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Instituted in i 896. 








Trustee of the Fund. 


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This publication contains the first thirty pages of the Proprietors' 
Great Book of Records from 1656 to 1665. There appears to be a 
break in the Records after this until 1683. 

On page 3 8 and following will be found The Contents of Marl- 
borough Proprietors' Great Book to 1729, which will serve as an 
indication of the detail of the remainder of this volume. 

I am indebted to the City Clerk of Marlborough, Mr. Peter B. 
Murphy, for his kind permission to copy these Records, and for his 
intelligent interest in the work. I am also under obligation to Miss 
Mary E. Spalding for her painstaking care in copying the originals, and 
for her active aid in their preparation for publication in the New Eng- 
land Historical and Genealogical Register. 





Copied by Mary E. Spalding 
FOR Franklin P. Rice 


1 909 

Reprinted from the 

New England IIistoricai, and Genealogical Register 

Vols. 62 and 63 


1656 35 To y** Hono'^'' Goveruour, Deputy Govei-no'', 

Magistrates, & Deputies of y^ Gener'^ Court 
now Assembled in Boston 
Tlie bumble Petition of severall of y^ Inbabitants of 
* ' Sudbury whose names are beere und^' written 

Humbly Sboweth 

That whereas yo"^ Petitio'® have lived divers yeares in Sud- 
bury & God hath beene pleased to increase o'^ Children w^*^ 
are now divers of them growne to mans Estate, & wee many 
of us, growne into yeares : so as y*^ wee should bee glad to 
see them setled before y** Lord take us away from hence, as 
also God haveing given us some considerable quantity of 
Cattle ; so y' wee are so streightned y* wee cannott so Com- 
fortably subsist, as could be desired ; & some of us haveing 
taken some paines to veiw the Country ; wee have found A 
place w*^*^ lyeth Westw*^^ about eight miles from Sudbury, 
w*^*^ wee conceive might bee comfortable for o'' Subsistance : 
Petition for ye It is therefore the humble request of yo^ Petition''* to this 
riautation : • hono"! Court : y* yo" would bee pleased to Graunt unto us— 
eight miles Square ; or so much Land as may containe to 
eight miles Square for to make A Plantation : 
If it shall please this houo"^ Court to graunt o*" Petition, It 
is farth^' then the request of yo'' Petition''^ to this houo'^''^ 
Court that yo" will bee pleased to appoint m'' Thomas 
Danforth or Lieften*^ ffisher to lay out the bounds of y" 
Plantation and wee shall sattisfy those whome this bono''* 
Court shall please to employ in it : So apprehending yo'' 
weighty occasio[n] wee shall not farther trouble this houo""^^ 
Court but sha[ll] ever pray for yo'" Happinesse 

Edmond Rice Thomas King John Ruddocke 

William Ward John How Peter Bent 

John Bent Sen'^ John Maynard Thomas Goodenow 
John AVoods Edward Rice Richard Newton 

Henry Rice 

That this is a true Coppy of an originall Petition presented 
to y'^ Generall Court May 1656: Lefte on file & thereto 
compared is Attest'' 

g'' Edward Rawson Secreta"^ 

Prop. Records. 

Memorandum that when the town Book was deliuered by 
the Select men of Marlborough to Abraham williams Toun 
dark the 10th of October 1679 ther was written vpon f our- 
tene leavs on the first end of the book and twentie four vpon 
the later end of the Book — and no more 

abraham how 
John Brigham 

f Joseph Straten began to writ page (294) 
{ as propriator Clerk in this Book ) first in ) oqq 
Abraham Williams began to writ i page ) 
as Proprietors Clerk in this ) then luck 1 op a 
Book Noixember the 6 : 1732 j back to page | 
And S* Abraham williams was Sworn to the faithfull Dis- 
charge of th*^ offis of Proprietors Clerk by 

Benj'* Woods Justice of y'' Piece 

memorandum that the Reserved Land att fourt meadow is 
Recorded See Pag 115 

Page 297 3 acres of Land accepted to westborough for a 
buring Place Nouember 10-1729 — And S*^' 3 acres is Re- 
corded In Page 369 by Joseph Straten Prot^^ Clerk 

Memorandum that John Rediates Jun"' house lot is Re- 
corded In the Day Book Page 69 

Memorandum W Ward 151 

Louck in Page 289 for Eclward Barnes hath paid [ ] 
Shilings for Common meadow 
Luck Jn Page 107 for acts about Pittches 
and see Page 194 for more Rules about the 4 diuision with- 
out Cow Commons 

A grarant of fourty Rods of land to Isaac Hayden 

Set up a work hous to Dress leather See Day Book 

Page 54 

The ministreal land and meadow Recorded on Pag® 361 

A Slij) of Land granted to mr Breck see Pag 191 

Marlborough October the 9* 1679 51 

We the Coiriitie of the Honoured Gen^^ Court in Obedienc 
to theire Order: bearing Date May 28: 1679: Haveing 
Given oppertunity to ffull hearing : of the Greiuances that 
haue been the Matters of Debate and Contention in aboue 
Named place (vpon Serious and Matture Deliberation, Do 
determin and Order as ffollows : — With refferenc to the 
Complaint of Edward Rice, if or want of his lust Interest in 
Asabah Meadow, we ffind the S^' Rice lustly blameable for 
his turbulant Opposing the Orders made by the fformer 
Coiliitee, yet for as much as the S'^ Issue was Grounded 


* This is ye In- 
dian name of A 
Hill A mile East- 
ward ofOckocan- 
gansett : • 

>5« That is in ye 
Records of the 
Genii Court : • 

vpon Sum Misinformation giueu them : as to vs doe no[tj 
Clearly appear, And that Samuel Ward and Abraham How : 
are possessed of two percels of s'' meadow : belonging to 
S^^ Rice, and others by a fformer Grant of y® Toun ffor a 
ffinall End of s'^ Controuersie, with the Consent of parties 
therein Concerned We doe Order that the abouesd Meadow 
shall be Deuided as follows, That is to Abraham How fiue 
Acres at the lowermost end thereof. And the Remainder to 
be Deuided between, the Reuerend M'" Brinsmead, the 
aboue Named Edward Rice and Samuel Rice in a lust pro- 
portion to theire Seuerall intrest (That is M'" Brinsmead 9 
Edward Rice dh. Samuel Rice 3.4 : And that Recompenc 
be made to aboue sd Abraham How, And Samuel ward, to 
the full Vallu of the meadow taken away from them by 
vertue of this order, from of the Common lands of the town 
Either out of the Meadows not yet Deuided or Other lands, 
by the Sellect Men of the place forthwith. And in Case of 
Disagreement as to the plac wher the[y] Shall haue it, or 
the valine of what they part with, and of what they haue 
in Recompenc thereof, the Same to be Determined by Men 
indiferently chosen betwe[en] the sd parties and Sellect 
Men, Our Meaning herein is that they shall haue a fPuU 
Compensation of the Damag to them hereby Sustained, both 
as to the place wher they haue it, and qantity to them 

Signed by Tho : Danf orth 
At a General Court held at Boston the Joseph Dudley 
15'^^ of October 1679 the Court Thomas Bratle 

aprons and Confirms the Return of Lauranc Hamond 

this Commitie 

That this is a true Coppie taken out of the Courts Record 
Attests Edward Rauson Secretary 
3 55 Whereas there hath beene A differance be- 

ttweene m'^^ John Alcock ; and Edmond Rice 
John Ruddocke & John How of Sudbury, in 
behalf of themselves, & the rest of y'' late In- 
habitants of Sudbury, to whome the Gen" 
Court made A graunt of A Plantation, in or 
about* Whipsuppenicke, May 1656 as in 
•i< booke app^'^ In refferance to theire Mowe- 
ing of certaine parcells of Meadow belonging 
to the ffarme of the said John Alcocke, Granted 
& confirmed by y« s'^ Court ; It is^agreed by & 
bettwe[en] y® s*^ Parties as foUo^: 
ffirst y" s*^ John Alcocke doth heereby engage & promise 
(in case y*' Gen" Court shall confirme the Plantation laid 
out to the s^^ Inhabit"*^ of Sudbury, & that the s'^ Inhabit"'^ 
shall settle A Town there, & Compound with the Indians 
the luhabit"^^ there) Then y'^ s'^ John Alcocke shall & 
will relinquish & deliv^' up, the two hundred Acres w^" was 
laid out to him & by the Court confirmed within the com- 
passe of the prickt Lines within his plott to them, y« s'" 

Composition— Eclmo^ Rice, Jn" Ruddocke & Jn° How In behalf of them- 
cock"> "^"^ ^^' selves & the rest of y® luhabit^'^ of Sudbury belonging to 
y" new Plantation, at, or neare Whipsuppenicke to enioy to 
them, and theire heires forever : • In consideration whereof 
the said Edmo'^ Rice, Jn° Ruddocke & Jn° How, In behalf 
of themselves & y^ rest of the Inhabit"^^ belonging to y^ 
new Plantation at or neare Whipsuppenicke, doe ffirmely 
bind themselves their heires, Executo''*, Assignes, that hee 
the s*^ Jn° Alcocke his heires, & Assignes, shall from time 
to time, & at all times heere aff quietly enioy all y^ re- 
maind' of the ffarme granted to y" s'^ Jn° Alcock by the 
Gen'^ Court, without any Lett, Suite, trouble, molestation, 
Interest, or Claime & demaund whatsoever, from the s'^ 
Edmo^' Rice, Jn° Ruddocke, & Jn° How or any oth"" of the 
aboue mentond Plantation in or neare whipsuppenicke y*^ 
now are, or heereafter shall or may be there ; or any of 
theire heires or Assignes : In Witnesse whereof wee have 
heereunto sett o'" hands & Seales The twenty Seven of July 
one thousand six hundred fifty seven 
Sealed & dd in the Edmond Ric 

presence of us John Alcock John Ruddocke 

Elijah Corlette John How 

Edward Rawson 

This Instrument above written is Ackhowledged by John 
Alcock ; Edmond Rice, John Ruddocke, & John How to 
bee theire Act & deed the 27 : of luly 1657 before mee 

John Endicut Governo'" 

1657 56 The 28 : of July 1657 

Wee whose names are underwritten doe promise & engage 
o'" selves o'' heires Executo''s. Assignes forever, to Secure 
rpi p .• t •■ ^"^ Edmond Rice John Ruddock, & John How, & theire 
eno-ao-en't for Heires, Executo''^ & Assignes from all or any dang"^ or 
those yt stand damage y* may or shall come, or happen on the persons & 
aTcocU°:!"'""^''° Estates of the afforeifi Edmo'^ Rice, Jn" Ruddocke & Jn° 
How, theire heires, Executo"'® & Assignes by vertue of y® 
Bond wherein they are bound to m"" Jn° Alcocke conserning 
his ffarme or elce to loose o"" Claime & Interest to all & any 
p* of the Plantation granted to Sudburry men called Whip- 

Edmond Rice John Rediat Thomas King 

John Bent John Maynard Thomas Rice 

AVilliam Ward Solomon Johnson Peter King 

John Ruddocke Peter Bent Richard Newton 

William Kerly John Woods Henry Rice 

Jolm How Samuell Rice Christopher Banister 

Thomas Goodenow John Johnson 

1656 56 At a Generall Court held at Boston fourteenth 

[54] of May 1656 

In Answ"" to y® Petition of Sever" Inhabitants of Sudbury 

The Court Jndgeth it meete to grant them A proportion of 

Land of sixe miles Square, or otherwise in some convenieut 

Granted : • 

forme equivolent thereunto, at y^ discretion of y® Comm*^^ 
in y'' place desired, provided it hinder no former Graunt : 
& y* there bee A Towne setled with Twenty or more 
ffamilies within three yeares : so as an Able Ministry may 
bee there maintained : And it is ordered that m"" Edward 
Jackson, Cap*" Eleazar Lusher, Ephraim Child with ]\F 
Thomas Danforth or Lieften"' ffisher, shall, & heereby are 
appointed as A Com"*^^ to lay out the Bounds thereof, & 
make retnrne to the next Court of Election, or els the 
Graunt to bee void 

This is A true Coppy taken out of the Courts Booke of 

Reccords as Attests 

Edw'^ Rawson Secret"^ 

[E]very man is 
to settle in 
2 yeares time, & 
pay to all pub- 
lick charges in 
the Interim&c : • 

* so called by y<= 

Select men 
chosen : • 

At A meeting of the Petition'^ afEores'^ (the 25 of 
7 her 1656) to take some course to lay out the 
new Plantation granted by the Gen" Court to 
sever^' Inhabit"'^ of Sudbury 
It is concluded & ord-'^i That all y' doe take up Letts in y' 
Plantation sliall pay to all public charges y* shall arise upon 
y* Plantation according to theire House Letts ; And them- 
selves to bee resident there within two yeares time, or sett 
A man in y' the Towne shall approve of, or els to loose 
theire Lotts : but if God shall take away any man by death, 
such A one hath Liberty to give his Lott to whome hee will, 
this ord'' to the contrary notwithstanding 

At a meeting of the Proprietors of y** New Plan- 
tetiou granted about * Ockocangansett the 25 : of 
yo xij month, 1656 
Edmond Rice John Ruddocke ) were chosen to put the Af- 

William Ward & 

Thomas King John How 

V faires of y*" s'^ new-Plan- 
) tation in an ord''^ way : • 

1659 59 Whipsuppenicke The nineteenth of June one 

thousand six hundred ttiftty & nine 
The Com"'''' appointed by y'^ Gen^^ Court to Lay out A 
Plantation ffor y'^ Indians of sixe thousand Acres at tlie 
above named place, haveing giving m'" Eliot A meeteiug, & 
duely weisined all his exceptions in y« behalfe of the Indians 
first 'what'liath been formerly acted, & returned to y« Geni^ 
Court doe Judge meete in way of Complyauce that the 
Bounds of the Indian Plantation bee enlarged unto y'^ most 
westerly part of the fence y* now standeth on the west side 
of the Hill or planting field called ocnoocangansett, & from 
thence to bee extended on A direct north Line untill they 
Comttees resolve have theire ftuU quantity of sixe thousand Acres, the Bounds 
En-lisift^iii oi theire Plantation in all other respects wee Judge meete 
dianPhmtacon:- that they stand as in o"" former retnrne, & tliat theire If nil 
Complem* of Meadow by Court graunt may stand^& bee 
exactly measured out by an Artist within the Liniitts of 
the afores'i p^jg^, when y'^ Indians, or any in theire behalfe 
are willing to bee at the charges thereof : provided alwaies 


y* the Indians may have noe powei' to make sale thereof, 
of all or any p' of theire aboves'^ Lands, otherwise than by 
y® Consent of the h'ono''^' Gen'^ Court : or when any shalbe 
made or happen, the Plantation of English there seated 
may have the first tender of it from y® Court ; w*^"^ Caution 
wee y^ rath"^ insert, because not only A considerable p* of 
y'' nearest & best planting Land is hereby taken away from 
the English (as wee are informed) but the nearest & best 
p* of theire meadow by estimation about an hundred Acres 
in one place that this north Line doth take away, w'^'^ tendeth 
much to the detrimenting of the English Plantation es- 
pecially if y*^ Lands should be impropriated to any oth"" use 
than the Indians proposed that is to say for an Indian Plan- 
tation or for the Accomodating their Plantation they should 
bee deprived thereof 

Eleazar Lusher ^ 

Edward Jackson K-, _ . . _„ 
17 1 • n^ -M VComissio^* 
Ephraim Child { 

Thomas Danforth J 

This is a Copjiy of y® Corn"®^® ord^ conserning the English 

& Indian Plantation at & about Ockacangansett 

1659 60 At A meeting of the Proprieto'^® of this Plan- 

tation the 26: of 7 ber 1659 
There is given & Grauuted unto Mary the wife of John 
G Acres &c of How Senio^', & to her heires & Assisfnes forever : the Little 
Mary the wife owamp at the end of y® s" Jn° Hows House Lott, the same 
of John How:- being about sixe Acres more or Lesse ; shee having the 
Highway tenn Rods wide from y'' Indian ffence : w*^^ said 
percell granted her is bounded on the North by an high- 
way, on the East by the house lott (aff wds confirmed to 
& now in possession) of Jn° How her s*^* husband, & bound** 
on the south by the second devission of upland of her s*^ 
husband, & is bounded on the West by another Highwa3\ 

Recorded by John Ruddocke 

At a meeting of the Proprietors of this Planta- 
tion the 26: of xber 1659 
* This^j^s ye same Jt is order^' That all such as lay clayrae to any Interest in 
Indians callecf ^^^^ ^^^ Plantation at * Whips ufferadge are to perfect their 
Whipsupenicke House Lotts by the five & twentieth of March nextinsueing 
'■^Ji-Iwf-''°^"li'''^ or els to loose all theire Interest in the ffores^ Plantation 

call" WhipsLiffer- 

adge : • • ' — — — — — — — 

Tlie rroprietors ^^ '^^ ^I'^o order'' That every one y* hath A Lott in y^ fores'^' 
are to perfect Plantation shall pay Twenty shillings by y^'ffive & twentieth 
tlieire Lotts ; & y£ March next ensueinsT or els to loose all theire Interest in 

each to pay 20** , n^ ,1 -ni • 

in three months the flores" Plantation 

time, or loose all. ; . 

Thos; Rice's It is also. order*^' That Thomas Rice shall have his Lott 
house Lott ap- Joineino; to John Ruddocke's Lott on y*^ northwest side & 

pointed hirn : • /-m, . *, ,^ . r • - i • 

hut this is nulled Christopher Hanyster is to Joyine next to lum 

hy his c;raunt x Recorded by John Ruddocke 

/ dat(iye25: xber ). 

\ (63; : folio 24 : . /•' — — 


At A meeting of y*^ Inhabitants & Proprietors 

of this Plantation the 6 of y° xij : month 1G59 

It is order*^' That A Rate bee made ffor deffraying & sattis- 

Rate made at 9<i fyiug y*^ charge for Laying out of this Plantation, & other 

Acre upon publicke Charges, to be Collected of the Inhabitants, & 

to"payfor Lay- Proprieto^"® of the same at y® rate of nine pence y^ Acre 

upon all House Lotts already taken up, & upon such as 

shall heereafter bee taken up 

Recorded by John Ruddocke 

iug [o] ut y 
Plantation &c 


61 At A meeting of y® Inhabitants and Proprieto'^'^ 
of this Plantation the 12 of y® Second month, 
^ an Acre upland It is ordered That Richard Newton have half e an Acre of 
Newton moi-e Land given & graunted uuto him to sett his bowse on (pro- 
then his House vided he hinder not another Lott) adioyneing to y*^ west & 
^°^'^ = ' South sides of part of his second devission of upland, both 

w'^'^ being bounded or surrounded by the Highway is his, & 
his heires & Assignes forever 

There is also (at y^ s*^' meet^ing given & Graunted unto 
Edmond Rice A Lott ffor his sonne Beniamiu Rice, w'''^ 
House Lott is at y® upper end of Tho : Goodenow's, Joseph 
Rice's, Sam^^ Rice's, & y® Minister's Lotts : to bee the s*^ 
Beniamin's his heires & Assign[es] fforever 

Recorded by John Ruddocke 

At A meeting of y® Inhabitants of this Towne 
(ordered by y** Gen^' Court to bee called Marl- 
borough) the 20 of 7ber 1660 
It is order*^ That every person y*^ Claimes any Interest in 
this Towne of Marlborough shall pay to all publicke charges, 
both for the minister & for all other Town charges that 
have arisen about the Plantation to this day from the be- 
ginning thereof according to their Proportion in y® Rates 
now presented, w*^"^ said proportions due, every person is to 
pay at or before the tenth of 9ber next ensueing, or els to 
loose all their Interest in the affores'^ Plantation ; That is 
to say fourpeuce an Acre for eve[ry] Acre of theire Plouse 
Lotts to y® Minister, & for all the Estate y' hath beene kept 
or brought to keep being found in y^ Town[e] or about y® 
Towne ; And nine pence an Acre for every Acre of their 
House Lotts to Towne charges till all the Debts are j^aid y'' 
are due from y'^ Towne to them y' have beene employed by 
the Towne or the * Proprieto'^ thereof 

Edmo'^ Rice W"^ Ward 

Tho : King Tho : Goodenow 

Solo : Johnson Hen : Kerly 

Rich'i Newton W^ Kerly 

House Lott 
granted to 
Benia : Rice : 


Proprietors to 
pay all theire 
arreares w"i in 
51 dales to pay 
the Townes 
debts : or they 
are to Loose all 
theire Interest in 
this Towne : • 

* Proprietors are 
such as have 
Lotts granted 
them ; but are 
not 3'ett come to 
Inhabit in y^ 
Towne : • 

John How 

Christo : Banyster 
John Johnson 
Jn° Ruddocke 

A Rate made 
for ye Minisf 
for 6 mo : • 

It is also order*^^ at the said meeting y* there bee A Rate 
made ffor m"" W™ Brimsmead Minister to bee Collected of 
Inhabit"'* & Proprieto''^ of this Towne (for sixe monthes) 


at the Rate of fourepence y'' Acre upon House-Lotts & 
threepence y*^ Pound upon Cattle 

Recorded by John Ruddock 

Marlborough 62 At A Meetinsj of the Inhabitants & Proprietors 

1660 of this Towne the 26 : of 9ber 1660 

It was ord"^*^ y' the respective persons heereinafter-mentoiid 
"^ shall have the sever*^ Proportions of Land (within this 

Towne) to their names annexed for theire House or Home 
Lotts, w*'" are given & graunted to every one of them re- 
spectively, & to theire Heires and Assigues forever as 

Given & Griiuiited, Acres 

~Vnto Edmoud Rice ffifty 

Vnto William Ward ffifty 

Vnto John Ruddocke ffifty 
Vuto Thomas Goodenow sen'' Thirty two 

Vnto Joseph Rice Twenty two 

Vnto Samuell Rice Twenty one 

more 5 Acres see fo: 18: • 

Vnto Christopher Banyster Sixteene 

Vnto Thomas King- Thirty nine h 

Vnto William Kerly Thirty 

Vnto Solomon Johnson Twenty three 

Vnto John Johnson Thirty 

Vnto Ricliard Newton Thirty 

. Vnto John How Seni'' Thirty 

Vnto John How Juni'' Sixteene 

Vnto Henry Kerly Nineteene h 

. Vnto Richard Barns Sixteene 

Vnto Thomas Rice Thirty five 

Vnto Andrew Belchar Twenty 

Vnto Obadiah Ward Twenty one 

Vnto Edward Rice Thirty five 

Vnto Richard Ward Eighteene 

Vnto John Woods senir Thirty 

Vnto John Maynard Jun"" Twenty three 

Vnto Peter King Twenty two 

Vnto Beniamiu Rice Twenty Ibure 

Vnto A Minister Thirty 

Vnto Peter Bent Thirty 

Vnto John Bellows Twenty 

, Vnto Al:)raham How Twenty five 
Vnto Thomas Goodenow Jun"^ Twenty 

Vnto John Rutter Thirty 

Vnto John Barrett Eighteene 

Vnto Jolin Rediat Twenty tw[o] 

Vnto A Smith Thirty 

Vnto Joseph Holmes Eighteene 

Vnto Samuel How Sixteene [ ] 

Vnto Henry Axtell ffifteene [ ] 

1 Acre added 

Vnto John Newton Sixteene 

House Lotts 
grant'i to v"^ first 
lnluibitnts-& Pro- 
prietors of this 
Towne, & some 
few others : • see 
Orel'' for Addition 
of up-Land to 
these House 
Lotts fo. 14: • 

^ an Acre more 
see fo. 9. 
20 Acres more 
see fo : 16. & 6 to 
his wife see fo. 8. 

& 4 Acres more 
fo : 14. 

The number of Acres of Land; Given, & 
Granted to the thirtyeight above mentond, for 
House Lotts in this Towne : Amounteth unto 
nine hundred ninety & Two & h Acres : • 

Recorded by John Ruddocke 


And^: Belchars 
House lott Re- 
cord'i being the 

Marlborough 63 At A Meeting of the Inhabit"'^ of this Towne 

1660 y'^ 26 of 9ber 1660 

Given & Graiinted unto Andrew Belchar A percell of upland 

for an House Lott containing about twenty Acres bee y® 

same more or lesse & is bounded on the North pHy by A 

same grantd him great Pond & p'ly by the House Lott of Benia"^: Rice & on 

th ^L'^'t^th**^-^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ South by A highway ; and extendeth westward 

as ffarre as the west end of the Affores** Pond & there is 

bounded by a Parrallell Line to the Highway on y" East 

also there is A Highway runnes from the East end of y® 

Pond south ward to the Highway on the South side of y® 

His 2<i devission aifores*^ Lott at the West end of the s*^ Andrew Belchars 

of upland house there is also Given & Granted unto the s"^ Andrew 

ford" to him^c Belchar for an Addition thereto five Acres mo[re] of upland 

to bee laid out adioyrieing to the West end of the a£fore[s*^] 

twenty Acres poided it preiudice no Highway, nor any mans 

propri[e]ty y' is already laid out: oth'"waise as neare as 

may bee 

his Towne Right And it is also agreed y' the Highway on the south side of 

fn Inhabftn' ""^ ^is said twenty Acres shall bee only'five rods wide : • ffarth"^ 

granted & Re- the Towne doth graunt unto him y'= s*^ Andrew Belchar the 

cord<jtohim&c Rights & priviledges of an Inhabit"* within this Towne in 

where it isre- all farth'' devissions of Lands as well Meadows as upland, 

corded as it All w'"^ is ' fully granted & confirmed to the s*^ Andrew 

foresd%Ty?old Belchar, & to his heires & Assignes fforever, any ord" or 

booke fo ; 2i word Agreem"' made by y® Towne against nonresidency notw'** 

for word, except standfiug] 

what IS contained •- '=-' 

within the 3 lat- 
ter parenthesis 
there, because it 
is so recorded in 
County Rolls be- 
fore this new 
book was formed, 
& written & after 
the same heedfuU 

Recorded by — John Ruddocke 

At A meeting of the Lihabit"*^ & Proprietors of 
this Towne the 2'^ & 3*^ dales of y® x month 

Meadows of this 
Towne shall bee devided into Squadrons, & so laid out as 
Memo: may lye most convenient to every mans Habitation Inn 

Every mans pro- Mann'' foUo 
portion for his 

way is his 1st di- t ia o jrri rni 

vision of meadow It IS Agreed, conclud", & ord"' 1 hat y*" 

there recorded : 

jst devision of 
Meadows is to 
bee halfe y'^ num- 
ber of Acres 
granted to each 
mans House 
Lott : • 

The i^t devision 
of Meadows de- 
vided unto the 
Inhabitants of 
this Towne into 
foure Squad- 
rons : • 

ffirst Devission 

Vnto these 7 men — are granted — These 11 Meadows to bee 
devided amongst them 

Thomas King 
Solomon Johnson 
Peter King 
William Kerly 
Richard Newton 
John Woods 
John Maynard 

— 20\ 

— 6' 

— 6, 

— 7/ 

— 6 

/Angular Meadow 
/ Hawke Meadow 
I White Meadow 
\ Richards Meadow 

jCastle Meadow 
^Long Meadow 

jlleand Meadow 

/Rock Hand Meadow 

I Dows fFoote Meadow 

\ Haudkercheife Meadow — 14 

^Stony brooke Meadow — 6 

— 12 

— 7' 



These are y<= i^t 
(devission) see 
ord. for 2<i de- 
vission of mea- 
dows fo : 16 : 20 : 

2<i Squadron 


3d Squadron 

The Meadows de 
Tided into four 
Squadrons : • 

' Second Devission 

vnto these 8 men— are Granted — These 8 Meadows to bee 

devided amongst them 


Edmond Rice 
William Ward 
Andrew Belchar 
Henry Kerly 
Richard Barnes 
John How 
Jonn Rediat 
Tho Smith 

'Stonny brooke Meadow — 10\ 

new Pond Meadow 


South meadow 

- 5 

Tobacco Meadow 

- 5 

Home Meadow 


Crane Meadow 


Cedar Meadow 



Double Pond Meadow —20/ 

64 Third Devission 

vnto these 7 men — are granted — These 6 Meadows to bee 

devided amongst them 


Three Corner Meadow 8] 
Double Rock Meadow 8 
Stirrup Meadow 38 

Nonsuch Meadow 12 

upon Assibath Meadow 28 
Mill Ham Meadow 10 J 

Thomas Goodenow 
Samuell Rice 
Joseph Rice 
The Minister 
Edward Rice 
Tho : Rice 
Beniamin Rice 

ifourth Devission 
vnto these 7 men — are granted — These 6 Meadowes to bee 
devided amongst them 

John Ruddocke ] 
John Johnson 
Christo : Banyster ! 
John Barrett { 

Richard Ward I 
John Bellowes J 


12 1 




John How senio"^ hath 
obadiah Ward 

upon Assibath River 
Pond Meadow 
fflagg Meadow 
flbrt Meadow 

besides what is on Assi-~j Con- 

bath River on y^ Lower > ]■ tai^ 
side of y« Cartway j p"^ Est ; 

granted ( .... Patch Mea- 
him J dow for — 9 

I and ffort Mea- 
[ dow contai : — 6 J 

Recorded by John Ruddocke 


Selectmen &c 


At A meeting of the Inhabitants of this Towns 
the 25 of the first month 1661 

wr-.r- . ....^^.. .,^- rpj^jjjjjg^g King Cunstable 

were chosen Se- 
lectmen to ord'' 
ye Prudeutiall 
' affaires of the 
Towne for the 
yeare ensueing 

John Ruddocke Record'^ 
for y« yeare ensueing : • 

Edmond Rice 
William Ward 
John Ruddocke 
John How 
Tho : King 
Solomon Johnson 
Thomas Johnson 


This Indenture made the fifth day of AprUl one Thousand 
six hundred sixty & one, by & between obadias Ward, 
Christopher Banyster, & Richard Barnes of the Towne of 
Marlborough, on y® one party ; And the Inhabitants, & all 
the Proprieto"^® of the same Towne on y® other party Wit- 
nesseth That y® s*^ obadias Ward Christoph"^: Banyster & 
Rich'^ Barnes, hath covenanted, promised, & Bargained to 


build a fframe for A Ministers house, every way like to y® 
fframe y* Jn° Ruddocke hath built for himselfe in the 
affores** Towne of Marlborough : the house or fframe is to 
bee A Girt house Thirty sixe ffoote Long, eighteene foote 
wide, & twelve ffoote (bettweene Joyntes) & A halfe ; the 
studs standing & such A distance that A foure foote & A 
A^fframef-oi^ye^*^^^^^*^ Claboard may reach three studs: & two ffloores of 
Ministers House juice, & foure windows, on the foreside, & two windowea 
of this Towne ; • at the west end & two Gables on the foreside of ten foote 
wide : & eight ffoote Sparr, with two small windows on the 
fforeside of the Gables & they are to ffell all the timber & 
bring it in place, & do all y' belongs to the fframe, only the 
Towne is to helpe raise the affores^ fframe, & all this worke 
is to bee done, & y® fframe raised within A ffortnight after 
Mich" tyde : • And this being done the Towne of Marlbor- 
ough doth promise & engage to pay unto them the s*^ 
obadias Ward, Christopher Banyster & Rich'^ Barnes, the 
sume of ffifteene Pounds in Corne — within fourteene dales 
after the house is raised the one half of it, & the'oth"^ halfe 
some time in March, the whole pay is to bee one third in 
wheat, & one third in Rie, & the oth'' third in Indian Corne, 
the halfe in wheat & Rie is to bee paid fourteene dales 
aft"^ the house is up in wheat & Rie, & the oth'' halfe in 
Rie & Indian some time in march : wheat at foure shillings 
& sixe pence A bushell, Rie at foure shillings A bushell, 
& Indian at three shillings A bushell, & to be p'^ at Sud- 
burry bettweene Petter Kings & Serient Woods hou[se] in 
the streete 

Edmond Rice 
Thomas King 
William Ward 
John How Senio' 
Tho^ Goodenow 
William Kerly 
Henry Kerly 
Thomas Rice 

John Rudocke 
John Maynard 
Sam" Rice 
Joseph Rice 
John Johnson 
Richard newton 
Peter Bent 

obadiah Ward 
Christopher Banyste[r] 
Richard Barnes 

A Rate for _ 
mo : 

for the Minis- 

At A meeting of y® Inhabit"*® & Proprieto" of 
this Towne the 31 : of the iij'* month 1661 
It is ord''^ y* A Rate bee made ffor the minister for sixe 
months to bee Collected off the Inhabitants & Proprietors 
of this Towne at the rate of threepence halfepenny p' Acre 
on all House Lotts, & three pence halfe penny p"^ pound 
on Cattle John Ruddocke Record'' 




At A meeteing of the Inhabitants & Proprieto""* 
of this Towne the 14: of y^ vi: month 1661 
Proprietors must It is ordered that all such as have any Interest in this Plan- 
upon demand or^ t^tio'^ shall pay all Rates y* are due (upon demand) ffrom 
Loose all tbeire y^ Towne or els to loose all theire intereat in this Plantation 
Interest : • 


iieiXt2Rates Jt is ffarth' ord'''* y' the next two Rates (viz*) fFor the 
Ihe Hoifsr Lotts Towne and y^ Minister shall bee assessed upon, & paid by 
the House Lotts : John Ruddocke Record'' 

Ben : Rice's is 

granted his 2^ 
devissiou of up- 

At A meeteing of the Inhabitants & Proprieto" 
of this Towne the 26 : of 8ber 1661 
It is ord''** y' Beniamin Rice shall have sixe Acres of upland 
— added to his houselott (w^'' containeth xxiiij Acres y* 
was granted him the 26 : of 9ber 1660) for A second de- 
vission w'^'^ is to bee Rate free : and is to bee his, his heires, 
& Assignes forever 

Vnto every one 
is — A second de- 
vision of upland 
granted to bee 
one fourth p' as 
much as his 
houselott, and 
Rate fifree : • 

see ord^' for house 
Lotts fo ; 10 : . 

It is also ord"^*^ y* every one y' hath A house Lott now in 
possession in this Towne, shall have A proportionable par- 
cell of upland added thereunto, as neare as may bee con- 
venient to every one's respective House Lott : w'^'' said 
parcells, or addition, called A second devision of upLand, 
shall bee one fourth part as much as each mans House 
Lott granted him containeth, & is also to bee Rate free, & 
is to bee theires, there heires & Assignes fforever 

All House Lotts . i^fniTT t * i ti^-i 

must bee per- It IS also ord™ y*^ all the HouseLotts y"^ are already laid 
fected, before y« qq^ ^ grant*^ to bee Laid out shall bee perfected before the 
second devisions ~. 3 * i iv i t-\ • • c ^ ^ ^ i -j 

of upland be laid aflores'^ Additions, or second Devisions oi upland bee laid 

out:. out:- 

4 Acres of upland _____________ 

grantd & added * 

Ho^SL^tt'^he' ^i^®^ ^ Granted (at the b'^ meeteing) unto Richard Barnes, 
to pay all rates ^ *'^ ^'^^ heires, Assignes forever foure Acres of upland & 
&c due for the accomodacons to it, to make his Houselott of 1 6 Acres 

same is if it had (*gi.anted him y« 26 : 9ber 1660) twenty Acres, and hee is 

beene granted ; ® ,, ^ » "^ 

him with his to pay all arreares for y*^ same 

house lott : • 

* see the 10: •____________ 

page : . * 

All Houselotts 
granted, must 
bee Laid out be- 
fore the last of 
inarch next on 
penalty of paying 
to the Towne 12' 
pr Acre : • 

Ruddocke ord"'<i 
see all houslotts 
(granted,) laid 
out: • 

It is also ord*"** y* all HouseLotts y* are granted shall bee 
laid out before the last of March next ensueing, or els y^ 
Proprietor to pay twelve pence for every Acre (unlaid out) 
to y® use of this Towne 

It is also ord'''^ y* Edmo*^ Rice, & John Ruddocke have 
power to call out men to lay out all the Lotts y*^ are to bee 
laid out within this Towne 

10 Acres of Mea- Given and Granted (at y® s*^ meeting) unto John Rutter, 
*^°^^ t<i°t ^ J* ^ ^^ ^^^ heires & Assignes fforever tenue Acres of Meadow 
Rotter;/ ^ ^^ p" of (fifteene Acres w*^** is) his pportion due for his 
see p"'' of this al- first devision of Meadows : 
lowed folio 2fi : . j^^^ Ruddocke Record-^ 






Acre on house 
Lotts, to build 
ye Ministers 
House : • 

Contract w^^ Pef 
Bent to build ye 
Bridge over Sud- 
bury Rivr by the 

At a meeting of y® Inhabitants and Proprietors 
of this Towne y« 26 : of d^^' 

A Rate at 7^^ pr Jt is ord'^'^ that A Rate bee made for the building of A house 
for the Minister, & other Town charges to bee Collected 
upon y® Inhabit"'* & Proprieto''* above s^ at the rate of 
sevenpence halfepenny y® Acre upon all house-Lotts already 
taken up ; & upon such as shall heereafter bee taken up 
within this Towne 

John Ruddocke Record"" 

At A meeting of the Inhabitants & Propriet [o] ""p] 
of this Towne the 13 : of Xber 1661 

It is Agreed & concluded by & bettweene y® Inhabitants 
and Proprietors of the Towne of Marlborough on the one 
party, and Peter Bent of y® Towne of Sudbury on the 
other party : to witt, y* the s'^ Peter Bent shall well & 
sufficiently build & ffinish A Bridge over Sudbury River 
bettweene John Stones, & Laneham, for horse, & man, & 
Laden carts to passe & repas[8e] & this hee y® s^ Bent is 
to finish at or before the xxiiij : of June next ensueing : 
^cii gd Brifige shall bee well & sufficiently maintained as 
affores^ by the s'^ Bent the fifuU spare & Term of three 
yeares afff^" the s^' 24 : of June : ffor & in consideraco[n] 
whereof, the s^ Inhabit"** & Proprietors of the s<^ Towne 
doth Coven"*' promise, & Graunt, that y^ s^ Peter Bent 
shalbee wholly fireed, ffully acquitted, & released from all 
claimes & payments to all Rates past whatsoever due from 
him t[o] this Towne, and y* shall likewise grow due for 
him to pay to this Towne for three years to come after the 
date first above menconed : • And also the afores*^ Peter 
Bent shall enioy his Lott within this Towne* with all y® 
Accofiiodacons thereunto belonging, & to come himselfe to 
dwell in towne at any time within y*' s'' three years, or to sell, 
or Lett the same to any oth"" man whome this Towne shall 
thincke meete to accept unto w*^*^ both parties have put to 
theire hands the day and yeare abovesaid 

Signed by the Selectmen, in the Signed by 

name & by the appointm' of y® rest 

of y« Inhabit"'* & Proprieto" of this Peter Bent : - 


Edmo<^ Rice Tho :_Kmg 

W"" Ward Soloili : Johnson 

Jn° : Ruddocke Tho"": Goodenow : • 

Jno : How 

* see 14 page for 
ordr data the 14 
of ye vj : mouth 
1661 : for the 
reason of this 
Claus : • 



At a meeting of the Inhabit"** & Proprieto["] 
of this Towne the 3*^ of y® xi month 1661 


Granted to Jn" Given & Granted unto John How Senio' & to his heires 
La^d wTthS hS ^ Assigns fforever, all the Land that is within his fPence, & 
fence & bounds all the Land within y® Bounds, as it was marked by Ed- 

^.'"i^ 30 Acres j^qikJ Rice 

his first Grant, 

about 20 Acres 

more heereby 

given him, &6 t... — — — — — — — — — 

Acres granted to 

his wife. In all 56 

Acres more or It is also ord""*^ y* Richard Barnes of this Towne doe make 

&lf^:3T4>^^°^^a Pound for the Towns use of Thirty ffoote Square, each 
side containing three Pannells of Railes in A Post of white 

Richd Barnes oake of tenne ffoote Long, & tenne Inches Square, all to 

hired to build ye \)qq by i^ini brought into such place as the Towne shall ap- 

KilKng?:^.^^ point, by the first of March next ensueing, & there hee 
shall sett it up, & ffinish y® same assoone as the weather 
shall give him leave, for all w*^'^ being well & sufficiently 
performed the s*^ Richard shall receive of this Towne out 
of y® Towne Rate foure & twenty shillings 

John Ruddocke Record"" 

The Is' ordr to At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto""* 

lay out Chancy, of this Towne the 6 : of y'^ xj : month 1661 

Middle Meadows It is ord'''' That the second devission of Meadow shallbee 
called ye 2<i de- laid out in Chauncey Meadow, Cold Harbor Meadow, & the 
dow ■'^- °^ ^^^' Middle meadow, & every man to have A part in every of 
(20: pages:- these Meadows, according to his pportion, & to take it as it 
(30 ffalls whether good or bad, only such whose Letts or per- 

sion^of Meadow c^^^^ ^PP"^ to bee bad they shall receive of the Towne reason- 
on folo^: 11: & 12 able allowance for the same 

John Ruddocke Record"" 

Every man is to:. —— — — _ — — — — __ — _ — — — — — — — — —: 

pay 20s for every , . . ,. „ t i i • „fa o t. 

Tree fell'd wtn- At A meeting of y® Inhabit""^^ & Proprietors 

out Leave, uppon of this Towne y® 24 : of y® xi : month 1661 

the Comon : • ^ */ >) 

if the Trespass!- It is ord""*^ That no Trees bee felled upon any Common 
bee not found its Land within this Towne without leave first had from W"* 
folio 24:- ^ °^ Ward Tho: Kng, or John Ruddocke (who are appointed 
by the Towne for y' end) or any one of them, upon y** pen- 
alty of paying Twenty shillings for every Tree felled : 

y , , At A meeting of y® Inhabitants & Proprietors of 

mitted an In- this Towne the 24 of y® xj : month 1661 

habi : & to have gamuell Ward was admitted an Inhabitant of this Towne 

the house Lott& . t <• r,- ^ ^ Ttr 1 D 1 • /-!• 

interest in the m the roome & steed of Richard Ward, & there is Given & 
Towne granted Granted to the said Samuell ward & to his heires & As- 
see List of signs forever the same property & interest (that had beene 

Graunts 26 : 9ber Granted by the Towne unto y^ sd Richard Ward) (who 
1660 on fo^: 10:. j^ath resigned y® same into the Townes hands:) 

John Ruddocke Record"" 
Marlborough 69 At A meeting of y® Inhabit"*^ & Proprietors of 

1661 this Towne the 27 : of y« xj month 1661 


Controversy bet- 
tweene the 
Towne & the 4 : 
Squadron in the 
first devission of 
meadows ended 

ffor the putting to A ffinall end of all controversy & differ- 
ance bettweene the Towne & the fourth Squadron : / It 
is ordered & concluded that the fifteene Acres of Meadow 
that lies next the third Squadron (vizt) ten Acres in mill- 
ham, & five Acres on Assibath riv'' shalbee taken out of y^ 
Squadron, & that Sam^^ Ward shall have his part of Meadow 
m that fifteene Acres affore mencond w^"^ hee should have 
had in y« fourth Squadron, & Abra^: How shall have the 
rest, w""^ shall bee theires respectively & theire respective 
heires & Assignes forever, but Sam^ Ward is to have noe 
right within the fourth & last Squadron, of the first devis- 
sion of Meadows 

A House Lott of*~~~~~~~~~~~~- 

JoHen'fxte'n- f^^"" & Granted unto Henry Axtell, & to his heires & 

see more 18 page ^ssignes forev^ fifteene Acres of upland for A House Lott 

^oSytrtafr^^iV'st- ''^1 That W- Ward, Jno Ruddocke, W- Kerly, 
Highwaies:. see ^'^? ^i"g' * .Hen : Kerly doe state & lay out all Hio-h- 

see ye 12 page 
SamU Wards part 
is 9 Acres : Abra^ 
ham Hows prt is 
6 Acres : • 
see folio : 24 : • 

Highwaies laid 
out folio 19 : 23 : 


Select men &c 
chosen : • 

waies within this Towne 

John Ruddocde Record'" 

At a meeteing of the Inhabit"*' & Proprieto''* 
of this Towne the 31': of the 1«' month 1662 

Edmond Rice 
William Ward 
John Ruddocke 
Tho' King 
Tho^ Goodenow 
John How 
Solomon Johnson 

Tho^ King-Constable 
were chosen Selectmen 
to order y^ prudentiall 
y affaires of the Towne 
for y** yeare ensueing 

John Ruddocke Record"^ 
for the year ensueing./ 

At a meeting of the Selectmen of this 
Towne y« 29 : of y^ uf month 1662 
Swine are ordrd ^^ is ord'''^ That all the Swine of this Towne shall bee well 

yoa\'t^nenaltv'^-l"^l^"*^^ ^"""^ ^ ^^''^^'' '• ^^^ '^ ^""^ S^^°« bee found 
yoaktonpenalty within this Towne wanting eith-" Ring or yoake as affores'i 

It shall bee taken up : & the owner shall "pay three pence 

y King & three pence y« yoake (wanting at any time) : • 

John Ruddocke Record"^ 

At a meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprietors of 
3 Rods of upland this Towne the 21 : of 8^^'^ 1662 

limidJwMo , ^i i^ ^^^"^ 'Tbat there shall bee three Rodds of sound up- 
sett Hay stacks land Ground lying round about all Meadows for men to 
°^ '• • make and sett theire Haystaks on 

Ji'h a'th^Uenf A }\ '' ^^'\^'^'' That any man y* finds any timber f hath 

yeare fifelled:- Jaine on y« comon halfe a yeare after it hath been fell'd 

hee may take it for his owne use ' 

John Ruddocke Record'' 



The Ministers 
House & Lott 
granted to mr 
W™ Brimsmead 

* See list for 
minisfs Lott 
dated 26 : 9ber 
1660 on lb : 10 : . 

& see rate made 
for his house 
folio : 15 : datd 
26 : 9ber 1661 : • 

A Rate ordrd for 
building A 
Meeteing house 
at 12<i ye Acre ou 
house Lotts : • 


70 At a meetiug of y® Inhabit^"*^ & Proprieto" 

of this Towne the 3'^ of 9^«'" 1662 
It is Granted that m'' William Brimsmead Minister shall 
have the frame & the *Lott y* it stands upon, w*^*" was ap- 
pointed for A minister in this Towne with all the accomo- 
dacons thereunto belonging to bee his & his heires & As- 
sigues forever 

It is also ord""'^ That a Rate bee made for the building of A 
Meeteinghouse (or Publicke place for Worship) within this 
Towne, & for oth"" publicke charges : to bee collected of the 
Inhabit"'^ & Proprieto""^ aboves^ at the Rate of twelvepence 
y® Acre upon all House Lotts already taken up, & upon 
such as shall hereafter bee taken up 

John Ruddocke Record"^ 

granted Hen : 
Axtell a Towne 
Right, & one 
Acre of Land to 
bee added to his 
house Lott 
^ see wt it is v" 
26 : 9ber (60) fi : 

* see 17 : page 

5 Acres upland 
added to Sam^ 
Rice's house 

* see 10 : page 

At a meeting of the Inhabit"'^ & Proprietors 
of this Towne y® 17 : of 9ber 1662 
Vpon A question made It is ord""*^ That Henry Axtell shall 
have A Town ^Right granted unto him, & to his heires & 
Assignes forev'' as all oth'' Inhabit"*^* of this Towne hath ; 
There is also given & granted unto y® s*^ Henry Axtell one 
Acre of upland to make up his house Lott (of 15 acres for- 
m^y* granted him) sixteen acres & is also to bee his, & his 
heires & Assianes fforever 

It is also ord''^ That Samuell Rice have five acres of up- 
land aded to his house Lott of one & Twenty *formerly 
granted him to make it up twenty sixe acres with all accomo- 
dacons to it in proportion with oth'' men, w*-'*^ is given & 
granted to him, his heires & assignes forever 

John Ruddocke Record'' 

ordr y' non Resi- 
dents & such as 
pay not theire full 
pportions to all 
Rates shall have 
theire Lotts 
seized &c : 


This was the 
foundacon of y^ 
County Courts 
determination ye 
5 : Aprill 1664 
upon the difter- 
ances y' arose in 
this Towne heere 
ffrom : • see folio 


It is also ord""** That all such as have Lotts within this 
Towne & are not resident upon y*' place with theire families, 
& doe not pay rates according to their full pportion with y® 
rest of y*^ Inhabit"'^ shall have y*' Lotts they lay claime to 
seized, & distrained for the use of y® Towne 
W™ Brimsmead Edmond Rice John Ruddocke 

W" Ward John Woods Richard Newton 

John How senio"" Jonath"": Johnson Abra"^: How 
Tho : Goodenow John Bellows W"" Kerly 

Solomon Johnson John Johnson Hen"^: Kerly 


At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto' 
of this Towne: y« 24: of 9ber 1662 


A Rate for ^^ 

for the Minis- 
ter : • ' 

A Highway to 
bee bettweene 
Ilich<i Barnes, 
& John How : • 

It is orcF^ That A Rate bee made for the Minister for sixe 
months to bee Collected of the luhabit"^^ & Proprieto"'* of 
this Towne ; at the Rate of sixe pence y'' Acre upon House 

John Ruddocke Record"^ 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto'^* of 
this Towne the 5 : of y® xi : mouth 1662 
It is ord"^ That there shall bee a Highway of two Rodds 
wide bettweene the Home Lands of Richard Barnes & John 
How Junio^" 

A Grant touch- Granted unto John Rediatt & to his heires & Assigns for- 
o"f!lohn Ee'cSs ever to take, & enioy the £full breadth of his house Lott 
house Lott : • downe into y^ meadow that is to [ ] all the meadow 

there that Joynes to his houselott (lying to the westward 
of the Two Acres [of] meadow of Richard Barnes) quite 
through to the upland that lies to the southerly side of the 
s^ meadow 

At A meeteing of the Inhabit"'^ & Proprieto" of 

this Towne the 14 : of y® xj : month 1662 

Cedar Swamp It is ord"^ That the Cedar Swamp shall bee Allotted out to 

°ut"& VcoS^e every Proprieto'' A due proportion according to his Interest 

appointedt°o™ur- in this Towne to bee enioyed by him, his heires, & Assignes 

vey the same &c forever ; And that John Ruddocke, John Woods, & AVilliam 

°°° '■-1'" ''^ • - Kerly take an exact Survey of the s'^ Swamp & make theire 

report thereof to this Towne 

W" Ward John Ruddokce 

John Johnson John Rutter 

Sam" Ward 

Abra^: How 

W"^ Kerly 

see folio 26 ; 

Solo"": Johnson 
Nath" Johnson 
John Woods 
John Bellowes 

Tho"": Goodenow senio' 
Tho"": Goodenow Junio' 
John Rediatt 
obadiah Ward 
Andre"": Belch ar 

Cedar Swamp 
prportion'd An 
Acre to eight 
Acres of every 
mans House 
Lotts : 

Little Cedar 
Swamp grant<i to 
Edmo : Kice & 
Jn" : Knddocke : 
This was laid out 
accordingly 7 
March 1663-4 : 
see folio 26 : • 
then concluded 
to bee laid out 
by breadth in 
Eodds : • 

3 Acres Meadow 
Given to W'" 
Ward upon 
Stony brooke : 
see folio 303 : • 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"*' & Proprieto" of 
this Towne the 3'^^ of y® xij : month 1662 
It is ord""^^ That y® Cedar Swamp shallbee allotted & laid 
out to every man an Acre for every eight Acres of his 
HouseLott : w'^^'' s*^ proportion is given & granted^ to every 
such person, & to his respective heires & Assignes for- 
ever : . It is fartV ord'''' That Edmond Rice & John Rud- 
docke shall have the little Cedar Swamp beyond Crane 
meadow, (and y« rest are to take theire Lotts as they are 
already dravvne) & to lay out the swamps — till all the Lotts 
are laid out y* are Granted : • 

It is also ord"^ That William Ward shall have Three Acres 
of Mead[ow] upon Stony Brooke in p* of his second devis- 
sion of Meadow, w'^'^ is heereby Given & Granted to him his 
heires & Assignes forever : 


looke [ ] 
Marlborough 20 

1662 72 At y** fores^^ Towne Meeting y^ 3'^ of y« xij : 

Tho Barnes 1662 

iTres'^&'iljlL- It is also ord^-'i That Thomas Barnes shall have eight Acres 
comoda: siiitea- of upland for a HouseLott, & two* Acres for and Addition 
ble &c : . ^jtu ^ proportion of meadows suiteable & all oth"" accoino- 

the addiiion was clacons & Privilidges Answ^'ble thereunto to the only & 
firmed^by Tovvn'pi'opper use of him his heires & Assignes forever 

Liste given in to . a i r m 

ye Comttee of Hor y^ preventing y® Spoyle of Timber 

Genu Court & by jj. j^ ^^.^^rd ^^^ ^he s"^ meeting that every one that hath A 

lowed 6 Aprill HouseLott already laid out, shall have of y® Cofnon ; for 

1665:- every Two Acres of his HouseLott, only one Tree for 

roinetreeal- fencing Timber, either to make use of p''sently, oi*marke 

lowed (for ffence- them & lett them stand And Edm° Rice, Solo^: Johnson, 

iiig timber) of ye jj^o Woods seuio^ & Jn° Ruddocke are hereby appointed to 
Comon for every , „ , . ,.,.„ , ^ •' . '^ ^ , , . 

2 Acres of House heare & determine any dmerance that may arise about this 

Lott devission John Ruddocke Record"" 

At A meeteing of the Inhabit"'^ & Proprieto'* 
The2<i devission of this Towne the 10 : of y® xij month 1662 

Cold Harbor, It is ord'*^ That Could Harbour Meadow, Midle Meadow, 
Midle, & Chancy & Chawncy-Meadow shall bee laid out about y" Midle of 
portio^nedSAcres ^^^J '^^^^i '^ the Lotts to beginn at the north end of each 
to each mans 10 Meadow, And this to bee done according to A fForm^ agree- 
Acres m his first jj^ut That is to sav for every Tenn Acres each man hath in 

ClGVlSSlOll. OI JVlci." 

dows ' his first devission of Meadows, bee shall have eight Acres 

see (16 pages:- in his second devission of Meadowes, & so proportionable 
''^^^^ I • to theire first devission bee the same more or lesse.*. w^'' 

see first devis- s*^ pportions, of s*^ Meadows, is so given & Granted to each 
12'-^ ^° ■ ^^ ■ ^ Inhabit^* & proprieto'^* as aff ores'* & to his respective heires 
and Assiffnes forever : • 

It is also ord'^'^ That all y^ Lands Scituate & lying within 

The Perpetuall this Towne that are not already granted: from m'" Jn° 

this Towne Alcocks Line downs to Stony brooke : & from thence up 

stated : • the Brooke to Crane-Meadow, & so along to Stirrup Meadow 

Brooke, & to bee extended as the brooke runs to Assibath 

River, & downe the s'^ river till it comes to the Indian Line ; 

& all y® Lands that was last taken in on the South side of 

y® Indian Line towards Sudbury ; Is, & shall remaine A 

perpetuall Cow Comon, for the use of this Towne. never 

to bee altered without the Consent of all y® Inhabit"'* & 

excepting 80 -Proprieto^'^ thereof at A full meeting : Excepting fourscore 

Acres of upland j^^^,^^ ^^ upland this Towne hath reserved within the 

aifores'' Tract of Land, to accoiiiodate some such desireable 

persons w'^'^ all, as need may req"', oppertuuity p''sent, & 

this Towne accept of John Ruddocke Record"" 

Looke over 




10 Acres of up- 
land given to 
W™ Kerly sen"" 


At y« [ 

Given & Granted unto W" Kerly senio"^ & to his heires 
& Assig[nes] forever Ten Acres of upland with all accoiiio- 
dacous of Me[adow] & Coiiionage according as otli^' men 
have for so much upland, th[at] hath beene lately granted : 
w^"^ is his, his heires & Assignes forever 

AlO Acre Lott of Given & Granted vnto Thomas Barrett, & to his heires & 
to Thos^Ba'r-'''^ Assignes forever A Lott of tenne Acres of Upland : • 
rett :• . ___________ 

Abra : How hatli It is also ord""*^ & granted That Abraham How shall have 
cliauo*e'> Acres Liberty to exchange Two Acres of Land in his House Lott 
of Land to the propper use of him, his heires, & Assignes for ever : • 

John Ruddocke Record['^] 


Selectmen &c 

At A meeteing of y® Lihabit"'® & Proprietor 
of this Towne the 29 : of March 1663 

Edm° Eice 
W" Ward 

Jn° Ruddocke 
Jn'' Woods 
Tho : King- 
John How 
SoP : Johnson 

Sol° : Johnson-Cunst[able] 
were Chosen, Selectmen to ord"^ 
the Prudentiall Affaires of this 
y Towne for y® yeare Ensueing 

Tho Goodenow ] Surveyo''* [of] 
W"^ Kerly J y« Highwa['es] 

John Ruddocke Recorder 
for y^ yeare ensuein[g] 

Jona : Johnson 
is allowed the 
Smiths Lott & 
&c &c 

* See Lists on 
fo : 10 : 

Swine to be 
yoakt & rung 
&c : • 

It is ord"^*^ That Jonathan Johnson shall have the Thirty 
A[cres] of upland formerly* granted to A Smith with all ac- 
cornodaco[ns] Answ''ble & suiteable thereunto, on Condition 
y* the s*^ Jouath[an] doe dwell in this Towne seven yeares, 
& doe y® Townes worke as A Smith, & also if hee at y® 
seven yeares end leav[e] the Towne doe his endeavo"^ to 
settle anoth^ Smith in his Roome, both w°^ if hee doe the s'* 
Land & accoiiiodacons sha[ll] bee his, & his heires & As- 
signes forever : • 

John Ruddocke Record[er] . 

By y® Selectmen of this Towne the 
3^ of yMj'* month 1663 

It is ord^''^ That ye ord^ of y« 29 : of May 1662 about Swine 
shall stan[d] & remaine in full force in this Towne for y® 
yeare ensueing : And [y'] all Swine shall bee well & suffi- 
ciently yoakea & Rung by the firs[t] of May next : & that 
every setled Inhabit"' & houshould'^ of this Towne doe take 
the penalty & suine allowed upon every Swine y*' shal[l] bee 
found within this Towne contrary to this ord'' 

no Cow Cattle ^^ i^ ^1^^ ord''^ That all the Cow Cattle of this Towne shall 
(except working goe und"^ the hands of Keepers : & if any Cattle (except 
oxen) arc to goe ^yorkein"- oxen) shall fbel found without A Keeper the 

without a ,® n ^ ■ -^,.11, 1 r 1 1 •j^nf- D 

Keeper • • owner shall pay sixepence p'^ head to anv such Inliabit"'^ & 




fences to bee 
made & finished 
in ve daies : • 

liouseholcF of this Towne, y* shall take them : • 

22 74 At y^ affores^ Meeteing of y« [Sel]ectmeii [y''] 
3«i day of the ij^^ month 1663 
It is also ord'"'^' That all y® fences of this Towne shalbee 
suflficiently made up & finished by the 15 : of this instant 
Aprill ; on penalty that the owner pay twelve pence p"" Rodd 
that is found insufficient aff that day ; one halfe to the Sur- 
veyo*' that finds the deffect, & the oth'' halfe to the use of 
the Towne : & Edm° Rice & W™ . Ward are heereby ap- 
pointed to looke to y^ fences in theire Streete : .Tho : Goode- 
now in that streete where he dwells ; John Woods & Jn° 
Maynard in theire Streete ; Tho : King & Solo : Johnson in 
theire streete ; Jn° How Sen"^ & John Johnson in theire 

to weights & 
measures : • 

[Jn]oRiiddocke It is also ord"^ That John Ruddocke have the Standards for 
thf stlnlarcS^^ Weights & Measures of this Towne Coiiiitted to him, to size 
the Comon weights & Measures of the Inhabit"'® by : And 
hee for that end received into his custody at that time, one 
weight of fourepounds, one of two pounds, & one of one 
pound, one of halfe A pound, & one of quarter of A pound : • 
And likewise he received one measure of A quart, & one of 
A pint : • And likewise one Ell, & one yard : • 

John Ruddocke Record"^ 

The 4: of Aprill 1663 

[A]namacks the Know all men by these presents, That I Anamaks Indian 
lekst Indiaii this of Wliipsuppenicke for divers causes & consideracons, have 
this [Tolwue the gi"^^^ *^ granted, bargained, & Sould unto John Ruddocke, 
Land [vvh]ereon & John How sen[''] of the Towne of Marlborough in the 
Honse^li-'l^*^"^^ County of Middlesex in New England to the propper use & 
built : • behoof e of the s^ Towne of Marlborough : The Land y' the 

said Meeteing house of the s^ Town[e] now stands on, & 
also the Land from the Highway on the fore side of the s*^* 
Meeteing house, & so upon A Square Tenne foot round 
About y® s^ Meeting House : • I say I have sould y® same 
unto y® affores*^^ John Ruddocke & John How, for the proper 
& only use & behoofe of y® Inhabitants or Proprieto'^® of the 
said Towne of Marlborou[gh] To Have & to hould to them 
the affores'^ Towne & Proprietors thereof & theire Heires 
Execute''^ Administrators & Assignes to their only use & be- 
hoofe forever, A[nd] I doe heereby bind myself e my heires 
Execute''® & Administrate''® ta give them & that they shall 
have full and quiett possession of y® Aiforemencond Land 
fforever ; & I doe heereby ifree them also, y® affores*^' Towne 
of Marlborough & the Proprietors & Inhabitants thereof 
from any Claime, demand or molestation of any man woman 
or Child whatsoever y* shall chsturbe them in or Elect them 
out of the free full and peaceable Enioyment & possession 
thereof or any part thereof from the day of th[e] date lieerof 
& so forever as Witnesse my hand 



Highwaies ap- 
pointed : • 

see folio 17 the 
Comttee ap- 
pointed to lay 
out all High- 
waies : • 

See pag 36 


75 A Eate was made the 7 : day of y^ iij : month 1663 
for y^ Minister 


Edm" Eice 1 : : 10 

W" Ward 1 : : 10 

Jn« Kuddocke 1 : : 10 

The : Kmg : 16 : 8 

Ju" How seur : 15 : 5 

Tho : Goodenow sen' : 13 : 4 

Kicha'i Newton : 12 : 6 

Ju« Woods seuf - - : 12 : 6 

W™ Kerly Juu'' : 12 : 6 

Jn" Butter : 12 : 6 

Solo : Johuson : 10 : 5 

Juo Johnson 0:11: 3 

Samit Rice : 10 : 6 

Abrah : How : 10 : 1 

Tho : Brigham : 10 : 

Jn" Mayuard : 9 : 7 

Tho : Barnes : 9 : 7 

Juo Rediat : 9 : 2 

Joseph Eice 0:9 

obadiah Ward 0:8 

Juo Bellowes 0:8 

Thomas Goodenow Jun'' : 8 

Eichi Barnes 0:8 

Nath^i Johnson 0:8 

Audr : Belchar 0:8 

Hen : Kerly 0: 7 

Jose : Holmes 0:7 

Juo Barrett 0:7 

Sam'i Ward 0:7 

Juo Newton 0: 6 

Sam" How 0:6 

Hen : Axtell 0:6 

Xpo'^ Banister 0:6 

Jno How Junf 0:6 

Jona : Johnson 0:6 

W°^ Kerly seur 0:2 

The whole is xviij : x : si<i Besides Beuia : Crane who saith hee 
hath paid y« Minister hi[] 

At A meeting of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of this 
Town[e] the 16 : day of the iijd month i663 
It is ordered That there bee an Highway stated (& so to 
continue) of Tenne Rods wi[de] bettweene y^ house Lotts 
of John Ruddocke & Thomas Goodenow w'^'' shall runn[e] 
up into y'' Woods as ffarre as any Lotts goe, & so on into 
the Woods, & unto the Mead[ows] as mens occasions shall 
call for & lead them ; only John Kuddocke abovenamed is 
desired to lay downe some of his Land at the corner of his 
pasture to accoiinoda[te] y'^ s^ Highway, & is granted him 
to take up soe much againe before his house out of y'^ High- 
way neare about the Lands end y* leads to Joseph Rice's 
& to y^ Meeting house ; This Highway is also ordered to 
runne to y® house of John How sen"" so on still, to bee A 
common Road Leading downe to y® Bay : • 

It is also ordered. That there bee an Highway y* there bee 
an Highway stated of Eigh[t] Rodds wide from the Meet- 
ing house to runne bettweene the Ministers house Lott & 
y*^ house Lott of William Ward one way ; & also to runne 
from the Meeting house the otherway allong through the 
Towne to the House, & by the house Lott of John Johnson 
into the Road y*^ Leads towards Sudbury : • 

It is also ordered That there bee an Highway stated of fours 
Rodds wide bettweene y® west end of John Ruddocks Lott, 
& the house Lott of Abra : How, & so to runne to the west 
hill, & into the Woods & meadows w'='' ly that way ; And 
also is to runne from Abra : Hows house south East, at the 
end of Tho : Goodenows, Joseph & Sam^i Rice & the Min- 
isters Lott till it comes into y*^ Highway that comes from y« 
Meeting house [to] Henry Kerly's house : • 


It is also ord'^'^ That there bee an Highway Stated of foure 
Rodds wide that runs at the Ea[st] end of the house Lott 
of John Ruddocke towards ffort meadow w'^'^ also runs 
through the house Lotts of Christoph^' Banister, John Bar- 
rett, Sam^^ Ward & Tho : Goodenow & soe [on to] the 
woods that way 

It is also ord'''' That there bee an Highway stated of foure 
Rodds wide bettweene the house Lott of John How sen'' & 
the now house Lott of John How Jun"" the s^^ Lands of Jn" 
How sen*" to lye on the west side of the Highway, & the 
Land of Jn*' How Jun'" to lye on the East side thereof 

It is also ord'''^ That there bee an Highway stated of sixe 
Rodds wide at the East end [of] Tho : Kings Lott & that 
runs by all the Lotts in y*^ Rowe from y** brooke at the 
ne[ar]est place southward into the woods 

It is also ord'*^ That there bee an Highway of foure Rodds 
mde w*^^' runneth Crosse the Lotts of Thomas Barnes & 
Jonathan Johnson fi'om theire houses to the meeting 
house : . 

It is also ord'^'^ That there bee an Highway Stated of 
Rodds wide on the South side of WUliam Wards house 
Lott, w'^'* runneth from the meeting house to Edmond 
Ric[e's] house : . John Ruddocke Record"^ 

Marlborouf'h ^6 At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^^ & Proprietors of this 

i(563 ■ Towne the 24: day of the iij month 1663 

Wm Wards sur- Vppon y^ request of sundry Inhabitants of this Towne, 
of LaiKlb'^'^e® "William Ward hath laid downe A percell of Land of about 
meetino- house halfe an Acre adjoyneing to his house Lott lying before the 
& the Towne ord"" Meeting house, w"^^** surrend*' of his, is Gratefully accepted 
uppon it : . i^y ^Yie Towne, & at the s*^ meeting It is ord""'! : first y* the 

s'^ William Ward shall have liberty to cutt & carry away all 
the wood & timber that is uppon y® same : 2 ly That hee 
shall bee satisfyed to his content in any other part of the 
Towne (not yett granted) in liew thereof : & 3 ly It is ord"^** 
that this peice of Land now by him surrendred into the 
Towns hands as before s'^ shall lye for A perpetuall coiiion 
or Highway not to bee taken upp by any, or oth^'waise dis- 
posed of, without the consent of every Proprietor that hath 
Towne Rights : John Ruddocke Record^' 

By the Selectmen of this Towne, y^ 29 : day of y^ 
• v: mO 1663 
Noe fflax or j^. jg ^^^.^rd -pj^j^i- jj^g person shall lay or put any fflaxe or 

Hempe is to bee . -,-. \ -i-» i • i • i . m i 

laid in any brooke Hempe mto any Pond or Brooke withm this lowne where 


or Pond where 
Cattle use to 
driucke on pen- 
alty of paving 

Cattle use to drincke, on penalty of paying to the Towns 
use Twenty shillings for every offence ; & whosoever hath 
now any fflaxe or hempe in any Pond or Brooke as affores'^ 
shall cause the same to bee taken out within foure & twenty 
houres after the date heereof on penalty of paying the s** 
sume John Ruddocke Record"^ 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"'^ & Proprietors of 
this Towne the 28 : day of 9 ber 1663 
Three appointed It is ord'^'' That WiDiam Ward, John Ruddocke, & William 
try Koad fwith^" Kerly (who were form^y chosen by this Towne)* shall in 
othis) bettween behalf e of this Towne Joyne with such persons appointed 
Ku.ih*^^''''^"^^ y*" Towue of Sudbury to lay out a Country Road be- 
^ ' ttweene this Town of Marlburough & the Towne of Sud- 

bury : . John Ruddocke Record' 


Abi'a : Williams 

hath 34 grants 
with acomoda : 
due to latter 
grants : • 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto 
this Towne the 4 : day of xber i663 
Given & Granted unto Abraham Williams & to his heires 
& Assignes forever thirty foure Acres of upland in this 
Towne for an house Lott with all Towne Rights and privi- 
ledges proportionable, due to Latter Grants : 

Jno Woods Junr Given & Granted unto John Woods Jun'' & to his heires & 

granted\vith^ac- -^ssigues forever thirty foure Acres of ujiland in this Towne 

comoda : due to for an house-Lott with all Towne Rights & priviledges pro- 

J^\u S/'^"*^ •■ ■ ^ portionable, due to Latter Grants : . 

both these grants '- ' Tr,-r»Tii-r>ir 

were conjimied Jn Ruddocke Record'^ 

by the Coni"ee 
in A prill & June 
1665 : . 

see folio on 

liste given into . ___ __ _ 

Comttee 6 Aprill ' ' 
is particalarly 
Qond by the 
whole Towue : • 

Abraham How 

hath 12^ meado 
granted & con- 
firmed for his 1st 
devision of 
meadow : • 
This is heere 
placed because 
not before men- 
cond in any ye 
squadrons on 
folio 11 & 12 : . 

At A meeting of y® Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto'^ of 
this Towne the 9 : day of Xber 1663 
Given Granted & Laid out unto Abraham How & to his 
heires & Assignes forever sixe Acres & an halfe of meadow 
bee it more or lesse lying on the north side of little Cedar 
Swamp that belongeth to Jn° Ruddocke, w'''^ with the five 
Acres of meadow laid out to him uppon Assibath River, & 
one Acre in Milham in both places makes sixe Acres granted 
him by the Towne y® 27 of the xj m: 1661 on folio 17 is 
heereby confirmed to hun & to his heires & Assignes forever : 
to bee his fii'st devision of meadow 

Jn° Ruddocke Record"^ 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^ & Proprieto''* of this 
Towne the 25 : day of Xber 1663 


Three appointed It is orcF'* That William Kerly, John "Woods & obadiah 

to seaze all trees Ward doe see to the Execution of y*^ order made by this 

commou°vhere Towne the 24_,: of y*' xj : month 1661 conserning the felling 

trespasser of that of Timber trees uppon the common Land of this Towne, & 

ordi- m toho 16 ^j^g^j. ^^ ^^^j ^^q ifelled, & the owner not found, they are to 

&c have them for their paines, & if the Towne doe paye for 

fetching such trees home, they shall have one halfe for theire 

owne use, but this order is to bee of force only till the 20 : 

of June 1665 & not Long^ : • 

Jn° : Ruddocke Record'^' 

Thomas Rice's Thomas Rice haveing returned the Land form^'ly granted him 
house Lott is Ex- for an house Lott (viz* on y® 26: of Xber 1659) into the 
J/t^^ye'^rpJond Townes hands : It is ordered that his house Lott of Thirty 
(with his 2<i de- five Acres of upland (& his Addition of upland) shall bee 
vision of [up]- Lf^jd out unto him, neare unto, & on the northerne side of 
land) m hew of ,i -d i • t ,(. e 

that granted : • the Pond m liew thereof : • 

Marlborough 2o 25 

ig(;3 77 At y® affores" meeting y^ 25 : Xber 1663 

Towne ord^s to ^^'^^ ord""*^ That obadiah Ward shall have power, & is heereby 

psecute forcible impowr'd for & in beha[lfe] of this Towne in A way of Law 

tradrs^ol- S/"^' ^^'*^^^ ^^^^^^* ^^ ^°^"'^ *° psecute to effect & at all times till 
family upon v^ ^^^^ cause bee ended, any man, & all persons whatsoever that 
Towne witho'ut is & shall come into this Towne to dwell & abide without or 
leave:- contrary to this Townes consent or that shall bring A family 

in to this Towne contrary to an ord'" of the Gen'^ : Court 
beareing date the 20: of 8ber 1663 but this ord"" is to con- 
tinue no longer then till y® 20 : of June 1665 : 

Jn° : Ruddocke Record"" : 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"*^^ : & Proprietors of this 

Town[e] the 5 : day of the xj month, 1663 

Peter Bents first Given & Granted form'^ly & is now laid out unto Peter Bent 

devision of ^ ^q j^jg heires & Assio^fnesl forever fifteene Acres of meadow 

meadow is heere „ a n , i • • ? • • > i i i 

confirmed to bee to^" A first devission lymg m stony brooke meadow, neare 

ISAcres, because Dowes foote meadow, and on the north side of Sudbury 
ExpVest on^^"""^ River neare to y« great Cedar Swamp : • 
squadrons see Jn° : Ruddocke Record"", 

folio 11 & 12:- :.______ _____________ 

By y" Selectmen of this Towne The 4 : day of March 
All Swine are to It is ord"' : That all the Swine y* belongeth to, or shall bee 
yoake"wthe 14 ^^V^ ^^^^ found within this to-\vn[e] shall bee sufiiciently yoaked 
Aprilll664&c & Rung at or before the 14: of Aprill next insueing the 
date hereof, on i^enalty of sixepence y*^ yoake & sixepence 
y** Ring that shall from that day bee found wanting : w^'^ 
surne shallbee paid by thg owner of such Sw[ine] & for far- 
ther direction heerein. It is ord""'^ that, y*^ p'' of y*^ yoake y* 
goes Crossew[ise] the throat is to be soe long as the swine is 
high, & those p*'^ of the yoake y' goes up by both sides of the 
necke is to bee so long as will rise two handfuUs above the 


uppermost p"^ of y*' Swine's necke : And it is also heereby 
ord'** that if any 8win[e] shall bee found doing damage be- 
fore y" day aboves** the owner shall (uppou complaint thereof 
made unto him) forthwith yoake & ring his Swine ; & every 
ffr[ee] holder within this Towne hath Liberty to see to, & 
power to execute this ord'" & to demand & receive the aboves** 
penalty : 
All Cow Cattle j^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^rd That all the Cow Cattle of this Towne shall 
(except worke- i i ,. » tt- » -i- /i i • 

ing oxen) are to goe und'' y® hands of A Keeper ; & it any (but workmg oxen, 

bee Hearded : • when turned out of worke) shallbee found with out A Keeper 
within this Towne, the owner shall forfeite & pay sixepence 
[A] head to the finder ; & every ffree hold"" within this Towne 
hath likewise Liberty [to] see too, & power to execute this 
ord"", & demand & receive y^ aboves'* penalty : 
It is also ord'''^ That all the ffences within this Towne shallbee 
sufficiently ma[de] up by the 1 4 : of Aprill next ensueing 
the date heereof, & the Snrvey"""® are to see to the Execution 
of this order : 

Jn° Ruddocke Record'' 

At A meeting of the Inhabitant"*^ & Proprieto" of this 
Towne the 6 : day of March 1663-4 

All fences to bee 
gott up by 14 
Aprill 1664 : • 

Selectmen &c 
chosen for Anno 
1664 : . 

Edmond Rice 

William Ward 
John Ruddocke 
Thomas King 
Solomon Johnson 
John Howe sen"" 
John Woods 

Solomon Johnson — Cunstable : • 
were chosen Selectmen 
for y® yeare Ensueing : • 

Tho : Goodenow & ) 
Serie : W™ Kerly j 

Surveyo''^ of I-Iighw[aies] 
for y® yeare Ensueing : • 

Jn** Ruddocke Record'' 

Direction to Sur- 
veyo''s of yfi 
Highwaies : • 

xx<i y** die : al- 
lowed each man 
& each yoake of 
oxen, working 
at the High- 
waies : • 

It is also ord'''^ that the Surveyo"" of the Highwaies, have 
power to call out men to worke at [the] Highwaies according 
to theire best discretion : & if any person refuse to come at 
three daie[s] warneing, hee shall pay to y^ use of the Towne 
three shillings & eightpence : It is also resolved that the 
Towne shall allow, & pay xx pence A day for a mans worke, 
& the like for A yoake of Oxen : • 

Swamp & mead- Given & Granted (at the s'^ meeting) unto John Rutter sen"" 
o^y \7 ^4"^° & to his heires & Assig-nes forever the Swamp & meadow ad- 
JnoVutter for 7 Joyniiig to Edmond Rice's house Lott (after Edm° : Rice 
Acres of meadow iiath one Acre & A halfe laidout to liim, & Richard Barnes 
7ot!'<.vlnwi'nnliath two Acres there laid out to him) the s'^ John Rutter is 
folio 14 : • to have the rest tor seven Acres ot meadow in p' : ot xv 

dows : 

w'^^' is his pportion due for his first devision of mea- 
Jn° : Ruddocke Record*" 


* see folio 19 : • 

26 According to an ord'' & determinacon of the 
78 Towne on the 3'^ day of y^ vij month 1662* the 


Memo The determiiiacon of 
one Aci*e in Cedar Swamp to 
every eight Acres in liouselotts 
the 3d of februai- : 1662 on folio 
19 : was not stuck to, but it was 
now at la}'ing out of these 
Lotts unanimously agreed unto 
by all the proprietors of this 
Towne, that each man should 
have halfe the number of Rodds 
heere in the length of the 
Swamp that A man hath of 
Acres in liis house Lott w^ii 
should so runne to each man 
quite through the breadth of 
the Swamp, & by this rule both 
parties in the Towne did 
aft''wards viz* on the 6 Aprill 
1665 so represent the same as 
theire mutuall act unto the 
hon""d Com"ee ; . 

Cedar Swampes y* lye scituate nearest to the 
hibitable part of the Towne were laid out unto 
the respective Inhabit"*^ & Proprietors of the 
Towne the 7 : of march 1663-4 every one haveing 
his respective number of Rodds laid out through- 
out the breadth of the Swampe annexed to his 
name, & so the Lotts runneth quite through the 
Swampe orderly one by anoth'' (after Jn° Rediatts 
tenne Rodds in same manner allowed him in the 
first Swamp & at y® East end) Josej^h Holmes 
had y^ first Lott adJoyneing to s"* Radiatt, & 
so went through y^ breadth of y*^ Swamp ; & 
the like hath all rest by pportion orderly & 
by anoth'' as on the Liste heereund'' written 
app'eth : • (viz') 

Those two Lotts ( 
doe lye at the i 
East end of the 


[The] Istdevision 
of Cedar Swamps 
are laid out to the 
pprietors of this 
Towne : • 
according to 
formr ordf fo : 

Throughout y^ breadth 
of y'' Swamp : • 
no of Lotts Rodds 

no John Rediat sen' hath - 1 1 
let Lott Joseph Holmes hath 9 
2<i :-Thomas Rice hath - - 17 
Sd :-William Ward hath - - 2o 

4 :- John Woods sen'' hath - 15 

5 :• Henrv Kerlv hath - - - 9^ 

6 :-Samii'Rice liath - - - - 13 

7 :-Thomas Goodenow sen' 

hath 1 6 
8 -.-William Kerly hath - - 15 
9 :-Christopher Banister hath 8 
10:-Benia: Rice or Th<> : 

Brio-ham hath 12 
11 :- Jonathan Johnson 

Smith hath 15 

12 :- Abraham How hath - - 12^ 

13 :-Obadiah Ward hath - - 10^ 

14 :-John Johnson hath - - 13^ 

15 :-John Bellows hath - - 10 
16:-Sam" How hath - - - 8 
17:-Thomas GoodenoAv Jun' 10 
18 .--Richard Barnes hath - 10 

Throughout y^ breadth 
of y^ Swamp : • 
no of Lotts Rodds 

19:-John Rutter hath - - - 15 

20 :-John Barrett hath - - 

21 :-Richard Newton hath - 

22 :-Mi' William Brinsmead 

23 :-Henry Axtell hath - - 

24 :-John Ho-\v Jnn^ hath - 

25 :-Nathaniel Johnson hath 

26 :-Thomas King hath - - 

27 :-Johu How sen"" hath - 

28 :-Andrew Belcher hath - 

29 :-Splomon Johnson hath 

30 :-Joseph Rice hath - - - 

31 :-Jnhn MRvnnrd hath - - 

32 :-Edward Rice hath - - 

33 :-John Newton hath - - 

34 :-Peter Bent hath - - - 











Rich'i or rather now "I 
Samii Ward hath / 


besides Edmo'i Rice and John 
Ruddocke who have their Lotts 
as is hereundder menc'ond : viz' 


Tlie determi- 
nacon & Advice 
of the County 
Court at Cam- 
bridge uppon A 
suit had with 

Order*^ &, laid out unto Edmond Rice & John Ruddocke 
(their shares of Cedar Swamp) the little Cedar Swamp, that 
adjoyneth to Abraham Hows meadow w'*' is scituate on the 
Northwest side of it, & the afore menc'ond Swamp is on the 
south East side of s'^ meadow, w'^^'' s*^^ Little Cedar Swamp is 
wholly granted to the s'^ Edmond Rice & John Ruddocke, 
& to bee Equally devided betweene them two alone : see 
folio 19:- 

Jn° Ruddocke Record"^ 

A Cojjpy of the County Courts determinacon & advice 
sitting at Cambridge y® 6 day of y^ ij*^ : month 1664 
unto this Towne : • 
Whereas there hath been in this Court A suite Coiiienced 
by Obadiah Ward Plantiffe in the behalfe of the Towne of 
Marlborough aga^"^ : Tho^ : Rice deif end"* : in an Action of 
the case conserning the s^' Rice's possessions in Marlborough 


some grounded & l)oth parties app'ing in Court mutually agreed to desist y® 
ord°lV: Jbe'i^see ^^^^'^h' psecution of the s'^ Action, the s^ Towne yeelding y« 
on folio 18 : not Defend"' his Interest of Possessions & Allotments in the s** 
observed [ ] hnig Towne, & each one to beare theire owne charges of the for- 
mer psecution, The s'^ Defend"' : engageing to pay Three 
pounds in full for his due pportion of all Arrears in the s^ 
place for time past, & for the future to yeeld y^ Assistance of 
his person & Estate for y® carrying an end of the affaires of 
the place both Civill & li^cclesiasticall as Religion & duty 
binds : • Also 

^11 pei"-^9iis ™"st whereas some oth" are in a like manner conserned as the s** 
sessions paying ^^ice refferring to their Allottments in the s*^ place : The 
theire — Arrears Inhabit"*® of the s** place being generally p''sent The Court 
^'^<^\''^ r "i^T^- S'^^^ theire advice, that they also paying theu'e arrears for 
future Acording the time past & yeelding theire Residence & Assistance for 
to law : . the future (as the Law requireth) in the s^' place. That they 

also may continue in theire possessions & Allotments, & the 
same setled fully on them there for in nonobservance of 
any Towne orders or Agreements notwithstanding : Also y® 
Court solemmely advised them, That they all Joyntly con- 
curre in such waies as might lead to the furtherance of peace 
among themselves, freely forgiveing one anoth^ all matters 
& occasions of former grievances & forbearing to make any 
repetition tliereof, to the upbraiding of any or interrupting 
of theire future peace, that so the God of peace may bee 
theire portion & his blessing upon the s*^ place, them, & theires 
in all wherein they stand in need of his favourable presence 
to bee with them: • Also the s'' Inhabit"'® muti;ally agreed to 

Rediat'-^^a^'^d'' ^^^^^^ '^^^^^ ^^^^ *^ '^^^^'^ Rechat to bee Joyned with the 
ded [&1 Joyned Select men for the Prudentiall affaires of the s*^' place for y® 
to the Selectmen yeare ensueing : 

for^th"'^ year? ^"^ ' "^^"'^ *^^"^^ written being read to the Inliabit"'® they voted 
ensueing;. their consent heereto by Erection of hands 6 : (2) 1664 

Thomas Danforth : R. 
This above written is a true Coppy of the originall 
lefte on file with the Records of the County Court held at 
Cambridge: Aprill. 5 1664 

as Attests Thomas Danforth Record*" 

Joseph Holmes At A meeting of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of this 

meadow is heere Towne the 9 : day of the iiij : month 1664 

9°Acres^V°au^^ Given & Granted to Joseph Holmes & to his heires & As- 

no where els be- signes forever, nine Acres of Meadow Ground for his first 

fore particularly devision of Meadows 

^^rdron's PSe Jol- ^-^^<^ocke Record^: 

folio 11&12:. : 

Marlborough 79 Vppon y^ severall differances & Grievances y' arose 

i664 (& continued) amongst y" Inhabitants & Proprieto™ 

of this Towne touching sundi-y things ; severall par- 
ties of this Towne at last made theire Application to 
y'^ Gen" Court sitting at Boston in October 1664; 
humbly desireiug their favourable advice & helpe ; 


* That is Mr Bel- 
lingham (after- 
wads Govern'' in 
Maj 1665 

The honofd 
Comm«ee of the 
Geni' Court ap- 
pointed for set- 
tlemnt of the 
affaires of y* 
Towiie : • 

upon wliich the hono"'^^ Court was pleased then to 
take upp the matter in controversye so ffarre into 
theire grave consideracon in order to A redresse 
as that they saw meet to constitute & appoint A Com- 
mittee to Attend that worke, in manner following 
At A Generall Court held at Boston 19 : of October 1664 
The Deputy Governour,* m' Willoughby, m'' Russell & 
Maio' Gen^^ Leverett are desired and hereby appointed to 
bee a committee to give an opportunity to the Inhabitants of 
Marlburough to make theire Appearances before them ; & 
make knowne theire greivances & dilferances to y® said Com- 
mittee : who are Impowred on theire heareing what each 
party can say for themselves to determine & conclude of 
such an Issue as they or any Tlu*ee of them shall Judge 
necessary to conduce to y^ setling of peace bettweene them, 
The Dep'^y Govern'' to appoint both time & place of meeting : 
This is a true coppy of y^ Courts ord"^. As attests Edward 
Eawson Record^' : • 

A rate of S^d pr 
Acre of house 
Lotts to finish 
the Meeting 
house: • 

At A meeting of y® Inhabit"** & ProiDrieto"^* of this Towne 
30 : day of Xber 1664 
It is order** That A rate shall bee forthwith made for the 
payment for, & towards the finishing of the meeting house, 
to be Assessed at threepence farthing y'' Acre uppon all house 
Lotts taken upp or to bee taken up within this Towne, & 
shall bee paid by y® jjroprietors thereof 

Jn° Ruddock Record"". 

Att A meeting of y® Inhabitants & Proprietors of this Towne the ii 
day of march 1664/5 

gl AVilliam Kerly Sen"" 
William Ward 
Thomas Goodenow sen' 
Solomon Johnson 

" P 
S u 

S£ John Ruddocke 
"8 g John Woods sen"^ 
"i; c Thomas King 






















S Solomon Johnson — Cunstable 

Thomas Goodenow sen'' 
William Kerly Jun'' 

Survej'o" of 
ye Highwaies) 

•:3 a 

John Ruddocke Gierke: 


At A meeting of the Inhabit"'^ & Proprietors of this 

Towne, the V^ day of Aprill 1666 

Gj-.inted to Captn Given & Granted unto Cap*° Thomas Wheeler & to his 

houseLott of 35" litjires & Assignes forever Thirty five Acres of ujiland for an 

Acres &c : • houseLott with all Towne Rights & priviledges belonging 

to an house Lott of that dimension, this at the request of the 

Inhabit"'* made to the bono'''* Comm"'^'' of y** Gen'^ Court 

the s** P' of y® ij** month 1665 & p'sented to them on the 6** 

day of the s^ month, was by the s** Cornm"*^*^ confirmed at 

Charlestowne the 20 : of the iiij mon[th] next folio : • 


the old booke of 
ye Towue & to 
write A New 
Booke for the 
Towne ; • 

By y« Comm"«'« of y" Gen'^ Court (appointed to settle y« 
Affaires of the Towne of Marlburrough) sitting at 
Cliarlestowne the 20 : day of y® iiij : mo : 1665 : . 

ComS«"-m.drto"^PP''^ y' complaints made of y« old booke of y« Towne of 
mend & alter Marlbixrrough : This Comm"«« hath perused y"* same & 
what is amisse in caused severall deffects to be cancelled & some other matters 
therein to bee alterred : And doe further ord' & appoint y"^ 
the old Towne booke bee transcribed Anew (by John Greene, 
who was on the 6 : of Aprill last past, by y^ unanimous con- 
sent of y* Inhabitants & Proprieto''^ of Marlborough ap- 
proved of for [y«] worke) and all such matters & deffects 
shall bee by him lefte out in the New Booke as this Comm'^^ 
h[ath] appointed, or shall aj^point, either by themselves, or 
by the advice of such of the s'^ Towne as this Comm["'^^] 
The sd Commttees g^all appoint to assist him therein : • 2'>' This Comm"®^ have- 
mending the "^ '^^S (amongst sundry oth"" matters p''sented unto them) perused 
Towne Liste of the List of the Propriet[°''*J & Possessions of Lands y* every 
"ons Kent'e'd '''^" ^^^'^' ''' Marlburrough {w'^'^ was M in by both parties 
them : . of J*; s'l Towne y*' 6 : of Aprill last) Doe heereby order & 

All grants of appoint y' those exceptions that are put uppon the Grant of 
Lands to bee Re- some mens Lands, or conditions with w*'*^ any of them are s*^ to 
rutef '^!'^^' ^^^ Granted, shall bee taken of, and upo[n] the new Tran- 

^ ■ ' script of the booke theire lands shall bee everywhere Recorded 

Captn Wheelers Absolutely as all other latter Grants ; AndCapt" Wheelers, 
Abra: Williams & Abraham Williams Possessions & Rights, shalbee in like 
manner added unto the said Liste : And in Recording y^ 
Possessions of mens Lands, John Greene is to attest s<* Liste 
as well as what is approoved of on the old Booke of y® 
Towne : only if any mistake, re [ ] errour, or omission of 
any thing, or other matter of doubt shall app"" in any case 
The sd Liste al- on either of them in y® particular Examineing, formeing & 
to^bee attended^' Stateing of matters by compareing things with things ; The 
as well as the old s** John Greene is up^wn dilligent & serious enquiery, by the 
foTmeiifg^nnat- ^^.®^P^.*^ advice of those whome this Comm"<'« appoints to As- 
ters &writeing' of '^ist him in the worke, to Ammeud and Supply all remaineing 
the Liste in the deflects as they shall appear & so to State & Record all mat- 
New booke : . ^gj.g ^ ^jjjjjgg -jj^Q ye ]Njg^ Booke after the most plain order- 
The sd Liste J^ .^ C ] ^^y '^ truest sense hee can : And withall he 

amended is to bee is in convenient place & ord"^ to Record y** said Liste alterr'd 
^'-l^New Bo'olc"*.° ^i^^ended into the s^^ New booke ; & assoone as hee can 
well is donTon ' g'^^t an a(;count of tlieire second devision of meadows from 
folio 28 & 29 : . the Surveyo''^ hand, hee is to add the same in a collume there- 
unto : . 

Grants & posses 
sions to bee ad- 
ded to ye Liste, 
& also the 2d de- 
vision of mead- 
ows : • 


The Sub Com- 

m«ee (at first) 
appointed to as- 
sist J no Greene 
in new forming 
the Towne booke 
at the Towne 
charge, &c : • 

28 By v^ Comm''®^ for Marlburough : Charlestowne the 

80 20: of June 1665 

It is ordered, That John How sen'' & John Ruddocke doe 
attend m"" John Greene, for the enformeiug of him of all such 
matters as hee shall enquire into, for his better inabling to 
the perfecting of theh-e Towne Booke ; & that they pro- 
cure a booke ; & the Towne to beare the charge of it 
Ri. Bellingham Gov'^: ffr Willoughby : Jii° Leverett. 

But see each mans 
whole possessions 
& where each par- 
cell lies Butted & 
Bounded Recorded 
altogether ^n this 
booke on folio 
heere under 

An Account of the Persons Possessing Lands in y^ Towne 
Meadows &c contained in the several! CoHumnes heere 
both parties of the s*^ Towne the sixth of AjM-ill i665 (w*^** 
ties, some things thereon were altered, other things neces- 
amended by order of the hono'''^ Conam"®*^) the same was 

House Lands &c 
wiiere Granted 
Ml" William Briusmead 

j minisf fo 

Briusmead f o : 




f o : iO- 
fo : iO- 
f o : 10- 

Heury Axtell 



William Ward 
Johu Ruddoclve — — — 
Thomas Goodeuow seu'' — 
Solomou Jolmsou — — 
Jolm Johusou 

f his first grant 27 acres 

J but 3 Acres was aff- 

j wards added to make it 

[ 30 acres 

Obadiah Ward — . — — 

/ 15 acres 

\ i acre 

William Kerly Jun'' — — 

Thomas Barues 

by grant 8 acres ou 
by purchase of Joua Johusou 
bee hath 15 acres more 
Thomas Goodeuow Juu"" 

j see fo: 10 

\ now Is Juo Barues 
Richard Ward j see f o : 10 ) 

Samuell Ward now \ see f o : 16 j 
Christopher Banister — — f o : 10- 
Abraliam How — — — fo : 10- 
Peter King : 

uow Nath" Johnsons fo : 10 
Henry Kerly "i j.„ . 10 

William Keiiy seu^ j 

uow Abra : Williams 
Andrew Belchar — — — f o : 10 
Joseph Holmes : 

is now Ju" Browues fo : 10- 

Johu Woods sen-- ^^J^^ f o : 10 1 

& ii of an Acre more was 
coulirmed to him by Houo«i 
Com"'^^^ 27 : 7'^«'- 1671 
Abraham Williams f o : 24 ] 

w"^''' is heere added to "j j 
Towne Listc by Hon"' l f 

Com"™« ordf see fo : j 27 J 

Johu Woods Juuf fo : 24 ] 

but by Com"eei? ord'' is con- 
firmed unto him & heere ad- 
den to Towne liste fo : J 27 j 


21 1 











2d de- 
vision of 








none due 














34- none due 

16- none due "8- 

1st de 


















ii-i "9^-30 















The perpetuall Cow Common as ord'''^ or appointed, described, Butted & 
tond on the Liste given in by both parties to y^ hon^'^ Comm""^* on the 6 Aprill 


each percell 
is & Re- 

cord*! altogether 
in this booke 
on folio heerc- 
undf named 


of Marlborough, & the severall proportions of Each mans upland, & 
unclermentohd, delivered unto the Comm''**'' of y" Gen^^ Court, by 
being examined by the s^^ Comm"*^^ & uppon heareing of all par- 
sarily added that were wanting, & after that the whole was 
appointed to be heere Recorded in manner folio : (viz') : • 



Edraond Rice 
Edward Rice 
Thomas Rice 

Samuel Rice • 

House Lands &c 
where Granted 

see llste folio 10 - 

— — — — f o : 10- 

— — — — fo : iO- 
f 1st grant 21 acres f o : 10 ) 
\ since — 5 f o : 18 j 

Joseph Rice — — — — fo 
Thomas King — — — — f o 
John How senf 

fist Graut Is 30 acres 

more 20 acres is since 

added to make up 50 

acres house Lott to bee 

without oth^ accomo- 

dacons & to bee J p''' 


fo: 101 


fo: 16 

able "i overplus of the 20 a- 
cres to rates by honr^i I 
Comm't'^s^s qyqIt gg con- I 
firmed 20 June (65) & / 
6 acres more granted / 
to Mary his wife be- \ ^ „ 
foresee l^^= ^J 

John How Juu"" — — — f o : iO- 
Samuell How : 

now is Jno Goves f o : 10- 
John Maynard — — — f o : iO- 
Rlchard Newton 

f hee hath 4 acre f o : 9 
\ and 30 acres f o : 10 
John Newton — — — — f o : 10- 
John Rutter — — — — f o : 10- 
John Bellowes — — — fo : 10- 
John Rediatt sen'' 

by his 1st Grant 22 acres fo : 10 
added h acre 24 May (72) fo : - 
Peter Bent — — — — fo : 10- 
Richard Barnes 

j 1st grant 16 acres f o : 10 "l 

\ more 4 f o : 14 j 

John Barrett — — — — fo : 10- 

Thomas Barrett — — — fo : 21- 

Jonathan Johnson | ^^ ?"?^"^ ^« = i? ^ 
(. as Johnson fo :21 

hee havelng sold halfe of his 

30 acres to Tho : Barnes hath 

but y oth" lefte 

Capta Thomas Wheeler : 

now Jn" Brigham ] 

granted by ye Towne con- | 

firmed by Com't'^eby whose }- fo : 27 

ord'' It Is added to this j 

llste see J 

Benjamin Rice : 

now Thomas Brighams : f o : 10 

House lotts 





Oi Acres 





visio : 









1st de- 


















none due 









none due 




















none due 








none due 








Bounded the iO of the xij : month 1662, on y® 20 : foregoing page was also men- 
1665 & by the s** Comm"^® allowed of, as it then was : on the 20 : of 8 mo 1665 : . 



The Explication of t^ Listes 

[1^'] The House Lotts in y« 1^* Collumnes of both this 28, & 29 : 
pages were generally confirmed the 26 of 9ber 1660 on folio 
10: & where there is any variation, want of explication or 
oth'' Grant &c the perticnlar hints and pages refferring there- 
unto are also heere mentond & added to each mans name : 

[2]'y The 2'^ devision of upland or addition to mens House Lotts 
in y'^ 2'* collumnes (being A quarf p''' of y^ number of Acres 
pertaining to houselotts was so ord'''^ to bee y*^ 26 : 8ber 16 6i 
on fo: 14: & wheie there is nothing allow'd on y*' 2^' Col- 
lumnes against any mans name, there are to bee understood 
to bee latter Grants of house Lotts, to whome by a Generall 
common received principle and Rule throughout the Towne, 
the 2'' devision of upland is ordinarily not due, except by 
si)eciall Grant ; the same have it because so represented by 
the whole Towne to the bono'"'' Com"®® in anno 1665, even 
whilst the Towne was in two parties as by their liste ap^j^'d : 

J^3jiy Xhe 1^' devision of meadows in y® 3*^ Collumnes being halfe 
the number of Acres granted to house Lotts were generally 
included in foure squadrons the 2*^ & 3d dales of y® xi month 
1660, on folio 11 & 12, & what the meadows there allowed 
fell short to suply those persons there named with theire due 
pportions such persons (& others y'' had theire meadows) were 
supplied out of oth'" meadows formd up & downe y® Towne 
Common :. 

[4Jiy Xhe 2*^ devision of meadows (was only [ ] in the like of 
the Liste given in to y® Com"*^® y® 6 Aprill 1665 & the Lotts 
was therein s*^^ to bee drawne, but y'^ land being laid out in 
July next folio: & the acco : thereof given in by the Sur- 
vey o""® soone after was according to ord"" f o : 27 added to y® 
Listes heere) & placed in the 4 Collummes, where y® num- 
ber of Acres were pportioned to bee 8 Acres for every 10 Acres 
of meadow that was granted to every man in his 1st devision 
of meadow, & ordrd to lye in & about Cold harbo"" meadows, 
midle meadows, & chauncy meadows the 6 of the xi: month 
i66i see f o : 16 ; & on the 10 : of the xij month 1662 see folio 
20 : & they were by Lott laid out there in the fifth month 1665 
see folio 30 as farre as those meadows would reach & what any 
fell short of their due m those meadows they (& such as had 
theire 2*^ devision of meadow since granted them) were suj> 
plied out of oth'' meadows aiVwards found up & downe the 
Towne Common : 

f5]'y The 1*' devision of Ceadar Swamp in the 5: Collumnes was 
appointed the 14: of y® xi month 1662 folio 19 : & there at 
first ord'"*^ to bee an Acre for every 8 Acres y* A man hatli in 
his house Lott on the 3*^ of y*' xij month 1662 : but after- 
wards it was determined to bee proportioned halfe the num- 
ber of Rodds in the breadth of the swamp to the number of 


acres each man hath in his house Lott (as app" by this Liste 
also given into to the Comm'^'^'''^^ in Aprill 1(jG5) & was so laid 
out theire to each man as his Lott fell on the 7: of March 
1663/4 see Mio 26: 

[29] Some passages on y® Listes Explained 

Touching these Listes is to bee minded, that several of the Grantees heerc 
named, was at y^ time of the delivering thes^^ Listes to y® 
Hono'"^ Comm"*^^ & since that also before the Recording of y^ 
s*^ Lists heere, eith"' such as came not up to Improove the 
Lotts, & so eith'' surrendred or loste them, & now oth[ers] 
possess them ; or such as had sold them to oth''^ ; or such as 
are dead, & now are occupied eith'" by the widows or cMldren, 
or by such as have married theire widows &c viz' Nath" 
Johnson hath Peter Kings gra[nt,] Sam^^ ward hath his 
Broth"^ Richard wards Grant, Tho"* Brigham has Benia" Rice's 
Grant, Abram Williams hath Henry Kerly, & W" Kerly 
sen'' Grants, John Browne hath Joseph Holmes Grant, John 
Brigham hath Cap* Wheelers Lands, Thom^ Barnes hath 
halfe of Jonathan Johnsons 30 Acres & all Lands & Rights 
due to 15 Acres house Lott & the s'^ Johnson hath only retained 
the oth"" halfe parte of his Lands granted him : Edm° Rice's 
Lands is in his widows hands, Sam^^ Goodenow possesses y® 
Lands of his fath'' Tho^ Goodenow sen' Jh° Barns y'' maryed 
the widow of Tho® Goodnow Jun'" [now] occupies y' &c :. 
2^y Mind that altho Sam'^ Rice hath by folio 18 5 acres added to 
his first grant of 21 acres on fo : [ ] to make his house Lott 
26 Acres, & (some oth""^ as Richard Barnes hath by folio 14, 
foure Acres added to his 16 Acres at first granted him for an 
house Lo[tt] on folio 10 to make it up 20 Acres as heere on 
Liste app'^ ; to whome also by -Toynt Act of the whole Towne 
(& whilst in two parties) in theire Li[st] given in to y^ Com''®® 
6 Aprill 1665 all Rights accoiriodacons of & to other devi- 
sions of Lands w[as] granted them for each addition as well 
as for y® [ ] proportion granted them for house Lotts, 
yett this [is] not the Rule to oth''® that have not each A rep- 
resentation & thereby a confirmacon of such alowa[nce] from 
the whole Towne ratified by the bono''' Comm"®® as will app"" 
severall instances foll[ ] who held theire enlargem"'^ of that 
kind uppon oth'' [ ]nts ; (viz') 
John Johnson hath 3 Acres of upland confirmed [to] him more 
than the 27 Acres house Lott mencond [in] this Liste see 
folio 10 where it is called 30 Acres but for s'' 3 Acres bee is 
to have no allowance of La[nd] or oth'' Towne Rights oth"" 
than what is due to his Lotte of 27 Acres, & therefore heere 
is but 27 Acres mencond in collumne of house Lotts to his 
name on this Liste, & yet hee is to pay rates for one Acre 
of the 3 Acres, & the other 2 Acres is in lieu of all other 
Accoiriodacons belonging unto the one Acre thereof rated : 
Also observe John How sen'' hath 20 Acres added to his 30 


Acres house Lott granted (besides the 6 Acres granted to his 
wife) but hee is to have no Allowance of Land or oth'' Towne 
Rights & priviledges for more then the 30 Acres (altho his 
20 Acres is to make his 30 Acres 50 Acres) & yett hee is to 
pay to all ra[tes] for one third part of s*^' 20 Acres added (as 
hee doth for the oth^' 30 Acres) by the hono"^ Comm***^^ ord' 
& the oth'' two third parts of the s*^^ 20 Acres is ra[te] free 
& in lieu of all oth"" accoiiiodacons due to the s*^ 3'^ p''' thereof 
rated : = Richard Newton hath halfe an Acre added to his 
house Lo[tt] see Grant thereof folio 9 : but hee hath noe 
Right to any land or oth'^' priviledges for the said halfe Acre : 
John Rediat sen^" had halfe an Acre granted & adde[d] to his 
22 Acres house Lott from y^ beginning & hath all along paid 
Rates for it tho it was oinitted uppon the Liste given in to y* 
Comm"^^^ the 6 Aprill 166|^, because it was not confirmed 
to him as all oth'' Grants notwithstanding ; which by the 
Townes act till May 1G72 w*^^^ was therefore ordered to bee 
amended & added on the Liste & to bee here Recorded in 
this booke ; = Abraham Williams Lands (Avith John Woods 
Jun"" w'** were granted out of the 80 acres of the Cow Com- 
mon, & tho complained of by some, w[ere] by y® hono'^'* 
Comm"®® on the 20 June 1665 confirmed to them as all oth' 
Grants notwithstanding ; which) with Cap*^" Tho : wheelers 
grant of Lands were [not] in the Listes dd in to by both 
parties of this Towne to the s*^ Comm*^®® but by theire ord'^' 
are now also added heere unto this liste as aboves*^ = And 
Lastly altho Tho : Barrett had nothing on the Liste above al- 
lowed when it was presented to the Comm"^® in Aprill 1665 
but his houseLott because his houseL[ott] was only then 
granted him, yett he hath meadows &c granted him since 
with oth'' rights belonging to latter grants, w*^'' are also laid out 
unto him & [are] bounded as app*'* on folio 342, & w'^^'' he 
now possesseth tho an account thereof was not given in be- 
fore the Liste as above written was perfected w*^^ is the only 
cause y* it is not above written : these few things are only 
hinted of merely (w*^'' Assess''® noay reach oth' scruples of like 
nature) to sattisfy such as will receive Ans[w''®] & once at 
last forbeare to bee still asking these things conserning w*^'^ 
they have often received the like Answ'^, to the bono'''' Com- 
jjjttees sattisfaccon :./ 

Marlborough 30 According to an ord'' of the Towne* dated the 10 day 

1665 82 of the xiij month 1662 the second devision of Mead- 

»see fol'o^ ^^ *^^^ were laid out by Ensigne Thomas Noyes the 27 : 

t 2^ of the V : month 1665 unto the Proprieto''® of this 

Towne, in cold harbour meadows, & Midle Meadows 

& in Chauncy meadows, & w'^'' was measured unto 

each proprietor his due as it fell to him by lott & as 

the same stands on the Liste thereof made by y® s** 

Ensigne Noyes as folio : viz* 


O O M^ O 1- O b- O '^ C' -H O M^ 

— ' (rq C^ r-l •■-I •-! 

I I I I I I I I I I I I I 

I 1 t I ^^K,'t<-**1 1 -t-1 I -(*! t I 

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The severall Lotts in the three CoHumnes above mencond, Laid 
out in July 1C65, unto this Towne for A 2** devision of mead- 
ows by Ensign Noyes of Sudbury Surveyo"" : (viz*^) 34 Lotts 
in Cold harbo'^ 34 Lotts in IVIidle, & 34 Lotts in Chauncy 
meadows, according to y^ severall pportions, sett of against 
the respective names of each Inhabit"'' & pprieto'' of Marl- 
burough as abovewritten Were (with the Butts & bounds 
of each mans Lott, as heereafter ig recorded among posses- 
sions after such manner dictated unto John Greene by" the s^ 
Surveyo'' the 27 July 1665 from y® Platts in his hands, (w"'' 
hee retained) to bee after such sort Recorded in this (Towne) 
Booke : • 

The Contents of Marlborough Proprietors Great Book of Records of Lands 

Grants And acts thereupon accepted by said proprietors march y® 31 : 1729 

se page 296 in sd Book 


The Petition for the Plantation 3 

The Condition of Settleing the Name of y® Plantation 

Select-men Chosen 4 

A Deft'erence And the Composition Betwen John Alcok 

And the inhabetants — ■■ 5 

The Proprietors ingagement to those that Stood Bound 

to m'' John Alcok ■ 6 

A Commettee apointed to Lay out a Plantation for the 
Indians 7 

Land Granted to the wife of John How : All that Claim 
an Interest in the plantation to perfect their hous-lot 
with the Condition Thomas Rice's Lot Changed : And 
a Rate made for Laying out the Plantation 8 

Half an acre of Land Granted to Richard Newton : A 
Hous-lot Granted to Benjamin Rice : The Town 
Named Marlborough Proprietors to pay all their ar- 
reares within 51 Days or Lose all A Rate made for 
the minister for six mounths 9 

Hous-lots Granted to the first inhabetants & Proprietors 
of this Town and some few others • 10 

A Houselot Recorded to Andrew Belchar & the Second 
Devision of upland Granted to him : And the Squad- 
rons of the first Devision of meadows II" 12 

A Contract for to Buld a frame for a ministers House : 
And a Rate for the minister for six mounths 13 

Pro^^rietors must pay all their Dues ujDon Demand or 
Loose all their Interest : The Rates be jDaid by the 

Benjamin Rice is Granted his second Devission of up- 
land a second Devission of upland Granted four 
acres Granted to Richard Barns to his hous-lot: all 
hous-lots Granted to be Laid out before the Last of 
march next : Edmund Rice and John Rudduck to see 
all hous-lots Laid out : Ten acres of meadow Granted 
to John Rutter 14 


A Rate to be made to Buld the ministers house — A Con- 
tract with Peter Bent to Buld a Bridg over Sudbury 
River 15 

Lands Granted to John How sen"" : Richard Barns Heired 
to Buld a pound : order to Lay out Chancy Coldhar- 
bour & midle meadow Called the Second Devission of 
meadow : Every man to pay Twenty Shillings for Every 
tree he Cuts upon the Common : Samuel ward admit- 
ted an inhabetant in the Roome of Richard Ward 16 

The Contravarcy Betwen the Town And the fourth 
Squadron Ended A Hous-lot Granted to Henry Ax- 
teel : A Commette Chosen to Lay out all High-ways : 
Town officers Chosen : orders about Swine Three Rods 
of upland Round all meadows to set hay on Timber 
forfitted that hath Laine half a year . 17 

IVF Berensmeads frame And Lot Granted to him : A Rate 
ordered to be made to Buld a meeting-house : Granted 
to Henry Axteel a Town Right And one acre added to 
his hous-lot five acres added to Samuel Rices hous-lot. 
ordered that all nonresedents And such as pay not their 
full proportion to all Rates shall have their Lots 

siezed — 1 8 

2 Page 

A Rate for the minister for six munths : A high way Be- 
twen Richard Barns & John How : A Grant Touching 
the Bredth of John Rideats hous-lot : Ceder swamps 
ordered to be Laid out And a Commette to Survay 
the Same : Ceder Swamp proportioned : Litele Ceder 

• Swamp Granted to Edmund Rice & John Rudduck : 
Three acres of meadow ordered to William Ward. 19 

Eight acres of Land Granted to Thomas Barns with all 
acomadations Sutable : one tree allowed for fencing 
Timber off the Commons for Every- two acres of hous- 
lot: The Second Devission of meadows Proportioned 
The Perpetual Cow-Common stated : Exepting Eighty 
acres of upland — — 20 

Ten acres of Land Granted unto William Kerly sen'' : A 
Ten acre Lot Granted to Thomas Barrett : Abraham 
How Leberty to Exchange Two acres of Land : Town 
officers Chosen : Tho Smiths Lot allowed to Jonathan 
Johnson : order about Sw[i]ne Cattle to have a 
Keeper . 21 

A set time for fences to be made up & finished ordered 
that John Ruduck have the standerds of waits & meas- 
ures Anamaks Convayance of the Land the old meet- 
ting-house stood upon — 22 

A Rate for the minister : Highways apointed 23 

William wards Surender of half an acre of Land : no flax 
or hemp to be Laid in any pond or Brook where 
Cattle Drink a Commete to Lay out the Countre Road 
Betwen here & Sudbury A house-lot Granted to Ab- 
raham Williams : a sixteen acre Lot Granted to John 
Woods jun'' : Twelve acres & half of meadow Granted 


to Abraliam How: men apointed to see after Trepass 
Don upon the Common by felling of Timber : Thomas 
Rice his house-lot ordered to Ly by the jDond : with 
the Addition — : 24 

Town orders to prevent inmats without the Towns Leve 
Peter Bents first Devission of meadow Confirmed : 
orders about Swin Cattle & fenc® : Town officers Chosen : 
Direction to the Survayors of the high-ways with their 
allowence Swamp & meadow by Edmun Ricess Given 
to John Rutter for Seven acres of meadow 25 

The first Devission of Ceder Swamps : The Determina- 
tion and advice of the County Court at Cambridge : all 
persons to hold their Possessions paying their arrears 
— John How and John Rideat are Chosen to be added 
to tiie Select men — Joseph Holms has first Devission 
of meadow Confirmed 26 

Marlboroughs Address to the General Court : And the 
Courts Commete A Rate to finish the meetting-house : 
Town officers Chosen a Lot Granted to Capt Thomas 
Wheller : The Honoured Commetes order to amend 
what is amiss in the old Book And to wright a New 
Book for the Town : Sd Commette altering & mending 
the town List of mens possessions Granted them : all 
Grants of Lands to be Recorded absolutly : Cap* 
Wheeler & Abraham williams Grants & possessions to 
be added to tlie List & also their Second Devission of 
meadows with other orders of y® Commette 27 

The List Exemen amendend & Explained 28* 29 

3 Page 

The Second Devission of meadow Laid out by Ensigne 
Noys 30 

An account of the Indian purchas of the plantation the 
payment of the mony the List of the Names of those 
that paid y'^ mony And procuring a plat from m"^ 
Samuel Andross 31- 32' 33 

A Committee Chosen or Continued to state High-ways 
from pag 34 to 38 

only in page 37 Select men Stated Some : And the al- . 
lowence Given 34 to 38 

more Highways Stated Some by a Committe & Some by 
Selectmen 39 : 40 

A Clark Chosen And a Committe to Recover the writ- 
tings of the widow of the Deceased Clerk —40 

Highways Stated from page 40 to 45- 40 to 45 

, . . (^) -'i^ . meettino- to Devide the Cow-Common m'' Breckes Peti- 

devisiou w'"! m .• jP t i o i • /^ . a i , 

Cow-Comon ^lon tor Land & his Grant : And the measuers by w% 

they would make the Devission — 45 : 46 

Petitions of Joseph Newton And Thomas Barrett Granted 

by Exchang of Land w*'^ John Parry. A Grant to 

Thomas Rice a place to Buld a mill : To Chuse men 

to stand in the Proprietors intrest a Committee Chosen 

to Joyn w^*^ a Committee of the Indian plantation — 

about the Line betwen them & y® Proprietors 47 


mony Receved for y® Rent of Common meadow : Land 
had of John Pery How Disposed of : several adjurn- 
ments : and Exceptations of Lands 48 

The Proprietors order for an orderly Record of their 
Lauds taken up in the Cow-Common : A Committee 
Chosen to State a high way throuo'h Land Granted to 
m' Breck : The Retorn of Caleb Rice & John Banister 
apointed to treat with Jolm Perre about the Exchange 
of Land. Exepted And another Committee Chosen to 
Settle the Conveyence with several adjetations And 
some Returns of Lands : A Grant of Land to John 
Bellows : A Grant of Land to Abraham AVilliams And 
to Nathaniel Oake for Recompeuce for Highways : 
Some plats of Land Exepted Granted to Moses Newton 
sen'" a Liberty to make use of the sreeme of Stony 
Brook And the use of the Land about, where his Iron 
works now ai'e And several adjournments & more ex- 
eptations of Lands Provision tor Priambelation And 
Defending the Proprety' 49 

agreement to Raise money to Defend the Propriety : A 
Request of Isaac Amsden to Change Land : Exeptation 
of Land — 50 

more Returns of Lands : A Committee Chosen to Give 
John mainard sen"" Sattisfaction for his meadow taken 
from him at angle meadow A Committee Chosen to 
End Contravercys Betwen Isaac Amsden and the 
. . (2) ^^ . Bellowses : And to Take order for a nother Devission 
Cow-Comon within tile Cow-Commons And the second Devission 
within the Cow-Commons Granted with orders and 
measiiers to be attended in the Devission : Some adjorn- 
ments & Exeptations of Lands 51 

A Grant of Lands to Henry Bartlet And also to James 
Taylor Each Squordern to have a Copy of the acts 
Refering to the Devission the clerk to be paid bv the 
propriety : Several j^roposals Refering to Equitable 
allowences with their final End : Exeptations of Land 
a Recompeuce to Abraham Williams for a way Taken 
out of his Seventeen acres Exepted : Some adjourn- 
ments — ■ ^ ^ 52 

Proprietors Called together by order of the moderater 
Chose a Committee to Go upon the north Line & the 
400 acres Called the Cod order that the acts of the Last 
Committee of the General Court be Recorded See the 
first or second Leffe of the Book: Begening of Re- 
turns of Land of the second Devission within the Cow- 
Commons : A Committee Chosen to Answer a Sitation 
of the General Court Another Committee Chosen to 
Gether money to Defray Charges : men Chosen to take 
care that the men that Gave in Evedence about the 
Lines of the town and m"" Androsses managment be 

sworn — 53 

4 . Page 
Some adjournments and Exeptations of Lands 53 


Exeptations of Land : a Committee Chosen about high- 
ways their Returns Several adjournments : Alexan- 
der Stewards petition for Land y^ Grant of it. Some 
Directions for the Squad orns Committee & some pro- 
posals about Hruces mill Grant And a Committee 
Chosen about it 54 

Exeptations of Land : adjournments : Some Discours 
about Land for m'" Breck : the Return of a Committee 
Refering to Some Land of Samuel Stow-taken for high- 
way And his Recompeuce : A Committee to Look 
upon a high way Refering to Isaac Amsden & Deacon 
Woods at Castle hill 55 

Records of Later Grants or Devissions of Lands to the 
primitive lots from page 56 to 106 Exepting two 
acres of meadow allowed to Samuel Stow in page 77. 
And some Exeption of Land Relincpiished by John 
Shearman And Recompence for the same in pag 

(1) 100 ■ ^56 to 106 

Cow-Co°mons *""* the first Devission without the Cow-Common Granted be- 
ing 3 acres for one in the hous-lot : orders Refering to 
a ministerial Lot And orders Refering to the Devission 
with Caer Refering to Highways Clay & meadows 106 

Some further measuers Refering the Devission with out 
y® Cow-Commons the Returne of the Committee for 
And the Establishment of the ministereal Lot with 
Committees to Decide Defferences Several adjourn- 
ments & Some Exeptations of Lands 107 

an highway stated over Assabeth River to Hockanume 
a Defference mentioned Betwen Samuel Brigham & 
David Mainard : A Committee Chose to vew a mill- 
place And to End a Differance at Turky-hill : A Com- 
mittee Chose to state a way from Belchars pond to the 
Ceder Swomp 108 

The sd Committees Return y"^ was sent to state a way 
from Andraws pond to the Ceder Swomp : votes and 
orders for men to bring their plats of Land to Records 
by a Sett Time Leberty Granted to Peter Bent to 
Take up his Third Devission Some Exeptations of 
Land 1 09 

A vote for an order or orderly Recording the Land Taken 
up without the Cow-Commons. A vote to take off the 
Clogg of former Grants or Highway : Committees to 
Take an account of Common meadows A Leberty to 
John Shearman to alter Some Land Granted him for 
Recompence for high-way Several adjournments & 
Returns of Lands 110 

Several Returns of Land in w*^^ Som to Peter Bent where 
in is Some meadow taken up upon the mill Grant : 
Something Refering to meadow of Jonathan Johnson : 
Some adjournments 111 

meadow sold to Deacon John Woods : A Committee 
Cliosen to Go with the men that measuer for Equatable 
Allowence : meadow sold to Isaac Woods : A Second 


Devission Granted with out the Cow-Commons with 
the Ruels & measuers there of : Being 2 acres for one 
in y^ hous-lot A Reservation of Land near Bruces 
mill-place : a motion of Biglo Refering to Bruces Land 
Some proceedings upon it : Some adjournments and 
Returns of Lands — 112 

A Commettee Chosen about Cold-harbor meadow : orders 
for Abraham Williams Refering to the proprietors 
money Returns of Land the Return of the S*^ Com- 
mittee — — ^1 1 3 

Several adjournments & Returns of Lands An order to 
Isaac Amsden Refering the proprietors money : The 
ministei-ial meadow Lott to Nathan Brigham with the 
Tirms : meadow Lott to Jn° mainard — 114 

memorandome of Bringing Both the meettings that with in 
the Cow-Commons And that without into our meetting : 

Land Reserved — 115 

5 Page 

Records of Lands from page — 115 to 120 115 to 120 

Begens Records of Lands taken up without the Cow- 
Commons • -121 

Records of Later Devissions of Lands from page 121 To 
186 only these particular things Hereafter mentioned 
viz page 167 Several percels of meadow Recorded to 
Peter Bents mill-lot as part of his Devission of meadow 
for it : page 161 Some more meadow Recorded to S*^ 
Bent upon the Sd Right : page 130: Lands Relenqu'^ 
by Jonathan Johnson — — -186 

meettings for Excepting of Land : A Request of Samuel 
Stow to Change a peice of Land by his well a Com- 
mette Chosen to vew it a Commeette Chosen to Settle 
accounts with m"" Breck Refering to the Land he jiur- 
chased of the proprietors allowance to Thomas Axtell 
for Highway Taken out of his Hous-lot: And Na- 
thaniel : mony paid to Deacon woods and Several 
(3) other Creditors out of mony in Isaac Amsdens hands 
Devission within Receved of the former Clerks widow an agreement 
Cow-Comon ^^^ another Devission of Land within the Cow-Com- 
mons with Ruels for it And Leberty for the Squad- 
rons to Go into one anothers : Two acres of Land 
Excepted to James Taylor : And Several other Excep- 
tations of Lands : A Commeette to State the Highway 
Betwen the Indian-hill and the town : And to find out 
the Town Line from the Southeast Corner to Sudbury 
River . 187 

m'" Brecks purchas Compleated : an high-way Relenquished 
Runing over the farme-hill Leading to the Countre 
Road men Chosen to Search the Countre Records 
Refering to the Bounds of the Town & m^ Alcoks 
farme : an high-way & some plats excepted : an high- 
way Relinquished through Jonathan Johnsons Land : 
A proposal to Bring the meetings with in and with out 
the Cow-Commons toirether— 188 


A Commette Chosen Refering to a Difference Betwen 
John How and Samuel Stow about meadow: an addi- 
tion to a Commeette for high ways : proposals to Sell 
or Devide the Common meadows : a proprietors Clerk 

Chosen: Some plats Exepted 189 

orders to Call in mony Due to the proprietors for meadow 
Ether Sold or Lett : and high-way ordered to be Laid 
out over Liquor Brook to the northerly End of Cold- 
harbour : orders for the Rectifying of Errors & mistaks 
in the Records of mens Lands : men Chosen to Lett 
the Common meadows : The way turned at Tobaca 
meadow : A Commeette Chosen to agree with Isaac 
Temple about Bellowses Adition : The Comrdeete for 
High-ways to agree with m"^ Breck Relating to the 
High way Cross his Lot : Some allowence to Nathanael 

Joslin for want in his Adition 190 

Allowence Granted to m'' Breck for the highway near 

the Scool-house: a Commette Chosen to Servey the 

Common meadows Some Lands & highways Ex- 

* cepted : * orders for the Recording the Second Devis- 

m page'282 gj^^ ^f Qeder Swomp : an agreement to Devide the 

Common meadow by intrest : men apointed to assist 

the serveyers in Deviding the Common meadows 191 

6 P^g6 

Some Land & Some highways Excepted : a Grant of 
Some Land to James Taylor near his mill : the Com- 
meette for highways to Settle the Bounds of the High- 
way Betwen the Land of John How & Samuel Stow 

T> • '^^ ''th' ''^^^^ the Indian Line Another Devission of Land 

Cow-Comon within the Cow-Common and a Limitation for Com- 

pleating the former Devissions : a motion of the Second 

Squadron for want of Land 192 

Some further Ruels to be observed in the Devission Last 
mentioned with in the Cow-Commons : Several ad- 
jornments and Exceptations of Lands : major How to 
inspect the Reserved Land at fort meadow : Also a 
proceeding to the further Laying out the Land with 

out the Cow-Comon 193 

(3) orders for Calling a proprietors meetting when Lost. 

Devission with- ^Iso a meetting Called for Deviding the Land with out 
the Cow Common : men ordered to Run the town 
Bounds from Jackstraws field to the River : Ruels & 
methods to Devide the Land without the Cow-Com- 
mons : orders to Lay out the Common meadow with 

the measuers & Ruels thereof 194 

where he begen to Lot out the Common meadows : And 
some further Ruels tu be observed in that mater : the 
widow of Joseph Ward to Exchange an high-way: 
Some further orders for perfecting the Town South 
Line : proprietors debts brought in & orders for the 
payment of them : Lots Drawn for the Common 

meadow — — — .195 

Lands to be Exei:)ted with this proviso not hendering for- 

the name 


mer Grant or high ways : acts Relating to the Common 
meadows 196 

men Chosen to servey the Common meadows : a meetting 
to proceed in the Devission of the Common Land & 
meadow formerly Granted : Also to hear John Brig- 
hams Request Refering to Some meadow Taken into 
his Land : the meetting being Lost again Revived : 
Some further proceedings in the Devission without 
the Cow-Commons : the Name of the Devission Satis- 
faction to Samuel Ward for his first Devission of Ceder 
Swomp : a Commeetty Refering to high ways 197 

Some further proceeding Refering to the Reserved Land 
at fort meadow : a Commity to Call John Shearman to 
Show the Bounds of an acre of meadow Granted to 
Thomas Bruce : a meetting Called for the Defence & 
Security of the Town Bounds and a Commitie Chosen 
for the Same purposs —198 

A motion of Isaac Tem23le for stoping an highway a 
Commeetty Chosen to hear the pleas of Isaac Temple 
and Benjamin Woods for stoping highways and their 
Return & the act of the propriety upon it : Benjamin 
woods and John Newtons Exchange of high ways : a 
Commeetty Chosen to End a Difference Joseph main- 
ard & Samuel Taylor 199 

Records of Lands from page 199 to page 228 228 

Records of Second Devission of Ceder Swomp from 
page 282 to 284 

Crane Ceder Swomp Serveyed 286 

Clay pits in Several places Stated : An high way Stated 
from David mainard to the plain by John prats with 

allowence for it 288 

7 P^g6 

And high ways Stated : by the hovise of John Barns : 
by the house of John Bellows : Betwen the Land of 
Eleazer How and Thomas Brigham Leading to Thomas 
Brighams House And an highway on -the Southerly 
Side of Liquor-hill ten Shill in mony paid by Edward 
Barns for meadow in his Land 289 

Land Granted to John Brittain and William Thomas 
Some further proceedings about the Common meadows 
& Some plats of Land Excepted 290 

Lands Excepted to John Britian William Thomas and 
Ebenezer Witt : And meadow sold to Daniel Warren 291 

Some other acts Refering to the Common meadows a 
Tender to John Brigham for meadow Lying within his 
Land : A Return to be Brough of the Common mead- 
ows in order to be Recorded 292 

An acount of the Common meadows Brough in and Ex- 
cepted And a bill of Charge Granted : John Brig- 
ham aquited for the meadow he had appropreated an 
act for Selling Smal percels of meadow that Remained 
after the alotments : A proposal for the Calling in 
mony Due to the proprietors for meadow appropriated 


by Some particular persons : an acount of meadow 
Sold to Daniel Warren & the mony paid A Commeety 
Chosen to vew the Land pititioned for by m^' Wm 

Thomas & James Brown 293 

A meetting Raised by vertue of a warrant from major 
Fullum : a Clerk Chosen : a Commiette Chosen to 
Receve the Books of the widow of the Late Clerk an 
agreement how to Raise meettings for the time to Come : 
A meetting Raise by the Commeetty to vindicate the 
Bounds Betwen marlborough & Stow to Consider 
what they would Do about the Burying places in west- 
borough & Southborough : Some Land Relinquish to 
The Abraham Williams formerly Reserved for Highways : 

Devission of proposed whether they will have another Devission of 

Land within Land within & without the Cow-Commons & it past in 

the afermitive A motion of Isaac Temple for Recom- 
pence for a high-way : an act for Selling of Land Ly- 
ing betwen the Lots of John Rutter & Richard Newton 
Land Sett appart for a meetting-hous a Burying place 
And a Training feild in South-Borough a Commeetty 
Chosen to Settle the Bounds Betwen marlborough & 
Stow : Land Sett apart in westborough for Burying 
places & other publick uses : a Commeetty Chosen to 

sgll some Lands without the Cow-Comons 294 

fifth Devision finisht on page 295 

8 page 

A nother meetting Raised by the proprietors Commeetty : 
And Chose a Clerk : And Chose a Commeetty to Con- 
tense the Book of Records of Lands and to Take an 
acount of what Lands are Laid out & by whome And 
to Alphebet where they are Recorded : A Return of 
Land Sold without the Cow-Commons And the Excep- 
tance of it to warren & hardy : a vote to hold the 
proprietors meettings within & without the Cow-Com- 
mons together A Commeetty Chosen to Consider 
what may be proper Relating to highways : voted that 
the Devission of Land Granted Last shall be one acre 

without the Cow-Commons & half an acre within 295 

mony Granted to Several persons and the payment or- 
dered : the Return of the Commeetty sent to treat 
with Stow Relating to the Bounds betwen the towns 296 
from page 301 to page 345 the primitive Grants 

Recorded by Cap*^ Green — -301-345 

Lands Granted to moses Newton : to James Taylor And 

to Joseph Newtou' — 346 

Lands Granted to Thomas Bruce^ 347 

Lands Granted to James Sawyer 348 

Lands Granted to Jonathan Johnson & paid for 349 

A Record of Ceder Swomp & upland to Edmund Rice 350 

Lands Granted to William Ward Sen'" 351 

Lands Granted to Thomas martain ; And to John Perre 
And to Thomas Barrett: And to Dorithy How widow 
of Joseph How • 352 


Lands Granted to Samuel Stow 

Lands Granted to Edward Rice Sen'"- 
Lands Granted to Thomas Brigham- 

Lands Granted to John Eutter*^ . onu 

Lands Granted to Bent S^T^r^ q^j 



Lands Granted to John How S^n'' 

An agreement Betwen Isaac Tem^lTL^r^ proprie- 

tors Refenng to John Bellowses Adition ______ 359 

Lands Granted to Alexander Stewert: And to Thomas 

Bruce Sen' Land Exchanged with Samuel Bruce for 

an highway : And Land Laid out to Daniel Newton 368 

tor allowence for an highway 

Lands Granted and Sold to Jonah warren SfiQ 

land Laid out to Nathanael Cake to James Taylor Sen' 

And to James Taylor jun' onr. 

Lands Granted to Henry Bartlet— . .37 j 

Land Granted to Cap' Amsden for allowence for an hish 

way Cross the Easterly Corner of his house lot L 94 

an Exchange of highway with Joseph wards widow 8 




' ^"^^ 

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LIBRaVy Bl"NDi'Na '''p. 

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'^^(^^^ST. AUGUSTINE 4° VV "^ /^ ^ V 



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