljta, poo fbail finb tbe meafure in tbe beginning of 
tbat o;bct. aboue tbis ffojp, be tbat toill,ma? make a lualbing place, tsell Befcnbco from luater : anb tbat tbe beigbt 
oftbispobiumtoereorreafonablebeigbttoleanebpon, ojtorcfl^pon tottb a mans acmes, tbcfc jfaciesuwHlbbees 
great beautifying to tbe bnilbing, anb mocb cafe to tbe inhabitants. 

Tlie fourth Book 

"The fcucnth Chapter. Foi 4 • 


^2L_jjr-^^.., ¥ - 5 

Of the lonica 

Sometime, as is faoB, a toojfecroan &all fino a great number of Columne$,but fo loto, that tbcj? toili not reac!) bigb 
inongrj fo? bistoo?fee, if be cannot belpebimfelfetheretoitb, ano apptr fucb members, to feme tt>e bmloing toliicb 
ftebatfjinfeanD: fbcrefo?ctftbe height of the (Caller? rifeib-biigber ttjen tbeColumnes, tbenintbemiDSleoftbe 
■facie pou map mafcean arch, being fcpboloen bv the arcbitraue, tobicb fbalbe abone the Columnes , tobicb 0rcbt* 
tranc fball bee tbe 3 mpofi o? bpbolbing of a rouno rsfe. ffiut tubcre tbe Srcb fball be, there (ball be a Croctere,as tbe 
tuojteman map Ioj in tb!Sgroantr:anofo?QrengtbEning thereof, let tberebejrono?mettallbarreslapD oucr, as it is 
t aught in tbe isDojica £^;ocr. HBut tbe Denioing of this i^acte fbalbe rucij, that tbe mioelcmoff jntcreolnmne fbalbe of 
tf.Colamnestbtclmeffe: anDtbebctgbt of tbe Columno, toitb JIBafesanb Capitals ffjalbeof tbc.2rxh]itraae 
boloctb as much as the Columnc ts in tbiefcneffe aboue : lifeetoifc tbe 3r cb : abone tbe tobicb the tao?aeman fljsll make 
a Co?nlce, tobicb height (ball bolo a fourth part mojetben tbe 0rcbitraue,toitbonttbe3Dbo;us tinDer, totttj the iLift : 
tobicb Cornice fball alfo ferae fo? a Capitall boon the pillars, aboue the Colnmnes, ano fbalbe of the fame bjeotb that 
tbe Columne is abone. W)C gntercolnmncs on tbe fittesfbalbeof 5. Columnes in thickticffe: tbebeigbtoftheDmjc 
fbalec fo, tbat the Slrcbttraue bnticr ibe 3«b fball ftrue fo? the Co?nice abone tbe Do??e, tbanging parti? bee members, 
as it is figures, ewocr the Cojnice there fbalbe a jfreefe fet, tobicb lhalbc a fourth part leffetben the arcbitrauc, tbe 
&upcrcit(cs toitb the pilaff cr of tbe fame height. 3But as much as fbalbe bnoer the g>upercilies,to tbe ttapjes, of that 
balfe, the b?ebtb of tbe light (balbc mate; ano fo the ligbt fbalbe of t too foncefquares. 2Lbe toinbotoes (ball ft ano as tbe 
epes of tbe o<d?c ttaito , ano their toioeneffe fbalbe f t too Columnes tbickttefTe, but the height fbalbe taken in 2M agonall 
maner: tbe fecono dD?bcr 0? £>to?p fbalbe a fonr f b part leffe then the firfl ; tbe^otnutn being taken of a rcafonable height , 
that tobitb refieth fbalbe oeuioeo in 5. parts, foure tobcreof fball be fo? the beigbt of the Cofumnes, tbeotber fo? ttje Slv 
tlntrauc, jPrcefe ano Coanice, obferuing tbe giuen meafures of fucb a £>tojp. 2Tbe b?eatb oftbc totnooto in the mittDle, 
is toitb tbe antipagmentum as toioe as the light of tbe t>co?e,bnt the light fbalbe Double in height : in the £D?naments a* 
bone jtoo?ftemen map f olloto ano obferue tbe rule fet botone. Che toinootocs on the (toes (ball be like tbofe that ffano be- 
loto,ano tbeir height lilse tbe greater : the raffing tip in the miooie aboue the feconb. ff o?p, (bail alfo be a fourth part ieffie 
then tbe other, ano euerp part thereof IcETencbaccojsinglp: fo? the lisbt thereof, the ejoer of tbelotocftaojpisobftr' 
neb : bat tlje making of tbi fbiro fts:r , 0? tbe not making thereof, is at tbe pit afure of tlje too jft man. 

The fourth Boofce* 

The feuenth Chapter, rdkte 

Jt 2 

Of the Ionica 

A& it is faiD in ttje beginning of this ffioofec , tf?c niancr ana ojacr of tlje Sonic a being male after the feminine 
binD, it is To lifeeteife a tnateriall thing , tljat baaing a Cbinrnep to mafee of that ojcer, Isee molt, as nare as tot 
can,mahe fome Ojete of tbat feye therein : the p?opo;tion tobereof fljalbe tbns,that ? height of tbe optnneffcbe tnf 
placeO,it Ojalbe from tbe gronnb of the Chamber o? ^nll,te tbe arcbitrape, erght parts high, ano tbat ©all be at? 
tojomg to tbe placing of tbe Colnmnes , tobicb fljall be far b like, monff ers ca tt range f ojmrs (as toe tall tbcm ) mate in 
this maner,tobicb dial feme fe j spogt>ilion*. 2Ihe arcbttrauc, ft&te ano Cojnice,t&all be tbe fourth part of tbe height, 
as itis before fapo. 2Ebe fable topon the Capitals, tobicb coneretb tbeartbitraoe ana the iPr*fe,3raDge, tbat ancient 
toojfetmen baue bfco to flrtce mo;c (pace to tojite in,anb atfo, fo) tbat tfeep toere Defirons of nooelties: tobicb table, tobc* 
tber it be mabe o; not timbers referred to tbe toill of tbe foejkatum. K%t fecono 02t>er,toitb tbe 2E>clpbins,is maee foj 
lino canfes, tbe one is, to make tbe month of tbe Cbimnep,tobicb Dotty retepue tbe fmefee toioer : f be otber is, to make 
a p irnmicall fo:mc, making the neefce of tbe CbimtWP in a C§ambir,bnt it is fitll at tbe toill of tbe toojteman, to make 
tbcm moje 03 leffe , oj not at all. 

The fourth Booked 

Tliefeucnth Chapter. Fot,^ 

Of the Ionica 

Tfeis ofbermancr ofCbirmuptsber^aficfaj rmallta»nies,ano the? are Web to be rnabe lotoer then amhftigbt, 
KS KHK ^.7«ic0 toitboittbeCtmatie,anl)ottbemmttabe rnabe itpM onepartfa?tbe;FrA,e, 


5Ebr*S«fth e Cojo^ 


£ a S^^ 

toall,fo tbat this ©jnament, of tbis sDjacctooalo ferue fo? a tomoott o? oa»>e. 

Here endeth the Ionica Order of building : and th#e followeth tbeCorinchia. 

The fourth Booke* 

le 'feiienth Chapter. Fol.44 

1 •■ 


Of the order of Gonnthia worke, and the 

Ornaments thereof. 

*The eygbt Qhdpter, 

:F Corfothia worke, r#>f*MMMfpeakethonely in his fourth Booke,and thefirit Chapter, In a 
j maner as if he would fay, that the fame, which is faydof thcIonicaColamnc, is inCorinthia 
worke: and in his fecond Chapter hee fpeaketh of Mogdilions among the Coronas, therefore 
J not giuing any other rules or meafures of the other parts: but the ancient Romanes vfing this 
order of Corinth ia much, (as alfo the reft) made the Bafes of thcie Columnes , with a great number of 
members or parts full of worke: of which Bales to fet downe lome rules,! will I peakc of one of the layreft 
buildings in Rome,that is, the Pantheon, called by the name of.Qur Lady de Rotonde , fett ingdo woe all 
the meafures thereof* The Colucnne of Corinthia worke is made by a common rule, confuting of p.parrs 
in height, with Capitals and Bafes: the Capitall whereof, (hall be as high as theColumneis thicke below, 
but theBafefliallbcofhalfethethickeneffeof the Columne. Of this halfc,or height of the Bafe s there 
fhall be foureeuen pans made.whercof theoneis for the Plinthus, the other three fhall bedeuidedin flue 
equall pans, whereof one part (hall bee for the Thorus abouc, but the Thotus vnder fhall be a fourth part 
thicker, (o that which rcfteth fhall be deuided into 2. euen parts, whereof one part is for the Scotie below, 
with the AftragaH,and two Lifts or borders: that Aftragall fhall be the fixtpart,and each lift or border the 
halfe thereof; but the lift or border vnder the nethermoft Thorus, fhall bee a thud part more then the o- 
cher. TheProiedure of the "Plinthus fhall ftand abouc in another order of Columnes,making them like 
the lonica order j but if the place be beneath vpon the ground,ihcn the Pfoicclure fhall be like the Dorics 
order. Alfo,according to the place where the Bafes fhalbe placed ,fo the woikeman mutt adde or diminifh, 
as is before fayd: for as thefe Bafes ftand beneath the fight, it will ftand wcllj but if it bee placed aboue the 
Cgh t,then all the places that are vfed by the other mem bers.with their fcucrai diftances , fhall be made grca- 
ter.thcn by this rule is prefcribed. And the higher they be let, f© much the lefle and fayret feeme the 
members t herein the workeman 0/ the Rotonde was well aduifed, for that hee made the &d>? aboue the 
firft ftory within,with two Scotics, but yet with one AfeagaiUlon« ; . in fteadof two. 

Bmxx i i' H '** 




coUk)fin^ ^Trcchihs 

The fourth Bboki^ 

Tl^eriuaticn oftbe CapitallCojintbia^as 
from a ipapD of Cbjitityia : -but foj tbat Vi* 
iruuiusia ins fourth JBmlseanDfirtt Chapter 
Dcfcribetb bis petpgree, fchercof 3 toill not 
trouble mp felfetofpcahe of, thus much 3 -toill 
fop : 3K a toojfeeman ban a STcmplc to mafecfoj the 
nairgin Mary, oj anp other faints tbat tocre ®ir» 
0tns,ojl&oufes oj&epulcbcrsfozpcrfons ofhoneff 
life anb cbitucrfatton,thcn a man might We this ma* 
Mr oftoojSc. SEtje bctijSjt of tbis Capitall fljall bee 
lifae the tblefenefTc of the Columns bcloto : the aba* 
ras tbcfeutntb part of tbathefgbt ffl)f the rett t$cce 
ftjalbe tbjae parts maoe : oucfo: the leaues beloter? 
theotherfojfbeleauesttitbemitiDlej anntljc (aft 
fojtbetBolutes,as toeroap call them.i5utbettoeine 
the (Solutes ano ttje mtoDlrmoB teaurs, tljcte is a 
fpace tcft to the letter leaues, from tl)c tobidj tbc 
Rotates greto. SCbe Capital! marfeebB.t&all be8 
tmDemeatb like tbc Columne aboue : tanner tbe & 
baeos, there is a Cinthamabe, tbe height tobereof 
(ball be halfc the abacus : of inbtcb abaca e, tbjfii 
parts being mase, one fijalbc fo; the Cimatte toittj 
tbelliffs, anDtbereffrojtbepiintbns. anorrthe 
foure comers of the abacus, tbje grcnteC Solutes 
are matte; anb in the mibolc of the abaeus,tbcre is a 
floiner as great as the abacus is t^tcfec, tinoccthc 
tobttb the leatt Solutes ujalbe mabr ; tmocr tbc grca* 
tell, anDalfounoertbefmallc4x3Jolntes,tbemiaDlc 
leaues fljalbe fe t,be tto&nc the lwt>icl) the leafi leaues 
(hall gro Id cut , ana out of them tijc Clolntcs fpjiug- 
3£be mioblemofl, ano alfo the tonoennott leaues, 
(ball each be 8. in number, ffanbingbctiijeniecacb. 
other, as tbe figure C. fhetoetb 2Ehe toibenette of 
ttje abacus, from pojnt to popnt, ujalbe tluo SDia- 
meters of the Colnmnes beloui : tehicb SDiameiec 
fljalbe piano in a 4. fquar c, <t a Circle Djaisne fom> 
out the fourefquare, tebicb Ojall touch tbe foure coj> 
«ersjtb*n,linthoattbi$greatcircle,anoiher foure* 
fquare being uraoe, anb ocuioeo in JDiagonall, tbat 
is, croffe#H>tfe,tbDfe lines mill fbeto to bettco 2Dia* 
meters in lenjjth(as Vicruuius teaebctb.) 25ut from 
the line B. C. pou Ojallmafec aperfit STrangtc; 
anbbpon tbe eojner X. fhallbc toma&c bollototbe 
Abacus: from the fpaccs, bettoeene tbe great Cu> 
tie anb tbe f tnall,t&ere ftalbe foure parts m aoc, one 
part Qjal refit aboue A. anb tbjeef&albetbus taften 
atoap : tbe one foote of the Compeffe being fet Upon 
X.tbe other upon A. training about from B. to C. 
inhere the erahefi tine fljall reach on the tluo Goes 
of tbe SCriangle, there fljalbe tbe termination oftbe 
corners of the Capitals. SCbe example is in the ft" 
sure D. in tbis mancr . SCbe abacus foall come in 
9 «rp«notcolar,totth, the gltatbug oftbe S5afe. 

S » 7"-* « 

Thefeuenth Chapter. Fo!, 45 

limes tbuK* 

r * Cimatt'e. 

abacus-] , 

C Caulicule 
j ieffening 
* leanes. 
C- fipiooie 

A tanoermoU 

■ . . - 

abouBo * 



Of the Corinthia 

Tftu^a tbe 0tcbftrawe, J* r*fe anu Cornice of 
tbeCojintbia,88 3bsae fapb in ttje beginning 
of tine Chapter, Vicruums fettftb oclrnc ho 
mcafucetbewof,aKbonebbcrettctbbotone tbe 
caiginall of the ^utiles , tobicb map bee maoe m all 
mencr of Co;ntccs, as foec fee in antiquities : bat to 
pjocceo ojCf rip ana not Co leaue Vicruuius tojitirtg ta> 
mocb, 5 toill fet the ojnament s of Jontca in this Cbap* 
ter,aboing thereto tbe 9ttragall in tbejawbitrauf,ana 
an Ccbinns bnbec t|e Ccotone , as fome 3rcb-3rcbi> 
ttcts in Kotne bane bone. &o H fay , toben tbe arcbu 
iraueismaDeasit ffancetb bv tbe Jcntca, briber the 
mioblemoS i*acie,tbere Ojall be an 2flragalt maw of 
tbe t pgbt part of tbe fame jFacie,ano fmoer tbe topper* 
mod jFacis alfo,one of § epgbt parts of tbefapD jfarie 
feaongbt toitb teab, as pou f be : after that , toben tbe 
jFreefe Is fet tetib tfce Cimatie, anb thereto tbe SDeh< 
ticnies toitb tbe Cimatie, tben f on mntt place tbe C* 
cbineaboueit,of farbbeigbtastbe EcB .faciei*, tbe 
tobicb. Initb tijepaotectnres anoctttttng0,(%allu^etD 
0103c tycn tbe oitbDlcmofl Jfacte: aboue tbeCcbmc* 
pen matt fet tbrC03cra,Cimatie,arbJ&tmH, as it is 
fap&tn tbe Monica ®?bcr> 

$£Dme MomiQ) tooafetmett , paocejoing toitb mojc 
boitx twffe, bane not onelp placeb ©cbtnes abone tbe 
SDtnticntaMntalfo maoe futile* anbSDentilcstO' 
getbcr,w one Comkr, tobicb is macbconbtmneD bp 
Vitruuiusin bis fanrtb S5cofee,anb feconbCbaptcn 
foa tbat tbt SDentilcs repjefent rcrtaine tetb, bp 
Vitruuius calico 9 fieri, ant) tbe ^ogDil ions are fo? tbe 
fuppojting of of bcr enbs of tooob, by thefapD antboa 
calico Cantcrp : tobicl; ttoo bins of bcames' map not 
ttano together in one place 5 anb 5 , foa mp part, cooto 
nencr cnfitire EDcntilcs ano ^utiles in one Cojmcc, 
altboagbKome abonnbetb therein, anotoiners places 
of 3ta!palfo:bnt paoc6Ding0?Detl?tti tbistooafee,s| 
flnDagenerallrale,tbatls,tbat tbebngbtof tbeCo* 
lomnrg initb ffiafe s anb Capitale,fbalbe benioes in 4. 
parts, tobereof one ts gioen to tbe 0rcbttrane, fftate 
anb Cornice, anb forb a betgbt agrertb toitb tbe kxtjit 
ca: tbe fowtb part fibjalbe Deuioeo in 10. parts: 5 , Ojall 
be foa tbe flrcbitraae, a* sfojcf apt), 3 . foa tbe ftttU 9 
anb 4. foa tbe Cojnice, JBnt of tbofe 4. there are 9, 
parts maoe , onefljnllbce foa tbe Cimatie abooe U>e 
iFrtefe, a. foa tbefficbine toitb tl)s lift, 1. foa tbe ®w 
tiles tottb tbeir Cimatie, 2. foa tbe Co;ona,anb tbe 2 . 
laff parts foa tbe &ima,tott b ber Cimatie, tobicb (ball 
be tbe fourtb part of tbe frima. Cbe )B)oiect of all 
Cballbeasafoaefapb : pen map alfo maftetbts flrcbi- 
% trane,i^rttfe anb Coanice^f tbe firQ part of tbe beigbt 
of tbe Columns, as Vicruuius faptb in bis Gft IBa/be, 
anb fettenn) Chapter of tpe SLbeater , 


' ' ' ■ ' ' I 


' " • , " ' 

. ■• - 

ViQ I 


The fourth Boob; 

tlieeyglit Chapter. Fol, 4 6 

Tl9e leaning of tr,e Gthintbia Columtte 
fball be maBr,asit Us fajb of ttje ottjer:anfl 
alto thereafter as the fccfgfetis.but of 16. 
fbotc CotMicU'nrfcu: it ftaibeUffcnco aboue 
the firt part, bp the rule afdjcfaiB: ano if it bee 
ftrikcbcf? rbandtb , tljcn pon flmil mafee it like 
tl)e jonfea; bat from tt)e ibito part ncthcrtoarDs 
tfoc earning 0; bollotomg fuall be full,as pen fee it 
in the jhgnre on ti)e Goes. Jibe Colons is taritb; 
out$iutttes,tobercof tbe 2rcf)itratie is balfe ttjc 
ColamncstbicHcncffe: tbeifrafcfcj that it is 
«t,is tbe fourth part mojetben f> 2rcbi£rane:anc 
tbeCojnitc toitbont tbe Cimstie of the JFreefe, 
is as bigb as uje 3rct;ittaac : tbe beigfji of alt tm 
Berber is f cmerubat leffe tbert ttje 6ft part of t&« 
Colnmne: nettcr(^eleHe,if tbe pjoircturs of tbe 
Cujona bee toell mabe , iben it toill fbeto (0 bee 
M gbcr tben it is , afiD fliatl bee leffe toapgrjt Dpon 
the bailDing: tobcrcfo je.tbat tbe (fetlfni toojarnar; 
map cbufe out tljofe parts , tbat btft feme bis 
ib&tt,jmt be map not t tr«o Viwuuius Doctrine, 
anD trje goco Antiquities, tobtcb men, bp his to?l» 
ting , attmctolicgc- if bp anp accioent tbis Co- 
lamnc ban neea or a pjopojtionec j3cD?Qal,being 
not let bp anp occafionjtbcngpjopatfion thereof 
ftalbe tbns: tbe b;ebtb ffiatbe octuoeD in 3 .parts, 
tob ereof 2 . parts (ball bee f ? tbe fcticrljt, tbat is, 
one fourth parts, anoa. t^irs parts, (| mcane 
tbe flat) tptjieb beigbt (hall be oenioet) irr 7.partst 
one foj tbcJEafts, cnefojr trjeCoznice aboue, 
iBljichfljalltnallbe^. part>,p}opojtioneDacco;* 
Ding to tbe Column r.: but of t&c particular mcm> 
bcrs of thcBafcs snD Cojitites, J toilthcrciftxr 
lhefomo3%tottbrome amenities , inhcreofmen 
map take frtb rmafati as (ball belt ferae their 


Of the Corinthia 

ASBong of her Antiquities of tbe Cojint&ia,tobicb are fane in Italy, 3 t&infce tfje $a;iibe en of Rome, an» the flrcb 
triumphant, at tt>c $ancn of Sncona , are tbe fapjeff ano bed to be fane : of fabkb. 9rch 5 the Capital! hereunder 
market) A. is toitty great care pjepojtioneD after tbe great :to&frbbttgfotis contrary to tbefcmting of Vitruuius: 
ncucrtbclcffcit bao g coo co^refponocncicif it may be,that V itruuius tneantthaf tbefeefght of tbe Capital! ftonlc 
be one Colomncs tfjtcUenctTc iuitbottt tbe abacus i s but tbe tert herein isfalfifieD, foj than bauenot onelpfonnD this 
Capital!, bat others mm of fuel) piopo jtion . 2Cbe Colnmnesbereof are cbanelcjMs it is IbetoeD here : the ^eBeQalU 
toitb tbe ffiafc bpon it,i»a member of tbetame 0rcb, a!fo pjopojtiotien in tbe Cmall : "tbe Cojnice hereunto aDOeB, bias 
fonno at Al fora tranficorio in Rome: that marfeco loitb A. is beru banDfome, to} a Cojintbian Cojnfce tottbotst $togr 
oilionjJt CiatmatiKDtoifbB. is a little fa#er } bnt that toitbC. is tl)etonbanofomeff,beraafe of t^t Double parts,tr||ic$ 
btiae nogooo grace from the Cojona oatonetuaros : ana alio, to; tbat tbe Cojona, upon fo muefc Cojntce, bath to (malt 
pjoicctorc. SEb* ffiafe of the ^eOefiall marhco D. in mv opinion* is toerp far?c,anb alfo tbeliBafemcnttoifb E, 
f tbinfee batb bane a thing th at batb. continues in fome buito ing: tnbich things, altoseth t r, men map applie to tbe ojoec 
of Co?infl)ta;anBintbejo«ica3t)aaetonetbclt5e. CbeSrcbttrane V. is in Ve.ona,manarchtrpumpbasrt,tobtcfe 
jfaetes flanoetij contrary to Virruuius fojiting; pet J bauefcttbem hereto fbetofntb oifierencs. 

The Fourth Booke. 

The eyght Chapter. Fal.4.7 

Or the Corinthia 

Of fte Boo:eg of Cojinf l)ia toojfce, Vitruuius fpeakctb noting at all; bat 1 Drill fpcafec of tlje Stotiquif if t W& 
arepettobefani:. ffibic<Eate8>ooou:ttiaikc& S,T. tsatTmoMpon tbettinerof Auiene,in a raunb SEenv 
ple,maBe after tbe Cejmtbiamaner, tufcicb ooojc is If flimeb aboue the gpgbt/cmtb part* ^ b ^Sbt w abene,i ♦ 
4. flares: tbc rett of tbe member 8 arc pjopojtioneo aftir tb« art at. SHje toinDoiD T . anb X. io in tbe farm STern » 
ple,anMr8enfDabouc!tl»etbeos>}e: tbejMaflcrg ojantipagmentHmarcaUpwojtiontOjtobicbamanmapfinO iaitb 
tbe Compallr. 2Tbc Ocd;c foUototng,mart«b P, Z. is ttjat fif tUc |0«Mhtt>n in Romcalfo Coaintfeia tootfe* tobtcb ts 
20. ancient Walmeo b?oafc tbe bright 40. anDttisfasMbattbeantipagmettfamts allot onepiete,an»3a!iobaw 
r«ne no otber. «be antipagmentum of Crjis eooae is the bjtWb of tbc 8. pacta of tbe Uabt tbc«Df,anD in tbe Qocc it 10 
sf a gooB tbitkme*. HBat foj tbat poa cattnotfe tbe firlf ,uritbetrt telng a part of the Qoe0,tberefoje tt (cemerb to futb 
as lotto on it,to be fcoaoec tb«n in effect it is. 2no tbia ooo?e,betaufe it is fo high , comes in prrpr n6icnlar,ano is not 
leETcneb as tbc otber afojtfapfi: all the otber members are pjopotfionct) accojemg to tbegrfatnetfe. Sibc 5Bafe abuse tbc 
^atc,t0libttbatof flatColumnes aboue tbe 8raB?OBr,tobtcbSbaueret bourne bptrjc<*o}intbia. 

The fourth Bbolce. 

The feuenth Chapter. Fol . ^ 

Of the CorJntkia 

T^t 6oo?c be re unucr fet ootonr, is at Pa1eftina,ano is Cojinthia: the foiseneffe is 2 . fottrefqusres : tifo Sntepag* 
nuntnm 01 the gilafler ts b?cao the fijet part of tfje ttribenes, Drusoeo in nraner afcjefaiD. adjc £>opbo?eoj jF refc 
is the fourth part tnsie rfce n the 8>upercilie. Cb.e Ccjona ane the reft, are Ufee the a>rjpercilte, feuioeo as pott fa; 
in the figure. SCbe ^jotbDjioes 02 anccnes,tpitb that tobicfe is tipon them, bang fo fliftbtlj? oj lfl)feli,as pou fa. 
SCbe frontifptcteis maoe,asin the ojoer of £>8Jica,intbe fecono facie, ts fapo. 


' 1 . 

The fourth Booke. 

T lie eyght Chapter. FoL 4.9 

A ttbcltsl) ttji* Swe aiffcretti from all tfie otbf r,tljat f tier ?fato m aw aftttqmttMrur rttifctefc, ft is fcc.-v jjtea'liiS 
tottjeftgtit, atWflietoettjtorH: to'jictj SDcoje ts tuitljout Spblen, ab'oatfyatfe amiiett)ttl)bkittt)Ctof.t,Wanana> 
tnt 2C«mple,niRW cf fye Cdjintlna matter; of tbcp;opa?tion ario particular tttcmberSj J toill fat? rtoti)tn& fo? Ijce: thai 
ferftcfy nfcre,nrapfinb \t totty a Compairt. 

Qf Corinthia 

Ojt tf|U» ®wt of Cojintbta, tobicb is pleating bnto ail men, | toil! make most f ojts of tuilDtngs , f citing bourne 
omeg meruit roles, tofatiffittljoft ttjat tafce pleaforeto rraD tl)ts tDojbe : anbfo? tbat ancient ioojfccmen, in 
twice pafl, tbat befireb to make tbetr things UTonganbenerlattlng, matte pillars (tebirein tbe flatters are 
clofee) tobicb bears bptbe2rcbes of a great thicfeneffej foj tbatrfufc, Hje^ojefrontoj j^atieenfmng tjatb tbe 
pillar (that te,tbe fobole boop) as bjoab befo je as tbe twcmcCc of tbe flrct) t g ; but ttje tbufcneffe is i . fonttb part leffe. 
Ebc tbiefenrflc of tbe Colnnmre- Hall bee a firt part or fbe pillar. 2Ebc #itbes uetoanc tbe Colurancs are 2. Co? 
Inrrmestbitfeenefombjebfb; tbeirbeigbtts fometobat leOetben i.fontrfqnarcs STbefcetghtof tbe^Dtttalscf 
S.CclnrrmesrbifKneus. $%e\)si$bttit tbe arcblbalbemaoeofs.foarefqaareg. Ebcb^gbtoftbcCcitunncsfeittb 
JBaresanDCa»ifal8,fi)atbcp.parrs anoahatfe SLrjebjeotbof tbeartb aitl)tbapi!aSrre,ajalbecf balfeaColnrmu 
£Tt>c 3mpofi tobit bearetb tbe 2rcb , fljalbe of tbe fame fceigbt, want, in maner, Itfee tbat of tbc SEbcatsr of Mareellm, 
m the £>;m of ponies : tobitrj jntpoQ (ball ferae fo? a Cornice abeme tbe titm : but tbe tjcigbt of tbe a®]* fbalbemabe 
tbns: ©nocrtbe fapoCojnuc/tije^upercUicajalbeaKo maoeoftbelifeebet?btj attttfrOmr&encebotonetoarDsibjrre 
fbalbea.tqaall parts maDetotbe&tav?css tetjertof, one (Tiaibr tfjE bjr^b ct tbclia^anoHfestoifetbcCojntceof tbe 
tmtt, as tbe cpea, flail come toifb tbe foinbotoes, anb tbe Cimatie of tbe pocffall fljal I alfo come in like fojt bnaer ty* 
lointiolocs. ^eligbtofujetDtntiotDeslbalbetakmSDiagonaUioiCe: anDtbeaatepagmemrttnafirtirarioftbeligbt. 
Sbsparticnlarmsmbere of tbepebeQall, SBafe anb Capita s tea' be made, as in tbefirflpattof tbis ®flet it is favo. 
SlbonctbeColamnee^eartbirrfloej^reEfe anb Cornice fealbefrMcaioeb in faebmaner as « fijetocb in the begin* 
ning. JCbefeeigbtoftbe feeonD&tojpHwlbeafonrtbparttelctbentb^firtt, ans all the members leSemoaaojBUtglp, 
aspoaataptatanamcafore it inrrjefignrt: tbe eteuation abanc tbig | iltemc not fo? a tobole fetojp, bntmacbloUt' 
« : % hiigbt thereof isasmncbas tbetoisenefl* of tbe a«b bclotoj anb tbe Cornice tobubferaefyfojarcbitraae, 
ano i^reef eAalbe tbe firt part of tbe beigbt of tbat fetoip; tobttij meafares poa map tabs from tbe Capitall E 1 ?ica : ant 
to? mojc 2Djnmnmt,a man map fet a ipatttgies abouc : bat f erring it in tbe miosis, it looalD bar Dtp agree toitb £be t too 
fmaUabeoe tbe ^icbes, bnieffe it ran t onnb, tober ebp tbe toojke ujonlo be changes, ano (beta better to tb« &gb t 



. »*■— — *— TBi 

The fourth Bboke. 

The eyght Chapter. Fpt.-jd 

jf5 2 


Of the Corinthra 

\¥ 7/ $en a foojkewan toill bails a Cemple, tbe bigbcr tbe groano o? ^auement is eleuate&, io macb Satclr ?r t&e 
VLr baitoragtoUl ujcto,fo2fo rigbt ancient foojbemen haae Done, altbongbtbeplrfeD ottjer fojmcsof SEcmpIcs, 
" macb Different from tbis bere f c t Dotonc:fo j tbep mane a bob? alone , bat toe?, tbat are £t>Mim s, mafee onr 
SEcmptes in tbjee par ts,fett ing one pact in trje mioo!e,anD 2 . parts on tbe Goes : an d tometimes tbe Cbappels 
aremaoetou^at tbe fiDcg,as pen fain the gronnD, Crjetoibcnefle of tbis i^acteftjatlbe of 32. pacts; one lobercof 
fljalbe £ f bichnes of a Celnmnc: tbe raiooicmofi inter>Columnrs fball contains 7. parts : tbe great etc inter<-Columncs 
on tbe fides (ball bee 4. partsanoan balfe. &beinter<Columnetoitb rijc^ubefljaltbe a.pacts:am>fotbe 32. parts 
ftalbe Dittribntcts. 2Cbc 3rcbes tottb tbe flatters fljall be Ijatfe a Columns bjoab : tbe UriDeneOe of tbe 2>a>?e fljalbc 
of S.partgantianbalfe: tbebcigbt o(»ttt)nDertbe0rc&isas bjoaoas ttjc 3rcb, Cbefcetgbtoftbe 
JBeoeaall US3. parts: tbtbcigbtof tbeColumnejtoitbCapitallanDSBafes, tap. parts anbabatfc, fCbe 0rcbttrauc, 
jfcaftanoCowicefbalbe tbe foartb part oftbebeigbt of tbeCoUmuws:am)fofoj tbepar titular member* ano parte 
retting, tbe fieff rnlefbalbeobferneo, 2$etoin8otoes,#icbesanbotbcr o;naments,amanmapconceaae mtbefigare 
ano meafnre, 2E$e fecono Oojic Ojalfae a foartb pact fljo ?t cr ttjert tbe firff , anb all tbe members IcffeneD aao?oinglp : bat 
tbe artbitraue^reefct Cornice, Ojalbeplaceo in 3. equal! parts, as 3 fapo of tbe otber. Cbc^attigiesftalbemaOe. 
a* VitruuiusbatbfteU>cDinn>o;t>eror Dojica, Ctiei. Goes tbat Carta foj b?autffpittg anobpbolDtag, (ball beetfce 
fsuttb part of a Circle, tobercof A. anoB. is tbe Centers anbaboaeeatbawb tbat pactetb tbe Cbappels,a man map 
fetfafbtbings^bitbtoillbeagreatbpbolbing to tbe mitolcmott Ujo;fee,anD alfo along Upon tbem, tbe toattr mag fall 
te om t|e bppermott roof e to tbe netfcwmoff . 


Die fourth Booke. 


ie eyght Chapter, Fol.Ji 


TDe bcnfofttg of ti»is tuoskc cnfulng ftalbe tbne, t&at tbe pillar fljaibe fljc tftfrU part of tbe foteeneOe of ttjc arcb, 
bHttbetbuterieffeof tbeflrtpart: tbetbitteneffecf tbcColumneaUoasmacb. 2nbcbetgbttoitbl5aream>Ca* 
pitatof ten parts ano an Ijalfe: t^e arc^,pi!afler,anD impoftof tbe balfe Colnmne; tbe meafnre of tt>e impofta 
man map tabs from tbc E>onca Cbapter,altering tl»e members: tbc fame fijail atfo fcrue fo i a Cornice abene ■ tbc 
aao?e,ano foj fnppojtlng of tt>e toinootoca abone tbe fteps: tbe beigbt of tbe arc b (fo? fometiraeg t>pon occaCon,a man 
Bullbefojceotobatteitro lotoagponfee) (ball be of 3. parts in tbe b?et>tb,aTiD j, in beigbt: ano tbe oaje alio fliall bane 
tbe fame pjopojtion. %\)t antepagmentum fball be tbe fitf part of tbe ligbt* and if tbe tonjteman tsill mate tbe teiett 
of tbeartb of Doable p?opo?tion,tbeooo;ealfotoill be of fucb proportion: bnt tbeColnmnes ajoulomsoagreatffone 
fcnoer tb JBafe* toitb tobicb things ancient uwtemen bolpe tbemfetues. 2Ebe be isbt of tbe arcbitrane, # rafe,ano 
Cojnice are of 2. Cotumncs tbufeeneSe,as it is fail) in tbefirfE part of tbe rales, 0? (n maner of fome antiquities afo;e- 
fcetoeo. 3n0 fo? trjat tbe fpace bitter tbe 3rdj to tbe foller, tofjic^ t* enen toitb tbe flat of tbe Cojnice, Bjoulo be too great 
to mate croffeU>irc,in fact) cafe nip abufce fbouto be,to mate an arcb rigbt bxt>in& tbe Colamne, ano to mate eacb fparc 
tettletoife,asponf«in tbe grenno. SCbebcigbtof tbefecono Qojpfbalbeone^part leffethtntbefirMcttiDeDin tbus 
tnaner: tbe pactum fball bee as bigb as tbe tbicteneffe of ttoo of tbe lotoeft Columncs, anfi from tbence bptoaros ftall 
tomaoc $. parts ,one fa? tbe arcbitrane, ^rafe ano Cbjntce, and 4. f°J tbe Columnes;tbe arcbra toitb tbe pilaftew 
fcallbeof balfeaColnmncj ano fo? tbe reft, pon fball oWeruc tbe generall rule ; ano if tbe jfaciefranostbin anp place 
o) martet, as it is fljetot bv tbe tointeto o; fbops, if totll be eafie ano comelp to mate leaning abone tbe bppermott 
Cojnice: bnt fo? fafety from ra?ne,fnoto,anD froff,abone all otber things, it fijall bee reqniflte to mate a roofe o; pauc« 
in«ntb«Udofebanoleaiiin5foatoarD,becanfe of tbe toatenbutittoill befacer,if it becoaereo toitb leao^artoaitboagb 
oboe t»o?temen conoemne ano fbmt tbe letting of a Colnmne in an emptie p!ace,tobirb 5 alfo commeno not, neucrtbe* 
UflVoitbat 1 bane fane t,be lite matter topon tbe posticus of Pompcy in Rome, bnt maoe after tteSDojkatromer, 
tfcwfoje 3 bane pMomtfto (et tbe ute,if ft map feme an; mm turns. 

The fourth Boofe. 

le eyght Chapter, Fol.p 

Of the Corinthia 

F£D? tbat tbe Vcnctiai»,m tbeir builomgs.tife mucb Co:intbiatoo?be,an6alfo manptomBotoea situ $ositiMs,rbEE e» 
foie I bane mabe one ^ere,to^iitl> is fall of toinootocs « poo turns, t bane alfo maoe ^tojp Upon &to}P,tobtcb is mejg 
tommu Dions fben bearings ont ano leanings oner are, ano tbe bmioing toill bane a better fbeto; to? tbat all tbe things 
lubici) a man map fit tottbin, tnill be famelp. SEbe Compcrtition of tbfa Ifacte (ball be tbos : 2Ebe bjsotb fbalbe oent> 
oco in jo. parts, ano one of fbofe parts fljalbc tt>e tbiefcneffe of a Colnmne : the miooiemoft Snttrcolnmnes fljalbe of 
4. but all n)e red of 3 . anD fo tbe 30. parts fbalbe oifttibuteo. Cbe betgbt of tbe Colnmnes fbalbe of 10. parts f a balfe, 
toinj ISaits ano Capitals* SDbc arcbUraue, .frfcfe ano Cornice ftjall, togetticr, be n)e fift part of tbe beigbt of tbe C«» 
tomnes. £bc members fbalbe oeupoeo, asafojefapo. acbcltgbtcf tbe Wtnootoes area Colanmeanb a balfe toiot, 
alltajaerpenoicnlar from tbe top totbebotfome: but tbe befgbtof tbcfirtt totaoatoesareof 3. parts bjoao, ano 4. 
btgb : ano ttjofc tbat fball ff ano bpan tbem, bane tbeir bcigbt in SDtagonall maner. SEfee toioeneffe of tbe SDeoje fbalbe. 
of 2 . Colnmnes : ano tbe betgbt 4- 2Ebe Sntepagmtntnm, tuitb tbe ^nperctlie, i^r&fe, ano Co;nice,(balbe Oenfoeo, 
asitisfapo of tbeotber befoje: anofo fball tbe Cornice alfo of tbe &»?e be, as tbe toinootocs beloto are. SEbefecono 
&to?r fbalbe lotoer tben tbe firft tbe f onrtb part : but tbe leanings toitb tbe Balnffers being maoe, as bigb as a torn* 
ootoiabjoao, tbe reft oftbe beigbt fbalbe ocnioeo in 5. parts: one fo; tbe Srcbitrane, frd-leano Cornice, ano tbe o» 
iter 4. foj tbeColmnnes, tortb3!5afcs ano Capitals. SCbe&eigbtof tbetoinoatees fbalbe of a. fonre&iaares: toitb 
tbe reft of tbe fi> warrants, pon matt ooe as ] bane fapo of tbe like : ano alfo tbe £>© je of tbe <MI c rp fbalbe line tbat be* 
loto. SCfce tbitD fetojp fbalbe Icffeneo moje tben tbe feceno one foortb part, ano eucrp member paopojttonablpi onelp, 
tbebeigbt of tbetomootorcMbep fbalbe of 2. foursquares, ano ratber btgb" tben lotoer, becaufetbebeiejtofitfelfc 
letfcnctb: Sibeeteaation alfo intbemioote, fbalbe tbe fonrtb part leffeneo,as it is fapo of tbeotber. sctje arcbitrane, 
ftm fe ano Cornice are tbe foartb part of tbat beigbt. &be i^afiiginm fbalbe maoe, as it is fapo ef tbe &>ojica Cemple : 
and if there rcmapnetb otber meafnres, you matt altoapes turne to tbe firft rnle. $?ttnnoer ] toil! fef no flat grennot 
fo? tijc ^erfpecttucs of tbe<£alterwsfbetoall clearclp. . 

The Fourth Bo :>ke ; 

The eyght Chapter. Fol. 53 


A§> 9 ^aucatoffjectttmg fa^tM tJ)e toojfecwanCjaUIiaKECotummK inotD,fautpptfo8)ojt , tbatfomoHies 
th?? toill not fern? fete turne,tm!£U"etheinaufrrie ano canning of the toojlscman bee focb, tbatbecanbelpcbim* 
feifetfcereuntb. 2Ebcccmpofmcnof tbtsjfacic Ojallbee thus, that thctor^cnefTe of anflrcbfhallbeof Double 
height in tooth: the jaillar frail be half « tbe fame totbeneffe before: bat that pillar being mabe in tb?« parts ano 
an haJfc,cnc part thereof fbalbe tbe tbicfeenefleof one Colutwne : S3be inicr>€o!umnc of a half e € olumne: anb fo much 
alfo tbe ^Matters ano tbe 3rcb holb. scbe height cf tl;e peeeBals, isitbont tbe pm tbns bnser them, fbalbe » much 
e s tbe tobole b?ec th of tbe platter , the members being oeuioeo , as 3 huue f ago of tbe peoettals sf Coaintbta, Cb* 
bcicijt o f tbe Columne, liritb JSafcs ano Capitals Ojalbe of 1 1 . parts,ano that fbal not therefore be falfe,fo? it if fet faff 
en a ttone,mo?e fo? «?nament, then fo? topboloing of anp taught. «be height of tbe arcbttraoe, JFr&fer anb <£o?nice 
(ball be made pf tbe fourth part of the Columnes , anb in JBcrpcnbicular tbe Columnes (ball beare out all the m embe r» 
biitbout tbe Cojena o? Cima,tobicb toillgoe right'tbioash tottboot croo&ening; fo? goob Antiquities of t d to Doe fo: ana 
«r4i»4w* alfo, the light of architecture tnouragr,maoefucbat}onfcmHome, cat|eQ£cW«r«. 3Ebe unbeneue of tbe 
Offijc, foatbc of fourc Columnes tbirl^ncfle-, anb tunce as high- 2tbeantepagmemum,e>apercilie, ano f teste, fhall 
bee mace fo, tbat tbe Counters-, fobub bpboto tbe Cclnmnes, fliall ft rue alfo aboue tbe tcoje , anb alfo ouer tbe totn« 
soiree. Che toiDrneffctobereof fljall beeof th?« Columnes tbrcfeeneffe, anb tbe height of fine. She fecenb §J>to?p 
(ball be IctJc then tbe firff ,tbc fourth part : but tbe fobole fecigW being Qzuitx* in 6 . one Bjall be fo; the JBobtutn , fonre 
fo? tbe f paces of tbe tarinootojes, anb tbe other fo? tbeflrcbifraue,iWeanBCojmce, benioeb in fnebmaner, as poa 
fljall fee it in tbe ojDcr of Compofita. ST be urioenefle of the toinDotors are tn prr ■■ xnaicntar to the nettjermoff; ano 
the bjeotbtU>icc in the height: tberettoffbeo?naments,astoin&oB*sanb#ictes,ftalte bone as in this SomeatfSate 
is QjtlteD,U)btcb being lojougljt tout) tno?e iiuelymfJt anb flourifhings, mill bee- a Corinthian bjejfce, VCtye b;i Dtb of 
tbe Riches biith tbe pila(ters,fha!bem)3erptnfitcutar aboue t&eCotanws, but tbe Mceneffe thereof , being oetrineo 
in7.fuefhalbefo?one#che,ano 2. fo? tbepiaflers. SCbe height fbalbe o; j.bjeotbi 5,baaafeU)epttanefarre tram 
fight,U)hcrebp tbep(hctolho?ter. Ebe^iUarsabone the Co?mce are mabe fo? cement, ano alfofo? commobttie, to 
mafee Cbimncgi of tome of tjjem. 

The fourth Booke. 

The cyght Chapter, Fq!.'5|. 

Of the Corinthfa 

Things that ace maoe fo? common ft fc (altljoug^ tl>ep are places in all pjop c? t ion ano meafare) ace mncb comment 
ore i but not aomireo. flBut things that ace not ftfeo, if tbcp toerc made fo? fome caufes , ano tocll p?opo jtionra, 
(ball not onelp bee commenoeo of moll men, but alfo toonojeo at. this builoing folloftjing, tubicb xv 
P?efentetbaCemple,tballfirflbemaoe ofBrong mflicall maner, sspou fee, ano of nub fieigbt as the place ano 
Situation Kquircttjjbut it muff not be bigher tben 2 . mens lengtb t 3Dn tobicb flat 0? pauement,a man (ball goc t pon, 
beginning at the ttep A. ffanotn$teitbintbeentrie,ano going ftp to B. tben it Jfiall bee flat inhere tlje SDcmplc Ojall 
bauea bjoaa toalfte,toitb a leaning round about. Che tobicb SEemple (ball bee eleuateo from the toalbing oj ^suc> 
ment,tit! pou come aboue tbe height of tbe po fcitim,o? leaning, 3 . ffeps mo ;e: ano to come to that, pcu mutt goe bpon 
tbcffep C. to tbe flat D. tobicblbalbe tbe height of tbepooium,tottb another leaning, tobicb fbalbe higher then the 
Iflbxtf . ants from this flar,to the jpaucment of the Cemplc,tbe fapo tbias tteps fbalbc: the toiocneffe of this facie (ball 
be oenfbet) in 24. parts,ant> one of tbef e parts fljal be tbe tbicfeeneffe of the Colnmne. ffihe mteoiemeff inter Columns 
(ball baue 4. parts: thofc that ffane on tbe floes .inhere tbe tomootecs are, fhalbe 3 . parts: ano toberetbe #ubcs fbalt 
bc^ they u>all each oftbem bauea part ano an halfe, fo (ball the 24. pacts bee cittrtbutco. SCbefamc S>ttIdbato, as ts 
tBitboutattbepoetam, fbaU alfo becmaDeftnoertbeCclamnc-, of iDhicb^c3ettalUtbe height Without the piintbus, 
the HBafc fbalbe 3 .parts. SUbe beight of the Columnes, toitb ffiafes ano Capitals ,fljalbe of 3 . parts ano an halfe. %\p 
3rt'oitraoe#r«fe,anD Cornice, njatbe a fourth part of the Col umne,as if is fapb of others : ano the members alfo tie* 
nifieo in 4. fcjts > n)e toioeneffe of the ©ate fbalbe 3 . parts,ano the beight 7. parts ano ah ljalfe,tobi£i} is about 2. foure 
fqnares ano ah ijaifc: ano this is that bp reafon of tbe eillancc,tbep f eeimo tt)o jter to a mans figbt,tben tbefe that 
arebeloto* a^hemiDcncsoft&ctpinooftjes fbalbe one part ano anhalfe? but theheightfljalbeiiurjethcn 2. fourefquares, 
becaafe of tbe fapo ft)0?trmng< Cbe bjeotb of the iPtcbes ttja'.bc one part,a«n the height of 3. b?eotbs,fo? the fame rea* 
Eon: tbe ojber that the jPaffigium boloctb, fljalbe Itfee the JDeoeftal in height, snb the Cornice tbe fourth part of the fape 
beight: ano the other, tobere the l&ettell 0; iLanthome rifeib ftp, is alfo of tbe fame bciabUaibirb (ball be fo much moje 
then halfe roatrt),a8 the p?oicr t tire (ball couer the Cornice. S)n tbe 4. co?necs of tbe Ccmpl c, fo? the mo?e br aut if ping, 
you map mane 4. ^airamioes : the height tobercof (without the fetimen) (ball be as the epes are at the beginning of tbe 
f affiginmrano the ©ciiua libe the P attiginm : tobicb f attigium fbalbe mao z bp the like rule s,as ace fpohen of bef o?e, 
of the SDempte of SDo?ica. £njr parts ftnftec tbe 2Ccmplc,fljalbc fo? ccrtajne £D?ato?tes, cailco Confcfftonels, tobereof 
3bauefenemanpftnoerfl;ebigh altar. 


The fourth Boofce. 

The ey-ght Chapter- ¥o\.f$ 



AiLtJjimgb in rbcfs onr Dapes,tnen mafte no arcbcs acrpumpbant of garble efot ofljec ff6nes,nenertbeicile, tebeu 
anp great perfonage entered into a SEotone, t bep bfe to make arcJbrs trp; nmpbanf Co; to Welcome bim Mi,tDbic0 
tbcp Tct in vije fap3ett places cf tbe 23o tone aoomco an& painteD in mofl curious mane t ♦ Cberefoje, if pcu unit 
snake an arcb after tfteCojintbiamaner, tt)ep?opo?tionantimeafure$albe,tyat tbe ligbt (ftalbe of ttoofoure* 
fqnares,ano one firt part : tbe tbufeeticffeof tbeColiwmesftaUtictbc y.pnrtof tfcetntorncireof tlje ooo?eo; ligbt: 
$3bc beigbt of tbe pe&efials fljalbe of tbj « Co lumnes thicks : ano tt)e beigbt of ttjc Columnc ftjalbe often parts ano an 
balfe. 'f:bcCpiftiUe,&opt)Dic,3nD'jro;tiicc,artto5etbcrtbe fourtbpart oftbebefgfet of tbe Colnmne : anD fofrom 
tmoertbc atcb,tobnocr tbe 3rcbitrane,tbcre (ball bang a role of ttoQCoinrnnestbicteneus in height, ano tbe IctTening 
thereof tonoer , itjalbe ej atone bp to tbe Center of tbe 2rrtj. JCoucbtng tbe particular members, as tyc peDt Cal,©a(c, 
Capital!, 3rcbttrauc,_f rvfc, anD Comiee,pou (ball obfrroc tbe rale befojefet ootonc : tbe bjcotb of tbe 3rcb,toiib tbe 
pi I alter ,8jaU>2 balfe a Colnmne. ECbe in t cr -Coinnm e mud be of a Column t anD an balfe. W. b e $icbes are a Columns 
'o;onD,ano tbe beigbt tbJ&,f o i a trancing linage to be placeD in tbctm 2Cbe beigbt of tbefecono o?oer (balbe maDe thus: 
lbeColutnneicitboutpeDeaal,%albefetin tbe bpper part in tbe Cornice in tb?ee parts, anooneof tljofc carts Sjalbe 
tbe beigbt: but of that height tberefljalbefoare parts maoe: oneffcalbe tfceCoiniee aboue -, tbeDtuiDingtohercof,map. 
be ojaume oat of tbe Chapter of JDojiea, altering tbe members. Cbe beigbt of tbe 5Baf es tf ano eleuatco aboae tyc 
Cornice tbe tbicfeenefle of a Colnmne belote ; ano that is, fo j that tbe pjeiectare of tbe Cojona Darkenetb tbe rett of tbe 
JlSafcsnethertoara. Sttje Cornices Iball giue out, as pun fee them in tbe insure. Cbe beigbt of tbe f attiginm Rjoli 
be maoebp site ot tie rules fetDotenc in tf$e2Dojtca. Efyis pjefcntjptgureooetbpattlprefembtethearebat Ancouat 
but let u) great rcnercncc, utregaro of Curb a loojfeejuan, 31 bane bjougbt. tbe meafur^s into one generall rule, trjat 
?ucr ? man map cafltp put f neb meafurc in Wc 

c * 

The fourth Boofce. 

The eyght Chapter- Fol.5# 

Of the Corinthia 

AfemutbasnefbrrqHhreo^bauerpofetnof Cojintbia} although, a man might fpeafee of ewers fein beg af c^is^ 
mcnfs.'btitittenafifalltofpeabcaf tbeojnammtof aCbuimep,becaufeof the Baf!pbfettjeKflf,fotbataman 
ti nnot bee foitbetit it : to? no' onelp in great, but alto m (mall Chambers mm bfe to make firs, to terc, in facb 
flraigbt places, the]? fet tof) Cfetmneves toithin thefoall, tobrreon a man map mafee tit set s ornaments after tbe 
Co;tntrjta roaner. SEut if pen mate them in ttt* fe?me,tbrn the mineneffe muff be tafeen,acr ojang to tfjf fifaation of 
fhe place: and the platter fijall be made of tbe firt part or the totDcneuY $ but of ttje epgbt pact the toojfee tetll be fee mp 
lpsr:thctobi*b f ilaffer o? airtepagmenfan, together fottb tfa£npercirinrn,ftallbeei)£mjteD like tbe Src&itraue 
of tbeCojintbta. ffbis^reefeaboue,becanft it is graucn,Q)albe macs a fourth part greater then tt>r ^uperciltcm* 
SEhe Cojnice,tDgetbcr toitb tbe Capital of the fl^utJea, fhall boia as much as the feuperriltunMno tbe fame betribei 
in tb? A,as it is f apo of the Cornice, in tbe Cojintbia. ti he bjettb of tbe $ntit es,o; anconcs (as toe fap) about, ftalbe 
Iifeetbe^tIafter,btttbenean),ti)ticbreael)ctbDofcntotbeopening,tbeptbalbc one fonttb part fmallcr; ano oncer tbem 
there bang out ttooleaues, aspoafeiu tbe figure: tubtebpjotectare (ball bee referreb totfrcpleafareof tbetoojfec- 
man. Co mafee o i leane the ornament abone, t^ec e ronfiff etb not much therein: anb this inuention thai fecne not one!? 
fo;.a<ICbitnneptobeantifieittDitbaU,but a!fofo;aboo;e,o?otb£rtbinge,anD tbe^rontifpicie thereon tofll agr&toetl 
toitb it, tobenponbfe ttfo?aooo?e. 

The fourth Bobfe. 

The teyght Chapter. PoI;§ I 


Of the Corinthia 

1$a9aUa> a great Chamber Nereis a great CbinmeereqnireD,pjopojtfotteB ncffliWna tofte bin**,* fk,t„i. • 
n*?'tbaittatcon«!*n«i thereto;^ ^ 


«ancr ? onaiaUaB03net&> m . a^fapein itebegtmiftigonkfftap^ 

fromamapMftfelEataie fC8sfe& 





The end of the Corimhia awncr of building. 


The fourth Boolce, 

Tkeyght Chapter. Fol.fS 

P 2 

The maner of ConipofitaBuildihg, with the Ornaments thereof, 

The ninth Qkaj-tter* . 


.LtliougHr^rwwwI'peakcth offouremanerofCoIumnes,asDorica, Ionica, Corinthia and 
I Thufcana,giuing hereby vnto vs almoft the firft and fimplc maner of ornamentsof Archite- 
cture: neuerthe!eflc,I haueadded one to the fayd foure,as (almoft,) a lift maner of Pillar ,com« 
' pofedof the others aforcfayd,moued thereunto by the autborjrie of Romanc worke, which 
we may fee with our eyes. And^ntruetr^the workemans forefight ought to befuch, that 
as occafionferueth,hc may make many things by thefayd fimplc and compound worke, refpedting both 
the nature and the fubied. And therewithal! the workeraan fometimes ftowhofe judgement many fub- 
icftsmay be referred) fhall be abandoned and left by Vitruum counfel , that could not conceaue alljwhere- 
by he fhould be brought into attraight,and compelled to do,as he feeth cafe: (1 mean ej for thatf//r«»/w, 
in my opinion,lpeakcth not at all of this Compofita , by foroc called, Latina,and by o t hcrs^I taiica ; which 
the old Romanes,peraducnturc, being not able to goe beyond the inuention of the Greckes, finders of the 
Dorica after the example of men ,and of the Ionica , refembled to women , and the Corinthia, after the 
forme of maydes,of the Ionica and Corinthia made a compofit ion, piecing the Volute ol the Ionica,with 
the Echino in the Capitall Corinthia; and thefethevvfed more in Arches tryumphant, then in any other 
things: which they did with good fote(ight,forthat they tryumphedoucr all thofe countries, fro whence 
thefayd worke had their beginnings; and fo they might well at their pleafures t as commanders ouer them, 
fet thefc orders together, as they haue done in the great building of the Romifh Colifeo. And hauing 
therein placed the 3 , ordets one vpon the other, viz, Dorica, Ionica and Corinthia, th^y placed Compo- 
fita aboue them all,w hich, by euery one,is called fo : although, as men may percey ue,thc Capitals are al- 
mofl Corinthia, But it was an excellent judgement, in my opinion, of them,t nat hauing placed this order 
inthehigheftpart of the Colifeo, which being farrc off from mens fight, men fhould haue feene, if they 
had fet the Architraue, Freefe and Cornice of the Ionica and Corinthia aboue the Columnes, thatfuch 
Worke, by long diftance of time, would haue prooued bad.* but placing theMutilesin the Freefe, 
they made the worke rich, and it holpe the Procedure of the Corona', and withal! , it wrought another 
effect, which was, that the Architraue, Freefe, and Cornice, feemed to be one Cornice alone , by meanes 
of the Modiglions that were fet in the Frccfe,f or that they feemed great, obferuing their proportion. 

I $ <£ ictgbt of tbisColumrte, Compofita, f&all, toitb SBafc ana Capitalize of 10. parts : trjc^Bafethall 
i be of balfetbe Columne tbtcBcneirr;anDitmallbeemaDeCo;intbta,U)it& tbemeafurefetDotonebp tbe 
' Cojmtrjta : anti tbts is pet fane in ttje (Pate of ttje 3rd) ttpurapbant of Titus , ano Vefpafian, in Rwnc 
^bb map makeup Columne 3 vc aneko- as you Dot tbe Jonica, ano fomctime lifec t^cCojinr|)ia,make 
tl)t 33 olut r s fomctobat greater ttjen the Caultrolt of Cojinfyia: to^ui) Capitall pou fee in tlje artfe afojc 
faptj, auo is fet t> oume bere in .figure: fo? tbe arcbitraue, free f c atto Corona , if it ft ant» farrc from mens figbt, tt)ett tbs 
3rcbifranE wall bee ass rjigrj as tfce Columne is tbtclte aboue: tbe f reefe,lBberein tbe ^utiles arr, Ml bee of tbe fame 
beigbt. snbe Cimatte of t be ^utiles (ball be of a firt part: tbe pjotct tor c of tfee •iQn tile 5 fbalbe lifcc tbe tjeigbt &$8 
rjeigbt of tfee CojonaVtoitb ber Cimatic, boloettj as nmci) as tbe 3rcbitrane,av>o tbat Benioeo tit 2. parts, one fball bee 
tbe Cojona,tbe otr^cr tbe Cimatte; tbe Jpjoiecturc tbereof, (ball be Itfee tbe tjeigtjt: an» ttjts is a common rule, altbougb. 
tbat in tbe figure cnfutng,marRcD C. poo map fee tbe members ano meafuresof tbat,f9bfrbi0tntf)e Colifeo afojc 
tape : am) fo; tbat tbis Columne is tbe flrnoereff of all otbrrs , tbs refpje tbe pec r Sail cugl) t to bee feeroe'ier then tbe 
reS,follotDing tbe common rule: trjc rjcigbi thereof Ojalbc a noublc b;eDtb,tbatts,flat,anoof tbat tjetgtjt tbjece fball bs 
f pgbt pacts maoe,one fo? tbe iBafc^anD one fo; tbe &cima : but of tbe particular members po u map tabe tbe erample 
bcreontbefioe, in tbe figure-, tobubjaltogctbe^arepjopojttoncu accajeing to tbepeoeffals of tbe afo?tfapt> 2rcb 
trvumpbant: ano fo, being a Columne of ten parts, tbe ptDiQall fballalfobe ten parts ttiit felfc, pjopojtioneD after 
tbe Columne, SwD altboagb men mabe all pc ocfi ate in perpenotcalar, p t in Athens, a moQ ancient SCotone, tbere 
arc fome, tbat are fametobat leOcneo in ttjc bpper part, tobub 3 bifcommenb not. 

The fourth Bookc. 

The ninth Chapter. F0L59 

Of theCompofita 

F©jtf)attmcientiDOjiJcment)aue!t)fct)-t)rocr*tmwng«of footfte, tijercfoje^toill not fit octane tboi'etljat arc beft 
Imotone ano compofeD, f oj ttjat tfce toojfetman map eljufe ont of tbem fact) as be tbiiraetb toill ferae bis turnc Lett. 
ELbeCapttaU&ereunoerfe^marfeeD T. iscompofeoof EJojicajjenieajamiCojintbia: tbe abacus anbCimatie 
is ©ojicaitbe Celine ano ^trifee, is Kenica: tbe afiragalanoaeaues,areCo3tntbia, as alfotbeS5afctoit& tbf 
ttao CbojusMsSbojica: but bp tije i . 6>cotif s, ano tlje aft"raga1s,as alto, becaufe of tbe beautifulneffe ttjeteof, it fijeto* 
>jtl} to be Co?intbia; tobtcb things are in Trcfteucrc in R©me: tlje Capitall X. ano a!fo tlje 15afe, arc of 2.fcinDs,§Dojica 
ano Co?int&ia. ffibe abacus of ifee Capitalistic, alto tbe J5afe,ie 3Do;ica-, but tlje 3i5afe,bp meanes of tbe 1 inelincffe of 
tbe icojbe,niap be natnco Cojintbf a,anD fo are tbe Jteaucs of tbe Capitall of €o?intbta: but f o? ttjat trje abacus is foure* 
fquate,ano all tlje other members roans: therefore goo (ball cat tlje Uofe bnoer tlje abacus in the*, tojners, as |?au fee 
it in tbe figure. SOjeCapitalt A. toitlj tlje montttousbejre, in place Of Canliculcs,ma|becaUeflCortipblIta,ant>l* 
in tbe Bafihcoeklforocranfitorio. SC^eflribesof ttjeColanme arc Different from others, as pou map fee them beftoe 
tbe A» SEhe 2Bafe X- is CompoOf a x ano is in Rome ; tbe Capitall is mare Cojin tbia, ano is at tlje 3 . Colimmcs, beOoe 
tbcCoUfce. SEbe Capitall C. iscompofeoof Jonica anDCojintbiajanDisinauflrcbtrpompbantm Verona. KU 
Capitall D. Isintbefame0rcb,onfome flatColumnes. Sbeiiafe Y. is Compofita, toitb tbeattragatoi, tobirb 
ttanBctbbpon tb.cbpp£rmoaEt)03as,an6isof flntiquitie inRome, 


The ninth Chapter, ¥oh6o 


Of the Cornpofica 

Y&a fee notnwnp fleets frpumpbant mabe of Compofita,ano tbe tnotf part arema&e of pieces, ta%en oaf of other 
builoings: ntuertbeieffe, fjantng fljeteeb a gent rail cole fo? f btm * tbmfoje 3 mill not fet Detent an? other inueH' 
tiortofC&tfrcesoftbatfeinoe;fQ?tbepjoutoentte^^ the 

indentions afojefapb, changing them mfoCempoGta. Kut 3 Will HjeIp ttoo ojwrs or Ctjimmj^ of cacti fojt of 
ftojbejtbe one tottbw tbettall, i % other toitbout. ■ Cbis Cbinwe^ tobttbfbonlo flano ckajie tuittyn tbe toail-if poo 
tnillmake it in a faiall place, the fright fbaibe no i)tgt)cr (^entoamahsi%onItiers,t^tamans^i(anD(igI)ttnaf nofte 
k butt b j> rbe fires anb the tmbcnefTe fbaibe atcojoina. to the bigneffe of tbe place toljerein it JboulD bee (tU . &be height bp 
to the artbitrane,fbatbe bemeeb in 4. parts, one flialbethc b^ebtt^ of the antepagmentum 03 t&epitaO« r , tojongbt in 
facb maner as pen fee it beere fet bitone. 2no in tbis Compofita, (bcc?a(e it is fraer then tlbe other) 3 bant mabe this 
^ilaSerberpmotbbifferingfcomtt)erett,nen«rtbeteae,tabinga part of this muenrion from a^anctentffooie,tobicb 
isat& lohndcLaterancs in Rome, 2Ctjc arcbttceucftalfas 0/ balfe tbe bjrotb of tbe flatters ; tbe Cimstieof tbe 
flirt part: tbe rcfl fbaibe brntoeb in 7. isbcreef 3 . parts lhalbe fo; tbe Srfi jPacie,anb 4. foj tbe feconn. Che attragaws 
rbalbe mabe of a balfe part, taken bettoec ne betb tbe ^acics. 2L be f refe , becanfr it te tut, fljatbe mabe tbe fourth part 
bigbertbetttbesarcbftraneitbeCojntceisfbe height of tbc0rtbitrane, a intern fbalbr 7.paftsmafteof .tti'j, fo^tbe 
Cunatiebnb(^eCo;onatanoonefo?tbeCimattetbereof. £.bea.tbaU<mame,arcfojtbe 
$eima-, and tbe ^jotectnre of all fbaibe like tbe height S5n t if po a make tbe ^tlafitr of tbe firt part of bis beigfjt, 
anb the other members biminifteo acco?binglp, it brill bemueb rtttjef&meif,anofpeciallp,iftbete0;kebee of fmall 
fojme. if o3t tbe ornaments about tbe Co2nice,pon ma? cbnfe iobetber pon toill mabe tyem 0; notjtbat ts ref err eo to tbe 


The fourtfi Bccfc. 



The ninth Chapter, Fohiii 

: i 



!^gg^ s^Ka^5isaesa:^ggs^sss=5ggs3gg^;rs 5g!: ^as^ s ggg a^ 5ggs5!asgas^g5SisasgB^ m5 


Of the Compofita 

A^anmap raafecot^fr ojnaments of Cbimne pes of tbi* Compofita toajke, f in btncrs fiwnws w tbi* , becwte it 
is mojelicenf ioBB tben tbr otbet manec of bni'bing: atn>fo? a changing of t!Je otbet fojme, poo maf alfo make tbte 
bv f bis rale. Che height of 'be atcbi rawe being of a reaf onablc mans fiatnte,pou (ball Deoioetbefame in 8. 
parts^bereofoneftalbefojtbebjEOt^of tbesiJotrigUonsojttoUes: Vitruuiu»taUetbtbem^)otl)Wii)C8. W$t 
bcigM of tbe peoettal fbalbe as bigb *s i ? tbci> tcere to fit bpon. Cbe ojocr abone tbc ©obiglions, totjidj fcoloetb no 
niScatalUOjatbettoooartsanDan tjatfeof t'^e bjeotb of tbe ©ooiglions. ami foj that alfo § banc fapb,tbtfl miner is 
liktbontcnle s tbctifo^ib»lw«eBa^rtberpart8,fl)albcrcr!msa*otbeiBojfecttian. speti map alfo fometinusfettbe 
©ojicaaWJtbe jonica,atU) fomettmc* tbeCryntbia abooe tbe ©ootglions : anofejttjat tlje famtell»fobitb cecepnetb 
ib&fmo&e, w toptte,tberete?c van map make tbi CmaU ojoet abene ttjtobicb Ml gine it a fapjsc (awn tben tbc bfoall, 


1 ■ I 


The fourth Bookc, The twelfth Chapter, Fol, 

. ■ . 

• Offburemancr of Simmetries. 

T^t Ma;ttnm ia (o bane a great inogcmcnt,brcaaCc nf the ohic rfitit of compoflticn in £D;mamcnts of bufioings, 
fc j tbat there are Come places in 3 rristtec ture, oftJjc tobicb tbjere map, almoft, crrtapne rules be giucn, fo? tbep at* 
no acciocnts that happen contrarp to our opinions , f oj cnerp tav toe fa fomc Columnes , that toitb tttetr Different 
pofltions, fbeto Different meafurcs in tbemfelucs, accojoing to the plates Inhere trjcp ttano. SCljeff alterations are fc 
ntaOeinbuilDings in* toapr$,tbat is,fetting tbe Columnes almoft in an ]nfnle, toirboutanp companion tobtlprit 
cptber on tbe floes o? berjino^ncrjcfe rertapnelp beare a great teaigbt,ano in tbctr height tbep goc not abone the afojefaps 
rale : Ctje erample fccrrof is in tfe* firff Colnrnnt marbeo A. but if poo place tbcm again!! tbc frail (though tbep bee 
rouno) bp n)e tobicb being bnOcrbolficn arc bolpc n, a man map mabe another tbiebnefle higher abene toe fame : tbe cr 
ample thereof is in tbc Columne B . 3D? alfo ojatotng alone (too tbfro parte from tbc toall, there map pet a tbiebnefle o) 
toall go bigb't then tbc otber,fo; tljat pou fa toe like in fame bmioings, tbat rife to nine thicker f a haHfe.ano moil in tbe 
Colifeo of ISome, in tbe C?ocr of 2E>D?u:a,as it is fbetor d in tbe 3 . Columne C. but trjcp are mo?e bolpen toben tbep banc 
IJHIaffers on tbc Goes , tobicb bearing all tbctoaigbt, giue the toojbeman me anes to mabe tbeColumnrs mo?cfamclp, 
ano fo flenDtr, tt)at tbep map befapO ratber to beplaceb tbcre to fill a romefo? t>ceurifping,n;en fo? flrmgtb.|?ou map at* 
fo Djato a Columne ttoo tbit o parts out of tbe toall,ano on carb fiCe fet balfe a pillar, tobicb toill belpc tbe Columne • fo 
feell, tbat pou map mabe another tbiebnefle abone : and in tbis cafe, tbe 0rcbitranc, freit ano Co jnicc map beare onf 
upon tbe rouno Columne, pea although, it toerc flat,bccaufe tbe balfe pilar s IbquId bolo n)e flrcbitranr, ft. on tbt Coec : 
but Upon one Columne alotte,it is oleums to mabe fucb too?fee bearing ont,fo? tbe other parts bsfioes fboulo be abanDo* 
neb toitbotit anpbtipc. 2Cbis erample pou fet in tbc Cotomne D. 55nt toben the Columnes baae anp toaigbt to beare 
Op, without the belpe or another, anoibaU, it flmlluotbettKctnjbtmftte to create o?ocr, pea, 
although tbep banc $to)i boon fctojp to btare bp : it is reafon that tbep fljonlb be maoe bettsc, tbat the toojke maf bs 
moje Durable : ano alt b ougb tbe pctiettali be a great belpe to rapfe bp Columnc0,nenertbeleG*,if the Columnes be bigb 
inougb, 3] tooulo tbinbe it better if the Columnes bao them not,fptciallp in the lotoett fetojp, but tr» the tbiro ano fonrtb 
fctojp tout) reafon. $ooinms ano JBeoeflalsalfo ferae to rapfe bpCclanmes, tobicb rtje ola ttomams obferueoio 
Cheater* anb Amphitheaters. 

S5ut touching tbefetring of Coramne bpon Columne, ttjere arc biuers reafons: SCbeftrff is, tbat tbepaoicclare of 
the ^eoeSaU of tbe Colnmncs placeo abone, OjouId go no fttrttjrr out, then the tbiefcneffe of tbc bnoermoft Columnei 
ano this thoulb be a moO certapne reafon : but foj that tbe fecono £>to?p fboulo leffen mutb from tbe.firft, ano tooulo 
ferae no mojeftwanp other feto?p, confiuering the great lefleningcnfuing, another reafon, &nomosetotbeporpofe,i0 
this : SCbst tbe flat of the ^ebeffall ought, at leatt, to be in perpenoicular toitb tbe Columne hetoto, ano to fet the Co* 
lumne abone tbtc ^ebeSall, IfOcneo a fourth part from that tobtch flanbetb tmber, as toell in tbiebnefle a& in height : (• 
tbis rule agreretb toitb that of Vitruuiusui&heatrum : tobicb figure is abeue theColnmneA* anb if pen toill not let* 
fen the Columne fomncb, then pou mutt mabe the bppermoft Columne as tbicbeatfthenetbermott is in the bppermott 
part: but in this cafc,tbe flat 0? malty part of the ^eoe&all tooulo be b;oaoer tben the nct^rrrnett Columne is tbicke be* 
loto : neuertbelefic, tfcofc of the SEbeater of Marrellus too?te tbat effect. 2Cbe rramplc hereof is in the Columne B. 
anbn)efett»fc reafons are pjobable inouglj.XBnt the ancient Komancs, in tbe great CatEccoftyeColifeo,niaoe the 
Columne ionica,Co}inthfaano COmpofita all of one tbicfeneffe j ano the S»o?tca,bnOet all the other, tbep mabe n)icber, 
abouttbe ttocntien) part 8notbis (in mp opinion) tbep BiBbf goo abuire: fojif tbep ha» leflmeb all the Columnes 
tbe foortb part, one abouc the otber, ttje laa, info great a bmloing, bp reafon of the great oifisnee, tooulo haoefbetoeo 
herp fmall,tobicb toenoto fee to be of go)0 co:rcfpont)encc,bp reafon of tbe height. £fee (helping of thus is in tbe Columne 
C. 2no as the Columne abone tbc Column* D. is leffe tben that tobtch ttanoctblotocft one fourth part: fo? that, ifa 
man bath a reafonable houfe to mabe of 3 . ft>to ?ir s , fo 3 tooulo not tbinbe it amide, that a man fboulo leffen euerp &to« 
tic the fourth part, acco?oing to Vitraums aoutce: but if the builoing be bigb> then pou torre better, obferue the ^Djoec 
of fbeCoufeo, that tbe 6to?fes 2Do?ica, 3onica ano Co?inn)ia, map each bee about one beigbt, but tbe $>to?paboucitP 
treafethin height about the fift part: ano this is fo(as 3bauefapo)becaufeof tbe great oiftance: tobicb part, bp meaner 
of the great Oiftance, fames to be of the height (bat the tea are: ano altbongbtbat the fljetoing of tpefe Columnes uj 
2Do?icall, pet it is fo in all fojta of Colnmncs. 

The fourth Book*, The ninth Chapter. Fol, £$." 

Of Brick'e. 

H Suing ipcfccK of fo mfinp nnD Dim re £>;naments of ttincs,it is rrqmfit r ,te,<-, t J ttjonlD alio ft t W bolt) tbcp are to be 
pi arco in wcibr j anD fpectallp,tobc n a man is to mite bard ttoncs ? bjic its togrtber.u b.cb requlretb great Diligence 
nnD flrtc : fo? that b;icfcs are libe fled) in a pete c of Wo;bc,ano baro ttone* llbc tbc bones to fenit anD bole tbem together: 
tobubttDotbin00,iftberbenottrel!anDfaaipboanDtogctbrr, tbcp toill, in time, Dcrap: anD tbcrcfojctbcfonnoation 
bring maDc in fneb mancr aft (be place affojDctb , it it requifite, tbat tbc pjoniocnt wo:beman ffaoulo mahe rea»p all the 
liar d (tones, anD alto tbc b;id;s , with tbc reft of tbc ttnffe belonging thereunto , anD fo fbonlD come to lap anD iopnc tbc 
baro Bones anD the bnctra together, all at onetime: anoitio rcqoiute, tbat the baio flours fbould be fct fo farrc U'itb> 
in tbc wall, that altbouab tberr were nomojtcr to bolt) them togetber, pet tbcp fboulo, of f hrmfclucs, flano fart in tbc 
Wall: ti»hubDoin«,tl)c toojbc it ill be throng and continue baro. She eramplc hcrrof is frcmin tbe other fiDcbp tbc h> 
sure A, uibcrt it is alfo ftr we d , how a man map mabc places b;cflbigb.t»im°r> t fcarc. fine if pon banc p?cDettals tuitb 
Columncs to fet bpon tbem,tobcrr hart. anD Toft Bones are imrro togetber, if tbe bind ttoncs be not Well tot ncc witb tbs 
foft ,as pon fee in tbc figure fi. tbe wojfee toill not eontinnc long, vino tf tbc Colnmncs be ot Diners prices, fome of 
tbem (tbat is tbc Iran) wall goc D6pe into tbe vwall , fo bolo tbc otljcr tbc ratter. JI5ut if tbc Colnmnrs bee of one pftce, 
tbrnibcprcoolo Sano, atleatt, atlrirDpartwitbtntbrWait; tnt the liSafcs ano Capitals mntt enter mutbmoje into 
tbe trail, onDabone all tbc Cojoun ano other *Io.:mres, fabicb bcare farrc out from the wall. SEheinncrmoftpart tbsC 
is bnvo;angbt, mntt count f rnavic that wtiirb is imtbonf , tbat it map bcare it (elfc : but if at tbc fame time a man will 
make anp wojbc o; facie bpon tbc ftones, t h eiut is rrqmfitr, tbat tbc mo nbemnn , befo;e be begins to lap «np toojhc a* 
bone thr gromiD, fijonlomabcrcaDp all his flours, together with tbe otbcrttafft belonging tberennto: anD fo taping 
anDhmiting the ftenrsuutbtbebjid-s togctbrr, J far. tbat be fljall Dcctocll to fet tome of tbc ttonrs foorrpe mto tbe 
trail, tbat tbcp map bolo tbc other paces togetber bp fojee, iopning well in, as pou fee it in tbe fignrcC tbat in time tbtp 
map not rpnc ano bjcaheafanDcr one from tbe otbrr . ffiuttbat the wall, mate of bjicbe, ftjoulD not ttnbe, anD Cubing, 
ftonlDb?eatett)ctbinnefiparts,brrcafonof tbe toaigbtaboae, it is necceffarp to banc bjitfec well bnrnt, animojtee 
well tempr rrt, 9 bettosoe tbe ttoncs little mooter, t wel lapo ano iopncD one bpon tbc other: 3nD abone all,fudj wo;ks 
tronlD not be mace bp anp foiccno: toaigbtbpon roaigbMo be pacbt in baftr,but pon mad let it reft fomctobat from la; 
to lap: fo; if a man toil wo;hr in baftenno fct great toaigbj topon it,it is molt rn • tapnc , the wall Will Bnhcano tbe ff one« 
being not able (obcacc tbcwaigl-t. Will b;eattc; but if it be mace with icrfcr, then tbc fiuffc will be as it fbonlDbr : ne« 
nertbeteffe, 3 WoulD alwapcs raoje commcnDthcwpjbe ibattswbolpbounD intbc Wall, then tbat tobidi is iopncDto« 
grtbcro;conercD;anDfpeciallf,inmpopinicn,mcnfboulD not main- them in UallcstbntftnnD outlvarl, fo: that tbe 
boufes n bicb baue banc maDc fo in former time, bp ancient Wo jhr me n , anD were couet eD ouer with Sparkle ano otber 
fine Hones, are note (erne all witbout ttoncs befrje , anD nothing but tbc Wail of bjitfcc, that (icon bebino tbem, 
rtanbeibihll: bat tbofe bmioings,wiicre tbc barb ttoncs are bouno ano iopneo into, ano witl) tbc bjichs, are pet flano* 
ing : ncocrfbelcffe, if ran Will mabc fad) wo:tac fitnplc, 3 tbinlse (bis tin- I'm r ft War, although fome wo;b«:mcn, in of> 
tiers places of Italy, banc mare fome building, U-tt It Gmplc Wallcs, leaning plates m tluni fo: t.aiD fl cure to br put in, 
and after, at another timr,hanf put in fiKb £ , ;namrnts:ncuriihclcirf,fo.:tbstfiirbtbu:iTS arc no; voellfattcneD in tbe 
WaU,bnt in a mancr bacbt, von map inmanp places f* tbe pieces falnc,anD cucnj Dav mojeana mo;c Decay. 

The fourth Boqfo£ The mnth Chapter, 4, 




4 .. _i. 



to r Z B 


I „ i- 


« Ja». .J 








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1 ml 'i" ■■■■■'" 



, ,. ,_kig, ir LJ 

1 . , .ir~ 


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_j _j 

-J Urn 




Jill . I ...Ml 
L_ — u — , 


"I Hi . 

1 T 

EZ3 ,1 


ft I L . 

Of Doorcs of Wood, and of Metall. 
The tenth Qhapter. 


S Ithinke,! haue fufficientfy fpokenof the Ornaments belonging to building of Ston« s oow 
Iwillfpeakcof Doorcs that (hut the houfes: whether they be of Wood or Metall, I will fct 
, downe f ome Figures thereof: of the hookes I w ill lay nothing, tor all the world knowes them 
; well enough: neuertheleffc, thole that were vied in ancient time, as you fee them in the Ft* 
were eafilycr to be opened and fhut, then thofe which are now vfed in all Countries, as in the 
figure 8. But whether thefe Doores are of Wood or Metall,their Ornaments (balbe madeinfuch maner* 
chat the fayrer the Ornaments of Stone are, the Ornament of the Gate alfo (hall bee correfpondent, that 
they may be onelike the other; and to the contrary, if the Ornament bee (lender, then you (hall make the 
Doore of Wood or Metall thereafter, which is to be referred to theworkeman: and to giue you 3 (hew 
of fuch Ornaments, you (hall here fee Hue manors o( Ornaments, which, for the jnoft part 3 are taken out 
of Antiquities. 




.. m. 


j b 

The fourth Boote- 5^>(j \o gg m&ftl0§0i Chapter. Fol , Si 

;,-." . ■.:.;..'.;.-,.- ! ' i: .-.■in'.:qr:sS5'i»u:'3-i-> I 

■ ■ - ■ - ■ ■ — -. .,-_. 

ft** 1 ** , V J '-' r '| 

T — Hrtttt-HMti 

~. : 



Bi -.'J 


1 - 


18 01.' 


',' !!) 



■ -■ 



'.. ■ 







p i 1 1, ,;■«., jar 



Si 3 ' 

1- — - — rt-J 

| U i 1 If 

J5i 3 

"•■ "-" .■ gatfl 

r— — - 1| 

HHNi 1 
: . . i -I 


: 1 

1 1 ngrrrt; ; .: ; 

;' l$l . «!(!•!; 5 
. . fl OU : U i 



I ' 1 




1 1 


; (I B ! '! 


if'K.v ;•,.-■ .v. ■ 

_____ J 

■ ■ - , D 

i ■■ ■ i jj 


I ^^^ si 

I • , ' J 


Of -the Frames of Doores 9 ' : a S rfji cjoI sill 

1i? mtamak«S)«oje«,^ate8,cji,fan«i8 (wtoetermet&em)allof one piste, fo that ^ecereeeBtttjm^atcaftncf 
tijcrtPffiD no? won onto tbe m,tbep mate tbe (jeobes of tbe fame piece o> $ettal 5But t bofe t!)at are made e f to a>D,anD 
tljen coucrcb oner toitt> Copper of reafonablc tbicfeerte^lDbtcb, if it bee of flat platrss, y on muff fallen onebpon tt>e o> 
tber,ano pet, altboogttfbi^bcfocH iopneb f pinb,oj naplen togctbtr, ncnertb«lc«e,tti nature of toooo \» focb, tbat if 
foiwfl»wte0jftDrlt,a«tbettmeof tbefeerc ttfOjieojmopfl: ifu)eiefo;eyoafe>tUmahe rtKbai»ejc,tbat"rtiatlbecos 
«ercb oner tDitbCopper,J92on,o;anp^cttal,fOu fee tbrfurcfl leap tjcretnfbe fiof,wtbe figures A.ano 6. foi lorot 
itener uapretb longer, bnf rcnrapnrtb Ml in tbefame fojme ; tobicb is referreo to tbe toojhemstt, to mafec tbem rbUlu 
ojtbinnc,«bee toiU.attojtimstotbetoJHjbttbat rbep ftall brr.rc, anD pou map alio fill tbe fpatesof tbefamemooo. 
Snbfoj that all t$c ancient doojcu ongoing* tbjougb,arccommonlp fourefquare,Dnclptbofe of gatea of Cotoftr* , o) 
trpampMnt!3r£l)eB,teb"t)arerooft;nenertbcltfIc,inourDai?e«njanpDa)?rtarc>na5e rounoaboucperaDucntncefo) 
raoje flrengtt)} anb alfo,foj tbat in fome cafes tbep become tbe boofes mell, tobereot 3 baud ftetneQ a figure, and Co; tbat, 
introctbjamanraBnottoncMueaJitbuijjs^ojmanEaatotntspappentoatoo, 1 -" 
Ions nets tw)±e. 

Son* neto too^e. 

,fe< i nan atifucb ttmo toben b« is menus 


. • 




The fourth Booke. 

le tenth Chapter, Fol.6 6 




I- '■:, 

■ >■■.- .; 


K J 

Of Ornaments of Pi&ures within and without thehoufes. 

The eleuentb Qbapter. 

Hat I may not Jeauc out any kinds of Ornaments, whereof Igiuenot fome rule tor inftrudioe, as 
well in Pictures as other things, 1 fay ,that the workeman ought not onely to takecare of the Orna- 
ments of ft one or marble, but alto of the Paynters worke, to let out the wallcs withall : and it is re- 
qui Ike, that he fhould prefcribe an ore'er thesem, as Surueyor of all the workc : for this caufc, that 
fome Paynters haue beene workemen good inough, touching the handling of their worke, but for 
the reft, of fo little vnderftanding, that defiring to fhc w their fkill in the placing of the colours, haue 
difgraced, aud iom eti me fpoy led a Story of a houfe, for want of confideration how to place the Pic- 
tures in the fame. Thcrefbreii they haue a Forefront cr Facicof a houfc to paynr, it is certayne, there is noopen- 
nefl'e to be left, whereayrc or lantfhap is to be made , for thole breake the building ; and of a thing that is many and 
dofc,thcy tranfforme it into an open wcake forme,like a ruinous and v nperfk building. Alio there fhould be na pcrfo- 
nages nor beafts coloured, vnleffeit wereto trim and deckc doorcs, wherein there are mensperfonages: butifthc 
owner of the houfe, or the Paynter, defire colours, that the worke may not be broken nor fpoy led, a man may coucr 
a hackled walloucr with cloth, and therein paynt what he will: and alio, after the mancr of try ■mpbs, a man may 
bang on the wall Gatlands,and ftrings of Leaues,and Fruits, Flowers, &c, and alfo Shields,Trophees,and fucb things 
asarctobeftirrcd: butif you will paynt the wallcs with firme matter, then you may fayne things of marble or other 
ftones, cutting therein what you will: you may alfo beau tifie fome figures in Niches, with metall, and fo the worke will 
rcmayne firme, cV worthy commendation of all thofe that know good worke from bad. And the Author rehear fcth di- 
uers excellent workemen, whorac (for breuitie fake) I will omit, that onely vfed to paynt nothing elfe but white and 
blacke in houfes, and yet fo excellently well, that it made men wonder to behold them. A man may alfo, with good 
reafon, make and fee forth certayne openings in wallcs of lodgings, round about the Courts,and make ayre, lantfhaps, 
houfes, figures, beafts, and fuch like things, as hee will in colours. Alfo, ifa man hath Chambers,Hallcs, or other 
places, about the ground within, to paynt and fee forth, thena Paynter, in mancr of Architecture, may make open- 
ings to fee through them , astheplaceis: for aboue the fight a man muft make nothing but ayre or fkyes, roofes, 
high hilks,and the vpper part of houfes : and if you place figures alfo aboue the fight, a man muft fee vnder thera,aad 
not the ground wheteon they ftand. And if the Paynter will makeaHall or any other, or further roome pcrfpccTiuc- 
ly, heonay,ouerthegoingin, with order of Architect ure,make ic to fliew further then in effcfl it is* And this^Bsltb** 
;j*r (a roan excellently well learned in Archite&urc) did,in beautifying the Hall of <^4H£ttJHu G*yfe, a Marchant of 
Home, wherc,in that fort he fetout fome Columnes, and other Architecture to that purpofe : fo that Peter Am%n-, a 
man alio fkilfull in Paynting and in PocGe,fayd,that there had not beene a perfiter Paynter then he in that houfe, al- 
though there is worke alfo in it of Ptfpb<ie/t ownc doing, Andwhenthc wallesarepaynted, end if you will haue the 
roofe alfo done , then follow the fteps of Antiquitie , making things that are called Grootcs, which, for that you may 
make them as you will, fhew well therein, as Leaues, Flowers, Beafls,Birds,and ethcrmixed matter. If a man makcth 
anyclotbeser apparell of figures, orwhicharemadefaftonthem, therein a man may dec as he will. But ifaPayn- 
ter will mJ..e any figures according to the life, in a roofe of a houfe, then he muft be very f kilfull, and much exercifcd 
in Perfpefliue worke , and very iudicious to chufc fuch things as are fitted for the place , and rather hcauenly flying 
things, then earthly things, with fuch Arte, that he muft fhorten the figures fo (although they bee monftrout) that 
when men ftand a conuenient diftance off from thcm,they may tefemblc the life. Which thing is excellently wcllmadc 
iaLtrette Mantm, and other places in Italy, by diucrs workemen: yet fkilfull workemen in our time haue (huoned 
fucb fhonening.for that(in trut h)it is not fo pleafing to the eyes of the common fort of people. Therefore fyfbttlDmr- 
&ri*,whomI will alwayesnamc DiuiHe,foribatheneuerhad his fellow, (I fay no more) in this thing, as men lodged of 
him when he was to paynt the roofe of a/fuguftiu Gnyje his (jallery,fhunned flior t e ning as much as he could : f*r when 
hccaroctothehighcftpart of the roofe, and there meant to make the banquet of the gods, hcauenly things, a»d uicb 
as ferued to the purpofe for a roofe, taking away the harfhnclTe of fhortcnings, ft t forth a cloth of azure colour, made 
fafttothe ftrings or Garlands, as if it had beene aching to bee ftird, and therein made the banquet fofecmcly and fo 
workemanIike,that the Gallery was rather efteemed for a preparation to a tryuropb,then a plaync pay nting made vp» 
on a wall. Therefore the workeman, that ought not to be vnfkilfull in Perlpeltiuc worke, fhould notindufe, at be- 
ing Surueyor ouer all the workemen in the building, that any thing fhould be* made therein, without bis counfcll 
and aduice. 


The fourth Bookt* 

The twelfth Chapter. Fol6y 

Of flat Roofesj and the Ornaments thereof. 

The twelfth Chapter. 

Lthough in the Netherlands they vfe not to decke the Chambers in the Rcofts with woodden work, ne* 
uertheks,when a houfe without is made wholy after the oldmanerjt were vnfit that the Roofe (houldnot 
be agreeable^ as atfo the Bedfleeds, Bankes, &c. And which is more,/ would fay f hat each place (hottld be 
[fluffed and 'fated within, with things fitting to that which it {heweth outward. I fay then, Jfthe Roofe 
be high, then the deuijiens to be wide offpace, an A rifing or bearing out well ; and if a man wilt beaut i- 
fieitwithPaynting, it mufl bee well done, and conformably paynted, according to the greatnefje and dijlance thereof. 
It ought alfo to be made of light and brewne colours: and in the middle of the feldyoumu/l fat a gylt Rsfa .♦ buttfa 
man will colour it \ then the field mu(l be blue, as piercing, but the Rofes mufi be bound with fame works or branches ', 
that they may not feeme to hang in the ayre : and the Cornices which clofe vp thefourefanare or other fields , mttft bee 
wellgylt,or beautifyed with the fame colour: but if fobeethe Roofeisnot high inough } then you muft make the worke 
thinner and [mailer jis alfo the pay nting : and that you may vnderflandit,! hauefet two figures to (hew you , which t 
notwithfianding^ate aOone : the one ofbare wood, the other paynted, as I [ayd before. And this Order 1 obferaedin the 
Roofe of the great Ltbrariein the Palace of Venice, in the time of the Prince Andreagriti , becaufe the Roofe 
was lower then itfhouldbe, inrefaeclof ' the wideneffe and length oj "the Hall, and I made it of tkinntmrke,farthe 
reafon aferefayd, 

The Timber worke of the feeling afore/ayd. 

T^e fourth Booke* 

!ie twelfth Chapter, FoL<5 3 


Tte_Ornakicnts and Cjarnimmo; of the faniework 

Another maner of Siding, 

The fourtli Booke* 

The twelfth C hapter, Foh6 j 

t..'- nSfc»i»>-.«. 

The Garden, being an Ornament to the Building-,! 



therefore thele Mazes and Knots, are let m Ffctir?" 


The fourth Boofce. 

The thirteenth Char$jjl£.' F0I.7 

L Strip, oar autbo? fpcabetb of armo & to %l» 
bote a man flbali mabe,eolonr, au& place tbem, 
atcfljoing fa ffate,tijo}bemana)tp,o; nature* that 
tberebp aman map percepae of tobat ttockco; fr5 
tobehce it is beriueD : fo;, foitfrfer, toce fat tf»at in 
foimec times men matt f fignrto jajtnws in tbcit 
in3ieflp,i3iiT)op5tn pontifical Uabes, Captapnca 
&ntieo,sinDeucrpmaiUn fticbbnbife, asbefffittefe 
bis calling and conDition.anofobctDillbauemns 
to make t colour arr|c«, arrto b,e fetbp, tp« 
-,o; befo;e bonfc5,tuitb beafis,birQ5 «c. golo,fl! 
blue, rco, grAne, anb btacftrtoloorii bntna 
tallbpon mctall, no; colour tjpon colour. 13aC 
fo; that toojbemen tjere in this Count rp mabe no 
3rme* after their oVunc pleafures ,Uie toillet tbem 
paffc, f in place thereof fet dolune a figure of Jiet 
ters»tbe tobich fbetoojUemati IjaUjoccaflonmang 
time* to cut, 0; plate abouc (States ,J?m;c3,ta 
J-rjfcfes,anD other table*, therein to fet name*,' 
tit(cfi,t)eaiec«,03 other fuperfrripftdns,-aabf p!e* 
Hire pf the otamera,o jloimofo a ^alareTafanp o> | 
fijer common places of office o; otbertotfe. #$.ocr* 
^eUflfcfo; that brie there are rating toajbesfsq 
I the place, 3 toll let tb.e#igores of tbe artrni 
biebbe bath matt after Hetter*, that U« tiferi 
ap bee complete. JCbe too;keman , bailing n« 
inotolebgeof learning, ibonto be mncb trochlea, 
1 feebc farre ant> nare fo; one that fbonlo touts I 
emfo; bim: ano although that be barb tbem in 
tojtting,ncuettbelcBb,'foj,uj«nt of hnotoing tbi 
pjcfoHions,tbepntap1»t fpbpftSuitoo*mg,an» 
fo b;ing bis tno:Ue in contempt ; as alfo tbofc that 
D;eto tbem fo; bint: JOjerefoje, altbou jb thep are 
Djatone bp Lucas Patio Im.Gcofry Tory, anb AL 
bcrtusDurcr,tubo,nener(beleOit, agree not alitor 
getber, the refoje 3 tmll fet thefe hereafter bourne 
fo; a com moit rule,follotoing onr aatbo;,U>bo (let 
ting pau~c all fupcrflition) batb bjoigbt the Co* 
lumnes t ^ebcSals into a Dae mcafarc : bp iobofe i 
authorities fboalo nlmoft faj?, that a man map 
mabe ttjefc letters greater o; fmallcr,acco3btn« to 
tbc ojoets of Columncs; but to fojite tbe jfeimetrp, 
0; not,£ ■$ map not oigreffe to far oat of tbe toap, i 
iunllfolloui Vitruuius, inhere bee faptb, that « 
3onica Columnc is p. parts high, anb bp fljetmng; 
of ciucrs aucbo;s , this fojmeof Letter! is alfo 
- foutiD in Jonfca, anb fo § leauetbem of p. patts : 
anb tofeetber a man toouio make tbtmbpCo;uv 
tbia 02 Compofita ojber of ib. tocnlo not 
be amiiTe, fo: as tbe Cojlntbia is mottbfco fo; the 
flcnttmefTc,fotbefc *,cttcrs,foj tbemofi part, aro 
matt of 1 o. parts : bp the £>o;ua ario SEbufcana, 
thep are mace of epgbt. JSptbatreafon thereof, it 
lucre not much to bee cont'emnco, conObcringtbe 
groffeneffc of the toojbc; alfo, accojbing to Vitru- 
uiui u>:ittng, a man map alter tbe &imctri(s,as it 
(s fuffkCientlp fhetneb in other places: fo; bpon 
fomc occafions,tbep are greater f fwal!rr,pca,anB 
QjcU) altogether falfe to that thep are. Eo (earns 
cafilp to mabe thefe tettera, flrft, pon muff mabe s 
perfect fourctquare, anfi fet it in as manp parts as 
pou toil giac biitop letters: but if thep be of 5.7.8. 
p.o; 10. parts, mojco;teffe, the fmalkff o;augtt 
(ball be the third part of tbe tbirkeneue, ana tfc* 
croac b;aught the halfc. 2Lbe corners fball, st 
teiftjbaik ns much ^;oir ctut e ait t^e thiebneffe of 
the letter tafcen toith the Co:npaffe . i5ut alttjo 155b 
one letter is tuithin tbcfcurc(qnare,anDtbcoti r 
«Dtt!)out,vou map fit in the figure, inhere pon ma? 
fettbeCompaffcto o;aio the rounb : piu'ntif fet 
the O. of tbe famemeai'ure that pou fet the Q^Ebetapleof tbe Q. is aqanrter ano a bat f« of a fourtfquarc 3 anD ftiicbcew 
balfe fourefqoare ; f ome mabe it flbojtcr. 3 loili not bphoio thefe letters to be the belt , but eucrp man take trjrm be lihetb beB : 
it is alfo nonato to tabe fo muebpapnesfsin) carrp fmall letter: but it falle b oatoftcntimM,tbatam«n isto make tbrm afof, 
f ; fir j, mo;e 0; lcffe,t>igb; tobtch a man (ball ucuer b;ing to goob paffc, ivttbout follcftmj x fure p;ope;ticn. 

s^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

r^?x?r^ ^av^^^v^.^^.^ ■. ".v.v, vKs.-»t^«j^8g^^ ^^ vvs ' ww^vs^fev^ 

- . 

i • 



Th« end of the fourth Booke. 



of .Architecture , made by 
Sebaftian Serly j wherein there 

arefet dorcne ccriay tie formes ofTcm- 
plcs, according to the Ancient rm- 
ncr\ and *lfo fining for 


Of diucrs maners of Temples, 
The fourteenth Qhapter. 

Lthough wee fee and find diucrs formes of Temples and Churches in Chriftendomc, as 
well ancient as moderne,y cc for that I haue formerly promifed to (hew fome Orders there- 
of,to accomplish die number of my Bookes, therefore I will intreat of them , and fct do wne 
| twelue fcuerall maner of Temples, with their; grounds and meaiures: and for that the 
_ round forme is the pcrfiteft of all others, therefore I will begin with it.* but though in our 
time, whether it be by reafoa of fmall deuotion, or cruelty or men, there are no more great 
Churches begun to be made, and that men finilh not them which in former time haue bcene begun,there- 
fore I will make mine fo fmall, as they may pafle in reafonable maner, for that with fmall coft, they might 
in fhort time be made. The Diameter of this ground (hall be as long as high, according to the Figure of 
the Circle, thatis,of 60. foote. The thicknefleofthe wall (hall be thefourthpart of the Diameter, that 
is, 1 5 . foote, that a man may eafily make the Chappels within it : which Chappels fhall be 1 2 . foot broad. 
The Niches bctweene the Pillars'- (half bee foure foote broad: the other in the Entrie, and of the three 
Chappels, (hall be fixe foote and a halfe broad: and to fpare charges of ftone and lime, the great Niches 
(hall be made without the Chappell: the bredth whereof (hallbeeiy. foote. This Chappell is eleuated 
from the earth at leaft flue fteps ; and if it were higher, it were not amifle: for the earth in time rifeth, fo that 
men gocdowneward into many old Temples and Churches, whereunto, in former time they afcended 
vpwards ; but this Stayre would alwayes be vneuen, according to Vitrmtus writing, (peaking of Tern pies, 
wherehcfayih: thatasaman'withhisright foote begins tody me vp, he may, with the (ayd right foote, 
ftepvpon the pauement of the Temple. Touching the foundation, aman cannot fayle,if hee makethk 
deepe and broad inough .• but the lead bredth that a man can lay, h this : that a man (hould from the Di- 
ameterof the thickenefleofthewall, make a pcrfit fourefquare, and the Diagonus of this fourefquare 
(hall be the bredth of the foundation vnder the wall. And (o, I thinke, Vitruuius writeth, where he (peak- 
eth of foundations. But touching the Stofes of foundations, in faft or hard ground, and alfo in watry 
ground, Ineedenotfhewit her*, becaufecuciyman knowesit, 

The RftBook?. 

The Foureceeiith Chapter. Foil 


Of diners formes of Temples 

H2uing foefcet) f be'grotm* of tbis ronno arrmpte, f^t'0 ^igorr tt)eteetb, tbe feobp of i&e STiraipIe, bctlj foment ano 
utttiin,fo? tba t it is pDcpofe'.? maoe bjefeen, to f& botjj, ETfcc inner part of t be ffemple 1g mabe after fl?e maner of 
Ccmntbia, 2Lbe lrfoelr ijcigbt from tt?r. paw mc- nt bcloto, to rt e & wfe abone, ie €o. fact-, ir bmcf 3 b. foote are fc; the 
Settle 0? ronno roofe : tbe rttt netberUjaros, 0jall be Dtmcco in J. part* ano an balfes tobereof<me part ttmlbe foj Cop 
nice, jFrafe ano Srcbitrane, £&e foure peri* ano an Ijalfe retting, ftatbe t| e bcigbt of tbe Columnr *,toitb IBafe* ana 
Capitate, foberecf altogether , poo Ojall finbe tbe pottirular nttafarrg in mp fewf bXSoofee, in tfcr Co:intfcts. Cbe %{> 
tfers t»£tinecnctt)BflatpUfr5-,H)a!bc io.footbirb:tUctl5«-rO a fct of ij.footfcigb. 2i;i)e ^ole abune ttjc lajocfr , (balbt 
tbe feaentbpart of tr)e usitonefTe of tbe diameter of tbe 2C«nple : abone, fepon fljat bole, tijeremap bee a iiantbwu 
maoe,ffopt toitb glaffe, 03 it map be left optn, tebereat tbere teill ctme in ligbt mccjib to tbe rotable of tbe SCcmplr, foj 
KjattijeCbappete b&sKl!gi;tmcH£baf fbcirfolncotties : tbe fcp of tbis temple totllbefl bee cewrco ^ttK f?o : tbe 
Cojmcetoitboat,fljall ffpno lifec ttmt &itbiu, but mucfe crcatcr of members jbtcatrte it Santttb, (r, tfcc toiattjer. Ecucby 
ft»g tbe 8>c oje»; goo fine tfjetn fnfjittcnttp, fa «*&r.c in mg mtty SBocfte* 

—i 1 <■ g» 

The fife Boote. 

' ' ' T ' 1 

The foureteenth Chapter. F0L3 

A&tboasb f&egtomiDOf fbis STcinple follofofng ifl rounbalfo, petit batman alteration bptJjefaure bearings onf, 
tobitb arctbjee €bappels,ano alfo tbe going in Df t&e fame faftton. 2Ebe ©iamcter of this Cetuple is 48, faj?: 
tbetfeicfetnefieof tbcfoallisafeuentbpattof tbcaDiamefer. CbeCbappelsarc 14. fait in fouref<]nare, ferity 
onttbe ipicbrs. %l)e ntber 4« #«be0 oj {mall Cbappels Ojalbe 9. fart bjoao : tbe foarefqearc CljappcJs baae 
tbtir liflbt on f be fioeg; bat tbe ligbt of the SCemplc abaue in fbe Woofc,(ball be toioe tbe fift part of tfos 2Diam£ter,tmtb 
a lantbojne tpon it, as it is Tape of tbe ot&er: pou fljall goc up to tbis Couple alfo toitb fine ttagjejs , anoTo? tbat tbe 
eojner* toitbout tbe SCemple l?e altoases foule, 3. tbinfee it toerc not amiffcto make a fouirfqnar e wall about it 3 a$ biglj 
as tbe going bp,tbat people mav not foeafilpcoawteif; 

Of diucrs formes of Temples 

H<£re pen fa il)t Cbaopel {fanning bp»igb t (toljcteoi tijc gr oum> is on tbe ottjer Gdc) fobkb ftctcctl) as foell toitf) 
in sb foit|out, becaafe it feemetb as tf it toire bjofeen. «be beigbttoitbtn,i0 hfeetbe a>iameter,tbat i0,48. tat 
Etct!alfcn;;Ubcfo}tf)£^Ke vauntirocfcpno ttjc ^o!e abouc foj ttjc ltg!jt,as J (apo bcfo:c, ftjalbe toicctbefift 
prtof i|e2)tampter jtajbertontberEftaU beaHantbo?ne,maDetoin; glaffe,astbe j^garefbetoetb;. ana tbe 
ftmfe toitboot 3 tonctcD toitb icaft.o; oftjec ffnffe. iFrom tbe Wao fe netbertoarte, tbe Co?nicement f&all bee mane of 
ttoofmtanDanGalfei)igb*fomieiJ iibe^mpottof tbeflrcbo? tbe Skater of Marccllus,intbe foortb IBoofeeanotbc 
feHtntb<t&3pter,ifoltB 37. gnafballfeniefoj Capitals, tnieffe it be tbepiintbufl bJitbtbeCimatie,ii>bicb fballferue 
foj Cojona. £bep!aaer«arcb;0/D4.fa>t fanbalfe. kbe great Cba?p^0 are 21. foot bisb* CbefmaleSCbappels 
Cbalbe 1 3 .foot ano an balfe bigbjbalfe roans abone. 2bottc tbofe 3. fourefqaare Cbapp£ls,am> euer tbe going in,tbcrc 
mavbeflatcott:rs,fometDbat>aUi<iqDoiBnC;tiboPD tbe teater: antanmapalfo make ftcps toitbfn tbe tbicfceneHeof 
tbe teall, to goe bp ,ano an y;o n j tt one raple, 1 r eft ? Uane bpon . Sjjc icemplc mag bee toner co toitb focb Suffers 
mag beft be p?onioe& : bnt ilea* toooH) be tbt futeft 

The fife Booke, 

The Foiireteenth Chapter, F0I.4; 

A i^tcr the count) #igure,fohicb is tty p«f«fe3,tlje beff are iljc 2Dua!e-,(bat i«,libe an ®ggc-, tljecefoje g &aac mabe a 
Cempleof UjatfaQjton^ic^CempIcftaltE^.footbjoati.anB&ff.foot long. SLbe ttitcttcneffc of'thetoaUfljatl 
be 8. foot, f toitbtn it tbc Cbapptls (ball KanD: ano altbougb tbcp be not tm largest a man nee&s not tut tbem of?, 2Cl;e 
foiBenes of the 2 , greateff <t bappcla, holDs 20. foct ano an halfe-, toitbin the tohtcb ace tiro .$ icbr 3, eacb 4. foot b;oao. 
&he Colamtus fijall bee a foote anD an balfe tbiefce , an8 the balfe Columnes accojbmglp. SCtje fpaces bcttoaite the 
mtODlemolf Columnes flmll be 7. footano an ^atfc : tbe other Hjall contapne 4. foot ano one fourth, part. Cbtfe ttoo 
C&appele Ml cart) of tbem bane 3 . tomaotocs: tlje mioolemott iljaibc 6. foot topo c, ana the otbec on tbc Boca each tb?ee 
foot. iChcCbappElltwtbtbcbigbfl!tar,ajalbcio.fcDtbjoaD,avJ8<5. fmtfacreintbetoall,toitb Jiaicbe*>Ufec the great, 
ano a tointiotoe abene tt?e aitar , of 5. foot toifte. SEbe 4. otbec Cbappels Ibalbe a balfe Circle, 1 o. foot fopoe, fcaning 
ihelita jpfcbesalfojanoaumiaoiBof 4. foot topbe, abouc tbetfifac anc fo.3 tftat this ChappeU batb Ugbt inongbof 
it felfe, it migbt faffctt fo? the tohole SErmple: but to mafee it lighter ,t&ere map be tomootoes maoe aboue the Cbappete. 
%t)is Cemple (ball alfo go bp fine freps : tbc doo?c Qjalbe lice foot to jbe, anc ftalbe beantlfieD toitb. 4. pilars, after ttje 
Cojintbis maner : the going m tyalbe lifce tbe Cbappell toitb the bigb aitar. 

OF diucrs formes of Temples. 

1 JN jhgnre enf tring, fhefoetb t^c ©uale Sample fcithtn, fefctrb from the panroient to (be 15cofe,fball be ts #& 

* StumtBmfiHCcnepartftalbefojarc^traticifrareaMDCojmce: Clje other 4. parts fljall bee fojtbe bewbt of 

the pillars , fobieb feparate tbt Cbappels. She particular mcafures hereof pen Ence in mp fourth SBcobe, \n 
fteojoerof Co;tntb>) foztbattbtsrempleis mabeof futb toojfee. Cbtheicjbt of tlje rounDCohmmcs fbalbe la 
foot, ffibe arcbttraoc,tbat boltetb ftp the flrcb, is 2. foot. 2Ebe ®ate (as it 10 f avC in the groano) ffiatbe beautifiee toitb 
fourc flat pillars, of (neb fo?me ano meafare, as tfcofc that ft anb toithin the ICemple ; anb alfo foiib fmfj Cojnicenunts' 
ttje ®ate o^ &>oo?e fhall bane an arch ffanDing bpen ttoo pillars, feet toeme the flat pillars : the Kcofe of this UTemple 
mapbebeautifteb,aspeorttit intbeiFigurejanbrirblperaUo , making tbelffllnbofoes aloueriieCojmcc, banging 
Dotonctoar»s,as pon fa, anb toner the Simple toitb lean, tobtcb. is befit anb fo the totn&ofoeg (ball bee pjeferurt toell 

The fift Bboke. 

The fourteenth Chapter- Fol. $ 

AiLtf;(3usf)t^0fo?!HBtsfiaecoirt5rD,fc3Jclj in USaftoing is tiotfofj^cfam-, tijnxfojgtatfljin 3 bane maoeit of 
tencomcro, sntjcJEDinractcr of tbte jEcrnpteis 52. footlong: theSdiameter of ttje ilantho?ne is 13. fmt: the 
Sue great CljappElB are 15. foot,\Ditl)oat iijetbjff #icbrs,U)bic& are tenfoo'etoioe. -Cljeftnall 
Cbappclfl arc 1 5. footb;oaD,anDffoe 4. foot into t&e tfjer/atfe Circle, tobicb is, i 3 .foot totbe. JEtje great 
CbappclgfljallbanetttJo tamDotoes,anotbe fraallone:tbetoiDeaEffeof tbeooojejsis^. fmtaiioanbatfe. 2nbe<25allerp 
toitbont,u"jalbe 10. foot bioaQ,anb 24-foot long. SCbe 4.J0Ulars hereof, fbatbe 2. fa>tfourefqnare. CbemioBletnoff 
fpatebet&aneWe|3iUar6,ff)ai!bc lb. foot,anatbeotber2. fpates fbalbe 4. foot. 2Er)efttesof the ©allerp fijall bane 
a leaning place mabe lr.tth Mutters: jntbefibesof tbe€5ates,tberefba!tftant)2.pap2eof tombing BapjeSjtoare 
bp bpon the J3o stall, ano alfo roano about the Cemple . 2Ebis SCemple is P. foot elenate* from the aronnb , anb it 
map be mabe feolloto bneetneath. 

Of diuers formes of Temples 

Aithoogb e^ts SCcmple is Ojut, vet a toill fteto tlie meafnre toftbta} ft is as bigb at bjoafi tottt)in,Cl)at is,*2. fot. 
pc fcantbbjne (3 alfo as bigb as bioao to t&e Cornice: the Hoofe is of balfe a Circle. Che roofe of tbe lEemple 
IsalfohalfeaCircMiab 5»- foot,tbcreamthcrtoarDs. CbeCojnice flan bauettoo foot ano an balfr s fojmett 
Itbctljc Jtnpoftof tbeCbeaterof Marcellu$,intl>efonrtf)TlBoofee,int^o2Qer«f 3onita,roat*cD T, j*olto 37, 
Ebis Cojniecl&all be fct toitboot, like tbe fanermott, but greater. SEbe fonrefqnare pillars of tbe Pojtall, are 14. 
fast bigb,teitbi5afi!s ana Capitall, tDoaica. SEbc arcbttrane is balfe tbe tbtcfeeneffe of tbe betgbt of the pillar: abone 
tbc arcb, the Co?mtc is tbe fourth part lefle then the great, but of tbe fame fojme, ano Ojall ft rne to? Capital! t»pon tbe 
pillars, abone tbssCojmce/tberef&albe a plate b?cff-bigb,mabe faitb Jron Vstaffers. SEhetttopfeces abone tfjia 
Cemplcfljete t\)t Cbappcls tottbm: anb that fcuitb tbe croffe, ftetoetj) tbe greaten Chappell, tobersof the ligbt is J j. 
art. Cheofbet piece marfeeo L. fijetoctb ttjc leffe C^appell,to^teb ifl alfo 2 5 . fmt rjigfe: tije pilaftera tbat repttatc tbc 
Cbappels,aretbJ£tfof bjoae: tbeljeigbtis 1 p. foot: ano tbereft»UbeaCo?nicemaDe,tobi£t) &at!pe retina aoont tbe 
JCemplcfermng foj Capitals bpon tbe fapD pilaffens-, mfeicbfojme ibalbe maoe after tbe SDojica temple, bnta little 
alteram tbeCojrucementjtopon tbe Jta»tbojne,msij? bemabetoitb arcbitrane, f teste and Cojnire. 

Thefiffc Booicc. 

The foureteenih Chapter- Fol. # 

T£r grcatiD of t&e temple follotoing tfjfltbe Dye co;n?rb,lcing in Diameter j 5. frofe: aim tljctoall 5. tote tbiche. 
2Thc toioeneffe of ifte Cbappdfi are 1 0. fate, ano Gano 4. tote toitfjtn tbe toall. SEbe teiDeneffe of tfce i^ic^cs us 
a. fate, S;i)c2Da)?coftf)eCeinpIets5.footetoii5e,aoojticaU3ttl)D3ufatepiUnra,to!)«b areafote anoaquar» 
teribiefce. Cbc going bp it 5. ffep;s,ojmo?e if pou toill } ret tmeaen. Cart) Cbappell batb a TOmooto, of foure 
tot c ariD a balfe bjoan, tobicb tail! bjtng in light tnongb, although tberc be no Hanthozne. £>n tbe 6 , cojners toitbont 
tbe STcitiple, there fbalbc flat pillar* mane, cfj.fstcano a quarter bjoao, romming out a little, an* if pon foonlo 
tnahc tbe Ccmple greater , anofo:teantof Cones poncoulo matte Jt no tbicfecr Camming: tbenpon might make it 
Co;tntbia>o? 3onica,b; J3>ojtca, if pou toil! : ano then you map beipc pour fclft toitb gtDcfials; 

515 2 

Of diuefs fortnes of Temples 

N£bto 31 bane gjefeco the grennb offfjc tf . cojnet a Ccm> 
pie, $ Jt'utt 0}eto it Conning fcpjigbtj and alfo atferibe 
it, as ttidl toitytn a fottbont t fo: altbtugb tbe STcmpU be 
toijoipcloftitip, pttitjaueteta&bappeHebeuetJuettt, to 
te it Initbin, to? tbat n)c pare all fiuccr onefo;me$ ano tbe 
going m alfo is of tbe Tame fojme. 
3£ut looking t&c cntermofi part, 3 
tap, tbat tbe bcigbt from tbepaue 
mtnt beioto , till pen ccim aboue 
tbeCojnirc, rtjalbc 18. facte. Cfee 
Ce?nlce romto abont tic SCemple, 
ftall be man* of a footeano ajjlfc 
but the members of tbefapDCojntrt 
ffealbs maoe ateojDing to tbe €bap> 
■ter of SDojica, fojtbatitl&allalfo 
feme foj Capitall topen tbe $ila> 
fters, at tbe *• corners. Coaebing 
tbe pint bus toitb tgs Cimatie, to? 
tost it i&al! ferae fa; a Corona, it 
(ball go but rigbt tbjousb aboue tbe 
JSila&rrs, as sou map fee in tbe in- 
sure. SCfjc pojtall befoje Ibail bee 
beautifpeo toitb rounb Colamnrs, 
t umbaat Counterpillars : tDtjerc- 
0° tbe miOo'.emott jntercolumnrs 
(0? foaces betteene tyc Coiiumic j) 
fbalbe 7. tots ano a Ijalfe. Cbe Co* 
lumncs Qjail bee a ftote ano a batfe 
tfoicfee: battbefpacebettasnecacb 
2, CoUurmcs,ano pi late, fljait be 
balfeafoote: tbefefapbColumnes 
HiaibtS. f<Dt ma tfoee fourth parts 
bigb* Slbe Capitals fbaibe 2Do;ua : 
but tbe ffiafas, becanfe tbep Cans 
bc>oi»attbcfaotc, in (fee raphe ano 

tbetoino, ant) alfo foj tfiattbeprqeulobre trje Safeefiutfae flat fitom 
* no tbe great platters, going about tfcc temple en all floes, trjerefo;* 
tbrp fbaibe mace 2Cof tana. ffifee bright of tbe 2rcfelf rare Ojatl tee a footc . 
toberccntbedrtb (fcallfianb: anbtbe &>ooje thalbe aoojmo aspcufdeit 
in tbe figure,- %\t going in fbaibe 5. Ifepsattlje Itatt.SLrjc fcoofeujaUbc 

r octree initb a tbfog, tobltb in tbofe Coon 
irepi* lafierb long, ant iseafptobeebaB, 
otberteife it lucre befi to be of Heat: ano 
tbis is touting tbe ttojfee toitbeut. SCo 
fpeaite of tbe intrarD part, it is fsf B, ttjat I. 
Cbappellfernctbfejall: tbcfccbty oftbefe 
Cbappclo bolo eacb of 'bent 10. tot : ano 
tnbeigbt 13. tat ano a batfe, anbenter4> 
tmtinU tbe limit: on tatbfibe rbep, bane a 
i^tcbe, togictj 1* 1 . fat bjoao : aboue tbe 9\> 
tar tbcre is a mmo i\ ,tobub it 4. feet anb a 
halfe bjoao ; anb 7. tote btgb. 2Cfee Cajntcc 
toitbin tbe ffile^lc tball (taneof tbe tame 
betgbt tbat tbe cuter molt botb, anb (ball alfo 
bee of tbe fame figures : fc; tbe piintbus 
Utitb tbe Cunatie,Q)al alfo go tt&tjt tb?ongb, 
rouno about tbe Ccmplc, wrtbout bearing 
out aboue tbe piaQers ; otberoDtfe a man 
map mabe tbcm mutb flenbercr tben tbe? 
tbat ftano in tbe rajne ano tbe \»ino. £on 
map alfomaae tbe ffiaCcs after : ana 
aitijougb r»U tbcotber Eemples fie?\i>»t»bc» 
fo?e, bane tbeir beigbts tDttbin, line tbe 
b;ebtb 8) tbe Dtameter - (» da\\ tl)i- ," cw r> 
tbeiclfe, tbougb « be f (mail, be tjaift a S>;a» 
meter mo;ebtgbcr» tljattsa EDuwuafrana 
abaifcivjijctbis fcnenaite^vrtgfaots sno 
a Unite. 

The fi/t Booke. 

The foureceehth Chapter. Foli^- 

AlLtboagb tbofe af j;cfapD, anD fome KsmyltB fotoin^baae no &ta?pU fo? fl&te to tans tn,as tbe CbJifffan* bfe 
tobanc; noj ati« Sieflrte 3 , no? otfjcr places fp? men to toitbojatotbemfelacfl in: pet tbepmart,neaert&ele6,b» 
banofomclf maDetoifboaf,but fo,that men maygo tbjongbttje SEempk into than; alltobitl)fttbiect«anD inacn» 
t ions ttjaH no t leant in mp o tber ffioofte, Cbe grouno of tbifl temple is 8. quart : tobereof tbe E>iame tsx 
ftottWn fljalbc 43. foote: ano tbe toall 8. foote. 2Ebc Cbappeis ace 1 1 -foots totcc, anD llanos, foote toitbtn tb« toall. 
SteftCbaopelsareof balfe a Circle, anotbeof&er j.toitbtbe going in ate 4. fqaare. . CacbCbappeUbatba.&u 
cbes,fobicbare4. foote bjoao. Cbc 3 . toimiotocs in tbe balfe Circles are 4. foote bjaab : ttje otbV3»toitbtb*Co# 
lttmncs are 1 1 . foote toioe. 2£be SDooje (05. foote toioe. jn tbe miMrte of tbe SCemple aman map fet an aitar,cone* 
tea luttb a Ertbune, bpon 8. pilaSeu. Cbe diameter hereof i&albi 11 . foot? Jon g : ano it pa trill make tbi* Sent' 
ptegreater,pon mag make it mow fete* 

Of diuers formes of Temples. 

TfeilfoaretlcwunBerfmiftbfoj t&e8.fquart«xotfnD, afojefet tiofone, anfe titberajfcSCrmpU JMttto tlB *J5f"J- 


thSflcr* toittout tfce BUnttns, as in ibe figure r<"» HiaU alfo It t a Ctiiplc «afc fcnoerncatb tb}* '•«*»«» 

foillbauemoje light in the STcmple, tben^u ma? mateaboUabirasjan&tbattoteetoamb tintb jtaB*, fsgmuf, 

The fift Booke, 

The foureteerith Chapter. FohH 

A Cro?bins to tbis inner motf 
* £D;:tbograpbie , tbe Cowkcs 
ant) pillars ace of fojmef bcigbt 
Ufce tbe innermoS: fromttje Co:* 
niccs feptcaros, tbc roofeis aSjalfe 
Circle: tlje 3. grcnteS C|appels 
are rooft untb Stches , ano arc 1 8. 
foot bigb. SDberoano Colamnes 
Ctalbc tbjsfe quarters of a fot thick, 
ant) the bal fc accojDtngl t',anD fiiall 
be five foot ano anfcalfcbigb: (be 
arcbttraue , tuberron tbe 3rcb 
ccmcs,fljall alfo be t!uce quarters 
of a toot: tbe tnteDColamnes in 
tbemiDDle,fljallbe foarc foot ano 
an fcalfe, ano on cptber Cm tun 

foot anaanljalfc. STbeCbappel* 

of fealfe a Circle, (ball alfo be 1 8. 

foot bigb : the jjitcbes of all tbe 

Cbappels fqalbc ten foot btgb : tb? 

SCribanetfeat fijooU) fflano in tbe 

misaie toilbtbc 3Uar , is Sgureo 

aboac: ano from tljcgroonotb a* 

bone tbeCojmce, itis iS.foate 

tjigrj: tbc Comicement thereof is 

tbjffi fotrttie reS is fo.: t!>c pillars, 

to'jcrc ,on tbe fioes,peu nwp wafee 

pilaScra initb 3rcVs , ano all 

SDoiica toojfec , as todl toifbiri as 

toitljcut. She 2Crib«ne is of a 

balfc Civile. 

Of diaers formes of Temples, 

a H though ttjis groan& feitboat is foursquare, ret lutein it is 8. f ojnrro'ojtierccf t^e B>iameter toitbin ie 6; .fat, 
^.uuihnrallitf.icDt. IftrgainginofaUtfteCljappclB^g ia.fcct anBtl)eti'ai!t(ere,ji8 3.(outanDanl)alfet^irt5c.' 
<Ebt Cbappe is fljatbeitf. foot ffl»refqnarc tout-bin: the pieties ttfitb altars, fiialbe 1 2. foot bjoab : trjr 4. apcn, 
ano tu ■ blmo founDo t»r s,fbalbe 3 ; foot ano an bot'c : trje t u letter Cbappt L- fb^lbr 22. foot long fenrbtn,tBithout tbf 
Riches. 'Cbc ^cbes fhalbe 10. foot bjcao : ttjc tmnootocs Ojalbe c. fact t^e ©o-'tall toitbout is 27. fat long, 
ano fine tool foioe: right imragamGtle flat jMlars Qsno rotmr> Colon nc0,vrbtrhj)rc one feet nno 3. quarters tbufee. 
STiic fcoo;e is 6 , foot ft'tcc- the f ojtall toitbin, is alinott lite one of U,e fmaUCbappcls, ^oo map alio tit a high 3ltat 
intbemiDUe,tmtbaffiribtme,tobereof the Skiameter if ao.feotJt|b«|Jilaaitti are tbj&footanoanbalfetbicfcej the 
flat pillars at tbeco;mffl art tbjff foot bjoao. ■■■..._. 

The fi/t Booke, 

The foureteenth Chapter. Foh£ 

**p ^ii»-M tbcS>2t!iosrapt>:cof «6c afdjpfapa groano, of fteqrgtf cojtmDattfoiifttaiMrc Cemple.lDbicbtsthe tffa 

I cure ngittgtoitbout, hereof 3ltetUD0ftribe%^igl)t:aiiDflrft,fromtl)ei0aactnent, totbe bigbcapartoftbe 

* Co;mce,tt is 1 1 . foot ano an balfe: tbe heigbt thereof oentBCD to lire parts, otic thall be foj the 3rcbitraae, fofcfe 

am> Comtce,tbe other fiue part* are to? tbe jBillara, tohitb being ttoo foot ano an balfe b?oab,pct the? are not to 

longer caufc tbep ffano tiwo togetber, ano little rat>feo t p. s$e meafurc of all togetber , wn map fino in tbe otter of 

S^ w J t,cf ? n ^ Fl ob £ ab ? ac thiB Cowiceffanoethtbe Sribunctofjcrcon there fball uanbaiLanttwne,togtae 

light into the mibole of tbe SCemplr , tobereof pon map eafilpflnbe tbe meaTtare, toitb tbe Imall foot that ttanwth intb* 

groon*. Eberomtb Columnes before tbeJE>o?tall,fl&albe 1 3.footbigb: the arcbitraneis a foot: abone tbe arch, tb$ 

Comtre fljalbe the tbitfeenelTe of a Colamrie beloto, aenioeo as irt tbe Capitall of 2Do«ca. Cbe jFrotitifpitie rifet b to 

t^archttraneof tbe SCemple: tbegowgtip is of fine tteps: tbe fmall figure marfeeD toitb A. is one of tfeeCbappels 

toitbont.tBhicbtcimcfi tbjeefoot ont of fbetoall . the UrinOotoe toheteof is to. fait high, beOTO tbe Uabtsbone ttaCoj, 

n«e, ano abone it ts balfe rouno, ronefed as ponfee* 

Of diuers formes of Temples. 

N£iu3^awfljtto« tbegronnoanb ^tbograpbptoitbotat aftlje ECctnpIc in fonrtCqaace, Bitoill alto befcrtbe tbe 8. 
cajnett Ecmple toitt)in,f fet it bere beneath in f teorc. ano bete pea fa boln men going Dp tbe ^ta^cs tobieb ace 
figures in tbe entrp. of tbe gronnD, go ftp to £ fapje to alfee. E be beigbt of tbis temple tort tbin us aim ott llae all tbe £em* 
plea befoje let cotone, anb alto tobicb are fount) in Statiqaitics,tbat is, as btgb as bj08D,to)bkb f o;mc is tafeen ont of tbe 
Circle. Cbe roans l£oofe,as fo? tbe balfe Circle, eccnpietb tbe one balfe, ano of tbe otyer baits botimetoarbs tbere 
ftalbe*. parts maoe, tobereof one part (ball be fojtbeawbitrauc, iFrafeaiw Co?nite, tobubOjalbc mabe after tbe 
Stoica: tbeotticr y.partsarefojtbc tDalllnttbtbeptllarSjtDbu^alfoarea.footcanoabalfebjoab, libetbeouiermoU, 
but fo j Capitallano USafe, lifce tbe 2Do;ica. 2Ebe meafares botb of Capitals, ffiafee , arrbitrauc, jTt «f s ano Cojnicr ,« 
ion (ball alto fino in tbe afojefapo fourtb S5oofce,ln tbe 2>?oer of SDotfra. %%t b;eotb of tbe going in of all tbe Cbap; 
pels is 12. foots: buttbebeigbtoftberapDCbappels(S24.foots. ffibe4.greateBCbappelshibicbffani»tatbec0j> 
nersare i4.footetuitbin,foarefqnare, brity tyeirpilaftetf, toitbarcbESbpontbem. £C^e tjeigtjt of allt&e ^ic^cs, 
Sstoellof cbofetbstare ip.footeb?oao,as ttjofcof n.foete, fljaUallbe i j.feotebigb. SCbe Jiantbojne ftall boto 
1 5. foote in diameter : anb tbe r ctt tbe ftrcbitetto? (ball eaClp fino teitto tbs fmaU foots. 

The fife Boofee. The fourteenth Chapter- F0I.16 

T^isgromiDffanainglicrctmDertiia!) be name&£roffe=foifc,tu!iereof thpn>iWm n n «!=,,»,•« *,.,-.,..., 

(to&erem pan map place altars) ano tt>e Storo arc each SS sk 5 i 1? ? ^ •wjMmowwe, 

(2 2 

Of diucrs formes of Temples 

f Horn tbe grounobefoje OjcfoeMereffanccttitljr S>?ttjograp^p of lljt fai u Sample teUb cm of tbcfiorsst^sttsbc^ 
f c;e , al tyotigb a man fitoulD fet them out all foure, at lead tbja, in tbis matter, 2Chc bctgbt of t be firtt fe> tap ^egm* 
nfng at tbe bigbett Hep of tbr going bp to tbe tppcrmoff part of tie Co}nice,rbalbe 38. fcote } tabttfc bright, Be triseO in, one fbalbe fo} tbe arcbitratte , j^reefcanoComtic, anstbts ftall tnclofe tbetoboie SErmple roanDaboat 
4From tbis firfl Co jniec, to tbe fccoito of tbe miooie Cemplcit fljalbe 1 3 , footc : of tins bcigfet poa (tall mafee 5. p&rto: 
ttbergof one fball bo foj tbe .f t efe, Cornice, ano architraue, &\p fame great part of tbe Cornices (ball alfo ferus to? tbe 
i,antbo?meoftbe4.UaftCbappcl0: tobitblUiifbojncsiDitbinfIiallcontai>ne8. foot* in ©iaimtec, Cbc 5 . aDjDet 
agapnfttbC4. 2Cotocrs tboll baaebntaflat^atie, right Ufeef be footc of tbe grcateC &antbomcUibubttancetb^pon 
tbe ronno roofe. Ebe fapo iLantbo jttc toitbin ft all tjolo 1 o. feo- e in Diameter; ano tbe beigbt foitbont tbe fecttle 
fione ftalbc » * • foots : tbis beigbt oeaioeo tn 5 . tbe one part (balbe fo; tbe Cojnitcment of tbis Hantbowe, arts tbe a* 
tber Utalbe Cojmtbian pillars, fourtb 2>;oer of tbe SCotoerB Pjal! alfo be of tbe fame beigbt, ano beautifpeo tettb 
tbe fame Cojnicement t ano alibongb tbat from this Cojnicetnent netbertoaros, tbe £D?eer of tbe Werners fiance not 
tjcrvbanDfcmel^btsaofet^cp arefojccD topalb to tbe Cojmcemcntof the Cempic; set accojeingto 2ntiqmtp, it iff 
a fault to be borne toitball, SCbe bppermofi part * , tufjitb in no fe?t ate tpeo to anp tbtng, Rjalbe as high as tbe tbiifee> 
neffe of tbe fapo XotDCf *. STbe j. part of tbat beigbt fbaibcfoj tbe Co2ntccmcnt,ant> tbe reft, ft 2 tbe Columncs, maoe 
after tbe jjtonita. Shone tbe Cojnicetb* leaning place ftjalbe mate, tottb tbe torniD rarfe*, as gon f*. 


The fi/tBooke, 

The foureteenth Chapter. Fot.ii 

H<£crcunaer follotoctl) the iffijt&ograpbie of the afojefapa Stcmple within, that is, the balfe cf ti)e 3 . Eemples. ana 
forest SbemiaDlrmatt lEcmplcnjoulDretctnenicje light then from the ILantbojnc, as ttjc other alto Doe bpthe 
hrinBotocs belotu,it is requititc to maftetbeCo;uice Without fjigjjcr tben tbe innermoff,tbat a man mflp,almo8,receiuc 
the light psrpenaienlaotoife, as von map eonODcc it in the figure, .from the jaauert!tnt,fo the btgbea part of the 
Cojnice, it Ojalbe 44. foot. 2Cbe Cornice (becanfe there are neptber Colomnes no.: pilars about) a man map maba 
baffare, ana at bis pleafure, fo it banc not much bearing out, tt>at it map not tafee atoap the fight of tbe roofc. SCbe 
Cornice fljalbe a foote ana a balfc high, ana mac bee macs according to tbe Capitall f ©ojica . Cbe bcigftt of all the 
ipitljes are ail 1 5 . footc : aboue the jpicbes, there fijall a jfacie goe rouno about the lobolc part of tbe SEcmple, as 
toell the fmallSCemplrs as the great. aboaetbcjracietbebalfcrounarocfesoftbe4. CbappeisffjalHranb, Slbana 
tW*4. Cbappels trjers fljalbe a plapnc,maee a Utile banging, f cut off the toater, toitb a place b?eChtgb ronno aaoHt, 
Inhere, b« the, a man map go tlbongb to the arotoers : ana if that this Ccmple ttanaef fe in mtp open place, then 
there brill be a faire toalfee abouc Itjpoa muft teearefnlt that pon let no fnoto !f e upon it,fc? it tofectb tn ana fcnrtetb flj* 
roofe. SCl)e2Doojesontl)eflbe6banealfop.Oeps, altbougbtbepflananottuarkeoint&egtonnD : ano astbefeano 
the lifecboufes ftano fo bigb> oj not fo bigb,fcom the eartb.a man map well mafee them places of oeuotion,oj dtberwife. 
Wit fee commonlp, that ronno about the Churches all corners Ipe fall, Which ts bnciuili fo? fancf ifico places : tberefoje 
g tco^'.o tbjnfte gma, that it ujorilo be toallea ronna about as btgb as the 8eps, that it might not be fo reaop fo; peopU 
togoein, anothatit WercballotoeOfoj a Cbnrcb'paro. SCbeEotoers that j&oulottanabe&ino in this balfe, becaufe 
tbcp llano not Upon this SDiameter, ana alfofoj leffe cnmber,foj that men map eoncctuebow then areplacea : tberefoje 
tbeparenotfetootonein this .figure: ana tebat there Wametbmoje,it 10 referred to tbcoifcretionof the wojftcmatr, 
fobo, in building thereof, C&all fina manp stciaents which a mancatmot tsgitenoj remember aifat once, 


Of diuers formes of Temples. 

A?itt)8U8lj flje afo?cTapt) temple is fticfocD to bee croffc*tDtfe » ncuertljcleffc, tljis t^at is hjerefetootonetemttcb. 
Uker : anb fiiff , 3 foil! fpcahc of the St ft going in, fofjicb. fball feme fo; all tbe reff, foj tljat fljepare all o( one 
fojme. SEbeuribencffcis 30. foot, ano tbe length 37. foot. £betoallisreHenfoottbicfee:intbemtoble,on 
cptber floe, tijere are ttoo $fcbea,u hub (ball each of tbem be tenne foot bjoao. SCbe E>oo?e is epgbt foot topoe: 
the going tbjongb, to aoe in?o tbe Circle, is 22 . foot topt>e. SCbe piaffew there, are feum foot ibicfee i the #id)es, 
fonre foote. SJSiithin tbe filacers tbe flakes (ball flanb to aoe bp, ano that ttjc ^flatters fljoulo bee tbe falter to bear* 
tbe Cttbuite, in tbe foure eojner0,bebint) acatntt tbe ptlatt crs,pou ftjall tm&e trjefe epgbt cower* Cijappr ls,of 1 S.fot 
in SDiameter, ano tbe boall is fonrefbot thicfee. &be#icbf s, SDoojeSjWinootoes sno blinb toinDotoes,fball be fine 
foot totoe. 2Ebs eojners of tbe SCemple totthotit , bane tbeir flat pilars of ibjc* M bjoab: tbe going tp t« of fine fiep*. 


The fift Booke. 

The foureteenth Chapter- Fol.iz 

TIN ©jtbograpbie toittjoot of tbeftmre cojwrBcroffc Eemplc, isbereumier fetDotatc,anD is 44. foot bjoao st 
tbe going in-, ano tt)e beigbt fro m tbe gconno to tbc Cojntce is 30. foot: t^c £o?mcemetit is fiae foot: t be reft re 
ttetbfojt^c paiars,v»tiic^a)oalDbe3J9mca. CbefecontJtto;pts23.footbtgb: to^tcbljcigbt ftall bf e DeuioeQ in 
(fee parts,one fljalbe foj tbc Co?nicement,an» tbc otber fiac foi ttje Comtbta .Colismncs. SEbefe tics fiojtes tb& 
STsmpleOjall bane,lubEreoSpoua)aUbaac tbemcafurein tbefonrth iSoohc. Cfceroofe Hmlt? lo.foctljigb, but here 
in tt)e Mm tobjre it blotoetb, caprietb, ano women) much, it map llano rancb. htgbei:. flbone tbe bppcr part of tbis 
jp rontifptcie 0? ISooMbm e>ailbEaCo?nireof ttt)ofaot,tobcreontbefccttleoj tberontiDUoofcOjalt ffsnMauing a 
JLanttjojne bpon it, tobicb. is I o. foot bigft»toitbont bis coner. 2Ehe part marfeeD C, Ojetoetb tbe toucr pi riofe toitb/ 
in,anotb« Qfljermartwo L. a)eUKtbonedftbe4.toineroCbappcis:anoalrt>ougl)tl)efe-j. ttepMojagoHna bp.ftan? 
onttp to this 2Dooje, tbsp ftonlo alfo be maoe to tlje otber ttoo coojes on tbc floes : artD tlje ojname nt s f t i)S boj8ir£t,ga$ 
fljall ftao in tbe afojefego SBoohe, in ibe joer of Jbnita; 

Of dfucrs formes of Temples 

Haning fibetoet tbte fourerquarc troffe Ccrople uritbout , nofe here folio teeth the part toithin, no if it toere 2D iamr< 
fcrlifee,tut enenin a. parts, ami firll, fpefifeing of the miDDle tebereon the £ribane&Ynbetb, thereto feem one 
of the Comers of ttjc JMaflew, to the other, 30. fcot. f rem tbe pauemrnt belote, to the blgbeB part of the Cojnicr , it 
to atfo30.foote. SLbe height of this jfreefc, artbitraue, ano Cornice, to 5. foots, ano this ftallgoerouno about the 
Sftmple feuitbtn. SHpon this Cojmcc the arcbe e refftobub btare fcp the SLribnne. flboue the 2rcbr s the re is a great. 
|Facie } arts from thence toptoaros it to 1 5. foote high* &be Cornice ifhalbe 2 . fcote : bat (ball not t care much oner ? 
ont, not to let the rcefc. JFrcm this Cornice netbc rfoaros, totbe facie, there fljalbe 8. bjafoing toinrou. ce mane, of 
y.footeifonrefqnarejaoisonteitintljeifigorg. Cbcilanthojneftalbej. foote bribe, from the pauement,to the 
foolcoftbc^nibo;ne,itft)alfee 77. foote btgb. Sbeplace fofceretbebigb altar aanoctb, to right oner agapntt the p?m> 
ripall gotogin. 3n the great fourefqnare there map be an altar arable fet ; anb abone it there (hall bee a great rotmb 
fiDirtbotejasalfo abcucalltbe4*E>Dojcs< 5 naoe not tojite anp thing of the feronD fine: fojbp the grounD ana this 
f ignte pou map eafilp conteane it. ano alt hcugtj 3 fapnotbing here of SEotoer e, pet there map 2 . at tbe lead, bee fet a> 
bouetbe<Cbappelsmtbeco;nerjt:alfo,a{(inmanpoti)erplacesittofbeb}eb,tbe fonjfeeman, bpon gooo cecaficn, map 
alter tome things : foj although that in jtfalp, ano here in tbefe Conntrpeis (toljere the taw ffcinetb much) men Defire 
Cmall teinootoes to; retonefle : neuertbeleffe, tbofe tbatbfoell jpo?tbtoarEt,tobere it is rumatiKe,ano manp times dole 
toexthsv, map, artojomg to the Staation, mafeetbetotnoomes great, ano giue moje light to the Xemples, toitbont 
fejtabing $}oer,ae it tofapbm the fonrtb fcoofeeof tbe SHenerian bossfe*. 

Thefift Bboke. 

The foureteenth Chapter- F0I.13 

ApSpymtfeD tnm|fourtl,BflDfec,fo3^uea»£tocB6iccrBfan}tciiBof Ctmp!es,viz. rouno, £>aale, oi€«ae 
Unfe, fcnt£fqaaK,fiueco?neri),ftjtBt W »icro,cFettfo?nerD , anocroar'Uiifejtat onelp after tbe maner of foe In. 
^S^fSffHSfl^ 1 c ! ?iatans ' m fu ^ f0 5«KS as are at tt)is Dspmace tn Italy, and m&tjeiS&hkttm 1 
t^ttgbt I W> «f« ntl f PwfcJtned rn? pjomifcibat fo? tijat SCemplr s o?Cl>urcbe B are mm bere in tl»cfe com? 
tries ttoflfc*totfealft,Uh< : Raphaels grotino (of ft. Peters Cburcb in Rome) in mpthiroffioofec, tbcrcfo«3U>t!irct 
tteo o? tb* WOW fame bew,tbcreut folletoing of the ancients. Cbegreatett gotw ttjjouab, o; tealta 
ut tbe miBMcof tbe C6Brcb,ts 3 o. foot toioe: tbe tb?a Cbappels of belfe Circles, beGaes tbe a. f maliett toalkw, ar? 2 < . 
foottoibcanDtballuanofometoljat mttbouttbc toall. &bc Skiameter of tfr §E nbuneis 3*. tot: trjefoure rmai! £rt> 
bones* a? ronnb Kate s,arc mH>iametcr ai. tot, but tbcp fljsll not come out 01 tbe roofe. £bc noffe^ioihe bath a 
Bfflje on eptber fie>e,anp tbe 3 . balfe Circle* are each of tbem 2 5 . foot toioe.Cbe binoermoff balfc Circle.foberc the bieb 
Jltar aant)etb,is 3 i.tot topoe. JlefiDes tbe £mer,tbere arettoo c* 3 *t~co:nrrD racBttrs, being 2 . . footiniiame' 
l tV ; ^^t^S^BBOtng into tbe £emptc,is tbe mtbolemott Dmje, la.foote to B De,atiBtbe 2. fatal! Bojea ft 

Sft i5 n *l!5?y , ' eS ? , ?^" cel ^ tottorBe! W" tbE fiat»?eS,tbeteCanD«ah3pDegate fooftUiteineErta 
9no although tbisEettiplebatbrnanpttepso?ftap ? es 3 | ? cHrnavma6eleff f - ^ ^ 


Of dfucrs formes of Temples 

T^is is the ©jthograpble of tijc g'rounb afojcfarD.lBhrrcof trirfirffCojmcclTanCtd] tfa.fcot biojh: toljtc^ fcet£l,t 
SEutDcD in fire parts,enc part flialbe fo? €o?nice,.f rafe,ant> arctjttraue, ant> the rcfl (bait bee f oj the flat pillars, 
inbicb fbalbc fine fcot b;o&Mnt> of E>o»ita Ui ojfec. 2E be mibfilEmoS fioo;c i s 2 4. foot high: tt>e tli-c fmaller on the 
fiees fbelbe 1 1 . foot ftigh, 21 be great anb t be fmall Deo jt alfo Bjalbe bcantifiec iuiti) Dune tr .0 jbr , as po a Tee 
in tb'B ftaarctflliwe tbe particular mcaforts ontof tbe&ojicaojDer^ninpfcartbllBoo&c. Cfce clcuatonojrpfmg 
bp in the miODlc, (ball to ttje topper part of the Co; nice be 1 5. foot; ano tbc Cornice ttjercof (ball be the - enrtb part trffe 
then tbc other Cojnice bnoer it, maoe after the fo?me of the EDe?tca Chapter. E'tje f roniif pitie is fifieene foot fcigb, 
aboue it llanos tlje ccuer 02 the is r ttle,ftn tb ftjts llanthojnc bpon it, the nuamre tobereo f , a man map tabe ont of that 
before. S5eloto,topon the nrfi Cojnice, br frees the rmoolemott bearing top, you (ball make a XBafentent of fine foot high* 
abonetbatWement,i?ontm»ff place the tteo 2Eotoers ? tobtcb arc 42. foot ano an baltebigtMnafeingtbeCojnice tbg 
fourth part teu*c then tbc otbcr,fo;meo after the SDojtca Chapter. £b« tbirD ojoer (ball be ttje fourth part USe then the 
fecono, ano ttje Cojnice thereafter : t befourtb ojoer (ball alfo be a fourtt? part It fie then tbe tbiro,an» the Cornice there* 
after. S£he places b?rtt«lji£b afcouetbcfe Cojniccs^albcfourefcot tjigh' ano from U;eHtff,tB t&e point of tbe^irac 
miBes,tl)£K ace 16, foot* j?oqmapoeubletbetointo>tossout of wip fourth jeafee- 

' ^ 

The fife Boofee. 

"he fouretecnth Chapter. Fol.14, 

Tl^a iPigntefoUotDi«glftsUictt)ttjearoicfap.B SCcmplcfotiI)in,to^erc£jr tljclensjtft ano fccDtbis fetoatxnein tf>e 
grouno:batoere Jtoaifpea&eof tbebcig!)t.£b2CamiceQ)3Uttanobisb, t be as great astbcb£term»&,t!)at is, 
tbcfij:tBartoftf2.f!Bt,bat(batbennDcaf(cct^3onica miner. ffibcflattatilarstbala'.fobeJunita.'tljeSrnpoff 
tpbub beaceti) tbe 4rcbe*,flj3l alfo be jjanica; loijofe t'o:m :, touting tbe m jafures ,t>ou RjaI SrtO tbem all together 
ntferl? in m? (aartb UBrnfte: all tbeCbappels ttjall bane tbeic hgbtof tbemfclaes.aa vou fa. aboaetbe Cbappel3,tt)e 
Kfflfe fbalbe bjoben lifc * a «j9ajne,tberein to matte an o nail roans bole, tijat it mat) $eelb mo }e jig^t: ano tbat c^e Enbnne 
Bwpbwemojslifl^t fyen from tbe ilatitbojne, pnu tyalUfrom tbecouer bpWKDs.nia&eaiFcisUiDitb a Hilt, ana 
therein alfo make roano boles fojligljf. Ki)i» (mall tlofcbSguccttanomg alone, abouotbe temple, ffjetajetbons of 
f\)i doe ooajes.of tbe SCemple,w the crottfctoojke, thereof tbe Doaie is io. foot topoe, ano lo. bigb- 2Cbe ^rcbrtrwe, 
iFceefe ano Cpjnice, tmoer tbecouec a; Koafe,attbougb tbe pillars are bjofcen after anatber maner.toitt) rbe itiff of tue 
©o;ta!l,fballnraertb:ieirc agree uritb tbe Cajnicement tbat goetb rounb about t\)s 2Eemp!c, 3no altbaugb it to not 
|ece flfcbub Ijoto tbe to^oeE (pace of tbe toalfee betuieene tlje platters ano tbe rorfe is, anb boto tbat t&e fmalteff tedue 
u not Co bigb coofeD, nn tbe fojme of tbe fmatl Settles ano ffilettrtes are nat Hjevueo , yet tbe UJa&emait ui.u> ima$m 
ft bg tbt gconna; fo; bs that bnoet tatotb fact) a piece of teo^ c, mutt no t be tmfkilftili • 

'& 2 

Of diuers formes of Temples. 

T^ifl ITemple folletoi ng f s 30. f cote toioe in t be misoic Cbe erode too;te, anO alto tbe Crtburic, together toitb 
tt)e high 2J uier , (ball eacJj of tbem contapne 3 o. f® i . Eb e 3rcb e 3 iubub beare t be £ cibune, ttjalbe 3 4. fete toiDe. 
ST t»e pilars on tbe floes, Inhere ttje j^u^cs fiano, ibalbe $ . fcote bjoao, Cacb fioc of tbe Croffe tcojfee 1038, fat 
long, anD (ball eacb, of tbem bane a S>eojc. Cbe part before tbe high ^nier, totoaros tbe 9ltar, is 4. fqaare. 
2Cl;c flatters toifbtbe ^ubeMefojc tbe ftalfe Circle of tbe bigb flltar, ace 5. foafc b?oaD,ano Cant) from otbtr 24. foot 
Cbe #icbe o? balfe Circle if 2 3. fotefoioe. 3n tbe2. cojnrrson tbe fines of tbe bigb €taier,tbereare2, peltries, 
fobicbfba1bei7.fa>tetmotin4.(quare, #romtbeEribunetotbe pjincipall going in, tbere ffjaUffano s.Cbappels 
en eptber floe, tobirb fbalbe 1 5* fote isittjin 4. fquare. Cbettallfsbetto0Mieb8tb(ballbee4.fffltetbKite. Cbetbin' 
ootoes fbalbe 6. foots toice, anD tbere Altars (ball OanD. Cbe mail at tbe SDoojes (ball bee 4. foote ttiicfee, ano on tbe 
(foes tobere tbe #icbcs (tans, 5 .foot, l^ere bcfo;e tbere Stall come a (Salter? of 14. foote b?oa&,ano of 6%> foote long. 
Cbe #ub« fbalbe 8. foote bjoao. €>n tbe fioes ef tbis ^02 tail tbe Coiners (bail ttano, ant) (bait Sano as bjoaD out 
at tbe fioes,as tbe croffe toojfer. Cbe Skiameter toitbtn tbe Coiners is 1 8. foote : ano altbougb tbe? be 8 . fqaare„tbeg 
map alfo bemaoe 4.fqnaie. Ebetomofng S>(at>?es ftano in tbe tbicfeeneffeof tbetoall. 

Eoucbtng tbe rapfing bp jtgbt of tbe fapo 2Demple,fir ft 3 toill fpeafee of tbe ^9o?taU,iDbtcb Uritb tbeiidpe of tl)e fourtfj 
SSoofee, anb though tbe graarto, pais map fine tbe particular meafare of tbis 3Djoer. Cbe $2o?tall abone fhalbc fiat 
ioitboat roofe, to take no light atoap in tbe Cemple. f r qui tbe paut ment,to tbe top of tbe Cornice tobitij goetb ronno 
about tbe Cefflple,itfbalbe 47. foote bigb« Cbe 3rcbi?raue, j^rafe ano Cojtnice, are 5. foote. Cbe 2. SDjoer con> 
tasnen>37.foote: ano t|eirCc?nlcements (ball bee a fonrtb part leffe then the otber: tbe fame beigbts ano Cornices 
(ball alfo ferae fo? tbe fecono ® joer of tbe Cotoers,ano fbalbe a fonrtb part Ieffe ttjen tbe fcconD jffijtcr ; ano tbe Cojntce 
(ball alfo leffen tbe fonrtb part : abone tbere (ball ft ano a fmall r ifmg 0; eleuation, tofiercon tbe Settle (ball reft. 

2Ebe jfigure abaue tl)e ciofeo Cemple, nwfceo toitb A. ffietttttb tbe inner part of tbe 5. Cbappels. Cbe height 
from tbe panemr nt to tbe tipper part of tbe Co;mce is 27. foote : tbe Cojmce fbalbe 4. foote thereof, maoe I (fee a Capi; 
tall 2Do;ica. STtjc other hppetmoff Cornices fbalbe as bigb as tbe outtermoff-, anD betweene tbis ftrQ anD tbe fecono 
Cornices, tbere (ball jontca flat pillars ffano;bet&ccne K\t.\\ tbe tvtnaotors fballbeemaoe. Cbe ottjer figure aboue 
tbatafojefapD,markcD b. fbetac to tbe SCribune.tbe 2iuier anD tbeC^c of tbe croSe Uiojfecintt!) trje open ano tbe blpno 
^)oo;cs. Cb;ougbtbconetiDe(tobicbU}aspurpofelp bjottrnj pon map fee tbe SMirpes toitbm. ^b^Co;nicet)iv 
Her tbe arches, fvbtcb bear c tbe Settle, is like tbe otber Cojntce tDbtch got tb ronnb about tbe SCcmple. Cbe Co mac 
lutjtcrj is aboue tbe 3 rch , anD comes bnoer tbe Settle, fbalbe baffart). Cljc llantbome muft bee mace accojDittg to tbe 
otber iiani rjojncs afo;e fbctoeD. Cbe otber part market C. is one of tbe Dow .* on tbe Goes, ano is in tSjai; mancr co- 
uereorounD. Cbe JDoaje ts p. foote totoe, anD J 8. foote b'Sb* 


The fift Book. 

The foureteenth Chapter- Fol.i? 

Of diuers formes of Temples 

Ailtbough tbai tit tbe $rtberlaa0s tbttc are fccrp f a pje Cemples m abe. as t&c mant r in ft r f c capes is , not o or if 
iBif b ti>;ce 31cs o j toalfees in iljc boor, but alto fine: mp meaning is nut to torite of {tub great Cemples, fo; tbat 
cacbar otorsc batb rjcr cfjicfc Cbarcb. but tbcfc are ondp to make fuel) Cbtircbcs in places, tofcere, b? cbantc, tbe 
Cbi'tcbcs are Oct aptft,betaafe in rbefe oavt s ,mcn ceulo barelp maae tbem tip againe in great fojnw-, ano to tbi* 
ena 3 fet tbis iattfigare bere, tobtcb is plainer tbeu tbe otber. ft fljalbe $6. foot topoe,an& y 4 . fact long, at each we 
bero}eanDbebinO,tbereftallSantbalfeaCtrcleof24.footin3^iamtter. Ebisbalfe Circle u<t;-eretbebigt) altar Saw 
Detb,batbttootomDctocs,cacb tf.foottopoe. ffibe&ooje to enter into the Cemplc,fljalbc$. foot to?be. ?ntbecrcOc 
of tb* Eemple trjere fbatl ttano ttoo <Ibapprls, being 1 8 - foot Iong,ano 12. foot bjoati. Elbe tomocto s bebino tbe 31* 
tar Stall be fire foot uwbrtail tbe great $ ictjes arc alfo fire foot tophe,anO ttjr fmall tt»;& foot. Etc Cclu i*mr s are ttoo 
foot tbitke: tbe intcr»Cclmnnes in tbe mtoole.are 6. foot,anb tbe other on tbe floes are 3. foot EDbe 4. $icbes uritbtn 
tbe boe^re beautifico teittj rbuno Columns* ttanoing in tbe foall. esiitbout tbe ICemple there is a J0o jtall of 10. tat 
Mao, anb j 2 . fot long. 2Ehe bigb pilasters flbalbe 6~ tot bjoaD,se t oantcrfojts ; ant) tteottjer fljalbc tbjee foot bioac. 
tfflitbintbetbiciuneffe of tbe toall there fljall ttano ttoapav?e sf totuoinfl Ea^es • sno altbougV *b« Cbwcb batb no 
s:oto«rs,jet gon mag mate tbem on it, as tbe otber tore. 

r f 

The Git Booke, 

The Foureceeiith Chapter, FoLxtf 

Tl$is ifignrc toitbin wgooo f o brroerff an», ana from t!)e panemcnt to the firff Cojnice, it is a i.fooS big!;, tube', e> 
of Uje Cojni«msnti8afiictpart:tbeoH)ctisfojtI)cinmfaColuiiincis. SCbe pebettalt of tbe il^icrjr© toallje fJje 
fiftpart, tobcri-Qntbcre ffano Colunsnes of Cojintbtn. SCtje jf ronfifptcKs ate tb:et foot abonc tfee Comic?: tbs 
bliiio loinDoUic<5 abouemapalfobeopeneo. SCtje u<at&es,ti)it!J tbe place bjcH-higb aboactl)cpojtail,tnuia bec 
matte leaning fojtoarofojtbetoater. CbeCbappclsof tbe bigb altar, raarfeco A. ^atic fmall i^icllf .s of 7. foot ana 
an balfe bigb. SCbe fourefqnare aboac tbe attar, fs foj a table, bjoab 1 6. foot, ano bigb 1 2. foot. Ctje aCrmple toitbout 
batb a SDojicall Comice,as feigb as tbe inncrmoff . SCbc part of the fecotiD o:Der rjatb pillars, nno Cornices bpon tijein 
•f ttto ft>Qt,tobicb Cornices fbal be maoe acco :omg to tr>e jmpcfr of tl)e Sweater of Marcdlus,in tbe fourtb iSokr : ana 
fojtbat abate on tbe fine, in tbe roofeo; center, there is 3 • tot of roome to fpare,tbere mag be a leaning ptacc n»aoe 3 botb 
fty an 8jnanwnt,an& alfo fo; eate: tbe toner mag be conereo one r toith Hcao 


^cresnoetbibeSftiBmfee: anbtblsalfotetbeenooftbetoboletBBjlteofSebaftianScrlius-, CranQateooatof gtalisn 
into JDnteb , ano ont of $>uttb into (Cngligj, at tbe charges of Robert Pake. 

Printed at L N D O N , by Sim*n snford, 16 1 1 . 



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